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date (2012-01-12) newspaper_issue The Dawson Springs Progress    VOL  92  NO  49 Dawson Springs  Hopkins County  Kentucky 42408  Thursday  January 12  2012 FIFTY CENTS    I WILL WORK TIRELESSLYAT IT    Jenny Sewell Appointed Mayor     NEW mayor Jenny Sewell receives congratulations from former mayor Deward Stallins after she was  appointed by the city council Tuesday  Looking on is council member Ray Bochert     By   Carolyn Walker   As of Tuesday night  Dawson  Springs has a new mayor  In a spe  cial called meeting  the city council  appointed Jenny Sewell interim mayor  by a unanimous vote  She replaces  Ross Workman who resigned one  week earlier  A swearing in ceremony  was scheduled for 4 p m  Wednesday    Kenny Mitchell said the citizens  spoke about who they believe is the  right choice in 2010s very close may   oral race  Sewell challenged Workman  in that race  losing by just 12 votes    Ive worked with Jenny for 20  years  said Ray Bochert  She has  Dawson Springs at heart  I think its  just wonderful that she has the oppor  tunity to sit in that chair    Like most of Dawson Springs   Sewell said she read about Work  mans resignation in the newspaper  last Wednesday  However  soon after  the story broke  council members  began to approach her about the pos  sibility of stepping into the mayors  position    It took some thought  she said    of her decision to accept  I did pray  about it  and I felt clear    Although she has begun to gener    ate some ideas for the future  she is  concerned at this point with a smooth  transition for everyone concerned     I need to take stock of where we  are presently  she said  adding that  she will visit with department heads    and council members to see what is  on their minds as far as projects they  would like to continue    Central to her goals for the city is  economic development    That is for stimulation of small  business as well as industrial devel  opment  she said  This is an overall  goal that I will ask the city to work  toward    Sewell said she realizes this will  be a difficult job  but she sees it as an  opportunity which came at the right  time for her and for the city    I will work tirelessly at it  and I  will ask the council to support me and  work hard at it too  she said    In her remarks following Tues  days meeting  she noted her concerns  for local issues such as employment   the declining population and tax base  development    I would likt to express my grati  tude to the City Council of Dawson  Springs for appointing me as the  interim mayor  Sewell said  I look  forward to working with you all to  continue the course of development  of Dawson Springs  Ky   A Very  Special Place      CHRIS HAULK of B W  Akin Co  and local fireman D  J  Oldham  help guide the citys new generator into place behind the municipal  building Friday  Jan  6 while Charlie Hamby operates the crane  which moved it  City offices were closed Monday in order to wire the  buliding for the emergency generator     United Central Will Expand Its  Madisonville Operations Facility    The Madisonville Hopkins Coun  ty Economic Development Corpora  tion and United Central announced  United Central Industrial Supply  will expand its Madisonville opera  tions facility    The expansion of the  Madisonville location from 15 000  square feet to 31 000 square feet  enhances our ability to better serve    the midwestern mining and indus  trial community with our portfolio  of premium products and services   said Darrell Cole  president and CEO  of United Central    United Central  located at 1160  National Mine Drive  employs 12  people in Madisonville  This expan  sion is expected to lead to an increase  in employment     87 PERCENT OF KENTUCKIANS   Most Want To Vote On Gambling    By   Janet Patton  and Jack Brammer  The Herald Leader   Kentuckians overwhelmingly sup  port putting a casino gambling consti  tutional amendment on the November  ballot  where it probably would pass   according to a new survey conducted  for racetracks and horse racing inter  ests    According to numbers released re  cently  87 percent of Kentuckians want  to vote on a proposed constitutional  amendment to allow casino gambling   Only 10 percent of those surveyed    said they opposed a vote    Also  according to the poll released   64 percent would vote in favor of the  amendment    Once again  a new poll shows  Kentuckians demand an opportunity  to vote on expanded gaming  Gov   Steve Beshear said  The call for a di  rect vote by the people of this state has  only gotten stronger over the last few  years  and we should not make our  citizens wait a moment longer to have  their voices heard    The Family Foundation  a conser  vative advocacy group that opposes  expanded gambling  questioned the  poll     This survey was bankrolled by  the gambling industry  said Martin  Cothran  spokesman for The Fam  ily Foundation  It showed what they  wanted it to show    Beshear said one of his top priori  ties for the upcoming legislative ses  sion  which begins Jan  3  will be  a constitutional amendment to take  the gaming question directly to our  people  Its time for Kentuckians to  decide the states future on expanded  gaming  Beshear has said that any  expansion must include racetracks and  the horse industry    Continued on page A8    BEGAN WITH DROUGHT CONCERNS   2011 One Of Wettest Years Ever    From the   KPA News Content Service   Although 2011 began with linger  ing concerns about drought  the year  ended as one of the wettest on record  in Kentucky  according to state clima  tologist Dr  Stuart Foster    While final numbers from the Na  tional Climatic Data Center are not yet  available  Foster said the statewide aver  age precipitation total from the Kentucky  Mesonet  Kentuckys official source of  climatological observations  exceeded  63 inches and placed 2011 along with  1979 and 1950 as the wettest years in    Kentucky in more than a century    The statewide average precipitation  between 1895 and 2010 is 47 5 inches   said Foster  director of the Mesonet  and the Kentucky Climate Center at  Western Kentucky University  The  states 1950 average was 62 93 inches   while the 1979 average was 62 86    The highest totals for 2011 were  recorded at the Mesonet stations  in Union County  73 78 inches    Crittenden County  73 24 inches  and  Breckinridge County  72 35 inches     The Kentucky Mesonet has 61 sta  tions statewide that collect real time  weather and climate data on tempera    ture  precipitation  humidity  solar radi  ation  wind speed and direction  Data is  packaged into observations and trans  mitted to the Kentucky Climate Center  every five minutes  24 hours per day   throughout the year and is available on  line at www kymesonet org    The state experienced an extended  wet spell lasting through the month of  April and into the first week of May   Foster said  The highest precipita  tion totals occurred in the lower Ohio  River Valley  resulting in widespread  flooding  Totals for the period ex    Continued on page A8    PREVIOUSLY WAS DIRECTOR AT LBL FROM 1996 TO 1998    Former Mayor Begins New Job As Planetarium Director    By   Carolyn Walker   Ive got my work cut out  for me  but Im ready  said  former mayor Ross Workman  who began his new job as  director of the Golden Pond  Planetarium at Land Between  the Lakes Monday    Workman previously  worked at the planetarium from  February 1996 to December  1998 but left when the facil  ity changed management and  faced possible closing  How  ever  Workman said if he ever  had the opportunity to return   he would do so    That opportunity knocked  last month  and within a short  time Workman was on his way    back to the job he loved  He  interviewed Dec  14 and was  offered the position Dec  22    The intervening years have  not been idle ones for Work  man  He became a business  owner and held a seat on the  Dawson Springs City Council  before deciding to throw his  hat into the ring in the 2006  mayors race    He lost that contest to the  incumbent  Stacia Peyton  by  a mere 25 votes  but when  Peyton  who served from  1994 to May 2008  resigned to  take a state government posi  tion  Workman was appointed  mayor  He ran unopposed in  November of that year  and in  2010 ran against Jenny Beshear  Sewell  winning that race by    only 12 votes    Council members and city  employees were shocked by  the mayors resignation just  one year into a four year term   The relationship with his col  leagues is what Workman will  miss most    I have been very blessed  with the people I have worked  with  he said  One thing Im  really going to miss is that  working relationship    Among his primary goals in  office was filling the factories   a task that proved to be daunt  ing    The recession has really  hurt small towns in Kentucky   Workman said  Dawson  Springs is not alone in not  attracting industry and busi    nesses  Its a tough market    He praised the city council  and budget committee for their  efforts in running the city on a  shoestring budget    We have tried to be the best  stewards of the public funds as  we can be  Workman said  I  think Janet  Dunbar  has done  an outstanding job maintaining  the budget  working within our  means    He would also have liked for  a new  efficient city building to  be constructed on his watch   but although these goals were  not reached during his tenure   he expects to see them come  about under future mayors    I really cant say I have any   Continued on page A8     FORMER mayor Ross Workman confers with city  police chief Bill Crider during the 2009 ice storm  file photo     W YARIS  PRIUS  MATRIX  4RUNNER     N    J TACOMA  COROLLA   RAV4   IN STOCK     ICE MCDD  PLUS TAX  TITLE  LICENSE    299 DEALER PROCESSING FEE    LIF     Hudson    TOYOTA    1055 Crossing Place  Off Island Ford Rd   Exit 44 Pennyrile Pkwy   Madisonville  KY        ToyotaCare    tfi madnidr umMikt     lalnlraancc pUr    Covers normal factory scheduled service  Plan is 2 years or 25K miles  whichever  comes first  The new Toyota vehicle cannot be part of a rental or commercial fleet  or a livery or taxi vehicle  See participating Toyota dealer for details     This special price good only thru Jan 31  2012 plus tax  title  license    299 dealer processing fee    On select models thru TFS   see dealer for details                                                                    A2    THE DAWSON SPRINGS PROGRESS    Thursday  January 12  2012    Nortonville Man Arrested  And Charged With Rape    A Nortonville man was  arrested on rape charges after  a 14 year old female reported  Dec  31 that she had been  sexually assaulted by an indi  vidual by the nickname of  Mann    Mann was later learned  to be Emmanuel L  Bell  27   of Nortonville  The investi  gation resulted in an arrest    warrant being issued  and  Bell was arrested Jan  5 by  Deputy Ryan Bailey of the  Hopkins County Sheriffs  Department    Bell was lodged in the  Hopkins County Detention  Center  charged with first   degree rape    Detective Matt Sanderson  was the reporting deputy     Hopkins Co  Health Dept   Issues Restaurant Report    The following restaurant  inspections were conducted  by the Hopkins County Health  Department Dec  30 through  Jan  5    A food service establish  ment must earn a minimum  score of 85 with no critical  violations in order to pass   Follow up inspections of res  taurants which do not meet  that criteria will be conduct  ed    Covenant Community  Church  100   No violations    Dairy Queen  Dawson  Springs   100   No violations    Doug Bos  100    No violations    EZ Shop  5  North Main     99   Minor violations include   Various ceiling tiles in need  of replacing    Shorts Grocery  3  St   Charles   95   Minor violations include   Lids missing from garbage  disposal   Restroom out of order  Floor tile in poor repair  Wall above three compart  ment sink in poor repair    Subway  Madison Square     98   Minor violations include   Ice scoop stored on top of  ice machine     KSP Reports 5 Road Deaths  During New Years Holiday    Five people died in four  separate crashes on Kentucky  roads during the New Years  holiday period beginning at 6  p m  Dec  30 and extending  through 11 59 p m  Jan  2    All the fatalities involved  motor vehicles  and two of the  victims were not wearing seat  belts    Single fatality crashes  occurred in Harlan  Jefferson  and Perry counties  The crash  in Harlan County involved the  suspected use of alcohol    One double fatality crash  occurred in Owen County    Through Dec  31  2011   preliminary statistics indicate  715 people lost their lives on  Kentucky roads during 2011   This is 45 fewer fatalities than    reported for the same time peri  od in 2010    Of 570 motor vehicle  fatalities  289 victims were  not wearing seat belts   Sixty five of those crashes  involved commercial motor  vehicles  Sixty one crashes  involved motorcycles  and  34 of the victims were not  wearing helmets  Twenty   five crashes involved ATVs   and 21 victims were not  wearing helmets  Fifty three  crashes involved pedestrians   and two involved bicycles   Two crashes involved scoot  ers  and two involved horse   drawn vehicles  A total of  121 fatalities have resulted  from crashes involving the  suspected use of alcohol     10 Die On Kentucky Roads  From Jan 2 Through Jan 8    Ten people died in nine  separate crashes on Kentucky  roads from Jan  2 through Jan   8     Eight of the fatalities  involved motor vehicles  and  six of those victims were not  wearing seat belts    Single fatality crashes    sKgjCinemas   Capitol 8   Parkway Plaza Mall  Madisonville  Showtimes 821 1600  http   www bigoinemas com   Joyful Noise  PG 13   Contraband  R    The Devil Inside  R    War Horse  PG 13   Mission Impossible    Ghost Protocol  PG 13    Alvin And Chipmunks Chipwrecked  G   Sherlock Holmes Game Of  Shadows  PG 13   We Bought A Zoo  PG     Special Engagement  Not included in  the Bargain Tuesday    Capitol 8 Is Now Playing 3D Films     Fri  01 13 1 2 Thurs  01 19 12    Bargain TuesdayAll shows only  5 00    For Showtimes Please Call 821 1600    occurred in Adair  Jefferson   Larue  Laurel  Marion  Pulas  ki and Rockcastle counties   The crash in Adair County  involved the suspected use of  alcohol    One double fatality motor  vehicle crash occurred in Gree  nup County    One motorcycle fatality  occurred in Marshall County    Through Jan  8  preliminary  statistics indicate 13 people  have lost their lives on Ken  tucky roads during 2012  This  is four more fatalities than  reported for the same time  period in 2011    Of 12 motor vehicle fatali  ties  six victims were not wear  ing seat belts  One of those  crashes involved a commer  cial motor vehicle  One crash  involved a motorcycle  and that  victim was wearing a helmet   One fatality resulted from a  crash involving the suspected  use of alcohol     AUTO    HOME    LIFE    BUSINESS    A MEMBER SERVICE    KYFB COM    All of your policies  under one roof     Not just Big on Commitment  but Big on Discounts   Did you know you could save 20   on your home   farm and mobile home insurance by insuring your auto  with us  Call  email  or come by for a free auto quote      Discounts subject to eligibility      EMMA MIDRIFF talks to Santa Claus during his visit to  the Dawson Springs Preschool Thursday  Dec  15    photo by Tim Midkiff    Cell Phone Use Is Banned  For Conmmercial Drivers    Effective Jan  3  the Federal  Motor Carrier Safety Admin  istration banned the use of all  hand held mobile communica  tion devices while operating a  commercial motor vehicle  The  ban also prohibits the use of  any hand held mobile commu  nication device in commercial  motor vehicles while stopped  at a temporary traffic control  device such as a traffic light or  a stop sign  The new regulation  allows for a one button use  for the purposes of initiating   answering or terminating a call   The new regulation will allow  for full operation of the mobile  device in an emergency situa  tion in order to communicate  with law enforcement or other    emergency services    In an attempt to decrease the  number of collisions caused by  inattentive drivers  the Federal  Motor Carriers Safety Admin  istration has implemented these  new revisions to the safety  regulations in hopes of ensur  ing the drivers of these larger  vehicles focus 100 percent of  their efforts on their surround  ings while driving    Safety regulations have  been in place for some time  prohibiting texting while driv  ing  said Capt  Marcus Sch   nepp  regional commander  but  this is one more step to ensur  ing that there are fewer distrac  tions that may take the drivers  eyes off the road     Indiana Youngster Injured  In W  Ky  Parkway Mishap    A 3 year old New Albany   Ind   girl was injured in a single  vehicle accident on the Western  Kentucky Parkway Jan  4    Kentucky State Police report  Trinitie Salkeld was transported  to Regional Medical Center for  treatment after the car in which  she was riding overturned in  a ditch  The driver  Rebecca  Salkeld  23  also of New Alba  ny  swerved to avoid a deer  and lost control of her vehicle  at approximately the 25 mile  marker    Rebecca Salkeld and another    passenger  Paul Schmidt  31  of  State College  Pa   were unin  jured  All subjects were using  restraints    Trooper Jonathan Carlock  was the investigating offi  cer  Trooper Carlo Anderson   the Dawson Springs Police  Department  the Hopkins  County Sheriffs Department   the Dawson Springs Volunteer  Fire Department and Medi  cal Center ambulance Service  assisted at the scene of the  accident which occurred at  11 42 p m     Two People Are Injured  In Two Vehicle Accident    A traffic accident on  Hubert Reid Road sent two  Madisonville people to Region  al Medical Center Sunday    According to the Hopkins  County Sheriffs Depart  ment  Hunter Conley  16  of  Madisonville  was driving  west on Hubert Reid Road  when he slowed and pulled  onto the right shoulder of the  road  Kevin Darnell  19  also  of Madisonville  began to pass  Conley on the left side  As Dar    nell was passing  Conley began  to make a U turn in the road   pulling into the path of Dar  nells vehicle  Both vehicles  suffered severe damage    Darnell and his passenger   Lindsey Darnell  20  were  transported by private vehicle  to RMC where they were treat  ed and released  Conley and his  two juvenile passengers did not  report any injuries at the scene    Otis Chamberlain was the  reporting deputy     3 Hopkinsville Residents  Arrested For Robbery    Three Hopkinsville resi  dents were arrested Monday by  Kentucky State Police    According to KSP  Post 2  received a call from Hopkins  County Dispatch in reference to  an attempt to locate two vehicles  that had been involved in an  armed robbery  The victim  Iria  Kittinger  38  of Madisonville   was following another vehicle  occupied by subjects who had  just robbed him at gunpoint at his  residence  The two vehicles were  traveling south on the Edward T   Breathitt Pennyrile Parkway    Post 2 units located the sus  pect vehicle on Ky  800 in  Crofton and conducted a traf  fic stop  During a search of    the vehicle  officers located  firearms and marijuana  The  occupants of the vehicle were  arrested without incident    Tyrone Poindexter  30  was  charged with first degree rob  bery  possession of a handgun  by a convicted felon and pos  session of a firearm by a con  victed felon  Deandrea Grimes   21  was charged with first   degree robbery  and Jeremiah  Poindexter  24  was charged  with first degree robbery and  possession of marijuana    All three subjects were  lodged in the Hopkins County  Detention Center  Trooper First  Class John Komar is continu  ing the investigation      Jarrett Brown  Agency Manager  463 E  Center Street  Madisonville  Kentucky 42431  Jarrett Brown kyfb com   270   821 0405    KENTUCKY FARM BUREAU BIG ON COMMITMENT     Fund Raising   1 40  Profit   2  USA Kitchen Items   3  Easy System     T housands of Churches  clubs   Schools  Teams and Youth Groups  fundraise with Rada Cutlery each year     Request your FREE catalog  and information packet    1 800 311 9691   or www RadaCutlery com   NOTE  Dept A12CNA     A Cut Above The Rest     Made in the   USA    Waverly  Iowa    Your FUNDRAISER will sell     Kitchen Knives  Utensils and Gift Sets    Cookbooks and Soy Wax Candles    Stoneware and Quick Mixes    I    Dawson Springs Officers  Report Weeks Activities    The Dawson Springs Police  Department released the fol  lowing reports last week    A 14 year old Dawson  Springs male was detained Jan   2 at the Dawson Springs Police  Department  He was charged with  fourth degree assault  domestic  violence   Capt  Craig Patterson  was the charging officer  assisted  by Chief Bill Crider    Ruby S  Adamson  aka  Ruby DeHart  31  2250 Laf   foon Trail  Madisonville  was  arrested Jan  3 at the Hopkins  County Detention Center  She  was charged with theft by  deception  cold check under   500   Capt  Craig Patterson  was the charging officer    Ruby S  Adamson  aka  Ruby DeHart  31  314 W  Hall  St   was arrested Jan  4 at the  Hopkins County Detention Cen  ter  She was charged with two  counts of theft by deception   cold checks under  500   Capt   Craig Patterson was the charging  officer    Earl F  Nelson  20  530  Lucas Circle  was arrested Jan   6 at the Hopkins County Deten  tion Center  He was charged  with nonpayment of fines   Capt  Craig Patterson was the  charging officer    Ruby S  Adamson  31  314  W  Hall St   was arrested Jan  6  at the Hopkins County Deten  tion Center  She was charged  with theft by deception  cold  check under  500  and nonpay  ment of fines  Capt  Craig Pat  terson was the charging officer    Nancy A  Holeman Holm   es  63  210 Oak Heights  was  arrested Jan  8 at her residence   She was charged with failure to  appear  Hopkins County bench  warrant   Josh Travis was the  charging officer    Sean T  Ford  32   325 S  Hopkinsville Road   Hopkinsville  was arrested  Jan  8 at 2250 Laffoon Trail     Madisonville  He was charged  with nonpayment of fines   Hopkins County bench war  rant   Josh Travis was the  charging officer  assisted by  Capt  Craig Patterson    Jeremiah D  Chapman   29  642 Hall St   Madisonville   was arrested Jan  8 at 2250  Laffoon Trail  Madisonville   He was charged with nonpay  ment of fines  Hopkins County  bench warrant   Josh Travis was  the charging officer  assisted by  Capt  Craig Patterson    Asa C  Latham  21   1121 Eastside Lane  Apt  A6   Madisonville  was arrested  Jan  8 at 2250 Laffoon Trail   Madisonville  He was charged  with nonpayment of fines   Hopkins County bench war  rant   Josh Travis was the  charging officer  assisted by  Capt  Craig Patterson    Larry W  Harvey Jr   41   68 Morris Sisk Road  Norton  ville  was arrested Jan  8 at 2250  Laffoon Trail  Madisonville   He was charged with nonpay  ment of fines  Hopkins County  bench warrant   Josh Travis was  the charging officer  assisted by  Capt  Craig Patterson    Candice S  Barber   19  225 Brown Road  Lot 33   Madisonville  was arrested  Jan  8 at 2250 Laffoon Trail   Madisonville  She was charged  with nonpayment of fines  Josh  Travis was the charging officer   assisted by Capt  Craig Patterson    Two Dawson Springs resi  dents were charged by the  Madisonville Police Depart  ment    Candis M  Spinks  31 105  E  Hall St   Apt  C  was charged  Jan  4 with theft by unlawful  taking and second degree dis  orderly conduct    Joshua K  Schneider  28   307 Walnut St   was charged  Jan  7 with nonpayment of  fines     Congressman Ed Whitfield  Will Run For Re Election    Congressman Ed Whitfield  announced Wednesday that he  will seek re election to the U S   House of Representatives in  2012     Whitfield  Chairman of the  Energy and Power subcom  mittee of the U S  House of  Representatives  cited job cre  ation  the nations debt  job  killing federal regulations and  regaining competitive econom  ic advantage for his decision to  seek re election    Our first priority must be to  put Americans back to work   said Whitfield  That means  producing our own energy with  Kentucky coal  completing the    Keystone oil and gas pipeline  and developing all practical  forms of low cost energy    Looking ahead  Whitfield  plans to continue his focus on  developing a domestic energy  agenda that draws on all forms  of energy resources  from coal  and nuclear to hydropower  nat  ural gas and alternative energy  supply  That includes particular  emphasis on use of Kentucky  coal  Whitfield also plans to  champion infrastructure devel  opment and the jobs that come  with it  including completion of  Interstate 69 and badly needed  repairs and maintenance of our  inland waterways and harbors      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Of      i       m  pi                        A4    THE DAWSON SPRINGS PROGRESS    Thursday  January 12  2012    More Funding Is Received  For Heating Aid Programs     Experts List Symptoms  For Womens Awareness    Services Are Held Monday  For W  Paul Beshear  85    Kentuckys Low Income  Home Energy Assistance Pro  gram  LIHEAP  will recieve   9 5 million in additional fed  eral appropriations    The availability of home  heating assistance is critical at  this time of the year  Gov   Steve Beshear said  More  funding means more Kentucky  families can apply for assis  tance to stay warm during the  colder months    The U S  Department of  Health and Human Services  recently released additional  funding to help eligible low   income families meet their  home energy needs   bring  ing the total available funds  since Oct  1  2011  to  2 6  billion    Kentuckys total funding for  the fiscal year is  46 4 million    The Cabinet for Health and  Family Services  CHFS  admin  isters the LIHEAP program in  Kentucky through a contract  with Community Action Ken  tucky  CAK   which disburses  benefits through Community  Action Agencies  CAA  across  the state    Every county has at least  one staffed CAA office  accord  ing to the cabinet    Beshear immediately  made the additional funds  available to local CAAs once  his administration received  notice of the funds for heat  ing assistance    LIHEAPs first winter fund  ing phase  for all eligible fami  lies who need heating assis  tance  ended in December  The  programs crisis phase  for  families facing a home heating  emergency  began Jan  4 and  ends March 31 or when fund  ing runs out    CHFS Secretary Janie Mill  er said the additional funding    On the next Masterpiece  Mystery  Benedict Cumber   batch stars in Sherlock  A  Study In Pink    When an unidentified  woman dressed all in pink turns  up murdered  Sherlock must  catch the killer    Sherlock airs on KET  Sunday  Jan  15 at 9 p m    A new breed of experts  approach cold case art mys  teries as if they were crime  scenes in Nova  Mystery of a  Masterpiece    In this KET program  fol  low art sleuths as they deploy  new techniques to combat the  multi billion dollar criminal  market in stolen and fraudu  lent art     will infuse needed assistance  to low income families across  the state    When energy usage increas  es during winters harsher  weeks  it can be a struggle  for families to keep up with  the costs  she said  With this  funding  we can reach those  households that need emer  gency assistance to help keep  warm this winter    Miller said CHFS and CAK  are helping as many families  as possible with the money   Last year  Kentucky served  about 171 218 unduplicated  families through both winter  phases    Families that can most ben  efit from LIHEAP may include  seniors  young children or  people with disabilities  Miller  said    LIHEAP is a short term aid  program available to clients at  or below 130 percent of the  federal poverty guidelines  For  example  a family of four must  have a monthly income of no  more than  2 422    Families applying at their  CAAs during the crisis com  ponent must bring a past due  or disconnect notice from their  utility provider    Having past due or discon  nect notices are not the only  criteria that make house  holds eligible for LIHEAP   If an individual or family is  within four days of running  out of fuel  they may also  be eligible for assistance if  their primary heat source is  propane  fuel oil  wood or  kerosene  This provision also  applies if they have received  an eviction notice for non  payment of rent and home  heating cost is included as  an undesignated portion of  their rent     Mystery of a Masterpiece  airs Wednesday  Jan  25 at 8  p m    KET will air Great Perfor  mances  Tony Bennett  Duets  II Friday  Jan  27    Bennetts second duets  album includes Lady Gaga   Aretha Franklin  Willie Nelson  and Norah Jones  among others   and features Amy Winehouses  final performance before her  death in July 2011    The show airs ar 9 p m    Experts from Kentucky  colleges and universities will  answer viewers questions  about paying for college in  KETs 2012 College Financial  Air Call in Monday  Jan  23   at 9 p m     The funeral for William  Paul Beshear  85  of Dawson  Springs  was held Monday at  Beshear Funeral Home    The Rev  David Beshear  officiated  Burial was in Walnut  Grove Cemetery    Beshear died at 4 30 p m   Jan  6  2012  at his home    He was born Nov  10   1926  to the late Dennie Madi  son Beshear and Ida Rambo  Beshear    He retired from Island Creek  Coal Company in Providence  after 28 years as a miner  He  was of the Pentecostal faith   and he and the late Bryan Dun  can were instrumental in start  ing the perpetual fund for the  Walnut Grove Cemetery    In addition to his parents   Beshear was preceded in death  by a sister  Lorene Brown   and two brothers  Dennis  Ray Beshear and James Cur  tis Beshear  and a grandson   Christopher David Beshear   Feb  1992    Survivors include his wife of  56 years  Lena Lamb Beshear   Dawson Springs  a son and  daughter in law  the Rev  David  and Charlotte Beshear  Dawson  Springs  a daughter and son   in law  LaDonna and Glenn  Washburn  Dawson Springs  a    The First Baptist Church  W M U  met Jan  3 with nine  members present  The meet  ing was called to order and  opened with a prayer by Wanda  Hughes  Ruth Buzzard gave  the program on Gods Plan   Our Part    The group discussed a mis  sion trip to Eastern Kentucky  in the late spring  Hughes will  check on suitable projects    Lou Nell Hensley read  the minutes in the absence of  Louise Russell  Hensley also  gave the treasury and flower     sister  Lucille Moore  Lake Sta  tion  Ind   two grandchildren   Nathan Stallins  Princeton   and Amy Stallins  Shannon   Albro  Greenville  and a great   grandson  Zander LaRay Albro   Greenville    Pall bearers were the Rev   David Beshear  Curtis Beshear   Bobby McKnight  Jimmy  Lamb  Glenn Cotton and Don  ald Rambo    Honorary pall bearers were  Nathan Stallins  Shannon Albro  and Scott Summers    Memorial contributions  may be made to the Walnut  Grove Cemetery Fund  c o  Beshear Funeral Home  P O   Box 245  Dawson Springs  KY  42408     reports  All were accepted as  read    Wanda Lynn gave the Prayer  Patterns with the focus on Age   gan Turks  She also read the  names of missionaries hav  ing birthdays  Buzzard led in  prayer  and refreshments were  served by Lynn    Those in attendance were  Hensley  Lynn  Buzzard   Hughes  Shirley Menser  Dor  othy Menser  Norma Russell   Jean Wood and Nancy Jones    The next meeting will be  held at 1 30 p m  Feb  7     Obituary Policy   Obituaries are published free of charge as a public service by The  Dawson Springs Progress  Information is provided by funeral  homes and the funeral home is responsible for accuracy  Free  obituaries may include the following  persons name  age  address   date of death  date and place of services  minister  burial site and  memorial contributions  Survivors and those who preceded the  deceased in death will include spouses name  childrens names   number of grandchildren and or great grandchildren and siblings  names  Also included is place of birth  date of birth  parents names   one occupation or former occupation if retired  service club mem  berships  church membership  pall bearers and if they graduated  from Dawson Springs High School  Paid obituaries will include  any information the family wishes to submit  The charge for a paid  obituary is  3 50 per column inch    Attend The Church of Your Choice    KETs January Schedule  Offers Varied Programs    First Baptist W M U  Meets    Pelvic pain and abnormal  bleeding arent the only signs  of gynecologic cancer  As part  of Cervical Health Awareness  Month in January  experts at  The University of Texas MD  Anderson Cancer Center share  other symptoms that often are  overlooked    More than 80 000 women in  the United States are diagnosed  each year with a gynecologic  cancer  such as cervical  endo  metrial  also known as uterine   or ovarian cancer    Unfortunately  because  symptoms for these cancers are  often vague  many women mis  take them for other less serious  conditions  said Dr  Therese  Bevers  medical director of MD  Andersons Cancer Prevention  Center  So  its important to  know exactly what to look for  because gynecologic cancers  are usually most treatable when  found early    Here are 10 symptoms of  cervical and other gynecolog  ic cancers that every woman  should watch for    Alert your doctor if these  symptoms appear  especially if  youve already gone through  menopause  Bevers said    1  Swollen leg  Does one  leg look or feel swollen for  no reason  This may be a sign  of cervical cancer  Typically   though  a swollen leg isnt a  sign of cancer unless theres  also pain  discharge or other  cervical cancer symptoms    2  Abnormal vaginal bleed  ing  More than 90 percent of  women diagnosed with endo  metrial cancer experience  irregular bleeding  Women  whove already undergone  menopause should have any  bleeding  including spot  ting  evaluated  Women who  havent gone through meno  pause should see a doctor  about bleeding between peri  ods  heavy bleeding or bleed  ing during sex    3  Unexplained weight  loss  Women who suddenly  lose more than 10 pounds  without changing diet or    exercise habits should see  their doctor    4  Vaginal discharge colored  with blood  Bloody  dark or  smelly discharge usually sig  nals infection  But sometimes   its a sign of cervical or endo  metrial cancer    5  Constantly needing bath  room breaks  Constantly need  to use the bathroom or feel  continuous bladder pressure   This may be a sign of cancer   Take note especially if you  also feel full  have abdominal  pain and experience bloating   Bevers said    6  Loss of appetite or con  stant feeling full  Never hun  gry anymore  Or constantly  full  These appetite changes  may be symptoms of ovarian  cancer    7  Pain in the pelvis or  abdominal area  Ongoing  abdominal pain or discomfort    including gas  indigestion   pressure  bloating and cramps    can signal ovarian cancer   And  constant pelvic pain or  pressure can be a sign of endo  metrial cancer    8  Belly bloat  Women often  feel bloated after eating or  drinking a lot  especially dur  ing their menstrual cycles   But a woman may have ovar  ian cancer if she continues  feeling bloated for more than  two weeks or after her period  ends    9  Constant fatigue  A lit  tle rest should typically cure  fatigue  But women should see  a doctor if fatigue constantly  interferes with work or leisure  activities    10  Persistent indigestion or  nausea  Feeling queasy for an  extended period of time  Occa  sionally  persistent indigestion  or nausea can signal gyneco  logic cancers  so play it safe  and see a doctor    Remember  having one  or more of these symptoms  doesnt mean you have cancer   Bevers said  But if they last  two weeks or longer  see your  doctor  After all  its better to be  safe than sorry     Rheem A C pays you CashBack     year after year    With an energy efficient Rheem A C Home Comfort System   you earn up to  2800  or MORE    Reduce your monthly energy bills and earn up to  1300  Consumer CashBack from Rheem  Want even more       Our high efficiency  environmentally friendly   HVAC systems can qualify you to receive up to  1500 MORE  in FederalTax Credits and additional local utility rebates      What could be better     tiectricai  Heating ana cooling   316 W  Arcadia Avenue  Dawson Springs  Ky  42408  270 797 2193    B W     FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH   FIRST UNITED METHODIST   DAYSPRING   PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH   LANDMARK APOSTOLIC   FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH   RESURRECTION   GOSPEL ASSEMBLY   960 Industrial Park Road   CHURCH   ASSEMBLY OF GOD   Walnut Street   HOLINESS CHURCH   Eli Street   CATHOLIC CHURCH   1440 Industrial Park Road   Rev  Randall Rogers  Pastor   North Main Street   55 E  Lee Wilson Stevens Dr    Elder Jeff Winfrey  Pastor   590 Industrial Park Road   Dr  Larry Davidson  Pastor   Industrial Park Road   Rev  Harley Langley  Pastor   Sunday School  9 30 a m    Rev  E  J  Hatton  Pastor   Rev  Kathy S  Redden  Sr  Pastor   Morning Worship  10 30 a m    Rev  Robert Akers  Pastor   Sunday School  9 30 a m    Father Bruce Fogle  Pastor   Worship Service  1 p m    Morning Worship  10 30 a m    Sunday School  10 a m    Sunday School  9 45 a m    Wednesday Service  6 30 p m    Sunday School  9 45 a m    Morning Worship  10 30 a m    Sunday Mass  10 00 a m    Evangelistic Service  6 30 p m    Evening Worship  6 p m    Morning Worship  11 a m    Morning Worship  10 45 a m     Morning Worship  10 30 a m    Children Youth Programs 4 00    Thursday Mass  8 a m    Wed    Sat  Services  7 30 p m    Wednesday  10 a m  and 7 p m     Wednesday Bible Study  7 p m    STAR OF BETHLEHEM   Victory Service  6 p m    5 30 p m       MISSIONARY BAPTIST   Thursday Bible Study  10 a m    APOSTOLIC CHURCH   Bible Study  Wednesday  7 p m    www vci net fccds   GENERAL BAPTIST CHURCH   LAKE GROVE GENERAL   MT  PISGAH   TEMPLE    Ilsley  Ky      Trim Street   BAPTIST CHURCH   BAPTIST CHURCH   Corner 4 H Rd  and Rosedale Ln    DUNN MISSIONARY   Rev  Monty Fuller  Pastor   CHARLESTON MISSIONARY   SILENT RUN BAPTIST CHURCH   Sunday School  10 a m    Bro  Wayne McCoy  Pastor   Roger Felker  Pastor   Bro  Donnie Howton  Pastor   BAPTIST CHURCH   Sunday Morning  10 a m    BAPTIST CHURCH   Bro  Rick Lutz  Pastor   Morning Worship  11 a m    Sunday School  10 a m    Sunday School  9 45 a m    Sunday School  10 a m    Highway 109 North   Evening Worship  5 p m    Highway 109 North   Sunday School  10 a m    Evening Worship  6 p m    Morning Worship  11 a m    Morning Worship  10 45 a m    Morning Worship  11 a m    Bro  Ricky Winstead  Pastor   Monday Night  7 p m    Dr  Calvin Bryant  Pastor   Evening Worship  7 p m    Wednesday Service  7 p m    Youth Meeting  6 p m    Training Union  6 p m    Evening Worship  6 p m    Sunday School  10 a m    Paryer Meeting  Wednesday  7 p m    Sunday School  9 45 a m    Prayer Meeting  Wednesday  7 p m     Evening Worship  7 p m    Evening Worship  7 p m    Wednesday Service  7 p m    Morning Worship  11 a m     Morning Worship  11 a m     UNION TEMPLE GENERAL   Bible Study  Wednesday  7 p m    Prayer Meeting  Wednesday  7 p m     Training Union  6 p m    GREENWOOD   Evening Worship  6 p m    PROSPECT MISSIONARY   BAPTIST CHURCH     FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER   Evening Worship  7 p m    COMMUNITY CHURCH   Prayer Meeting  Wednesday  6 30 p m    BAPTIST CHURCH   Bro  David Hoard  Pastor   RABBIT RIDGE FULL GOSPEL   CASTLEBERRY GENERAL   550 Walnut Grove Road   Prayer Meeting  Wednesday  7 p m    Union Temple Road    Highway 70  near Dalton   Sunday School  10 a m    CHURCH   BAPTIST CHURCH   Thomas Childers  Pastor    Rev  Bobby McKnight  Pastor   NEW HOPE HOLINESS   Bro  Tom McKim  Pastor   Morning Worship  11 a m    Highways 109   502   Empire  Ky    Sun  Morning Worship  10 00 a m    MIDWAY VALLEY   Morning Worship  10 a m    CHURCH   Sunday School  10 a m    Prayer Meeting  Wednesday  7 p m    Rev  Raymond Cummings  Pastor   Dwight Brown  Pastor   Sun  Evening Evangelistic  6 p m    PENTECOSTAL CHURCH   Evening Worship  6 p m    19000 Dawson Springs Rd    Morning Worship  11 a m     Morning Worship  10 a m    Sunday School  10 a m    Wed  Night Bible Study  7 p m    Highway 62 West   Wednesday  7 p m    Rev  Douglas Barnett  Pastor   Prayer Meeting  Wednesday  7 p m    GREATER FAITH   Evening Worship  6 p m    Morning Worship  11 a m     Bible classes for children age 3 15    Bro  Willard Walls  Pastor    Sunday Bible Study  3 p m     APOSTOLIC CHURCH   Wednesday  7 p m    Evening Worship  6 p m     Sunday School  10 a m    BETHEL CHAPEL   Church Service  4 p m    ILSLEY CHRISTIAN CHURCH   Highway 62 West    Bible Study  Wednesday  7 p m    ADRIEL MISSIONARY   Morning Worship  11 a m    GENERAL BAPTIST    Rev  Danny Earl  Pastor   Bro  Paul Fuller  Pastor   KIRKWOOD SPRINGS    BAPTIST CHURCH   Evening Worship  6 p m    Bro  Donnie Rogers  Pastor   SUTHARDS BAPTIST   Sunday School  10 a m    Morning Worship  10 a m    HOLINESS CHURCH   LAFAYETTE MISSIONARY   Olney Road   Wednesday Service  7 p m    Sunday School  10 a m    CHURCH   Morning Worship  11 a m    Evening Worship  6 p m    Kennedy Lane   BAPTIST CHURCH   Bro  David Frisby  Pastor    Morning Worship  11 a m    Highway 112    Wednesday  7 p m    Rev  Kenneth R  Moore  Pastor   5325 Niles Road   Sunday School  10 a m    NEW HOPE   Evening Worship  6 p m    Bro  George Brooks  Pastor   PLEASANT UNION    Sunday School  10 15 a m    Rev  Thurman Harris  Pastor   Morning Worship  11 a m    MISSIONARY BAPTIST    Sunday School  10 a m    GENERAL CHURCH   EMPIRE HOLINESS CHURCH   Morning Worship  11 a m    Sunday School  10 a m     Junction 1294   293   ILSLEY COMMUNITY CHURCH   Morning Worship  11 a m    Beulah   Empire  Ky    Sunday Night  7 p m    Morning Worship  11 a m    HAWKINS CHURCH   Rev  Harold Salyers  Pastor   Hwy  112  Ilsley   Training Union  6 p m    Bro  Nathan Bone  Pastor   Bro  Rodger Fuller  Pastor   Thursday Night  7 p m     KY 398   Sunday School  10 a m    Bro  Johnny Gibson  Pastor   Evening Worship  7 p m    Sunday School  10 a m    Sunday Worship  10 a m     SHYFLAT TABERNACLE   Bro  Johnny Gibson  Pastor   Morning Worship  11 a m    Sunday School  10 a m    Prayer Meeting  Wednesday  7 p m    Morning Worship  11 a m    Evening Worship  6 p m     Rev  Rick Denny   Worship Service  Sunday  2 p m    Evening Worship  7 p m    Morning Worship  11 a m     Evening Worship  5 p m    Wednesday  7 p m     Each Sunday  2 p m    Thursday  6 p m    Wednesday  7 p m    Evening Worship  6 p m     Wednesday  7 p m    Saturday  7 p m      B  W  AKIN COMPANY   316 W  Arcadia Ave   Dawson Springs  270 797 2193    HARNED INSURANCE AGENCY  INC    101 W  Arcadia Ave  Dawson Springs  270 797 3021    FOOD GIANT   Highway 62 East Dawson Springs  270 797 4311    Attend Ike   Ckmck Of Choice   BESHEAR FUNERAL HOME   201 N  Main St   Dawson Springs  270 797 5165    HUNTS AUCTION   REALTY   317 E  Arcadia Ave  Dawson Springs  270 797 3641   J  TODD PPOOL   Attorney at Law   821 0087    REX PARKER INSURANCE   104 E  Arcadia Ave  Dawson Springs  270 797 2961   CLARK  BESHEAR   CLARK   106 W  Railroad Ave  Dawson Springs  270 797 3211    IDEAL MARKET   Ind  Park Dr  WK Pkwy  Dawson Springs  270 797 2800    PANTHER PIZZERIA   100 W  Arcadia Ave  Dawson Springs  270 797 3663    DR  PATRICK SHAFER   300 Clinic Drive Hopkinsville  270 889 9006   THE DAWSON SPRINGS PROGRESS   131 S  Main Street Dawson Springs  270 797 3271    Attend Ike   Ckmck Of Choice    PURDY BROS  FOOD MARKET   103 Sycamore St  Dawson Springs  270 797 3131    CONCORD   HEALTH SYSTEMS   Dawson Springs  Madisonville                                                                                                 Thursday  January 12  2012    THE DAWSON SPRINGS PROGRESS    A5    MAMAS BOYZ by Jerry Craft     THE SPATS by Jeff Pickering      IN HI6 H SCHOOL  ALL  TUE COOL KIDS W6RE   LETTERMEN JACKETS    RFD by Marland     AMBER WAVES by Dave T  Phipps     MAGIC MAZE     BOXING   DAY    Weekly SUDOKU    S   A   M   T   s   I   R   H   c   C   z   w   U   R   P   M   J   H   E   c   Z   X   O   D   U   s   Q   N   L   J   g n   E   W   z   E   A   L   A   N   D E   C   Z   X   V   T   E   R   p   N   L   1   J   D   A   L   Y   H   D   E   C   A   H   Y   w   V   D   L   N   T   L   B   Y   N   R   P   N   S   P   A   D   A   N   A   C   A   G   E   A   L   K   I   G   E   E   E   Y   c   L   R   B   U   N   L   B   Z   X   W   U   L   T   s   R   T   P   T   R   O   E   O   M   L   S   E   L   A   s   J   O   I   O   s   M   R   G   E   D   B   A   Y   X   w   T   C   W   O   U   U   I   T   S   G   N   I   P   P   o   H   s   T   F   I   G   A    by Linda Thistle     8   3     6    7    2     1    4     8    5     3    2   1    8     4     9   5      5   7    2   6     7   6     9      1   3    7    1     6      1    4    7    5    4    6    9     2    Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way  that each row across  each column down and  each small 9 box square contains all of the    Find the listed words in the diagram  They run in all directions  forward  backward  up  down and diagonally     Australia   Canada   England   Football    Gifts New Zealand Shopping   Holiday Rugby St  Stephen   Ireland Sales Wales   Money Scotland    numbers from one to nine     DIFFICULTY THIS WEEK       Moderate  Challenging     HOO BOY       2011 King Features Synd   Inc  All rights reserved     2012 King Features Synd   Inc     To Your Good Health    By Paul G  Donohue  M D    Stroke  Quick Action Saves  Brain Cells   DEAR DR  DONOHUE  Six  years ago  my father died of a  stroke  My mother tried to rouse  him from bed  but he responded  with confusion and was unable  to speak  She called for an ambu  lance  He was in the hospital  only four hours before he died   The doctor said he would have  lived if he had gotten treatment  sooner  My mother has felt guilty  about this ever since    She lives with us now  I  dont want to miss a stroke if  she has one  How do you rec  ognize one  and what should  be done right away in an emer  gency   T B    ANSWER  Nearly 900 000  strokes occur yearly in the  United States  and of those  victims  200 000 die  Many of  the survivors are left with great  disabilities  Strokes come in  two types  One is an ischemic   is KEY mick  stroke  and the  other is a hemorrhagic stroke   Ischemic means deprived of  blood  Its the more common  kind of stroke  accounting for  80 percent of all strokes  The  flow of blood to part of the  brain is blocked by a clot in an  artery  Its the brains equivalent  of a heart attack  The other 20  percent comes from bleeding in  the brain  a hemorrhagic stroke     Signs of either kind of stroke  include slurred speech  sudden  confusion  numbness of the  face  arm or leg  trouble seeing   dizziness and severe headache   Many advocate testing the per  son to decide if a stroke has  occurred  Asking the affected  person to stick out his or her  tongue and seeing if it deviates  to the side is one of those tests   Dont waste time doing tests   Immediately call 911    Im limiting what I say  about treatment to strokes  resulting from the obstruction  of blood flow  Brain cells begin  to die within minutes  Howev  er  theres a three hour window  during which clot dissolving  medicines can be given  They  almost always lead to a full  recovery of function  Now  the window has been opened  wider  to 4 1 2 hours  That  doesnt detract from the impor  tant message that the earlier the  treatment  the better the result    The booklet on strokes tells  their signs and their treatments   Readers can obtain a copy by  writing  Dr  Donohue  No   902W  Box 536475  Orlando   FL 32853 6475  Enclose a  check or money order  no cash   for  4 75 U S   6 Canada with  the recipients printed name  and address  Please allow two  weeks for delivery     DEAR DR  DONOHUE   My husband is very nearsighted  and has to wear thick glasses   Im not  I dont wear glasses at  age 50  We have four children   What are their chances of hav  ing to wear glasses   E P    ANSWER  Nearsightedness   myopia  indicates that the eyes  can see things that are near   Nearsighted eyes dont see dis  tant objects clearly  Its a com  mon eye condition  and genetic  involvement in it is high    If one parent is nearsighted   the children have a 24 per  cent chance of also being near  sighted  If both parents are  nearsighted  the childrens risk  increases to 48 percent    If neither parent is affected   the children have an 8 per  cent chance of developing  nearsightedness  Factors other  than genes have to be at work    Dont believe these percent  ages with unquestioning accep  tance  I dont     Dr  Donohue regrets that he  is unable to answer individual  letters  but he will incorporate  them in his column whenever  possible  Readers may write  him or request an order form  of available health newsletters  at PO  Box 536475  Orlando   FL 32853 6475     c  2011 North America Synd   Inc    All Rights Reserved    Super Crossword    ACROSS   53 jongg   94 Broadway   3 Crowdburst    40 Wholesome   76 The Kit    1 Move like a   54 Hymns of   arrange   4 Lincoln son   bikers   Club   mouse   praise   ment   5 Pipe part   publication    77 In addition   5 Neighbor of   56 Viper   96 Kennel   6 Turkish title   41 Carpentry   78 Stocking   Java   57 Milne   feature   7 Den   or printing   shade   9    creature   97 Kitten gear    8 Newhart   42 Monsieur   80 Antsy   Medicine   58 Digression   99 Petite pie   setting   Le Pew   83 Opera    88 hit    60 Gouda   100 Sprite   9 Holstein s   44 Patriot   feature   12 Corpulent   alternative   102   home   Samuel   84 Future of   15 Early   61  River  NJ   Buttermilk   10 Flagon filler   47 Evita   the present   computer   63 Tenor   Sky   11 Patois   character   85 Medieval   17 TVs   Peerce    46 song    12 Beat   50  Park    menial   Heroes   64 Like Simon   103 Classify   13 Felipe    CO   86  de plume   19 Campbell of   66 Groovy   106 Maestro de   Jesus  or   51 Uninteresting   89 One of the   UB40   Austin   Waart   Matty   52 Subdue   Jacksons   20 Poorly   68 Pugilistic   107 Electric   14 Little one   Simba   93 Gobbled up   21 Restaurant   poke    83 hit    16 South   55 Pavarottis   95 Apparel   98 Debtors   critics zine    69 Stephen   111 To and    African port   love   23 Librarians   King book   114 Sailors   17 Cholesterol   59 Bit of   letters   journal    70 Mutiny   reading    letters   parsley   101 Stud site   25 Explosive   71 Produce a   116 Depression   18 Golfer   62 Northwestern   103 Lhasa    initials   parka   era   Ballesteros   st    104 Cabbage   26 Column   72  fide   magazine    20 Nigerian city   63 Mouth   concoction   27 Max    73 Byzantine   119 Icelandic   22 Aida river   piece    105 Philosopher   Sydow   art form   epic   24 Forest   64 Anger or   106 Bronte   29 Bunch of   76 Pants parts   120 Capek play   ruminant   envy   heroine   ballplayers   77 Rams   121 Bring to   28 Ciceronian   65 Composer   107 Where to   30 Solidify   maam   light   speech   Albeniz   find an   31 Webers   78 Directional   122 Goatish   30 GoodFellas   67 Slender   onager   Freischutz   suffix   gamboler   gun   trace   108 Veni  vidi    32 Prepared to   79 Sock style   123 Have   31 Place to   68 Be a wise      drive   81 Feign   unpaid bills   pontificate   guy   109 Markey or   33 Let up   82 Tree   124 Hiver   32 Correct   69 French   Bagnold   36 Arthur or   surgeons   opposite   33 Forward   impression   110 Fishermans   Pons   periodical    125 to   34 Rovers   ist   snare   38  carrier   87 Middling   Order  87   review    70 Chingach    111 Chalky   42 Snapshot   mark   film    35 Presidential   gooks son   cheese   43  Lama   88 Whippets   126 Highflying   monogram   71 Nailed a   112 Skates   45 Strained   46 DEA officer   wagger   90 Enormous   agcy    36 Sanctify   37 Tombstone   gnat   72 Boitano or   113 Gumbo  thickener   48 Brownings   91 Terpsichores   DOWN   lawman   Blessed   115 Absent   bedtime    sister   1 Adroit   39 Shake   74 New York   117 City on the   49 Gardeners   92 104 Down    2 Evers   spearean   city   Danube   monthly    eg    partner   heavy   75 Require   118 Ashen     EDITORS NOTE  The last  episode of One Life to Live  will air on Friday  Jan  13   2012     THE BOLD AND  THE BEAUTIFUL   Steffy and Bill continued  to plot to keep Liam and Hope  apart at the resort  Katie had a  theory about why Bill was so  invested in Steffy staying mar  ried to his son  Ridge was torn  between Steffys happiness and  what she really deserved  Stef  fy got into an accident  causing  Liam to reassess his feelings  for his wife  Katie tried to keep  the news of Steffys condition  away from the press  Liam  finally made a choice between  Hope and Steffy  Wait to See   Nick serenades Donna    DAYS OF OUR LIVES   Jennifer decided to give  Nicole a taste of her own medi  cine  Samis first day at work  brought an unexpected request  from Kate  Marlena hoped to  make up for the past by helping  Will with his private struggle   Meanwhile  Will had plans of  his own  to leave Salem for  good  Carrie and Rafe had a  difficult time getting their busi  ness up off the ground  Chad  and Melanie decided to start  over  A day at the spa revealed  the true romantic intentions  of Gabi and Quinn  Wait to  See  The mystery surround  ing Alices secret continues to  unfold      Melissa Claire Egan is  Chelsea on The  Young and The  Restless   GENERAL HOSPITAL   Michael ended his friendship  with Jason after finding out that  he knew all along that Jax was  alive  Sam was worried that she  was pregnant with Francos baby   Elizabeth found herself being  drawn to Ewen  Maxie was jeal  ous of Spinellis fascination with  The Woman in White  Anthony  asked Tracy to marry him  Olivia  found Steve holding Maggie in  a comforting embrace  Robin  tried to leave town without tell  ing Patrick  Michael continued  to mourn Abbys death  Lulu  and Dante moved in together  after their honeymoon  Michael  turned to Johnny for a job  Sam  had a flashback about Franco   Wait to See  Michael takes on  more of Sonnys qualities     ONE LIFE TO LIVE   John and Bo scrambled to  find out who orchestrated the  prison break  Natalie received a  visit from Mitch telling her that  he would be there for Jessica   Bo discovered that Troy was  holding Nora hostage  Starr  was shocked to see Cole for the  first time since she ended their  marriage  Todd painted a bright  future between him and Blair  after they shared a passionate  kiss  John and Natalie had a  long overdue talk  Shots rang  out as the prison break con  cluded  Wait to See  The final  episode of OLTL will air  on Friday  Jan  13  Visit http     daytimedial blogspot com  for  a full recap on Jan  14    THE YOUNG AND  THE RESTLESS   Chelsea  the woman whom  Billy woke up next to in Myan  mar  arrived in Genoa City   Later  Chelsea introduced herself  to Victoria and revealed that she  was pregnant  Nikki was furi  ous to learn of Victor and Sha  rons engagement  Myma Patty  slipped into Jacks bed after she  drugged him  Avery and Nick  broke up after they both real  ized that he still loved Phyllis   Nick reminded Sharon that he  still had full custody of Faith   Eden snapped a photo of Chloes  drunken kiss with Cane  Wait to  See  Dianes killer is revealed     c  2011 King Features Synd   Inc     1  COMICS  What is the name of Hi and  Lois youngest daughter    2  HISTORY  Which Allied general defeated  German field marshal Erwin Rommel in North  Africa during World War II    3  POETRY  Who was the Greek creator of  pastoral poetry    4  ART  Which Early Renaissance artist  painted The Birth of Venus    5  TELEVISION  Who were the only wit  nesses to the shooting of Mr  Burns on The  Simpsons    6  EXPLORERS  What was the nationality of  explorer Edmund Hillary    7  MUSIC  Which actress singers theme  song was Que Sera  Sera    8  U S  PRESIDENTS  Who was the only  bachelor to serve as U S  president     9  FAMOUS QUOTATIONS  What famous  20th century leader once said  If I had no sense  of humor  I would long ago have committed  suicide    10  LANGUAGE  What is the meaning of the  word aplomb    Answers   1  Trixie   2  Gen  Bernard Montgomery   3  Theocritus   4  Botticelli   5  Maggie and Santas Little Helper  the dog    6  New Zealand   7  Doris Day   8  James Buchanan   9  Mohandas Gandhi   10  Confidence    c  2011 King Features Synd   Inc                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           A6    THE DAWSON SPRINGS PROGRESS    Thursday  January 12  2012    ABOUT TOWN _ By Scott    Mayors Come And  Mayors Go    Mayors have come and  mayors have gone but Dawson  Springs has survived them all    Thats not to say that each  and every mayor was detri  mental to the city  its not  even saying any of them were   its just saying that our city  has had ups and downs and has  survived them all  so far    Norman Dixon was mayor  three times while R  Travis  Ridley and Eugene Davis were  mayor two times  There has been  only one female mayor  Stacia  Peyton  It appears the youngest  mayor was also R  Travis Ridley   he was about 28 when appointed  the first time he served     Here is a list of the mayors  the City of Dawson Springs has  survived through dating back  to 1920    And one side note  the first  mayor listed was my great  grandfather  If you look closely  you will probably notice the  reason for my first name    1920  21 Will P  Scott   1921  25 William Lynch   1926 30 D  M  Clark   1931 35       1936 37 C O  Lynch   1938 41 Arch Purdy   Jan  May 1942   Charles K  Reed  1942 Aug  1945   Russell Beshear  1945 April 1947 C B  Morris   1947  Dec  Arthur  Ott  Morris    appointed    1948  May 1948 C E  Cluck  1948 Jan  1949   R  Travis Ridley  Jan  5  1949 Chesley Lranklin   appointed   Jan  Dee  1949 Arch Purdy   appointed   1950 Norman Dixon   1951 53 R  Travis Ridley   1954 May 1956 W S  Taylor  1956 61 Morton Jennings  1962 65 Norman Dixon  1966 Mar  1969 B L  Harrison  1969 Dr  James A  Lreeman   appointed   1970 72 Deward Stallins   1972 Dec  Aug  1976   Eugene Davis  1976 77 Charles Nichols   1978 Nov  1981   Norman Dixon  1981 Nov  1985 Bethel Morris   1986  Aug  1987 Eugene Davis   1987  Aug  1988 Aug    Jon M  Harned  appointed    1988  Aug  1993   Raymond Thomason  1994 May 19  2008   Stacia Peyton  May 20  2008 2009   Ross Workman  appointed   2010 Jan  6  2012   Ross Workman  elected    Hopefully by the time you  read this another name has been  added to this list  At the time  of writing this column no one  has officially been appointed  but  whoever that person is or will be   we wish you nothing but the best  and hope your term as mayor is  the most successful yet    The 2nd Region All A  Classic boys and girls basket  ball tournaments will be played  next week at Panther gym    Local basketball fans should  take advantage of the chance to  see some very good matchups  of quality small school bas  ketball teams    At a cost of only  5 00  some  will say how can you call that    only   its a bargain to see  good basketball entertainment    Not only that  but I happen to  know the quality of the food at  the concession stand will make  the game even more enjoyable    Most of the rest of these are  borrowed from our friend Chip  at Princeton      A 4 year old was at the pe  diatrician for a checkup  As the  doctor looked down her ears with  an otoscope  he asked  Do you  think Ill find Big Bird in here    The little girl stayed silent    Next  the doctor took a  tongue depressor and looked  down her throat  He asked  Do  you think Ill find the Cookie  Monster down there    Again  the little girl was si  lent    Then the doctor put a stetho  scope to her chest  As he lis  tened to her heart beat  he  asked  Do you think Ill hear  Barney in there    Oh  no  the little girl re  plied  Jesus is in my heart   Barneys on my underpants    A man went into a restau  rant  but the waiter stopped him    Sorry  sir  you need to wear  a tie to enter    The man went back to his car  and looked around  but there  was no necktie to be found   So he took his jumper cables   wrapped them around his neck   tied a nice knot  and let the ends  dangle about    He went back to the res  taurant  where the waiter said   Well  OK  you can come in      just dont start anything    One day while driv  ing along with her 4 year old  daughter  the mother beeped  the horn by mistake    The young child gasped and  looked at her mom for an expla  nation    The mother said  I did that  by accident    The child replied  I know  that because you didnt say  jerk afterwards    A minister was preoccu  pied with thoughts of how he  was going to ask the congrega  tion to come up with more mon  ey than they were expecting for  repairs to the church building    Therefore  he was annoyed  to find that the regular organ  ist was sick and a substitute  had been brought in at the last  minute  The substitute wanted  to know what to play  Heres  a copy of the service  he said  impatiently  But youll have to  think of something to play after  I make the announcement about  the finances    During the service  the min  ister paused and said  Broth  ers and Sisters  we are in great  difficulty  the roof repairs cost  twice as much as we expected   and we need  4 000 more  Any  of you who can pledge  100 or  more  please stand up    At that moment  the substi  tute organist played  The Star  Spangled Banner    A young man applied for  a job in a big company    Im sorry  said the per  sonnel manager  but the firm  is overstaffed  We have more  employees now than we really  need    Thats all right  replied  the young man  undiscouraged   The little bit of work I do  wont be noticed anyway     The Dawson Springs Progress   Progress Publishing Co   Inc    Established 1919   Published Every Thursday   Periodicals postage paid at Dawson Springs  Kentucky 42408  USPS 149520   Postmaster send change of address to    P 0  Box 460  Dawson Springs  KY 42408    Member Member   KENTUCKY PRESS ASSOCIATION    Scott N  Dillingham  Publisher  Managing Editor   Niles 0  Dillingham  Editor  Publisher  President 1946 2008  Jed Dillingham  Editor 1980 2007   phone   270  797 3271 e mail  progress vci net   Subscription rates are  23 00 per year in Hopkins County    31 00 per year in Kentucky and  37 00 outside of Kentucky      4ND TO  W UKE THAT   NO 0M  SAVE A AftXT  WAT     wr rmN 6  manias wm atmemwe w mme  r    6h sp rts    _ Tm  0O VKKK eeHi W   _      Where Do We    Draw The Line     By   Jim Waters   vice president of communications  Bluegrass Institute  j waters   freedomkentucky com   Where do you draw the  line    Rep  Mike Harmon  R Dan   ville  posed that question to  statewide smoking ban propo  nents on KETs final Kentucky  Tonight show of the year    Its the right question  Its  also one that those who baptize  themselves in waters of govern  ment nanny ism have little in  terest in discussing    Harmon pressed the is  sue with activist Betsy Janes   whos employed by the Ameri  can Lung Association and who  lacks aversion to any proposed  government regulation deemed  as protecting our health    Janes also doesnt seem  overly interested in addressing  the ramifications of laws al  lowing state government to as  sail property rights of business  owners from Paducah to Pikev   ille by dictating their smoking  policies    The line that we draw is  that we arent protecting people  from themselves  Janes said     We are protecting people from  one another    So  wheres the protection  from government overreach for  private property owners  No  interest in that topic  either    What happens if a father  smokes in his own household  with children    Should those children be  taken away from him  Har  mon asked    Janes countered  that is not  the issue were talking about at  all    Oh but it is   especially when  you realize that the long history  of readily available evidence  demonstrates that government  and its first cousin  the Nanny  State  cant get no satisfaction    no matter how many laws are  passed  regulations implement  ed and freedoms eroded   even  though they try and  they  try  and  they  try   they  cant get  no   they  cant get no    If I thought for a moment  that the battle being waged over  a statewide smoking ban would  forever satisfy government do   gooders insatiable appetite for  controlling others  I might re  lent    If I knew for certain that  Continued on page A7     Western State  Says Thanks   Dear Editor    On behalf of the patients and  staff of Western State Hospital   Western State Nursing Facility  and Volta  a heartfelt thanks is  extended to everyone who par  ticipated in the annual Christ  mas program    The holiday season was  much brighter thanks to the    generosity of caring and com  passionate individuals in this  community  The entertainment   parties  gifts and contributions  made on behalf of the patients  were greatly appreciated    Thanks for taking time out  of a busy holiday schedule to  remember and visit with us at  our facilities    Tony Winfield  Community Services Coor  dinator   Continued on page A7    other editors   Theres Good News  And Bad News    The good news  Gov  Steve  Beshear said Wednesday  night in his annual State of  the Commonwealth address   is that state revenues are  again increasing as the econ  omy slowly recovers from the  Great Recession    The bad news is that the  numbers are so wretched that  we will likely be forced to carve  into some of our most critical   basic services in order to cut  spending and balance the 2012   14 biennial budget    The explanation basically  is that federal stimulus money   widely misunderstood as a  result of waves of furious and  deeply dishonest Republican  attacks  kept state budgets  afloat for several years  Now   that money is drying up  and  revenues are inadequate to re  place it    In that context  the Gover  nors categorical rejection of  creating new sources of rev  enue is disappointing  An econ  omy mired in a deep recession  generally would be seriously  hindered by tax increases  an  economy that is rebounding   however tepidly  can withstand  some carefully targeted new  or increased taxes  Clearly  the  money is needed for essential  public purposes    However  it is easy to see  Gov  Beshears political cal  culation  A tax proposal would  be dead on arrival in the GOP   dominated Senate  and its un  fair to ask House Democrats to  jeopardize their re election by  voting for a tax increase that  wont even pass  And a battle  over a short term tax hike  would complicate and perhaps  doom the Governors longer   term priorities  comprehensive  tax reform and expanded gam  bling    That makes it all the more    critical that those long range  aims be fulfilled    As weve said in the past   tax reform must be more than  a revenue neutral gesture to  modernize the tax code and  correct some unfair provi  sions  It must bring in signifi  cantly more money  in amounts  that increase as the economy  picks up  To help achieve that   it is essential that the Gover  nor spare no effort to enlist  broad and vocal support from  university presidents  public  school superintendents  local  officials and business leaders  to make the case that Ken  tucky cannot meet its peoples  needs and position itself for  21st Century success on a  shoestring state budget that  perpetuates mediocrity in so  many vital areas    Meanwhile  it is frustrating  that nearly five years after he  began campaigning for gover  nor on a platform of expanding  gambling  Mr  Beshear is still  talking about a starting point  for discussion  But it is what it  is  Let no one be under any illu  sions  however  that all that has  to be done is to draft a consti  tutional amendment that allows  casinos and or slot machines    There have to be rigorous  provisions to ensure that the  state receives most of the mon  ey  and that any funds directed  to helping the horse industry go  primarily to bolster breeding   sales and purses  and not to fat  ten the wallets of shareholders  of publicly traded tracks  At  the same time  thoughtful care  must be taken to make sure that  expanded gambling doesnt  hurt  or even kill  racing    Kentuckians need to hear  more about both initiatives   soon    The Courier Journal    LOOKING BACK   10  25   50 Years Ago    10 Years Ago    From the files of The  Dawson Springs Progress   Thursday  Jan  10  2002     The funeral for Mrs  Ruth  Elizabeth Ladd  93  was held  Friday morning  Jan  4  at  Beshear Funeral Home    The funeral for Herman  Wayne Street  60  was held  Friday afternoon  Jan  4  at  Beshear Funeral Home    The funeral for Charles  David Inglis  61  was held  Monday morning  Jan  7  at  Beshear Funeral Home    The funeral for James  Thomas Glakas  83  was held  Saturday afternoon  Jan  5  at  Beshear Funeral Home    25 Years Ago    From the files of The  Dawson Springs Progress   Thursday  Jan  15  1987     David W  Hamby was  recently commissioned as an  ensign by the U S  Navy    The freshmen Panthers  improved their record to 5 3  and became only the third  team to defeat South Hopkins  this season    Panther boys beat Bremen  for their 6th win of the sea  son    Last rites were held for  Mrs Thelma Flavie Smith   83  Friday afternoon  Jan  9   at Beshear Funeral Home    Funeral for Robert Harlan   Buster  Vaughn  88  was held  Tuesday afternoon at Beshear  Funeral Home    Services were held for  Howard Thomas Crick  50   Sunday afternoon  Jan  11  at  Beshear Funeral Home    Rites were held for Mrs   Edith Mae Childers  67  Sat    urday afternoon  Jan  10  at  Beshear Funeral Home    Services will be held today  for Louise Trotter Walker at  Beshear Funeral Home    50 Years Ago    From the files of The  Dawson Springs Progress   Thursday  Jan  11  1962     Monte Gene Workman  was bom December 16  in the  Mid State Baptist Hospital in  Nashville    James Morgan Eaves Jr   was born December 29  at  the Hopkins County Hospital  in Madisonville  He weighed  seven pounds and two ounces    Melamie Arlene Wade  was born December 20  at  the Hopkins County Hospital  in Madisonville  She weighed  six pounds and five ounces    David Wayne Lanham  was born January 5  at the  Hopkins County Hospital in  Madisonville  He weighed  seven pounds and seven  ounces    Joe David Walker cel  ebrated his fourth birthday on  Saturday  January 4  with a  party in his home    Funeral services were  held for Walter O  Hibbs  68   Wednesday afternoon in the  Suthards Baptist Church    Funeral services for Ernest  Eli  55  were conducted Fri  day afternoon at the Ilsley  Holiness Church    Funeral services were  held for Mrs  Dixon Davis   92  Tuesday afternoon at the  Christian Privilege Church in  St  Charles    Last rites were held for  Mrs  Ida P  Williams  81   Monday afternoon at the  Beshear Funeral Home     I M WM     On Jan  10  1901  a drill  ing derrick at Spindletop Hill  near Beaumont  Texas  produces  an enormous gusher of crude  oil  signaling the advent of the  American oil industry  The gey  ser flowed at an initial rate of  approximately 100 000 barrels a  day and took nine days to cap     On Jan  11  1973  the    owners of Americas 24 major   league baseball teams vote to  allow teams in the American  League to use a designated  pinch hitter that could bat for  the pitcher  while still allow  ing the pitcher to stay in the  game     c  2011 King Features Synd   Inc                                                                                         Thursday  January 12  2012    THE DAWSON SPRINGS PROGRESS    A7    THIS IS NO TIME TO REST     Governor Outlines Agenda In 5th Commonwealth Address    In his fifth State of the Com  monwealth address  Gov  Steve  Beshear laid out a robust and  expansive legislative agenda  and challenged lawmakers to  avoid partisanship and work  together in order to improve  Kentuckians lives    Kentucky continues to suf  fer from the lingering effects of  the global recession  but short  term survival cannot be our  only goal  said Beshear  This  is no time to rest  to be com  placent  to hide or to be timid   Rather  it is time to be decisive  and aggressive    The governor warned that  the upcoming budget would be  the most difficult of his admin  istration  and that his upcoming  budget proposal would include  significant cuts  even in previ  ously protected areas    He warned  however  that a  difficult budget should not be  used as an excuse to remain  complacent  and that it is pos  sible to make changes for the  short term and long term ben  efit of Kentuckians    Tonight I will lay out for  you some bold steps we can  take to continue   in a col  lective and strategic way   to  address the fundamental weak  nesses that have hampered    our state for generations  he  explained    Although the governor  announced that his budget pro  posal would not include rev  enue from gaming  he urged  lawmakers to pass a constitu  tional amendment that would  allow Kentuckians to vote on  expanded gaming in Novem  ber    Beshear said that hundreds  of millions of dollars are spent  in neighboring states casinos   funding their schools and roads  and hiring police officers and  teachers  That money belongs  in Kentucky  Beshear said  and  should be funding the services  Kentuckians need  In addition   he noted that two recent polls  show that more than 80 percent  of Kentuckians want the oppor  tunity to vote on this issue    Also  a more balanced tax  code will not only create a  more welcoming business envi  ronment  Beshear said  but will  also allow the state to invest in  the services and priorities that  best position our citizens for  success    In the coming days  the gov  ernor plans to unveil a process  to review Kentuckys tax sys  tem    Tax reform must realign the    system in a way that is not only  fairer for families and busi  nesses  but also improves the  states ability to compete in the  21st century economy    While neither of these pro  posals will have immediate  financial impact  together they  lay the foundation for increased  revenue that will support key  services like education and job  creation efforts in the years to  come    Beshear also offered a wide   ranging legislative agenda   designed to improve the states  economy  fight prescription  drug abuse and better prepare  Kentuckys workforce    These initiatives consid  er not only the present day  needs of Kentuckians  but also  improvements that could bene  fit citizens in the future  Those  initiatives are    Expanded Gaming   Amendment  The governor  will soon introduce a bill in the  Senate to allow Kentuckians to  vote on the issue of expanded  gaming   a move which could  return millions of dollars to  the state to protect and support  key priorities such as public  protection  education and job  creation    Balanced and Strate     Kentucky Housing Agency Offers  Lowest Rates Offered In 40 Years    The Kentucky Housing Cor  poration  KHC   the state hous  ing finance agency  is offering  the lowest rates in its 40 year  history    With rates this low and  down payment and closing  costs assistance  Kentuckians  who thought they would not  be able to own a home now  have an opportunity  said Gov   Steve Beshear  I encourage  potential homeowners to con  tact KHC to learn more about  this unique financing opportu  nity  These low rates will not  last    For a limited time  rates are  as low as 3 375 percent  with a  30 year  fixed rate term  KHC  also has a program for down  payment and closing costs  assistance with a special rate  of 3 625 percent    KHC works with customers  to simplify the home purchas  ing process  Buyers work with  a network of KHC approved  lenders and banking insti  tutions that help the buyer  throughout the purchasing  process  There are also more  than 1 000 KHC certified real  estate agents that are commit  ted to helping their buyers find  affordable home financing  solutions  A list of lenders and  real estate agents is available  on KHCs Web site at www   KYHousing org      Kentuckians can feel  comfortable purchasing a  home through KHC  said  Richard L  McQuady  chief  executive officer of KHC   KHC home loans start with  us and end with us  When  homeowners make a payment  or call about their loan  they  are talking to a KHC staff    U S  Rep  Ed Whitfield  announced last week that the  Earlington Fire Department is  one of three fire departments in  Kentuckys First Congressional  District that have been awarded  grants through the Assistance  to Firefighters Grants from the  U S  Department of Homeland  Security    The Earlington depart  ment received  677 612   Also receiving the grants for    A  9 425 grant from the  Kentucky Office of Home  land Security will help the  Madisonville Police Depart  ment purchase Body Armor     kMMMJl    Continued from page A6    Things Will  Get Better   Dear Editor    As we are now in 2012  I  hope all of us will have a better  year and hope that in Dawson  Springs  Ky  things will be bet  ter    And I think it will  With a  new mayor in office things can  only  I hope  get better for all of  us here in Dawson Springs  We  will see more jobs and more  things good for all of us here    Morris Brown  Dawson Springs    person at our office in Frank  fort    Kentucky Housing is  able to offer these low rates  through an extension of the  New Issue Bond Program   NIBP   a federal bond pur  chase program provided by  the U S  Department of Trea  sury     operations and safety are the  Mayfield Graves County Fire  Department   512 863   and  the Mayfield Fire Department    116 793     These firefighting grants  help ensure that our first  responders have the resources  they need to serve our com  munities  said Whitfield  I  congratulate all three depart  ments in receiving these  awards     vests for its police force  The  grant funds are awarded under  the Faw Enforcement Protec  tion Grant Program  a state  program that is funded solely  from the sale of confiscated  weapons turned in by local and  state police    Daron Jordan  Commu  nity Development Director  for the city of Madisonville  said  This grant will allow  our police department to pur  chase 13 Body Armor vests  for the safety of the men and  women who serve and protect  the citizens of Madisonville   The recommended life cycle  for Body Armor vests is 5  years  and with this grant  the  Madisonville Police Depart  ment will be able to retire 13  vests  All vests purchased will  meet or exceed the standards  issued by the National Insti  tute of Justice for body armor   The city of Madisonville is  appreciative of Gov  Beshear  and the staff of the Kentucky  Office of Homeland Security  for awarding these funds to the  Madisonville Police Depart  ment     Earlington Fire Dept   Receives Federal Grant    Madisonville Police Dept   Receives Funds For Vests     Classes Start  January 23  2012   Call 821 4298  to Register   All classes held on  Monday nights from 6 to 7  p m  at 800 Hospital Drive    Method to  Stop Smoking    Its a safe and  effective program      gic Budget  Eater this month   Beshear will submit his pro  posed biennial budget  The  governor has warned lawmak  ers that this will be the most  difficult budget of his adminis  tration  and will include signif  icant cuts in order to balance   However  Beshear has also  made clear that Kentuckians  must continue to make invest  ments in our future and should  not allow a dismal budget to  become a barrier to progress in  education and job preparation    Prescription Drug Abuse   Beshear  along with Speaker  Greg Stumbo and Attorney  General Jack Conway  will  push for legislation to make  participation mandatory in the  states electronic prescription  reporting program  KASPER   The legislative package will  also crack down on pill clin  ics    Strengthening Tomor  rows Workforce through Edu  cation  The governor called on  legislators to pass the Gradu  ation Bill  which would incre  mentally increase the legal  dropout age from 16 to 18     This bill has enjoyed bipartisan  support and has been passed by  the House three times  He also  asked legislators to pass a bill  that will authorize his Early  Childhood Advisory Coun  cil  as well as streamline the  administration of Career and  Technical Education    Encouraging Pri  vate Economic Investment   Beshear will push for tax  credits for so called angel  investors   private investors  who provide funding for mid  level entrepreneurs  These  entrepreneurs are often too  small to attract big venture  capital and too large for other  forms of start up assistance   This bill would mean that  Kentuckians who invest in  Kentucky start ups to create  Kentucky jobs would receive  a credit on their Kentucky  income taxes    Protecting Children   In light of recent discussions  regarding the protection of Ken  tuckys children  Beshear will  propose the Child Protection  Act of 2012  which includes  legislation to formalize what    records should be released  after the death of a child  The  package also includes a bill to  create an independent review  panel  appointed by the Attor  ney General  to review all child  fatalities and near fatalities  where child abuse or neglect  is alleged    Supporting Military  Families  Beshear will sup  port legislation providing a tax  credit for Kentucky National  Guard families who adopt a  child  Currently  all other mili  tary branches except the Guard  enjoy this benefit    In his first legislative address  since his re election  Beshear  asked legislators to put aside  partisan decision making to  make real and lasting change  for Kentuckians    We have an opportunity  this session to make Kentuck  ians lives better  both in the  short term and long into the  future  said Beshear  And we  will succeed if were bold  We  will succeed if we put the focus  where it belongs   on creat  ing a better Kentucky for the  people we serve     Where Do We Draw The Line     Continued from page A6   government would never barge  into private residences and take  children away from parents  because of health concerns   then I might accept a smoking  ban    What taxpayer might not  consent to one more small tax  hike  coal mine owner one  more EPA rule or entrepreneur  one more regulation if they  knew that governments addic  tion for more of their money   liberty and life would be fully    and forever   satisfied    At least the uncertainty cre  ated by our current insatiable  regulatory atmosphere would  be resolved    Even President Reagan  couldnt fulfill his intentions  of getting rid of the energy and  education departments even  though both have cost taxpay    ers billions while failing to cre  ate a single ounce of energy or  educate a single child    Reagan found out  Govern  ment programs  once launched   never disappear  Actually  a  government bureau is the near  est thing to eternal life well  see on this earth    So are taxes and regula  tions    Rep  Susan Westrom  D   Lexington  whos leading the  charge for a statewide smoking  ban and who also participated  in the Kentucky Tonight  show  charged me with em  ploying scare tactics because  I warn that once government  goes over the slippery slope of  protecting us from us  it will  bound down that hillside with  great force    If we accept  as Janes ad  monishes  that the role of gov  ernment is to protect people    from others  then we must  also allow for the possibility  that government could begin  removing children from homes  over health concerns    Its already happened  So  cial workers in Cleveland re  moved an overweight 8 year   old who is a good student from  his home and his parents  and  placed him in foster care    Some   including even  self proclaimed conservative  Republicans   peer longingly  down that road in Frankfort  and  like a kid in a candy store   just cant help themselves as  they waste taxpayers time and  resources in filing goofy Body  Mass Index bills    Oh sure  the initial proposals  dont recommend taking kids  out of homes  but still   they  cross the line    The line  in fact  has disap  peared altogether      DAYMAR   Difference    The instructors prepared us  to go out and find the jobs we  were looking for  I feel very  confident about my future     Daymar   College    We Change Lives   One Person At A Time   daymarcollege edu 1 877 258 7796   Accredited Member  A C I C S    For consumer information  visit http   www daymarcollege edu disclosures                               A8    THE DAWSON SPRINGS PROGRESS    Thursday  January 12  2012    2011 Was One Of Wettest Years Ever    Continued from front page   ceeded 20 inches at sites from  Elizabethtown west to Benton  in Marshall County    Temperatures were gen  erally warmer than normal  throughout much of the year   The years highest temperature   103 4 degrees on Aug  3 at the  Kentucky Mesonet station near  Russellville  posed no threat  to Kentuckys record of 114  degrees recorded on July 28   1930  at Greensburg    The lowest temperature was  9 6 degrees below zero on Feb   11 at the Mesonet station near  Bowling Green  Kentuckys  record low temperature of 37  degrees below zero was set at  Shelbyville on Jan  19  1994    Weather spotters were ac  tive during Kentuckys severe    weather season in 2011  Based  on reports through the end of  September  tornadoes occurred  on 17 days  including 10 days  in April  Although no fatalities  were reported  14 people were  injured    While tornadoes are most  frequent in spring  recent years  have shown that they can oc  cur during any month  In 2011   tornadoes were reported on two  days in February  including an  EF 3 tornado that struck before  dawn on Feb  28 in southeast  ern Henry County    Severe weather was not lim  ited to tornadoes  On April 25   the Kentucky Mesonet station  at Murray reported a record  wind gust of 101 mph  Hun  dreds of trees were uprooted  and damage was reported to  houses  barns and a local fac    tory  More than 400 reports of  hail were documented by the  National Climatic Data Center  through September    Flooding through the first  nine months of 2011 resulted  in six deaths  four injuries  and  nearly  50 million of damage  across Kentucky  Four children  drowned during a flash flood on  Feb  24 in Hickman County    The winter of 2010 2011  was cold and snowy by Ken  tucky standards  A persistent  weather pattern attributed to  the Arctic Oscillation brought  frequent snowstorms during  the first half of winter  In con  trast  Foster noted  the win  ter of 2011 2012 has seen no  significant snowfall through  early January  highlighting the  variable nature of Kentuckys  weather and climate     Majority Wants To Vote On Gambling    Continued from front page   Potential ballot question   The poll released recently  asked how people would vote  on potential ballot language to  allow regulated casino gam  ing at eight existing horse race  tracks and one additional loca  tion subject to voter approval  in the city or county where it  would be located  The money  would be used for the benefit of  education  health care  public  safety  local governments and  the horse racing industry    According to the results  64    percent would vote for such  an amendment  and 32 percent  would vote against it  The poll  sters said that the low figure of  4 percent who are undecided  suggests that Kentuckians are  pretty much decided on this  issue  and there is little likeli  hood of major movement    Senate State and Focal  Government Committee Chair  man Damon Thayer  R George   town  said the polls numbers  are no surprise    Ive been saying for a long  time that this issue needs to be  resolved one way or another by    the people  Thayer said    He said legislators are  awaiting Beshears specific  proposal There has been some  debate about whether legisla  tion would need to start in the  Senate or the House  which has  previously approved expanded  gambling without a consti  tutional amendment Senate  Minority Deader R J  Palmer   D Winchester  said he expects  that most Senate democrats will  support a constitutional amend  ment for expanded gambling    Of course  the devil will be  in the details  Palmer said     Former Mayor Is Planetarium Director    Continued from front page   regrets because the decisions  Ive made were made based on  the information I had at the time  and what I thought was best for  the community given the situa  tion or circumstances    Did I do everything right   No  But I did what I thought  was best for the community    Workmans years in the  mayors office have seen  their share of weather related    disasters  most notably the ice  storm of 2009  Helping the city  through such events is a high  point for him    Given everything that was  thrown at us  Im really proud  of the fact that I was able to lead  the community through  he  said  Especially the ice storm   We didnt lose a person  We  were all working together    Workman said he has fre  quently been asked why any  body would want to hold elect    ed office    Its pretty simple  he said   You have a genuine interest in  your community  and you want  to try to make it a better place    Workman hopes he has  done just that  and now  with  the blessings of his family and  friends  he is moving on to the  next phase in his life    The people who really mat  ter are very happy for me  he  said  They know this is what I  really want      MAY OR JENNY SEWELL speaks with Jo and Don Goodwin following her appointment  Tuesday during a special council meeting  Sewell was given the oath of office Wednesday   yesterday  at 4 p m  at the municipal building     Gasoline Prices Up 30 Cents In 2 Weeks    Average retail gasoline  prices in Kentucky have risen  19 cents per gallon in the past  week  averaging  3 42 Sunday   This compares with the national  average that has increased 7 9  cents per gallon in the past week  to  3 34 per gallon according to  gasoline price Web site Ken  tucky GasPrices com    Gas prices in Dawson  Springs as of Tuesday were   3 49 per gallon  an increase  of 30 cents in the past two  weeks    Including the change in gas  prices in Kentucky during the  past week  prices Sunday were  33 cents per gallon higher than  on the same day one year ago  and are 19 4 cents per gallon  higher than a month ago  The  national average has increased  4 7 cents per gallon during the  past month and stands 27 cents  per gallon higher than this day  one year ago    Gas prices are rising across  much of the nation as Iran has    continued to threaten closing  the Strait of Hormuz  a vital  waterway for global oil ship  ments  said GasBuddy com  Senior Petroleum Analyst Pat  rick DeHaan  Think back to  the days following the start of  the crisis in Libya  an event  that also rattled energy mar  kets  were seeing similar  emotions play out even though  there hasnt yet been a disrup  tion to supply  I would blame  emotion for the recent uptick in  gasoline prices  nothing else    That gas prices nation  ally were higher at the end  of 2011 than one year ago is  cause for concern according  to Gregg Laskoski  another  Senior Petroleum Analyst for  GasBuddy com   because for  the past seven years the change  from the beginning of the year  to the peak has been 93 cents to   1 31 per gallon    Last year was actually a  good snapshot of what weve  seen for the past seven years     2010 ended with the national  average at  3 05  and we saw  the annual spring 2011 climb  push the national average 91  cents higher to its peak level  as early as May 11 when it  reached  3 96 per gallon   Laskoski said    In three of the last seven  years  the spread between the  yearly starting price and the  peak exceeded  1 per gallon   and only once in the past seven  years was the spread below  82 cents per gallon  DeHann  said  And while we typically  anticipate peak prices to occur  in the midst of the summer  driving season  sometimes the  peak can even come after sum  mer has concluded  as was the  case nationally during 2006 and  2009  While past performance  is no indication of future prices   if the national average doesnt  move closer toward or under   3 per gallon by the years end   we could be paying over  4 per  gallon next spring        60 monthly payments of  17 92 per  1 000 borrowed   Excludes Hybrid models     60 monthly payments of  17 05 per  1 000 borrowed     PEOPLE    WHO KNOW  CARS KNOW   IS THE   ONE      SB  TOYOTA   yaHI    OF ANY FULL LINE MANUFACTURER     INTELUCHOICE    NO PAYMENTS FOR 90 DAYS    ON ANY NEW 2012 CAMRY  2011 COROLLA  2011 RAV4 OR 2012 TACOMA    WHEN FINANCED THRU TOYOTA FINANCIAL SERVICES   Excludes Camry Hybrid     TOYOTA  BEST RESALE VALUE   OF ALL BRANDS FOR 2012   KELLEY BLUE BOOK    MORE LOW APR FINANCING     ANY NEW FINANCING FOR   2012 TUNDRA U  60 MONTHS 3   Bonus Subvention Cash thru Toyota Financial Services only     60 monthly payments of  16 67 per  1 000 borrowed     PLUS   TFS BONUS SUBVENTION  CASH     ANY REMAINING NEW 2011 VENZA   APR   FINANCING FOR   60 MONTHS 3    60 monthly payments of  17 05 per  1 000 borrowed     0   9      ANY REMAINING NEW 2011 PRIUS    0   9      APR   LIMITED TERM  FINANCING 3    APR   I FINANCING FOR    60 MONTHS    ANY REMAINING NEW 2011 AVALON OR  NEW 2012 HIGHLANDER OR NEW SIENNA   Excludes Highlander Hybrid   60 monthly payments of  17 48 per  1 000 borrowed     BIG CASH BACK    ANY NEW   2012 TUNDRA CREWMAX   2 250  2012 TUNDRA REGULAR  DOUBLE CAB   2 000  2011 AVALON   1 000  2011 RAV4   1 000  2011 VENZA   1 000  2011 COROLLA  500  2012 HIGHLANDER GAS  500    GREAT LEASE RATES     NEW 2011 COROLLA LE   4 DOOR SEDAN MODEL  1838    36 MONTH LEASE     2899 DUE AT LEASE SIGNING    NEW 2012 CAMRY SE   4 DOOR SEDAN MODEL  2546    36 MONTH LEASE     2599 DUE AT LEASE SIGNING    NEW 2011 RAV4   4 DOOR SUV MODEL  4432    36 MONTH LEASE     1599 DUE AT LEASE SIGNING    NEW 2012 HIGHLANDER   4 DOOR 4X2 SUV MODEL  6942    36 MONTH LEASE     2799 DUE AT LEASE SIGNING    NEW 2011 PRIUS   5 DOOR HATCHBACK MODEL  1223    36 MONTH LEASE     2499 DUE AT LEASE SIGNING     159     239    239    279    299    ToyotaCare 1    ASK ABOUT OUR   1 000 MILITARY  AND COLLEGE GRAD  REBATE PROGRAMS     1   2011 IntelliChoice  www lntelliChoice com  Based on 2011 model year study  2   Customer can defer first payment up to 90 days  Subject to approved credit through TF   For APR rates other than 0  financing  finance charges continue to accrue during deferral period  You must take retail delivery from new 2012 Camry   Tundra and remaining new 2011 Corolla   RAV4 dealer stock between 1 4 12   1 31 12   Payment deferral available in the states of KY  Ml  OH   TN   ee participating dealer for qualifications and complete details  Individual dealer prices may vary  3   Subject to approved credit through Toyota Financial Cervices   ee dealer for terms and conditions  4   The Toyota Tacoma received the lowest number of problems per 100 vehicles among midsize 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                                                               The Dawson Springs Progress    Bob Watkins   Classifieds   People    B2   B4 B5   B6     Thursday  January 12  2012     Defensive Effort Is Key In Girls Win     ELIZABETH BLACK eyes the basket as she moves around a Crittenden  County player Monday  Jan  2  Black put five points on the board in the  Panthers fourth win of the season  Photo by Mike Howton     TAYLER MILLS splits the Crittenden County defense as she goes up  for a shot Monday  Jan  2  Mills scored 11 points in the game and pulled  down 10 rebounds for a double double  Photo by Mike Howton    It paid off to do what their coach  said Monday night in Panther gym as  the Panther girls beat defending 2nd  Region champion Crittenden County  55 42 to claim their fourth win of the  year    Coach Erik Peyton asked his team  to play good defense and he believes  the defensive effort is what provided  the win against last years state tour  nament team    We were playing neck and neck  with them  Peyton said  We were  struggling a bit  then Presly Todd gave  us a big boost    Todd scored nine points in the sec  ond quarter when the Panthers turned  an 11 6 first quarter deficit into a 26   21 halftime lead    With the Panthers behind 12 8  early in the second quarter  Tayler  Mills rebounded a missed free throw  and put it back to bring the Panthers  within two  and Todd put back a re  bounded miss on the next possession  to tie the game at 12    After Crittenden County made a  free throw to regain the lead  Todd  made a 15 footer off an assist from  Amber Genseal to give the Panthers  the lead for good    The pair followed up that play with  another assist by Genseal and basket  by Todd at the 4 30 mark to make the  score 16 13    Later in the quarter with the score  21 17  Todd made a 3 pointer from the  wing off an assist by Lauren Menser  to put the Panthers up 24 17 with 1 47  to go in the half    After halftime the defense took  over  limiting the Rockets to six points  in the third quarter as the Panthers  stretched their lead to 10 at 37 27 en  tering the fourth quarter    With 5 53 left in the game and the  Panthers leading 40 30  a 10 0 run by  the home team put the game out of  reach for good    Mills scored under the  basket McKnight beat her defender  for a layup  Elizabeth Black scored  under the basket then made two free    throws  and McKnight beat her de  fender again for another layup for 10  straight Panther points    The defensive effort is what did  it  Peyton said    But the Panthers offensive num  bers were also good    McKnight led all scorers with 19  points  Mills had 11 points to go with  10 rebounds for a double double  and    Todd finished with 10 points    Rihana took the ball to the hole   Peyton said  Thats what I told her to  do    Black scored five points for the  Panthers  Menser and Shelby Loney  each scored four  and Hannah Winters  added two points    Continued on page B3    Panthers Come Up  Short Against Central    The Panther boys traveled to  Hopkins County Central Jan  3 and  lost 53 46 to their 5th District rivals    The game was close throughout  even though the Storm got 31 chances  at the free throw stripe compared to  the Panthers 11  Neither team cashed  in on their attempts as Central made  12 for 39 percent and the Panthers  made five for 45 percent    The score was tied 9 9 following  the first quarter and the Storm edged  ahead 20 19 at halftime  The third  quarter was decisive in the close game  with the Panthers falling behind 33 28  entering the final quarter    It was one of our better defensive  efforts  Panther coach Jeff Miller  said  We played them pretty tight all  the way through  just came up short    Tre Lambrough led the Panthers  in scoring with 14 points  Also scor  ing in double figures for the Panthers  was Colton Chappie with 10 points   including two second half 3 pointers    The Storms senior guard Nick  Hopper led all scorers with 17 points    Central improved to 4 7 with the  win  The Panthers record slipped to  2   12     We came out hitting our outside  shots and we handled their press   Miller said  Their press didnt affect  us  but we had a lot of bad passes for    turnovers where we just didnt connect  on our passes  The turnovers were our  fault more than the pressures fault    Ryan McKnight added nine points  for the Panthers  Austin Stevens  scored seven  Trey Miller scored four   and Todd Bullock added two points     PANTHERS   FG   FT   F   TP   Bullock   1   0   5   2   McKnight   4   0   2   9   Smiley   0   0   2   0   Chappie   4   0   4   10   Be  Puckett   0   0   2   0   Miller   1   1   5   4   Fambrough   5   4   4   14   Stevens   3   0   1   7   TOTALS   18   5   25   46   3 pointers  Chappie  Miller  Stevens    2     McKnight    CENTRAL   FG   FT   F   TP   Campbell   0   1   0   1   Foster   2   1   1   5   Hopper   5   6   3   17   Miles   6   2   4   14   Scott   2   1   3   5   Thorpe   1   0   1   2   Griffith   1   0   2   2   Browning   3   1   2   7   TOTALS 20   3 pointers  Hopper   12   16   53   Panthers   9   19   28   46   Central   9   20   33   53    Slow Start  Turnovers  Doom Panther Boys    Another slow start doomed the  Panther boys Jan  6 at Caldwell Coun  ty  After falling behind 19 4 after  the first period the Panthers couldnt  crawl out of the hole and lost 69 43 to  the Tigers    We came out not ready to play   Panther head coach Jeff Miller said   When you only score four points in  the first quarter  you just arent ready  to play    The Tigers led 33 21 at halftime  and 51 31 after three quarters    Again it was turnovers against an  other teams pressing defense which  zapped the Panthers early on along  with poor defense which allowed    Caldwell Countys freshman guard  Elijah Sindelar to put up a game high  33 points    We took a big step back  Miller  said  We couldnt handle their press   We turned the ball over right and left   just like it was at the beginning of the  year    The Panthers were led in scoring  by Tre Fambroughs 23 points and  Colton Chappies eight points    Fambrough had a solid game on  both ends  Miller said    Ryan McKnight and Reed Smiley  each scored four points for the Pan    Continued on page B3     Future   Hoops   Stars      ETHAN HUD  DLESTON   above in green   looks to pass the  ball to a team  mate as Slade  Ramsey steps in  to stop the pass   At right  Gage  Smiley eyes the  basket before  putting up a  shot  The young  Panthers were  participating in  a Youth League  basketball game  Saturday  Jan  7   at Panther gym     Photos by  Mike Howton     All 6 A   Classic   Begins   Monday   At DSHS   Dawson Springs High School  will host the boys and girls 2nd  Region All A Classic basket  ball tournament next week    First round games will be  played Jan  16 for the girls and  Jan  17 for the boys beginning  at 7 p m  at various sites around  the region    The girls semifinals will be  played in Panther gym Jan  19    The first semifinal game be  gins at 6 p m  The second game  will begin 25 minutes after  completion of the first game    If the Panthers win their first  round game  they will play in  the second semifinal contest    The finals are Jan  21 begin  ning at 6 p m    The Panther girls first round  game is at Panther gym against  Crittenden County at 7 p m  Jan   16    Other first round games  are  Lyon County at Livings  ton Central  Webster County  at Caldwell County and Trigg  County at University Heights    The boys semifinals will be  played in Panther gym Jan  20  with the first game starting at 6  p m    If the Panther boys win their  first game  they will play in the  first semifinal contest    The finals are Jan  21 at ap  proximately 8 p m    The Panther boys first round  game is at 7 p m  Jan  17 against  Trigg County    Other first round games  are  Lyon County at Univer  sity Heights Webster County at  Caldwell County and Crittenden  County at Livingston Central    Tickets for each night are   5 and will be sold at the door   Doors will open one hour prior  to tip off of the first game                                                                   B2    THE DAWSON SPRINGS PROGRESS    Thursday  January 12  2012    WKUs Harper Needs Help  Honeymoon     Western Ken  tucky University  sent its basket  ball coach pack  ing last week   Ken McDonalds  departure was  overdue  coming  with all the sur  prise of a New   Bob Watkins Hampshire exit  poll    McDonalds name goes onto a list  at WKU that just didnt work beneath  Murray Arnold  Matt Kilcullen and  Darrin Horn  A list set next to job  jumpers Ralph Willard  Dennis Fel  ton  Gene Keady and Clem Haskins    Enter Ray Harper  The man from  Muhlenberg County knows how to  shoot  3 033 points at Bremen High   and how to become legend  jersey  retired at Kentucky Wesleyan and his  name on the court   And  he knows  how to coach  six times national  coach of the year at D II and NAIA  levels    A man with interim in front of  his title  Harper has a dozen games  to right the ship  five home dates to  make Diddle Arena a high decibel fun  place again  Beyond the joy of that   he has two months to show his boss  a national search for a head coach    would be money better spent on say   recruiting    If WKU officials become afflicted  with Gotta Find My Guy disease  and stars in my eyes notions to make  a big time hire  they should pause  and review WKU history  Then  ide  ally  reject out of hand names already  dropped  Richard Pitino at Louisville  and Orlando Antigua at Kentucky  should not be considered  nor John  Pelphrey at Florida who already job  jumped a Sun Belt gig at South Ala  bama    But Harper will need help includ  ing a honeymoon and a how to  None  will come easy     Help from players who appear  to try hard but have made dreadful  on court decisions  ones that have  too often turned chance to win games  into head scratching losses  The close  ones have gone the other way for  the Toppers all season  Losing at  home in overtime to a six player set  by Louisiana Lafayette at the end was  bottom     Honeymoon  Harpers good old   boy persona does more than remind  fans of John Oldham  we hope  It  can be the player coach connection  difference maker  Winning will draw  fans who have gone away in droves   leaving empty seats and game tickets    so devalued they sell for a dollar each  at local food stores     How to  A 15 man roster with  14 underclassmen  seven freshmen   is promising and begs for experi  ment and change up  Harper ought to  loosen his conservative neck tie and  coach like its his last chance  Perhaps  give Sonny Smith  Auburns one time  SEC funny man  a phone call for a  savvy up session on one liners for the  media    After all  beyond Hilltopper execu  tives  fans and family  who wants  Harper to succeed more than those  sniffing for a feel good story    CAL THE LOBBYIST    John Calipari visited an Eastern  Kentucky coal mine last year  Last  week  alongside UK president Eli  Capilouto  Cal pressed the flesh with  budget making lawmakers  Ken  tuckys coach was lobbying for fund  ing to improve the campus and class  rooms at UK    Bravo  This must be Caliparis  genuflect to  To whom much is  given  much is expected doctrine  If  only UKs coach can be made to see  the potential long term damage of that  other doctrine  One and done ism   PITINO AND SITUATIONS   Losing at Kentucky  then two games  at home to Big East foes  Louisville  is in trouble  coach Rick Pitino said  after the Notre Dame shocker  But  weve been in this situation before    Yes  and few ball coaches handle    this situation better than the little  New Yorker    It could be the street kid grit and  survival instinct in him  but I think  Pitino relishes pushing the rock up  the hill in January more than being in  Syracuses neighborhood at the top    The Cardinals have nine games  before February 13  Thats when Jim  Boeheims team plays in Yum Center   BEST OF BEST  CANAAN   Who is the best backcourt player  in Kentucky and arguably the best in  the U S   Peyton Siva  Doron Lamb   Marques Teague    None of the above  Isaiah Canaan  at Murray State is best by a mile    When Murray faced long time  rival Austin Peay at Clarksville last  week  the Racers jumped to a 16 5  lead  Canaan scored them all    Some of the extraordinary things  about the 6 foot junior from Biloxi   Miss   were Canaans clutch shoot  ing  unselfishness and poise when the  Governors made runs  His seven 3s on  eight tries and 35 points in 37 minutes  were impressive  but not as much as  his calm  leadership and five assists  that seemed double that    Canaans emergence as a star  brings us once more to ask  How is  it  six figure salaried assistant coaches  named Antiqua  Pitino et al  who  seine for prospects for a living  miss a  kid like Canaan    TEBOW MANIA  OR      Where have all the critics gone     Football analysts  charlatans    led by  Mel Kiper  and the NFLs Party of No  saying  because of his mechanics Tim  Tebows professional future would  never be at quarterback  but maybe at  tight end    Through the regular season  play  ers on other NFL teams mocked and  made fun of Tebows religious con  victions    Following Denvers Tebow led  overtime shocker over the Pittsburgh  Steelers Sunday  an Internet story  came with the following lead    Early Monday morning  the top  item on Google Trends hot searches is  John 3 16  the passage from the bible  that reads    For God so loved the world that  he gave his one and only Son  that  whoever believes in him shall not per  ish but have eternal life    The number two and three searched  terms on Google  Tebow and Tim  Tebow    Its surely all coincidence  but how  many yards did Tebow throw for  as he led the Denver Broncos to a  29 23 overtime win over the Pitts  burgh Steelers in the NFLs divisional  playoffs on Sunday night    Answer  316    And so it goes    You can reach Bob Watkins at sprt   sinky aol com      KENTUCKY AFIELD OUTDOORS    Arctic Winds Mean Float And    Fly Time For Fishermen    By   Lee McClellan   The late Charlie Nuckols  owned a tackle shop and lure  company in east Tennessee   near South Holston Lake  Win  ter crappie anglers who fished  small marabou jigs deep under  bobbers complained to him  about big smallmouth break  ing off their rigs all of the  time    This got Nuckols think  ing  He  along with his brother  Eddie  began experimenting  with suspending small jigs   eventually settling on those  tied with craft hair or duck  feathers  They fished these jigs  8 to 12 feet deep  suspended  under bobbers cast on long   soft spinning rods along bluffs  and deep points on South Hol  ston Lake  They began to regu  larly catch smallmouth bass  over four pounds on this new  system  Word began to spread  to other smallmouth lakes in  the region  notably Dale Hol  low Lake    I read and heard about  the technique and tried it a    few times without success   using makeshift equipment  ill suited to the task and fish  ing it with little passion  I  wanted to get back to swim  ming a small bucktail jig  just above bottom or casting  live shiners  my preferred  winter baits  After some  friends started having good  success with the float and  fly  I relented and bought the  correct equipment and deter  mined I would fish it until I  caught a smallmouth    It didnt take long  Within  my first dozen casts of fish  ing the float and fly correct  ly  I caught a 19 inch small  mouth that weighed right at  four pounds  Ive been hooked  since  Now that arctic winds  chilled the air and water in  Kentucky over the last week   it is time to try this effec  tive technique  The colder the  water  the better the float and  fly works    The float and fly imitates  what happens to baitfish such  as shad in reservoirs in mid  winter    Once the water tempera    tures drop below 50 degrees   shad dont feel too good   said Gerry Buynak  assis  tant director of fisheries for  the Kentucky Department of  Fish and Wildlife Resourc  es  The cold water makes  shad distressed and they flip  around  twitch and swim in  circles  The little jig imitates  exactly what is happening to  them    Smallmouth bass suspend  under schools of baitfish and  pick off the ones twitching  as they fight to survive win  ters cold  Nature programmed  smallmouth bass through the  millennia to take advantage of  easy feeding opportunities in  winter  Female bass  especially   need winter nutrition to fuel  egg development for spring  spawning    The next two months  are the best time of year to  employ the technique in the  lower ends of Lake Cumber  land  Dale Hollow Lake  Lau  rel River Lake  Green River  Lake  Barren River Lake and  the small mountain impound  ments such as Cranks Creek     Herb Smith  Lake or Cannon  Creek Lake    When I got serious  I bought  an 8 foot rod from a top of the  line manufacturer  attached a  decent reel and bought a mix  ture of 1 16 ounce jigs made  from duck feathers  craft  hair or a mixture of both  I  spooled on 4 pound test line  and got busy  It isnt neces  sary to spend a ton on the rod  as manufacturers now offer  affordable spinning rods from  8 to 11 feet long    A 1 16 ounce craft hair fly  in combinations of light blue   chartreuse  white  blue or sil  ver work well  I drop down  to 1 3 2 ounce flies on bright   shimmering days after a cold  front    Duck feather flies with  stands of red or chartreuse craft  tied into them produce best  when the water temperatures  fall below 47 degrees  Some  anglers apply a petroleum jelly  based scent called dope to  their flies    I trim my craft hair flies to  match the bend of the hook and  apply liberal amounts of dope     This gives the fly a slim profile  and no action  which turns on  lethargic smallmouths  If the  water is a little stained  I apply  dope only to the head of the fly  to let the craft hair breathe and  undulate so the smallmouths  can find it easier  I only apply  dope to the head of duck feath  er flies    Set the bobber about 9 feet  above the fly to start and adjust  shallower or deeper as needed   Some anglers use a main line of  8 pound braided line running to  a small brass three way swivel  with a leader of 4 pound fluo  rocarbon attached to one of the  loops and clipping a small 7 8   inch pear shaped plastic bob  ber to the other  Others simply  tie a fly to a 4 pound main line  of clear or green fluorocar  bon or monofilament line and  attach the bobber to the line as  they are more comfortable with  one knot than three  Both catch  trophy smallmouths    Cast the fly to main lake  and secondary points or rock  bluffs  Allow the bobber to ride  up and down with the waves   letting nature impart action on    the fly  After a time  reel in  about five feet and repeat  In  calm water  make the bobber  wink at you by shaking the rod  tip up and down to give the fly  action    Set your drag lightly  Watch  the bobber intently  Big small  mouth bass often barely take  the bobber under after they  inhale the fly and dont move   Trophy smallmouth bass com  ing from deeper water often  engulf the fly and move shal  lower  causing the bobber to  flop over on its side  Set the  hook immediately if this hap  pens    Tackle shops around Lake  Cumberland or Dale Hollow  Lake carry the correct rods   flies  dope and other float  and fly accessories  An inter  net search reveals dealers that  carry this equipment as well    Burn away the winter blues  with a slipping drag from a  huge smallmouth bass that just  took your fly  The float and fly  is similar to the bobber fishing  you did as a kid  but instead of  bluegill hitting  it is a 21 inch  smallmouth     WKU Fires Basketball Coach McDonald    By   Chad Bishop  The Daily News  Bowling green   The Ken McDonald era at  Western Kentucky University  has abruptly ended    McDonald  WKUs fourth   year mens basketball coach   was fired last week amid a sea  son in which the young Hilltop   pers have struggled to a 5 11  overall record    Assistant coach Ray Harper  will serve as interim head coach  for the remainder of the sea  son  beginning with Saturdays  home game against Sun Belt  Conference opponent Troy    McDonald compiled a re  cord of 62 49 in three plus sea  sons  but was just 21 27 since  the start of the 2010 11 season    I have recommended to  President Gary Ransdell that  Ken McDonald no longer serve  as our head mens basketball  coach  and he has agreed and  supports my decision  WKU  athletic director Ross Bjork  said through a news release this  morning    President Ransdell and I  met with Coach McDonald this  morning to inform him of the  decision  and then we met with  and informed the entire mens  basketball staff  I also met with  our student athletes and dis  cussed the reasons for our con  clusion and told them that we  are committed to all of them  as students and athletes here  at WKU  and we owe them the  great program they signed up  for  All of our student athletes  are the number one priority for  WKU Athletics     I want to thank Coach Mc  Donald for his efforts during  the eight and a half years he  served as our assistant and head  mens basketball coach  We all  appreciate the time he has giv  en to WKU  and we wish him  well    The move by the schools  administration came hours after  WKU lost 72 70 in overtime at  home Thursday to Louisiana   Lafayette   a game that gained  national attention when it was  revealed that Louisiana Lafay  ette scored the game winning  basket with six players on the  floor    Nevertheless  the loss was  WKUs 11th of the season  its  fifth loss in its last six games  and 27th in its last 48  Atten  dance Thursday night  in  which fans were offered tickets  for  1  was officially listed  at 2 137  continuing a trend of  sparse turnouts at Diddle Arena  this season    McDonald  a former WKU  assistant coach who returned to  campus after serving as an as  sistant coach at the University  of Texas  guided the Hilltop   pers to a 25 9 record his first  season  reaching the NCAA  tournaments second round   WKU went 21 13 in 2009 10  and 16 16 last season    After last season  WKU an  nounced a so called Team Re  set initiative  which included a  reworking of McDonalds con  tract and promoted a fresh start  within the program    Last spring  I felt Coach  McDonald deserved the op  portunity to begin positive  trends with a new season   and we witnessed some en    couraging elements during  the summer and fall under  his direction  Bjork said in  the release  Unfortunately   as this season has progressed   the plan has not worked out   We have a 5 11 record and do  not rank in the nations top  200 in virtually any statisti  cal category  This is not what  the WKU basketball program  should represent  While we  pride ourselves on having an  energetic and exciting atmo  sphere in Diddle Arena  our  attendance levels are reaching  historic lows  These disturb  ing facts are unacceptable   and we can no longer con  tinue on this troubling course   Confidence  respect  locally  and nationally  public sup  port and an overall positive  perception of the WKU mens  basketball program is lacking   Our historic program is too  strong to be in this position   Simply put  WKU mens bas  ketball needs a new voice    This years team includes  seven freshmen and nine total  newcomers as part of one of  the programs most heralded  recruiting classes    Ken McDonald has served  WKU as both an assistant and  head coach  and I would like  to thank him for the time he  has devoted to our university   Ransdell said through the news  release    Unfortunately  the current  state of our program is both  disappointing and unaccept  able  and we can no longer al  low this to continue  This deci  sion is about the welfare of the  young men in our program  I  want to challenge our fans to    be in Diddle Arena tomorrow  and the remainder of the season  to support these young men and  help rebuild this proud basket  ball program    Harper spent 12 seasons  as head coach at Kentucky  Wesleyan and Oklahoma City  University before coming to  WKU  Compiling a record of  342 63 for an  844 winning  percentage  Harper won four  NCAA Division II national  championships while reaching  the title game on five other oc  casions    Harper was at the helm of  KWC when that program was  found in an NCAA investiga  tion to have used two ineligible  players during the 2002 03  season  Wesleyan was forced  to vacate its 2003 Great Lakes  Valley Conference champion  ship and was placed on three  years probation  Harper was  not named specifically in the  NCAA report    I want to thank Coach Mc  Donald for the opportunity to  serve on his staff the last four  seasons  Harper said in the  release  I would not be here  today if Coach McDonald had  not hired me in 2008  Our sea  son thus far has not gone the  way we had hoped it would  I  appreciate the confidence Ross  Bjork and President Ransdell  have shown me  and I will ap  proach my new role with unre  lenting persistence  energy and  dedication  I ask the Hilltop  per Nation to come together  and support this team  Satur  day  against Troy and for the  remainder of this season  We  have a lot of basketball ahead  of us     Working hard             for hard  working  people    We know you re out there     working hard all day long   Doing your part to make  the world a better place   whether at home  in your  community or on the job    0CG and your  independent agentour  mission is to help you  choose insurance to  protect the things you work  so hard for     www ocas com    Protect Whats Y    ours    Policies are underwritten by member companies The Ohio Casualty Insurance Company  Americon Fire and Casualty Company and West American Insurance  Company  Service marks identified in this od are owned by The Ohio Casualty Insurance Company  Copyright 2002 The Ohio Casualty Insurance Company    Call your independent agent to learn  more about insuring your autos   home and belongings with a member  company of Ohio Casualty Group   Peace of mind is just a phone call away   Represented by      OHIO CASUALTY GROUP     Harned  Insurance Agency   101 W  Arcadia Ave   Dawson Springs  KY 42408   270  797 3021  Fax  270  797 3041                   Thursday  January 12  2012    THE DAWSON SPRINGS PROGRESS    B3    Rough First Half Costs Panther Girls Game    The Panther girls allowed  41 first half points to Caldwell  County Jan  6 in Princeton and  never could recover on their  way to a 68 47 loss to the Ti  gers    The key was  we did not  play defense  head coach Erik  Peyton said about the loss  We  let four of their players reach  double figures    The Panthers Rihana McK   night and Elizabeth Black also    reached double figures  with  McKnight scoring a game   high 18 points and Black add  ing 14    Caldwell County jumped  out to 21 6 and 41 15 leads af  ter the first two quarter breaks   Considering the bad start for the  Panthers  the 54 32 score en  tering the final period showed  much better defense as well as  offense    The girls saw we can play    with them  Peyton said  We  outscored them in the second  half  But we cannot come out  flat  We have to play 32 min  utes of basketball    Tayler Mills added nine  points for the Panthers  Lauren  Menser scored four  and Am  ber Genseal chipped in with  two points    The brightest spot of the  night for the Panthers came at  the free throw line where they    made 15 of 18 for 83 percent    The girls were excellent  at the free throw line  Peyton  said  But we didnt shoot  enough of them  We have to  take the ball to the basket and  attack    Caldwell County made 19 of  31 free throws for 61 percent    The Panthers record slipped  to 3 12 with the loss  Caldwell  County improved to 10 5     PANTHERS   FG   FT   F   TP   Mills   3   3   4   9   Black   5   4   4   14   Genseal   1   0   3   2   McKnight   5   8   4   18   Menser   2   0   3   4   Loney   0   0   3   0   Todd   0   0   1   0   Winters   0   0   1   0   TOTALS   16   15   23   47   CALDWELL FG   FT   F   TP   Ames   3   5   3   14    Gilkey 5 3 3 13   Yates 4 4 3 12   Rodgers 6 3 2 15   Harper 10 0 2   Fraliex 10 12   Loomis 2 3 2 7   Williams 112 3   Hancock 0 0 1 0   TOTALS 23 19 17 68   3 pointers  Ames  3    Panthers 6 15 32 47   Caldwell Co  21 41 54 68    Simpson  Leads  Boys JV  Against  Central   Eighth grader Dylan   Simpson led the Panther boys  junior varsity basketball team  with a game high 15 points  but  it wasnt enough as Hopkins  County Central ran off with a  54 23 win over the Panthers at  the Storms gym    The Storm led 18 4 after the  first quarter  32 12 at halftime  and 46 17 after three quarters    The only other two Panthers  to score were Austin Stevens  and Jeremiah Adams  They  scored five and three points  re  spectively    The bright spot for the  Panthers was their free throw  shooting  They made five of six  for 83 percent    Simpson made all four of  his charity tosses  The Storm  only made three of nine for 33  percent    The loss was the junior var  sity boys 10th of the year to go  with one win     Girls JV  Falls To  Rockets  Monday   After taking a 6 5 lead af  ter the first quarter  the Panther  junior varsity girls basketball  team let that lead slip away in  the second quarter and lost to  Crittenden County 34 18 Mon  day at Panther gym    The Rockets outscored the  Panthers 12 2 in the second  quarter    With a 17 8 halftime lead   the Rockets continued to put  the Panthers away    The score was 25 14 after  the third quarter    Shelby Loney scored 11  points to lead the Panthers   Bradleigh Bruch added four  points  Malaia Miller scored  two  and Tiki Robinson scored  one point      CARLY BRUCE sneaks into the lane and puts up a shot  before the Crittenden County defense can react Monday   Jan  2  The Panthers beat the Rockets 55 42 and will meet  them again in the All A Classic Tournament Monday    Photo by Mike Howton   Defense Is Key  In Win For  Panther Girls    Continued from page B1   The defense is what did it   We stopped them from doing  what they wanted to do  which  is drive to the basket and dish  to the open shot  Peyton said    The Panthers now are 4 12  and will face Crittenden Coun  ty again Monday night in Pan  ther gym in the first round of  the Class A Regional Tour  nament    Before the tournament for  smaller schools  the Panthers  traveled to Trigg County Tues  day  the score was not known  at press time  and will head  to Madisonville for a boy girl  doubleheader against North   Hopkins Friday    PANTHERS FG FT F TP   Mills 5 1 3 11   Black 13 5 5    Genseal   0   0   4   0   McKnight   7   5   2   19   Menser   1   2   1   4   Loney   2   0   1   4   Todd   4   1   4   10   Winters   1   0   0   2   TOTALS 21   3 pointers  Todd   12   20   55   CRITT  CO    FG   FT   F   TP   Binkley   3   3   3   10   Head   4   2   0   10   Collins   0   1   5   1   Brown   3   1   2   8   Oliver   3   5   1   11   Phillips   1   0   0   2   McDowell   0   0   2   0   Gobin   0   0   1   0   Davis   0   0   1   0   Moss   0   0   2   0   TOTALS   14   12   17   42   3 pointers  Binkley  Brown    Crittenden Co    11   21   27   42   Panthers   6   26 37   55    2012 Youth Basketball Schedule   Jan  14   Jan  21   Jan  28   Feb  4   Feb  11   Feb  18   8 30   8 30   8 30   8 30   8 30   8 30   K lst   K lst   K lst   K lst   K lst   Riley vs   Mills Elam   9 45   9 45   9 45   9 45   9 45   9 45   Mills Elam   Riley   Riley   Thomas   Mills Elam   Howton   vs  Thomas   vs  Thomas   vs  Mills Elam   vs  Mills Elam   vs  Howton   vs  Thomas   10 50   10 50   10 50   10 50   10 50   10 50   Riley   Howton   Thomas   Howton   Thomas   Spurlin   vs  Howton   vs  Mills Elam   vs  Howton   vs  Riley   vs  Riley   vs  Simpson   11 55   11 55   11 55   11 55   11 55   11 55   LaGrange   Simpson   Simpson   Smiley   Smiley   Butler   vs  Spurlin   vs  LaGrange   vs  LaGrange   vs  Stuart   vs  Cunningham   vs  Smiley   1 00   1 00   1 00   1 00   1 00   1 00   Butler   Stuart   Simpson   Cunningham   LaGrange   Simpson   vs  Cunningham   vs  Butler   vs  Spurlin   vs  Butler   vs  Simpson   vs  LaGrange   2 05   2 05   2 05    2 05   2 05   Spurlin   LaGrange   Butler    Butler   Stuart   vs  Simpson   vs  Spurlin   vs  Smiley    vs  Stuart   vs  Cunningham   3 05   3 05   3 05    3 05   3 05   Stuart   Cunningham   Cunningham    Spurlin   LaGrange   vs  Smilev   vs  Smiley   vs  Stuart    vs  LaGrange   vs  Spurlin    Slow Start  Turnovers  Doom Panther Boys    Continued from page B1   thers  Todd Bullock added two   and Trey Miller and Austin Ste  vens each made one free throw  for one point    The Panthers made 11 of 19  from the free throw line for 58  percent  while the Tigers made  nine of 14 for 64 percent    Were going to work on  some things before we play  Union County to get our guys  involved earlier  so we can  start off strong instead of play  ing catch up the entire game   Miller said    The loss dropped the Pan  thers record to 2 13 while the  Tigers record improved to  2 10  Both of the Tigers wins    came at the expense of the Pan  thers    The Panthers played Union  County at home Tuesday  the  score was not known at press  time  and travel to Madison   ville North Hopkins for a boy   girl doubleheader Friday    Next week the Panthers will  be hosting the Class A Re  gional and play their first game  Tuesday against Trigg County     PANTHERS FG FT   Bullock 1 0   McKnight 1 2   Chappie 3 0   Miller 0 1   Fambrough 8 7   Smiley 2 0   Stevens 0 1    F TP  1 2   3 4  2 8   4 1  1 23  1 4  1 1    TOTALS 15 11 13 43   3 pointers  Chappie  2     CALDWELL FG    Sindelar 13   McCarty 2   Boyd 1   Pepper 3   Stewart 6   Wimbleduff 1  Jenkins 0   Brown 0   Hopson 2   Oliver 0   Dyer 0   TOTALS 28    FT F TP  6 3 33   0 1 5   0 3 2   1 2 7   2 3 15   0 2 2  0 1 0  0 1 0  0 3 5   0 1 0  0 1 0  9 21 69    3 pointers  Sindelar  McCarty   Hopson  Stewart    Panthers 4 21 31 43   Caldwell Co  19 33 51 69     Winners of the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship posing with Knights of  Columbus member Hank Mills are Malaia Miller  from left   Kevin Brooks  Tanner Adams   Tori Bullock  Dylan Simpson  Easton Maddox  Allie Mills and Kaylee Simpson     Free Throw Challenge  Attracts 25 Shooters    Twenty five local athletes  participated in the Knights of  Columbus Free Throw Cham  pionship Jan  7    The winners are as follows      10 year old boys  Easton  Maddox     10 year old girls  Kaylee  Simpson     11 year old boys  Kevin    Brooks     11 year old girls  Tori  Bullock     12 year old boys  Dylan  Simpson     12 year old girls  Malaia  Miller     13 year old boys  Tanner  Adams     13 year old girls  Allie    Mills     14 year old boys  Austin  Stevens    Each winner qualifies to go  to the district championship  which will be at 1 p m  Jan  28  at the Oak Grove Community  Center in Christian County    For more information  call  Jim Hillerich at 797 8877      The schools honor roll   Your family reunion   Local business expansion    No one covers the  news that matters to you like  your community newspaper     your community     your newspaper       The Dawson  Springs Progress   Were your newspaper                                                           B4    THE DAWSON SPRINGS PROGRESS    Thursday  January 12  2012     HELP WANTED   Hopkins County Dawson Springs   Teacher Associate  PT  Assist teacher in instruction education  program to infant toddlers  22 50 hours per week  full year  CDA  credentials within one year of employment  Training provided  High  school diploma GED required    Hopkins County Head Start Program  Dawson Springs    Center Assistant  FT  Assist children staff in Head Start program  in Dawson Springs  Hopkins County  Light housekeeping and food  service duties required  Full day full year  High school diploma GED    Apply send resumes to CAFT DS or TAPT DS Human Resoures   Audubon Area Community Services  Inc   1700 West 5th  Street  Ow  ensboro  KY 42304 0004  Fax  270  686 1796 or apply online www   audubon area com   Equal Opportunity Employer M F D   DRUG FREE WORKPLACE    THE DEADLINE  for advertising in The  Progress is 4 30 p m   on the Monday you  would like your ad to  be published  Submit  ted news deadline is  noon Monday for that  weeks edition     FOR SALE  2001  GMC dump truck   95 000 miles  elec   tarps  Reduced  Phone  270 399 0801  41CNC   SUBSCRIBE to The  Dawson Springs Prog  ress      STEEL Buildings   Save thousands on  2011 closeouts  Lim  ited availability  20x30   30x40  others  Save      buy now for spring   Discounted shipping   Display savings also   Call 866 352 0469   48P2    Newspapers     No Batteries    No Crashes    No Lost Files    Just reliable   solid news for  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why so  many players have trouble mak  ing use of the number 13  Every  one knows that each player is  dealt 13 cards and each suit has  13 cards  but far too many play  ers dont utilize this bridge fact of  life as they should  If they would  simply invoke the magic number  13 more often  theyd find the  play of the cards much  much  simpler    Take this deal where East over  takes the queen of spades with the  king and continues with the ace   South ruffing high  Declarer now  plays the ace of diamonds  on    which East shows out  It is only  trick three  but declarer already  has a vast amount of information  about the opposing hands    He knows from the play thus  far that West started with one  spade and four diamonds  He also  knows from the bidding that West  has at least five hearts headed  by the ace  and probably the  jack also  because West could not  double five diamonds without the  ace and surely would not have bid  two hearts with fewer than five of  them  Ten of Wests cards in three  suits are thus known  leaving him  with at most three clubs    South now tries to take advan  tage of what he has learned  He  realizes that if he simply draws  trumps and plays a heart to the  queen  he is likely to lose two  heart tricks and go down one   To deal with this danger  he first  cashes the A K of clubs  leads a  trump to the ten and ruffs a club   This eliminates the clubs from  Wests hand    South then draws Wests two  remaining trumps before leading  the king of hearts  West  who now  has only hearts left  can do no  better than take his ace and return  a heart  allowing South to score  his ten and make the contract     c  2011 King Features Synd   Inc     BESHEAR  FUNERAL HOME   Call Today  About Our  Funeral Trust Fund    CALL 797 5165    PAYING   VERY   COMPETITIVE   RATES    ADVERTISERS   You can place a 25 word  classified ad in 70 Ken  tucky newspapers for as  little as  250 with one  order  one payment  For  information  contact the  classified 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in a personal or  professional partnership  Make  the necessary adjustments and  then move on    SAGITTARIUS  November  22 to December 21  Jupiters  influence helps you work through  a pesky problem  allowing your  naturally jovial attitude to re   emerge stronger than ever  Enjoy  your success    CAPRICORN  December 22  to January 19  Set aside your  usual reluctance to change  and  consider reassessing your finan  cial situation so that you can  build on its strengths and mini  mize its weaknesses    AQUARIUS  January 20  to February 18  Some recently  acquired information helps open  up a dark part of the past  Resolve  to put what youve learned to  good use  Travel plans continue  to be favored    PISCES  February 19 to  March 20  Act on your own keen  instincts  Your strong Piscean  backbone will support you as  someone attempts to pressure  you into a decision youre not  ready to make    BORN THIS WEEK  You  embody a love for traditional  values combined with an appre  ciation of whats new and chal  lenging     c  2011 King Features Synd   Inc                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The Dawson Springs Progress    Page B6     Thursday  January 12  2012    KSP Opens Contest For  5th Grade Kentucky Artists    Fifth grade artists are  being sought by Kentucky  State Police to compete in the  National Missing Childrens  Day poster contest sponsored  by the Department of Justice  in Washington  D C  KSP will  select a nominee from Ken  tucky and forward it to DOJ  where one poster from all  state nominated entries will be  selected as winner  The artist of  the national winning poster will  win a trip to Washington  D C   and participate in the National  Missing Childrens Day cer  emony where he or she will  receive an award and a U S   savings bond    The theme for the contest is  Bring Our Missing Children  Home    The Kentucky nominee will  receive an Award of Excellence  from KSP  and the winning  poster will be prominently dis  played at the Kentucky State  Fair in KSPs Safety Town  Exhibit    This is a great opportu  nity for Kentucky fifth grade    students to participate in a  national effort that promotes a  child safety educational pro  gram  said Lt  David Jude   commander for the KSP Pub  lic Affairs Branch  The poster  contest and the educational  activities that accompany it are  designed to bring awareness to  the number of children who go  missing each year and serve as  a reminder to both parents and  students the need to be aware of  potential danger  The effective  ness of the program is based  on the concept that a message  conveyed by a fellow student  carries more weight with other  students and is therefore more  memorable    Last year  11 year old Lau  ren Plowman of Waco Elemen  tary School in Madison County  was the Kentucky finalist for  the poster contest    In 2011  Kentucky had 4 520  minor children reported miss  ing  and 179 of those cases are  still active  Nationally  800 000  children are reported missing  every year     Students Invited To Enter  Poster And Essay Contest    Agriculture Commissioner  James R  Comer invites Ken  tucky students to create a post  er or write an essay on agricul  tures impact in their everyday  lives in the Kentucky Depart  ment of Agricultures annual  poster and essay contest    This years theme is It  All Starts with Agriculture   Comer said  We enjoy an  abundant and affordable food  supply thanks to agriculture   But agriculture also is respon  sible for clothing  medications   cosmetics  motor fuel and a  host of other items that enhance  our quality of life  I encourage  all Kentucky teachers to get  their students involved in the  poster and essay contest so they  can learn about all the things  agriculture does for them    The contest is open to all    Kentucky students in kinder  garten through 12th grade  Stu  dents may submit a poster or  an essay  Entries must be post  marked no later than Feb  10  and mailed to Kentucky Depart  ment of Agriculture  Poster and  Essay Contest  100 Fair Oaks  Lane  5th Floor  Frankfort  KY  40601    Winners in each grade will  be notified Feb  20 and will  be honored at the annual Ken  tucky Agriculture Day lun  cheon in March  Each winner  will receive  100  The winning  posters and essays will be used  in department publications  and displayed at department  events    For information  including  contest rules  contact Elizabeth  McNulty at 502 564 4983 or  elizabeth mcnulty ky gov     Students Invited To Enter  6 Dream Out Loud Contest 9    Kentucky students in grades  K 6 have a chance to win   1 500  toward college and  500 for  their schools in the Dream Out  Loud Challenge  Students are  invited to submit an original  drawing  poem  essay or video  answering the question  How  will I change the world after I  go to college    The challenge  sponsored by  the Kentucky Education Sav  ings Plan Trust  is intended to  remind families that it is never  too early to start saving and  planning for higher education   Nine winning entries will be  selected by a panel of judges   One winner will be chosen  from each of three submission  categories  drawing  video  and essay or poem  in grades  K 2  grades 3 4 and grades  5 6  The winning students  will receive a  1 500 KESPT  college savings account  and  their schools will win  500   The contest runs from Jan  16  through March 16  Entries must  be postmarked by March 16    and received by March 23    This is the third year that we  have sponsored the Dream Out  Loud Challenge  and each year  the response from Kentucky  students has been terrific   said David Lawhorn  KESPT  administrator  The challenge  provides a way to encourage  children in Kentucky to dream  about their future and also start  the discussion of attending col  lege at a young age  which  is very beneficial for our entire  state    KESPT is Kentuckys offi  cial college savings plan and is  administered by the Kentucky  Higher Education Assistance  Authority and managed by  TIAA CREF Tuition Financ  ing  The plan helps parents   grandparents and others invest  in a childs future college edu  cation    Visit www kysaves com to  learn more about the challenge   including official rules and a  complete description of entry  requirements     Leigh Anne Tuohy Shares  Her Story In Kentucky     DAWSON SPRINGS High School seniors  from left  Bob  bie Jo Watson  Forrest Winters and Whitley Dillingham   received their black and silver cords that symbolize their  membership in the Future Educators Association  The  three seniors will wear their cords with their caps and  gowns during graduation ceremonies  submitted photo   School Offers Assistance  With Federal Student Aid    Assistance from KHEAA in  completing the Free Applica  tion for Federal Student Aid  will be available for Dawson  Springs High School seniors  and parents Jan  26 from 2 to 6    The Dawson Springs Parent  Teacher Organizations annual  Spirit and Pride fund raiser will  begin tomorrow  Friday  and  run for two weeks    Brochures and order enve  lopes will go home with elemen  tary students  Orders can also be    p m  in the school library    Parents must sign up for  30 minute time slots    For information  phone  Lori Wooton at 797 3811  ext   4004     made any time through the end  of the school year at www spiri   tandpride com under customer  number 180841  or search for  Dawson Springs Elementary    A portion of each order  will go to the Dawson Springs  PTO     By   Alyssa Harvey  The Daily News  Bowling Green   Leigh Anne Tuohy has seen  a lot of children like her son   Baltimore Ravens offensive  tackle Michael Oher  whose  story was told in the 2009 film  The Blind Side    There are Michael Ohers in  every city of the United States   They just need a chance  she  said  We hope that by talking  in every city  theyll get that  chance  You can make in vest   able changes for the better not  only in their lives  but also your  own    Oher was raised in deep  poverty but eventually came  to live with the wealthy  Tuohy family  The couple be  came his legal guardians and  eventually adopted him  Oher  went on to play football at the  University of Mississippi and  was a first round NFL draft  selection    Tuohy will talk about her  familys story as well as a va  riety of other things at three  different Toyota Motor Manu  facturing Kentucky sponsored  events titled An Evening with  Leigh Anne    The Bowling Green event  will be at 7 30 p m  Feb  3 at  the Capitol Arts Center  Tick  ets are  25  Her other two  speaking engagements will    be at 7 30 p m  EST Feb  4 at  the Lexington Opera House  and at 1 30 p m  EST Feb  5  at the Brown Theatre in Lou  isville  To register for any of  the events  visit www toyota   georgetown com women or  call  502  570 6252  Registra  tions will be confirmed  and  tickets will be mailed the week  of Jan  23    I dont use any notes  I  will probably talk about how  the movie came into being  our  story  our life  how you can  plug yourself in and make a  difference  she said  What  ever I feel led to talk about  is what I end up speaking on   We dont tell the same story   We talk about different things   what we feel like they want to  hear    The story of Tuohy and her  family   which includes her  husband of nearly 30 years   Sean  and their children  daugh  ter Collins  25  and sons Oher   25  and Sean Jr   18   was  featured in the 2006 Michael  Lewis book The Blind Side   The book later became a block  buster movie    There was a little Holly  wood in it  but they really did  a good job of keeping the mes  sage  Tuohy said  I thought  they did a great job  but I want  ed you to see how far Michael  came in such a short amount of  time  He was already a really  great football player      THERESA NICHOL    Jennie Stuart  Names Board  Members   Theresa Nichol is the new  chairwoman of the Jennie Stuart  Medical Center Board of Trust  ees  Nichol  of Hopkinsville   was elevated from secretary   treasurer  She has served on  the JSMC board for nearly five  years    Also elected to one year  terms as officers were current  board trustees Ray Cobb  vice  chairman  Earl Calhoun  secre  tary treasurer  and Albert Wil  son Sisk Jr   member at large    Homemakers To Meet  With Beverly Seibert   The Pennyrile Homemakers  will meet at 10 a m  tomorrow   Friday  at the home of Bev  erly Seibert  570 Dolph Carlton  Lane    The lesson will be given by  Jeannie Moore on Kentucky  folklore and myths    For information  phone Sha  ron Budd at 797 3305      LEADING the Dawson Springs High School Marching Band Tuesday  Dec  13  at Governor  Steve Beshears inauguration parade in Frankfort are Brad Overby and Katie Crider    photo by Haley Midkiff     MEMBERS of the Dawson Springs band performing at the official Christmas lighting cer  emony Sunday  Dec  11  are  from left  Sarah Allen  Allison Adams  Bradleigh Bruch and  Christina Hamby     D S  PTO Starts Fund Raiser     PERFORMING during the Dawson Springs girls basketball game against Webster Co   Friday  Dec  2  are these members of the high school dance team  from left  Ashton Mitchell   Bobbi Jo Watson  Halee Van Vactor  Keyli Burden  Ashton Coleman  Haylie Cunningham  and Marisa Trover      MEMBERS of the Dawson Sprinhgs High School cheerleaders pep squad are  front  from  left  India Robinson  Christina Hamby  Kaila Purdy  Whitney Copeland  Courtney Cope  land   back  Keyli Burden  Kaitlyn Menser  Kristin Peek  Kendel Mitchell  Marisa Trover   Everli Mitchell  Cameron Riley and Lauren Dowd  photo by Tim Midkiff  

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