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date (1903-04-10) topic_African_American topic_Church_Faith_and_Free_Thought newspaper_issue 

10 i9oa. 

And|OIOf lets I o 


My gr-wta« tolb or olden il»* , 
My sr*«lo« tar early news, 

My growing •P*"»» "  '  ?— ' 
My srowmg io». ol easy shoe*, 

Mr g rowhsg bet. of crow*, and «oi», 
Mygrowieg frarof l. -'" 

I '« growiug 'eud.r o* my staff, 

I'm ivN dimmer »■ «•• -J"- 
I'M growing UluUr la my laugh, 

1 1 m gro rleg deeper iu Ml sighey 
I'M a.owrog careless of my drees. 

I'm grww M tnsg.1 Witt -7 «»W. 
I - graeleg WW. I'm nrewing-y.*, 

"Pet gruwtug old." 
T ops* for lee years who** rmpJd flight 

My ssashor ■«■• too sadly sings' 
Thank* for ib* f too* of goMou light 

Thst not loo darkness of their wlsajs— 
To. light ikot bMM flow out the iky 

rhoo* MOVOOl. omooIom to OBfOld, 
Wb-r. oU or. blest, sad muo My  l|b 

aptistm ukM snmber Are, a failure 
■oolr' ho member* for eovetoae- 

.*mm, ihi bMM* ata iu ifcv latafugf u/- 

o ih. oooot of ChriM 
blador sad ro. 
• Of the church 
Ml Ihl. .lo, sad yet. It la a notoriou. 
loci. ooMooj if ever, w* hear of o Rapt lot 

oool efssotively with tbi. olee. of cborob 

lied to rebuke. In their 
, they agree to relig- 


*«(* o faithful evangelical ministry, and 
to wurh for toe culture mad develop- 
ment of tha entire community , both -by 
giving and aliening. 
I b.llov. Id the "groat (iron' a* wall 
i too "great Koora," both wr* necessary 

poaalbie lo bore and ma 
Id a community without 
foroement oi tba rules of too church, 
failure to support tb* variou* euterprlaea 
of tbo obarob tor mutual growth and de- 
paeent, is a sofaslnnt cause for tbe 
church to with-bold iU rlgbU and prt\ I- 

vhuroh vita impunity, but on tbo con- 
trary be .hould b. impesered at tbo be- 
Kiuiilug tbal every disobedient wiU be 
to|low id by sure cod certain penally, 
speedily ood wilboat heaiUucy, if he 
dliera* wltiffi. oaVrob loTu a^mTriTrtriT 

Thla and Tlint I »t tbo church'* me ni l »rahip thla now 
' roll waa ordered by the ao -called pas- 
tor and deacons alone and tha) church 
»uo*.ild"Tni.and rhefagalu bad .nothing to do with it. The pestoi 
Well air don't you know all Kentuofy Mid deacon* gave the cho 'eh Ol day. 
baa bad a regular "feast in the wilder- to re enroll and all I bat fail* d to S ai- 
rless " so to apeak; lit viewing, from the Sanaa** ami de».-o|.« have claim, d 
aafe dlatancn, the great battle aa it waa to lawfully exclude them Iran* the 
by tbe American Baptist agaluat fellowship of the church. Now ihey 
„ot Rev.JCeauetly, the Moderator, Mouth- olwiu lo have 116 uieuibero on the uew 
om Nowo end ..there. ' And float you Wl/well tiiey bavedouoeuougb hlufJ- 
know tbo coiioenaua of puldio opinion [ | U g t threatening of the iiioiiiIm r life to 
la that tbe Amerioau Baptist haa wiped | have hud all the member.. Tbuoa they 
very wIdo aap oat of tha whole have on tbo roll thought tb*y ha t it to 
coniulne of thorn all, and did it nicely atrnply bt  .iu*« tbe deacoue and pan- 
too Don't you know, ye« indeed, at tor ordered it. our church rod boat 
timea old "To|. and That" has accused allow, membership oT ftuo and -nice 
4hv American Haptiat of being a little ; they ataiBj only 116 that leave. 8M ao- 
■lacklu Bapllat lallh or Baptist ten- j cocdiog to .heir report thla 
But iu tbla light tbe American j WM a the action of the church we would 
Baptlat haa redeemed h« reel! aud saved | not have word to say /MM w e cannot 
tne old Haptiat ahl|  aud every body la , surrender ainiply lo the order of pastor 
crying, "Hurrah for tbo Amort ■■— ateaa^ajaj, Ae lheref«re ami. the 
Bapti.i! Mho fired one volley after | public u. kuo^ M at we hold our 
another iuto the .hip ti pon which Rr-v. ' gro. i.d an the church hIiiin. we are I? 
Kenni'ly and othera were sailing, and 1I!S j«rhy |,y a large i.un.b r, and i 
eaulp. The..ip uiauned by .' do uol leel rturael»ea- e*ohjth d"al all 
■tne American Baptist did uot get a | t baa not been done by the church, 
acratb. Hurrah (or tba Ani«rlcm - 

il bit ,l om" again. "Old Tuts 
and That" baa been trying to bead off 

with It la tbo right and in the wrong, 
— wonting to gat bar right when the la ia 
tbo wrong— using bio right* and privi- 
lege* aa a member, should be fall to con- 
vince tbo church and feel atlll aggrtlvod 
hi* next manly course ia to gat hi* latter 
and go where can »err* God and be aor- 
tal. To do otherwise la little l*ea than 
cmeanneaa. whatever the dltr 
an there la a r*4roo , but to i 
n tbe reek and Uo and purpose 
bo thinks will moot injure tbe 
cans* without being troubled by tbo 
Is aa foolish as If- 1 thought to put my 
hand* lb lira and not be burned. 

abound bo allowed fly off 

tbo bank of brra of Ood if aot lo be eoa- 
doaasd, bat there Is io many plaoa* men 

tr that there la aorip- 

boreetf of at* iarab*r* who wrlfuly do 
aotblag f« tbe oapport of tbo go. pal, 
eorebe le not ia love 

Lar*1«obo»va4. hat on tb* eoalrary, 
ao^ea. ta*y ar, alreoal, o»v«l. Wo. at- 
awl ooa .ag|  or tlag ta^oaaaaoi 
QhAHU fg oft y gomi . raleaiiio that 
a firosa k* 70* ia tbo "gab of b*t*r 
aad tbo bawdaof la^salty M - sHlil aa 

tbo oburab. If he can pro»* 
a wast, or an an wise use of tbo fund*, 

uidM* - - .'r the pr**^» « 
good member of the church will thank 
him for hie aervVoea, but to oast an 
elon; roll up bla efflbvo* and make 
ly chargoaagalnatthe loading in 

boaaaat tba glvar  pot held raaponai- 
bla tar tba wlaa uaa of funds, ba 

wise Ujdiciog* brethren of tbo church 
of which bo ia aa bumble member. 

remlea are poworleoo in tba c 
ty for aopp r oonl n g crime. 


Baptist Convention will 
bo held tbia year down oa tbe Atlantic 
Ooast-at Savaoaaab, Oa., la tbo beaut- 
iful asoatb of May- 

iff ere many advantages ao 
a Oon vent ion City, and certainly no more 
attraotlre a place could have Deem .elect- 
ed for bobUng ao las aortas* a meeting. 

only load leading oat of Lonlsvllle on IU 
own rails directly Into Savannah and of- 
fera tba choice of routes; either via   hat- 
tanooge and Atlanta or via KacotvlUe 
aad Aabvillo, through heart of tbe beaa- 
tlfal "Land at tb* Uky" country. 

oaotoa lb. Southern Railway 
rate of Malt Fafo, pans ft* 
oao 1., for the round trip, this making 

rate* will be made from all other point* 
is Boa thorn Railway and oa oonaoct- 
hag line*, nad exoarstoatwU from tb* 
Western aad Northern part of Kanntuoky 

lo oa Ma, 41b to 7tb lnelaarve : 
lib retara I'saii of May **h, which can 
o site*axt) to June 1st anon arrival at 
Sawaaaak by pay law M —at* a d aM hr a al ' 
Special sieaplog oar* aad flrateaaos 

fb davaaaab whenever there is a aam- 
eieaf aoasbor ta loatlfp this aud every 

curatonUisby ooespetset paas«eger renrt 


Ifyou wsfSlakaaf of atteadiag fa* 
ootia*. advata a.arast ftontbofn Raft* 

aad other awaaaaanaajia made, «r 
dreaa C. H.Masg reread, Orstrk)t r*aa«en- 


hut simply by toe paator aud deacons, 
therefore aaoue or the church I feel 
myself wrong nliy dealt with and 
want the public to know that I have 
not been 1 xcluetd by my church 
either am I under any charge of any 

32 years, but they will persist in tbelr 
ray but I tbink tbe drubbing that they 
at wiU And them enjoying good 
health. They did aay thoy were going 
organise an other Missionary Con- 
▼a ition, 'This and That" told them at 
the Conforenao that they w*r* going at 
akeneok .ate. but on they went un- 
tirthe American Baptlat called them j v «ara and I am 
to a bait, then It was their ship was . that thla is dona from a standpoint 
rank* Dr. Kennedy was seen adjust- reV euge more than from any tblng 
log the lUe-aaver about himself aud ' ■ 

chapel on tbe uigbt of Anrll 23rd. 

The lecture on tbe Sunday-achool 
lesson last Friday morning was a real 
treat to all wbo beard It. 

In this matter 1 trope it win be re- 
meml.ert .1 that the moderator of that 
meeting desonn Hajdrn is rue smoog 

the leader* of that faction ti at stood ' du, y mentioned aad some mony is on 
excluded from this church for about 4* * or Missionary Kennedy. But be 
doea not visit us. 

Htate Mission Day last Sunday was 

leap over board aud oommenoe swim- 
ming for life to the Baptlat ship 

Again old "This aud That" saw. 
thinks ha aaw and order In soma par. 
which read* thus, "Tbo ufftoero of the 
Baptlat Women's KduoaUoual Conven- 

ing to show cause why t 
ahoutai nut ao Mission work, or m 
to that effect. Now from tbe view old 
"This and That" take of it those words 
are quite dictatorial to aay tbe leai 
They sound like woids ooming from 
civil or criminal court. Thev Bound 
like woids from a Methodist Confer- 

1. They look sa if they wore 
ed by a Bishop, but tboao 

sated little buggers will have to 
look to .he Lord aud be dismissed 
wo are going to have no prelates la 
Baptist eb. did you hear about Itf Let 
well enough aloue, old "Tbla and That" 
Is not oppo-ad to misalous, uo, no, but 
This and That" will take an oath on 

point of view and with a very few ex- 
ceptions tboro baa not beau any mis- 
sion*, f work done iu Kentucky for 32 
a, aud old "This and That' 
can prove It. Why Mr. Editor, wait 
a minute, did you ever hoar of haul 
going out an a missionary tour Just to 
sea how much money be could collect ? 
Again when he reported did be tell 

many souls were converted, wbloh? 
Answer. There is uo mission work 
gulngou in Kentucky aud old "This 
and That" don't liice It, he is mad 
about it. If you can fiiud a missionary 
that can tell bow he went into tbe out- 
of- way plaesa and bad a revival and 
Cod wonderfully blessed his labors 
with so many souls and that the Bap- 
' Bag was planted there and wbiie 
raa down In the well of salvation 
drawing the Water of life the Hoard 
should bold tba rope, you would sea 
tbe paaplo crawllug on thalr knees to 

old "This and That" knows that 
ia or waa the kind of missions that . 

once. What- haa become of it 7 Aa- ^ wo may expect models of 

- , ' ■ 

TMaTrae Be pwrt of Ihe t lav, »• 

port stating that, 1 with 
other* have boon excluded from tbo 
Clay Street Baptist churohSbalbyvillo 

1 In tha case Tb* 
Clay ****** BaptUt church ba* never 
at any ilraa ordered a new roll to be 
ado ot her membership 
i bvrwMfVeabs* of this roll business 
«rew outaf a meeUfif that waa bold 
alone aud they propos- 
ed a plan to **v. R.T. H. tTman that 
iponalbie for th  

Notice— Tbe fact that tbo Alumni of 
Siale University will have its banquet 
ball this year makes it neneasary 
member* to pay dues promptly. 

 mo le , The Alumni Aaaoclatlou of State Uol- 
obey them they muet go further tuau fhrslty will meet in tbe cbnpel ot the 

In 0 nclnsioa I will say that We tba 
Me atlll propose to stea d attH aud 
the salvation of Ood aud If tha pastor 

tbe Baptists of Clay Street church, 
This article Is tbe sentiment of MS 

Yours for i:hrt*t. 

1. l^AMfKiNd. 

Our campus looks beautiful with its 
greon carpet of grass aud beau If ul build 
ing painted red with green blluda. The 
place ia a perfect picture except .or 
tbe Irregular old plank fence. 

Dr. Puree will apeak next Monday 
night 011 miaalous at the Fifth Street 
church by apecial requoel of Mrs. j. B. 

Tbe Smiley Mission will hold Its au- 
lual ertertaiument lu the chapel Thurs- 
day eveuiug, April stKh. 
re Invited; Admission five e«ut* 

The churches and Sunday * 
around imulsvllle have reeponded 
nicely to tbe appeals made a few woefca 
ago. Tbe InrlwHl soon be prlule*. 

Wo hope our rally on the third Sul- 
day in April will be promptly respond- 
ed to by tbe churches and uuuday. 
schools all over the state. The money 
is badly need to meet obligations made 
last fall to Improve the property. Bat 
aiuce tbe email pex olnetd us up tbroa 
weeks we had t   put off our March ral- 
ly aud iu has put us behind with oar 
creditors. Let all frieuda help 

Dr. Puree preached lent Suadsy iu 
for Dr. Manuel. He re* 
ytlme with Dr. " 
and bis good people. 

and are now on the borne run. 

Tbe young ladlea are taught lu phys- 
ical eulture every Wednesday night, 

Our revival laet, week h v »s oeriaiuly 
proeuoed soma wouderful chant 
The Lord grant the seasons always. 

Mr. O. P. Sabroe preached a vary ao- 

iptable sermon for Berean last I 
day morning 

teres n will celebrate ton bord* 

Tbe white wash brushes will 

fences. W* wW» wecouid Inspire tba 
oburahea mm friends to give money 
enough to put our fences In first class 

The oluba arena, king every effort 
poaalbie to so eoeed in tbelr rally ou tba 
Sunday m April, 
every friend of tbe University 
tbl* Rally a* tbo 
us greet damage. 

TbeAluronlAseoeletrou bad a tuc- 
ceaafui bnaiueaa meeting in chapel 
Monday night arranging fot . Oe - 

Tbo Udleo .beard will he' 

Dhiverslty on the following Mondays 
April 6- h; May *th and 11th. It waa 

'That all 

with decrees wear 


The Louisiana Pure base Hx position 
(the World's Fair) will commemorate 
the centennial of tbe purchase of tb* 
great Loalsana Teiriioiy by tbe United 
State* from France, and will be by far 

caps, gowue wttn horets, a., oiu. r grau- 
nates wear capo and cowns. Arauai 
dues 60 ooaU. Annual banquet at 
Odd Pellews' Hall. 

Rbv W. h. ckaiohbad 

rill conduct New Bra Institute* at 
tbe following time* and place* and urge 
a large attendance upon tbe part of tbe 
ObriMlan workera: 
7 Pranklln, " April 8-10 


CJtystf St. Louis appropriated 
( 000 and cititeas of St. Louis 

Mala group of World's Pair I 
arrange J la tbe form of a fan. 

00 the fjraud Avenue at tbT nmaUet 1 

The administration of affairs oil tba 
.position 1. In tbe hand* of n.aety- 

Important f sat urea will be: Tbe air- 
ship tournament, io which prises to   tb 
amounts of f 1*0, lit will be awarded ; 
series at lateraatiaaal ooagrsojti, in 

character and good reputation In each 
atatefouela thai county required) to 
represent and ad vert lea old established 
Ithy buaiaass boose of ooitd Aaaa- 

Co.. 534 Dear bora at., Chioago. 

I get sa many letters from my obi 
ooa* about preserving eggs, that 1 wUl 
Dsw*r them through your paper. 1 
tarted IBM with $36. bought eggs at 8 
to 10 cents fa summer, p r ese r ved them 
and sold In winter at 26 to to cents a 
doaen . I preserved egg* U years sad 
made fSO.Obu. My niece • tor tad in 18at, 
with $10. wbloh she reinvested each 
year, with (ha proflta and now she baa 
$18,Mfl, all made from $10, reinvested 
for eight year*. Ton can boy eggs 
f roan 8 to 10 cento aad sail them M  so. 
M; figure the profit yourself. Tf  pre. 
serve UrsatJNBjd a cent a doaen. I 
iwer letters aa I travel, but any pe  

wiU ooTer 1,200 acres of I 
acre* of exhibit space, and will east, ap- 
proximately, $40,000,000,00. 

All Nations, 8 totes, Territories, Prov- 
ince, and Colonies will participate and 
piesent in highly-classified arrange-, 

ent tbe achievement! of model a civili- 
zation In the art*, sciences and Industrie*. 

Dedication of tbe grounds aad build, 
inga Will be bold with fitting oerewony 
April M, 1808, tb* centennial earn verae- 
ry of tb. purchase. Bx e, Mt lsa will 
open one year later. 

Tbe prto* paid for tha LnsjMkjBs Ter- 
ritory was $16,000,000, aad tb* land 

miles, more than donbllng the areaoftbe 

United Bute* at that time. 

Total funda for tbe World's Pate to 

I Gov or 

parts of the world will pertlclpat*; tbo 
great horse show upon faahlonabl* lines 
tbe dairy test ; tbe athletb) srsnt* ate. 

will be nearly twice aa targe as any 
former eiposiitoa, and will *%ew tbe 
life aud actlrity of tb* natl*a* of tba 


venUoa of -''-gitaTI sjaf-r-^rr **" 
Govsmors of Utetes aad Terrltortea 


Railway la tad 


A at. L»al* 
law fan* 
**d Keatnoby 


Ma*., Wmaujw's Son 

of mothers for tbelr   
lag with perfect a 
child, *ort*a* tbe gi 
curve wind colic, 1 
for Diarrboaa. It* 






fro n»ra. Sr., Lrn-wiLis, Kv 

meat will almost invariably (ail 
when it comes in touch with a man's 
p  cket book. 

The General Baptist Foreign 
Mission of Texas will meet in Aus- 

President Roosevelt is now en 

FRIDAY. APRIL 10, 1903. 

In the discussion of the race 
question many of the southern 
papers take special delight in put- 
ting foward the fear of Negro domi- 
nation and social equality as the 
basis of their hostility to according 
the Negro equal civil and political 
rights under the law. No sane man 
white 01 black believes any such 
nonsense and the Commercial-Ap- 
peal of Memphis a strong Demo- 
cratic journal knocks the bottom 
out of the social equality bug-bear 
in these words. "As a matter of 
fact, there is no such thing as social 
equality on the face of the earth. 
There is not among the members 
of the colored race, and there is not 
among' the members of the white 
race, or the red race, or the   ellow 
race, or the brown race. As Pope 
puts it: "Some are and must be 

Among other items of a three 
years pastorate of one of the white 
Baptist churches of this city appear 
3.018 pastoral visits. Tnis recalls 
the fact that at a meeting of colored 
Baptist pastors not long since it 
.vas discovered that only a very few 
 f those present made any pastoral 
visits at all. It is evident that the 
matter of making purely pastoral 
calls like tinny other kinds of relig- 
work or services is growing in- 
to disfavor and consequently tbt 
work ol the Master i? r taid^d and 
embarrassed. There needs to be a 
rn to the old land unrks in this 
particular and we are sure that 
would result in the spiritual gro'vtl. 
of the churches. 

This is the true cont ention aud ii 

the south could be 
from th«- 
ot »he question it could 
easily aud satisfactorily ad- 

It is certainly very gratifying to 
note the deep and growing interest 
which the good people of this city 
are showing in the movement te 
suppress vice and crime and to im- 
prove the condition of our people 
in this city. The meetings are biing 
well attended and the good people 
are deeply concerned in the move* 
meat. Men of every calling are be- 
ing aroused as never before and 
great good is being done. Public 
sentiment is being aroused and 
beads of families are seeing the 
problem in a new light and are 
allying themselves with the work of 
saving the young people and point- 
ing them to highei ideals of life. 
ThU work appeals to every mm 
who wants to see the best citizen- 
ship developed and he sbolud not 
be slow in placing himself where 
hi* influence for good will be felt. 
The Law and Order Alliance is a 
long felt want and offers a grand 
opportunity for tee united eflort of 
all good citizens in improving con- 
eof this 

It is all right to patronize Negro 
business enterprises and no reason- 
able man can object to this being 
done under just and equitable busi- 
new principles, bnt members of the 

with the 

pl..y men of that race regularly 
when they could employ colored 
men of equal ability at the same 
price are hardly proper champ.ons 
for those principles. The disposi 
tion to patronise Negroes in busi- 
ness is growing every day and under 
proper conditions it will be a source 
of gnat benefit to the race but it 
will hardly ewer be wise and neces- 
sary for every Negro to spend every 
cat he earns with members of the V 
race whether it is to his personal Bot 


The custome of opening caskeU 
at our ciiuicucs r... tuner Ji BtfirStaSfe 
after tho sk vices hive been held, 
ouhgt to be stepped. There is r.  
argument in its favor worth consid- 
ering It is putting the dead bud 
'es of loved onviS ou exhibition It 
is an invitation to curiosity set ken- 
to come and take a petp N;nt 
tenths i'f the throng that mnrckc* 
iround the open casket c ire n ith- 
tng about the departed, and often 
times a large proportion of it had 
never seep the departed durine life. 
The people who care anything about 
persons who pass away will go to 
the home and see them ?f they wish 
to look upon them as they lay clasp- 
ed in death's icy arms. The ser- 
vices at a funeral are always, or at 
least ought to be solemn. The in- 
fluences axerted upon the living 
should be solemnized, and the peo- 
ple should be sent away in a deep- 
ly meditative mood. Marching 
around the room to view the body 
after the services have been held 
destroys the solemnity of the oc- 
cision, and turns it into mere 
sightseeing. This custom in Au- 

Dr. Crusj has been inducted into tiu 
ffice as Collector at Charleston, S. j 
C.but not without 1 tinal effort be- 
ing mvle to prevent it through gaged in his long We 
proceeding in the Courts. These j s being 

proceedings were suggested by the 1 

I Mayor of Charleston alleging that 
' it was c mtrury t   law for the 
Collector to servj before being 
confirmed . by th.s Senate and the 
corporation counsel looked into it 
Th:s of coursa f.iileJ an I Oc Crum 
now in lull charge of afftirs. This 
no time for hoisting and public 
dt'u:onstrations of approval but it is 
t j be hoped that the principle of 
recognizing worth and capacity 
ithout regard to the color of the 
possessor has gained a substantial 
victory by this courageous act c f the 
President in appointing Dr. Crum 
over the protests based entirely 
upon color that reason. 

A neat programme of exercises of 
the coming session of the first Dis- 
trict Sunday School Conventioi 
Pembroke Ky. May 21 24 has been 

Dont forget to raise the collection 
next Sunday for the Foreign Mis- 
sion work and send it to Rev. L. G. 
Jordan D. D. Corresponding Secre- 
tary, No. 718 W. Walnut Street 
Louisville Ky. 

Rev. R B. Butler Missionary for 
the Eastern District will conduct a 
New Era Institute in Richmend Ky. 
next Wednesday, Thursday, and 
Friday. A full attendance of pastors 
and Christian workers in that vicin- 
ity is urged. 

—The "Courier Journal" says that 
it is not consistent for a preacher 
who hunts and fishes for pleasure 
to have anything to say about wom- 
en who wear dead birds on their 
h ts- 

The Colored American was eleven 
years old with its last issue aud it 
is as bright andgav as a boy with 
nis first pair of new breeches. Here 
is our hand I 
tne Colored 
Mppy returns. 

Rev. V. Brents. Pastor of Bland 
St Caurch cf this City who has con- 
sented to give part of his time to the 

* r. frm B tptiiit Cto;.:. 

publicly installed the third Sunday 
m April with appropriate services. 

S atcs Attorney General Webb 
f California has rendered an offi- 
cial opinion declaring the use of the 
Bibl 9 in the puLlic schools in that 
state as unconstitutional Not only 
may teachers not use scriptures as 
a text-book, but they may not even 
read from them, as is the custom 
frequently at the opening 

Rev. W O. Harper D. D. the 
popular pastor of the First Baptist 
church Winchester Ky. has been 
called to the pastorate of the Zion 
Baptist church Dayton Ohio and 
we are advised that be has accepted 
the same. Dr. Harper has m 
many friends in this state who 
regret his leaving. 


It has been quite a while since 
we have spoken through the col- 
umns of the American Baptist . Ow- 
ing to the fact that the demand? 
(rom the field have been so very 
urgent we have bot had the time to 
keep up the correspondance through 
the various Baptist organs in which 
we have been so deeply intersted. 

The Lord has wonderfully blessed 
our lab  rs.|We have been conductnig 
a series ol gospel meetings in a por 
tion ol the Northern states this quar- 
ter. We spent ten days with Dr. J. 
D. Rouse of Evansville Indiana, and 
Brother G. W. Dorsey and Rev. 
Ferguson of the same pla«. We re- 
gretted very much that circumstan- 
ces over which we had no control 
prevented me from being with Dr. 
Anderson and his good people. We 
note just here that R.vs. Rouse and 
Anderson who have been pastors in 
the city for twenty years have so 
endeared temselves into the bean o  
their flocks and members of their 
congregations until they have be- 
come "living epistles" Rev Ferger 
son. an earnest and energetic young 
man needs to be congratulated upon 
the growth and development of his 
c. He is preparing to build a 
new church. We bespeak for him a 
brighfluture. The Bapii r j ul thy 

To have success, pastors should 
net see* to drive their flocks, but 
lead them kindly, cultivate patience 
keep a sweet temper, talk in the 
same tone of »oice that you would 
emancipation an 1 the people have | I'ke for them to talk to you, speak 
got en into it without thinking of to them aft yon would have them 
ts impropriety, When they come »pe«k to you. This is the advice of 
to think ol the cus'o.n ii its prop- the Star of Zion, and is that which 
light, they will break it up If j every preacher should learn.-Tbe 
you want* to make a show for cur 
ious people of loved ones when 

dead, you will want to keep op the j Education is indispensable for the 
custom, but if you do not, then yon pl a in reason that it is criminal for 
will not allow the casket to be U s to depend upon others to do our 
opened at the church after the fun- 'thinking for 08. Every man most 
eral services have been held.-Ti!3 think in his own way; for on his 
Borgia baptist. j 0 wn pathway he always finds a 

truth or a measure of * 

NOTICE! j ia helpful to bim in his life; oniy be 

| must follow bis own bent without 

The members of the Executive 
Board of the South District Sunday- u fo,,ow 

school Convention are requested to nr * b * 8een ' * m *°- For th " P ur P°»« 
be in Perryville Ky.. April . 7 th of correct thinking sod self-cootrol. 
1903. and it behooves each mem- be must of necessity be edocated.— 
ber to be present as we have busi- The clarion. 
oess of vast importance to be trans- 

^ «„. Lizzie J. UM Pre. 'j^ ^.T'J^l^ 
the valor and bravery of her sol- 
diers in the civil war (1861-65) was 
LetyourreHiiliDbe-e^. L-mptdo dedicated on the Shilcq (Tenn) 
but thei it* shift. A HgM* battle-fieli with interesting 
k^ MB .,dno.irui n , ltta.u,,or,n B ; mooiM 5ast Monday.Gov. Durbin 

*•» ?ar ov»r ih» w«Ura H* frlm-Hy . . . , 

«... by tha mariBer.-Tiw If"?!*!. 

3i. Isaac Fisher Sec. 

What a pitiable sight it is to set 
a strong, vigoroos, well edocated 
young man, in this age of opportu- 
nity such as thi world has never 
before, sitting around wasting 
his precious years, throwing away 
to b e 


an an opportunity which is big e- 
nough to watch his ambition or his 


in Dry Goods, Notions and Millinery. 
Skirts, Walking Skirts, Shirts and Shkt- waists made to order. 

Abel Brothers Supply Company, 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Badges, Buttons, College and So- I 
ciety Pins. Prices and Samples furnished all Lodges and Societies. 
Good Agents wanted. Write or call at once. 

1024 W. WALNUT ST. 



St Louii, M )., hu ffice la this city? Ne, Well it ha* 
aad his Inaugurated • Subordinate A»»embl,, nad also ite 


Tht attend. og phyiiuUa la Dr. B. D. 1 
'Phone 5014. The S 

program will be rendered by the 
•loir. Mrs. J. T. Briggs Soloist 
At 3:00 p. m. there will be given 
i Easter Song Service by 
children of the Sunday School, and 
an address will be delivered dy Miss 
N. H. Burroughs on Africa. The 
public are cordially invited to at- 
tend tbese services. 

Rebeccas Triumph" will be 
rendered at Odd Fellows' Hall, 
Thursday evening April 30th, for 
the benefit of Youngs Chapel. Ad 
issioo 1 5 cents. 

Rev. G. F. Watson will preach 
this evening at the Broadway A M. 
E z- church, 13th and Broadway 
to the Golden Link Club. The pub 

MraSaUieWare,of 501 
ton st. desires to thank the 

of Star of Esther, Temple 

Tic is invite 

The Rally for the New Church 

*tate of Indiana seem to be wide 
awake. They say that there shall 

not be one stone in their work left ■* be held at the Lampton 

unturned. We found the Baptists of * c &urch next Sunday when Rev. 
Illinois were especially in the j A ; E Edwards of Green vUle Miss, 
southern oart of the state putting 

No. 30 

No. 1. and other 
friends for careful attention, low- 
ers etc. daring her ill oess. She is 
now steadily improving. 

Mrs. Sallie Milliken wife of Mr. 
M. V. Milliken, died at the resi- 
dence No. 606 W Kentucky street 
Thursday April 2nd after a linger- 
ing illness. The funeral was 
conducted st the Emmanuel Bap 
tist church last Saturday afternoon 
by Rev. J. H. Perdue and a large 
number of friends wi 
pay the last tribute of n 

sr memory. 

I nrt farelwj afternoon a V ixj g. 
Men's Council was organized at the 
Broadway A. M: E Z. church 13th 
and Broadway, and the ' 

on new strength. The levivai meet- 
ings this quarter have been very 
encouraging. The Sunday-schools 
and B. Y. P. Us. seem to bid fair 
for great things this year. We have 
been called to Kentucky our native 
state to conduct gospel a 
with a few of our beloved 

this end of the state, we opened 
battle on Satan Sunday April 5th. 
at the Edgefield church, sjj ew miles 
sooth of Pembroke with Rev. S. J. 
Leavel as pastor. We have 19 st 
the altar who desire to know the 
way of salvation. The indications 

1 are good. We have an ap- 

Sunday Rev Leavel s old point and 
the bombardment will be con- 
tinued. We will be in the state 60 
days longer if the Lord is willing 
Any brother needii 
help may address us at 

S. W.Beaaley 

Office removal Albert S. White 
Lawyer and Notary 

ed his office from 414 1 
to his residence 2704 w. 
Phone |f|f. 

The City B. Y. P. U's. will bold 
their monthly mass meeting at Zion 

The Executive Board of the Gen- 
ral Association will hold its regular 
monthly meeting at Calvary church 
next Monday afternoon. 

marriage of Mrs. Katie Smith to 
Mr. Washington Ad kins Wednes- 
day evening April sand at No 764 

Center St 


t Rev. C. C. 

the day. 

en at the residence of Mrs. M 
Bullitt No. 1 5 14 Prenticei 

of State 

are asked to give a liberal patron- 
age to this entertainment, 
ion S cents. 

The M. C. Lilly Co. of Columbus 
O. has made Unity Lodge No 12 F 
and A M a present of a handsome 
set of Masonic Charts which now 
adorn the walls of their Lodge room. 
This gift was secured through 
the efforts of Prof. W. P. Annis 
who is now Master of the Lodge. 

Attorney F. L. McGhee will ad- 
dress the citizens of Louisville next 


be held in this city in July. The 
church should be crowded to hear 
these distinguished representatives 
of the race. All are invited. 

Last Saturday evening the open- 
ing of the Ohio Falls Millinery Co. 
took place at the True Reformers 
Hail, West Walnut Street A 

of ladies « 
who admired the beautiful display of 
set The exhibit was under the 
of Miss Li 

The Sunshine Club of the Can- 
tral Christian church gave a delight- 
ining. of 

ment Club sad s 
at the Womens Industrial dab, 
Went Walnut Street. There 
was an excellent programme ren- 

The second of the Educational 
Campaign meetings of the Board of 
of the B. W. E.Coaven- 
leld at the Ninth Street 
church last Wednesday evening, 
when Rev. R. Reynolds D. D. of' 
La Grange Ky p re ac hed an   

Jas. C. HitgbssChiirman, W. 
Warley; Secretary. J. C. I 

Secretary, Sylvester Cos- 

A Needle Threading will be giv. Jf* Tr *" urer - Marshall Drye. The 
wi.l labor in the work of 
M moral and intellectual 
of the young men of the 


Toe Forum held a largely attend- 
I and interesting meeting at the 
Lampton street church last Suaday 
afternoon. Judge Carnth and Com- 
monwealths Attorney Hoffaker 
were the principal speakers. Short 
addresses were made by Mrs. Lilhe 
Edwards Profs. S. B Taylor and 
A. E. Meyzeek, Mr. W. H. Law- 
son and Rev. C C. Bates. The 
of tiie choir of the chords 
was one of the features of the most, 
ing and a collection of $13.85 was 
giving for organ fund. Tfce meet- 
ing next Sunday afternooa wiB be 
held at the Broadway A. M. E. Z. 

The friends of Mrs. Fannie Wood 
Shipley wife of Mr. Benj. W. Ship- 
ley were shocked at bearing of ber 

She was buried from the Fifth St 
church Tuesday afternoon by Iks' 
Ladies Union Band of w%kh she 
Rev j H 
Frank, D. D.. officiated, assisted 
by Revs. E. P. Marts, D. D. t aad, 

M. f. r " 

friends who deeply sympathise with 
the sorrowing family in their bs* 


A second at 
fountain, 8 syrups ia 1 

top.* - 

$130.00 cash. 
Write Soda Fountain I 


10 1903 

Over-Work Weakens 

Your Kidneys. 

« me blood In your body ptan through 

* tvory throe minutes. 

— The kidneys ere your 
, blood purifiers, they til- 

Kl&ey trouble cause 
smart beau, and makes one feel as though 
they ted heart trouble, because the heart Is 
•var-worklng In pumping thick, kldney- 
| i Moo* Ih f c y gh tJq. sad amriea. 

It used to ho considered that only urinary 
W snttss won to be traced to the kidneys, 
but eow modem science proves that nearly 
•II constitutional diseases have their beguv 
Oteg to kidney trouble. 

ir rou are sick you can make no mistake 
by first doetorlng your kidneys. The mild 
and the eatraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer's 
ftwaaap-Reot, the great kidney remedy U 
soon realised. It stands the highest for tts 
wonderful our is of them ' 
•ad Is sold oa its merits 
by ell druggists in fifty-. 

turn in the same to the Board at 
each 'meeting. 

| Rev. D. W. Seals preached an 

This body met with the Pleasant ( excellent sermom at 8 o'clock P 
Green Baptist church with Rev. J. M to a full house. 

Rev G. W. Reed, the genial 
pastor of the church with his E oorl 
people entertained the member 
the Board ir, first diss stvle 

vited them to hold their n* xt 
meeting with thr-m. Let all the 
Board meet nexl time 
Adjourned to meet again at th» 
same place Monday after the fourth 
Sunday in April 1903 

Rev. G. B. Bush Cairman. 

A. W. Harris Secretary 

Ire*, also pamphlet 
out If you have kidney 01 
Me«tto »Jhypape. w hen writing Dr. Kilmer 

Don't make 
her the n.m. 'Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's 

her the name 'Swamp 
ftsmmp.Root.nd the 
too. W. Y.onevery.h 

B. Winrow in the chair. Prayer 
was offered by Bro. Wheeler. 

Members present : Revs. Winrow 

C. D, Douglas, E. Douglas. John- 
son, Hoffman, Holaway Quarels, 
Higgins, Linsey, Wilson, Price, 
Wheeler, Tilford, Fuller, Brooks; 
Chi mi. Jackson, Reed, A. W. 
Harris, May field, Taylor, Bush, 
Campbell. Mason. 


First church; Sunday-school 210 
collection $1.50 Pastor preached. 
Baptised 18, received into" the 
church 37. Collection $35. 00. 

Main Street, bunday-school 104 
collection $1.50, Pastor preached 
collection $14.00. 

Sunday-school 72 col- 
lect (1. 18. Revs. Quarles and Jack- 
son preached collection $29 86. 

Faulkner, Rev. Taylor 
collection $2.40. 

Willard Street, pastor and Bro. 
Hunt preached collection $1.00. 
Ever Green, Sunday-school 48 

LcuisviLe Normal School 

Offers in- 

Plain Sewing. 
Normal : : 

: : Branches 
Art and L»t- 
\*s by Corres- 

For terms 
apply to 
JAUES f. BHEMS. Prin. 
tqB* ob St. Louisville, Ky. 

& 80N8 

sod Ioei. 

Wm Watson 


H W. cob. Cstr^muT amd 10 an. 

Cases, Shrouds 
. for Funerals. 


528 B.Jacob St. 

Dr. W. H. Pickett, 




»1*0M10P. K. 
ttmtmf.Kr. u. 

WW. Qioeaft*. Dp Stssm 
sei at Bed Crow taiaartum, 



Isfc* of the loUowms; | Subjects: 
■1 nil log. QossaThwrnt, Flowing 
▼.■Hi.llliil — 


19 for baptism 26 additions. Col 
lection 26 98- 

Moxtown, Sunday-school 37 col- 
lection 33 cents. Rev. Lindsay 
preached colleaibn $7.01, 

Pleasant Green, Sunday school 
65 collection 80 cents. Re v. J . B . 
Winrow preached collection $5.25. 

Houston. Sunday-school 22 col- 
lection 40 cents. Pastor preac 
collection $7.78. 

Cadentown, Sunday-school 30 
collection 25 cents. Pastor preach- 
ed collection^. 00 

Liberty. Sunday-school 41 collec- 
tion $1.06. Pastor and Rev. Wi - 
lis preached 20 for the water, will 
baptise next 

Mt. Ohve, Pastor preached col- 

rticr:  ic 

Bracktown. Sunday-school 16 
collection 27 cents. Pastor preach 
ed collection $10.00 

Keene, Sunday-school 27 collec- 
tion 70 cents. Rev. Butler preach- 
ed collection $14.63. 

Becknerville, Sunday-school 35 
collection 42 cento. Pastor preach- 
ed collection $ 12.01. 

White Sulphur, pastor preached 
collection £3.00. 
Lawrenoeburg. Sunday-school 60 
$8.2*. Pastor preached 

$5.25. v , 

Sunday-school 13 
13 cents. Bro. Mason 
preached collection $2.75- 
Rev. Price preached before the 
eeting on the "Grace of God.'. 
Adjourned to meet at Willard St. 
church next Monday morning. 

J. B. Winrow, Mod. 

S. P. You 


The Executive Board of the 
Howard's Creex District Association 
convened in the Willard Street 
Baptist church Lexington Ky. at 2 
• clock P. M. March 30th 1903. with 
following members present: 
Revs: G. B. Bush. I. Fuller. P. H. 
Smith. D. W. Seals. J. W. Chinn, 
B. S. Rowlings, A. W. Harris, and 
Bro. P. Richardson. 

Divine services were conducted 
by Rsf»jf).-W. Seals aod P- 
Smith, after which the chairman of 
the Board stated the object of the 
meeting, and then the Board pro- 


Rev. W. T. Sylvey D. D. of Provi 
denoe Ky. was in the city this week 
He is assisting in a revival in New 

Rev. M. Toomey of Lebanon O. 
was in the city this week en route 
to Nashville Tenn. 

Rev. P. H. Kennedy D. D. Gen 
eral Missionery was in the city this 

Mrs. L. M. Jackson of Shelby 
ville Ky. is in the city. ** 

Mrs. Lee Barficld of Chicago is 
in the city the guest of Mrs. Thorn 
ton Thompson Center St. She is 
returmug from Eiizabethtown Ky. 
where she was called to attend the 
funeral of her mother. 

Rev. and Mrs Geo. W. Ward of 
Covington Ky. was called to the 
city this week to attend the funeral 
of a grand-child. 

Rev. Wm. Johnson of the Ninth 
Street is in Franklin Ky assisting in 
a revival meeting. 

Miss Dora. Abel of No 1224 W 
Madison St. still remains quite ill. 

of Ic- 

will be in the city to 
and will be the guest of Mrs 
Wm. Watson during her stay. 

We have Just closed our revival 
services, and indeed it was a spirit- 
ual shower. For three weeks we 
waged war against "His Satanic 
Majesty," and after the battle was 
ended, we found that vitcory had 
been achieved by an addition to our 
armv of 135, and 126 of that num 
ber for baptism. The local breth 
ren, viz. Revs. L. S. Posev, I. Jor- 
dan and Earles stood by us nobly 
till the last engagement. Our own 
State Missionary, Dr P. H. Ken 
nedy, spent many nights with us, 
and fought hard first as a gen:ral 
and then as a soldier Brethren 
you will do well when thinking of 
your revival services to consult one 
at these brethren named. They 
can give you good service. Rev. L. 
S. Posey now pastoring an Baskett 
Station, will be open for engage- 
We are alive, and striving 
to do our part along denomination- 
ai line*. 

In His Name. 
S. L. M. Francis. 
Henderson, Ry. 

First considered, was the work of 
the District Missionary, which the 
Board approved of as far as it bad 
vledge, with few exceptions. 
Next the mooy collected at the 


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s ani  WBSI 


tt bt Louu — — r: sv* 

Win They Get Seven Thous- 
and Dollars? 

APRIL 19. 190a 


WHAT— A Great XSort f or God aii 

IY WHOM— The KegTo B 

WHEN— On the i 
in April, known as Eas*i 
For our missionaries, In round num. 


You are going to take in th* WORLD'S FAIR at ST LOUIS in 1904. and you can 
not continence to soon too prepare for y our trip— you know that. But what you maybe 
do not know, is that the P l.e*i. •»«»• , He.drr.on * »t. I oil it) H*jr is the 


It is the best line from KENTUCKY points to ST. LOUIS, haying through trains be- | 
Pullman Vestibuled Sleepers on night trains Parlor cars on day trains. A1 

arriving at and departing 
won't be^ 

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, Orrrnsbere. II. n- 
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E. P MARR3, 

217 JAM E ST,, ORJ.W. LEWIS, 2010 1STH. STREET. 

town and St John 1 ! Barbados*, Walk 
Indies, then Is a growing respect for 
the great commission, "Go ye Into all 
the world and preach the Gospel to 
e»ery creature." Th«lr personal Inter- 
est In Dr. Bouey, Dr. Kajol* AgbeW, 

win mTaL ff- 

n H. Fkaxk, Chairman. 
( L. Q. Joapui , 

718 W. W" alnut 8t., LooJ. 
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Washington, Oregon, 
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Big Four Route. 

One Way Colonist Tickets at rvy low 
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four Route," or address 
waattlN y LYNCH, 
• Ttrk^ 

rally on Apt 11 12th, 

The noble leaden In our pulpit*, 
rjhoola, Woman's and Young People's 

00 on Bally Day . Do tola, and 
will put our work In good shape, 
with houses In which our workers may 
Ute and churches in which to worship 
"  each, We call upon all oar lead- 
ers to se* that nothing hinders therm 
from uniting in this great effort for an 
adTance moTement In Foreign VWftk 
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'Love worieth no ill to his neigh- JM* M UMw 
J*V*fc An// « /*/ V 9 

- the law."— Th« law workt only 
good to man, and those whom we 
loye we do not willingly injure. 
This question is sometimes asked 
why Paul speaks here only ol love 

Motto TBXT-'Love worketh 

is the fulfilling of the law ' -Rom. 

therefore t9 all tkeii 
Juts. "—To all men as well at to 
rulers, This is what justice and 
honor demand, and no one can 
claim to be a gentleman much less 
that highest type of a gentleman, 
regenerated man, who does not do 

" Tribute to whom tribute, custom 
to whom custom." — Sandy says that 
the tribute was taxes levied on a 
subject nation, such as the Jews, 
and by custom is meant the taxes 
paid by citizens. "Fear to whom 
fear; honor to whom honor."— Fear 
the powers that be, and honor the 
rulers. Of course, this command 
is controlled by the law of God. 
man must not sin against God's 
law at the bidding of the rulers. 
1 he Christians went to their death 
rather than offer incense to Roman 

Paul is writing from Corinth, 
from which city he was soon going 
to carry t/he alms of the Gentile 
brethren ta t he poor In Judea. Af 
ter bis closely reasoned argument 
iu the first chapters of the epistle, 
be gives practicle advice, as full of 
common sense as of religion, to the 
Roman brethren. All practice must 
be founded on principle, as all flow- 
ers I*"*— have roots. Hence the 
Kicat, strong doctrines come first 

them. The subject on which be is 
treating is our social and political 
duty. Godet says : ' 'Duties to God 
do not belong to justice; the c 
gations which constitute the latter 
therefore found solely in the 
second table of tbe law. which 
which was. so to speak, the civil 
code of the Jewish people. It 

This bedy met Monday morning 
at Green St. church Members pres- 
ent: Revs. Gaddie. Craighead, Per- 
due. Marrs. Bates, Mitchem, Offntt, 
Reynolds, E. W. Reed, Win. Reed, 
Brown. Russell. Alexander, Milton, 
Bowen, Brents, Kennedy, 
Tombs, Hammoos, Watson, 
Jones. Richardson. Lewis. Jacobs. 
Brethren: Weber, Generals, Rob- 
son, Wright. 

Visitors: Revs M Toomey, P 
H. Clark. W. T. Sylvey, W. F. 

Bro. A H. Weber presided and 
Revs. Bowen and Mitchem con- 
ducted devotional services, 
tive form of the commandments, 
Justice does not require the posi- mbvices 
tive doing of good, but only the ab- Green S*-. Sunday-school 1 o, 
staining ef doing wrong to others, collection $4.05 Pastor preached. 
Love is spoken of here as only the One »V haptism and one by relation 
•ans and the pledge of the fulfill- Election $24 00 
nt of justice Fifth St., Sunday school 2 3 3. col- 

.... ^ ! lection $6.79 Pastor and Rev. R 

'And that, knowing the time, 

that now it is high time to awak 
out o/a sleep."— Having told them 
Life is short, Chris- 
tians have no time to lose. They 
must wake to then responsibility 
to God and to men. While they 
were estranged from God and ene- 
mies to him, they were as in a 

" This chapter treats mainly ol our 
poll tea I duties," as Hodge says: 
First Paul enforces the duties due 
to civil magistrates, and then 10 
obligations in view of their civil 
and social relations generally. Here 
Christians find their duties as citi- 
zens laid down and enforced, 
There never was a time when study 
of this chapter was more needed. 

"Owe no man anything but H 
love one another."— Discharge all 
your obligation in every relation of 
life. Bnt do your best, and yon 
cannot discharge tbe obligation of 
love. We will always owe that 
The more active love is, the more 
it finds to do, its debt is undying. 
In those days, when love is dying 
oat ol so- many of the relations of 
hie, we need to be reminded of 
these f-cts. The love of employ- 
ers and employees is about dead. 
Contrast the feeling of old servants 

with the feeling between labor and 
capital! In so many of our public 
relation we need to be reminded of 

duties without love. Love is the 
root from which obedience of the 
law springs. He who loves God 
will strive to please and glorify him, 
a his utmost to keep his 
Any love which 
prove itself thus is not 
love but lip service, whether it 
love to God ot men. 

The apostle proceeds to prove 
his statement that love is feifilling 
e of the 
as illustrations. 
They an taken from the 
tab is of the duties to onr fellow- 

ference in every pleasing way to 

which Rev. C. H. Parrish D. D. re- 

sleep. Know they know their re- 
sponsibilities, but the best of them 
need further awakening, 

'For now is the salvation 
than when we believea.' , — P»u\ 
longed to be saved from the body 
this death, to be complete in 
Him. He calls the final freeing 
from sin, from the war in his mem 
bers, which warred with the law in 
his spirit, from the old Adam whose 
presence made it still necessary 
that he should crucify bis flesh. 
That time was soon coming in 

h— it 
they believed. 

" The night is far spent, the day 
is at hand." — The time of th 

warfare was short; the night of life 
will soon ha over, and then comei 
the brightness of the eternal day. 
What matter hardships and crosses 
end is so 

of the work 
their deliverance 
evil world, and 
introduction into the purity and 
blessedness of heaven. Eternity is 
just at hand, is the solemn consid- 
eration Paul urges on his readers as 
a 11. otive for devotion and deliver- 
'Let us therefore caU off the 
works qf darkness." — things that 
need to be concealed. Things that 
are not suitable for the perfect day 
All evil deeds are works of darkness. 

Let us put on the armovrof jaitk 
—For our lite is a warfare and 
there is no release ic that war (Eph 

'Le* us walk koneitly, as in the 
day"— The word translated hon- 
estly means properly, decorously, 
as becomes the children of God. 
Walking with a constant sense of 
God's presence about us and his 

H Walker |r. preached, one addi- 
tio by letti r. Collection $40.' 6. 

Zioa, Sunday-school 100, collec- 
tion $3.03. Pastor preached, one re- 
ceived under watchcare. Collection 
$27 5o. 

Calvary. Sunday-school 150, col- 
lection $4 05. Rev. P. H. Clark 
preached, seven received by bap- 
tism, three by relation, four tinder 
watchcare. Collection $50.31. 

Emmanuel. Sunday-school 105, 
collection $1 .59. Pastor and Rev. 
T. F. Blue preached. Nine received 
by baptism, one for baptism. Col- 
lection $48.36. 

Ninth St. Rev. Handy p.eacbed. 
Goose Creek, Pastor preached, 
collection $12.00. 

Bland St., Sunday-school 27 col- 
lection 50 cents. Bro. A. H. Weber 
preached, collection $4.25. 

Lampton St. . Sunday-school 120, 
collection $3.80. Pastor preached, 
one received by baptism, one by 
letter and one restored. Collection 

-SrodaT ^hoo l a ;, e nr 


We have just closed one ol the 
eatest revivals known here for 
any years. Psstor Dennis and 
Rev. D. Warfleld did the preachiug 
and 48 souls were happily convert, 
ed and the church much revived- 
We are alive both financially and 
spiritually, we have raised more 
money this year than ever before 
for the length of time. On the 
st Sunday in May will be Baptiz- 
ing day. 34 or more will be baptised 
in Elkfork. Tbe watchword here 
is, -On to the third Sunday in May" 
' n the seven hundred($7oo.o") 
dollar rally will come off. All the 
men members are going to giv- $5 
each and the female membeis $3 
\ Pray that God will give us 
a good time on that day. 

Yours for 

Elktoa Ky. 

lection 40 cents. Pastor preached, 
collection $8 00. 

Sunday-school 22, col- 
78 cent . Pastor preached. 

72. col- 
lection 90 cents. Pastor preached, 
collection $7.50. 

Newburg, Sunday-school 65 cents 
Pastor and Rev. J Riley preacl 
One for baptism and one restored. 
Collection $10.40. 

jeffersontown , Sunday-school 18 
collection 43 cent* Pastor preached 
collection $14 20. 

Elk Creek. Sunday-school 14 col- 
lection 28 cents Pastor preached, 
one by baptism collection $18,28. 

Fox Run, Sunday-school 28, col- 
lection 51 cents. Pastor preac 
collection $0.51. 

Little Flock, Sunday-school 63. 
collection $1.00. Pastor preached, 

Rev. W. T. Sylvey D. D. was in- 


Louisville National Medical College 

FIFT EENTH T lllt 1 

* x farther Information sad Catslarue address 

W. a. hjumet.  t. p.. mnm, u«utui«. a . 


. * O. S-W. 



To Points id California, Arizona. Texas, 

One Far* Round trip f St Louts 

Exposition. "WORLD'S PAIR," 
April 30th to afar and. 

Tiakata will t» .old April to May In. 

Thirty-fimSaetwwfaat of North Ann 
Saengerbund June 17th to 29th. 

National Association of Master Plumbers, 

May loth-ujnd 
Viar IOW BATKS-Tidkata *a uU M. r tmd 
aad a. aod Ma. II. 10 18. Kioal rat.ra l.aui Jul* IS. 


Urd .ud May 11. to IK 


Tickaa. will ka aoM July Sal lo tut. 


International Convention, United Society 
Christian Endeavor. July 9 to 13. 

Matt, aad d.tat of aal. ..11 bi aaaouacrd 

'Not in rioting and drunkenness, 
in chambering and wa 
not in strife and envytng. 
cover a lar K e part of the sins which 
do so easily beset 

that incite to these or lead 

ust be avoided the children ol 
God. "Pmtyeacntke Lord Jesus 


Rev. j. H. Frank 

We re-ernm 
and publish that alien 11 

of course, onr doty , t0 tne P* rt °* 

to through all these com-  »' ■*»  » 1 

mandmeata as first and most impor. ,owe to God - Those who 
tant. "Tkou skalt love thy ne, £ h- to 04 •» ,n *« muBt «ve n*ar to God 
bor eu thy self. "-That is as you »ovin f Wtn above all things, with 
oe«bt to loveyourselt, and not as »» their sool aiid «rea«th. 
iu your selfishness yon may really 
love. A neighbor whom we really 
love as ourselves we will not kill, VemTJSm 

liure in anv wav a— a l s taaan ... u Dot— a» Atama n s", u s*—. 

! Z . all ^»*ri^a «W ^ ^« *a«Mt»a4VWaa.'' A 

"(inch trouble lor »fa*iss)at»» sw «y a w aii wiasiiiiii]ii«i 
r own, rajok.e as Tsr^'uJZ^^ u£££  V£. 
Utd prosperity *^* *'" ll *r™ mm P ?'" 1 ■* o- f sa n 
• as grisved at m 1£Lv£t?wlZ Z\+ftT j^TTo^ 

Testament order; that tbe aWeeitonof «m umsw ii Odd*,, 

Lord s Supper is administered scrip- — 
turally only to the members of a w« 

New Testament church and th^i *» 

the the Lord's Supper may not be' 
carried to persons absent fa 
assembled church, except 
authority of tbe cbarch of which 
the requesting person 
are members. 
Rev. C. I 

Virginia Aye. Sunday-school 40. 
collection 39 cents Pastor preached 
Green Castle, Sunday-school 22. 
collection 38 cents Pastor preached 
collection $9.39. 


collection 48 cents. Pastor and Bro. 
Donan preached. Two by experi- 
ence and two under watchcare col- 
lection ?7 65. 

Mt. Olive. Pastor preached,   
restored, one by letter, and two 
Collection $15. 18 
the following resolution offered by 
Rev. j H. Frank D. D. led in pi 
e ditriiSBrfTn of "What is con 
Christ." So t^l mzn in looking science* ? and Rev. E. W. Reed was S^OOO "Sew "\Vtid. 
on us twrtl see Cbnat reflected in appointed to lead in the discussion vttraaa* a»* o.n. 

'And make not provts- of 'The Lords Supper' next Moo 
ion /ottkeJUsk, to fulfill tke lusts 
tkerof."-"ti*ke not provision" 
means be not preoccupied. " The 
of the flesh, however inno- 
always be subordinate 

P. O. B. Annual " 

For. ft 
B. fJkO. S 

Gen. Pase. Agt., Cincinnati, O. 

Louisville, B 

)ded in Every Home 





eral Supplies ou bund. An Eiegent White Hearse for use In Funerals of onr 
Young People is now at your command. 

Calls answered Day and Night. Funeral Car and Hacks at leas coat 
than any other Firm in the City. Try the New Finn and be ( 
Oee. lit* A Wnlnait See 

WM. J. SILKMAN. Manager 


•S TOS10 ? ew Dav. 

Wta far. I e mjm* 

American Baptist (Louisville, Ky.), 1903-04-10

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