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date (1919-12-25) newspaper_issue A HOME PAPER 

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$2L00 A YEAR 

EstablUheaiam VoL XLI— No.81 


Editorial Periscope 

_o— o- 

A Merry Christmas to everybody 
and a Happy  few Year to all.. 

You can now buy as much coal M 

rwir poeketbook will permit 

Senator Frelingbuysen, of* New 
Jeriey, chaises tbat the coal strik 
Mttlement plan is sore to vgmlt 
hil^r coal if -carried, oat.' 

Henry James, of LietchfieU, an 
ofil««-b«i4l(»r and«r tht Gov. WUiMA 
administration, has b«en named by 
Gov. Morrow as Sta^ J^ 
Examiner. - 

Louisville Whisky men have been 
hotified that sufficient* tonnage if 
available t(f niove all of the whisky 
"yout of the country befdr^. Jati. 16. 
A ^«al 6f it ft private cellars 
wiH- not' want to be moved^ 

The three hundredth' anniversary 
of 'the Pilgrim Fathers, tentative 
. plans of which have just been an- 
' Qounced In New York, will include 
celebratio^ in England, Holland and 
the United SUtea, apd will continue 
frovi May to Z ee*mber* 1929. 
/ •••• 

Gabriel d'Annunsio is reported to 
^ have abaadeaed HVbne and is now 
on the high seat. 

Traces of the Spfotish steamship 
VaHMUien. which wa» iMt in S«v- 

crew abOMd doriiie a golf 1huTi«an«, 
were found oif Grand Isle by Lieot 
J. J. VOktason, XMted ^aCn fHn^f, 
wte nftoiraed fiem a ■■tyailHi ^ 
pedltfen. The traifes cMWf»ting of a 
board bearing the trtien "Vapor 
^Xalhanen," a fitiae M nwahogany 
steps aikd a keg of iikrH wtee. The 
sunken Axp yt^ kfci^td de«|r.:ili the 

The WUIard Hotel at Madia«Av»le 
has changed han^s, say Hustler. 
J. D. TiMmpaOn has piuiebased U 
from & R.- Palmer. It is understood 
that the consideration runs into the 
thousands and rcpMli has it that the 
transfer was made jfor |2.8,5#0/This 
hotel property is near the L. A ^«. 
station and in one of the best hotel 
prei^ritea ia Wailtem \&«iCM)ty. H 
is Mr. Thompson's plan to convert 
the European Hotel, which he owns, 
the Willard into one iBd he will 
nameroos improvements. The 
dihing room of the Willard Hotel will 
be enlarged and connected with the 
European Hotel iitShg ipom. A 
large semi-circle concrete porch* will 
be buiK to the Willard Hotel. 





Wiri Compare With Anr.St9n Of 
'■ ' ■ ■ the kiad Anywhere la 


The contract for the Dawson work 
has not ^et been let bat iQieeifica- 
tions will^ be modified to reduce the 
estimates and a new letting is set for 
Jan. . The Dawson Cenrtvoetiaa Cf. 
was tbe lev Udder. 

The plans for the big department 
store of the J. H. Anderson Co. on 
the cornel of Main .and Ninth streets 
are now in the hands !of the contrac- 
tors and bids wHi be o»ened-Jan. 12. 

This stone will { e one of the finest 
in the State. There will be nothing 
in Westeni Kentucky to compare 
with it in its completeness and con- 
venience in every rray. It will be 
three stories wtth a frontage e(|ual 
to f ( ur big stores on Main street and 
running back nearly 150 feet on 9th 

There wiU be a passenger deva- 
tor on Ninth street leading to the 
two oppeir floors, the third to befitt- 
ed op for physicians and the oiBoes 
arraaged^ili Mltaa; 

The entxaace ob Main stnet will 
be especially bea«Mf«il. The whole 
front i» a llfT Abew willdo«. .wM\. 
do un at taOx tumet aad a veatibale 
permitting caMemern to walk aroullfl' 
the show M-ipdowB before reaching 
the c^eoittgs to Jhe mrioos departs 
ments. • - 

The ptaos ^ the hands of Mr. 
George W. Crenshaw, the resident 
member of the company, show the 
whole biding to b« a model departs 
ment store, that ougiit to be a cred^ 
to a city-«f '«(|| ^ peopleT 



Offender* are Punithed For Fifing 
Crackers, «nd Other Nelic 
MaUag Maehiaes 



Mr. W. 0. Willis, of Cave -City, 
who has porckased Klrkwood's Drug 
9toM, Shu take chaxfo at onc^ re- 
taining ttUtf B«|^es as his assis- 

Mr. Willis comes bi^y recom- 
mended as a druggist of 26 years' of 
^ueeeaaful experience, a fine citizen 
in every way. He will be warmly 

Mr. George Kirkwood and Mrs. 
Kii'kwood, in leaving the city for 
uicir former home at Madisonville 
will cai^y with them the good wishes 
. f the hosts of friends they-i have 
made here. 

There have been several cases in 
the local city police court for offend- 
ers who have violated the city ordin- 
ance which prohibits the firitig of fire 
crackers or other torpedoes on the 

The majority of the offenders have., 
been boyg who were ignorant of the 
proviaions of the,ordlnai)ce. .'^11 par 
ents should 6ee to K' that tbe^ child- 
ren do noi Mi(4ste t|:ls ordinance, as 
several already havo haj to pay fines 
In the citj' coVt 




'Mast Vindicate The Law Or 
cate In Favor of 




^ F(H f H'QEIIS 



G e aet at Pvlea l  
Lasi Aagast la 




Clarence Diuguid, a young em- 
ploye of the KcmtuiAy Public Bvt- 
vice Company, suffered a bad frac- 
ture of his right ankle and sustain- 
ed other injuries when he fell from 
a pole on Webber streK Monday. 
The pole was so ■ rotten at the 
ground'that it brob« uader Diugnid's 
weight and fell With him. Be was 
taken up uncoaacivus and laterlak- 
en to the Jennie Stuart Hospital 
where his injuries with attended to 
and found to  'e jess svrious than 
were at first supposed. 


News has beim received of the 
marriage in St. Louie Monday night 
of Mrs. Mary UEcie Adams Givens,- 
fermer^^^Us city, to Mr. C. L. 
''^^^mwIBv^^^ business nian of 

Frankfort, Ky.,^ Dec. 23 — Attor- 
'General Dawson apnounred the fol- 
lowing appointments Tuesday: 

W. T. Fowler, Hopkinsville, first 

T. B. McGregor, Frankfort, sec- 
ond assistant. 

Wasihngton, Dec, 24.— Expecta- 
tion of a daellne in retail food prices 
beginning betweeji January 1 and 
March 1, was expressed by Attorney 
General Palmer in a statement sum- 
ming up the efforts of the Govern- 
ment to date in forcing down the 
cost of Irvirg. 

"The cost of living, already under 
coiitrol," said the Attbmey General, 
"can be reduced if every one who 
produces will produce his utmost, if 
those who buy and cohsunit* will save 
and eliminate dirtniaagsnce, aad if 
all honest people will join with the 
department of Justice in stamping 
out prsflteering and Jioarding.*' 

flAtmm C— liag Dewa. 

Ejiplaining that a downward trend 
in nfall food prices ordioarily was 
shown during the first two months 
ef the year, Ur. Vainer said it w«4. 
the hope of the Gevernment "that 
this trend will be accelerated this 
year by the campaign initiated by 
the Gevernment, which is just now 
getting well under way." ~ 

Although statistics cuniDiled an- 
nually by the Government show that 
in previous Tears rettfil food prices 
increa.sed during the fall months, Mr. 
Palmer «wid that "r,inCe Aupust, this 
year, such prices had been maintain- 
ed practically stationary." 

Deal With ProfiU  r». 
Only aince October 22. when ne- 
cessary amendments to the Lever 
food control act were passed, baa it 
been pos.-uble to deal effectively with 
all cases of protHeering and hoard- 

si a 

N^tflBS Ebel nuuMBd allT Ifer. 
Gnhsm Btown C««b«id were mar- 
ried Tuesday- evening at the bride's 
home on Fourteenth street Rev. A. 
R. Kaary ptr forming the cnreriooy. 
'. It waa apoiet home we«Mte^, The 
young couple left on an evening 
train for a brief Sottttsm trip, tba 
bride is the accomplished daughter 
of Mr. aad Mrs. W. R. Hammond. 
The groom is the son of Mr. and Mis. 
S. L. 0bii*«td and is !n busiaess 
wMrUs'iMar. ■'^^ 

aad proMCQioons fRd seiniNa Have 
covered eicb!M*n 8ti|iiia^ it was added. 

Do* ta 6»«ia ation between the 
Gs«reninsnt-'aad vM is— wt s U mer- 
chants assoeiatiena tke statement 
said prevailing profits of clothing had 
been reduced from 5 to fiO per cent 

$50 PER 100 

. £ »OilMl'» FLOOR 




Indianapolis, Dec. 24. — Al ^xand4# 
Howat, j»resident of Kansas 'I'strlel 
(No U) of the United Min  '«9af|Cf 
en of America Tuesday -was  jent'^^ 
Jail here awaiting hearing on a 
charge olj;ontempt of court fer a!  
leged violation of Oe Fedemt ceart 
injuaetion agabst fartherarc 
the strike of coal miners. Viik, 
has been set for next lllonday at Vk 
p  m« 

Howat appeared in F«der^  «:^|Ml 
this morning at the order c' tll«l 
Uaked dtaCea Z istriet Jud^ A S. 
Andsnon. He was mim Jtead oil 
110,009 )M cvided In |b*ni 
ehack en a Xaaaas baidu Judge t.. 
detpoB  IHapp9 sars4 aiiUys foviu 
h«Dd- ttid {MMlkliiy-^altev tv «|t 
temeen ^'---km of cmirt b^r-'' at- 
2 o'cIocA, itmanded the mi«* of- 
ficial te Mil onta he reuebe ) a de/ 
cieien as id the amount ailif Vinf aiP 
bond which will be acceptable. 

Jadjge Anderaon denounceW i^owv 
at for his attitude hi einUMefion wiMl^ 
the eonn'.^ injunction aCBin it th» 
strike and deelaied: 

"Either I have to vindicate vh  (aw 
or Abdicate hi Ham ef Hown^" 




SlaiMieri Pa f pesa s fhtr* 
th« Peseswal lafennatlaa 
Sirielly ( afideatial. 


IMee ef ^7 Had Bee» «b 

Price Before Oa Laeal 

Tobacco n'ached the half century 

ChdHes Logan, Pineville, third as-jing. P»m Octeber 22 to date 179 

siHtatt. I presecutiwtiij hav« h^f.'i 'aytituCed, 

mark on th«- local market Tuesday, 
when a lot of leaf sold by B. B. Brad 
ley, east of the city, brought $50 per 
huncfred pound.*; on tht- loose leaf 
floor of R."lntnd W. D. Coojsir. 

It was the feature of the rather 
liKht sales of the week, after vrtiich 
the sale.'! wi v,. .suspended until Tues- 
day of next week. 

This is the. highest price ever paid 
for tobacco on the Hopkinsville mar- 
ket. It if  a prii'o that has been| 
readied only «ince before in Western 
KentucKf, at Madisonville not long, 

Richard Alexander, of Calhoun, 

census supervisor of the .Second Ken 
tucky district, announces the follow- 
ing list of the census enumerators 
for Christian county, and several 
others will be appointed: 

Chas. W. Lacy. Mrs. A I Jameson, 
Dudley A. Riggs, Robert M. Bro- 
naug^, James E. Stevens, Albert J. 
Cuher George B. Harris, E. W. 
Coleman,. Samuel Lester Cavanah, 
Robert E. Hale, J. D. Capps, Archie 
Presnell, James B. Atkinson, George 
W. Atkinson, Hernado ^Robinson, 


Victim of Pkeunvnla lVhil«  
Visit To Her Sister At 

Mrs. Cornelia E. Pepper, « it. pf^ 
Frank Pepper, of the grocer v 7rtvi 
of Pepper Pepper, diad av i.iir. 
view Tuesday aftemoon 'whil. , a 
visit to her sister. Pneumonif , ..u^^ 
ed her death. Mrs. Pepper was a 
most cstir.iable Christi.Tii Ind.v .vMd a 
great worker in the First, Baptist 
, church of. which she was a membeWv 
She b survived by her hna.b«nri an i 
one son, Veraon Pepper, a y««Ti '~ 
George & Gaines. Jesse Ewi'jam'es ^««' "««tly dtocharged. wh.^ 

Charged With Stealiag CeaL 

Prank Lewis, col., was arrested 
Tuesday on a charge of stealing coal 
from a car and ^sent to jail unf^' r a 
\ «tUDd ef $249. 

W. Stilei. Una B. Castile, Mrs. 
MartiULJ.. Qokb,  n. MoIBe Cac^ 

The census is required everj' ten 
years by the Censtitution af the 
United ftaties and by act of Con- 
gress The date asued for begin- 
ning the 1920 ceneus is  enMary 2, 
hut the "Census Day^ ia tf^nuary 1. 

In cities the p«^pulatioB ennmer- 
tion will be completed in two weeks 
The enumeration of farms will be 
completed in thirty days. The cen- 
suses of manufactuers, mines and 
quarries, oil and gas wells, and for- 
estry and forest products will, as a 
rule be taken by special agents and 
by correspondence, and aot by 
enumerators. The census is the 
means by which the government as- 
certains the increase in the popula- 
tion Slid statistics concerning agri- 
Tulture, and the vital information 
concerning the resources of the na- 

The census in^ries are ckftned 
.^ct of C«ngrieB&. I^j^ iaferniatv  '\ 
inn iioi uu»(cr i.uj- 

ides ia th^ elty. 


I.«nd0n, Dec. 24 — Law ofR- rrs of 
the crmm Jwld a eonsuHafio   vltJv 
French aad B^gian law oiBv-r^ v\-(^. 
regard te the former emperer Csy. 


K is reported the confen-ii.-r n add: 
out a ease against 'htm and frHme t 
an iadictmst. 


Mr. Eli iff: Waters and Mi-*- 
Muude M-Cloud, an eloping coupt-.:. 
from Clarksvillf, reverivejl th«- unatl 
order and came over hcr»? Monday 
and w^e married by Jud^rc rhamp- 
lin. — \ 

Uved as a basis for taxatioii, uyj- can 
it be used to harm any per»on or Ij^ 
p nerty. 

It has noihiag whatever to. da 

with detertion, arrest, pr. tion, 
•r fr.r.-"3 -- of any pr-'f  :?„■ 


The Kentuckian 

» . . , 1 

Pnbliflhed Every lue^iday, Thursday, 
and Saturday Mornings by *{ 


M. McAcham. 


Henehel A. Long. . BaaineaB Managei 

jEitablished as Hopkinaville Coa- 
Mmtive IB 1866. daeetedtd b  
■opkinaville Democnt 1876. Pab-. 
pibed as the South Kenta«ldan 187!  
It 1889. From 1889 to 1918 as Tht 

nfty-TUrd Y«ar of PvUkaUoa 


Pm year by nuul , |2.00 

One year by carrier $2.6u 

■wrter terms at same proportionate 

AdvertioiK Bates on ApplicAtion 

The Test of 



(Owrrlaht.' til* Wa«*ra 

PAp«r Dnloa.) 


AitMwd at tlM Hopldntvill* jPoctof 
Im m Mail Matter of the Seeom 


One legend conceminf the origin 
of the Christmas tree runs that -Mar- 
tin Lather, eoming home one crisp 
starry nipht before ChrbtmBF:, wt.sii- 
ed to convey to his children an idea 
of the beauty of the night, and as he 
stood pondering the thought came to 
him to cat a tn'e and cover It with 
candles — that seemed to him the near 
est likeness he could give thenu 

One Christmas some years ^go the 
h^me of a woman residing iii Phila- 
delpUa caught on fire during the 
night, the inmates being warned of 
their danger by the biMtihg of a 
dog. For^^MVeeal years afterwards 
the animal's mistress made a tite in 
its h'hor, the deeoratioas inpluding 
beefkteak aad toy rats fir the dog's 
eoBsomption and amasement. 

• It is believed that the first histori- 
cal mention of the Christmas tree ih 

fi un 1 in tl notes of a certain 
Strasburg citizen of unknown naiuo, 
mitten ~in tii$ year of 1605. At 
ChriitinaB." he writ^ "they set i, 
lir-trees in the parlors at Stn^burj^^t 
and hang th-?rfun losett rut oul of 
ntai^-«olored paper, apples, sweets, 
and 'gcJd-foi)." . ,   

is not generally Kf own that, be- 
side^AjGhristians, t -t^. n' many 
^thcy- people who keep* Dcttrtiber 25 
as_ a "festival for •.;.Tcrt:;t rcas^s. 
The PersiahA, the Hindus, even the 
E ,'yptians, cio so; and tvcn nnioiiK 
the Arabs the "Brardk'ss Rider" 
move^ About in - (lis^ise, playing 
amusing pranks slid collecting gifts. 

-Th^ celebration of Christmas is 
strangely arratic from a ^eographicai 
standpoint. Thus, in northern Eu 
rope the . Scandinavian people kcr 
it relii^iously,' but their next-do ■■. 
neighbors, the Russians, pay com»^; 
itively littl'.' attention to it, r'«? 
ing their rvoicings for New Y'^ 
Day, and. b':!! more for Easter. 

Gerard Masacy, the bad boy of tbt 
▼tUsge, was expiating the crime ol 
some one who had fired an apple at 
farmer Warner's horse and gig, pre- 
cipitating a runaway. Gerard was 
squirming In the powerful grnsp of 
the oDtrafted and, 
ablasse with pain an ' ix - ' 
smarled most under the i. ai./.iii.nn 
that hHlf a dozen of his comrades at 
a distance w'ere witnesses of his castl- 
gatlon. Nearer 4 y litde Effie Warner onw 
hie true fdend. thongb a sorrowful 
mourner over his constant escapades, 
was sobbing as tboa^ her taoart 
would break. 

The farmer bad snatched up a besi^ 
leather strap and doubled it to rata 
the stinging blows on Gerard's sbool- 
ders. At lenrth he gave Gerard a fling 
and the strui  after him. 

"There, young manl" ho panted. 
There's more In Store for you If yon 
come meddling about my place again." 

"1 could kill youl" Wased out Ger- 
ard In 1^; wild paroxysm of rage. "I 
hate you, and I'll raise a crowd and 
hang  o\i to a tree with this very 
strap !" Hersetzed It as he spokCi Oer- 
ard, gaining: a. grove Just beyond Uie 
farmbonspt' flung himself down, bis 
mind tempcKt tossed with thMights of 
direful revenge. 

"I'll k«^ this strap," h« declared. 
"I'll face that man with U sometime 
when the odds arfl^eqnal." He was ao 
orphan and his life with a distant rel- 
ative had few charms to hold bim ta 
Ru^hvllle. He was In disgrace, he had . 
i)ecn wlilppod publicly ! A gentler spir- 
it came to him as he thougtit of GfTie. 

Hp left Rushvllle that night His 
last act was to indite a rude pencilled 
scrawl to Bffle. "I shall never forget 
yoM," be wrote, "and you have been 
fclad to me like as own sister, b«t 
i win never forgire yonr'fatlMr, I ! 
er threw the apple. Think IH give ; 
away my friends, thongh ! I'm going ' 
away to iumKv m.v living and grow-big 
enough lo somf d8.y make jour father 
pay for di: grn  lng nte." 

Gerard's plane i»t th^ fbtore were 
vagde. ' It aeemed, iiho we^.^that^Ci^- 
,ttine favored the homeieu lad' from 
Oi^ start} T^eu mUee from Tt«jA*ltle ! 
h«! wad Svertaken, hy a 'raah drivipg-l 
sn )ititonir blle; Ilf ioolted pjale^and. 
weakly as he.bailil the ll^tr tfavelef. ' 
"Are you -gelnt firT* ho ta^nired. 
"/.nvwliere iio gef^werti.T'*9W!'»ded 
Geraal. ^^vJ^:^'^. ^ 

ri'U^hli-e yM?^mm^in U five huo- 
dro'l !;!;'" '1 I"' I" t'hicnpo and'unrKQ 

an ■ '. ' ! t ' Mil "till Iff (111- nlic; ; ^ 

Vf|l^.i«ho«igh. but ir i Jib«u«ts° me to   

gft..«ut.of the machine. I'll iwy yaa j 

T^oO'rfrf attend to the .Vsrioois littU^ | 

cfMrfs Tr »r tUe— ye?: and maybe And i; 

you (u'riiier work wlien" wt residi tlie | 

city.".-'};" ■ ■ • . \ 

!!ic iitjrlit find C.i'iii-.-.l sli'pt ort a  M 

Former Ambassador to Turkey 
Says America Should Not Let 
Armenian Allies SJtarve. 

ChEldren Cry for Fletcher's 


Former Ambasea«k r to Turkey 

Leader In Near East Relief. 

If tliey were good euougb to bchl 
and die for us whi-ti \re needed tticlr 
help so sorely, they are good enoii^^li | 
to share some monger liii)i' 
crumbs from our pleuty when they 
hsve nothing, when hundreds of iho;'- 


C«w Should Ba Fed 6» That Greatest 

Possible Amount of Peed Goes 
! to supply Milk. 

.Prepared by tti* United Staxes Depart- 
mMtt' of Agriculture.) 
Maiiy owners of cows are confront* 

sands of them ore homeless, nnclad, , ,^ j^^. ^^^^^^^ Bupplylng- e ». 

foodless and threatened with ezterml- 
ntioQ by their enemies tind onr own. 

Not far from a million Christians 
have' been mordered by their Turkish 
oppressors. Hungry, terror stricken 
hundreds of thousands of refugees 
oow look to the United States for suc- 
cor. •; ' 
Have Trust In Amerlea. 
We cannot refuse. , .Vexfv-to tholi 
faith In Ood is their truiit in- the di» 
interested good will and generosity of 

Domical miIk-])r(Kluciug rations for 
their cows. Under these Conditions 
there is a strong temptation to cut 
down on the amo'inr given to each 
I animal. The total quantity of feed 
must be BUtflcient, and if tbe conceit 
trates are cut down, more aud better 
roughage must be sui^Hed. 

The xisductlon of feed below a cer- 
' tain amount alawys means a reduction 
I in t'lf p.niount ofnnilk 'the cow pro- 
jdu(o.«. Tlure may be exceptional 
j caso^^ where tlie owner Is feeding more 
than is ueccbsary for the maximum 
milk production, but the greatest dan- 
ger iff the other oxtrnme. The cow 
re^tiii'^s a Certain amount of feed tQv 
maintain ber body. The amount -she- 
re  eivea above tlila maintenance rs^lon 
{goes either to meat or milk in^uc- 
tiun. The cow should be fe I so that 
, Ui« greatest possible amount oiC Ised 
goes to actual milk jurodncttoiL 'X 
few simple roles are offered tjo tUs 

. 1. Highly specialized cows, which 
never carry excessive fat and are per 
■sii'tent milkers, being dry only a 
I month , or so, sltould receive all they 
will consume. With such cows econ- 
omy In feeding Is eqaivalent to liberal 
fee ling. . ' ' 

2., With geueral purpose cows, or 
tIioi.-e which tend to beellneaft, the 
lalryman must adjust his feed strict- 
:y to the milk pi-'nluced, or he will 
ind his feed going to:form fat Instead, 
Of miUc. Cows ^qf this n^tore, the' 
I ailk ifiom wl^ch ntnlns abopt 5 ); er 

31m Kind You Have Always Bought, and wUdi lUs bees 
la vas lor over thirQr yedra, has borne the signature of 

and baa been made under his per- 
l^^«^yz. sonal snperrlsion since its infancy. 
/ !c4cA4^ Allow no one to deceive you in this. 
AH Counterfeits, Imitations and ** Jost-as-good " are bat 
Bxperiments that trifle with and eodanfer the health of 
InfantB and Children — ^Experience againat Experiment 

._What i$ CASTORIA ^ 

Castsria is a harmless sabstitttts ftr Oastor OH, PflVgcriCy -jgLh 
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains 
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its 
age is its guarantee. For more than thirtr years it lias 
l een in constant uae for the relief of Constipatiott, Flatulency, , . ~ 
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishness arising^ 
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids 
the assimilation of Food;^ving healthy and natural sleep. 
Tht ChSdnn's PaiiaoMi-~Tb« Moth«r*i Ftieod. 


»Bears the Signature of 

Id Use For Over 30 Years 

The Kind You Have Always Bought 

: otTV, 



C»prrtrht br (Jnderwood A Undarwood.- ,' 

*thto American people. They look jjb us 
St the human nsenpy ^to .ij^Licrrai^ 

i from the frl^lMf^if siiuaih* in- 
I tt'hieh tlii'.v have iK-en^feff as a'eroiHe-' 

I qilcMi'P of the Wiif,. * i , 

j . If vre 8hniii(] fut? lo'liiti |;hcm, starva- 
tion xnd the wlnier'si cold would go far 
to completing ttft Vork dona by tBe 

iinf |ieiikahle Turk. 

I have nut seen, uuh nvj own eyes 
the tnlsery in wiifc'h "the Armenians 
now e.xlsl I liu\e l een ^imrcd tliUL 

, ! Ihit the reports which ttave been 
h, r...-„, ..r.-ii„le(l hy li.x ^'"P'oy" . ,„ b, ageirts. Of - the ^r Bdsl . 

re .' 1,1 :,ii.v k. pmc- .e.,i.if. d. It «u« f a^„ef „nrt by reprcwniatlves of the' 

Pesce (inference (mini S|j.-plctnre of 

.III ! ii'ter Hil lniplit when i;ernrd 
iir» ?.-iil to dread alanu. The room 
was tilled with amoke. beyond the win- 
dow was a glare, yells and 'screams 
e«hocd thron{(b the feiiiTding. He ran' 
tn the' AnojipaBlV tore It open. Beyopd j 

roariiij; mass .of flames prssfated. 

"We firo hedged In from bel^; onr 
oiil.v  »nnce lii'=1)Jr"the window," sajd 
Geriir.i imt n glance there was acarce- 

ly ( n( "'ns. FIls lowfld ihargi' 

was I' 
in ac; 
onf '! 


j fOIll'l 

 ' • 


:i th 

It is a curious fact, tha;, 
the mistletce is used so free!; 
decorutiofi. . ' homes at the Cir. i i 
season, it rarely, if ov^r, ■ .1 1 
the decoration -of sacred edif^c 
probably because of its early asso- 
ciation -with Pagan rites. 

nieiii' ■ 

Hopkinsville is having its first 
Christmits pi.Tce 13^9 when no whis- 
ky is being sold legally in the city. 
It is evident to even the most/ casual 
^bsorvt'i that there is a wonderful 
change from tbe condition^ during 
the last thirty years. 

TV', urir.cipal and lrr '^'' 
cf the Viennese for Chr:'! 

dimmer or supper is carp taken froui 
ihe b.i.nuhc, chopped snOsll,.... bailed 
and eaten with pepper silice. • 

h..iti u'.s and ?/h;te.\vi i 

are^ C83f*.iti..l f 
tior.n) Christr.;;.. . 
..r tr.''::''i ever Frunce, 

• ■•'ij- he!ple-i.-(, QuiiK witted 
however, Oemrrl followed 

• '' iir ;perhlo [ilMn in vie' 
• vl a-c ('n'F»ll9hed (his, 

.et^ w.tW the 4letaHs."Vlve 
» ; s' n juttln? section", of 
'''ri?ier h^low rhnt was the 
fomlpo- of sn ndjoiiilnK 
Til.' strap was the only 
— I ! fotiirt adopt, tlrst to 
uil-anlou. But f{»r this frail 
KtrnnV of life both 'mmhl hire per- 

F' il d to htm hy his courage and 
dartui; tlii: invalid took «p Gerard as 
a protp:; ' Kive years later when the 
fj^nner died be left Gerard a large 
hufdnpcp. nnd the emstteae 'and ln»- 
I«Im s nf the latter drifted into tbe 

' Mtni}' experience of (he saeccssful 

i hBSln'"" ninn. 

* Ktnip bss br»a#tt me tsidi 

' many a time." meditated Oerard. "S«t 
for It I would never kave left hoM 
bnt for It I would have lost ray life 
at tbe hotel Are. What a wild batar 
I was of old Jaha Warner !■ 
' days. aad'T 

' aff wttis aasit* ' ' f ■ ■ - V '■ 

One dpy (here came to -fUs desk 
a vonng tody. T HMeatfy tUl-that 
she had npplled for a posMaa ta the 

■tanncer !mh)ect to thp apprsva) of 

hl!« I ii)p'';yrr As Oerard looked up 
the ii'nut  ;ii(tf1enlT hnf^t onon hi* r»- 
iSli''«h"fl 'vision. TIteii (h'Jt Hp| liriml 
StartHl nnd the light of recognition 
rame Into her fnce. 

Op-it-(? "cnHv npoKe her name and 
toofc her ''nnd. How lowly had RfBe I 
rmwn' Qe -eaepnrsted'her to talk. | 

wretchedness iBcMieelvabIs to those 
«rbo have not a first har.d ItnpreqsK^n] 
of the^savagery of the Mutufulmaa • 

Exited From Homes. .'.f_ 
Since tlie "heglnning of the war the 
j Turkish- Armenlanii have been, largely 
refuge from their homes. A simple 
[ Agricultural people, (bey have been 
I exiles from their farms, deprived of 
all.op(K)r|uDlty  o Kuppo^t themselves. 
Sear by year their snlferlngs have In- j 
creased. Now, a year after Hghtlngi 

|W cented, .they still living tliO j^.^jt ^f butterfat, bhould receive what 
Hfe .o^^oonlad8. able to rontiuue t» « oghage they will clean up and one 
keep alive only by virtue of Amerlcaa' ,„ every three to three 

Jus Received Two Carf of 

Geniiine Ohio Riv er 

'Cccd Pasture Is One of the Best as 
i Well as One of the Mast Economl* 
cai Oaky Cow FeedSt 


^' and a half pounds of milk produced, 
•n thy ion- ^yj,^ 11,^ mUk te«U about 8^4 j)ec 

fr'tler, JT f'T" """"f c;nrthe ^w shonW recrt;e"ia;'i«»mS 

to exert ilietr poor mii;lit In our he-' «, , ^ ^ ^ ^ . 

i,»if while tiie war .1 Mill in t^ ^' tral" for four to four and a half 

halance, Mnwaeres of a half century 1^""°*"/' ^ ,^ , 

had not so broken their, spirit that '^'i^ .'""^^ T^^V, ^ ^ 

the, dared «,t agb, for right and for^^^'.^f^ 

tfemocracf «M |aa«ce was the Isaoe.l^'"'"'; "['k produdn^- cou.mion when 
We accepted their aid then. Bufeir freshen. Poor .ows drop weak, 
we shall not paas Uiea by •ItS««1*""' a*"* produce prop- 

coopaaslon BOW - • erly, as they have to use a part of the 

^*Vba-dMS has passed vben any 

vv c would advise ycu' 
.yoiri* order for what salt 
gouig 'iv.use now. " - - 

Wejalso ai/i.. Lard 
Lard Presses, Lard Cans, 
[Mils and Sausage Mil! Repairs. 

» ' " 

Raiiem'ber we 
forecasting th^.t 
iarge anu'jiHall 

• Shop at our ?tore 
make M purchase. 

to pfee 

icvectfhg naa dares permit abaorp- 
tloa to-Us sws penraoal afTalrs to cx- 
^ods coosldenitlon of bi» Delgbbor's 
WcN bdiog. No honorable nan 

4. Cows of a beefy nature shoiJId 
not bs fed saoo^ to mke ttieis n- 
eesslv^ fat ifltea dry. as the dalrf- 

SMD does not' reieelve retoms ftwa 

knowingly' allow bis neighbor to btps- nch itt6. aad ezceMlW gsit lp y e 
ger or to go unclothed. The Chrtstlan rKnda to stertllty. On the other hand 
peoptea of tbe Near Raet are oar there Is little danger of overfeeding 
nelfhbora The money needed te »». ' blgWrspedallsed daliy cows «hlch 
beve them can be spared wltlwat ; we not dry for more ttian one month 

to'^tz weeks, as during this ];M rlod any 
flesh put on and not essentia! to bOd- 
Qy vigor wUl be. tamed bitoinnk whed 
Qiey ftpftsheq, » . ^ . 

casslng sny nwn. woman or child In 
tits United Statee to suffer. 

Must Not Rest en Pastr 
b other years of our own free will 
•S'-.seot mlsstonarieii to Tiirke . OurK " '■ . . " _-. 

schools and co«k h-.o hospitals | ATTENTION TO YOUNG BULLS 

have played s wonderful role In ho- _: - 

manlHne that dark spo, the worl^!^,,^„ g,^ Months cf Ane They Should 

our uieAK H iu.-.. reKour.e^ g Separated From Females-- 

OUL mu.erlH.- en:,,.. have beer ^TRetaM GroCvth. ~ 

leaven In the Nea; HeeaOip we' » nci.iu  » 

have -done well tli ilni««ii...tMyft 'we have . ... ^  .,c.j,„,li^ ™„„.h. «e aM 

thi^ greai opper^ii.'tN f... Hie nr^..,,,. ' Aftet,S»e J»ull- Is sljc months ?f Sga 


There •■vCte mors i cop!c 
streets Christmas Eve than 
prayer meeli!{g in a'.I ' . 
in Hopkinsville at tii. .••n.e \ : 

. _:.o 

-Every country in Europe iti:t itn 
special Chrisimaar delicacy. In   
land the mince pie and plum pu^ .. 
rvign supreme. 

The Armenian. Im^e i.^n , rCwT.'i.V »»» •should be ke,.r apart from the 'fe- 
„. ail to a pf^i«pectl*« ««ployer. but i P«^^»'»P- »« peof'e l« n.«t..r, have h..«n ^ « well- grown an.L vi^-rous, he 

to her fri' nfi: Tt 

•*orv of -trit'Mf'iiiHl Hill and IsfS that 

 ^fT!e teeife«i "T' .hn» been bj»d. luck 

»T wtirt«.meltfee»edberaose tlH..v .r.:M..splrttual!"'«y used for ocgiMnn ,1 Berv ce ; 
II and lois that 1 bwthaia of wesiem rate*. ; • i^'^^n """^s of nge. It ..^ « safer | 

WUl Amerlea help themf There ''owe^er. '« 

bull nntn he is twelve mor;h. ? of age 
so that his growth will not be retarded. 
Oae-rvle to fbllow'rcgardlng the num- 
ber- of cows With which a young bull 
miiy he mated Is that the btill may 
^ . , , ^ 1=1 T' season as many cows as 

RulTerlog i-allp l for succor the  pltghi^he is m of age. In. herds where 
more"Bwc^'and io'vX' thJI^ ' Armenians nboald be heeded ♦ the S(er«ces areidhrtrUiyted throughout 

now A few raoDihK more and It ma.v j the year, Instead of during a particular 
iw relief will ba too late for thow 1 noiiwm, the i)umt»er ibay be greater. In 
:trri,i.i« shfxn on'v we can savs W* ' v .m.  cskpr hut one Imll being neces- 

tor noor f- 'her " «^hP *atd. "He Is all j «*» ha but one answer. "Hielr neceo- 
broVen now ttml we are Imh'i .leiH.urt. 1 dire, but onr power is great 

enf iii^.n inv elTorts for fl Mv, aiioo.l." j wealthy. We are a raeml)er of 

••It -eeins fhiif I liHVP hri '. ti,e ' famll.V of i„iti..iii« (»iir brothers 
tn -k:- ii.n^ed (Gerard Mhsw-v uI  ite In • money. «r« lui- 

Mo room that night. ■"Did h all «»«lla'ely «Miite l If ever onroerlted 
epme from that leather strr^} And | 
EfTle Is 

Anil l'«* hnd n vlston thst esme frw 
.  • • f»»ar»»«". of »»iel( -lUfc hh 



iO t 

jO (f)ws. 

our complete c^rd v. ri^d 
ie^ of DIAMONDS, WATCHES, iNew ami up-to-date 
JEWELRY; our piiccs will inter? s* you. 

It's the VALUE you get- not the money yen Spend' 

1 ^ ■■' ■■ — - 

James H. Skarry 

The Leading "One Price" Jeweler 

tt t) 



'J n 

I r 



thirty. 'r«vrty, or 

lil^ hrr.lliri fllilctt'l 


iCupyrightr 19l . by lUe UcClnr* 
paper S)rndlcatt ) 


V-  " 'II », lU MIlMtr Ulil^V 

j' Imi't llhT? II |M)oi'liin;s(' or II 
L , ttdii 111 sdiiii,' l.iiiil we coulil 
p \ irilo? Auswtr uie, Hofndi 

. V, 

r^She Khowa 

leads them all 

Siga til 
\ and 

join the 

Treaty with the kitchen 
leaffue o 

McDOUG \LL customers. 

i Some Other Sugges tiuns: 



Everything in ^c|: for making 
your home comfortable. . 

) . 

"I tpH you. Htrmliii). I'm jidling 
rir((l iif hnvltie uii  j!«l luilsjince 
! i' anid. As (lc| e|iil('ltt lis A liiiliv. tind 
••iiii .K-tlflt; likp tlilii^'s_ licl iin.' - l lo 

lillli! ^ .'Sti i-.l.i;, III- iiHi', !i li:i!f iK'ck 
of III )sc lic iiihor |» ii( lii K I d iiiiciidi^ 
til (h . Id ili(i:ie'(li:'!.v ISvycH   hiliin-n j-, 

III iiislitll- 
I ;:i'l liiin 

land:" .. 

Voims; }lrs. Copelnnd; sftt on the 
ix ri li. of flic ({rent old (Jueer-wlnged, 
red brlch country house,*lu'r iit'i votis 
ly I iiergpilc li^nds-pt'ellng i(cii( lu«s. A 
httudKonie old luaii. liiM»rliiK liiiiisclf 
wJllt nil Hir of stiili'llticss tliiit  '(M:t- 
portoil wfW wiiU till' f,'iili!tii»nili'd cuiie 
tliat liiy iicross IiIh Uiiet's. stft ou tb«, 
!-iile In fi-o« of t)ie hnue*, ^ j 
l6w-8pokeR atiBwer '©j the hu»- j 
Mnd did not roaeb Mm. " ~ 

"Yes, I lie home for old meS would ' 
be more rosp^table fhnn thif poor- 
hoii.sp," tlie WDiimn went oo,."lnit who 
wniits lo piij iliai hundred dollars or 
so ciitninrc fee?" 

Old All. ii (ilCford had been brotijjht 
up  iii :i l.ouslana plantal(oni and, i 
M'ht'n be hfld married Uji. young j 
wife had brought blinr HAjrillinsly i 
t-nnugh u\i his part, to her honfe in the ! 
hluu Gross. ' 

Why he married Myia llciiidon, the 
hnndi^ome girl wintorliig In the South, 
he :u'vi r knew, It was that 
when hi-i hirart was bleoillng over his 
broken i ii ;M!iement to Miirle I'.ali|iiet, 
rind the rumor of her ooiu'lng jnnr- 
risge, hfi was easy prey. ] 
Myrn hud not been unkind to him. ' 
She had not sympathised with his va- 
.i;iirlo«, hut slie had tri'iili il ih( iit.-,\"lth 
i ;^f riiM't' ; sjie li»d nut iiinililed ijjfi^ 

v« year* 


j II _was the rush loo theo for other 
fouag folk lo accuiupaBy-Uie aewly 

' mniTied ou«a ou their wedding Joar- 
nev. Ill' jind Murle Balquet had l eea 

of ihe p:iri.v —*! Mnrto; 
wtioi^e ):r;i f ;iiiil vlvnr liy liad enehant- 
ed In Mi l. tind of uhoiii. even now, 
when liM wji.s old — sixi.v-nliie — he 
could uot llilii!; willioui u (lUlcUeiiing 
ot his pulis' s. 

TheJf, i|u:ua-L'l j.v:-^s^over a red, ros« 
he; butl^ff' n ■ her : 4iiyt klie bad tiikeu 
frota 'h^i^Hdt and lljjIitJ.v presented to 
the best iniiii — a 'mere poihlng, when 
, on» looked liHcU. ' 
" Oh, ti» go hack bVM';^ where he bad 
ku'owii Jipr-- iu«e-riT rt^to see the old 
,fv9)r \'!s treestmj ler u'liffh lie had kfsS- 
^ . her ; to ;i«|ilier' n, hTimiiul of loven- 
lyiU^'v hyiicfuths fnjin the hayoa, 
CVs 'tWfej^ hn l so often done logetiier la 
the old^duyK — hefor* — hefore they seat 
[ hlQ) tptthe Home for Old Men I 

'^They've bid men's homes Id LonM- 
unn as.tvell aa here," Allen monnnnd 
hoiir later as be bridled Major, hl« 
horse. 1 shall put by ooe bnndred 

I rice 



it 'r, 


atyU 367 

vom wun 

Price $2.00 




figure-outlinet: FaduonTs 
^ett decree.^ 

Use of DrinVing V/ater. 

' Drlnlc vh'!tPM'r \vnier .vi-u 
\. 'Ii III. 'Ills, hnt do not l;d i 
. ,1 I'o i.Mi ns.' \'.;itLi' liic.v.;.- ; 
! .. (! di ".v:i t'-.r V,';,|. ■• ' ; .M 

i'estfon by helping lo llQuefy Uie luoO 
and hy bringing the gaatric juices Into 
. Ici.xcr conlact v. iUi (he food "nrtfrles. 
Wrftrr do«s not affect the ensymes uud 
^^l■aken tbcm by dilution aa some peo- 
ple ninlntniii, becniiite the power of the 
eu/.yim .s deppiMls not ijn tlie jicrcent- 
HKe wlilch Is present, but iiinm their 
total nmooDt nud chemical composi- 
tion. ^ 

of the two baudred Felix Bommera 
will give me tor Major to pay the td- 

missloD fee, to—pu an old men's bom* 
In my own state, and tomorrow I shall 
go home." 

In the Intc ufternuon two days later 
the decorators, working in the parlor* 
of the St. Clin lies hotel in preparation 
for a gie:rt rei^-ept^on that was lo fol- 
low the wedding of a young GngllUi- 
man to a city belie, *a« an old moo 
atop bttCor* an Qld tlme mirror. 

If* tbo.very same glaaa," tbe old 
gentleman murmured, tapping th^. fac* 
of the great ralri-or. that held near 
Its frame a flaw or two, where with 
the years the qiiick.sllver had begUn to 
slip, "the very same that over my 
.shoulder showed me the little affair 
of the rose. Wicked thing, wby bava 
they kept you?'' 

"He'd fit on Uoynl," observed on* 
of the decorators to a couipanlou. 
Allen lieard him. . - - 
.'^I'm In tbe wair here,7 he. tbooicbt; 
"I'll go down on Royal and look at 
the curios." 

On the narrow old street, at the door 
of the lurgrst antique shop, Allen stood 
aside to let a littl(j whi(e-haire l lady, 
with ii'niwu eyes that were sparlcllngly 
brlKht, enter hel'ore him. 

"I hiid almost forgotten the old gold 
chain I had Intended for one of my 
granddaughter's wedding gifts," she 
said to th« . j; ropi4etor. "Let roe aee 
the chain* ftolcldy, please; I've but a 
r few minute* to Bpai**. bideed. I ought 
to b* at bomendw,' wltb fmt thr#i 
hours between Qjie.. an'd losing jfi^^all I" 

"And Celeste' i» going to tCngland 
'Vlthout you !" The antique dealer 
spoke with the air of an old friend. 

"Yes," she faltered. 'Godfrey In- 
sists that I go with thew, but I'm too 
old to bo transplanted. I must stay 
on here in my b^me, alone and lonely, 
until I am called." 

. "It ii not 0* ttajugb you wes* poor," 
.vtb* maa consoled her. 

*No.rsbe Msw^.^ 'V^^^ 
^La|«l* wouli^Mtfrlftlli.^ fta- 
'inQbd, wha^,'#vl'' my fortant'an^ my 
^reat hous^ be to me when I have no 
one 1 love to keep me oompnny?'' 

Allen could beat, bo .moT'd. •Stum- 
bling forward, i»« Mid a gentle hand 
'on her shoulder. '■Marli — little one — 
look at me:" he crledt "Have you 
forgotten Alk'nrt_ 

"Come here, Soiphy," j^erndon Cope- 
land, atiuidlng by his mail box, called 
to bl* wife a few day* later. "Read 
the**!, will you?" 

"These" were the notice of the mar- 
riage of Allen Oifford to Mrs. Marl* 
Balquet Joubert, of New Orleans, and 
■ Iftjer. 

"M.V dear nephew," ran the letter'* 
eld-rasblonad writtng. "I left you to 
go to an old men'* borne, but on my 
way I found it was my Joyous prfT  

A model for every figure, 
(each exdustve for it* purpose) 
combininc Slenderness, 
Otace and Suppleness, with 
long-wear, W. B. Nuform 
Corsets provide "Much Cor* 
aet for Li ttl* Money.'* 


Style 35S 


Price ^JSO* 

Tr**e of -Sarrftw. 
Hi* Persian "Tree* «f Sorrow" aw 
BO called because tbey bloom only at 
nlgbt.- When tbe iirst star appears In 
the sky tbe first flowt^ optns and'as 
tho evi.'DlQg advances more and more 
buds biirat Into bloom until the lovely 
tree appears to be one vast Jlower. It 
has a delicate fragrance not unlike dreamed 
the scent of tlie evening primrose. As 
the dawn apiin'Hiclies the flowers begin 
to fade until by sunrise not a bloom i( 
: to he seen. 

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I Every article aoU by u» artistically 
Eupimrmi, tt— mi •kavf*. lOKLB * 

wiii^n :r  fortune was r^"''"' ihrougb 
his inlHrakea kindness to a friend, 
sb* bad used Iters for their malnt^ 
nance without -ovenuuch upbraiding. 

y^rtt^n iSyn was gone and her prop- 
erty, entailed, bad fallen to ber | ileg« to go to an old lady'* Instead." 
nephe.\ Ilerndoo Copeiand, there wa*; ■ ■ 

notiiiii.: 1 fur Allen to do bat to 
stay Willi Heriidon. 

for koni'j months he bad bven quite 
bappy. Old Joanna, the housekeeper 
and cook, waited on him agreeably and 
patiently; Uemdon kept bim aoppiied 
with Havanas and a little pocket mo»  

when be liked, he collected his curios 
without mental apology to anyone. 

Then lUrndon had married Sophia 
Vail. A forfult,'ht after she came Into 
the house she uix'eri'iiuinlously re- 
!»i'ived .\ll" ii'» ancient canillestlek. his 
biib of : toue, his coins and his sharks' 
!i( ih froi-.i the parlor to an old oat- 
building. He almoat wept wh«n be 
found a treaaured bit of haavy o^yatal 
from the hot spring^ of Arkansas tak- 
en for a prop to a chicken (ioop. 

Tftieu the young bride sent away 
black Joanna and cared for the house 
nnd cooke l the meals herself. Alien 
no longci' l.ud his hot water brought 
to his room, his chocolate and bis bot 
biscuits for breakfast Sophia de- 
dared that cotfee and toast were quite 
attflcient for all her family, and that 
tbos* who lived with h«r might wait 
on themselves, as sb* ilf. 

Old Allen was troubled. Tbe ladles 
of bis honseboid had always required 
bArvants; they had always been ho*- 
pluble, gcnerouM, thoo^tfui of the 
old. N\  one of them would have 
of sending a relative to cn 
Institution of charity. ^ 

A slow tear- -tbe tear nf old age hurt 
—crept iiiit on AHp»'s-9heek;«'TlC felt 
kct #0? a tinhdkerrhlof. and 
a. I I IMMllBll liflii i|i|l 
on tbe rond that 

^^e wiped bl8'«y*a and a4i«at*d hi* 
ginsses. Tb hi* se'rpri**. the paper 
waa a copy of a MNitbern daily, and 
(ifli Ita cover tyaa * Mctara of the Bt 
CIMrt** -NaMi 

"Cherokee Strip." 
The so-called "Cherokee Strip" was 
opeiii'd to white settlement In Scptem- 
lier. 1803. This entire Cherokee coun- 
try was not quite one-quarter of tbe 
old Oklabeina territory, being about 
arOO rollea in extent. The. Creek In- 
He attil rode across the country j .nans ceded part of their domain in 

ndinn territory to the United States 
iveriiDii-nt In ISCti for 30 cents an 
:i;Te. iinri Ihe Seminoles sold their en- 
tire hoMlii^rs for half ihiil firlce per 
:ii-rc-. White men wore iire-einpted by 
iw  °vi iii si-itliii:: on th ' Indian lands 
In that territory, and If was unoccu- 
plefl for a long tlmo. In 1880 It wn* 
nt reaaary to use troops to drive white 
settlers out. who hat! stolen Into the 
f TrItorj'. On April 22, 1889. these 
lands were declared open for aettie- 
iiK nt. When these rich lands were 
nppiii d for settlement, 20,000 people 
w iiiied lo cross the line when tbe iri^ 
mil was given. 

City Tax 

I am - now making tbe «»» ■— fi t 
jf wity property for taxes for nut 
year, 1920. Everybody who owned 
) any proiierty on the first dmf off Jv 
; ly, 1919, Subject to city Uses Is 
urged to call at my office ta Che City 
Hail, at once. ana. list' safill im|i * sly. . 
This •asessnient moat be eompla t e J 
Mritliin • shwt time and you are org* 
•d to cell et once. 


Paittting* Infattiet* Men. 
The official* of museums and picture 
galleries can sometimaa tell very iik 
tereating things ab*«t Oeir irfaltoca. 
ft has often Men aecaasary to forbM 
men and women tnm entering certain 
galleries where tb«y have flaii«|l . la 
love with picturea of cxceptlaoal 
hcnuty. Men have become so Infatuat- 
ed with painted loveliness that tbey 
have made them.selves absnrdly con- 
spicuous. Tlie famous picture of 
"Mona U/m" turned the heads of many 
men anu some women. After "Mona 
Lisa" was stolen, maiv'tettcra, pocma 
uiid beautiful flowera were often placed 
before tbe empty space she one* 
adorned. Napoleon waa one of "Mona 
LlsaV most ardent admirers, and 
when he became eatperor and fonnd the 
picture lo the iolacq at Fontalnebleu, 
be had it removed to hia bedroom, 
'^.^ and It hiiBg there un^ bU faU, whae 
^i*** II eM tttea te »»%*RCvi i 

The annoal nuMng of the 
'loMcrs of the ^int National Baak^ 
of Uopkinsviile, K., fori; Hie pQipoae 
of electing directors for the enanftig 
year and tnaaactinc any other hwi- 
ness that may legrally cbme befonT 
tkcni, will bz held at the office of 
the said bank^n the aeeond Taaeday 
in January, 1023 (January 13th) be- 
tween the hours of 1 o'clock a. m. 
and. 12 o'clock f.' m. 


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Hopkinsville, Ky, 


One carriage.. Call P!.: 

Hopkiaaville. Kr. 



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ton. Padncah, Cairo aad Wnm^ 


302 leaves at 11 a. m. for Prtnaeil^ 
connects for EUut and West. 

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South Bound. 

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East Bound. 

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West B« sad  
11 arrives from NtahfOle aft It^ 
a. m. 

13 arrives from NasfaviD* pi. m, 

a U WADUNfiVOIf. Acni. 
UNRSVUXft « lOSimiJLS ft. B. 

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Special Price 




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Stove Polishes and Pipe. ' 


GUNS Incorporated HARDWARE 

l ^- ■■■ wn, a little gWl 1 1 years 
c: dft .' ugiiter of Mrs. E. Biwn, 
./-r" tl :• ' CjMlUeberry neighborhood, 
, . dieti ,3»ii. f if night of bnrns reaeived 
hijr ' i   jthinjr caught on fire. 

la ..I "'-. 
Maine V ••• 

inal'. ''.I't 111. I 
.eacl. ..(" ■•. 

'. Maine Pest Office. 

Mic flrst pest offices In 
established at Kennebnnk, 
11(1 Bath. The mail* were 

'•Hrrii.Ts on foot or on 
Mit] till' average week's i 

iiii.wi.t to flvo lottors at 
11] r rjites were high. 

» 6^4. -V/, :h%, .-, and 87% cents, 
t aoevrdiii;; the liisfence the letter 
% hid to in' nrried. 'md a mMe the raCa 
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A model for eveiy figtirc, (each 
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bow widely tree barics are employed ims 
material for dothing the world over. 
And in Jh9 Weet Indies growa th# 
"lace^wrk tree," which ytelds s deli- 
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While W. B. Nuform Conctt m popular priced 
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The reasonaMe man adapts himself 
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Condition to Avoid. 
The. dangerous moniant in Itfe 
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the tnst at the ezpisiie of the prea- 
onL It is the moment of reltj^ous 
controversies, for aaceator worship, 
for narrowing In, for exalting one set 
of people and excluding another. 
When we reach it, it means tlut we 
are. crowing old. But w» naad never 
, |«a^ it-;-Bxehan«e4 


May the best Jfoyt of CHRIST^ 
MAS be youra, and may the NEW 
YEAIl be full to overflowing with 
the World's good things. 

C. R. Clark & Co. 


The Spirit of 

May it reach out aj;^^^^^ 
in its gracious clasp. ^'^A/ 

And then our wish 
true-that this be the 
CHRISTMAS you have ever 



and a 

Season of Happiness 

b our best wishes 

Our Friends 



Men of HppkmsviUe, 

the son of a prophet, and I dislike 

T (io not claim to be a prophet or It is like inviting a Rueat to your 

home without a guest room. 
^1 hope to h&ve this matter immed- 
' lately taken up by the members of 
the Business Men's Association and 
irsist on a Building Home Campaign 



Again comes the Happy Time of 
*the yesar when we c\n extend to our 


n's Best Wishes 

^^\§yEMAS DAY be the 

«sk« 'S*^*^' «^er known. 



to say, "I told you so," bat-neve' 
theless, there \* no  ;etting avoui 
factj. SbmethinK like a year agu 
lalkvd th« attention of the bnsines 
men of Hopkinsville through ^e "pi 
i tis, of the urgent need for him( 
for the psople of Hopkinsville an-. 
I pr^ cted at that time, that in les 

• ban a few months thore would bf nc 
:;lr.ct' for a newcomer to live within 
the confine* of' 'this city. I know 
«onie ( f the wise ones said that it's 


i ll a flurry, property will get cheap- 


er, building material must ba cheap- ^ 
IT and in « short time theie will b«« 

ii s!ump on the market an 1 plenty of 
houses to be had. Now one more 
years has gone and no hwMM built 
with the exception of » few individ- 
uals who built their^own^ hones but 

We have already lost a muftber 
of good citizens who would '.lave lo- 
cated with us if it were possible to. 
find them a home. Tftere is hardly a 
day that this office doei not have in- 
cuiries from someone wanting to lo- 
cate in our city if it were possible to 
find them as much as a -few rooms to 
live ;p, BTiil yet, it seems to tho?c who 
have money to invest have turned a 
deaf ear to this plea until they are 
facing the most serious conditton- 
thal the business men of Hopkins- 
ville have ever had to contend with. 

.\8 shown by the writer's recent 
investigation of the Banlcs and Trust 
Compapief in this city, they ha\e 
combined resources of more than 
$4,500^00.00, witlTdeposits of more 
than $3,500,000.00, and yet, this 
money is lying idly in the vaults of 
the banks with people begging everj? 
day for some where to live, willing 
» i pay enormous rents. 

Speaking copsorvatively, we have 
a population of more than thirteen 
thousand people. We should not 
have less than 25,000; but if some- 
body will tell me how we we going 
to gro^ without homes to live in, I 
wouW like to have the gentleman 
give me this information. 
. Now, I know argNat deal has, been 
said about the high cost of building 
and building materials but I am sure 
■f any man c intemplates building 
and would make an investigation of 
.l.i« matter, ho will certeinly find that 
there is no possibility of building ina 
terial 'being any cheaper for years 
to come, if ever. The fact is that it 
is the general opinion, that Jt will 
continue to go highftk-. . . ^ 

The writer had occasion to Jli^eitd 
a meotin;r in Chicago a few weeks 
ago which v.-as comppsed pf delegates 
from Chambers of 6i *nmere«»^Bo*rd 
of Trades, Rotary Clubs and other 
; civic orjar.izations, Highway Engin- 
bcro, Contractors and Manufactur 
ers, in all forty-four sUtes were re- 
presintcd by mo"e than ono thous- 
and reprr. :ntat;vc3, and the matter 
of supply, denianO, prices, etc., of 
building materials was gont' into 
very thoroughly, reports filed and 
all the information possible was 
[ brouglJt before this body and the con 

• census of opinion that building 
' materials could not i)0S8iblj' for 
\ years to c ^mo, b - any cheaper. The 
■ fact is tuiit the Chicago Drii'.; Manu- 
1 f;u tui-tT'^' A-r ."'r.ti.-^n Ims mcroa^n! 

its prices, taking effect January 1, 
1920, one dollhr per fhoiisand on 

I had an occasion to talk with one 
Mr. W. C. Kirkpatrick, who rcpre- 
,enta the Brick Manufactt^rs' Asso- 
ciation of Chicago, %nd who Is a man 
of wide experience and hpjl made the 
brick business a study for years as 
wan as other buUding mat|Rals; and 
he is of the opinion that ti{^e present 
generation will not live t« see prices 
lowered on any of these commodi- 

Now we must have hoines; houses 
have'^to be built not only to satisfy 
the man who thinks that he must 
have a little finer home than the 
other fellow, but something has to 
be done to take care of the renter 
and the new-comer. 

Yoa talk about Mng^g hew. peo- 
ple to the town and increase the 
population without home to liv^ in, 

' started, but however, do not depend 

on the- members of the Business 
M^s Association doing every thin^. 

There are some of you people who 
havo money to invest, probably a 
guod many own lots, and it is up to 
yoa to build houses. As a bosbiess 
proposition, where could you invest 
your money in a more profltatils or 
safer way? If one half of tha inon^ 
ey that has liefir taken out of Hop- 
kinsville and Christian county during 
the past year, 1919, on Wild Cat 
stoek schemes had been placed in 
homes, this condition would not ex- 
^.ist; the people who want to come 
I here would have somewhere to lay 
their heads; therefore, 

I earnestly appeal to you to make 
an investigation, of the need of 
homes in this Cily and get behind a 
movement to build more houses. 

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and 
Happy New Year, ,1 beg to remain, 
•Yours respectfully, 
Hopkinsville Business Men's Ass'n. 


Rev. E, S. Smith, of this city, has 
been appointed a district director of 
the campaign which Transylvania 
College, oldest educational institu- 
tion west of tile AUeghenies, will 
conduct beginning the first of Jan- 
uary for funds to place it on the 
same plane as other denominational 
institutions, to enable it to hold its 
jprofessorg and. -inake needed im- 
pi^vements in . the building of the 

Dr. Crossfield has estimated that 
the college will need within the next 
year $897,000 ai^ that its needs for 
tfte next five year in the way of en- 
dowment will be $2,397,000 if Tran- 
sylvania is to ke^^ up V?t^th this pro- 
gressive institutions of the other 
churches. _ 


jyiiss Louise , f^^er, of LoiiiaviUe, 
is visiting Mrs. B. F. Eager. 

James Stites, of Louisville, with 
his parents. 

Luther Cowherd from Detroit. 
Mrs. Clayton Dagg Riehards, 
from Nauh^-ille. 

Hrv. Hugh Wood and children at 
p., W- Kitchen'Sk 

* ''krs Henry Stites and children, of 

Atlanta at Judge .Tames Breathitt's 
, Hudson McReynolds, from Polat 
ka. Pla. 

Tr..) Busy Men's Bible Gasa of 

the Christian church, on Sunday mor 
nini,' ptvscntfd the teacher. Judge 
C. H. Bush with a handsome leather 
traveling grip. The presentation 
was made by J. B. Allensworth. 

Re^. Joseph D. Armistead has re- 
signed as pastor of the Christian 
Church, at Cynthiana, Ky., to accept 
a call to HannibCl, Mo. Mr Armi- 
stead is a 'Hopkinsville boy whose 
rise to prominence in his chosen 
calling has-been rapid and most grati- 
fying to his frends here. 


-O ' O CO oo o o o 

Geo. C. Long, Jf., from Oklahoma, 
is visiting his parents. 

Mrs F. B. Lacy has gone to San 
Antonio, Tex., to visit her daughter, 
Mhk OixoB. 

Mrs D. M. Spears and little 
daughter, of BowJ^g Green, are vis- 
iting If r W. A. Unison's family. 
V lo« C Slaughter has aifilvad to 
spend the week with bis father Chas. 
Slaughter. '} • ' 


take this occasion to tkaalt 
you for your loyal.^upport duriof 
die past year. 

It is only through your co-opera- 
tkm that we grow and prosper. 
' Heartily we wish you 



Koppel Cloak Co 


'Teace on Earth, Good Will to- ^ 
ward Men'' has a new and greater 

And may we all so live that at 
all times we can enjoy to the ut- 
most the many blessings that are 

Cook & Han 


A Ghristmas Morning Breakfiist 

When you have your Plumbing 
«lone you wi I savs moiey by hav- 
ing it well done. Our pun.bfis 
are ekp^ HT' thdi line iMi our 
woHc ol the best. 

See Ui For 
Tjn Work, Roofing and . "Ever- 
lu!«ie'' Roof Paiotiog. 

Hot Water and Hot Air Heatjiig 
Installed. Get Our Pricts 


Ph(iiie 270 Hopkinsvi le, Ky. 

WAUACE mm mn 

ha^ REPRESENTED some of the 

Oldest and Mpst Reliable Companies 

for many years and can give you prdtec^on 
in any line of insurance. 

W(s want your business and wi 1 be ready lo serve you. 

We will give you PROMPT AND SATISFAC- 
TORY setttlements in case of loss. 

OmCfi PHONKNO. 395 Res. Phone 637 


C C. Radford 

T.F Clardy 




HADFORD and in Office of Wallace Insur- 
j OI-AROY vnce Agency. Phone 395. 

R C. Har4 







Heavy Ivory Military Brushes ... ,$6.00 Set 

Sterling Handle Pie Knives $2.25 

Ladies' French Ivojy Hand Mirror.... s. $3 95 

Stag Handle Carving Set. . . . : . . . .r. ; $3.00 

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Shaffiild Comport '.$3.25 







R., C. Hardmcm 

Hand KnotrAVMl MnitAamm*. I'dlM^'i i ' H 


Near East Situation 
Now "Most Desperate 
in World," Says Hoover. 

Mary VaR Andrees, Only Woman 
to Receive Distinguished Serv- i 
Ice Medal. Heads Party. I 

Dlpsntltiflcd with uneventful clvllluti 
life, after two yeat^' vivid oxptrii-nrc 
ti» workers abrooiJ In the world .far, 
It party of young wotueD, ted by Misr 
Mury Vail Andrees, of New York City, 
tiave juat gooe to tbe Near* Baat, 


n e r b e r t 
llr.over, who 
ttS» now be- 
come 0 mem- 
net j)t the Ex- 
ecutive Com- 
mittee of Near 
Baal Relief, 
« hicb !• car- 
ins tor nearl} 
•j,OtM),OUO Ar- 
menian D d 
Syrian refu 

Herbert Hoover " " «• 

gpcH ks w 1 1 b 

4otuor!ty vrhen be teila of ba- 

iiinn ■ufferios. mjt la « Itumial 


•Id tnjr opfoloa, -Um •ittmtlOD 

■ tti« Near But It tbe moat 
leaperate lit tbe •vorld." 

jlt. Hoovwt- baa aent a letter 
to Cleveland 11. Oodg*. treaaarer 
I'Near Baat Relief. 1 Madlsoo 

■ venue, Nea Vork, In wblcb be 
Jiys : 

"In accepting your Invitation 
10 become a member of the iSz- 
..'utive Committee of Uia Near 
Ei\st coiumlttee, i do to trilh 
rMaciance, but out of a aenae of 
duly towarda one of the moat 
difBcult altuatlona In Europe. 
Cnill aome political settlement 
can be obtained for the Near 
and soma government es- 
tablished lo responsibility for 
the rare and .epatrlatlon of tbe 
Armenian- population In the Cau- 
casus, this mass of people must 
live stieerly by tbe charity of tbe 
Ualtad StatMi Tbara are la the 
Oiiicuiis apprailgMtely IJtOO,- 
000 AmMiiiaBa, of whom 800,000 
are enUroIr daadtato— refncaaa 
fron Turkojr— «n^tiDioiifM them 
a tremendona nnao of chUdren. 

*^ cannot too stronclj urge 
upon the membera of the com- 
mittee and their supportera the 
critical necesalty of concentrat- 
ing every possible effort to aup- 
port Colonel BaKkell'a adalnla- 
tratlon In the amounta that he 
requires: otherwise we shall 
witneas one of the greatest trag- 
pdles of tlie entire war." 

; l.i i ■■■•4* 

Have you forgotten 

For Christmas? 


Oiatlhflulahad Servloa Herolna Wht 
Now Ooea to Naar Eaat 

wfeoro oaarly • mlllloa paopla an 
jofferlag (ton dlaease and starratloB 
lUflO Andrees had returned to tbti 
flmiBtry after aenrtng for the Re« 
Ore^B, but when she read of the 8a  
plight of tbe Armenians, she at onn 
offered her serrlces to Near East R** 
lief, the former American Commlttet 
on Armenian and Syrian Bellet whlci 
already has aaved thooaaoda of live 
In Weatem Asia. Mlaa Androdt la Um 
only AmerlcaB woman war workei 
wbo waa awarded tbo Dlattngnlahef 
Serrlco Medal by Coogresa. Most oi 
tlM otber ^embors of her party 'like 
wise sorveil) wlilh taooer (or tho Hoc 
Gross and otbe^ war aotrlca organ! 

Among the other nicniliora of fhi 
group are the Misses Frances nnt 
Betty Anderson of New Oniinan, Coun, 
who were decorated wltli the Crolz dt 
Guerre by the French Govemmantj 

ri Marcaret Mllna of Washington 
C, who was a member of tb« 
Hbovar Belief ConuBlaaioB for Ba 

mania, and lUas Ales Stdnagr, an iDng paraoM had baen monlered by the 
lUh wonMtt who aemd far ^iraa y«an Tarku Beeanae of lack of tooC I 
with the Brttiah MIef OomaiaaloB it dothlag and medicine, tho death rata • 

iBuy Her a Sellers Mastercrait 
Kitchen Cabinet or a Fire- 
less looker. 

^Forbes Mfg. Company 




Lives of thou! ni)ds of Armenian 
'hlldren already have beau saved by 
(He Near Bast Relief taking over tiie 
Armenian orpli:i!: rs, ;iccording to de- 
tailed reporta. v« i ii Mave Just ruiichad 
the hoadqoartera ut rhnt organlsatlou, 
These Institutions bad been run by tbe 
Armenians elnce the beginttlng of the 
war to care (or th« children whoaa 









"we carry The larj^^ -^K.^^ "^^Ckf 

Sun-Rain P,^.''Y 

Priced $8.50 to $35.0 ) Make your giK^Cj* 



Engraved Monogram on Handle without extra ch 

■erbla. Mlaa Doris Nerla. aneCaai 
member o( the party, la a daaghtai 
of the late BthM))ert Merta. tta oam 


OoL William K Haskell, commis 
sloner to tbe Near Bast for tbe I'arti 
Peace Commlsalon and ofiBcial rep re 
sentatlve of the Near East Relief, hai 
cabled that the relief workers now ti 
the field are overwhelmed by the mag 
altoda of their taak. Col. Haskell aayi 
800,000 Armenians will starve Won 
tbe next harreat onlesa they are ^Vei 
aid and 120,000 orphan cblldreo ta/a 
death from hunger and etpoaui'a. 

Thousanda of refngeea ore dally be 
Ing brought to the relief centers tron 
the deeert& 

among the children In these Instltv- 
dons averaged as high aa twanty or 
thirty a day In aome caaea 

When Armenian funds became In- 
adequate the Near East Relief took 
charge of the orphanage. Since that 
time the death rate baa been greatly 
reduced. Given good food and care 
th   children are quickly retoralng te 
normal pbyalcal and mental condltlo& 

It la estimated by persona who have 
made a rarvey of Armenia that 130,000 
'•hll(trea''wlll die dnring the next year 
unleas they are given food and carai 
Near Caat Relief Is the ontit, organi- 
sation now operating In Wcatei'o Asia 
and it Is making aa appeal to aava 
thaae Chrlatlan children. 




A gtandard Ck ild8« with courtes leadine to B. A and B. S. deerees, 
also feood departments of MUSIC, EXPRESSION. DOMESTIC 
Mini ) 1 I / 1 Mil]] , ]\i MiS. 

Wd ^iiipiicil Kew imMi Kcw r mm, 

Hotaod tmmi imi Iml 

Eorollment more than three times that of last 'year. 

Price very mcderate. 

Re-opens after holidays on January 4th. 

REFERENCES— A host of ratietitrd patrons and a loyal gtudent 
Write for cataloflr. 

, X W. GAlNES^PTeotate. 



\A/hat Santa Ckus Brought 

Toyvilie i  B esi|ig ed By Boys 
and Girls and the Grown 

OSuch a glittering, dazzling, thrilling array 
of gift devices for kiddies? A FAIRYLAND 

of wonders every  kifd will delight to see, Bring the youngsteirs-'-show them Santa's magic 
^ ftoreliouse— give them*the}Qy of seeing]the.very things ior whi^ they've written Santa Claus! 


Srffering Described As la  'Si 
Relieved by Black-Dlmifb^. ,. 


' Rossville, Oa.— Mrs. Kaie Lci At 
I this place, writes: "My tuisbanu . 
{ engineer, aad ooce while lifting, hfu 
jured himself with a piece of heavj rnaX*^ 
chinery, across the abdomen He vr.i% 
so sore he could not bear to ^^re^ •on' 
himself at a!I, on chest or atidomca. He 
I weighed 1C5 lbs., and fell 08 unfit He 
I weighed 1 10 lbs., In two week* 
I He bectme constipated and if iMi cll|' 
I Uke he would die. We had fluee dirtc-.-titr" ' 
doctors, yet with all their medicinf  iis 
bowels f?Ued to act. He woukt » 'p 
a ten-ceni bottle Of castor oM, and rtr iilK 
ttlwo or three dayt'fi soooasiior^ He 
did this yet withoot rewK. We bu jatm 
desperate, he suffered to. Heivasewol- 
ten terribly. Hr told me his suffMli^ 
could only be described as torture 

I sent and bought Thedford's Blacic 
Draught 1 made him tato a W| doM^ 
and when it bei^nto act he liMed, he 
was in such misery, but he got roHof »mI 
began to mend at once. He got weA^ 
and we both feel he owes hie Hie if . 
Thcdfofd's Black-Otaivht," , / 

TheiMord'sBiKk4)iai«|il^Mp ystf 
to Iceep fit, ready lor fha day's weilc* 
Try HI NC-llf 


Presents for Grown-Ups 

Cut GlaM Berry Bowls, , Cuf Glass Celery Trays, 
Cut Glass Pitchers, Hand Painted China, 

Engraved Water Sets, Silver -Ware, Knives and Forks 

Spoons, Berry Spoons and other useful piects. 
H^lilaiid China, English China and Am^ican China. 

Lampsj Standard 0^1, Rayo Lamps, Glass L^mj}s, iPIasn and 

dcorated. • • ■ L' 


Eloquent Plea for Support of- 
Ulear Ea«t »ellef.. - 

Standard Oil Perfection H 

Clark & 

raoveiJ with compa.ssion lowariJ rtiem; 
who cxcliilmed when Iils disciples 
would turn them away, They need not 
depart, gtve y« tliem lo exit I' open 
yonr heart and purse aud glvu to 
these Christians whom he loves, Tyho 
■re suffering tor him and with whom 
ha Is soirerllifi They need not dla 
. Qlve ye them to eat 

'fifteen dollars a mbnth will pro- 
ride food, clothes, shelter and; edi^ea- 
_ . -. . - . . . tlon toward self rapport for dr 

Porftier f»re8ident Taft Leads -In ;t„.„ . „H»nth.wu. prorii, 

f9od, cloUies and shelter for or 

••n^t dollars a month wtn^rovldi ' 

food for one orphan child. • . f 

"He fed 6,000 luingiy jM?bpIe In thi 
wItdemeBS and said to bis followers, 
The things that I do shall ye do also ! 
and greater things than these shntl y  
do.' Today nearly 800.000 destltutt 
Armenians— his peopio-Hieed food an^ j 
Hothlng. , 1 
"He took UMIe children Id Mb inni 


. — S«e It Today — 


^ — SMllTodiky— 


f .\ I i.iu III 

tills. (i! ,;illii/Juli' 


To i««re the Htm ot 800 (KIO ppopio 
In AriuHitn nn'l oiher «-( s'prn ■ ArImii 
(•finnji i('s ivit. I ^  '•nx-f for ninre th.'\n 
SJ50.IMK) oi;.':ifi«i 'vtio nre honiolcsf 
til. to former I'rrpMont WMlIlnm How- 
fird Tuft, ITcnry .^fnrL'pntlll\ll, forincr 
aitiliMssHil'ii 'to Turkey, Hiifl Alexnn l' r 

J. Heiuphlli; tU N...V York hanker. «v „,„i blessed them. Today will yon tak«; 
m,.n b.«r^^of- the RTorniive Conpmltiee , ^, ,„pg^ ^old. hungrjv 

Ur Near.Knst KMU-f .h« trtrmw Amer , j,,,,^ ^hlldi-en of Armenia Into ypuij 

! .. . . ■„i, ,i, .! anm-ninn nn.) ^^^^ ^^^^ i,,^ ^Ivi 
i s-.. 1 a n» , j,^,^ y,vi^^^^M n'v\ Hfi'? 
•, ;'Ml *iipiH.rt ot j , i„yf„i Christinas It will 


'■ T.Mvv.--r.n.i'rT 

no w orvom t tn c 

ilTrnor iimI 's 


;( 1, a iliissir nf-Ifs 

fti'iii, ;. • ..- 
og(. i , . , .... 

The t hi .- : 
kind. Is }is f..:i.-.- - 

••IXs'.r i'.i.'. ; ■ ' 

has s'-.rlvc!".! t:;i : 

"Tip riiiTi i'-r, t.iK'k, eiinnf [ 

■nd Cdlfi. ffoiii t; il •■-(•ft. hnf  pnt j 
down thp ililti lit ; - t 'mes with tliosf 
ilitti iftrcw ;lie nnil has snnk tie- 
Bldjc them, ner««r to rise again. " 

"Only a little ehltrt and a mother 
ont on l^p Men!; Arr»n»n1an rondl Bnt 
what Is that visfnn hovering there and 
what Is that voice the cold wtiiil* hear 
lo the  *.rs of otir sovis "I wn» hnnirry 

*hen with your boi.«k aim  o\ii ,.i 
• .cr y*!! hear a vn'ce wcrfirom 
I gwcctnebs .ipi'.-ik!".:   
1 l, of II). ! ■ ; ■ ■ ' 
I an.) ye cave i-' : ' ' - ■ ' • ' 
y« clothed' me; li:; :■■ t iiv* 

dons It to these, my brethren, yo li«v» 
done it to ■«.' 
"la bis name. 

'♦Faithfully yours, 
"HENRY MoI!(^i:ni I7AII" 
Por BxeoUtlve Cuiiiinltife, Near 

vo trip T\' 
— yi'3, lo 



From 9 .A M.. to 6 P. 'M. 

4 5 J 

Please understand thatjai dpihg thi^ we are not violat- 
tai the fuel r^ulations in any way nor are we 
encroaching on the rights of other merchants.   

cHt; I was naked 

J — while we ar» 
i for rTirlstmns 
..t,)i,|r .ri— , 
•  •' '•MsniKl. tnir j 
■ " ^vi| Milor'n; I 

• '1' -llM') j 

viurlnir In 

• •! 
» I' Af:il the 
- 1 : ;iR we 
II' hlrth- 
• ' • 'Mrs  if our 
I .ir.'i tuiburyll 1 




dny  :■■ . 
I niu hi::i-.. 
In Ap '-- 
'.Ti'-f I ■ 

pio(. . . li.v . :" ii'' 

T!i,- i. ^' f:. .' : • 
.(I'-.' . ■ - ■ . ■ ' ., 

I Ctirj»'lli!.  . : - -i 

the ciiLi:;!.-^ . n \ '.Jifp 
whih; 1.' 'i^j^r-i 
.ears of oiir .' ...!.'-, I 
— nntf^d ard tfOldf 

^But we ciin /eeS iad clothe fliese 
perUhlfifi oiiL.s — sniiP of them — before 
It Is 'oo III'"'. n,rljcrt Hooter hss cn- 
6le i" from the Caucn ^Hs, 'It ts Impossi- 
ble thafthe loss of ZW.OOO Urea can at 
this day be prevented, bnt-the remain- 
ing IJOO,OJO can 4 c?slb'y be sared.' 

^ They need not starve nr I f rppre and 
dio If «o win Suva the;;;. ra.t?;c name 
of I.;;:! v^;. ' o-rr-**--. •■ •'!Mt1i'*« 

nVs.-.n 1,,: .tif^vtne r  " ' r.i ani! "i* 

! ilie mothprs 
; llie winter. 
" 'v "re, not 
rroin t!ie (le- 
■V of rii^-s.. 
■ i-c'y ^^!■re"^- 
■i s'iii;' (i'lr 
,'h nn'l Vifhl 
M'Hifiil K''ta 
vtrfcc cries In the 
I r:;. naked and col4 


• IWcai''-o fie .' I'.il ;arii Ih-is of hi 
party "or« inl^tnkio f.n AniH'iHiirij^ 
MaJ. Jatris ti. ilarUonl, iicml o 

the An iTl'TiTi Misv ' 'I ui Armenia 
narrov!. (■r.-ipr,! .n tli*- Kiind 

of d banil of III. ii;u 'till,; I'iiiitliiH a fei 
mile* frwai : xr^i.:\. Miijo 

General Ilnri i r l hii:^ Jiisi retiirne- 
to the Unltc'l Htaios an i inuile a r« 
port ro I'riSi '.'ri! WV, - u i ; hi' Ji- 
trott'-lDg coi '^it ; 'iis ill i\u- .Nwir lOus:' 
wliPii- .Anirrlcnn .'iiir-iv s «iniii 

thOV*: 1T;'I^ liVis U-rvL-li liic 

East IJi-liet I 


People Listen, ft says: 

I am tlie text book oi thrift. 

1 aiathe token of ^^arnest 

I am fhou^htlul Foresijjnl 
fc I he- family and -^y 
for the needy. 

I provide K)wer for ovc'.s 
purpose and t^an. 

I call my hand maid, tHc 
checkbook, to do n^V 


I am the pride of cliildbood's 
tiny wealth. 

I am taken into count aoil 
confidence by Ambition 
and success. 

Head young men and 
mt n to- building ior 
better, happier and 
broader things of Wfe 
worth while. 



(li;; ■ \v i . 

I-.), ili^ 

The Off^c 

o(i;  .. I- 

c Roy's Trouble- 

.! 1. V, 

rU I. "If. 

'■id. ^-i.i;. 

M'.im). -! 
i: f liiiv.' 

■! ;!ii 


'']•' r. 

••! -.ii unii.T infiivli ij 
li' -li S«ilU - li„j;. i\y .-it 

• ■ . ' • n lp.| wlKil 'iip 
liul su W«'iily ti.ii;»-l ii. tin; -Jir, ■■Wm 
cl»?rk jiD ! Inqniri'i! '.Sn.-. .Mr. Jcine^, 
t6n' do yon miicW llifttm:i.''" 


. Bor Iziiaats and ChUdrda 
In Use For Over 30 Years 


SiffRSture of 

1 t ptn myresources to th 
clear and confidtf^t 
plane of the master of 
:great business.'. 

■ ^ 

•1 fill Vith calm sarisfacttotv 
and cr mfort the hepvis 
of the aged. 

I am your.'* if you wish 

i am the Hank Pass Hnnk 
•V at the 




Shop as usual but make it 






-s . . . 

a.  rur i 

.. ji^Trrplrg cut of bed b ,. (he use nf 
T. . also bo used for t'.^ \- or d ning 
itic..^ are very aKrcctive'^h nppeaianct 
fc handle. • ■ • •'• 



1 I 







JkH If Mftvit of $1. 


WiU DeJcernette and Oscar Layne 
the two negroes arrested on a charg^e 
pf highway robbery, were tried Tuea 
day and held over to the February 
grand joy. E. L. All^n, the farmer 
who was robbed of f200 positively 
identified De/eamette and said he 
ft^Whd AUen to be th« other man 
,«ho Mped to take hia monoy. Their 
bail was fixed at $1,000 aad they 
were sent to jail. « ' 


The following is a li|t of the Cen- 
saa Enumenlton appointed in the 8 
CQantjes of the Scebnd CbngrMMoiiid 

Chaa. W. Uey. 
Mrs. At ItaMM. 
Evabts U. Bland. 
Dudley A. Rlgss. 
Bobait M. BkMwach. " 
James E. Ij^tevens 
Albert J. Culver 
6«M»e B. Harris 
E* W. Col«mta 
Samoe! Lester Ctrnnaaib 
fMxtrt E.. Kale 
f J. tL Oalppc 
Ardiie PtreetueQ 
Jmbcs B. AtUnseo 
GMiye B.'Attoioo 

a«iwsW. BMu 

Linn B. CasUIe 
Mrs. Martha 3. Quick 
Mrs. Mollic Carloas 

Roy P. Eskriire 
Ui«a Wihfred Watkins 
Kin EUa Payne Sburk. 
wu Edith ])«](« 

W. T. !.»g«doa 
Grover C. Hill 
Armendt B. Kirk 
ICas Pauline AUdnsoo 
George A, Hines 
». W. Daucbefty 
Paul J. G«w 
Mrs. Gn ver;6. T H i }] , 
Chas. Hanmoa Gregory. | 
Pellx Z. Monarch. 
John J. Ryan 
Geortre Krnest Ling 
James Irwin Smith 
A. A. Ahrey 
WiU Neel 
Grace Mae Lebold 
Robert B. Roby 
Obas. Andrew VanLahtf 
Mrs. W. W. Wilson 
James C. Birkhead 
Mrs. Jesaee Wheatley Peridos 
Wm. Abell 

HANCOCK comnt 

Jamee B. McG«mn  
Bolbert Young 
Mn. Boy F. Gdbbwt 

Jno. 07jenkhis 
E. B. Atkinson ^ *\ 

Bryea B.' Jett 

Talbert J. Mdleif 
John N. Pmitt - 

A. D:Lait« . - .-^ :■ • 

&fi«|. AoAie T.- Wiq||pp 
Qyjla ft Kiwjay 
Miss Bertie B. Tapp 

Walter Chandler 

Mrs. Winnie McMoUea 

Isaac W. Uingill 

Silas B. Sides 

Jarr.^ H. Gabliart, Jr. 


HerLcrt W. Crick 
Ricliard V. Homer ':: ,- 
Marvin S. Veal « , 
Johh F. Itaading ^ 
U na V. Oldham 
Bobert R. Thonuoa 
Miss hailf Ferguffon 


Ford K. Beriiear 
Ettie T. Simmons 
Emmett Wilson Howton 

Walter C. Graham 
A. C ?picer. 
Hayden Browder Boggess 
Arthur N. Plaint. 
Elisha Atherton 
Robert L. King 
John Henry VanCleve 
James E. Porter 
Loyd Fireline 
Walter C. Rowlett 
Miaa Irene Blenn 

Chas. B. Skinner 
R. D. Meador 
Harry Stevens 
Henry K. Woodward 
Miss Flora McCleOand 
Baldwin J. Clements 

Cale B. Hardwick 
John D. Watson 
Napoleon Biggs 
C. M. Biggs 
James H. Hudson   
Hubert MeHmtn - / 
Garland Gates 
Janaa Cari Boyd 
J. Eajrl Beaaon 

Thi* list is not complete in Chris- 
tion, Hopkgins, Union, Webster and 
Henderson counties. 



A Choctaw Indian, of CahiA, 
lahtfma, who was in that company of 
United States soldiers nhich fired 
the first shots at the Germans, and 
was near the fighting lines when the 
last gun was heard, has been chosen 
by Wewarreux, the French artist, 
as the model for his painting of the 
true American fighter. The picture 
is to hand in the French Federal 
IkUlding at Paris with those 
«n of other Allied soldiers. 

Oti sW.' Leader trained with the 
famous Bhie Devils wku^ he first 
went to France, and wa^ aiqloet con- 
tinuoualy under fire while lie served 
overseaa. At Chateau Thierry, Metz 
St. Mihicl, Verdun and Argonne he 
made a splendid reeord . of bravery, 
and waa cited for his a^tioB at Cha- 
tec^tThierry when for three days he 
fought with the infantry after the 
entire gun crew with which he was 
fighting had been^Ued, and the gun 
destroyed. Alt this time he captured 
two machine gans and eighteen pris- 

Today Leader's body is covered 
with mustard nas bonis for which he 
still has to have medical attention. 
He isn't sitting down for the rest of 
his lift telling war stories to his 
children and friends. Not much! 

. The man who was ehoaen as the 
type of true ^American flyfat^r is 
jiti^ in action. At OUalMi^'CHy 

Anno uncement! 

M. 0. WILLIS has purchased the 
Kirkwood Drug Store at Ninth and 
Mam Streets. Mr. H. L. Barnes who 
has been the Pharmacist, will remain 
in his PQskion with the new firin* 

We solicit your patronage and prom- 
ise you prompt iiiid reliable service. 


On Soaday at Leuisiraie, the Jef- 
ferson Poet of the Aaericaa Legion 
had A hig Amerk»BlMti«B Day at 

the Armory. 

The meetiag ari^ted xesQiotteaa 
pMgteg ^avr Brea, our fortvnes, 
iukI vit sBcTCd boaor^ to the laaii^ 
t^aanoe of hrw and order in tlie 
United Statea. It alao voiced ita 
WMcUt approval of these sections of 
the resehition asking that natural- 
ized citizens convicted of dlaleyaity 
be deiuttttralized and deported and 
that wfaUe afvery safiegUMd ahoold 
be thrown around the riirhts of free 
speech and free assembly, laws 
shbilld be passed and made effective, 
to curb revolntlonary ^agitation 
against ths orderly , methods -of the 
baQot box. 

The OMlatiag alao eqweised Ks ap- 
proval of the bni prepared by At^ 
tomey General Pafaner to suppress 
aedltiaa and to deport undesirable 
eitisens. This bill is given below: 

A bill defining sedition, the pro 
moting thereof, providing punish 
ment therefor, and for other pur 

Be it enacted by the senate and house 
of Sepresentatives of the United 
States of America In Congress as- 

SeditiM. . 
Section 1 — Whoever, with the in 
tent to levy war against the United 
.States, or to eaose the change, over- 
throw or destruction of the govern- 
ment or any of the laws or authority 
thereof, or to eaoaa the overthrow or 
destriMUon af all forms of law or 
organised government, or to oppose, 
pvevtnt, hinder or delay the eseett- 
tkm of aiiy law er the United States, 
•t tile flree perf oimance of ° the 
free t^iformance of the United 
U. 8. Q«fvenunent or any one of its 
oflkers, agents or employes or its or 
his pobiic duty, commits, or attempts 
9» threatens to commit, any set of 
ifoiee Sfalnst any person or any 
pwperty, or any act of terrorism, 
hate, revenge, or injury against the 


person or property of ^any 
agent, or emi^oye pf the United 

States, sh;i!I be deemed guilty of se- 
dition, and, upon conviction, shall 
 e punished by a fine na^ ceeding 
flO,0eO, or by 'rnp^ljiHp, for a 
 eriod net exceeding twenty yean, 
or by both such fiBe and imprison- 
ment, in the diieretion of the court. 
Promoting Sedition. 
Sec. 2.— AVhoever taiakcs, displays, 

fies any aet of aaditWa i ereinbe. 
fore defined, or ongsnta^i «r assists, 
or loinlB fa» the osgaiiiaa«iVM« or 

l ecomes or reoialns a memberW. or 
afiliatctd wtth. any society or organ- 
ization, whether the saae be f omal- 
iy organised or not, viddi.lM for 

Its object, in whole or In part, the 
sihrtsing, - advoorting, teachhig or 
Jottifylng of any ^ of sedlttep as 

fareinbefore defin vi, sbaB be deemed 
guilty of sodltifn itai, upon convir- i 
tion thereof, i^hall be pnnisbcd by a 
fine of not ezeeeMrg tin years, or 
by both such fine and imprisonmeiK, 
in the discretion oC,^ coort. 

See. 8.1.Aay «li»n who shall ie 
convicted .under aqL. of the provis- 
ions of ihis act shiU,, at the. «xpit«- 
tion of his ¥fii*en«, be taken into 
custody under llio^ warrant of ^ 
•ecretary of labor |uid deported in 
the manner provided by the immigfa 
tion laws of the United SUtes then 
in force, and said ^ien shall forever 
thereafter be debsgrred from again 
entering the UnltifB States or any 
territory or possesion thereof. 
Doaaturalisation |hd SabseqiMat 


Sec. 4. — The con ^ction under aay 
of the provisions of this act of a^i^ 
natnralized citisen |hall be deemed 
sufficient to anthoi;^ the saneell^- 
tion of his or her certificate of natur- 
alization in the manner provided by 
section 16, of the l^iktaraUMtion Act 
of June 29, 1906. ' It (ball be the 
duty of the United^ SUtes Attorney 
where aaid natnraflbed citizen is 
held in custody or risideB to institute 
and conduct such proceedinga ' im- 
radiately on the entry of final Jud|| - 
ment of conviction.. Upon the 
cellatlon of the certificate or na^at 
atlsation the alien i(ball become nxO^ 
jeet to the provisiote of Seetioa 2« 

he is taking training xmder the di- 
rection of the Federal Board of Vo- 
cational Education in mechanical 
and electrical engineering. Altar 
completing the course there he is to 
continue in advance work iilong tlie 
same lines in Kansas City, Mbsoori. 

MKING piSH $9.00 
— See It Teda^— 

e 0 e ». l a a   e , 



Q^ers among the home-coming 
stodenls this wec4 are: Edward 
Oabney and Toliver Anderson, X«n  
tucky University; George Fo^er, 
University of lUinois; Jack Tandy, 
University of Penn^lvania; lian- 
niag and Robert Brown, VasdetbiH 
Universtty; Ghtth Aiams^ Vnivenk 
Hy o  in^higaa; Hisses JoUa Tuaiy, 
Tbebw WOBanuwn. Jada BrealUtt, 
Vtiginia 6arr««t uti Uaiy Ww 
Ct&rdy and Merrjll S&lQSnan of' 
Georgetewn College; Wm. Bftker of 
Georgia Tech.f ' Mi88ee Mae Northern. 
BoiMmY«tt and Anne BeB, vt Baa. 
doJph Macon; Woodard, 

B. B. liapar, E. C. IMBard, W/Ui 
Staunton Military Academy; George | Kinunons and^7oha P lliemas. 

McBeynolda V^'^l^^f.^ ''▼•^^J 
Washington and Lee Universitjl 
Miases Mary Campbell and JSarni 
Cook from Swairthin«^; Hiss Ma^- 
£aret Lackey, from Marfreesbofi|»; 
Misses Margaret Rives and Mary 
Wallace from.tSrenau; Mise Lusy 
Maerae from Agnes Scott Coikgi; 
Atthor Hewy frso Sfesbville. \ 

At the Pint Bi^ttst Cburch S |j|^ 
diy metniajg thd Bb^csb Htih- 
Class «M ght h7 IM. J. S. WallKt, 
preseated the fngkt* with a i 
.Bttit 9t ctethea cAritog m4y~ Hi 
fb« Mpmittee ifi ekaige ceosisted v 


J , ■ . . ■ 

Christmas Greeting! 

To Our Patroiis 
mi The Publi 

Christmas, the season for the re- 
neural of old friendship for the ex- 
pression of good will, and the do- 
ifig of ioildnets to others is here. 

^1 1 

Sec. S — ^The De|pi tmeiit of J«b- 

tice shall furnish ^e secretary of 

labor such data as^ will enable him ' 
at the proper time io effect the Jo- 
portation of those made subject 
thereto by th.- pruvtsions of thia aet. 

Henry DeHaven ..Moorman, state 
commander of the Legion has ap- 
pointed the followinf,' committee to 
have charge of iLgislation cflfefting 
the Legioi. in Kentucky: M. K. Gor- 
don, Madisonvillto; Jackson Morris, 
Pineville; Atifla gox, Louisvil^j 
Elmer Gray, Newport, and Jsmfs 
Breathitt, Jr., Ho|iklh*Vine. It is^ 
known that the iegionaiies in Ken- 1 
tu -ky will Peek sta^ a» welj as na-| 
law.s apalnst alien affitators. i 

Wm. H. 

writes, prints or cirtuiates, or 
knowingly aids or ab^ts the making', Uonal 
displays writing, pHnt^nw. circ«l«tin» 

uf a«i ^ifi. vcrd, .speech, picture, ClliiclrOll Oiy 

Mmy your Christnuks be Iflkd with joy and 
aappinesB, unnianred by sorrow, and may 
you carry with yon through the coming year 
lie spirit of the Ynietide. 

Again-A Mernf Christmas 

Wall & McGowan 




- /■ .1 0- 

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