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date (1900-05-01) topic_African_American topic_Church_Faith_and_Free_Thought newspaper_issue VUL.  , 'U Single Copies 2 Cents- Louisville, Kentucky, May i900. IU w SHALL THEY HKAU wITIlCl'T A I'KEACHEK?riro 26 cents pryeur, or lwiieii lu or more to tiie siiiiie ti is FROM THE FIELDS. THE FIELD IS THE WORLD.Capetown, Soittii Afkica, March , 21, RMH . Cor. See. Forcijfn Mission Roiird. My Dkau liiiOTiiER As time wears on, new phases of our work come up- now the Government Otlicialsare tryin Mto interfere by lindin r faults in our Commission. To succeed in so do-  they tie the hands of seventy-five preachers and two hundred lay 1 i t pt .ist s iiere .   .. to you In the hope of f?ettinjr a little help for his station. Tins isirticular help which he seeks is to build a mis- sion at t,Jueenstown. Hro. Koti is one of the purest of our brethren;sound and strong in all matters of doc- trine.. We have never recommended to the home churches a letter man from this land of dauknesh. We ask for him a special welcome by the Raptist family in America. If the churches at home will join us in prayer and help us, by the grace of G k 1 we will report ;  000 souls savnd and added to our South African churches at Richmond. We are loyal to our Hoard and you have only to command and in His name we will ol ey. Yours for Africa. R. R. .Iackson  ouT Elzaukth, .Mar. 2dth, 1900. Dear Sir Mr. Jordan lam very glad to get this opportunity to say, I have started a great work here by the direction of Rev, Chas. S, Morris. We need a house. Hro. Morris gave me Rev. Jno. 11. Franks and yonr address, so you must w i i  n     1 11 to do. , .Ias. .Iacor Mrilini. Georoetow'N, Feb. 24th, HKX . 1  8 Charlotte Street. To the Foreign Mission Hoard of the National Haptist Con- vention of the IJ. S A . ony in .March A. 1 . lH99and found no Haptists here. 1 came on my own re- siKinsibility and the Lords command Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel. The Lord worked in his own way aiul I opener! a mission the   th Sunday in . prll 1899 at a cost of $41 80. I baptized six mcml3crs the fourth Sunday In June and organized a church the same Sunday with six memliers. We have now one hundred and twelve baptized memliers and thirty-nine candidates awaiting Hap tism. We will have baptizing the 4th, not know you In the tlesh but are one with you in Christ. At a meeting in Georgetown, held with Rev. .! W. An- s church. Our little band led by brethren t. E. Smith andC W. Sar- gent were ordained by Hro. Anderson and then given letters to organize a church at this place, fifteen miles from Georgetown. Hy this letter w e appeal to the churches in America to help us build a house -The corner stone of which will Ixj laid . pril9th. Hoping to have a helpful reply srsm  1 am yours faithfully. Rout. .1. Jordon . Baptizing at Plumstead South Africa by Rev. R. A. Jackson, Oct. 1899. Sunday in 1 his nHnth tomrrow morn- ing at 8 a. m. We have our own church with pool in .same, a lx. ll 2 feet  1 Inches in diameter. find enclosed within statistics and roll of numbers also application.   J. W. Anderson. Pr.NT TFSCIIEN, W. C. DeMERARA. Rev. Sit and Hro. in Jesus I have the honor of writing you-tiKtugh 1 do Middlk Drift, South Africa, April 6th 1900. Dear Hro. Secretary  I arrived here safely, found family well but very hun- gry. Many of our people here have gone to other parts looking for work,. With war raging  lrouth and the locusts every where, I do not know what the people are going to do. The whole land is covered with locasts and every green hersb is gone. M hen I lef Dear Hretiiren I came to this col- AFRO-AMERICAN MISSION HERALD continued from 1 page or America, we owed JWo on our chap- el and our creditor has locked the door, so we are out doors. Ask the churches to unlock it for us. I close with best wishes and love to all. Yours truly, .1 . I Buchanan. We read this letter before the Va. State Convention and  ood Dr. Lee, of Washington, raised liis hand saying; I have that fSo. It will be sent at Tl'SCHKN, W.  .. DkMEUAUA. Dkak Rkv. Siu T he iK?acc of our Father and II is Son .lesus always keep and comfort you. x x. We are with brethren Smith and Sargen  We were led to Hn . Anderson and through the truth we are now liihle Haptist.s. Though we are without a building; we hold open air meetings aiul are praying for help to i uild. We huml le s dicit your aid in our ellbrts    . I have the honor to lx; Kev. Sir. Your brother in Jesus, Elea/, A K E.  Juay. De Williams Fkont De iehaka The Foreign Mission Hoard, Hretli- rcn grace and peace lx; unto you from rd. I recently lieard the truth preaclied by Hro. C. W. Sargent and am going forward. We hope to take Ih;- merara for Chfist as .shown by the New re.stament. x x. All the brethren greet you, Ix'gging that you pray for them and in some way help us huild our chapel. Your Hro. in the Lord, JosECH Hicks. Monrovia, Liberia, W. C. Africa April 12, 1900. IIpv. L. O. Jordau Cor. Sec. My Dear Brotiikk:  Yours of Jan. 24, 1SK 0, containing draft for or  $20.  also the Herald, was duly re- ceived with many thanks. I am always pleased to receive the Herald and have tried hard to get subscribers for it. Wa have just returned from our Tenth Biennial Meeting of the Liberia Baptist Missionary Convention.  See program  held at Edina, Grand Bassa. The meeting was a grand success, we raised in cash over 0500.00 in pledges over $1000. which will be paid in short in cash or produce. Rev. C. 8. Morris, proposition to co- operate with toe Boston, Board and our Board was acted upon and indorsed R B. Richardson i . D., and W. F. Moore were appointed to visit America and meet these Boards or bodies, if possible. I hope they will be heartily rececleved by the Brotherhood and terms made for permanent co-opera- tion. We are doing a great work in this county, but we need help and more men. We have just organized a Sun- day-school Convention the first in this t'Ouuty and i am Us Corresponding Secretary. We will convene in our first meeting July. We have 18 Sunday schools in the organization, and each school numbering less than fifty pupils will send 06.00; each school numbering over one hundred scholars will send $10.00. We will gather at that meeting not less than $2.50.00 for the work. You see we are getting down to work. The Basso brethren are starting their work  I mean our work. We are all one. Fray for us. Our whole country will seemingly be in war. I mean the na  tives, and no doubt the Liberians also. God bless you and the work. I am yours respectfully in the work. U. L. btewart. VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. Some time ago 1 received a card from you asking for help for Hro. Chilem- bwe. 1 told God all about it and a.sked Him to help me get the money and now 1 send the results of that prayer.  M. S. M. My two children filled the card for My certificate .eceived. It was s  me what surprising to me as 1 felt have given to horeigii Mis.sion work especially when I read the appeals from our missionarle.s. I shall have this framed as a memorial that my a may read when I am dead.My heart has been burdened ever since I read your letter and 1 will do what 1 can to help raise 0.500 for Hro. Chilembwes school. t-1. H. F. We sent $5 00 sixty days ago but it has come Ixick for better direction. We .sent it again hoping it will reach you and do much good.  L. .1. G. I shall ever stand by the Foreign mission work, believing it to lx; the greater part of my religious duty.--M. Enclosed find 03 00 to help build the house for Hro. Chilembe. you have opportunity do gixxl to all men e.specially in helping extend the Gospel to the whole human Family.Mrs. 0. G. 1 pre.sentedthe plea for Hro. Chllem- bwe to our circle and an aged member Sister Nichols pos.sibly .seventy-five years old tcxik a card and the next evening came joyfully bringing it filled sjiying-tell the brother the Lord helped me to fill mine and here it is. K. M. G. When your letter came 1 hadncent but 1 went out praying and re- turned with the one dollar. 1 hope it will make one of oui  missionaries  A. C. H. 1 am always ready to .serve wiien it is In my power to do so As soon as the elect rotye comes 1 shall give it a place in the Colored American and help all I can in the goinl work. I hope you are doing nicely and 1 ad- mire your pluck and the quality of service you are giving the denomim I tion. You deserve to succeed and re- ceive the co-operation of all.Here is the 0.5 00 I pledged to Go and to you January 1897.Hro. Jordan, J believe you are en gaged in the greatest work of the age. A work that merits approval of very G xl fearing man and woman.W. L. S. G xl bless your work, and remem- ber 1 will always send a little mite as 1 am able. I . E. M. We are glad the Herald still live.s.-K. M. G. When we read the mission paper, and see the great needs, we Uxik back and s iy, we have done .send me all the information you can about the work, as 1 want my people to be well informed. O.E. W. We want to learn more so we may conrn e otb''rs. G. F. V. The mLcichi; IS goou, but the  pIls- tors do not know how to manage their forces and do systematic work.1 am sorry 1 could not send this 05 00 before as I know the needs of the work. J. P. F. Any papers you may .send me wiil be carefully distributed I am inter- ested in mi.s.slons and in their growth and in spreading the missionary spirit among our people, am ready to vou as best 1 can. J. II . 1 would be glad to have you stir up my people about the work We raised 07 41 after midnight December oist and sent to Hro. Jno. Chllcmbew As I think over the South African trouble from day to day Its close is going to afford one of the greatest op- portunities the intelligent trained col- ored man has ever had There isgoing to be a period of reconstruction rial, politician, s x;iul, religious .such as the world has not .seen for many a day, and the colered man in Africa will get a chance to move forward and .share in the general uplift. 1 am doing what 1 can to put the Herald in each home and the need of the Foreign fields in each mind. Continmnl on 3rd I'ngo.l  AMERICAN MISSION HERALD MY JOURNAL IIY LUCY A. COLES MISSION- ARY TO AFRICA. CONTI NUKD FIM M LAST MONTH s ISSUE Rev. .1. M. A rinstcild of 'ortsmouU  Va., is with us add Rev. .1. Anderson Taylor, .Sec. of the Foreiifii Mission Convention has also come to the wateredjfe to bid ns ffoodbye and God speed on onr lonjf voya re across the sea. No tears dim our eyes as we grasp Jhe hands of our dear ones whose faces are turned toward light and clv- li7.ation, while our faces are toward Darkest Africa. 'Jhe whi.stle of tug Charm is blowing, and in the few min utes that remain ere our partingcomes, we must use them well. Dipping my pen in ink, I passed to Rev. Taylor,  said I and taking album he Trust In the Lord with all thine heart. Hastily turning the pages, the pen w'as given to Rev. Armstead who wrote, Trust thou in God at all times, and lean not uiK n thine own understanding.minutes of prayer in the little cabin, and then we ascended to deck. Our emotions were t K  deep for utterance now, a silent hand-shake and our brethren are uiion the wharf. Slowly d .ship was drawn into tiie stream; the .sails were Ijeing unfurled and as they rippled in the breeze our si eed was  luickened, and but faintly we .saw our friends on .shore. Like the setting sun. the great metroiMdis sank from our view, aud as  uie by one the .stars .shone alcove us, and the Chilly waters lielow we had but one prayer, .lesus Savior pilot me. The mis- sionaries gathered in the cabin below and as I threw my last glance for the evening toward the land of light 1 could but breathe  hsKlbye Amer-  .lanuary r th Hark Cardenas, We are all sick. There is not a single sailor among our live mi.sslonaries. I have rolled and tossed until I am ill. From the upi er bunk the voice of my husband is heard saying. d cheer dear this is not un to death. Only the captain and crew are astir: for every pa.s.senger in tlie ship is below not daring to trust them- selves to stand. .January 10th. Our sick days lie be- hind us and we are now enabled to care for ourselves and enjoy a turn on the deck. There is much to do even here. For we have a kriKunan abroad whose name is  He has made me understand in a broken fasion, that the wishes to learn to read, and I hsve undertaken to teach the first heathen I met with. He is comely looking now; when we .sjiwhimondeck at New York he wore pairs of pants, two vests, twociKits, two hats with a lcn muftler tired over them nearly covering his face, two pairs of shoes, and amount woolen underneath it all.  To I o c'untinui'd. I Our people have said that thlsyear we must advance. The way to ad- vance is to advance. In GikIand fur Grid'  glory let US go forward. Let the timid hearted, the fearful and help or keep quiet. Let the earnest, courageous and consecra- ted go forward.FROM THE PRESS. WHAT ONE CENT CAN DO. A .son of one of the chiefs of Hnrd- wan was convertwl by a single tract. He could not read, Imt he went to RangiKiii, a distance of 2.V  miles: a mis.sionarys wife taught h m to read, and in fortyndght hours he could read the tract through. He t Kik a basket- ful of tracts, with much dilticulty preached tlie gitspel at his home, and was the means of cfnverting hundreds to G k 1. He was a man of inlluence; the pe tple lloc'ked to hear him: and in one year, 1,.-IH 0 natives were baptized in Arracan as memtiers  f the church. And all this through one little tractl That tract cost one cent, oh, whose cent WiTs Ity G k 1 only kmtWN. IVr- ha  s It was the mite of some little  iierhaps the well-earned offering of some little boy. Yet what a bles.s- ing it has been. Common- wealth. FOREIGN Ml.S.SlON.S IN A Nl.S II ELL.The earths population is l,'  d,o on iMKi, of which morethan l, KK ,ooo, K are n-Christian, .say soo,ooo,OMheatlien, and 200, KM , Mohammed;in; 200, HM ,000 are Roman Catholic, and l.  0 , 000,  00 are I'rotestant. For the s redemption Irotestar.ts are giving annually al ait $l.i,0 K ,00  : sus- tain a missionary force of 14,2 Xwhom 4.;i00are ordained and are unmarried women: a.s.s ciated with them are 4.200 ordained natives:at:ont 80,000 tollers in all. The statiims and   Ut-.stations occupied exceed 2rthe communicants arc upwards of 1, ;  H ,0 K , and increase at the rate of 7.  . KKt annually: theadherents are esti- mated at ;i..  oo, M 0, while l.OOO, 000 children and youth arc leing edu cated in the more than 20,0o0 scIkhjIs. It appears plainly, then, that the redemption of the race is yet very far from complete, has scarcely pas.sed lie yond the initiatory stage; that while an excellent beginning has been made- there remaineth yet very mucii land to be  Hs.sessed; and that, while the .saints of the twentieth century have every rea.son to be full of courage, and luqie, and sure expectation of final, a demand is to be made uixm them for the utmost of de- votion, of consecrated beneficence, and contributions of choicest young men and women.  Selected. Along the Atlantic coast the rail roads have cut off four scats in their coaches for Negroes. To ride in these sweat Ixixes during the hot weatlier will l e unlx?arabie. Every pastor should address letters to theGengupt. of these roads asking for at least a half cojich Indeed the Negro will be forced inU  the courts to get standing-room No other 1  , mk , xk  people are so trea ted in this wide world. The need of a half million dollars for is .seen every day. LCuntlinu'd from 2nd IFind enclosed 1 . O. Order for $12 for missions for  vhlch Hro. Frank 'Fyler pledged in 18! H to pay $   00 per jear. He neglect 'd it last year and took the Lords money and bought hogs. Every one died. 1 told him it would not do to use tiie Lords m oney for anythlngolse. .So he pays for tw  H. E. G. We pray that t he Lord through you and your mi.ssionaries may sjive one soul with this humble offering. The churches will help sjive perish- ing Africa if the pastors only say so. -R. T. .S. Enclosed find m 00 'rom Elxmzer Haptist church. S irry we cannot do more. Will remember you next   uar- ter again.  G. H. H. The 75 is almost a pers jnal gift as I could not find any one to help without reluctance.In our is.sue we stated that Mt. Zion church, Texarkana, Ark. gave $ .85. It should be $1 85 instead. Rev. Chas. S. Morris, a fraternal delegate from our Foreign Mission Board to the Southern Baptist Convention at Hot Springs, Ark., completely carried that convention by storm last Monday morning in his eloquent appeal for African Missions. During his address hundreds of dollars were thrown upon the stage to help in his work.  AMERICAN MISSION PUBLISHED MONTHLY. Por the Foreig n Mission Doard, by the Correspond Ing Secretary, ROOMS 647 THIRD STREET, LOUISVILLE, KY, The National Baptist Oonvention. Am. E. C. Morris, D. p Helena. Ark. work was to our minds a desirable ally and from time to time during these four years we sought co-operation through its oflieers. The upheaval caused by a war of words in our own ranks seemed t   have destroyed the hope of such a thing. And yet in June lastween Bro. Morris sailed for Africa we called at The Union rooms in Boston to renew our efforts. A promise was made that when Bro. Morris Ouu heart was pained when told bv a pastor, We had $3o for you, but our brethren used It for church expenses.   brethren why not report money raised and remove the temptation to steal from your too pisirly paid work- ers, .Tesus said, In as muclitreat his needy ones in this way, you treat Him also. Wlio would be so cruel as to take bread from our dear s mouth. And yet the treatment of our brethren in heathen lands, our Lord will consider it as against Him: Foreign Mission Board. Rev. John II. Prank Chairmam _ ,, Louisville, Ky. C. H. Parristi, D. D. . Trtatnrt  Louisville, Ky. Rev. S. E. Smith, D D Rtcrding Sttrttary Rev. L. G. Jordan Cprrtt omding Stertiary 547 Third Street, Louisville, Ky. Entered at the Post-olflce at Louisville, Ky., as econd-class mutter. MAKE ALL MONEY ORDERS PAYABLE TO THE TREASURER. returned it might be the Lords leadings that some plan would grow out of his report. On April 14 th we received a letter from Dr. Mabie asking a confer- ence with our Board and President Mor- ris, fo.  th; parpj e of considering plans of co-operation. On April 24th and 25th in New York City we held the Go ye into all the the world and make disciples of all nations bap- tizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost,is still in the con.stltutlon of every Bap tist church. The, Lo I am with you until the world .shall endif you go, is also there. Shall any pas tor or member be found wanting when called to account in this matter? Four years ago when we accepted the Foreign Mission work of the National convention the fate of our predecssors weakened and discouraged us in undertaking to prosecute the work It will be remembered that at leastf2500 per year was spent by Negro Baptists from 1880 to 1895 for Foreign Mission and not a chapel, station nor tract conld be shown as a result of this out- V lia,K.en was the confidence of the Baptists of this country from this effort, so limited was the informat'on upon the attempted work that we knew not what s ep to take first to accom- lish the purpjiefop which we were organized. Knowing that co-operation in all great religious efforts would do much in perfecting plans we set to work frying to stimulate and rally our own Baptist Zion, and sought advice from our white brethren of the South- ern Baptist Boards and the Missionary Union of Boston. The idea of white and black Baptist co-operating in the cause of missions ran paramount in our minds. Then it was that we disimssed through the press and in speech the subject of co-operation clearly de- fining our position as to the kind of co- operation. We meant then as we do now pure an! simple co-operation of the deceitful subjugating, apologeis- lic, pbarasetic, hat inhand stuff which has long since weakened our cause and impeded our progress as Negro Bap- tists. The Missionary Union, rich in years  of experience iq Foreign raissioq conference. At last we have co-oper- ation, that con es from an ardent desire to help a weaker brother. This being the first white soc iety to ask for c o operation with the National conven- tion, regardless of the chaos caused by those who do not understand the un- derlying principles that have prompted us to abide our time in this effort, we were cheered when an argeement to put Rev. C. S. Morris for the present, ork for the two boa rds  spending two thirds of his time among our own chuiches and otc third among the white churches of the North. For all of this we praise God and take courage and go forward. There is no evil fought with somiieli danger to our homes as the install- ment husine.s.s. In all cities and towns armies of iToor whites are swarming among our r eople .selling things for two and three prices They are very iwillte until their giKids are in the homes and then they humiliate our women by walking In our homes, hats on, cigars ill their mouths and no matter what tlie conditions are they are impudent in the extreme. Keep out of the In- stallment mans liand.s. The National meeting at Richmond Virginia in September, will be the largest ever held. Large delegations will be there from every State. There is great need of a day of spec- ial prayer for our Foreign Mission woik. With our hearts Mlled with love for Christ and the lost, it will not be so hard to get the money needed to carry forward our work. Some time ago we sent special appeals rcsidents of .schools and colleges asking the faculty to let their students take part In oureiTorts to send the light of gospel truth to the perishing In other lands. We are sorry to state, only four of the Baptist hools, from which we are to get our preachers and teachers gave heed to our appeal. Do we wonder at the antl- mi.ssion spirit in our pulpits, when the professors to whom we send material ml.sslonary leaders, show no signs oJ i ympatii  Willi the missionary ef- forts of our denomination? Doubtless there is a reason for this silence. But is the reason well founded? Surely God wants the young men and women for whom the churches are praying and for whom Sfime churches are paying to know how to .serve their people in all Christian work. We hog our Ed- ucators not to educate our children from ii.s. The Womans Home and Foreign .Mission .Society No. 17 of N. Miss, sent us during February .'    m for oiir work. This money was credited to Rev. Z. I . Smith and we desire liere to give credit to tlie S K iety. Tlie committee apixilnted to see tliat the money was sent was composed of Rev. Z. P. Smith, Mrs E. R. Martin and M. .1. Manning. We tliank tlie women for this aid in our work and wisli them a succe.ssful se.sslon tliis year. Through The Native Cpinicn I nb in Cape Colony, Rv. R. A. Jackson has called a meeting of the African. Baptist churches to meet July 11-15 to organize a South African Baptist Con- vention. Let us i. raise God for what has Jieen accompli.shed and press for- ward in Ilis name,  'At it, all at it, all at it all the time, ,  AMERICAN MISSION HERALD HOME MISSION DOTS. OUR WOKKRRS AT HOMK. Our whole District Secretary force is  active. Miss Miles is in Oeorijia sick but active. Mrs. M cjunkins of Arkansas, Rev. H. Royal, Bro  u of Pennsylvania, Rev. M. H. Williams of Mississippi are at work also. They report weekly. Rev. W. L. Dickson writes that the Texas Mission convention sent fgo to our missionaries which we have credi- ted to them. To yell and wiuall at each other in public places is a disgraceful thinjf, peculiar to fair race. Let us qnit it. We will be respected in proport l we resi ect ourselves. The fact that pastors and churches ciin hear or read the appeals of mis- sionaries witiumt l einR touched is a siRii of mildew and decay. There may be outward siRtis of life, but the curse of God rests uikui all such and it will take but a short time for it to show it- To pay $100 for a mule or horse to l eat and starve or$.V  for a cow to tie out to starve and break her horns otf l ecause she tries to save her life, is a kMcal waste and alK veall an awful sin Ixifore God.  A righteous man show- eth mercy to his Ixiast is the lanffuajfc s word. The Va. State Convention raised $5125. at its ssesslon, 9-i4th inst. This is the lar; est amount ever raised by the convention. Perfect harmony reigned and men treated each other like breth- ren. There was no city and country preachers but all one in Jesus. Missis- sippi Baptists hope to do as well in July This is to be a great year for money raising for home work but brethren; t forget Africa. In the death of Rev. Iv. K. Love D. I . of Ga. our work looses a great friend He always favored Bro. Jordan having all the time he needed to tell about his  Luke, Vanu and Love! roll is being called and one by one we are answering and going to join the church Triumphant. The Lord help us labor on and be ready when He comes As we go over the country we find so many persons get their feelings hurt at Post Offices. At Columbus, Mis- sissippi an assistant, severely whipped a lady with a walking cane because she insisted that he should look for her mail. Much of this might be avoided b y asking Mail for Miss instead of asking; any mail for me.? We are often bothered in our own work by per- sons failing to give first name and only one in a hundreil ever write Mrs. or Miss before their names. If a lady, in writing always put Mrs. or Miss before your name. In riding on trains, should the con- ductor or any of the crew act other than public servants, dont get in a  luarrel but get bold of a time table look up Superlntendants and write bim the fact.s, giving date and what train. Asa rule men in such high places are men of honor. To pout and go on does no gisKl; agitate by reporting the doer to tbecompany. Our pastors should urge upon our people the need if lieing merciful  The awful cruelties practiced on dumb animals owned by many Negna's show  heart le.ssness that would do credit t a devil. We have been disi osed to agree with the Florida Evangelist alKUit our folks falling oir from the churche.s. and yet when we rememlH r the number and size of the churches, the matter will require more than passing notice to get at tile truth of it. We have taken time to pastors alxmt the matter, iK'ginning in Florida and ending in New York, and the Ixilief is prevelent that the Negro is as ardent in his love for church life as ever. We wouid be glad of letters on the subject. We need the facts for our own giKxl, as a people and a denomination. We are in receipt of a letter from Rev. Mojola Agbebi M A Ph. D founder and pastor of the Native Baptist church, Lagos West Coast . frica. It was or- ganized April 1 SS 8 . At the loth anniver sary The Native Baptist Union or Associations as formed, fliey have 17 churches, 10 schools, ii preachers, 1500 member and 700 pupils in school. To drop the word Native and insert African  calling themselves thk Afri- can BAPTi8T churches, they will be in line with our 18 ordained elders and 8 licensed preachers and 2100 members in South Africa and i ordaiuen pastor, I licensed preRcher and 15 members on the Zambesia river in East Central Af- rica. In time all Baptists in Africa will be known as African Baptists which will apply to the whole conti- nent. The bodies of baptized believers, contending for the faith once delived to the Saints, some day will be called to organize The African Baptist Gen- eral Convention. Etheopia shall stretch out her hands unto God, by the true preaching of the gospel and contending for ONE bOUI , ONE FAITH AND ONE HAPTIHM, looking tooneGodthe Path'j uf us all. There arc times when wbolsomeagl latioij is giKKl. The colonists st irred thcm.selves toaction by adiscu.ssion of their wrongs. Slavery was alKili.shcd by pen and tongue of its opixmcnts. Many friends of the Negro regarded Garrison, Loveixiy, Piiillips., Heeeher and that of men as the enemy of Negroes. They declared their sjiecehc- imuie the slave master meaner buttlie agitation went on until the emanelpas tion put an end to all. Ex-Gov. St. .lohn. Col. George Main, the late Fran- ces E. Willard were often called the friends of the liiiuor business as they only helped it, but the agitation has gone on until many prohibitory laws liave been pas.sed and as God lives the rum power w ill die .some day. Dr. L. G. Hrougton, of Atlanta Ga. from a pulpit summons a city council and for- ces the impeachment of the mayor. Shall the Negro stand still endure his wrongs with out a word of No set of wrong doers want to be ex- po.sed. From every pulpit, schiKii and liKlgc riKun and lin every news paper let us tell the world of the unjust laws, r rail road accommodations, thriv- ing sj'Htem we are subjeett d to. Agi- tate, agitnre and remember tlie cry- ing Isiby gets the rocking. OUR ORKATK.ST NKKI . Attempt great things for God and expect great things from  Carey, father of Modern Missions. Since we are to have co-operation in Foreign Mission with the Missionary Union, Our Foreign Mission Secretary will have an assistant in the j erson of Rev. C. S. Morris. Fresh from our African stations. We needby the help of God and the loyalty of our great Baptist army, have  35000 by May 1st 1901 to be used as follows: To bnild at Cape Town South Africa, $5000; to buy a building already up at Fort Elizabeth, South Africa, $10,000: to build at  Jueenstown, $1,500; for a chapel on Zambesia River East Africa, $500; for buildings, and teacher work in Liberia, West Coast, $5,000; for work in British Gueana, $500; for chapel in Cuba $1,500 for our present work alx ut $6,000. Total $35,000. If all goes well The Missionary Union will be reapon- sible for $4,0 X  of this amount, leaving the 1,855,324 Negro Baptists, $31,000 to raise. We need this inor.ey for the s work and we are lold in his His word My God is able to sujiply all your needs according to his riches in  Let us awake and at it in Mis  AMERICAN MISSION HERALD   STEPING STONES IN ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF MODREN MISSIONS, GATHERED AND ARRANGED By Rev. L. G. Jordan, Secy. Foreign Missoiun Board CHAPTER I.  know the facts of Morlern Missions is the necessjiry condition of in- telligent interest.17S 2. Tlie Hi st liritish Foreign Missionary Society organized through the efforts of Win. Carey Wm. Carey landed in India. 175 5. London Missionary organized. 175 8. Death of Schwartz. 1791 . De. Vanderkemi   Lon. Missionory Society  opened mission 4o Kaf- tirs in Soutli Africa. 1804. Mission to Sierra Leon opened. 1807. Morrison, first rnisslonai'y to China. Slave-trade in Biitisli domin- ion alx lished by Parliament. 1810. American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions organized- 1813. East India Co. compelled by Parliament to Uileratc missionarie. Judson arrived at Rangoon, Burmah. 1814. American Baptist Missionary Society organized. 1810, American Bible Society organized. 1818. Gpnversion under Rev. Robert Moffatt of Africaner, the African arror had become the terror of all South Afrita. Madagascar Mission opened. 1819 The first Christian b K k printed in Siamese. 1820 Mission to Hawai in Islands opened. First Negro organization for sending the  lospel to their heathen bretliien by Lot Carey in Richmond, Va. Morri.son assi.sfed by Milne completed the translation of the whole Bib jiito the language1821 Lot Carey of  'a. who Ijought his freedoms sailed for Africa. Mi.s- sions in Liberia opened with Lot Carey a Elder, ;is one of tlie founders 1822 Missions to Tonga Islands and to New Zeland opened 182U Mission to tha Karens  wild men of Burmah  'commenced. Lot Carey tlie Baptis t Missionary left in charge of the entire Republic Lilieria 18.33 Slavery alxdished in Britisli Empire  Act went into operat ion An gust 1834  18.3f  Mi.ssionaries lianished fioni Madagascar 18.38 John Williams tlie aixi.stle of Polynesia, murdeied at Krromanga- aged forty-four. 1840 Livingston sails for Africa. 18.70 Missionary S K iety organized by the New Zelanders. 18.74 Sandwich I.slanders organized a Missionary Society, tlint they might do for others what stmieone had done fnr them. 18.78 By special treaty-After 119 years of Ixilting and barring Japan opened herdiKirsto the Western world. Tills treaty went into effect 180o, giving Chrlstianitv a hearing in China. 18.79 First Mi.s.slonary to Japan. 1801 Persecution in Madaga.scar ceased and inissslons re-opened 1802 Lins Proclamation abolishing slavery in the United States enabled the Negro tolK gin his marcli to civilization and   od. Mexico accepts Protes taut religion despite the protest of Rome. Tonga gets a constitution based iHMin Christianity through King Ceoi1804Flrst convert in .lapan. 1805 China Inland Mi.ssion commenced by Robt A. Patton. Special Notice. The Florida and Soutli Carolina co n ventions are over, esicli proving asgtsKl if not Ix'tter than any in their history. Soutli Carolina .sends twenty delegates to the National Convention. A plan is on foot to have all the del- agates to the National Convention froma'eiin. Southward unite at Atlan- ta, making up a special train over the Southern Rail Road direct to Rich- Revs W T Longw X d and L N Cheek will sail for Africa from our Natlona meeting at Richmond, also Rev Koti hopes to lie ready to return. Every delegate will lx; given an opportunity to .stand along side a ship and wave a final salute to those going to heathen We want a club of at least lo readers in the 15 xk  Negro Baptist churches. The Herald is only 10 cents per year when 10 go to one address. Let some active niemlDer In every church get up a club Or if you cant tind lo persons who will give lo cents for a whole yearreading alxmt missions, pay for ten and give them away. G xl will reward your effort: those who read will become in- terested and you will lx; happy because of making others happy. Get up a club and .send us the dollar THE SUPREM E AID OF mFsSIONS. By Rev. Robtert E. Speer, D. D.  At Ecunimoniciil C'oiifert'nco, April 24.1 Our work is not a philanthropic, po- litical, secular movement. I would rather plant one seed of the life of Christ Ixmeath the of heathen life than cover the whole crust over with the .s x;ial influence of western civilizatioi . The aim of foreign mis- sions is to make Jesus ci known to tliesjilvation of men,         I was glad to read on the first page of the program, the dying words of old Simeon calhoun, tliat it is my deep conviction, and I siiy it again and again, that if the chinch of clirist weie wliat she ought to lx;, twenty years would not pass away till the story of the will be uttered in the cars of every living manAnd there came back across my memory this morning tlie words of resolution of the American Board in one of its early meetings: Re.solved, that in view of the signs of the times and the promise of God, the time has now come to undertake the evangeli- zation of tlie world, with some scheme rk based u X n the expectation of iliS speedy accomplisliments. J lx;lieve thatGixls hand tiKlay is surely upon the forces wliich make the world. I will not acknowledge that the course of political influence has e.s- caped from His control!  AMERICAN MISSION HFRALD MARCH REPORT. rillST DISTRICT NKW JKItSKY Miiry lJ:imlulnlleld, t  Oi E noil, CohimhuH.  K; Eyii M Keys, Cus, 1 00 . KKNTITCKY. Ul lluplist cliuroli, rr.l' kr  l't, S 7o; 1st Bill  Ul a V J jaio v r plctur1 .TO, Miittiu I/OuUvlllo, 1 00; R 1  Mii- liln, Franklin, 1 00; Beniiin Ituptlst cliuroli, lioulsvlllo, .21; M Liioas, Cams Hprlnjcs 4o; Liuira j ViiuRlin, Hopkin.svllle,3 00. 1. H, Jackson, Louisville, i 50; Mrs. K C. Blackshear, i 00, N. II, IKsuUm, .Joliet, .50; Cornelia Gasklll and dantrliter, .Toilet, 3 00; Kev. o. w. Itoss, Bellvllle .45. TinilD DISTRICT. SOUTH CAItOLINA. 1 . Hood, GreenwoiHl, 3 00. FOURTH DISTRICT. ALABAMA. Galilee Baptist churcli, Anniston, 70; K. A. Miles  report  10 , Mi siionary Band 6ih Ave church, Birmingham .25; Missionary Society, 16th St- church Birming ham  I 35; Missionary Society, Mt. Zior. church E, Lake, .58; Missionary Band, Mt. Zion church E. Lake .25; Missionary Society First chucrh Newton, I 00; Missionary Band First church Newton, 62, FIFTH DISTRICT. Missiw.siri'i. Kev, A.T. Thornton, Mrury, 1 25; iiev. I . L. Browlin, Glen Allen  50; W. Antlnch Baptits church Senatobina, 1 00; nev. M. H. AVillianis  UKent  1 1 5o; Bev, 'A. P. Hiulth, Senatobla 25.C0; St. lioliertson Baptistchurch, Holiert- son I. 00;OT lltchol, Lexington 1 50; Portland Sunday School Louis-  ville 1 34; Calvary Sunday School Louisville 3 50 Calvary church Louisville a 72; Zion Sunday Hill, Strongs, .50; A. A. Green, Elderville, 1 00: L. J. Meeklns.N atche/.. 2 00; K. .1, Kern, .Mary- dell, .25. LOUISIANA. Macedonia Sunday school, Uay ville, 1 00; S J. .Johnson, Lutcher, 2 00; Kev.  Vam n Tyson, Harlinnne, 1 00 .. Mary Ilonistead, w. IJamiKlen, 1 nO MASSArilUSFnT Miss v. J. Varrs, Boston, 1 00 VJliOINIA Mrs .Julia Jarsons Cumnor 1 00, M14s B Ford Gum Springs, 1 00 KNNSYLVANIA Uev Royal II Brown, Philadelphia,  report  55: Hr wixKlson, Germantown, 2 00 Zion church, Phlla 27 50; Womenvention, Pa., 10 00 ; Monumental church, Phila 12 50 . CONXE'niGUTT Uev A C Powell New llaven,7 50 Mary A Perkins, Brooklyn, 5o, S II Berry Governors Island, 1 00 SECOND DISTRICT Cameron Grove Baptist Sunday School, Uanierun, i 50; Lugenla J, Crooni, San Aiito- nio.5 00. SIXTH DISTRICT. AUKANSAH. R, Mcjunkins  agent  i 00; Bailey Ohaiad Baucuni, 1 si; J. 11. Brown Magnolia, i 00; warren Hill church, Marche, 1 13; I . I . Leary, waebaseka, 1 00; E. F, Glover, Hope, 1 00; w. H. Potts, Grand tatke, 50; lU'v. .J. P, Hohinson, i.lttle Hock, .78. CALIFOUNIA. P. A. Boston, Stockton, 200. APRIL REPORT FIRST DISTRICT. PI8TRICT OF COLUMBIA. Mrs. Fannie Thomas, Washington $2 00; Mr, L C Buyley, Washington, i oo; Y P S C E 19th St Baptist church Washington, 8 00; Kev. Jas H Lee I 25 MARYLAND Miss Martha Brown Baltimore $ 50; Miss E D Schools 2 00; NEW YORK. Miss Mollie Barrew New York 1 25; Miss lie Brown New York 525; Mrs M A Carter New York too; Mrs Rosa Armstead Yonkers 300; i-ott Bichards 1 25; Mrs E N Decker New York, 18 41; Miss Rosa Beaman New York 1 00; VIRGINIA. W A Shanks Franklin 1 00; Henry J. Jones Greenwood i 00; C D Wells Bluff City 2 50; Olive Braneh church Burgess 4 00; Mt Garland Sunday School Long Creek n 66; Rev G Hainlett Char- lotte Co .50; Mrs E L Hamlett Charlotte Co., 50 Deacon Samuel Snell 25; K E Edmond, 25; J L Ba  ker .2$; A A. Hancock 25; Coles For Mission So- ciety 3 00; Kev K C Bairett Rolling Hill 30, NKW YORK Miss Anna A Brown Lawrenceville aiss Fannie Johnson Long Branch i 10; Geo F Brown Newark i oo; Miss K J Scott Plainfield i oo; Miss H Jackson Plainfield i 00; Rev J C I.ovc Mt Clair 8 30 WK8T VIRGINIA. Rising Sun Sunday School Sun 5 25; Mr Jerry Hicks Barbourvilte 1 00; Second Baptist Sunday School Layctteville ,30; L M Davis i 43 RHODE ISLAND Mr Wm Winston Providence 5 00 CONNKTTICUT Chilembwe Club Norwich 4 00 PENNSYLVANIA Kev Royal H Brown agent Philadelphia 3 57; Miss Lucy P Harvey Philadelphia 1 50; Mrs Fran- ces Brown Philadelphia 1 00; Geo W Wolf Phil- adelphia i jo; Mrs HJ Moore a 00; H J Moore Philadelphia 3 00; Ebenezer Baptist church Pitts- burg 15 00; Kev G B Howard Pittsburg i 00; Union Baptistchurch Philadelphia 4 00 SECOND DISTRICT KENTUCKY Samuel Underwood Lexington 1 00: Kev GT Ft.-jii .'Viicli .43. M ri Hannah Joiiao Louisville 150; Beargras Sunday School Louis- ville 2j; Beargras church Louisville ji; Miss Susie E Thomas i 00; Ninth Sirset chureh B VP U and SS 207; J F Adams Atoka 77; Fourth Baptist church and Sunday School Orvensboro 5 00; Kev H W Jones Owenton 1 93; Macedonia Sunday School Pink Je.ssamine aj; Halite E Har- ris Livermore 1 33; State Street Sunday School Bowling Green i 77; Lagrange Sunday School L.agrange ,jo; Frank Duncan Brevier 300; First Sunday School Georgetown a 08, High Street Sunday School Williamsburg too; Nebrilean Sunday School Louisville 1 70; Nebrilean church Louisville i 47; Fifth Street Sunday School Louis ville 5 14; JnoG Gregory Barbourville i 00' Va Street Sunday School Hopkinsville 2 50; Libery church Maynard 6j, Jas Steel Louisville 1 50; New Hope church Ashland 3 aj New Hope Sun- LGunlinufd on 8 th Pago.  SOUTHERN RHILWHY. UN KENTUCKY.  ebedulo la eVacS Noveuaber 19,   iAWTBOOHn i Nor l.   Kft E No. ilUv I.a ulnvl le T.4.' ain 1 30pm 7.45p3 Ar Shelby ville B. luam k.02pm Ar La'renceb'g V.fiuuin t.ftbpm B.46pM Ar Verbaillea. lU.IOera Al7pm 10,049a Lexliigio o 10.45am M5pm lO -OupM wm r'HoiiwD. L Na 4 Lt Lexfngioe 7.S0 biii ittpa A iImi Ar Veruailles. 7.6.Sam 4.Upm b.S5ara Ar La'renreb'g &2Uam A 15pm A5SaAr Shelbyville. B ISam 002pm 6.10am Af Loulsvlll o 10.4Oam 7. l 0pm  7.60em BASTBUUND. WUTBUONIk Wa 1 3. N g 1I. T BTA Ttowg    Ng_  Na 14 IWpm 7.45am Lv LouIhtII ArlT3  pm iS40am 400pm lO.OOani L  LarncbrgArl AlOpm 4l0%m 44ftpm I0.4.7nin Ar IlurudabM l.vj 4.7  pui T.70am T.OUpm 10.66a mlAr ilurgta. H5p m  7.;4am BAHTBOtiltOi WMTBOoiio. I g tNo 67. B TATIOWA No . 14 t Na M TiOpm 7.45am Lv Loutxvll Ar I44  am 7.56pfli kutpm B. lOam Lv Shelbvil Ar B Ham 40Spm 4 0pm I0.t5am Lv Veralloa Ar 7 60am 415pm 44  pin ll.lOam Ar Midway Lv 7.30am 445pm t. lOp 11  ! H 6   am Ar Oeorgin Lv t.OO am 4 lOpm  BABTBOUNa _ WESTBODNA tNo. 2: tNo. 5. iTATiow4.    tNo. 4 tNe.' 4 7 46:tm liOpm Lv ImuInvirA  1440am Ti6pm I0.22iim e.tiipm Lv Verallee A ' 7.50am 445pm   .U2sim 7.UHpiii Ar Nlchlvlll A   468am 455pm It. 58pm 405pm Ar Uluhmud Lv 40baa 4U0pm l.U5pin Ar Irvlua Lv L 45pa BTATiow a. Uo. I. ' Wm it Lv I.nulxvilig T 4Aam f.65pm Ar Loxlngt oa H 45am I0.l0pm Ar knuxvilla T.Odpm Ar Asheville 5. iOam l.lOpm Ar Savannah 4l5am Ar J ackwonvill a 415am Lv ChnUaDoega OOApm 445am Ar Atlanta 10 SOpm II 50am Ar Macon I8.56am I Bpm Ar J acUnonvIll a 8. 50am 10.00pm Lv  Thauanooga 410pm 456am Ar Hlrmlngbam 5.55pm II lOam Ar MorlUlan ISuam 4Wpm Ar New Or le ane 5 50am Ng I, through aleeping car to Jaekaeavllla, eta Lexington Ctaailunooga and Jeaup No 4 through aleeping our Louiavllle to Bir- mingham, vie Lexington and Cbattanoegg No 6 free obaervatlen chair-ear Loulavllla 60 Lexingiog No. 6. free obaorvatien chair C4tr Leglaghoa m Loiilsvilla N'l. 8. ttarnugh elceplngear Jmeksenellla ta 8% Louie, via Hurgla.Lawrcnceburgaod Loulavllla 4rsi-claeH coaches Lexington to Loulsvillg No 4 , alerping-ear Ulrmlag bam to LottlavUlg vIh Lexington. All iralna between Louisville, Legingtoeaoi Biirgin dally. Between Voraelltee ead Oeorgetawn Noa M and lOdally Nog 57 and 55 dally. except Bundap Between Veraelllna, Niobolaavllia. RlnlM mood nnd Irvine dnliy, except Sunday. tUnlly nxospt Sunday. Other trains 4allp rs.OaiinoN.Sd V.P.BO.M., J M Oai.r.T. M Wnshington, D O. Wnahlngtoa,.l4A W A.TVRK.O.P.A.. Wh .Tatiaib A OTp  Wnshington. D O LouievUIO. Kb Rev. Miiik C. Hayfonl, a Native African of Gold Coet Africa, a  roiip of Lid workers and Sunday school chddTen. Bro. Hayford went to Lagos, three hiindren miles to be baptized by Rev. Mojola Agbebi, M. A. Fh, I . He was ordained by Dr. Agbebi April 1898 He is now in America and hopes to return to his work in September. The New Werner Edition of Webster's Dictionary.   Newly and magnificently llluatrated. We olfter you tte best dictionary ever put on the market at a low price. This is an American Dictionary of the English giiagc, containing the whole vocabulary of the first edition, the entire corrections and improvements of the second edition, to which is prefixed an introductory dis- sertation on the history, ori u, and con- nections of the languages of   ertern Asia and Europe with an explanation of the   prlncliiles on which languages are formed This book contains every word that Ifoah Webster ever defined, and Uie following SPECIAL FEATURES: AnAp- l endix of lOjOOO wonls, Pnmounctug Vo- cabulary of Scripture names, Greek and lAtln ITopcr Names, Modern Geographical Names, Dictionary of Antonyms and Syn- onyms, Dictionary of Familiar Allusions, I.uzicon of Foreign Phrases, Dictionary of Abbreviations, cic., etc , together with 4 BEAUTIFUL COLORED PLATES, show- Louisville   Nashville R. R. The Maximum of Safety, The Maximum of Speed, The Maximum of Comfort, The Minimum of Rates. hig iii tholr actual TOlors the Flags of the and Shoulder 8tra  for Ofllcers,  HLS IS ROT THE CHEAP BOOK but a beautl- fully   riiited edition on fine pajiorwith thousands of valuable additions of aid to all stndenta of modem science. It is a grand educator of the masses, ii   offered to our readers in a sumptuous style in keeping with its great valuo to the neonle Bound nTtn Sheen  th a  autlMl cover design iml sold at Kmall ,, express upon receipt of our special oti'er price, retum it to us at our expense and wc will refund your money. Write tis for our s KCial illustrat  book catalogue, quoting the lowest prices on books. Address all orders to XHE WERNER COMPANY, Publishers and Manufacturers. r AKRON, OHIO   The Werner Company is thoroughly reliable. - Editor. Rates, Time and all other information win be cheerfully furnished by C. P. ATMORC, Q. p. A.. Oi by LotruvuxB, Kk  continued from 7th Page  day School Ashland 50 First Sunday Schoo  Le.xington 4 18 Mrs Oeo Ilowman Colnmbu.s i 50 Nsnnie Cra ig Norwood I 50 Mrs Jennie Cros.slin Ironton35o has ThrOni E Passenger Traini Park Avc Sunday school Piqua 3 so Ziun Sun. and Fast EiHclent Double Dailt School Xenia 50 Judson school Vellow Service from Cincinnati andLouil Spnngs a 70 C H Chambers Paulding 84 Nannie T lnci  n tinned Iniiext ls.sue. Nashville, Chattanooga &St. Louis RAILWAY... Through Car Houte To and From Tennessee, Kentucky, Geurgla, AliibuiTiii riorldii. North Carolina, South Carolina Virginia,, wasliington City, Haltimore, idicladelphla and New York 1 hrough liolii via new Hollow Uuck liuute Service and the McKenzie Route Isaween Nashvlllo and xienphls, making connections at Menplils witli all lines to and from Arkansas, Texas and Southwest. Fur father luforination, call uikjii Tlcke Agi'iUs or addreiw U, C. COwAnniN, Western Pass, Agt. 4o.'  Ky E.xi'liaiigc St Ixiuls, mo, A.1 WELCH Division Pass Agt Menplils, Tenn W L Da.NLEV I I'im.iul Iat A.ft .N.nlivllle T.uin in connection with the B. & O, 8. W. U Louiaville, reaching direct or making cloat connections for principal pointa SOUTH & WEST 	

Afro-American mission herald, 1900-05-01

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