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date (2012-07-05) newspaper_issue  Three Sections   Twenty Eight Pages  Volume 25 Number 08  Columbia  Kentucky  Visit Our Website  wwwadairprogress com  50h    Inside      Editorial   _2   Obituaries   _5   Sports    Spotlights   B2   Classifieds   B3   Kids Need    Kicks Ministry    Kicks Off    For the fourth year  Kids Need  Kicks Ministry is diligently at  work to provide new athletic  shoes to school goers for the  2012 2013 academic year  Co  founders Cricket McCloud   Mindy Smith  Jennifer Richard   Columbia Christian Church  Youth and Family Minister  Adam Shepard  and Family  Resource and Family Resource   Youth Service Center   representatives could use Adair  Countys help making this  possible    Paula Garrison  Director of the  Family Resource Center states   The program helped us out  tremendously last year  The  funds that FRC and YSC receive  were able to be put to good use  through clothing  school  supplies  etc  The shoes  supplied through the Kids Need  Kicks Ministry were shoes that  we were not able to purchase  ourselves  The need is always  there  throughout the entire  school year  This program has  really been great for our school  system    Financially  times are tough  for many families  Thats why  this ministry was formed  KNK  Committee members need the  help of our community to help  fulfill these requests  Churches   businesses and individuals are  called upon to give a donation or  to sponsor a Kids Need Kicks  Shoe Box  A few area Churches   See Kids Need Kicks    Continued on Page 5    27     Five Day  YOl Local   Forecast   Thursday  July 5    Thunderstorms   Low 73 High 98     Friday  July 6    Partly Sunny   Low 72 High 99     Saturday  July 7    Partly Sunny   Low 72 High 99     Sunday  July 8    T Storms Poss   Low 72 High 94     Monday  July 9    T Storms Poss   Low 71 High 92          Drought Conditions  Worsening In County   By Paul B  Hayes   Editor   While a quick moving but violent thunderstorm brought a little bit  of rain to some parts of the county Sunday night  drought conditions  continue to worsen in the county    Some northern portions of the county got as much as an inch of  rain  but the rest of the county didnt get any  A small amount of  rain also fell in some areas of the county on Monday night  but  nowhere near enough to alleviate the dry conditions  And  the high  winds and hail that accompanied the Sunday night rain did more  damage that good in some areas  with considerable damage being  reported to corn crops and tobacco crops    According to the USDAs Drought Monitor for Kentucky  as of  last Thursday Adair County was listed as being in a D1 or Moderate   see Drought Worsening  continued on page 4    Adair County Fair Gets  Underway This Saturday   Family fun games and fireworks signal the start of the Adair  County Fair and Horse Show Wednesday night  with the carnival  and other attractions opening up Saturday and running through the  next Saturday    Events get underway  Saturday morning with  the Dairy Cattle Show  at 9 a m  There will be  a cornhole tournament  at noon  and the horse  show starts at 6 30  Saturday evening  Admission Saturday will be five dollars  The  Beef Cattle Show will be the following Saturday  also at 9 a m    The carnival comes to town Monday  along with full price  admission of  10 per person  and will open up at 6 p m  every day  through Saturday  The Heavenly Haven Petting Zoo also opens  Monday at 6  and  like the carnival  will be open every evening for    Look Inside Todays  Issue for Your Guide To  The Adair County Fair    see Adair County Fair  continued on page 3      THE HEAT IS ON  The higher the ground  the higher the  temperature was on Friday afternoon  The temperature at Day  and Day Feed and Pets on Campbellsville Road read 107 degrees   while the temperature at United Citizens Bank on Jamestown  Street read a whopping 112 degrees  Regardless of where you  were at  it was extremely hot  The Kentucky Mesonet weather  station off KY 55 North registered an official high of 104 7  degrees on Friday  one of four straight days  Thursday Sunday  in  which the thermometer topped 100   Photos by Paul B  Hayes  and Wes Feese      THE HOT AIR BALLOON that was giving rides at the Bull Run  Charity Music Fest Saturday night glowed in the night sky as the  pilot took a group up for a tethered ride   Photo by Paul B  Hayes     Music Fest Weathers  Heat To Raise Money   By Paul B  Hayes  Editor   The first two years it took place  the Bull Run Charity Music Fest  was dampened by rain  This year  the organizers would have  welcomed rain    Instead  the third annual event had to endure 100 plus degree heat  that kept many folks at home during the day  but they turned out on  Friday and Saturday night to listen to a variety of good music and  raise between  8 000 and  9 000 for three selected charities    It would have been nice to have seen a good rain  said Larry  Russell Bryant  whose family and friends staged the event at the  familys farm on Bull Run Road  It would probably have hurt us  some  but it sure would have benefited all the farmers in the  county    The music fest got underway on Friday night with performances  by the bands In the Middle of Nowhere and Plain Jane  and drew a  crowd of around 275 people    The Salvation Street Blues Trio kicked off Saturdays activities  with a lively set in the sweltering noon heat  and were followed by  Jaclyn Graves    see Bull Run Charity Music Fest  Continued on Page 8    Very Dry Conditions  Sparking Grass Fires   By Paul B  Hayes  Editor   The extremely dry conditions have kept the Columbia Adair  County Volunteer Fire Department busy over the past few days   with firemen responding to four fires since Saturday    The largest fire occurred Monday afternoon at 327 Harlan Brown  Road off KY 92    The Adair County Fire Department received the call from the 911  Center at 1 24 p m  reporting a number of round bales of hay on  fire    See Grass FilPCS  Continued on Page 6   Flags Main Topic At  City Council Meeting   By Wes Feese   The Columbia City Council met for their regularly scheduled  meeting last Monday evening and took up the issue of tattered flags  across the city being replaced  The flags we purchased last time  werent of the highest quality  remarked Mayor Mark Harris  We  want something that would last  something that wouldnt get caught  up in the wind    One suggestion that had been made to Harris to help cover the  cost of the newer  sturdier flags was to allow citizens to purchase  the flags in honor or memory of someone for  25 each  The council  all agreed that this was a good idea  before discussing how long the   see Now Flags  Continued on Page 7     Serving You For  Over 140 Years      We Wrote The Bock  On Local I     FDIC    t 3      270 384 6433 or 270 384 2579  Tele Banking 270 385 9695  www bankcolumbia com f      Rbbert9 Flowe rs  President  Ba nkiaf i Columbia                                                                                       Page 2    The Adair Progress    Thursday  July 5  2012      Pacct i     PONDERINGS   Editorial Commentary  Written By   Paul B  Hayes  editor    The Adair County Fair and Horseshow gets underway  next week  Actually it gets underway Saturday night  with the horse show  but if youre like me  you dont  really consider it to be a fair unless youve got a  carnival  and the carnival doesnt open until Monday  night    Ive been attending the Adair County Fair for over a  half century  and about the only times Ive missed the  fair is the four or five years when I was either living out  of state or working somewhere else in Kentucky  As I  was contemplating about what to write for this weeks  column  the Fourth of July will have passed before most  of you read this column  even though Im writing it  beforehand   I began thinking about all the changes Ive  seen in the fair over the past 50 years  and realized they  are a great deal of them    When I was a young child  our family usually didnt  go to the fair but once  on the final day of the fair on  Saturday  but wed make a day out of it  Mom would  make us a picnic lunch and supper  wed put the food  and soft drinks in an old cooler  and wed get to the  fairgrounds by noon  The carnival would be open  there  would be a full afternoon of horse racing  performances  by the Adair County High School band in between races   exhibits of new cars  tractors  etc  by local dealers  and  the old floral hall would be filled with fruits  vegetables   and all types of homemade items  At this time  the fair  was the highlight of the summer  a lot of times the only  highlight  unless you were fortunate to go to Beech  Bend Park in Bowling Green on Adair County Day    I would beg my parents to let me ride as many of the  carnival rides as I could  then on Saturday night was the  grand championship horse show  Prior to the show  I can  remember my dad taking me to the horse barns  and  seeing all the elaborate decorated stables of the various  competitors  The climax of the evening would be the  drawings for the various giveaways  which always  included a brand new car  As far as I can remember  my  dad never won a thing  but hed buy tickets on about  everything  You can win if you dont have a ticket   hed say    As I grew older my interest in what the fair had to  offer changed  In my teens  when I was old enough to be  turned loose to fend for myself  my buddies and I  would work every job available to get money to go to  the fair  In the month or so leading up to the fair  Id  haul hay  chop out tobacco  work on my dads milk  truck  clean out fence rows  grub cedar trees out of  pastures  and even clean manure out of bams to make a  dollar to go to the fair  I had one neighbor  a kind old  neighbor by the name of Brack Coomer  whom I  suspected always waited until late June to clean out his  cattle barn because he knew that he could get someone  like me to do it at that time  Believe me  forking manure  in 90 plus degree heat is no picnic    During my teen years  the carnival was quite different  than it is today  You had your rides for kids of all ages   but you also had your sideshows such as the worlds  fattest woman  the geek who would eat live chickens  all  kinds of animal oddities  gambling games such as dice  tables  and of course  the hoochie koochie shows   These shows featured women strippers   sometimes  even local talent  and while no male wanted to be seen  going into one of the shows  about everyone that could  would sneak end  The YFW ran the fair in those days   and there would always be a special hoochie show for  the VFW members the last night of the fair    A lot more emphasis was placed on horse racing at the  fair in those days too  There would be four days of  racing  all leading up to the Adair County Derby on  Saturday afternoon  Men would gather around the horse  barns along the backstretch  under the shade of the big  oak trees  and wager on the outcome of the races    Several thousands of dollars would exchange hands  during the week    Nowadays  the fair is more mundane  You have you  pageants  your demolition derbies and other motorized  events  Times have changed  and what people want to  see have too  But  its still the fair  It only comes once a  year  and people are still going to come out and enjoy  themselves    See you at the fair next week     The Adair Progress will not accept any advertising deemed  inappropriate or any advertisments concerning political issues  without the name  address and phone number of the purchaser   The Adair Progress reserves the right to reject any all  advertisments submitted for publication    Any and or all advertisments that appear in The Adair Progress   print online  do not reflect the views of the Adair Progress  its  management or staff      U S  Rep  Ed Whitfield  July 4th Statement   U S  Rep  Ed Whitfield   KY 01   Chairman of the House  Subcommittee on Energy and Power  released the following  statement on the July 4th holiday    As we all prepare to celebrate our Nations 236th birthday   please take time to remember all who have served and sacrificed to  help us remain safe and free  The freedoms we celebrate on July 4th  are the freedoms many do not enjoy  It is because of the great  sacrifice of the outstanding men and women of our Armed Forces  that we continue to have the great freedoms envisioned by our  forefathers    I wish everyone the best as they celebrate with family  friends  and loved ones at picnics and parades across America  Please take  the time to thank a service member and our military families  and  take the time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so  that we may be free      Mike Watson  204 High Street  Columbia  Kentucky  Watson kentucky gmail com   The Glorious  Fourth      Independence Day  Columbia   101 Years Ago    Cumberland Family Medical  Center Gets  608 333 Grant   U S  Rep  Ed Whitfield  KY 01   Chairman of the House  Subcommittee on Energy and Power  recently announced that the  Cumberland Family Medical Center is being awarded a grant for   608 333  from the U S  Department of Health and Human  Services  This grant will help provide more access to medical  services for the people of this area  Whitfield said  In addition to  meeting the important medical needs of Kentuckians  this grant will  provide a positive economic impact to our region by creating jobs  and stimulating the economy     Summer4Life    Summer blood donors can save lives  win big   Its a Summer4Life at Kentucky Blood Center  KBC  this year    From May 19 through Sept  14  all donors  18 and over  will not  only be able to enhance the lives of Kentucky patients  they will  also be automatically eligible to win a 2012 Toyota RAV4    Adair County donors can be part of Summer4Life by donating at  Westlake Regional Hospital  Monday  July 9th from 9 30   11 00  a m  on the KBC Bloodmobile at 901 Westlake Drive in Columbia    Thirty thousand people will need to walk through our doors and  roll up their sleeves this summer in order to provide enough blood  for the patients we serve  said Martha Osborne  KBCs Executive  Director of Marketing   Recruitment  We think the chance to win  a 2012 Toyota RAV4 and gas for the summer is a great way to  encourage donations    Each time someone registers to donate  they will be  automatically entered to win the compact SUV  Because of the  length of the RAV4 promotion  donors can be entered in the  giveaway more than once this summer    Blood donors must be 17 years old  16 with parental consent    weigh at least 110 pounds  be in general good health and meet  additional requirements  Sixteen year old donors must have a  signed parental permission slip  which can be found at  ky bloodcenter  org    About Kentucky Blood Center   KBC  the largest FDA regulated blood bank in Kentucky  is a  non profit organization dedicated to ensuring a safe  adequate blood  supply for patients at nearly 70 Kentucky hospitals and clinics in  more than 60 counties     Utilities Meeting Date Change  The Columbia Adair Utilities  District June Board meeting has  been rescheduled for July 19 2012  at 4 00 p m  at 109 Grant Lane   Columbia  KY     FEMA Supporting State Local Officials  Responding To Severe Weather   Individuals in Affected States Urged to Listen to Local Officials and Take  Precautions Due to Extreme Hot Weather   The Federal Emergency Management Agency  FEMA  and its federal  partners continue to work closely with states affected by yesterdays  damaging winds  hail and severe thunderstorms  including parts of Indiana   Kentucky  Ohio  West Virginia  Virginia  Maryland  Pennsylvania and the  District of Columbia    At the request of the State of Ohio  a FEMA liaison officer is deployed to  the Ohio state emergency operations center to support state response efforts  as needed  FEMA has also deployed an Incident Management Assistance  Team to West Virginia to work side by side with the West Virginia Division  of Homeland Security and Emergency Management as it continues to  respond and identify potential needs from the storm outbreak  FEMA also  remains in close contact with federal partners at the National Weather Service  forecast offices  the U S  Army Corps of Engineers and the U S  Department  of Energy    The National Weather Service has issued Excessive Heat Advisories in  many areas that have been affected by the severe weather and may be  without power  and urges everyone to take safety precautions due to the  extreme high temperatures    Response efforts are underway from last nights storms  FEMA urges  affected individuals to continue to monitor weather conditions  heed advice  from local officials and take appropriate precautions due to the severe hot  weather and humidity  said FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate  We will  continue to work closely with our state and local partners in impacted areas to  ensure there are no unmet needs as they continue to respond    FEMAs National Response Coordination Center in Washington  D C  is  activated  and our Regional Response Coordination Centers in Chicago  Ill   and Philadelphia  Pa are activated to support impacted states if requested    More information on severe weather preparedness is available at  www ready gov www hsto gov and for other languages at www ready gov   translations    The Glorious FourthIt was Appropriately  Celebrated Here by the Woodmen of the WorldGood  Speeches  Fine TimeThe Modern Woodmen of this  place gave out three weeks ago that they would  celebrate Independence Day by giv ing  and old time  picnic at the Fair Grounds  to which everybody was  cordially invited    Early in the morning  people living out of town  commenced to arrive  and by eleven oclock the grounds  were covered with humanity  The Columbia Brass Band   assisted by the Campbellsville band  notified  Columbians when to start  and by the noon hour the  ampi theater looked like the second day of the Columbia  Fair was in progress    The exercises were opened with prayer by Rev  J R   Crawford  followed by the reading of the Declaration of  Independence by Judge T A  Murrell    Mr  Ray Montgomery then introduced Mr  L R  Curtis   a young attorney of Louisville  who made a most  beautiful talk on Woodcraft    At the close of Mr  Curtis speech  dinner was  announced  and their was an abundance for the many  hundreds who were present      In the afternoon Mr  G R Smythe  the well known  attorney  and Rev  J R  Crawford addressed the  assembly  The former took for his subject the New and  Old Fourth  contrasting the twofrom shooting and  frolicing  to a day of peaceful enjoyment    Mr  Crawford took up the flag of our country  showing  how it was respected  naming many notables who had  fought under it  Both these speeches were highly  enjoyable    Adair County people know how to act  but it is not out  of place to state that the lawless were conspicuously  absent  and peace and enjoyment reigned throughout the  day    From The Adair County News  Thursday  5 July 1911     Correction    The photos below were published with incorrect  descriptions  We apologize for any confusion our error may  have caused      MSC Commissioner Steve Baker  left  presents the  SID of the Year award to Lindsey Wilson sports  information director Chris Wells      MSC Commissioner Steve Baker  left  presents the AD  of the Year award to Lindsey Wilson athletics director  Willis Pooler     Comments  suggestions  criticisms    Contact Paul by e mail at  pbhayes adairpmgress com  By mail atP O  Box 595  Columbia  KY42728  or by phone at 270 384 6471    Visit us on the web at www adairprogress com    Hie Adair Progress  Inc    USPS 001662   The Adair Progress is published weekly by The Adair  Progress  Inc   98 Grant Lane  Columbia  Ky  42728  for a total of 52 issues per calendar year    The Adair Progress was established in 1987    Second class postage paid at Columbia  KY 42728    Subscription Rates    Adair and surrounding counties  19  Elsewhere in Ky  and out of state  31  Postmaster    Send address changes to   The Adair Progress  98 Grant Lane  Columbia  Ky  42728  To Subscribe Or Advertise  Call 270 384 6471  E MAIL  advertising adairprogress com    editoria adairprogress com  WEBSITE  www adairprogress com  OFFICE HOURS  Mon  Thurs  7 30 a m  4 30 p m    Fri  7 30 a m  3 00 p m   Closed Saturdays and Sundays    Publisher Donna Rogers Hancock   Editor Paul B  Hayes   Assistant Editor Sports Wes Feese   Production Mgr Richard Bowling   Advertising Representatives Rita Murrell and Tina Cook   Graphic Design Andrea Waggener  Renee Reeves   Joe Caldwell   Bookkeeping April Burton   Circulation Melanie Ollery    We welcome Your Comments and Suggestions  The  management and staff of The Adair Progress  Inc   welcome letters of community interest  Letters must  be original and contain the signature and address  and should include the daytime telephone number  of its writer  The editors reserve the right to condense  or reject any letter and to limit frequent writers  The  opinions expressed in the letters to the editor and  other editorials are those of the writers and do not  reflect the views of The Adair Progress    Your Locally Owned and Operated Newspaper                                                 Thursday  July 5  2012    The Adair Progress    Page 3    Jim Blair Center Beginning To See  Improvements to Grounds and Programs    By Wes Feese   Since Adam Howard was appointed director of the Jim Blair  Center  formerly the Christian Life Center  last October  a  transformation of the grounds has slowly but surely started to take  place  and Howard is excited about what all the center now has to  offer the community    Id just like to tell the public that if theres any programs that  they want to see down here  contact me and well try to get this  going  said Howard  Fact is  most programs that the community  would want are either already going on  or are in the planning phase  and will start in the next few months    We have aerobics on Tuesday and Thursday from 5 15 to 6 15   said Howard  And on the 28th of this month were having a four  on four volleyball tournament  Howard went on to say that he is  working to get a certified Zumba instructor on board as soon  possible  and they will also offer CPR and First Aid classes    In August  The Kickin Kids Anti Bullying Program will kick off     It basically teaches kids about bullying and how to handle it   explained Howard    The softball field has received quite a makeover in the last few  weeks  and work is still being done  A new outfield fence was put  up a couple of weeks ago  and Howard has leveled the ground and  sown grass in center field  The infield and bleachers are still a  work in progress  but should be done by late summer or early fall   when Howard hopes to start having leagues  Were going to do  mens league and co ed  said Howard  Anyone who wants to get  a team in can contact me whenever  they dont have to wait until  were about to start    A little further down the road  he is planning on running a  basketball and volleyball league in the winter months  Like softball   Howard said that he would probably do a co ed and a mens league  for these sports as well    Anyone wanting to sign up for anything  make a suggestion  or  ask questions about the Jim Blair Center can contact Howard at  634 2246     89 Adair County Residents Receive Spring Semester  Academic Honors From Lindsey Wilson College    A total of 89 Adair County residents have earned academic  honors at Lindsey Wilson College for the 2012 spring semester  A  total of 22 area residents have been named to the 2012 spring  semester Presidents List  and 67 area residents have been named to  the 2012 spring semester Deans List    Named to the Presidents List are  Darren C  Ballou of Columbia   Danielle N  Bennett of Columbia  Adam G  Burton of Columbia   Derek W  Cape of Columbia  Sara M  Cason of Columbia  Celeste  Chalmers of Columbia  Sierra B  Coe of Columbia  Korianna K   Cox of Columbia  Chaz M  Dunn of Columbia  Robert A  Ferguson  of Columbia  Donald C  Franklin of Columbia  Tabitha M  Giles of  Columbia  McKenzie B  Martin of Columbia  Gloria D  Moore of  Columbia  Bethany A  Oakes of Columbia  Cherrish S  Sharlow of  Columbia  Taylor D  Smith of Columbia  Cameron B  Spires of  Columbia  Cheryl L  Wall of Columbia  Frederick D  Warren of  Columbia  Timothy J  Wheeler of Columbia and Julie R  Wilson of  Columbia    Named to the Deans List are  Kayla D  Bailey of Columbia   Danielle L  Barker of Columbia  Jaireka A  Barnett of Columbia   Curits S  Bates of Columbia  Heather L  Bava of Columbia  Ashley  D  Bryant of Columbia  Amanda K  Burd of Columbia  Kisha M   Burton of Columbia  Megan J  Burton of Columbia  Kara L  Cain  of Columbia  Allison G  Chafin of Columbia  Steven C  Coffey of  Columbia  Chelsea B  Conover of Columbia  Breanna M  Cowan of  Columbia  Jacob S  Cowan of Columbia  Tabitha F  Denton of  Columbia  Judith A  Drake of Columbia  Patty Edwards of  Columbia  Patrick C  Ellis of Columbia  Andrew A  Ferguson of  Columbia  Rhonda Ferotti of Columbia  Jordan T  Grant of  Columbia  Karen R  Grisby of Columbia  Jasmine R  Hammond of    Columbia  Ashley N  Harris of Adair County  Matthew R  Hicks of  Columbia  Brandon D  Hopkins of Columbia  Shaud M  Iqbal of of  Columbia  Megan R  Keltner of Columbia  Alexandria Kibsey of  Columbia  Stefani B  Knight of Columbia  David A  Martin of  Columbia  Ryan J  Mitchell of Columbia  Micheal Mitchum of  Columbia  Angela S  Murphey of Columbia  Amber N  Neat of  Columbia  Ashley A  Neat of Columbia  Ashley D  Partin of  Columbia  Hannah E  Peck of Adair County  Wendy A Peterson of  Columbia  Whitney Petrovic of Columbia  Kristen M  Petty of  Columbia  Jonathen A  Poff of Columbia  Wesley D  Powell of  Columbia  Amy M  Price of Columbia  Brittany E  Raines of  Columbia  Emily N  Ramage of Columbia  Jennifer M  Redford of  Columbia  Jonathan W  Redford of Columbia  Patty A  Reliford of  Columbia  Justin K  Roberts of Columbia  Whitney P  Rodgers of  Columbia  Cassie J  Rodgers of Columbia  Candace S  Schorman of  Columbia  Dariann N  Smith of Columbia  James T  Smith of  Columbia  Latasha Stargel of Columbia  Hanna J  Streeval of  Columbia  Sarah L  Thompson of Columbia  Lydia C  Tiller of  Columbia  Patricia L  Tupman of Columbia  Deanna C  Turner of  Columbia  Logan W  VanArsdale of Columbia  Candice R   Vanderpool of Columbia  Tonya M  Wethington of Knifley and  Jonathan D  Wilson of Columbia    Students named to the Presidents List earned a 4 0 grade point  average on a 4 0 scale and attempted at least 12 credit hours during  the semester    Students named to Deans List earned at least a 3 50 graduate  point average on a 4 0 scale and attempted at least 12 credit hours  during the semester      8 ZLZP Biqiunpo   ppotf ipssny qzq    PGGG P8G   J my nod uaym dpH am    djvj oipvjdojiyj   SH390H d  HVNOH Hd    04       Greg Smith  Mortgage Broker NMLS  3110 30031    New Home Purchases  Fixed Rate Mortgages   Refinance Now With  Historic Low Rates    2701469 1217   270 378 1711     Toll Free 1  866 469 1217 T   T    WILDCAT     STANZIANO AND CATRON   Criminal Defense  Custody  Divorce    Two Offices To Serve You  Columbia Somerset   270 380 1363 606 802 2714   The Columbia  Office is located at 414 Public Square      Jennifer Hall on Brescia  University Deans List   Senior Jennifer Lee Hall from Columbia  Kentucky  majoring in Social Work was named to the Brescia  University Spring 2012 Deans List    Brescia University is a coeducational  Catholic  liberal  arts University located in downtown Owensboro   Kentucky  Since 1950  Brescia has been educating the  Owensboro community and beyond through traditional   online  evening and weekend class formats  For more  information or to schedule a campus tour  call 1 877   BRESCIA or email us at info brescia edu      Adair County Fair    the remainder of the fair  The  last attraction that will be  available every night of the fair  is a new one  laser tag  and  anyone who wants to play can  come by any evening at 7 p m    There will be eleven different  pageants this year  starting with  the 0 1 year old Baby Pageant at  6 Monday evening  Also on  Monday will be the Little Mr   and Miss Pageant at 7 15   followed by the Miss Pre Teen  Pageant at 8 p m  The 1 2 year   old Baby Pageant will be held  Tuesday at 6  preceding the  Twins Pageant at 7 15  Parent  Child Look A Like at 7 30  and  Miss Adair County Fair at 8  On  Wednesday there will be a 2 3  year old Tiny Tot Pageant at  6 30  Mrs  Adair County  Pageant at 7 15  and Miss Teen  Pageant at 8  The final pageant   the 3 4 year old Tiny Tot  will  be on Thursday at 6 30   Demolition Derby fans will  be happy to know that in  addition to the usual small and  large car derbies  this year will  feature a lawn mower derby  Tuesday at 7 p m  The small  cars will go at it Monday  evening at 7  and the big boys  will battle it out at 7 next  Saturday night    There will be a Mule Pull  Tuesday afternoon at 5 p m   The Kentucky Outlaw Truck  Pullers will be putting on a show  Wednesday at 7  and the  K T P A  Truck Pull will be held  at the same time the next night    Friday night features the Bull    Barrels starting at 7 p m   a  min rodeo consisting of bull  riding and barrel racing  as well  as an ATY Rodeo     Continued From Page One    For the amateur performers  across Adair County  Karaoke  kicks off Thursday at 9 p m  and  the Coca Cola Talent Show will  be held the next day at 6    Other attractions this week  will include a goat show  Wednesday at 5 p m   a Fun Pet  Show Thursday at 7 15  and  Wood Carving Friday at 7 p m   The band No Deceit will  perform next Saturday night at 8  before the fair wraps up with  some giveaways at 10 p m     Music Workshop  by The Freight  Hoppers  July 27   Kentucky Old Time Music   Inc is pleased to announce that it  will offer a workshop on Friday  July 27 at the Carl Perkins  Building  Morehead  KY  demonstrating how to bring  together traditional instruments  to form an Appalachian string  band sound    The internationally renowned  band  The Freight Hoppers will  conduct the workshop in  conjunction with the Morehead  Old Time Music Festival  The  workshop is free and open to the  public  Participants are  encouraged to bring their  instrument and their singing  voice    The Freight Hoppers will  perform a live concert that  evening and kindergarten  through high school and college  students who attend the  workshops will be given free  admission to the concert  This  opportunity is made possible by  generous support from the  Morehead community and a  grant from South Arts  Updates   registration and more  information is available at  www  moreheadoldtime  com     Back To School Dental Exam    Visit Us During  the Month of July  for Your Back To  School Dental  Exam        A comprehensive checkup will be  done  including xrays and an  application of Flouride Varnish    Our professional staff can also allow  time for a thorough cleaning    Come and meet our kid friendly  staff at the office of   Dr  Robert Brashear   Dr  Debra Arnett   906 Russell Rd   Columbia  KY  270 384 2872     BEAUTIFUL BARNETT S CREEK      SATURDAY  JULY 7 AT 10 A M  CDT    47 2 Acres m I farm  from new survey  having a 5 bedroom  farmhouse  large combination tobacco storage barn   PLUS Pickup  Bass Boat  Household   Farm Related Items     Auction held for the Leemon Goodin Estate   Lowell  Woody  Goodin  Executor  J D  Zornes  Attorney for Estate   Location   Centrally near the Pellyton Community just off Hwy   206 between Columbia  Liberty  Campbellsville   Russell  Springs at 2410 Barnett s Creek Road  Columbia  KY  Adair  County   Auction Banners Posted     This 8 room frame farmhouse offers a lot of living space with  large bedrooms  one bath with washer   dryer hookup  kitchen  area  dining area  living room and up to 5 bedrooms  This  house offers city water  central heat   air  updated Trane unit    some hardwood floors under carpet  House has vinyl siding  and metal roof  Barn measures 48ft x 48ft w  16ft side shed       Farm offers about 37 Acres m I of cropland  with balance in nice trees   along  creeks  Cleared ground is mostly in clover  fescue and some with alfalfa     Tract  1  42 21 Acres  m I  with Farm House  Large Combination Barn   Creek    Tract  2  4 99 Acres  m I  at end of property offering nice level ground about  half cleared and half wooded     Sale Order   All times  are Central Time    10 AM  Auction  begins w  smaller  household items   11 AM  Real Estate  will be Auctioned   immediately followed  by the truck  boat   farm equipment   Sale will finish up with  any remaining furniture    personal property     Truck   Dodge Ram 1500 Extended Cab  Pick up truck    Silver   Blue  Laramaie SLT  160 600 miles  2WD  PW  PL  V8  Magnum 5 9L 360 engine  gas      Bass Boat   1979 Glassmate Fiberglass 16 ft   Bass Boat with 70 HP  Johnson  live well   hummingbird fish finder   trolling motor    trailer     A partial listing of personal property includes     Farm Equipment   10 Ft  Wheel Disk   6 Ft  King Cutter Bushhog  Old 2 Row Planter  Lift Pole   8 Ft  Spring Foot Harrow  Fence Stretcher  Tobacco Sticks  100 s    Tobacco Knifes   Spears   Antiques   Collectibles   Vanity Dresser w Stool   Vanity Dresser w Bench  Cabinet Style Record Player   Bradford     21 Lane Record Cabinets   2  Rocking Chairs  Morse Sewing Machine  Brother Sewing Machine  King Size Bed  Dresser    Nightstand  Cigar Boxes  Variety of Dishes  Odd Glasses     2  No  8 Iron Skillets  No  7 Iron Skillet  Old Wood Stove  Monarch    A ppliances   Roper Brand Refrigerator  Amana Brand Deepfreeze  GE Washer  GE Dryer  Electric Heater   2  Turkey Roasters   2  Vacuum Cleaners   Furniture   Kitchen Table   5 Chairs   Kitchen Table   China Cabinet   Couch   Chair   Rediner   TV   Glass Top Coffee Table  Wood Coffee Table  Set of Amber Lamps    Misc  Lamps  Lamp Table  Night stand  4 Drawer File Cabinet  Metal Microwave Stand  Metal Desk   Misc  Household Items   Deer Head Mount  Fish Mount   Various Pictures   Frames   Smoking Stand   Silverware   Encyclopedias   Books   Gun Case   Trunk   Wall Clock   Tools   Misc    2  Drill Presses   2  Vices   2  Work Horses  Grinder    Skillsaw   Numerous Hand Tools  3 Drawer Tool Box  5 Drawer Tool Box  Steel Band Saw  Small Band Saw  Heavy Duty Generator  Scales   275 Gallon Fuel Tank  Propane Tank   Outdoor  Sport   Picnic Table   Grill   Lawn Chairs  Coleman Lanterns  Camp Stove   2  Coolers  Tackle Box  Several Rod   Reels   SEVERAL OTHER ITEMS  TOO NUMEROUS TO  MENTION     Terms  Real Estate  10  down day of sale and balance with possession and delivery of deed on or  before 30 days  A seven percent buyer s premium applies to real estate  Property taxes paid by the seller  for 2012  Personal Property   Cash or good check day of sale  No Buyer s Premium on Personal Property    Auctioneer s Note  Come and bid on this beautiful country property  Nice fields  creeks  and a beautiful  country atmosphere  Remember the date  Saturday  July 7th at 10 A M  CDT   come prepared to buy at  your price     Two Locations to Better Serve You     golden rule wilson   IReal S tate   s4ucti M   t    1004 Jamestown Street    near the corner of Jamestown and T itt Streets   Columbia  Kentucky 42728   270 384 1111  1 800 854 9992   Christopher B  Wilson   Broker   Auctioneer   Sales Associate   CFO   Joyce Powell   Sales Associates   Annette Burton  Melissa Fudge    Elaine Sinclair  and Glenn McQuaide   Sales Associate App  Auctioneer   Jerry Robertson   Kelly Hamlett  Executive Assistant   Donna Popplewell _     Your NetworkReal Estate Company      GOLDEN RULE WILSON   IReat S itate    tuctcan  2    21 East Steve Warmer Dr   Suite A   Ole Log Building near Hwy  127 and 80 Junction   Russell Springs  KY 42642   270 866 6600   1 800 410 5155   Christopher B  Wilson   Broker   Auctioneer   Sales Associate   CFO   Pam Emerson   Sales Associates   Larry Emerson  Zachary Sapp  Carol Bernard   and Anthony Carnes   Sales Associate App  Auctioneer   Troy Coffey   Executive Assistant   Beverly Bnimley _    Experience Could Pay Dividends www GoldenRuleAuction Coni Certified Estate Specialists    Announcements Made Day Of Sale Take Precedence Over Any Previous Advertisements                                                                             Page 4    The Adair Progress    Thursday  July 5  2012    First   Farmers National Bank Promotes  Jason Mcfarland To Senior Lending Officer    Jason McFarland was recently promoted to Senior Lending  Officer Vice President of First   Farmers National Bank located in  Columbia  The announcement was made on behalf of the First    Farmers National Bank Board of Directors by President Ann Martin  and Chief Lending Officer Terry A  Pugh  Jason comes with a  strong background of agriculture  based lending since 2003  not to  mention his extensive personal knowledge and first hand  experience of farm operations  Jason McFarland first joined First    Farmers National Bank in March 2011    Jason has a deep passion for Agriculture and Business in rural  communities which fuels his desire to help provide financing that  will fulfill his clients  needs  His professional experience in  lending  as well as his hands on experience  has given him a vast  understanding of the struggles that farmers often face  Jason  McFarland brought a wealth of knowledge  skills  and experience  with him to FFNB  which will be beneficial as we work to  continually serve the needs of our community  says Ann Martin     Jason McFarland    President of First   Farmers National Bank Columbia  He shows  great enthusiasm and has a genuine desire to help customers  achieve their financial goals  This makes him a perfect fit for our  organization  We are pleased to have Jason on our team and are  honored to promote him as Senior Lending Officer in the Columbia  market    Regarding the promotion of McFarland to Senior Lending  Officer  Chief Lending Officer Terry A  Pugh shares  I feel having  Jason as part of First   Farmeris lending efforts in Adair County  reflects our commitment to the area farmers  He demonstrates a  commitment to business development  leads by example  and shares  our duty to maintaining credit quality  Most importantly  he has  quickly earned the respect of his co workers and I feel this will  allow him to quickly transition to these added responsibilities    McFarland grew up in Bowling Green  KY and later moved with  his parents  the late Ronnie Bill and Joyce McFarland  to their  native county of Adair  where he attended Adair County High  School for his entire high school education  graduating in 1998  He  furthered his education at Western Kentucky University where he  graduated in 2002 with a major in Agriculture Business and a minor  in Business Administration  Jason and his wife Melanie  a teacher  in the Hardin County School system  are proud parents of 23 month  old Chloe  In Jasoms spare time  he can likely be found fishing a  local bass tournament  playing the guitar  farming  or just enjoying  fatherhood    Regarding McFarlandis recent promotion  he states  I am very  excited to be part of a strong organization like First   Farmers  National Bank  to be a team player  and to serve the financial needs  of customers and potential clients in our area  Iim proud to  continue working hard for hard working people in the place I call  ehomei  First   Farmers National Bank has been a phenomenal fit  for me  I feel blessed and honored by the promotion to Senior  Lending Officer    First   Farmers National Bank  has assets in excess of  470  million  offers 12 banking locations  and serves the financial needs  of customers in Columbia  Burkesville  Albany and Somerset  For  more information about First   Farmers National Bank please visit  or call 270 384 2361     JSelby    phalt    7     Maintenance  Inc    A Total Asphalt  Maintenance Company  Introducing   LIQUID ROAD   Dries to traffic   within 4 hours    it    ASPHALT SEALING   REPAIR    270 866 2014  www selbyasphalt com  Fax 270 866 6003  Toll Free 1 866 480 2014    Drought Worsening _ Continued From Page One    drought stage  However  things  could quickly worsen if we  dont get rain in the next few  days  according to Nick Roy   County Extension Agent for  Agriculture    We need rainfall  and we  need it quickly  Roy said   Right now is a critical time for  our corn crops    Because we got an early start  on planting this year due to the  warm temperature  corn is  beginning to pollinate  and this  is when it needs water the  most  he continued  The parts  of the county that got three or  four tenths or more of rain  Sunday night  itll help for a day  or two  But the other areas of the  county that didnt get any rain  are in dire need    Roy said that getting just  three tenths of an inch a rain a  day can make a big difference in  the corn crop while it is  beginning to pollinate    If we dont get any rain  within the next few days  it  could be a disaster for this  years corn crop    Corn isnt the only crop being  affected by the drought and the  extreme heat  as soybeans are  also suffering  and pastureland  for grazing is about dried up    The soybean fields still have  a good green look to them  but  the extreme temperatures weve  been having will cause them to  abort their blooms  and no  blooms means no beans  he  said  However  soybeans are  pretty resilient  and will keep  trying for some time to put out  blooms    Livestock are also being  affected by the extreme heat   Roy noted    The 100 plus temperatures  weve had results in milk  production dropping in dairy  cattle  and you dont get any  weight gain in beef cattle  he  said    Pastures drying up can cause  more than one problem Roy  said  and could lead to a  shortage of hay this winter    When cattle run out of grass   theyll sometimes start eating  plants they general dont eat   and these could include some  poisonous plants  he said   Producers should check their  fields  and if theres poisonous  plants in them  they need to  move their cattle    Plus  a lot of people are  already having to feed hay to  their cattle  and with some many  hay fields having been planted  in corn this year  it could very  well lead to a tight hay supply  this winter    Roy said that the county is  well below average in the  amount of rainfall it normally  receives during the first six  months of the year  only  52 of  an inch was recorded for the  entire month of June at the  Mesonet weather station in the  county   and the short term  outlook for rain isnt too  promising    Weve got a chance of rain a  few days this week  but its only    a 10 to 20 percent chance  and if  we get any itll probably be a  pop up thunderstorm and not the  good  soaking rain we truly  need  he said    Roy said that having good  crop yields depends on timing      getting the crop planted when it  needs to be  then getting  adequate rainfall when it is  needed  However  the timing  seems to be off this year    Usually  getting crops  planted early works well and the    yields are better  he said  But   thats not the case this year  We  had real warm temperatures in  May that got everything off to a  good start  but then the hot dry  weather we usually dont get to  July or August hit us early       Looking for  a new  pharmacy     Look no further than  Nations Medicines    Call or stop by today  and talk with one of our  professional pharmacists  about transferring your  prescriptions     Well handle all the details  quickly  personally and  professionally    KATIOKS m MEDICINES   LOW COST tSl PRESCRIPTIONS    Personal Service     Pro essional Care    706 Jamestown St   Columbia    Call 384 5874   Hours  IVton  Fri  9 30 a m  to 6 30 p m   Sat  9 30 a m  to 1 30 p m       ADAIR       7  HORSE  SHOW    SATURDAY  JULY 7  9 00 am   Dairy Cattle Show  5 00 pm   Corn Hole Tournament  6 30 pm   Horse Show    THURSDAY  JULY 12   6 00 pm   Carnival Opens   6 00 pm   Heavenly Haven Petting Zoo   6 30 pm   Floral Hall Opens   6 30 pm   Tiny Tot Pageant  3 4 year old   7 00 pm   KTPA Thick Pull   7 00 pm   Laser Tag   7 15 pm   Fun Pet Show   9 00 pm   Karaoke    SATURDAY  JULY 14   9 00 am   Beef Cattle Show   6 00 pm   Carnival Opens   6 00 pm   Heavenly Haven Petting Zoo   6 30 pm   Floral Hall Opens   7 00 pm   Big Car Demolition Derby   7 00 pm   Wood Carver   7 00 pm   Laser Tag   8 00 pm   No Deceit Band   10 00 pm   Give A Ways    MONDAY  JULY 9   6 00 pm   Carnival Opens   6 00 pm   Baby Pageant  0 1 year old   6 00 pm   Heavenly Haven Petting Zoo   7 00 pm   Small Car Demolition Derby   7 00 pm   Laser Tag   7 15 pm   Little Mr    Miss Pageant   8 00 pm   Miss Pre Teen Pageant   TUESDAY  JULY 10  4 6 00 pm   Floral Hall Entries  Accepted  5 00 pm   Mule Pull  6 00 pm   Carnival Opens  6 00 pm   Baby Pageant  1 2 year old  6 00 pm   Heavenly Haven Petting Zoo  7 00 pm   Lawn Mower Demo Derby    Monster Thick  7 00 pm   Laser Tag  7 15 pm   Twins Pageant  7 30 pm   Parent Child Look a Like  8 00 pm   Miss Adair County Fair  Pageant   WEDNESDAY  JULY 11   10 00 am   Floral Hall Entries Accepted   5 00 pm   Goat Show   6 00 pm   Carnival Opens   6 00 pm   Heavenly Haven Petting Zoo   6 30 pm   Floral Hall Opens   6 30 pm   Tiny Tot Pageant  2 3 yr  old   7 00 pm   KY Outlaw Thick Pullers   7 00 pm   Laser Tag   7 15 pm   Mrs  Pageant   8 00 pm   Miss Teen Pageant    FRIDAY  JULY 13   6 00 pm   Carnival Opens    Coca Cola Talent Show    Heavenly Haven Petting Zoo    Floral Hall Opens    Bulls and Barrels    Laser Tag  7 00 pm   Wood Carver  7 30 pm   ATV Rodeo    6 00 pm  6 00 pm  6 30 pm  7 00 pm  7 00 pm    Visitor website  www adaircountyfairky com  for all pageant applications   show classes and more     2012 Adair County Fair  fim  Imy   Tickets are  5 00 each    To be given away on Saturday  July 14 2012   at the Adair County Fair at 10 p m    Do not have to be present to win    1 si Ticket drawn is for  5 000   2nd Ticket drawn is for  3 000  3rd Ticket drawn is for  2 000   Tickets can be purchased at    Grimsley s Jewelry  Flowers N  Things  or from any Jaycee member     Senior Citizen Night   Wednesday  July 11 2012   Bring this coupon and receive FREE Admission  onto the grounds if you are 55 or over                                     Thursday  July 5 2012    The Adair Progress    Page 5      Shirley Marie Willis Troutt Goodin    Shirley Marie Willis Troutt  Goodin  age 82 years  of the  Millerfield Community passed  away  Thursday J une 21  2012  at 8 25 P  M  at Summit Manor  Health   Rehab Center in  Columbia  KY    She was bom on June 26   1929 in Adair County  the  daughter of the late Elmer  Ernest and Cora Dye Willis    She was preceded in death  by husbands Rubin Earl Troutt  and Stanley Goodin    She is survived by three  daughters  Vallerie Johnson  and her husband  James of  Columbia  KY  Juanita Kerns  and her husband  Donald of  Columbia  KY  Lorene Birdwell  and her husband  Lonnie of  Columbia  KY  one son  David  Earl Troutt and his wife   Barbara of Livingston  TIM   step children  Kay Burton  Sue  Jones  Beulah Jones and  Edwin Goodin  one brother   Raybun Willis of Springfield  III   four sisters  Inez Cox of  Louisville  KY  Betty Dial  Judy  Burton and Doriis Powell all of  Columbia  KY  Thirteen  grandchildren  13 great  grandchildren and one great   groat grandchild and a  special friend Charles Grider  survive  along with several  nieces  nephews  host of  other relatives and friends    She was preceded in death  by one son Cordell Troutt   step son Hubert Goodin   three brothers  Willard Willis      Shirley Marie Willis Troutt Goodin    Everett Willis and Kenneth  Willis  two sisters  J oan Streeval  and Arena Burton    She was a member of  Fairview Separate Baptist  Church  housewife  caregiver  and operated a mini home    Funeral service was held  Sunday  J une 24  2012 at 2 00  P  M  at Stotts Phelps   McQueary Funeral Home with  Bro  David Coffey officiating    Interment in Millerfield  Cemetery Hwy  76    You may light a candle and  sign guestbook online at  www stottsphelpsmcquearyfh   com    Stotts Phelps M c Q uea ry  Funeral Home in charge of  funeral arrangements    Pallbearers were  Amos  Gaskins  Michael Kerns  Dillon  Kerns  J essie J ohnson  Charles  Grider  Steven Asberry and  Ricky Buster     Bonnie Sue Gaffron    Bonnie Sue Gaffron  61  of  Columbia  died Sunday  July  1  2012 at 10 09 P M  at the  Taylor Regional Hospital in  Campbellsville    She was bom December 8   1950  in Henderson  KY  to the  late James W  and Barbara  McKee Adams    She is survived by three  daughters  Sandra  Anthony   Parson  Barbie  Chris   McGuffin  all of Columbia   and Sherry  John  Boyd of  Utah  two brothers  William  Bud   Mary  Adams  Richard   Eva  Adams  all of Florida   four sisters  J udith Smith  Shelia  Williams and Doris  Willie   Perry  all of Indiana  Anita  Bryant of Florida  13  grandchildren and three  great grandchildren    Funeral service will be held  Friday  July 6  2012 at 10 00  A M  at Grissom Martin  Funeral Home with Bro  Willard  Parson officiating      Bonnie Sue Gaffron    Burial in Haven Hill  Cemetery    The family requests at  Grissom Martin Funeral Home  after 5 00 P M  Thursday  July  5  2012    Casketbearers will be  Chris  McGuffin  Colan Jacobson   Anthony Parson  D J   Kirkendolph  Bud Adams   Joey Garner  and Gary  Shepherd    Grissom Martin Funeral  Home in charge of  arrangements    www grissommartin com    Clara Beatrice Coffey    Clara Beatrice Coffey  age  89 years  a resident of Summit  Manor Health   Rehab  Center formerly of the  Gradyville community passed  away Wednesday  June 27   2012 at 10 00 A M  at Summit  Manor    She was born on April 6   1923 in Adair County  the  daughter of the late Charlie  and Lou Ella Coomer Corbin  and the widow of C la vis  Coffey  who preceded her in  death on J une 5  2009    She is survived by two  daughters  Patsy Robertson of  Columbia  KY and Nancy  Cundiff and her husband   James of Columbia  KY  two  brothers  Odell Corbin and his  wife  Shirley of Columbia  KY  and Ural Corbin  three sisters   Runa Willis  Shirley Gilpin and  Elizabeth VanArsdale and her  husband J  C  of Columbia   KY  two grandchildren  Bryan  Robertson and Sonya  Washam and her husband   Matt  four great grand  children  Shelby Robertson   Colby Robertson  Bnooklynn  Robertson and Miller Allen  Washam  Several nieces   nephews  a host of other    relatives and friends also  survive    She was preceded in death  by one brother and one sister   Harlan Corbin and Lida  Matney    She was a member of  Jones Chapel United  Methodist Church  had  worked at Fruit Loom factory  and wasa homemaker    Funeral service was held  Friday  June 29  2012 at 3 00  P M  CST at Stotts Phelps   McQueary Funeral Home with  Bro  Bobby Withers and Bro   John Blakey officiating   Interment in the J ones Chapel  Cemetery    You may light a candle and  sign guestbook at www   sto ttsp helpsmcquea ry f h  com    Memorials a re suggested to  the Jones Chapel Cemetery  and may be left at the funeral  home    Pallbearers were  Bobby  Matney  Donnie Willis  Daryl  VanArsdale  Barry Corbin   Phillip Coffey and Chad  Parnell    Stotts Phelps McQuea ry  Funeral Home in charge of  funeral arrangements     Velma Tooter Burton    Velma Lou  Tooter  Burton   age 70  of Russell Springs died  Saturday  June 30  2012  at  Russell County Hospital    She was born November  12  1941 in Russell County a  daughter of the late William  Greene and Alice Pointer  Gaskin    She wasa homemaker    Survivors include a son   Kermit  Wanda  Burton of  Russell Springs  a daughter   Peggy  Joe  Cain of Russell  Springs  2 grandchildren   Heather Bennett  Alison   Evan  Claunch both of  Russell Springs  a special  friend of Tooter and family   Hugo Moto  two sisters  Mary  Helen Holt of Russell Springs   and Geneva  Levi  Haynes of  Cincinnati  OH  and two  brothers  DAvid  Kathy  Gaskin  of Columbia  and Garry   Nora  Gaskin of Wilsonville   AL   She was preceded in death    by her husband  Bobby Dale  Burton  four sisters  Martha  Bailey  Lillie Mae Oliver   LaVeme Keltner  Anna Lois  Gaskin  and six brothers   Robert Gaskin  Charles Dee  Gaskin  William Gaskin  Jr    Walter Gaskin  Phillip Gaskin   and Eddie Gaskin    Funeral services were held  Tuesday  July 3  2012 at   Bernard Funeral Home  Chapel with Bros  Steve  Wheeler and Charles Edwards  offic iating    Special music was  performed by Emma Lou  Brya nt    Pallbearers were  Evan  Claunch  Eric Bennett  Preston  Gaskin  Wayne Gaskin   Leonard Gaskin  and Paul  Helm    Burial was in Bethlehem  Cemetery    Bernard Funeral Home was  in charge of arrangements     Kids Need Kicks    Cont  From Page One    have already committed to  sponsoring a KNK Shoe Box   A shoe size and gender of shoe  will be posted on a shoe card  and members of the Church  congregation may volunteer to  pick up a new pair of the athletic  shoes correlating to the shoe  card  The deadline to return  shoes with the Shoe Box  program will be July 24  2012   or as near to that deadline as  possible    If individuals  businesses  or  Churches cannot sponsor a  Kids Need Kicks Shoe Box  a  donation to the Kids Need Kicks  Fund will gratefully be accepted   Checks may be made payable to  the Family Resource or Youth  Service Centers  but please  specify on the check  Kids  Need Kicks Ministry  Any    amount will be greatly  appreciated and definitely goes  to a great cause    We think of helping people  out during the Holidays  and  when August rolls around   children receive help with  school supplies  Thats great   and a help in itself  but  I have  always wished all kids could  experience wearing a brand new  pair of shoes for school  It  really does a lot for their  confidence level  I know that it  is not always easy for parents to  buy new shoes at school time   We want to do all that we can to  help  states Cricket McCloud   co founder of Kids Need Kicks   The response to this program  was phenomenal over the last  three yearsOwe have provided  over 200 pairs of shoes each    year  We had so many  individuals who gave  generously  as well as several  area Churches who  participated    Adam Shepard  Family and  Youth Minister at the Columbia  Christian Church says it best   We not only want to see these  kids go back to school with a  kick in their step from the  boost of confidence that a new  pair of tennis shoes can  bringOsomething that so many  of us take for granted  Rather  we hope to show these kids and  their parents how great and  awesome Christs love is and  how there are people willing to  give a hand when its needed    Cricket McCloud further  states  We thank anyone who  gives and helps to make the    program an astounding success   Hopefully  this year will prove  as successful as last  so please  help support us  Weve been  shown time and again how truly  generous Adair Countians are   If you would like to donate   please make checks payable to  the Family Resource Center  and  add Kids Need Kicks in the  memo line  You can drop it in  the mail to PO Box 242   Columbia  KY 42728    For more information  regarding the ministry or  donations  Kids Need Kicks  Ministry Committee Members  may be contacted as follows   Cricket McCloud at 385 9633   Mindy Smith at 250 6060   Adam Shepard at 384 2612 or  Paula Garrison at 384 9752        tu     A ecctotided to  fr              A  loved  onto      The Adair Progress     VOLUNTEER FIREMEN from the Adair County Fire  Department surround the vehicle of Geneva Grants  after extricating her from it Saturday morning  Grant  was delivering the mail on D  Acree Road when her  accelerator stuck as she was attempting to turn  around  causing the vehicle to hit a tree and overturn    Photo by Paul B  Hayes    Mail Carrier  injured in Single   Vehicle Accident    A U S  Postal Service rural route mail carrier was injured in a  single vehicle accident Saturday morning near Glensfork    According to the police report  66 year old Geneva Grant  of  Columbia  was delivering the mail on her route when she attempted  to turn around at the end of D  Acree Road  Grant stated that as she  was starting to back up in her 1995 Tracker  the accelerator became  stuck and the vehicle went backward  struck a tree with one wheel  and then overturned    Grant had to be extricated from the vehicle by the Adair County  Fire Department  with the firefighters removing the front  windshield to free here    Grant was transported to Westlake Regional Hospital by the  Adair County EMS for treatment    The accident was investigated by Deputy Sheriff B  J  Bray     MONUMENT RESETTING   When you spend hundreds   JV   sometimes thousands on a dfl  monument   it is not a fitting or  safe memorial if it is leaning    Let the professionals pour  concrete and reset    For a free price quote  call with base measurements   Norris New Monument Company   270 864 3411      Bluegrass Denture Center   Somerset  KY    Dentures Starting At     2ooiq    per plate    Dentures  Partials  Relines   Repairs  1 Day Service by Appointment     lgg         44 Office Park Dr  Suite 2  Somerset  KY  Dr  John Stroud  DMD  1 606 677 1459  1 888 635 8855    Between Stoplights 21   22 on S  Hwy  27     AUTO   HOME 1 LITE j BUSINESS   A MEMBER SERVICE j KYFB CQM   All of your policies under one roof      Not j use Big on Commitment  but Big on Discounts   Did you know you could save 2Q   on your home   farm and mobile home insurance by insuring your auto  with us  Call  email  or come by for a free auto quote     Disceninis subject ro eligibility    Michelle Lewis  Agency Manager  40 Grant Ln    Columbia  KY 42728  M ichelle  Lewis Jsyfb  co m   270   385 9137    KENTUCKY FARM BUREAU     BIG ON COMMITMENT     FREE HEARING SCREENINGS     Call Today To Schedule Your Appointment Spaces Are Limited   BETTER   HEARING   CEN T E R S   Serving You Since 1967     Faron Blakeman   Board Certified Hearing  Instrument Specialist    FREE Hearing Consultation  FREE Hearing Aid Cleaning  FREE Digital Demonstration    Every Wednesday  9 00 am   12 00 pm   Better Hearing Centers   1115 Jamestown St   Suite 5  across from the State Police Post   Columbia  KY 42728    270  384 3691 or  800  370 5505     11 Located in  Key Village  Mini Mall   Russell Springs  KY  866 3080    KEY TWIN  CINEMA      WxufMffim     pi ommt  movie   tiotutep           CHANGING YOUR VIEW  OF WHAT   HOSPICE CARE CAN DO    The time lo begin hospice care is just after you ve learned you   or someone you love  has a life limiting illness  By contacting  Hosparus early  patients immediately benefit from our expert  counseling  exceptional pain management  and compassionate  care  This allows them to live each of their remaining clays  to the fullest  To learn more about Hosparus  the region s  premier hospice provider  call or visit us on the Web     HOSPARUS     Because the end oftife is part of living  i ff00 264 0521   www hosparus org  A non profit hospice organization                                                                                  Page 6    The Adair Progress    Thursday  July 5  2012        Spectacular  Columbia  Home  For Sale    Golden Rule Wilson Real Estate   Auction   270 384 1111    They re predicting 65 mph winds    Probably not the best time to wonder who your agent is    m                  warn    Fire harlenbrown CUTLINE  Firemen responded to this hay fire early Monday  afternoon off of Harlan Brown Road  The hay belonged to Kirby Hancock  and  firemen were on the scene for three and a half hours fighting the blaze  which  torched about 60 of Hancocks roll bales     Grass Fires    Continued From Page One    The hay belonged to Kirby  Hancock and was on the Jack  Scott farm  When firemen  arrived on the scene  they found  between 50 and 60 large round  bales of hay on fire  The fire  destroyed all the hay and also  burned three to four acres of  grassland    Fifteen firefighters responded  to the fire and were on the scene  for approximately three and one   half hours    On Saturday  the fire  department responded to a fire  on Sano Road where a tractor  and a round hay baler caught on  fire  The tractor and baler  belonged to David and Brandon  Kinnett    There was not much damage  to the tractor and baler  but the    fire burned around two acres of  grassland and also burned two  old buildings    On Sunday  the firemen  received a call at 3 28 p m   reporting a grass fire on Ingram  Road off KY 704  The fire was  on property owned by Travis  Coomer and burned  approximately one acre before  being extinguished    The second fire call on  Sunday came at 4 20 p m   reporting a fire on the right of   way on Holmes Bend Road  across from Charity Baptist  Church  The fire was quickly  brought under control    A total of 15 firemen  responded to both calls on  Sunday and were on the scenes    for a total of one hour    The county is under a burn  ban that prohibits outdoor  burning of any type at any time   but City Fire Chief Mike  Glasgow said people should still  take precautions    People need to be extremely  careful when they are grilling  outdoors  Glasgow said  They  need to make sure their grill  fires are out  and dont dump  any charcoal on the ground    If youre using any outdoor  equipment with a muffler  such  as a lawnmower or tractor  make  sure its not near anything that  could touch it and catch fire  and  definitely do not throw burning  cigarettes out of a vehicle  window     Kentucky Farm Bureau has agents in every county in the state  so you  can count on a quick response and great service when you need it     Farmers Learn More About The Use of High Tunnels    Inground Pool    Ernie Rogers    Agency Manager South   105 Burkesville Street  Columbia  Kentucky 42728    270 384 2961   ernie rogers kyfb com     265 000    Glen Abney provided a tutorial in drip irrigation Wednesday at Bernard Farms   Because high tunnels dont allow in rainwater  proper irrigation is vital for crops  being grown in the tunnel     By Wesley Feese   Local farmers gathered last Wednesday morning at Bernard  Farms in Russell County for a symposium aimed at educating the  agricultural community about the use of high tunnels  High tunnels  are semispherical greenhouse  like structures and are used to  prolong growing seasons and  increase crop production    District Conservationist for  Adair and Russell Counties  Jason Miller kicked of the  presentation by explaining what  high tunnels are and the  incentives for building them    Farmers who apply can receive  state funding for the endeavor   and while the state does not foot  the entire bill  if approved   farmers can build a high tunnel  for a fraction of the total cost    Its not free  but there are  incentives  explained Miller    Basically you split the costs  with the state     techniques that high tunnels demand  Most importantly  Coolong  addressed the problem of salt buildup in the soil    Because the tunnels are covered  there is very little leaching  and  over time the buildup can have adverse effects on crops  Using a          Sw     v           Jason Miller  District  Conservationist for Adair  and Russell Counties   spoke to a large group of  farmers last Wednesday  morning about the  incentives of building and  using high tunnels for  their crops  Im sold on  them  Miller commented     This high tunnel on Rickie Bernards farm in Russell  County grows Rocky Top Tomatoes  High tunnels  allow for a longer growing season and higher crop  yields  and local farmers can apply for state aid if they  wish to build their own     The tunnel on Bernard Farms  was the first built through the  states program  and crop yields   specifically Bernards Rocky  Top Tomatoes  look to be on the  rise because of the tunnel  Im  sold on them  said Miller  Its  been amazing    Following Millers address   Glen Abney gave a tutorial on  drip irrigation  the method of  watering crops in a high tunnel  since they are covered and  therefore cant absorb rainwater    Dr  Tim Coolong from the  University of Kentucky spoke to  those in attendance about the  more intricate soil management    lower salt index fertilizer in the  tunnel is something you can do  to help yourself out  stated  Coolong  Another method he  mentioned was building semi  portable high tunnels that can be  moved every couple of years  with minimum reassembly    The seminar lasted for about  three hours and wrapped up  around noon with a lunch at  Benard Farms  Jason Miller  expressed his thanks to Rickie  Bernard and the rest of the  Bernard family for allowing  them to use their farm for the  presentation     Custom Built Brick House   Full basement Inground pool  Basketball court  Large Dining room  Built in Desks   Displays Fireplace  Two Car Garage  Walk to Lindsey Wilson College     4    OU CAN AFFORD  ELEPHONE SERVICE     US1   4R    D PUEDE TENER  IC O TELEFONICO     EVERY PERSON IN AMERICA   should have access to quality  affordable telecom  munications service regardless of income level  You  may qualify for Lifeline and Link Upservice assis  tance which can substantially reduce the monthly  cost for basic telephone service if you participate  in one of the following programs      Supplemental Security Income   Food Stamps   Medicaid   Federal Public Housing Section 8  Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program  Temporary Assistance To Needy Families  National School Lunch s Free Lunch Program   Under the federal and state Lifeline program   eligible low income consumers can receive up  toil 3 50 credit as well as a onetime cost of ini  tiating new telephone service of  10 which is a  50  reduction  Persons living within the Duo  County Telecom service area can obtain informa  tion and or apply for eligibility at the office located  below  Supporting documentation of the above is  required  You can also contact the Universal Ser  vice Administrative Company website at www   Iffelinesupportorg or call USAC toll free at 1 888   641 8722     CADA PERSONA EN AMERICA   debe tener acceso a la calidad  servicio de teleca   municaciones comprable sin importar el nivel de  ingresos  Usted puede calif icar para la Lifeline y  Link Up de la ayuda del servicio que puede reducir  substancialmente el coste mensual parael servicio  telefonico basico si usted participa enuno de los  programas sigientes    El Alimento Suplemental De la Renta De Security   Estampillas Del Alimento   Medicaid   Pubfica Federal Viviend Section 8  Programa Casero De la Ayuda De la Energia De   a Renta Baja   Ayuda Temporaria a las Familias Necesitadas  Programa Gratis National Del Almuerzo Escolar   Debajo del federal e indique el programa de tacu   erda de salvamento  los consumidores deingreso  bajo consumedores puede recibir hasta  13 50  credito como un costo de una sola vez de iniciar  el nuevo servicio telefonico de  10 que esuna re   duccion del 50   Las personas que viven dentro  del area de servicio de Telecom del Condado Duo  pueden obtener la information y osolicitar degibi   lidad en la of icina localizada abajo  La document  ation de soporte del antedicho serequiere  Usted  puede tambien entrar en contacto con el web  site Universal Service AdministrativeCompany en  www lifelinesupport org o llamar elpeajede USAC  libreen 1 888 641 8722     221 DOHONEY TRACE  COLUMBIA  KENTUCKY 42728    378    4141    DuoCounty   TELECOM                                Thursday  July 5  2012    The Adair Progress    Page 7    IN AND AROUND ADAIR COUNTY     I  ZfuuU  to Events 3n     New Flags_   Continued From Page One    HAPPBJING NOW   HgoraBraTONriAgr     Benchmark Family Services   FosterCare Agency  offers free  orientation classes every  Tuesday from 5 00 6 00 to any  one interested in becoming a  foster parent or wishing to  obtain information a bout foster  ing  Location is 200 S  Vine  Street  Somerset  call 606 451   9534 to register for the class  or  to receive a fee info  packet  with no obligation    AQUATIC EXERCISE CLASSES   Aquatic Exercise Classes will  be held at the Russell Springs  City Park  Monday   Wednesday Friday from 9 00   10 00 a m   May 28th through  August 31st  The classes are  sponsored by the Russell  County Hospital Physical  Therapy and classes a re FREE   AC HEAD S1ARXAPPUCAHONS   Adair County Head Start will  continue to accept child  applications for the school  year 2012 2013 over the sum  mer months  Please call cell  number 606 305 5713 to  receive an application or  more information    GRADYVILLE BAPTIST   CHURCH REOPENED  Gradyville Baptist Church at  159 Old Gradyville Church Rd   Gradyville  KY has been  reopened  Sunday School  starting at 9 30 am each  Sunday morning   Prayer  Meeting at 6 00 pm each  Wednesday evening are cur  rently being held  Starting J uly  1st full services each Sunday  morning will include Sunday  School at 9 30 am and  Worship service at 10 45 am  with Prayer meeting at 6 00  pm each Wednesday  Current  schedule for preachers is as  follows  July 8th   Bro  Mark  Bradshaw  from Columbia  KY   J uly 15th   Bro  Tim Cook  from  Alexandria  KY  Everyone is  invited to attend  especially  those who are looking for a  home church  For more infor  mation please contact  Mike  Bennett   Deacon  Phone  270   250 5222  Email  gradyvil   lebaptistchunch  hotmail com  SATURDAY  JULY 7  OUTDOORGOSPEL  SINGING AND PICNIC  Pastor Eugene Tiller  along with  event organizer Betty Fisher  and congregation  invite you  to Greater Hope Christian  Fellowship Church on Hwy  127  in Russell Springs on Sat   July  7th  to this all day gospel sing  ing and fellowship starting at  12 00 noon  All proceedsgo to  the church building fund  All  you can eat   5 00 adults    3 00 children 12 and under   Gospel Singing  12 00 p m  The  Higginbothams  1 00 p m     Living Prayer and Kayla Reese   2 00 p m  New Horizon  3 00  p m  Living Water  4 00 p m    Heavenbound  Door prizes will  be given  Bring your lawn   c ha ins    HARVEY LOY REUNION   The Harvey Loy Family  Reunion will be held at the  Wheet Fellowship Hall   Nazarene Church  Hwy  55 S    Saturday  July 7th starting at  noon  Please bring a covered  dish and a relative  For more  information call 384 3864    FAB GETTDG ETHER  Goa Iba II    An Accessible  Game for the Blind and  Visually Impaired  Please feel  free to join us on J uly 7  2012  at 10 00 a  m   Kenny J ones  at  the Kentucky School for the  Blind  Kentucky Association of  Blind Athletes  Goa Iba II Demo   B  Michael Caudill  Middle  School  Please contact  Rebecca Lewis at  bfljl yahoo com or call 859   432 2572 after 7 00 p m  if you  have any questions    HSHRRY   Mt  Carmel United Methodist  Church will have a fish fry on  Saturday  J uly 7th at 5 00 p m   CT Pastor Lanny Gamer and  congregation invite everyone  to attend    COUNTRY HAM BREAKFAST   Casey Creek Lodge  536   Country Ham Breakfast  July  7th  2012 from 6 00 a m  10 00  a m  Cost is 5 00 perperson   FREE SELF DEFENSE CLASSES  Free self defense classes will  begin on Sat   July 7  2012 at  1 00 p m  Classes will be held  weekly  The classes will be  held at the Columbia Christian  Church  206 Campbellsville  Street  Columbia  KY   Everyone is invited  Classes a re  for all ages  Contact 270 378   0881  Grand Master Rick  Pickens  Master Scott Harris   Instructors  Josh Tucker  Sam  Avery  Chad Snider  Heather  Tucker  Tactical Self Defense  Workshop    SUNDAY  JULY 8  GOSPEL SINGING  The Crossroads Quartet will be  singing at the Mt  Salem  Baptist Church in McKinney     KY on Sunday night  J uly 8th at  5 30 p m    GOSPEL SINGING   Pure Gospel will be singing at  Tabor Community Church   Sunday  J uly 8th at 6 00 p m  Bro   Ralph Hadley and congregation  invite everyone otattend    WEDNESDAY  J ULY 11   PARENTING CLASSES   Lake Cumberland Children s  Advocacy Center is sponsor  ing Free Educational and  Child Abuse Prevention  Parenting Classes at 472 South  Main Street  Jamestown  KY  starting July 11th from 10 00  a m  12 00 CST or Somerset  Mental Health Office  342  Office Park Drive  Columbia   KY starting August 7th from  10 00 a m  12 00  To register  call 270 343 6922 or email   lccac4 duo county  com   SATURDAY  J ULY 14  BERNARD AND IOHNSON   FAMILY REUNION  We are having a family reun  ion for Bernard and J ohnson s   It will be held the 14th of July  at the State Park in Columbia   located on Highway 55 South   If you need more information  call 270 384 0510  cell  270   250 1657 or 270 380 1638  cell   270 634 2431  Everyone is to  bring a covered dish and  come on out and enjoy the  fun and be with family   SUNDAY  J ULY 15  GOSPEL SINGING  The Crossroads Quartet will be  singing at the Jamestown  Baptist Church in Jamestown   KY on Sunday night  J uly 15th  at 6 30 p m    THURSDAY  J ULY 19   CAMPMEETING   Campmeeting 2012 will be  held at Carrying The Torch  Ministries  415 Wain St    Columbia  KY July 19th  through July 22nd  July 19th  and 20th Apostle Curtis Moore  from Dalton  GA will be speak  ing at 6 30 p m  July 21st  through July 22nd  Author   Internation Evangelist Richard  Madison will be speaking  For  more information call 270 634   3684    SATURDAY  JULY 21   GUEST SPEAKER   Richard Madison will be min  istering at Carrying The Torch  Ministries  415 Wain St    Columbia on J uly 21st at 6 30  p m  and July 22nd at 10 00  a m  and 6 00 p m  Live  streaming at www p torch us   For more information call 270   634 3684    SUNDAY  JULY 22   GOSPEL SINGING   The Crossroads Quartet will be  singing at the Trinity United  Methodist Church in  Columbia  KY on Sunday  night  J uly 22nd at 6 00 p m   MONDAY  JULY 23  BALLHANDUNG   SHOOTING  CAMP   A ballhandling and shooting  camp will be held July 23rd    27th from 9 00 a m  to 5 00  p m  at the Community  Christian Church  723 W  5th  St   London  KY 40744  The cost  is  145 00 to  265 00  Contact   Coach C ha ries 404 425 0890  or Coach Kecia 404 731 3648  or info  advantagebasket   ball com    FRIDAY  J ULY 27  HANDY FAMILY REUNION  Descendants of Edward  Washington Handy and Betty   Clark  Handy are planning a  family reunion this summer   Organizersexpect approx  100  family members at teh Handy  Family Reunion this summer at  Kentucky Lake Dam Resort on  July 27th  28th and 29th  The  reunion has been held every  two years in recent years   Registration will be held on the  reunion website or on Friday  and Saturday with a dinner  and program at 6 30 Saturday  evening or by requesting at  HandyReunion net  For more  information  HandyReunion    net or on facebook  Handy  Reunion or shandy hanson   infosys com    SATURDAY  JULY 28   5TH ANNUAL C UMBERLANP   CRUSHERS COACH PITCH   BASEBALLTOURNAMENT   5th Annual Cumberland  Crushers Coach Pitch Classic  Baseball Tournament will be  held on Sat   July 28th in  Russell Springs  KY  ages 8 and  under   125 entry  3 game  minimum  Call Kerry at 270   866 1473 or Brentley at 270   566 2529 for questions entry   Field will be limited to 8 tea ms   AC HS CLASS OF 1962 5QTH   CLASS REUNION  The AC HS C la ss of 1962 is now  planning for their 50th Class  Reunion to be held on J uly 28   2012  Other information will be  mailed once classmates are  located  If you wish to attend  or have contact information  on any classmate  please  contact one of the following    persons  Marsha Walker    384 2243  J im Marshall   866   6231  John Pendleton   384   4190  or Ricky Clutterbuck    384 4863    SUNDAY  JULY 29   GOSPEL SINGING   The Crossroads Quartet will be  singing at the KY State Soil  Conservation Convention in  Louisville  KY at the Mariott  Hotel on Sunday night  July  29th at 5 00 p m    MONDAY  JULY 30   COOPER CLAYTON CLASSES   Want to stop smoking   Cooper Clayton Method Stop  Smoking Classes will be held  on Monday  July 30th at the  Adair County Health Center   Classes begin Monday  July  30th  5 00 6 00 p m  and run  for 12 weeks  Nicotine  replacement provided at a  discount price  Call the Adair  County Health Center at 384   2286 ext  3221 to register   SATURDAY  AUG  4  GREEN FAMILY REUNION  The Green Family Reunion will  be held on Sat   Aug  4th at  the V F W  Hall in Columbia   Potluck dinner around 12 00  noon  Hope to see you there   SUNDAY  AUG  5   WLUAMS REUNION   Descendansts of Oliver Levi  and Laura Ellen Stapp  Williams Reunion will be held  on August 5th  2012 around  noon at the Kendall Park  Shelter below Wolf Creek  Dam  Paperand plastic prod  ucts furnished  Bring family   food and enjoy the day   Don t forget the date  Sun    August 5th  2012   WEDNESDAY  AUG  22   FREE DIABETES C LASSES   You can manage diabetes   Learn how  Classes are FREE   Pre registration required   270   384 2286 Ext  1166  Classes will  be held at the Adair County  Health Department on  Wednesdays from 10 00 a m   to 12 30 p m  CST Class One   August 22nd  Class Two   August 29th  Class Three   September 5th  Class Four   September 12th  Call 270 384   2286 ext  1166 or 1 800 928   4416 ext  1166  Visit the cal  endar on our website at  www lcdhd org for more infor  mation and to see other  classesavailable   MISCELLANEOUS  E BOOK CLASSES AT AC PUBUC  UBRAFY   The AdairCounty Public Ubrary  will be offering ebook service  beginning in May 2012  In order  to check out ebooks  patrons  need an e reader device   NOOK  Kindle  MP3  etc   and  a library card  Watch for more  information coming about this  exciting program   ADAIRCOUNTY PUBUC   UBRARY STORY HOUR  Story Hours at the AdairCounty  Public Library will be  Wednesday at 10 00 a m  and  1 00 p m    2ND CHANCE OUTREACH   2nd Chance Outreach Center  is a non profit Christ centered  addiction recovery program  serving yourlocal community  If  you or someone you know is  struggling with substance  abuse or addictive behaviors  please feel free to call 24 hr for  a free over the phone consul  tation or referral at 1 270 384   9548  or visit us at www   2ndchanceoutreach com    FREE SPAY OR NEUTER  Green River Animal Welfare  League will pay to spay or neu  ter your cat or dog for FREE if  you are 65 years or older and  live in Adair  Russell or Metcalfe  County  This offer is good for  any dog orcat you own  how  ever it was acquired  To be eli  gible  you must fill out an appli  cation and include proof of  age and residency   Applications are available at  Chamber of Commerce  201  Burkesville Street  Columbia  KY  or County Clerk s Office  424  Public Square    SEARCHING FOR ANYONE WHO   SERVED JN THE 2ND INFANTRY  DIVISION   The Second  Indianhead   Division Association is searching  for anyone who ever served in  the 2nd Infantry Division at any  time  For more information  about the association and our  annual reunion in Reno   Nevada from August 23 27   2012  visit our website at  www 2ida org or contact the  association s secretary treas  urer  Bob Haynes  at  2idahq comcast  net or 224   225 1202    VENTED   UPA Vision  a non profit organi  zation is constructing a school  to train medical missionaries in  Breeding  KY and is in need of  your donations  We urgently  need building equipment and  materials  Used and unused  A  receipt will be provided for    your tax write offs  Please con  tact Rubin Molina at 616 633   2620 or Nelson at 270 320 1985   ALL YOU EATHSH FRY  The Knights of Columbus wel  come everyone to their All  You Can Eat Fish Fry    every  Friday from now through  March 30th from 4 30 to 7 00  p m  in St  Helen Parish Center  at 230 Cavalry Drive in  Glasgow  Come for delicious  fish and heartwarming  Christian fellowship  Have fried  fish  baked fish  or both   Choose from a great selection  of side dishes and desserts    8 50 for adults   4 00 for  youngsters 4 to 12  and kids  under4eatfree    NS  l BP V OH C HMETHTY  We need help to keep the  Hood Cemetery mowed and  cleaned  It s time for mowing  to start  Contact Lucy Yarberry  at 270 385 9558   ADULTLEARNING CENTER  The Adult Learning Center is  looking for 60 people who  need to improve their Basic  Skills  Math  Reading or  Language   to earn a GED  or  to obtain an NCRC  National  Career Readiness Certificate    If you are one of the first 20  people that completes the  enrollment process by May  30th  your name will be put in  a drawing for 2 buffets at  Betty s OK Country Cooking   To make an appointment call  270 384 4497  Hours  Monday  and Wednesday 8 00 4 00   Tuesday and Thursday 8 00   6 00  Fridays8 00 12 00    CLASS OF 1982   The Class of 1982 from Adair  County High School has  scheduled a planning meet  ing to begin preparations for  the 30th class reunion   Anyone who can provide  contact information for any  c la ssma te of the c la ss of 1982   please call Alice  Keen  Curry  at 384 9288  Charlene  Cole   J ac kson at 634 4686  Steve  Burton at 384 7982 or LeeAnn  J essee at 384 9365   NECCO FOSTERPARENTORI     ENTATION   Necco   Foster Parent  Orientation  2nd Tuesday of  each month  Trinity Life  Center  5 30 7 30  Misty Wade   606 772 1030  No obligation   free information     flags should be left out over the  course of the year  Rhonda Loy  said that if the flags were left out  for more than 60 days out of the  year  they would need to be  replaced annually    There was some discussion  about what weeks to have the  flags out before Jim Hadley  spoke up  suggesting that the  flags be left out year round  I  think we owe it to the ones that  have fought and the ones that  are fighting today  said Hadley   Lets put them up new every  year and fly them all year long   Hadley followed with a  challenge to the council to put  up a hundred dollars each to  purchase flags  as he handed  Rhonda Loy a hundred dollar  bill on the spot  The council  agreed to the pledge  but the  decision about how long to leave  flags out throughout the year  was not resolved    In other business at Monday  nights relatively brief meeting  the council    Heard from Clayton Hadley   owner of the new Ice House on  Jamestown Street  Hadley  appealed to the council to help  clean up the parking lot that his  business is located in  where  litter and vandalism have  become a problem   Police  Chief Jason Cross  has had some  men sitting out there  said  Mayor Harris  adding that  people usually just wait until  theyre safely past the cruisers  before they toss their trash out  of the vehicle  Hadley also    asked if the citys street sweeper  could be used in the parking lot  for a fee  but Harris said it could  not  since the parking lot was  private property    The last issue that Hadley  brought up was that of a  building permit that he had paid  for but hadnt yet been issued by  building inspector Carly Fudge   Well be glad to call and see  about that  Harris said in  response    Forgave Renaissance of  Columbia for the loan they were  paying back to the city  In light  of the budget cuts that were  made I make a motion to forgive  them of the loan they received  from us  said June Parson   Craig Dean seconded  before  Parson one upped Jim Hadley  by pledging  200 of her own  money to Renaissance  a pledge  she challenged each of the other  council members to match    Re appointed Tommy Steele  to the Parks and Recreation  Board  Craig Dean commented  that Steele has asked to be  replaced on the Board due to  time constraints  but for the time  being he is still on it  Tony  Grider added that he is going to  try to talk Steele into staying on   commending him for the work  he has done with Parks and  Recreation so far    Approved the minutes from  the regular June meeting  as well  as the three special called budget  meetings in June    All council members were  present for the meeting     Renaissance  Columbia To  Host Parking  Lot Cookout    Renaissance Columbia will be holding a parking lot  cookout this Friday  July 6th in the Municipal Building  parking lot    The cookout will be from 10 30 a m  until 1 p m  and  the meal will include your choice of a hamburger or  cheeseburger  chips  drink and dessert  The cost is  5 00    Call ahead at 384 2501 and your orders will be ready  when you get there      102 Bluegrass Dr  in Bluegrass  Estates  Located in one of Columbia s most  desirable neighbor hoods with the convenience  of town and close proximity to the schools  this  home has been recently remodeled with many  improvements including new roof  gutters and  trim  garage doors  exterior lighting  flooring   paint and more  This 3 to 4 bedroom  2 bath  brick home  features a large family room with  built in desk and cabinetry  vaulted ceiling  bay  window and fireplace with gas insert  finished  basement with ceramic tile floors  and 2 car  garage  House has 1564 sq  ft living space on  first floor with 776 sq  ft  in the basement   Property is beautifully land scaped with new  landscaping and has a fenced in backyard   concrete driveway and an additional lot in the  back for added privacy and space  Call today to  view this magnificent home in a great location      Just Listed      1083 Lee Street  This home has  3 bedrooms  eat in kitchen  great  room  new central heat and air unit   one year old   full basement  and  concrete drive  All city utilities  Home  qualifies for 100  financing for  qualified buyers  Reasonably priced      106 Lowe s Lane  This mid century modern home has  recently been updated  Home features three bedrooms   office  living room  dining room  3 1 2 baths  The new   modern kitchen has custom maple cabinets  granite  countertops  a walk in pantry  breakfast area  hickory  wood flooring and gas fireplace  The basement is finished  with carpet  closets  storage and full bath  Home also has  a sunroom and Iwo car garage with storage room  This   home has many unique features  imported natural stone flooring  two fireplaces  Italian lighting   cathedral ceilings  floor to ceiling glass windows  natural wood beams  iron work and a P A   system throughout  The property includes two acres fully landscaped  a circle drive  large  detached storage building  an in ground pool with slide and covered patio  Home still has  almost all the original fixtures and is a great structuretruly one of Columbia s most unique  homes  Call us for your appointment to view this lovely home today      306 Austin Trace  This 3 or 4 bedroom  home is located in Hyatt Heights Subdivision   approximately six miles North of Columbia off  Hwy  55  House has 2 1 2 baths  formal dining  room  great room  large master suite with large  master bath  walk in closet  hardwood floors in  great room  dining room  foyer  and kitchen   bedrooms have carpet  Two bedrooms and a  bonus room are upstairs  Home features large  utility room  two car garage  basement   fireplace  patio and nice landscaping on a 1 3  acre lot  Call for your appointment to see this  lovely home     1296 Woodland Trail  This home is  located in the Coburg Community of  Green County  approximately 8 miles  northwest of Columbia  Home features  three bedrooms  two full baths  hardwood  flooring  great room  large spacious  kitchen with dining area  a large utility  room  two car garage  screened in back  porch and central heat air  some  appliances stay  Home has had only one  owner and is sitting on 6 7 acres of land  ideal for horses  Call us to view this very  clean  very nice unique property      Colonial Village  3 Miles on 55  North  Newly constructed classic 3  bedroom  2 1 2 bath home on a acre  M L lot and mature trees  This NEW home  features an open living dining kitchen  area with hardwood floors and crown  moulding  Kitchen has custom built   glazed maple cabinets and granite  counter tops  Bathrooms have tile flooring  and custom cabinets  9 foot ceilings  throughout the home  Spacious closets   Master suite has a large walk in closet  and bathroom and tiled shower  This  home has a concrete drive  2 car garage  upstairs with 2 garage doors and  openers  Wood deck and great views   Walk out basement and concrete patio  and 1 car garage  Call Cindi at 378   1696 for your appointment today      109 College Park  This 3 bedroom   handicap accessible home  no steps   offers 2  large full baths  great room  kitchen  eating  room  utility room and office  one car garage   covered back porch  front porch  and concrete  drive  Home is ready to move into  Excellent  location  Near hospital and Lindsey Wilson  College      A Full Service Real Estate Co    Public Auctions  Estate Auctions  PM Sales   RICHARD L  WALKER Broker   Auctioneer   Call Richard at 634 0135     WALKER  REALTY   AUCTION SERVICE    BILLY WALKER Sales Associate 634 1850  MARSHA WALKER Broker Associate   TAMMY STOTTS Sales Associate 270 634 7677  DICKY WALKER   Sales Associate   270 384 1061  CINDI WAGGENER   Sales Associate   270 378 1696    107 Burkesville St   Columbia  Ky  42728  270 384 3661   www walker realty com                                                                                Page 8    The Adair Progress    Thursday  July 5  2012    Bull Run Music Fes t Continued From Page One    After a break for the heat   music resumed later in the  afternoon with Mudd River and  Kenton Bryant  then as the  temperature began to cool down  as evening approached  John  Capps got things started again    Following an auction of  donated items  the host band   Salvage Town  which includes  the main event organizer Easton  Bryant  took over  and their  rousting performance set the  stage for the featured act of the  evening  a reunion performance  by the Classic Sterlings    The band  which gained a  statewide following in the 1960s  playing the club circuit  featured  three original members   Jerry  Pyles  Tony Loy and Mark    Zeke Pyles  plus drummer  Bobby Coffey  were playing  together for only the third time  since their heyday  Their stirring  renditions of Louie  Louie   House of the Rising Sun   Hang On Sloopy  Memphis   Its All Right and other  classics delighted the crowd of  over 500   many of them the  older set that were their fans in  the 1960s    In addition to the music  the  event included plenty of free  food   cooked by volunteers  manning their cookers in the  sizzling heat   raffles  t shirt  sales  and hot air balloon rides   The balloon rides  given by pilot  Doug Robertson of Bowling  Green  proved to be a very    popular attraction  with  passengers traveling in the air 80  feet on tethers    Everything went pretty  well  Easton Bryant said in a  telephone interview Monday   The heat kept the crowd down  during the day  but thats  understandable    Weve still got contributions  coming in  but it looks like  were going to raise around   8 500  9 000  he continued   It was a successful event  as all  the beneficiaries are better off  now than they were    The money raised at the  music fest will go to Kosair  Childrens Hospital  Relay For  Life and the American Cancer  Society  and Randall Grant and    family    Bryant said that they truly  appreciated all the people who  volunteered for the festival    We had people contacting us   wanting to know what they  could do to help out  he said   It also brought people together  that might not get together  otherwise  We had a lot of  people come from out of town   Bryant said people are already  talking about next years music  fest  and theyre already making  plans to make it an even better  one      JONNY 2 GOOD  harmonica player for the Salvation  Street Blues Trio  created some mournful tunes during  his groups performance       THE SALVATION STREET BLUES TRIO braved the heat to perform a set to kick off  Saturdays music at the third annual Bull Run Charity Music Fest     THE CLASSIC STERLINGS was the big attraction at this years Bull Run Charity  Music Fest  The popular band from the 1960s reunited to play a set of classics   Band members are  from left  Mark Pyles  Tony Loy and Jerry Pyles  with Bobby  Coffey in back on drums   Photo courtesy of Jennifer Kemp     Making the Ordinary     THE LOCAL BAND In the Middle of Nowhere performed at the music fest on Friday  night   Photo courtesy of Jennifer Kemp     THE SALVAGE TOWN band  which is the host band for the Bull Run Charity Music  Fest  performed to a large crowd Saturday night  Easton Bryant  at left  and his  family began the charity event three years ago     Columbia Adair Countys newest restaurant is sure to impress with  delicious food  elegant atmosphere and superb attention to service  and detail  WilliamsTs is the perfect place to hold a business lunch   have a casual dinner or celebrate a special occasion      Wednesday is   0  LAjl VLA J  J y   Night   Making William Ts a great place  to dine before church services    Order anything from the menu  or eat from the buffet and we will  have your meal served to you quickly    And dont forget  William Ts  has a great kids menu          275 Country Club Road  Columbia  Ky  Hours  Sunday Lunch 11 a m  2 p m  CT  Monday Lunch   11 a m  2 p m  CT  closed for dinner both evenings  Tuesday thru Saturday    1 a m  8 p m  CT               2 on 270 8 M01 K i maiUianilettm lindseedu                JOHN CAPPS performed  Saturday night at the  music fest  This is the  third straight year that  Capps  who is originally  from Burkesville  has  played at the charity  event     FOOD FOR THE HUNGRY   Blake Hatcher  left  and  Jacody Downey put two  more pans of meat into  their cooker as they  prepared food for the  crowd at the music fest      SISTER ACT  Watching the bands perform at the music  fest Saturday night were three of the Compton sisters   Tammy Sexton  left  Rhonda Cox  center  and Marsha  Napier and her husband Jim     IsGOUTa pain  Now is the time to act    Clinical research studies are enrolling Gout sufferers   Gout is a type of arthritis    It often comes and goes  with attacks of pain  redness and swelling in one or more joints  Over time   these  attacks  may become more frequent and severe  even leading to joint damage    While there is no known cure  medical research is working to find answers    Join now and receive study related medical care for your gout    As a study participant  you will receive     Close monitoring of your gout    Investigational medication at no cost     Study related medical care and tests at no cost   You should know that     You don t need to be having a gout attack now to participate    The study doctor will see you monthly over the next 6 to 14 months    Your medical information is kept strictly confidential  unless given your permission or except as required by law   You may also be provided compensation to cover your time and travel expenses    Visit www KentuckyGoutStudy net or Call 1 888 854 4035                                              Thursday  July 5  2012    The Adair Progress    Page B1     Wes Feese   Sports Writer    Adair County 12 Year Old All   Stars Win First Round of District    The Adair County 12 Year  Old Little League All Star team  won their first game of the  district tournament Monday  night in Jamestown  Adair  County scored five runs to South  Hardins four to take home the    first round victory  Players on  the team are Lonnie Grant  Luke  Stephens  Mason Carter  Kyle  Estes  Brady Cowan  Cody  Hourigan  Lonnie Grant  Gabe  Cowan  James Owens  Grant  Robertson  Baylor Giles  Luke    Stephens  and Tyler Smith  The  team is coached by Lonnie  Hourigan  Doug Cowan  and  Daryl Carter  The team was  scheduled to play Wednesday   July 4 2012  Results will appear  in next Thursdays issue      Lead off hitter Lonnie Grant went 4 4 at the plate in the Adair Countys All Star 5 4  win over South Hardin  Grant scored two runs and had three singles and a triple      Cody Hourigan blasts one for a basehit in Monday nights 5 4 District win over  South Hardin  Hourigan would score the winning run on an exciting play which  found Gabe Cowan in the hot box allowing Hourigan to make it home before the  third out was made      Starting All Star pitcher Mason Carter pitched five full innings and the first out of  the sixth in Adair Countys first round win in the District Tournament      Gabe Cowan turns to make the throw to first after fielding the ball on the thirdbase  line to help secure Adair Countys win over South Hardin in their first game of the  District Tournament     Need Health Coverage           Z                  rrv    Affordable Individual Coverage Ideal For      Individual   Families    COBRA Alternative    Independent Contractors    Self Employed    Part Time Employees   Small Business Owners    Apply now over the phone in as little as 10 minutes    Call Authorized Agent    Chelsea Luckey today      Toll Free   866  862 0825  or  502  889 3182   Apply Now  www luckeyhealthinsurance com  Chelsea Luckey anthem com   Your Local Source for Affordable Health Coverage    Anthem   BlueCross BlueShield      Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name of Anthem Health Plans of Kentucky  Inc  Independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association   ANTHEM is a registered trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies  Inc  The Blue Cross and Blue Shield names and symbols are registered marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association                                                      Linda Alison Watson and Wayne Allen Tester    Watson Tester To Be Married   Jerry and Dee Watson are pleased to announce the upcoming  marriage of their daughter  Linda Alison Watson  to Wayne Allen  Tester  the son of Mike Tester and Judi Tester    Alison is the granddaughter of Opal Watson of Columbia and the  late T M   Buck  Watson and the late Dr  and Mrs  Joseph R   Griffitt    Wayne is the grandson of George and the late Jo An Austin of  Columbia and Bill and Pealma Tester of Michigan    An outdoor wedding is planned on the patio of the Lure Lodge  Activity Center at Lake Cumberland State Resort Park on Sunday   July 8  2012 at 6 00 p m  A reception will follow immediately after  the wedding in the Activity Center  All family and friends are  invited to attend  No formal invitations will be sent      Bobby and Shirley Morrison    Morrisons Celebrate 50th   The children and grandchildren of Bobby and Shirley Morrison  request the honor of your presence to the celebration of their 50th  wedding anniversary at the parlor of the Columbia Christian  Church  206 Campbellsville Street  Columbia  KY on July 15th   2012 from 1 00   3 00 p m  CDT  No gifts please    If youre unable to attend but would like to send a card  their  address is  76 Will Walker Lane  Columbia  KY 42728      The Braggs and The Hoskins    Morrisons Celebrate 50th   Please join us to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Braggs  and The Hoskins on Sunday  July 8th  2012  anytime between 2 00    4 00 p m   CST   at the Adair County Annex Building Basement   424 Public Square  Columbia  KY 42728  Drop by and visit with  us  The couples shared a wedding day  July 11th  1987     We want to express our sincere thanks to  everyone for the acts of kindness shown  to us after the passing of our dear sister    ELVIA BAILEY STINSON   Special thanks to Stotts Phelps McQueary  Funeral Home and Bro  Herbert Janes    Bradford Bailey  Doris Burton  and Kathreen Branham     CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC     Education       ca Me  Keovb   A Family Affair     Jeremy Ross Hutchison Lara Paige Hutchison    Siblings Graduate  On The Same Day   Jeremy Ross Hutchison received his Juris Doctorate from Mercer  University School of Law in Macon  Georgia on May 12  2012    Lara Paige Hutchison received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in  Communications from Lindsey Wilson College  Columbia   Kentucky on May 12  2012    Ross and Paiges parents are Larry and Cheri Hutchison of  Columbia  Kentucky and grandparents are Bobby and Wanda Beard  and Bobby and the late Lois Hutchison     Wooldridge Receives Degree From  Hie Ohio State University College  Of Medicine And Public Health     Adam Neal Wooldridge of Columbia  Kentucky received a  Doctor of Medicine degree and Master of Public Health degree  from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public  Health on Thursday  June 7  2012  at ceremonies held on the  Medical School campus in Columbus  Ohio  Dr  Wooldridge  received the honor being inducted into the Landacre Research  Honor Society  He is the son of  John and Marty Wooldridge of  Columbia  Kentucky  He is the  grandson of Pauline and the late  Leonard Cheatham  Barbara  Wooldridge  and Neal and Cindy  Wooldridge  He was hooded by  his wife  Dr  Kerry Katz  Dr    Katz is an Obstetrics and  Gynecology resident in her  fourth year of residency at The  Wexner Medical Center at The  Ohio State University    Dr  Wooldridge graduated  Summa Cum Laude from the  University of Kentucky in 2006  with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Bachelor of Arts in  Chemistry    Following graduation  Dr  Wooldridge will serve his residency in  Orthopaedic Surgery at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences  Center in Lubbock  Texas  Following completion of the five year  residency program  Dr  Wooldridge plans to pursue a Fellowship in  Orthopaedic Oncology before entering academic practice       Happy 7th  Birthday   July 5 th   Corey   Harmon   Love you   Granny   Papa      Left to right  Rita Marshall  ACRTA Vice President and  LWC representative  Jordan Grant  LWC student  Cathy  Grant  parent     Grant Awarded Scholarship   The Adair County Retired Teachers Association awarded Jordan  Grant a  500 scholarship to Lindsey Wilson College  Jordan is an  Adair County student majoring in Elementary Education  Lindsey  Wilson College holds a special place in the hearts of the Adair  County Retired Teachers Association  The scholarship provides an  opportunity for the retired teachers to demonstrate our love for  education and pass on that passion to a future teacher     Bowling Given Technical  College Announces Deans List   The following Bowling Green Technical College students were  named to the deans list for the Spring 2012 semester  Students  must have a grade point average of 3 5 or higher for the deans list    Honored from Adair County are  Barbara Mae McGuffin  and  Timothy Wayne Moss    Every year  the Kentucky Community and Technical College  System provides real opportunity to real peopletransforming the  economy of the entire state by transforming the lives of the people  who live in it  Help us continue transforming lives in our states  economy by joining the Kentuckians for Community and Technical  Colleges at kctcs edu     Gradyville Resident Named  To Berea College Deans List   Gradyville resident Jacob A  Leibeck has been named to the  Spring 2012 Deans List at Berea College  A student is named to  the Deans List who achieves a GPA of 3 2 or higher for a minimum  course load equivalent to 16 semester hours    Berea College  located in Berea  Ky   is a non denominational   comprehensive college that offers Bachelors degrees in 32 majors   including arts and sciences and select professional programs  as  well as independent majors designed by students to mirror approved  majors at other colleges  Every student receives a tuition  scholarship for cost of education and works at least 10 hours a week  to pay living expenses  Berea College offers a high quality  liberal  arts education to students who have great promise but limited  economic resources  Founded upon inclusive Christian principles in  1855  Berea College was the first interracial and coeducational  college in the South  The College promotes understanding and  kinship among all people  service to communities in Appalachia  and beyond  and sustainable living practices that set an example of  new ways to conserve our limited natural resources  More  information about Berea can be found at www berea edu     Kalli Jade    June 28 th  We love you   Daddy  Jeremy   Joie    Happy 7 th I   Birthday      Christopher Dale  Coomer   Yeah  we know youre  rollin but we are  its just  over  the  hill     Happy 40 th Birthday   July 7 th   Love your family         Kalli  on June 28 th you  turned 7 years old    Happy Birthday    We are so proud of you  donating to Locks of Love  three times    Love  Uncle Danny    Aunt Nessa  Uncle Kelvin    Uncle Rodney   H i    Happy 7  Birthday   Kalli on June 28 th  Qpw to our beautiful   granddaughter     v  Pa   Meme                                                                                Thursday  July 5  2012    The Adair Progress    Page B3      KPN  Public Notice     1    PN  Public Notice       huge estate yard sale    YARD SALE  4 PARTY AT YARD SALE  723 JULY 6  5 P M   8 P M     R  House For Rent   WANTED TO BUY OLD  POST CARDS  Old    KPN  Public Notice      NOTICE TO  CREDITORS    Administration has been  granted by the Adair  County District Court  upon the following estates    Thomas B  Giles   deceased  Jeffrey Giles   310 Hwy  361  Crane  IN  47522  Executor    Jay den Louie Tyler  Monday  a Minor  Tammy  M  Wright  1310 Ray  Williams Rd   Knifley  KY  42753  Guardian    Wilma Morgan    deceased  Ronnie Morgan   6321 Liberty Rd    Columbia  KY 42728   Administrator    Danny Antle  deceased   Janet Antle  150 State Park  Rd   Columbia  KY 42728   Executrix    Maxine Riddle    deceased  Kenneth I   Riddle  110 College Park   Columbia  KY 42728   Executor    John Edmonson   Humkey  deceased  John  Kenneth Humkey  2701  North Mill Ave   Apt  61   Bowling Green  KY  42104  Executor    James Nolan Cundiff   deceased  Betty J  Cundiff   3680 Sulphur Springs  Road  Columbia  KY  42728  Executrix    All persons having  claims against said estates  are notified to present  them to the Executor or  Administrator verified  according to law not later  than six  6  months from  date of this notice    Dennis Loy  Clerk  Adair Circuit Court    KPN  Public Notice     On July 20  2012 at  12 00 P M  CST  the  Board of Trustees for the  Adair County Public  Hospital District  in  accordance with KRS  216 335  will consider and  vote upon a resolution  reinstating an ad valorem  tax to support the  operation of the Adair  County Public Hospital  District and Westlake  Regional Hospital  The  vote will take place at 901  Westlake Drive    Columbia  Kentucky  42728  The proposed ad  valorem tax rate is 3 7  cents per each  100 of  assessed property value   and the funds raised from  the tax will be used to pay  the current financial  liabilities of the Hospital  District and Westlake  Regional Hospital  The  Board of Trustees will  hear public testimony  before its scheduled vote   on July 19th at 9 00 A M   CST at the Trinity Family  Life Center  2418  Campbellsville Road   Columbia  Kentucky  42728  A complete copy  of the proposed resolution  is available at the  Administrative Office of  the Adair County Hospital  District d b a Westlake  Regional Hospital  901  Westlake Drive    Columbia  Kentucky  42728     All real estate advertised  herein is subject to the  Federal Fair Housing Act   which makes it illegal to  advertise any preference   limitation or discrimination  based on race  color   religion  sex  handicap   familial status or national  origin  or intention to make  any such preferences   limitations or discrimination   State laws forbid  discrimination in the sale   rental or advertising of real  estate based on factors in  addition to those protected  under federal law  We will  not knowingly accept any  advertising for real estate  which is in violation of the  law  All persons are hereby  informed that all  dwellings advertised  are available  on an equal  opportunity basis     ft    EQUAL HOUSING   OPPORTUNITY    FINAL   SETTLEMENTS   Chasity Bennett    Administratrix of Casey  Bennett Estate and Robert  L  Bertram  Executor of  Natrie Frankum Estate  have filed their final  settlements to lay over  until the third Monday in  July 2012 for exceptions    Dennis Loy  Clerk  Adair Circuit Court    NOTICE OF  BOND SALE   The Adair County  School District Finance  Corporation  will until  11 30 A M   EDST  on  July 17  2012  receive in  the office of the Kentucky  School Facilities   Construction  Commission  Suite 102   229 W  Main Street   Frankfort  Kentucky  40601  competitive bids  for its  12 885 000  School Building Revenue  Bonds  Series of 2012   dated July 1  2012    maturing August 1  2013  through 2032  Specific  information and required  Official Bid Form  available in POS at  www rsamuni com from  Ross  Sinclaire    Associates  LLC  NON  BQ  Legal Opinion   Steptoe   Johnson PLLC   Louisville  KY     MODERN DESIGN Beauty  Shop  1003 Greensburg  St  Thursday  Friday and  Saturday  Lots of name  brand clothes  small  appliances   miscellaneous items too  numerous to mention   7 00 a m        EE  Free    6 PARTY YARD SALE  88  FRANKLIN RD   R S  270   866 2601  Sat   7 7 12   Household items    clothes  washer  dryer   pie safe  etc     MITCHELL STREET  HOME   OF Donna Bivens    Thurs   Fri  and Sat   July  5  6 and 7  7 a m  to    Ladies clothes size M L   XL lots of plus sizes and  medium  Baby girl  clothes size NB 2 and  baby boy s clothes  size  NB 3  Girl crib set with  mobile  high chair   swing  lots of misc   household items  dishes     4 PARTY YARD SALE  50  DWIGHT CURRY RD     located off of Bull Run  Rd   Fri  and Sat   July 6  and 7 from 7 a m     Kid s clothes sizes  newborn 3t girls  boy s S   L  men s M L  women s  0 18  toys  shoes  purses   scrubs and lots more     YARD SALE  FRI   SAT    JULY 6 AND 7  6 1 2   miles South 61 pass Wal   Mart  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80M2M523   HVAC License M00717    NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR  BEAUTIFUL  BRAND NEW APARTMENTS   OPENING SOON       ELIZABETH LODGE in Columbia   off Greenhills Road  2 BR Units    475 month  ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED   W D Hookups  Dishwasher   Microwave  Central Heat Air  Call 1 270 259 6510    Ext  25 for info   One person must be 55 or older    FAMILY SUPPORT WORKER  HOME VISITOR    The Lake Cumberland District Health  Department  LCDHD  is accepting applications  for full time vacancies as Family Support  Worker  Home Visitor   Starting Salary  8 10  per hour  Excellent benefits and work hours   plus state retirement  Employment conditional  pending clearance of criminal background  check     Applications and full listing of qualifications  may be obtained at local health department OR  online at www lcdhd org  Completed  application and transcript  in duplicate   must be submitted to LCDHD  500 Bourne  Avenue  Somerset  KY  606 678 4761 by  4 30 p m   ET  July 12  2012  Resume will  not substitute for completed application     Equal Opportunity Employer         8      I am a Debt  Relief Agency     r    A D A N T A    A    I help people file for  bankruptcy relief   under the bankruptcy code     Tim Berry  Falls   Attorney at Law  Ch  7   Ch  13  Bankruptcy    300 E  Broadway  Campbellsville  Ky  42718    270   789 4902   1   800   741 2031    Attention All Foster Parents New or Current     Love Children     Would you like to make a positive difference in the life  of a child as a Foster Parent     Come join us for a Foster Parent Open House at Adantas Adair Clinic on  200 East Frazier Ave  in Columbia  Kentucky on July 16  from 2 00pm     5 00pm     Enjoy free refreshments and allow our staff to showcase our program and  answer any questions you may have     V    BEING A FOSTER PARENT IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A POSITIVE  DIFFERENCE IN A PERSONS LIFE AND IS A VERY REWARDING JOB    The Adanta Group  a contractor with the Dept  of Community Based Services  provides behavioral  health residential services with state and federal funds    E O E      _The Adair   stl Progress        SubtcZibe  To    To Receive  The News  All Year Long     Your Subscription Includes 24  Hour Access to the  Adair Progress Online and Breaking News Updates      For Those  Living  in Adair    Surrounding  Counties     Sports  Classifieds  Obituaries  Special Interest     Education  Spotlights  Local Events  Editorial     For those  living  elsewhere  in Kentucky    out of staie    Fill out the form below and mail along with proper payment to   The Adair Progress  Inc   98 Grant Lane  Columbia KY 42728    f       11 00 for those living in Adair and surrounding counties    24 00 for those living elsewhere in Kentucky and out of state    Enclosed is   for   Name   yr  subscription to    Address   Adair Progress   Apt  No    City   New Subscription   Renewal   State   Zip Code    Phone Number                                                                                                                                              Page B4    The Adair Progress    Thursday  July 5  2012    NOTICE   Notice is hereby given that Kentucky Utilities Company seeks approval by the Public Service Commission   Frankfort  Kentucky of an adjustment of electric rates and charges proposed to become effective on and  after August 1  2012  subject to the Stay Ouf Commitment in Article 1 1 1 of the Settlement Agreement  approved in September 30 2010 Public Service Commission Order in Case No  2010 00204  under which  the change in rates may be filed with the Public Service Commission during 2012  but not take effect  before January 1  2013     KU CURRENT AND PROPOSED ELECTRIC RATES  Residential Service   Rate RS     Current   Proposed   Basic Service Charge per Month     8 50    13 00   Energy Charge per kWh     0 06987    0 07235   Volunteer Fire Department Service     Rate VFD    Current   Prooosed   Basic Service Charge per Month     8 50    13 00   Energy Charge per kWh     0 06987    0 07235    General Service   Rate GS     Current   Proposed   Basic Service Charge     per Meter Per Month      Single Phase    17 50    20 00   Three Phase    32 50    35 00   Energy Charge per kWh     0 08332    0 08678    Availability of Service  Text changes clarify that demand component of eligibility for taking service under  this rate will be calculated on 12 month average of monthly maximum loads  Also clarifies that a customer  taking service under this rate schedule who ceases to take service hereunder must meet eligibility require  ments of new customer to again take service under this rate schedule    Determination of Maximum Load  New provision states how maximum load will be measured     All Electric School   Rate AES    Basic Service Charge  per Meter Per Month    C wigni   Proposed   Single Phase    17 50    20 00   Three Phase    32 50    35 00   Energy Charge per kwh     0 06670    0 07060    Availability of Service  Text change clarifies that customer taking sen ice under this rate schedule who  later ceases to take such service may not again take service under this rate schedule because it is closed     Power Service   Rate PS    Secondary Service   Current   Proposed   Basic Service Charge  per Month     90 00    90 00      Demand Charge  per kW per month of     billing demand    Summer Rate  May through September     13 90    14 40   Winter Rate  All Other Months     11 65    12 10    Primary Service   Current   Proposed   Basic Service Charge  per Month     90 00    125 00   Energy Charge  per kWh      0 03300     0 03349   m ii 3 iiTs un m m t  ren aYiimmsTTfl in     billing demand    Summer Rate  May through September     13 72     14 75     11 45     12 73   Availability of Service  Text changes clarity that   demand component o   eligibility for taking service    this rate will be calculated on 12 month average of monthly maximum loads  Also clarifies that a customer  taking service under this rate schedule who ceases to take service hereunder must meet eligibility require  ments of new customer to again take service under this rate schedule     iiniB urudy acw   llllEJA SlsiKllSlsaAl UsaAS    Basic Service Charge  per Month     200 00    200 00      0 03490     0 03590   Maximum Load Charge  per kW per month      Peak Demand Period     3 89     4 50   Intermediate Demand Period     2 43     2 80   Base Demand Period     3 05     3 50    this rate will be calculated on 12 month average of monthly maximum loads     Time of Dav Primary Service Rate TODP     Current   Proposed   Basic Service Charge  per Month     300 00    300 00   Energy Charge  per kWh      0 03522     0 03557   Maximum Load Charge  per kVA per month      Peak Demand Period     3 67    I 05 i      2 31    1 270   Base Demand Period     1 28     1 60    Availability of Service  Text changes clarify that demand component of eligibility for taking service under  this rate will be calculated on 12 month average of monthly maximum loads     Retail Transmission Service Rate RTS     Current   Proposed   Basic Service Charge  per Month     500 00    750 00   Energy Charge  per kWh      0 03414     0 03408   Maximum Load Charge  per kVA per month         334     330   Intermediate Demand Period     2 30     2 90   Base Demand Period     0 85     1 30    Availability of Service  Text changes clarify that demand component of eligibility for taking service under  this rate will be calculated on 12 month average of monthly maximum loads     Fluctuating Load Service   Rate FLS     Primary Service   Current   Proposed     500 00    750 00      5 6  5341     1 6 03416      Peak Demand Period     230     Z40   intermediate Demand Period     m     1 44   Base Demand Period     TT57     1 75    Transmission Service   Current   Proposed   Basic Service Charge  per Month     500 00    750 00   Energy Charge  per kWh      0 02947     0 03092   IMaximum Load Charge  per kVA per month    Peak Demand Period     2 30     2 40   Intermediate Demand Period   5 Oi   f 1 44   Base Demand Period     0 82     1 00    Current    Where     1  the monthly billing demand for the Primary Peak and Intermediate Demand Periods is the greater of    a  the maximum measured load in the current billing period  or   b  a minimum of 60  of the highest billing demand in the preceding eleven  11  monthly billing  periods  and   the monthly billing demand for the Primary Base Demand Period is the greater of    a  the maximum measured load in the current billing period but not less than 20 000 kVA  or   b  a minimum of 75  of the highest billing demand in the preceding eleven  11  monthly billing  periods  or   c  a minimum of 75  of the contract capacity based on the maximum load expected on the  system or on facilities specified by Customer    2  the monthly billing demand for the Transmission Peak and Intermediate Demand Periods is the  greater of    a  the maximum measured load in the current billing period  or   b  a minimum of 40  of the highest billing demand in the preceding eleven  11  monthly billing  periods  and   the monthly billing demand for the Transmission Base Demand Period is the greater of    a  the maximum measured load in the current billing period but not less than 20 000 kVA  or   b  a minimum of 40  of the highest billing demand in the preceding eleven  11  monthly billing   periods  or   c  a minimum of 40  of the contract capacity based on the maximum load expected on the  system or on facilities specified by Customer    Pro posed    Where    the monthly billing demand for the Peak and Intermediate Demand Periods is the greater of    a  the maximum measured load in the current billing period  or   b  a minimum of 50  of the highest billing demand in the preceding eleven  11  monthly billing  periods  and   the monthly billing demand for the Base Demand Period is the greater of    a  the maximum measured load in the current billing period but not less than 20 000 kVA  or   b  a minimum of 75  of the highest billing demand in the preceding eleven  11  monthly billing  periods  or   c  a minimum of 75  of the contract capacity based on the maximum load expected on the  system or on facilities specified by Customer     Street Lighting Service   Rate ST  LT   and   Private Outdoor Lighting   Rate P  O  LT    Street Lighting Service  Rate ST LT    Sheet No  35  and Private Outdoor Lighting Service  Rate P O LT     Sheet No  36  are being reorganized into two rate schedules  The first schedule will be named Lighting  Services  Rate LS  and will be a consolidation of lighting fixtures currently offered  The second schedule  will be named Restricted Lighting Service  Rate RLS  and will be a consolidation of lighting fixtures that  are in service but no longer available for new or replacement installations  The current and proposed  rates are presented below based on the lights to be included in Rate LS and Rate RLS  The lights  proposed to be contained in the specific schedule are shown in bold type with the current light and rate  sheet shown below the proposed light    Proposed Lighting Service Rate LS     Current   Rate Per Light Per   Month    Rate Sheet   Current   Proposed   OVERHEAD SERVICE      High Pressure Sodium      462 Cobra Head  5800 Lum  Std   5800 Lum  HPS Std   St  Lt  35     7 90     8 33   472 Cobra Head  5800 Lum  Orntl   5800 Lum  HPS Orntl   St  Lt  35    10 73    11 32   463 Cobra Head  9500 Lum  Std   9500 Lum  HPS Std   St  Lt  35     8 41     8 87   473 Cobra Head  9500 Lum  Orntl   9500 Lum  HPS Orntl   St  Lt  35    11 45    12 08   464 Cobra Head  22000 Lum  Std   22000 Lum  HPS Std   22000 Lum  Cobra Head HPS Std   St  Lt  35   P O Lt  36    13 04    13 04    13 75   474 Cobra Head  22000 Lum  Orntl   22000 Lum  HPS Orntl   St  Lt  35    16 08    16 96   465 Cobra Head  50000 Lum  Std   50000 Lum  HPS Std   50000 Lum  Cobra Head HPS Std   St  Lt  35   P O Lt  36    20 95    20 95    22 10   475 Cobra Head  50000 Lum  Orntl   50000 Lum  HPS Orntl   St  Lt  35    22 51    23 74   487 Directional  9500 Lum  Std   9500 Lum  Directional HPS   P O Lt  36     8 27     8 72   488 Directional  22000 Lum  Std   22000 Lum  Directional HPS   P O Lt  36    12 45    13 13   489 Directional  50000 Lum  Std   50000 Lum  Directional HPS   P O Lt  36    17 70    18 67   428 Open Bottom  9500 Lum  Std   9500 Lum  Open Bottom HPS   P O Lt  36     7 16     7 55       Meta  Halide      450 Directional  12000 Lum  Std   12000 Lum  Fixture Only Dir  MH   P O Lt  36 3    13 04    13 75   451 Directional  32000 Lum  Std   32000 Lum  Fixture Only Dir  MH   P O Lt  36 3    18 45    19 46   452 Directional  107800 Lum  Std   107800 Lum  Fixture Only Dir  MH   P O Lt  36 3    38 48    40 58     Current   Rate Per Light Per   Month    Rate Sheet   Current   Proposed   UNDERGROUND SERVICE      High Pressure Sodium      467 Colonial  5800 Lum  Decorative   5800 Lum  Colonial HPS UG   5800 Lum  Colonial Decor  UG   St  Lt  35 1   P O Lt  36 1     9 93    9 93    468 Colonial  9500 Lum  Decorative   9500 Lum  Colonial HPS UG   9500 Lum  Colonial Decor  UG   St  Lt  35 1   P O Lt  36 1    10 35    10 35    10 92   401 Acorn  5800 Lum  Smooth Pole   5800L Acorn Dec  Pole HPS UG   5800L Acorn Dec  Pole UG   St  Lt  35 1   P O Lt  36 1    13 86    13 86    14 62   411 Acorn  5800 Lum  Fluted Pole   5800L Acorn Hist  Pole HPS UG   5800L Acorn Hist  Pole UG   St  Lt  35 1   P O Lt  36 1    20 14    20 14    21 24   420 Acorn  9500 Lum  Smooth Pole   9500L Acorn Dec  Pole HPS UG   9500L Acorn Dec  Pole UG   St  Lt  35 1   P O Lt  36 1    14 39    14 39    15 18   430 Acorn  9500 Lum  Fluted Pole   9500L Acorn Hist  Pole HPS UG   9500L Acorn Hist  Pole UG   St  U  35 1   P O Lt  36 1    20 78    20 78    21 92   414 Victorian  5800 Lum  Fluted Pole   5800 Lum  Coach HPS UG   P O Lt  36 1    29 24    30 84   415 Victorian  9500 Lum  Fluted Pole   9500 Lum  Coach HPS UG   P O Lt  36 1    29 65    31 27   476 Contemporary  5800 Lum  Fixt Pole   5800 Lum  Contemporary HPS UG   5800 Lum  Contemporary HPS UG   St  Lt  35 1   P O Lt  36 1    15 66    21 81    16 58   492 Contemporary  5800 Lum  2nd Fixt    5800L Contemp Fixt  Only HPS UG   P O Lt  36 1    14 35    15 13   477 Contemporary  9500 Lum  Fixt Pole   9500 Lum  Contemporary Decor UG  9500 Lum  Contemporary HPS UG   St  Lt  35 1   P O Lt  36 1    18 19    21 85      497 Contemporary  9500 Lum  2nd Fixt    9500 Lum  Contemp Decor  Fix Only   P O Lt  36 1    14 38    15 17   478 Contemporary  22000L Fixt Pole   22000 Lum  Contemp  Decor  UG   22000 Lum  Contemporary HPS UG   St  Lt  35 1   P O Lt  36 1   mm    26 55   498 Contemporary  22000 Lum  2nd Fixt    22000 Lum  Contemp  Add Fixture   P O Lt  36 1    16 37    17 27   479 Contemporary  50000L Fixt Pole   50000 Lum  Contemp  Decor  UG   50000 Lum  Contemporary HPS UG   St  Lt  35 1   PO Lt  36 1    28 13    31 12    32 54   499 Contemporary  50000 Lum  2nd Fixt    50000L Contemp  Decor  Fixt  Only   P O Lt  36 1    19 65    20 72   300 Dark Sky  4000 Lumen   4000 Lum  HPS DSK Lantern   DSK 39    21 31    22 48   301 Dark Sky  9500 Lumen   9500 Lum  HPS DSK Lantern   DSK 39    22 22    23 44   360 Granville Pole and Fixture  16000L   Granville Pole and Fixture   Granville Pole and Fixture   St  Lt  35 1   P O Lt  36 2     53 79    Granville Accessories       Single Crossarm Bracket     17 78    17 78   Eliminated   Eliminated   Twin Crossarm Bracket  Inc  1 Fixture    St Lt  35 1   PO Lt  36 2    19 79    19 79    20 87   24 Inch Banner Arm   St LT  35 1   P O Lt  36 2     3 09    3 09      24 Inch Clamp Banner Arm   St Lt  35 1   PO Lt  36 2   mm     4 49   18 Inch Banner Arm   St  Lt  35 1   P O Lt  36 2     2 84    2 84     3 00   18 Inch Clamp On Banner Arm   St  Lt  35 1   P O Lt  36 2     3 52    3 52   mm   Flagpole Holder   St  Lt  35 1   PO Lt  36 2   m    Post Mounted Receptacle   St  L1  35 1   PO Lt  36 2    18 46    18 46    19 47   Base Mounted Receptacle   St  Lt  35 1   P O Lt  36 2    17 81    17 81   Elminated   Eliminated   Additional Receptacles   St  Lt  35 1   PO Lt  36 2     2 52    2 52     2 66   Planter   St  Lt  35 1   P O Lt  36 2      4 51   Clamp On Planter   St  Lt  35 1   P O Lt  36 2     4 75    4 75     5 01       Metal Halide   490 Contemporary  12000L Fixt  Only   12000 Lum  Contemp  Fix  Only MH   P O Lt  36 3    14 21    14 99                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Thursday  July 5  2012    The Adair Progress    Page B5    494 Contemporary  12000Lum  Fixture  w Smooth Pole   12000 Lum  Cont  Fix  w M Pole MH   P O Lt  36 3    26 62    28 08   491 Contemporary  32000 Lum  Fix  Only   32000 Lum  Contemp  Fix  Only MH   P O Lt  36 3    20 12    21 22   495 Contemporary  32000 Lum  Fixture  w Smooth Pole   32000 Lum  Cont  Fix  w M Pole MH   P O Lt  36 3    32 53    34 31   493 Contemporary  107800L Fixt Only   107800 Lum  Contemp  Fix  Only MH   P O Lt  36 3    41 70    43 98   496 Contemporary  107800 Lum  Fixture  w Smooth Pole   107800 Lum  Cont  Fix  w M Pole MH   P O Lt  36 3    54 11    57 07    Prop os e d R est rict ed Lighti n g S e rv i ce Ra te RLS     Current   Rate Per Light Per   Month    Rate Sheet   Current   Proposed   OVERHEAD SERVICE      High Pressure Sodium      461 Cobra Head  4000 Lum  Fixt  Only   4000 Lum  HPS Std   St  Lt  35     6 93     7 31   471 Cobra Head  4000 Lum  Fixt Pole   4000 Lum  HPS Omtl   St  Lt  35     9 76    10 29   409 Cobra Head  50000 Lum  Fixt  Only   50000 Lum  HPS Special Lighting   P O Lt  36    10 25    10 81   426 Open Bottom  5800 Lum  Fixt  Only   5800 Lum  Open Bottom HPS Std   P O Lt  36     6 72     7 09       Metal Halide      454 Direct  12000 Lum  Flood Fixt Pole   12000L Fixt Pole Dir  MH   P O Lt  36 3    17 27    18 21   455 Direct  32000 Lum  Flood Fixt Pole   32000L Fixt Pole Dir  MH   P O Lt  36 3    22 68    23 92   459 Direct  107800 Lum  Flood Fixt Pole   107800L Fixt Pole Dir  MH   P O Lt  36 3    42 71    45 05       Mercury Vapor      446 Cobra Head  7000 Lum  Fixt  Only   7000 Lum  MV Std   St  Lt  35     8 72     9 20   456 Cobra Head  7000 Lum  Fixt Pole   7000 Lum  MV Orntl   St  Lt  35    10 94    11 54   447 Cobra Head  10000 Lum  Fixt  Only   10000 Lum  MV Std   St  Lt  35    10 29    10 85   457 Cobra Head  10000 Lum  Fixt Pole   10000 Lum  MV Omtl   St  Lt  35    12 26    12 93   448 Cobra Head  20000 Lum  Fixt  Only   20000 Lum  MV Std   20000 Lum  MV Special Ltq    St  Lt  35   P O Lt  36    12 57    7 85    12 19   458 Cobra Head  20000 Lum  Fixt Pole   20000 Lum  MV Omtl   20000 Lum  Cobra Head MV Std   St  Lt  35   P O Lt  36    14 14    12 57    14 49   404 Open Bottom  7000 Lum  Fixt  Only   7000 Lum  Open Bottom MV Std   P O Lt  36     9 69    10 22       Incandescent      421 Tear Drop  1000 Lum  Fixt  Only   1000 Lum  Incand  Std   St  Lt  35     3 08     3 25   422 Tear Drop  2500 Lum  Fixt  Only   2500 Lum  Incand  Std   St  Lt  35     4 09     4 31   424 Tear Drop  4000 Lum  Fixt Only   4000 Lum  Incand  Std   St  Lt  35     6 08     6 41   434 Tear Drop  4000 Lum  Fixt   Pole   4000 Lum  Incand  Orntl   St  Lt  35     7 00     7 38   425 Tear Drop  6000 Lum  Fixt Only   6000 Lum  Incand  Std   St  Lt  35     8 11     8 55     Current   Rate Per Light Per   Month    Rate Sheet   Current   Proposed   UNDERGROUND SERVICE      Metal Halide      460 Direct  12000 Lum  Flood Fixt Pole   12000L Fixt  w M  Pole Dir  MH   P O Lt  36 3     25 45    26 84   469 Direct  32000 Lum  Flood Fixt Pole   32000L Fixt  w M  Pole Dir  MH   P O Lt  36 3     30 86    32 55   470 Direct  107800 Lum  Flood Fixt Pole   107800L Fixt  w M  Pole Dir  MH   P O Lt  36 3     50 89    53 67       High Pressure Sodium      440 Acorn  4000 Lum  Flood Fixt Pole   4000L Acorn  Decor  HPS UG   P O Lt  36 1    12 77    13 47       410 Acorn  4000 Lum  Fluted Pole   4000L Acorn  Hist Pole  HPS UG   4000L Acorn  Hist Pole  HPS UG   St  Lt  35 1   P O Lt  36 1    19 16    19 16    20 21   466 Colonial  4000 Lum  Smooth Pole   4000 Lum  Colonial HPS UG   4000 Lum  Colonial Decor  UG   St  Lt  35 1   P O Lt  36 1     8 93    8 93     9 42   412 Coach  5800 Lum  Smooth Pole   5800 Lum  Coach Decor  UG   St  Lt  35 1     29 24    30 84   413 Coach  9500 Lum  Smooth Pole   9500 Lum  Coach Decor  UG   St  Lt  35 1     29 65    31 27    Proposed Rate   No adjustment in the monthly charge for a replacement of facilities will be made during the initial five  5   year term of contract    Customer shall pay for excess facilities by     a  Making a monthly Excess Facilities charge payment equal to the installed cost of the excess    facilities times the following percentage    Percentage with No Contribution in Aid of Construction 1 28     b  Making a one time Contribution in Aid of Construction equal to the installed cost of the excess  facilities plus a monthly Excess Facilities Charge payment equal to the installed cost of the  excess facilities times the following percentage    Percentage with Contribution in Aid of Construction 0 49    Standard Rider for Redundant Capacity Charge   Rider RC  Current Proposed    per kWt  Per kVAt   Capacity Reservation Charge per Month    Secondary Distribution  0 85  1 55   Primary Distribution  0 68  0 99   Standard Rider for Supplemental or Standby Service   Rider SS   Current Proposed    P r kW   Pgr kVA    Contract Demand per month    Secondary  6 54  12 91   Primary  6 17  12 35   Transmission  5 99  11 17    Availability of Service  Text addition clarifies that KU has no obligation to supply non firm service to a  customer generator unless the customer seeks supplemental or standby service under Rider SS  This  requirement does not apply to Net Metering Service  Rider NMS     Temporary and gr Seasonal Electric Se rvi ce Ri de r T    Availability of Service  Text change clarifies that service is available when it is not necessary for KU to  install permanent facilities    Conditions  Customer will pay for non salvageable materials plus a monthly charge for the salvageable  equipment at the Percentage With No Contribution in Aid of Construction specified on the Excess Facili  ties Rider    Real Time Pricing Rider RTP  Current Rate  Billing under this Rider is formulaic    Proposed Rate  This rate schedule is proposed to be eliminated    Standard Rate for Low Emission Vehicle Service   Rate LEV    Current Proposed   Basic Service Charge per Month   8 50  13 00   Energy Charge per kWh    Off Peak Hours  0 04904   0 05078   Intermediate Hours  0 07005   0 07254   Peak Hours  0 13315   0 13788    Availability of Service  Clarifies that rate is available to customers eligible for Rate RS or GS where the  GS service is used in conjunction with an RS service to provide service to a detached garage and energy  usage is no more than 300 kWh per month    Meter Test Charge   Current Rate  60 00   Proposed Rate  75 00   Disconnecting and Reconnecting Service Charg e  Current Rate  25 00   Proposed Rate  28 00   Meter Pulse Charge   Current Rate     9 00 per month per installed set of pulse generating equipment   PrgaftaedJ R ate     15 00 per month per installed set of pulse generating equipment   Customer Deposits   Kentucky Utilities Company is proposing no change to the required Customer Deposit for residential elec  tric customers served under Residential Rate RS from the current amount of  135 00  0  increase   and  the required Customer Deposit for general service customers served under General Service Rate GS  from the current amount of  220 00  0  increase   Text change states when Rate GS deposit may be  wavied in conjuction with taking service under Rate RS    Kentucky Utilities Company proposes to change the text of the following electric tariffs  General Service  Rate GS  All Electric School Rate AES  Power Service Rate PS  Time of Day Secondary Service Rate  TODS  Time of Day Primary Service Rate TODP  Retail Transmission Service Rate RTS  Fluctuating  Load Service Rate FLS  Street Lighting Service Rate ST  LT  Private Outdoor Lighting Rate P O LT  Cable  Television Attachment Charges Rate CTAC  Curtailable Service Rider CSR10  Curtailable Service Rider  CSR30  Excess Facilities Rider EF  Redundant Capacity Rider RC  Supplemental Standby Service Rider  SS  Rider IL for Intermittent Loads  Temporary Seasonal Service Rider TS  Large Green Energy Rider  LGE  Low Emission Vehicle Service Rate LEV  Fuel Adjustment Clause FAC  Demand Side Management  Cost Recovery Mechanism DSM  Environmental Cost Recovery Surcharge ECR  and the Terms and  Conditions    Changes to the Terms and Conditions include proposed clarifications on terms and conditions for deter  mining customer rate assignments  as well as when standby or supplemental service must be purchased  if customer desires non firm service    Although KU is not proposing to change the text of its Fuel Adjustment Clause  FAC   other than the  correction of a minor typographical error in Paragraph  3   it is proposing to recover certain costs through  the FAC to ensure that the correct amounts are collected through base rates and the FAC    Complete copies of the proposed tariffs containing text changes and proposed rates may be obtained by  contacting Lonnie E  Bellar  Kentucky Utilities Company at 220 West Main Street  Louisville  Kentucky   502 627 4830  or visiting Kentucky Utilities Companys website at www lge ku com     Lighting Energy Service Rate LE   Current Proposed   Energy Charge per kWh   0 05647  0 05958   Traffic Energy Service Rate TE   Current Proposed   Basic Service Charge per Month   3 14  3 25   Energy Charge per kWh   0 07182  0 07614   Dark Sky Friendly Rate DSK    Current Rate    DSK Lantern   4 000    050    2T3i   DSK Lantern   9 500    100    22 22    Pro pos ed Rat e   This rate schedule is proposed to be included in Lighting Service Rate LS     Cable Television Attachment Charges   Rate CTAC   Current Proposed   Attachment Charge per year   for each attachment to pole   5 40  10 01    The foregoing rates reflect a proposed annual increase in revenues of approximately 6 5  to Kentucky  Utilities Company     The estimated amount of the annual change and the average monthly bill to which the proposed electric  rates will apply for each electric customer class is as follows     Electric Rate Class   Annual   Annual      Mthly Bill   Mthly Bill      Increase   Increase   a     Increase     Increase   Residential    37 381 886   8 03        7 41   8 03    General Service     9 061 201   4 97     9 20   4 97    All Electric School    Ti 635 467   5 81    4   82 81   5 81    Power Service     6 849 989   2 53     T   96 29   2 53    TODS  Secondary      1 907 198   6 59        1 160 80   6 59    TODP  Primary     12 380 611   6 62        6 159 51   6 62    Retail Transmission     5 128 398   6 50        11 982 24   6 50    Fluctuating Load     1 417 956   6 25     118 163 01   6 25    Outdoor Lights     1 267 776   5 41        0 62   5 41    Liqhtinq Enerqy     124   5 42        11 27   5 42    Traffic Energy     6 388   5 40        0 79   5 40    CTAC     681 722   85 37    N A   N A    Curtailable Service Rider 10   Rider CSR10     Current   Proposed   Monthly Demand Credit    foer kWI    Per kVAl   Primary     5 50      2 80    Transmission     5 40      2 75    Non Compliance Charge     16 00    16 00    Proposed Contract Option  Removes restriction that KU may only use physical curtailment during sys  tem reliability events  Also changes contract options demand from a 15 minute demand basis to the one  the customers standard rate schedule uses     C urt i 9b 9 Se rvice Rid er 39   Ride r QS R 3Q     Current   Proposed   Monthly Demand Credit per kW     per kWl    Per kVA    Primary     4 40      2 30    Transmission     4 30      2 25    Non Compliance Charge per kW     16 00    16 00    Proposed Contract Option  Removes restriction that KU may only use physical curtailment during sys  tem reliability events  Also changes contract options 5 demand from a 15 minute demand basis to the one  the customers standard rate schedule uses    Load Reduction Incentive Rider   Rider LRI   Current Rate Up to  0 30 per kWh   Proposed Rate This rate schedule is proposed to be eliminated    Standard Rider for Excess Faciiities   Rider EF   Current Rate   Customer shall pay for excess facilities by    Monthly Charge for Leased Facilities  1 54    Monthly Charge for Facilities Supported   By a One Time CIAC Payment     The rates contained in this notice are the rates proposed by Kentucky Utilities Company  however  the  Public Service Commission may order rates to be charged that differ from the proposed rates contained in  this notice     Notice is further given that any corporation  association  body politic or person with a substantial interest  in the matter may by written request  within thirty  30  days after publication of the notice of the proposed  rate changes  request to intervene  The motion shall be submitted to the Public Service Commission  211  Sower Boulevard  P  O  Box 615  Frankfort  Kentucky 40601  and shall set forth the grounds for the  request  including the status and interest of the party  Intervention may be granted beyond the thirty  30   day period for good cause shown  Any person who has been granted intervention may obtain copies of  the application and any other filing made by the utility by contacting Lonnie E  Bellar  Vice President    State Regulation and Rates  Kentucky Utilities Company  c o LG E and KU Energy LLC  220 West Main  Street  Louisville  Kentucky  502 627 4830    A copy of the application and testimony shall be available for public inspection at the office of Kentucky  Utilities Company  100 Quality Street  Lexington  Kentucky  or the Public Service Commission  211 Sower  Boulevard  Frankfort  Kentucky     A copy of this Notice and the proposed tariff  once filed  shall also be available for public inspection on  Kentucky Utilities Companys website at www lge ku com     Kentucky Utilities Company  c o LG E and KU Energy LLC  220 West Main Street  P  O  Box 32010  Louisville  Kentucky 40232  502 627 4830    Public Service Commission  211 Sower Boulevard  P  O  Box 615  Frankfort  Kentucky 40601  502 564 3940    0 74       Page B6    The Adair Progress    Thursday  July 5  2012       COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE   University of Kentucky   College of Agriculture     Extension News    Agriculture and Natural Resources    Nick Roy   Adair County Extension Office    Managing Com Silage in a Drought   Much of the corn silage in Adair County is now pollinating   Given the recent hot and dry weather  many dairymen are  concerned as to what the yield and quality of the corn silage crop  will be  At this time it is hard to estimate the extent of damage that  the corn silage crop will suffer  In corn fields that have just  finished pollinating  we have observed very small ears but good  pollination  Those fields appear that they will make some grain   although very little    To help dairymen plan for a worst case scenario  the following  FAQ has been compiled from multiple university resources  There  is still a chance  and much hope  that rain could provide some  much needed relief to later planted com silage fields    When Do I Harvest Drought Damaged Corn Silage    It is always important that corn silage gets harvested around 60   70  moisture to ensure proper fermentation  This year we may not  have much of an ear to serve as an indicator of plant moisture  If  all of your silage crop was planted in a few weeks period  it will be  important that you begin chopping when the first field is at 70   moisture or just above in order to complete harvest before the last  field falls below 60  moisture  Contact your feed dealer or the  Cooperative Extension Service for help in measuring the moisture  content of the plant and determining when to harvest    Should I Bale and Wrap Drought Damaged Corn Silage    This practice has been tested in other states with poor results   Stalks will poke through the plastic  and balers do not roll the corn  tight enough for proper fermentation  I would not recommend this  practice    How Should Drought Damaged Corn Silage be Chopped    Drought damaged corn should be chopped to 3 8 to 1 2 inch in  length  This length of chop should help in packing the silage to  exclude as much oxygen as possible  Producers should also sharpen  the knives on their equipment before making silage    Other tips include filling the silo quickly and packing the silage  as tightly as possible  Remember  to make good silage  oxygen  should be excluded at all points    Should I be Concerned About Nitrates    Yes  after harvesting collect a sample and submit it to a lab for  nitrate testing  If nitrate levels are high  delay feeding for at least 3  weeks and re test for nitrates  Research has shown that about 50   of the nitrates will be removed through fermentation  In the worst  case scenario  corn silage high in nitrates can be diluted with corn  silage low in nitrates in the TMR and fed at low rates    Raising the chopper head to a height of 8 10 inches can help  lower the amount of nitrates in the silage  Most of the nitrates  accumulate in the bottom of the plant    What Will Be My Yield if I Have No Ears    Past KY Corn Silage Variety Trials indicate that the ear makes up  30 50  of the yield of corn silage  This large variation is due to  the difference of plant height and ear size among varieties  Some  sources state that you can estimate the yield of corn silage without  an ear based on height excluding the tassel  each foot of height  equals one ton of silage   example  8 foot tall plant   8 tons silage   acre      What About the Quality of Drought Damaged Corn    The largest impact on quality of drought damaged corn is low  grain content  Low grain content in corn silage will attribute to low  energy values  Large plants with a poor ear or no ear will have low  energy values while short plants with small ears may have near  normal energy values  Crude protein content may be slightly higher  in drought damaged corn as well as soluble sugars  Since sugars  make up a portion of the starch content of silage  make sure that the  silage is tested for both starch and sugar content and the ration is  balanced accordingly  Lignin content of drought damaged corn  may also be higher than normal  Lignin is non digestible and will  limit intake of the diet    Drought damaged corn will have a negative impact upon milk  production  Rations balanced with drought damaged corn will  contain higher amounts of grain including corn and fat sources such  as distillers grain or whole cottonseed  Commercial fat  supplements such as Megalac or Energy Booster may also be used  to increase the energy density of the diet  While these efforts help  mitigate the effects of drought damaged corn silage  they do not  completely replace good quality silage    What If I Dont Have Enough Silage to Get Me Through  Till Next Year    If current conditions continue  corn fields that had been planted  for grain may be available for purchasing  These fields will likely  not have any better yield or quality than com planted for silage  In  some cases the quality may be lower as many grain varieties of corn  are developed to have higher lignin content for better standability in  the field  The most difficult task of purchasing drought damaged  corn for silage is coming up with a value  There are many different  ways to arrive at a value  the only fair value is the one that both the  buyer and seller can agree upon  Contact the Extension Office if  you would like assistance in valuing drought damaged corn silage    Lor more information  contact the Adair County Cooperative  Extension Service at 384 2317     Educational programs of the Cooperative Extension Service  serve all people regardless of race  color  age  sex  religion   disability or national origin      BIG TOMATO  Clayton Smith shows off a large tomato  that he grew in his garden at his home in Glensfork   The tomato weighed one pound  eight ounces  and  according to Clarence  was very good     COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE    University of Kentucky   College of Agriculture     Extension News    4 H Youth Development    Tony Rose   Adair County Extension Office     Savhanna Pearson elected State 4 H  Treasurer and Top Ten Gold Honors   Congratulations to Savhanna Pearson who was elected State 4 H  Treasurer at the 2012 Teen Conference held on the UK Campus on  June 11 14  2012  Savhanna will be serving her term for the 2012   13 4 H Year  Savhanna was also selected as one of the Top Ten  Gold Honor recipients at this years conference  Savhanna has been  very actively involved in the Adair County 4 H program for many  years and has also participated in many District and State events as  well We are all very proud of Savhannas accomplishment and wish  her all the luck in her new role as State 4 H Treasurer      Above  Jera Kessler  Kyla  Kessler  and Sam Baker  with all their Awards from  State 4 H Dairy Judging  Contest    At Right  Beth Cowan  getting ready to paint a  project at Cloverbuds Day  Camp      Lily Pearson earns 4 H Silver Honor   Congratulations to Lily Pearson who received her State 4 H  Silver Award at the 2012 Teen Conference held on the UK Campus  on June 11 14  2012  Lily has worked very hard over the past year  to move up from the bronze award to the silver award  She is well  on her way to earning her gold award in the next few years  Lily is  involved in many different aspects of the Adair County 4 H  program and also participates in many District and State Events    Adair County 4 H Dairy Youth Take  State 4 H Dairy Judging   Sam Baker  Jera Kessler  and Kyla Kessler participated in the  State 4 H Dairy Judging contest on Tuesday  June 26  2012  The  contest was held at the UK Dairy Larm in Lexington located at  2810 Georgetown Road  They judged six different dairy classes  during the contest  The youth did an outstanding job and received  multiple awards    Contest results are  Jersey classes Sam Baker lOth High  Individual  Jera Kessler 1st High Individual  and Kyla Kessler   Nth High Individual and the team received 2 High Team  Holstein  classes  Sam Baker 1st High Individual  Kyla Kessler 2nd High  Individual  Jera Kessler 3rd High Individual  and the team received  1st High Team  Overall results Sam Baker 1st High Individual  Jera  Kessler 2nd High Individual  Kyla Kessler 3rd High Individual and  the team received 1st and the team received 1st High Overall Team    Congratulations to these three youth for a great job at this years  State Dairy Judging Contest  All three are outstanding youth and  have a great future in the all their dairy events  We all are very  proud of the all their hard work and also of all the volunteers   parents  and grandparents that worked with the youth to help them  reach these great accomplishments     Cloverbuds Day Camp   Two half day Cloverbuds Day camps were held on Wednesday   June 20 and Lriday June 22 at the Adair County Cooperative  Extension Service located at 409 Lairground Street  There were  over 25 youth who participated in the Day Camp  Youth made  many different types of projects and crafts that they will be able to  enter in the 2012 Adair County Lair Lloral Hall  The camp ended on  Lriday with everyone enjoy pizza for lunch    Cloverbuds is a 4 H program for youth ages 5 to 8 years old   Anyone interested in getting involved in the Cloverbuds program  can contact the Adair County Cooperative Extension Service at   270  384 2317 to find out more information  We will start having  monthly Cloverbud meeting again this fall  We will get the dates  out for these meeting by the middle of July so keep watching for  them    Educational programs of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service  serve all people regardless of race  color  age  sex  religion  disability  or  national origin    FSA News   The final date to complete a crop acreage report for the 2012 crop year  is July 16  2012  Farmers who participate in U S  Department of  Agriculture  USDA  programs through the Farm Service Agency should  file a crop acreage report annually to retain program eligibility  A complete  acreage report is required for farms participating in the Direct and Counter  cyclical Program  DCP   Conservation Reserve Program  CRP  or  requesting a commodity loan or Loan Deficiency Payment  LDP   All  farmers are encouraged to file an acreage report in order to establish the  cropping history for their farms  Farms that fail to file an acreage report  timely will be charged a late filing fee after July 16 to remain eligible for  USD A benefits    For more information or any questions you might have visit the  Columbia FSA Service Center at 961 Campbellsville Road  Columbia  KY   or call us at  270  384 6431 or toll free at 1 888 758 6634      ijiimynK i    ABSOLUTE   ESTATE    Saturday July 14th   10A    The Dreamland Motel   510 Burkesville Street Columbia  KY   AUCTION CONDUCTED FOR THE HEIRS OF THE LATE LUTHER AND DOROTHY COLLINS   BRENDA WILLIAMS SOLE OWNER OF TRACT  1  ORDER OF SALE   SELLING IN 3 TRACTS  RESERVING THE RIGHT UPON REQUEST TO COMBINE ANY AND ALL TRACTS   MINIMAL  RAISE IN BIDDING REQUIRED TO COMBINE IS ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS PER TRACT IN ADDITION TO THE PREVIOUS INDIVIDUAL  PRICE OBTAINED     TRACT  1        v     48      20 UNIT MOTEL  RANGING FROM 1   3 BEDS  ALL FURNITURE  BEDDING  APPLIANCES    SUPPLIES REMAIN WITH THE REAL ESTATE   ADDITIONAL IMPROVEMENTS  INCLUDE LAUNDRY ROOM WITH EQUIPMENT  LOBBY WITH BATH  GUEST LOUNGE WITH ICE AND DRINK MACHINES  ALL ROOMS HAVE ELECTRIC HEAT AND WALL AIR   ALSO INCLUDED IS A VERY SPACIOUS LIVING QUARTER COMPRISED OF 5 BEDROOMS  3 FULL BATHS  CENTRAL HEAT AND AIR  KITCHEN WITH APPLIANCES   BREAKFAST NOOK WITH STORAGE AREA  LIVING ROOM  FORMAL DINING ROOM  DEN WITH FIREPLACE  STUDY  DOUBLE CARPORT  HARDWOOD  TILE   CARPET  FLOORS  THIS GORGEOUS OWNER LIVING QUARTERS IS ALL SITUATED ON APPROXIMATELY 1 24 ACRES M L OFFERING BLACKTOP PARKING  APPROXIMATELY 16   S45 SQ FT  UNDER ROOF  ESTIMATED NOT GUARANTEED      OFFICE BUILDING  CENTRAL HEAT AND AIR  1 2 BATH  PRESENTLY OCCUPIED  BY H R BLOCK  APPROXIMATELY 740 SQ FT  UNDER ROOF  ESTIMATED NOT  GUARANTEED   AMPLE BLACKTOP  22 ACRE PARKING LOT     OFFICE BUILDING COMPLIMENTED WITH OWNERS LIVING QUARTERS   COMMERCIAL  OFFICE AREA IS PRESENTLY DIVIDED INTO 2 AREAS  1ST SECTION HAS RECEPTION  AREA  OFFICE  BATH WITH ADDITIONAL STORAGE  CENTRAL HEAT AND AIR  BALANCE  OF FIRST FLOOR CONSISTS OF 9 OFFICES  3 BATHS  KITCHEN   RECEPTION AREA   2ND FLOOR CONSISTS OF 4 BEDROOMS  2 FULL BATHS  LIVING ROOM WITH FIRE  PLACE  KITCHEN WITH APPLIANCES  STUDY  UTILITY ROOM  CARPET A TILE FLOORS   CENTRAL HEAT AND AIR  2 CAR GARAGE  THIS IS A MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE   SITUATED ON  57 ACRE M L   BLACKTOP PARKING LOT APPROXIMATELY 5 270 SQ FT   UNDER ROOF  ESTIMATED NOT GUARANTEED   TRACT  3 CONSISTS OF  57 AC M L     TERMS  NON REFUNDABLE 15  DOWN PAYMENT  BALANCE WITH POSSESSION AND DELIVERY OF DEED ON OR BEFORE 30 DAYS  PURCHASER SHALL SIGN A NON CONTINGENT  CONTRACT AND WILL NEEDTO HAVE SECURED FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS FOFI PURCHASE OF PROPERTY   PURCHASER WILL BE REQUIRED TO SIGN A LEAD BASE PAINT WAIVER AS REQUIRED FOR ANY BUILDING CONSTRUCTED BEFORE 1978  ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED IS BELIEVED  TO BE TRUE   ACCURATE BUT IS NOT GUARANTEED  ALL IMPROVEMENTS  EQUIPMENT   SUPPLIES ARE BEING CONVEYED AS IS   WH E R E l S WITH O U T W A R R A NT Y EXPRESSED OR  IMPLIED  ANY STATEMENTS MADE DAY OF SALE TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER PREVIOUS PRINTED MATERIAL  TAXES TO BE PRORATED    AGENTS NOTE   THIS IS WITHOUT QUESTION ONE OF THE FINEST FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED BUSINESS PROPERTIES IN OUR AREA  THE COLLINS FAMILY  LONG CONSIDERED PILLARS OF  OUR COMMUNITY CONDUCTED AND MAINTAINEDTHIS BUSINESS IN A VERY PROFESSIONAL MANNER  IT IS VERY HUMBLING AND APPRECIATED TO BE CONSIDEREDTO ASSIST IN  THE DISPOSING OF THIS CHOICE PROPERTY  OFFERING YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO RUN YOUR OWN BUSINESS  BE YOUR OWN BOSS AND LIVE WHERE YOU WORK  WHETHER YOU  ELECT TO CONTINUE IN ITS EXISTING USAGE OR TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE VERSATILITY OF THIS PROPERTY  YOU ARE ASSURED THAT YOU HAVE INVESTED IN TOP QUALITY REAL  ESTATE  JUST CONSIDER APPROXIMATELY 2 03 ACRES IN THE CITY LIMITS WITH APPROXIMATELY 22 955 SQ FT UNDER ROOF  THAT IS INCOME PRODUCING THAT IS GOING TO SELL  REGARDLESS QFTHE PRICE AS THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE AUCTION  DON T FORGET THE DATE  SATURDAY JULY 14TH 10 00 AM    TO VIEW PROPERTY CONTACT SELLING AGENT FOR APPOINTMENT     Tommy D  Grider  Real Estate Broker   Woody Woodruff  Auctioneer    J RIDER   vj PROPERTIES    P O  Box 430  116 Jamestown St   Columbia  KY 42728  1 800 368 1737  270 384 2496                                                                    Thursday  July 5  2012    The Adair Progress    Page B7    Olympic Dreams of Lindsey Wilson Student Finally Come True    Danny Caluag risked a lot to become an Olympian    The Lindsey Wilson College junior will compete in BMX  cycling at the 2012 summer games  representing the Philippines  He  is the only active collegiate cyclist who will compete at the London  games    To make it there  Caluag had to overcome numerous odds   missing a cut with the United States for the 2008 summer  Olympics  losing a professional sponsorship  and battling for dual  citizenship    This means the world to me  said Caluag  It was definitely a  life long dream to make the Olympics and I accomplished it  Im  just really looking forward to the games  Im definitely going for a  medal    A native of Chino  Calif   Caluag was up for a spot in Beijing  with the U S  team in 2008  but he did not make the cut at the  Olympic trials    At that point  Caluag felt he had given his best effort and decided  the best decision was to go to college  He eventually wound up at  Lindsey Wilson  where he and his wife  Stephanie  enrolled and  then were admitted to the Bachelor of Science nursing program    Between 2008s disappointment and choosing a college  Caluag  discovered he could make another run at the Olympics by pursuing  dual citizenship  With two Filipino born parents  Caluag was an  ideal candidate to make the Philippines 2012 Olympic team    The dual citizenship attempt has been a struggle within itself   Caluag said  I was born in America  but the way it works is if at  least one of my parents has citizenship in a country  I can gain the  same citizenship    After months of waiting and filing applications  Caluag received  the go ahead to make the switch  giving him another shot at the  Olympics    The U S  has so many great athletes and there are only three    Darriah Casey Dalton of Albany  Ky   left  is presented  a First   Farmers Scholarship to Lindsey Wilson  College by First   Farmers Vice President and Branch  Manager Janice Cooksey     slots in BMX  Caluag said  Some countries have three slots to  qualify and only have one good athlete  Knowing that  I thought I  could race for the Philippines and maybe be in contention for a  medal    When Caluag decided to ride for LWC  that meant more than  becoming another student athlete who had to balance the demands  of athletics with the classroom  He also gave up training with his  longtime coach lost his pro sponsorship    I love what Lindsey Wilson offered me with cycling and  academics  Caluag said  But some people had a hard time  grasping my decision  They would say  You live out in Kentucky   youre not in a big city and you dont have the right resources  available to you    Choosing to go to college meant I wouldnt have my old coach  and that I would have to train myself  I lost my pro sponsorship  because they thought I was most likely not going to the Olympics    LWC cycling coach David Grigsby felt otherwise  noting  Caluags multitasking skills    Danny is the model student athlete  Grigsby said  He hasnt  chosen an easy road academically being a nursing student  His  time is precious  but he still manages to get all of his schoolwork  done plus devote time to specific BMX training    With no sponsor and no specific BMX coach  Caluag did the  only thing he could in the rural setting  he took to his bike and hit  the hills    I came to school to not constantly have my mind on racing and  BMX  Caluag said  It was hard living in Kentucky at first  but I  knew that doing any kind of training was better than nothing    I didnt have a BMX track available  but I could do sprints on  these hills around campus all day long  People look at me pretty  weird  wondering why this kid is doing sprints down the hill  but I  just keep doing my thing     Joshua Adam Finley of Burkesville  Ky   right  is  presented a First   Farmers Scholarship to Lindsey  Wilson College by First   Farmers President and  Senior Loan Officer Vickie Wells      Danny Caluag will compete in BMX Cycling at the  2012 Olympic Games     With that attitude  Caluag found himself at the BMX World  Championships on May 26 in Birmingham  England    Just a month removed from his training regimen in Columbia   Caluag was staring down three stories from the starting gate with  his sights on Olympic glory    There were seven open spots left for countries that hadnt  qualified for the Olympics  Caluag said    A case of pre race jitters and an early first round crash had put  him in need of a miracle to qualify    I was in fifth place and needed to beat the three guys ahead of  me in the next run  he said    What transpired over the next hour was the perfect storm    I finished third in the next heat  but the two guys in front of me  in the standings ended up crashing on the first straight  Caluag  said  At that point I just screamed  because it meant only five  countries were left for the seven spots  meaning I was finally an  Olympian    As the opening ceremony draws near in London  Caluag is  determined to be in the medal hunt    That desire to not just merely show up comes as no surprise to  Grigsby    We named Danny our team captain months ago because he is  really the shining example of what we want in our athletes   Grigsby said  His maturity level is far beyond his years  he does  everything you ask and then asks to do more    I cant imagine how great its going to be for Danny when his  resume says registered nurse and right below has Olympic  athlete    As of late June  the Philippines had qualified just eight total  Olympians    BMX  a sport making its second appearance on the Olympic  lineup after an initial run at the 2008 Beijing games  takes place  Aug  8 10      First   Fanners Supports Scholarships    First   Farmers National  Bank is helping two area  residents earn a college  education at Lindsey Wilson  College    Darriah Casey Dalton of  Albany  Ky   and Joshua Adam  Finley of Burkesville  Ky   each  received a  1 000 scholarship  from their respective First    Farmers hometown branches    Lindsey Wilson appreciates  First   Farmers continued    support of our students  said  Lindsey Wilson Fund Director  Brady Button  Helping area  residents earn a college degree is  a good investment because a  well educated citizenry is  critical to our regions future    The daughter of Dewayne and  Dana Dalton  Dalton is a 2012  graduate of Clinton County  High School  While in high  school  Dalton was named a  student of the month  earned    straight As and was a member  of her schools Green Team   She plans to major in nursing at  Lindsey Wilson  where she will  earn a bachelor of science  degree in nursing    The son of Grady and Carol  Finley  Finley is a 2012 graduate  of Cumberland County High  School  Finley plans to major in  biology at Lindsey Wilson  then  go on to graduate school to  become a marine biologist      Thanks and Good Luck  Frank Appleby    After 24 years of dedication and service  Gaddie Shamrock congratulates Frank Appleby on his  retirement on June 21  2012  We thank you for your faithful and dedicated service and your Gaddie  Shamrock family wishes you a long and happy retirement      SUNDAY NIGHTS thunderstorm brought some much needed rain to some areas of  the county  but it also did more damage than good to the corn crop of Randall  Burton on his farm near Cane Valley  The high winds and hail that accompanied  the storm destroyed more than one half of the 50 acre corn field Burton is pictured  standing in  and also two other 30 acre fields on the farm  as well as some corn  fields on his sons farms in the area  Its a total mess  Burton noted  According to  Extension Agent Nick Roy  in addition to corn crops being damaged  a number of  tobacco crops in parts of the county were also hard hit by hail   Photo by Paul B   Hayes                         Page B8    The Adair Progress    Thursday  July 5  2012    Your dream phone   Your dream network    Hi 3G       9 4 1 AM   W it s d ri 19 remind m e  11 s dads birthday     Saturday  May 2012     D ads birthday   5 19 12 y    iPhone 4S     149    16GB    i iPhone    U2   BLUEGRASS  mS CELLULAR   WHEREVER YOU GO    TM and  2011 Apple Inc  All rights reserved     Learn more at BluegrassCellular com                         SECTION   MISSING  

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