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date (1892-04-06) newspaper_issue 

Mns. It, Am MM -con baa rerurnerl 
from Cincinnati. 

Mm [da B. Iomomm returned l »t 

eveniDit from a short visit to Cincinnati. 

 l \~on ((unity's rnmalttre. appointed 
before th.- state foeid of Bqnallaa 

left for Fnnkfort this morning, 

Mm Maky Eossnt, of Clnejypaatl. whs 
In tin- city yesterday an route Bome after 
a visit to relative., in Fleming couniy. 


 "l seM to ' 

Fair t 

cedod«by showers in the East por- 
tion, followed by colder weather. 

larrhr sbuve i 
period of thlrt  --It 
te-saorro* evenlnir 

Spi.iw Hat — Nelson's. 

Siiikts made u, -rdcr— NVI* 

Fair to. Thursday night, pre- 

' "leEa ■ 
ir \ 

Nkwvt in W*|| Papers! Greenwood' « 
QOTn Bitel's ltesiaurant, No 181 Mm 

Watcih-.-. Clocks iiml Jewelry cheap, 
it Mcc unhej - 

Rev. J. B. VYmoht will begin a pro 
traded meeting al Moransburg next 


Tho Bank of Maysville, will leave to day 
for Clifton Springs. N. V. 

use. ut Bitel's 190 Market St. 

The rates for advertising iu The 
Public Leihjkh are reasonable, and Uni 
form. Patrons who pay $50 a year may 
rest assured that their neighbors do not 
get off with $!S0 for precisely the same 

Thosk wishing fresh and reliable Oar- 
den and Flower Seed. Plants and Grape- 
vines, should call on H, H. Cox & Son, 
South tide Second street, two doors from 
SuttonJ the largest dealer.- In bulk seed 
in Maysville. 

benefit t 
give plat 

I! im I uiikii that THE PUBLIC Ledoeh 

office is on the " ground floor," and that 
visitors are always welcome, especially 
those who are hearers of news items, 
aubscriptions. advertisements or orders 
for job printing. 

It is noticeable tbat the week preceding 
the convening of Circuit Court is always 
an exceptionally dull one. So many oi 
Our farmers are required to attend court, 
as jurors or iu some other capacity, and 
postpone their visit to the city until then. 

••Tiik People s nuildiug Association" 
started with 1.044 shares. For saving, 
investing or borrowing money It offers 
unsurpassed advantages. Take stock iu 
second series commencing May 7th. 
Robert L. Baldwin Secretary, JolwDuley 
Treasurer, C. L. Bailee Attorney." 

The books or the Limestone Building 
Association are still open for subscription 
to stock in the seventh series. Call on 
11 0, Sharp Secretary, James Threlkeld 
Treasurer, 0. I). Newell Solicitor or any 
I the Directors and secure stock and 
buy you a 

If you wan' a good Lawn Mower v 
cheap, go M Prank Owens Hard* 
Co., you can get from 10 inch to Hi ii 

Miss Hanson, of West Second 
street, returned yesterday (run I week's 
visit lii Mrs. J. B Iloltun, near Washing 

HATE you seen our office Vet! If not 
call around and we will show you the 
hast equipped and most conveniently ar- 
ranged one in the statu. 

Hov sK-ciaa nino now —If you want a 
Step ladder. Hny size, a feet to 10 feet in 
length, step to Frank Owens Hardware 

Sixth Ward, bate been awarded the con- 
tract for erecting a nice frame residence 
tin Mr. Lee Gray la tie West end. 

Jamjm Smith, ifiet being kept indoors 
several months from injuries received ill 
a fall, was out yesterday for the Hist time. 
He celebrated the event by subscribing 

tot Tin. Lbbvu for a year. 

o rttn, the reevfpteof the Ma? 

nd i 

ad i 


., the 

a lv. 

presstoa of Tin-. LjIDOBn.ll J, J. Fitzger- 
ald, the Plumber. Mr. Fitzgerald is a 
llrsl class workman He also has for 
sale the Jewel Gal Stove, which wekuow 
from experience to be the beat article On 

the market 

Any subscriber wln-e paper has not 
been promptly ami regularly delivered. 



watches, diamond rings, pint, p.-i,d 
ante, ear. drops, studs, emerald and Jia- 
nond rlugs, ruby end diamond rings, 
itarllng silver forks, s| oons and ladles, 
flne guld neck obalns, whb and without 
diamond*, also, repairlug flue watches 
Jewelry a specialty. Huooessor to 

' Hoppp i 

"A URU too late." and " a little too 
soon." Just arrived, a lot of thirty very 
fine imported Double Breech Loading 
Shot-guns— the celebrated "Continental. 
Now is the time to buy n Breech Loader 
out of season. Prices low. of Frank 
Owens Hard ware Co . 

Tiik stained glnss windows that hnvc 
been placed in tho ML K. Church, South, 
aisj very handsome. But when I be Build- 
ing Committee is composed of gentlemen 
having the good taste of Tom Keith. F.d. 
Browning and John AdaDUOti, how OOntd 
it be otherwise? [No charge.) 


of the Post mi. ler was |9, 000. 

The present Postmaster assumed charge 
on the Brd of February, 1«H0. and at 
doaa n! his lir-t full rear, ending March 
gist, IWl, the receipts bad risct 

|»,14i.ST, the salary advancing to *• 



of I 

year —as it is technically called by the 

Department the ■Allowance Year,"- 

ending March Mist. l*ie, and the result 
set forth below must lie gratifying t« 
every citizen of Maysville who has n pridi 
in the prosperity of the good old town. 

The sales of stamp- ami Stamped good 
for the p:ist year, compared with the saim 
quarters of the preceding year, weic :v, 

June Nth 

a* gist 

Totals MJsYn M 

This shows an increase over 1890-91 of 
$1,09.1 77. and places the office three 
grades higher than it ever was hi-fi 
and will give the Postmaster a salary of 
11800 from the 1st of July next: 

Iu the Registry and Money Order 
pnrtments the transactions have also hi 
quite large, as shown by these figures; 
No.reiflstered loners received and dis- 
patched 5.3SU 

No. |,U~1M| ri s i.sllnl 

big packing house in Louisville, and the 
IlourlMin Stock yards is over. Foi 
$280,01)0 in stock of the Bourbon Slock 
yurds Company, Ciidaby has agreed tt 
withdraw from the Held and to throw all 
his influence to the Bourbon people. 

CilAiti.Es BltKCKlSKtlHiE, colored, who 
who was hound over Monday bj fqail 
Grant on a charge of petit larceny, was 
yesterday tried before Judge Phister. 
sent to Jail for sixty days. Tho articles 
stolen were: A five dollar bill, a knife, 
A pair of suspenders and a quart of 
whisky. The victim was John Roach. 

Tenth .Anniversary (Vlrliral/d. 
Mr. and Mia. Robert Davis— the Ii 
was Miss Annie Ort of this city ten years 
ago— celebrated the tenth anniversary of 
their wedding at their home back of 
Aberdeeu on Monday. Among those 
present were Henry (Jrt and family, and 
the families of Messrs. Douglas P. and 
George Ort of this city. 

anavrer to many inquiries, The 
Lkihikh can stale, on authority that is 
official in the first degree, that Maysville 

beeu entitled to the Free Doliv 
System since the 1st day of July, 18ttl 

But Maysville is only one of sixty five 
thousand Postofflces In tbe United Htstes, 
and tbe details of each cine of them has 
to be looked after by the Department at 

Now, dear reader, If you had the affairs 
of sixty-live thousand families to look 
aftor, don't you think it would keep you 
it of otber mlscblof for a few weeks? 
Tbe fact is, Maysville will get her Utter 
Carriers Just aa soon as tbe appropriation 
bill fur tbe year INKS it U pasted by Con 
grass and the Deparliu. ut,*sn reach Ike 
a«e And she will »••' them a day 
mrlle. J V 

. a.- * a 

Hint money-order and registry business 
cut IK) figure in tho receipts of the office 
The person who buys a one cent postage 
stamp contributes more toward building 
up the business of the otlice than the ma 
who buys a million dollars worth i 
money-orders, if the liittcr were possibl 

Tiik Lkikiku hud something to say yes 
terday about the outragous Increase of th 
assessment of Mason county by the auto 
eratic State Board of realization a 
Frankfort. The County Assessor, Mi 
John C. Everett, has sineo given us 
sample of the assessment of property ii 

authorities. The VV-ncrc farm of David 
Hechinger is assessed at £5,000, and the 
highest offer he bus been able to get for 
h is $7,000. 

Major Tlllaan la (laflsaatl. 
Major Tillman, whose $25,000 embez 
Element from the Falls City Bank, Louii- 
villo, and subsequent mysterious disap 
pi$fB)»l after making away with $10, 
000 additional belonging to a Mrs. Alex- 
ander, of that city, created a sensation 
last year, is now residing with his daugh 
ter, Mrs. C T. Woodrow, tbe wife of the 
senior member of Woodrow. Baldwin & 
Co., printers, at her residence. No. 10 
Huntington Place, Mt. Auburn. Cliicin 
natl. The indictments against him for 
embeezlement will probably be quashed, 
as his abstractions from tbe bank have 
been repaid In full 

We wish that our frionda throughout 
tbe county would take It upon themselves 
send us the news iu tbeir respective 
localities. It lakes news to make a real 
live locsl paper, end that Is what wo 
want to make Tua Lbimikm. 
Remember that anytblug which 
you may prove of interest to s 

1 Id's th 

riven* n pent the 

a tour of Kentucky, and 
I. no d. ubt, be included 
i been for years one nf our 

Kko Lake Falls, Minn., April .— 
The storm Is growing more violent 
every hour. A furioua blizzard is rag- 
ing north, tho wind sweeping 
prairie* at a tremendous velocity, ac- 
companied by volumes of drifting snow. 
Over a foot of snow ha* fallen. Many 
have left their supply of wood dwindle 
during the recent warm weather. 

V liv. 



icrlfleed i 

police station, where the bt 
found to contain a dynamite 1 
j a fuse ready for lighting. 
The Fremliman said the 
placed a similar bomb In the 
idently the fuw 
out. An examination of the 
suited in the discovery ot\ * 
hind a pillar. Each bor 
about six pounds of dyui 
to have wrecked the w oo' 
the Frenchman's papers 

ill bo ' anarchistic proclaqjrV i ^ 
statement: ^^ps£j 

Sami ki. It Oldham ike Plumber neV 1 1 
vertisesin this h* prasslon of Tm L-awfca 
the "BcHpaa" stove, which cooks with a 
current of hot air. Now that the summer I 
heat b coming, the housewife will be 
InMkjng for something In relieve |the j 
kitchen of Us Dintora, and a non-heating I 
stove will go a long ways in Hint direc- 

1— The sever- 

"Every thin 

sit«-d this scc- 

mmsmced with 

wick«l Ms,,. 

n fury. About 

venU working 

anged to sleet 

they produce 

llgh Wiod has 


their plunder 


■ob the poo 
eetiem. / 

To yoauow Mr P. F Martin of Flem 

iinfooiiii \ will Wild .Miss .V ice L Degman 
at kef la, her 'a home. Spriiigdale. The 

lerhle is adangtatei of Mr. c. c. Degman. 
a bighl] esteemed csitrsee of ibis povnty, 

and a lady of rarejac   umplisl.meuts. The 
groom is one of Fleming county's most 
prominent young farmers. Tin. l'i BUG 

i.i •.! (. i. k extsadi nearly coogtatnlationa 

rift. , 

. Apr 

A ( ot i-i.K of " drummers" yesterday 
afternoon jumped off the F. F. V., while 
going down Front stieet. As there is an 
ordinance against such performances, olli 

cer Bland, who was a Witness to the act, 
promptly arrested them and took them 
beiofjl Mayor Pearer. Tiny were of- 
fended at what they tbougbl the unwur- 
ratite t action „| |be offloer, hut were iu- 
forttHld that he had only don,, bis duly, 

and io l'o with a warning as to the future. 

B Mf tVaasSB Event. 
The new M0.0N Mbacco warehouse 
known us the Bodmann is now op n at 
Cincinnati. It is  lx stories hiir!i and 2imi 
by 19fl fee». It is a complete tobacco 
house. At Me opening a handsome chum- 
pagne luncheon was set for the gveetl 
with the compliments of Mr, H. H. Hoff 

Withers sold 

sd v 

lOgsheads. The 

hrst I 

), old hogshead, the best 
price known in years. It belonged to" a 

Mr. fonng, of Ripley, o. la 1801 there 
were 1.900 hogsheads of tobacco sold in 
mucin* atl at a valuation of ?25,(KK) ; in 
1N0! the sale was 20.57!), value $2,030,- 
680 91. 

where many chilled to death. The 
loss wfU be heavy. Telegraph com- 
munications has been cut off since 

Mn.w.u KKB. Wis., April ft.— A tor- 
nado passed through Grant county, at 
2 o'clock Mondny afternoon, leveling 
barns, fences, telegraph poll's, and un- 
rooting houses. There wan no loss of 
lifo, so far ae known. Later reports 
I from the country near lllattctvllle. may 
be of a more serioua nature. 

Deb MotirE9, la., April 6— Rep irts 
n-celvad In thle  Aiy from different 
I points in the western and central Iowa 
i sIkw heavy rainfalls and great dam- 
age. At OuthrioCtaterthostormscems 
to have been its severest. It wns ac- 
companied by hall, which, with the 
strong wind, brok* windows nud dkl 
otber dnmagu. The streets were cov- 
ered with layers of large stones, which 
the rnin following swept into huge 
| drifts, which acted as darns and caused 
a flood of water. It Is not known how 
extensive this fall of hall was, but it is 
feared that it extended over COBB Id SETS 
bio territory. 
' ErriXGltAn, III., April 8. — During a 
severe thunder storm here Leo Dale was 
instantly killed by lightning, and his 
I brother probably fatally injured. Tho 
I storm has caused seven washouts on the 
Vundidla line between here and Tcrru 
Haute, nnd all tho trains nre temporal*- 

ily abando, 
the hi -host 


: us help   
et tw attack the rich in all eat 
eanss— with fire, knife one 1 
wnership is theft. Death to 
Miisic. Strike now." •.' .  
There were throe large red ci 
he top and bottom of the proclai 
itures. The polie, " 
ruber of the Mano.fJ 

here to which the Xe.res anarchists bc- 
longerl. The police think that ihc ph M 
wen* laid by anaruhlftta in I'a*Jis In col- 
lusion with memVkirs of the Mai 
in Spain, and that Devnt was «\ 
lead in the. execution as he k 
country yet was not known toti 

A Lisls-n anarcliiflt i 
was caught lurking a 
mentary buildings at the tirn-3^ 
arrest and was taJeeo to th« same police 
station. He is Uwaght to be ~ 
aocomplW Compromising papers were 
found als«j in his possession. V* sides 
sevm*al incendiary placards he hud a 
plan of the palace and the senate cham- 
ber. The police think he may have 
been selected to blow up these build- 
ings in accordance with the plans ' 

Each of the bombs seized had a t ' 
minute fuse attached to it. Both 
made iu this city, it ia believed, . 
houses of anurchlst suspects are U 
searched by the police in an etforl 
find the fa.-t.iry. 

The news of the diat-overw-s has 
cited gravest fears among the WtaM 
classes. The palace is doubly g*u? 
and extra watchmen have bean | 
on duty at the 
buildings. Sevei 

have reported that "tliey have been 
threatened, and ask the polk* for spe- 
cial protection. 

fairiilieu | 

Howard. Mrs. Jenn 
Helnier. Mamlu 
Jones. Mrs. I.ucy 

Wood. Lutlo 

,lol«l, l.l/./.:.- W.lli.oilN, btsby 

.lohuson, Joseph o,,li V.VIK .1 w 
Jones. Jack Wotit.. Mtley 

l.iiHo-iuHii, Hi-ni-% \i n.-hi, Mrs. Ella 
I.unilrliran. Mzsle Wood. James 
Myers, Mrs. Barbara 
C^'*One cent due on each of above. 
Persons calling for these letters will 
please say that they me advertised. 


, A. 


Hiiist'er uf ttirKimikfiiit Lotlery Kilfs an Answer 

ManagM J.J. Douglass of the Frank 
fort Lottery has tiled an answter to the quo 
warranto proceedings against his coin 
puny in the Law and Equity Court at 
LonievUll. The opening paragraph of 
be answer denies that he has for moie 
thau four months lust past, or for any 
period of time, exercised the privileges of 

lority, or that he has at any time or 
e usurped the right or franchise to 
ate a lottery under the charter re- 
ferred to in the petition filed by Attorney 
General Hendrick. Manager Douglass 
leehues that his charter is valid, and 

I hat he intends to fight for his rights with 

II his lawyers' might. 

l,,.|,«rlui,-uluf Kvnlu. l.1.11 V | 
Samuel (i. Hillis. Depart men, ('., „ 
iiander, has issued an order announcing 
the programme for the turning Tenth 
Km •ampment of the (Hand Army boys in 
Kentucky, which will be held at Lebanon 
ind Friday, April 98th and 

Reduced rates have been .secured from 
all points on the Chesapeake and Ohio 
and Louisville and Nashville Uallrosds. 
and tbe Lebanon hotels will charge ouly 
gl 00 per day. 

In reference to tho matter of attending 
the Twenty -sixth National Lul.ipiccut, 
to be bold at Washington, D   , this full. 

ii utii 

ipoaed by Messrs. 
Day. Di 

('linger and Uooi 
Joseph Uelser Post 


the creeks and rivers are out of th, 
banks and tbe streets of the town 
running rivers. The city bridges 
washed away nnd much damage w 
done to the railroad north and south. 

The storm reports from Moberly sj 
that the several streams 
are higher than for many ye 
fanners owning land in the bott. 
have suffered great loss. The dispatch) 
from other points are of the 
as the above, all indicating that all 
incalculable damage was .1. .tie. 

Daapaswsle Murpiiy Desiasei iiiiii««*ir. 

lie C Km lues l,y s|« ii 

—Ha Is Now Half Way Tlirn-iRh Hi. 

lftmrsr, N. C. April ItillMurpliv. 
a .lellieo 

Bland his mteiitii 

be bus. already i 

that diro-tion. 

Seorge BHtM 
an eaeany " f l1 ' 

ing a quarrel o 
shot bis In-other 
brother of the I 
the body burial, I 

HaiWy healtatad, , 
inflicting a probably fatal 
Murphy heard that Hen Mt 
been criticising his conduct and M 
day, armed with his Winchester, 
found Martin and shot him dead. 

* 1 ' ;m was blo  
' nade for tl 

;:,0 yards a 
he gun cot' 
e buildin ~ 
tributed the/--W , 

BUM r„ 

Win,, W. Va., April 0.— William _., 
Maler, a baker aged ,, years, shot and J^rmata.n 
l.ilb'-l his wife beean-.e she refused to 
kiss him. The couple were married six ,hal At * i8t 
months ago and Monday night quarreled. 
Tuesday morning Maier arose and usked 
bis wife to give him a kiss. Upon her 
refusal, he drew a revolver and flrod 
four shots Into her body. The young 
woman never genhl M-o. r   senped and 
has not yet been arrested. 

ciskai.oosv la., April rt. — Nannie 
Roberts, who sued bee futher and une « 
for WO.OOO. for falsely incarcerating hor 
in an insane asylum, has secured a ver- 
dict for W.OOO, the Jury remained out 
forty-one hours, Motion was made for 
a new tria l. 

T«.iil  Mo Itijurrd. c „n,,, , ..■„,  „ ' 

Havana. April  V An liumeuaetoliao- Lui isvu 
*.i faelon in this .ny burned Tho too, Jose pi 
loaa is very l» a,\ 1 v. . nt,\ nine per- | • in juri.. by jump- 
ing from the aj  j*. - | Ue, 

ury Nettleton I 
may be penult ti 
but the chances 

by | 

Touah on th* 
Di i.i in, April « 
Tuesday, comment! u, 
Mrs. Montagu, who »■» 
old daughter. Helen, an. 

Montagu h! a contrmpt' 
creature, and that eve 
a del lya la horsewhl 

t ■ v D ■ 
tl. ii to 





FBMI t lie returns of Moinlav'- »t#fr 

tion-i throughout 9Ma it tmmft n m 

that th'« Republicans are MtlMT flNl ft 
lying. They had thinir* pretty much 
their own way. ami in NM of Iha beiii- 
Mtltk MNttlMHi they f.n iy •' paral- 
yse l" U 

Tiiis story. told by B*ut « BM&kUM 
a; mpos to the refusal of certain Oonio- 
(•ruts to admit that their pnrty is a free 
silver party. Nfl IrVMM liepubli- 
■M, is very men to the point: An 

tlou: "1 
said I'at. 


 e Gen- n ew not only 
tlemnn. If no, the Nlkita plum-pudding 

n parallel. When etayttiff at St. Peters 
burjr for Christina* some Rnolish friend 
ol the yountf sin rer, thinking to pleas 
her, and rifttWH of the crtectH o 
her voice, sent her a monster plum 

Against Lou of Work. 

• plan of Insurance, « 

with the inscrip- 
Stlll Live." 'He jatuTs." 
' if I was dead N own iff to 

D  Yor recall one of the resolutions 
of the N'atiotiil Republican League In 
Convention at Cincinnati? Here it I : 

'• We reCOftfllM the Rapabttoa" press of 
the country as a ureal aid ind. se nsible 
fore.' in the advancement and promotion 
of Republican principles, mid commend 
to every believer in Republicanism the 
dutv of lendinir his influence and efforts 
to the extension ol tin- beiicfUs of th:8 
potent agency." 

Every Republican in the Ninth Dis- 
trict should Income o subscriber to Till- 
Pcblic Ledger. 

The ignorant Democratic paperi ask 
for the repeal of the tin plate duties, 
and talk as if there never had heen a 
tariff on tin plate until the present law. 
I'nder the Republican policy the tin plate 

and trepidation when it was 
in every morning paper that 
a large oox supposed to contain nn in- 
fernal machine, directed to the younjf 
singer, had l ecn deposited nt the near- 
est police station. A letter reached her 
from an authority— there are many au- 
thorities about in St. Petersburg— in- 
forming her that the police w ere chary 
of opening the box. fearing it might Iks 
dangerous to their lives; but did she 
know of anyone valiant enough to atr 
tempt the deed the l ox should be hers. 
Her impresario undertook to die in the 
attempt, and, on arriving at the police 
station for that express purpose, was 
somewhat relieved to And the huge 
package reposing quietly in a tank of 
water. Now eaiuc the moment for the 
untying of the (iorditin knot; nnd there I monthly cot 
rcp ot d, wrapped in linen witiin nn one per cen 
earthenware bowl, the pudding dearest j the insured, 
to the heart of tcglishnien on tin- 2." th written for 
of IV'cetnber r.s every year comes L-.i a basis 01 
round. 1 he roliro still refused to lxs dollars. "Tl 
fcatislied. ;.nd insisted that the terrible ance man y. 
tiling might shroud a mysterious bomb. John If. Cn 
After a vast amount of probing and j leaders in I 
pronging, the pudding was at length 
conveyed to its destination, and hoth it 
and the joke were heartily enjoyed by 
the Nikita party. 

country, is being given a 

trial, says the 

Kansas City Times. Its 

purpose is to 

Insure salaries, and in th 

person Insured being 


thrown out of emplcymr 

nt !. • receives, 

weekly or monthly, th 

1 amount for 

which he is insured 01 

til he secures 

company will pay his 

salary for six 

months, but that is the 11 

nit of time for 

which It will give a guar 

ontec. One of 

the provisions of the poll 

•y Is that the 

insured will use every rci 

isonablc effort 

U.^procure employment^ « 

ind in tlds he 

cal ngents of 

eern!' Inasmuch ^ the 

Haiti more con- 

bmtfM NUN 

when a new situation is 

tbtataad An- 

other provision, which is 

prevent the total collapse 


that the insured will not 

lMbU«« from 

the position he occupic 

a. It is not 

proposed to insure 1 

i!v ring men 

rk for dallv 

waqvs. but clcr'cs and 

salaried oP.i- 

cials who have a 

(i weakly or 


quest of th* Queen Isabella Association. 
The application of the Queeu Isa- 
bella association for space for a statue 
and pavilion on the world's fair 
grounds has been refused by the 
committee on grounds and buildings. 
The committee gave as its reasons for 
declining the application lack of apace 
and a previously established rule that 

-; T i 

No (Margel ,t^"l!u™T-uZ 

Piasil," ,t ., »fnn  wwi tn- 

loftVl (t (In, r lint', oil thill 

lot l 
any bulldin 
, club house, 
•efusal of space 

space I 
of the 


of C 


„ I nited 


fair. The tablet li 
old one and is the work of a famous 
sculptor, who flourished n century ago, 
and whose descendants in Colon now 
own the tablet. 

licy will be 
•en dollars or 
^ecn hundred 
■ local in: c.v- 




How ™ Small llrd Turned AsM« a B e 
Hard or Cattle. 

A herd of five thousand beeves were 
toiling over the lonely trail from New 

untry, and it is hack 

has been a MMOaWJ 
I see why it shoi 
ourse we will ha^ 

i Eui 


:i ! I 


i here, 
to take precau- 
es. Wo will in- 

probablo that a 
 e refused. The 

; d'ep nden 

s the 

valleys a 


r plaii 
as if it ha 


Adrerti*in;i rates uniform and rental 
able and made kiimcn on applicative   

lilt t. 


ed froll 

Faruer Liv 
pnncttired the bubhl 
vho thought they M 
liiaace niorerueut 
'te the South and 

and Xorth. Livisr, T0\ declare-- 
* a Democrat, and exhorts all 
Alliance men to stand firm in 
•alic party. The Repuhlican 
•e West, who are asked to 
allegiance to the party 
' of a powerless third 
ui ,i\»r:iing in this. 

a rate which was so low that it was 
merely a tax OB the consumer that i . 

it was not rattetont to cover Utonuurgtu 

hitmen the labor cost of proiluction 
here and the lahnr cost in Wales, j 
Hence, under Hie old rates, no one would ' 
|*v«tt in tin plate nuiking, am! the I 
foreigners had the field to themselves. 
Now Americans are turning out till 
plate every day. 

As Gtx. Grant said, the Democrat c 
party can always be depended upon to 
blander. Already, by the mere agita- 
tion of Bund's scheme for n compuls r. 
112j grain dollar at present and ulti- 
mately a 4nn grain dollar, the Demn- 
cra's have succeeded in exciting uneasi- 
ness in Europe and that is telling heavily 
o i the United States. Europe ia send- 
ing back American Mocks ami bomls ami 
demanding gold. But for the alarm 
which his been excited there the United 
States would at this time he gcttn; 
from fifteen to twenty millions of gold 

of loss of situation by 

solidation. dissolution. 

and discharge, 

but no benefit will ho 

n loses his place bv any 

willful act, and 

when hois oim  at of 

a job no •aoldk 

ring' will bo allowed. 

He must try re 

is, hard to find a 

new place, but 

f he cannot, his s..larv 

Editor "Public Ledger:" 

Yon will please announce 
to the public generally that we have 
full lilies •/ 


Our Pocket Cutlery depnrt- 
nient is very large, comprising follow- 
ing brands: Limestone Ctitlery Co, 
Sew York Cutlery Co.. Rotlgers, Wos- 
teiiliolm SStan fortlt and other brands. 


Made by .New York Knife 
Co.. John Russell Cutlery Co., and 
other makers. Pearl. Ivory, Celluloid. 
Bone and Wood Handles. Our Silver 
Plated Knives and Forks, Spoons. 
Forks. Ac, are lies' goods. 

Our line, f 


l/,.r( |/i i li i;,n- /(i.«i fur. It'. N'i'hA th*   
n) ■! thai ii ,' , in not •»«»/» »lnu on iw 'kt MOM 

urfiec tutttMtt 

AdtertUemcttU «i«   , \ ft  it imr o|Im or t-Utt 
(.»'■ ,.,»', the NMflbl 

THf rrin.ic i.Kuuy.n , omp iat, 
.v.. tiS. mrd* 


WAN I En-Thr e laonsand (.ul.scill.ers to 
_ TNK 1'fSl.lf bKIHlK W. 

W~ ANTBD-Knerifette Anents ind r,,rrc«- 
poiiuents for The I'i bi.k Lkixikk. 

Iiin pur|M.»es, in The Hitblio 


JpOB BALK A lvTtl»ln»fi iw« In Tub Pob- 

li :M 

II. nve n ; «v :!■ I eniviery and 

'Tl pll'ise n'twrM '.'i' s" NKlVoN."' ^' 

tjlOUND-Thai it bsV« « i.i r profit N 

that of an accident insurance. Hut of 
course precaution (rill be taken to pre- 
vent the (WBiPany from being 

t isla 

l of yraoi 

A herdsman r.)de up to the sj nt and 
dibinounU-d. expecting to find a rattle- 
snake, a creature of which cattle as well 
as horses have an instinctive and well- 
founded dread. Instead of a serpent, 
however, the grass tuft contained only 
a harmless killdee plover, covering her 
nest, while her wings were kept in con- 
ftant and violent motion. Seen indis- 
tinctly through the grass, she had evi- 
ly been mistaken by the steer for a 


This is leap MM! 
IrOQjU ha.-, already 9 



take flight, even at the 
cowboy, but raliantly pecked at his 
boot as he gently pushed her to one side 
to find that the nest contained four un- 
fledged killdees. 

Aunt Sarah VM| as H She in.. I LM Her 


I greenhorns 


) enable 
•t goodi 

i tariff 
il in such 
is «U the manufacturers need 
It in full measure. By degrees 
tomoerata are learning what the 
nley tariff really is and what It 
« It too* them nearly two years 
irn that the Mchml.y tain* Is 
thtt .%ipn 
t Ito opinio'-  "«y had to take 
- will catch on to 
urea of the Mc- 

H and other 
teir braiiiK 

Not long since, says the Washington 
Post, an old colored auntie came to the 
capital from a small town in Virginia 
to cook for a gentleman who had 
known what an expert she was in pro- 
per month from Europe. It is all well , paring toothsome dishes since his boy- 
Of I hood. The employer was on the sport- 
ing order, and knowing the old woman 
to be of a deeply religious nature, he 
took care to keep in lgno-ance of 
the fact that she was to provide meals 
for a festive club where draw poker 
was the nightly programme. 
For a few days things went on swim- 
dngly. The habitues of the place 
praised the cooking to the skies, but 
their good living was not to lot»t. Aunt 
Sarah discovered by accident that the 
people whose palates she was pleasing 
were an irreligious lot, and that they 
wer-s habitual card players. The dis- 
covery appalled her. Rushing into the 
room where a dozen men were intenton 
a jack-pot she shouted: 

"I'm Bote' right back home. You kin 
git another cook dls very day. Marsc 
Jim I feel jest like you had taken my 
wings from me so I can't never fly to 
Heavan. All de money in Washington 
couldn't keep dis old woman in dis sin- 
ful place." 

The very next train on the Virginia 
Midland numbered Aunt Sarah among 
its passengers. 


to say th 

the adoption of the free silver bill ; that 
the Senate will defeat it or the Presi- 
dent will kill it with a veto, but the 
fact remains that the mere agitation of 
the qaeatton In the reckless and alarm- 
ing fashion characteristic of the Demo- 
cratic party excites fear abroad and 
hurts the country iererely. The Repub- 
lican party can discuss and adopt mea- 
sures looking to a large increase of sil- 
ver or other money (as it did two years 
ago. for instance) without alarming for- 
eign security holders, but it is impossi- 
ble for the Democratic party to do so. 
From the foreign as well as the home 
standpoint ttie Republican party is the 
party of safe and sound finances while 
the Democratic organization is just the 
opposite. The wonderful success of Re- 
publican financial polich 
lng the greenbacks, in returning to spe.-ie 
payments, in upholding the public c 
and paying and refunding the debt 
given that party great prestige ah 
It Is the only party which can be safely 
trusted with financial question! 
mere discussion of a free coinage pro- 
vision in a Democratic House U equal 
rum before 1 10 the u i Ht „ rbance 0 f 8 b „n y, a cn j UB 
jpt decision. L hop 

 y such scheme, ■»*■■ 

glatl of it now i •' , '"" K J'»**i'H B. Kinxkad. the well- 
, x . ' known lawyer of L..ui«vilie. died i ootwr 

last got round to dsy He ws , , )orn at VerM „, ei October 

rtd by unanimous |7{h, IQM, aad took a proparatorj ooorw 
lustlces concurring, of study at Augutta Collegi 
i were right, and the 

t tad t .oh 
possession of the youth of the country, 
and the fealty of a young man was 
tested bv willingness to adorn his wrist 
with a plate band. And now this f;id 
come to tho surface again, and if 
will look up the sleeve of the uc:u 
ionable mnn you meet, depend upon 
ou will sec a shining bit of silver 
glistening against the white of his arm. 
rhMO are, ius a rule, gifts from admir- 
roung ladies, and it may be appro- 
priate for me to say of them, for they 
all read this column, that nothing but 
silver is in style for a man's bracelet. 
It must be plain, moreover, and not too 
large, so that it will not slip down from 
the arm and show up suddenly just 
when the young man is transacting an 
important business matter. There is 
nothing bo embarrassing to a young 
t.. he caught a party to a fad, 
and particularly to such a fad. 

And right hera the young lady might 
as well be given a pointer as to what 
can buy if she 1b very anxious to 
take advantage of her leap-year privi- 
If you are buying a pair of 
sleeve-buttons be sure, says the New 
York World, to get something in the 
nature of u plain link, for that is all the 
style now; if you are buying n soarfpin 
buy aoiuethlng that has the diamond or 
sapphire in some peculiar "animal" set- 
ting. Owls, horse heads, birds, bees, 
snuiis. turties, snakes, deer und even 
elephuut heads are the latest in the Jew- 
elry world of fashion. The designs are 
all very plain and small, but exceeding- 
ly pretty. 

Tranxparcnt (Shun Matt*, 
□e time past transparent glass 


Stock are of the best made. 
K.O. H. Po.'s Shears fully warranted; 
if n t A No. 1 money refunded. 


For s  

with Dm 

Pearl mussels are often found In the 
upper Mississippi and in rivers flowing 
to the lakes, but whenever a pearl is 
discovered in any locality all the 
mussels in the stream are immediately 
destroyed by persona in search of 
others. If the search were systematic- 
ally conducted, as is done in some porta 
of Germany, pearl fishery might bo- 
come an important industry in this 
country. In Germany the stream* are 
carefully preserved and are flRhcd for 
pearls only once in ten or fifteen years. 
The shells of mussels picked out of the 
river aro carefully opened with a pair 
of pinchers made for the purpose, and 

bricks ' 

afford Light at 
would l-.terfcr 
plan, bat nov 
gleaa, not Bflefoaorftr tranapa 
targe bloeka qf building, 
teriid b pnw tieallv tedoatnc 
foetly non-absorber, t 

rnnnot DC excelled. Our 
ivn makes comprise " Our Very Hest," 
Kentucky Hauler." ' F. O. H. Co.'s 
Extra,' " Limestone." "0. & B. Extra." j Stove, see the 
Justice" and " Biz." Yon can make | It cooks with ii current of hot air. To 
o mistake in either brand named. 


:rr eclipse 

[ he hud of 

|S. B. OLDHAM, i'?, ; 

Plumber. Gns and steam fitter! 

it WTh Seeeu I Mr. ft. 

Jewel fiaj StoTfl MAWIILK. KY. 

Kakee. Hoes. Scythes, 
Forks. Shovels. Spades. Picks and 
Mattocks yon will find large s*ock. 


We have a sph'udid stock 
of Bronze Door Locks. Latches. Hinges, 
Bolts; also all other qualities used in 
building. Blacksmiths and carpenters 
will find all tools used by them. Iron, 
Nails, and full stock of the best Wheels 
and Woodwork, Rims, Spokes, Hubs, 
Shafts. Ac. all of best timber. 

Frank Owens Hardware Co. 

47 W. Second St. and 114 Sntton St., 
Maysvllle, Ky. 

of t 

a in this l 
ould be 

Jtor.c. or baked eley. 
A plan has also been put into practice 
by which broker, p-lass of various colors 
is mixed up, placed In molds lined with 
r.llica, talc, or some other resisting ma- 
terial, and fired. The result is a firmly 
coherent mass, which can be dressed 
and cut Into blocks, which arc, of 
course. Irregularly colored, and may l»e 
employed in place of artificial marble. 
If decorative effects are desired designs 
In relief can be obtained by pressure 
while tho block or slab is still plastic 






r-lio.' of K. n« Tli- l't.l'l 
emi\ unit li  ilni mi ne - I -i 

coatii.ct si 'il Lee., in.. 

a ojMrom TUi 'd lu 
moH a ruling had 
while the HemoeratH 
{ tyrauii), oppression, 

moat fullioiiH inttitUti' 
the state. At the age of l« be received 
an apiKiiotiiient SJ iiiiilnliiiniian In ihc 
Laitod Htatei Navy, ibiouich the v. .Inn 
tary kiuduem of Htuator Thomas II 
Benton. Vice I'reiblent Kichard M John 
son and others. 

Ordered at ooce lo sleam.hlp I «jftetA~«fit U 

Cheap and j tf( „ ( ,„ r i ,,„„„! , hl , M .,, lM ,| in ,.„„, l)|4nt 
they ought | mand of it Alexander Hlidell Mackenrie, woodi ' 
two years I who shortly sfterward banged at lbs eUtio 


il no pearl is found then the mussels are | '"^ 
repliiccd in the waU-r. Ily means of 
OMl a system as this the annual find of 
pearls iu the German empire exceeds 
•860,000 every year. 

i ... -I.... Art. 
It is probable that the visitor to the 
ill have an opportunity of 
* extensive anil finer exhi- 
of ancient Oreek art than it bus 
fore Ih-cii possible to see outside 

of ( 

10, ttraatarfM 

Ikiultles, t 

NOME, Tuesday Eve. 

April 5, 1892. 

My Dear Dick: 

I have thought it all over ttnd 
have concluded lo say— yes. And 
now I -am going to make my 
first request. When the lime 
comes to furnish our new home, 
let me name the Furniture 
House that s/uill have the order. 
My request is that we should go I »j 
to Henry Ort and buy our Fur- 
niture, both on account of the 
style and finish of his goods and 
the extremely low prices he asks 
for everything. 

Yours ever, 

.1 II Cox, 
i. C. Sue. 

hd.HIKlllcwoinsi.s,! , lieu lll-leof. 

.Met. II Tlilr. Corp. .rati, u if .av.inUeO for 
the purpose «i i.uI.I.k.ih- a ..c*.|..i| er •» «Ue 
, in 1 si.n m ill.-, mid iil-ir.l.ntliiK ihe same 
throuKlioul it.e .-nut ol Kem ueky, Htxl for the 
earrjiiiK on ol' u kciici .iI ne* sniper Oust ess 
in Kill. I cit  ..lid siute. 

Aiit. 4. Tbe prlnetpal place of but 
m.l.l Corporation i-lmil b, .,t M 
The eiipitul Moc ol Mil I Corp n 

llleleie-e.l ^l' H II tllllf of til.- 



With the exception of 
of delicate maidenhair, ' 
■•IgM  t from five to 1 
ropes offeree per ferns wl 
tree to f^ like fairies in the castle of 

in Klukead « 

when be 1.1 1 an-' a Itopublt 

nt has a.- 
atlon to parti .!,..,:. 1 In 
it ti the miilerstaiidlng 
that It will Imi represented only by me- 
moriuls of iu antiquiUes. Charles Wnl- 
uti'iii, ilirt«-t ir of the Amerleun 8oh.«d 
of Clacslo si 11,11, „ at Atliens, states that 
the Uroebin goverrunent has sgreetl to 
make and send to the exposition vasts 
Too long of the prinoipal works of anelant art 
» sod rata 000- ' now lnOreeoo, together with maps, dla- 
bi garlands of | |*raius and photograph*. To Uitsvi will 
n, and at their probably Imj addud casts, aud pcrliajs 
Ralto fariety  4 

the castle 1 
if Australia la si to- 
il the 

II, , 1-IVI.I. . HI »IU) M . I 

rule ceul h linll tie uIHacu . 

ABT.5. Theloi 1...111I1011 II 
by u Dlrecioiy of live perm 
eleci. it!.  nt I--  •■- 
M.,,-ville. Kv .oil the 
en.h yeiil. If. lor »n 

III, 1 lie 1111 el. e 1 ion lit-l 
lllreelots ill oltlcc Moil 

-I c\ceeilllia- flU.- 

0 ononiizp when 
- .I -1 1 1... U. Stuck 

•cl 1111 I lOltlloi I/.-. 

1 - mil i.e mkiic'1 by 
i v. .mil tlie corpo- 

. i,ll.|.|.ll. .- -Ittce 111 
M. .ll.lilj 111 Mliii li nl 
!-«-.. 11. ibei-e nil. .ulil 
11 the time Hxcd, the 



:i,.|.»» exct 

am Him-, li Mini   .|iinl 1 1 . 1. in -linn iy. 

.Itnl nock paid In. 

H. I'lie pih nl- |.r,i|..n v nl the »l..ok- 
noiuiTi. of thin Coiiipain miml t'« i'.t«itnpl 
fnun sll debts or lliit.tllllo  1 rnipoiu- 

Ami 1. Tin- Cbrporatloa befta wMm 

It Miiilllniveoivnni/.' '1. 11- 1.1.0 l.l-.l for liereln. 
i.n.1 ..hall continue h« mini iik miiy be neces- 
sary, BVrorilln 

in •Haeaa i 

linve h. 1111111. 

gsreb, UM 

Wm i iiu M fats. A. M. J. ( 

kJJKWoiiTH, Jr., Sao "Vox",""' 


Ktatx or KsKn   ar, 1 g( . ( 

loin Ouy 1 

S. T. III. 

.r. e. 1 i.-i k ISC County 
y and •1st sferessM, a ( i 

j. I, OB9& 


C llui-.ll. tleotse I. I'.K 

M.,,.1, II. ' ir-.i •• ■ . 1. |«. .1 

i" ms anil «t Hn"w|e W «l nv A M J l-Mihrw 

lie 1,1. m I min .I.- 1. I.IIH 1 '». ■ I. 

lb» ssi 

Wliennpon ll.e Mllli. I.   Hi llo« C«'l 

t(f*$sr ■ i   ' 


An Angry Boa Coils About Man- 
ager Hurd, 

Nearly Killing Him and Causing a 
Panic at a Show. 

The Kept lie * auk ltd Teeth Deep Into t! 

an Knorinoua Mae I iin- Wound 

Was l in mill i» til   Cauterised, 

Siiamokin, Pa., April ; — The World's 
museum opened in this place Monday. 
Monday night, when the show was 
crowded. Ahnetta, the snake-charmer, 
pe Holi tfd with n nnmhtT i f reptile*. 
After finishing with the the 1" a-coti- 
Ktrictor it was laid in a boa. The per- 
formuneo wont on. when suddenly the 
lid of the huge snake's receptacle up- 
raised, followed l .v the snake wrigglitio 
its way out A panic an«i'. Manager 
Charles Hunt leaped at the reptile aim 
tried tn cat h it, The snake sprang up 
and endeavored to wrap itse'f about 
}l«rd'8 body. He grasped it by the neck 
and tried to force the furious snake 
under the ltd of the h x. when his 
hand slipped over its slimy head, and 
before he could yet away the reptile s 
teeth MrtH deep Into his skin. Ahnetta 
by this time had reached Hurd's aide, 
after patting the snake on the head 
pacified the reptile sufficiently to cot it 
back to the box. Hurd's hand imme- 
diately swelled toan enormous size, and 
a doctor was instantly summoned. Tin- 
wound was cauterized in a short time. 
The snake was received from New York 
last Thursday, and had been in an ugly 
mood ever since. 




it AIM l   - 
. With An 




Turin nf ike Queer Thlnf/a Seen an'. Heard by 

1'iot'A, ()., April 0.— The greatest ron- 
llngrntlon which ever befol this city oc- 
curred Tuesday afternoon. Crna, Kllte 
ei Co. 'a large furniture factory anil lum- 
ber yur ls. covering four KNI "f 
•re totally d  

Want a Treaty With Great! Th , p „ Rt ^ M Wttrn . n : ,„., WM 1 
Britain Abrogated. [Jj^M.^**^ - *^*^ a 

Ship Builders Petition Congress In £* 
Their Own Interests. 

s from various city elections ii 
how that in moat places th  
vote was very light. 

tho Gucu JUuia 

• V tutors Are Hepre.enta 
Nations ami the unlets 
I Tax lug lu languages 
by Absorption. 

elalBt of a Player Who Vainly Hanght t* 

plant •. ■.s-si-.j 

ilred feet. with 
..f the same size, 
hours from the I 
sent In they wi 

with cupboards , 
t.ade. Thethrt 
nected by oovere 
tliese the fire foi 



Warblngton, Walker Waggoner and 
( lias. EssieU are without homes. A Rra 
brand was carried two squares, and thu 
residence .if Wm. Blllell totally de- 
stroyed. The loss w ill exceed 1*00,000, 
with an insurance of *v.ll,(H 0 on CrOW 
Kills A Ko.'s. 


«*Tie Drops Her rlshy Sinter mill It IUr«— 
Child.- e» Tall Ret Mie will He Mas Res, 
mill It lis* All Made He. Very III. 
l'riTsui Ki.H. IV. April «.— Little CV ra 
Vunora. of (traham alley. Allegheny, 
uged It years, is lying at the point nf 
ii as the result of a fright given In r 
 y some companions. In descending 
i lie st., .fs „D Friday she tripped on her 
shawl and dropped her baby slater. aged 
 i months. The fall fractured its skull. 

resulted. Cora felt so drond- 
it that she could not ifotothe 

| l. iv, ,111.1* Hi,- MiltliV ,,| li-iel.i |.. ,s »•..•„ 

M.ifsK I! k (i:sj,,il: Pr v'd n f,.r in a-v 
pomimint aJ ,i noa^p-irtlsan public lttira-v 
i,ii.ii,i. ,r n, v,,n. iiini'ii i i ti ■-■ tie 1 Clevclanil de 
poBllory Commission a. I s,i ;i- tu make U,«- 
lorra to the n »• Mhoul :aw. A :a i. » t 
ih.vs of mu c on all eoimner -l.i' p ipers. to two- 
vlite a slate .l.'ii'al i ~  i r  I nu.l riyu'-iie •!»• pm ■- 
Ike of iteniH ry uni»»sloir a coll item' Inn-Tit- 
mice lux to in iviile fur appt  lis irrn the )uil«- 

ment ef wurwra »t tllte*** In prone, t-.n- fat 

vi.,1 i-l. ii Ihcr.llaan.'.Hr.f iti. .■.„ |, ,r v i..n 
Scareil to Ueath by a ltl..p-ll iikII*. 
KaoSTItXB, Tcnn., April 8.— William 
H. JCAOa, a trusted employe of the E. 
T., V. .td. railroad in this place, fell 
dea l Tuesday. A few duys aincc he 
was struck in the left eye with a snow- 
hall containing glass. The optic was 
badly injured and became useless. Coin 
pctitent physicians did all they eouW 
for the unfortunate inechati'c. but could 
not save hiin. Tuesday a piece of mop- 
handle fkrrv pa^t the face of Jones, 
and it so frightened him that death fol- April ft. 
Sec and Kentucky l'alr 
night, preceded hy shov 
portion, inkier, north we 

For West Virginia an 
«rs. followed by fair In 
fair Thuisdny. west gale 

For Indiana and Lov 
Fair till Thursday, preei 
era Wednesday. 

Caiit. ii.H Kllleil. 

Louisa, Ky.. April r,.— t apt. Hatfield, 
the aotoriofai West Virginia outlaw, 
waa killed a few evening! ago 
by member* of hi* own gang, 
in a in" over* game of poker. Xoar- 
rests have bean made, and no further 
particulars received of the death of this 
most cclcl.raUid of all West. Vil-ginU 



and confirnuHl, ami it is understood that 
the president will take no action in the 
matter for two or three weekR. in order 
to give Mr. Rcid an opportunity to close 
up certain unfinished we »k connected 
with the commercial agreement with 

Knot Tom Off by 

1 1 A uiio us ii f ta», Ky., April ft, MjhV 
ning struck the reaidrare of to o. Smith, 
in the western end of Uiis county. 1 1 ran 
down the chimney into lhe sitting 
kmwking all the oe-apanls sen- 
all escaping other injury except a 
boy, whose right leg was scri uisly 
burned, the foot being to u fremiti' 
leg a* smoothly as if oi.t off with 

Washington, April 6.-Itwas stated 
that the Chinese minister had indicated 
to Senator Sherman, who is chairman of 
the foreign relations committee in the 
senate, that if tho extreme Chinese Ea- 
clualon bill became a law in the form 
that it passed the house the Chinese 
|OVernaent .would sever all diplomatic 
relations with this country. 

Ulhboii* tu Fight In Kn||lunil. 

Nkw VoiiK, April 8.— Aust'n Gibbons, 
of I'aUraon, N. J., and Stanton Abbott, 
of England, light-weight pugilists, have 
been matched to tight to p before 
the National Sporting club, London, 
England, for a M ono purse aud (1,000 a 
bide. Tho light, will take pluee in Oc- 


ns told her 1 1 
1 for killing hei 

n v parson, u ■■ • tu, two utibb. wi.ue 

Otfcava Have a liar. I i ■ . i.i I »r l.tfe. 
Nashmiik, Tenn.. April *.— At a 
■..hureh lunch a numlier ol penwuis were 
lmisoned by eating ice crtfaia H. 0. 
i»\ er. a pr. ininent farmer. C ».. Rus- 
«al| ami John W. Ruth, morchatits, to- 
ictlier with a number of youog people, 
« • a me dangerously ill and lusd a des- 
perate Hght for life. Thed.vtors were 
tepl busy until late at nigiit. S.nm 
 \:y , iaet are reported in the fciwn ani'i 
eu'nty. All Ware better Tnesday in n n- 
Bg. It is supposed that tkc puiisOD 
aaflW from the lining of the fretMer* 
Unit were used. John D. Hudson und 
Ml s Maltie Coodwin died UtOf Tue.s- 
duy. An investigation will fee had. 

Mitchell Too Maeh for Win. 
Nkw VnitK, April ti. — Frank V. Slavio 
and Charlie Mitchell are no longer part- 
ners. 'I'hey have 6plitup. and Jiereafti r 

with England's 

not tenanting M 

t from a linar.. .ui 

i ii . ii I. ti I. iii I eereaalitB  
ash; MiToN, April «.— The *riiTula- 
statement issued monthly fcy the 
tney department shows theettrenti 
of gold und silver coin* and ce: til 
s, I'. S. notes and national bank 
■ on April 1 to have been #Js.»',s per 
ta for the «.%,108.000 people estimat- 
j he citizens of this oounfcrjr.. The 
I eirculation is placed" at f^I, 
av-hich shows a decrease since March 

Ciniimkati, April 
Ii- ic. who WM one of the alUuneya thui 
rvpn acnlenl the WWklige. in thulr suit 
With tho lluaU heir., I^vlve.l a fee o; . 

The Top Noteh o« CranhUiu. 

BmiAiiKST, April «.— Five cadets in 
the Roumanian military school in the 
town  rf Uraiova huve committed suicide 
by shooting themselves with revohrers. 
They belonged to a secret organization 
known as the (Suicide club, which eon 
sistv.l of nineteen members. Kaeh per- 
son admitted to membership in the 
gracious* circle was solemnly sworn to 
commit ,in. ■nlc when his name was 

Ca« t. Uanry M. Bart. 

VtiiAiiii.-n. Ind . April ii. — Caps, 
Henry M Bnel. the comu.anilor of the 
first (1. A. R- post organized in northers 
Indiana, at the close of the hit. war. 
died a I his residence in this city aged 75 
years. He was one of the pioneers in 
the section, locating here as early as 
1¥38. In 1891 the deceased was presi- 
dent of the Ninth Illinois Regimental 

association. ^_ 

r»nf Tim's Troubles. 

iNiiiA.NAeoLia. Ind., April o.— Pang 
Vim. the "Melicnni/.ed" t'hinatnan ar- 
rested for burning his store to realize 
oil the insurance, stood preliminary trial 
Tuesday, and was continued undwr Isuid 
to* |TMM jury action. Pang Yim's 
friends Wlicve he has been iinoUeil 
down" by highbinders, and that his 
store was set on flro through this 

II 1, Colomliua 0. 

COLVMaOB, 0., April 0, Th« game l.e 

vcea tlw Cincinnati tw) Cohunhtu 

IMball . lul.s Tuesday, result.'.! in the 
dlowlnir taore: Ctneinnatl I. Cbr«aib«l 
1 h. rc were eleven limine* played, 
ic ( inciniialls scoring In the last In- 

ana Lions 
.. llurluy, 
on»» him. 

Washington, April 0.— In the year 
1S17, following the war of Wi. the 
United States made a treaty with Great 
Britain, by which it was mutually 
agreed that each of these nutions slmui.l 
be entitled to maintain on the great 
lakes forming part of the boundary be- 
tween the United States and the Pro- 
vinces, dcpendi ncles of   treat IkttftJn, 
four armed schooners und no nin.c 
This treaty was subsequently modified 
so as to make the limitation one steamer 
of specified armament. 

The marvelous growth Ol this country 
and the building up of populous cili. 
on our side of the boundary, far in ex- 
cess of the growth of eitius on the Cuna- 
"ian aide, HI later years causi .1 the in 
cjulty of this primitive treaty tibceomc 
so clearly apparent that the Congrce* of 
he l iiit'cd States, by forma', cn-.utm. nt 
m February '.). lsiiS, deehured the tr. aly. 
so far U it applied to limitiicr the nuni- 
w vessels on the great lakes, to 
be ahrvajnted, and theaeeforth null and 

Shortly after this, hawever. and. it is 
c aimed, through no warrant of law or 
custom and against the limit a t lont of the 
.•onstitution of the Cnib d St.:t. s Mr. 
W. .1L Seward, then secret rary 61 abate, 
sought by agreement with the l!ritisii 
■minister, to rehabilitate the abrogated 
treaty. By reason of this, as it il 
claimed, illegal agreement ( ol 
the secretary of state, it has Men 
recently ruled by a depnrtini ni her. . 
that It was illegal for the grcSo ship 
"building interests -on the great lakes t 
submit p ropo sa ls and enter iato com 
petition for the construct ion of WM 
ships for the 0. S. navy, even though 
they were to be naed on the nigh era* 
and not on the great lakes. The so i, ■ 
itor-geiu ral has recently nihil thai th 
treaty of lsl7, Kniiting the arnianienti 
to be maintained on the great lakes 
doaa not now exist, which makes a cm 
tlict of rulings tu two ndiuintwti ative de 
partments of the government. 

The Lion and steal Bhlp-bni Iding plant! 

along the lakes of the northwest exceed 
in combined facilities, in magnitude am 
in cupitai the hiten st.s of at i other ship 

bnllaing planea combined, asad it wouV 

seem to bsonbv right and jjist that thesi 
great inland shlp-lnrilding iutcresti 
should have am opportunity now to hii 
for the construction of torpedo boati 
and the smaller class of wnrahtpa 
and later, when the tiiiiuls con 
neeting with the aeaboan-d have been 
deepened, to hid on warships of lai gei 
class. The injustice of the disc ri mini 

tion agalnat the lake cities is apparent 

and it has at lust uroused Ul« \ pie U 

action. At the recent meeting of the 

resolutions were a.lopteil. anil these 
resohitions. representing tir 

aining The men «h.  cavort at the gateway* 

sixty-three and a half pounds of dyne- tlK  world's fair grouuds, with silver 

in t.' have keen stolen from the ilan- stars distributed like official plurjuee 

neux collieries at Liege over their august pcrs jns, have a carte- 

Old raftsmen, of Salamanca. N. V.. !t To '"7, COa, °, 

predict that this spring wi„ witness the ^r^ZTZ^^ 
greatest floods ever known in tin his- 
tory of the Allegheny river. 

masked men entered thi 

Amcii i 

office at Dole*, 111., a 
a pistol compelled Postmaster Id 
to hand over fl.MO in cash. TI 

ben es. apui. 
in a quarrel on a boat-hous* 

Eighth ward, Wheeling, W. Va.. 
day morning. Kdward Kuakel Ii 

pres .nt 

death list as the result of Thin— 
day's storm, at Wichita, Kan., has been 
ii-. reased by two since last report— El- 
Hall s child and L. C. W. S. ott. an 
aged man, whose skull was terribly 

Fire destroyed the stable of Mis. bt  
vinia Thompson at Frankfort, Ky., bv 
■Other Wttha horse and pr . vender be- 
longing to W. H. P.lankenship. Total 
toaa ubrat ft.Mti NohMurnnoa Gnaaa 

believed to tn- inerndlary. 

dWittrock, alias .1 itn l ummings. 
and W. w. Rabjnt, the 'Frisco exprvsa 
rubbers, nave been release I from the 
Missouri penitentiary, their sentences 
having iiwn completed under the thrw 


of i 

e fin 

■iinghi.nt the bus 

i:, -olved. That 
ihlers  rf the grc! 
n nsM-mbled. hert 



ully pe- 
tit . i, MM request the congress of the 
t'nite l States to take such aetifla as 
will formally declare the immediate 
and emphatic abrogation of that part 
of the tneaty of 1*117 with Otent llritain. 
limiting the number of war vessels t  
la- . . mst ruct.'il and maintained on tin 

' 'Itesolved. That we respectfully re 
quest eimgrcss to W»ke rtlie necessary ac 
tion to secure a 'A. ■ xrt waterway from 
the great lakes to the Atlantic ocean, 
entirely within American jurisdiction 
which will enable sca-rg.iing vessels t  
reach tl»c great lakes, and lake-going 
vessels to re-ach the scalioard. thereby 
resulting in a mutual gain to the great 
northwest and 

These resolutions are full of meaning 
and have hoen referred to the commit- 
tee on foreign relations «if which Scna- 
t. ir Sherman is chairman. They may be 
the means of opening up a discussion 
that will result in legislation of rao- 
meutous import to the lake cities. 


KiNorisuEK, O. T., April «.— The 
cite a lent over the opening  rf the t'h 
enne and Arapahoe reservation is 
coming more intense evert hour, 
line of schooner captains 

the door of the Kiag&sh 
office, who declare their iaU-i 
being the first to file the enti 
Fifth cavalry has been scatter.' 



. law. They 

ed fo 

those Whe) sa 

know of lvsr 

thai he Will 'i 

•ange lands across the seas, 
attd sundry odd specimen* In 
nvn al hum of curiositiea 
getting used to It. snys the 
hi ';; ^i Tribune. At least so they say, 
ind are full r.f wise reflections on tha 
lenlaena of foreign speaking nations. 

i l ie nrm is laying up trouble toy hlrn- 
ielf. He is making a collection of cards. 
\lmost every man, woman or cLikl who 
•omes to inspect the Bite of the great 
air, to stumble over the uneven ridges 
»f earth, to get blown ationt by winds 
Tom tho lake, to waa angry because 
ntcrior of the buildings are forbidden 
.-round, all these are nearly sure to 

I'nique enough the e-olloctlon will be, 
no doubt, but think of its dimensions! 
At t'.r t it seems quite funny to find a 
alarms ■ ,, ' hn Srnith frorn every quarter of tha 
habitable globe, often marked under a 
utorncss of spelling, but still John 
iir.ith — plain John Smith - when 
tripped of all the fncciful tissue papers 
if i*s orthography. 

Interesting too, perhaps, to Pad the 
various oceuputiona participated in by 
thant gentlemen of the adjustable name 
— for. mark ye— most of the cards left 
■ fraught with a business intent. 
When he has run the gamut of 'tinker, 
tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man poor 
man. beggar man, priest." he begin* 
Bgnffl nU . new list: "Doctor, h 

mmhnat --hief." 

t ih. t'i," • is simply no end to him. :ir.d 
the gatekeeper's cup of cards will fill 
till it runneth ovt»r, and be will get 
elothesliasket for the peOeptlon of 'he 
little printed cardboard fiends whlefe 
torment him Then, as the fair grows, 
.".id more people come, and cards fall 
thick as snoWflakua on a Canada t'hnst- 
rais, a whole town will needs be PtveB 
up to their eeeommodation. and that 
will lie a glorious excuse for turning 
f-iends adrift. 

tn ti«M will wrenh the revenge the 
ii'.snpp, anted relatives dure not The 
tneroa inaaent will go on until the gate- 

He wore a checked shirt that oonld 
speak in stage whispers and a suit of 
clothes that would attract attention at 
a Arc, says the Boston Herald. The ieal 
In the ring on hie left hand waa ae Urge 
as a silver quarter, and his crtnym 
scurf was neatly tucked into hie" '.osoba 
U  reveal a diamond stud of gwa* hl- 
tecturnl beauty. He also WO** - "X k 
 f deep dejection. 

"I've had the toughest kind of luck 
for a month," he said to his oowpsnion, 
as they sat watching agameof bidlarla 
in the basement of the Adams house. 
• Lose out every time I tcmeo a card. 
Do you see those," he said, yulllng up 
' trousers legs far enough to show a 
wl.ite sock on one nnkleadda red  1fi0 
on the othtjr. "I've worn fltcTler for a' 
month, but my bad luck keejpn right on. 
A couple of weeks ago I weit:t down to 
the museum and had the fallow there 
make this ehrorao on my arm." Ho 
pulled up his sleeve, disclosing a Weed- 
ing dagger neatly tatto-d [just below 
his clboW. "The nest night I hndce, 
four kings on a small flush, nnd Ijs 
one hundred and twenty dollars v " 
look at this garter," he continued, I 
took from his pocket a black 
garter with a large silver bu 
"That's a genuine lore token if th 
ever was one. I wore that STOund \ , 
neck every game I played tor two 
weeks, but it was no use. I k*pl right 
on loslnj. and thing* went from lad to 
\\,,rse. I was Ur  ':•• all Chrlstmi.s week 
and was in a p tty bod way. 

"Then Xew Yeur'scame ant 
1 had struck it. There was a cross- 
eyed darky working la a plr-;:c down 
on :: .rrlo ia avenue, ne came to me 
ar,d showed me a cent with a hole in it, 
which he said he had found 
Year's morning while he was 
on t'.ie Bouthwoid. eorner of t 
v. 1th ' baud^ in his pockets, 
t ic f, i won • d illar for the cent ano 
s. . : i . myself if that wasu't a .maw 
I'd g ve up. bast Saturday ni 'k* r 
d ninety dollars, efjh-y ct at I had, 
.;. a little game at the Soflth end." 

II ■ looked wistfully at the big seal on 
Ins left liana, and meditated Coat per- 
I ,. i waa the h hk1.k  winch had 
in .. ile all the other churms work against 

a note in it, 
ad on Neia 
us i.. .'.n. m 
I the stTce^ty 



n the i 

I fan 


I the 


re,U ( 


I c! 

adds two atone 
exceeding neapw 
B year, h -sid ■ bj 
(imnm salaries of a 
s except the Otnt, by 

a school election at BkM 

long I 


Ray i 

ad ha 


rder with i 

There is a bitter fight on 
against the soldiers' declaratory state- 
ments, and loud threats are being made 
against the agents who.darc to file large 
numbers of them. The ex-soldiers are 
herein force and determined to main- 
tain their rights under the laws. There 
is danger of serious trouble. The In- 
dian allotments are eouipleUd. The 
surveyors an" now laying out the .sum 
ty avataof the six new counties, and it la 
the intention of the government to open 
the lands lot settlement about April 18. 

l'n:i Alin l-lil l. April i. While at 
templing to tight his pipent an •tettotril 
light, us he was told ID do in u joke by a 

leuow smriunan, a lluugiu i.m at Inane 

town, I'a, was instant I v l.ili.,1 Ami- 
rent of i.OOtt volts pa s, J tluoiighhis 



has always firen females the prefer- 
ence it appointing tn; hers. Strange 
to say the women vote I for two eaieli- 

datea for school directora who were op- 
posed ItO this Mxmlled ••pc-ttieoat re- 
eime.-.anil the antis were sue, cssluL 


CinUUBBASt AtiTil « 
FSi.r.n«-W inter |niteat X»: f4 US 

family. .1 ■:  7 • extra. f8.ltt-i,.1 ii: lew 
tirade, MJtMVSl mnafl p.uenv M.t»ft« »; 
siTir.^ fancy, tl l*' ' I It -pri:..- fim : lv. fir. ft 
UN: Rye flour. H*KS Umkwheat Hour. 

me*st»»w aoies, 

Wnt.n r- The ill muial was moiterate and nn 
eusv lee: inv pn van, .I, the unrUet closing at*le 
asked t.,r cash Ne. -' ami «*  Wd. the cemcesslon 
warned being- made. No 3 red worih sboul ss 


Cora-The SUtrtSI wns llrmcr in tone ami not 
very active. Ne. 2 while, shelled, held at «c 
and So ■• rain J at tlH* Ear corn quiet at IJ 
St *3r*ir prime samples. 

Cattijb— ShliiiHTr, (i.xid to choice.. Was^ 
Mat mnimnn lo fair. IUSjftSOS Oien: U.iod 
ti. chuice, ta .10 3 ;. : emmon. tl 7».«a :"v », led 
hutthir. at«Xft«.W; fair to goad. »2 .7.V; .1 :B; 
iiimmos, KMWM. Heifers: Ci.K.,1 to choice 
heavy. t3.15a3.TS: fair to good lttfht. tS 7.VjJ 

Oats — The murktt waa quiet and al« ut 
mesdjt. No. 8 white heinf held at :u t.;i' ,,- uta 
Katsaned stata*IH«- 

Rvs-Was dull and easy. A inlmenftmpU of 
No. t wan offercil al ami Dilaoia* Hue 

fair to rwkI 
iirtt. RS.-.iai. fai pUw.Mhv.c4 -A 

SntiriMi I.amus Shi*t)--("nmni..n to fair, 
Rt7.iuiM7ft: it.»»i locbalaaaun .! ■ - I 

wethers, » T.Vd« HO. Uiml.-. I'.imin.m infer, 

MTiva\rs-. toed to oaetet, liooaj*n ; s^rinK 

iambs. H0.4A»a.l l.oo. 

Ntvr Y.iaa. Aprtl « 
Whsat— Ojiened weak and i«c BfWW hat 
soon rallied, advanetag Sc No. 2 red wlutir, 
«n»c. ensh: April. M'tc. 

' Cuaa-Stnmv, at ',c advance; No. 2 mJxcU, 
Wljtl—tta eush. 
mis  :.-adv Nn * mixed, MHc. cash. 
Rvs-l)ull: sm,!«Ic. tn car low. 
BAHLKV-Na i! Milwaukee, (Wo. 

Pirrstirsr.H. Aprtl & 
CATTI.I-Market dull at ycmenluy * prices 
No entile shlpi»-d tn New Yerk. 
Hooa- Market dull: all gnulea, N rVHiiVOO; 

SHEEP Market fair to about . 

wip s i ^ 

Chicaco, Arrll A- 
Owing to the monlcipnl elei ttmi lain) a SI BS 
regular aeaalon nt the CMDBSe SOBI* et tr:i 'i . 

DPMI lata on the curb While net n.nlit ' si- 
nes* wsa iransai ted. | rUt-  were gi n.-rally a 
»hade hlfher. the Iraillnc heltm cunt! nisi SUaMMI 
entirely to ah. at Miit mild at *JM**H, aud 
,t I „ clock iva.iiiHtut n\c 

Hat tnatawis, ai rim. 

WB Bat- Kirn ! tot holier N.. S red la CT- 
ree] St*** t«f WISo. No. t 1'ennaj Ivanlu n il m 

43oan— Optlooa flrra and higher: eafflemejWsl 
asttswadj. No. a Ib ripstl elevator. Oe: at'""'- 
la do «Av Bteaaat* In 
lor «THe No S low mixed 
p llow lu grain .K poi, «ie,c; | 


; •»h! U* , ai. No. 

  J \ '»•' "'tempt 
r% \Af Here- 

Nt.t\ fOW, April a. 

ii. flei|tienU.\ nit ntlo 

|,..ini. inns here as a . 

for the rloe uiwaltleney. The aecreUry I »e, Na 4. Wc fttu, • r»J 
left lor Waalilufton Tuestlav, bat re- -*H »v- •aahj 

fuwatotalk isJiUoaorol life vno run- 1 

At length, mayhap, the nev.-spr.pcrs 
will hare nn . pportunity for dusting ofT 
the "display" head WHO* is kept in 
type, •l ards Kuin Another Life," and 
the unfortunate ra:in's lo*,t resting-place 
will be covered with Qutteriug leaves, 
as xvrre the h.ibcs in the wnods bjf the 
l.-ind Uobin Uedhreasta. Only l is will 
be white—not green ■ contrast being 
//referred to a match. 

I.atcu:' .-es the gatemen are tahing In 

i.y abeorption bnl thagrwere nonplused 

for the Qr t time last weel;. when a hap 
py-l "' i: ' - mp :i; ;ir i:u lied the gates 
and the leader began talking merrily on 
his flr;,'ers. 

S ooenow the men with the silver 
Blaqnee lootl a sudden interest in the 

0- nlyir.;,' l;:nclicnpe about that time, 
nnd the one bedecked individual who 

waa pinioned to the spot hy the arrow 

f dutj» miaed his rote* eery high in- 

01- . 1 in explanation of the fact that 
Whfla he could tall; with lips, tongue 
, ni! eyes, and was said to have a pap- 
tietili-rly expressive gait, carrying on a 
.'.igital e. was altogether be- 
yond his linguistic capaeity 

The interrogator heed-sl. though he 
heard in t. and immediately wrote a 
note savin r that they were a party of 
rtenf nates from New York, who would 
like to view the grounds. They had no 
permit, not knowing the red-tapeism 
which doth hedge the fair, but they 
W«re paaaed with alacrity, the gate- 
keeper ;-r.-uing sagely that a person 
who couldn't voice a falsehood was ecr- 
tajnly to lie trusted. 

"And they were real happy," he said 
afterward, with Wonder, "utnl that full 
of fun and laughter, the ladies of the 
party e-peei. illy Fan, y a woman not 
being able to talk and still hnving the 
heart to laugh!" 

The gntekei per is usually shrewd In 
his way and sizes up the comers much 
as he would samplesof potatoes , i  anrty 

"You sec. the people who visit here 
from a distance arc pretty well nfT nnd 
repr ee eu l the better classes." said one 

rae tM u sU vely "The time foi tnnuand 

 |uesti. .liable . ! ..i-.t.-.eii, is not yet. 
lltit of all foreigners who -otnc none 
are s,, American us the English. Oh. I 
don't m^an only in speech, for they 

really talk abont the same, these Mtfte 

clnss people, and don't dr., p their 'li s.' 
though they do use queer word* and 
UlU iilsjut the 'trams.' their ".uggugc' 
and their 'waist -oat-s.' Hut that is all 
Their clothes tit nearly ah well at 
the Amerieans' do. and they keep their 
hair enU 

"And that reminiU tne." he n\nl on. 
"of a couple who cmuv here l.i-t veck. 
Slie was c ry young, as prvtty it girl as 
I ever MW - slender, With big blue 
eyes, and pale, golden h.iir thjl kept 
slipping dowu on her white n.-. It Her 
. ouip.niion was an old man. n .!. repit 
that she hail to support liitn «* the* 
passed through the gates, and guided 
his tottering foot -ti ps the little way' he 
walked .ih oil the grouniU Attd do you 
lenow— ahe wna his wife Vla?y •••iltt me 
sound ho gave me his It hfU a 
swell uunte on It, and the name of a 
nut nor honaa 111 the coi nei for I hey 
otiine front BnfflnoA I fa*** I'o.waa 
awful rKti und *e ell, nu.l Ihut's »vhy 
► lie BJ irried him, cli?" 

The ll.teuer amiled Tr I ..' |i v,„, 
k:i. » in tn t make, lhe fair go rjiu»4.* 

Mvv. I'llul. n**r* om Malrlwutiy. 
Matrimony u :u a uigUty seriou* Uu j t 

dealt Inv.l.leru, BO W( 

a oh ilftecu ilullar* s week he 

kc aura itet tic girl he I 
dousli't expevt tu lib in * to** 
Urown stone house, wlf Iv 
• hoes au^'*rrlairai--»l. 

rith t 

• . .f De 

nui thin 

t rTTf 

i Int. s there are thirty- four, ccr ^ 
the whole flesh surface. They are sV , 
millimeters thick except in the cas* of 
the nose, which is one solid piece, aa 
 t hot-wise the nostrils would be nn- 
managcable. the same being the ease 
with the ears. The most important 
p unt, however, is the method by which 
the plates are fastened to each other 
and to the wooden block, which la solid, 
and curved to exactly corresponi 
e ith the inner surface of the ivory 
- ...'! steel pins join each plate., th 
ivory til ing bored to receive them (th 
ti irin". by the way, the sculptor und 
stands tj be the meaning of toreu' 
This method of clamping is also 
se cur e the plates 

be strong or 


is.if -A 

■ the for 



ruaaa- or 

. whF 

as regards the lla "7^ ^ 

lashes ore painU-d as*** 
brows, and a litUe hair by 
effect of the ln*t U very 
that of the lyird line be 
hair and the/flesh, perr»at 
due to the dirtculty of j 
different matoriala. So i. 
the care and the nostrij* 
Bume difdeultv in i 
rial The lips are 
eheejasv The bust has been b 


got away 
a dash Bt the 
under their cc 

Wln u the anln 
was like the rnenah 
hght was tho OaOt 
They struggled for 
that vxus simply gn   

^Ul -hs'nml atr^k. 

u  do an,- tiling t.e.M.r 
und thu owndf was cot 
holplewsly on w hlle the en 
tine of the attiusai* was u 
in i a u ajitila heavier than lb 
out what tho lighter t 

ron;tll tn 


. f 

-»■». Euirtnu Builock is still on the sick 
list — an holler. 

T. F. Goodwin Iim received several 
tons of fertiliser for use by our farmeis. 

Jacob ^ims lioiight of Jolin Anderson 
18 acres of land nutti Pui!!ipp» 

Isnril oopkM of I'm. Public Limu 
jpfkM out Moodnjr, We are glad lo mm ■ 
' MM* fn.m Mavsvil'e to represent the O 
3. P 


jmi. Uniclei Wheeler is unending this 
reek in Cincinnati buying (rood*. Miss 
ila Myall ad&mpaaied heron u nip of 

Worick was here Sunday last 
in#r' after tbe interest of the Martins 
that came here recently, Cuuic nirum, 
Early; she will be home airain in June. 

Our town election came off yesterday 
with the following results Police Jmlfie. 
Arthur JeffeM» n; Marshal. Sam liny 
mood; Truces*. James McKce, William 
,*J •Arthur. Con Guil.oyle. Martin Fay 
J Charles Wheeler We had an ur. 
ction for MajraUck. 


T.OarCHyS rrlam. 

in  J Outlen has charjce of the 
..y of Tin-: Laos cm to all city tub 
\^ oers, and he will make collection of 
the rabacrtptloa accouuta. 
' Orders should he given to hint, or they 
may be left at the offlee for hltn. 

Subscribers who do not receive their 
papers promptly are requested to report 
to the office. 

In :s«» the Kentucky school fund up 
 ortio«ed araons; the counties was *10o\ 
38 4ff,*rfl i)5 per capita of school popu 
n. In 18H9it is$l,91 1 IM 25.or#2 25 

I Okay. Who was appointed 
the i. " dy ville Penitentiary 
\ and removed by 
y reported dying al 

L, Ol it r i - a prominent fa\ 
n iminiy. died in LoiusvillcVIoi 
Mr Curtis went there four w 

io be treated for a complication^ 

sses. The remains \ 

id expected that fully two thous 
I will he in attendance on 
e Oonwntion of the Christian 
r Societies at AiiirusUJ'riday. 
, Dr. Francis E. CJ» k of Boston, 
v ill deliver an 


he Kentucky 
.he franking 
the Coram is 
he matter 

ort yesterday 
ie closest terms 
.ohn G. Carlisle, 

•aturday. ii 
Wickliffe a 

than WaO,0(JO, Mr 
tract with Geuorai 
«ey. who married one 
deb. if the suit was 
.as to receive 135,000 
ot Oeneral 

Mend said, 
luto an eshauat- 

jve li.|C- Into 

.I«^%^lri f b/judgeAJe« 
Humphrey am] Mr. (" or* 1 Davie 
^afeneyi for two of A ta« hi its 
•bis. required 

«,*» » ,|„ v.* tm 
«y other aUorarr 

an earuin« of 

. who has been quite 
sick for some time, is at the 
MH .l.ihu K. Kinly. Fifth Ward Yeste) 
day lie was raiicli a tWM, but this arnffl- 
ing was somewhat better. 

Bbkatoji (aim i-i i . who Is attorney foi 

thfl Kent in l,y Lottery Company, will 
probutdy come bofltr to si tend Ihe funeral 
of his client at Louisville. The religious 

services will he in charge of Ret pr Jael 

Ilenkriek. late nf FlMllttavhtirf. 

At Central Covington, a Mil.urh of 
Covington, an ■ItCtloB row oc, urrc I in 
which City Marsha.' Umbel »H 

knocked down and fatallv t |«n by 

B««T} and Herman Bus-*, the latter of 
WhON hadjusi heen elected Police Judge. 

The Buss,.* were i tree ted, but Lambert's 

f'ien Is are after them an.! inure bloodshed 

IIkmiv Out is -till in tbe furniture 
Whieea, and he ll not very slill about il 
ther. In fn.-tthe is very much on the 
ove. and it will [snow in AufOSl wh. n 
he irets left, if the best erlicle for less 
...  rtcy than anybody else will '-get 
there." Before von buy your wcddliljt 
t or Inm-rk. epin- outfit call am) 

i beautiful new designs In furniture 
arlor decorations. And later on. 

ill be interested in a line of buggies 

of which he has an almost unlimited 
ly, of tasteful design mid at low 

Blew Hut Hit Brains. 
Mia) Mary Simpson, a well known 
found lady of Christian couniy. cm 

her bruins with a pistol, which she placed 
against lier left temple. 

She fell to the floor in her room and 
expired before any one could reach her. 

She had heen in bad health for months 

paei ami attempted to commit suicide 

list fall by .jumping into the creek near 
bee home She was with difficulty 

rescued and resuscitated at that time. 

She wns twenty one years old 

I w are fee IfulMi. 
Did you ever hear anyone say: "Oh 
MaytviUs don't irrow any," and "She 
don'i keep up with tbe times?'" And 

ed t 

liked i 

it her 

id r 

ibstantial wnys. our pro-n m 
cade has been such thnt we have just 
e to feel proud. No city of OUJ 
can boast of such blocks as those 
which adorn our business streets, and all 
if them erected at a comparatively re 
etit .late. So long SI our banking insti 


no fear for Maysvillc's future. Popula 
proue to ebb and flow; good solid 
progress in finances and architecture are 
of a city's prosperity. 
Whin jroU he. ii any of our cit i/.ens com 
plaining, or any outsiders trying to make 
light of us. why just simply - give ihem 
the laugh.' - W e bavl had no fictitious 
invested in Mays 
ilways be n a dol 
lar saved. Some of our sister cities of 
Kentucky can show a greater increase in 
population, but nolo- ,,f u K . m m ore real 

progtneiveoeei. Wt are a proaparooa, 

thriving people, and that we w ill SOSM 
day have a city ranking among the fore 
most in our state we have abundant 

Taking- QtUntn*. 
Tbo quantity of quinine which 
 me people can take without trouble 
so great aa to be almost won- 
derful, says a physician. There, are 
many people who think that four grains 
is a done, and very few people ever 
take more than from ten to fifteen 
grains at a time. Even tbe latter doso 
is apt to cause unpleasant sensations, 
each as a buzzing sound in the cars and 
a eort of dull, heavy feeling next morn- 
ing. Yet I have known of cases whero 
the patient bod aa much as one hun- 
dred grains of quinine in him and did 
. Of coarse, 

Greenland Is a cold season; but it is 
"pretty late In the fall" all the year 
round In thnt part of the world. Hero 

^Vn de Tmrn tl °'Vo f e^5*8££f^ 

On the morning of September fourth 
tho weather was glorious and the " 
stllL There had been a light fol 
snow In tho night The sun ahono 
the Infinitely monotonous snow field, 
which, rlKi:v.r almost Imperceptibly, 
stretched away and away In front of us 
like one huge whito enrpet. glittering 
with dlnmoniK soft and Hoe In texture 
as clown, nnd laid in long, gentle undu- 
the eye could scarcely fol- 

t In the afternoon the aspect of our 
r e changed entirely. A biting 
t up from the northwest which 
i the snow before It in one over- 
using whirlwind. The slcy then 
" tely and tlio weathi 



lid i 


I I f. l 

found thnt my' throat was quite numb 
and stiff By more rubbing, and wrup- 
pin~ some mittens and other things 
around my neck. I put matters straight 

But then came the wonst attack of all, 
as the wind found its way in through 
my elotbee la the region of my stomach, 
and gave rise to terrible pains. This 
was met by the use of u soft felt hat 
as a chest protector, and I was now 
armed at all points. My companions 
suffered as 1 did. und the bothly com- 
forts of our tent were more welcome 
than usual that evening. 

a Vhaerr s\e* Motiai the 'Well e'letysesme^ 1 
or ■wUaseleu i. 

In ten v rnrtsof Switzerland smv  th. 

Bat st « a erkleuUy luMui-poIlahed, are 

often ptc'rtxl up. says th ■ St. Louis Re- 
public Tliey are overed with lines, 
dots, circles nnd half circles, and are 
known to the Swiuers ns "schnlcn- 
Stelnee." The prigta and use i f these 
stones have long been a mooted point 
among the learned. Some have thought 
that they were charms, others thatthey 
were DOSSt to commemorate the »lea L 
Tho cluiracters upon them have long 
since been declared to be undeciphera- 
ble hieroglyphics, but it has been re- 
served for Hen- liodigcr, of Itellaeli, to 
lUggUlt a theory that comes anyways 
tear explaining their true origin and 
 s". The sehalrtnstoinea, he says, are 
oporrraphical charts, as a comparison 
 f them with nny m.alorn map of the 
Hi trict in which they may be found 
vill show The en;n"aved dots eorre- 
'i»rtl with c.\,r towns and villages, 
ha lines With the raids. Even tho 

st. . ues hoa 
id, rtaly and 

the canton in which a majority of them 
»ere picked up Another signlfic int 
and curious fact concerning the sehalcn- 
stein.'. is that they are found most 
plentiful at intervals of about six miles, 
and usually nt places where roads crosa 
or fork. 


high and heroic 
You know that a person suffering with 
mat physical pain can safely toko 
doses of morphine which would kill a 
well man, and people with a high fever 
can take doaes of quinine without bad 
results which would drive a healthy 

Waging is so ludlapeneable in Rus- 
sia thai some inventor baa perfected a 
ataahiiMt which saves the human arm 
th* infamous labor of blows. Under 
the flagellation of the machine taxes 
ao4 amsur* *ro to baeome speedily e«l- 

An Interesting experiment has been 
made in connection with the transpor- 
tation of tropical fish to this country, 
says the Ilirmingham (Eng.) Post. Act- 
ing upon instructions from Dr. 
Gunther, of the Uritish museum, the 
eminent authority on fishes, the super- 
intendent of the botanic gardens in the 
island of Trinidad some months ago 
dispatched to England a small glass 
el containing about a dozen s !K -ci- 
sof a small fresh water fish. I na- 
tive of the St. Anne's river in the 
Mud, Tho little brood arrived safely 
in London and was deposited in the 
hands of Ur. Clunther, who is delighted 
with tho success attained, which only 
shows, h« says, what might be done 
with due care in transporting tropical 
fish to England, • It is probubly the first 
time that West Indian fish huvejboeu 
transported alive to Europe. These arc 
thriving and reproducing their kind 
very freely in the tanks nt Kew, where 
Dr. Gunther lives, so that It Is possible 
they may become naturalized. In con- 
nection with the propagation of these 
fish is the curious fact that when placed 
In company with the common goldfish 
the latter fail to Increase In number 
through the voraciousness of the little 

tropical ones 

A T.rrlbl. Ttppl- 
The Mexican pulque is the worst 
drink on the face of the earth. It is the 
juice of a tree, and at first tastes like 
spruce beer, but after fermentation haa 
ended and the alcoholic principle la 
fully developed in the liquid it la not 
only extremely intoxicating, bat has 
a most abominable putrid smell, hav- 
ing Imbibed tho animal principles of the 
akin in which it is kept It U hnpoe- 
sible for an American to drink It with- 
out holding hla nose, and after he haa 
hnblbed even a comparatively small 
quantity he will get drunker and star 
drank longer than on any other drink 
overman ufaotured. 

\ Swans la England. 
At case time the number of swans in 
England^ must havo l een enormous. 
I'aulua JuVlua, writing three and a half 
centuries ago, declared that he pmr 
saw a river ^so thickly covered 

Mrs. L. V DAVIS. 

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2::*i: •luin K.i-u. liv ltoseoe, -,.n ol 
Pilot. Jr. TERMS. f5l) cm«1i »t 
time of sPi vlcr. with r turn i»rivl- 
lem-.or*;;. to iiwiire. 


Ity Alcyone, sire ot twenty- 

Ave In ttain Im.Ij t'arr. (l.on ol 

AiiibHUNHlor. ■--.■:\  t . Mm rv S. ! • », 

jy AawrlaaaiQay. fUUD, t.. 
McALISTKK, 2^7. 

Ity Kifbert. of nrty.two In 2:31): 
.him I .n u i-n .I nn ,,t Kkk Hot .three- 





AM tv 

Ho II . »( 

No- IIMin.lS elhe Muv- 

llon, nn.lNos. IT »n.l IHthe II 
inoiliuioii. N.,s. 1 Mini -J lire me nisi expreMs 
,111,1 No- ;i ho. I I the K K. V. 

No. 4 (K. K. V.i Is n solid tniin »ilh llirouifh 
.linliiK cur mi. I I'olliioiu - per- (,, Wu-Iiiiik 

Ion. llMhiloore. I'hll.l.lel u ml. I New York. 

Thro. mil I'n lltiiini »l.-.-|,er lo Kieli 1110 il, Vu., 
-un.l lihl 1-oint t'.iiiitorl V,. y I. « «ill,l t™i., 
» ilh I'olliiiiiii »l.-e|.er I 
nil KiiHt. 

ini'sou.';;: 1 

I.enve Mkj-mi ill.' ill * in. lor 1'iirls, Lev- 
liiirton, Clnelniiiitl. Kieli iiiomt, Siunlonl. I.iv 
Illusion. .1. III. ... Mhl.lleslior.iilKh. ' u In he. Inn, I 

 iui , Kni.ii.loii. I irtvlllv nii.l iioliitH on N. 

N. iiii.I M V.. Kn-iern IlivUlon. 

Lenies Muysvllle ,11 1 :«i in. I'm Ihtrls. Cln- 
elnimtl. I,e\niul„ii. A in. he, o r, lllehmon.l 
Mild | is ..i, N. N. mid M. V., Eastern Dlvls 

.1 t « . nti ..ix in, '- to gvt vi 

ill.l.lll, I'lir 

Big Sandy and 
Packet Compauy. 

bflfJl 1 'I i Ii .« line, riinnlnjf Im - 
■i Pnrtsmoutk, (ronton II  I'liekem l»o.«ot.» Tolfwraph and 
( Ity or Mn.ll~.ii pan Marivillv ell in n way at 


-Ar* at ll l lath*- 


A:Ko,42 V.3 eond Itftfli 

T. H. N. SMITH, 

4 rtrtt Thmmkm Kawtaaj (. 

ill K W. l',t/.i',-rii 
ff) H, It Hlerhow, 

IS) i.e. v - 

.eh Cuunolhaan fa i 


I) TIioh M Wrs-Kl. 
r Hol e. I Kleklln. 
IS) II I Ni well. 

Fifth WcuA. 
i ill 0« . C. Klemlnr. 
.'.'i H.T. llHiilman. 
IS) J. I. -Mllabnry. 

ni Gimi. Selinwsjer. 

. !;'.;r, M ,^„. 

... .1... n.,, r |„. r r.l year* 
irons January, 

Sinn I'. I'erln 
" i-n  '. Kl 
n l  Itoe 

■aoond MoQdaj ii 
aeaibar, bm 

tBMMUH of *3tlU. | 




ilh. No. 2.-T. J. I'li-kett, MaKlstrato, 
ni t Ihe llrst S». mi. Itiy in   neh month. 
I'e|.|.er, Miivl-inile. l,.,Ms eonrt the 

aturday In eaob month, J. If. MoNutt, 

-jainva Earnshuw and Frank [.una- 
mislnit. s. lull, I eourtwon iheflrat and 
Mnreh, June, t*.'|.i, iiiher 
■ Knnyon, I 'on-talilo. 


.1 Joseph M. If. 

ur.l Weilnesihi  
Ml '*a- «». N.'w'e'iv. 

hin-.hns in M,,,',.|,. .lime. Se|ileniher a 

' e.'O.h. r H ni, i; Kim,, ( onstalile. 

(i. 'I'liiitiitfiwn I., -lie II Miniiiioi andWm. U 


H U »' 

u I* «r.i. MaillMl-ates,. iiolii eo'llrU oii"th« 

ist I rl.lny nii.l Hnr.l Snlunlny hi Marob. 
line, Seiitemher iiiul Deeonihor WllUam 
'onl. . . .... i H i, 

Sardls-.l. M. Hull ami Jameii H. C 
MairlmrateH, hol.l oourts on the Bid 
I. mill. S.iinr.luyK in Mnreh, June.Hdt 
nii.t lleeenilier. A. .1. Suit. CoiiHtahln. 

Mayi,llek ( harle» W. William" and 

Un  moil, I, Miorlsiriites, ,1 eourta on ll 

n ml un.l I. . orlli Krl.lnys in March, June, 
teuiher and Oooeiulier. Jatnea K. Hobet 

I., wlnhiirw-lsatii' L. Mollvaln and Jot 

M. Alexan.ler, MaaUl I »Ues. hoi, I , n 

•'" un.l ' II. Th ill's. In, « l„ Mhi, h, .1 

Si'lilelillil'l llliil lleeen l\ S. M.81— -•- 

iirmnjebum-M. I). Farrow am 

r.diu, afamrata*. hold eourt* . 

fl — irday ami Inst Monuay In Mi 

. einl.el nii.l lleerinliei 


Maal.lmrl.m IMw.inl llelf 

i Mnmlaraai 

So| ti.iiih«r and Dooomtwr. 

U'«f -Samuel K. Maatln and Powall 

Dwpua, Maantrale.. hol.l iM.urlanii -' 
and foiirih Satunla) • In Mamfa. Jin 
l»r and December. Chaih . w„iih 

M.imisi , ales, hold uiurta on Ike 


OrrlUB -saeond Strrtt. 



Kwelgart'i Block, SppoihI and Sntton Street! 

I^"la*eV)Ti!lliV«raiut E sV^ l » kp(, »»- 

E. H, Paarpa, Jt 

I'ltv rierk. Marl In A, O'Hare 

('olloetor nii.t Treasurer It. A. Cochran. .Ir 

Mainhal ....Jaon-s MetMe 

Ar.»essor A.N. Huff 

\V„.,.i am) l-mil Inspector tMlllaro t)avl» 

Wharf mM.ter c. M later 

Kei'per Alllisli.uis.. 

' ollll.l.' N .-,'.• Meets ttl-t Moil 

"m a" on' (..ili-e V. .'.'?M':'-Mtsfts «Tond Monday 

'^^v^lv, , lh^^m'|''l','■.' v.. «. third mod- . 

Iny nh'ht In. aeli montli. 

Mnyaellie Con.nmii.ler., No. I ^- Meet- fourth 
Holiday n IK n i In cneli in.inth. 

•very Toeadae 

very Weilnes- 

Ih-Knll. I.odiri- No I 

'hi'iiKs-., 111.,, life S.,.i' 


"'i'r'l'.m'.'ls"!,',' "', x„ 4V, [(. „ f u.-Meet» 

Hi -i Mondav nl In In each rm.nih. 

V».isleiwt..ii. iiinpN.. il -Mods every Thura- 

lo-. pl, ll.-i-.-r l'l'si N.i. IT- M earners! and 

M. C^Huiciilna'caroii Mo. S. K nl v. Naajajj 

Woman's lleliel i. n,.- Meets second and 
fourth Saturdays in ■ neh month 

l-iitne'k ' ii'.'-Vh .ileiit" T tl*ciety— Meets 
nility ol the li. V. M.— Meet* every Blin- 
der Mmliew .Vl.siiuenee Snelety- 
I'l.-ni indei of Hidernlana-Mucta third 
ivl.i s ol St John -Meets Orst Tuesday 
man Belief Society— Meeta Brat Monday 

Hon A. B. Cole 
I. II. Sallee. (',, 

ii. .. t , Parry. I 

■ 1 - i C. imatMana*. May«vllle 

... .rlnvavilk-. TuuMlny after the aec- 
ondMoadaj In January. April. July andOoaa- 

rienMn^j-AI neailnyabavff, third Monday In 

(iieeimp-At (iieenup. fourth Monday In 
February ami Auifust. 
U'wls-At V i.ieeburK. soc-on l Monday In 

Nieh.ihis At I ill !,sie. Tu.-s.Iiiv alter third 
Monday In September un.l lourili Monduy In 

m a son oearaTC oavar. ' 

M.i-ix N.....I./ .)/... :„ ii, t:,uh M,mth. 
It I'lilster. Ih.-i.lnm Judire . Mnysvllle 
i s Ii Ni i.ell I ninny Atiorney. Maysvllle 

Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.), 1892-04-06

4 pages, edition 01

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