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date (1820-07-11) newspaper_issue                 Volume VI      LEXINGTON  KENTUCKY  TUESDAY  JULY 41  1820      Number 50     A CARD     1W n  S  TYralce  TaWoc    ETURNS sincere thank  to his friends and  JLll cusUnners for past favours  and informs  them that he continues to carry on his busi  ness at his ohl stand  a few doors above the  Farmers and Mechanics Rank  where he will  he happy to receive a share of public patron  age  He has  in addition to his former know  ledge of cutting garments  received instruc  tions from a tailor   Mr  Edvard Weir         from Europe  who has taughtwUL great suc  cess and applause in tl prMcTpal cities at the  eastward   as appearsfrom certificates of the  first respectability now in his possession   whichj  fi enable him to cut any garment in  his fine for ladies or gentlemen witli accur   cy and in  he most fashionable style  the sys  tem being so perfect that it can be applied to  every change of fashion  The newest fash  ions will be regularly received from the city  ofFhiladelpl ia     CERTlFlCAfE    THIS is to certify  that Colonel Abm  S   Drake has received full instruction on the new  tenanted system of cutting garments which  is founded upon mathematical principles   Further 1 have no hesitation in stating that he  is perfectly acquainted with the system of cut  ting the various garments  in his line  necessa  ry for ladies and gentlemen    EDWARD WEIR    Lexington  March 20th  1820 34 tf    YasYmmable     T  KdJVE    W ITH the warmest feelings of gratitudes  returns his sincere acknowledgments  for the very flattering encouragement lie ha   received since his commencement in business   Having made himself perfectly master of AL L  THE wilODENW  rJ rrizo rr yTJSJsrrs tjt  THE MODE JOF CUTTING GAR  MENTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION   and continuing to employ the very first rate  workmen  he is enabled to execute the com  mands of his patrons in a style not inferior to  the most celeb rated eastern tailors  and from  his correspondence with Philadelphia  to pro  cure every change of fashion immediately on  its appearance  Gentlemen residing at a dis  tance once leaving their measures with him   can have the most fashionable clothing sent to  any part of the country at a short notice    IlE has on hand   Elastic Russian Riding Belts    Of various sizes at the Philadelphia pricey  OFFICERS UNIFORMS   LADIES  PLAIN AND ORNAMENT  ED RIDING HABITS    Made in a very superior style    Main street    within one door of the   Fai mers  and Mechanics  Bank    Lex  ch 22  au    8 tf    n j  vv    W  HUNT   H AS juaopened  at the office of the West  ern Mutter  on Jordans Row  near Main  street  Lcuigton  an assortment of   BOOKS    In the sevfol departments of literature and  Science  consisting  of   Classical legal  Theological   Medical   andMiscellaneous Works    AMONG HICR ABE THE FOLLOWING     Clarkes ITcier Mairs Introduction   Virgil Delplni Ruddimans Rudiments   Davidsons Irgil Collectanea Minora   Cicero de Ofciis Clarkes Cordon us   Cicero de Oitore Select  e Profanis   Cicero Delplni JEsops Fables   Duncans Ciero Ctei kes Introduction   Ciceros Epishes N epos  I  eves   Sallust Delpb nd Greek Grammars   Murphys Lucian Latin Do   Greek Testament American Preceptor   Sckrevelii Lexicon Columbian Oratot   Tacitus Ch  ds l strueioi    Ainsworths DictionaryGibsons Surveying  Walkers Do  Huiler on the Arteries  Huttons Mathematics Edinburg Dispensatory  JacksonsBockkeepingDavyte Chemical Ffci   Blackstones Commeu  lesopby   taries Taber en the Prophe    Vattcls Lew of Nations cies   Thomass Practice of Doddridges Expositor  Physic BucksTieological Die    Cullens Do  Do  tionary   Desaults Surgery Afllicted Mails Co i    Dorseys Do  pamon   Bells Anatomy Golden Treasure   Be UsPractical SurgeryBaxteys Saints Rest  Blumenbacks Physiol  Bunywis Holy War   ogv    Hallers Dq    Jays Sermons  15 ami nss Serm on 9  Scotts   W orks   Wattss Lyric Poems  Life of Mrs G r Lm m  Life of Mrs  Fletcher  Solitude Sweetened  Heckles Traveller  Palevs Evidences  Paleys Theology    FLOUR     BARRELS SUPERFINE FLOUR for  sale  by   HIGGINS   FLITCHARTT   Lex  June 13 1820  464t    g    BAR LEAD    rUST received  a few hundred weight of  I BAH LEAD  for sale by   LE CRAND Sc BENTLEY   June 13 46 3t    WOOL     I  WILL give the highest price for clea   common country WOOL  in Kentucky State  paper  delivered at the Factory or to John Bry  an   Son  Saddlers    THOS  ROYLE  Lexington  May 29 1820 44tf   TalboFa Hotel    Nashville   Tennessee    T HE subscriber respectfully in  forms his friends and the public     Burd ers Village Ser  mons   Browns Dictionary  Taylors Life of Christ  Hunters Do  Do   Predeaux Connexions  F iber on the Jews  Kiopstocks MesaUi  Pilgrims Progress  v ifh  notes   NewManual of Devotion  WhitefielcPs Sermons  Bible Questions  Browns Concordance Dunce rs Sacred Biog   Gastons Do  rapy   Watts Psalms  HymnsWitsius on the Cove   Davids Psalms  with Hants  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Ttavels   ture Cumberlands Memoirs   Vicar of Wakefield Franklins Life   Works  Zimmerman on Soli  Female Mentor   tude Vindicise Hibernica   Mavors Elements of Mores Sacrfd Dramas  Knowledge Odwpers Works   Goldsmiths Greece Rouinson Crusoe   Rome Scottish Chiefs      Eng 1 md Children of the Abbey   Murrays Grammar ltUeys Narrative      Reader  Fool of Quality    Exercises Lady Morgans France    Key Florence Alacarthy    Sequel  c  c   c     NEW GOODS    A  PARKER   SON    Have just received and are now opening at  their Store in Lexington  cn Main Street  op  posite the Court House    AN ENTIRELY NEW ASSORTMENT OF   MerclvaivAi  w    CONSISTING OF ASSORTED   S UPERFINE and coarse Broad Cloths   Superior and coarse Cassimeres    Cassnietts  Flannels and Baize    Bouahazetts  plain and twilled    Vestcoatiiig    Nankeens and Cotton Cassimeies    Chintz  Calicoes and Ginghams    Wide   narrow  Table   Towelling Diapers   Irish Linen and Sheeting    Velvets  Corduroys and Jeans    Mens  Silk  Cotton  and Worsted Hose    Ladies  Silk  Cotton  and Worsted Hoes   Domestic Cottons    India  Muslins and Silss    Cambrick  Jaconet  and Book Muslins    Mulinul and Leno Muslins    Long Lawn and Linen Cambiek    Canton Crapes  plain and figured    Canton Shawls ami Scarfi     Cotton and Silk Shawls    Bandanna and Cotton Handkerchiefs    Italian Lutstring and Levantines    Thread and Silk Lace    Black  white and figured Saftins    Ribbons  T ipes and Bobbins    Silk  Twist  and Thread     Silk and Metal Buttons    Umbrellas and Parasols    Turtle Shell  Ivory and Horn Combs    Bolting Cloths of the best quality    The most fashionable Straw Bonnets    Morocco boot heeled Shoe3 and Slippers    Kid boot heele4 Slippers    Giris  and Childrens  Morocco Shoes     Mens and Womens Waxleather and Calf  skin Shoes    ALSO    Assorted Window Glass and Cut Nalfs   Hardware  Cutlery  Queens  China and Glass  Ward    of the best qualitv and well assorted   LIKEWISE    Best Madeira and Teneriffe Wines    Best fourth Proof French Brandy    Best Gunpowder    Imperial and Young Hyson Teas   iCofiee  Loaf Sugar and Chocolate    Mace  Nutmegs  and Cloves    Allspice and Cinnamon    IiKligo  Madder and Allum   c   c    The whole of which they will sell on the  most moderate terms for CASH    Lexington  June 19  1820 48 31    number comprising the whole four bran  ches of the Natk n  at 350 ObO  The lit  tle Osages  to which the mission is sent   he stated  have 14 000 warriors  This  estimate is probably equal  if not beyond  the reality    The mission family consist of the fol  lowing persons  Rev  Wm  F  Vail Rev    Epaphras Chapman  Dr  Marquis Pal Jd eltin the bush   mer  Messrs Abraham Redfield  Wm    C  Raguc   George Raguca  John M    Spalding  Stephen Fuller  Alexander  Woodruff  and John Ransom  Mrs Vail  and her four children  Mrs  Chapman    Miss Dolly E  Hoyt  MissElizaCleaver    Miss Susan Lines  Miss Clarissa John  son  Miss Mary Foster  and Miss Phebe  Bea h     tian public  The wilderness shall be j Nkw York  June 21    glad Yoi them  and the desert shall re   FATE OF THE PILOT BOAT PATRIOT   joice and blo sojn as a roseN j It will be recollected By many of our   May they go in the strength of the ders thut during the late war with England   Lcld  have the blessing of Joseph _  the above named pilot boat was despatched   he blessing that rested upon the head toyh le onforthe purpose ol bringing to   ruirv   v b       V this city Mrs  Allston  ladv ol the then gov        m was separated from hisbreth 1 ernor 0 f South Carolina  and daughter of  ren and the good will of him whojcol  Burr  formerly vice president of the U   States  Mrs  Allston was in a delicate statu of  health at that time  and unable to travel by    land  Timothy Greene  Esq  of this city  an  b RDM AFRICA  I intimate friend of gov  Allstons family  pro    Thc following is a specimen of the Journal of j ceeded to Charleston in the pilot boat for the  Daniel Coker  of Baltimore  published un  j purpose of accompanying Mrs  A  on the    der the direction of the managers of the  Maryland Auxiliary Colonization Society    Monday  March 20    Last night our schr  got aground and pre  vented our getting to Mr  Kezzels as we ex  pected  I staid on deck all nighL in the dew    leaving my birth in the cabin for the little  children  I dont feel so well this morning   We got under sail this morning at day fight   Departure of the Osage Mission Fam    at 9 oclock  we were sailing in 4 fathoms wa  iiy from Louisville   I ter   opposite the mouth of the Bagroo  it has       a beautiful appearance as we saii near the   On the morning of their departure a shore of Sherbro Island  we can see the little  meeting tvith the mission family was towns on the shore  eight and ten house  to   hek at the Presbyterian church  to im  gather  built round and thatched with grass  ploiethe divine guidance protection and   1 be natives sit naked on thejshore looking on    From the Same    CfOMMUNICATED     Just Ik eevve    From NEW ORLEANS per the Steam Boat   OLIVE BRANCH    I O  T and Lump Sugar    J  hrtwn Sugar     Coffee  Tea  Nice    Ahum  Rosin  Spanish Whiting    Jamaica Spirits  Molasses    sidFii     B r tlie Wrel orretai1     4 large quantity of   LOGWOOD    Which we will dell low for CASH    STEPHENS   WINS  OAT      Vo  45  Main street     June 20 1320 47 1 f    lYihYigiowft    Intelligence     From the Louisville Public Adveniser     generally  that on the first day of    next month  he will resume the pos   of h ys HOTEL in Nashtille  on  which day  he will also open a   House of Entertainment    Tn that well known establishment  having ta  ken into copartnership Mr  TURNER B   HENLEY  under whose management the  House will be conducted  aided also  by my  superintenderce  Mr  Henleys experience  in this line of business is such  that  together  with my own  I feel warranted in promising  that the most entire satisfaction will be given  to those who favor us with their company   As it is the custom of TRAVELLERS which  we most particularly solicit  we assure them  no expense will be spared to render our es  tablishment worthy of their patronage  Spa  cious STABLES  well stored with provender  a BAR  furnished with every variety of For  eign and Domestic Liquors and Wines  a  TABLE abundantly supplied with ail the  substantiate and delicacies which tills country  affords   attentive Servants  and rooms neatly  and comfortably fitted up  are the inducements  we offer    THOMAS TALBOT    Nashville  June  14 1820    N  B  Our Bar will bo well supplied with  ICE    IN consequence of the pressure of the  times  we have fixed our Tavern Rates as fol  lows    Breakfast  Dinner   Supper  3 7 1 2 ct  each   Board per week  3 00   Boarding and Lodging  5 00   Horse feed per week 2 50   Do  per day   night  50   Do  per day  25   Lodging per night  12 1     Talbot   Henley    j The Editors of the Monitor  Lexington  Ky  Orleans Gazette  Republican  Huntsville  Al  Register  Knoxville  and Minerva  11   leigh  are requested to publish the above  times and forward their accounts for pay  jnent  X    H    June 14   48 4t    voyage  From the time they embarked and  sailed from Charleston  no tidings whatever  had ever been heard of the vessel hr any one  onboard  It was at first supposed that the  vessel must have been captured by a British  cruizer  but after a lapse of time  that hope  was abandoned  Notwithstanding the wea  ther was mild and favorable for several days  afteT the vessel  vft Charlton  and such as to  render her lost mysterious  up to the pres  ent time  no other idea of the melancholly  circumstance prevailed  than that the vessel  must have foundered at sea  or run under du  ring a chase    But the mystery is at length developed  for the honor of human nature  it were to be  wished that the fact9had never been revealed    And the following NE W WORKS    Ivanhoe  ly the Author of Waverly  Mcxstub Cottak Bay  by  Miss Roche  Memoirs o  Napoleon  written by himself  Family Mansion  by Mrs   Faylor  Anastatic   orNemoirs of a Greek  Country Height ours  by Miss Burney  Account o  S  America  by II  Bonny castle  Peters  Litters to his Kinsfolk  Europe  ater the Congress of Aixla Cha   pelle   ALSO A g qat variety of BIBLES  Folio   Quarto   aVp and Duodecimo  EPISCO  PAL PRA  R ROOKS  of various sizes   SCHOOL lObKS  CHILDRENS BOOKS    BLANK B okS   c   c    An additional importation  which will ren  der the stock as complete as any in the state   is expected shortly  and an extensive assort  ment will kept constantly for sale us  above FOR CASH ONLY    Lexington   June 12  1820     Yva eWci     UtVwrs   A RE inforned  they can be accommodated  at B  GAINESS Boarding House  on  Market street  between the Episcopal Church  and the Public Square  by the day  week  or  single meal  fiz    Boarding anllodging by the week    450  By the day    1 2   Dinner  37 1 2   Breakti t orSupper    25   Horse Liverr Stable prices    u June 17 47 3t         T    MUd  SAUNDERS    AS jus  received from New York a sup    TO THE EDITOR    Perhaps it may be gratifying to some  of your readers  to know more of the in  teresting Missionary Family who left us  on Monday last  Their stay was short   Their business required haste  This  circumstance was regretted  as it debar  red many of us  the opportunity and sat  isfaction of a persopal acquaintance with  them  It is generally known thai they  are sent out by the United Foreign  Missionary Society of New York  to  unfurl the banners of the cross and in  troduce the arts of civilized life among  the Osage tribes  The society is com  posed ofdifferent denominations of Chris  tians  and among its officers  patrons and  supporters  are found men of the first  standing and respectability in our coun  try  They have raised liberal funds for  the benevolent object  They have pro  cured persons not unworthy of their  confidence to undertake the ardous  work  and have invited others to unite  in this labor of love  The objects  which interest the society arc the sava  ges of our forest  The situation fixed  as the scene of its present operations  is  in the Arkansas Territory  on a branch  of the Arkansas river  800 miles r roin  its junction with the Mississippi  and  1400 miles by water to the west of the  Falls of Ohio  The lamily who have  devoted themselves and their services  to the society and the heathen  we be  lieve are well fitted for this benevolent  enterprise  Improved by education and  sanctioned by grace  they carry with  tlem the meek and benevolent spirit of  the gospel  and the improvements of  civilized life  Glowing with the warm  est affection for the heathen and cheer  fully renouncing the dearest earthly en  joyments for their sakes  they will not  fail to improve the opportunity to the  best advantage    Great and important benefits Ixjth in a  political and moral view are expected  from this mission     blesing on Ous important and   entepnze  The occasion was solemn j just got in sight ot Mr  Ivezzels  where we 1 t   and  interesting  After prayer the Rev  expect to stay during the rainy seasons  AYeJ A gentleman recently from New Orleans   Mr  Vail made a solemn and pertinent call see Mr  Kezzel walking on the beach  wai  1 has commuuicated to a friend  adddress on the motive and design of   us  O God  thy name be prai  9eutcuced t0 suffer death at Ne w Or     hc   u r win  which  hu h  rf   dear devoted family had consented to I have been the case  When we came to  t h efcrew ef tfie above pilot boat Patriot  1 hat  leavethe enjoyments of friends and civil   shore we were gladly received  Mr  Kezzel af ter being at sea 2 or 3 days  and near the  ized life  the society of their kindred  had erected some small houses or huts  in case j shore  and after plundering the passengers of  and Christian endearments for the sava  vve should come from America  and perhaps a considerable sum of money and plate be    J arrive in the rainy season  that we could stav I longing mostly to Mrs  Allston  they launcfi   s oi the wilderness  in these tUl w e could get land and buUd hou  ed the boat and scuttled the vessel  which   An address was Uso delivered to the s s vel   y surprising that all this Mr K   oon filled and wept down with the untortu    Mission family by the Rev  1 Mr  Banks  had done  although he has never heard from I nate hmtetes confined below  The dreadful   Of  the importance of the work to which America  since the return of Messrs  Mills and     sacceede if chin thei   thev had devoted themselves in the nres  Burgess  but God is in this work  I expect I I hese wretches succeeded in reacmt g 1    Z y  f CnTafJu l S S I that a few of us who are to bear the heat and shore with the boat  and had thus fer escaped  enceo     od  angels apd menthe dtffi  burtheno    thework vv   n suffer much   But detection and punishment of tins humble   nines  clangers and trials to which they ou Habors will  1 trust  be seen and gathered crime   were exposed  the necessity of confi 1 by the generations yet unborn  Our old    dence in God  and humble  conscious  friend  Mr  Kezzel  says  that w e shall put aj From the National Gazette    Yatient  p rayful  diligent perseverance  small crop on his land lor this rainy sea j I offer you what may be deemed a literary  in this good work  For their cncour  I son     91 J curiosity  It is a supposed Indian oration on   fko A  I 1 uesday  4Jarch 21  1 the death ol Commodore Decatur  written by     l     T     I I find John Kezzel to be a short  dark man  a female  now cofined for insanity in the   vine promises  I wilt never leave African born  reads and speaks English well   cell of the Philadelphia Alms House  This   nor forsake thee  My grace is 5 a man of information  I believe that he has J unhappy person being asked by the keeper  cient for thee  The example of their j more than any we have brought with us  IJ whether she would take any pleasure in rea   Divinc Masterwhose they are and I think he is able to give us all counsel  IJ ding  answered ihtfie antruiative  and addeiL  whom thev are hound to servewhose conversed with him to day on Christian ex  that she would also gladly compose on any sub   wnom tney are Douna to serve perienC e  and found that he professed that he ject which might be suggested  She has   whvde life was a life of benevolence an d j la  j p eeil converted  I was much eddied bylwrittenseveralpiecesofaremarkablecharac   suffering  spent in doing good to the j aav conversation  Fewcolored men that I j ter  besides the following  which will  I think   ignorant the guilty and unworthywhose liave met with can excel him in quoting  be admired as an ingenious allegory convey   blood was shed on Calvary for this very scripture  He is considered by  the natives j mg an excellent moral P    end that the heathen might become Ai J he  4 man  and his influence is great  He INDIAN ORATION   inheritance and the uttermct iart httl ode ty    death of Commodore Decatur    the earth his fioi  ession  1 ne com 1  j e   1S no to division among us  He I Composed by Mrs  S       in the cells of tho   ruau   of Christ ye into all  A Jwi dies Mr  Bacon  himself and me  to be I Alms House    uiorld _ whom thall we send and Uioselv united  and our respective societies  as j The warrior of the water is gone to the   vho Will fto for us  Lord here am much like ene as possible  We are making land of  pirits  and the gho su of his father   r   J oebe arrangements to that amount  We have not  I rejoice not in his coming  for he came not in   U nd  Christian benevolence a  L rsUo s uIdn ot  com  here to establish ssets and the storm of battle    anl Christian benevolence answers  M parties  but build up Christs kingdom  Dark 1 The w r arrior pf the waters was a great lion    7 oil go thy kingdom come O Lord j ness has covered tins land  and gross dark 1 When he rose in his rage  and shook himself   through the instrumentality of these ness the minds of these people  There has the green bills trembled  When in anger he  means The orobable consequences of been a message sent to the kings andchiefs  in 1 thundered with hs voice  the storm did fol  fHomie lmv J thr nmrtit and o pner  I forming them that we were come  and lor I low  He bounded over the waters  and the  L aSitUSSl     I       the palavers to meet at Mr  Kezzels  But I beasts of the mountains hid with fear  He   at ions yfet unborn  I he rays ot l  l t J tlie S c men must Uave tUeir own time  they 1 stretched his paw over the great waters and   and truth like the sun rising in the fir 1 cant be hurried  I gore Sthe lion of the ea  i He was migidy   mament are beginning to shed their in 1 I expect that we shall realize many difficul 1 and great as the Almighty  he was strong and  11 ucnce on t  2 habitations of darkness  ties before our palavers are over  The water fierce as the torrent down the steeps of Niag    i Itf L thev Khali snread nnd  eY l at this P  ace is not good or plenty  and is too ara  Mighty and great he was  Yet  a little   and crj      near the river  which is salt  to admit of a well    bee did overcome him  Public opinion was   tendsuon shall we literally penolu j Bu twcsliall look  for new springs  Mr  la small bee and die bon might have cpushed   heaven the inheritance of Christ  and the I Kezzels land where we Ftay is good  but it is   it with his foot  But the little bee ci  pt into  whole world  Jews and Gentiles  rejoic low  The land we hone to tret on the main  I the ear of the erreatlion and stung Mm on the   incr in the peace  truth and holiness of   1S much higher   v r e                            b   1 cAnrrnfrM itc  ridges of inountains  covered with tall trees    the little bee yet lives and buzzes ot his con    the gospel  And the song of p  a hom k     a   a that the wa  ter there is ver  good ami quest      y   age and glory to OUl Immanuel nu earth j p  en ty   As to the navigation  I can say but iittle 1 The warrior of the waters has gone to the   and heaven  about it  I believe it but little known  for the I land of spirits  and the ghosts of his fathers re    The dear family were commended to natives all use canoes  abd have  never soun   joice not in his coming  for He Caine  Hot m  God and the word of his grace and the Uel the Water  This  however  we expect   the shroud of glory    nth a sotiff of praise  t   f V  0uM  ur   1  x    ei s P a k d         1  I of 100 came up to Mr  Kezzels    vv o ra s 4   r   i 4   M ednesday  March  22    We see thousands of fisii playing in the wa    there is a plenty of oysters  we see plenty of J and called  The retrospects e Kev iv vy   die shell  We had  a tornado last night  and Its title bespeaks its main design  The    H ply of LEGHORN BONNETS and ltlB  HONS  and a variety of other articles in the  millinery line  together with SILVER and  GOLD CORDS  TASSELS    SPANGLES    BULLIONS in boxes  DOLLS   c  Sic  which  art offered for sale F OR CASH OK Lb        Those who are indebted will please set _    le i beir   my   lh  r Spede   m bC I chiefs wiwpwsed 1 here forWashingtor          I 1  tan dnvc cirtra  si Tlnd the  acre reffate    Hark  from yon wilds  methinks I hear the  strain   Ofmingled joy and pra tee ascending high   The song of Zion cheers Arkansas plain    And the lone desert breathes the contrite  sigh    To Osage climes I see the whitemdn go    Nc deeds of conquest mark their bloodless  way    TM high prerogative is theirs to show   Redemptions symbol to the tribes that  stray    Lo  i glad herald leads the martyrs hence    I seethe gem  it greets a bursting dawn    Th  peerless starthathaildOmninotence   Troolaims tfiy era  blest millennial morn    They mark the sign  To yonder idol land  It points  To perils and a foreign tomb  Thru go  and with the self devoted band    Ihe dews of Zion waft a rich perfume    WitV prayers they shake dark superstitions  throne    The weeping Indian to a CMd inclines    The forest echoes with a sound unknown    And the bright cross surmounts the western  pines    Raise your loud songs  ye glitVmg choirs on  high    Lo  rich salvation to the heathen flows    Let paeans of triumph roll along the sky    The barren desert blossoms like the rose    Many citizens of Louisville expressed  by their conduct  the deep interest they  felt in the prosperity of the mission   Witl  their wonted promptitude and lib  erality  in a few hours they collected and  furnished this interesting family with nu  merous necesaries and comforts to the    From the Same    We have received the first number of  New Quarterly Jourml of a very    The Osage Nation possesses an im  j amount oi 82 54  This however is not   the whole  several articles were furnish  ed of which no account was taken   They go followed by the prayers and    mense extent  of country and are nume  rous  The interpreter to the Osage    4531  I a few days since  sta pd the aggregate pest wishes of the sciety and the chris    a little r n  tb day it is cool and pleasant    Sunday  March 26    We had our Sunday School begun this  morning  About 20 of the native children  entered  It was a pretty sight  We had  preaching twice to day    Wednesday  March 29   This morning  about thirty of our people   Mr  Kezzel  and myself started in a canoe to  king Sherbro  About 9 oclock  we arrived  at the kings town  We intended to pass on  to the prince Concuber but were hailed  and  put in  found the people friendly  but had  soon to start to the prince  as it is he who must  introduce us to the king  On our arrival   we found that the kings power is merely a  nominal tiling  for he has no power  All  the power is in the prince Concuber   our arriving at thi  town  all the people was  introduced to him  after which  Mr  Kezzel  took me by the arm and led me into his house   and introduced me to the old mai  He re  ceived me cordially  and said he was glad to  see me   c  Had supper got for all our peo  ple  After supper  I felt it my duty to go to  prayers in his house  So  after singing a   hymn  we kneeled down  and I offered up a  prayer to God for the conversion of Africa    c  He  and a number of his people were  present and attentive  I felt strange feelings  Liimy prayer  Great God  jvhat darkness   reijris here    Thursday   karch 30   This morning  I walked about two miles  out of town  was pleased with the view of  the country  When 1 returned to the town   found the prince and people up t conven  ed our people in the yam and had prayers   The prince had a goat killed and dressed fo  1  our breakfast  The prince having a smal   cannon in his yard  we gave him  two salute   with the same  I had much conversation  with the prince after breakfastand as he  speaks the Bulom language  Mr  Kezzel was  my interpreter     first fruits have a genuine classical fla  vour  and a sound core  We are de  lighted to be carried back to the early  British literature  or at all events to  meet with some some other names in  an English Review than those of Scott  and Byron  and to be suffered to forget  Radical Insuerrection  Parliamentary  Reform  Mendicity Report   c    A poem of forty or fifty pages  The  American Bards has been sent to u   anonymously  If it was ryally printed   as the title page states  west of the  Mountains  it is a remarkable specimen   of the refinement to which the typo     n graphical art has attained among our  ultramontane brethten  It is beautifully  printed  The author follows the exar    pie of Lord Byron in his English  Bards  M and rhymes in the same spirit  against the present generation of Amer  ican versifiers  He has not caught so  much cf the poetical inspiration  as ha  has of the bitter disdain  of his exem  plar  His satire is unsparing and un   distinguisihng  and more awkward than  unjust  But he makes no pretentions  as aPhet    The Sea Serpent   i v celebrated squall  animal is statedJn the Portsmouth Oraclt  to  have been frequently seen this soason  n ar  Snmtty ncMe island  by Mr  Haley  wiw  re  sides at the Isle of Shops    The Norfolk Bene    tates  that the Con  stellation frigate  Capt  Ridgley  is bound for  he Pacific Ocean  and that Mr  Forbes  A   jvnt to the Buenos A  rcan government  goes    out in her     D  Auv                                                                                     om the Argus    PLAN OF RELIEF  From the distresses of the times pro     posed by an intelligent and rcspec    table citizen of Henry County    The good which was hoped from the  course the Bank ot Kentucky and its   branches assumed  I fear will fall im  mensely   short of even a temporary re  lief  suits are multiplying  aud their  discounted bcueve arc extended only to  a select few  in comparison of the  suffering thousands  I have been a  collector of the public revenue for sev  eral years  and never before witnessed  difficulty like the present I see no  alteration  unless for the worse  since  the suspension of specie payments  It  is true  property exposed at  twelve  months credit is much enhanced  in price  but  T fear unit ss   the Lc   gblaturc does something more at  the next session  distress will be accu     mulated  and a greater sacrifieepf pro  perty will be made  The nature of our  embarrassments is deeply rooted  seve  ral years have jjiven it time to spread in  a luxuriant soil  the wild Tire of specu  lation and extravag nee Lave burnt a   mengst combustible matter Bank   a   per   et  1 think if those of the In  dependent banks which acted in good  faith  h  ad been kept in operation upon  the responsibility  of die stockholders   much good must hav ereauUed  Their  destruction has with lrawnan immense a   mount from circulation  which tu swered  valuable purposes  at least in their vi  cinity  My mind has suggested one  plan  which  I think  if carried into ex  ecution  would be safe and give substan  tial relief to a suffering and great com  munity  rom the impending ruin which  awaits them    Authorize the Treasury to issue two  millions of dollars in notes  redeemable  in four years quarter  annually  accor  ding to the wealth and population of  each county in the state distribute an  equal proportion of that sum to  the  care and supervision of the county  courts respectively  or in  some other  wav calculated fo produce an cqu l    distribution  tix a day  by law when the  courts snail iioLl a special term  re   quin ig all the justices to attend  and  loan out on proper security such a   mounts  not to exceed 500  to any one  applicant or coiu pany  as suffering in  dividuals may require  let the bonds    have the nature  effect  and force of  judgement bonds  on which execution  may issue without further security  if  not complied with  Further provision  might be made authorising counter se  curity to be required when danger was    apprehended irv  f y    case  Let the  whole loan be limited to one year  and  Upon the punctual payment of one  fourth annually extend another years  indulgence   n the remainder until the  whole be taken in  When ti e security  shall be approved by the court  and en  try made of the amount  let the clerk  pay the money over  take the bond and  receive a reasonable fee for hi services   make ibis scrip lawful in discharge of  all public dues to thestate and if refused  in private contracts  extend the replevin  witn its duration  This amount loaned  at six per centum per annum on the part  of the st te  after deducting probable ex  penses will leave in favour of the Treas  ury a great amount    Thus a speedy remedy will be given  ta distress and much gain to the govern  ment  1 am well aware much objection  tojsuch  a policy mav be made  Sc the whole  treated as ohkncrica   yet  I urn not  me less confident of its  ultimate good   and e en of its political propriety     gladly sieze the hour of their inisfortut  to revel upon the remnant of their ni a    erty  1    From th e C o m me n t at or    Extract o  a letter from a gentle nun   in Detroit   to his friend in uis   piacey dated June 24  18 lb    I have myself seen hard times suce  I Fad the pleasure of seeing you hst   and I may say the most serious since  l te peace  As l aui confident that  vdu can and will participate with me in  these afflictions  X will trouble you   with a short narration of facts  1 went  to Sandwich on a visit to my flayer in  law  shortly after the British were  mt  in possession of that place  and as 1  was returning home was seized by a  savages and brought before the cele  brated monster Colonel James  After  insulting and heaping on me all tlic  vulgar abuse of vankee  rebel  See  be  was master of  he ordered Ids soldiers  to force me into a cellar  which was  then half full of water  I  va3 left but a  short time there  when I was conducted  by a strong guard to a loathsome pris  on  and there fettered with Strong hand  cuffs  I was denied all communication  with my friends  and none of them were  permitted to send me a blanket or any  thing else  that would render my situa  tion a little comfortable  I remained  in that situation only two da s and  nights  Avhen by the help of God  1  made my escape into the woods  I lay  there three days and wights and suffer   cred much fvich hungerCol  James  with his troops and upwards of three  nundred Indians were in hunt for me  I canid hear the tery woods alive with  the savage yell  A reward of three  hundred dollars was promised to the  first who would bring in my scalpbut  the hand ot providence favored me find  on the third night about daylight  I  found a small canoe not a great distance  from the Indian encampmetit  that was  lined along the river abo c and below  It was hauled on shore  but having  found a small board which served as  paddle  I pushed it into the water  and  notwithstanding the barking of the In  dians dogs which were not far off  cros  sed in safety io the American shore  and bid defiance to the tyrant    Will you not think it somewhat  strange  that Colonel Anthony Butler  should have Colonel James dining with  him in Detroit  when I was lying in i   rons at Sandwich  Whatever you may  think of it  such is the fact  But I have  every reason to suppose  that Ma  jor Puthoff  the second in command   who felt very indignant on the occasion   would have proved himself worthy of  the name of an American  had he only  the same power vested in him    Colorid James came for the first time  after that affair to this shore on a visit  to Gen  Macomb  The moment he  toucked the shore he was arrested and  gave the General as his bail    The reason why I was treated in the  above described harsh manner  was be  cause I raised a iroop of volunteers to  serve for throe months when the place  was very v er k and in danger of being  at lac Led  The ostensible reason was  because I was an European by birth   ard though 1 left ipy native country  when x child  though when I came of  age  1 was naturalized according to law   all availed nothing  I vvastobe tried a   greeable to the English law of perpetu  al allegiance     thill one hundred thousand dollars    Tie progress of the fire was such  that  a ffeat quantity ot furniture was des   tr yed  The greatest sufferer  we be   iiive  is Captain Munson  who esti   Mtdes his lost at S3000   A considera  ble portion of the above property  was  insured    We have to state that several accid  ents occured  Mr  Charles Mo Intosh   belonging to Hook and Ladder compa  ny No  2  was severely injured by the  falling of the ladder  Several other  firemen were sightly injured    John Naylor  son of the Widow Nay  lor  in Reed street  a lad about 12 years  of age  had his scull fractured by the  fall of a sash weight  He was taken to  the Hospital  where he was trepanned   He has since been removed to the resi  dence of his mother  We saw him at  12 oclock and understood that the phy  sicians had little  hope of his recovery   Com  Adv     jtfew York  June 23    DESTRUCTIVE FIRE   Yesterday morning  between 4 and 5      oclock  a fire broke out in the Distillery   1  oper security cas  be re jmreu by law j  0 f Jacob Cram  in the rear of Rroadvvay   from each department through jwhich  between White and Walker streets     in the time uf its cmnhtdation wiU be  discharged m gold or silver or such  bank paper as may be iu good repute  This would be a currency of sound  Farmers  credit  jMe hr nns  Traders   ar cl Merchants would all be accommo  dated In the sphere of their own si ate   I know the people hive acted inconsid  erately  but the Legislature measurably  held out the lure by the multiplicity of  Banks winch they createdand the fa   cilit   with which it was supposed money  would be obtained  They should aim  for the sake of humanity  and as an act  of common justice to eradicate in a mer  ciful manner the evi s themselves have  partially brought upon our common  country  It must be acknowledge d   except by a few  who have laid up  funds to purchase their neighbours  property at less than one twentieth part  oi its value  that something ought and  in n s r oe done  My mind has revolved  on    subject much  anc no plan nas so  forcibly produced conviction as this  one  If society is to be regarded  if   property is to be at all secured from  the rapacious touch of merciless specu  lation  this will most equally and safely  render it secure  This would  as is be  fore observed  be a currency of sound  credit  confidence would revive  the  land west and south of Tennessee would  be a sufficient guaranty lor its redemp  tion  as well as enhance its intrinsic  worth  Much is said about a property  law  but I should prefer tbe former  plan  yet  if that must fail  I would no    oppose the latter  Who can be so bar  barous as to inoek at the  impending  calamity l Who earf be sorest tc  cv ery  social aud manly feeling  as to triumph  in the destruction of nine tenths of an  industrious community  Who can  wantonly expose to misery ond help  less Hoe thousands of industrious wives  Sc children  Yet  I fear such charcters  do exist  who without xenwse would    rij tired   u c   u   enabled to present to our rea  ders the names  ot the principal suffer  ers     On Broachi ay    No 389  two story house  occupied  by Hr  John Lawrence  destroyed 39 l  two story house  occupied by L  Lu   cus destroyed393 do  John Provost   Confectioner  destroyed395  do   Charles Pool  barometer and ther  mometer maker destroyed39 7 do   Henry Miller  Saddler  destroyed   399  do John Freeden  tin manufactur  er  destroyed401  do  Oliver Knapp  Grocer  destroyed387  do  Widow  George Clinton  injured    0 i Walker Street    No  61  two story wooden building   occupied by  Miss  destroyed63   lot owned by C  Oakley  and occu  pied by Miss Stanton  destroyed65  do  owned by Mr  Rideback  and occu  pied by Miss Barber  destroyed67   9  71 and 73  occupied by several  colored families  destroyed53  two  story house  occupied by the widow of  Jacob Bradford  destroyed51  three  stury house  occupied by widow Mun  son  destroyed49  two story house   occupied by widow C  Robins  destroy  ed47 do  occupied by Ebehezer  Smith  destroyed    On White Street    No  66  three story house  occupied  bv Wm  Hartshorne64  do  by Wil  liam Bailey62 do  by Wm  Stewart  60  do  by Rev  R  E  MLcofi  The  above were owned by Mr  Coliea Reich  and Mr  De aplaine  They were much  injured 53  carpenters shop   destroy  er56  two story house  occupied fiy  vidow Delaplaine54  do  by Dr  Kis   sam  The two last eonsideraby injur  ed    About a dozen small buildings  such  as shops  stables  c  destroyed in the  rear ol the above  From a rough calcu   lation it is belie ve d the loss is not less    The fire we understand originated  from the cap of the still having been  destroyed by the force of the steam   and the liquor running over into the  fire under the boiler  It was so rapid  in its progress that before timely assis  tance conld reach the spot  all the buil  dings which surrounded the distiller  were in a light flame  No exertions  by the firemen to arrest its progress  were wanting  Had a plentiful supply  of water been near at hand when the  engines first arrived  mue rof the prop  erty now lost would have been saveL  Reservoirs should be provided for  His  part of the city without delay  We  take this occasion to speak of ihe  shameful neglect of those persons  whose duty it is to giv e ihe alartf of  fire  by ringing  the bells  Scarcely a  bell was to be lm rd  a d those not in  a manner significant of fire  nor wai tin   ringing continued half long enough   If the particular church officers  the  vestries  See  do not  order this done   the corporation must take up the sub  ject  and make the neglect a penal of  fence   JSi cw York Five  Host    Prom the Albany Advertiser of June 2 1    A MOST A U FLTJ_1 XHK AT TKOY    Yesterday  at abofit 4 oclock fn the  afternoon  a most awful and desolating  fire broke out in the city of Troy  which  has laid in ruins one third of the fairest  portion Df flourishing city  The num  her of buildings destroyed is about 120   among which are the best dwellings   and a great proportion of the largest  and most substansial fire proof stores  and storehouses On River or Main   screet   11 the stores and buildings  of  every kind  on the west side and exten  ding to the waters edge from Gales  store to Dr  Comings  both of which  are saved  and on the east side  from  Congress street to and including Par  kers bookstore  are  destroyed  as are  all the buildings  except two   the Troy  Bank and dwelling house  on the west  side of Front cY Second street  to the  same extent as on the east side of Main   street  and the estimated loss is a nii   lion of dollars    It was about sunset when tlm rews  reached Albany  many of o r citi  zens immediately went to t u e ass jtance  of their unfortunate neighbours  and  several of our engine companies with  engines  it was near 1 1 oclock before  the fire whs got under    The following particular s have been  politely furnished us by a gentleman  who was at the fireJ     It commenced at Mr  Davis sta Iclancl  wood house   from a cook stove  spread  indifferent directions both sides of the  River or Main street  and all but two  houses r  t on the west side of Front  Or Second street  from Congress street  tu Titus tavern    Property destroyed  Farmers Bank   paper and books saved  except in the  vault  which are supposed to be safe   Dr   Burvits house  Lewis Lymans  house owned by  Mrs Nott  Deacon  Harts two stores  Davis store  and all  he had except furniture  Bnnckerhoffs  store  Adancourts house  shop an   pointing office  Stockweils  horse and  bookstore  Enh  Mongans store  Isaac  Merritts 4tore  Townsend M k Coun s  store  Abraham Fellowsstore  D  Mer  ritt  Sc Sons store   Richard P  Hart   store   Jacob Holmes store   A is  W  Kelloggs store  E  Warrener and Cos  store  South wick and Cos store  Jo  seph IJrinknells store  Mooie and  Pitchers store  Hart Sc No srowsstore   Dedericks Lanes store  J  tyL WJis  store  B   Pierce and Co  store  Par  kers store  Fields store  Dickisoh and  Mitchills office  Baines office  and a  bout half ol all the lumber oe the  Wharves  and a small proportion of the  goods only saved      Philadelphia  June 22   Much stir was occasioned last even  ing  by a discovery indicating a plot to  rob the Philadelphia Bank  This bank  has been once robbed   about 4 years  since  by a fellow who conceived the  design  and put it in execution  of get  ting into the vault  from the culvert  under the street at that time he en  tered the sewer  in Market street  and  groped his way about two hundred  yards  till he came opposite the vault   We have collected the following cir  cumstances relative to the present at  tempt  Monday  after night fall  a per  son was seen to enter the sewer in Hud  sons alley  and as the fellow who bbLwe  committed the robbery bad been recent  ly released from the Penitentiary  the  circumstances excited alarm  Tuesday  morning guards were placed at all the  outlets of the common sewers  and  a  search was set op foot  In the after    noon  tbe persons employed to ransack  the sewers  discovered mining tools   consisting of a crowbar  a mattock  and  a shovel  an umbrella handle containing  a diik and a small batteaux that had been  carded in from the river  a bottle of spir  it  a great coat  some oil  See  Guards  were still kept at the outlets last night   as it was supposed the robbers might  be somewhere concealed in the subter   rmeolis passages  It was rumoured  that the witness to a person entering  the sewer  in den lifted him with Robin  son  the robber above alluded to  Trie  batteaux of course was concealed for the  purpose of transporting the contents 1  of the vault of the Bank  and  perhaps   firstly to carry away the dirt  Union    horrTd iurder    On Wednesday last  in Woodford  County two men  one named Nathaniel  Peters  the other Darnell  had a quarrel   which produced a personal rencounter   Some short time after which  Peters laid  himself on the bed and fell asleep   Whilst in this statp  Darnell entered the  room  and gave him two strokes with   an axe  which entirely split his head o   pen  Darnell fled  but was soon arrest  ed  and committed to the jail of Wood  ford County  What renders this mur  der more horrid  is the near blood re  lationship which existed between the  partiesthey being full cousins  Pub   Adv     Prom the National Gazette   FOREIGN NEWS     There is nothing of moment  or par  ticular iuterest in the advices to the  16th ult  received at New York  It  was to be expected that Paris would be  agitated with new alarms about at  tempts at assassination  after the ex  citement produced by the murder of  the Duke de Berri  And the French  government might well look for new  plots  from the very act of stirring the  public imagination so violen 1 ly in res  pect to Louvels crime  The Bourbon  family cannot be considered as safe in  j the midst of the host of  politick  fana  tics and abandoned adventurer   which  Paris contains  Yet the most eminent  of the  mditary dignitaries 1 Bona  partes creation  appear io b  devoted  to them  and on the Ir vee at the  Thuileries scarcely any ciicth stance   except the presence of Lois XVJl 1  would betray the absence o Napole  on and the change of dynas      As to England the debars of kcr  parliament are all that she jesents of  novelty  The doctrines  i Adam  Smith  hitherto utterly disrgarded in  practice  and so much dispual in theo  ry  are now received  on all finds  with  little qualification  by miistcrial as  well as opposition orators Mr  F   Robinson  the President of the Board  of Trade  acknowledges  ths the coia   mercial restriction arc nr ious that  the navigation laws   fer  doubtless  hostile to trade  Mr  A  Baring  talks of  the ruinous system of produ  cing every thing at home  even though  it could be obtained at one fourth ol  the cost from other countries  He  describes the navigation laws as an  injurious restraint on trade  But he  would not have as yet   any alteration  made in the Corn Laws  Mr  Robin  sen in acknowledging the evil of the  prohibitory system  still thought it  closely interwoven with the com  mercial policy of the country to be a   bandoned at once  We hae before  expressed the opinion that no material  change would be admitted in eithert  and we now  see ia all these declara  tions only the disposition to temporize  and cajole    We consider the ministry as mean  ing to do no more  when they consen  ted that an account of the disposition  made of the Droits of the  Crown     sued towards their trans afLn ic pos  sessions  It was generally believed   however  that the Cortes would make a  merit of necessity  and that the most li  beral policy would bo adopted  This  course  it was also believed  would meet  with great opposition  as they have not  yet ceased making a distinction between  the two parties for a change of govern  ment  That of Spain being called La  Santa insurrection de Espania  whilst  that of South America is termed La  Criminal insurreccion de America    The king continues to pursue a  course calculated to meet the wishes of  the people under the new government   By him Quiroga and Riego are named  among other conspicuous leaders in the  revolution with great distinction  but as  yet they decline his majestys favors   and grest jealousy and suspicions exist    General Freyries who is charged  with being the author of the dreadful  massacre at Cadiz  is in prison there   and is to be judged by the 6ortes  The  soldiers it was sard were to suffer a quin     tar  l  e     everv fifth man to be shot     Ciiillicothe  June 6    ATROCIOUS MURDER    On Friday evening last  the dead bod   y of a man was found within a short dis  tance of Mr  Engles  on the Lancaster  road  about 12 miles from this place   having the skull fractured  one of the  arms broken   and exhibiting other  marks of violence  We understand  that the deceased  who appeared to bea   bout 50 years of age   had taken break  fast  on the day he was murdered  at Mr    MJCutchens tavern  and was seen pro  ceeding on his way at about 10 oclock    When found  his feet were tied togeth  er  and his hands ais wore the appear  ance of having also been bound  He  had been to New Orleans with a cargo   and his wife ancr 7 children in the neigh  borhood of Pittsburgh  Fie had some  pins  needles  See  with him  which be  disposed of along the road  to bear his  cxpences    A Coroners inquest was   lioiden over the body  which returned        ti             a verdict of wilful murder by some ptr  should beanpually laid before parlia   snn nr nmnne nnimnu n 33 ment   The great majority whidh they    son or persons unknown  3   St  Louis June 21 v     Seif execution   11 vraa stated i n  Saturday s  paper that Capt  Joseph March had been  shot on Thursday evening previous  under  circumstances which fixed a violent presump  tion of guilt on a Mr  Sarnscl R  Williams  and  that the latter had fled  Jd is now known that  Williams endeavored in many places to cross  the river that night  hut pould not succeed   he also went to the ferry at the town of Col  umbia  expecting to succeed  but he failed  there also  the boat being on the opposite  side of the river  Towards the afternoon of  that day  Friday  he went to BeUc Fohlaines   entered the quarters of Dr  Pearson  asked  for laudanum  and talked of its effect in pro  ducing sleep and death  He    ke of having  the tooth ache  and the Dr  gave him some  paregoric  He asked for pen  ink and paper   wrote several letters  sealed and superscri  bed them  All this time it was not known  Fiat he was the person charged with killing  Capt  March  lie also w rote on a pieceof  paper and left it open on the table  and then  took a pistol from his pocket  fired it against  his head   hod fell dead on the floor    The paper stated a difference between aim  r  _ u j u n i  1   1   self and Capt  March  that he had shoi him the icers    ac   hastily left that place in  evening before in St  Louis  arid would have  killed himself at the same time if the mean   had been provided  He asked pardon of God  a td Man for this crime  a nd expressed  great concern for the feelings of his family   who he said were not to be  accountable for  the errors arid misfortunes of others He  is  said to be ofrespectable connexions in one of  the New England states  Capt  March is ah  extremely well spoken of by his acquaintances  here       Upon the whole  it would seem that  thi  unhappy man  Mr  Williams  was under  the infliwiice of partial insanity     From the St  Louis Enquirer    The committee appointed to draft a con  stitution for the state of Missouri  reported  on yesterday The article which will be first  enquired after is to the following effect  The  legislature shall have no power to manumit  slaves  except on condition of paying their  full value to tneir owners  it shall have no  power to prevent emigrants from bringing  caeir slaves into this state  It shall have povv   or to prevent slaves from being brought to   Missouri to be sold as merchandize  Persons  who have been  or may be brought into the  United States  in violation of the laws of Con  gress for the suppression qfthe foreign slave  trade  shaffbe free on arriving in the state of  Missouri their posterity likewise  the right  of jury trial for offences above the grade of  petit larceny is secured to dlr es  it is made  the duty of the court to assign them counsel  when they have it hot  If convicted  to be  punished in tae same manner that white per  sons would be for the  same offence  homi  cide  and dismemberment of a sbve to be  punished as if committed upon u white fier   son  and it is made the duty of the legisla  ture to pass laws for the protection of slaves  against injuries from their mssters The o   ther parts of the constitution are  in general   deemed liberal and enlightened  and calcula  ted to ensure an able government to the  state of Missouri The article on slavery will  probably meet with the general support of  the convention  and will do honor to the men  who  in guarding the right of property  h ve  not lost sight of the rights of humanity      WisnnfGTeiv  June 27   From a passenger m the schooner Mary  Ann  arrived at Charleston from Havana  we  learn  that on the 12th inst ii l the American  citizens confined in the Moro Castle  who had  been captured on board Patriot vessels  were  set at iioerty by the government  The num  ber was 28       Bedford  fPenn J Tune 22    On Friday morning  Caesar Hoyden  one of  the black men that escaped from Chambers   burgh prison  in company with David Lewis   was apprehended and imprisoned in this placed  He has since been taken back to Chambers   burgh     great majority  can always command in that body  will  render the concession futile  The  question of the Droits is an old one    often warmly discussed  and always  without a useful result  N   part of the  pecuniary power of the executive gov  ernment  either ks regards that fund   or the civil list  will be substantially re  linquished as long as a parliamentary  ascendency can be retained  An ac  tual majority of 115 in the present par  iiament secures the game in the hands  of the ministry   FROM THE SPANISH MINE  Charleston    S  C   June 19    By the British brig of  war Wasp  We  have some interesting particulars of the  operations of the Patriots under Bolivar  On the  7 ult  a vessel arrived  Kingston  from Carthagena  bringing  teligence that Vice Roy  together wit  Col  Santa Cruz  and several other of    schooner bound to St Jago de Cub  taking with them about 200 000 do   lars in specie  Their flight was occas  ioned by the near approach of th  whole Patriot army  which was advan  cingupon Carthagenaand Santa Marth  the form of a crescentthe latter place  was supposed to have fallen into their  hands before the sailing ofthe above ves  sel  but no official account of it ha  reached  Jamaica Bolivar had taken  Manga  and one other important place  in the rear of Carthagena  in defence of  which  the Royalist army suffered vert  severely  There was no hope of de  tending Carthagena against the victo  rions army  as it was ext emely dest  tute of the means of defi ne     Don Raphael Ramirex lad arrived a  Carthagewa  from Hkvina  a short  time previous to the abov  events  witl  intelligence of the Constitution of the  Cortes being received aid adopted at  Havanawhen he was thrown into pris  on by the Vice Roy and irquisitor Gen  eral  for attempting to destroy Flis Ma  jestys Government   A Kingston paper  of be 29th ub  containing all the particilars ol the a  bove operations  was uufu tunately left  on board the brig    We learn by the W asp it hat it s ven  sickly in most of the Wfct Im     Is  lands The public quief was main  tained at Havana  but priate assassin  ations were  very frequen  three per  sons having been thus mAdored in on  night     New Yoiu  June 24    LATE FROM  GIBRALTAR    The fo lowing interesting cotnmuni  cation on the subject of S anish affairs   was received by the edito s ofthe New      ork Gazette  from a passe iger on board  of the brig Eunice  arrived at Quaran  tine this morning    We left Gibraltar 17th May  up to courlcr  which period the political affairs of Spain  remained in quite an undisturbed state   and which was supposed would continue  till the meeting of the Cortes the be  ginning of July   That period was  looked forward to with much interest  and anxiety  as the commencement of a  new course of things  to the complete   dest rnrtfim _  r              destruction off he old system  Nothing   srJde avme  0lUmbUS  Ohio  has Ksinned had trat spired from which a conclusion  specie payments    can be drawn as to the course to be pur     The last account from the United  States squadron in the Mediterranean  were that they had left Mahon on a  cruize  they were all expected at Gib  raltar about 20th May  to await the ar   rivaji of Coin  Bainbridge who was dai  ly expected from America    Market for American produce at  Gibraltar very dull  Flour plenty  and  sales making at   5   Beef dull at   10    and pork  13 a 14Colonial produce   also at reduced prices    From theFhil Freemans Journal    SOUTH AMERICA    The National Intelligencer of the  16th of June  contains a number of doc  uments from So ith America  from  which it appears that in 1819  a couri  er arrived in Buenos Ayres  from Paris   with communications from Don Jose  Valentin Gomez  envoy extraordinary  in France  with a proposition of the  French government to establish a Con  stitutional Monarchy in South America   These communications  the Supreme    Director Rondeau called upon his Con  gress to take into immediate considera  tion  The Piitiuc w liv  wa n selected  for the throne was the Duke of Lucca   the late heir of the kingdom of Etruria   who is a Bourbon by his mother  Tfi  French government  in case the  Prince of Lucca should be accepted   who was 18 years of age  promise to so  licit for him the alliance of a Princess  of Brazil  and to assist him with money  and arms  This Prince  it is stated   would meet the approbations of the Em  perors of Austria  Russia  See  and his  alliance with a Princess of Brazil would    unite  thro family ties  the govern  ments  That with respect to the Uni  ted States  the Envoy says  as their in  terests require that they should live 011  friendly terms with South America  it is  evident that the obstacles which thev  might raise against the establishment of  a monarchical government would be ea  sily removed  On the 12th of Nov   1819  the proposition of the French   government was under discussion in  Congress at Buenos Ayrts  in a secret  session  and read three t me 3   when the  project was discussed and adopted  on  conditions  the first of A ilch was  that  bis Most Christian Majesty should take  on himself the charge T ub  mi   the    assen   of five higfc powers of Europe   and more especially the assent of Eng  land  0    FRANCE    Paris  May 8    Another atrocious attempt against  ffie royal family has been defeated    I he foil  a wing are the authentic details  of this important eventc  Count Auglcs  Prefect of me po  lice  hkying received secret information   scheme was arranged to be put in  execution bn theulgflroTtr nr rui irTSLT    lor producing a second explosion under  the windows  of the Dutchess de Berns   ipartnient  his excellency at hai p t t  10  repaired to the f huilkries and    n     crted precautionary measures with  Marshal Macdonald  major general on  service  for surprising the perpetrators  m the act  The sentinels were remov  ed  and disguised gendarmes  and police  officers were stationed in ambush to in  jure his detection  At midnight a man  was perceived to approach with caai   ious step  the private door which opens  nto the Rue tie iEchelle  and deposited  1 petard  at the momem that he was  about to set fire to the fusee by means  of a lighted segar  the police agents and  mi Jtury rushed upon him  He was es  corted to the  guard house where he  ante   On recovering  he gave his  iame  Graviers  and he Was soon recqg   ized  having been aeaptModn the fifth  i egiment of lancers of the ey imperial  u  1 rd  on his person was found A eopr  of some odious invectives against the  oyal family inverse  Onex niningthe  petard it was discovered that it contain  ed about 2 lbs  of powder  The attor  ney gene al quickly arrived  before  yhnm Graviers underwent an examina  tion  which lasted from 1 oclock until  In the course of yesterday two of  ins accomplices were taken  one of  whom  named Bonton  was formerly a    It is supposed they are two  individuals who were observed to post  themselves at the time of GravimV ap  proach to the palace  one near the Ru e  de Rioli  the other in the palace Carou  sel  both of whom fled precipitately on  his arrest  7    ti rt   Loraoy Mayli   I He Catholic question has been    poned until the 25th of May  tvhe it    vascxpecfcdMr Gratt  ldS    to attend                                               Dlo   LEXINGTON  JCJLY 11   1820    COMMENCEMENT    Tomorrow will be held the first regular  Co mmen cement for the conferring of de grees  hi Transylvania University   and we hope the  exercises of the day will be attended by the  citizens of Lexington generalhiand by friends  oflearning from other parts of the state   On this interesting occasion  a number of  young men of intelligence and talents are to  be sent forth into the community w ith the  fruits of their education in this infant semina  ry  and the happy effects of the present state  of the institution are to begin to be visible   The annual commencements of tire principal  colleges in our country  are regarded in their  respective neighbourhoods  as festivals of no  ordinary interest  and draw to the several seats  cflearaing  a large and splendid assemblage  of the best talents and most distinguished pat  riotism  This  we trust  will  ere long  be the  eftse with our University  Every one who  feels  as lie ought  an interest in the success  of the effort now making  to rear a seminary  oflearning in these western regions inferior  to none in our country   every man  who val  ues the improvement of the rising generation   and delights to witness  advancing to the ac  tive duties of life  young mei  of talents and  extensive literary and scientific acquire  ments  every man  in fine  who wishes well to  fhe interests of Kentucky  must regard with  peculiar satisfaction the recurrence of this  day  dhe order of exercises  with the names  of the performers  has been already publish  ed  and we have no doubt  those who attend  on the occasion will be amply repaid for the  time they may devote to itFy the gratification  they will receive     TVj Kentucky Gazette still continues its  insuiting and abusive language against us  A  writer in the last number of that paper  speak  ing  gainst emigrants from the eastern states   thus remarks     ACADEMICAL    It gives us great pleasure to take notice of  the progress and present condition of our U   niversity  The examinations 6 f the students  iji all the departments are now closed for  the session  and the result is eminently hon  orable to the Institution  The Seniors  who  were candidates for the first degree  and  who e Commencement is to beheld to mor  row  were examined about five w r eeks since   Although the scrutiny at that time was criti  cal and thorough  we have the authority of  competent judges  who witnessed it  for sav  ing  that the young gentlemen sustained it  with great ability and success  Abstruse and  difficult questions  of which a variety was not  wanting  were answered  with promptness   perspicuity and intelligence  Seldom  per  haps  has been witnessed  in any of the  seminaries of the older parts of our country   a severer inquisition by  the instructors  or a  more complete defence ol their own powers  and attainments by the candidates  They  promise   Rich  not only for their  ilnia JWatfi   but for the state and the whole community   They can hardly fail to be extensively instru  mental in the diffusion of correct  manly  and  clewed principles upon all the great sub  jects whL h e ngage the sympathies of liberal    mirvh     The exmunation of the pupils of the Prepar  at cry Department  the Freshmen  the Sopho  mores  the Juniors  and the Irregulars  began  o i Monday the 3d instant  and continued till  Saturday noon  The whole was laboriously  and patiently conducted  and must have been  highly gratifying to the friends of literature  and science  The Freshman class  though  now small  is  we mderstand  to receive valu  able additions from the Preparatory Depart  ment at the end of the vacation  The class of  Soplipmores is the largest  and  as we learn   has excited great expectations from the talents  and diligence of most of its members  Its  cours e of study will be more full than that of   either of the preceding classes  and we   that its Commencement will vindicate  the  truth of the predictions concerning its in  terest and brilliancy  The Juniors have  how  ever  distinguished themselves particularly  upon this public trial  Their translations of  passages  miscellaneously selected from the  higher Greek and Latin authors  were ready   accurate  and elegant  Their answers to a  great variety of questions in Roman A iniqui  ties were uncommonly prompt  full  and exact   Jn Mathematics and Natural Philosophy  they  gave evidence of clear undeistandings  dili  gent application  and retentive memories   Themes  Forensics  and Latin Theses and  Translations  by the three upper classes   were laid upon the table for the inspection of  visitors  and show that minute attention has  lxen jrnld to this branch of mental discipline   The increased and increasing advantages for  the attainment and completion of an Academ     Yfe have seen obscure and desperate adven  turerv from the same country obtrude them  selves into the management of our piblic presses   and with our accustomed subserviency we  have listened to them as the oracles of wisdom   believing them to be very xyise  because they  were very impudent  Without inquiring into  their past lives we have suffered the exiles of  Massachusetts to become the dictators of Ken  tucky  and have submitted with childish  ser  vility to they  insolent denunciations of our  p w  rf ur morals  and our religion     Tlut these remarks were directed princi   palb against us  the plainness of the alhfi  siotyleaves no room to doubt  So far how   eveias our own character is concerned  we  stialhot condescend to reply to it  We are  perfctly wiljing that our whole history slwuld  be lid before the public  and   s to abusive  slandr  it is unworthy of notice  But we feel  callecon by a sense of justice to ourselves and  ot resect to the public  to enquire into the  charter and standing U him who gives pub  licity o these remarksto point to Mr  Josh  ua Novell  and to ask what claim he has to  man a p a public press  to attack his neigh  bours  obscure cmd desperate adventurers   to  accusdhem of being verv y impudent and of un  dertaking to beccm  the dictators of Ken  tucky    1 his is a course me have by no means  sought  we have been driven to it  we have  repeatedly endeavoured  by hints and warn   pigs  to avoid it  and even no  we resort to it  with extreme reluctance  But  as we have alrea  dy said  ive cannot and will not submit to the  abuse of the Gazette without adopting a course  of jusl and fair retaliation  If private charac  ter mist be assailed  if Mr  Nor veil thinks it  right to publish insinuations against the stand   mg and fair fame of th Editor of this paper  he sutely cannot complain  that  vc expose his  own conduct to public view  that we go back  with him to Richmond  to St  Louis  and to  Arkansas  that we show his reputation in those  places  and then come with him to Lexington  remind him of some occurrences by the way   enquire of him the situation of his family  and  examine into his conduct and mode of living  here  These things   v e repeat  are not agree   ble topics of remark  We do not wisli to in   terfore With them  but we are resolved  if the  system of abuse is persevered in  to cry a   loud and spare not  We are perfectly wil  ling that our character  conduct  and princi  ples should he placed by the side of those o   Joshua Norvell  and the public be kft to de  cide impartially between them     tend the beams of science from the Alleghany  to the Pacific    2o  The American rair  Their smiles the  noblest reward of merit    For the Western Monitor    CALUMNY REFUTEDNO  II    The voluminous publications of Bru  tus are at length completed  and after  all the parade he has made after the sys  tematic arrangement and artful combi  nation of immaterial circumstances  well  known facts  and unfounded surmises   what is  the mighty conclusion  That    treasonable plot  and of course acquair  ted with all the means for convicting a  accomplice  arrests Adair on the charg  ol being connected with it  On thi  occasion he gets possession of all Get  Adairs private paper thus deprivim  him of documents by which ho migh  now defend himself  and gaining addi  tional facilities for convicting him if he  were guilty  Adair is tried and acquit   ted    The matter does not rest here   Adair sues Wilkinson for the malicious  prosecution  and lays his damages at  ten thousand dollars  The case L fairly    wnat is tiie mighty conclusion  That L n _         f   la  4  rI y     enough has been said to raise a cloud If   u  y  ugated by a juvy     v   U u yi luio liccm sum  io raise a cioua _r         J   of probabilities against the patriotism of  p   v   no   t    rV GIC  S  ally in favor of  a man  who has from his infancy to thejw   U   nt   f   d i ama   Ses sued   present hour devoted his life to his  countrys service  who has never evin    zes   an English brig bound from Oporto to  England  loaded with wine  she also had on  board a large amount of dollars  as well as gold  in bullion  dust and coin  It was nqt known by  the captors  at the time she was taken  that  these precious metals were on board  The  mate of the brig  who retrained itl the prize   kept it fromf the knowledge of tht prize mas  ter  hoping they might be fallen in with and  recaptured  She however arrived safely  and  came to the wharf  now Greenleafs  where  this gold was found  It is conjectured that in  attempting to smuggle some of it ashore  it  was either accidentally dropped  or designed  ly thrown overboard to prevent detection  it is recollected that several seamen were im   ri sdned  or embezzling it    The lad we understand fiaa  prudently de     ical  as well as Professional Education at Tran  m  fi h L atHot   0 y Soulh Mlerica _ M iy   the princples of liberty be recognized    sylvania Univeisity  are worthy of the con  gratulations  which we are disposed cordially  to offer to the Republic of Letters in the  West    Although Examinations afford not the same  sort of interest  which is derived from Exhibit  tions  and require more learning and patience  to be rightly estimated and enjoyed  yet we  cannot but regret that more of our citizens  do not attend the former  The condition of  the University is to be learned from both  and  the friends of education cannot be indifferent  to either  We anticipate  with much plea  sure  the intellectual entertainment to which  we are invited at the Chapel to morrow  It  is the first regular Commencement of a class 3  since the foundation of the Institution  Our  best affections and wishes are given to the  Baccalauiixi  and will accompany them  through the vicisitudes of their future lives    A Type Foundry has heenfeccntly establ  ished at Cincinnati     The fourth of July was celebrated in this  town anc vicinity in the usual manner  At  Maxwells Spring and Fowler s Garden  the  following toasts were respectively given     AT MAXWELLS SPRING    1  The Day ive ce eb  ate    2   The Memory  of Washington     3  The Sages and Heroes of the RevoIn tie       4   The Declaration of lndepender ee and it  Author    5  Our Brethren of South A meric a   their efforts in the cause of Freedom be as suc  cessful as those of our Revolutionary fathers    6   Th  recent  Revolution m Spain  It proves  that the  Glory of Europe is not gone forev  er    7  Lord Castlereagh and his minion Edwards  Par nubilefratrum   8   The custom introduced by James Monroe of  communicating to Congress the sentiments of For  eign Despots  More honored in the breach  than in the observance    9  A pure and rigid National Ecoir      Nothing else will give satisfaction    10  The Tcriiory of the Union  One and  indivisible  He who would barter one citi  zen  deserves the execration of the whole    11  The President of the United States    12  Henry Clay  We regret the loss of so  able  eloquent and independent a representa  tive in the councils of the nation    13  The Fair  Win them and wear them  honorably    Volunteer by Rev  Dr  Cloud    The  GrA t r of the day    AT FOWLERS GARDEN      1   Tic Day ive celebrate The  which ou  country broke the  tyranny  and declared she would be free  May it bt celebrated to the latest posteri  ty    2  The Constitution of the United States   Rearedjby wisdom  virtue its support    3  The Jnion of the States  Palsied be the  hand that dial  attempt its disunion    4  The Patriots of the Revolution    5  Gen  George Washington  Tho dead   he lives in the hearts of the American peo  ple    6   Benjimin Franklin  The American  sage    7  Thonus Jefferson  The p  riot  states  man and p loaopher    8   Jame Madison  lie conducted the  late war inner great difficulties  and secured  to his county an honorable peace    9  The President of the U  States  The  chosen chitfof a free people    10  La ipyeite and Kosciusko  May their  names be fi graved on the hearts of every A     cccl any selfishness in his public la  hours  and whose only ambition ha   been to be eminently useful  A cloud  of probabilities  dark indeed is the  cloud of sophistry behind which it is at  tempted to obscure the brilliant reputa  tion of a long tried patriot  Let us  however endeavour to penetrato the  mist and to discover the truth  Let us  take the whole mass of testimony   as it  is called  examine it fairly and impartial  ly  and see to what it amounts  AVha   then is the charge  That General A   dair was privy to  and connected with   a treasonable plot devised by Aaron  Burr to dissolve the Union  Itrwrll be  seen by any one who reads the essays  ofBrutus with attention  that he arlfujy  and disingenuously mixes together the  narrative of transactions and extracts of  letters by Barr and Adair  so as fra  quently to leave the reader in doubt to  which individual he alludes  If how    ever we attentively examine the matter   we shall find that he labours  very un  necessarily at the present day  to prove  tlye illegitimate designs of Burr  that he  showsa connection with him of his prin  cipal witness  Wilkinson  for the pro  motion of these designs  and that all he  proves on the subject  in reference to  Ad ait  is the wish of these conspirators  to unite him with them  aid the  attempt  afterwards  of Wilkinson to be  revenged for a want of success in the ef  fort to enlist him  by arresting him on  a charge  utterly unfounded and mali  cious  We shall throw entirely ouuo  view the letters of Burr and Wilkinson   so far as they relate to plots ofjtheir  own  as they certainly do not tend in the  slightest degree to criminate General  Adair  It is worthy however of remark  that some of the documents adduced to  show the guilt ot the latter gentleman   tend of themselves to prove his inno  cence  For example  it appears that in  March 1805  Burr wrote to Wilkinson   a letter to Adair would be acceptable   Burr Sc Adair were then at that timoslran   Li May 1 805  Wilkinson writes    for  and were persuaded by the other  two to fix them finally at g2500  only in  consideration of the inability of Wil  kinson to pay a larger amount  If dr   xurnstances like these do not prove the  innocence of a manif his acquittal  in  the first place  when his accuser mu t  nave been in possession of all the possi  ble evidence against him  and his reco  very afterwards of exemplary damages  for this very prosecution  are not evi  dence of the maliciousness and baseness  of the charges against him  I am unable  to conjecture how innocence can be  proved    It is said that General Adair  in con  versation with J  S  Smith  who had  him in custody after his arrest at New  Orleans  remarked that if he had been  permitted to remain forty eight hours  in New Orleans unmolested  it wonildnot  have been in the power of General Wil  kinson to have arrested him  that he be  lieved he had more friends in New Or  leans than the General   and if he had  known or thought the General would   ave arrested him  he would have  brought with him his equipage for his  protection  Let it be  recollected that  this is a loose statement ot a conversa  tion made by a man strongly prejudiced    nd disposed to put his own construc  tor  upon it  And what  after all  does  it amount to  To the expression of an  opinion that he  General Adair  had  more friends in New Orleans  than Wil  kinson  and that if he had not been ar  rested instantly  his friends might have   Kp n r 1 tr   wl __i     gers     m every  United    and cheriiied by kindred spirits  clime    12  The Army and Navy of the  States     13  Johnflancock and Samuel Adams   pro   sembed ipufiots  The tyranny of England  could not Amp their ardour in favour cfhber    ty        14  Pausing  Williams and Van vert  Firm  to the causl of freedom  British gold could  not indiicejthcm to become traitors   15  Our infant Manufactures  May they  be reared o manhood by the lostering hand  of an enlightened people    16  Agvteultufc  The strength of the na  tion     17  Commerce  The high road to ease  af  fluence  and science    18  Internal Improvements  The chain by  which our Union will always be connected    19  The people of every  clime  May the  blessings of providence enable them to burst  asunder the chains of tyranny    20  Thefrst settlers of Kentucky  who open  ed die way and secured to  of this happy country    21  Governor Shelby     to Adair I was to have iutroduccd my  friend Burr to you but in this I failed  by accidentPrepare to visit me and  I will tell you all  Still it appears A   dair was unacquainted with the designs   Wilkinson addsWe muS  have    peep at the unknown world beyond  me  It should be recollected that at  this time a war with Spain was gener  ally and confidently expected  and  in  such an event  nothing would have been  more probable or more proper than to  explore the unknown world alluded  to  In January 1806  nine months after  the effort by Burr to get an introduction  to Adair  the latter appears still in the  dark on the subject and is even unac  quainted with the geography of the  country it is contemplated to visit   Does this look like a connection with  the plot  By no means    It is said however that Adair was in  company with Burr during his visit  af  terwards  to Kentucky  And who was  not in company with him  How should  a man conduct who was introduced to  an individual of such high standing as  Col  Burr  the ex vice president of the  United States  who was not at that  ufT  n f time proved guilty of any crime  The  buuts 0 statement that Adair was in habits of  familiarity with him is utterly false   Ihc assertion  said to be on the author  ity of Mr  Bibb  that he paid him  nightly visits I have proved to be false   and it remains for Mr  Bibb to explain  how he could have known of such vis  its  had they been paid  without being  himself either an accomplice or an  eves dropper  General Adair was two  or three times only in company with  Burr during his continuance in Ken  tucky  and if this circumstance is evi  dence against him  what sha   l we say  of those men who gave him balls and  parties what shall be though  of Mr   Clay himself  who volunteered to de  fend the traitor  and as we are informed  without the expectation of a fee  It  should be recollected  that at that time  Burr had not been convicted  or even  generally suspected of any treasonble  designs  and that every man of respect  ability in the country felt bound to  treat him with civility and respect    After the probability of a Spanish  war was at an end  wc see no more  mention of Adair in any communica  tions between Wilkinson and Burr  and  indeed we have no evidence whatever   I repepi it  w e have not a particle of  evidence that Adair was ever made  acquainted with the designs of those  men  It is proved indeed  that they  were desirous of obtaining his co oper  ation  that they gave him distant hima  on the subject  but it is proved like  wise  by Brutus himself  that in the  course of nine months  they did not e   ven trust him so far as to give him his  first lesson  and it is  not proved that he  was ever afterwards further instruct  ed    At a subsequent    us the enjoyment    been inclined to defend him against it  As respects his equipage  the probabi   lity is  if he ever used the expression at  ail  that it has not been fairly quoted  Eve  ry one knows how easy it is to misrepre  sent a conversation  and Adair may per  haps have said  that if he had expected  an arrest  he  oukl have been provided  with better accommodations and more  comfortaWe protection from the inclem  encies of the season  and the unpleasant  exposure to which he was subjected    I shall pursue this investigation fur  ther hereafter        to request that the public will weigh the  statements of Brutus fairly and with all  due deliberation  that they will sift the  documents  sec what belongs to Burr   a hat to Wilkinson  and what to Adair   take art the circumstances separately   and make allowance for the btale ofth  times  ani tor th  combination which is  now formed to exclude  if possible  from  the confidence of the people  a tried pa  triot  a man of talents  a brave and ac  complished soldier  and an independent  and judicious statesman    CATO     teriniued to convert his booty into cash  and  deposit it in the Savings Bank    gg y        i        COMMENCEMENT    ON Wednesday  the 12th of July  will he  held  in the Chapel ofTransjdvania University   the COMMENCEMENT of the Senior Class   The exercises will begin at 10oclock in the  morning  and will be in the following or  der    1  A Salutatory address   y Andrew X  Wills    2  An Essay on the Stu  dy of Man by Oliver JJ  Stout    3  A Dissertation on the   Imagination by John II  Wallace    4  A Dissertation on   Liberal Studies by Samuel P  Presley    5  An Oration on the   Association of Ideas by Chs  S  Morehead    6   An Oration on Mili  tary Spirit by Edmund H  Hopkins    7  All Oration on il tf  application of the Philoso  phy of Mind to our course   of Study by Nicholas Jl  Coleman    8  DegTeesdfconferred   i ronsylraniania University      July 3d  1820 5    independence     JUST RECEIVED AND FOR SALE   BY W  G  HUNT    At his Book Store  on Jordans Row   Woodruffs Elegant Engraving of the   Declaration ot  AivAc    cndencc    Embellished with striking likenesses of the  three first Presidents of the United States   and surrounded by tbe seals of the thirteen  original with o uraic xuc zATJaus   the signatures      Price Four Dollars only    Lexington  July 4  1820    DON PAZOS LETTERS    A FEW COPIES of the justly celebra 4 ed     Letters ot Dob Pazos   To the lion  HENRY CLAY  relative to the   situation of South Ameriou  for sate at the  Book Store of   W  G  HUNT  Jqrdans Row    July 4  1820    James Jlnderson  C Ql   Have received at their Commission IIous    CHEAPS  DE    Casks Hardware  each containifig a corp  us plet assortment  which will be disposed  of by the Cask  or otherwise    ALSO    A few Dinner Setts of Stone China   Oovnp j 5 ing 1 70 pieces    5 Setts of Tea Ware    White edged with Gold73 pieces    5 Boxes assorted Glassware    Lex  3d July  132J 49 3t    SUNDAY SCHOOL    An adjourned meeting of the members of  the Lexington Sunday School Union Society  will be holden at tbs first Presbyterian  Church on Thursday next  loth instant  at 5  oclock P  M       Grand Lodge of Kentucky    A GRAND Annual Communication of the  xJl Grand Lodge of Kentucky  will be held  at the MASONS HALE  in the town of Lex  ington  on the last Monday in August next   precisely at 10oclock  A  M    Bv order of the M   V  O  M    THOMAS T  G  Secy    Lex  July 8   1820 50 lf     To live Public     T IIE citizens are respectfully requested   not to permit themselves to be further  prejudiced against Hie  in consequence of  the many base falsehoods that have ancl may  be put in circulation respecting the extreme  ly unfortunate misunderstandings in my fami  ly  as I intend  after the termination of the  suit in chancery for a divorce  and after Mrs   Evans is nolonger my wife  to appear before  the public in pamphlet form  wherein I shall  attempt  and have no doubt of sugeess with   Meanwhile I have only e ve t v iiberal and unprejudiced mind  to  3 shew that  however imprudently and foolishly  Mrs  E  and myself may have acted  yet  that  neither her nor myself are near as much to  blame in tbe affair as some of her near con  nections  I have through delicacy  thus long  remained silent on the subject  and ev  r i  should have done so  had my enemies only j  doncThe one fourth justice  bat  in    I lvVldvcWs   IB  IE      STEAM BOAT   NEWS    MiYSVlLLE  July 6    Tlu Velocipede arrived at this place this  morning in eight days from Wlveeling  having   xpe  i  need great difficulty from the low  stage of the rivershe is to leave here this  day for Louisville    The Gi 5 NEU 4  il PricE arrived on Saturday  the 1st inst  from Cincinnatileft here same  day on her return trio    The  Steam 13 at I   n illy arrived at thi   place on Sunday the 2d inst  from Louisville  left here same day bound Up for Wheeling  with freight and passengers    The Wheeling Packet arrived  at this  place on Monday the 3d inst  from Louisville   and left here next day bound up for Whee  ling with freiglu and passengers  having been  detained about 24 hours repairing machine   ry    Louisville  July J    The James Ross arrived at Shippingport  i roni New Orleans on Saturday last with  freight and passengers    The Car of Commerce arrived 6 n Sunday  frpm New Orleans    The Bez  Wells from St  Louis on Sunda    Tiie Washington from St  Louis on Mon  day    Charleston  June 15    Attempt to Rob the Mail  A  letter  froui tiie Postmaster at Parkers Perry   dated the 13th inst  to T W  Bacot v esq   Postmaster in this city  communicuies  information that an attempt his been  made to rob the mail from this place to  Birnwell court house  It appears that  tin rider in that part of the route be  tween Waterboro and Barnwell court  house  was stopped oa Sunday ni lit  last  by a white man  whom he succeed  ed in beating off  but in the contest re  ceived two stabs in the side  which are  not dangerous  The assailant cut a  hole in the mail bag sufficiently large to  thrust his hand therein  fortunately how  ever the resistance opposed to him by  the rider  prevented him from gratify  ing his  anxious curiosity to ascertain  the value of its contents    NEWBUUYPORT  June 20    A Good Haul    A lad by the name of Brook  ings  hunting one day last week for an eel   pot  sunk at the Mpper side of GreenleupB   wharf  fished up a small canvas bag containing  five bars of pure GOLD  weighing eighteen  ouiices  the value of which is said to be some  thing more than 300 dollars    Gentlemen who were on the stage of action  during the American revolutionary war ac  count for its having been loft  in the following    quencq of my silence and the base lies that  have been put in circulation bout me  a  great number of persons have improperly con  cluded that I felt guilty and dreaded a pub  lic investigation  whioh must be the apology  for my present and future course     declare to the public that it is with the  greatest degree of reluctance and delicacy   that I have been induced to pursue this course   and pledge myself sacredly  that if   was  compelled in my defence  to seriously crimi  nate Mrs  Evans  such is the particular res  pect that I have for her  and a general res  pect for the female character  thai X would at  this time and ever hereafter remain perfectly  siient cn such an unpleasant subject  1 am  prompted to this course more on account of  the extensive connection that I have of res  pectable standing than on my own  indeed I  am decidedly of opinioi that the good of soci  ety has the strongest claims bn me for placing  the matter in a proper light  Mrs  Evans is  an amiable woman in many respects  she is  truly virtuous as far as i know or believe   prudently economical  a kind ivcLaiI jUcurate  mother  a sufficiently iiuiustrious  and would  have made me a first rate wife  and one that 1  Should this d v  have fairly doated or  if it  had not have been for a certain character   whose name  I shall for the present pass over   She has a truly amiable mother    My business compels me to go to Missouri  immediately  and I shall not be back until Oc  tober  Should any thing appear against nifc  in the meantime  the citizens will please sus  pend their opinions until my return at which  time  I will furnish them with the other side  of the question  My breast contains no ani  mosity against a large ma jority of those per  sons that have thought and ever spoke unfa  orably about me  in consequence of the dio  turbance  for two reasons  First  because I  know I have myself done wrong   and more  particularly  as I have been silent vmd my  enemies have done every thing in their pow   er to elicit a general prejudice against me  and  I have no doubt  but that many an honest and  correct mind has been led estray  Thanks b  to my God  not even the foul tongues of cal  umny and slander tiiat inhabit the mouths o   some of my enemies  have any thing justly to  charge me with but the  disturbances in m y  family  and but little censure could they pui  on me in that way  if they would do justice  J  must thus publicly take the liberty of tender  ing my respectful thanks to Ambrose Young   Esq  of Fayette county  for his gentlemanly  conduct in refusing to purchase my corn   when a certain character  whose name shall  Jue timeji be before the public  was endea  voring  without the shadow of authority  to  sell it for whiskey    JOHN T  EVANS    une 28 1820 50   3t    W  G  HUNT   HAS for sale at his Book Store   Jordan s Ro w   A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF   Low priced Books for Children     CONSISTING OF   Life of I r  Franklin Father and Daughter   Life of Gen  W ashing  I  i  iy of Paul Jones  ton Sicilian Pirate   Patriots Monitor Travels of True Godli    Life of Stephen Bur  ness  roughs Farmers Daughter   JuvcTiile Trials 1 he Prompinru   History of the Bible The French Convert  The Forty Thieves Arabian Nights   Tales of the Hermitage Adventures of Robert  Mrs  Barbauids Hymns Singleton  The Prize or YouthfulTurners Arts and Sci   Obedience ene es   Dutchess of C  Life of C  J  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Transylvania University jV V 3 k e ex l  T      himself Ananicinator in the    nerinrl hnwover manner  A privateer schooner  called the  F     Hawk  commanded by the intrepid Jack Lee        find uuni   Capun    find urA  i               among many otner p      Nalls  Nails    JUST REC1EVED  BY THE STEAM BOAT   GOV E UNO 11 SHE LB Y    From N  Orleans    Kegs assorted Cut Nails  which Will be      disposed tf at reduced price  by the  keg or single pound bv   LEVEN L  SIIRIVE   ALSO    An extensive assortment of   CASTINGS Sc BAR IRON    To be had at the Lexington Bar Iron Store   Corne  of Main Street and Cheapside    THUS  DEYE OVVJNGS   PerL Li SURiFVE     4 May 30   i      cdSSION UAIYSE   LOUISVILLE    De GRANT  SjBENTtF V   htctioneersb  Commission Merchants   Lexington  A     in or  der to give facility to business  h ive establish  ed a GENERAL C OfrLJ IJSSJ OM jJ OTLyaJ  in LOtiflSY    LE under the firm of   BENTLEY   LE GRAND    Wimrer Merchandise or other property willbe  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be car  ried on by BENJ  REISER as usual wiiere  be will be happy to receive the patronage of  his friends and customers     Wilkins  MHlvoia   Co    HAVE FOR  SALS   TaNners oil    Rice in Bills  Sc iadf Bblik  Prime New Orleans Sugar    Do  Do  Ikackerei    Harriscin Forge Iron    Liverpool Salt    Short street  near the Le dngton Branch  Bank    May 2  1820   40tf    fr    m   vit    i    A     n    BLANKS  OK ALL KINDS     1LS  iT TtfJ fi OFFICE                                                                               TAIL FUYNT     Wilkins  MIlvaine 5f Co  t  OWN OF AMERICA  j fetoYdgCi in N  OtAeans     THE AGED MANS COMFORT     Tis sweet to think on days g one by     When youthful love first raisd the s gh     When honor shew d the way to arms    And joy was found in wars alarms    When the young heart beat high lor fame   And strove to gain a heros name    Ere age had chilld the passions warm    Or fed disease had marrd the form    Those days I neer shall see agaw    And while  with pleasure mixd with pain    W hutf awvr their tale    Andsighs with every passing gale    I think l set the darksome tomb    Disclose its jaws  with sullen gloom    My hours ot life swift fleet away    And still as fades each fleeting day    I feel that youth and strength are fled    I feel that energy is dead    But 3 et as death draw s yet more nigh    I feel twere happiness to lie    Beside my children in the grave    Where the dark yellow trees mournful wave   Oh yes to leave these aged bones   Mouldering among the church yard stones   To scar to that high heaven of joy    Where pain and care no more annoy    Is happiness  is bliss supreme    Not transient like the fading gleem    That shines for mortals here below    But bliss that mortals neer can know    Till they haye laid their bodies down    To take an eveilasting crown    A bright reward for work well done    A sy mbol that their race is run    SEN EX     i      Nos  J  2    3       AVfc just received per Steam boat Fay  I  _ f T TTE  and offer for sale at Louisville 1  prices  with addition of carriage    BA GS Prime Green Coffee    50 Barrels N  O  Sugar    25 half di do  20 Barrels Shad    50 do Mackerel    10 half do do  50 J Bushels Liverpool      500 do Allura  VS ALT    5 fags Table  J  20 half Tierces Bice    20 Kegs assorted Cut Nails    10 do  lo Brads    5 Barrel  Tan we rs Oil    Cogniac Brandy    Molasses   c    Crates of assorted blue and greea  edged Plates    THEY HAVE ALSO QN HAND    ALABAMA COTTON    WHISKEY    Pittsburgh   1   Cincinnati    WINDOW GLASS   English Crown J  Harrison ForgeTRON    Etna Furnace CASTINGS  COPPERAS   c   c   c    Short st  3 doors above the   Lex  Branch Bank    June 27th  1820 48 tf    T IE undersigned  owner of a large number 1  pf squares  half squares  and lots in the a   bowtown  and of about five hundred acres of  lanjidjoining to it  proposes to sell to actual  settl s  any number oflots  hot exceeding one  himr d  and several out lots of twenty acres  eaci on terms highly calculated to promote  the nterest of tbe purchasers  He is also au  thored to sell on liberal terms and in small  trues  seven thousand acres of excellent land   lyin  about the town and in its immediate   neighborhood      _ 1   _       This town is situated m the fork of the Ohio  and Mississippi  on the bank of the former   ami on the first piece of high ground above  their junction        No person of any reflection has ever 1 ook cu  upon a map of North America without being  struck with the mighty confluence of water  which is exhibited at the junction cf the Ohio  and Mississippi  and the natural sentiment that  a great city must grow up at that point hos on   iy bem checked by the apprehension that  the p ace was annually inundated  The ap  prehension was incorrect  The town site and  the hick country are free from inundation  and  both Ire now settled and are constantly in  creasing in population  The town has been se     ROBERT H  MNAIR    O CCUPIES two large stores recently erect  ed on the Batture  so near the river and  canal that boats may be discharged and their  cargoes delivered into store with greater ease  and less expense than has been usual in the  cityThe sityiatioiv being decidedly the best  he solicits storage    New Orleans  March  1820 36 tf    HARVEY OREGKx    A TTORNE V A T LA W   New Castle  Kir    W ILL faithfully attend to all business in his  line  in the County of Henry  and the  adjoining counties also at Madison and Ve   vav  in the state of Indiana    March 12 1819 33 tf     Military Goods  8c     From the Philadelphia Gazette    The following laughable scene  at  which I was present  took place a few  days ago  It may perhaps amuse your  readers    A large Green Turtle was to be kill  ed at one of our principal Hotels  Its  uncommon size  and the manner of dis  patching it attracted the attention of sev  eral of the boarders  At the moment  the black executioner was about to  commence the operation  and drawing  the keen carving knife across the throat  of the suspended animalLol at the  moment the fatal weapon was entering  the turtle  in a most pitiful tone  cried  out  Mungo  Mpngo  why dost thou  kill me  let me live and happy will be  thy days    The amazement of all a   i ound and most of the affrighted cook   cannot bedesenbed  but such was the   effect that the knife was unconsciously  dropped  and Mungo ran off crying  it  was the Devil  and not a Turtle   The scene was ludicrous in the extreme    and required all the persuasion of those  present to convince the affrighted   ook   it was only a humorous trick of Mr   Charles the Ventriloquist  who stood  l y and occasioned all this sport     II    IT    S  M  BROWN   Attorney at Low     From  he N  E  Galaxy    Another Literary Curiosity    A Gentleman by the name of Am  herst Scovell has been manufactured  into a justice of the peace by the legis  lature of Connecticut  As a specimen  cf his literary acquirements  the Con  necticut journal gives the following  copy of a notification which Mr  Scqv   cll wrote and posted up in the town of  Columbia  and which may claim a place  by the side of the recipe for the  cure  for soar eyes  published in our last    Public notis is hereby Given to the  Republukans of the Town of Columbia  I have been requested by a Number of  the Republukans of sd  town of Colum  Via to give Public Notis and Request  mem to meet at M  Stephen Hosmer  on Thursday the 14 Day of May instant  at 6  o clock P  M  for the Pur ose of  Selecting three Sutibje Persons by  Chois who we would wish to have ap  points Justice of the Pease by the Gen  eral Assembly At their Session in may  Instant    Dated Columbia Mav the 6th 1818   AMIIEARST SCOVELL    SPORTING ANECDOTE    Some eager sportsmen in Cumberland  the other day  having come to that part  of the chase which is called a check    inquired of a country lad if he had seen  the hare go that way  After grinning  and scratching his head  he asked  had  bu   a brown back  Yes  eagerly    Had hur long legs  Yes  yes  fpa 1  tlently   Had hur big cars  Yes    yes  yes   violently   Has hur a   bit o white under her tail  Yes  have you seen her  No  zur I hanna    seen hur    Glasgow paper     Original Anecdotea fact A man    Henry F etc  er      kr ncr of MainsTroat ami Jar dan s Row      AS just received a fresh assortment of  MILITARY EQUIPMENTS  consist   ing of   RICH PLATED AND GILT MOUNT  ED SWORDS  with belts to suit    GOLD Am  SILVER EPAULETTS   VULTURE   COMMON PLUMES  various colours    GOLD   SILVER LACE   c  8 tc    HE HAS ALSO RECEIVED A FEW PIHST RATE   Eight Hay Clocks    Clock Castings  Clock and Watchmakers  Tools and Materials  Crucibles  See  8 cc  which   with his former stock of Jewelry   Watches    c  he is determined to sell at very reduced  prices for cash    Watches repaired in the best manner as   rT March 2436 81   FLAX SEED oTLT    W ARRANTED pure FLAX SEED OIL  constantly for sale by the Barrel or Gal  lon  either at the Oil Mill of A  Wheilek  back  of Bell Meeting House  or at j   E  I  WINTERS    Main street    Lexington   March 14  1820  33tf   NOTICE    T HE Co partnership heretofore existingbe   tween SAML TROTTER  GEORGE  TROTTER  Jr  decll  and ROBERT G   DUDLEY  trading under the firm of ROB  ERT G  DUDLEY  6   CO  was dissolved in  the month of December  1815  and the co  partnership of the same parties composing the  firm of SAML V GEO  TROTTER  tf CO   expired bv limitation on the first day of Janu  ary last  Notice is therefore given  that the  books  notes and all other papers of said con  cerns are deposited with Samuel Trotter as  partner and agent of said firms  for the pur  pose of receiving all debts due to them  and li  quidating those due by said firms  It is neces  sary to the parties concerned  that speedily  payments should be made  and in case of fail  ure  suits wiil b  commenced without delay   Signed    SAML TROTTER    JOHN POPE  l Exrs of Geo  Trot   JAMES TROTTER  S ter  Jr deceased   ELIZA TROTTER  Exrx    Lexington  F b  29  1820  313m   Just ItecevvvaV     yS i BOXES SPANISH SEGARS war   ranted to be of a superior quality     La     i scorcB s   yuFF     10 barrels ORLEANS SUGAR  very fair  quality    2000 Gallons Proof WHISKEY     leeted for the seat of Justice for tlie county of an  j  Alexander in which it js situated  and both the  county and circuit courts are  and will be held  there  The neighboring country is well set  tled  not by a detached population  but by  connected settlements spreading into the in  terior of the state of Illinois    The mind is therefore free to expatiate up  on the advantages of this situation  and the un  dersigned can leave it to any man of sense and  candor to say whether any point upon our con  tinent has ever presented a fairer prospect ot  a greater inland e  mmerchii city    Situated on the first high ground above the  confluence of the noblest streams in America  at a point from which Urge steam boats can  at all times descend to New Orleanswith a  rich back country to support itand a nu  ntwrous population now covering the adjacent  country it is difficult to assign a reason  why tins town should not in a few years rank  with the first in America    Besides its water communications it may  reasonably count upon tbe advantage of see  ing passthrough it the great road which will  be required to facilitate the intercourse be  tween the Upper and the Lower Mississippi  Authentic information authorises the asser  tion that the country south of the Ohio is en  tirely practicable for a road  which can be o  pened across the west ends of Kentucky and  Tennessee through tne late Chickasaw pur  chase and lead to New Orleans over a direct  route parallel to the course of the Mississippi   The undersigned wtII be upon the spot to  sell to actual settlers during the balance of the  whiter and spring months  lie  prefers to  upon the spot  when purchasers can see with  therr own eyes the advantages of the situation   unu therefore will be present at a time when  the revival of commerce upon the river and  the passing of steam boats will make it con  veuient for all those to visitythe place and ex  amine it for themselves who may wish to be  come interested in it    He is al j authorised to say  that the pro  prietors  or a part of them  will sell at auction   on the ground  on the third Monday in April  next  being the first day of the Circuit court   ONE HUNDRED LOTS  one third of the  purchase money to be paid in hard  one third    AS removed from Cynthiana to Louisville  where he will attend the Jefferson courts  pay strict attention to any business con  fided to his care and management    June 20  1820  47 9m    PREVENTION   BETTER THAN CURE    Lees Antibilious Pills   Are not indeed presumptuously proposed as  an infallible cure  but the proprietor has eye  ry possible reason that can result from ex  tensive experience  for believing that a dose  of these pills  tsken once every two weeks  during the prevalence of BILIOUS  YELLOH  and MALIGNANT FEVERS  will  under the  blessing of Proridence prove an infallible pre  ventive  and further  that in the first stages   I of those diseases their use will very general  ly succeed in pestering health    They are admirably adapted to carry ofi  superfluous bile  and to prevent its morbid se  cretions to restore appetite  a regular Lab  it of tbe body  and promote free perspiration    Please enquire for LEES Antibili   ous Pills    Mr  Noah Ridgely For two months pat  Ihave been afflicted with violent sickness 1  the stomach  and inclination to vomit  and l f S  of appetite  By taking two doses of your pi s  I am restored to a perfect state of health  wh b  induced my wife to try them also  which as  beenattended with the same good effects be g  now able to attend to her domestic conce is    w    Jowvfcs Vi  Bavis    ILL practice t  in the Fayette C urtfl  Ilis office willb e found in the room for  merly occupied by Ja  Haggin  esq  first  door  below Frazers Corner  He pledges hirase 14  to be diligent and punctual in business coijt   fided to him    August 17 1819 3 tf    T w Sxdjscribfcvs   S CHOOLS will recommence on Monday the  3d of January  1820  In the Academy  connected with the elementary school  will be  taught the Latin and Greek Languages  in ad  dition to the subjects heretofore taught  E   ery endeavor will be made to lay the basis of  solid and substantial education  and to pre  pare Students for the University    J  P  ALDRIDGE    Jar  11 24 tf     in six  and one in twelve months  to raise a fund  for improving the place  to which the whole  proceeds of the 100 lots will be applied     HENRY W  CONWAY   St  Louis  Dec  4  1819 Feb  1820  28 tf    LITERARY AFD MUSICAL MAGAZINE    A  P  HEINRICH  OF KENTUCKY   Pfoposes to publish  by Subscription  the  Musical Effusions of his Leisure Hours   under the Title of the   SAWN IN  i BY   IN KENTUCKY    OH    The Pleasures of Harmony   IN THE   SOLITUDES OF NATURE    T HE work will contain a variety of original  Songs and Airs  Waltzes  Cotillions  Mi   nuettes  Polonaises  Marches  Variations  So  natas  Duetts  with some pieces of a National  Character  adapted to the Voice  Piano forte  Violin  Flute   c A  P  H  being greatly  patronized by his friends  especially in Ken  tucky  would be particularly gratified to find  the same liberality in other parts of the Un   cn  The publication will contain about 200  pages of Music paper  executed in a superior  style  and delivered to subscribers  at thirteen  dollars in two numbers  being one half  cheap  er than the usual price     A List of Subscribers will be attached to the  volume  with an appropriate Address  expreSI  sing the grateful acknowledgments of the  Composer    Persons holding subscrition papers are  jested to forward them to A  P  Heinrich   Philadphia  as soon as possible  as the work  will be completed in about two months    Philadelphia  January  1820   Su becriptions received at this Office    In my opinion this medicine is unequalle m  stomach and bowel complaints  not beinjat   tended with that griping pain commoi to  other medicines  J OlIN SC OT     Dulany street  Baltimop   Usees Worm Lozenges    The proprietor has now the pleasuri of  stating that the following case came unde his  immediate t observation  His little daugter  about five years old  appeared very visib   to  lose her flesh  no particular cause coul be  given for her thus pining aw ay  she wa  length taken with fevers  which with dther  symptoms led him to believe she had worms   he gave her a dose of Lees Lozenges  vhich  brought away  incredible as it appear  two  worms the one fifteen the other thirteen itches  in length each tfiree fourths of an inch mind   he has given the Lozenges to another if his  children  which brought away a vast quantity  of very small Worms    Lees Elixir    A sovereign remedy fo   Colds   obstinate coughs   catarrhs  asthmas  soj e throats  and ap  proaching consumptions     Mr  Noah Rtdgely I was attacked with a  most violent cold  a severe cough and pains  in the breast  which continued to grow worse   during which my appetite failed  and my  voice altered so much  that it was with the  utmost exertion I could pronounce a single  sentence louder than breath  Some of my  friends having observed to me that much good  had been done by the use of Lees Elixir  ad  vised me to procure a bottle which 1 accor  dingly did  and to those persons unacquainted  with the merits of this medicine  it will appear  astonishing  that three doses should remove  the pains of my breast  and tbe use of one bot  tle restored me to perfect health    Yours with respect  J  A  SMITH    Market street Fells Point    L es Sovereign Ointment for the   ITCH    Warranted to cure by one application  free  from Mercury or any pernicious ingredients  This vegetable remedyisso mild yet efficacious   that it may be used with the utmost safety to  the most delicate pregnant lady  or a child of a  week old    Lees Ague Props    Never was a medicine offered that has    Put up  in kegs of  10 aitri 15  j gals each      Is    4th proof FRENCH BRANDY    HOLLAND GIN      JAMAICA RUM    L  P  MADEIRA WINE    For sale by   M  J  NOUVEL    Main st  opposite the old Market Place    Who keeps constantly on hand  and offers  for sale  very cheap for  cash  a general assort  ment of   Urj Roods   Utoootios    Paper Hanging Hrrdering    Glass and Queeusu an   Hardware  fy c  tfc    Lexington  Maj r 9  1820 41 4    Malt Liquors          C  POST LEVS   Latent Cooking Stoves  o     POKTAB4 E KITCHEN S    M anufactured and sold by mili er    Co  in Second street  two doors from  tlie corner of Wood street  Pittsburgh  and   dso at their store  corner of Maiu and Colum  bia streets  Cincinnati       This stoye with fixtures complete compri  ses every necessary artkde of apparatus for an  extensive cooking estaof shment    The different sizes are calculated to do the  cooking for small and large families  public  houses and steam boats  and are so extremely  Simple in their construction  as to be managed  witn ease by a child  twelve cr fourteen years  of a ge    With this stove may be cooked by baking   roasting  boiling  and by steam  a sufficiency of  meats  fish  fowls and vegetables  to make a  dinner for from 5 to 100 persons  while at the  same time may be baked from one to eight  good sized loaves of bread    A wooden vessel containing from twenty to  fifty gallons of water may be kept boiling  for  tbe purpose of washing   c  all these are done  simultaneously and with one small fire    The circumstance of these stoves having got  into very general use at the eastward within  two or three 3  ears past  particularly in the  cities of New Y T ork and Baltimore  with the  rapid sale and general approbation they have  met with since their first introduction last win  ter  west of the mountains  are sufficient testi  monials of their utility and advantage    The subscribers having purchased of the pat  entee  the right for making and vending said  stoves in the western country  are ready to ex    in one of our cities was in the habit of Ids stay in this place    EORGE WOOD  has now for sale  at the  LexingUyi New Brewery    TovUvr and Beer    And will in a short time  have PALE ALE  ready for market  all brewed in the most cele  brated London mode  as taught him by Rich  ard Flower  esq  of Albion  Illinois   during    making 3 ceroons of spurious indigo I  out of 1 of genuine  by adding other and  cheaper substances  Having once  purchased a ceroon for this purpose in  a neighboring city  and paid for and re  ceived it  he discovered  much to his  comfort  no doubt  that it v as a parcel    of his own maufacture    A lafl stepped in o a hucksters shop  who  by the way  did not always consid  er honesty as one of the cardinal vir  tues  and asked him to trust his father  for a cheese  l I never trust any one   said he  Why not  said the lad  my fa  ther has trusted you  he says  more than  he will again Never a farthing  said  the huckster  he owes me now I  Juiow it  answered the lad  he trusted  you to set it down 9      Draft Porter 8 per barrel   Bottled do  1 50 per dozen   Beer      7 per barrel   Do        3 50 per half barrel   Do        75 per Jar of 3 1 2   gallons delivered at  the Brewery   Pale Ale     9 per barrel   Do  do      2 per dozen    The Jars will be found well adapted for  small families  they are constructed so as to  draw off the liquor with a crane    Cash will be paid for EARLEY at the high  est price     Mr  Flower acquired his knowledge of  Brewing  at Whitbreads Brewery  London   8 t was afterwards long   extensively engaged  di the trade  January 2526 tf     X AM  happy to announce to my friends and  tin public generally  that l have at great ex   p ose rebuilt my LIVERY STABLES in a  manner superior to any in the State  and upon  tie same ground on which they Formerly stood   Irespectfully solicit the patronage of my for   ner customers and the public generally  I  stall endeavour and hope to give satisfaction  to all who may call    WILLIAM BOWMAN    Lexington  May 29  1820 44tf   State 0  Kentucky   Pulaski Circuit  Court   Set  Spring Term 1820  Barksdel Snider  Complt T      s a  nst   J IN CHANCERY    Henry Willis s IIeiv 9       Representatives  Defts  J  rflMllS day came the complainant  by his  _ counsel  and it appearing  to the satisfac  tion of the Court that the Defendants  Daniel  Willis  John Willis  and George Willis  are  not inhabitants of this commonwealth  and  having failed to appear and answer thecom   plainantsbill herein agreeably to law    Therefore  on motion  it is ordered  that un  less the said defendants Daniel Willis John Wil  lis 8 c George willis  do appear herr on or before  the first day of the next term of thi  court   and answer the complainants said bill the same  shall be taken as confessed against them  arid  it is further ordered  that a copy of this order  be s forthwith inserted in aome authorized    newspaper  printed in this commonwealth for             VMVV  M VVUU Wi j J Wi v 1 VUU y IV CA  1 1   1 1   ecute with punctuality and despatch all orders   wo m nt is successively     TO RENT    O Vmoderate  terms    THE Upper Ropm  in tbe building     opposite the Court lluse  formerl    ll ll   n0WQ as a Hotel  now occupied in  JLJ JL i  a rt by the Lexington Athenaeum   Also  the Building in tlie rear  recently oc  cupied as the Printing Office of the Western   louitor  Enquiry of    JAMES CO WAN  or  J  PEARSON    I820  46T      TANNING    HIE subscriber has for sale at his Tan Yard  _ on Main street  Lexington  opposite the  Baptist Grave Yard  an assortment of LEATH  ER of all descriptions for Saddlers and Shoe  makers   ALSO  A OEXEBAL ASSURTMEST OF   Tanned and Dressed SHEEP   DEER  SKINS  PARCHMENT  BUCK  SKIN  WHITE LEATHER   c  c    He has always on hand a large quantity of  WOOL for Hatters  Clothiers   c    He also takes hides to tan on shares  and  gives CASH for hides    WM  GIROJCB     ucfi28 182p  3 4y          t their manufactory  as above  where also may  be had CAST and SHEET IRON STOVES  suitable for parlours  offices  stores and bed  rooms  to winch boilers may be attached if  wanted    The proprietors  in order to accommodate  persons residing in different parts of the coui   try  have appointed agents as foliow 9  Ohio   N  C  Findley  ZanesvilleTJames Effinger Lan  caster  J  MCoy  Chillicothe  KentuckyA   M  January   Co  Maysville  J    P  Dudley   Frankfort  J  B  Bowles  Louisville  and LU  THER STEVENS   CO  Lexington  Ten   Joseph Littleton  Nashville  IndianaJames  Cochran  Madison  MississippiJames G  Wii   kins  Natchez  Missouri TerritoryMessrs   Neal   Ligget  St  Louis    H  MILLER 8 c CO    June 8   1819  5Q 12m _   ATKINSON  SMITH   CO    H AVE established themselves in the towi  of  WHEELING  Virginia  where they  will receive and store Goods  forward them io  any part of the western country  or transact  any   Commission liusinoss   Entrusted to their care    Wheeling  March 1820 32 6m     Lexington  January 6 th  1820    ipHE Managers of tfce Kentucky Auxiliary  J  Bible Society are happy to  have it in  their power to give notice to all Bible Socie  ties and Associations auxiliary to the Ameri  can Bible Society in the western country   that  by a regulation of that society  they have  been authorised to supply  for the space of  one year  with stereotype Bibles printed at  Lexington  at the rate of 69 cents per copy    all such societies as may apply to them  Ap  plication for Bibles to be made to Thos  Wal  lace  Esq  of Lexington    JAMES BLYTHE  Cor  Sec    Editors of newspapers will confer an obli  gation on the religious public  by one or more    nsertions of tkt above     A Copy  Test  439t     WILLIAM FOX  clk     Boone Circuit Court May Term   1820  Abner Games for himself and    1  as Executor of John Miller    Complainants    IN CHaN    vs  r CERY    David Walker and others De  I  fendants  J   This day came the complainant by his coun  sel  and it appearing to the satisfaction of the  court that the defendants  Daniel Walker and  Nathan Todd  are not inhabitants of this com  monwealth  and they having failed to enter  their appearance or answer the cong ainants  bill agreeable to law and the rules of the  court    On motion it is therefore ordered that said  Defendants  Walker and Todd  do enter their  appearance herein or answer the complain  ants bill on or before the first day of our next  August Term of tills court  otherwise the  same will be taken against them as confess  ed  and that a copy of this order be publish  ed for two months ssuccessively in some legally  authorized newspaper printed in this state    Teste  WILLIS GRAVES  Clerk    439t     greater claim on the public approbation than  this  as many thousands can testify    The proprietor is in possession of a great  number of cases of cures  but for want of room  can only give the following recent and extra  ordinary one    Extract of a letter from Dr  Jas Hawkins  Mr  Noah Ridgely Dear Friend 1 have  sold a pbial of your Lees Ague and Fe ver Drops  to a gentleman in this place  which cured him  in two days    Steubenville  Ohio April6 181S      Lees Grand Restorative and  Nervous Cordial    A most valuable medicine for great and gen  eral debility  nervous disorders  loss of appe  tite   c  8 tc    Lees Essence and Extract of  Mustard    An infallible remedy for sprains  bruises  rheumatisms  numbness   c   c    Mr  Noah Ridgely SirI t is with great  pleasure and satisfaction that I inform you  of the wonderful cure performed on me by  your truly excellent Essence of Mustard  I  have been sagreatly afflicted with Rheumatic  p ins  as to lose entirely the use of my right  leg  and thigh and hip  indeed it extended to  my shoulderBy the use of the bottle 1 pur  chased of you I am perfectly cured  You are  at liberty to publish this groat cure i  r the  benefit of those persons suffering under this  dreadful affliction  Yours with esteem    THOMAS WOOTTON   2 miles on the Washington road    Lees genuine Persian Lotion    The Persian Lotion operates mildly  render  ing the skin delicately soft and sramthim  proving the complexion    Leeslndian Vegetable Specific    a certain and effectual cure for thi venereal  and gonorrhoea    Lees Tooth Ach Drops which   give immediate relief    Lees Tooth Powder vhich   cleanses and beautifies the teeth    Lees Eye watera certiin cure   for sore eyes    Lees Anodyne E lixi r   for the   cure of head achs    Lees Corn Plaster  for remov    ing and destroying Corns     The above highly valuable Medicines  are sold wholesale at tlie proprieties Family  Medicine Dispensary  No  68   Han rer street   Baltimore On the most favourable Irms     They are sold by his appointment by   TILFOIID   TROTTER   uxingfcon    Who have just received a frih supply  from Baltimore   and in almost all te princi  pal cities and towns in the union    Qj Please to observe that none cn be Lees  Genuine Family Medicines wit h on till e signa  ture of the proprietor    NOAH R 1 JGELY    f Late  Michael Lefo  Co  J    A NEW   PERIODICAL WORK    C 4  LE D T IE   EPISCOPAL MAGAZINE    Edited by tbe Rev  Jackson Kemper  and the  Rer  George Boyd    AND   Published by S  Potter and Co  No  55  Chei  nut Street  Philadelphia     T HE value of periodical publications 1 as  long been admitted as affording facilities  n the diffusion of knowledge  which could  not be obtained in any other way  By their  means subjects of an interesting nature  gain a  more general circulation  discussions may Is  conducted in a connected series of papers   and from the low price at which they are af  forded  instruction is rendered accessible to  all    In tl e various departments of science  of  politics  and of literature  it is believed there  i no deficiency  even in our own country  se   yeval works which will compare with the  most respectable in Europe  are published   and liberally supported  Tbe scarceness of  religious works  the difficulty of maintaining  them  and their consequent discontinuance   would seem to imply that while there is suf  ficient taste for the support of what is of mi  nor importancethere is a want of that pious  interest  whi h must give perpetuity to works  of a serious cast  Y  lie fate of similar under  takings ought perhaps to serve as a warning  to others  yet such is the importance of reli  gious knowledge  such are the unspeakable  advantages which may result from labours of  this kind  that the present editors feel them  selves bound to make an effort  If they fail  they will have the consolation to know that  they have done their duty  If they suc  ceed it will afford them much satisfaction   to have been instrumental in extending the  knowledge of the religion of Christ    It will be considered an object of primary  importance  in conducting the proposed paper  o procure such materials as may tend to pro  mote pure undefiled religiom As the work  is undertaken with a particular view to ad  vance the cause of Christianity in Pennsylva  nia  every thing which might disturb the in  teresting harmony  which has hitherto pre  vailed throughout otir communion will he care  fully avoided  and such essays or pieces only   will be circulated as have an immediate ten  dency to explain and enforce the great doc  trines of salvation  The views of the editors   they believe to fee in unison with what is  taught in the services  offices  and articles of  the church to which they belong  and em  braced by a very large portion of their fa  thers  and brethren in the ministry  While  enforcing that which they believe to be ac  cording to truth  they will religiously avoid  those trifling controversies about matters of  indifference  which can do no goodand  Which too often give the enemies of the cross  of Christ  an opportunity to charge upon our  holy religion  that which only can arise from  an abuse of its liberty    The editors would feel less confidence in  ursuing their present undertaking  if they  had to rely entirely upon their own resources   They are happ  to say  that they have the pro  mise of assistance from the Right Rev  Bishop  White  the Rev  Dr  Beasley  and others  whose names they are not at liberty men  tion  Though looking more immediately to  tlie Rev  gentlemen just mentioned  who  interestedin the particular objects of tbe work   the editors nevertheless solicit  and entreat the   clergy and laity who feel interested in pro  moting the cause of the Redeemer  to assist  them in their labours    The substance of each paper will be en   braced under the following heads   1   Religious communications    2   Reviews of religious  or moral publics  rions    3  Miscellanies    4  Intelligence  Embracing as far as prac  ticable a view of what Christians are doing in  the different parts of the world  in distribu  ting the scriptures  and extending the know  ledge of tfie truth    5  A list of new publications    6   An Obituary     BLUE L1GK WATER     A I ARGB QUANTITY of this water will  be kept at my store  Cheap Side  No  3   Having procured many large nice barrels foi  the purpose  the water will loose but little ot  the fixed air  A fresh supply of this water  will be brought every four or five day 9   which  may be had at Nine Pence the  single gallon   K il  The water should be taken away in  large bottles early in tl e morning  and set in a  large vessel of cold water or ice  until it gets  perfectly cool  and it will be equal to that  dipped out of the springs    JAMES GRAVER    Lexington  Ma    Sign of the Cross Keys  Main stree  has just  received from New Orleans  and h s for salt  x quantity of first rate Liquors  pur hased by  himself  and carefully selected  cons sting of  HOLLAND GIN    COGNIAC BRANDY    WEST INDIA HUAI  6    MADEIRA WINE    He continues to keep  at the above stand  a  HOUSE OF ENTERTAINMENT  for the ac  commodation of Travellers and Boarders   here every attention will be paid to those  vhomay favor him with their custom    Those who wish to partake of the finest  OYSTERS  cooked in the best and most ap  roved style  would do well to call as above   Laxington  29  1829  51tf    CONDITIONS    1  The work will be issued in Monthly  Numbers  of 32 pages each  printed on royal  octavo paper with handsome type    2  The price will be tv o dollars and fifty   cents a year  payable at the end of the first  six months  and tuiimially frojTI th i   time of the first payment    3  Tlie first number of the work will appear  on the first of January    September I  1819    gj Subscriptions to tlie above  work will be received at the ofliee  of tbe Monitor     SPLENDID WORK    PROPOSALS       EY JOSEPH M  SANDERSON    PHILADELPHIA    F OR publishing by subscription  a Biogra    phy of the Signers to the Declaration of  Independence  accompanied with plates  and  the declaration itself  with fuc simile engrav  ings of signatures    BY JOIIB SANDERSON    CONDITIONS    I  The Work will be published m  numbers   or half volumes  of 200 pages octavo  and will  be completed in ten numbers  It will contain  upwards of fifty portraits  engraved by Mr  J   B  Longacre whose sty le has not been exceed  ed by any artist in the United States    2  To the first number will be prefixed an  appropriate frontispiece  designed by Mr  Le  Suer  and a Vignette title to each volume   which with the portraits and other engravings   will at least be equivalent to the price of sub  scription    3  The first number  now in press  will be  published in January next  The remainder  in succession as the nature of the work will per  mit  and delivered to subscribers at two dol   lahs and fifty cents per numberpayable on  delivery    February 8   18208     WESTERN MONITOR    PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY   BY WILLIAM GIBBES HUNT   EDITOR AND FRO PRIETO A    At Three Dollars per annum  paid in advance   or Four Dollars at the expiration of the year  Advertisements not exceeding fifteen line  nserted three times for  1   00 each ubse   quc nt insertion 25 cnt slarger ones iu pr  ti  

Western monitor, 1820-07-11

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