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date (1862-10-05) newspaper_issue    acts of the Ujiited States  including the  loss of slaves    In witness whereof  I have hereunto set  my hind  and    rused the seal   if the  Uni  ted States to he affixed  Dono in the  city Washington this  the twenty second  day of September  in  the year of our Lord  one thousau jpjht hundrad arid rix iy   two  and of tho Independence of tho Uni  ted States tin  vghty seventh     Signed    Alt R a ham Lincoln    By the President    Wm  H  Seward   Scoy of Stutc     Article  All officers or persons in the  military or naval service of the United  States are prohibited from employing any  of the forces under their respective com  mands for the purpose of returning fugi  tives from service or labor who may have  escaped from any person   o whom such   service or labor is elc i c    1 to hr duo  and  i tiy officer who shall be found guilty by a  court martial of violating this article   shall be dismissed from the service    Sec  3  And bn it further enacted  That  this act shall take effect from and after its  passage  also  to the 9th and 10th sec  tions of an uct entitled an act to sup  press insurrection  to punish treason and  rebellion  to seize and confiscate property  of rebels  and for other purposes  ap  proved July 17th 1802  and which sec  tions are in the following words and fig  ures    Sec  9  And be it further enacted  That  all slaves of persons who shall hereafter  bo engaged in rebellion against the Gov  ernment of the United States  or who  shull in any manner give aid or comfort  thereto  escaping from such persons and  taking refuge within the lines of the ar  my  and all slaves captured from such  versons  nr deserted by them  and coining    A  PROCLAMATION    Washington  Sept   22    By the President of tho United   States of America   A Procla  mation    1  A    nhin Lincoln  President of the  United States yfi America  urn  Uommand   oi  Uj   Lii  i oi tuo Army and Navy there  i  of do  hereby p  oclaim uud declare that  hereafter  ns heretofore  the war will be  prosecuted for tho object of practically  restoring the constitutional relation be  tween the United States and the people  thereof  in which States that relation is or  may be suspended or disturbed  that it is  my purpose upon the next meeting of  Congress  to again recoininond the adop  tion of a practical measure tendering pe  cuniary aid to tho free acceptance or re  jection of all tho slave States  so called   the people wheceof may not then be in  rebellion against the United States  and  which States may then have voluntarily  adopted  or hereafter may voluntarily  adopt  tho immediate or gradual abolish  ment of slavery within their respective  limits  and that the efforts to colonize  persons of African descent  with their  consent  Spoil the continent or vLov        window  and spoke as follows      Fellow Citizens  1 appear  beforo  you to do little more than acknowlodgo  tho courtesy you pay me  and to thank  you for it  I have not been in forty    who  it is on tlua occasion who ap mfc   io  me this honor  though i supposi  ttl in  terruption was because of the proclama  tion   Cries of good  and applfece   I  cun almost say I suppose I understand    Laughtc r     Voi esThat you do  you  thoroughly understand it   Wlat 1 did  I did after a full deliberation  and under  a very heavy ond solemn sense of ibCfpon   sibility   Cries of good   good 1 God  bless you  and applause   I ern only  trust in God I havo made no mistake    CriesNo mistakes  all right  youve  made no mistakes yet  go ahead  youre  right   I shall make no attempt  On this  occasion to sustain what I have dopo or  said by any comment  It is now for the  country and the world to pass judgment  upon it  and  may be  take actii t  upon it   I will 6ay no move upon this subject  In  my position I am environed with difficul  ties  yot they are scarcely so great as the    Another Proclamation by Lincoln   Speech of President Lincoln    Call for to  Additional Draft    Proclamation y the President of the Uni  ted  States  1    Whereas  few  become necessary to  call into service  not only volunteers  but  also portioned  the militia of States by  draft  in order  n suppress tho insurrection  in the Uni tod  dates  and disloyal pdrr ons  arc not adeqr   tcly restrained by the or  dinary prccos   of law from hindering this  measure  and   om giviug aid and comfort   Now     lurrcotion    difficulties of those who  upon obi    ndcr the control ftfthe Government of    eonsopi    r 1     w    field  art endeavoring to pu      Utfityd States  and all slaves of such          jAl      A      r j njcasnri inJWipprl tiiff Tlnuu fii   rebels and iiubrgents  their aiders and   abettors  within the United States  and all  persons discouraging volunteer enlistments  and resisting tho militia drafts  or guilty  of any disloyal practice  offering aid and  comfort to the rebels against the authority  of the United States  shall be subject to  martial law and liable to punishment by  court martial or military commission   Second  that tW writ of habeas corpus is  suspended it respect to all persons arrest  ed  or who are nov   or hereafter during  the rebellion ahull fee imprisoned in any  fort camp  arsenal  military prison  or oth  er place of confinement  by any military  authority  or by t ic sentence of any court  martial or military commisson        In witness whereof  I have    L  s    hereunto set my hand and caused  v w    the seal of the United States to  bo affixed  Done at the City of Wash  ington  this 24th day of September  18G2   and of the independence 6f the United  States the eighty seventh     Signed  Abraham Lincoln   By tho Pifsi mt    Wm  H  Seward  Secy of State    Washington  Sept  24 18G2    A special commission consisting of  Generals Hunter  Cadwalader  and Auger   and several other officers  with Colonel  Holt as Judgo Advocate  will assemble  here to morrow for the consideration of  such business as may come before them    In addition to Gen  White  Cols  DUtas   sy  Trimble  and Ford  arrived to dny  from Annapolis under arrest  in connec  tion with fiirpers Ferry surrender    A Urge crowd assembled at the Execu     the United States  shull be then  no slave escaping into any slave territory  ihenceforward and forever free  and the  or the District of Columbia  or from any  executive government of the United States  0 f the States  shall bo delivered  or in any  including the military and naval authority wa y impeded or hindered of his liberty  thereof will recognize and maintain the except for some offense against tho laws   freedom of such persons  and will do no unless tho persons claiming said fugitive  act or arts to repress such persons  or any of shall first make an oath that tho person to  them many efforts they may make for their whom the labor or service of such fugi   fieedom  that the Executive will on the tive is alleged to be due is his lawful own    first day ol January aforesaid  by procla  er  an j   ia8 no t been iu arms against the  nation  designate tho States and part of jjnitcd States  in the present rebellion   tites in which the people thereof  shall nor j n a y W ay giving aid or comfort  mi tii it on that day be in good faith  rep  thereto  and no person engaged in the  resented in the Congress of the United military or naval service of the United  States by members chosen thereto at elec  gtatss shall  under any pretense whatever   tions  wherein   m  itv of the qualified  as8Unie to decide on tho validity of the  voters of such  ta tin  i   o particip i  c   u   m of any person to the service orbi  ted  shall  in tho ah  em r ol trmi  nun   j  or 0 f an y 0 ther person  or surrender up  tervailing testimony lone  o    v mv Ii person to the claiment on pain   sive evidence that such State           i from the service  Ido   people thereof  have not been in    j  n  and order all persons   against the United States  that attention u l    i         iie mi tury and naval service  is hereby called to an act o  Congress  1  i i    United States to observe  obey  and  entitled    An act to make an additional en f or  e within their respective spheres of  article ol w i   approved March 13  lb 1 fiervice  the act and sections above recited   62  and Which act is in the words and fig   atl    the Executive will  in due time  re   ures following  I commend that all citizens of the United   Be it enacted by the Senate and blouse j gt a t e   who shall have remained loyal  of Representatives of the United States in tbereto throughout the rebellion  shall  Congress assembled   That hereafter the  upon the restoration of the constitutional  following shall be promulgated as an addi j relations between the United States and  tional article of war  for the government their respective States and people  if the  of the army of the United States  and  relation shall have been suspended or dis   shall be obeyed and observed as such  1 turbed  ba compensated for all losses by    General Sigel was not up the Potomac  during the late campaign  his command  beiDg about Washington       ova      J m m L X  V L  3     1 i f iM B n   fee     flk   u 1 1 1  W 7 v M   Lri     1   fl   rj   uBBt  a    V           yf   aKN                                                  Proceedings of the Meeting in as patriots and as Christians  appealing to  Franklin County Against Lin  our God and our consciences  and to the  coins Proclamation  Constitution and laws of our country for    Gen  Buckner in Lexington      From tlie Richmond Examiner Sept  20      Gen  Simon B  Buckner  with the mem  Proposals for a Treaty of Peace   rsofhis staff  reached Lexington yes 1 Mr  Foote  of Tcnn   offered the follow     coins Proclamation  Constitution and laws of our country for hers of his staff  reached Lexington yes j ilr  route  oi Icnn   offered the follow    At a very large and enthusiastic meet  our justilication  we will rtoiet it  by all terday evening  IIis reception was en  j   n g joint resolution  proposing to send a  ing of the people of Franklin county  con  lawful means which our own prescrva  thusiastie  and attended by the highest commissioner or commissioners to Wasli   vened at the Court house  in Frankfort  tionaudthe necessities of the occasion evidences of his unbounded popularity  mgton City empowered to propose terms  on the 27th day of September  1802  ac  may require  j Bells were rung and there was a general i just  and honorable pence    cording to previous public notice  on mo  f   That a copy of the foregoing rcsolu  uprising of the people to welcome the Resolved by the Congress of the Confed   tion of  Lehn Ilodman  Esq   Richard Gil  tions be conveyed to the Hon  John J   favorite chieftain of the Southern sym    rate State  of America   That the signal  lispie  Ifq   was called to the Chair  and Crittenden  our Representative in the pathizers in Kentucky  There is no de  success with which Divine Providence has  on motion of Thos  N  Lindsey  Esq   E  Congress of the United States  with a re  nying the fact that Gen  Buckner com   o continuously blessed our arms for sev   L  Samuel was appointed Secretary  quest that he communiote the same to the inands the admiration and confidence of   end months past  would lully justify the   The Chairman having stated the object President  and that he and all the Repre  the young men of Kentucky to an une  Confederate Government in dispatching  of the meeting in a brief and pertinent sentatives of Kentucky in ougross are quailed extent  a commissioner or commissioners to the   speech  L  Ilord  Esq   offered the follow  hereby earnestly entreated o use all their       9 op Government at    ashington City  empow   ing rcseilfllions  to wit  efforts to induce the ProsidlR to abandon XT e     ered to propose the terms oi a just and    speeex K llord  bsq    ing rcsois uns  to wit     efforts to induce the PresiuWR to abandon    The citizens of Franklin county  in his proposed policy    public meeting now assembled  declare The vote was then taken on the rcso    pTin Missouri have joined the rebi  1  That slavery is a State institution  lutions as amended  aud they were unant  NotLing authentiC  hoW evcr  is known    guaranteed by the Constitution of the tnously adopted    United States  aud that the usoverniucnt On motion the meeting then adjourned  ashington  opt    of the United States has no constitutional It  GILLISPIE  Chairman     n   1 a y cis sc e ac or c loi   power to interfere with such institution E  L  Samuel  Secretary  tion y armc men o t c out iern ta         Government at Washington City  empow   1   R   Se   t  2R   cred t0 propose the terms of u just and  The Philadelphia North American has honorablc   l 1   OA AAA 1  i I TV  I     a rumor that 30 000 of the new Union  troops iu Missouri have joined the rebels     United States  aud that the usoverniucnt On motion the meeting then adjourned   of the United States has no constitutional R  GILLISPIE  Chairman      power to interfere with such institution E  L  Samuel  Secretary    in any of the States  nor has it the con  _   _   Z   T        TT        c            i       i  Col  John S  Scott at Work  ident  Secretary of    ar and other becre    stitutional power to deprive any citizen of         v                           x         We understand  says the 1  rank fort 1 en  taries  has been discussed several tunes in   Ins slave property without without due                        1   Mii n  that Scott s brigade of cavalry is ac  t   process of law  north  power to appropri  Uf      ork t    e n  hborhood ol       ate sucli property to public use without Loui tiUe     ing in thc l u t two ar three     just compensation        T nfirnmr  nnd Middletown   1    Washington  Sept  25     Washington  Sept  25th The inter  view between the Governors and the Pres  ident  this afternoon  continued three    Hon  Eli Thayers scheme for coloniza  j hour8  Thc y a11 re P ru8Cnt il to ha  been  tion by armed men of thc Southern States ofa P leasant and 8 ratlf y in S character    w _1  1   G  I     if i    i  n 1    which meets with much favor by the Pres   while P Iainl y intimatin S their confidence  ident  Secretary of War and other Sccre  in the Presidents ability and integrity     assuring him of their determination to    man  that Scotts brigade of cavalry is ac  thc Cabinet meetings  and will probably K  PP ort him in thc discharge of his du   tively at work in the neighborhood of soon receive formal official sanction  The tKi  dboir recommendation partook of a  Louisville  having in the last two ar three project contemplates au expedition of 10     aturc ol friendly suggestions  Some of  days taken LaGrange and Middletown   JOO colonists enlisted for six months  and  bc su H  eots   sa   d   had received cxccu   and driven the Federal pilots to within supplied with transportation  subsistence  Uve consideration  but as others had now       That the proclamation of President and driven the Federal to within supplied with transportation  subsistence  tlve consideratlon   but as others had now   Lincoln ofthe date of the   d September  about eight milc3 of Louisville  At La  arms  and a General by the Government  lor t lC first tlUiC becn   prC8ented   he re    decla  f   hat 00 tbe Jf da    f JaD   Grange they captured the telegraphic in  whose business it shall be to hold  occupy  l UCBtcd the y m  8 ht meet with thc atten    ary  uj a persons c as s aves wit 8 t rum ents  two batteries  and drove the and possess the public lands belonging to    on  hieh their importance demands    i it nnn nnn J Aoi vmnlA     n aP n         O O      J A  C      J       J UMIIV iUIIUQ UVIUIIUllli  IU   iu any State  or any designated part of a Federa l 8 below Beards Station  tearing up thc rebels  and seized under the law ofthe Tho Govornors lia  ing  transacted their  f_       pe0p _ Wh   e0f T  8    a   th o  bC the track near that point  last session of Congress for non payment bu81uess ffith the Resident  some of them    in rebellion against the United States  n o      r          On Sunday night a portion of Scott s 0 f the direct tax     allowed to carry  lorida into thoUn     busiuess with the President  some of them  left this evening for their respective  homes    Thc Louisville Democrat  of the 25th    jSkP   thereof  wiH rocog   1   te d   itom  4 b a IVft i J AM A 4 nn ill I     h Middletown   i on as a free State by the first of Fcbru    sa ys  Major Gen  D  C  Buell arrived lest  Viral  to some   flr j nprt  Texaa and Virginia are already nfcjhe   At   AH    __ Cl  1_A  1__1   _ 1   A  aL  V  I Z   1 IV f       A       tno lreeaom 01 Bucn distance beyond  captur n c vtbirty or forty talkcdjof as States to be subjected to tho the Galt House  He  Wil o no act or acts to re    10rgc g   Scotts piokets at first were driv  same process  This  like the proclama  at thia point    Jach persons  or any of them  in any cn to w i t Lin eight miles of Shelbyville  tion of freedom  advertised that it should   A gentleman just fr    assumes com mi      cn to within eight miles of Shelbyville  tion of freedom  advertised that it should   a gentleman just from the vicinity of   efforts they may make for their actual but bc i ng re  enforced turned upon their henceforth pursue    Louisville informs us that none of Gen    freedom  and that thc Executive will  on p urguer8 and cba8e d them beyond Middle       Buells army had arrived at that place it   the 1st day of January aforesaid  by proc  town   whcre  he horses were optared   K 0     ves el wD  under Ld that Gen Buell    lamation  dcignate the State  and part  0ur inroralnt sl  tM tbll lbc tolre  t f denied a  a  three masted screw steam  j  e8con 0       ofSta es  f my  in whmh the people  f tb e Federal oavalr  turned finally lets r  w anng the Engl sh red ens gn and  1 tUtL CnU    thereof respectively shall then be in re  a regular run for iif e   Middletown is  bellion against the United States  is the abou t twelve miles from Louisville    assumption of a power not vested in the  0    __   Iresident or Congress ofthe United Fight at AugvlBta  ancc of an English man of war  ran the The Cincinnati Times  referring to Pres    States by the Constitution  and isafla  We learn from a gentlemau who reach  blockade and entered Mobile Harbor  on idont Lincolns abolition proclamation   grant breach of thc good faith most sol  ed here from Lexington lev   night  says thc 14th ult  The Federal Capt  Preble  sa y g    The result will be that as a na   cmnly and repeatedly pledged by the fhe Yeoman  that Col  Basil Duke  with a commanding the blockading squadron has t i ona i ar niy again advances in the South   President and Congress to the people of portion of Morgans cavalrj  attacked a been dismisseTfrom the service    the ne   rrocg  can   cut gtick  at tb8 i r    penant  and carrying four quarter boats  and a battery of eight broadside guns  one  or two pivots  and having every appear  ance of an English man of war  ran tho    Thc same paper states that Gen  Crit  tenden with his divisiou  was yesterday   several miles this side of Salt River    The Cincinnati Times  referring to Pres     the negroes can cut stiek at their    w       T1 1 1       A T  1   _ llVj lVCU vuu vuv DUVA wv If   thc sto holdin State   during thu pro  routed  11   l      rraugemeu   have already    gres of thc present deplorable war    3  That said proclamation is not only a    S  w lug IhO Uk  hi  has reached Danville  It laid been mad  for the chip uen  of the   lugi    o 15 iL i A_A UT M _I    i _J lllunu tft H u trfl     d  I bat said proclamation is not only a Q jn G w M hagturncd with tives to Hayti    violation of the Constitution  but we are g  10 P n80ncr3  1Ils waB U I b   fnrfinH   ftWflrda It       also compelled to regard it as the dcclar  killed and about 20 wounded  Uwcwtained that m       ation of a purpose by the President to in  Tho FederalIs  infantry and ava IrjWcro    rfilUrv TTG mm   due  a servile iusurreetiou iu thc slave uuder eommaud of CoLJBert aud  hot H    States  under the sanction and protection   rom Gie k uses Buke s ini  It was _ ui     of the Executive Government of the Uni  rep rted i Bexington  but hot generally The Louisville Democrat donon   ted States  including the military and credited  that the latter Eii  yjr dt b jm ij  j inooli  s Proclamation as rev  naval authority thereof   mdas citizens of A u g us i a     n order to driv jjheTeaflrals tionary   and says that it is an act  a slaveholding State  we do most solemn  out  and that most of the housfe had been no rational interpretation of cons   lv rl p nminpp anid nmnlamotinn na nnnnn  CODSUmod  tionai government Can justify     destitute conditiou       v  nn     A Philadelphia paper of Saturday says  tnat after the great battle of Sharpsbhrg   wao the opinion of Gen McClellan and   host  around him that the final result de  pended on who got rc enforcements first   lie says nothing was heard on thc field of    a slaveholding State  we do most solemn  ly denounce said proclamation as nncon    tho toM OtiM r  Lincolns Proclamation as revolu lie says nothing was heard on tho field of  reoflrals   tionary  and says that it is an act that the capture of Longstreet or the killing  had been no rational interpretation of constitu  0 f Hill  and there is no truth in either  tionai government can justify  It rumor     stitutional  unchristian  and barbarous  From Shelbyville W e learn that charges that Mr  Lincoln has yielded to   and do hereby most earnestly entreat and 4 000 infantry and 200 cavalry  led by the   be i n fl uences f  ke abolitionist   c        1   J vr i  a i _  a_ _i  P ik   1 11 ir    Philadelphia  Sept  25 The Wash     _ w vw IjVVV AUlull vl j UUU tJUu UuV a 11 V  UJU MV WltJ       implore  the President to save our people rebel Claiborne  of Mississippi  passed Yet it continues its support of the aboli  ington Star says for the past twenty four   _ _   _ _ rr 7   _ liAiiva if hao honn oiippflnHv Rr HrP fi that  thft    and the people of all the States  from the through Shelbyville Thursday morning at Gon war  _   horrid consequences of such a proceeding    nine oclock  and encamped that night at An order has been issued requiring yan     hours it has been currently stated that the  President designs issuing at onoe 4 call  for an additional draft that will increase    4  If  however  against our most sol  Pattersons Pond  five miles West of the kee prisoners of war  who have been pa      cm   ir f t    cmn protestations and entreaties  the town  Our informant did not know what roled by the Confederate armies  to re    rarm y ia 08 o a mi ion o men   President shall persist iu this inhuman  their intentions were  We are informed port themselves at Columbus  Ohio  They e  rumor is rue  oug   unchristian  and unconstitutional meaB that the force is much la er than above are being rapidly organized  at that place  ate p0   a e 0 sa 7 B0    ure  we do now declare that  as citizens of stated  but in this we havo our doubts  into regiments  Ac   for what purpose is Thereisnoaccouniug for things is these    constitutional and civilized government  Zom  Dm   27tA     not stated      war times   

Kentucky Rebel (The), 1862-10-05

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  Published in Richmond, Kentucky by Printers of the 55th Georgia Regiment
   Madison County (The Knobs Arc Region)