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date (1888-11-20) newspaper_issue PROFESSION AT     TlKM  KKXffKRY    II MIRY    Kennedy and Son    Attorneys at Law    O rlialo        OMirK iii HaiiKiuMly hull llinr  owi i i im      r  Ai i  i  in  iv       HANSON KliNM DY   Attorney  at Law    O l HlK front mom o rr I lly       i i  lore  on Front Hi reel    i  Iiiii       VOL  XXII    J  P  NORVELL    A Itorncj 21 I lain    r  iiM i i   k     outer H A lillr A II      iMllllilllU  opp   II  Ilf  I ourt lloiiAc    mui ii ifJ   CHARLES L  LYTLE    A  torn  Ixtu     AlUDJi III   W ii i  imiaituk in ai i i ii i   r ui    in Nicholas an I uljoitilin          OiUi  0 uvtrllir   uiin   i    li  nk   M  1          A 1TJDY lAoIiTTIH li     iil risT    Olttec In F  rm       II ink Hull  mom    DAKIjIHIiK   KUNTI t K    Smith Mouse    I l TI III OA  U     v  W  MM ITU  Proprietor   d vNi v Iiori i IN nil  HO i  i i n   i I   t   il us  urroninm lHll  ii  f     1   ll n  i  lion paid lo  mil hid i el  I Iravfl       Mini 1  oUMHHIioms Hnl l  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 nomlo tliur a so   time ao romprehelialve tl at we can poaltiou ofaervalit glrla it  tlie United         Hur    y  y Of nythlng   It remains    States to black the honta of the nieD of  7 1      IS  ni la tmaoeot    I   lu ho taehohl  In England    woulh       su    vl     m y fl le In rampant victory  she aald  where there la only one hired f a    wa      Contagious Rlnnd Pldannlng    9 Col  B  H  Kleaer  editor and pro    M W     prl tor of the Opelika  Ala  Tlmea    wrltea   While a young man I eon      A  traded a dlaeaao which atuek to me    j  ll g _ Cor year   For live year  peat I walk    w ed With difficulty  Finally I tried 8    __ 8 8  After uaing half a doieel  hottlca            r  t could walk aeven tnilea in a  lay    and I have not hud a return of the old  NO  2   Ho   luce  I am sixty eight yeara    I li and  thnuka to 8  8  H   I feel now   i  like i  young malt     General News   r   t nghin  of savannah     la   who had a well developed caae of   The Union Ichor Parly of Indiana l Kj     n       l   l        have decided to hold a convention at f          H     ludianapolla  March Tth  for the pur   kl    H     He wrltea   After ua   noau of nombi tlfiu       I     ll      ll   lll  a abort time  I waa    General News     ludianapolla  March Tth  for the pur           MMe of nominating a State ticket l         H     11   l nrl 1       entirely cured  and I am  to  lay  a iwr    It I had the exeluaive privilege of feetly well men   aenit g wl laky In Lexington for one Mr   F   W  8l    No 2   Nlir     Ave     year I Won Id n t want any more re   U1    Chicago  writea   f deem It  y   nmrkiHl h kimu ind mm _rn              J    I Notion tbe prln  Hl allp on yoarpapor and      J       e  that yon keep paid ahead  Money tan H y   lll y reign ao  a reli te    be an In an ordinary letter  but I a perf  ctly offended aollla may cry out it     and fulael wal ait crowned upon    girl  the  a l ahlng of the men a al oea la nmrk    l H k      lg one    Drummer     llty   u    IHU j  ynll fl r lhe    ure  throne  They may triumph ao utterly  j accepted aa one id l er itiltlea  Then r IM  nea    1    l mve alaiut done the reived from your excellent medic  they may reign ao peralateutly  that another Vas r girl recalled the time    wn lrrea wctlve of aloe  age or heauty  I contracted a eevere caae of Iritanl    Will Sell on Very Small Mar  gins for Cash     bei n in an ordinary letter  hut  perfectly oirended aolllamay cry oul ill iiiouru  when a ritimlier of her elammatca helu  u       ll w  kul   iey have apent their aonlng nlaiut two yeara ago Hearing   irnrewheaMniina rajiatered letter or by fulneaa or ill ludlgimllon    t  Lord  ed toehlne Hie hooie of a gentleman for     le chleken   x l aa made Ita ap  of your medicine I went ton drug More  P tl money order  AddmNHlI isttorRlon  l i vi        iM iti ilih    Mnil u 11 i       ibiyto u  R  KSI I RB rariiiiie  Ry    K  vloifltig ot  liu college  He wan  iiii Hh P   ra  w H ul  gcnnl many I lie proprietor of which pemumltnl me        Longer than your lifetime  or tlinu till  n trinteo of Viw nr  He   eeupl Hi br the hid a 11 people  to buy n preparation of hi  own  which   Diiue  it may Ik   Longer than any one of the gueat chamber   and when  Wohmouil Climax  lie aahl whm r sure cure  luved tix   mid ciaM uiMtter     r     0 0   eB   1  P roD   H  l 0Hn hto the future   Bui he went to bed lie left Ida alioee outalde Tbe will of the late William Hilton  Iniillea of hla atuff  and grew worae all     What will tlnully abide   that I  the of the door hm if he were in u hotel  of Hoaton  hequeathea KMKI UOO lu equal the time  At last I got dlfljiHted  and    W  I  LORSIT     THIS mpehek     Ni winapsr Adrorllalnc Hun au  10 Hiiruca  HI   wliro Milvortiw     fi iargy rz NEW YORK     THAT COLUMBUS BUGGY COS    inVEOTICRRC nt80ie iw iswliM otn    HUVCVI I leCRv ih f paper  Of stilt   wstimttM  oo sdwvOismf spcw wrhwn if  C csf o  will find H on Mo si       r  iLMDUH0iis     lueNiion  Home of the glrla who were up at uu   to haa widow ami daughter  and denpaired ofacure  I met n ft tend who   What floes abide now from all the early hour naw the Itonta  and thought  640 000 to public eharitlea and uiht told me that your medicine had cured   lifeof past u gee  It would U  a good joke to do the boot  Him  I went tothe same drugght again   Not the material fotm   f thing   not black act them solve   They did  and I Fourteen year  ago a bottle of milk lemandel your mefliciiie  Here   the external condition  In wliieli truth when they returned the ehoea they placed In a well at Owenatioro  Ky  to h  tantly    ll me twelve iKittle   and I   found ita hindrance  or error its atucR Iii each a handsome bouquet ot utad  fell into die water  The other tt u n  w perfectly cured  I write thD   M il 1      j   Moweru  The Iruatee waa half aliaalied flay the well waa cleaned out  and uu     r   H    ctlt of aufferera  to proven t   ifn y Ideas live  ami altogether surprlaetl when lie real  der about ail feet of mud waa found the   u    r deceived by falae repreaen      uly principles remain  to hold do  I  lkI how he had been homired  Tra  Imttle  and the milk waa apparently aa Thanking you again for the   mlinion over the eaitli uud lo luaplre dltiontloaigh lliia fH currefl hut a little aweet and g Nd a  the day it was out  K   nt   rtt received from your medicine  I    KhN rDOLY OUNTUAI  UA1I K0AI     Blue gahss hobte        SrfOATCST AND GUlwkUT RUUTC   n i M   Gaatral KoaVack      Nyrlb  Easi  West anil iioflite     r imi i i n i ui tm i i n   LEXINUTON anil CINCINNATI      KKiKNlr induccfl me to try Halva       li tii nil for my rheumatic foot  I uhihI 1 0 i ltlloallrn  of tiuul awctulcticy   It ami the rheuiuatiain i entirely gone      I tuouitii   rulcl in  lie ancient  John H  Am kkm k  Hull   M l  olliwi of the ea r  Ilut tli  ir maguill     meu with their own life  while ugu lelle hie mime aa that of I in    Corruption may mark un epoch  Beiimm J  Lowing  the liirturiaii  o  Penecution may ilnmiiieer  Huttlilaia  New York Sun    m indication of tiuul aaceiidcncy       Voluptuousut H  rulel in the ancient The Heathen in Hi  IHiudne      l i mi ive ami uiisolieiU l testimony  t  u     H 1 Him only  lie t   from every reel Ion continue every claim     w      I  11          mnile for the aomlerful efficacy ct Dr       l  l   Hull   Cungh Syrup  Price 86 celtla     w  r I   1 f  rl1        VoluptiiousucNM ruled in the ancient The Heathen in Hi  lllindne     cities of the ea t  Hut their maguifl       cence I  dust  and only the pure truth Refuses to believe Ihcglad tidings which    now shims out upon u  from their giant wo   W transfoiin Iii  whole life    Power put f rlh ii  armed hand to health may yet la   he r  Nevertheless   crush the infant Faith in heathen Mil  i  tiu    consumption can he cured    Tiik wife of John Jacob Astt r diil Rome Hut heathen Rome is not  uml PJ 4r l   il  t     l    v    v ust   of Jooeh i    remain res HMtfully yours     rvTvti        Tl e w   rk   f n uxlrucllng the alian  Mr     WMIm u  Jr  ufHalem     New York Sun _   e     Sat ear  for the convtct  wa              u             iH iaou  ami waa Irealwl aeveral         i l_  is llli    lll    J at mu    Mr  Cheif   t rw elvcln la    W     ner     r J r       P    h  ouly           TrS T     rt rtr    1     Which will Itegiu January e   i h  Ti  J        h gave me rlieuiuatUm   D lieve the ghoi  li llogH that perfect Dill    for To car loa ia ofatecl raila have     M k All   health inay yet Ik  theirs  Nevertheless  t ecu receive I 1 iillmtureslnvep it    till  I  tine   const niptioti can lie curd   ash in them  This made me still worse    perm meull v l y the use Hm cliV I   l e IMMrlet Court of New York   H              the hamlsoiite thing in her will when the iiifiut Faiih stretches its  cepler    she Ik quealhe   large sums of money lo  lieuevoleiit iiiHtitutious  There is no  lietter way ot Immortalizing one s self   Deeds of charity  when done in the    Mexican Syillp  which  hy lli lillg Hie   rguiiixation  uui M   eimiliuiinu of uli    tliecc mir apnrllla iillnilureahtvcp il   afli In llicni  Tliia limit   me mi ill woraa   aa it tlruve the  hiiwiii fUrtller Into my                  1 III   HIT   l Ily a aervaut gill haa auetl for ami rc  layateui  A frleiul limkUeiM almuhl    over lamia     the imperial iioinl li ment el  e    ihc ilupply   ami fl     f W  K         IB  ler   take  Swlft a Hpw itlc  ami it cured     k 11     Npreail   r luliercuhiua matter  eoulroln  I   IIbw 11 wellt    n officer of the of Hie tilmal     the nu r    Let u  estimate not what prevails in  yuiplui   and restores health amt           ti ami the other tive to tier attr     and Carriages   Am  the best in the world     Deeds of cliariiy  when dfitie in tliw I one time  hut what prevails in all linn   7  rt                  b  btiv e u ed it  unit   ney    i    to o  pun     h  w pin imI thfMi  ind      ii   right kind of spirit  will be remciutiered   L t us notice not the transient shape oi t c j v        a   j   l   rlMt   y 0 J   un     long after the giver rests in the grave  tiling   lint theiioisrles  spirit that leup  Reiul wiiat it ha  ihuic for this yomi     out of them  holy    uta   u iriak ii n i   n  4 s  I     i  iiMich s Mexlem Hvrim Ini  uiven    or Mie lilofsl poison  drove the ineifMiry  ami paiush tad of my system  uml to     The kill got  atlafaclh il  IIiiiI h   y I am a well av I ever waa     For sale hy all druggists     i l mult ed    of  III in  1 citizen  u In  il e I hell  suy so       Ami T    11 uml ml i m m ul tlieni any thesnme    ninn  TnmrnftfiiiiTMnnliinnr        out of them    hau l V MhvI  m     Read The Death Boll      uml Mk u Ihaeu            I Alter the volleying luuakctry uud   M     k   P  given     mailed Uee   wldi I        Iru     meii    i l l  r  h U     hil Tl  1 r any TMK Mwtrr HPhcmu Drawer  1    Hcadaciie you ate lldgetv uerv iu  I ntareii uf Ideav  hivlatbli  uud with ail  ivliiilever ua tile heal remedy for eiiuglia    e   ty mu  lie lltly designated  and Atlanta   la  New Yiuk  t   T W  Btrt   and generally out ul aurta  uud want tn r H   l ivi  hd all lung Irmihlea A young   11     renal uud veaieul s   rwt     brace up  ilruce up but not with slim    We must reckon us successful not tiu    1 1 IU         I     V win  had lieeu forcetl maluiiics  thut i  to wry  tlmse that affect     oh   h  tnriA r v        thli       ai i          i K    i  r      i u  1 7    i  A h V     t nr h  r  nave a remark   vk     mm  me       batl w hisky  and which slimulale you i 1 1 11 outward signs     pnw lias  by the list  of Mil  remedy    l  ro   l   eucewc liatl almost said thatceitam members of tin  Christian   for mu   tour  and Mien leuve you in u t r  but tlie thing that uhnles  the iilea  Ih cii rcstoivl In health  amt i  at work I  pomlcmuee  Bright s disease uml Church at H tun ford have tleteniiiiiel   woise couditiou than before  What that went nut of Paul s dungeon  uml   ur        g her living  ami euj iyiug he illii  diabetes in the chronic sluge aic rarely to liave arrcsletl all those unlay persons   you want is ail alterative Mud will purl   from lonely Patinos   out horn arenas        ri KMlMi  cured  and gravel  catarrh of the hlad   principally young men  who comrre    i                 w   r   Ji       K   u               a ei     d K M  d W   e i  go    Treuti e on RIimhI ami Hkm D scase   uiailetl flea    Tiik Hwift Hpkcifiu Co   Drawet A   Atlanta  Da  Now Yoik  t 7 W  8WI    the kidneys or bladder  have a remurk  Wt  see from tlie Iideiinr Journal  able proiniiieuoewe liinl almost said that ceitam members of the   hrisliaii    itl  ui liu  lamn in knew ll Uml u c tliem     ty your uhaal  tan lieitfUiy aetiuliof Iv   frem the ll mca  d   Liver ami Kidue s  restore your vitul                  ity   and give renewed health uml  1 r  ll  l   r H   Mrot stake and the bloody  strength  tSucii u meilieine yttu will suafTold of Hitlney   from the psalm  in    cured  and gravel  catarrh of the Hud   principally young men  who enngro   der and enured   slay many  Yet at gate about the door  and sometimes go  the  didst t  wiieii the trouble uiwrely inside the church lo create a disturbance  i mounts to inactivity of the oigim  of some kind  This i  a move in the    V I   a   0     j3   3     3 1   1 3    1 iy 2t    IlijS   JlllJ   mi i HM i   c  c    g i u 1   III          b si 5  ihkk w   b k k j   I      iintiiiii  1  mi   for lit  in  Id  nil  Ii  i Ill ll I     imihnuo cuu u i iiiiu ouu i uLiiniZiUUinAi nuno     i   tilling    lini a lariioi cyi  I mil on Ills farm for l lit  purpttiu      1 1 v  i   I lt of PLOW  nidi  Ii TI   A Tolls a  ynacaii nnd any where    I i e lil t i IA K U liu  Best Foree Pump on idu murUei   d     i i    1 5 V A Toll wl I purl   Mu foulest elst enr    I VVt lM 11   amt I    ULY UKKA I  AST roOK HToVKHnntl UANUKH srt    s 11   h   t   I  mi  hTON r   M Isf su H tIof Iii it I dlliont   i   i   or in  ni  Vi itiimi ii Kooits will tell you ttiot I lo it  t rlatm c o niUti    i     i  oo   ii iii  Hpi finllli   l i  lili n IIiinu I luive iiiuliy iincIuI      I I       l to nIhiw you il  uu will call      sirengtli  Hucti a medicine you will scaffold of Sidney   from the psalui  in Col  Clark and Hcerctary I truce  of      ll ou    rt lo inactivity of the oigim  of some kind  This i  a move in the  find in Electric Bitters  andI only fin the little cabin or the Muylfiwer ami the JiH kcy Club  yesterday arranged a   1 1 vo Vet   ll M danger may be nullified right diiectiou  The house of Uml i    V   1    1   lts ut ll UIUHl1 4 Howell s gfie  seoeful council on the shores oi schedule of stake  to he run at the 1   y c ml P  WM I  R loulo and tiltir  iy no means u place to carry on silly   imcg 91 ore  I           i ll   im                     ItlSPKl If t T I V  MlfUs    R  O  KLINTGr     T  L i S    i 3 B 2S 3   a a     4   r     Wvn    m mu    HEW No  7   AMERICAN     Diiig Slorv j the I vuceful vmiueil  ll Hie aluirva ul wliwlulv of nt ikw til lu  run at lliv 111111 I ivi siiul rrnal Imilo ami  liar  I y n  iiivuiih u pluuu ti  carry oil nilly   _ j Hiv Delaware   pring ineetliig  from May 1 lilt to iHtli   e1   1    Hovtetter vBtouiocli liittera  wliieli canduet   uvii hh laiigliiiig uml miking   Nkahi y uli of lbe young lailiw ofl Reckouiiig by Ibmc rtumlurilv  I re  Inola lvo  It lu uu followu   llurut 1   l l 11 rl  D v riqulalle amouut of lone to lu tbeebtireb  while the aervicee ure   White Cloud  Kuo   buva uigueil u sul   wedruw from llie lumli of liuuiau bourne Smkes for two yeur oldu  l H     r kh   Wltliuutiiver excitiiig them  going on  It it liu  height ot III t r  ed    euiu pledge that   llod helping me      d  lu  V the I enroll lliul rigliieoiniieeu added  live furlong   Alexander Slukee  I u      lllu   ue of whivli iu eouvenlenl  iag  and u  top  lionlil tie pill ut ouee   they will helm forth atvtalu from the   SrlliixxpliMitbut ouly U ule lawa remuin ditto  HuiinynuuleStakes   1  100 milled   ul1    n v    v ea II  elaborate preparation     it      in eliuteli h   uu   Of gum and Mang  uud not keep  I fenie   lx furlong   Kiulueky Hiindieup      IH pela  a u uui coneouQltalil uf renal getting I  be ipulu common of lulu   cniupauy witli young men who use I e A groat leeaou to Imu ribe uu tile bau  iJ iilk  uddnl  alt age   one uml uipiurler I          P  l  bite   and delilllly  which they among the younger cIuku   thie aliould   liaivo  alroug dilnk  or profane lull  neraol a liulhin   u greut Ichmiii to write mile   Merohanlu Hiindieup  three   Invariai ly produce  are remedied by it  aleo lie broken up  The ebureli la niude   gguge  on  lie Walla of Senate houxeu  to piint yeum old uml upwardx   1 000 udded  M    I    r  couallputlon  uiulariul  lo woralilp III  All giuul Cliilailun  uui      deep iu tile lieurtu of Ihoae who louke one and oiie eiglilli mileu   Flmi mloif fbeunmtlc and uervoux ailuieiilv    le will do well lo illMUHIilteiiunoe uli   MOTHERS   tie luwu uml decide Hie dealiiliea id a llumlieiip  dillo  one nnd three eighth      III conduct duiing the holirvnf womlilp      people  M  Iau kwooii  miles  C lmtupngiie llumlieiip  ditto   o O   rlfl with any Throat or       There HIV  ll the skin of evert huninn   one uml ohe Hlxleelilli miles Vlltheso   n   Lung Diaeua  If you have TlloruH eleelrle earn have come In    K    TbnZh h  i u Iim 6 om l fj  4 n AN    T  TT     TV         iU         b   rh ntlwl h ipiWh pUg Sug      I    1    1  111 be till demand for   ft ls  o iae    r o  mo ls   I U t 4       ar    l kn   w  h 1 Louisville Times  u  Acker   Engluh ltemedy L pravS        gli  the iotr slue     _yH  of gimi ami slang  uud not keep HU P  tM  ie    Mtnpuny with young men who u e to   bacoo  strong diink  or prufuue Ian  1 1 u  gMugc  the w     deep in   MOTHERS  i tiie  u v      people  M  c  Lockwood    I frhvre me on Hie skin of every hiiuian      l laiing  child and udull alike  li dtKi ono   A man who has pruetieeil medicine  tHM     t hrough tliese  Kjres iu Mie foi m for  to    ais ought to know sail from   ot inseiistl le iH rspiralion  is expelled 1         _        O           Lier   It       u g     i f   1    I o  says       more Mum one ipmiter of the iiotuiNh   uteiil taken into  lie system  The mi   poi tunee of keeping open these  tcrsp r     ToLKIH        Jail 10  I8N7   Messrs  F  J Clienay A Co  Ueulle        1 at Am I To Do     Is Hc  ourf   ursfit fl t ic iirsl S    IT Xfi J A  tiWfpromptly diwesiiiigl     g                  g M e food euliai  li was lo oik ii the       i          J fi i 1  C t     i    lift lift Jr  it  XfSSt S mo If pm e  of theskiUiNud to assimilate the j                j    that Dr  Biteher formulated I w  id   Oj    1  4     ll i i   r    X It  Cliff Ofl 1 J l    iisloriii I  oostt bowels  iKtustipuliou  pari   II m   ll     Kl   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children  and   which kill one third of all children llH   1 uie  manufactured hy    paratioii that I iNiuld prcNcrit e with as breakfast enhr  Too frequently  ulasj  much conlhfence id slice    us 1 can bus till excellent ap K lite for liquids      but none for solid  of a morning     All tits stopped Free by Dr  Kline s  real Nerve Restorer  No tils after Iirsl    JOHN McKEE  Agent     KIRKS   CURE wrtiTt R olj D    priiicinally from Mes  causes  It i  Mute   from tbe wonderful tetmils allciidanl      upon Mie use of Custoria iu regliluMug j  the stomach and tM wels mid keeping       Have presenlHii it a great many M liguc will Imrdly lumr ins H elioii at I  i r       and 2 00 ti   and I      I et t i  woiiderfid  and 11 Y    Oft   uml furr sl  I T Dr   say iu  elusi hat I have 11 rough a  all   v  uts     I Uot  for 11 1  dslpl i   I      j i                 Y Itini iiri  A N If ii in  III cr II mi   H deter you from beginning now  The fey 1    U   Marvelous cures  Treulhe   l a 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will give  100 for any cues of mol aeldlty     ll duleuee ami ernes  a disease for which there i  no remedy  oseinu     t rrl  that can not la  cured with iu the pit of the etonmehe    rr ot u   y  Melee s  ffolded Mddieal iuei de   all   alarrh lure  lake   inter  all this il not Cf  e  a eure try  Iriwu s Dis s very haseure 1 huudred  of ea  I  sleu   4   u   iMt M wei  it c wls tail u Mill  and of cniisuiiipthiu  uud iucu arc living to ittf mu   J  I      IKNK    1 O   ruiedn  O  thoU uiids uiL sl its etUiuey     u  i           amiiliii     1 CURE  l FITS     NOIK Imi ll Hi li ml 4 nr    lmiy i   i w  i     Wiiiclifitiir l i Xln I iii   anil t   ii 4  i m  1  trslQN urs ilully eveopt  utulny    UlrtHit oiiiiaoolIon m ure iiuui   m WIuiIich   tm wUli iM   H tp uko ainl diil   it   fiu si f  ling  AhIiIhU I  Miiiiliuat ii  i liaiksniii   y   Vs  aiiil KiiNt  i u ulticH    Fust Lino  Not    t mol 4 nni vln WIiicIick        e   n        t tRK I do nut mean moroly to  slop them for u lime  and thou Imve tliem re  turn ineatn  I  mkan a uadkaL CURE    1 have made the illsra so ot   FITS  EPILEPSY or  FALLING SICKNESS    A life long study  I waurant my remedy to    i me the worHt easoa  Ilecause otliors liavo  failed Is no rcuson for nut now receiving a euro   bond at  01100 for a treatbo ud u 1 hks Hiri rm    ttr  rtolld 1 rams  with 1 uiiiinni st   p  D Bond at oncofora treatUo  t srs  between Ciuclniiui 1 hu I Klclimnu l of y Ineai uuuc Kimbuv  Ulve Ki press  NH  ituil w lliclii Htiir aiiil U uHliiiiKloii  1       Rod Post tifth e It costs you nothing for A  ThroiigtrriCHiitsaud llugg u f i lit chcd to lr a   R d U ulll euro you  Addrcs  any dsHtinatlnn reueliiid by u ihIIiod i  H  C  ROOT  M  C  183 Piarl St  NtwToU   f u mouhk  d  a  ki i i y  nKffiWm   IUss r Agulits  TliO  I itha i Akl     t ovliigtun  Ky  Lex lug l  Mi  U    il  K  ttlINTINUTON  Iti dev r    iisaural UliiuuHi t evliigtun  liy       1     T MUr    m qiiircil it  world wide reputation  cording to din  Willi plenty of water for the Isuly  Your    pure an fm the lungs uud Uastoria to  assimii de Mie fiKst there nerd tic 110 1   unaccounted for sickness among chil  dren  C astorlM i  a vegetable pre  We will g  Muiptiou wiMiout morphine or other Ciduirh that  imns tie pnipeity Thirty yeara exleo    ive u e bus giveli it a ldtory never    iMuilod i y aiudher meilieine   intlly    Deb20 4t J F  Ill    cording to direetioii     Yours truly    L  L Uohhi cii  M  D     To   oiisiiinptivcs     Y V  vf vv  wou kl enjoy your dlnoar    J  j  1   and are pro vented by Dy s   l pila  use Acker s Dyspepsia Tablets   They are a noaiUvo cure for Dyspepsia  In  disestiou  Flatulency and Consti  atlou   Wo guarantee them  25 nnd 50 cents     J  F  UlIKNKY A Uo   Toletln      fcaiy Sold tty Dniggists  75 eta    Di u troil  Kilo  t  o  a Kiss     The LtK iil l   ii i  i i      ulor nttlicU one third of munkitnl with her oil  Till  form of wool uu 1  a  t fll  a disease for which there is uo remedy  caciou  a  brief  and in certainly coin   Dr  U  V  INeiee s  Uolded Mddieal meiulahJe oil the sure ot economy  It  Discovery  has cured hundred  of t ueH i  als  quilt  as delicate a way of arrang   d consumption  uud iucu sic living to ig mutters us the luetiitsls sometimes  dayhealthy  robust menwhom  uplye l in this country  where tho  1 phy iciuus proiiouneed iueursble  U   parciita of the luide knock her down    eighty three  widow   I a   worth f HOUhOO     VfllT   wl1 dve a  home uml mu lie inun  Y llll money ul work loi u   Ilian ut tm    I llll Mdiig else In Mils wm Id  upltiil      not ueetieil   yu are Miarietl lie    I lot ti sexeh  auII uu  h  Any one tint tlu tin  work  I ursu  uriiliiuH Mu  hoiii iliHt h hii   Cosily Olltltt anil teniiM Iree  Ilelli r not tit   lay  CohlM you mtihiio  lo h n i tm your ml    tlreHH ami Itii l out  ll   on uie wise you w in 1  Mo so at once  II  II m i i i 1 A I o   Im llini t J  dal tie  iec i iv     FLOATING SOAP    18    THE 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the majority of u e h eul Johnson No i          Times       __   cause one lung is almost gone  Send hi the highest bidder       I i     1 1 il  slumps for Dr  Fierce             si   7 m     r   Bl r b sik on coa uiui Uoll ami kimlre l  f    e   f       i L i WU In tree liuck tor lhe   A l lre  Worl l a Di pons         t the community in which it s r          k _  I  her crown of i   ty alHllcal AssiHialioii  tttkt Main 8t           saitl Judge David Djvis lint  j u  y A   0   y ll  w t Ulckly does Ml   ire he died  No other agency  __ _ and ehrouic weakite     ImcIi  eur every local paper gives  fiom if 00 to  5 000 in tree Imck for the  hcnellt f the community in which it is    y Medical Association  OBJ Malll lit     U of ghuy Rut ala      iutfalo  N Y 1  W does the nervoti  dvliility   _ 9   __ and ehrouic wenktie   of the sex euu e   Tiik Tirilla Mold ami Hdver Mining bloom ofyoulh to pa s away  khar      ompaiiy has sued JsmesUordou lien  lovely features  and emaciate    ett fer 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preacher   editor  uud duthlug eatablDhiiieiit  i   l   men ol mean  are not permitted to run  r   u l     u   1 01 citugl iucu who earn U uul    r jO lllO  partially Insured  their own huaiue   lheiu elv tf  in  l Flr living hy th weal of their brow       oil Sugg     iicelf  I  Ihl  a free      Carter llarrUm waul  ail Mia Ameri    y  A Dlitsu fc N white mail  ejeetcit Iroiu cau women to drv   a   a r  he min ere       aeolufaddaUti at kultou  Ky   relurutsl rule  We would Iheu liave our hatter     in a considerable quantity  haa with a double barreled ahot gun and halve  i re aed  he aaya  to please an  sliuek in a mine in Roanoke bred into the crowd  wouudiog  eveu artUtio  ye  wlltiut the preaeut waste  Va   lorsons  ouc fatally  uf l  iuslv livalth andstrvugtl                         o    T1IE MERCURY     W  K          ernt iNMiii  ivbrv     szz   rutraanAV    1  R  KELLER    Editor   SUBSCPIPTION   RATES    One vcar ln advance      stx month   tn advance    Three month   in adraace     itlec the printed  t tp on your paper and  t y cep paid ahead  Money tan  ordinary letter  bnt is perfectly  run y  lien   ent iti a r  glsD roil letter or by  postal money order  Add res  all letter  leg  ibly to U  II  Kai hr lt  Carl tale  Ky      Entered In the Carlisle roalofhre bh Hoe   ond   ln matter     THURSDAY  JAN   12 1888    DEMOCRATIC TICKET     Al PI UT SLEPT ION     For Sheriff F  It  IIKNItY   Deputy Sheriff lit A  RATLIFF   CountableJOHN IIAHVIA      111st rl but Ion of committer  in Hit  Sen  ate  He wna made Chairman of the  I committee on Public Health  ami I  on  tin  ennmilttee on Charitable fiintltu   1  loim  Mr  Kenton waa not lucky  enough to 11 raw n chnirmtin hip  hut  lie got good committee     The House ha  pn   d a hill to pity  grand Juror  two dnlfttm per day     lodge Cole hna been here eevernl  day  waiting for the appointment of a  committee to InTeatignte hi  conduct  of the Rowan Circuit Court  Of course  I would not prejudge the ease  hot  from What I can learn the fuel  will Ih   brought out  hurt who they may    1 Mr  Cook  of Warren County  hns in     trod need a hill to prohibit the adulter     at ion of food  medicine und drink   Thl  I  a Hep In the right direction      and that a Cook introduce  it make   the matter of more importance    People who vl lt here any that Mil  I   the Hotierest body over seen here  A  glorious report    The flr t two hill day  156 hill  were  Introduced  and there will he plenty  more   I  R  K     Mason Cotnty Circuit Court i  in  aessioti at Muyaville  Judge Cole pre  siding     FRANKFORT    Frankfort  Jun   9 1888   Dear Mercury    Since inv la t  Frankfort ha  had  quite u lively time  The Democratic  ciucua h t WcducHilay night nomitm   t hI Hon  Jua  Beck for the IJlilted  NtatNH Senate  hy ucolumutioii  and    Jim McKknzir  till retulu  a tail  hold oil the Mexican miaaiou  and lie  will gel it if the tail doesn t pull out    For the llrst time since the day  of    content over tlit  Lihruriuiiship wa   quite u spirited affair  Seven fair can   didute  entered the race  and thin fact    TlTK total mini her of acres of land in    brought u largo crowd of ladies to the the State I  26 167 71H  The assessed    Hall of the House  so that when Sena  value of same Is  224 oh   752  and the    tor Harris called the caucus loonier number of city  or town lot   In placed    the Hall was packed almost to stillo   cation  The racosoon nuriowtd down  to u three cornered tight between Mi    Hanson   present incumbent   Mi       at 08 908  valued at  1211 062  101     Thk Cluelnnoti Enquirer says that  when the war breaks out in Europe    Mary Drown Day  and Miss Montgoui  and the name of tieueral P duhoiari     The ballot on which the bind noil comes along as the winner of a    most one waste be dropped  was w tell  great victory  there will be a chance to  etl with great eagerness  Mrs  Han  clean up all the  pi  hi the newspaper  soil was largely in the leud fiom the olllces     first  and when on this hall  t she   threw u few of her votes to Miss Mont Hon  t   R  Brooks tell  u  that he  gomcry  in older to drop Mrs  Day  1 01 1 eslru to enter into a contest   the huudicds of Fruukfort ladies who  or l   H  Detnocialie liutliiuutiou lor    liud conic to u it their towushuiv    0 1 K e  14   and i  not a candidate     be  Mi s Montgomery got oue more   IM uctm   vote than Mrs  Day and on the next Detnodat    ballot Mrs  Hunsou won the raev  the v       Cti NGKiti   Hanson voters who hud gone to Miss  j  m      Montgomery returning to Mrs  Han i  u     m   son  Tims we see the same tactics          use of the   Used to defeat the sterner sex for otllce             stamp  alu   used to defeat those ol the gentler          Mis  Hanson lias made u line olllcer      u    M   1   Charles A    hut as she was running tor a third term           siie lost some votes tliat would have  otherwise gone to her  The able and iriyj    detuaiid Ills services   Sentinel     Ctti ctat   It i my privilege to suggest   lor your cuiisitieiuliou  a name lor ttu  one position set aside for  ha waning    Kentucky womanhood  She whose  beauty  whose purity und intelligence   have held kingdoms at her sway  re  minds lis in Ibis election licit We    is now agitating the statistician  upon  increase and progress ot the races  Those who maintain that it is upon     I M U   1     U   Jm  A U I     II  W   alone  ami upon that record 1 tag that               expression of a candid Judgment  Ito  Norton  i J tilcnn  r Is    uigliloi    expression of a candid Judgment  Hi  Aorton  i j tiirnn  p   c    ingu  a splendid triumph  the n cord   t a Chuilc T Donnell und Titos  Kennedy     Kentucky woman that make  me a  I After consultation the committee    rmhi ul uiy n  livity u tl      1 1 iv    rlc t   IC  uinii ol hi  birthnght  w hen slum      mg on the hunks of the yellow Tibet i he following     ho thanked the  Jisls he wolsiiiped   llnai vut  Thai we view the con   that he was a Uoniuu citizen I have i  I i net ion of the contemplated railroad  the honor to nominate  and ask lor hci known a  the Charleston  Kentucky A  support  Mrs  Virginia Hunsou  Western Railroad  a  ail enterprise ul   After the eutu ti  adjourned the great h 1     greatest importance to kastern               Kentucky  Wild especially to Nicholas    I m l uiljourniHl to the l hj IIuI ll m l  j  1   illK    it w m    r  l  on   where the Hon  James H  Deck hud undeveloped section of Kentucky  sur   spread a most delightful banquet  and passingly licit in coal  iron ore   lim  it r two hours tin  elioisest viamls  and ber   etc  und bringing u  in direct    costliest wines were discussed amid  music and eloquence    Dill  have been Introduced to abol  ish the Kuilroud Commission  the    communication with the South Allantic  sc hoard  Charleston  S C   ami the  city of Chicago on the Luke and the  great Northwest    lit ault t  l  That our Senator ami Rep               1 uJ ii    Agriculture  the Ueological Bureau  honorably means as Representative  to    ami no one need he aatouiahed it some   procure the passage through the l cgi   ieforim r brings in a hill to aiiolish the   lalure of all fair and liberal amend   Auditor    111 A  it lC  aolntor un l on    lh     1     l     Auditor    III Am ii K ulllt r und mi of wl l                   nillrimd  Inoklnu tu lt tlirouitli   Aholisher thl  lusty bids fair to excel I    j j  county  making Car I lute a point   however  many propose and few dl   Jno a  Campbell    no e  Wm  Norton     On Friday la t Mr  Jidm 1   Newman  Introduced a hill to secure the proper  amendments to the chuitcr id the  Charleston  Kentucky ami Western    Titos Kennedy    C  T  Donnkli     T  J    I I KNN    F  K  t  oNUI KToN    On motion td Thu   Kennedy  K q      iUilioad  iiliil it biok  to us that the ihr Chairman appointed the following  hill w ill gti ilirough w iiln ut iniiili gentleman to go to Fraukforl Jiuid urga    Its ehietopt osllion will come the passage of the amended charb r  to     come hcfori  the l igi latui       John A  LuRiie  Jiio  A Campbell  O     log III ih fi it the will id the peiiple 11  v c  Smith  Charles 11  IN teisoll   leo  W     should he sal upoll  ami within the Hruiuhlettc  Dr  T  C Hel iuliio  Kd  lu Xt I   w WitU  we will lean I how Rice  Col  T  8  Calks  Juhll Conley   many Repriseii tat Ives ami Smutois Rohcil Oveihy  John  J  Dlair und  grtul railroad moinqsdies own  Harvey llowc    l rof  Vance whi iiiicM liveil In Car  on motion all elti eu  from all imrta  lisle is In re with the RiiicVille boom In of the eoimlv  friendly to I hi  road  are  chuige  lie is getting  u chillier for a requested to u e their influence in se   railioad horn Cumberland Hap to euiiog the passage of the anietltle l  lltlshurg  J u   one lor u sheet ruilruuil    barter    u ho il  mill a Male und Female Col  Til meetlug was utlemietl hy the  lege Ini 1lm villc  w here lie claims ten   farmers  mechanics  laboiers  thudors   thousiiliil people will be hy Spring lawyer   hankiis  ineiehauts  und bus   Oue tiling 1  certain  the inmmtuius moss men from the various precinct  of  are going to he developed  ami we mu  l j the county  uml the liveliest Interest  get ih the sw im m lw left otd In Hie vviim muiilfesttd in ladialf td the road  j  cold  T  C  IlKItNhoN  Ch iii  I   Di  lte huliJ  came i ul Well ih the i J  A  CiiAPPtl L  Heel      KENTUCKY IN WASHINGTON    Temperance Meeting     Kentucky get  three   huirmnnshlp   McCreary  Private Land Claims   Stone  War Claim   nml Lali ion  Fx   pend it u re  In the War Department   Tito delegation i  other wise disposed of  a  follow    McCreary  oil Foreign  Relation   Rrecketirldgc  Way  find  Mean  mid Meichnnt Marine ami Ship  ping Intcicst   Laffoon  secoml on  Public Jifitid   Tatill c    Claim  utnl  Census    u ruth  Pacific Railnanl    Montgomery  Po t  dices amt P  t   raids and I   v i   ami Improvements on  the Mississippi River  Stone  ILiilioail   mid Canal   Thomas  Patents and  Civil Service Deb dm  Hunter  Ale    hollc Liquor Tralile and Invalid Pen  sion    Finley  Pension  nml Revision  of the Laws     Rki rIv knt  tivi  Skitli  will oiler  a bill providing that tin  C Minlles  liall  pay for their record hooks instead of  certifying the account  to the Auditor  for payment out of the State Treasury   He will also oiler a bill requiring the  counties to pay one half the cost of  maintaining their pauper Idiot      A tin cting of the temperance people  of Nicholas  County was In Id at the  Court house in this citv last Monday  for the purpose  f selecting a committee   man from each precinct  and to call a  convention  to ho held in Carlisle  Jan  uary 21  lass  at In oclock  to choose  b leg it   to attend tile Congressional  Cell vent ion    The following were selected a  com  mitteemen     Rio Lick   Klsle Hawkins  John G    Morris    KlllsvlllcS  T  Sugg  J  K  Scott   Hcadquaric t  S  T  Harlow  Jerome  Lawson   CarlisleW  C  McCracken  W  P    Ross    Buzzard Roost J  D Blake  J  W   Blake    I ii ionWat Kookeiididl er    w  H  Com NO It AM   Secretary     CUT m STORE    James A  Chappell     mm THEY 00     KOI NDED IN 1825     ESTO PBRPETUA      At A  Drbanskys New Store     Land  Stock and Crop      ABSIPAY CREFK     Jack Chinn  the celebrated horn   man  is a candidate ftir Sheriff in Mer  cer Comity     At home again  nr rambling  o er  Well try and gh e y hi the m  once more    Rlcltard Kerns  of Illii ci   i   making  lii  relatives and friend  a visit in thl   vicinity     Rev  Clco  II  Cannon returned to  Iti  ministerial work in Pike County  lust week      did the same thing for Dr  Woods for reconstruction  there i  not a single  Public Printer and Hinder  but the t      0 reil man in either house of Con     John J  Crowe ha  bdu n charge of  J  I  Myers  black unlth shop  ami e U    lie patronage of the people     Rev  Samuel lioihir i  tin pastor for  Murphy s Chapel thl  year  Serviee   ini Sunday in   ach month     J  T  Crayeraft returned home lo t  j week With a ear b ad of h i e    He  will stall South in   few il iy if not  sold here     Taylor McIntyre  ner  nipanied l   lii  sister Mettle  and Mi   Illlb  llain  i 11   ii i have lelt u  to idh ml sehool at  Millcrstairg    Harry H  iuilton nliirmd Imtnr  Friday night hoiu an eight w el s    it  to lii  brother  It II and dll  r ft I  II    ill  Monroe  C niity Mo    We are finite son y to b e otu esteem   cd friends Wm   Memand l W   II noil   ton  who g  w ilh I heir lamiiie Piin ar  Shelby ville  Ky   to make tlu lr future  borne    Bony     Mrs  Ouy  fill lliul their cniullilnl   Is ml run nrd lu wait iiiiuiy   wits to be  ltuigUturod  und  o it was to lnu   y yonis  At some tiim  I lie  mrty    li   I I  HIM      Mr  N  W  Fowle ami cliiidren are  vi itiug in Carlisle     Conor ess man Bust   of New Voik   t die red i  resolution Instructing the  Postmaster Clclicrul to disiatutiime the  use of the new green two ceut postage  stamp  iiiul to ietuni to the tena culla  shade In u e for several years tast  Mr   Charles A  Dana i  ulleged to U respon  sible for tin  resolution     Miss Linda Dotson i  on a j rofi K   tl  visit to relatives in Bom bon     A PRIVATE letter received by a gen     eloquent young Representative from tiemau of this place from Judge J  M   Bourbon placed Mrs  Hanson and youi Thomas  of Paris  says there euu t e no  humble servant in nomination  ami mumier of doubt that the P    1    F   he know  how to do Mich thing  nicely  railroad will be built litis spring  and  I he following is his speech placing tout the  surveyor  may lie expected in  Mrs  Hanson before the caucus  County not later than next week    Mr  C minnan am   Unfit m  n of  lit  Owingsville Outlook     Fceback cV Sanford hav      etied ul  with a full stock  f g    l  at i   ii l i vilb     Riclmid I  in v ill   and family  of Mt  Sterling  an  visiting hi  lather   tills  place    Eld  Manley will preach In i next  Saturday night  Sunday and Stimhy  night    Bruce Jtilciiic and Jana  Fceback  have been sworn in a  Mai shut     Burtcrville    Uih y Dds n let  imnul to Miller   burg  where he will cultivate tubacm  mi Mr  lb  tVfarm     Raid  Huddle mi sold to Joseph A  Hell lo acres of land for   The number of cattle in Kentucky in  ls 7 was 7 19 821  valued at ffl ofl9 8iM    Jolm Stent  colored  sold to Ockeiuan   V  Outhrcy  15 acres of laud for  5i 0  cash    The number of thoroughbred gelding   in Kentucky In ISH7 was 120  valued at  i 517 712    The number of hor es and mares in  Kentucky In 1887 was  147 700  valued at   510 81 1 259    W  B Rut 11 tl sold thirty heiuLof  I mule  to  J   V  Bramtdctt at  7J per  lo  id I i t Momlay    Pott   V Hii L mid Robt  McVcy  Sr      n li  hipped a car load of inulcs to  North Carolina last week    Mr  It  P  Fcx sold his liny saddle  gelding to Mr  Wilson  of Carlisle  far  rl7o   Richmond Climax   For S  t A pair of red bay Norman  f irm marc   three year old   Wciglit  about 2  100  e  r  DoNNKI L    The number of thoroughbred stalliou   in tlu State III 1887 was 205  und their  valin  wa   2i 0 ot 7  Woodford County  i  port  H valued at  50 02 5  nearly our   fourth of tin  total value    WaknIM   All person  indebted to  me for m asoii  to my horses are re ut st   cd    call and  cttle ami save expense     or I will levy on colts for payment        T  Donnell    The   otntm rciul says  At theopen   ing of tin  season hogs were worth  4 f O  per hundred and now they have retich   cd 55 i  The prospects for packers arc  very bright  a  ilie number of hog  in  tile West bus decreased 175 000  The      u crop liehig    short in  lie pyrk   producing State  and owing to the hog   being IL ht and of an infeiior quality   me   pork and iartl are going to be  fiiicy article  in the market     SKt kkt Vrv Lamar lias formully re    igned his pocitiotl in the C ul inet     CONSUMPTION SURELY CURED     Ih the colored race in tlu  United    chivalry  Ini  tin  worth and merit of I Stutcs dying out   is thequcsiiou which    The turnpike t L   ri m at B ii t  i ville  was not legal  a  tin notice  w  it  not  signe i The Coinini i  t  i  ickveer  deu d another eleetimi next Wi dm   1  v  the l sih     generous men have opened to hei the decrease  fouml their tlu  ry upon    Ui Milnlilfliw lDtnlK li l uta wIiikIc live   hef ii t tlmt it ilmv  not kton naoc with   nue of  illiciul position  We have               I       not lor von   Ho  voi v inmon    of tl o i h  lotion    Itiulit mill JiHticv  Unit I OIIII S from or in Utn uiue ratio  lUny ilo not luko  i lilfo nml Mtugglf  nml loving mii io into nucoiiut tiio vnsl mlJition tlmt 1   I u e  H in tru  Hint Uniily lii  im    arK uuulf to tlm liitlor l y tin  euii   piisoiied  and iioii wliet ls still toll           ovti tlm uublvat  I Uii  t  untl bunt Him     f ull huro iumi nutli i iili U o  t omea from hutuun lives   Commonwealth    It is a pleasure to make a nomina  tion for u position troni which pollti KA1LKOAD MEETING    eal ideas and political prejudice huvt  ta en ciminated  There cun he but out      question lor your solution this evening enthusiastic nueting of tlo  clli    miil that  the quistiotl of elliciciicy  zeiia nf Nicholas County was held at  I desire to pit sent the name   u lad  the Court house III Carlisle  Jan  7  I88S   of vtliour UIOMU Blvi IjI U iTiliii in un l   lu   n   llull cull tlm   censure  il there he such  must pruuoiici      the lieiit Uielion  good and lulllitiil Uliair und J  A    happen appointed  servant  I tit sin  to present toyou  Secretary  The Secretary staled tin   Ho  name ol a woman who lias left an 0 f the meeting to Im   to hike such   u l on     pi lloil of tlm Stall       wlu      tt  lvi  bl   to   history in which she lives  1 noun            n He the widow of as biuvu a sohlici express the sentiment   of Hi  people of  and pure a man a   i ul has yet given Nicholas in regard to the building of  lo tench the wotld true heioisin and the proposed C   K    NV  ruilroml  On  vulor  bul 1 usk ior Imr ini nruKiiilion   n  f Ml   j      A   rni  l  ll   ot lier luislaind    meiit   history will 1   In uor its imnioital name  What I  mimitlee of six w ih appointed to pre   wish is Imt tlu  icwuid of individual pare and report rcuolut Ion  lor I lie con   meiit  Exuuiine the leeonl  a iceord n tUratioii of the meeting Chairman    Forty years ago  LI l nde  1 dun y  JCckmun  now living in tlm Hildreth  la lid of Licking River  thi    unity   came to Nielmi i County from Letin   sylvutiia  Tin  Hist m in with w hom  he became intimate af er hi  rniv d  Wa  Ivlmoii Cot I iu  t i   Panther   it 11   with whom In  ate l i  tlr t Chrlstim s  dinner  IB  i  ii  w  io triug     yt ar  of  age  tint  notwitlmt lini ng  walked 12  mile  lasf Christina  to enj     the In   pilttlity of his llrst Nielhda  Coiril v  friend  a  he ha  in past real   II   i   1  promising to lelurti    r a iiiilliday din  ner     To i u k Editor riea o Inform your reaJ   or  that I ha v i  h positive remedy for the above  nanad UL mm   hy it  timely use tliou aud of  ImpcIi   c w  have been permanently cured  1 alimli to  i 1 i 11   end two bottle  of my rtme  lt y huki to any of your readers who liave con  umpti  M if they will send nio their express  amt p t nifleo addrc a  Respectfully    T A SLUCTM  M l   lSllVnr  sL  New York    I Doc  21 1 87Omo    FARM FOR RENT     I    in  to n at    acre  of hunt near Pis     I Mieh  known a  lln  Jlio  Rail  fiirm     ul i  i I i  i   mi it a good ho uwe it ml iieces    i v liopi iiveiaent   III aim state of enltlva   ii iii    h niy     water  It not rented pvt    I   ti  I  I     It will bo ruuU d  l at lid v  m in oVIoek a  in   on the tnetniseM    K  II  It AI IX    HcelJ Im Hharpstmi K  Ky     WESTON    Otic town want  signal Mags    Wt  are solid fur the ih sv railroad   Let her come    Frank Pott  ami family l  p irt d fr  Boone County  Miouri  their future  lioiuc  Huceess to you  Frank    Jidm R  Thomas having ti iih d with  Cupt  Rogers for the Hutching  firm   will return in February to iv idc on  Hie same    Mr  John  2raves and sister  Matlie    f Henry County  are visiting ilieir   intcr  Mr   Janie  t lioiu e    Some of the hoys limiighl they had  struck it rich win ll they di    van da  deer near Loeu t  Jruve   tiliieh  t hey  gave chase am  when in led pihsiiit K  ran to CnelcJoe Bodli lor profee i ai   Whin lie fastened it tqi in tin  luni  e il  proved to he a pet    F  tly Kennedy  w ho haa be n very  low wiili pneumonia is aide to lx  up   Hi  brother Sam  who Is ulso confined  lo hi  la d with the   time disease  is  belief     Notice to Bidders      Tie   m  hi tuna Council of l bo City f Carlisle  m i m  untile   all person   desiring to put in  i i is tor lC btlng the I amp  for waul city inuol  i  so in  Inn lor  lie regular meeting in  lebiauiy  at wlildi lime tin  bids will bn      n  I and n ad  and action taken tlu raou   lbe iil lil  is are mill I red to put In bid  for    gluing im t denning only   and whoever I   nwarded the position must enter Into a    will   11      n   i  n t will  l lie Cull I it 11 oiil I if at I in      mi  111  i ottncil otdlgaMug    idm if to do the work according to It  dl   I red Ion    Hone by order of tho Common Council    lull  2   INS     JOHN M CAMPIIKI L    Is cl2 21 t lty Clerk     PUBLIC SALE     n   Mast  i i on mi i  loner ot l lie N IcholuM  Clnonciy i ouri  will on ilm    I Kill Nay ol l Yb      Died Jami uy 1th  Mrs  William  Kennedy and her father  Samuel  Smitii  at thesaitiu lime and place  only  fifteen minutes intervening betuvdi    their deallis  Both liaving pneiiumuia   It bus been our lot to pi   llu iiigii  many sad scene   imt ii  ecuis this was  the saddest ol all  1 lie mourning   friends around llie two death beds Wen  weeping fonuutlier  grandlallit r  sister   father  not knowing which would l    the llrst to cross the river of death   Mis  Kennedy lias been confined to  her room for near two years  and just  when her friends had begun to indulge  in lilt  fond hope of her ultimate recov  ery  that fell dcslioycr pneumonia  ev   t red the silver chord ol life  and she is  gone from earth to a lar brighter home  in Heaven  Could the sympathies ol  kind b lends and neighbors assu ige the  grief of the stricken ones their teals  would soon Ik  dried up  Willie the  gulden ehuin that iioimd a once united  family is broken here nil    11 ti  our  prayer is thutil may lie united in Heav  en  without tin  loss of a   iugtu link    Di  d  Jail  5th  i ii I iiit child of SamiK I  Rut i ill     Occasion a i    sell on tin  premises  the farm of the laU  Hr   ti  4   lull  In Nleliola  C mnty  Tblssilo  will  iIt i il  i Hplemlld iipporiuiiily to uay  oiu  ile li im  to parcIniMc n good hoiuu  The  farm consl t  ol uliuost    233 Acres of Land     All III grusHcxtiept ulmat 20 acres  1UU acres   I ii virgin soil  hrst clas  laud for the pro    uiei ioii of tobacco or any crop  The supply  ol Wul  i on Ilm place Is abuinlaat anil has  be  ii during the most severe droughts ever  Known in this country  The  Min bason it  a go MI dwelling bouse  slock burn  stables   tow slu  Is  two orchards  and several con ve  in  i i tut  for ealv  s  youngntoca  etc  Ii Is  Minuted on tlm C uie Run turnpike alsat 7  mil    lioiu Cmlislu  In one ol the Im hl  m igliborhood  In tlm county  eon veil leu l to  i liurclies and schools  uad Is a nio l dcoliable  III HIM     TIm  ale will take place ul II o clock  a  iu       written notices us to terms    A  A  TK MI ldiMAN    Ad in r of li     Farris  decd    Id    An Excellent   Fai m For Sale I    li ulii idher railroad  joi poraliois  who wit  F  K  Cniigk toil  Boom  Ingli    di ind want nppusllig Ulus  Wien J   ili uil  K  F  Slime  A J  Hilda     A Nlliv Till UK     There are uiy few tiling  ill this life  of wlik h we may in  abnohiti ly eertuiii   hut thlw i  one  ol tin in  tlmt Dr  1 1  n i     I leabant iurgullvt  IN IJt ln  have no  equal uh a ealharlie iu deiangi in  nt   of tit    liver  stomuehe and bewtl    Tltey am very small and  heir action is  plea ant  Rui ely Vegetal Iu  ja fleetly  hurmlcfctf  26 eetilo a vial  All druggist      i  IT Kit Ft lit SALIC M  FARM OF ON K  1 III NI ltKh ana Hi XT Y Acres  tltiU   nl laml  Itualcd six miles south ol Cuilislc   lv     on  b    lullslu  v Itogurs Mills  turn   pike  Th   larnt H  no of lac best Improved  i u m  lo ib   county   plcul v ot uuver lailtng  water  It ha mi It a comfortable Imu e ol  six rooms  A barn uml ull accessary out  building   All UImls of fruits  Ab milloi  t  or thirty five acres In Timber  rest tu  Ora  und work laud    Il not sold privately bclorc middle ol  I ebnmry  Inss  will Hum le old publicly    J A    A  YOUNG  Carlisle  Ky     The Palace   DILLARD ROOM    IS NOW OPEN     Massii  Hka h  ky  tin  illicit m dri  inoiiiahst ol Abeialeeti  i  out iu a eurd  ill the Iai is Ki llllU Uiull ubuslllg Ibis  papur for its  t riel urea oil Ids eoiu  iu  marrying buhle  in long eioliie   1 ei   boitufly we have no desire to adopt the   shotgun policy tow ihl the  S jiiiie    hut w   have given trill  lair Winning  w hat he may espeel if he U   p  up Id   priO llee ol  inlihjng lbe phidit           Fleiuing huiK Tltin s Duuociut    t hidcc thoads of Cltfirr   Ulnger Ale    1 Pop     triibge Cider  l t pmudc  do    lit way son bund    Your Hatiimage Respectfully  Solicited     TIKIS  UAVKUr  tro t  r    One O M r llt low Ihi  New I I liK Sh re     When it was known Inst  week that the Hying artillery  of the City Store hail arrived  in Cincinnati  there was n  genuine commotion among   the Dry Goods Stores  The  city had just two days before  been treated to a tremendous  cannonading from the hill  tops of Ohio and Kentucky   but those were blank curt   ridges fired to announce that  the big City was this year  1 H  years old  But when the  Hying urtilery arrived  they  knew tlmt meant business   They lmd been marking up  the price of goods  but when  our Captain pulled up in  front of tlieir big murhlc  stores they did just like the  old raccoon did when Davy   ri eket was about to draw  n head on him  Is tliat you  Mr  Crockett   Well then  dont shoot Ill come down   And down they did come  or  else there would have been  a smash of plate glues  and a  tumbling of walls would have  called out the whole fire de  partment  and sent telegrams  to Gov  Foraker for the  Buckeye militia ou the  double quick  bet us now  transfer the scene buck to  Carlisle  the living artillery  has been hauled into the Imr   acks and bright and clean as  a new silver dollar awaits  tile order for the next foray   But look into the good City  Store  see the piles of cottons   prints  ginghams and all sorts  of staple goods  Our first  class dark prints at Scents  per yard  our heavy brown  cottons by the piece at 7 cts   per yard  one bleached cot  tons  Sen Islands lti yards  to the dollar  canton cottons   handsome new spring ging  hams  handsome new cali  coes  book all through our  store and see if you ever saw  a better looking stock so  clean and fresh  no old moth  eaten or musty stuffall  new  nice and bright    New floor oil cloths at 25  cents  er yard  New line of  corsets from 25 cents each  and up  Dont hesitate to  buy your cottons now  they  are more likely to advance    I wish to announce to the  farmers that Tobacco Cotton  is going to be au object this  Spring  I bought twenty  thousand yards of it and am  now ready to take orders for  it  will deliver it at my ex  pense at the following points   Jeo  b  Carters  Oak Woods  Hawkins A Fceback  Blue  bicks  Myers  Cowans  and  Ewing Stations   Bethel   Sharosburg  Mooreficld and  all points reached by the K     it  K  and the stage lines    When you come to Car  lisle to buy any kind of mer  chandise be sure to come    right to Headquarters  the  peoples City Cash Store   you will find a thoroughly  live and wide awake house  brimful of push  pluck and  vim  No long prices  every  dollar a hot dollar  put to  work at once to muke anoth  er nickel  Farewell to long  profits and long winded  credits  we have sited a bush  el of tears over you  but you  are gone  peace to your ashes   We still have about 50 eloaks  to sell and we are selling  them every day  now is the  time to get a bargain  I  thank my friends and custo  mers for the prompt and lib  eral manner with which they  liave nut their aeeouuts   There is not another store iu  Kentucky which bus as good  a paying set of customers as  the City Cush Store  We  go by that as will  everything  elseby the law of universal  kindness  As President Lin  coln said  with mulicc to  ward none  charity for all   the good City Cush Store  witii all her army of bright  eyed customers is still liiurch   iug on to victory und eternal  glory  Most truly Yours    I  A  CiiAri Ki i     City Cash Store  i    Blankets  Comforts  Shawls  Cloaks  Hosiery Gloves   Boots  Shoes  Mens   Boys Overcoats  Suits   fec     AT BOTTOM PRICES    Cheaper than you would expect to buy them     We have a few hundred yards of prints which we  will close out at 2 80 per yard    Gr  TLm  HEYMANT        Malinger     Grand Clearance Sale    AT     S  McMAHILL S New Store     Now is the time to get genuine Bargains in Dry  Goods  Notions  Mens Boots  Ladies  Misses  and Childrens Shoes     Examine Our Goods Before Purchasing Elsewhere     If you desire to buy MORE goods  BETTER  Goods  For LESS MONEY than anywhere  else in Central Ky   remember the place      S  MHAHILLS     Opposite Lamar House     Seasonable Goods    Ratliff  Howe   Co      BOOTS A SHOESlY   Made to Order    Imported Muenroiia    New York Cream Cheese   Brook Trout  Tomato Sauce   Imported and Domestic  Sardines  Mustard  Sardines    Columbia River Salmon   Dried   hipped Beef   Cooked Corn Beef  London  Layer Raisins  California  Layer Raisins  New  Layer Figs  Cooking Figs    Californa Raisin Cured  Prunes    Turkish Prunes   California Dried Peaches   Tennessee Dried Peaches   New England Condensed  Mince Meat  Guaranteed  Fresh Butter and Soda  Crackers       TALjZEQm    Yhl Brilliant  Turf and Prrfwt Lti a n tb   WOULD     em lb nr J Miihlirnl llrfiarlioi Pmr     Tim AUK MIK A TltANH AUK8T and  UU t Olil KMB AH LIGHT ITMELF     Julius A Krenkle    Ami forooflnr   f midiirHiK t  to tlu  y  ran  not In  0 xo lli l    iiitLIInu Hit  wearer to raatl  Inf hour  without fiUiuuo  In fact  the  uro    PERFECT RIGHT PKKHKItVERB     Next Door to St  Cloud Hotel     CARLISLE  KY    Pepairing done promptly  and reasonably  using tin   very best of material  I also  sell ready made goods in  Mens  Womens   Childrens  Shoes and Roots at Bottom  Prices for CASH     Te iinohUI  from the lending j hy loiaua  III the t llltcd State   call In  given  who Itavo  hail tlu lr Might I in proved hv tlinlr im      HawEvs  Patent Extenaion   sritrwj   yic   The Finest in Existence     All Eyes Fitted and the Fit Quaran   ted at the Drug Store of   Kenney A I fills  Carlisle  Ky       Tlii sc  lias    urc not Nup 4tt l hi  iriliitr    at any price       None ireiiulhe unleAM the liana  iiawkkm In   lamped tiu frame    I W Hul KH VI K DEPOTS   Atlanta  Ga j Aua   I till  Texan  K   ptl   ly     HAIR BALSAM   the popular favorite for druwlng  Ute hair  ttenteruig cuter whan    yrav  and prwi Un  UaiulrulT   II cI miuiv Ui  anaip  atop  Ute      It cImum Ui  araJp  atop  Uta I  tear fain w  and U ure to pUwa   I  tor  and tt M at IrogirUU  U    HINDERCORN8      Thaaafaat  auraa  and boat cure for Coma  Buntooa  Ae   fttoiM  ail pnln  Iiiura oomfort W Hi  fwi  Mavar  alia  to cum  U vunta at L ruggWU  UkkoA m Nx    Y     G  W  GRIMES  M  0    lli Mlriaii and NurK  oia     GRASS anil FELD      HEMl ANN l AI     STATEMENT   Of ths Comlltlon of the    Giltco Hi Jmlgo llollldny a bullUlug    IIuvlng hH utcl here for the practice of my  I profeaaloti  1 otter lay Her vice  to the pul tic   i Keahlelice ill Fuat Kml   ill the Thou  John   I aon huime     I AllGEMT uml liloNt coionlete HtK k III l nJ  1   llitl Kentucky  Gill Motto Ite t g MMtl  Illl l Isiw  Ht I oiiNlNtfllt I rlfCM     i   thee houra from V u  m  to 7 p  iu   Ducn  im     I   tAMItol l   I    slug ion  My    I 77 unit 7M W  Main Hlrcet  IJaul ly    DEPOSIT BANK OFCiRLISLE  hr WliJ Wry M     ANIi IOII    Carltalc  Kentucky  Dec  dl  HM7  UKBOUHCEK   Real FaHate  4 tl llk 2 b   Rank Furniture     I Too no   Deiuaud 1  ouhh  12  iuu 00   UvordrafU   4 t  r r2 r i   Litau  and DlatiouuU  222 171 78   Due from Uuukg  08 407  tJ   CoHh audCVh IteiUM   2o oo7 o i    Ml 1 1 KUMiCRG  KY     T IIAVEu few choice pure hrcl Light  llruhmu ami Wyamloite t oukeielM for  i Wile at 81 110 and 82 00 euch  AUo  eggs In  soHbou at 81 00 for III  Thu cuah mu t m coiii   pttiiy each order    HatlMiacthm guaruuteed    I 1 Dec 1m F  A  IIEltREItT     Liebig Company s    extract of meat     LI A 111 I I I IKS     C apital Block   Hurplua Fund    Profit ami Loh        Dua Bauka     Due Depositors             77 000 00    2  000 00       1 020 82      2 204 47     2 8 722 08    m REWARDED are thimi who read  ihlMund then act  they will find  honorable employment that will  not lake them Irnm their homes    and htmlllcH  Tm  proittMure luige anti sure  for uveiy ImlUHlriouH oerMon  many have  made ami htu now makiug aevurul hundn d    dollara a month  ItUeasyioi any one lo  muke 86 and upwardH per day  who I  will  ing to work  Either Hex  young or old   cap     Itul not ueeded  we Mart you  Everything    ONLY HURT   liiuraaltd  iauie liy IIAKU V LltKIli     Highly recoin mended a  a nightcap luuicad  of Alcoholic drinks     Kuuiue only with fuc Mlniili  of  Huron Lleliign Hignuliire in lilue  144 rOhK iulu l     Sdd by BlorcUis purH  Grocern and Drug   glHtN everywhere     Net earuluga past 8 months 88 068 21   Diutrlhuted aa follows    Divtdeud 4 pur OUllt       1 88 00   Added to aurplua iuud   2 808 00  Addtid to Profit A Iams   070 21    88 060 21      Hal not ueeded  we Mart you  Everything  new  No MpcclHl uhilly re iilrud   you  te td   el   c tu do ft un well as uny oue  write us at  once lor full pui tlculuru  which we mall tree   Addrcau silusou t Co   kVrrtlaud  Maine    l u  laliuud deposits of 6 years standing     Mr   Martha Kendall  June I 88 i  IM is   Jane Hatcher  ool  July       t no   Gao  T  Gould  August  2 k    Mary Hlout  col December     I ftU   V  E  CONGLKTGN  t ashler   Huhtcribud and swore to before lue  hy  K  E    ougleloii  Cashier of the above nam  ed Hank  this Jun  2 nd  18 8    JbO  N  Itoas  Nolury Public     CARLISLE ACADEMY    MVIHfl HKA WoNliERHcklsl hi thousuuda  llriKr   nouH  but are surpassed by the  Vffifi marvels oi lnvcullou  Those who  are In need ol protttublc work that  can be d tin  while living ut home should at  once send tlu lr uddrcsH to Hallelt A Co    Portland  Muiuo aud recleve free  full In   lorniuilon how either sex  of ull ag h  can  earn from 8  to ft26 per day and upwards  wherever they live  You arc Ntartcd free   4 apltal not rciutred  Boiiu tiavo made over  v ii  In u single day ul this work  All sucoeod     Opened for the Fall Hesslou     W Meplembep  VII   1  7    t    POSTED     PRINCII AL8    llrary 1   Itlioilrs    HInn  ulli    Ueliilyre     A LL Pertous are warned not lo Ircspa s  upon my farm adjoining RurlerOlle    d to t Ulorce the law against    td to tulorce the law against  tins uotreu    udmeuiwW il  MARTIN  M 1      Terms fur Tulllou of Twenty Weeks    Advanced Glade      on   Intermediate    tMJ   Pi Unary      _       p   uu    S  J  Daughertys   MARBLE ui ERA 1 ITE WES   No  6 West Second Strut    UAYMVIIiI II  HY     fiuildiug Stouo Alwujs cu Hand    by mull win ri ct lvu lln  atiu               w uru r  bymiili wilt 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ye   cheaper than  who don t car    ltd   Miiik    kind ou hum   minutes by  V  This never ft  Howell  DruKi    NCTKI    All iiiiii  itutl t Ik   TIiom  Iim    214 4 4811 II IM   January  wlllioul 1    l MM  Mlill   tOII Pi I III 3   UK     To My Frl    1 will  make cion  year and  conic prom  account     Now Im the  tuy Hue of Im  clime out  po it    I oil   An I am oii  home  I take t  all who have i  they mUHt call  gooila will tm h    MoIUt    To the citizei  iiIuh County     Having this  tereet Iu the In  Butrin  we tu  thunk the pul  liberal putronuj  Kood will to the  may receive th  erous aup K rt   retnuiuN with tl  ofourhookH ui  H  ectrully U8k    Name    J  J    Juu  12  1 SKN     All permniM  H  CL KobciU   to cull und Ni l  ItiK olalmH uk   preHt iit them ti   ai l m       The linn of  la tllikiluy liiuso  J  J  Hhucklefo  IiIn iutercht to t    Juil  12  I8NN     We hereby et  mas of J  J  Hit  Oh  Htuud nil i ui  retuainiuK with    Juu  12  I8H8     I                e     ves     Cl     we     e     ry    a     ll  if    Pmr    IKMT AND   Ki r    the aye ran  rer to read  t  tlioy ure   VKItH    physicians  i  who have    r use   iMion   L1NM    ice    t Guaran   i of   si    Ky    to peddler    IIA W K KM la   it  liu   Aua    1 7 ly     ELD     ock In CenJ   Hu t gtMHlfl   IOU  Ky   IJaul ly    nys   ieat    IJIKIIi    Ml  I it tdeu l   simile of  in Mint   mu  Drug     I II I  U tMillilM  ad by   ho  III Oho who   work llial  i  Nhoulti at  lull A Co      full lll   i ag  h    mi  il upwards  iinU i frie  HtUilu over  ill Mumvil     tye     K      MONEY  MONEY    t  what we want  Money in what we must have  Yam  aeeonni in due and  we witt eacpeet pan to cati and settle  SMITH Sf   T 9 ICH    STAR CLOTHING BEALL       THE MERCURY    THURSDAY  JAN   12      A dvici  TO   IOTlH IIM    Areynudlsturhrd nt night unit brokeu oi  yur rent by nNlrk rhlld Muttciihg uml   i  Ihk  With pull  nl cutting t   t h   11 A    send at   ODOM Mild g l M bottle Of Mum  WlNAf OWS  Moor III NO HYKUI  roll t II t l tlUB N l  ntlNW   It  value fa Incalculable  It Mill relieve flu  poor llllle MUtfuier liimiedhitely  Depend  upon It  mothers  there In no mistake about  li lt ourea dysentery mid dlurha n regulates  the atoinucli and bowels  cures wind colic   aoftcini tin  gums  reduce   inlhimmutl  m   and give  tone ana energy to the whole sys   t oIII M KM  Wl NMMlWM KoOrllINO H  Id I  I on  i ll 11    H K N TrarillMl la pleiiaiint t   tnat    Mini    the proscription  l one Of the o de t and  Ii at female uurnca uml phyaieuina in Hu  ll ntted States nml la for aide b  nil dioggl t   throughout the world  Price 2  eenta m hot    tie  May llMy     Mints Currie nml MltmU  Mnnti will Tin  Drawing    l o found ot I heir homo with their 1     Millinery goode until Spring  nm  are The following were tho lucky onss In  very gruteful for psat favoraaml patron  inir drawing Iasi Monday    Hewing MachineWm  Young    Cross uml Crescent C has     age and ask a continuance of the same   For Male    Jolm R  ronling is  irnl  for I hr Cincinnati Weekly  Enquirer  itnil nil  nhrri    lion   roni lly fortt ni tfrtf    A  nrtf    1 take  bis method of returning  tuy thanks to my friends uml patrons  for their kimluewi  and to inform them  that 1 will Jtuvf  this Spring  the fl uet  and laatt stock of clothing  that I have  ever had and at very reasonable prlees    Jar  Mann    w     English Hpavin Liniment removes  all Hard  Nofl  or Calloused Lumps  and Blemishes from horses  Hlooil  Spavin  Curbs  Hplints  Hweeney  Ntl   flea  Sprain   Ho re nod Swollen l liroat   Coughs  etc  Have  50 ly use of one  bottle  Warranted by Tureman A  Howell  Druggists Carlisle    Mol Ire    Ali persons knowing themselves in   deldt d to tile UOdemiglKHl  either ly  note nr   count  are requested to eall  and pay immediately  as 1 want Die  money to pay my debts    24nuv2m  T  C  Hkmndon    My aecounls are now due  so please  come and settle at once by easli ot note  as 1 want iny books closed up    J AS  M ANN    w     II JIumI lie Paltf    Rogers  k Bostain request u to say  that those owing them must come for   wird ami settle at once and save cost   No joke  but a reality  to those who  do not come forward and settle      m   The nil ll win  wtlli  llieir me unit   for liwt   ar promptly ran expect  hr  fivorn Hit  year  uml buy their prooerie   I to up  r limn tli He lnng wimlc 1 ones  who  tou t rare if they never pay    Hati hk  Howk Co    Itetl  Muiiko  anil Senile ne of every  kiml on tniniHii or anlmalu eitre l In lilt  minute  by Woolfont e Sunitary J otiou  Tbia never fail   Hobl by Tureiinin    Howell  Uiuaaieta Carl lull     fatn    All SfCOUlitM are non title  anil llie money M an let I  TImmm  lta  Iiik luiiK tNelletl  aeeuuiilN will le Nitetl in  January  unrlerlj  our I  without I ii t Iter not lee  un  ion   nill by ne a t Comity  Court Hay   ui nhi v a oii i n   To My Frleniln ami l iitrims   L will be compelled to  make clone collections this  year and depend on you to  come promptly and pay your  account  J  F  Fiuth    Now is Die time to get harguiiiH in  my line of business  ns I aui going to  closeout  positively    11 auk v Ogdkn   Jeweler      m   w     buiiig Io Move    As 1 am going to Paris to make my  home  1 take this opportunity to notify  all who have repairing in my shop that  they must cull at once and gel it  or the  goods will be wild for charges    Harry Ogdkn   Jeweler    Police lo I mlllork    To the citizens of Carlisle and Nich  olas County     Having this day disposed ofour In  terest lu the lumber business to F  M   Beale  we take this opportunity to  thauk the public for their kind uml  liberal patronage  Wo also extend our  good will to the new Arm  uml trust they  tuay receive the same liberal and geii   erous HUp Hirt  Mr  James France  who  remaius with Die new firm  has charge  of our books und accounts  uml wo re  spect fully ask prompt settlement of the  same    J  J  SHACKLEFORD   Co   juu  2  1888     225 acres of land adjoining the farms  of Jus  T  Talbott  Thus  McDlintock  ami Mrs  Pollock  belonging to Mr  J  G  Witherhy  of Han Diego California  Tcims easy and price low  Apply to  Titos  McClintock  Agent    Millersburg  Ky    Late styles in H  V  Young A W  line hand sewed shoes Just received at  IjCo h    Dont buy your Carpets or Oil Clothi  until you go to IV J  Hutchings A Hon  Du  furniture dealer    and fM e their  Mortment    Humk of our rorrceponUeutfi are still  j writing it 1887    P  1   Hu ay has moved to the James  Fisher residence on Die hill     M    Hamilton     Lights of Temperance C  W   Mathers     The Rook Open J  M  MeCon   nnughhay     Thompsons Poems Mrs  Emily  Fish back     Treatise on Horse H  R  Owing     Knight Templar Abroad Nathau  Young    We the undersigned supervisors here  by certify Diat the a hove drawing was  honestly nud fairly conducted in the  presence of numerous witnesses    R  H  ClfAM    Ed  Bourbon News    J  W  Pow Li NO  Forctnau Mercury     Ol U i  they wi      imddH sre looking ns though  sure of success this year       YNTiiiAN   hasorgaidzetl n Uniform  Rank of K  P  with forty inemts rs    Mon i i I iiisTo  Company played to a  parked house here last Wednesday    PnUTMA8TKK  H  C  Metcalfe  has  charge of the weather in tliis vicinity   Tiik Millersburg Deposit Rank do  dared u semi annual dividend ofper  cent     i cghs tod in our last to say that  Inwclps New Years  lift was a    Wi    J  D   boy    KVANALl tsT MooDY optned in  Louis villi  Sunday with a packed house  5 000    Tiik Natural  las   ompany at Cyn   thlaim have quit in disgust  having  sunk  5 000    TlIK Law and Order League are put  ting some of our citizens to  soma  lit  tle trouble     IlAfHiAHb A Rknton have taken  editorial charge of the Winchester  Democrat    Cardwkll  who killed Hunter  in  Jessamine County last week has beeu  acquitted    Till  Mozart Hall Company have  put in some elevated seals in the back  of their hull    W  H  H  J nil khon  of Millersburg   has leased DiePurnell House in that  city  for a period of two years    A Law and Okdkk Lkaook lias  been organized in Ml  Olivet loauppreoH  liquor selling and gambling    Tiik  l0ft bill   exhibited in Turemuu  A Howells windows last Wednesdny  drew a gmd crowd around tile sl re    W  A  Him   Jk   of Paris  will have  charge of the new puper  under Dr  II   C  Keiioe  to Is  issued here next week   A nkw ferry lsat has been put in  operation across Licking River at junc  tion of Panther  reek turnpike by Day  A Wells    11  M  Kahuis has Is en appointed  special City Collector of taxes  vice  Cbas  R  Morford  ami Jno  M  Camp  bell Clerk    Mrs  Laura Nkal  of North Mid   dletowu  has been grunted u  ensioii  being the widow of a Mexican War  veteran    Tiik editor of the Ml  Olivet Tribune  been arrested for druwiug a pistol on  N  A  Throckmorton  Chairman of the  Town Council    John Smith  a poor  Itliml soldier of  Ml  Sterling  has been grunted pension  arrears of  18 1173  and  73 per month  Die rest of his lift     Tiik little soil of Jolm Fitzgerald  of  of this county  who bus beeu suffering  from a broken arm is getting along very     nicely at present                    So mi  onk found u gmsl sized roll of I  money oil Die streets of Riehmoud some     I time since  and no one has yet turned  up to cluim up  Hlrunge    A btkkkt railway i ompany has beeu  organized ut Piueville  and T  O  1 H   Vunee  formerly of tliis city  is oueofj  the incorporators    Mrs  E L  Johnson will sell26 ucres  of laud  some stock  feed  etc   at her  home ill Millersburg  next Saturday  afternoon at 2 oclock             Ciiam  Mii i kr  of this county  was  lined twenty live dollars aud ten days  in jail by Judge Nor veil last week  for  carrying concealed weupous     Weather Signal    No  1  White Flag  indicates Clear or  Fair weuther    No  2 Blue Flag Rain or Suow    No  3  Black Triangular Flag  Tem  perature Signal    No  4  White Flag  with black  Square in center  Cold Wave    Interpretation of Signals 1 The small  streamer is merely a starting point from  which to begin to read    No  1  alone Indicate  Fair weather   Stationary Temperature    No  2  alone  indicates Rain orHuow   Stationary Temperature    No  1  with 3 following  indicates  Fair weather  colder    No  3 with 2 following  indicates  Warmer Weather  Rain or Snow    No  I with 4 following indicates  Fair Weather  Cold Wave    The indications are given for 24  hours  U gitining with 7 a  in  eaeli day    Fora masqued robbers met John  Hanley and wife  formerly of this city   in Kansas City a few nights ago  and  declared a semi annual dividend of  John s gold watch and  20 in cash   Mrs  Hauly hud her ears covered with  a muffler  and saved her tine diamond  I cur rings  She gave them some sharp  I criticisms for their im  olite way of  transacting business  and they told her  in a very unchivulric manner to hush  up  or they would shoot her  Bourbon  N ew    Court DayN otwithstanding the  disagreeable day quite n large crowd  was in town and a large business was  done by all our merchants  Collection  good  Not  much stock offered  Hut  what was sold brought fair prices   Quite a numlicr of private sales of hors  es nt good ligures    Lost Pourkt BookO n Monday  I last  either in Carlisle or on the runt  between here and Bethel  a leather  pocket Isstk containing  217 and four    copper cents  and a Rath Oouuty tax  receipt for  3 40  Finder can return to  this office or the undersigned and get a  liberal reward  as I have worked hard  to earn the money    Jkkfurson IIam  Bethel  Ky    Attention  Sir Knights     There will Ik  a meeting of Carlisle  Cmnmnndery No  18 Knights Templar   at the new Masonic Hall on Friday  evening next at 0 30 o clock  A full  attendance is desired    Done by order of   W  W  Howard  Em  Com    T  J  Gl KNN  Recorder    With our system of mailiug  we  can t fail to mull a paper to every sub  scriber on our list  Yet there are  some complaints from sultscribers  that  they dont get their p  ers  The cause  Is nothing more nor less than careless  ness on the part of the employes iu the  postal service    Jamkm and Thomas Kknnkdy  of  tliis city  have nurdiased   The City  Drug Store  in Ml  Sterling  and will  take possession in a few days  We i e   speak for these young men u liberal  share of patronage  aud vouch for their  ability ns upright and hottest gentle  men iu ull tlieir dealings    TlIK Ashland House  Lexingtoii   uuiler Die management of Messna Col  lier A Green  is doing a large business   and it deserves all it gets  The table Is  always supplied with the very best the  markets afford  and Die other aecoiu   inodutious are first class  When iu  Lexington dont forget to stop at Die  Astilaud     Personal     K you have friends visiting yon  or If yon  are going away from home on a visit  drop  us a notice  We And our personal column  one of the moit Interesting in onr paper    W  J Saunders  of Ewing  was in  town Monday    Georgn B  Powers  of Winchester   was In town Monday    Miss Hudie Long  ofHarrisou is vis  iting her cousin  George Long    Col  R  R  Champ  of the Bourbon  News  was lu town Monday    Mrs  Dunlap Howe returned Monday  from a visit to Flemlngsburg    Will Bramble I has gone to Green   castle  I ml  to attend school    Wm  Wise left Thursday for Indian  apolis on a prospecting trip    Wm  Doyle left Tuesday for a months  visit tu his uncleat Pittsburg  Pa    Mrs  Wilson  nee Rossel   of Ciuciun   ati  is visiting relatives iu this county    Mrs  J  W  Carlin returned Friday  from her visit to her old home iu Geor  gia    Mhw Katie O f Conner has been visit  ing her mother In this city  during the  past week    W  A  Hill  the Paris marble man   was down Monday looking after his  customers    Miss Corra Porter  of Maysviile  has  leen visiting relatives in this city dur   the past week    Judgo Chas  Lytle left Monday for  Hot Springs and will tie absent two or  three mouths    Mins Mary Clay Baxter has returned  from Hamiltou College ou account of  illness    Homer Berry  of Paua  III   has leeii    HIRTHM    K INC ART To the wife of George Klncart    of this comity  on the 5th lnt   n daughter  I    MATRIMONIAL    HOSSKLI  UAFKIN At the residence of  the bride s father  near Headquarter    R  It   Rossel I and Miss Ella Qaffln    BARLOW MORRIHAt Headquartcra  In  this county  John H  Barlow and MImn lift   tie Morris     DKATRH    LYNAM On the9th Inst   lu thD county     Mra  Harry I ytmni    FOOTER On Haurday Inst  at Ids home  near Miller s Htatlon  in this county  Mr   Jerry P  Foster  aged about M years  Obitu  ary left over for want of space  will appear  next week    CARLINIn this city on Monday morn  ing  Trlnnee daughter of Rev  J  W  aud  Alice Uarllu  aged 2 years and  i months   A lengthy notice crowded out    FORMAN On Monday last  near l lttle  Rock  Bourbon County  Miss Celestlne For  man   laughter of Mr  Wesley Forman    DALLAS The death of Mrs  Cynthia  Dallas  who pussed away on Hnturday  Jan   7  isss nt her homo  removes from the com 1  niuntty a name and a face rendered familiar    by at  unbroken residence of seme 50 years   She was born lu Harrison County  in IHIH  I  and formed one of quite a uumemu  family     Hlie frequently alluded with evident delight  to the circumstances which led her to unite I  with the Christian Church  at Paris  lu her    early womanhood  For some time prior to  her marriage nud up lo the tluieol her death  slio resided iu Carlisle  Hliu has outlived  most of her contemporaries  As a woman   Mrs  Dallas was exceedingly unpretentious   and her demeanor In life was honest ami  humble  There wus no attempt to he any  thing other thnu she really wasa plain  and sincere Christian woman  Her religious  lire was characterized by piety  prayerful  ness and unvarying faithfulness   she was a  woman of decided convictions in all matters  pertaining to life and godliness  Her con 1  sisteut life and zeal for the Lord were a con  stant Inspiration to her Christian friends  I    L  GUT MANN   CO        J ewelers    CARLISLE  ICY    Dcnlcrs in Watches  Clocks  Silver and Plated Wares   Spectacles  Ac  All goods warranted as represented     t Plicpniring Solicited  Satisfaction guaranteed jm   M  O  DEVOSS  Manager     Darnall   Colliver    COAL DFALER8   AND GENERAL   INSURANCE ACENT8      Jas  Archdeacon    CARLISLE  ICY      M ABU   ACTITRKIt or    CARRIAGES  BUOOIES    SPRING WAGON   Buck Wagons  Sulkies    Skeleton  Wagons  Carts  Drays   c    teT Kopniring  ninl all Branch   of  Hlai kamithing Done Promptly     Will sell you the best Coni  at most reasonable prices   and give yon choice of 10  of the best Fire Com  panies in the world  to indemnify von  against loss    1VE VN A CAM     Dot l Otn      A FEW PRICES    Fresh  Bread I   AND   Cheap Groceries     Children Cry   mo niTeupnp     FOR PITCHERS    We keep constantly on hand  a select stock of Groceries   which we sell at the  lowest prices     Also fresh Bread and Rolls    baked daily  Give us a call    GRATER BROS     In her declining years du  found her chief  visiting relative   in this city during the delight in conversing about the welfare of  pH nt week  i bur Master a Kingdom  The community               bears willing testimony to her devotion as a   W  T  Henry will leave this week for  wife  uml her luterest in her children whs  Naples  Florida  to tqtend the reuialuder truly motherly  of thesobut three survived I  of the wi utt r    ber deuth  uud mini stored to tier lu Iter lust     Mr  F  H  Wilsou  of Denver  Colo    rado  is visiting his sister  Mrs  J  W   B  Lee  of this city    Mrs   V  T  Buckler lias gone to Ocala   Fla   to atteud the sick bed of her  daughter  Mrs  Tom Waller    Wai  Craig aud sou Newt  left Mon     Hlnuss  We trust they will cherish her  memory und Imitute her godly life  Mho was  no sit auger lo trouble  uml hente her fond  affection for the lourteentli chapter of John    Let not your heart l e troubled   from which I  her fliueral discourse was prrtichod on Him   day last to a largo and wceplug congroga    turn  ut sho lias exchanged tin  storm   of  life for the ptaouef heaven   Blessed are the      deud who die in the Lord fiont henceforth     day morning for a three months trip yea aith the Splrl  that they may rest from  through Kentucky and Tennessee  their labors  hum their works do follow   Mr  John Craig  of Lancaster  was th   m   _   the guest of his brother  Wm  Craigs  family  from Uaturduy until Monday    Miss Lida Saunders returned to her  home in Lexingtou  Thursday  after a  short visit to Miss Minnie Stewart     Casloria hhw   M M M CAPITAL PRIZE   150 0    Centaur Liniment is the most  wonderful Paln Curer  the world lias ever known     CAPITAL PRIZE   150 000     We do hereby certlly that we sunervl    the arrangement  lo  all the Monti Vv n m   Hlate  Jittery Loin puny and in purnou man    SdThit C M  llr0lt l    r   wliig   thcmnel vcn   thesanio are comluciou with Imiii   esty  fatrnoMM and in go    1 ruiih toward tin  parties  nml wc authorise ttie Com puny i    use tlilM cortlOcat    With fnc slniiles or our  slguaturus attached  lu I In advertisements     D  J  II t Tt II INUM  K    t HUTCHINGS      1   J  HUTCHINGS   SON     C 1 A I f I    I SCI    KY    Mr  Altiert Hostetler has returned  home after u two weeks visit to hi  J  father in Galatiu Couuty  who lias   kieen   Uite ill    Misses Crotia aud Lizzie Coons  und  Miss Ollie Coons  of Bath County  ac  companied by W  W  Scott  C  11  Me j  Cormick uud Joseph Hon  spent New  Years week with friend  in aud mar  Mt  Sterling    Mr  Joseph Hou  of Gaiutiu County   is vtailing his uud   Andy Conns  ami  other friends uml relatives in this ami  adjoining couutie     Souutor B  F  Reynolds  Kepreseutu     Wbsu n by WM sirk  wo gsro  ir CMtoria   WUon sho wm a Child  she rrio 1 for CMtoria   Whoa oho boeamo MUn  aha rlimg to CMtoria   Whu sho had Childrau  oho gavo Vieoi CMtoria       NOTIfti Of IM0RI 0IUT1 I     Know all men by tbeso presents     That wo tli   uudorolgiMHl  tin hereby aunty   elate otirsolvoM together  and become iucor    Nrated tinder t liapter ill ol tin  General   statutes ol Kuutiicky with  M wer tn sue and  bo ailed by the cnr N  Hle name  to luivc a  common Mttul  willi power to alter  ami  at  pleUHUie  and with power to render the  onart H  r liiierc tior theHtticklnyhlerN trails   lot aide uud to prescribe the mode of m ik  ing NUt li transfer  with power to exempt the  private property of luemhcrN from liability      for corporate debit   to make t nnlracij  ac   tive El Kclitou uml  lei k Keller were quire and transfer properly  po scsHing the  111 ivcimiii  Uini A Ieik l lli r were M   n   In such respect a t prlvute In  al home from Saturday until Momlay  I V               u _  by laws     Dealer in all kinds of    Furniture  Window   Shades  Brackets  Pic     ture Frames   c  at the   Lowest Cash Prices  Delivered Anywhere      IKI MtTtUI Vtj anil  I IIKiMlINU a SHU I A I TV         CUBA PKHT    With the finest assortment of CAMKKTM  anil ItolihX  together with the clisn  o  t  CAHI Xconstantly on Ituuil  Dont be afraid  to call on iin  wo can furnish you any milflt  you may desire  tiom Du  FINEST to the    UlfB Evil llrulou  ol lit  Sterling   litt  Ix eu I In  gueat ut Mr  mill Mr   T   C  Colliver for the ptt l week     and make till rules uml rogulailomt deemed  expedient lortlie management of It s atlalrH  not luctnislMtont with cxtMting laws    Isl Ttio underMlgneil are the iiuiiion ttf the  Ineorporatom  M  V  Itostuiu uml vv  j   Komietly  The name of the corporation Mlmll    W ill Hnvil wlm liau Immoi in I wli u    u be the Carlisle Milling Company  and it   ll   nn u  Wlio uas lain lu imtiaua principle place   i husluess Carlisle  Ky    r about a year is hvre visiting his sis   ml  The general nature   f the btiNiuess            4   i proi oAcd to no transacted Ih the operation  f    for   ter  Miss Mary Boyd  of the Ht    Hotel    Miss Carrie Muusou returned Mon  day from her visit to Ciucinuati  ac     I pro  osed to betraiiMucted U the operation of  Cloud a Hour mill ami the buying and helltug of    all kind   of cereals amt such other business  1 u Ih Ineldeiilul thereto  wltti  H wor t   carry  I on hucIi business ax a natural person      trd  The amount of capitul stock author   Isel to be Issued In the name of said cornu       _           rutlon is twenty flvethtyusantl dollars  tltvl    eorupanied by Mins Halil Camptiell    detl into sbureHof one tbmiHaml dollars each   who U tlm on  Hl of Mr  r   n    w      h The same to lie paid In at the time ami In   Who is Hie guest or Mrs  Holl M  Waugh  ma manner to be det mil tied by the Hoard of   hrauk Carr  the affable railroad agent im  The said corporation Is to commence  nt Riehmoud  was over to see liis old business ou the h day of Februaav  mss                      anti to terminate 25 years from said date    friends in tills city last Monday uud uulek  sooner disaolv Hi by a two thinlM   Koteof the Capital stock     Ali persous iudeldetl to the estate of  H  G  RoIhjiU  deetused  ure requested  to cull und Ht ltle  uml all persons huv   iug elaluiH against suit  estate  must  present them to me properly proven  2t   M  J  RoiiKHTd  Adiux    m  m   IklhNol ill ion Police    Tile flriu of J  J  Hhm klc oid   Co   Is this day dismil veil by inutuul eotrseiit    J  J  Hliut kleford retiring  having Hold  his interest to F  M Beale    J  J  Hiiacki i i iihd    J  W  FltANCK    Jail  2  1888    We hereby nontinue Die lumber Uni   lies  of J  J  Hliiit klefoiil  k Co   ut  lie  old stuud on rail roud street  Mr  Fiuttee  reiuaiuiug with Die new eoueern    F  M  tl ALK    J  W  Franck    Jttt   2  1888     Tiik Mkkcuky is iu something  toward having a street lump pluotsl on  the It  M  Barks corner  near the depot   at foot of second street          M  V  BosTAIM has purchased 8  G   Rogers interest lu the mill site uud en  gine iu this city  uud Die old mill iu  Iin  suburbs for the sum of   3 i inm cuhIi    Mh  W  J  Kknnkdy deeire  u  to  n turn IDs sluoere thunk  to his neigh  bor  uml InotuU who were so kind to  hi  family during hi  lute bereavement          Wi  are indebted to Mr  uud Mrs  I  J ms Dooley for a share of the nice lot       cake  fruit  candies  UUts and grapes  sent tlieii  by Mr  Dooleys  slater  Mrs   Murlhu Marr  of Muishull  Mu    Would it nut be u gomi ideu for  lie  street lamps to bo left burning ou the j    KillkdW hile erossiug the bridge   uear Die old Jail Tuesday uioruiug    Burry   Die line English pointer lie   longing to Jno  D  Howell was ruu  over by the uortli bound traiu and  iustuutly killed  There has l eeu much  lamentation among our hunters  us lie  wus an extra line dog    Mu  llAttKibON McCormick  of For  est Red eat  inis bought of Mr  Win   MeCruckeu a residence ill Dorslaua   uud the saw ami grist mill of Chris   Higgins  und will move to towu  He  puitl  for  he mill and  525 for Die  house    Burned A sixteen year old color d  girl  of tliis county  wniie popping corn  iu front of a lire place  last Saturday  caught Are and wus so severely burned  that she will die from Die effects    Torn Watkins  who bus charge of  Die IlillstHtro section on the C  A S  E    will work a section ou the Maysviile A  Rig Handy road IFkiningshurg Ga  zelle    Dks Tilton uud Grimes In consul  tation w ith Dr  Duwnou  of Cincinnati   on Die cuse ol Mrs  Foruittu Gillepie  yesterday  did operate  ihiukiug hei  too feeble lo under go the operation    Jno  1  Fish Kit hu  been re elected    principal streets  an hour or so longer Cashier of die North Middletown Hank   when there Is uu entertainment of any ulHi l   H increased  300  We are   kind iu towu  delighted ut Ihe good news     presented our foremsu with a handsome  pair of driving gloves    Miss Lmuiule Mock  the beautiful  bruuette who has beeu the guest of  Miss Fannie MeHhuue for Die past  week  returned to her home in Millers   burg Tuesday  mueb to the regret of all  her Cynthluua friends  She was said  lo be the iuot graceful dsmvr at the  hop Xmas  Cyuthlaoa Deiuocrut    TIIK DICK    Mayor HarueU la much better    Mrs  Forman Gillispie ia no better    J  K  Owen s child is dangerously ill     Wink   youngest sou of Kobt  Gar  rett is very low with pneumonia    lira  J  P  Foster Is ill with bron  chitis    Mrs  Jim Campbell  uear this city   is low with malarial fever    Claude Ratlitf  who lias beeu couflued  to tils room for several days is improv  ing    Geo  Heerest  who bus beeu very low  for several days with catarrhal fever is  some better    Mrs  John Goodman is very ill with  malarial fever ami her husband is also  colt fined to his bed     BOURBON CO      HOM   E    RaligloiM     lltfV  J     W  Uirli  the Baptist Church  uing and night     rliu  will preach iu  uext Muuday tuor     I KTTKH I INT    The following list of letters rcuiuiu  unclaimed iu the  Mjst office at Carlisle   Nicholas Couuty  Ky   for the week  eudiug Saturday  Jau  7  1888  aud  will be held two weeks  subject to au  additional charge of one cent each    person  culling tor Die same will pleuse  say  advertised     Marti it  Vaut y Miller  Mrs  Hue   Hcreetnn  J  J  TUoiuas  Mr  Doss   11 C  Mktvalfk  P  M    Carlisle  Ky    During Die year 1887 there died iu  Gvorgetowu aud Scott County twelve  peraoua wb sa  united agea reached MV7  years     5th  The ntlHlrn of Haiti Corporation Hhail  he munuaeti by a Hoard uf DirmtirMeoiuiiuM   etl of uot Iohn than two aiid not luoro tliuo  five purHttns stockholder   lu Haiti rorpora   tlou  the Freddeut  Meeretary Hint Treasurer   uud Hitch oilier ollit ers uod aueiits ia may  from time to time ho Hpptdutotl l y Haiti  Hoard of Directors said President  Hecrelary  and Treasurer to he elected by the Hoard of  Directors out of tlieii owu number  The un  dersigned Incorporators shall ho the Hoard  of Director  of said I  orporatton  with power  to inci ruse the uumher to live  uutil tile first  Huturdsy in Marclt  ISSN  hi which lime the  Hoard oi Directors shall be elected by the  Stockholders  ami shall hold their term of  olhce for one year  und until their successors  are duly elected amt qualified  uud uunually  thereafter on tile first Saturday In  Mureli   thu Uourd of Director shall he elected t y llie  Htoflkbolder     Tito Httaril of Directors shall annually elect  the President  Secretary ami Treasurer    till  The highest amount of indebtedness  or liability to which the Corporation Is ut  any time to subject Itself shall not exceed  the suiu of  15 UUU    7th  The nrivutft property ol the stock   li old ora shall tie exempt trout corporation  debts aud limn all t oriiorutlon liuhlimes    Witness our bunds  tilth the 7th day o  Jan  uary  1 HtM    M  V  HOSl AIN    W  J  KKNNKDY     A Beautiful     The patronage of our friends aud the public generally  In respectfully sol lo led ami sails  faction guaranteed    D  J  HUTCHINGS   SON   Piper Block       SHOE    9    yju iLiKir   New Froaess  l f t Sho     lutroduolug our new shoo to  lie tratle we shall try aud prove that wo uro giving some  thing out inly new lit you til a speoiaily  alo more value  wear and comfurt than cau he  found iu uny shoo now ou  lie market lor the price    1st  It taiuadu entirely free from Lasting uud Solo Laying Nulls  by a New Method of  lusting    2nd  A smooth luncrsolu free  wear out sioi klugs    Hr d  They are Double Mole  not welled und filled with paper    nil  They are stitched by a lock stitch inoetiine  that is qua  to the best Hand Hewed    5th  They two Silk Fitted aud trimmed inside with calf    titli  They are made of the Host Tannery Gulf  Glove Kid or Uoudola Top  worked Hut  ton Holes  frlp or 1 tn i  Lace Congress  lu ull stales of lasts  plulu or cap m plalu box to   surface stitched or t UaniicI  uml will lake the place of llaud Hewed Hhoos at half the  prleJ    row ull tucks  pegs  nails or threat  to hurt the feet or    uud will wear better     J  W  B  LEE    Suit  Agent  Carlisle  Ky     FOR SALE     On frVl runrj  Hili  issn    1 will sell at public suit  one uf the iiioust  llllle huiuoa lu Central Kentucky  contain  lug IASi acres of fluu blue grans land  so  acres good tobacco luud  I mile irotu North  MlildletoH n ami Immediately on tile Cano  Khlgc turnpike  The luud Is uenily all in  grass  fencing lu first t lass ooudlliou  uml   verythtug Just ready to muko money on   Tile dwelling Isa line frame   f seven rooms   vuraudu iu front with porch tin the ell  If  is i ousidcred one of the host frame houses  In Hourhou   ouuty  The P  F  U  If  if  runs  III about uiilo of the hotise  One of flu   best schools lu Ky   Is situated at North  Middletown   also churches  Ac  There is a  flue orchard of I5u trees wit It plenty of small  fruit  The yard contain  about t acre  ami  well tllletl a till evergreens  Tills home  must he seen to ho uppiccluted  uml not oil  1  eu sueli a ujaeels offered Without uny re  serve bid ll goes t  the highest blildei  ami  those wanting u holm are invited lo come  aud see before day of sale  i   At tiie same time ami place thu foiloalug  pel stiltuI properly will he nold   276 situ  ks 1  of ooru with goad     0 1 lot to feed ou   leu  itairels of bread corn lu crib   4 cows uml  calves  t  ow uud i lg  2 work mules  2 hoi   a  1 a ogou  nearly new  i  lod  i yearling belt  er  6 double plows   ti shovel   1 luower uud    rake  1 buck wagon  lmwlmggt  I rock a  wgy  4 avis geur  2 culling Iroxcs  Itousuliold I  and kltcheu furniture   ihs ol liacou   5u   ihsofiard  1 aiul will he sold lu   i pay mints   B cash  Uaiaucc in 12 and in month  with  i    pei vent Halt  comiuctuie piumpliy at lu  o t look    F  K  TiltiMAH  Agl  I    F  M  Peale   Co     HUCt l Xsoit s TO     JAS  J  SHACKLEFORD   CO      Comtnlssiornors    Wo the iimlurslgned Hunks and Hankers  pay aii Prizes tiruwn In the LmTlsiaua  Htute Lotteries wlitcli may he presoiitetl at  our  uHintvrit  1   J  H  OGLESBY    tri H  Limlniunu N H    nlm   Hunk   P  LANAUX    IrcH  Hlule Xttllonul llurik    A  BALDWIN    l re  New Orleuna Nulioiml llunk   CARL KOHN    I rtH  Ciiinii Nulioiml Ituuk    UNPRECEDENTED ATTRATION     Over Half A Milliou Distributed   Louisiana State Lottery Company    Incorporate I n  ikoh lr  6 jeur iiy  l  Ki lulure for Kllueutlouul   u Ctmrfl blo   pur pow wltli  eapiui uf l  M  l to    eu iuuJu   V       00          By an overwhelming popular vote u    frauehlMo     J    Htute   oust 11 u ttou adopted Utxwubvr 2 1K7I  TKeonlyl ry rt W     by the people u  tiny Mutt       It never Scale a or tn     I  hr ug  ln   Number Brnwlng     nke pl ee I    Wunrlerly   u l  l r   Ihree monthu   Harm  June  Hepieui  brr uud Dumuber     A 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Will relieve more  other known remedy    Neuralgia  Swellings  Druises  Burns   Scalds  Cuts  Lumbago  Sores  Frost  bites  Backache  Wotmds  Headache   Toothache  Sprains   c  Sold by all  Druggists  Price 25 Cents a Bottle     J  F  FIRTH    l KAI FH IN   Cooking Stoves    Heating  Stoves   Paror Stoves      ni nr    XtheXeclIpse  X    Tlii   Kdipsi    is a new  katlt  1   in  coking StoM s    Ucimtifiil in     sign  ittnl Itillv  gntinmtiiil ns  t ISnkn  ttuil    linking Slew  mil iis low in   ificf ns any sieve weiviiing  ns ninny  ionmls    I slnkc iny rcpiiliition its n   stoic 111 ii 11 iii giiarniiUving  il  ns goml if net lu ttiw 1 linn I lie   I icst    i  in  ileil to cull  its merits lor    4 Itiil Its my    TIm ho many day    i ill     ary hours ii  vrr I nn  the  Ob  ilouhtliu  heart    The ntormy i luuil  on high  Veil the mum  autmy  ky  That himjd t for spring la nigh   hall wake the summer Into golden mirth     Pair It  Is ilnwl  nml light   Isquoacheit in night    V  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out l  sen ori the ralcci    i i o that hrnikIT frc ni the edge   f the   hoi ice  our two hunters mi it  lucky isi  I luliu   all old otic that had found it mu    ciiudit to stav ut home  ami u  part pay  ment for their cxiaft urc in mucIi fearful  wi  1 11 tliej found it i u   t   tb  I rule lo taking udvantsp c   f tin  din  tin  wind v  sih inakitiK  To cut up Iti s  CiTi iu  v     hut the WolU Of H f  W UIO   itildt hut  hoi t as il was  it was long  o i u   i tor I he tide  then lit in   r i  iilly    I hit tin   rcat Held of slioro kv a footer    o mom and elevate it clear of t i   r ef      liif li    far had acted sis u huge hrake to  hold il to the laud  and with a ripping   roaring iio imc  like the clone volley of  mud   ir  from n l attaliun of men i r the  ci   hoi  a mar tlmiidcrU li c i aviug the  air  they heard thin field  f ice on which  they el  o i tearing loouo from the main  hole  and by tho time they reached the  crack  lit t   aids away  it had Income  o large that il would Imvo been     dangerous experiment to attempt      I up in p    fur in hi t  M i M tuttlly ice  I ult n s ult  itiie Eskimo in a stranger to  the art  f swimming  The  hIcksI anil  looked at each other foi a minute  griu   n ng a H rt of sickly smile that the t uu     asiaii re K ats when ho chases Ins silk  Ustvcr down a muddy street on u windy  day in  the presence tf a large and up   piiolutive audieiiec   They were udriit  in one of King Frost s men of war with  out ra ider  uiii or coiu  ass  and  worst    f i II  th    ilid not know how long they  had I een druftul for  An inspection re    ealetl the eruft to he ultoiit  100 yurds  long over all  about  joo yariLU um  with   armor six to eight feet thick  carrying  two guns with a crew of tiixee  and pro  visioned for two or three wis ks with ouo  vvalruu weigliing nearly a ton  1  should  have added that a sledge and three or   I our dog   were  tu b d up abaft I ho main  hatch  tlie former of which might do for  I m l and llu latter fur t   1 in ease of an  ouiergeiiey or t m long a cruise    At lu t the trip vvtiiA not a very  VOr    no a   long a   fliey could feel the prolcc   t ion    the roust  hut the further away  they tp t the higher the waves were swell   lug  4ii l in the course of two or three  lion  the urf was dashing over the  ut  thei  side and living in line spray and   I froth across tli  little cold weather cruis  ers and making tilings uueoiufort uble  generally    i i In re wu   some compacted hiiow under  the lee of a line of high hummocks that   I had once uiarkcd the place of tlie reef  from w inch llie storm had torn the great  Ho    and In ic our three INkimns busied   tlicmsclv   u in I milling a comfortable igloo    r snow lion     which would protect  them from the ni uhti  and two smaller       io were made uloii   ile  one to store  the meat to k  p it  root tlie hungry dogs  atld thi  oils l to prolix l  lie dogs them   s  Iw   It is ycry seldom tliut these jh      I I       hui  d sit  Ii snow kennels for their  do     iiunevii   dd   i stormy the wculher   hut now the lining i pi  iv l t   on I heir  ini aud the want of Kometbbui m do to    ADRIFT UN H i      Tlie rcenc of the adventure that I shall  relate i  in North Hudson a bay  and tin  time was Into In February  1ST    1 had   I een among the native    f this region of  the great bay  the Iwitlik INkirno  i ee i   lie fall U fore getting ready for a sled      j rttrney to King Wiiliam i  L md  in the j    i tie ocean  which tlu e natives had    uid could 1s st le started in the early 1  piiiig  and 1 Jj id therefore set the lirst i  week in Apr nn al out the time of i ut  departure    Due of tin  most necessary articles of  apply for such a sledge journey w  u oil    to cook our fiKxl  hv the native method     and givo Us light at night  and the seal    and walrus in tho Ikiv were the source      n which wo depended for this material     The contemplated sledge trip was to Ik   an overland one  and until we stood on    tlie shores of the An tic sen  probably a    month or two after starting  no oil pro  ducing animal could Ik  met  oral wo   llu roforo urged our hired Eskimo to iv j  prompt in getting us a good supply     l in n therecatne inusuperstition of tin  e j  al and walrus hunters that they cannot  itch those animals or eat their lles h  until the reindeer meat of the full  hunting seas   n had been disposed  i  and  n  onr venison supply  won large tliis purtieular autumn   it was well along in January  before the change was made  This was      lowed by one of llio e liv  K rlKr an  httrricanes whose piiHli uiinating feature     a  l onsist  iiey  and after Its three w  eks  f l   re d blowing was over  and we were  i    ly starved in our ice  Hilaces  we  awied out and stared tlu  situation in  tac face that it was hardly two month   until our departure  with no oil on hand  uti 1 little 1 ik  IiIukkI   f being able to pur  ebase any of the liatiws in tlieir depleted  ccniiition  M  own natives then fore  v  eiit to work with a will to supply tli      liciency  working early and late and  t iking many risks on the tn neherou  ice  that they otherwise would not have done    It was in taking one too many of these  i i ks that the material for my story waa  furnished me    kqueesik and Nanncmk  the Ell ow    iid the lohir Bear were two as faithful  and trustworthy walrus hunters as were  to I e found in tli  wholu Iwillik trils  of  Eskimo  and this saying v aa no small  c mpliinent in its line  f  r the name  i    iliik means walrus eating Eskimo  from  the large number of tlu so animals killed  by this tribe  and w hich really formed  their chief supply   f fi xl  Ikqta esik  i   in fact over anxious to see that every  thing in general and the walrus oil in  particular would 1  j udv f  r the tri  on  time  for though an Iwillik by adoption  ince lie was a liOy  he was l y birth a  chilluk  a Ixind that live 1 u tho  lolarsea  wli  ie we   ld prolxibly visit   and he fciiovv d a true patriotic deairc to  v i   it liis native land    By the iUth or Oath of February it was  quite evident that I kqueesik  unusual  energy would Ik   properly rewarded if  th vveathtr only ri inaiued go  sl  but this  vv ui tomciliing ia which no reliance could    placed whatever  idtliou di my Net     liiiiuk wulru   hunter ojH nly av  we l  that good vv athcr or bad vveatia r lie was  i  jug t   see that  uh far a   oil was eon   c  rm d  we hould have no delav in  t irt       pas  Of tlu    m a    dreamed of  were hurled  forward by the c ont  n   came eraaliing tv etlK r    The snow hut built  1 being housed  they lu  their situation fairly in  was not a very invitingo  of life  it is true  was j   xpcricticrd jh i s ai  tii h  a situation  and tbeM grea  as oak  in the de 4  th  t    very seldom went t      they did it waa U  mu t  would crush tin t i I  tv     to the surviving In Ids tin  e rnpc  But ir the storm c  they might  lighter southern v in   tliem back  nr al h  s  v jui on them nml tin  t  t that il was likely I  storm from the tin  and Iw reduced to   tic ll n iall cal       ach mid nil wa re   on stmitly overt u   nm       lh it lifl would I   a btlg on a lot of il   ii    av alt  t in  rnpitl    Again  their ship mi  I t bring into  foreign   oit from whieli  thotigli sif   they eeulil tiev  r return  or only after  long interval  for there was a ease anion  the Iwillik F Uimo  a mar  whom F  had left that very morning  win  twenty years Ivf  re  had been carri   away by an ice line and laudctl lhr   weeks later on the southern shore    Southampton Island  and from there It    I won a long  lonesome year nml a ha  i citing from the nativ s  f that Mrm  land hack t   his U loveil Iwillik  win  his friends and relatives had long i iiu  given him up a  having joined tint gre   Eskimo majority in tli   land v  her th  fountains siKMitcd pure al oil and th  houses where built of Mocks of froi e   reindeer and walrus meat       ops oi in  iii  ii mu ct IS 01 tn limp      ay in the clear blue distance  That  i ht their ll v  struck something  and  f ii      bglit grinding of the edge  Slowed   t  I   plainly that many pieces of ice wore  i      i I     ping them company on tho outer edge  l ii     n kind  l   tuk  and oh tliio shortly ceased it   a  I   1   1   11 1    Mfi evident that otlu  A  im oniing ice waa  iih a v I  V    T a 1 1 11 t     n nd the ne i  mid that they       p    t   j    re landed on tlu  shore ice or not far  frum it    X   t m M r h  li  ht revealed to them  tiiiti  bad 11 mil  of pack  to cress   i h th    ear fully did  leaving tho    i m to keep h  tic  mid tills biwa  lit     in 0 1 the Hi  1       1   111    t ft cn miles     b  h  i    mul if ever t WVlMr  dogs  1 whipped i  l poumled this team   i cinly   v    and nightfall saw them J    1       in  a d  vipiiimof their   crii  1    adve itim   try in   to prove tho navi       biv   I t m lIu i  onM bay route in tho    III f an A retie v int   r  Frcslcriek     it   a in N  W York Mail anil Express  1   Pretty Htorlei X  l All Irorod    Tin  ar   facts  ray masters  not at nil  carrying out tho prottv pictures of the    1 write  whose girlv girls in family   r an   1      f pioperty have only to     up liv ii  jH Tif  nnd write a ninganne    le  or   into fruit raLsing or liee    l    i ig  ni d buy a farm and new fur   m  li the hoe tlie lirst se ison on the  pi   tits  Mi Jit theie lv loubtablo young  v eu  i but ccnde  eeml to give the rest    f tlm world   mo inkling of their secret  mu 1 e d Every your the competition of  i d life o     i more intense  till no  favorite   i h   iftn and genius feels socure  in I  r place   r keep   it but at cost of    Ice pic    vlgilauco and oiTort    The thousand successes aro off sot by  t    s  f tiioc  lids  f Wituieii to whom life  i   a constant  train of Ixxly and thought   v iih   n y lightening enough of the tod to  I v endurable  It is enough to know   from nn d     l rejwrts  that the majority  f cult  vat d women are aged at 50  with  th  wiinkl   and gray hair fit for 75      ud   Km after die of overstrain  or break  wn in mind  Imbecility and hysteria  it i 1      to say nothing of insanity    1 v  1 d the ctmulaid of clleetive kilsir   t  ilcctunl nnd piiysical  rapidly lowers    IAfttUso the  Mamina of tho race is worn   nit L onmo n litan     I    FACTS C lMORN N J CANCCK     I    ANQEL9 IN THE HOUSEHOLD     How  w   t it were  if wlfImut f    l l   frl fhl    Or  1x11 11 of the iln iulful  iH nutmitn night    An nnut l ennu  t   n  nml wo couM Iw rtr  To kco him N ni0 fmm tho Klimt sir  At ovonlnn 111 ntir n  m  nml l   n   on ours  Hi  rilvlnn syoi   nml lirlnj  tin from lit  tK wrm  Nows of il  nr frli nU   siul chiMirn who hftff  in    r   wo shall know foivror    L llth Hunt       Dhpiim  of Alvitui     AtfO l lltln Known  of It     iiimm    In the fortydlrst annual 1       rt of the  registrar g  nernl of Knglnnd  published  in l sso  it ii mnserteil t ait the nundier of  deaths from canfltr was A   4 18 in 1M51   and l  ntH in IM7N  Imt us the population       thl Inriosd   iad largely increase   in this period  tho  increase in frequency will be more dis  _   tinctly nppnttiftted hy tho following qn     POET S SONG    tafion from tliis report   Tlie avciago    annual mortality  from CAiioer  during  tli  the years IHAO V VI trim804 In 1 000    000 living  In tho live years 1870 74 ic  was 4 i l  while In the year f S It was  aitl     In New York city the proportion of  deaths from cancer in 1875 was 400 to  1 000 000  In 1885 it was 530 to 1 000     000  According to tho reports on vital f                tatistics of tho census of the Uulted   the fashion for lighting up the lail  States of 1880  tho proportion of deaths     society devote s by curioim and     beautiful wax candles in magnificent  I candelabra  and candlesticks is rapidly    HOW DO WE DIO OUH GRAVES   f    THE     Tbn port s song  arc liki  melodious hlrda  Thai soar ami slnar aK vi  ihr 1      f words   And grrat his rapture when  from time to time   lie siiarce one wit It a   ilrery m t   f rlirim    Alimii I Mlntum Peck In Tin  CYltlr    MAKIN0 FANCY CANDLES    The Matri l tl t  ril In MndiO n Tliu     iuIIm fur tin  Chim ti Trade     ll     The only eliauct   in case tho lice  collisions with    flitii   their sn  v   i i tile sea  But hit  hnt collision was  for toward the wi  oi other ice cak  tiliore ice or blov  u  was forming a w  long but coni inn     ail sizes  from th  mullcst p    pf t udtleii danrer ivn  IhMitd  in come of i   hers  split direct b  hott    nnd drop tlu rn  li a clumc  f  i  a vi      l ourlv  I    lug        it her M h  a loti   l  m from the  o   t  f tome big     In      I      I    IiuiuIitmI y inl    v  i     I a mimhi r i   th i   ismv of   tlilt s ill ll ll  lll    mid whet  tin ymint        t   i itata   form  lutiii  b   i built r     i il a lava   front     1 hull    water to   top   thu iminus xv  tvi  s jjJ  lliur    i  my l at   1 ruala rs i   at    i an x  11 v i vur iluxi    1 bv i m i       vouc   iho art of man    1 V    o         It liiim    II 1 l   vu sis ii m   vissc l off tlu      truth of lltukvh  i Ktivir that a   fii iward   ainl in a bowl   a     lorni  hat made i fi r ha    ing luvn   ini ossibli  for    l i d   rah Itku my     i imc s     lo ku p 111V        h   mo on th dm         e xv T ta   kina up and dov  a   Just 1   in front   f   1 hv rmil 1      1T  I   1 Omaha   to gut tllisdi      ntt  uipt that haven   un Willie   xvouM Iiavo 1   ua  du if wu 1    1 It x a    grand  1   plungutl into lli   Ifiimiii  lee  A t reel     day  a 1   was finaliv loun   i  1   voxel   ami t    h   i    l burnt   it xvo Mailc ti  lit   din     ins  ives I ll v   e i   I     if I     i i   two ii i pi i ksu 1   all a mfi   apart  b   t     Brat      v 1 II uri   tending for mil      in li t  011 I to  I   l   rj gout   as X    got tin ui   ll lli   v    m  ll  1 ll  ard   f in Anu    down to half       in      v     v    iv xvi n t 1   through thu iii x   i         tho XVflll   vm   u xvont r     as still as a riv  blowing that 1  twelve knot  mi 1  By 2 o  lu  k p   and they v i  v   t t   what to do 1    r u h  all the xvalru   1     ilthoi  ut 111 pi    m     IvlU   S h     lire    extract t u   lane     t    the  semM   it  Naini   by fashion  hide  f tli   skin tlion  while wi   Ikqm   ii    matcher  all ut v  tobacco   ipieosik  n tla    oil  I  ut tli   l I in i      v  drits    cut I    Wele pi    d    hi   md Ik    ituocl w  list  In u  for    u bright ccotc  laid  thougii lianii   lieat the I o i e to  were sitting oil tl e  the dismal pro  pn     had raw It  1        was not    IkuI  a   il  diet of their 1    they could only    with honi   lu t   up  ing walrus llippcr   aUdit th      mi ut  not qiuility  and th    that   ti  ply win n 1  and Ibis latter did i   had  as the lloalin    J toi    head  1 hen      tt  h to    i thi v    lippo      t  I    and t  ve  t to HU I  i d a pic   ii I      ipplv w      t   i ntaiii nifiT  solid shore ice  murhed when  Should they     ul tiu i      they    hunt     tdru i tl  had oil  in the    1 t     j   i c  I    lat      tt tliciv own little L       J    f ice  howorer  to hunt for an  tho drifting waters might  them from it     h  t th y  never return  and thL   bihty would coniine their  lours to a very limited area       animal    pai r  m 1  could  pi   ha     hunting      o  take  isnutl    it ail in all  liovvever dark and  their outlook siciiiisl  tlierv  v  t r   many  bright  Koil iiit i   Invoking through the  black cloud nnd alter the first depr     idol  was over they I iked at tilings in a  far more cheerful 1 lit  Th  y went to  sleep early b  save their oil  curling upon  tin  snow Mil in ili  ir reindeer clothes a  not unusual circumsiuic    for th  y of ca  stay out al uiglit to hunt  I nil  i n r a  small igloo to 1  1 p in the only eli mg   being to witlidrav  their uiiic         tin ir  slivveH and fold them on their barn  breurita  a common practice uinoug tli  a  tieoplu when in a chilly  fir        snow  house or taking 11 nap in their  i  l      It was alm  st certain that they vvi uld  not he missed tli  first night ut th  wl  luge sullh icnt to can     alaiaii  11   nightly  absences of lull 1 lei s are tnx u iit wla n     Irnny I iml i  Dicnlty    Her standard wa i wna rcly high  Of  her pnp l  at the Koval College i f Music   it i  aid th    kept them aa close to  their          Mr  Buskin kept his draw   11     c    t n the curves of a snail shell   llei 1   iitmi ut of what she doomed iin      t   i  uri 1 l v must have boon pain    1   1 1  th    uiwii an vi itors  if whose re   pti    v    ail   What is it you want      ask  d  standing vary civet   Ob     1   I hn 1     wi  ho icil t  have      ing you and making      Well  here is my  vvitii a whisk round      Now   with a deep   11 g    home and say that   It is u relief to read   she v aa v  rv    nilent   t all rude   Chicago    ho  t Wtuimn    You ought t   k  d  hi    ioco in schocl   ll l   a great statesman  I   r of the    ople  a    1   tiny  1 bliouldn t  v president    uid II  may grow up  1 man  Imt hell never 1 c    nd g him to sign the   plods for life  Omaha World    T t  world owes ns a living  but wi  have to enforce payment     Hlilalglit Funt ra  at Hca    On t f the steerage i assengcrs died a   w after wo left New York  and wo      I to witness a sea funeral  but the   matt r was kept as quit t rus jKissihlo and  w   rned disposed to talk about it   The captain said it would have a depress   ii   effect on the pj  fesengcrs to see      man  hit   d  so ho would not namo tho time  when the funeral would take place    About 10 o clock the next night one of  tli       ngern waa walking aft and saw    iii  of the sailors placing the body in  a   lain vv don box  nnd rushed forward  v  iti  th   intelligence  Going totiio stern   v   aw tin in nailing on the lid  but they  mcltidod not to put him overboard until  we we    all asleep  s  we had t  repress  our curiosity for the time being  At  midnight  however  the steamer stopped    r a few minutes  and those passengers  who were not asleep inquired the cause   No r      i was given  but lliosowho wire   1 tl ait r deck enjoying the moonlight  oil the Ben  saw Mime sturdyaailora attacli  wm r t  tlu  Mix and heave it over   hoard  Th  re was u splash  then u liell  w u rung  tho c ngiuu started and the  emigrant s fun r il was over Cor  Balti  more Sun    Tllr  Yuiiiterbtlt s Hcotuh   A  l pn  ing iiithnaiion comes to us  ii m liv  r tin  ocean that Scotch pi ien   v  ill  m n I    the rage with fashionable  York    i iety  If such is the c u e   th 1 ag   will extend v aerallv through  out t i o    ininiity  and very few pipers      l cape it aiiv   Mr   Y  K  Vumler   l iit ha    loved r  lamily   ijsi   and it  i  piv i that tli  example thus s  t  be i llov   I by r any  Fuel will In    1   1 to ih  fir  for pipers when tli      liby  i   lomauiue   discover  wind   t p      have known for a long time          1 1    i V  ales lias at least olio   1   and 1        ps more  As a curiosity      1 j ip  r may be for a i liort time     I  r i    1 i i tli  haunts of civilization   F  1 1  I   I   i    to th inountaiu uud the       id ll      t    d leUVe   tliclll  tl   i 1 eountrv  at hi  1 i ril   rid      ll      i    watching a m   L ul hole or xvltua sun     h has   takun llu m l    ar uxvay     Hero tliuy   wi iv  ilifii  Bailin   aw   av in   thu di ad of   night with   lijrlitud   Hllip   tliut rollI1     any tlioUMinda of t i   its of    freight  and this  t x  in tli  very mid   t  of an Arctic winter and despit  th  a   ertioiis of many newspapero of the At   antic eahoard that  jealous of their  Canadian cousins and their proponed  Hudson hay route to l  n  md  h      tantiy usts iicii that it is oiilv navigahl   for u month or two during very favor  able hummer    The Money i i  lit wore  out its weary length  n  d when ut lu  o clock the day lsv au breaking there was  some sign of cc  utl  1 in the h ormy  quarter  but they could hear the outlying  ie  pad  grow ling like di  taut thunder   though their little island of leu was still  intact and in cutupai  lively smooth  water    To their agreeable surprise tlu  signs  k  pt on for the Utter  and home three  hours later the length of the short day  aw tlu  storm  vie e and the cut ly evening  gave them u hrerji from the fioutli  w hich  couplul w ith th   n i l  cm cun  1 1  in the hay  s jit them iloaliug toward  lioi ic  the happiest   i W in the I olar  scum  Mite that night     Iolar Uar broke  into their store igloo  before even the do   were uwureof its presence  uud they got  out to savi  tlieir meal  A tculili ensu 1  I with the dogs  ail unsuccesslul shot wa  fin d uud bruin went scurrying aw av v  ith  l the dogs in  Imt pursuit  one of tla ill  I never coming buck  but whether h   wa  loot  u u cake of ice in ihedarkneHs  lloating uwuy  or tho B ar made 1  1 of him w a   uever known    All tluit night tlie long Miullu rn  of the mi broke on the ice in a pl   I air that sang of home  and next           ii  lillia or tie  Ainllt ni         Via  I    j ot l  tii nnnoyt d at a lecture  Fiat iatolerahlo nui ance  a coughing  i hbor  One 1 c u or woman can do     I   pi  a llle   f a holla  fill of  M ople  a c ni   king  which ii largely    a  a i l  all  John L  Stisldard was  11     1   1 in  ove I one evening at the     my l v a   I   nw of c aighs all over  and       i i tlir t ho Hopped in the        lecture aud suggested that  1   i  I 4 c I ii was certainly unnecessary   ii    ople inuil cough they would  l n  1 uud tho uudienco by coughing  tlieir handkerchiefs  The result    I that tiie habit could lie controlled    1 t   r  wus hardly a cough heard dur   i    real oi the evening  llniad  1      hi      Curlmi t     ii  xiiuIuii t uUi ui    t  1 the 111     t curious customs of the   im  i  1    data mg i i the house of mouru   1        onus lit e depurls tlie dead is    lad in white uud laid Upon his lied   Belativ    leinviud to eome  musicians  uie order  d  uud iliaaing  singing ami  uihum nn  nhs u  i    t upincess mil  until  tin  tut  1 mi nt Ii e  taken place  Tills ft  done with u view to distract tiie lumily  of tiled   1 i i  and to drive  heir grief  away  lam l y piusacrs  uitkuowti to the  family  an allax etl to enter uud to taku  part in then  truitge ainusenieuUpf tho  living ill t he pn  lice 1 f the dead F   1   Jl         Wurtegg in New York Hun     Wife    1 ram    llu   W it   i III     by il i I ingtoii Ci itii    For a Uuiiiy Day     to Extravagant Husband  For   tuike  Geoi re  tlou t s u nd so  money needlessly  Don t you   1 light to Fix by   uiiithing foe   1 1 ha e done that  dear    Wlutt  1 should like to know   lid A gum coat  love  Wash 1    veils    Is    for  the liElit bet ill tiwfV could in ke out    la private watch your thoughts  in tin  family watch your UUilK r  in company  v t    your tongue  uuo l lloiaekeep     from cancer to the total number of  deaths reported from known causes waa  80 08 to 1 000      Cancer is a disease of advanced age  It  is found in all ugiti  but in very unequal  I proportions  In 8 103 cases tlie propor   I lion of deaths under 5 years of ago wrw  15 05 per 1 000  while from 0 to 10 it is  only 2 82  K r 1 000  and from 10 to 15  t fiO  H r 1 000  From the ago of 15 tho  proportion gradually rises in each quin   quenium  until tietwixm the ages of 50  and 55 it reaches B10  f8 wr 1 000  After  this  Hriod the proportion gradually di  minishes  ivs tho number of those living  after this  K ri tdof life diminishes    Jonathan Hutchison  of London  w lujee  opinion on all questions of pathology ie    onsidorod authority in all jart s of the   earned world  in tho most nblo devniHsioti  which has ever b  en held on this subject   that U fora tho Pathological and Clinical  moiety of Glasgow in 1885  said   Of  the cauaM which uudcHio tho proclivity  to cancer  and which render some races  mil simie families more  prone than others   we as yet know but little  What little  wo do know would lead us to U lieve that  it hits nothing to do with tho diet or with  liniate  Tho herbivorous animals aro  liable to it ns well as the carnivorous  and     far as I know it prevails in all parts of  iho world where the conditions are favor   ifile to longevity  Wherever  from wlmt    er cause  they are not so  there cancer  becomes relatively infre  uejit  It b nl   most unknow n in thoeo t f our domcotlo  auiinalH which arc ua  d tor ftmil  f   the   iniplu reason that wo never let them   ro v old  while in dogs  cats  homee mid  is s   i it is common    Dr  Billings rays   Tho increase of  mortality from cancer with adxaiK ing  g may U  explained either ou tin   theory that the cause of cancer lxs  oines  more  Mitential in advoncetl ago ut the  I cried of physiological decay or on tho  theory that the pri di  pix ition to cancer  K longs to the strongest and longest  livetl   The fact is settl  1 lieyond ques  tion that in thin   1  Kiptilations where hut   vv reach old age cancer is pr q oruoii   itely rare  New York Tribune    An Aut lenl Ulghl nt Wiiy    William Wordsworth was going to  Lowtlier t  ostle  to lx  present ut a dinner  given in his honor  Mr  Justice Coloridgo  md tlie present lord chief justicu U in     f the company  They ikikhiiI dow n Pat   terdalo by Ullsw ater  and  leaving llio  liaise  they struck across some fields t    ward the castle  Suddenly the   ath  ended in a blind wall  The pool mut  tered something  and attacked the feneg  a  if it were u living enemy  and crying   ut   This is the way  an ancient right   f way  too    tus Kil on  That evening   after the ladii a had left the room  Mr   Justice Coleridge said to Sir John Wal  lace  who was a near resident and a  uest   Sir John  I fear wo committed  trespan tinlay  we came over a broken  down wall on your estate   Sir John  xvincd nettled  and said that ho wished  lie could have caught the man who broke  it down  he would horsew hip him  Tho  grave old   ard at tho end of the tablo  heard the words  the fire lkishod into hia  eyes  and  rising to his feet  he answeredr  i broke your wall down  Sir John  It  was obstructing an ancient right of way   and I xvill do it again  I am a Tory  but  scratch mo on the Kick deep enough  and  you xvill find the Whig in me yet    Hie Argonaut    llall  or Ohl Times    The  society bulls  of old times were  onductod with great propriety and re  serve  The claim of every    n iui to bo  admitted lutvlug U eii determined by tho  res K nsibh  committee  then  was a sort  of temiximry equality on the iliKr  and  every gentleman had tho privilege to in  vito a lady  without the formality of an  introduction  to figure in the dunco as his  partner  After it was oxer  he escorted  lier Kick respectfully to her seat  without  presuming  if unknow n  to remain stand  ing Kforo her or to sit bv her side   During the intervals of darn ing tho gen  tlemen walked up und down between tho  rows of ladles that densely lined the hall   No woman  married or single  joined in  this prometiading with a nude compan  ion  and the eye of a lynx could not have  detected the slightest flirtation  Tho  word itself was not known American  Mgozinc    Abritlaitui I Iim oIii m Sturlen    I u skd Col  Nicolai uKuit tho char  acter of Mr  Lincoln s storks     There is an erroneous notion ubroad    he said   that Mr  Lincoln s stories were  largely of a sort that could not U  re  pented in the presence of ludies  The  simple fact is that lie was remarkable for  two characteristics in this connection   For the aptness of Ids stories und for his  drnumtiu  swer in telling tliem  He did  not tell a story for its ow n nuke  hut lx    cause it illustruteil some immeliau   Htiiit  in the situation  He never dragged in u  story  but used it us an effective instru  ment f expression M  Washington Cor   Chicago Herald      mlt  r i u   Spot    Since fhu first ap tearonce of fhe great  red sjMit oil thu planet Jupiter  some niiu   years ugo  Mr  W  f  peiming   lu  well  known English astronomer  bus made  uKut iiOQ oK K rvations of tlie phenome  non  He believes the red s K t to be a  feature of Jupiter s atmosphere  und not  of the surface of thu planet    Arkansuw  Traveler    There uro ninu British missionary  societies now laboring in Africa  w ith un  aggregate annual ex x ndituro of  1 00U   000    Duiurlliiny lu mart  milurvu    The great drugoii drawn in a recent  t hinese procession in Suu Francisco by  six L liinanii ii is described us follows   From u  x int just tnidpr the mansard roof  of the dragon s laud to within three f    t  of hki tail there is a network of electric  wire   all eouimunieutiiig with a eomplh  eali ii iiuu hine ltx ut   i in   Us   proximity  to Ids lower jaw ami out of sight  One  of the men who march under it  at a  given siguul  touches mi phony button    ioi I tfi    U trUiit  1 an    the huge jgwt  to ily o M ti  disch sing a mouth like a  tunnel  filled with frightful fangs and  darting tongues of file  Philadelphia  Full  _   The Chinese school children in San  Francisco un  said to lie o bright and in  telligent us their xvldte mAimiI mules    tiaijr a aaioMiat muu 11 iu i not    Italy  un uKait 1 450 uatioiuil monu  ments to can  for  they  along to mod  ern times uud the middle uges  Tho  budget allows a little uioro than  200 000  for their preservation  but out of this  inuft con    the eost of excavation  ut  Route Ull  I ouqx ii  FLicugo Herald    A little boy buiug reproved on Sunday  morning  or having u dirty face retorted    Well  1 wored dis face to Sun ay  cool   unybow    Charlotte viUo  Va   1 luou  lele     increoMing  the trade in them  fine good   Lh eorres  ondingly inereasing  l T p to  the jmst six or seven years tli hulk of  fam v eundli H went to clutrcli 01  ganixa   tions solely  Now the fashion i  to use  them nt hrUlianl Imnquets  tnsty small  dinners  at grand evening receptions  mh  ciety   s t charity Kills  tea parlies in pict  uru galleries  luillionaire hulls nnd stuib  ie   in renowned artists  studios  and mi  the desks of grocery trade  xi s rs  etli   tnrs  There are four time  as many fan  cy candles sold now us there were three  year  ngo    The materials used in thi  modern en  lightened age are mostly wax and a com    m wit ion of wax  The tallow di  s of our  forefather  an  now sent to South Amer  ica  the West Indies  and a few t   the  southwiwt  They  of course  lixe tlieir  rotundity in iKissing into tropic warmth    ninl uru therefore usisl hy thu native   largely for lubricating thu outer cuticle  of their bodi s  FundU s are a composi  tion  111 detail  of pa ratline  wax und  stearic acid  The latter is the solid con  stituent of tallow  wax is really beegwux   refined by suu bleaching  and pnraf lne  1   the nwiduum f petroleum from crude  oil  Will 1 all other lines tin  advance  ment in the manufacture of randies is tli  accord  Thu modern star candle or ad  amantine is a  thing of U auty and joy  forever  or until smilled out    It hits Urn found in the pout that the  manufaeture of the very finest of fancy  candles in this country does not pay  and  Ktiglund  France uud Germany hold the  traile  but on many other fancy line  the  American manufacturers are taking it  away   10 m  over the water   For uj    wards of two und u quarter centuries a  Loudon house bus had the lend abroad its  candle mukciv  The very Inter t tyle   ure at once sent to tliis country  and this  house has Ks ii largely iu trumental in  rt xoluliouiting the business here    Vienna sends to tlii   emintry fancy  candles  noiue of which are  ax uliar   K ing nude of  Fen sin   also ealltsl    Oaokerite     r natural earth wax   Extra lag candles are u e t also at Foster  The large candle  are made for church  trade but ure seldom made fancy  Tin  lowering of prices in tin   ust few year   i also remarkable  Fancy candle  that  now cost  tlu js r gross could hardly ln   hought then at the aim  priie per docen    in the tailoring of fiuiey goiKi  iui or  dinary white candle is use    uml is gut  terisl along tlie side   by machinery   Then tlu 1 culore l wax i   run intogutU r    and the candle is afterxvanl twisted by  machinery  It is then dip Ksl  uul jioi   iidied  Analine dye  are now usisl in  coloring  All these change   the use of  cheaper dye tuff   machinery  etc   have  tended to lower priev   Ortx ery World    Poirrrty In Muntmi igru    Montenegro i  already beginning to pay  the  lenahy of such civilization us it has  attaints I  Even in that little mountain  state the unemployed   Niii Hrisin nnd  emigration question and other like curses   usually considered the   s uliar pr j Tty  of the moat advanced   spU   are begin  ning to ruiae their heads  The prince and  his uiimelers will soon K  face to face  with a grave internal difficulty  and the  cause assigned is that the harvest thi  year  hu  liuen a Kul one  Tills is quite  to Kible   hut in thu Kwt of years there is little to  harvest in Montenegro except stone     The cause is a far more deeply Heated  one  When an entire nation finds it   only industry diwtroyed at a single blow  it mu t either starve or turn to new em  ployment   This is the case with Mon  tenegro  In the old days the quantity of  thu harvest waa a matter of indifference   ita deficiencies were easily supplied   When f Kxl ran short in th  prineijiality  inhabitants made a raid on the ricli  Turkish lowlands  carriisl o f their neigh  bor  produce und lifted the cattle  But  since Wince Nicholas  no doubt with the  best intentions in the world  has set to  work to civilize hi   mountaiiuvr  and to  turn thu light of Kurujieun publicity  u  k in thom  tlieMi pleasant little habit   liuve  jierforce  liecouie things of the  l ust  And us the Servians object very  strongly to u Montenegrin emigration  it  is only too prolmble tluit thu state which  withstood ull the forces of the sultan for  centuries will fall to pieces through in  ternal disturKmccs  Loudon Globe     Until llea of Street Mini    Where the untrained eye w ill ms  noth  ing Imt mire uud dirt  says Sir John I uK  K k  science will often ruveul exquisite  poHsibilities  The mud w u tread uudi r  our feet is a grimy mixture of day aud  Wind  soot uud water  Sejuirate the sand   however  as Ituskin oliM rve  let thu  atom  urrauge themselves in place ac  cording to tla ir nuture and you have  tlui ojul  S   arutu the clay  aud it U    coiucs it while earth  fit lor thu finest  jjorcelalni or  if it still further purities  Itself  you have a sapphire  Take the  soot  and if pro  eriy treated it xvill give  yisi a diamond  While  lastly  the water   purified uud distilled  xvill Keouie a dew   drop or crystallize into a lovely star   Or  again  y ou may boo in a shallow jhhjI  either tliu mud lying nt the bottom  or  the image of the sky above  Arkansaxv  Traveler     1h 4 IuImui uutl JiImui Men    Two uuii in a strongly built rowboat  and acting in u rutlu r my sterious way  may he seen almost daily fr  iu thu dock   of thu rivers  Ono man paddles along  slowly iuuI the other stands lu the stern  of tlio Uud  holding a rope which hu pull   along very carefully  They glaucu con   htiuitiy from side to side  uud scan thu  Hurfuiu of thu wuter around them    Thu men are in the tint  am and jetsam  business  und anything they cun find   from u lost piece of ro ie to u isii  me  pays  toll into their treasury  At thu end of  tlu  ropu which is held hy the man in the  stern ii the Knit D fixed 4 grapple  which  is dragged as gently um jmssihle along the  l ottoiii of thu rivur  Thu grupplu is  formed of two rows of liiMiks  one rnxv  curved upward uud tiie other so sluqicd  that it xvill not sink any distance into  lie  mud while it is being hauled along  The  slightest ohjool w hich the grapple touches   from a piece of soggy woo I to u ships  eahlo  is Instantly fell hy the man who  handle  the ro   Hornet 1 n h h It happens  that u vi ssel lose  an anchor with thu  chain cable attached  it might imt      worth xvliiio for the vessel  i ithei from  reaaoir of delay or otherwise  to engage  in thu work of recovering the lost arti  cle   When the fact U coines know 11 to  the tlotsaui and jetsam men they under  taku for a fixed amount to find it  if the  vessel hu  h tl jh  rl uud there is no oin   elsu to claim the thing lost il become  so  much uioru vuluuhic to the grupplers    Th  value of fimling a drowne   KkIv  d   K iui   of course  on thu statu  of thu  dcceuMud  or more correctly on the di biro  of thu friend   l the di eeuMHl to r H ov  r  it  Even for the body of a homeli h   triuiip llu  city  llirouuh tiie coroner s  office  pay   2 for the find  New York  Evuuiii   Sim    I Wo mu it oat or wo cannot live    Thia wo all know  But do xvo nil  know that we die by eating   Il i   Haul we dig our giavei with otu  teeth   How I  ish tiii c   sound    Yet it in feat fully true  Wo motel  rifled at tie approach of the choh n  nnd J alio xx lexer  yet there ih a dm  coho const intly at tun doorH and n  our houmH far uioro dnugut otiB nn  defltruotivo  Mont people have i   tlieir own itoinnchti a poison  nioit   hIoW  but   tllt e an Il4t    MS   fit  g   U     of thoso nmladicM which sweep iiu i  into otorniiv by thmiHuiida without  warning in the timo i of great epi  deinioa  But it ih a mercy that  if  xvo aro watchful  we can toll when  we are thi enti tled  Tho following  are among ihu symptoms  yet tin  do not alxvavs necessarily appeal u  tho saino 01 dm  nor are they ulwax  the eaiim in ditTerent caseH  Tin it  is a dull and sleepy finding  a bud    tusto in the mouth  especially in tin   morning  the appetite is change  I able  sometimes poor and again il  seems ns though the patient could  not cat enough  and occasionally in  appetite at nil  dullness and slug  gishnema of tho mind  no ambit it 1  to study or xx o 1 k  inuro or less head  n he and heaviness in thu head   dizziness on 1 miiig to tho feet 01  moving suddenly   furred and coat   1 tonguo  1 a dm  i a  stomach that nothing removes  hot  xud dry akin at times  yellow tinge  oi tho eyes  scanty mul high colored  urino  sour turiu in the mouth  frv  mentiy nttendod by palpitation of  the heart   impaired vimon  with  spots that suein to he sxx mill ing in  tho air before thu eyes  a cough   with a grc ind  colored expecto  ration  poor uiglit  rust  a sticky  slima about tho teeth aud gums  isnd s and feet cold and clammy  irritable temper ami b wols hound   Up anil COht Ve   J bis dineaso Inu  puzzled the I hybienuis uml still puz  zlus them  It is thu coiuiiirine t ol  iiimeut  and y  1 tL  most compli  uted am  mysterious  Sonictitin  it is treated as consumption  some  times as liter complaint  and then  igain as inal ni i at d e  eii heart di   asu  But it  1 1   t duro is that ot  constipation ir  I iyspej siu  It aris    in the digestive organs and soon  iffects all the other  through tin  orruptod ami poisoned nlootl   Often the vli J  hr  ly including  the nervous a  tunis literally  ttarved  ev n when there is n   emaciation to tell the nnd story  Exi leriunce bn 1 shown that theretr  put otm i   u  ly that run  rtainlx   ure this d in   i   stag     nomuly  So      1 Extract of Boots 01  Mother Soi g es Curutivu Syrup  F  uever faila i  t  iicvi i the 1   1   9   no titm  should be l  t m trying other k    colled reim di   fur thuv xvill do m  good  Get tlii  great xugctahh  preparation   discovert  1 hy a venei  able uurrtu x  hr   nniiio is a Iioum  hold word in  in any and bo aur   to get tlu g  t  tii  u dole    OIVL  u   l V aLV fcN 1 iX TORf    Shaker 1  At   tot lb ts or Hei   g el s Syrup has raised me to good  ealth after v  n doctor  hadgnvt i  mo up to die  x  th consumption    So writes B I Grace  Kirkman     Ky    I I ILif IN TIM1    u id m t given up to  r    psia when I first Haw  tho advertisi iii  nt   f    lia u 1 Extract  of Boots or St m  1   Syrup  After  using four boric   I win ahlo to at  tend to my busir  s v   l as over    I know of 1 veral      u s    f chills and  fever that h iv  l   n cure 1 hy it    80 write  Mr  Th    I ullum  of Tay  lor  Geneva Co   Ala      woma DOLLAR  A BOTTL     Mr  Thomas 1   Evans  of the firm  of Evans A Bro   Meielnuit  Horn   town  Accomack Co   Ya  writes  that he had been ni k xvith digestive  disorders for many years und had  tried muikv phyou iauH and medi  cines without lieimfid  Ho began to  use Shaker Extract of Hoots or Hei   gel Syrup about thu 1st of Jan  1887  and was so much better in  three week  tliut lio considered him  self practically a well man  Ht  add    I lmvo ut tlii  time oue hot  tie 011 baud  ami if I could not get  any more I would not take a ten  dollar bill for if    All druggist   or Address A  J   White  Limit  1  Cl Warren SL JN Y    Yille  Todd F    UK HEX  1     I hud b     die with dyj     LESS THAN ONE CENT A DAY       ura IJ   uiui UU N  Nuibi   I hJu     ghr   Slurlv   skub   I miu   M E ch numUr lieunii Uu     l b  luiuo im iiMlf  on  jw  uUvri  lluu ibAm    NEARLY TWO THOUSAND PAGES   Of  h cliiiMit orb uf lh  Ut Amari Bu Bltlhurt  Acuoi f Dm Cin  lM No U  hioh     Blr v j Bi  kr l   r  llrualuB  Ub ou      Hm  Bindri       A  tolr Wta Mbb  a  Kiitui XVifa    DoubIb  Du     rti  DuMrtor     l l XVhi Ulo Uu     A    Anahur    A I  n4 ot I       Th  M l MonnUiu  ttiBM     Ai i U  uJ llrur Tlwrii    Th  Terra      oil  li nt     I ram tli  lUnka    eiiack bihI CounUr   l h  k     i   ne Th      npllon prK   of lhl   k n  if Ml   M iiiIIiIIm  I  Oil lluu B yen Nau l l Ioj y  eul   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Screw   BUnge    Backache  1   Worms    Bites     UHj    Swinnejr    Bruises    Sores    Saddle Ualla    Bunions    Spnviu   Piles    Corns    Cracks      THIS COOD OLD STAND BY   SM rmitllBlii B for  rrybotly rth llf w lit  i  lBiin J  f  r It  on   if tin  n ABotu for tin  nr  nt ttui ulariiy wf  iho Muatatw IJulmrnl l f  un l In II  uiitv rnl  n p plliii lit III y  I  i i ylHitr iii    I ru  i ii lurdlttii     Tho l uuilM rni iu m iIt Iii i asi  of Mi chlont    Tho If oiiNowito ii tin r  r 1 iu rt family u   TUr fit 1111 lor DihhIb it t t In   ti aitiBuiid hi  nun    Tho  Xlrolinulc Hood  It always un hU work  bench    Tin  Minor ncc lr tl III care of cmcrgclu jr   Tho I lonoor m t Nli oani not along without tl    Tho Knrmor noctla ll In 1 1 house  bl atablc   and Id  t  ck yarit    Tho Mtonmbont mnn or ihr llouimnu nohll   tin lllii ral supply nil stand   lmro    Tho Ilorae fnnr or Hftla ll  It Is bU Last  friend nnd    t rullnn     Tho Htock u row or nooU ft It will sa him  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Everywhere    ARBUCKLE8   nam   n t p ioFa        c FFEK la a  guaraatov vi ox vlktvj    APdOSA    C  FFF7K 1i i all ftr   t ulaa   torort  rom Fuo Aihiut  u  tho Pacitla     COFFEE    is nrvor i      1  5         1 to tho air    Alxvay buy t t F   1 in hermetically  noabitoNS JH3Y      KAfiKri     CISt L  C      Between Cincinnati and Chicago    r ullm n Kl rni  0 P     n l l l          U   1     _    T ullmsn Sleeping Cars snd lflcgant Reclining  Chair Cara   n Night Trains  M igmrt  rnt 1 srlor  Curs on Iny Trains  Tho KiiUra Trains ruu  thruugh without change    Between Cincinnati and St  Louis    Solid Train   Now Sleeping Cara and Kirat claaa  Loacht t  through without change  via C     ht I    J R   Big F ll     1 I  v St i R y   ihc line    Between Cincinnati and Peoria    Klrn it n    Ilnlnu Cli lr Car   tt r    uh wllltu it  rh iK   11 0  t     Bt  L  i c  auJ I  M  V W   blu it IJiie      Al Chicago  St  Louia and Peoria close and  Immediate connection  are mad  with  all Lines to and from the Northwest   West and Southwest    Thrum Ii Tichcls mid llmritauc I heeka   tosM principal i olilcB t beot uinod at any ticket  oRkc C  I  St  I    V     It y  also u tin  fdnu at  II cuupori lickct iifhces Inrotighmit the country   Curopanyg uffi  c  inCinciuuaUj N  W  cor  FouriJi  K    bluets  Ksnkakt c Hullding   S  W cor   Fifth and U uinut btrectki and Central Urnoa  4 cpoi cur  Third blitci and Cvntrul Avenue    JOHN EGAN  Ueu lTtgi ranil Tkt  Aguat    CINCINNATI  U      AITTEHI   CHICKEN   Cholera Cure I     Tliousamis of dollars worth oi  i hiikc tts die  every year from Choi  u i it is more hital to r ui kens than  nil other di  eases n iidiliied Hut the  discovery ot u remedy tltut  m itiivfy  rum ir has been made  and to he con   vim ed of its i lli  hi y only ret nirrs n  lu il  A to veins liotlle is eituimh for  one hundred i hifkens It i   nn tr  antecd  If  after iisin  two thirds of  n bottle  the buyer is lint thoroughly  satisfied w Ith ii as a mre for   hit ken  C Tu lc ra  return il to the undersigned  and vuui money wilt be refunded    Stanley Keller  Agt      i  

Carlisle mercury. (The), 1888-11-20

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Carlisle, Ky., Kentucky by Anno & Lindsay
   Nicholas County (The Bluegrass Region)