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date (1855-05-07) newspaper_issue 



NUMBER 226. 

THE D lILt DEMERIT. I transportation. 

P MUTED AND published by 


Oftioe on Third street, between Market 
and J efferson, East side. 

TUtHS.}- Democrat per year, payable quarterly - - *- to 

. D°  Io. in advance • • o 00 

Or Ten Cent* per week, pay aide to the Carrier. 

I' -‘d v Democrat, country edition, per vear • - SOU 

Tr.-Weeklv Democrat * do • 31t 

do per 6 month.* - - - - SOU 


One tquare ol 12 line*, one insertion - . *100 

Do each additional inaerlion - - • off; 

Do one mouth, Without alteration - - t (A ; 

Do two months, do do - - - ti 25 I 

lie three months, do do - - . * Ot ' 

One square fix month*, without alteration • 12 01 1 

Do twelve month*, do do - - 1“ 00 , 

Each additional square for six month- - - . 5 (S' j 

Do do twelve months - - to 00 | 

One square six months, renewable once a week • 20 ue j 

One square twelve months, renewable twice a 

.. * e ** k * * *l 00 : 

One square twelve months, renewable once a 

week - tWOol 

Each additional square for twelve mouths • lo Ot 
Additional advertising at a proportionate price. Dis- I 
play ana special inside advertising extra prices. 

Advertisements republished at interv als, viz : weekly, j 
semi-week!} , tri-w eckly , or monthly, are charged SI per I 
square for tlie hr-t. and 50 cents for every subsequent 
inse rt ion . 

. The privilege of yearly advertisers i, strictly con- i 

unci to tin ir ow i, immediate and regular business, and 1 
the business of an advertising firm is not considered as 
including that of it- individual members. 

No C7r«u«iitotis Advertising. 


LouiKViUeaiid Frankfort, ii'fiot 


H AIEKOAD^. Watches. 

.1 EW ELRY. 

ol  V Brother, 


Louisville Window Shades. 


[From the Abbeville Banner.] 

Patrick Calhoun. Father of J. C Cal- 



•r , .g... 


% I * ^ "• 1^'». th« PaStocnrer Trains will run as follows: 

•y w • .. g av, ‘ LouUirillc at 6Hk\ a. m.; arrive ai Lexington at 
ll t i 1 1 A , M . 

* | . Lea'*' Louisville at 2 A* r. m.; arrive at Lexington at 

| . :3u r. m . 

, Leave Lexington at 5 dP *. w.; arri-ffi' Louisville at 

*1 w | ItiiJu A . *. 

' * ! _ Leave Lexington at 2:15 p. v; arrive at Louisville at 
1 * :   :10 r. m. 

1 8tages leaTe Lexington daily (Sundays excepted) 
... ;* | after dinner for Harrodsburc, Danville. Crab Orchard. 
J; “J ' Manford. Lancaster, and Richmond. Stages for Win- 

Watches, Jewelry, etc., etc., 


MW neva. Main street, three doors above Fourtii, in 


Know -Nothin:: Third Decree. The name Calhoun was originally written Col- j Tribune, eal 1 ing ~hi m*el f~~ IcTat k .1 „ ^ t *4* I 

It is known to all Know-Nothings, and many 1 quhonJ pronounced t ohoun und emanated from the long letter from Paris, Kv., under date of Tuesday 
outsiders besides, that a new Know-Nothing ritual I * dlfte Highland* of Scotland. There is something April loth, professing to gire the facts in a case of 
has been adopted, in which there is a change of more than a tradition that the Ulan, living un a •• cruel ty and torture,” which were before the Cir- 
signs. signals, griu* and passwords, and that a dangerous cost ot that sea-girt land, were skillful cuit Court for Bourbon county, Ky., on the 12th 
new degree has been added. For one or two wreckers, and received their name from a French of March last. The case was, “At indictment v«. 

May BR so. — A correspondent of the New York 
-ibune, calling himself “ Kentuckian. ’ writes a 

On Jefferson st., opp. Odd Fellows’ Hall. 


B • -tH Ctfallr inform tii*- ladie s of Louisville* ami 

Jacob's Kuildincs, leave to call public attention to J H • «p» ctfnlly inform tit*- ladirsof L  uisyille, and months post the county deputies have been buw term for a peculiar boat in uae among them. Col- Alpheus Leech ir an«i his witV fnr cniai an.i in* 
tlieir unrivaled assortment of YVauhes and Jewelry, citizens generally, that he has finally. succeeded in oh. i n i r |.. - • . ,V_ various Councils The honn was the manner of writing the name soon human .i. r _ , . ?!i » -r?* 

just received and .. pend, direct from Geneva. where   mining a lease of the (above named) spacious -lore mironueing it into tne vsrious Louiutu . me the nftkn familwin A I 7. • treatment of slave*. A true bill.” The 

the whole stock was selected by on* of the firm. and house adjoining Mr. DeHart's Drug store, and is new work costs each subordinate halgc ^ 12. — after the a pp ea r ance ol the family in America, bnt Parts papers, according to this correspondent sup- 

Fin  Regulators, far hotels, banking houses, or any extensively engaged in the manufacture of This sum is charged to meet the heavy expenses Wii3 gradually changed to Ualbouu, being so pro- pressed the facts, which were of the most sh  \kimr 

''YVatc^Shu^^Slm^aS^itlToo!* forYVatehm tkrr*. • Trail*| areilt Curtaill*! of the “big bug*” of theOrrter, and to defray other pounced generally, eve newly mthelwyh^ rfthe j character, if they have been truly statedh MK 

at New York prices. demands. The obligations of the first and second Senator. There are some old men amon 6 us, how Lewis is said to have had the slave r.rls in the 

in' some'Jd' ^Tmo' 4 ^^ti   tf«l S artirt«In?hat^!?ner*ouW , S^ degrees do not differ materially from those in the CT S& } ... _ _ _ drenche.1 with coif water!^mted 

Watch oleaniiiK tti.d rt i.a.m -d.TiV with i * an* - :ind Is fully prepared* nt *hort notire, to execute : nv de- old work: Lut the new Third stands out unique The Highland Clan seem, to hate ^en very re- with stones, and burned with hot iTon»— nilwad on 
dispS. g ^ 8 d«a. pattern, or copy he may be. favored with, and and peculiar. The Pittsburg Gazette, of Thurs- i spectable, both m number sand military character: sensitive portions of their persons The^rreT- 

, Je h A « ’ ty ' eS “ d PMt,ern * * •*"'*'**" rroeived SriV’tSi pa P tror a gc i7,ic K h mav?ntble him ’"o^rt ^ published the whole genuine ritunl-the pass- according to the books of Heraldry the Bearberry pendent says, « Mr. Lewis not defending the ease, 
*lS^'W?lnvite the ladies tocali and examine for them- ! mother new addition to * e.._ _v c — o, l^ehe -• _ . . ^ 

Chester, Ml . Sterling, and OwingsvilU. leave at 6 o’clock solve*. No trouble *0 show good*. A!! our goods war- 
x- m. Stages to Maysville connect at Paris, w ith the ranted nr no sale. feh2t  dtf 

® * ! l - M ■ Stages to Maysville connect ai Paris, with the 
, ! evening train ofthe Covington and Lexington Railroad, 

is. - lour dollars to Cincinnati, via Frankfort, Lexington, 
I Paris, and CyntWana. Through tickets will be sold to 
w j Cincinnati for four dollar*, which tickets will l«- gooil 
for two days, with the privilege of stopping at Paris, 
111 !*’ | Lexington, Frankfort, and Cvnthiana. within the two 
J'. Ul day*. SAMUEL OILL, 

Dis- | mv2 dtf Mtpt. L. A F. atoi L. A F. R. R. 

mother newr addition to 

Louisville Manufacture! 

word* and signs excepted — from whieh we copy. I (Arbutus ura urti, or in Gaelic, Braoileay nan the testimony was not elicited ia open court, but 
Wo have often alluded to the pro-*lavery char- was honored a* their device -w bodge - f dis- j* has been freely made known by the grand ju- 

... t ?TT*p, . „ v .i,h actcr the new degree, and have the eonfirma- linction. Their tartan, as we learn from the same ror«, as presented to them.” Much indication Is 

' „c ,,.-** fmd di 'p?tw. P *'" ,in6 eS  - C,U ' tion of it in black ami white before us. The great -outree seems to have been sufficiently magnificent: *id to hove been felt about Phris. conejSSi the 

£. *-' Masonic, (hid Fellows’, and Societies Regalia mass of the Know-Nothings of this city have not \ following were us colors in the order of their horrible treatment of the slave girls, and Mr. Ai- 

pttinted to order in artistic st yle. ja25 dtf yet taken it, and that they may not be entrapped arrangement: Blue, black, blue black, white, pheus Lewis, jr.. and Margaret, lus wife, are wud 

PrTTPC PC 4PP jCr ’C in the dark to take an obligation stultifying their green, red, green, white, black, blue black, blue, to be very wealthy, highlv connected, and to live 

i LIijXyo, LiXAuu U- 9 political sentiments, we place before them the A ti-h ha* al*o been claime-l by certain knowing in one of the finest houses on the road between 

Piano Forlt- ^InilllFartOrV. oath they will be required to take. And here let ones of the familly as a port of its ancient coat of Paris and Lexington. Will the Paris movt , tell 

• ^ na ...v.i ..n « anus, in oonneetion with which nuite a rhanrt^r- ... u u -a. • l .. 1 • 


J 1. - • 

( haiiLT or Tiiin-. 

4 P \1|S F X P R E S !S f '( )TI P V \ N careful industry to his bttsine**. and li feels confident 

,,, . . , . * ‘ * ‘ of his thorough ability to repair Clocks and M atches 

, c* Main street, Louisville. .ml it will afford him pleasure to regulate thetime 

uiwmd after Tuc-day. April 18, our Mc**, ncer and pieces of his customers. 

Express freight wiU leave Louisville for Irankfort and N.B.— lie ha- constantly on ham! Odd Fellows am 

Lexiret-ui tn the afternoon train. Lelunimg, leave REOALIAs, of every degree, plain or Isanti 

Lexington in the morning, at fi o clock. full, embroidered. The m e. -bin- Jewels are al*o Went 

. 1 . II i i-touSi ImiIiI. 


side, dealer in Watches and Clocks. Havincbecn 
several years engaged in the business, it is scarcely 
necessary for the subscriiier lo recommend himself to 
public favor. 

lie riaims to linve a thon.ugh knowledge of liis trade, 
and warrants hi.- v.ork. He has aline stuck on hand, 
comprising jew eled Watches. Clocks, and a most exten- 
sive assortment of Watch Chains. Guard.*, .Seals. Breast- 
pins, Brooches. A.c. 

Mr. lliis.-libuhl is a manufacturer of clocks and ‘V'iV:!.. Y."J 

w atches. lit has devoted vear* of dose attention and . t*i*Wug to purclm^ tiaiio fortes 
careful industry to hi* business, and he ft-el* confident 
of Ids thoroug'h atiility to repair Clocks and YVatches, 
and it w ill afford him pleasure to regulate the time- 
pieces of his customers. 

N . B — He has constantly on ham! Odd Fellows' ami 

Piano Forlr Manufactory, 

Main -Ireet, lietwecn Thirteenth and Fourteenth. 


It to call the attention of 
dealers, professors, atid - 'Ir- ,ai _ -to- 

memberw are really sworn to put down anti-*lav- •* ' --* ■ •~“*z r* -**'•**- . i„ ^ f : • . , * : — • 

erv agitation. And as to the “adjustment of all fi' h -” 'ery easily accounted for,” he • fhe 1, *~ of the In-n* 

political discontents or differences,” which they 1 replied: “in their old hanate they fell into the very [ 

aru- .to worn to procure, what is it hut mm compru- ^ hai»it of *tti litng fi.-h, an«l have ju tiriou iy . * « w \ e f ” 

mi.-es of the Fillmore and fugitive slave law de- placed a memento of it in their escutcheon.” whlrf 4 Lia ' 

scription? Every rational man understand* what Patrick Calhoun, the father of the Senator, emi- 1 « . . J,/ ' .. '' u ' 

the originators of this degree were after when they -fra to l at the age of 12, some time between the a; frTl'^mo’TbT *1-^' Tren ^ nt 

invented it. We all know that the grand object /**« 1735 and 17 W. from Donegal county. Ire- ' ... Jl r - ' 1 ^^ , .^. the T v e P u *" e 

was to ignore and crush out Northern opposition ian ‘L lo America, accompanied by his mother, . y ’ ^ 1 ‘ P*id by 

to slavery amrremion. under the old nrtdext of Catherine Calhoun, ami several brothers. the Fireman * office was Sd.o, 

bin repoblKnin eootempt for all such silly relies of . fiRR. The total mm by thui tiro 

i tlarker a^e. A female relative once a*-ke«i him M not vet been tuiiy aneertained, but it will not, 
•how it wa* the family got this device t»f the °n  at unlay, piobably exceed 

their improved circular acak* 
full iron iraiiH* iustruuiciit-, now 



- Merchants, Wh« -ling, Va. stdidlf 



vilD. Kv. mri rftr 


I Fn-iglit received at our office till 1 r. u. 

' Lr 'tbir wsgoi, will call for frciglit. if order* arc left 
atour olfi- S. A. JONES. Ageut 

I y *'• AdMna Bxpna* Co. 

lf J -lfc-rtoon vill - Itailroatf. 

•tz; -■• •••• 


Indianapolis, Chicago, and Ciuciunnti. 
i On and after Monday, April 20th. train* w ill run t»* 
.. ! follows: 

oh-ecs ot his customer* * b ^ ‘ on hantl and ready forfinlshln- t Ur 

N . B — lie has constantly on hand Odd Fellow s and b' U 21’ 

Matooiis* VL1 V" t-V. rv «lt cn-u*. ulain or U-niiti- k “ e *' . a T e I'reimred, should th»- whhi^ tht- trade de- 

fttlly »*ml*roidered. The ncce«saiy Jewels are also kept j per an nuin ** c ' C ° ia " lrUr ‘“ nU * Hjr a 

I PORTRAIT PAINTER. DI LAY- "lle*\e Jelfer-onville (opposite Louisville) for India- 
neyV Building*, over llegan, Escott A Moore's, j nmpolta ami Chicago at fc.15 *. x„ and 3.30 P. for 

on band — * llano* per annum. •»igiii»e , i* oi mu ucgic- wcic anci »uvu im-j 

Inviting the public to call at hi.* store, No. 66 Third I ,u ‘s vers  W ^- v .- u P° n wetting instruments fully invented it. Wc all know that the grand object 
street, west side, where lie pays particular attention to ' t ‘V to Ignore and crush out Northern opposition 

* ml? rp I’®*rinF, he remain* tne pul-lit^ humble »erv-ant. g'VX fift ^d,dU« on each inrtmme,,;' All the wood » • slavery aggression, under the old pretext of Cariierinej 

- - - — — — - ‘‘ used in  *ur lnanufactoiy is thoroughly seasone*1,aiid no saving the l nion. 

Janies 1. Lemon, , tUrni "* WUt e#t ' h ‘ ,ian   Thu slaveholders who cooked ns this degree. 

» n a | 1T.X ,,wn *’ f ' r two coi!-*ecuti\e years the Agrlcnltnral Av*»ocla- with the aid ot the New \**rk Silver (treys* have 

lv\ljr«K IN r L  h »Ait II 1*-.^. tion and Mechanics v Institute have awarded first but one interpretation for it, and that is a dagger 
Jewelry, and Silverware, 535 Main street, opp«. {rntmiuma to these piano, over all other.*, when in com* with which Anti-Sluven men are expected to 
st'  Bank ot Kcutucky— Mgn of tlie tioUien Ki — . l eimoii. ...... . . ■. , ... J , , , . ... 

Fine Cold and .Silver YVatches, various prices; Reference is made to the folio wit,, dealers, and the commit ] o!itic:d suicide, under the delusion that 

Gold (lu&rd, Fol , and Vent Chains; profession generally: they are ,«av ing the Uuiou! 

Chatelaines, Charms, Seals, and Keys; _L . I . 1 auld*. (sucee-sor to Fan!,!-, stone 4. Morse,) \\'e would a!*,, call ihn snoelwl ntlem ion of 

.filing the public to call at hi* store, No. t® Titov. ’ , i _■ . .. . , . , .l i- 
ef, west side, where lie pays particular attention to ojl'if..'!-*!,!.!! i Ia r 111 

rh repairing, lie remain* the public’s humMc servant. : ! . l ( ‘,! lt - j 

i - 1 j nil* ^4- |i mi ii | nve to nrty dollars un each nitotniin^iii . All the wood 

J_! ” - used In our manufactory ii thorou?bl  geasonedjHid no 

a ■ ......... pains or expense are soared in turning out each piano 

aillCto a. LiIBOIL I ierfertin e\ L ry respect - 

D ealer 

Jewelry, ar 

five to nfty dollars on each instrument. All the w ood sum cry aggression, untier utt tna pi t text oi ' .. .i ‘J; The North Ym. rican (u.d , „| v *1 mm Tk„ i 

used in our manufactory is thorough!' seasomsl.aod no saving the Union His lather had died previous to this event. r ,v -tmi , loan naa only * 1.W0. The io.*s 

l^rt Vtin M,rni "* oat e * lh vi%no The slaveholders who cooked it* this degree. They settled first In Pennsylvania; hut hearing of “"j , ‘ n office “ bnl as 

1 F»-r two con'-ecutive vear* th.- Agricultural A ia- with the aid of the New York Silver Greys, l.nve belt or lands in Virginia, the whole family shortly [ ot .LaXaTm-l'rt ' se'^' ^ * 

lion and Mechanic* - Institute have awarded tir*t but one interpretation for it, and that is a dagger after remove l thither, and formed a settlement in 1 « ■ I'-Jrynuea at several thousand dollars 

j^iums to these pianos over aH otl^rs, when in com- with which Vnti-Slaverv men are expected to Elizabeth county, western Virginia. Hen Patrick. *?{• ‘ 

Reference is made to the foUowing dealers. a „d the commit prfitksd suicide, under the delusion that having become of age. married hts fir-t wife, an- 1 u. : 1 . ' n K lce *^ s n '* d 

protuMion ceneraUy: thw are ,-*a\inc the Uuiou! loal h«*r soon afterward# by ih-ath. Overwhelimxl . ^ 4 ®J u ^ tK * n been j^rryed oo the city 

1). I*. F aukl * (hucceasor to FankL**  tone 6 l M*»rse,) \u 0 war..„i,i u l» with irrief at bito uneiiMN ted misfortune, he re- ^ pu*rs »n in t incinnati, who ciaims the m-et* 

Mkia street, »*rtw 


un Fourth and Fifth* Loui*rille, 



Produce Merchants, Second BtreeL. lietween Me in 
and Water street*. Louisville, Ky. oc83 


th. Louisville, i Cincinnati at 8.15 *. n.. and 3.80 p. ji. j Diamond Kings ami Pins; 

fe- dlv rbene trains connect at Indianapolis and Cincinnati Mourning Jewelry for miniatures and hair; 

withal! tin trains for the North and East. Tickets can . Bracelets, 1 kit*, and J, t and Hair Jew -Irv : 

X Wes r. root be had at the office. 655 Main Street. Gold Spectacles. ThimbU-s. and Pencil.*: 

I ap_, dtf A. P. OBBORNK. Snp't. , Silver  is»ons. Cup*. GotJcts. 

— — . Piatad Ware of all winds, very duap! 

DT AD I I MET Card Case*, l'orte Monuaics, and Pocket Cutlerv*. 

O I r\ r» bllwE.* I am receiving new styles of Jew city every few -lays. 

/X* .• » • *11 1 « 

Cincinnati, Louisville and New to show » • good.* totiw-e who wmfa^.rnij with » can. 

Ol leanS- apll Main street, five do«irs aliove Third. 

B ell and brass foi nder. weekly passenger packets 

M tier slrcft. I*etwecn I irst xod Secoud, LouU* I 

Ladh-to' M**to’ a ir, Carats ivurl. and plain Gold Tins; Balmer and WuUt, St. Louis; Curtis* Truan.Cincii!- " e also » ca,i . attention oi 

Motoiic** Cluing, and ofhi-r nev, style Ear Kin?*; 1 nati; Dijiirins Sl Co., Nimlivilhs I n wninp a Mood}*, t n use w no nave seen •*. K ain, but have not had :i 
UiMmoiid Kin?* and l*in*; Fox, Natchez; Couru4t Kmherforo* sizht at this wrinkle on his brow, to that part of 

Mounting Jewelry for miniature nod hair; Clarksville;  uhaul. 4. Murpl»y. Kan 1 8. town; I atnek & » • » » • i .1 .  i»i,rw.rt ..nlv Thinl 

Bracelet*, Ltx-ktU, and Jut and lluir Jewelry « Croo Lrifayette; 11. U. Ilewitt Sl Co., New Orleans: “ tln m to support only I hml 

Gold Siiectaclea, Thimbles, aud Pencils; Lee & Halker* rwiadelphia. ja4 degree members of the Order — none but orthodox rulU1,1 * 

AVe would, also, call the ^ pedal attention of grief at hi* unexpected misfortune, he re- [7* lb ? 

o*e will, have seen -Sum ” I, n  b:,v.. nnt hail n solved to s«;, k relief in exile from a scene in which 11 "• frnrHrr, April .Aik. 

sight at this wrinkle on his brow, to that part of i» - «»«M no longer be happy; and setting out l-*' " The Boston Fourier of Monday, J6th ult^ 
the c«it’n which them to *ut,t«,rt oiilv Third alone, threaded hi- way to the wilds of South Ua- -‘ay-: “The House of Representatives '»«, i n ses- 
* ■ ----- s ,ri - - Wax haw settlement, on a creek of rion six hour* and a half on Sunday, and was en 


U IU n A A l I' ACTOR V . 

\ r O. to.-, FOURTH STREET. BET. 

Main anil Market, the str.tiil in Louisville. 

Union-saviors for office, and ask all honest men. in 
: or out of the Order, wherein this degree is lc * 

the -ante name, in the northern part of the present gaged nearly the whole of that time in a discus- 
Lancastcr district, had then been established, aud sion of the question — not the tkve QrKSTTON. of 

ofthe gentlemen in iny establish- 

 «. \\ iltoOli’to 


y Store, North aide of Jefferaon etw ^tfbttvern First 
and Second, Louisville. Ky. mrlb 



on JeFerson street, lietween Fourth amt Fifth ««., 
Louisville. Kv.. will practice in all the Court* of Lou- 
isville, the Court of Appeals, and in the Federal Court 
at Frankfort for this district. f,-« dly 



Foreign and Domestic Hardware and Cutlerv. rm- 

DUKB— Cant. YV. F. Hxkiltox. 

GLENIlAl.K — Capt. li. tV. Fori, 

LANDIS— Capt. j . M. CHisowtni. 


Steamer* will l.-a». Cincinnati and _ 
Louisville EVERY WEEK for New- Or- . df-x v Wt, 
U an*: and will also, returning, lea-re V.-w 

lean*; and will also, returning, leave Ne »j^ 
Orleans weekly, throughout the coining ^ 3 ® 
season — eommencing their trips on the lii* i rise. 

Tsi Tenielrv and Wattolitots I be-* » I •* were invented l y 1,. :t:   I Bees, ol l.on- 

lo Deateism Jewelry ana waicues. i, 

[ IIYY1-’ 11'wJ'r RFTI lt\Fl) I-' H ( » M metit, who took tlie Iiglicsl pi. miitiu l'.ir the (x*t Wigou 

M\Yi..n.toi KLi r nuji 

the East with a most complete stock of Jew elry |*5|. They are w arrante d not to sLrink: (those w ho have 

-M Main and Market. On old. i *; mi in Louisville. " f *52. upon which General Uicrve was nominated. 
Mr G. N ICiiOLAd Inviti - the attention of i - re t*- or the H hig nlatform which killed General Scott 

tomers and otiiers to lier newly invented \ cutilatng -^,1 hi* tsirlv"* C( rr/au l 

Diamond Wigs. * J ’ * * 

Tlie-e Wigs wire invented by Richard Beck, of Lon- 

pro-slavery than the Locofoco Baltimore platform he found in it a convenient resting place. At the whether the F.egi-lature had violated the UomtLi- 

[Frova the Pittsburg Gazette, 3 th ult.l esting 

New NY »kk uf the Know-Nothi.vos — ' The , r   memory 

*, of every description. 

worn " igs knowr the greatest comturi i 

The stock is unsurpassed for quality and taste, ami that w ill not -brink xr all,) lie-uk-*. tlicv are * • close n 
will I.- -old at the very lowest prie  Every article i- resemblance to nature a- to defy •Iv.-ction— and, to  -n- 
w arranled. and may tie returned by buyers if they are thle gentlemen to sec the effect, r lat-gt- assortment i* 

not w hat they are represented to l e. 

Country Merchants are invited to inspect my assort 
incut before purchasing elsewhere. 1 confine inv busi 

kept on hand for inspection, any et which,  f approved 
of, saves the purchaser both time and trouble, .-is these 
elegant specimens of Wiks cannot Vie found elsewhere. 

bind together the States of this Union— forming a 

TV.- extensive popularity this line gained with the t h t . m j„ i». r ». n. and will -ell them low. 
tiaveli-.ig puUic la-t season, has induced U„ proprietors A. STEIN AU. corner Fiftli a 

n. a* exclusively to the above articles, and have selected Also, a splendid assortment of Ladies' Wigs and Half r   ,l g. ‘‘i token of your determination that, -o far as 

A TV gPMPTP jd, px-/s I the 1 nited Mates ii. -i«   toiB— are pmvided w ith lile pre- 

Jl. a .jLUM, rtiax* & BKO., sen ere. lifeboats, life floats, file engine, fcc., and oosn- 

LiPDRTrnd \ VII 111.' \ I roe I v utanded liv competent and careful officers; in sliced, 
II n l r.IV . * .s 1 / 1 1 1 1 , 1 , IV . I -N comfort, safetv , and elegance, are unsurpassed by an.v 

Foreign and Domestic Hardware and Cutlery, cot- | Ixists on tlie {southern or YV etteru waters. 

YU. corner Fiftli and Main sis., 
ver Lichtin, La-wciitlial A Co.'s. 

made to your efforts can avail, this Union shall have no :l;t ^ -c.i.ccK cvtggi-ratol their des -ripiion: he Bishop Hn.iirs imi Sen vtor Brook*. Biahoo 

'Ji end — do solemnly and sincerely .-wear . or nfiinn it the most desirable spot he had seen in Hughe* has replied to the last letter of rienator 

that you will not, under any circumstances, disclose N uerica. and. I- mg an excellent practical ■‘urvey- Brook*. It ipjcars from hisstatement that it ha  
ire in any manner, nor suffer it to Ik* done by others or, hud off a large b  sty of land, ana hastened back been the practice, especially since the bankruptcy 
if in your power to prevent it, the name, sign*. V* \ ir ”' n ' a to i crsuade, il poasible, the rest ot the of p, , les- than four VMiards of Catholic Lav Tru*- 
I passwords, or other secrets of this Degree, except tainily to return, and occupy it with him. He teos in New \ . irk city alone, to invest the title ol' 
1 to those to whom you may prove on trial to fie I W:l ' 1 * u cee**ful: all ot them joined him, and they new churches in the Bishop. This, he says is 

-ante pcrrind, the portion of country now known stution in sending a committee of its bodvtcin- 
a,s Abbeville was an unbroken wilderness, except vade private residences — but the vulgar issue of 
the single settlement of Old Ninety-six, whose vU- whether Mr. Hi.** did anything wrong on the oe- 
lage stissl on th« hill now crowned with the inter- casion of hi.s official excursion to Lowell, and 
csling remain.- of the old Star fort of revolution*- whether, as charged in the debate, he “capered 
ry memory. It had been for ages the hunting nimbly in a lady’s chamber, to the lascivious 
ground of the Indian*, and ha* recently become pleasing’ of Mr*. Patterson, at the expense of the 
famous among the adventurous hunters of the Commonwealth! It is not our fault that our col- 
nearcst white settlement*. Calhoun metwith a uinnsare again bnrthencd with the stale stuff 
party of these, and received from them so glow ing which forms the -ubstanec of most of the speeches, 
an account of the Flatwotuls — of the exceeding and it is not our fault that the real issue has been 
fertility of the soil, anil abundance of game— that blinked out of sight by the disgusting details of a 
he determined to visit it himself. The hnnters lecher's exploits. 

"jig*. Braids and Curl , always ou hand, and made to vour efforts can avail, this Union shall have no 
i order on the shortest notice. Brushes, Perfumery, ,i.. ,„i.. „„.i 

Gloves, and a general assortment Fancv Goods, of in ^ l * ' ■' luillj all l -inctrely . W« ar . or UUimi 

Gloves, and a general assortment of Fancy Goods, of 
the vert latest importations. 

that you will not. under any circumstances, disclose 

nerof Sixth and Main street*. Louisville, Ky. 

Burtou's Exchange and Restaurant, 


Jl leave to inform his friends ami th 
ptihlic »rt nerally, that la- has just opened a fjki { & J 
K-tot.iurant iind»r hi- HoUl, ( tlif ••iMdlumi J r 


iiave ou hand veiy larire and wdl a.«* »rted st *ck auv |*oint on flic river. 

T r- • t , e . "jon me norsn sine oi Mrr-ri f 

This tnieof lmats will land passengers and freight at llrtWw . n Brook and Floyd, and is ready at 

of Hardware and C utlerv, w hich we oiler at very low 
prices^ nff 



M Apothecary, corner of Jefferson and 
Eighth streets, lots on hand a complete 
me .at of Drugs. Chemicals. 'Icdiciiie-. i'ai’its.^ Apt' 

assortment ot P.-rfameiy and Fancy Articlr*. 

Personal attention paid to the preparation and dis- 
pensing of Prescriptions. att31 dly 

Dr. D. A. laanhciitotriii, 

H omceopathist, office. NO. 

• 533 Jefferson street, between First and second, 
lakes the liberty of offering his services to citiz. ns 
and strangers in curing all disease -Tv llomo'opathii 
i— medics, enabled bv much effort and eapermuoa, U 
afford relief in the most deS| cr;Ue cases. 
l r L also give* his attention to all diseases of th- 
^ 1 • He has had many years experience in treatiuci . 

  aiai disease*. 

.v* Far further information, call at iny office, a hoi ,- 
n f ■ ism 

, Uarlur A. Jourll. 


I Commission Merchants, Louisville. Ky. YVe, thr 
undeiwignetl. have this day formed a Copartnership t * 
the purpose of transacting a Forwarding and Genera! 
Commission business, and have taken tlie house f- r- 
merly occupied by J. Bell, No. Si. East *id - of Tbit 
between Main and the River. 


Louis riBc. Get. 1. 1861. YV. R. JOUETT. 

t"^"Consignuient*  -f Nails. Glass, Cotton Y anis, and 
Pittsl.nrg Mainrfaetures solicited. -s- 1 . is 

_ \\ ullto X A I‘ III toll-on^. 

fn case of unavoidable detention of either of these 
boats on the way, jiasserigcr.- will be transferred to 
another good isiat, and sent on without extra charge, or 
tlie fare refunded. 

I A continuance of patronage is respectfully solicited. 
For freight or passage apply tn 

C HAS. B.trll AM. Agent. Louisville. 

N B — Passengers aud Shippers may rely upon these 
' boat* leaving promptly "U the day advertised. fnuSdtf 


ai! times to wait upon his customers. 

Mv RESTAl' RANT i* supplied constantly with fr -sh 
.Shell Oysters from the East, which 1 am prepared tn 
serve up in any style desired, at Gie low price of twen- 
ty - nvt ft : nts per noziN — cheaper than any other es- 
tablishment i*t tliis city. 

85 Fourth street, iatwe-n Main Si. Yiarkct. 
D- F. Rmu, Agent. :-T 


\\ n. v. khepaisd, 


Deileft Second street, between muh. 

P. S. L illies u in plunge remen." r that they can have ip anv manner, nor suffer it to Ik* clone Hy other? 
thcr ha., dressed at then Vms” G^Nit. HtiLAS, if » Jowr ^wer to prevent it. the nam;. sign*. 

serve up in any style des.uat, at me low price oi rw i n- ^ / i) ealor , * C e„ n ,l street, la rween - 
ri-tn f ,«pER nozt n chcapet than any other es- YVater, opposite the Farnieis’/vJU 
tablij.imcnt ri this iaty- , . . . . ! Tobacco Warehouse, Louisville, Kv. — 

M* LAUDER is also supplied wuh even- descnption - ri „. gubscrilwr would restsyifi.Ilv in- ViH* 
of u.imc. such as NjUtnvls, rartndges, Dttcks, Snipe, f.. r ,u the public tlial tie ha* . I :I-d — 

Ilavii." ennaccil the services **f one of the very 
Jk-st ami inoM experienced co«»k- in the wertt I feel con- 
fident tiiiit l can ic ratify the taste of lvlhy onk. 

Attached to tlie Restaurant i» a neatly fituil up BAR. 
M b f, re the choicest Liquon*, Cigars, Ac** ;ue always to 
be found. 

f t?” Families and parties supplied with Oysters, or 

Carriage Keporitory on Second street, near the Call to weaken its bonds; and that vou will use y 
the"la;icI*aV*i tli^U^^son* in want^ f^a*iy d?scriptio*u ^ v„ U r pow’er, in endeavor 

brothers of the same I  egree, or in open Council b»unde»l there. 1 56, the present ( aihoun settle- aierely done that the deed may be recorded ia 

for the purpose of instruction: that yon do hereby uaen ^* j u 't ei ;ht years hei ore the arm a A in the his name, and not with the view of resting the 

solemnly declare your devotion to the Union of S:luie neighborhood ot^ the rrench Ret u gee.- iroiu property in him, a thing never dreamed of by the 

these States; that in the discharge of your duties the Abbeville on the Somme. Catholic laity. Since he has boen a Bishop his 

as American citizens, you will uphold, maintain. *‘ or ^'. ,ule ll,ne rer hxing hiniselt thus perma- dupport has Wen derived from the free and \olun- 
aud defend it; that you will discourage and dis- nantly, it seeai- that he was much oftener employ- tary offerings of his flock, and not a farthing from 
countenance any anil every attempt coming from Wlt ^ ^' s eompo.*.* an-l *taff in the ^urrouieiing the noiniinti ownership of church propertv. The 
any anil every i|uurter. which you believe to be country than in the more ijuiet Work ot a farmer; only property that really belong, to him, he say*. 
Jeeigneil or calculated to destroy or subvert it, or ;,D '* ' l ln one ^ these expeditions that he first i. his library, a part of the furniture of the house 

of Pleasure Carriage*, a fine a*-ortnieiii of the best 
Eastern manufactured work, tocethcrwith hisowu ma- 

These Carriages, manufactured and purchased espe- 

— — s r »au»o« » moa p.oio - «wi" i iges, manufactured aud purchased c.*ne 

1 . 1 TT I , !•' TI 1 % Tl I ' Vtlung in my line, at the *horte*t notice uu.l on the ria ||y for t!.i* mark--!, nr. . -.ual uvle, finish and du- 

* * U BJWt ■■-*“* «n _ -tfayonjWe terms. ...... ... rabilitv, to anv in the country. Biirers would serve 

\\ll fill UMItl S A V n Y|-’ \ I \ My Restaurant i*_kepiopen until Locloek every theoiselvcs by inspecting mv »i.»ck K-iorv purchasing.— 

.A N U U trial Jl l»l -to J\ A l» ALA I A , j ctl t. and calling before that tin;, can be at- They are made for use, and are boiu d to I* sold verj' 

TV . XT PA A Tl 

RAILROAD. J jCS^Rcmemlier that I sell Oysters at twenty ritE , ,/t YY. !’. sl! El’AllD. 

■ A . * per dosen, which an  1 ; .** on i • 

I BASSENGERH BY THE 6 Ot’L’K r ^nd ut any oi i. -r ct .j ; 1 ^ , 11 ^ 11 ^ m ( l!v ( . ti ,. t or j Eagle Foundry Warehouse. 

a. !*. Train, Lillie Miami and Columbus an- / ’ -- - ‘ — ClTHYF \ND GH \TU FMPOHIIM 

cap for cash or first-rate negotiable business paper, 
n il YV. P. SHEPARD. 

You do further promise and swear (or affirm 
that you w ill not vote for any one to fill any office 
of honor, profit, or trust of a political character, 
w hom you knowr or believe to be in favor of a dis- 
olution of the Union of these State*, or who is 
endeavoring to produce that result; that you will 

we believe, been -imilar to those of the Calhouns. u -* 1 - lL election, says . 

found, about the same time with them, a new ”Th« vmtory malraady ragoodaawun. Tho In- 
home in South Carolina. Exploring the country .' ,v . I (-. eI1 ,* in ^ i ' V f rota . 

fir-t in search of an agreeable situation, he hml _ L !’ . ' L ‘ . . , °*  t a (J? u * 

  la Railrohd. breakfast at Cincinnati and dine i i 
iw inc day in New York, l'hihidc-lphia- Baltimore, - r i 
u shington City. 

r From Ciuciunati to 

i N I YV YORK in 28 l . hour.-; 

ill I.ADKI.i'ii iA in 31V houis; 

BALTIMORE   b., un . ; 

BUFFALO in! ; 

III \KIKr, ,15 I, u 
_ CLEY El AND i. :. uis: 

M eANDl sKY n urs; 

PlTTtoBI if. m It icuirs 
Yt HEELING iu In , hours. 


i kst Train. — C les clam! and Pittsburg, and Wheeling I 
Lh liming Express at 6 o’clock a. m., for Columbus. 
Clcvclaod, Dunkirk. Buffalo. A than v. New York and 


-V Mruf r of Jtfftnon and Fifth str-*e:«». For 
j Hi-* \*t*rv liter’ll patron w* hitherto extendt*d t»» 

I Ik i tlie vP*pru*tor  renew their ickii'iwliik- kw* 

, i * i Hto th- and asMirethem that no paind 

‘ ArupeDM! M ill !•»* to pro-ure all articlet* in tht* 

I . • of th* ir buxines*, of the most superior quality, and 

I - i ;• * will 1** apuroN ed of liv the liest conuui'K-urK. 

a fin- Lunch will Ik* daily and regularly pcrvtil, from 
* i' ^ o’clock, a. M. till 12 m. 

Eagle Foundry Warehouse. endeavoring to priniuce that resalt: that you will 

C , T , lV p i Y ll r lit V v \l U/ in 1 1 M vo **. f, . ,r - u , nd t ‘ u l’P ort f«r ail political offi.-cs Third, 
m i O V L A.M) ItRA i I. L..YIF(JKll M, ar l inon Degree members of this Order, in prefer- 
No. W-. Northw est comer Maip and Third street*. i-,  U .u m, tW if it uiay be a.o.etousist- 

L YVALLAC K E V ,'LITHGOYV t CO. would rcspectfullv writh the Constitution and laws of the laud 

call the attention of dealer* iu this market to their will, when elected or appointed to any official 
stock on hand f -r tie- fail tr.ule. station, which inav confer on vou the latwer to do 

have add.*l many new patterns of Moves and »v .... 5;...., ,o ' 0  i 

Grates tinring tne see-on, and our present list cannot be J, K-Ulovt Irom omvt or ] Iau, it, l pvrs i  whom 

trarpassctl for lieatity of d.-ign. high finish of casting, Vou know or believe to be in lavor of a dissolution 
or adaptation t-  Hie wants of the kitchen o r parlor— ,,f the Uuiou, «,r are endeavoring to produce that 
einlriracinz. a* it din-*, many improvement.- which our . .. , -., ■ _ ‘ „ • , ... . 

fir-t in search of an agreeable situation, he had 
settled with his wife on Mill ereek. in Newberry 
district. Miss .Martha Caldwell, hi.- sister, was 

an overwhelming majority for our ticket. There is 
not a county in which there is not a good spirit pre- 
vailing in our party, and a resolute purpose to 
crush the infatuated order whose triumph would 

. ine nusincs* t jir. t autwcti ,„. v t , ... r.„o.«w. The 24th of Ylav wul 

rr*\ tt, 1 - * ^ ,u y t * which f«t«i; 

“ '^*- vs to S e ^ ir truln tUl 1 generations of her mbs will joint to with patriotic 

Thi* excellent family were living happily on *' l _ 

Mill creek, when l’nt. Calhoun, surveying on a The Lost rot . so A Mother Made Hatkt . — 
the forest of Newberry, met I wo year- since, a lad, the only son of Mrs. Cro- 

4 o’clock, a. M. till 12 M. j i-mbraciiis'. a* it dues, many improvements w hich our 

YVe arc just in receipt of 80 dozen of YY n|fe  ct-lei, rated 1 experience ha* |" iuted out. 

cltiedam Schnapps and u lot of tin Havana Cigars of YVe a*k a call from all th— desirous of making pur- 

or are endeavorintr to Droduce that tsca-n.n in the b«re*t ot Newoerry, met wi w uxs. vro- 

or are in ttutonng to proaucc tnat Caldwell engaged in the some business. r*« r - a widow residing tn New \ ork  ute, near 

at vou will in no ease upttoint such ' , ' cugagtsu iu on l it;. 

i .liffcreut b. anils, besides 
j various superior brands. 

old Brandies, YVine*. A - 

re.-ult; and that you will in no case apjtoint such 
persons to any js.litieal office or jdace whatever 

They were strangers, but congenial in spirit and l lira, ran away l rout home. His mother 

Tin- Billiard Rooms, underthe superintendenee of   
amialdi ami accooimmlatiug “I'iiclc George,” are f 

YY e ask a call from all those desirous of making pur- persons to anv political office or place w hatever. , . ® throUirhtlreWe-tfoc 

eimsesiuourUne-maituIacturingtandotir Prices will All this you promise and swear . ..r affirm   upon blocai; a short aeq^.nl.neeeemenfd mfriewdalup . ^ .rl, 

U- found rcasonalile, and article* warranted what we i..,,,* ... \ .. n ,i iri.-n.l- ..f th.. that lasted through lite. I aid well invited him to mry pn» unn B i  r r 

represent them to Is.-, ivilisfaction to our customers in you urtnor as Autirican citixeus anil tnenils of tut , , ■ i,,,.— t him bi^ «!f„ u,. board at the hotels. 


LvM street, itetween Market and Jefferson, are now 

!»■ street, lietween Market and Jefferson, are 
*r,-iviugthcir spring aud Summer Myli-s of Dili s.-^ 
OODfi, Broaildotlis, Cassimer, -, Grenadine, .'ilk, a: 
,-leniiiil Marseilles Y t-stings. 

Tliis is one of the ricltest importations ever seer I 
this city. Tlie styles are new and elegant, aud 
ited with the greatest possible rare. VY   invite 
Lend* to look in on us. 

YVFI.I.* &. ARM* 1 


WIG Jl A KlK, 

No. 90 Fourth st.. 

West side, lietween Main aud Market. 


i Wig*, and n« humbug, as is practiced in this city. 

. .dies W'ig*. half Wigs. Braid*. Curls, etc., made to 

U-o, Hail Braiding of every de-i-riplion. «ueh a* Ear , 
iig*. Bracelet*. Breast Fin*, Fob aud Guard Chains, 
L-k laces. Ac . 

LfT Ladies' llair Dressing done either at their re-i- 1 
nee* ..r at tie- store of [ a|*0 M. EIMMEK. 

It. 4k ( O.. 


.9 tirtwecii MArk«*t nnd Jefft-raun. in 'am** builtifng 
^ih NeUnn 4c I a\itf'g hcale Fucton*. 

All kinds of Bras* Castinp- mad* 4 tn «»T:l€r; Gan 
lountiiiRK, Cupper Kivei , £i*4ten Bolder. 4c«-. 

Also, keep on band Ale Pimps of a superior quality; 
Water, and Steam Corks nwi* Screws. 4 Iu*. 

Caftioc and Finitohing of all kind*, done 
rith nemtarps and msputrli. f»*^dtf 

.ion   F. H i:\iim; a. 


.Office aud toliop on Main street, aliove Floyd, 

LiVlm/i.^ ^ atT.Vdi 4 i™?V“Kl^, ’ "i'l-lwitb superior tables and every imaginaMe con- 

N.w York; Zanesville. YVheeUng, Baltimore. Unladd- V'*" " l ’“ ‘ ***»* lltl,   'wommend- 

i -!ii   aud New- York, Washington City, fce.; connect* cil for metii, inal purpos *. h AYIHPIGHT 

! - andusky, also at Xenia to Yellow Npiiugs and ( ^ U PE & H A MBKIG1IT. 

TecoSo T«AiN.-cieveUnd and Fitt*burc accomm- Cash— Land, Negroes, City Property, etc., 

our | retire so 
fur- all case 


Notice to the Ladies. 

through the \\ est for him, her earnest and honest, 
-tory pns-uring for her free traveling passe* oml 
board at the hotels. She was for several weeks at 
the American and New England in this eity. At 

American Union to sustain ami abide bv without bis h ” u ^ introduced him to his wife and sis- n " te »• *°f ,eT * r * 1 w 

American l limn, to u tain ana abide by without circumstance uuite eomimm in the free un- the American and New England m this city. At 

’ESTS ' a. .w i«^o : *i.— Uk, ■«. .h. wa, or .b., .*. 

^ ,ti.u*» i ...... — Cleveland and Fittsburc accommo- 

' *■ ri itioii Express at 8 o’clock a. m.. for Cojmuhu-. Cicve- 
nd, Dunkirk. Huffalo, Albany. New- York and Boston 

aine washed ashore, and sirs. I rozier recognizing it -■ 
g rsl that of her son, ptwured it burial, 
uar- Yesterday Mrs. Arozier passed through this city, 
  iile ^ er -to" 1 w * 1 ^ her. She had found him upon 


restline. Fittsburg, Circlevllle and Lancaster; connects mm \ |,F OF 17.") \('Rl^S OF FINELY 

Thikh Vr mn.— YYT ieeling Express at 12:15 o'clock Ml improve! Land, with the crop now growing, iu 
i on), for Columbus, Zanesville. YY beeline. Baltimore. Klii-lby county. Ki acres id unimprovcil good to- 

'Iiington City, PhUadelpliia and New York. bacco land, in Breckinridge county, K - A number ol 

lU Krii Train. — A ccommodation at 3 p. M., forCir- vacant lots, one grocery store, two carpenter shop*. 

found, amt lier prices will lie as moderate as possible. 
Her stock ofHairYVi.rk lia* Ik-. ii al*o repteni*lic- 

Shelby county. Ky :fiu acres of unimproved giovt to- ;lll( j j s n „ w - cumpiete nnd very large. 

tiacco land, in Bnckinridge county, Kv . A uumlyr ol Person* in want of any articles in tliis brand, can get 

leville and anil Lancaster. Blanche ster and ClullicoUie, 
ami Hillsborough. 

vacant lots, one grocery store, two carpenter shops. Be-in at nearly half price, comparatively with her h r- 
aud fourteen lots, with dwellings, varying from three to • U1 ,. r ril t,* — wig* which were sold for-SIS, 

 ms each, in different parts 

Fifth Train — C leveland and Pittsburg Night Express Three buy .* and two girts, all brothers anil sister.*, from braid* for *3 5t); and 
5 p. M .. for Columbus. C ieveland. Dunkirk, iiuualo. -even to fourteen years of a W. and verv likely-. I w i-b „ n even- other article 

can now lie got for »'•; *5 back braids for $3 50; So front 

mr lortutic*. ana   our saere .1 minors, wo neiji a farm near lolcdo, w here, since tho time of leaving 

yOU 1 ,,DC ShS11 i « h.p,.y ami resjgx.te.1, they lived through ^ » e had been at work.-lWaa* E^rara“ 

the succeeding Indian wars and the dark years of EST" A writer in the Brockvillei Canada ) Recur- 
r From the Ohio “talesman ] ' the revolution, he surviving till 179S, and she to der, advocate* in the most direct terms the uecre- 

St«»d from Under! Breaking up of 1S *; 2 - ... . -«y ^ l“d accelerated measure* toward 

llillltliueisniw ' The tnther of Martha ( aldwell was a .^*Mu*r in democnk\v tor the British ^ portRemoipi. It attack* 

■ . * IlnuldiK-k's war. and had been long dead: after j radically Queen, I.ortls, Church, regal Governor 

The undersigned, 8otne tune since, confiding in ' him they named their first son, William. James and Council, and goes for direct popular goveni- 

at 6 p. M.. for Columbus. Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, 
Albany, New York and Boston; Crestline, Pittsburg, 
Philadelphia and New- York, connecting at Xenia to 
Yellow Spring- and Springfield. 

£3^*0 ne train on Sunday at 2:30 P. .w., for Columbus. 
Trains run by Columbus time. 7 minutes faster than 


to s -|| to one who will keep them in Kentucky. Aii 
elegant family carriage, household and kitchen furni- 
ture. a set of blacksmith tools, and a lot of iron. 

1 will s. II said real c-lalo for ten semi-annual pay- 
ments; will take building materials in part payment; 
w ill ,-xcbange land for city property; or t.,r improved 
city projK-riy. 1 w ill give vacant lots aud money. 

Apply at tbv residence in Louisville, on the west side 
, of Fifth street, fourth dwelling south "f Green street. 

For prices of fare, through tickets and all information. of Fjhh stm t, fourth dwelling south of Green street 
plea-e apply at the Company s new „ffi,-r. No. 25 West Call i.-t,,-,.,.,, 12 and 2 o'clock, or aft. r^ 1 . o’clock, r w. 
side of YY aluut street, bet ween fifth and sixth, six door* ,i,f YVY| ll KOHYMIIM) 

South ofthe I'. S. Hotel. ». at tin- old .-staUi-hed Get,- * P ! - 

eral Railroad Office, in tlie large yellow three story build- . .  i' |  \ \\ ( ; ( 1(1 I ) -  1 If 1 VP 

ing. Southeast corner of Broadway and Front street-, ’ ' * • * . 

di recti v op|K *ite tlie SjH-ncer llous*-, R:iilroad Hotel and I T -i-lccted from tin* Importers and Ylanu. acturers in 
mail I.'.at landing. ..r at the Eastern ( Little Miami) De- New York, the newest styles of Bonnet-. Ribbon- and 

n rE KEEP THE LARGEST . , . - - — - 

stock of Lumber and Shingles in the city . have determined openly to withdraw front it. The M. !rtYr ,.-' [, seeaz* that he was singled out by 

YVhite and yellow Pine Flooring, at e'Jtl to *j» per following statement of our reasons is submitted to c t ( h- Kovali*ts os a special victim on account of his 
^VrntTan Rlinds Mantel Pieces Moulding* Frame* scTiousi-on-i.l.ration of the public: t talents influence, and devotion to the cause of li- 

nr doors and w indow*. Sash, (l’rioml an i glazed,) . ; The Know- Nothings j n»fes^id to have organ- hertv. The brutal soldier suborned to dispaleb 

i lass and Putty a nd Painting. ized then' Order for the purput e of putting dow n him suffered cutu tally for the offence. ( See I r. 

’ Architraves, YV a, bboards, those who make politic* a mere trade— whose only Murray’s history of the fresbyterian Church Eli- 
Can *qu:u i* and circular work of all kind*. pursuit is office-hunting, and whoso only means ot zabothfown.) Besides John i’ald well, there were 

Boxes for jMom, Starch, randies. Candies, tec." support is office-holding. How h.t* this pn»f^ion t h r ce other brother- of Mrs. Calhoun, viz: William, 

bi“ s °0’riccs will Ik- fi'ruishcd. if desired, fieeu carried out? Thu*: in a largo majority of j UI „l David 

_____ _ * * MM within "Ur ki:«»wi«dgt\ t lit- IM i T 5ntlllll| i 

I CHALLENGE COMPETITION ’ rajected the hart nm, both in character and farnDHOTUo Pom nm. k Sunmcs. Ei ■ 

. Having securcd*th. services of the Is-st Ycnitian 'id^ifi'-ation*. ab.l lent th.-ir supp.»rt to the mast a paper read before the American lie. .graphical 


Y'eiiitiim Blinds, Mantel Pieces, Mouldings, Frame* 
for doors and windows, fiash. (primed and glazed,) 
(■lass and Nails. Putty and Painting 

tendencies destructive of our free institutions, wc in „nths ago.' under tho head of -Revolutionary an elective (iovernor; and a written Constitution. 

pot. East Front street. 

YY M. II. CLEMENT, Rnp’t. 

I’. YY". fiTRADEK, General Agent. 


Call* for passengers at all the principal hotels; and by 
leaving directions at tlie offices as above, will make pri- 
vate call* in any part of tl ie city. [.’Ml 

Vincennes and EvansvriHe Express 

Flowers, to In* fouinl in the market, viz: 

Yli-.-.-s’ Gipsy- lla.s, in w style; 

Straw and fancy ilail Bonnet*: 

I*o do do Trimmings; 

Bonnet and Cap HilSs.ns; 

Buckrnnt and YY ire Fr.itu.-s. of the late-: .‘liai*-*. on 
hand and made to order • 

I particularly invite -trentoni, visiting tlie city, to call 
and examine my stock before purchasing elscwbcrc. 



Having secured tin services of the la-st Y cnitian 

Blind Painter iu tlie YYV-t, also, a well-known Artist huckneyol office-seeking politicians they could find Society h v Pliny Mile*, we extract the following: 

J^T'Yli** liunkley, wh.«*e ea.’ape from aoonveat 
at Euuncttsburgh. Md„ tume time ago, mode quit** 
a talk, though not so much w* the Hiss poke-your- 
nose into a C onvent Committee have done, is out 
with a card, staling that she had prepared materia) 
for a book ujs.n her experiences, but somebody 
else got hold of the papers and secured the copy- 
right in this city, anti that she has. in consequence, 
instituted a suit to recover her MS.S. 

Scene in the Uar*. — .V enous Gid L'tdy.— 
“ Dear me, what makes the cars stop here ? Is 
there anything the matter !” 

Smart Yuuny Man . — “ Ye- maim; a chew of to- 

oateriUe, Ky-, will make Draw imrs and Fpecilleatiou-. ore dtspatchinc Messengers daily t 

nd superintend the erection of cverv description of Railroad, to Y mccnnes and Evansville. 

nd superintend the erection of every description ..f 
wildings, or build tlie same complete in tlie city of L.-u- 
rille or vicinity, oil the most favorable terms. 

N. B.— I have made arrangements f..r all kinds of 
uilding Materials, aud ran fun.ish the same at the 
west maik’-t price. 

tr* D.-y Lumber always on hand . j.-Jc don: 

k.  . iiimij, 



d purrliastd tlie store l .rmerly occupied bv l..n Am--.., 

YJiIl. r. I will give my personal and undivided 1 ’"J, . . . . 

rntion l tlie Drug and Prescript ioi. bu-ine-s in®* 5 r^„ V "" ‘-,*1 ” s’"” 1 ' 1 , T , ; , 'nt' 

it* branches. e-n.5O0 dozen llmgra, assortied size*; 

hy sicisns may depend on lowing their Pr*-*cri| tioris 

apoUL-ded with accuracy, neatness, and dispatch, at !!,. kv cs Aatl*. assorted size-., 

hours, a* I will give them my particular attention.— !£! **!.'. T ^ , 1 ' * ‘ 1* * ! T 2“!*^°"*"’ 

unity Medicines, of the Iks: quality, will be pul up in )V[, '‘SvijlTrroai^'o^’ 1 • . 

e most careful and expeditious manner. *: r '’ ' ,ln ; a, “* common . 

I will also keep 011 band an elegant and wrell-seieete.l * '* "qV 1 111" n! 

e-k of Perfumery , Tmffk, Nail, and Hair 

u-be*. Dressing Comic au l other Fancy Goods, which mouse-bole Aii v 1 Is 

II m *..1,1 at fair 1, rir.-s dozen Curry Cotnha; 

I hoju- that all my old friends w ill give me a call, and . R' u  '!” 1 * superior Fijcs; 

.-new the patronage formerly st. lileiaily U-stowed. , rofif ap  7? l |.?  r  T ,lt  ‘ r r • t, .. . 

Having ten years experience in the business, I bogK- Log chains, a traces, axes, hatchets, picks, mattock*. 

) merit, bv *trict attention, a share of tlie i.uMic natron- *’  "• aa * *• coopers tool*, Ik-IIow «, vices, gun-, 

' P s KINtiGUl D horse sh.a- nails, iron wt-iges, stocks and dies, augers. 

mrlO Druggist and Aputhecaiy, ^ thinl it. chisel-, shovels. spa.U-s, rak-s. terns, and every .b s.-i ip. 

1_ tion of bouse building, fanners aud carpenters tools, 

— for sale low for cash l.v • 

BOOKKEEPING. ORM8 BY & oyv f.n. 


Lr intend opening a 8cho..l f.,r the purpose  t __ _ _ _ __ 

earl- :.g Peutna -!up and fb*kket)ing V.itli2l T| | L I T % A 1 -A ^ FIT 1 T E . 
r,ears twactical exj.erieuce in some « f tin- commercial . 

L.use* in t!.  I'i iu d to- I flatter my-elf I atn qoali- fffi IRECTED BY A BOARD OF 

1. teach both branches satisfa. , ... ... e . , , 

» - . - r ‘ , lire . - t \f I., II. ® W V . ;• * 11  -'l l-y Win * i • . 11 ml. I 

i Yt YiOlD A , AtU 

k-on.erof First and Jefferson street*. . distinguish- d graduate of YVe* point, aud a IV, \ 

ierms eta qfsKrrF. practical Engineer, aided by an a’-ie FaeuRv. VB 

Bookkc- ping 8*1 00 The course of study is that usually tiugl..' in “•Yam 

YY rit ns * ......,,1090 the tost Colleges, with the addition of a more extended 

JOHN !*. KENNEDY. course of Mathematics. Mechanics, and Practical Kn- 
ty* Refer lo tire principal merchant* and ‘practical finca ring; also, in English Studies, Bookkeeping, and 
Wkkevpers ofthe city. fe*  dtf Business Forms, and in Ylodern Language*. 

— — Entire c-bargc *102 per half y early be*- :«n. j.ay -able 

Dissolution of Partnership. in advance. 

T ’ 1 ” Address tlie superintendent, at “Ylillnarv Institute. 

1HF. PARTNERSHIP HERETO- FrankU,. county. Ky .. or UK undersigned.^ ( 

fore existing, under the «yle and title of fitrausA a pl3dlm President oftbe^ Board, 

-axes, i* ton.)', by mutual consent, this day dis- ^ 

M fitraus is authorized to aerile all claims for aud ^ .U I I H A M \ !N. I HE C R I M E \! 
rainst this l«ranch of the ealaUi-hment. and Joseph MM KEN TUCK Y'S. THE YYORLD!! I am now re- 
saacs ia autSorieed to settle ai! cli.ims in California. reiving a very choice and elegant supply of SPRING 
Those perrons know ing themselves indebted to the AND hi MMF.K GOOD* lor 1855, selected by myself 111 
»ve finu. will [.lease call and settle. person, from the latest Eastern importations, to w ldch 

MARK T K A l S. | invite the attention of my patrons ami friends, as 

JO cl. I’ll lfiAAtff. well as those in want of superior goods made up in su- 

_ _ .. prompt customers. 

COU: Coal ! coal!!! My stock emls-aces as magnificent a display of every 



I- are difipatchiiur : Mesj»t'iigeri daily through, hy 

 lerfhants, Banker* and Citizen?* will find this the 

ami to the citizens of Louisville as Leeclier, C iipjkt and 


Mr*. Yoanp will wait upon the ladies in the 'iinje line 

ouk-kest and ehea»^t node of transmitting light 0 f huVinvM at No. 88 Thinl street. 

Mr. Yoi.w IN.* pivt - his attention to the Clean i 
vv   :iX * ^ 7 A ‘. M * P Drawing afiTl Filine uf Teeth. 

r rei^htto iecei\ed h* m evening l^JJW to t r M. ^ - l»j l% ..j( iani* and other* in the country can pror  

8- A JON E? 4 , Affent* 
Office M5 Main street. 

Cjt “hj ii lanfl aud otners in the countiy can j ronir»- 
Leeches, put up so a* to carr  them safely any distance. 
•\ appl.N . • ieW I dtf 


!*■ .tit*. City and country merchants will find in 
ourstock every variety of Ylusical Goods of our own 
importation, at lowest New York prices, viz: 

Ile-i F!tLglisli. French, and Italian Y'loliu String-; 
French ami German Violins, at all prices; Guitar-. A c- 
eorelcoi.s. Flutes, Banjos, T amt -.ri nes. Brass Instru- 
ment-. Instruction Books. Bows Bridges. Screw*. Ate. 
Our stock of Sheet Music is uu.-t complete, 
mri? YVKI1B, PETERS A CO.. HR* Fourth st. 

Music! Music!! Music!!! 


. of the finest stocks of Musical Mcrrhan- 
dise in tlie YVest, to which they would call the ;• _!“ J A s. 
attention of Musicians, promising to supply ! /- V_ y 1 
every call made upon them. * -Jr* 

Instruments of every kind; 

Istriiigs of all classes; 

New . fashionable, and Classic Mnsic; 

V i.dius of nil kinds; 

' Pianos from tlie Ik-sI makers; 

Banjo*. Tamboriucs, and Accoreieons. 

J. II MeCANN, Agent for liollet Ac Cuinston. 

J AMDS SOMMERVILLE, sworn member, or hu l been east front or broken tent, how will you be prepared for the fact that while asleep last night, at the Railroad House oa 

Manufacturer and YY hole-ale and Retail Dealer iu down hy hi* former political friend*, on account of during the lust' four years , since 1 ■ . •' the inbab- Sixth street, near the Depot, of between two and 

STOVES, GRATES. AND CASTINGS, hi* inveterate habits of ttffice-seeking. It seem* a* itants of Great Britain wrote and sent by mail three hundred donar*. Mr. \ . hod about a thou 

Copper. Tin. and Sheet Iron Ware though all the old worn out political hack* in the 20 0* n),i»j more letter* then we have sent through -and dollar* with_jum in goltl, silver, and paper. 

. ... .in, country have taken |Ki**c.--toti of the Onler.and our mail* since the organization of our government The thief help^RR im*elf to a portion of each, 

1 LA khi 1 l.r..,, . AD 1KW.  . i Ur t th .lll.Lto. QU ne else can get it* support: while really good — more than sixty-five years ago? Is this a good leaving the reniAffiU-i.-CiV Com., Uk. 

, . , A l.r. to, Ac., and worthy men, come whence they may, in vans- oomparisombetween our government and that of •3»“The .'laver notified the Wall street l-rokera 

toouth side Main. .. doors abov-e corner of toeventh, biy incur it- hostility. Thu* hare we been be- Great Britain- between our population, where the to .day, that ;h*v must not gather together in 

Loui-v illc. • “ trayed and deceived in tbi* rc*pect. benefit.* of dlueation are extended to all. and the crowds on the ccwoer of Hanover and Wail «treew. 

Order supported a man for office, unless he was its 

10t,,000,00d. After all these grat li ving evidence* yt KER Kobbkry. — A gentleman named r. A. 
of the increased value and «se of our postal *ys- Yahne. of Huntington county, Indiana, was robbed. 

iray eu auo uwcnra in on.- .. oenents oi euucatton are exiemieu 10 an, aim me crowds on tbc cowoer ot Hanover and YY all *tree &. 

I AMES SOMMER A ILLF. WOULD -• If the experience of the whole country were population of the British Die*, where at least one- they are in thu-habit of doing “between boards’* 
respectfully inform his frienils and the public, not full of proof of the above fact, a* it is, the re- , half of all that marry cannot sign their name* to obstructing the sassage way for pedestrians. Thw 
that he Ims owned a store at *7 Main street, where he . eni election riot* in Cincinnati would suffice to the marriage register, but are obligv-j to make and b*nrs must get out of the wav when tho 

will lie pleased to see and accommodate all who may withdrawal from this Order in shone ,e„;, ,„.,,i * “ , * , . , , ' - ““ 

favor him with a call, lie warrants his work to l c as ! r ul ln “ u raer, in sname their mark. .Ware is about.— ’f’kilutirtjAia Ledgtr. 

good as any made iu the city. Terms reasonable. and humiliation. YY e have endeavored to regard According to the official postal *iati.«ltca of lsul. . t f . 

X . B. Roofing and House Work in general done with those deplorable scenes im]iartiallv. and we have 1 *52. aud 1 '53, tho population of Great Britain . ' tza r , ine -eer, l* aDOul lo M U»ar- 

neatuess and dispatch _ m.lodom ^ ^ ‘ An ., we , aun ,„ f.ii to set- clearly, tha. write and send bv mail four letter* while our peo- ned to a Mi.-H Raffitn^. forn^y the wito of * Mr. 

M% but for the existeoce uu.l m»e)iiDati« n4 of Know- pie write one. fit wh tboomiid jier^n-s in Great !wT h 1  * ' riQ ' i f 

- REPAIRER AND RENOVATOR OF FIRM- to mourn for the darkest stain of disgrace which ullv. while each thousand of the population of the ? u thatsiaeeiheu 

TI KE ANDCAK1NET WARE. has ever yet tarnished her hitherto fair fame. We United States write 1.151, or only four letters to l ;f v a " d t n * 

JVston street, near Mar-hall. Louisville. Kv.. know of noinstaucc in our history aoa people, in , each ma^ woman, and childin the country. In ** * . ha finally one- 

rviiiL' r\nPINir\Pn S(ll Il'i'rs which the lH»llot*box has •►een mobbed, and the I^ondon there are forty-one letters written to each 

»i tro fri’. Vi - - 1 ll . i. right of suffrage trammed to the earth, bat where individual, while in’ New York there are but The Mi rder Complete.— M r. Richard Wight, 

h,-. n cncas-.-'l' i 'i ril. 'c.Jsi.l i' vpiki'cc t. u -hies- in the the community had been i nflame d by the national t wenty-three. This is according to the report of who wa* «hot at New Haven a few day- stage, by a 
largest establishments in Louisville, for many year*, and religious prejudices, which it seems to be the 1*52. Young man name- 1 ( lark, died yesterday morning. 

^ •• l tUf* ,, -tL l » lai o: f W 'ii r ^ | H '^1 chief object of Kiiow-Nothiogism to exi»ite :in l New York ha*« one Post Office. London, Yhe pistol hall wad found in the brain. Hi* widow 

* 7 Thi nl st reet, Louisville « ! j^rfurm to the Kati^factlou of all wlio may favor him 


Notes of the following Frck Ranks oi Tfnnkskk 
upon the same ti nus a* wc do the Union, i’hintcr-’ and 
Slate Bank of Tennessee: 

t'oinnirrciul Bank, Memphis; 

Batik of Tazewell. Tazewell: 

Hank of Uhattiui-ioga, t haUunooga: 

Bank of Claiborne, Clailiomt : 

Bank of Nashville, Nashville, 
tnrT HUTU H I NG 8 Jt CO., ii" Main .street. 

with their patronage. * * . y " 1 i* rj situate. Such were the natural fruit* of the with about three times the population, ha* 4‘JS is in a state o^mind bordering on insanity, whilo 

toecoud-lmtid Furniture re-po?ished, such a* Pianos Order in Cincinnati, as every honest mind must Post Office*: Manchester, with about half the popu- Clark seem quite cool and self- possessed. — -V. 1”. 
fa», YVartirobes, andaU kinds of Cabinet- ^ ..f N- w York, ha* b’T: Liverpool has  i, Tribune, U i»«. 

Y'ami-hit.g done promptly to order. I 3. But if tho history of this Order were not so ; Bri*tol BO, arxl Glasgow ,7. J^"Some years ago, a man dying in Northarap- 

lie is also prepared to execute work, in hi* line, at deeply blackened by il* atm iou* conduct, in that  |r. Miles argued strongly and forcibly in favor ton, Burlington county, left bv his will #»0 a* a 
1 h The^rt l o : frefere l n7es% , aD ^f-LJ^ , ‘ u,re hiS ¥ *‘ rv,ces ' oit  . and by its deification of Bill Poole, the New of the delivery of all letters by carriers, a* giving tobacco fu ml. the interest of which should be ex - 

apl2d3m CHARLES C. GRAFF, j York bully, the creation of a religious test in civil a local circulation to letter*. pended for tobooco for the poor of the township. 

I - , . . 1 aft-,, Ik* 1 . 0,1 the mixture of religion and ]Kilitics, The drop letters iu London in 1*51 numbered The interest on the fund is duly acknowledged by 

\ r l(JHT AND DAY SCHOOL FOR which sentiments combined are so hostile intrinsi- id,5--5.!*52, while the number in the United States, the collector in his yearly statement. 

MALE* AND FILM ALK9, 1 y Alfred ffiaagMer, rally!,, public MM and good order, l-r which mvordii.g to the .ffii -ial re,..rt_ of th- same year. He%vy I»x X alty . -Mrs. Emma Whraler im. 
w «*A IB l lit Jefferson, between First and Brook streets, Louisville, Knoor-XothingiMB IB raffpumnhlc. ana so utterly at wasilo, 12 -i\th { ort of those in . _ » " i -e ( V urt . f k „ 

L’ idi,' 'UIIP ( ) \ | ,v \ i Tilt kll Kentucky, where oU the branches of a general educa- war with all true American feeling and prim-iple, I  ndon alone. The entire iinmler ..f l.-tter* mail- - ... . * oouia 

I. - Y tv 1 1 I III. w.Ylil .A I I IH)R- tion are taught, including Book-Keeping by single aud " ... . . , , ? i- t i 

.... ......... . .. .. — ■ — war witn an true .xmericau ireuug ».*. p* *.* . p»*o i,oinioii aioue. The entire number of letter* mail- f ,u- . - 

tion are taught, including Book-Keeping by single ami . ,,, , . i .... _ , * i^-.i r, . g i of ill- tame, wo* tnis morning sentenced to flva 

donMe entry, ami tin- various branches of Mathematics, that we would teel bound by every con. iderati n cl in I-ondon during 1. ol, for both local and gene- ,i*vs imunsoninent ia the dumreon of the countv 

as Surveying, Algebra. Trigonometry. Mensuration, of liatrintistn and g.«sd conscience to abandon and nil circulation, was ".bO.Ybl-- while in the whole - . . M .. . . , . ... 

k. mrtMdffm. I ' .it. o..;7.iv i'i ;»n,i sstai.*s Anrim# the .mi., wsi ihent were J a d. ami to ^ pay a fino of three hundred doUara, aad 

w w ized agents for the sale of Singers Patent Per- 
pendicular Action Straight Needle Sewing Machine. 

YVe therefore w arn all persons from buying or selling 
anv of tiles.- Machines without consulting us, or they 
w ill hi- dealt w ith acoor.lim: tn law. 
dcl2 SMITli k YVHAI.KY. Agents. 



mat we WOUHl leiq wmi O, r-.eiy ikiiwiiu uui ing 17*1,1111 ooni in -a ami gcuc- , imunsoninent in the .luiuresm n/  h. ~. n .i. 

of )iatrioti.*m omi guod conscience to abandon and ral circulation, was ^.4 ’5.Ubl -while in the whole jaj J a fiiw jf three^dre-l -fi llors, and 

denounce this society. United States, during the same year, there were , JT , - , . /■ 

In all these respect* we have been deceived ami but ft5.T90.524. th ecoatoo f proset uttom (.a, (em., Uh .art. 

betraved. AVe believe that no greater curse has ' _ — — ^ The notorious Dr. Thompson, of lovingtoa. 

K Y THE ELECTRO-GALVANIC befallen the American people, than the aitpearanrc DaSi.EUOI * M tv.-The rowdies who destroyed Va.. the seducer ami murderer of Mis* Phare. 
Process, at YVm. J. Kerr's, H 5 Third street, next ||f ,bi* Ortler amon» them. YVe speak from a *P e rarkville Luminary office, threatened to do it seems, recently visited UlorksviUe. He 

irott^n up several new patterns for Verandah* ami «loor to the Post -Oflice, Louis ville, Ky. , \aAro ,af iu i*hArafi?ter We have Mem eno«rh likewise with the Heraki of Freedom. Mr. G. W. warned to leave withm twelve hour*, or 

work. I have alti# aeveral new styles of Window 
tiunriU, which may lie had at the Iron Hailing Work®, 

\ TE HAVE FITTED UP A YARD exhibited in tie- city of Louisville, 
and office on the corner of YVssbington ami THOS. B.GLIY KR, M 

.mv stock emiKTH-.-* as magiuncen .a u spuy or every yr eci, street, near Thinl. 
descnpttou of Gentlemen s Dress Goods as w as ever ,| ( f 


on reasonable t^nns! IU ' nK '" ,ne “* T'dly 7 if* w.rts to be driven to the painful con vie turn Brown, publisher of the Herald, announces that he mll to a coat of tar and frathert, and sundry uUr 

I -v. .*) • v V’.’I V unl Vh im m iV ' l ^t it is opposed to every moral interest of our ha* ,"ov,d w l ^ the emer^m y. ami that  « attack- fixiu*. He vamosed. 

^LEGAN I LA HOI ND-— DI, Q-l I N- ^  untrT; au ,i wc thus publicly deilare our solemn ed he will 'hulk the hat* ol hts a«tilant- tor the Ubvdle, I.t'CT.-On Monday, at 

-A cry * w-rks-17 vols.lutlf calf.gtli: l-ngfeljow’* detcrn ^ Bati , in to free our- elves forever from all another world. He says of the press-breaker-:- , k „ ,.f ,w- •. ullZ 

wess bikers RocK TH,t r * ADL ^ Lrcx.-Oa Monday, at 

prara-hraami.— BrookviIU  the re-.dem-e of the groom * lather. 

9 and «*ffi^  on the c- and TIIO  '   ►!. 1 1 K K, M r. • J 

cotnn ativftii, for the acr«»njin«Mlation of ihotH* who ( J lSP£f*! ,o r to Oliver Jc Kubhj 

ia v iriih tnbr ruiipliffd with t itr U*rt l*iU*«hurR C«»al. aplt  No. Main street. Loui»%iile, Ky. 

ajor Jark I^’wnuig alwaya ready to accomui ’ l.tT«' Wi — — — — 

£Kn a &i^~ hin ‘ * “ u *' tu con,,rof Burr, A. WUn U r, 

YY c also intend keeping on band N at roal, which is 
uai to any ever imuight to thi. market -for ISock- 
Rhing, (tin same they use in Pitt.liurr.) at two cents 
thou the coarser quality. 

YV. Y» . HOY! AKD. 

t the office on Market street, between eixth and gev- 

Vocal Music and Piano Forte. 


■ now praMAffESTt.v in the ,*«e- , 
leaches at her rooms, Fiftt. r— .- ||7 

end door south of ( onmik^-wy- 


Main, Lotli wiBe, Ky.. have on haud, _ 

and are constantly receiving a large amlCW-flWP 
well -select ed stock of Carriages, of our own 6wLiW‘ 
make, together with some of the best mauulactu re« iu 
-.he Ea«t and YY est, consisting of 

Calashes; toide-oeot Buggies: 

Coocltes; Shifting-top Buggies, 

Rockaways; Trotting Buggies; 
Phaetons; buikies, Itc . fre. 

It will lie borne in mind that the Carriages here ad- 
vertised are new; and for cheapness, durability, and 
style, cannot lie surpassed. East or West. 

The public are respectfully invited to examine our 
stock before purchasing elsewhere. 


D issolution, the partner- 

ship heretofore existing, under the firm t f KAN- 
NEY' & tloRINjis this day dissolved by mutual con- 
sent. The business of the firm will be settled by YVm. 
Banner . who is alone authorized to use the name of 
the finit in the liquidation aud settlement of the Ann 
business, and sale of the good*. 

Lonisvllle. March 3, l s 3 o. nira d3 nt 

F oreign w ines a n d uruom. 

10 qr casks, various brands. Cognac Brandy; 

1 pijie pure Holland Gin; 

1 do Scotch YVhisky; 

15 qr casks Howard, March &• Co.’s superior Ma- 
deira YVineg; 

8 do Sicily M ines; 

8 do Sweet and Dry Malaga Wine*; 

5 do Fiue Old Port Wines; 

  do Fine Sberrv Winen, for sale by 
febl W ALLACE, POPE k V’0. 


Heavy Silver Plated Ware. 


• ican Ivory handled Dining and Desert Knives, 


G. 0TST0TT, 


Mr. G. G. Fristoe promises us a regular li*t 

: family, ourselves included, who would not deem a 
transit into the future life, with compaynotu du 
voyage of a goodly number of printing- prow de- 

Mirror, 2 d. 

Ingraham Testimonial. — T ha i of 

Charleston, S. C., have organized rnmmstlnff to 

strove rs, oe a favor rorelv to be met with.” In elicit eon tn but toot from Gorman ntneua. with 
conclusion, he warns his ffien-ffi to keep at a dis- which to purchase a testimonial to Cnfti lngna- 
i# tanoe if be is mobbed, a* 44 the consequences cannot barn, of the St. Louis. 

^ w ii .in Iforj naimiMi imi : i i\iuvfj», .sir. o. rr»o»c i " 1 ^ ° — ...k aa - * ham ot the M Louis. 

CarYcrs, Forks, hibI with % l*rp: assinrtinent of withdrawals every wet- k, as the stream ii pouring it. , J Anee w mobbed, ms I he consequences cannot 

*.\tra heavy Plated Forks, spoon#, C«Er BaekHs, ('as- be prevented. A N*w Dim. — Under this ceptioo no exrhaaM 

tors, Pitchen, V alters. Cupe» (iui'leu, (elhirs, 4cc. , . i *. j al.. , Hold that Hrown * he ii* a dangerous man, and announces that Mr Knfleid finm vm 

some beautiful and entirely new patterns of MT-Siuiiinv, Sammy, iny son, don# stand there n  iuin»i nn»wn w uDgrrw mnu, announces inai mi 

Plated Tea Set*. scratching vour head; stir vour stump*, or you’ll likely to do damage to somebody. ammed to Mtm Jenuma E«e. 1  m yrmums i 

Housekeepers in want will please call and examine, i . * J in . ifp the union took place on a ire-day. 

AU of the aliove articles arc warranted to lie of the ntake no progre in me. » 3 *n.„ U --. Tran*.«rint, «av, that no leas , j , n ' 

sry tatoi quality, and will tie sold ut the lowest prices. “Why, father, I ve often heanl you wtv that the artSTl he Boston iransmpt says that no teas ^n'oL Beoloa ia aow yr YA astoogWR, ami ia 
JOHN KITTS, only wav to get on in this World wot to scratch than one thousand marriage • erttfieate, have beta spared to reaew hi* kahon with tha m witfc hm 

very iiest quality, and will be sold at the lowest prices. 


Main street, between Fourth and Fifth, 
a2$ Sign of Golden Ragle, opposite Southern Rank. 


PKiVTEn and ri i:i.ism:D cy 

American* Killing America! 

The Tragedy Flirt her DIED 

On thf 6t h in-tant. of consumption, Miss I.izzik B. 
The telegraph has already furnished a brief ae- j *'F^*g*?*; ... , _ . . 

. , * , Cy Philadelphia ami St. Louis papers pleas*- copy. 


printed and pi blisited by | Saturday wc had what is called nn elect i**n f for 

HARNEY & HUC H E S, ^ana’l offi’-es— magi.*trBic? and constables. Fordc- 


THIRD STREET, tails we refer to another column. The results are ’ 

. , bird t lark, :w merchant. IheNi 

Fas! ride, between Market and Jefferson streets, of small consequence, except as they illustrated the . .... . 

’ I , ... .. .... , ' na» full details ot the trjigOdv 

— : . ■ — character •  1 transaction? on election iluv. In tie a ■ 

I iiih '■•ee . . .. ... , ... , , .... , . raunun|nui uiu «. i.uuia papers |iie»sc vnjiv 

stratc- and constables. For de- ™ Dt rf ‘ he * * *'* '* R '   hard " 'S ht   on Sat- Her fun. wit. take pUce a, 3 o’clock today fr 
urdav afternoon, at New Haven. Conn., f»v Wil- me.rMidem^ of her mother, on Jeffersou, iet*r. n Kl. 
other column. The results are ‘ , .... ■». — aud Prestuu streets, I Heads of the family are invi 

. . lard t lark, ;v merchant. I he NeW Haven Co®Br to attend. 

riPKCIAI. ADVERTISING NOTICK.-A1I adver- F; . , «- uriK _. h „_ » nti Km ... ' lilrK culleu 111 ,1,c 111,1 

tixaueuiMif 1’uUie Meetings. Masonic, Odd Fellows, * ir - 1 ,llitl ‘-CCollu Ward.. Where tin Anil Know , , • . . , . 

Firemen's. Xc.. arc eharget fifty rents per .square of Xothing vote is two or three to one, the K. N. can- . * ' ‘ 

ten line* agate tlic first insertion, and twenty-five cents b ’ the pretence thus lie w 

cadi subsequent insertion. didate? have a large majoritv, on a trifling vote. .. . , ,, 

Advertisements of Situations Wanted, Itelieiou?. | ... . , ... , , ‘ ourior then adds; 

* liaritaWc, Marriage and Obituary Notice-, of five lines The facts w ill explain ol this, and the ... ... 

ir less, arc charged twenty -five cents each insertion. , ... _ . , . . . lie shortly litter proel 

, ,, , . , . ... .. — . [ From ih .• New York Time?.! 

'•••• - It a :ii. Rebellion. 

borrowed a pistol and two bails from bis ron.*^ Mr. Bright ha? been making a speech at Man- 
the pretence thus he wanted to kill a cnp. TliV' shorter on the mismanagement of the war. Mr. 
Courier then adds: * , Bright is one of those rare gentleiuep who take 





It URI AH lAtiOFFIN, of .Hercer, 
it. VV. MOOLIiFY, of Fayette. 


JAMES H. GARRARD, of Boyle. 


T. J. FRAZER, of Breathitt. 


J. \.  JR INSTEAD, of Fayette. 


JAMES N'. XFnBITT. of Bath. 

i*r ktss. arc margvu ivoii.v*ovf ccui* etii u iii*cru«»u. ;i . » .. f . mi . j t He shortly litter |inKTO(lftl to the holt.HC of Mr. 

ty Ady ertiscin ‘ gt» p nt Ji stiwl in the Morning Paper, re-ult will confirm the facts. that -ucli a tote Joint Bogart, the father-in-law of his vicfiiu, as 

'T^AAi 0rt TR?IsieNr n ^ AuiAmnsi: mfx™ Vayabi.c is " as nut K iv ™ *'. v honorable means every one he had, at times, been aocuatomed to do foaieverai 

knows. The elections were but n mockery, and year- past, lie went into the kitchen, and found 
.i vi . »- there Mr. aud Mrs. Richard Wight, (lie -on-in- 

the men chosen have no more right to the offices 1;1W  nd llail;rllU . r of Mr . Jtogar l ; lu , so ^ 

than if the mob of the bruisers had appointed them to be somewhat annoyed bv the presence of UlarlT, 
by a show of hands. The honor all belongs to the left the kitchen and passed* into the nurlor. t’lark 
defeated ,«u l v. the spoil- to the mob candidates. ^"--'' vd then, and advancing to the side of Mr. 

. 1 • . 1 ^„ . . .. , , , . Might, presented a pistol to Ins head and dis- 

| Such transaction? strike at the vitals of free in- charged it within u few inches of his car. 
i stitutions. A riot or a mob may be a trifle, but At the time the pistol was jwasented to the head 

when it is an organised body, designed todesecrate of^Mr. M igbt, lie was in a halt-kneeliiig posture, 

. .. , , .. tying up a jiaekage, with one end of the luireel 

the right of franchise, and control elections bt « , he The ball entercl it..! 

r . CARD. 

rein I havk soli I niv D.igucrroan Rooms, No. 517 l a Main 
ited between TMnt ami Fourth, to Messrs. Cukm- 

TER, SWI MMER Ac. CO. Ttl.lllkfill to A generous puMic 
for the extensive patronage the gallery h«. always re- 

ceiveil. I solicit a continuance. Respectfully, 
iuyU: TltF.ii HARRIS 

t.7^ We \k, nervous, depressed in spirits, and a prey 
‘ , ‘ to innumerable mental as well as physical evils, the vic- 

Iliillit'Id'M llamw! 

B reakfast b \con ; 

ULRAK POP.K.ia halfhMi; 
si liAK C I'KKU Jol.ES: 

l.AKD, in kces and stone Jars: 

For sale by (’ HARLEM TH hKIF.I.D fc CO., 

feta  li tn ins Sixth at., bet. Main A Wirier. 


 1 VRK A DttH NS. 


. ffivnl iK*r A'liinu K\|»r«*r*^ aii«*th«*r aiMitinn t«» 

u- liberty of making up their own opinions, and ‘! m *° ''r  !**"}* O indeed an ot.ject of commit, ration. 11 civ-d per Adanu Ex nr. I 

f that stilt rarer ela-s who, when they talk, speak ' ltit ^ u, “"rd for him to despair. We care not bow ell-a-ri..., - 

/or !/  •„)«, Jr,-* instead of soincbody else. He eon- 
se«|Ui!iitly says a great many things with which 

low, weak, nervous, and irritable he may be, the eonlial OhantiUv Eatr M tribe-: 

projairties of Uoofland's tienuau fi tters, prepared by Thread do ^ ic. : 

Dr. C. M. Jackson, 1‘hiladelphia, ar.- stronger than the Mill Mpltn; : J^qqj 

many-headed monster which is preying U|s.n his body Cambrics; 

and mind, and if he chooses to try them, we p ill insure Leather Belt-; 

a -peedy cure. See advertisement. ay7 ilmMifl * ^Bird-, ve Di » r- t   \ I * I ’ 

We Would respectfully invite the ait.-utiou ■ M. 

Read! Read!! Read!!! to ll* lar*.-t nidi--:.. — -to, k of Fane; I...— -s l 

, ,. . ... Igr . Goods in Louisville, which, having been pnrrhssed to t-. Loudon 

noi ismi.i.e, r,-r .- , ism. the tiest advantage, we fer I assured we ran sell them as In-uran, 

Du. U. V AUGH VW — Dear Sir: Last Septemls-r I was lo«r as the same das- of good- can lie purt 'used.E i-tor t.-iu-. 

taken with a severe attack of Chills and Fever, used wv '. ,: V ^ rV . r; r* i, ' n n f wr,:t ht 

(•mnU, aiMl iulhtTe tf» ;» uniform one price* thoAc in Muni 

quinine pills an ! olhei remedies for triUmut cannot fail to Le Item* tt ted hy livinir vur k m **x- n n 
effect, when I happened m meet with you, amt was ad- ami nation. Ano.nestoiir aasortm.i.t m-.' u-— |- J| s 

tl • Silks of everv shade and style; 

force, it is h tlatmiiug crime against free in-titu- of 
I tions. I B,S 

We read with contempt and scorn the perversion j, _ ( 
of the ballot, by Jejuis Najs.K^in and Santa Anna. ,|j i 
when wc saw the sacred emblems of freed. -in made din 

to subserve desiiotism. I: was a horrid mockerv r . 

1 • wal 

of liberty: like u-ing the sacramental cup in hue- i 

chaualian revels. nin 

The Americans couldn't tolerate such crimes: {" 


i but right here in Louisville, when the day tor 
choice of civil officers came, and legal voters were he 
••ailed to make their choice, a mob of bruisers and 
| bullies usurped the jiower. und to all intents and yjJ. 
purposes, determined the result by violence and ('Ui 

titan usual in tit- direction. He by ci.m - Read! Read'! Read... t.-rc-wcl *•» the lar«t--t jjjw* 

fessing that he felt humiliated at the present jvi- I.oi isvii i.e, lob. B, l-.w. thTTw-l'-mv'iiuuL*' ', fori 

sition of the English ja-ople: aud he went on to 1 Dr. U. V aL’ohxv — D ear Sir: Last SejMemis-r I was low as the same clas- of so. 

siaak w ith considerable disre-jact of the powers I token with a severe attack of Chills and Fever, used " c-t : and a- wc k.-j-p only 
.{ . , .. |, ... . 1 a 4 K'mnIs uimi aillkere to a uni 

tliiti war iway in tnc hntisn mutu: j quinine pills and othei rmieUiea for this (lUea«*e trithoat caiumt fail to W henrllteil 

-We have a government, ( said he,) as we all effect, when I happened to meet with you, and wa, ad- amiiiation. Arn.mpt our : 


liOni»i illt- 1 ia« u »*:«n «*t* Co., 


of M tin street, between aud Fourth, •ver 
•r. the storeal I), t*. Renediei. 

1 Chartevrd Capital. c ■**»,,»«» 

55 - . so 

Thi? Company ow .irnwtti wiB mwko i!rt« 

r.uinr on HiJLaoi  !• iii4* it Mr - iiinr, Mf 

V es-els at sea, and by the usual la—les  »f inlatHi traum 
171. i-ortation; ami also on Rtiibiin.'-. etc.. u«i»( low.  4 
. .. I  ' BIN EDICT, Frwsklrm 

tr.-l Wm lHatMkR. m.Trt»r  - 

n to ! ntRtx roKA. \ 

■ring : gwu. J. Ad a ms. A. A- Gonlon. 

i ** Thoiuas E. ilson, William T. Bortier, 

l . S. 1-e nekhrt. j  IT.ttf 

Monarch Fire Insurance Co., 

OF LONR (  N. 

£ i \PIT VI. $2J»RMRR». piruLiffM DE- 

II iu- M. -' p-.-itnl ia New York. 

»ney lapses promptly adjusted and parii, with- -til rfrmtrt 

■d to t" Lolwiou. 

ina? Insurance ajjainst to-- hv Fire on huddinss andexn 
A or tents. W . fill) HUE. Aamt, 

 n of 1 nirt-. dtf Jf.- VH Main -’revt.ap stair-. 

Orsandie and Barege Rnhc»; 

Silk Muslins and Grenadine-: 

Maltese, lloniton, amt Vah-nciento - r-: 
t’amlirie amt Swis- Collars; 

Tails (it) 1 iisii ran re ( onipany. 


” " -.ppw-ite tlie Lonisride Ilot- l, tw-tweeii V-:tl *:..t 

dintely entered to assist, (’lark looked upon the nM *,‘exclusivelv of lord-, hear. 'hear: men who ' "*•' Uv erto.bchl0.y ^o., cured the ChilLs. and 

-cnc ol blood.for a moment, and then qiitetly I1(lt consider 'it necessary for them, or becoming 1 1 cau “ a " rCV0U 1 hav “ U,:T ' r a nhun .  ino ; ,,r 

° . !' ° ,s .* them, one nr the other to engage in those avoea- better health in my lilr. R. R. CONDON. 

The alarm being ..uickly swcmL . officer Dun- ti ons*wl,ich, in Lancashire, ar” generally eonsid- . »*r«le by Dr. U. Vauphtm, No. »l Third street. Lou- 
nin" i ] * 1 1 ° liianlertr. ered to be befitting to ulnwi^t nil men* and honor*- Ky*» R- .L Hokin-ion lc (’o.. Main street, ud hy 

In tlie mean timet lark returned, to the hou-e of | !e, certainly, to all who are engaged iu them. «very retail druggist in the city. u,y7 

r » i V* vr* " o 0 . . \i. "'iV' •' *' V- U1 | K i • ' Hear, hear.] We have a government of lords, of u . ~ _ _ . 

” ' 1 •'.-ki-d him it hereditary istsoii?. who kindly undertake tortile ^ Brother, Dagueneotypists & 

The alarm being quickly spread. 

In the mean time (’lark returned to the hou-e of 
Mr. Heels, where be deliberately returned the 

t*Amhrtc an«l C'dIItir*; Sc' rntti, 1.* »»i i - *. il W - K.\ . 

nu llliltt lfc* kihl SltTU*^; lhm1rDii ril|»itiil. .... fcsJD, JU» , 

MMiitillH** u Urge a.^ortmciit; _ which ♦I.Vi.tMW u ptaUi in arwl 

Lace iiiul eabroiikreil llantikercliief-i. tu 7 r«»nt»imr*T« in.nur Htitlumiiisc, !*u rk. rfr., 

— - - l«»^ whni oimtwnI on rt eia b int fl* or mliff %\n*4 rn i t W» 

P a i 1« * a *» | am m 

I 1 ! aa | a ■% ■ m th« Mvieat^* • f Ud* f*mme*rrijd w«irM; 

ther awmlmm 


mm a- ^ chaiiui-**, ii'itl Drop^rty- 

A Change. purposes, determined the rc-ult by violence and 

It will be seen by reference to our advertising bloodshed, 
terms that we hereafter decline publishing any The fact? and the purpose admit of no eonceal- 
gratuitous matter in this pit j*er. Marriage- and mentor disguise. The transact ion called an elce- 
Obituary notices, five line- or le--. are charged t ion was a farce, and a mockery of our free insti- 
twenty-five cents each insertion. Masonic, Odd rations. 

CASTORS, warranted solid, COFFEE I RNS. 

choixlise, and property. 

v . , H. A. DCMESML. Pres. iem. 

N- I . Sl wavRi. .Vrn-tarx . 


YTm- E. SiKHldy, K.-hrrt Braitv. 

Jauie? Hridsefonl. fburlrsQ. triustr-.n* 

John A. Dunlop. jahi in. 

, . . . inent wtiatso«-vcr upon the mam 

( lark laughed immoderately, and replied: “i ou '11 an . Governed. * ' Hear, hear, 

hear more a»H.ut it to-morrow. thought if the ! eople wo„l 

! he ..flicer then proceeded to the store of Clark. , ilUe , Mt o theirVwn minds 

lie thought if the people would take matters a 
little more into their own bunds the affairs ot the Portraits of all Descriptions, 

nation might be better managed than they had I have recently effected an arrangement with Mr. C. 
en for a lew years ]»ust. Kiiwar.l*. one of ihe best Portrait Painters iu the 

Mr. Bright proceeded to examine the manner in WeM. wherebj- mv Gallery is remtered the most c.m- 

wlierc he found him quietly engMed i„ hw usual )ui fh , i M . better mans 

.Kx-ujiatu.n He asked Clark what lie had been been for a few yean, pu.?t. 
doing, to which he replied. -1 don t know.” lie Mr Bright y TIKCCtM to cx 
tl.en told him that lie must go along with him to whirh , h( ? foreieu relations 

Photographers, tip'-. FORKS. SPOONS . Jann-? »ri.i.- • ^ 

GtUUV — 175* Main street. Specimen* of their own IF \ T 1 1 1 1 I? ^ — -- . ■ 

production on exhibition at all hours during the day. "All II L . 1 I F C 17 F l    1 1 \ |\ I*D \V|'L'|'|k 

Instruction in lioth taMnches Imparuxl on reasonable I  ■ ’Id and Slvcr.  .f many varieties, sn.h asChrunom- J » *a I I Tsll) HJ I .N » I It-l.ll L, ' 1".. 


Portraits oi all Descriptions. - • s- - - S flKHS'LJS ll! 1 « L 2 °! 1 " 

. n u VL'I-LI u-t. til* DIVIM Wl. M 

I HAfB recently eflSKted an arrangement with Mr. C. -  tl KIaAI b, r vu KIM»\ AM# Ur* 4orf i»f Jiicoh Krller. K- 

R.* one of the he*t Poriniit Painters iu the I'lNS: DIAMOND BRACELETS. | Ctonercit CapOal* ... 

West, w hereby mv Gallt-rv is ronderd the cm. K \R KINGS. PINS. AND ‘ . _ . ' . . ***» . 

Fellows, Religious notices, and public meetings, at i J'lain as the case is. excuses and dentals will be lllllst •» Clark took a sum of money from his 
fifty per cent, per square less than our usual term?, tolerated, and the result chuckled over with faint j »cket. and coolly handed it to hi? partner, and 

This change we conceive to be only just to our- condemnation by men who would * e thought re- f tv ‘‘ hinl ,l ‘ roct ".'" s concerning the di-|*.siti..ii 
, . , . I - . , he must make of it. ami gave orders in regard to 

petve? ; for there is no reason why such a tax s|«ctable. Such deed? don t hai pen without eoun- . )a y n „. n t of some debts, and then told officer 

should be imposed on the pre.?«. our.-elves a sttf- tenanee and connivance on the pirt of men who Dunning he was ready to go. He was then con- 
ferer in the number. Payment required in ad- j would not dare take an open haml in such transac- veyetl to jail. 

vanee invariably; and orders not aecmniamed \ tlon ,. The mass of any v«rty ,? resjionJiblc for ..Ucd that he did not know why he did it. He said 
with the ea-h will lie rejected. i such deed-', continued systematically: not at one lie borrowed a pistol to kill a eat. On being n?ked 

— Lhoe Otilv. I’ll! anvwhei,’ till.: it i- needed l”i if be bail the murder ot Mr. Wight in view when 

n„«,„„ r „ ( C- , . * _. , . . lie borrowed the pistol, he stammered for a mo- 

The Democrat. fTn objert. Me can only say in conclusion, tliat men , and then ^ thaI he aftorwardg th((Ught 

This morning we present to our readers the Dcm-I this seoumlrclism must stop here. There will he could make use of it for that purpose. lie said 
Acrat In a new dres? in accordance with our prom- \be le??   r more at the next attempt to repeat that ,-t range thoughts had occupied his mind t« »r 

In reference t   tlie murder, lie -aica-tically re- "You have, then, a mau of the worst teuitierand Gentlemen desirous of having their fauiilie- dneuer- I on haml, bv recent arrivals, in part, lii.unond. Mo-: ; , ■ 

plied that he did not know why he did it. He said t j ic wo ~t ouaiification? ti r hi- offieo at Con?tunti- reotyped,pliot”Braphed,or painted in oil, would do w ell I V?"'*'"' K ,' l:i, “' 1 1 ' 11 ' W'dd Fnnt, kr.. ' -u-. ,,r Pin-; K . 
Le borrow ed a pistol to kill a eat . On being a?ke.l an(l ‘ Vll „ hnve lnun ol(l aU(l f^ble. amUn- «» «» - - B - -Portant w„«w that „«r Por- J " 

it lie had the murder ot .Mr. YY ignt tn view when comiietent, at Vienna — lords la,ib, hear, and twits are, in every respect, wxrrxsteb. My own time, ' mv7 Yt M. KKNDRIt'K. 7t Third -treet. 

i-e made some time since. We ought to have V. If our election? arc to be determined thi? tmilic irnewlv mmik .. .■»-  ».,! 

. . 31 1 1 _ , 11* *v, „ «-« iuc wnoit eauw ui mil iirriiuc eom? 0 f which can thev maiiaee with eveu coiumou 

done it sooner, bnt that common obstacle to great | ly ruffians, bullus and bruisers, the sooner we to be the jealousy (lark entertained for Mr. Wight, ability, and the end of wlneh thev are not able to 
purposes — circumstance- — prevented it until u»w. kicw it the better. It is high time we should who had married Miss Bogart against the wishes point to with unv ho[ e that it can produce the l 

It will lx- seen that we have preferred more j know who is ready to identity himself with the t h^ ki^ao^' ChSl '*** “ 

reading matter and le ? ] ai»er. which, we think, j ruffian and bruiser party, and sit by quietly and by ) ler  and finally she di-mi-sed him In a similar vein of strong clociueut common 

Iiut anywhere that it is needed for ix ne nan me niuruer oi .’ir. d ignt m view wnen c‘ .mi»**teiit . at Vienna — lords both, hear, and trait* arc, in every respect, warrxxtcd. My own time. 
We can onlv siv in conclusion, that ' l0 1 lu pi^t°L he stammered tbr^ a mo- laughter:! and you have a government at home M heretofore, will be given exclusively to my daguer 1 

. .... -,, tueiit. and then sanl that he afterwards thought made up almost exclusively of lords, [hear, and reoty believing, as I do, that it is sufficient to do one 

ch-ui must stop here. nu i he could make use of it lor that purpose. Hesaid you find yourselves now. iu the year Iboo, an last thing well, and that can never be done too well, 
ore at the next attempt to repeat that strange thoughts had occupied hi? mind tor year, landed iu a war the objects of which none THEODORE HARRIS, 

r elections arc to lie determined mont.i? lost. of these men ean explain to you, [hear, j no portion ap-*7 Main street, between Third and Fourth, j 

A positive Fact. 

trill be acceptable to our numerous readers. Ex- 

lAnsion over large areas of taper is a common ex- I elections turned into mobs. No wonder men lx- ' ll7 " Bogart binned the acquaintance of Mr. 0 f the war, denouncing it as absurd and imbecile. 

* 1 . . l )\ Ight. to whom she became attached, and on the mill insiatimr that there was never the sli shte-t 

padient in making changes, but so tar a? we have come disgusted wHh popular suffrage .and _ seek 12 ,u dav of last March they were united in mar- reason why England should go to war with Russia: 

..1. served, not a very ?ati-fa- tor. one to pubh-her? j suffrage lroni scoundrelism in more lormidawe ,-iage. At tlie time she married Mr. A\ igbt. the and lie closed with the following strong contrast 

or readers. , weapons than the ballot box. Better have one lady wa? but 1. years of age. The family are between what England is doing and what she 

Of course, we don’t make large promises: wc tmn t than a hundred bruisers and bullies. Wc .1* *‘ a t'’. 1 ,,' V a went ‘‘c' rt!* ,e 

W rV’| ha n ln i) rnert _ M “ , ®' , K nrt . th ® Wlsl \ e ’‘ point to with any hope that it *can produce the 1 It is u fact well established, that the hc«t Picture* 

.‘ l,k : i 1 ' 1 ' 1 'J- 1 '' .y-n- |‘- , ''t (lark had. -ought ,„ u ,llt-t beneficial result to any human being in made )• the city are to tie hail at BROWN'S Gallery. It 

. , . . . the haml of Miss Bo^urt in inaiTiiige, ntid had been tliowo   in.r 1 | (l !n. rh ..or . • * w w .. . . . ^ 

ruffian and bruiser party, and «t by quietly and ulHcd , v her. and finally she dismissetl him h V S vein ^ f -tronc clooucut common Tt " , L L 

. * * iax-1 ..D.i...- i.-.i mill niir , .nuoaimn ill a . luiiiai Min oi c i K[iif*uT conmion t.viK-s run ihhv W ha l in :i neat c:i*r f *r onlv on** dollar. Tli»* 

I and decency trampled under loot, and our about a year s ucc. -ense, Mr. Bright went on to criticise tlie conduct „e i- al 0 „rc,.arvd to make superior -hot” ra,.h?. tJcstl 

Miss Bogart t((rmed the acquannancp of Mr. W ir fliMmnm ini? it m and . piqw i * »upenor i iKHotrsipn . E|le] 

Wight, to whom she became attached, and on the and insist imr tint there was never the «liehte$t tlt,lcri * laiu or Colnr0tl - Having employed one of the lindl. 

1°th d iv of lawt Man h thev were united in mar- 1 m 1 in ?, , l £ TC as nt cr tlie . lignte^t mos jt experienced eolorUta in the West, lie will sute that V 01 * 

i-ui u.o ui m i 1'irui iut) were u in ieu in tnai- reason whv hngland should go to war with Kus^ia: » . . . . , - „ . Juwt 

, ' J *i ^ r n* s a ' i hia rhotographs are w.irranleil fullv equal to any 

doeed with the following strong contrast . . 4 

i what England is doing and what sho ! ^ t . I# 

avedone it she had left the war alone: I ^ Koorus-Ma.n street, second .loor al-jv.- Viftli. s;gn 
hear that the health of the troons is ex- of the American F.agle iqH.n the show case. »!•» 

\ r EW HOOKS \T R I \  .GOLD’S. 

Nature and Human Natori: l y S.-un slick, author 
of Sant .Slick, the cloekuiakt-r. \ti-c ol,| J u,l 

A.C.; paper 5o -, eluth 75,-. 

The O'Doherty Papers; l y the late Wut. Maeinn. 
I.L. D.; annotated by l»r. Shelton Mackenzie, author ”1 
Nodes Yiiihnoianins Shiel's Si, trbes ,.f Ihe Irish B e 

3v”U.. «a. 

The English Woman in Kns-ia. or impressions ”f the 
Russian* at home: by a tadv ten year- resident of that 
country; illustrated: price S . 

The illustrate. I Manners Book, a manual of ftood l«- 
havior aud I’olitc accomplishments; *1. 

The Maroon, a legend ”f tie- C.irriia-t-. and otle-r 
tale-; by IV. Gilmore simms;*l. 

Ellen N orburv ; by Emerson Benneti: pap: r 3t)c. mu? 

Thi? Company heirz now  .r--aniz«l, is prepare,! u, .to 
a Marine Knainess. Risks will he taken ou -hiputmta 
bv O’ by vessels at sea. ;tnd hj- the usual notes 
«.f iiilaii’1 'raji-p’ rtati’.n: also, on tie- hull? amt ippur- 

teiiauces of -teanil oa(s. 

MWlWri . 

fiiehaixl Atkinson. Ehenej.-r BuMai.t. 

J. A. MrlhtweH. Ri*bert Montaonu-ry. 

J. S. For man. John M. R’a«n?on. 

John Cornwall, A. Raw son, 

iaG dti JOHN Ml tfi. President 


Fire and Marine Insurance Co., 


V KI’H-k. jt-’iU -t ret t. 

Block, Si ”U -trext. 
Cliiuverest Capita). 


M . Greenwood, 
John T. Martin. 

 . « ■ Ua-sehilu. 

S. S. Clark. 
William B. Freneli, 
J. M. Pickering, 
tbsirye T. Btedman. 
Samuel B. Key-. 

M illiam C’UWstm k. 
L. II . Mister, 

I II. Camp, 
liartzcll llaiuer. 

Cassius M. Clay, 

A. B. t'oteiuau. 
George F. Ihvh, 

• ie**rce II. Calvert. 
David Bauniiui, 

T. W W. IhCoan v. 
') ui. T. PUipps- 
D. J. Fa MU, 

Henry Von I'hnl, 
Charles Huhbrll. 

E B. Bartlett. 

Cyru- Welch, 

Ut course, we non tn.iKc taige jr mu . tvraut mail u nun bel’n it if ,le,nHra,e to murder ha? create*! a great -You hear that the health of the troops is ex- oftt  e American Eagle upon the sho w case. »P«* II 4 t ' L* 

never do; bnt we know the Democrat will Ise so , give the detail.? elsewhere, an ! we can t help K cxcitenient in this city. eellent: it is wonderful. They are having races aff«er?harvf~T ai ir)e I A t K !\ I IAN (l I N (l S. 

.-ulterior that everybody will have to take it and any one is compelled to blush at the democrat iott.of t  nnday evening, at nine o dock, Mr. N! ight an(l d.^-hunta, an, l I do not know what besides; , ^ ' ,ary ’ ® _ v Looking Glasses. Lookiira Glass Plates. 

‘ 1 Th- licmoenit. will all take it a? hereto- the aMUined name. Amerietui. ^ JV"*- , ! h ** jwncral opmton is that the but that docs nothing f..r thosemen whose remain* Torarw street, Jacob* Budding, 1* now open, ng his French and Stained Gltsr 

t tad it. 1 he Democnit will • K trifle in ^ » did lodged in the brain, and that ho cannot are sleeping under the aoil of the Crimea. Itdoes Spring and Summer styles of Broadcloths, CasaUoem, ArfiriV vr^if' ” 

lore, because they like it; the aiiti-Know-Nothings This will no doubt tie treated as a mere tntte in p^bly recover. nothing* for those who are languishing in the hoa- and Vestings. Arti3ts Materials. 

for the ?ame reason. The Know-Nothings can't do some quarters— a little wrong to be sure— not ex- pita Is at Snivmn and Scutari. It” does little These article* are rich and elegant in finish and style. ■ PORTRAIT dr PICTI’RE I' K Y YI IX 

without it. They will read it, otherwise they will actly justifiable, but then the innocent Americans T||E ^Vak in the Grime v —The following for those who were mangled, and maimed, and and (elected in person with the greatest care, especially CORNICES AND GILT WORK, 

not know how bad thev arc. -Know thyself’ is a were v erv much provoked by the sight of Dutch- te Wraphie‘dispntcl. give? ?ou,e new? in addition to in j ur , t “ 1 for 1 Hfe l ’ , U ^ f °r 'K h ,T W ^ or every nssca.mos, 

J , * ; 1 1 “ fe 1 ' 1 * ,,UH mw-iiu'imiDu id which are desolate. It doe* nothing lor all those the business, his attention and desire to please his 

first rate admonition, and Know-Nothing? ought, men. and the boy s c ju. no. " " 1 • r   - rain, in fair dispntches of Saturday: myriads of our population who. day by day, find friends, will enable him to afford the utmost satisfaction. No. 541 MAIN STREET, 

at least, to know themselves. We think passing , their youthful Sjiort.?. The parties that preconcer- The Conference at Vienna had broken up. after the grip of poverty closing more and more upon Ui* friends and the public are invited to call. (rbkc kinbidok bi ilmsus.) 

t-venU have convinced them tha* -otiie ?elf-kiiowl- tod the whole business will excuse and protect it; holding twelve sessions. Russia refused to accede them. But if tiie jieople of this country could SJE Alt order* executed promptly. mrlH in* BETWfJEX SLCOXD .IXD THIKU STKKETS. 

■' ; ~ 1 th K cl e “- *-* *** ^ t !!1 : !! on S SK To the Public. £==— — — — 

. -rat to sec the truth about them, just a? they see . ... . . ... . the Hth ultimo, and had continued without inter- ! becn - lf ’ i,le ha ‘ l mamtaincl thoprinciple of non- Locttvitxx, Kv., Feb. Hh, 1844. | MPArhK H ANlvlMvS — NKW XKKl- 

ihcir uglv visage- when they 1’H.k intoa mirror. •« the cutor ol tnc i-.uimiil journal t u,k- nljssi ,m. tip to the loth— five hundred guns and intervention in these European affairs— [prolonged Mr. ,-oi.o toxs-De.,r 8ir; I called upon you at vour * vaW. - The ^acritwr* would rc*,n 
Our carriers will ?un„lv the u,i«t at only ten il vt ’‘7 thl ‘ l «•’ ' b " ulJ Ul,nk office -hold „ig lnorU rs louring in an uniuterrupte,! stream of apj.l:iuae]-if they could see this country cultivu- offlcc , otl KoUrlh street, ia DcccmUr last, and told' you j i'"r Ha^nis 

; a small bnsine??. and il i- very inconsistent. t * . shot and shells upon the city and forts— but. up fi, ted like a garden. e\ cry sober and industrious ar- that I had rurchascl several pair of Spectacle* at dif- I Ain’ ric.,i, .ii,,l fop igii. 

ot know how bad they arc. ‘Know thyself” is a were ten- much provoked by tiie sight of l utch- t.-ie^rai’hio dispatch gives some news in addition to which are dSate. U doeTnot h^ngfor all tl 
rst rate admonition, and Know -Nothing? ought, men. and the boys could not be well restrained in our disqsitches of Saturday: myriads ,,f our population who. day by day, 1 

t least, to know themselves. We think jiossing their youthful sport-?. The parties that preconcer- The Conference at Vienna had broken up. after the grip »f poverty closing more and more u 

sdge is needed. They have only t” rend thcjlem- 
,-rat to see the truth abuut them, just a? they see 
iheir ugly visage? when they look intoa mirror. 

Our carrier? will supply the paper at only ten 
s-ents per week -cheap a? water lor a daily visitor, 
lull of politics, news, and information of ail sort.-, 
and we shall see to it that our i*per is promptly 
delivered when ordered. 

The Democrat will, in a month or two. c m- 

The editor of tiie Louisville Journal think? 
it very strange that we -ltould think office-holding 
a small bti-ine?s. and il i? very inconsistent. t « . 
considering that we have held it all important that 
Democrat? should hold all the offices. Now. the 
opinion that ottioe-holding is a small business, or 
not of the la-t importance, ha- been very common 

Ellen N orburv ; bv Emerson Bennett: paper 30c. mns John M He i «ry. 

tin *)• " M. T. PH I PI'S. JUli.N M. MKD\RY. 

Pni-ons in our Food, a cnide to healthtbv a phvsietnu. fn-udm. Se. retxi-v 

Ju-t reeeivedb  lu.vT] - KINGtiul.D «. II ARJ.E- 111 HBKI.I.. BRt   E P, »K TEK. 

' iw Fre-i,ie,ii. Vitome , 

|j\.IKTN A III SSTOA. . ' f«; r 1 mi’in; I *m jn i . 

I»k il.i Rs in DVtr  lrv*rw.  h*»l«rll &. .Hou’i, Wall 


Fin*. IMmmd Life hmmu 

Artists Materials. KJ(H)RF.S F1RK, MARINE, \\I  

PORTRAIT A- PIC’TI R K I’RVMES, Life In-arenee. offic* — WaH ,treet, Louis, ilie, 


of every description, YVesiorii IiiMiritiice Co., New York. 


Iuvv-t’ O and -ecu red, a.- re ,,iire,t by the laws of  !k 
(rbr, kinriuoe miMsux) Mrir of New York. 


*y7 As A cent for this renaMe Companv, I tin prepnrcl t* 

_ 7 take Fire anti Murine risks, at cn-tomajry raw*. 







vab. — The -ubseribers would respect htllv call 

American and foreign. 

The style? will !»• round all that is iini’iue and heanti- 
fnt, eowiprising every description and quality, front the 
lowest priced to the most costly niainif ietured. 

Person* wUltiug their hou-es papered uiay confident- 
ly rely ,i|H n their work l«*in* don* in the most artt-i.e d 

lnr  — it!l twelfth annual volume It ba? steadily 111 Kentucky of late years. All parties left the ?hot ail ,| ? hell of the allies done immense damage l^rtiou of it for that needless war; how that is Ironnot sit down ami read small print without them 
J . „ ,n,l lie f*v r | w,. ,, .oiler i nr thank- uuuierou* offices to individual* who e, .aid «-t the to the city, ami to the Russian Works. During "rung from all ola-es. and not less from the poor ,  ’ *u every aueeM your gre« de 

increased  n 1-ubUc fa , a, and w e tender our thanks eveentin- onlv «»*e night of the 14th, the left wing of the allies  • ’ the tax-gatherer: and remember, al*„. that this | serves, I remain, yours truly^ P. HILLMAN, 

to iu, numerous friends for their ionuer good will. I V e ’ ‘ * ' ’ '. 1 ” •' obtained considerable advantage over the Bus- year nearly A 40,000,000— au incredible sum— a, Ky , Feb. JI,It*6. 

un! intend to de.-erve even better hereafter. :l fcw of tUc ,u ”' t uu P orttmt ^ ,tle ’ ,at . c ’ sians, who were dL?lodged from a strongly fortified "c cannot count in a lifetime— arom tenlife- | Mr ^ joLOMOM-Dca, Sir- Having *ati»fact.,ri)j 

unt intend to de.-erve even better hereafter. 

War in Km rope. 

'i'fic Y lenn.i t oulerenee ha? ^, U 1 

Austria, it is diacovcml, will not join the Allies 
iigain-t Russia. Wc are only surprised that any 
i’DC ever guppured that Austria would abandon 
her position of neutrality, and thus lose the conse- 
*iueuee that now. attaches to her jm.-ition. She 
ran dictate terms to either party, and Russia lias 
more to offer her than the Allies. Russia ean 
give her privileges upon the Black  ca. and iu 
jt* vicinity, that the the Allies ean never give 
without the aid of Austria herself, and it is 
Tar more to the advantage of Austria to keep on 
gruud terms with her Northern benefactor: and she 
is not slow tn see her own interest, or slow to fol- 
low it. The principle of Austria is interest. .In 

a few of the most important office.? in the Mate. who wm . dislodged from a strongly fortified "e cannot count in a metime— •sum tenlite- | Mr ^ SoLO MONs-l)eiu Sir- Having satistaci.’rili * 

It is the new party, the present j»ct of the Louis- jiosition which wil? taken and kept by the French, times could not make us comprehend in the good j trled a j, a i r „f Spectacle* purchased of you, and Bmlinrti 
villc Journal, that ha- inspired such an approeia- The jios.-es-ion of this iM^ition was' of great irn- that do for man— that those £ W.rtlW.WMi ! them gupcriur t0 any , havc ever u-c), in that they \ 

I maimer, aud with puucluulitv and dispatch. 

iny 7 RYART/* MURTUN. 

i| 1OL0 PARLOR PAPERS .1 1 - l 1 

j received a superb assortment nf the mmU-uiv i 

| and elec mt patterns uianiifaetiir’-d. Those paperiuii 
j are solicited to call and examine our price?. Notroul.U 
j to show goods. 

1 ray 7 EV ARTS & MERTON. 

ca ll I hav, also made anraagemeats will, the following safe 
f I’.i- ‘t'd reliable compaioes, bv which I am enaMed to nrs e 
l M , 1 1, . tiate any amount of insurance It Lit may be re.ju.sted. 

. I KXt'EL.siOR. - . . New York titv. 

Writ- I HARMONY. ... Now York City, 

u tlie I O i M M E II) I AL Ml Tl AL, I'hiUlelphia. 

| MERCHANTS’, - • - Philadelphia. 

' n ‘. Family Residences insured f r oue or m«re yv.irs, 
1 upon tlie nio.-t reasoua)4e terms. 

I hope to merit and receive a share of tlw pii nlic its. 
image . [I«B)1 JAMES ... MOORE. 

Athaeneum Fire Insurance 


villc Journal, that ha- inspired -itch an apprecia- 1 1 “* l^es-ion «.i raw pisitioii was ot groat im- «•* .or .u ...o e *, * ■ : 

tswtauee, as it enubletl the allies to fortify the sum- arc voted in two or three nights in the House of 
lion of the office-holding ou-me--. . .!» «r si... e-. , ’ Gominong this session to enrry on thi- war, AJMR) I 

i ut lUttiougU we iioi’t it iiujK.rtant that Demo- The operations for strengthening the Russian miles away from your homes, for objects which 
c-rat? be eld'led to office, and e ; jieciitlly to im j » *it - pirts in the Baltic were going on with great ru- your statesmen havc never defined, andinawnr- 
ant one-, we don’t think office-holding the chief l-Wity. :u..l 20M.Mm. tr.sip? are now said to be con- «[hieh threaten? to leave us afflicted with many j 

. eentratod in the Baltic l^ovuiott. ui.-a^ter*, and without having added onc^m^lrlau- 

rn«lof man. AN c ilon t think the so groat London. April 23 — i». m. — C anrobert, under 1 lo ° nr reputation, and having done everything } 


' l*»-rft‘Gt. — J il.'t r*T**ivt*«l l»v tuoth» r invoi 'p 


-i t*l. jaS.i»«NU00. 

end of man. We don’t think the buxines? so great 

. n ' [ icst and strengthen the eye, whilst all oilier? havc pain- of ready made Linen and Muslin fhirt*, cat and-h.’!*-! , sximoi A-oup. 

oon to carry on tin- war, .1.000 | ^ . . ieUt . copliaU . with all the modern improvement?. I would r. . t J- B-.rtlrtt. V A 

our homes, for objects which | *0, wear.eU, an.1 weakened my sigm, i connauj ri fll | b - inviu . ;l „ Who may w ant to ht mit their 1 l: IL, - .„. 

e never defined, and in a war • mcn ^ 'hem to the use of all who stand in need of them, wanlrol*'? in the way of neat, wcllsmaitc, and decani y 1 • M'rlins t "in. , 

Respectfully yours, f*. J- EVAN?, 

— On Broadway, x 

Jkri j Rsos Co.. D*’C. i, )8 ). 

li uxuu-»‘ j , | th*» a foinnmn mortal, although bom on the other dute of Buluklava, Afiril 17th, telegraphs to l’aris to damage us for atatasmuuslup and a? a practical 1 I have used Mr- 8ou »ox*’ Eye Glass for a very brief 

now . attaches to her jwisition. j ^ A „. luti( . might not engage in it with a^follows: people among ail nations of the earth.” j period, with deci.led advantmm, ami have no hesitation 

eroi? to either Jiaiiy, and Russia ha? . ' , . "Ihe tire continues unabated, chiefly by the in stating that a defective vision of lone standing ha* 

r her than the Allies. Russia ean credl t to lumsell .and i»otit to other jieopte. artillery. The engineers are o, niting. and have j A Spiritual ’HlIBchauteu. j leen relieved, and the nrgaus «cein to I*- acquiring vigor tits... the Block ^ea. and in Indeed, we think any of the trade? o. ,,.olV??ions established oevcral pj^itions for us much nearer! ‘Fact,” in the Hartford Times, tell? the follow- »'““ wnc ’ * therefore cheerfully bear testimony to their 
. . . .... that men commonly follow arc a? respectable as the place. ! inz al*out Spiritual guitar nlavin* .xccllwwy and necuraey, as also to Mr. Bokimons skill 

that the the Allies can never give jn ti catching rogue?, Ac. A private disjuitch says the lo?s of life on both Then the guitar vva? moved from its place by as a practical Optician, and the wonderful facility with 

aid of Austria licrsoll, and it i? 1 h . , , , '“ lo ? was very heavy. A council ot war vva? the Spirit? and brought toward- the circle but which ha adapt? M« G h w es to ihe various peculiarities 

tlie advantage of Austria to keep on held, and it was determined to continue the bom- encountering a heavy n.ah.q?anv chair on the wav, ofTisio,,. Yours truly, sa.ML B. SMITH. 

,i,b wfataMn?.! .!”■ H «•"*» r a • - , urs,. »u«*.sc « ro«* ??? • 

, , r i of the eager desire of ruling which has character- ■ • - uieui. jmuusay that the In- several feet out ot the way: after which the guitar ivtween Main and Market. fc-Mdtf 

r, see her own .ntcrc-t, or slow to fid- * * ;ll , Tllov r «r ot the artiUery and the explosion of wa? again take, and carried all around the 

i grinMpla of Austria is interest, in 1 . . , ,' pre*ente a scene terribly grand, and ab*o- circles l v the invisibles, and .it length deposited 

JiTmns not si., utilar; but her condi. ct think they have a -ort of divine right to rule by luiriv inde^nbable. . , , } in the ophite corner. In a few moments more, \ I(il SI ELECTION. 

... their qualification?, and the lack of opportunities. ■ he most uiteuse exeitemcnt prevail? m London the writer saw it poised in the air, toil upwards, ; - -- — * 

I her notorious amongst nations lor hpr | * , , , , . . and ran? in regard to the result. „„.i * i - v , T . ’ ' ! 1 

oflate. ha? made them very hungry. Aud it is B ant * n,, 'J‘. v wtr “ lB head. Ihe rernurk was g*)'!,*. HAVII, It. HAGGARD is a candidate for ix- 

sne?s and i crndy. I , . , — — - — made, "\\ ell, if 1 did not #»•/■ this I wouldn't be- election to the office of Superintendent of Public Jui; 

i she occupies a jsx-iti.,,, verv gratify- 1 '  tt,tc ** taral ,ba hev '   K,U .' ( . The Yof.N,; Men of Vnr.ncu Showing theib llcv ‘* St ,,n olht ‘ r testimony”— whercipi.n the in- ,Ul mxl Autfust cteeUon ’ 

, . ... . * ® , . is something very wrong, if they ean t excrei?c „ xv , , ... , . . . itruiucnt reached f.mvard and nlavfAUv tar.icd the _ 

the business of ruling. They hare " , V pmiaitted o th« H peokcr three times on the shoulder. Then it was Auditor of public Accounts. 

«th jiartic?. and may hold her position lheir a to aU theninute office-. V U ° W,nS C *‘“ ct '?* ^ froU * * he . 1 nWcTAl y ° f P*T l the jjp- We ;lre a0t horirci. announce THOMAS S. 

Perfect. — Just received 1 st exon--- another in v  : !•' H**n. I 

of ready-made Linen and Muslin shirt?, rut andshajieit , samuri A-i'urv . 
with all the modern improvement*, t would respect- , J- It v|. . 
fully invite- all ili”-e who may want to fit »nr their F. K. Beeston. 
wanlrnl" ? in the way of neat, well-ma te, and elegant % J- Stirling t’oyi 
fitting Shirt?. They cannot fail to find every style, »'•" ' Harn-?. 

shape, and pattern out, consisting in part a? fo.low- 
Fine Linen Nhirts. fine plait.?, standing collar?; 

Do do do, full bosoms, linen lawn collars; 

Do do do, broad plait?, -landing d  ; 

Fancy do do, assorted patterns. *lo do; 

Fine Muslin do. broad olai:?, do do; 

Do do do, do do. Ifyron d**; 

Do do do, do do, without do; 

ll” do do. full bosom law n, standing do; 
Medium do do, 

niKKrTriRs in liindov . 

Bt Hon. the Exrl o» fiuwuu. Chairman * 

Y, \ ““‘ -'•'y Hushe-, M P 

Il^ron ' ’ l f'“ u Jwnr '- 

^ 4r- U- uUH iutrr, K \ , 

ta«4 , 

- . . ,, 1 ..h 1 "*- . II* uiy sunon, 

LVVill.ani Howard. Rickard Wild. 

Manager. . - - llkxav S»j.t*r, 


| Atwood U Co* John Famuiu. 

John tirigg, tieorgi* II. jqitart, 

f vlyei-, fraghorn a Co.. M illiam McKee *. C«, 

j rt*H 'T» .414«I W (*, W llitc ?*teV*»I|M Jt f*,,. ’ 

■ lit for the United State*. 

broad plait*, -tandini:. Byron, a  W 7.^*, U11,1 v r *;gn-I has lern appointed Ag -m in Loni?- 
nu collars; Y' ’ named Company, and U prepared to 

iTrayl HTHi' nun uvr auiiuuih duhu.m idi. .ui«t I „ . . . r«* « ? i • i . 

*■ . . , e, of the eager dcstre of ruling which has chanictcr- 

jr not slow to see her own interest, or slow to fol- I ... „ . 

. . ... . , ircJ a party in this country at all time-. They 

"low it. The tirinciplc of Austria is interest. Jn , . , , ' - .. . ■ , , . , , 

‘ , . I think they have a sort of divine right to rule by 

This she is tierhaps not singular; but her conduct 1 • . 

. , .. .. ... . i tlicir qualification-. an l the lack of opportunities. 

Las rendered her notorious amongst nations lor her * , , . , • 

, oflate. h;t? made them verv hungry. And it i- 

»»n«crupulousiic?? and jicrfidy. . , , . ... , . ... 

1 , .. ... route natural that thev should conclude tliat Ihere 

At present she occupies a posit ton very gratify- I 1 ‘ . 

, , . , , ,, . ., . i? something verv wrong, if they can t exercise 

me to her pride and sell -coin plaecncv.  he is . , , ,, .. , 

* . , . , * , * themselves in the business of ruling. T hey have 

courted by both partie?. mid mav hold her isisition . , , . . „ .. , « 

* • 1 brought down their action to all the minute offices. 

at her idea.- ure. The Allies can t succeed without , . 

* . _ , , that as many of the brethren a? po-siMe may get 

lier, and Russia can t a fiord to conniel her to join , , , . .. 

’ .... .. a taste of the business of ruling, 

them. The war will languish on. for hngland and : 

France alone cannot take the Crimea, or cannot j Letter from Grsives C ounty, 

bold it after it is taken. Neither tide can afford I Mayfield. Ky., April W-o. 

l xi make peace; but the war is only a waste of life • Dnnocntt : 

and treasure to little purpose. It was commenced Oesti^mkn : This has liecu a great day for the 

tn- -cvcral feet oat of the way: after which the guitar Ktwecn Main and Market 

CSr.Mr. SOLOMONS’ Office-No. Tl Fourth ?««« - 1 M.;™drcet?,if you Tre'ilTmwrel.of r»*l SMit" 




made, "\\ ell, if I did not »   thi- I wouldn’t be- election to the office of Saperintendent of Public Im- j 

themselves in the business of ruling. They have 
brought down their action to all the minute office.?, 
that as many of the brethren a? possible may get 
a taste of the business of ruling. 

........ - 1 ,. T \ ™ v” , iu, j_ c i- aPe authorucil to aimoance tiumias s. 

Virginia, received by a gentleman in this citv.— medium, whom H lightly rapp'd several times PAGE, the present Auditor *f W’lm Accounts, as a 

The letter lienr? date of Vpril ’’V- ' dpon the head ! Being close to it during this jier- , candidate for re-election at the nest Aimed election. 

.... ' . l’ormance, I watched it narrowly bv the aid of the ' 

e hod quite on exciting and interesting elec- flre-light. The iMdfou, end of this insfruinvnt - 

lion icre yesterday, i or ihe last Li or ‘JO years wa? very near my face while the opposite end war GREGORY & MAURY, 
it ha- iceii the eu-tom among the students ot the thus being used: it wa? not, in fact, six inches _ ' . N 

l niversHytohold uu election just previous totho-e above my head, and just in front of me. Tiie in- Managers of the Ky. State IjOttery, 

• d th - .'-tate. or for the presidency In-fore the eoun- distinct outline of a human hand could be seen * — r “ \ 

! i •. Accordingly, the jsills were opened yeutertlay gras Ding the instrument just below its centre. Scpemes tint the Week endinw J'-'j. 

' MONDAY *- May IV M*’. 

DAVID It. HAGGARD i? a candidate for re- ASH. ’JH'ASKSSODA \SII 

.-ctioi, to the office ..f Bnperintendi'nt of Public Jui; v „re;iudf”r‘.-ilebv 

ruvemeiits. at tUv next August election. r CORNWYLLa. RRO 

ap lfi dlffiwte A? , 

Auditor of public Accounts ^'v"l ll.l. SOAP  " HONES 4 \8- 

* iili- Cffiip iii -:ort- and for ' 

CAff Wc are authoriseil to announce THOMAS S. CORNWALL A. 15RO. 

AGE, the present Auditor *t Vkbijo Account*, as a • ott — 

Ltndjdutc for re-election at the next Aimi*i election. { |'| MH1) S44AP. LAD ID l \ ES 

mr ‘ . ! -H. Varieeated and Perfumed Soan for sale bv 

- . « 1 I'oKNVVAI.I. 


for saliS’V 1 

onNWALI. A BID. 525, J 


Louisville. Kentucky 

( loihiii" iiml Fiinii'iiiiu; Slurp. 

^priax Milfv 

;wd u*ea«ure to little r»urno«c. Ir wa^ comnuncod |; KVT , vu K \ • This has been a iri*cu f dav for the . • , ~ x ' x * , p *’’ lue P°. ls w ® r f v °P enert yostt nl.qy pa^pinj: the instrument ju*t below its centre. 

. »r i *• ii . i *   . *i uu**.* • ^ 1 • m the rot und ft ar an appointed hour, after lectures K.lachimr im l the in-tmment in both 

.0 protwt Turkey, so ,hc world were told bn, the republicans of all ,«rtie? in Graves : the able aud WC re over, and then one of ,he must ,,erfect iiui.a- hands aud "mb.’ U^ovTmv^ ^heair^ ^^u«ir„rat 
design was to restrain the )*.wer oi Hussui. ; t .i  X j Ue nt Clark addressed a large and patient au- tions of an election day look place that I ever saw. f j le some time that the oue who had been i«erform- 
und enhance the importa nee of England and France. ,j; once au ,i | c t me sav, no nuin ever acquitted ^ e '’ era l hundred men vvere collected around the ing would wo ic play it if possible. Immediately 
The great interest? of humanity, the cause of lib- 1 more gallantly m, the rostrum. Demo- 

„„ 1|I.\  K DRESS \\D FROCK' 

fClAMlLY SOAP. HOD BOXES NO IS r.-at-exira n.,i trimmXtV ^ 

1 K- l Family Soap for sale ky Fancy Fr. ck-. blue, brown, olive, adclai’l*. full 

I audience for two hours and a half, and none were v °te bir know -nothing principles; ) the occasional 

:r“' •* * 7 v •« w. 1 -m srssasss zssssiis c&szs 

aWe article »n eondemnaiion of the removal of J tempt . , VIK ,pri* of his -peos-h. for it can only be upon— everything cniibined to make it a complete 
Judge Iioring, by the Massachusetts Legislature; aj-,j,reciated by being heard. It convinced all that miniature of a real election, saving only that there 
but the editor slides over the point a? to the party Know-Nothingi-m was but a revamping of Aboli- "' :l '   eithcr drunken ineu nor any fighting. It 
responsible for this outrage. Judge Uriug l,a.- ■ tionism. an effort on the part of the North to sub- ^ha.l^’mie ! ^v-ellent '^s-eehe? 1 bv' tne'^i^^ates 
)*een removed from offiee because lie would not per- j, I;ri ,te the South and it? people; that it destroyed of both parties. But. though the' know-nothings 
vert the law in the case of Burns, the fugitive the personal liberty of it- members, and the free- have some strong men and go-id debaters among 
,l,„. lie did hi’ July a j Ok- "®‘ «• I'., a,i.. «.!.«, All M I ,'ST5 

this a I legislature has. by a Idffe vote, duanuaed j, eRr Dim. none will regret doing so. Several j n a 1M „ lU i ;ir discussion, and thev vvere handl.-d 

a human blind. Sitting ut the end of the table 
where thi? was done. 1 was enabled to see the whole i 

Ticki-t*. I Capital. 

. SJ 50 1 •t»,0t» - — 

TUCitfiDAY'. Mav 17, -IMS. 

Tickets. I Capital. 

. . *J UO I «*),!«» - . 

FRIDAY, May t». I'M. 
Tickets. | Capital. 

mjrl CORNWALL^ fc RRO 


AW in pints and .mart- for saW bv 
mv; , ORN W VI.I. X. no. 


J Loml’iu l’orter in pint? anil unart* for --.lie la- 
my7 CORNU VLL x DflO 

B \ T I' I \ t. . 1'*" B \ 1. 1   N  » I 

Laud J Balling for sale by 

mr¥ _ 1 ORWI ALL X MRU. 


I Sides iu good unlor f(*r ?ak* 

\ Jmyl Ci U.\U ALL A BRO 

* \|{|) nil. 1410 l!Hi  WINTER 

' Rat -trained Lard Oil fur -ale bv 

- I’unxu til a. 

trained Lard Oil for -ale by 


Fancy Frock?, bluv, p ro »i, t olive, adcUi-W, full 


1- . • I . -he. x. m-’.b-. and I’Ult Frock CiatB 

satin de * ben*- Frock Coats, new «tr|e»; ■ 

Black Lu?ire ,|   do do; ■ 

Hl o k andfanr? Dri- ? Foals, pattern- : I 

l.iu.-ii rant-, white, ,-heck, -triped, and plain, 'fl 
mrlcl pattern-- R 

▼ RATS. I 

VV lut-- ami check silk. Linen, and Marseille? \ K fl 
lisurvd and plain Ailk, and Linen Vest?. 1 


I.inen Shirt*, of every description; J 

Muslin do do; 1 

Collar?. Cravat?. Stocks, and Tie? : 1 

ll indki-relii’ f? and An.i’etidcr?; I 

• doves llalf-Ho.?e. Robes: I 

Carjsrt Ba«s BatekeK fc.-. J 


'dk. Mi rino. Li-k ^ bread, and Cotton Shin' a ad 

Draw er»; J 


. m White Beaver llals can be had of POLLARD, 
non ' I’K VTIIEK X AMITH. who manufacture the b -?l Hals 

I in the city . W. vl 


Jiim from the place of Judge ot 1‘iobate. The tu t , Know-Nothings broke rank and declared for ('lark : roughly by several gtssl denioeratie speaker.?. Tin 

ha? no afml”gi?t? otit-ide of the fanatical crew of other — ut least two — announced their dctenniiui- re ' 11 ^ "j 1 cleciioii "a.? :i majority tor \\ i?e 

x- ,i •  r . .. . , - nearly -did votes were polled. The university i 

Jv now -Nothing Abolitionist? that cnr?e the eoun- ti,,„ to quit and never steal upa back alley again. I) ually whig iu ,,’ndr nr y. and went for Scotti 

jry with their lawless |ir or ceding?. \Ye are glad With all the boast? of their ] lower and mem- the lust election: but it would not consent toswal 
to soe that tlie pres?.? everywhere denounce? thi- ( M . rs Graves, let me ii--ure the Demoeracy that I"" ’Sam. with his two ideas.” 

act. It scene of those bold and shameless outrages Clark will get a larger majority in Graves than 

that men are afraid to defend, or invent apolu- has ever before been given to our ticket. The Imw»kt*nt Movrjikst gftheL'hbisvtiax Jewb. 

giesfor. It is a Legislature assuming to control ( independent old line Whig* are out almost en Vh"*' md 

judicial liower. and requiring ministers of the law uia-se f,,r him. were uuatiimousiy adopted : 

jo interpret it according to popular opinion for the 1 \ .-hort time since tlii? new j«rty I- -a- ted they Wukkkas. There exist in the i nited States sev 

J'.UIC l” ; ng. F..I -U’-h a  - te i- ::•  ) « ii I*-’ ox. Id car, v M elc-tion in Jfay, o.-jsvially iKe^S! 

K*f| t in sk K un»l pmldii* o|iini(di. 4»l which there i* jn the Mtyfeld precincts : now every caiMliiluti* citv mxi j»hu*es contiguous to iti uixl v hcreRi. it i 

nearly .»00 votes were jy »1!cnI. The university it t ip^. The hand wa^ alBo narrowed from the lower iiiR«»plers. 
usually whig in its tendcncy.und went for Scott a? knuckle* to the wrist, where it ended. All this . ..*wi 

the last election : but it would not consent to swal- could be seen by such light a? wus in the room.' 

Loui*villo. Ky. 

color and -tvle and iu verv low prices. 

FULL vi;i . Tit YTHER x SMITH. 


Every variety of l»iv»' and children’* hat* at vary 

l|V . Linen Drill and plain Cotton Drawer*. 

\UD I A '”’ 1 Vrl '»“*-ry, s„;,pa. Gils. Me. 

l* H at* Remember the Number::: 525. i 

- . ■* *■*) v d mvnshfi.dJ 



- MAIX ST.. KTWiEX WTH xNn SIXTH, lovisvilu. kI 


j “* respei-tfulh- invited to nor regular Au. til 

Tit »*-. III! *?v*?rv Tl V walk h V -a*» I T 1 1 I I. . V I : 1 


Sale- on every TUESD1Y an I Till R? DAY during 
fall, commencing ou each day at 10 o'clock. A. ! 
Vi,, a we will sell a general a*v itmtut of Drv Goo 
?lio -«, Brogan*, h,. 

see ”»r special iwtverti*emeu: for each dal 

sale. n 

Tenns-Ca-h. T ANDERSON A CO?', 

?e|*l dXw Auctioneer? 

little hot»e in Ma-**ehusetl?. AbolitionLsm. aided declares he does not belong to it. and some who the firm belief of many of three Christian Jews, oue of the j«rtyw,ho was thus writing. Being the 

.... .. tb-ii tin. i.rn.nm .loo*,,!' tin. limu .i,,.k „ »„ nearest one to the liana, 1 bent down close to it as 

by a secret and irresponsible party of Jacobin*, havc been regarded by all the outsider* a? mem- 1 . ™ ^ i,. !.?* it wrote, to see the whole ..f it. It extende.1 no 

knuckles to the wriat, whore it mdreL AU thi. JSZlBSl - - IffitiNS' AND CHILDREN’S II ATS. 1 

could U’ seen by such light a? was in the room. An Ordinance ID Kvery variety of hoys’ and children- hat* at v*» ' Brogan-. x  J 

while the hand was fora moment holding the paper Prescribing the mode and time of Axing the Grade of low price*. . wVIITII , a i" C " *''en,?em.-ut for each da| 

up’ii the edge of the table. It suddenly disap- | Streets and Alleys in the City of Louisville. ra.v 1 11 i.lakik_pi»atu ki  x -viiiii. Term-— Ca?h. T ANDERSON A CO?, | 

I wared, and in a moment the pencil was thrown Be it ordained bar the General Council of the City of cil'GtB 111 HUBS PD1UF Hl’B \ R ; -ejsl ilAw Auetiuweer? J 

from *r. me oiiarter and fell unou the table where Louisville, That hereafter, when any citizen of L.-ui*- , ^ , — 

11 . 1 '' , I, . . . ' ville. desiring to build a house or other improvement on and 10 tierces refined for .-sir ..... 4 ' (' (IKKF'NA SJI\ 

the luutd again apjwarc.1. took it. and l,eg:»n to any of ihe streets or aUe.vs of the city, shall petition tlw myi rill ?TI \ x KLV x.t.i i r.r..x x rwix. 

write. This was in plain ?ight, being only shaded ’ Council to have the grade of the street or alley hved ir. , 1 Auctioneers aild Real Estate Aeerttf 

bv one ot the circle who wmT sitinx between the front of his said lot. it shall he the duty of the General , GLASS EH. 7-  BBI^S (;LM D 

by one M lire Circle w no was Ml ung otiwetn tne Council, by re?.duUon or otherwise, to direct the F.n- ’ f , , so. 8» THIRD STREET, 

] uwr on the table and the hre. gineer for the city to give the grade of all such street* itautremn Moms for . . . .. 

The hands of each one jire-ent were ujion the or alleys at the earliestjjossiMe day thereafter. — - * ' LotUSVille Ky . 

table, in full view, so that it could not have been JOH „ v Y*rsi'w. B* r'. C.' RIU, ‘'’ ’ **’ C ' ' ’ £1 4 J F F F. E . 7A BAGS GOOD RIO RR'ILt, ATTEND TO THE RI Y 

oue of the ,  rty who wa? thus writing. Being the E. D. WEATHERFORD, V. B A. . V f„ffre (hr sale bv IV ins » n .l m-U.hs nt IL-al K?uir. lliris, s.i 

tins c-ilT, the following preamble and resolution me nano again uppeuicM.  ** ■* ». ««,.,. ... a„ y of the streev? or alley* or the city, shall i-nt.-.n the 
were iinsnimoiwlv ,. t ,. i . write. This was iii plain sight, being only shaded Council to have the grade of the street or alley fixed in 

wire u i in n l moil- 1 \ adopted - . ‘ ,u„ w * between the f r 'iit of his *ai.l lot. it -hall tw the duty of the General 

\\ iikkkas. 1 here exist in the i mte l States sev- 1 n ‘ 1 10 ‘ 1 ", "‘' a ' l,,,n  5 etwem tne ^? oUI10 ii. i, v resolution »r otherwise, to direct the F.n- 

eral hundred hiirhlv respectable and intelligent piper on the table and the hre. gineer for the city to give the grade of all such streets 

( 'hri-lian Jews, many of w horn reside in New Y ork The hands of each one pre-ent were upon the or alleys at the c r _ 

city and J daces contiguous to it: and whereas, it is table, ill full \ iew. so that it could not hav e been j olls y VaRM'M. C. B. C. C. 

11 GLASSES. 7.”  HI 

IfJL Plantation Molasses for sale l v 

K. I . WEATHER FORD. P. B A. ^ Cuffiw 
O. H. Str.vttax, C’. B. A. myi 

Appniveil Mav At, l^i. j* 

mj.dl JOIIN_ BARBEE. Mayor. F|11V\. 

Marshal’s Sale. 

John If. Si hrokoer, Ac 

Lons Auheim. 


th« X^iuisville Chaneerx- Court, renderctl in the 

bv a secret and irresponsible party of Jacobins, i have been regarded bv all tlie outsider* a? mem- , 1,1 luyseni t-igns ot tne tune? ore BUen as to . ’ to ?ee the whole of it It extended no Ap^roycl May Al, DM5. 

. J . . . . r. .. , . I _ ” . ' . . . . . , , call ttiKiii then, to abandon their now isolated |a - it wrote, to see iu« tmtnr oi it. e.xiemteu no | n,,’;,,! JOHN BARBER. Mayor. I 

have entire control of the State. Lven the pulpit l.ei , otter to make affidavit that they do not be-  iti,, n- and organize an association consisting of farther than the wrist, \\ ith a feeling of curms- • _ _ " - • - 

is desecrated by an enlistment in the same diuliot- l„ug to it. The ai‘ou?ed indignation of the poo- sincere and long-tried converts, having for its ob- By natural under the circumstances, 1 browrlit my Marshals Sale, 

id Id «, «, if Kduoky .ill h,l|. ( 4. .ill .i.b„ ihd .1.1, . i.rril.le Mi*., iu .11 •* «'iW SSST^ ' fin CMaw. 

sustain, by her aid and comfort, the party that future elections. for confessing Chri-t, are suffering want and dis- cUx-tric nr magnolia influence by which it was Lot i* alukim.   

i* Iret to all reniie of shame, anti all regard for the Know-Nothingism i- greatly  «n the wane in tress ; the stirring up of the dry bone* of the bouse *f«rkiug: for the pencil dropped and the hand van- \ IRT I E OF A DEC RLE 4)F 

, -| c c . , .. . _ _ 011 ,i  i,i.riiriuiiu I’kniv.l, ished. The writing was aft crwanls examined, and the Louisville Chancery Court, remlerol in tlie 

umst ra;red principles of free government. Graves, though it never was as strong, nciei has. *'t Israel, amt tin arousing of thc( brtstian i Lurch * p h „ hand-writimr »'«ve cause, tt.o un.lersigi.«i, or one «f ns. will, on the 

! r „,- will bo lKiwerful I? was the old to more earnest prayer and increased efltort for the ptytcil to pe VP» name, in nre own nanawTiting. ^ ^ of May, US6, sell to the highest bidder, at **nb- 

11 ,r 11 1 ‘ salvation of J udah : and whereas, the annual meet- ” 11 relativ e, an intimate ladj friend of one in the j, c Auction, aU-ut tlw hour of 10 o'clock a. at the 

Z3T The editor of the Loni-villo Journal think- Whig party. The honest-hearted republican ing and public testimony of such a body of wit- turcle, wlm passed away some years -inoe. Other Itousc, known ns the Kentucky HalL oa l latel y oc cu 

J hat the Know-Nothing grand council will meet fanners will never consent to lie gtiverne l by a ne-scs pi the Mes-iahabip of Jokiu, and the sett ing marks had laen nunle, and^the wwd “Dear bad a ' ul ‘ Market'streeta,' in the city of^Gmlixill.— the 

. -ii ... i„, ,1... .... i aside bv them of all the sectarian formula of the been Written JUs' II s tRe .jieijoii uroppetl. I Ins luxiisTtv attachcil in this cause consisting of House- 

shortly, and that thej will a„r    1 t tin sla try midnight secret conclave. present day knowing nothing among themselves writing ha* been jireservetl and remains a? an evi- hold ami Kitchen fipniitiirv, Bar «ud Itai i'Utures, Ll 

Ajuestion alone, or serrate. Oh! the grand eoun- Yours, truly. Z. ,„ vo Jesu*. their common Betieemer. ami cherishing of the fact That it wa? ,wo.iue«l by no ‘‘VkTmTqt ixue-XM a„ (1 under cash: over that * um 3 

»-il can agree Ui ignore, just a? the Northern Know- love to all that bear his image, by whatever name hand ol any oue uouilj in tnut room 1 know and credit of four mouths, the purchaser to give lamd with 

Nirfhine? bare been doin’* ill the time Tliev He ARTLESS Case OF SEDUCTION in Ii ENRICO.— they muv be callcil. would lead nunv of our Jew- ^'.1. , , ' ^ curi,v ’ ^ r ?aU 

Nothings nave been doing all tne time. met ,.,..fes.ional man litimr a Unit u,L.i . The band afterward? came and shook hand* with **“ P*"' c v 

ing ami public usiimony of such a body of wit- circle, who ,.1-sod away s-.wc years sinee. Other kMtamu ^he 5gX^n M Fi{lrtre^ , Je^ 1 
ne-scs to tlie Yles-iahaliip of Jesus, and the setting mark- had lain niadi , amljlii wool I «ir had am , Market streets, in th. city of Louisx ilk— the A 

aside Ijv them ot all the ^octariun formula of the* ****‘*1 written .JO** U* 4 tljD fc |itq#4»ii iirop|)0 l. I hi?* proiwrty attaclieil in thU ciuac consi.^iuc of House- ' 

idnight secret conclave. present' day. knowing nothing among themselves writing has lieon jiresene.1 ami remain? as an evi- ! hold and Kitchen flpn.itiire, Bar and Rai  ’Utures, U- 

Yours, truly, Z. ratro Jesus, their ooninma Bede cm w. ami cheriahing denee of the fact, That it wa? produced by no '‘xlaw* rgr owl under craht over that sum a 

— love to all that bear his image, by whatever name hand ot any one bodily in that room 1 know’ and credit of four mouth*, the purcha-cr to give bond with 

s’lirnnir-' nave neeii ouior -,n iuc llul1 - He ARTLESS Ca 8 E OF Sf.IUCTION IsHenuICO.— they may be i^, would lead many of our .lew- affirm. . security, bt^rin^uforert from the dv of sate 

^ ■ . . Some years ago a jirofes-ional man living aUmt )rh "brethren to examine the religion we jinifess; The hand afterward? came and shook hands with mx^dta 11 F\ IH' in l . ti.-i-iitv. 

have been i-u-y igreinug the .-lately question.- -even miles below the city, became acquainted with j f each one present. I felt it minutely. It wasted- ____ — - — 

approv ed security, liearinc iuterest from tlie day of -ale 

till poM. 11 EMU DENT. M L. C. C., 

mvT.iu IIENItY M’OLVORI, Deputy. 

hev have uniformlv jilaced Alnilitionists in j»iw- and married the sister ..f a t cry estimable gentle- - // That we im ito and urge ,,ur Cliri-- « "Mj W«1 tmd nyEli Irjeu 1!  tle-ugn not !»’ \ NT ED. FROM .jtitHl TO y 1 ’JIM I 

*r Thi? is orecioelv what they want to do. and if '• *«  doing busine?- in this city. It ap(.car? that ,i iU , Jewish brethren to meet iu convention in the perfect: amt It was soft and slightly warm. It end- W ▼ f.. r twelve months, to he used In » , fosiiimaie 
*■ b ' ^ 1 ' r", .the ZnJr tbi   in  ■«-» ^hai« B*® op, jort unity dty of  ,,* York, on Thursilay, the loth of May. ^ »t the wrist, moKdeseeSrire 

i can sw unip i. , •. ig   i • • ajfotxled by his connection ill the family Dr seduce half-]aist seven o’cloek. r. il.. *t the A*- r.wm Nkw* raoxlVit Danina YYetlnes,lav worth ou*Uhir*l more t)ma tSe larrcr sum rcw«ired. 

JndeeJ, this thing of ignoring i? the happiest cx- ,i, e eblest daughter of In- brother-in-law, ( the l(Urv Methodist Kpiseopal Churcli, in Norfolk street. . , ' , .,. 4 ; flip M ' G _ Addn— P. 6., care Courier offic?!__ my7 .13 

jiedieut we have ever seen deiisci. The A b- | "^."l. ^ ^ nrnrr 1 of bM^U ^.ITr follv bc,irWn a, “ l , S,anlou »»«?*. for tb ® h:!rge eonveved .-.-me Spanish oftieiil? on 

.ditionists jiut forward their candidates, good ’ f , an^xciUnL re^ pur,-^ of organizing sueh an aviation as will Vmtcd Sutos 8  r and 

- , lf , . .... were making theumeltes visible, autl exciting re- t . ar rv out the principles expre*.?o.l in tlie above ,i lu , A,; n » *al.,ie »»? flr«l the salute .. 

Brethren of the order. If any feel a little repug- tl , urV .he neicfcliorhouiL . — — ui- .. * 1 * tl * , » , «“P 11 ‘•“HH® wa? nre t— tne salute o 

Goon New s from Cuba. — Havana. 

Ige ou real c-tate 
sum reijuired. 

■yj Tilt -TIN Si ELY. 

rwiEA. loo PA4 K Mil's TEA FOR 

-IL 'ale li y [m .»7J THUST IN X ELY. 

T obacco. 

)T  bags Virginia Tobacco; 

8® do Missouri do; 

50 do Kentucky ilo; 

F or sale by [mv-!^ THU STIN X ELY. 


ily Y inegar for sale by 


\ UL8. MOD Kl (.- Y-'St  R 1 ED 

si*cs for sate bv 


R^LOI R. i:,u BHL8BOOD F \ M1LY 

* Fkiur for sale by 



sortment of Youths’ and Children's Clothing now 
oren at J. M. ARMSTRONG - ?, 

my* Corner Fourth aud Main streets- 


ter styles Uneu and Muslin Shirts and new style 
standing. Byron, aud without Collars, just received. 
A fit warranted or uo sale at _ 

w W ing an.i ”i K^ai Kstote, Hiring and ?eR- 
m* Negpies. X  .. and all oilier branches ’*f our busi. 
ness, at the shortest notice and ou the most r- asouabi-j 

jXiT Regular sale day*— Wednesday* and Satuniavs, 
t/'Oiu-hior S*k* promptly attended to. 


No. oIn Market street, between Scenmi and Third, 

- North side. Louisville. Ky. 1 


L Purnitnre, Dry O-wi-l*, Grneerie?. and Real Ks(ate,J 
outdoor sale*. Constables' aud Assignees’ sales, Ac A 
on reasoualife term*. | 

My p jnlar sales every We lne?dav and .iatnnlay ufl 
Furniture. Xr. ■ 

C:?sh ail.aneol on consignments. I 

upJ JJb, T. C. DUFFY. Anct*r. ■ 


and .»te*u»l»’»vs suppbcl with a prime article ol 
River Ice. bx calhng al Ihe *uhiH-riher’s office. West 
of Third, second limit from the corner of Water, e.ifl 
aged by Capt. G.-orge Early. H 

1’roni pi attention is given to supplying private l'aa^l 
ie*. [a|-3M5 JOHN ll.tlR 

F ine mri;ima tobacco. ^ 

I SI boxes BraJ X Nash’s line Vs.. Tobacco; H 

\1’. yJS do Crumpton X Payne’s do; 

US .k. 7. Taylors do; 

Linen In stone and for *ale by 


\ 4JTICE YY F. YY 1 1. 1. l*\Y TH 

N D- ■‘■w highest cash price for X KG ROE*, at oar - . 

Negro Depot, on First street, hetseeu Market sodPrQ 
reived Jefferson. A 

■», | He also keep Negroes for sale. 

JpS 1 distffcwff 


Ten con go home, and place all the A 
siffiee. as they have done hereGdore. 

tiiKiuist .? tn doer by -hooting bint. Unfortunately the balls 
The ^ ran4 ] £aile l to take effect. :ud 1 jutting hi* hor.-c Ut tiie 

oi ,u, have done hcretd.iort* The grand imftert to take ciH?ct. and f«iung hM (Mine M uic- The Free* Sdier#* in the State, under the name j assuredly Ixiiin* an apjieiiranee ^ of l»ut }et 1 u 4 TM M \IPIt wtv I Pd 

M they lutve done Deretotnr. inegrana amlueer wa- Irmneaway. Since of “Know- Somethings. ” are rapidly obtaining do not believe all the .hfficultie* between the two T|R KSM H ATS, »l Al M EK M I Y LE«. 

tl will no, agree to separate vol..n,artly-no, ^ , Rt ba  pnl a enUv k( .^ hiumelf .'one, :, led, eon t ml of the original Km.w-Nothing I.oslge*. I, Governmet,,- are arratigol, uiucho.? it may be the ** 0«r tX am! 
That would rarrificc the mam chance— the ilnudjnr the vengeance of the wronged father. is raid they number ever UK* council* at tbi: mo- , true iutcrc?t ol each they should be.— ,Y, 1 , T  t- j U|  material. 

they. That would sacrifice the main chance— the ! ,j ic yengeanee ot the wronged father. i.? rai 

typoft unity of rvlivl: f Va^Pomy FoW, ’? ment 

' the finest material. 


■ summer style Drem Hffi.* surpass anythin* R|l»7Sir,UY A.VD l.buir.p, 
t line in the city. They are very light and MM very best assortment of Hosiery and Glpx-es can 
lie finest material. , be hail at £■ ^ M. ARMfiTRU.Ntl’!#, 

it Linen and o’riean* Suite: jui* re- ^TR AYED. FROM THE sr BSC m 
J. M. AUMSTRONG*^, her. on the Frankfort Turnpike, 

l omer Fourth and Maiu strceM. eight miles fr,.m Lou,-,, He. kpr.L 15tb. a ■^■90 


white-Muiah, speckle.) Cow. aged ahout 
six years, giving milk at the time she left. 

I win pay a liberal reward for her re- * 

Corner fourth and Main tweet* . 



Itiolons Proceed in:;—' Out rases and 
Bloodshed ! 

The Falls of Niagara. 

Thi- nftcrnoon au l evening, the ]«iuting at the 
Mozart Hall will be exhibited for the last time. It 


t V^T II urh-y’s Sars i).arilhi Is a very valuable 









7 Monday - • 

5 6, 

1 «U 

f Tuesday • -| 

5 5 

| 6 55 

t* Wednesdsx 

5 4 

6 56 

B' Thuredkv ,| 

! 5 * 

« 57 

11 Fritlar ' 

5 2 

! 6 5e 

12 8atunlsv - 

5 1 

)3 Sunday - - 

5 «  | 

| 7 MD 

Saturday morning earlv a crowd of jackal* by- . , and efficacious medicine no one will deny, neither can 

enn* a,..! Law A r , .a- .. ‘ r ^ been on exhibi,i,,n f,,r s ’ ,|n(  time.andha* been itbpdpu ,„, bul ivi , , h „ ver lie t ., r .... Hr;1Ii( . n of 

: r ^y^~- ~ 

i^'The City Conned' 
Court House. 

j en;t-. and Imw.1v house bullies took jsjssession of 
Moon's V b* the polls in the Fir«t and Second Wards, swearing 

that no anti -Know -Nothing, foreigner or not, 

should be allowed to tote, or even approach the 
I tods; and they kept their word faithfully. A few 
of the incidents we will give our readers. 

I.ast q’ r * *’ Ts t. ® r * Strader, paving down Main street from the 
™“ P was stoned by the crowd, and coni |n- 1 led to 
- MAI 7, IKjj. ran. This wa« about the beginning. 

— - — — I An aged German, some tin years old, was stand- 

*' ni ght at the I lag t in the .|.» r sill of his bouse on f ‘lav street, 

I near Main. gaytfiJUIHJtti'.Bg to anybody, when the 

AWMiio.tAL ruitMu.i BY S. O HENRY & CO. ^ 

’fh ' ““.tYk^i! - C ™ obe * '*'*?•** Large Stock of Retail Dry Goods. Men's and 



!l.astq'r e t* is,,. 

loo- oven on e.Miioiuon tor some time, ami o.-co it le d. nie.1 bu! that it ,, the .erv t*st ,.r. ,,»rati»n of j on the 17th that the fire continued unalmted. ‘X Vw  -Tw h , 1 s. 

aeen by thousands, but it has not attracted Sarsaparilla manufactured. This assertion is Larne out ,-hieflv by the artillery. The engineers are still i..,, V,,l K »n, v Nl i i'li i. -rv t ' ' *d ' an * 1 % 

houses here as at other |daee.*. Frankensloiii re- kff the testimony of our principal wholesale druggists, operating, ami have CdtablUhed us much nearer to ’ ^* e ; T^lii.ew.l^f 'oi Mat xca, 

sided for *om * time in this city, a year or two ago. opinion of the Pmfes^m, and daily certitic^te, from the ptaee. Another report mya the Im on both *T kCCTION ' ?^The manarement/ha* the 

. • ... • tm* afniutcU m all quarter? of the coiiulry. It will In* .side* is very great. A council ot war had oeeu *' 111 j to the citizens of LouinyiII 

and In- landscape painting* an* lttnulnu t » Me f ot i n ,| t | tf sun . reui «l.v for IudifeHtion, 8crofnln. Rbeu* held, and the tire  va* to be continued a week ^|H)-MOR ROW MORXIXG, TUES- t V»\ 

j lover? of art hertulMiiit*. The Fall? is* hi? master- ranttem, Headache from foul stomach. Chest Affections, longer. •}« . * 1°  *Vloek, we s ill -**11 at Auction Rooms. tC^arl^naMcJu 

I work. It i- elaUnite and -m^i^ingly beautiful, and i ^r\n* medicine to i-mify Che U l. Mi M ► ( Ntw Orleans, May 1. Kn ^ 

I The artist could not have selected an object more !"i-n. thereby strengthening the -  Meutf. re. T1|e , 

men’s Shoes. Straw and Silk Hats, and 
Splendid Fanes Millinery Good-. 
Ribbons. Thread, 


for casti, three stocks of Dry tioods, Shoes, Hardware, 
and Fancy Articles, comprising the usual assortment 

■ , .. -i-t diseases, anil importing health and vigor. The most • . . , r u„. 

approjMiate lor the exercise ol hi* jiower*. aud this valAt , , ^ f _ f tl , _ Thn ,. “■*** of the 1 t. Hirnew* is uniiupt rtau . 

1 ,* . , , ... 'a^MWe and wonderful medicine ot the day. rite* The Sau Jacinto m there and Would leave 

Woudertul production of nuture will never, with « Ji. TrTt.- -i.k, and wish to get well, and those who are t |, p .» ( j cruise 

The r-i1o ul -t has nrrirnl front Havana with kept in large retail rtprvs. These Hoods must he sold 
I lie , alia wlin lias arri\e,| troiti Havana, nun f orw |,»tever they will bring. The v have ts-en in store 

ites of the 1st. Her news is uuim)H rtaut. for over a month, and this is the first opportunity we 

It. WaTKlas, £uge Manager. 

iiMuml M c L i.ra, .... Manager. 

The management has the pleasure of aanonncitm 

to the citizens of Louisville and . trinity that, hjr a 
reorganization of the Company, and by the addi 
lion of many.impular players to the former talented 
corps, they are enabled to present for the patronage 
of all admirers of dramatic art one of the best Stock 
Companies in the l tiion. 

its sublime scenery, lie transferred to canvass in a vlh a,, d wish to keep well, should not delay in pro- 
mote life-like manner. All the wonders and beau- turi "S particularly at the present time. _ w t 

HfTh, Hon. James Guthrie arrived in this inJ ^ him , { F ., {ainl Esq., ende.vnre.1 to 
tity, from Washington, on Saturday evening. protes t him, lull without avail. 

'^'Nlaptized ye», erday, were a score of male Geo. W. Noble went into the First Ward polls 
tuid female sn)4r-. in the river, lie good nigger-, while the crowd were off at a fight, and deposited 
Actions as well as faith. his vote. On caning out a large man asked him 

how he voted. “As I pleased,” was the reply, 

J ’ • "now, sc. wen me tics of the Falls and its vkiuity puss in view in Tiir CaMeaxix MissTgura.— ^ This unequalled trouja* N"i 

rowd assaulted hiui. dragged him into the street, (he C(mrse of „„ hour or tW( , | t „ work t(ia ,   f Vnealisti have engaged Mozart Halt, and, as will le   

The I’rineeton hud goue to Key West. 

The (’vane and Falmouth had not arrived. 
Captain McCullough had lieen released from 

requires time and attention to appreciate fully. 

seen from the advertisement in another column, com- 
mence a scries of their unique entertainments, on Vri- 

I’lTTSBt no, May 5. 

There was a great destruction of property on 

for over a uiontfi. Mii«i this is the flr?t opportunity we HIS EVENING, MONDAY, MW 
oil have hail of selling tliem. ..... R 7,h. wiU be performed the tragedy of 

At_oel.M-k III the afternoon, we will continue, by or- V. „D[TII 

•ler of the  lar-h:d of the Louisville t'hancerv Court, .'l At. or. In. 

the ttalanee of Madame Lejeitne’s stock, consisting of— Machcth, .... Mr. Murdoch. 
Kich iNinuet, dress, and fancy Kibbons; Lad, Machcth, • - - Mrs. Knight 

Thread Laces, French Embroideries; I 

^ Splendid Silk Fringes, and other fancy articles. „., i„,le w,tl, 

j Ti nt-WI and under cash; over «JM four months' onciuue wun 

credit, with interest until paid. PERFECTION, or THE MAID OF Ml'NATKR 

to.' * ®- HENRY dc CO., Auct’s. Charles Paragon, • * • Mr. Watkins. 

— — ■ Kate O'Brieu, - • - Miss Hamilton . 

_ ’. ’ It is Niagara itself. The sublime object seems to day evening next. Thecomimny is composed of twen- the Allegheny, this morning, in consequence of 

lll *° * 14 ^ ^ hftvc rcflectcl its own imugc upon the ran va*?, and ty*six perfomers. They arc all talented Musicians.**' the sujilen rise, rati.-in^ a niiuiber of mtt.s tio«l to- 

Deck vsei*. - Mr. Frank McKay, an old citizen 
of this place, died on Saturday, after a short ill- 
liee--. lie wa- buried yesterday. 

left no feature unrevealed. 

As we have observed, this evening is the last 
time an opportunity to look at this painting will 

Among the most prominent mcmtier- of the band are getlier to float from their moorings. At Hare's 
Messers. Newcomb and Bryant, two of the host delinea- ^slan l the river was literally Covered with boards. 

tors of Ethiopian characters in the world. Mr. Pren- 
dergast, the celebrated Tenor, and Mr. Cam|ilielL the 

New York, May 
The George I_aw sailed for Aspinwall ' 

a hen he was knocked down, (ietting up. he was , ... , , , - , , . ! ’ 1 The George Law sailed for Aspinwall with Auction Rooms, No. *W Fourth street, a variety of Oro- 

be presented in thig city, and no OM oughtAo let | favorite Ballad Singer. The   ami Jails have liecu t *r 1 eertes. Glassware, and part as follows-. Cog- 

knocked down a second and a thml tune, and then »he .mnortunitv miss without at least one obaerva- forming in St. Louis, for several weeks past, with unex- T , l • e -.u _ aac, t hamuagne, and French Brandy: Kentucky and 

i . i: v._ .u i •_ r , • i_ , tne opportunity pass witnnui at least one ooserva 1 1 „ . . the  t. Louis sailed for Havre wuh p;i--cn- \ irginia Tobacco; common and Cuba Cigars; Mackerel 

lraggi.1 -oine di-tanco by the linir of In- head. .. , , . . aiuided success. Thev will doiiUle-s lit well paimtuzed __ i ai , . 1 a,..i ii_rri..c tiJ.^ .. i", ,V , . I . LmUnT.-iid, 

J f turn. The expense is trifling — onlv « went v-hve . i gor- and aU^.lol in specie. amt iierriiig. al,« . a large lot of Glassware, embry ing 

kn M-ke i down a second and a third time, and then .. . ., • i 

the opportunity i ass without at least one observa- 
l ragged some ili-taricc by the liair of his head. .. . , ... , 

. . . f tion. the expense is trifling — only twenty-hve 

An old German, appareatlv about  0 vears t* 

• * rents. 

tge, was beaten almost to a jelly, and left covered — — « 

with Mood. Young Bainlierger. in quietly passing Give the Cai'se Wiiy. — M ol, rule and lawless 
along, was pursued for several squares, and sue- vets of violence were the card at the election in 

BY C C. SPENCER active rehearsal, the new tragedy of De *0,0. 

Gris'eries, Glassware, and Liquors, the Hero of the Mississippi. 

AT ATCTION. egb i ■  or«.iov 

N 1    - M  MUtOW . I I K s I) V \ . 

morning. May 8th, at to o’clock, will be sold at ccnt»;,hihlren under twelve yearwof age.toDrcss Cir 
on Rooms, No. wi Fourth street, a variety of Gro- 1 =** cents; i.yllery J5 cents; Colored Gallery » cents, 

i. iilaNMWiuv. :in«l Liauors. in imrt Cue- Colored Boxen tO cent*. 

Pittsbcro. May • — P. m. 
There are 7 feet 2 inches of water in thechan- 

1 “^ ' 77- V f I tion. The expense is trifling-only twenty-five ~ gers and tUS.101 in 

lureMHMKNT.— The Newftriean- lhmnl.^ Al- An aid German, apparently about 7# yuaro t* her * p.TTssriui ’ 

dertuen arc trying to impeach Uersa-dcg.- Rhuios tge, was beaten almieit to a jellv. ami left covered — LipTs another column will l« found the certificate of ' 

„,d ° e ■ with blocs! . Young Bamberger, in quietly passing Give the Cat s* Why.- M ol. rule and lawless K. D. Condon, of this city, which speaks for itself. There are 7 fee, 2 inches of wate 

and  eu*enau- tor malpeasaine in •««  c. * h i j i- * BLacawsu.’* flxaaxr.vaiu.x we kaTe always regarded nel. The weather « dear and cad. 

— dong, was pursucl f..r several s-iuares, ami sue- *ets of violence were the card at the election in ^ . , ... . „ . 

n * M __ tl 07 1 1 a? the nest cnmiKmuu of the kind now tn use. Tlu; pro* 

Hiver Ivtkllh.em K The rner I- ou a* * j iu e^cafing oidy by hiding in an old build* the upper ward, on Saturday. Where were the prietor Ium many teatimoulaU of like character In his ! t incinn ati.   

this point, hut a* 1 a rise i? re|»urte«l alnive. we, Mavor, Marshall, and Policemen? and why were po— eti ?ion» and we are mUfled this compound Is meet- ■ The river ha- riien inches. Tl 

nac, t hainpagne, and french brandy: Kentucky and , ogee «»|*en dailv from hio «Aock A. M.^onul 

\ irifinia Tuvacco; common and Cuba Cigar?; Mackerel *oc}ock»r. M., and from j o clock P. M. until ft o dock 
and Herrin?. AUo, a large lot of (J las? w;t re. embracing l -M-. where seat? may be deco red. . _ * 

quart, half Kallon, and gallon squat and specie Jar-*; ,0\U°ors open to \ to t o clock. C urtam n^ea M 

. t..i/ l _ : _ . ... *» i . . _ .l .. r  .'li.s k t.r.- t»-lY 

one-thinl, one-half and pint tumblers, together with a 
Variety of other articles. 

CyTerms cash. C. C. SPENCER, 

my 7 Auctioneer. 

at this point, but *s u rise is rejiurted » bore, we ,„g Mayor. Marshall, and Policemen? and why were 

icay expect it to swell here in a day ot -  . A large crowd pursued two (iernians from the not the ringleaders arrested? One of the editors 

,_jr-  pj 1P ^ ew y ork  -anal? arc open,— several ^‘ rst " ard jiolls to the l'nite«l States brewery on of this paper was in those wards fur hours, wit- 
thoii-and dollar- of toll have already been collect- Market, just below Wenzel street. An aged mao uessed inauy of the outrages perpetrated, but no 

ml. -and the new liquor law is in 

qs-ratiou. iu a 

It i- -aid that Col. B. E. Grey refuses to nulled him. and knockcl him down. Trying to was rumored a Know-Nothing candidate was in 
be ruled off the track fur Congress iu the Second #et up he begged for his life; but not his age, his danger of defeat. But they were not where law 
District — that he will bt_* candidate for re-elec- nay hairs. n«r his entreaties, were of any avail: .ind order and duty required their presence. It is 

Market, just below Wenaei street. An aged man nessed many of the outrages jierpetratod, but no 
seeing the crowd coming, hurried to ] ass through attempt was made to quell the riot, by the very 
i jvrivate alley into hi* own house. Before he few officers who were there. Certain city officials 
■ould open the gate and pass in two or more as- promptly appeared at Sixth Ward polls, when it 

ing with the sale its merit- demand 

tYKlU Estate buyers will remember tb it Mr. C. C. 
.spencer sella a valuaWe bul tiling lot on High street, lie- 1 
tween Thirteenth and Fourteenth, at 5 o'clock, this af- 
ternoon. It will U* well to attend this sale. 

Cincinn ati. May j— p. e. 
The river ha* riien 7  inches. The weathea is 
clear ami eixxl. 

o clock precisely. 



PiTTSBCRu. May .*« — a. 

There are 7 feet water in the channel ami ri- 
sing. The weather is clear and cool. 



By Catalogue, on Three Months’ Credit, X. a 1 \J _ m. Ml. i \ , 



sale will commence at 8‘j o’clock, on the morning ,, _ GF NIAGARA will be exhibited for the LA- T 

of WViliitl-Mlny, ih** 16th whm wv*shall proce^l to XIMK IN LOL IS\ 1 LLK, 

ikll by c»xtlo|«(i on a ervdit sf tkne montiut TO-NI(»HT MONDAY M\Y7. 

at Sixth Ward poll?, when it At e tion s**lk of Piano* at Mozart 1ULL.-C. C. 

1., . • ??|K‘i»c *r sell?, at Mozart Hall, **n Woduc^lay next, the 

w-Noihmr e.andidate was in * _ 4 . . ... ' 

JHli instant, the entire Enrtpfn stock of ninn» f now in 
But they were not where law the store of \VeM», Peters a Co. consisting of twenty- 
required their presence. It is seven instruments, from the first factories Inthecoun- 

, sell by catalogue, on a credit of three months, 
C12VCISNATT. May .* 'f. 4» ,, .» packages and lots of Foreign and Domestic 

The river has risen inches. The weather con- Staple and tancy Dry Ih^id-s. 

tinues clear and cool. U ||r Roods are all fresh and warranted in ro«hI order. 


£7 Admission 25 cents; children and zervanU 15 


LiTDis.rsoptii at o'clock. Panorama move, at 
- precise ly . 

C^T! .-re will also an exhibition this alternoon at 

he mi-eieant assaulting him struck with a slung- a jiositive sluune that such things should be record- lr - v - Messrs. W. P. fc Co. warrant these instruments 

shot- the blow mi-ed it- aim. -Hiking the wall of a*. it can not be denied. in » ■*■■■■   

Buwneo. Orortou P. Hogan. Sute Senator thehollse . At that moment the crowd diverted nt- _ TI . - — ~ ~ w ^ .nstrument. The 

from the 2vth judicial district. ba  resignei his cmi  n u , , hp of 1*. Merkel, keqior of the » Thirty conches, drawn by four horses eseb. dl t.Ue pimN- st W^chwC 

 « -e. An election ha- l^en onlered by the Gov- brpw( . rv ;ltv l ,he .«^,r old man ewsaped. belonging to the Ohio Mage Company, left Colutn- tx^Bv reference to the “Special Notice” columi 

•rmtr to lake i.Uce in August next. The main crowd were furious in their nursuit l,us °* Saturday last, under the charge of Mr. will he been that the well known Uagueireotypist, 1 

- ln * m Cro ™ Wire f “ in U * e,r i P“ r ' U ' 1 II, Hiker, destined for Iowa, where extensive lines of ris ’ »*** * est^ishm. ,,t Messrs. , 

,, the two young (»ertn:tns. 1 hey assaulted the ... iieuter, Swymmer A t o. These gentlemen are zu|k- 

t holixa. — thisdreadful scourge i- prevailing . . .. -tiige* are to lie established by the Company. — ... , ,• , 

1 house, demolished the har-roOAU, breaking every- " . t J Artists, and deserve a eontinuation of the ) atrun:iff 

• JCee. An election ha- l een onlered by the Gor- 
*t nor to take plaee in August next. 

;-g f ” Thirty coaches, drawn bv lbur horses each, 
belonging , ■ the Ohio Stage Company, left Colum- 

bus on Saturday la*t. under the charge of Mr. will he been that the well known ItaguerreotypUt, liar- 
llnnlror tuiinwt Awl... ris, lias transferretl his   -tal lisi,ni. nt to Messrs. Car 

Our gfMHU are all fre-h and warranted in good order, a mw Poo rs open at  .t »• Pai 

and will 1»* otH-n to the inspection of buyers on the s ilSitijf'F- 

morning of -nl,-, at our  tor - No. Ids Maiu street. , ' ■ rre w ill also be an exhibition 

No |iains will Ih* spared t» render the assortment at- * ° cl ock. IWmrs ,q*cu at IS o c lock, 
tractive and well worthy the attention of buyers. nevnwc 

Tkkju— S ums of tlw and under, cash, without dis- lHt. l.Nr. 

count; over ,HO. three months’ credit, with approve,!   , » aw MN ■ ■ 

indorsed note-. t a\alde in bank, or 2‘, discount for ■ X ,1 ffi* I, I . I . 

ea«h. First class Indiana State Stock tsmks at par * *■ xlu m " * m * 

without discount, second class at W cents, thinl class \RF COMING * 

^1 cents. 

tnvl d tw GOWDY. TERRY Sl CO.. Anct’rs. 

Cy'Gur sixth large Spring sale will be on the -JUth AT MOZART 

Cholera. — T his dreadful scourge i- prevailing 
at Jefferson Karrscks, below St. ixiiis. Upward- 
of seventy cases were re]s.r,e»l to la-t Thur-slny. 
ef which fourteen died. 

I’ctcr-. a new Catholk- Church on 
llrukdwav. near Sixteenth street, wa- consecrated 

house, demolished the bar-room, breaking every - 
hing in it: l*eat Mr. Merkel in a most cruel man- 
ner. Not satisfied, the mob pushed on through the 
house, breaking and tearing to piece- all that came 
n their way— chairs, beds. dishes, picture*, glasses. 
L'p stairs they pushed, into the room where Mrs. 

This is the line with w hich Col. Elliott, proprietor liberally iwstnwed on their predecessor. 

of the Portland Omnibus line is connected. It is 

,, . ,, , C^.Mrs. Britt lectures on Spiritualism to-nEdit. at 

an extensive as well a* a fast line. But when  m» (W( , FeUow . s , IIM1 . LePturc frep . 

Elliott connected with anv other. 

The Rochester Union, of Monday, says: 

yesterday with a^eu-toined imj o*i»g and solemn Merkel and her children were some one struck “A bona fide sale of wheat on the ground— the in- on Wednesday night to eseajte from ,’he prison bv 

ceremonies. hers severe blow on the shoulder. Four or five coming crop — was made on Saturday, and the the following means : Late iu the night she arose, 

-hots were fired iuto the room where the children first wc have heard of having been made this sea- J Ul * ? '® l,e nx ans tied and gagged the other two 

in every respect, uml those who know these gentlemen, Cincinnati, May 5 -m. count; over SUM, three months’ ere*!, with approved 

, . . .... Flour is dull id tOa.8 3u. indorsed notes, pax able in bank, or 2', discount for 

iUh.i\eiio f«*ar getting an inferior instntuunt. The , Whisky Whi kv34*iC- ^ J vm*h. iutiiiinu Stock haitk? iu par 

sale will take plaee at 1U o'clock. There is no active demand for bacon under the foreign without discount, second class at ?2 cents, thiol class 

news: 2g! hhds sold at T.*.8c for shoulders and sides; an ’' , vf I J , s- . __ . . 

UP* By reference to the “Special Notice" column, it advance   f ft' ,c is generally a-ked. i .. ^ 

..... , ... . No ehaue,- In croeeries. GT Gur sixth large gpruig -ale will be on IbeoUtn 

wiU he been that the well known Daguerreotypist, Uar- * ingr„.,.m In-t. 

ris. lias traiisferrcl his ,-tablisiine nt to Messrs. I'.ir * , RI.t ANS, . ,i\ . — • — 

ta uter, i-mymmer At t’o. gentlemen are superier BY C ’ C ’ SPENCER. 

Artist*, and deserve a eontinuation of the i^Uronase so , week 31,iW0l»al’es; the importations for the week amount- HIGH STREET 111 II. DIN (7 I OT 

liberally bestowed on their predecessor. •’•* #.«*  bales; I stock hand lU.uWM.aies; the receipts . r n T i n v 

: at this port are WMIOO lailes less than last year s. A 1 A I. V 1 t U .v . 

C7*Mrs. Britt lectures on Spiritualism to- niglit. at ; tor the week R.dUObags: stock d ffiN M OND A Y A F ’I' E R N O O N, 

l.Md Fellows’ llaU. Lecture free. | 4 ,UtWbag»; fair 9**c; prime 10c. W . w May 7th, at 5 o'clock, willbe sold on the premise*, 

; Sterling ?.’• to 10' |. a splendid Building Lot on the south side of High street, 

Nt.vv York, May 5—  ,. between Thirteenth and Fourteenth, -il 1 : feet front by 

AtteMHED Escape. Ellen Graves, a female Cotton— Cotton is dull anti declining. ' s * - Tl!i^"!.r, ^.pert v\^' l^-ir.ibb- ami will positivelv be 

convict iu the Kentucky ]ienitentiary, attempted Flour — Flour has advanced 12' ^c; :s,000 tilJs sold: gooil « 0 hfT 1 1 

on Wednestlav night to escape from the prison bv »t 1 1 « i 15 Tarns—   tne-half cash: balance in one and two years 

.. ,, * ® . . , * • \\ \\ hurt i? Hrm; Me.Htern rai\t‘«i corn 1 1 {» I la. with int^ri wt iit,ni, n 

the lollowing means : Lite iu the night ?he arose, Fork aud »*vf art* Lardh unctuinged. Iuv :  C  C  SFXNCtR, iactioncer. 

Attempied Escape.— E llen Graves, a female Cotton— Cotton is dull and declining. 

•onvict in the Kentucky |ienitentiarv. attempttal Flour — Flour lias advanced 12' t e; 3,UWttitils sold; good 

m Wednesday night to t- n, a- front the prison by 0h vi ! i *^T.ertU firmS^rnmixe.) cnm»l He 1 15. 
lie tollovv ing mean- : late hi the niglit -he arn-c. Pork aud beef are firmer. Lard is unchanged. 



O N MO N D A Y A F T F. R X O O \. 

May 7th. at SoYlock. will tie sold on the premise-, 
a splendid Building Lot on the south side of High street, 
between Thirteenth and Fourteenth, 23* , feet front by 
170 feet deep, to a thirty foot alley. 
tS^ Thi- property is deslraUe ami will positively be 

C-i*" It is propo-ed in New Y ork to establish an 
institution iu that city for the exclusive treatment 

Whiskx — ttliio w hi-ky 2?c. 

Stock- ore lower. Monev steady. Erie t- 1 .. t'leve- 

......... V.. .1,. .c.4 e_ I nrisoners The fenvils nrisnn isn small Stocks are lower. Money sternly. t-',. t leve- 

son. One of the m.«t extensive farmers in an building within' the main wall*, the tir-t story of 

Uha-. Hunt. Merkel'- driver, was pursued up J adjacent town contracted for the sale of the pro- which is the office of the keeper. Not being able 

«»f women. The   ouncil of that city were to cn- V stairs and shot at, the ball lodging in the door-carf- j diftct »»f about one hundrcil acre*, to be delivered through the windows or door, she cut a hole 

tertain and act  *i the ^tropocNitum last week. 

Bi dden Death.— The Rev. Uha*. Halsey. Rector knocked him down, and ) eat him nearl\ to death, 
of Christ Chimb. New York city, lost his Italance All the furniture in the house, except two small 
nnd fell from a building iu that city, last week, in- rooms back wa- entirely destroyed. Mr. Hunt 
ju ring him so severely that he died in a few hours. was robbed ol fifteen dollars. J he money drawer 

in Mr. Merkel’s bar room wa* rifled of its contents, 
The ( hicagn 1 rihune say  that over -omething over fifty dollars. 

(Kki persons have i«s-cl through that city within Thc two younp Germans. Jno. Snyder, and C. 
the last two week*, most of them westward Raich, were cut and mangled in a terrible manner: 

ing above his head; the crowd overtook him. immediately after harvest, at a fraction less lhau 
knocked him down, and !«*at him nearly to death. £2 |ier bushel.” 

through the floor with a hatchet, which -he had 
jgeviouslv secured, and forcing the lock from the 
door of the keeper's office helow, found herself onlv 

Cincinnati, May S— r.M. 
Flour — Flour is lower, and closed •lull, at 3b. 

Corn — Coni 75«.txh\ 
tlats — Oat- active, at 55c. 

Whiskx — Whiskx is firm at St'Jc. 

There is a gooil ilemuml for bacon and bulk meat; 250 




S at 4 o’clock, will be *ohl on the premises, that cents, 
fine Brick hwellinu House anti lot, on tne north-ea^t 


O N F R I D A Y , MAY 11, 1 855 . 

Double Troupe Combined in One. 

Two Sets ot Yoenlists. 



Ts-'i ftui'b »H tie Aii/e  tl Tim'. Prtt i- 

dtryaat. the Jatoritt tm«r, S'' iki» fv/tl,lut etn y- 
thiny M€ie. 

S.«^For particular*, see description sheet and small 
bill- of the day. 

t*T Admission 5U cents; cluklren and Servant* 27 

c ents. 

CSC Seats can he secured at the Hall during the day 
without extra charge. 

ty Doors open at 7 o'clock. Concert to commence 
at 8 o'clock. my 3 du 

Fifty-.-ix office-holders were di-chargcd 
la*t week fr«*m the the New York custom-house, 
in consequence of the great failing off of thc im- 

, confined by the outside walls. She then founds i.iTi-^h'lH’t 7 C Hn!l NMOr''^ corner of and Eighth streets. The house is without extra charge 

Post-Office Money system of I'M" in the yanl.but was unable to raise it again*. WA&AW Thc^i^o^movemJn, in ,Jrk ! ? 0 ’ ck ck ' C 

transmitting monev by Post-Office orders, so sue- ' ! to "/ -!\° ,nft e J ,r,io " era ° TWre Is no change in groceries 8alea af prime fresh 1 “ ,l ,Ui,y ’ A,sw ’ eoal c;irria «'’ 

„ , . ’ , whom -he found in another building, and request- ", 8 * scenes. . aie* ot prime in sn ;„„t -table. " 

t"- ■* E “ sU,,J ' a " J '? m r a ■* M " 7 ,jr . «• »*• •» “«■ *, "» •.. .«» , " • ».« v..«,  . w w. .. j*. «;■„,? st e am bo 

.all small sums are sent m that country, is about wall. He to 14 her to remain there until he tpied Cotton— Cotton has declined 145c. Saks of 10,000 buk«; and a large ci*tem, ami i. * in fact, one of the most de- i 

... k. UMM in... (Ml in W  W “Sf 2J5 gu* !»**■., "• *ti£XSt8fi « , A, « 

trifling ,»er ventage charged by way of insurance , mil toll , hirn the' facts, and the daring woman was u Hi?"* 10 ‘-‘^ w »;*** ■«» stfew ofl.uw lul ° and w, she, t., The sjflendtd V sm 

has more than defrayed the whole extienses of the soon after confined in the dark cell, where she will Wheat— Wheat unsettled. Term*— One-third cash, nr a negotiable note, at four I'm it.’..- -,'k' 

„r„ ri.t.i,.;.. i-„ x- . t’orn — Sales of western mixed com at 51 lis 1 lri. months with interest and security, thc balance in 1 le, o' t £ ■ . K , J . ul . iJ? . i 

system. l ,lu nhly remain f*r some time. Ay. leomnn. | Pork is stitfer, but nut quotaldv higher. Sales rioti tilils; ! and 2 years, with interest and hen. tor freight or passage apply on b 

n . „ a .. ,, .. _ . This woman Graves is a dseperate character beef is firmsrouiitry »c*s*lo flifeu 25;lanl— firm— keg I m 3 C. f. tfPKNCER, Auctioneer. 

Texas. — 1 he Democratic Mate ( oiivention met 1 uw ' ; lard sold at lls.lJ,,c;hain-^, tlt)c. 

:n„ oi., t .1. *„ .k, o„i 8he was sentenced to the penitentiary for a term Whisky— Ohio whisky Is firmer at 39c. Knr Saint I.o 

at Huntsville on thc 2 1 st. A despatch to tho Gal- . 1 .. , Coffee-Coffee te unchanged, with a moderate hoai ! , „ ... , f »r snmi m 

. of 3.000 bhls gixal ti^This t roi- rty is to be -old without reserve, as the 

with sales of l,00l* owner i- desirous of going iuto business, and wishes to 

one of them will, in all probability, lose one of hi.* ,la ' ,,lore ln:ln ,lt ’irave i tne xx noie e.xpcn-c* oi tne s«axn alter eontine.t in the .lark cell, whereshe will 
, . .. . system. probably remain for some lime. — Kh. Yeoiunn. 

eves; an attempt was made to hre the house. - • , , 

The crowd, returning from the brewery, stopped Texas. — T he Democratic State Convention met 1 v 1111,1 r ' 1 1 1 -l 1 -ejwra.e i tan.c ter. 

a milk-man’s wagon. The young son of 'the milk- at Huntsville on the 21st. A despatch to tho Gal-  ho waS ' enU ' nC( " 1 to ,hc Knitentiary for a term 
man frightened, jumped out and ran down street voston Civilian says that only eleven counties were "* ' ' lr ‘ *' ur,llll b •bout in tni . iiv, and i- 
-creaming with terror. A blacksmith near by represented, and no nominations were made, but held tn thc utmost awe by the other female prison- 

add to his cash capital. 

Terms— One-third cash, or a negotiable note, at four 
months’ with interest and security, the balance in 1 
and 2 years, with interest and lien.’ 
my3 C. C. SPENCER, Auctioneer. 


For t incinnati. 

- - ximih The splendid pas singer su-amer TELE 

- - i iL 1 '! 1 *i “Hi No. 3, P. IL.gers. master, will 
leax e as al«ve on this day, 7th in*«.. at 12 o'clock, w 

For freight or passage apply on board or to 


The B.,arl of Directors of the New Al- I rushed out and endeavored to protect him: for | l.'case and Dickerson were endorsed and recoin- er 'he J* mtentiarv . 

Coffee — Coffee is unchanged, with a moderate bit si 
;ness; sugar* firm, with an upward tendency. 

held in the utmost awe by the other female prison- I y. Indiana S’* Wi, ! 

ers in thc jK-nitentiarv. j Missouri X. Central 90K, Reading 3fi&35.'*, duties. 

. I v *’ . .*«c. 1. The General Council shall hereafter in the 

por*Il, .ttd,, tln followimrlilw r il ..ottnil. ioa I MMh Vt April. "I each year, upon Joint ballot, elect 

tinxx  io uiv Ioiiuwingiiii. I.u .indtrai} vme „ 

rienu wntiuimtfl* delivered bv Mr. Ciav before the ’ * i rom tht? ot 1 nuama. . Stone Work, who ^h;Ul li«»14 thfir nttiue f»»r one year 

* .. «f •*. i * t 1 , ip h,i.i iPitutpi in tK.t i i»li in.t i from the «!*t* «»f their election, and until their queers* 

i senate c»l the l nit Hl  uttes. corre^poml with the ann inti paper? to the 1 4tn in. t. oor* me ek*ote4 tml qUAlifie«l. 

j _ i .* r ,i I he Mar says that whatever imj be thc prwpw- Skc. 2. Kadi In»i*cu r sin«l Measurer of Brick *nd 

present pr M*ripti\e an4 in tolerant action of the ^ve advantages to be derived from the railroad. shall at all tiiawjholidayj excepted) he 

mass of those who were so lately holding him up there can be no doubt that at present l’unama suf- tml‘i^!ns?^ a’nd “measure 

before the world as a model American states- 1 * or * ver .v considerably tr  m the falling off in the any brick aud atone work, and certify to said inspection 

An Ordinance 

bany Seminary, at their late meeting, elected I this human attempt the crowd stoned him. 

mended for re-election as Governor and Lieutenant 

Rev. fi. R. Wilson, of Cincinnati, 1 Yofessor of | 
Ecelesioiogy in that institution. 

Democratic Convention. — A district Demo- 
cratic convention i- to meet at Itanistown on Sat - 1 
urday, the 12th inst.. to nominate a candidate for 
Congress in the fifth district. 

LfJ Ilotv do the following liberal and truly Auie- 

A funeral, proceeding up Jefferson afreet to thc flovernor. The railroad convention at the same r i C nn sentiments, delivered by Mr. Clay before the 
aveyard, was stoned. place uMnimously adopted the Suite .system. J Senate of the United States, correspond with the 

tf?** The Boston Tost says that it seems that I along quietly, was assaulted and forced to run 

graveyard, was atoned. 

The drus store. corner Main and Campbell, was 

. , SatiirdavS Flection. 

stoned. i na sb * 

... u . ... . FIRST WARD. . _ 

A shoo store, on Mam. near Clay, was also , „ _ , ... before 

, Constable l roxton 2t!.; Cwborna loo. „ 

' ono ' 1 ' Magistrate — C onnell 2'i'i; Baird 2JV; Tompert ,nan * 

A wagoner from .Shelby county, while jassing 123: Friaehe 3J; Bcman ljo. i “Th 

mg quietly, was assaulted and forced to run. SECOND WARD. . readil; 

In the Second Wanl aljout t* o’clock, a Constable — C roxton 20*; Osborne 1*4. ' , ' 1 . ,n ’ 

Jo-ejih lli— is no longer the state “worshipful in- | In the Second Wanl about 9 o’clock, a German 
ftruetor’’ of the Know-Nothings ; he has licxn su- I living on Jefferson street. Iietween Pre-ton and 
} wrr-oded by l»r. Charles A. 1 ’helps. Ah ! Mrs. I Jackson streets, stcp| e l out of his house to take a 

before the world as a model American state.— 

“The honest, patient, and industrious German are leaving the place, bus 
readily unites with our people, establishes himself I to offer any- inducement t  

I business l v which the greater portion of its iuhab- a . n '* mrasnremeut. and in all respect* execute the .In- 
itants gamed a living. . oute of tlu b  -t citizen- , liellars for any violation thereof. 

iness being so dull its not i Src. 3. They shall keep their office within the c«ri 
to them to remain. rate limits of the city of Louisville, and no pemm 1 

For Saint Loni*. 

steamer SUSQUEHANNA, W,l 
master* will leave a** ahuw oi* 
this day. Tth iu.*l., :it 10 i»*clm-k» a. m. 

F«*r f r^ikjht **r |M8^agB on h»»anl nr t.» 

mv 7 1. S*. M«»oRUK.lD 

- The -plendid passenger steamer HIGH 

otZ*tc2aKBn(&B F 1. 7 ER. w right, master. » .11 leave a* 

al-ive on Tuesday, 8te inst.. at 12 o'clock. M- 
For freight or passage apply on hoaixf or to 
m.v7 I. S. MOORHEAD. 

For Bowlinssreen. 

The steamer LOGAN, R. lnn ;on, ma-- 
3— liter, will leave a.- above on this day, Tl i 
inst.. at 3 o’clock, r. m. 

For freight or passage applv on honnl nr to 

*ny “ I. S. MOORHEAD. 

}«rrmdeo by Dr. Charles A. 1 ’helps. Ah! Mrs,, 
er-. .n, what sins y  .u have to for ! 

i*r V Hi.-, in ' late Home Journal, make* a 
freVile, pedat .rad coxeomhish sort of defence 
* f Ijidy Blessiiigt .n. chiefly for the purpose, a* it 
would seem, of parading anew the details of his 
own intimacy with the old demirep. 

HT T« is rumored in the southern part of this 

child of his from the sidewalk, when a crowd that 
was passing looking for “some l'un,’’ knocked him 
down with the infant in his arm*. 

About thc saute time. Mr. F. Frishc, a candidate 
for Magistrate, went with a friend to thc Second 
Ward poll* to vote, when they were as.-aulted and 
everely beaten. 

Mr. Jacob Sei'iert, going to the polls, was 

Const able— C roxton 20*; 0*Wnc U4 “T "V*   OH f r fttt ^ Y™" ^ ^ ^ l'™'?* ° f ! ^ Vo* Owemtom, Ev«avU»u, 

.. ‘ .. i, ■ . o—i t enjoys in tranquility the abundant fruits ; deserters from the Ii. S. sloop-of-war John Adams, "   rk within said limit* of said city under the like pen- a 

MAGlsTKATt om.ell .l. Ba.rd .73; Tompert wbich j, ig diligence gathers around him. always ! were captured on the raiiriad and lodged iu thS Vl'ff . , # „ . t u . t T', 

H; Irische .40: Beinan 14-. rmulv L  fix t,. the *tan.lar.t of hi* i :„-i .L ., BBC. 4. The standard measurement •  Brick Work ■ - , Ji The ylctuli.l X. amcr RAINBti 

mum u-iPt, ready to ny to tne standard ot Uts adopted coun- jail in that city. .... . shall be tweuty -me hrick i.» the cubic feet, making the i—r W T -wn.ft. master, wif leave as « 

illlliH ayULI. try, or of its laws, wbeu called Iiv trie unties of • The same paper haft thc following paragraph : ilt   duction f  r idl opeuinn, ^»ve »ib 1 except fire glares, wii ma., at Uo'dMk, s. 

Constable— J ames Grubb. 12'. patriotism. The gay, the versatile, the phiiosoph- There arc at present in our citv a few ,.t' thefol- fl«vs,and holl-.w walls; the standard  .f measurement for freight .. r passage apply on toarJ or ao 

Constable — J ames Grubb, 12*. 

Magistrate — J ohn M. Stephen- I la; Warnock 
L.xiin Michael S. Gross j. 


Const able — J ames Grubb 12-7. 

M agi*tate — W arnock Lynn 117; John M. Ste- 
phens 117. 


The y.leiulid Reamer U A ISBuW, Uotl- 
n.ft, master, wilf leave as above on 

patriotism. The gay, Ike vet -at tie. the philo* There are at present in our citv a few ,.f thefol- ! Vv'* 

ieal Frenchman, aivommi ala ting himself t-heerfuliy lowers of Santa Anna in Southern Mexico. These j,- r eh. mea-urioe* walls, ' » ith..ut ..ily 1'u.' 
to all the vicissitude* of life, incorporates him- j xnen refused to forfeit their allegiance to the lYes- ojwniugs whatever. In uo case in the nieasurem. 
sclt without difficulty in our society. But of all ident, bv declaring in t’avor of Alvarez, and were and Stone Mork shall an  deduction t e mail 

i foreigners, none amalgamate themselves so quick- , con-c.|uently obliged to quit the country. They The Inspector and Measurer -hail charg. 

ly with   ur people as the •native* of the Emerald came down on the last steamer from Acapulco, and be allowed I 1 , j»-r cent, upon all jobs ..f tw.. hui 

- -es-a.-n.ft, master, will leave aa above e 
aesday, sth inst., at 12 o'clock, M. 

For freight or passage apply on hoard or to 
■  ’7 I. 8. MOGRHKAD. 

t7tute. that Judge leaving lias declined the race for 1 knoeke*! down by one, and severely beaten by 
Governor. It fumes to it, with such authority I -cveral others. 

tens lli. through mv imagination, I hate supposed that Havana 

FIFTH WARD. Inland wx* originally l*.rt and paroel of this, 

Constable — S. S. Ronald 1 ‘j 3; Robert Storey ! continent, and that, by some extraordinary con- A Co 

In some of the visions which have f**.*ed will probably leave hero on the next steamer for |ha 1 ^aM n i 1 ll “ 1 1 ',' iht cr'nL'as fee* ” v * lue 

my imagination, I have supposed that Havana. Sec.*. They shivlfcach, before entering upon the .Iu* 

tl ues, and hollow walls; the standard of measurement for * or   reight or passage apply on hoard or to 

aloue Work shall lie twenty-five feet for each and everv m  '. f. *. MOGRHR.t 

panto oaMrim xiall-, wtUmn any .le.luetion for 

u|.enings » tuitex-r. In no case iu the measurement of For Non.- Itrleun. 

Brick and Stone Work shall any deduction be made for m * 

mortar. — - The fine passenger steamer FANNY 

i j ’ T h .'l * n *i*'.'tor and Measurer -hall charge and mmUSBICbI LLITT. fn.nham. master. wiU leave 
be allowed l’z percent. ut« n all jobs of two hundred as al-ov. eu AVe.lne-.tav, sth inst , at 5 o'cloek pm 
dollars and more in value, and on all iota of less value For freight or passage apply  »n board or to 

| ties of their office, give bond iu the sum of five hundred 

i (■ iv  r ItnxiiN. .i kdrieM from dollar*, with good secarity, to bi anproved by the Gen- 

A t ON-Ptl. At \ IN  T. IRiMINoo.- AtlVKe- rra | Council, f-r the prompt and faithful discharge of 

that v have little  l..ul t of its truth. The reason 
p— igned. ba.1 health. 

veral other*. Magistrate— S am Mat lack 1S ’: Jos. Clement 

A* Mr. W. Yeitch wa* about entering the engine 21j. 

gi*-igned. I»a l health. house, he was dragged out and beaten. 

_ __ ~ 7 A crowd on Jefferson street knocked down an old 

^TTh. »ate Audit.,, of Illinois ha- given ( . prmau wh;te _ w ,, ber  aD j whi | p he , v;t - down- 

SotK'C that he ts prcjiare.1 to redeem theeirenlating rtMnped M W kiekeil and beat him. About a 
notes of the bank.- of the State that are in liquid*- 1 . , ,, , 

•-• • * * ; . . . e x • • , . - . _ V . eral l ouncil. for the pr«m|A aud faithful discharge i 

ft. vulsion of nature, it was torn from America, and, ]  t. Domingo, to the .th inst., announce the ex- , their official duties. 

Magistrate — Sam Matlnck 1S ’ : Jos. Clement* ‘ drifting aero** the ocean, it was placed in the un- plosion of a plot tooverthrow the Dominh-ian gov- j THOS. W. RILEY, P. B. C. C. 

j. * fortunate vicinity of Great Britain. The same eminent, with a view to Africanize the republic Join 7 . A arm xt^t iillERFultD P B A 

SIMTII WVRD - open-lieartediic-s, the -nmc gcii.roti* hospitality, and place it under the yoke of the Huytien Kmpe- j O. II. Stbattxn, C.B.A. 

. , * * ‘ ‘ ' : the same careless and uuealeulating indifference I pop. The conspirators, to the number of ahr.ut 11)0, 1 Approved May 2d. l*-56, 

No opposition to Matlaek and ( lenient* b.r about human life, characterizes the inhabitanla of were assembled in a certain house at midnight. — j **** * ** JO HN BARBEE, Mayor. 

A Ixslv of soldiery surrounded it and fired a vol- 

’ ‘ " square further off, the -aine crowd assaulted an 

tion. at tsir. These bank- are the Parmer-’. I’h.e- ., , , . 

' * old man — a very old man. a twor man, whose 

tut. union, and the L itv Bank of Chicago, and the ... . , . . 

clothes were all tattered and torn, whose step* 

tion. at par. These bank- are the Farmers’. 1 'hue- 
nix. Union, and the City Bank of Chicago, and the 

Nlechanie*' and Farmers’ Bank at Springfield. i , ,, ... ... _ .. . , 

* 8 J were feeble w ith the weight of year* on hi* head— i 

Tue Wheat Ckor in North C arolina.— The 1 *«d him they beat unmercifully. 

Fayetteville t N. C.’l Observer of the Ulth ult.. I Captain Knapp was assaulted, but managed to 

says : “ We learn from several sources in thceoun- 1 escape- A mechanic, rcturing from hi* day’s w ork, ' 

try. that the wheat crop in North Carolina is not I f t**ing on the opposite side of the street, was os- 

j.romi-iug. The winter and spring have Ween too I saulted and chased several squares. 


Ronald's majority over Storey 72. 

Constable — William Twyman l;i 

Kentucky has lieen sometimes 

O. II. Stottix, C. B. A. 
Approvetl May 2J. l*-5o, 

called the Ireland of America. And 1 have no |pv ,,f mu-k.-tv into it; the inmate* attempted to I 
i doubt, that if the current of emigration were re make their escaje from the windows and d.xirs, 

Con-stable William Twyman 134. versed, and set fr..iu America upon the shores of in doing which many captures were made, aud the 

M auisTu.ate A. Waller 132: J. Harrington .Europe, instead »f ) eing from Eur..fs   . to America, part lea aro now in prison to an«w.-r for their act*. 


Twenty-Seven Piano*, at Pnblie Sale. 


termin.-.! to confine tbeir -ales ex 
dusively to lh.-ir own luanufm-tiir.’ « f '-wit 

D. 8. BEN EDICT, or 



lTB pallet to wear -pcctacles, I have never bwn un- 
to get a pair but what uia.le my . ye* ache. I have tnevt 
» great many glasses, but always faile.1, until I c.U nnv.f 
a pair from you. 1 can *e* by day or candle light for 
any leugth "f time, with the greatest i-w and comfort. 

1*. S. I forgot to mention that mv wife is greatly bene- 
fited by the pair she got, and equally pleased. 


Lot 1SYII.1A, Nov. 9, 1*54. 13) Main sired. 


t ’ONST ABLE— T wymail 1 !'* . 

Magistrate— Waller 1*7, Harrington l'*. 

No opposition. 


Votes with the county. The candidates to the 
Portland district are Cupt. J. B. lilaml and Mr. 
Randolph for justices of the peace, and G. Kimman 

I every American emigrant to Ireland would there It is further said that 
] find, as every Irish emigrant here finds, a hearty took reluge at the Bri 

welcome and a happy home 

... um .,1 r tb,.-.. v.l. . ^..1 Pianos, w .11, on \Ae.lnc*.lay , the “th .tax tfi-tr 

.‘l* \ er , . * 1 . " L eSCa j K of May, 1*57. oft. r at public -ale, allthcir J J S  

Uritisli t oiiidilute, where they stock of Kfe*teru*nu»4'‘ Piano Forte- phi • 

.still continue t » remain, their surrender heinjf re- hraring a gremt variety of *•. mnd 

r^r fuMil. President Santana i.*«ueil a | rtM‘lamati«»n 

from tl»p uianufautoncH of Brown Sl .\llrn himLL- 
liUb^rt, Bo-ton; Bacon It. Huvt*n« ami J. J. Ki?h#*r, 


{announcing to the D.uiiiuician | eoplc what had New York, Ilc. The*..- Fianos u ill be sohl without re- 

Oftke or Lovisviux Daii v Dkxioi rit. ) 
May 5, 1S55. $ 

transpired, ami uuiet and order are said t » again ^ .. . ... 

reign in the country. The English and French v ,a^“ P ‘' Ur treJ ‘ l *  r «*«*•*■ 

Uon-ul*. it is alleged, iu.-tigated the conspiracy.— ’ ijj^v’atalogue* now remly. 

 irv . The following persons were also lieaten, but we for con ^ ble J Xo nppogiu.m. 

larcun-ble to give the circumstance*: Jno. He-*, 

F »E_— Some portion .d the scenery in the I Kelix , a hU -ksmith, living eatt of the Wood- J3T At » regular monthly i 

Theatre wa* fired on Saturday niglit. ab.uu 12 1 i an d garden, and John Mann. chanic Fire Company, No. 1, li 

o'clock, but the fire wa* extinguished without the The First Ward was the scene in the afternoon Friday evening. May 4th, th 

for constable. No opposition. . , sugars the past week, an.l sales of SW* hhil- have been [ 

_- inmle at, for loxv, fair, to choice, at 5*. to6 l *c;the mar- ; 

:^r At a regular monthly meeting of thc Me- ket closing firm, with an upward tendency. We have 
chanie Fire Company, No. 1, held at their Hall on no alteration to note in thc price of molasses, but the ( 

‘ ’ .’ , One of thc conspirators was a Frenchnutu, whose 

REMARK.*— There has been con^b-rabie inquiry for re)pil . e wa  lU .manded and obtaine.1. 

Lot i* VIM S. Nov. K, 1851. 
: ' o, o ,0 ' i »' Sir — I think it no more than an *ct of 
J U J J jn-ti.-e to y»u, ;xs well a. to the American community, u. 


•tave I n-tru- my sight much improved. 1 ran *ee -mall print with 
Allen aii.LL. them for any tengik of time without fatigue to my eye*, 
k. J. Fisher, Y oars truly. J AS. MARSHALL, 

t without re- Corner J.-ffers.xn and Seventh street*. 

Ml negotiable Lol'NVillc. Nov. K 185» 

I take pleasure in -.vying I have used a pair of Mr. 
Solomon s eelet.rale.1 Spectacles for the past threw 

Cw Until the day of sale, any of the above Piano* wiU week*, by .lax and by g is light, and prefer them de- 

  cl«g-k. but the lire wa- extinguished without the The First Wanl wa* the scene in the afternoon ' 
us* ol the engine*, which were on hand, and with of great excitement — pistols firing— men running — 
little damage. It is -upp.-ed to have ixxen set on women and children screaming — nor was the firing 
P rf  confined to the vicinity of the polls. 

^ Mr. Wnt. Gray, who had been quietly watching 

^^^B|thee r ire. —T he three storv house on Fift , ,, , ’ e 

most of the forenoon for an opjiortunity to vote 

^^^^Matween . arkct and . effer-on. formerly  m I without meeting violence, and who returned 
"" ** ’ l11 ’ wa l ’ ,n ll “" * it ' 1 n 'R* 1 ' after dinner, at last took advantage of the ab- 

H^HffiH -cnee   t the crowd, which wa* off . ha-iiig some 

M^^- b. un f, ,,-n i n .,te foreigner. and  le]s -ited hi- xote. On 

u ‘ • * coming out, he wa« ?U*i*ped by one of the crowd 

^^H^A “little girl lost, alu.ut three year- old. which wa- then returning, and struck on the head, on a plain drt-s-.’’ wa- the cry of loo i on Sa- Mr. f Tray wa* seen to replace his hat. an.l then i 

Friday evening, Mav 4th, the following officers sti ** h*vel*eu light. Coffee ha* ruled dull, ; “‘ d Pri CM 
, _ _ _ _ * . . . area trifle easier* Bay 11 *41 / * c fo tlic trade, ;ind lU l «c to 

were duly elected lor the ensuing .*tx months: 12U) the C0Ulllr y. Refined sugar- have advanced 

President— J*. Watkins. I.*o. Provisions — Holder* still demand, and obtain fiillt.rices 

\ ii*e 1 resident M. J. 1 aul. lor all sale* making; there has. conee.|Uently, been but 

Secretary- John   . I Jack. very tittle done. The ..nlv sal. * hem la Mtk* -in-* 

our la-t, art- 14,43) pieces canvassed hams, at f ,l .c loose; 
130 cask* bacon — plain hams at Sc, canvassed hams at 

ek. The fire wa* ui  kly subdued by 
L't i* *up) .-..*l to in. * been the work 

^^A “little girl lost, alw.ut three year- old. 
Lad on a plain dress.” was the cry of Ia-vi on Sa- 

turday evening. A mother'* heart ached then to drawing a double barreled pistol, fired: )»efore he 

A--’t Secretary -W. A. Moore. 

Treasurer — W m. Kuye, Esq. 

Chief Director — M. J. I’aul. 

Ass't Chief Director — Jag. T. Moore. 

First Kngine ltirectoi R. Martin. 

Second Engine Director- -F. C. Henry. 

Thinl Kngine Director T. N an Veghton. 

First I’ine Director — W. A. Moure. 

Second Director— G. W. Fisher. 

First Line Director— J. T. Moore. 

Second Line Director — B. W. Kidd. 

Thinl Line Director — J. Shineburger. 

Trustees to the Fire Department — S. Watkins. 

Police Court. 


Saturday, May j. 

Conrad and Samuel H.xerger, keeping their 
bitr-room* open after 10 o’clock p. m. Both war- 
rants were dismissed. Hardt’s license being grant- 
ed previous to the 10 o’clock ordinance, aud Hoer- 
gor having no license at all. 

Frank McDonald, stealing a pair of nippers from 

 * overjoyed when the lnUc«ruarit was found. . could fire the second barrel, three pistols were fired j Wm. Kaye, and Jas. McKnight 
Purest and all priceless is a mother's love, and on at him: he shot the second time and fled: no less j JOHN C. 151 

! *.‘-rc. clear aide* at 9L.C, ribU-d do at B’yc* shoulders 7' ,e. \| r i  (MC h. Bail in for three months: work- I 

pkgs extra. The quotations for choice country bacon house. 

from wagon i* as follows: llama 6K«, clear -ides fle. ■ Ann Cooney, drunkenness; discharged. 

riWe.1 do Dc, shoulders 6'«c. Inferior .|inilitie* are | ur- . ('jty v *. I’eter llerb.-t, selling liquor on Sunday. 1 

chased below these figures. Only I4.U ..f js.rk have J confessed and fined S-7. 

lieen sold at 81t  00 for new no-**, and *15 uo f..r X. O. — j I’eter Murray, drunkenness: discharged. 

Also, a sale of 54 tes prime lard at f'tf.c and a few kegs i .Lx*, lliggin*. a little boy, disorderly eon Juet: 

at lo’-c. Holders uow demand lie for prime keg laid, (discharged. 

which is iu good demand. There is also a good inquiry | Michael Quigley, driving hi* cart faster than a 
for lar.l grease, which i* very scarce. The transactions , walk. DL*mi**etl at defendant’s cost, 
in errain and produce have leeii limited by short -up- * Ordinance warrant against J. I . ic b.-r. throwing 

JOHN C. BLACK, Soeretorv. 

warth the only thing devoid of selfishne**. 

than fifteen to twenty shots being fired after him. j 
Ho fled into a stock-yard and endeavored to hide { 
l ehind a pig pen; eight ball* were picked out of 1 

plies; our railroad facilities are very limited, and not at- , -lop into the street. Dismissed at defendant - 
ways reliable, hence considerable quantities of grain ‘ cost. 

The Religious Test Rejected.—' T he General . ... A . „ ... 

c .. . .. .... . behind a pig-pen: eight balls were picked out of 

onventiou of the Know -N77th ing- in 1 alitorma, . . . 

. .. . the fence behind which lie took refuge; six holes 

qcried the ptoaiiption of C atholic* a* unworthy 6 ’ 

| I-V’'" At a regular meeting of the Reindeer have lieen detained in trau-itu Iietween Indianapolis 1 1 

‘ ; Hoee Company, No. 1. held at the Hall of the aud Jeffersouvill. to the serious inconx. nience ..f many 

; Mechanic Fire Cotupitiv. No. 1. the following nffi- 
1 cers were elected for the en*uiug three month*: 

and the spirit of the age. Ve lidin't i were *“ bat. .md tw.. lull- w. ril.slgod Preswleut — N. S. Haines. E*q. 

v *,ate where that order has displayed j '** ;”•* ,n xU \ ^ ^ f thi K h - Vice 1’re-i.lent -Thos. Shay. 

I Uflicers (•iluiore and Haiamond intorti*rc*«l und . Treasurer — N. S. Haines. 

■tit? the onlv FtBte where that ordei ha  dis i»la vod i v* _ J 1 ® | 

■^ manlines * I ''® cer:: Uilmore and Hatuiuond intorferc^l and ; 

j took him home in a wagon. With Ike exception 

■ ar The actual cause of Dr. Peck’s arrest, in of this interference, there were no police about: the 1 
puba, is said to have lteen hi* resemblance to Col. j city marshal was not on the ground all dav: the 
rj\.*kett. of Kentucky, ouc of the gallant iillibiister* i Know-Nothing Mayor wa* not there: the depute 
'« f CMhim, and n«.w Consul to V era Cruz. — I sheriff was apfiealed to, to preserve the peace, but 
Pickett is a Kenluckistn : no wonder thc Spaniards j replied that he was a quiet man, and the people 

Secretary 1. S. Shepherd. 

A-**’t Secretary Win. White. 

Captain- P. la.veitt, K-j. 

A~*’t Captain — G. llunt-inger. 

I. N. SHEPHERD, Secretary. 

Grand Encampment of Kentucky. — T he fol- 

dealers who relied upoulhe proiupt fnlfillmeut of tlteir 
freighting engagements to meet tlie daily deni and* of 
our market. I* ales of 1 1.5*10 l.itshel- corn. 5,0iW hu-bel- . 
oat*, l,15u tui-hel- corn weal, 7/5 U4* flour, 870 Ixales hay. 
Tobacco still maintains former prices. Sal.-s of 3*2 an.l 515 Is.xes manufactured. The demand for j 
manufactured is good, an.l prices tend upward. Bag- , 
gi ngan.1 hale roi-e remain active. Hemp is iu Iwtter ' 
demand, at 5N7, *7 50, and lo t er ton, tor dew rotted. — 
Sales of 35 tons aud 5u0 Kile*. 

TOBACCO — Private sale of 1 hh.l fine manufacturing 
leaf do at *11 0U. 

TOBACCO— Bale* of 3! hhd* at warehouse*, viz:— 

ehould tremble at a close reaemblaiK-e to the man. 

'I hv.atrl. — W e were not at the theatre on Sa- 

must take care of themselves. , , . | . .. , . , 

tuckv, were el.-cu-l at the annual .session of 

There are other incidents Connected with the wlv * hpld a , Mount Sterling. Mav 1st, 1-33: 

election, for which we have not rm.,n. they are, ( Sir T h.«a« U. Ki.dtead, of Yersailles. M. E. 

lowing officers of the Grand Encampment of Ken- 47 utt, 8 35, !♦ 50, s 25, ft lu, » 40 , 9 35. h 25, 6 15, 705, 7 25, 
tucky, were elected at the annual session of that W*   51 -'*• “ " u   *’ ui . s 5 ^ °®  - *’ ^ '* ®  

urday night, but have n , doubt that Mr. Murdoch . , , ’ * ’!  tr Tlminas l . huikead, of Versailles, M . f- 

. .... . 1 . .. • f , , . however, of the same stamp a* alune mentioned. Croud Master: Sir Caleb J. Sander-, of Lexington 

pay mr e» 1 • 1 lit all. there were not less than from l' M ) to 1 .To Deputy Grand Master; Sir Kiehanl Apperson, of 

To-night he will ap t *ar as Macbeth, and i D j ur(K } dari ng the day, in the two wanl*. j Mt. Steriing, Gtond Generalissimo; Sir David J. 

dav in the two wanl* Mt. Sterling, Grand Generalissimo; Sir David J. _ 

* 5 ? 7 ?^ " ,ri "7 h ’ ,”"7 1 t. .k. .««.*.»- s ai, uii , ,.,..1 Hu,. .. 

,11 ,1„;.„I„.^ tta^d Viiu* -.11 h* 5 u. ” s.Zrt iiV»r «»»*»». -»-»»»««.». w 

Macduff in good style. VV e expect to roe a crowd. ^ unaidw , interfcrpd him | Warden: Si. VVmTSv. A.-^r-on, of Mt. Sterling. KOOB-Wl doa taken by a deder during the week for 

_ , ,, . f ■ , 1 . , .. . (irand Junior VV arden: Sir Thomas li, Baxter, of shipment at 11c. 

Admitted to Bail. In the case of the (  .m- from the infuriated mob. he would most certainly Uxtogton, Grand Recorder, Sir John McTracken. BODA-Sale* of 10 cask* cari. do at tQc. 

Ui.m wealth vs. Albion T. Ryon. upon an indictment have been killed. ‘ .,f Lexington, Grand Treasurer; Sir Thou, N. Wise, ti JtOC RRI Kt* Sak s of R'lmgs Rio coffee at H 1 11 .c: 

fur the murder of Col. Fraiici- McDonald, tried last c * ' ~~T ~ T L a of Got iugton. Grand Standanl Bearer- Sir U. F RSll.hds -ugar. from e.mimon to strictly fair, at Sy. 

M it IDE. A man namcl Ham Johnston, a Meyer, of Lexington. Grand Sword Henrer; SirJ. 6‘;.-,b'*i " tP.cJlu hluls ctnuce do at b*«c. Nothing do- 
in t ic .8 ircuU uurt. t ic wtrt BricklBver bv trade, committed imicidc yesterday K. boodlu6 f ot \ craiiUtft Gnuul \\ Sir 1), J) uf in iuoIin^) market 2!i33c for new, in W4ijj rdi! 36c 

unable to agree. and were discharged It is s.atrel at ^ )jMrdinff ho|Me  on (he ^ of Riehanlson. of Lexington Grand Sentinel. 

that «ix of the jurv were for finding him guilty of ... , , . . ... . , The Grand Encampment adjourned l«i meet at IU TTKlt— bales of w*) lbs prune roll  1   at _ 

m U niJLi W*'^”r**T**m ,.n m Tk-a^r i- 

* a rope. He had been very dissipated for two at 12 m. VV H INK V— Sales of lao Uds raw do at Jt’jc, at) 144s 

wa* then admitted to l*ail in the sum of !f.7,t)ii0. I . . _ . . , . . j rectified do at 34«t34 ! -c. 

7 25, !) 85, li 00. 7 20. 

COTTON— Sales of 100 bale- ordinary and low mid- 
dling do at 7c, 7)i 7.‘ s c. 

IRON— Bales of 10 t- u* No. 1 Tennessee pig do at *3o. 
4 months. 

H EMP— A sale of 20 ton* dew rotted do at **7 50. 
FLOUR— Without animation. Sales of 120 bales sit ■ 
pet fine at 80 75® 10 00; sales of extra at $lo 25. 

discharged. It stated morni at hU lK , ar di,tg bouse, on the ‘corner of Hichardfcn, of Lexington Grand Sentinel, 
for finding him guilty of ! ... , , .. • ., . , The Grand Encampment adjonrntd to meet at 

lu ... 8 T . . H '.yd and  *reen -treet-. by hanging himself with U oV ingt  n on the fourth Th iradtty ip JL.r. T-jC. 

He had been very dissipated for two at 12 m. 

’ * • weeks past. 'Yesterday morning he was observed 

I.IBEL Suit. — W e learn that the Fort Wavne K. ' to be in very had spirits. an l al*ont 10 o'clock 

..f Covington. Grand Standanl Bearer- Sir  ’. F 480 hhrts sugar, from common to strictly fair, at 5' 4 c. ■ 
Mever, of Lexington, tirand Sword Bearer: Sir J. 8*,.-,t '* " «c:JH  hlvd* choice do at tP-.-c. Nothing do- 
K. Goodlue, of Versailles. Urand Warden; Sir 1). 1  ug in molasses; market R!a33c for new. in 144.*, and 35c 
' Riehanlson. of Lexington. Grand Sentinel. for fi. H- 

The Grand Encampiucut adjourned t . meet nt BUTTER — Bole* of lb* prim* roll do at 38c. 

Covington on the fourth Th ir**i:ty in May. '-3R, OIL — A sale of 4 bMs castor do at *1 10. 

i ill 12 M. WHISKY— Bales of 155 bbls raw do at34'ic; 58 144s 

rectified do at 31 « 3* ? ic. 

Virginia Race.*.- Broad Rock Cot kse. V t.— provisions— S ales „t 5,uou u*. countr ' bacon dear ; 

Ji. Co., has instituted a suit for libel against Mr. ( went into his hoarding house and inquired what utile heats. 

Zulauf, President .J the Jeffersonville Railroad time of day it wa*. He then went out into the | Conlelia Ree. 

. . . . . .... Rutie. I. k Tru 

4'i,mpany. in the circuit court in this city, and the back yard, an.l shortly afterward tvs* found in the Ene Eye Joe 

are laid at $50,000. The precise base coal house. -u*|K-n U-d hy a iiqte and quite dead. 1 Time. 5:L*-o:45— b:01. 

the charge ..f libel is not understred, but it is ; After considerable delay, as is usually the ease. h^U. f ' ,akf ’. 

inferred that Mr. Zuiauf was instTumentalJn |»re- the coroner arrived, and summoned a jury, who j. Belcher (I . M. McltaatetN; b. f. Hegei t, - -II 

veiitiiiir the Fort Wavne e»mt*ii)v from obtaining rendered a verdict in aceorelanee with the nliovo Tally A Cheat ham's s.f. iiy TiUly lie, - - - - - 

1 O. (.reen s Iw. c. Wcsthioa, t.y ( ll#'»W, • dis. 

York recently, thereby affect ing the tact*. Time, UP-K— 1:51. 

Fou rth Day. April 27.— Club pur**, n:;oo. three si(Jes al 9^ „  *.*,c, loose; 1,300 p. s l«con shoulders, Iron 

wifdDt ^ W ca«ks l*acou — shoulders 7c, packn^es 

onlelia Heed, hy Wi^iNTt 2 11 extra; plain hams 9c, picked ;a6 casks choice heavy ha- 

.utie.I.kTnirtee, -" • - - - - • 3 3 3 Con . clpar *iftes,*at i".r, packed. 

’  _ r “' c , .'* '. J iM IltMiN— Dull. Bale* of 13) head at 4’tC, grn-s. 

C11BRBK— Bale* of 9) buses new VV. K. do at t‘V. 
CANDI.EB— In good it. man. I. Sale* of 10U boxe* 

surnmer mould tallow «lo at 13}* « 14c. 

BOAP— Stead v and active demand. Bales of 3K) Iwxes Moore. 


Loi isvn.uc, Mav 5. 

Telecrapli No. 3. Rogers, Cincinnati. 

Belle Ouiglex-, Cline, Ciirr.dtoti. 

ItliieVVidg, Sanders, Kentucky River. 

Caledonia, Calhoun. Cincinnati. 

^Amazon, llaxleet. Pitl-t.urg. 

' Endeavor, May, Pittsl.urg. 

Jane Franklin, Hoaehera, Cincinnati, 
t’ hare-ton, Kulit r, Memphis, 
queen Citx-, Neal. Cincinnati. 

Empire City, rt, Louis. 


Telegraph No. 3. Rogers. Cincinnati. 

Belle qiiiglry. Cline, Carrollton. 

Crx’-tal Palace, Kountz, St. Louis. 

Blue Wing, Sander*, Kentucky River. 

Caledonia. Calhoun, St. Louis. 

Endeavor, May, W al a-»l. River. 

Jane Franklin, Ro-.-t*-rg, tanawha. 

Empire City, Cincinnati. 

Charleston. Bugher, New Orleans, 

Persia, Hutchison, St. Louis. 

R. M. Patt-.n, Bernard, Tennesse River. 

SUSCAV. May 6. 

Jacob Strader, Summon*, Cincinnati. 

J. S. Pringle, Pittsburg. 

Fairfield, Cincinnati. 

Mansfield, Pittsburg. 

Fanny Bullitb Dunham, New Orleans- 
Alma. Pitt st.urc. . 
q uaker City, Nt. Louis. 

V eruiont, Vx heeling. 

Brazil, St. Louis. 

Ohio Belle, Cincinnati- 


Jacob Strader, Summons, Cincinnati. 

J. S. Priucle, St. Louis, 

Fairfield, Wabash River. 

Mansfield, St* Louis. 

Alma, St. Louis. 

Ouakcr City. Pittsburg. 

Brazil, Pittsburg. 

Thomas Swann, St. Louis. 

Ohio Belle, St. Louis. 


ST. LOUIS— Per Thomas Swauu— 3 144* potatoes, V 
Ray; U. S. Mail From Cairo. 

ST. LOUIS— Per Empire City — I hbls lead, B Hill; 15u 
14.I- flour, Dudley, Stone fc eo; 3 do do, McMullen L 

lie -ol.l at private -ale at original factory invoices. ridedly to any glasses heretofore useil hy me. being 

•tp*- PETERS, w IBB fc CO. pleasant and easy to the eye. I have been using 

glasses for the pa-l ten years. 

rflAVEHN AND FIXTURES FOR _f° f  0d * w a lex, pc tall. 

8. SALK.— Determined to remove from this city, I a aj ....** g ' ». .***..*. 

offer m.v residence, w filch is also a Tavern, containing -® W IHMI X 

eleven rm m». with all other n roe,, ary oiit-laiildiug-. w-invprr TiAV » IX 1- . ,, f 

for -ale. The lot is BI 1 * feet front hy zx t deep, and well m “'N r I.* I IH.V \ Kl u.^ I XKIjISH* 
located. The house will make one of the fie-t tavern W. MKNT FOR SALE.—' The undersigned being about 
stands in this city. inakiug a change of business, will dispose of his Con- 

For further particulars, apply on the premises on fectionarv and Fruit Ntore, with an Ice Cream Saloon. 
Main street, above Campbell, just fitt.-’l up for the approaching season, on very reas- 

ap27 dim F. KERN. ..liable terms. 

— - — - — Ttie hou-e has, ami is still driving a good buxintiMzd 

  U*!l for Suuond-I I -in *1 Furniture. it will undouht. Uv »«• a first-rale chaiwe for anx -un 
t iisa mr twrotiB iiitiiti i urn tint t . wh*. amter-un.i- the noon okkxxoi. to jump azR. 

^ O. BEN NET iV I ’( ). \RE F\Y- For particulars, inquire of 

sro a vv, in, IilNFPH riFPWKX. 

I ii - \ rtl 

Furniture. Persona having -acb to bell would do well a pA) dlw* between Fifth and Sixth street*, 

to call ‘jii them at  u. oUJ Market street, between Scioim — ■ - — . . , 

Yiin i ff . i- 1 iii ill. BmtM, 


k? 250 l-.x.-s Ntar Candles; ER itence from Jefferson streirt, b.-twee- zrom 

175 to“s^ r and n fi.?lile hv F-urtl, and Fifth, to Second street, two door- 

‘ "•whpWav.w. 


^ 1S»1 Itoxes B**Nton against the field; ARRIVE D * 


’-si I'.llnt zSiv.'ifXSI. S.-W. Fourth streets. Boors and Shoss. The subscriber 

, * . . . n^tarof the ^outh, is now in receipt of his Spring and summer stock of 

in. xi ’i 1 !’ m Hancock i extra fine, Boots and Bboes, which has twen selected with great 

• „ ; ' ll ‘ ur} ® ,,0, care from the twst manufactories East, comprising a 

In tore and for sale t.x large variety, all of which wiU he sohl as low as at any 

“D** BRADY 4c DAVIE*. other bouse. T. U. WATERS. 

“ apifi dintloi E. corner Market and Fourth. 

lf A  , ! V !' K x l ' L ‘. s. INTERESTING TO LADIES 


MW IMs Nos. 2 and 3; 

Wrv E. A. (oshhu, 

a.jft ^itts No. 3, just ffi^RF.NTH DRESS AND MANTI A 

ffi Maker. Fourth street. West side, between Ureen 


w w i . • \ 

cottage built or mo«l.-rate sized dwellings. Apply to in her line with neatness and dispatch. ap)9 tln*lin 

my 3 D. T. MONSARKAT, 7t  Fifth st. — — 

F OR SALE. SEVERAL TRACTS I'lmli 1   a*h" C’a«»h ,,, 

of Land near the city, admirably adapted to gar- “ ™ "* ' ” **■••• 

dening. [m 3] l . T. MO.NSAKRaT, .ft Fifth -t. p E RSON S HAYINO SF.COND- 

,, D _• X T I,’ ruDPP trvpa | v ffi Hand Honaeboht or Kitchen Furnitnreof any dc- 

UK uIAIaIj. I ii 1( u h I J ' * I ^ UA ^cription U» sell* can find it uash buyer bv calling *iu Lhe 

South side of Walnut, Iietween Sixteenth and un.lersigned, at No. 510 Market Mreet. between Second 

Maker, Fourth street. West side, between Ureen 

*t. C. would respectfully state to her friend* and the 
s generally that she is prepare.! to execute all work 
•r line with neatnesz and dispatch. aplDdlnsIm 


Seventh streets, 28 feet by 162. 

One lot on West side of Fourth street, between Chest- 
nut and Broadway. 51 feet t.y 3W. 

One lot on corner of Eleventh and Broadway streets, 
24 feet bv 250. Apply to 

my 3 1). T. MON SABBAT, 76 Fifth »t. 


3 cases brown Centuckv Jeans; 

2 do green do ilo; 

2 do steel mixed Ky, d»; 

1 d» cadet do do; 

2 do fancy Tweed; 

1 do plain Tweed assorted colors; 

Just received and for sale low by 

fe8 N . W. corner of Fifth and Main *t*. 

ladies generally that she is prepare* I to execute all work 
in her line with neatness and dispa tch. a plftdlnslm 


('a*li!   :»*»h!! C'a« li!!! 


R Hand llonsehold or Kitchen Furniture of any de- 
scription to sell, can find a cash buyer bv calling on the 
undersigned, at No. 510 Market street, between Second 

South side of Walnut, Iietween Sixteenth and un.lersigned, at No. SR) Market street, between Second 

\ r O R T H E R N POT ATOES. l'tO or Mayor, are reqiiewted to call between the 1 

bushels very fine Neshanock and Pinkeye Pota- *if to_*Y *o*;k and to n w**4(iw R a. Ik. 

Railroad *£*'**“*'*' S^n and calb res^ondSdt. 

Railroad, aud for sale by ^ R rQ my^« J OHN BABBBB. 1 

»1'^ ***""'» twtween Main and W ater. T T ffi II •» p« f I .T t I » II 

bar do at *175; 02 30 for extra. 

FRUIT— Prices for choice have advanced. 

__ Second Rack. — F roptictor’a purse. J100, mile scarce. Sale* of 50 i-.xe* 

Laiu;e I’fW. Winter's IronWorks, at Mont- heats. boxes Sicily oranges at 4 

CINCINNATI— Per Jacob Strader- S# sheets iron. 1 
In. iter head, W B Belknap 4t co;3l ea.-*-, Piatt. Buckliu 
4 k Co; 10 rolls leather, J tl Ryan; 32 hdl- wire. M right A 

BaKNTm's Baby Show. — W e jierceive, fr  iu (p.inL-ry. Ala., were destroyed l»y fire on the 1st inst. 
the abolition correspondence of one of our Sew- i The lows estimated at fKMi.OOB, on which there wa* 
ord organs, that negro babies will prohaUy ne ad- j an insurance of ^An.OOil. 

united to Karn urn’s baby show. Very likely it 

will dwindle down to a purely black affair, utiles- 15?* The three Aldermen who control the Bos- of our women's rights women who Iselieve in ton fire de{«rtment are opposed to thc use of the 

Thos. Dos well's b. wj. ? lene, lix K*~il ... 
8. C Macon’s ch. c., t»- Tally ll  , » 

C. (ireeii’s l»r. c. Childt n aro kl, • 

Time. 1:53-1:52. 

scarce. Sales of 50 Is.xe* prime lemons at *5 0Oa 6 U0; 31 Kr i,|gr..rd; 50 kg- white lead.' Robinson A co;»hWs tlax- 
boxes Sicily oranges at bi 50 : 25U.xes M. R. Raisins at 1 seed. J Waters* m; *l»xw jUreUB bodht C 

•2 76; 15 boxes layers at *3 56; 3tW B- Smyrna figs at 10c. J^uHrton; 5 hf U4- fi-V.'.V Burkbardt! 

CORN- Sales of 3.UU0 Ihi-IicIs mixed qualities, white totes rice,' A Buchanan tk eo; 12 lixs mu-tard. Sutcliffe 
and yellow ear and abetted corn at 85-. Me: 30 bushels 11 »«• J 'Vecburn; sundry packages. 

jiist received on consignment, j»er Jeffer»ouviUe 
Railroad, and for s* by co   

ap28 Second street, between Main and Mater. 


100 sacks Rio Coffee; 

3M pkgs Mackerel; 

50 do Crushed Sugar; 

25 do Oun powder Tea; 
li*i bids Blue Lick M ater; 

150 do Bourbon M'hisky; in store and for sale by 
„p30 THO. Y BRENT, SON to CO. 


heavy in store and for sale bv 
ap 30 THO. Y. BRENT, SON to CO. 

and Third. [au30 .linstf] S. WHARTON 


F ifty-seven and-a-half by 

R Seventy Feet, on South side Crayton, be-mm 
iweeii Nineteenth an.l Montgomery street*. TbisRIB 
lot lies well, and will he *  ld as it is, or divided mt- ^*, 
two or three lots a* may be wanted. The neigh- 
borhood is improving Fast. 

For terms, toe . apply to J. M'. RREDEN, 

m\3 .13* Agent, J*  Fift h street. 



V city will hereafter be kept at the Circuit Court 
Room »f the Court-house until further notice. 

Person- desiriug to transact haziness with the City 
or Mavor, are request ed to call between the hours of 
half-past eight o’clock and ten o’clock x. M.. or from 
balf.paat two until four o’clock P. M., during which tint 
the office will be open and calls responded to 
my3 d3 JOHN B VRBKK. Mayor 

R ope. coils l. m. c. i  

store aud for sale ter _ _ 

E| a 30 THO. Y. BRKNTs SON k, CO. 

T hrough receipts on 

I Baon, Lard, Tobacco, Pork, and Cotton, to ill 
cities East. 

For further information apply to 

mv 3 CARTER to JOl’KTT. 

fF* All overcharges settl ed at our office. C to J. 

Andrew J. kriel, 

L evee, between fourth a 

Bullitt street*, keeps on hand and -up plies boat- 
with the Chile— t Meats, Beef, Mutton, toe., at all hour* 
of night and .lay- f * — W 


and yellow ear and -betted corn lit 853.80c: AS) bushels 
choice white ' V t’.ed do tw 85c. 

U.iTS — Sale* of onsl.cls do. delivered tn dealer in 

should come to steam fire enjrine, and this the Boston pajier* *«y fourteen cent* the pound on the kvof, *h:eb i.* 
... _ . .ii- .l i_._ e,itial to twenty cent* in the retail market*. Mr.* 

Cattle. -At Hull’s Hood, yesterday j.ri.*e» of u.tTit— Sal. » of »/'*i onsbel- d... delivered t« dealer in 
cattle were ttp to a higher p-»itit th“.u Wl.* ever LstL-villc, at SSSc; -to bushels dodo, from store, at »S6c. 
known l»efore in tliis city. Sales were uiwle at MB A I. — ibdes of 15b 'ai-lK-h com meal at fkk-; resail 



l facture.1 in store aud for sale by the pay range* from *12 to KU per month, ace. 

aokl THO. \ . BRKNT, 8QN to CO. ing to the menu of thc soldier. Any nszwna f 

of colors and sexes should come to ; steam fire engine, and this the Boston paper* say 
fan no one furnish a pair of twins is the reason it was rod operated during the late 

1 “ » recruit who is accwitod, wiB reegive V tor htosat 


souri on consignment and for sale ly aud Wte— ou sues**. 

e,|ttal to twenty et-n's in thc retail 
ton live) went at fittew" ewii: 

Joyce Heth, or a fat negro hahy turning conflagration. The action of tho*e gentlemen ii were not called Ld- by anv hones..' lock 

Vr. tp tkt revolting ? trtrtl/ censured 

Ixoeve*, - .V J', i/i ror. Friday, 

mmr ANTE!) FOR THE 1 MTK1) 

w w dtatez. Fifty Young Mea. unmarrimA to- . « 
tween the ages ..f hi and 35. for a company al I't toto 
vatrv now oreaniting al Louisvilb-. Ky mr frua-lT UT 
tier service. The term  f service i- (tve years, and ■ JJ 
the pa v range* from *12 to WU per month, accord- * 
ing to the merilo of the suUtnr- An.x usca.a fwixiistsni 
a recruit who l* accoidrd, will receive tolfur biaaerx tesw. 
So one having any fiodiK defect need apply 

Applv at the Cavalry Bead— vows, ,-orner a t Thirst 

gkSNABI'RUM. »  HALR* 4-4 

V w “ “"’“‘mW* MUW. 



^ :rr r - ?   h - f 



Thukdav Evemm;. May 

~ t'rrw'iilr^ B. U- Weathortoni. President, and all 
the BlcUtSclM. r 

A ia+ia war presented iu facqy «*f L. A. White- 
Ifj- for $200, which Was referred! to tin- committee 
oil revision. 

A bond was received from liis honor. John Bar- 

pee, Mayor. executed by James J. White, tngrkot 
master bouse Xo. 5, which, ou motion, wat ap- 
proved. r « 

A resolution from the Common Council declaring 
that resointions for adjournment shall have prece- 
dence over the other business, was read, and, on 
motion of Aid. Grainger, concurred in. 

A resolution from same approving the appor- 
tionment for digging and walling a cistern at the 
intersection of Market and Jackson streets, wag j 
ira i anu referred to street committee, eastern dis- 

*t ii motion of Aid. Douglass, the following reso- 
lution was adopted: 

ft’eafred ly the Hoard ejf Alderuu n, That this 
hoard will meet the Common Council in joint ses- 
sion at 8 o’clock this evening, for the purpose of , 
electing one city weigher, one rupennuoerary 
watchman for the Sirteuth Ward, in place of \\ m. 
Barlgett. sr.. resigned: one interjireter of the City 
Court, iu plaee of l’cter $iiar. resigned: which 
was re turned trcui the .Common Council amended 
and rejoeted. 

Aid. Taylor, by leave, presented a petition from 
T. A J. Arterhnm. asking leave to deal iu slaves: 

- which w a* referred to revision committee. 

ma re-unaui"® of Wtu, Hadgett a* supernu- 
merary wimiman. Seventh Ward, and Ed. Bow - 
man. warden of the Kentucky Eire Company, were 
 r«au ami received. 

Aid. Taylor, by leave, introduced an ordinance 
fixing the ’salary of city officers: which was read 
and referred to li nance committee. 

A resolution from the Common Council direct- 1 
ing the Mayor to cause all contracts for the im- 
]im.retnont of the Forttand wharf to be executed, 
was read and referred to committee on wharf. 

Aid. Douglass, from the finance committee, re- 1 
ported again.-t a petition from J. Jt. Bottison, and 
same was rejected. 

Aid, Ihiiigl. --, 15 leave, introduced an ordinance 
providing lor the indorsement of the bonds of the 
ixuisville and Aa-hville Railroad Com|iauy to the 
amount of 5-1 j*. 1 .' 11 H»; which was read and referred 
to rcCi-ion camiiottee, and alter examination. Aid. 
Dfitiglfi*?. fYoui said committee, made the follow ing 
report, which was concurred in and ordered to la' 
spread up m the journal of this board, and further 
t onsideratioii of the subject recommitted to the 
revision committee: 

'l he revision committee repirt against the ordi- 
nance providing lor the indorsement of the bonds 
of the Louisvilie and Nasviile Kailroad Compa- 
ny, to the amount of one hundred and fifty thou- 
sand dollars, for the follow ing reasons: 

They find that no order has yet been given by 
the General Council lor levying a tax for the ben- 
efit of said company, and until such a levy be 
•irdcred, there is no fund which the General Coun- 
cil can dedicate to the payment of principal and 
interest of said bonds, a required by tnc City ehar- 

The ordinance provides for indorsing bonds to 
the amount of one hundred and fifty thousand dol- 
lars, wnich are to be pud by the city, “and the 
••xp'usc attending the piyinont of same in New 
Y ork, ’ within twelve months, out of the net pro- 
eeeds of a tax ot fifty cents ou the hundred dol- 
lars. worth of property, w hich it is assumed * ill be 
levied for the oenetit of said road, as autttnrued 
) v ordinance, it is presumed that these bonds 
would bear the customary interest, though it is not 
specifically so slated. 

The principal of these bonds, if indorsed, paya- 
ble in twelve months, with interest and exchange 
I at “4 per cent. ) would uumunt to $160,125, which, 
according to the estimates of your committee, 
jire purest from reliable sources, w ould excee l by 
SS20,lHHi the net |M\x.-eed* of the tax authorized by 
ordinance to be levied in favor of said road. 

Caper A, nude part of this report, is an estimate 
by tue city Assessor ( made to-dav 'of the probable 
amount ot the assessed value of property, upon 
which the tux ol fifty cents on the hundred uol- . 
uus may be levied for 1 s  j j. The precise amount 
cannot now be staled, as the assessment will not be 
complete before the first of June. 

due Assessor estimates the gros- amount of tax 
hills for I8u5 at $L5tMMH), ana the net proceeds, 
deducting expenses of collection and delinquent 
list, at edit', 000, which latter turn would be placed 
to the credit ot city cash subscription of jsaovi.Obtt 
to said road, as the proceeds ot Uie tax fur 1  uj. 

Papier B, made j/art of this report, is an abstract 
furnished by the Audi tor from his books, and shows 
the following payment* on this $300.00*,' cash sub- 

Tax 1853 ....... - *23.745 IS 

Tax laoff Us.fffi SO 

Tax 1B»4 loi ,;iS oi 

Total payiaen? for #52 l's'53 and 1851 - 75 ‘ 

Leaving yet Ui be paid of city cash suuscription 1 T xj 

Papier B shows the cost of collection and delin- 
quent for 1833 was about 3-% per cent, on tbc 
■whole amount of bills, while for IS34 it is about 
1( X per cent. Seven and a half pier cent, would 
be about the aveiage of the two years, and that is 
a true estimated deduction on the railroad tax of 
18jj for costs of collect 1- -li and delinquent lists. 

From the foregoing statement* it .will be seen 
that the city cannot indorse the twelve mouth 
bonds of tbc eompiany for a greater amount than 
about $130,000 without providing other means 
than the not proceed* of the Louisville and .Nash- 
ville Railroad tax, if levied for 1833, to meet pain- . 
p«l and interest at maturity. 

On the city’s subscription of $1/100,000 to this , 
road. $300,000 have been paid in bonds, upon 
which the city p-ays $30,000 intere-t pier annum, 
the proceeds of ten cents on the dollar tax. The 1 
ordinance {irovides that the remaining 8300,000 
ahull be paid by the net proceeds of an annual tax 1 
of tittv ceuts ou the $100 worth of property, $323,- 
712 7 j of which are paid, leaving yet to lie paid, 
$17fi,287 23. 

If the levy of this year's tax be ordered, and 
ihe Assessor's estimate of ptrocceds be correct, 
$140 000 more will be piu id for 1833, leaving tbc 
.-sum of $303187 23 to be piTovided by tax in 1830, 
to compiletc the city's suhseripition of one million. 

Your committee have examined the exhibits and 
statements made by the President. Vice President, 
Engineer, and certain Directors of the road, which 
constitute part of the papers in this case, and arc 
intended to show why the credit asked for should 
be given, as well n« the purp-oses to which Ihe 
proceed* would be applied. Papier C is an official 
letter of Mr. McLeod, the Engineer of the road, 
date! 3d of February. 1833, in which he expresses 
a strong desire that a credit shall be obtained fur 
the purpiosc of completing speedily the road from 
Louisville to New Haven and Lebanon. He states, 
“It is of the greatest importance, as well to the 
city of Louisville, as to the counties through which 
the improvement passes, that it be brought into 
use at the earliest pjeriod, ( before next winter, for 
instance,) if possible. The utmost effort m,d wc- 
rijirt should be made by its friends to accomplish 
iL The improvement will change 34 miles of 
Ftaging between this place and Nashville, into 43 
miles of travel by railroad. It will give frequent, 
rapid, and cheap communication with that fine 
legion of country surrounding Lelianon. and em- 
bracing the counties ol Marion, Washington. Nel- 
son, Boyle, and others; and finally, its completion 
will infuse new life into the main improvement to 
Nashville, and prompt renewed efforts to push that 
impjortant work likewise to successful completion.” 
In this opinion of the Engineer your couunittee 
fully concur. 

The Communication of the Pretide nt of the 

Papier D approves the application for indorse- 
ment of bonds by the city . and says: ‘d feel no hes- 
itation in saying that the board is a unit in deter- 
mination to pres? to a completion with the funds 
at their command tbc tir-t thirty miles of the 
Louisville and Nashville road. With a view to 
effect that object, the Lard a-kel the passage of 
an ordinance allowing them to anticipate the rev- 1 
fDue to be collected for 1833. Such an ordinance 
would be of great service to the company, and 
would insure the completion to the junction of the 
Lebanon Branch by the first day of December, a- 
the furthest day off. Four miles further, ou the 
main stem, would carry the road to the beginning 
*«f the grade of Muldrow’s Hill. Thi- would in- 
clude the bridge across the Rolling Fork. That 
additional distance of road on the main stem would 
enable the company to avail itself of all the trade 
of Hardin. Grayson, the southern part of Larue 
and Hart counties, and draw to it all travel of tb - 
rood from Nashville by way of Rowling Green. 
The distance from that to Elizabethtown would 
be about seven or eight miles; with a few hands in 
a week or two, a road could be made up Muld row's 
Hill, over which the same team could drawn hoav- I 
ier load than up the Ferry Hill at Salt river.” 
The President makes no mention of the advanta- 
ges to be gained by the early opening of the 
Branch Road to New Ilaven and Lebanon, but 
iq leaks of the main line leading across the Rolling 
Fork, up M uldrow’s Hill to Elizabethtown, and 
points beyond: and though statements of the 
meant relied on to eompilete the tir-t thirty miles 
• if road, every dollar of which will be required for 
the purpose. are made by the President and Engi- 
neer. yet neither President or Director States that 
those means shall be applied exclusively to that 
Section. On the contrary, in a communication 
signed by W. Riddle. Vice Pjesidcnt of the L. A 
N. R. R- Company, published in the Courier of 
May 2, 1833, atid which was spread upon your 
desks in slips before its publication, at the last 
mei ting of this board, the ground is distinctly 
taken that the mean* relied on by the President in 
his statement ( sec paper D 1 to complete the first 
thirty miles of road, constitute "aU thr compo/ip'- 
ticailnbi * «« **,” and would be used as far as 
necessary to pay debts theretofore iiintraeted. 
The meamu relied on by the President are, as esti- 
mated by him. $2&N,8tio, all of which arc derived 
from the city of Louisville, it is believed, except 
*15,000 in Bullitt county and $390 in Hart. Ji 
the over estimate of the President ou this year's 
taxes be directed — say $33,000 — then the sum of 
 253,800 will be left, if the Bullitt and Hart es- 
timates are realized to accomplish the work, which 
the President estimates will coat $248,000. a sum 
In Its practical workings scarcely sufficient for the 

ill the report of W. Riddle. Vice President; 

^Rml dii your journal tWv 4fli of Nitty. ifc 1. the adjourn until Monday, the 7th inst.. at half-post . 

^Kut of assets held by the company, exclusive o'clock. P. M., was adopded. 
oftec city's uidliotx. was in that repmrt Ou motion, the board adjourned. 

. stated, "tin' board of directors are fart li"r O. 11. STRATTAN, ( 'b-tk. 

if the opiniou that tin- mean- ot the com pant , - — — — 

am sufficient to inrnre tite completion and equip- Overwork or the Bkxiv. — Mr. John Mar- 
nient nf the entire road front Louisville to Ns.-h- shall, writing t i the London Spes-tator, on ower- 
ville.” And again, “a pairchasc of railroad iron work of the brain, says that had the first sy alp- 
ha.- tieen made to the amount of 3.0011 ton- at $73 toms of this direful malady — which carried Scott, 
pier ton. delivered on the wharf at Louis- Southey, Pitt, Castlereagh. Moore. Tvtler, Romil- 
villc. on account of which purchase $30,000 in ly, Laman Blanchard, Wilson UoViert Hull. and. in 
cash has beeu paid, the eompjiuiy's aceepitauce for u great measure. Burns. Byron. Campbell, Words- 
$30,000 more, and the balance of $125,000 to lie worth. Coleridge, and Hay don, and a host of others 
paid with J.oui-viilc city bauds, at par. Thus, distinguished in literature, in science, in piolitic*. 
virtually, the 3,000 tons of iron maybe consid- and in art. to a premature grave been piroinptly 
ered a- paid for in full, less $50,000.” And at the , attended to, many of these illustrious men might 
meeting of stockholder: in said road on the 21st have beeu yet spared to us. 
of June. 1834, the following estimate was present- Brain-work i.s vastly more exhausting than is 
ed by the Engineer, with the concurrence of the generally supposed. Brain-work is like the burn- 
Pn sklent and Directors: ing of u lamp with a large wick, by which the oil— r  uii. 





Street. Lonisx Kv. — MunltinildN 

Hampton’s Tinture at Home. 

H ere is another case of 

nu astonishing cure effcctnl in Lnuisville l y the , 
use of Hamilton’s Tiueture ami Ointment. Tlie case is | 



(jimitHii Bitter*. 

„ .7, . . ,, ,,,-1 1 , q«i  | »•  well known to many citizens, that the preservation of _ __ - . 

o . Yl \( DON A 111), BELLI • 1 the life and hemUh of the uentlcman namtsl is consifleieU Dr. C. M. JACKSON, Philadc.pai ' Pt-, 

4e Street, Louisville. Ky.— Macd.inaW- 


a marvel and a wonder. Hear his owu statement: 

My friends express their astonishment at meeting me 
intlie streets of Louisville. Jeffersonville, nr New Al- 
bany, where my business calls me daily, knowing that I 
had suffered a thousand deaths from a complication of 

wtu. xrrgcrr aiia ctac 

With all the modem improvements — acknowle«iged. as diseases of over twelve years standing — although I had 
a Kamil v Hcfrigcrator, to be une |Ualed, and to lie the liest mi dieal aid. who had held set oral consultations 

‘ ... ... over me, uniformly advising me that there were mi pos- 

1HE ItF-T VNf) l III. A PEsT ARTK'LL, AM* Tilt sihlc h“|ies for me, I must prepare to die. 1 had not 
MOST CONVENIENT. strength enough to hear one dose of medicine. At this 

„ , . st . Am, r 11 -■ stage of disease, nunila-rs of mv friends urged ups n im- 

For cooling and preserving Meats, Milk, fruits, to try Hampton’s Tincture and Obitment. I encinded 

«c., having J*cei\$d oomnicudations ofthenumui- i to do so, hut without faith. I »o« ii discov**re»i :»u iiu 
tuigruishcii Mcientmc men. and nrovpmenL which, with the use of the medirin**. ton 

Liver Complaint, lit -pepsm. Jnuiuliee. 


■ ' tv. Disease* of the Ki'incys, and all Disease* 

Highly Important to the Public. 

( t* III co,isC.|ils|,ve of the hlieral I’WrSi: age which 
hrr Iwii rfftiveil, and the for uii 

Improved Spectacles. 

Mr. SOLOMONS has determined to remain in Lcois- 
ville a timt* U»i.K* r. A* hi.** prt v e»|JUf » ■ 
:tlh»ir him hut * nh *n lim* to remain* tn avoiu 
.* oiiitu** , iit, Ik; wouht iwivisKr n 

I*fMCOr’* his Improved to uukv *n cany  *U. 

tiiiffuisneii Mctentmc men. ana ( provement. which, with the use of th** meilicinp, ton* 

THE riR 3 T PltEMIl'M AT EVERY FAIR tinued until mv health was entirely re^toivd. I fe!  a 

. . - . , little strength with which to do business and ventured m 

 Vherc it has heen exhibited Is for sale wholesale and jijtU* n o — fell into a deep hruisinc my Imdy 

ty. Diseases of the Kidnrvs, and ail Dis 
a rising from di^^rdeml Liver or ,Six»u«at*hs 
Such as 

Inward Pile*, Ful* 
n* 'S, or Bh od to the Head. 

Aridity of the Stomach, V:tUM»-a. 

ID-art huru, Di^irist for Food.PnUne*** 
or weight in the Sti»m:ich. ^otir pmeUticus 
Sinklnir, or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stoin 
ach, Swimminif of the Head. Iln rried fn) 1 

much, and fracturing the bone* of «nv legs. Attain ni ^ ffe^rt, l hokinr or ^otl 

iunetK*e»l the u^e of the Tincture and Ointment, and /S«t ^n!r en # 6- \ \ in ? 1 v 1Ui 

ewr weeks f.mnd in v*elf rest«*r»-il. free fn.m lintia*   of \ Umn. Dots of nd« before the M,ht, 

moon to IIK: ||f;)«t, __ - . — b ^ — 

Ebe Stomach, Nausea. New Discovery IOl-UjIT E ^ 0 

.■•ail  t for D'HNkDiUnrv*, ar a n L'i a 4 1 » o & . . _ „ _ _ 

Stomach. ^onr eructation M I V( IjKS, ( iKOl N I) ON 
•ring at the Pit of the Stout - ^ th  exact pri ^^Tj^f w ^ \ C eur icv d 

rr ^ *** tetu-turd opt'.o  ..• fr--m the inipre v,.i 

.? -he lie irt, t hokinr or Milfc- spectarle M »nuf:wtnn and London optica) 

Ana iu 1 ^ uni 01 mean* huouiiiicu me t xpeim 11 more biowiy, inrou^n me inusnes. uiikuimihi *nnnmr repumiiun, v.x,.i *..**-». ^ men 1 nna noe«|ii;u out in mat aoinary in. t»uceor joo 

1 ’resilient ,.f tbc board, $UMl,lKK», thecitv - tax lor 1 Wherca* the brainworker i* usually -closeted.” aU l , T.n «.«d icitlm Hkehlm. covered fr..ra hV»d t.» fed with 

• i , _ ,, , , we have said, willlic sent to any addiwu* on appiuauon grtevous tales auil running sores— it would lie the height 

18 was tncloucd: leaving, aixorelmg to tbc e-ti- ■ :tml generally works by gas „ r candle-light, which «• [mif] K. W . M ACDriN ALD. „f vanity in no- to pretend to tiie more than a tair. 

: ' 1 -' . a halaiHM 1 only 850.UIIM b aggravates the difficulty. The great increase of __ . r glimmer of what I consider their value to an afflicted 

tin i s thi i. a balau'i ol only $50.00W to hi oh aggravates the difficulty. The great iu cream of mjimptraTPU 

taiued from other sources to coiujilcte the work, insanity in our country may be attributed to ex- NEW CERTIFICATE^. 

Sec jxijicr li lilc»l herewith, attested Ly Jno. L. ' cessive train-work, to an over-active temperament, mm |{ SOLOMONS; SIR: TH 

Helm, Brc.-idcnt of meeting ef stockholders. sometime* can-ed by artificial stimnlanL. Tea. Iff l have derived from the S)iectacle* ■ 

Y our couiuiittce think that sheer justice ! coffee, tobacco, wines, liquors, opium, and drug- Joined from you, induce* me to express the pleasure 
requires that the President and Directors, when medicines, all tend directly to excite and cxhati-t have revived fre m them. They suit my «ght m adi 1 
, 1 . . . * -ta i ,i . i. . . , rRtion* h\ ('anulriieht a» H6 H hs aaj • i rt*.m wuu i 

they ask arista nee, not claimed a-- a right. nn*l the* nervous system. I'urentn commit a fatal error MBM , ^ W hen a hoy, which l could notch) with ai 
j.r  -ent a list of means relied on and scarcely suf- in pressing young children to hard study and con- other glasses l have u- d. Tours, uulv, 
ficient i to effect the object for which aid is asked, tinement t » illy-ventilated school-houses. A puny. j 0l ., sV „,,. ^ SHALL K ». 8 

NEW CERTIFICATES. w orhl: nor can I helit*\t that the u»o?*t ingcuioui* painter 

n / b 1 a x vr d h X- to tolD ! *l f in his loftiest of imagination, could 

^LM 1\ . lair .M 1 1 .\ N ] nln! I If I ‘a  lo justice to their merit* ami healintr ami re*tor«hliv* 

I benefit 1 have derived from the Spectadea o» - p« wei . They  avc$l my life; I therefor.* feel hound, in 

tained from you, induces me to expre * the plea^.n I ' m-«liciiu- /in justie. to -df, and in ju- 

have received from them. They suit my sight to *dmi- M, ‘ Jiftil,:lc d w.»rld. to make thfs Mateiuent am 

ration. h* candlelight as well h* day; l rend with the , . JAMES H. Ill OHE8, 

same eai- as « hen a boy, which I could not do with any J P SS u««u LontsvlBe, Ky . 

Fever and Dull t’aiu in the lieail. lietl 
ciency of l’erspiration. Yellow ness of 
*kin and Eve*, Fain in the Side, 
Baek. .’hest. Limits, Ac., Sud- 
den Flushes of Heat Burn 
ing iu the Flesh. Con- 
stant Imagination.' 
of Evil, and 
great depre-- 
s i o u of 

ai*- nt. No. 105, out Bond St.-set, London, e-tataished 
more than a century ago. 

• 8OL0MO 8, the sole inventor of the improved 

.spectacles, and tarious impru,cd t.las-ee, i, now on a 
professional visit to this place, and may he consulted at 
nis other. No. 7 1 Fourth -treet, ta-tweeii Main and Msr- 


lie has had the honor of attending the principal 
town, of the frilled Kingdom, where* he Baa experienced 
the most ffattering encouragement; and having been 
1 earnestly solicited to make a visit for a short time, he 
has the honor of announcing his arrival from London, 
with a most splendid assortment of his newly invented 

should, without hesitancy, plrelgc those mean- cx- delicate, 
elusively to that object, or withdraw their exhibit for thus 
of means for correction, that no erroneous inipres- 1 people * 
si on- may l»e drawn hereafter of their present in- life and 
tentious. ologj- - b 

More than $800,000 of the city's means have been Journal. 
contributed already to this work without any sen- . .. 
sihlc benefit obtained. Those means have been r ° 1 

delicate, sensitive, precocious race i* the |ienalty 
for thus violating Nature's law*. When will 
people study themselves — the laws which govern 
life and health — Physiology. Phrenology, Psych- 
ology tanly and mind • Humanity, Man 7 — I‘hr  , • . 

A Modern Cinderella. — T he Salut Public of 
Lyons, contains the following strange talc, the 

Louisville. Jan. 15. Is55. 

Mk. Solomons: p . inc compelletl to wear Spectacles, 

1 have never let'll able toget a pair hut what iu:ide my 
eves ache — I have tried a areal many elas-es. hut always 
failed, until I obtained a pair from you. I can sec by 
day or candlelight for any length of time, with the 
i greatest ease and eomfort. Mrs. Metis is very much 
pleased with her glasses. 

1 remain yours, truly, C. ” ELLS. 

No. 801 Jefferson street, next door to Pre-ton. 

Private Vledieal Treatise 


Physiological view of Marriage: 

UY  1. I). LA   ROIX. M. 1).. 

ALUM, K. Y. 


■ page*, and 130 fine plain 

and colored lithograph* and 

ju- I The proprietor, in calling the attention of the ptiMie and impi veii $|iectacle*. sueh is tbc superiority of 
and I c  ’ thi- preparation, din'- -o with a feeling of the utmo-t th---c P lume* , that i^-r-.n- hat ine inflamed or weox 
confidence in it* virtue* and Ulaptation re, the disease- eye* may instantly In- relieved by using them, and they 
y. for which it i.s reeommended. i posses- ihe property of preserving the precious orgm, 

It is no new and untried article, but one that ha* stood of eight to the luosl idvaned perod of life, while they 

the te*t of a ten years’ trial before the American people. 1 enatae ta»lh the old uid the young lo pursue the most 


preparation extant. The testimony In it* favor, given day and candle light. A* -even.! individual* in the 

preparation extant. The testimony in it- favor, given .lav and candle light. A* -everni individuals in lb- 
by the most tirenninen: and well known physician* and ' I'nited State* have proved their efficacy , he, with con 
individuals fn aflinirt* or the country, i* immense. lideuce, -oliciL* the lurtber fav«»r* of the public, w hid 
The following, from your own State, is respectfully tie will ever he proud t«« acknow ledge, assuring tho-e 

Lolisvilij:, Jan. IS, 1855. I fffTSeut fn 
Mr. Soi.omoss: Sir — When you first arrived in this parts of the l 
city . I called with Mrs. Beattie at your office, and pur Cheapest tamk ever published, 
chased four pairs of your Patent Spectacle*. AVe found and containing nearly double 
them superior to any we had ever used before. They the quantity of readiug matter 
realized more than w e could have expected. Vie can iu that of the 

plates. Price only 25 cent-. 

CySeut free of postage to 
parts of the I’nited States. 

, , ... ., _ . , . „ „ c .... ,ii on t-Aiiiiiiiutic it tie toiiii'i nun it must nave iieeit 

not be done, it the comiianv have a lew small , , 7 * . . . ,, , , 

debts nnnaid. from the repudiation of which the , ," U,lc ,. f, V'. l a rk !‘j-'.V s.nall and elegant 

en now see as comfortably as when a girl and hoy. 

uutry, is immense- rtdeuce, solicits the lurtber favor* of the public, which 

t State, is resj-ectfully- :ic will ever he proud t*  acknowledge, a-- II rill   those 
submitted, referring any who may still doubt to my who intrust him w ith their commands, that no exertion 
"Memorabilia.’' or Practical Receipt Book- for Farmers -hall he wanted on hi- part to merit their approbation, 
ind Families, it. he had gratia of all the Agent- for the Added to the advantages p. --. --cd by him ol amg pra« 
German Bitten*. lice in the Bye Infirmaries, and , the moot 

Principal Office and Manufactory, 1JU Arch street, 1 eminent Oculist-, hv which he has obtained a thoniugh 
Philadelphia, l'a. knowledge of the diseases of vision, he haa in his p*.s 

kt'iilire-Lv , 

IX I II I 111 K \ I *  1 1 moil t . 

Kv., S. j.i. tath. I*W. He will give reference to per-ons in Ihe United States 

J vmk* \V»Bix«i, Vancehnrg. Ky., Sept. 18th. 1*5-. He will give reference to person* in the I uited Stale- 
aid: "1 have used two bottle- of vour itermaii Bitters who havo found Uit great, -t ta li' Ut and ciunfaft from 
in my family, and am well please f wit^ them.” tlw use of his newly invent, d and improv . d spe, -aele». 

J. r. fcJ.W. Bxrrv, I’liiontowu, Ky., July 21, i'Sc.’. New Diwrnwerxr fnr neafiiAec 

aid: -Me have hearel of uiauv cures herfonued bv the ” eW Ul^COVery IOI uealueas. 

. . • ii- * *t — Jnd he jumiasl to ihe conclusion that the 

sue of the ci v * uii am. . , owner, having so small n foot, was, in all pmhnhil- 

And it would be difficult o assign a reason w hy cxtreinel  . lieBUtifal . He sh(lWC(l tll *. sh)H! f( , 
enough of those a^ts should n d :1 m mM to pay ^ ^ fri( . n(l(  an( , . 1 ,, )U . tintaIK . ( ,, - Wld ,. alI#Cll 

1 remain vour*. respectfully, 


AIRS. J. A. BEATTIE. Fourih street. 

Mr. Solomon* can !*■ -,-en at hi* office, on Fourth st., 
ta'tween Main and Market, over Kaymoud 4t Patton’s 
Drug Store. ja25 dim* 

Filty-CJent or Dollar 

It treat* on the Pysiology of 
Marriage, and the secret in- 
•trinities and disorders of youth 

ami maturity, resulting froraex- 

cesses, widen destroy the physical and mental powers 

J. Bxrrv, I’liiontown, Ky., July SI, 18te. New Di-rnverv fnr neafneoc 

saM: “Me have heard of many cun-* perform, at by the ” ew LU’SCOVery tor Uealuess. 

use of Dr. Uoottaud's tierman Hitlers, and believ. i» re. Tin- cot so t’ox, tvvuTOt i* an extraordinary , pow- 
te * valuable medicine. ’ er.ul, uew.y invented, -mail uistruiaeni. for the cure of 

Isaac Morton, Hartford. Ky.. July W. 1*Se. *«id: extreme case- „f il,- ,fm — , en’.ir, :v different iu make 

“ I lielie-ve vonr tierman Bitter* to be a valuable medi- j or construction from all otner*. -urpa-siug everythiua 

It giYc-.w vitiMiiCtlnji. _ [luit liaH )ttn or i»rol'iilily '•ver caii ^r«Hiucetl. Tlirv 

K. jAt KsiOv 4 1 »y \iiie. Ky.. V*v. m H!trk-4 t»» iDe cavity of tfir aid mav rril 

•*Y *ar Bitter^ takes well. an*l h;t= proved to In. ?. v%itliiu. without |»r and  *1114 ..f thr cokar 


II W. Chaney. MiUernburj.'. K 

. iK*t. l»)thv 1SV-*. ,aUl: 

is to*? ^kin arc not i^rcei^iUr. Tbt* pewen *;f iujj* vai 
aaltir iuTrnlM u ar» ■* » gn.ut a* t«  iy^tp defective hear 

j and disease!* arising from indiscretion, with i*laln and “Having sold vour Bitter- ^ »nif time. I fin*! it ha- of h :.* -t.upui , t * »i- aii.I naturai -Uit , and 
simple rates by which all person* can cure themselvt-.w given -atiwf action in every iastru « 

I without mercury, with tm muWi obienratiui^  •. m5 : • ■ • 

marriMSt*, its duties and disqualification)!, and their Nelson & Kihv\hi»s, Sa]v» a. Ky.. Jun«* ‘M* 1H51. ,r an 1 a  h  if-piuMv: tn** uni )    : ..ition t 

ws w mg   ■■ rm * simple rules by winch all persons can cure thcmselvt ' 

• • H.i ■ • without mercury, with tne author's ervation* o 

.▼dk i.n $ ni'ivr i  n ! marriage, it-* duties and distiiialiftcations. and th* ir 

k O. I-’!. 31 \ K K L I ^ I K Til’s 1 . Dh- remctlit s ; with colored lithographs illustratiui: ih 

^tcin iir. dkavrisx rA «rv« e ' ries at ev^r\ house in that street: and at length 

1 our commit lee wuulu for tnesc reason? report .. , • . . 

. .1 i- * . ,.x n , , lit  i »li. -covered n young work woman who hesitatingiv 

against the ordinance, hut would recommend that f . . • , ® ^ ^ . „ ,r.* 

i 1 • mi 1 Yaaii.-iiL mils , 4* v i   ^ confessed that tne shoe was ners. Ashe autici- 

the Louift\illc and Nashville raiLroa l tax 1« *r lodj A r . 

. . . , , ^.»v pat cd, he found that she was remarkably beautiful, 

hr It vua. and an ordinance to indorse the com- 1 , . J 

, , , wi -hi i U b, «..ewi ie • # i. • ♦ , and on inquiry he lea in o«l t hat her character was 

i»anv s hond» lor   IdO.oOu. lMivahle within twelve d o f . , ... , , 

1 * , . , • { *. #Ua !  • . „a #l „ 1 verv good. He fell in love with her, and, as Ins 

months, l e pa—etl: provided the Ircsident and • *v . , v ,, .. . , .. / , 

Director* of thin rtmd will pledge the asset* enu- P^ition* were honorable, the girl lurtened to 
mem tod in the PrendentV IctSr of 6th April, hlU1 ’ A few days.go theywere^nmmed.” 

'-•“•r «  I excluriyely re, th* «f . Tt|f . Wav TI1K Ejnum jgjamuM. Debt was 

western country. 

lK.*rly understood hy those whom they employ, and t hu* • Harhi ri Sc Rrsii, Paducah. Ky , M.»v I^ol,  ui«l: 

lo bear uo»-t di-tinctly at a place «»i worship, at Uit* bat. 

• »r any pu dic a-snuMy: tue unph asant sensation * t 
l *Uij{liig UHIJT4 iu thr car la cuturiy Tkiu* \ tr«l, and tho 
couccMtralioi) aU^nU to iitdividnam atilictrd withttw 

• in.ittiul m.daidy all Ihe assistance Urn* - 

deair cd. 

!iT. l.Ot r I|. iv. 

It eires oh* pleasure n* bear trsum ,h.u 

'lr. Sf.loiu,.,,. iii owt s. 1 tia\«-br* n uiok-rthe urcesa!- 
ty **f uMug «•! -Hi to rt .fidiug, espedaiy at nigbl, :uid 1 
and them t:«r be tter mlaptni t«» u»v tUmruitv than any 
1 !.:ivt tried. \ ll.\  \V M t.N v M. l „ 

Professor of Anatomy m the L« uis I uivcraity, 

Prrraarao. June 8, Isad. 

I am using a p.i,rof 'lr. and bud 

them very ct-mn»rtal4c I cheerfully :ald u»y name to 

the lust thirl v miles ol roml. 

of revision committee of Board of AMDnnvn 


The probata, amount for taxation by 
tin- Louisvill. arul Nashville Kail- 
road about - H0.944UO 

At 80 ,»-r cent, per 100. amount* to *181,1 

To !*■ deducted for insurance on 
bonds, - 303 

To lie paid by the eitv to bond holders. 5150,1 

Costs, collections, sales, and delin- 
quents, say ..... DM 

Probable amount of tax for 1855, • S14u,t 



A-stssm, a for 1*53. on account of tin* 

Louisville and Nashville Railroad 
tax, *161 .IS2 

Amount of net collections, • - *174,21   "0 

Leas the proceeds of the tax included 
and levied lor tie - laytuent of the 
interest on railroad bonds a* it re- 
route- du -, and which does not be- 
long to the company, - - - aS'-OOu to 


Amount of collections reionging to 

the company, tm." 17 

Cost of collection fraction over 3*i 
p r cent ■ A - -ea-uieut for leol — Man 
accouuL ...... *213, PW 

Deduct per centage allowed lax 
paj'ers, ...... 5,641* 

Assessment, - - • - - sa)*.340 

Aoiount of net collections, - • tlT?,kl. 51 

Maloney has yet to pay a*«out • - d.nOO 00 

*185,*17 51 

Let* the proceeds of the tax retained 
saute as above, - • * . • *30,0fd 00 

Amount of collections net for the 
company, ...... *55.Hlt 

. . Created. — T he following show* the way in which 

‘ ' the monstrous national debt of England lias been 
,nu, n - created : 

Thirty -six millions went in the revolutionary 
war which brought William of Orange to the 
uq throne of England— twenty million* were bor- 

♦lM.taw rowed, and commenced the national debt, 
to moo .Sixty-two millions in the war of the Spanish 

. 1 Succession, from May 4, 17"2. to March IS, 1713. 

SI 50,000 Thirty-two-aud-a-ha!f millions borrowed. 

Fifty-four millions in the Spanish war, from : Market amt 'Jefferson, where he is now prepared again , 

October 23. ITS!*, to April 3*», 174." .PIT vvcilty-nine t * do all kinds of 8ilk and Fancy Dying. ... 

•I,. ^ . 1 ‘ M J \ The ladies ami gentlemen ot Louisville and vicinity 

millions oorroweu. _ _ are resiieclfully invited to call at my new store if they 

wiomsat u.__ ] — - i 1 lie uiuies ami geuucuieu *». wiiubhik uuu , immj 

*140,000 millions borrowed. _ _ are resjiectfully invited to call at mv new store if they 

ORD. One hundred unit twelve miliums in the Seven wish to have tneir Ureases, Shawls, Caias, Bonnets, or 
Y ears’ war. from Juno 9, 1756, to the peace of C.iat*, Pants, Vests, fcc.. dyed and finished in asupe- 
i, -. L', re. _;n; „ . v. nor style and manner, l.rapc 8hawls, Kid Moves, and 

lari*. February l 1 , 1,68. ,-lxly millions bor ^ gentlemen’s Wearing Apparel cleaned ami neatly 
I rowed, | dressed. 

’ 16" “1 rine hundred and thirty-six millions in the l ’. 8. All work sent to my store will l« done in the 

fo HUMBUG, I.IKi: OTHER By AffiliritT *f rf Gwniffi 

M place*. Fr. Wcihe, Silk and Fancy Dyer, has re .r. , 

ived hi* Dying Establishment to Filth street, ta-tweeu “PORT frAI^ ES AC AE.fc.lVIY” 

irket and Jefferson, where he i* now prepared again XUiWA XX.V/XXA/X.1TA A 

do all kiuds ot Silk and Fancy D  mg. B a a 

'hr ladies and gentlemen of Louisville and vicinity lidl II I » • 

: respectfully invited to call at my new store if they oi-nannincin n ivivre t(l 

vlt to have tneir Dresses, Shawls, t'a| cs. Bonnet*, or IBlHL 1)8( II \\ I.N(« \f - 
at*. Pauls, tests, 4tr.. dyed and finished in a supe- ccuted from the Commissioners the agency and 


F AM I L V PH YS 1 C. 


M public dem tud for an eff e e - , 

live purgative pill which eonhl ■(firr'c 
rem d on a.* sure and prrtectly lk ffitac 
-ate iu it* operation. This h.i* 'N 
oeen prepared to meet that de- J from the Commissioners the agency and 1 '**cn prepared t ■ meet that dt 
igeuient of the Fort Oaims Academy Lottery, has aiand. and an extensive trial oi 

estataishtd the principal omce at Atlanta,   a.. and in- 
tends to conduct the Lottery on the same plan as that oi 
the Southern Military Academy Lottery , of Alabama: 


pal office at Atlanta, Oa., and in- 

fill lie done in the 

. - r i — , , ' .. ,  . time promised, and at the shortest notice. 

American war, from 1 . . -4 to the i eaee ol lan*. 1 F. kVElil K, Fifth i 

November SO, 1782. One hundred and four mil- 
lions borrowed. 

Four hundred and sixty- four millions in the . 



An-1 one thousaud one hundred aud fifly-nine .. _ ' each «lrawinRe and paid Bdieniine* withouidwl'u-tinn; \ ‘i'i r- vnH.*n m ilic v. iU « to nion tuai. t • ‘ 

Wholesale and Retail, by M 

loJuuol^, 1815. liircc hundred and eighty- NATHAN WTIITE. 1 ... • f | reviou«ly eXiMUni; o: sirucU »n f»r nt Hi th. 

54 t*iirht millions bt*rrowcd, aud seven hundred and . ; } *]'' •• • * J’!!!! ♦ n,w ' h. i«ur«*ty v^uuiife, do h:»rin t un nnsc ' 

-r. •~|’| hiy-di" iniliio.i* rai-.l by tax. ... No._7- Foil rib street, Main ami Market. . J £ 

KEpSCONSl yXTL Y ON HAN D j : . !; 

sweet potato Houri-he* in great perfection -and * *S T E :.££SLlt ri . t .-j' xvaluut RSSBNI^^ S Prize* »f xim.og Uie coinpuiiu* mv. ben »p* b 

* e»en m Xcw Jersey and Long Island, by the aid n .. fflWfftSf*-,, - ■ 

of a hml bed, good crop* of excellent quality may Hole suitable for household put I ^,1 *1 Prizes In all, amounting te. • - *-JW •- ..| Api* i t c , List-.-ue-s, Irr.t • mity . it.  . ■ .- ‘ 

* be obtained. In \Y e-tern New York they some- JJm're udded't’verv’kiud "f Spriug and other Mattrrua ty ikuly ten thousiind numbers- » .let I.n h.oi* f-'ier. ». v ir and tguc. i' ■ m t. . 

, times do well on very light, worm soil*, but „ n ^ 'ZniT Vier, ** Tickets, halves, *5: quarters, *2 50. 'k ^ 

general thing iheii quality is rather inferior.. ; Cotiain- F annture. Ac.. all of v.Tii c ), » ,n t . OU iparc la- I ■*" ,J , {,i^ t , p,i‘ linU at pjr ‘ * l ° ‘ \\ .«'nt,tne  auvrei pvu.|a ami *ure relief inc—'.v.-... *-. f 

One cause of tin- is-and happily it i* one which t V.Tneta the v lew's of n ureb'^ra U Wil1 '* * M 2.* ' 8AM EL gw AN. Agent and Manager. nh- 4 olio. Dysentery, Mumor-, 8e,..fula and viiriv . f 

, ... . , . i i . _-i to meet me view* oi purenasers apP dly. ...a ..a ._.V ,S »•«!...,» i;..,.r.ri. ’ v ola*. wunsoreuvssui the i*hiv . i i.;er* mil iuinumv , 

Between Market and Jefferson. 


its virtues ba* conchl-ively -how u 
with wfutt success it accomplish- 
es the purpose designed. it is 
easy to muse a Physical Pill hut 
uot easy to make the liest of all 
Piter— one * loch should kite i 
uoue of the objections, hut all tin- 

To re drawn May 24th. 1455. in the city of Atlanta, 1 advantage- of every other. Thi* has Iren attempted *• .' t 

Ueorgia, when Prize* amounting to I here, and vntlj w inn success we would respectfully -u. - 

• sen nna - 

u-t/ $OU.UUU . jjW. • ,iic putieui- hitlierto taut ahu. -t every purg ittve ui"d 

Will I* distributed, according to the following magnift- ^ :i Ti«nv iirihVm' '.‘J . 1 I Uv^i 

| each draw ing, and P*W when due, without deduct,..,.; i 

I 1 Prize of .... - I $»rutliice do irntAtioii or cum* uuk*«s it rr« m a *  »e^J 4  

j I do ... * | invvitiiwly existing otMtrucUon or dtrmiii;eiut*iit m thi • 

; 1 * ,,i • J JJ i 

; I d*  • • • • • I .r^oi tlieir u« * iu Aiib •|iiui«ut  ; but ii b U;u.r ti&at j 

1 do • 

1 d«* • • • • • I (or their u.v in tne aein-nl itiitiMei to » bich Ur  { *1 i 

1 do I*!**' I are applicable arc ±,ivcn on tin l* x. • 

6 Prize* of • aiuuuK Hie atui|iUiiiH h inch havt- been ifrcdilv ! 9^11 

I 1“ do .-%.%• a »   "    ured v il»«*m* w» iu;i  iih i.Ihui Livt i i'..u k i id ■ 

: % urioua lurufeB of .laui.OiCe, LauRUor an*. 

#***suuc I „»*$ ..t ApivtiU:* LidteMiitM) lrraui»uty, iii)Iiou» 
i iieadach*.*. mdiouM Pev«r. Kereraml Afrue. Pain in tne 

New \grk. June 4, W&O. 

H i\ m s ota«Ic .a iria! »*f 'Ir S’lfUi' D-i ^pectacie^ atd 
eiBOiiucil the ptiui'ii#* «»u which they ;urc OR^trmcted* 
i have no Iu -n iu pf^n«*uu«ri»i; them Mlprriof Iu 

unv with which I aiu a«  |*iai!it«  ). tml jcoTiiiugiy c;in 
.in.Ht checrtuly rccuBimeu*! them to ail who u««u uruh* 
cIbI :tid in iu*pn vi!Y( iheir vim. in. 

t ll.v . A. LEE, M. D-, 

ProftiMsf ff Pitholofv and BiIfiu Mehica* *renecm t 
Uuiiaio and B »«doio 1 d)ecc. 

LorTSVIILE, tK-t- Kr\. 

Mr. .HoU moB» ha  furni-h— t iue with my fii^t pair of 
They appear au»Y$er the parpo.'H* very well# 
.u l ocr.oiuii n * u.. v aline ^ t * the eye* when used. Ti.b 
ttreiiuifiiy of ••ther ine«lic.:) M ei:ticu*en ol n**nce ou 
the uiattcr very conclusive au«l hrm «*f these aitidM. 


fnffMOr of 8, Ky .  vuooiof Medicine* 

I hare matte trial* fora abort time*, of Mr. feloaoi^ 
and I am much pleased 1 1 til them; they reuurr 
v im »:» verv i{i«kirn t, and vkj p«*.4 r to feti^ac the eyes le 1 ** 
than the |tZMe$ I have heretofore use«i. Tfeae m need 
• «f artificial aid in this respect wiildo «cUt »caUoh hiin. 


Prof. O hfe lrif»i I m verity of Louisville. 

| I Lave this mornin? \aimn* -d .Mr. S»)omoi:4*tjU»#c4; 
I and hav inir* f**i the lad tw# years, RiaUe the of 

l the eyes my *tu«ly, I have u*» hesitancy iu  u  me to 
^ llioN* who need^«*s» that they Will hnu them a supe- 
  nor article, w ell adapted to all age*. 

Hiveu uu*kr my hand thi* -^l thy of Oct#»fw*r, 

L VAf fc , ». D-. iKuti-d, Louisville* Ky. 

5^1 Prize? In all, anu» anting t * - • 

53^* t uly ten thousand numhers* 

S ijP Tickets, $lo; lmlveih ^5; tjuartorM $J 5 y 1 

IsOCIvvii le. Oct 23. 1-04 

have r \axniu*d Mr- Sdom mV and although 

ive been osiBm  i*ect n leM for the last six yean* 1 
them Mpervir tv# any 1 have u»ed so far- 
1 v cxi uim» r mv inuxd ihBmM tliiy of •Vttfeer, l’W. 
317 dfe r. P- 9LATTEK\, m. d 

Cost of collection.', fraction over per cent.. One cause of this iw — and happily it is one which 
making f«»r rust of collection f*»r two vears an av- can be easily avoidctl the land is made t**» rich 
emipe of al K nt 7J4 per cent. * with put res ■.•cut manure*. Scientific invest iga- ' 

Amount | aid the mad as follow*: lions have  hown that rich nitrogenous manure- 

Net collectjon  for INSj, - - - lessen the proportion of sugar in the sugar beet; 

Net collection* fori'-ai. • * *155,?!. M and it i  i probable that the sweet i*otat » is similar- 

Less Muidry small ciiarge», • •  #e . 7 ** *■ n# , , 1 , ^ 

K5V7l^76 Iv affected. \  e w«»uld recommend the trial of 

Amount «.f payments made in l^SShy siir erphosphate of lime applied in the hill as 

t»S “ymMafumd; l.y citv in ^ l ‘ k ^/ «? itnjirovc the quality ol the sweet potato. 

l*5t on la-iMUDt of Ai"X:indvr a tk- _ . The first step in the culture ot sweet potatoes is 

fakatiou in 1952, .... jj, i-ij|o t ) get the sprouts. Our corre*|x»nileiit cau prob- 

' | .t ut, HK  auonl pi  iiii*t aixl *urc rvin 1 in c* -! ivrn* *., k 
(• i*ik'*. t "lie, Dysentery, Humor*, 8i-re fula auU s. urvy, ' , 

i "111.-, wun soieuv— oi tile i*miv . I leers ami iuqainiv | , . , 

Amount of payments made in 1*52 la 
I’.tDii ruy md Alexander, 

Amoi'tit of paj ui  als made liy city in 
l*')! on account of Alexander's  k- 
falt ation in 1852, .... 

with putrcsient manures. Si-ientifie invest iga- J GAS LIGHT. 

lion.* have shown that rich nitrogenous manure- 

lessen the proportion of sugar iu the sugar beet: gi a ^ 8' 5 /i^  

•and it i- pi' b ibli: that the -weet potato is similar- WA* I* I I I MlffiCwMa 

ly affected. YVc Would reeoiunund 1 he trial of |X liUSONS K E Cl 1 I R I N(»  »\!S 
go««l superphosphate of lime applied ill the hill a.* Q I'ii* *.  «a- Burner*, and Chandeliers put up, arc 
likely to improve the quality of the sweet potato, invite l to call on u-, even should tltey prefer to give 
The first step in the culture of -wee. ,*datoe.* i.- ^U^^iluVmo^y mtbei?V'^Wet*WXing': ,,r ‘ CeS ’ 
to pi tlu*  pr«»ut-. Dui correspondent cau prob- TJic public a re at *kcd to take no one’s assertion to 
ably obtain them from the seed stores iu New the contrary until Uiey have ascertained fur tium- 
Alderman liurton, by leave, presented a rejsirt York. They are raised by planting whole inda- rjirc’all attlie NOVELTY WORKS, 

from the Citv bugineor uominuting for a-, i status toe- about six inches ajwirt in a hot bed. in April. ja3l dlf Main st., bet. Kightli re Ninth. 

' 8 \M( EL s\V IX, Fg.-nt «n'l Manaccr. I • **' -. t "tie. Dysentery • llmu- r-. Sci'.lul , and - art 
«■£ dkrtil Atlanta, Georgia. , ookls, wun soreues* ol me i*«iv . I i. ,r, and impun . 

’ _ I oi tne Mood, in -la 'M, any unit every case w here a I’lii 

_ _ — - _ c 


lYTn dd*i 

*• — At J % 

Cor. Maui and rilin '!'•• 3.v$teiu (or the ctiaugc »»i r ‘dik o$. Au ui'caxioudl 

L01ISV1LLK, KKNTL('K\ . j iuU rc^tvre^ tile appetii*. an«l \u »r. Tney purity i 

re v , v ur . r van tv CX 4 W* 


. dkry. Hardware, UarueM Xountingw, Tranks, and 



I vH I H COMPOUND 1 ll\vr 

l-rovt l hy h practice *»f mure than twelve year*. 
if!«| it ibh e*. trr pr#*v • rttiicacUrifc* in Uh* rure ui •: i«k*.»sr* 
it»r wiiirix it 19 roo.-OAU* ii*l* *u wixt-n- th**r»* w .#^ tuy 
u#»pc. M. L. LEU Is, 

Market *t., ftl fecond aa«l I’Uird. 

Jovzasov Co., Ky., March, 

1»n Ltwt^-I takr girai.pfeiA.wuni in inlonuiug yo^ 
.hat 1 consider y#*ur Enemi «»nc vt the ' 

ext now rtnrrvtl t#  the i-uMic, 

Aiiy t » aituctcii i* u*ak*3. k’or iuy wiir ii h:u wurM'd 
•v#»mlen afu r a long axol tcilioV» tna) of three yeara 
w ith #*thcr UietficiiiC’*- A Her »ln? Ha#l k«eromc n urti «)«- 
HiUattal axuI trout the long coattuucvi 

Ujt» #»f u**el*. ss «iru.'-, j»ne rr^ortetl 10 your Mt»Uxerw 
Enen«L iu connection with other rrcwripUtM wuxcfi 

’th l I" ^m'^i rn'wd i r fCfWOHlCUiil !- TlU l* -he rdUtmUCU lof A ,h..ft 

.'• the .lomuchaint Im»w«U into he Ait 1i  action, » ngt h «*f tiu;» when »h e recovered, am) uu« enjvya the 
im) rcvtorc^ tnc Hi-pA tUt anU vigor. Tney |drUy IL J „f g, MH | heaRh. mdc «#i mv ncighhvis *no waw 

,|. , od, a'nt, by tre.r stimulaiit action on ttjc cirruUtorv I . lt ffieted i„ a maani t similar to tuat a my wile, took 

, renovate tlie -ireugtb "f tue body, and rest 

Coach Trimming!*. 

I aui now receiving my fall “tuck, which will l c the 
handsomest am! l»c?*t -elected stock of pHHh iu my line 

ilence an occasional dose i- adv antageous even tliougb 
,t   -o rioit* derangement exists; l ut unnecessary do.iog 
sauttld never l* carried tmi lar, a* everj purgative un - 

the -anie article, and it produced a ni".l wondertal and cure- ll sb“UUl i*r found in every 1 .unite . 

.- a m n. Womack. 

New .Uilvt. 

David t'. St' nos nnd 11. I’ott*. 

Iu about month when the first sprouts tire throe 
or four ini'lie* high, they are scporatotl front the 

. . lyitw It ante Hhe » iwp e B W t ion | ond: it replcn- _ . . 

ishes t he spirit*, the elasticity and vigor which || KT1 ' VE\K 

the last six days have drained away, and supplies * _ w 

the force which ie to fill the six day* succeeding: CONFECTIONARY^ AND ICE-CREAM SA- 
and in the economy of existence', it answers the   LOON. _ JEFFERSON STREET, 
same purpose as, in the economy of income, i.- an- Between F'irst and Second streets, 
swered by a saving bank. IS NOW PREPARED FOR THE 

The two boards met iu joint session, when the ■ parent tuber, mid planted out in hills, leaviti 
following person- were duly elected to fill the sta-  tlur -boot* to follow for successive planting* 
lions designated: They are planted in hills about four feet apar 

Superintendent Louisville Marine Hospital — YY’. and’ must have clean culture .— Country U.*th 

A. Hundley. man. 

Resident ^Graduate*, Louisville — Dr*, b . M. Me- l^vsit'Ai. Benefit of Sindav. — T he Sabbat] 
Cabe and s. A. Hazard. . is God’s special present to the working tuan, and 

Attending 1 hv-ieian-. Loui-yille 'lariiie l j” s l n , m e of it* chief objects i* to prolong his life, nnd 

J*|~Drs. N. B. Marshall, David YY . Y andeil, and p rt ., orVL . t .fTicient hi* working tone. In the vital 
$vN. Hub- . . svstera it acts like a compensation pond: it replcn 

Attending Mirgfoti* at Hospital —I r.*. John , ishen t he spirit*, the elasticity and vigor wliici 

Bartlett, 1 . G.UK-hartlson. and .1. Ivies. 1 the last six dav.» have drained a wav, and supplic 

  oii-ult mg l by.-ician.* at Hospital— -I rs. . L. iJ| C force which is to fill the six days sttccecdin; 

Lwing. Lc"i- Rogers, and .la.-. \\. Kuigiit. and in the economy of existence, it answers th 

Lous ui ting  urgeuus at Hospital —Drs. 8amuc purpose os, in the eeonomv of income, i* an- 

D. Gross, Loleseott, and Joshua B. Hint. *wercd l.v a *avin * l«ank 

Trustees Louisviljc Marine lb.*pital-l)r*. Ben- The Inan ” who as *.de a pound a day. 

jaiiiin^J. luipiiacl, Uoina« *^hauk-, uxl  \ iliuiui 11. an( j aao ^Ker pound next luonth. and who in a quiet 
irrniiigcr. n . . . wav is alwav* putting iiv his stated pound froi 

' 1 '* n a ' tcni lrtl1 '' r - Benjamin - . time to time, when ho grows old and frail, gel 
L ail ireatu. not only the same lxmuds back again, but a goo 

J nysietan YY estern District Dr. John J.  peed. wany „' , rc lM?ridp . * An(l the eomcieutious mai 

_ . . ... . !'/. Al :T ,, ' r , who husbands one day of existence every week- 

I u-*t Ward— I r. E. D. vv eatlitr.ori. who, instead of allowing the Sabbath to be Iran 

. et-oii'l vL ard—1 i\ t.ilpm. pled on, and torn, in the hur/y and scramble i 

Third \\ ard— Dr. I.vle. life, treasures it devoutly up— and the Lord of th 

i^r'i'vi- . i', ii m ar ' ia ‘ Sabiiath keeps it for him, and length of days an 

\ ^  r / 1 !: I 1 : Tl * om l^n. a hale old age gives it baek with usnry. The Ss 

8.xtli Y\ ard-Dr E. 1  8ta,.dif..rd. vings Bank of human existence i* the weekly Sat 

: ‘7‘- ,r - -Seeley. , bath.-Abrf* liritUh JferiV ,r. 

F.ighth \\ anl— Dr. A. Y . Brewer. | 

Onanyain to t be Wurk-kmue— Oa motioo, the ,\s Oi.d .Man's Smr.- Aw ]; :i !ian bi*h  
election wa* postjioned. straggled througli great difficulties without 



tur* r, No. 4^ ChaUiani siri'et N»*w York, *»uccot*sor 

other Aoo to to follow for .ueceaMve planting,:; V-', V -lJ ^ U . L V^ 1 r 

ti .. ..... •si.intdwl f.nir tWt -marf m turer, N« . Cs Chatham street New York, *uccc*aor 

liu k \ arc pl.mtCu in ni.l a xut lour I t apart, ©f lVter 4k George Loriliard, t»tfera for sale all kind* of 
and wurt hu\c c*le:«n culture . — lountry (r*nt/f Si utf rikI Toluccox in general use. Tor particulars, a 
ntau I'ricc Current can be oldaineii by atlilrcs-Miig as above. 

• — Thi* establishment U one of tbu oldest of the kind In the 

Firrsic’ At. Benefit of Sunday. — T he Sabbath L'nited State*. febtuiy 

R emoval, s. d. choate has, 

to No. So Fourth street ja!2 dtf ! 

ti. sti;ve\«, 

Bridle Leathers: 
Hal-new Leather-; 
Hog Skin*; 

Calf do; 
tioat do; 



Coach Laces; 
Coach I.auii'*; 
liultar oil Cloths; 
Axles and Bamls: 
Trunk Board*; 

.Morocco Skin*: 

Patent do: 




Kiditic Whip*: 
Buggy do; 

Mason do; 

Eliptic Springs: 
Harness Mountings 
Trunk Trimmings; 

V't.v " eighcr Charles Y\ . 1’opc. ing, and met with much opposition without even ; i* i', !i t'iVj , I ’! Iw-li'i n'. 

un iMipt] ii 1 1 1 t*r t **v \\ is*) I n ^cY’i'nth W iril .Tiio i ,i i • J. . .  *t abK Wi cjk r^ iiibi ( of )*t*iii \illc jib l Hi* * »• *j • n* 

ui* numrar} vv a; liman . ntDin vv aru an. betraying the lea.-t iini«tieii -e. An lntumitc ing counties, that be is still in the city, and, in coime- 

way is alwav* putting by his stated pound from “Pin u style equal to any Easteni establishment of the 

S' - , , , , . saute kino, and the fast of waiters to attend to the 

time to time, wuen ho grows old mid inul. gets wants of those who may favor him with a call. His 

not only the same pound* back again, but a good Cream will always lie feesh from the dairy of Isaac P. 

many more Ixwidc. And the conscientious man.   P iW 

who husbands one day of existence every week — ^IVPITOL HOTEL \\D REST \l - 
who, instead of allowing the Sabbath to be tram- ^ it ANT. Northwest eon.Vof Third ~ * 
pled on, aud torn, in the hur/y and scramble of and.Hreen streets. 

life, treasures it devoutlv upland the Lord of the We are daily receiving fre h Shell Ovs- 
-..tamrit keep- it for him, and length of day- and , ^ h ^l^„^im^. t ’^e*tu '■ ' 
a hale old age give*? it back with u.-ury. Ihe  a- j rant, ns u^iiaL i* well snpplicf! with every delicacy of 
vings Bank of human existence i* the weekly Sab- the season. [apl»] 8ATTERWHITK A. UKUiltS. 

_ _ “ 

K. .9. Vt I, i n won. 

An Old .Mans Seckkt. Au Italian bishop wv/inop IMll'TI’H ivn OPFIJ \ j Tieren. 

struggled through great difli ultio* without repiu- |4 UI{SI * OULII.K AM' 

„.;.i. .....1. j: .: I teffi T I NO VETERINARY 81 ROEON, inform* th.- 

* Mai. Iron, &c. 

IN ARY AND ICE-CREAM S Also, keeM constantly on hand a general assortment 

V. JEFFERSON STRFFT of Faildlw, Bridles, Harness, and Trunks. 

. rtvr.r. l. \ u All orders promptly attended o* at the shortest 

First and Second streets, notice. »p2l drew 


■ oa*o:,. to supply anj ■!. maiul* in his line for Wt-d- ImDrOVea lalgntlllllg XVOQS, 

lings. Parties, or Halls. Hi* Ice-Cream 8 aloou is fitted a ■  - «• n 

:qual to any Eastern establishment of the j ith Solid Nhcr-1 IntPfl 1 oint. , Mold 1 l. 
nd the ta *t of uaiters lo attend to the ‘ m u'fir I IV R L' 1 *il»I.’t ’T l-’I ’ I I \' IV. 
who may favor him with a call. Hi- I "» l LI) Kfc.SIIJ llll.l.l IN- 
vay» l»e f^esh from the dairy ot Isaac P ■ form the public that I continue manufwcturiru: my 
iffld improved Lightning Kods, with solitl - lv« -plated 
angular points, gold tipped Tii- iperior 

)L HOTEL AND REST A l*- V any that have ever i*een brought la-fore tlie public 
v , 'rv.'.i * for their attractive qualities- Those buying to sell, ainl 

Nnrthwe. t tonter of Third : the trade, cau ! e accommodated t y me a* et, ipa.*l  

. 123,,.-..:. « .... i ct.ii .... ' UHV .Uher manufacturer, and get a belter article. 

re-' living fre-li . hell  i\-- l'er-mi* btiving at a distance, and • rd ring K'*i* to 

* iV m’ t V.' rt ’V. put up ttiemselvo*. v. ill get |«rinte l direction*. -• that 

longer d  uta wliut retneity lo employ alien in need ol a 

caluaitic medicine. 

being -ugur w rapped, they are plea-ant to'take. and 
ne-uig i'ltre-iy vegetaoie, no norm can ari*e troui ttieir 
use in any quantity. 

LxT For uiiuute directions, see the wrapper ou the 

fREPXRfcl' BV 

,1 A M E 8 C. A Y E R . 

Practical and Analytical Chemist, 

1’ricc 23 cents jier Box— Fire lh.xe* f..r $7. 

V Y E R S 



Lorwviu.1, Kv., 13&4. 

i Ps, Lswis — IX a r sir: I cannot withhold uiy tesci- 

atony •* t" the value of your Mother* Irrml. It haw 
*-en used freely in my family in di,tr--*iBg ."inpUmt*. 
uol always with the beat eiiects. It is ilevidedty th.- 
iuo*t valuai'lv medicine for female muipUint* geue- 
rally 1 have ever know*. W .M. C. fA\L *K 

VVoRTRINr-TO*. Ind, 1854. 

! Dh. I.rwts— I have -old for the lad two year* your 
| fenak uioliciitt* calfeti tl»c Mt)iht*r  Ineml* axid * W'* 

i - Sold in art!. 1, that save ta tter ..r more general *»t- 

i isfacUon- *• *• -LADK».w». 

SaLFW. Ind-. 1854. 

' Dr vR Fmm-Th,v Vtfer ha* ta-en received, and it r» 
with plrn^UTV that 1 errtify t • thft .t»»«l thr ffiorUi that 
;hv preparation call, d the Mothers’ Friend stand* with- 
I ml a rival iu medicinal practice. 1 hw*« u*e l tU and 
i it?# riTrcti mrpHii ;u»v preparation r, f that orlvr 1 ev*i 
an in tho*e tiistre-sstug and weakening ill -eases lo 
j ahieh the -ex i* Hatae. It quiets the* i agitation. 
1 vnd restore* the natural secretions. Tarrelore I cau 
mfelv recommend it to the special attenwow uff my fe- 
' male friend* everv where, relieving tlwy . will ttnd it *. 
) friend indeed. DK. j. TUl kBUWli. 

( oimii^.  0 I 1 K. 31 on v**vm 

_ _ _ . a • _ m - a - rj, • ,PD' ■' WV-rr, i« rVID - -hr  te ill dill it 

Broil 4* It 1 1 1 ta, W hooping- 

C'on^h, i roup. Ahttmin HmMMvau. July, Kd 



M it*. If -itch notoriety for it* cure* of everv- v iri.:t | ‘Il.'i'V'li r’v •• tmt' ,-t. "toSS^^I 

As there are persons puttim; up IL-mJs, uu  1 repr* w^iit- io rec«mut the »*\ ideiices « f its virtues in any eommun- 
inn; them tot*** vf my make, auil are not. I wuuM rt— ity where it has Uen eiuployetl. wide i* the field oi 
•]Uest such persons as m ant a rocmI article t«  a-k f»»r its lb* fitlnes-*, ami no niiuxeruiis the case  of it«* cures. 


Interpreter City Court — F. Jacob. 

friend of hi?, who highly admireJ thoee virtues uuence of the severe whiter, a creat many horses ar»* 
wii wh hn thiniirlif inirMi^ildiA tn iniitnt#*  ,no tl-iv «ck nii«l out of order. Those wishing Ins services will 
winch tic in ugut mipos* ibio loiuntati, n_ ii.i\ do well to give him a call. lie is prepared to Nick ami i 


_ , i i i’\' ii * 1 i * " f 51,1 ;,f ;i v  r  i-' 

1 ‘ UJitRUIlIlh L IlKMtit. . A'* then- persons | nc tip K , 

ig them to l*e of ray make, and are not, 1 would re- ity w here it has been employed. wide i * the fleUI of " K 1 ’ 4UK ' 1 * ' nt* KD'V \ i; r J 

nest such perso na as want a good article to ask for j it  up« I'ulnes-*, and •»«» Diuner«»us tlie cases of its cures, , * 0 

Smith's Solid Silver-Plate A Mi i’lar Poi\ is, tiOLD that almost •* very section   f the country thouml* in I’Hika^TD J 

ipprd.* HBNKY M. SMITH, pt-rsous publicly known, who hare K* .*u restewed from - . ^ 

Manufacturer and Original Inventor, klarumii: and even desperate diseases of the lungs bv m ..f %iTi h -■ ’* i.mtiV ,i 

Jeffer-on street. Iwtween Third and I'otinh. . its use When once tried, iu superiority ovenver  Hied the Mother- »n«fi»dtp ■  Um  , aa 
mr5 rifewam 1 other medicine of its kind is t.n. apparent to escape ob- , ^ f ^ w^l^fe^l^Sd ^ 

nervation; and where it- 

I X T MONHARR VI ,-NO.  6 HF I H no r h- »’ :• " R : ani .-l -t -. .]• . • t .* ' Ykf • . 

n T. MONHARR VT, .NO. 7(5 FIFTH no longer lie.-itate what antiilotc toemiJoy for the  11- 
• »t re 

la* Comoanv. will civ in* attention to the sale and r: ", . 1 '. l 1 ! V '' * ! . . , : 7. .V , r' 

DK Ki V. VK!aMW| 

1 H a g Li 

■ to Ui ' -Oi * it l* -lie . : : 

 f nu Ki.-wh-tlge '  r weaklv f  n -■ u. t  ^ffi 
thoac who are afflicted at what i* termed the dial 


iu formidable attack* upon the lungs, tut for thr milder 
-] varieties of CoM*. Cough*. Iloameuc**, 4tc., aid for 
ii Children, it I* the pkasuntcM and aafest ntificiui' that 
can re oUaineit. 

_ kail Ims tong been in constant us,- througl 

, v section, we need not do more than assure the ; e«ple 
gf its quality U kept up to the liest that it everhaahcvn. 

•I. A. A. Knikiehl. 


womk Mahoaanv, Oak. Cherry, and Wain 

trK *V, ./ . _ . . . * Most willingly,*' returned the bishop: **in what- 

Alderman Harris, from Revision Committee, maile C ve r s Ute I tun. 1 first of nil look up to heav en, 
the following req-jrt, vvlnth was concurred in and , ftU( j remember that my ]  ri n-t jm.1 rm-ine** is to get 
a _ . . . there. I theu look duwn on tlie earth, nnd call 

... " , alil| |. aw *, |, e ,»eiiat.l *l to conduct the prosecution trt ~ ir1i N 

T.^li cTwWn^^lJefsrsd^ £&£** a‘?d dtpitoi^ Soldier* ^XTKSiuiTofo j ' ^Wl l.DL^ " BKire"' 

tu Co.”uveiy Stable*, will lie attended to. ap* dtf j ^ U U* wh?l5v7d in Vhe ’wa/of 1M2,* ml'tlfo^' wfo. ..... .. ... ^ 

The Committee on Revi-ion. to whom was re- to , 
ferred the petition of Thus. ('.Coleman nnd others, w j |( 
in regard to the grade ol‘ First, Second, and Brook t | 1( . 
streets, at their junction with I'ultoi. street, rejvort j n , 
by resolution. j j e 

Kc*oiced by the Hoard of Aldermen. That the oUr 
City Engineer   e directed to rejwrt h iw the pres- p av 
eut grade will affect the buildings on said streets, 
aud all other facts connected with said new grade. r 

to mind how 

-pace I shall occupy in it 

when 1 come to be interred; 1 then look abroad on Spectacle.-, Mirrosc q- 8py i;ta.*»e»; Draw ing' I list ra- 
the world, end observe what multitudes there are incut*, separate and fn case*; Engineers’ Level*, Then- 
in ah respects more unhappy than myself Thus Mg* ‘ 

I loam where true happiness is placed, wheretell AirPumps, Electrical Apparatus, Magic Lanterns, 
our cares must end, and how very little reason 1 Thermometers, Barometer*, Ualvauic Ap) aratus, Mag- 

-177 71777.77 — served in the Mexican orother war-, are requested la 

V T 11 E M A I I C A L, OPl ICAL. call and make the ueces.-ory application fur Bounty 
AND i’ll 1 LO^Ol’II (CAL 1N8TKL MENTS, a* , L ^ 1 ‘*“ e v,.., rv 

Having received the appointment of Notary Pu'Jic. 
he will l«- happy to serve such a* may call on liiui- 
mrSM dfiff 


And l.y nil dealers in Medicine ever  where. 

apt ctciilJt " Ini 




1 1*4. Malmganr, Oak. Cherry, and Walnut 
Furniture, beg* leave to announce that he ho* taken 
the large ami commodious w»rero.iai. N2 Fourth -Ire-.. 
Vtwecn Main and M,1 jkrt. (»dj dnin  Mr. C. C. 8pe». 
eer’  aurtiou rooms.) for the porpnar of transacting .. 
ah  |. -.ile and retail Furniture bu-iue.— . iu ail its! 


There * ill alwav* !»■ kejg on hand a full assortment! 
 f rich Uo-.-w.. d,*»i,. 'f'. . W tlruit.and Cherreffi 
i .i nu tu re: satin. Hr -cate lie. and ll,ur  b.ih f"\ er*, : ■ 
• -h alar.- u ; tit \ of \ in Furniture. iC^ 
shicl, will I- warrant Lai d -"hi A the irrjr 
market price* for i i*h. . r m time for approved 
Furni.ure of any description .iuUeverwiU also 

have to rej'inc or complain.” 

School* supplied bv J AM K3 VV. ql'EEN, 

Ad Chestnut street. I'hiiadeiphi; 
gy Priced Catalogues, with over 150 illustrations : 

tod that no work be done on said street until the marked that 

Qi aufic vtioss. — S omebody ha* very truly re- 1 

W W -r will aiau ■ 

dock, a. u.,   n Tllt'KSHA\ . Jtt ' 1 

current, our Fork House, formcrlv known as D. B. Ai- There will al*.* kejff ..n hand au assortment -W 
len’*. situated on 'he eeisi side of'C atari -rre-et, between Hallet it D-tvi«'* Rowwuod l*i:ui.* Fortes, which wil! 

further action of the Council thereon. 

A good wife exhibit* her love for her husband 
trving to promote hi* welfare, and by udrnin- 

hy mail, ,-rati*. throughout the I'nilcri 8 


tc Apparatus, Hag- f'DDVI’D \\- t v 1 1 1 V t l V * irrmt, "itr i ,.rk House, form, riy i, as t . .vi , . ■ , • . .-- vn, . i 

L' lot LuKAsiK “ ABnlAtf 1 VA 

I E8 M . tfCEEN", I J and Floyd street*. Louisville, Ky. The under- Main street and Bear gras* creek, containing about -old at llo-ton gri- - - 

n-et. I'hiiadeipliia. I signed are now making 8te;uu Engine* aud Mill Machi- acre*, witli all the fixture-, consisting "f I engine, ff A* J. A. A. BentieM parch 

lot) illustrations sent I nery, from new pattern*, got up in the most modern and boilers, 7 tanks lor rendering lard !•  steam, several c »*h, he is cmnMrd to oner gr* * 

ed State* and Can- approved style*; also, T nweco. Lard. Tinff. r. and Mil: iron lanl cooler*. J large l rine cisterns, Jtc., «c. Tie- Soliciting, tl 

ai'ff* dim (Screw.*, Iron Hailing. Forcing and Lifting l*nmp*, of main building ha* in it two large supply cistern*, filled i— lire* hi* friend* and ,n»t.iii - lha. n* Htsuiesswn 

j various size* an l kind; cast iron Screw Pipe*, from by a force pump with steam power, tire engine and be conducted ,,i. -trictly , principk--. 

i to 3 inches diameter; Socket and Flange rip.-, train - h -- and Use. »p!3 dAwty 

inches to IS inches in diameter: Kailroad Car Wheels Thi* property ha, ts en kept in the best of order since 

nance to alter the seal of the city of Louisville, 
which was read once, and ordered to a second read- 
ing: the charter prov ision, the ruleof the bonrdund 

second reading being dispensed with bv a vote of _ _ _ 

two -thirds of all the member* elect, the same wa* c ^rtu^' which sreore admiration w'hen'^re tiiii many h.ts j 

l .'--••d l.v tip lollouitio' I tonal nhwteff fcnm filltd I 

, 1 ' “ 1 ' ' tuincnd bcr*i'lf BlhLACK V N I) ( 1 1. E E N T E A 8. W E 

Ilarn*. h ug..t»*. Ixaye, and How.ud ais - t jj 0 exhibition of frivolous a.x-onipli-hiucnts RjP have a large assortment of the choicest grade* of | 

Mcs-rs. Taylor, Burton, and Grainger-^ a ;, (l u , n „ u ki-li sentiment, which are us shallow as Black and Green Tea*, selected from recent importa ; 

(,n motion ot Alderman Burton the following t.e, mind lions for family trade. LAN HAM gt CU., ( 

. „ J , . 6 aei mind. mv a Imiwrter* of Teas, Jtc., SI Third st. 

sohitKi. . A good nlwav* raaptelfi kwMf* and there- — ' ’ 


A poor wife “deart.” and “my loves” her hus- |. lli ^ rtwrtorptollkrOB * d ,« tot ,„ ll Mo n tffo. ^ 
band, and eouldn t sew a button  wt hi* coat to niery street. Hot on Portland wharf, a lots on 
keep him from freezing. I’orUaud wharf, avenue, Fli.tson Thirteenth. 

\ ensilili* wife l.«.k7 for her eiriovmmit -it home Chestnut, Magazine, anil Broadway streets 
A   1 , im, \ lie took tormrenj vin lit a n n. front* 2.»t„ 35 feet au l deep lots; l*ot them tr 

— a silly one abroad. _ dosed ground in $hippingia.rt bottnm. 

A wise girl would win a lover l.v practicing pue-iifth cash; halauce iu one, two. and three yearz. , 
those v irture which secure admiration when per- f^dlm'' "*** t!” tTn'staLl!' - i 

- mal elizrmi hav •• fail ad. — ~ — _ i 

A simple girl endeavors to recommend herself |kl,ACK AN D GREEN T EAS, YY E : 
by the exhibition of frivolous a.-compli-hiucnt* ffiJP have a large assortment of the choicest grade* of 

zmOTsCTOitt or 

LouiurUtr. Ttiat the Chairman of the Committee* ' 1 — _ received an oswrt.-ri lot of .ui.crior French Cho- 1 

on 1 ire Department of each Ic .trd, in cn junction Street Si eve. Havnes and Walker, two old eolates. L‘»V"j LANHAM k CO., 83 TMrd »t._i , 

with that nnd they are hereby di- friends meet after an absence of some months: I f'll Yf’KFIY f’fM’()\ 

racted to pureitaae six horses to Im used tn drawing doml nmrnine Walker' Thev tell me ,l,v ex*.*' e 

the steam fir. . vine the leinx—iH' eo-l ol v lii.rii . • . ,U 11 ”» ” alK l  . - v . , . . We arc in receipt of a supply of these articles so 

til st ain nre engine, tnr aggrt gate cost oi men , y 0U are a jtrict temperance man, now — don t drink ff M iral te as a beverage for tin wuas For tale far 

m y 3 LANHAM A CO 

Alderman Burton, l.v leave, presented a claim in '\\\,tker — No, I don’t touch a drop: I've seen the _ v , ,   r wur piv I’ll 

favor of George Klapphake k   tor repairs on ori , efflvU „ f an intoxicating beverages, and have 11 1 TB.AH. J t ?v I 131   r.L» . 

market hou-'-s, wliivli wa- referred to 8inlang Fund determined in future to set mv face against their , riUV'tV * 't . \ it \ w a. i i i 

Fire Engine, Steamboat, and Garden 


Alto Patent Stretched, Cemented, and Rireftd 

licatlin* llt llinu 

1IU3 |'I"K»VII  IIA^ ly-cii arj'1 in «m - t i-im » nmr . __ _ _ _ . . _ 

purrhamNi it, ami inHu.-fii uith a strong plank A Reaper ana Mower Combined. 

M»rwl iit a M»l*?t;»Dt;;tl uanuer. Thcr* i  n th*- pre- fjlMIE SI BS4 K1BKR H (OPENED 

i*e* » first-rate dwt-lling-house. two-story brick and M a shop hi Louis. ,Ue. '-..ruer  »f Eighth and w 
sL, whh from yard, cistern, sl.tfile, tec. streets* for tlie turning up of M mnv'i celebrated patent 

Tvkws Negotiable note*, with security for "fo'-fourth ,..,n,l.ine«l Kraj-iBS an.l Mowing Machine, with all thr- 
ill* purchase inoney al four month*, one-fourth i-proV emcnt-  f the ratente.-, fur the harvest of 1*64. 
one year, one-fourth at tan .'car-, aud one-fourth st f^i* nrarhia* i* easily mao need with two tawse* and one 
iree years, with interest from the day of sale, and a najj f ur mn. ing grasa. and two men for reaping. By 
nen retained ou tin propertv until paid. it* adjti-titae qu ditie* it i.s changed from a tuuaer to a 

Th* premise* are open for the itispe.xiun at any .Ime, j u g V i ru  nutes, aud vice versa, 

id map* of the same » til ta: shown. C ircular-, giving a full de-i ri jsi.oi nf the machine, 

A lot of cooperage, with stand cask-, tool*, impie* * e „t application. Pattern* for the castings may ls- 
euls. Ac., wifi tie sold separately . . found at Sir. Ilewirt’* Foundry, Loiti*. die. or al my 

mm- ■ a . rmv * x a ’ q. 

\l a If. | HR L^. 

nielli*. Ac., wifi re sold separately. 
tn\ ff dA» t* W M. JAKV18 k. CO 

shop, iu case they should at any time be needed for 
n-pairing. Farmers wishing machinea shouM be sure to 

■ "Hi' • r. Pr.ce of • 

g 1 RATIS ! J 1ST PUBLISHED, Y - n.lintt ,r»r oers curly. »’r .. e f single M.wer. tlffc. 

fw NF\V DI8C0VKHV IN MEDI. INK -A few ^ pren':,*iy“7^men*L ' 

words on tlie rational treatment, without medicine, of mrffT UAwlni D. B. HOW ARD 


No. 435 Main street, 

np7 il&wdni UP1M HU, IT. 


. B. LAXCASTgR. W O. RF.AsO^. 

wotvis on tlie rational treatment, without medicine, ot mr/T 'tiAw-lm D. B. HOWARD 

hpermatorrin a, wr icn-al Weakueas, Nervous Detail,' y. * — — — — — 

Low 8pirits. L:i**itndeAVeakne«* nt the l.imtw and the * . I i» i till |i II tin , laUtll I E 

Back, Indisposition and Incapacity for and La- ■ , „ ** * U ’ "lag. 

bur, Ifollne** or Apprehension. Lo** of Memorv. R ION.— The receipt for making this celebrated 

V version to Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Self- compound (lately introduced info this country) win he 
Distrust. Dizziness. Headache. Involuntary Discharg- sent by the subscriber to any person iu the l oited 
es. Pains iu the side. Affection of thu Kv,*, Pimples on Mates or I'anada*. for •!. 

the Face. Sexual and other Infirmities in Man: from The Kralh-rion wilt curl or ware the hair in the most 
the French of Dr. B. De Laser. heautiful manner. Any per*ou haring the roost cuarso 

Committoe on i’ublic Work*. 

Kc-olutioti- from the Cuintuon Council changing 

1 cotirsi} I can’t offer it to you. 

, , . Walker — Oh, well! — I goes* von can fend it 

the grade of' he intersection of High and Fulton a i 0I1 r, : ,„ v wife is not a* strong a temnemuee man 
Street- and Portland nvenon; also allowing $•*«» «  ;l - I am- she’ll accent it! 

to .ItHin   . RruM for paving in nirtlaim; __ 

vYi’rk in I m tod . mi- A • 1; | fllfe! IllQiM Th» 

allowing John C. Eyhiw S97 ii tor  vtnk in I ort- n& j ve proiiiist* whs offers 1 a a infeiitiblc temptation 
lami. ;in*l directing the Street ln^j^tor of the tl) a f a j r inamorata* 

Wi s t4 rn District to repair the gutter on the with .. \ thnnk you/’ ^ir) the girl to her §oitor, but 
 itic o) Jefiersnn street, h:* tween iliird anti roiutn, | f»nn f t leave h«»mo: I am u widow'd only Jarliug: 
were severally referred to Street Committee of u „ | m .i, ul „i cau eV er equal mv mother in kind- 

no IT II  T ni'f’FlVPn LAW NOTICE the French ot Hr. it ut I.v*. . . 11 " 

__ Wi l li PEAS, JI S| KM I t' I I’ itaxw uuxivci. 

a of English Split Pe.ts, for sale wholesale j. ■. lxxc*«t«k. w n. Rr.zsoif. mav re cosily removed Wl rworT waro is»:. is, in thi- beautiful by ti„ u-- of tin* art.. I.- Tta ingredients *iit 

11 nnd retail bv [mySj LAN HAM A CO. I » v/mutl’D a nr u,iu VT smill tract, clearly  fomon*trat.d: and the entirely new n t c.-t .... -r ff c- - -. ■ : » -th f ' r , ,.,y ,.n« «- 

| YN  \SIER A KEYtaOK, \1- . 

V WAR ESH TOMATOES AND GREEN ■ A ■ rnev* t-l . will promptly attend to all i"t*i- thor, fully, l.y m. k— B oftfru tenyu. read 

ffi* i. ,, ... i f r ,»h is ever for sale to-* lutnedcl to theta. In all the Courts of this city an l enabled t   cure h:in-clf pert, t ly «ipi ’■ ' ", * ' ‘ u 'l' t 

c I ' , ;,V' ' ■ Vf\- I -’l I VNliVvit o' I thrfourtof Appeal*. i:r,^. ' r:- . • • . . vii -f-. c •, ;o I f-rm. vJj 

of » Mtiaivt.itl by im. tj i. wham s t u.)l tV ttflSce on Centre street, between Jcflcr-n and ,.f tl,.- dav. 

I , ,, i_ii in. . , n iv A VVffiV flu i p *wtf tr ' • address, gratis ami free. " _ . 

^ It 1 , 8 1 1 I Ii At it K A * fin 1 _____ ■a aletl en 

. choice articU- nf Fresh Peaches for sale l.y * JACOB B. SMITH, *,ar.i *to _ lia B to LANKY, ihKrilll I flllN THI’ t’OPYRI 

nuv re easily removed wiraort bimciw, is, in thi* beautiful by the u*.- of thi* article. The ingredient* *U! 
mall tract, clearly demonstrated; and the entirely new not cost over 12 cents, and with this recipe :u»y one can 
ind highly successful treatment, as adopted by the au- make it equally C'« d in every re*t*et to that *.dd at tt 
hor, fully explained, by mean* uf which every one is perlmttie. If preferred, a p.u'kageci Krolb riuu. ready 

I- choice article of Fresh Peaches for sale l.y 

LANU \M 4k CO. 

v,. v . alT ppf V n p HOILER XAKEE, 18 NOW PIE- 

Iff IAfc“. A fc I LL, “ I rrhl trr ffiP pared to manitfaeture every description ot 'team 

WW sojK-rior Old Port, Madeira, Sherry, and Boilers, Tank*. Bank Vaults. Ac . at hi* jhop, corner uf 
Claret, for sale in quantities or by the Irottle for Ninth’and Water streets, Louisville. K| . 

niy-3 LANHAM A CO. i N . B. — Repairing done to order at the shortest notice. 

. Refer t llewitt 4c Symntes. .ia:;dA* 

D issolution — the cop \rt- 

nership existing heretofore under the style amt 

were severally referred to Street Committee of 

the Western (*i strict. 

Tlie bond of Win. A.Gaiibrcath. Suja.-riiiten(knt 
of the Alm'-house. was referred to Committee on 

A resolution from same approving theapportion- 

no husband can ever equal my mother in kind- 

“ She is kind.” replied the wooer. “ hut be nty 
wife, we will all lire together, and see if l don’t 
beat your mother I” 

LAX HAM It i 0. 

F rench brand* persons 

wishing a genuine article of French Brandy, for 
medical or other purposes, can obtain the same at 
my 3 L ANHAM A CO.’S. 

tn. WilMill'v 


Crf- Refer t o Hewm a sy mmes. J»J ”«»■ ^ CHRONIC DI8EA8K8. 


W vv .“Th, tt w , litoto i . the practice ofmeili. tne for the last* y. a r- 

nut street. Louisville, Kv .. ha* for sale ri 1.000 plant* ,. 0 ‘ to a regular i-..ur*e of study, he read amt proctic-.d 
! UI pots ur in the ground. They are of the ta*t, and conjunction with the Indian Doctor 
many of them of the newest varieties. Also, Green- J x,,,,., ,nr. r inrra an 

house, Hcri Micro tt*. and Biill*»us-Roote«l Plants, trait, “h HARD l AK rttl, . K. 

8hade, anJ Evergreen Trees and Shrubs. Mauy of Formerly- of Shelby county. Ky., from whom V- ol- 
the Shrubs are new aud fine, such as the Dantzle Bra- nuprd all those recipes ami formulas for the prepara 

.. atari envelop, by remitting (post-paid) two postage d*u -m warren, • 'umi.nit ■ , 

•CS-Sk.1. '"-'t'. BUISaoU nos— TUB COPART'- 

» ■ RS. YVESTERF1ELD A SON. armofj a». ikvinkri....,,, 

. . , . , „ ... kv th-ir ne-*. wa* ilissolTed by mutual consent 

ha. ing located in Shefo^ vrifie, K.^ tenter l ™r of jMiasry \ u lhosw m.letaed tdNmHHi 

l-roressioiial service* to l *** amtct«d-gffih*  will gi are requested to tune forward aad make oaymeat. and 

special attention to the treatment of those having claim* against said firm » ill please pre 

Elf*ow . BEAT your mother!” /1E.NTRAL TEA ^"^^ic^ (a heatteftal ptamt ter of hUp^lSrem*21^ wWch have ever proT^ 

A resolntion from ramenpi-roviBg theapportion- Vv Grocery Store, 534 Jefferson street, between First cemeteries,) Cupressus Funetais, (tl^ finest cypress , m i„enUv successful iu the treatment ot ehrauic dl*- rOir’-SsS! 

men. for digging and walling acistern at the inter- ^ Loren zo Dow defined a death-bod repent- of 'f^ranf Tea-'l^tohe Sh?teddl n ^ ta^uVSSl Rennet ot dm pie or complicated disease*, where a -dretvor a, 

section of Market and Jackson streets, was referred nm .,. t 0 he burning out the candle of life in the latest importation*; also, a good Block of Famiiv Gro- Flower Beeil, ke. carefull. w ritten description l» sent them, they will ronage. 

to Street Committee of the Eastern District. sort ice of the devil. »ud blowing the snuff in the eerie* for *ale taw for cash. 0 WILsON, Catatagae* can be obtained upon application to E. K . nJ mcUchteg and tUrecttanv promptly by mail. , , 

On motion of Alderman Burton, a rcjyluuoti tc- Lord’s face, B »p» Jcffemu «., between Fl|»t * tfteaaff, wn»ou. iurI3d3mfc-R *u« wtf 

«ent them for settlement. Wat. Irvvoe retiring from the 
coucern. cither one of the parties are aulhenaed to aa« 
the name of tbs- firm in settling account*. 



T he business" of the late 

firm wltl hereafter be coadaeted by tbe under- 
signed, under the style of J. A H. IRVINE, on W nah-_ 
ington «treet. between Hsneork and Cfaty. Thesm^^ffi 

rad- ■ ■ *- .v-refol-T,'. ' m  ;t » *tutP ta4i.m 

r.nage. JOHN IRV[mH| 


Louisville. Feb K 1S55, t«b 

Daily Louisville Democrat, 1855-05-07

4 pages, edition 01

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