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date (1913-01-01) topic_African_American newspaper_issue  Aspire  Persevere  Indulge Wot      VOLUME 1     JANUARY  1913        WILL I  VM IISN KY FGUSE  A  B   Principal of the Lincolu Grant School    V   l   H  Yi Fv   c  wao bo  n ill ol n an i r  Twd       Westerville  Ohio and graduated from  the public school in 1884  He took a  seven vear classical course in Otter   bein University at Westerville  grad   uating in 1893 and received from the  same university the A  B  degree    The professor attended the Indiana  State University three summers  Ohio  State University one summer  and the  Cincinnati University on Saturday   for three years  He has taught for      ns  fnnr w oqro        Callipolis  0   and is now serving his  fifth year in Covington    It will be 3een  that after s   thor   ough a preparation  that our princi   p I is fully qualified to lead any  school of which he may be principal   The professor is kind  affable and un   assuming and is striving to keep the  school in the front rank    Visitors are always welcome     CURRENT EVENTS     The State Federation of Colored  Women s Clubs held their eighth an   nal meeting at Danville  Ky   Novem   ber 29th  and 30th  1912   A very in   teresting program had been arranged  and the meeting far surpassed that of  any previous year  Club work among  our women has advanced rapi ily in  the past two years  The presi lent   Mrs  L  B  Fouse has been untiring  in her efforts to build up the work  and which has been greatly benefited  by the monthly meetings of the Ex   ecutive Board  of which Mrs  Alice    Crutcher of Louisville  is chairman    Mrs  Fouse was re eiected for the  second term    ooo   Mrs  Thomas  lecturer for Anti tu   berculosis league  delivered a very in   teresting and helpful address on Tu   berculosis at ihe Lincoln Grant School   Mr3  Thomas spoke very complimen   tary of the discipline  order and  elscnhness of the pupils and build   ing    ooo   During the early winter the most    NUMBER 1   progressive citizens of Cincinnat 1  launched an organization known as   The Forum  which meets each Sun   day afternoon from 3 30 to 4 30  Some  citizen  minister or educator presents  a subject  which is afterwards dis   cussed by the members pro and con    The plan is meeting with great suc   cess  Prof W  H  Fouse addressed  the meeting last Sunday on the sub   ject   The Meaning of Childhood     ooo   The Lincoln Grant School wishes to  thank Principal Fouse for arranging  a second series of Tuesday morning  lectures  These lectures will be de   livered this winter bi weekly as were  those of the first series  The 1912 se   ries was a success in every respect   since it brought before the students  some of the best citizens of Coving   ton  This year s course opened with  an address by Supt  H  0  Sluss on  the subject   Training that Counts    It was timely and full of practica  suggestions    tti ni _   n j        w x          i  U U    land Penn  Rev  McGrudder and other  prominent citizens will speak during  the 1913 series     History Of The School   The Elementary school for colored  children  in this city  was organized  in the early eighties  Prof  Samuel  R  Singer  the first principal soon add   ed the high school department with a  three years course of study and under  which course twenty nine pupils grad   uated  It was then known as the  William Grant High School    The present new building was  erected in 1888 and graduated its first  students  Miss Marv E  Allen and  Mrs  Anna E  Hood  nee Price  in  1889  The building contains nine  rooms and a fully equipped office  The  laboratory and lunch rooms are locat   ed in the mam building    The enrollment in the past two   years justified an addition  the Annex     Con tinued on Page 2                          The Lincoln Grant Herald    THE LINCOLN GRANT HERALD   PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY THE STUDENTS AND  ALUMNI   Devoted  To The Interest Of The School  3 Cents per Copy  7 by cents Mail  None Free    Miss E  Beatrice Brown  j 97    Editor in Chief  Mr  N  A  Fleming   94    First Assistant  Mr  Maurice Haggard  T3   Second Assistant  Miss Eleanora Warren   15   Third Assistant  Mr  Sigsby Sheffy  T6   Fourth Assistant  Miss G  H  Reed  Fifth Assistant  Mr  Horace Sudduth   08  Alumni  Mr  Rob t  P  Johnson   97   Business Manager   Mr  Leonard  Conley   14   First Assistant   Mr  Andrew Taylor  T3   Second Assistant    EDITORIALS     PUSH  If you can t push PULL   If you can t PULL please get out of  tthe way       There is a tide in the affairs of men   Which  taken at the flood  leads on to  fortune    Omitted  all the voyage of their life  Is bound in shallows  and in misery   On such a full at a are we now afloat   And we must take the current when  it serves   Or lose our ventures  Juliu3 Caesar      The Lincoln Grant Herald will ap   pear monthly in the interest of the  school  The proceeds will go toward  the support of the scholarship fund   We believe that this worthy cause   for which the Herald is launched  will  find many ready supporters    We enter the field not as a   knocker  or competitor  neither  through envy or jealousy to any of our f  local newspapers  journals or bul   letins We realizs that we are launch   ing upon a most tempestuous sea   where the storms of criticism may   come severe and fast  but with the  assistance of an efficient corps of as   sociates and the support of the public  we hope to stem the tempest and an    r      _O    c  a r V  V   J   9  O    chor safely into port waving the ban   ker of Harmony and Peace  thus re   jecting credit upon the Lincoln Grant  School and Alumni     Our motto shall always be   As   pire  Persevere  Indulge Not       Emancipation    The fiftieth anniversary of our free   dom was celebrated by the citizens of  Ninth St  M  E C lurch on Wednes   day afternoon  the 1st inst  Consid   ering the development of the race   the affair was altogether too quiet   The 10 000 000 Negroes in the United  States have within their ranks men  and women in all the different arts   sciences and industries    Statistics have p oven tbit the pro   gresa made by the race in bo short a  time has been phenomenal  still tnere  is more for us to do  We of this day  and generation must be up and doing   Keep our hand in God s hand and let  Him guide us in the paths of right   eousness and peace and into the ave   nues of success and happiness    Our forefathers wrought better  than they knew and we must always  show our appreciation for their self   sacrificing efforts by respectful rever   ence and courtesy to the old battle   scarred veterans and the Woman s Re   lief Corps    Let U3 live before God and man  that lynchings will finally cease  race  prejudice be abolished and the  color line blotted out  f orever and may  God grant that in the next half cen   tury the generations yet unborn mny  rise up en masse and proclaim in ful   reality that   I  I too am an Ameri   can Citizen       Encourage the pupils by taking the  Herald  Your boy or girl may win  the scholarship next year    Let us help the pupils ot the Lin   coln Grant School acquire an educa   tion and thus make life a grand suc   cess    History Of The School    Continued from Page 1     fronting on Scott street and contain   ing the manual training and sewing  departments  also the seventh and  eighth grades  Prof  Singer organized  a movement by which the pupils pur   chased a cabinet grand piano and  which is still serving its purpose   He also organized the High Schobl  Alumni  which ha3 a membership of  81     Prof  Frank L  Williams assumed  charge of the school in 1900 and added  one more vear to the high school course  of study  started the manual training   sewing and lunch room departments   He was succeeded by Prof  William  H  Fouse in 1908 the present incum   bent  who has greatly   improved the  school by adding domestic science  with a model dining room  book keep   ing  commercial law  and the oath  room  He has also organized the  Parents and Teachers  meeting  the  scholar ship  the high school orchestra  and the L i n c 0 1 n Grant Herald   Through his efforts and the kindness  of the Board of Education  a high   grade tvps writer and a neostyle nave  been added to the equipment of the  school    Department Of Manual Arts   The experimental stage of the value  of the manual arts in education has  passed and no school of recognition at  present is without some form of this  kind of education  The Lincoln Grant  School is unique in the way in which  it manages its Domestic Science   Each girl from the sixth grade through  the High School is required to  take  two lessons each week in this depart   ment  One of these is a VERY prac   tical lesson  the other is more or less  theoretical  The practical iesson con   sists in having each class prepare the  Penny Lunch each week under the di   rections of the teacher  Miss Crutch   field  The class that prepares the  Lunch also serves it at the noon hour   thu 9 giving splendid opportunity to  the girls to learn how to serve  This  work is made to corrolate with the  Commercial department by assigning  in turn a pupil from the bookkeeping  class  who is required to make a care   ful  accurate entry of every business  transaction  and the monthly grade of  this pupil will be affected by the  manner in which this work is done   The commercial department in taking  charge of the money  banks it every  day and at the end of each week bal   ances the books and pays off all debts  by check  Miss Lillian L  Crutchfield   teacher  is highly qualified for this  work  having taken several courses at   Columbia Un versity  N  Y                SEWING   The girls of the Sen or class are                                                               The Lincoln Grant Herald              making commendable headway on the  garments they expect to wear on com   mencement night  Mies G  B  Reed   the teacher of thi3 department  has  worked out a very parctical course of  study for sewing in all the grades    Miss Reed has studied at Miami and  the University of Cincinnati    MANUAL TRAINING   There is a growing interest in man   ual training under Mr  S  R  Showes   who has so inspired his classes that  two graduates of the school have de   cided to take higher courses in this  line in other schools  Mr  C  R  Ric   of Class  10  after finishing the course  at Miami University is now teacher  of manual training in the Winchesier  public schools    COMMERCIAL CLASS   The class in Commercial Law and  Bookkeeping with the seniors  have  presented the school with a  Beck  Duplicator   This i3 the latest im   provement and the be3t thing that has  appeared    The Night School   The Night School  under Mr  and  Mrs  Nathan Fleming is doing much  good  The enrollment is 62   They are having a longer term now  than ever before and these sincere  men and women show their apprecia   t e n  by JiigiL prompt attendance  Last  Chiistmas they remembered their  teachers Mr  and Mrs  Fleming  Miss  Janie Smith and the principal  Prof   Fouse  each with a token of appreci   ation and lave    Parent Teacher s Association   The Parent Teachers  Association  can boast but not vainiv of having  accomplished some real good since its  organization four years ago  The  meetings are held the first Friday of  each month  The programa are lect   ures  discussions and heart to heart  talks  The organization has been ac   tive in raising money for scholarship  fund  Mrs  George Sander  president   Mrs  L  B  Fouse  secretary    Roll Of Honor    Labor is the genius  that changes  the world from ugliness to beauty and  the great curse to a great blessing     The students of the High School   have done some very effective work    in their several branches of study  during the past four months  It is  hoped that this success shall serve as  an encouragement for a c o n t i n u ed  growth and that we will be able to  send forth young men and young wo   men  who will hy their own lives   help others to live better    Roll of Honor based on Punctuali   ty  Self Control and Scholarship    OCTOBER    lone Winchester   89 2   Mary Morgan   86 3   Moirselles Stewart   88 2   Julia Hatcher   89 2   NOVEMBER    Georgia Maddox   86 5   Mary Morgan   90 2   Eleanor Warren   90 2   DeWayne Davis   88 3   William Martin   93 3   DECEMBER    Alberta Fish   Elnora Warren   DeWayne Davi3    William Martin     The following pupils of the High  School deserve honorable mention for  the high marks made during Decem   ber    Julia Spears  Julia Hatcher  An   drew Taylor  Moirsellea Stewart  Le   onard Conley  Clifford Hampton  Jew   ell Smith andlTaorgia Maddoxi   The Honor Rail of the Elementary  School is as follows    Eighth Grade Sigsbee Sheffev   William Ellis  Leonia Crosby  Anna  Palm F emm   Jessie McDonald   Gladys Smith  Mattie Spiller  John  Hood  Catherine Williams  and Sarah  Stewart    Seventh Grade Katie Lambkins   Marcella Carr  and Leslie James    Sixth Grade  Catherine Fleming   Edith Estill  Leola Spruel  Joseph  Bryant  Spencer Cummins and Ida  Jones    Fifth Grade  Carrie Hood  Jessie  Johnson    Fourth Grade James Smith  Ous   ley Spiller  Lula Martin  Lucille  Hathaway  Vidia Bedford  Sophia  Cummins  Velma Young  Ruth Stev   ens  Rhoda Montgomery and Alfred  Cummins    Third Grade Elizabeth Crosby   Ottis Correll and John Cornet     Second Grade Joseph Stowers   Jessie Hughs  Daisy Forma and Mel   vin Hardin    First Grade Raymond McDonald    Faculty   The Lincoln Grant School Faculty  consists of the following teachers    1st Grade Mabel L  Whitney    2nd   Maggie E  Bell   3rd   Lulu B  Smith         Emma B  Kaye   4th   Donald W  McLeod   5th   Sallie P  Frazier   6th   Tillie Young   Clubs   The Ladies  Union Club organized to  assist the aged of the city   Mrs L  B   Fouse  president    The Children s Friend Club is a  charity club to assist chiildren with  clothes Mrs  R  A  Watkins  presi   dent    The Ladies  Improvement and Busi   ness Club organized to open some bu   i3ness Mrs  Julia Jones  president    The Tuesday Afternoon Art Club  has for its president Mr3  Naomi Ste   vens  Purpose To study art and  needlework    Church Directory   St  James A  M  E  Church   Rev  G  M Garr  71 E  Lynn st   C  M  E  Church    Rev  Howard  150 E  10th st   Ninth St  baptist Church    Rev  Wm  Taylor  140 E  9th st   Ninth St  M  E  Church    Rev  E  A  White 36 E  lOtn st   Thirteenth St  Baptist Church    Rev  Loeu3t  124 E  Robbin st    A Prize In order to encourage the  pupils and add new inspiration and  zeal to the class room  Rev  J  Fran   cis Wilson has offered a prize to the  one who leads in scholarship  attend   ance and conduct in the senior class  this year    7th   Mary E  Allen   8th   Nathan Fleming    High School Eva E  Webster  Ro   bert P  Johnson and Frankie Watkins    Sewing and Art Georgia Reed     Pomestic Science Lillian L   Crutchfield     Manual Training S  R  Showes    Principal   W  H  Fouse    Janitor Warner Smith                     The Lincoln Grant Herald    ANTE   SONS   Tailors   818 Madison Ave  Covington  Ky   Cleaning and Repairing of   Ladies  and Gentlemen s Garments  carefully done    Phone S  1874   Death Rates Have Been Raised    Fraternal Mutual Benevo   lent Association   of Ohio and Kentucky   See B  F  Howard  Vice President   60 Lynn Street  Covington  Ky    HECKMAN   The Florist   Stationery and School Books   MRS  WM  STEPHENS   710 Madison Ave   Covington Ky    DR  H  EICHLOR    Pharmacist   S  E  Cor  10th St  and Madison Ave   Covington  Ky    COVINGTON CITY CAR   PET CLEANERS   EAWSON THOMPSON  Proprietor  Carpets Cleaned By Air   714 Washington St  Covington  Ky     C  E  JONES   Undertaker   Embalmer   21 E  7th Street  Phone S  1I23 X   Phone S  599   GOODE   DUNKIE  Staple Groceries and Fancy  Table Supplies   JOHN H JAMES  CO    19 21 Pike Street  Covington  Ky    Phone S  335    Undertakers   Embalmers DAVIS   BLACKWELL   635 SCOTT STREET   Phones  Office  s  923  Home s  914 L Undertakers   Embalmers    520 Scott St  Coving ton  Ky    To Prevent Consumption   1  Keep as healthy as possible  for  Jie healthier your body  the harder  for germs to grow therein    2  Don t live or sleep in rooms  where there is no fresh air    3  Keep your rooms clean  but do  not sweep with a dry broom    4  Get plenty of sleep and have  your windows open while sleeping    5  Take a warm bath at least twice  a week    6  Don t spit around your homes  nor on the floor any where  nor on the  sidewalks    How To Cure Consumption    1  Don t use patent medicines but  go to a good doctor or dispensary    2  Don t sleep with any one or in  the eame room if possible    3  Good food  fresh air  sunshine  and rest are the best cures  Keep  your windows open both day and  night    Personal   Dr  William D  Crum  Minister  Resident  and Cunsul General at Mon     LOUIS MARX   BROS   Furniture  Carpets  Stoves   Phone S  282   516 18 20 22 Madison Avenue  Covington  Ky    LELAND T  ESTELL  Real Estate Broker and  Accident Insurance   127 E  Robbins St  Covington  Ky   Phone S  2616 X   LEVI S  COX  Shaving Parlor   First class Workmanship  79 W  8th Street  Covington  Ky  opp  C    O  Depot   O  Hawkins  Wm  Beasley   HAWKINS   BEASLEY  Undertakers   Carriages for Weddings and Parties a  specialty  Polite service  Open  Day and Night    701 Scott Street  Covington  Ky    Phone  South 1431   Kentucky Home Bakery   BREAD  PIES AND CAKES  TO ORDER   29 Park Place  Phone S  683 y    rovia  Liberia  died recently at Char   leston  S  C   from fever contracted  in Africa    ooo   FOUSE TO HEAD COLORED  SCHOOLS   Is ChoBen Principal of Russell School   and Supervisor of Colored Schools  at Special Session of School  Board   Prof  W  H  Fouse  principal of  the Lincoln Grant Schools of Coving   ton  Ky   was elected principal of  Russell Shool of this city and desig   nated as supervisor over all the col   ored schools of Lexington at the call  meeting of the City Board of Educa   tion  held Tuesday evening for the  purpose of filling several vacancies in  the teaching force    Prof  Fouse  who was chosen over  a half dozen other candidates for the  position comes highly recommended   When the examination for applicants  was held in December Prof  Fouse  passed a splendid test making an un   usually high mark in all of the bran   ches in which he was examined  In  addition to being a scholarly man  he  has had considerable experience with  the schools of other cities making a  fine record as principal at Cov ington   He will come to Lexington at once  to assume his new duties   Lexington  Leader    Last Monday evening about 9 30 p   m  the Lincoln Grant teachers went  jn a body to the home of Prof  W  H   Fouse to show their appreciation of  him and their regrets at his leaving   After a very interesting program ren   dered  with response by the professor  and his wife  they served the refresh   ments which they had taken with  them  Prof  and Mrs  Fouse enjoyed  this surprise very much    Scholarship Fund has been started  and three pupils have been benefited   The first was C  Arthur Rice  class  1910  who has completed the maual  training and normal course at Miami  University  is now manual  training  teacher in the public school  Winches   ter  Ky    The second  Perry Thompson  stu   dent in the classical department Fisk  University  Nashville  Tenn    The third is George H  Givens   class 3912  student of veterinary sur   gery at Columbus  O                                

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