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date (1856-10-07) newspaper_issue ’» 


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A. J. SINK, Proprietor, 

Chicago , III., 

A FIRST-CLASS HOUSE, running an omnibus to 
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in Chicago can 

Travelers wishing to stop over 
save money in three ways, dt holding on to their checks 
and stopping at t lie St. Nicholas, viz: Twenty-five cents 
in omnibus fare from the cars to a first class house ; from 
one to two dollars per day in Hotel charges, and twenty- 
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per day, and in the same proportion for a shorter time — 
no extra charge for omnibus fare. 

The t?t. Nicholas is one of the largest Hotel* in Chica- 
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tilated, superbly furnished, and is within three minutes 
walk of the centre of business. 

inv31 lv E. JEXKS, Sup’t. 



Louisville, A//., 

JOHNSON, MARTIN A CO., Proprietors. 

J   LTLDIXG entirely new; furniture, bedding, etc., of 
) the latest style. 

Entrance on Fourth street, near Main. apl2 ly 




Paris. A//. 

Genera! Stage Olfiec, 

C. TALBUTT, Proprietor. 

MNI BUSES always in readiness to convey passen 

Brief Sketch 



W as Born 



On the Eastern slope of tl.e Alleghanies. 

IN 1805 

He entered Dickinson College. 

He graduated with Distinguished Honor 
IN 1809. 

The same year 

He commenced the study of Law, and was admit 
ted to the Bar, November 17, 1812. 

His career in the 


IN 1314 

He made a powerful speech in favor of a 



And Volunteered 


OCTOBER, 1814, 

He was elected a member of the 

Where he declared “That the Invading Enemy 
must be driven from our shores,” 

And proclaimed himself in favor of 



And ( pposed to 


OC 1'OBER, 1815, 

lie was again elected Jo the Legislature. 

IN 1820 

lie was re-elected for five successive teims. 
During these 

lie immortalized himself by his eloquence, and 
made the wold acknowledge him to be 


IN 1822 

lie spoke in favor of Military Appropriations ; 
Against the Bankrupt Bill; In support of the 
Tariff; and proclaimed himself opposed to 
sectionalism, and a Representative 
neither of the East, nor of the 
West, nor of the North, nor 
ol the South, 


IN 1824. 

Polk appointed him HOW TO PROPOSE. 


While in this important position he settled the „ no ’ Mr '. Y nne ’ by "° manncr of 0 mC!,ns ’ 

Oregon Boundary; V"" 1 “ "! ,n,,rt tew ? ,,ou ! or I 101 ' be g ln lo talk 

J i about getting married again. I am amazed you 

j-sho’d he aleerd I’d think so. See, how long’s 
Miss Crane ben dead? Six months! — land o’ 
| Goshen! — why I've koow’d a number of individ- 

Conducted the negotiations which resulted ill 
the war with Mexico; 

Led to the 

Acquisition and Conquest of California; , , . . .. , 

And in h,s negotiations with England, declared ft'? 1 ?." 01 married m has time than that I here s 

I hil Bennett s widder t’ 1 was a talking about 
jest now — she was Louisy Perce — her husband 
; badent been dead but three months, you know. 
I don’t think it looks well for a woman to he in 

that naturalized American Citizens 
were entitled to the same pro- 
tection as native horn 
Citizens; pro- 
tected the 

Patriots of the Irish Revolution of 1848, 

And left the Stale Department tilled wttli ihe 
highest evidence of his wisdom. 

IN 1849 

He retires to piivate lile. 

IN 1852 

President Pierce appointed him 


Where, by Ins cotisumatc ability, his diplomatic 
tact, and his sagacious foresight, lie laid Hie foun- 
dation for tlie settlement of all our dilliculties 
with England. 

IN MAY, 1850, 

He returned from Europe, was welcomed 
. By a grateful Nation, 

With the heartfelt applause which his career 
abroad had merited. 

IN JUNE, I860, 

The unanimous voice ef 

such a hurry, but for a man it is a different thing, 
circumstances alters cases, you know. And then, 
sitliwated as you he, Mr. Crane, it's a turrible 
thing for your family to bj without a head lo su- 
I pet intend the domestic cousarns and tend to the 
children, to say noth n’o'yerself, Mr. Crane. You 
ted a companion, and no mistake S x nmn hi, 
goo 1 gtacious! Why Squire ‘1 i nts d lent v ai but 
1 s x weeks arlerhe butiedb s fust wife afore he mar- 
ried his second. 1 thought tiler wa’nt no parlick- 
ler need o' his hurryiu’ so. serin’ his family was 
1 grow’d up. Such a critter as he pickt out, tew! 
’l was very unsuitable, but every munlo his taste, I 
han’t no dispersitiun to meddle with nobody's con- 
I s irns. There’s old farmer Dawson, tew, liispard- 
tier It ain’t been dead but ten months. To he sure 
lie ain’t married yet. but he would a ben long 
enough ago if somebody I know on’d gin him any 
I incurridgcinent. But taiu’t for me to speak o' 

! that matter, lie’s a clever old critter and as rich 

r  , ,• . , ,- •. , ! as a Jew, hut, lawful sakes? he s old enough to be 

Kepresentptives irom every county in the L luted , , ’ , . . „ . , =, , . 

t 1 Stale* * "•)' father. And there a Mr. Smith, Jubiter 

Smith, you know him, Mr. Crane, his wife (she 
was Aurory Pike) she died last summer, and lie’s 
ben squintin' round among the wimmin ever since, 
land lie may squint for all the good it ’ll dew 
| him as far as 1 am consarned, tlio’ Mr, Smith's 
a respectable man, quite young and haia’t no fam- 
ily, very well of tew, and quite intellcctible, but I 
tell you what, i’m purly parlieklar. O Mr. Crane, 
j it’s ten year come Jinmwary since I witnessed the 
expiration o’ my belovd companion! — an uncom- 
mon long time to wait, to be sure, but’ tain't easv i 
NEARLY HALF A CENTURY, ....’. , . ,, .. 

, _ ,i r, ,- , , , i, ,, ., | to lind any body to nil the p ace of llezekier Ue- 

dott. 1 think you re the most like husband of ary 
individdiwal 1 ever see, Mr. Crane. Six months! j 
murderation! cuius you should be afraid I’ think 

Upon a Platform as 
As na.ionnl as the Union, 


The Farmer Boy of Franklin, 

The confidant of the sage of the Hermitage, 
the Statesman, 

Whose public services makeup 
the history of 

IHl s r.s uiwavs in rt-ai.iness in convey nasseil- tT , r c- rr 

. , , p :i , n , , ir-v-i.-nc’ir nt He spoke in favor of tne Niagara Sufferers in the 

rs to and from the Kniliua.l Depot, iLi flttL Ur | .. 1 - , ” 


ID- Li very and Sale Stable attached to the Hotel, 
tnarla 6m 


(W. II. OWEN, Proi-kiltor,) 

War of 1812, and for the Presidency pro- 
nounced nimsclf emphatically for An- 
drew Jackson. 

IN 1825 

lie analyzed the Judiciary System, 

And spoke in favor of 

cy of the United Slatos. 

On the 4th of March, 1857, 


His political is but a counterpart of bis private life, 
in which his-Chr.-slian virtues, his every-day 
Benevolence, and his neighborhood char- 
ities, have made him the idol of his 
Home, jhe ornament of his re- 
ligion, the Protector of the 
Friendless, and 



CORNER FOURTH AND JEFFERSON STREETS, The Independence oi the South American Stales. 

Lioisville, Ky. IN 1826 

WEN'S HOTEL is one nf the best appointed hotels! IIe declilreJ 1,1 L ’°[ , o res , s lliat „ Spain should cede 
It combine* the advantage 


in the city. It combines th* advantage of n location 
in the heart of business with the attraction of compara- ) 
tiv© retirement, it is a depot, fer all the stage, omnibus 
and railroad connections of the locality. 

While the fare and accoinbioila ions are sumptuous 
the charges arc reasonable. nil l y 

to no government but that of the United States 



Covington, Ky. 

HENRY RHODES, Proprietor. 

1 1 MIIS HOUSE is only two squares from Ihe Covington j 
L and Lexington Railroad Depot. Passengers wishing 
to go on any of the Cincinnati 1‘ rains, by leaving orders 
at the otlice of the Madison House, will be waited on by 
omnibuses in time lor either train. Early breakfast for 
passengers going on any of the early trains of ears. 

Ijijf* The liar will always be furnished with Ihe very 
best stores, and with accommodating attendants, ml ly 


And made a triumphant speechjin support of Pen- 
si ins for Revolui lonary Soldiers. 

IN 1828 

He look strong position in 


IN 1830 

; He made his profound speech on the Impeachment 
j of Judge Peck, and vindicated the rights of j 
the Public Press. 

'twas tew soon, why I've gnow’d — ! 

Mr. Grunt, — Well widder — I’ve been thinking 
about taking another companion, and I thought 
I’d ask you — ” 

Whine, — O, Mr. Crane, egseuse mv commotion 
— it’s so unexpected. Jest hand me that are bot- 
tle o' camii'o off the mantlery shelf, Tin rullter 
faint, tie put a little mite on my handercher and \ 
hold it to my nuz. There — Hurt’ll dew, I am 
obleeged tew ye. now I am ruther more composed, 
you may perceed. Mr. Crane. 

Mr. Crane , — well widder, I was agoing to ask 

The following incidents of Mr. Fillmore’s polit- y°u whether, whether ( 

ical career are compiled from the authenticated H ‘daw, Continner, Mr. Crane, dew, I know 
public records of the counlrv, and we pledge our- it's terrible embarrism. 1 remember w hen my de- 
selves to establish the truth of any one of them zei » sed l"'* ba » d '" :,ae  •'* suppositions to me he 
that may be questioned : j stammered and stuttered, and was so awfully llus- 

It is a fact, That Millard Fillmore, the know- tered it did seem as it hedne\ergit it out in ihe 
nothing- candidate for President commenced his »'orld and 1 s’pose its g.nerally the case, m least j 
political career an an anti-Mason , and in opposi- * L * ias ^ een " ,l 1 ai 1 K * m 1 s made suppositions 
lion to all secret societies. to ™ e ’   T ° U see the y , c * generally onccrtmg about ‘ 

It is a Jact, That he favored the reception, 1 tvbat k ' nd al J ' U|K(I re a gwinc 10 {?'*• and * l 
reading and consideration of Congress of uboli- kind 0 ,nakes 0111 ntuvous. But wen an individ- 
tion petitions on the subject of slavery and the Hiwal has reason to s pose his attachment s recip- ! 
slave trade. | crated, I don't see what need there is o Ins bein’ 

It is a fact, That he declared himselfopposed dustrated, tho 1 must say it s quite embarrassiu 
lo the annexation of Texas to the Union, so long to me, pray continner. 

as slavery exists therein. " Mr. C — Weil then, I want to know if you re ; 

It is a fact jThat lie favored the exercise by willing I should have Melissy . 



Cincinnati, Ohio, 

JAS. WATSON, ( Formerly of Va.) Proprietor. 
\ / f. T IIO has, at great expanse, refitted and refurnished 
  v the above hou*c, and would be happy to see his 
Kent.t’.cKy friends. 

Hoard per day $1. *nl 6m 

One-dollar-a-day House! 



Lexington, I\y. 

rTHIE very bnM accommodations, attention, etc. Custom 
A respectfully solicited. nit ly 


Lalely Or« ii| i ’il by is.   aili. York, 


Main sireet, uorlhrast of the Courlhouse, Cyutliiana, 
Kentucky. marl ly 

C O V l N G TO N II U? I iN I bSS. 




Stoves, fancy liiiaiueleil (.rules, illarblc- 
isc I Iron Jlamles. ilollow-wnre, I-’irc 
Jirick, a ml Castings in Ucucial. 

Covington . l\y. 

\\T la are prepared to sell all these articles lower than 
V V at Cincinnati prices, us we are manufacturing 
them ourselves. 

ICTCouiitry merchants will please give us a call at the 
old stand, corner Sixth and Madison streets, opposite Bor- 
deker tfc Miller’s Drug Store. 

N. B. — Roofing, Spouting, and Jobingdone to order. 
niy3l liin 



Groceries and Liquors, 


Covington . Kentucky. 

ITAlso Dealer in all kir-d; of Country Produce _rr 
maria ly 



Forwarding and Commission Merchants, 


Groceries, Liq iors, Produce, Provis- 

nns, etc., 

On the Lexington Pike .between Madison and Wash- 
ington sheets, 


1 Marly Covington, Ky. 

IN 1 831 

He voluntarily retired from Congress. 

'IN 1832 

President Jackson appointed hint 

Where he succeeded in making a most important 
Commercial Treaty. 

IN 1833 

He was elected to 


IN 1834 

He took his seat, and made his masterly speech on J 
French Reprisals; declared we must not only 
assert our Rights, but maintain them. 

IN 1835-6 

He attacked Incendiary Publications. He became, 
at the same time, the exponent of 
the national sympathy for 


j lie plead in behalf of the sufferers by the fire in | 
New Yoik; indorsed the policy of ihe great Jack • 
son iniespect to our relations with France; advo- 
cated the admission into the Union of Michigan j 
| and Arkansas; and declared himself 


IN 1837 

lie took bold ground in favor of the Expunging 
Resolutions of Colonel Benton, declaring Andrew 
Jackson to be the Saviour of the Liberties ol our 

He look strong ground in 


And, in his speech upon our Relations with Mexi- 
! co, uitcred that senienee which will be as immor- 
tal as our history: 


IN 1838 

He was the foremost defender of the Pre-Emption 
Rights against Ihe Tyranny of Lauded Monopo- 

IN 1839 

He delivered his great speech on the Independent 
Treasury, in which he so nobly vindicated 
the rights ot labor, and declared that 

IN 1840 

His celebrated reply to Clay and Archer 
on the Fiscal Bank Question. 

IN 1841 

He delivered his no’.ed argument in the McLeod 
Case, on International Law. 

IN 1842 

He pronounced his thorough slatesmanlikc opin- 
iuu on the Veto Power. 

IN 1843 

He seconded the conduct of Daniel Webster, in 
ihe Ashburton and Webster treaty. 

IN 1844 

He took peremptory ground in favor of our Set- 
tlements on tlie Paeilic; for the Ter- 
ritorial growth ol Oregon, 
and tor the annexa- 
tion of Texas. 

IN 1845, 

By the advice of Andrew Jackson, President 

Congress of all its Constitutional power to abolish , Widow Ihe dragon. , 

the internal slave trade between the States. k. 1 ham tsaul anything to ner about it 

It is a fact. Tiiat he favored immediate legisla-  ' et - though the proper way was lo get vour edi- 
tion for the abolition of slavery in the District of sent ^ ist - 1 remember w hen 1 courted I vpheny J 
Columbia 1 we were engaged some tune before mother kenipe 

It is a fact. That lie entertained doubts as to knew anything .about it, and w lien she found it 
tlie Constitutionality of the Fugitive Slava Law, oul s J ie was quite put out because 1 rluu nt go to 
and did not sign it until advised to do so by his * lcr * ust - " * ltn I made up my niina about 

Attorney General. j Melissy, thinks me, PH dew it right tins time and 

ll is a Jact, That he is opposed to the exercise s pcak lo the old women fiist- 
of the power, and that he is nowhere pledged to! ^ iduW—O/d woman, hey. tliats a purty name 
veto a bill for the repeal of the Fugitive Slave Law, j to call me. aniazm penile tew. Want Melissy 
or for the abolition of tlie slave trade between the | 8 f 3'- 1 ribbcleaiion. gracious sakes alive! well, I 11 
States, or of slavery in tlie District of Columbia, give it upjiow. I always know d you was asiinple- 

t jii, Tim Crane, but I must confess I dident think 
you was quite so big a fool, want Melissy. dew ye? 
If that don’t beat all! What an 

everlasting old 

It is a fact, 'I’h at he was nominated by a Con- 
vention, a majority of whose members were noto- 
rious abolitionists, and that lie lias accepted and , 

endorsed a platform which denounces the repeal y° u t' 1081, 8e to s P ose 8,le ^ look at you. 

of tlie odious Missouri restriction, as reckless and " by you are old enough to be her father, and 
unwise ! more tew, Melissy ain’t in only in her twenty- 

ved the I onelh year. What a ridicilous idee for a man of j 
vour age! as gray as a rat lew? I wonder what 

It is a fact. That he nowhere appro 
Kansas act, and that lie is nowhere pledged against 
its repeal. 

It tj a fact. That in 1333, he wrote his famous 
letter to the Erie Coinmillee. in which he de- 
clared himself in favor of abolishing slavery in the 
District of Columbia and in all tlie Teriilories. 

It is a fact, That while a member of Congress 
he voted with the abolitioni-ts, against tlie Ather- 
ton resolutions, which declared “That Congress 
lias no right to do that indirectly which it cannot 

this world is a coming tew: ’tis astoni-hing what 
tools old w iddiwers will make of themselves! Have 
Melissy I Melissy! 

Mr. C . — Why, widder, you sttprise me, I’d no 
idee of being treated in this way aficr you’d been 
so polite to me, and made such a fuss over me and 
the gii Is. 

IT (tow . — Shut yer head, Tim Crane, nun of yer 
sass to me. Thetc’sjer baton that are table, and 

o directly and that the agitation of slavery it. hett’s the door, and the sooner you pul on one and 
District of Columbia, or ihe Tt 

the District of Columbia, or ihe Ferriloi ies, as a 
means, and with tlie view of disturbing or over- 
throwing that institution in the several Slates, i.- 
against the true spirit and meaning of the Consti 

march cut o’ t’other, the better’ll be for you. An 
l advise you afore you try lo ge; married agin lo 
go out west and see if your wile’s colJ, and arter 
ve’re satisfied on that pint, jest put a little lamp- 
lulion, ail infringement of tlie i iglils of the Slates   1 l a,: k  "  yer liair, iwuudaild to jer appearance 
affected and a breach of the public faith upon j undoubtedly and be of sarvice tew vou when ye’ve 
which they entered into the Conlederacv.” I got yer liair lixt. jest splinter tha spine- of yer back. 

It is a fact, Tiiat he voted with John Q. Adams, 11 wouldetil hurt jet looks a mine, you d be inlire- 
in all his efforts to abolish the 21st rule, which for- *)" unvesistable if you was a leeile gra n straiter 
bid the reference of abolition petitions. 

It is a Jact, That he voted in favor of a propo- , 

sition of John Q. Adams, to establish diplomatic ! co °l v °u, I tell ye (Acres yer hat and there s the 

/1/r. C — Well, I never!” 

Widt w — Hold yer longue, you consarned old 

relations of the negro government of Hay ii. 

door, be off with yerseif, quick metre; or El 

It is a lad. That lie voted against a proposition ) e 1 by t with the broomstick, 
to forbid the enlisting of negroes in tlie Navy, and L Ginimeni. 

prohibiting them from giving testimony upon ii blow rising. Git out, I say, I ain t a gwine 
court-martials against white men. to stand here and be insulted under my own tuff, 

It is a fact, That while President he selected and so, git a'ong, and if ever you darken my door 
the subordinate otlicersof the Government, prin- Si »y » " old lo Melissy, it ’ill be tlie wos 

cipally from the freesoil ranks. j lor you, that s all. 

ll is a fact, That lie would never have signed i Mr. C. 1 reemerjous! 

the Fugitive fclave Law, had not Henry Clay.! Wt-l»u  — Go long— go ’long— go ’long, you 

Daniel Webster, and other great conservative everlastin’ ohl gum. 1 won’t hear another word 
leaders of his party forced him to do it by their ' (stops her ears ) l won t, 1 won t, I won t 1 
urgent importunities. ' vo11 l - | 

It is a fact. That while President of the United , [Exit Mr. Crane.] 

States, he signed Lite Washington Territorial Bill HEn'er Melissa, accompanied withCoptainCanojI.) 
one clause of which allows foreigners to vole in . Good evenin’, cappen! Well, Melissy, hum at 
that Territory, after an actual residence of two \ last, hey? why dident you stay till inorniti’l purty 
years, with certain other limitations and reslric- I biziness kerpin’ me up here so late wailin’ for you. 
tions. and in opposition to which Millard Fillmore when I’m eoy most tired to death ironin’ and 
was nominated and is now running the Presiden- workin like a slave all day: — ought to ben abed 
liul race. an hour ago. Thought you left me withagreea- 

— , |,le company, hey? 1 should like to know what 

JTTTOur friend Apff.l has a most complete as- arthly reason you had to s’pose old Crane was 
sorlment of clothing, furnishing uoods, ic., Ac , agreeable lo me? I always disptsed the critter, al- 
which lie is selling very cheap. Mr. A. has a long ways thought he was a fool, and now I'm convino- 
cxperience in his business an ! offers inducements ed on’t. I'm completely dizgusted with him, and 
to those wiihirv to ourchssr •’.-"thing in his line. I let him kuow it lo night. I gin him a piece cl 

my mind, I guess he’ll he apt to remember for a 
spell. 1 ruther think lie went off with a Ilea in 
his car. Why, cappen, did ye ever hear of such 
apiece ot audacity in all your born days? for 
| Pin Crane, to durst expire to my hand, the widder 
of deacon BeJolt! jest as if I’d condesccn to look 
at him, the old numskull! lie don't know B from 
broomstick; but it he’d a slay much longer I’d a 
teacht him the difference, 1 guess, he’s got his 
walkin’ ticket now, I hope lie’ll lemme alone in fu- 
tur. .And where’s Kier/ Gun home with tlie 
Cranes, hey! well I guess it’s the last time. And 
uow Melissy Bedotl, you ain't to have nothin’ more 
i to dew with them g als, d’ye hear? you ain't to 
sociate with e’m at all arter this, it would only be 
j incurriagin th’ old man lo cornea pesterin' me 
agin, and I won’t Itave him round, d’ye bear! 
Don’t bo in a hurry, cappen, and don’t be nlained 
i at nay getten’ in such passion about old Crane’s 
persumption. JMabby you tliink'l wjsonfeelin’ in 
i me tou-.e him so, and i don’t, say but vvlial il was 
ruther, but then lie’s so awful disagreeable tew me 
you know, it ain’t every holy I’d treat in such a way. 
Well, if you must go, good evenin'! Give mv 
love to llanBer when you wiile agin, dew call 
l frequently, Cappen Canoot, dew. 

[from iIig Louisville Courier. J 
l) OME.S TIC 1- //. /. / U VS TEJUSM. 

The know-nothing orators and editors have en- 
deavored to arouse the fears oi the country tiiat 
Mr. Buchanan, if elected President, will embroil 
this country with Spain and her allies in support- 
ing I illibusteriug expeditions for the acquisition 
of Cuba; and in support of this accusation, they 
continually refer to tlie doc l ines of the Ostt-nd 
Report, as if it contained conclusive proof. A 
candid examination of that i ( e nient and of Mr. 

. Buchanan's true position, will s iow the accusation 
lo be groundless, and tiiat the evidence has been 
distorted for poli ical effect, regardless of candor 
I and jus’ice. 

While Mr. Buchanan was Minister to England, 
the Black Warrior question anti other difficulties 
embroiled the United States with Spain. France 
and England had towards the close of Mr. Fill- 
more’s administration, endeavored to engage the i 
United States in a treaty landing our government 
forever to aid them in continuing Cuba under ) 
Spanish domination. This was an extraordinary j 
proposal in every aspect of it. it was proposed 
tiiat we should depart fiom tlie wise policy of 
Washington and Jefferson, and sanctioned by I 
every subsequent Presi lent, which bade us to ab- 
stain from any political alliances with any foreign 
powers, and especially alliances for the support ol 
European policy so entirely foreign to our own. 
With the systems of European dynastic policy, 
and European balances of power, neither principle, 
nor reason, nor sound policy, permitted us to en- 
tangle ourselves. The tripartite treaty, in effect, 
also proposed tiiat We should tie up our hands, . 
under all circumstances, and renounce the policy 
ol acquiring Spain under any circumstances what- 
ever. No matter ihougdi the Cubans themselves 
might throw off their allegiance to Spain, success- 
fully establish their independence, and apply for 
admission into our Union; no matter though Spain 
herself might bo willing to cede the Island to tlie 
United States on terms satisfactory and advanta- 
geous to herselt; no matter though tlie Island 
might he in danger of being wrested fiom Spain 
bv some power hostile alike to Spain and the 
United States; yet, in spile of these and all oilier 
contingencies, possible or probable, tlie tripartite 
treaty proposed that we should still tie up our own | 
hands. To a proposition so utterly inadmissible, 
Tresident Fillmore, though his Secretary of State, 
Edward Everett, returned an emphatic refusal, and 
tlie whole countiy applauded the spirit and wisdom 
and patriotism ol tlie reply. 

It is notorious that a considerable party exists 
in Cuba, favorable to independence of Spain, some 
of whom desire to maintain a separate govern- 
ment of tlie Island, some to be annexed to the 
United States, and some to be placed under the 
joint protection of Erai.ce and England. 

Under the circumstances, the internal condition 
of Spain, herself being lar from tranquil, it was 
the duty of the 1’resiuent of the United States, to 
keep a Hgilaiil eye upon Cuba. Under every ad- 
niiinslration, democratic or whig, we have been 
content to leave Cuba under the dominion ol 
Spain, so long as the people of Cuba may be 
content and Spain may be able to bold the 
Island. But no administration, and no poilion 
of our people, have been willing lo see 
Cuba pass from tlie hands of Spain into those 
of England, France, or any other power but our 
own. We might as well be expected to assent 
to the damming up the mouilt ot h i Mississippi, 
or to submit to its permanent blockade by hostile 
ships. But under every administration, demo' 
eratic as well as wliig, the neutrality obligations of 
the United Slates havebeen faithfully observed and 
all tillibustering enterprises from our country 
against Cuba fot bidden and rejressed. Consider- 
ing all these facts, aud considering the danger ol 
Cuba failing into oilier and hostile hands, Ties - 
dent Bierce instructed Mr. Buchanan, our Minister 
to England, Mr. Mason, our Minister to Franc , 
and Mr. Soule, our Minister lo Spain, to meet atiu 
consult as to the interests ot ihe United States as 
involved in the disposition of Cuba. Tlie Ostcnd 
Conference was the result, and these three Amer- 
ican Ministers, utter consultation and deliberation, 
united in a report to our Government on the sub- 
ject. I: is this icport which is seized on to prove 
Mr. Buchanan an advocate of tillibuslerisni. Bat 
it proves the reverse; and it is only by distortion 
and perversion, that il can be pressed into service 
in support ol live charge. After cuing the many 
causes operating against the probability ot Spain 
being able to hold dominion over the Island, the 
Osteiul leporl advises our Government to offer 
Spain the consideration of large sums of money for 
tlie peaceful cession of Cuba. This would be I lie 
most effectual method of repressing fillibustering ; 
enterpiises. Tlie vicinity of ibe Island to our ler- 
litory, its command of the mouth ol the Mississip- 
pi, and the Gulf ol Mexico, through which, vast 
amounts of our commeice must lurever necessa- 
rily p tss; the bad ad miiiisl ration of a distant for- 
eign Government producing continual danger ol 
insurrec.ion in the i.-land; its near vicinity making 
ts agitations C3u-es of concern lo us; these, and 
iollnr important considerations, are p.esentcd a  
powt rful reasons why the jui isdiciiou should pass 
lo us. The acquisition ol ihe Island would he ad- 
vantageous not only to tl.e U..ited States, but to 
Spain herself, as will as lo the people of Cuba. 

I lie commercial interests of the world at large 
would also be greally enhanced. Morai, civil, 
social, and physical improvements would result 
from the transfer. Every Government concerned, 
and especially every class of people on the Island 
would be benelitted by il. Tnese are all power- 
ful considerations; and after setting them louith, 

and then considering the contingency of Spain’* 
refusal to accept a proposal so advantageous to 
herself, a proposal not only conceding immense 
bene tits to her, but enabling her honorably to 
avoid the great dangers to which she would b» 
subjected by attempting to maintain her feeble do- 
minion, die report proceeds: 

“Should this question be answered in the affirma- 
tive, then, by every law, human and divine, we 
shall be justified in wresting it from Spain, if we 
possess the power. And ibis upon the very same 
principle that would justify an individual in tearing 
down the burning house ot Ins neighbor, if therfe 
were no other means of preventing ihe Humes Irom 
destroying his own house. Under such circum- 
stances we ought neither to count the cost nor 
regard the odds which Spain might enlist against 
1 us.” 

Is this (illhusterism? No; far from it. as tar from 
it as exericising the right and duty of self-protection 
and sell defense is fiom aggression, as far from 
it as responsible, open, honorable national action 
is Irom the irresponsible and illegitimate action 
ol unauthorized freebooters, acting in tlieir indi- 
vidual character against tlie laws of nation. And 
we ask, is there a solitary citizen of the United 
Slates, who, in the case presented by tlie above ex- 
tract from the Oslend report, would not advise the 
government load precisely as that report advises? 

' Ought we to permit an agitation, whose in- 
llammatory effects reach within our very house- 
hold, forever lo he carried on at our very door? 
Ought we to suffer Spain to transfer Cuba to any 
European power! Why, Ireland is as geograph- 
ically appurtenau! to the United Stales as Cuba is 
to England or France. The simple truth is that 
Cuba, geograpically, belongs to the United States, 
that Us position at the nioulh of the Mississippi and 
the Gull of MexicOyKiakes it jwculiai ly erppnrtc- 
nanl to our territory and commerce; and while we 
may forbear, as we have forborne, to disturb the 
ancient title of Spain, we never can recognize the 
title, however conferred, acquired, of any other 
European power, to any dominion over that island. 
It ought to be ours, and, whenever it passes from 
Spain, the conveyance must be made to us. And 
it is enough for all other powers to know, that in 
our hands, all their rights and interests, as well as 
our own, will he better promoted than by contin 
uing die Spanish dominion. But the disposition of 
Cuba is peculiaily an American question, witli 
which Europe has no more right to interfere than 
we would have to interfere with the islands of 
Ireland, Corsica, Sardinia or Malta. And our 
government would with far more propriety insist 
that ‘France should re.-ign Algeria, and England an 
restore Gibralter to Spain, than could either Franco 
England meddle with the disposal of Cuba. 

To show how utterly unjust is the the charge 
tiiat Mr. Buchanan lavored the infamous practice of 
fillibustering, and to corroborate our interpretation 
of die Oslend report, let tlie reader candidly con- 
sider the manly expressions contained in the fol- 
lowing extract from his letter accepting his nom- 
ination as the democratic candidate for Pres- 
ident i f the United States: 

“In regard to our foreign policy, lo which you 
have refei red in your is quite im- 
possible for any human foreknowledge to prescribe, 
positive rules in advance to regulate the conduct 
of a future Adm'nisiration in all the exigencies 
which may aiise in our various and everclianging 
relations with foreign powers. The Federal Gov- 
ernment must, of necessity, exercise a sound dis- 
cretion in dealing with international questions as 
they may occur; but ibis under the strict responsi- 
bility which the Executive must always feel to tho 
people of the United Slates, and judgment ol pos- 
t riiy. You will, therefore, excuse me for not en- 
tering into particulars, while I heartily concur with 
vou ai the general sentiment, that our foreign af- 
fa:rs ought to be conducted with such wisdom and 
dimness as to assure the prosperity of the people at 
homo, while the interests and honor of our counlrv 
are wisely but in flexibly maintained abroad. Our 
fon ign policy ought ever to be base l upon the prin- 
ciple if doing justice ta all nulijus, and requiring 
justice from ilum in return ; and from this principle 
l s'lall never depart .” 

We have thus dt monslralrd not only that the 
Oslend report and the senlimeuls of Mr. Buchan- 
an arc opposed lo fillibusterism, and propose Ihe 
best remedies to repress fillibusterism, but that the.- 
develop the true policy which should be observed 
lor the proleeiion and defense ot the national hon- 
or of i lie United Stales. 

Bui there are o'lier forms of fillibusterism than 
those directed against Cuba. There is a Northern 
sectional parly in the United States, whose distinc- 
tive policy .s a po icy of fillibusterism against the 
peace and domestic insliluliotis of the Southern 
Slates and against the Union. And there is an- 
other party whose distinctive is a scheme of 
tilliliuslcrism against the individual rights, civil 
and religious, of every family in the Union — which 
invades every domicil and pulutesevery sanctuary, 
in order lo a- certain, for the purpose of proscribing 
and degrading, every citizen horn abroad, and 
every citizen professing the Catholic faith. This 
is a lar more fearful form of fillibusterism than that 
of law less adventurers against Cuba. And both 
these parlies are waning alike against the demo- 
cralie party. But neither Mr. Buchanan nor th« 
democratic party justify (illibustei iMii against Cuba 
or any oilier place. They only insist on the rights 
of self-protection and self-defense, and that then i 
rights shall bo asserted and maintained, not by 
lilhbusters, but by the responsible authorities of 
(he nation. 

Woman.— I would by no means persuad-3 you 
or any other woman to prefer a single life, ll is 
not the “primrose palh.” Nothing less than a 
spirit of meekness, or self- renunciation, and of be- 
nevolence, can make a woman who has once been 
first, liappv in a subordinate and second-best posi- 
tion. And this, under ordinary circumstances, is 
the highest place of woman. Depend upon il, 
my dear young friend, it is safer for the most ol 
us to secure all the helps to our virtues that at- 
tend a favorable position; besides, married life is 
ihe deslinv heaven has allotted to us, and therefora 
best lilted to awaken all our powers, to exercise 
all our virtues, and call forth all our sympathies. 

I would persuade you that you may be the cause 
ot happiness to others, and of course happy your- 
sell — for when was the fountain dry while th# 
stream Continued to flow! If single life, accord- 
ing to the worst view of it, is a moral desert, the 
faithful in their passage through it are refreshed 
with Dread from heaven and water from the rock. 

Miss Sedgwick. 

Without decision of character, no man or wornr 
is worth a button, nor can be. Without it, aim 
becomes at once a good Matured nobody; the po 
erty stricken possesor of but one solitary princip 
that of obliging every body under the suu iitetelj 
fjr the a-hing. — Oil n. 

ire**, it tjcraa^Tor 


J. 11 JOHNSON, Editor. 

• i .vrsiuiv.v, 



: OU r* 7. 


DEMUl'KATIC NOMINEES; in first appeared, a largo numbevof 
professed imnis'ers of the gospel, mistaking bigoX 
ry fur seal. fancied *hst they Lad at last discovered 
a mode by which they could lop c :T t Ae head ar.d ; 
and broaches -if heresy at a single blow. Accord- 
ingly they '"abandoned liie Bibb*— which they had 
| pretended to believe wo.; the voice of inspiration, ! 
| tortlie r.lual of Sam. They discarded the touch- 
jings of holy writ for the instructions of a sworn 
band of political jugglers. They lett the sacred 
I desk to step town to the vile depths of a know-no- 
’ thing lodge. There in secret and darkness, upon 
their knees, brothers wiih the very d logs of human 
1 itv, these shepherds swore to proscribe a portion o; 

| their flock c-n account of thc : r foreign birth, and 
1 vowed •tca:i, r LustH'-y to a oorL.u of their fellow 


UVte it not for the iflyninent danger in which 
j ;ihe Ctiion has been placed by the midnight ma- 
chinery of know-nolhiogrim, the position o/ the 
Fillmore party would be laughable in the extreme. 

( They are running a man for the highest offi.e in 
the gift of the people, who has not the remotest 
chance of getting the electoral vote of a single 
State in the Union- lie has warm partizans, who 


Beyond a doubt, the know-nothings will go cn 
masse for the black republican candidates in Penn- 
sylvania itj the State election for Canal Commis- 
sioner. The know-nothings will fuse with the 
blacks in that ofatc for two reasons: First, because 
they have an innate sympathy for abolitionism; and 
secondly, in the hope that by combining with the 
blacks to beat the democracy in the October clec- 

pretend to believe he. will be elected; but when tion, the friends of Mr. Buchanan in the South wi 

rnen btcao.j 

religious belie 

I you ask tliim what States he will get they are ua- i despair of his election, and go over to Fillmore, 
i able to name a single one 

, ville Journal, and believe whatever it says, shut- ' course of an article cyphering cut the 
|  ing their eyes to all evidence or reason. This is ; Fremont— lets the cat out of the bag. as follows; 
the ridiculous side of southern know-nothingism 
The treasonable acts of this most absurd of nli 

If «il Ilia liJD southefu eleclor il votes *f(f given to 
Buchanan, it would not be siilf. -iaiit to elect him, 'and 
would not prevent Hie election of Fremont. 

Loultville Journal. 

Here is a virtual admis-ion, tin t Frofnont will 
carry nearly all the free Slates, for it takgs nearly 
all of them to elect a President over the 12b 
southern voles. We have no doubt that dromon! 
will carryall the northern Slates that do not go 
lor Buchanan, and hence, the lolly and foolhardi- 
ness of southern know-nothings in endeavoring to 
divide the strength of the South. No man is wild 

; morning nese reverend ci.-cip.-. 
cend to urn phi tilt, and with hypocritical lips hold 
out premise* of salvation to o'/; would declaim 
against the .-: . of t ris w .- rid, ’ exhort their hear i 
era to a more godly life. These holy men wore 
greatly shocked if any one hinted the possibility of 
. their svmpathi'. ng wi ll h: y sworn political party. 

’ They denied most so’-mnly their connection with a 
■ scciet and sworn organization, and raised their eyes 
1 in holy deprecation of such a suspicion. 

' went on in this way until the session 


Of Penmyltftnia. 



Of Kentucky. 


the State at — IION. ELIJAH HI8K. 

“ • •• — JNO. W. STEVENSON 

Pint Disfi'et-COL. ». D. CHOI SON. 

Second District -OZ O. W. WILLIAMS. 

Third DiStri.t — -JOHN A. FINN - . 

Fourth District — "f I M OLE ON CRAVENS. 

Fifth District — BERIAH MAGOFFIN 
Sixth District— B. T. RICE. 

Seventh D:stri:t -TVILLIaM D. REED. 

Eighth District— V. TV. VTOdLLEY 
Ninth D.stnct — R. 11. STANTON. 

Tenth D:st. i.-t— Hilt A.-I EEL -Y ^ ; ( j JS c ;,urc!i? ^ minister who lias been caught tri an 

t  £1V OF TOE TltUITS OF ENOW-NOTUINC - ! atUn,pt tJ dccciveliis congregation, or a part of it. 

ISM. H lose* the respect of community, and he can never 

regain i'. His influence tor good dies forever, and 
he remains a stumbling block in the path of those 

j parties arc 
| lor the first 
: nient, there is danger of an abolitionist and dis- 
unionist being elected President, if Fiuiiium i- 
not. elected it will not ba t’:c fault of southern 
know-nothings. If they succeed in fooling i few 

, r , r i ' .. , ... v , , ' I enough to claim more then three southern States 

i ney read the Louis- 1 The New York Mirror— a !• nmont paper — in the ° 

1 1 * 'lor. Mr. Fillmore, and if the entire 120 southern! 

„ .... election ol ' , , , Age. 

-* . 3 , , , ,, voles cast for Buchanan will not prevent the qlec- f 

, . , , j tion of Fremont, we should like to know how the ' 

We dn not anticlpa'c any «urh result from the success 

i ihe American -republican party ol Pennsylvania in ! votes of these tlirce southern Slates — all that the! 

| ih-  October election. Ill ihe first pla'-n it i* pot clear 

vit pel] mcll from 
ent of the lor- 


Charleston, I'd., Sept. 30th. 1056. 

3/ Fill i ; nr i In view of the many conflicting re- 

port, circulated in your Stale in regard to the po- 
sition of the democratic party North, many Ken- 
tuckians have written to me, desiring that 1 should 
tell them exactly the condition of affairs here at 
ihe Nortn. As I wish them to know who we are 
fighting, and I ’nave not the time to sit down and 
write an answer to each and every letter 1 re- 
cieve, 1 wish to ad lros-v my friends and the peo- 
ple of Kentucky in a short letter through the 

.-. p-.-i ectly apparent, when we reflect that J p *  southern will rush   ver 

. , ■ , r | E jcliurn-i to Filhrmr.: ou ihe uiiDounceii 

■st tine in the Malory ol our govern . . 

• 1 .ncl' :» uverthTuw in Liaiiauve cs.a.o. 

Mlcr t» ever 

The bargain ’s fairly n.ade, and the black re 
publicans regaid the success cf thc^r ticket in tlic 
Pennsylvania S ate election as certain. T lie gal- 
lant democracy will have to contend w ith Sam and 

| holes, these politics! { arsons were discovered upon 
; their knees, not in their closets, but before the altar 
i of Sum. Need we say that all these political 
preachers lost their influence with not only the 
i democratic members of tl.eir ch.uube.s, to whom 
■ they had often denied their connection with the 
! vile order, but witli ail men, whether in or cut of 

In the North the democratic party is opposed 

by two factions — the black republicans and a 

, . . , nmnant of old-line whigs, whose hostility to deni- 

most visionary know-nothings claim — can prevent ,, . 

1 oeraev will not allow them to co-operate wiih that 

the same result. ’ , r 

, , party. 1 here is no such party as the “Anjeri- 

lt is a Intle amusing to notice that in the same , . ,,,. . „„ . .. _ 

, , , , , . , ‘can in Illinois. The supporters of Mr.Fill- 

article, Horn w Inch the above paragraph is clioncd, , , , . , 

. , . ,, , ‘ more are old-line wings, who are as heartyoppo- 

ibe editor of ihe Journal tells h:s readers, that: , .. . . ~. , , 

. , , . , Inents ol know-notlnngvsm as the democrats. Thev 

U lia^, however, alrraov been ahccr«aincd beyond, ° ' 

a rational doubuliai Mr. Fillmore will receive ib« decto- . cannot support Mr. Buchanan, because lie is a 

southern States into the support of Fillmore, the ' SailJ b 0 united. We have {strong hopes that tlio ! ’ ^ \ *[ x^lraVrtB * nMiI,ifurilii '' H‘ k ^democrat; they wiH notstipport Mr. Fremont, bc- 

election would go to th- House of Representa- j en)0Cra i ic ticket will be triumphantly elected over | H QW does a know-nothin* reconcile the above causc ,1,ey °P po8e l,is sectionalism; so they are 
lives, anJ Fremont’s election would be certain. al j llic unitei but if it should be dialed. , st8tPmcn t with the first vizMhat The onfe hundred ! com P cUed take U P Mr - Filltuore - because he is 

X J .It is certainly very strange that men wl,C are son- s0 , t i, crn democrats will have no cause for being L nd lwcntv soulUeln votes cast for Buchanan t,,e 0n,y onR ,efuhem ’ ll "Alters but little who 

of ’the p-‘  £ I 8iW * Upon 0,;,er 6uh I t cLS - arc 50 pcrfectlr blind- di , hcarleMC i. All the local considerations and in- 1 wouW nol preveill lhe election of p remont? U i* ll,e - 7 sl, rP ttrt - 88 lllu "cakness of their number 

probable that a know-nothing believes what he re,)dcrS ,hc ™ fllra0st P ower l ess - '^7 cannot 

in the Journal without asking any questions. | b' IVU n,0r T 0 , U,aB lhree tbousanU votes 10 Mr ’ 

. ti ri 'more in Illinois, 

editor must certainly have great confidence 

liucul juggleis suppose such defeat would have j ; n Bie stupidity of his readers, when lie sets before lle ! 'p u -lean party is .he noriuern 

American party under a new name. They advo- 
cate these principles; 

Hostility to Papal influence. 

A change in the naturalization laws. 

The abolition of the inter state slave trade. 

The abolition ol slavery in the District of Colum- 

The repeal of the fugitive slave law. and 
T he exclusion of all new slave States from en- 
tering the Union, which, may hereafter present 
themselve s for admission. 

said that (his party is the whilom American 

| above. The Louisville Journal stated the oilier 

veil was lifted from these midnight sink |7 Y *.7 .V ” U P 0U soulhvrn men - The san;c S ama ,s 10 b  | them such a batch of inconsistencies, and all in one 

I day that, allowing Mr. Buchanan ail the southern |j)ayeJ jn Indiana . The American Banner, the ! arIic | e . 

one ..tin in.d nai twen.y still tin   f{j{„,Q ru organ in Indiana, afier staling the rea ; T')) C editor of the Journal knows that Fillmore 

The great blustering party, which mn ""all right 

on the goose” about a year r.go, has been in exist , , . , ... 

T a , , .over wiiorii he was arpetn .’d to guide the way to 

ence some two years. It mav not be altogether ! . 11 , , 

‘ . .. ,, ! ue nven. This u no sketch. H is true. 

i Look at our churches. A re they not all in what is 

! termed “a lowstate?” Do you liewr of any great 

unprofitable to rxamine srn,c of its irt.-n euiate re- 
sult#. "By their fiuits ye shall know theni," is an ’ 

Infvllible test, whether applied to indlvidu.ds, so- 1 . , 

,,, ‘ , rtttvais of religion . 

cieues, - r parties. We purpose, rntnis ftiMcIo, to. 


would not prevoqt the flection of Fieniont. lie 
was then ondoavoiing to show tho weakness of Mr. 
Buchanan in the North, and it became necessary 
to give Fremont nearly all the free S.ates — enough 
of them a! least to elect him over one hundred and 
uventv southern electoral votes. Nobody pretends 
to believe that Fillmore can carry a northern State 
but the editor of the Journal and his southern 
toadies. When the Pope fearers lie* re desire south- 
ern democrats to vote lor Fillmore they aiwavs al 

Indiana, afier stating the rea 
sons which induce the Indiana know nothings to j cannot carry a free Stale, lle has no party in the 
vote fur the abolition State ticket fur Governor, fj-gg States, lie also knows very well that Bu- 
(Jongrrssmen, fire., says; Ichanan tcill carry 1 lie States named by him ascer- 

Tbe F.llmore par y, or the l.vge majority of them, doj lain f or Fillmore, together with Pennsylvania, 111- 

nnteoiiceiv..- t».m ih»*y hav- much to Jo e by the vote ol . . f ' 

be October cteciitm; for thev'v full w li ib «t w itb- ; mois, and oihers. His only hope is that enough 

ou: their vote, m-ith.r of the tick- is wnl have aunjeriiy sout ] iern States will be led off bv the howl a bout 
ot the votes eatir. J he , k ti’-v, r utU-rmore, uiat il they * 

U,f, ul ih« democratic ticket, Mr. uciiHuaii^ cliauc- s ; ihe rope and other know noilnn^ fluimuery — to 

in the South M il 
more a bettor s-hu 
j t ion of the country. 

Il-'ai atre- ! ll,row ,he •rlectiou into the House of Represents : party in the Nprth. There were some few 

v. It id be'cnrtom uf war always to (lives. In that event, by the aid of such men as Americans who u fused to follow their parly into 

Je.Atr.-T Ihe power Cf . ••kvridisary «ve« if  t ( Hun iphrey Marslull. he hopes Fremont will be abolitionism. Some of theke men will support 

low him in their calculations a majority of the I puts \ on to a tittle inconvenience. 15ut ti e success ““ 

free Slates. But when they get uj on 
hobbv they give all the flic Slu es to Fremont. 

If the lives of the le t iers of know-nothingism 
in the South w re depending upon the election of 

i j ; . u Too l. ’e ticket in ihe Stale election wi.i not injure j elected, so that “ali men do matter of what color” i Mr. F.lloiore, in conjunction with the southern 
J ' Ur ^Fi^r l " Wh ° »“ '« •’* wdl & c» it. Hum- 1 Americans— others have joined the democratic 

tmjr the two seclii'nal parties know that we aie suit a ' phrey Marshall says that he has no choice between ; party. 

, , . . i V. It until u large number of tne urofesssJ ministers 

to the li u its ct I , b , , r „ 

jot the gospel are themselves convened. Cimrcues 

j have been divided and broken up; ftiuillies have 

... . , , : become estranged: religion hm bccomo almost a 

it consideration, and, consequently, the j , , 

, , . ... ' , by-word, and fill thts has been brought about by tn’ft 

its delected iniquities was its monstrous and , * ... ' , 

... , ,■ , , ,, , , aired influence oi know-not’uiigism. It is aim 1- 

■unbuisuiug Ltlscnoud. Baseu — as ti at party was . a , . 

, .. . . , , ancholy tact, raued to bo regret. ed, out nevertho- 

— upon a stupendous he, it required a continued i F ' U [’ 

uni systematic course of lying to sustiiu the cor 

You do not; end to u never ... , , , .i. i .1 . 

’ - ! Fremont, thev could not work liarJer to bring 

call the attention of our readers 
bogus Americanism. 

I he gieat, leading principle of the infamous par 

ty ui J 

tirst of its detected iniquities was its monstrous and 

about that result than they are now doing. Wo be- 
lieve that they de-sire it; but whether they da or 
not, they are pursuing the only course i:i which 
they could help to bring it ab iut, viz: seeking to 
divide the strength of the South. 

rupt organ.zaiioti, and to bring about the disgrace- 
ful ends for which it was instituted- It is per- 
fectly amazing now to look back and conlernplat' 

flYe have thus enumerated a few of the moat pal- 

Skie-s B sight — Our news from all parts of ihe 
Union is oi the most cheering character. Buch- 
anan and Breckinridge are gaining daily in all the 

1 t-o.-e.-in tlie Sutv." ; the doctrines ofthe Fremont party and the doctrines Here wo Jo not have to battle the friends of Mr. 

A C.MCKXATI Solomon —The correspondent of of lllfc Buchanca party. We don’t believe he is 1 Fillmore. They are so impotent that we do not 

e c. • honest in il dcclHiahon l T is enurse i n tU lwi tear them. Ihe black rormbiifeftn Ameiicans are 

1 the Cincinnati Enquirer, in writing Horn the Slate , *\ 0Mefc - ll * " UcLM,a ,0D - 11,8 C0 “ rSL ,Blb " ldal I the ores we have to contend whh. Now. 1 want 

j Fair, says: jCongress showed boat hepielercd Banks to Rich- totell ae si g n ifi conl f 14C[ my Kentucky Amen- 

The* i.viies are quite numerous, but to my ei.rpi i e pos- ; urdson or A:kcn. I he game which the sonthern . can fiiends, ‘‘Thq Union Degree of your order 

=essing little beany. Tu*y are generally well d r eg«r , f u; ,] enlan 0 f know-tiolhingism are pidying, is too I was never introduced into the North!” It was 

sand times m^e'Yautv HianU hcrec^'g^eVird. ° Keil- i trairspaient to deceive any but natural kuow-no- !b ,0,len up for southern use altogether, and for this 
tnckv is as tamous for the beauty of its won «n as for the . lea^on: lhe leaders of your patty saw that your 

hospital i 17 aud cluvuirv of its m*»n; but lhe former is 
vainly looker for here. A decidedly luuusoine 

pablo fruits of know nothingism. Wo miglucon- | norlheri , Stales . Our advices from Indianans 
tmue to mention its pernicious influences, but wt j sure u8 a, at the double U ticket will sweep that 


is pure pan 

live falsehoods which were told bv the members of * Jl eai ‘ Jtate bv a n; j ri.y of tea thousand votes. In 

Men who had heretofore atoed ! As  n offte,t 10 tho tvih ol ‘ ,llis j Ohio the democracy are fully awake, and ii would 

high in coir. m unify ; who erj ij ed the entire confi- ' * ' l ° ' L ' =(' ' • Am ' | not suiyitie us at all if tin* Buckeye State should 

deuce of their follow -men ; whose words were as "” e 3°° 1 resu * : attributable to know -nothingism; , v | iet i { lll0 t { lC democratic ranks in November, 

would lea curiosity 

This is not only in wretched bad taste, but it is 

wholly untrue. It was conceded by all that an 

unusually large number of beautiful — yes, most 

beautiful women were in attendance during the 

. r ’heir rascality is exposed. But a 

Stale l air. I tie scribble r fur the Lnqu.rer is . 

, , , . Uon docs not bi 'e the tact that t 

cither no tudee of beauty or he was noton uie 1 . 

J , , nave joined forces hi Indiana 

grounds at all. lie is probablv one of loose I 
- , r * , i democrats. 

" crincs, who commenced his education as 

j South Americans distrusted vour northern brelh- 
Thv Indiana Americans am indignant at tlio statements ren, because of their ho-ti.ity to the celebrated 
which have brc.i made in tlie Sou in ilwtt ilieiei-a fu.ioii "(tvelfili sec'ion" in one of your platforms. They 
between ihe.., and ihe Fremont aud Dayiun party. sil w that, if von could once' understand that your 

Lou. Jourjiw. . . . . ... J 

ii.   i ri,*  n brothers had another object in view front 
Jvi.ow-no- \ ourselrra; one in which you was not only not in 

No doubt they arc very indignant. 

tilings arc apt to be very indignant when any of 1 viied to share, but which was diroctlv opposite to 

all this indigna- your ..••crests, you would repudiate the party, 
am anil Sambo ’ 8 '* ie cripple, if not destroy it altogether, in 

against the national 

j ord  r to blind vou. aud make you believe all was 


good as thefr bonds, were no sooner touched by ; ^ •»© mtutwo j*ut one crod.lable achievement o: ,,* Fillmore geta thirty thousand votes in Ohio, Bu- , bii , lickcr an d has acquired Lis tremendous pow 

the poisoned wand of kuow-uothingrim than they ptuym «!.*,,•« tkn ...,„n wlH certainly c.rry the Sfate. r. r,.-j j C ci ation bv I const-, m practice 

vtewl If any one feel, htmself a ole to pom, to a I van5a ig , hcn ub bv both nigger kisser and Pope I ^ of opc ' ra dencer# . 

adopted n »ystcmaiic course of deception. Thev 

not only did this a- a sworn duty, but th ■? s  erned ; 

laudable achievttneut, or attempt, of this 

vania is given up by but i nigger kisser and Pope 
fearer, lll.ncis will give et c of her old fashioned i 

in cuu 

tj take great delight n 

Mstn pledged their! ° u Jt b 

i , . . i columns tn wh, cn to make it public. 

honor as gentlemen, as i hrisUans uav, as intnis- 

tern of the gospfl that they were not members of 
tho vile order; when mbscq icnt events ltav • prov- 
ed that they were in -tubers at the very : m t' *y 
peril* d their souls ami forxYi c l their honor to J- 
eetve their l*cst triends. 1 his seems almost in- 
credible, and no doubt will be regarded as imrsti 
and unjustifiable language. B it before we arc ar- 

Fuurth street mav show m ire and a greater va- 

e party, he shall h«ve the free use of our j rousing democratic majorities. Kentucky is bound j ^ of bea|( y but _ we , h-nk heaven-our Ken 

Asother Accessio.. — T he Ashland Kentuck 
! ian. hcrotolore a nett'ral paper, has 
| Buchanan ani B .ckinrulge. I[ 

; tuieiited editor, in announcing this change in the. 
I i ne of hi* p-p r, maims the foli  -.v .ig pauiotic ro 
1 m ink. st 

But a crisis ir at h 

i to go dc mocrntic. Ail the signs, grips, passwords. 
| i nJ oaths ever invented by Ned Buntline can’t 
prevent it. The knowing troos j fellows have given 

fileace that Fulma'c vv, 11 carry lha S ite; but it is 
all pretense. They wont bet; which is a sure 
| sign that they don’t believe. They have betting 

, . . _ , . | men lu their party. 

. i.ij . , ; — - - -- .—ni, in national affairs winch dc- . 

l aigncd, tileu, and conueinncd for using it, let ou • i mania the oicrgie* of every true and patriotic citizen, not noo.y last— -in 

accuser ask himself this question; 

tuckv ladies arc not so lond of making “a show. 

\\ here Bloomer costumes, speech making, and 

CAm , out for r ’ ” - “ j circus-riding are considered a sine qua non of le- 

K F ••."  :. it up long since. They pretend to have great con- , nalo lovclil e , B . wc yield the palm ,o OHio. Where 

‘•baby shows” pi ice women on a leviAwitli urooo 
mares, wo trust there will be ncflKentillky compe 
tiiion. But when women ar| judged ly theu - in 
telligcnce, modest beauty, and unconstiousjj|veli- 
! ness, Kentucky ladies can beat the world. vVeT' 
bet a hat on that. _ _ 4 1 

Those fellows w ho bled so 
the belief that Moreliead’s j 

Is it trucl’ | alone iu the behalf of party or parti -tau preference, but mojority would reach five thousand--are still here; 
Ijr the gooiof hisenuatry an! ius icu'e con-itr/, audiliove , , , 

Ir ts TRUE, and there ,s not a man wbo will read j "' ** * Uo druw ,heir ^booU iu defence of 

this article but must acknowledge lo himself a’ , oar happy aad bnlovqi lauJ. And as a cvloi survey of 1 Bob Letcher when he run against {Major Breckin- ^ST’.Hanccck, uWpii, Kinney, and a score o 

least, its justness. The man whose sensibilities thftAnnmore°(i^ ridge, are still of the earth eaithy, and if they I other intense American sap heads, are still inflict- 

are shocked by a sin: pi-; reia ion of facts docs not } tained much respect) is nowhere m the race lor the Pres- , could *• c a ghost of a chance for ■•getting even,” mg their si vcrc denunciations of the democratic 

like they paity and it9 distinguished nominees upon jgpa- 

.sceui*' and sif. , lhai Union Degree was manu r 'ac- 

I he editor of the Journal knows this , tur»d and in'roduccd amongst vou. You were 
fact very well, but lie endeavors to liiJe ii from iris assur* d that H was r ’in niMr-red to all the rnem- 
rcaders by this round about way of denying it. jOCS ol the orderin the Lniled States. Vou were 

_ 3 deceived. It was npver heard of at the North. I 

JtSySee article fi.un the Courier which J have conversed with hundreds of Indiana ard Ili- 
we pulli.h on our CtM page. j inots. men who l ave joint the order, and we 

have the first man to meet who ever heard of such 

A clergyman who dabbles in pul tics, manifestly i a degree. One gentleman told me lie look a Ken- 
goea out of iiis own line. If l.e does il, however, ! '»ck* know-nothing paper last year, and it was a 
merely as a(r»' other man, expressing his opinions riddle he ^could not unravel— the Union Degree 

frodPlhe rostrum, the slump, or through the col 
uuins of a political paper, he lays no claim to any 
particular attention, and is. therefore, guilty of no 

il spoke of. 

The only issue io the North is between the dem- 
ocrat! • and Mack npubticun par'ies. The elec- 

But the case is different d° n °f *' jr - Fremot.t is what we are opposing; be- 

■vhen he covers his /(/^opinion with the mantle ol l ’ ;,use in «oe event of Iris election we all forsee the 

stand sufficiently high upon ti; 
miration, to make his good 
requisite to our happiness. 

he scale of our ad- idctK -''  bu 5 tbe li ” f , « t f ecn £J “ tl “ ul ‘ n . tt,lJ thev would be ••lamming up the rocks” like 

! moat, we have determined, m the sentiment of an Ulus ; . „ . 

opinion ol us at all ; trioui patriot, now no more, that, “sink or swim, live or “*didn I cate. ' Lu' you can l squeeze a doll 

T lie know-nothing 


ir out 

that Fillmore will carry Kcri- 
Tne editor of the Louisville Journal, who 

Jie, survive or peridi” we in our editorial as well as pri ' 0 f |J u . m cn a be 
. . ; rate capacity, will devote ottr best effjrts to what we be- 

party will aive to s;n  yet deeper in degru tarioti I iieve to l*e the true interests of our country, and this first lucky 
and crime , will Late lu echit v e a still low ir rnaik s'ronge.-t, by a Ivocaruc the claim* ot those tit u- has got as much sense as all the rest of his party 
upnu the scule ot meanness before it can engraft uiril ;c. in Kentucky, clearly forsees a defeat in November, 

upon its principles and enjoin upon its members We hail the Kentuckian as a valuable ally in the »’ now preparing a place lo fall on. lie has 

made most ample arrangements to have his party 
defeated by “imported votes.” The men who are 
to do it are arriving daily, “with axes urid black 
carpet bags.” 

We see r.o State fur Fillmore. It is barely pos- 
sible that he mttv gel the future state, and we ad- 
mil that he is going at a fast gait towards the state 
of oblivion. Hurrah fur Buck and BreeU 

acts which wc shall fear to publish 
then, that tbs know nothing par 
avsteaz of lying and deception absolutely disgrace- 
ful' to a party and to individuals vVe further say 
that this system of lying net only incorpor- 
ated into the principles si that parly, but it was 
ulso among lha a worn duties t.f its members 
As a matter of course, th.s peculiar feature of 
the “great American party” could be productive 
of but etc ri suit It destroyed the confidence 
which should — and previous to. the advent of 
know-iiotluDgism did — .xlst L -tweeu man and 
man. I. created dlatrutt an.l exoito 1 su*p’ciuti bv 
tween neighborhoods, families, and friends. It 
cheapened a man’s word, and, in a measure, broke 
down tile wall wbieh existed between gentlemen 

e say, ! cause of the constitution and the Union. Wesin- 
ugurated a eeri ly trust that the democracy of that district will 
sustain the editor in his course. 

Brother French, we now extend to you the right- 
nand of fellowship, but if you tell any more such 
confounded yarns about us as that iu your last 
paper, we will wallop you in just two minutes by 
the best "sag n ciu" watch in Kentucky Ahem- 

and blackguard-;. Tin; 

one of tho 


fruits of bogus Americanism, which is seen and 

lieut an ! long-suffering people: 

“The little sea birds, blinded by the storm?. 

On some tnll Itght liou e dash their little forms; 
And the rude granite scatters, lor their pains, 
The small deposites that were meant lor brains; 
Yet the proud fabric, iu the morning sun, 

Stands all unconscious ofthe mischief done, 

Still the rod beacon pours its evening rays 
For the lost traveler with us bright a blaz-e ; 

Nay, shines all radiance o’er the scattered fleet 
Of gulls and boobies biaiuless at its feet.” 

j The truth i?, that every democratic paper in the cou n- 

The French have brought ' try cii “ roeJ Mai,,# ,W Eucl “ W uft . the - la,e c - e “ lij ‘ 

A Great IsvENrto.v 
oat a new stylo of petticoat, which promises to do 
away with hoops entirely. It is called ‘‘The 'Tu- 
bular Expansion Skirt,” and is majc of an In- 
dia rubber tube which is coiled around an ordina- 
ry skirx A i.itle air-pipe t*r feeder, with a silver 
&top, extends up under Lie arm, convenient lo the 
lady's much. When she Wishes to go through a 

felt by every man in every community which has lt  ate r: ’ r €n ter & d iorway, till she has to do is to 
iuffered from its blighting touch . j raise the valve and let sufficient air escape to ad 

Its effects upon secret benevolent societies have i l *itt tier, then tne can blow* horse. t up to -‘ie re- 'y |-i t » ij n e. In nine cases oul 

been equally disastrous, though, of course, more j q uire d s.ze. It i§ also an exaeiienl hle-pi Osert er. , jq b ^.^ against any statement ru il 

concealed. U/htn tve say that it has destroyed 
the eurdiaiLty and brotherly feeling which previous 
to its udvent existed between members of these 
societies, we say what every Odd Fellow and Ma- 
son knows to Lo true. Before know nothingism 

nothing editor. 

Congressmen. All 
publicans of tho blaekest stripe. Anson Burlin- 

We hail this new invention with j  _v. It will piac 
husband and wife upon a more equal footing. If 
wife blows hubby up, for coming home late, he 
can retaliate by blowing up wily iu the morning, 
r f thy y goon a steamboat excursion, and the sieam- 
appearod, the members i f the ancient and honor- j blows up, he can blow up his wife and float 
able order of Masons were bound together by tits j ashore. What Is Letter than nil, they will be 

over which political difl re nee# could exercise no : e *rier on the boot legs of gentlemen who escort Ja- 

control. But kiioti uothingism contaminates eve- dies to and Irom cliuruh. it touch, v. I he tecrf. i/, vrtiich it borrowed | — — •- — 

to conceal its abhorrent principEs, has made ail so- Tight I'aFebs.— -T he Louisville Journal, of the 
ovwt soefetie* mure or L.-ks .odious O ld Keliow 31. cont one a sir  ng app il to the brethren in In- 
rfliip, which w .jpq.verfurtwo years ay,*, 1; as, under • d ; atta to support Morion, the black republican, ne- 
tl.e ; pfsc of Sam, dwindled down to a gro stealing candidate for Governor, a 

nominal -acicty. -Tree Masonry has been ro'ub; 1 ( ‘ , * r, l* * mrional d .mocrat. ii *.y 1. 
by fjum of i.s clii. fest eharm; and if it suivivcg tin- know-nothings like that! We suppose they wii 

baleful influences of will have swallow it and pronounce it very good. After what Imlf must troth ani t’other /v.iy.— Lou. Journal. 
vindicated its immortiili  ■. j they have gulphed down, we b to be excuse I 1 Peru, vou mean. Ut.e h 

uiiost VVil- 
Kentuck v 

A Srxct.MEs Toad eater. — The editor of the 
Elkton Banner, ir. the course of a slobbering article 
eulogising George D. Prentice, says: 

••IV'h-.i mother Enth receives his body, a monument 
shall be erected iu hi* memory high as mi agreeable at- 
mospheric sine wii aolILr tho uiarble-workvr to a cvnj.’ 
Prentice will gulpli down the above nausating 
doss with 6ome remaikslike the lollowirig: 

“Such cheering tokens of approbation, from 
j such a distinguished source, fall upon our Ameri- 
can heart, like the Balm of a thousand Flowers 
i upon an anti-American freckle. We thank our 
j American friend for his unexpected, nnd perhaps 
undeserved, though no less welcome tribute to our 
J feeble efforts in behalf of American principles. 
Such words of praise are grateful to us at any time, 

; but now. when Americans are trying so hard to 
rule America, they are particularly so.” 

•• And he played on a string af a f/iousand harps: 

I .'petrels ol jus men made perfect.” 

S.N - :x — The eukor of the Louisville Journal 

. « — t gt ;u secs with axes and black carpet bags.” 

More Fusion. — T he know-nothings and blacks . . n i 

14 lie calls on the democrats “living on the Burds- 

of Massachusetts have fused and nominated their [ ,., , ,. , , , , „ 

town road lo prove that he dve  r.ol see tnem. 
the candidates are black re- ; . , - . , . , , , 

I his reminds us of the oid woman »no tlieameu 

| uud some of tlicm claimed it after Minis — Dan. Tr bu ie. 

In the Age of the 8 th of March, we mile a 
calculation of the strength of lhe three parties, in 
which we pftieed Maine among the doubtful States. 
At the same time we said that the democrats had 
a much belter chance for carrying the S ate than 
| the know-nothings. At the iatc election th:re, the 
democrats polled fifty five thousand more votes 
than the know -nothings did. 

The “truth” is right the reverse of what is stated 

• f ten it is 
by a k'l i w- 

partieuUr presumption 


sacred minlstcriiil uuthoriiv, and launches hi* i d'-’mluiion of this glorious Union. Dissolution! 
harangue from the Altar or the pulpit. Such a  l'd i say! Great God! is it possible, that, when 
course is evidently a sham of the verv worst sort. ll,e permanency of our beloved Union is threatened; 
t is to hide “Snug, the joiner,” beneath the lion’s when the danger is imminent and n.-ar, that Kcn- 
ikin, without taking ill e precaution to “name h la 1 y c '' r r, ' lust t0 ,a kc her stand on the Union’s 
^ne, or let half his face be seen through the It- ! side? 1 will not believe it. 

on’s neck.” In this way, he is allowed to roar to? w *»at is dissolution— what does the word mean? 
he discomfiture of feeble folks, and women who ; ll n,MI «  1,; ath. It means the eternal death of 
tome to church , looking lor nothing of the sort. L b- rty, without the hope or resurrection— death. 
For vour clerical poliiician, “your lion,” is a without the gluiles of immortality; without a sister 
•fearful wild fowl among ladies.” The whole ! 10 " ,ourn i" r fall; none to wrap her decently in a 
thing in fact is an imposition upon a people. And ! winding sheet, and bear her tenderly to a sepul- 
were it not for the sacredness ot the place and the uhre dead. Liberty Jett to a l the horror of cor- 
day, any Nyman in the congregation would be . ru l ,l * on « a loatl.sotne tiring, with a stake through 
perfectly justifiable in rising up and answering the the body, which men shun cast out naked up 

t i .i nn llio liiohivnv nf wIipta t Yu\ nipn wh  

liscourse, just as freely as lie wuuld do il in an or- 
dinary political arena. 

Awful!— lie sal before a low table, and his pale 
fingers clutched with convulsive energy the handle 
of a knife. Mis brows were knit and his lips 
lightly compressed, while the wild, unsettled ex- 
pression ot his eye seemed to indicate the desper- 
ate purpose that was flashing through his brain. 
Suddenly lie held the keen steel to the light; he 
felt its sharp edge iynd tapering point; then with 
tattling energy lie raised the fatal knife on high 

on the highway of nations, where tho men who 
feared her living, will mock her dead, passing bv 
on ti her sole, crying; “Behold her! sine that was 
fair among the nations is fallen!” They will scoff 
at u: buried Liberty; while we, her child ren, stum- 
ble. about her ruined habitations to find dishonor- 
able graves wherein to hide our shame! 

Dissolution! How shall it be? Who shall 
bring it about? Do men dream of Lot and Abra- 
ham parting peaceful y, one going East, and tho 
other West, because their servants strive? That 
States will divide frerra Slates, and boundary lines 
• nd plunged it into the breast of a — roast goose; will bo marked by compass and chain? Let mo 
the gravy rail out in torrents, and the halflamisli- .' ou * lellow-citizens, thm will be a portentous 
ed young gentleman left behind him, as the only ( commission that shall settle that partition. Can- 
uionumeut of his prowess, a pyramid of bones. " on will be planted al the corners, and grinning 

Exchange. t-kelctons be finger posts to point the way. It 

«, ° will be no line drawn quietly and peacefully across 

Gerkit Smith os Blood. — This prominent abo- lll « bosom of our tic-public — a,o meandering stream 
litionisl and leading Republican is getting a taste 1 — ^' ll a dura and horrid chasm, Irom whose dark 
for blood. In a recent letter lie says: depths will arise the stench ot dc-composingbo- 

•As you are- aware, 1 do not a.tach that great J ) e » thrown thereby brother’s hands. On the 
importance to the approaching election which so night when the stars — the constellation of thirty- 
uiony do. I have come to despair ol the peacilul one stars — shall fall troiu her flag, the blackness 
termination of slavery. It must go out in blood, j u| ' darkness will forever settle on the liberties of 
i'he time lor abolishing it at the hallo-box has guue '-bis western world. 

by never.” Think not, oh! Kentuckians, of dissolution T 

beseech you. Rather be“it your study to avert 

Daxserous. — Thq Albany Journal says: it- Study how you have been imposed upon by 

The death of Lorenzo B. Shepard in his bath- the leaders of the American parly, and come out 

tub should be a renewed caution to abstain at 
night from the powerful stimulus of cold water up- 
on an exhausted system. More than one fatal 
result has recently followed this violation of hy- 
gienic Liv within the circle of widely-known New 
Yorkers. Mr. S. had made an exhausting politi- 

in your chivalric might for the Constitution and 
the Union jnirty Vv'. W. GRIJELLK. 




from lifo 

went into a bath, lie was found dead in it. 

. .. ‘ .’ _. ... a ghost story, and defied the world to prove ilia; j cal speech in the evening in New Jersey, reached j TU8T publish'd, containing accurate portraits fri 

game is nominated, anti is a ,m specimen ol ilie a | 1 ^ d j dn * tt Speaking of ghosts: we have no doubt | his home about one o’clock in the morning, «nd - ’I Fremont, Buchanan, Fillmore, Dayton, Breckinridgs 
entire lot. [ 

it is a significant fact, that in all these fusions of 
Sam & .Sambo, Sam always goes over to Sambo. | 

And yet southern know-nothings gravely snv that J 
Fillmore is the only man who can beat Fremont in 1 
the North. Consistent fellows! 

Bishop, ©NDERtfi KK. — A New York corm-spon- 
: dent savs: 

Tho AVii lata, on Union soy* that “one half of the 
know-norhilig? Ecefti to be as Mind ns bats.”   *lv well 
if one bnll’of ns ;;t** Mind anal the other nut. tlu-u one- 

from the task of attempting to zdix limits to Uieir guart 

But by far the most pernicious riuits of Ms J i 
bo.'ic. il fuel oil have been visited c. . r - vung 1 
ical churches. We liaz u - r.o: ... ,/ tingtlial 

the cau=c -f r. 1 .; ti !:•„* lost m re •: ti e last twu ; may he t - he tlm -e..o . — .Y»drw..-,i A 
years th in can be recovered iu tweniv. When' No: they arc the lux e and cugtit to be licked 






If hon -‘t meu arc ll.c 

YVonler if on'r swret-hesrl haul t 
alt Of the earth, pretty girls ! P"« , . v Banner. 

a eouedia-ing little 

Couldn’t say; hut that she has a very conceited 
ittie puffy is most certain. Poor girl! 

and Uonelsoii, with the platform cf their respective par 
lien, together with their letters of acceptance, and n vast 
H'Aount of stati-rieal matter, intorestirtg- to ell parties. 
This map it. beautifnllv eolered, size if by 10 inches, ex- 
1 lends throngh to the J'aeitic coast, showing the exact 
boundaries f all Si ttes and Territories, .Missouri Com- 
Anoffurt. it is supposed, will be made at the p onn-e line, Ac. it also contains a valuable Diagram, 

-howmg tho up» and downs in relative rank, as to popu- 
lation cf the levers! States of the Unionforihe last GO 
, . .year*. Politicians of *11 parties, wishing to have before 

:,;- hups, ;ib ill to meet in general convention in Itiom luaier' .l for being fully posted at a single glance, 
Philadelphia, praying that Bishop Onderdonk must po.---.ei* a copy of this lnsjo. Price in sheet form 
may bArotieved llom the sentence w l icit al pros- 25 ct-- price in pocket from 50 cents. 

,* I r.i . , - (LTCo lie* sent (post pace) on receipt of price. 1 00,- 

eiit deprives lmn if the active CXC-ICISC of Ins an- ouageaW wnuutdm sell them. Acdresa. 

I cred office. I he move will, no doubt, lead to a " A. RANNEV, Publisher, 

No. 195 Broadway, New York. 

N. B* — Editor* of papers giving the aboveone insertion 

V* r*fc, • y . _ ! shall receive a t-opv of the map. au23\vl 

L cq lette, one of i-trehioti s ooits, ben! Roxana, i i — — 

at the opening ofthe fail races on Fashion Course, , , _ . , 

verv able later of Col. \v. \Y. Gruelle, of lllin- | N. Y.,on Tuesday, doing tl.e first mil,- I LO, and j TildTo^Te low b* ag ° P 5 Carpct on haud 

j the second in 2:3. i ‘ m v3l 

that the "men with axes and carpet-bags” who j 
so haunt the conscience of Prentice, are the ghosts I 
of the Irishmen whose murder he caused on i 
••bloody Monday.” They should rest as heavily uj - 

on h;s soul, as ,he ghosts of the murdered I lama- ^ D; oc ,. sail convention, to assemble here to-morrow, 
genets di i upon the soul of Richard. [to haw a memorial address to the House of 

n have just learned the painful intejli- 
| geiice of the sudden death of Laikin Garnett, sr., 

1 at Iris residence in this county o:i yesterday. He 
was a most valued citizen, estee med in all the re- (  api r ited debate, 
lations of life, llis obituary w ill appear in our next. ' 

Ei r ’-Ye invite the attention of our readers to the j 
try able letter of Col. \Y. W. Gruelle 
ois. which wc publish in another c dual a 




OCT. 7. lCbfi. 

ttlSr 3 AFPOISTMEN 73. 

[From the Ky. Yeoman.] 


Ono of llie harmless and pet hups the most 
amusing of the queer traits of llife verv queer know- 
nothing party, it its unpretending modesty and its 
blushing demands upon the voters of oilier parties 

and other organizations. Its modesty w il com -j 0 „ 5 ( 0 [j,j n |j mat southern democrats wifi join the 
pare with nothing of which we have ever heard j,g||. norc , p .,, ,y w |, e „ t |{|t1 party in the f?of-U. does 

ing Presidential s’rugglo* In tne great .State of 
Pennsylvania, that State which nil admit is to be 
the battle-ground of the great struggle, instead of 
aiding and assisting the party you wish to join 
you have coalesced with the black lepublioau, 
and are bending every energy and using every 
exertion to defeat and destroy it. It is preposter- 


liter national Circus 


C/upp, Cheaper, Cheapest! 


:i E N A G E R I E - 

ii i i f i • i f i cjnu mnubvnu tu cicb 

! ••timbleness” of the celebrated Uriah Heap, whose \h\ oll Con^ressmeu. 

Hon. Elijah Ilise, democratic elector tor the _ , j 

State at large, will address mass meetings oi the | or read, except peii. tpa, the gtaik and^ unie, entii g , „]| jJiat iumii to elect uboluon governors and abo 

people at the following times and places, viz: 

North Middletown — Bourbon county, October 9 
Irving — Estill “ “ !i 

Somerset — Pulaski “ “ 

Motiticello — Wayne “ 

Columbia — Adair 
Glasgow — Barren " 

Franklin — Simpson 

Lotus hare Urge mass meetings to hear oar 1 never an infant. The puimg days 
able and dUtiugislied Elector, and where it is pos* | incipient manhood never dragged 
bible have barbecues, and procure the services of ; Ungtb along his cat I v years. 

, id Gopperlield; or. that other incomprchen 
! character, who once upon a time, carried 
J the Saviour of mankind to the nic 




• promised, upon certain conditions 

ountam tops. 

1 j kingdoms of this world as an iultentunco. 
the most of nncient end modern hews, 

' ■   t' i •:»• ii.f-ii.r M !,.» l.u!i»rr ,'-i 

their weary 
Ho was ushered 

, , , , , , , . into “this breathing world” a lull-grown giant, 

other speakers to address the people in be- , aijJ ^ Richa , d lh S TUir 1. with a complete * 

haif of our great cause, 
ly papers please copy. 



Will address the people at the followin 
and places. 

Is'icholasvtlle, Jessamine county 
Richmond, Madison “ 

Winchester, Clark “ 

Mt. Sterling, Montgomery “ 

West Liberty, Morgan 
Owingsvillu, Bath 
Carlisle, Nicholas 
Ct r.thiana, Harrison “ 

Georgetown, Scott “ 

Owen ton, Owen “ 

New Castle, Henry “ 

Democratic am. friend- meth. Whether he was booted anil spurred his- 
tory does not inform us. But we presume that he 
| was — for his lirst steps were like those of a behe- 
moth, and exhibited, to the full eaten 1 , that modest 
gait for which he is now so distinguished, 
times ILs first act of modest merit was the simple and 
very d. fbdent anrouncement to the world, that 
both of this glorious old parties that had so long 
divided but had built up our nation und made it 

a new party that would inaugurate a very miilen- 


L. B. Dickerson. Esq., of Scott county, will ad- 
dress his fellow-citizens of Harrison at 
Claysville, Monday, Oct. 13th, at 1 o'clock, P. m. 
Colemausvilie, Tuesday. 14th, at 1 o'clock, r. m. 
Cynthiana, Tuesday, 14th, at 7 o'clock, p m. 

Mr. Dickerson and Robt. W. Woolley, Esq.. 
w ; !l also speak at Turkey Foot, in Scott county, 
on Wednesday, October 15th. 

Overton I*. Hogan, Esq., will speak iu Cyntlii- 
ana on Thursday, 16th of October. 

11 OX. L1XX DO YD. 

1 I 


lUUi ui Jjuniy, ui |)«ucc» oi jjru .jjt;uiy umi u»ppi- 

j ness. Under this modest plea thousands and 
~ thousands of good-meaning men rallied to his sup- 
0 J. port. Whig lions and democratic Usses laid dow n 
“ in the same fold with know-nothing l imbs iu the 
i darkness of midnight, and dreamed of the coming 
I good time in the morning. They woke, and the 
dream was accomplished. Throughout the whole 
North this combination had triumphed. One by 
one. those glorious democratic leaders, that had 
stood like break- waters between northern aggros- 
sion and southern rights, were stricken down by 
1 the excessive modesty of the northern know -noth- 
j itigs and thr-ir places filled by the rankest and 
| blackest abolitionists. This being done. Congress, 
■ after a while assembles, and the world knows the 
i result. The northern brethren, instead of being 
Union -6r. vers turned put to be disunionists, and iu 
spite? of tiie protestations of the brethieu South 
tilled the Speaker's chair with a man who declared, 
1 previous to his election, that ‘■undercertain circura- 
stanc' s” lis would “let the Union slide.'' But 
this is not  fil. There was initial body a little 
squad of men who could not fraternizj with those 
of their paily North. This «qur.d numbered, at 
intervals, fiotn twenty to thirty — all told 

The veteran democrat, will speak in Cynlhiana. on 
Jqaturday, October 25th, 1C56, at 1 o’clock, r. m. 

iSrThe attention of the reading public is par- |(l|trValSi ,- 0(a tw#nly l0 t | llrty _ uli tul;1 . lllld un . 
tieularl v culled to the advertisement of our r.ei^h* j j er L j l0 euphonious title ol Sju'.Ii Americans l u y 

bor, S. Apfel, in another column. Mr. A. has 
brouglit on with u the last few days the largest aud 
most complete stock ol Fall and V\ inter C oihing. 
Hats and Cap-, Shoes and B lots ever brought to 
this mat Let, and all of the: best and choices! vjual - 
itv of goods, which 1 u is bent and determined on 
selling as low if not lower than goo Is can be oil r- 
ed for in Cincinnati, as his aim is to bung that 
nyaiket light at our doors Q tick sales and .-mall 
profits is bis oi ly motto. Eac.i and every oik 
would consult tl.cir own interest by calling at 
house before purchasing elst where if they wish to 
save Now is ;h. tint ■ to make purchase- 

The Ladies Cursiiax Anneal — M’e have 

modestly stepped forward and very blushittgly 
asked the national democrats, numbering si-vc-iily- 
four, to come to their support and elect one of 
tiieir number speaker. 'The democrats appreciat- 
ed their meekness to such an extent that they ab- 
solutely ft used to sell their seventy-four true and 
Hied \otCo lor thirty ua.iiid an I uncertain ones; 
alien. upOn tl.  y tet up a dismal howl of know- 
nolliiiig indignation till over the South, and cliurg- 
ed the democracy with being responsible for 
election of Hanks. 

A 1 this is excessively modest — very! 

iijt the crowning act of this siipicmtly nick 
and lowly nuriy n of more receui occur lence. 
citiee llie dem -eralio party have brouglit. their can- 
didates for lTtsideiil Mid V ice Pnsidt-lit in tiie 
field, they have discovered that the dcinociHcy are 
possessed of no strength in the North, and that the 

recieved the October number of this very popular ^ immaleulate Filiinoic is the only nlmi who stun 1 
magazine. It is beautifully printed, and filled ! t ie ghost ol a c i.tnoe to beat the black lepuhli- 

Every family should cans. They have discovered Hint Fillmore is i.n 

with well written articles, 
fake a copy. Terms. S I per year, or ICi- cts. a 
number. Address Janies (Jballen, 



mensely popular belli North -and South, anj that 
tin' v i ry patty which, in th. »te Cougre-r. was 61- 
nl st a laughing slock to us tvortln rn shies, is now 
the only pally dial can save the Union; an 1 they 

' These demands arc 
J cm democrats. 

u little too modest for south- 



H DMAINIXG in the Cvotl-iana Ro«t Office, Sep. 30, 

{ \ 185 » which if not 

taken out within three moutiis 

1 will bo sent u the dead letter office. 

Anderson, J. N. 


Aslibrook Bcuiaminc A. 

Atuiersou, Joel or Wm. 

Anderson, Capt Jas. E. 


Bauman, Joseph 2 

Blumeniitiel Geo. 

Beckett, Joseph 

liluir, Leo. \V. 

j Bttkcr, Amlrotv L- 

Boil, John 

Barnett, 31 ra. J. 

liioudus, 31areus 

. Bennett, ur*. L; 
1 Carroll, Jainca 


Cason, Edward D. 

Gienslmw Robl. 

Cason, Nelson 

Crow, James 


1 Daily, Martin 

Daniel, Hiram * 

Davis, Miss Sallie T. 

Do,; ton, Juim 

Day, John 6. 

De.shuiu, ltushia 

Bullish, Cdpt. Wm. 


Eg^-en, John 

L.iies, James 

Frantz, l-'rodiic 

Fresbwatler, Wnt. 

Fowler, Mist Sarah, 

roster, ituot. R. 

' Garnett, Miss M. 0. 

Garnett, A. P. 

ilufford. James H. 


Hard, Geo. M. 

Mu;no, Moss M. 

Hughe Geo. E. 

liiil, Eiisha 

Hi 1 man 6s II tuimack 

Hindo, A. 15., H. R. 

Hamilton, Alexander 

• ilolthug, Mica Doha 

Uadiov 6l Curteri 


i Jones, L. A. 

Johnson, olrs. Elizabeth 

Jau-tc-a, Rev. Edward 
Lyons, John 


Lundin, J. 

j Lewis, Mrs. Mary 

Jj ike. JoaOph 

1 Loup, Patrick 

Lee, IT: •’ Mt. 

Leu ell, Miss Sarah E. 

Leach, Hubiti 

Little, Clms. L. 4 

Lo^.11: -tl Liu^crs 

Lonj, J aiiici 

I or Me 

i McTarlan, TUos. 

McAdams, Miss Eliza 

Miller, Luzabctli 

Moore, ilios. 

Moore, N. H. 

ilouro, Titos. W. 2 

McMuitrv, .las. 

Jiaitiii, iil.E. Elizabeth 

\lotlit, La; i uolic E. 

Mooie J has. ,M. 

Miller, Hawkins 
McRherson, Chat. 

iucLeci, Geo. \t . 


Nicmcver, T. 


. O’CouucU, Hugh 
Patterson, Joseph A. 


Patterson, Mrs. faliio 

1 a! " er, Mrs. Alary 

I’enuitigtoii. Mi.-s tu* 

| Patterson, Jas. 

1 aiteiiun, ^uah L. 

1 Rosa, Ameli i 

t  aN’on. M j . S Ty 

Bavuiund, Th *s. ‘1 

Ik’tkio**, i a »■». G. 

j Kobii.b n, Mi s J. U. 

RiVetiTa-; J.-ti-i 

I i-eeJ, M.o. S a s ui 

K.t orn, .Mi. id A uandixa 

Smith, Ar dale 

.3: in-. Tho-. L. 

| Sill L I, '1 ho-. St. 

Z i.'' rs, J i ph A 

] Siuiih, Dr. 0. 

Mniib. J K. 

3;.ii, h, Tl) -s. IV. 

C rp.-o . Y r n. 

ehurp, Li. die 

t-iii:-::, JoM;ph 

i Trimnc 1. J urea 

'J I ,r. p o:., !!- v. L K. 

T; y or, D id 

Tlit-ii, p.o- . iitti-y 

-'ailiun. n: s Licsio 

Tull, rl. W. 

V'anhook. J. si. 


Viinon:--, J T. 

VYiioli, in. 

VuriM. , John 

\ t neb, 'I liOF. C. 

^ l.C , J -‘d J . 

Webb. If. L. 2 

w, D r . Wm. 

M'iL„n, G-orgoD 2 

W a r . i:l. B- f ca 

Wilson, AVilliaia 

V - ' Ii. m I t,, ora 

Ward, W. H. 

Wvitb, Ciif.'s. 

Wa-J, x*   * 1 ie 

V.’lpK, N : hail 

Wi kin-ou, 15- 

Wire, yr 9  »a**v 

W inker, C. 

Wirt'*', ^dii.uel 2 

A. '.VII.LJA USON. D. P. M. 

LUMBSt: Diix) 

B J .ILD1M Jr III A i l. — i 

'Flill ; in-w and rph-ndid cquest. i-.n estaMisbmeut will 
A Visit CYNTltlANA, TUESDAY, OCT. 7t!,,18i6. 

\\ i J ‘ l - c n ' rceeivett all eur Fall and Winter stock 
' ' r* 1 Goods. Having select ed the entire importation 

l.i pc: sou, from the large-t houses in the Ka.tei n Cities, 
wc icel Coull Ion that wo can otter gr-'Wcr induce 
meat- to :til those in want ol auv thing in .jur line, than 
I can nts I. ad eDewiicre. Wc are determined to sell as 
... .1 aoPRU.T.'R. low a; any cash, or crcd.t house la this vicinity. 

Au early -a.l is respectfully solicited. 

sept 30 ' MOORE i cas j '. 

T.'.o company will eater the town til 10- o’clock, a. m . 
!«•! ly a magniflcctit SWAN CHARIOT containing Ider- ' 
:y Gaul’; vrurld-rccGur.ed Bugle Baird, and will pass 
through the principal streets in 

GUAND phocussiun. 

The proprietor: offer tHs entci tail. meet ’o the public [ 
tv.tU police, c . !i Icact in ,t- excelic :c and it; superior 
ity over any sin: i.u- t -i.ili'.i.i-n iu lint United bt -tes. Ail 
ti.a a; poinimcuis arc entirely now, umi have been fur- j 
nislic.t by the most .-ktlliul utti-tr in the cir.utrv, and if.,- ; 
proprietors, while they arc coctiJeat that the:: show pre 
tents a more 

than lias ever been wittic; ed, they assure the public that 
the Kttriea. cd exctUena ul the v,,ii U us ]ieribrmiis w,.o ■ 
1 compose tiro troupe v. iil rciidi r the interior of their 

mare attractive still; a last which cannot b* disputed 
when they mention u few of the names of the leading per- 
I formers, among which are oldie MARIANNA, Mrs. 

Mrs. WILLIAM It. DEIill, u galaxy of female equestri- 


B RaCML^caU*, 

VTj ol i,. 

du comforts; 

Bor.act Ribbon; 

M . I£- •. t Rrcrs?!!; 


Press Trimmiaga, iht large 
thist j’.vn; u:ii J ry Go  'li of eve 
Jioot- and Shoe?; 
ecus ware; 
ills mid & c. 

In ;;rcat v.^rieu, and as not lo^cr than cao be 

obiaiwcd either for Cu*'h or Credit. 

To sn^sfy the public, please mil rit 

t3u ' MOORE * CU30.V. 

■t. ?k ever brought to ; 

nr*. ajz *s±' rx mizrwc 

*» J -AUGE and rich assortment of 



and Winter 



I ) 1 ING -jp-um-ea ti change my bunnesa, I now offrf 

LJ ii- y entire new mid n.ll selvcied ittock of Good* *t 


T,,r ea-li only My stock !. an just received large ad 

i -.i ■ s, ciiiaisU "( the choice .1 goods lii matket, •ml 
C nupi ues it) part — 

Lvm-ci ii'Si Liquors, W ines, Oils» t I’atnts, 
i'lMliciiii'S Hard avnrc. 4 u*lrrv, I’Ot 
.tletal,  iu«eiisware. oiaas- 
ivati', Muiieavaii , Wood- 
iiiuaio, Hi ii ware, 

And a gouil aisortment of 

h'wvr befn-c perhaps hu: there been offered a *tock of 


llnln eiy Anv and Well Selected- at Coo*. 

' t„ engage in a Iras),- cii'ifely different frn 
inV present, 1 t.-lce this melli-'i of nccomplishing tu‘y ob- 
ject, without n-fereuce to a . T'.i.illg but time. 

l!ie Attention of Lonntrf llerehnwts 

And persons who ueually purchase their Good* at Ci»- 

JLI _ : in,. : - ,:i hand. Being agents. for the i.irgc-t Mil- cinnati is particularly culled to this assortment. Hrre 
liueiy e , ol : huiciit ii Ciuciuiniti, we ale able to seli 'h-y can lay i“ their supplies at thro lowest Cincinnati 

Iiouiiei- almost -t Ciiieinn.iti prices. Bonnets made to 
•-.dc-rot uuv description, ul the shortest notic. 

Air. V, ALT LR B. AY91AR, the p;rc:it hare-backed 


eirertrian Uoseitis, 
young Lion from 


Cloak'd. Cloaks. 

! tne L r J .VYING made arrangement with oue of the inu.-t ox- 
- ’-9- ■* :■ Ct - ik r : V; hment in Cincinunti. We will 

Loudon, Mu ter .10 HE DERI! 
unsurpassed juvenile lior-:ciuan, ilaster EUGENE 4" 

-'A NDO, tne peilecti jii ol o .ur.-ti :.,n gi^c--. Air. LEW ■ about tho 10th of October, have a Urge assortment 
IS MOOR, an •: ;n- and gyiur./.a ot am-iyai-d merit I upon hand. TU . jpi vihr a.Jvauwge of being ng-nts will 

l r- llAllhl l'I Vlit.IS. '-.t, osc lbithtc a: v the won- en ihle us to sell r.t f’inriunati prices. 

• of tr: v.'-.r. !, Air. JOHN J t I LER, « l,o: ■ i it:: :e 1 Clonks made to order on short notice. 

•,t:-- ;r!i astolL lies every beholder, -Mr. SAMUEL' 

JACKSON, not-.-. I A- the most sktlfull tumbler in tin- 



To giv 
vices of 

ita'.cs, ilr. LILAS BALDWIN, tho g. eat Fre- . 
lore, Lc , a o. 

: piquancy and spice to the performances, the ;e r- 

mm iiUii s,iii\.iii¥ 

i d— Mr. AVLLLIA-I AYMAR, whose , 

have been eu 

talents as a clown a e v/iihout a rival — Mont 
CANE, the French Tuck Cunnque — and Mr. GEORGE 
ilN'A.T’, the eloquent orator avlcnrc dispelling wit. 

Tie r.hov'eTi-t, Which comp Hits but a small proportion 
of the taiciit which is iitelii-icd in t!.:s GREAT COMPA- 
NY. will ce .tain ’ v !-o iilic. cut t - convince n discrimina- 
ting pubic ti nt all the Equestrian, Acrobatic, and Gym- 
na.iic Feats advertised on the Fills will be executed in a 
sty.e to command the admiration of every audience. 

Each performance will commerce with a 

Knipits and Dames of tic Court qf Seville! 

Doors open at 1 y. and 7L  o’clock. 

Gjf Admission bu certs. Children atid Qcrvacts h.ill 



e. a. os;:ti5 

fJAUE Fall .‘iet.-inu ot’thi.s school will commuei' on Moll- 
day, September 1 st, l$. r  i . 

It i- very important that pupils enter at. or as near tho 
be'/inning of the so, don a- passible; but thev will be a 1- 

pl ires, saving time aud i xpenso?. 


3 cb rare iu duo-mCnU are not -dfered but onc« in a can- 

■-nr) Call only at S. APFEL'4 STORE. 

bi'li h o'd stand, betiteou Marlin & Webster. 

tnurl ly — niy3l 

Subscribe when you have an Uj’portumty / ,' 

Cyclopaedia of Modern Travel; 


.U(i erttur t, I'c pi oration, a ml Oiscovcrfr during the last fiflg 
^ cars . 1 col. royal fir o, ‘J $0 pj . 

N'-utly bound leat! cr, *rinbollisliCd with fire 
ii:i 9 portrait? "U steel, l y l'uttn.* 
f'.uty v\ood by Oir 

maps by ScUonberg. 

Sold lt  ^ubsiribcrH only. Price, VI. OO* 
Thii wo; c out  t ius the cream of over fifty separate nar- 
i tt » t oj 1 travel of tho* e who may be stylcl the rrpnsrn- 
C’itic travelers of the la t hall century, in the remote and 

ia -1 iliustratdtt by orer 
a;ui thirteea authentic 

f ?hc wnrM. Their works are cem- 


ii !■; a e R 


□ APS£ 3 B X B 

pH3 uad-r signed is ope i ng themostconirleteand bett 
i selected assortment of 

G L 0 T IT TNG. 

until tiie close of the .'os? iou, anl no deduction will be, 
made for absence, uuler-s by special contract, nr protract* ' 
cd personal illness. 

Pupils can be ac-otnmodated with boarding in the f»mily ‘ 
| of the PiittiMpfll, or in LTOod families where they will re- | 
, eeivo the r -..:ne attention aud c ue. as under their parental 
' roof*. The iVitsud* of the school are solicited to con* 
tinue their efforts to pronj i»* it? interest. augl6tf 

r.fflffl SiiTsiiili" 

f 'TE undcri ^LC l, having rented the large and con- 
! ■** venient School Tloom, formerly, occupied by Mr. 

| Crutchfield* and feeling gr teful l' i the liberal patrou* 

| age fiven-him heretof.-i-e.. would respectfully announce i 
• to his friends and the j* ’hlic generally, that ),is next ses 
! 3.oo will commence o: Monday, isiof September. 

The cour e e of i i?truc:ion will be thorough a 1 exten- . 
rvc. and the discipline, uch as will com; ote favorably 
| with any well repainted rcbool. JIky.. ^ bed several ! 
j yoara experience »t 5 a public in: tractor, and believing the ! 
' old a hr'-e — that ‘‘There it ro excellence wirhout jrreat la- 1 

prised in about HO vols., and are published in *even}l dit- 
K-reut iauv iuyes. and probably could not be purchaced 
to: 150 ; indeed many of them are out of print, and not 

to be had. The following are some pf the narrative^, and 
will^nc an idea of the contents ol the w ork. 

Lite and Travel* of Alexander von Humbult. 

Mongo Fui k * 3 Traie 1 * in Westeru Africa. 

1-ewis and Clark's .louniey to the Pacific Ocean. 

I’urcl.hardt's Travel* in Syria, A Inca and Arabia. 

J'jurnei to Mecca and Lediuo. 

Lelaoma Exploration* in Kgyi f. 

CVillisu !*«• doRrne;. to tlte Lihvau Oases, Kthh j»bia 
and Seiinanr. 

f ranklin s Overland danmey to tho lVdar Soa. 

Meyeudroff ’s Journey, to Hokhatit. 

Timh .• v -hi'* Journey from Siberia to Pekin. 

ranhs l'c. iestriau Journey through Siberia. 

Ox i o '.vuiu ' b C aj «t i v i t y in J a |Tt* n . 

Delia.'Ctiria s .Secret Mitsion among the Bedouins 

I  cnka»ftaudC!appeitoii'a Kxpeditiou to Central Africa. 

Explorations of the Niger. 

Discoverie* of Richard aud John l afidor. Laird and 

t** r- r? ^ 

A U x » x \ 

... ^ 

aw i - ■ Lr 


cz: s. 

OldScM, 4o. 

j ba:-,” t-j be strictly tn:«. will t .-ro'ore, wpect-eacb tmd , Alao, Muffu'e Life in Southern Africa, Sturt's Erplo 
cvcrr sc'.iolur to come with tie t'vJi Jctcrmi nation to r.tmly , ration in Australia; Ba.-k'a Arctic Land LKpadnioti 5 
d;l J-'t'.y, an*! •' cr- v ciu*o tv- •las'- • •• car to be one Wcllrte-i'a Travel's in Oman ( \rabi*); Kapiuratieti* ot' 
of::. 1:1 u e ; ! o ’.t T ■ u*. le r- ,, e: 'Ll require 1 tiie M’liitc Nile; il-r. Harn-i-uV Mia.-i-iuto .she*. Wood'* 

■ f c tobir', but t' i- vennin'  . .1 con- • Jourucv to tfie Oxv.; Parkyni’ Lite in Abvseink; Frv. 

cxj.eet every :e tj bt r.out’s Fv; iora-i -u. t-l* tit* Kn Vy Mountain! and Call* 

fuUi.led. I fomia; Hue’s i'raieli :a Turta-y, Tljbet, amt t’Uina( 

•iK-:. -v i ■ !:- -u-nt 

\ r - ' O T TYVTTO [Tneueetiient of the session, so as t : -itli the • Exy-V-ratioDS iu Au.tsalia; LjuctJ* r.t;.b ratiou of tha 

I 7 nH J fa, vN I arrauccuient of classes. Terms M customarv; Ueduetioi Bead S- I 1 Ninen-h and Ra&fi 

J L o - .... , - .... -r ...... ...- ta- 1 . 1. .11 1 .1 - n-.flfl 

L».l A , 

Trunks, Travel; r, 

1 allowed cu 

u Umbroilas, Table ^ P;eke* ! rci t2tf 

for protracted si :kr.c* s .3- 

•ime-bonored d^molracy; to ab u.doti James finch- « 

anan with liis milliJis oi fri uJs in llie North, and ! r 

fllJIL uad^raFimed is prepared to mar.a*?.ctnr»j and fur 

rally to the support of th«:r pet. who can scarcity * nish w ’ .her, ou tie shorte t notice, all " ' 
command a coipoiit! s yu.tiil ol i,iitn«nal men, rbij ; lading Materials, such as Sa»U, Doors 
j whose non. ir, l,.t l’ltsidir.t lias boon ropudni . Frames. Cu-.ings, Flooring. Weatl'Ciboardiitg, Rough 


fo i-^  swu mi - - 

1 kinds of 1 Q K [ \ 

, Klitids, j i-0 l) 'J * 
g. Rough ' 

Wonnaa&liip warrautcJ ia all , _ „ 


Covington, Ivv. 

TUX Our citizens need not be to!,l that Brigham 
lias arrived. His room lias boon du:!y crowded, 
and all seemed more than satisfied with his truly 
artistic and lilt-like anibrotypcs. An examinaiion 

of the ambrolypes taken by Mr. Brigham will con- 1 u-d l at leas; ono hutt ot bis own parljyu all the 1 and Frame Lumber, ct 

vince any one that he is a perfect master of ! Norlitm Stales. leases. . , _ . „ 

J 1 « 1 , , , Orders from a ib-tarp^. or left wit 1 JOHN 0 DAY, 

of his art. Among others, wc notice some excellent I be proposition 1 - so supremely ridiculous that 1 i.--., 0J - Cmthiai-.a, wiiiK-ccive prompt :u tart ion. 
ambrotypes of our own”citizens which in beauty of : tioDody but a natural k n. could luive over con j D. R. WILLIAM?, 

, ■ , j . 1 r • 1 iceivcd it, and nobod v but u very silly democr.ii ' 

finibh and truiblulncss of expression wo have never , . , . , 

1 would listen to tt lor a moment. But these k n. s DI.SsOI IL i'iO  

seen excelled. A rare opportunity is now afford- j Wl ,h teriousnoss, a- if they n-ally believe they^n qnilE partn.rabi,, Ler.-tofo.-e • 

cd every one to procure likenesses of themselves j gull honest Dtmocra’s. toll us thut loiva, Verufti -“- d-raurn ,1. end -r the c »u- 

and ftio-nds and all should avail themselves ot it. : and Maine have-, in their recent oh ciiutis, proved Cj , i;i thu Clo-.liing business, i 

«. ! :o the wot hi that Buchanan lias no strengh in the 

North, and that those States are certain lor Fre- 
mont. Yet these gentlemen forget to toll us that 
those *1 cel amt also prove Fiat Mr, FiHinnr'e 
strength is s i! less than Mr. Buc/u nan's! The 
same figures that prove that the democratic party 
w eak in those Stales, prove that the Fillmore party 
is still weaker. In those Slates the democracy 
have showed their hands and counted their mini - 1 

CuRer/, " 4 - -tag ami Ecu', an. cal Tools, Kitchen Ware j 
aud Fancy Nutious. 

Tobacco. Cignrs, Green and 
T -tloi iii ’ll -S'. i$ ’ tn:h 

ami eve; description of Domr.-tic a a -3 imported 


Hav'inj- pccu'Ja: n-lvnntagts nsw-ell nr - long experience 
in the lot i-iCit, I ch vlloigc compotmou to .-ill the same 
quality of g   1 - a; 1 -iw, a- I am determined to sell. 

Particular attention will ho paid to ("lothing, Hots. 
Root, uuil Sliues; all I ask l-- a cn’l before pttrohaiing 
olrc vhcro. ■ AirFo^, C . .1 r t •. r s old . : • ii , 

sop 9. between Martin and Webster. 



Black j T  UALLRA 1 Jewelry, Watcbe*, and Fancy G 00 L- 
iriner.itly — lvivoiust opened tl.oir e.tiMtslimeul " it'u 

1 ; Travel, of Ida 1’teili'cr- Journeys Round tie Worldf 
' , -tiotiiot the- Amor -n Kir er— Journey of I. urn ten . 

t ' ribbon. Journey of Limit. Hcrndoti-, Iticliar-n-on's 
vr.I’:, ia t!:-- S. Lira; Richurdsou and Earth's Exj-tili- 

nor to 
L\ ylc rati 

. ... y . ■ * - -Rep irt of Bayard T-'.rlor. 

N-  walk is pi hitblr ever In «-J publif! ed more U'eful 

j f.'o-'tia! Airi'-i ; Bu-.t n • 1’ilgrimage to Moccm 
■ tti 11 ct Loo ftboo. From Coinmodu)* Forrv’s Ju- 

ft large a-sortment of iirtieles which they offer for ra'-e on j 
reasonable terms. They have procure.! the services of' 

t v  experienced workmen, and -ire proparo.i to ilo re- j better .- iuj-te-l to in'erest, iu.-tru l «n-t fa emi-ate «U. 

pairing and other work in their line with neatness and 



They sciictt a hi e ct the 

patronage of the 
Rent 23 tf ! 

fjpIIE fa'.-een'oer takes this method of infv.T.J-g the 

Ims 16 -fitted and re-thmi'hcd the large und coinmodi 
cTis bote, aitildii’g 1 , oppofire the conn-house, iu Cyutl-i- 
uuv, and that it i.« now ready for the recepti n of p*nest« ; 1 vet 
! I.o Harri 1 H-'tol, will bo conducted ufter the lo-ft op I war 
proved m . -.ccrof first class houses. Tho furuiiu e j • rb 
is cutireiy r.eiv, The table will be furaisbe l with ti-e 
best the raarkot aff.r-is, and efficient Red polite sc: vanu 
vi *way; be ia re.vJ'no.'s to attend to tho comforts ol 
the guest. A share of public p-ilranagc is rt»pccfully so- 
licited. sopStf GEORGE LEMMON. 

Paris Flag copy, and charge Ago. 

-■i r  vdrrs than this Uvl-'e -nd beautiful v-alumr 
: : • ; by the : : ei t   r p' ismg and popular ot our 

A' w..) t It *hou: 1 L  - * ue-t by every family 

iv. -1 ' e ; -u4-i . every i.h • y. l'i.e publisher* esmre the 
bl. iLat t- • -t t *111 bf »:li null throngh ceuv arsing 


Xj'th* ■ ■viijiUTbP rrJ.rffiV.y • a 1. or Ee had « { 

pubU^aw^commutr^^cccrally^hfe^^ • Ki : iv atutrriof 

o H in' 4 j j'V 1 ^ i.j-v, cloth i 1 Ri’i.ouard'f Ui*toryi 

HA?. HI 3 3?r HOTEL. 

fu'.-senher takes tbii method of inf-v-ati 



'• i- '■ 


Circus. — The ‘ ground and lofty tumblers” 
have arrived; the animals are now b- dug btirred 
up, and the grand petformance will commence at- 
tar dinner and be repeated after supper. Go in 
lemons and be squeezed. 

An Eloquent Thiccte. — T he following tribute 
from a neutral paper, the New York S-in. is veil 
deserved and truthful. We commend it specially 
to the attention of the young men: 

“The present position of the democratic party 
is truly a proud one. Whatever of moral power 
lias marked its past history and bnliant triumphs, 
it has been reserved for tile present period t - in- 
vest its sublime principles with every combination 
of beauty and excellence. Hitherto oppose d by a 
powerful and natural antagonism imbodying an 
. elevated and dignified hostility, well organized 

existing between the un- I 
p ii-i style of D llin op \ 
dis-f,iv,-il bv ttniu-a con- 



Those, indebted to tho late firm by id'.i; or uccouut, art 
requ Med to call and settle immediately. I 

The business will be continued at the same stapd by: 
an .3 Hill C. T. k-LUJNG. i 

V N V 




By 0. r I 

bo -r: 

Ladles’ liottlccs, 

bers, and though iu a minoiity, they are still preu 

F.VIR3 fin*: Kid B joteed, assurud froiu 

CM to 7 

7.1 do 

Morocco  io # 


•zjd to 9 

2.1 do 

L istio^ Gaiters, 


2 " tu 7 

30 do lio  lrC , 


4 to !); 

61 do 

Calf do. 


2 !«J t-  », 

tiiat they oppose a lurmiilable array iigaitisl the Alsot large as-vorimeiitof Mivs'-e’ and Cbildriins' Mo- 
black hosts that tliteaten to sween, with the besom roeco. Calf and E o Sh-s-s on i and 

... . . . . . r . I .ii J I C .. .. I 

of destruction, the vested rights of the South from 
the statute book ot the Union. T here are no cra- 
veils among our northern friends like those wlioi 
i are the friends of tiie picuiiar “American” party.! 1 
1’hey do not skulk, and dodge and fuse with tins, j 

All of good quality and for -le low by 
nival C A " FB: 



AM now receiving, and will o-Dtinae to receive dur- 
ing the season, n large aud well selected .- tuck of lull j 
i„-.i , I • , - .. . , ,, I aud winter good?; comprising ia gait of every article of 

| or that, or the other ism, but they stand up Ilk, | fslMy p ; c Dly Goods, c a thy brauri.t to tbit 1 

market, all of which I will sell on very reitoualdo tertas, 



Ctfri ‘ hiatia , 

I am in the receipt of the 







; '1MIIS -etaVi- 1 tr: Laib-cn removed t-' the old stand 

l funiit-ily O'-i-nr-it’d by Mr A. New!:. iff, r.ppofUi* tla 
! C’ot’.rtnonsc, vvln.-ro tin- proprict-rs v* i-nw o.Mtiing onnol 
‘he b i ' : m  «r ivtmlfut and devidodiy om ! :’u-- i.vges: 
i stocks ul’ intiiuly r.-.-w 

y o.i i? maclo Ch 

^oth /*» r tr ev mrl boj * ever bron^Ut to Uarri;^n court «r 
; U'c 1 ifrii'l to K'.**p«»nr k nu njie'tt &' ail iniios, 
are Uttfermiued to sell at 

Tha Vcrj l.oircst PiSrr^. 

And if you i  i.-h to ratisfr vn i : t f of tha f;: -'.please 
X i'.Dine nur g-vg.l  W-witl !ai • picasu.-o in 

call and 

-hi'Wina; thou at all that*.*, dav or nigh'. -ve...-t!i_-r yon 
Slircii&v, f.f n.-.t tVc intend Cl -1 si luvae -,1 iy e::d sn'jirn- 
ly with all. as :ve intend to make it our p.-.-ioanunt busi- 
ness. • mariifilv 

men and heroes in the front of the battle, and tell 
us ot the South, though they fall, it is for us and 
and led by exalted talent and patriotism, it is now : our rights that they mount the broadband become- 
virtually, even by this old enemy, recognized as a sacrifice. Over fotty thousand democrats iu the 
the party of the country, against which they can jc-tate of Maine have sealed their devotion to tin- 

no longer wage conscit-n ious warfare. There is 
no longer a Whig party ! This is, indeed, 
a tribute to the Democratic party, which the most 
enthusiastic ot its disciples could uever have an- 
ticipated. It is, in truth, a wonderful admission 
of the purity of ils creed and the blessings of its 
tendencies oy that powerful party w hich .ong com- 
batted bo.h its men and measures.” 

j State of Maine 

I L’i, ion and the rights of the South, and more than 
that number fell in the same cause in Vermont and 
Iow a. But tell, oh modest k. n. ('. ) where were 
the “Americans” iu those States? 
There, un the record, stands the evidence that the | 
Democracy show to their brethren ail over the I 
Union, their faith and their determination, bu. 
nowhere can we see any evidence of the slight- 
est particle of the slightest strength which the 
'southern k. n.'s now tell u-i belongs to Mr. Fill- 
up in the 

to which 1 invite the attcat.uii of the nbi : 
sept2 J- AV. McIXTOSH. 


'il of J N Peas- 
oil, aiid engaged 

tba service-: -if thr- e , xceilenl wo.kiceii, is { ro(-aied to 

turnoff work a: ihesbencst notice- 

Y*. P. IIUFFit A v. 
Pike street , C vntlilann. au2.i G,n 

r JA'lE und-TS'gncd having j ist n-c- i'-ecl 
l«v, his tall report, fri-u) Gvu ii C he. 


Illinois all Right. — A friend of ours lately had 
an interview with several distinguished democrats more. Their strength may be summed 
of Illinois, and was assured by them that the State i following figures: 
was just as certain for Buchanan as South Coroli 
na or Virginia. The tour, of Senator Douglas 
throughout llie Stale was a great popular ovation, 
the people by thousand, flocking to pay the tribute 
of respect and honor to that distinguished stac-s- 
man. — Cin. Enquirer. 


0 OUU 

and might add naughts until a page were tilled 
] with them — all going to prove the mighty strength 
jot that party in the North, and whico. when sum- 

■* ; me-d U p, j n i e;jS than all the nothings that eves- m- 

An Ounce of Prevestivb is Worth a Pound I terc-d into the milky and water brain of the veriest 
of Cure. — II ow many thousand individuals liav know-nothing in the land. 

ing hereditary predisposition to organic disease of Lilt seriously, is it not the “very funds' arch 
a distructive character, might be saved by the time- mock’’ that these modest k. n.’s si) mi l ask Demo- 
ly use of that wonderful restorative, known ns , crats to abandon llu-ir organ iz uion in t he South 
Hurley's Sarsaparilla. Il acts more efiiclFn ly ia because it is v eak in the North, when their own 


nAR Acres of LatiT a'.J mite, from Cynthiana. fire 
j&yj & Bein ; lesirous to move to ilttiouri, I of- 
1 cr my farm for sale, couu.niug 

“02 AntE'i »5 CV   »5  la .-1ND 
! In a high state of cultivation; a da-cliiug bouse aud other j 
! imptovemcou necessary, it lies at ti e iunctioo of the 
Paris and Cynthiana road, leading to Willuunston n I o j 
further information call on the undersigned on the prcinr 
isc. jcgl lm J. V. BASF.TT. 


f ^XCKLLENT asiior^ioent-F c»f FotiUcap Rnd L-tter Pa- 
I a pers, bj the r**a n or quire : Notc*dhcets, V'ieuing 
Curi!'.- all styles Knvelops. Pens, &c. 

Laiiitu*, riall and examine tue otoci. of * 
mai 10 ly S. F. JANUARY. 

T) R Y G 0 0 D S . 




Lad Dies* Sdks, from 75 c. to - 4 per yard. 
Figured cni Plain French and Ur.g- 
lisb Cas-'imeres. 

FRENCH WORK. &c , -ir. 

French Cl  t! s and Cas-imen-s in Co 

FlanBcls, Gloves, aud Hosiery. 


FOOTS A :i  au 

3SIEC .-^-Ubscss tx. roc .rm 


TISniNG T \CKLE, il c. 

Ever opened in this maikct to w 
ly invito the atten’ion of me customers 
; public at large, who w isli t- purefir-.-e b 
jcles st fair prices. S. I'.. BROAD WERE. 






T. L 8 a’ INL* x S'ETT, Assistant. 
IIP! ot \t •••**•. -•. of ’. I'.'.fiti 4 -' Ko'.i ^vill copm cn-v  *ii 

M .Ttilny, l: t bc; TctlilH*r. Ti;«i flfplUturO  |f iVlT. 

CruicltfielJ, fr. i;t 'h? commut*:?)' 'vt «j has forf«A*c 
yfij.o rtCL-ivid avtr  liber.! 1 of i*s p iirona!*?, ai- 

o:d  in tin: opinion of tli* priuoip^l a wry f vorablo op 
portumiy 1o ;!»•* pub^c of nnui: c wr  i  Hnrp.-oa Ac* *c 
ti»y — a M*u*ri:ble instil ou. « .-te i-bctl l»y the ^runJi'a- 
•ht?'.-- o f th#* p:t«f , ii* ^ciyra’-cn . at d : 11 xr |i iris of tin 
11 I 1 ’ s n:nl oioi be* 1 * (•• r 'h * *'^Tv»!r.^ u 4 .* y rrc- ived f heir mt*Q- 
in and itif :il tra'.rin^. Th- p 

sociru !}i« h'ginning oil the se-r*on tlm aiu of f nv 
ino-o eoai.' a and n iU d o his lUmo-t hi- 

• dtarorr. 'o eitnblu n h‘vl that w.tia-sorvc tho p-a-mn 
j ».;e. an l i»p to tho r* v 'l v» ai.;s f t .o eominunitv 
J 1 Do 1 of the principal, is :o fcocuir to the j»rif*ilr- 
1 ceil orulor hS o.. . : c.uU f.*-: as will tnub'c then) 

| thoroughly i«» pro'.'O ' ;e ai il.u Fiadios n* sarv to n 
co'i plito ’prep .-vio’a f .r College a* t   tu.N. r  ipoxj tin 
i coin.r.' -1 f - ' Active pursuits ot ilfo. TU- prv p* r nevtal 
| arid moral cn!tivrri  u of Ui- pnpils v iil ai-o tht 

■ ilrici a‘v if . on r.f tho cfp.d. 

The ecKoia^tic y* ?* rT\ l ed inf* 

’ i’V’i; b   t -ich . I\:p U in It inherit 

I remat 


till !?f* oi* -ho Sn d 1 
made. except i'-i Cu? -.s of y»r* ?r:».er*' It i-» ruj 
»ich I respectful- i mmh desired t At rbt :*v.pila nhoaM •*n?‘T th»  wh^ol « 
and Hie I oommcr.cemon;; ti»*y • r c r-c« iv.   1 . htw-ver, at au 

cod -cr;i 

4 vr.»U. 12 clt'Th j: 1 

f ]i. i. • . from tlii» * ar i * .* -.■  * o tli** pr^Kent ceiitu- y , 
3 •*■■», sheep *••’) f* 1 I Rafisnn Lmpirp : i s hii-- 
, ^t \’ rumciu. drc. 1 v -1 12mo . J1 'lb. The Tench* 
I*® M I*.* I'li. v, a xeU'criuu til Vdiiub t* unich s «»ii Kd» - 
- t ot. b\ ti- hi: f.t A niff can v.-iurn 1 \ol. 1*2 n o . 45T 
vr i/o . ji v.j. Mai:-' f VVar L'Kt, 75c; M»rcJ.anl , 
a , a h ding an i f   tin, ; iilu»liautJ. 75-. Each v»n - 
'* ii bv Chfis NyrOhotf, n,ue y\ a o a t-ailor. and one ol iha 
1 tCiiicfftof the ^l« *ut i *i. 

r.d :i ht *. ‘.’5’ Wo't Puurth rtt.. CiuciunA ». 
Agent* fcbnu'o add c s M Can her-*, Cu^ingt4*ii v Ky , 

'i-h-imI r lie ' iic. • .*\i2 Uw 


‘ \TIO\AL IV ira TONIS. 

Empio a tfic Ablest Hiitcrs. 

taK \ \ IN GS. 

Vo •' the time to fuWribe—July. lh'60, commence? ri o, 
Seventh Volume. 

TJIF August Number aAU «*ouutn splendid rteel en- 
•.’■*' Jan . of BucliHiuiii aad Joliu C. Brec.Lmi id*,® 

In ;v'I ;.r vu i- » political t.iiures. no txettu u v% ill l a 
‘rared to ni-ii*.' :t- l.iccvary, ^cieuf :lic Mid M level l ay eon ■« 
'.‘epart Tietii? wortliV of the old d:iv B of it? fame. 

'i u.-,;* :t dcrrrx’i’J for ?onifthi»i^ in itf character firm 
.i. if-'rm. and .• IV ctipon uatiouai question.*, abc^e ti e 
• c ■ r : 1 ■ ?. -i 1 ? yi.ii •! of imii v iduaU. aitd alwav? true to tl a 
g r « ' u-.l of pa y oiganixatiiiD — vu: the dit=cutiuation 
; _ :pport ■ : th; fi •* principle.* of National I'eytocra^ 
.*••• a wide field of u et'ulnfss; ai;d "C rely upoii’ 
the de:ri. cra'*y  A' the Utiiou for our support. 

Krum tue Wbifiuu^ton In ion. 

In thci.f. tun*- , when there i? fucL uced for a cnltivatiou 
if a tpi.A ; devotion to tue L’ni«»n .tud loyally io iu 
i i*vs, v.Lru tl.e fell ?j'int of »li.*cord holds *tv'b a povei • 
•'ul Y''r, ii * pec. aily ^ra tin itifc' to m»*«t with  ucli *«m.- 
t meats as the ' r*?. coming from that aq-i* aud ftn - 
1 . c.v :tUM‘ ..r, ;Lc United St^tov Dcioucratic licvicw. 

From tie Eos ton Fort. 

T ' e F. I - cruo-ratic Review ip one of the heft rnip 

uinc ■ puYiifi.ed ia iliit country. Fuiitiral. literary, uj. i 
iuisccllr.neou.* iu :« contemp, it present s^rveat variety ». 

• t mifili^eiioe, 

i. i v . - . that render# ir*j 

pa. at om ft fasoin tUn£ aud ui-tru?tiv o. We %d i/e ail 
■x'.-.o ift e t   i ? tu! \ lnforna . i u^ou passing oveyti to 
flubecrib? for iLe Rt icw. 

Fro:u the Ne ^ Vo;k Day Book. 

T  T - ew is o'\) n nf!y cou-crvatjvc, ard ronnd'y 
ortho-; x in i*s d-ino’ raA.y. I hhrmtd be patr«»oiard b / 
t'v- -v thinking d' moarut in ii«c Union. 

p :-c .it ’he N : h  t in y» i true rh^ gr Mt  ntrp« 

: *F Iiie. v 0 l b.rii d ; ill' more Cuu».w 0 ‘,dh ilfst f 
 ■* r.juiiie.-u pu roi»age.~— l'».y- 1 *;cniun. 

It ip i ra • , ' nice iitcra y t-e«* — e^ouiliern ;V r c«J?- 
\ hoj acj ' Aua tb r-imilur in th tr tom might ht a j- 

t'.t o sc'ti^n^ of fin 
:ed n-e es, poet* d t- 

complicated and obscure diseases than in any 
other class of affections, ami is therefore had re- 
source to when all other known remedies lail to 
afford relief. — JnU. Journal. 

Chills and Fevsk 
liable cure is Fair’s 
Try it if afflicted. — Viva News. 

figures and their ow n actions prove them by far , 
still weaker in the (fame section? It will not do, 
gentlemen of the k n. press. You i.iust give us 
h reason of the hope that is witlun you. If your 

l,,an Fill more is as strong in the North as you 

The safest, best and most would fain make him, why, in the name o! comm n 


I AM no r open el a D.-U" Slor- s! 
my old tun ... un PiV- st-'.t. a f-w 
doors oast ot Lroadwcll'* rom-T, wbi-r# 
I fi.-iiifti keeptngn i-ot-er'-l a-sortni'-ut 
„f FRESH, t-.KNl'INE DnE-Bo. ME- 
„ IMCINES, PAINT--*,, i ye- 

sTCrr-S. Pt-.UEUMIiftV, Mill a va- 


t’OU i :h:a L. 

Corn Meal for family u • , a' th 
f-»r : ale hv iPa»li  C A 

nmVct pn :? 
WLBS IT iv- 


cheap f«ir cash 

reliable cure is Farr’s Aguff or Cluinine Substitute, sense and reason, doi.’t you run candidates for Yliw \I.i Cri' 

 S. . ... . ' — . .. scyllic btoui-s, Rh I ces, etc 

State and district and county officers? The deni- 
■ carats are doing it all over the Union, while vou. 
The Ohio, at Cincinnati, is sail to be lower than conscious of certain defeat, are coalescing in the 
ever before known. Droves of cattle have been i North with the biaok republicans to defeat the very 
driven oier at that point. • party you invoke to ail and a.-sist vou in the com- 

low ! V 

rietv of the most ;iO,':iiar  ‘A1 EN 1 
'1 l-.olCINl'.- 5 , ike ; all of wlnca will lie fold 
fm."t I] T) wnODHUFl 

I'o Fut inet-s. 

Scythes, Mowing S-ythea. S-iathes 
justveceiwij -o'! forfale 

t*Jli»i*i mi i oe; vi. *. o. 

R A 9 R F t.s Suioki i g T icco at 

Hit'S' IONS. 

L'VEI.RY — Brvse-p: ns I'icycr rings. Gold Fen,. Gold 


porin'! of (hd ' *n an-l charged ••n?corfLn 0 r -y ■ 

'i ha term' of tvtfon a ay hct'to'or**. 1 ^, 1 *'   . -\ 
'.5. -he amoiut chn ^e l, Il r.. 3 f r'-^u I by the ai*ul 

j p,i r-itt W. ■* i\.*a 

f f I 

T^TNE r*,fbeiT. ^»n.l r •-'*0 f K - ; r 

L ‘ 4 1- i. j, iv m •) [•’•! I( i' I n ‘ u .*;h' 

Kt rV*; also L -vh aud Geu 'icn**" ^ liii* K • . » •• 

..un f» *ives sinie.! it- r 1 1 •D'-r  ar.'l t*r; . : 1’ ii t ,2 

, f.itl 

— mar 5 



for Xa.o 

jny'il ) 


assorted Kltlia 


)^t II a 

:i v3l 


irOil just rcceivc l-*ftuJ r 
c a ^rnsTKi 

J ainl Si'vnr rU'ublc ung'.e oa«e Patenl-Lever 
Watches; Cu^pi’i , ^ilrer ■ i-'en i.o ders;GolJ Shiri But- 
tons. Silver Th 1 ubh * ; f . v bfccl Abo Uh fie 

iz Butcher's ami other Baser., bfixr Nvedlop. Sbcl. Bufft- 
lo ii'ul lutli i.: ohh- ?• Tuclt 8i'-l* • P"fi* aiid BeaJ Comb?; 
a sujtO  io** ’ \t of Fine-t « : h, K' * *Ti j* - ^ an.l Pockel Comb?; 

tf air, Clo'he, an-1 Too'hB- n-li s. AI**  fi««e Oil* and 
fVriunD*ry fo- lhA h.-rir, Hii'l fn*** *1" • r» n ri Sl«4vin y 5o*«p.  [ f~ 
»* ** 1 n 'o.p’ther with miny rriier at tides u»uallj 
• rii s.i.h k. T . all fo. . t ** ’‘+op y 

J   1 1 1 : » « -* u 

' 0.1 le .it u/T prit«*. 

l~a:i XE:ss 7 jjn.G. 

Tn the us if C 
bar ho ?i » - ^vh«mJ ,1 i 

TF-FM 4 . 

: : c.jb;-rjiber9 . ;3 in *1 u- •**», or $0 ai.d * f 

1 :hey»-ar. 

\ ' i soli* to !**f i«; *»t apfi^jpon 

h* re e,.r : -A i*J ut' ti-vi) aity«^i*i’ r . v   x h copy* -h« 

* *1 ii. to* a-a.dcd u  U*b -lifircaa,   r a j.*. fur one 

v ear. 

re. Grvjv.iL’ 4 nrc 

} hp -j. i- Trj * vb t-.iK* .-• pit 3. -i ■ e in 
'*'*•' I '• t.-N D«* t ‘tvaic lit VttT :o rUe ot h s 

• i* ; -r».*i ;» ... T .. ’on»* io': a 1, 3?uj| ill* pr-iicipl* $ 

ind t o ’ey t f ihe 'Ivinole ratio par*} fi' fi 
r.: v »-xp a. i a ? 1^ i.a i. 

• *;* ' 1 -ii. f. il * ' : J van-'-p* 0.1 i -v it 
4 »o *- 1 it.ifi,! In th** pci aii.j p lirifal a!*'tf^; 

* larly .n y ll ... s • • t: . n of thf- 

. ii. J 

1 . r o-a t'Vi , JTJ U* 

. 'M *or ,tc  aufl l 

V ** T 0 u»?f 
Ul * Iri 
‘ 5 T A i  I.I$U I Kh 

hy soh.* t.* 'a ph ir. uf 

, • 'ip')*'!#; the 
hr- pul* ic * r 


-n’T-iaua ami « n. j 
aTLoK1 \* 

»i CvrT:'.;ua. 

'nil Jr 

11-3 f I: 

K • pf T • 

C A 

1L.MMS f't W 
J h'tve he oil p* ■*. 
Mi'AJ he p. . ■ 
-.uV; • ti 

E I Aji CALL. 

hen & L... riri X A 


t' qullMtie 1 :u)C 

J S. P'-'YD 

f ll-v 1 ot-S 1 
. -‘op’c. i r -iiis pa |- 
ihov,- ! --- 3 - ■ -u to : t 

1  -f -L" (in -y , i J h 

Ail c-'"rrnuoicv io-.. tr 
J' ri 1 - LL_rr tJ 


PRD.M ' •' to , 7 . u • 

Id l- .- p* -,-r v.tlv b  fore tin. 

--si' , rfl v rro t »iT)ii..-,:d tlio 

-t-no 'i»i i'it -r--,t in tl*« sao- 

Vp- 1 ion of th. r :gt it* ' it a. 

Jahl, ( AStJ-s 1 a.. 

• n . i-.rrf--.,) 

a. Ct’ I*. Bread wav. N Y. 


s-s -1 r 

7 Nf . 


■  r -t t-.t-i-.-v u. 
LI- it--'- » Ll-ts 



Cyntliiana, KLy. 

From the Heaviest Posters to Visiting Cards, 

40,000 SALES FOR 1856! 

■ FRIENDS, I mil receiving; ami 

ulacl n ring; one of the large.' I 

./ "Hi J -.locks of Furniture, Chairs, Maltrcase.. 
Carpeting, Oilcloth', ami Eight-day and 1 hirty*houi 
Brass Clocks ever offered in this market. 

Cooking-stove,. and Tinware. 

1 have on hand and for sale a most beautiful lot ol 
Cooking Stoves and Tinware. 

Groceries, Hardware, tjueens ware, and 
Table Cutlery. 

On hand nnd for sale brown, crushed, granulated, pow- 
dered and loaf Sugars, Rio and Java Coffee, stigarhoiise. 
plantation, and syrup Molasses, Mackerel in bbls, half 
frbls and kits, sail in bbls and bags, Tar in bbls or gal- 
lons, Louisville Lime by the bbl or bushel, Wrapping 
Paper, Flaxseed. Fi-h and l.ard, Oil. pure Lead and 
Ground Paints; Tin Cans, Paint, and Whitewash Brush- 
es, Olim, Saudpaper, Copal aud Japan Varnish, Turpen- 
tine, Ac. 

Patent Medicines. 

A full assortment of Dr. Woodruff's and other Pateul 

Lea tlnr. 

Sole, Harness, Upper, Calf and Kip Skins. 

Colton Yarns. 

Thcdifferent n tun hers of Lexington Cotton Y'arns and 
Carpet Cliuius. 

Tlotir and Meal. 

Constantly on hand and for aale. 


I will pay cash for Hides, Calf, Coou, Mink, Sheep and 
Dog Skffi»,Ve»thcr$, Rag*, Wool, Wheat, Kentucky Ba- 
con," Lard, Tairlow. Flax, Hemp, and Millard Seed, and 
l'Jack . White, and Chestnut Oak Hark. 
mar22 12Vr II. COX 


Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 


LouisciUe, Kentucky. 

mar8 ly 

Attorneys at Law and General Collecting 


liOuisrille . 

U* Practice in tin 
ne*s from abroad. 

Louisville Courts, and solicit bn-i- 
;i|  19 din 


Attorney at Law, 

je 28 


AUo Bounty land and Feiisioti Agent. 



Attorneys al l.a\v stud Collecting Agents, 


3 7*Mr. Cleary is an Examiner for Harrison County 
tullmrUed to take Depositions tube used in Kentucky. 

marl I v 


Wholesale Grocers, 


c*h; bo eic. c ' :h sac .nar tt 5*® •, 
And Dealers in Country Produce, 


* Cy n l h i a n a , Ky . 

W ILL keep a general assortment of Groceries mid 
Wooden Ware. Our merchandise will be sold low 
for cash, or exchanged for Country Produce. np5 tf 


Saddle, Harness, Trunk, and Carpet Bag 
Man ii fact n i crs. 

\ GENERAL assortment always on ham] of the 
. neatest style and workmanship. Job Work aud 
Jwpairing attended toon short notice. 

Shop on Main street, next door to the Livery Stable. 

hi 1 1 y 


Boot stud Shoe Maker, 

MAIN, NEXT 1)00 It TO KOg 1111 HOI SK, 

CYlYllf 1A!\,\, MY. 

M anufactured work kept constantly on 

hand ami Repairing neatly done. marl Iv 


ECS leave to inform the citizens of Cvnthiana and 

Subscribe kIich you hunt an Upjtortunily 


Cyclopoedia of Modern Travel; 


Adventure, Exploration , and Discovery , during the last fifty 
years. 1 vof. royal Hvo, 050 /»/ . 

Neatly bound in dark leather, embellished with five 
fiue portraits on steel, by Buttie, aud illu tratvd by over 
forty wood engravings by Oir, aud tkiileen authentic j 
maps by Schonbcrg. 

Sold to Subscribers only. I*ricc*» il,00. 

This work coutains the cream of over fifty separate nar- 
ratives of travel of those who may be styled the repreStn- \ 
tative travelers of the last half century, in the remote aud 
less known regions of the world. Their works arc com- 
prised in about ‘JO vols., and arc published in several dif- 
ferent languages, and probably could not be purchased 
for $150 ; indeed many of them are out of priut. and not 
to be had. The following arc some of the narratives, aud 
will ,gi\*e an idea of the contents of the work. 

Lite and Travels of Alexander von llumbolt. 

Mongo Park's Travels in Western Africa. 

Lewis and Clark’s Journey to the Pacific Ocean. 

Burckhardt's Travel* iu Syria, Africa and Arabia. 

Journey to Mecca and Lediua. 

Bcl/.otii's Explorations iu Egypt. 

Cailliaud's Journey to the Libyan Oases, Ethiopian 
aud Bciniaar. 

Franklin’s Overlaud Journey to the Polar Sea. 

Mcycndrolf’s Journey to Bokhara. 

Timkovski’s Journey from Siberia to Pekin. 

Cochran's Pedestrian Journey through Siberia. 

Golowniu's Captivity in Japun. 

DeLascaris’s Secret Mission among the Bedouins. 

Denham audClappcrtort’s Expedition to Central Africa. 

Explorations of the Niger. 

Discoveries of Bichard aud John Lander. Laird aud 
Oldfield,  tc. 

Also, Moffat's Life in Southern Africa, Sturt’s Explo- 
ration in Australia; Back’s Arctic Land Expedition; 
Wellsted’a Travel’s iu Oman (Arabia); Explorations of 
the White Nile; Maj. Hurrisou’s Mission to Shoa; Wood's 
Journey to the Oxvs; Parky ns’ Life in Abyssinia; Fie. 
mout's Explorations of the Rocky Mountains aud Cali- 
fornia; Hue's Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China; 
Fortune's Journey's to the Tea Districts of China; Ueccnt 
Explorations in Australia ; Lynch’s Exploration of the 
Dead Sea; Lavard’s Explorations at Nineveh and Baby- 
lon; Travels of Ida Pfeiffer — Journeys Bound the World; 
Explorations of the Amazon River — Journey of Lieutcu- 
aut Jlibbon, Journey of Lieut. Herndon; Richardson's 
Travel’s iu the Sahara; Richardson and Earth’s Expedi- 
tion to Ceutral Africa ; Burton’s Pilgrimage to Mecca ; 
Exploration of Eoo-Choo, From Commodore Perry's Ja- 
pan Expedition — Report of Bayard Taylor. 

No work has probably ever been published more useful 
or better adapted to interest, instruct and fuscinnate all 
clisscsof readers than this noble and beautiful volume, 
compiled by the most enterprising and popular of our 
American travelers. It should be owned by every family 
and be found iu every library. The publishers assure the 
public that the work will be sold only through canvassing 
: agents. 

(Lfflic following may be ordered by mail, or be bad of 
; bo okacllers or agents: Farr’s Ancient History (superior 
to llollin). 4 vols. 12 mo., cloth $3. Renouard’s History 
I of Medicine, from tbs earliest ages to the present century, 
i l vol 8 vo., sheep £3 50. The Russian Empire: its his- 
tory, government, ifcc. 1 vol. 12tuo., $1 25. The Teach- 
! el’s Miscellany, a selection of valuable articles on Edu- 
cation, by the best American writers. 1 vol. 12 mo., 450 
pages, $1 25. Man-of-Wur Life, 75c; Merchant Vessel, 
i5e; Whaling and Fishing illustrated, 75c. Each writ- 
ten by Chat*. Nordhoff, nine year* a sailor, and one ol the 
best writers of the present nay. 


Publishers, 25 West Fourth st., Cincinnati. 

Agents should address M. Carilhers, Covington, Ky., 
General Agent for the State. i«u2 3w 









For l!it‘ Cure of scrofula. Dyspepsia, 
(Tiroiiic Dlieiiiiasitisiii, Hfcoiidary 
Syphilis, itiid lilootl Impim- 
lies of till kinds. 

JIiDDLtTO" -s , Jefferson county, Ky.,} 
Aug. LI, 1 s5o. $ 

Dr Vauohas — Dear Sir ; lu the numim-r of 1852 ] 
had a black hoy ntllicled with something like Scrofula ; 
hi. head, neck, and all of his joints were covered with 



HE simplest, strongest. most durable, widest cut, and ! 
lightest draft, self ruker ever invented. The gearing I 
runs iu an iron frame. 

Several thousand of these Reapers have been built and ] 
used with universal success. Width of cut 6 1-2 to 7 feet. 

Easy work for two horses. The very best hand raker 
ever made. 

KacTCiiun’s Patent Mowers, $115. With Rf.f.l $5 Extra. 

The same combined to reap, $20 additional. $135. 

Some seven or eight thousand of these Mowers have, 

been built and sent to all portions of the country. Their running ulcers. ] had lost two of the same family, sitni- 
value and capacity are well known and acknowledged. , lnrly afflicted^, and hid given uj) all hope for him, when I 

The most complete of ita class. 

Kindlfberceh’s Portable Cider Mill and Prej»s, $38 1 
With solid zinc rollers — will make from six to eight but- j 
rels of cider per d «y. Every farmer should have one. 


Transportation to be paid by purchasers. 


Address the Manufacturers, 

Warder, Brokaw Sl Cntin, 

Springfi Id, Clark county, Ohio. 


J. N. FRAZER — Agents. 

my 21 If Cynthlava, Kv. 

Wool Carding & Manufacturing. 

r Mil E undersigned would inform the public generally 
I. that he has improved and increased Lis machinery 
for carding Roles and making Jeans and Liuscy,And is 
now ready for doing work in the very best order and on 
ibe shortest notice, lie will receive Wool at the Depot 
in Cvnthiana on Friday of each week aud return the 
Roles ou Saturd iy i»f the week following, lie will also 
receive \\ ool at any station on the Railroad between 

Falmouth and Paris, 

And return Roles iu one w eek thereafter, aud the Jeans 
and Liusey as soon us completed. 

Prices lor Curdiitg. 

Carding Common Wool, - • - - 7c 

Mixed do, - - - * 7e 

Merino, Recording to time and trouble of carding. 1 
cent per pound in addition to the above prices will be 
charged, where grease is not furnished. 

I’rices lor Hlaking Jeans, etc. 

j Coarse Jeaus, without coloring, - - - 25c 

I Colored do,- - - - - ■ 3ffc 

Plain colored Einsey, .... 27c 

Medium Biow u Jeans, .... 3fc 
Blue Mixed do, - — c 

uiy3 3w JOHN W. TURNER. 

Paris, Ky. 

Alt® copy and charge this office. — News. 


Reprinted from Advance Sheets 

Uy which early copies of each work are al all 
times positively secured. 

N 1 

commenced the use of your '‘Blackwell’s Sarsaparilla and 
Versicola,” about six bottles of which entirely cured him 
Respectfully. ALLEN MINOR. 

Louisville, Ky.. Dec. 28, 1855. 
Du. Vaughan; Having used your “Dr. Blackwell’s 
Sarsaparilla and \ etaicola” in my family regularly fur 
the la.-l year, and having fully tested its virtues, 1 take 
pleasure in recommending it for Chronic Rheumatism, 
impuniie&of the Biood. ami Indigestion, aud would fur- 
ther say no family should boNsiihout ir. 

Respectfully, JOHN D. POPE, 

City Auditor. 

Louisville, Dec. 8, 1853. 

Dr. Vaughan — S ir; 1 have been afflicted for the last 
five or six years with Chronic Rheumatism, and at times 
entirely helpless, and suffering beyond expression. ] 
tried physicians louo purpose, and then the various Sar- 
saparilla*, but all without relief, until about eight months 
ago 1 commenced the use of Blackwell's Sarsaparilla and 
\ crsicola, and I am happy to say it has performed a cute. 
1 would recommend it as the best in use. 

Respectfully, MARY ANN LEE, 

Fourth st., between Green and Walnut. 

DR. It. VAUGHAN, Proprietor, 

,r D ly Louisville, ICy. 

ET For sal 
Pike street. 


EW YORK, continue to republish the following 
British Periodicals, viz: 

'The London Quarterly Review, (Conservative.) 

Edinburgh Review, (Whig.) 

North British Review, (Free Church.) 

Westminster Review, ( Liberal.) 

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, (Torv.) 

The present critical state of European affairs 111 ren- 1 
I der these publications unusually interesting during t he j 
forthcoming year. They will occupy a middle grouud I 

between the hastily written new* items, crude specula* _ _ 

lions, and dying rumor* of the daily journal, and the! the Mare is ascertained to be with foal or parted with. 
I ponderous tome of lh« future historian, written after the! 
living interest and excitement ot the great political i responsibility should any occur 
. events of the time shall have passed away. It is to these 
! periodical i that reader* must look for the only really in- 
lelligible ami reliable history of current events, and as- 
li, in addition to their wed -established literary, scien- 




Young Sampson, 

tUiuua, ou the Cincinnati roail, and will serve 
Jennets at $.10, the money to be paij when the col 
comes. When a Jennet is parted with, the season wilt 
be required. Good grass pasture furnished to Jennet 
from a distance gratis; and they will he grain-fed, if dc l 
sired, upon fair terms, hut the charge for the grain must 
he paid before the Jennet is taken away. 

tSampson will be permitted to serve a few Marcs at $12 
to insure a Marc with foul, the money to he paid when 

tlrcat care will he taken to prevent accidents, but no 


tific, ai d theological character, we urge them upon the ion of the r ading public. 

A riangciueiits are now permanently made for flic re- 
ceipt of early sheets from the British Publishers, by 
which we are enabled to place all our reprints in the 
bands of subscribers about as soon as they could be fur- 
uishe-d with the foreign copies. Although this involves 
a very large outlay on our part, we shall continue to fur- 
nish the periodicals at the same low rates as heretofore, 

Fur any one of the four Reviews - - - $ 3 00 ' 

For any two of the four Reviews - 5 OU 

For any three of the four Reviews - - - T 00 

For all four of the Reviews ... 8 00 

For Blackwood’s Magazine - - - - ,1 oo 

For Blackwood and three Reviews - 9 00 

For Blackwood aud the four Reviews - - 10 00 


A discount of 23 per cent from the above prices, will be 


L-ynlbiana by D. Woodruff, south side j allowed to clubs ordering four or more copies of nny one 

i or more of the above works. 'Thus, four copies of Black- 
i wood, or of one Review, will be sent to one address for 
$‘J; four copies of tbu four Reviews and Blackwood for 
* $30; and so on. 


In all the principal cities and towns these works will 
j be delivered, through agents, free of tostage. When 
{ pent by mail, the postage to any part of the United 
‘ Stales will be but 24 cents a year for Blackwood, 

| 12 cents a year for eacuof the Reviews. 

Remittances and communications should always be ad- 1 
to the publishers, 

np5 Gin 51 Gold street. New York. 






O F all the remedies that have been discovered during ! dressed, post-paid 
the present age for the “thousand iils that flesh is I 
heir to,” none equal this wonderful preparation. Only 

Young Sampson is 6 years old on the 28th day ol 
next; is a dark mouse-color, and is 16 hands high, with 
larger bone, more length and weight than any Jack in 
Kentucky ot his age. 1 outtg Sampson was bv Black 
Sampson, the sire of more large Jacks than any Jack of 
his age iu the State; lie by Imported Jack Mammoth. 
Young Sampson’s darn was by Imported Cataliuc, said 
to be the finest Jack ever imported from Spain. 

A Silver.Cnp, worth $12, or the season, if preferred, 
will be given to the best Mule Colt of Young Sampson’s 
get, to he shown iu Cynthiana on the 2d Saturdav in No- 
vember, 1S37. REDMON &. BR0. 

A Onc-liundrcd Dollar Silver Pitcher! 

One hundred dollars has been appropriated by Robert 
Calhoun and John Redtnon to purchase a Silver Pitcher, 
to be given to the owner of the Jack that produces ten of 
the best JIule Colts. The owner of any Jack in Harri- 
son county advancing $50. to be put in with the Pitch- 
er, can cuter the ring and try for the costly premium. 

tnur29 5 ' REDMON & BliO. 

O' Age copy to amount of $5 aud charge this oflicc. — 

fc;ni r ‘ ' : ' ap ld M,,Ce the d'Mm'erer (who spent V 1 IX UTON A UAIMifOV RillJtOAl) 

a dfcade in studying, experimentalising, and perfecting 

1856 . 


e st i c 

185 ( 5 . 

Foreign and Dorn 
13 FI ‘Y'-G-OODS. 

W. McINTOSH desires lo call the attention of hi** 
,) • customers nnd the public generally loan unusually 
• large and well eelect* d slock of Foreign and Domestic 
Dry Goods, bought expr essly for the spring trade and ot 
fared at reasonable prices. 

i'lcase examine his slock before purchasing elsewhere. 
op3 if 


Spring and Summer Goods!! 

, it) first introduced it to the public, and it is already re- 
| cognised by the most eminent physicians in all parts of the I 
country to be the most surprising aud effective remedy | 
| for certain diseases of which they have knowledge. 

All other compounds or sirups of the root have hitherto 
failed to command the sanction of the faculty, because, ou . 
being tested, they have been found to contain noxious in- j 
gicilients, which neutralise the good effects of theSarsap* j 
ariliaand oftentimes injure the health of the patient. It | 
is not so wi h Hurley’s preparation. 

This is the pure aud genuine ex* r.ict of the root, and | 
will, on trial, be found to effect a certain and perfect cure j 
of the following complaints and diseases 



H AVE commenced their daily receipts of Spring Im* 
- portations. Having purchased a more extensive 
; stock this Spiing than ever, in order to meet the demand 
I of our increasing business, wefeel confi lent that we can 
| give entire satisfaction to a 1 those who may favor us with 

Habitual Costiveness, 

Liver Complaint, 


Pulmonary Diseases, 
Scrofula, or King’s Evil, 

call, in prices, quality, an I variety 



Fire Insurance Company, 


Harrison County that lie has opeue 1 a Tinning Es- 
t iblii*hineut, on Main street, in Cyathiaua, in the house 
formerly occupied by John A. Milligan. 

He will always keep on hand a supply of Tinware, 
aud solicits ft share of the public custom. 

Repairing* at tended to. marl lv 


/"I L AIMS of Withers Co. and Wm. 

have been placed in my hands 
MUST he paid without delay, 
augll tf 

A. Withers 
for collection and 

J. S. BOYD. 


2 BARRELS Smoking Tobacco at 

j*i 23 BROAD WELL’S. 

Fresh Tea. 

1 AM receiving some choice Fresh and Pure Tea of the 
finest fiavor and of late importation. 

For hale by 

[my31] J 



NATIONAL in its tone. 

Employs th« Ablest Writers. 


Now is the time to subscribe — July, 1856, commences the 
Seventh Volume. 

THE August Number will contain splendid steel en- 
gravings of James Buchanan and John C. Breckinridge. 

In addition to its political features, no exertion will be 
spared to make its Literary, Scientific and Miscellaneous 
Departments worthy of the old days of its fame. 

The urgent demand* for something in its character firm 
uniform, and reliable upon national questions, above the 
sectional squabbles of individuals, and always true to the 
great end of party organization — viz: the dissemination 
and support of the pure principles of National Democra- 
cy — affords a wide field of usefulness; and we rely upon 
the democracy of the Union for our support. 


From the Washington Union. 

In these times, when there is such need for a cultivation 
of a spirit of devotion to the Uuiou and loyalty to it? 
laws, when the fell spirit of discord holds such a power- 
ful sway, it is especially gratifying to meet with such sen- 
timents as the following, coining from that nqle and ster- 
ling magazine, the United States Democratic Review. 

From the Boston Fust. 

The U. S. Democratic Review i« one of the best mag- 
azines published in this country. Political, literary, and 
miscellaneous in its contents, it presents a great variety of 
subjects, aud treats all with a fullness of intelligence, a 
purity of style, and a vivacity of thought that renders its 
pages at once fascinating and instructive. We advise all 
who desire to be fully informed upon passing events to 
subscribe for the Review. 

From the New York Day Book. 

The Review is eminently conservative, and soundly 
orthodox in its democracy. I should be patronised by 
every thinking democrat in the Union. 

Printed at the North, it is yet true to the gfjat inter- 
ests of the South, and thereby the more commends itself 
to Southern patronage. — Ky. Yeoman. 

It is a rare po'itico literary treat — Southern Argus. 

A thousauJ extracts similar in th*. ir tone might be ad 


Single Subscribers, $3 in ad . aace, or $5 at the end of 
the year. 

All Postmasters are solicited to act as agents; and upon 

the reception of 12 OU from any agent, a six h copy of the . ... . ,, - „ 

n 1 ,, , r , , t b | . r .. per cent by calling at my office, in the southeast corner 

Review will be forwarded to his address, gratis, for one ( l  f |Jw Cou -; t . h , )USC B lf ! a S a GIT R It I F.. 

A ffccf ions of the Bones, 


Diseases of the Kidneys, 



Female Irregularities, 

Fist ula, 

And all Skin Diseases. 

Besides curing the above, it is also known to s be a great 
and powerful Tonic, purPying the blood and invigorating 
the system. 

In short, it is, without exception, in the cases mention 
cd, and its general effect on the sy.-tem, the most efficacious 
as it is the most desirable remedy of t lie age. It is alrea- 
dy extensively used throughout the country 
obtaining an European reputation. The instances of 
cures it lias effected are daily coming to the proprietor** 
knowledge, and he ha* no, hesitation in recom mending it 
to one and all who desire to procure relief from suffering. 
One bottle being tried, its effects will be too apparent to 
admit of further doubt. 

(gFRecollect Hurley’s Sarsaparilla is the only genuine 
article in the market. 

^V’Price $1 per bottle, or six bottles for $5. 

For sale a’ the manufactory, corner Seventh and 
Green streets, Louisville, Ky., and by all wholesale 
houses throughout the United States and Canada, 
marl ly 

The Direct Route to the Interior 


Bviiik’ Kill lasted will, ISrolicn Rock, i» I 
l.iitiicly ficc from Oust. 

Xo Accident endangering the Life of any Fassrn- 
ger has eccr occurred 1 

'THROUGH TICKETS sold at the Ticket Offices in I 
Lexington, Paris, Cynthiana, and Covington to New 
York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington City, ' 
Richmond, and Winchester, Va., Chicago, Rock lidaud, J 
Galena, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Terre Haute, \ inccnue*, | 
and Lafayette 



United r COBOURG will stand this sea- 

and but | « (W commencing April 1st and ending July 

fjC .1 • 1^56, a! my t-taule, oil the road lending 

' 1 from Cynthiana tO'Claysville, Ky., aud will 

I serve mare* at $6 — no colt no pay. 

No responsibility for accidents or escapes, and no busi- 
ness done on the Sabbath. Pasture and grain furnished 
mares from a distance, if desired, on reasonable terms. 


Prince Cobourg is a beautiful bay, 17 bauds high, heavy 
made, 11 years old the 16th day of April next ; and was 
sired bv James E. Li tt^n’s Cobourg, which was imported 
in 1839, from North Wales, England,  tc., he by Black 
I’rince. h Shropshire li »r-«e, and dam Bronte. Cobourg’* 
dam was by a very noted draft horse brought from Penn* 
ylvania by G**orgo Gl afford, of Bourbon county, named 



Through Tickets to Louisville, via Lexing 
Frankfort and Louisville nnd Frankfort Railroads 

aud | 


O" Passengers will find this a very pleasant route, as it j ?£ 
passes through the most highly cultivated and richest por 
tion of the Slate of Kentucky. | co |j 

Lion, grand dam by Washington W’liip, g. g. dam by old 
Snap, g. g. g. dam by imported Traveler, and as for mus- 
cular power, he is not surpassed by any horse in the 
Statu. Gentlemen wishing to raise large stock would do 
well to call and examine for llunisclvr*, a* lie will show 
fur h ins# If at the stand. 

niar22 12 v “ PAUL KING. 



WILL stand the ensuing season nt my 
table, in Hairisou county, on Mill Creek, on 

^ vv i LsLj siauu me ensuing season ai my 
^ ^ jrt* stable, in Hairison eouuly. on Mill Creek, on 

jj j   ‘wthe road b-ading fiom Cyathiann northwest 

' rK. || Bowman’s .Mills, four miles from either 

| ^ place; and will serve mares at $5 for a living 


Way, Sundays 


Insurance Company of North America, 


I AM authorised to receive applications for Insurance 
- ou Buildings and their Contents, in cither of the above 
old-established and solvent Companies. 

ap5 2m WM. W. CLEARY. 


nRIXTED Lawn, 

U do Jaconet, 
do Orgaudas, 



do Ribbons, 

Embroideries, vVc. 

A large assortment at greatly reduced prices for sale by 1 
jc 21 ’ MOORE CUSON. 


V S the time approaches for making ni)' returns, it be 
hooves me to urge upon Tax-payers (ho necessity of 
prompt payment. Attention to this notice will greatly 
facilitate my labors and confer a favor upon 
je 14tf A C. CASEY, D S., H. C. 


ITyiSIIlNG to immigrate to a new country, those tn- 
y t debted to me are informed that they will save ten 

Louisville Piano-forte and Music Store 

rfis'f 1 


Importers and Dealers in Musical Mercliandise, 
Sheet Music, etc., 


Chickcring & Son’s Piano-fcrtcs, 


Louisville , Ky. 

O UR facilities for procuring from manufacturers, pub- 
lishers, and importers direct, enable us lo sell at 

prices defying compel ition 

We arc sol 


Daily Trains cadi 


On and after Monday, October 29, 1635, aud.un'il fur- 
and t is fast tlicr notice, Trains will run as follows: 


Leaves the Covington Depot -at 7:25 a. m 
all regular stations, and arriving at Lexingtou at 12:1 
i\ m. Returning, leaves Lexington at 2 r. m , and arrives 1 
at Covington at G:43 p. m. 

Through passengers by this train connect at Cynthiana 
with stage lines to Ruddle’s Mills, Carlisle, Millersburg, j 
and MaysvilSe ; at Paris with stage lines to Maysville, ! 
Winchester, Mt. Sterling, Carlisle, and Gcorge'-o"'!! ; at 
Lexington with stage lines to Nichobvsvillc, Bryant*villc, j 
Danville, Pcrryville, Lebanon, Newmarket. Selma, Camp- 1 
hellsvillo, Greensburgh, Alonroe," Blue Spring Grove, 
Mammoth Cave, Glasgow, Lancaster, Crab Orchard, 
Richmond, Rogcrsvillc, Kingston, London, Barboursville, j 
Cumberland (*»\p, Tazewell, Bean’s Station; qpd con- I 
nccting with daily stage lines through Virginia, North 
and South Carolina, and Tennessee. 


Leaves Lexington at 6 o'clock, a. it., stopping at all 
regular and flag stations ancl arrives at Covington at 1 1:20 ! 
a. m. Returning, leaves Covington at 2:30 r. m., slopping 
; a* above, and arrives at t.cxington at 7:40 r. m. 


Will leave the Depots in Covington and Lexington, ! 
| daily, at G:40 a. m. 

Rates of Fare. 

i Covington to Louisville, $6 00 

, Covington to T-cxington, 3 00 

Covington to Paris, 2 40 

i Covington to Cyntliiana, 2 00 

(LTFor Through Tickets and all information please ap 

place; and will serve mares at fi) lor a living 
the money due when the colt tsuek* or the mure 
is traded off aud sent out of the neighborhood. Care will 
I be taken, but no liability for accidents or escapes. 


Sarrel Tom is a dark sorrel, 5 years old this spring, six- 
teen and a half bunds high, and well calculated for either 
sa idle or harness, lie was hired by Fail’s Tom Hall, 
stopping at i better known by the name of Ball Stockings he by o'd 
Tom Hail; Tom Hull’s dam was by Copperbottom; grand 
dam bv IV.rqu in. He can out pace anything that wears 
hair. Further pedigree is deemed useless, as lii» appear 
ance and movement.- will coinunnd him to judge*. 


THIS fine young Jack will stand at the same 
time and place, at $-1, payable ou the same terms 
as above, lie was sired by I’rebidcnt, he by 
hire’s Duke, and be by old Mountain Leader, aud 
the Jennet ol the .Mountain Reader stock. 
marl5 t JOHN 8IIAWHAN. 


TiiL (EU BaiAlLD KULiiORNlii JAtli 


(Formerly bslocging to Mr. Silas H. Sparks) 

WILL make ins fourth and present season 

,, r ■ i A t, /ui 0 j pi v at the Covington and Lexington and Little MiamtOf- 

We are sole agents for LhicUertng 4: bons (late Jonas . • NT T » it i .i e \- 

° fiecs, No. 2 Burnet House, first door north of x me street, 

ENTLEMEN’S and Boys’ Coats, Pants and Vest*, o 
vJ cloth, cassiuiere and satinet; satin, silk and velve 
Fabrics, all fashionably cut and well made, plain and fan 
cy colors; also Ready-made Shirts and fine Collars, fur 
sale at low prices by marl5 C. A WEBSTER. 


*1 TAVING purchased the stock of D. A. Given®, I take 
J-l this method of informing my friends and the pub 
lie generally that 1 am now engaged iu the Drug business, 
aiul am constantly receiving fresh stocks from Philadel- 

I have secured the services of Mr. B. A. SH AKSPLARE, 
a scientific and practical chemist, and can with confi- 
dence promise physicians and the public generally that 
every at tide of Drugs, Chemical®, and Medicines shall be 

of the beat quality. 

1 will keep a constant aud full assortment of Drugs, 
Chemicals, and Pharmaceutic Preparations, all of which 
shall be either manufactured or rigidly tes ed by Mr. 
Fhakspeare, aud guaranteed to be of full pharmacopcal 


Also a full stock of all the popular remedies of the day 
marl5 ly S F. JANUARY. 


B UY your Soda, Cream of Tartar, Spices, Jrc., at S. F. 
January’s Drug Store, thus insuring the puiity of 

those articles. 

Cinnamon, Mace, Ginger, C'oves, Nutmegs, Pepper, 
Essences, Gelatin, Flavoring Extracts, etc., all selected 
for their purity, constantly for sale at reasonab e prices, 
marl 5 ly _ S F. JANUAR Y. 


PL AIN and .split English Straw Bonnets; 

LOU white Sill* aud Crape do; 

great variety Hair and Gimp do; 

Misses Braid Bloomer Flats; 

Open worked Hats of all varieties; 

For sale by ap5 J. W. McINTOSH 


ft JUST published the following Sheet Music: 

Old Maid’s Lament, an inimitably hutuorou- 

bong, 25c. 

Aloonbcams a beast ti Sc 1 duet for twoequnl voices, 25e. 
Passing A wav, 25c. 

Why should the Heart e'er droop in Sadness? 25c. 

T* 11, O tell Me, Spirit Gentle, 25c. 

O’ Catalogues of our extensive stock of Sheet Music 
and Instruction Books may be had by application, gratis 



The undersigned takes pleasure in recommending the . 
United States Democratic Review to the patronage of his 
follow democrats. Its tone is national, aud the principles 
and po’icy of the democratic party find iu it a bold and 
trustworthy exponent. Its dissemination cannot, in my , 
opinion, fail to advance the cause of democracy and good 
government. In the pending political struggle, it is par 
ticularly necessary that sound views of the vexed ques- 
tions of the times thould be kept prominently before the 
people. For this purpose I cordially recommend the i 
above publication to all who take an interest in the suc- 
cess of the party, aud the preservation of the rights of the I 
States. ’ James Campbell. 

All communications fob* addressed to 

july 12 LLOYD & CO. , 335* Broadway . N. V. 

ntar29 tf 


Unrivalc l Piano-forles, 

These Piano-fortes need no recommendation from us™ 
having stood the t^st of the World for nearly forty year-, 
aro acknowledged by every one to b«, superior to all 
others in beauty of finish, drlicucy of touch, and quality j 
of tone; also having great power and unequaled durabili- 
ty. A full assortment of ail styles will he kept constantly t 
on hand and for sale at the reduced factory prices. 

iLr Chickd ing’b Grand Pianos and Cliickering’s New 
Ccciliiau or Parlor Grand Pianos stand above all compari- j 


Dress Goods, 

) ECEIVED and this d«v opened — 

Rich lb-rage and Silk Tissues; 

Do Organdy Lawns and Jaconets; 

A great variety of bilks; 

For salerat ap5 J. W. McINTOSII’S. 

i iu broideries. 

\ ^aLENCIA Collars and Sleeves in sets; 

Applique Lace Collars and S eeves in sets; 
Valencia and French Embroidered Collars; 

French Embroidered Mantles; 

Embroidered and Hooped Skirts; 

For sale low by ap5 J. W . McINTOSH. 

SUP U it 6 OK DOUBLE G(J1^. 

Jj^ROM $20 to $75 for sale very cheap, great variety at , 


nnHE 1st of July being my regular time for closing my 
1- accounts, all persons knowing themselves indebted 
tome in that why, will please call and settle immediately, 
as 1 d»» not wi h lo have to call on them. I need the rao- 
ney fur my notes and accounts and must have it; so c ine 
along all of you and show your promptness, and you will 
oblige me al the same time. 

jv 1 C. A. WEBSTER. 

No. 17 Gibson House, or at Old Office, southeast corner 
Front and Broadway, directly opposite the Spencer House. 

(J. A. WITHERS, Superintendent. 

P. AY. Strader, General Agent. marl ly 


Fresli Fisli! 

0 ECEIVED and for sale every Tuesday and Friday 

1 V. Evening, by 


N. I . MOOI1E. 




Dealers in Staple ami Fancy Dry Goods, 
Routs and Shoes, Hats and Caps, 
 lticens\vare. etc., 


Cynlhiana , Ky. 

marl ly 

The Catholic ftuestion in Politics. 

C COMPRISING a series of Letters »d dressed to George WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 
t D. PrenHce, Esq., of the. Louisville Journal, by a 
i Kentucky Catholic. In muslin binding, 41) cents per 
| copy. c 3 50 per dozen, or $25 per hundred; in paper co 
I vets 25 C'nts per copy. $2 per dozen, or $15 per hundred 

521 Main st., L ouisville, ICv. 

marl 4w 



H AVING purchased the mill scat and factory build 

ings, on Stoner, about four miles below Paris, former O HOVEL 
ly owned by Abram Spears, the undersigned have fitted * 

| it up in first rate style as a Flouring Mill. The milling 

I AlCjfl LiiV OS PLL.RLiA i S . 

and Bull-tongue Plows, with and without 
O stocks. Double and Si ogle- ■ roes, rea v ironed by L 
A. Jones; Cleavers and Gale Hinges; Hooks ami Eyes | 

machinery is all new, of the very best quality, and will do : lor gales; Rivets and Burs of assorted sizes, all of Jones’ 
as good work as any mill in Kentucky. We are prepared make; Wrought Nail*, Crowbars, Picks Mattocs. SWlg-s, 
to «M ind wheat and corn iu the best manner, with prompt- Drills, Ames’ steel Shovels and Spades, steel Fork*, R ikes, 


Or Quinine Substitute; 


w HICII compound is the result of profound research 



^Watches, Jewelry and Fancy Goods, 


Cincinnati, O. 

mrWatehes and Jewelrv carcfullv repaired. apl9 ly 


I will sell, at a very moderate price, a two story 

my stable, one mile from Cyuthiana, on the road 
leading to Broad well. 

I’lii* line young Jack will be C years old on the first day 
of August, 1856; is J5J hands high, and wai sired by 
1 Oid Grey Eagle, he by Old Mammoth. 

He will be permitted to serve Mares at Ten Dollars tc 
insure — the money to be paid when the Mate li ascertftin- 
ed to be ill loal or parted with; or $12 to insure a cold t« 
stand uj) and suck; aud will also serve Jennets a; 
I'l» irty Dollars for a Jack and Twenty Dollar* 
for a Jennet Colt, the money to be paid when the colt 
comes. W hen a Jennet is parted with, the season will 
! be required. 

We will give $30 premium for the best Jack Colt and 
$20 for the best Jeuuct, to be shown iu Cynthiana No- 
: vember 8, 1857. 

Good grass pasture will be furnished to Jennet* from a 
distance, a few weeks, gratis. Great care will b« taken 
| to prevent accidents, but no responsibility should any 

The season commences the 1st day of March 


N. B. 1 will wager $10 with any man — the keeper 
of a Jack — that Mammoth will turn out ten or more bet- 
ter Mules than any Jack in this county, to be shown the 
6th of September, 185 R. M. CALHOON. 

iS.KL 1856- 


Corn F* lanter. 

lllIS .MACHINE plant* corn in check rows any re- 
quired distance apart, so as to be cultivated both 
ways; aUo iu hills or dulls, to be cultivated oneway on- 
: ly. The quantity of seed dropped in each may be regula- 
ted as desired. The drilling is done by the revolutien of 
the wheel, while the check row dropping is regulated by 
hand, and the ground must first be furrowed one way • 
then a man and one horse with this Machine will plant 
rom six to nine acres per day, thus saving the tabor of 
from two to four hands, and doing the work better tharn 
it is done the common way of planting. 

The fact of planting in check rows by machinery it 
fully established; but it i* equally evident that it cannot 
j be done by the revolution ol a wheel, and tiif. onli wat 
J is to regulate it. by hand. 

These Machines we e used extensively the past sea 


I=5s|f r « ,,, e Building, pleasantly situated iu Cyntliiana, son, and gave general satisfaction . and any amount of ev 
  Br l H with an extensive yard and garden. Any person id ’lice can he produced as to the utility of the Machine- 
desiring to purchase a residence 'will find a good bargain and, if requested, I will furnish any information desired 

in the above, 
mar 29 tf 

. good b. 


ness and dispatch. We pledge ourselves to give satisfac- 
tion to all reasonable men. 

l'crsons wishing to send their wheat by the Railroad, 
can deliver it at Kiser's Station, where we will receive 
it and return the flour promptly. We have employed one 
of the best millers in the State, who will give his constant 
attention to the mill. 

We solicit a share of the public patronage. 

ic2I tf T. S. DUVALL CO. 


/'GENTLEMEN’S and Boys’ fashionable silk and fur 
VJ and wool hats; also silk and cotton plush, cloth and 
| oil Caps and Childrens, Hats and Cups sold at low prices 
by marl 5 C. A. WEBSTER 


T REFINED Syrup. Sugarhou?e and R-boiled 
1,V, bv'tko gUiion or keg; also prime 

Irrls ‘ 

' Cp 

Hoes, Grain Shov»*U. 4lc.; also Dner’s improved Loose- 
ground and Sod Plows, of Covington; all for sale at r*-a- 
Seonable rates by (marl] G A WEBSTER* 




J UST published, containing accurate portraits from life 
of Fremont, Buchanan 

! celebrated chemists now living iu this or any other coun- 
I try. Its general use throughout the Eastern States, dur- 
ing a period of 16 years unparalleled success, must enti- 
I tic it to a similar patronage in the Western country. The 
i proprietor assures the public that no quinine or mineral 
| substance, so injurious to the system, and invariably af- 
I fording but temporary relief, enters its composition — that 

it is essentially vegetable in its nature, may be given to 
iiini;" i»miiiiii.*  irum me * . . , , ; 

, Fillmore, Dayton, Breckinridge : persons ot every age and either sex, and when ndmin.s- 
, . • c .u* : I tered according to directions, never fails to effect a cer- 

tain cure and completely prevent a return of the disease. 

nugll 6m Proprietor, Louisville, Ky. 


S ^IXTY to seventy five bushels Striped Bluegra** Seed; 
lor suit) by marl5 C. A. WEBSTER, i 


Manufactured aud for sale by 


Or. Railroad, bet. Pike and Pleasant sis., Cynthiana. 
marl tf 




PAIRS each Men’s and Boys’ fine Calf Shoes; 














Moroco do, 






M oIasa**, 

ou or keg; afao prime N. O. S.ignriu bar- 
an I halt barrels, nnd Double- refined Powd-re I and 
bed Sugars ; also large aud small Loaf Sugars re- 

c«vied aud for 

sale by [marl] 


j) A I NTS, Oils, and Dyestuff’*, Madd 



r, I udigo. Cochi- 
neal, Log woo'd. Fustic. Camwood. Copperas. Jc., and 


inarlC 3rj 


all the Dyes nece^s icy t.n pr. d 


, and Donelsou, with the platform t f their respective j 
ties, together with tlieir letters of acceptance, and a vast 
amount of statistical matter, interesting to all parties. 
This map is beautifully colured, size 34 by 40 inches, cx 
i tends through to the Pacific coast, showing the exact 
; boundaries of all States and Territories, Missouri Com- 
promise line,  fcc. It also contains a valuable Diagram, 
-bowing the up- and downs in relative rank, as to popu- 
lation of the -several States of the Union for the last 60 
I vcarR. Politicians of all parties, wishing to have before 
them material lor being fully posted at a single glance, 
| must possess a copy of this map. Price in sheet form 
1*25 cts- p^ice in pocket from 50 cents. 

CPCo lies sent (post pade) on receipt of price. 100, 
.00 agents wanted to sell them. Address 

A. RANNEY, Publisher, 

No. 195 Broadway. New York. 




A L ARGE asso: 
hand uud for : 

my 31 

J .. 


Manufacturer and Musical Instrument 


Louisville , Ky., 

P jL— IS now prepared to execute 

U* borders in his line. He has mamifac- 
I " » J »/ 1'» red several of the best instruments in the 
i country, which instruments and the numerous certifi- 
cates which he has iu his possession from the most cele- 
brated musiciau* ami churchmen in the United States n r o 
i lie best guaranties of his proficiency. 

He manufactures Parlor mid Church Organs, and tune** 

, ml rt*i airs all kinds of Musical Instruments upon the 
1 iv ape t term*. mar22 lv 


All of good quality am] for sale low bv ^ 

my 31 ' C. A. WEBSTER. 


I\ow Dread. Fresli Pies, and i’o n feel ion - 
;t l ies of all Kinds. 

f 1 1HE subscriber has just opened in the News Building, 
I- corner Main and Pike streets, a new Bakery mid 
Confectionary Store. He is prepared to furnish Wed- 
ding Parties, &.C., with Cakes and Confectionaries ol 
every description to suit purchasers. Call and see my 

stock. (marl lv) FRANCIS FALK. 


J EWELRY — Breastpins. Finger* rings, Gold Pens. Gold 
and .Silver double and single case Patent-Lever 
Watches; Cuff-pins, Silver Pen-lio'dersjGold Shirt Hut-; 
tons. Silver Thimbles: fine Steel Tweezers. Also Wade 
Bu cher’' and other Razors, best Needles. Shell Buffa- 
lo and India-rubber Tuck, Side, Puff", and Head Comb*;) 
a sujx-t ior lot of Fine-tooth, Redding and Pocket Combs; 
fine Hair, Clo:lie, and Tooth Brushes. Also fiue Oils and , 
! . emery f h lver, dkI fincToi!e» nnd Shaving Sor p« i 

Osage Orange Hedging, 

H EDGES set and trimmed until a perfect Fence i, 
made, on the most reasonable terms aud at the sbort- 
; est notice. 

I] V A tine lot of Osage Orange Plants for sale. 

(L/-A1I orders addressed lo me, at Cvnthiana, K_v., will 
he promptly attended to. 

mar£2 ly LEVI LOHING. 


I IN SEED Oil, Turpentine, IV hite J.ead, Zinc M hit. 
i White Varnish Ac., for sal 


ENERAL assortment of Ready-made Clothing of 
l he latest Styles; also Black Cassimer, Wool, and 




s ® the . , 

Panama Hats and Boots and Shoes, just received and for 
sale che ap hy ap5 J. W. McINTOSH, 

]tl:i nlles. 

P LAIN and Embroidered white and hlaclt silk Mantles, 
Lace Points, Scarfs, and Mantles in great vaiietv for 
sale by ap5 J. W. McINTOSH. 

T I'imiiiEnps. 

AROKIof new and desirahh Dress Trimmlnes ; ala. 
a iap-e lot of Bonnet and Sash Ribbons for.-ale hy 



C A WEBSTER. | at low prices by 

[marl ] 


i.i j 31 



g v al variety al 


epl with sLch good- 

mar 1 

all for 

sale cle 

■ap hv 



5 -tmenl of S: iple D y Goods of good quality, 

J   jest received and for sale lo 7 bv 
mv31 C- A. WEBSTER. 

The Kentucky age, 1856-10-07

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Cynthiana, Ky., Kentucky by F.L. McChesney
   Harrison County (The Bluegrass Region)