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Mui ianniam viam, aut faciam. 


VOL. I. —NO I. WEBB A Fl'RGIfSON, PnUiihers. 




Titk Do trait 

( (in tho « mlil ' 

b mrad 
Tnr. Di 

wale in mi 

asks: "Flow 
lo ml when it 

r«ii Wn JV»j thinks ice 
l daiigvroueln winter when 

the Ire b l bin. 

Pun |m I nm taw It wiser lo tie 

Iimi pri'viuu- than too Into, nn.l accord- 
ingly hax provided a hospital tor chol- 
era victim*. 

Ir nfatgwoll got* nut of Ilia present 
trunk w n.]H  all right. In Ui« future It 
» mild I* In iter for biui to uxconie 
mrpH-l-^r. ' 

l/ilis Kmi. It )• *ald. In writing- hit 
"Life." Hi. life will In- IIuInIiinI .in the 
IHih of ti. it month by tin- Canadian 
(ion riiin.-nt, mile** It change* it. luiml. 



Till Wtrtrrn rhrUlian AdvonUt make* 
llii- K..I. IIHI anuounromcnt forth" l.-in-tlt 
of PasUirx »h.  desert their (looks during 
log dny   •The devil never takes a va- 

-atma Temptation nn.l death nro i., 
busy iiinimtner m in wiuu r." 

f twiNit In the . atraonl v rxprnso* 
Incurred in the lata- war, Uie liovcrn- 
lii. nl ■  ( I. internal* ha* suspended I Jn- 
payroenl ni interest on It* lurrlgti ami 
Interior debt for one year, commencing 
August I. to | my off all arn-ara in the 
army anil i ivii sorvicy account*. , 


f»rinir Hodgion'a Terrible Experi- 

A ifs.lman i. Arrnu to ttifi Bedroom 

or Two Tonal f artfm" and ii Orrr- 
Wlth 1. i - 

OXFOgn, I'*., AtlffliBi 21.— Robert II. 
II.Nlgwu. a ■-. .i i . i farmer residing 
iii-nr here, has| (wo grown-up daughters, 
who lire with tli» fodilly. Leat night, at 
alwut midnight, William I'li-n-o, a lui -nib . 
Ilrlag n -ar I r, oarapnd fcpm nil keeper 
aail went I Uie llo.lga.ia man.lon. If* 
a I cllmlied upon tin- |N rtlro. and entered the 
bad -chain her of lb* young ladl** through 
tho window. The girle were al '*pfcig at 
the llin*. I'Iwm .. ln.^l »n« of il. ■in Bv tin 

arm. aud dragged ber lo the (la*." She 
gave a loud acres in, and In a moment ber 
•later, who WM lying in the aama room, 
awoke aud shrieked lou.Uy for hi.ip. IMr, 
Hodgson, who oreiii i ■ an adjoining room, 
hoard the oris* of lila daughter., and best- 
cued to their assistance. 'I h. manioc, how- 
ever, bolted the door on the In.lda, and for 
n lints prevented hlaentrring.JMr. Hodgson 
quickly forced open the door and sntsrsd 


-'• -ii' r bil l Ii- doiiaao 

;,lm Ilk* a tiger, 

1 1 will In- cliearful for agitators ft 
widening Ifcr rang* of female employ- 
ment in this rotintry tn learn that In the 
great banking house of the Kothaehilda, 
In I-ou.loii, w.mirn an- now largely em- 
ployed I heir eulogists rlaiiu that they 
are more trustworthy and acrurntc In 
Ihi Ir aeooanti than men. 

Ir Ik estimated that Juneau ami W.nmI 
I 'oiinties, \V|a , whioh le.-ul In i-rania-rry 
liiar h.-a, will prndtMa)J| )ii!iiiln  l thoiiN- 
Mui barn-Is "f fruit \M» year, luitiguig 
an a\i'rngi "f livu^^^^f^^mrirl Si 
i: sppiai II ' i us; 
In- a tnoO M if til 
to -rslk up hi,. I t( 
i - 
Is the t'.nijf.i | 
Vour g'.n--. blpM 

— lettalnly not tho best anting la the 
world. Sunltiy think, they would taki 
In bsUur food fleah, as well as wheatsMi 

flour and other kluds of pmrisiooa, if it 
were ahippul to them, 'l'he oppoi luiii 
Ilea of ira'de '.|Ier.-.| tiMO.iam.iaai p. opb 

are evidently w orth pOtuH/Mtag 

the room. No 
the niailmnn .prang at 
and a terrible .truggle rnsu.-d. The terror 
•trl.k'-u .nl- In the meant Ima aseaped 
thrmyh the hallway Into the street and 
gevo tin- alarm. The nelKbbora -luleklr 
r tanaa d aii and after a aevers atruxgle the 
insane mau was aeeurnljr I.hio.1. Mr. 
II i. ...ii aai aksjaia tj 1 cut and le-irtaed in 
the rtimaut : r, sod s-Iiisi r - - h - 1 waa 
about Is-lng pllrhe.1 ont of the aeiiind-atory 
Window. I'isreewaa tak. a to the asylum 

" Au Wry I'atry. 
WaeniaiiTOS, Auiiust SI. - A eltlaen of 
I'h i ladelpbfa baa written a letter to tho 
tserrrtary ,,t the Nary in whlth he otTera 
aa g gsstloni r. nesrnlnR aortal na%iaatimi. 
and offara H4ha fjos-nrnrnaajf a now aerial 

arrow prOpsttar h" has Inrenled, and thinks 
It will apply e.|ually well to aerial May 
rhln«si and vussols that aall ii|.'n the sea. 
ile-aaya that the iroulde experlenee.1 by 
aeronauts In aalling tbrougli the air la that 
they hare no aerew propeller whli-h will 
draw wall with a few revolutions. Hurb n 
prn|N-lter b* elalins to have Inront.Nl. He 
asva he trie-l it . on a row-lsj«t 


A Monalrr Twenty Feet Ixing nn.l Tsn 
I in he. Id l lam*ter Dlayorrrwl 
by   Fsrmar. 
1'iKiirtvit.L*, Ian , August jn.- -The atsts 
of fear and dread of ImpendluK ssdl with 
which at preaout evi-ry uian, woman and 
child la thia little baml. t and aurroundlng 
country la eodowod, culminated last night 
In a condition of terror Isith laughalile and 
real, when fataa VVrlgbt, n...-h s oonnrct. 
od and prominent farmer, living cine mile 
from hern, came to town with the Intelli- 
gence that be bad aeon tho monster reptile. 
Wednesday Mr. WriKht was plowing 
fur i.wh'at In a Oetd which 
wus l.iuh.l"l on the north snd aoutb 
atdea hy denae wooda. lie had mud* acr- 
eral rlrrulta of the land when finally, 
while going avrenely aloug the aoutb aide, 
he atrurk tbe trail of soma animal which 
had been mad* since bla prerious furrow. 
It immediately flashed Into bi  mind that 
thla waa the track of the anaku, and quick- 
ly unhitching biateaiu be mounted abora« 
aud atarted on tho trail across the Bald, 
lie wsa auroasafnl in coming up 
with the monster at tb* edg* of 
tb» north irood prerloualjr apoken 
of. If* daserlties the anrpeot aa 
being twenty fee* In length and ten Inebea 
Uidiamoler. It emitted a sound of a hlaa- 
Ing and blowing character, and waa poa- 
aes»o t of a dark, alimy akin, covered with 
dirty, yellowlah spota. A few defiant dart* 
Of b»s tongue and an attitude of attack on 
I bo jMirt of bla snskoahip Otaasd Mr. 
Wright lo a haaty retreat In tormr, 
but lln.ling he waa mil pursue | be ijulete l 

bla nnw • ■ 1 1 1 horse and returned 

for aii'itber view. Tha snake on his 
second approach lailly glided Into tho 
■ l.ii nnderKrosrth and dfaap p sa ra d. 
A nwllua of one mile would confine the 
boundaries »f hia trarcla alnce first s«n. 
All Who have aaea him In nullum, drscriho 
him as |. .».- very alow, and ^| thla fact is 
probably due his unwelcome presence in this 
locality so long. From hia description ho 
prohahly In longa lo the "amphlMm-Ji" or- 
der of reptiles- the moat loathionie and 
dlagustliiK of all the auimnl kingdom. 
Tbare la a cullcl meeting if the citlaena at 
tbe town ball to-night for Q 
devising rueaiia for elfectiiii 




Poor Men Instantly Killed and 
Probably fatally Injured. 
WHEki-iNn, W. Vs., August in.— A spe- 
cial from Charleston reports a fearful acci- 
dent that occurred near that city this 
sfternoon, resulting in the inatant death of 
four meu and the aevivoaud prolialily futal 
Injury of threw other a. The accident took 
pla. on the private Hue of railroad owned 
by the Whits Cabin Creek Mining Com- 
pany, and .connecting its mlnoa with 
tho Chesapeake and Ohio Kuilroad- 
A long train of loaded car. had 
been started from the mines to the 
railroad. In some mntiner not now known 
the rear half of tho train broke lo a e at the, 
top of the long Incline, and unc-ntr-ollod, 
dusbed down and Into thu other cars. Tbe 
wreck was a frightful one, Layton Ouk- 
ford, the Superintendent was killed; also 
Aui'Mi Mitchell, Joseph Hull and Thomas 
Peacock, all employes of thu mining com- 
pany. Superintendent Toman, of 
the Coal Vall-y Coal Com- 
pany, who was on tb* train, was 
very badly Injured internally, and it la 
thought cau not recover. Two lalmrers, 
namea unknown, were Injured about tbe 
bead and spine. Iho treak lu tb* train 
waa not noticed until the ruuaway cars 
ware juat about to cruah into tho forward 
liortlon. Onkford'arcmaine were forward- 
ed, to bla family In Hcrnnton, Pa. The 
bodies of the dead men wero mangled lu a 
stckeniug romner. 

"fall "fairs. 

Mat of Uensral Kihlhltloua, State, Pro- 
vincial and Kperlal, for Inafl. 

Am Ini-tltute . New York .Sept !»-Deo.8. 
I ullforuls. . Pacramcnlo hcpl. 7-11*. 
t entralDntsrlo HaiiiHtou BopC. -'1 — s 
I 'onm-ollcut. Mrreh-n . . .n-pt. r— is 

la-lawure Dover ..... S.-pt. ai-Oct, .1 

Illinois Chluogo- ... *I ,L H-l*. 

Illinois Katfliock.l'h l caipi Nov. In— lu 

Inilliin«| oii^ Hcpt ai— (let. 3. 

Iowa .' IN- Miillni H"|il 4 — It. 

Kansas I/awrt-niw 8  pt. T— 12. 

KaiiKnallty. . Toocku bept. It-H. 
Kan. ( ) tut M k Klines- i vy Oct »•- .No 

I ibcr a* n Cholera 
Mililiin, August an. -The 
oaaisof cholrrn and i.'.il .1 •« • 
dla.'aae la Spain yoatorday- 


1 I 1 



Mnr  land . 
Mas*. Hurt 

dustnal. ... 

•*»c/ el 
" ' nut 


. yt Ku* anc 
inl Hatn veihir* 

how Jrrsay . 

New York . . 
North I'urollna. 

I^'Tlnnion /. ug -.--ID. 
. . . Lewisl'in . ■ Sept.. -I- Si 
llsgerslowii m l. 91-ZI 

HoMon. Wept. 16—1*. 

KulsinsKNi 8cpL ll-la, 

., Mllwankaa. .Bopt 2— Oct 17 
. Mlm 




Rules Adopted by the General Bag- 
gage Agent'a Convention. 

Absolute lunrrrn.Urnra. anil Aaton-» 
t En Itoute A.surrd 


he o?ho will pay 
accounts to 
to date, and 
advance, will be 

Bt. Paul, Mras., August 2.X-.U the re r\f la s-.n,-, »rO  r lI» , tl 
intOoneral Baggage Agents' Convention, M.VIM. \Jll\s jCfJI O 

■1.1 at the Hotel Kyan, thla city, j, . , ' ** 1 ' 

le following report of tho Commit!** op- •^'^,jj[0n tO 

Am). i-on-John II. Cra."-^ ■*■ 1 so. v 




point. ..I i consider tbe subject of trana 
porting corpses was road : 

Your committee, appreciating tbe Import- 
ance of tills auhject, have investigated it 
very thoroughly. An extenalre oorro- 
■pondenc.i hua been hod with State 
rVinnla of Health regarding their ruloa, 
and It baa been found thnt there Is the 
great.-at diversity in the relatlona in force 
on thla subject, and in many eases there 
are no State laws, but only local ordi- 
nances In force In the particular locality 
from which tbo body may bo forwarded. 
In aome cases the restrictions aro simple, 
n others more rigid, and this appll.a both 
to coses In which death waa caused by or- 
dinary diseases, and those In which It wss 
cansod by diseases of a contagious or In- 
fectious character. Under this want of 
uniformity the transportation of dead 
bodies must necessarily lie accompanied by 
great danger and annoyance. Even rigid 
reatrlctions are at best only partially et- 
fscted, as it is well known thnt coftlns ran 
not bo made absolutely air tight Your 
committee, however, have discovered a 
simple appliance by which this purpose 
can lie secured as effectively as 
the preservation of an article in a 
t Ightly corked bottlo. Thia device consists 
of an anti-plic sack, madeof rubber, pro-! wilk^ ,nii extension at one aid" mid 
. ii I, which, alter tbe body is fnafcajeat, ii 
roll. ,| up nn.l laced, making tho mfi ahxo- 
lutoiy air tight Thla sack has found in 
n the w/es of all boar 1 
of health ami medical officers, where 
t p. a hn. bean * 

An l .... 

Ilnllanl-T. T. Gardner, II- 
Burr. ri-llarr.vr Gorin, Ola 
B*tk and Howan -J. J. No-blttf Hacki-tt 
Boone li' iiheu i "imur, llurli J 
BourlNin-rbinlei "iltiitt. I'arls.-ino of the 
Bur.laml Lawrence H.ll 'AiatJii 
Boylo-II.C, Day. Perry. eXClUS 
Brackou— A. J. ttrndrord. Ilradfonl. 
Brackinrldgc- Cfuirlrry UUtnfunt, Ilai .nor, 

* Buihit and 8pcnccr-F. P. Straua, "\htli 
berd.rlllu. ... . . 

Ilutlor iiii'l Edra laon-Mr. Webb. ItlOIl 

Caldwell -Jo. .   'rider, Fredonfn. . 

Calloway- B. C. Key*, Murray. Ut It 

Cinnpbcll-John A.Hhaw, .leaan.lria . .• 
City of Nowi ori-.lobu P. Newman. HUH 
OarrouWT J. McRlmth, Carrollton. 
Outer and Klllot-Baiuuel I*. Hays. Oi 'T; 

Hifi yand Ilusscll-J. Iloylo Stone. 
Chrlatlan-s/umo Hrralhltl, Hopklnavillo. 
Clark-Jami- K. Winn, Wlnelicaler. 
  lay. Jackson and owaley-//lrom L. Jonct, 

Manchester. - , 

i rittendou ami Livingston— Samuel O. 

Nu on, Weston. 
Cumberland nn i Clinton— L. T. Rom. 
Davloaeitwo ili-irictsi— B. II. Taylor, WU. 
Ham Lust n Hit. n« i nulKiro. 
Fayette- ;/,irt /|.»ni ll, llrlnr Hill. 
Kstlll mi.! I . . Hi my U. Wli-eman, Irv 
' fi I Ol Letlngton— JasMM IL Mulllgun 
Fleming -James w. Grain, lllllshoro. r 
Floyd and JoIhimiu-J. W..M«ys. Prur*oii« 
burg. J 
~ inkllu-S. I. M. Major. Frank for/ 
Itou and nickmau-J. F- W ' 


nunniin-n ii. t.'ici 'j. nM 

.\ And 

7 li 

Ana. ai-Si'ptl 
Bani 7 -IK 
Knt rl-W. 

I ii i new oot|sj nf ruliw raj nractioe of 
the I o not el I. .m«l f ifll.-o, nh!rh eo»w into 
i lTo 't ne»t month, exttmd Ine rb/ht to 
Initial* roou-sta bi any one. and duea 
n "t (-.inline il to the party in iulnn at as 
under the old rule*. The powerof locnl 
■and pflloM to order hearings la extended 
• all cases wherein entry has not been 
torfoctod ami no nrtiiiioto bai boon 


Ait air balliNin railway is alsiut b  bo 

rxmatraotod on the llaikberg, near Sri! / • 
bujjr, a moii-itiiiri of no greal height, 
but offeringn Bag^MoM view over Uka 
boanliful «'n»JnuiH nf iho town. Tho 
buJIooB, Whioll will liave grooved whea-N 
 m one aide of its car, will ascend .  iht- 
peJKflciilar line of rails, (-onstrurtcd on 
the principle of Iho wiru-miN. railwna- 
invent. -.1 years ago for the Kighi, but 
Hover n ali/j'd. 

' V *^t4*-N,- 

Vvasoli, and would furnish groot m  

power at little *sp.-ns i. On* of the 
FXpertmonsa he doacrlbea waa to placn tb" 

propeller i.. two car^ieotors* trucks, 
■}am « Inch m 'oral man were seated, and 
by on* revolution of the wheel In tho air 
nova the trucks and men erroai tb* 



TlIK UrUuh Triulc Jtnrnal atnti-H 
Hint Iho ilcml incal IisjIc hha prosed a 
f.'iiluroi.iall Intenie and purpOaati Nut 
only data the meat lose in quality, bin 
Iho weigh! shrinks by more than 6 jwr 
••cm. The live-cattle trade, however, ii 
r- enrds as a fnr mom serious nmttur. 
Wyoming Territory nlon-.' eeoda nonrh 
•-noiigh ir.. :it to satlafy tho n'qiiinuetiis 
of Lxmilon, and now that (he Northern 
ayatcin ,1/ rallwaya is tinlshed, transit is 
comparatively »n laay Uilng. 

Tn* Intel thing; in New York is tho 
• oloclrio party." It la held at any 
Iioimo whero there ia a heavy carpet, 
nml the fun consisU in ahnflllng rapidly 
over thn floor, to (roneralo *leotrirlty 
in Iho po« Ihon discharging it 

• l . 0.1am in.- flrrgors, nwo or lips agninM 
■ ■ 'i'"' other parson or n metalic oojexjl. 
\Vhon two woll-chargmi peraoas k ... 
"theanap" may "rani In the nnxt 
mom, and whrn a ynung man holds his 
nose near a gns-btinior sparks fly from il 
and Igoito Iho giu. 

MtiniiKHKiis should fight shy of 
unks. Caruso has bftin condemned 
to .loath, his Now JoravJ prototype ha-s 
already mot his death ujijin tbe gallows, 
and a strong chain circumstantial 
ovidoncc is being woven ilsiut Mn\woll. 
the man w im has just ^«'cn bnnigbt 
.back to nnswor for the .murder' of 
Charles 1'roller in a St. Louis JfotaJ. 
TficTy In n fatality ubotit tniuks frlroi] 
used in-voiiiieolioir with rnpitnl o 
that sliotfhJrJeud all well regurat 
dereri to imd aome bettor cot 
their crimes than thu cover of a 81 

Colorado',, (mow lb. 

WAsmsomi, AagnatS.- Thalait Con- 
greaa appropriateil J.I.Oiai.noO to assist the 
Ktalea th t d-alre.1 lo Uk- an IritsT.lecen- 
olalesosaa, Many of the staioi and Tor- 
r M laa, «*|wc(ally lo the tVe«t, have Inn^i 
.pnotljr nngago l In thla work (or the |«at 
ysor. Tbe flrat return to thn Hocretary of 
the, as required bv law, ha. made 
kO-doy by the :-'M of Colorado. Il shows 
iho populatlonot Colorado to ls  '.'13,1110. 
as agatui-t WJOU lu l*n, or on 
Inrroaao of nearly V-'i |ver i-ent. 
Tbo manufacturing Industries have In- 
. reared from .'sm In |hJ») lo 1.004 in |)«Ci; the 
uumlsTof farms fnwu to "A'A. All 

o'li. i I rancheaof Induatry show a material 
Increasn. Tlie number of schools have 
lnr fc -el) inciea».i|. (If Iho cost nf Inking 
the con-us of Colorado Iho Halted Htato* 
pays (WMM Rstnraa fr un other Nlates 
will soon lis In, when n ivimpllntlon will ]* 
made showing thn total pomilatioa of the 
I f rilU«l Rtates on January I, |kv,. The 
htatos bare uutil B. pU'tiilH-r in which to 
tile i. fines. 

I S' ■ 

A Hnpcruatnrnl Vlallattolt 
CollOBa, N. Y., AugnatiL — A few weeks 
ago n I a by waa ls»rn to If ro.'Thomas Woo.1, 
of Hiimmlt street. Tues.hiy Mrs. VT.~nI 
sunt for Kov. Mr. tVngnor, pastor of the 
Kt. James M. K. Church, to Imptlzo the 
child, as hho noticed it was dying. Tbe 
l«ii.torwas out of town, and as no other 
was Hour nl hand, excepting Father Ixiw- 
ry, of Ibe Ki. Agnes Catholic Church. -b. 
waaadvii. d to sead for him. This She did, 

and the office of I «ip- was |N r- 

(. lined. Yi ats-rdny afternoon the child 
died, and » hen covered with a sheet Iho 
tlgurcN or a eWul. and a lamp and the 
lorm of a cross and chalice appoar-sl on 
tbat purl of Iho cover which was over the 
fa. e. The news noon spread, and hundreda 
visited the bouse. A policeman was sent 
for to keep the crowds Iwirk. Toward ev- 
ening the ligiires faded. Nearly nil who 
saw the pictures were deeply lnipresao.1, 
and expressed th-lr belief that the figures 
were drawn by a Divine artist. 

da, and .H* no, 

Madrid I 
ilia. me. A t 

« ne» . 

. T ,i, 

i nam aral 

loctors, w 
ludn, hsvi 


'lor who saved fourtt . i 



of fifteen patk-nu in the second atagt of 
Ibe InfiN'tlnn kf ndmlnlaU-ring an cnaina of 
ether, has liew nutliorlio.1 to apply tbe 
remedy in thekospltnls. 

old VessOla Ilurned. 

Poht Warhimotcin, L. I., Angnst II. — 
Staunard A, Co., some time ago purchased 
the naval vessels Minnesota, HitHipiohaitua, 
('oiu rcss. Soulh Cucilina and Iowa from 
th* llovrrnmentrf To-day while engaged 
In breaking up the veaa. Is (or tho old iron 
ami planks they could (St from thorn, the 
men wore at work on the Colorado, ard 
while bnrnlnc aome flintier lo get thu aplk oa 
nml Iron the Vessel caught Are, and scon 
the llaiuca communicated to the other ves- 
sels. The vessels burned like tinder and 
soon nil thnt w as leflof these old defenders 

of the United BthM were the liln.'k. d 

bulla. Two acliooiiora lying in .'loan prox- 
lmjly tnnV tire and were also euiiaumcd. 
Los. aliout *l'iVWll 

The Public' l.nndH for American*. 

CuNomu, N. II.. August SL— The Houae 
yesterdav pas»«-d resolutions requesting 
Congrrsam'n to further tbo enactment o( 
laws aacurlna tb* public lands exclusively 
U the Ajuerlcau pcoplo. 

Coal Prddu. i loo Iliscnawlon. 
Ni « York, Anguat 10.— The authraciio 
" aJ trade la • emoraliied by overproduc- 
tion, and the ih-lawarr and Hudson has hi 
consequent's re.luc.Nl Its sch.tlule from Ion 
to fifteen ceku fior ton. The ntflcial report 
of the anthracite coal companies shows 
tbat they have mined for the flrtl seven 
months of the current year a Utile over 
Onn.fifsi tons In excess of tb» allotments 
••• •• I upon at Hie time the combination 
was formed last winter, In the farr of 
this fact, at a nii-etlngol tbo Lackawanna 
Company to-day, Il was decided to con- 
tinue tht iiollry determined up m aome 
w.N ka ni;o of Ignoring the allotment, and 
M mine and ship all tho oval tbu com- 
pany could produce. 

I 1. i irl. liy ,m tho Unmpasi-. 

Bpra, Pa., August 21. -A fearful electric 
stcirm l.urat over Erin to-day. Llghtulni: 
struck the Krie City Boiler Worka and I red 
the enormous structure, but prompt mon»- 
ures aucceed.Nl lu quenching tbo Haines In- 
fore much damage was done. The Loomln 
leio inent-house was atruck and partly de- 
inolisheil. Mrs. Hev. Mayer waa burled 
with fearful violence through a door into 
an adjoining room. Hhe was dashed u Hit 
such force as to deprive her of conscious- 
ness. Ten houses and seven liarna were 
atruck in 'ho auhurbs. 

Battle lleiuoen Miners. 

Smi \ . mi. . mi, I'a., Auguat 20.— (In Tues- 
day Hungarians and I'olau'lors were put 
to work alsiut th* mlnoHof Lenu, Lilly & 
Oo  tate In the evening the foreigners 
wero attacked. The excitement brought 
to tbo »ccne*crowda of persons, and in loss 
than ton minutes the B K ht became goncral 
and was partictpate.1 In ly one huudred 
men and boys. All sorts of mlsalles worn 
use.1, stonea, rluba and fence rails. From 
fifteen to twenty-five pcraou* were seri- 
oiisly. and several Hungarian* fatally In- 
jurel. Another encnmter la exiierted. 

What Caere of Tolim-co 3Iay Conic to. 

Cmicaoo, August 20.- Henry and (leorgo 
Flechmann, two brothera, n ■ i uini tecii 
and twenty-two, who hove boon carrying 
on a commission buaincaa ou South Canal 
street, several weeks ago showed symptoms 
of insanity. Ilenrr's symptoms manifest- 
ing themselves iu bis dlsjiosition to fling 
Hat -Irons at people. Both were melan- 
choly, aud could not sleep. The County 
Physician thought their derangement was 
owing to their excesaivo use of tobacco 
Tbey were adjudged insane to-day, and 
sent to tbe County lu.ane Asylum. 

The l i - nl Comes to Ldfo. 
Hfthoit, August SL— Tuesday morning 
the Iniaut child of Charles Hullivau, of this 
city, died and wn . prepared for turlsl. 
?ifte. ii lo iivs after death, wbllg the family 
and frionils were .in"! r-i -i ■' :v. 
casket, the begad ko'cr. . Ii . 
nearly evervnio IrofS Ii, h r 
father retained his fMajaL^, 

child ir.iiu tn ill", aasi r» 

la betur buallh thau b.suau.   ^ 

nocaittou of 
pajtes/irirstr-Th. ^anspor- 
ni the  p-ahna dead of 
small-pox. A-iati/el ! i a or yellow fever, 
shall h" al»olut«jf forblddoa. Second— All 
olhi r lead bodi/may be transported, pro- 
lo-l tlioy aro/icaiMid In an antlae|ili'- in- 
etlcally stalled, In addl- 
, and this 



City of Lnulavlllc— 
First lnatrlct -John M . Lewie 
Second •!■ "-noi 
Thiol Ill-mot Jacob Hoert. 
Fourth lilatrlci Rmbard A. 
Fifth District -Josouh B lb 
eiiUi bistrk'.- M. H. f . 
Bevontil rii»irlcl-V1 . L. Jacl . 
jmnsiiliio— Thoniaa A. IJavis, 

- 11 Wilson, Indcpoii^ 

Kr lon-Wos 
City of C'ovlniri. 
lArht DiMrlut- 
d lllstric 

Ifarv. y M . 

W. C I* 

A llrnvc Ron. 
Loi isvii.lx, Kv.. Aqgusl 10.— The story 
of a frlcJitful tragady reached thla city to- 
day through then!' ■ of the Kentucky 
River steamer IIIuo tt'lng. The particular* 
are very meager, as little could be learned 
by them tit the place whore the affair oc- 
. uiT'.-d. Tbe report is that a picnic waa 
glvi n at Stony Creek, a little place on the 
river twelve miles below Frankfort. An 
Old man by the name ol lloacb wont to the 
picnic to collect aome money from 
•h* men having it In charge. 
Th. v paid It, and tbe money being noticed 
by four roughs, thry waylaid bim on bla 
r. turn, demanding thnt he give it up. He 
fofuaedi arid they immediately assailed 
him. The old insn was plucky, and a fuTl- 
. struggle at once ensued. Of rimrje 
they » . re getting tho advantage of lI'Vioh, 
ami !i" would have probably feicn killed, 
baa il not lieen for tbo opportune arrival 
of bis son, Willie Roach. Tbo latter, a 
yciitb of eighteen , y|.|ienod to Ini nruied, 
an I at once o|ieneirflro on the men. He ran 
lip so close that tbo powder almost burned 
their faces, and discharged bis revolver 
with the most deadly effect. He shot 
two dead almost iiudanlly. and, it Is said 
fatally wounded o third. The other mado 
his escape The little community of Stony 
i re. k i« greatly stirred up over the matter, 
1-ilh lloacb and his son being considered 
perfectly blameless in the matter. No ar- 
reetl have yet iNN-tiuiado. The elder Hoach 
is still suffering from bla I ruiaea, which 
ivere very severe. He is a well-known 
fanner mid a man of family. His standing 
in the community is good, though bo Is not 
possessed of mnoh property. 

A Whlakj Hurrel Kxplodea. 

Canton, 0.; August li .— Peter Clemens 
and Kd, W'oiidorly, two young saloon- 
kV-eiN rs, were l.adly used npthll sfternoon 
by the explosion of an empty whisky bar- 
rel. The barrel had lien standing in the 
sun, and a small quantity of whisky which 
had Is-™ loft iu the barrel waa converted 
Into gas, completely tilling tho barrel. 
Wonderly held a lighted match at 
Ibe bung-hole, wblle Clemens looked 
tn to •** whether or not the 
Inside was charred. The gas ignited, and 
one bend nf the Imrrel was blown out with 
the report of a boiler explosion, while a 
mass of flames envclr.ped both men. A 
piece of the barret struck Clemeu*, break- 
ing tbo bones of bis (opt and cutting two 
deep gushes in his leg. Wonderly had his 
mustache, eyebrows nud hair singed off 
and waa badly; burned about .tbe head and 
face. Tho head of the barrel penetrated 
the w all of Ibe saloon, a f i unm building. 
The report was heard a mile off. The In- 
aide of tho barrel was found to be charred. 

Mysteries of Paris 

I'akih. August 20.— A rich maiden lady 
named Menetray, recently dlsnpiiearod. A 
female servant named Merrier told the 
iiehlhliora that tin" lady had entered afcon- 
vent, leaving her to manage the prons-rty. 
Thn servant brought her pvVn relatives to 
Ibe house to live. Suspicion In inn aroused, 

• frolic* vi-«d tb" premises and dls- 

rere-' th - le-ly's lm-l 


den. Tile 
tried to eaejpi 

buried in quick 
eri r-uVnud her 
but ware ur- 


Hon strictly In accordance wl 
Upon motion of Mr. podrton, seconded by 
Mr. KoblnaoO: the a-riort was adopted. 
The baggage agents, Who frequently have 
lie*n compelled to abandon their cars, are 
tb* licst judgos of the delicate subject, and 
they Mievo a solution has boon roached. 
The caao la aha|ied as tielow: 

The suck is drawn ovnr the liody as a 
Stocking would be over a foot, through tin 
op-iii ii.- A. II., nnd lies In the enso or sack 
X. Y. K. W. There ia a glaas caao for the 
face at "('." it desired. When the body Is 
in the opening, "A. B." Is rolled up one 
turn and Meted, another turn and scaled, 
ond a third turn and sealed and laced. 11 
is sold that gas can lie injected Into tbe 
.■o*e that will embalm a lody perfectly 
during twcuty-four honrs' journey. 

Died From fcwkjnw. 

VixoKNNKN, Iko., August 23.— A horrible 
case of lockjaw has juat beeu recorded In 
this city. Last Saturday morning Miss 
Amv PblUlppsys fonrteen-yenr-old .laugh- 
eriof Mr. Henry Pll^llip^s, of the Ohio A 
Mississippi Kailroad shops, stepped on n 
rusty nail, which ran completely through 
her foot. In a day or two lockjaw pel in 
and for anveral days the unfortunate girl 
suffered a living death. No medical aid 
could l» seenred to relieve her. Her suf 
firing was dreadful, and in ber speerhlest 
agony the young girl finally died aud was 
burled to-day. 

An Bhlflne©r  During 
' KMI-exvrK, Kv., Auguat 2:1. — Kngineet 
Miller, runnlug an excursion train from 
Cincinnati O., to Frankfort, this State, 
performed a brave act to-day a* his train 
rrnaaed the Kentucky Kiver Bridge at 
Worthvllle. A tramp had laid down on 
the bridge track with hia lukggage. The 
train was under full headway and could 
not In. stopped. The engine was reversed, 
aud tho engineer jumped upon tb« cow- 
catcher and drew the tramp up. saving bis 
'if* at the risk of his own. 

Family Mjatortoiiely Poisoned 
PiTTHBfitOii, Pa., August 22. — Seven 
members of James Patterson's family, re- 
siding at Wylioand Francis streets, were 
myatertonsly poisoned to-dny. Two of 
them. Hottio, aged eighteen, and Huttle 
Foster, a niece, aged live, may die. It was 
at first supposed thatthe trouble originated 
Iroin some ham, of which the entire family 
hod partaken. An analysis proved thb 

-w. -mi, 

HOrM* Hilled By Lijimin: 
Syraci-sb, N. Y.. Augunt 22.— Fiv* 
horses in Cam 111 as were killed by light- 
aing b'st night. They bod Ihcil- n«H'ka 
across a wire fence, which y \ struck sixty 
tod» away. 

iiirollln. Mi'vii-i nml lireatnrlvl 

ett. eolyersvlllc. ~ 
arlon— K. N. Wiithcn, I^bynon. 
trsbull and L  ou- WllUaaJ^. Uee 

Ixiijan— r?«irfll 


Marshull i 


Mason-A. P. Uoodina. MayalUk. 
Mccracken— ThomiiN li. Moss, ruducun- 1 
Mi'Ix-sn-A. II. Slic. kl. lt. Culboun. 1 
Meade— (Jus Klcbardson, Braiidenbcru 
Meroer-rtUb II. Thoinpson, ar., HaC/ts- 
burg 1 S 1 1 : - 

Metcalfe and Monroe— H'rn. M. Itiaw- 
Mouiironieri-. Menifee. Powell and w* o— 
DruryS. Uodsny, Han i (Ir.-en. 

Muhlenberg— Robert Y. Thomas, Jrl cn- 
Kelson— Bcnl. Johnson, Bunlslow 
Nicholas and Robertson— L. F. Mi 
Ohln-Jeaso S. Will 
OMliaui and Trhublt— ' 
Pewee Valley. 
Owen— V. J. Walson 
Peudleton— Ira I' 
like, iHilchcr, 
Cllno, Plkevilk-. 
Pulaski-Juni" . ' nt. 
Soon— W. C. Own «. ileoi 
Sbelhy-ll. N. Hoh 
Simpson— J. M. Dnwi 
Toda-O. Terrv. Klkl 
Trigg- II'. J. Ihufl'ui ' lo 
t'ldoii— Ignatius A. spun d or. 
Warren itwo dlslrli t- v, Ida . 
Brlstow; William T. l u. lb   !ii» J 
Washington— John II. Lit-. ) Mackv 
Wavn. -.l. II. Hhean r. M.-ni:.-.Wi 




.,. Jr. I , .-.ikl'j 

v. saillea. 

i-i  ro. 

Wayne— J. II. sncar. r. 
Wefister-A. J. Morehea.l. TIM 
Woodford-Duvl.l L. Tbornton, 


First Dlslr'cl-Hobert T. Albntl.-i. 

Seventh ptatrtct— R. s. Trlpl 
Klghih Witrlot— ft B. Hill. Hartltrd. 
Tfuth Illslrlct— Dr. A. H. Uii/rf Ilanlins- $ 
bu rg. 

Twelfth I)l8trlcl-IL T. Kcmlajl Uraailcn- * 

Thirteenth Iiiatrlcl— D. II. Smni, Hodgcn- 
vlllo. - / _ 

Fourteenth liistrlct— (I. U. liil* n.Taylors- 
rillo. I . . 

Fitieenth District— Thus s. (jf-.ndy.ijpring- 
flold. . .... 

SUteenth Dlrtrlct- II*. b. . 

Hgbteeath Diatrlbl. Kci.lin/ iD. Rlrney, 

Twentieth Distrlot— lowli f MoKce, Law- 

"Twcn't'ydlrst Dlsirlcl-Wmjl. ( 

Twenty-third dl»trict-j| IL MoUani-11, 


Twenty-fourth District-tunes W. Bryan, 
Covington. • I „ „ 

Twenty-tlflh DIslrlct-Ai rtS. Berry. New- 
port. I „. , 

Twenty-sU!h nisliiot-i T. Slmou. Fal 
mouth. • I - .- ... 

Twenty-seventh UisirJ-Mltchell C. AI 
ford. Lexington. / 

Tw.nty-clghth DlsiriJ-Caseiua M. Cluy, 

r Twenty-nlnth BlBtrl/-John D. Harris, 
Thtrtv-flrst Iiistriet-f.leslie Worthlngton. 





'-V. T. U. Wailaco. 


\-^a*aJk*** ^ 

Irty eooond Uisiucy 
Louisa. . J 


Second District -.1. Wl  tlgllvl-, Puducah. 
Thiol l lstrlct-R. Ajlurncli. I'a.ilt. 
Fourth Dlslrlct-l'.f Clements, Marlon. 
Fifth I)lstrlct-Hen*J  Divn. Ilendorson 
Sixth District Auaf i I'eay. Hopkinarllle. 
Nlnih Dlslrict-VO Bii-h. Iranklln. 
Eleventh Dial rlctjf Robert Walker. BcOtt- 

Sevenieenlh Dis/ct J. II- IFi/mn. Bsc 

boiirsvllle. £ 
Ninoleenth i:isif S. II. Rnlea. Glasgow 
Twenly-secoiiilfliislrlcl-B. K. bpuikv 

NlcholasviUe. I 
Thirtieth l)lstrlt 4 1 . . *i nl '»-, '"vnthiana 
Thirty-thml Sffi^STVESZ* Ma 

cheater. (Sit wiiboul dfi.r I 

Thlrty lounh " I faoca „. '-t \«- w v,x 

Liberty. E9r v *S*   *iaB*i« tM 

Thlrly finh DlstffJJf. ^i??'^fe*JP* 
Thirlvslxlh iJeaM'^iSIa 

Beuchell. el hi t*J£TjX3ZZfy 

•rbiity-s-.-v«ntl|*j»*fc -I anditukj:. nut 

vi v. 

Thirty ■eiRlitb 'T jl 



i per 

,.. i85-'86.' Cents, 

tst S iool 

,- T885, - 
jcTi, Hearth 
opening pus- 
^P55 by 
*T appropriate 
are a large num- 
. Rations, describing 
^urscfijPrizQ Cattle, 
ud otherTTnlraals, Farm Implerae- 
nts.GarJen Tools, new varieties of 
Vegetables, and" J lowers. Ilouse 
Plans,*etc. , etc. £. G. Newton de- 
scribe a Dakota machine for twist- 
ing up hay for fuel; Joe, Hams 
treats of burning 8tubble, Mutton, 
and Merinos. Dr, Thurber contrib- 
utes a number of horticuitura.1 and 
other articles, ^enry Stewart dis- ( 
courses upon Curing Corn-Fodder, 

' e 


LouisviLrtj electro- 
brake. .524,470 
C. W., Hopkinsviile, 
^ct-wor^s. 22i,5~(f 

jiave ahWndred and twenty-two 
lusanH nrfles of railroad 'in this 



nearly on.e^ third 0/ which' 

I been buil t ' since J&T.8.' The 
[»lthas l een disastrous to rail- 
property, for we discounted the 
owth of they'country too largely. 
.* J Thore is najurajjy a str.tyle'for life 
between the roads, and the stronger 
will eventualy ahnord,tjte weaker, 
Meanwhile' we have .-topped rail- 
Way building, and as our popula- 
tion increases at the rate of nearly 
*. 000,000 a year, Jhe business of 
1 li v country will ip #me gfve em 
! !" • nent to all tho £9 T dsin exist- 
once, ^ut nwpers 'pf railway 
. -curiti.s 4l0 sut&rlyg, and will 
iUiUiix pro tier tics b* 



1 The Cow.s Udder. Mm, A. Coleman 
describes the Use of Sand on the 
Nursery Packing ground. In the 
Household Departraeut A..C- Sage 
describes some' Lui cheon fishes ; 
and M. ,1'. C. U^jhe story of a good] 
dinner made #0^1 £rn,gmeiUj  There 
are a number of contrivances /or 
househo^ and adornment. The 
Boya'jm^JGirls' columns are'r^lcte 
with interest, and the Doctor Talks 
about some curious playits. The 
leading feature of this number ie 
a list of twelve hundred Fairs, the 
most complete thijyg of fo^f hun- 
dred Counties where no Fairs are 
to be held. The Humbug Columns 
expose new swindling schemes. 
Price, *1. 50 a year. §ingle number, 
15 cts. Address Publishers Amer- 
761 Bro^djpay, 

ican Agriculturist. 
N. Y. 

A point for Deroexratjc F&fiBta. 

During tho Jan; three presiden- 
tial campaigns one of the roost ef- 
fective ltenubjjcan electjon/jefing 
ulated in fhe ru- 

whieh to meet such misrepresenta- 
tion and 'the means, by which it 
may qe deprived of any ifluence 
upon the minds of their children. 
-New York'. World. 


es at stated/intorvi 
met, wbicb/'ag first seen in 
i*sj»d its pf ihelion un the 7th of 
larchMttsflt returns regularly 
and one third y^ars. 
4 which was first seen 
pghttoputip anayponr- 
ance 8^ rtl y. is iu periqejicitg i 8 
j J0U /eventy-f}ve years. Ilalley'e 

jats 1 
left i  ahsoluteTj 
statement t  ^ ■vMitorced'T) 
tract* from partisat "hjs^qr; 
the civil war," writye, only fof elec- 
tioneering purposes and 
speeches by cjiflBJaaiaf 

es of 

(From Our Regular Corrcapondent.) 

Life is comparatively easy in 
Washington just now. The heat 
of last week has subsided from 
fifteen to twenty degrees. Men 
nave resumed then collars, n^- 
tiesand coats. Women have re- 
sumed—but I can not go into par- 
ticulars. The President has taken 
to the woods. The Cabinet is divi- 
ded Geographically only.' The 
Postmaster General is in lladison, 
Wisconsin. The Secretary of War 
is in galena, Mass. The Secretary 
of Stat'  o.-ci Hates between his heme 
in Delewarc and the Department 
in Washington. The other Secre- 
taries, I believe, are at their posts, 
but I have jtut retuined to Wash- 
ington after a two weeks absence, 
oudlmust make the confession, 
unparnlled in journalism, that^here 
are one or two things that I do not 

The work in all the Departments 
has not been for years so well sys 
temized £nd pushe t 4 as at present 
This is the comment of all who 
have long had businoss with Pen 
sion, Patent, j. ami, Indian and 
other bureaus of the Government 
service, Methods have been iro 
proved, abuses eradicated, barna 
cles have be,en scraped o^f; compc 
tent men have been appointed in 
place of drones and shirks ; new 
life, now energy, and old-fashioned 
honesty have been infused into the 
complicated and labyrinthine sys- 
tem through which the affairs of 
55,000,000 of people are administer 
ed. That so much h,. ; been ac- 
complished in five months i| re 
markable, but then ft must | c re- 
membered tfiat this hae ! een dor;e 
by "traitors" and "rebels" whose 
as predicted by the on- 
Republican party — 
,.t, p»n'i7" and ruin 
rful changes wfc* ran 
a Government Of- 
e introduction of the thor- 
ghly business m  thud*, in place 

Chesapeake & QWP R'y- 

Several hours are sayedpy 

taking! the only rail 
Northeastern KenW 

ved by 

Sq^d trains of iday" coaches and 
Pullmkn Seeping cars' from Cat- 
luttsburgto Washington, P-..C to 
Richmond, ,Va., and to Cincinnati, 
Louisville and LqxingtQn. 

Connecting in same depot in 
Washington with fast #fnns for 
Baltimore, Philadelphia, r.ud New 

At Cincinnati and Lp^uyillocon- 
neotilnu ve made for fit. I^ouis, 
Chicago, and »11 points in the « est. 
Northwest and Southwejt. 

The C. & O. is the only direct 
rou^ to Lynchburg V^., Greens- 
boro, ft- C, Norfolk m,d N^port 
News. Va. 

the V.f*''- 


,vo. KjuhanlHon, Chattaroi K'y, 
" nVOtehar^ " - ' 

letuburg. C. A O. R7. 


R 30 


n 24 


^ 00 JUjl 

Passiengers from Piketun.w'resto^s 
. hurg, Paintsville, an* all points 
ui)Blg Sandy conw ct B * , 
Rich'i&di'on with the Chajtaroi R y, 

Arr. VBaagtm, 


fo the Eesi. 



" Lmitsa, 

" V nth ttsburg, C. 

rt CTftonKorgr, 

" OisrlotU'StHle, 

" Bti'hmniul, 
Arr. W:i*"hiiigti n, 

" Biltlianri-. 

" HUlsdflphla, 

" Ncw^'oric. 

1105 pm 
Ti pin 

I 45 pm 

II :t:l uin 
;i 25 am 

10 55 mil 
a M pm 
(, :ici pm 

7 io pm 
5A pm 
3 00 mn 
•■ :io 11 in 


Through cars to Bicbmouil 

For Ititet, Tioki'U Ipformutlon regsrJ- 
lug. Route*, 4e., apply to 
GEO. N. BUTCHER. Trav'l'g Pas 

seugor Ag't, AsHWfB, Kv. 
T. H. BALDRIDGE Ag't C.A-O. R'y 
Cati^ttsbuho Ky. 


Gen' Mn'r Geg'l Pasa r A'gt, 

^;%zx™r GT0) " Kf 




r ^ite^ 


|i 1 ...uJp««e»«aU«"'V- **f. 

all kinds 

nlrnnc*. Tourm. 


Tot»kpfi/fcetVo«d»f, Hr;, I Jth. 

(Pailr. except Siiuiisy i 


% BauroKarten, 

* ' AW1LAND, KY. 

Maoffloili Jewelry Store! 



J. R. Fokd & Son 

' I umuHV J 
u, kn. a fi 
AO^tH-lNS lf» 

 fi«wd to fc cl «nxlhi«| 
ctai«J«*«lf« State- Alto 

l v km las 

, 1 (lift MI(V« 


nas a 

and » half years 
toward the end of 
s year, /utile's ppmet, which has 
(ff thirteen and aha)f years 
ycipjulypf thp preijoi t year. 
Tien tlie une^pect may happen in 
ink he way of pnmets— prom'Pem- 
-n t'« Monthly fpr August. 

t?cky Wheat SbQW, 

•('o\he Fabmers c*' Kbhtuoicv • 

order to dirept the atteqtion 
1 t'flo wheat, -rowers of tbjfl State 
ivhen to obUin Seed Wheat of the 
i istyncibties grown in Rsntnpky, 
nnual Wheat Show will be 
i this office on WBD»asnAv, 
^ptembbr2, 1885. -On that day, 
ie following premiumd will be 
awarded by competent, impartial 

For rtie beet sample pf White 
Wheat Vo.l, - « 115 00 
For ip no«t best sample of 
White \W No. I, • 10 00 
Forbel sample of Rod Wheat 
N'o.1, \ • - •• WOO 
For ne| best sample of Red 
Wheat Kd^, . - * 10 00 
For the best sample of Red 
Wheat, "Ion; berry," - 115 06 
For the net best sample of Red 
sVlIent, "lon,Wry" • 10 00 
" Bach snmte roust be sent] in 
seperate package, marked with the 
name and posWilce of the e$hibi 
tor, and the nane of the variety 
and the packagi may be sent by 
- V freight or expr^s* ot the charge of 
^ ; ' 1 i 8 office. Eaih sample must cou 
tain not less thin one-half bushel 

It is my pur ose to purchase 
about fifty bushes of the premium 
wheat of each vaiety, for [distribu- 
tion over the Stae, through the 
member* elect to tb next Legisla- 
*..iro in tjifli^riousfcounties. 
JO _ 


per in which in 
1861 bid not report the transfer of 
the Treasury and the books were in 
the hands pf the Republicans it was 
mpossible to obtain tho figures. 

All that could de done was to call 
attention to the fact Gen. John 
A. Dix was the democratic 
aecretary of the Treausry aud 
and to this the Republican cross- 
road orator replied that it was the 
Rebel Gen. Di$, not the Union 
General by that name- 

The boqks pf the Treasury are 
are now open to the public and from 
them it appears that when Mr. 
Lincoln; went into office a Commit- 
tee was appointed by his Secretary 
of the Tremmy to coqnt thp cash 
transfered to the Republican 
Treasurer by hU Democratic pred- 
ecessor, and this Committee report- 
ed that they found in the 
Treasury at Washington ; 
In American goldeqin. $5761651. 50. 

Is American' silver coin 0-°7$-5° 

In nt pieces 12.00 

In one-oent piece* , 166,60 

in treasury drafts 9-9*7-63 

Total *396,03J.43 

The Committee also reported and 
the books of the Treasury, show 
that the general balance subject to 
draft in the sub-treasuries and mints 
March 4th, 1861, was 16,123,459. 
42, of which $4,912, 074.13 was in 
New York, *500, 009 in Ban Fran- 
cisco, $179, 728.44 Philadelphia $17- 
7,939.27 in Boston, and tho 1353 
717.5C  remainder was divided in 
small sums among thirty-two sub 
trea?uries, depositories and mints 
for the covenience of paymasters 
and disbursing aofficers.Every pen- 
ny was trasferrcd to the Republican 
Administration and spent by it 

Republican School Board* have 
been engaged for twenty years in 
teaching this falsehood to school 
children, and although it may be 
impossible to prevent them from 
continuing to do so, Democrtic 
parents at last pave the facts with 


Tflstratien. Besides 
this, 814 of the clerks are absent on 
their annual leaves, and there are 
thirty abseht sick. Notwithstand- 
ing thts decrese in the working 
forse, amounting altogether to 354 
clerks, the amount of work being 
done at the present tJme, without 
any lengthened hours or over-work 
ing of the force, is as large as was 
done by the full staff of dork's un- 
der Commissioner Dudley, and it 
is rapidly augmenting- Recently 
there nave been one or two clerks, 
both Deajoorats and Republicans, 
dismissed because they roliod too 
muoh on their influence and not 
euough on. their record, but be 
yond thil there have been but 
few changes recently. 

The loud and braggart glorifici 
lion of the Republican party, when 
the count of money in the Treasu 
ry department showed no loss, has 
not yet ceased to reverberate in the 
land, but that is not the way the 
truly good officials of the truly 
good party have replenished their 
exchequers. Investigations now 
pending, and others that the oount- 
ry will hear of Boon, will convince 
the most skeptical that an exami- 
nation of the books, aud an elimi- 
nation of the orooks, have come 
none too soon. The Republicans 
are trying to take political comfort 
from the faot. as they put it, that 
the implioated official who lately 
dismissed from the Coaet Survey 
Office are all Domocrats. This is 
not true ; but even-if it were so, it is 
not easy to see how the oause of 
Republicanism is helped any by the 
discovery. The fact romains that 
what ever iregularitiss existed were 
continued under republican rule' 
and that it remained for a Demoort- 
ic Administration to expose them 
and apply the necessary corrective 
The country is not so much con- 
cerned just now about the Dolitics 
of individual rascals, as it is in 
having rasclities stopped. It is upon 
the latter point that the record will 
be made up. 


Sewing Machine, 


gton m 


Bene ml OBIre, 1 1 Ion. N. T. 
VtwTork Offlrf. ^HO Urosewaf. 

Buying Ag?H*3 Wanted. 


Arrive Anhlsnd . 

•• C.AO.Oroj'g: 

'• Normal 

" W.CUat.Junc: 

" Catlettsburc : 

" Hampton : 

" Oakland 

" Savage Br'eoh : 

" Lockwooda. 

" Burgeu' 

" Wright* . . 

" Koekvlllo 

" Curnutt . 

" Catalpa. 

" Fuller* 

»« Braaham 

«• Wnltts 

" Loulaa 

Camp Q round 

«' Walbrldgo . . 

" Summit 

" Peeks.. 

" Nortbup 

" Tunnel .: 

Lve Peach OrohTd: 


Boot and Shoe Maker. 


Done with neatness and dispatch. 
g^»Main street, Louisa, Ky., next 
door to RohVs store. 

Dealer, Cleaveland, Ohio. 



House $ Sign Pointers, 

Paper Hanpng a Specialty. Quod Work 
QuirtBtecdCaeap far Cash. »-47|jj 

Meileel Trlaiaft *t Ut»l 


■ail rate eaaer (he ekeeM 
i, ra 1 1 a aw art. r aa 1 1 ■ t . «M mi 

laallaatlra la aaanlaa « 

• reeUawera 

•Ike ayeatBeav 

fcstvtaeaeefeeteft ■ 
Wtwtam, Dtaslnati, 
■aan. Data kararel 
•vet ike rlcai are, _ 
■tfel Oaasaa, Hlakir ealaveS Vrtaa, i 



Nubwrlptlon iH.oy per annum. 


Awful hot. 

J gaj BlonkH at this ortke. 
. iL 

POOD Wait* wai? in town la ,t 

morning to resume hiii place aa a 
Proflesgor in the Deaf and Dumb 
Institution at Daiiville. Ky. 

• ' Sj — — ■ 

Joeeph K. \VaMi, of Coui.cil 
Grove Kannas.waH summoned home 
last week by a to lag ram announcing 
the serious illness of his trther af 
Weehl.ville. He arrived on' Bun- 

tft." to tmTKntcrtaiiimwnt to-mor- 
row night. 

Arthur, Preston of Graves Shoals 
is in town. 

to Cat 

■Ian. A. Uujrhps went 
lottsliurg ori Saturday. 

Jas, A. Hughe* dr Co, are plaa 
tering their ware ?oom 

K. If. Broaa, of New Yo.i, la 
registered at thoChatta/oi 

  '• R. Lewis js teaching school on 
''•ek Cre ek with , yeragc p f ?0. 

Wo wish to call your attontion to 
f he ad of the Amerh *i Farmer. 

Col.H. K. Dey, of Peach Orchaid 
was at the Chattaroi Monday 

The Big Sandy Kkyvh and 
AiiHTu nn Farmer quo year lor 
dollar. ' 



W. J. Crutcbcr and I,ou Johnson 
of Peach Onchard spent Sunday In 

Don't forget that Lo w give an 
tntertainment to-morrow night at 

fob Printing of all kinda done 
 »» (his o(ljco with neatness uiid do- 

' patch. 

H. i.ry builivan has improved the 
Post Office by building an awning 
jn front. 

Conductor Williamson i$ on* 
ofthomost accommodating men 
W* ever met. 

Jud K . JM.Ric,., leaves this week 
for Pik. ville to lwgin hi- Fall term 
; f Criminal Court. 

Rev. Captain Musio now rnnn a 
push boat Utwecn Louisa tho Point 
and tho Mo of Pond. 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lovo will 
give one of their Entertainments at 
IJnvkos Hall. Thursday night. 

We have still a fow fino Merino 
Uurks for sale. Call at farm back of 
Louisa Ky. F. T. I). A B. Wan.ack 

Rudol|)h Hooser has for sals 
large tracts of Mineral lands in U» 
renco co Ky and Wayne county 
W Va. ' 

Go to Dr. Wois if wanting the 
 uresj Drujrc.. Ho has already re 
oeiWW sonic goods. I will keep the 
purest freHh dm**. It is nee 
ccssary to use tho best preperations 
if you want good result. 

Yon will find in this Issue the 
advertisement, of II.A. Halo of the 
Louisville ' Shorthand Institute, 
Persons wishing to booome oxp rU 
in shorthand will do well to write 
to him for circular. 

Will II. Hutchinson ja somewhat 
a tyechanical Goniun. He has just 
completed the wood work lor a 
clock andjfe have no hesitancy in 
saying that it is a -fine piece of work 
It is on exhibition at hi - store. 

Mr EniTo* ; 

We desire through your paper to 
thank the People of Wayne County 
for their attendance and good bo 
bavior, at our Camp Meeting just 


H^M Rebd. 
Qn.N Ward 
H ill am Allison. 

Capt. Thos. P. Mjjr^um, edjfor of 
the Catletfcburg Democrat will 
 o a candidate for Horgent at arms 
of the Senato. Capt, Marcum i» 
good D,empcrat ( and a rpli^blp tpmp- 
erato gentleman who will if elected 
mak, a a splendid ollioer. —Frank- 
fort Capital. 

000 one-third of the immense for- 
tune, was born in Alexander Va, 
in 1822, and lived their untill 1858 
when ho moved to this State. He 
went into tire Hotel business at 
Ashland where ho thrived untill 
1800, when ho moved (o Catletts 
burg Ky, and, immediately set up 
a wholesale Grocery which he kept 
running untill after, the cjose of the 
War. In 1872 he moved to Martin 
County Ky, nnd was engaged in 
the practice of Law.untill 1883, his 
health failing him.hecamo here to 
live with his son C. D. Norris. 

Mr. Norris has several times in 
his |ife be^n very wealthy, "but 
through misfortune has lost every- 
thing and untill a few days ago was 
a poor man. We are glad to 
him get this fortune as he certainly 
is a-deserving man. 

I'ernonal Mention. 

Ohio i. 


Tho Sheriff of Lawreneo Ootinty, 
Ky, isnotiflied to not pny off a 
bond isssued to the Champion 
Bridgo Co, by Lawreneo County 
Court, Ky, for $825,00 as same is 
jost pf misplaced, and {lie Public is 
notified not to L 

Tom ilussey, of Marlon, 

OnrJanlor EJitor spent last Erlday 
lo Ashland. 


a flying trip 
spent Haturday 

Elsworth Korrii 
Catlettsbu rg ' T rid a y. 

Miss Maggie Hatcher, 
and Sunday at home. 

M. N, Hambleton, of Catlcttaburg, 
was In town Tuesday. 

Prof. J. L. nibkird, of Peach Orclurd 
was In Louisa Monday, 

Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Thomas, have rc- 
tnrned from a visit to the East. 

Mrs. L*o Frank, has returned from an 
extendc^lsit In Ptnsylvanla. 

Jo. Whlrtlln, clerk of the RUamcr 
Big Handy went np the Chattarol Thurs- 

 ^fr. O. Q. Brown, ft 
Wesley an College was In town last 

Ed llllglies, who li„, been In his broth- 
er! store at this place for some time, left 
MonJsy for his home at Star Furnace. 

O. W. Ounnell and wife who hare been 
visiting at his homo In Virginia for some 
time have returned home, and Mr. Oun- 
aeH can aow be found at Jaf.A. Heighe* 

Thi.nks to Dr W.H.M. Cluro for a 
o| v of Junction City Hera Id ,a 
new paper just started at Junction 

City Ky. 

!. ■( every man who wants to set 
a Pcmocrtic papor flourish here 
should send lis a dub of sub- 

Our Public School opened 
Monday morning with T. L. Moore, 
J »s Principal and Miss Cora Abbott 


Judgo Geo N Brown, came up 
Join the (into City Monday morn 
fig to finished his term of court 
tbie place. 

Pont forget that by paying one 
" dollar thesubscribtion price of .the 
Nkwu you gi t it and the American 
Knrmer)one year. 

Htanton Dean of Far West Kan- 
3M arrived in, Louisa, Saturday to 
visit the homo of his boy hood days 
;*^|^HBjoy the breezes of our 


H Ssy^ 

I lio strike in tho coal minop at 
1 1 itch Orchard is ended, and the 
striking miners went t\ work 
again Monday at llio rodueUoii of 
t«n cents per ton. 

O.M.McCluro.whohaJ.bcep spe id- 
ing Summor vacation left Mom ay 

Wo have boon asked tho question 
nnnilwr of times if Lawrence 
Comity would ever have a Poor 
house. We understand that there 
is a house being built for that pur- 
pose somewhere in the County, and 
that it h as been in process of con- 
struction long onough to hayo been 

List of Letters remaining in the 
Louisa Ky Post Office einco July let 
wichifjnot called before August 31 
will be sent to the Dead Lottei 
o lllce. 

Arthur, J. A; Arthur. J, A 
Frarier, Fanny ; Ferguson, S, M 
Lester, W. J ; Miller 8. K ; Thomp 
•on, Victoria; Wicks, Goo. W 

C. 0. Sullivan. P. M. 


Those of readers who have time 
and inclination to look at some- 
thing strange and beautiful should 
stop at tho drug storo of Dr. U"i -i„ 
.»nd exatuino a piscatorial spooimen 
there preserved in a largo glass 
tank. It is a present to the doctor, 
but neitiier he nor the donor can 
namo or classify the strange crea- 
ture. From what wo could soe we 
should call it a metalic fish. When 
a ray of sunlight gleams througl 
its watery abode it ehines and 
sparkles liko crystalized silver. O 
and bos it. 

Lestal Blanks, 

Letter Beads, 

Ml Heads, 

Posters, $c, Printed at this 

Offloe on Shorf Notwe i 

BJQ 1 

1 12 

10 ■ ; - 

■o }S 5 to ' ~*Oonj|well, 

io »3 
io 30 
10 45 

10 $7 

11 10 
11 so 


1 lu rry Ripe 
Clang ofihe WooUon Shoon 

Heir to #500.000. 

Mr. George Norris. formerly a 
citizen of this city, but now of Har- 
ison County, was a few days ago a 
poor farmer, but good, fortune has 
at last overtaken him, and he is now 
heir to #500.0(0. A few days Binco 
to received intelligence of the Deatl 
of a brother in San Francisco Cal. 
together with the news that ho had 
left #l,. r )00,000to be divided botween 
three brothers, George being one. 
this good fortune is well das«rved. 
It Is understood that Mr. Norris in- 
tends coming back here to live 
when he secures pososaion of his 
share of the fortune.— Parkcrsburg, 
W. Va, Special to tho Cincinnati 

The three heirs to the above prop- 
erty are Geo. L. Norris of Harrison 
County, W. Va, Cornelius Norris, 
of Mason County, W. Va. and H. 
W. Norris of this City. 

Mr. H. W. Norris who lives in 
this City andvWb will receive $500 


Cheapest Firsd-claHS Music in the 
United HUteg. 

Look at thU list ol soma pf the' most 
pojmlar music published. Printed on 

1 clear 

print; full epeeTnTffl^ejnV^ls^^^LaJ^ 

same as guncrally rcuileil all over Tsi * 
United States at thirty to seventy-Are 
cents per capy- Our price is n vt ckntn 
per copy, or by mall one cent added for 
|HV tage. We give the retail price, but 
remember our price is but FIVE cents. 
We will sendcatalogtto of 1,000 best sell- 
ing pieces published, free. Don't pay 
high exorbitant prices when you can get 
Hie same music for about ouorclght the 11 3i 
price; soe tho fallowing: 

Alloc. Where art TI1011V Ascher 30c 

Angles Ever Bright ami Fair 3Bo 

A »»wers Blumenthal 60c 

Blue Alsatian Mountains Adams 60c 

Bridge Carow BOc 

'•"■'''go Mndsay 35c 

Dolores 86c 
. Horn 36c 
Molloy 40 - 

Dream Facos Hutchlnwin 35o 

K-incralda Levy 36c 


Chop Stlck«, waits De Lulu 36c 

Black Hawk, waltz Walsh 60c 

Corn Flower, waits t'ooko 80c 

yueen'n Lacu Handkerchief Strauss 40e 
Itiiouet, galop . Wcliiirda 4(k- 

Home, Sweet Home Slack 60* 

Shepherd Boy.... Wilson 40c 

VI m illings at Kvc lilchurds 10. 

And 1,000 other songs and iiistrumen 
talideces equally a* good as th  above 
only nix cent* per copy, iio»t free. 
Send for a copy ofonr Musical Journal 
$1,35 per year, sample copy twelve els. 

In sending orders always send cash, 
post office order, or postal note, as we 
get so many stamps wo cannot use them 
al o In all cases mention the paper you 
saw onr advertisement In, so we in»y do 
Justice to those pa| ers that furnish us 
business. Address. 

J. H, THOMAS, Publisher, 
Albany, N. Y. 

Eastern Kentucky R'y 
Time Table. 

On and after Monday, June 1st, 
1836, trains \vij! run daily, 
except Sunday, oa follows : 
Tkains 8piTi|, Twrc 'N'onTsfT 

NO 8 



5 00 

5 »' 

s a 

5 35 


Lvc. r~aill A 

Three Mile, 


C. 4 O. Junction, 
tifobhtton, l,vo 
\r Wlllanl, " 


.1 m 
8 05 
7 45 
7 to 
7 *8 


6 4? 

1, H 7 

6 30 

no. 4 

p m 
3  5 
i. 04 

* 55 

* 5 2 
2 38 

a 25 
2 05 

' 57 
1 52 

' 45 

1 as 
■ 10 
1 00 
12 45 

'Tra ins stop only on signal. 

American Agrieulturist 

loo Columns and loo Engrvingi in each issue. 

44th YEAR/ 11.50 A Year. 

Send three 2-ccnt stamps for Sample Copy 
(English or German) and Premium (.1st of 
the Oldest and Best Agricultur.1 Journal in 
the World. 


751 Broadway, New York. 

K««ts to Hts or F*ar uo Scitwor res heotas 


I, risssut, sad tflrfnt 9ns ar 

Highest Honor 
h'orltpH Imposition 



E.W.&W, R.SMITH, of the 
erslty, Lexington, Ky. 

Kentucky Un 

Btndaota Attn bs^tii any wrs k-dav durluff th» yijar. 
No TaosailOQ Ttm« so .mi.t-n# Wr roll Uts»lm» RattuesM 
■ ir..- tjJjsxst I" ■ ■ • t Avcraff* total twat, iKcitsdinf Ttj. 
U»n rtvt «f it an t n . ar 4 in * fkmiit too, Tftlarraphjr. 
Phonosxraphr la* Tjl o Writing tftaUMm. Citerarr 
t'ourac frsM. r^tol. Titrr «000 Succcaafu] 
Graduates]. Orcr *-«' 1 ipm la*t n%r rr. ... IS ut U ywt «f 
*ga froess tl lUH. lu f rise-tie* |4 pesMtleallT isssl lo4i*l 1uaJi* 
l*p«rt d b* 14 !•« her. MrnN-lftl c^ur-e sW tcs». h.-re aud Bnaf. 
tea* Urn. UnlTOraltr Dlptotni* i.rr»en|e.l u. lia grnduaiaa. 
Thla a*asiUrii|etlT I* i.xltsl M lt  hrsUtliluloaw ami smilaty, ao4 
Is of lesvlltn r\tln ».l« 

The T»xt-Book whL-h malraO !h«  li1s hr«t awarrl at Usa 
World'* Vipoaltlon ft r tie l.-,if»-i". Practical, and Oni  
pr*a« stsien, ,.r Ha-lnMs r lu -ai*. n l*i mod only at thla 
College*. It 1st If 
tout, an 4 ffnaran 
aa*a  Par alnwUr* i%i r 




All our subscribers who will pay 
their subscription accounts to 
this paper in full to date, and 
oyje year in ady^ce, will be 
presented with one yepfs 
subscription to 

A clxteen- page Agriouitijral Magaiine, puhlished by p. A. K. Hackett, 
at fort Wayne, Indiana, and which is rapidly taljjng rank ag one of the 
leading Agricultural publications of the country. T t j.i devoted exclus 
ively to the in^ereata of the Partner, ^tock Breederi dairyman, Gardener, 
aud their hpuaehold, and every speoiieB qt induatry ppnneced with thai 
groat portion of *be people of the worlc), the Parrners. ?he aubscription 
price is One Dollar per Year. Farrnera can npt weP get along witbQUt it. 
It puts new ideas Into their minds, ft teaches ihem bow to farm with 
profit to themselves. It makes the home haoyi the young folks cheer; 
ful, the growlor contented, tho downcast b »PP 5   and the domagogue 

Positions when Competent 

I entered the Louisville Shorthand Instituo in September, 1884, having nq 
knowledire of thcsubleet whatsoever. I graduated In February, 1885. and Imme- 
diately oWlned a position with Messrs. Kay & Co. of this city, thrpuefi fh« Pfinr 

»d nycry bfoin^sp made 


tome before eb^rlng the sohool 

IxiulHTllle Shorthand Institute. 

n. a. 


r or. 

Louisa • • Ky- 
Work promptly and accurately 

Dr. F.'W. Weis, 


Oftlce In ohVKallrpad House Corner 
Main and Main-Cross fctreet.a, 1 

CT Private CffiO at Residence, Corner 
Main 4 Washington. 



Second door E'.st of "Old Brick, " Loui aa 
K?eps on hand a full supply of 



r f t . I. ■ a!y sa pratcriptioa. 


Kewspapor Advertlslna Bni-oau (10 Spruco 
M. I, where ail vert is* uf B Uf UaHlf 




It, Batsis (ros XooisV 

I re iutrtnK acortalnanil elllclen. 
cipeoimllj UrsneSil*. Want Br AI'MOte, 
II.  n. Lack or Btrcnalh, «U)., ll« ™ 
Willi ttnmeillate and wonilprful rt 
tfiuiclcs anil nerres receive new Torce 

•upptltfa lit nln Power. 
A sUireTlhR Irom all eomplatnte 
O pecuUjr i Uielr»cx wlirSndtr 

in presents given 
'away. Send us 5 

I.M|**I lull. *.- lh. SlfkMt 

,n.^-.« In Lu.lnr^ fx li. dPMY.Isf gr»4«. 
I'.ll Mnlull" .1 Ir.M IU PpMMtal. 

UK H BMITB. Icilruelon. 

Mr— at iwil. taS knatk, 

- - - - - "    a Ssoa, bMTlam. 

DYSPEPSIA k , nnw » »T Ineanuu- appc- 

an'l ie_iideriic«alp1tcrstc«nach.d««poni1eniT. 

coatotl. ^Un yellow, 
ntiona,f7e«dull,dry oou * 

s eyMdiill.dry ouiiKb.itlfled anilobatnirt- 
■ pnlso, bait DOWnd ttouli 
. lepey.Pavr " 
■lu -.— ■ -sstght, aonno in r" 
eoartBon In hcad.ncrvoosnesai 
Stan ma law af aamorr. niaaain 


■—sssi, flashes ol ugbl 

KIDfilvYS P^^'korUgbttVs^eMd* 
1 banslna. stln(u».bearti «aawa 
t V*^ ' n*l« a  Sefra lo anaaat. maaaataaaa. 

HEART S» «wiai acwakki r 

"**""' 1 kaart. nan a* ee Mvtaif \UeUr 
laaWlaiSa; a« or bnuk aa aiartlaa. 
— Soil or " 
p »jm or 

wkn IflaianlaAalda 

HEADACHE , *» - itt^ESa 

l «-0|«ay ■ eaaaad bj watarr faM. tShamanav 
stns, sW 07 aria aid tm fW SSowalDfZ 

• w vtsi«ti riijus, sJVTu. tlavXTa^. 



It la nniversally conceded 
to be the finest-finished and 
beat-made on tho market. 

Its ■wood -work Is e tsssnmt  
tjrasicoraatod Its KSMUJ 
^ S SPSa fain . 

^Agents wanted. , 

I' tea f issann iss utsau 


cumuswD, omo. 


V" ' cents postage, and 

by mail you will get free a package of goods 
of large value, that will start you in work that 
will at once bring you in money faster than 
anything else in America. All about the in presents with each box; Agents 
wanted everywhere, of either sex, of all ages, 
for all the time, or spare time oaly, to work 
for us at their own homes. Fortunes for all 
workers absolutely assured. Don't delay. 
H. HAU.SVTT & Co., Portland. Maine 


Obtained and all TATENT llUSINESSat. 
len.led to for MODERATE FEES. 

Our office is opposite the U. S. Patent office 
and we can obtain Patents in less time than 
thone remote from WAS-HINGTON. 

vise as to patentability free of charge j and we 

We refer, here, to the Postmaster, theSupt. 
of Money Order Div., and to officials of the 
U. S. Patent Office. For circular, advice, 
terms an J references to actual clients in your 
own State or C junty' write to 

C. A. SNOW Jr. CO., 
Opposite Patent Office, Washington, D. C , 



.W Tm Stmt. a WELLS, Tna*. 

In* type on ir nteb Ihlr 
nrui thu at»vo Fou~^ . 

4 v 


^ per la printed f 

LrtlilC O pecullu I* their sex 

It aires a clear and healthy 
_an asfoaiait leaUmony to the 
It abtxti a lliOH Tunic la thai Ireqaont attempt, 
at coiiaterfellliifrhavii only added to Ihopojeala: 
Ity of the ortrtnal. If you •arnestly deatra he*."., 
do not expariment— gvt the Osiuinal AMD ™ 

Da. HAimm-a Iron Tohio to ron 8al« p, \ 

QBUOOlSTSANa t CAl.:m» ~ 

by trinte ouT»rs« or 

machinery can compete with 


6rtcee. UliiBU-d catalogue free. 




And all Bilious Complaints 



Thla UialltnUon which han been In success- 
i\ oparalioa nearly Ibree-f.iartha of a oautury 
ttrj raeently Ulada iaiporl^nt aifdltlnns to 111 
" culty and enulpmenla. Claanlcal, rbliu. 
iphlcal. Preparatory and Normal courses. 
eeMsary aiprnaM low, place ea»y of access. 
-'I term opens S »p«s s xs»«r gin. For fur. 

Iter lnformatlou.'addreo" t 

. ' c h A3, w. SUPER. Athena, o. 



A Radical Cure 




nSTIB for over ( 
Yt*re by ne* la 
Caaae or 





tours, a Middle I 
A*r*d Men. 

avtxjs OEBiUTy, 

[ OrynliiWaatoae. and 

1 numerous 


r free olrculnr 

,^/^ssarn Jssporsaot facta 
■hafore) taeuw traatmaat 

■ elaaelMr*. Take a svaa 
IRxstXDT teas baa coiutre 
BUuMiaaada doea not In. 
■Vstfere with attention la 

■ boalnaas. or caoaa Data or 
Iclplaa. B. 

'on lotbe 
. ewfSa IBStiiaau. la 
S wlthoul Salay. The ■ I rooaiUiaa of tne 
Sham — 

. . d tract ■ miUca- 

bona dHaj. 
■ unci'- ns 0 

3   fH oftutism su» r«jav 
rwL Tho aalmotluB m»  

MAr»r»!S RtWsatfYT^^* 

X andi.uSHV. iaSt- 




I as s  m Mi m i «t essd aulh «■ 

r. W*. sal? «■ tasTeM. Ms ~- 
jm. ■■ liiDialiilj in ifll hi alTleaasessa u dd« 
UV.t. IhTl^rTUd ton. stan. In. 4i*D«. Prop- 

It earn, ere saaaWrae^/Cj*-, b * 


rtMTv'ri a (kin without, and a skin within. 
A nive ring akin and a lining akin: 
Rut in ■ akin within la the akin withnm. 


ur air, 

Doubled Inward 

rho palate, tbo nostrils, the wtndplpc and 

An- all of them llnod with this Inner cost. 
Which thniuirh every part la made to extend, 
lAiiura, Urorand bowelafrom ctm to end. 

The en i nMe akin la a marvelotia plan 
Foroiudinirthedrmrsof the ties', of man. 
While the Inner extract* from the fond and 

What la needed toe watte of tho fleah to repair. 

loo much brandy, whisky or Kin 
la apt to disorder the akin within: 
While. If dirty and dry. the akin without 
Reruees to let the sweat come out 

Good people all, have a care of your akin. 
Moth that without and that within; 
To the first/ alve plenty of wator and aoap. 
To the last, little elae but water, wo hope. 

But always be very particular where 
Yon (ret your water, your f »«! an" KM 
For If theae tie tainted or rendered tnij 
It will have it* effect on tho blood, be a 

The food which will ever for you l e the tssst 
la that you like most and can suoneat .llirest 
All unripe fruit iind decaying- flush 
llewarr of, ami Bah that Is not very fresh. 

Tour waler. transparent anil pure aa you 
think It. 

Had better bo filtered and boiled ere you 
drink It, 

Unless you know surely that nothing unsound 
Can have got to It over or under the ground. 

Dot of all things tho most J would have you 

Of breathing the poison of onoe-breathed 

When In bed, whether out or at home you 
may 'to. 

Always open the windows and let It go free 

With clothing and exercise keep yourselves 

And change your clothes quickly if caught In 

For a cold caught by chilling the outside skin 
Flies at once to the delicate hiring- within. 

All you who thus kindly take care of your 

And^end to Its wants without and within 
Need never of cholera feel any fears. 
And your skin may last you a hundred ft 
—As.rj.fl A««r, In l\M MM Oatct 



[rtopvrlflru SeciiratL AU Kighu «r»rm«f.) 

Driven From Sea to Sea; 


BY 0. 0. POST. 

TUBumnm ar PxRwiasioa or J. R. Dowsii 


CHAPTER XIV - CowTiHtran. 
When ho reached the hill upon tho 
opposite side he sprung from his seat 
without more than chocking tho speed 
of his horse nud ran by hi* «ido up tho 
incline, keeping the animal in a trot, 
but reaching tho top with his steed 
much less exhausted titan if ho had 
borne tho weight of his rider. Then 
mounting again he dashed on across the 
next valley, a race of a mile and a half, 
with the speed of the wind, again 
springing to tho ground as tho steeper 
portion of tho next hill was reached, for 
he-knew that an animal tinnsnd to lone 
heats at his best paces will make better 
time if relieved of the rider's weight for 
a few moments occasionally in making 
^satoep ascents. 

^%A*1 so he reached tho little town at 
the Landing with his animal covered 
with foam, but still ablo to keep a sharp 

Tho appearance of horse and rider as 
they passed through the one main street 
which the town could boast of drew 
evorybody to their doors, and whon they 
■aw him spring to tho ground in front 
of the doctor s office, a dozon persona 
. gathered about to learn the cauBe of his 
hasty ride. 

As they heard him toll tho, doctor of 
the accident to Johnny, and l og that ht 
would hasten with ail possible s| ood, 
and that ho would loan him a fresh 
horse so he might return with him 
making certain that he did not miss the 
way, there were expressions of sympa- 
thy and offers of the loan of horses for 
both, if tho doctor's were not fresh. 
They also offered to carry tho sad news 
to Mrs. Parsons that she might hasten 
to tho side of her injured child. 

"Ef yriu would, mon, you'd be doin' 
me a mighty groat favor," he said, in 
reply to their kindly odors. "Tell her 
nnd 'Kastus to hitoh the ponies to tho 
spring wagon and come at onco. Tell 
'em to follow the Gravel Hill road till 
thoy come to the limestone bluffs— ' Ras- 
tus '11 know where I mean— and thon 
turn to, the left, an' it the first shanty 
they come to." 
. Then mounting the animal which had 
been led out to him, he dashed away 
the doctor keeping by his Bide, his case 
of instruments in his saddle-bags hang- 
ing upon his saddle. 

When the party who had volunteered 
to notify Mrs. Parsons of the accident 
reachod the cottage it was already get- 
ting dark, and a lamp was burning in 
the dining-room, whose supper was 
spread and the family waited the coming 
of the absent ones, now momentarily ex- 

Hearing tho clatter of a horse's foot 
on the hard road, Mrs. Parsons went to 
the door just as the ridor sprang from 
his saddle, and throwing the bridle 
rein over the hitching post, advanced 
up the gravel walk. 

In a few words he told his errand. 

"An accident had happened; the 
horses, taking fright, had thrown John- 
ny and his father out of tho buggy. Mr. 
Parsons had escaped unhurt, but John- 
ny's arm was broken and ho was lying 
in a shanty near where the accident oc- 
curred, and to which Mr. Parsons had 
rotnrned with the doctor, while the 
siteaker came to tell Mrs. Parsons, that 
she might go to her child at once." 

Martha Parsons neither screamed nor 
fainted. She called Krastus and bade 
him bring the ponies and spring wagon 
while she hurried to get together linen 
for I m n. I ages, and such other articlos as 
might be most needed. 

When Krastus drove up to the gate 
she called to him to come in and gel a 
couple of feather beds and some cover- 
ing and put them in the wagon, (or she 
knew that gittlers in the mountains 
were not alwtivs supplied with a super- 
*M»e4K f' bedding. And, besides, 
not too badly hurt— and 
"•iiurht the news of the 
■^Utt hnyrcBSion 

• ? ' * *' 

that a broken arm was the extent of the 
injury he ■•on Id be laid on she lied and 
brought home in the spring wagon at 

Driving at night over a hilly road is 
not the nio-l rapid way of transit, but 
the ponies were urged forward with as 
much speed as possible, considering the 
darknoss, aud just at midnight were 
halted at the door of Mr. Joner shanty. 

Tho inmates had hsard them coming 
and Mr. Parsons was standing at tho 
gate waiting for them. 

"I'm mortal glad you're come, 
mother," he said, as be lifted his wife 
from the wagon. "Johnny's pretty 
bad hurt the doctor says, but he's set 
his arm and tho lad's sleopin' a little 

"The folks here arc es kind os kin be, 
and everything has been done tbat kitt 
If done to make him comfortable, but 
the doctor says he can't bo movod for 
several days, an' may lie weeks, and 1 
reckon 'Kastus had better go back an' 
write to one of the girl* to come home 
at once, for. I know you won't leave 
Johnny, an' there ought to be some one 
to home to see to things." 

Mrs. Parsons was unwilling to have 
tho girls leave school in the middle of 
tho term if it could I e avoided, and she 
suggested that they wait a few days. 

It might lie that Johnny could lie 
moved soonor than tho doctor thought. 
At any rate they had better wait a little 
and see; ospocially as Krastus ex- 
pressed a willingness to got on as woll 
as he could without a cook and house- 
keeper for a time, if thought best 

And so he returned homo, leaving 
lioth Mr. and Mrs. Pnn,ons at the 
shanty with the injured boy. 

The noxt morning Mr. Parsons went 
to the Landing, ridiug the horse which 
ho had left at the shantv tho day boloro 
when he went for the Jot-tor, aud lead- 
ing the borrowed one, which he re- 
turned to its ownor. Then taking his 
own, he rodo to his own homo. Here he 
remained but a few hours and was 
again on his way to the shanty among 
the hills to resume his watch by tho 
bedside of his child. 

The doctor came again the noxt day, 
and every day for nianj days ami 
weeks; for Johnny was not moved from 
tho shanty, whose inmates had shown so 
much hospitality, for three long months; 
aud whon at last he was taken home 
his parents knew that he would never 
again be the healthy, rollirksome boy 
he had been, going everywhere about 
the house anil ranch, antl carrying sun- 
shine wherever he went, but that lie 
was to bo a cripple always; ihe injury 

to his back making it impossible that 
he should ever stand erect or be able to 
walk again. 

When it became evident that weeks, 
ami may be months, would elapse tic- 
fore Johnny could be moved from the 
Jones shanty, tho girls had been writ- 
ten to as their father at first suggested, 
ami had come immediately homo anil 
u-vsurm'tl the care of household affairs. 

Occasionally one of thorn took Mrs. 
Parsons' place at the licdsido of the 
sufferer, while tho mother returned to 
the cottage to see that everything was 
going right, or for a rest of a night or 

John Parsons had also remained at 
tho Jones shanty tho greater portion of 
the time; for Johoaiy was fretful in his 
sufferings, and no one could lift or turn 
him so woll as his father, whom t]uito 
as much as his mother bo wanted con- 
stantly near him. And so ho had re- 
mained, trusting everything ou the 
ranch to Krastus, anil going home only 
whon it was necessary to obtain pro- 
visions, or a change of clothing for him- 
self or wifo, or something for Johnny. 

No ono could possibly have shown 
more kindness and sympathy than did 
Mr. and Mrs. Jones, who wen- thus 
called upon to act the part of good Sa- 
maritans to those whom they had never 
before seen. They even consented that 
their own children should leave thorn 
for a time— when the fever hail set In, 
anil Johnny was at the worst, that their 
noise might not disturb him, and they 
had been taken to I liol'arsons' cottage, 
where they remained some weeks and 
were oared for by Krastus and the girls. 

Whon tho crippled boy was at last 
removed to his own home, these kind 
ticoplc beneath whoso roof ho had been 
so long, would not consent to make 
any charge for their trouble or to ac- 
cept any pay, except such as was forced 
upon them in tho way of presents to 
Mrs. Jones and the children. 


BttlLtllNO Till PAM. 

The events recorded in our last chap 
tor served, for a time, to arouse John 
Parsons from the unhealthy mental 
condition into which he was sinking; 
for so long as the lad's life was in dan- 
ger every other thought gave way bo- 
Fore tho one great fear of losing John- 
ny, his baby, his only boy. But when 
the more imminent danger was past, 
tho fear of losing their home came again 
with redoubled force as ho realized that 
his child must always remain a cripple, 
dependent upon others for every neces- 
sity and enjoyment in lifo. 

It was at "thought of this, too, that 
Mrs. Parsons broko down. 

Always heretofore she had been tho 
ono to preserve a cheerful countenance 
and to encourage her husoantl with ex 
pressions of hope that the danger to 
their home might not he so great as he 
feared, or if so there would come some 
way out of it 

"Tho law will compel tho company to 
make good the damages if they occur," 
she would tell him; "and even if wo 
loso the land we will still have the stock 
and household goods and a nice little 
sum of money in tho bank, and we are 
not very old yet antl will manage to 
live comfortable, I am sure; so don't 
worry, dear, it will all come out right 
in the end." 

Hut now! 

Whon she got down from tho spring 
wagon, and Johnny was lifted out and 
carried in and laitl upon the cot, from 
which, unaided, she knew he was never 
to rise again, an awful feeling of deso- 
lation came over nor. Site was as ono 
bewildered and lost in tho woods The 
sky, the hills, everything about her, 
took on the look they havo when seen 
through a piece of smokod or stained 
glass. The house Itself, nay. tho very 
faces of her husband and children, 
seemed strange and unnatural, and she 
moved from room to room as if in a 
dream, and when she spoke she heard 
her own voice as if it came from afar 
off, and was tho voice of another. 

All day she was in this condition; but 
the second day ahs aroused horsoU by 

an effort of the will and resumed her 
usual round of duties, except that much 
of her time was of necessity given to 
the crippled boy, who lay in a litilo cot 
which had been made for him and 
placed on wheels that ho might ) c 
moved about the house easily and out 
into the yard on pleasant days. 

Her husband now spent most of his 
time in the house. The winter rains, 
which hail set in some weeks previously, 
rendered ont-door work impossible for 
days at a time, and if they had outdone 
so John Parsons had lost all lovo for 
work on the ranch. Resides, Johnny 
claimed his almost undivided attention 

The little fellow had taken to his 
father from liefore the timo whon ho 
took his first baby steps, and had never 
been quite so well contented as when 
in his arms, or perched upon his 
shoulders, or following him alioul the 
nlaco; and now he could not boar to 
have him out of his sight during his 
waking moments. 

Often, too. in tho night ho Would 
waken and call in a weak, piping voice, 
so different from What it had ttvi'ii iu 
health; and his father would arise and 
sit by his sido for hours moving liispoor 
waated body this way or thai to gUe 
him a little more ease, or divert his 
mind bv tales such as children love to 
hear, n'ntil ho fell asleep again or forgot 
his pain. 

During the day he wheeled him about 
the house; or, if it was sunny, carried 
him out in his arms to the poultry yanl. 
that ho might drop corn to his chickens 
and ducks; or to the pasture lot, lhat he 
might put out his hand and pet tlio coll 
that hail been promised should lie his 
whon both were grown, upon which 
promise ho hail built a thousand omUm 
in tho nir, of encounters with grizaly 
bears and Indians, besides taking pre- 
miums for speed at all tho fair., in the 

It seemed that tho man had but one 
thought, ono object in life now - that of 
caring for the crippled boy. 

Certain it is that he never laughed, 
except when oneo in a great while 
something prjvoked the child to laugh- 
ter; then the man always joined in. but 
at DO other time did any member of the 
family see a smile upon his face, and 
he never went from homo any more, 
not even to a neighbor'a 

Ono day word came lhat there was to 
be a meeting at the lohdol-hoaM to de- 
vise means to save tin) settlers from the 
overflow of the mines, and that his 
neighbors were anxious for him to la) 
pn -out, fur by this time the danger wm 

apparent to all. The Hoods caii«ed by 
the rains hail overflowed the valley to a 
much greater extent than usual, al- 
though the amount of water which had 
fallen was no more than common at 
this season of the year. 

The washings from tho minoi bad 
tilled the creek U'.l...ui.l at places had 
formed dams that chicked the water 
»nd caused it to overflow fields never 
lioforo submerged, and to set back ii|M n 
little valleys which Ottened into the 
larger one" through which tho creek 
passed. Much damage to vineyards on 
the lower lands had already been done 
or must speedily occur. If the water was 
not drawn- off. 

The water was thick Vrith tho jfedi e* *W"^sW 
tho hills washed down by the mirrmg mediately 
companies, find in places where the 
dams ha l formed, and for long dis- 
tances on either side, sand and gravel, 
brought down bribe swift, strong cur 
root was being deposited ii| ou the tilla- 
ble lands in large quantities. 

Eridontly something must ! «• done, 
and the messenger who brought notice 
of the meeting urginl strongly that Mr. 
Parsons lie presold and advi.-« regard- 
ing tho action to be takon. 

"'Tain't no use," he said to his wife 
whon tho neighbor was gone. " 'Tain t 
no use, but HI go of you want I should 
You'd better send Kastus, though, and 
let me stay homo with Johnnv." 

The man's spirit wa* sadly broken 
Ho felt that it was useless to contend 
with the company: thai everything was 
virtually lost already, aud had dropped 

into the habit of leaving everything to 
his wifo and Krastus, doing without 
questioning whatever fhey suggested, 
but anpeanng unwilling even to advise 
with them; as if he felt himself un- 
worthy, having failed so utterly, to give 
advice upon which depended tho wel- 
fare of others. 

"I think you had bettor go yourself, 
father," replied Mrs. Parsons to the 
suggestion of her husband that Krastus 
should attend the mooting in his sh ad 
"You aro the head of the family, nnd 
you will havo more inlluenco than a 
youngor man. Krastus can go, too, if 
you nod ho wish. I think everybody 
ought to go and see if some moans can 
not be devised to prevent our homes 
from being destroyed." 

Tho mooting of tho settlers was held 
tho following afternoon, and John Par- 
sons wont So tlid EraatuS. So did 
overybody elso in the neighborhood. 

Somebody nominated Mr. Parsons for 
chairmnn, but he declined, nnd Mr. 
Ritchie was elected to preside, and 
Krastus Hemmingway was made secre- 
tary. Then tho meeting was declared 
opened anil expression of opinion as 
to the course to be pursued asked for. 

Tho result was a variety of sugges- 
tions and motions. Some favored ap- 
plying to the courts for an injunction to 
stop llie operations at tho mines, but 
others pointed out that such efforts had 
been made in similar cases in other 
parts of the country and had failed, or 
been delayed until too late to save the 
proporty of those applying. 

Others proposed petitioning tho Leg- 
islature for tho passage of a- bill for- 
bidding hydraulic mining; but as such 
a law could not be obtained for a year, 
if at all, this projiosition was not favor- 
ably receiver., and finally the meeting 
adjourned without having decided upon 
anything, but with tho understanding 
that they were to meet again tho noxt 
afternoon and oojisider the matter still 

When they reassembled, tho next day 
tho whole question was again gone 
over, and yet nothing could bo agreed 

To bring snit in court for datnnpis 
would bo to become involved in endless 
litigation; since they would be contend- 
ing against those whose resource* woro 
virtually limitless, nnd whoso wealth 
woultl enable tbem to protract the suits 
indefinitely; so that if in tho end the 
settlers should be successful in obtain 

If they sued at aTL.they must make 
every oorapanv. the debris from whose 
mines emptied into the gulch abovi 
them, parties to the complaint, and 
would thus Iind arrayed against them 
mon worth millions of dollars, organized 
in the form of a corporation, proverbially 
soulless, and certaiuly without m  r. y. 
or sense of justice, or honor, to tin ) cut 
them from taking advantage of every 
qtiibblo of the law. made, too. in many 
instances, to delny justice, and admin- 
istered by officers who owed their eloo- 
tion to "the men who controlled the 
corporate capital of the state. 

Threats of personal violence were not 

There were those who recalled the 
fact that more than once In the history 
of tho State, thieves, blacklegs ami bal- 
lot-box stuffers, even those who as- 
sumed to have lioou elected to high 
offices, had been hung upon hastily- 
ereeted gallows by men whose only 
authority for doing so was their natural 
right to "protect themselves and families 
from being robbed and Insulted bv or- 
ganized bands of plunderers. A large 
majority, however, favored only legal 
means "for the protection of their 
homes, and it was linttlly agreed to 
build a dam across ihe gorge through 
which tho debris from the mines 
flowed, at a (Miiut aliove tho agr. cult- 
ural sottlemenl. anil by cutting 
through the hill, turn the mass of tllok- 
ings into another gnrge. which would 
cause them to enter the river at a 
laiint below, and where no damage 
would Is- done to occupied lauds. 

1 luring the discussions al loose meet- 
ing! John Parsons had said little, and 
that little only when appealed to for 
his opinion, but when the building of 
Ihe dam and the cutting of a new way 
for the oversowing debris had been 
decided upon, he called Kroslus aside, 
and after conferring with him a mo- 
ment, returned and suh-eribod live 
hundred dollars toward the work to 
be done. 

The annouii'vment of bit subscription 
was greeted w ith cheers by thu IP.lle 
I h » 1 \ of men there assembled 

••II ain't all my own subscription, 
men," ho said, when the cheering had 
ceased. "1 don't know if any of it 
rightfully is mine. It's pari of the 
money we was a savin' up Per to buy a 
ranch fer Krastus with, and it honestly 
belongs to him- He's earned every 
cent of it and more, loo; but you sen 
if the work goe. on an' our bMM is 
saved, there's got to Is' lots of BdQOJ 
oomin' from somewhere, an' doctors' 
bills and sicli has luck 'IhxiI everything 
we made hist year, an' •••in' as llaslus 
is willin', we'll plank up the tve hna 
ilnsl es soon os the comtniltts- that is to 
havo charge of the work is ready to bo 

Others now came forward and stili- 
sorilied. a few putting down live hun- 
dred each, and many others, small.' 
sums; the understanding being that 
such as could not pay money should b 
allowed to work out their subscriptions 

at the briee paid to oih"r workmen. 
Committees were appointed to solicit 
assistance from those living further up 
■ might in time Is. injured 

" 'J. uH "* """ ""' 

yorr." which it 

Fiould be oommeooeo iiu- 

— In Alaska in midsummer, accord- 
ing to a late letter, tho almost continu- 
ous light of dav shines upon bright 
green slopes, shaded here aud there 
with dark timber belts, rising up from 
the doep, blue waters. An endless va- 
riety of bright-hued flowers, the hum 
of insects and melodious song of birds, 
together with a degree of heat dispensed 
by tho solar orb which to our 
thickened blood appears oppressive, 
would cause a strangor suddenly trans- 
lated then' to think himself in any 
country but Alaska. -Chicago Herald. 

—Payment to singers has sometimes 
taken an odd form. When Mile. Zeile. 
a vocalist from tho Theater Lyrlqtio at 
Paris, was making a professional tour 
around lha world some years ago. she 

far* a concert In the Society Island, 
he agreed to sing an air from • Norma" 
and a few min i songs, and was to get a 
third of the receipts. When counted, 
the prima donna's share was found to 
consist of three pigs, twent.N -three lur- 

k 'vs. forty-four chickens, 5,IK»I cc a 

nuts, besides a quantity of bananas, 
lemons and oranges. 

Tha 1 I't'leiiiie of Crime. 
Whence comes Uu  uaklcmic of suicides 
and munleraf Reocu* iMseusalolia tmve 
ruuonl several rouses. Hon. t\ H. Hnov \ 
of llsUiuta, cbarKTS it U) lnfalel teachings 
tbat hopoleaaiiMS of a future 
iiloa fortitude for l.arinn life's 
_bor declares aufTertiitl from the 
m lutliMsM depression th« ennae. A 
U«n! writer attributes it to InrreaaUu: in- 
sanity, a iiliysli'lati thinks much id the 
Uii.l.airy is Inherited, while temperance 
wlvssWna lay tbo responsibility u|xm 
•.rung drink. 

Kree-tbliikers have committed siilciile, 
tsst ao have orth xlox ctiurcluni'ii. Kiunii* 
nil strut's have beset many, tsit the 
wealUiy have also taken their fife. 

IiMiitty and dissipation have preceded 
.•ii.-i.les aral family murders. 

Una feature common to altrK«t every 
auch crime challoJue* attention. Weil 
uiyh every report of sulci le ami family 
limn tcr men' tuna the |icrpctrntor as tiiivtuK 
"for ««n- time ts en subject to melan- 
choly." Whence outline Ihlsr All reeo*. 
ntaed iue.Uf«l auUmrltloa tell ui that the 
fire whtrh naiauiiiea tho brain Is always by ileranueinent. • f .lit,. -! ; that 

^lOd dltSSttOrt IS lllllsHUllb e wllh.sit l«ire 
uud, oral pure Uissl Is never knowui when 
the liver awl kldueya are out of onler. 
fuller auch rtrcumsUiKwa, • preventive 
sbiaitd be nought, nisi for this WUMrt 
safe euro ta smrM||U n fact eOJHMiMa W 
Uie t«»l nuthorttSM hi tho land, nml It '» 
oeiiecteJiy commended by the celebrated 
Dr. I Ho LowlB.-/ii*Ar*f.T A-wiomU . 
— i ■ e n ■■ 
Ja casks! fans aell from three rent, up 
to MM The former are the for use. 
It la en. i-i U  "rata* the »lnd" at tliat 
price.— .Vurruteira //er.i/.L 

"8h» tried lier prentice lian.l on man. 
And UMB the torUSM !!»• lss*S» 01 
■ What Is woman's worthr" asked a fair 
lamsel of a crusty old bachelor, lis H I 
i„t know. »o -he «ald: W. 0. man idoul«e 

you I) man). Hut a » «» t.-U wortli 

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It daily sapping ln;r Sjr 0(W ;  »' '•- 
male weaknesses, Dr It \ - I'ler. -e's " Fay 
□rite rresirll.tion" standi unrivaled. It 
cures the complaint and builds up lbs sys- 
tem. Send two letter stamps for pamphlet 
Z World's Hlsi-ensary Medical Associa- 
tion. Uuffalo, .N Y. 

A Cnu-Aiin firm Is 


I mi rr commend Hi's 
Crrsni flaltn l» all Hay- 
yerer asnrtera, ll l*los. 
la air asta*S. feaaded 

USsM eiperlencr snd a 
sarerure I amirlM 
villi llav Tmr for iwaa 
t|-Sv« jrars. sad ur.rr Ba- 
ron found eeraisneol re 
llef.-Wss»Tss II Us* 



hMlslne.liaestlsld. re|. _ 

atati.m .tier.-..r in ■•!.. y AY—FCIIEm 
Maatsatat all -H;" ft/U i LIHI 

pain i 

.•M M A t««l 

lied Into ear b 0 

  !• sa  

ellr.l I 

rrli ■ 

r.lV lllluTII 

S gWJWr* 

U..l".lt'i l . 
Mas w It sraasi" 
! a J* nsieroan I ha'j, as foa »» 

Hldsr. Us. 
n •»H!Sf 

1 • 

lis J IK.t.mst. I hat.- •• o » •'••V ' . „J, ; 

tout KelB.I.' lies-Ulan* «■* }«'*■ «*• 
ilesdlli In. i. s t.'« lof !'•? ", ,' i,.,«ns 

VsHl.-la.liS.Juae* ll»«t Shu, 

Stu.l f". T.r.ll WA.I.s.l Ms led [ri-e. 

llSAi.risl.e ItsulLAToa Hi. 


Introducing wooden 
Tb. small boy 

■ llui» rs Into this country. 
I. ill in a sweat for f.-»r that his neither 
•ill »•*.. It bjta her hyad U saiy 

fjurl(ni/(,.a /Tfi frras. 

a l»air. 

Ing judgment against the oompanios It 
would be imito as dissstrous as to 

quietly submit to the ouCrogo. 

And liow John 1 "arsons took fresh 
hope It was possible after all Ihut hi) 
home might be saved, and with the 
possibility something of his old cheery 
manner came hack to him. 

[TO UK CllfiTtNUKIi.] 


A Ins. ..s.|. ... of Ihe*tlon From a ll   
gtenlr slan in -in. 

The skin contains millions of perspir 
atory tubes, through which pass every 
hour a ;wiuml or more of greasy refuse 
effett material and .two. |Miunds or 
more of sensible perspiration. These 
waste materials imisl Is' w ashed away. 
Those excretions must lie removed, or 
if |HTiiiitic.i to remain, they will choke 

tho outlets of inch wasle and comp -l 
It to seek some other way of leaving 
tho svstem. The lungs and kidneys 
w ill Is- compelled to do double doty. 
The proper way of relieving lbs surface 
of wide material Is wa.shing.or time 
of the skin, that not only purifies and 
refreshes, bat confers health and rigor, 

, s| uilly in warm seasons of the v. ar 

i L ansing daily the surface of the Isody 
is a necessity to life and comfort 
What must tho tom|NTaturc of the 
wator lie to yield the greatest amount 
of goodf   old water only partially 
cleanses. It d(s?s not open the mouths 
of tho countless pores, but rather closes 
them; while warm water opens tho 
pores and tends to take away the im- 
purities of the skin. Kvidently warm 
water and soap should he freely used 
to remove the Impurities of tho surface, 
and cold wator should follow to give 
tone and vigor to the system, nnd 
protect it ngainst. the usual 
changes of temperature. The latter 
should Imj quickly applied that the de- 
lightful glow of warmth should at once 

not L If the glow does not come, 

avoid the refreshing cold and use only 
the cdoansing warm- Some unwise 
mothers force their children into cold to 
harden them, but really to induce dis- 
ease or check their proper growth. T ' 
plunge feeble children into cold water 
is cruol. Kven in the warm temperature 
of the Biimmer months the chill of 
the bathing wnter of delicate children, 
should be diminished, especially if thoir 
delicacy is so great that their surface is 
easily congested. 

Very hot, water for bathing purposes 
Is equally injurious. The proper way 
for all infants and children is to begin 
with warm water and gradually from 
day to day reducn tho temperature. 
And in changing tho food tho same 
process should Im pursued. Sudden 
changes of food or temporuturo are al- 
ways jnjtiriotis. Mathing or sponging 
with cold water is salutary, if wisely 
used. It lends the skin a rosy hue and 
conduces largely to health and comfort 
In hot soasOtis, if taken on retiring from 
tho plays and duties of tho day. it In- 
sures a night of sweet repose and on 
rising to greet tho early morn it aug- 
ments tho strength and freshness for 
tho coming day.— C. U. Alien, H. D., 
in Western Burnt. 

Pleree'i ■• rieaaanl l'nr«all»e Pellet.." 

Positively Popular; Provoke Praise: lYme 
Priceless; Peculiarly Prompt; I 
P,.,. „t; Producing Permanent! rortt: I re- 

dud ug PlBn .el 1'u.t.ll. -.. 

Purity and . ..ace. Purchase. rl. . ■ - 
ty. Pharmacist* Patmnliiug Plsr™ « «*  
ears Plasty. 

•I .it 

ill alone, I 
f, I alt all ainus." If aba 
rltlng aha might have 

A roETSSS alghi: 
•tt by myself, I sit all ni ne-. 

WUUlll stop 


Piaa-sT.    rrllAcnr: tutors run- In 1 tn'miir.-Sc. 
«|ran , lJ.ylr*«r.*.i|. heals ami l-anUBes. *€•. 
G sax as cms HmovsK liui 

It la said that iu England lovers remalii 
engaged from three to five years. The 
English however, doein't have lo 

buy Ice-cream every week for bis flrl.— 

Chicago 7Vt' une. 

Usa the great specific for " cold In head" 
and , .ilarrn-l r. Hage's   atarrh llemed v. 

— "Will you pass tho buttci, Mr. 
Fogg?" asked Hrown. "Kvery time," 
replied Fogg. The landlady said It was 
the way roge said it that uiado her 
mad.— i|tM.on Transcript. 

THK M Wthr.i -s. 


MVK BTCK'K-rattlr-CninmoinM ( 
Choice Hutch. i. J I 

Hoi,-' i (.notion » 
Oood puckers - 1 1 

— -Onisl to choice.... 

■ I 


OIIAIN-Wheat l-ougbcrrr 

No. 2 red 

Coru— No. 2 in. led 

Outs— No. x mixed 

Mye-No. S i 

HAV-Tinn.iliy N" I - 'J 
Tt ill AITti-l'oinmim bin's _s Mediums . M 

PHJ .VISIONS -Pork-Mesa t»'r me steam - 

Bi ri'KK-Fanoy Usirjf 

Ohio ( reaineri 


Potatoes, per barrel J 

Apples, (.in,, per barrel 1 
Fboril-Statr and VFMHra JN 

flood lo » 

OKAIN -Wbeat— No *Ctiica«Ti 

No. S red 

Corn-No. 2 iniiea 

4 lets-unset! 

poltK Mess 

LAUD - Western strain 

FLOUIl-Walc nnd Western 
OKAIN-W li. st— Vo J re.l 
No. ICblcafU apr.uu „ 

Corn -No. s 

Oats -No. 2 


,AKIl-»teani ... 
i BAiVriMOItB 
4}ltAIN-Wheat-No. ».,. .... 

4;orn— mixed "... 

PIP IV isl' iNS -Pork— Mesa 
Lar.1— Itellne.l 


Whest-Nn. 2 red • 

43orn— mixed 

Oats— inlxe.1.. 


Flour— A No. I II 

tlllAIN-Wheat— No. 2 red 

irn— mixed 

10 W 

U i 


,|tn-iteam ... 


Man and Beast. 

Mustang Liniment Is older than 
most men, and used more and 
more every year. 


lrl jsl i 


  NI Oeaslas aaless hearts! Ibis Stsssp 



■eiemt A l I 'sea 

!ilp,o.«ind.e4iMl joa la 
f ,,„•  a I • i" «'■ 
im. sr.'* I"  e  Stale 
es. or Teini  f 

H..... -H"-. 

4 I 1 l.'nln St. 
~ I-  lu» 


A.»r™,.eJ.„r, l..r sit dlseaasa 
csu^s] b r inslsrul |«.!« «las 
Ihe bkw 4. nrt siCWIS. %nd Frn* 
Fsyar east Aaae.SM P^ U"a* 

11.UK lotettOlll.ut. It.isllleat. 

Illlsss. and sil wast Fners '•'""  -% 
I si B..u»-ta II is a— 
I sad tesl rsee 4el el 

,Tmt Cs»ri, o.aersl 
... t»-y.*aal.t, 
C H AH. r. aCILIR. l-roo., Ohio««o, III. 

$50 Reward 

: .' I f..r sar Orala 

Is. . 4 »• ..' sllf Ihsl esn 
,tr»n Slit l«W SSIuS'll "'St" 


W aeeh 

I'lVlH II Urssl- 
I... I »e,«ral.r.«J 
r,.ai |.-prs»«e4 
,msu SI III aim 


f*TsaiCat,   'ox1 i~ ■ 

trri T iTnu iroi si » ii    » nt* 


li, Mrs reelel I 'oSN ,i,m*4.,l H •f f*" ," £jJ3 
„'... ■adHsi n II Tin., r li U Oaitsa) atwy js« 
ri..i s...i .»A» ..l««raiel*«» i' s,.H»ie fteta ll.s 
rr^lle wlb. r-.-e S. «-t.i tear. ll. I»  sarsll sx 
/.. .'. s. il elr» I A«l».l. lh h. ..■ ■! I • ■ reiesS' '' • 



&3h "Nl QU A L L I O r°* _C J MJVgTJNC { 

noon, fan 



llesl la the ,...,i.l llel Ihe lesulae. rj^ 
err aarhaas* h«. osr Trssr-aiirk si 
,L,.i I' SUI.DM MTWIir 

(an 4 ll 



Lorillard'c Cllnuu 

l- BrltiB a red Mn (s«tf ,* Hill I. 
Hmr I. nil n»" fut , tbmt l*- rl 
■ ll, MKl it.;.! UylilUnl'f K«Ui 
H«t. .in* rooaliisyrad t 

Palmer'. Piano Pflmar, tttwU 

II. Mierwrssl. A 11 Psnsias I'sillle l ter.tlst 
In. . ■ 1.1 learhrt. SI..I tnril.| In   
er . sA»ln« llm. sn.l Isls.r ..t trarlisr wona, 
I.-, I. I'....-. I.;, Ta . .-.ll.. ( 

Ircss u 11. I'Ataas, Mu . Ifcr., Sew 1 


CIIDCft Olaheles. Hrlahl's T»l.e«« 
Until,. H inner sti.1 frlssriTr- 

»  . . -) At llr..'n Hprln*.  »«"'/• 

O0LpiERS NF .::. A ::s 

«\ eaTFeaalasss sad loeresse . si 


The n...i haaaSsM s ,J 

It. tl.i'.url'l 



isl. R»n.K.."r rslsl.»it..r 

1 PlSUU.'l 

Wtjs. n«n«s sn.l Wsres lent O. o. 

.l,.-re. Wl. .1. an.l retail nrlcr 

11. C. Blrnlil*lo ar 



■ aaiuilfiil RED "a Inttna Tu.kl-1. Rahraa). 

DiatllllUI FsTT".!.-. I" Carpel Wester- .end 

Ing address tu L. T*. WIIITIC, Kstofl Hapkls, Mlrt. 

'rested snd cured .tihntit ihe halfr. 
Us.ll en tr. sltnent .ml Ires. A'tl '" 
U POlfD.M.U. Anmrs. Ksn.-l "..111. 



A.N.K -U. 

Magnolia Balm 

&a secret aid to beautv. * 
any a lady owes her fresh- 
ness to it, who would rather 
not tell) and   .« can't tell. 

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