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date (1914-11-17) topic_African_American newspaper_issue A    Weekly   Newspaper    THE STAR   Published Saturday    Circulated in every  County in  Kentucky     Weekly  Frankfort  Ky   Saturday  November 7  1914    1 00 Per Year in Advance   5c Copy by Carrier  5c Week            J  C  W  BECKHAM    Sweeps the State for United States Senatorship  State  Normal Students Are Being Mistreated  Some Ex   pelled and Arrested by G  P  Russell    Hon  J  L  Gordon in City     Former J  C  W  Beckham   who was defeated a few years  ago by traitors of his own party   swept the State November 3rd  for State Senator  He goes down  in history as the first public man  elected for the long term Sena   torsbip that was never attacked  by a Negro paper in Kentucky   The high principles on which his  platform was  Negro preachers   editors  educators and business  men  were in sympathy with the    tution to be trained the Indus   trial Art of making their living  by the sweat of their brow  The  students after being driven out  his office as dogs  when they  came and wanted to consult with  him for their better interest  and  after having been mistreated by  him so many times they became  disgusted with the conditions   drew up a petition and signed it   sent one to the Superintendent  of Public Instruction  another to  Governor Jas  B  McCreary  and  another one to the Trustee Board   The students got up in Chapel  and expressed their grievances  why they wanted to be treated  as young men and ladies and  that they were not being treated    J  C  W  Beckham   high principles which he said he  would carry out  They judged  by his past record in public office  that he would deal impartial to  all  The most remarkable of all  is that Mr  Beckham is a Demo   crat of the autocratic type  and  the colored women did not knock  on  him  Every Negro should  vote regardless of politics and  religion  which sent Mr  Beck   ham to the Senate     The Kentucky Normal and In   dusttial Institute for colored per   sons  is now the livest subject in  Kentucky  from the fact that  this Negro at the head of this in   stitution in the person of G  P   Russell  who has no more grati   tude for the many mothers ahd  fathers who are working hard to  send tbeir children to this insti     J  S  Dean  a Student at the State Normal  Who Was Expelled and Arrested for Demanding His Rights    Lawyer L  R  Diggs  Who Volunteered  to Represent the Young Lady  Was Driven From Dor   mitory by Russell     right   G  P  Russell  the Ptesi   denti supposed to be the father of  thekudents in the absence of  ts  Russell had the   L  art to drive Miss Willie Mae   r  orian  a young lady four hun   ched miles from home  out of the  girls dormitory and have arrest   ed and expelled from school  sim   ply because she had the moral  stigma to ask for her rights as a  free citizen  Miss Vera  Met   calfe  of Hopkinsville  was driven  ofit of the dormitory because she  did not sign a petion to sustain  Russell when he had treated  them as dogs  Russell has a  large number of students in  court after expelling them  Who   ever heard of a president of any  institution ever taking his stud   ents to  the courts and paying a  lawyer to persecute them  and  himself has lied on several oc     cassions in court trying to pun   ish his students severely  As  long asthe Negro race has notor   ious characters like G  P  Rus    sell at the head of this institifi  tion we can never hope for it to  be what it should be  The Star  is the medium that goes into  every county in the State  and to  four hundred Negro exchange  papers  as the   Star is read in  some of the best Christian homes  in Kentucky  Russell had the  students to draw up resolutions  against  Rev  D  C  Carter  a  minister of the Gospel  because  he said something in his sermon  that Russell did not like  This  capped the climax  when a man  becomes so low to begin to fight  Godls Almighty works  It is bad  enough to expel students from  school but it is worse when a   Continued on 4th Page      This Group of the Senior Class of the State Normal  Mostly of Whom Were Expelled for Demanding Their Rights                  President G  P  Russell                                        t    The South Side   Bakery   J  D  PHILLIPS  Prop    Banquet Bread  Doughnuts   Pies  Cakes and  Cream Puffs      Koal Kwestions    Does it Burn Up   Does it Heat    Is it Clean    How About Clinkers     For the correct answer to the   Burning Question   Give us a  ring  At your service for any   thing you may need in the fuel  line  Quality  service and full  satisfaction guaranteed when you  buy coal from   The Frankfort Elevator Coal  Company   Coupons on Cash Orders    Indianapolis  Indiana    Panama Protective    Service    Law Collections and Adjust     COUPON   Subscription Contest Closes Decembor 20th    10 VOTES   Diamond Ring in Seibert s Window will be  given away in the Church     Business Directory    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Street High  School  having been appointed  by Mr  F  C  Button  Super   visor of Rural Schools  to de   liver a lecture to the Colored  Institute  at Shelbyville  Ky    filled the appointment last Tues   day  Prof  George W  Saffell   Jr   with his entire membership  of the Institute  expressed them   selves as much pleased with the  excellent lecture given by Miss  Mayo upon  Domestic Science   Its Importance and How to Man   age it in Rural Schools      mints Everywhere   Heirs  Wills  Deeds   Located   Colored Representatives Wanted  General Offices    736 25th Street West     lllllllllli illllilllllllllllll lllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW   H Office  505 South 8th St  near Walnut  Residence  1S37 W  1  Chestn ut  j gt   ne ar 20 th     j   1 Hours  10 to 11 30 a  m   8 to 9k  m   6 to 8 30 p  m   2 30 to gj    4 p  m   and by appointment    DR  RICHARD W  OLIVER I   PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON     m   CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED     1 Special attention to Diseases of Eye  Ear  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   L DAVIS    The Store For  the   Masses    ESTABLISHED 1877     Continued trom 1st page   man supposed to be their father  will take them to the courts and  have them prosecuted as crimi   nals and try to destroy the good  reputation of their characters for  life by putting them in jail  Had  it not been for the kind hearts  of the white people  who went  their bonds  some of whom did  not know who went their bonds   but they felt that they had been  mistreated as they were  which  was highly appreciated by the  mothers and fathers some of  whom were hundreds of miles  away  It is supposed that Rus   sell is a wealthy Negro and we  hope that he is paying his lawyer  out of his own pocket and not  charging the bill up to  the tax   payers  because there is no  father or mother who would like  to pay to prosecute their own  children as Russell is doing  a  man who has shown by example  to have no consideration or  reason  by suppressing the Negro  young as he is doing  It is  cheaper 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Star (The) (Frankfort, Ky.): 1914-11-17

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  Published in Frankfort, Ky., Kentucky by Hardin Tolbert
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