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date (2015-07-15) newspaper_issue  MEET ONE TEENAGER WHO S  JUST HAPPY TO BE HERE  AIO    Setting standards of excellence since 1877      Lawrenceburg  Kentucky    Wednesday  July 15 2015     75 cents    Residents   Confederate  monument  should go   Magistrate supports monument   rest of fiscal court non committal   By Ben Carlson   News staff      Photo by Ben Carlson   A monument in front of the Anderson County includes a Confederate soldier and the  letters C S A  which stands for Confederate States of America  It has stood in front of the  courthouse since the late 1800s     are taking down the statue in Frank  fort    Damon McKee said he agreed but  isnt convinced anything will change  if the statue is removed    Take it down  yes  he said  but it  wont change anything  Theres too  much country around here  You still  have a lot Southern people  and its  been going on for years    An older man at the residence  cautioned that because black people  make up about 2 percent of the local    population as of the last census  the  monument isnt likely to be removed    Its not going to make any differ  ence what you say  he said  There  arent enough of us here to make a  difference    That remains to be seen  but at  least one member of the Anderson  County Fiscal Court  which oversees  the county courthouse  said Monday  that he doesnt want to see the monu  ment removed    See MONUMENT  Page A2    As state officials grapple with  what to do with the memorial to  Civil War icon Jefferson Davis in the   _ state Capitols   rotunda  local  officials might  soon be trying  to determine  the fate of a  Confederate  monument  in front of  the Anderson  County Court  house    Some are  calling for the  monument   which has  stood in its cur  rent location  since the late  1800s  to be  removed    Tear it  down and get  rid of it  said  Dawn Cun  ningham  a  black resident  who was visit  ing with other   _ black family   members and   friends Monday at a residence in  whats known as the Grove    Whats right is right  They took  down the flag in South Carolina and     It s so out of  control right now      they want to  dismantle every  thing to do with  the Confederacy   I m not in favor of  removing every  thing just because  one or two people  are uncomfort  able with it     David Montgomery  Magistrate     Photo by Kim Hodge   David Mountjoy  left  stands with Danny Yeager show  off the pond monster  a 28 pound snapping turtle they  caught last week     Pond monster captured   Mountjoy calls out Turtle Man after catching big snapper    Ricki Barker   News staff   There was something stir  ring beneath the pond on David  Mountjoys farm in Lawrence  burg  something large and old    The beasts size  was clear as Mount  joy tracked the rip  pling waves formed  from what looked  like an enormous  swimming boulder    He knew the ample  fish in his pond pro  vided the creature  with a daily all you   can eat buffet and  the brute was not  likely to vacate this new home  willingly    Mountjoy decided to take  action  it was time to vanquish  the usurping pond monster    Fortunately  Mountjoy knew  exactly how to subdue the crea  ture lurking in the depths of his  pond     He has been doing it all his  life    Aw  hell  Ive always turtle  hunted  Mountjoy explains  I  caught eight turtles in one day  on the golf course one time  The  ponds are plum full of them    And while the  pond monster was  no Loch Ness  it was  a very large snap  ping turtle  The big  gest turtle Mountjoy  says he has ever  caught    Everybody I  showed him to said  he was the big  gest theyve ever  seen  he explains   Hes certainly the biggest Ive  caught  The Turtle Man needs  to take a look at him and see  what a real turtle looks like   a reference to the Washington  County man who rose to TV  fame for catching turtles    See TURTLE  Page A2     The Turtle Man  needs to take a  look at him and see  what a real turtle  looks like     David Mountjoy  Turtle catching expert    General  Cable  could add  54jobs   State OKs  700 000 in  tax incentives as part of   2 5 million expansion plan   Ricki Barker   News staff   The Kentucky Economic Devel  opment Finance Authority board  announced recently that it has  approved tax incentives for General  Cable Industries of Lawrenceburg    According to KEDFA  the approval  of the  700 000 in tax incentives on  the companys proposed  2 5 million  investment could create up to 54 jobs  which earn an average  21 an hour   including benefits    Director of Communications for  General Cable  Tina Reiber  said the  companys projected investment is  part of an ongoing restructuring dis  cussion    Its a great plan  but ultimately we  want what is best for the company  and the plants involved  she said   Our goal is to be more efficient and   See CABLE  Page A2    Frog was  all around  ood guy   Scrogham killed when vehicle   mower collide on Woodford St    By Ben Carlson   News staff   Tonya McKinney paused when  discussing the death of Billy Frog  Scrogham  who died Sunday after a  vehicle struck the lawn   mower he was driving  across Woodford Street    I keep expecting  him to come in the back  door  said McKinney   owner of Tonyas Buf  fett on Hilltop Drive   one of several business  es Scrogham was known  to frequent    I cant believe hes gone    Scrogham  52  was pronounced  dead Sunday at the University of  Kentucky Medical Center  one day  after his primary mode of transporta  tion  his lawnmower  collided with a  vehicle driven by Samantha Horse  man  25  of Lawrenceburg    See WRECK  Page A2      Index   Vol  138 No  14  Two sections    Classifieds B4 5   Court A12   Faith A15   Obituaries A12   Opinion A4 5    Real Estate B8   Senior calendar A14   Society A14   Sports B1 3   Way We Were A13    www theandersonnews com     Weekend Forecast   Friday  Mostly sunny  High   Lower 90s  Low  Lower 70s   Saturday  Partly cloudy  High   Lower 90s  Low  Lower 70s   Sunday 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everything just because one or  two people are uncomfortable  with it    Judge Executive Orbrey Grit   ton said no one had contacted  his office about the monument   nor had he had any conversa  tions with magistrates about it    The monument  which  features a Confederate soldier  carrying a rifle  includes three  letters beneath the soldiers  feet  CSA  which stands for  Confederate States of America   It also includes the names of  Confederate regiments raised  in Anderson County and a list  of those men wounded or killed  during the war  according to  Wikipedia    It was placed in front of the  courthouse in 1894 by the Ken  tucky Womens Monumental  Association  which preceded  the United Daughters of the  Confederacy  the website says    In 1997  it and 59 other mon  uments related to the Civil War  in Kentucky was placed on the  National Register of Historic  Places  and was one of 10 monu  ments of soldiers to appear on a  courthouse lawn  according to  the website    The monument  which last  week was adorned at its base  with small American flags  is  one of several in the courthouse  lawn  including monuments  honoring those who served in  both World Wars  Korea  Viet  nam and others  including the  war against Mexico    There is no monument or  mention of Union soldiers who  fought during the Civil War    Confederate symbols  most  notably the Confederate battle  flag  have drawn ire across the  nation after state officials in  South Carolina voted to taken  down at the state Capitol    In Frankfort  Gov  Steve Bes   hear responded to calls to have  a monument of Jefferson Davis  at the state Capitol rotunda  removed by asking the states  Historic Properties Advisory  Commission to review all mon  uments displayed at the capitol  for their context to Kentuckys  history  according to a report  last week in the Lexington  Herald Leader     Beshears request followed  calls by other politicians to  have the statue moved or  replaced  including by Senate  Majority Leaders Mitch McCo  nnell  R Kentucky  who in a  statement noted that Kentucky  never officially joined the  Confederacy and that Davis  sole connection to Kentucky  is he was born there  the paper  reported    Matt Bevin  the Republican  nominee for governor  also  called for its removal  as did  Robert Stivers  the Republican  president of the state Senate    Jack Conway  the Democrat  Party nominee for governor   said he would have to think  about whether he would sup  port removing the statue   according to the article    Gritton  the judge executive   said it is too preliminary to  know if the fiscal court will  address the monuments loca  tion but is not opposed to people  sharing their thoughts and  opinions on the issue    In Anderson County  were  blessed with having different  opinions  Gritton said  I need  to hear what people are think  ing about it    History is important  but  we have to be sensitive how we  embrace it    First District Magistrate  Rodney Durr said no one had  contacted him about the monu    ment and preferred to make  any statements about it during  a fiscal court meeting    Magistrates Kenny Barnett   6th District  and Juretta Wells   3rd District  said they had not  been contacted about the issue   either    I havent given it the first  thought  said Barnett    I will consider it  said Wells    Magistrates Mike Riley  2nd  District  said he had not been  contacted about the issue    At the moment  I dont  really have a thought on that   he said    Meredith Lewis  4th Dis  trict  could not immediately be  reached for comment    Damon McKee said he was  happy to see the Confederate  flag come down in South Caro  lina  adding that it became a  symbol of hate    The Confederate flag stands  for slavery  he said  In the war   we were all fighting for our  independence  All of us  but  we still dont have equal rights   This has been going on for  years    Daryn Harvey  who joined  the conversation later  said hes  fine with the monument being  in front the courthouse    It doesnt bother me a bit   he said    Comment at the anderson   news com     WRECK   Continued from Page A1   Affectionately known as Frog  he was unrespon  sive when medical help arrived and flown to UK with  life threatening injuries  according to the Kentucky  State Police    No charges were filed in the wreck    Scrogham lived in the trailer park on Versailles  Road and became something of a local fixture  known  for always riding his lawnmower around town and for  helping others    He was a good hearted man  said McKinney  add  ing that Scrogham  would walk through the  back door of her restau  rant every day to empty  the trash or perform  other tasks without ever  asking for pay    All he wanted was  hot coffee and a meal  once a month  said  McKinney  still obvi  ously shaken Monday  over the loss  He was  an all around good guy    He never had a lot but  what he did have was  worth  1 million to him    Frog would do any  thing for anybody    Scrogham was also  instrumental in assisting the owner of the trailer park  with handiwork and mowing  McKinney said    Frog did everything for her  she said    Scroghams sister  Connie Rutherford  said he was  struck on their ailing mothers birthday    He saw her Friday and told her happy birthday  and that hed see her the next day  Rutherford said   adding that she the family is very thankful for the  outpouring of support and prayers it has received    Another sister  Pam Glass  said the family is also  praying for Horseman  the woman whose vehicle col  lided with Scroghams lawnmower    We want her to know that we dont blame her in  any way  Glass said  It was just an accident and we are  praying for her family    Glass said she will remember her brother as some  one who loved to cut up with people and who lived his  life the way he wanted to live it    He did it his way  like Elvis  she said  That pretty  much sums it up    A native of Indiana who moved to this area at age  11  Rutherford said Scrogham worked to repair cooling  towers when he was younger  a job that took him to  all 50 states  That job ended when the man he worked  with fell from a tower and died    Subsequent jobs included stints at Walmart and the  Flying J truck stop before Scrogham started mowing  yards and helping at the trailer park    He liked to be different  said Rutherford    He was a prankster  added Glass  noting that as a  younger man he would show off his talents at state  fairs    He had a really deep voice  she said  He could  bawl like a calf  or sound like a frog or a cat  He was  good at mimicry    Services are scheduled for 10 a m  Thursday at  LeCompte Johnson Taylor Funeral Home in Frankfort   followed by burial at Sunset Memorial Gardens    Visitation is 5 to 8 p m  Wednesday  today  at the  funeral home    Comment at theandersonnews com     Want to help    Donations for Billy Frog Scrogham  are being accepted at Tonya s Buffet   located on Hilltop Drive in Lawrence   burg     I really hope people can help out    said owner Tonya McKinney   His  mom is not in good health and  needs all the help she can get    Donations can also be made to Spar  row Missions  PO Box 4329  Frank  fort  KY 40604  or Children s Hospital  Foundation  Box 950183  Louisville   KY 40295  according to obituary  information     TURTLE   Continued from Page A1   Mountjoy said his  pond monster weighed  in at approximately  28 pounds and was not  pleased to find himself  detained    He was mean   Mountjoy said of the  snapper  He had some  big ugly claws on him    When asked if he was  worried about the turtle  biting him Mountjoy  said his long experience  with snapping turtles  had taught him to be  wary    Ive been bit before   but Ive learned enough  about it so that I    dont get bit now  he  explained    Mountjoy has a right  to be cautious  adult  snapping turtles have  been known  to weigh up  to 35 pounds  and are very  aggressive   even lunging  at people who  get too close    Snapping  turtles are  believed to  have evolved the ability  to snap because  unlike  other turtles  they are  too large to hide in their  shells when confronted   Snapping at possible  threats with their large  hooked upper jaw    became the turtles  defense mechanism   However  the turtles  large talon like claws  also pose problems for    those wishing to capture  them    Mountjoys pond  monster sported over  3 inch long sharp talons    They use them to dig  around and burrow in  the mud and hide  he    explained  They can get  you with them if they  want to    With the assistance  of friend Danny Yeager   Mountjoy said  he laid a trap  for the large  snapper by  baiting a plas  tic jug with  fish and a  large hook    When  asked what  will become  of his large nuisance   Mountjoy said the tur  tle would make his way  to the family dinner  table soon    We are going to fry  him  His shell and claws  are going to be cleaned    and sent to a man in  Harrodsburg that makes  purses and necklaces out  of them    It probably was not  the ending the snap  ping turtle hoped for  when he wandered into  Mountjoys pond  but the  man who captured the    Loch Ness of Lawrence   burg says he is sure his  pond monster will make  a good dinner and a  mighty fine handbag    Hes big enough   Mountjoy shrugged    Comment at theander   sonnews com     LAWHENCEBURG   GUN db PAWN    BUY  SELL   LOAN   On Guns  Jewelry  Electronics  Tools   Other Valuables   Will Also Buy Gift Cards   Gun Collections    Hours  Mon Fri 10 a m 6 p m   Sat 10 a m  3 p m   Sun Noon 5 p m    507 HUMSTON DRIVE  502 604 6044   Next to Papa Johns     We are going to fry him  His shell and claws  are going to be cleaned and sent to a man in  Harrodsburg that makes purses and neck  laces out of them     David Mountjoy  Turtle catching expert    CABLE   Continued from Page A1  reduce costs    Reiber said General Cable is  exploring options where it can  relocate assets and product lines  from other facilities to meet the  growing demand for its specialty  electronics cables and fiber optic  business lines    One of those options is the  Lawrenceburg plant    We are looking at a reduc  tion in force in another area  but  what we are searching for areas  that can take on additional assets  and products that we develop   said Reiber     The approval of the tax incen  tives is one step in the process  and solidifies the states com  mitment should the project take  place    General Cable Lawrenceburg  Plant Manager Brett Ostrowski  said the approval of the incen  tives is great news for Lawrence  burg    Its an exciting time for our  plant and a great opportunity   he said  Our employees are some  of the best and the tax incentives  will help us build a long term  commitment to our community   It allows us to be a part of Law  renceburg for a long time    If the relocation of assets to  the Lawrenceburg plant were    to take place  Reiber says the   700 000 in tax incentives would  be dispersed over a 10 year  period    General Cable recently  announced that it had reached  an agreement to sell its Asia  Pacific operations as part of its  effort to simplify its geographic  portfolio and reduce organiza  tional complexity    General Cable produces high   quality aluminum  copper and  fiber optic wire and cable and  systems solutions for the energy   construction  industrial  specialty  and communications markets    Comment at theandersonnews   com      3bi  AttbiuHou Nihuh    USPS 025 300     Ben Carlson  Publisher Editor    ADVERTISING  Stephanie Lipp  Sales Representative  BUSINESS OFFICE  Kim Hodge  Office Assistant  Bill Woodruff  Delivery Driver   DESIGN  Mary Madden Garrison  Creative Director  NEWS  Ben Carlson  Publisher Editor  John Herndon  Sports Editor  Ricki Barker  StaffWriter    The Anderson News is published each Wednesday  Periodical postage is paid at Lawrenceburg  Ky   The Anderson News is located at 504 W  Broadway  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cut up and the roads reopened  The storms also knocked out power  at locations across the county  Above  road department employee Todd Ueltschi loads a  tree limb that fell on Rice Road into a county truck      Brian Ritchie and the staff of the Ritchie   Peach Funeral Home would like  to extend our gratitude to the community and agencies for the assistance  with honoring Trooper Eric Keith Chrisman  The outpouring of love and  compassion shown to the Chrisman family makes us proud to live and work  in the community of Lawrenceburg and Anderson County    We would like to extend a special thank you to Terry and Will Cooper and  members of the Ninevah Christian Church  Commissioner Rodney Brewer  and the members of the Kentucky State Police  KSP Honor Guard    Mr  Boyce Wells  staff of Supporting Heroes  local law enforcement agencies   including Anderson County Sheriff Department  Lawrenceburg Police  Department  Lawrenceburg Fire   Rescue  Anderson County EMS   Anderson County Fire and Rescue  Kentucky Department of Fish   Wildlife   and the many members of Kentucky cities  counties  and other state agencies  showing their respect and providing assistance with the services        Richie   Peach   Ritchie S Peach Funeral Home  Inc      me  ooPOO 00C 3 msPOO gfto               HUDSON HOLLOW    15  OFF   your entire order   Offer excludes alcohol  gratuity  gift cards and buffets      13 Carson Place  US 60 and US 127   Frankfort  502 352 2000  hudsonhollow com                                                                                                                 A4 Wednesday  July 15 2015 The Anderson News    OPINION    No easy answers  for monument   C olumn as I see em      A black man I interviewed last week about the appro  priateness of the Confederate soldier monument in front  of the county courthouse caught me off guard    What do you think should happen to it  he asked me while  I was jotting down his response to the same question    I glanced up from my notebook and quickly real  ized that I had no idea what to say and  as write this  column at 3 a m  Tuesday  I still dont    I answered his question by saying something  about not having the same perspective as him  Im  obviously not black  and resumed my job as the  guy asking the questions around here    My inability to answer his question sent me into  research mode  where I stumbled across a word that  seems invented but nevertheless appears in various  online dictionaries    Presentism  defined as the tendency to interpret  past events in terms of modern values or concepts  is  something our country has struggled with for years   but perhaps no more than in recent weeks  Seem  ingly on a daily basis  traditions and values as old as our nation  are cast aside  some by the courts  others simply because   enough people no longer care  about or agree with those values    As attitudes shift  those on the  front line of those changes try to  apply todays social morays onto  the past and come away repulsed   They cant fathom how anyone  would want to fly a Confeder  ate flag or how  as a community   we could embrace a monument  dedicated to those who fought to  preserve  among other things  the  ownership of slaves    Agree with that or not  its  safe to say that presentism left  unchecked is a dangerous if not  ignorant way of viewing history   and when put into full practice  has no other logical outcome  than the whitewashing of that history  particularly its pock  marks    Carried to its inevitable conclusion as it relates to the Civil  War  such thinking would require the banishment of all Con  federate emblems  including on re enactment battlefields and  in cemeteries  where the Confederate battle flag makes annual  appearances  Not to mention schools  roads and bridges named  after iconic figures who fought on behalf of the South    Or  and I like this example  the name of the late Senator from  Virginia  Democrat Robert Byrd  being taken off everything  from federal buildings and highways based on the leadership  role he played in the Ku Klux Klan    All of that aside  while Im not sure I have developed  an answer to the mans question  I do know that relegating  emblems  statues and other symbols to less noticeable locations  or getting rid of them altogether will not and can not change  the past  While thats true  its also true that as a community we  cannot discount the feelings of those who  while seeking justice  for all  must first walk past a monument that in their minds  represents those who fought to keep their ancestors enslaved    S peaking of schools      We are working on a story for next week about the school  boards decision Monday night to start making athletes pay  to play    Im not going to squawk too loudly about that  but think its  yet another example of artificial budgeting that hides the true  cost of doing business    Fees  particularly those that fund schools  are nothing more  than death by a thousand cuts  We pay fees  or more appropri  ately  taxes  on everything from utility bills to cell phones  all  of which are designed to forego the grief received by board  members when they do the one thing everyone really sees  raise  property taxes    As for athletics  Ive said for years Id like to see a full  accounting for what it costs to field each team  everything  from football to golf  including salaries    Now that the school board has decided that the cost of athlet  ics is gotten high enough that players  except  of course  those  on free and reduced lunches  need to start footing a portion of  the bill  its time to pull that information together and share it  with you    Stay tuned    Comment at theandersonnews com         it s safe to say that pre  sentism left unchecked  is a dangerous if not  ignorant way of viewing  history  and when put  into full practice  has no  other logical outcome  than the whitewashing  of that history  particular  its pockmarks        Ben   Carlson   Publisher    Help your teenager  be relationship smart    A s a parent you want  your teen  to make  wise choices in  relationships  You  dont want them to  get hurt and make  life changing mis  takes    Some mistakes  are minor  Accept  that teens will  make mistakes  in judgment  You  probably did too  when you were younger and  no one is perfect even as an  adult    You can help your teen  be successful in making the  transition from childhood to  adulthood by being open to  discussing challenging topics   The Relationship Smarts Plus  program is designed to help  develop healthy relationships   This program will first be  offered to parents so you can  be the best teacher and exam  ple for your teen    This column highlights sev  eral of the activities found in  the Relationship Smarts Plus  Teen Workbook   Love U2 1  hope vou will decide to register    for the course after reading  these excerpts  Since these are  just excerpts  you wont get the  entire program in this column  but just a little to get you inter  ested    How Do I See Myself   What  things am I doing now that  might get in the way of reach  ing my dreams    Thinking about my friends  and my future   Are my  friends attitudes  behaviors  and values in sync with my  values and where I want to  be going in life  What are the  major differences    Where am I on the scale of  maturity  Am I self centered   concerned only about self or  am I caring and kind  secure  enough to give and not just  receive    What makes a great rela  tionship  Does it feel easy to  express my true feelings and  thoughts  Does my friend   partner seem to care about  what I say    Is it a healthy relationship   Does it feel controlling  He  or she makes me feel stupid  I  walk on eggshells  Or equal and  See MARTIN  Page A5     Joan   Martin    Extension   columnist     do you com aero   PEMEMW HOW AN PY  YOU 60 T AT KENTUCKY  A 61  TA 4   EONWAY MEN  HE PEFlftED TO APPEAL  THE EOUP T PULIN61 ON  SAME SEX MAPNAEE      WHAT YOU SAID  AEDUT ANY  ELECTED OFFICIAL  NOT DOIN61 THE  TOE THEY YlEPE  HIF ED FOP       UV V     NOOO    Nope     N T Me    TAK  MHO      Terr f C Wise 01 16    LETTERS TO THE EDITOR   Vietnam vet story was wonderful    To the editor    taff writer Ricki Barker did the most  wonderful job on the story  headlined Vets have life  long bond  about the Vietnam  War buddies who reunited  after 44 years    Great job  Ricki  Thanks for  making it a proud time  not  the terrible time it was    Terry Covington Sr    Lawrenceburg   Media should stop  naming  showing killers   To the editor    vil debuted in the Gar  den of Evil  Since its  famous debut  it has  filled history books with  infamous dates and egregious  crimes like the recent church  shooting in South Carolina  which also  launched subsequent attacks on the wrong  fronts    As usual  opportunistic politicians  mer  chants and fear mongers elbowed their way  onto television bandwagons to ingratiate  targeted demographics  but their self serv  ing ballyhoo went silent in reaction to the  beautiful young lady on the San Francisco  wharf who died asking Dad to help her   Their relative silence to her death was read  ily understandable  Collective dereliction  of sworn duty in Congress and the White  House had enabled that grievous tragedy    Tragic events used to ballyhoo self pro  motion only promote additional tragedies  like the ones perpetrated in the Charleston  church  the Sandy Hook school  and the    Colorado theater    Television executives could help prevent  mass tragedies  They could  declare voluntary morato  riums that would end their  collaborations with killers  of defenseless strangers  Cur  rently  they help such killers  avenge wrongs and attract  desired attention by repeat  edly including their faces and  names on newscasts as their  heinous crimes move through  the justice system    The faces and names of  such killers should not be  included on newscasts  espe  cially after they are in police  custody  If they are killed or  captured at the crime scene   their identities should never  be revealed on television  e g  alleged killer  X     That sensible restraint would not elimi  nate evil nor stop the despicable conduct in  Congress and the White House  but it would  eliminate the allure that attracts imma  ture minded individuals moved to vindic  tiveness by real or mislabeled grievances  against parents or other authority figures    Voluntary moratoriums would save  irreplaceable lives and prevent the endless  grief of affected families  Such a public   spirited  unselfish gesture in these avari  cious times would surely return a full mea  sure of in kind benefits to the benefactors    Shatter Bailey  Lexington  formerly of Lawrenceburg     The faces and names  of such killers should  not be included on  newscasts  especially  after they are in police  custody  If they are  killed or captured  at the crime scene   their identities should  never be revealed  on television  e g   alleged killerX       Non traditional tips for bug bites    A nybody else feel like  a duck  I had over  7 inches of rain in  June  and July  is shaping up to  be just as wet    Ive been here  19 years and  this is definite  ly the wettest  summer yet    Grandma  Nora would  have called it  close  The  high humid  ity makes you  feel like youre  wearing a wet towel around  all day  On the plus side  I  dont need as much moistur  izer    Our skin gets a lot of  exposure in the summer   Those with sensitive skin  have to be much more  watchful with sun and  insects  Sunscreens help tre  mendously  but what about  those insects  Has anyone  else noticed those tiny   black  hard shelled flyers   They bite  Chamomile tea  is very effective for me  but  not all bodies are the same    What we eat can make  a difference  because our  sweat smells  but I bet you    didnt know that blood type  makes a huge difference in  making us attractive  One  of the few scientific stud  ies researching insect bites  found that those with blood  type 0 get bit the most    To lessen problems the  researchers suggested that  you take over the counter  antihistamines a day before  and on the day of outings  to  lessen the attraction  along  with bug sprays  They also  say to sit on your hands   Scratching only makes it  worse    There are tricks to make  it itch less  Once bitten by a  mosquito one effective mea  sure is to place a very warm  spoon or butter knife on the  bite and hold it there for 15  seconds or more  The heat  kills the protein left by the  insect at the bite and reduc  es the itching  Im guess  ing you could substitute a  pocketknife blade heated  over the grill or lighter  Just  warm  not hot    I usually find a weed  called plantain  bruise and  crush the leaves  then rub  it on the bite  Placing ice or  a cold beverage on it will  help a little  Then  use soap  and water to wash the bite    as soon as you can  If you  look pretty in pink  there is  always calamine    Now  what can we do in  the garden  The soil is sop  ping  If you have Anderson  County clay as your domi  nant soil type  youre going  to be waiting a while before  everything dries up enough  to run the tiller  That is why  amending your soil with  compost and other lighter  soils is so important    Even with great soil  this  rain has brought some chal  lenges  I drive by my buddy  Jerrys garden in Glensboro  daily  and hes got great  soil  I can see the standing  water from the road  Mother  Nature has been overly gen  erous lately  We just have to  hope for sunshine and wait  it out    Now  get out those muck  boots and wade into the  garden  The positive part  of all this rain is incredible  growth  The trick will be  to get in to pick when you  have the time and its not  raining  Good luck  and as  always  happy growing    Cheryl Steenerson is a  gardening columnist for The  Anderson News      Cheryl   Steenerson   Columnist     Tommy   Yankey   Extension   columnist    Rain makes easy bedding for June beetle    G reen June beetle flight has  begun across Kentucky    They are similar to  and at  the same time different from  Japa  nese beetles    What they have in common  Both species are good fliers and  congregate in large numbers when  feeding  Also  each has one genera  tion each year and their larval stages    are white grubs that develop in soil    Females of both species fly low  over the turf during July and August  as they look for suitable areas to lay  eggs  These beetles will land and  enter the soil to lay eggs where con  ditions are right for them  Adequate  soil moisture is vital because eggs of   See YANKEY  Page A5     COMMUNITY    The Anderson News Wednesday  July 15 2015 A5    Legion receives awards at convention    From staff reports   American Legion  Ameri  can Legion Auxiliary and the  Sons of the American Legion  Department of Kentucky  Convention was held June  18 20 at Crowne Plaza hotel  in Louisville  This was the  97th Annual Convention for  the American Legion  94th  for the Auxiliary and 43rd  for the sons    Unit 34 received trophies  for best history  best overall  public relations  best overall  children and youth program  and membership  Junior  members received a trophy  for veterans affairs and  rehabilitation  Certificates  were received for reporting  on these programs  educa  tion  legislative  community  service  children and youth   auxiliary emergency fund   Americanism  past president  parley  chaplain and constitu  tion and bylaws    National president Janet  Jefford spoke to members  and praised the auxiliary for  its efforts in assisting veter  ans    Unit 34 First Vice  President Betty Butler was  installed as Department of  Kentucky First Vice Presi  dent  Betty will serves as  a delegate at the national  convention in Baltimore   Maryland in August  Bobby  Thornberry of Post 34 was  installed as American Legion  Department of Kentucky  Chaplain    Members who attended  from Unit 34 in Lawrence   burg were Pam Brough    Betty Butler  Nettie Halvor   son  Donna Nicolette and  Shirley Thornberry      Photos furnished   ABOVE  Members from the  American Legion Auxiliary Unit  34 in Lawrenceburg attend  ed the Department of Ken  tucky Convention last month  where the unit  Members who  attended are from left are Pam  Braugh  Nettie Halvorson  Shir  ley Thornberry and Donna Nico  lette  RIGHT  Unit 34 First Vice  President Betty Butler stands  with American Legion Post 34  member Bobby Thornberry at  the American Legion Depart  ment of Kentucky Convention  in Louisville  Butler will serve  as a delegate for the auxiliary  at the national convention   Thornberry was installed as the  American Legion Department  of Kentucky Chaplain      MARTIN   Continued from Page A4   supporting  I dont have to pretend to  be perfect    Examining family patterns   My  parents are able to talk openly about  their feelings to each other  good or bad   Or they seem to have many topics and    feelings they cant talk about to each  other    Time outs  Get back to your smart  brain  Never say You need a timeout   Instead try I need a timeout or we need  a timeout or some other phrase that  helps you back away  When needed  try  to identify the hurt behind your anger   Dont keep repeating negative thoughts    This is just a sampling of the 12 week    program on Relationship Smarts Plus   Call the Anderson County Extension  Office at 502 839 7271 to register for  this course  The cost is  15  The program  will begin on Tuesday  August 18 at 6  p m    Joan Martin is a consumer and fam  ily sciences agent at the Anderson Exten  sion office in Lawrenceburg     YANKEY   Continued from Page A4   both must absorb a significant  amount of water in order to  hatch  That should be relative  ly easy this summer because  of the amount of rainfall that  has fallen    Different feeding habits   Green June beetle grubs  feed on organic matter  while  Japanese beetle grubs feed on  grass roots  Feeding by Japa  nese beetle grubs can result  in dead patches in turf grass   green June beetle grubs will  not do this    While Japanese beetles  feed extensively on leaf tis  sue  green June beetles eat  soft sugary foods  ripe and  over ripened fruits  corn tas  sels and silks  tree sap  and  honey dew  Feeding causes  fermentation and production  of volatile organic compounds  that attract other individuals   Information on green June  beetle management on grapes  is available in the publication   Green June Beetles on Grapes   ENTFACT 227     A natural enemy   When green June beetles  show up  the blue winged  wasp is not far behind  This  distinctive half inch long wasp  with blue black wings has a  reddish tail and two yellow  bars near the end of its abdo  men  It is a natural enemy of  green June beetle grubs  The  blue winged wasp is a natu  ral enemy of the green June  beetle    These wasps cruise over  grassy areas in search of grubs   They will enter the soil and  burrow to find the beetle  larva  sting it  and then lay an  egg  The wasp larva uses the  grub for food and spends the  winter in a cocoon within the  host  emerging the following  year  The wasps are not aggres  sive and do not pose a threat   Nectar provides them with  an energy source that allows  them to search for prey so  they are seen on flowers    Tommy Yankey is a consum  er and natural sciences agent ai  the Anderson Extension office     GET A GREAT DEAL AT   BOB ALLENI    SUMMER CLEARANCE EVENT    j ee p tj    Bob Allen will BEAT or MATCH any new vehicle  offer in writing or pay you   500P           15 JEEP RENEGADE    15 DODGE DURANGO SXT    All prices plus tax  title and license   Valid on new Chrysler  Dodge  Jeep Vehicles only    zyn   FRA    jLEN    FRANKFORT    Jeep    925 Versailles Road  Frankfort   1   866   695   8166    15 DODGE JOURNEY   AS LOW AS   17 990    15 DODGE DART    AS LOW AS      18 590    15 CHRYSLER 300    AS LOW AS      25 847    AS LOW AS      34 990    15 CHRYSLER 200    AS LOW AS    17 990    IS DODGE CHARGER    AS LOW AS   24 890    15 JEEP CHEROKEE    AS LOW AS    Like us on     uvcuaun        BBB     Jim Hughey     WE ARE   FRANKFORT S  DEALMAKER   If we don t have the pre owned  vehicle you want  we can get it     13 NISSAN MAXIMA    CARS   MOTORCYCLES    0FP3622     BUY FOR   19 041     14 DODGE CHARGER   IFP3625A    10 HYUNDAI ACCENT KF9330A   5 602   08 HYUNDAI AZERA  F9363A   10 685   13 CHEVY SONIC  FP3656   12 422   13 NISSAN SENTRA  FP3662   13 125   13 CHRYSLER 200 CH 4F9213A   13 240   14 HYUNDAI ELANTRA  FP3661   15 501   14 HYUNDAI SONATA  FP3660   15 916   13 CHEVY IMPALA  FP3654   15 992   14 NISSAN ALTIMA  FP3607   17 169   14 CHEVY CRUZE  FP3629   17 416   13 DODGE DART  FP363S   17 554   12 HARLEY DAVIDSON FLHTX  FP3470A1   17 600   10 CHRYSLER 300 C SEDAN  FP3649    20 569   14 MAZDA 5 IF9472A   21 456   11 CHRYSLER 300 SEDAN  FP3648   22 676   14 CHRYSLER 300 M SEDAN UF9541A   22 705   14 FORD MUSTANG SFP3630   24 567   14 DODGE CHARGER  FP3638   27 264    BUY FOR   20 600     11 CADILLAC SRX    FP3675    BUY FOR   20 610    12 GMC CANYON SLE2     BUY FOR      26 880    TRUCKS  VANS   SUVs    03 OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE  FP3645A  2 500   02ISUZU TROOPER 4F9436A  5 100   08 JEEP PATRIOT F9530A  7 600   12 SUZUKI GRAND VITARA  F9452A  10 100   10KIASOUL FP3646A  11 150   10 FORD RANGER JF9463A  15 100   13 JEEP PATRIOT SFP3664  15 415   13 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN  FP3636  15 857   14 JEEP COMPASS 4FP3668  17 343   13 CHEVY EQUINOX FP3588B  19 332   08 JEEP WRANGLER JF9486A  19 493   08 JEEP WRANGLER IFP3592B  19 600   14 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN  FP3628  19 665   09 CHEVY SILVERADO 1500 PICK UP  FP3667  19 943   13 RAM 1500 PICK UP 4FP3666  21 153   15 DODGE JOURNEY  FP3659  21 605   14 CHRYSLER TOWN 8  COUNTRY  FP3626  21 740   14 JEEP CHEROKEE IFP36S8  23 417   12 CHRYSLER TOWN 8  COUNTRY  FP363l  23 878   14 JEEP CHEROKEE IF9517B  24 600   12 DODGE RAM 1500 PICK UP JFP3594  28 330   13 RAM 1500 PICK UP  FP3657  32 600   14 FORD F 150 PICK UP  F9500A  36 677   14 RAM 2500 PICK UP 4FP3665  44 175   13 RAM 3500 PICK UP IFP3632  53 521    All prices plus tax  title and license      925 Versailles Road  Frankfort  Call Jim Hughey at   1   866   695 8166    iviviv  bobaUenfranlcfort  com    ivivi v  bobaUenfranBtfort  com                                                                                           A6 Wednesday  July 15 2015 The Anderson News    COMMUNITY    City council awards paving contract  names road to be fixed    Geoghegan questions Hawkins EDA appointment    By Ben Carlson   News staff   The Lawrenceburg City  Council voted Monday to  award a paving contract to  BJs Paving in the amount of   163 462  It was the lowest of  three bids received    The amount will pave  about 2 miles of city streets   Scheduled for paving are     Ballard Street from  North Main to Bluebird    Linden Drive from North  Main to its end    Both entrances to Tara  Way    Entrance to Butler Drive    McKee Lane from Wal  nut Street to Gailane    All of Maintenance Drive    All of Tahoe Drive    Dogwood Drive from US  62 to 3 Way Stop and Go    Industry Park Road at  the YKK entrance and from  East Court Street to Lincoln    Street    All of Plantation Drive    Suzanne Street from Wal  nut Street to end    Lois Street from Walnut  Street to end    Green view Drive from  Gailane Street to end   Bad checks   The Lawrenceburg City  Council voted Monday to con  sider an ordinance that would  allow for a fee to be placed on  bad checks written to the city    The bad check fee was an  idea that surfaced with the  councils public works com  mittee  Committee Chairman  Bobby Durr recommended  the ordinance to allow the  water department to add a  fee to bounced checks    During the meeting  City  Clerk Robbie Hume suggested  that the ordinance include all  checks written to the city so    that the policy would be con  sistent across the board    City Attorney Robert  Myles said he would have a  draft of the ordinance pre  pared before the next city  council meeting  scheduled  for July 28 at 5 p m    EDA appointments   Shannon Redden was  unanimously approved to fill  a vacancy on the Lawrence   burg Anderson County Eco  nomic Development Author  ity  but that wasnt the case  for Ricky Hawkins    City Council member  George Geoghegan said he  could not support Hawkins  for reappointment because he  does not live in the city    We have plenty of people  who pay city taxes and are  capable of holding that posi  tion  Geoghegan said  I cant  vote for someone who is not a  city resident    We dont want to forget  that Ricky has a multi    million dollar business in  the city  said council mem  ber Ken Evans  who made a  motion to approve Hawkins    The motion carried  with  Geoghegan abstaining from  casting a vote    Redden is marketing direc  tor and manager of NANRIC   a Main Street equine based  company  He will fill a vacan  cy left by Barry Drury  who  did not seek reappointment    Building update   A new maintenance  building to replace the one  destroyed in a fire earlier  this year is nearly complete   Mayor Sandy Goodlett said  Monday evening    If you havent been down  there to see it  you should   he said  It has really come  together    Goodlett added that the  city has settled its insurance  claim from the fire for  1 2  million  saying good record  keeping on the citys behalf    helped make settling the  claim easier  That smoothes  it out a bit  he said    Surplus auction   The council authorized the  mayor to conduct a surplus  property auction Aug  1    Auctioned will be six  police cruisers that were  described Monday as being  worn out  along with a  Dodge Caravan and equip  ment damaged in the fire    July 28 meeting   The council will conduct a  work session July 28 at 5 p m    the mayor announced    Discussions during the  session will include an ordi  nance on bad checks  an  ordinance about a regulatory  fee on alcohol and what the  mayor described as a green  initiative the city is working  on    Comment at theandersone   ws com     Fiscal court to move recycling bin if trash clumping continues    Toilets  dead animal pulled from trailer on Highway 749    By Ben Carlson   News staff     Photo by Ben Carlson   Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton accepts a  146 112  donation 7 from members of the Ander  son County Extension Homemakers Council last Tuesday  The check wasn t for depositing   Instead  it represents the value of hours the council s members have donated to the com  munity multiplied by  20 an hour  From left are Mable Crane  Gritton  Mattie Spaulding and  Kay Scheffler     If people keep throwing trash  in and around the recycling trailer  located at Highway 749 and US 62  it  will be moved to another location    That was the takeaway from last  Tuesdays meeting of the Anderson  County Fiscal Court  which also voted  to lower speed limits on several more  county roads    During the meeting  solid waste  coordinator Justin Stamper told mag  istrates that the recycling trailer on  Highway 749 continues to be filled  with household trash instead of  recyclables  a problem that has gone  on since the trailer was placed there  more than a year ago    Seventy five percent of it is trash   Stamper said  Weve pulled animal  carcasses out of there  and people are  using it as a dumping site for a large  number of toilets    Weve even had people put tires in  trash bags in there    Sheriff Troy Young was asked if  placing one of his offices surveillance  cameras at the location would help   Young said that can be done  but the  cameras would often just show people  putting bags there  which wouldnt  necessarily determine if they were  filled with trash or recyclables    Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton  said the trailer was still there as of  Monday  and that Stamper and his  crew would monitor it to see if condi  tions improve    If not  he said  the trailer will be  relocated    I dont know where it would be   Gritton said  We dont want to take  that service away from people  but it  needs to be used for recyclables     The point will eventually be moot   Gritton said  as the county transitions  to curbside pickup of recyclables  through its new contract with Repub  lic Services    Gritton said the contract calls for  Republic to provide that service  but  that doing so will take time to allow  the company to prepare and acquire  enough equipment    Im hoping to have that done by  the end of the year  Gritton said after  the meeting    At least by the first quarter of  next year    Gritton reiterated that once curb   side collection begins  those utilizing  the service for trash collection will  not see an increase in their quarterly  bills    Speed limits lowered   Magistrates unanimously voted to  lower speed limits on several more  county highways  marking an ongo  ing effort to slow down traffic    Gritton said the reductions are  largely the result of resident com  plaints to magistrates and that lower  ing the speed limits county wide is  likely to happen in the future    Its 55 mph now unless posted  he  said  Weve had some initial discus  sions at what  lowering the limits  county wide  would look like    While limits are generally being  lowered to 25 mph  Gritton said any  move to lower them county wide  would likely be done on a case by  case basis    Some roads can handle 35 mph   he said  Well look at populated areas  and some that arent as populated    Fire board appointments    Johnny Wall and David Lloyd were  each give three year appointments  to the Anderson County Fire District  Board during last Tuesdays meeting    Bill Hainline was given a two year  appointment    All three appointments were  unanimous    Homemakers deliver check    The Anderson County Extension  Homemakers delivered a check for   146 112 to the fiscal court during  Tuesdays meeting    No  it wasnt for deposit but instead  to demonstrate the organizations    overall value to the county    Council President Mattie Spauld  ing said they came to that total by  multiplying the number of volunteer  7 201 hours the organization put in  during the previous year multiplied  by  20 per hour    It represents the money weve  given back to you  Spaulding said   We wanted to make the court aware  of what we are doing    Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton  accepted the check on behalf of the  fiscal court    Comment at theandersonnews com     Woman offers reward after thieves steal items from burned home    By Ben Carlson   News staff   A womans whose  home burned June 1 on  Clifton Road is offering  a  500 reward for the  arrest and conviction  of those responsible for  taking items from the  burned out residence    Anyone with infor  mation about the thefts    is asked to call deputy  Paul Blackhurst at the  Anderson County Sher  iffs Office at 839 4021    Teresa Carrier said  Monday that a number  of items that could have  been salvaged from the  residence have been  stolen  including her  grandmothers china  set she says is valued at     5 000    They went in an  stole everything  Car  rier said  The first stuff  they stole before I even  got permission to go  back inside    They just came in  the back door and stole  whatever they could    Then  she said  the  thieves came back for    more    I went up there  yesterday  Sunday  and  they took my washer  and dryer and even my  stereo system  she said    Now  theres noth  ing left that can be sal  vaged    Carrier  who is dis  abled  said she was the  only one home when    Jailbirds help raise thousands of dollars for CASA    From staff reports   The Anderson County CASA  ad hoc committee reports that   3 500 was raised during its  fourth annual jail event in June   The event was held at the    Lawrenceburg Fair and Horse  Show where various volunteers  were jailed and had to raise  funds for release    CASA of the Bluegrass con  sists of four counties Anderson     Boyle  Franklin and Mercer   Anderson County has more chil  dren in the CASA program than  any of the other three counties    CASA  stands for Court  Appointed Special Advocates      Seeking someone to join our   MANAGEMENT TEAM    DO    Applicant must  be available days   nights and also  weekends      Please send resume or questions to  jacobcoxdq gmail com    GUN   KNIFE SHOW   July 18 and 19   Sat  9 am   5 pm  Sun  9 am   4 pm  Louisville   Kentucky Fair   Expo Center  West Hall A B   937 Phillips Lane   BUY SELL TRADE  INFO   563  927 8176   Presented by Kenny Woods Gun Show Inc     the fire broke out June 1   She said she was able to  escape  thanks to a pair  of service dogs inside  the home with her    If they hadnt been  there I wouldnt have  gotten out  she said    One of the dogs was    badly burned in the fire   she said    At first they wanted  to put him down but I  said no  she said  Hes  doing better now    Comment at thean   desonnews com       ASHWOOD PLACE    Providing Independent Living       Choice of cottages  studio  one and two bedroom apartments  Delicious meals prepared bv our chef  served restaurant style daily  Linen and housekeeping service  Complimentary laundry facilities  Social  recreational and educational activities  Occupational  physical and recreational therapy  F   Emergency call systems  S   Scheduled local transportation available  S   Maintenance of building and grounds   Ashwood Place is proudly owned and operated by Five Star Senior Living    FIVE STAR   SENIOR LIVING     Pet Friendly    102 Leonardwood Drive  Frankfort  KY   502 223 5551   www AshwoodPlace com                 BUYING OR SELLINGS     EMS    ANDERSON COUNTY CLERKS OFFICE HOURS   Mon 8 30 a m 6 p m   Tues Fri 8 30 a m  5 p m     BUYING A VEHICLE    There are several things to be aware of when buying a vehicle from an individual    The best and most secure way to transfer a vehicle is for the buyer and the seller to go  to the County Clerk s Office  If this is not an option  then please follow the steps below  to protect yourself from fraud    Is the person selling the vehicle the same person listed on the title as the owner  Ask  for an ID  Is the title the current one  Is there a lien filed against the vehicle  Call the  County Clerk s Office at 502 839 3041 to verify  Does the Vehicle Identification Number   VIN  on the title match the one on the vehicle  Always check it  The seller must sign  the title at the top and bottom left in front of a Notary Public  Always try to get accu  rate contact information from the seller in case something else is needed  All delinguent  property taxes must be paid on the vehicle in guestion before a transfer can take place    If you are buying a vehicle that is titled in another state  a Vehicle Transfer and Regis  tration form  VTR   TC 96 182  will also be reguired  This form can be obtained at our  office or online  It MUST be signed by the seller in front of a Notary Public in addition to  the title  A Sheriff s Inspection will be needed    The buyer will need an ID and valid Kentucky insurance card  which must include the VIN  number of the vehicle of which is being purchased in order to complete the transfer in  our office  It must also contain the insurance company NAIC   and the Effective Date of  the policy must be on the card   Date can t be older than 45 days     You can call the Clerk s Office to inquire if the buyer has transferred the vehicle by pro  viding the title number  If the transfer isn t completed by the end of the year  the seller  will be responsible for property taxes for the new year  The buyer has 15 days by law to  transfer the vehicle    If the buyer fails to transfer the vehicle within 15 days  the seller may go to their Clerk s  Office with the name and address of the buyer  A notation will be made in the state  system that the buyer failed to transfer the vehicle  This will cancel the license on the  vehicle  The seller will still be responsible for taxes until transferred  This is why it is  very important to go to the Clerk s Office to be sure the transfer takes place    There are a few things to know when buying a vehicle from a dealer    Always insist to have the transfer be completed and usage  sales  tax collected at  your home County Clerk s Office  You have the right as the buyer under KRS 186A 120  subsection 1 as the purchaser  If the seller doesn t request this  the dealer can send the  transfer to the county in which they conduct business and that county will receive the  transfer fees and usage collection rate     SELLING A VEHICLE    Are you planning on selling a vehicle in the future  Here are a few tips that might help    We have found that many individuals believe a vehicle is transferred  out of their name   once he she  the seller  signs the back of the title  This is not true  A vehicle is not  transferred until it is correctly signed in front of a Notary Public AND the transaction is  completed at the County Clerk s Office    Many buyers are failing to transfer the vehicles in a timely manner  so I encourage the  seller to accompany the buyer to the County Clerk s Office to witness the transfer    If you go to the County Clerk s Office in your home county  the transfer fees will benefit  your county  If the property tax has been paid already for the current year  then the  seller is done  If the property taxes haven t been paid  a notice will be sent to the seller  and due within 30 days  This can be paid by the seller at the time of transfer if they are  present    If the seller can t go to the Clerk s Office  then be sure to sign the title in the specified  places in front of a Notary Public  Be sure that the buyer signs in their specified places  in front of a Notary Public as well  to avoid fraud     Be sure to check with the clerk s office to see if the buyer transferred the vehicle or  not  If this transfer is not completed by the end of the year  the seller will be responsible  for the following year property taxes as well      JUNKING A VEHICLE       If you have sold or plan to sell a vehicle for scrap  the REGISTERED OWNER must bring  the title and license plate to our office and pay  3 to  Junk  the vehicle in the State  System  removing all tax implications in the future   Don t give your title to the salvage  yard unless they are willing to transfer the ownership to their name   All taxes must be  paid on that vehicle before this can take place  This must be done before the end of the  year to avoid the taxes for the following year  Just selling a vehicle for scrap does not  remove your obligations     DEALERS  SKIPPING TITLE  ETC    Over the past several years we have seen an increase in individuals buying and selling  vehicles without a dealer s license  Several issues arise with this  The law states that if  you buy a vehicle with the intent to sell  then you need a dealer s license    Some of these individuals title the vehicles in their name before selling them  but many  don t  This is what we call  SKIPPING TITLE     Example  The seller signs the title and has it notarized and gives it to the buyer  The buyer  then turns around and sells the vehicle to another individual  A few things happen under  this scenario  1   Usage tax  sales tax  wasn t collected as it should have been  2   The  middle man is competing with licensed dealers without insurance  licenses  etc  3   The ve  hicle may not get transferred in a timely manner  causing taxes to be owed by the original  owner for the next year    The Motor Vehicle Commission is cracking down on these type of activities and conduct  ing investigations on a regular basis  You can report suspected violators at 502 573 1000    To prevent this fraud from taking place  NEVER GIVE ANYONE A TITLE TO YOUR VEHICLE  WITH OUT IT BEING COMPLETELY FILLED OUT WITH ALL THE BUYER S INFORMATION  ON IT     OR VS  AND   If you are purchasing a vehicle and want more than one name on the title  then please  know the difference between  or  versus  and   Using or between the names  ex  John or  Jane Doe  means that either person can sign to sale the vehicle to another person or  conduct any official business related to that vehicle  Using and between the names  ex   John and Jane Doe  means that both owners must sign to sale the vehicle or conduct  any official business related to that vehicle     Tips from  Jason Denny   Anderson  County Clerk   Lately  the County Clerk s  Office has witnessed a  large increase in problems  regarding buying and  selling of vehicles   boats and trailers    I hope the following  information will aid in  the purchase or sale of  your next vehicle     Office at 502 839 3041  or Jason Dennv at 502 680 0878    GETTING A DIVORCE    If you are in the process of getting a divorce and each party can agree on who gets the  vehicles  then go to the County Clerk s Office and transfer them before the divorce is  final  This will save a lot of time  money and paperwork    If your divorce is final  you must provide the County Clerk s Office with a copy of the  Divorce Decree and Property Settlement  stating which vehicle is to be transferred and  to whom  It shall also include the Vehicle Identification Number and preferably the make  and model of the vehicle  Lately  our office has seen an increase in decrees that state  that  she gets the vehicle in her possession and he gets the vehicle in his possession    Neither our office nor the State can verify which individual had what vehicle in their pos  session  therefore  we can t transfer it and must direct the individual to go back to their  lawyer and the court system  There are a few exceptions that will allow the transfer to  take place  but it could cost the receiving party additional taxes  Divorced couples do  not have to come to our office at the same time     I    DEATH OF A SPOUSE OR PARENT   I can t imagine the heartache that comes with losing a spouse or parent  I know it can  be difficult for the surviving spouse and or child to figure out what to do with vehicles   boats and campers    Let s discuss the issue of the surviving spouse first  If the vehicles  boats or campers   were titled in both names with  or  between the names  John or Jane Doe  then nothing  has to be done  The surviving spouse can sell these at any time  If the vehicle was titled  in the name of the deceased spouse only  or if it was titled in both names with  and   between the names  John and Jane Doe   then the surviving spouse will need to either  become the executor over the estate or obtain an Order to Dispense    If the parent parents are deceased  whichever applies to the ownership   the child chil  dren must become the executor s  over the estate or obtain an Order to Dispense    This will have to be done in District Court  The surviving spouse or child children can  transfer the vehicle s  once these documents are obtained     DISABLED PLACARDS   Any individual needing to obtain a Disabled Placard must first have their Doctor fill  out and sign an affidavit  The person obtaining the Placard must also sign the affida  vit in front of a Notary Public  All of our deputies are Notaries  There is a   2 charge  for Notary Signatures    Permanent Placards  blue  must be renewed every two years  A Temporary Placard   red  must be renewed every 90 days  New regulations from the State require a new  affidavit to be filled out in front of a Notary each time    Why did things change  Numerous individuals have come in to County Clerk s Offices  statewide to obtain a placard for another individual  even a deceased person  with the  intent to use the placard for themselves  Our office is audited yearly to see if we have  notarized signatures of the applicant     FORMS OF PAYMENT   The County Clerk s Office accepts cash  checks and most credit debit cards  Companies  that provide credit debit card machines charge processing fees  normally to the busi  ness that has the machine  Since the County Clerk s Office is a government entity  we  can t use taxpayer dollars to pay for the processing fees that come with a credit debit  card machine  These fees must be paid by the individual using the machine for payment  of their transaction  Debit cards are charged   2 50 per transaction  Credit cards are  charged   2 50 per transaction if the total is below   50 and 4  if above   50     NOTARY PUBLIC   There has been lots of confusion regarding Notaries in the past  A Notary Public must  witness the individual sign the document  The Notary will then sign their signature   stamp it if needed   date the document and place their expiration on it     COUNTY STICKERS   Does it matter what county name is on your license plate  Your license plate is good  statewide  no matter what county sticker is on it  however  you can change the plate to  an Anderson County plate at anytime for   5 with your current registration  Your plate  can be changed to an In God We Trust Plate with Anderson on it at the time of renewal  at no additional charge  You must bring your old plate with you  In years past  an individ  ual could come to our office and request an Anderson sticker for their plate  Regulations  no longer permit our office to do this     PLATE CHANGES   The old plate must be turned into our office if the Registered Owner wants to replace it  with a different plate or if the State discontinues a certain plate     CORPORATIONS  LLCs  TRUSTS  POAs   EXECUTORSHIPS  ORDERS TO DISPENSE   DIVORCE DECREES  ETC    In order for our office to do certain transactions  you might be asked for additional  documentation  If the vehicle is going into or out of a trust  corporation  LLC  etc  sup  porting documentation will be needed showing that the person signing is listed  there  fore allowed to sign the needed forms in order to buy or sell such a vehicle or to obtain  a duplicate registration  etc  Corporation  LLC and trust documents can be filed in our  office for quick reference retrieval    Powers of Attorney must have documentation showing they have the legal right to sign  for the individual in question  POA documents also can be filed in our office for quick  reference retrieval    Executor documents will be needed from the district court judge in order to show who  has been appointed to sign on the behalf of a deceased individual    Orders to Dispense from the district court judge can be used in the place of executor  ships to allow an individual to sign for a deceased person  This gives our office the  permission to transfer the vehicle    Divorce decrees must be issued by the circuit court judge  The Vehicle Identification  Number must be listed on the decree in order for our office to transfer the vehicle once  a divorce has been finalized     CANCELING INSURANCE   The registered owner of a vehicle is required to turn in their license plate and regis  tration if they cancel their insurance  no matter the reason  By law  your insurance  company sends a list of insured vehicles to the Department of Insurance  If your vehicle  is not on their list  then you will receive a letter explaining that you must go into the  County Clerk s Office  If you haven t canceled your insurance  we will need an insurance  card that hasn t been issued in more than 45 days  Lawmakers created this law in order  to crack down on uninsured drivers     SPECIAL PLATES   The State of Kentucky offers a large selection of plates to choose from  There are farm  tags  nature plates  several organizations  military as well as college plates  There are  additional charges depending on the choice     PERSONALIZED PLATES   Personalized plates can be applied for at anytime during the year  Personalized plates  expire in December  There is a  25 additional charge per year  You can check with our  office to see what is available                                           A8 Wednesday  July 15 2015 The Anderson News    YOUTH SALUTE 2015    Students honored in annual Youth Salute    From staff reports   Students from Anderson County  High School and the Christian Acad  emy of Lawrenceburg were among  819 high school juniors in central  Kentucky recognized in the annual    Youth Salute    The Youth Salute was formed in  1980 by the Central Kentucky Council  on Youth Leadership  in cooperation  with the National Council on Youth  Leadership  according to a news    release    Students were nominated by teach  ers  guidance counselors and princi  pals for this years Youth Salute  In  order to qualify  the student had to be  a junior  senior class of 2016   have a    3 0 G P A  or better and have held at  least two  2  leadership roles to which  they were chosen by their peers or an  adult leader within the past two years  in school  religious or community  sponsored organizations     ANDERSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS     Mia Aldridge hopes to  attend college and major  in education  Accomplish  ments  PAWSS mentor  Beta  Club  FCCLA  FCA  Pep Club   GT Leadership  honor roll   First Academic All State 9  and 10  varsity basketball   All Region softball team   First Baptist Youth Group  and VBS     Dylan Scott Boone hopes to  continue his education and  receive a bachelor s degree  in bio medical engineering   Accomplishments  church  youth diaconate  captain of  JV boy s basketball  varsity  boy s basketball  Beta Club   Gifted and Talented  3 5 GPA  or higher     Kathryn Carmichael hopes  to attend Campbellsville  University and become a  certified diabetes educator   Accomplishments  Advanced  Chorus  varsity volleyball   PAWSS mentor  Beta Club   yearbook  Fellowship of  Christian Athletes  FCCLA   Act Cats  honor roll  Sand  Spring Baptist Youth Group     Katherine Cox hopes to  attend medical school and  become a physician  Accom  plishments  Anderson   County Dance Team  Hugh  O Brian Youth Leadership   Youth Council  Gift and Tal  ented  Beta Club  PAWSS   Sand Spring Baptist Youth  Group  Advanced Placement  Scholar Award  Academic  Excellence Award     Kaci Currents plans to attend  a Christian college to major  in Christian leadership   Accomplishments  Student  Council  Beta  PAWSS  DARE   Fellowship of Christian Ath  letes  softball and basket  ball  academic all state first  team  FCCLA  freshman class  VP  First Baptist Youth Lead  ership Council and Upward  basketball coach     Dudley Darnell hopes to  attend Georgetown Col  lege and get his bachelor s  in biology and attend Uni  versity of Kentucky Medical  School  Accomplishments   Act Cats  Advanced Chorus   Family  Career  and Com  munity Leaders of America   FCA  Gifted and Talented   Marching Bearcats  junior  class president      Amber Earlywine hopes  attend pharmacy school  at UK  Accomplishments   Counselor for the national  4H organization  Gifted and  Talented Leadership Club   dance team  Beta Club   Leadership Committee at  Sand Spring Baptist  Youth  Community Club Council  3 5  GPA or higher from ninth to  10th grade  PAWSS     Erin Gribbons hopes to  attend UK and earn a bach  elor s degree in economics   Accomplishments  sopho  more class vice president   Gifted and Talented  4H  Camp volunteer counselor   4H Activity Attendant   FCCLA  FCA  Beta Club  Pep  Club  First Baptist Youth  Group     Katelyn Harrod hopes to  study occupational therapy  and become an occupational  therapist  Accomplishments   Peers Assisting With Student  Success  Beta Club  FCCLA   softball and basketball  aca  demic all state first team   Miss Teen Montgomery  County  Frankfort Regional  Medical Center volunteer   First Baptist Youth Group     Sarandon Hockensmith  hopes to receive a mas  ter s degree in nursing and  become a Nurse Practitioner  while enrolling in the Uni  versity of Kentucky  Accom  plishments  Family  Career   and Community Leaders  of America  church group  youth group member  honor  roll student  volunteer at  nursing homes     Grace Hume plans to attend  college and looks forward to  spending time with friends  and family  Accomplish  ments  junior firefighter  with Lawrenceburg Fire  and Rescue  2014 Academic  Achievement Award  2014  church league basketball   2010 Duke TIP designee   Sand Spring Baptist Church   Kentucky Changers     Madeline Lawson hopes to  attend University of Cum   berlands and receive a  degree in arts and humani  ties  Accomplishments  FFA   Green Hand  FFA Leader  ship  Beta Club  Hope Church  Praise Band and Youth  Group  Act Cats  Advanced  Choir  Academic Achieve  ment award  candidate for  Governor s Scholar program      Teagan Lilly plans to attend  the University of Kentucky   where she hopes to dance  and study education or  communication disorders   Accomplishments  Champi  ons Sr  Elite Dance Teams   ACHS Dance Team  PAWSS   Beta Club  Yearbook  2014   15  Act Cats  Fellowship of  Christian Athletes  FCCLA   mission work in Canada     Emily Lykins hopes to attend  St  Catharine College and  receive a bachelor s degree  in social work  Accomplish  ments  St  Lawrence Youth  Group  Family  Career  and  Community Leaders of  America  AYCC  Academic  Breakfast for 3 5 GPA or  higher  Marching Bearcats   church volleyball  Kool Kids   Beta Club     Nathan McGregor hopes to  receive a bachelor s of sci  ence degree in computer  engineering  Accomplish  ments  Fellowship of Chris  tian Athletes leader  Gifted  and Talented Leadership  Program  Beta Club  STEM  program  youth group lead  ers at First Baptist Church   football  track and field   Band of Brothers     Andrew Mitchell hopes to  receive a bachelor degree  in civil engineering  Accom  plishments  captain  JV  basketball team  Beta Club   Fellowship of Christian Ath  letes  FCCLA  Gifted and Tal  ented program  Gifted and  Talented Leadership Club   3 5 GPA or higher award   works the sound room for  the praise band at church     Christina Marie Montgom  ery is undecided on her  future college and career  plans  Accomplishments   Beta Club  Family  Career   and Community Leaders  of America  Fellowship of  Christian Athletes  Pep Club   Gifted and Talented  X Com   mittee  junior class vice  president  varsity golf     Madison Powell hopes to  receive a master s in political  science by attending U of L  to become a lawyer  Accom  plishments  Lady Bearcat  soccer  soccer referee  FFA  secretary  first place  FFA  Agriscience Fair  invitation  to National FFA Agriscience  Fair  FFA Leadership Confer  ence  Green Club  Gifted and  Talented  Beta Club      Catherine Schaefer plans to  earn bachelor s and master s  degrees in accounting and  mathematics and pursue a  career as a CPA  Accomplish  ments  Dance Team  Ander  son Youth Community Coun  cil  Awards for Excellence  for 3 5 GPA or above  Beta  Club  Dance Team  Freshman  mentor for PAWSS program   Spanish Honor Society     Benjamin Simmons plans to  attend UK s physical therapy  program  Accomplishments   Diaconate at First Chirstian   varsity football and soccer   Advanced Choir  Academic  All State soccer  Backpack  Buddies  Bluegrass Select  Soccer Club  JV soccer cap  tain  youth helper at First  Christian  Gifted and Tal  ented     Elizabeth Smith hopes to  achieve her MD in pediat  rics and continue her love  of dance at the University  of Kentucky  Accomplish  ments  Dance Team  Beta  Club  Peers Assisting with  Students Success mentor   3 5 GPA or higher  Dance Not  Drugs organization     Carson Tarter hopes to  attend the University of  Kentucky to study equine  psychotherapy  Accomplish  ments  4H Horse Club Vice  President  Anderson County  Horsebowl and Hippol   ogy teams  Peers Assisting  with Students Success men  tor  Beta Club  Journalism   Future Farmers of America     Ashley M  Thompson hopes  to attend either Asbury or  Campbellsville University to  receive a master s degree in  education and counseling   Accomplishments  Marching  Band  Community Council   Kentucky UN Assembly  Gift  ed and Talented  Beta Club   International Club  Academ  ic Team  PAWSS  Baptist Con  vention  Kentucky Changers     Abby Jane Vaughn hopes to  receive a bacherlor of arts  in biology and become a  marine biologist  Accom  plishments  Advanced Cho  rus  Big Creek Missions   CPR  4H Safe Sitter  DARE  Program  KY Governor s Cup   National Beta Club  PAWSS  Mentor  Relay for Life  Stu  dent Leadership Conference   Volleyball team     Everybody s talking about what s in Wife Attiierantt Duhuh this week      Subscribe today at www theandersonnews com                           CHRISTIAN ACADEMY OF LAWRENCEBURG    ANDERSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL  CONTINUED      Bell White hopes to receive  her bachelor s degree in  education from Georgetown  College  Accomplishments   FCCLA  Peers Assisting with  Students Success mentor   Vice president of Advanced  Chorus  Gifted and Talented   Act Cats  Fellowship of Chris  tian Athletes  Beta Club   Miss Anderson County High  School 2014     Madeline Wilson hopes to  pursue a degree in nursing  while continuing her soccer  career in college  She hopes  to become a neonatal nurse   Accomplishments  PAWSS   Beta Club  varsity soccer  all district team and 8th  Regional first team  KHSAA  all state West team  first  team academic  varsity bas  ketball  GT Leadership  FCA     Simon Buckner Yount plans  to receive a PhD in anthro  pology to become a research  er while doing mission work   Accomplishments  Fresh  man  sophomore class presi  dent  National Society of  High School Scholars  Who s  Who  Gifted and Talented   3 5 GPA  PAWSS  Advanced  Placement  National Beta  Club     Chayse Abrams hopes to  receive a bachelor of marine  biology degree and become  a marine biologist  Accom  plishments  4 H Teen Coun  cil  4 H junior counselor  stu  dent council  CAL baseball  and basketball teams  Sixth  Congressional District Youth  Ambassador Program     Brooklyn Carpenter is  undecided about her col  lege and career plans   Accomplishments  Miss  CAL  student council sec  retary and president  Kel  ley Puckett Dance  Alton  Baptist youth  JV volley  ball captain  Fellowship of  Christian Athletes  home  coming court  administra  tor s commendation     Evan Cornett hopesto receive  a degree in audio engineer  ing and become a musician   Accomplishments  General s  Coin from Kentucky National  Guard  founding member   BCB   Company  Parade of  Nations  school praise and  worship band  Hope Church  Youth Band  state fair  ACSI  Leadership Council     CHRISTIAN ACADEMY OF LAWRENCEBURG    Check Us  1 Out Online         Tb   IRf    BEST N      WARRANTY    1CA O   wnsmissions    FREE   TRANSMISSION   DIAGNOSIS    ASE Master Certified Technician    502 598 3398 2025 Fortune Dr    502 330 1081 VS  Lawrenceburg  KY   WWW TEXSTRANSMISSIONS COM   Located in Eagle Lake Convention area behind BP   Transmissions  Check Engine Lights  Tune Ups  Electrical   Brakes  AC    Brette MacKenzie Elliott  plans to attend college and  receive a degree in audio  engineering and informa  tion technology  Accom  plishments  volleyball  stu  dent council  ACT 30 Point  Club  KCAA varsity volleyball  third team all tournament  team  KCSAA varsity volley  ball North Region all star  team honorable mention     Caleb Hatton plans to pur  sue a bachelor s degree in  construction management   Accomplishments  JV and  varsity basketball co cap   tain  student council  prin  cipal honors award  admin  istrator s commendation   homecoming court  Who s  Who  President s Education  Awards Program  Citizen s  Award     Payton McKinney plans to  join the US Air Force and  work in the special investi  gations unit or critical care  unit  Accomplishments   church aide  student ambas  sador  varsity volleyball   administrator s accommo  dation  science mentor  CAL  on Missions  nursing home  volunteer  Uganda missions     Ashley Moses hopes to  become a physician s assis  tant and receive a bache  lor s degree in science and  nursing at UK  Accomplish  ments  VBS  nursing home  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Network   Place your classified ad anytime using the new step by step process at www kentuckyclassifiednetwork com                                                                                                              A10 Wednesday  July 15 2015 The Anderson News    COMMUNITY    Adopted teen celebrates  Coming to America      Photo by Ricki Barker   DJ Bierly kicks back after enjoying lunch last week at Pizza Hut  Adopted out of China as a young child  Bierly  had his first taste of American food at the local restaurant  and eating there has become an annual tradition     Annual Pizza Hut lunch  becomes family tradition   Ricki Barker   News staff   Surrounded by his family  last week in a booth at the  Lawrenceburg Pizza Hut  one  would never guess David Jay  DJ Bierly  13  is an outgoing  kid who loves playing bas  ketball  Kevin Durant  Nike  and was recently grounded  because of his cell phone  is  anything but a typical Ameri  can teenager    Except DJ is not typical  at all  and his journey to this  country is something he cel  ebrates every year in the res  taurant where he experienced  his first taste of home    DJ began his life as Dong  Zhu in an orphanage in  Langfang  a city in the Hebei  province of China midway  between Bejing and Tiajin    His journey to America  began when his mother  Gretchen Cornish  after fos  tering children in the United  States  decided to apply for an  overseas adoption in China    Cornish said her aunt and  uncle were in Bejing at the  time serving as missionaries  and her aunt helped her set  up a visit to an orphanage in  China    I originally thought I  would adopt a little girl  because there are usually a  lot of girls in the orphanages  because of the laws in China   Cornish said    However  when Cornish  was told by a Chinese adop  tion worker that a young boy  in an orphanage in Langfang  needed a family desperately   she set out to find the boy    He told me that the boy  needed back surgery and he  could only get it if an Ameri  can family adopted him and  brought him to the states   she said     While visiting the orphan  age  Cornish said the woman  who ran the home brought a  young boy out to meet her on  the screened in porch    I cant tell you how I knew  but I just knew that this  wasnt the boy the man told  me about  Cornish said of the  meeting    As fate would have it   young Dong Zhu walked up to  Cornish  put his arms around  the American womans legs  and looked up into her eyes  and said mama in Chinese    My aunt told me what he  had said  All I can say is that    it was divine intervention  that he knew who I was and  I knew who he was  Cornish  explained    DJs grandmother  Peggy  Peach  said DJ was born with  spina bifida and that several  surgeries were needed to alle  viate his back problems    Its why he was in the  orphanage  Peach explained   A lot of times families cant  afford the surgery necessary  so they put the babies up for  adoption and hope that an  American family will adopt  them and get them the medi  cal care they need     DJs journey to America  was placed on hold due to the  fact that shortly after start  ing the adoption process for  DJ  Cornish learned she was  pregnant    The adoption process is  lengthy anyway but after  I got pregnant the agency  makes you wait because you  need to devote a lot of time to  the adopted child  Everything  is different for them  People  dont look like them  talk like  them  its a different world    DJ said in the meantime  he stayed with an American  family who worked at the    embassy in China    My mom hired someone  to teach me English  The Har  veys helped me in school and  I spent time with them on the  weekends    When Cornish went to pick  up DJ from China she said she  was amazed at the number of  English words he was able to  speak  The pair made the over  14 hour flight from China to  Lexington  where they were  met at the airport by DJs  grandmother    I remember when he  got in my car and he ran his  hands down the leather seats   he said  Nana your car is  beautiful  and he would look  out the window and said Ken  tucky is beautiful    Peach brought her daugh  ter and new grandson to  Pizza Hut in Lawrenceburg  for their first family meal in  America    Weve done it every year  since  she said with a smile   We even try to sit in the same  booth    Cornish said the then  5 year old DJ acclimated  quickly to his new home and  excelled in school  He also had  several successful back sur  geries    He was fluent in English  after about four months in  kindergarten  He only wanted  to speak in English    DJ says he is no longer flu  ent in his native tongue but  plans on relearning Chinese  when he is older    I think Ill do it as a  hobby  he said  I think I  might go back and visit China  someday    While DJ said he has adapt  ed to America  there is one  thing about his native coun  try that he still craves    I love Chinese food  he  said  Its my favorite    Comment at theanderson   news com     STUDENTS IN THE NEWS    Two attend KFB Institute   Anderson County  high school juniors  Adam  Sander  son and  Chance  Wayne  recently  returned  home from  Kentucky  Farm  Bureaus  Institute  for Future  Agricul  tural Lead  ers  IFAL     Sander  son  Wayne  and 44  other high  school students from  around the state attend  ed the five day summer  leadership conference   held June 21 25 at the  University of Kentucky    An identical IFAL  conference was also held  June 14 18 at Murray  State University for an  additional 48 students    IFAL is designed  to expose high school  students to college life  while helping them  explore the differ  ent fields of study for  careers in agriculture   During the week   attendees gained a bet  ter understanding of  the nature and needs of  the agriculture indus  try  saw how basic and  applied science is uti  lized in agriculture and    learned of the political  process used to develop  agricultural policy    Carpenter selected as  Governor s Scholar   Brooke Carpenter  a  junior at Christian Acad  emy of  Lawrence  burg and  a daugh  ter of  Dale and  Melissa  Carpenter   has been  selected to  participate  in the 2015 Kentucky  Governors Scholar  program this summer   Carpenter was one of  nearly 1 000 students in  Kentucky selected from  a rigorous application  process    Only students with  exceptional grades  high  ACT scores  outstand  ing character  commu  nity involvement  and  expressive written and  verbal communication  skills were considered    Brooke has dedi  cated herself to doing  her absolute best aca  demically  said Sandra  Bowman  Christian  Academy principal  She  put a great deal of effort  into the Kentucky Gov  ernors Scholar applica  tion process  Brooke is  highly deserving of this  selection  Certainly  as  a school family  we are  very proud of her        Butler Law  Office  LLC     CRIMINAL DEFENSE    FAMILY   JUVENILE    ADMINISTRATIVE    GENERAL PRACTICE    DUI   502   604 6003     Mike Butler   Attorney at Law  Former Prosecutor    198 E  Court St   Suite 5  Lawrenceburg  Ky     We Accept visa    THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT    Carpenter is spending  five weeks at Morehead  State University    Scholars attend a  selection of three classes  during the week  Focus  Area  General Stud  ies  and Seminar  Her  focus areas are business   accounting and entre  preneurship    EKU announces graduates   honor students   Eastern Kentucky  University conferred  three advanced degrees  and eight baccalaure  ate degrees to 11 local  students at the conclu  sion of the spring 2015  semester    Courtlyn A  Adams   MAED School Counsel  ing   Markus M  Brown  BS  Criminal Justice   Daniel Carlisle Good   lett  BS Criminal Justice  Amanda M  Gritton   MAED Instructional  Leadership   Angel Dawn Hudson   BS Criminal Justice  Gina Marie Lee  BSN  Nursing   Garrett Daniel  Makowski  BA History  Cum Laude   Steven Paul Marrac   cini  BA History   Megan Renee McCar  ty  MAED Library Sci  ence P 12   Natalie J  Norton  BSN  Nursing   Jared Clay Stephens   BS Criminal Justice  Six local students    earned EKU presidents  list honors for the spring  2015 semester    To be eligible for the  honor  undergraduate  students must attain a  4 0 grade point average  for a semester    Joseph Franklin  Campbell   Amanda Lauren  DeWitt   Kelley Lynn Harlan  Jessica Lauren Mer   rifield   Lexandra Avon  Overby   Lauren Elizabeth  Welsh   Deans list   Sixteen local student  earned EKU deans list  honors for the spring  2015 semester  To  achieve deans list hon  ors at Eastern  students  must earn a 3 5 grade  point average    Kenneth F  Ansert  John Beath  Markus M  Brown  Joseph Franklin  Campbell   Heather Renaute  Cheek   Amanda Lauren  DeWitt   Allison Wray Good   lett   Kelley Lynn Harlan  Garrett Daniel  Makowski   Millicent Anne  Manuel   Andrea Susan Melan   son   Jessica Lauren Mer   rifield   Elijah Graham Miller     Look  10 years  younger  in two    VISIBLY DIMINISHES  THE APPEARANCE  OF FINE LINES AND  WRINKLES    ERASES THE  APPEARANCE OF  DARK CIRCLES AND  PUFFINESS UNDER  THE EYES    MINIMIZES THE  APPEARANCE OF  PORES   HELPS TO EVEN  SKIN TEXTURE  MATTES SKIN FOR A  FLAWLESS FINISH  RESTORES SKIN  TO OPTIMUM  APPEARANCE    minutes    HI    JEUNESSE     Call Lana Peach I 502 680 0770    Made in the USA exdusfcefy for JEUNESSE    650 Douglas Avenue   Altamcnte Spmgs  R  327M  For more information  please call  407 21 S 74U  JEUNESSEGLOBAL COM     Photo furnished    CASEY WINS BEST ACTOR AWARD   Devin Casey  a recent graduate of Anderson County High  School  is pictured with his best actor award for his role  as Prince Eric in the Ragged Edge Community Theatre pre  sentation of The Little Mermaid Jr   He is pictured with his  mother  Valorie Casey  who was presented with the best  box office volunteer award for the 2014 15 RECT season    James Harrod  Battle for Kentucky   in which Mr  Casey had  a role in as Thomas Slaughter  also won play of the year   The awards were given out June 28 at the theater  located  in Harrodsburg    Christopher Stephen Lauren Elizabeth   Misheff Welsh   Lexandra Avon   Overby from staff reports    WIN A FREE CAR WASH    Subscribe to The Anderson News    or renew your subscription    and you could   WIN A FREE CAR WASH    a  10 value  at         This week s winner    KerrySea  of Bobwhite Court    SUBSCRIBE ONLINE AT  WWW THEANDERS0NNEWS COM  OR CALL 839 6906                                      _ COMMUNITY _ The Anderson News Wednesday  July 15 2015 All   Sweepstakes winners to share with Camp Calvary    Couple wins  50 000 to help complete home renovation   By Ben Carlson   News staff     Photo furnished   Barbara and Richard Wakefield and their granddaughter  Cassie Fan  nin  are shown with the  50 000 check they received after winning a  sweepstakes promoted by HGTV and sponsored by Berkshire Hathaway  HomeServices     Fifty thousand dollars  will go a long way toward  finishing a renovation project  Richard and Barbara Wake  field have been working on in  their Carey Mill Road home    It will also be put to good  uses in other ways    Barbara Wakefield said she  also plans to make a donation  to Camp Calvary    I just got the Camp Calva  ry newsletter and it says they  need mattresses and bunk  beds  Barbara Wakefield said   Im going to make a contri  bution toward that    If someone just popped   50 000 in your lap  wouldnt  you tithe a little bit    The Wakefields have sup  ported Camp Calvary before    We had a younster in our  neighborhood who wanted  to go  so we helped him and  paid for him to go to Camp  Calvary she said  Two of our  grandkids have been camp  counselors over there  too    The Wakefields won the  money after entering a    sweepstakes they saw while  watching Fixer Upper  a  popular home improvement  show on HGTV    They were selected out  of approximately 1 5 mil  lion entrants and received  the money last week when  the sweepstakes sponsor   Berkshire Hathaway Home   Services  showed up at their  front door with a large check    We are just delighted  she  said    Barbara Wakefield said  they were notified ahead of  time that they had won  but  she was a bit suspicious at  first    When I first heard it  I  thought it was scam  she said   But when they repeated that  it was Berkshire Hathaway  and Fixer Upper I said  Oh  I  did enter that    She and her husband  entered the sweepstakes on  a daily basis  He was the  one who would put in the  entries  she said  He is a  lot more persistent when in  comes to pushing the buttons  on the computer    Barbara Wakefield said    she and her husband started  a major renovation to their  100 year old log home months  ago after being inspired  by the Fixer Upper show   which features the husband  and wife team of Chip and    Joanna Gaines    We especially like Chip  and Joanna Gaines and the  way they work together to  make homes terrific  said  Barbara Wakefield  You can  tell that they love and respect    each other  which shows in  the quality work they do for  others    My husband Richard and  I treat each other the same  way  and we have 50 great  years together to prove it   Barbara Wakefield added    The Wakefields also will  also receive a consultation  with the TV stars at a future  date    The home renovation  project wasnt without its  challenges  though  Barbara  Wakefield said the idea was  to knock out a wall to give  the family more room to sit  together for a meal    When we took the floor  up  the logs were rotted clean  through  she said    Along with supporting  Camp Calvary  Barbara Wake  field said the money will go  a long way toward finishing  the renovation    Im going to buy applianc  es  thats the big thing  she  said  We are just delighted   We can do something for our  grandkids and finish the res  toration    Comment at theanderson   news com     Community helps Century Bank celebrate 15 th anniversary             BEARCAT YOUTH FOOTBALL LEAGUE    FOOTBALL   CHEERLEADING  SIGN UPS    SATURDAY  JULY 18  10 a m  2 p m    Community Building   Extension Office    THE FRANK    FOOTER    CORDON    UUKl   T BLEU    THE HARRODS  BURGER    THE GRAEFEN    For more information   call Kenton Bottoms   Director of Parks   Recreation  at 502 680 7530    BURGER      502 353 4185   1085 Eagle Lake Drive  Suite 11  Lawrenceburg  OPEN I Tues Sat 7 a m  8 p m  I Sun 7 a m  2 p m     GRADE  1 st through 6th  FEE   75 participant    50 sibling   Need more info    Call Kenton Bottoms  Parks   Recreation director   at 502 680 7530   ANDERSON COUNTY PARKS   RECREATION   1026 County Park Road  Lawrenceburg  KY 40342                                                                                  A12 Wednesday  July 15 2015 The Anderson News    CRIME AND COURTS    DISTRICT COURT DOCKET    Judge Donna Dutton heard  the following cases dur  ing Anderson District Court  proceedings on June 1   2015    Eugene R  Cummins  arraign  ment  alcohol intoxica  tion in public place  third  or more offense in 12  months    pleaded guilty   sentenced to 90 days to  serve   153  installment   deferred payment Sept  24    Travis J  Garrity  show cause   operating a motor vehi  cle under the influence   operating on suspended   revoked operators license     continued to Sept  21    Stacy D  Goodlett  arraign  ment  theft by unlawful  taking  shoplifting less  than  500    bonded out    Tuesday Smith  hearing  theft  by unlawful taking  shop  lifting less than  500     stipulated to violation  81  days to serve  credit time  served     Daniel Thornton  hearing  non  support   continued to  June 18    Sarah B  Young  hearing  theft  by unlawful taking  shop  lifting less than  500     disposition June 18    Allison K  Mitchell  arraign  ment  operating a motor  vehicle under the influ  ence  operating vehicle  with expired operators  license   pleaded not  guilty  disposition June 18    Sarah R  Ricke  arraignment   theft by unlawful tak  ing  shoplifting less than   500    pleaded not guilty   disposition June 18    David L  Riley  arraignment   fourth degree assault   domestic violence  no vis  ible injury    pleaded not  guilty  disposition June 18    Carl E  Woodrum  arraign  ment  second degree bur  glary   pleaded not guilty   preliminary hearing June  11     Cynthia C  Able  arraign  ment  operating a motor  vehicle under the influence     pleaded guilty  30 days  operator license suspen  sion   753  review June  15    James E  Baker  review  fail  ure of owner to maintain  required insurance secu  rity   proof of insurance  shown  order signed    Andrew J  Bamberger  dis  position  failure of owner  to maintain required insur  ance security  operating a  motor vehicle under the  influence   continued to  July 27    Michael B  Barber  review   failure of owner to main  tain required insurance   security   failed to appear   license suspension rein  stated    Justin R  Benton  disposition   failure of owner to main  tain required insurance   security   continued to  June 15    David R  Blaine  disposition   failure of non owner oper  ator to maintain required  insurance  failure to reg  ister transfer of motor  vehicle   dismissed    Kaylon J  Brewer  bond forfei    ture hearing  operating on  suspended revoked opera  tors license  operating a  motor vehicle under the  influence failed to appear   bond forfeited  bond  applied to fines and costs   continued to July 30    Taylor B  Caldwell  disposi  tion  operating a motor  vehicle under the influence     continued to June 15    Jamie L  Clarkson  arraign  ment  failure of owner to  maintain required insur  ance security  failure  to notify department of  transportation of address  change   failed to appear   bench warrant    Dennis Couter  arraignment   license to be in possession     dismissed    Jennifer C  Cowles  arraign  ment  failure of owner to  maintain required insur  ance security   dismissed    Christine E  Cunningham  dis  position  operating on sus  pended revoked operators  license  failure of owner  to maintain required insur  ance security  failure to  surrender revoked opera  tors license   dismissed   operating a motor vehicle  under the influence    pleaded guilty  sentenced  to six months  condition  ally discharged   14 days  to serve  seven days home  incarceration program    12 month operator license  suspension   878  install  ment deferred payment  Nov  2  review July 27    Johnathan M  Denniston   arraignment  improper  use of dealer demonstra  tor tags   continued to  June 15    Darren R  Durbin  arraign  ment  failure of owner to  maintain required insur  ance security   dismissed    Charles D  Fields  review  fail  ure of owner to maintain  required insurance secu  rity   license suspension  reinstated    Brandon Lee Flynn  dispo  sition  passing loading   unloading school church  bus   pleaded guilty   393   installment deferred pay  ment Aug  24    Jonathan A  Foster  disposi  tion  operating on sus  pended revoked operators  license  failure to notify  department of transporta  tion of address change    dismissed  license to be  in possession   pleaded  guilty   163  installment   deferred payment Aug  10    Seth D  Fazier  arraignment   license to be in posses  sion  failure to notify  department of transporta  tion of address change    show cause June 15    Hunter S  Goatley  continued  first appearance  failure  of non owner operator to  maintain required insur  ance   dismissed    Joshua E  Gribbins  disposi  tion  operating a motor  vehicle under the influence   operating on suspended   revoked operators license     continued to June 15    Heather M  Harris  arraign  ment  operating on sus    pended revoked opera  tors license   pleaded not  guilty  disposition June 15    Austin B  Hodge  arraignment   failure of owner to main  tain required insurance   security   pleaded not  guilty  disposition June 15    Deanna M  Hose  disposition   no operator moped license     amended to no license in  possession  pleaded guilty    163    Courtney N  Hudson  review   failure of owner to main  tain required insurance   security   show cause  June 18  review Sept  21    Kelly Jenkins  arraignment   operating on suspended   revoked operators license     amended to no license in  possession  pleaded guilty    163  installment deferred  payment June 15    Kirby L  Klette  arraignment   operating on suspended   revoked operators license     failed to appear  bench  warrant    Gladys Kayla Mae Lunsford   disposition  failure of  owner to maintain required  insurance security   plead  ed guilty   243  install  ment deferred payment  and review Aug  24    Robert J  Milburn  arraign  ment  failure of owner to  maintain required insur  ance security   pleaded  guilty   243  installment   deferred payment June 15    Kimberly Mitchell  arraign  ment  license to be in pos  session   failed to appear    Tara A  Monroe  review  fail  ure of non owner opera  tor to maintain required  insurance   continued to  Aug  10    Brandon Neat  disposition   operating a motor vehicle  under the influence    pleaded guilty  sentenced  to 30 days  conditionally  discharged   four days to  serve  30 day operator  license suspension   728   installment deferred pay  ment Nov  2  review July  27  failure of owner to  maintain required insur  ance security  license to be  in possession dismissed    John E  Peace  hearing  oper  ating a motor vehicle under  the influence   five days  jail credit  bond applied to  fines and costs  continued  to Aug  24    Juan C  Ramirez Salinas   arraignment  no operator   moped license   pleaded  guilty   243    Antonia N  Rankin  hearing   operating on suspended   revoked operators license     amended to no license in  possession  pleaded guilty    163  installment deferred  payment Aug  24  failure  to appear recalled  failure  to notify department of  transportation of address  change   dismissed    James Richardson  hearing   failure of owner to main  tain required insurance   security   dismissed    Richard D  Robbins  show  cause  failure to notify  department of transporta  tion of address change    bench warrant     OBITUARIES    WILMA BROWN JOHNSON  75   Wilma Brown Johnson  75  widow  of Wilbur T  Johnson  died Monday  July 13 2015    She was born in Anderson County  to the late Walter Marvin Brown and  Vadie Shelton Brown on Dec  8 1939    Wilma was retired from the state  of Kentucky where she worked as an  administrative assistant    She is survived by her Godson Chris  Brooks  Frankfort  her sister Audrey  Gail Brown  Frankfort  and her brother  Robert E  Brown  Lexington    The family would like to express  their heartfelt gratitude to her special  friends  caregivers  and neighbors    Graveside services will be held 11  am Saturday July 18 2015 at Sand  Spring Cemetery in Lawrenceburg    Online condolences may be left at  www ClarkLegacyCenter com   BILLY KEITH  FROG SCROGHAM  52   Billy Keith Frog Scrogham  52   died Sunday  July 11 2015 at the Uni  versity of Kentucky following an acci  dent    A Seymour  Indiana native  he cur  rently resided in Lawrenceburg    Survivors include his mother  Betty  Howard Scrogham  Lawrenceburg   sisters  Connie Rutherford  Lawrence  burg  Sherry Scrogham  London and  Pam Glass  Harrodsburg    Funeral services are 10 am  Thurs  day  July 16 2015  at LeCompte John  son Tavlor Funeral Home  Burial will    follow at Sunset Memorial Gardens   Visitation will be 5   8 pm  Wednesday   July 14 2015 at the funeral home    LOENA WHEAT SMITH  93   Loena Wheat Smith  93  Louisville   formerly of California and Lawrence  burg  died Monday  July 13 2015 at  the Eastern Star Home  Louisville   Kentucky    Born Aug  26 1921 in Anderson  County  she was the daughter of the  late William Porter and Antoinette  Vivian Brawner Wheat    Also  preceding her in death is her  brother Major W  Wheat Sr  and his  wife Mildred Burn Wheat    A registered nurse  Ms  Smith  served as a Lieutenant Commander in  the U S  Navy during WWII  She was  a member of Waddy Christian Church  and the Order of the Eastern Star   Hamilton Chapter  293    She is survived by two nephews   Major W   Sherry  Wheat  Jr  of Crest   wood  and Kenneth  Judy  Wheat of  Louisville  and a niece  Catherine  J T    Shelton of Lawrenceburg    Funeral services will be 11 a m   Thursday  July 16 at Ritchie   Peach  Funeral Home with Pastor Troy Shel  ton officiating  Burial will follow in  Sand Spring Cemetery with military  honors  Visitation will be 9   11 am  Thursday    Memorials are suggested to Gideons  International  Anderson Co  Camp   PO  Box 61  Lawrenceburg  KY 40342     Matthew Robert Ryan  motion  for restitution  failure of  owner to maintain required  insurance security   plead  ed guilty   243  install  ment deferred payment  Aug  24    Enrique Sandoval  arraign  ment  no operator moped  license   pleaded guilty    243  installment deferred  payment June 15    Margaret Shell  disposition   operating a motor vehicle  under the influence   con  tinued to June 18    Kimberlie M  Simmons  dis  position  failure of owner  to maintain required insur  ance security   show  cause June 15    Mikayla Snellen  disposition   license to be in possession   failure to notify depart  ment of transportation of  address change   pleaded  guilty   183  installment   deferred payment Aug  24   failure of non owner oper  ator to maintain required  insurance   dismissed    Steve W  Spradling  show  cause  operating on sus  pended revoked opera  tors license  operating a  motor vehicle under the  influence  failure of non   owner operator to main  tain required insurance   failure to register transfer  of motor vehicle   proof  in file    Eric E  Swisher  arraignment   operating on suspended   revoked operators license     show cause June 15    Robert Dewayne Tapscott    continued first appearance   license to be in possession     failed to appear    Charles W  Walls  arraign  ment  license to be in pos  session  failure of owner  to maintain required insur  ance security   dismissed    Stanley J  Walls  disposition   operating a motor vehicle  under the influence   con  tinued to June 18    Kimberly R  Wesley  arraign  ment  failure to notify  department of transporta  tion of address change    dismissed    Aalayah N  Whitfield  dis  position  failure of non   owner operator to main  tain required insurance     pleaded guilty   643  no  operator moped license    amended to no license in  possession  pleaded guilty      20  installment deferred  payment Nov  2    Gina M  York  disposition   operating a motor vehicle  under the influence   con  tinued to June 18    Jason M  Rakestraw  motion  to revoke probation   operating on suspended   revoked operators license     stipulated to violation  30  days to serve    Christopher R  Woodworth   hearing  failure of owner  to maintain required insur  ance security   proof of  insurance shown  order  signed    Said K  Binaliyev  show cause   operating on suspended   revoked operators license     failed to appear  bench  warrant    Balvador E  Cervantes  show  cause  failure of owner to  maintain required insur  ance security  failure  to notify department of  transportation of address  change   failed to appear   bench warrant    Larry N  Cook  show cause   operating a motor vehicle  under the influence   con  tinued to Sept  21    Hannah R  Croddy  show  cause  failure of owner to  maintain required insur  ance security   continued  to Aug  10    Joseph B  Darnell  show  cause  failure of owner to  maintain required insur  ance security   failed to  appear  bench warrant    Jaleesa M  Davis  show  cause  failure of owner to  maintain required insur  ance security   paid    Bamantha M  Eversole  show  cause  license to be in pos  session  failure of owner  to maintain required insur  ance security   continued  to Aug  10    William C  Franklin  show  cause  failure of owner to  maintain required insur  ance security   continued  to July 27    Derek M  Friend  show cause   failure of owner to main  tain required insurance   security   continued to  Aug  10    James R  Goodlett  show  cause  failure of owner to  maintain required insur  ance security   continued  to Aug  24    Michael W  Hays  show cause   failure of owner to main    tain required insurance   security   continued to  July 13    Melinda A  Hodge  show  cause  failure of owner to  maintain required insur  ance security   failed to  appear  bench warrant    Emily R  Howell  show cause   license to be in possession   failure of non owner oper  ator to maintain required  insurance   continued to  Aug  10    Michael W  Lewis  show  cause  operating a motor  vehicle under the influence     paid    Christopher Maddox  show  cause  operating on sus  pended revoked operators  license  failure of owner  to maintain required insur  ance security   failed to  appear  bench warrant    Jamie Mitchell  show cause   operating on suspended   revoked operators license   failure of non owner oper  ator to maintain required  insurance   continued to  July 13    Robert C  Morrison  show  cause  failure of owner to  maintain required insur  ance security   failed to  appear  bench warrant    Patrick D  Neal  show cause   license to be in posses  sion  failure of owner to  maintain required insur  ance security  paid    Lillian Peavler  show cause   failure of owner to main  tain required insurance   security   continued to  Aug  10    Michael L  Bchirmer  show  cause  operating a motor  vehicle under the influence     failed to appear  bench  warrant    Ashley N  Taylor  show cause   failure of owner to main  tain required insurance   security  operating on sus  pended revoked operators  license continued to Aug   10     Justin D  Thornberry  show  cause  failure of non own  er operator to maintain  required insurance   failed  to appear  bench warrant    Robert H  Wiley  show cause   operating a motor vehicle  under the influence   paid    Randall A  Young  show  cause  operating a motor  vehicle under the influence     continued to Aug  24      AND FRANKFORT AREA    Free hearing tests will be given  at the Beltone Hearing Aid Center  The test will be given by a licensed  Hearing Aid Specialist    Wednesday  July 15   and Friday  July 17  9 a m    4 p m    Evening hours and Saturday hours  by appointment   Anyone who has trouble hearing or understanding  conversations is invited to have a FREE hearing test  to see if this problem can be helped    Bring this coupon in for your FREE HEARING TEST    a  125 value     MANY HEALTH INSURANCES ACCEPTED    Provider for Cold War Patriots   Federal Employees    BC BS  Anthem  Humana and More      Beltone   Helping the world hear better   LAWRENCEBURG   1080 B Bypass South  502 837 4020   Next to The Anderson News   FRANKFORT   193 Versailles Road  Suite 33  502 871 3147     CALL 1 800 634 5265 or 502 837 4020   For An Appointment Now   Walk ins Welcome          THE WAY WE WERE    The Anderson News Wednesday  July 15 2015 A13     File photc    LEAVE FOR TRAINING CAMP   Twelve Anderson Future Farmers of America members attended the Kentucky F F A  Leadership Training Center at Hardinsburg in 1965  Shown leaving for the camp were  front row   from left  Cecil McFarland  Larry Etherington  Connie Riley  Robert Johnson  second row  Richard Davenport  Roston Puckett  Danny Hanks  third row  adviser Vernon B  Sutton  Ralph  Hahn  Ben Moffett and Bill McDonald    Barbara Barker vies for Miss Blue Grass Fair title    40 YEARS AGO  Thursday  July 3 1975  Service awards   Receiving service  awards at Kraft Food were  Arthry Thompson Sims   William Shifflett and  Marshall Robinson with  10 years of service  Roland  Leathers for 20 years and  George Waldridge for 15  years    Nose crushed   Candy Hill  15  daughter  of Mr  and Mrs  Don Hill   underwent plastic surgery  on her nose at St  Joseph  Hospital    Candys nose was  crushed when she was  struck by a ball while  playing softball at Ander  son Junior High School    Obituaries   Terry Lynn Wells  15  son  of Mr  and Mrs  Cecil Wells  Jr  of Bloomfield  drowned  in Willisburg Lake  His  grandparents and three  half brothers survived  him    Kelly Hawkins  20   died in a traffic accident   He was a son of Patsy  Hawkins and the late Joe  Kelly Hawkins    William Carroll Good   lett  28  son of Mr  and Mrs   Manson Goodlett  drowned  in Kentucky River  Besides  his parents  a daughter   Melissa Carol Goodlett   seven brothers and six sis  ters survived him    Warren Routt Houchin   86  retired farmer  died  at the Frankfort hospi  tal  He is survived by his  wife  Emma Nell Hawkins  Houchin  a daughter and  stepdaughter    Mary Ruth Harrison  Simpson  wife of Jess Simp  son  died at the Garrard  County Memorial Hospital   She was a retired school  teacher  having taught  40 years most of the time  at the Alton Elementary  School  Besides her hus  band  a son  Thomas E   Simpson  survived her    Irene B  Champion  77   Lexington  died  She was  survived by her husband   Ebon Champion  formerly  of Anderson County    Thursday  July 15 1965  Severe arm break   J T  Davenport sustained  a broken right forearm  when he slipped while    cranking a tractor and  the crank struck his arm  breaking both bones in  two places    Enlists in Air Force   James Wesley Cox Jr   enlisted in the Air Force  for a four year period    He was to be stationed at  Lackland Air Force Base in  San Antonio  Texas  He is a  son of Mr  and Mrs  James  Cox    Scouts to spend week at camp   Boy Scout Troop 37  was to leave for a week in  camp at the McKee Scout  Reservation near Mount  Sterling    Those planning to go  were Scotty Beckett  Bobby  Cammack  Gayle Cook   John Cook  Bob Crossfield   Doug Edwards  Jesse Flynn  Logan Gerow  Charles  Gilbert  George Gilbert   Duane Haydon  Ernest  Lee Hunt  Bobby McCoun   Bob McWilliams  Sonny  Marshall  Rodman Martin  Guy Simpson  tom Smith   Bill Stewart  Chuck Whitt   John Whitt and Dan Whitt   Adult leaders were Wil  liam E  Hunt  scoutmaster   W J  Smith  assistant scout  master  and J D  Cook  com  mittee chairman    Hosts to dinner   Mr  and Mrs  Ralph  Smith were hosts at their  home Tuesday evening  to a potluck dinner given  by the Adult II Training  Union Department of the  Sand Spring Church honor  ing the Rev  and Mrs  Louis  J  Twyman  Arrangements  of summer flowers were  used in the house    Invited guests were Mr   and Mrs  Charles Truett  Hanks  Mr  and Mrs  Clif  ford Royalty  Mr  and Mrs   Ralph Chilton  Mr  and  Mrs  Bill Rideout  Mr  and  Mrs  Vernon Sutton  Mr   and Mrs  Don Powers  Mr   and Mrs  Maurice Corn  Mr   and Mrs  Raymond Free  man  Mr  and Mrs  Don  Martin  Mr  and Mrs  David  Drury  Mr  and Mrs  Stew  art Gash  Mr  and Mrs  Paul  Dadisman  Mr  and Mrs   Dale Maupin  Mr  and Mrs   Carl Hawkins  Mr  and Mrs   Norman Barker    Obituaries   Helen Higbie Woods  73   widow of Clarence Woods     THE WAY WE WERE   died in Lexington  She was  a native of Rochester  New  York and had lived in Law   renceburg about 50 years    L P  McFarland  84  died  of pneumonia  A daughter   Mrs  Kenneth Dennis  and  four sons  Rheu  John  Cecil  and Harold McFarland   survived him    30 YEARS AGO  Thursday  July 17 1975   Blue Grass Fair contestant   Barbara Barker  Ander  son County High School  F F A  Sweetheart  was to  represent Anderson Coun  ty in the Blue Grass Fair  Beauty Pageant in Lexing  ton    Barker  a daughter of  Mr  and Mrs  Norman Bark  er  was a May graduate of  Anderson County High  SchooLThis was the second  year she had been chosen  FFA sweetheart and second  year she had participated  in the Blue Grass Fair    At the market   Parkway margarine was  99 cents for two 1 pound  packages at IGA Supermar  ket  Kraft dressings were  43 cents for an 8 ounce  bottle    A one pound can of  Maxwell House Coffee was  59 cents with a coupon at  Gateway Supermarkets    An 84 ounce box of Tide  detergent was  1 79    Severely cut   William E  Black was  rushed to the Frankfort  hospital where he received  22 stitches in his right leg  between the knee and the  hip  He was emptying a  garbage can when a bro  ken bottle in the can cut  through his trousers and  cut his leg    Obituaries   Hilda La Moyne Phillips  Carter  53  who was retired  from Fox Creek RECC after  34 years  died at her home   She was survived by her  husband  Garnett Carter   and a son  Marc Stanley  Carter    Donald Edward Cook  36   son of Mr  and Mrs  George  Cook  died in Florida  He  was survived by his wife   Ann Cook  and a daughter   Maggie Cook    Clarence Vernon Clark     73  St  Matthews  died July  7  He was survived by his  wife  Alma Catlett Clark   and a daughter  Mrs  C   Gerald Summerfield    15 YEARS AGO   Wednesday  June 21 2000  Seniors travel to Renfro Valley   Some members of the  Anderson County Senior  Citizens group took a trip  to the Renfro Valley Moun  tain Gospel Sing  Those  attending included Pauline  Shelton  Arzelia McMi   chael  Lenora Drummond   Emily Dyke  Irene Hays   Mildred Rucker  Billie War   ford  Anna Mae Phillips   Anna Marie Parker  Viola  Thompson  Edith Ham  monds  Ruth Earl  Mary  Lee Sutherland  Oleta  Sutherland  Catherine  Sparrow  Rebecca Gray   Mary Thurman  JoAnn  Adams  George Adams   Phyllis Crane and Bob  Crane    Wednesday  July 19 2000  Five generations   Five generations of the  Gay family posed for a  photo  Frances Gay was  holding her 3 month old  great great granddaughter   Emma Gay  They were sur  rounded by Emmas dad  Garrick Gay  great grand  father Ruddy Gay and  grandfather Mike Gay    U K  honors 22   A total of 22 students  from Anderson County  were named to the Deans  List by the University of  Kentucky for outstanding  academic work    Students honored were  Jessica Marie Allen  senior   arts and sciences  psychol  ogy  James Lloyd Boor  II  junior  business and  economics  management   James Clinton Burris   junior  architecture  Sean  Gerard Buynak  senior   education  middle school  education  Eliza Petrie  Davis  sophomore  arts and  sciences  Spanish  Leslie  Jean Drymon  sophomore   human environmental  sciences  individual and  family development  Diana  May Fannin  senior  educa  tion  human environmen  tal sciences  family and  consumer sciences  Aman  da Carole Gibbons  fresh  man  Allied Health profes  sions  pre physical therapy     Sarah Kathleen Graves   senior  Allied Health pro  fessions  communication  disorders  Elisha Carrie  Hendricks  junior  business  and economics  pre eco  nomics   Stephen Wesley  Jones  freshman  commu  nications and information  studies  pre journalism   general editorial  Melissa  Ellen Nicholson  sopho  more education  middle  school education  Christo  pher Adam Alien Perry   senior  business and eco  nomics  finance    Timothy Brian Perry   freshman  business and  economics  pre accounting   Gerald Alan Shawn  senior   education  elementary edu  cation  Jennifer Alexander  Smith  senior  business and  economics  management   Nancye Jane Taylor  senior   education  elementary  education  Terry Brandon  Thacker  sophomore  arts  and science  biology  Julian  Brandon Thomas  arts and  sciences  biology  Edward  Joseph Wackowski III   senior  arts and sciences   psychology  Amanda Gail  White  sophomore  com  munications  information  studies  integrated strategic  communication  James  Everett Wright  senior   education  secondary com  munication  English    Six on EKU dean s list   Six Anderson County  students were on the  Eastern Kentucky Univer  sity deans list  They were  Laura E  Baker  senior   political science major   Jamie N  Hanks  senior   elementary education   English and communica  tions major  Sally M  John  son  senior  political science  major  Laura Beth Klink   senior  physical educa  tion and athletic training  major  Jodi Ann Neurohr   senior  communication dis  orders major  and Chrystal  Mesheal Rowland  senior   elementary education and  mathematics major    Obituaries   Jasper Herbert Blake   man  85  retired farmer and  former employee of Flori  da Tile  died at the Frank  fort hospital  A brother   George Blakeman Jr  and  two sisters  Mrs  Walter  Harley and Inath Cornish   survived him    NEED FRIENDLY AND EXPERIENCED  LENDERS     You can gel  there from here     Farmers Bank     Capital Trust Co     128 SOUTH MAIN STREET  502 839 2600    201 WEST PARK CENTER  502 839 2626    LIBBY GOODLETT   AVP Lending Officer  NMLS 712805    ALSO FRANKFORT AND HARRODSBURG    FarmersBankKY com     ALL LOANS SUBJECT TO APPROVAL  MEMBER FDIC           A14 Wednesday  July 15 2015 The Anderson News    SOCIETY    Salads  wafers a hit  during bridal shower    T his past weekend    I had the plea  sure of hosting  a bridal shower for  my sister  I asked her  beforehand if she pre  ferred a potluck style  meal or a lighter meal   consisting of salads and  finger foods    She chose the latter   and boy did I have fun  preparing the menu  and the food  This  week  Id like to share with you what  was served    Chicken Salad   2 large chicken breasts  shredded   Mayonnaise to suit   1 4 to 1 2 tsp  salt   1 8 tsp  black pepper   Several dashes of cayenne pepper   1 2 tbsp  honey   2 stalks celery  finely chopped   Mix all ingredients  Serves approximately 10   You can add chopped pecans and or grapes to this  recipe as well    Italian Pasta Salad   16 oz  Tri color Pasta  I regular size bottle Italian dressing    1 cup chopped tomatoes   1 small to medium cucumber  peeled and chopped   Cook pasta according to directions  Add dress  ing  tomatoes and cucumber  I ve used regular  tomatoes  grape  and cherry tomatoes  whatever  your preference  Let chill thoroughly  This makes  such a colorful salad  And such a simple recipe  with a tasty flavor  Serves approximately 12 14    Zesty Cheese Wafers   1 2 cup butter  room temperature   2 cups shredded sharp Cheddar cheese  11 2 cup AP flour   1 tsp  salt   1 4 tsp  cayenne pepper   Mix all ingredients  I did mine in a stand mixer  and it probably took a good three minutes to get  the ingredients from a floury  dry mixture to one  big moist clump of dough  After you can pick up  the dough in one ball  separate it into two pieces   Roll out two eight inch logs  on wax paper  Wrap  them up and refrigerate several hours until very  chilled and hard  Next  slice the logs into thin  slices  I used a Crinkle Cutter from Pampered Chef  and it worked great  A serrated knife would be  fine  too  Place all the wafers onto a baking sheet  and bake at 350 for 15 minutes  Makes approxi  mately 5 dozen    Ashley Fields is a cooking columnist  for The Anderson News      Ashley   Fields    Cooking   Columnist    SENIOR CENTER CALENDAR    The Anderson Senior Center is  sponsoring a fireside chat with local  actors portraying Abraham Lincoln  and Colonel Harlan Sanders on Fri  day July 24 at 10 30 a m  The presen  tation is open to the public    Wednesday  July 15   10 30 a m  BP lifeline   10 30 a m  Arnold Clark and  friends   Noon Potluck for July   1 15 p m  Rook cards   Silent Auction   Thursday  July 16   8 30 Breakfast club   9 a m  Video exercise   10 a m  Trip to Buffalo Trace   9 3 p m  Shopping and errands   Friday July 17   10 30 a m  Pinterest and crafts    11 30 a m  Lunch  12 30 p m  Games  1 p m  Farmers market  2 30   5 p m  Quilt Guild   Monday  July 20   10 30 a m  Rocking with Rick  11 30 a m  Lunch  12 30 p m  Summer blast bingo  7 p m  Rook club   Tuesday  July 21   8 30 a m  Breakfast club  9 a m  Tai Chi exercise  9 2 p m  Shopping and errands  9 2 p m  Will clinic   Wednesday July 22   10 30 a m  Music with Ed  11 30 a m  Lunch   12 30 p m  Ice Cream floats Trivia  about ice cream  1 p m  Rook cards     Photo furnished    75TH ANNIVERSARY   Virgil and Leoda Lunsford celebrated their 75th wed  ding anniversary with many relatives  friends and  neighbors Friday  July 10 at their home in Lawrence   burg  The celebration was hosted by their children   Clyde Lunsford  Diane   Ruby Brown  Ruth Carter   Donnie  and Ricky Lunsford  Nancy   The Lunsfords  also have 17 grandchildren and a number of great  and great great grandchildren     Extension  office to host  Alzheimers  clinic   From staff reports   Anderson County Exten  sion is collaborating with the  Greater Kentucky Southern  Indiana Association to pro  vide programs for the public  on the risks of Alzheimers  disease  the Extension  announced    The Alzheimers Associa  tion program will be held at  the Anderson Senior Center  on July 29 at 6 p m    The program  Know the  10 Signs  is designed to help  people learn more about the  disease and its warning signs    For more information  and to register for the free  program call the Anderson  County Extension office at  839 7271 or the Anderson      lf in date and compliance  restrictions may apply      Experienced  Efficient and Compassionate Care     Specializing in the Diagnosis   and Treatment of      COPD    Occupational     Asthma Adult   Lung Disease   and Pediatric     Lung Infections     Sleep Apnea    Lung Cancer     Pulmonary     Pulmonary   Fibrosis   Rehabilitation     Pulmonary     Smoking   Hypertension   Cessation    The new HAGGIN SLEEP CLINIC is   located on the first floor of the hospital and  features a comfortable secure environment  and the latest technology to monitor your  overnight sleep study     Dr  Richard Goodstein   Haggin Pulmonary   Sleep Medicine  is located at 470 Linden Avenue   Suite 8  in Harrodsburg    Schedule an appointment by  calling  859  733 5890      i James B  Haggin     Memorial Hospital    Pulmonary   Sleep Medicine                                                                                                                                                       FAITH    The Anderson News Wednesday  July 15 2015 A15    Gods sweet love is the veneer of all    Y ears ago I had a  sort of business   acquaintance  whom I idol  ized    I was just  getting start  ed in book  writing and at  the time she  was one of  the top names  in Christian  publishing    This   woman wrote  some of the funniest  books Id ever read   plus she was highly in  demand as a speaker    She probably still is    Back then she could  make audiences laugh  until they wet their  pants and snap her fin  gers and bring them to  their knees in surrender  to the Lord    I met her at a Chris  tian Booksellers conven  tion one year and was  awed in her presence  At  6 feet tall  she towered  over me by a foot  but it  was her ability to be on  stage and be both funny  and poignant that over  shadowed me    After meeting her    I went home with my  piddly little books and  meager talent deter  mined to be like her   No  thats not true  I  determined to best  her    Eat my dust   Famous Christian  Writer Woman   FCWW     Sadly  God did his  equivalent of taking  me to the woodshed  and I learned my les  son not to try to be  someone Im not  at  least not FCWW    The funny thing is    I met her again years  later and got a chance to  talk with her  I told her  that I had tried to be her  but it didnt work out all  that well    Thats when she told  me that it wasnt work  ing out all that well for  her either    Who she had become  on stage at conferences  and in her early books  wasnt who she really  wanted to be or who she  was anymore  She want  ed to be a serious Bible  teacher and write his  torical novels but every  one expected her to be  funny  demanded that    she be funny    So  she was  She put  on the funny veneer  to make other people  happy  her audiences   her readers  the publish  ers    Last I heard shes  finally doing what she  wanted and doing quite  well    To that I say  good for  you  FCWW    Recently  I listened to  an interview with Tim  Willard  a young guy  who just wrote Veneer   Living Deeply in a Sur  face Society  He talked  about the difficulty of  being honest  with  ourselves and with oth  ers    He avoided using  the word authentic  because thats become  a cliched buzzword  among hipster Chris  tians and has come to  describe a cookie cutter  brand of Christian  church pastor  the  skinny black jeans and  black shirt wearing   Starbucks coffee sip  ping  cuss word spout  ing guy with the soul  patch and shaved head  who sits on a stool to  preach      Nancy   Kennedy    Faith columnist    CHURCH BRIEFS    Motorcycle run to benefit  Open Hands   A motorcycle run is  scheduled for Saturday   July 18 to benefit the  Open Hands Food Min  istry  it was announced    Sign up for the run  begins at 11 a m  at  Open Hands  located on  Industry Drive    Cost is  15 to enter   plus  5 for each addi  tional rider     For more informa  tion  call David Mont  gomery at 502 680 6645    Vacation Bible school at  Claylick Methodist   Claylick United  Methodist Church will  host an Outback Rock  vacation Bible school  on July 24 and 25 for  children between the  ages of 2 11    The school will use    Australian themes and  imagery to focus on  how God is always with  us  according to a news  release    Outback Rock will  run from 5 30 8 p m    on Friday  July 24  and  from 11 30 a m  2 p m    on Saturday  July 25    from staff reports     ONLINE 1      To get started  visit   theandersonnews    and click on Place an    Willard said authen  tic has become a  veneer  As humans  its  hard not to be c unve  neered  he said  We all  want to be accepted  We  all want to be loved    We also all have  things we want to hide   so we do what it takes to  be who were not  Some  of us are better at it  than others    A few weeks ago my  husband and I met a  couple who were sitting  at the bar in a restau  rant  Within minutes  we learned how many  houses they owned  how  many vacations they  had taken and that they  just bought a new Cor  vette    That was their  veneer    Just as I started get  ting all high and muck   ety muck thinking that    I dont have a veneer  I  realized that in many  situations where Im  with strangers  and even  sometimes with friends   I ask a lot of ques  tions but rarely give  out information about  myself  I can walk away  knowing a persons life  story but they might  know only my name  and that Im awfully  nosy    Thats my veneer   Thats how I protect  myself    Some talk about what  they own or who they  know  hoping to impress   hoping theyll be liked    I keep quiet and not let  people know anything  about me so they dont  have a chance to not  like me    The thing is  most  people tend to disdain  veneer  fakery  in    others  Most people  want to know each oth  ers true selves with all  our flaws and scars and  disabilities  Thats what  makes us approachable   and when we are weak   the Bible says  thats  when we are strong    And its only when  we know that we are  utterly loved  loved by  God  that we can find  the courage to be who  we are    Im not there yet  but  I want to be    Nancy Kennedy is the  author of Move Over    Victoria  1 Know the  Real Secret  Girl on a  Swing  and her latest  book  Lipstick Grace   She can be reached at   352  564 2927  Monday  through Thursday  or  via email at nkennedy   chronicleonline com     OVERLAND CHURCH OF CHRIST   P O  Box 246  Lawrenceburg  KY 40342  1241 ByPass South  www cocoverland com  9 30 a m    Bible Study  10 30 a m  and 1 30 p m    Sunday Worship   7 p m    Wednesday Bible Study    A PIECE OF PAPER   A marriage license  a piece of paper  with an official seal on it does not change the  fact that sin is continuing  You can put a county  state or even the United States  seal on it  but it doesnt change what God has already ruled on  As someone said   You can put lipstick on a pig  but it is still a pig  That little piece of paper may  soothe someones conscience  but it is still against God  If you are an unbeliever  you might not accept what I just said  but it is TRUE whether you agree with it or  not    In recent years man has legalized abortion  killing of innocent children   and now  they tell us that if we LOVE we would now accept same sex marriage  Just in the  last few days there have been those who have advocated incest  bestiality and even  polygamy  Some will speak up and say  We will not go that far  Yet  I would not  have believed in my youth that we would kill babies and redefine what marriage   One man for one Woman for life  really is         For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his  wife  and the two shall become one flesh  So then  they are no longer two but one  flesh  Therefore what God has joined together  let no man put separate  Matt   19 5 6     The words of the Bible are divine statements sent from God  1 Cor  2 10 13  2  Tim  3 16 17  IPet  4 11  Heb  1 1 2  Eph  3 1 4  5 22 33      That little piece of paper has not changed our loyalty to God  Acts  5 29   nor  Gods definition of marriage  Matt  19 4 6   Therefore  our preaching will remain  unchanged  2 Tim  4 1 5       davidlanius   bellsouth net     CHURCH SERVICES DIRECTORY    Worship Al The Church Cf Your Choice This Week    ALTON   1321 Bypass North  Rick Shannon  Pastor  9 45 a m  Sunday School  8 30 a m   10 45 a m  Worship  6 p m  Evening Activities  6 30 p m  Wednesday Activities   BALLARD   Ballard Road  Jerry Dedman  10 a m  Sunday School  10 45 a m  Worship  6 p m  Worship Service   CENTRAL   U  S  127  Franklin County Line  Rick Clark   10 a m  Sunday School  11 a m  Worship  6 p m  Worship   EVERGREEN   Will Howard  Pastor  508 Lincoln Street  9 30 a m  Sunday School  10 45 a m  Sunday Worship  6 p m  Wed  Adult Bible Study   FARMDALE   Steve Weaver  Pastor  5610 US 127 South   Franklin County line  9 30 a m  Sunday School  10 45 a m  Morning Worship  10 45 a m  Children s Church  6 30 p m  Bible Study  6 30 p m  Praise Factory   for children ages 5 11     FELLOWSHIP   Hammonds 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record revenue John   last year and he praised Herndon   the administrations at Sports Editor   South Carolina and Ole     Miss in their stands on Confederate  battle flag  according to an Associated  Press story   The story said those administra  tions showed the SEC is now a leader  in social issues    I cant say if that is true or not    I do know it has often been said  that life on college campuses sparks  eventual change on the outside  In  some ways that is true    It is also said that sport often  reflects life  but I firmly believe that  in many respects  what happens on  athletic fields teaches lessons that  society needs to learn    When it comes to race  Jackie Rob  inson broke in with the Brooklyn  Dodgers in 1947  seven years before  Brown vs  Board of Education    Obviously  having a person of color  in the lineup at Ebbets Field did not  change everything overnight  Locally   it was the 1963 64 school year before  Anderson High School was integrated   Up the road in Lexington  the Univer  sity of Kentucky was the first South  eastern Conference school to have  African Americans suit up for the  football team  1967   but the last to  integrate basketball three years later    And  of course  much is made of  Texas Western  starting five black  players  upsetting all white Kentucky  in the 1966 NCAA final    Despite the process taking many  years  there can be little doubt sport  contributed to the improvement of  societys race relations    Its time for people to look to the  playing fields again    Since the tragic Charleston shoot  ings  so much news has been centered  around the Confederate battle flag  and whether it is a symbol of slavery  and oppression or simply an expres  sion of Southern pride  I know many  good people who hold dearly to both  positions and trying to change either  view in the scope of 650 words would  be futile    Over the last few weeks  I have  tried to think through all of the talk  about the Confederate battle flag  at least 100 times and have come up  with at least 200 different conclu  sions fly through my brain  But over  and over  everything kept pointing  back to sport being a teacher    You see  on the athletic field  the  only color that matters is the jersey  one is wearing    At least for successful teams it is   You sometimes will hear accusa  tions of football players complaining  a quarterback does not throw his way  or a basketball player complaining  about his number of touches because  of the color of his skin    Rarely are those teams or individu  als truly successful    A real team only cares about the  end result  The individuals of that  team are most concerned with the  success of the group rather than  whether individual feelings are hurt    When I saw the Anderson County  girls basketball team make its incred  ible comeback against Simon Kenton  in 2013  did not see white girls and  black girls making plays  I only saw  kids worried about the red jerseys    When I watch my beloved Cincin  nati Reds  even in a year that is going  south  I dont look at a team with  some Black Latinos heading the pitch  ing staff  for now at least  a stellar  African American second baseman  and a white All Star third baseman   How ridiculous would that be    I only see the Reds  My team    Being around sports all my life  I  have seen people of all races coming  together for the common goal  They  sweat together  They hurt together    And they celebrate together  because they only care about the end  result of success    Offended  The only thing offen  sive to teams like that is someone  who does not pull his weight and  contribute  The divisiveness we see  in society is foreign to the teams who  win the big trophies    Its a lesson our society desperately  needs to learn    Comment at www theandersonnews   com      CONNER INDUCTED TO HALL OF FAME     Photo by Wade Upchurch   Jimmy Dan Conner  right  accepts his induction into the Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of  Fame from Ann Upchurch  widow of Conner s coach at Anderson County High School  Jack Upchurch   Conner was Mr  Basketball in 1971  Jack Upchurch was also remembered during the ceremony     Bearcat  UK great says  honor is like none other   By John Herndon   Sports Editor   ELIZABETHTOWN    Jimmy Dan Conner looks  like he could still launch  one of those patented high   arching rainbows 25 feet  from the basket    Of course  it would swish  through the net    Jimmy Dan is 62 now   but is trim  The hair has  some streaks of gray and  his face shows some wrin  kles  but Conner looks like  he could leap high  grab  a pass from a teammate   then twist for the same  basket that lifted Ander  son County over Louisville  Central in the 1971 state  semi finals    At least in the minds  of those who watched his  exploits at Anderson Coun  ty from 1967 71  Jimmy  Dan Conner looks like he  could still put on that red  jersey showing number  10 and lead the Bearcats  to another victory    Conner was inducted  into the Kentucky High  School Basketball Hall of  Fame Saturday night at the  Historic State Theatre in  Elizabethtown  The Class  of 2015 is the fourth group  of 16 to be selected for the  Hall  which is set to open  in 2017    It is a great honor   Conner said as he greeted  guests from around the  state  I have traveled all  over the world playing  basketball but there is no  place like Kentucky    Conners exploits at  Anderson County are    legendary  He cracked the  lineup during his fresh  man season  then led the  Bearcats to three district  championships and the  schools first regional  championship in 1971    Early in his senior sea  son  Conner gave a glimpse  of his late game heroics    when he put back a missed  shot just before time  expired to lift the Bearcats  over upset minded Lafay  ette  The Generals coach   Jock Sutherland  joined  Conner in the Hall of Fame  Class of 2015    Conner smiled when  asked about the shot  I    bring that up to  Suther  land  every time I see him   he said    Conners play in a 78 72  win over Carroll County in  the Eighth Region cham  pionship game was exem  plary  Saddled with early   See CONNER  Page B3     Photo furnished   Alorra Sims poses with the three gold medals she won at the USA Track and Field regional  meet  held last week at North Oldham High School  She moves on to the national meet   to be held in Jacksonville  Florida    All around excellence    Sims takes heptathlon  two other events at USATF regional meet    By John Herndon   Sports Editor   Alorra Sims  a rising junior at  Anderson County High School has  qualified for the USA Track and  Field Junior Olympic Nationals meet   to be held in Jacksonville  Fla   later  this summer    Sims took first place in the hep  tathlon  a compilation of seven  events to measure overall athletic    ability  The USATF regional meet  was held at North Oldham High  School in Goshen    Sims  running for the Kentucky  Elite  also took first place in the  triple jump and javelin throw    In the heptathlon  Sims defeated  Allie Stern  from the Akron  Ohio  area  Sims got a break when Stern   See SIMS  Page B2    Locating  thermocline  aids summer  fishing success    Identifying water band in fertile  lakes  like Taylorsville  important    By Lee McClellan   Ky  Dept  of Fish   Wildlife Resources   Fishing instruction for decades  preached anglers should fish deep   cool water during the hottest days  of the summer    This makes sense as fish are cold  blooded animals and their bodies  are the same temperature of the  water that surrounds them    However  fishing deep water in  summer on a lake such as Taylors  ville Lake may mean your offerings  are in a dead zone  Warming air  temperatures change the nature of  the water in a lake  Anglers need to  consider these changes while sum  mer fishing    The water column in lakes  begins to stratify in late spring  like  a layer cake with a warm top layer   a mixing layer in the middle and  a cold layer on the bottom  Warm  water is less dense and sits on top of  the cooler and denser water below    The mixing layer in the middle  is the thermocline  said Dave  Dreves  assistant director of fisher  ies for the Kentucky Department of  Fish and Wildlife Resources  The  thermocline is a band of water with  rapidly changing temperatures    As summer progresses  the  water below the thermocline grows  increasing hostile to fish  As organ  ic material from plants or animals  sinks to the bottom  decomposition  ties up all of the available dissolved  oxygen  Dreves said    Fish need dissolved oxygen to  survive  so the layer of the water  below the thermocline becomes a  dead zone as the air temperatures  rise  Lures or bait presented there is  the same as casting into a desert    The further you go into sum  mer  the more the thermocline  matters  Dreves said  It varies from  year to year how long it takes for it  to set up    Anglers want to target the area  just above the thermocline for the  best summer fishing  You have    See FISHING  Page B2                                     B2 Wednesday  July 15 2015 The Anderson News    COMMUNITY SPORTS    SPORTS BRIEFS    Last call for Bearcat Youth  Football and Cheerleading   Registrations are  underway for Bearcat  Youth Football and  Cheer leading at Ander  son County Parks and  Recreation    Saturday July 18 is  the last day prospective  players and cheerleaders  can sign up  Registra  tions will be taken from  10 a m  until 2 p m  at the  Community Building in  Anderson County Com  munity Park    For more informa  tion  contact Kenton  Bottoms at 502 680 7530    Lady Cat golf meeting set   The Anderson  County girls golf team  will begin practice for  the upcoming season  on Thursday  July 16 at  6 00 p m  with a meeting  at Wild Turkey Trace  Golf Course  according  to Lady Bearcat head  coach Robert Hanks    All prospective play  ers must have a current  KHSAA physical before  being able to participate  in team practice  Physi  cal forms can be down  loaded at khsaa org    For more informa  tion  contact Hanks at  502 330 0756    Dennis Golf Scramble set   The Eighth Annual    FISHING   Continued from Page B1   that happy medium of  the coolest water with  good dissolved oxygen   Dreves said  You might  find baitfish at that  level as well  That zone  will be the active part of  the food chain    The fertility of the  lake determines the  location of the thermo   cline  Water clarity is a  good indicator of fertil  ity  murky lakes contain  more nutrients in the  water than lakes where  you can see the bottom  in 12 feet of water    On a highly fertile  lake such as Taylors  ville  the thermocline  starts at about 8 feet  deep in mid summer  and ends at roughly 12  feet  Bass anglers fishing  a heavy jig 18 feet deep  on a channel drop are  wasting their time  the  same as anglers dunking  cut bait for channel cats  at that depth  There is  no dissolved oxygen that  deep    Anglers need to  pound that water from  6 to 10 feet deep or so  in the summer heat on  Taylorsville for bass   crappie  catfish and  even bluegill    On a clear  low fer  tility lake like Laurel  River Lake or Lake  Cumberland  the ther  mocline may start at 30  feet deep  Dreves said   On these lakes  there  can be good dissolved  oxygen below the ther  mocline  They have a  two story fishery where  cool water fish such as  walleye or striped bass  locate below the ther  mocline in summer    On mid depth  moder  ately fertile lakes such    Allen Dennis Golf  Scramble will be held  on Saturday  Aug  8 at  Tanglewood Golf Course  in Taylorsville    The scramble will  feature a shotgun start  at 8 a m    Proceeds from the  scramble will benefit  a scholarship fund in  honor of Allen Dennis   who drowned at age  9  The scholarship is  awarded to a student  from Anderson  Shelby  or Spencer counties  The  cost is  50 per person or   200 per team    For more information  about the scramble or  to register for the event   contact John Shouse  at 502 517 2567  Keith  Stinnett at 502 664 0469  or Don Dennis at 502   410 8910    We want your news    Be sure to send your  summer sports news and  photos to The Anderson  News    Has your softball or  baseball team won a  league title    Did you get to meet  your favorite major  leaguer on a trip to the  ball park    Have you been surf  ing or catch a big fish    Send news and photos  to jpherndon theander   sonnews com     From staff reports    as Nolin River Lake  Bar  ren River Lake  Green  River Lake or Rough  River Lake  the ther  mocline usually starts  around 11 to 12 feet deep  in summer with little  dissolved oxygen below  16 feet    Find banks  channel  drops or humps at that  depth and fish them   Dreves said  I always  remind myself to fish  the right depth in sum  mer    The U S  Army Corps  of Engineers Louisville  District webpage has  charts showing the  water temperature and  depths of the dissolved  oxygen at www lrlusace   army mil  Click on the  Water Information tab   then the Lake Tem  peratures and Dissolved  Oxygen Levels tab    The depth where the  oxygen line takes a left  toward the zero side of  the graph is the top of  the thermocline  You  can also go out in the  middle of the lake and  turn up the sensitiv  ity on your sonar unit  until you see a band in  the depths  Dreves said   That band is the ther  mocline  It seems the  older units might pick  this band up better than  the newer ones    Lakes with high flow  through rates such as  Kentucky Lake and  Lake Barkley usually do  not form thermoclines  in summer in the main  lake  but thermoclines  may appear in their  major creek arms or  embayments  The cur  rent in rivers prevents  thermoclines from  forming    Remember the role of  the thermocline while  fishing this summer  It  will put more fish in  hand      r Vf   It VJ  V    f     feN 1      Photo furnished    LEAGUE CHAMPS    The Bad News Bears took the championship of the 18 and under division of the Anderson County Parks and Recreation  softball league  The team won both the regular season and tournament titles  Team members are  front row  from left   Samara Murphy  Amber Colston  Lauren Ritchie  Courtney Emmons and Elizabeth Watkins  Second row  Coach Ashley Cot  ton  Mikayla Rice  Heather Benson  Emily Crowe  Savanna Bechstein and coach Margaret Cotton  Absent from photo was  Makayla Gamble      Photo furnished    Alorra Sims takes off on her approach in the long jump at the USATF regional  held at North  Oldham High School     SIMS   Continued from Page B1   fouled on the long jump   Sims also had very  strong showings in the  800 meter run  the shot  put and the high jump    Sims finished with  3 613 points to Sterns  3 215    Sims took her first  win in the heptathlon   She competed in the  event at the regional  meet last year  but fell  one place short of quali  fying for the national   The top two finishers  advance to the national  meet    She knew she had  to perform well to qual  ify  said Sims mother   Catina Sims  She placed  either first or second in  all of the seven events  except shot put  but she   set a personal record   in it too  so we knew she  would most likely place  one or two    Sims won the 200   meter dash and long  jump while placing  second in the 100 meter  dash  high jump  javelin  throw and 800 meters   She was third in the  shot put    In the individual  events  Sims took the  triple jump with a  34 05 5  a full two feet  better than second place  Chimond Vaughn  of  Louisville  In the javelin  throw  Sims cleared 100  feet  3 inches  almost 17  feet better than Vaughn   who placed second    Sims has been one  of Kentuckys best  performers in the long  jump and triple jump  in recent years  but the  Kentucky High School  Athletic Association  meets do not sponsor  the heptathlon    Sims has been train  ing four to five days  a week while juggling  summer work with a  lawn care landscaping  company  according to  her mother    Shes balancing a  physically demanding    job with a more rigorous  training schedule than  she had in regular sea  son  Catina sims said   She is more physically  fit than she was in  high  school track  season  and will be even more  so over the next few  weeks    Sims believes she can  do well at the national  meet    Shes pretty optimis  tic about her chances   but there are a lot if  great athletes out there   so shes realistic too   Catina Sims said  Multi    event competitions   are very demanding  because she has to train  for seven different spe  cialties plus triple jump   Its not something that a  lot of athletes will com  mit to because its so  tough physically  Shes  fortunate because she  has made some amazing    connections with both  athletes and coaches  who all work to make  each other better    Catina Sims said that  camaraderie showed  during the competition  at North Oldham    During Alorras 800   coming around the final  curve  she was yelling  encouragement to a girl  she was competing with  telling her to keep up  with her and to not give  up  she said  This was  while she was running  too  One of the other  competitors said  How  were you yelling  I  could barely breathe    Thats a great exam  ple of how these kids  connect  even if theyre  competing against each  other  It makes me so  proud when I see my  kiddo trying to help  even when shes fight  ing to finish strong    Duncan iust  misses national  AAU meet   Connor Duncan  a rising senior at  Anderson County High School  just  missed on qualifying for the AAU  national meet in Norfolk  Va    Running unattached  Duncan placed  seventh in the 400 meter hurdles  in the Region 6 AAU event  held  in Knoxville  Tenn   from June 30  to July 3    Duncan had a rough start and never  quite recovered  said his mother   Dawn Duncan  His seventh place  finish was one spot short of the  national meet      From staff reports   herself  The 800 meters  is Alorras worst event   but she pushed that  aside to help a fellow  competitor    Comment at www the   andersonneews com      SEND US YOUR  SPORTS NEWS      PHOTOS     Hk Ankramt Nans   1080 Bypass South  839 6906  www theandersonnews com    All sports copy and photos must be  submitted by Thursday at noon   to be considered for publication  in the following week s newspaper    Weekend sports news  may be submitted until Monday  at 8 a m  for consideration  in that week s newspaper    Digital photos are preferred and  should be taken at your camera s  highest possible resolution   The best method of submitting  your information is by email to  jpherndon theandersonnews com  or sports theandersonnews com   If you can t email your information   please fax it to 502 839 3118 or  bring it to our office  located at  1080 Bypass South in Lawrenceburg      THANKS   to our most recent subscribers     Marcella Pittman  Connie Sparks  Mrs  Keith Royalty  Derek Ruble  Debbie Goodlett   Larue County  News  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another member of the Hall of Fame Class of 2015  Con  ner joked that he often reminds Sutherland of his last second tip in to lift  Anderson County past Lafayette in 1970 71     File photo    KENTUCKY HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL  HALL OF FAME  CLASS OF 2015    Jimmy Dan Conner scores against Carroll County in the 1971 Eighth Region championship game  See more   photos at www theandersonnews com  Jimmy Dan Conner  Anderson County  1971 Jerry Thruston  Owensboro  1972   Winston Bennett  Male  1983 Ukari Figgs  Scott County  1995     Photos by John Herndon   Jimmy Dan Conner signs a basketball for a fan during the reception prior to Saturday s Hall of Fame induc  tion celebration     Photo by John Herndon   Coralie Jones  widow of Earle Jones  greets a fan at the Kentucky High  School Basketball Hall of Fame induction celebration Saturday     Jermaine Brown  Fairdale  1991  Travis Ford  Madisonville  1989  Jeff Mullins  Lafayette  1960  John Pelphrey  Paintsville  1987  Dickie Prater  Pikeville  1950  Bobby Rascoe  Daviess County  1958  Mike Silliman  St  Xavier  1962    Lillie Mason  Olmstead  1981  Coach Ron Bevars  North Hardin  Coach Earle Jones  Kavanaugh  Maysville  Coach Jock Sutherland  Gallatin Co   Harrison  Co   Lafayette   Coach John Bill Trivette  Pikeville    Hall of Fame coach  Earle Jones was fond of  time in Anderson    CONNER   Continued from Page B1   foul trouble  Conner willed  the Bearcats to victory with  a late flurry over an out  standing Carroll team  Con  ner swished a pair of long  bombs that would have been  well beyond the 3 point arc  used today  He then did it all  as the Bearcats pulled away  in the final four minutes  before an overflow crowd at  Henry County High School    At the state tournament   Conner led the Bearcats into  the championship game  when he caught a pass from  David Ruggles and complet  ed a three point play against  Louisville Central in the  semifinal    With a packed house roar  ing its approval  the Bearcats  led Louisville Male with six  minutes to go in the cham  pionship game before the  Bulldogs exploded    It was a magical year  around Lawrenceburg    When the Bearcats made it  to the Sweet 16  people from  around the state turned  Freedom Hall into a virtual  home game for the Bearcats     The program from Satur  days celebration said Conner  wowed the crowd with his  high arching jump shot and  classic style    Accurate statistics of Con  ners high school career are  not available  but it is esti  mated that he scored 2 100  points as a Bearcat    Conner was named a high  school All American and  to the Super 10 in the Class  of 1971  A two time all state  selection  Conner was the  states Mr  Basketball in 1971  and signed with the Univer  sity of Kentucky  where he  scored 1009 points  dished  out 264 assists and was twice  named to the All SEC team   Conner was captain of the  1975 NCAA runner up team  and went on to play a year  for the Kentucky Colonels of  the ABA  Conner now works  in the insurance business in  Louisville    Conner  an active mem  ber of Southeast Christian  Church in Louisville  some  times speaks to churches  and faith based groups  I  havent done too much of  that lately  he said  They  usually start calling me a  little before basketball sea  son starts    He still makes trips back    to where he grew into one of  Kentuckys all time greats    I get back to Lawrence  burg because my mother  still lives there  he said    But he has not been able  to connect with the other  Bearcats from the glory days    I havent seen David   Ruggles  or Mike Green for  years  Conner said  None of  us are getting any younger   We should probably do that    While he shone at Ken  tucky with big games in  wins over North Carolina  and Indiana  breaking the  Hoosiers 34 game winning  streak in 1975  it was at  Anderson County where the  Legend of Jimmy Dan Con  ner was borne    Fans remember the win  over Lafayette  the come  back against Carroll County  and the stadewide jubilation  when the Bearcats upset  Central  People still come up  to Conner to reminisce about  those times    It amazes me how often  it happens  even today  he  said  To be honored in Ken  tucky is more special than  being honored any place  else    Comment at www thean   dersonnews com     By John Herndon   Sports Editor   The widow of former Kava  naugh basketball coach Earle  Jones says her husband had  great memories of his short  tenure in Anderson County    He talked about Kavana  ugh quite a bit  Coralie Jones  said as she participated in the  induction ceremonies for the  Kentucky High School Basket  ball Hall of Fame Saturday in  Elizabethtown    Earle Jones was selected for  the Hall of Fame based on his  24 seasons as head coach at  Maysville High School  where  his teams appeared in eight  state tournaments  winning  the title in 1947    Maysville was state runn   erup in 1938 and 1948    Mr  Jones retired from  coaching in 1955  According  to the Kentucky High School  Athletic Association  he com    piled an overall 541 197 record  between the two schools    I am not sure how long he  coached at Kavanaugh  said  Mrs  Jones  who married the  coaching legend after he left  the sidelines  He enjoyed his  time there    Jones led Kavanaugh to  the state championship game  in 1930  but the Tigers fell  to Corinth High  now part of  Grant County High  22 20 on  a shot in the closing seconds   Fred Buzz Borries led Kava  naugh with seven points in  the 1930 final  Teammates  Worley Hawthorne and Jim  Houchin joined Borries on the  all tournament team    Mrs  Jones smiled when  reminiscing about her hus  bands reputation  noting that  Adolph Rupp and his assistant  coaches at the University of  Kentucky often stopped by  Jones home  They would ask  him about players  she said                 B4 Wednesday  July 15 2015 The Anderson News    CLASSIFIEDS    Kentucky    Classified    Agricultural Real Estate    FIND AN AD   Employment    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plus  12 mos  verifi  able TT experience  required  Contact  Steve  800 723 6046  x243  Recruiting     HUD SON   PORTABLE SAWMILLS   SAW   YOUR   OWN   LUMBER    SAVE   SSS   5 models available  Starting at  2 799    We sell log siding  and other  tongue   groove  products    DAVES SAWMILL SALES   859   265 0793   Harrodsburg  Ky     QQ Caregiver    CDE ONSITE SENIOR   SERVICES Personal  support worker duties  vary depending   on the facility and  title  though they  can include gen  eral housekeep   ing  personal hygiene  assistance  bedside care   and transportation  Jessie    4234410954 Or   4235260698    Mobile Home  Sales    MOBILE HOMES with  acreage  Ready to move  in  Seller Financing   subject to credit  approval   Lots of room for  the price  3Br  2Ba  No  renters  859 977 3970    Apartments  For Rent    2 BEDROOM DUPLEX   with basement   502 839 4543 or  502 418 5843     BRECKENRIDGE   ESTATES   Lawrenceburg s  newest apartment  community has  spacious 2 bedroom  apartments available  including water   sewer   garbage     On site Laundry    Maintenance   Pet Friendly   No Section 8    502  839 1101  1522 Fieldstone Dr   across from  Post Office  www mrdapartments   com    AVAILABLE NOW    JORDAN WOOD     2 bedroom  1 1 2 bath    550 a month   300 dep  Water  sewer   garbage paid    502 598 8026    NEWLY RENOVATED  2 BEDROOM  1 BATH  Duplex in Lawrence   burg  washer   dryer  hookup  KU electric   central air   500 rent    500 dep   Section 8 Accepted   Call  502  803 1189    NOW LEASING   Brand new apartments  in Lawrenceburg  KY  1  bedroom apts     425 a  month and two bedroom  apts   525 a month   Water  sewer and trash  included in rent  Please  apply at 501 Schenkel  Ln  Frankfort  KY  For  more information  please  call  502  226 1500    EHO and handicap ac  cessible        HANDYMANS SPECIAL     ABSOLUTE Auction  Bank Owned House   Lot      3 BR  1 BA    2 000 sq ft    Partially renovated basement w   garage   other improvements    Central HVAC 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excellent career opportunities with plenty of  advancement opportunities      Excellent starting pay rates     Outstanding Benefits     Health Insurance     Excellent Opportunities      Candidates that are interested in these opportunities   must apply in  person at Express Employment Professionals office  located at    6908 Shelbyville Road  Simpsonville  KY 40067  502 205 0040   Applications are accepted Monday   Friday  from 8 30am   3 30pm    Candidates must bring a copy of his or her High School Diploma GED when they apply  Candidates must also be able  to pass a pre employment drug screen   criminal background screening    Dont miss out on these and other outstanding opportunities that Express Employment Professionals currently has  to offer in the Shelby County Areas                                                                                                             CLASSIFIEDS    The Anderson News Wednesday  July 15 2015 B5    Real Estate  Rentals    I QO Lots     I Ol 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Commercial or Residential  Licensed   Insured     TRIILEtW      K    ENT       ONE ORDER  ONE BILL  ONE LOW PRICE    DISPLAY AD    M Contract Rates    6x 12x  54 91  1x  5x 13x 25x  851 90   l 26x   38x   49 48   39x or more   46 46    STATEWIDE CLASSIFIEDS   Place you ad in over 70 Kentucky newspapers for  250 for 25 words    7 00 for each additional word  must be prepaid    Deadline is 5 PM Wednesday for publication the following week     WERE GROWING AND  WERE LOOKING FOR    Accounting Bookkeeper  Sales Associates  Parts Consultants  Service Techs  Service Consultants  Body Shop Techs  Lot Attendant  Internet Sales    Training Available    ASE Certified preferred   GM training a plus    401K  Health Insurance   Vacation   Competitive Pay   Apply in person at  Browning Chevrolet   Eminence  KY        EARLS     SEALING     Specializing in Sealcoating   Blacktop Driveways      Commercial Parking Areas       Repairing Cracks  Rubberized Asphalt Emulsion     Crack Repair     Hot 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Auctioneer  Robert L  New 502 525 0295   CONSIGNMENT AUCTION     JEWELLS AUCTION  COMPANY LOT   599 Mt  Washington Rd   Taylorsville  Saturday  July 18  9 30 a m     LOCATION  1198 Taylorwood Rd  Simpsonville  KY 40067   1923 FORD T BUCKET W 1957 CORVETTE ENGINE  w reserve   2007 YAMAHA 1700  ROADSTAR TRIKE W CORVETTE BODY  w reserve   2011 VOLKSWAGEN HOMEMADE  TRIKE 1600 CC ENGINE  w reserve   MF1010 TRACTOR  w reserve   ARCTIC CAT FOUR  WHEELER W SPRAYER  w reserve   Couches  Loveseats  Corner Cabinet  3 pc  Bedroom Suite  Cherry Finish Sofa   End Tables  Large Coffee Table  Computer Desk   Antique Marble Top Table  Refrigerators  Gas Grill  Germany  Chinese Tea Set France   Frankoma Pcs  other Glassware  Pictures  Crocks  Coffee Grinder  Craft Items   Coleman Lanterns  Horse Hanes  Horse Drawn Potato Plow  Hand Tools  Tomahawks    Spears  Thatcher  Craftsman 10  Table Saw  4 ft Tiller w 3pt Hitch  10  by 6  Trailer   Lincoln 225 Welder  Stihl Weedeater  Troybilt Pressure Washer  NEW GENERAC 8000  GENERATOR  w reserve   Ladder Makes Seattle  Box Lots   Lots More Items       Trucks  Tractors  Farm Machinery  Trailers  Construction   ATVs  Recreational  etc  CALL DAVID TO CONSIGN      7        Paul David Jewell   Auctioneer   ID 22713   Call 502 477 7251 or  817 6504 or visit us online     View Complete Details at  www auctionzip com  www jewellsauctionco com  www auctionzip com A    NEWTON AUCTION SERVICE   Auctioneers Danny Kao Newton   Dennis Newton  502 747 5255 or 502 321 1343   View Full Listing   Pictures on auctionzip com ID 16125      AUCTION 5     18    THE AUCTION BARN   1144 Pendleton Road  Pendleton  Ky     Every Thursday  5 30 p m    FURNITURE  ANTIQUES  GUNS  TOOLS  COLLECTIBLES  COINS   ALWAYS ACCEPTING CONSIGNMENTS     Visit auctionzip com 9241 for a full list of items   Mike Shaw Auctioneer  2686      Logan s Healthcare Linen Division   Class A CDL Route Driver    Location  From Carrollton  take Hwy  42 8 miles east to Hwy 47  Ghent  KY  6 miles south to Sharron Rd   Left 2 miles to Ford Rd    Left Approx  1 5 miles to farm on right    I will sell the following at public auction    Real Estate  TRACK  1   Approx  110 Acres with 2 Ponds  Tobacco Barn   Fenced Cattle  Hunting  2 BA  Great Room with Patio Deck  Hot Tub  Plus  a 30 x 50 Garage  Metal  Concrete Floor  Nice  Fenced  NOTE  Reserve  bid on Real Estate  Call Auctioneer 502 525 0295  Terms Real Estate   10  Down  Balance 30 Days  Sold According to Deed  As Is  Possession at  Closing  Don t overlook this property    Motorcycle  2006 Harley Davidson  Soft Tail  Sharp Bike has been left  inside  4 Tractors  2012 New Holland T4 75 4x4 one owner  cab air    PS  Double Hookups  Joystick  Quick Attach Loader  Hay Spear  Basket   Approx  200 Hrs   Diesel will be sold as 1 unit with reserve on T4 75  Ford  6610 Diesel 76 HP  8 2 Gears  4 Cyl Ready  383 MF Diesel 70 HP  4 Cyl   L P  70 HP  4 Cyl   Hookups  Super C Farmall  Equipment  SJ Vermeer  Bayler  NH Dolly Rake  3PH Hay Spear  8  Kuhn Disc Mower 3 Years Old   Gooseneck Hay Mover 6 Roll  Horse Drawn Disc  6 Trailer Ramp  John  Boat  Fuel Tank Stand  Portable Generator  Tractor Weights  Ford   MF  Front  Cattle Panels H D approx 60 7 x 12 Panels  8300 Int  2 Speed Split  ter Tandem Axles  5th Wheel Trailer with Ramps Runs Good  Good Tires    1998 Chevy V 8 Auto 4x4  Goose Neck Hitch Farm Truck    2000 Jeep Cherokee 6 Cyl  4x4  All vehicles sold as it    Terms  Equipment cash or check day of sale    Roger Arvin  Exector  Karen S  Arvin  812 Ford Rd   Ghent  KY     Hiring Class A CDL drivers for local routes that are  energetic  customer minded individuals with a great  attitude  For full time position we offer  1 000 sign  on bonus  sick pay  health benefits  vacation pay   attendance incentive  401 K and uniforms   17 11   hour to start     NEW S AUCTION SERVICE   Auctioneer  Robert L  New 502 525 0295  616 Park Ave   Carrollton  KY  AuctionZip com ID 10106    LARGE COUNTRY ESTATE AUCTION    1st and 2nd shift production positions   starting at  9 00 an hour    Minimum Requirements  Class A CDL  good driving  record  must be able to pass a DOT physical  drug  screen and criminal background check     FORD MODEL T CARS ANTIQUE TRACTORS  GAS   OIL ADV COUNTRY PRIMITIVES  TRUCK CAMPER FARM SHOP EQUIPMENT   If    if       Logans    Sat  July 25 at 9AM EDT    3844 Rockbridge Rd  Shelbyville  KY   Just 7 miles SE of Shelbyville     UTILITY MAINTENANCE  POSITION   THE CITY OF TAYLORSVILLE    The City of Taylorsville  located in Spencer County   Kentucky  seeks a qualified applicant for full time Utility  Maintenance position  responsible for assisting in all related  aspects of maintaining and operating the city s Water  Distribution  Wastewater Treatment and Collection System     The successful applicants must be a graduate of an  accredited high school or an equivalent  Preferable  candidate would have two years of water   wastewater  system experience and experience in heavy equipment  operations  Kentucky State Certification on water is  required or the ability to obtain certification within two  years of employment  Applicants must be willing to work  flexible hours and perform on call duties as required    Must possess valid driver s license  CDL  A required  and  submit to a background check and drug screening     Starting salary based upon qualifications  Benefits include  Health Insurance and Retirement     ANTIQUE VEHICLES  26 Ford Model T  Roadster  restored  24 Ford Model T  Roadster  24 Ford Model T Tudor Sedan   Ford Model T parts accessories  PETROLIANA  Mobiloil oil bottle rack  Texaco  42 round DSP  Mobiloil DSP 24  1920s  Mobiloil lube stand  20   oil jars  Auntie  Chatter for Fords SSP  59 Tokheim  48 gas  pump quality oil cans COUNTRY  PRIMITIVES ANTIQUES  300  flowered feed  sacks  40  Aladdin lamps  Winchester tin  litho bullet board  early Plano Harvesting  Machinery sign  vintage toys  early 50  doll  collection  US Military items  glassware   pottery  antique furniture  VEHICLES CAMPER  06 Dodge Dakota SLT  quad cab  82 VW truck  ll North Trail Ultra  Lite 20 Travel Trailer ZTR MOTOR CYCLES   Grasshopper 223  73 Harley Davidson  Sportster SHOP EQUIPMENT TOOLS  large  selection WINDMILL EARLY ENGINES  30  windmill   4  Maytag engines  early outboard  motors  David Bradley Power Unit  GM    Perkins marine diesels ANTIQUE TRACTORS   BF V Avery  Ferguson T0 20  IH Farmall  Cub  JD MT  Farmall F 14   2  Farmall F 12   McCormick 10 20  parts  mini crawler   2  JD  110  JD 112  MF  7  CC 127 129  TRACTORS  EQUIPMENT  Mahindra 6000  tractor w loader  MF 200 gas crawler  25   pcs of farm equipment  cattle chute   crowd  tub  LARGE a mount scrap iron    Application deadline  July 31 2015 at 4 30 p m     Applications and a current job description are available at  City Hall or online at www taylorsville ky gov     Applications may also be mailed to    City Hall  Attn  Steve Biven  City Clerk  P O  Box 279  Taylorsville  KY 40071  Phone   502  477 3235  Fax   502 477 1310  Email  sbiven taylorsvillewater org    The City of Taylorsville is an Equal Opportunity Employer    OWNER  Estate of Roy Sullivan  NOTE  Due to the vast amount of items we  will be running two auction rings throughout  most of day  visit website for 300  photos    complete listing _    i MarkNet      812 738 9476 _ _   beckortauctions com    The Kentuckiona Classifieds                                                                                                                                                            B6 Wednesday  July 15 2015 The Anderson News    FUN   GAMES    Sudoku    3    5   2        9      4    3    8        3    4   7     3    8    4   6     6     2     7     5   9    1    8     8   2    9        5    4    6      3        4   6    9    Word Search     Achieve  ments  Actually  Added  Aimed  Alarm  Almost  Angles  Aren t  Arise  Cream  Dress  Edges  Ethnic  Exist  Farthest  Flowed  Formal  Garbage  Glory  Hears  Hunts  Increasing  Insult  Issues  Joins  Kites   Lakes Nanny   Lesson Nests   Match Piano   Metre Ranches    Recent   Seasons   Rocks   Seems   Royal   Silly   Scarce   Smoke    South   Trail   Tasks   Unkind   Thinks   Vanish   Title   Winds    Crossword     ACROSS   1  Become agitatedly  confused   8  Two _ lieuten   ant    15  Small dirty  uncomfortable  room   16  Childish   17  Involves   18  Profound   19  Eyelike markings  in animals   20  Big game   21  Dusk  to Donne   22   I  Claudius  role   23  Vexatious   25 100 lbs    26  Error   28 1922 Physics  Nobelist   29  Increase  with  up    32  Kind of wave   33  Skin problem   34  Some N C O  s   36  Back   37  Best   38  Newswoman  Zahn   41  Undertake  with   out    42  At one time  at  one time   43  Malicious coward   45  Bird s beak   46  Employee   47  Battery contents   51  Calendar square   52   ER  doctor   53  Japanese emperor   55  Rack   57  Card game with  48 cards  var  spell     58  Pertaining to fam  ily favoritism   59  Sets down in writ  ing   60  African pests   61  Subject of this  puzzle   DOWN   1  Common refriger    ant   2  Pop   3  Absolute   4  Hello and goodbye   5  Drudgery   6  Marks used to indi  cate an omission of  words   7  _gestae   8  Pig iron containing  manganese   9  Adjust an instru  ment to a desired  pitch  2 wds    10  Have another  go at   11  Anger   12  Fir tree seed pro  ducers   13  In a different  place   14  Pointing inward   20  Computer info   24   Acid    27  Any thing   28  A small piece   29  Moving upward   30  Weddings   31  Farsighted person   33  Boris Godunov    for one   35  Gangster s gun   36  Disturbing   38  Units of astro  nomical length   39  Says  When     40  Adaptable truck   for short   43  Something  extraordinary   44  Member of an  armed gang of rob  bers   46  Formal orders   48  Desert bloomers   49  Runs in neutral   50  What_thou   here    54 _ European   56   _a chance    57  Pandowdy  e g     CryptoQuiz    Each of the following cryptograms is a clue to the  identity of a U S  Supreme Court justice  Using the  hints Y E and D S  decipher the clues to name  the justice    0VYKEGQOXZB    0DYXVYFZVJ RP AZV    0 KVYDOUYBF    0 GZOQYJ    0 RQNDFYZU    This justice served on the Court from  1921 to 1930     Pi PJBmoh lueyijM peejswio  g Aepeg  f   luapjsajd  g Pm jo Ajej0jo0   z ueoyqndey     sj 9 msuv                      December 22   January19     AQUARIUS    January 20   February 18      PISCES    February 19   March 20    Practice makes perfect   but not always   Capricorn  No matter  how hard you try  you  will never master an  activity  You can have  fun with it  though     Bold moves set the  stage for a takeover   Do your part   Aquarius  People  are counting on you   Debt mounts out of  necessity  A loan is  not the answer     Trust must be earned   Pisces  If a loved one  does not understand  that  now is the time to  tell them  A complaint  is lodged at work      April 20   May 20     May 21   June21    Will you  or wont  you  Aries  Look  within for the answer   Pleas for help at work  are finally answered   Celebrate with an  afternoon gathering     Yep  Taurus  A family  member needs to get a  clue  but it is not your  place to tell them  Try  to do so  and you will  regret it  A puzzle is  solved     You snooze  you  lose  Gemini  It is  that simple  Leave no  stone unturned in your  research and show up  at every meeting ready  to go      July 23   August 22     August 23   September 22    Youve cornered the  market  Cancer  Now  its time to turn your  focus elsewhere  A tale  of woe ends with a  lesson learned  Music  soothes the soul     Love it or leave it   Leo  There is no  middle ground with  this one  You either  pledge to give it your  all or bow out now   Changes in diet  improve a health  condition     A difference of  opinion gets the week  off to a rocky start   Lucky for you  it will  be over before you  know it  Virgo  A  relative stops by with a  gift      September 23   October 22     k        November 22   December 21    You will never know  unless you give it a  try  Libra  Sign up    A shouting match at  home ends in laughter   Organizational skills  are put to the test     Raise the bar  Scorpio   There is money to be  made  A walk down  memory lane clears  up a mystery  A health  issue eases with an  old fashioned remedy     Dream on  Sagittarius   You can ask to be  repaid all you want   but its never going  to happen  Consider  the loan a gift and  make a mental note  never to do that again     FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY    Solutions    a   a   B   B   a   a   a    a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   B   a    a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a    a   a   a   a    a    a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a    a   a   a   a    a   a   a   a   a   a   a    a   a   a   a   a   a       a   a   a   a   a   a   a    a   a   a   a   a   a   a        El     a   a   a   a   a   a   a   B   a   a    a    a   a    a   a   a   a   fl   a    B   a   a   B   a    a   a   a   a   a   a   a    a   a    a   a   a   ESI      a    a   a   a   a   a     a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a    B   B   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a    a   a   fl   a   a   a   a   a   a   B   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   B   a   B   a   a   a   a   a   a   a   a    Q   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   D   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B    B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B                                                                                         LEGAL ADVERTISING    The Anderson News Wednesday  July 15 2015 B7    LEGAL NOTICES    NOTICE OF SALE   SPECIAL MASTER  COMMISSIONER OF  ANDERSON CIRCUIT  COURT   By virtue of orders of  the Anderson Circuit Court  in the below listed actions   I shall proceed to offer for  sale  at public auction   the real estate described  herein to the highest and  best bidder at the Anderson  County Courthouse  Law  renceburg  Kentucky  on  Thursday  July 16  2015 at  or about 1 00 p m  E D T    which real estate is located  in Anderson County  Ken  tucky  to wit    SALE NO  1 U S  Bank  National Association v   Jason Briscoe  et al   Civil  Action No  14 CI 00333   Anderson Circuit Court   Anderson County  Ken  tucky  said property being  more commonly known as  1072 Dan Drive  Lawrence   burg  Kentucky 40342  of  record in Deed Book 199   Page 140 in the County  Clerks Office  Anderson  County  Kentucky    The foregoing parcel of  real estate shall be sold  on terms of cash deposit  or cashiers check or certi  fied check in the amount  of the purchase price  or  10  down at the time  of sale and the balance  thereof due and payable in  thirty  30  days after date  of sale  The purchaser s   of said real estate shall  have the right to pay all or  any part of the purchase  price by cashiers or certi  fied check on day of sale  if  the purchaser s  does not  elect to pay the entire pur  chase price by cashiers or  certified check  the Special  Master Commissioner shall  take from the purchaser s   by cashiers or certified  check the sum of 10   down and a good and suf  ficient bond with surety  acceptable to the Master  Commissioner payable to  the Special Master Com  missioner for the balance  of said purchase price  and  bearing interest from date  of sale at the rate of 12   per annum until paid in full   Compliance with the fore  going terms shall be at the  time of the sale and the  requirement of good surety  shall not be waived by the  Special Master Commis  sioner under any circum  stance other than prior  order of the Court  The  bid of any purchaser not  complying with said terms  shall be rejected by the    Master Commissioner and  the property immediately  resold    Each tract or parcel of  real estate shall be sold  subject to the following    A  All ad valorem real  estate taxes  currently due  or delinquent  for which the  purchaser s  shall receive  no credit against the pur  chase price    B  Easements  restric  tions  stipulations and  agreements of record in the  Office of the Clerk of the  County Court of Anderson  County  Kentucky    C  Assessments for  public improvements levied  against the property    D  Any facts which an  inspection and accurate  survey of the property may  disclose  and   E  Any and all planning  and zoning regulations  imposed upon the subject  property    SALE NO  1  The  amount of money to  be raised is the sum of   111 382 13 plus interest  and costs as set out in  a Judgment and Order of  Sale of the Anderson Cir  cuit Court dated January  22 2015     purchaser is recommend  ed prior to confirmation of  sale     s Benjamin M  Salyers  Benjamin M  Salyers  Special Master Com  missioner   909 Main Street  Shelbyville  Kentucky  40065   p  502  633 3636  f  502  633 6762  ben robinsonsalyers     MASTER   COMMISSIONERS NOTE   All prospective pur  chasers are advised to fully  understand and consider  the following    1  All properties are  sold strictly as is  with no  warranties expressed or  implied  Properties shall be  sold at the front door of the  Courthouse as indicated  above    2  Risk of loss to  improvements to real  estate shifts to purchaser  as of date of sale  Insur  ance should be placed  immediately by successful  bidder    3  All properties sold  for less than two thirds of  appraised value subject  to current owner statutory  right of redemption pursu  ant to Kentucky Revised  Statutes    4  Rights of possession  given to purchasers with  deed  but holdover occu  pants of real estate may  require additional Court  action by purchaser to  acquire actual possession    5  Master Commission  ers deed warrants title only  so far as authorized by the  judgment  orders and pro  ceedings of the Court  but  no further  Independent title  examination by successful    safety in this area and in  Anderson  and    WHEREAS  in order  to promote public safety  in this area  the Ander  son County Fiscal Court  believes that the speed  limit should be lowered    NOW THEREFORE  BE IT ORDAINED AS FOL  LOWS     limit should be lowered    NOW THEREFORE  BE IT ORDAINED AS FOL  LOWS     recommendations of the  Commission in this matter  as set out in its minutes     SECTION I   That the posted speed  limit on Rice Road  a  county road in Anderson  County  shall be lowered to  twenty five  25  miles per  hours     PUBLIC NOTICE   New Cingular Wireless  PCS  LCC AT T Mobility   in accordance with require  ments of Section V B  of  the March 2005 Nationwide  Programmatic Agreement   NPA  for Review of Effects  on Historic Properties for  Certain Undertakings  Approved by the Federal  Communications Commis  sion  FCC   are requesting  comment regarding poten  tial impacts to historical or  archaeological properties  listed on  or eligible for list  ing on the National Register  of Historic Places  NRHP    by installing antennas on  two adjacent buildings  located at 1211 and 1247  Alton Road in Lawrence   burg  Anderson County  KY  40342 at latitude 38 4  18 9 north and longitude  84 55 39 9 west    All comments should  be submitted within 30  days of the publication of  this notice referencing proj  ect ATT02E15186 and sent  to the attention of Chad  Stinnett  Environmental   Inc   1345 Blair Farms  Road  Odenville  AL 35120   Mr  Stinnett may also be  reached via email at tower   info envciv com  via tele  phone at  205  629 3868   or via facsimile at  877   847 3060     ORDINANCE NO  2015 5  AN ORDINANCE  RELATING TO THE  SPEED LIMIT ON A  COUNTY ROAD  WHEREAS  Rice Road  is a county road in Ander  son County  and    WHEREAS  the Ander  son County Fiscal Court  has been made aware of  and believes that public  safety is being compro  mised as a result of travel  on Rice Road at the current  rate of speed of thirty five   35  miles per hour  and    WHEREAS  the Ander  son County Fiscal Court  desires to promote public    SECTION I   That the posted speed  limit on Wildcat Road  a  county road in Anderson  County  shall be lowered to  twenty five  25  miles per  hour     SECTION II   This ordinance shall  be effective from and after  its passage  approval and  attestation and publication  as required by law     SECTION II   This ordinance shall  be effective from and after  its passage  approval and  attestation and publication  as required by law     INTRODUCED  AND  GIVEN FIRST READING  at a duly convened meet  ing of the Anderson Fiscal  Court  Anderson County   Kentucky  held on the 2nd  day of June  2015    Published in The  Anderson News on June  17  2015    GIVEN SECOND  READING  PASSED   ADOPTED  AND   APPROVED by the Fiscal  Court of Anderson County   Kentucky  upon motion of  Meredith Lewis  seconded  by Magistrate David Mont  gomery  at a duly convened  meeting held on the 7th  day of July 2015    Orbrey Gritton   County Judge Exec  utive   ATTEST  Jason Denny   Anderson County Clerk    INTRODUCED AND  GIVEN FIRST READING  at a duly convened meet  ing of the Anderson Fiscal  Court  Anderson County   Kentucky  held on the 2nd  day of June  2015    Published in The  Anderson News on June  17  2015    GIVEN SECOND  READING  PASSED   ADOPTED AND   APPROVED by the Fiscal  Court of Anderson County   Kentucky  upon motion of  David Montgomery  sec  onded by Magistrate Mer  edith Lewis  at a duly con  vened meeting held on the  7th day of July  2015    Orbrey Gritton   County Judge Exec  utive   ATTEST    Jason Denny  Ander  son County Clerk    ORDINANCE NO  2015 6  AN ORDINANCE  RELATING TO THE  SPEED LIMIT ON A  COUNTY ROAD  WHEREAS  Wildcat  Road is a county road in  Anderson County  and    WHEREAS  the Ander  son County Fiscal Court  has been made aware of  and believes that public  safety is being compro  mised as a result of travel  on Wildcat Road at the cur  rent rate of speed of thirty   five  35  miles per hour   and    WHEREAS  the Ander  son County Fiscal Court  desires to promote public  safety in this area and in  Anderson County  and    WHEREAS  in order  to promote public safety  in this area  the Ander  son County Fiscal Court  believes that the speed    SECTION II   More specifically  the  Anderson Fiscal Court con  curs in the findings of the  Planning Commission and  adopts said findings as its  own     SECTION III   Therefore  the Zoning  Map of Anderson Coun  ty  Kentucky  is hereby  amended as it affects the  property described herein  from A 1  Agricultural Dis  trict  to 1 1  Light Industry  District   The property so  rezoned  owned by Chris  and Melissa Hanks  1249  Fairway Drive  Lawrence   burg  Kentucky 40342  is  located at 2160 Harrods   burg Road  Lawrenceburg   Kentucky     AN ORDINANCE  RELATING TO THE  AMENDMENT OF THE  ANDERSON COUNTY  ZONING MAP  ORDINANCE NO  2015 8  SUMMARY  Be it ordained by the  Anderson Fiscal Court   Commonwealth of Ken  tucky     SECTION I   The Anderson Fiscal  Court has considered the  record before the Law   renceburg Anderson Coun  ty  Kentucky  Joint Planning  Commission in its Docket  No  14 013  including the  record of the public hearing  held by the Planning Com  mission on April 14  2015   and the actions and recom  mendation of the Planning  Commission and its staff  as set out in the minutes of  its April 14  2015  meeting   The Anderson Fiscal Court  concurs in and adopts the  reasons and findings of the  Planning Commission for  said zoning change and  approves and accepts the    desires to grant a franchise  to Republic Services of  Frankfort  Kentucky  to own  and operate and maintain  a solid waste collection  and disposal system in the  County on and subject to  the terms and conditions  hereinafter set forth    NOW THEREFORE   BE IT ORDAINED by the  Fiscal Court of the County  of Anderson  Kentucky  as  follows     SHORT TITLE   This ordinance shall  be known and may be  cited as the  County of  Anderson Residential Solid  Waste Collection and Dis  posal Services Franchise  Ordinance for Republic  Services      This ordinance shall be  effective from and after its  passage  approval  attes  tation  and publication as  required by law    GIVEN FIRST READ  ING ON THE 2nd day of  June  2015    PUBLISHED in The  Anderson News on the  17th day of June  2015    GIVEN SECOND  READING  PASSED   ADOPTED AND   APPROVED by the Fiscal  Court of Anderson County   Kentucky  upon motion of  Magistrate David Mont  gomery  seconded by Mag  istrate Mike Riley  at a duly  convened meeting thereof  held on the 7th day of July   2015    Orbrey Gritton  Anderson County  Judge Executive   Attest  Jason Denny   Anderson County Clerk    ORDINANCE  NO  2015 09  AN ORDINANCE  GRANTING AN  EXCLUSIVE FRANCHISE  TO REPUBLIC  SERVICES  ITS  SUCCESSORS AND  ASSIGNS  FOR  RESIDENTIAL   COMMERCIAL AND  INDUSTRIAL SOLID  WASTER COLLECTION  AND DISPOSAL IN  ANDERSON COUNTY   KENTUCKY  AND  SETTING FORTH THE  TERMS AND  CONDITIONS  ACCOMPANYING THE  GRANT OF SUCH  FRANCHISE  WHEREAS  after due  consideration  the County    READING  PASSED   ADOPTED AND   APPROVED by the Fiscal  Court of Anderson County   Kentucky  upon motion of  Meredith Lewis  and sec  onded by Magistrate Kenny  Barnett  at a duly convened  meeting held on the 7th  day of July 2015    Orbrey Gritton  Anderson County  Judge Executive  ATTEST    Jason Denny  Ander  son County Clerk    GRANT AND TERMS OF  FRANCHISE   The grant and term of  this franchise agreement  between Anderson County  Fiscal Court and Repub  lic Services are set forth  in the Bid and Contract  Documents of record in  the Office of the Anderson  County Judge Executive  Orbrey Gritton and which  are attached hereto and  incorporated herein by  reference  The franchise  grants an exclusive fran  chise to Republic Services  for residential  commercial  and industrial solid waste  collection in Anderson  County  The franchise is for  a period of ten  10  years  beginning July 1 2015  and  ending on June 20  2025   Followed by two  2  five  5   year renewal options  and  is re negotiable every 4th  year beginning 2019 dur  ing the months of February  and March  Basic residen  tial rates will be  10 48 per  month for once a week  pickup  Rates for additional  residential services and  commercial rates are as  detailed on the Bid Sheet   which is attached hereto  and incorporated herein  by reference  Anderson  County will receive a fee of   10   of all gross receipts    This ordinance shall  be effective from and after  its passage  approval and  attestation and publication  as required by law     ADVERTISEMENT FOR   LIQUOR LICENSE   Eagle South Inc    1008 Eagle Lake Drive   Lawrenceburg  KY 40342   hereby declares intentions  to apply for a NQ Retail  Malt Beverage Package  License no later than July  17 2015    The business to be  licensed will be located at  1105 Eagle Lake Drive   Suite 1  Lawrenceburg   KY 40342  doing business  as Ramseys Convenience  Store  The incorporators  are as follows  President  Brad Smith of 2050 Mill  Creek Pike  Lawrenceburg   KY 40342  and Vice Presi  dent Ramzi Thiab of 4736  Cypress Creek Circle  Lex  ington  KY 40515    Any persons  associa  tions  corporations or body  public may protest the  granting of the licenses by  writing the Department of  Alcoholic Beverage Con  trol  1003 Twilight Trail   Frankfort  KY 40601   8400  within 30 days  KTS  243 430  of the date of this  legal publication     AUCTION    INTRODUCED  AND  GIVEN FIRST READING  at a duly convened meet  ing of the Anderson Fiscal  Court  Anderson County   Kentucky  held on the 2nd  day of June  2015    Published in The  Anderson News on June  17  2015    GIVEN SECOND    Thursday Afternoon    July 23 2015  at 5 30 p m     Contents of Storage  Unit B 6 and B20  Inspection at time  of the auction     Perry Rentals  Industry Road  Lawrenceburg  KY    TERMS  Cash    PERRY RENTALS   502 839 3880   John Perry  Owner          ANDERSON COUNTY      Local news  and sports    404 Djeddah Drive   Well kept 3 bedroom  1 bath brick home in quiet Fairlawn subdivision    This home features hardwood floors and a beautiful bathroom  with slate tile and whirlpool tub  The landscaping along with the flat   fenced in yard is sure to meet your entertaining needs   Conveniently located close to downtown and the 127 Bypass     kWBLUEGRASS   KELLERWILLIAMS  REALTY     130 000   Dawn Fink  859 351 1226    THOROUGHBRED ESTATES     318 Walker Lane   Quality  new construction home  You will notice the extra wide  all concrete  drive and sidewalk as you drive up to the property  3 bedroom  2 bath  ranch style home  Oversize living room with vaulted ceilings and laminate  flooring  Kitchen boasts medium oak cabinets and generous counter  space  Split floor plan with many features to display  including foyer with  marble flooring  Enjoy eveings outside on the patio  Financing available    you pick the lender  Call day or night     139 900   Call 859 879 2132    ABSOLUTE ESTATE AUCTION    Saturday  July 18  2015  at 9 30 a m   at the NEW Birdwhistell Realty   Auction Co  Auction Center  1145 Alton Road in Lawrenceburg  Ky    DIRECTIONS  Birdwhistell Auction Center is located 4 miles north of Lawrenceburg at  the intersection of U S  127 and Hwy 151    ANTIQUE TEAK DESK  WASH STAND  VANITY  THIS ITEM HAS A RESERVE    5 PC DAVIS CHERRY BEDROOM SUIT  GLASSWARE   AND MANY OTHER ITEMS   Visit our website birdwhistellsells com  or auctionzip com  1152 tor complete listing and photos    TERMS  Cash or Check  Visa  Master Card  Discover  A 3  convenience fee will be  added when using a credit card  10  BUYERS PREMIUM  All items being sold AS IS   Announcements the day of the auction will take precedence over printed or other infor  mation  Item descriptions are believed to be correct  however are not warranted     m    Birdwhisteii   ft  jlry AiacEksei   n     Birdwhistell Realty   Auction Co     E  Glenn Birdwhistell   PnncmLBroker Auctionser   154 S  Main St   Lawrenceburg  KY  502 839 3456  Fax 502 839 0739  birdwhistellsells com     tv       tomhined w th rtlv    Ending       Ttnn  brwd on the informw  Heaented  H w not Gov  Buh w  inn not reropnrt rhr value oM   indolherprograms  i    delivered  to your mailbox     SUBSCRIBE   TODAY     3hr Ankratm Anita   1080 Bypass South  Lawrenceburg  502 839 6906  www theandersonnews com    INTRODUCING   HOWCAS   AD    MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS   EFFICIENT PRICE    ANDERSON COUNTY     1234 Forest Drive   One level living close to town  3 bedroom  2 bath  all  electric  on 1 acre  Minutes from town and schools   1 225 sq ft   patio in back     181 900   Call 502 555 1212  or 502 111 1212 t     PERFECT   FOR   FOR SALE  BY OWNER    A GREAT  TOOL  FOR   REALTORS      5678 Main St    One level living close to town  3 bedroom  2 bath  all  electric  on 1 acre  Minutes from town and schools    1 225 sq ft   patio in back     181 900   K ELLERMAN Jane Doe        real estate 502 123 4567 t     TWO WAYS TO SHOWCASE    The Anderson News  45   The Anderson News and  The Anderson News Extra  65   Includes our online marketplace atwww theandersonnews com    Available only in the  size and format shown  above  Showcase Ads  save you money  and display your  house prominently   Limit one home per ad     Call Stephanie Lipp at 839 6906 to showcase your home     ESTATE AUCTION    Kathleen Singleton McFarland  Home   Personal Property  Saturday  July 25  2015  at 9 30 a m    Home will be sold on site at 1105 Pradero Drive  in the Tierra Linda Subdivision in Frankfort  KY   Personal Property will be sold at the Birdwhistell Auction Center  at 1145 Alton Station Road at 10 a m       my       DIRECTIONS  From U S  60  turn west onto Hanly Lane  Follow to the third street on the right   Pradero Drive  Flome will be on the left  Watch for the auction sign    We have been authorized by Raymond T  Singleton  executor of his mothers estate  to offer this  home at Estate Auction on the above date    The home is a field stone veneer home that features a living room  den  3 bedrooms  2 baths   kitchen w a cooking range  refrigerator  dishwasher  washer   dryer will also go with the home   patio  basement  a 2 car garage  gas heat and central air  This home is an eye catcher  You need  to make your plans for a visit on the pre auction viewing dates  Great location    PRE AUCTION VIEWING  Thursday  July 16 4 6 p m    Sunday  July 19  2 4 p m    TERMS ON THE HOME  Purchaser will be required to make a 10  deposit with the auction  purchase contract and the balance will be due with the deed on or before August 25th  2015  This  property is being SOLD AS IS WFIERE IS with no warranties expressed or implied by the executor  or Birdwhistell Realty   Auction Co  Announcements the day of the auction will take precedence  over printed or verbal information  A 7  BUYERS PREMIUM will be added to the final bid to  determine the sale price of the property    Personal Property will be sold at the Birdwhistell Auction Center  Saturday  July 25  at 10 a m    FURNITURE  GLASSWARE  TOYS  TV  DECANTERS   L0NGABERGER BASKETS  FRAMED PAUL SAWYIERS   1999 MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS  V8  62 000     MILES  AND MANY OTHER ITEMS TO BE SOLD   PERSONAL PROPERTY TERMS  Cash  Check  Visa  Master Card or Discover  10  Buyers Pre  mium on all items sold     For complete list and photos    go to www birdwhistellsells com or www auctionzip com  1152    m     Birdwhistell Realty   Auction Co    E  Glenn Birdwhistell   PnncmLBroker AuctlQneer P    D          _     154 S  Main St   Lawrenceburg  KY  502 839 3456    11          ll c nu cno oon mon      ft  jlry L i Alce kss  ii     Fax 502 839 0739  birdwhistellsells com     BUYTHE ANDERSON NEWS    ATANY OF j   T THESE OUTLETS      LAWRENCEBURG      2 Way Stop N Go  Eagle Lake   4 Way Stop N Go  1000 Dewey Drive  5 Star  503 W  Broadway  The Anderson News  1080 Bypass South      Ftje Anheramt Netus   www theandersonnews com   1080 Bypass South  Suite 3  Lawrenceburg  502 839 6906  news theandersonnews com    Bo s Smoke Shop  Anderson Crossing  Bo s Smoke Shop  1185 Glensboro Road  C J Drive Thru  101 Hilltop Drive  Cammack s Grocery  formerly Dennis Grocery    Ballard Road   Dollar General  117 Hilltop Drive    Dollar General  1095 Eagle Lake Drive  Dollar General  West Park Shopping Center    Ellis  Marathon  2060 Harrodsburg Road    Foliage Restaurant  755 W  Broadway  206    Go Big Blue Liquor  1085 Eagle Lake Drive    Hill of Beans  1040 Bypass South    Huddle House  1014 Bypass South  Hwy  127 Beer   Tobacco  U S  127 at Bluegrass  Parkway   Jimmy s Pool Room  Main Street  Kroger  1300 Anderson Crossing Drive  Kroger Fuel Center  1300 Anderson Crossing  Drive   Lawrenceburg Valero  1105 Eagle Lake Drive  Marshall s Liquor  2098 Harrodsburg Road  McDonald s  Intersection of U S 127 Bypass and  U S  127 Business   McDonald s  West Park Shopping Center  Prime Star   2  1111 Versailles Road  Prime Star  3 512 E  Woodford St    Prime Star  6  225 S  Main St    Redi Mart  1002 Crossroads Drive  Rite Aid  Hwy 44 U S  127 Bypass  Save A Lot  506 Humston Drive  Shryock s Liquor  1036 Bypass South    Smith s Food Mart      1335 Alton Road     Sparks General Store      1940 Willisburg Road  Taco Bell  1008 Bypass South  Tonya s Buffet  88 Bluebird Court  Valero  U S  127   Blue Grass Parkway  Walmart  1000 Bypass North  FRANKFORT  127 Travel Plaza  U S 127  BP Food Mart  Hwy  151   1 64  Valero Food Mart  1401 U S  127 South  Evergreen Market  2655 Evergreen Road  Sack s Market  11 Demerson Lane  SALVISA   127 Food Center  101 Dory Drive  Dollar General  4805 Louisville Road  Kountry Kupboard  2780 Louisville  

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