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date (2018-03-29) newspaper_issue  Local Weather  Friday Saturday Sunday   Hi 52?  Hi 59?  Hi 49?   Lo 37?  Lo 39?  Lo 30?       M Bracken County News   PUBLISHED IN BRACKEN COUNTX BY BRACKEN COUNTIANS  FOR BRACKEN COUNTIANS IN THE COUNTY SEAT    Volume LXXXVIll Number 52 Brooksville  Kentucky Thursday  March 29  2018 Single Copy   750    Brooks is lucky winner in  ? ?Hidden Egg?   Contest     John H  ? ?Jack?    Brooks was the lucky   100 winner in this year?  s  search for the ? ?Hid?   den Eggs?    He correctly  searched and found all  twelve hidden eggs  The  eggs could be found by  searching the ads  pic?   tures and headlines in the  March 16th through the  April 6th issues of The  Bracken County News    This year the eggs  could be found  in the  March 1st issue  Page 2     Maverick ad  Page 5     Rotary Club Pancake  Breakfast ad  and Page 10     Farm Tire Service ad    In the March 8th is?   sue  Page 2   From Our  Files  Page 5   Fee?  s and  K?  s IGA ad  and Page 8     AIS Biology students  picture    In the March 15th  issue  Page 5   BVFD  Quarter Auction ad  Page    7   Taylor?  s Comer Hap?   py Hour ad  and Page 10  Bluegrass Maysville  Stockyards ad    In the March 29th is?   sue  Page 2   Miller Cum?   ber ad  Page 9   St  Au?   gustine Fish Fry ad  and  Page 13   Sherlock Home  Inspections ad    The Bracken County  News office congratu?   lates Mr  Brooks and re?   minds our readers to keep  searching  for next time  the winner could be you     Easter Egg Hunt  in Germantown  Sat   March 31st   The Germantown  City Council and High?   land Heights Christian  Church will sponsor an  Easter Egg Hunt on Sat    March at 1 p m  at  the Germantown Com?   munity Park     2018 19 KY Official Hwy   Map is now available   New two year map showcases KYs culinary  trails  music  African American heritage    Just in time for  Kentucky visitors and  residents to make spring  road trip plans  the  Commonwealth?  s new  highway map beckons  Bluegrass travelers to   Mammogram  Screenings  in Augusta  Wed   Apr 4  ?     The St  Elizabeth  Mobile Mammogra?   phy unit will be at the  Augusta Schools lo?   cated at 207 Bracken  Street  on Wednes?   day  April 4th from  2 30 4 30 p m  Fif?   teen minutes could  save your life  The  St  Elizabeth mobile  mammography unit  offers state of the   art digital 2 D and  3 D mammography  screening  It?  s quick   easy  and covered  by most insurance   including Medicare  and Medicaid  if you  are    ?   Age 35 to 40   Baseline Screening   ?   40 and Over   annual Screening   Financial assis?   tance is available to  those who qualify   To schedule an ap?   pointment call 859   655 7400     discover regional foodie  adventures  experience  Kentucky?  s rich music  culture and explore Afri?   can American heritage at  historic sites around the  state    The 2018 2019 Ken?   tucky Official Highway  Map   now available at  rest areas  welcome cen?   ters  local convention and  tourism offices and all  Kentucky state parks    invites travelers to create  memories as they navi?   gate along Kentucky?  s  highways  byways and  parkways    Governor Matt Bev   in?  s welcome greeting  to visitors reads  ? ?When  Daniel Boone blazed his  first Kentucky trail over  two centuries ago  he  marveled  ?  Heaven must  be a Kentucky kind of  place ?   We welcome and  invite you to experience  the boundless beauty of  the Bluegrass  our piece  of heaven ?     To assist motorists  in the state?  s highly trav?   eled urban areas  15 inset  maps detail downtown  and greater Fouisville   downtown and greater  Fexington  Bowling  Green  Owensboro  Hen?   derson  Hopkinsville   Paducah  Elizabethtown   Radcliff  northern Ken?   tucky  downtown Coving   ton Newport  downtown  Frankfort  Richmond     Ruf Scores 1 000   Point     6CHEBEN   GYMNASIUM    Kinley is pictured above with the game ball  and her great grandmother  Shirley Hamilton    Bracken County High School Senior Kinley  Ruf  scored her 1 000   point at Floyd Memorial  in Erlanger on February 15  2018  At the 4 28  mark during the first quarter  she was fouled on  a layup and made the free throw for a three point  play    She went into the contest with 997 points   Amy Flaugher  a Bracken County High School  graduate and 1 000   point recipient herself  came  to witness the milestone  She had connected with  Kinley through email  because they both wore  number 10    Kinley had several family and friends there  to celebrate the accomplishment  including her  great grandmother  Shirley Hamilton    Kinley is the daughter of Jerry and Shelbi  Ruf and has one little sister  Jerra Ruf     Berea and Ashland    To view or download  an electronic version of  Kentucky?  s 2018 2019  Official Highway Map   county maps or city  maps  visit KYTC?  s web?   site  For help planning    your next trip and to learn  more about the featured  attractions  visit www   kentuckytourism com   Share photo highlights of  your adventure by using  the hashtag  KYshines  on social media     Bracken Co  Farm Bureau celebrates  ? ?Ag Day?   at Augusta Independent     Pictured left to right are  row 1  Allie Gordley  Aleah Appleman  Dylan Hatcher  John Hamm  and  Chloe Caudill  Row 2  Harley Wilson  Lane Harding  Jaylen Brooks  Nora Gill  Makayla Woodruff  Chris?   topher Wachter  Trent Potts  Peyton Dwenger  Emily Hiles  and Mrs  Louise Moneyhon  Row 3  Mrs  Alison  Bach  Irvin Velasquez  Kyler Burton  Keith Borgmann  Brookelynn Peed  Spencer Plummer  and Jameson  Quinlin  Photo submitted    On March 20   2018  Bracken County  Farm Bureau Women?  s  Committee Chair  Fou   ise Moneyhon  visited  the 4   grade classroom  of Alison Bach at the  Augusta Independent  School to celebrate  the 45   National Ag  Day  The students were  greeted with an expla?   nation of the opera?   tions and functions of  the Farm Bureau Or?   ganization and of the  Women?  s programs and  activities with the help  of a ? ?Freddie Farm Bu?   reau?   bobblehead    The purpose of  this visit was the read?   ing and the presenta?   tion of the Ag Book   ? ?The Most Wonder?   ful Dream?   by artist  and author  Mitchell  Tolle  who was born  and raised in Vance   burg  Fewis County   Kentucky Farm Bu?   reau commissioned Mr   Tolle to create a book  to excite and to in?   spire children to think  about the noble work  of Kentucky farmers   He takes us on a farm  in Kentucky where a  couple of very bright  children  Billy and  Addy  contemplate the    world through innocent  eyes   Isaiah 11 6   ? ?A  Fittle Child Shall Fead  Them?     This is Kentucky  Farm Bureau?  s first ever  accurate Ag book  From  Mark Haney  President   Kentucky Farm Bureau   ? ?Of all the artists who  could paint the picture  of Kentucky agriculture   Mitchell Tolle is among  the best ?   And from Da?   vid S  Beck  Executive  Vice President  Kentucky  Farm Bureau  ? ?Mitchell  Tolle has created a work  of art to be treasured for  generations ?   Of spe?   cial interest to these stu?   dents were the accurate  statistics of Kentucky?  s  commodities mentioned   apples  beef  soybeans   com  wheat  dairy and  poultry  Also mentioned  was ? ?The Ferry at Valley  View?    located between  Richmond and Nicho   lasville which crosses  the Kentucky River  The  students spoke of their  appreciation of our own   ? ?Ole Augusta Ferry   The  Jenny Ann?   and learned  of the other three surviv?   ing ferries in Kentucky   Activities of Agriculture  Where I Five  a data of  ag in Bracken County as  well as Finking Farm To  Table were enjoyed  Also    discussed was the Food  Check Out Program   Event that emphasizes  that the United States  produces the most afford?   able food in the world    Presently  Mr  Tolle  and his wife  Finda  live  on a small farm in Central  Kentucky  When asked of  his personal statement of  this Ag book  he stated   ? ?It revels my heart as  Kentucky is a place of  dreams and of beauty?       Mrs  Moneyhon also  spoke to the class of  their wonderful ? ?Help?   ing Hands?    blessing  box project  She com?   mended each of them for  their commitment to this  hands on  life learning  experience  and presented  them donated items from  the Women?  s Committee    Each of the students  were given an education?   al bag containing materi?   als and promotional items    compliments of Bracken  County Farm Bureau   Kentucky Farm Bureau   American Farm Bureau  Federations For Agricul?   ture  Kentucky Depart?   ment of Agriculture  U  S   Apple Association  Ken?   tucky Beef Association   Kentucky Com Grower?  s  Association  The Dairy  Alliance  Kentucky For?   age   Grassland Council   Kentucky Horse Council   Inc  and The Kentucky    Poultry Federation    Much appreciation  to Mrs  Bach and her  students for participat?   ing in this presentation  of Kentucky agriculture  and the importance of  the farmer for his labor  of his blessed land    Quote  By George  Washington ? ?Agricul?   ture is the most health?   ful  most useful  and  most noble employ?   ment of man ?                                                2   THE BRACKEN COUNTY NEWS  Thurs   March 29  2018     The Bracken County New    USPS 062 640  Published Weekly For   Bracken County     25 00   In State     30 00   Out of State     35 00   Per Year by   The Bracken County News  P O  Box 68  Brooksville  Ky  41004   606  735 2198  brackencountynews gmail com  Single Issue Rate 75    Periodicals postage paid Brooksville  Ky  41004 0068  Postmaster send address change to  Bracken County News  P O  Box 68  Brooksville  Ky  41004 0068   COPY DEADLINE  5 P M  MONDAY    Kathy L  Bay  Publisher Adv  Manager  Lynn Darnell  Editor   Amy Meyer  Office   Classified Adv  Manager  Teron Bay  Advertising Sales  k Megan Bradley  Graphic Artist       District   Court   News    DISTRICT COURT   Heard on Tues    March 20  2018  by Dis?   trict Court Judge Jeffrey  L  Schumacher    Jodrey  Brianna N    show cause  deferred in?   stallment payment  owes   175  failed to appear   bench warrant issued  pay  or stay for balance due    Wallace  Travis L    show cause  deferred in?   stallment payment  owes   413  failed to appear   bench warrant issued  pay  or stay for the balance  due    Beal  Jeffrey W   oth?   er hearing  continued to  4 17    Bowling  Nancy L     1  theft by deception  in?   cluding cold checks  under   10 000  continued to 4 3    Boyd  Elizabeth Irene   other hearing  restitution  in the amount of  400 to  be paid in full by 9 25    Bryant  Daniel Lee    1  criminal mischief  3rd  degree  failed to appear   bench warrant and  403  bond issued    Bryant  Daniel Lee    1  theft by unlawful tak?   ing or disposition  shop?   lifting  under  500  failed  to appear  bench warrant  and  403 bond issued    Colemire  Randal K     1  careless driving   2   driving on suspended re?   voked license   3  failure  to notify DOT of address  change   4  failure to pro?   duce insurance card   5   failure of owner to main?   tain required insurance   security  1st offense  con?   tinued to 5 22    Deakins  Rachel Ma?   rie   1  alcohol intoxica?   tion in a public place  1st    2nd offenses   2  as?   sault  4th degree  domestic  violence  no visible injury    3  assault  4th degree  do?   mestic violence  no visible  injury   4  assault  4th de?   gree  minor injury  diver?   sion continued  proof of  parenting classes by 5 22   proof of 6 month weekly  AA meeting completion  by 9 25    Hampton  David I    suppression hearing  file  all responses replies by  4 3  continued to 4 10   jury trial set for 4 24    Hardy  B enj amin   Grant   1  speeding  15  m p h  over the limit  pre?   paid    Hargett  Jr   Christo?   pher D   review  complete  and file anger manage?   ment class proof by 6 5    Hill  James R   motion  to destroy evidence in this  2006 case  evidence to be     WoodmenLife   Woodmen of the World Life  Insurance Agency   ?   Life Insurance ?  Annuities ?   IRAs   Gary W  Hay  FICF   Field Representative   859 620 2881    Insurance Protection ?   Financial Security    properly destroyed    Holliman  Kimberly  M   insurance review   proof to be filed by 4 3    Kiskaden  Mitchell   revocation hearing  court  costs waived exonerated  since has served pay or  stay time with concurrent  felony time   120 restitu?   tion to be returned to de?   fendants mother  contin?   ued to 9 25    Lewis  Melissa G    1   driving on suspended re?   voked license  guilty  jail  90 days  serve 10  balance  c d  2 years   2  failure  of non owner operator to  maintain required insur?   ance  1st offense  guilty    500 fine   400 c d  2  years  costs and fines due  by 9 25    Mayberry  Jr   Allen  Albert   1  speeding  26  m p h  or greater over the  limit  guilty   100 fine   2   failure to register transfer  of motor vehicle  guilty    100 fine   3  failure of  owner to maintain re?   quired insurance security   1st offense  dismissed on  proof of insurance provid?   ed   4  DUI  3rd offense   aggravator  jail 240 days   serve 60 days  balance c d  2 years  c t s at arrest  36  month license suspension   DUI service fee  costs    1000 fine   500 c d    ADE  costs and fines due  by 3 19 2019    Moore  Buddy Wayne   diversion  costs waived   diversion completed  case  dismissed    Nickerson  Mike   1   alcohol intoxication in a  public place  1st   2nd  offenses  guilty   25 fine    2  disorderly conduct   2nd degree  guilty  jail 60  days  c d  2 years  costs  and fines due by 9 25    Richardson  James S     1  failure of non owner  operator to maintain re?   quired insurance  1st of?   fense  continued to 4 3    Tucker  Troy   1  pos?   session of marijuana  di?   verted to 3 19 2019 with  no further offenses    Free  Bradley Thom?   as   1  speeding  25 m p h   over the limit  prepaid   2   failure of owner to main?   tain required insurance   security  1st offense  dis?   missed  proof produced    McDowell  Kyra C    proof   2  license to be  in possession  proof pro?   duced  dismissed    Spivey  Jamie  proof    1  no expired registration  plates  proof produced   dismissed   2  no expired  KY registration receipt   proof produced  dis?   missed    Hendrixson  Cali Jo   motion hour  motion to  revoke conditionally dis?   charged time  3 13 order  vacated  bench warrant  issued  revocation hearing  to help upon arrest due  to failure to comply with  terms       ? ?For God so loved  the world  that He  gave his only begotten  Son  that whosoever  belleveth in Him  should not perish  but  have everlasting life  ?      John 3 16    cS 7iae 1    First National Bank   Brooks  ille  Ky    In observance of Good Friday  both of our offices  will be closing at i PM on Friday  March 30       Here?  s hoping your  Easter holiday is  fiiied with wonderfui  moments  May  you enjoy ali of  His biessings in  abundance at this  hoiy time of year     4th Annual ? ?Fight  Like A Girl?    3 on 3 Basketball  Tournament on  Sat   April 14      The Augusta High  School Athletic Depart?   ment will host their 4th  Annual ? ?Fight Like A  Girl?   3 on 3 basketball  double elimination tour?   nament on Saturday  April  14th at the Augusta High  School Gym  Doors will  open at 7 30 a m  Games  begin at 8 a m  Admis?   sion is  5 for adults   3  for 13 18 year olds  and  12 and under FREE    There will be a kids  Bouncy House  raffle  chances to win  1 000   split the pots  a bake sale   and concessions served  all day    All proceeds will  benefit the Samantha  Bustros Foundation and  Gracie Hurst Scholarship  Fund    For questions or in?   formation contact Trent  Rumford 782 1628  Kyle  Jefferson 782 2989  or  Garrett Rumford 782   3263     Bracken County News   ? ?Everyone?  s Favorite Newspaper?       From The Dover News  November 23  1899   A CHURCH IN New?   ark  N Y  has appointed  young ladies as ushers and  the papers say the congre?   gation is growing rapidly   The ushers are changed  every few weeks    Irwin Smith  aged 13   and an older brother were  playing with an old pistol  near their home in Adams  County  when it was dis?   charged  killing Irwin in?   stantly  They didn?  t know  it was loaded    A Bracken County  girl who lost the power  of speech several years  ago  coughed while chas?   ing a cow and now can  talk  Moral  If your wife  is deaf and dumb drive up  the cows yourself   Mur?   ray Ledger    The battleship ? ?Ken?   tucky?   has eighty one  small auxiliary engines to  do the work about the ship  formerly done by hand   She carries 10 000 pounds  of powder and can shoot  7 000 pounds of hardened  steel in one minute    Bourbon News   ? ?Judge W  M  Purnell  Wednesday sent to Col  W   W  Baldwin  of Maysville   a check for  8 472  the  sum being the second  payment on the turnpike  which the Bourbon Fiscal  Court purchased from Col   Baldwin and made free for  travel    At Germantown Tues     Ddaeh   Tabitha s Tidbits  Compiled by  The Bracken County  Historical Society    day evening a chandelier  in the Christian Church  fell while services were in  progress  setting the house  on fire and raising a panic  in the congregation  The  fire was extinguished after  a damage to the amount  of  300 had been done   There was no insurance    Mr  and Mrs  Charles  Darnell  of Millersburg   have issued invitations  to the marriage of their  daughter  Blanch  to Mr   Frank B  Vimont  Thursday  afternoon  November 30     at the Christian Church   The bride has quite a num?   ber of friends and relatives  in this county    Rev  Mr  Cartwright   of Indiana  preached to  large and attentive audi?   ences at the Christian  church Saturday evening  and Sunday morning and  evening  There was one  addition   Mrs  Donald  Fulder   at the Sunday  evening service  Baptis?   mal services at the river  Tuesday morning    One afternoon last  week  a special over the  C    O  averaged a mile a  minute between Cincinna?   ti and Ironton and the run  from Russell to Hunting   ton was made in twenty  minutes  The train was en  route to Hot Springs  Va    with the father of young  Mrs  George Ingalls  who  was thought to be criti?   cally ill    To Be Continued    Taylor?  s Corner Cafe   214 Hamilton Ave  ?   Augusta ?   756 3219    Closed April 1?   Easter Sunday    SENDING      ?  Taylor?  s Corner   214 Hamilton Ave ?   Augusta ?   756 3219   additional parking behind building    HAPPY HOUR     SATURDAY  MARCH 3F  THE FINAL FOUR     MONDAY  APRIL 2? ?? ?  CHAMPIONSHIP GAME  BEGINNING AT TIP OFF     Kitchen closes at 8pm ?   Must be 21 with ID        ?   Baked Ham  Roast l irkey   Dressing  Homemade Potato Salad   ?   Baked Beans   ?   Variety of Vegetables   Salads   Desserts      Bring in your church 10    bulletin and receive OFFI      THE AUGUSTA      till   606 756 2525   109 Main Street ?   Call today for reservations    From Our Files    50 years ago   Mar  28  1968   Winning prizes on the  ? ?Afternoon Show?   Mon?   day  seen on Channel 5  4  p m  weekdays  were Mrs   Leroy Free   label maker   Mrs  Charlie Buerkley     cooking thermometer  set  Mr  Leonard Johnson     men?  s jewelry  Mr  Billy  Ellis   color by number  set    BIRTHS  a son  bom to  Mr    Mrs  Charles Wil?   liam Colemire  a daughter   bom to Mr    Mrs  Her?   bert Colemire  a son  bom  to Mr    Mrs  Harvey C   Woods  a daughter  bom to  Mr    Mrs  Arthur Blevins   a daughter  Yvonne Elaine   bom to Mr    Mrs  Roger  Dale Scolf   DEATHS  Mr  James   Dryden  Mr  Alvin Clark  Nickoson  Mrs  Gladys  Hargett Claypoole  Mr   Charles M  ? ?Jack?   Bar?   rett    30 years ago   Mar  31  1988   A dairy operation on  the Vem Galloway prop?   erty near Berlin was de?   stroyed by fire early last  Wednesday and resulted  in a large barn and several  milk cows and calves be?   ing destroyed    Hazel?  s Hairquarters  opened this week on Mi?   ami Street in Brooksville   The business is operated    by Hazel Baker    BIRTHS  a daughter   bom to Mr    Mrs  Brent  McKee    DEATHS  Ms  Thelma  Mardis  Mr  Leslie Ben?   nett  Mr  Elwood Hedges  ? ?Jack?   Walton Jr   Mr  Jo?   seph H  Kalb    10 years ago   Apr  3  2008   The office of the  Comptroller of the Cur?   rency  OCC  presented  the First National Bank  of Brooksville with a cer?   tificate recognizing the  Bank?  s 100 years of dis?   tinguished service and  contributions to our com?   munity    BCMS student  Rachel  King  was selected winner  in the ? ?Grandparent of the  Year?   essay contest  spon?   sored by AARP KY and  the KY Retired Teachers?    Association  KRTA     BIRTHS  a son  Kirtley  Reese Hamilton  bom  to Royse Hamilton and  Mandie Brooks    DEATHS  Mr  Jeffrey  Dale Cox  Mrs  Jessie  Persinger Teegarden  Mrs   Julia Annette Taylor Ash?   craft Roach  Mr  Ever?   ett Lee Jones  Mr  Davis  Yancey Roberson  Mr   Omar Wilson Jr   Mrs  De   lores White                                                                                        THE BRACKEN COUNTY NEWS  Thurs   March 29  2018  3    MRS  RATH   Donna Sue McClana   han Rath  64  of Brooks   ville  died Monday   Mareh 26  2018 at 3 58  p m  at her home  Born on  September 8  1953 to the  late Donald and Audrey  Weaver MeClanahan  she  was a member of Forest  Hill Baptist Chureh and  was employed by the  Braeken County Conser?   vation Distriet for over  25 years  She loved the  family farm    She was preceded in  death by her brother in   law  Paul Leroy Cannon    She is survived by  her husband of 45 years   John Rath  two children   Mark  Amanda  Rath  and Robin  David  Fultz   four amazing grandchil?   dren which she was very  proud of  Jeremy Frodge   Samuel Rath  Audrey  Rath  and Johnathan  Fultz  one sister  Anna  Faye Cannon  one broth?   er  Donald Leroy  Joyce   MeClanahan  one neph?   ew  Michael  Meghanne   MeClanahan  one niece   Linda MeClanahan  one  great niece  Emmaleigh  MeClanahan  one soon to  be born great niece  Ray?   leigh MeClanahan  and  good family friends sons   Don Edie  Chris Doyle   Tim Jarvis  and Anthony  McCarter    Services will be at  1 p m  on Friday  March  30  2018  at Moore    Parker Funeral Home in  Brooksville  Burial will  be at Johns ville Cem?   etery  Visitation will be  6 9 p m  on Thursday at  the fiineral home and 12   1 p m  on Friday at the  funeral home    Pallbearers will be  Chris Doyle  Michael  MeClanahan  Chris Cum?   mins  Don Edie  Anthony  McCarter  Rick Morris   Tim Jarvis  and Larry  MeClanahan  Honorary  pallbearers will be Dan?   ny Willhite  Jimmy Dale  Cummins  Kenny Tee   garden  Allen Morehead   and Jerry Laurie    Memorials may  be made to Hospice of  Hope    Condolences may be  sent to mooreandpark   erfh com    MRS  GIBBONS   Wava Heminger  Lowe Gibbons  98  of  May?  s Lick  passed away  on Wednesday  March  21  2018  at The Willows  in Lexington    Services were held  Monday  March 26   2018  at Palmer Funeral  Home   Crematory in  May?  s Lick  Burial fol?   lowed in the May?  s Lick  Cemetery    Full obituary may be  viewed and condolences  made to www palmerfu   neralhome net      For all your  floral needs    129 Main St   Augusta Ky 41002      606   756 2821      Carol Jean  Flowers    More        UA      QA  oSSi    OWV tW iAlu   481 Moody Drive  Maysville  KY   606 564 6836    MR  KING     Ronald Holton King   74  of Brooksville  KY   passed away on Thurs?   day  March 22  2018  at  the Cedar Ridge Health  Campus in Cynthiana   KY  Born on Decem?   ber 11  1943 in Bracken  County  KY  he was the  son of the late George  H  and Elizabeth Holton  King  On October 8   1966  he married Sha?   ron Whitaker King  and  his dear wife survives  his passing  He was a  well known farmer and  a member of the Oak?   land Christian Church   Pendleton County  He  served in the U S  Army  Reserves    In addition to his  wife of 51 years  Sharon   he is survived by three  children  Ronald Chris?   topher  Sheril  King of  Falmouth  KY  Cindy   David  Cummins of  Brooksville  KY  and  Tom  Amanda  King of  Foster  KY  six grand?   children  Michael King   Caitlin  Josh  Gomez   Maria Cummins  Nicho?   las Cummins  Kenzie  King  and Holton King   one great grandchild   London Gomez  and a  host of extended family  and friends    Services were held  Monday  March 26 2018   at the Woodhead Funeral  Home  Falmouth  with  Bro  Jim Flaugher and  Jack Knechtly officiat?   ing  Interment took place  in the Neave Cemetery   Bracken County    Memorials are sug?   gested to the Oakland  Christian Church  149  Oakland Church Road   Falmouth  KY 41040  the  Bracken County Cross  Country Track Team or  the Bracken County FFA   c o Bracken County High  School  350 W  Miami  Street  Brooksville  KY  41004    Online condolences  may be sent to the family  at www woodheadfuner   alhome com    MR  POE   James Halford Poe   81  died Monday  March  19  2018  at his home   He was born in Bracken  County  KY on February  18  1937  to the late Em   mit and Geneva Clayton  Poe    He is survived by  eight children  Sharon  Napier  Karen Dotson   Cheryl Hamilton  Ricky  Poe  Carol Mess  Can?   dy Poe  Linda Poe  and  April Traylor  four step?   children  Samantha Pem?   berton  Peggy Pollitt   Tammy Tucker  and Lisa  Pollitt  and five siblings   Delmar Poe  Jenny Fox   Vanessa Carr  Mae Sor?   rell and Linda Roever   Along with his parents   he was preceded in death  by his wife  Betty Poe   one son  Jimmy Poe  and  four siblings  Donnie  Poe  Shelby Poe  Mike  Poe and Dee Golfman    Services were held  Friday  March 23  2018   at Moore and Parker Fu?   neral Home  Burial fol?   lowed at Johnsville Cem?   etery    Memorials are sug?   gested to Hospice of  Hope    Condolences may be  sent to www mooreand   parkerfh com     Deaths    MR  WOODWARD   William Insko Wood?   ward  77  of Erlanger  KY   passed away on Sunday   March 25  2018  Born on  December 29  1940  in  Brooksville  the only son  of Cecil and Bertele Hal?   ey Woodward  he was a  1958 graduate of Bracken  County High School and  served in the US Army  from 1959 1962  He was  retired from Formica as a  mechanic and was a for?   mer member of the Er?   langer Rescue Squad    He is survived by two  sons  David  Barbara  of  Stonewall and Robert of  Burlington  KY  seven  grandchildren  Zachary   Ross  Sam  Ellen  Josh   Natalie  and Abby  and  one great granddaughter   Reese  In 1963 he mar?   ried Judy Hoppenjans  and she preceded him in  death in 1995    Services and inter?   ment were held at the  Forest Lawn Memorial  Park  Erlanger  KY on  Wednesday  March 28th   2018  Linneman Funeral  Home  Erlanger  KY   served the family     MR  THORNTON     Crawford G  Thorn?   ton  66  passed away  Thursday  March 22   2018  Born on January  7  1952  to the late Oscar  and Annabelle Johnson  Thornton  he was a mem?   ber of Chatham Christian  Church and recently cel?   ebrated 16 years of sobri?   ety    He is survived by  his wife  Peggy Brogdon  Thornton  whom he mar?   ried June 28  1986  his  children  William  Amy   Thornton  Crystal  Keith   Teegarden  Melissa  Colemire  all of Brooks?   ville  and John Wain   scott of Phoenix  AZ  six  grandchildren  Zachary   Alexa  Colemire  Can?   dace Teegarden  Paige  Thornton  Kuper Teegar?   den  Levi Teegarden  and  Ethan Teegarden  two  great grandchildren  So?   fia Teegarden and Stella  Colemire  four sisters   Betty Harper of Coving?   ton  KY  Ethel Quinlin  of Augusta  Marcella   Jay  Hall of Foster  and  Lisa  James  Earls of Au?   gusta  and four brothers   Calvin  Karen  Thorn?   ton of Florence  Johnny   Pam  Thornton of Ger?   mantown  Jack  Genieve   Thornton of Foster  and  Roy Thornton of Mi?   nerva  He was preceded  in death by one sister   Evelena Cooper  and one  brother  Clarence Thorn?   ton    Services were held  Tuesday  March 27 2018   at Moore and Parker Fu?   neral Home in Augusta   Burial followed at Con?   cord Cemetery    Memorials may  be made to Hospice of  Hope    Condolences may be  sent to mooreandpark   erfh com     MR  MOORE     Gene Dale Moore   72  of Alexandria  KY   went to be with our Lord  and entered eternal rest  on Saturday  March 24   2018  He was born to the  late Eugene and Fannie  Moore of Milford  KY on  May 9  1945    Gene is survived by  his wife of 52 years  Neva  Sue  Powell  Moore  orig?   inally of Lenoxburg  KY   his two daughters  Gena   Bemie  Combs  of New?   port  KY and Beth Moore  of Lenoxburg  KY  his  four grandchildren  Mi?   randa  Matthew  Sheph?   ard  Mirissa  Miriah and  Mirena Combs  several  cousins  nieces and neph?   ews  He was preceded in  death by his loving sister  Donna Moore McCon   nell  and his brother in   law  Wayne McConnell    Gene was a loving  husband  father  grand?   father and friend who  enjoyed hunting  fishing   farming and being with  his friends and family   He retired from General  Motors in Norwood  OH  after 23 years of service   He served as a city coun?   cilman for the City of Al?   exandria  was a 39 year  member of Alexandria  Masonic Lodge   152   past Worthy Patron of Al?   exandria Order of East?   ern Star   337  member  Church of Christ of Alex?   andria where he served as  a deacon  trustee  and an  elder  He was also chair?   man of church missions    The funeral will  be at 1 p m  on Thurs?   day  March 29  2018  at  Church of Christ of Alex?   andria  Burial will be at  Lenoxburg Cemetery in  Bracken County  Visita?   tion will be 4 8 p m  on  Wednesday at Moore    Parker Funeral Home  with the Masonic Service  at 7 p m  There will also  be a visitation 11 a m    1 p m  on Thursday at  Church of Christ of Alex?   andria    Memorials may be  made to Church of Christ  of Alexandria Missions  Fund or Lenoxburg Cem?   etery    Condolences may be  sent to mooreandpark   erfh com     Pn e Jleed     ieocu 4J   Ifoa  Qane       AlLUo t PanJien     Moore   Parker   Funeral Homes    Cremation Service  Brooksville Augusta  735 2114 ?   756 2101   Maysville   606 759 1111     Cremation and Pre planning available     301 E  Fourth Street ?   Augusta  Kentucky  www mhfuneralhome  com     JAMES DONALD MONSON    January 9 1931   James Donald  Monson  87  of Brooks?   ville  KY  departed from  this life on Sunday   March 25  2018 at the  St  Elizabeth Health?   care Hospice Center in  Edgewood  Ky  He was  well known around  Bracken County for  his work as a previous  editor of The Bracken  County News for 25  years  and his part time  work at Lee?  s IGA in  Brooksville    Donald was bom  January 9  1931 in   Brooksville to his par?   ents  the late Vannie  Elmo and Hazel  nee  Clark  Monson  Don?   ald was a United States  Air Force Veteran hav?   ing served in the Ko?   rean War  Serving as a  Communication Spe?   cialist  he had the hon?   or of transmitting the  announcement of the  date  the time  and the  place for the signing  of the ceasefire agree?   ment  After retirement  from active duty in  1954  he went on to  serve in the Air Force  Reserves where he was  honorably discharged  in 1960  He was a life  member of the Augus?   ta VFW Post 9535  a  Mason and member of  the Augusta Masonic  Lodge  and a member  of the Gertmde Eastern  Star Chapter 19 for 56  years  He was a mem?   ber of the Brooksville  Baptist Church where  he previously served  as the Sunday School  superintendent and  teacher  youth director      and he often played the  piano for his church    Donald leaves be?   hind numerous nieces  and nephews  In addi?   tion to his parents  he  was preceded in death  by three brothers  Van?   nie Monson  Jr   Ralph  Monson  and Keevil  Monson  and three sis?   ters  Christine White   Irene Martin  and Judy  Monson    Funeral services  will be at 12 00 Noon  on Friday  March 30   2018 at the Metcalfe   Hennessey Funeral  Home in Augusta with  Bro  Tony Cox and  Bro  Tom Prather pre?   siding  Interment will  follow in the Bracken  Memorial Cemetery in  Brooksville    Visitation will be  from 6 to 8 p m  on  Thursday  March 29   2018 at the funeral  home    Memorials are  suggested to the  Brooksville Baptist  Church  136 Miami  Street  Brooksville  Ky  41004    Condolences may  be sent through www   mhfuneralhome  com    30         WITH     HEARTFELT    The family of Wendell Fralix  would like to express their  gratitude to those who helped  during our loss    We sincerely appreciate the kindness shown by  the staff of Moore   Parker Funeral Home and  the Kenton Pointe Care Center    A special thanks to Kevin Barnard  Minister  of Powersville Christian Church  for his help and  concern  His many visits to Wendell  the special  service with beautiful music and comforting  words will never be forgotten    Thank you to each pallbearer and the ladies of  Powersville Christian Church for the delicious  meal they provided after the funeral    The prayers  cards  calls  visits  food  flowers   and donations given in WendelVs memory have  meant so much in our time of sorrow     Sincere thanks to all     V    THE FAMILY OF WENDELL ? ?Whitie?   FRALIX      KNOEBEL    VICE    William G  Knoebel    Attorney and Counselor at Law    Social Security  Divorce and Family Law   Workers Compensation    The offices of KNOEBEL   VICE provide  experienced and affordable representation in matters  involving Social Security Disability  Auto Accidents   Divorce  Family Law  and Workers Compensation      A    Maysville  Monument Works   1515 Forest Avenue ?   AAoysville   606 564 5859   Harmon Monument Since 1852      Owners   Derek    Bethany Harmon    Remember to support the advertisers in your favorite  newspaper  The Bracken County News                                                                                            4   THE BRACKEN COUNTY NEWS  Thurs   March 29  2018    OAKLAND   CHRISTIAN   by Barbara Browning   It seems as if the bad  weather interfered with  several church services  and many churches were  closed  Maybe spring can  officially begin now    Choir practice is  Thursday night  March  29  7 p m    Good Friday service  at 6 30 p m  finds our  choir presenting their  musical ? ?Champion of  Love?      Oakland will join  with Neave Methodist  for a Sunrise service at 7  a m  at Neave    Our morning worship  services will be as usual   8 30  9 30  Sunday   School   and 10 30 a m   Evening worship will be  dismissed    Oakland Christian  Workers will meet  April 4 at Howard?  s in  Falmouth  Ladies are  always invited    Ladies Day commit?   tee will meet April 6    Church Board meet?   ing is April 9    Congratulations to  Cody   Ashley Brumley  upon the birth of ? ?Lane  and Lexie?    March 21    Prayer concerns  include Jimmy Jones   Virginia Ann Bowles   Gary Holmes  TonyaBice   Terri Massey  Seaman  Wright  Alta Gaunce   Paula Thornsbury  Todd  Jefferson  Melissa Beck?   ett  Kathy Williams   Joel Brumley  shut ins   cancer issues  and our  nation  Our sympathy  to loved ones of Ronnie  King  Bobbie McAtee   James Poe  Gene Dale  Moore  Donald Monson  and Donna Rath     Church News    WILLOW BAPTIST  by Vanessa Ferrell   Even though the  last gasp of winter sent  snow on Saturday  we  still held the Easter egg  hunt  hiding the eggs all  around inside the church   Appreciation to all the  children who attended  and enjoyed this event    Because of the icy  parking lot  services on  Sunday were cancelled   so we will be singing  our special music this  Sunday for the Easter  Service  Please plan to  attend  if you do not  have a church home   Sunday School groups  for all ages will meet  at 10 00  our worship  service begins at 11 00   Wednesday night at 6 30  will be an adult study of  the book ? ?Autopsy of a  Dead Church?   and youth  activities    Friday  Mar  30 at  6 00 we will be showing  the film ? ?Passion of the  Christ?    Because this is  an intense film for young  children  children?  s act?   ivities will be provided  downstairs  Everyone is  invited    Easter is the event  that fulfilled God?  s  promises to man  Bible  scholars estimate that  the Bible has over 300  prophecies of the life   mission and sacrifice  of Jesus  all completed  when Jesus died and  rose again  Because of  this  Christians can be  confident that the God  who died for us also has  a place for us in heaven   and that we will be there  with Him     NEW LIFE  FELLOWSHIP  by Beverly Whittaker   Pastor Doug?  s mes?   sage this Palm Sunday   March 25  addressed that  we are not really living in  the best place  Through  Jesus dying for our sins  and resurrecting  we have  the promise of living  eternally   I Corinthians  2 9     We invite you to  our Wednesday evening  meal at 6 p m  and prayer  service at 6 30    Celebrate Recovery  is held on Thursday nights  beginning at 6 p m  for  those coping with addic?   tions  depression  anxiety  and other hang ups and  their families  Childcare  and light refreshments  are provided    We will not be having  Sunday School classes  on Easter  April 1st  We  will be having an Easter  breakfast at 9 30 a m   and our special Easter  services will be at 10 30  a m  There will be special  music and message and  the kids will be having  their annual New Life  Egg Hunt  We will be  ministering to those at  the Bracken Center at 3  p m  Come and celebrate  the risen Lord    New Life Fellow?   ship is located at the  intersection of 875 and  the AA Hwy  on the  left in Bracken County   Remember God loves  you and so do we      tFAITH    i HEALSTHE HEART    Easter Sunday  April 1  2018     7 00am   Sunnse Sdvice         8 15am   eakfasHi Fellowship     10 00am   Discipleship Training           Salem Ridge Wesleyan   1074 Salem Ridge Road     ?  B rook5ville? ?Ky 4l004   60 6 375 7508 ? ?   fesus loves you  aipi we do  too       GREETINGS FROM  ST  JAMES  by Caroline Jefferson   Holy Thursday Mass  will be at 6 p m  at St   James and at 8 p m  at St   Augustine  Good Friday  Services begin at Noon  at St  Augustine and at 2  p m  at St  James  We urge  everyone to participate  in church services this  week to receive the many  graces available to each  of us through prayer  and  to obtain blessings for  this country and world  peace    May those who do not  believe be touched by the  monumental significance  of Christ?  s resurrection  from the dead that first  Easter Sunday and that  they will feel the love and  mercy that continually  fiow from the wounds  of Christ crucified  You  are invited to participate  in the 8 a m  Easter  Sunday Mass at St   James  the 10 a m  Mass  at St  Augustine or to any  one of the churches in  Bracken County  Call to  find the time of the church  services of your choice  to join in and loudly  proclaim ? ?Alleluia  Jesus  Christ is Risen Today ?    We pray all continue to  know  love and serve Him  daily so that because of  His resurrection  we can  spend eternity with Him     Experience Easter  at Powersville  Christian Church   Our Easter weekend  at Powersville Christian  is going to be full with  plenty of opportunities  for you and your family  to experience Easter with  us    On Good Friday   March 30  the church  will be open from 6 a m    9 p m  for an interactive  prayer walk  Everyone is  invited to come at their  convenience  and rotate  through each station at  their own pace    Our annual Easter  Egg Hunt will be on  Saturday  March 31  from  10 11 a m  Kids through  5th grade and their  families are welcome   There will be crafts   snacks  and hundreds of  Easter Eggs to find    Easter Sunday  April  1  will begin at 7 30 a m   with a Sunrise Service   followed by breakfast  at 8 30 a m  Then our  regular schedule of Bible  Study will start at 9 30  and worship at 10 30    We would love to  see you and your family  Easter Weekend  More  information about us and  sermon videos are on  our Facebook page and  website     Easter Egg Hunt  at Fairview  Christian Mar  31   Fairview Christian  Church will be having  an Easter Egg Hunt this  Saturday  March 31 from  10 11 a m  Easter baskets  will be provided  In case  of rain snow the hunt will  be indoors    Foster Baptist  Easter Activities   We at Foster Baptist  Church invite everyone  to our Easter Weekend  Activities  We will be  having a Community?   wide Easter Egg Hunt  on Saturday  Mar  31st at  11 a m  We will have our  regular Easter morning  services as listed below   We are so excited to see  what the Lord is going to  do in Foster and the sur?   rounding communities  and hope you will come  be a part of it with us   Come as you are  leave  changed    Easter Egg Hunt    Mar  31 St at 11 a m   food   prizes  games  approx   1500 Easter eggs     Sunday Morning  services   9 30 a m   Sunday School and  Worship at 10 30 a m    If you have any  questions please contact  Pastor John Hale at 859   912 0380     Are you looking for a great deal   Check today?  s Classifieds        PRESBYTERIAN   POTPOURRI   by Les Grooms  pastor  Augusta Presbyterian   We are planning to  show the movie ? ?The  Shack?   on Friday night  March 30 at 7 30 p m   in the Presbyterian  sanctuary  There is no  charge for admission and  no offering will be taken   Come and join us  I  understand that there will  be popcorn available    The last Lenten  service is this Wednesday  at the Christian Church   Offerings from these  services and other gifts  though the year support  the Augusta Ministerial  Food Bank  Thanks for  being so generous    A special song  was sung by Deborah  Habermehl as the  prelude  As the song was  being sung  the members  of the congregation were  given a palm branch and  they circled the sanctuary  waving the palm  branches  This was the  beginning of our Palm  Sunday worship service    Millie Bush was  the liturgist and Susie  Hargett led the singing   Susie also sang as a  special the traditional  song for Palm Sunday   ? ?The Holy City?    It was  a beautiful rendition of a  beautiful song    My sermon was the  traditional message of  Palm Sunday centering  on Jesus?   triumphant  entry into Jerusalem    Next Sunday will be  Easter Sunday and we will  have four special songs  as well as communion  will be served    Soup Supper is  every Monday night  and beginning April 11  we will have our Bread  Basket Meal with grilled  meats being served   Bread Basket meals begin  at 12 noon on the second  Wednesday of the month   Come and join us    The Augusta Minis?   terial Food Bank is open  each Tuesday at 1 p m     BERLIN BAPTIST  by Karen Cooper   We invite all to  come and worship with  our family of believers   Sunday services begin  with Sunday School at 10  a m   morning worship  with Rev  Dan Black at  11 a m  and Sunday night  services are held at 7  p m  Please join us for  a wonderful time in the  Lord    This past Sunday  morning Brother Black?  s  message was taken from  1 Corinthians 15 1  22  and titled ? ?The Third  Day?      Women Missions  Meeting is April 8th    6 p m    BROOKSVILLE  CHRISTIAN  by John Elfers   What an awesome  Sunday  God provided  a beautiful  sunny day   and a very nice crowd  came out for what could  have been our very first  indoor Easter Egg Hunt   Appreciation to everyone  who came  Hope all the  kids had a wonderful  time    In Sunday?  s service   Ron spoke of Nehemiah   a Jewish slave  who  showed incredible faith  by asking for his freedom   successfully   so he  could rebuild Jerusalem   against all odds  Like  Nehemiah  we must stay  motivated to fight on   using the gifts of the  Holy Spirit    Hope to see everyone  bright and early Easter  morning for ? ?SonRise  Service?    followed by  a delicious breakfast   Please join us for some  great fellowship as we  celebrate the resurrection  of our Lord  Jesus  Christ     Easter Services at  Augusta Christian   Everyone is invited  to Easter Sunday Services  at Augusta Christian  Church this coming Sun?   day  April 1  There will  be two identical worship  services  the first one at  8 30 a m  and the second  at 10 30 a m  There  will be a Continental  Breakfast between the  two services at 9 45 a m   Everyone is invited to  attend the breakfast as  well  There will be an  Easter Egg Hunt for all  children at 10 10 a m   Sunday morning prior  to Children?  s Church  at 10 30 a m  under the  direction of our youth  minister  Bro  Jacob  Smith    The church van  will begin picking up  passengers in Augusta  at 9 00 Easter morning   For free transportation to  the church building call  either 606 402 1638 or  606 782 3512  The van  will return passengers to  their homes following the  second worship service    Bro  Jerry Zeigler  will be singing at both  services and Bro  Bruce  will be bringing the  message  ? ?Tomb For  Sale ?      Augusta Christian  Church is located at  108 E  Fourth Street  in Augusta  For more  information concerning  these services or further  directions to the church  call 606 402 1638 or  606 883 3390  There is  additional parking behind  the church on Route 8    Come and celebrate  the greatest event in  human history  the  resurrection of our Lord  from the dead  with the  friendly folks at Augusta  Christian Church      Jim barna   LOG fir Timber homes   Jim Barna Log   Timber Homes of Northern Kentucky   Log   Timber Frame Homes   Log Siding    513 256 4363 ?   nkylog gmail com  www nkylog com         Last Supper Reenactment     Maundy Thursday  March 29    ?   7 pm     Christian Church    2506 Walcott Johnsville Rd      606 747 5305    ?   Foster    We will be having our annual  Maundy Thursday service  with a reenactment of the  Lord?  s Supper  Come and  experience the portrayal  of Christ and His disciples  in the last hours together  and prepare your hearts for  the celebration of Easter                                                                                                             THE BRACKEN COUNTY NEWS  Thurs   March 29  2018  5          Charlit    Dan    mi wmiD    Good Friday   Gospel Concert    Hosted by   THE NOBLEMEN QUARTET    FRIDAY  MARCH 30?   at 7 00 PM   Washington Opera House    www McFARLANDCHEVROLET com    Augusta West Magistrate  May 22  2018    Elect    Miller    Bracken Co  Schools  will be closed Fri   Mar   30  Good Friday      sage was ? ?Jesus On The  Cross?    Luke 23 32 49     Jesus took our sins to  the Cross because of His  love for us    Remember in pray?   er  Bobby Cummins    hospital   Ron Foley   Steve Fields  kidney  surgery this month    Bobbi Hargett  Edith  Ulrich  Delores Perkins   Kathy Williams  John  Henderson  Shirley Young   sees gastroenterologist  in April for test   As  always remember all on  the prayer list and always  each other    Our sympathy to the  families of Crawford  Thornton  Gene Dale  Moore  Donald Monson   Ronnie King  Frank  Martin  Norma Saunders   Donna Rath    Mon   Apr  9   Board  meeting 6 p m     AVFD Fish Fry  and Cake Auction  Fri   April 20     The Augusta Volun?   teer Fire Department will  host a Fish Fry and Cake  Auction on Friday  April  20th  at the Firehouse on  Main Street in Augusta   They will begin serv?   ing fish at 5 p m  and the  cake auction will begin at  7 30 p m    They will also be col?   lecting retired fiags for  a Flag Retirement Cer?   emony to be held during  their Firemen?  s Fourth  Festivities in July  Flags  may also be dropped off  at Riverside Tractor on  Main Street in Augusta     Tickets  Advance  12  at Door  15 ?   Kids under 6 Free  Tickets available by calling Noblemen at 606 541 4030 or  at Christian Treasures  49 W  Second St  ?   Maysville 606 563 8449 or Tireworld Locations  Vanceburg  Maysville   or Flemingsburg 606 759 5302  Special Group Rates of 20 ore more    10 each by calling 606 798 3564     From our family to yours  have a  Happy and Blessed Easter    Paid for by Craig Miller    Thoughts and Meditations  from the Scriptures    WRESTLING WITH GOD   Many  if not most  of the heroes of the Bible  wrestled with God  Jacob literally wrestled  with God  or an angel of God  depending on  the translation  in the desert and was thereafter  named ? ?Israel ?   The name ? ?Israel?   in Hebrew  means something akin to ? ?he has struggled with  God ?   suggesting God?  s willingness to struggle  with his people  The story of Abraham depicts  someone who must have had an internal struggle  with God  for God tested him by asking him to  sacrifice his only son Isaac   Genesis 22  One can  only imagine the struggle that Abraham had with  God over this  and one has to wonder how this  request  despite God relenting at the last moment   came to color Abraham?  s subsequent relationship  with God  Moses argued repeatedly with God  and their relationship was contentious at best  In  the fourteenth chapter of Numbers Moses seems  to actually get God to change his mind about  destroying his people  And finally  consider  Jesus?  s struggle in the garden of Gethsemane   He is clearly wrestling with Himself about his  imminent trial  suffering and death  Perhaps this  is the most relevant to our own struggles with  God  for in the end  we are struggling with the  God within us  Our conscience is the voice  of God telling us what we should do  but our  contentious ego has trouble being obedient  It?  s  alright to struggle with God  but at some point  all must submit to His overwhelming power and  goodness    Christopher Simon   ?  ?  Your name will no longer be Jacob  but  Israel  because you have struggled with God  and with humans and have overcome  ?     Genesis  32 28 NIV    Chatham   Christian   Church   Church   Mouse    S B Y      With snow of around  3 inches on this Sun    Mar  25  we appreciated  the sidewalks being  cleaned at church    This coming Sun    Apr  1 we will be having  our Sonrise Service at  7 a m  Following our  service  we will have a  delicious breakfast  All  are welcome  Beginning  at 9 a m   we will have our  SS and worship service  and Easter Cantata and  play under the direction  of Darrin Young  Our  program is ? ?Redeemed  By The Blood Of The  Lamb?      Short Snap is  celebrating a birthday   This little lady is always  on the go and loves to  travel with her family    Ron Foley brought  the SS lesson on ? ?The  Power of Demon?   stration?    2nd Timothy  3 10 17  As others have  demonstrated God?  s truth  to us  may we in turn  show it to others    We were so glad to  have beautiful Annabell  Smith with us today   She is the few weeks old  daughter of Dan   Lisa  Smith  She is welcomed  home by her brothers  Jasper and Hayden    Hope Florer was  the organist and Jane  Nelson?  s specials were  ? ?Swing Low Sweet  Chariot?   and ? ?Jesus Is  The Waymaker?      Bro  Jackie?  s mes?     Bracken Co  Circuit  Court Clerk?  s Office  will be closing at noon  on Fri   Mar  30 and be  closed Sat   Mar  31 in  observance of the Easter  holiday    Easter Egg Hunt   sponsored by German?   town City Council  and Highland Heights  Christian Church  is Sat    Mar  31 at 1 p m  at the  Germantown Community  Park    Bracken Co  Quilt  Club will meet Mon    Apr  2 at 9 30 a m  at  the Extension Office   Bring fat quarter and bag  lunch    Bracken County  Extension Council will  meet Mon   Apr  9 at 5  p m  Bracken County  District Board will meet  immediately following at  6 p m  in the small room    Benefit to be held  Fri   April 6? ?   for Pami Dawn  Ruf Spradlin   A Benefit will be  held for Pami Dawn Ruf  Spradlin on Friday  April  6th at the Corner Cafe in  Augusta from 8 30 p m   to midnight  She had a  house fire resulting in a  total loss    The evening will  consist of music by the  ? ?Inside Out Band?   and  friends  dancing  split   the pot  a bake sale  and  auction  Donations will  be accepted at the door   For more information or  to donate contact Tonya  Curtis at 859 954 2765   Belinda Mains at 606   402 0726  or Kristina  Poage     The Guardians will be one of the special guests at the Noblemen Good  Friday concert at the Washington Opera House in Maysville  KY  this Friday   March 30th  at 7 p m  along with the Nelons  The Guardians are a picture of  consistency with Dean Hickman and Neil Uhrig who were original members  when the group was formed in 1988  John Dearin Rowsey joined them in  2012  The group has experienced great success in recent years on the radio  charts and stage  Their latest hit song is ? ?Present in the Presence of the King?     Tickets are available at all Tire World locations  Maysville Bible Book Store  or by calling the Noblemen at 606 798 3564  Photo submitted    Trash Ta k    by  Mr  Recycle Bin   Ms  Pick Up Litterbug    Howdy Folks  Win?   ter does not want to go  away without a fight as  the State and County  Road Departments can  attest to after the snow  event of this past Sat?   urday  Their hard work  assured that the roads  would be clear for Sun?   day morning church ser?   vices as well as the other  Sunday morning activi?   ties or demands  This  week?  s predictions are  for rain Tuesday through  Friday but the weekend  is looking dry with near  normal temperatures so  the Easter Bunny will  be able to move faster  without worrying with  rain gear  Like the daf?   fodils  we have survived  the cold and snow and  look forward to a beau?   tiful Easter weekend for  everyone    Last week?  s e mails  regarded water and this  week?  s information from  Frankfort continued in  the same fiow  We?  ve  touched on the subject of  rain barrels in the past and  conservationists and en?   vironmentalists continue  to urge folks to use these  water saving devices that  collect and store rain run?   off from roofs  It is esti?   mated that up to one half  of household water usage  during summer months  goes to watering lawns   fiowers and vegetable  gardens  By using rain  barrels  up to 1 300 gal?   lons of ? ?free?   water be?   come available for these  summer activities thus  saving homeowners the  cost of using ? ?bought?    water from public wa?   ter service  Rain barrels  can range in size from  30 to 100 gallons  can be  plastic or wooden  and  they can be purchased or  made by upcycling from  any large container    Rain barrels are re?   ally important in densely  populated urban areas  where the hard concrete  and asphalt surfaces of a  city block can create five  times more run off than a  wooded area of the same  size  This run off leads  to increased fiooding and  decreased water amounts  that normally soak into  the soil to replenish the  water table  If anyone  is interested in making    their own rain barrel   Shannon Smith  Family  and Consumer Science  Agent whose office is lo?   cated in the Bracken Co   Extension Building  can  provide you with instruc?   tions  The number to call  is 735 2141 to speak with  Ms  Shannon and to ob?   tain more information for  creating your own rain  barrel    While the next sub?   ject to discuss is not liq?   uid  it involves liquids  and the transfer of that  liquid drink from the  container to your mouth   We are speaking of the  common  practically un?   noticed  plastic drinking  straw  These innovative  devices used for 7 000  years and made of vari?   ous materials are coming  under fire lately because  of the damage they do  to the environment and  because of the natural  resource used to create  them  In the U S  alone  it  is estimated that 500 mil?   lion straws are used every  single day and if connect?   ed  they would measure  the circumference of the  earth two and one half  times  Remember  that?  s  just in the U S  and the  majority of them don?  t  get recycled  Consumers  are asked to take notice  of this situation and if  they don?  t need a straw   then don?  t take one and  restaurants are asked to  only give a straw to cus?   tomers who request one   Most straws today are  made from a petroleum  based plastic called poly?   propylene  This means  that the straws represent  yet another product that  requires fossil fuel ex?   traction  One small step  toward an environmen?   tally secure future is to  forego the use of plastic  straws when possible  We  pray that each of you are  blessed abundantly this  Easter Sunday morning  as we celebrate the glo?   rious resurrection of our  Savior and that as you  gather with family and  friends you use the good  habits of RECYCLING   REUSING and REDUC?   ING to keep God?  s earth  clean  green and beauti?   ful  Be seein?   you   Bin    Bug     The   Nelons    1 16 West Second Street  Maysville  Kentucky    Sunday   April 8       Wednesday   April IP   7 00pm  every evening    Evangelist  Aaron Barker  Music led by  Curt   Judy Combs   Powersville Baptist Church   2981 Brooksville Powersville Rd  ?   Brooksville    Check US out before you buy  your next Truck  SUV  Car or Van   Over 500 vehicles to choose from   McFarland Chevrolet Buick  AA Hwy Maysviile  KY   1   800   467 7171   BUICkI    See us for Quality  Tire Sales   Services    Maysville  Ky   416 us 68   606 759 5302   Vanceburg  Ky    606 759 5302  Flemingsburg  Ky  ?   606 849 8473  www tireworldonline com  fc    The   Guardians    Good Friday Concert at the   Bracken County I Washington Opera House   Courthouse will be O A   closing at noon on Fri     Mar  30 in observance of  Good Friday     Announcements                                                                            6   THE BRACKEN COUNTY NEWS  Thurs   March 29  2018    Bracken FFA participates in  ?  ?  Drive Your Tractor to School?   Day     Pictured from left to right  Ronnie Darnell  Gus Waymeyer  Austin Goecke  Jacob Nesbitt  Joey Mastin  Jonny Bell  Nathan  Lippert  Curtis Allen  Austin Maines  Kyle Nesbitt  Jared Tucker  Tyler Rice  Logan Moford  and Noah Emery  Not pictured  Amy  Cracraft  Photo submitted   On Friday  March 16th  fifteen Bracken County High School students braved the cold to participate in the annual FFA ? ?Drive  Your Tractor To School?   day  ? ?Fve looked forward to this day since I was a little boy?   said freshmen Noah Emery  Students entered  their tractor in competition of Biggest  Smallest  Oldest and Newest tractor  This day helped kick off National Week of Agriculture  where farmers across the country celebrate and educate about the need in the industry  The winners of the contests were  Biggest  Tractor  Logan Moford  Smallest Tractor  Ronnie Darnell  Oldest Tractor  Kyle Nesbitt  Newest Tractor Jonny Bell     Bracken FFA competes at  Regional Speaking Contest    Bracken County   Fish   Game Club   Clubhouse ?   Mattox Rd    Meetings   3rd Monday of each month  Potluck Dinner at 7pm   New Members welcome    20 due   Like us on Facebook    Brackencountyfishandgameclub   Contact  BJ Moore  606  782 1500    BCF GC to host  Youth Turkey  Hunt Fri   April 6     and Sat   April 7? ?    Bracken County Fish  and Game Club is host?   ing a Youth Turkey Hunt  on Friday  April 6th  from  6 8 p m  and Saturday   April 7th  from 11 a m     1 p m  at the Bracken  County Fish and Game  Club on Mattox Road  A  free meal will be provid?   ed Friday and Saturday    Door prizes will be  given away on Saturday  after the hunt and must  be present to win    The turkey hunt is  open to youth under 16  with appropriate license  and tags  All kids will re?   ceive a FREE 2018 mem?   bership to the club    New hunters are wel?   come  volunteer guides  will be provided for  youth that do not have an  adult to take them    Adults already plan?   ning on taking a youth  are encouraged to partici?   pate as well    Friday night will be  a turkey hunting educa?   tional class and meet and  greet with the guides    All youth and volun?   teer guides can pre regis?   ter by texting or calling  Officer James Beckett  606 782 3162     It?  s Prom Time Again     Pictured from left to right  front row  Gus Waymeyer  McKaylee Sebas?   tian  Desirae Thacker  Olivia Rosel  Kelsey Hitch  and Mandie Appleman   Back row  Tyler Rice  Kyle Nesbitt  Tad Fisher  Jacob Thornton  Macy Ruf  Madison Goecke  and Sandra Waymeyer Photo submitted   Students from the Bracken County FFA competed in their Regional  Speaking Contest at Morehead on Thursday  March 22nd  Students com?   peted in impromptu  extemporaneous  prepared public speaking and tests  related to the agriculture industry     FBLA Spotlight     Riley Boling is the  daughter of Billy and Tara  Boling  She serves as the  Treasurer  her responsibil?   ities include recording and  keeping track of all club  finances  Her plans are to  graduate Bracken County  High School and attend the  University of Kentucky to  become a Pediatrician  Ri?   ley?  s favorite FBLA mem?   ory is going to 4th Street  Live at FBLA State and  taking 30 minutes when it  was only 10 minutes away  from the hotel      DerazI SpeciaUy LaminBieMEk  10  Off    5   10     OFF SELECT STYLES OFF SELECT STYLES   INCLUDES STYLES IN PRICE COLUMNS 5 9 INCLUDES STYLES IN PRICE COLUMNS 10 18  PROMO CODE  18MARSDKM5 PROMO CODE  18MARSDKM10    Effective on orders placed March 19      April 15        201 Seminary Ave   Augusta  KY ?   606 756 2151  Mon  Fri  7 30am 5 00pm Sat  8 00am Noon     Toll Free 800  643 4426  WWW  millerlumbercompany  com       Bracken   EYECARE   Center    www cynthianavisioncenter com    Dr  Brett A  Hines ?   Dr  Angela Scifres   Frankfort Street  Brooksville  KY    606   735 2020 ?   1   800   264 3591    March 29   Crossword Puzzle     CLUES ACROSS   1  Builder?  s trough   4  Pouch   7  Adam?  s partner   8  Zelda soldiers   10  Network of nerves   12  Heinrich_  poet   13  Algerian port   14  Reciprocal of  one ohm   16  Title of respect   17  Form of expression   19  Hoover?  s office   20  Samoan monetary  unit   21  Cooperation   25  Fiddler crabs   26  Portion of a play   27  Tropical American  shrub   29  Frosts   30  Short winged  diving seabird   31  Chemical  compound used as  a hardener  abbr     32  Diversion   39 _Turner  rock   singer   41  _ bo  exercise   system   42  Large  edible game  fish   43  Doctor of  Education   44  Where the Knicks  play   45  Basics   46  Tall tropical  American trees   48  Men wear them   49  Widespread  destruction   50  Midway between  north and northeast   51  Vast body of water   52  Hair product    CLUES DOWN   1  Very brave   2  Go too far   3  Individual feature   4  Drug trials term   abbr     5  Has emerged   6  Helped the Spanish  conquer Mexico   8  Northern Vietnam  ethnic group   9  Dried up   11  Reactive structures   abbr     14  Licensed for Wall  Street   15  Japanese  conglomerate   18  Home to the Celtics   19  Title given to Italian  monk   20  Drunkards   22  Cylindrical  containers   23  South American  plants   24  Frozen water   27  Town in Galilee   28  Not in    29  Journalist and  suffragist Wells   31  Consumed   32  Edible  Mediterranean  plant   33  Poke fun of   34  ? ?First in Flight?    state   35  Fortifying ditch   36  Receding   37  Christian liturgical  creed   38  Used to decorate  Xmas trees   39  High _  complex   40  Thoughts   44 _and cheese   47  Constrictor snake    Answers to 3 22 18puzzle     COMMA   A R I A N   n    A R S   r     C A     A B   M A L I 1   1 D E N T   1 H H s 0   1 c       ?   D   m O f   A M 1     N S   1 Y E   E R R 1 G   S E A R 1     i   S 1      S A     E L   R 1 J   1 N E    l   MACES  1 D E N A   S 0 R   ?   ?  f   T U F  A S 1       1     E D  1 N A   A 0 F     T A     Y S   E K   U M B V 0   MONAD   B R A T H   ease    ?   m 1   B R     1 N F     A R     D E   E S   c   0 s 1   R A 1   ?   b     1 S E F   ?   E S     A L   1 R A    LET a rang    RUBBER STAMPS    MADE TO ORDER  BRACKEN COUNTY NEWS  735 2198     Eyewear   that suits your rugged lifestyle   We offer a full line of designer  sunglasses  available with  prescription and impact resistant  sport lenses and padded bridges   They re tough  they re durable  they  come with a two year warranty     and they look great      MORE DESIGNER BRANDS    Calvin Klein ?   Guess ?   Tura ?   Ecko  Charmant ?   Ray Ban     W?  ? ?FDTP   TojESsdl?    HOUCHEN?  S CLOTHES   SHOES  U S  27 Falmouth  KY 859 654 2941                                                                                                                                                                                                     THE BRACKEN COUNTY NEWS  Thurs   March 29  2018   7    ?    ?    ?    it    Jackie Hopkins   candidate for   Magistrate Augusta West     ?    ?    ?     Dear Voters of Augusta West      Our county has come to a crossroad  and now  you have the power to enhance the political  landscape of Bracken County    If you elect me to be your voice as Magistrate  Augusta West  I will represent your needs and  concerns while dedicating my experience in    elected public service to move Augusta West  and Bracken County forward    Your vote for me will make a difference  I  would like to ask for your vote on May 22    Thank you      Jackie Hopkins Paid for by Jackie Hopkins    NAMI Buffalo Trace  Meetings in new location    Thanks to the First  Christian Church of  Maysville  NAMI Buffa?   lo Trace Affiliate now has  a new location for meet?   ings and to have their in?   formation accessible any?   time the Church is open   Beginning in 2018 NAMI  Buffalo Trace meetings  are held as always the  second Tuesday of each  month at 6 p m  in a new  meeting room located  in the First Christian  Church  18 East Third  Street  Maysville  KY  with entrance through the  rear door of the Church   These meetings are open  to anyone interested in  support of self  family   or friend experiencing a  mental disorder  NAMI      the National Alliance  on Mental Illness   is a  nonprofit informational  and support group with  affiliates in every state   NAMI Buffalo Trace Af?   filiate is active with our  state NAMI  Our current  Chair  Sharon Darnell   participates with NAMI  KY on many levels and  attends state trainings as  well as participates on  conference calls coordi?   nating projects and pro?   grams with the State for  the NAMI KY Affiliates    If any individual   group or community or?   ganization would like to  learn more about NAMI  please contact Sharon  Darnell at  606  584   2716      1160 West Water St  ?   Flemingsburg  KY     606 845 8601   606 845 0301   Doyle Family Operated  since 1962   www claytonflemingsburg com    Mobile Home Parts    606 845 0761   ALL TYPES OF PARTS   including  furnaces  central air   doors  windows    more   www doylemobilehomeparts com     FIND A BARGAIN IN TODAY?  S CLASSIFIEDS     Ross raises  375  during M athathon  for St  Jude  Children?  s Hosp      Augusta Indepen?   dent?  s first grade student   Lainey Ross  participat?   ed in the Mathathon and  raised  375 for children  at St  Jude Children?  s  Hospital    Local scholarship  applications  available from  area families   Bracken County  High School and Augusta  High School seniors who  are planning a career in  the medical profession  are encouraged to apply  for the Mildred C  Moore  Medical Scholarship   Applications may be  obtained by sending a  self addressed  stamped  envelope requesting  an application to  The  Mildred C  Moore  Medical Scholarship   314 Frankfort St    Brooksville  KY  41004    Applications for the  Nicholas Free Perfect  Attendance Scholarship  are also available to  Bracken Co  High  School seniors only with  perfect attendance from  kindergarten through  twelfth grade  Your  application request may  be mailed to the same  above address  Deadline  for application requests  for either scholarship is  Sat   Apr  7  Completed  applications must be  submitted by Sat   May  5 and the recipient will  be announced at awards  night     AHS students recognized  for competing at  Regional Governor?  s Cup     Students from Augusta Independent School recently competed in the  Regional Governor?  s Cup competition after placing during the district com?   petition  They were recognized by the Augusta Board of Education at the  March meeting  Recognized were  from left to right  Micheal Fuller  Violet  Hiles  Emily Curtis  and Anjelica Murphy  Not pictured  Adam Sallee       ?  M PLETEBsMi f a Hil    ?  ?  ?      Owner Operator  Kevin Plummer   753 Augusta Chatham Rd  ?   Augusta  KY ?    03 Miles South of AA Hwy  on Rt  19    Insurance Work  Welcome    FREE   Estimates    Cindy Bravard Berry  candidate for  Bracken Co  Circuit Clerk     I  Cindy Bravard Berry would appreciate  your vote on Tuesday  May 22  2018  I am  Bracken bom and raised  My parents are the  late Johnny and Virginia Bravard  I have two  children Billy Berry and Cindy Berry  I am a proud Momaw of my  grandson Brady Berry  I reside on my family farm along with three  of my siblings John Bravard  Mike Bravard  and Linda Mineer  I am  a graduate of Bracken County High School proud class of 1982  I  graduated from NKU in 1991 with a bachelors degree of science  with  a major in accounting and a minor in finance    Over the years I have been lucky enough to have had jobs  working in Bracken County such as  reading gas and water meters for  the city of Brooksville  I currently take care of accounting for various  local businesses  and I am currently employed by the Bracken County  Board of Education for the last 19 years as a Computer Lab Technician  at Taylor Elementary School  There I enjoy working with the staff   students  and interacting with parents    I?  m looking forward to starting a new chapter by running  for Circuit Clerk  Over the following days months I look forward to  making my way around to meet many residents of our great county    Paid for by Cindy Bravard Berry      GHOSI    PEPPER     MAYSVILLE   237 WAL MART WAY    SHOW YOUR ENERGY    Energy efficiency in a cost conscious furnace that you can  buy  Furnaces by Carrier has astounding efficiency ratings  such as  95   Which means it can save you money every  month  making it a pleasure to go to your mailbox again      SHARP?  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Children up to 2 yrs  of age must be able to walk on their own  and may be assisted by one adult    Children ages 3 4 must be able to walk on their own    carry their own basket   Adult assistance will not be permitted          Sponsored by    VICTORY  CHRISTIAN  CENTER     Bring a camera to get  a photo with Mr    Mrs   Easter Bunny    Event Contact      Patty Desha  606 759 7211   patty vccmaysville yahoo com  preferred      719 US 62 ?   Maysville  KY   WWW  victorymaysville  com                                                                                                                             8   THE BRACKEN COUNTY NEWS  Thurs   March 29  2018           SUNDAY    MONDAY    TUESDAY    WEDNESDAY    THURSDAY    FRIDAY    SATURDAY    Edward J  Rudd   and   Mark A   Schumacher   ATTORNEYS AT LAW   Brooksville   606   735 2950    223 Main Street  Augusta  KY   606   756 2177    JIM?  S   AUTOOUTIET   Located on Hwy  10  just east of Brooksville  KY   606   735 2442    BRADFORD?  S  HOME MART   ? ?We service what we seii?     AUGUSTA   606   756 2450    Briley?  s  Body Shop     1958 Hwy 19?  Chatham  KY     606 756 2420     Would like to wish you all a j   Happy Birthday          HOME CENTER    Brooksville   606   735 2080    DEAN S PHARMACY      The Country Loft   Gift Shoppe  Full Prescription Center  Cards  Cosmetics   Gifts  Brooksville   606   735 2322    Mary Ellen Swanger  Charles Thompson  Thomas Ware II  Amy Cummins Kathy Blevins  Keith Teegarden  Marty Sidebottom  Brandy Colemire  Debbie Northcutt  Cali Rae King      Janice Cooke  Mark King  Laura Schuette  Debbie Bowles  Becky Cooper  Ruby Hedges    Mr    Mrs  Tommy Jefferson  Mr    Mrs  Rick Douglas    Barry Taylor  Bill   Brad Day  Joetta King  Keith Colvin  Chas  Lucas  Mark Kern  Gary Jett  Chris Meyer  Everett Gill  Steve Hargett  Logan Teegarden  Chanda Caudill  Holly King    David Feagan OO  Polly T Cummins     Melissa Pickrell  Ashlee McKenzie  Jason Parsons  Rick Douglas  Heather Fronk    Leah Beth Jefferson  Jim Goecke  Judy Bonar  Kenda Rogers  Karen Thornsbury  Alicia Dusing  Sara Farley  Robbie Farley    Mr    Mrs  Rick Morris    Dick Behymer  Martha Jones  John Marshall    Mr    Mrs  Mike Feagan   Pat Mattox  Colin Hennessey  Rick Hamilton  Henry C  Jones  Meagan H  Brannon  Sue Hardymon  Brad Dean  Ambre King  Tiffany Meyer    Elaine Kern  Mike Wyatt  John A  Brooks  Carissa Tobis Crawford  Kevin Hiles  Mark Tucker    Mr    Mrs  Danny Bailey    Mike Nelson  Tara F  Gillespie  Margie J  England  Jenna Lynn Colvin  Rachel King  Jenni Whitworth  Genevieve Cummins    Mr    Mrs  BobAppelman    Scotty Bishop  Joshua Snapp  Jason Snapp  Darrell Williams  Sharon Rigg    Tony Jefferson  Joey Godman  Harold Foster  Elizabeth Heiert Clos  Richard Perry Jr     Mr    Mrs  Phil Carl  Mr    Mrs  Keith Wolfe  Mr    Mrs  David L  Sharp   Wiley W  Jefferson  Eddie Harrison  Kelly Sidebottom  Maria Creech    Mr    Mrs  William Clos    Mildred King  Michael Campbell  Tommy Jefferson  Dale Thoroughman  Lewis Heiert III  Lucia Hughes    Mr    Mrs  Richard Teegarden  Mr    Mrs  David Moon Jr     Chuck Stapleton  Phil Sutton  Pat Taylor  Nicholas French  Pat Finn   Jeremiah Benosky    Mr    Mrs  Joe Goecke  Mr    Mrs  Rick Kurtz  Mr    Mrs  Damian Kindle    Sue Brough  Sharon Hay  Richard Rees  Robin Earns    Mr    Mrs  Tony Clark  Mr    Mrs  James Routt  Mr    Mrs  J B  Fralix  Mr    Mrs  Michael A  Clark   John Robert Todd      TA Appelman if  Denise Day  Kent Galloway  Nicholas Tobis    Mr    Mrs  David Zaluski    Billy Smith  Justin Pickrell  Phyllis Kelsch  Patty Boothe  Sarah Beth Carl  Robert Jett  Leah Bay    Mr    Mrs  Tom Boothe  Mr    Mrs  Harry Cline Jr   Mr    Mrs  Nicholas Weldon    Jenny Free  Kathy Haley  Lynda Monahon  Terry Norris  Sarah Mains    25    Mr    Mrs  Jamie King    Sarah C  Thompson  Charles Tarvin  Rebecca Jane Free  Tony Bishop  Charles A  Holleran    Mr    Mrs  Rohert Wood   Jenny Rice   a   Robert Wood  Denny Hamilton    Mr    Mrs  Stanley Litzinger   Martha Peddicord       Greg Jones       Karen Rumford  Eric Wayne Hedgecock  Grade Taylor    Mr    Mrs  Darrell Clark    Dorothy Bauer  Mable Taylor  Joyce Gibson  Jason McKinney  Harold Perkins  Donald Ray Galloway  Terry Long  Dustin Teegarden    Joseph Beckett  Jay Perkins  Donnie Moneyhon  Brandi Smith  Ryan Keith Woods  Gwendolyn Dusing    Dennis Rigg   r    Nicholas Free I     Sarah Elizabeth Appelman  Randy Cummins  Everett Hopkins  Brad Tucker Tonda Hargett  April Welte Rachel Ware  Sam Merrill Cheryl Maddox  Hayden Hughes    Mr    Mrs  Jim Maddox  Mr    Mrs  Danny Teegarden  Mr    Mrs  Chuck Rechtin    Dean Day  Ronnie Clos  Adam Weiss  Alicia Jane Appelman  Dylan Teegarden  Crystal Colvin    Mr    Mrs  Gregory Lee Jones   Jason Jett     Michael Lucas  Mary Sue Courtney    Virginia Bowles  Judy Henderson  Debbie Sharp  Patty Meenach  Dean Litzinger  Vicki Bess  Ryan Teegarden  Tim Horey    Mr    Mrs  Freddie Fralix    Ann Cummins  R T Jefferson  Kathy Reed  Mary Jo Maddox  Kaye Rudd  Whitney R  Hargett  Mary Meyer  John Michael Collins    Otho Jefferson  Melvin Metzger  Chuck Godman  Sonya Christy  Keith Miller  Allen Cooper  Keith Cooper  Jennifer Moffett  Dan Adams    Ina McCord  Audrey King  Ronnie McCane  Brad Hargett  Amy Brumley  Gary Riggs  Clara S  Knarr  Vicki Frederick  Hannah Jefferson    Mr    Mrs  Cecil Glasscock     lue Jaji   f Car Washl   ? 950 US 52 West   Aberdeen  OH     937  795 2202     Complete Car Detailing    Mr    Mrs  Paul Mefford  Mr    Mrs  Robert Courtrrey  Mr   S Mrs  Jeff Hinson    Driver?  s   License   Due     I FREE CONEY   with purchase  I of 3 way   drink    Cood thru 4 30 18  Maysville location onl ?     Not valid with any other discount       Powersville   Mercantile    HWY 19 ?   Powersville   606   735 3377    from   Earl Bush   Bracken Co   Judge Executive    iSSi NEW HOLLAND    K jbohl   Riverskl    mTractor   Equipment  LLC    PARKVIEW   INN   RESTAURANT   103 W  2nd St  ?   Augusta   ?  Open 7 days a week  for your dining pleasure?      HEATHER  RECHTIN  Circuit Clerk    I Driver?  s License Due   Check yours   see     Randy  Lisa    Meghann    The Augusta  GENERAL  STORE   109 Main Street ?   Augusta   606   756 2525   Manager ?   Imogene Shepherd   General Merchandise ?   Salads ?   Baked Goods  ?   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Hail      TRACEY FLORER    Property Valuation  Administrator    John Workman   Sara Fryman    RAE JEAN POE   Bracken County Clerk  and Deputies    New Hours     M  Tu   Th  8 4  Wed    Sat  8 12  Fri  8 5   Augusta Office      All About Glass    Glass  Mirrors  and  Windows for Your  Home  Auto or Business     606  564 3237  I 800 339 3045   OWNER    David Allen Reed    Bracken County Sheriff   Howard Niemeier    Deputies     Bob Scott  Bobby Boody  Ian Kelsch  Chris Shields    Steve Moss  Mareka Scott  Janet R  Morris    606   735 3233    Town   Coumry Bowling lanes   U S  Route 52  Aberdeen  OH  1  800 551  BOWL or 937 795 2153   www tandcbowl com    Mr    Mrs  Paul Jones    Mr    Mrs  Jerry Fegan  Mr    Mrs  Skip Miller    from   Beth Moore   Bracken Co  Attorney    Amy s   lue Daisy   Hi r? l   glkf    Dttign     129 Main Street  Augusta  Ky 41002   606   756 2821   daisy amysbluedaisy com   www AmysBlueDaisy com    _ CHEVROLET ItBUICK    Visit US at    www mcfarlandchevrolet com    LEE?  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BP Chevron  All Trucker Checks                                                                                                                                  THE BRACKEN COUNTY NEWS  Thurs   March 29  2018  9    Bracken Co  High School  Track team competes at 5K  Showdown  Clash of Classes    The Bracken County  High School Track team  competed in their first  meets this past Friday   March 23rd    Jared Jefferson and  Brandon Cox traveled  with Head Coach Forrest  Hunt to compete in the  5K Showdown in Louis?   ville  Jared and Brandon  qualified for the race due  to their 2017 Cross Coun?   try times  Jared placed  17th in the meet with his  school record breaking  time of 15 58 02  mak?   ing him the first Bracken  Track member to break  16 minutes  Brandon  placed 41st with his new  personal record time of  16 35 43    The rest of the team  traveled with Assistant  Coach Anna Cummins to  the Clash of Classes meet  in Verona  KY  The meet  was originally scheduled  for Saturday  but due to  the impending weather   was moved to Friday  evening  In the girls  events  Leanna Day set  new PR?  s when she fin?   ished the 100 meter dash  in 17 10 seconds  and the  200 meter dash in 37 23  seconds    In the 800 meter run   Heather Ebert finished in  3 00 09 and Holly Ebert  finished in 3 04 73    In the long jump   Joy Ebert jumped for a  distance of 12 0 5 and  Heather Ebert jumped for  a distance of 10 8 75    In the boys events  in    the 100 meter dash  Ash?   ton Holton finished in  14 66 seconds  and Josh  Kalb finished in 14 78    In the 200 meter  dash  Trey Deaton PR?  d  with his finish in 25 27  seconds    In the 800 meter run   Daniel Simons finished in  2 22 81 and Carson King  finished in 3 02 71    In the 1600 meter  run  Collin Jefferson  PR?  d with his time of  5 16 42  Thomas Yelton  PR?  d with his time of  5 25 50  and Drew Car   rigan PR?  d with his time  of 6 04 94    In the 3200 meter  run  Nicholas Cummins  set a new PR with his  time of 10 52 52    Trey Deaton set a  new PR in the 300 meter  hurdles with his time of  45 45  He jumped a dis?   tance of 18 2 in the long  jump and 35 2 5 in the  triple jump    Kaleb Darnell jump?   ed 5 0 in the high jump   17 5 75 in the long jump  and 37 8 in the triple  jump    Griffin Appleman  threw for a distance of  88 0 in the discus and  34 2 75 in the shot put    The team is scheduled  to compete on Thursday   March 29th at the Harri?   son County All Comers  Meet in Cynthiana and  on Saturday  March 31st   at Transylvania in Lex?   ington at the GRC Heavy  Metal Throwdown      1937 Old Main Street  Ste  2 ?   Ph  606 759 7311  Hours  M F  9 7  Sat  9 1    What?  s Peter Cotton Tail Leaving for you on the bunny  trail  Wishing you a Happy Easter with lots of treatsj y    Opticians  Adam Bradley  ABOC  NCLC  Joyce Peck  ABOC  NCLC     BCMS Track Team competes  in first meet of the season    The Bracken County  Middle School Track  Team competed in their  first meet of the season  at the Highlands Middle  School Invitational on  Friday  March 24th    In the girls events   Karis Applegate finished  first in the 100 meter  dash in 13 83 seconds   Grade Ramsey in 14 61   and Natalie Hargett in  16 85    In the 200 meter  dash  Elsie Combs fin?   ished in 37 65 seconds    Katie Ebert finished  in 29 11 seconds in the  100 meter hurdles    In the 4x100 meter  relay  Grade Ramsey   Natalie Hargett  Ryleigh  Combs  and Karis Apple   gate finished in 7th place  with their combined time  of 1 01 04  In the 4x200  meter relay  Grade  Ramsey  Ryleigh Combs   Elsie Combs  and Karis  Applegate finished in  7th place with their com?   bined time of 2 12 58    In the discus  Gretch   en Teegarden threw for a  distance of 46 2 and Bai?   ley Jones threw for a dis?   tance of 41 3  In the girls  shot put  Getchen Teegar?   den threw for a distance  of 22 6 and Bailey Jones  threw for a distance of  18 1 5    The girls?   team fin?   ished in 9th place over  all    In the boys events   Payton Tully finished  with a time of 12 72 sec?   onds in the 100 meter  dash  Buddy Sammons in  14 30  and Tanner Yelton  in 15 40    In the 400 meter  dash  Buddy Sammons    finished in 1 19 09 and  Kyler Mahon finished in  1 22 38    In the 800 meter run   Liam Wehring finished in  3 19 73 and Jason Hall in  3 23 89    Damon Bryant fin?   ished in 5 47 02 in the  1600 meter run    In the 100 meter  hurdles  Payton Tully  finished 1st in 16 69  seconds  Erik Sumner in  20 64  and Carter Dotson  in 21 82    In the 200 meter hur?   dles  Ethan Hunt finished  in 35 65 seconds and  Garret Fields in 37 22    In the 4x100 meter  relay  Garret Reynolds   Tae?  shon Sizemore  Da?   mon Bryant  and Payton  Tully finished 3rd with  their combined time of  53 49  In the 4x200 me?   ter relay  Tanner Yeton   Carter Dotson  Ethan  Hunt  and Tae?  shon Size?   more finished 6th with  their combined time of  2 01 90    In the discus  Clay?   ton Bonnell threw for a  distance of 52 11    In the shot put  Liam  Wehring threw for a dis?   tance of 25 3  Clayton  Bonnell threw for a dis?   tance of 18 8  and Evan  Tarter threw for a dis?   tance of 17 0    The boys?   team fin?   ished in 8th place over  all    The team is sched?   uled to compete on  Wednesday  March 28th  at Walton Verona and on  Friday  March 30th at  Grant County  The team  is coached this season by  Denise Huninghake     AIS students purchase Kindles  with School Wide Reading Points     Congratulations to 3rd grader Natalee Roberts  4th grader Makayla Woodruff  and 5th graders Jack   son Gaunce and Ciara Goebel for earning enough points through the school wide reading program to  purchase a Kindle  Pictured with Principal Robin Kelsch are  top left  Natalee Roberts  top right   Makayla Woodruff  bottom left  Jackson Gaunce  and bottom right  Ciara Goebel  Photos submitted      I Pd Eodter Bunny Tinu Again     Town   Country Veterinary   Dr  Glass  Dr  Conway  Dr  Biddle  Dr  Muse   Dr  Reeder   606 759 5496   490 Tucker Drive   down from Super 8  Maysville  KY  Opening at 8 a m  Mon  Sat  with 24 Hour Emergency Service    PLEASE REMEMBER    Easter Bunnies are more  than an Easter gift  It is  a pet which will require  love and care just like  a dog or cat  Please give  this careful consideration  before purchasing  a rabbit for Easter        Want to ? ?tourney  your life around    We have the loan for you     First     Financial   Credit    1154 US Hwy  68  Maysville  KY   606 564 4642     cheep    cheep      ?  06 Cadillac CTS ?   69 000 mi       PRICED REDUCED  6 000      ?  _ i   iw i     JIM?  S AUTO  OULET  INC    Hwy  10 just east of Brooksville    606 735 2442   Owners  J B  Delaney 863 257 0383   Tom Saunders 606 407 4157    Augusta Volunteer Fire Department s   ANNUAL FISH FRY   CAKE AUCTION    FRIDAY  April 20      Augusta Firehouse    L     ?   Fish Fry at 5 PM     Cake Auction  at 7 30 PM      We will be collecting  retired flags for a Flag  Retirement Ceremony during  the Firemen s Fourth of July  Festivities  Flags are also  being collected at Riverside Tractor     Community Day at  the Tom Browning  Boys   Girls Club  Fri   March 30     CASA  Department  for Community Based  Serviees  Comprehend   Ine   and the Tom Brown?   ing Boys   Girls Club  will present a fun filled  afternoon for ehildren  and their families for  Child Abuse Awareness    Prevention on Fri?   day  March 30th  The  Community Day will be  held from 2 30 to 6 30  p m  at the Tom Brown?   ing Boys   Girls Club   The event offers lots of  kid?  s games and prizes   Come out and meet loeal  Health Providers  Com?   munity Serviee repre?   sentatives  various Fire  Departments and Law  Enforeement Ageneies   and loeal businesses    Dress as your fa?   vorite SUPER HERO   BEST COSTUME  WINS A PRIZE    Donate 5 eans of  nonperishable food and  be entered into a draw?   ing for a gift eertifieate    Included in this  FREE EVENT for  Children and Adults will  be     ?   Child ID?  S   ?   Faee Painting   ?   Food  Popeom   Cotton Candy   Water   ?   Photos with the  Easter Bunny   ?   Many more aetivi   ties   Distriet Court Judge  Jeffrey Sehumaeher will  present a proelamation  at 3 30 p m     SCHOOL MENU    AUGUSTA SCHOOLS   BREAKFAST   Mon   Apr  2   Waffle  with syrup and sausage  link or cereal  banana   milk  OJ    Tues   Apr  3   Biscuit  and gravy or jelly or cereal   peaches  milk  OJ    Wed   Apr  4   Poptart  or cereal  banana  milk   OJ    Thurs   Apr  5   Pop  tart or cereal  mixed fruit   milk  OJ    Fri   Apr  6   Pancake  wrap with syrup or cereal   peaches  milk  OJ    LUNCH   Mon   Apr  2   Grilled  cheese or hot dog  Fritos   baked beans  peas  milk    Tues   Apr  3    Fiestada or hot dog  com   celery   carrot sticks    dip  mandarin oranges   milk    Wed   Apr  4   Chili  or chicken noodle soup   pimento cheese or peanut  butter sandwich  carrot  sticks  crackers  peaches   milk    Thurs   Apr  5    Ravioli with bread stick  or hot dog  salad or green  beans  applesauce  milk    Fri   Apr  6   Chicken  alfredo or pizza  corn  or salad  mixed fruit   blueberry granola bar   milk     Need Extra  Cash    Call 735 2198  To place your  classified ad                                                                                       10   THE BRACKEN COUNTY NEWS  Thurs   March 29  2018     CLASSIFIEDS      cMeat   Rates  25 words or less  4 50 prepaid  Card of  Thanks  30 words or less  5 00 prepaid ALL YARD  SALES   POSTEDS MUST BE PREPAID YEARLY  POSTERS  30 00  Deadline for Classified  Advertising is 5 PM Monday    CALL 735 2198   and place your ad TODAY       Eor Sale    Full size Weatherguard  alum  TRUCK TOOL  BOX  double doors    250  Phone 606 747   5832  3 29 p    Use the patented  HAPPY JACK FLEA  BEACON Control fleas  in the home without  toxic chemicals or costly  exterminators  Results  overnight  SOUTHERN  STATES  735 3326    kennelvax com   4 5 p    FOR SALE  Hemlock Barn Siding  Miller Lumber  Company  Augusta  KY    756 2151   1 800 643 4426    Toll Free    tfc    Vehicles    1992 RED CHEV   PICKUP TRUCK  4   wheel drive  1 2 ton   93 000 miles  one owner   can be seen by Bauer?  s  Garage  price reduced   2 000  Phone 606 883   3305  3 29 p    2004 TACOMA  PICKUP TRUCK    automatic transmission   163 167 miles   3 250   Phone 747 0338    3 29 p    ?  96 Cavalier 178K   300 down or  ?  03 Caravan with  stow go seats 182K   500 down    Tax deals    Easy financing   Call 606 584 8881    tfc    Livestock    Seven SIM ANGUS  HEIFER CALVES   just weaned and all  vaccinations up to date   all black or black white  face  ready to turn out and  grow  Call 606 782 1361    4 5 p    Select group of open  HEIFERS  ready to  breed  GELBVIEH   POLLED HEREFORD    CROSS BRED  Also  POLLED HEREFORD    GELBVIEH BULL   Phone 606 375 0979    tfc    Wanted    WANTED  Older model  farm tractors  All makes  and models  Ruiming or  not  Phone  606  842   0068  tfc    Dutch Ridge  Roofing   STEEL SIDING    ROOFING  Cannonball Track   Bob Appelman    Sons   Dutch Ridge Rd   Augusta   756 2340 or 756 2308         Nickerson   Construction          Darrell Nickerson   ?   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Perfect for Retirees   ?   Great Pay   ?   Flexible Work Schedule   ?   Newer Equipment   enjoyable work environment    You Can Build On Us                                                                                                                                                    THE BRACKEN COUNTY NEWS  Thurs   March 29  2018  11    Public Notices    NOTICE   The City of Augusta is seeking a contract  for mowing the following cemetery and City  property  Cemetery on the Hill  plus weed eat  two times a year   Appelman Park  Marshall  Park  Campbell Park  Rt  8 entrance sign area   riverbank  Frankfort Street to Ferry Street   West  Second Street city lots  Williams Street   both  sides from railroad to Second Street  Community  Center  Well  4   Second and Ferry Street and  Ferry Street off of Fourth Street leading to the  Water Treatment Plant  The second contract will  be for the Water Treatment Plant  The Contractor  will be required to show proof of Workers  Compensation Insurance and general Liability  Insurance coverage  If you need any further  information you may contact the City Office   606  756 2183  Monday Friday 8 30 a m    5 00  p m    Contracts will be received at the City Office  until 4 00 p m  on April 11  2018    The City reserves the right to reject any and  all contracts  4 5 c    NOTICE TO VOTERS   The deadline to register to vote in the  upcoming Primary Election is Monday  April 23   2018  My office will accept voter registrations  cards until 4 p m  that day    If you have moved recently  it is very  IMPORTANT that you call the office and let us  know of the address change so that we can get  you into the correct precinct  I am asking for this  information  to help speed up the process and  reduce problems for Voters on Election Day    If you have any questions regarding where  you are to vote  please call 735 2952    Our hours are Monday  Tuesday  Thursday  8 00   4 00 p m  and Wednesday and Saturday  8 00 12 00 p m  and Friday 8 00 5 00 p m    Bracken County Clerk  Rae Jean Poe    CITY OF AUGUSTA  KENTUCKY  ORDINANCE NO  2018 02   AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF  AUGUSTA  KENTUCKY AMENDING  SECTION 1 OF CITY OF AUGUSTA  ORDINANCE NO 14 1 ESTABLISHING  THE COMPENSATION OF ITS ELECTED  OFFICIALS PURSUANT TO KRS  ? 83A 070 1     WHEREAS  pursuant to KRS ? 83A 070 1    the legislative body of each city shall by ordinance  fix the compensation of its elected officials by the  first Monday in May in the year they are to be  elected  and   WHEREAS  the non partisan election of the  six City Councilpersons and Mayor shall be held  at the regular November general election of the  year  3044  2018    NOW THEREFORE  BE IT ORDAINED  BY THE CITY OF AUGUSTA  KENTUCKY   THAT CITY OF AUGUSTA ORDINANCE  NO  14 1 IS HEREBY AMENDED AS  FOLLOWS    Section 1  Compensation for City  Councilpersons   The compensation for the elected office of City  Councilperson of the City of Augusta  Kentucky  for the two year term of office commencing on  January 1   2015  2019   and terms thereafter   shall be    150 00   100 00 per month    Section 2  Compensation for Mayor   The compensation for the elected office of  Mayor of the City of Augusta  Kentucky for the  four year term of office commencing on January  1   3 015  2019   and terms thereafter  shall be    400 00 per month    Section 3  Compensation not to be  changed   Pursuant to KRS ? 83A 070 1   an elected  officer?  s compensation shall not be changed after  his or her election or during his or her term of  office     Section 4  Effective Date   This Ordinance shall become effective  after passage by the City Council following  two readings thereof  Mayoral approval  and  publication as required by law    The foregoing Ordinance was introduced  and initially read for the first time at the Augusta  City Council?  s regular meeting of February 21st   2018  and read for the second time  adopted and  approved  at its regular meeting March 21st     2018       ATTEST     Wendell High   Mayor of Augusta      0 f  YYXArA     Augusta City Clerk    PREPARED BY       Cynthia C  Thompson   Augusta City Attorney  202 East Riverside Drive  Augusta  KY 41002    Business Cards    45 per 1 000  Call 735 2198    Tri State Land Company   Walton  KY   859   485 1330    3 acre   Johnsville area   Mostly pasture  view  4 miles off AA Highway   city water along road   84 900 00     1 000 Down   per month   63 5 acre   Adams Co  Ohio  level to rolling  partly wooded  ideal for home site  or hunting get away  496 900 00    1 5 acre   Bracken Co   Perkins Ridge Rd   Pasture  mobiles welcome  city water   electric available    48 900 00  4 500 Down    Owner Financing Available    County Taxpayers?   Notice   The 2017 County tax bills are now delinquent  If  you did not receive your bill please contact the County  Sheriff?  s Office  When mailing in your payment  please  include your copy of the tax bill or put the bill number  on your check  If you wish a paid receipt returned to you   please enclose a self addressed  stamped envelope    IMPORTANT NOTE  All delinquent tax bills will  be transferred to the County Clerk?  s Office as of the  close of business on April 15 2018  In addition to the  penalties and fees that are applied by the Sheriffs  Office all payments made in the County Clerk?  s  Office are subject to a 20  County Attorney?  s fee   a 10  County Clerk?  s fee and interest at 1  per  month  The delinquency is also subject to being sold  to a Third Party and subject to substantial additional  penalties and fees in the summer of 2018  if not paid  to the Sheriffs Office    Sheriff?  s Office Hours  Mon   Tues   Thurs    Fri   8 a m  to 4 p m  and Wed    Sat  8 a m  to Noon   Closed Sundays and all Federal holidays    Payments accepted by Cash  Check  or Credit  Card     MAKE SURE YOU SEND A COPY OF YOUR TAX  BILL TO YOUR BANK OR MORTGAGE CO  IF  THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO PAY YOUR TAXES AND  DOUBLE CHECK WITH THEM THAT THEY PAID  THEM       Rentals    Mobile Homes    MAINS APTS in  Brooksville has avail  now  a2BR  LR  KT BT W D  hookup  private deck and  off street parking soon   Call 606 217 1304 for  info  tfc    Now renting  storage spaces  BLUEGRASS  RENTAL  Asbury Road  5?  xl0?    25  10?  xl5?    40  Phone 606 782 0684  1 31 19 p    FOR SALE BY  OWNER  3 BR  2 BA  doublewide  sits on 2  acre with 1 car garage   comes with Amish  building and large deck   located on Linville Lane   Brooksville  Move in  ready  new septic system  and hardwood fioors    62 000  Call 782 1288  or 782 1712 for more  info  4 5 p    SELENA ENGNES   NKY REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS    Buying or selling    Call me for all your  real estate needs    606 782 2424   sengnes huff com     i Mr       M        ?   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West Main Street  Louisville  Kentucky 40202    No trespassing or hunting  on the property owned by the  Bradbury s on Hwy  19 in the  Valley Hi Subdivision  Augusta     3 18    Absolutely no hunting  or trespassing on the 24 1 2  aeres loeated at 264 Roek Rd   Absolutely no exeeptions   Violators will be proseeuted to  the full extent of the law  Jeff  Cline  4 18    Absolutely no hunting  or trespassing on the 114  aeres loeated at 875   1159   Absolutely no exeeptions   Violators will be proseeuted to  the full extent of the law  Kevin  Cline  4 18    Absolutely no hunting  or trespassing of any kind on  the 202 5718 aeres  Barnett  property loeated at 3416 Parina  Rd   Brooksville   6 18   Absolutely no trespassing   hunting  fishing  quad riding  or trapping for any purpose  on the 100 aeres of Johnny    Jenny Free at 2075 Brooksville   Powersville Rd  and the 1 1 2  aeres at 224 Freedom Lane   Violators will be proseeuted     6 18    Absolutely no trespassing  of any kind on the 100 aeres of  Arlene Jones loeated on Case  Ridge   7 18    No hunting or trespassing  without written permission on  the William   Theresa Shook  property loeated on Sparks  Road   7 18    Absolutely no hunting   quad running  or trespassing of  any kind on the 46 aeres loeated  at 432 Johnsville Foster Rd    Foster   7 18    No trespassing  hunting   fishing or use of quad runners  on the former John Bay farm  loeated on the Johnsville Foster  Road  Eden Ridge  Willow  Creek   AA Hwy  Permission  only   7 18    Posted  no trespassing  no  hunting  no fishing  no trapping  on the 59 aeres owned by Seott  Jones at 904 Oakland Rd     8 18     No trespassing  dumping  or hunting on the Mary Lathem  Est   west Turtle Creek Road     8 18    No hunting or trespassing  of any kind on the 23 aeres  owned by A  J  MeQueen  loeated  at 1383 Union Chapel Rd  All  violators will be proseeuted     9 18    No hunting  trespassing   or 4 wheeler riding without  written permission from Bill  Ruf who has leased 110 aeres at  1827 Western Hills Road owned  by Janiee   Lanny Shepherd     9 18    No hunting or trespassing  of any kind  day or night on  the farm at 2869 Moore Rd    without written permission     9 18    No hunting  4 wheeling   or trespassing on MeKenney  land on No  19 between Petra  and Milford and on Moore  Road   10 18    Absolutely no hunting or  trespassing of any kind on the  30 aeres of Billy   Judy Cooper  on Perkins Ridge  Violators  will be proseeuted to the fullest  extent   10 18    Absolutely no trespassing  of any kind  No hunting  no  fishing  no trapping or ATV   UTV Dirt Bike riding on the  42 aere property of A1   Leigh  Sassler  4980 AAHwy   Foster   Violators will be proseeuted to  the full extent of the law     10 18    No hunting or trespassing  on the Fleeman farm in Foster  on both sides of Gibson Ln  off  1951   Willow Creek    10  I 8    Absolutely no hunting  or trespassing of any kind on  the 166 aeres on Goose Ridge   Powersville   10 18    No hunting or trespassing  of any kind on the property of  Edwin MeGee at 2226 Willow   Lenoxburg Rd  Violators will  be proseeuted   11 18    No hunting or trespassing  for any reason on the property  of Linda Riee  244 Cigar Lane   Augusta  or the property of    Willard D  Riee  290 Cigar  Lane  Augusta   11 18    Absolutely no trespassing  in any manner on property  owned by Monte Meyer and   or Sandra Jett in the vieinity  of Rt  8   Loeust Creek  Rd  This ineludes  but not  limited to  hunting  fishing   maehinery  quads  dogs and  posting of politieal signs or  any advertisements  Violators  will be proseeuted to the fullest  extent of the law   11 18    Absolutely no hunting   4 wheeling or trespassing  ineluding dogs on 60 aeres  owned by Tom   Emma  Brumbaek at 549 Stump Road     11 18    No trespassing  hunting   quad mnning or fishing on the 86  aere property known as Potato  Hill Farm  67 Loekmier Lane   Violators will be proseeuted     11 18    Absolutely no trespassing  of any kind is permitted on land  owned by Charles   Bernadette  Tarvin  Unauthorized viola?   tors will be proseeuted     11 18    Absolutely no hunting or  trespassing of any kind on the  4 77 aeres loeated near Frankfort    Willow St   Brooksville     1 19    Absolutely no trespassing  of any kind on the farm loeated  at 2321 Johnsville Foster Rd     3 19    Absolutely no hunting   ATV UTV riding or trespassing  of any kind  no exeeptions  at  556 Hamilton Road  Violators  will be proseeuted to the fullest   Loose dogs will be shot   3 19    Absolutely no trespassing   hunting  or ATV?  s on the 86  aeres King?  s Haven Farm  1675  Hamilton Rd   3 19    Absolutely no trespassing  of any kind on the properties  loeated at 1139 Garrison Rd    1041 Garrison Rd   1117  Garrison Rd   and Lots 6  7    8 Garrison Rd   L21                                                                                                        12   THE BRACKEN COUNTY NEWS  Thurs   March 29  2018    VOLUNTEERS ADVOCATING  FOR CHILDREN       Who are CASA Voiunteers    CASA Volunteers are EVERYDAY PEOPLE who care about children  A volunteer  must be at least 21 years of age  pass a criminal background check and have a high  school diploma and or GED  Volunteers of the CASA Program for Bracken  Elem   ing  and Mason Counties  Inc  are compassionate  objective  self motivated individn  als from our community who are trained to speak on behalf of abused and neglected  children  They come from all walks of life and a variety of professional  educational  and ethnic backgrounds  Many volunteers work full time  but others work part time   stay at home or are retired  All are passionate and committed to helping abused and  neglected children       What are the roies of a CASA Voiunteer    Volunteers are officers of the court  They serve as an extra pair of ? ?eyes and  ears?   for the District Judge in child abuse and neglect cases  CASAs meet with  the child on their case and independently gather information from others who  are involved in that child?  s life  This includes researching each child?  s situation  and making objective recommendations  CASA volunteers are frequently the one  constant person in the child?  s life as they navigate the foster care system  The  volunteer?  s sole objective is to represent the best interests of the child       CASA?  S Mission      Our mission is to provide trained community volunteers to speak for children in  court who are victims of dependency  neglect and or abuse  We help children find  a safe  permanent and loving home as soon as possible     BCHS holds Penny Wars to  benefit Augusta VFW Post 9535     A new volunteer training class will start Monday   April I    at the Bracken County Judicial Center  The  training is free and refreshments are served For  more information  contact CASA at 606   563   7431          r   V pko t CAII    I f Ac ook posi ArtJi IvJ  mAJle  A JliffWeAU       Members of Ms  Lila Brindley s 4th period class are shown with local VFW members Dick Behymer   Steve Welte  Bobby Pickrell  Tim Sweeney  Tommy Pickrell  Herb Rumford  and Charlie Schweitzer  pre?   senting a check in the amount of  1 325 80    During the week of March 5th 9th  Bracken County High School held a Penny War to raise money  for the Augusta Mains Quinlin VFW Post 9535  Ajar was placed in each student?  s 4th period classroom  and throughout the week  pennies  dimes  nickels  quarters  and dollar bills were placed in the jar  At the  end of the week  the money jars were counted  Every penny was a positive total to the jar  while silver  coins and dollars were a negative to the jar  At the end of the week   1 325 80 had been collected and  Ms  Lila Brindley?  s 4th period class was deemed the winner  Currently the Bracken County School Sys?   tem has donated over  4 000 to the VFW to help with repairs and general operations at the post    Bracken County is very proud of its veterans and the many sacrifices they and their families have  made throughout the years  This is very apparent this school year by the generous donations received  from the students and their families     CASA protects our most vulnerable citizens  please  consider being a powerful VOICE in a Child?  s Life     Mammography  Screenings   Wed   April 4th  at Ext  Office     NEED LEGAL HELP     Jackie Sue Wright   Attorney at Law   Now meeting clients in Augusta at US BANK   Call for Appointment       Fox  Wood  Wood   Estill    Call 606 564 5585   to schedule an appointment      F    The St  Elizabeth  Mobile Mammography  unit will be at the Brack?   en County Extension Of?   fice on Wednesday  April  4th from 8 a m    4 p m    Financial assistance  is available to those who  qualify  To schedule an  appointment call 859   655 7400      AIS 1   graders recognized  for Academic Achievement     First grade students from Augusta Independent were recognized by the  Augusta Board of Education at the March meeting for Academic Achieve?   ment  Recognized were  from left to right are  Lainey Ross  Kailyn Gill   Kenason Appelman  Bentley Schweitzer  Tanner Potts  Trevor Gillispie and  Kenyon Fugate     Deadline to register for  Bracken County Recreation  League is Mon   April 2nd    Reasqn to yjoice    As we celebrate the miracle of our  Savior s resurrection  we d like to share  with you our sincere best wishes for a  joyous and blessed Easter season  May  the power of His love and sacrifice  bring peace  joy  and contentment  to you and yours     TCappy Faster      CITIZENS   DEPOSIT BANK   YOUR FINANCIAL CORNERSTONE    111 Powell Street ?   Brooksville  KY 41004  606 735 2959 ?   www cdbt com    On Monday  April   the Bracken County  Recreational League will  hold their final sign up  for the season from 6   7 30 p m  at the Bracken  County Public Library in  Brooksville    The Leagues are open  to boys and girls ages 4    16 that live in Bracken  County and surround?   ing areas  Games will be  played at the German?   town Park  Germantown   KY  and Augusta Park   Augusta  KY   Leagues  available    ?   T Ball  4 7 year old  boys and girls   Child  must turn 4 before May  1  2018  to be eligible    ?   Coach Pitch  6 8  year old boys and girls    Child cannot turn 9 be?   fore April 30  2018  to be  eligible   Some situations  may allow for a 9 year  old to play at the Coach  Pitch Level  Final Deci?   sions will be made by the  committee     ?   Little League  9    12 year old boys   Child  must turn 9 on or before  April 30  2018  to be eli?   gible  Child cannot turn   13 before May 1  2018   to be eligible    ?   Senior League  13   16 year old boys   Child  cannot turn 17 before  May 1  2018  to be eli?     gible    ?   Girls Fast Pitch  Softball  9 12 year old  girls   Child must turn  9 on or before April 30   2018  to be eligible   Child cannot turn 13 be?   fore May 1  2018  to be  eligible    ?   Senior Girls Fast  Pitch League  13 16 year  old girls   Child cannot  turn 17 before May 1   2018  to be eligible    Registrations can be  mailed to  Amy Snapp   1483 Bladeston Drive   Brooksville  KY 41004    Checks made payable  to Bracken County Rec?   reation    Registrations can no  longer be dropped off  at Taylor Elementary or  sent to school with your  child    Visit their Facebook  Page for League Infor?   mation  Bracken County  Recreation League or  contact Kevin McCla   nahan at Kevin rizzo   brothers com     Business   Cards     45 per 1 000  Call 735 2198     Truck   Car  Accessories   RC Traxxas Trucks   Stainless Steel Step Tubes  B W Gooseneck Hitches   Installed  525  Bull Bars   Bed Liners   Mats  Tires   Wheels  4 piece Vent Visor  Hood Deflector  Graphics   Truck Lettering  Extang Tri fold  most trucks   375    Financing available         gUgPEHmON g? 9TEmg     ROUGH COUNTRY  LifL Kits   INSTALLED    HOW replacing  leather a vinyl  upholstery en  newer trucks     937 795 8699   1394 US Hwy 52 ?   Aberdeen  Ohio  

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