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^ -_ ^ 

Wl. IX "i\ 0 . 12 . 


“ MMEWAM k B U RI E D “ A L I V E . | '"rr'’:u'r'riry 

* * Awn ranPRIETOHS. lhiSC*'.m StfUC of 

FtoM THg BURT OF c. H0DCS0?f, KSQ., DE- Reason soo 

CTOFFICE.— Third Street, north of Mkin- j CEASED, FORMERLY oF BRISTOL, | p^g jhat if 1 ha»l I 

iraaaifi ^ 5 ilti*l^ 33 i- ^ England. earth closed 

•A *»inr , . - , • r. r A. om be able to r«sp 

gr.iica.rT.o^.-fa 00 if paid in •^•“7:! I had been subject to Bpelepuc fits r.^un ^.„h ease. I 

|2M at the end of ..s month.; ^ my youth upward, which, though they 

^ymeut be del.yed ““J,'* did not deprive m. of animation in the egp.j.jered, at 
will reLv. . copy , «ight of those about me, completely an- ^ 

^rs aad remiUing # # r\ihilai#»fl mv nwn rnnscioiiKllCi?S« I U*^e(l rr»s r » _ 

{ \ WHIG CllllONKXEIl OF TIIF TIMES, 'I'lli: FlvOI’EI", A^Nl) TEE GOl .MMIV. } 
shall always be Victorious when we all pull together! ’;^ ^ 




— — - ■ — ■ ■ ' *■ '■ ^ 

WIIOr.E XO. 429. 

Mr. Clay’s Great Union Letter. 

••r. «ud remiuing — i nihilated my own consciousness. 1 u.« e(i 

*YrAil letter* and coininunic.tion. addrewied ' 10 be attacked at all seasons, but most 

I'lrouEh the port office, murt b. p«-t-pnid. or (.onirnenly about the full j"f the moon.— ; inienncnt but that 1 was ab( 

Ihov will not be ukeu from Jbeo* -XU [generally had a warning ol a peculiar , he crave and that th( 

should be suer.,oaied. inevitably 

I f t ineer I T* L ‘ i* ®' ! Such is tl.o inconsistency of the hi«-r.of 12 line, or less, It was a senianon that, to be known. , just res-pned 

r„r.uimo„.. in..,,.... . ?? ;, . 'f ! -i-- •   j-  'y 

.. . t, „ n . T . W r n IT « h».n .. all he.r.Ue, .udTh.v. beenlushe.. I h.ard a.ain  h. hollow aounJ Hr. Clay's Great Hnioa Lcttor. !.T : ,r,ha ,,ur.ii,.„ of .Jhercocu  ■  .h.^ .  i'. \\ NIOCKt 

I aM I S C E LL A N E 0 Ij S . a clock-bell.of nosmull magniiui^e. ^ ^ 1 Tr*T~ D n 111 

, Lnonlv believed ' 1'J‘lg'ng from its deep intonation. No nMiLAND, 3 1 October. 1 uol . ^ j .11 jusily dej recate the tendency of hese Fii|J [||)(] WilltPf OrV (iCOll.s!. 

BURIED ALIVE. I Ifmvmemorv serves me correctly. ! cranny which I had hiiherto observed in Gentlemen: 1 have the honor to nc- ; reso'uuons.^ 1 have not been an inaiien- 

1 this calm state of my mind did not last ' my prison let in light — ihouph 1 well knowledge 1I19 receipt, yesterday, of ibe ; or indili^t^reiu o.cserver of tnem. and €^(t/fitrctt JT 

FROM THE BtARY OF c. HODGSON, KSQ., DE- Reason soon becan 10 whisper to | kncw them must ha some fissure for address which you transmitted to no. ' '•'•»h yo-j I t.eep'y regret their adoption. an.': now in rwsipt of th.^r ti- vy Fall 

t CEASED, FORMERLY OF BRISTOL, I me that if 1 had been buried and the fresh air. for the cominuanco of life so from a nutnb 5 r of gentlemen in ;h» city J " respective I c. 3 uld ^ V and Wmier Imporuiion «f 

' ENGLAND. 'earth closed around my coirm, I should far. How else had 1 existed.? It was of New York. Euianaiing from a .source i been less a.nbtguous. and more ex- SHPLE .AND M.\fY HRY CftOD^* 

not be able to respire, which 1 could do night perhaps when I first came to my- so hiphly reTtpeciab'e and imposing, fr.mi ;P*'Cti. m ileclarmp uieirdfiier.nination , n jc C’ AFS; lIrtOTH & JUIOESt 

now with ease. I did not. of course, self in my prison of ‘‘six dark bnardij ’ friend.s and fe!low-citi;:ens so numerous ^^‘'r*'***^*^ '’y» * ^f"^*** 7 **?* I every other article iu their line euitnbla 

dream of the vault in which 1 was placed 1 groped in vain over every part of their and imc'ligcnt. and 10 w hom I am under , of peace and compromise, which, hor full and winter uwe. 
b,,rcanIlerVI » firs. ha. 1 had h.e„ wooden sarf.ce which 1 could reach. 1 sud. srea, ublis».ions. 1 have perurej I. i rur.nin. an epoch in .he prafrers of our «r h... paid paruC.r .u...... .. - 

hu .X he .;r,h. Irould find no chink, cou'd see no ray. „.,h profound ...en, ion an, I deference. ' conn, ry. was imen.led ,o reconcile snd | ef 

The freedom of rovpiration pave me Again I heard the hollow knell, which After adverting to. the present state of pub- ; concord and fe^ ings* i ,i i 

1 he treooom Ol rovpiraoon u.r. . « .• • l • ■ • . .. ' rr»i - r  r ni.r diviilAfl raiiu' V i.-n There •' '•t^Y d* -r ription, an.i the leaUies wi.T find 

the idea that after all I was not carried i tended to increase my learlol agony. lie alTairs. to the rp.m auversa t   ih- nrimr.^ our riiv id..d c«un.. v .i,.n. . nere «»r Urg- stock all tb* Iat..t and inont 

forth for inienncnt but that 1 was about to ! For a long tune after li.'.s I lay steeped measures of compromise adopted during i necossiiy lu rese.'ve a r ^..i i siyl.*!i that hav* Iwco intr«Hlnc«i 

K- ,h». orave and that there I lilt my suffering— or at least for a long , il,e last Congress, which prevails in cer- ' to inodify and to rapes. t..o ob- into th- Ro tern markka. Our atock of R b- 

m:\v stock ! 

Fall aiul Winter Dry (! 

Ca/fttrrll Jr ShatkrifmrA 

V n now in racsipt of fh^r li“aTy Fall 
and tv inter ImperUlion af 


.And every other article iu their line euitabla 

bill considered, at first, that 1 had b#eii 

i ihe idea that after all I was not carried 
' forth for inierment but that I was about to 
be borne to the grave and that there I 
should be suff.joaied. inevitably. 

! Such is the inconsistency nl the human 

Cadi adJilional insertion, 

P»et and Pro. eesion Notieee, each, 
F or 12 1 1 nee, or lees, I'or ff inoiitiie, 
For 12 linen, or ienn. for 6 inontlie, 
For 12 linen, or ler^n. for 12 inouthe. 

... ■ r I l._ sei'. lO U.c Iiy luni.urr, 

150 Martha, 0 mean my first wife, who has death a hundred li 

4 00 been dead now for the best part of forty | f.imiidahlc. 

7 .50 ye»r,,) used to sav that she always ob- 
50 (m! •••'ved an unusual paleness over my com- 

One column for 12 iiioiitliH, -olumn for plexion otherwise ruddy, for a day or iw 

f..r i-J inouUis. ora column lor i . .. ■' _ 

for 12 inouUis. ora column tor r-—— .f - • ’ " , ; out. I called aloud, at. 0 struck tne siucs | ‘ - ...j a. ... 

**b^Iollth«, before the fit came upon mo. Bless ,id oP coffin to no purpose, till I with some difficulty, and soon fi'und it and rnenaeng danger of our co’n.ry. 

viuarterof •’columuforl2month»,oracolluinn , soul! she never left me one and fatigued but all in vain.— was a knot from the coffin plank which I feel, geiulernen, with the greatest in- 
ter ff moiitbi., u„.oicr chirped the instant she had a suspicion g,jHy sjjgncg reigned around me amid had been forced inward, in all ptobahil- teresi and the deepest solicitude, the full 

A dvcriiseineui* of « personal ch P ; my approaching malady. ^ ^is benevo- j iiy after I was placed there. I S8w a'«o , p^rce of all that you have expressed; and 

. ron^i^otr for 009 ^ I now Steeped in fearful agony.- a dim light through hole, about as large , j g,^d,y comply with your wishe.s, 

CoofinHio7 ^ofoe until iherUrtio,,, 1 00 of enabling her I® subdu* the \iolence ol , j horror. 1 plunged my as a hall crowii-pieco just below where jg.jicate the remnant of a it'‘a. 

aj- 4-1. ken It came, for which purpose! ^ thighs and wounded them, my chin came. 1 put my hand w it and ,j,g [j^ruesi at.J best part of which has 

1 _T Vdvcrtiwmciiti. "«V 1... I own experience had pointed out : xk*. B«nb . 3 in «nv blnod: and. found it covered with coarse cloth, which i,-«n e,,pnt in the nulilic service, to tho 

there are occasion.^ when a spirit of mod- ^ 

eration sliculd prompt a forbearance to 
exercise that right if more were intend- St&pi 

ed than meets the eye. more than to pro- "% I Y 
claim ihc theoretic right of discussion, it . v I and 
it were designed to announce the right of ran be 
unremitied agnation, to coniintio the dis- a.s thev t:tn 
traciioii.s of tha country, nnJ. finzlly. il ofth»'Sintc 
possible to repeal the fugitive slave law. »-pt 

•ept 19 , 13 .'. I 

Staple Goods of all kinds. 

M y a^'sortmvjut  .f t*tap]c (looda is ampla 
and roinj.lcfe, riiibraciiig every thing 
tint tan be caileii for, which, together with all 
other arti«:It'.v in my line, will be aeltl a* cheap 
a.i they can be hud any where in thia auction 
of th* Siute. Try it. 

S,"!*! lit W.\I. M. FIEI.D?!. 

;j.-r.r.V.T.r,v„ : »« «• c— r-, P-P0« I .his"; ..h woSS --chin canh. i p;,; .ny hand « i. and | ^ ^ra^y'bYr n( JficS ha’; c .„d.,„n 

IJ- vavertieemeiite not ‘L experience had pointed out : The coffin wm soaked in mv blood* and, found it covered with coarse cloth, which i,een in the public service, to tho ‘he course, n* Iraugnt *u.i the 

by tearing the wooden sides of my pris- I easily imagined was the lining of my cause of iho Tmon, if the state of my pcriloueconse- 

.*bvth»' adlertiwT with the miiiilier of iiiKcr- jried again after her decease because * 1 „„ j|,g ,n^ni,,Pal feeling. 1 lac- coffin. I soon contrived to lorco ny lin- henlili woul J allow me, and if I believed 4 

tiotk, will heiusuried till forbid, and charged was oppressed beyond bearing of fiager.s and wore my nails to ger through ihis cloth though not viihout| fresh exertions of mine would be But we must make some allowance for 

■«yr« r.liiiglv. loneliness, which none but persons „iiick and soon became motionless considerable difficulty. Faint tnough j ^ But ever Eir.'*e the long session human* frailty and inordinate pride of 

f— — ■ — such a situation — I mean a widower s _..u’ I was the lieht. Inii it was a noon-dsv sun L,r ,110 lad f I.un»Troet. dnrincp which t.iv nr- opinion. . luny persons at the North 


r »Mi: Kk  K. Yi: iiatpy days. ji 

— ; X 


Cem"’ back, come back, thou yoothful time, | • 
When iov : iui innocence were ourt, I « 

When life iv«« in itvvernal prune, j 

An.i eartii wa« bricli* with biidding flowers; 
Come buck, and Irt u« roam once more, 

free hearted, tliroiigli life’* pleasant ways, 
Andr *'her gerlands as of  ore — I 

C’w.oe back, come back, ye happv days- g 

Come back, come back, ' pleasant then I 

To cherish faith 111 love and truth; l 

When notliing in disprniae of men j 

Mad soiirM the temper oforr youth, ( ^ 

Come back, and Set ns still iwlitve j 

The porpeoMs dream noinaiice displays, ! { 

Nor tnie| the tale tlial men deceive — ■ , I 

Come Lai;k. come liack. ye happy days. ' , 

Come back, oh freshness of the pa«t. jl 

When every lace seeiird fair and kind; ] 

When Bunward every eye was caet, , , 

Aad all the shadow* foil behind. | 

Come I.a«k. oh ye*’ true heart* can turn 

Tlieir own Dcceniliers into Mays; ^ I 

The s- erct he it oor* to lesrn — I 

Como hack, com# back, ye happy daya. ' ^ 

tin: roRFsT trei:s. |' 

m* COOK. , 

Vp with vout heads, ye sylvan lords, , 

Wave proudly in the breer.e, j ‘ 

Y'or aiir cradle i«nds and coffin hoards , ( 

M ust come from the forest tree#. I 

We hle*s ye for our summer shade,   

When onr «-eak liml * fail and tire; 1 , 

Our iliiinks are iiue for your winter aid, , 

When we pile Uie bright log fire. ! 

Ohl where would l»e our rule ou tho aea, 

A nd the fame of the Bailor liand 

Were it nat for the nak and clond-crowned pine 
That spring on tha quiet land^ 

When the riha and the masle of the good ship 

live, ' 

And either the gale with eaae. 

Take his glass from the tar who will not give 
Au kealth to the lorest trees. 

A'o lend to life its earhest joy, 

.And wait on it* latest page; I 

In circling hoop for the rosy boy, 1 

And itie easy chair for age. j 

The old man loiters on his way 

W ith lootstep# short aud *l#w, I 

But without the s* ick for hia help and atay | 

Not a yard’a length rouidhe go. 

The hazel twig in the elripliiig's hand 

Math magic power to please; j 

■Anil tlie trusty sutT anu sleudor waad I 

Are plucken from the forest tree* j 

SIT DOWN, SAI  soi l-. i 

BT aaaar coinwall. 

down, sad soul, and count 
The moment* flying; 

Come — tell the *wcet amount 
I'hat’s lost by sighing. 

How many smiles t — a secret 
Then laugh, aud count no were, 
i^^^^^Fcrday isdying!  mwn, sad soul, and sleep, 

A'nd no more measure 
Tlie fi ght of Time, nor weep 
The lus* ef leisure; 

Pu: here, l.y this loue stream, 

Lie down, with lit, anu dream 
Of fctarry treasure I 

We cream' r.othou the same, 

We love lorever; 

We laugh, vet few wo shame, 

The gent is. never; 

Stay, then, till sorrow c,e« — 

Thkn, hope and happy akies 
Are tiiiue forever. 

lilt r«i. Ti;K'»s ifoiTt OF ri:Ac t. 
knoar ve the Printer’s hour of peace! 

loneliness, which none Dut persons j quick, and soon became motionless considerable difficulty. Faint tnough u-gfu). Bin ever sir,'*© tha long session 
such a situation — 1 mean a widower s— . exhnusiaiion. Wheji I was mv- ‘h® ‘‘ ^*=5 « noon-dsy sun of the last Congress, during which my nr- 

can tell. My second wile whom 1 ^nte more. 1 called aloud my wife's “'e- *" uneasy strain ofm  neck, j j.jqus duties we;*o greutcr than 1 was 

also buried, was not ^o pen^raiing j 

.h, f«au ly of .b.arv,„on. She » a, a ^ 

woman of admirable tliriti, and to her . . . , .1 1 r 

wuinaii ni-iii J / . J I I commue J until mv strength ngam lefi me, 

economy It was that, under (lod, i owe' , 1?   1 

? u -11 1 Mild nauiro once more soii^flit lepieuisii- 

mv preservation in the terrible event 1 ;7 1 ... 

• tner i in temnnr.irv ins^nriuilltV . 

I could see obliquely through the open- g]] aijig encounter, my health lia.s lugiiive, ;n-J even rieciered ilteir in- 
ir.g but every iliiiig was confused h my j i,een deiicaie and it ha.s remained so ‘eu'-'uu forrildy to obstruct iw execu- 
brain. My sight was cio id- I, tn 1 1 j ihroughouithc past summer, I lirpe that lion, and had eppeale.I to s higher law. 
co'jld only at lirnt perceive tliers was | j; jg j^iipmvinfr. but it s;i!I r*q'iires the which, as ilicv contended, wt.s paramouii: 

1 1 J I. • 1 ' . . *" II ir» nil liiiinaii I pric! tin . T nn.iA lintPlin. 

Our family burving-place in Briftol is 

undefinahle character if it tvas tme. aud 
not n gdance. as 1 am indiira 1 to think it 

my preservation in the tern He event j„ jg,„pyrarv inseuHbiliiy. hut could d;*iinguip:i no (jiijoci most ca*iJuoiis cate; on i I entertain seri- humau -egtsiitton 1 rtsse uitlcnH- He is also prepared to furuUh 

nm about to ,.ail. a ibis time I had n vision of. a most sen^o.s, hov.evci*. seemed in shirpeii Ljup apprehensions that if 1 were to ac- hie positions were wholly irrecoAcilao'e Y/edJings, Tarties. ISallS, fc6. 

in lead It would have been all over wiili yndefinahle character if it tvas one. aud nsw hopes 1 c o ed my eyes (, i\n Uur invitation, and throw* myse.i , wiih pairionsui. or even wiih the exis- Pyramid^, c.* . made of Fr^wek 

'«c* „ - , . not a edance. as 1 am indura 1 to think it A minuta together and ihcnoi ?iied imo tlie scenes of exciiamem incidcui to lence ot regular government itied. f)-   aadie*, c akc, OrHosen. Wat-«»o»ieN, 

Our family burying-place in Briftol is the porals of death into the ‘h«'n. to le.siore their almost w.uM-out j,. mv strengili mii;iii lad me. and my hcv ing the dic.aies. it is to o® hopei , o I Ki**e .«,A.r. Ar. 

in Church, where iher^ '*"* I of spirits h was all shane’ess and form- power of visian. At length I couLI dis- present debility might be much increased, wiser, and purer, and more social cotin- On the mo.rt raai^ n.i!.!a term^^^ 

.1 ,.aU..!,ich all p.-,ao,.a » ho ca„ f« , „,e„ „,.l -vom.n, ofion unh’Jiah ,ha, im.i.cliaicly „p;,oah, o me Vhere la no Vlaoe. I am fully a. are. re'a. the parne. who m.der ih, i.npuUea 

the officials high enough may he of gh^j^w y ou ‘h®re was a stuall w .ndow. crossrJ by ,^ Uhould find more ardent and en- 7 pass.o.i ami lana ticism, had assum.d, aa.l Irarn his pries*. Ill pleiigs. 

umil ilieir friends forget them which. LpI'mi-#* and nr.tim I me Thev m-T'Sive iron bars ilirotigh w hicl the iluisiastic friends in one iiartv, aud more have now auaudoued ihoin. an'J acknow,- ii,,ns-if i„ give •nlir* Kaiisf.ictioa to all hi» pat- 

ami.y uur  ing-p .ai c .0 .*ri»im .s ^.^5. between the porals of death into the 
Church, where ilier^ is a getter- , ^ ^ nnd f.irm- 

pniriouscsi anu narinniiy inusi uunuciiui | #3^ 

ihe ffivA' course, ns Iraught Wit.i the p^oTS and SHOES for mI® 

most mischievous and perilou® conse- | thr "Loup Smr” Cash Dry Geode 

qttenCeg. tutors, Chraprr than thr ('hrav'»f! 

n I n r tout 12 \V . B. .M«.)RROW It CO. 

But we must make some allowance for ’ • 

human*' frailty and inordinate pride of COIJFECTIONARY AND FRUIT 
opinion. .Many persons at the North -«o  . r * r:  ^ a® 

had avovveJ an invincible hostility to the i A -* 

fugitive !.aw, ;nJ even dedered their in- r jaVINC. .nrid.coo.s.derab's additions te his 
leniion forrildy to obstruct iw execu- | J c*tul !ishmsnt. tlm sobecriher wisbse to 
lion, anti had appealed to s higher law. inforai ih» pui li *, that he can now supply all 
w hid,, as ihcv contended, wr.s paramouii: Cwn^****. 

to .*,11 human legislation. 1 nese unicnt- prepared to furuUh 

bla poaiiions wera wl.olly irr.Mllcila'a'e Parties. kallS, t6. 

w.lli or oven wohlh»«,i,- l-yrararj,, i. . «wa - of Fro.,* 

lence ot regular government itiell. f)- « :iadie«, c ako, OrHosea. 14 fat-c«'o®ieN, 

bcvir.2 the dict xies. it is to b® hoped, of Ki-oe*. k.e. jlc. 

to .ill liuman legislation. Tnese untena- 
ble positions were wholly irrecoAcilab'e 
wiiii uairioiism. or even wiih the exis- 

umil rheir friend. forE„ ihem-. lnch. | 

l„r i l.m ,nnn,r m rrarlmi: ma ns. „ n™ , from decay. Tiler 

u , .ally a v.rvlmicume: 1,11. tins ,» only, 

came before and aruun I me. 

massive iron bars ilirotigh w hid the ihusiastic friends in one party, aud more 

Itclii streamed in upon me like jut into f;ouitpsy and respect in the other, tlian in 
the soul of misery. 1 now cried w i.h do- ,|,e commercial metropolis of tlie I’nion. 

granu-G provided they are buried in l^d. I figsire like bodies ‘iglii, and I was among men a- Wpilsi I am constremed. with mitch rs- 

l Buppo*e they are turnc.J out of ilieir ' ^ j bavo seen drawn forth from {lain, for thr ;hy Warkness arou id me ! pret . rojpecifillv to doclNuo the in.'^ciing 

how 1 should get free from mv duraiice ; i,«ve taken of public affairs, and vvliich I suluviis.tion t.*v tlie law, we discern. 1 h®p®. 
before famino destroyed mo. was'a long ! imst inav b'li receive I es a .substitute for i ® J'*®‘ hornaau to the dictates of civ hiza- 
time ab.sf'nt  Vorn rriv mioii aud did not oral cxiiibilio.i of them whi- ii I could : ‘“C-'l to the (hrtaiev ol s.'t.ihii.-m'd 

recur until 1 could look ilnough the fis.'-.maka before a large concourse of my 

It was not supposed by tho authors and 

metal coffins in the end. as they are tn dwellings, each being rather a | disparpid. 1 forgot for a immieni , j ou prop-se. 1 avail myself of the ^ g**®®"®* 

jIy®ndoii aud other p. aces, that in® 7® j hideous misshaufen mass than human mv suffering. I'.ven tlie ff-arlul question j occasion to present some views which I : t’y* 

I lead may buy a carousal for the church- : resemblance. Thick darkness and si- *  0 '^ ^ should get free from mv I i,«ve taken of public affairs, and which I submis.^ic 

warden and sexton, and mak® room •m’ ' succeeded— tho darkness and si- before famino dusiroyad m.o. vvas a long ! ir„si may he receive I es a substitute for j = J'*s‘ 

' new lensma !*  be rervtd iu tb# same man ^ too horrible reality. If. as I ‘‘me abs/‘nt  Vo*rn rriv mind aud did not any orai cxhibilio.i of them whi- ii I could : "‘-m* 

ner. But to my story. suspected, 1 slept about this time from recur until 1 could look ilnough the lisi- make before a large concourse of my j 

Tomy excellent wife’* thrift I owe Lygjj|.^g,,j.^ ^as to awaken again to a ure no longer, from the giddine 5 s caused 1 fellow-citizens in New N oik. , ilm j,ro|X 

,,re„rv.uon. Willinp ,o aavc as | fc.Vfal ol' my I'aarful by lo . .arnasl fixe.lnoss of oazo. | ,|,o author, and 

ir.or I, money .a po«,blo n. my funoral. I soon oondiided rom .b, "la.iy - ^ ' j Compromi.e. in ,ho „'f',"lw 

,h. had my body. .ill. nil .1,0 n.n.l car- ,,,i„ .n-orl, .0 mako myself ^ ”” e.-fch si. ie ol .he opem„„. and , j|„, uinn of .lie se- "I, . ,7 

emony. |,u. imo . ...m. for coffin .he [.aard were rehera.ed es far as my 'b^= ..reng.h of .he bar., . 1 ,.. I was in a ^ „f ^uea.nree which co,n(inse,l h. 

weij. .. of which was increased by . , f„„„j „nh church vaoli; and .hi., wa. conlir.ned unanimous concurrence 

cou|.lo of old hundred weissh.s, placed g,ea. difficul.y 1 could .urn over on my «ben 1 came io dislinenish .lie enos of; reasonable hnpos w. re \ , 1 “ 

one .. iny head, .he other .. my lee..- ,ij,, ,„j ,he„ „„ my belly. 1 tried, by •»'" o'C toree coH,ns which p.rily imer- 

•n,us,,,nd mon- ||p,mg my hack and by . viol en. slraiii. poned between me ''';l amt the! r hope, i 
ey *.. ,.v,d .0 my I thereby burs, open .he coffin-lid. bn. the screws began to ^row dun, w„h, no l,„- ' P ,;is,rp., I'A.-rv- '' o ' T ' 

CM. no .ellecions upon my dear departed r„i,.od my utmost etreng.h. I co-uld can describe, no tongue can .oil. , \„r,h. Soulb. Plast .and Vfes.. lin ! , ! 

wife’s regard forme. I was convinced not. besides, draw npniy kneessufiiciei't- As tl.o gloom of nigh, opproached. j J pv of the pooplo are saib. .|„nirhai 

M I .old her, .h.. her monvo was gor^; ly high .0 alTord « .emh a»i. of the pur- hear, began .» lain.or, and my fo - ; ' ac,-,.iesce in. .ho coinpro- , 

and wel for me did ,. mm OU. .h.. she ch.,„ [ ,|muld havo o.herwire m,ade .0 mer rolurnec. wti, len.l.ild aeighi.,'^' This mav iw confi.lemlv assened 

was so. hrif.y and considerate. She w„ g,., upon it. 1 no help but to ro- no.w,.l..s,and,ng winch I in.agmo nims. , ^ 'o I 

..rue Bristol wo, nan, and as .he good c. mrn again ,o .he posi.inn of .he dead, have slap, some. I .ves so.,,„l,:e ,|,i,,ecn. if ,,o. fo,.r.ccn, of „^r Vo, 

liens there, generally, ar, preity keon, ;„„,j reltictanilv gain a lii.le agonizing rc- "c*® t'he 'he grating ol aheavy door "p-, . p Siaios. In o fo-.v of classes ° ... !„ ,, 
close-ficured: but it is error on the richt ! ra,..,. m.-s ovdaninne I vk-oc runvoimis on its hinges when I revived or awoke: i .''L ^ i «“"•  't a 

edged their unquestionable duty to «ub- ron-d, a* he Ci»nfi*l*-nt thnt be undersUiuis 
mil to lll8 law, umil it is modified or re- -ver-il hraaeheH of the Confe* tionary busines® 
peeled by cmnpe.en, authoruv. In d„ 

scending from hig.i *r.d perilous on lusuii, iuclutling Bvery uescfipUon 

ground, -.visich iliey could not safely occu- of Kr» ikiI work. 

py, to that of conceding the obligation of ^ I ;”llenn-n;h-r, tlu* 01,1 ronr^rtisnary i^fab- 

! government. If they ha*, e cojpUJ with 
! ihi* jiropcr concession the usele.s'd reserv- 
! ation of a rig'it of discussion, and of in- 

I!w!in.»nl, ot» 'I'liirJ str-'vl, opposite tbs Tribone 

Priutinj OHit-e. 

T. . 1 . SlllNDLEBOWER. 

r jMvi''r, **;.t ^,1. ’.' 1 »f 

jjrsT sj8:ii:ivc:n7^ 

p.uthorv and pjjjipg upon a repeal or the Riitcndmani suWril»er» are in receipt of s lasf* and 

ise. in thc L,f a Inw to which they have taken ex- ® *’»len*iid stock of Fall ' 4 ootis, consirtiog 

' uC, ia, Ji 

every variety, fron 

r commonest article. 

V, from tlM Rfe^eot 

and iranquiiiiy, so n^ces^nry to 

Iu. Ia paper 

began lo grow dim wiih *eelinfrs rm Ian- ' ^ l iuied Siaies, an*1 inei r hopes , safeiv an I procperiiy of iha L’nitMi? Of ;%\\ kui i.’*® aud m all prIcrAfrom •cFnta to 

PuLe can describe no ton?''e’’ cau tell disarpoinied. »'*v *ry- j jj i,,n, o-ii otherwise, should the P“n''7*- Tin. stock is now, 

guagrt can uescrine, no ,ongue (.au ten. . u |.’,c .-,n. .nJ - -. r : eii,bruc.r.e the most mocern an, I richest poiiorao 

As tho gloom of night approached, my i North, bouth l-,art .*tnd \v e^L^ 

heart began to beat fainter, and my for- ; ‘"•imen'^o majoniy (. i le poo;* o .are s. i., 
mer agonies returned with len-fnld Beighi. "'IfV. acquiesce to, i ocompio 

notwithstanding which 1 imtigine 1 must 

lied w ith, or acquiesce in, tho compro- 
mise. This in.xy h-J confi'leiitl y assoned 
in regard to tliincen of the slave-holding j 
Si.aie.s, and to thirteen, if not fourteen, of 
tha free States. In a few of both cla.sses 

reck!es.s .spirit of agitation continue to 
•lisiurb ami liisiraci our country, to arr?.y 
snoiiou against section, rad lu ihrecten 
the Rtabihtv of the'govennent, mv confi- 

eii.brucir.g the most (ixKieruand richest palttras 

' •X  1 S!L 

I Of all wi-ith-*, cut to .ait the purchaser. 


uii ua wi.rii i itrvsYtJLj ui awuAU# - , ^ i . .* ! 1 - - r- 

and I saw the light of a candle streaming ' '''® Siaies. and m soma pariiciiUr .o- „„ oppropriaio an-i ellVciual cor- 

acrosss ihs fissue in my coffin. 1 called I I rcciiva. 

lienee is in the great body ol S.nin de I.aiues. ^Vor‘ tef^ de l.,aines. na*ia.wks 
our Nor.hern fellow-ciltzons, liiai they «f all colors; Kiiii roi,l«red sud .Muslm 
will, in due lime, and in a right manner, L’urtain', t iirt-.m .\rn;s, f.eop., Itunps, Aa:. 

apply an appropriate and ellbciual cor- HoUS'' Flirili hin»! (iooils 

daughter of an opulent and ancient com- resolved to repeal litem. While thus at the fissue in my coffin. ^ i ; “ ,c word.s of great vF ’'‘"'l'*'®’ . • u c, u 

mon councilman, and i got rny freedom rest— if inactive torture could be denomi- ^ o’eiicc and intemperance; but this ftoling In turning attontton to t e , out . 

of the city by marrying her. Mio was^ated rest-l wept like a child wh(?n I love ot your soul release me! , has most prevailed ?nJ to the s.avehfddmg States, we behol.J 

plain in her person, and all Bristol w o- of the sunshine, and blue skies. ^ „ LVaduillv vicldin-r to an enlightened sense to «nceurape the triends (.1 the 

men were— but I wander again from my fresh air which I should never more light vanished in a moment. 1 ^ ^.pi pre’ent a rapid i ^ ® ^ 

story. .njoy-how living beings thremged the I pal.sied the hand that held ; ° 1 ^ of things, as it ®""P' 

(")f npTrlY er^rv Ot*^cription, nil  *f whicli 

In attention to tha South, rr-ipcrtfully iuv.r- ib^ ciii/su’^ of Osnviils an-Y 
J to the s.aveholdiiv' States, we behol.J "•* ‘ ouiitK^ s,ijoi,iing tocsll and ex- 

, ” ... T i ..r ar.iiii- before piircli.vsine. as we pledge our- 

ough to encourage the tnetvU ol the *e|U, lork- ;i% sn,na ., on of 

I had mado a most excellent dinner — 

of the sunshine, and blue skies. ‘ r,y„hnll v vicldinT to an nnli'^luened sense i ® « uj on,. , selves to sep loiw- »s the snTna description of 

I air which I should never more I The light vanished in a moment. Y ^ ^.pi nre’eiu a rapid i ^ but hu e to e.xcii® solicitude can be purchased auy where West of tho 

inw liviiio L-infT- ihrr.n'Fcd the I bavo pal.sied the hand that held ‘ , ' r i- ” i. Rod alarm. In all those States, except .Mountain*. 

low living being, ihrongLd the heard a roue ii voice desire the «L‘rvey of the actual stale of things, as it .here is acnuicscence in the terms THO.MP.-OX VAN DALSF.M. 

and ihoutands round me were ^ ‘'‘® l - hn.h m ,h* North and the ‘''®'^® '* K hitc.,..* Ri,w-k. 

j of this I have a perfect recollection. Of j joyous or biisy, while 1 waa doomed to o*" ‘‘ return. 

' more than thia 1 can recollect nothing tin- | parish in tortures. Why was my fate “ll there be anyone here, he *. soldered 

til coming out of mv fits as • suppose— j [iiq*grenily marked out to that of others? ®P* 

I for 1 quickly imagined feeling the usual i j had no monstrous crime to repent of. never speak Jim, the snatcher, is 

sensations that i was recovering from | Hundreds of criminal men were in the ‘‘ui to be scared by rotten flesh. 

'one of them. 1 say that on coming to I f,,u revelrv of life I fancied 1 heard Again I called as loud a.s I could — ‘‘I’m 
j myself I w«s surprised to find myself j jh^ udl of a li(?ll. Breathless I listened, buried alive! Sav® me!” 

1 pinioned and in utter darkness. I had no i i, . dnclr .iriL-intr th#* hour The “Tom, the ax!” cried the undaunted 

i I t . I V® .1 1 bU^ uirtTes uiric i» 

1 r* i annears 10 mc# DOui M in6 iNorlii anu Uic . . \ i ^ n, riiLruMis mocA. 

der of It to return. i «PP®y ,ha former compromise, and a firm attach- j., L„.„gtoe. Ky. 

‘ll there be any one here, he * .soldered : “®f?' ® ment to the I nion. In two ot those ^ 

Tom, hand me the light. The j In all that region, there is but one of jhree, (Georgi.i and .Mi.ssissippi,) we j2,QlfS 3 ,ud j 6 HHCt 3 fOT SaIC* 

1 1 never soeak Jim, the snatcher, is ’ the various comprotnise measures iliMi is have mucli reason tii hope, from their rB-BiFc • *r r 

i to be scared by rotten flesh.” I seriously assailed, aud that is me law, patriot'«m end inte'ligence. that I *YoHnt;*J*^ 

Again I called as loud a.s I could — •‘Fin ■ made in strict conformity with the Go. 1- same attachment e.xisis. on tho pan g|j 5 - 2 i»?lie l  *‘t stock in the ron.itry. Also, 

rifid alive! Sav* tn.*!’’ 1 stitulion, for tho surrender of fugitives „ • i.,r,T(? muicriiies of the PO'udc. .\i all rwo I'inc ISrcrtlimr Jennet'*, with thrir 

orf, 3, ’51 tf’ 

No fi. Hicg'iis* Block. 
.Mi»in *t. Lexington, Ky. 

stitulion, for tho surrender of fugitives j q * |J^r(Te mujerities of the people, 
from law lul service or labor. Bui the | those among them, of w! 

FINIIF, s»!».'«rriber offers for sale, 
I Two fine Yuune Jnok.«, of 
Ix'^t stock in the ronntry. Also, 
Two riiie ISrertlinu Jennet**, with thrir 

j pinioned and in Utter darkness. I had no it, was a clock striking the hour. The “ lorn, the ax!” cried the undaunted Irom lawful service or lauir. i.ui in ^ 

Kjtac® to stir, if 1 would, as soon as I ! sound was new life tome. “lam not body-snatcher. “The voice co-nes from law itself, with but two ex,:epi'ons, has and ft lality to the Union serious 

i fcuud.whil® I struggled to loosen a sheet, inhuman at least, but perhaps unwatchod.” ‘hat box. The undertaker’s mad® too been every where eriforce^ 
or some such a thing in which I was s^gh were mv thoughts. “Interment hade. I suppose.” ^ r pviroffip f’n 

scantily enveloped. My hand would not w.ll take plac;. My coffin will ba re- * few minutes 1 was siiung upright obligation 

reach my head when 1 attempted to make moved. 1 will easily mako myself heard '"X ^ is no v aliLsi 

it do ao. by reason of my elbow touching ih*n.” This was a'balm to me. [Hero after detailing his reception at the people ihemse.ves, is now 

the btatom and my head the top of ih® Men may fancy how they would find home, and the of hi.s friemls, Mr. 

enclosure round m®. My firs; sensations Lhemsel ves under similar circumstances, Bodgson says he had public thanks (or in the execution of ® . ^ _ 

ul perhaps unwaichod.” 1 ‘h*** box. Tho undertaker’s mad® too been ev«ry where enforced; opposition to j,ppj.^jiPusioiis F/cre entertained, have 
thoughts. “Interment ha«ie, I sufiposo.” it it constantly abating, anu the peirioiit^ constrained, in deterenc® to public 

Mv coffin will b® re- In a few minutes 1 was sitting upright obligation of oueyingihe Conr-titution and opinion, matcria’Iy to change their prin- 

hose de- Colti. .-Vny person Wi.-*!iiiijf to pureiia*c stock 
1 spri-vu^ of ’hi* kiiul woubl .lo well to j*ivB m « a call. 
J , Re*i(leno« liall a mile north of Danville. 


to public „pi 5,*51 .3ni 

eir prin- . ,T “ 

m a ;i*w 

Ard 7 o’L 4 “m;/s“rc'*"‘’’ | T.*'® *** I was 1 ,,j ^n the like trying occasions, but il 

The fi’phi of Time, nor weep 1 like a child rouscd out ol a deep sleep, jg ggijym a correct judgment can be pre- 

'll)** lo** of leisure; land not sufficiently awake to recognize viously formed on such matiers. It was 

But here,l,y th.e loue stre.m, | us attendants. only a, intervals that I was so fearfully 

Of fcrarry*i'rca*u%**'” | " hen the truth flashed upon me with | maddened by my dreadful situation as to 

all its fearlul energy. 1 never can forget i lose the power of rational reflection, or 
''we\VvT lorever” ' **^**"^*' ! ill® thrill of liorror that struck through | so overcome as to be debarred iliefac- 

We laugh, vet few V«*h»me, 1 me. It was as if a bullet had passed j ulty of memory. Stretched inaposi- 

Tl.e gent 1 *. never; | through my heart, and all the blood in • lion where my clia iges consisted only of 

Stsy, then, till sorrow j body bad gushed through the wound, j a turn on my side upon hard boards, the 

*^*Are th'i^ forev^ j Never, never can hell be more terrible ; soreness of my limbs was excruciatingly 

j the sensaitons of that moment. 1 painful. When I drew mv feet up a 

lilt ritI.NTi;K'’S HOl'It OF ri:AC t. 1 lay motionless for a time petrified with j lew inches, my knees pres.sed the co- er. 

— terror. Then clammy dampness burst so that the slight shift of position brought 

know ye the Printer s hour of peace. forth from every pan of my body- My 1 no relief. .My impatience of the restraint 

Than evrrleUii.en.aic of (ircece. tiorrible doom sccmed inevitable; and, SO in winch I was kept began at length to 

Men may fancy how they would find home, and the of his friemls, Mr. universally 1 , .u«’ ,,i * “ounced the practical right ot secession t W^rka -viih.a th* li 

jmselves under similar circumstances, Bodgson says he had public thanks (or in the execution of the law, b\ tr... nuo pj-e.^eni, and imIicmi shelter under the i).„iville. ch.'ll I pay a fin* of rivc oolli 
don the like irviiio occasions but it hi« deliverance reitirned in his parish lie aiuhoriiy, popular discontent is some- (.onvenient ir.asl: of the mere abstract all co- ts tha  may accrue thereon, la K« 

ciples, and to go to the polls upon a n»w ■ 4 • 

issue. They have ronounced and de- / thatany person or per,oQ, who 

nounced the practical right ot secesiion f ,re Works -viihia tho limits of 

at present, r*n‘i ial:cu slielter under the I p.invilie, Mh.-*!! pav r of rivt ootLA«* 

church, and that ever afterward he cher- I times manifested, it has, with the excep- W hellier this shifting position will ’c,l m thausuvl manner, aatl lo 5* i n fort e from 

isheJ a strong regard for resurrection j lions mentioned, been invariauly repres- the pe-^ple of® two States, re- ^*”**^ * 

men, w ho never asked a g'vjinca of him ! sed, or prevented from ob: r icimg t e ofi nujins to be seen. They will doubtless ® ^ V'. 11 . SMITH Ch?rlt, 

in vain.] j ficers cf justice in the perlormance o. consider, that there is biu ' „,pt*^,\M2,n 

their official duties, li I am correctly gi,ori step betwuen ihs theoretic as- ^njon. — ’ - 

There is nothing pi'ier than honcEiy — (informed, a great and salutnrv change ihe prar.uical exercise of that light: J * 7 ; .^ 

nothing sweeter than charity — nothing I has been male, and is yet in progress, at j a contingency. ne''.’,ior remote nor — 

warmer than love — nothing richer than ihe North, which ainhoP2»;s the conhoeiu j,p,,r,,bab'.e, if they nifi ihey V IT \V* T 

wisdom — nothing urigliier than virt'ic — j aniicipaiion that reason and liw will fi- ,„;,y be sO'^n called upon to iavoTve them- * * v.F vF I"*- * 

and nothing iiMiie steaefast t’lan faith j nully achieve a noble triumph. selv-»s in all .n® oalamiioiis evils of a « 4 ~ u 

'I'hese united in one min 1. form the pu- ! 'I’he necessity of ntaimainirg and rsv L^,^^.,i i| ■ 1- AlxM ldOXG ha* removed t®  

rest, the sweetest, i!ie warmert, the rmh- 1 forcing that law, itin-epealed. nnd w nh-o .t Carolina alone furnishes at pre^ I m-rriy o.o.,pie':i hv . cott ,V Co., an. I known a* 

est, the brightest and tho most steadlast Uny modifn-ation mat woufj I rot occasion for profound regret and se- Bon***,” wh*r* he baajurtr®- 

all co.- I* tha» may accrue thereon, la K* eoriec.- 
ted in thausuvl inaniier, and lo 5* i n fort e from 
its puMicntion. By omer of tha Board of T r®*- 
of the town of Danville. 

V. 11 . SMITH, Ch?rlt, 

etptl2, ’.M 2in 

• *i»s;s S' *'T jT *'*• 

M'lNV G :;oDS! 

C * \ -ARMSTRONG h.a* removed t®  

Ji • •'* ! I.irgc an.l hcnnt.fnl store- room for 

Wiieu kistf'd by A’enus’ am’roua boyJ 

‘Ti* not when round the mazy rast. 

His nimble fingi-rs ki*s tl.e Tver. 

Nor i* it w hen, w itb lengthened face. 

The sturdy ue-til’s iAii-be gripe*. 

’Tis u«t when new* of dreadful note 
ilia column* all with mikiun fill; 

’Ti* not when brother l’nut*rs quote 
Th’eiTusiuaa of his stump-worn quill. 

*Tis not when in Miss Fancy’s glass. 

Long AUVEBTisKMKNTB meet hise e, 

And Mefn to whisper ■« Uiey pass, 

“U e’ll grac* your coi.fws* by and by.” 

No — reader — u* — the Princr’s hour. 

Hi* hour of real sweet repo,.*. 

J* not when by some magic power 
His list of Patrons daily grows. 

Bat, oh, *tj* when the weatlisr's clear. 

Or clad iu hail, or rain, or vap*r. 

He hears in aceenU soft snd dear 

“/’nr come t» far yss far the rarK®!’* 

Die TheOang 4er ErAe. 

-«N*hml h.'n die W all!” ,to{ Zoum v*n wined 

De« menechen z«. “Nemht‘ S»e *ejl euer 

Cdeh aeheok ieb sle inn ew’fea I.,ebed, 

^ D®cfc •■•k braderich dmreia. •• * 1 


Doblis sa 
fast horse a 

■ • Ciil occasion tor pro! 

' strong ®i length, became this impression, drive me well nigh imo mailncss. 1 was * . ' ''i  - e inan 11 

and so bereft ol hope appeared my situ- j fevered. Mv temples burned ami liirub- bg uing-cocl 

atinn, that 1 ulnmaleiy recovered from bed, my tongue btcamc diy. lig'it flishe l ‘ e t ovi as a 

la only to plunge in the dapth of a calm, across my eyes, and my bra.n whirled ‘hat is l ocked up m a law suit 

«'k of 

(fully iiivit** thoattecAxn* 
and about. 

{resolute despair. As not me faintest ray round. 1 am certain that my existence 
®f hope ruuld peneiraie the darkness was preserved solely by the diminished 
around my soul, resignation lu my fate cirengih and subsequom feebiKiiess which 
followed. I experienced, and which, from its ren- 

I began to think of death coolly, *nd dering mo insensible to the incroasad 

Chcrciif-S — Places where dressy wo- 
men go to learn the fashions, 

I 0 :: 5 ”NVhen dunces call us fools without 

hercnco to the Luton t rpende'l upon t..e .1 RKf'-FJ 

preservation ol that law, aiu *h at it.s ^j..,,.j. f;,ciion s iih, and a general da- 

abandonment would lv 5 iiie --igna cl me 10 wiihdr.iw from tho I’nicn; an'.l lbs. AlUcapx* Sugar; !   i 

dissolution of the Union. 1 know that 
tho aboliiionisi.s (some of whom openly 
avow a desire to produce that c.t'amitous 

.»;.lcLi... ho« lonar.n«h.'aaVv;;, b^^^ ,’ah..., .llo.-ed pi-oving ua to bo so our b-.. re.or. is lo ..on,) an-1 li.oir ,.a..iz,n' deoy and do- 
to caicuiBie now K iig I migiii survivB uc .^1 prove them to be fools without conde- _:,i~ .tin existence ot any such danger: 

fnr® famine closed the hour of mv exis- nature lo resume her wonted tempera- '^"^0 existence a y uc 

But, alas! this was only that I scendmg to call them so. ^-ho will not perceive and own it. 

that both parties — that which is for sepa- 1 ** 

rate ^late a ticn. and that whicp in^isu j Coffee; 

upon the nc'esAty of tho co-ot*?ro.,ion of 500 “ ladg iary CotTe** 

other Smio-s — equally a^rea ai lu the ex- 20k**g* Nails, a-tn’tti; 

podtenev ot scccsstmv, and dilier only in ^ ** 

the degree of rashnesj or pr-jJenco which 3 „ s-yioet’ 

fore famine closed the hour of mv exis- nature lo resume ner womea tempera- 1 „ 11 .u., , j a podtenev ol scccssnm, am) tlilLer on y in 

I^ce ^ 'ur.- Bur. .l-a.I rh„ was only . ha, 1 .oend.n g .0 call .hg,n sc,. „„„ „ho wd no. o.rce.rn -,.d n,v^ k. .kgree of rarhnoar nr pr-aJanco wLh 

mde to di® wilhoul repining. Calmlv as 1 might revive to encounter once more ir- i j i u • • bltntl to signs oi me pharaeicrizox i;mm resperVivelv. 

1 “ he i feir. I rr,.d if 1 could reme.nber ' rcLdiablo horror. Who could depict ^?on,cbody de,cnb,, aec.armn.anr „ ,|.c aecional has unh.p- [,-oNcl.UDhD o.a ncix f.Ic.c ] 

hl; ?oop 5.0 cooldli.. .i,h„... food, the frenzy, the uoapeak.hio .oRuiah of ro he . lull, narrow . ha. make, |,i|y arisen, ru .he oo.b...erej fuel.ogs 1 

now long inai uu ii • w i i 1 thAiiaht mv wniild YOU hate VOUT neighbor because he has « ijich have been excited, as well as ib* ; — 

rhu..heu.o,,o...yof o,y d,.p., egg. roas.ed while you have your, boiled. ,„,o™o re.solu.',.ros of dcl,bcr.,i,o cr- j ?5 0 « B II K W T S , T 0 13 B 8 , 

ri?kT.uVdotioTh',;hl ^ 571 -.. wll - , , .aorhlies, uoaoi,,.o.,sly ad.,p.u,i. 'rhe'r J ^ rX^rO K K ! 

H'lf**fi* rl ho-)® began to cliin- ; swollen ahnost to bursting. 1 becam® genius out westhas invem®d a disregard of the danger, I am appronei 

rwar , a,,.. t ^ to the end restless in feeling, without finding space new kind ot dwelling. They are made sive, proceeds more Irom their nsiro to ^ jiark! from the Grave a doleful sound 

m^ruponmf, ’’ ®vs mus. i for fancied relief in a now change of of India rubber, and ar© so portable that t coniinuo aquation, which aiigrnonts it* i Will i'r«t'nd*« att«*u(t thr cry; 

be nu.'nbered — I you can carry a row of three story hou- than from their lovo of tha Union itself. 1 in huHic with .Marble mtirk the pronm 

only perishing g , t tbi, stale of ses in your hat. You refer, gentlemen, to “resolutions | Where Muinherinc ashe*. .iei 

should otherwise 1 ‘^*n 1 1 poaitiou. • -ll. and addresses apopted at conventions rr^„., xi • i 

this Ihoughi I derived cZ*‘i manv hours » ” , “T cot some iooJin the bargain,” ns a lately assembled around us, in which wo ^ (Vpo»it*th^B«tter“o?^^^ 

1 now think life miwht . and I active wnd passive torture, i ‘kicked out. have seen with regret as wall as alarm,! |p, 1351 ,f 

(ith the euuBtion in which I found my*, flowed down my cheeks. My heart wts 
*lf afi^rward » ‘'•u hoiie began 10 gliiii- ; swollen ahnost to bursting. 1 became ( 

’ .V' . -in ih« end restless in feeling, without finding space , net 

.a-ruponm,. M- d... muv. » ^ f.„ci.d relief in. new change of of 



now think life might hareH*""°i"’ * octivo-yind passive torture, ^ ^ • sai 

upon me, it ih» M 

r- no pang, 0, hunger had, 'er«l-,Je. jJy moi*!* f““ ' 

‘T cot some boot in the bargain,” as a lately assembled around us, in which wo 1 
' • said when he was ‘kicked out.’ have seen with regret as wall as alarm,! 

nnrtv! from the Grave a doleful sound, 
AVill frirndH attend the cry; 

In haste, with .Marble mtirk the ground 
Where eiuinherini; ashc* lid 

u. 1 . fraynk. 

Owner of Alain and Fourth sts.. 
Opposite til* *B«ttertou Houa*,’ 
octlP, l?51tf 

500 “ Ivdc iary CotT«*e; fi ‘* S«Ja »®*p  
20 k**^ Nails, a-*4 td; 3 rnatsCinua Q***-. 
3 “ -M i lder; lOOOdoiilp.Cofaf •* 

3 “ .A!u;n; Carpet Chain; 

3 “ Spioe; Candle Wick; 

4 “ Copp-jras; Batting; 

2 “ Indieo; Painted Tub*; 

3 “ Pepper; •• Bucket*. • 

Together with a large assortment of Hard* 
ware, Qneeuswaro and Catlerv. which 
will So •old I'rrv /mw for CuA, *r ia exekang** 
for Country Produe*. at th* 


I »ept 12, ’51 _ 

T ADIF.S, call In and examiaa lay *ew a*^ 
^ *ortm*nt of Bonnet and Cap Ribbamt, am 
I feel confident that they will pleas* all whw 
are deairou* oi pretty aad faehiniiabi* artiali*S 

*eptj9 WII- M, FlCMBb 

JkV^ I \i[ N K . 

Mr^ City’s Great Union LoUcr. 

I -'*-- !AM:.. I K : J ;.i ; I' ;.C. j 

N i : ■ 'I'.ir-fi ai,.’ ? • ,|t hav? «*!r 

«h# lUif ^ vsir-i!    ;i- I !: :ii. ; 

!»• i« tl.a s V. r poi i!;c   =r j'r m;' 

• i til# inrit.rr. I'iiPv n r ;• ; i u 

fiucl. S ale :'\e- w* J w iiii : ,,vm t • r-i;- 

li(y ih# aasf‘ I « ’'’i-r jld- . " i 

l)V i  a I.' j ilfrt i ii o 

riK-H ;»* arc.iQi, ■'!• ih-tt ol • m. aii I : t r  * 

lua.n at li.** ;.(• ’ .U."' ill litB (  •] I 

» St *!.». .-IS a nir*'i ■ • p. '-* 1 

i;. ■ y »■ ii.TW . i a  m il»e I ; : i,. r 

# ►#**!' ! « h; r * a!' : ■'■:■■■   

I-; ' - I I III a X .j' li.u i ,,,• 

S aif'S Tf!'*y if Hi» i!t • lii M a 

K ■ l t P.i r . I a . i i. 

r ^ N‘. ^ ’x'i 'M '• 1 ; • -I 

ai V ! jimI w :(i tiatsi la prp- S;ui(.'s; l»y tii« ftrfps, public o[)ini(in. uu'.l our maiiurHCliiras nro rapidly tcrijing to F2,Shi0iltLbl8 Tfl.ilOrili^ 

iV.i r.i.u lii..!! f..r ilifir Vovii lunali;, »ii Ifif itiiualo u.fJTU'; of [)croiiadinir or in- iho sujiply of all W3 eFseniially need * 

.-1-5 i. i:-: re i . ibe hfopfii of posterity, ib.iar.cir.g it. 1 1*, a'er the employutcm of faun them, audio air.ird a surplus for rf^IIK 8ul, rriber rcsn.cifalJv inforu.s 
'!‘u ;i.--r *i tu tbo Iro'e (if ih-it r,bl:,:;t:iMn a,l or auy of i!3-=;o peacfiiul moilioj^i, ilu* liie prosecution of our exieiiJe i foreign I tli- pulilic tbat lie has cormu.-nc-d 

io l a -iiu tn.ty r-. lire lro:o ilie I’nir-n {Tin erume.M of ihu ruited Stales, siis- couminrce, ilio surface ot our land is T.iil-irinrj Hnsinrss iii Danvili-, and In 

V r ii fd 1 i '. is o- a-’s i i liiai a luir.oj bv a coiisiiiuiiona! majoriiv of the striped over with railroads ninl turnnikes, uiake lo or:ier every 

»i* ■, ! ‘i i** 1 II 1 .11 ri*)t io *1 ol (. • ii App tri*l* in Iji* 

par: . .coil ,y com om to oi!i- • oaMou . persist i:i reuiniug the un.oxious an i our rteu, lakes and navi-jaMe waters te^t aii.i ... as* rishionahl.- styles. IJn ei.iirUs a 

• p. . ;* '. I : \ - r V il;f. (•.)•,.. ia-.v. I'.iere is no alioruaiive but  d cdience j res iiaid wiih ilie roar of innumerable -’I. .re of the |,iiUi,- i.atrciiiige.aiKlierlsr.oiiti- 

p.\. t vt bt'Ui V(-i- it ('.inks |•r''p‘'r. Tv ii'i' -ti to la v. cn the part of the niiiioniy | steam vessc'.t;. Your own (freHi city jl- dt*ut of tpvin.; satlKfa.-fion. 

Second Arrival of Fall Goods' \ \\ ITCHES 

_ " I jiTj CiC. .sso- ’ 

O K 2il STAR I r-r 

'• THOS, R, iJ, A1TR£S 

iUtfih  m ooils Store iiist rrreived a large 

- — I very l eau(iful aa..ortniFiit of 

W't’TK )inv   just re '*iveil in addition to our ! S« .  5 V x \ n» ** 
\\ I'ldl .■'lock . a l-iri^e assorlnieiit of LIoo‘. » JEijaJ* 

consi. tin;: in part ol the following; j ai!?! FaHrV ArtifIfS, 

('■ ..hiiiore**, Glovfs, “ 

lb r c. s'-i. in . !cr to sc' ire r-Ok- . or open, undit^iisej. ruslily and forcible ! li'.sirale.s our .surprisinj pro^ After j bird ^^^|rept, nearly op- 1 Gl.*vfs, " * JlrMi.t i.I..l r2IU*y ilrllfll'S, 

i.ern av. I Fub.iwion to the Inio-.t, the resistance to its cxecii'.i ni. jiiis coinuu-ucemeni of the operation 'imuo ‘'‘*'y''A^'’17'pv'rp v 1 Moh.h d’f^n’ars, Kiul.MYin*n llandkfs, 

ox r -V protidos. -tl.a;. The allef’od rnfbi of secession is, I ap- 'bis Ciustiiuiinn. in 1700, its population oct I ’',1 if . I m„;..os. Corded » » o, Ureast 

:i^r.m:i:.n .. and tI.eSaws of ihe T J tiith ‘a was TMOl. [ly the census If .C50it naia a..d FigM Silk^^ aI:!:: ^ 

«l St Sf 

K. ■ :y w I’ 

P i#**!' f g 

: • 1 S; I “s 

■CM! e i'' •• *• 

■ I I)" i.i idu ifi pur- ripbt ol" rev I'lj'io.i. I» it its purii/, ins | w-is /ilo.oOI, ami our other ciii(;s have! 

1 t!i‘.' trfr.-oies m'". if*. I iDtjp t iiudv d .rTcut thit.j. iii ‘roise i in S'.n’.vcety a less ratio. 'I'hs 

in. un i r O)^ ,i jj p. ^ peaceful, lawful, ami. problem o{ ina espaoiiy ol representative 

c , ri.i'-i hi* the so- n' M.uuini il rcrnedv, that it is ''••vcrnmer.i I’l maintain (rea and liberal 

.1; . 1 . d i'e* i t r- • .,iit f r!.. * i IS ! . t'm C’oiisiinuioii. "i'hc- hi; lilutions. on an extensive lerriu.rv, has 

!)•* i"i ! t!:eri‘by . any j , 'g\ ;i)^| ji ;i S sse rielit, to bo rttc ■!;■ b-.en triumphatuly solved by the intclli- 
ft! .;r laws • tety ^ | ,,,i j j, limi wbeuevor ITt'Ce ol the people, ami ll.c all-power- noxp a 

n 'tv. ii'. .i ;■ (•'d . r\.|' 'i I ! y a Si'C I'*r friini bi'iu;* I'cn- ^ril agency (d .steuTi and li^liliiinip. She I. 

  ■ ne .f • ,e S no'.; ^ j, ^.J „r . ./n ':':iin^ i, the Stale, if noons- : Such are the cratifying results which 

lb :i it- -r l = n:-.i V i*'_ inrv. is en.iib'i to iba no-op-.rr.tion of have been oblaino i under ilie auspices of i 

s   . ('MS', ii iM , t If out'*r S! a 'es. ^I h*’ crudoni v.alor of i!i2se taut I i.iou, wl.icit S'Kiie rash ni'tn, ! |„f;,rn 

i  l» It 


1 SI 

It i 

. ' lix) 





'iF-nx A" 


3 1 4 ' : 

\ irgi 

in £ - 



t" •' y. 

.* , ! : 

^ 1 hi 


9; »• *i 


r#*ft ‘ _i 


rn n 1 

*. lor 

■- r ■ u 


■? to l 

r;c p:-. 

tan -i',i s 

of sei'O'V u 


A.- '* 


ft *ft ;t 

'. 1--- 

'.rx, ; 

• i'V 



;• v-r.: ■ 


• :r;g 

li*t * . 

• '-et pr 

■r !; ".s 

1 - 


. « .■ 


r i* 

1 ,0 iiiiCi'.'r 

r ' ! t;iU 

IV' i 

. ... .n i 

S ' 

S* . ■■ c* 

 .i' a 

i i I th? 

ft   1 : 

»X ( 

JR. V* ; i 

::L . 

', l" W i;' 

J 7 a n 

1 li..- 


n w :i**r ?»w*r 

It n.PM 

*.* : 7 a 

ll.i*- - -1 

;v,j ; i;1. 1: ! 

''s r b V. 
vf's m (•"!'. .■ 
• b -i. ' * 

' ', to 
t’l at it ha 1 

of b8C**'r .. is » ' ,i . auj ln t t ;)0 

coiur*v.' .1 c Mir.iftei i v the r  t ol 

the relate*, or V i;.e ■ 'ica i m of a ly 
force, w tliiii th" iniis of i. e #C 'e 
5t»tc. V! vt- ni- -ho ^aws f the lb. • i 

States: n:.d timt ti 
iis ci’ - - are ib- 

ic::: : . . the :5..ite an i 
V ■- i f n a i o' , a- 

tiona ari;i d ; to ’ 
become a ; •;■ ^ ■ s 

• reign e.» any l tiu* 
'I'ii# ''-'c:.' r.e ■■ -u.'s 

fcecess.o : ms le exi 
State deems a - i 
l.mcii — in a siuie 

proMien y. or n 
war. lii^tng '■ a.l . 
i,t Ui« .ain-,1 '-S'C. i 
to a (•. ■ t M= . 

mar c» a 'O i . ? c.- 
a ki.' lara.c ii -ayy ol 
inou cueoiy. bs 
ly iiAC 1 « i.i 1 ; - 
arms i r* ' 

kens i • - r 

ry of r 1 ; . 1 
I e; ict.i i i : 
^eAeS :■ V 1 

o€-p i. ; 'AO 

rsj.i.- ^ 

i ■■ ;c'(^= ' il c f'\ 

laa . oc : i 

ieu,.k b;r i. os r _ . 
.... r , y ., 1 , ^ 

to ’ ft I ui- i .“'tates. Hu i 

, ^ r :■ l.'j,o,i .,;y. 

1 tm* I;,. nous oi'ih.o e ttih. 
o ih.-i il - i »  ht ol 

.eexe: ' »ed w oeit-vcr i'  ? 

- I i". Ill ( a IS. ; fit 

«'.e ■' pr' s . i 

Ii • be "•■• I-,! of a f II I" IS 

' a.l I o .1 : an I but 

- ati • a  o i n 
.'-V in i n 
g is 111 a 1 r- 

; . ; Ox'ca ■ - 

liej of W.M . • :,uk * 

,. ’0 w .1 tbc .•o;!!- 

i-e:.! ft or p.i .i ;il- 

• iiy. a id ;.ti, •; up 
:* I - a'.es. It as- 

!i ty IvU I. in 
e - i :  ,C a- 
cn-e t ie icniio- 
ot pony i:: ' 

• = 1 . g : r I*!" M- 

ve; .. .. ;ii. ft 

u'x’i. !. a ‘ I ino;r- 

s C ^n i V ! ',!• lig vj;' 

. n of the liM , = 

• . It ft, 

as V. .f I tor I,-, ti i.nn 
T ••’bit ■ L'. on 

t-. ol l ! . ■ ■ :i C . ^!n'-! he l'*e so- 

c.i^.ne b. - ‘ f; = ’ .d; e. d I'c* j . b:' • 

S •. - .-b-*. 1 '•-  •.bercbv. PM V 

':ii. ' ; ; . t ui or !:iws •' ncv 

, ■ i-i- t i‘;. . V n 'iwi,'. bi . beg ” 

'Ibl , . "i in ! I V 1 •• ■ lie if • .? S •re'.' 

hr i:;!. c I, .. i .. r lb :l it •:  r '• M:t! V ieg 

:v,.j i .M. b ;l i iru i s   ’.I'lis’.U'.ui.iM, t'le 
'•■''nr b V. .ni ibo n l!i'*'.f.e- 

vf's m ; . ■-[.a ', in inv i-av. s ol' 

• 'll -i. * , * . i • • ' n lb.' o t'lin in t 

•. ! ■ i.   l ;   '•ji.-.til;ui-'m. Ir.vs i.n'!-' 

i ' .;:i 1 ireri of tiu' 

- ■ I . s 1 . i' ''tenure, tnv Stt'? 

n r i ■ t :r, '.i ;r?,ori;iacon- 

• - I, ( ‘ ,M . f die lo -'ft- 

a;e. f il a ‘b t’l It it h:i 1 

'C, ■ 1 ) to* ,t. S!! *'i ;v well'd 

■ft rm^fti o;y and •oi I’n . ' '.lubbiv, nv. 1 
toc I e ij.iii ol l .•'t fci'a’..; wo ib! remain 
• ■iiid by the C'uiisi.! ii;*.ii, l*nvs and 

i; l ie- fd ;I,'' I iii..* l ."itates. as fillv and 
perb eb.y a* if the act had tmver bpen 
!M*'' c'ci*n*- I. ' 

loll I'nern i« aii'^uiirr view also, con- 
oi . ive agibn-i ihj preieii'i.iu of seces- 
'! "1 l '"ig n jvnw'r rcse. v -d in I'u.; Si.ites 
.1 b r i'* ' ament!. oft' t of the (’onaiii'i- 
ti.'.n M*" iftl t .. 'i'.ie rc'ervaiion of a 
: ■■•.ver imp'ios its e\i. lenee in the party 
iftservi-.g it. prior to r, i 'Ii reservation, 
f’ t «*'■*.! a s'ate e\i f* ! in i's in i**pan- 
icui, se-niTc a- d tin.t so -laif i cltarac- 
;er. It c i !ri\o fi to 'ii of .-eces-ion, 
hr b::ig: ‘.c iil’.* bjr cv .or niicr pan V 
f.-' I *.V b 111 ft*; !'. !'**e-s:)ii is iii- 

ibd ; ;•) !••.■on ‘ r e i,*'f. ; n *v. wiiliout 
vv.:. !i  1   (U i;,nv'e n i cv * leii .-.e, an i, uii- 
. sills (•'. r V j.r'ivi ! • 1 t' r in I'l »;- 
. • 1*1 I' e I lb! . 1 . Out of vv'ii 'b It springe, 
in! s 1 rn .rc. il it be v irreeon- 
.*, 1,1 ='c wi.'i ’’n  1 :*o;nji ic!, it r n have no 
Cv.ns' iibiii- l or leg tiin.iie Ibond.oiion, 
It i  cinit.ftn '('■!, li.iwev r, in liie .scc- 
ikI ina '(*, l! ;.l i!i-» ib_l;l of s  ce . ;. n a;,- 
I'cria 'IS to t:.' .^t,.U'-, under and in v.r- 

r   \ ’.Vodnesrlfiy night h;sf. the 
/ lath i'lsi., from dxcw Provi- 

I l.ii'lres, 
I'.iiiitiii Cloth, 

I 'loll. !, 

I .'^aliiictl.-', 

‘h’tli’H ?ilfetillg-h( use, one lJ\y ! !.l* 
ti-.y-LeA Ob'"* ■**•'* ^^ ^'b G yvirs o!,l, about 1 ‘i 
lic.n ls high, riiias ami works w.*Il, ’ 

' '*“**^ ■^** lie i* irticnhir nrirks, except h**r ‘ ..’ fancy d  , 
Cloth, llonnet Rihbo' ■«, 

I !.;■ k l.aee \ il«, 
res, iri-h l.iiien, 

s, b'.i!'!i* I 'Men, 

, 'P.'.hle Cuvers, 

ri.-iies. Towelling, 

Freni'Ii CIi!n(.t I’loor Clof'i; 

i r- : an i. liml wb.jucvor of the people, ami ll.C all-power- ! „oxp little. erc.d-.ed ami m;.rl--s’of the r-.-ar I .... h Ji; 1 Am^ icon P.ints. 

1 I V a SiM!.', Ibr from l.cin * ren- ‘al agency of stea-n and ligblnine. I She 1. id on when taken a sad.:  and h.d li u the . 

. ./n 'enita i, the Sinie, if noons-: Such are ihn gratifying results which '!'ulf*-‘l a.,.1 pr- iiy uni.d. vvor,. ; r^c'^ 

emitb';. loi'ia eo-np-:ration of * & CO. 
res. 'rue crutlem v.alor cl i!i 2 se '''at i uion. wbic.t soruo rash men, ! ,„f;,rination as will en.ih!.. me t   g.-t :ier%hail ! oct 17, '.'.I 
!, in iniiiation ot i!ie previous ex- prompted by ainbiii in. passion an 1 pbron- j ho liher, illy rev,Mrili* l; ami if .-.toleu I wnlgive' 

f ilip ir !C|■ld.^ of nuliltcation, dis- woiP'i seek to dissolve and subvert!.^*'** forthe:aaroan.iTl.i.^ | £LECtANT niLLIKERY. 

great Variety. Al.xo, 

\\alkiii;T ("atipv Prn-Knivrc Sflt^on, Ra- 
S. roll Coiuht. Jet Jewelry, te., 

All well worth the attention of Iifidies and 
•; nlleiiien, wh'  are ropeetfiilly invited to call. 
Til.' above will be sold as low for CanA as the 
like Can he had anywhere ia tlie world. 
Itjnville, oet lit, ’51 If 

 'aiiv:i sw 

! 4 Cl 50 superior CANV.Y'SS irA.M.*?, 

I l.f a delicious article, just received and for 

' -ale by 

i oct 10 n. A. ARMSTRO.Xr; 

•ale by 
oct 10 

a.iip'f! of the fr --nd.^ of nuliftcation. dis- woip.i seek to dissolve and subvert! •j5'» for the :\Iaro an i Thh-f. 

cloiin : il.e p ir;- 5 0 of u-big ihem.selvos, 'i’‘  ngiinst such .a giivernmcnt, ^ ‘^*11^11. 

on-i ihfi lo anyitiin" which his ou'^setl, \v*)uM bo a ui .**  or „ , i 

;'i«:n  ;f ailv phxsl.'vl fore#. Rt'ociou.s, and clinrticu-rized by su'ch V 7^ 1 V7V‘'^7 i 

The ri'jhi of rnvubition is that right, ^nd m.i lnoss, that vve nmy ^ A TX ir t v fv v f 

y-hioh St, UMi-.ily oppre-el people, search in yam ..r an c.^.iiplo ..f it in hu- ; J J |J 

liir Ttynci! wiiii, or borne (Umvu liy inlol- e ds proto- j oct 21, ’51 . 1 . i„ SMI’nf. 

Fall and Winter Fashions! 

F. % J ■ 

If'P.KN Maysville ( oUoii Taras, 
\ -M * " f assorted nuiubers. for eale by 

aug-dg BLNJ. BOLLNG. 

x\i‘w Ship I)rpss (ioods! 

whioli sti lu.i I'.ily oppresse I people 
liir Ttynci! wiiii, or borne (ifwvn liy inlol 

man annals;. 

era I'.n ui. i insup -o.*iY)ie tyranny and in- il.e al- - 

iii.inniin ilih i., lift'll eov/vii urktr.). . 

and for »;ilc by 

.1. T,. SMITH. 

^^.3NVITI':.s,!i.'Lavoes of Dan-A^-- 1” ^^^r 

i v.Ift* ,ml Virii.ily , , i ca'I and ex.nn- . ‘'7 1 *“* ‘“"8* *‘®- 

inoh'.rn.:i Wmier H.voig slock of new style 

selected Iheiii h'.f» - f in Ihecilv of New York,! 

=S-.^i 2 5ra 

'iny R 0 v.k t'n-.dy to change the existing 
gave •mnent, or to cxiablisit w ithin iw 

In conclusion, gent. emcn, let us enjov ' 
the .iroiid consolation airj.*-df;d by the "ic 

■IS anew government. It is aright d‘«‘ ^ vast majotiiy of 

not confi'.cd by li'.e im indaries of State?, 
a'i!io igii b?i’ g nr;j»«si7,?d political b*)'l- 
ies, they utay !»e c.ipalde of giving great- 
er eli’ccl to I evolutionary eirorts.) but it 
balnoys to oppressed man. whatever may 

|)eo|ild ol the I ni'ed States, true to their 
loreta.hcrs, true to themselves, and true 
lo po.'aeriiy, are firmly and immovably 
attached to this I'^nion, that iliey see in 
it the safe and sure, if not tho sole guar- 

l  ; his condition, in all revolutions, how- liberty , ol eternal peace, ol pros- 

^ ^ m stvr« and for 

^ ^ sale by 

cct 24 J. II. SAITTII, Dauvillo. 

“Small Proiits ami Quick Saicis.’’ 

•:i'.' 2 , an I, uii- 
T i;i I'l J 

evrr there are two panic?, tho e who rs- cl national happiness, prog- 

volt, and the g"Vf.-*nmeni which they for- fiH greatness, that its dissolution ' i -r' l- 'Y Jj:2i3 ^ 

cilily resi^it. 'I'liery are gtuerai'y two Ij'lowcd by endless wars among Saddlery, Harn93S, Trunks, £kC. &C. : 

oi)p.)i;ie opiii 'n-!. n!.?o, enienainol of ‘ t-j-vni,' -„i , 1 

thl r:r,ise A i"sistan„: th *t of those iur.g;i power; to take part in the n. ; ^ 

wlio ii'« in reb’dion. be!ievin-g lliem- ‘oroign subjug.iiion, or now ou hand (.'uid i( still ina;uifacturi;i.-, . tlie ' 

^-.i.-ftt. 1 . ft ,,.ft.4 ft,-. 1.1 ft. .1 ine e.snbli-,h iient of dc-spniism: .md ibui lur^'esd ami he..t .stock of ' ' 

Le.\ingt ji,, Uct 17 -72 OvYIl. : plete, and h» has everytliiug suitable for Fall 

I uud Winter Wear, 

Willmv r.a'ikrt.-^, At. j U. .A. AR.MSTRONG. 

h:ive just received in adiiilion to onr ■ •'‘pl I'-h 1”'51 

yV lar-e stock of r.roi’eries. a supply of j *v ’ i 1 

Willow I’lothes, .Market and Work Iftiskcta: ; 1-4 \ m || |l 

1 doz. brass bound Yankee Water lluckcts; j d. v ■ J v v V -* V-eV^e 

3 “ 3 heap Oak Hiicket.s; ■ , _ 

5 “ bine anil fteeeii do; | JT I I Jl 11 tl W I II t C F ^ 35 I J 

4 “ I’.iinted Tubs, from largest to smallest ' 

sizes. ! W DII^I.^ITT has just received and •p«a- 

oct 10 JO.\A. MCTIOF.S ,V. CO. I J. ed his Fall and Winter ^tock #f 

;ct 10 JO.\A. MCTIOF.S CO. 

Garrr.rd Farm for Sale, 

.•,la = c vvi. 1 • 

CvUiS' ftlhuc- 

Il i  conn 

I'cria 'IS tn i:. 

f '*l u- .*-0 II. 

i.wolv i.'g us lit r. 
It iho --ft'; .Jx'ca 
I 1. i. . \ I- 

'iri i.r \.r* 
t ■■:'ur^ ,t .. • . 
svar w ,.i r.t'g 

f = ii.». i . i 
fi  lo 0 i ; .,e "I (•■ 
u I #n a "p' e .-e 
If, iu .« , iU 

have s..- ' u,^ :  

I veJ, bu i ira 

lill-.t I'.c « ... W .3 I. 

VM-. ( ! . r 

It. It Ul "iM ' ■ 

g alU.I lx U ' , V •' 

iia 1 in . c 
t*i. :^ut. 1. ! V, -.:r. 

(h d pru-Svt V*. ; : 

up 'll i 

n I. U (h.iiuiu • 
t. Ui t : i.i= I 
1 - CJIi 1 . • 

  r . 

i.iC ! iiiic I , 

t ■ art- ■' : ; 

I jt. 1. ; il ;j . 

o»cr o. *_iv\i.e 
g vermnfM w 

i lUl lUx .1 :i|( 
l = ; ;.rt a «■ . I, 

biU U- .. t •’ 

I' U Uid. I 
t; :u mad ! t-n 
cor.c''; T;'.' ' ‘ 

J.rr^.x! I •;( "!. 


the I :ti -I f il. 
fit Co; ■ ' ru . - 
i'V a T' 'k; ; e 

a-imaui, n 

• Jo w 1 ■ ' : s ;i , 1 i 
aai.cii -I:' i a J 

t ... 

lii’.* i , i 1 4 

esti '..ill.  i a p 
j^* V. rn .. ■ . 

i*aV c , 

unuu' l ,t ‘ 

ruy an ; vt 1 . 1^1 
•I 1 r I'cxas, 
a war vv :i.i .I-\- 

U -■ ■ .X I I . 

m-. il'. ! i 

  vv . . f i'3 r ' \ a 

iu*3 (.! i.. r fc. I'.c ft g'pv. I (U.s argii- 

:ne: t sc- r:- -my ra'.i.inco ''n-'i'. '.hi ras- 
crv.'ttinn 'f p 'w:-i •» in tin? Ccii- U'Uj’.ion. 
t'o'x;!. - f ii id! t’lO ob'.ig’tii'vn:, in that 
instil '.ii t, ih"* n.'*vf'.' an 1 'oahor- 

i: of 1..0 g. r -' ft v.-( ntivni. r.iJ fii.ds 
a S'l! uii'in ol the a iih iritv fir secession 
iu dll .S' . •.“ig 1 y of I'l'j States, Wliat 
. . It a gn y is. ;t d jps not (ieign lu 

‘( '2 '*r I \ !.=in, r,... u» slimv li-ow one 
. .iw af.r lies i.s to .!i^r-*;i irJ a;;,l v’o- 
L ;■ I VC c :.i ■! ;. 

1 V Jl _'iiv of ;';f' S'.'icv, prior to 
l-  ! a ' ■; : U t!:a (’on .liuiii'-n, 

v\ 8 •;•'.! ■ I '|u : “d h V I !ie ri riift' • 
Oi ('0 -' 'I !iftv 'I'.pe.; I o'lion'j 

wlio ii'« in reb’dion. be!ievin-g iliem- 
srdvi's i ) lift wreii'icd. and il..ui of tho ex- 
isting g ,)V2rnrncii;, wliic'i deni 's 
inflicted any op ••t'ssion or injustice. It 
is incumheiu 'upon wise and c msiuerv.o 
in‘*n. befort' ili *y hastily engage in a rev- 
uiciioii. dolibPi'andy lo consider tho mo- 
tives atvl Cl ;?.'s of revolt, and carefullv j 
t'  ftrilfulata I'lo ; robitida conse-juui-.ijes of 
ton ib e rr.sisiancft. If unsnccessfni, ihev ' 
kno'.v lint ih.-v wi!l be guilty of t*-o.»s,)n, ! 
a -. i iiv:ur tho penaliio.s inilijiej upon 
, irah-ir.s. 

woli 111 iiiu ti* ' :i 1 • * i .t *1 I* I . • • m 

• aliv. bv forei-n subin'r-aion nr ^ In-; c,n toMn-r? and h.* pnV.c he ha^ W I;'-iI to rell tho K Vlin on vrhi- h I now 
u y uy lore, 1 , subjUg.mQ„, or ,mw on hand (.-u.d w stdl mamifacturh.t,; the 1 r.- • in i.arr.ri eonntv. in 15uf..r.;’.H 
ihlisll iicnt ol dc.spnusm; and that lurgeist ami l.e.t .stock of h."„i „f 1 M. .,s P ,t, 3 : . rnik-'s fr Ib. k ins’ 

••imUGitVO xSl2n l— divided we fail.” | i^tuhJ'i rU ITurnCy.:^ i ''’r..- ; r.- i f-„,n IV.nviMe, 'J from Harr. .;.. 
I aia, with Uie higliesi rcsnect, " * *• itnrg, an i 12 iMm bancaster, 

Vour obedient servant, ' 'A,' *“ '«  ^='' '•■- Containing -.70 Acrcs a’j.-'vc the cliff 

H, CLAY. i:";’ 1 And , :o .r.;- Vocd 

;. SiCiilien \^ hitney, Gv-'orge (i. is- . y.. “ . . Vr-. v ' t’M**!i:l, 

i, D.iiiid L’llmann, aii'i the other ; *' . ''iri *^* .'*  '^*'* ^ '.id i«of ih“ fir-i .pt *;ty. nnlall in a 

t*rs of il'ft n.lilrt»-x- A-ft A-ft I 1H’^''I lillllll'f bi'pIlfS, VillIJ'S, i',.’,, ‘ g!i st of n, ami 'lie 'rinihered part 

Messrs. Stephen Whitney, (icorge Gris- J 7. , -on, , 

WI.'J, D.iiiicl L llmann, aii'i the other; *' n'-V*’’ n.'-'V'*' ''ll-. ^ h" 1 ,.,d it of lh“ fir-l .pt ’;ty. nnlall in a 

signers of tho a'idress, xVc. vVe, ! VJlIJ'S, ‘ gh st of f-a'Uv.t-i n, ami tl,.- 'rinil.crcd part 

Together witli H gtio'.l supply tf ibitliiltr's ”* w -P ! it. -u i .. The itnitrovprii.-nls ar« 

^ i ll.ird\.- ;re, ami every ytli**r arIi'!!o I'snallv ko’it a!' (■*; ' g-fal :g- !'r one T'welli'.itg, 

'P to ( ItteVT l-'.xniniTUtN. — Tiio editor in su-jh establi-U-jJins. I’lmlissers are ii.r'i- ~ rm ns, :  egto llons.-s. rtarn, i-^lablea. 

3 nii^I.''lITT ha? just rereired anii #p«a- 
J, ed hi* Fall and Winter f^tuck #f 

' I Faiifv r.m! Slni»lr Dry (iood.'*,' 

. ('o-i-p-,x,iig all th' Mrtrand P^nirmhU 
; -r F.jiPtr »' ••«: 1 Gentiftiiu-n*? Wenr. Hw 
■V -! -"k of 'linillS I? I.trge an.J com. 

*-s p!--t-', ;n; tlie L!i. i» s are inviteu to call and ex  
*’ ami I!'' hi.s varions sty le.? ind patterns. 

«■ Me ff-;s i;o!itr!'*nt that he can plaase all, 
bnili in (I.H .{ii.iiuv and price? of hi.? Goods. 
^ Ml', ta-rtlcr? will hud it to their interest to call 
and see him. 

L. Dl.M.MITT. 

septcn.’jl tf 

'Pir: (Itte vT !■!.' 

pC'fiallio.s inlliftiej unun l ibun*', wiio served on one of the ‘ ^'*'' niv "v .-rut sto  I:, ;■? I iVel 

juric,'! of the ( Ireai Ii.ilusirial lv-';-.'uuion K'^ big .si't.sfai tioii. I u.-.' nono 

ii'('-hi"i •'. a" i a 
Fruit. 'P. • . ipi 

Apple • »r''li.iril i.f clinic.' 
■ '.* i? v 'll walerc'i, tli.-rc 

n An A 1 Ah' • V -r?" »;utvn:d::;m .i;7««;io lmt M ^i.nng »ear 

?n, prr';ented an ‘ p*' .oued .1 notice of tlto hc«t workmen, and -.Vill sdl ut" the lowest pos- • 'b*’‘‘bt:2, aa.. hi-.. ' never Ja.,.ng I I.n is on 

im of ihn ’. ic\vs ‘ so far as they came with- sihle pn. rs. t A p;.rt .U lins f ami 1 - ;•? g..( .i II inp 

1 liUV 2 ihi:**., gentlemen, prr';onted an ‘ las p.i .o.ied a notice of tlto hc»t workmen, ami '.Vill sell ut the lowest po; 

i;ii;)''rfo' t rkni-.’n of .sn nn of the ’. icw? ^ ‘ so lar as they came with- sihle pri.'cs. 

w ii'*li 1 h'lve lalcen cf the ev^- *" " hiiowluJge. ' prizes \s era of , '-'''CtHintry I’roilnre, T.mnbftr Ac., t 

.-.1 I . I 1 . . • "o 1 i-jft.t . , 1 , f'l.,..,, M Jx! p I 1 Ken III exeliange lor work at c:^^h p'lcrt. 

1 -5 Ol the d. 4 V, 1: woub.l a'i-.nii of n md. Kind-., the Jury Medals, aw aided by ; , ,, . 

en'argem'-iu an.i a'lditional illustration, of merit j * 

but I Ini.e a reu'iy given to this paper an ®''^'‘‘'he(l ;n their several olnssos, and tho 1 Pa„vilIe,oct 21, M?.'tl 

imrJina-.'j V‘!g:!i. In contempiaimg that „ *' n- 5 ’ t • * " -r, •"«, 1 , 

fueii ii, we 

muen iiioi'i I'j atmnaie 

i’re.s:,!ems of ih# juries. Of ilie latter 031CO Lcxin^ton k Dapville Rail! 'ii.uv.s— : 

th*' p!:tc-. A pitrt.Uliiis Fit rni i- :• s giioii II -nip 
, l.ii!id ii.s :ii! v i'i the r-ii'.fc. Hul tins F ir'ii i.? too 
' wcli k'n '.VM jl! ih,-: Ui'.n of the fttate to nee-i 

, liny (ie 'T''’!'o.i \% i;;i)cver. aii-t 1 th'-ieforc ii«-e:n 
. it till !»••(■ '.'Orv to s ;y more, iind woiild respecl- 
, lull ,' iiiv t-' ad who iiiav to j.urcl'iisea tint 
rite I'anii in this part of th, country to cal; 
^ , ami vi-'w th- thctirsclvc?. 

U I. a 1 .( 

;'i vt - : 
s:= lia_ 
 i to 

lx) 1# i;;M I 

th Hi .Vi'ft l   

■: L*aU' .1 

1 T / ' 


W',.":. 1, '. ' 

.ft. l!" 


ii .•« I ! 

II 11 '1 

i*r li 

w * 

T . i "* ( : : ' ; 1 1 ; 

d. .. Oc 


!(.' •■? l 1 :i ■ ,'.i (* j 

- •: 1 


t l i-= .* il n 

.'..u; 'lift 

np m 


' 1 

,| .y 

1 .. ’ r : ' 

•"'1 (’ 


Fij h--' : 

• 1. ! 1 ' 



• n .-.;- . i.-v .-.i 

?. it i 

If ! 

; ;0. i .' ;. li;. t • 

• ''un 

J shall 

 ■ iV fn.Xv’. :i 


r c.. 

• .1 

•JFMi.l i: r : 

II' a* 

ait'l r 

' : • - i V , -■ 1 • . 

( ol 

• •(* *M, 

be S'.tte?. nrior to a2;e "'be patriotism ■ wre 10 

f'.ii (b n .liiuii'-n. f P-''"' to cre.aio regrot an l 

! bv ,;ie nnift’ ' fi'yerieM-ioM. \fitr sucli a ito'.iiicnl 
,.,v 'no MS ilia’ V 'licit \i;'lonilv rigod d.i i b'"-’' **''‘'''n'* 

/ •)-; /-/a,' ruion. «•  g ' 'e ' on. re??, u was not ,0 I'C j To Austria; 
li'ir.oen or, timi' expected iIiKi liie nation would insianily ' To Ih-l.-iuui. 

iht.'ro were f) be in all but IGM, tv bich 
hero I'j be dis'.ribuieJ among the .several 

1: I. I'!t- 
U. I.. '.V- 
icnt til 
.1 . ' 

W ,l\ t; J..t, a :d ; * . 
■ ,i • . V i "1 ; !;(* re  . :s - 
(.; b, r ; . (VS.‘ 1' . 

i, a. i K- 1- ; iii a lu'u;" 
, ■ eiii   .iitiiii’ii 

..u . ooec, „. d. I’ji; 

:* *•• -'I gr I'l? a tio.i s 

• i.^ U. J ft'ft. ii. r Cm. \ 

-. : . 1 * il ',v aj a r,'!'.e d 

i W I li i WJ -ij 

w r ri li ;o 
gi eement or 
r V. .-il a 
V, * . U'; ■ ; 

: : 5: ' ,l(.- it I 


: u.!i. i. '. 

. V ^ V. 'M ' 1 ro .; 

iraiinn  1 iliu r 
! : j*"' ;. 
'- • ’  '. and c 
-c a^cs. 'Ibio 

’ ;•! '"'i ! •t:’.'!ii.iri. amnn'T 

• 1 ' ! I •- rbi! I'ns upo'i ilio 

• -,1 ! . ’'.'.t X-. il ia e\''fr s '!v 

i u •  'Uii J! enter mio 
n ' i'! V r c..iif-= dcrauon. 

: II aii l r'-pri.-j I . c-iin 

I- ul • te *M. m die f,p v 

' ! ■ ; ' v,*r ft'dn a i n  er in 
'i-; i-': ' a:. ! “•■1 , ?*ato sb't'!. 
I'M' •: er.i (-f '- bingress. I ly b.iv 
a licftp X 1 ,,,^ of 

e e; !,"M*e. ent"r inm anv a- 
r ■ :•:{ v. i-.ii an.'iher Siaie, 

■ - pi p'. '.L*.-. or cng-ige in 

u : . I ' V ii;Vii !- !, in mi 
l ■::.• r .■• 'i f( t l.■■t of llu (!,•- 

. ' 0 iToTu*' I, wi.h eiuiru 

ir-'x- ,,f sovc. jigfuv 
( r.:'d V. Ml*, 

ir e-! b ;i Jii; i inter.* irse 
i" rI: lU. n ! t!'..'( reiai.,' 10 I'or- 
. c ;.i of t!,'.'x  3 titiri- 

1 r.* .; i   I’li- intornal a lm:n- 
1 ilie it«*s ilie;n?e!ves, are 
. !r-, ; J M’.' 1 ,0 the general 
and cii'eru lie ovo:'*;,ad bv 

iiin. . 11 , .ii-.iiwii v.u'iin les'aniiv lo li.*l,;iuiii. 
seu'i* dii'Wii in perluci quiet and repose, j 3 e 'i usrany 
■- 'ons.ilt'i dug ilie \asi e.xicnt of *iur loiri- 1 
l ey, oijr numerous poj'uhuion, the ! 
f;J ' Ol. diets of paiRion. of opinitjn. o! in- ■ , ^ 
tore? s ani *if ‘Cx-iions pervading ibo en- 
ti:;* rni(!".  vrj have great reason to be ! 
d!*n .f il to I'boV.J. nec for ili!3 degree of / ^ 
ca n':. fs', *)f ir in'q'idiiv nn'i of yadsfac- v 7*^ '■' 
t o I prev,* !?. If lin.r'o are luc d ,, 
e\.*e|' i MR at die -M.i t’i, and al I’le S*uuh, ! v-'msylyaii 
f I ' i a . 1 1 g ■•..!,' ! men, who \voi!d 

I / re -At in.* (.'"n-'-.uuiiftn .an I laws of 

lit.'’ S; .nts, l-'M u? nu i!.*s*.;nr cl' ''‘^■** 

lyj liic:'t britHl 11 , Til To r ranc**, ;,fi 

i o ( I . I lit.; 11 y , 12 ’I'o I ’ State:*, ;7 

To .Austria, 4 To |{ii.'=siij, 4 

To i;.*l,:iuiii. t  'I’o Switzerland, 2 

'I’o 'i useany, 2 To Holland, 7 

1 0 .’•'/aui, 1 To Kuiiii', 1 

'Fo ’riukey, 1 

'Pha following aro ilio awards of the 
/h*'* V. hich were to be given to ih» L’n.teJ 
rf lutes: 

'i'o C. H. Mi*Connick, Cliicago, Illi- 
nois, 1 r bis \ irgiiiia lioaper. 

'i o i'avi.i flick, iMeadviilo, We.stern 
PcnnsvlvaniR, for his .Anii-Friciioii 

io Chntlca (loudyear. New iiaven, 
Coi c.pciiout, for !iis India R'lbbor f 'ab- 

UillGO JaUAlIi^tOn « llJPVliia r..aii : 'i'luiv.? — : ul;. ,„y Far,,, P.r 53 .'. no p-r 

Road Gonipaiiy, — one t'lii'il wli  'i ?ion i? given, an : 

OCT'Hi'-ili S lft')l . I'l'** in one aiit. two year.?, w ilhout iii- 

C \RI)1'RI*jM th tl a c:i!! I»* fur H’wo (’P’fA \IOf tMT*’ 

/ Molhtrs on ea.-h slcire ol tlic Stoak of th.j 1 . ,v.j. 

( ' i.ii)|iauy . l" l!t* p:.iil williin C.O .i.ivr lo L. ' . - * * 

Ri di*s. Treasurer, it M.or.iiie, or I*. F," V. i.-cr, ■ I'C.xiacIqu lil.x-rvcr ami Riclimoiid Chnni 
Cc. lector, at Le.tiiiaiuii, Hy ot-der of tke I’oard. '''" i"»* rt  » ti,i;cs wc. kl v ami .-harir. t"i? o‘l:' . 
J. BAliiiOL'R, Trt-ridcu:, Mark pri'o on tl r » insertion. 

o“t J7 txl. 

ilMbMIl Vi FOU 

'•lark pri' o on tlr , insertion. 

Woo!, i’\':ithriT. ;in l Urtys:, 

V^./ -AN'I F.[) Irninnli iti'ly lo t'lll o'*, ir?. — 
V ^ Tile l'igh.*st market prices -.viil 1).: p '1 

V. will give a  ’n't of r»:i NH OA'S- , ’ 1 He l'ig';cxt mm 

* TMI’.'i to t!io p'Tr-on who « il! (leliver arli**ltM in our li;n' fijr 
at our store in l’;invilie, Ly the C''t!i of .'No- l.t.c,!*) itew I’eath'-r?; 

vii'her m'.xt, f Jur of tl.' best c.irs of Corn.le fcU.O if) *• on , .m waslird Wool; 

he (I *. itled by phrlliug and w ■ ighing t;,'* grai B 5'b''’ u ‘* »| . ,i„ K ic?. 

on iho Ht’oresuid  la\. I’li.- object of tins is to cct M) J'iN.A. N H* IIOI..-^ ik 

collect together tlo* li.'.-f varieiir.sef r-'ulcara. ' - 

J()N.A. iSlCliUliS (.V CiK , * 2 ■'ilftetn 1 1 

. , I A ^ -m ^ ^ 

ect 1 i , a S'. r . 

S;.;.JS, I'M „r n u despair of/*^*; , 0 ct xx LiUCOln Farm for ' l-.'-vi;;?. Lim*ol.,r.m ,ty,onfheTj,i 

i: e r remri). isi -cisimabli* linie. to rr-asnn ' -v . Mond u .Son, !....s'on. .Massa- .» ••• i , i'’’"' K».tn\ me to IliMtout h 

ami d .tv 15 It s, wo V , ..'rC an Electric C-!"cl':. ' 4 " 't:* ’"T'' ' ‘ I ' A ^o-"! .iv.-d; • -j i..,u,x,.. k.fel,?,,. ,m .0 i.o-, 

‘ “•*'* " sl.pp z.. t.e illOII, i n« j ;  * resale, O'l llift I 11 .-n ;  k« 10 ,,i h-e.i.i ng from stn'.le?, aii'i 11 rt —t- for t.’kVT i 

t;i. 1 .ciniS'l, :t ; I I’uftt I'le .si.'Ui'ib.; J ?’',o|t;r! ^ ^ I'jr llis .AiCat ('r.,b Urchard to J.cuisvillo, 3 luile.s fruni the rich neb ';i’uorh.iod. A ny Spiiih wkshing a 5 

I"' r;ii&ed -ur open re 'istancf' to lilt) I niott ? ’ , ! fonm r, , luiioii would 00 well to rail and e.xnuiim* il 

'1 I'Oie i*ai'i 1)2 but nue po^sib'o answer i B '« •‘"•ated that a- j   's ai?ai35*.?J:iT CCl'klllilL AT7’C*-i, I'u. *• . 11 . .A; ; ' -.nls cun se.- D. \V. J.   

•ibie powr. t':;.* -t j-i,..*. and *I Olliu'of- lUVardeJ. of whicil ; V.’ell Timbered; lOO aere? in eultiration. 3 ho v Im is niifho, 'Z-.i l-i 

f I rt  -s .v*. rr. . • V .» ».♦ s-s. , rsl. » • .-X \ .. X ' 1 ; 1 00 DTub’.! ^j! V won I «i (•omH 1 1 A I hn I n i t Mil ! 1 i.i tt m v ?i :irp :il i flrnniF i ii r s^t* » It * tita ! * ‘ ^ ^ - 

A r!a*2^:sm[th Wanted. 

^ fJiM,:) .s:hi;;tiiiii for a good Smi'n at Mil- 
•\ le- !^e. Lim'olii roi' itv, on file Tiirn- 

rt T , r •■•■'*•;' ■■■ ’Jt iri-m L*.tn\ i;ie to Ml! Uoiit i;ic. 

'U M l-sil tosell Iho 011 Willi 11 I now i A go..,! - -j i„,„,x,.. kit.-hi.t, .o l.o'tse, 

#, O'l llift 'I Ii.-n;..!v« ro „i h-e.ui'ig from xt;,'.|es, aiui llrU .--u- t^hoi. nii for Rk. NT iu -i 

Fi!!l ami AVintcr Dry (ioods! 

n A. Ur.' SFI,l. r'?p*etfnliy fall? the 
, al’eiifiiii of hi? friend? anti the pnhlic 

gen-rally, to hi? larj?*. sii[i| ly of Fm l vml U ie- 
ti r Pry O'QOt'i, for l.atiie?. Gentlemen, and 
(Uiii-; ren, eonsi.sting 111 partof 

l..i. lies' Pres? Good?, of the latest and meat 

f,is!;ili!e ?tyl*s, 

I A ;i.x-s,.rtii»enf of .«nperior Dreaa Silks; 
.-slciwls. .'senrf?, .Muil’s, A c. Ac.; 
rioliis, Cus.siineres. ami Vestinj:?; 

Hats ami t's|.s; Itt.ois .and Shoe?; 

A lar'gft it!u; as.sortment of Hardware, 
. aiiioiig which are .soi'ie superior sett? balanca 
Ivcry-haiiilie'i Knives ;m.i Fork?, anil a full 
?ii(ipiy of  ’'i»/(/.Vrs’ ilttrdirtir^. Sealing, Pad- 
• ix.ii-:, .md •".■'•rv Jescriptiou of in their 
line; .ilso. S ' i. le 'Trees of every e?rription; 

,\ large supply of Triivpllin; Trunk?, 
?. ii.c of iheiii of ?u| erjor qiial ity ; 

.N lii.s, Coidiugs, Iron and Steel, of all de- 


t ircce.-ie.? of every de.scription. 

I’lir' hai'-rs .are ri*«;ncsted to evimim? 
! his ’-fo  k i..-l  r.‘ pnri-ii ising, a? he ■? ?ati?rie l 
he wi'! le' a' to ^iV9 sat'Bfacliou in botN 
V it.iti |*ric'*s. 

n. .\. RlY^xSRL. 


• J^ ' *’ r- - ■ e'l the I.;r'ge?t I* t of Rftot? and 
- .ft ': -V- r hroiighl to Panvillo, cou?i?tia^* 

• of flic fo:! )'»vn;f' articles. 

'ibw! po*V“r. t':;.* .t i'.:i j-iiv, and *I oniu of lUVardHd, of whicil ; Well 'I’imhercd; lOdacresi 

tkn g.'verniuf'U ou;'hi to be I'lnintaina,! i l*-)0 prub-.tbly would como to ih*3 I'niifd 1 lmprov(.*ineiits are all ffond. 
ni.'l r.:i'.«-r.ui.*ft 'Uit i!"’*,vn at rverv 1.^/ .r l' i ^‘''*'C; . In the t'Ia?s of Cleneral Hurd- , I '^'■!'■i •^:-h«»•^a■. with !» ro 

* ^ ‘ .'^ *‘*^*- * * 'J _ . ^ r I I • I I . 1 l  I Pxlit t !» I I IkA VI’ I V’ r.*f I t t  '  ■ * 

if il J Jl ^ 

id wo'ilJ no', in 'Po Day t!c Njw.?!!, New York, (reiwe- 

  ;overimift'!t. in I'lc t'a’Ieii xn l d? urave i incI.iJiDg locks and graicj, iln3 I'ul- 

Rta'-u uf \u w\ i Io»e ail r-'fti'ftct nrvi ' "'c.'fi me Americans \v!io received 

f■ !:..■.o:^ :::- ... ^ .. , ^ 

Ii'tt possess i")U'i'iiall*-,’. and wrji.ilJ no:, in | -'Jw. 2 li, New i ork, (reiwe- 

eurrme ca practically cvcrciio the i *\* ^’* lor ' iliciv i’a- 

righl of ruipl iying forco. 'Plio th'jory I 

ot liia Con-iiittiion of ih  2 Tniie J .Siatek ' ^ ^ * Adaiiis (.N: Co., Doston, for their 

asi'imcs I'lO iic-’csRitv nf ih-j exiilenco ' Bank Lock. 

and ih-j a'l.u’icatioii of f irftft. hnih To .McU.cgor .fc L^o, Cincinnati, for 

lmproV(.*ineiits are all ffunii. consisiln/ of e large 
Dui'l'.ii.g-hoiis,', with P rooiii?; a la-pe Porch 

ill front, all newlv r.'lillt'c;  »ooil Harn, -Sl-il.lei, s ..... s j  • » , x. 

I'Ots, and t'vcry'lliing kiiiUahlo for n ’i'iivern ' /It A 7.7^ 1 Tf-'n'r’ei I-’'J-tr*r^ Fii!.:reii’s Boots and Shoes of all description*; 

.ft^taml. Also, ■*^5 ivJt ij O X A's-r, .o larg« lot * f Ladies’ Fine Boots and 

x\ lirul nilo \V;Uor (.‘li: t Mdi, l.rg-am! hmcso.m't , .,f :'"'*’rrF ‘ Ih T'" 

ip * I j y w } ■’^ 'ri.'i? 'b ■• ®r any bouy *1?*. 

Which has a fine custom, n 4 runs I've n’*nlhs *■ VV, ♦» ». I ,IV v* v , - » , r, M .• ho;;, • itil jter.soii? wuiitiug such article* will 

i;i the year. 'I'liere ur? 100 acres #f tlij? land giv-' ns .i ci;;. for we w ill cdrUiuiy mak* it tw 

as a.u.xf as any iu tho cimuty. Tl:i* F.irin i? J 31. NICII IT,-S very respectfullv call? the li; 'ir iai-r* .-I to uo so. 

too w: 11 known to m adaiiy further if.-criplion, ^ * attention of his friemi.? the p'.iblic to J *”l’em,-iiil er tlie .'**'i,za tke BIG BOOT^ 

and 1 lhi*refo;o rosptctfully iir.ite .dl who wish I'i? present «tock of N’ew Good?, whicli ei|ij .i?, opposite the Central House, 

lo h'.iy lo i^ivo me u call and e.xaiiiiiie for tU*in- both iu qu.ilitv and  iuanlity, any lie h i? ever J. A. HOWERTON, Aft. 

selves. iiiij'orte-, 1 . ii|s stock eiuurace.s everything Panville, ?ej»t 2b, ol 

'Tui'is. — I will sell my Farm ff*r s2.”« per acre, I Usually found in Dry G-io..? Houses, and ail j — 1 TN ^ j — 

oii''-thlr(l in haiul, liie halunce in one and two th*5 !at**st and must fishion.iM-j patt"’n..s. To iaRtest uiylo UrGss (roods, 

years, witlioul intare.-t. the I.e,.i'-s, he i'ITts .rreit inn iiesmeiit? in the ? ■ ?*xr 't L ic*ri,s , 

Ol. WcdiH'Mlnx, Dccrmhcr .Id, IS5I, i f | i5 KS.^ tl).-;. of which he \\ ' . ;J 

, ,, . 1 ! 1 . .1 11 .u ii has a kirge and h. antiful a.ssortmoiit. ,7 ^ •*“1 l-rjest st*ck »t 

I will sell at piihlic rale, to the highest bidder, . , . I)iP ? (•ood, ever brought t* thi.? »lac*, #11 

.111 i:iv rr01». SlOfk nml FanilillJ I tcnsils, I inT\*"l\V7VpX^'^Vnn^^^ *** the latest ?lyl*4 and pattern?. Mi* a.**rt- 

. , . ■ , , , . . . , , 11‘TN .iM) l lP.N; IiOOTN TND SHOCS. ment embrace? every d-?cnpti*n *f I,*di**’ 

And !i llie liUiid h not sold nv that  *av, 1 will ,, . • ■ ... (lorwU «u^h PIa^m «n.i &.il« 

mit it UI) to the iii-hest bidder as 1 am ile*er- ' *be people of Danville and the ?ur- ,, ' \i ’ ’ ** *' , * “ * , ^ *“*7 »ilk*, 

put it up to itic !u„l,e«l outucr, as l am . •« ^..11 «.„l n;- I'*'Lme?. Men noe?, and several varivl.e? *f *b- 

■ g .n-m L».i!i\ me to Mu tout i;!,.. ,.f pi,. fo!! ),vn;f: articles. 

Il • iioiisi', kitcn?ii, hi: .it iio'tse, M.-,i*s \\ ,,!• r-proof L'alf Boots — a .nperior 

lir t r^htij) ;,ii for Rf NT.iuu an b-, 
rich uehmiborh'iod. Any Smitli wi.-hing a sit- M-n'.? t'alf. Kip aud Thick Boots— a Iar*« aa- 
HiiiOii wou!c lio Well to rail .Tiid e.x:in(iii ' llii^ sortriicnt; * 

loG'» '*n. A; ; ' ■inls c.'m acr U. \V, J. sk 5, ** •» ^hocw‘ 

liz '.i to r.'iif Ilie above property. Bov's •' “ » Boots;’ 

lie, s 'pt 2G, 'oi »• •• «♦ .-^ho*.?; 

^ ' Women's Ki'i, .Morocco, Calf and Kip Boot***; 

'»• ?• i! . serilpil bv A (  llndi- \ t'..r * i V* imi Iihs a custom, md runs hvt* ni«nt!jn 

!»r:4Ct:r'fi i V r^v^rc iVm i -i. iioou©,) lur ihcu 1 a- ‘ \f... r ?i • i 

I . ^ ^ - \erci70 i r*i!ii.i?vh. W'ltAi F rx/.h la th»* \car. I iiore urn 100 acre" «f tins hiiiu 

r.Dpi-i V fortro. i'llO llioory I rp ^ vtr ^ \ ^ I as any in lIio cou::ly. Tlii* I’.irin 

on-l.mi:, in of lh  2 Unile.J Siates ' , ^ for ihsir ^ too W: 11 known to n  «;! any further it-.-criplion, 

At A, i? 9 . 1, Kind’s Fhco, 

.A l.irge a!ii! h *ii;:?omet , of 

i'Vv!j,vS. vvixM’i’ai G'oons: 

= , (■■ .1 ; W 4 

1 1(0 : J i ' !'t('i 

It .1' i 

w "I'.J be 1 

' -aU la 

:v  1 : . t(-r 111 

W ‘-..t 


f(.!'-:l, ll.-r i 

l:v t.v!i 

■ t !'‘iii« a 

1 ., .] .Sla'.rtR 



:: . inii'iM, t 

It"':, i 'Ko a.: 

.« Vfc'ft , 


.''I'lie. ill 

•i,' ...a . Jf I" 
i( w .is li-.; I - 

:'i.' «. it ni'g 

7t be 


I'l' 0 n of 

• h(* 1 

iti.e i .S'ai( 

.A . •*!.'»i!. i, It 

iUtii'dv ini' 

i \ •! r* 

. v,i no 

u’:n,.ivoi.j i"^” 
'! anther, tic ''' 

t!t*i in.liiin, to fxccuia the laws of liio U- i G*legra|,li. 

nion, f!i'j’j rpxs insiirrcriionf!, an'l repel ■ ^ o *-’'^*"”bliu.s (5c Co., l*hiiaJeI| hia, 

Plio Cnn- 

I :o3 I' vi... 
■ li ; III'* 1 
a Ml (•■ r 

■ .t li *3 

X . T (■ ‘ (- 

-i 11 • 

4 i:* ' 


ft rl) .i . ( 

• ■ . •1,1 

th.* (Xift*. 

!. T I'.:!,;! 

V ' J.’ • ' " 

»■ a .; 

•: (itV Cl ■ ! y 

V ( ir ;ii.i 

c .or to !. 

.: t ' .s 

- ' . ; 1 

* “ ih .r V ■. 

\r  tF) 

orK f' aijii. 

i 1 • ' i. 

'■ r 0 ; «.f 1 

; n. 

?.-’, i ■ ; 

- ■ -d '. *-OV 

i • 1 ^ , A 


! tii-aio’' , . . 

! A ■ I;!; 

■ ariie n'le . 't f  supp ..'i it o'l n*. ; 

ti,f I ' y '*' 1 .:. ri'i. titHt bv an 

r’X|.! 'Rs - •: ■„:  -f I' e C V.-.-.y, 

-1 a'i r- !- .1 ,rri’ n I = I o* g -v ; n- , 

; lCr,t i.'l ’'lie' iro ll'•.cl Vt’.i to' 

the Fl.’it; s, * r i ■ ;,(! i- ■; r*, t, - p .,\rr 
or rigiilcl i.c*"f* - ^rui'.* , ati I 

lh#l it is InCttji e,  irl.tlliftci i- t;;'. 1 ... 

# i 

on'j ihr j, -'X !p, ut ! ,,.ay ui. \. ro.'o  at ( 
tneir plx-SR ire. 

Tb'S arg;ii;,.-r.t i.? rt fj;o.l by t iilier o! ' 

two a'lili- i(..ti ari vci'--. 'I’hn rc-nipfi* J • 

r. : i I'tc* o\ !*i r KU-'re ne nn.J 

'I ( It a '•.'t'cry i;i t!:ft 1 'I'l'i ;i’t'iii.)p. 

: til T' :*■ ■■.; -.-f luft I n S'- l Slates, 
i * :r. t:i" . ibat n   .'-Ju-.te i an 
nv : j: .!• » ;:_'ia;it i » tin* (’ntis;i; i- 

lu'.\ 1 rot i it( (Ilf'S of ill.; C iir 1 
' ' 1 *»• it n.igiit (J  , if i’ « ; ,,, 

: ' '.n   . u. •:.? uj-r line R'ivcreigntv. 
I aj ti. k ‘ r (‘iii-'i Ou into iliii; I nizni, is 
r rent q .e-t'-'M. 15 It if v. C ?-l .ji - 0 , 

; *iyt  til' !t ?torF (! fb-'t, th/^i i-p 
su m rl) •■ . ( '. ••"Vt i'. on, wiicii 
(xL:.! * t'. i.Mi'uF 'n w;ts ?i ’x.;):, i. 
i I •') ( ir -Ui.i ".be h'iJ c c 'it ■, 

■ a* ? t.3 s.-.V'*: a' r.i.v , bv il;,- 

('''■  1 ' ' l i! Cnniliibnioii ofsttci- 

e:;T';ty i^r '"it'-.: i — , or.cni'r b'» :!ie p w- 
' r • I tl: * .'. r I a.; 1 c. ii- -.ft-;'. !c!i -rv.jft- 
tiinc' o’f f.r* * 'lii'i;'’.!''.' nvi,:f one nadon 
tnerg.;.*' ; • * i foi • m." n i r, (n^ v.hi It we 

^ invasions. 1 ite duty r! #.\cciitirtg the 

!nw« aiir! snn'iressiiig irtcir rftc'ions i.s i . . _ 

; li:niL-,u..nor qu,lir;.:,,ion; U a ., 11 . cCCAPqOV 

I ro-ex'.e:-|ftive wiili the jurisdiction of the loLliil.son, Ivicl.ardson it Co., Bos- , U, C. L-AKbUN. 

, rnii'-' i rfi t'e*. ait(i it e.i .inrftimn ? . „...x toil, for Furnaces and Stoves. . 

.J c . i( I . Co iprclitn I.s t*ier\ _ _ UuhmoU'l (. hromcle aifert to amount of .■$4, 

 f; L'aMce to ili'^exoc'Ulion of Rc^rxrnT-oN o7'RoMANtSM in Ipc- ‘’"'i cimrg'T.M o 2 Lo. 

^ il.* : u ^'•C'lV ior;n uT iijAiu rooii-^n - a • • . « 

;■ rc,:ti ii o, un'! 'rwii.Ma'!.v-, i es*3rv..nft.ion T contmutMcaioon in the , ? i! J ^ ^ 

i^mttaio. In.iiv;dua!.s, ini.'cinceiinu- some very i,n- t ^ O 11 1 1 x ^ x i [J 

4 "1 .r I r ' ^ I ponant siaicinems 1 It regard to ilio .ad- ' / 

‘f'cir'vanceof Frct 9 H",t:iMn in Ireland. 'I’he GlaSS RTid QueeRSWaiO. 
' 7 ve 1 : V. .im f !'.V 7 ' ‘ w,ii.ra:undedconllrmationsbyil,el 5 i.!..| 

■7',-minn' o|M'f 'I’m, n in several places;' he found | J '''OLLD ca'I the ait'-nlioii of my o'd cu?- 

l will sell at iiuhlic rale, to the highest bidder, 

r ,11 „ ft. 1 I ,• . , , ., I riotns, (’n-simere?, nnd Vesting?; 

for : ll KIJ r(.|'. I«!i n»  iarimns Hinsils,, 

Thedu.y of e.v,cT;.,„Trhei»''r'^?.,^"'r'';'.'‘''-. . I .^.1 .f'.lu. lL„,l no. .ol.l l.y ,l.a, ...y, I .-III i 

'*)r.?ssiii t inc'ir rft *'io'T? i« ^ Silas C. Herring, New \ ork, for | put it up to the iiighest bidder, as 1 am deter- **' 1 anrill© and the 

rounding country to rail and exami te hi? »  ** '’’•/•'r-i' »**ri-n*» *I *n- 

Gods, whicil will bo sold an as favorable ‘'^ly ii''w-?tyle Goo,'?. Il- re?paelfnlly **11- 
t.rma as they can b.« p..rch..sac elsewher*-. ‘he ha ,? d»?iro«* *f 

I \ Q If kf •C! hi.-- :*uo rji whether they wjjkt# 

nr * ‘ ,*ur. i— ‘ or Mkit, :iif. Iw is certain 

■ 1 .i.'kn ..-..g.* that k*' h.i? tine Goods that will 

!*:irs j*:. ’ Jv!ri9,''5i’‘’ 

cx.' -mion of ihel.r.' .., and se.-e ln fmm I * p.a. r^; ne lonnu 

t  e I ni.m ' il . ^ number ol ICjinan (.7aiiix)l ics 

i .e i nioM. \) .lil xi iheso r^so.'uiioi s r«. 1 1- i • 

m?in ro I.?".'r -.ft . _ _ ‘■’''0 'c^y renouncing ilia fault ol 

Hchmoiid r'liroiiicle aifert to amount of .■$4, ! „ .. '*' 

1 ciiarg't tlii.s o^ict'. ; '^1 . 

H) ^ ^ I :/ co^i. H'n"   s.mjl. 

jr V ! IlJi.' X 1 X V • t l virtue cf a 'lei-ree cf the I.iiico'u Cir- 11 • J MM 

ft -J I '“^1; Court, r-mjered at the 'L p'--'. -r . *v f • ' * TC, ’ ^ 

ilas 3 and Queenswaro. 'I’ftnM. '..c ..or w.niam'Tuurmau. \ 

;'2''n, t I’tily Kiigicmau's the UU- ** ^ country a ould bo preferred. 

} WOl’Ll) call the aitfiilioii of my o'd nis- '‘‘•r.''i''r .I Com-i"-- will, on  «,Mi(l..( , " '* _ 

I toiiiers, fri-'iid.?, and liie |)ubllc gcuerallv, ,-** * ‘ /• *', * •* *••   «|r, •''**•’ *•’;'"  \- |3 f|’’ r't 4k ik I'l ^ ■ 

to mv slock Of " -’Louiuy Court xtv. bsfors tue Court ;F' ALU L U U 11 A • 

■ ft ft ; door 111 me town of .-taiifor'l, to sal'j to 

C.,ajLI;!Ao Gft’x'xi.’X.' ^ ii:ich:;;hr.-.tLix.;. !*, fhofdiowiug \\"^' iofoTH, onr old cnatomer* 

(|i .\iiL, Lt)ll'.''i, Ui H Dill. I.!*', rj;-, .1 ,_i Lii ‘j** t a i v y th;»t we aro uow receiviug a largo *•- 

\ailrrs, 'rnole CiiDcrv, tut Gin-*-, Ho-' Kitty — hert'iree ChiHren; and Celia. "ortmeut of 

hei.tian Glas', 'TeiucoUii, j 'riie s d- will be m.-, I,- on a rre-iit of twelve Dr »0 €i 0 O 4 gMy 

Did 0 ‘hcr F.iiicy ^Viirt*. t’lATFD ('AS- iuoiuIh. 'ri|.» j.urcha,.-r will b«t r-ipiired to '' ??ere *-le  ted with great care in th* 

' ons, FORKS, and S!'00.\.' , togeflicr give h ni 1 with iijmro’. e.! ?ei urity, hav iiig th * cities, anu will be ?*ld on the *i**t fa- 

ritli almost every article usually kept in an es- force aii'l efl’ ct of replevin bonds, uud boariiig ' v®)‘'*ble term?. M e have all the latest styles, 
iibli'liiiieiit of the kind, which 1 pledge my.self interest from date. , ““d rordially invite the publi* to .ia sxainina- 

u sell at tho /ojccs/ ; zic(.»/(iz (.'as/i, or to punc- I (J. I’INGLE.MW Ccni'f 1 ‘*®n uf ourslock. Oursuppljof 

1 K.';. lo Cloiliin?, 

c. F. I.I LLY. I 4 s „i!i ,„a I;,!'";.' rpjLr’:''''; - ■'• •• 

'A/'/t" '■'■f'-''- 7.'. 

77.x.;, ''”'‘’''‘'''■“7 „ i...., ,„bi,.b";.„u..h.. 

€ASlfl *3 ef^ro ,fl4iH i our Goods. 

! Named Simon, aged about 22 X ears. Simon i?| BLOOMINGTI \Llb Ac LI C.^S, 

^ J WII'l., pay for Ileef liidos, ' a first-rate boot and shoe maker. He w ill be ■ ’^1 

la I at iiiy 'Tan Yard in Danville, sold ou a credit of 12 months. ' I v Y. M. “ “ “ 

ill Casli, Leather, or Coarse Sho(*s, I C. E.N*J l.EM.AN, | ■'Hriltllll I’ iirill iNlltinCJI 1 hc^f'! 

5 cents per Ih. for Hides weighing; J J1L\ S. llIGtMNS, | |0.\A. NK'HOLxS 4 CO. have just re- 

under 30 lbs.; 30 ami over 4 cents , Lincoln co., oct 10, ’5| ids Kxrc'rt. ' ** cetved * tiozen or two of thie celebrated 

, CO iiL*e, 1 ir» recciveciiho rite*, 40 of w liom i ’‘“K" I’""*'' 

4 i:,-x*o t:.8 *1 '-’P'i '0 of o;tr prcsipt Con- wore adults," and all of iliem converts i ‘''j vn 

siutu,..:i. ai ! ili-j I in jn w !,ic!t it oreafrJ, i f^om pui-ery: — of about 2U0 confirmed at ‘' ‘^rjiTTY 

i JTijlcs- Lexington, oefl 7, ’51 1#V 

ft'.tui; J 1.1 f U()n, povv4 r. wealth, I ijtUj. ^ 

'■•I !t :-,r; il g in lai-.f'* in ibi? ea.?« (tf oui'iovemcrit. .md nniiona' great 

ill n *r i:\\ ;i c .ninr'/ .AsRirniiirr (.f laiiidiiv wliieh 

p wrr i.-iv.' !t i-irr ii g in ianf'* in tbc ca 5 « (tf 

. a*i I 1 ill 1 , *r I w ;i c .ntni"/ .AsRuinii n 

TNiftix'' ^ 

' ‘".it 1 iC V o: J.c'.i 'll :.s ft 'tiorc cuinpaci 

. be:t» ■*''11 in.!;'p=’n''t*';i nation?, or revc- 

I It an'.nlier place, called Derrynimia 

*' . ft . '■t"*,'i* ' ' ' • ' ” lapidity which, I 1 19 wuru confirmed, ell but 2 having; 

iinpara ic.'. I.I (inci'.ftt or niodern nations. | been converts from the Church of liome. I 

. , . * I • I • I *«'.vris wv,ess v x .^1 II I A%.UIIIC7s i 

be:w .*''n m..; .."nN-.i nation?, or r^ve- ' Fi9 a,;oiti?I„i,er,i an ! com- Ai.Se!!ema,84roceivetlconfirmation,on- 

rt n .s..;.t . i .c\ c ii**\ crili'jless hound 'Uifitiioii of inamtind. — Iv 2 o! w!iom were fornicrlv nrotestanis. 

by a., i:;e n’. ,g?tio;ts com, .aft, , »» P c ' "- 1-- u.jd extensive jurisdic- The impariialiiy and trustworthiness of 

r 1 1 V' T ' Dave been mado witness are vouc!ied for bv the 

a r 1 ', en p.ois. and to P'llmiit to the ‘ '**■’'••1;^ - prov ineo of L.niisi.Ti.a. Fiines; and if statements are correct, i!toro I 

S' I *: 2 . aftv of the (.nnstitnti..n and laws "'o Diori ias i .'x;i.s an.! New .Mexico; is coriainly hope for poor Ireland. 

't. (i wi I ai'O l' ':*^-''‘t'g t K* ti'Csv Mountjtiri.s liave Fite .same writer says: ’It is report- 

Bsh.» ‘. I- iv .2 I i.-v ti', t fi’er, ,he lig'it to ‘‘'® Da.*, i;.* O. can, comprehend- ed by credible tviine.sses that in the di.s- 

longft of L ijiity vii . v.i.ich the corn- " .2 C:*gon. ^an ! U.ilornia H.t-j Fiai,,— irict ihrougli which I have travelled for 

^ ill Casli, Leather, or Coarse Shot*.?, I 

5 cents |)cr lb. for Hides weighing ; 
H under 30 Ills.; 30 and over 4 cents, 

per lb. Also, 1 will still continue 1 
l A ni'ii a 'ff *■*'"• ®'* '***' •"’loire.s, and will sell | 
. jt Leather verv low. I will sell 
Coars'j Siioes at from $1,25 to' 
C^!'^‘*''*'$l,u'J per pair. 

S. S. MOORE, j 

Danville, oct 10, ’51 If 

lo Hint, tl a i 

ii:ade. Ill i.1.3 u. 

llCf alfed H I'ii'.e J 

was lit ao'*i .c t! ! ■ 
ih« gen. a lion v. i •• 
GiCtr /- ' .'- v. 'i . 

L :•.(- \ . ■. 

  r F;a:es, by br ng 
iiton, was, i!:ti i: n ' 



' m m (■' i!;p.v 

: i? ^ .ft, inos- 


I :.= V ! ;;*. j i! 

; It ri'4 :. J s. 

. wih 

' I, 

Cf ;Z -n f T 17;’:*;.! Fijtc:;, 



the j.( njri; 

g : V Jf.:*.-;:; aj.-, 

oil I 


Cf! vio'**t;r. 

;i of i!ie (3..I' li 

■in V ii* l.ft y , 

■ - '■ t' l!- v.raj'.'in ( I rr-; 

into the I - j ri !;ct::r: by rr*. 
r.-. 2 i;i . jij-. . yft ;5 j,,^ 

1 . s. in.'s-l ern-ain!)'. 
- n.iJ so iia.srvcr'.' 
;.J Fijtc.i;, airl has 
.;i'*..t 'I’hc «I- 

die L'..f li ‘ mr.v 
vn: : I y ail ik.- 

•f a' "'; : '^;.I, a;;.] oi 

:'' 1 . *“.:.•:.■*, |,rri!.-'«.t. .ijt.j 
-y, at; j I ) v.ft o'.hc. 

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ n iron) (our to the past week nearly .7000'.w !iavo'— ; — ^TT * 

u. rn,y..!,re.  .„r rsveime, ! leu Clu.rcl, ol' if.„uc.' in .,no i„ 5 ,Mu-« I "'f 

::..y onerou; l.„r,Uu. I,,. ! At 

.;-.s!...t.i tl.iceio lic.'.r niiv miliion.s of! gentlemen to nriosts’ orders, iw,) nf wIimim Y UTMaLIS-iGII-.s  -ottcrutiiitc.F Hx- 

Uoli.m-M our ravo.miomiry dabt i.s rxiin- ; lia 

I'^iouF* — l’'loiir ! 

! N store and for sale, a lot of Freali I'nbolted 

Oi l 1" J )NA. MCIl'^L.ft A* CO. 

re^ SSL* 

Diiri lain l’’arni iXiitmej; C'hrrsr! 

lO.N’.A. NICHOLS 5i CO. have jn*t re- 
ceived * 'inzen or two *f thi* celebrated 
ami uneqnallrti Che*?e — email *i*e, weighing 
about lit lha. each — which are olfered at a raa- 
somible price, 
oct |0 

.\ .Ww ;ui«l Superior Invention. 

S^NS.srNt'E of Ccficr. — With 20 eeala te 

2 J save I poniiti? of *'*tree! Colfe* made 

■ v..-; ...(.I mice lo liL.'.r niiv m;;,ion.s of! geiiileiiien to itriests’ orders, two of whimi T\ 'J I'Lls'iGir.s  -ottcrutiiitc.l Cx- 
u«),..*trr: our i-avo,uU(n!;iry dYot i.) fxiin- beon Roman catholics. TheS.-ltools ^ tmet of Jaiititic;.  j.uv"*r, 

I *snot«ir- opened ibr tho bent-fit of the children of — ; — - 

' y " f ")■ 'nidPiirne I'apiiis nre described hr j z\n ApiTCntic*" WoFlIrtl 

pc'-’-fr; i:*.t' .a:..-;, 'ar.: pn.iluct.s of out* ag- I ‘ - 

1 .i iilitiir, F.-.’i f'.' .',n iiiir wants, aijj con- j Hon. D.iiiicl Webiici L lica'di is im- 
in, I'. ‘ 5 ‘- c ofothri- M'iuving 'c»y fasi. 

— -b* .. : n J ^ave i pouiii.^ of • Coffee made 

Corn •fictil S'toftr. A lot of goon Tar ia 4 lieg?, for sib* at ! ‘bi?_ F?.?enco is iiiueb wh*le?*mer, mere 

At • M.NH'ilOLS ^ BARBHC ,(t GORE'.'* : ,leli.-l« finer llaverrd, perfectly clear, *ad la 

. 7 r, r.^ e O I I v ' D Fumu'y Urortry. \ ‘i better than th* best pare Java Cof- 

Y 'J V'AGLISlGll .S   o,tcruti:it. .l I.X-. ^ Tin? E?.?ence wo? never iulrodneed m 

1, J tvnctol Jaiit;'.ic:i .iii!i( r, fer .s.,*e Coarse BcOtS and Shoes! ‘Kis re iiutrv until receutly, and i* proven vul- 

.JllULl’ ll-l'- A ro ftUDJjlv ilKt I'I'rt'ivt'tl ‘‘‘‘K ntly to be the best article of the kiuil that 

V \ A »\’t 1 ItU -A . nppl  jll.'ftl It rt l\t (I. I ever came before the public. 

z\H .Xpp.OmiC' I’i .UlWtF Tnrdiasers are invited to call and examine the 1 A freah enppiv jn»t received at the Grocery 

f^'O learn the Cigar Milking biisinc''?. Ap- 2" »'i'v and prices of thcui— whether they wish Commission ami' Forwarding Honae of 

t.';'7'.7ii. "'Jo.XA. FICIIOI,:' 1 ; ce. ^ C'^' 

JNO. L. .‘ MITH. 

sept ?'), lt-51. 

o, t 10. ’51 


fl'^l I f   1 I  TT|^ K'' We are gnUif.ed to suuo that Prof. G. Closl of hie World’s Fair. — T he C;^W'* cordially and (ally ap;)ruve of; S\urAi.N’s Ma.ia/.ise far Nov»*inhef is j ^ liAlI, itl»\USlN ICI!. » 

^ I llA 1 I J» Q_ of ilijj plapp^ ^onilemaii s^^ttmer Pacific arrived aiXew\orkon the object of iha following circular; and, “on liand,” cnibeiiijlicd uiual in i!;c i ‘’I' aoi* l»!el u -i'' a wf^r.l oi ibun- V'“® ?'"**’ *'^ *^^“** 

in every respect eminently qualified for ‘^lo 27ih i:i 5 t., brinjjing Liverpool advi- in the words of the C'onimonwealtli, if most olconut manner. ^ ' ! e^r* cl' !b*e nv-^ ui'peo^ thn "oyrner ran by raiiiuj^iit 

the post, has been appointed Engineer ces to the loth. For the last fow days the Legislauuo refuses to make the de- '; ter is also of iho moLt original and a:- | ,,r^ irieems a c-i'.Qracte\i^ii'* .junlny of 
•**' the r^exington and Danville Railroad, previous to her sailing, the leading event sirod appropiiation, we will cheerfully 'truciito charucter, and wo chccriiilly | x.ature to iliirtk ilsat each '.'rcat :n- TUIBUNE OFFICB 

^ 3 / The offices of the Company are now all ""“s the final closing of the groat exhibi- furnish our pajrer gratis, if the other pub-  oar testimony that iu every respect the j vernion cr iinprr '.cinent in u! i f ne'^cssi- « * L’' l 

filled, as follows- James Harbour, Presi- which took p’ace on ihollth.— lishcra will do likewise: number biiforo us fully susuiiis tho high | ‘Y h« u.? last. .As an illustration we ^ 

lent; T. Rarbee, .Ino. Harkley. J. T. Much less torin and even order was ob- 1 -kanlkort, Kf.ntccry, \ reputation ol the im^azine^^ | the Xut a! i ra. w i i-.t«n by RubeiiR.I V 1 ™ 

Hoyle, John Mc.Muriry, P. K. A'eiser. served than might have been expected. «7, 1C51, ^ •'■ f o.r; ' i- •- 1 Llvinrsic i; ( u '-real man in his d.ty, and I » Afll l\ £^lilbli bniCD^ 

•«— — and H. C. Pindell, Dirrciorf; Ciifion Pho building was immensely crowded J ‘ '‘f-'’ l-'hencol', r of  he Slaie of; Uo. 50, Paarl or Third Stfiel, 

jn .-MON TIIKRR isnTKKWTll.” Treasnrer: and (i. C. Shaefior. and iho elosinj was rarher .umuliuous, 1 shall endeavor .1, is win- ‘^-'-'ori on , n..ay Veri. ! ,n .ho sul jeci ol a ,._roje ■•.ed ! lorisvu.I.E.Kr. 

'"'dAWTILLE KY ■ r.ncineer dislinp.isl.ed bv par.iel auemp.s ro c« I'y . 1 ,, , I ...ere cor.s.,.c,r..,e ,.„r,e:i..  ...; re:.r,.-.l a l.omiy l-r fro- j j 'b rVrw.ol.l 

rvx.. iwUgmcer. t- lariisu aucmpis logi.i L^pisiciurr, lo pay f r e ich newipaper i elltciing an orvaii'zation, wo sup; \vc gtes.. or. J deal of aiuuso.uunt bosi le.- : i . , ‘l*‘t he aow rec^iT- 

TRIDIV T'lL ]l, Ml. - J— ; I cheers fi.r t.ic Q ieen and IVinro .Albert, pi.blijheJ in the State. poIi-i.-.-xl or oilier- ! will bo enabled in cu-- :u-\l pu - or t   ! ‘ .'.lma:;-/, Mtireh 11 ir il. 

w O^An adjonined Railroad meeting of and to nerform ‘-God savo the (iueen” in wise, which 1 de.?irc to f.lo and ore ,orve ! , , r ... i-,r.,‘n'., i ‘ .c ■ItrSir:- ! ui.i.hlrr 

For ri— ident ill i-’.-r?, t!i« citizens of Mercor. f^bclbv, and An- chorus. The building was opened to ‘‘'O I pon r. rnommn’s , r\* . P* ' .M ' ' * *' i I did nut till yest.en’ay rtc/iv-j yours ■ hov-  

tlII,l/AH!l F 1 li I. M 0 1! E. 'l""nn.«,s UoM al Lawr.-.iceliurs on exhibitors on lh« and U.b. The 7’’“"“'’ [ '■ !  v.u e.llUce il.n.;^.‘S“ “ JrP ' . . . f t'.e t .ih . f I’^, where ii h.s I"'.' " f.o-y So.,,, 

■ e,r ttnw voaa. ' •;* J"-- TU. prl».l,.l a^on .a- aw.„u «f woe. .. I. .« .I« I Mi. Thc .W»;t..b.xoa._«f. cli, f--*- Mi 

— ~ . *' ' meeting wa» to appoint b ^ 1 he latter day wmihl, in fact, the approve of the prtiject vou will j)!ea.-;a i "'o ' pri ■ o' .iuns a; to tin railway  -o;;)inui- r. » •• As"Vrte i^C^””^’l 

I ATT V*T Vm  com mi itee to procure fi-om the L^^i-sla- 1 actual closing of the exhibition, in pres- senl me your jiapos a;.d givo to the! It looks i--iO puitiin, an vxtiiiguiohe.’’ , cm ou.’*! hen eter on 'mtuire ro- ^ - Wiu.dy Ch^rnri; 

JOHN J. ( U ! 1 I L w\ D H A . lure a chnrtor fir a rsilroad from ffer- Lnoo of the Roy:d Commi.ssioners and convertienco, a on “th-n great discovery of the ug*’;’’ | ile.!*.ioit. th.nt iluw will bo liable ij sori- * fVe'***rvey, iii pint 

OF KF.NTI- KY. ! ro.Rliiirc to Louisville. through the mun- ' prince Consort. aiid very probably the 'y /^NM.tlLATotl o:. lha,d — V,  ' w i3 ob.rc.ion. and lll;;l.nte^■ m r« 

^ „f Mercer, .fnderson. .SbeU.y. and Queen hersolf. abbongh’ no. In State.- ’ 5"^'.7v5;:., I,.- bmU:..;! r.t the No.ei.y , 'd»o .!.an a e.,.M M.ey muM ba doub.. .. . ,-o.. w..b.. , • 

* U u I ’ 1 0'’C a Haii-e A nitional anihoin would oomplelo the o.b.''’ L ir/nVi/i. ealb-d “Firo .VnnihdatO's” aro iu nro- '••avv b.imi-’ meeiiag. 'I'ho wa ia on . .'^”: 

we want those who have promised to inserted in .cfiid charter authonzing the coremoniul. a nr.nver of ihanhsuivino ho- ' • 'P ’^ ‘'nlire coc. to ihe Si.-iM wiiD , .r.l- .... lii.-b iSpv arc c I 'must be al Ica.t I b 

•!'« I'XlOX Tlir.RF, IS STKK.XGTII."* 


TRIDIV bl[iR\IVd,:::::;::fiTR. D, Ml. 

I'or I*i'  .idont in I*-’")?, 



I'or \ icr l*rr .ideni, 



U 7 *A^ luatiii a Jiort tiins fince, bynUneii 
Lay. n MOUKNl.-*li llRACEl.KT, 
ownrrrdii Rot by railing at UiU »f. . 
1 ..- Lrstiiibiujf thaaaiiie, ami pnyiug far thin 
au. rt.tHKifkt, 


rni viii. ! hene'er on l•v.Ulre ro- j 
ilats.ioit. th.nt iluw will bo liable ij sori- i 

V 13 ob|pc ion, ao i iilt.iinie'v m r« e.Tpei.- j 
'.ivo iliasi a cjuin!. 'I’lisy m a t b-i double 
so to ; I ' •• »'iit the danger cl two such 
■iravv b.iijiOi' me ?ii3g. 'I'ho wa ia on 
!ii -;i they arc pta- o l m'.iwi be al lea^t j 
four feci b ' w tiie sur''are, an.l tbroe a- 1 

OF KF.NTl- KY. I ro.Rburc to Louisvillp. through the mun- ' Prince Consort, and very probably ih? ^ ‘ ^ “'o si.^gcuioii. ANM.tiLATOil o.i I’liti.! — V,  v i 3 ol.,rcwon. ao 1 iilt unie v m r« e.Tpei.- j 

^ Andersen. .Sbelby. and Q„een herself, ahhongh’ net In State.- 5"''-7 sif ibv b b"’’ J.blb"'elbw 

Xf-TICF. — .As wa have before stated, fpiferson- ard tiint ihev hove a c1ru«-p ' a .» ii i i " •/   V *• ’ - G orl.s. wiioio larg.j niunl.cru ol me 5o , i ' ■ ' ° ‘...i l'" »Uwli 

. . , -'Pierson, at.rt tii.nt they no\c a ciau e A national anihoin would eomplelo the olat'' I.:or^tnon. calh-d -Firo .Vnn'uilatO's” -ro i-i nro- '••aw»-’ meoiiag. I ho wa ia on 

w« want those who have promised to in .cfiid charter nuthonzing the ceremonial, a prayer of thanksgiving be- Si.Vi.i will ' css of e r. -tniciiiii). took fra on 'hi'ira- pta o I 'must be al lea-t I 

bring us w«*od, to do so immediately, and I qP ihe ppo|tle of said rouniios to bn jng previou*:!/ ofTered by the Rishop of '• i..'. all , j,.^y I’fic’iMon. end in spito .f all liic i o'ur ieci b ' w tiie s’ln'are. an.l tbr.-e a- j 

all who are in any w ise inucbied to 'ib ^ j,^ relation lo the suiiscrijuion of f^oiidon. D, S. | ••ai.uihiluiiug” gas cont-aint J iu the com- ' j 

w ill please either come forward and f*** Rtork. • i-- - • •• i - T-t tt’’ / / “f iha ‘-brick.s*’ — iho efl' r.:t of ; ' tb -n v,-";’ ' l.i d ■ s .s:.i;:i so.hcavy ; 

lie, or remit to us bv mail. All know \nother mpctina comnosed of de - ' Cbrl’l*e Cliiystal Palace, in London, | r " ork '-.nn, full Etrcama from i» n j « 'Og t os vo.i .not : .g at tb..- j 

. 11 . 1.1 1 1 tbinks that il Ireland wore de ivci v uiiies of scver:i *• i ire .Anuilii- rate oi . i;.r riu es an ft.; .v cn w: .,els. ,\  

-verv near the amount they owe u.s, as the . from A»errer and Franklin conn- ordered to be taken down, and i , , , • i c t ,i'i r-' . i i i t it «/rv.l 1 n.u -v wo-k 'n,i.v 

gaies irnm .i.rrrrr u 1 1 i ramviin conn . /• annexed to the I inied Slates, she would Imor Cans, trgoiher with tho exeiltons fo wo   i, it woiUJ iwi last .a wesK. I ney = 

most of them have been furnished »i‘n ti-s. .and a large numbor of the citizens f’-s removal is no doubt nov/ going for- „ot reinaiir as she is, the Lazaru.s cf na- ! Department, the building and i “’“si iron, and that iO‘  1 

* • r I : * Ins* lin*» he 14 aow reo«lv- 

r ‘ * ■•I .'' of Goutis, and reapocifullf 

, . . » rtil tlion.- -A a.'iiiig to purebaM, to call anti 

II :.;i bis ^ v.iu.b will conauit in paitoT 
:; *f  ho, -s   i. Pjr. Crackers; 
l**'l •• Fau'-y SoHpn; 

* ' ** iiarring", 

’ -' l•«Mll01l i^yrilp; 

p'* *• 'J'oiiiato Catiiup; 

f _f “ ‘A ^''■' rte^l Cordial; 

l-  -- Craiidy Cb-rnrw; 

I f lo' Mi a :.,-i,i f'reservea, ill pint jara; 

1    '.i^e 3 I rcs«rv.*«: (JiD;'sr, In china )nn, 
I 3 ..oz u a H-td Fii kUo.iii qi 5t Tjjal bottib, 
^ h   g’-o.s.A ao.-j’i.i ridviii|/ Card.' ; 

■ il lif Lio\.-,i; 

Jliii •.• i,o!« •• 

! |-J ^ i!s ItrH, i} \ lib; 

1 lU -• fr -il I i;!.,.rta: 

their accounts again and again, and with ; Anderson, was halJ at I,awrenceburg The chief reason seems i U^j. “paiinor sores” woub! bo 

aome of ih«m we are actually petiia* „„ Monday last. This meeting decided it up were not ! jjpjjlp,! ^t onco ami h-r uoople would 

aomow harout of patience, and will have favor of the route from H.arrodsburg 
to resort to some more summary meas- Frenkfoit. and recoinmenda 1 that en 
tires, unless they pay ap in a very short Tuer luv in December, the sev- 

lime. We shall mark this notice to some 0 ,.^] counties luko the vote on {iroposiiions 
of our delinquent patrons, and annex the , jg snbKcriba the following sums; Mereer 
amount due us, and wa hope they will ■« 1 ?;00.000, Anderson f?50, 000, and Frank- 

coming. According to the limes, it will 
probably be set up again at Cattersea for 
a winter ganien. 


0 learn from the flpringfield 
.Mercury that a petition will be presented 
to iho Lcgislaiure, praying for the ro- 

cor.teiits were noai !y destreyed. ivoiyibick end strong. The means ol ; 

j stopping iher.c heavy carriages, with.'Uij 

OCtH would seem, from tho f .llo-wing : I'fovcr.iing thorn fro.n j 

. I . .. . , i unt: .g unc.i e-.i-h c her — Icr ihora wo I'u 1 

:iract (;1 a Iclior Irom Ijcnoa, in I’.o , ^ . , , 

,'bc u'.anv rummug on the read at onco — 
cwai K Adveriisnr, that there may he ;^ult. In casaofacc:- 

_ ‘ - I not be obliged to fly from her generous ,r n W.imr ,1 „ i runn'r.g unc.i e-.'-h c her— for there wo ilu 

Cziuor£6& fori ^ ^ 6\ irkct (/I Q icuor irotii liCKoa, in liiO.t ^ 'o 

soil. T1„ nv.wolso .i,i.okx .h». A.i.oni.or. ,h,. .i.or, ,.,av i-o : 

annaxalinn erv may vpt bn i-iisa ! .... ' • v. mml u9 \ cr_v In ca^a 0 ! acc.- Uoes, 

: greater delay. -i.uu! has boon Mipposc., ::i  (!e,.ta. biopa, or ihe necessary stops to r..g.; t,..r 3 -!l, a jri.n».ral an^ortmen 'of 

Springfield /r*j- \ Hpsn-.ial, from Wo-I -..xm-A,. tho »rf » 'ul of Kossu ih i .1 this coui. 1 r \ . ; take woo l and water, vVc., many acci- To s, .vjarbJe*., Fire Wor 

lu -• fr -:i Ki;!„.ru; 
a ‘- t. iiliiut'i; 

i-' k-i sou I:."II .NliiioiiJ^; 

' D -‘ L trii •* do; 

•JU bote.i Bficllwil do- 

1 • -‘ J ii.i! Pd^te; 

“ G. 110.1 f’ltroit; 

f-.'isks Zii. 1.5 Currants; 

C'l gros^ Itlackin;; 

■-■'iI i.rii.iis .^iiij rn.t F';f.s; 

2 'I.m:.!, Fri-sii Cove 
3 i i.oxx.s wfi.te iiwk Candy; 
‘-•'f -• rci •* “ 

;.•! “ yclio.v “ •* 

b’.' -0 i:.--fr:iM;i Cij'-nr*. ass’til brandaj 
.‘I. !!,■!() Principes, “ u 

U'.iiO'l t'.iat Hoes, •• •« 

once square up and begin anew. 'Vc .^;00,000. i , ' plotnatic circles relative to the 

owe money, and must have it to enable i — j mova^o i .0 couniv sent o "**“''^5*°'’ I Rrrival cf a speci tl Mini.tcr fro 

tia to pay. and we have nn other resource ' IiENitTll of Railroads. — 'F ho total ► prnig e  • I Jenjanq saiisfaciion of tlia I' 

than to call upon those who are indebte 1 number of miles of r.ailway now in Cjr- ; c?T,^^AtpnAT Accident.— W e learn from | cfnment, for the loss to f-’pnin £ 
10 118 . Come, frien-js, assist us this, errtion is 2.*i.ono, of which thcro in Louisville Cotiripr cf the 27ih. that ! ‘‘••3 invasion of Cuba. 

, ’ , V ■' ‘ . "-id; "..-r ,TI| a jj**n»ral an^ortinen of Clill. 

o.iewoo l find water, vvc., many acci- j .'ira-, To v, .TJnrble*., Fire Work* of 
fe. ts would bap; an. 'I’he carri.ig« for •"•‘■•'V  I'*««-ri; tiuu;   Ma«iir i aad Coafec* 
.■' :i..!cn3ii'.g Water wo :M he terv iro.tlile- I *'‘*’'.,*'”*''’1 nianufactura, warrant- 

I.oni.-viilo. •;,i ta.3-3t 


. 4^1 ^..a. .t^nt rNotri^r\c A M /4 • tin A V t fk « I -I I r II • B# Q Ipafii from thc Sprinpfic.u . , , - i»* » . iho anival of Kossuili in ihis coui;tr\ . ■ %voo*l nnJ VrUier, v cc.* rnanv acci- »!iru^w 5larb2p^« Fir^ a^ 

ol our delinquent patrons, and annex me , JO s„i, Kg,., Ijg the following Kums; Mereer ,, , ... ' ^ .1 (jir A despatch from U ajliington snvs; ‘ ' r ... ,.rv . 1 ...,., works of 

, I i_ 1 . ’ll. ^lercurvthatanGlilionwiil he nrespritpd “ ^   ’ i- vo a Sc- t 1 r* ■ i , i: s.- ts won! J bap' an. Ihe carriara for * - ‘ry u(««ri; tiuu,   Ma«lir.« aad Coofec* 

amount due us, and wo hope they will at 1 515 ^ 0 . 000 . Anderson f?50, 000, and Frank-   • i ^ r ^ u 'Fheio is much interest manifesictl in ui- rp, \». i* i. ‘ . - i, ’-n'-jr. - water wo :M he tcryiroible- of l.i.i own manufactura, warrant- 

“? ::: . i™n.icc,.c,«,c„„x, .o.„, 'ivo.pi.e .h.,,. 

owe money, and must have it to enable I — ' c; • c , , p i- a®“'«^g'on , Mini,, or from. d-.ys to i.TvC in coal an i c;iitr .stce.s, i'. f , ^ A. BORIB 

tia to pay. and we have no other resource' LENitrn of Railroads.— 'F ho total   pring Meld to l aoli. j to demand saiisfiiciion of the F. S. (lev- Gibralter, where Kossinli nod h.s c..:n- , boui.-viHo. o.-t ta.7-3t 

than to call upon those who are indchtcr number of miles of r.ailway now in cjr- ; Ftfampoat Accidfnt— W e learn from * ernment, for the loss to f-’pnin and Cuba, ‘^i^s^nbark. Itiuj , ^ T 

•ou.. -.«:onis.3.,,no.or^^ ,, ,h, ^on. ,1,0 i,.o „f ku. i i'i' w i.";;:;: ^ 

find if you eannot pav ns nd., send us a the I mteJ ..tales 10 J‘0 mi.P-. in Cuba garner .‘Summit, from Tonnesseo , ' GuiicJ Sui-,. 3 . Do ch: -.-; 3 a l.-il-.f ' c.-implisbc.. r i^y rca lily laugh at the a- 

part of it. ‘-Every liule heirs." in ibis. miles: in (.rent Hritain r.,.* U0 riilps; „ n-m at the mouth of . ^ ap- 1 fjxpointei i.isuuincm 'hr h-vo sugL'c-ibu.s. Vet every discovery -Family Grocer,- ha. .ow m 

Oi ».:i o. in B ; o.b-r fas,.. Th..'o«lio in P- '''iii.n ."•ni mil.’.: in I'rnncB i .f.O'): o.i, i,. .i„ I nurf.lay. 'inn af iNolom. | of :il 3 ; J.--; ii lafl with olieciions 

„.,c,nv„„.,., an.i v.i.h.o .1,. .... can in W. fc«. ro,n,.an„;M',cio n.„n- I r “ « "‘y .!..i.Ungi.i„sL,nl whi.:; h, wi.iiCi .0 confer «i.t '.inn"..* «= .W* »■»  !«. n.en o.,,h. in f » ««i-. -4 Oi. 

,,.),ror...l-L,nr, r.rk. I.nri v. i.', ihe |.np:.:ia,i,.n. i!k.,c arr fnr !. 7' P*' '[''•p '7 ; and nrai.e., ilia c,n,arca» in LvodoP, iiii v.iiB and r.c.ive .va nc prac.ibi. ,„u 

In /• ' • I I -. • • ! • ! o ni ” r.ccix p.i'S.^ngpr. wito I .. v/,.j,.u. gf trdinn- In-i n ! -q i- ! thri e b' : VS aio Wiiu hiin , an J the I -Micr ai (* gOD'd, b' . . u. J  ouglit i.ot .o 0] [505- a thing .\ Jar of ilfiM-iiia Sontf i at ^ 

mlMuia.itmtl.pM.te! 21 gg ,j,c boat nt Evans, ill.,. None of' , ‘ of Indian., ha. a..o j Kossuth ha; a (he without prc.;. r cx.sntinaiion. 

_ - - , ‘ them ara thought to be dangorouslY hurt. : , an! imposing r.d ami n a ; is . c- -.^e it to Le a bumoug 

Tke roI.rrFANS wi:l givc tlirir first Gi -ft I rii.ii?i 1 i fe«i: ill I-i-IgiuiO 4 foot; h^r llio samo purpose. lunn cf vnious nccc-.uDlisiuusnia. As ; Gate! .il aul pa;;r:ii examination 13 neces- ' (i...,,.* 

part of it. “Every liule heli S." in this. miles: in tlroai Hritain r.,.* U0 nilps; 
08 well as in a I other ca.-:e-:. 'I h- iowlio in P. 'ginm r-Ct   iiiih";; in k'rance 1 .CO'); cemvfuiai.t and v.i.-’:s to rbi s... can in S'jiain fiO. A'C. rorrrariii Ttlicsonmn- 
pav us in W lal.f'orii, FLm r, r«*rk, bpis v. ii’i the pop.;!aii.ui. tlu ie are for 

Cocf, vVc. vVc. each juliabiniu in ilio Fnue ! P(r(«s 21 

^ ’ — ; fi PI of railroad, end in G jo fec-t; in 

Tke rioLFrF' anS wi I give their first Grert Hrli.-iin 1 i fe«i; in I’clgimo 4 foot; 
concert iu o-ir citj ou M'e ' le lay eve- in I'tance 5 fet; in Fj alii .T im iies. 

iiing n«\t. Vi'e teceive? ilio:r advertise- 

tneni i in •! we ■  p-e ruitiiij our p-’per .^NOTiiFR ( i tr ti R.   n ..'unJiy eve- 

iiing n«\t.  * e tecerve ; iiie;r a.tvenrse- 

tneni i in as we " p-e ruuiiij our p-’per .^NOTiiFR ( i tr ti R.   n ..'unJiy eve- 
W presA. ami wa ran only a^Hise every- ‘‘''S another ftnenint v. as male to 
body to liear iham. Such a rich tuiisical obi-’c 01 the .'lay- vibe Po«t T*oy. 

treat is snMom oHiared to any cooimuiiitv. ^ kinutcd in one of the rooms, 

The «;.€ahitig of thoir concert ’ building was considerably dam- 
ii» U‘xiiigi...i. savK; --'roKay the least. '■*o‘*‘* bcf.,ie it ans exiinguisheJ. The 
we have ~i, ever heard tkrir «.u- in f-riming materials were imariy alMavcd- 
this city. srJ V. O tl.;„k  rarrt.’v their e- euempi that 

cpit's. Ti.vre i. a m.-li!'’ 1 . us .ffow an ! !'®®n made to d.-ttiov i ha Host Hoy 

ri hu*. s in tl.eii b.rMioiiy truly delightful ^stabiishmem, and s'-.U liip scoundrel who 
to me musi»- tl ear." ' * perptftratPt these luimerous ouiragps re- 

.T iinuies. Gov. Powell ha« remitted a fino of one | q 

Jp.mea Ilo-A-ell, of Louisville, which was ,i.„ 

ra • • 1 1 /• I . 

eve- imp^se-l upon inm for a rc^pccia ^ ^ na la to ''omnn. — ir:'tuiic. i 

riic Ciiorlo.ston .vicrcur*. uci iord.s I 
the result of iha election iu that biait*. i ^ 

3'.m,an,i imposing r.t. anu 11 a^nivuo...-- ...... ...y. « j.-., he.t impr.iy of 

n cf vn ious .-i'-c  :ni.bsiimsma. As . Ca.c! ul an 1 panri.i exam.inntion 13 neces- ' incim ii.g, .«poUad ReAbJl 

.'it l.'O SI ; qiosed, iie is an emhu'iiasl in 'sa'.V io bem .'a'CS, and, whero sucu an , C'^ • . rf^, l,« Non.aa. *, Principea, Ac. AUo, 

i'uiio l 6 .‘i.s 3 of the vveu J. ar. 1 uoS' *‘sj- ' cxninin.'-.iir n is rnrde for ilie purpos.-' of ’ • Spanish au.i Cominoii 4'icara. 

• • ■ • . . .,.. 1 . . 1 .. BARHKK vVt GOEE. 

M.'e presume the editor knew this par- ' ‘ le.sult, ..biiij 

•sgraph to be false wl.on ho penned j'j^ i conuuce-i that ^-ccs.ion would b t as 
'i'he whole case has been stated in sever- P^^elul a mcr.suve Ctl any 

cs some reinmk.ible j.rpulur (luaii-.ifs. discnve.n..g the trmh alone, the properly ; BARHKKvVt GOEE. 

ibouph V. itliuul much 1 . .-ei.;; Lneo •r.i'-'n.lrii in in i-? sc! !  :u rnUtakeu in his j ^ _ 

Wasl.ingt.u, to whom h i hat Leer, oddly cen ciusior.i. 1 nvesi gaU 'U establishes |   OmeCC H9!;;irie9« &,€• 

enough i trt:;h au.l exp is^r.i o. ru.. i ml. Ltdijtr. . !’i:e su;, ’y 1 f randic*, C ake«, Drifsl Frnlta 

M- en S m u.. — We invite ntiemion 
to the a-ivu '-nsempm nf ,*.!r f'niNFKV. 
Dis '.ual'ii'-a'.: :is and Fiiccpfi es a traf-b- 
»r mLi«: '. are to ■ veil l.t.uHi, iu liiis 
rtuum.;ii:iv t * i.ued pr.v rr-uiail; fiom us. 

r concert and the bui.uiug was considora'.ly dam- .ami he doubilcE. has rcrul it. ' o‘‘ andtluuj r- r o u.. .Amo, k* .   a. ... - 

ihe least. b?f.,,e it ans exiinguishe J. 'Fhe Some rrefer a lie to iha truth when speak- | Gmolina, nii uidepeiKl .ni S,  t.e. • is;. crc.Bieu f 0 u.-: fi^c.. nr.cnt 1:1 l .rr. 

• - t*ririting materials were iieariv all ‘•aved. ing of a political opponent — fo of the " ? ‘''i' f -youd imy-jla.^J, by oU .n:." • *. y fj.’ llic Gryc- 

j Tins is, we believe, t'ne iiSn'ili eirempi tiiat Fribune. — Ldu. I'ffmncrat. ' hore.oiore Pii.ot c. . and a rcix;.Ov,t.t- g.-.a and ni^nt coon u..c-.' 

I'lcir e- 1 ; biiiiy that no si.avpbokiing hiato c -.r-. hope : , . • . • 

.ffow  n ! to d«-vtroy ilia Host Hoy Tho sclf-consRquenti.aI editor of ih^ ,0 auKiii in tho I'liion, uio c-i mo u.', biLU'cn. to, a umnsicr 

le'i-f’ tful ^^iBbiishment, and K'-.ll the scoundrel V ho Democrat doe* us injustice from the be- ■ coi.coit. 

perptftratCA these luimerous omragps re- pinning to tho emling of his par.agraph. I Louisville Mauket, O: t. £.b — .uur- (J , G / llO I'tlie'^G'h 

. : maiiiv imlinown 'I'be F'ag secinB to W*  ///./ »,o/. nor do we yet know our ar- ki'* quiet and inaclivc. L^aies o( I *cur at llw i . U .’ » 

ntiemion ' •*''»'’  r'-^^n is some o.ue tmle in rebation to Ilowcil to he false, and ; a;.J Wiieat ’uQ' | . r , u.,..- 

r'.iiNSKv employed in the Host F.ov olFi''n. for the editor's accusation on iliis score, ! ^ busiiel. Rio ( orti o d;o. , \v,, r. Kv 

employed in the Host F»oy ofFien. for the editor's accusation on iliis score, 

we return him the lie with interest — 
Gi.r.Aso-, s Pi' ToKMi, D;iAw;xn-lvOo:-i ^nrjjn, wo hnvo never seen n .si.itemer.t 
Covi-ANION is d.-c-idedlv the handsr.uiesl ,;.,g 

rs;.er xve have ever seen. It is publish- r-i,,sinj, smicnce if the Pomocrai's very 
cd v.cek'v. fAcl, m,mhf-r containing six- nrmJrrir,,?;, par.-grapu. wo ,e  -r him to 

;V: w:k 

. . r*A 

dci« . 

V B.dv e! 

ed V. e^k'v. f xrli niim'jfr coni i'nin:! six- 

of lirr r 

V cf t! 

'.e ' t'-' 

a'.i:*e at 

tr*'!'. lar*;-* pnjrc;. 5 , 1 , .J illu«-.raied with nu- 

iw s ••p 

I ; .V 

. ’• r.. 

V. e 

V i il-.. V.-* 

u'ei ju.s r'.pc-rier ri,g'-;ivin 7 s of r'lch a 

R IC’ r : 


at t'rriii 

ikf , 1 . ns ; 

'"b'.i iictrr as n be iiucr'’r-iing to every 

U’ r 

• t 

ir.N. w.J 

_ t r  

1 . -‘i fiiy’. 

'■ ■ y. l'« r kui'ir..s RIO wed Ftore lv,i:h 

rrf' 0 ... 


» r iiiii'i 

.SC ! 

1 » 

; rigiii*! tales, •’•iet. bet and uopin®’, 1 ‘'TC’!i- 

t ,rv !■ ?n* 


! *1 

■r.s us 

O^s .c it. 

rr V i.h tlie cream of dom'» 6 ’.ic and fur- 

can ha\ e   
.50 cent.*.. 

•- i JG 

: 'ier  ■ ;i : 

f'j il;e 

. tsi-ni fi r 


R g". iiewc — li.e w 'i''lrt w ell .'■picoJ tvii'i 
wii.'.nil lumor. .Mtiigoi'i-'"-. it is a | n’ or 

I bales of Xnw Orleans Siigii at C c. ; .jpr.rch of a fiigiiive b!:i\ -j. (to k'li- iiv--'.. .. i ,! 
Sales ol 7o bblj Giccu .-\pplcs ai Sofa, j dnv, r.boul iwiligl'it, uu nu t hi.s slave ou t L.t-i pi.''’ 
Si-l.oO cr bushel. Ihigghirj .and Ropy 1.71, j Sixth sir.’ct. fas- of IVoa iway. in cum- ; 

j and S Hacon comuicmds 0-j for sImuI- j r^^uy wiin a c nrJ i.;an. ^ ;dr. .L. col- , ... ,, 

I iir^iii r   -I II I larc 1 liis mr.ii and cr;-oJ li!ra; -.tanco..Iv.-t.V.- 

(iors, 1 lia)n .'.c fur clear £:d-;s. and 1‘Ju. . , • , , .• 1 i, 

wii''r  ’';';.n iLo t!v.) turn-^J u ton :;nn and '*• • - 

emmon Lnggod iianis. Do-x- pi,;, ,evGrelv. ‘ | : 

I; r ol I says; No ri-| I-t, 

3 vet. liiotigii wcailicr is f.- 1 K.^ntit-aV Sii.Vi x M. — 1’* ^ lia 'd- . 

ss ol 7o bblj Giccii .-ipplcs ai Sofa, j dnv, r.boul twiliglit, hu nu t hi.s slave 
oO cr bushel. Ihigauirj .and Ropy 1.71, j Sixth tas- of r.roai-Aay. in   •. 

enough i tri:;h au.l exp ise.i orru.. i ml. Ltdijtr. . !’i:e sc;, ’y 1 f  -andics, C ake«. Dried Frnlt*, 

- -..r t • of all Liao'*, Nick Nacka. M 

i O;oiun E. Dod^:?, an Americau vete.G- ^ ARR lilD -''' 1 Wc.m-^diy evaning, ,ig. ' 
is;. |.,is cre-ited so 11.3 fixeitnnent in Err. I’n-st Noum:, I . 1'., 'Ir. = D \RBEE Jb GORE 

laitl. by cdl-.n:." b ;t.) f f jr llic Gryc- j a. Jo.v:?, of!'’v;u .•-uuty. ! r  • - 

lal Hub;:-' ui.aJn, and ni^ht conn u..c.' J •’ bi llu mi.'si of ilu-ir f stivity .inJ enjoy- . 1 I A.M) .'iAHDI.NF-S 

lilJ n'io » C.'i'no o.', Iiii-’.ini', li,r B in.,l.£ler i ko'JBtifuUv r.'- | C’’"'' E B;,J .=^,:r,-,| Oy.I.r,., ,i,.l S„di,„.. 

' m (!;»• i’rint.T, i   li !«,* t wc rcjur.l !••• | ■ f^ie n»t n-CfirtHi at 

|ai:,relokca t!: u ;:1! will P w--ll wili. ti..,., u.u! j \h\kUV .E t GoRE'rT. 

f'r*'Tii8 Ciiicliinaii Ga/ciio.Li' tlie 26th . ' ' ' ' | U‘LMO\S 

_ a ur liio of D-: urs. Uoycl |,.;| piio-s »na I 1 v.r. v i., . 

• riot., 6.»ys. I r: i!i, dr 1 rl^ . ; : l anil' -anj;;* i-f fxt .irily * o A * '* '*',*' ^rc!»}i Lrnt«aM juat r*- 

“Josrjih G. Lawrence arrive 1 hero on ^ ' ccmco by 

Tiiursday, from \Vo ui ford count;.. Ky . r  ' ull: ■j:.;, ‘ bach kf. x poke, 

ill search of a fiigiii ve b!:i\ - 3. (tob'ii- liv-.. .1 1 r»- ; n- «« «.f Mr. F. r. 'Vm r«;n* r. ^ ^ . 

dnv, r.boul twiliglit, hu nu t Ids slave ou j !.v R* v. Dr. Jun-’son. Mr. luovn; * Mpf no, I'lour. 

Sixth Mrcrt.eri^t of Hroa iwav. in cf M w. r rouMy. ao A  , \\ . A c m^nt 

, , . , K; .'.ri v, of dll I Ic. rio . t! ■» .MuIh. k»i)» slwavaat 

ill scr.rcn ot 

firdli VC b!:i\ -3. 

i);i V- *. 

r -'.t. V-w 

I, t! c "r;ii i.'v ■ f 

'. 1 ). 1 1. . .1, till 

I b-: m l;iui u;oj;i .-.evorely. 

No Rl- j - 

er is f.- 1 K.^NTtv-AV Sii.Vi x M.: 

cdono man ir.iu'^tice tvilfud v, ami ii wo 
have wronged citjior Hov/ell or his friend 
llo'vcll, v'tj will obrcrfully retract, when 
we ero rliown iu '.vb.m p.-.rt:c ilar wo have! 

rcrvie at ia- 

— lOmireiy originsl iu i:s dcrign. and tu-j 

F-.vt-ei !’- ia*,ies bare : has succeeded iu makirg il the ! ^ 

In p tiiit cf popul.'uimi , Ivontucky. is 

rivals here yet. liiotigii I'm woaihor is f.- K.^NTt r-AV Sii.Vi s M.:..;. — l ^ e : 
voiaL'c ihi park'iig. Wo hear of a siio \il';e Host ’b. v uf ib.3 2 Idi, says: 
of .d.'fO'J hogs ICO miles in. the i ’;D‘i i- r t,f underslan 1 lio:ii vary rciinL’.o utul 
Indiana ui 70.1.') rrop-. 'i’he li  g; urc i!i:u an cxtcvi'ivc; r.  . ! prolm Ovo i-.iir;3 rl : 
to he packed in this city. silver ore h:-s b ’on drcovcifd o.i li.e I 

ir ~ Al r J - r 1 Dnd.s of Mr. Win. Do; ?, in i’ra I cti , 

IKE Hou Market. — \\ c l;nd im- fi 1- , , . , , • 

, . . . T • -1 r coimiy. It is now loi..g w::h| 

lowing ueir.3 m tlic Leiutviilc of • , , . 

urcat litvlor i;ie suncrvie.cri ot a 1 

D * 

.’dr. Notuon, wito tl.arija ib.c proccedi , 
J’:'u with Mr. D. 

L. r. i re*''*!’'' ' ,,, inert uar.-iciivc ever i-ublirhcd in thii ‘ 

* I * * ■ ■ V i ' 

the rixili Stmo in the I'nion. and I,ouis- 
ville, tlio ciiv. 

lowing items in tlic L 
the 2 ,)th: 


:.t w.:h Ne c«. e ionv or. riiarx li',’ E':, country. _ j At t, it inn-.- tlioiiglif. 

by Mr. i'KK Win.. Ait:, of tins cMimy. ; T!;r.:.;s-Si,?ole copies per nnmi'u, Spain— C ruAX HniRoNEKs.— The last i ^ 

Thev are, nr lai'-cr r-Te. euipl *-.’ -.«'.y * " o copies four copie« C-P; cig’it cop- ati ival from Tlnrope hriii.cs news that tide ' uoid . t iiieli'-r iGur. ,- 
ihe !argn*i of ;l;e seak ui. and w* ia’„r. ^Ui — in all ca.-:ca n be paid in a'^' ; ‘■^‘'’•auiala, from Havana, had ar- 1 

ih* occaBion to i#nder to Mr. W iiigaio ' .«'ddi-oss I’.CReajan. Hosmn, .Alass. ^ived at Vigo, with 106 \merican prison- : i5‘M shuigiiiering 

our thanks fur hiS subsisntini arid accoM- — — — . : p -». (lelonging to the Lopez expedition. ] ‘ * ^‘'^®“uuni vUir ) a 

Ii OCS.— 

\Vp lir-.-ir of 510 

r tol.« 

Th - 

:\t i. 

it i.i 1 

ov.' tlioiiplif . will u;,' 

•Il It 


1 U', 

MM V. 

oiiLi proli.'My 

I.   w 


' '0 1 I-.' lili: 

pr .■. 


early i \ 

, 1 'll 


•: ly 


. t il 

■rtlior fi_inr, .-■. 


lion ;m,'( o'.f 



now is that 



Le ll.o 

pr .'v 


rale of llienca. 






slang'itering li 


,.a i y 


j I.'tror.T.i’: r ilAiwr.iau Sc;r. — ’\’o '-’I;: 
I tlio ^c’lo^ing I'r im ilio Le.rir.iji m O' -lerv- 
I er of W cd:i'-sd.r.y last: 
i We bavo be.'c'.ofuro notioo i t!ie iruti- 

I -■ A n 3 ‘1 
•i ; i-^ti ;; 

1 I llii « ■ 

V' • 

Z-' Ni;. 
. V , 

‘ t; . I t.-rt-Jll i 
C i N I m \ A , Ji o; 

'. . Ji;'..*' 

  ,\ i a: 

! I . C KA-.:- -- n. 

. ‘k \ \... d..:i;;i;lei of .'Ir. J. tt . C'u*' E. 
s I. V.   :i t';-- :7‘’i in'i.Aiil, Mr. J. B. 

O, O. ?•'. 

«b • present. 

belongirur to the Lopez expedition. m‘ vUir are iei,.:y to c, i;rvu ... 3 .....I 

,„t ” I mi'ii"^, li'.it tlie wruflit r is not cr !'i o:u r jli III I tunoii cl a suit by a portion r, cili- 

” “ : I he \ enus. also, errived with six more, oju rate yet. A good m.n '', cr of licg : are on I 29115 cf .Mason county in ilii-t o.aic, who 

fr^lf we were awarding piamiuniF inst., says: “Idworih. the pciiestr;an, ' q 

tbese liani tir'-rs. wo shuu'd cenain y give ''‘'U'.plete/i his of wa kmg l,t 0(l miles I 
one to Mr Dr : Vaxari^pai.e f.*r those 1 . • successive hours, at ft o clock ■ [ 
“riiaitim iih"* Tarwi/x ho sent i:s ou I’ues- ' afiernnon, in the presence of , i^ 

day last. 'I'iiey art “Binakhors,” g.|re, *"’*'^®*'*® He cxj'rossed a wil- 

and Will, on an average, measure about continue .SOU miles more, j] 

inchas in circumferenca. j 

'Fur “Wat K-iNc Man ” A doen-iTl. tm a- , . , . ! m'-ii''', liit tlie wruflu r is not cf'! i o:u r jli i 

‘ ' ■ ■ * • '' ^ Pho \ enus. also, errived with six more, oiu rate vet. A good nm ''icr oflicgiare* 

ifromot. Louu. under dma of the 27th g„j Isabella Catholica with four road' to tlii- market, end r-.nco 1 .-:;,! fr.. 

inst.. savs: “F.Iworih. the nedestrian. ‘ l-nu-..ii, cc.inty, . er imcl i.-r tne 

* O.iicrs.  t!ni!i. l-.ave Lee n .'i’.erted lo tills point, .a!!. .;o.u 

cotnp.eteu his Ml wa kmg 1 ,t 0(» miles j ri idov.- of Gen. Ennn, nnd M.-. ;*t £ !,j'l niid $ 1,7.» nett.— r./ o-hr. 

in 1 ,F M) successive hours, at r  o’clock W i i 1 . c« ■ 1 . 1 a- ra 

' '■I}, Rate .‘Spanish Consul at ?acw Or- .r-, ,x 

^ yc.Bnl.y .'•.ernoon, i„ ,h« presence of , „ vi„. ‘““'""I 1’™=-' 

i .n cro.vd. Me exprossej a .vll. The Q„een of Spain had xnmmoned "'”""'3   ' cilizenx, it,,: 

. lingness to continue .SOU miles more, , i, r . ii '^‘”5 i'lcxico. Hedcclarns sucti rnov' 

c .v.» .null,, the Gortez for prompt n.ssemhlflge. i i i - i i 

I » »; ivxni'ktc I I'l J ! o l/\f I trs . r, , 1 ^ tiara 

'Phe President has issued hia proci.a- 

. n • • • . • i be imposed. 'I’ was bro.fpbt »•: 

maiion warnmg all citizens ag.tinst iriva- ‘ ‘ , . u v* i - - 

° ® ti a 1 last wcf'kin tho ir:R«-x.n i n-ar-erA 

zens cf .Mason county in ihi-t 3. ate, who I 

wotc opposed to the levying cf tha tax to iF OR T -.J 0 

aid ill the constru jiion cf ih‘j .'iia svill   1 

and Lo.xingtoii K.tilroe 1. in m Jer to tusi | 

tho coiisiiuuionaliiy ol tiio o.t ol t ie Log- ’ fekV;? \ 

islniuvc tiudur wh;^ ti;** in.x is so -giU to | ^ 

l i» inmosei!. '1 I’.isTfe::: v.-.^s iiro.fLbt t.j i 17 A 

H Mi'^rur.. — ('ll Surti'iBy evening last, 
aa rilray orcurre 1 in ;!  « b*‘i-.v.-*e:. 

two *'ave«. .Irscrih. '■ - to Mr M iu- 

f:^ \ Washington despatch dated the ! Thanksgiving .-The Hoston Pest, in 
?. th inst., .says. Ihe Intelligencer i anrouncing 'Plmr.cdav. Novem'jcr 27, as 
this morning nuhlishes .a fill! list of award i . . ■ . ' , 

ding Mexico. Ho declares such move- 9 ,vj 

moms calculated to uegni le th.o country ohibora'.cl v and Icjii'".-’ 
in tho eyes cf the civilize;! v.cilJ. He Mesiic. 'iL i ay Iv".' an J G. . 
cEUiioTis all, if arresio J iu tho .M;.':i:;.Tn I an .l .loim G. .iici . 

Court, .'uJgo Roid, r nnu wia| 

ohibura'.clv and Icjii';*.'-; y ev- i tyj 
Mesiif. 'xL 'i'avlv".' and G. .\ .’''l.ii; aU, .1 | 

-I ID o  •! ur. i: . I . Ii: It. ^ 

! v RfV. Dr. JiiU'’son. Mr. ’I'liox? 1,4 ; * tip^TIor 1' It HIT. 

tf rc. r rou'.ty, .to .ML-s .An , W. | A eor h»nt snpply t f .^iiprrfins aa4 Fia« 
, of :lii B-. j f Ici r. fio'-' t! • Fnyett* MiilH, k*»i)r aiwavsat 

. , 1 .;; r:.!'.iT. tl e "i'tl| iii-Liaf. i.'v ; G (.’or.-** 

,w ;r. 1). 1».. .iMil,. ‘p. It.-rt.jii idi'j-..- oft: FAMII.Y GROCERY. 

„ i  .-1. F;;v .o i- y   ,N i m \ A , Ji o; • , . — - ■ 

• ! l - •. ( — ( }j» rcio! 

- ‘“‘ .'■ ''•V -v • ^ ur W. K, .-rve r’re.m D».r« 

’ ■ ; •;. . 1 (. Ii...?-. list rfr-iv*d »Mh« 

' ‘ ‘ '■ ^ t t y^Jrl t'umilff Ororrr^. 

•   , .f !V. i.y 1 - ; Mr^ .\‘.ioG .^fmC 

! * i ’ 1 ,', .* i- (•" ol goou .Meal juf«l received Ta 

V*l. KW*.» C — (_»*/» - K. Jit of** I't titC 

'':f: JJr.J.B.1 - '"Tlkkr^^Y GR0«RV._ 

~ fok $ .4l,Ei 

^ , i \ \ liRN fiii« l.eitnan rinte with aix 

k, vs, tor talc lev . .Apply at 

ri: ■„ .1 l,.lv-.G._ THIS OFFICE 

I..'",,''.: y, . uohse a»» lot for sau. 

'. ui- ^ ■ At. a- i ii-i.i'"3 01 I d 0 l i '.t  to leave Danville, 1 

'! i ' M'f.* V, ,'f i.»* iiii'C' ;ii liir , | J uesirotis oi s i-ii.g mv 

.'."’iir.'.h;; rluiX"- a.xd lot.- 

l* .L' i. N , T. ! ,,;;Ts; 7.* t’).* Lmil-. of Danville, adjoiiilnf 

'.”1 ;; e C.i'Vir, ^r.i'iinis, oa the llarrerlahurg tU7 - 

_ . . . j j,|r, |, ti'iar '-ssA-y to give a deocriptle* 

{ Hit* C. j "f tii- iir.ij erly, hs -.uoss wiKhinR to pnrcheee, 

J V. ;l! , I .inr.s*' I  e premise* before doinf •  .. 

TI T”r ,;j fa I H li T S C I* L Y ! ! ' ^ 'i*- »loni.' U brj,- enough for a good *ize«l 
■ ”* f i.'Uily . aii'i lins aim.'si every couvenience. A 

'. .ir" iiu c.iH Lv liaJ. certain. 


^7 i-c^ ^S\ tm 

h' A lii^u^lry wc Thrive.” 

1 k i ^liBOOTnND SHOES ifH 

’ -r oi Coiil r:il I 

: r“ UM’.lv ri- m:“'!‘- i IO 

! .1 I . ,inr:i. - : i • i' gi^ir 

. • 11 :• ^ ■ ■ At. a" i il-i.l'’-s 01 
M'f.* V, , ' i.»- iiii'C' ;ii fur 
.. t':.. 1 ._. . Il ..Jp.i: 

]'• . O’ k.- ».  l' V b" .•4'*, 

! ' ! L’ i..s; N , .-^^1 T. 

::t. ’.M 

At i;»t‘  c5ir» 

I TF/ O d I cli T S c::i 

0 o 

Q fa 

(',:i.h,.Bf.,l!!:,.or,.vam TihnP^^^ .e.ii.u.y, ,!..y will U, &V. to IrW IJlltflLTa'l?! ami L-U. ' rs'll I.V L.;. .1 :l.-y ,.i' | | 

il picmmms tu-.Ie .it u.c '' orbl .t I pnnislitnont under tlio Mo-ci-.-m la-.v.s nnd j jiy'iy jjg,j j,.,q i;..„ry Vi.-.ilor. ;r. I.v.-r | . r - r j re-nveu .» Urge  .upply « 

! ir in L^n'i .n, to American rxhili.tor' Governors in the* rni.ui to agree in ap- I'-fh'’') -1-e right mil claim for i'-ruic.-iliii j ,-f it. 'J'i.o - o was stiLr-iiu*'.!  t r i ' !? '-'if I LO.iCPr;' iL''!Sl*"at I'rcm'!l t 

• tk- r.itmbcr of 10.'^ beside* tiboul 50 from the ruitcfl State .. He urges a dis- day evening 'art. ^ ^ | /.V i G I'/Lak A', :v-. tb--r wuly ^ 

I ho ara incnuoiie i hun'rabl y. | - cominuanoc of ihcso inovemi-n's bv ilie ; \t e 'e.irn by a m fatcu li.^.. a j .tV‘- R-ie* ’ »v ne.l Thur-iViv 1.'. -a-as'. 4 

- — 1 Thr narrrr.n Er/s .rirr.?.- A friend r.i neop'c and itictru.-“s uie ritiio 1 Sptes I y*-| ^ ‘“A-‘ N -.v .vih mi J 6t ', ■ mi 6 O r.\ «J. Tf a 

fr^rlu Mh-hiean.tli.3 Detroit n.M-ortiKfr FTavar-i comr^iiinte.-Mo. t,A ibo ,, I .lu lgc Kcid ib:u mormug o 3t • v J in m- 1 i;,, i,.,, . a .-lioiro *r!.M liou of , v* i-yerv iieseript.oTi ,n the 


fPi ? i.V L..U • -ut R.rv ivii' 

feed Kot'.’ev. » 'J L**'- is. r. b : be'o-.'.C'; U) 
Mr. M jn. Ht I. ht wb vii t: c fi;‘-:ni'r was 
fctel Led by ti e latter i t tovere’v av to 
rt !BC his io; u; itislivtiy. Lew: 

wa- arie: e- and ‘ u Mc= d*v 

t . tl-.o Mimlicr of lO.'i, besides aboui 50 
who are incmioiic i hun'rabl v. 

tiovprnors in tiic* | m.m to agree 
pcint'n.g that dnv for the purposis. 

- - — — i Titr Ifavnr.n Pri^ vrra . — A friend r.i 

Miidiipan, tlio Detroit advertiser , Havana commun'catex to tlio Wa.jhin". 

from the I'uitCil State 
cominuanoc of ibcso 
people, and instru.cis 

I V ' pf if r.‘r”i;’r Concpris ' 


I U   K FP.i'TH’I.I.Y announce to Ikcireito- 
I ^ tonii-rs iinl t!n  i iiLiic ronorally Ikst Iboj 
I li-:v « rr-“ivoii .» Iar;;e supply of tfco 

' riH'm'h tdair^kino, 

r..;-. di-*r vruli :ill otiirr mutorial neceaaary for 

rt iB I S . 0 , ; . l,cw: Mh-hipan, Hio I )e:roii advertiser , Havana communicates to tlio Wasliing- gfil,-pr 3 to be rigid and mevent all mi’iiu-! 

wa an ,  r an .■ a.C: *% via-: iricti «hvs tint I uir cf ,^i.v e-f the deieg.ueB : ton Bepublic s.omc minutes of an inter- rv invasions * \ 

Uf,„. a^««»;ai»5 , ,, ...d ac.,.i.«d. , ... ,I.b '.Vhi- N-:„io.K.I c ..,vo„.i„n .r. oW- j vl,w with .h« C,»«i„ General ,„.I ,h, wa, iomiml o„ prlSife;. 

, , . „ jnl vo -,0 Inrl.fmoricBn prisonorx. !la xavx .ha  .ho ^ p,„,i 

Cir A. . ...oBung of .h. I„„, „f 1 .... ,„n .hr.,vh anu ,hi„, if ho , ..i„,,„oo of. ho Now orlo.nns mob ,o.vo.3., . il.o f.omior, 

yes, hc.w on d.'tMay hast, Mr. J.-iTu s be in the field. ! the Spanish (’onsul at that ciiv, was ex-. 

I*\ i -r f. e .ed N.^zhi U at.-li iu j C' TTlie 'I'oderaU Ga Ji rtii&n, a Loeo- j entire snlisfnetinn; and lie fitilrThe I'hilatiRlphia North American, 

a c ? Mr, A. H ruess. resigned. | u’lra .Southern paper, ttays that . ’'dr. | recommend to j in speaking of Mr. Clay’s loiter, say.s: 

' ^ ^ l'i”morta is the first choice of'ilie I’nioii 1 ?'’'’ernmert the release of the "Hiil what has most giatificd us in this 

t KtiOESt 

tlio most auporior sikI 

ofiicer« to be rigid and prevent all uii'iiu- ygi-of I’ts Uailroa l cou. -A: v, s i .ij niug -c;.G, cGp9, 1 u*ii-, Tri-s. i ).ia.t.'U.:5, A , fisbivnuMs styl^ D*.:i;r both practical work- 

I- i- ‘i ... . ... I V " .-i' -19 u tiie uiiiv*.'sal 3- - ir.^-i. and usi’.iii none but the Torv bo«t BWitwuU, 

'■y ,heMn.mmion».»y«l ih« .f.w ... ■ •!».. M .f 

oigauizod and invaded tlio frouiier. 

'I'ho cn.‘‘C, V.--3 suppo-^e will b»‘ laucn up ( 
to tho (’uuii ol .•\p[ osl.3, wl'i' u tr'juna. 1 
has hcreiofiire, (two ol the sai'to J; d;Zes 1 

1 0 I 'kout k • I ;:-.).i. "■h® ‘“ k” piiiroiiii^? them. They will 

q'ii-KF iV 3 ) FliNT'. Children errcni- . *•' ’*■; '1^ ' 7^'“ P-^'We price*. «i^ 

invi,-...- Ru ir r r v.N iiMf prl.-e. Concert wilt '*. «n.i biI ol e-r* o ho may domro il 
x A* 7 ..Vork. .No ..osfponeii.enl oiG •wuiue epeounouo of 

, f .• ,th irwom. 

■I'.JIIIltuf »!.' I 

' li'rOXIlSK ItOOTl^ A.NO Rfiocn moclw 

t- m..   »rt S."* 3' 'el id *Vr 'I' •3 or.ier lu tho bo.n *tylo aod oa reoseiaMw 

being now upon ihq^bmich) susiaine.l iha j of tl.. weaiki-r. | KOOXi^ an 

coLviiiUtiv^nriliiy of a ^ *V: 'f *3 or.ier m tho bo.n *tylo ■ 

a 4. F  iL df^ Ki & .tilSj ‘,-r.rf. 

Mr Ci.av's Letter — W 

Virgin:.'. E i. r. ■ : t i o n . — T: a 1 1 1 : i ; - ■ r e . 

r 'n^.ueroble p.-rti.m of our paper to-d«v 
tr  ih« piib’icai;.m  ,f the gicoi L'liiui, 

e give up «. party of Gcoigitt for the next l»resideni. i n“ 'vn1.— able and inairuciivo paper iMlia orig' nal- * ^ 'first 'fi-ui'-? 

He spoke in ju.‘t terms of ihe Hrosiden; iiv. power, and force of iiiu.stiaiion wit!'. inc'iDplyp 

' ^ j o  t .71. ’31 If 

v.'ry resnecir.iRy infonns 

r hi-- f iri-ior O' . ro'.i', uii.i llir- puMi.', tl.'-.t h 

- ' G. „■ "if'" Imve recently land govrrmrrnt cf the Fuiied Btates. «!.ich Mr. Clay has uum.y urmousuru (\Vhig;) second .listiict. .1. Meu le (Dcui;) | ' . \\' .old to th« highest bidder, b.- 

I,eiicr receni.y wrman by Mr.   lay to a ftoci rred on liio lakes, and tlio Iobs tif and took of'casion to sav that ihev had il.e preieiided right of p.'aceful bcc._-s.sion, I'liPi di.-iri''t. John .M. I’ous daiea'.ed by | ‘ . jjr 7 . S^IlOOl ' * ’ for# the court-hoo:«# door m OtMivillo, 

c.mimitiee of gemipmen in New Voi k. liie has been very grcM. done every thing in their power to pre- and scattered to the wiii;j.s i!ie m-naphyki- 1 John S. Cafkio (Dcui.) iiintn di.sirict. j.| * .,V „ ’ , i I ,fh of 

I u II.. ... r . i - IS I ' . . . ■ • r. o 1 - IWU\..\ ^ O I .Avor T t 1 " "h ch, rj* f‘-rin ri\ . 1.--10UA Wilt he {; cii OU -ji v cmi rt .i , V. part of tho PERSOJI- 

li 18 wholly urnr^-C'tary fur ua to ask) «-ent an invasion. cal iheoric.s wiiu wiiich its advocates 1 . iMrmliar hi„) tifcisl o .. j ;i.jy In^tnnn-nt .Ml ‘nai i=* n   '■‘^-irv ‘ t-.Rl Y of II I. Cowan, d««oawd 

kh.i such nn Rblc anrl important document Cr "Tlie annual .State Convention of have auemnied to mvsf.fvthe public ‘on ( W hig;) fitiecnih uustrict, I nnmppon iPi, CT.Mnnuaity. where hOvi. hac ; of 

onrjchan incaresii.i). Bul.i.ri, ,n.l from I Church is nm - in fession «t The I.irr.E.T Pm.e of Ppecie im the This suhjoct has", In our juju. (I*e‘"-)' ^ cIgc i Bilovf r ayiminr "'3-  ,™ li.r.«i:s: oo« fo-jr konawwi 

.uoh . high .nd r«|,B«CiI Bourc, .ho„ld;L«‘"P-»"- Alrx.nd.r Cam,, hull Wn.,,n._Ao,mrdi,,g a rncen. rciurn r^ Won .hscusrrd, ana- o„r,:a Me;,, no s r Sv,r,- 7 

he ve R careful reading. [is ‘*1 *“cn ance. tho 1 ank of I ranee, the specie on hand lyzed, and dissecte.l -with so mucli dear rusu. — A leiographio dispaidi Iruin Sv ra- p, ®f Dv. Jn k.A..uV ro. and *11 -vlip ^ of L-ocusl TustR- Milch Cows; 

"™“'"'''1'''607.000.0 Kir,ancsorabo,,, ! „: i. » ««l^ *« “ ‘ CsI.«..V.. 

n,-T nr*, .hi, Judge S:..r- 1 p^TThe rn,» anu hsEgins fac.ory of ? n 000,000. This wo helieve, is ihe| of'reason, and sJch o\-c. whelming ‘con- j . Thorn wa. a meeting of the f. iends o! ' ^'PP-t.inity hv - m^tde kiio'drn m tW ••W 

1 c »# ■ i » 1 I Kou^ri i», Hamiltotu on IJrcB'lwav in larr *^l nmonnt of (tppcic rver rollrcicd • ‘ and orocr hCiu iliis rrji’iiniivJ- f^v-'On ^ ^ ! *PHOS. BARBES« 

key t.f .d.^MBs.|.pl has been ar.pomted 'r- '' ^ . 1 viouon hy any statesnian, not c.xccplmg ..aP,,.. ..vaG oot-.l. . l ..t 


.71. ’31 If 

fi']\'crutor"s $$nle. 

I,eiicr receni.y writtan by Mr.   lay to a oeci rred on liio lakes, and tlio loss of [ and took of'easion to say that they had il.e preteiided right of p.,'r 

But little news ihiR week. 

y \.ML. E. G'OLS^.KY. 

..«o . . M , ^ I vtolion hy any statesman, not cxccplingi orto-mi^tMon roMw'i.ewaG •’ 

,o H.v.,.., m l . ur ru;,-„.s ca„. ; I'""" by fire ,u-..,her. The Ilmk of Kuulmd h»s n,. „t.o, on revorni greal i Jh,,,'..- I In" n i,»u.l ’of rioo Bmouf. , ■" 

nr,.be.ooeB,orul.v,.hbre;in,h:i,i,.„,„|''“^“''''V''j;'='""Sl”’'- had al anv lim, over * 100,000 .000. made il iho leplo of ,,. 00 , 111 ! ivhma wero svv r.i , ruu i, c,:l ri, .r-.n 

not U* too eaioful w fire; in R i.iitiun to i uau at any mn5 ove. •-? iwj.uuu.ow. oc'cr..-^ioi,.s, it lliO topic of sjidcial ! wlion wi’t'C sev r.i | ro-; •; ci t cii /t^'us 

this, we understand trial i!;egrcat j yt,, ('iiy Tjic Letii.rtnn f^hcor-or a. /• n . v • i considoraiion.” Alter cot,-:. iviiiic lUMiri;,'. -a. t 

,1 T. I I • 1 i . ■ ‘ “c ( apt. McGollough. so diiaimaulshed ns cr.s\vcrfcfj- . ibL xT:-'i,ieui*ei ;.,o- * - 

^ . . ' . *i^d Reporter lav.s ,dr. Cia\ i' at prcs'.‘iit ^ leader of the Te.x.tns in the Mexican An stty.s: “.\ siui ,(0 prisen lowed to prccj 1. 

otlui.mor wc m. . now ex tci y h ,w a vivii m L -uisvillc, havir.;^ left Ash- war. has been elected ShcrifT in Sacra- in F.-u i. c.mtains t/mu iv'imr.,' for pub- Gerriu Smith h,-’. i,suc 1 an f.d Ii--» m i 
.h,. can he. bu. ,uch,.f ,,,r , C,r., a, Ili,b..„hhha,,ie- California, and .lack Mav,. ,ho iiabo.o il.cir ,h„ush„ ,,,, 0 ,, .ho c'unJuc. ‘='» 

arc curious on the s'll'ject .'an i» ' satisfied i^-n-ji. i-n. . roved m-iiLi.a ,b« i... r . ft i i^er-roeH tv r..a..stat'en ive.i i- &.o • • .ni, 

. -_v . icilrdl) I. ^ cJ wit. ,n iltc last few , fT^ii-n fighter, lias been re-dcctod to the ol their govermneu'! Gods! what a free 'A’, G' . i'vir-1 

by catltn# on the cajir.ct-niaF.era. 1 - I tie t i i lift.'. ^ .q 

^ siiciitfalty in San l,ancl?o. countrv! ’ Ver G'.c. 

oct3l.’.M. . ^ 

Allriii'5‘.):i l^p 1 l ien.^il*: one fo‘jr Kora* Md 
one two horse Wagon; an aNeortin^at 
of Pmnk — walnut, enerry, uh and oak; 
A lot of Locust Tusta; Milch Cows; 
Cal' as. vV*€. 

T?:ei* kiiovr-i *i* tb* ^v 

JOHaN COWAlf, ^ 

ort 31, *31 BawiaaeaL 

to t)  

f-;   - - 

; . • firm cf Ro- 1 
:■ *,» or n * • ol. ' 
' I'.l .V* " imn. 


Gcrrili Sn-itii ■t.'':'. iisite 1 an r.d Irr'-a to i 
.. 1 .ilicr! unm . in w'lich h ', a : ■ nt , 

i..( ,VA- imtj. ^ - t.  the la^ominR of haalsn MkJ Hb» 

•. ; . »k*t r.ii.- \ p - xtg..:t.T wf -.-TTbarri 

    vrr; i,.,. , not to liitni m fu'itrt oa my tknm. 

' ■ v: ;I I A I , »ni I r»OV f»or»OI*« p-.»VO M W«8U»a iwla 

e , *r-^ I'lj tbio notiro. tliAv mar rv?j a^ew lolaw 

' .i-c^osuteJ to th ' r xtoNt of iSoNw. 

- ' 'iV- i* r. Hi BTwiw m  i» 

i V » tWhlece   i3r.-' 4 -ta 


T II I' 'r I? I w i \ y ! I' ■' N !' r  * n a i e : 'New Saddle and Harness Making 

** /• -■«. i'^ 1 . 1 'IX I i»r 1 i.'i II *1 TX'kTm rv _ 

(fc^Vn 1rik!iiti'in eni**r*id a «mall \il- 
• *V-ti.iiii;e  s ^r;i^w here in New jer- «l»om «!0 tori ', imlu- 

f 6\ , and luoLm;^ aroiir d him I'lr a rniil- , i'«r I'l.'lifr im;.rovpnnM»l, i-oiisistinp of a 

Me. a.i,ir«.«^eJ u-e ^ar,: aiv as follows: . ^=t..!.|os. ra-u. \r. It i5 unnorcsM 

, , r\- to fiirllii.T piirtionl-irii, Hfc aiiv iM-r.-oii 

-M.s .i, :-9Vs he. -shove me over n w.ll. of course, to 

Kixpenca worili of a’.« and a sixpence see it. I soli. it such to call aiul cxdumie the 
w orth ol liras i.*' . premise* a no laud. 

The hread and a'e were set before him. i Ll'.f . M. SPl^AKF.. 

Me looks at 111 ? one. then at the other. . Boy'.* ce., may 10, ol tf . 

i.nd. ns if hr.-. ;ii^ satisfied Ins mind on |[^i« f ^ 

s 'me point. ;t inks the a . ^ ^ J*, r r 

••Mi,ssus.”sav« hr.‘ rre taken the ale; F|V . *^-‘ rrriucd to move South I of- 
• £ f |*nval** Sale, lu« Iwlii^wiug Vdluablt 

W .at s t;  p.‘l\ . . pro{)»;rlv, to-wit: 

**»»e... re. { n* I he. *• .her*'' * the SIX- J,yjnp’ ] i ; p.j[..s from I'Miiviile. on the Ifnston- 
| eii. ,»al: irat nrivs Ir.rlhea'C. \;!io T.i; ui.lUe ro.i.i. l**'i Amx . — 

* ^,S-^ioii of 'he IMtI.M ou4.k..d--srVj,i_ . 

wliiHi 1 iiow r: r.i'iv — s:tv I .4/ thf tihl »tnnd of BuUcrlov H"i7*f/n, Main 


» Saddle and Harness Making RUSSEL t BARKER, 


-l—i— 1^ hbl KCTFl'LLY inform the citi- i-i«iir,riiifis ouLiox*.! •-■-•iil' i i u c i i j ! 

At the Mil atnnil of n,iftertov ^ Wihon, Main 'M |\ zens of Danville and Doyle county " ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ’ ri^HE un.iers.gned, haa fin.ahsd up dec- J 

tlrnl , II fftr doors ahvee thf Central House . JjLjLK'^iicritllv, that they liave associated tliem- UANsIIjIjE, KY. J dedly the j 

selves together for tlie purpose of of catering Largest and Handsomest Lot of 

w. 13. li:\ni:y for tlie iiuhlic in the way of cutting and nia- I H.AVINtJ sometiinesince entirely ~ ^ ~ ™ j 

B FTS leave to inform hia old friends and ‘M’ every description of (ienf Iriiieii’s completed this large and extensive J/' U ,ai JL 'a ‘ J iii Jii t 

cVstom?iVH”n,lX""iIuM^^ 'VT^ri fashionable ; |||^establishment, and furnished it in the EVER OPEERRI) IX Tills MARKET!!^ 

he has opened a Saddle a, Id Harness K^rthlish- practical workmen, and West and most approved style, wil^h The citiiens of D’nvill. and vicinity and the I 

mentat the above old and well known stand, 'at they can give universal satisfac- new and fashionahle F urniture, &c the sub- Udies particularly, .re invited to give him . j 

iml would re-perlfullv request bis patrons of a fair share of th. patroa- scriber wishes to inform the travelling public call, as he feelj certain that he can suit all who } 

formerdavs. .and the fiieiids of the late firm of »ge of this community and vicinity. that he is now prepared to accommoiiate all who „,,,y f,y„r him with a visit. Call and see for ‘ 

Liiincv v't Darbce, to give him a call. He O^^Tlieir Sliop is the one lately occupied by may call upon him. He deems it unnecessary to yourselves, as he thinks it no troulde to  how ; 

.leems'it Hinifcessary to say nnytliiug in regard P- J. Donkoiiv, next door to Barbee ic Gore', say anything in rHcoinmeiidation ol his manner i,js yvork, aii.l is determined to otFer iiutncements i 

10 the finality of his work, believing that his Confectionary, and opposite the “Ceutral j keeping a public house, being salished to for per»ous to purchase their Fnruiture at 




= Mi 

p — 

customers, and the public generally, that 'V7“'Vr, " aim mosi ,asmo..«.,.e , 

he has opened a Saddle and Harness K.trtl.lish- P^|*ctical workmen, and 

mentat the above old and well known stand, 'at they can give universal natisfac- 

ind would respectfully request his patrons of ‘^''cy solicit a fair share of the patro.- 

former days, and tlie fiieiids of the late firm of ®* this community and vicinity. 

H.AVING sometiinesince entirely 
completed this large and extensive 

F o s: s A fi S-: i 

tw, ..r— oU- FTAVINO determined to move South. I of- ' lo the quality oi ins vvor», Delieviiig mat iiiy 

vshr, 1 re taken the alP, | | f..^ private s..le, iL* following valuable reputation for turning out good work is loo well House. 

* property, to-wil: known to need a word upon that score. He 1 march 28, . 1 (f 

w-asthp to i'y. ' TY w* f rr w on baud a good aud cotn- 

. t I   l «.- •- civ • if W m »E c'.ele assortment of 

' * * ■ ' ‘ ^ I s vi 1 ' PM Ifs fri^in I *-i ii vi! !^. on t he ff nston * c i ii iii II l n V VCC T n r VITC T) n I HI PC 

n ;vivs l.irthen c.” v lie T..r,.p,Ue .■.,nu,io\„n D'i .Icrci.- SAIlULI.N. InH-USS. TnnKS. mUDlES, 

af wasb'l pBid for,'* savs This Farm is V e;l liml'ere.l, iin.ler goo.l fen- And everything else in his line, wliicli he will 

ciii". a'lii the iinnrov’iients ere comfortabU. sell as clieaj) as the clieiipesl. Do not forg  t the 

, ,, , 1 J- I • Tsie Land is id t^-st-role qii ditv, aud mav h« stand — a few doors a'.ove the Cent ral House. 

-ills yf*r.«w„ «yshe,‘-l d.J.tiate fl KPA :.^!NG of all kinds promptl 

Xfi ■ial. I :i;so ctT’-r ii.y S.TOJI I -KtMttl, on M lin to. 

Thf lann p iv couldn't Sff lhroii;!h it. Str et, now ce ' Iipi by .l.d.n 'V,|m,h. * 24,l-.'.0 4-tf Dot c. I .1,' *tlJ ho wauicj uw.v .f Uo. t at l. a.lUful Hi l I.I I EOT. 

^ ' rol.i iimi.f I a. re-. i- 0 .i -:ig on I me street. I 

V liuCK 1 il.g. . 11 ).; »• Oi ii i iig 1 ' : . F'C ..'ll II *s r. s ; net*. I ? 0 J k ^ a S { 1 * C • 8 3 9 


T?'7 CT Ev3 


N. IL FJIOI’A.RING of all kinds proinptl 
litteinled to. 

DaiiviHe, ma 24,1'.'»0 4-tf 

■\ .III re I. a' 

eil I ;e n il  : 1 .'le   r \ ' Ji.i i ;..e i.n' : K dy \oiinr 

N'-trrO it t rpl;e, c. i‘l'',„„,.l. v;|,,r;.|,^j|,- 

el,M t- .1 l.» ;.iit .r. -e, a'C fle-.r.-i toe.ilioil 

•,|e. i.a 1 V. . I rliow tliv preperty am; iiinke 

— — ! It 1' 'l■•^r cer: 

\Vf ijivf* H ii'p of a very amiixirg m u.e i* i. ;s i i 
.ketch, w ■ ’('h wc find go. ?ig the four, its ' , 

M.s! S'- X. an cxtr.VM nioary'ifK) - \.,,.ro o . r p 

t:iarm.’ m g ::it «'’count of her f:ir ela  - ' 

iifavcrr to teach a •‘vming i !■ h ' — a re- .a I •! 

in»irk.ab!y ha ' esv»— *; w .o s-i- kin v. u li:- t- r-.. 

- At lo.-l.” heie .‘ e s-v-.o !o P of :   

Miss Sn- » - .I'l** p • p ■ ^ ■ u t — 

of some i. et '* c* i a\ a I i- ' er it. I 

jjtvi hwn ■' *:. ’.‘ir-'; gh the a p! abet. *' ' 'T’nvyr 7 1 

he could p'l.n; «• it nnv ItMi. r hv na t.o. * • • ■ *- j 

Jn two week* he g- t throsig't h‘5 i .» a , v »!],.- 

ahf, nod one  ■, Monday mnti;.. ' I t •! him into i-fi .«. .!-v  r —   Iv i i-.'. ' i- r; ,.   

to tell r.i.n fi ■ l le r«- it? of sv.- b ' ■   en? ;- 

lahle*. hut ill* wa.i :ts oi-aqiie as   !!"„ .V ' -i " 

, f I = N'niHl. I l e |.i 

at ll!'- iMe-' oii 

••Do yo;t love pits?’’ said !, in order .md Harrodshu't 
(• inteicst h m. , he 1 imi • of !■ 

!i l!. il lliL* D.i-'r.i'.J will be 
1 . 11 : 1 .' a .i»'-eiil t.'.in r.i -v In 
g 1 .:-' proi-erlv. I uil- '.11 ^ 

 r .•\'!i.i.i;.'e i'.ii- liki-ly voimr 

'■ s. i‘. '■'O Os 1- . vi ng e ii\ i 11 - !i 

A cl 8031 

D. ^ ^ • 

i f s t Germaiiv L-'iffey /-.v rf 

‘ ‘ * tJriuKl A. lion linrJ J W J i 

llo'i'vv'tod 1*1 \ tirade expressly for 

Orivfl SVnvhr**. 

i PUPERIOR article of Dried Peaches ia 
X 3- store and for -ale by 


.30\A. i\H 53«iir  »L CO., 

(iroc(*r. . TrodiKT mitl Coiiimlssion 

lil :!) G Ir. r. *1: g , 


^I^HF siibscriliers receive trrflihf svpplies n 
i GltOCI'HI i;S. They will keep on hand 
at all limes full supplies nf I'rc'h tlfm-crii’s, 
i wliicIi ere ofiere.l for sale upon the best of terms, 

I for or Cmintrv Proaiice. e keep no ; 

leave that In those who liuve or may hereafter home. 
patronize him. 

There is atta'-hed to the House, 'a first-rate p. 
ST.ABLK, which IS provided with _ _ 

Racks, Buijics ind Riilinc Horses, 

Of the best, for the accommodation of all vrho 
may wish to u.;e 

S A -3 IS XT j; 

For Louisville, l. -.Tingtoii, and Crab Orchard, ‘ 

arrive at aud depart daily from his hou.«e. i \ V 

1 VV. \v. UATTl'iKTON. | 

j may .'10, IS.'iO 4:2-lf « it ^ 

Cr. w. HKWKY. ; 
Danville, July 4. 1851 



.I\0. .n. M’OTT, ' 

U ^ILL issui* Policies of in.«iiranre on all 
kiiiii-suf prop.-rty igaiiist Los* or 

OA.wai.a.i: not^s:. 

DA.Wn.LE, KY. 

F Y kiiiii-suf prop.-rty igaiiist Los* or 
I age by Fire, Water, or otherwise. Ottie-, at 
I the Coiiiitiiig-rourii of Jno. .M. Scott Jc Co. 
Dmiviile, jail 1 T, '5l tl 

All F' r.nbscril erf ekes this method * | 

of iiilormiiig bis fri-niis a ml i ■. . j 


" nil an udditiunal ecale of ke\* , , • ■ ... .. v ,.,„i. 

ox er V ' lave. pricluce for   i roceries w lt:i ns. ( ash purcli.i- 

' . -s pos'esssurli superior maebine-   *! /« '“I', f,',’ 

.vtl.'t r..i arrive here bv way of New Or- ammo the q»«/i//y ol our (.me, ries and learn our 
. after four months shipment, over 7,000 I'^ic*** before ...aking their P''^' 
niilr.', i;i mo^l p.xr«‘l!**nl ortwr aini Tiiey JU?^.\- x\K. lILMjo o£ 

are warraiit.-ii to ii» of the vory !.esi quality, in j"ly I'' ■'*1 

sonii.i. w ork maiisliip. keeping in order. 

vVC., aii.i will he sold at New- York prices. eso^— 

\v.\l. 61 KIMY. .jT"*'- 

D '.nvin -,  pb. .s.'i If I — —ssro— - . V — - 

JUNA. M( 110L3 & CO. 

•;crty for Sale. 

" \ es. ma’am. ’* 

“NYc'i, t and ‘pie’ p.ii lo- 

gethar. *r e r. e • don't ili _\ 

“A V«, ms’e-m." 

‘•By a .;ka =u . Ca’ and ‘tiy’ spe l la- 
— vmi uti lrr.’.Ri, j 
•*\ «.«. tra am.” 

••Mtrica’ atid *pifl' apall what, iheii?’’ 

•*K ight! •pumfi'kin' and ‘pi*,' wliai?” 

• if-!" 

‘•Ttien what (!’ *« La ■» d y dit. fir'-M?' 
'^Cvslard-p'f.':'' said iia, with a \e.I  d 
ee' gill at h ' ; rc's. 

i-Awyeti^. — Thera i« a ceat I’ea’ more 
truth than p ie'rv in the fj;lown:g. fi' in 
the A’hany' man: 

1 nw vers a;e ih** rci.y men win have 
uo laith in e.\{ ; .» r.''c. and \v!;o l.i ’ie\ 
thet the o'dar i; * wo, d. the 'o s t kn a 

'I'ilF — t w.'i s to S.I1 at p-iv:,fe W ,\1 . 6 I K 1 M Y. 

• s - e ' .:. -t 'A. -I I'd clesii.ihie rt'.livi!l-, apb. .s.'i |f 

''' ;• ri . ' V i.r'\i . I.. \ ! ' . . •] _. ] I’l-tNO.'? are co!i»*:.iitlv kept fori 

••vi..*t. . .■nrl. i V h-'. fo- III ipy  e p;,-i, yi. ^v. HLWLY'*8 j'lii'.iitlirr I an 

an vf.l k ---Mil :-s , ill ci -.oil s l.iv'-iii W ;i i !(o' ni s in lt:iinille. lor prieei anc 

NMiHl. 'lie ,.r.:;"ilx is - it. i'limr.ii .i.-'v lerms ol .-all on M r. ’I'. Mrmiki.L, Cashier 
At Id- IMI ' oii f til- D .nvi'le a.i 1 I’errwii.,' the D..iniile Itiii.k. Agent. 

up; ILirrortshii'g :mi . td-irv ifie roids. wilmn -- 

he I mil ■ of ^■•r^evlIle. It (■o'.iI.!i;is nil i!ie ! 

,-ie. e,- ; v l.ii-;.‘iigs and iirr.,; c -meiils for t  , 

P.ii lt.- Hops, — s s,.ver.i! fine l.ofs f.;r slo,-k. t LI. imo bted to me ore most respecllullv 
.Xc., lioe -t .Me-, aim ont-hon .s *1 ail ki'i. r l.i come forward a ml pay up. 

n -.- s irv. It ,s well w tere . br i-igsitm.'-o ''‘rv ABN 

iici,,.' 'e'v on Ih.ipliii .r-'-k. Ti.. ^ h,- '  »•' M -L, Jr., who can et nil limes 

iw." 11 ..mrlv .i fie a-ns of g's Mid HI.,, ... d to Couiilipg-room ofG. A. Ai 

the Ilia i.'-rlv — M' W'-ll p-t., Itr 8lo.k Lots 

o. ; d-.t rev km....-Mri.l. T. C. SH0USE 

Tlie ,;i(iisi'rih 'r lieipg iinn'i'e, owingtohis D.uivilh*, ang 8, ”.il 
lie-;:M. tl pT 'fi-r^,- Bit' IHI tO his l.ll ipcss. !l ' ^ ^ ~ 

w . 1 se. i I , • s iiiic ., n '.-asonal le i. rips an : cre.i- I .,7, . .. s,*/ 0 

Its. lie V ,;.ve p -s.'ss'o.i a* .i'i\ time w ilhin ^JiML Boston edition of (ubbon'i. Rome, i 
one I'lc'iih Ht. r : He in\ in-s a'l w li« \v;.'!i ' a v a!-:, at E.5 els per vol ; 

to pi:r. iia.e p[.-,,' r;\ of I ‘,e ,- iiai .•■•ter r f icisj Tlie Boston i ditp.ii of Hiuno's Lngiand, 

*. i-iviu.vil T ■ i .1 IL.pse, to I'lll an. 1 €\am- ) vol.s. at (i.'i cfs i.r voi ; 

con'nts.' excep t will, persons who exchange 1 ‘be public generally, that he is now in the pos- 
. f^xv. I ' r wiAA*;^. St if :« iiw nil rrh'i- I of lilt* Jibove Iloudi*, nmi is liavm^ il 

^   V M oe m’Z w w -T- ^ 

Life Insurance Company, 

No.  »S Wnll street. New A'ork. 

•MORRi.8 F K ANKLIN, Pr- st. 
Pi.t.NY F .h:v!.\n, A'tParv- 

(i KICI\ ylge/i*. 

mar 8, -.'.O tf D.uiville, Ky. 

w* ^v    M   

.llitiii Street. I.exin*luo, Ky. 

G i:o. 

It I X 

" am 


1 m ««» « 'Miip lorw ira ana pav up. 

My Mook«. lire in the hain’s of AHMhK 

S i: L L 3 li «ii    F F 

A r ( ;osT\ 

I rail and e.\- I ‘brnughoiit. Iteing aware of the disad- (i 

and learn our * viiiitage.. m ising from the fact of ehaliges taking j mar 8, ■.',0 tf 

j place so often in the esfabii.dimeni, be begs j _ 

3 & CO. Lave to say to all. that he is permanently loca- j J I'; )|L. .,,,.1 

led fora term of years, and will spare neillier | ■*' •'*"■'*"11 I lit, LMl- illMl .MiIiIIM 

j (rouble or expense to make all eoinfortiihl- who T?TTTPA1‘JPT* P /AlVr'n A V V 

j may patronize him. The House is in a plea.sant j *1 v w fki*x* UX, w U1 *X xlll 1 • 

. s I part of the town, rcrip'r of Mam and 4th streets, j 

i where the best the market atford. I shall always | jN : * S * ' e s. , ‘ ^ ^ • * . 

iT. ’y--- I he ill readiness. He hopes by unremitting at- j ^ y w v.e ^ Se' w w • 

‘‘‘‘•’'"n ‘c the w-i.its of all who mav favor liim I g. .1. .UtM TKO\G, Igcnt, Diiiixill-. 
’A-ilh a call, to merit and receive a liberal siiare j 

of patronage. .^l^flF. aliove F.-ippaiiv conliiiiies to fake 

1 =- .-* 7 ~(iood FSitlinz Horses, Iln^cirs ami I Bisks a;;aii,st l,ni» or Diimnof f  7 f’le 

^ __ ^ Hacks always re.uiy. Persons ran olitaiii jdea- upon Biiil'iings ami ntlier property. .Marine 

1 8 MOW in reci ;pt of and opeiiicg !.;• FALL 


And is 'i to furnish rnstoniers either %  
w Hoi.KLu i; OB mTt r, an as Omni Terms as 
It . It him If i n thf IV »  t .' 

Hisstoik for Bovs', Yoiitiis', and Misses’ 
t\ is large jn.: w. ll se|.-eie,i, eoiiiprisiiig tli* 
V BY i.xri'T .N'-w York, Pfnlanelpina, Londou 
aim I'-.ris .--ivies. 

] am prepared to iiitik* to order anjlh ng 
In the vh. pe of -a, irnrrant all work *•* 

j ipape. 

1 I ftrilcrs from a distaiic* promptly .md 

rant n.iiveyance to any part of the State oii'Bi'^ks en p.-o|.,*rty by •'‘ea. Biver or Fanals — 
reasonable terms. i upon the 1 1 in's of Sie.imbo.ils anil Sailing Ves- 

ippaiiv conlmiles to f -ke . n .. , ri- 

f.ulhlullt uoeu to. 

t Less or Diimniif It’i r if •   * I-'i y p , | v- 

i.l other property. Marine. ^ *»'LX. 

hv ■'•ea. Biver or f'anals — 1 Lexington, ang l.», . 1 -.m 
'ie ..nbo.,is a.,.1 Ve.- ' N H. I.adi.-s' Riifls, lions.   irloriiirs . 


Danville, Oct 20, '49 

upon lilt lliiils of Sieamboals and Sailing Ves- ■ B. I.aUi.-s »l tins, Hons,   irloriiirs . 

„e|s— on the most re.sonahle terms. Also, on     apes, aim in i.. t nil kinds ol Fnn- 

tlie LIV'F..  OK .  1 . A \ F’.8, cy Fur Triiiimiiiss  -oustat:'jy on nano 

;:. r. s  'f g-' Mid HI... .,.■'1 to b.uii.l at the Cou iili pg- rooiii ofG. A. Ar.a- ! 
W'-ll li t, . Itr Slo. k Lots , 

I '-Mrid. . S‘*0USE. 

Iieicg iina'i'e, owingtohis Dan vilh*, a ng S, ”.i 1 

,- alt' III! to Ids liii iin-ss. h,- ^ ^ ^ 

i '.-asoaal le t'-riii' an : cre.i- j .,7, 0 

-j.'ssm.i at .iM\ time w ilhin ^fiML Boston edition of Gibbon'i. Rome, in I 
•*. He iin ii.-s a'l w li« \v;.'!i ' ( \ a!-:, at E.5 cls per vol ; 

t v of i‘,e ,-iiai.- -ier r f 1 1 is j Tlie Boston , diti .iiof Hitme's Lngiand, in 6 
.1 I L.pse, to c-.l I and € \am- j vohs. at (i.'» ,-ts |.r v»i ; 

Wow is tho time to Buy your 

',-n 'V ,"b r-ij 'cs va ^'i *■' z C ' 

8 I.WING (leterniine.l to close out my pre- 
i I sent stock, with the view of la  ing in an 
I'litirc New Assoiinicnt, 

I am HOW' selling mr entire assortment of 


,/wr/ ft ml 

ST \ Iiorsi:, 

On thf rnrnrr of the Pii'i/ic Siinare 
KasI of the ( oiirl- IIoiiso, 

ri'^HF, siihseriher respect fully returns hisae- 

II* loi li:em*el 

i*rer to ' ol last ren.-jrv. wh-'a t •'* every 

fif H'l c«f * w w .;ii r verenci' S|*!!n 
t’i ihoM t»f a "i:! t rv l'c‘',.rr'. A ; j.»si a.i M.i. e 
u’jr % g» ri, .s kre bayr ti I'.Mii ll*e r.-i-re 
d*rixi.H«a of e i : o-.i tio'i Bes, xvI.m "mo.' 
!W.i*v«ki mat ih* car.n waaa iivirg inons- , 
ter. .« ifi* Tri.ivriT.ents I'f ih« liJe uev* \ , 
 -»dsed bv the ler’s brrnthing. lii i lU'i. 
liio ( ' »uri if  prioj.s. Lor-J Chief Jua- 
'.'’0 R atystaw. WHO iive.H w iien the Hevii •)*’' 
tb«9 • ipnwseil to be afraid of a horse- 
• hoc, actua y excr.a tiore ii.R ience thmi ^ * 
e ther i ;m-c« or co'niTi -n aciise. lia.I 
-livsiciana i/aen a« ft-iir;'il nf new i !eu  
a. aw«i« are. a -es' mi k wrii;' I st- 
itare freen C'H;si' *,ed the oniV' ar.iiJoio t 

f -■. -".■iiy. I J,, 

Scctf—  icrrt. 

^ liuadei* B.ue Gi- 

r 25 ..o T me- . *o; Ever 

lu k:'. re it.D  f'lr - ■ ' .* ■ «. 

M A M M (J n i C Rocr. R Y. . ! f, . 

went 12 SJ f 

A. FI Mxl'.RcOX, l^F.. 

Po' ry V L. uM'- ^ .'L '.al ;f 

n - ■ ! ^ ' 

• r re .-tMilty iiifortns hi.' 
■ f-!' i', -- in: piiiiiii til l, h - lii.s i^Vi.'Vr,.» 

■« r W'T. I'le fi '.me lion-'' ,m ' 

M M. .t-',.a cMiing ( ' . B. V.’al!;!' i-'s ! ,a -,v 1 If- j 
a-' .-Vie ;te t-: * fio'.li-.' 1 1 j 

,s p .V Oil V i.' . .siiJ ,s ati!! m.inufactiiiing I 
*verv -'-rii'.’ toi- cf ] 

Si'iinisl!. Hiilf-Sj iUMvIi mill reimnon 

Ma. e of .' lipei .S'- 'B'diac, ,;n i Wi«l rap:'*.. IIS 

Tlie iioilr’, eiiilion of Macaulay's Lnrland, I .• I MV?! 

I, Vi MjN I . I'u ' t .sMl. 

•\ll l.p' a: are siihslantially hound i u .. ;ii i.„ o. til .-..nt 

sli'-.-p, good ji ijn'i-, and hi rge, clear ! ype. 

R. A. V\ aTTS. 

i;.-.rch 7, ’.‘1 

r N li 8. — Black . HI lie niid Bed I N KS, w*rran• 
| t.-d very sui«cricr, for sale by 

«l‘   8 ■ A. . . McfHlORTY 

OS’ Hens. 

M’!S!I to sell or rent the l  A X A' I L L K 
FOI’.X () U V. 'I'lie hiiilriing is located 
1 good jiart of til* town lor hitsiness, w-ilh 

(I, iiM'i wjm rdDt'*'! i • I* O I .\ (! K I • J lie Luilrijiijf ii 
sell in v ( ig.irs c itln r i-t i “ good jiart of tii* town lor hitsini' 

0)1 -s r*,;,.i terms as ';.e • .il-i, m.a ii. e , f waler on the premiBi 

8o gradnated t'let some will be at 10 per (-‘-nt. i 
Hclow Co't! while others 'vill be re-i.i:red to i 
Itring L' per -enl. above cost. i 

N. B. T hose of my regular cur-lomers who | 
are in l!.e of i)avipg 'lieir arr-.ui iits pronint- 
I ly tw ic.f a v:-.»r, \v;,i ha accomnicdated on about 
i the si'ipe terms. 

I In all other cases wliere gon !s .- re not paid 
for w''e|i liken aw-.*v. tliey will lie el.sry-d at 
from 0 iif-lia!f to I wo-tliirds t he usual p'ot’it. 


DanV'lh', may 9, I'-al 

! Splendid and Cheap Lisht. 


k novviedgni 

•■n!'* to III 

* irieu.l'* 




•von r . rd 


’ fo.- the |i.)lro;iHge her, 


)r* t-xl 

•n: t 

1 t.) 

I’r' nt; 



inci- lie l.ns 

leen in t!o 

» !• 

X • 1 


ll) IV* old :unl v.-f’ 

il km w II 




ail : 

F. T 


xv-'h'-s to i ;if"roi 

all. Im 111 r 

at :::: 


V 1- 

T' n V C, 


that he Il ls 

,-!k. M Id" 


M" f.'l- 

D Ui 


X i/ A Oh 


and he i  

d) t' ! Ill ill"' 

1 to Hpar, 




X . *t* 


le or =-.xji- n.*e t.i r ;i- -' 

‘ -1 IlMI) 1 

.. all 


miv pitroniz'' liiin. 1 1 

il '1 



a im! 

S T A .V 

Sr \B 

r sImI! at a 

1 liiue.-: Ji* 


I ( ro\ io.Mi 

XV 1 til 

"ILL att'-ii' 

tiie b "‘t III* mirketsxvill all'u.'- 

i, Ului 



tlleni ill l; 

and faitlifuiiy all 

n.ivd to. 

ly ( oiirf.-i. 

C \KSiTn. 

Stanford, mar ' 

(illlFFIN ilOFNE, 

!« ( licit i.t 

HI7 nndersigne.i, proprietor of tbe .above 
lion p, which is sitn.-iled imm.'iliatel v on 

j u t y 4 , 1 ' 5 1 

Tkcr «x'« nnd 

.1 r 4 \ • \ IIIA II mir I iix-ii , Jri Xfjn t xm i ii»- «i.jyrvy- 

Co' *\ !^ ;is :iic •‘*'**"'*‘‘“* ^;*  'VHler on llic prennKeP, and i« f J "^II 11 FnLs !ril»*’r. sole for ana | * hnii o, wliicli *4iln.tleii immiMliatrl v on 

I'M - i in this sei lio.-i b*'g'' en.ui;;h l«’r Bny Lii.siiies® that ran be ear- | I. amps adnpt.'d to tin' bi,rni:ig of it, has Main street, near the Foiirt tlonse, sign of ill* 
i ''‘t ill the plarc. Il is 40 feet by 80 feel, the plea, nr.* of ofV. ring for sale to the eilizeii* (Jnecii) i- prepared to accoimno.lale all those 

; Tob.icro always on j ''igh, end has also a good ." labl« at- | of Danville and all who lake pleasure in having w ho ,,, 3 y disposed to palromse him. His 

la -h'-:l ami w li- el-lionsc, and it new and .up*- j ahnmiani ami v.'ry superior Light, (J A."t, equal house is one of the largest tavern stands in the 
I). Cf)I» N I'.lsl FS. ftor IK ined heel. 1 or b jtolhatnf coal in flaniu and brilliancy, ami yet ' State, and lie invites ever-,-hody wishing 'o stop 

BlclCksinllh and WagiOn Maker I P'*''Lc‘'y •“ "^t"?- D onu- needs atten- in this plaee to give him a call. He w ill give 

A .-I..... 1 I... . .1 /• * (ion to be given to ihi.s beht, to ^ive it n pref.-i - tits pprsoiial attention to the house, and leels as- 

E '1 J •! i nor a better oi.eiiiinr'in 'k'' cMi'I.'w. f'* j elite ov.-r everything else in the form of light. , snred that he will be able to give general safis- 

1 Virli.tAC ' *-.o-;liies  th-.n A.i. invvii Tl' -f' | B Bo Use i , , of w lioiii there about a doz.-ii ill faction ill every respect. F'rom bis long expe- 

hml IMP a! u I r. sen,, .li ' *'**''**” * . '* ! I 'aiiville, look iijioii it as greatly .surpassing the . riepce in business, lie deems it n ii necessary to 

IV : Constantly kept hv 1 muk.- further pledges. Boarding hv the w;.-k, 

‘ n.arU JOHN Wll.snX. I month or year can be iihtained. ;,tii or without 

 F \. ARMSTRONC, ylgr«/. , 
jail 27. I'.-.l ly 

ififpiiti: .I* ,3»vfPi:g:so.v. 


I VJLi.?, I'Y, 

^ Y \^H.f. contiiin* to Praetice in nart;ie 
' siii|.in Bovb- .uni iilioiiiiii'g '-oiint;es. 
Oiri.'eon r .rd street, opj.os.i. the J', y.iiT,. 
IV' nil IIP t.ii,-,'. ' • ’4:» 

F. T f. .T. ; B V.U oi' .v 


S T A \ rt) F? I , K V 

^ ^ ^ILL Ht'-mi to all btisines. enirnstei; tt 
  111 olfi ill t;i'* ijiiK'oln (. ;n ni! ;ini 

' ly   onrf.-*. ;.un- T, 

i J . .5 . TJ * ’?» it ’3 C 2% . 

i Allorney at Law, 

I .N L\V ORLEA.N.S. I. \ 

I VViLi, attend with strict fniehty to all busim -s 
I to his ca’e. 

I Refer to — Povr ; .v, A\ntRso.\, Danville, I\y. 

1 iiv ’J.\ 1  5(1 ti-lf 

Blacksmith and Wagon Maker, 

•A Ii'-tl.T shop and location cannot be found, 
nor a better opening in Keutnekv for *uc, a 

.llhsCi.l.. r li;,. i,|. 

. I i!,.. i. . 

opened in D.'n- 
.1 on 5f 'in-street, 
.1 !.» B.'r..'s .-^loj e, 
.- k of 

vui \ i:s 



^Cfcb* • T'fit M 

luff! Its F.-e'h.r- It th* 

.M VM'U » I H GFv' »• liPiY. 

taoMitm': u\ f r »'.  !v-*- for ru'- 
^ 1 dii^n V rir  t K.: ke' . iiur. th* s..i 

Workba' L'U 

■apt 19 F '\r. 

Ever be ‘ore sen n, I 

■ gai « e) • s *-i e; 

e -rs. *(]' !i a« I; ' 

K. f S- s- ■ X . .. 

• lit.: , a 11.1 si ,i. ' 

e. tl/ ' a:iv • 2". (.r 
He » , ' -■« .1 a;:v . f I 
Idtu,. M-l. , 

' til' V e.Ml b'* j U : js 

er w.-ste: n » U , . .ui.. * 

"C'- . ..s g !  u II. 

«..i . . n ll.e w s| . L 

»i • ij:. . . s . ,.-i\ , - 

11 J i.y , b"x .ir ..1 

oJii Ii8ifi- r;-''v ' 

lOXK »' -P... . '..A, ...... 

W for ic « 

i.m»6 A..«t3 J iTIi GR'irr 

Ul.:kil.g fu 

s en 11 , t'i • pisce His Spajiisp 
ft- • s |■\’•^, . ill-:-, ripiioii i.f fin.-' i- 
« I-'-... ■■ 's. ( .!Z.;,:(ir.-s. I'rin. ip- «, 

I. Ml-, - a I l;g ,. \ ,-r V ht'-ge as- 

i.l si . 1 . ., tiiring. !)c :s oreii .r- 

V ► 2"' i r ''-r t!:al be .e,i. 

I a;:v . f Iti- (, . ither by Hie 

' * ; S' ! 'l.'r  IMMl;i|\ . S'- . heap a. 

j U-' ': js !'i i.O'llsvdi'- or Bill otll- 
. .ill,, w: : w . 1 , r.i :i t t ll•■m lobea* 
!• .:*. all. :••• - s ; i; \ nia.;e or 

' st. L   )i  i\ i 11 1: al- 

. .'•!  . - l| I. oil, w '1,(11 he i.s sell- 

b"x  ir .,1 r'';.,il. He respectfully 

1. 1 . :r rs . 

:i - . !•;• I .' t .'I again, in this or an v  •'’ 

,. .r . 'i,' .. . 

sT ,CK - 1 . .ira his pric' '. 1 ., inf.' 

j Mill, T o sell, a harijuin ran be had, 

'or it w ili be BeaU-d on fair terms. 


I Ibiiiville.- mar I I , ’.5f 

j If. A. HI SSEI/, 

! f ^8 for s.xle. Hr. f'hnin pion**!. VccclR- 
i !»lc Fever Hiid Ague, or Aiiti-Fe- 
ici I’lHs. 

1/so— Hr. ( bnnipioii's Vegetable Aiiti- 

Hillioiis Pills. 

A | an i'h!' t. eoiitaininjr i.ireetion*. and full 
of cert ti.'.,tes, w ill he given to the public on 

a j.plie j| ion . 

D.iiiMlIe. .'H, '51 tf 

( OFFEF.. 

^Ihs.Rio CofT.'e for J 1 . 12 Ihs. Sugar fori 

f Leash. B. BOW 1, ING. I 

T A 1 !i iUl ! a\ ii ! 

_ ri"9IIL iiiiilersig'ie.l wonhl resppcifullv iia- | 

p- Ej Ii, I nounceto his old friends and custoiners. , faCl’CaiSed nilSlSieSS* 

, that hf* has un rctHrmil to l)ttiivillr», aiui iii ; 

in.,:....*.. X' now preiiared to w ork. H is shoi, is over D. A. 

rfdlX'EI) FPiK FS. 

Vegetable Anti .F\S. P. IF\LDR1CK. 

^ -Anil aprilH If 1^ has been the policy of lh« Rnil-Rond f or- 

— ’ — I porations i II th'- K..isterii States, to n-diiee the 

pTo 'h""’ ” i"r ” ^Sitroitrhc for Satt\ I rates of freights ami fare, as the hiisiii.-ss of tin- 

o le pu MC on ■ -^(')|  s il*..n llr', rate narniicbe, in excel- i inercared, tln'rehy bringing ihstant plaees 
I' lent oriier, for one or tw-o horses, with in competition w-jflieai-li other, and incre.ising 

- . — douhlt' set of Hariie-'s. Il will he sold on v-ry the travel 1» tw een them. 

i. aceommodat i ng terms, if earlv applieatioii is, I |»oii Ihi.s ( i-inriple, the 31 A 31 310 1’ il 

12 Ihs. Sugar for '“'''L to V. 11 . 8 mi i ii, nt the Danville Hotel, L H OF Ii H Y is eii.i!i|e l to oiler the f.'l'ow iiig 
B Bd)Wl I\tl or to I arti(-les at very rctinct'tl nili's, and others in 

TIIO.S. Ii. J. .AYRI'.S. : llieb.,me [.roportion; 

rrrnril llrnilily. mayO , ’.'h 12 pounJs Snenr for -31 00 

ucdicinai purpose.*, I Wfoughl Nalls aud Brads. ^ e “ i'’'' i ^ 

R. A. WATT8. A FST reecived iiml for sale hv Sjitin ( Miiion .31 10 ct.s p.-r doz. 

,1 (»ug«) JOIINHWT. G. ,. aim COO HI 10 CIS per (il z. 

u7s!‘"'*'’ / ^"oi'LLN’'^i'pT SugiM-llou.e am! rini7- ! 

IL A \V.\TTS. t.ilion Mola.-ses, for sale by i I'Cf Bnsiiel. 

riiw 30 D. A. BU.''.8piI.. i n uivill*, |ul V 2-'), ‘.M 

rienc* III liusiuoss, tie deems it uiiueeessary to 
make furtlier j'iedgcs. Bnanhiig by the week, 
mouth or year can be ■ohtaiiieil, witli or w ithout 
lodging. Charg. s modeial*. 

.1 \S. \Y. (IKIFFIX, 

Somerset, dec 20, 1 50 ly 

.!\ 0 . 


Fi il — ['t-:!!' 

A ( -A. a . L, '.p i.f ^oo . So* ' an- 1 V '.k- 

J!,.; r*. 

^ ■ijitia ^ JfT'T :iT 

l-'rui; I 

V i kuT* ijst re iv . i.a ossorlmeiit of 

Ir I iiJil E itN . 

J r. 4. A CO 



!;c‘ f { hri 

AVTKG ro''nni**ii mv o!i: L ii'in«‘*sc. I ha 

c ii»T . II » I Inf h( t!^K V ii ••*n;»i»*a 

OM fort Vinr and GIiI rrrnrii llrnmly. | 

^ )l i’ lip III bottles lor medicinal piirpose.«, j 

Ayer's ( berrv Pectoral, 

AflB Coughs and Hoarseness. 


0 . L q. :. I 'w- i if], e. i,iv. tw o ,.oors tin- ‘Trihiuje.' C*llj'. e. 

l or Cnrjuiilirv and (’!tliinr|-)!akrrs. 

H II a lot ot tilue- Kettles ami Bench 

P .'^■ r -As, D A . i;i'.'-.8EI,. 

.Orcesdng Bureaus. 

'f DI.Lt'SlN'ti BT'Bf-!AFS, of various 
5 iZ 'lylcs. for sale 1 ijw a, (J \V. HLWIiY’:? 
I iirniliirc Vt irernoiiis, on Tliird street, under 

A- nJLT.- 

1) .\ .A V I L L E , K Y . 
^^EFICE — Over D. R nssel's Store. 


•• • «« mi m m -tW •• W m'l ^ 

L5-  •Ji.l 1.C JL 3 

.\ii l Deal I- r ill 

Paiiil.x Oils. ;i!i;! \\ inilo.v (Ila.^s, 

.Main Street, opposite tbe Hank, 

may .!:i, ’.j1 

^.¥AXSTS 3 ’ 

per l.iisiiel. 
n uivill*, |uly 2-'), ‘.M 


For Ihr Furr of 

roiLHs, Foi.D'i. ho\rskm:ss, 

BuoM mils, u i!oopiv;-  oitiii, 

 K0i r. \STIPI\. .I.M) 

( OX-*:! MPTI0 . 

.Among t'le niiiii.'rous diseoveri-s Seiene- 
has ill this g-neration to facilit.if.* the 
hn-iii'-- ' ot life — i'i. r.-.i'e its enjos in. nt, aim 
ev.'ii (.r.'iong tii.' I'-rm of iiiiiii.ia e\i»tem-. . 
none eau be mtined of more real vaiu-- to m i;i 

B^LOOlirj: Bl AT! 

A FF^^' Mn .F, r.F.KT * F TH '-R 
/Tf* /\ IF Ar i’IFFI- ltl.OO IFR sll.K 
II \TS, proH 'ineed in* mos: be:-lililu, its I 
of Hat ever in!ro«iuced to lh.  (lui' .c. 

Gi:o. L\ n\iN. 

!,-x -gt n, .aug I . '.' 1 

F \sfli4)  \ ni.F. 

E r I? \ ! r F II i., 

_ _ ^ -5 1:2: jij: rf ^ s a 


I N i '  B M their i-n .t.u'i'-rs bii-. tiie public 
t( t til' V h.ivr reii.ov - to tbe 

AHiiiiiiioth Fiiriiitiire \3 nrehoa e. 

Lately ocru| ied by J.A. . MARCH, on . 8 hort 
.-'tre,-t. b'-tW'-en t!;" two BauK--, wli- re tliev now 
have peril:-; s the largest stock of 
Fasbioiiable llo-.en oimI , 3lHhognoT, 
Malniit Hiitl   berry 

. . J ,   '•   J 

That can i' ‘ f ;iii,. i". ■ i: y house in the W-sf. 
Their st .ck is of Ih-ir ow n ii.b nufarln re. nml 
is w- arm ll••-•l to b ' eoual to aiiv manufactured 
east orw'"^t. Having none but lb* very best 
i workmen iii our employ, w* are deteriiiiiieo to 
m.ikc the b.-'-l .irtielrs at the lowest poosiblo 
' (.rices, am! will not be UD-'er.. |»i b, «ny ouotit 
I tbe same quality of goads. 

; W'e :iIso kee(» on liami ami mBnnfictar* to Nprin::. Iluir. 3lo«s mid .Shnrk 

) 1 \T 1 !MSSKS: \i;Mri\\ BLIMIS; 

An; every, ling else in tbe Furniture! "*, 
tt-r ;• k IS n-'W V'-ry lar-g.' ami comi'lefe, 
: r--» f irm-.; Mig t' • ir hoiis' s witti su. 'i 

xrl'-'.'.-S 111 ' 'to Wei ,o give -js 7 Cidi. 

»’ \ttk.k:   .n a \vi dkfff. 

T rW f arc j»re;' -r-i! with a very line N EW 
I1FAI» J.', t- alien., funeral caBs i-i the city 
ar ' .III 'll ry , at iiiv h--:- *f the uay or uight. 
L'-\;ngtoii. ; Mie 2i , '.'si tf 

Iron and Hardware Store, 

 igii of the Itig Store, 

»1\! .MKEET. IK\I\GT0\. kV. 

*J» • ^ J.. . i a 

f ’^riap trowc s hig..T 'ist r-r. tii'i fe 

f Oul* it t;,e .a V. "'o I rtio;:arj, oppc'^.l 
tbo Tr-m.ii* 1 lT.Ck 

lur.y J.t T. .T 8 JiT\ni,nroWtL. 

;G rema'-l ..: iy o'loi . soiite iirc r.u 

iT.t.oOs qi • s a- « f. f T 1 i.- li'-.l -x 
;  h/iW- an afthba'lid.; i\' a ii o*t i ( 
reqtMolGs .a mery we psr.x , 

«* .' 1.4 V sac iri-j.ort: 1 -' I- US a I ■_ t fi.r iiix 1 ! 
i,. t all-: the P.  k, as v, ,. ’ .js inr tbe sUste!..i!i 
 i'erOW 7 g ui'" r.-!i » r. I.t«lis,psr!l-.ll::n' 
luv the 1. ‘ .of I * ill* e?i: pr-|   0 . of V. ' -Il 

fca»e ••'•a 4t7«*- 't- tt cb ■ 

rtiore rx-, o'. V ;T to 

loor f-ir tb - r, -i: 

In .4c.-'l , !t‘- fi ; . . e . is', 

!aie-; to ol; i ' ' g ' ; 

a ftraag an . w .. . -i 


C le-n ' ;*l.Mtx t 'r ■: •’ 

«it auli;orit «s i;i \ v A  

pre c It ; c ,1 ' e ,. 

1 * . * I'l 

III :■ ?' 

I.*' c-.i.d* of t!.' -r-ivs^' ’ ! 

1 c' ft ■-.. '  rr 11 - 

*— liiOi.e* ol * O"!. i.’-. 'g I'* ’di • • 
13! je * r. -i V ft : s ; ' V ■ ; 

i.cioiir ar: - .c. . 

• ‘ :N A V '-ii 

yirorer*,* .. N : orv. 

ort lb, 

' b! ‘Ve I he   'e n: r ;! H.ui-i'. on M •'n-slr.-t 

The Old bo'rs}|t»' Hctnil 

•^l r-r. tii'i for ' Darvilla Cigar rian’4ifactory. 

rt’.o;:arj, oppY.- .ie An hue I'w, am ml nd to l..]i(-o:iM.t !:v 
• ll h n a g- m r - : -• -''rt'ii. nf of e\ ,-rv ..•■s.-ri,. 
N’DI.nrotV EL. of»i-;*tii-h Hdl   (.nirii'iii   i-gars, nil 

^ nf wd-rh I w .1 f .'-.s lon-i. r!y, a, wholesah' 

, :i-: r-t il. as clie;:(» as III,., he had at iiny 
h 'ii  I'l tile j' .K ft. Having b- i-n eni''. i in 

■lOi. some iirc f.u- i I • .. i" ,r . i . . .. “ , 

.' I ‘ ' IT ..1 i.-i.iii-, VI irr, nn;l n.y 

'■ 1 T , li -.l ; y . - ,.-1 „t„t,. n a- a C r M.imifaciiu I h'-iiig w. il 

I. os' _ _ it unne- 

oM 1 : It» • - r. f . . .|'X ti'.llotli.'qn l- 

ae a I - t lor Iiix ■ |. ,.f „iy ( , ; u . ;.,.r il,;,n I.: w .rriiiit ih'-in 

for t .e suste...i!i I ... ,|; J Q, . 1 .Sjinnisii an I 

I.tsli s. I^rfi'lilaiA roi o-r.,. J r I v solicit t:.e|. troi,- 

pei.o, of W"'iii:;, ag-oiinyr.'   " . rs ami Iriem s in lhi  ami 

1 MtCtcT !iit(cs-.k t;,* B ioil, ill Is s. ( fake this oppt r- 

) :• rejiutition u a ^ . ..mty to r i.. im iliaiiks for fii.'ir fonm-r p;;f- 
' ,, .rc '-fv. an fo nr.’ il;--iii ti ut in lutnre 1 

s ,o viS'. (II I V- , |„ •• (;,. k to In,. I 'si. 

= , • :l  ^ •  si': 'f ;on iJ I intcii. also to k -.-p on han.l the best 
M . ' 1 ' * - or- I .lx ol kiigin'T, .Missouri aii.i Kentucky 

  tirv. It'S Tt l!:t«* -«). 

f. corni:i.ils. 

' ** ;■ ‘ ' ■ ’ see (2, -.'.1 ff 


s. can bo h.ui at 

lij C. \V. nL\VF,Y'8. 

4  'BX W « 4 B X 

^ B it I'i, 

F at] siz,.s. can bo h.ui at 
[may DiJ G. \V 

C * I »*. f  « ? 

k ]ND03V ft LA.-'."', of :ill s;z 's. on liaufi 
* » and for sal.' at reaiir.-'l i.ric.'s. ('ail 
ami see before yon buy elsexxh-i-e. 'I'hose wish- 
ing to biiv, wiil do well fo give me a call. 

Ii. I F\ .MILTON. 

Danville, ang 22, '51 tf 

liy DilZ. Painted Huclvrt« and 2 dozen 
^ Painted Tub', for sale at 
ang '2'2 BOUNG’S. 

s*4 t*4‘rfi ‘R2 

f tRl .‘'HFiD, Pow.'ereil, Loaf .arnl Blown 8 n- 
v.y gnr;   l'l Bio t'olT-e; 'I'eas, Green .and 

D uivill*, 'Ul V 2.1, '51 ; none , O' V. ...U.r 1,-m X I'U" lo m.i;i Ills Sloe: IS  -a , '• an., T„ 

_ ______ ' kiml, ih.iii this contrilintiun of t liemistrv I.. ai»ox-e bram lies. a;., h* is ieternii 

^ M -X e*» -w\ ; tile H,-aling .Art. .A xast trial ot it ; virtU' s rlieap as anv ho'’s* ;n f!i ' West. 

H& CM ^ « llirviighoiit till* hr.-a.i c.Mintrx . 1 ms j,r,.v-ii l,e- dneements ot!'«re. fo -v'M.ies .le p 

■*FI’LRlOB Green aiiil Bl ick T.'as — a* g'lo.i yon.l .loiibt. ttm; im ni" iivi(i.- or . omiiuMlio'i Tin t\l \.s HR 

^ as was ev.-r sold ill Uie oily — ^jiict received ot no dieiii'-s \ -t kimw n,^c iii so snr'-!x control Lexineton. r ".e 1.1, 1 '5l 
i) for sale by ian.lenr.- th" nmiieron , varieties of |.uini»narv ^ 'j - 

T HFi Quarterly Terni.s of the Court of the j Block, of the very liest, .'^puii f oifoii." 
.Imigt- of Boyie (ouiity will be held on the | '‘'l‘ “■“! ibitling; Cigars and Tobi-cco; Star 

fl- I M.'iiday- in ilie inonlh.s of .March, J u ne . r"I‘* -''"""•'er Prt sed ’’I’.illow ■'-.s; Ktoiie 
.^. pteiiili'-r '.n-i DeC' 111 ! er. .-A II (lersotis h.ivii.g i " fHassw-.ire; Cider Vi in-gar, a good 

Im-iiic's with the will alxva v .s fin.-i liini i -51 'Ckerel, .N c. .Ac. These articl.-.' aru 

ft. lire ( Miic,' of .1. I'. 1 “B fr»’s|i and just received, aud will b* sohl verv 

( ^ as w as ev.-r sold ill Uie eily — jii--:t received of ni' liicim-s \  -t kimwn, ^c iii so snr.-!y rontrul 
am) for sale by i ami  -ur.- th" nmiieron , varieties of puiiimnarv 

may 2, I,. DIAIAIITP. uis.-ase xv.iich have hitherto sxx-*pt from onr 

iiiid-t Ihon-aii'is ami tlmii'aii.:- evi-rv \ 

\Y ttXefcl i I iidee.l, thi're is iioxv ahuml.uil r'-,is,..|i 

** - s •  X* ! a B'-ii'"dv at len^rth hern toiinu ixhi.-hrm 

POFNDS wool, wanted, for '■'■Bed to cure the most d.ingernus ath-c- 
.vliieh the highest (.rice m f»oocls xx-ill he given- Item' "f 'b" lung'. i ur S(i:».'e here will not 
inv2 CALDWLLL \ 8 H AC KLLIi Hi D. j»ermit us to puhlisli any pro|.ortion of lb" 
— ! rll'e«-ti-d by its ii-'e, but w e v. ou Id present , bp 

Collins’ History of Kentucky. j follow ing 0 ( inioiis of eiiiiueiit inen, ami rtl'-r 
•r copies forsa'le at the Bookstore of l further enquiry to tlie circular wlihli the Agent 
P 1 {. WATTS* i h'-low ii.imeil, will always be jdeased to fiirii sb 

*l25, l  59 j free, xvln-reiii ;ir'- full particulars, and imiis- 

^j^HF, .subscri -er keeps consl;.;;- y on haui 
I a larg" an., -xten- ' vo s{r ,-k of 

ihn'ittrftrr of all himls,, 

fiillpry. !.'»:,!xins-»;ia\3 Pl.itrs. ( .irprnli r'l 
anii I .il)iacf-''Lik»‘rN Tniils. Italian 
 !:iri»lf for I aifiarl Work: 

Till W ar** ami 

finprnvrd and Cas| lrun Pumps; :t  -alpa 
III evi-rv ilc-«-ripli4Mi‘. Npriirg' and 
**prin*: W ire; Hair   loth, .Vr. ikr. 

His sloe'; IS an., an pie in i-' (ha 

above brail, li"'. a;., h* is ieternif*., to se.' so 
rlieap as anv ho'’s* ;n f!i ' West. l.i) *rui la- 
dneements otfvrei fo 'v‘;,.|es .le :• r  ii ,sers. 

TIH‘\l\.s HKA’i^LKY. 

Lexington. jc".e Fl, 


U 11 'Lr* ISS LP I 

K EN'S VRI   V I O. ar* now opening 
their Fall -lilocK of Good', enil, racing 
24 ! iecc^ Rox.xl \ r . ,*».trv: 

SvJH5 *N!! SJfiov;! 

M s i-'KY, p,j. is. c.c. 

I'anviile, an . IS, '5! tf 

:iieil!.,l per! - 

11 .'f : I '• . :m. 

■ I ' I : % g oiti'-r 

:-- I.f 

g €‘!i.' ’.'.'11 n- '-:n-!i 
XX rs. A 
"! :e ami iii.i- ' .;e- 
a.i fur  B  i.y 
' ' \ t-rt’. 
i : .mg M'-r. linf* 

llac on. 

A fMAFL lot cf Mip.nor Baron Fideii for 

uV Ml* « v 

t'At.rVv-rt.t. vV PHACKFT.KORn. 

8 of C'offrr fTorS;fl 

At the 


G BFFV and FI.ACIC TFA8. of the Keu 
 ii: 4. ty, Ol. haiio jtnd for e .le nx 
“My 3* D A. Bl -8EL 

I T r r,-.pived, a large ni|q.Iv of th* hesi . ^ I’cM' 

*/ HpiMnsli Cigar*, rmhri-eii.g V: iiiis B,-g;i- ; ' ’’’■* 
lias, 'Inif.ti Ca i.'-ui B'galia.s,, ‘ 

('az - lore;.. Prill. .(. -.s, .A r. \ e. I am still m.sii mti'cli 1 
I'lai't oring - ■ ()'• . '.r S ,l.•^m'il , K'-nt ni-',; :*;paiiis!i. 

L : .~pH;''-i'. 'I ,.s, an-: Coiiiinon (.'.ig.irs, w-!ii.-li 
1 V. 1 s !' e:i ' Xi-i. l'le teiiiis, cilinral Wm/e- f 3A8. ( 
salf nr ri Inti ! V A ri. Ii, 

  h  u iii'g ToI ,qrco of every description Hubscriuer 

ke|it i-oii'tanlly on i U'l. - 

mar'Js ' 3«I\ HAYT. in 

Srtiht-s, Ac. 

f tGI, N and (ira s Scytii.-s, and Cradling 
w"' .1 * '■**-‘d.« hii: g lor use. .Also, best ^|3HK it miersigu.-d, ha\ ing close. 1 tiiei 
. . rjllie . toms and K.fl. .s, lor salt by 1 („ Danville, requ- sl an iimurd: 

"‘■'3 -d' D. A. BU.- .=‘F,L. 

SI’l \ CO'ITOV. i 

i G 7 and 800 at lU cent': 4'iO at II cents, 
da'l'- BL.N. BOW KING. 

Superior F.amily Flour! ~ 

r Fh! r,- -eive.!, H  Idils, of .''tn| erG 1 e Flour, 
f'.-M- the c.‘lebl;.|eu MagMioIia Mills, Ma I- 

all Iresli and just received, aud will h* suhl verv 
cheap f. r cash. 

l» BOl.I sCr. 

Rug '.51 

^|’'HL nmlersigu.-d, ha\ ing close. 1 tiieir husi- 
* ness ill Daiivill,'. reqii- st nn iimurdiatr sit- 
thinfiit of all iircoiiiit3. 'I'he |.m)ks and ac- 
counts -ire in the bands ofG HO . V LI Li; , 
who will r. ceipt for all nmn-'V receiveii. 
jul\ 4. '51 F. YLl.-^F.K N CO. 


i-:jr . Jj 5 .j Ot (be store of the subscriber, on 
•Mfi sti'-.t,in Danville. 

r.mrcli 1 1, ‘.51 JOHN WILSON. 

'■•'^ -‘•b » L ; l JOHN WILSOxV. 

( 3 A/'. Oil, and Lard Lain[is, in all their va- 
A ri. ti.'.s, are to be loum! at the store of the 

aub'crioer. JOHN WIl.SON. 

jA\ the us.' of the l»-st Razor they liave ever 
ecu, would do v.ell to call at the siib.-criber’s 
lore, .Main street, andsup| ly themselves w-ith 
a Lucoutre or Chinese Razor. Take one on 

k. .A. WATTS* I b'-low 11 . iineil, will always be (dease.l to fiirii sb *»[) , 

*l25, l  59 j free, xvln-reiii ;ire full particulars, and imiis- . 

-- - I putable ( roof of the-e facts. 

.''^iiocs! !^!! SLuC'vF' From the of A mher'l folli g*. , f. 

_ I 1 , r T   • I Ihc c»-l»-biJtl* d Prof. Hiichroi-k. f. 

I I I received a goo. I lot of l.a.iies ami ... ^ 

Clii!. Iren’s Shoes, selling as b'W as the low- ^ ‘‘J.iines L. .A »er  ir; I b.i.e ii'-.-d yon.- 
esl lor t'asn, and chca|) on crecil. j‘ hikhv I i-  K\t. in iiiy own of ;!ee(i- *»  nz 

„,.,V Ih J M. NICHOL.-'^, Is.-ai Brom-lutis. ami am saiislie.l from it* ^ I' 

, ■ ,ehe'"i'-al eou.-iilntiiin. that it i.s an a.ii ira' -e ^ 

iJtfilt'iftjler ifiimCt J eoi-i|if n 1 ! , fi.r tile r. .lef of larvn' am. iTon- Druv 

-X ,, , , t.- , L' th' Ili -s. Il nix opinion as toil* sn-.- 9 

BI.LS, Hvd,.mlic L.rtic. rr U =t.-r dMr.. t.rcan be of service, vuu are 

V/ (ement, receiveu on com'.anment amc xn think proper.' 

^ , ■i.'x.r'i I LDWABD lliTCH'iU K. L. L. D., ^ 

_ .3/ IJG/x /’.I / / /.Mi.A , Vrisulrnt nf th S. 

^ ■t.A NDIjES, Stntchy and Sonp. for s-ti* C. Srniiti , sf.ites th it he has used the Cherry ami. An 
by D. A BC.S.^KL. | Pectoml with wo. l '■ rflll success, to cure an in- ... j ' 

- : tl.imm.itioii of the lungs. ii , 

I ll -l, 

1 i-'tom llip uidcly cHebrnted Profc'sor D»ir 

A LL pe-sons indebted to the iMo firm *f ’ M. ! .. ! .. /'ro/is.-or of P.lio 

z -A John M. S« ott vt Co., and to the sul.seri- • Wimro/o.yy .y 1 «/e   „//ey,. Hue, 

bers, are r.-ipiesled to call and settle up. a* w. of the Lt . Hist. Med. hil. and .V;- 

intrmi settling onr business as soon as (.ossibl*. ^ocoti.* ot Amrrira and Eurnpr. 

One of ns can alwaxsl.e found at the counting “’r ^ ffnirab!" 

ooiu of T. C. .-'iionse, (our oid stand.) composition from some of the best articles 

’I   l''r . lt‘ 4 iir;i,;nia a vrry •'ticrlive rem#*tiv , 

... for the rixs.s of iiisesses it is intended to cure." T*^ 

■'" New Haven. Ct.. Nov. 1, 1^19. 1 

-Ul 1-4, 7-9, and 3-4; 

I I'.-tT received a goo.l lot of Ladies’ ami 
a f Cliiiilreu’s Shoes, selling as I  w as th" low- 
est lor t'asti, and chcu|  on crecil. 

may Hi J M. N ICIi  M.-':, 

iJtifl nnjlir ^ imr. 

BBLS. Hvdi.inlic I.iftic. rr Wat.-r 
■**'■' • (.'enieiit, received on con.siati’neiit ami 
for s.-'.l'! hy 

mar 7 D. .-A. Bl’''.SRI,. 

julv 4,'51 F. YLl.^L.K ftV CO. iO^ ^ ^ . i 

[JrTi^+ p? ^ 7 pc'sons indebted to the It-fo firm *f 

• lr»a3»' S*xw\i«ailil3a ■‘ijou'Myj. S,-ott vt Co., and to the subseri- 

\ L,AB(iL lot of  H:iss mid Fhittii, a- bers, are r.M]iie'led to call and settle up. a* w# 
inong w-liieh are some baiu!some .sets. iiitemi settling onr business as soon iis possible, 
may Hi J. .AL NICHUl.S. (due of ns can alxvaxslie foiiml .at the eountiiig 

V. 4 ......... 'ooiu of T. C. .''house, (our oid stand.) 

E.VfOl PHI. P.AZOI..S, SFOrr d; iSF. rTLF.S- 

K LI. who want to enjoy a rich lii,\nry in niav.50 
tile use of the best Razor they liave ever 

24 piecc^ Ri'v.d \ r ._,*».try: 

2 -t “ -'•* Hrii  .e; s Y., J 

15 “ Sii In. ■ d-p V ; 

2 i| “ SijperiMie Ing. .u; 

Ci  •• Fina o 

A *' Di '-’ .\ Atii .ui t-4,7-9, and 3-4* 

r. “ Tw. ... 

fi “ A’en »!an 5-:*. d- l. ttm; 4 - 4 : 

fi vj;:--.?.. '  1 : ■- I -■!!;. xv-ll h w* W CUtt* 

aiix sr/. r: ,an or n , 

A I iT'ge I ■* ol .A\. ;iistc: , Chenf lie Taft 
am \e;vi 

I ?uggets. fi-i. 1 '-4. l'2-l. a ., Ig..j X, ,if 

? iS* £ i rf 

Frori tlie lu st makers in N . York eitv. 

5't pa.-s super L,«c* anu .Muann Enibrsiuer -d 

Super aim extra s,i; -r Damask, mth Cornish 
and .A rms to -h. 

"- 1. 9- 1. .in. l,i-4Tal i# Damas’a; 

11 1. 12 I Irish and Barusly Sheeting. 
Dtirask N.i( kius; 

IMiow-Cas* l.inena; 

Hiiccobac Diaper., 

ftirondole*. 1. .3. and 5 Lights; 
Coriieiiu*’ L.imp*. 

^3ior*« .*4 lid iloof«. \ _ 

M T otoek of Ll, Gentlemen, Mi-ses, i ('ft 

VoHth's and f hil. iren’s Root* and .shn..* irivx vir' »i  ! a 
is very large and w*)! assorted, and of the |. -.'•t I * ^ ^ 
workniauahip and meterials, and w ill l e oold c .v . Box.'. 
very cheap. Examine for vourselves. 0"M.rem/x~wnich *? 

oept 19 WM. M. HELDS, f ^ 

Ilt llip Sood. 

^kBI’SHLLS ll.mplSeed for.aleby 
• "" aprils G. A. AILMS'I BONG. 

I HAA F, on liand aboiit 2,'».riOO Vxrellen 
anu t hcsniii M:iii;.!rs forsale 
anri! J A.-:. M. NICHOLS. 

I.i ffil % :ii*o:d \\ fki-Lrya 

i .-^ftR Me.j.'.il r.irpose,., for sale by 

.act:''] J OHN HAYT 

f ; ■ 

J ON A Nir,';-*I,S A- FO hare thi'- '.iy re* 

r 1 -5 Box"'. s'ln'iior FUB.A FiGABS 

4a fX 9*.':iuriti .NiilfH’ttt. 

1 * T -*w L.-AIB.S e-iiperior Sew-ed Shoes, just 
■ received ami for sale low by 


t-'rnUs a If ft M^rrsrrres. 

O I. ANtiL.'', Ajqdes, Figs, Raisins, assorted 
I’reserves, etc., just received and for sale. 


.Hi;;r:t r. 

\ FrprniOR artie'e of N. O. Sugar, re- 
ceived and for sale Low for Cash, by 
n. RtJLlNG. 

f T.A AIII.IL.'' w ho are (larticiilar to have a 
j” clioi.'.' ;ind KU| crior article of Flour, may 

Cigars and Tobacco! 

S UPF.RIOR Spanish Cigars and best quality 
of Cliowing Tobacco, for sale at 

F ine Fans, I’earl B, ads, Hair Bins, Rings 
-Breast Bins, I'erfumery, iiii.i a tlionsand 

j UST reccivcil a lot of Tar from Londeaia S.xco. .Me . .A| 

4 and 5 gal. kegs, and for sale by Dr. J. 'J. Ayer, Lowell. Dea 

feb2H D. A. RUSSEL. constantly using your CHcaav F 

II • ^ 7 i i ~ rTi ^ pr.ictice, and prefer it to any oth 

llOWt’S k'liak(T oSI'SHpnrillSj pulmonary complaints. From 
A large supply for sale by many severe cases, l am convnc 

R. A. WATTS coughs, colds, and diseases ol I 
— have |,ut to defiance all otiier re 

riiiiiii. (.’hiss and yiKTiiswarf. 

F lint, Cutund Pressed (ilass of every de- remedy known for that disease, 
scription, as also White and Gold-hand Respectfiillv, I. S. CTSFI 

Breast Bins, I'erfumery, tiini a tliousanci I- scription, as also AA bite and Gold-hand Respectfiillv, L S. CTSFI MA N, M. D. | , ' ,h i h Jr '* *^"** 

little articles not iieces.sarv to men, ieii— com- China, English and French. Iron Stone and rrfBiiTfd and Sold hit James C Aver Praeti Gn m... i 4. *T M i» bow 

.very ll'ii'g U".l ..".y b, c.ll.. 'V„„, i„ T.a ,„.l S,„. k.p. Jl£Z,. l"Zll. -W,?.., ' \ i h^d .7“' ‘ L".* 

jno-Vav:-. |'o".ft';diy «.i. by ..b»nb.r .. h- K„.. b, A. s. . 

store. Main street, 
mar 14 


the Materia .M.-cira, and a very etb-clive remeuy ' 44 ilh «nit«hle for 

for the cHs.s of iti'esses it i.s intended to cure" T*^ *N. 

New Haven. Ct.. Nov. 1 . IM9. j |J. /; #/.#.VlW i.V€i K ^ 

From one of llir firsl PhjTifinnS in Maine. Embracing -250 pitteru*. varying from 8 , eta. 

s.xco, .Me . .April 2fi I ■•49. i (• V2.50 p*r piece, with 4’«|Tet, (fold, aud Com* 
Dr. J. 'J. Ayer, Lowell. Dear Sir: I am now ; mon Border* to match, 
constantly using your Cherut Pkctorai. in iny j ‘'“r Goo,!« being porchaoed entirely from 
pr.xctice, and prefer it to any other ipedioine for j •’•^4 hands, our customers may expect to got 
pulmonary complaint*. From odservation of j at the Lowest poesible rate*. — C ai.l and 
many severe cases, I am con v need it will cure ' See. 

coughs, colds, and diseases ol Ihe lungs, that; KENN ARD dc CO. 

have put to defiance all other remedies. j Lexington, Kv.. aug ‘29. ‘51 tf 

1 invariably recoii iiien.l it.s u.'e in canon of ' ■ 

consumpliun, and ronsider it mm-ii the best ' Mill, 

rx'inedy known for that disease. i ri'^iit' v -l . . . 

Respectfiillv, L S. CLSH MA N, M. D. ' | ‘y' '''’'’'^/iber wishes to inform his cne- 

„ , , ... .. I " ‘omers, th It his ^VHK %T MII.L I* now 

Vrfparfd and Sohl y James .Iyer, f’rorti- | in coii,pl«ie order, having a 4Vhe«t .Herr*. 

cal Chemist. Uu-fll Mass , ,„d attached. lie is now pro,»ared tm 

0:^^*ol(l in Danville. Ky., by .V. S. i c lean Wheat and make eooD i'EOl R on 
.Mcl»RClKT\ , and by Druggists gener- ' "bort notice, at the Cove Factory. 

wl.ici. are olL-reu x-cry l.w lor ‘^' 'y '•‘‘‘‘•■•C i’ ' of the 

, ■' subscriber, Aiain slretl, ami hi l«ir rates 


15.500 LBS. \4'UU1, wanted it 


Clover Seed 

J UST received aud for B;tleby 

D. A. 


I M9*all M^apci% 4 V. 

J OHN H.AYT, at the stand or Cornelius A: 
Hayt, w ill continue to keep on hand a fal 
I supply of the latest and most fashionable stylee 
jof Wall Vaprr. Unrdering, xyc., which he will 
sell at Ili* usual loxv prices. 

•ept ‘ 20 , Ibf'O If 

allv throughout the Tnion. 

??|W| BUSHELS 4IlsT.\Ki  .SEED, 
lor which the highest Cash price 

will be given. 

lUg b 



may 2. ’.51 tf 

To RlnekHmithn* 

I f* are now receiving a large and genem 
▼ T assortment of Red River Irwa. 


march if), *h0 

The Kentucky tribune, 1851-10-31

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Danville [Ky.], Kentucky by Mitchell & Hall
   Boyle County (The Bluegrass Region)