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date (2015-06-25) newspaper_issue ADAIR COUNTY SALUTES OUR DAIRY FARM FAMILIES  INSIDE TODAY           8 M B 0 4 8 7 9 M 1 1 2 8 0 11 11 8   The 4   Adair Progress    THREE SECTIONS TWENTY FOUR PAGES  Volume 28 Number 02  Columbia  KY  500  www adairprogress com    Inside      Editorial   _2   In   Around   _4   Obituaries   _5   Sports   _7   Spotlights   _8   Classifieds 11    12    June Dairy  Day Returns    Motion Filed to Remove Hardwick as Mayor    By Blake Spires  Asst  Editor   The contested 2014 mayoral election saga continued Tuesday  morning inside the Adair County Circuit Courtroom as attorney  Elmer George  who represents mayoral candidate Ben Arnold   filed a motion to prohibit current mayor under advisement Curtis  Hardwick from acting in the position    The election was ruled void  and he didnt file an appeal  so he  is no longer the elected mayor  George argued to Adair County  Circuit Court Judge Judy Vance  He cannot serve as mayor    George was referring to an April ruling handed down by Vance  in the case of Arnold v  Adair County Board of Elections in which  the judge deemed the November 2014 mayoral election void and  ordered a new election be held  The Adair County Board of    Elections voted to appeal the decision the following week  That  appeal is currently awaiting a hearing date    They are trying to create a subterfuge around the rule of law   Hardwicks attorney H K  Cooper rebutted  When an appeal is  filed  this court loses jurisdiction    Ive talked to several lawyers about this issue and none of  them that Ive spoken with felt that it was legal  Hardwick said  in a phone interview Wednesday morning  When the appeal was  made  no matter who made the appeal  it voids the decision  Right  now  Im mayor until someone overturns it    Comments from Arnold were not immediately available  Wednesday morning     see Motion Filed  Continued on Page 3    By Wes Feese  Editor   A longtime summer staple in  Adair County is returning  Saturday for the first time since  2013  June Dairy Day  on the  Public Square  is offering a full  day of activities  contests   giveaways  and entertainment   and committee chairperson Holly  Grimsley is hopeful for a good  turnout    Were just looking forward to  a good day of fun here on the  square  Grimsley says  This is  an old eventa tradition going  back many years  We want to  keep that tradition and fun  going    On the docket at this years  June Dairy Day are new events  and old favorites ranging from  beauty pageants to boot tossing  contests to bouncey houses   musical entertainment  and some  dairy centric eating and drinking  contests    This is a day to celebrate our  dairy farmers and were really  excited about that  Grimsley  says  Theyre such a huge part  of this community and the local  economy so this is a chance to  support all that they do    The day kicks off at 9 a m   with five divisions of beauty  pageants  Females ranging from  age 5 21 may enter for their  respective divisions  and a  Mrs  pageant will also be held  for wives that have been married  at least one year  regardless of  age    Damons CTA  a gymnastics  team led by Damon Hicks  will  perform from 10 a m  until 2  p m  with the various groups  demonstrating their skills    see June Dairy Day    Continued on Page B5       Five Day   Local   Forecast    i nurbadv   t _   i ilUllc   Partly Sunny   Low 71 High 94   ine 26   Friday  Ji   t ___     Thunderstorm   Low 68 High 86   Saturday  June 27   ra   t _T_     Thunderstorm   Low 57 High 78   Sunday  June 28           Partly Sunny   Low 57 High 78   June 29   Monday       Partly Sunny   Low 61 High 82     Fiscal Court Passes  Budget For 2015 16   By Wes Feese  Editor   The Adair County Fiscal Court met for a special called meeting  Tuesday morning in the Courthouse Annex basement to pass a   5 3 million budget for the 2015 16 fiscal year and approve a new  administrative code by which the county government will abide    This years budget is slimmer than last years by almost   600 000  with much of the difference coming out of the General  Fund and Road Fund  which are budgeted at  1 6 million and  1 7  million  respectively  compared to  1 8 million and  2 million a  year ago  The expiration of the states gas tax is at least partially  responsible for the decline in revenue and subsequent  appropriations  The vast majority of the General Fund  appropriationsalmost 84 percentwill be divided between  general government and administration costs    The Jail Fund remains almost identical to 2014 15  with just  more than  1 3 million budgeted  The Forest Fire Fund is the  same as well  once again totaling  2 250    Local Government Economic Assistance  LGEA  funds took a  modest but still significant hit with  175 000 budgeted  down  from  240 000 in 2014 15  Similar cuts were made in the 911  Fund  down to  365 000 compared to last years  371 000  and  Green River Animal Shelter Fund  down to  112 700 compared to  last years  121 600     The one area that saw a slight increase in appropriations was  Parks and Recreation  which will receive  53 500up almost   12 000 from 2014 15    Before the vote  District 2 Magistrate Daryl Flatt asked if any  part of the budget had been amended since first reading was given  at this months regular meeting  County Judge Executive Mike  Stephens assured Flatt that the document had not been altered   Magistrate Sammy Baker moved to accept this years budget      A group of 27 ACMS students and 18 adults visited  Washington D C  for the second consecutive summer as part  of Mr  Wendell Froedges educational trip to the nations  capital  The trip  made possible through partnership with  educational travel company WorldStrides  allowed students to  visit numerous historical and national sites during their three   day stay last week     ACMS Students Take  Trip To Washington  D C    By Blake Spires  Asst  Editor   Days after the final official bell rang signaling the end of  the 2014 2015 school year in Adair County  a group of  ACMS students and their parents embarked on a trip to con  tinue their learning and explore our nations capital for the  second consecutive year    The first year was good  but this year was great  says  Wendell Froedge  a social studies teacher at ACMS and the  organizer of the trip  We were able to improve things from  year one to year two  and Ive already sent out a feedback  request this year so I can make changes for next     See 2015 16 Budget  Continued on Page 9    see TVip to Washington D C   Continued on Page 3     Adair County continued the longstanding tradition of the Luminary Ceremony to remember those that have  fought cancer Friday night at Relay For Life     Adair County Relay For Life 2015 Raises  40 000    By Hannah Warren   Last Friday night  June 19  the community participated in the  19th Annual Adair County Relay For Life  The event had origi  nally been scheduled to be held outdoors at the ACMS football  field  but was moved indoors to the Holloway Health and  Wellness Center at Lindsey Wilson College due to the threat of  rain    Though attendance and funds raised were slightly down from  previous events  Adair County Relay for Life brought in around  300 individuals  and raised approximately  40 000    We were down  15 000 this year  Peggy Lawson  chairperson    for Relay for Life  said  Right now weve raised about  40 000   and weve still got money coming in    Lawson also noted that attendance of the event was lower than  it typically is  She attributed that  in part  to the threat of bad  weather   some of which came to fruition when the event was  delayed by a storm warning    So that kind of hurt us with the money  Lawson said    Friday nights program followed the typical outline that Relay  for Life follows each year  This years event included a speech  from state Sen  Max Wise  Wise  whose son battled through cancer   see Relay For Life  continued on page 14                                                                               Page 2    The Adair Progress    Thursday  June 25  2015    Y       See6fty   WORD   Editorial  Written By  Wes Feese   i     In a story as stupid as it is sadly predictable  the  tragedy in Charleston  S C  in which nine church  members were murdered in cold blood  allegedly at  the hands of admitted racist Dylann Roof  the  ensuing conversation has centered on    Race  relations  Mental disorders  The culture of hate   Gun control  Well  sort of  but mostly people are  wanting to talk about a dumb old flag  for some  reason    In the wake of the shooting  S C  Gov  Nikki  Haley  a Republican and former supporter of the  Confederate flag flying over the capitol  changed her  tune  saying that the flag should no longer be used   as it has become an instrument of divisiveness  a  proliferator of hate  According to my social media  feed  this stance  and the support Haley has  garnered  somehow signals the end of free speech  and the desecration of history    I have two strong opinions on this topic that do not  necessarily coincide  First of all  you wont find a  bigger supporter of free speech than me  I think if  anyone wants to buy a Confederate flag  fly a  confederate flag  bum a confederate flag  or sleep on  big  red and blue Confederate flag sheets in their  Southern Cross bedroom  more power to them  they have that right  and I hope they have that right  forever  I also think the Confederate flag is signal of  hate and intolerance and has no place in any part of  federal  state  or local government  At its best  its an  outdated symbol that was once flown by those that  committed treason against the U S people that  fought and killed the soldiers that flew OUR flag    But Wes  Im sure some of you are saying to  your newspaper right now  You dont get it  Its not  about that  Its about our heritage  our history  and  we cant lose that over some silly little political  correctness agenda    First of all  imaginary reader  I would argue that  its history is less impactful than many realize  The  real Confederate flag  the counterpart to our Stars  and Stripes  was not the Southern Cross  In fact   what most people callthe Confederate flag was  never an official flag of any kind  it was merely the  battle flag of the Northern Virginia Army during the  Civil War    Lets imagine for a second that I went to a tattoo  parlor this week and got a big Rebel flag inked on  my arm  Peoples first thoughts when seeing me  would surely be  Wow  he must be a history buff   Right  Of course not  The history of the flag is  mostly symbolic  not official  and for most of its  history it has been used as racist shorthanda  symbol to quickly convey ones stance of prejudice    For proof  lets jump across the pond to Europe   where select groups of soccer hooligans sometimes  fly the Confederate flag at matches  Why would they  do this  Those folks arent American  and they dang  sure arent southern  They fly it because Nazi flags  are banned at soccer matches  and the Rebel flag  was selected as its replacementonce again  racist  shorthand    In fact  the root of the modern prominence of the  Confederate flag does not begin with the Civil War   or even the years that followed  Those origins only  go back to the 1950s and 1960s  when southerners  resurrected the old battle rag as a symbol for their  stance on integration and civil rights  Want to guess  what that stance was  Heres a hint  It wasnt  support     Comments  suggestions   criticisms    Contact Wes by e mail at   wesfeese adairprogress com   By mail at P O  Box 595  Columbia  KY42728  or by  phone at270 384 6471    Visit us on the web at wwwndairprogiess com      Ask Dr  Angelia    For every breath  for every day of living  this is my  Thanksgiving  Too many blessings  too little appreciation  And I  know that kind of notion  well  it just aint cool  So send me back to  Sunday school  Because Im tired of waiting for Reason to arrive    Its too long weve been living these unexamined lives    Don Henley  2000    Hello Precious People  This week  a Sweet Someone had the  courage to ask  Why do we have to rush everywhere  meeting our  commitments and doing everything in such a rush  Everything   except taking time to stop  be in the moment  experience and  appreciate natures beauty as gifts  As I reflect  our lives are so  busy  we rush through our days with no time left to   as the cliche  goes  To stop and smell the roses For which I must reference my  momma   she didnt say it first  however  she did say it often  It  stuck with me  I developed a stress and relaxation presentation  entitled  Stop and Smell the Roses  We all need to stop   sometimes  before we drop    According to Stacey Kennedy  2012   while Stop and smell the  roses is a cliche  there is research to support taking time to enjoy  nature because it may lead towards greater life satisfaction   Kennedys study in the Journal of Personality and Individual  Differences  suggests that appreciating beauty and people in our  lives may offer greater life happiness  Professor Nancy Fagley   2002   at Rutgers University surveyed 250 undergraduate college  participants on levels of appreciation  defined as acknowledging  the value and meaning of something and feeling positive emotional  connection to it  Further  in this study  the term Appreciation was  teased from the term gratitude  Dr  Fagley states  she is still  researching best practice techniques to enhance Appreciation  But  for starters  she suggests people focus on and value what we have   not on what we could have   spend time outdoors  reflect on our  blessings and our precious relationships    To want what I have  to take what Im given   with grace     Don Henley  My Wedding   Appreciation is thought to be distinct from gratitude  Gratitude  defined  is a positive emotion   in response to a gift  In his book   Thanks   Robert Emmons  a leading researcher on gratitude  writes  that gratitude is about acknowledging all the goodness in ones life  and  in addition  recognizing that the source s  of this goodness  lies outside of ones self  Dr  Emmons  Editor of the Journal of  Positive Psychology   examines what it means to think and feel  gratefully   to put this powerful emotion into practice  In his  research  Dr  Emmons reports  daily grateful thinking can increase  happiness by as much as 25 percent  He suggests keeping a  gratitude journal for as little as three weeks results in better sleep   more energy and more happiness    Finally  Precious People we live in Kentucky  Kentucky is one of  the most beautiful states in this country  The soil is rich  as  manifested through our bounteous vegetable gardens and flowers   And what about Lake Cumberland  Everywhere you look  there is  natural beauty  all you need to do is SEE it and EXPERIENCE it   We all want to live life to the fullest   take time to SEE and  APPRECIATE the incredible beauty that surrounds us  Reflect on  the positive gifts  value the Sweet People and treasure all the good  times together  As in James 4 14 Life is a vapor Precious People   dont miss any of the small  sweet gift s     Precious People  look for natures gifts and as you appreciate  them   feel grateful for every good and perfect gift  As we know  from James 1 17  Every good and perfect gift is from Above     Amen    In Gratitude    Dr  Angelia S  Bryant  NCC  CCMHC  LPCC   270 566 1122     Columbia High School    Graduating Class of 1940   Lois Vivian Antle  Columbia  Frances Rosalie Banks  Cane  Valley  Joe Russell Barbee  Columbia  Cecil Theodore Bennett   Gradyville  Alma Fay Biggs  Coburg  Helen Hindman Burton   Garlin  Martha Caldwell  Milltown  Estelle Vee Coomer  Columbia   Minnie Corbin  Columbia  Elizabeth C  Cundiff  Greensburg   Elizabeth V  Cundiff  Columbia  Everett Glenn Cundiff  Columbia   Frances Nell Cundiff  Columbia  Lucy Mae Cundiff  Columbia   Dorothy P  Dillon  Columbia  Gwinn Clinton Dunbar  Garlin  Floyd  Wayne Erickson  Cane Valley  Marvin Darrell Farris  Coburg   Alfred W  Flowers  Columbia  Doris Ruth Hancock  Cane Valley   Mildred Helen Hancock  Columbia  Charles Russell Harris   Columbia  Paul Samuel Henson  Cane Valley  Mae Holladay   Montpelier    Nancy Randolph Hood  Columbia  Mary Edna Ingram   Columbia  Pansy Jeffries  Columbia  Myrtle Regina Jessee   Columbia  Joe Taylor Johnson  Columbia  Wallace Kimble Jones   Columbia  Olen Kerns  Columbia  Elizabeth Lee Knifley   Columbia  Mary Frances Maupin  Columbia  Ruth Patteson Miller   Columbia  Ralph G  Montgomery  Columbia  George William  Morris  Columbia  Austin Lee Morrison  Columbia  Lester Earl  Moss  Grady ville  Mary Eileen Nankivell  Columbia  Elizabeth  Nell  Columbia  Evelyn Wilson Page  Cane Valley  Jean Parson   Columbia  Mary Garnett Patterson  Bliss  Wilma Maenell Phelps   Columbia  Avis Maree Powell  Garlin  Joseph Simpson Rodgers   Pickett  Mary Nell Rogers  Columbia  Dorothy Mae Royse  Garlin   Frances Walker Smith  Columbia  Mildred Smith  Columbia  James  Edwin Shirley  Bliss  Mary Margaret Staples  Bliss  Martha E   Tupman  Columbia  Francis Tutt  Milltown  Frances Amelia White   Columbia  Ruth Elna White  Columbia  Ruby Corinne Whitley   Columbia    Columbia High School Administration  O E  Huddle   Superintendent of Columbia Schools  Miss Mary Lucy Lowe   Principal  Columbia High School  Mrs  W J  Flowers  Twelfth  Grade Sponsor  Miss Frances Russell  Eleventh Grade Sponsor   Mrs  David Heskamp  Tenth Grade Sponsor  Librarian  Mrs  Eddie  Scott  Ninth Grade Sponsor  Joe B  Janes  Eighth Grade Sponsor   Mrs  Joe Hutchinson  Seventh Grade Sponsor  W H  Owens   Commercial Band Sponsor  Miss Virginia Carnes  Home  Economics  J E  Gambill  Agriculture  William Carneal  Coach    Class of 1940 class officers  Charles Russell Harris  President   Doris Ruth Hancock  Vice President  Lucy Mae Cundiff  Secretary   Treasurer    Valedictory address was given by Ruby Whitley  Salutatorian  address by Frances Cundiff    Class Motto  Finished But Beginning  Class Flower  White Lilac   Colors  Green and White    1940 Commencement Speaker  Honorable Rodes K  Myers   Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky    The Columbia High School  organized in 1909  has been directed  by W M  Wilson  Chesterfield Turner  J R  Abner  R R  Moss  A P   Prather  L M  Lutes  M B  Vaughn  and O E  Huddle  Enrollment in  the school was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges  and Secondary School  and increased  in enrollment  from 5 in  1909 to more than 200 in 1940    The Columbia High School Annual  the Red   White  was edited  by Ruby Whitney  typists were Mary Edna Ingram and Floyd  Erickson  managers were Gwinn Dunbar and Martha E  Caldwell   art editor was Randolph Hood     Dear Editor       Thank You Relay For Endow Kentucky   Life Volunteers Tax Credits    Editor    I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to  the people of Adair County who worked  participated  supported  and enjoyed the 2015 American Cancer Societys Relay for Life  event  Thank you to the members of my committee for their support  and hard work while backing me throughout the year    Thank you to our teams who worked so hard during the year to  make this years event a success raising  40 000  The family team  known as Team SWAT  was this years overall top team bringing in  over  5 000  Bank of Columbia took top honors in the business  category raising  3 900 and the top church team of Glensfork  Church of the Nazarene brought in  3 300    I was very disappointed that our Columbia Wal Mart store  manager chose not to contribute to this years event after  confirming their participation to me personally  while the  employees of team Wal Mart were ready to go    Thanks to our guest speakers  Max Wise and Jamie Bryant  your  words inspired us all to keep fighting and never give up    Thank you to Sheriff Harrison Moss who so graciously stepped  forward to be auctioned off with the highest bidder having the  privilege of pushing him into the pool    A special thanks to everyone at Lindsey Wilson College Wellness  Center for everything you helped us with while taking us in at the  last minute due to the inclement weather  You were awesome    Most of all  I want to thank the cancer survivors who attended   You are our heroes as you are our reason for Relay for Life    God Bless Adair County   Peggy Lawson  Chairperson    Dear Editor    New Endow Kentucky Tax Credits will be available on July 1   2015 through the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet  Donors to the Lake  Area Foundation of Russell Springs  a community foundation  serving the Lake Cumberland Region  are eligible to apply for tax  credits equaling 20  of donations made to any fund in the  foundation  Last year  all of the tax credits were awarded in just one  week  The tax credits are expected to go as quickly again this year    If anyone would like to take advantage of the tax credit this year   please complete the application which can be found online at  Kentucky Dept  of Revenues website and send it to the Lake Area  Foundation in Russell Springs by June 26  2015  All applications  will be hand delivered on July 1 and filed with the Department of  Revenue  Please note that applications cannot be dated prior to July  1 2015    Around mid July  the Dept of Revenue will send applicants  by  certified mail  a preliminary authorization letter  You will have  thirty  30  days  from the date of the Dept  of Revenues letter  to  make your gift to the Community Foundation  Gifts cannot be made  prior to the date of that letter    In the essence of time  your completed application form can be  mailed or faxed to me  Please contact me if and when you do  so I  can verify receipt of the application    My contact information is  donnad lcadd org  fax  270  866   2044  and phone  270  866 4200    I look forward to working with those wishing to secure Endow  Kentucky Tax Credits this year    Sincerely    Donna Diaz  Executive Director    The Adair Progress will not accept any advertising deemed inappropriate or any advertisments concerning political issues without the name   address and phone number of the purchaser  The Adair Progress reserves the right to reject any all advertisments submitted for publication    Any and or all advertisments that appear in The Adair Progress  print online  do not reflect the views of the Adair Progress  its management  or staff     The Adair Progress  Inc    USPS 001662   The Adair Progress is published weekly by The Adair  Progress  Inc   98 Grant Lane  Columbia  Ky  42728  for a total of 52 issues per calendar year    The Adair Progress was established in 1987    Second class postage paid at Columbia  KY 42728    Subscription Rates    Publisher     Donna Rogers Hancock   Adair and surrounding counties  19   Elsewhere in Ky  and out of state  31   Editor     Wes Feese   Postmaster    Sports     Blake Spires   Send 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and do not  reflect the views of The Adair Progress    Your Locally Owned and Operated Newspaper                                   Thursday  June 25  2015    The Adair Progress    Page 3    DR  RONALD P  ROGERS    Hip to Washington  D G    Continued From Page One    Family Chiropractic Care  We Help  When you hurt    270   384 5554   920 Russell Road  Columbia  Ky  42728       Greg Smith  Mortgage Broker    New Home Purchases  Fixed Rate Mortgages   Refinance Now With  Historic Low Rates    270 469 1 Zym   270 378 1711 _   Toll Free 1  866 469 1217   NMLS  3110  30031 LENDER    WILDCAT     SOCIAL SECURITY  DISABILITY   VETERANS  DISABILITY    ROACH   LAW FIRM    Columbia  KY    THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT    Froedge  who oversees the trip through a partnership with  Worldstrides  an educational travel and tour organization that  helps more than 270 000 students per year experience an  array of educational locations  says that he was approached  by the company a few years prior to beginning the yearly  excursion  but initially resisted    One day  I just thought Id like to see Washington  D C    and that my students would like to see Washington  D C   so  it seemed like a great way to do it  he explains of his deci  sion  The first year  we took 27 people  This year  we took  4527 students  15 adults and three chaperones    Although the trip  which  operates independently of  ACMS and is paid for by  fundraisers done by each stu  dent and family  is edu  cational in nature  Froedge  says that it is behavior  not  academic prowess  that deter  mines which of the hand  picked students are allowed  to make the trip  Students and  parents sign a contract  acknowledging that they  understand the guidelines set  forth  which include no in  school or out of school sus  pensions and no disrespect  ful behavior towards teach  ers  students or anyone else in  the building or anywhere  at  any time    I only want those who  want to go for an awesome  experience  Froedge says of  his strict behavioral criteria    Im 700 miles from home  with these kids  This gives  me a way to take only those  who want to go and enjoy the  trip    The meticulous selection  has worked  Froedge says  that students have been  exceptional  and that while  they are well behaved at school  the students take their matur  ity and respectfulness to an even higher level while on the  trip    That behavior  coupled with a strong student to parent ratio    and effective planning and management between Froedge and  Worlds trides  who even provides security at both ends of the  hotel hallway at night  have allowed the groups to experience  a multitude of unforgettable landmarks  This year  the group  visited the White House  the National Archives  Union  Station  Fords Theatre  The Holocaust Museum  the Library  of Congress  Mt  Vernon  the Smithsonian Museum  and  memorials dedicated to Martin Luther King  Jr   Franklin D   Roosevelt  Thomas Jefferson  Iwo Jima Marines  Abraham  Lincoln  and the Korean  Vietnam and second World Wars   over the course of the three  day experience  during which  they walked more than 24  miles    Students also had the honor  of visiting Arlington National  Cemetery  where they saw  the Tomb of the Unknown  Soldier and the Changing of  the Guard and Wreath Laying  Ceremonies  This year  four  select students even had the  chance to participate in the  Wreath Laying    When we saw the cere  mony last year  the students  really wanted to be a part of  it  so we applied last year and  were chosen to participate  this year  Froedge explains    The four students  Phillip  Cornelison  Elizabeth   Jenkins  LaDanna Froedge  and Joedeci Miller  all made  the trip the prior year  so they  were given first chance at the  opportunity this year    I really liked it  especially  that I got to be in the Wreath  Laying  Jenkins says of the  trip    Its a once in a lifetime  educational opportunity   Froedge says of the trip  It  allows the kids to actually see  what we talk about in the classroom  A lot of times they may  not recognize some of the historical figures weve talked  about when they first see the statues  but this really helps  bring it to life      Students Phillip Cornelison  Elizabeth Jenkins  back    LaDanna Froedge and Joedeci Miller  front   participated in the hallowed Wreath Laying Ceremony  at Arlington National Cemetery last Monday in  Washington  D C  after an application to participate in  the event was filed one year ago following the groups  initial visit       MAIL IN YOUR BALLOTS TO RE ELECT   RAYMOND RUCKER   Taylor County RECC Board of Directors    We Appreciate Your Support  Raymond   Arietta Rucker  and Benson  Kristin   Kate   Max Sexton    Paid for by Raymond Rucker    SATURDAY  JUNE 27  2015  10 00 A M  CENTRAL TIME    HOUSE   BARN ON 1 29 ACRE    Selling for HPROE  Inc    Location  303 Tutt Street  Columbia  Kentucky     If Youre Thinking Of Selling  Let Us Do The Yelling     408 N  Public Square  Columbia  Kentucky 42728  270 384 3433  www burtonsrealestate com  Murrell Burton   Principal Broker   Auctioneer  Erik A  Burton Kermit Grider Karen Burton Janet Biggs Jeff Biggs Sunni Mullins Joey Curry Ruthie Turner   Auctioneer Sales Associate Secretary   Cashier Cashier Ringman Sales Associate Sales Associate Sales Associate    This nice tract contains 1 29 acre by deeds and PVA  and is improved with a 1 5 story vinyl  sided home  garage  barn and outbuilding  Home has like new shingle roof  200 amp electric  entrance  central heat and air  3 bedrooms  2 up  1 down   1 bath  living room with fireplace   eat in kitchen  entry foyer  utility room  cellar  flue  and some hardwood floors  Home faces Tutt  Street and property also has frontage on Yates Street  This home could be restored for a nice  starter home or rental property  The nice level lot has great potential if buildings were removed    Lead Paint Notice  These buildings were constructed prior to 1979 and may contain lead paint  This ad serves as the 10 day lead paint  notice as required by law  Your inspection prior to sale date is welcome     Agents Notes  Burton Real Estate   Auction Service is pleased to have been commissioned to sell this well located home on  a large  level lot at ABSOLUTE AUCTION  Make sure to inspect this property and meet us there on Saturday  June 27 at 10 00  a m  to bid and buy the auction way    Terms  15  down day of sale  balance on or before 30 days with deed  Possession with deed  The 2015 property taxes will be  split 50 50 between buyer and seller  A10  buyers premium will be added to the final bid to determine selling price    Not responsible in case of accident  Any statement made day of sale takes precedence over any previously printed material    For further information on this auction  contact the selling agents at 270 384 3433 days  or 270 384 2257 nights and weekends     Motion Hied    Cont  From Page One    Cooper requested that Vance  allow for the appeals process to  play out  and acknowledged that  he and his client would take  appropriate action when the  Kentucky Court of Appeals  decides on the case    George argued that it was  more than a case of legality   citing potential danger to the  city of Columbia by allowing  Hardwick to continue to serve in  his elected capacity after the  voiding of the election by    Vance    If he does something subject  to litigation  this city is going to  be sued  George cautioned  He  didnt file an appeal  Hes out    I talked to Elmer  George   and he told me he was just  trying to help the city  so if he  believes what he filed  I have no  problem with that  Hardwick  added of Georges claim  But I  havent talked to anyone who  sees it the way he does    Cooper reiterated his stance     urging Vance to let the appeal  filed by the Board of Elections  be ruled upon before acting    Its not a void election until  its all over  he added    No ruling had been made as  of press time Wednesday  morning  but George closed his  statement to the Court by asking  for Vance to make the call    We ask that you give us a  decision  he ended    Thats what Im going to  do  Vance said in closing      Pregnant   New Parent   We can help    AGAPE HOUSE  PREGNANCY RESOURCE  CENTER   offers many services such as  parenting classes  free pregnancy  testing  and Sarahs Closet store   Call or stop by for more  information    Located at 114 Office Park Drive   Columbia   Phone 270 380 1699  Hours  M Th 9 5   Looking For  Volunteer Members  The Agape House  located at  Office Park Dr  in Columbia  KY  is looking for volunteers    Call 270 380 1699  or send an email to  agapehouseprc yahoo com    IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE  TAYLOR COUNTY RECC    IT S TIME TO ELECT A DIRECTOR    If You Enjoy Electric Rates That Are  Among The Lowest In The Nation  Then    RE ELECT  Donald Dean   SHUFFEIT    to the   TAYLOR COUNTY RECC  BOARD OF DIRECTORS   EXPERIENCE MATTERS   You need someone to look after your interets  Donald Dean  Shuffet is the best qualified candidate to do this  He is a self   employed farmer and has taken the time to attend many optional  seminars to become certified by the National Rural Electric Co op  Association    Paid for by Candidate  Donald Dean Shuffett    AFTER ALL  IT S  YOUR ELECTRIC  BILL THAT S AT  STAKE FOR THE  NEXT 4 YEARS                                                                                    Page 4    The Adair Progress    Thursday  June 25  2015     THURSDAY  JUNE 25   GARDEN CLUB   The Adair County Garden  Club would like to invite  you to join them for their  monthly meeting  They will  meet June 25  2015 at the  Columbia Chamber of  Commerce  201 Burkesville  St   Columbia at 1 p m  CST   lower level of the building   This month they are excited  to have a rose expert   Mary Hext a member of  the Bowling Green Rose  Society  She will be  addressing How to Grow  Roses in South Central  Kentucky  Mark your cal  endar  Questions about the  meeting can be addressed  by calling Donna Jones at   270  634 2125    FRIDAY  JUNE 26   ALCOHOL DRUG OUTREACH   Victory Community Church  Alcohol  Drug  Outreach is  a weekly program for any  one battling alcohol  drug   or any addiction  or knows  someone who is  ADO will  meet each Friday at 6 30  p m CT  This week Lynwood  Poochie Tucker will be  speaking  Everyone wel  come  Victory Community  Church is located at 1165  Russell Rd  For more infor  mation contact Rick  Shelton at 270 250 1836    JOURNEY TO RECOVERY   Joe Payne will be speaking  at Journey to Recovery   Friday  June 26  6 p m  at  The Agape House   Everyone invited  For more  information please call  Dwan Hadley at 270 566   3292    SATURDAY  JUNE 27   CROSSROADS QUARTET   The Crossroads Quartet will  be singing at Mt  Pigsah  Baptist Church in  Burkesville  KY on Saturday  night  June 27th at 6 00  p m    SUNDAY  JUNE 28   MASTERS PROMISE   Masters Promise will be  singing at Tabor  Community Church   Sunday  June 28th at 6  p m    CROSSROADS QUARTET   The Crossroads Quartet will  be singing at Speers  Chapel United Methodist  Church in Burkesville  KY on  Sunday afternoon  June  28th at 1 00 p m    NOBLEMEN   The Noblemen will sing at  Kelleyville Community  Church on Sunday  June 28  at 10 30 a m  The church is  located in the Coburg  community at 77 Kellyville  Rd  Bro  Stanley Watson  and congregation invite  everyone to attend    MASTERS 4   Masters 4 will be singing at  Antioch United Methodist  Church on Sunday  June 28  at 11 a m  Pastor  Bro  Troy  Elmore and congregation  invites everyone    COMMUNITY REVIVAL   The annual spring com  munity revival involving the  churches of Bethany  Fry   Living Faith  Militown   Pickett s Chapelm  and  Tarters Chapel began  Sunday  May 31st and con  tinues each Sunday night  at 6 00 p m   CT  for a total  of 7 weeks  with the follow  ing rotating schedule    June 28  Militown  Bro  Rod  Walley   July 5  Living Faith  Gary  Daughtery   July 12  Pickett s  Bro  Larry  Wisdom   Everyone is invited to  attend  For more infor  mation call 270 385 9520       ARO     ADAIR COUNTY    vents Dn Out  Sotnm unity    VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL   Everest  Conquering   Challenges with Gods  Mighty Power is the theme  of Vacation Bible School at  Barnetts Creek UMC over  the next four Sunday nights  from 6 8 p m  CST  Come  join us June 28  July 5  July  12  and July 19 as we have  fun learning more about  God s amazing power  The  church is located at 1338  Barnetts Creek Road   Columbia  KY  For more  information  please   contact Bro  Steve Janes  at 270 566 4732    ATCHLEY REUNION   The Atchley Reunion will be  held Sunday  June 28th in  the basement of the Annex  building in Columbia  Doors  will open before 10 00  a m   Bring a covered dish  and join us     FRIDAY  JULY 3   FIRECRACKER BEAUTY   PAGEANT   The Cumberland County  High School Class of 2016  Project Graduation will be  having a Firecracker  Beauty Pageant on Friday   July 3 in the Multi Purpose  Room at Living World  Ministries on Hwy 90 East in  Burkesville  Registration  starts at 4 30 p m  with the  pageant starting at 6 00  p m   Entry fee is  15 with  additional categories  available for  5 each or   35 for all  Miss   Mister  contestants are  20 per  couple  All proceeds go to  Project Graduation  For  more information call 270   459 1301    SATURDAY  JULY 4   HARVEY LOY REUNION   The Harvey Loy Family    Reunion will be held  Saturday  July 4th at the  Wheat Fellowship Hall   Nazarene Church  Hwy 55   Columbia  Please bring a  covered dish and family   For more info call 270 384   3864    SUNDAY  JULY 5   BLAKEY QUARTET   The Blakey Quartet will be  singing at Cane Valley  Christian Church on  Sunday  July 5 during the  morning service  They will  be singing at 10 45 a m   Everyone is invited to  attend    FRIDAY  JULY 21   2 MILE RUN WALK   The Summersville Days 2  Mile Run   Walk will be  held Friday  July 17  2015 at  7 00 CDT 8 00 EDT    Performance shirts  awards    and cash prizes will be  given  Contact 270 299   6071 or   will hodges green ky  schools us for more infor  mation   20 if paid by July  14   25 after July 14th    MISCELLANEOUS   CEMETERY FUND   Donations are needed for  the mowing and upkeep  of Tarter Cemetery   located on Hwy 76 next to  the Russell Adair County  line  In memory of your  loved ones buried at Tarter   your donation can help in  keeping the grounds look    ing its best  You can give  your donation to  Lowell  Carter or Sandy McGowan  or mail to    Sandy McGowan   c o Tarter Cemetery Fund   161 Isaac Rd   Russell Springs  KY 42642    CEMETERY FUND   If anyone would like to  make a donation to help  with the upkeep of the  Tarters Chapel Cemetery  Fund  located in the  Portland community of  Adair County  please call  270 634 1354 for more infor  mation     AUTO j HOME   LIFE j BUSINESS j A MEMBER SERVICE j KYFB COM   Kentucky has a state bird  fish   flower  tree  song and  apparently   an insurance company     jr   NARCfiNON    New Life Retreat   Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Education   Narconon would like to remind families that the use of addicting  drugs is on the rise  take steps to protect your family from drug  use  If you know anyone who is struggling with drug addiction  get them the help they need    Call for a free brochure on the signs of addiction for all drugs   Narconon also offers free screenings and referrals   800 431 1754 or DrugAbuseSolution com   ADDICTION COUNSELING   Narconon can help you take steps to overcome addiction in your  famify  Call today for free screenings or referrals  800 431 1754     While most folks in Kentucky probably cant name our state dance  its  clogging   one thing they do know is who to trust when it comes to insurance   Kentucky Farm Bureau  Thats because theres a Farm Bureau agent in every  county across the commonwealth to handle all your insurance needs     Ernie Rogers    Agency Manager South  105 Burkesville Street  Columbia  Kentucky 42728    270 384 2961     ernie rogers kyfb com    KENTUCKY FARM BUREAU UpgfiR INSURANCE   BIG ON COMMITMENT        ADAIR        HORSE   SHOW    7 00 pm   Torres Family Circus  8 00 pm   Wood Carving Auction  9 00 pm   Torres Family Circus    SATURDAY  JULY 11  9 00 am   Beef Cattle Show  6 00 pm   Carnival Opens  6 30 pm   Floral Hall Opens  6 30 pm   Power Wheels Derby  7 00 pm   Big Car  Demolition Derby  7 00 pm   Torres Family Circus  8 00 pm   Fair Bears  9 00 pm   Torres Family Circus  10 00 pm   Give A Ways    FRIDAY  JULY 3   5 00 ADMISSION    7 00 pm   Fun Horse Show   SATURDAY  JULY 4  FREE    6 00 pm   Family Fun Games  9 00 pm   Fireworks   MONDAY  JULY 6   9 00 am   Dairy Cattle Show   6 00 pm   Carnival Opens   6 00 pm   Baby Pageant  0 1 year old   6 30 pm   Power Wheels Derby   7 00 pm   Small Car Demolition Derby   7 15 pm   Little Mr    Miss Pageant   7 30 pm   Lawn Mower Races   8 00 pm   Miss Pre Teen Pageant   TUESDAY  JULY 7   4 6 00 pm   Floral Hall Entries Accepted   5 00 pm   Mule Pull   6 00 pm   Carnival Opens   6 00 pm   Baby Pageant  1 2 year old   7 00 pm   KOI Drag Racing   7 00 pm   Torres Family Circus   7 15 pm   Twins Pageant  0 4 year olds   7 30 pm   Parent Child Look a Like   8 00 pm   Miss Adair County Fair Pageant   9 00 pm   Torres Family Circus   WEDNESDAY  JULY 8   lOam Noon   Floral Hall Entries Accepted   6 00 pm   Carnival Opens   6 00 pm   Floral Hall Opens   6 00 pm   Tiny Tot Pageant  2 3 yr  old   6 30 pm   Tiny Tot Pageant  3 5 yr  old   7 00 pm   Ky Outlaw Thick Pullers Local Pull   7 00 pm   Tones Family Circus   7 15 pm   Mrs  Pageant   7 30 pm   Sawbilly Wood Carver   8 00 pm   Miss Teen Pageant   9 00 pm   Tones Family Circus   9 30 pm   Sawbilly Wood Carver    THURSDAY  JULY 9   Noon 2 pm   Floral Hall Open   6 00 pm   Carnival Opens   6 00 pm   Mr    Miss Sunshine Pageant   6 00 pm   Floral Hall Opens   6 45 pm   Fun Pet Show   7 00 pm   Lawn Mower Pulls   7 00 pm   Side by Side Shootout   7 00 pm   Torres Family Circus   7 30 pm   Karaoke   7 30 pm   Sawbilly Wood Carver   9 00 pm   Torres Family Circus   9 30 pm   Sawbilly Wood Carver   FRIDAY  JULY 10  1 3 00 pm   Floral Hall Open  6 00 pm   Carnival Opens  6 00 pm   Coca Cola Talent Show  6 00 pm   Floral Hall Opens  7 00 pm   Extreme Bull Riding  7 00 pm   Off Road Challenge    YisitfouN website  www adaircountyfairky com  for all pageant applications   show classes and    2015 Adair County Fair  mf  fat tfmq   Tickets are  5 00 each    To be given away on Saturday  July 11  2015   at the Adair County Fair at 10 p m    Do not have to be present to win    1st Ticket drawn is for  5 000  2nd Ticket drawn is for  3 000  3rd Ticket drawn is for  2 000   Tickets can be purchased at    Grimsley s Jewelry  Flowers N  Things  or from any Jaycee member     Senior Citizen Night   Wednesday  July 8 2015   Bring this coupon and receive FREE Admission  onto the grounds if you are 55 or over                                             Thursday  June 25  2015    The Adair Progress    Page 5      Baylee Faith Hagedom    Baylee Fayth Hagedorn  was stillborn Monday  June  22  2015 at 2 58 a m  at T  J   Samson Community Hospital  in Glasgow  Ky    She was the daughter of  the Vince and Kayla Burton  Hagedorn of Columbia    Besides her parents she is  survived by  maternal   grandparents  Wendell and  Faye Kemp Burton of  Columbia  paternal   grandparents  Randall   Randy and Doris Hagedron  of Tell City  Ind   maternal  great grandmother  Ernestine  Janes Kemp of Columbia   paternal great grandmother   Anna Mae Peters of Fulda   Ind   maternal uncles and  aunt Rodney  Ashley  Burton   Cagney Burton and Suzanna    and her husband Tony  Streeval of Columbia   paternal uncles and aunt  Greg and his wife Maegan  Hagedorn  Ray and his wife  Laura Hagedorn  Melissa  Hagedorn and her fiance  Chris Pond   cousins Leslie  Streeval  Sarah Streeval  Lily  Streeval and Ethan Burton    Graveside service was held  Wednesday June 24  2015 at  1 00 p m  at Haven Hill  Cemetery with Bro  Ralph  Foster officiating    There was no public  visitation at the funeral home    Stotts Phelps McQueary  Funeral Home in charge of  funeral arrangements    www stottsphelpsmcqueary   fh com      The Staff   Management of The Adair Progress    The Perfect Package    i         Quality    Low Cost  Personal Service   Thats it in a Nutshell     Century  Medicines   express pharmacy   i   706 Jamestown Street  Columbia  Kentucky   Call 270 384 5874   Hours  Monday Friday 9 30 a m  to 6 30 p m    Saturday 9 30 a m  to 1 30 p m     Mary Ann   Mary Ann Dean Blair  age  68 years of the Pellyton  Community in Adair County   passed away Friday June 19   2015 at 3 53 p m  at her home  surrounded by her family after  a courageous battle with  cancer    She was born in Wess  Ky  in  Casey County on May 25   1947 to John William Bill  Dean and Sarah Velma  Wright Dean    Mary Ann worked at Fruit of  the Loom in Campbellsville for  17 years and retired from  Casey County Primary Care  where she was office  manager  She had professed  faith in Christ and was a  member of the Chestnut  Grove Baptist Church in  Liberty  Ky    She was preceded in death  by her parents and three  brothers  Paul Dean  Ralph  Dean and John Dean  and by  one nephew Greg Dean    Mrs  Blair is survived by her  husband of 49 years  Wilbert  Boss Blair of Pellyton  Ky  two  sons  Jimmy  Sheila  Blair of  Columbia  and Billy  Erica   Blair of Westfield  Indiana  one  daughter  Kimberly  Dave   Langford of Somerset  four  grandchildren  Kristen Burton  Donahue  Andrew Blair   Quintin Blair  and Kathryn Blair   one great grandchild  Hyson  Blair  two brothers  James  Dean of Moreland  and  Leonard Dean of Palmdale   California  three sisters  Betty  Carmicle of Liberty  Linda    Dean Blair     Peavey of Liberty  and Rosa  Bertram of Stanford    A celebration of life was  held Monday  June 22  2015  at Stotts Phelps McQueary  Funeral Home with Bro   Dwight Coffman  Bro  Barry  Bradshaw and Bro  Steve  Janes officiating    Pallbearers were  Andrew  Blair  Quintin Blair  Eric Dean   Chad Donahue  Josh Peavey   and Kelly Tarter    Interment was in Haven Hill  Cemetery    Expressions of sympathy  may take the form of a  donation to the American  Cancer Society or to  Hosparus of Central Kentucky  295 Campbellsville Bypass   Campbellsville  KY   Stotts Phelps McQueary  Funeral Home in charge of  funeral arrangements     Lillian Grimmer    Lillian Grimmer  86  of  Glasgow  KY  died Friday   June 19  2015 at 11 02 a m  at  The Medical Center of  Bowling Green    She was born February 7   1929  in Adair County  to the  late Bill and Mable Elizabeth  Loy Rowe  She was retired  from Johnson and Johnson in  Chicago    Survivors include  her   husband  Edward Grimmer of  Glasgow  one daughter   Natalie  Ed  Byczynski of  Naperville  III   one brother   Elroy Buck Rowe of  Columbia  two sisters  Allene  Hardwick of Columbia  and  Christine Hickerson of  Chicago  III   two half   brothers  Robert Shaw Rowe  and Leon Rowe both of  Columbia  two grandchildren   Daniel and Alyssa Byczynski    Several other relatives and  friends also survive    Funeral services were held  Tuesday  June 23  2015 at  Grissom Martin Funeral Home  with Bro  Richard Martin     officiating    Casket bearers were  Curtis  Hardwick  Tim Hardwick  Gary  Hickerson  Daryl Hickerson   Larry Rowe  and Daniel  Byczynksi    Burial was in the Haven Hill  Cemetery    Grissom Martin Funeral  Home in charge of  arrangements   www grissommartin com    AUTO    HOME    LIFE    BUSINESS    A MEMBER SERVICE    KYFB COM    All of your policies under one roof      Not just Big on Commitment  but Big on Discounts   Did you know you could save 20   on your home   farm and mobile home insurance by insuring your auto  with us  Call  email or come by for a free auto quote     Discounts subject to eligibility   Michelle Lewis  Agency Manager  40 Grant Ln    Columbia  KY 42728  Michelle Lewis kyfb com   270 385 9137    KENTUCKY FARM BUREAU     BIG ON COMMITMENT      Edgar Holmes    Edgar Holmes  94  of  Columbia  Ky   died Monday   June 22  2015 at his home    He was born February 13   1921  in Adair County  to the  late Alonzo and Florence  Burton Holmes    Edgar was a US Army  Veteran serving in World War II  and the Korean Conflict  He  was a member of VFW Post  6097  a retired mechanic and  he attended 3Trees Church  and Heritage Hope Church of  God    In addition to his parents   he was preceded in death by  his wife  Mary Kathryn Burris  Holmes  his son  Edgar  Holmes  Jr   his son in law   Darrell Justin Baker  three  brothers and two sisters  Carl   Herbert and J C  Holmes   Marie Vaughn  Lucille Roy    he is survived by  his  daughter  Nancy Baker of  Nancy  Ky   one brother   Charles Holmes of  Shepherdsville  his daughter   in law  Wanda Holmes Mauk  of Columbia  three  grandchildren  Angie Baker   Mike  Truett of Nancy  Beth  Holmes of Columbia  Lance  Eric Baker of Nancy  three  great grandchildren   Chandler Justin Truett  Paige  Truett  and Sophia Baker    Several other relatives and     friends also survive    Funeral services were held  Friday  June 26  2015 at  Grissom Martin Funeral Home  with Bro  Johnny Dunbar and  Bro  Charles Holmes  officiating    Casket bearers were  Mike  Truett  Chandler Truett  Lance  Baker  Steve Burris  Danny  Burris  Jeff Burris  Butch  Thurman  and Larry Mauk    Honorary casket bearers  were  Morgan Long  Chris  Stephens  Greg Brock  and  Gary Simpson    Burial was in Mill Springs  National Cemetery in Nancy   Ky  with full military honors  presented by VFW Post 6097    Grissom Martin Funeral  Home in charge of  arrangements   www grissommartin com    Westlake Regional  Hospital Auxiliary News    By Sue C  Stivers  Publicity Chairman   The Westlake Regional Hospital Auxiliary met Monday   June 15 in the hospital cafeteria  The meeting was called to  order by President Shirley Grider by giving the following  thought for the day  Remember when you are going through  something hard and wonder where God is   Remember the  teacher is always quiet during a test    Treasurer Lila Loy gave the treasurers report  She reported  that approximately  300 profit was made from the sale of the  pecans  However there are still a few packages to be sold   These can be purchased at Glamor Ette Beauty Salon on  Campbellsville Street in Columbia  The profit made from the  sale of the pecans is used to purchase items for the Hospital   To everyone who purchased pecans the Auxiliary says a  special Thank You    Auxiliary members were encouraged to volunteer some  time to work in the hospital gift shop  You can stop by the gift  shop and talk with Anna Cox to schedule a time to work    Members were reminded that it is time to renew their  Auxiliary membership dues  They may pay the treasurer  Lila  Loy    Mr  Neal Gold  hospital CEO  shared information regarding  the hospital and stated that some positive things are being  accomplished  The Auxiliary truly appreciates Mr  Gold for  attending the meetings and keeping the members up to date    The guest speaker for the evening was Adair County  Sheriff Harrison Moss who gave an outstanding presentation  on the topic Scams  Yes  there are lots of people in Adair  County and throughout the US who has been taken by a  scam  Everyone was encouraged to do their research before  getting involved  If it sounds too good to be true   you better  hesitate and not participate  Thank you  Sheriff Moss  for  taking time out of your busy schedule to come and educate us  on scams  We truly appreciate you and the outstanding job  you and your deputies are doing in Adair County    Those in attendance were  Wanda Bardin  Margie Coffey   Neal Gold  Shirley Grider  Sheriff Harrison  Lila Loy   Mildred Loy  Evelyn Phelps  Zona Royse  Shirley Reliford   Glenna Shofner  Margaret Sparks and and Sue Stivers    Hostesses for the evening were Shirley Grider and  Margaret Sparks  Every one enjoyed the pizza and delicious  cake  The next meeting will be held Monday  July 13 at 6 30  p m  at the hospital cafeteria  Lila Loy and Margie Coffey  will be the hostesses  The welcome mat is always out to new  members  For membership information contact President  Shirley Grider or Margaret Sparks        VFW   Womens Auxiliary Meetings   VFW Post 6097 and the Womens Auxiliary meets on the 2nd  Thursday night of each month at 7 pm at the VFW Hall at the Adair  County Fairgrounds  All veterans are welcome to attend    Grateful Hearts   Meetings of Grateful Hearts are regularly held on the third Monday of  each month at 6 00PM at the TJ Health Pavillion  Sessions are open to  everyone in the community and serve as excellent opportunites for com  munity members to attend health promotion activities related to cardio  vascular health  Anyone with questions or need for more information  may call Anna Shaw  RN at 270 651 4833  or 270  659 5535    Alcoholics Anonymous   Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings are held each Thursday night in  Columbia in the basement of Columbia City Hall Municipal Building   The first meeting begins at 6 p m  and the second at 7 p m  The meetings  are handicapped accessible and are non smoking    Al Anon Meeting   Al Anon meetings will be held every Thursday at 6 30PM at the Good  Shepherd Catholic Church  1217 Greensburg St  Columbia  KY  For  more info  Call 270 384 6553 or 270 378 6421    Public Library Board Meeting   The Public Library Board meeting will be held the 2nd Monday of each  month at 12 05 at the library    Public Library Activities   Lapset  for children under 2  is held on Mondays at 10 00AM   Childrens Story Hour is every week at 10 00 a m  on Wednesday and  Homeschool Story Hour is every week on Wednesdays at 1 00PM   Books  songs  arts and crafts fun for everyone  Genealogy Society  Meetings are held at 5 00 p m  the first Monday of each month  Legos is  the 2nd Thursday of each month from 4 30 5 30PM  The Book Club  Have You Finished It Yet meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at  4 30PM  For more information call  270  384 2472     Country Ouilters   The Country Quilters meet on the 2nd Monday night of each month at  6 p m  as well as on the 2nd Wednesday 9 a m  2 p m  Both of these  meetings are held in the basement meeting room of the Chamber Office   We would like to invite anyone  young or more mature persons  to come  join us in learning new skills and perfecting old ones  If you have any  questions  please call Kathy Jones at 270 384 3366    Sportsmans Club   The Adair County Sportsmans Clubs regular monthly meeting is the  first Tuesday of the month at 7 P M  at the clubhouse  All members are  urged to attend    Knife Swap And Auction   The Adair County Knife Club has a Knife Swap and Auction the first  and third Tuesday of every month at the Columbia Masonic Lodge  Basement  Doors open at 3 00 CT and the knife auction begins at 5 00  CT  There is a  2 00 admission  It is a smoke free event  For more  information call 270 634 1657 or 270 932 7276  New members are  invited to join    Columbia Rotary Club Meetings   The Columbia Rotary Club meets every 2nd and 4th Monday night at  6 00 p m  CST in the Cranmer Dining Hall at Lindsey Wilson College   Visitors are always welcome  For additional information contact Ted  Caldwell at 606 787 4001    Adair County Heritage Association   The Adair County Heritage Association monthly meetings are held on  the second Thursday of each month at 6 00 p m  at the courthouse on  the public square  Public is invited  For more information  contact Ted  Caldwell at 606 787 4001    Celebrate Recovery   Asbury Methodist Church welcomes you to Celebrate Recovery every  Tuesday night at 6 30 p m  EST  Celebrate Recovery is for everyone with  a hurt  hang up  or habit  Its based on the eight principles from    Beatitudes and the 12 steps of AA and their Biblical Comparisons   Examples of some issues dealt with are  Dependency on alcohol or dmgs   ponography  gambling  broken relationships  sexual abuse  divorce   depression  etc  We are located at 9600 New Columbia Road  If you  have any questions  please call Julie at 270 789 4111    Awana Clubs   The AWANA Clubs will meet each Sunday Night at 6 00 CT  at Plum  Point Baptist Church  to learn about the bible  play games  eat and  fellowship  Children of all ages are invited  Plum Point Baptist Church is  Located at 6107 Knifley Road  For more info  contact Shauna at 270   250 5773    VegetariaiWegan Cooking Class   Vegetarian Vegan Cooking Class offered free of charge every second and  fourth Thursday evening at 6 00 p m  If you desire a healthier lifestyle   you can learn how to prepare delicious meals by attending this class  If  you suffer from IBS or Crohns disease or Celiac disease  you can benefit  from learning how to properly prepare meals to improve your health   Everyone is welcome to the Columbia Seventh Day Adventist Church  with Ms  Alma Jackson and Ms  Janira Lee providing health information  and samples of delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes are served each  night  Prayerfully consider attending this informative class  You will  benefit greatly  For more information call 270 634 1910 or 270 378   4495    T W A W  Shooting Chapter Meeting   TWAW Shooting Chapters  Inc  is focused on introducing women to  the world of firearms  Our mission is to educate  equip and empower  women as they strive to make important personal choices in their lives   We invite women 21 years and older of all experience levels to join us for  our next meeting  Meetings are held the third Sunday of each month  from 2 4 p m  at the Adair County Sportsmans Club  Contact Chapter  Leader June Parson at 270 384 6751 for more information                                                        Page 6    The Adair Progress    Thursday  June 25  2015      AS IT WAS   In Black  Sl White    In an effort to celebrate this communitys history  The Adair Progress has  partnered with the Adair County Public Library to reprint portions of Adair  County newspapers of the past  In honor of the passing of Edgar Holmes we are  revisiting stories published in the Adair Progress about one of Adair Countys  most beloved men     ADAIR  COU      EDGAR HOLMES  83   sits on a prayer rock   he and his late wife  Kathryn founded years  ago on their home place  in Green County   Photo  by Tiffany Hadley   Townsend    At Right   EDGAR AND KATHRYN  HOLMES kneeled down  at their prayer rock in  Green County sometime  in the late 1960s    Love is Worth  Waiting For   By Tiffany Hadiey Townsend  Staff Writer   At 83  Edgar Holmes looks back on his life as a living  testimony to Christian faith and love    His story begins in 1942 at Tarters Chapel  where he met  Kathryn  the love of his life  Driving a 1928 Model A car   he volunteered to take three girls home  But before leaving   Edgar asked Kathryn  a young girl of about 16 or 17  to ride  with them  She went  Edgar recalls  and on the way  back we started going together    The young couple didnt date long before Edgar was  called off to the army on September 14 1942  When I left   she told me shed wait for me  he remembers     See LOVE  continued above right      June 201 2   FROM ONE VETERAN to  another  Edwin Taylor  a Vietnam  veteran  recently made fellow  veteran Edgar Holmes a walking cane that Taylor fashioned  from and old tobacco stick  then varnished it and inscribed it  with Holmesname and rank  In return  Holmes gave Taylor a  hand made gift  a five piece wooden puzzle that he crafts at  his home  Taylor holds the puzzle in his hand for a close up  view   Photos by Paul B  Hayes     Love    Continued from page on three        Little  Jid they know it would he  over three years before they would  meet again  But their relationship  grew by sharing their love and life  through letters sent back and forth  the whole time Edgar was serving in  WWI1  Its untelling how many  letters she wrote me while I was  gone  he remembers with a smile    On February 8th  Edgar left but of  New York on a boat headed for  Africa  He was to be stationed there  and eventually India  but an  emergency would land him on  Barbuda Island    On the ship  we started out doing  all those drills  and on February 12th  the real thing happened   our ship  got hit    A U 5  Navy Tanker in the convoy  cut an 80ft  gash along the starboard  beam of the ship  I ran out on deck  and there was water as far as you  could see  recalls Edgar  We could  see ships ahead of us but they  couldnt turn around  they had to  keep going to make their  destinations on time    For the next four days the ship  slowly and aimlessly floated along   Edgar remembers staying on the  deck of the boat with a crowd of  other boys  hoping they would soon  spot land  The ocean water around  them was dark with oil that leaked  from the ships wounded side  Its  hard for Edgar to forget the many  men that died in the accident  He  explained that in those days  ships  were made with watertight doors  that shut in an emergency  ultimately  leaving men trapped in the dark   cold waters down below    Two Destroyers stayed along side  the broken ship until it floated near  Barbuda Island  But once there  the  soldiers were given little time to  recover before they were loaded up  and sent on to Africa    Edgar remembers how it felt to be  in a foreign land with only memories  and letters to remind him of home   He recalls how agonizing it was to  have no idea how long he would  have to stay there  He also  remembers how good it felt to see  familiar faces of Adair County boys  such as Russell McLean and Dr   George Nell  all the way over in  Africa    Edgar spent most of his spare time  reading and studying a Bible he kept  with him all the time  Having never  smoked or drank alcohol  he claims  to have taken care of many drunken  individuals     I was taking care of this one boy  that had be en drinking  I dont know  how far u  vay we were from camp   but he lay down near a light pole to  sober up  So while I waited on him    I sat down and started reading my  Bible  Two or three weeks later that  boy came up to me and said  Kentucky  Edgars nickname    when I woke up and saw you  reading that Bible  that really did  something  to me    Edgar teels it was times like that  he was able to inadvertently witness  to people i he love of Jesus Christ    In November 1945  Edgar was  able to return home where he  reunited with Kathryn  They  continued to date for the next five  years  spending all their time  together  until in 1950  he was again  called to serve his country in the  Korean Conflict  So once again   before he left  Kathryn reassured  him by saying  Ill wait for you    This war was a little different for  Edgar  Before he was even able to  travel overseas  he got sick and had  surgery to remove his appendix in a  military hospital in California   When recovered  he was sent to a  camp in Japan instead of Korea   While gone for almost a year   Kathryn wrote him almost everyday    He returned home on August 16   1951  In a borrowed car  the couple  drove to Somersville  KY and was  married on August 30th  When  asked if he ever brought up the topic  to Kathryn of the long wait for him   Edgar recalls  She always talked  like she t hought a lot of me    What brought the Holmes even  closer together during their marriage  were their deep spiritual beliefs   Both we re very dedicated Christians   Edgar remembers  We were very  close  We went to church together   We both believed in the old ways   We believed in all the churches  because we found good people in all  of them    Their faith brought them some  amount of fame at one point  when  the couple founded a prayer rock  near the ir home  A prayer rock is a  large rock used as a peaceful place  to pray and meditate  Edgar says  word of their prayer rock traveled  quickly and for years people from  everywhere would come to the rock  to kneel and pray    The couple spent their life living  in Green County near the Adair  County line  They eventually had  two children  Edgar Holmes  Jr  and    Columbia WWII  Veterans Take  Honor Flight Trip    at    On Thursday  August 20   2009  World War II Veterans  Edgar Holmes and Willie Bill  Janes embarked on a trip they  thought they would never make  in their lifetime  They were able  to fly to Washington  D C   to  visit the World War II Memorial  and the Iwo Jima Memorial   Each veteran was accompanied  by a chaperone to assist them on  the trip  Mr  Holmes chaperone  was his granddaughter  Beth  Holmes  Mr  Janes was chap  eroned by Jimmy Luttrell  who  is the Senior Vice Commander  at Columbia VFW Post 6097  and Senior Vice Commander of  VFW District 8  The one day  trip was made possible by the  Bluegrass Chapter of Honor Flight  Honor Right is a wonderful  program available to World War n Veterans  It provides the trips at  absolutely no charge to the veteran  Chaperones are able to attend at  a cost of  250 each  This program is made possible by donations  from professional groups  businesses and individuals  Sadly   approximately 1 500 World War II Veterans die each day  Time is  running out for them  Honor  Right Bluegrass Chapter accepts   donations to help continue this Jfc _       noble mission    Edgar and Bill both stated   m   jf  they tremendously enjoyed the   Vp      trip and that it brought back a lot I 4   of memories  They were very v_        It U   thankful for being given this   1       opportunity  rTZ    Above  Edgar Holmes  World War II Memorial     Nancy  Edgar spent years working  in a gas station in Columbia until he  was able to open his own garage as a  mechanic    After complications from diabetes  and heart problems  Kathryn passed  away in 1989  While she was sick  she told a lot of people to try and  take care of me  he remembers   Before she died  she said shed wait  for me  She had said it three times    At 83 Edgar is in good health  despite some problems resulting  from shell shock  He takes great  pride in his two children  three  grandchildren  and two great  grandchildren  Edgar  who still  drives  spends a good deal of his  time transporting Amish    As he has his whole life  he still  carries a Bible with him in his  pocket  And occasionally  Edgar   now living in Columbia with his son   makes his way out to his old home  place to talk to God at the prayer  rock    Though the old love letters are  now gone  burned in a fire years ago    so their young children would quit  reading them something Edgar  wishes hed never have done  the  memories and love for his wife are  as strong today as they were sixty  years ago  I believe shes looking  down on me right now  he says  with a smile on his face     Honor Flight  Edgar Holmes  and Beth Holmes at World  War II Memorial    WWII and Korean War Vet     Holmes Graduates at 88    By Lawrence Harris    Assistant Editor   An Adair County man is now the proud recipient of his high  school diploma after leaving school to serve his country during  WWII    Edgar Holmes is know throughout the community to always have  a friendly smile and sincere hello and his kindness was returned at  the Adair County School Board meeting last Thursday night as  family and friends gather in the basement of the Adair County  Schools Central office to witness Holmes graduation    Holmes  like many other young boys during WWII  left school to  serve his country and after years of service and dedication returned  home with out his high school diploma    However  after several years of wondering Holmes decided to do  something about it and sought the assistance of AC Schools Asst   Superintendent of Student Services Brenda Mann    Mann informed Holmes of the Military Diploma offered though  the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs under  House Bill 45  WWII House Bill 113 Korean War House Bill 60 Vietnam War    that authorizes the awarding of high school diplomas to veterans  who meet requirements set forth in KRS 158 140 5    As a result of his service through two wars  Holmes met the  eligibility standards through statute and authorization of the  awarding through the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs to  receive his High School Diploma based on his foregoing  completion of his high school education in order to serve his  country in time of war    During World War n  Holmes served 2 years 9 months and 13   days from September 15  1942 to November 29  1945 and in the  Korean War for 9 months and 13 days from November 8  1950 to  August 16  1951  in which he served 3 months 27 days at sea   Holmes diploma read  This Certifies That  Edgar Holmes  Has  satisfactorily completed the requirements prescribed by the  Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs and the Adair County  Board of Education and is therefore awarded this  HIGH SCHOOL  VETERAN DIPLOMA  In grateful recognition of the personal  sacrifices made to ensure the safety and security of our country and  in acknowledgement of a lifetime of learning and achievement that  has enriched our community  Given this 16th day of October 2008  in Columbia  Kentucky by the authority of the Adair County Board  of Education    An emotional Holmes asked Adair County Schools  Superintendent Darrell Treece to relay his words to the standing  room only crowd  This means so much to me and I want to thank  everyone for coming out to support me    Holmes also stated  This means the world to me  I cant believe  I finally got my diploma    In addition to his diploma  Adair County Judge Executive Ann  Melton presented Holmes with a proclamation declaring the  weekend of Oct  18th   19th as Mr  Edgar Holmes Weekend    Melton stated that Edgar Holmes has touched and blessed so  many lives here in Adair County and presented a framed certificate  of the honor     At Right  Edgar Holmes   Jimmy Luttrell   Willie  Bill Janes at World War  II Memorial     October 2008  An emotional Edgar Holmes stands in  his U S  Army uniform that he wore in WWII and the  Korean War and receives his high school diploma  from Adair County Schools Superintendent Darrell  TVeece at the school board meeting last Thursday    Photo by Lawrence Harris                                      Thursday  June 25  2015    The Adair Progress    Page 7    Blake Spires   Sports Editor    2015 Adair County Indians Youth Football Camp   The 2015 Adair County Indians Youth Football Camp wrapped up Wednesday  The camp   which ran for three days  allowed students entering grades 1 8 a chance to train  practice  and play under the guidance of current and former Indian players and coaches       Little League District Baseball Coming to Columbia    The lights of Joe Johnson Little League Park will once again be  shining bright as Adair County Little League Baseball will be host  ing the Kentucky District 5 Baseball Tournament beginning  Saturday  June 27    The double elimination tournament  with brackets in the 11 12  year old  10 11 year old  and 9 10 year old divisions  will begin at  noon on Saturday with five games throughout the afternoon into the  evening  The two local teams will both be in action on Sunday  with  the 9 10 year olds meeting the winner of Campbellsville and South  Hardin at 3 p m   and with the 11 12 year olds facing the winner of  Washington County and Campbellsville at 5 p m    A total of 15 teams across the age groups from the seven team  district will be converging on the park for the tournament  which is    the first step toward the ultimate Little Leaguers goal of reaching  the Little League World Series in Williamsport  Penn  in August   The champions from each division will advance to the Kentucky  Little League State Tournament in LaGrange  Ky  in mid July    The action from these young stars of the diamond will be enter  taining and the local squads would love to have the communitys  support throughout the festivities  There is no general admission to  the event  however a  5 per car parking charge will be enforced at  the entrance to the park    The tournament brackets are in todays issue  so come on out   enjoy some of the best food in town at the concession stand  and  enjoy some quality baseball played by youngsters for the love of the  game            2015 Kentucky District 5 Little League Baseball Tournament   11 12 Year Old Division    Marion Co     Glasgow   Sun  June 28 3 00 pm   Loser to D   Sat  June 27 12 00 pm    Loser to A   Boyle Co     Campbellsville    Sat  June 27 2 00 pm   Loser to C    Washington Co      Sun  June 28 5 00 pm   Loser to B   Adair Co     A     Mon  June 29 5 00 pm   B      Tues June30 7 oopm   Loser to E      ALL Gametimes are Central Time       Games to be played on Field 1       Thurs  July 2 7 00 pm   Loser to F   if 1st Loss     E     Wed  July 1 7 00 pm       Fri  July 3 5 00 pm    Tues  June 30 5 00 pm    F     Joe Johnson Little League Park  167 Doc Walker Road Columbia  KY 42728   V___      Editorial by Blake Spires     That silence you hear is the  sound of the summer sports  scene  When the Blackhawks  captured their third Stanley  Cup in six seasons and the  Warriors grabbed their first  NBA championship in 40  years  the haze of humidity  settled over the American  sports landscape where it will  suffocate us until September    Well have brief periods of cool breezes and summer  showersthe Womens World Cup  the NBA Draft and  free agency  Jordan Spieth will probably be emperor of  the world before Christmas  and sporadic NFL newsbut  for the most part  the fields are barren    So lets talk baseball  Ive made my stance on MLB  pretty clear in this space during my time at The Progress   so if youre hoping that the next few hundred words is a  breakdown on the divisional races as we head into the All  Star Break or analyzes the best rotation in baseball  this is  probably not the column for you    Instead  lets focus on the most interesting parts of the  season thus far from the perspective of the casual fan that  baseball so desperately needs to win the attention of to  return to its place atop the sports conversation in this  country    First up  MLB has stepped spectacularly backward in  its implementation of instant replay and review  After a  successful start last season  the clarity and consistency  that many managers praised in year one has vanished   Now baseball is left with skippers both wondering and  complaining about the difference between sufficient and  insufficient evidence  and viewers are watching blatant  missed calls allowed to stand on nationally televised  broadcasts    And they arent just missing calls  theyre taking way  too long to do so  A June 15 Dodgers Diamondbacks  matchup caught my attention when I noticed folks online  talking about a four minute and 50 second review  The  review ultimately yielded the wrong result according to  everyone on Earth besides the replay center  Look   baseball needed replay  Its great that they joined the 21st  century  and literally zero baseball purists have  abandoned the game due to the switch  But they also have  to get this right  and for once in the history of the sport   do something productive in a timely fashion    Second  Bryce Harper is here  I mean  he was already  kind of here for the past five years  at least since we  became aware of his prodigious abilities as a high school  senior  His first two full seasons in the majors were  fantastic for a player his age  but the 22 year old has  officially made the leap from impressive for his age to  this guy is a freak  Harper has 24 homers through 67  games this season  already a career high  and his five tool  ability and polarizing personality makes him the superstar  potential villain that could help give casual fans a player  to cheer against and boost the profile of the game     Baseball still has too many unwritten rules that arent  consistent or logical or useful at all  This has always been  the case  and I fully accept that it apparently always will  be  but for whatever reason  Major League Baseball  continues to cling to this intangible code of the way  things are done    For example  if a player hits a home run  and either  quickly flips his bat to the side in celebration or stands  still for a few tenths of a second admiring the blast  hes  likely to be thrown at during the next at bat  or even  ostracized by members of the opposing team during his  home run lap around the bases  That sort of fun and  showmanship is frowned upon  because its viewed as  showing up your opponent and disrespecting the game    What is apparently accepted and doesnt disrespect the  game  beyond throwing hard objects at someone on  purpose   however  is what happened to Nationals pitcher  Max Scherzer during his bid for a perfect game  With one  out standing between he and the 24th perfect game in  MLB history  Scherzer delivered a 2 2 slider to pinch  hitter Jose Tabata  The ball was inside  and as it began its  break  Tabata leaned his elbow  which was covered by a  protective guard  into the pitch ever so slightly    Tabata was hit  awarded first base  and Scherzer  eventually completed the no hitter  but the perfect game  was lost on what many consider a violation of baseballs  unwritten  and actually written  etiquette  Tabata ground  out in his first at bat the following day without being  thrown at or hit  whether intentionally or aided by his own  posture  If youre going to let it slide when a guy ruins a  chance at history  it seems a bit petty to hurl a fastball at  his spine for celebrating a home run    Baseball really has a chance to gain some ground this  summer  Criticism about replay  Alex Rodriguez   dreadfully long game times and other shortcomings aside   there are as many bright young stars in baseball as there  have been in some time  I touched on Harper  but several  other names actually fit the rare criteria of being must   watch players if you happen to notice their game being  televised  Mike Trout and Yasiel Puig  of course  remain  on the list  mega slugger Giancarlo Stanton continues his  development into a home run hitting behemoth  Matt  Harvey hascaptivated the city of New York for the Mets   Andrew McCutcheon may do something amazing either  at the plate  on the paths or in the field  and theyre all  under age 30    With this void left by the other sports  and several  months between now and the start of football season   MLB has to do all it can to market these exciting young  players and to capitalize on the personality each of them  displays in the way they play the game  While baseball  will always appeal to those who love the sport  stars drive  professional leagues and television dollars and there is no  excuse for these faces to be unrecognizable to any sports  fan in the country bv the end of the summer                                                                                                        The family of Billy Sullivan   would like to say thank you for the many acts of kindness  shown to them during the passing of their loved one   Special thanks to Dr  Seeley for her home visits  the  nurses  the CNA  CVS for delivering medicine  and to  Stotts Phelps McQueary Funeral Home for their  service and for their care and compassion  shown during this time    Thank you  The Sullivan Family    in  By Faith Community Church   304iEdmonton Rd  Columbia  KY 42728  270 378 0621    We would like to invite everyone to our   Dedication Service   Meal  Sunday  June 28  2015  3 00 p m    DR V 5N will be singing at 5 30 p m    Love    lUotaS    Dad    Come join us for a day of Praise  Worship   Fellowship       Music by Steve Liebman   Based on the novel Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson  Piano Synthesier Arrangement by Scott Kasbaum   Bridge to Terabithia was originally produced by Stage One  The Louisville Childrens Theater    Directed by Shelby Maldonado and Mack McGowan        june  jL   2o  _2i  2 5   2g      28     e Stair Street Russell Springs    Piodu ecjiiy special arrangement with Saixiyel French  I he     Bolin     Ho Wed    Tommy Kemp and  Amber Bolin will be get  ting married Saturday  June  27  2015 at the Hill    Valley Bed   Breakfast off  Hwy  80 on Wilson Road   The wedding will take  place at 3 00 in the after  noon with a reception  immediately following at  The Red Bam  also on  Wilson Road    Amber is the daughter of  Stephen and Annette Bolin  of Campbellsville    Tommy is the son of  Daryl and Connie Kemp of  Columbia    The couple own and  operate a sign shop   SignOneOne  in Columbia   where they will continue to    IVt k ft ijfu  inve a  uj  04 uftlMftil ai tjfu a ld   G W   t Oil   Tlleft onA tieiindt    Tommy Kemp and Amber Bolin    All family and friends celebrate this wonderful  are invited to attend and day with them     having atl    Church    206    Call Melanie at  K0384A4T1  today to shine  the Spotlight on  your loped ones    We thought of you with love today    but that is nothing new    We thought of you yesterday   and the days before that too    We think of you in silence   we often speak your name    Now all we have are memories   and your picture in a frame   Your memory is our keepsake   with which we ll never part    God has you in his keeping   we have you in our hearts     June 25th   Jz fre  Tourjfamily    We little knew that morning that God was going to call your name    In life we loved you dearly  in death we do the same    It broke our hearts to lose you  you did not go alone    For part of us went with you  the day God called you home     You left us peaceful memories  your love is still our guide   And though we cannot see you  you are always at our side   Our family chain is broken  and nothing seems the same   But as God calls us one by one  the chain will link again     Soi e      TKetuen  TtW  l  c Paufo  Jen  Jacob  fimidy   Jessica S Sf ence i                                           Thursday  June 25  2015    The Adair Progress    Page 9     COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE   University of Kentucky   College of Agriculture     Extension News   Agriculture and Natural Resources   Nick Roy   Adair County Extension Office    Blue Mold Alert    Blue mold was found last week in burley tobacco in  Tennessee southwest of Nashville  The disease was found  by an Extension Agent throughout a 1 5 acre field of  foot tall burley  and was very actively sporulating  With  the recent weather events from Tropical Storm Bill  much  of Kentucky  including Adair Counties tobacco crop may  have been exposed to inoculum  Growers are strongly  urged to vigilantly scout fields for signs and symptoms of  blue mold  If a grower suspects they may have blue mold  in their tobacco  please contact the Adair County  Cooperative Extension Service a  270  384 2317   Growers who would like to be proactive in the event  Blue Mold does reach Adair County may consider  making a fungicide application  Manzate is a good option  for tobacco that is less than knee high  However  growers  should check with their contract as some may caution  against the use of Manzate  Another fungicide option  would be Revus  Many growers may be tempted to make  an application of Quadris  At this time  UK tobacco  specialists feel it may be best to reserve Quadris  applications for later in the season in the event other  diseases such as target spot or frogeye leaf spot were to  appear     Smith Ridge Beach Closed  Temporarily Due to E  Coli   The U S  Army Corp of Engineers at Green River  Lake has temporarily closed the beach located at the  Smith Ridge Recreation Area due to high levels of E   Coli bacteria    The Corp of Engineers samples water from three of its  beaches  Smith Ridge  Pike Ridge  and Holmes Bend on  a weekly basis  Smith Ridge beach is the only beach  currently experiencing the E  Coli contamination   Holmes Bend and Pikes Ridge beaches had acceptable  test results  The source of the E  Coli is unknown at this  time but continuous monitoring of the beaches will take  place  Once th elevels of the bacteria drop to a safe  level  the beach will reopen    People who ingest E  Coli or related bacteria by  swallowing water can experience stomach cramps and  diarrhea  Some strains of the bacteria can cause urinary  tract infections  respiratory illness and pneumonia  and  other illnesses  according to the Center for Disease  Control and Prevention    Visitors are reminded to take the following  precautionary measures while enjoying the lake     Avoid swallowing water while swimming    Take a bath or shower with warm soapy water after  coming in contact with water in ponds  rivers  and lakes   especially before preparing or consuming food    Do not swim in areas closed due to unsafe conditions    For questions  please contact the Corps of Engineers  green River Lake Office at  270  465 4463              In the June 11  2015 issue of the Adair Progress   Alexandra Waldrons name was submitted   incorrectly in the list of scholarship recipients  We   apologize for any inconvenience the error may   have caused    _ J    2015 16 Budget   _Continued From Page One   Flatt seconded  and the motion passed unanimously  5 0  with  no discussion or debate    In other business at Tuesday mornings meeting  the Fiscal  Court gave second reading and voted to implement a new  administrative code outlining rules  regulations  and policy  procedures for the county to follow  The previous code   according to Flatt  was instituted in 1994  so the magistrates  took great care to ensure the document was sound    I just think whatever we put in place is going to be here  for a long time  Flatt explained of the tedious process of  reviewing the document  which the court and Deputy Judge   Executive Holly Grimsley went through  almost sheet by  sheet for the entire 120 pages  Several amendments were  made  mostly dealing with transparency and chain of  command issues for various scenarios  including the hiring  process  disciplinary procedure  sick days and vacation   investment protocol  and work schedules    Once the two hour process was complete  Baker made a  motion to accept the new code  with the recommended  changes  Flatt offered a second  and the motion passed 5 0    Magistrates present for the meeting included Harold  Burton  Daryl Flatt  Sammy Baker  Billy Coffey  and Greg  Caldwell  Magistrates Terry Hadley and Perry Reeder were  not in attendance  Judge Executive Mike Stephens  who was  battling an illness  was present for the first half hour but then  excused himself  turning the meeting over to Coffey      Farmers Market   The Adair County Farmers Market located at the  Extension Office on 409 Fairground St  in Columbia will  open this Friday  June 26 and will be open each week on  Tuesdays and Fridays from 6 a m  till 10 a m  The Adair  County Farmers Market features fruits and vegetables  grown exclusively in Adair County and accepts senior  vouchers  Growers who would like to become a member  of the Adair County Farmers Market may contact the  Adair County Extension Office at  270  384 2317      Lindsey Wilson College Joyce Cooley Scholarships  were presented by Susan Peck to Taylor Burton  Breah  Davis  Allexis Giles  Kalina Henry  Katie Kelsay  Paige  Lynn  Ashley McLean  River Murley  Kaitlyn Nokes   Tristan Phelps  Amber ftirner  Maria Valdez and  Alexandra Waldron     The Reed Brothers Insurance Scholarships were  presented to Katie Kelsay  Paige Lynn  Ashley  McLean  Kaitlyn Nokes  Breah Davis  Alexandra  Waldron  Kalina Henry  Taylor Burton  Amber TUrner   River Murley  Tristan Phelps  Maria Valadez  and  Allexis Giles       Adair County has as least two things going for them in  the dairy industry  One  Adair County ranks among the  top three dairy counties in the state  Second  Adair  County knows how to celebrate June Dairy Month  The  final weekend this month will send June Dairy Month out  with a bang  On Friday  June 26 at 7 p m   the Dairy  Farm Family Appreciation Picnic will be held at the  Adair County Fairgrounds  All dairy farm families and  their employees are invited to attend  The following day   Saturday June 27  June Dairy Day will be held on the  square with an assortment of activities the whole family  will enjoy  Events will begin at 9 a m  and continue  through the day into the evening hours    Educational programs of the Cooperative Extension  Service serve all people regardless of race  color  age   sex  religion  disability or national origin     AT RIGHTS Receiving the Principals Challenge Award  were Alexandra Waldron and David Streeval     June Dsiry Days   Honoring National Dairy Month    Saturday  June 27 2015 9am 5pm   9 00am ll 00am  Beauty Pageant  10 00am 2 00pm  Damons CTA  10 00am 2 00pm  Fun Fair Bouncers LLC   11 00am  Boot Toss  Women Only    11 30am  Oreo Stacking Contest  12 00pm  Pizza Eating Contest  12 30pm  Milk Drinking Contest  1 00pm  Pie Eating Contest  1 30pm  Ice Cream Sundae Making Contest  2 00pm  Husband Calling Contest  2 30pm  Ugly Man Contest  2 45pm  Calf or Cash Giveaway  3 00pm  Friends In Jesus   4 00pm  Southern Angel Band   For Vendor Information  contact  Holly Grimsley 270 378 0549  NO RAIN DATE    June Dairy Month    Seniors recognized as college ready were Laura Akin  Nealia Baker  Katherine  Blackwelder  Brandon Burton  Taylor Burton  Kyndal Caldwell  Shelbi Cheatham   Hannah Cockerham  Brittany Curry  Ashley Farmer  LaDanna Froedge  Carrianne  Gaskin  Alan Godsey  Riley Grant  Mark Hutcheson  Zach Hutchison  Kelly Jones   Katie Kelsay  Paige Lynn  Blake Maupin  Ashley McLean  Sarah McQuaide   Courtney Miller  Anna Murrell  Rikki Neat  Anna Parson  Tristan Phelps  Farrah  Phillips  Noah Polston  Courtney Quiroz  Brooklyn Robertson  Chad Scholl  Harlee  Smock  Alisha Stotts  Aaran Taylor  Jessi Taylor  Kazandra Trejo  Amber Turner   Maria Valdez  Alexandra Waldron  Timothy Watson  Destiny Wright and Rebekah  York  Not pictured are Austin Alley  Kristany Campbell  Nicholas Pennino  Dillon  Wilkerson and Austin Wolford      Lindsey Wilson College Scholarships were presented by TVaci Pooler to Brooklyn  Bardin  Ashley Bragg  Shayla Burton  Taylor Buron  Shelbi Cheatham  Hannah  Cockerham  Dylan Conn  Breah Davis  Ashley Farmer  Jenna Franklin  LaDanna  Froedge  Tanner Garmon  Kalina Henry  Zach Hutchison  Cody Janes  TVent Jones   Katie Kelsey  Alexa Koziol  Paige Lynn  Blake Maupin  Katelyn Moore  River  Murley  Rikki Neat  Kaitlyn Nokes  Emily Overstreet  Nicholas Pennino  not  pictured  Tristan Phelps  Ryan Pointer  Noah Polston  Alexis Robinson  Kenzie  Rogers  Harlee Smock  Levi Sneed  Amber Turner  Aaran Taylor  Maria Valadez   Alexandra Waldron  Laura Willis and Destiny Wright                                               Page 10    The Adair Progress    Thursday  June 25  2015    2015 Adair County Relay for Life Laminarias    IN HONOR OF     GIVEN BY     Connor Anderson Bo  Beth  Haley   Emma Ellison  Tom Andrew Lonnie   Connie DeVore   Allison Bardin Brian   Julie Cowan   Kids   Allison Bardin Blane   Reese Bardin   Blane Bardin Bo  Beth  Haley   Emma Ellison   Blane Bardin Julie Cowan   Mitzi Bault Fay McKinley   Becky Bean Steven Baker   Tammy Burkhardt Aaron  Cody   Lane   Tammy Burkhardt Debbie Meadows   Faye Burton Tony  Suzanna  Leslie  Sarah     Lily Streeval   Maxine Burton Joyce Luster   Wayne Burton Sue s Stars   Wayne Burton Crystal   Dan Burton   Dawn Coomer Cancer Survivor   Sandy Corbin Sandy Rogers   Julie Cowan Bo  Beth  Haley   Emma Ellison   Julie Cowan Peggy Lawson   Julie Cowan Susan Bohannon   Julie Cowan Blane   Reece Bardin   Lois Cunningham Fay McKinley   DJ Curry Tony  Suzanna  Leslie  Sarah     Lily Streeval   Lewis Curry Jo Ann Curry   Leoda Curry Brian   Julie Cowan and Kids   Lucian Edwards Debbie Selby   Teresa Dean Harper Kayne Bennett   Teresa Dean Shad  Tabitha   Reece Giles   Teresa Dean Robert Dean   David Denton Vicki Kemp   Donnie Garrett Sue s Stars   Frances Glasgow Dr  Adam   Lauren Rogers   Brenda Hancock Alex   Pam Hancock   Brenda Hancock Tracy Lewis   Brenda Hancock Troy   Donna Hancock   Oral Hancock Alex   Pam Hancock   Oral Hancock Tracy Lewis   Oral Hancock Tasha Warren   boys   Oral Hancock Troy   Donna Hancock   Patty Hess Debbie Meadows   Tammy Humphress Mark Humphress   Vicki Kemp Julie Cowan   Vicki Kemp Don  Kelly  and Sammi Jo Kemp   Vicki Kemp Don Kemp   Kids   Sandy Land Peggy Lawson   Sandy Land Trudy Crabb   Sandy Land Debbie Meadows   Sam Lowery Trudy Crabb   Sam Lowery Debbie Meadows   Connie Lumpkin Sam   Jennifer Smith   Libby Moss McClister Amanda   Mike Hamlett  Freida Melton Steven Baker   Fredia Melton Doug Melton   Larry Morris Karen Watts   Veronica Mouser Susan Bohannon   Michael Parke Debbie Meadows   Opal Pinto Judy Spoon   Carl Redmon Juanita Denton   Connie Reynolds Tony  Suzanna  Leslie  Sarah     Lily Streeval   Connie Reynolds  Mom  Jonathan  Riley    Allie   Rosalie Reynold  Connie Reynolds  Mom  Shannon  Douchy     MaKayla Matthews  Connie Reynolds  Sister  Darlene   Lindon Wray  Connie Reynolds  Sister  Loretta   Billy Turner     Family   Connie Reynolds  Sister  Joyce  Alvin  Sherri    Jessica   Jared Denton  Connie Reynolds  Granny  MaKayla  Kendal  Sadie    Hayley  Jake  Riley  Allie  Will    Rosalie  Connie Reynolds  Wife  Paul Reynolds   Ruby Rodgers Steven Baker   Lauren Glasgow Rogers Lana   Mike Glasgow   Lauren Rogers Dr  Adam Rogers   Dr  Ronald Rogers Dr  Adam   Lauren Rogers    Gayle  Matt  Leslie  Bryant   Hudson Rogers  Molly Royse Zona Royse   Debbie Selby Gina Baker   Jerry M Smith Sam   Jennifer Smith   Linda Smith Family   Susan Smith Sam   Jennifer Smith   Linda K Sterns Peggy Lawson   Aunt Sue Stivers Melissa  Baylor   Clay Giles   Sue Stivers Peggy Lawson   J R  Streeval  Brother  Loretta   Billy Turner   family  J R  Streeval  Brother  Darlene   Lindon Wray   J R  Streeval  Brother  Joyce  Alvin  Sherri    Jessica   Jared Denton   J R  Streeval  Brother  Paul   Connie Reynolds   David Turner  Brother  Loretta   Billy Turner     family   Terry Williams Rhonda Redmon   Kenny Wisdom Larry   Wanda Wisdom    IN MEMORY OF     GIVEN BY     Roxie Burton Arnold  Roxie Burton Arnold    Robert   Teresa Dean  Linda   Larry Calhoun    Mary Brockman  Granny  Derek   Jake Brockman  Kenny Bryant Mr    Mrs  Ralph Foster   A Z  Burris Madison Bell   A Z  Burris Larry   Wanda Wisdom   Janice Butler Sandy Rogers   George Burton Jo Ann Burton   George Burton Tony   Tina Burton   Mary Nell Burton Peggy Lawson   Mary Nell Burton Brenda Hancock   Mary Nell Burton Robert   Teresa Dean   Norma Jean Burton Kasey  Tara  Blane   Reese   James R  Carter Cara Brown   Christine Cheatham   Robert Coffey Sam   Jennifer Smith   Linda Coffman Sam   Jennifer Smith   Bobby Collins Tony   Chonda Hodges   Itolph Dooney Collins Joe   Sandy Rogers   Barbara L Cook Jessi Cook   Barbara L Cook Lazy C Farm   Donald Coomer Donna Janes   Sharon Coomer Cara Brown   Mike Crabb Trudy Crabb   Mike Crabb Debbie Meadows   Mike Crabb Aaron  Cody   Lane   Margaret Crawley Angella Watson   Gloria Curry Your daughters  Nancy   Lila   Thelbert Curry Your daughters  Nancy   Lila   Libby Dohoney Lee Ann Sullivan   Marion Davenport Karen Watts   Frances Davenport Karen Watts   Gae Dean Ashle Helm   Gae Dean Robert   Teresa Dean   Gae Dean Harper Kayne Bennett   Gae Dean Craig Dean   Jack   Gae Dean Casey Dean   Gae Dean Sammy   Angela Dean   Ashley   Faye DeVore Lonnie   Connie DeVore   E P  Dulworth Joan Dulworth   Catherine Durham Susan Bohannon   Pearl Edwards Debbie Selby   Willie Edwards Debbie Selby   Walker Lee Ellis Sheila   Hazel Ellis   Beulah Estes Angie Pierce   Anne Feese Sue s Stars   Sue Feese Jo Ann Curry   Sidney Foster Mr    Mrs  Steve Foster   Sidney Foster Mr    Mrs  Mark Foster   Sidney Foster Tina Pyles   Sidney Foster Mr    Mrs  Ralph Foster   Sarah Irvin Gardner Brian   Julie Cowan   Sarah Irvin Gardner Blane   Reese Bardin   Irving Gold Neal  Harriet  Jonathan   Michael Gold  Nadine Giles Chaz  Van  Baylor   Clay Giles   Nadine Giles Joe   Pat Grant   Nadine Giles Brian   Julie Cowan   Walter Grant Bo  Beth  Haley   Emma Ellison   Walter Grant Joe   Pat Grant   Walter Grant Brian   Julie Cowan and Kids   Nathan Hale Sheila   Hazel Ellis   Craig Hare Gina Baker   Craig Hare Angie Pierce   Norma Hatcher Tony  Suzanna  Leslie  Sarah     Lily Streeval   Jesse W Hawkins Sr  Bill Hawkins   Hartsell Hodges Tony   Chonda Hodges   Chris Holmes Susan Bohannon   Tim Howard Sue Howard   Tyler Jessee Angie Pierce   Vickie Kenney Karen Watts   Frances Kessler Madison Bell   L C  Kessler Madison Bell   Olive Lowe Mary Beth Phelps   Phyllis Loy Bo  Beth  Haley   Emma Ellison   Phyllis Loy Brian   Julie Cowan and Kids   Craig Martin Sue s Stars   Larry McClister Angie Pierce   Danny McKinley Fay McKinley   Harry McQuaide Neal  Harriet  Jonathan      Michael Gold   Granny Mag McQueary Shannon  Douchy     MaKayla Matthews  Willard Nokes Angie Pierce   Willard Nokes Shelbie Pierce   Rebecca Rice Osborne Jaimie Wisdom   Linda Faye Parker Tony  Suzanna  Leslie    Sarah   Lily Streeval  Linda Parker Shannon  Douchy     MaKayla Matthews  Linda Parker  Niece  Joyce  Alvin  Sherri    Jessica   Jared Denton   Linda Parker  Niece  Paul   Connie Reynolds   Jane Phelps Richard   Mary Beth Phelps   Andrew Propes Danny   Paula Propes   Jim Rawlins Crystal   Dan Burton   Judy Rawlins Crystal   Dan Burton   Buck Redmon Juanita Denton   Ruby Nell Reece Danny   Paula Propes   Steve Rodgers Laura Willis   Ramona Rogers Troy   Donna Hancock   Ramona Rogers Ernie   Myranda Rogers   Itomona Rogers Michelle Lewis   Boomer   Harley  James Royse Zona Royse    Mallie Royse  Sammy Sandusky  Ernest Shirley  Nancy Shirley  Joe Shuffett  Mary Smith  Ila Jean Stearns    Zona Royse  LeeAnn   Jerry Collins  Sammy   Angela Dean   Ashley  Sammy   Angela Dean   Ashley  Cara Brown  Sam   Jennifer Smith  Carla Denton   Glenn    Michael Stearns  Bobby Stotts Patricia Stotts   Donald Stotts Faye   Annetta Stotts   Oswald Stotts Debbie Selby   John Edward Streeval Tony  Suzanna  Leslie  Sarah     Lily Streeval   John Streeval  Dad  Loretta   Billy Turner   family  John Streeval  Dad  Darlene   Lindon Wray   John Streeval  Dad  Joyce  Alvin  Sherri    Jessica   Jared Denton  John Streeval  Dad  Paul   Connie Reynolds   Pa John Streeval Jonathan  Riley  Allie     Rosalie Reynolds  Pa John Streeval Shannon  Douchy     MaKayla Matthews  Martha Collins Thomas Kay Embrey     Brenda Williams   Libby Troutman   Libby Troutman Mary Beth Phelps   Juanita Tucker Jelaine Phillips   Arthur Lee Waggener Fay McKinley   Audrey Waggener Fay McKinley   Johnnie Wilson Rhonda Redmon   Ruth Wilson Zona Royse   Nicole Yarber Trudy Crabb    2015 Stones of Hope    IN HONOR OF     GIVEN BY     Sue Stivers    Shannon Claywell  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Cancer Survivor   Vicki Kemp Don  Kelly    Sammi Jo Kemp   Fredia Melton Doug Melton   Julie Cowan Love  Kylie   Leoda Curry Vaughn Cowan   Family   Wayne Burton Purdy Baptist Church    IN MEMORY OF     GIVEN BY     Helen Watts  Craig Hare  Christy Watts  Vickie Kenney  Atlee Miller  Dad   Mervin Miller  Brother   Ernest Sparks    Chris Watts  Love  ACHS Class of 94  Chris Watts  Karen Watts  Laura Burress  Laura Burress  Michelle VanArsdale    Craig  Frieda  and Granny Jewell Sheila Hare   In Memory of Ma Stephanie Feese   Greg Reeder Love  Your Family   Phyllis Loy Joe   Pat Grant   Lloyd French Jenny   Barry Parker   Patricia French Jenny   Barry Parker   Tim Howard Sue Howard   Allen Ray Curtsinger Marla   David Ray   Joyce Coulter Crystal   Dan Burton   Carlos Bragg Kimberly Janes   Michael Crabb Trudy Crabb   Donald Stotts Annetta   Faye Stotts   Matthew Irvin Love  the Family   E B  Dulworth Joan Dulworth   Joy Cowan Grandchildren  Brianna  Emma   Jacob  Louvern Lee Phyllis Caldwell   Charles T  Rogers Rogers Family   Pam Rodgers Rogers Family   Jannie Kay Luttrell The Cowan Family     Thursday  June 25  2015    The Adair Progress    Page 11     flE Adaj    Newspaper  progress       IN EDUCATION     ACES teacher Paula Bault demonstrates how to mold clay for a garden art project   Intently looking on are Camp SAFARI students  Corey Harmon  Davin Vest  Taylor  Burton  Rylee Helm  Gabby Zapata and Tristan Burton    Summer Camp SAFARI  At Adair Elementary Provides  Daily Adventure For Students   For many students  the end of the regular school year means not entering a school  building again until August  However  for numerous Adair County Elementary School   ACES  students  a new adventure begins each day this summer as they attend Camp  SAFARI  ACESs 21 Century Community Learning Center summer program   SAFARI is an acronym for staying after school for academics  recreation and  imagination and the four week camp delivers on the promise to provide extended  learning and enrichment opportunities for 3rd n 5th grade students during summer  break    Students have been eagerly participating in a variety of activities the past two  weeks of camp  They are sharpening their reading and leadership skills as they read  and produce short plays  Math enrichment times are fun and innovative as they play  board games and use computer programs to strengthen their skills  Students have  worked on art and pottery projects and are in the process of developing an outdoor  garden along with a recycled soda bottle greenhouse    Happily  the fun and learning have not been limited to the school campus  Students  are experiencing nature and science as they travel to local places such as Clay Hill  Memorial Forest and the Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery  The recent trip to the  fish hatchery was a great success as students learned about how the plant operates and  all about the life cycle of the trout  Much to the delight of the students  they were also  able to pet a skunk and a snake during classroom education at the hatchery  While the  students were thrilled  Mrs  Pam Bivens  Camp SAFARI director  reports that the  adults in attendance were a bit more apprehensive about this particular up close and  personal venture and most of them declined the opportunity    Camp SAFARI will continue until early July and is funded through the 21st  Century Community Learning Center program made possible through grant funds  from Title IV  Part B  of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act  as amended by  the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001  Camp SAFARI is also made possible through  support from the Adair County School District  Adair County Food Service Program   ACES Family Resource Center  The United Way of South Central Kentucky and  Adair County 4 H    The camp is staffed by Mrs  Bivens  ACES teachers and staff and Family Resource  Center personnel  For additional information about the camp  call ACES at 270 384   0077 or stop by the school to join the adventure      ACES student Jordan Grider and Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery staff  Ms   Bryson  get up close and personal with a skunk during the Camp SAFARI field  trip  Dont try this at home  folks  This skunk has been de skunked and is a pet at  the hatchery    Lindsey Wilson College Students   Faculty And Staff Celebrate School  Of Professional Counseling Day     Newspaper In Education Sponsors     Students  faculty and staff  from Lindsey Wilson Colleges  27 community campuses gath  ered at the colleges A P  White  Campus on Saturday  June 20   for the 14th annual School of  Professional Counseling Day    The annual summer gathering  attracted 236 people to  Columbia Adair County  who  traveled as far as eight hours for  the day  which is a mix of aca  demic and social events  The  students  faculty and staff are  part of LWCs School of  Professional Counseling  which  includes an undergraduate pro  gram in human services and  counseling  a nationally rec  ognized masters program in  counseling and human devel  opment  and a doctoral program    in counselor education and  supervision    The day includes sessions of  career and professional advice   seminars about mental health  issues  a poster session featuring  student research projects  a cam  pus tour and social activities    This is your campus  and this  is your day  LWC Associate  Dean for the School of  Professional Counseling Jackie  Montgomery said at a welcome  ceremony held in Biggers Sports  Center  This is a great day to  build new relationships  fellow  ship and take advantage of all  this college has to offer you    Because of an innovative  partnership with community col  leges  LWC has 26 community  campuses in Kentucky  Ohio     Tennessee  Virginia and West  Virginia  The partnership allows  to earn a bachelors degree in  human services and counseling  or masters in counseling and  human development  classes are  offered at the students local  community college  LWCs  Scottsville  Ky   Campus   which has served Allen County   Scottsville residents since 1992      also offers those degrees  along  with other academic programs    During the 2014 15 school  year  891 of LWCs 2 641 stu  dents were enrolled at one of the  colleges community campuses    During the last decade  more  than 2 000 LWC alumni have  earned degrees from the college  through the community campus  partnership     Lindsey Wilson College Director of Enrollment for Extended Programs Ryan Vitatoe  and LWC mascot Blue Raider Bob welcome students  faculty and staff to the 14th   annual School of Professional Counseling Day Saturday  June 20  in Biggers Sports  Center       Danny Pyles   221 Corporate Drive  P O  Box 189  Columbia  KY 42728   270 384 PIRT  3478      For all Your Insurance Needs    Anthem   Blue Cross Blue Shield  Medicare Supplement  IRA   Roth IRA  Estate Planning  Mobile Homeowners    Life Insurance  Long Term Care  Disability  Annuities  Auto  Homeowners  Farm owners  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 LINDSEY   WILSON   COLLEGE    Every student Every Day      Picture Yourself at Lindsey Wdson College    Call 270 384 8100 or 1 800 264 0183   THE MISSION of Lindsey Wilson College is to serve the unmet educational needs of students by  providing a living learning environment within an atmosphere of active caring and Christian  concern where every student  every day  learns and grow and feels like a real human being     Lake Cumberland   CDL   Training School  Inc      In Partnership With   Kentucky Community   Technical College    4284 Campbellsville Road  Columbia  KY 42728   877 308 9638                                                                              Page 12    The Adair Progress    Thursday  June 25  2015     NOTICE FOR BID  FOR CLEANING  SERVICES FOR THE    ADAIR COUNTY  COOPERATIVE  EXTENSION  DISTRICT BOARD  P O  BOX 309  COLUMBIA  KY 42728    local time in a sealed  envelope marked   CLEANING BID  June  26  2015 at the address  above  The Adair County  Extension District Board  reserves the right to reject  any and all bids or to  waive any informalities in  the bidding     6 00 p m    The meeting  will be held at the Central  Office of the District  The  purpose of the meeting is  to consider adopting a  resolution authorizing the  issuance of school  building revenue bonds  for school building  purposes  Agenda Items  are as follows     The Adair County  Cooperative Extension  Service is now accepting  bids for the following  items     Cleaning Services  Detailed descriptions are  available at 409  Fairground Street    Columbia  KY 42728  during normal business  hours of 8 00am 4 30pm   closed 12 00 noon   1 00pm  or by calling  270 384 2317  Bids must  be submitted no later than  June 26  2015 at 4 30pm    MEETING NOTICE    Adair County School  District Finance  Corporation    1  Call to Order   2  Confirm Officers   3  Consider resolution  for revenue bonds   4  Adjourn    experience treating  adolescents  Fast   pace  multi task   team environment  with many clinical  challenges  We give  hope for a better life  for troubled youth   Fax  270  384 3132 or  mail to  Spectrum  Care Academy PO  Box 911 Columbia  KY  42728    259 5461  ext  125  M F  7 30 4 30 C T  only     DRIVERS    HOME TIME     1250 per  monthly  Excellent  No touch  CDL A 1 yr  exp  855 454 0392     QUALITY   Earn over  week    bonuses   benefits     There will be a special  meeting of the Adair  County School District  Finance Corporation on  Thursday  June 25  2015  in concert with the regular  meeting of the Adair  County Board of  Education  approximately    NOTICE    Handy Storage and Rental  located at 2215  Hwy  55 South  Columbia  KY is under new  ownership     I am trying to find the owner of  the contents of the following  units      8 9 13 29 32 34  and 38     The operator of a self serve storage facility  or self contained storage unit shall have a  lien on all personal property stored within  each leased space for rent  labor  or other  chargers and for all expenses reasonably  incurred in its sale  as provided by KRS  359 200 to 359 250     In the event the Lessee is in default for a  period of more than forty five  45  days  the  operator may enforce a lien by selling the  property stored in the leased space at a  public or private sale  for cash     Please contact Ann Young at 270 250 4810  or 3540 Hwy  55 South  Columbia  KY 42728      30 000 to  50 000  Salary   Seeking Two   Therapists   Applications must  have a Masters  Degree and be  Licensed in mental  health with clinical    FREE NURSE AIDE  TRAINING with job  opportunity   Metcalfe Health 8c  Rehab or Summit  Manor Health 8c  Rehab  Walk in to  apply  Or Call 844   CNA 2DAY     U PICK BLUEBERRIES    270 378 5410   Gradyville  Ky     2 FAMILY GARAGE  SALE  FRI  JUNE 26   AND Sat   June 27  7  a m    4 miles from   town  1102 New  Concord Rd  off 206  mile 3  Antiques   collectibles  tools   small wood stove   rocking horse  knives   furniture  baby   guinees  chicks  270   250 5783  Rain or  shine     Too many items to  mention  For more  information call 270   378 0118  Rain or  shine     deposit  375  Call  270 384 7355 or 502   543 6558     FOR SALE  ALUMINUM  SHEETS  500 each   Can be seen at The  Adair Progress  office   98 Grant Lane   Columbia  Ky     PART TIME SITE  MANAGER  16 HOURS   WEEK  9 25 hr  in  Columbia  Some  computer skills   required  Call 270     1995 GEO TRACKER  MOTOR  Less than  100 000 miles  270   384 6479 or 270 250   5005         Looking for approximately  3 10 Acres  mostly  cleared in Adair County   Call or text 270 634 2213    NEW HOUSE FOR SALE    1 800 sq  ft  brick house with concrete  drive and a lot of amenities  Located in  Colonial Village Subdivision  N  55    A must see  Priced at  169 995    If you are looking to upgrade   we will consider trade     Call  270  378 1777     HELP WANTED    SERVICES    lake a Connection  Real  People  Flirty Chat   Meet singles right now   Call Livelinks  Try 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demandado  Lea la  informacion a continuacion y en la pagina siguiente  Petitioners name  El nombre del demandante  Kristen  Vinci CASE NUMBER  NTnero de caso   DN182434   You have 30 calendar days after this Summons and Petition are served on you to file a Response  form FL   200 or FL 270  at the court and have a copy served on the petitioner  A letter  phone call or court appearance  will not protect you  If you do not file your Response on time  the court may make orders affecting your right to  custody of your children  You may also be ordered to pay child support  attorney fees and costs  For legal  advise  contact a lawyer immediately  Get help finding a lawyer at the California Courts Online Self Help  Center  www courts ca gov selfhelp   at the California Legal Services website  www lawhelpca org   or by  contacting your local bar association  NOTICE  The restraining order on page 2 remains in effect against each  parent until the petition is dismissed  a judgement is entered  or the court makes further orders  This order is  enforceable anywhere in California by any law enforcement officer who has received or seen a copy of it  FEE  WAIVER  If you cannot pay the filing fee  ask the clerk for a fee waiver form  The court may order you to pay  back all or part of the fees and costs that the court waived for you or the other party    Tien 30 dias de calendario despues de habir recibido la entrega legal de esta Citacion y Peticion para  presentar una Respuesta  formulario FL 220 o FL 270  ante la corte y efectuar la entrega legal de una copia al  demandante  Una carta o llamada telefonica o una audiencia de la corte no basta para protegerio  Si no presenta  su Respuesta a tiempo  la corta puede dar ordenes que afecten la custodia de sus hijos  La corte tembien le  puede ordenar que pague manutencion de los hijos  y honorarios y costos legales  Para Asesoramiento legal   pongase en contacto de inmediato con un abogado  Puede obtener informacion para encontrar un abogado en el  Centro de Ayuda de las Cortes de California  www sucorte ca gov   en el sitio web de los Servicios Legales de  California  www lawhelpca org   o poniendose en contacto con el colegio de abogados de se condado AVISO   La orden de proteccion que aparecen en la pagina 2 continuar en vigencia en cuanto a cada parte hasta que se  emita un fallo final  se despida la peticion o la corta de otras ordenes  Cualquier agencia del orden p blico que  hay a recibido o visto una copia de estas orden puede haceria acatar en cualquier lugar de California   EXENCION DE CUOTAS  Si no puede pagar la cuota de presentacion   pida al secretario un formulario de  exencion de cuotas  La corte puede ordenar que usted pague  ya sea en parte o por completo  las cuotas y costos  de la corta previamente exentos a peticion se usted o de la otra parte    1  The name and address of the court are   El nombre y direccion de la corta son  North County Division  Courthouse 325 South Melrose Drive Vista  CA 92081   2  The name  address  and telephone number of petitioners attorney  or petitioner without an attorney  are    El nombre  la direccion y el nmero de telefono del abogado del demandante  o del demandante si no tiene  abogado  son   Kristen Vinci 962 Chardonney way Escondido  CA 92029 760 334 3985   Filed Date  Fecha   MAR 23 2015 Clerk  by  Secretario  por  L  MARTIN  Deputy  Asistente    Page 2  STANDARD RESTRAINING ORDER  Parentage Custody and Support  ORDEN DE  RESTRICTION ESTANDAR  Patemidad Custodia y Manutencion    Starting immediately  you and every other party are restrained from removing from the state  or applying for  a passport for  the minor child or children for whom this actions seeks to establish a parent child relationship   or a custody order without the prior written consent of every other party or an order of the court  This  restraining order takes effect against the petitioner when he or she files the petition and against the respondednt  when he or she is personally served with the Summons and Petition OR when he or she waives and accepts  service  This restraining order remains in effect until the judgement is entered  the petition is dismissed  or the  court makes other orders  This order is enforceable anywhere in California by any law enforcement officer who  has received or seen a copy of it    En Forma inmediata  usted y cada otra parte tienen prohibido llevarse del estado a los hijos menores para  quienes esta accion judicial procura establecer una relacion entre hijos y padres o una orden de custodia  ni  pueden solicitar un pasaporte para los mismos  sin el consentimiento previo por escrito de cada orta parte o sin  una orden de la corte  Esta orden de restriccion entrap en vigencia para el demandante una vez presentada la  peticion  y para el demandado una vez que este reciba la notificacion personal de la Citacion y Peticion  o una  vez que renuncie su derecho a recibir dicha notificacion y se de por notificado  Esta orden de restriccion  continuar  en vigencia hasta que se emita un fallo final  se despida la petition o la corte de otras ordenes   Cualquier agencia del orden publico que haya recibido o visto una copia de esta orden puede haceria acatar en  cualquier lugar de California                                                                                       Thursday  June 25  2015    The Adair Progress    Page 13      SubtcZibe  To    The Adair  Progress   To Receive  The News  All Year Long       Your Subscription Includes 24  Hour Access to the  Adair Progress Online and Breaking News Updates     For Those    Living  in Adair      Sports  Classifieds  Obituaries  Special Interest    Education  Spotlights  Local Events  Editorial    For those  living  elsewhere  in Kentucky    out of state    Fill out the form below and mail along with proper payment to   The Adair Progress  Inc   98 Grant Lane  Columbia KY 42728    r n    11 00 for those living in Adair and surrounding counties    24 00 for those living elsewhere in Kentucky and out of state     Enclosed is   for   yr  subscription to    Name   Address   i Adair Progress     New Subscription   1 Ronou al   Aot  No  Citv   State Zip Code   Phone Number   nciicvvai   L   J    ORDINANCE NO  220 164   AN ORDINANCE ADOPTING THE CITY OF COLUMBIA  KENTUCKY ANNUAL BUDGET FOR THE FISCAL YEAR   07 01 15  THROUGH  06 30 16   BY  ESTIMATING REVENUES AND RESOURCES AND  APPROPRIATING FUNDS FOR THE OPERATION OF CITY  GOVERNMENT    WHEREAS  an annual budget proposal message has been prepared and delivered to the City  Council  and   WHEREAS  the City Council has reviewed such budget proposal and made necessary  modifications    NOW  THEREFORE  BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY OF COLUMBIA    SECTION 1     That the annual budget for the fiscal year beginning  07 01 15  and ending  06 30 16  is hereby  adopted as follows       GENERAL   GARBAGE   MUNICIPAL   LGEA   CITY OF   PAYROLL TAX     FUND   FUND   AID   FUND   COLUMBIA        FUND    UTILITIES    Resources Available           Fund balance carried forward      101 589 00     201 201 00     149 000 00     25 000 00     2 622 989 00            y          Estimated revenues           Property Taxes      563 708 00        Payroll Taxes           800 000 00           Licenses   Permits      794 200 00    nrfr                      Intergovernmental Revenues      70 650 00      86 395 00     14 000 00             Fines   Forfeits       3 800 00        Charges for Services       565 000 00       1 050 000 00            19 500 00    Other      31 374 00           Fund Transfers In      800 000 00                Total Estimated Revenues      2 263 732 00     565 000 00     86 395 00     14 000 00     1 069 500 00     800 000 00           Total resources available      2 365 321 00     766 201 00     235 395 00     39 000 00     3 692 489 00     800 000 00   for appropriation                r    Appropriations                   General Government      450 018 00                Police      1 078 802 00                Fire      95 700 00                Streets      286 679 00      235 395 00     39 000 00     Sanitation       472 263 00       Enterprises          1 133 140 00    Parks   Recreation      29 407 00        Fund Transfers           800 000 00           Total Appropriations      1 940 606 00     472 263 00     235 395 00     39 000 00     1 133 140 00     800 000 00           Excess of resources over       424 715 00     293 938 00             2 559 349 00       under appropriations                  Interfund transfers                  Estimated fund balances end          of fiscal year      424 715 00     293 938 00             2 559 349 00                SECTION 2    That this Ordinance shall be of effect on JUNE 22  2015    FIRST READING  6 19 15  SECOND READING  6 22 15  PUBLICATION  6 25 15     CURTIS HARDWICK  MAYOR     Payroll Tax Moves To General Fund   City Council passes new budget for 2015 16    By Wes Feese  Editor   The Columbia City  Council met last Friday  and again Monday eve  ning to give first and sec  ond reading to ordinances  which put all occupational  tax revenue into the  General Fund as well as  adopt a new budget for the  2015 16 fiscal year  which  starts July 1    Fridays discussion saw  two opposing arguments  develop  Charles Grimsley  vocally opposed the meas  ure to move the payroll  tax money from its pre  determined earmarks  but  Councilor Dr  Ronald  Rogers said it had to be  done    Nobody on that  pre  vious  council could have  foreseen the amount of  loss of revenue that hap  pened  Rogers said   What we should have is a  budget based on needs as  opposed to a budget based  on wants    Mayor Curtis Hardwick   who has been pushing for  months for the money to  be reallocated into the  General Fund  assured the  council that some funds  but not the entire amounts  originally earmarked  would be available  but  paying bills and balancing  the budget would take  precedence  and would not  be possible with the origi  nal earmarks     I think youve got to  take care of your house  first  Hardwick said   Then whats left  we can  still separate and put in  different areas  Lets get  our bills paid    Councilor Mark Harris  said that he agreed with  Hardwicks assessment   Hardwick further specu  lated that the citys finan  cial situation might be sta  ble enough to reinstitute  the earmarks as soon as  next year    After Rogers made a  motion to accept the  change  which was sec  onded by Linda  Waggenerthe councils  original proponent of an  all General Fund occu  pational taxGrimsley  reiterated that he still  wanted a plan with des  ignated percentages  but  the movement passed  4 2   Only Grimsley and Craig  Dean voted nay    Rogers summed up his  support for the change by  reason of necessity    You just cant pass an  unbalanced budget  you  cant  Rogers said    Also at Fridays meet  ing  Hardwick presented  multiple budgets to the  council for them to deter  mine which should receive  first reading  The differ  ence in the plans was  employee raises  which  the city has not given in  two years  Several coun  cilors expressed regret that    the option that included  raises wasnt feasible    I dont know how you  can justify that  Rogers  said    Grimsley agreed    And thats not a lack of  appreciation for the city  workers  he added    The council reconvened  Monday to give second  reading and vote on the  budget    For the first time in  yearsand thanks in large  part to the amendment  moving payroll tax money  into the General Fund  the city appears to have a  bit of financial breathing  room this year  The  General Fund appropria  tions exceed  2 3 million   but an estimated balance  of more than  424 000 is  expected to carryover into  next year  a promising  prospect  Additionally  the  Garbage Fund and City of  Columbia Utilities are  expected to end 2015 16  in the black as well  with  only municipal aid money  and LGEA funds being  spent in their entirety    Rogers moved to accept  second reading of the  budget  Craig Lasley sec  onded  and the motion  passed  4 1  with only  Grimsley voting against    All councilors were pre  sent for Fridays meeting   All councilors with the  exception of Mark Harris  attended Mondays meet  ing     ORDINANCE NO  220 163   AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CITY OF COLUMBIA  KENTUCKY ANNUAL BUDGET FOR THE FISCAL YEAR   07 01 14  THROUGH  06 30 15   BY  ESTIMATING REVENUES AND RESOURCES AND APPRO  PRIATING FUNDS FOR THE OPERATION OF CITY  GOVERNMENT    WHEREAS  an annual budget propo s al m e s s ag e amendment has been prepared and delivered to the City Council  and  WHEREAS  the City Council has reviewed such budget amendment p r op osal and made necessary modifications    NOW  THEREFORE  BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY OF COLUMBIA    SECTION 1    That the annual budget for the fiscal year beginning  07 01 14  and ending  06 30 15  is hereby adopt e d amended as follows       GENERAL   GARBAGE   MUNICIPAL   LGEA   CITY OF   PAYROLLTAX     FUND   FUND   AID   FUND   COLUMBIA        FUND    UTILITIES    Resources Available       265 191 00     133 983 00     86 588 00     21 247 42     2 521 488 00    Fund balance carried forward         nn nnn nn                   mmSm    wmmz   mmmmm    Estimated revenues         555 008 00        Property Taxes        66 7084 0        Payroll Taxes              892 000 00        Licenses   Permits    8   974 000 00                 57 150 00      95 871 00     14 900 00       Intergovernmental Revenues      57 50 oo       P1 pp   5  j   pnp pp            3 400 00       1   Fines   Forfeits         2 000 00        1 175 000 00    Charges for Services       545 000 00       1 060 000 00   i   i       51 124 00        23 960 00    Other       0041744 0           Fund Transfers In      200 000 00            1 758 682 00      95 871 00      1 198 960 00    Total Estimated Revenues      L4 28 432 00     545 000 00      101  911 00     14 900 00     2 372 920 00     400 000 00       2 023 873 00     678 983 00     182 459 00     36 147 42     3 720 448 00    Total resources available    5 1 917  9ff 09   5 670 233 00   5 OQ1 PH Q0     ppp pp      400 000 00        for appropriation                     Appropriations               449 832 00        General Government      4304 26 00            1 071 278 00        Police        L952  958 00            102 245 00        Fire       410 666 00            283 608 00      182 459 00     36 147 42     Streets       co OS7 nn     477 782 00   j 201 911 00   f nnp nn        Sanitation         463 2424 9       1 097 459 00    Enterprises      15 321 00        1 449rB 7vQ9    Parks   Recreation    6   14 626 00        Fund Transfers        S     200 000 00       1 922 284 00     477 782 00     182 459 00     36 147 42     1 097 459 00    Total Appropriations    e   i a77 c o nn   f 4 03 M     op   p    pp     11 999 90      200 000 00                Excess of resources over       39 781 90     one otn nn            o P75  n  pp     200 000 00      under appropriations      101 589 00     201 201 00       2 622 989 00            Interfund transfers                  Estimated fund balances end      101 589 00     201 201 00       2 622 989 00    of fiscal year     pp Jfjj Qp     ono aq 4 nn               378 1P1 pn     200 000 00               SECTION 2    That this ordinance shall be of effect on JUNE 22 _  2015    FIRST READING  5 14 15  SECOND READING  6 22 15  PUBLICATION  6 25 15                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Adair Progress    Thursday  June 25  2015    Page 14    Relay For Lif e   _Continued From Page One   and came out a survivor at an  early age  has a passion for sup  porting cancer research and  awareness    I think the best thing about  Relay for Life is just the aware  ness that it continues to bring  each and every year  Wise said    Wise spoke to survivors   offering them much encourage  ment and praise for their contin  ued fight against cancer  Wise  said that the most important  message he wanted to get across  to the survivors he was speaking  to was    I think its the power of  prayer and also just to live life to  the fullest  Wise said  Thats  kind of how our familys been   You never know what news  youre going to hear on a day to   day basis  Once you have the  diagnosis and you persevere  through it and have a good out  come  I think its to truly live life  to the fullest experience    Wise also noted that Relay for  Life can be difficult each year   because of new people who have been diagnosed with cancer  or  because of individuals who were fighting cancer and ended up pass  ing away  Regardless  Wise believes that it is good and important to  support and celebrate with those who have beat the odds    Another well received and supported speaker was Jamie Bryant   who has even more recently battled cancer  According to Lawson   Bryant has been going to Little Rock  Arkansas to receive cancer  treatment    Jamie Bryants and Max Wises messages were so inspiring to  listen to  Lawson said    Following the speeches by Bryant and Wise  cancer survivors  were presented and honored with medallions  Then came the sur  vivor lap  the caretaker lap  an auction  and the beloved luminary  ceremony held in memory of those who have battled cancer    With lights dimmed  the luminaries that surrounded the stones  that honor survivors were lit  and several took turns solemnly read  ing a writing in honor oftheir loved ones who have fought the hor  rible disease    Lawson noted that there were 14 teams that participated in Relay  for Life this year  On top of this  there was the committee team  and  numerous other individuals who helped prepare the event and  ensure its success  She believes that close to 175 individuals helped  put on Adair County Relay for Life 2015  Lawson also said that six  months of planning goes into making Relay for Life a success    This is my 17th year  Lawson said  Ive had every position  that there is in Relay  then I came back as chair this year  Its a long  show  but it is so rewarding    While Lawson is certainly passionate about the research that  donations toward Relay For Life provides  there is another aspect of  the organization that she feels is extremely important  but that many  do not know about    People think it all just goes to research and it doesnt  theres so  much more that goes into it  Lawson said    Of large importance with Relay For Life are the Hope Lodges     Jamie Bryant spoke to the  survivors and those in  attendance at Relay For Life  Friday night during a time of  celebration and recognition  of cancer survivors  Bryant  recently learned that he is in  remission after a personal  battle with cancer      Cancer survivors  seated  are pictured here  along with Relay For Life event organizers  teams and others who attended     that are across the country  Lawson noted that there are 31 Hope  Lodges that are sponsored by Relay For Life  She said that these are  basically five star hotels where individuals can stay  along with a  family member or caretaker  The lodge has transportation available  to and from the hospitals and doctors  and it costs nothing to those  who use it  Lawson said that there were seven Adair Countians who  were dealing with cancer who were able to stay at the Hope Lodge  during their cancer treatments  She says that in doing this  those  Adair Countians saved  15 000 combined     Weve got to keep these places going  because it helps so  much  Lawson said    Though numbers may have been lower than normal  there is no  doubt that Relay for Life in Adair County was a success this year   bringing hope and support to so many individuals in the area    I could talk about Relay for the rest of my life  Lawson said  I  stood there at the survivor ceremony and watched my two sisters  walk through there  I have a reason  you know  a big reason       ABOVE  Carter Wise  left   and Blane Bardin  right   displayed the Relay For Life  banner during the Cancer  Survivor Lap on Friday night  at Adair County Relay For  Life     State Sen  Max Wise spoke  to the crowd about the battle  that he and his family faced  when their son  Carter    pictured  was diagnosed  with cancer at an early age   and encouraged the  survivors and those currently  dealing with cancer at Friday  nights Relay For Life      Peggy Lawson  this years  chairperson for Relay For  Life  energetically addressed  the crowd at Friday nights  Relay For Life event      Sheriff Havrison Moss volunteered to let the highest biddei  push him in the pool during Friday nights Relay for Life   Peggy Lawson won the bidding war and Sheriff Moss and  gently pushed her friend in the water for a good cause      Miami We       Tiffany and Curtis Grant represented Community TVust Bank  Friday night at Relay For Life  selling t shirts  candles and  raffle tickets to support the cause     r    Fast Track to Recovery   with the   Anterior Approach   SHORTER HOSPITAL STAY  LESS POSTOPERATIVE PAIN  QUICKER RECOVERY   T J  Samson Community Hospital offers the Anterior Approach  for a hip replacement  This procedure is less invasive and  allows many people to return to normal activities within a few  weeks  Youll be cared for by a collaborative team of surgeons   nurses and therapists who want to help you return to your  active lifestyle as soon as possible     Jf TJSan i   jil   Your Community  Your Hospital    270 651 4444  www tjsamson org       AcWe co S 9i      The unique format  of the AIM program  allows busy adults  to enroll as  full time students     Available Degrees    Bachelor of Arts    Business Administration    Communication    Human Services  and Counseling   Associate of Arts    Business Management      LINDSEY   WILSON   COLLEGE   EVENING   PROGRAM    Fall Classes  begin August 17    There is still time to enroll      aim lindsey edu   270 384 8300 or 1 800 264 NITE                                                                Thursday  June 25  2015    The Adair Progress    Page B1        elebhate fiuie JDaihy  WfonJth    This June  pay tribute to dairy farmers across the  Southeast by participating in one of the many local   county  parish or state events planned for your area     June Dairy Month started out as a way to distribute  extra milk during the warm months of summer    The commemoration was established in 1937 by  grocer organizations sponsoring  National Milk  Month   By 1939  June became the official  dairy  month       The 2015 June Dairy Month theme   Get More with  f Milk   encourages families to make milk their  first beverage choice based on its value  nutritional  qualities and wholesomeness    Whether it s in a cappuccino  cereal  or smoothies   adding one more serving of milk to your family s  day can help ensure they get the nutrients they  need to build strong bones and teeth  At the same  time  they benefit from decades of tradition and  hard work by dairy farm families who pride them  selves on producing wholesome dairy foods that  help their children grow strong     H   Hs herd all wear collars equipped with a monitoring device that sends  important informationparticularly optimal breeding timesto a computer in  David Hutchisons office  These devices are one of several steps Hutchison has  I taken to utilize technology for a more efficient dairy operation    H   H Dairy Embraces Technology    By Wes Feese  Editor   When David Hutchison became a partner in H   H Dairy with  his late father  Billy  in 1988  email had just been invented  The  Internet was in its infancy  known only to tech nerds and pro  grammers  Most homes had landline telephones  and no com  puter  The dairy industry operated in much the same way it had  for decades  The concept of farmers using computers and other  technology as part of the business made about as much sense as  trying to milk a bull    Fast forward 27 years  and cutting edge technology has taken  over the business  Farmers today need to be as comfortable sit  ting in front of a screen as they are in the milk parlor  Hutchison  has adapted toif not embracedthe change  utilizing pro  grams like Cow Scout and Dairy Plan to monitor and control  milk production  feed consumption and schedules  fertility  activ  ity  and the animals health  Hutchison can open a gate with the  click of a mouse  He says that while the transition has been a  headache at times  the results are inarguable    It makes it a whole lot easier on you  as far as keeping up  with everything and saving time  Hutchison says of the pro  grams he uses on the computer in his office  situated above his  parlor  So yeah  its pretty handy  It just makes it aggravating  when it doesnt work    Hutchison  who now operates H   H with his nephew  Matt  Sabo  has changed with the times out of necessity  The alter      The work is not completely hands on  David  Hutchison uses computer programs such as  Cow Scout and Dairy Plan to carry out some  of his farming duties from a desk        Now Announcing       Out Equipment   Service     Daily   Week IjyL  Monthly  Rates     Call Terry Goodin for information  at  270  384 2017   Kubofo       Kubota  Equipment     Hobdy  Dye   Read  Inc    1122 Campbellsville Rd   Columbia  Ky  42728   270  384 2017      native would be farming with  yesterdays tools  losing  money  and eventually folding   For a lifelong dairy farmer like  Hutchison  the choice was  clear  and he has used the tech  nology available to continue in  the only job hes ever hadoi  wanted  for that matter    Ive been doing this evei  since I was a kid  as long as 1  can remember  Hutchison  says with a laugh  I always  liked working with cows  and  never wanted to do anything  different  Never even thought  about doing anything else   really    Hutchison has seen his busi  ness grow  develop  and pros  per over the years  always open  to change if it means running a  better  more efficient dairy  His  herd has more than doubled  since H   Hs creation  when  the father son duo milked  about 60 cows  compared to  the 120 140 Hutchison and  Sabo milk today  H   H got in  on the three times a day milk  ing trend in 2012 and saw pro  duction jump by almost a third    Its changing all the time   Hutchison says of the rapidly  evolving world of dairy farm  ing  As a general rule  theres  a lot more confined cows now   They used to be mostly in the  pasture  now two thirds ol  them stay mostly in the bam   Its always something new  but  in a lot of ways  its better    Hutchison sees the business  becoming even more auto  mated in the coming years   where farmers will be increas  ingly reliant on computers and  machines to do the work  The  dairy farmers job will shift  more and more to overseeing  the technology that oversees  the farm    That seems to be where its  headed  Hutchison says    The one aspect of dairy  farming that remains the same  as it was in 1988  and even  long before  is the dedication it  requires  Few jobs demand  ones time  day after day  like  operating a dairy  and seem  ingly no amount of technology  or innovation will change this  fact    Thats the most challenging  part  Hutchison says  The  time you put into itthat  hasnt changed  wont change   Its 24 hours a day  seven days  a week  365 days a year  year  in and year out                                                     Page B2    The Adair Progress    Thursday  June 25  2015    OUR LAND     Dairy farmers live on or near  the land they farm and understand the  importance of protecting natural resources      DEDICATED TO   DAIRY      Farm Care     BSlfi   Dairy farmers support  practices that make  economic sense  help  the environment and are  socially responsible to their  communities and the world     Dairys Carbon Footprint    Over the past 60 years  dairy farmers have   reduced the carbon footprint    of their products by 63  by improving farm  management practices      SMALLER   FOOTPRINT    7    Farm Facts          Dairy farmers are   responsible users   of water in their milking parlors   barns and crop production practices    Water is reused numerous times for cleaning and cooling      Quality water  is essential  to a dairy farm    Dairy farmers provide their cows clean  water to produce high quality milk      All farmers have a stake in following regulations and best  managament practices to protect the health of  their family  their cows and the environment     Dairy farmers care  about air quality     Their families live and work on  their farms and breathe air  too   They understand G_Q_  the importance       of clean air kJ   for future  generations     t a jk   Pfl     Dairy farm  families have  a long term  commitment   to the care of the environment  and their communities     Who cares  They care    Caring for the land  air and water is  a responsibility dairy farmers  share with the local community     4P    By law    manure must be  stored in secure   on farm facilities   to help reduce odor and  accelerate decomposition     The latest research shows  that the U S  dairy industry  accounts for only about   2 percent of the u s    greenhouse gas emissions     To learn more about how dairy farm families of the  Southeast are committed to their land  their cows  and their milk visit www dedicatedtodairy com     Dairy farmers use innovative   and effective options for managing  nutrients in order to help improve air  and water quality and public health      We Proudly Salute  Adair Countys Dairy Farmers    We would like to thank our dairy farm clients for their  patronage and invite all farmers to visit our office to  see about an insurance policy to fit your needs      Adair County  Farm Bureau Insurance    NORTH   40 Grant Lane  Columbia  KY  Michelle Lewis  CLU  LUTFC  Agency Manager  Jerry Collins Customer Service Rep  Linda Simmons Customer Service Rep   Harley Lewis   Customer Service Rep    270   385 9136     SOUTH   105 Burkesville St   Columbia  KY  Ernie Rogers Agency Manager  Jason Corbin Agent   Boomer  Lewis Agent  Brandie Shepherd CSR  Karen Catron CSR  Myranda Rogers Customer Service Rep   and County Secretary  Harley Lewis Customer Service Rep   270   384 2961     Lee Ann Collins    Lets talk about  home loans       Home Mortgages   Construction Loans   Long term fixed rate loans  Adjustable rate loans   Government loans  VA  FHA  Rural Housing     Home Equity Loans   Lines of Credit    Columbia Branch Manager    No Closing Costs  on Home Equity Lines  Easy Monthly Payment Options    Columbia  710 Russell Road  270 384 4771    Call or stop by our Columbia location  and speak  with Lee Ann Collins to learn more     Visit us online at   www ctbi com      Community  Trust Bank    Member FDIC    building 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General states pricing  Sale prices do not  include applicable state local taxes or  recycling fees     Offers good at this participating NAPA AUTO PARTS Store    ADAR AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY   411 Campbellsville St   Columbia  KY  270 384 2141                                                                                                                          The Southeast  United Dairy Industry  Assodation  Inc    Celebrate June Dairy Month With Cheesecake    Truelove Cheesecake    INGREDIENTS    1 1 4 cups graham cracker crumbs  2 tablespoons sugar  3 tablespoons butter  melted  2  8 ounce  packages cream cheese  1  3 ounce  package cream cheese  1 cup sugar  1 4 teaspoon vanilla  1 cup sour cream    Satisfy your sweet tooth with a piece of Dixie Trueloves famous  cheesecake     DIRECTIONS   Heat oven to 350  Stir together graham cracker crumbs and 2  tablespoons sugar  Mix in butter  Press mixture evenly in bottom of  9 inch springform pan  Bake 10 minutes  then removed from oven  and let cool  Reduce over temperature to 300    Beat cream cheese in large bowl  Gradually add 1 cup sugar   beating until fluffy  Add vanilla  Beat in eggs  one at a time  Pour  over crumb mixture  Bake one hour until center is firm  Let cool at  room temperature and top with sour cream    Cover and let chill at least 3 hours     Hi      www badboymowers com   Hobdy  Dye   Read  Inc    1122 Campbellsville Rd    Columbia   270 384 2017    badboymowers    Nationwide    WS4U com    Nationwide and the N and Eagle are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company  We Stand For  You is a service mark of Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance Company  2014 Nationwide Mutual Insurance  Company  Products underwritten by Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance Company  Farmland Mutual Insurance  Company  Allied Propertyand Casualty Insurance Company and AMCO Insurance Company  Home Office  1100  Locust Street D6s Moines  IA  GPO 0171AO  09 14     WE STAND FOR yOU    And for farmers speaking out    Contact us for a free farm insurance review    GARRY R ESTES AGENCY   RICHIE ESTES   1115 Jamestown Street  Suite 4  Columbia  KY 42728   270 384 9155 www estesagency com    m    101 Dohoney Trace  Wal Mart  Trade Center  Columbia  KY   270   380 1544    There were an estimated 63 000 milk cows living on 720 dairy farms in Kentucky in 2014      Kentucky    2015 JDaltyf  act   heel    Ease  Moderate   Yield  6 8 servings   Preparation Time  10 minutes   Cook Time  1 hour   Passive  3 hours   Source  Truelove Family Recipe    Tony Compton   GRAND CHAMPION   Quality Dairy Producer 2014    We are proud to support  the tradition of excellence  in Adair Countys  Dairy Farm  Community     miff compion na    GRAND CHAMPION     0ualify airy  Producer 2014    DAISY PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION Of IONTVCKY    FDIC    L Remember to   _ Thank Our     BANK OF Dairy Farmers     and Their   COLUMBIA Families   Building Tomorrow   Today    JuneDaly   www bankcolumbia com Month     Each dairy cow in Kentucky provided an average of l f 849 gallons of milk    Total amounts of milk produced in the state amounted to 116 5 million gallons    or 1 billion pounds   of milk    93  of all milk produced in 2014 was used and consumed in the form of fluid milk    Cash receipts for the sale of milk by daily farmers amounted to  257 1 million   A Kentucky dairy cow produced an average of 6 1 gallons of Itlilk per day   or  enough to make 5 2 pounds of cheese or 2 5 pounds of butter  A typical cow consumes about 100  pounds of feed daily  which is a combination of hay  grain  silage and proteins  plus vitamins and  minerals and drinks nearly 40 gallons of water    The average value of a days milk was about  13 38 per cow    In 2014   a dairy cow in Kentucky cost about  l r 780 per head  A Kentucky dairy farm typically  has a herd of about 88 milking COWS     Kentucky had six commercial milk processing plants located in Fulton  Louisville  London   Murray  Somerset and Winchester  Kentucky also had three commercial cheese manufacturing  plants and One specialty ice cream plant    Kentucky ranked 27th in milk production  26th in number of milk cows  42nd in milk  output per cow and 12th in the number of licensed dairy operations in the United States     Top six milk producing counties during 2014   1 st   Logan  104 1 million pounds    2 nd   Barren  97 2 million pounds    3rd   Adair  75 8 million pounds    4th   Metcalfe  62 7 million pounds    5th   Warren  61 5 million pounds    6 th   Christian  58 8 million pounds     We Are Proud Of Our  Local Dairy Fanners    Honieot the  S Lunch Special     Hours  Mon  Fn   4 00 a an    i oo p m    Satp 4 0 ajn  10 00 aan  Breakfast Only  Closed Sunday   270   384 9833    TOZGanqilKilsvilfelld   Cohnnwa KY  Located mmk  to Downey Pawn     Call Us Today To Be Added To  Our Fax List With Our Daily Special     Uwcmk aoa     ii    0      ADAIR COUNTY S DAIRY FARM FAMILIES    SLplA                             Page B4    The Adair Progress    Thursday  June 25  2015     Thanks Dairy Farmers      Celebrate  June Dairy Month  with a smooth  Frosty from  Wendy s     270   384 3800   1002 Jamestown St   Columbia  KY    This month is June Dairy Month in Columbia and Adair County per a joint  proclamation signed last Thursday by Mayor Curtis Hardwick and Judge Executive  Mike Stephens  Hardwick and Stephens are pictured at the signing with  from left   Tony Compton  Brad Burton  Malanna Burton  Jessica Gaskins  Billy Rowe  Mitchell  Burton  Bruce Held  Mike McMinoway  and Chris Coomer     func SdaVujsTTlariUi   Proclamation    Whereas  dairy farmers have contributed to the  development and well being of residents of Adair County   Ky  since the earliest formation of Adair County  and   Whereas  the dairy industry is a major industry in  Southcentral Kentucky and makes a significant  contribution to the economy of our area  and   Whereas  milk and dairy foods provide health benefits  and valuable nutrients  and   Whereas  real milk and dairy foods are superiors to their  imitations in quality  values and taste  and Whereas  the  78th celebration of June Dairy Month  high  lighting the  dairy industry  will occur during June 2015    Now  therefore  be it resolved by city of Columbia  Mayor Curtis Hardwick and Adair County Judge   Executive Michael Lee Stephens  that the month of June  2015 is designated to the celebration of June Dairy Month   and we call upon all the government agencies and the  people of Adair County to observe the month with    appropriate programs and activities    Signed I   Mayor Curtis Hardwick  Judge Executive Michael Lee Stephens    Saluting natures perfect food  from the worlds finest producers    June is Dairy Month    The Kent Group is proud to support Americas milk producers    We are pleased to provide American producers with advanced   scientifically formulated dairy feeds and supplements  Helping  you produce the milk that keeps the world strong and healthy     We Salute You    Arnolds Feed   Seed   597 Arnold Road  Campbellsville   270   465 3659   Hours  8 6 EDT Mon  Fri   8 3 Sat   www  kentfeeds  com    More than a feed company     Innovation with a Purpose      To AdairCountys Dairy Farm Families     Pay by the ounce    Just 45 c  c      oz     I Flavors and Toppings  To Please Everyone     LOOK    life Nour Carry  Dtppin Dots      7 e Ovett  4   0  C a wvi  t Gut Ti tt out YOU  We W uldut  ave Oue     Hours  Mon  Thurs  11 a m  9 p m   Fri    Sat  11 a m  IO p m   Sunday 11 a m  9 p m    Located Next To Andersons Pizzeria  1423 Campbellsville Rd   Columbia  Kentucky   270   384 0599    DaW to nth   in Adair County    We are proud to support  our local farmers and  their families as they  continue the tradition  of excellence in dairy  farming in Adair County       iB b   i i jr giji i     Fertilizer    Farm Supply   llc    4540 Edmonton Rd   Columbia  KY  270 384 4964   Fax 270 384 6017      ADAIR COUNTY    proi  a to 4UPI   Dai  v commu    Join Us In Saying    Thank You    To Our Local  Dairy Farmers    We are proud to help  keep Adair County s  local dairy farmers    their families healthy     Centuryw Medicines       express 6   pharmacy   1 t   706 Jamestown Street  Columbia  Kentucky   Call 270 384 5874   Hours  Monday Friday 9 30 a m  to 6 30 p m   Saturday 9 30 a m  to 1 30 p m     North Century   PHARMACY   3058 Campbellsville Road  Columbia  Kentucky   Located next to Dr  Charles S  Giles M D    Associates   Call 270 380 1230   Hours  Monday Friday 8 30 a m  5 30 p m   Saturday 8 30 a m  l 2 30 p m                                                           Thursday  June 25  2015    The Adair Progress    Page B5     Monday Saturday  5 00 a m  9 00 p m   Closed Sunday    2339 Campbellsville Road  Columbia  KY 42728  270 384 5664     In celebration of June Dairy Month  Billy Rowe   president of the American Dairy Association of  Kentucky  threw out the ceremonial first pitch  Thursday  June 11  at the Lexington Legends game at  Whitaker Bank Ballpark     June Vsfsy Dsys   Honoring National Dairy Month   Saturday  June 27 2015 9am 5pm   9 00am ll  00am  Beauty Pageant  10 00am 2 00pm  Damons CTA  10 00am 2 00pm  Fun Fair Bouncers LLC    11 00am  Boot Toss  Women Only    11 30am  Oreo Stacking Contest  12 00pm  Pizza Eating Contest  12 30pm  Milk Drinking Contest  1 00pm  Pie Eating Contest  1 30pm  Ice Cream Sundae Making Contest  2 00pm  Husband Calling Contest  2 30pm  Ugly Man Contest  2 45pm  Calf or Cash Giveaway  3 00pm  Friends In Jesus   4 00pm  Southern Angel Band   For Vendor Information  contact  Holly Grimsley 270 378 0549  NO RAIN DATE      June Dairy Da y   _Continued From Page B One   The boot toss contestrestricted to women only this  yearstarts at 11 a m   and will be followed by a slew  of food related contests  including Oreo stacking  pizza  eating  milk drinking  pie eating  and ice cream sundae  making    The husband calling contest is set for 2 p m  and will  be immediately followed by the longtime fan favorite  Ugly Man Contest    The days big giveaway  Calf or Cash  is scheduled for  2 45 p m  Grimsley says the name explains it all    Its a raffle  and if you win  you get a calf or  200   Grimsley says  We had a farmer  Brad Burton  that was  his idea and he donated the calf    The evening winds down with two musical  performances  Friends of Jesus takes the stage at 3 p m   and the Southern Angel Band wraps things up at 4    We just hope to see everybody out there Saturday   Grimsley says  We want as much participation as we  can get to celebrate Dairy Month and all that dairy  farmers have done for the community    Sponsors for this years event are  The Adair County  Cooperative Extension Office and Homemakers   Andersons Pizza  Bank of Columbia  Brad Burton   Circle R  Community Trust Bank  Day   Day Feed   First   Farmers Bank  Flowers N Things  Grimsleys  Jewelry  Mike Hatcher  Sweets N Eats  and Woodforest  National Bank  Committee members are  Greg Burton   Jessica Gaskins  Charles and Holly Grimsley  Roger  Meadows  Billy Rowe  and Debbie Selby      we are so proud of Adair  County s Dairy Farm Families     Walker Realty   Auction Co     A Full Service Real Estate Co    Public Auctions  Estate Auctions  Private Sales   RICHARD L  WALKER Broker   Auctioneer   Call Richard at 270 634 0135     rWALKER  REALTY   AUCTION SERVICE    BILLY WALKER Sales Associate  270 634 1850   TAMMY STOTTS Sales Associate  270 634 7677   DICKY WALKER   Sales Associate  270 384 1061   CINDIWA6GENER   Sales Associate  270 378 1696    107 Burkesville St   Columbia  Ky  42728  270 384 3661  www walker realty com    The Mill has been serving the community  since the 1950s       We Are Proud To Be  Partners With Our  Area Dairy Farmers     Russell County    n    TmTnfmrrnTM    Feed  Farm   Pet Supplies  270   866 3464 270   866 3482     Bagged   Bulk Feed To Meet Your Farm Needs    We Would Like To Salute Our Local Dairy Fanners  For All Of Their Hard Work And Dedication     Oil  Lube  and Filter  Complete Inspection of Fluids  Check Tire Pressure  Check Windshield Wipers and Fluid  AND Front End Alignments    We Offer On The Road    In The Field  Tractor lire Service    CALL   270   384 3882    HANCOCK TIRE CENTER  INC    1321 Campbellsville Rd   Columbia  KY 270 384 3882  Hrs  Mon  Fri  7 30 4 30  Sat  8 00 12 00   Owners  Oral  Alex and Troy Hancock     TS    Russell County   l fJ Farm Store   Stop by or give us a call    579 West Steve Wariner Dr   Russell Springs   270 866 3482 or 270 866 3464   We appreciate your business     THANK YOU      To Our Local  Dairy Farmers  For The Work  That You Do       m         3 s     AA   McDona i    980 Jamestown St      _ __ Columbia  KY   McDonald s 0 OOA 00   0     I  270 384 3873                                                  Page B6    The Adair Progress    Thursday  June 25  2015      A Salute to Dairy Farmers From I   Don Franklin Ford    Adair   County   Farmers   and   Families    Thank  You  for all  that  you da    576    Hudson    270   384 3016    KY    la    30 p m  Mon  Fri   8    5    a    m    a    m    P    m    Go Further   Don Franklin Ford  Inc    www donfranklinauto com                                      Thursday  June 25  2015    The Adair Progress    Page Cl      NOW A PROUD DEALER OF   THE WORLDS  NUMBER 1 SELLING  TRACTOR    MAHINDRA     Model  3016 4WD HST    5 YEAR   POWERTRAIN   WARRANTY    Model  Max 25    Dairy farmers care for  their COWS by providing  a nutritious diet  good  medical care and healthy  living conditions so you  and your family can enjoy  milk and dairy foods     IN BUSINESS TO  SERVE ALL YOUR  FERTILIZER  SEED  AND CHEMICAL  NEEDS     WARNCO     We are so proud  to support the  hardworking  I    1 1 i V  Dairy Farmers     I  it     of Adair          Qnmty     WARNER FERTILIZER  COMPANY  INC    108 Oak Street  P O  Box 274  Columbia  KY    Commissioner Comer Urges Kentuckians  To Join The June Dairy Month Celebration    Agriculture Commissioner James Comer invites all Kentuckians  to join him in raising a glass to Kentuckys dairy farm families  during June Dairy Month     families and processed by Prairie Farms Dairy of Somerset    To read more about the departments services to the dairy  industry  go to www kyagr com     Milk and other dairy  products provide protein   calcium  vitamins  and minerals  that are essential for a healthy  lifestyle  Commissioner Comer  said  Kentuckys dairy industry  generates millions of dollars in  economic activity and thousands  of jobs  As you enjoy a bowl of  cereal  a pat of butter on toast   or a slice of pizza  take a  moment to thank the farmers   processors  haulers  retailers   and all the others who made  those dairy products possible     Now Three Locations  To Serve You Better     Russell County Stockyard   211 Loy Brothers Road  Russell Springs  KY 42642  SALES EVERY WEDNESDAY   9 30 A M CST  Office 270 866 3930    Lake Cumberland Livestock  Market   95 Bodre Road  Somerset  KY 42503  SALES EVERY SATURDAY   9 00 A M  EST  Office 606 679 4664    Farmers Market of Glasgow   RO  Box 1835  Glasgow  Kentucky  SALES EVERY MONDAY   1 00 RM  CST  Office 270 678 2118    Thanks to all of our returning customers and  our new ones  your continued support is what  keeps our markets strong     Family Owned   Operated Since 1987    OUR COWS    DEDICATED TO    DAIRY    Dairy farmers commitment   to providing high quality milk begins  with taking good care of their cows     Kentucky farmers took in  nearly  229 million in cash  receipts from the sales of milk  and other dairy products in  2013  a 4 percent increase over  2012  the National Agricultural  Statistics Services Kentucky  office reported     Events to commemorate June  Dairy Month in Kentucky  include     June 25   Dairy Night with  the Bowling Green Hot Rods    June 26   Adair County Dairy  Farmer Appreciation Dinner    June 27   Adair County June  Dairy Day    June 27   Marion County  dairy show and June Dairy  Month celebration    The Kentucky Department of  Agriculture helps Kentucky  dairy farmers and processors  find new markets for their  products and conducts dairy  cattle shows across the state   The department and the  Kentucky Dairy Development  Council take Kentucky Kate  a  milkable fiberglass cow  to  schools  fairs  and festivals  where kids and adults alike can  try their hand at milking  The  KDA administers Udderly  Kentucky  a brand for milk  produced by Kentucky farm    Cow Care    Healthy cows produce more milk    Dairy farmers work with animal  nutritionists to ensure their cows  get the nutrition they need     Dairy farmers work closely with veterinarians   to keep their cows healthy and comfortable  Dairy cows  receive periodic checkups  vaccinations and prompt  treatment of illness     Dairy farmers provide clean  soft bedding   to their cows and access to food and water 24 hours per day     Cow Facts    Today 1 cow produces the milk  IOO cows once produced       P     P    P    P    P    P     A cow can  produce up to  8 gallons  of milk per day   Thats    125 glasses  of milk     Why do cows make milk  Cows make milk for  their calves  but they are such big animals that they  make a lot more than one calf needs  The cows milk  can be used for us to drink or make dairy foods     The average body  temperature of a cow is    101 5 F      The average Holstein weighs almost   1 500 pounds     Cows have fashion too    Their ears are pierced for  identification on the farm     On average a dairy cow consumes more than    IOO pounds of food and  50 gallons of water each day     Balanced Diet    Cows eat grass  hay   dried grass   grains   feed  and silage   chopped green  grasses and green  corn or beans       U    Cows have an acute sense of smell and  can smell something up to 6 ITlilGS away    i i    A newborn calf  can walk within  2 hours of birth     A cow has  4 stomachs  and 32 teeth     To learn more about how dairy farm families of the  Southeast are committed to their land  their cows  and their milk visit www dedicatedtodairy com    G   G MOTORS  INC    Warehouse Road  off Hwy  55   Columbia    270 634 3825   270 384 2226       ITIahindra   Rise                                                      Page C2    The Adair Progress    Thursday  June 25  2015     Help the farmer find all the dairy related words     M   R   0   L   R   A   P   K   L   R   A   I   U   A   B   C   R   E   A   M   N   S   L   X   Y   A   E   L   C   0   H   P   A   K   I   L   E   P   H   0   A   Q   R   Z   0   F   A   H   E   K   P   B   C   0   M   C   S   A   E   R   S   U   Z   S   T   0   M   B   S   0   V   B   U   T   T   E   R   V   E   L   Y   R   R   E   T   K   I   N   E   I   0   I   S   G   H   T   E   N   L   E   G   M   N   A   A   K   A   W   I   Z   U   D   0   M   L   P   F   G   A   F   R   W   I   A   P   W   N   i   L   S   T   N   E   X   0   0   R   A   P   A   P   N   Z   C   A   L   C   I   U   M      Down   1  What is a baby cow called  4  Milk and_combine   2  What is June Dairy Month s to make cheese    slogan  5  Drinking milk helps build   3  A cow drinks enough water a strong_    day to fill a_    Across           6  What pizza topping is  made from milk    7  There are 8 grams of   _in each glass of   milk    8  Milk sold in the  grocery store is    9  What are male cows  called        6  ss      Help Bonnie get her milk from the dairy barn to you       LEES   Famous Recipe Chicken   Hudson Street   Columbia  KY   270   384 4414     Stockyards of Campbellsville    265 Airport Rd  P O Box 509   Campbellsville  KY 42717  270 465 4051   Manager  Ronnie Choate 270 766 8240   www dvauction com             Regular Cattle Sales   Wednesday s   Saturday s at 10 00 AM  More Information    Ronnie Choate 270 465 4051 or 270 766 8240         yt    i     M w     Special Cow Sale   July 3rd  2015  NO SPECIAL COW SALE  CLOSED      In Observance of 4th of July Holiday     More Information    Ronnie Choate 270 465 4051 or 270 766 8240                     Barger Insurance Agency  326 Public Sq Ste 100  Columbia  KY 42728 1456  270 384 2457  bargerins com    A company you like and trust      Estate auto   Insurance Companies    STATEAUTO COM       Our Farm Loan  Decisions  Are Made In   ADAIR   COUNTY     Mike Curry   MLO  527532    Philip Watson   MLO  527685    We Do It AU Right Here     NMLS1D    490517           Citizens Bank   of Southern Kcntuvky    United Citizens Bank   of Southern Kentucky   700 Jamestown Street  1582 Campbellsville Road   Hours  Monday Thursday 8 30 4 00   Friday 8 30 5 00  Saturday 8 30 12 Noon    F DI C  270  384 BANK  2265    www ucbsky com    tti   EQUAL HOUSING   LENDER                                                                                                                                                                           Thursday  June 25  2015    The Adair Progress    Page C3    Live Bait  Gas  Ice Sandwiches  Drinks   Groceries  Pizza Made To Order    We Appreciate The Hard Work  And Dedication Of Our Dairy Farmers    Green River Bait   Grocery   Owners Operators  Kenny    Lois Janes  Open 7 Days a Week   5 30 am 7 30 pm   270   384 5206   5240 KNIFLEY ROAD  COLUMBIA  KENTUCKY     Lactose Intolerance    Symptoms and Treatment   Have you heard of it  You might  if youve had a stomachache  after drinking a large glass of milk    Symptoms of lactose intolerance may include gas  bloating   stomach cramps and diarrhea  If your young child is experiencing  any of these symptoms  there may be an underlying medical cause   so it is important for you to visit your doctor      We Appreciate And Want  To Thank Our Dairy  Farmers For Your  Continued Business     AkL Ja Support Your Local Farmers    M W    MILLING     OF COLUMBIA    510 Short St  Columbia  KY  270 384 2487   Please Come By   Check Us Out M F 7 30 4 00   Sat  7 30 11 00     The Southeast  United Dairy Industry  Association  Inc      Recipes  infographics and  information published in The Adair  Progress June Dairy Section are  reprinted from www southeastdairy org    J    Roasted Chicken and  Garlic Mashed Potatoes   Ease  Easy  Yield  4 6 servings  Preparation Time  20 minutes  Cook Time  1 hour and 15 minutes  Source  Chef Caitlin Steininger   INGREDIENTS   Roasted Chicken   2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil  1 chicken  approximately 4 pounds    Salt and pepper to taste  Low Lactose Garlic Mashed Potatoes  4 Idaho potatoes  about 3 pounds    1 cup Lactaid whole milk  1 stick butter  8 cloves garlic    Salt to taste   DIRECTIONS   To prepare chicken  preheat oven to 450 Place chicken in a  roasting pan  making sure the gizzards are removed  Using paper  towels  pat chicken dry  With breasts facing up  drizzle olive oil  over chicken  Using your hand  spread olive oil all over the skin and  generously season with salt and pepper  Place in oven and cook 45   50 minutes or until internal temperature of chicken reaches 165   Remove from oven and let rest 10 15 minutes before carving  Serve  with Low Lactose Garlic Mashed Potatoes    Low Lactose Garlic Mashed Potatoes   Cook Time  30 Minutes Yield  8 cups   To prepare mashed potatoes  peel and chop potatoes  Remove  garlic from paper skin  Combine potatoes and garlic in Dutch oven  or large saucepan and cover with water  Bring the water to a boil  over high heat  reduce heat to medium  and cook 10 to 12 minutes  or until potatoes are tender  When potatoes are tender  drain in a  colander  Push potatoes and garlic through a ricer to make them  extra fluffy  Return pan with riced potatoes to stovetop and cook  over medium low heat  Add half of butter  Stir until butter is melted   Add half of milk  Stir until milk has been absorbed  Add remaining  butter and let stand until butter melts  Add remaining milk  Stir  well  and season with salt to taste  Serve immediately     Reducing consumption of dairy foods due to concerns about  lactose intolerance can result in lower intake of essential nutrients      in fact  milk supplies seven nutrients for which adults have lower  intakes  calcium  potassium  magnesium and vitamin A  But did  you know that being lactose intolerant does not mean that all dairy  foods are off limits  And thats good news because dairy foods help  keep your bones and muscles strong    Simple and natural  milk contains essential nutrients  including  calcium  potassium  protein and phosphorus  plus its fortified with  vitamins A and D  The protein naturally found in milk helps to  build strong muscles for your active lifestyle    DAIRY MYTHS   People who are sensitive to lactose should avoid all dairy foods   Most people who are intolerant can eat some dairy foods  such as  lactose reduced or lactose free milk  aged hard cheeses like  Cheddar or Monterrey Jack  and yogurt  New research shows most  lactose sensitive individuals can drink up to two glasses of regular  milk a day with no symptoms if consumed in small quantities with  food  Cooking with milk  yogurt or cheese is an easy way to get the  health benefits of dairy and avoid uncomfortable symptoms  The  key is to build slowly and know your limit    Lactose intolerance means you are allergic to milk  Many people  confuse being intolerant with having a milk allergy  The truth is  milk allergies are extremely rare  Only about 1 percent of adults  and 3 percent of children are allergic to milk  The good news is  most children typically grow out of a milk allergy in their first few  years  Lactose intolerance is not a disease or allergy  it is simply  the digestive systems inability to break down the milk sugar   lactose    Calcium fortified foods and supplements provide the same  amount of calcium as any dairy food  No substitute can match the  unique combination of nutrients delivered in dairy foods  To get the  same amount of calcium provided in 1 cup of milk  you would need  to eat 3 cups of broccoli or 12 slices of whole wheat bread  Plus   calcium in vegetables  grains and supplements is not as easily  absorbed by the body  making it more difficult to meet the  recommended calcium intake     We Salute Adair County Dairy Farmers       FIRST   FARMERS     NATIONAL BANK     www firstandfarmers com      AUTO    HOME    LIFE    BUSINESS    A MEMBER SERVICE    KYFB COM    All of your policies under one roof     Not just Big on Commitment  but Big on Discounts   Did you know you could save 20   on your home   farm and mobile home insurance by insuring your auto  with us  Call  email or come by for a free auto quote    Discounts subject to eligibility   Michelle Lewis  Agency Manager  40 Grant Ln    Columbia  KY 42728  Michelle Lewis kyfb com   270   385 9137       U  STILL  DOES lAOn l   bodyGOUD    l actose intolerant  Thai doesn t mean you can t continue  id reap the benefits of a cold  refreshing glass of milk or  other dairy products    See what keeping milk in your regular diet can do for youi  body  hint  its good      BENEFITS   for Bones  AND Beyond   Mift   s chock kii Ql viial nutriercls like vitamins and prolein  rhai Rfo good  or your anfrre  body    Iwffrs build and maintain  sirong and leelli  play    m important tola in nerve  function  muscle contraclion  nnd Wood ctatling   helps build and repair  muscle  issue  Ngh yua ly  with all assami ai amino  acids     Ca   CALCIUM   ft  uDV   PRO   TEIN    K   POTASSIUM    tr DW    helps regulate Ibe body s  IKikJ balance and Wps  maintain normal bfiood  pressure     P   PHOSPHORUS    wOtkx  Aim tafelym and   vil inhij  lo htfp ki yjp  tfcyrtOft tiirui Hj    D   VJTAMIN   lOlt DV    helps absorb catium to r  heaJLhy bones    B12   VITAMIN    helps UiiKJ nxi   COfl  amf I Hi rpy  m a in lain   ceniral oarvoas sytslem    A   VITAMIN   SCHtifA    importantl Iof  good  vtstan  healthy shin and  a heallfty immune    B2   RIBOFLAVIN    help  liiiTvtirl rood tfnn   ei nsgy   a pmcass cru  cial Tor aaefcifiing mus  cles     Important lorlhe  normal luncton de  many enzymes the  NIACIN body   10 UV                                           Page C4    The Adair Progress    Thursday  June 25  2015    Power Up With    Flavored   Research has shown that students arent getting the  nutrients they need on a daily basis  in fact  fewer  than 20 percent eat the recommended five servings of  fruits  vegetables and whole grains  with only 30 per  cent consuming three servings of dairy each day    Powering up with the right foods is essential  and  flavored milk is a nutrient rich choice that provides  more bang for kids calorie buck to help build lifelong  healthy foundations    With rising childhood obesity rates and overall  health concerns  the dairy industry has reduced the  amount of sugar in flavored milk and now offers low   fat and fat free options in schools and stores across  the Southeast and the nation     Did You  Know       The average cow produces at least  200 000 glasses of milk over its lifetime   some produce more than 350 000  glasses     Dairy cows can smell you up to six miles  away     It takes about 350 squirts of milk from a  cow to make a gallon          Q  What is pasteurization    A  Pasteurization is the process of heat processing a liquid or a food to  kill pathogenic bacteria to make the food safe to eat  Pasteurized milk  is 150 times safer than raw milk  Centers for Disease Control     Q  How many grams of protein can be found in one serving of milk   A  Eight  At  0 25 per serving  milk offers an affordable and nutritious   supply of protein     A    Snacking between meals is the source of nearly 25  percent of childrens daily energy  which is  crucial  to helping them stay on track in the classroom and on  the playing field  Flavored milk is a smart snack  con  taining the same essential vitamins and minerals as  white milk  including protein  potassium  vitamin A   vitamin B12  niacin and others  which is  particu  larly important during school age years when children  are laying a healthy foundation for strong bones    Give your children the vitamins and minerals they  need by remembering to Pack Power with dairy and  keeping in mind these facts    When flavored milk is available  kids consume  fewer sugary sodas and more milk  Flavored milk  doesnt compromise on nutrition  but does offer great  taste that appeals to kids and is packed with nine  essential vitamins and minerals    90 percent of teen girls and 70 percent of teen boys  arent getting the calcium they need  which can put  them at an increased risk  for stress fractures and  bone breaks  plus osteo  porosis later in life    Children who drink fla  vored milk are more likely  to meet daily calcium rec  ommendations compared  to those who do not drink  flavored milk    Flavored milk contrib  utes less than 2 percent of  the total added sugar to  the average teens diet    Soda and fruit drinks  account for 50 percent or  more  delivering much  less    if any  nutritional  value  Kids who drink fla  vored milk increase their  nutrient intake without  increasing their consump  tion of added sugars and  total fat    The vitamins and min  erals found in low fat or  fat free flavored milk help  to build and repair muscle   which makes it a great  post exercise beverage  and a healthy alternative  to sports drinks    Children with a limited  ability to digest lactose  may tolerate fat free  low   fat or lactose free choco  late milk more easily than  unflavored milk  which is  great news to ensure chil  dren arent calcium defi  cient in peak bone build  ing years  Parents can  take comfort in knowing  that flavored milk pro  vides the same powerful  package of nine essential  vitamins and minerals as  white milk    and chil  dren are more likely to  make healthy eating  choices as a result     Q  True or false  Greek yogurt and regular yogurt are made from   different types of milk    False  Both Greek and regular yogurt are made from cow s milk   Q  True or False  Eating yogurt helps with digestion    A  True  Yogurt contains active cultures  also known as  good  bacteria   that help to regulate food digestion     Q  How many glasses of milk do cows produce daily   A  On average  cows produce 7 to 9 gallons of milk a  day  or around 128 glasses     Q  True or false  All dairy cows are female    A  True   In order to produce the milk we drink  cows  must be female    Q  How many gallons of water do cows drink per day   A  Cows drink more than 50 gallons of  water a day   that s enough to fill a bathtub     To find out more about how you can  Get More with Milk  visit us online at    southeastdairy org    Brent Baker Remodel  2x7 Stalls with  Touchstone Detachers      THE MILK COOLING SYSTEMS SPECIALISTS    Dairy Express Services  LLC   2536 Campbellsville Rd   Columbia  KY   270 384 9843   Service Technician on call and available 24 7   365    Josh Kemp 270   634 0808  Brad Simpson 850   336 4820  Dewayne Nunn 270   299 6568   Hours  7 a m   5 p m  CDT Mon  Fri    8 a m   1 p m  Sat    Dairy Express Services  LLC can ship via UPS  USPS   or FedEx to your farm location    Financing available for those who qualify     DCC Waterbeds    Dual Chamber Cow Waterbeds    innim   Manure Equipment    GEA    Goodlett Family   New Remodel   2x8 Euro Class 800 with  Dematron 75 Milk Meters    H and H Dairy   New Remodel    Rowe Family Farms   Columbia  Ky     C M lArjor vjpwi   Jle dbi    June Dairy Month   Dairy Trivia    Brought to you by the dairy  farm families of the Southeast    The Southeast  United Dairy Industry  Association  Inc  

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