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date (1932-01-30) topic_African_American newspaper_issue   For Information  For Inspiration     A Newspaper   A Race Paper     RKADINGOF PARTICULAR l T    RRHTTO colored people    LOUISVILLE  KY   SATURDA    TERMS  2 00 PER YEAR     MR  ATTILLA COX COMPLIMENTS  COLORED C OMMUNITY CHES T WORKERS   List Of Contributors Of  5 00 And Over Given    Well Known Citi   zens Complimeat  The Voice    Rev  J  M  Williams  chairman of  the division leaders and workers and  the Colored population were highly  commended by Attilla Cox  campaign  chairman  for the splendid showing  made in the 1932 campaign  Mr   Cox s letter  addressed to Rev  Wil   liams  reads as follows     Dear Rev  Williams  On behalf  of the Community Chest I wish to  thank you for serving as chairman  of the Colored Population Division   In the face of existing conditions   your division has made a remarkable    record  The complete success of the  i campaign  although deferred  seeems  I assurd  Will you please thank the  members of your committee for me    Sincerely yours    ATTILLA COX  Campaign Chrm    That the entire quota of  5 000  will be raised appears more evident   a additional tupoi to are received at  campaign headquarters  Half of the  deficit of  300 has already been sub   scribed and division leaders are con   tinuing their efforts to secure the  balance  The following contribu   tions of five dollars or more are  gratefully acknowledged     75  Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity    60 Mr  and Mrs  E  J  Evans     20 Miss S  Belle Alexander    Mr  and Mrs  J  O  Blanton  Mam   moth Bldg  and Loan  A  W  Ram   sey  Miss Gladys Williams  Mrs  La   vina Sneed  Miss Armah Wilson  W   B  Matthews  Miss Carrie Alexander   Miss Clara Robinson     50  R  E  Clement  Ladies Sew   ing Club  Fifth St  Baptist Church   Joseph S  Cotter  Rev  E  G  Harris     35 Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity   Mrs  Norah Payne     30 Bishop and Mrs  George C   Clement     25 Lampton Baptist Church  W   Chestnut St  Baptist church  John V   Pilcher  Wm  M  Bright  Mrs  Ella    Downs Catches White Auto  Thieves in the Act    Say Its Good Move  ment For Race    Officer Wm  F  Downs  aught and  arrested two white men Monday   when he suspected them of stealing  a car  The white men were J  D   Reynolds  21  and Frank Hoskins  23   They were stealing a telephone op   eratir a car on Sixth street near  Walnut  The officers jumped on  the running board and arrested them  They were held to the grand jujry  in Police Court Tuesday  There is  a craxy rumor that Colored police   men cannot arrest white law break   ers  This disproves that     Reresanted By Big Lawyers F o  Case March 2nd    Honors And Tributes Paid Her By  High Officials    Many citizens here and elsewhere   have said good things about The  Voice since its first issue  A few of  their comments are published below   See editorial for reply  They are     The news that Judge Fred Starck    of the Police Court  had been indict   ed for anything came as a shock to  Colored citizens Thursday evening   Judge Starck is regarded as a friend  of the Colored people  He is a  member of the Paul Lawrence Dun   bar Club  a Colored organization   and is generally considered a fair  and unprejudiced Judge  The only  weakness Judge Starck apparently  has is his disposition to flv off when  ColorUi agd W iite neople are intri   mixeiL An example is found in a  case Monday in which a white couple  was arrested at   Negro home  The  Judge declared then  it is said  that  he would like to send the fire de   partment ou tto this home and raze  it to the ground  Many of his Col   ored friends  adherents and support   ers at the polls were shocked to hear  that the Judge had waxed so bitter   merely because a white woman and  man had gone to a Negro s home to  get a  dram   or a  shot  or what   ever it is called  But nevertheless  they hate to see him indicted even     though he gets dismissed  as he surely  will  no doubt  Then again a lot of  Colored people  got sore  over the  statement made in the white papers  Wednesday that Judge Starck said   in this very case he is indicted on   that  You can get a drink of liquor  anywhere on Walnut street   It  was pointed out that many of the  best Colored people in the city live  on Walnut street people vM do  not even drink liquor  far lest Lake  and sell it  But it seems to the  consensus of Colored people s pofti   ions that Judge Starck is not being  given the proper consideration in this  indictment and arraignment  But  the Judge can take care of himself   represented by Messrs  Brent  Overstreet  William Mix  Judge Jim   Roscoe    Mrs  Fannie Bell Williams  well  known and highly respected Louis   ville woman  who for over forty    G  S  Jennington  General Passenger  Agert  Mrs  Williams was present   ed with a beautiful Bible  with a  marker of three prongs consisting of  a gold heart  cross and anchor    Not only in the Indianapolis Star  but in the Pennsylvania News  rail   road paper  Mrs  Williams was highly  praised    The entire ceremony and history  of Mrs  Williams     Dr  Richard W  Oliver says    I want to congratulate the pub   lishers of the Colored Democratic  Voice on its first issue  It was well  made up and brim full of good  news  It cannot fail to be of great  value and service to the Race  The  new paper has my best wishes for  success     Stinson Fired From Force    connection with  J the Pennsylvania is remarkable and    extraordinary  This is the largest  and most importan trailroad in the  country  It gives Colored people A  fair break as Mrs  Williams  case  shows  So The Voice delight  in  recounting these facts  Mrs  Wil   liams is one of our older citizens   She is a good member of Broadway  Temple A M E  Jlion church  and the  wife of Mr  Harvey Williams  well  known citizen     Patrolman Tb   Stinson  white   wup dismissed    the  polfrc de   partment Monday  according to Col   RatdTffe  chief of police    Stinson  traffic officer at Fourth  ami Walnut streets  was arrested last  Friday night for being drunk  He  was suspended at that time  This  paper compared his case with that of  Officer Hamilton  colored  who was  fired on the spot two weeks ago  So  showing there is no discrimination   Stinson was fired also     Edwards  Neil Funk and  Searcy  he has enough leg   to get out of anything  I  comes up March 2  It w  sight to see Judge Fred  facing another Judge on any cause  or count whaever     Dr  J  A  Emerson says      Having read the maiden issue of  The Colored Democratic Voice last  week and watched the ready sale of  it on the streets among our group   indicates that irts meeting the ap   proval of a large per cent of voters     Colored Man Ges 6 Year  for  Robbing Colored Wo an   Mrs  Heloise Turner   956 S  Jackson  street  had her home robbed some  time ago of clothing valued at  168   Murray Jones  Andrew Childress     GEORGIA GOES LILY WHITE AS  BEN DAVIS IS OUSTED    MEMORIAL SERVICES FOR  N  A  A  C  P  ELECTS OF  JULIUS ROSENWALD  Rabbi Bazell to Speak at  Quinn Chapel Feb  7    Atlanta  Ga   CNS  The polit   ical kettle was boiling at white heat  here last week  as the announcement  was made by James W  Arnold  Re   publican National Committeeman for  Georgia and Josiah T  Rose  Repub   lican State Chairman  of the election  of Wilson Williams  lily white Re   publican of Woodbury  Georgia  to  succeed Benjamin J  Davis as secre   tary of the Republican State Com   mittee  The announcement brought  forward immediate denunciations oi  the move toward  lily whiteism   from Mr  Davis and Mrs  George S     going to fight any suggestion of a  lily white party in Georgia  The  whole idea of lily whiteness  t am  sure  ia repuganant to those who are  in control of the affairs of the Re   publican party nationally     As the Republican national    Made President    At an Emancipation meeting held  by the Louisville Branch  National  Association For The Advancement  of Colored People at Quinn Chapel  officers was held     com    mitteewoman for Georgia  I am still  uddrexsing Ben J  Davis as secretary  of the state committee     The move on the part of the Arn   old Rose faction is the result of a  curious series of circumstances  In  1928 at the Kansas City convention   u split in the Georgia delegation re   sulted in neither Mr  Davis nor his  lily white opponent being named as  Republican National Committeeman  and the position was left vacant until  last December when  with the con   sent of Mr  Davis  but with the op   Williams  Arnold    part of the nation wide onservance an election of  in tribute to one of the world s out  Excellent speeches were made by  standing benefactors of humanity  Rev  J  A  Johnson of the Church  this special service will be sponsored of Our Merciful Saviour and Mr  J   by the Chestnut St  Branch Y  M  C  A  Thomas  Executive Secretary of  A  with the cooperation of other civic the Louisville Urban League  The  organizations  speeches warned the rather large   In appreciation for the many con audience and resulted in the election  tributions made by Mr  Rosenwald to of the following officers  Dr  J  H   the advancement of Negro education Walls  president  W  H  Steward   and welfare programs  the citizens of Mrs  L  C  Johnson and T  S  Brad   Louisviile are urged t jooin with the for  vice president  Dr  J  A  C   organizations fostering this service Lattiniore  treas   Mrs  B  S  Tther   a d fill Quinn Chapel on this occa  ly  secretary  Mrs  Abbie Jackson   sion  An interesting program  with Asst  Secretary  An executive com 1  an address by Rabbi Solomon N  mittee was also elected  composed of  Bazell of Congregation B rith Sho  the following  W  H  Brown  Rev   lorn as the principle feature  has J  C  Caldwell  Miss S  C  Worthing   been arranged  Complete details of ton  S  O  Johnson  A  S  Garvin  i    Similarity of Names Embar   rasses Local Attorney   C  Eubank Tucker  criminal lawyer  and presiding elder of the A  M  E   Zion church  begs to say he is not C   Eubank Tucker of New Bern  N  C    who applied to the Ciicuit Court of  that place on a petition to be de   clared white  Mr  Tucker states that  he has never been to New Bern in  his life  He further states that he  is proud of his race    Mr  George White  proprietor of  the popular White s Luncheonette   610 W  Walnut St   who has been on  the sick list  is expected on the job    January 25  1932   J My Dear Garvin    Thunk you very much  for mail   ing me a copy of the  Colored  Dmocratic Doice   It s a paper  that you and your associates of  which can feel justly proud  There  is a great field in this city  for  1 your paper and I see absolutely no  reason  why it should not have the  indorsement as well as the support  of all its good citizens  I have al     ays been a friend of the Colored  people  some of those that I cheer   ish most are associated with you  in  bringing out this paper  With men  1 like W  E  Johnson  Alex Morris   Wm  Warley  Dr  Blackburn  Major  Mason  and yourself  taking the  lead  there can not be any doubt  but what the Democratic Voice is  here to stay  Good luck and good    wishes to you all        Very Sincerely    Sam S  English    407 Puriton Apts    P  S  I am mailing you my sub   scription     action of the Arnold Rose faction   He wrote   The National Republican  Committee passed on Mr  Arnold  as  Republican National Committeeman   but did not say who constituted the  personnel of the State central com   mittee and no noe or two white men  will be permitted to get together and  pack the committee with Negro hat   ing lily whites and get away with the  job     Mrs  Williams in a statemeit to the  press denied the legality of the Wil   liams election and declared that she  would still consider Mr  Davis as sec   retary of the State central commit   tee  Her statement was as follows    As representative of the Republican  party in Georgia  I shall insist that  there be representatives of both  races on the delegation htat goes to  Chicago to nominate candidates for  president and vice president  The  Republican party is neither white  nor black  Since the days of Grant    1 position of Mrs   was named to fill the vacancy  When  this was done  it was thought that  I Mr  Davis had made himself solid in    the ranks of the State Republican  machine  Supporters of Mrs  Wil   liams  however  feared that the ap   pointment of a white man would    mean the loss of her position as na   I tional committecwoman  That they  were no tonly right  but that as well  that the new machine intends to  i make the party strictly lily white  seems more than evident from this  lat move  The apparent dissension  between Mrs  Williams and Mr  Da   vis in the pas tmade possible this  latest step  observers say  Now that  the step has been taken  there is  every possibility that the Davis and  Williams machines will combine to  fight it out with the lily whites for  control of the State delegation    State chairman Rose  one of the  bosses of the new machine  in n pub    lie statement remarked that Mn    Mr  Johnson III   Mr  W  E  Johnson  Sr   oresident  of the Colored Democratic Voice  company  has been on the sick list  all week at his home  2341 Maga   zine street     Emmett Adams Sick   Mr  Emmett Adams  well knowrn  ung man of the city  has been con   ed to his apnrtments  20th and Ce     I  Willis Cole                 Pres    Rev  Dr  J  M  Williams 1st V  Pres    Mrs  Essio Muck  2nd V  Pres    Mr  W  C  Buford _ Secty    Mrs  Fanny O Bannon Asst  Secty    Tom Mason            Organizer   Miss Parke       1st Asst  Organizer   Mrs  Barbara Lucas 2nd Asst  Org   Miss Anora Tuxum 3rd Asst  Org   Mr  G  W  Mason_4th Asst  Org     The Colored Democratic Voice  is a race paper  publishing the  news of all the people regardless  of polities  and tty  advertisers Mr  Willium Wurley  using this Journal 1   are not ex  614 West Walnut Street  pressing any particular party of  Louisville  Kentucky   filiation  but are advertising the My dear Bill    goods and service they offer to j The  Colored Democratic Voice  the public  J  Continued on Page 4     Selby Congratulates Us    Mr  White Improved             1C VOICE    COLORED DEMOCRA    THE GEEVUM GIRLS    WAIT TO 2 ME IN TWE LOBBY SlS   lLLI  1 BE DOWN IN   JIFFY       1    ISAY  TOD    J F JNNY      1 AiM  now WAIT TILL I mail these     POSTALS  AND ill BE RIGHT r   1  V __  VMITH YOU  SlSTERI    1      what a Beautiful girl u         STANDING THERE TOEf   LET  T  GO AN  GETFLO  ZlECFELD f  INTRODUCE  jSjl  J     HOT SKETCH   ain t it  i     hurry      1 WELL  hurry    I M ANXIOUS ToL  See what kind _  of A PLACE WEVt   PICKED OUT Rdr r  OUR VACATION 1    New York  January 28  The re   gultsof an investigation of the lynch   ing at Salisbury  Md   on Dec  4   31   were made public today by the Fed   eral Council of Churches of Christ  in America  The inquiry was made  hy Prof  Broadus Mitchell of the De   partment of Political Economy  John  Hopkins University  acting in behalf  of the Federal Council s Commission  on Race Relations    The investigation had to do with  the hanging and burning of Matthew  Williams  a metally defective Negro  who had shot and killed his employer  and who  after trying to kill hint   self  jyas taken from the Salisbury  Hospital  hanged and burned  Prof   Mirtehell s study  according to the  report issued today  attempted to  discover the conditions in the com   munity which made a lynching pos   sible and the effects of  he lynching  upon the attitudes of the citizens    As a contributory factor  Prof   Mitchell cites the geographical iso   lation of the community resulting in  rather backward conditions  The  chief explanation given by the resi   dents of the community for the  lynching was that two serious crimes  in which Negroes were accused  had  occurred in the locality shortly be   fore and had aroused public feeling    Prof  Mitchell made a frank crit   icism of the attitude of the commu   nity as a whole  saying that  two  weeks after the lynching the place  was rife with excuses for the hang   ing  if not  indeed  full of justifica   tions of it   This attitude of self  defense was stimulated by the crit   icism of Salisbury which came from  other parts of the State  The sec   tional feeling was increased when a  local newspaper stated that the  Eastern Shore  on which Salisbury is  located  feels  that the greater part  of the responsibility for the lynching  results from the interference of Bal   timore City in the affairs of the  Shore The sectional feeling   ran so high that several Salisbury  merchants even cancelled orders with  Baltimore firms    Prof  Mitchell found only two cit   izens who had made any effort to  prevent the lynching and comments  that  the most sorrowful reflection  is no that some ignorant countryman  and townsmen gave way to violence   but that no one from among the in   telligent and fair minded citizeens  exerted  himself with spirit and de   termination to stop the lynching     The conclusions of Prof  Mitchell s  study are summarized as follows     In a sense  the Chesapeake Bay  contributed to the lynching in Sal   isbury  That is  the Eastern Shore  is isolated geographically  and has  become backward in its mental and  spiritual development  It is proba   bly true  as one of the writers prom   inent in the controversy over the  lynching has said  that the Eastern  Shore has suffered from the removal  of many of its ablest young men   Allowing this to be true  it still must  be said that the most sorrowful re   flection is not that some ignorant  countrymen and towsmen gave way  to violence  but that no one from  among the intelligent and fair mind   ed citizens exerted himself with  spirit add determination to stop the  lynching  Credit should be given to  the two citizens  mentioned in the  full report  who opposed the mob   one by protesting before the hanging  occurred  the other by trying to pre   vent the barbarism of the burning     If it be said that i toccurred too  quickly  it is to be answered that  there was probably knowledge in the  town an hour or more beforehand  that trouble was brewing  And if  private citizens are to be excused   the officers of the law have no ex   cuse  It may be fairly concluded  that the chief of police  his three  patrolmen who were on duty and the  sheriff and his deputies offered no  resistance to the lynching  The im   pression was received by the inquir   er that the public spirit of Salisbury    is far below what is desirable  Those    whom one would expect to be leaderg    in a crisis decided to fail with the i  ignorant  the prejudiced  the fright     ened  the sullenly boastful     Salisbury has given proof of its    lack of civic morality not only in  the lynching and burning  but even    Men   Class of W  Chestnut  St   Grace S  S  Led Last  Sunday    It s The Soul     That Counts    The Y  M  C  A  26  16th St  A M   E  Zion 59  B  T  Washington 417   Grace 467 and 7  Zion 300 and 49   Hope 395 and 9  Calvary Baptist 200  and 15  W  Chestnut St  336 and 60   Green St  181 and 17  Quinn 169  and 12  Centennial 130 and 27  Ply   mouth 110 and 7    Virginia Avenue 138 and 20  Em   manuel 117 and 40  Gethsemane 110  and 16  Fifth St  77 and 12  R  E   Jones 48  Calvary M  E  48 and 8   Portland 60 and 8  Asbury 33 and  11  Third Christian 32 and 10  Miles  45  Total 3531 and 353  Let us  look for surprises on next Sunday     For the first time since the cam   paign began  West Chestnut Street s  men s class ran first and the total  in the men s classes was greatest in  number on last Sunday  Greater  interest in the campaign by members  of the churches and the recent revi   vals in several of them are bringing  about splendid results in the  cam   paign  The report for January 24  follows     By J  W lliushanan    An eminent mireie teacher after  having failed to get the desired re   pupil  cried out in de     mercial success     New officers installtd in the club  by Mr  Holsey  ere  David Doles   President  Allie N  Jones  first vice  president  Junius M  Green  second  vice president  Ralph O  Gothard   executive secretary  A  W  Stephens   financial secretary  Dr  Ray Potter   Waller  recording secretary  Albert  L  Hypps  corresponds   secretary   Mrs  Elsie E  Dorsey  treasurer  and  Dr  H  Binga Dismond  Robert W   Justice  and Edward M  Fentriss   members of the Board of Directors     suits with  spair   Madam you will never sing  for you have no soul  it s the soul  that counts       It is the soul that counts     When the great English violinist   Ole Bull  came to this country mu   sical critics said that he would make  no impression here  They predicted  that his American debut would be a  failure because he violated so many  of the laws of Musical Compasition   But Ole Bull had a soul  and while  hi  first technique was not perfect   his soul spoke through his instru   ment  while men soon forgot the  player  and his deficiencies and re   membered only his message    It s the soul that counts    You may have unusual skill as an  artist  You muy possess the finest  collection of paints in the world and  the best brushes  but unless you put  your soul into your work you will  be nothing more than u bill board  dauber  You may have the voice of  a Gaili Curci  It may be technically  trained to such perfection that it  will obey your every wish  but un   less you sing with the soul  your  singing is nothing  You may have  a thorough education in English so  that you can easily express every  thought  but unless you write with  the soul your po  vill be nothing  but meaningless J shall ew ml   forget an old man who taught a  Sunday school class in a small vil   lage church  He had but a meugre  education  There was no logical  presentation of the lesson  His  English was crude  But his soul    Items of Interest Here and  There    Washington Atorneys Seek  To Make Dead Society  Live Again   Wahington  CNS     Thirty five  years of active practice before every  the Supreme Court of the United  court in the District of Columbia and  States is the record of L  Melendez  King  prominent attorney of this  city  who last week found himself  confronted with one of the strangest  legal cases in the history of the  courts here  Attorney King is rep   resenting 47 members of the Eastern  Star Benevolent Society of America   an organization declared legally dead  in 1918  which has to prove itself  very much alive legally if it hopes to  receive  2 276 70 owing to it by the  District of Columbia  Associated  with Attorney King in solving the  knotty legal problem is Attorney Ed   ward A  Beaubian  a recent graduate  of Howard University Law School    The society seeking to prove its  legal existence was incorporated in  1898 under a charter which expired  iar 1918   Unaware that the expira   tion of the charter made it legally  dead  members of the organization  kept right on doing business and ac   quiring property in its name  In  1926 the Disrict of Columbia gov   ehrment condemned a portion of the  property thus acquired in order to  widen a highway  and awarded the  owners of the property  2 276 70    It was a search of the title to the  property that it was learned that the  charter having expired  the associa   tion was legally dead and neither it  nor its members could be legally  paid the sum awarded  Immediately  through Attorney King  with Attor   ney Beaubian representing the nom   inal defendants  the 47 members of  the defunct society filed a new cer    asked    New York  Jan  28  The most  important business meeting held in  Harlem this year was staged at the  Witoka Club  222 West 145th Street   Wednesday evening when Dr  R  R   Moton  president of the National  Negro Business League  presented a  charter of membership in the Na   tional League to the Harlem Business  Men s Clubs     La  IQmL    Bishop M  W  Clair of Covington   Ky   preached at the opening of the  106th Anniversary of R  E  Jones  Temple  a sermon that was highly  commended by Librarian Blue and  hy Dr  J  Lomax Nichols  Dr  N  D   Shamborguer  now serving his sixth  year as pastor  conducted the pre   liminary services and paid a glowing  tribute to the pioneers and founders  of R  E  Jones Temple  Dr  R  B   Scott read a brief history of the  church  Miss Maggie Rogers sang a  solo  in a touching manner    Bishop M  W  Clair  a dark com   plexioned  silver haired man ol dis   tinguished appearance  erect carriage  and stalwart physique and pleasant   well modulated voice  preached a  very illuminating sermon  He said    Sometimes as I get around  I feel  that our people are not doing their  best  And then I get a reaction      Bishop Clair took his text from  Paul s Epistle to the Hebrews  12th  chapter     Moton    who aroused the audience to a high  pitch of enthusiasm in a speech on  the growth of Negro business  other  speakers were James A  Jackson of  the Department of Commerce  Wash   ington  D  C   and A  L  Holsey   president of the National C  M  A    anil secretary of the    Stores  Inc   i League    The meeting which was presided  overy by Dr  Ray Potter Waller  vice  1 president  was the first anniversary  supper of the Harlem Business Men s  1 Club  David Doles  president of the  cicb  expressed the gratification of    the dub at having so distiaguished a  visitor as Dr  Moton present    Dr  Moton received rounds of ap   plause as he made point after point  in his speech  He said the Negro  has made great progress in education  and music and art  but business is  his weakest point of development   But he said he was glad to observe  in the last few years an awakening  along business line3  He said the  work of the Business League in stim   ulating a cooperative spirit among  business men hud begun to bear fruit  and a splendid example of the new  awakening was the Harlem Business  Men s Club  The fact that the club  has 165 members joined together for  the purpose of stimulating business   and the fact that they have remained  together for a year  is significant  he  said  There is no limit to what can  be accomplished with even such a  mildest number of people working  unitedly behind any business pro   gram  he declared    Mr  Jackson said in the course of  his speech  which was filled with  suggestions for improving business  policies and practices   that Negroes  are seeking a new light is evident  from the fac that 28 national Negro  organizations  two interstate bodies   sixteen state groups and 78 local  commercial organizations  including  this one  are listed along with the  other large numbers published in the  volume of business by the Depart   ment of Commerce     Mr  Holsey  before installing the  new officers of the club  said that ac   cording to American ratioa of food  consumption  200 000 Negroes in  Harlem spend  26 000 000 per year    Wherefore see   ing we also are encompassed about  with so great a crowd of witnesses     He then said in part   The Apostle  Paul in the previous chapter gave a  definition of faith and then a long  list of heroic souls who had wrought  well      He got the setting for this picture  in some of the things he had seen in  the life of the Greeks and Romans   If in the Cflympic games  men would  strive hard to win a crown that only  had temporary value  what ought we  not to do to win the crown of ever   lasting life  the lustre of which is  immortal    It is encouraging to reflect that  Jones Temple has made a contribu   tion to humanity s uplift and to the  city of Louisville  things that are  worth while  Brother Joseph Court   ney  a wonderful character came out  of this church into the Lexington  Conference and made a contribution  to kingdom building in his day and  generation  It is infinitely better to  live now than in 1832    What opportunities we have  How  has our horizon widened  Science  has made such progress that the  whole world is a neighborhood  This  is a wonderful world and marvelous  age in which we live  Hence more    III LLACH year officers  and members of the National Negro Insur   ance Association meet to plan how they  can better serve their millions of policy   holders  They are striving to improve the  health and economic welfare of every mem   ber of the group  They are working to pro   vide a larger measure of employment as  well as more adequate insurance protection   They are solving the problems which will  enable them to earn larger dividends for  stockholders and in a hundred other ways  doing those things which make for racial  progress  Negro Insurance Companies are  earnestly working for your advancement   They deserve your support     tificate of incorporation and  the court to recognize them as le   gally entitled to the money  At a  hearing of the case ordered by Mr   Justice Cox  and held last Wednes   day the rights of the claimants were  presented and a decision by the re   feree is now pending     New York City  January 28    Two new members of the Board of  Directors of the National C  M  A   Stores  Inc   were elected at the  meeting held at the national office   145 West 41st street  last Tuesday   at which Clement M  Biddle presid   ed  The new members are Brown   ing Day  director of the Budgets and  Finances  who has had ten years  ex   perience in banking with the Irving  Trust Company of New York  and  Dr  Paul T  Cherington  formerly  professor of marketing at the school  of Business Administration  Harvard  University  who is now head of a  Market Research Bureau in New  York City for a select group of  manufacturers and adverstisers   Members attending the board meet   ing were Dr  Robert R  Moton of  Tuskegee Institute  Mr  Biddle T   Arnoid Hill  Miss Eva D  Bowles  A   L  Holsey  Fred R  Moore  C  Benja   min Curley  Dr  Cherington  and Mr   Day  Those invited to sit in on the  meeting were H  G  Nichol  assistant  to the president of the W  T  Grant  Company  D  C  Casmir  merchan   dising counselor of C  M  A   and  Frederick J  Werner of Brooklyn    The directors    tened  What an elevation of the  spirit it must have been to her whose  soul was in the message    It s the Soul that Counts     Insure With    Trinity A M E  Church Note     CENTURY LIFE INS  Co   Little Rock  Arkansas   DOMESTIC LIFE   ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO   Louisville  Kentucky   GOLDEN STATE INSURANCE CO   Lo  Angeles  California  LIBERTY LIFE INSURANCE CO   Chicago  Illinois  NORTHEASTERN LIFE INS  CO   Newark  New Jersey  PYRAMID LIFE INSURANCE CO   Chicago  Illinois  SECURITY LIFE INSURANCE CO   Muskogee  Oklahoma   SOUTHERN AID SOCIETY OF VIRGINIA  Richmond  Virginia   UNITY INDUSTRIAL LIFE INSURANCE CO    New Orleans  Louisiana   UNDERWRITERS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO   Chicago  Illinois   VICTORY LIFE INSURANCE CO   Chicago  Illinois  Members of   THE NATIONAL NEGRO INSURANCE ASSOCIATION    Things are on the upward trend  in the Trinity A  M  E  church  Rev   E  Coleman  Jr   preached a soul  stirring sermon last Sunday night   One young man wag converted and  joined the church  Two other young  men connected themselves with Trin   ity  Rev  Eugena Russell assisted in  the services  Messrs  J  S  Harshaw   Ewell Shipp  and H  P  Smith  the  three clas leaders  made encouraging  reports  The Cheerful Workers Club   of whicR Mr  H  P  Smith is president  will put on a program Feb  1  at  which time Prof  Wm  H  Ferris will  address the club  The choir with  Miss Madean Knuckles  ae organist   is adding interest the wirv ces     The salaries  profits and wages   Har   m active lem ou R ht to seriously ask itself   i whether it will continue to spend   this sum for the benefit of other  groups  or will spend it for its own  enrichment   he said   The power  of changing this situation is in the  lold fur  hands of Harlem itself  and is main   Mrs  D  ly to be found in improving ourselves   ood con along the lines of better standards of  victrola  business  Mr  Holsey also read the  iport  ta   Declaration of Purpose  of the  Apply Harlem Economic Council  of which  Shawnee he is temporary chairman  in which  Shawnee it was declared that  Harlem offers  Alt  0 the Negro the greatest laboratory    expressed them   selves as being well pleased with the  progress being made by C M A   and  were jubilant over the fact that the  organization is now a going concern   with 16 grocers signed up in New  York City  and with several manu   facturers tied up with the organisa   tion on the same basis as manufac   turers tie up with other chain organ   izations     in America in which to work out and  demonstrate his ability to achieve  economic self sufficiency and com                  yv      Page Three     COLORED DEMOCRATIC VOICE      A man needs to hold on to his LIFE  INSUR  ANCE more than ever     Dont let anybody persuade you to drop your  LIFE INSURANCE now     Its about the only thing left that has nt gone  down every morning     Your INSURANCE is carried with a strong well managed  Company  when It is carried in     Supreme Liberty Life Insurance Company   me Office  3511 S  Parkway CHICAGO  I   Branch Office  608 West Walnut Street  Room 201   Over 27 000 000 00 Insurance In Force      i5i  iifii  1191    i i  H2J     U mm  l5J lift  till  UI1    L   IS2  I 2   iitiTiitri m wifinull    ilBTi iTBT mm imTiiTiiiwiTiiiiiiiTiTii                                              f          COLORED DEMOC1    ATIC VOICE    Louisville  Ky  JANUARY 30  1932    Well Known Citizens Praise  Voice    PROF  EARL BROWN  ADDRESSES INTER  FRATERNAL FORUM    banker persuaded the other direc   tors to pay  35 Of   000 for the Bos   ton  Westchester Railroad  which  was only worth   10 000 000 and   20 000 000 for   Trolly Company   which was only rorth  8 000 000   etc   etc    The Directors 1 ad the funds and  the credit to keci on going  They  relieved the situafon by raising the  railroad rates fro i the Grand Cen   tral Station in Nbw York City to  New Haven  Conn  from  1 55 to   2 61 and by raitting the rates over  the railroad  trolley and steam boat  lines which they Controlled in New  England about 60  per cent    In discussing the Negro s econo   mic situation  we must remember the  memorable words   of President Ar   thur Twiming Hadley of Yale Uni   versity at the Yale Alumni dinner  in discussing the a eming failure of  the League of ifations  He said  that  We must remember that pro   gress has been made by making  many experiments that turn out  badly and taking many false steps  before the one true step has been  taken      Mr  Attilla Cox Compliments  Colored Community  Chest Workers    beth Bolan  Hattie Figg  Mrs  Mar   garet Doleman  Miss Ruth M  Ro   gers  I  W  St  Clair  Miss Thelma  Lewis  Miss Alberta Skaggs  Addison  Ramsey  Mis Elsie Fields  W  A   Tisdale  Frank Stanley  Carl Bar   bour  Miss Estella Kennedy  Mrs  G   A  Bassett  Miss Elibabeth Owens   Miss M  E  Johnson  Rev J  A  Grant   Jos  E  Jackson  Mrs  M  Braddicks   Miss Lee Anna Winstead  Mrs Geor   gia Lewis  R  M  Crume  Miss Mary  E  Fishbaek  Miss Gladys B  Foust   Miss Roberta Hansberry  D  J  High   tower  Thos  G  Hines  Miss M  Lydia  Johnson  W  E  Johnson  Miss Treser  L  Kinard  Jesse H  Lawrence  Miss  Miss Thelma Morton  Miss Lacinia  Leon Leach  Mrs  Marietta Mills   Neal  H  W  O Bannon  Miss Sara A   Perry  John A  Phelps  Jr   Mrs   Mary B  Sherrill  Miss Eunice B   Singleton  Miss Josephine Smalling   Miss L  J  Sparks  James L  Wilson   Miss Cleoda Mason  Miss Lillian  Houser  Mis E  Y  S  Murrell  Miss  Lillian Beeler  Miss Minnie Speaker   Miss Rachel Jones  Miss Willie  Raynes  Miss Lula Whitehead  Miss  Maarguerite Parks  T  J  Long  L  J   Harper  T  H  McNeil  Miss Lula Ed   monson  Miss Frances V  Owens  M   Ray Jordan  Rev  B  W  Swain  Wm   Thompson  Elmer Martin  Lena Mar   tin  Jos  R  Ray    Over  10 00    Municipal College  student body    13 25  Hope Sunday School  11 87   J  M  Little Sunday School  13 13   Rev  O  V  Hal   12      6   00     Miss Margaret Figg  Miss Lucy G   Sheppard  Miss Mary C  Abel  New  Coke Church  Miss Myrtle Black   Eary Brown  6 50  Centennial Bap   tist church  Miss Webster  Miss  Eloise Bell  Miss Elizabeth Wnstead   Miss Anna B  Pittman  Miss Lillian  B   Carroll  6 80  Miss Eliza Elzy   Miss Elizabeth Grimes  Miss Lucille   McAtoe  Miss Susie St  Clair  Theo   dric Woolridge  Miss Eva Conner   Miss Louise F  Johnson  Miss Mary  E  Muir  Miss Auweeta E  Wilhite     8   00     Miss Ouida Wilson  Mrs  James  Bond  Miss Emma L  Minnis  Dr  A   C  McIntyre  Miss Catherine Wood   son  C  H  Parrish  Jr   W  L  Kean    7 00    Miss B  Mrs  J  L  Black  7 50  Rev   W  F  Fisher  7 20  Mrs E  Smith   7 20  Ebeneezer Baptist Church  E   W  Forbes  Miss Eugenia  Duncan    Misss L  J  Chinn  M  E  Brown      ftjnocratic      Continued from Page 1    is before me  Yes  it shocked me   in that it took me by surprise  not  tha tyou had changed your party  affiliation  I did not know that such  things were being considered  I am  nil right now  however  and wish to  congratulate you upon this new ven   ture    You have around you some very  good men who should help you to  realize a large portion of your  dreams  And you should you de   serve it  The race is not to the  swift  but to him that endureth to  the end  May every success attend    A hot Debate on The Negro s  Economic Environment   A Defense of The Colored  Brothers    RACE LOYALTY  Published Every Saturday at Louisville  Ky   By The Colored Democratic Voice Co   Inc     President    Editor    W  E  JOHNSON  SR  A  L  GARVIN  WILLIAM WARLEY  A  E  MORRIS_    By WM  H  FERRIS   The Intelligentsia of Louisville  heard Prof  Earl Brown of the  Municipal College deliver a brilliant  but rather pessimistic address on   The Negro s Economic Environ   ment  last Sundny afternoon at the  Y  W  C  A  before the Inter Frat   ernal Forum  They heard Mrs  Fan   ny R  Givens  Mr  J  E  Thomas of  the Urban League and Dr  J  A  C   Lattimnre ask searching questions   They heard Mrs  J  Max Bond say  amid great applause  We thought  we could fly before our wings were  grown  That is why our banks and  insurance companies failed and  taught us a needed lesson     But those who remained behind  and listened to the discussion be   tween Prof  Earl Brown and Dean  Rufus S  Clement and heard the  latter say that the present study of  social conditions would bear fruit  twenty years later  were more than  repaid for coming out to the meet   ing  Prof  George F  Robinson act   ed as a Master of Ceremonies  He  proved a Master of Introduction and  manifested a desire to give as many  as possible an opportunity to ask  questions and discuss the well pre   pared address  Mr  Andrews sang  in a touching manner  When the  Golden Sun Sinks in the West     The Address    Prof  Earl Brown gave a masterly  survey of the Negro s economic de   velopment since his emancipation  from bondage  He said  The prob   lem of the Southern Negro was first  rural and is now partly urban  Out  of 12 000 000 Negroes in America   only 4 000 000 live in the cities     Then Prof  Brown described in  graphic manner the southern Negro  imigrating north in large numbers   writing roseate letters back home   until more southern Negroes blocked  north than could be economically as   similated  And he closed his dark  picture by saying that the Negro in  the north unskilled and untutored  found himself competing with Jews   Italians and other peoples of south   ern Europe  Prof  Brown ably an   swered the many questions hurled  at him  Prof  Robinson could well  say  You can see that I did not mis   represents the speaker and that he is  an expert in his line     Comment    Ever since Dr  Thomas Jesse Jones  published his survey of Negro col   leges and universities around 1918   weighed them in the balance and  found most of them wanting  with   out taking into consideration that  the white educators for twenty three  years had discouraged the higher ed   ucation of the Negro and white  philanthropists favored the Indus   trial Schools  the tendency on the  part of white and Colored sociolo   gists has been to gi tin judgment  on the Colored brothers    Prof  Earl Brown is not as pessi   mistic as Dr  Carter G  Woodson  and not as cynical as Mr  George S    But he has been some     Associate Editor      Business Manager    Entered as second class matter April 13  1912 at he Postoffice  Louisville  Ky   under act of Congress  March 3  1878    Name changed to Colored Democratic Voice  Jan  23  1932 and so entered     Yours very sincerely    E  A  Selby   Director Mechanic Arts     Subscription Rates     1 50 Six Months   1 00 three Months   Single Copy 5 Cents     gress Commends New Pa   per For Trying To Make  Negro Political Independ   ent     a Year    LOOSE HIM    January 25  1932     Honorable A  S  Garvin     We w ish to use these same words with reference to the Negro  He has  been politically chained to a party from which he should break away  It  is up to those who are free  to  Loose him   from that political slavery  that has had him in bondage since he was given the right to vote    The heading of the Colored Democratic Voice shows a young man chained  to a post  He has succeeded in freeing one hand and with this is casting  a ballot for the party of his choice  He is seen struggling to break the  chain that binds the other arm  It is up to us  since he has not been able  to free himself  to  Loose Him  and bring him into his own  Loose him  from that party that has had him in political slavery  Loose him from  that party  G O P   Good on promises and never keeps them  Never  keeps them unless it is a promise to do something against the Negro   Loose him from that party that fights for his vote and then segregates him  after they get it  Loose him from that party that forces him to pay taxes  and then does not permit him to enjoy the fruits of those taxes  Loose  him from the party that has 75 000 clerks in the United States services  and less than 300 of them Negroes    No wonder w e cry out with loud voice   Loose him from that party  Good on Prrnitei when we recall that at one time there were only 25 000  federal mployes  2 000 of them were Negroes  and today with 75 000 em   ployes  less than 300 of them Negroes  Loose him from the party he has  kept in power for years and yet that party shows him no regard after the  election is over  Loose him from that party that has shown a disposition  to kick him out of every responsible position which he has occupied  Loose  him and let him go a free man  Free t oact and vote as other men do   without being molested  It is the purpose of The Colored Democratic  Voice to do its part in freeing the Negro from his political slavery  What   ever we can do will be gladly done  Our aim is to be fair and jjust to all     olored Candidate For Con    2307 W  Chestnut Street    Louisville  Kentucky    Dear Mr  Garvin    I thank you for your copy of the  firs tedition of  The Colored Dem   ocratic Voice   I have read the  paper through painstakingly and  commend you most highly on your  fine undertaking  I find that the  paper is well edited and contains  real news    Any efforts toward gaining politi   cal independance for the Negro is  mighty praiseworthy  It is my be   lief that those of us who have dedi   cated ourselves to this undertaking  W ill find our greatest reward in  clear conscience and the inner reali   zation that our efforts will rebound  to the welfare of the Negroes and  good government    I wish you every success in this  undertaking    Respectfully yours   Joseph L  McLemore    St  Louis  Mo     Towson  Md   CNS  Euel Lee   60 year old colored man accused of  the murder of a white farmer and  his family  was found guilty by a  jury of 12 white men here last Wed   nesday  after only 32 minutes de   liberation  The verdict carried with  it no recommendation of mercy   making a death sentence mandatory   Immediately upon the announcement  of the verdict  Bernard Ades and  David Levinson  International Labor  Defense lawyers  who acted as coun   sel for Lee  made a motion for a new  trial  They stated that Lee had been  denied due process of law and that  the case would be fought to the Su   preme Court of the United States in  the attempt to win a reversal  Sev   eral motions for a new trial  and for  an appeal is a new trial is denied   were before the court for action this  week    Lee s counsel facing an almost  impossible task at the trial of the  lower court  did their bet to build  up as strong a case for an appeal as  possible  Time after time they  forced State prosecutors to admit  that it was not customary to admit  Negroes to jury panels  Even one  of the trial judges  Judge Duncan  stated that he did not consider Ne   groes in picking a jury panel    The prosecution did not hesitate  to bring in the race question at ev   ery stage of the trial     NOT FATE BUT FOLLY    GEORGIA GOES LILY  WHITE AS BEN DAVIS  IS OUSTED     Godfrey  Than we the Father better knew   Childs  state prosecutor  assailed as The best for her so He  therefore   ridiculo us the attempts of the de  Took her to Him   or who declare  fense to pin the crime on a white  The Lord hath need for her up  witness  thereby  sullying the repu  there    tation of a  white gentleman     White newspapers in the lynching The fao s are these  we never can  area along the Eastern Shore were Flaunt Nafbre with impunity   jubilant last week over the convic  For She  when we transgress her laws  tion of Lee  Editorials praising the Will not remit the penalty   verdict appeared in several papers  Even for zeal inordinate         It is unalterably decreed     ning years      Continued from Page 1      What the attitude of the National  rmmittee is with regard to this    Bob Nelson    Whether you know him or not   you will be glad  for the sake of the  race  that Governor Gifford Piachot  of Pennsylvania has appointed Rob   ert J  Nelson of Reading  Pa   to be  a member of the State Athletic  Board  Mr  Nelson is the only Negro  to hold such a highly important po   sition in any State  The appoint   ment as Boxing Commissioner carries  with it  not only a sizeable salary   but as well a splendid opportunity to  serve the Negro athlete in the State   No longer will it be possible to re   voke the license of a Negro contest   ant for the reason of color alone   At last the contestant will get a  square deal    But if you know Bob Nelson  you  will be doubly glad that he was the  man chosen by Gov  Pinchot  For he  is a square shooter  Genial  ag   gressive and dependable  he has  served with distinction as Commis   sioner of Civil Liberties of the Elks   Under him this bureau has come to  be of definite service to the race   And it is to be expected that in his  new office  he will prove again that  he lives up to the true test of lead   ership     N A A C P  Checking Up On  All Candidates for Su   preme Court    Schuyler    what affected by the Zeit Geist  The  late William Graham Summer of  Yale University in lauding Ward s   Dynamic Sociology   sociologists  tended to become statistical rather  than psycholological    Four years ago  the Department  of Commerce of which President  Herbert Hoover was then Secretary  and in which Dr  Klein and former  Prof  Sargent of Harvard were  prominent figures published a 300  page economic survey of the entire  world  Yet none of the brilliant ex   perts who marshalled the facts  fig   ures and statistics could forsee that  a world depression was on the wing   That is a resplendent example of  statistics minus psychology    Similarly those who say that the  Negro is not making good economic   ally in the north seem to fail to  recognize that it is difficult for a  colored artisan to find employment  in the north and extremely difficult  for an ambitious Colored boy to get  in a first class shop and learn to  become a skilled mechanic  machin   ist or textile worker    The New York     Committee of Fifteen   Praises Dr  J  M  Williams    of Colored people and poor white people  One is the bill to reduce the  number of Magistrate from eight to three and to put them on salaries   That is a good thing for all poor people  especially in the case of suits  for debt  Before a Magistrate the defendant is nearly always wrong   The Magistrate lives on fees  So he is inclined to favor the plaintiff who  brings the case to him  Magistrate courts heretofore have been for the  most part collecting agencies and rarely can th edefendant give a sutis  The  loan shark  bill to regulate loan companies and the interest they  charge also is a good thing for all poor people  Men and women hard  pressed and desperate for money are easy prey to the enticing advrtise   ments these companies send out  But once in their clutches the poor  borrower pays and pays  and never gets free of debt  So whatever else  the legislature does in the enactment of new laws  these two will be  especially benefitial to a very great number of citizens of all races and  colors  ii A    Cardozo  Chief Judge of the New I Kleier  Mrs  Lillian B  Bush  Miss  York State Court of Appeals  is be j Piercy Kester  Miss Julia Mosehy   ing urged by leaders of ail shades of j Miss Minnie Newton  Miss Virginia  opinion througout the United States Ross  Miss Margaret Thruston  Miss  as the most eminently qualified jurist   Katie N  Stills  C  T  Taylor  Miss   Edwina Andrews  Miss Hazel Green   Miss Winifred Jetton  Miss S  C   Hawkins  Miss Clara E  Barbour   Miss Teresa E  Bullock  Miss Edna  DeHaven  Miss Lillian Carpenter   Miss Ruby Simpson  Leslie Green  P   A  Robinson  Louis Hightower  Miss  Atholene Peyton  Miss C  V  Harris   Justice E  A  Rogeers  Mrs  B  B  Flack  Geo    L  Bullock  Miss Alberta E  Barry   The N A A CP is vigilantly watch  Miss Katherine Neal  W  H  Perry   ing the situation and will be ready Sr   Dr  J  H  Walls  Mrs  Edith Em   with facts to begin its campaign at erson  Mrs  Cora De Sha Barnett   once if any appointment is made  for H  H  Wiggins  Elmer Martin  J  T   politieal reasons  of a judge whose Anderson  Miss Mary S  Brown  C   record in the matter of race relations D  Clark  G  L  Dixon  Miss Valla  is open to question  Dudley  Miss Earline Good  Miss   Enthusiastic cooperation in its Verna Guinn  Miss Loretta Haddox   efforts to keep fully posted is being Reid E  Jackson  Miss Ella Lawrence   given the N A A C P  by lawyers  Miss Harriet La Forrest  Miss Anna  editors and branches as well as by L  Masterson  Miss Maude M  Morris   private citizens in all parts of the Theodore Rowan  Miss Pearl B  Rob   country  The Association has been erts  Miss Stella Shipley  Melville  in communication with groups in all Whedbeq  Mrs  May Etta Bowman   states where names of possible nom  Mis N  B  Gibson  Miss Odessa Mat   inees have been mentioned  calf  Miss Mozelle Rose  Miss Eliza     Editor Colored Democratic Voice     The following resolution was pre   sented by Rector J  A  Johnson and  unanimously adopted by the Com   Mittee of Fifteen at its last meet   ing    Whereas  In the providence of  God  the Rev  J  M  Williams was  chosen to lead our group in the rais   ing of  5 000 for the Community  Chest    Whereas  through the excellent  leadership of Dr  Williams and the  loyal support of the captains and co   workers the quota was reached in  actual cash and subscriptions    Be it resolved  that the Committee  of Fifteen go on record as express   ing its thanks and gratitude  first to  Almighty God for success achieved  by our group in the campaign    Be it further resolved  that the  wholehearted thanks of the commit   tee be extended our worthy Captain  and leader by a rising vote of this  committee at its present session    Be it further resolved  that a copy  of these resolutions be published in  the city papers     to succeed Justice Holmes on the  bench  The N A A C P  shares this  prevalent opinion about Justice Car   dozo    The only objection seriously urged  against him is that he is from New  York State and that slate already  has two representatives on the Su   preme Court bench  Chief  Hughes and Justice Stone     Washington  CNS    Benjamin  Oltver Davis  Jr  and Francis D   Anglas  the two youths who were  nominated to West Point by Con   gressman DePriest of Illinois  re   ceived notification last week to ap   pear before examining officers at  Fort Sheridan f r a physical exami   nation on March 1  Both boys have  done special tutoring to prepare  themselves for passing these exami   inations  The Illinois Congressman  also appointed four alternstes for  the two vacancies in the West Piint  enrollment     New Haven and  Hartford Railroad    But what about Marcus Garvey  I squandering a million dollars in the  Black Star Line  What about the  bank and two big Negro insurance  failures  Let us draw hack the cur   tains eighteen years and see why  the New York  New Haven and  Hartford Railroads first cut its div   idends from 8 to 4 per cent and then  passed its dividends  When the  president of the railroad was put on  the rack  he showed how  J  Pier   pont Morgan  America s greatest     li   l   tl    U    fi    1   t    hi   I   tl   ii    M   a   M    M   t    J    ai    of   th   D   Ri   at   co   of    o     fa   g    ol   oi   Ji   v     B     Jo   re    fr    W   lit   w    fri    ni   Hi   de   an   th   mi    ki   H   In   to   D   e     m                  COLORED DEMOCRATIC VOICE    Page Five      LOCAL   INTERESTING NEWS ITEMS       LOCAL NEWS AND SOCIAL NOTES   Mr  John L  Leake who has been in Covington  Ky   since the early part  of December  will return to the city Friday    Mrs  Abbie Clement Jaekgon  accompanied her grandmother  Mrs  Wil   liam   to Washington  D  C    The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority met last week with Miss Eunice B   Singleton  The local chapter will present Ann Harding in  Devotion   at  the Grand Theatre February 4th and 5th    The Business and Professional Girls  Club  of which Mrs  Anna J  Rhodes  Hughes is president  met at the home of Mrs  Mildred M  Dunn Friday night  of last week  Each member invited a guest  As a result it is predicted  that the business of the club will show a slight pickup in the very near  future  It is desirous that all business and professional women in the  city affiliate themselves with this club  It is one of the features of the  Y W C A  program    The Inter Fraternal Forum is bringing out sove very interesting thoughts  from the  Intelligensia  of the city  judging from the enthusiasm and re   sponse of those attending Sunday s meeting  Mr  Earl Brown  who lead  the disaussion and respoded to queries  is to be congratulated in that be  has provoked considerable thought of the conditions that face us as a race   It is hoped that we shall have a continuation of such programs and that  they may at least create a dissatisfaction with present economic conditions   in the young Negro          Mrs  Frances Davis of the Gold Const Apartments  is on the sick list    Mr  and  Mrs  E  H  Banks have moved from the Gold Coast to 2225 W   Madison where they can be at home to friends after this week  Give them   a chance            The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority will honor their National head  Miss  Maude Brown  Supreme Basileus  Friday evening at the home of Miss  Emma Mills Clement  Miss Brown by her election to this office  honors  Louisville and Louisville likewise honors her at this time    The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was the guest of Dr  Russell V  Rice and  Mr  J  E  Hankins Thursday night of last week at the home of Dr  Rice    Mr  and Mrs  Maceo Thomas  known as the Chilton Thomas dancing  team  will play at the National during the first week of February with A1  Jolson s Wunder Bar    Dr  and Mrs  T  C  Brock entertained last week honoring the uncle anil  aunt of Mrs  Brock  Mr  and Mrs  James Robinson of Terre Haute    The Social Service Club held its regular meeting at Jones Temple tins  week  Th guest speaker was Mr  John Green  formerly executive seertary  of the Chestnut St  Branch Y M C A  Mrs  Green accompanied him and  they were the house guests of Dr  and Mrs  R  B  Scott    The Mu So Lit Club met with Mrs  Bertha Callery Wednesday night   Dean R  E  Clement was guest speaker of the evening    The Presbyterian and Congrgational churches will hold a joint revival   Rev  Thom of Atlanta  will preach    The National B Y P U  and Baptist Sunday School Convention was held  at the Calvary Baptist Church this week  A sadness was cast over the  convention when Dr  Jernigan was called home on account of the deat   of his daughter         The directors  officials anil executives of the Boy Scouts  their wi es   and friends  were guests of the organization Thursday night  The feature  of the occasion was the awarding by Mr  Fisher of the  Silver Bug e  Award   to Mr  W  B  Matthews in honor of his work with the Colored  Scouts in the city of Louisville  Mr  Matthews was one of the flirt to  become interested in such a movement in the city and has been a great  factor in the success of the organization      Louisville friends of Mrs   Bin  Shepard Massic of Hopkinsville  were  glad to welcome her back home for the shorts viit this week    Mr  and   of Mrs  Edelen                  Efforts are being made to have several blocks closed and set aside by  order of the police department for the colored children of Portland  Miss  Jessie Carter is to be congratulated and helped in her efforts to bring ad   vantages to this section of Louisville      Mr H  C  Russell dropped into the city for a short stay this week    Mrs  Moxley of the Gold Coast Apartments  is visiting  Bowling Green  Ky  _    uni   RUIJY P  SIMPSON   R  E  JonesiTemple Church     met by Mr  Walter M  Williams Jr    the head bellman  who was on the  job immaculately dressed as usual    He was escorted to the employees  Revival  DisCUSSed At  quarters and cordially received by  the men and brake bread with them    The men had planned a debate up   on the momentous question  Has  Negro Leadership in the South  Failed   The duties of the hour  caused the debate to be postponed    The men then gathered around Prof    Wm  H  Ferris and quizzed him for  a  few moments as t o the psychololo   gical cadse of the miraculous rise  and sudden decline of Marcus Gar   vey    As there were many bright and  well informed men in the group  a  very interesting discussion arose   not only regarding Garvey but also  Dr  Du Bois and Prof  Kelly Miller    In the near future  the debate will  be put on    The Pendennis Club  famous from  its name  famous for its entertain     ment of famous men  famous for its  splendid service has an intelligent  set ot  Colored waiters and bellmen     Sunday Afternoo nTea at    Y  M     Sunday afternoon ten  a popular  movement launched by the Ladies   Auxiliary of the Y  M  C  A  will be  repeated Sunday  January 31st be   ginning at 3 30 p  In  at the Chestnut  Street Branch Y M C A  Music fur   nished by groups and individuals  from various churches and brief re   marks by W  H  Steward  J  A  Redd  I and others will constitute the pro   grom to which the publis ie cordially  invited    Th ehosteess committee for the  occasion includes Mrs  Fannie John   son  Mrs  J  A  Redd  Mrs  Mable  Johnson  Mrs  R  N  Dunn  Mrs  E   H  Banks  Mrs  A  J  Hughes  Mrs   Douglas Reid  Mrs  Leroy Mason ami  Mis  Betty Lcdsinger     Interdenominational Union   In the absence 1 of any regular  programs the subject of Revivals  was threshed out at the Interdenom   inational Ministerial Union last  Tuesday  Father  Johnson of the  Church of the Merciful Saviour   Presiding Elder A  W  Jackson  Dr   Julian C  Caldwell  Dr  J  E  Wood   Dr  J  A  G  Grant  Elder Schultz  of the Apostolic Faith Church and  Prof  W  H  Felvis discussed the  subject pro adn con  While the  brethren regarded emotional warmth  as an asset in a revival  They  thought that it  wouldn t do any  harm to inject the fundamentals of  systematic theoh ry into an evan   gelistic crusader  Mr  Dunn  Secty   of the Y  M  C  A  was elected Hon   orary Member of the Union  Dr   B  W  Swain presided and Rev  Dr   P  A  J  Coxe served as secretary     ago  will be glad to learn that he is  on the job again  He has opened  up a Dining Room in the basement  of the Pythian Building and is pre   paring and serving the same tasty i  meals at more reasonable prices  I  For 15c  he gives a dinner with one  meat  bread  two vegetables  prunes i  and tea or coffee  that would cost  25 cents in most of the restaurants   His many friends and admirers  thank him for doing his bit to re   lieve the depression by giving a  good dinner with courteous service  for the minimvm price     Mr   Lillian Jones Brown  Speaks at Membership  Dinner of Y W C A     Clav Dezetta Rogers Baptist Churches  Revivals   Died Sunday  January 23  1932  atl ArOUSeS City   10 30 a  m  Funeral Wednesday  I   January 27  j The revival crusade of the Baptist   Survived by a siser  Miss Paradine churches ef Louisville and vicinity is  Rogers  Louisville  and four broth    oin K forward to justify the most  ers  Clarence Rogers  Alex Rogers  ptimi stic expectations of it  Tho  and Walter Rodgers  Louisville  and v    rim s ministers report  Ed Rogers  West Baden  Ind     HOMELY PHILOSOPHY  Don t Postpone Happiness    large and  enthusiastic audience  of each meet   ing  Notwithstanding the inclement  weather the Rev  G  H  Wilson  preached to a very satisfactory au   dience on Tuesday morning at the    Over one hundred and fifty per   sons attended the annual membership P  s fP on   happiness     As life nears its end  it is the church pastored by Rev  James Wil   PPy hours of the past that we love Hams  Hancock and Madison   to recall and remember  They are He delivered a stirring and vital    t ie gold in our purse  the jewels in message  in which h epresented and  our casket   Should we not  there  extolled the grace of God as the one  ore  take happiness now  today  panacea for the ill  of humanity  It  w li e we may not postpone it and was enthusiastically received   tempt fickle l ate  For alas  there When interviewed later by a rep   aie millions without this golden joy resentative of The Voice  he an   l ey waited too long  Do not nounced an addition of    Miss Emma Pipes To Ac  company Mrs  Etta Gra   ham on Evangelist Tour   Miss Emma Pipes of 141G W    Walnut St   who was the central  figure in  The Prodigal Daughter   which was given in R  E  Jones Tem   ple  West Chestnut St  Bnptist  Church and the Pentecostal Church  is starting on a career as evangelis   tic singer  On Saturday Jan  30th    she will leave the city for Alton  of 1932 with no outstanding bills ex   III  for the purpose of accompany  1 cept payment on building  Mrs  J   ing Mrs  E tta Graham  the owin    F  Inline san ga very touching solo   gelist  on an evangelical tour Mrs  Lillian Jones Brown of Indian   through Illinois and other western npolis  was applauded as she entered  states     dinner of the Y W C A  last Thurs    day evening  Mis  Gillespie had  charge of the general arrangements   After the singing of the National  anthem  Father Johnson of Church  of the Merciful Savior was called on  to offer prayer  Then Mrs  J  O   Blanton  the chairman of the Board  of Dilators  introduced Mrs  Abbie  C  Jackson  the chairman of the  membership committee  as mistress  of ceremonies    Miss Georgia Nugent in her treas   urer s report  showed tha the organ   ganization had lived within its budget  during 1931   5 004 17 was receiv    ed in toto  of which  3 000 came  from the Community Chest   5 004  was disbursed  of which  1 800 was  for salaries  The Y starts the year      Dr  G  D  Smith   Moves His Office    Dr  G  D  Smith a well known  dentist  who for a number of years    The Booker T  Washington  Community Centre to Give    705 new   members to the churches  taking part   Georgia Johnson  in the crusade since its beginning      the banquet hall    Then the mistress of  culled up Miss Margarie Davis  rep 11    menntin   iVsn Uaii I r    l  7    ceremonies i    come her bBcx nome ior uw  7 1       T       Booker T  Washington Community 1     Mrs  Jesse Hardesty of Springfield  Ky   were the guests Sunday   has operated In the Pythian Build   d   up p   ans to _ iva read an   elen of 1507 West Chestnut St  and Mr  and Mrs  W  C  Buford ing  moved this week to 1225 West anQther ftee dinn    r j  the unem   j receiving an ovati    relatives in      Walnut St  He desires to assure his  many patients that he will give them  the same careful attention in his new  office that he did in the Pythian    Building     resenting the House Girls  Mrs  Lil   lian Rhodes  representing the pro    Another Free Dinner 5r i     a 1 d b a u    ine    k   par mpnK     jMi8  Catharine Slaughter  represent      t    h     inf  the indutrial and reserve depart  1   Mrs  Mary Miller  president of the             H 1   i       JV         ment  to make a short talk  I   1 Adult Community Class of the                1 Mrs  M  F  Brock  the  rand 8 ec    interestinjr report   ation at the close  She    commended Mrs  C  F  Blanton  the  chairman of the board  She com     STORE    that has always maintained the pol   icy of selling dependable  fashion   able and popular merchandise at the  lowest prices consistent with stable  business principles       you are sure  of satisfaction     It always pays to shop at Bacon s     Mrs  Lottie Reeves  Mrs    Melissa Cass  Mrs  Zenobia Moxley             Mrs  Sylvia H  Moore  Miss Mattie mCnd   ed MlBS G lleR P  e a   an effic ent    Mr  William Price  husband of  Josephine Davis Price  formerly a  resident of Louisville  has recovered  from an attack of influenza     WISHES WE WERE IN FLORIDA   Word comes from Mr  A  W  Pol     Reception in Honor of  Mr  Arthur Valentine of   Anderson  Indiana    What The Jefferson County  Sunday School Training  Means to a Scholar    Under the direction of Rev  D  J     wood  Florida  and  friends were there     he wishes    A reception was given Saturday                      Hughiett  our class of the Jefferson   night  Jan 23rd by Messers Jewej Cou   nty gu  day Schuo   TrainjnK   lite that it s great down at Holly j and John Valentine in honor of the r has comp   eted Dr   John   h  S  brother Mr Arthur  1    w   sha   kl  f or   rK boo u   The Pro    Anderson Indiana at the residence Christian Religion      of Mrs  Mildred Jackson of 805 W           V _            _   This book points out the way of   Wa nut St  Whist and music were y       1             upproach to some of the perplexing   1 the spec a features of the evening                      uiu problems of society    A delicious luncheon of chili earne   served     Miss Mary Huggins and   C  I Ptar                 She stated that 650 girls had bee   enrolled in twelve reserve clubs  2    500 people have been reached and  1 000 enrolled in clubs during the  past year  72 girls live at the Y   29  transients have been cared for  Mrs   Black has served lunch or dinner to  5725 persons     Burton   Miss Ethel Baugh are assisting Mrs   Miller in her efforts to bring cheer  and sunshine to those who are out  of w ork     Leo Dabney On   The Job Again    Those who remember the appetiz   Training   ing menus that Mr  Leo Dabney pre   pared at his Lunch Room on Chest   nut St  near 10th the three years    Mrs  Emerson III   Mrs  J  A  Emerson of 1632 West    Walnut street  is still on the sick list     KENTUCKY CENTRAL LIFE AND  ACCIDENT INSURANCE  COMPANY   Incorporated  Anchorage  Kentucky      SOCIAL CLUB MEETS   The Social Club met Wednesday  night at the residence of Mrs  Susie  Hayman  425 S  28th Street  presi     and Kentucky oysters was    dent  All the members were present Among the guests were Mr  and Mrs   and it is their unanimous agreement Adams  Mr  and Mrs  helix Bell  Mr   that they enjoyed themselves very   and Mrs  Brown  Mr  and Mrs  hinx    much     MRS  MASSYE HERE   Mrs  Bill Sheppard Massye  Hop   kinsville  visited her mother  Mrs  W   H  Sheppard  last week     WADDY CONGRATULATES US   Mr  G  W  Waddy  West Baden   Indiana  was one of the first visitors  to congratulate the  COLORED  DMOCRATIC VOICE  on its initial  edition  Thank you  Mr  Watfdy     MRS  PRICE ILL   Mrs  Josephine Davis Price  Den   ver  Colorado has been ill with pneu   monia    MRS  CLAY DEAD   Mr  Will Clay  1320 W  Mudison  St   mourns the death of his wife   Mrs  Dezetta Rogers Clay     Mesdames Lucile Bell and Hazel Ad   aim    Misses Hazel Douglass    Brannon  SteJIa Robinson  Elizabeth  Brown  Willa Mae Coleman  Nannie  Thornton    Messers Arthur Nelson    Simpson  Bejamin Stephens    Spinks  John Lewis  Jesse  Wm  T  Toran and W  H   Reporter    Mr  Arthur Valentine  very responsible position  son  Indiana     R  J    George  Miller   Ferris    holds a  in Ander       On Friday  Prof  Wm  H     Because there  is such an urgent call for intelligent  social interest and united social ac   tion this book should be studied by  all members of society  The whole  book is based upon the assumption  that the gospel of Christ is the gos   Bertlia I P e     or a    nat ion  because it is the  gospel for every man  and that it is  the gospel of social redemption be   cause it saves men in all their rela   tions    The author spent many years in  working out in practice the matters  discussed in this book  His message  is therefore vital because it has been  experienced    We members of the class feel that  we have been benefited by study of  the book    Many such worthy courses are  offered by the Jefferson County  Sunday School training school  All  are cordially invited to enroll in the   school    In my opinion such a school should  morning  Jan  22nd be heartily entered into especially by  Ferris was summoned I all who are seeking to fit themselves    The Pendennis Club   Employees Entertain   Prof  W  H  Ferris    A   J  Miller   QUALITY  Meats and Groceries   13th and Cedar Streets   PHONE MAIN 8887    OVER ONE MILLION ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND  DOLLARS PAID TO POLICYHOLDERSS AND  BENEFICIARIES IN 1930  AS FOLLOWS    110 267 Weekly Indemnity Claims for  882 177 01   2 146 Death and Dismetnoerment Claims 258 493 83   TOTAL PAID to Policyholders 1930 1  140 670 84    Over Eleven Million Dollars Paid to Policyholders  and Benefiicaries Since Organization     Over 28 Years of Faithful Service to Our Policyholders    HARVEY BURNS   FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND EMBALMER  The same thoughtfulness that characerized the late Har   vey Burns  Service Will Be Continued by Us    MRS  HARVEY BURNS  Manager    MR  HARRISON TAYLOR  Business Manager   416 S  Ninth St  Main 2840   Calls Answered Day and Night     If not Insured  See Our Agent at Once   Louisville District Offices    BANKERS TRUST BLDG     Louisville  Ky    iDistrict Offices in All Principal Cities of Kentucky   Indiana  Ohio  West Virginia  Michigan  Pennsylvania       Call The Empire Taxi Cab Company And Play Safety hirst MAIN 1460         v    V i     life m  l      m      V TY        8 L    t w    a    1   f 1    ft           A      V                     u 5         i             m      WHEN YOU CALL AN EMPIRE CAB  B  PATIENT  IT WILL SURELY BE AT YOUR PLACE  E                      c    mm     1  2       J s            J                            A      s 7 v             X                                i                       V       COLORED DEMOCRATIC VOICE    mmmvHIHMMI naimaimawian ran na i tian nan rail rail iiaii 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liildnlv i i     8    it      t     M     1t    it       READ    THIS     Let Us Do    YOUR PRINTING    Books  Pamphlets     EVERYTHING     Good Workmanship  Good Material     REASONABLE AND RIGHT RATES    The Colored Democratic Voice    614 WEST WALNUT STREET    SStiaiiiiaiiiia               r  nait an a  ta i ia u a  iia H a  iia ii a  i a n B ii a l n 1 a u 1 B ii   a u a u a ii B M a ii B Uia i a i iiaiiiiB ii B iiiaiii a ji   ii a n a n a iiii ii a n am h a aia n a ina u a inamam a ina i iia i   Fa ufaVflawaula    iT5itiaira nat fr ttia ntaitfa n a i 7a   ii a iiran a itt iiiatitlafttlanfajitattilaifitaftit iyiiyiita  a itaTti Va if n T a t li t B ira r it t a i a iPa   ir   B ira i     B i l l Bi      1  a  i a     liTiiTaliiiaiiiiatiititi    ML fl  ill ll f iu M Muan iaimamiaiiiiaiiiiaii iia   TiTi raTi raTt ifaTi iTSTi itati itati rati jtatj rati it     miaimaiiiiaiM ii   TailaUifaiiitaliiti    mniiiiBiiiiaii iu   lii alii ainlaliri    i  U i  ilfiii fiSil iiffi   ili  L2ii M   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Louisville  Ky    614 WEST WALNUT ST    i tie liTeTiiIeW i   i    tion  and the offenders in this regard  are legion  In the homes  in public  gatherings     my mail and read my letters  If I  read a letter and don t give it to him i   It looks suspicious   But     MAXIE MILLER WR1TTES    Gospel record  yet  because he has  heard this from illiterate ministers  he follows tradition and belies his  degree and the record itself    These errors are inexcusable and  the ministers are deserving of the  criticism and the ridicule which their  mistakes evoke     conveyances  in public  and almost everywhere are to be  found persons whose body odor is  sickening and disgusting  Much of  the trouble is due to failure to bathe  regularly and failure to make prop   er change of garments    There are some unfortunate per   sons who have this odor in spite of  regular and persisten tbathing  but  there are so many deodorants now   that there is no excuse for this  offense against society and common  decency    There is an amusing story of an  Irishman who said   And faith  I do  take a bath every five years  whether  I need it or not   So it seems that  there are those who make bathing a  five year event  The offense would  not be so serious even if these people  were confined to their own homes   but it is an injustice for them to go  out among their fellows and thus  offend them     he says    when I contend that I should have  the same privilege with his mail he  answers hotly   No  indeed  I m a  man and that s different   Often it  has been said in ridicule a woman s  reason is  just because  but that  seems more reasonable than the  threadworn  I m a man and that s  different     In cases of this kind one is at a  loss to determine what kind of a  complex a man has  He should com   mit the axiom   It s a poor rule that  will not work both ways   To sub   mit to this a woman is a goose and    what is sauce for the goose is sauce  for the gander   And if she is a  wise goose  she will make it so      The Literary Service Bureau    Hear This Flapper Flap Dad  Old Timer Morn it a Good Sc    _Dod Mutt Reform or the Lil   Flapper Will go Away A C  of Flaming Youth     LOLA STEWART COLUMN        Maxi  Miller    Here     tome   nuta for you to crack  so go to it  Maxie  I m 19 and like a good time   I m to home and Dad is a preacher  and wants me to stay in my corset  all the time  He s   an old timer   wants company to go at ten o clock   wants me in the house at 11 30 and  he fusses when I m out late  If he  don t improve I have to leave home   I hate to leave cause Mom is a good  scout and wants me to have my fun   Now  Maxie Miller  give me a cue   Write a letter Dad can read and  maybe it will bring him to his milk      The Literary Service Bureau   Item  of Negro History   The Exodu   During the period  of unrest after the reconstruction   many Negroes moved to Indiana and  the West  especially Kansas  This  movement caused great alarm among  the planters because of the economic  ruin which it would bring to the  South  if continued  Therefore  meetings of whites and blacks were  held in an effort to keep the freed   men in the South  Because the  whites were afraid to rely upon  moral persuasion they used force by   trying to keep the Negroes from  leaving by refusing them transpor   tation and by imprisoning them  falsely  But in spite of these diffi   culties they continued to move to the  West    Quotation  From Negro Author    One would suppose that where  equal rights luws existed the Negroes  would be utilizing them to beat down  the rising wave of segregation and  color discrimination  Such     SOME TRADITIONAL  ERRORS    By R  A  Adams     The Literary Service Bureau    This refers to Negro ministers  to  and some tradi     Weekly Short Sermons on  Bible Perverts    some inaccuracies  tional errors which are inexcusable   Some of those who make these mis   takes are educated and yet allow  themselves to follow traditions rath   er than accepted standards and the  things taught in the books which  they have studied    A minister was reading from Job  19 20 and read   Tho after skin   worms   destroy this body  Plainly  there is a comma understood after     The Literary Service Bureau     Ananiac Low Down   Long Tongued   Linr     howev  _   er  is far from being the case  On   the contrary there seems to be a Text  Thou hast not lied unto men  general feeling in Aframerica that but unto God  Acts 5 4   nothing can be done about it  They A lie is the legitimate progeny of  have grown apathetic  indifferent  hypocrisy and is ita chief support   calloused  with the exception of a But always in the ultimate analysis   bitter minority   George S  Schuy  the support has failed and the truth  ler in  Keeping the Negro in His made manifest  It was so with An   place  in American Mercury  anias  and it will ever be true    Wh t Other  Say About It  The story of this hypocrite is a    Indeed  I am engaged tonight in familiar one  He posed as a sacri   what you will think the absurd ef  ficing follower of Christ and acqui   fort to convince you that the Negro  esced in the proposition that the dis   race  instead of being that object of ciples pool their holdings in the in   pity or contempt which we usually   terests of the poor  Peter made the  consider it  is entitled  judged by the point that the land was his before it  facts of history  to a place close by   was sold  the money was his after  the side of the Saxon   Wendell the land was sold  he was under no  Phillips in  Toussaint L Ouverture   j legal compulsion to give it away    What Negro Editor   re Saying But he wanted to be counted a Chris    Why educate your children for tiun and have credit for genuine al   the businesses and professions if you j truism  and at the same time to re   I have no confidence in and bail to   tain a part of the holdings  In this  I potronize Negro business and pro  attempt to straddle  he told a lie and  j fessional men und women   Rich  it cost him his life      mond Planet  One is wont to wonder why such    FIGHT  Tuberculosisl    Birr by day the Grim Reaper is taking a heavy toll of lives among  members of our race afflicted with Tuberculosis  But that toll is  needlessly heavy  Tuberculosis is curable  Fresh air  good food   proper clothing and regular rest periods offer a sure way to recovery  in the early stages  Watch the warning signs  A gradual loss of weight   early fatigue or a hacking cough may be the danger signals  Don t  neglect frequent colds or fail to get the proper nourishment  If you  have little ones  see to it that they are well clothed  properly fed and  given the opportunity to enjoy plenty of fresh air night time as well  as day time  Let s lower the Negro death rate  Fight Tuberculosis  by guarding their health with care    tnip Provide in Time of Greatest Need    Insurance Com     THESE HUSBANDS OF  OURS    SOUTHERN AID SOCIETY OP VIRGINIA   Richmond  Virginia   UNITY INDUSTRIAL LIFE INSURANCB CO   New OtUmi  Uium   UNDERWRITERS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COW  Chn  o  1 H im      VICTORY LIFE INSURANCE CO  Ctinik Uh     CBNTURI LIFE INSURANCB CO  He Spciogw Aikmatm  DOMESTIC LIFE at ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO   LouuvilU  Kentucky   GOLDEN STATE INSURANCE CO  Loe Angeim  Celilond   PYRAMID MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCB CO   Chicago  Illinois   SUPREME LIBERTY LIFE INSURANCE CO  Ohkaga  Ilk    By  Madam X     The Literary Service Bureau   Opening Wife   Meil   Next week   Some Wives and Oth   ers  by Mr  X     In conversation with some others  a woman remarked   One of my   problema with my husband is that he  inaists that be has the right to open    HABITS    JMtmben ef THE NATIONAL NEGRO INSURANCB ASSOCIATION                COLORED DEMOCRATIC VOICE                    ti  i    i     t    Mi nn   iMi ii          iti Uil  HIV i V  rFirV f1Vli   P nrVn      ih i 11 1   i 11 1 11 1 1 11   11 1 1   r T i   r  r  iii     BSSTi ITST   T5T iTaTtiTaTiiTiTi iTe iffrii    Tm EATMW l     miiii iiii iiii iii 1  iiii iiii iii  mi iiiiiiii iin iiii iiii ii i      nr la i m ie T ra i i s i re i ran pITi i T i i re i m    Apastolic Faih Church   Church at    The Apostolic FBith  Clay and E  Breckinridge  Elder Da   vid D  Schultz  pastor  has kept a  steady pace during the past two  years  It has paid up two  1 000  notes in 1030 and 1931 and is now  in the midst of a revival which will  run well into February  Elder  Schultz who had a successful pasto   rate in Knnsas City  Mo   before  coming to Louisville in 1029  is do   ing most of the preaching in his  commodious  well equipped church   He draws large crowds on Sunday  and the depression is keeping up the  faith and the morale of his enthusi   astic and loyal members     Pittsburg  Pa   According to a   report from one of the members of  the East West hookup  this writer  has spoken truthfully all along about  what would be done and how  Jan   21 was a  Posey Day  in Cleveland   He called the Moguls together  gave  them the low down as he say it and  put his measures through with ap   parent ease  The little fellow slip   ped one over on  em when he had  himself appointed chairman of the  commission  This position makes  him the actual boss of the League   and free t  determine the right or  wrong of any issue which might de   velop  Sometimes a man can con   trol a group of men  put through his  ideas in a formulative way and re   ceive the plaudits of the world  Then  again he can go through the same  performance and be criticised for  taking advantage of ignorant and  weak people    Among the many restrictions  which went through the meeting un   der the steam roller are two which  are unreasonable and unfair  Wheth   er they are directed at one team or  a group of teams does not make it  bette ror worse  If carried out the  result will be the same  The spirit  of the game is being sacrificed in ot   her to  hog  all the best attractions  for the east west hookup    We are told that the League outfit  will not play non members who se   cure league team players by offering  higher salaries  The second restrict   ion places a 20  mile limi ton games  with non league members in the same  city  For instance  Newark and  Washington have games scheduled  with each other in June  Each team  also has games scheduled with Lengce  teams in July  If fans allow the  present restrictions to be carried out  Newark and Washington cannot play  on their own grounds  but must be  at least 20 miles away from home in  order to be qualified for their July  games with League teams    The fallacy of these restrictions is  more apparent with white indepen   1  dent teams  from which it seems all  colored teams must depend for a cer   tain percentage of their revenue   Here is Pittsburgh  such teams as  Bellevue  Ambridge  Homewood  Al   toona  or any of the Middle Atlantic  Association teams could not play the  Pittsburgh Crawfords either here or  abroad unless the game was staged  20 miles from Pittsburgh  This  in  view of the fact that all teams have  their own parks  or adequate con   cssions    We are passing this on as we re   ceived it from a member of the  League  Whether it works out re   mains to be seen  If the arrange   ment suits the fans they will contin   ue to attend League games and  League games only  If these same    Unoin  It has fourteen departments  and is expected this year to have the  usual Boy Cadet Movement     Grand Theatre   6TH   WALNUT    which   was given over to a Jacksonville man  when the session was held in Denver  last year    The Rev  Mr  Boyd left on the  Dixie Flyer Tuesday night  accom   panied by Rev  S  H  Simpson who  came to Florida with him     Pittsburgh  Pa   Jan  23 Answer   ing a question which has gone com   pletely around the Negro baseball  circuit  Oscar Charlestown was to   day name dmanager of the Pittsburg  Crawfords  His contract goes into  effect before February I  1932  and  carries  it is said  the biggest oppor   tunity ever offered a manager of Ne   gro ball players    In Winning the managerial berth   Charleston eliminated three other  capable men  Herbert Pierce  for   merly a catcher for the Homestead  Ctiays and considered the  brains   of the team in hisplaying days  Dizzy  Dismukes  acknowledged as the pre   mier strategist in Negro baseball   and Bobbli Williams  the man who  whipped the disorderly Crawfords  into shape last year and made them  a thrent to the best that Negro base  ball had to offer    The selection was not made hur   riedly  Almost two months ago it  became known that the owner   us  Greenlee had made n decision was  not a result  f any shortcomings of  last year s performances  but more  or less from repeated suggestions  from the fans  Charleston  it seems  is the best showman  A sure shot  fielder  dangerous hitter and plan   ner of winning plays  He is con   ceded to be the best drawing card in  baseball  This  however  does not  detract from the other three candi   dates  who might direct just as ef   fectively and consistently  But  Charle ton has the color  Has that  rare style of performing which  makes the old retired business man  wnnt to kick over the benches pull  some pretty girl s hair  or make the  meek little school marm yell until  she s hoarse  And it seems that this  style was the winning style     THE RIGHT MAN    ITS YOllR THEATRE    Alabama Endorses Professor  E  A  Selby for Secretary   Treasurer of A  M  E   School Union     Program for Week of January 31    Louisville and Jefferson Co   Spelling Bee March 11    Sunday  Monday January 31 February 1  SYLVIA SIDNEY    IN      LADIES OF THE BIG HOUSE    See the boy who wa sdeemed  and the girl who could i  not quit  hgh tthroagh t o Happiness _   Tuesday  Wednesday February 2 3     STREET SCENE    With Sylvia Sidney   Twenty fou rhours of life  Thundering hear tthrobs     FOR SALE    Several pieces of household fur   niture of the late Rev  and Mrs  D   G  Lewallcn  They are in good con  dition  and include piano  victrola   refrigerator  dresser  Davenport  ta   bles  etc  Will sell cheap  Apply  1793 W     By Robert Colley  Huntsville  Ala St  John A  M   E  Church of Huntsville  Alabama   according to Mr  Wesley Campbell  a  trustee of that church for over  twenty years  and one o  the men  who placed the first brick in that  edifice  feels gratified and honored  that  Professor Eustace A  Selby  an  officer and one of the most active  and useful members in St  John  is  coming before the General Con   ference in Cleveland  Ohio next   May  as a candidate endorsed for  Secretary Ttreasurer of the A  M  E   Sunday School Ltnion  His election  to this office will mean a wider field  of usefulness and service for him in  the general church as interpreted bv    The seventh annual spelling con   test by a number of pupils in the  schools in this city and Jefferson Co   will be held in the gymnasium of the  Madison Junior High School on Fri   day evening  March 11   The follow   ing schools have already decided to  enter the contest  Virginia Avenue   Phyllis Wheatley  Lincoln  Western   Douglas  Madison Junior High  Wa   verly Hill  Dorsey Chapel  Hunters   Trace  Jefferson Jacobs  Eastwood   Forest and Newburg  It is more  than likely that several other schools  will be added to the list next week    Thirty five dollars in cash prizes  will be awarded to twelve of the  best spellers by the Courier Journal  and Times and the Parent Teacher  Associations of the schools  The  champion speller will represent this  county in the state contest during  the annual session of the Kentucky  Negro Educational Association here  in April     Mr  Kuypendall Here   Mr  J  E  Kuypendall  wellknown  business and Republican politician  of Bowling Green  Ky   spent a few  days in the city this week  He visit   ed the Colored Democratic Voice  where he spent a few hours with his  friend  the editor  Mr  A  L  Garvin  and the staff     Soul Stirring Suspense     Thursday  Friday  February 4 5  The Star of Stars in a startling Story  Ann Harding Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes     Nl      DEVOTION     FOR SALE    Several pieces of household fur   niture of the late Rev  and Mrs  D   G  Lewallen  They are in good con   dition  and include piano  victrola   refrigerator  dresser  Davenport  ta   bles  etc  Will sell cheap  Apply  at 1919 W  Chestnut St  Shawnee  1793 W     Saturday  February 6  THE SECRET WITNESS with    crime the perfect alibi the perfect  mystery drama     WILLIAM COLLIER  JR   and UNA MERKEL    Midnight Ramble Every Saturday Night 12 O Clock    val Walker  Arthur Hawes  Ned  Williamson  A  M  Carroll  Paul C   Brown  Alonzo Wise  Ed Laudrum   J  ft  Midnight Smith  Christopher  Cob man  Theodoric Woolrich  Mc   Kinley T  Shelbourne  Ellis Kinadr   Elnmre Tively  Allen De Vine   William Jackson  Arthur McQuinny   Malone  Roland Miller  Fletcher  HyS  r  Albert Bobo  Dr  Z  H  Bothic  and W  H  Ferris  Reporter     Wm  Hinkle  Wa  McGee    e  Joseph Skillion  Marlon  run  Roger Williams     Messers  Litghow Win   chester  Sylvester Hurley  And Frank Grace    ft  Education is a good investment  It can be bought by jjjjj  ffe saving just a few cents regularly each week         Ji It gives more abundant life  removes the specter of want   j    Ip When bereavement comes to the home  the appallng  hor  j f   iji   rible fear of the future is vanished  iti     ID     g A new start in life opens before you  s j t   fj  It brings a sigh of relief    S     j a A policy in the   1 Mammoth Life and Accident I   it  i     t Insurance Co      H    j    t   ouisville  Kentucky jjf    Favorite Movie Artist   Becomes Political Boss   Rockliffe Fellows  favorite of the    Entertains the  Smart Set     Masers Lithgow Winchester  Syl   vester Hurley and Frank Grace en   tertained the ladies of the Smart Set  at the residence of Walter W  Will   iams Jr   2619 W  Chestnut St  on  Saturday evening  Jan  23rd  Nearly  eighty persona attended the recep   tion  which was in some respects a  classy character party  The com   modious well furnished and splendid   ly decorated home of Mr  Williams  was large enough to accommodate  the many guests without any over  Mr  Williams and his fa     Negro Year Book to be Trans  lated Into 4 Languages    erowiiing    ther and mother as usual made every  I one feel at home  Miss Florine  Milligan was here  there and every    where welcoming the guests as they  came in  introducing strangers to  each other  seeing that no one was  lonely and spurring up the conver   sation when it lagged    Discussion of the topics of the  day  playing of bridge and whist   listening to the radio music  dancing  to the radio and witnessing the ar   tistic stunts of Mr  Sylvester Hur   ley gave a rich variety of entertain   ment    Then at midnight  an appetizing  I Dutch luncheon was served  The    ponses for the party endeavored to  j rival the reception given by the lad     ies of the Smart Set a few weeks  ago  Evryone had a pleasant time  and no one woke up in the morning  with a nervous headache or attack  I of acute indigestion  Miss Mary E   Brown assisted in preparing the de   licious repast    The following persons were pres   ent  Mr  and Mrs  Charles H  Alli   son  Mr  and Mrs  Chester Bundrent   Mr  and Mrs  James H  Hawes  Mr   and Mrs  John Babbage  Mr  and  Mrs  Lloyd Masterson  Mr  and Mrs   Wm  Edelen    Mesdames Mayme Osby Brown i  and Julia Evans    The Misses Florine Milligan   Leana Winsted  Glenna May  Julia  McNary  Elizubeth Winsted  Francis   Howard  Elizabeth Hart  Pauline    Office South 2138 and 9691     encia  Spain  wishes to translate it   into French  German  Spanish and  Esperanto  Mrs  Charlotte Rau   Frankfort on the Main  Germany   also requests permission to translate  the Negro Year Book into her moth   er tongue  German  Mrs  Rau feels  tl at the general German public as a  whole would be interested in such a  translation just as German scholrs  have been in the original editions   Mrs  Rau s interest in this project  was aroused through an appearance  in a German newspaper of a notice  concerning the publication of the  1931 32 edition of the Negro Year  Book     M QUANY   RODGERS    Mrs  Rau lived in the United  States many years ago and became  acquainted with Dr Booker T Wash   ington and his work at Tuskegee  Institute    Dr  R  R  Moton on behalf of Tus   kegee Institute has granted these  requests and copies of the book for  translation have been sent to both  Mrs  Rau and Dr  Brehm     Jacksonville  Fla   Selected    FUNERAL DIRECTORS   EMBALMERS   SERVICE AND QUALITY IS OUR CREED  830 S  Preston St  LOUISVILLE  KY    Jacksonville  Fla   Jan  27   We  are nominated  we have been elected  the Sunday School Congress will  meet here with us June 8 13   This  announcement was made here by the  ministers of the city and leaders  among the Baptists  on Tuesday of  this week at the close of a confer   ence with Henry Allen Boyd  Nash   ville  Tenn   in which more than 100  ministers were in attendace    it will be the second time that  Jacksonville has entertaiend the  Sunday School Congress  but the  first meeting was held more than  twenty years ago  They closed out  with a mass meeting at Duvall The   atre  It is understood that some  growth has been attained by this  Summer School of Methods  and  that it attracts thousands with repre   sentation and messengers coming  from practically every state in the    Colds   Co Stop them today   Stop them quickly all their danger  and  discomforts  End thefe ver and headache  Force  the poisonsout  Hills break colds in 24 hours   They tone the whole system  The prompt  re   liable results have led millions to employ them   Don t reiy on lesser helps  don t delay    All druggUts  t l LV Price 30c    dr  a  c  McIntyre   Office Domestic Life Bldg   Res  2105 W  Chestnut St    Phone Shaw  2923   601 W  Walnut St   PHONE MAIN 1691   Lou  ille  Ky    CASCARA JpLQUININE   Cct Red Dos with portrait               

Colored democratic voice (Louisville, Ky.): 1932-01-30

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