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date (1858-01-15) newspaper_issue THE WEEKLY KENTUCKY TRIBUNE. 

VOL. XV^-IS^^O. '^4^. 

DA-ISTVILLE, FRIDAY, •   ^^IST^TJyVT^ Y 15, 1858. 



OFFICE— Tliiril slrctl, noitli of Main. 

Pit nnnnm. in ailvaiica, $2 00 

Witliiii »i» months, 2 50 

At the end of the year, 3 00 

Jj"X   pnper iliscontiiicied milil »11 arreara'.'cs 
^rc paid, except :itlliv optiuii of tiio publishers 


r each square ■'fl|v iiucs or lesi, first 

insErl 11)11. 
-Kach addilioiia! iiuftilion, 
I'oitand I'roccssion Notices, each, 
Aiiiuivincing a caiidiilate for »iiy oflTice, 
l\ iitiiniing same uiiti! election, 

ay \.nnounc«Hienl fees to lie paid in advance, 
liberal discount made to yearly adver- 


ICTAdverlisements of a personal character 

$1 00 

1 51) 
1 0(1 
1 00 

 ji every description . promptly attended to in 
I c best style, on reasonable tcinis. 

Pvofcssioual Cavils. 


Broker in Real Estate, 


Minnesota, j 

"ITTILl. loan monfy for capitalists, nt 'J4 to j 
VV 3G per cent, per aynuin; upon r-nl estate . 
worth (iouhhillie loan, (.Minnesota has no usury 
Isw.) and will make investments in any psrl I 
of ijie Territory, at 21 per cent, on $1,000 or i 
over — or invest for -i years, gusranleeing 2-1 i 
percent, with satisfactory security, llie Istj 
\ear, and cliargiuij lialf the advance for 3 year. [ 
iver 2-J per cent., as a commission. | 
JCrCorrespondenre solicited. | 


Prof 0. Bfattv, ) I 

Kev. J.C Yoi NO.D. D V DanvilU, Ky. ! 

Hon. J. K. liri.L, ) ; 

lion. K. 11. St.wton, 1 j 

Karrison Tavlor, K.sq .  Maysville, Ky. ; 
Rev. R. C.Gru.nov.D. U ) 
inarch 27, "57 ly 

[Published by Request.] 

On the Death of Ann E ,— Born April ioA 1840, 
Died August bth, 1^57. 

Mourn not for her — she is at rest, 

Far, far beyond the starry skies, 
There gathering clouds no longer dim 

The sunlight of Inr beauteous eyes; 
There with ihr glorious, bloml washed banj, 

She dwells in love and union swiet 
Where comes no ni ire the sad farewell. 

Nor mournful souuiJ^of passing feet. 

The bloom of health was oo her check, 
The liyht of hope illumed her eye, 

She looked like one too pure lo live, 
Too bright and beautiful lo die: 

But the relenlless i-poiler came. 

And touched her with hi« bli/hlinf hn' 'i 

*• I HI-., a bird ft..n  pi - ' ► 

To bUsim siaid celestial bowers; 
Eofi as the breeie that siiuimer brings 

The  leath-Kj.irit o'er her bosom stole. 
And gi-nily as ilie morning dew 
Arose lohcvven hur ransomed soul. 

Ye stricken ones! Forget your grief. 

Your lovely child has fled lo licaven, 
Wheie parting words are heard no more. 

And love's blight chain is never riven; 
She is a flower in TaraJite, 

A jewel on her Saviour's brow. 
Your loss is her e'ei nal g:tin. 

Weep not, she is an angel now. 

3^ Cajjitiil ^iDrg. 


lier so luucli in the abstract that lie was 
content to remain silent. Ilavinj; 
achieved fuch a moral victory, the lady 
continued in unwonted good humur du 
ring the rest of the evening. 

When tlie party broke up, as Freder- 
iok was takiii r lr:ive of his young friends 
with his aunt upon one' arm and the 
fair Lucy upon the other, the old lady 
suddinly reuicmbered she had left her 

' O, never mind, aunt, "said the young 
man. "l will get it and send it up lo 
you in the morning." 

"Hut I do mind Fred. Strong, for it 
is not niy way to leave things about in 
this niauner. 15ut where can it Ve? I 
certainly left it with niy bonnet and 

"Where can it be?" echoed all her 
affectionate nieces, driving into sundry 
places in their Ciigernc-s to assist in the 

known to have large sums of money 
various banks, but all this the aiixit 
relatives ascertained was drawn out 

few days before her death. 
A was consulted, who had 


the will, but he ttoutly maintained tb ,: 
the will covered the whole of her pn ; 
erty, and be would have nothing fur:K 
er to dp with it. 

One evening, about six niontbs »fr. : 
the old lady's death, while Freder 
was conversing with his wife, the subj ;  
of the muff was iiitrotluced. 

'•That was a costly juke of yourv 
dear Fred," said bis wife gaily. 

'•Hut 1 got the muff, at all evei 
Lucy, and what is better, no one 
come forward to claim the three th 
sand dollars which she loaned me, 1 1 
confident that she intended to pic  
it to me, and therefore destroyed my 

"Let us have a look «t the old relic, 

Fred i*' :] '.i . '1, - ),:: • f-i '.-i, i • 


fore j 

bed. Everything was Ircsb 
every servant attentive; all 
.veil. I kept myself clo.^ely 
Muffcd n cigar, and retired to 
ituru my plot. 

•r, just brusli my clothes well, 
l IIow," said I, iu the nmrning. 

tercd my room. "3Iind my 
don't spill anythiii? from 
:ls; ihorc is money in b'jth." 

t fee no pantaloons." 
.i vil you ilon'l! ' 1 exclaimed, 
ire ihe.y?" 

tell. I am sure; I don't know. 
God," returaed the alarmed 

• wn and tell your master to run 

iMican was with ue iu an in 

d rifcn and worked my face be- | 
he glass into a Dcndi.'^h look of 


UY C. M. IvKND.M.L. 


BankcM-sand Dralrrs inExchaiige, 


Dearborn St., Chicago, Illinois- 

Deposits received on cirrent accounts. In- 
terest allowed on sptcial deposits. 

Money invested for non renidents. Drafts. 
Aecppl.ancts, No'es, &c., payable in any part 
oi the country, collected and proceeds prompt 
ly remitted. 

Laud Warrants. Ptocks. Bonds, .Morljrages. 

foo- Business Paper, Gold Coin, and Kasteru 
Uchango, bougiit and sold at current rates. 

JAS. M. nRV.ANT. aoUT. A. WAVS. 

mar 'j? 2i), 1 • 

ifs ^ tt ds ap ou » ^ .a:^ 0 -  U,s  '-ysr a 


HAVING removed lo Harrodsbur?. Willi 
practice law i'. all the Courts of .Mercer ^ 
^ r in •i~m^Jt\ l^_,»-- HrTin. J--.;ainir'e , 

tJarrard, U'asliiiigtou,' ami Marion Circuit 1 
Courti, In the Mtrcer Circuit Court he wiM | 
have the assistance of Jswrs Harlan, Ksq.. j 
who will in fuluie at'.end its terms reifiilarly. ; 
Kspeeial alteuiion giT-in to collections. OlKc'. I 
on Cross street, opposite North end of Court 

iu uel9, '5 7, tf 

J. F. BELL. 

Adorac} and Counsellor al Law. 

may S5, '56 


WILL practice in the Coorts of Boyb 
and theadjoiiiiup counties. Any bus 
Dsss confided to hiui, will be promptly alleiid- 
,d to fFeba7,'5atj 



WILL continue to Practice Law in partiii r- 
shipiii Boyle and adjoining counties 
Office on .Mai i street, opposite the Court 
Ilouae janl.M'J 

F. T. & P, T. FOX. 
,1 Horn ICS at L, n tv , 


Wii.i. attend to all buiiness entrusted to them 
n Boylt anil tiie aajoiuing counties 
dec 14 '.'»5 tf - 


Attorney | Counsellor at Law, 


OFFICK OH Short street, between Limestone 
and Upper, 

'.'G tf 


osHtTA r. sii.!;. Tnos. r, 

BELL & morrow; 


flAV'E as.tociatrd tlieir.i-elves Io(t, ih'*r in 
J 1 the practice of law, in the Circuit Conn 
of Pulaski cnuiily, and will altend faith uHy 
to all business ciitru.stet! to their car,-. Oflice 
up stairs, over .\llcorn A Kelley's titore. 
.Somerset , A ug. iil , '57 

GEO/ p7 N E WLInT" 

rd street, ad- 

~ lore. 

as heretofore 0,1 j tictllnrly 

i 'Did 



Danville, Ky. 

OFFICE — ill the second story of the building ! 

oceopied by W . .M 
July 3, 1S.57 y 

Stout as a Urog Store. 


HAS removed hi.i ojUoe to Dr. Jackson's 
buildinfr, second story, over Mr. Wui. M i 
Stout's Drug Stor*. ' 


f (IE pattlleit up hHrctofor'* rx i}.|iii(r bet k rei, : 
JL us, is this .day dissolved by mutual con- 
Bent, j 
R. W. ni'NLAP, I 
T. K. DU.NLaI'. I 

Danvillo, may 23, It i7 

WJ 1 continue the praeuce ai i be nio stsuf! i 
VV aiidris au'.borizL'd to soitle the l-uaiuess, ' 
of (he lir'ii. 
nmy 22. '57 i f 


HAS determined to reimiii in l^.iiville, and | 
will devote his attention enl irely t« the i 
jiractice of the various brancli,:s of liis pn- | 
fession. ! 

lITOTFrCR up-«lairs over r. Biidii's Sil- 
Tersiuiili .^hop, in tlis brick buildiu^ nearly op- 
posite the Hraiieli B,iiik . , 
inar;h i, 'o* If 

Miss Sally Strong wai » peculiar wo- For sixty years she had retained 
her natnc, which uetually suited her 
hardy nature; and tlio man havin}; the 
assurance to ask her to cxehanpe it for 
li'B own, would have been a rare com- 
panion I'or Cuiuniin ;s in his tifrer-hunts 
in the jjnjrles of Africa. At least, no 

one ill the villajrc of U , would dare 

to (.|iiustion his manhood. 

.She wa.s one of those who seemed lo 
have been birn an old maid in pio-pec- 
tive. IJcfore she arrived at her teens, 
she used to .-t ne ti.e leys with malig- 
nant delight; and ere she was out of 
them, her contempt tor ihecpposilc sex 
was CO strikingly manifest, that all 
prudent young iten, if aeeidentally 
walking upon tho game sidewalk, to 
avoid a meeting, would very quietly 
cross to the other side and allow Ucr the 
whole of it. 

Yet she was a piivileged person, and 
people would smile at an ill iiatured re- 
mark from her as llioiigli it were a com- 
plinicjt. Even the young minister of the 
pS rivf^ma^cii iiur 'Ktztr mat retfie^t, 
althoi»gh he was certain to have his la t 
.sermwii wnfully criticised, in answer to 
his kinil iiiijuiry concciiiing her health. 
The secret of all this might have been 
written in three WLirds — she was rich; 
and even the cLigyman was wonlly 
minded enough to desire to be on good 
terms with one who was the largest con 
tributor to his support. 

Aunt i^ally, as the villagers univcr 
sally called licr, had received the buik 
of her property from a deceased aunt, 
which her shrewd business (jualities ha l 
enabled her to invest eo advuiitageousi v 
that she increased in wealth us slie did 
ill years, and, like iiimiy other rich peo- 
ple well advanced in life, hud scores of 
afl'ectionatc young relatives, who each 
hoped to obtain a large s ice of the calio 
of real estate wliieli would be cut up in 
tho event of her decea.^e. Her cold 
gray eyes weic too shrewd not to see 
through their eager attentions to the 
v«ry seiCshncss ol their source. 

One nephew, however, did not belong 
to this class of scheincr.s. Un the con- 
trary, tho old lady was very often the 
viclitii-of hie jokes, aud lie would dis- 
pute with her just for the fun of hav- 
ing a Lot argument. Yet for any real 
.service, she would i.ficncr apply to him 
than to any one el-c. Hlie had c\cn 
loaned hitii a sum suHicieiit to stock a 
fine sturff, but still this Frederick so of- 
ten annoyed and ve.\iHl her, thatpubl c 
opinion — extending, no further, of 
course, than the I. mils of this village — 
was about equally divided as to whether 
he would be the favorite heir, or be cut 
off with a shilling, 

Onc-cvcning, upon the meeting of the 
parish sew ing circle al the house of the 
clergyman, this ne[ihew perpetrated n 
joke upon his aunt, the result of which 
she Hi Tcr forgot. She. unlike most mai- 
den ladies, considered these ^atlierinus 
a sort of fashionable nuisance, but u,su- 
ally was jircsciit in order to iiidiilu-e in 
'i' 1 rcniarivs. Uer i 

nsibly to wait u; 
■fair LiiO)'. daii^hicr 
.ctition'M-, Dr BlutuJ par- 
1 (id him w I ih Iu- eliai nis 
ii evf- occur lo you Skirls," gaid 
the old lady, ■what you ate lierc for',' ' 

"To be sure, aunt," answered one of 
her nciccs, ''siinply to make clothing 
lor the poor heathen. ' 

"Where may these objects of your 
great pity reside?" 

"0, in Siam, Burmah, and other like 

"Indeed! Well, heavy woolen shirts 
arc very serviceable garments, upon my 
word, fur people living under a tropical 
sun. They will doubtless bo very grate- 
ml for clothing so suited to their cli- 

"Well done, aunt!" exclaimed Fred- 
crick. "A good shot and no mistake 
lJut these circles arc graud affairs, after 


"Tirand affairs, indeed, for young men 
to say soft tilings, and silly girls to lis- 
ten to tlieinl Grand affairs to dispense 
the accntiiulated gi'P-«ip of a nionlb. — 
• iiand affairs for scandal moving, and 
for everything but the jiurposc they 
profess! ' 

And Aunt .'I'ally looked about her 
with a triumphant glance, as though 
her charges were uii.mswcrable. 

In f.ict, too many felt the justice of 
her rebuke to measure words with her. 
Kveu Frederick ajrreed so much with 

" j hat is ns trne," said Fred, laugh- 
ing, "as a barrel is unlike a two-gallon 
keg." And he gave Lucy a mischie- 
vous glance, which she interpreted to 
mean that he knew the whereabouts of 
the missing article better than any one 

"It eer;ainly is not with any of the 
ladies' things," said one of the young 

■'0, ]daguc upon you all!" was ihe 
Vind rejily; '1 must hunt it up myself, 

1 SU])pOSC." 

"Jieacoii Gray, vou have not taken 
aunt*8 muff by mistake, have you'.' ' ask- 
ed Fred, maliciously. 

That I'uiictioiiiry drew himself up 
stiflly, as though the impniation was un- 
worthy of all answer, aiidstcjiped u;ide 

"Well, I never!" exclaimed one of 
the young ladies. 

"U'ho could have done it?" added 

"lie silent — will you?" cried the irri- 
table itiaidcn; "or tell me where I can 
find it." 

"Why, it is in l)eaeon Gray's hat. 
pressed iu .jo lightly that we cannot re- 
move it." 

' O, £o upon yoti, aunt! 8ueli a hint 
and the deacon only a recent wido«erl' 
exclaimed the laughing nephew. 

Aunt Sally seized her muff, but the 
hat adhered most affectionatelv to it. — 
By an angry wrench it was liberated, 
and the unoD'ciidiiig hat llew across lliej 
entry, projected by the vigorous foot ot j 
the itieenscd maiden. W hen it arrived j 
at the terminus of its short journey, ii 
had assumed a most questionu bic shape, 
and its condition miglit certainly have 
been termed "shocking bud," 

• 1 will pay you for this, young man," 

"Don't trouble yourself, dear aunt, — 
.So far at I am concerned, you ara en- 
tirely welcotne.'' 

" Vou will perhaps tell me that you 
have had no hand in this lualti'i.'" 

"No, I .will tell you t o Ulseliood 
•abfftit ir^'bfTi. ttntciTiTcTrif'^is a jotc' up 
on our stiff deacon, us much or more 
than upon youi^elf, ' 

"At best It it but an iil trick you 
have pi yed upon me, and now mark 
u y wolds: You shall have reason to re- 
member this lo ihe latest day of your 

"As you please, nunt, since you take 
it so seriously; but I didn't think a silly 
joke would have thus nffendtd you, " | 

Time passed on, and young .^trongl 
pros}.ercd famously in his business. — | 
lln had amas.-cd siiffieieiit tneans to he ' 
enabled to repay his aunt the sum she 
had loaned liiiii, but she dclitied receiv- 
ing it, alleging that she picferred to 
have it remain ou interest. In the 
meantime he had also pcisuaded the 
gentle Lucy to share his fortunes. As 
for Aunt Sally, a singular mania scciu- 
cd to possess her. In the mailers ofj 
real estate, stock, etc,, she had becouie i 
a perfect alchemist, turning all iuto 

The neighbors looked on anJ won-' 
dcred but none ventured to remonstrate ' 
with her, kSho was ul'icii seen to visit 

the titliee of .*^qiiire A , and it was) 

rumored that ,-lie was making the final! 
arrangements for the bestowal of lifrj 
projieity after her decease. The affair! 
of the muff was not forgollcn, and it| 
was current with the good villagers that j 
Fred Would have to pay dv^'arly for that 

One morning the village was all ac 
lion. During the night tho spirit of 
the redoubtable old laoy had ([uietly (a- 
kcn its flight, .She was found dead in 
the aim cliair, and had died as ,shu had 
lived— alone. She had alarmed no one 
during the n gh , nor had she siflcrcd 
previous illness. Curiosity, of course, 
was intense on the subject of her will, 
and it was produced as soon as dceenc) ! 
would allow. All her con ncetioiiii were' 
prcscD!, and their eager, hopeful, anx- 
'ou-J '■(iiinlen.'i ri -' S, \v.,mM 1i.i ve C'l i ii ! !i ' 

mot n -eui.ii . 

".My dear wife, you must look lo this 
for I prize it dearlv on good ,\unt Sal- 
ly's account. I think you had better 
rip out the lining, and renovate the 
wliole with camidior." 

Lucy took her scissors and commen- 
ced at once upon the task. 

"\S'hat can the old lady have stuffed 
it w ith. I wonder? Why, Fied, instt'ad 
of cotton, she has wadded it with dirty 
brown paper," 

"Dirty brown paper, indeed!" ex- 
claimed her husband, spiinging 
his chair and caleliiii'; her hand, as she 
was about to throw a bunch of it into the 
jfrate. Why, it is bunk-notes, or I am 

The inystory of tlic word "contents'' 
was now explained. Note after note 
was drawn out until more than thirty 
llioiisanil dollars lay on the table before 
them. A letter was also found from 
the aunt, which slated that she alwtiys 
intended him as lier heir. His own 
note also came to light from which hi^ 
name had been torn off. This new rev- 
alatiiin of course created a great excite- 
mciit among Ihe villagers, but Freder- 
ick and bis fair wil'e kept on the even 
tenor of their way — respected by all, 
not fi,r their wealth, simply, but for 
llieniselvos. One evening, during each 
year, they open their splendid mansion 
to all. It is a famous affair for the vil- 
laj^rrs, and is known ns t h e a u n^^^Ky 
of - Aunt Sally's .Muff.'' 

^musing ^lictclj. 

Comical Adventures of a 'Wild Student. 

The following is a passage from the 
laughable tale of "Desperalio i ■ ! 

the rich articles which are cir I,' ae.-il in 
the "literary remains of the bite iili.^ 
Gajlord C'hii k." Ii is only in i . ; 

phia w bo, after a si( 

n gilt ai,, 11 i e gaities of a Washington 
'season,' fiiub^ himself (ll.r.Migli the re 
missiicss of a chum) at Bailiuiorc, on 
his way home, without a penny in his 
pocket, lie stops at a fashionable ho- 
tel, nevertheless, where, after tarrying 
a day or two, he finally, at the heels ol 
a great dinner, "oinncs solus," in his 
private apar'.inciit, fl.iiii;ed with an 
abundance of Chanipagno and Burgun- 
dy, rojolves lo disclose all to his land- 
lord. Summoning a servant, he says: 

"Ask the landlord to step up lo my 
room and bring h's bill." 

lie elatteicj down stairs giggling, and 
shortly thereafter Iiis master appeared. 
He entered with a generous smile, that 
made me hope for the best his house af- 
forded, and that, just then, was 'credit.' 

"Ilow much do I owe you?'' said I. 
lie handed me llia bill, with all the 
grace of private expectancy, 

"Let me see — seventeen dollars! — 
IIow v ry reasonable. But, my dear 
sir, tho disagreeable part of the 
niatior is now lo bo disclosed. I grieve 
to inform you that at present I am out 
of money, but 1 know by your jihilan- 
thropie looks that you will be satisfied, 
when I toll you that if I had it I would 
give it to you with unqu.iliGed pleasure. 
But you see my not having the change 
by me is the reason I cannot do it, 1 
am a stranger lo you that's a fact; but 
in the place where I came from, all my 
rquainlaiices know me as easy as caii 

The landlord turned all colors. — 
"Where do you live, anyhow? ' 

"In Washington — I should say Phil- 
delphia,'' 1 replied. 

His eyes fla.-hed with angry dis- 
appolutment. "1 .-.ce how it is. mister, 
niy opinion i.s that you are a blackleg, 
lou don't know where your home i.s. — 
You begin with Washington, and then 
drop it for Philadelphia, iir, you must 

. hotel ' . A_imI iliis IS Uie way \ 
fulfill the InJunctionR of scripture! l 
ani a stranger, and find myself taken in 
with a vengeance. You shall be ex- 
posed, and at once, if my inoncy is not 
returned at once!'' 

"Pray keep your temper," said the 
iigilated publican, "I have just opened 
this house, and it i.s getting a good run 
of custom; would you riiiu its reputa- 
lioTTIor an accident? The villain who 
has robbed you shall be found out, and 
1 will send for a tailor to measure you 
for your missing garment. Your mon- 
ey shall be refunded. Xow, sir, do 
you not see that your anger is useless. 
I did not mean to reproach you. Now. 
if those trows.-r.s can be done to-day, 1 
shall be satisfied; fur lime is more [ire 
eionslhaii money. You may keep the 
others if you find them, and in exchange 
for the one hundred and fifty dollars 
which ycu gu\e ti.e the contents are 
yours. ' 

The next evctiing with cew iiiei- 
prcssi^es. ntid one hundred and forty 
dollars iu my purs ^ 1 cailad on my 
clevc* guardian in I'hiladclpliia for six- 
ty dollars, lie gave it with alectiire I 
shall not soon forgot. X eneloseiLlhe 
money back lo liiy honorable landlord 
by the first post, settled my other bill 
at old C'rusty's, the first jiublican, and 
got my tru Ilk by mail. 

Song of the Decanter. 

There was an old decan- 
ter, and its moulli was 
gaping widu ; ll.o 
rosy wine had 
ebbed away 
and left 
its crys- 
tal side; 
and the wind 
Willi humming 

FALL & Wliffl STOCK! 

rr^flK unHi r*iifnftH is now recfiviug a Inrg" 
I and curefull) 8i.Ic'cled K'.ock of 

Staple ? Fancy Dry Goods, 

To wlii'.h he iiivit*?9 the nllentloa of La- 
dii-s find purcli^isers goneratly. 'Ihv. Btuck 
eirihrupf s rt^ry full miil C!ornj N'le nnsorliiif tit, 
iiicliKiinp cv .rv lliiiig tit-w uud h^iid»oitio in 
the-  iiu' uf 

Piiks. 15erUi;-8, I'.'Lilnes, Alpacas, Lustres, 
tlinpb:,!.!^, I'riiits. i^r. 

Linen and Cotton Goods 

Of eveiy grade; Kib'.ious. Laoes, Ciiibroivi- 
sries; Glov es- . nd llosurv: 


CaR^timfTps un*i Vestingn; BouU auJ iatioeB 
tlttis Mild Caps : 

T i 0-' '-)-" . Curt.iiu rouOH, \ - ■ - 

• known 

si ii'O rticciit v occujtteil by Me««ra.  d. 6l S. 


Danville, sept II, 'i? tf 

WL are just r,-cciviiis[ our 

Largo aud Splendid Stock 


ST.tPI.K AM) I'A\( V 

Filll&Wiiiler Urv Goods, 

cfc c . , c«3 o . 

To wlileli we invite Ilie alteiilinn ..I m.r fr,.-ni!F 
aud the public generally. Uur Cioods liave 

Sctcctrd t€ith mnrh rare. 

And w," tbink w,. .'.in rtf.'r 


To Cash or prompp customers 

8. R BARBEE'S~~ 




RKTI'IIK.S his ooknowled^uimi.. u *• 
puiilie, for the liberalpstroimge bere.t .i 'r» 
'Xleiided to liini, nnd would rnspfctfull) inforin 
'lil lorinir patrons and the public geuerally, 

ibal liecdiisiruies to ciirry'oii th« 

Carriage Makiilg Business 

!n«l| us briincbes, Hiin has now, and iHteii (l 
Keeping on band, or will make to order, 

l.'oac!ir , Carriiiges, Rocknway*, RagzU^ 

In all their varii iies. lie respectfully »olipj*» 
1 call from all who may wrii-li to porchas* nny 
i(ind of a vehicle, and will uiereiy say, liiat -' 
work sliull be well done, anu wsirant'd as r 
resented, while his prices shall b» hr Io« nsthoM 
of any cttier establisbineat in tttis s««liui. oi 
con 111 . y 

IU"I'« still oro'pits hi" old staud, oa Smicu 
..trect. oopo-^tlf Mrs.. skin's. 

CTPsiii. ■ %^:n 8s htfft.ifnr* tw? 

-i""" to ' " HnJ Rcittiiuir 


^ A, • 




TT'C ULD r-^p'-i tfiilly eili ibe a1ten!ion nf 
\y bis riistuiiiers aii-l pu fell isers nerally 
to bis new a id unusually b.rge sto^k of 

Staple & Fancy Cry Goods, 

Wliicli for •l^'gance, titriflty. uod lat«;:itf£§of 
Hi) If , caimol eXL't-IltJ in ihin iiiHrkel. IIm 
would mpecidlly suticil tile Lifiien to txamiiie 


(«ro .!e Kiiiiie Silks, 
IJyadere " 

Moire .\ntiqne " 
tJro lie .■\frm ir 
l.tistriiKl •* 
Plaid Ac rinin " 

Mirli as 

I'a.-is .Msdralin Hobes, 

I'relicb Mrlinos, 
1 '«- I .ai lies, 
t astinieres, 
A Ipacas, 
I UAtrcS, 
Ging'iaiiis, limits. ,(c. 
Al9o,s fiite uss..rtiii,-ut of Cio iks, Man) 1. s, 
.Mob.iir ISr.iiils. Cbeuilie Heaa I iresses, and a 
Very large and biaiiiiuil stork of Kinbroiil- 
erics, l.iire«, ilibhous, Uloves, Hosiery, 
llcops, i'-kirts, Scr.. \ c. 

StiVlplo GrOOC3.S», 

Ifpvery di s.-!iipltOil; (J.t.lli.^. C..s iiiieres 
^ estingT.; flats. Caps, Ouuiiels, liootj 

Carpets and Oil Cloths,' 

N"W BtvUs; aU i a l,irgi. vaii'ty ol CUil ['MN 
UOi IDs, of every kind, Uaiua.-k. Lac -, Mus- 
lin, ic. 

1 be wboin stork is rerv coinp'ele an ] em- 
braces .ill the new, fashiouablt: and h iiii)-i  iTi'^ 
styles wbieb coni I b.- se'ected in ill- b -sl Eis 
tfrn Houses. Ituy.-is eaiiuol fail to suit llieiii- 
i-vlres out of niy large asMortm-nt, au l sr I 
am d,-t' rni' ncil I o s^'II rtl su.xi.i. profits, it will 
be tu ihtt interest of purchasers to give ine a 



•' I '^li A N Ivi ij L for p.isi lavo.s, i beg» 
I to inform my frixiids and eusUiniers, (bai 
I am now r.'reiviii[r a finer bit of articles in my 
line iliau ever was brought to tiiiseiiy. in my 
Fturk you will (ind articles lo suit V'ouns OP 
(Hd Ani. rica, from the finest lo any grade yon 
can c.ill for: 

SiidUlrs, Whips, 
Iliirness, f'urpci 
'I'riiiil.s, Snii'hfIs, 
IJriilles, ('  IIk ,., 
-M.irtiiisales. Itru^lK--. .tc. 

My stock eiiibr.icfls a few hue K.nKilsli 
Horse »rii he«, Kuglisli rilliiig», stir- 
rup'. Hits, 4.1-. 

And I c an sifi-ly sav, IliDt niv work is made 
np iu a b.-li.T  t  le ib.ui c„n bf found else 
wher«, being eielusively of ••lioiig MsviTsc- 
irnK"aiid intended for Imme tonsumplion — 
all I a^k is for you to call and see for your- 

fO"Ai' accounts fall due ftie li-t .July and 
■liouary, and I hope .ill dealing wMh in'e will 
bear it ill uj^od, as upou short credit 1 can sell 


Daurille, app 3, ' j7 tf 


And Sheet-Iron Ware 


UL' L. .\ Ii A .\ ! 


OCIKU tb.. besi an.i safest Bod ever offered 
iJ-J to the public, and now Cvniinan^ihg the 
J i lteuticn and pbtroiiagr of Scientifir. en.! prao- 
jtical men througliout tlic coiintpy— copp.   

hairing SIT tin es more coudnclinjT puw r its^ 
j.ion and not liable to rust, . which '.esfoys «k* 
lefllcaryof the iron rod.; onseqfeolly !i u 
i ibo only relisbV melnl foi tu. ii parposes. 
I I hiv.' some ot ih-j above uu hniij, and 
jliBvingbeeu appointed Ihe sols ngrot for Ii* 
jcounli.'." of Mercep, Uirrapd, Liii.-oU, aa l 
I B-y'e. for ?- ilir.g and • uttiiig up the same. I 
lain ready to fiil a'l orders lu that hoe ih Am 

alice nair.ed torriloVy. 

i (iKO. W. .COLMX?. 

I P. S. Iroa Ro(l»o i band and for sale to aJi 
I lb».«e who pref,-r ihem. U W C 

! DauTille, m IT 5-2, 'f,r, tf 


ciiAs, r. n u L, 


C. p. BALL & CO., 

X\/ OITLI) rc»pei-ir:,i|y i„f„rni Ihe public 
II tiiat they h.ive formed a eoparliiership, 
and opeii. il a shop o • .Main street, In DaiiTiile. 
iinni'Uiiil. ly opposite 1 1.,. Hrnneli TlieJ 
l.r.- now prepared to fi l all orders for 


—A a Ou ii.: .1^ J. '■ 

^ reeil liLe 

hollow neck 
tlic wildest notes it 
blew. 1 pl.TeoJ it in 
tlic window, where the Mast 
w.ns blowini; free, and f.inccJ 
f'l.Tl il,s pale iiiiiutli sank llie i|iicer- 
cs! strains to tne, "Tliey tell ine, puny 
cotiqticroil llie I'lagtie lias slain his ten, 
Slid War hi,s hundred ihoufandg, ihou 
sands of the very best of men; but 
I," 'twas thus the bottle spake, 
"li.ive conquered iiiorc than all 
your f.iiiiDus coiiijiicrors, m) 
_ feaicd and famed of yore. 
' "V Then come, yc youths, 
II 11(1 niaidenb coiiio 
and di ink out my 
cup tho bever- 

ii;;e that dulls 
the brain and 
burn? the spirit up! 
tlia t puts to shame the 
coiK|iierors that slay 
their scores below; for his 
has deiuped miiliuns with 
the lavn tide of wo. Though 
in the path of battle darker waves 
of blood may roll, yet while I've 
killed ihc body I've danined the vei v 
soul, -the Cholera, the Pla;rua the Swonl, 
suefr ruin never wrought as f, in 
uiirih or ijialaee, on the innocent 
have brouirnt. Yet I breath upoii 
llicin — ihey shrink before niy 
breath; and year by yoir 
" my thousinds trend tha 
dismal ro:id of doath. ' 


And Variety Store. 

I AM now r.-ceiviiig my Kali i upp!i, s, em- 
bracing a fill! and choice Kclectioii of 

Fine Family Groceries, 
Assorttd CoiiffcCtioner^f s 
Toys and Fancy Articles, 
Fresh and Preseived Fruits. 
Oysters, Sardines, Lobsters, 
Fine Cigars and Tobacco, 

To all of wlii"-ti 1 res(».'cif 'illy iiivit -lhe ^tlen 
lion of purchasers. Jly sioci, is always well 
assorted, and iuclULles a completis vuritly ol all 
nrtic'es iu toy line. 

The beslCaiidies .if my o*wii nisnulacf ure al- 
wava on baud W holestile iiiitl Krlxil. 

Tartic^ aiul Weddings' atie.idctJ to in Ib.- 
bfit stylsou fcliurt ootiee. 

J. C lU'WKY. 

no» 13. '57 


( Late '•l^tfiilral liou.^'e,''! 
SlAIXST., U.^Wil^LU, KV. 


Bio Yailvs - -They tell of huge r.-it.-. 
on the line of ihc (Jliio Canal, and one 
ofth m is said to have rowed about, 
usins hie tail for a tow line! 

That might do for Lilliput, where 
Gullivj-r describes a rut the tize of s 


'^r II E un.lers'gu li b n ing t ikeu cb irge 
i of the above Hotel, and iiH[»To»ed. re- Ejpr 
paired, and lurui^lle i it iathe liesl style, 
des'iresto iuforiii the trsvelting pii'-lic lliat b.- 
is prepar.'d to furiiiHh ns good Recoiuitiof^utioMF 
as any house in this or any other section ol 
the Sl.i'e, He has iiMiie en pdiderable ail.liti' ns 
lo the boiiye and has roo.iis to entt rtain a very 
lirge nnniber of persons in the most comrorl.t- 
ble manner. Having ejjierii iicec and ntieulive 
assistants in every n -parliiieiil of ibebonse, lie 
feels coulidciil of giving saiislicliou lo all b.s 
guests. There u verv extensive 


cnnnt*pt-- l will' ilif h »ii **, wftl kptl with 
Horses uii'i Ifu} (:ieH. hU| i  i«J wi'^i mDuik uiice 
of iiroT»-ii'l''r, and aKui uiu l-y taruiul i ati 
truBty 0^tI-'rs. 

A ll-l nOier;* who tii ly li iPf  lock ('.).•  « i!** wil 
lie funiisliC'l ivilh li»t» «jijoining th** 
Jiiiii nil olh'»r ii*»resH»ry coiiveurrft'-fv. Tht-w 
iol-* ar** stipjili -tl H ith 'IVoit|»'i«. w;it«;r,  t.i. A I 
so |ier8o:is irntn h lii-'laiM'o v^ho iriiy prof-r i 
cm IiaVt* st *l tin(j .in I pj*!*tur:ig.* r.»r eitoc!i ( 
.ii) Lirin ufljolnnig llie K'-ir 'ironiiU**, 

Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware 
And House Roofing and Guttering, 

And have and will continue to keep on iiarnl, a 
full variety of all articles in their line. Thev are 
deter. irlaed. by Ih- u-ie of the be«t mati-rials, 
by good workiiiausiiip and low prict-s, to merit 
a share of ; ublic palroiiagu. A fine assoit- 
nienl of 

' !i: wbrr o 

I 11 will be 

PI-; ' -.. ry kind--'l ,, , - , . ,, 

chiuery . liu.«ers, Ivetl'.es, Jul. -j 

0"Wr n ill also gi»e onr attention fo the Kit I 
e.iisivo of every description of PfUPS— aud 
warrant s atisl'uclioii . 

We iiiril- a call from all rJio may need aay- 
ibi iig in our line. ^ 

'lO"'''be buibest piice will 'bo paid for Old 
r.ipper Hiid l»e'.vipr. 

fv a\iL & CO. 

r)..nvi;ie, ]ul) 10, '17 if 

Picture Gallery. 

''pi'B ui:iirf Igned lias remored h is OalUrf 
X to tlie looieiB ever Mi-ssr» ^ aggeners' 
olnr ' — where fie is fiitvd up in ihe bestaii-lsts 
Ulie every disrriplion of Pictnrei.-— Arnbro- 
lypes, Mel.ilnoiypes, Fenitypes. |),,guerr»o. 
'yi '""i i*"^ His rooms are sMiniruMy arranged 
I for bis l.n- infss, and he warrauta satisfactius 

iill all CM^es. 
The iHrgdt vari. ty of new stvle Cases, to- 
, g. lber with s goorlsionit of Jew^lrv. Locketa, 
j Uf-jfi Pins, Far-Drops, *c , aloi.ys on haaii. 

17*(J|UT»tore lurni iliod with stock on rvaao«. 
I able terms, 


1 Danv i!le, Kt.,juii'  1',' If 

F A L L A N D W I N T E R 


M.v\i'i'.\rn »v, 

( door lo Welsli i, Nichols,) 

lion ot (I, . ek of 

Fall and VViLitci Goods, 

Kinbraring fine Blach, blue, UrowD s*,| 
Dlivc CI.O T'H-'^,- .« Black Doeskia 
^and Fiiucv CA:^SI.MKIIF,S; nurk and 
Fancy Velvet, .«ilk nn-i Satin VF*!T- 
INHS; Overcoating Uusds of various kinds — 
I .^'so, a general asiiortiiieul of the latest ItylM 

Gent's Furnishing Gootist, 

Siie.h as f'ravats, Scarfn, Handkerchisfs, fbirl^ 
Collars, I^fawers, Suspenders. \ c, all of whioti 
he will sell on favor^ible trnns. Purchaser* 
areiuviieri to call and examine his stock. 

All wn.-k 11 Iho Tailoring line proiopt'y nt  
VCDltd in (h# best siylr, 
sept 17, 'S'. If 

V.VA' roiistuiil y on han-l a lari^ft nud ita- 
|if riur HsHurlntf n( ul' 



III idles, ( olliirs, .Mnrtiiipiilcs, Xliips, 
Ami ev.'ry olbcr article nsii I'ly kept in their 
liUH, all of which will be sol I as low *s ihe 
l.nvr^sl I di Ca'li, or to prompt cuslouiera— the 
accounts fallii'ff il'ie ou llie 1st of July and Isl 
ol January eacii jcr, 

F'-rvoiis H irbihg lo purchase are invited to 
call and examine oifr work, and learn our 
pri'-cs, liel, re buxiiig el^i^wbere, 

1! I.P.-\ I !! I .Nt; lioiie  vilh ncitiiess aud dis- 
p'ilcli, Piicts in0L«rble, 


march Q7, '.^7 if 



Rev, J. G. REAt ER, Pres'dant, 

Assiatci ly An able C^rjia of Teacher*. 
''T^IJI-J ue:Lt .-^ unual ij-seiun ol tins iu1lir•^• 
X tiou will beein llie f'lr^t .Holiday In 
(Seplembcr nexi, and eunltnir Forty tertlm, 
j with a i borl lecess about tils iiiidtlle of It*^ 

Ilntcs per Tfirm of ?0 Wpebs, 

i^oard, including washing, lighta, fuel. 


%M no 

19 oil 
Jti (IT) 
SM ftfl 

a u It I 

eU until It was ti/'islied, exuepl u : iiiiple 
Cod fil. K.ieh ii{ her rciaiivis. cicepi 
her iK'jjliew, had been rciueiiiberc J — 
.some to a greater extent than others, 
but none cunsidcrubly. 

At all events, not one third of her 
fortune hud been di.^pciiseil, and as the 
codicil only reiiiaiiicd, all cjes were 
turned to Frederick Strong as the lucky 
one after all. Hut what was their sur 
prise, when they f und it only made 
liini the recipient of lier old .sable iinill 
and its contents. The word ' contents' 
a;.;ain excited their curiosity, and, to 
satisfy them, the article was jiroduccd, 
and found only to contain a simple pa- 
per sewed on the linini,'. \\ hen de- 
tached and opened, in the bold hand- 
writing of Aunt lially was found those 

' Dkar Nephew — You will doubtless 
appreciate thi.", ilic last joke I shall 
ever bo uniliy of, as I appreciate yours 
on a terlain tinii? you will remember. — 
God bless you and yours. Furewoil." 

Frederick dcclu'cd be was satisfied. 
The old lady iiad fairly reloite,! upon 
him, and he certainly dc:cr\ed iiothiuo 
bePler at her ha iids. 

But w hat had become of .\unt Sally's 
money'.' That was ihe mystery, and it 
became more than a ''nine day's won- 
der" to the worthy villaiiers, who dis- 
cussed it ou every occasion. She was 

Ike vour 

" . s^id I. risi .._ ; ; 

right, • "Jo it ii' you darc-^do it, and 
leave the rest to luel" 

There were no more woid.s. He arose 
deliberately, seized uiy niid only in- 
expressibles, and walked slowly cown 
sta irs. 

riiysieians say that two excitemcn t.s 
cannot exist at the same time in one 
.system, lixieriial eircumstanees drove 
away, almost immediately, the eonfti- 
siuii of the hraiii. 

I «ro c and looked out of the windows 
The snow was desteiidiiig as I drum- 
med on tlic pane. \\'hat, was I do'/ — 
Ati unhaj'py 'sans culottes," in a siranpc 
city, no niuiiey, and slightly inebriated 
A lhon|.:ht struck mo. 
^iLad a large, full cl. ak, which, with 
allWy oilier appoininicnfs, save those 
he tO,''k, the landlord had spared, I 
dressecl^fcysclf iiiiniediaiely; drew on 
my bot^^^vcr niy fair drawer!:, net un- 
liltc snian clothes; ^ut on niy cravat, 
vest and coat; laid a traveling cap from 
niy trunk, jauntily oter my forehead, 
and flinging my flne long mantel grace- 
fully around nie, inade my way through 
tlie hall into the street. 

Attracted by sliining lamps in the 
portico of a new hotel, a few frjnarcs 
from my first lodging I entered, rtcor- | 
(Je«I some ii.iinc-ou the books aud Le- 


B®. A countryman passing over 
railroad in Northern New York, whic! , 
is proverbially slow, a ked llio conduo ! 
I  r why a cow catcher was alticlied to' 
the rear car instead of the usual place;! 
he w;is infoiined by that officer that it 
was "in order to prevent the cows on 
that road from ruunit.g into the train!" 

8?9i, You can't get along in the world 
with a homely wife. She'll spend halfi 
her lime in looking in the glass, and! 
turn, and fwist, and brush, and lis tillj 
she gels completely ve.xed with her own 

U.\N .\ v\ A V trom Ih? 8ui»'^criticr, livin;j 
jt^ 111 (r i-iard cooniy. on .\I"iid.iv, ibe Tib 'lav 
tS -1 .-^ent- ni'.er. ., NKtiRO MAN, iraine'd 

ngliiipfp, and she'll 
spa Ilk the baby! 

ro right off and , 

1^5" A young lady, sa\s one of our i 
exchanges, reniai kcd to a male friend j 
that she learcd she would make a poor 
sailor. The gentleman promptly an- 
swered— ''Probably, but I'm sure you 
would uitike an excellent male'" 

rf2 ~ .'V yonng lady explained to a 
printer tho other day, tho distinction 
between ] rioting and publishing, and 
at thtr coneltisioii of her remarks, by 
way of illustration, she said: 

"You may pri.i' a ki." npon niy clrock 
but ypu must uot pullisk it! " 

V utt altoal ii'.i years , 1 1, .'i 1,-f-t 8 inchi-s 

liiyli; li. iw,-en copp--r ci,|0r and l.licli; low- 
fori'h'-ail ; lo, k5 rather- down [generally when 
spokr-ii to, lie had u*i a black i-oat, faded green 
ca.ssiln -re ] «nt&. wli t" loil, ami « nice pair of 
shoes. I will pive a reward of $*^.'» for bis ap- 
preiteiisioii in t.*arrarJ or any of' Ib^ luljoiuiuf; 
coiiMlie-: #.Sil. it I'lk'-n ill any other coui-Iy of 
tlisi Stale; or f-IHU. if taken out of tl e Siate; 
in cither cas4 u be delivered lo me, or confi in d 
iu soiiie Kentucky jail, s i 'liat I can i;et bun. 


Garrard co. srpt 8, '57 if, 

^I^IIE unrtrrsigneJ, iiving near Perry ville, 
J ('{I'lirs for s.iie, a number of 

Fine and well-broko Horses, 

Suitable lor harness or the s'fl,1le, .Ainoni; 
the are several veiy last Trotters, Pacer  
anil KacKers. 

Also. A lot ot 50 No. 1 Mules, 

Two years old. He nvii.s ueaiers and otbr^^ 
to call and examine bis slock. 

.1 \s !• (.;aluwf.ll. 

Coyle CO. mir 14. 'Sfe ti 


At the Danvillo Steam Mill. 

prcpsreil lo card Wool at ihe Danvill. 
Steam .\liil, having gooii machinery lor that 
pU' j oso- 

fC!7"' prepared lo manufacture Wool 

into coaise Jeans or l.insev. or will exchange 
Iho^e articjet for Wool, eillier washi-d or uu- 

ILj"! ai:i a!so iiig Cn-ih f'T Wool. 

I). CROZIt;ri, Aa't. 

npril • .- . '.sr. tf 


O 'rnM, lnM7it  llilf rfjl'l- 

i-b fjipai". l',r Sal" iiv 
W t • Til' lir't RU »t LliCi 
aug il t or W . a. Patl-ri'Sn it rfja. 


1)n;ri.'^0N:i lutinj aci'nuiits with mo are 
here  y uiititi.i(l that theF,:iiie are now due 
— my terms beinj; flrbll\ Six .Months, anil 
as I stand jiix^lly tn ni e.1 ol I'.ie money. I 
wnn'.d 1)1^ olilij;. il to my customers tu call and 
make paymcui. 

julv 17. 'jT If f- 

Liniments, &c. 

Chineso l.i.iMii'-i)t, I'lies l.iiiiment. 

Klieum ttic l.iniinent. Fever ,t .^gue Tonic 
iJri lith's tii-Ibaniim Slrep'jib'-iiing Plasters. 
IJiarrliOM, Fiuj and Cholera M-dicine, 
UcdbU4; Mc'lieine, Fits M. .lirins. ,(•••,. 

For s"!-^ by 11. II A.M I L I'iJ."?. 

ju!y li-t 57 If 

TO FAE I\fEr[?Sr ' 

\Tr.\NTKD, rll th" »VHi:\'l' we can (;  i 
*V b r which we «Pill pi V ihe lii.!hesl mar- 
ket price. l'l'--i- o c.ili Upon us betorc you die- 
pose of vour crop. 

(1. A ItK.Y.VOLDS i CO. 
Lex ngtoii. Ky., jul\ :il 

something' NEWT 

JU.~ r received alotcl i-cytlies, Graiu Cra 
ciles, auJ i.ckksi'or sale bv 

t;, W. COLLI.\t . 

1^ \T Tll.^rS.- Ju.'t recf ieeJ, an assort- 
V nu-iit of l.'hfCr'-y's r'alenl r,e»-e and Rat 
Trap-, calculated to f'eceue stid ciilrap llie 
mcs' -aoacious of the hot mhe. fo- sale by 
" O Kf»*. W . 0()U,I KS. 

""^Wanted to Hire. 

I ""OR ib» r''iiisi';'iei i.'f the, \ .Nl'fiUt) 
' \\oM.\y , wiio i« a poo l Cook, Waslier, 
and [roller Onu wiilioul incumbrance would 
ho^p^fe^e,.. A,, y.t ; 

' "Vinegar.- ' • ' ' 

T-«7i;;i; \'meiar, werrairted purej und 
Vl i'u.cNo. 1 CiJ-.r ''■'in»'. .'r, 'ct I,- 
o-Ia iitUA'i-.T'~, 

Tuilion in riimary n"partmenl, • 
in College, b.w er classes, • 
" " bicher " 

Lesson" e" Tiano, including use of 
I In'triiir enl, .... So (It) 

Vocal .M.i,.i.-, .... s Oft 

.Modern L angir-irjep, French, German, 

Fpinish, or llaliau, each, . 10 (HI 
\ (t7*.\ll cb.irg''s payabl" half in mlrimet, 

irrNo deduction for absence, except iocs, 
see of prdracteil sickness. 

The Trusties have siiared neilh"r*pain« ror 
expenss in making Iliis Institiit  n fn every 
resp- cl a pleasant retreat for \ooiig laoieo de- 
s iinpfto pursue iheir studies. They are paj»» 
ilip lirst Clais salaries, and fl. titer iheitiselves 
Chat th"y hav,- se'-iired a first elwss Facnity. 

F irtli'T ii'turmat'on may bf o -tamed bv aW- 
■Iressinj; eilb' r the Presi' ml. Cat I) luville hr- 
lil the I  lh Anifust.) or tho Secretary ol th* 
Boaid St H.irroiieborjf. 

By o.-der of ihe Board, 

W. T. Cl'RRY, See jr. 

n*IJ«irburp, (UE 7, 'i7. tf 


aniilv KrsidrDcr for Sale 

iide fii'neil i ft'-rs for sale, ih-" Ito-wC 
hikI riemike.H al present occupied by 
liim ill MauTTlle. On the Lot are two of tbii 
est Ci^t-rns in Io\»h. arrii all ncre.^sary OOt- 
buildinjis, Stable. I'arri.ijf,. bouee, ,an l 
an In .Vonn-I, on-- of the few rcnininin^ 
relicii 01 th-it iniorehtinj race, vblch has b»e i 
religious^ prt-served. 

At the-l.ol fs larffe, consTderir|r its v«ry tfott- 
venieiit locality to ihe crrtir nf hmiiittt. it «fll 
de divid«il, so ns to i^oil two or tbr"« porcha- 
sers. A barffsiu will be ^;ven tn ♦*i:li.'r part. 

will s.-ll also, H Tour .\cre I'asture 
Lot, Kit ioteil near the Rjilt tnd llrpoii u , II ea- 
closed, sii-i ba»iti5 on it an • v-r(a,cijn^ supptv 
of first rale w: Ier. ffnQ: 8 p»«tro lp (rf |in(eli.i- 
sing such properl » Mill -..o » b!1 te ''slI c.irlv. 

A I t cf Buli.ii..j; Mitenoia, Orick, yt.'ine. 
Flooriug and t r^ssed ^V',4«tli,'riioar„i,,^ fppR|| , 

lilOb. H. J. AVkF.d. 

r.fc -2^, 'jli tf 


Il'Sr rtrfiveiJ aiKl now o|''*u iiriO far o^iju w.i 
low fT^ure«i lor cash, qd eitra hr^*: ainJ va 
rie J btotk fl 


Topellitr « i'h a tr athi Frtsb slock of 

Biaudied, Fresh, a-id Preserved 

Call ^u at tli'^ weil-siiown slanrf * *" 

T. J KfiiM i'tf owr:R. 

ovijIt'.'I Third Ft , ''aiiili!*. 

illicilcufucki) Cvibiuic; 



CoNSisTr.Ni Y or Mr. lU cuanax.— 
The Providence Journal fceiiis not to 
be thorougbly convinccJ of M.r Bucli • 
unati's coiigislciiey. It ar^iues that when 
the present administration proniihcs to 
proceed in one dircetion, it nicang to 
pursue ii course precisely opposite 

1'rom 1 HE I'l All — The latest I he messaL'o of llie I'resident in ' 

newg from iho U. S. troops started to regard to the capture of Gon AValkcr, by ' 
Utah, is of a very gloomy character. — | Com. Paul ling, has been sent to Con- [ 
The 'St. I.oui^ Republican on thti 8lh, :gre8s. Tlio I'lesidcnt gays the Com- [ 
received a letter from Fort Kearney. ; niodorw comniiiled a very "^jrave error, 

Later iiova Kansas. 

Wa';ii;nutok, Jar. 7. 
Reliable informaiion h»s reached here 
lhal neaily, oi quito 7,0(10 voles were 

K iNAWiiA t ALi. — Ue tind ilie follow- 
ing in a Uie number of the Cincinnali 
C'- tnini rcial. 

"A Kilo! Kanawha salt, brought hero 
yesterday, on ilie Quarrier. immediately 

dated Doc. 23d, which stales that Col. i in taking Walker on Nicataguan soil, ; ihe 215.1 nil., which is believed to be ' fe^hipped it for Pomcroy and Ma 

.lohnsoii was at Fort Uridper on Xovein- but proceed imniedia'.el v to make ex- [ * ""'j "'''y ihe wlio'.; numbor of vo 

' lers in Kansas. A portion of the free 
Stale men tiomiiiatod a .Stale lii-kel, and 

JN'cw xidverlisciiinits. 

A Good Biacksmith 

cast f, r the Lcci mpton constitution on I fo«" l » purchaser at KJ cents H bushel,! ^^^'f' 

f,,,. l «r«o,.„,. „..,! \l.. I -*- jaU 15 4t hKQUIRr. or THE rilNTFR. 

rietia hist ni|L;ht on the Baltimore. This 
ii a remarkable freak in trade — selling 
salt to manufacturers of the article."' 

When it indicates a line of policy, and ' her 28. Col. Cooke with his whole com- cuses for the error, grave as-fp-wTtS, by 

pledges itself to that policy before the ; mand had also arrived. J he grass had saying that ( .-m. P. •lactod from pure j lo row, for i: on the 6th insi., - ' '^'^ f-c^ i« correctly staled, as we are 
country, wc have only to look exactly ' all been burned. The animals were dy- i patriotic motives, and in ihie sincere j Their programme is to elect men pledg- j '"'o' hy the officers of the "Quar- 
in the contrary I'ircction, and there wc | ing at ihc rate of one hundred a day. , conviction that he was promoting the j ''^ call a convention to change, ilie but llie Commercial is wrong in 

shall find it. This is a great improve- ' 'I'he Mormons were fortifying al 
luenlupfn Pierce, who occasionally as- j passes hading to the city. Jesse Junes, 

tonishcd the country by keeping hii- | agent of Majors & hussel, bad been re- i '^I'nes his determination lo execute 'l e , lion of ih« 4;li of January. This news 
pledges, and once or twice confounded | leased and sent to Col. Johnson's camp, neutrality laws with mosi inflT-xible rig- i is regarded in p.ilitical circlus as highly 
all calculations by di.iiiig very nearly In passing through different canons, he '''''y- Anally he intimates his desire 

■ .■^Ofl sale al all li n*'s. in Hiiy dtfsircii quan- 
ta til y, 0l Coriitiliud' Cig r Shop. 

jin 15 If 

the ■ interests and 
his country. 

vindicating the honor of '■""""'"V,""' "^^^^'''y 

n 1 . 1 I I "-^H'oiin would not open the voles 
Ihe 1 resident also do- | „„ u.e constitution until after tU elec- 

No wonder the was blind folded to prevent him obtain- '° eslablish Ameiican institutions in 

Friday, ::::::::: Jan. 15, 1858 

Tur l)KM( r R.\ I K. St.\tk C'onvk.vtiu.n 
Thi» body, called together for the pur- 

j..Me of nominating a candidate fur the connection betwceu promises and 
( ;«rk of iho Court of Appeals, miit at jciioug exceedingly fragile. Th. 

what he said he uould 
man was not re-iioniinati d. Mr. Mueh- 
aiiaii is guilty of no *uch inconsisten- 

It would seem that Mr. IJnchanan 
knows what is iicce.«sary to promise, but 

takes the opiiusile track when called have received later advices as follows: 
njion to act. lie also understands thai | St. Lofia, Jan. I2. 

of their movements. — ^ Central Ameiica, but appears to be more 

Wslkei to du it. 


ing knowledge 

Another letter, dated Col. CooVe s com- '"i;''n ' l to do it himself, liiau \o allow 
niand while cii route, makes no mention 
of being molested by Mormons. 

favorable to a speeily seltlement ot llie 
j Kansas question by ac'.ion of the peo 
; pie of Kansas ilitmselves. 


Since the above was in type, wc ' 

classifying this among "the fieaKS of 
trade The true explanation is in the 
superior quality ol Kanawha salt for cu- 
ring meal. 

The Pomeroy work- had been in op- 
eration but a lew years before it was as- 
ct ruined, by fair trial, thai the salt was 
unsuitable for racking purposes; conse- 
quently the prudent farmers in that vi- 

To the Public. 

IN coii»i lrralir ii of llic fuel, lliul Ihf Impttr- 
ier.t ttiifl Jubbitrs. of u koni we nuke pur- 
ctiasfft, l  ivr ri'ducftl tlie litiie upon which Ihfy 
have hfrdofore sulti goods, auil knuvini) iIihI 
no Retail Mrrchniil cap liuy IJooiis on »n 
motilht timr, aiitj tivll them on tterltif month , 
witliout ch.-r^'ing a oorrenpondiuK profit, to 
equuliZf^ Ilia i;iBerenct^ in time, we are induced 
lo ninke a c|-aiige in llie liinv heretofore exU'D- 
ded to nor ru.itomers. All aecounis innde with 

The Kansas correspmident of the ! 
Democrat says 'hat the Free Slate L'"- i 
islalure and .Sui* ii -ket received an a»- 

I i inil v have almost universally souirht •f'"'' ""*''■»' "'"V "f •'«" '»''.v. '^•'•S, will be ; 
l.i t-IS,Jan 11. U'.^...,',,.!,. ,..,1. 'IM, . ...i.. .i . " ' due on the fijtt day of July. All iind e .fi.r i 

Kanawha salt. This is n-l only the ease 
al Pomeroy but all ilong !,he Ohio Riv- 
er, and, indeed, throughout the whole 
U'esl; the prudent, practical men have 

due on the fijet day of July. All mid e after { 
llie fir»t f July, will be ilue on ihe fire d«y of 
Jaiiunry following. We plei ge onr*f lvee to j 

Frankfort on the Plh. It was quite ^ 
largely «ttcii«]cd, nearly all the uuunlics 

Junrnal further asecrte lh.-it when the 
IVosideiit says the people of Kansas 

rjl the Stale, being represented. It was ' 3,.^ i^j ,o own instifu 

Tlic Republican lias Utah advices to past week 

December 1st. The troops were all in In the Senate, on .Satui l i 

winter quarters at Fort JJridger, with nial School bill was debate 

the exception of Col. Cook's couimand, length, and was finally ord.'ieil 

which was posted forty miles distant, on third leading on Tliursda 

make it lo the iiilereni of raoHPr cu.TC)yrR i to 
purchdee of UR on tlieee terma. .^ discount of 
10 ptrcenl. allowed on all bills for ca«ii, 


The Leavenworth Times of the 5,,, b"^'-'-* Pomeroy ;J" if' _ _. 

,1 ,^Hlt unsold for two or three jea rs past . I 1 nrt rvrvrv Tr'TJTTr'T' TTJTTT'Q: 

commemorate its inferiority. Instead ; ' IV 1 X J. XVlljJliO 

:«rage majority of 105. At Wyandotte „v,^r. „ " r 

But little busiress of interest or im- i the m»j.,riiy ag.tnsl the Lecomp.on con- ' 'u wJi; ^""'^ ^'^" =«- , 
portance has been transacted during ihelsiitu ion w,s 37J ^ i '"•^P J'»e'l remains 

presided over bv (Jen. Desha, oi" llarri- 
asBinted by a \ ice I'resident from 
• a(.'li Congressional District. The busi- 

tions. without interference, wc see that 
he means to impose upon them a form 
of government to which iiinctccii-tweii- 
ne«* of iiiKuinating their caudidato for ,1^,1,^ „f ihorn are bitterly opposed.— 
Appellate Clerk, wag i-nlerwd iuto*«»rly ^Vhcnhe say* that the independent ' health prevailed 
- ■ Th- fir. 1 ball ' treasury has be- . ■ ■• . • 

f this county an* that Ihe go  

111 liie same body, Mr 
resolution to aj ])oint a 
bring in a bill lo take the 

Henry's Ford, where a scant su)iply of 
grass remained. Fort IJriJger was lie 
ing rebuilt for the purpose of proteclin[ 

the provisions. The troops were com people on the propriety of ' n 
fortably stationed in teiitc with stoves. »eat of government from Frank 
The weatber had been vcrv mild. Oood t»r -fr h lU . ll.i. t-" '-1 ' 
Pruvi, iiiiiis were suf- tabJa t-^ .i v n. 

" : stales that the average majority of the 
..f j free Slate ticket in that city was upwards 
ja\citSiof 11,000; themajoiity against the cun- 

jslitution w.'.s 1,; 70. ■ Genilemen from bushel 
t llie Tciritory say that there is no doubt 

^e of ihe 


of buying this, the Wheeling pork deal 
ers Were willing- to pay five cents per 
more for Kanawha than the Pom- 
,1,, f„„  ;, ,„,•,.• , , , i^r-'y offered to them— all the while 
h.ulhefreebiaie ncket.s elected by a;, Jdii ,,(^,- Pomeroy sail, 

large majori y. No d.stur'oances are re- 1 u,ou^h unable to t,et Kanawha \, v 
ported thus l«r 




though unable lo get Kanawha at any 
price. Tlio Parkersburg dealer* have t-x 
[)ressed the sain-! uri-fer- ti --- W e i„ 
img^ie es 

H. UaUey, ..t TrigK- l^U- 1- *'- Nut" in nothing but gold and silver, and that x,.arly two thirds of airthe anim'a'u ot 

fall, of Henry, 95^; U.K. Kevill, of ^,^,,1^^ ,j„ „,„ .^poeic ' the expedition ht^d du 

f ^tjn, 81{, Geo. T. Wood, of Harl, (}9i;  ,u„i,t to be put into bankruptcy, we sec 

Junius Caldwell, of Adair, 91; Metcalfe, ti,,^ treasury is run niiig down to the 

cf Mason; Deyd, of Harrison; Hopkins, |„,, doHur, and lh.1t the mode of relief 

..i\ I"' h\ :i. . .- . 

Suitable resolu lions concerning the 
J.:i.lli of hlr. Chenault, late member from 
The .Mormons were preparing to leave Madison, were passed — when the House 
for the Hritish possessions. The pio- adjourned. 

neoi parties had already left. IJrigham In the Senate, on Monday, vAlie bill 

iviug pro- 
■■   county, 

uii. UaU(,l.lM coWiay UUO; J.jl;rsoll 

county, 1900; Hourbon county, 430; , 

Douglas county gives 500 Free j P*? "i"'''' ' "' « go^^ »''l' -='9 than for an 

c-d i.l'.'.i !! I -'IS per L'.i-.liel- ii 

'"freak in trade" when consumers 

13 llu 

will ! 

'\onnghad sent a quantity of salt to came up to ))iohibit negro preaching- 
of Oldhaw; t.-leinan, of Uath, «nd ig^uc of «2U,000,000 irrodccmablc | Col. Johnson. That officer had sent it with the opii.ion of the commi«ec /that 

♦ : . instead, of Fayette, also received a 
few votes each. Hach county was al- 
l«wc i to cast «no vole for each one 

majority; Atchison Cily about 30. The 
Democratic Stale lickel is prob-jbly e- ' 
leoicd and a majority of the Ijegislaiuie j 
for a free State. About half ihe vote 

indilfere'.il one 

IlithcMo the Poraersy salt has been 
bought by our Kanawha salt Companijs 
and has been marketed in conneiiun with. 


AT lh  Boyle Cardens, cousisting of 

.\pplcs. Pe-ches, 

Pears, Cherries 
Plums, &c. &.C. 

A\so. fine Plants of the b«»t Native Grapea — 
Together wilh Evergreen*, 
•1 us TreH«, .'ihruh^. 

- li^ --" .t 

""*«»-f%ro» . ... ,, 

«ecliinau4. i 

a. fl. WITHKUS, 

jao IS, '58 tl Proprietor 

J". -\7^IEIHIL,'S 

 '.\SUinN.\ lii.E 

Furniture Warerooms. 

 3 RESIST I isrct 





Great Inducements 

Are offered during the i-'c^ent f 






back. Slating that he would hanjr any it should not pas. . The bill wa« idvo- 
mcfsenper from the saino quarter on a L-ated by Mr Silvcrlrtotli , and opposed 

of the Territoiy was cast for Stale ol- " """ "!/'''"'•»' of 

htfudrcd Democratic toIos cast by the 
t-nuat; al the laic Presideulia! election, 
• ad vH-\  fur fr ct'ous over fifty. 

.\',j one having received a majority wu 

similar errnnd. Young also invited the by Messrs lluckner, Mallory, Siuidelh, 
officers hnd army lo partake of bis hi.s- and llaycrafl. Tiie biil was tiiially ro- 

The horrid stjuabble now going 
f.n in the Deuiocratio laiiki, is very pitality and h-p'cud the winter at Salt commitieii to a select committea 

licers, but a \ury decided expression 
was given against the Locomploii C jii- 
stlluiion, the maj.irity ngainsl it, beii) ' 
set down M 10,000. 'in some precici.t° 

distrofsing tens out5iders--oh, very: — 
Nobody knows our anxiety about the 
mailer. The Louisville Democrat, the 

Lake City. 

A bill to increase the salar 

agents, as Kanawha sal'.; but this year 
the two anick-s ^tHnd bef jre co Kumers 
lupeinilieii respective nieiin. We will 
! know more al the close of the pork sea- 
son when estimates can be made as to the 



It is said that Col. Johnson is so well officeis was referred to ihe committee on 
assured that the Moruious w ill leave in theCnu". of Appeals. 

ies of State '"^' ''*'''"=^P'^"^*^"^''''*'P'"P«"- The *f I'"'" , 

..!,' i ,° ! f'-ee State iii.,n were makin- arrests of '""'t"  " 

,. , , „ ,, , the spring that he a.-ks no increase of| 

Ike ballot, tho Lonvcutiou proceed- regular organ of Kentucky Democracy. ^..j^.^ l.js command 

*ri t») thtf fiond, and euutiiiucd nnlil is opposing the Admiiiii-tralion with all 

t'le iieteiiih l.all'it. droppinsr the hind- Ji,; power, and is of course at logger- himation declaring the Territory in a^t eandidate after the lAiug *.f every heads with that uow intensely Locofoco | i tbellion. slating that a court 

sheet, the Courier. The Paducah Her- 
ald is also engaged in a rough and tuni- 

in the House, the bill lo form the 
county of "Jackson" out of part* of ^^^ '^'^''^ 

(iovcinorCuniminghad issued a proc- Mad'»on. Kslill. Clay. Owsley, iic , was 
" pa.«. ied — yeas S^X nays 40. 

The bill e-tibl's ing a conventional 

■»•■!«. On Ihe seventh l'all..|, tlio con- 
test having by that time 'nccoine narrow- 
ed down to R. li. Ucvilland H. H. Hol- 
I ng. the T.ite stood, Hevill -JftftY; Boi- 
ling 'i\ 1} — whereupon Kerill was  lc- 
t-lurcd the unanimoas eUoi c ef the 
(' •i»»eniiiiii. 

If tho DeHio.'^racy arc satiitfted with 
this rerioit, we have certainly no reason 
t.- be olherwis".' Although Mr. Boi- 
ling io a feilow-oouuiv luaij, we claim no 
»-'rt of right to speak in his behalf. He 
I s a'ways lioeii a thoroiii^h Democrat, 

Justice Kcklcs for the trial (if offenders; 
ble fight with some of its Deinocralie that a pi ssc of inhabitants of the Ter- 
hretbren of the press. And we under- ritory be first used to enforce obedience 
stand mureuver, that there was some 

will bo er-anizeJ in the Green Kiver "'e of interest, was discussed by ibc 
try, near Fort Bridger, by Chief House ir. Committee of the whole, but 

fear among tho ' faithful, ' that 

to tho lawt-; that f-jiliiig, a military force 
. be resorted to; coiniiiandiii ; all armed 
''"' bodies of men iiuinediatelv to disband 

Democratic State Convention at Frank- and return home on penalty of punish 

fort last week, would not endorso the 
Administration, but they inaiingod to 
"sorter" swallow the pill in some kind 
of fasliion, notwithstanding the fact was 
known that there were a BuUil-er of dol- 
ogales, and many others of the Ken- 
a ad as he has been jJ-.'^'/Z- r/'y f/i "^/i'd-»'./ uicky Democracy, who side with lloiig- 
iu the eainp of his own party, we per- [as in the present war. Tho fight 
V'lpa ought Bf.t to eoniplain of the bad aniong the unterrifieil is awful- -it is 

mcnl to the traitors 

Lieut. Carroll, loih infantry, bearer 
of dispatches to Washington, left here 
this uiorning. 

no definite aciion taken. 

lu the Senate jn Tuesday, tkebill pro- 
' hibiling the circulation of foreign bank 
notes Ol a les. (ienominatim than S5. af- 
ter the \ l ol Jtfhe next was adopted — 
yeas 32. nays 4. 

In the Ibiusej on the same day. a bill 
extending the annual appiopriation of 
' Sj.OOO to the State Agricultural ^joemy, 
: until li e next oession of the Legislature, 
I was passed by yeas 62, nays 45. 

arrests of 

fraudulent volets under th« reciiit leg- 
islative act al Callioun. A judga named 
Calvert was arrested for siufl'ing ballol 
Another nsmcii RvdmanVas ar- 
lesiod for receiving fiaudiilent voles. — 
Calvert Was taken lo Leavenworth with a 
ctntion bvlonging lo ihe Kickapoo Ran- 
gers and paraded through the Miei-ts. 

Much exciiemenl prevailed, and fears 
were eiileriained that serious trouble 
would follow. Tlie political parlies 
wcie much divided, the majority being 
billerly opposed lo the Locompt'on con- 

Oen. Calhoun was supposed t* be in 
W'asloo, M l., and had been advised not 
lo return lo llie territory. 

''I^lil^ uttenlion of purchancrs is iuviled to 
-t- lti« stock of 

Fashionable Furniture, 

the Ware-rooms of the underrigiied. 


market by the amount uf each ]i«ld over 

unsold. ! 

A* far as we can learn, the Pnmcroy I 
salt is made wilh great caic; is quite ]„ 

fair, hanilsouie to the eye. is gool for .Stock at pruent i« lurije and varied! and con 
slut-k and table use; but is not i-afe for of the tiueet of French ami American 

curing meat or wahin.r butter- The salt fiyle». loH'ther with cheip-r ware for those 
t ■ I ■ . .1 - who may desire it. Ii» iuviiei especial alien- 

bus ess is one of importance to this ,i„„ ,„ hi. stock o( F, Sofa., D.v.i... Otto- 
V alley and wo will lake occasion te reier „,ans. Hair and Caii« Sent Chairs, ned.tead., 
lo it again when we have time and space Bureaus, Centre Tables, Hat Itncke, Work- 
* - *' - 1. iiri._. v ... _ Peraon* in want 

.Rtest Palierni. of 

to do the i-ubjcct justice.— A'«mMi/iu Viands. What-NoU. df . &c. 

' the very best materiaU, and maniifaclureti 


carefully, eapeciall-/ for regular private sales, 
are invited lo call at my vvare-roonis before 

In Australia, it would aopear, by the biiyini;. as I am sali.nnl that I can please theui 

\ corrsspondcnt of the Newport 
' Ky.) News, lias written a very lumi- 
nous eonnnuiiicatioii to that paper, in 

favor of a new Anii- S laveiy //yt i/i Treasurer, says: 

'i'liF Statb Tke»si-kkk. — The reporHr 
of the Frankf rt Yeoman, in noticing 
tho acceptance by the Lfgi^lalure of the 
hoods of Mr. Garrard, the new Stale 

last advices from there, a national par'y 
has been formed, their object being lo 
bring about a union of all tba Austra- 
lian provinces in one great Federal Slate. 
S im" veais liece, it will be remembered, 
criaiu movements in favor of indepen- 

Niw Orlkans, J^.n. 12 
Col. Anderson, before surreiidci ing. 
destroyed all llio buildings and catile al deuce be.aine apparent, but those were 

llo. and bloke up lliB macliitiery of promptly hushed up. Tho emigration 

ke sleann-r 

of the Irish element to the Ausir.vlian 

trnatment he has received at the bauds 
oi his friends. But it does strike us, 
lhat Mr. li. h'lX't'f has some right to 
(onsider that he has been badly and 
trearhously served by hi' party. Ho 
b'caine a candidate several years ago, 
I tho Democracy was in an «Pi» «- 
relilTy ffopetess nunorTiy *~ 
months ago, was the onl; -i 
of at all, iu connection with the Appel- 
late Clerkship. He secnieil to bo by 
general ron'-ent, the candidate of hi.'- 
party, and ne less than about forty 

shocking! Can't eoiiie kind fiiend put a 
Btop to ill' 

withstanding the apparently anti-South- 

Btj k,'' jiroposed by '■■BrMher V'lil. ' 
In tlic course of his article, this ]irc 
oious blaspheming hypocrite— uses the 
name of the Almighty with a most 
shucking familiarity. He says "the 
fiad whom he worships 

By an examination of the bonf} it ap- 
pears that Mr. Garrard has given ."iecuri- 
ty to the amount of ovi-r §^CCO,')00, or 
more than twice iko amount rcijuired by 

Cali/i-riiia. — Lieut. Deal* will soon re- colonies since that lime has been veiv 
turn lo Texas. Tli   camtttt remain on ext ensive, and the Irish poople being 
the Lison reserv-ition. Sonorn in Low- generally inspired with a spirit of hos- 

both in quality and prices. 

IT Hair, 'shuck, Cotton, ic 9los» Mni- 
tia^sPM always on hand, nr made to order ol 
anv denired size on short notice. 

HJ'daving pur'-haaed a FINE CAS, I 
am prepared to delivvr t'uriiiiur* promptly, 
iu toM n nr country. 


DinvllU. jan 13, '68. If 


er California is politically ijuiet. 

lility against the Haglish government, 

. L^ND, SrOOK, CROP, &C, 





a: d 

In (vary variety and tbe very beat 

AT Til 



jan 1(, less If 

A d eadful hurricane on the coast ; this fact jirobably tentled to the "leder 

Irove thirteen vessels ashore and destroy- 1 alirm" scheme. Thi.5 tiueslion of uni; r | tjiK suhncriber. livine in Woodford co«n 

od many houses. 

ern and anti-Adniinistrutiun attitude of ^ery (jLid, ' and that tli 

^la8,Jt is oig  which Henry ' i),/, 
ardent SoiiriiurD mai , and 

Senator Dou 
A. Wise, an 

a devoted Admini^tration man approves 


is an ant! sla- 1 
Lord of all ' is 
«, • , &c. This 
is delectable 
is a regular. 

Among his f-uretios are some citi- 
zens of Clay, his native county, wito gave 

i-'ni ^ciMirt'v l'  1 !u! n TiT-^ti 'I t ' ,f ^7'-, 

I ling Australia in one Federal Slate was 

ty, 5 '2 miles from Verteailles, on the Ver- 


T ■• 1 , .. .1^.1 , , , , ,, , 1' an par' V , a lai-'. . r'HiiiHliie to iliehi, anil 

Iu hi8 great letter on the Senatorial , ,traight-out Aboimon sheet-publish- , „„g gratifying \o the 

(|ues'.ion in A'irginia, written a little , cd, however, iu a strong Democratic I" r .«surer elect 

more than a month ago, (loy. Wise, in county, the people of which will not over ?1.'?6.000. This is truly a hand 
speaking of the people of Kansas, haid: ' ,ustain any other sheet in their midst. (•« l""«nient of the glo'rioua vie 

counties had instructed their delegates ' ..Ti,e people shall, of right, judge fr.r A tcry respectable journal was started 
to vote for him. Rut on coming up to jhcmselves at the jiolls, of their organic there some years ago, but the preprie- 

aw, unless they expressly authorise j tors were forced to give up for the want 
agents to make and adopt a constitution , „f patronage. The News, by the way 

Cnnvention, very many of these dele- j 
gates, who were cither perfo lally p'cdg 

mens are all gone to .Salt Lake. 

The Wab isli is bringing home 
'' nderson's comma'iil. 

*k   ■ IwP. 12- 

- caucus resolu- 
iiiipioti Consii- 
tudori. llie b-.!iale po-.tponed action 
thereon This is considered a virtual 
Lincoln county gave rebuke to Gov. Wise. 

St Loris. Jan. 12. 
The Territorial Legislature of K'«nsas 
lory Mr. Garrard achioTod in August met at LecuPipion on the 4ih, and ad- 

j lUtned to Lawrence. Gov. Denver 
signed the bill au horixing the adjourn- 

Ti:c La Pase and Stn nernnrdino Mor- ' bmught up in Legislative Assembly al ""ill'* »nd Nicholasv.lle Turni-ike, wishes to 

cd U  Boiling, or positively instrnctcd to for ,hcm." He further added-' Therc ' p,p„g „,^t supported 

• upport him, utterly disregarded all su«h „.n5 „0 8uch authority delegated by the I iJeverly L. Clarke and the other Demo- 
cratic nominees for State officers in 185.') 
-had their names at the head of its cd- 

contidcrations, and voted for the other people to the Convention of Kansas." 
aspirants before the Convention — and letter from Gov, Wise, written to 

the result was, that he was beaten, and Tammany Society, on the occasion of ^ jtorial columns-while beneath followed 

badly beaten, despite the expressions in the Sih of January celebration, says:— , ,u , violent iholition articles— all 

f f .1 „ , o „r 1 • r., ( , . , T 1 "IC mosi vioitni aoomion ariiiiis uir ci v iiieiuoer? » ere eieciuu ov iiauu 

his fay«r trom the t lasscs ol hi... part) .-Congress ought not to reject the Lc j^uc Democracy— , and riolence The message haying bcea 

Rfjectkd. — When the message of meut. 
Gov. Ligon, .ti Maryland, was aiiiioun- i 
ced in the House on iha Olh iKstanl. « j 
motion was made that it be not received 
The motion was carried by a vole of 13 
to S7 'J'liis was on account of expres- 
sions contained in it in relation to the 
-\merioan parly, and in conscqtreju'e of 
the Governor expiessing an opinion lint 
the ci'v member* were elected bv fraud 

Victoria last summer, and iifler an an- 
imated debate. WIS lelerred lo a eom- 
miltee, which has retteoily published 
iu. report. Tho commillee rejaids an 
ul'tiinate untriir^r'Aiistraliaias" a iie^essV 
ty, and pruj-osos a conference of dele- 
gales lo be iield for the p'lrpo^.- of 
kketcbiiig a plan of a constitution, which 
afterwards shall be submitted to the 
variou-f legisl.tiive b  d ies of the colonies 
for approval. The conference is to be 
compu ed of three delegates from each 
legislature of the colonies of New Souih 
U ales. South Australia. Tasmania, and 
Vicioria. As to how the report of the 
commiilee has been received by the 
: Legi.ilaiive Assembly of Vicioria, nolh- 
WAsniyornit, Jan. 11. , ing is yet known, but it is said that the 
The Union has a leader in which the | seheme meets ilie approval of the peo 

dispose of 

300 Acres of Land, 

fir. Private Sale. There is t^fimfart- 
'-iu-j lri!i«e ou the place, aa'd all ne- 
■ i ll "ed»T r*|i»Hf. T he 
.il   ell this Laiiii tt Pub- 

. . I. . .K-st qidiicr, " 

.On IVedncadrty, February 10, tfiSS. 

Unlees privately sold before that lima. 1 will 
also sell, al Ihe same time, a numt er of , 

Horses nnd roll«, all good Trotline Stock, 
Also, n lot of t'Ritle. Hoc* nnd Sheep; 
a lot of Corn nnd Ont*, tng -tlier wilh all 
mv llnnvR nnd Kitchen Fiirnilnre; 
PHrniiiif; Implmients, 

Aiid a "Valuable Sulky and Buggy, 

TsiMit op Sjii.ic — (Ine-Iliirrj of the pnrrbase 
money of Ihe Land to be paid in cash. Ihe bal- 
ance in one nnd two years th  reafler, ▲ cred- 
it of 9 mcnthe will he fivea on all sums ever 
$20, on p'lrrhases ftf ,'*ioclc. Furniture, &c 

pie, and coiu-urs with the willies ol the nnder that amouni to Ke paid in eash. 

colonists generally. Sj that the pros- I'''»»''.»,on jriren on the first day of March 

acquisition of Central America it discus 
sed. It repudia'es the means adopted 

by Gen. Walker, bulcviduuily favors pect is. — thai the Urilish Government 
the object by another process, h gny.s ' is likely, sooner or lat jr, te behold tlie 

»lt over the State. His successful oppo- eompton Constitution, but ought to sub- ' (1,^ p^^^.j 

nent, Mr. Rcvill, was hsrdly tnnwn at j^ct it to a f.tir and legal vote of the peo- ' 
« candidate before the meeting of the „f Kansas, and for any ditfercnce of 

Convcution, is said t« b* ineompefent opinion manner of solving 

10 disehtirge the duti«  of the office, if .jucstiMn, no honest Demoenit 

elceted; and morcoTtr, Is reported i-^j.houldbc proscribed." 

have even himself been pledged to the — - 

om of Kentucky, and the 
Downfall of Slavery." Vet with these 
and other like facts staring them broad 
, in their faces, the Democrats of Ken- 
tucky are always crying •■Abolitiouisl'' 
, at every ^cuticman who gees fit to op- 

published in advance of its bcin^ seni to 
'lie uej;!-!.,. urf, tne jnembers iliusob- 

to nc(|uirc the privilege of constructing taansformalioii of its Australian colo- 
nies ttr.o otie ^jrAn 1 Fil'jral lU'public,— 
wiielliei 10 bu free and indepoiidiiil, like 

railwayfj c«u«ls and roads across lb 
lalbmus, and lo settle the ie-Moii$ of 
country traversed by lliese routes with 

or B  ouer if nerea'*-.*r\-. 


J. r si PH, Auctloreor. 
Woodford CO.. jan IS, '58 tdt-Lex OlR 

''I'^mS is to annnnnce, that we, tbe nuder- 
I signed, have bought onl .Mr. A. S. .Vol- 
row's stock of Goods, and it is onr iulentian 
I to chanjre the business 

I From Credit to strictly Cash. 

In view of Ihe reduction of lime which lb«» 
Wholesale I»en!er:^ have m«de. the heavy prslit 
those who buy on long credit pay, aoH onr d*- 
«ire Id furnish la - ir cusloniers 'C« ods at tb* 
iowest possible pi- es, baii induced na t»^%l|« 
Ihi"* chanife. 

Vi;r,i„l,^( to v.. . , ••i.'li ., . ,. ju^^fcjjjfcr 

well assorted Si- r ,j ^^j. 

ees lhat will de' ^, ,„j ^|| 

credit lo compete . 1.1., we utile all those 
who wirh to avoid loiij; hill*, tap niucb ■(ato. 
as they expected,) rRicsrs and'suits, lo give ■» 
a call before purchasing elsewhere. 

We will soon be in re;ripl of a splendid as- 
sortment of 


For Summer Wear, tmong which will b« foaad 

50 pieces new-styl? Calico; 

Brown Twilled Cotton; 

Blue " do; 

PUid Stripe d»; 

Osnaburf^ do; 

Cannelton de; ' - 

To which we would invite the alteiHtPB of -psr- 
chasers, ^ 

Danville, jaa 8, 'SU tf 

majority decided to vole against i s re- 

Walki r AKi' FoRNKV. — A letter wri:er 

New Yoi'.x Mi rdfrs is' I^t57.--Th , 
I'olice fiazcttc publishes u list of sixty 
murders which have been committed in 
New York, since Januarv Ist, l h7. — 

•uppnrt of iJoHlng, Hie iiotniiiatior . 
we undcratand, was brought abont 
)i;ainly by the determined exertions fjf 
Hon J, S C!iii.-.mati and Judge .Nnf- 
t*-l, (rk ) it .ippears were e»] cc"uilly ^:o»- 
t'l* 10 Boiling, whi'm they tf-cd every 
«ffnrt to del'etit. This wo sta'c upon 
li e autliori'y of a eotemporary, who was 
present, we djriiig the session 
i,f the ('tiBvc'iti'in. 

♦" f .Mr. Hevill, his ( haracfer or his fit.- 
Hess for the ofS'te for which he ha" been 
Kuininated, wc know nothing, save what 

w* g.ither frntn oihcr.^ who arc ac',n,nin- „f ,,,, r,,^., „,^,j ^ ,^,^„^ 

t-.-d ^Mlh hitii. HiH claims and capacity j„,;,y „^ tircumslauces have 

!r,wcret-. w.ll be fullj discussed Lcfore p„i„,^a with ccrLiinty to lb 

(lie Klf.-iion, an-i ini-tinviliiii', if th. ' 

AtKericans btit „.,mi„,.,o il.e ri,l  . , ^.^^ y,,„^^i7,;,,, 
of a man, and then their d.iy for S.Kyu,^.US - The :*ew York 

ittfcl to ,.1,. , , ,. .. . 

po»c thi-ir policy, er offer as a candidate f'""^ Philadelphia, under dale ot Decem- 

ber 31.-t, sfcvs: 

; for a«y office, ngaiutt one of their own 
, party pets. 

Jifir The number of tiuhts. in which 

But one execution has taken piucv, that deadly weaiions were used, that hajipen- 
of the colored man Dorsey. Three i cd during the bolidavf-, of which re- 

lained knowledge of its contents, and the pcxi-^^hle liaclesmen, farmers, mechan- | 

irs, itc , would seem to bo the only sure, 
infall'ible m  de of planting oui institu- 
tions pernianunily in those regions. I 
If, bowever, we musi plant nur con ' 
siiiuii'iii ir. south of us Wy a ; 
slroiig army, lei i; be d ne by ..pen and | 
I nnorable hostility, ( oiidu -ted unde"! 
the auspices ainl. autiiority ol ilip G v- j 
eiiimem Nothing can be easier than to 
tiivl ( aascs fur a iia i nisl quinei wi'h I 
the 'Viiiral 'imeiii-an .Stales an'l I'nei 

l-ersons convicted of capital crimes are 
now under sentence of death — . lichacl 
Caticemi, for the iiiurJci of I'olicenian 
.\ndcrson; Jaines Uogers for the' luor- 
dcr of John Sw,iiiscy; and James Shep- 
I herd, for arson in the first degree. .\ 

ports were given by the papers, -'whis- 
ky'' ill some uf its forms being tho in- 
tligator, is terrible. Jlorc young men 
have been killed and wounded in these 
bloody sprees in the I'liitcd States du- 
ring the holiJ.iy wee'.;, than in many a 

remarkable fetituic ill this appalling list battle where the bloodthed was highly 

respectable in tjuantity. 

G 'V. alker has been in llio ciiy to 
day, conferring with Col. Koriiey. Tliey 
feel (juile sanguine. 1 niider i»nd, that 
the' L-conipton ( 'm stitulioii ctit.nol gt* 
through t^i'; lliai it will be .1 dose 
tub in the Setmle, but cr.n never pass 
the House ' 


TriiE. — We regret to learn the dt-^i li of 
W/lliam Cheiiaiill, K-q ,a member of the 
pie.-cnl Legi.vlaiure Irom the county of 
Madison, which took place at Ihs resi- 
dence on Friday of last wi-ek. Jir, Clie- 
i aull was a most cxcclleHl m»n, and bis 
death will be deeply laineiiied by an ex- 
tended ciicle 01 relatives and friends. 

llie United Si'iies, or iioi, liiat} and cveiKs , 
must deleriui/e. 

The Late War i.n Kaksas — Tl.e kte 
civil war i.-i Kaiuas did not U^i but a 
day aiid a half. A K-»nsa« corre.'^pon- ' 
dent thus sums up the lesultol it: 
Kl.ed. 0 
A ounded. Contusion o( the note, 2 
Musing. 0 
Caput ted, t 
Frigiurned, 5,710 

To Cio-ar Makers. 


AOOOD einily C,]g:,r M iker ran c-t a per- 
manent siltiation. with constant employ- 
ment tnd good wsges, hv a; plvine to 

Danville, Ky,, jan H, 'SH tf 




ll O 

 ver,-meiit. It we set ab-iul 

Plai.k Ta'.k. —The Richmond Soi.tJt, 
i(Mi.. Pryor's pa|H-f-,) thus expresses its 
j opinion «f the siiireri'.y and l one^tv 

Seeking it. If, Con rary to our naiion 

' al p.ilicv, we nuisl iie.eds extend ourrT"" k ,i 1 -j 1 " 

'. .- ' , , , , . !tlose ^^)rlllern m«ti who pride lliem;,e 

instiiuiions !--,iutIiWiird by forre, Icl 11 

bo done bv an liMiiuiable iTai faie, nol bv 

r!l.\VK ileivrniiii' d iu fnliir.- to rell for 
f HKh f.iilv — aiKi i-it-nfl by sel'iug at lite 
■■niall.'-'l pos-ibk prcfits. lo make it t   the lu- 
terr.t "f C!•^h liu e(  toi'eal with me, I hope 
110 one will render it ii'-c-»a»rv for me lo refn»» 
ih -m or^.lii. wliiih I will rartaiuly h.ivrtto do, 
it II. ev Ksk it, 

- . T. J, .^HlNDELflOWKR. 
; in «, I'^.ig 

irioiidt of tlie 

a pnh'ieal foray 

n initial. 

•fiy Mil]. K. 15. Bartlctt is announ 



which j:ave l{iich;;tiatj a^cii a warm and 1 
devoted bupport. thus speaks of the dis ! 
solution of the "National Democracy:" i 
' For good nr evil, North ( r South, wc 
' are closing up tho last chapter of that . 
: great nati  nal party, which was organi- ' 
' zed under lien, JackBun. lie j/rcstisre 
of invincibility, iti) unity, its hariuonv. 



its discipline, nnd its strength arc gone.' 
The Herald is as sagacious in jmliti 

the land. 

hiii , Mr. K-L'vill will he prrmi 
reuiain in the pea'-cfa! shades of "Sweet 
Owen," i.T the reputaiinu of which coun- 
ty for casting lar-_'C Dcnit-'rjtie votes, 
by the pcrpctraiion of large Democratic 
frauds up'iii the tleetive frtinchise, he 
is ilfitiht'e.-g in a very great degree in- 

dt.'bWtt for lii« Homtnatlon. 

*• - - 

l it iiaiiie.-* Ill' .^Iaj..r i'j. H. I'.art- 
lotf, of Covington: Hon. lieorge McKee, 
(uf PuUski, W. B. Alien, of Green; W. 
T, Samuels, of Hardin; John. M.S. .Mi- 
Cirkle. of Green; anil John D. \\  

lodwin, of McCriekeu, have been 
iiiiggeDtcd notnination an tho ,^mor- ''"^''^ ^-J, viz; 

)c:.n candidate for Clork of th* Court of ' J'c"''!y I'- * as Minister to 

Ani,.-nie, by vl.u .-^.tate CoiiVi-iiliou to ht- Guatemala, H. B. J. Twyman, Esq., as 
hud on the :i7ih iii«f. Consul to Wra  _'ru?,, and Thos. 11. Ste- 

-• *- ••■••  - pheiisuii, K.^.j., Pi" A --'i- Ju.stii-e of 

»f%. It is stated that more Menib.TS .N^^ M /xi -o. 
of Coiigit »  liuve tdkc-ii house- iu Wash- I - 

iiigton ihni ev^r b.-fore, (he increa.sed ' Kkw Covntv — The Hona. oi'liepi,)- 
pay enabling tUcm to etijoy the comforts i^ehlativea, pass, d, by a decisive vote, 
ef home, and to diBpense a generons the bill | i estaWish the new county of 
hospitality 10 ihosc of Muir c it stltuents ' Jackson, out of parts of .Madl-on, Kstill, 
who may visit the city. jOw-Iey »ud Laurel couutiee. 


ft is un . that Maj. B.^' J'"'"'''' 

ree? to su I'lu : ; it'..- v-li: 1 :i .- t-.tbe .\nii;r- 
ican State Convention to meet on tbe 
27lh, and to abide its decision. * 

-U of ^ 

I;.. I., 

I II MILTdH. \. Y Jan, 1 I. 

' A mosi airoci.ius murtUr was cim- 
miiteil al I'o Iville. four miles from bore 
last night, Jared Conislock and wife 

j aged 7i  years, where the vifiirfis an 

I their son was the murderer, Il« ha... 

of lb. 

'i'lie Norihorn Bank of Keritu^kv tias 

:B il'.j .. HI,,, a II ;ix, iie llieii 

■ iber wilh a skillet, lie cut 
in ., i.c.i .5 oul and L Uion. of the bod- 
, , I , . , . , ,. pi'ees and roasted the other on a 

declared a dividend of .ne per cent., out j,„j„„ ^ portion of it. He intcn 

lied to have killed his sister, bu! she es- 
caped. The niurilcrer is in custody and 

of their piofiis of the last six months, 
wilh a surjilus fund of 83B3.4CCrM. 

Sei. It is tkouglit tliat the opponenip , 
of educational ) rogrc3S in the present : J^'The cattle trade of New York city 

Legislature, will succeed in carrying out "* vslue of beeves thai ^ 

arrived daring the jiast year is, iipor cal- 
culation, found lo reach ab.'iit 9 1 I ,U00- 
000. New York ha«, it is estimated. 

has confessed ihe act. 

their views, and will give the State a 
long j.ush backwards, by repealing the 

WAsiiiNoroN. Jan. 1». 
The .Sen.tle to-day, in execniive  es- 
sion after dt-baro, cniiHimed (W afainst 

.Vormal School bill. The fate of the , paid the co"untry f..r animals slaughtered S-")) Nathan Cliflord as As^nciatp Jus- 

1 „,i • . , . ' measure is regarded .at the Capital as 

(111 soothsawiig tt.": any other j luriisl "i . , , ^ i  . 

in the cily, a sum but Uulo short of ''ee of the Supreme (^'oiirl of the Cr.ited 
?17,000,OUO. States in place ol Benjamin R. I'urtis, 
j resigned. 

v.-s upon being ti e s,,eoiai 
.s uti.: 

"Sii Mr. I)uu;^l,is has sliowi liis clo- 
ven fool to tho Souili al last. 1 never 
believed lie wa^ whole- 'ooted. A I lhat 
he has ever done has been to caj.ile the 
South to choo io between evils, to take 
ihe bosl she can gel, 10 sugar jver n.-m 
j aeous pills and bribe the Soulliern mem- 
bers to coax thf Souih to swallow them. 
I ! I ui* coi H (■•• i - /fioi'r 110 con- 
I m ' Mwion a 'I I 

■J . be our fritir4t 

and l»« honest. ' sis of the two 

se'-li..iis are aoia^. t Tbe Norih- 

ern man who goes lor our interest nec- I 
essarily goes against the interetl of the ' 
Norili, his couniry, and 1 can have no ; 
coiifidrnca in a irailoi, no matter how 
high is his price." 

Who KiLLKD Ieclmsku — £jhabon«, ' 
the Otiowa chief, whose to Mendo- 
ta during ibu last month wo noticed in 
the columns of the Press, was with Te- 
cumsc-b. and was near hinre \n the battle 
of the 'I'liames Shaboiis says, that ho 
saw Tecumseh, saw him fall, and thai 

Public Sale of Land. &c. 

THAVKnowfor sale in DanTitle. a Urt« 
let of Salt and I.nmber, whirb I am 
oir»'ing e.hei.p f„r Ca^b i)r in ejehange fiir 
Wheat. It i' mv intention to keep a snpplr 
■ n hand al all times, and 1 can promptly fill 
all ordnrs for any ileKireii qnanltiy of either 
Salt and Lumber of every destrriptmn. Shin- 
vies. ,tr., Are, Purchas* rs arv invited lo gtv« 
me a call before having. My resirlri ce is oa 
l.eiinglon street, in Ilia house formerly i WB» 
ed by .Sir Wm Dcicam, 

J. H. D.\VIS. 

jan 1, 'Sn, If 

WILL sell lo IT h^ehest hi.lder. at PuMir 
Sat.'.' i-n the )ir -ii i-"* on Weilnesdny 
Ihe 3nl i l rili'M-iry, l«,y«, 

A Small Tract of Land, j 

Lying in M-rce- roiinlv, on f'ane Rnii. knoivn 
as ••Cane Knn [' ilflic-" conlninini; n | 
Acres, all No I Lind. wilh food and com- | 
forlable l-'raine Dnelliiig, iiid "II neces-mry Out 


Tnr untitrtiiened mny utill h  Jf^ 
round Hi hiK, dill ftnnd. ■Winiiiinp tf'^ ' 
(ico Tlirelkf'lti'K Cfirri)t{ * Faelorv.^^r 
i wiicri* he iH pr»*|mr -il to tio all m ork in Ihe 


In the best manner aii.i on reasonable terms; 

Horses Shod for $1 00, 

And hH (ither work proportiimiiely low. 
liotiseii. Viih a g' od !?Tore Itaoni, Ic-li'ouse ! Wagons Ironed, Plow* R pair«d, 

' And satisfjction wsrri nted, • *1. 

ILTTerms. Cash, or on f.iur month* tint*, ta 
jjroi.ipt carlomers. 

OouiUry riuiiucc — Core, Klo'ir, .Meal, I  'd. 
Woo  f  -tcttved a* rsah, in payp" of 

Danville, jan P, 'i^ 4l 


JUST received and naw open and for sale si 
low fuurvs for cash, an eilra large and vw 

 tc. There is no b^l'er location for a Pbysi- 
eiiin or Merchant, 1 deem it unuecestery to go further pirli clar ,. na (II wh'i are de iroUt. 
' r - I Mviiig such a place, am inviled to call 
:e the tirentises, 1 
^anie time, w'itl hesotf. seme ^'i or 

of Corn: .Ml ' 
'■-al ; House aii  
i- r ' ledMls ; gooit 1 y. • 1. u M! 

Gear. &.C. 

Terms made known on Ihe day of sale, 

Cane t^nn. jan 8. '5-  l«l 
ii-4rro isburg Trttiiscri|il copy till sale, and 
charge this olhca. 


S-^ Three Kentucky appointmcnit 

fixed beyond liope. 

- ^ Ci.s'x Pav. — The United -ta es gov- 

(A. .\n interesting meeting is now ; crnmont b*en obliged to postpone the 
in progres.s at the .Methodist Church in ' p»yraent of their drafts in consequence; Kii imi ako IIam'Ivess. 

^'r*HR parlnersllip heretofore eiiating b«- 
I tw«en the u iidersijrned in the Clothing 
Lnsinesa, in Danvil!e. under the firm of 1. 
Lr viCK-'K^ A- Bno , has ibis day been dissolved 
bv iiiutiial roiii^ent. The business of (he late 
iirm is lo be.eetlird by M. Lsvkkso.n. and those 
iiid-bled are requested to come forward iinme 
diatelv and make payment, as the business 

be wts shot bv a man on a white horse must be cl6seU without dslay 

Lexington — l^^y. Dr. J.inn, pastor. — 
Quite a iiainbor of .tdditions have been 
made to the church, since the com- 
mencement of the meetin'r. 

of the want of fund For the same rea , Stephen fiirard, of I'liiladelidiia. 
son the laborers employed at the navv surrounded wi h iniinenre weak 

The late 


i yartl have not b''en jiaid sintto the SlIi of ■ "suppo.sed to bo taking supreme delight iti 
December. There is much cistress in , i''* aceuinulatiow, wrote this ti^a friend: 


} Campbell, K«q , of Nicho- 

BiWi_ There is great danger lhat wc 
| .*hall liavft no i ;C here during the witi- 

;ter. The New York pipers stale that j o,,u,,,,y;m|,o „exL August election 
I none has been galliered there so far. ! 

"As to myself, I live like a 
constantly oceupiftd, and o 
ihfi niglf wiiboul slecpif;; 

y Slave, 


1 am wvap- 

lasville, has consented to becirne a  :an- , P^J "P » labyiinlli of ntl'iirs, and worn 
diciato for County Jiidg^of .lossainine  ''«''0''- I I'o not value lorintie. 

wh'i carried ii ••slu ri gun," (pistol prob- 
ably,) and that simuliaueoiisjy w ili the 
fall of Tecuinseh, the man and the horse 
'came down lo the ground, and he thinks 
weie killed Shabona says that the mo- 
ment it was discoveied that Tecumsah 
was killed, he heard a man say to him, 
"I'uucachee .Sliabona.and me run?" — 
He also adds that he afterwards saw Col. 
i R M. .lolinson of Kentucky, at Wash- 
{ ington oi'.y wiio was pointed oul as one 
j who killed Tecumseli, but .Shabona says, | hot price 
I he was not the ni tn who lir  d the short 


Tnr undersigned will continue Ihe Cloth- 
ing fliisineas, »l tbe old stand, and hopes, 
by keeping a auperi-tr stock , a6d selling at low 
rsicKs, to merit a coiiliiinan'"e of n»'ro.iif». 


jan I. '.W If 

WANTF.D, all Ihe UIIP..AT we can get 
for which we wilt pi-v lb" hi^'hesl iiiar- 

; ' — ' ,;r5r What would have bect^me of the 

;t3rIIogs are selling in Louisville at : venders of shilling calico, if women had 


i uever l een ioveuteU. 

1 he love of labor IS mv highest, emotion, I . , ,. ■ r , ■ , t 

ujx T _• • L - . , , iiTun, from the dl,»c larijo of wliicli lo 

When 1 rise in tho morning, my onl V of- ; =  , , , . , 
r ,1 i.k 1 1 J • .1 ' I cuiHseh ost his ife. feliabona is a mat 

fort IS to labor so hard during ttin day 

that when night cjmes I may be able to 

sleep soundly." 


of un(|iiostion.vhle verarii". we are as- 
snreil, by tliose who have 
long and welL- 

kiiown him 

Please call upon us before yoa dia- 
r crop. 

O. A. OK 
Lexington, Ky^, }a\y HI 

DOse ol vour crop. 

' O. A. OKYNOLDS 4. CO. 


t l'^ INE Vinegar, Murranled pn re; 
\ \' Pure No. 1 Cider Vinerar. for sal 
,cta iiEWET' 

rifd stock nt 


Together with a Large and Fresh nUek 6f 

Biandied, Fresh, and Preaorred 

Ur^'^^UyiXtPsSa (CB®».-. - ;•• 
C«ll iu at Ihe w ll-k.uow»  '»'"* 


aag3S "57 . Third st.. DaitTlT!*, 


'■•^HE nndersigneJ. living near rarrynlU, - 
J for sale, a number of 

Fine and well-broke Horses, 

Suitable for Imriiess or Ilia s-idule. Among 
the ., are peverdi very fast Trotters. Pocera 

and Ruckers. 

Also, A lot ot 50 No. 1 Mulea, ' 

Two years old, Ue Bvitaa de»ie-« sr.d u ' ---  . 
to call and examine his stock, 

Boyle CO. mar U, '56 tf 



ens." JTr. W. lias now 

a very 


8®- PAY THE PRINTER -«« ) ,k „ot. take ii m sil aUP^: .mi I.. 

. ^.y-^-TT XT-" I .. . . ■ , , •/• 1 We are rompclled to have money (o ' ''K'"'- l o»s1tle, or cx 

J*^^ ^ Il^l^I-^, K\_^. (large snjiply of young and tlirifty trees, I ^^^j our liabilities, and purchase our !E:J ^h.nee it for one of l,U fine G .Id 

rriday. : : : : Jan. 15, 1858 ready for transplanting-e.ubracing all j ^i„,er stock. All those knowing, .horn- I W..c..e.. whl^^^^^ 

the best and favorite varietrcs. of fruit | sclve.s indebted to us, would greatly ac |,„iri„g, rejulating sii J cl.-aMln t fine Wtitcli..». 
suited to this climate. All his Irce.s are , coiumodate us by paying up at once. 
I warranted true to name, and purchasers WOOD! WOOD! 

need never fear being imposed upon' Will those of our country frienj.s who 
county will remember the infcting to be 'with a variety different from what they! are indebted to us, bring us in wood?- 
. ,. .. „ ... 3 -,„«„(»J_n trifli frsnuentlv adoDted if not wood, then bring us 



American Meeting on Monday. 
■NVe hope all the Americans of the 1 

niistoiivillc via. Diuiville 


Adiiiiis Express Coiiii)aii)\ 

RKSPECTFULLY «ni.oLnc« to the Bu.l- ^-Uay« on Jiand. I.y 


held at the Court House on M.-nd.iy "pected-a trick frequently adopted 
next-County Court day-for the pur ' l 3' transient nur.sryroen, in order to d... 
poie of appointing delegates to the Con- 

vention. There should be a large at- 
tendance — and we trust there will be — 
from every part of thu county. 

1^ Monday next is our County 
Court day. Will our friends who may 
be indebted to us, and who intend coin- 
ing tp town on that day, come prepared 
to pay ua? We have seveial thousand 
.4M[lar6 now due ua, and still can make 
HO collections. I'his is a hard 
•tate of affairs, especially when we need 
•v. .. iiiry so urgently, and much of it 
i.&s ■ -1 d ue so lon^. 

laX- Our distinguished Vice Presi- 
dent, Hon. J. C. RUKCKINRIDOE, will 
Tcecive our thanks for four volumes of 

tte - .1 ■. rv -A ^.x 

pose o: their trees. Everybody who 
owna property, should have an abun- 
dance; of good fruit trees on his prcini- 
ics, and in no way can they belter se- 
cure that object than by securing a va- 
riety of young trees from the ''Boyle 

flour, corn, 
oats, hog meat, or almost anything else 
which a family can use. 


Sir: Having known yon a niiiubpr of 
vear.^, and nolin d your coikIuci »s a public of- 
ficor, i^lwjvs filling juKlie* mill givine !■ali^f.■»c• 
loin to hivli di-litor anil rrpililor, ire iM-liere yotl 
wiMiM make a fooil Slieriff. for State and pp«ple. 
We n-oiiM therefore n quesi you to liinmie a 
rand iiLilo at the next election for llie officu of 
Sheriff of Boyle Co""' V- 

Jan. 13. IJ'Sa. , 

Kuch as LiironoMieler. Duplex, Pileiit l.evnr, I 
Riiek Hiuinii, Cylimirr, tec. All work done] 
wiiU proinptiiesa, aud on tms most RHisoNABi ii , 
TERMS, and warranted to give satiNfaction, (or I 
no pay.) Jewelry repiired in lUu hest in.iD- j 
ocr. Enoatviss done that cjnnul bei xsellrd. 
yr (is, altcayt. \ 
GRO. SH \r.PK. Jr.. ' 
Practir^l Wuleliinalter. (.♦ucces-so' to 
T. F! J A\re«.) ni-xl door  o 
the Branch liunk, Dduvdl*. | 
dec 4, 'ST tf 

T^rK are now ruiiniug a 1 i! I W KEK l,Y 
\ V l.l-N'E OF STAtJK.S from HosloMvilie. 1 

ViSITOlfS. — There is "nothing more 

perfect of the kind, than some of tlio,«e 

elegant fpcciiucns of Stylographic Cards 

. „ „ " Danrille. at Wliitr Cha|K l. 

written by Prof. HoLrouB. hvery one i?„,r,Ki.i.iire. 

who makes use of such things, should I Kichmon.I, m niclwnond, 

' Madisiiu, at Texa». 
by all means secure a pack of them be- i,„„fB'ier, at M.mnt Zinn, 

fore he leaves town. I ^''T);''';' "' ''''7n''^. p i, 

I Crnh Orcli'ird. al Drake's Greek, 

_ - ^ ] I Somernet, at llelhel. f^a^iy CO., 

^^ e invite attention 1 » th« aU- i M„xville, »t Mount Zion, 

vartiseinent of Messrs. J. Lv& \\% H. 

NVAtiOE.vER, ' To the I'ublic." 

■[  hAht^n't ti.i FAKMKRS — A-genile- 

.Sccond Honnd of  ttiai let I v Mre-lings for 
tlie llHrrud'liii i; l)i^ll i 't. 

Jan !1— in 
" ir._l7 
•• 2.T-24. 
•• .'111— 31. 
Fell. 6-7 
•' 13 — 14 
" 9(1 — 21. 
" 27— o-l. 
Marrli fi — 7. 
•• 13—14. 
•• 2(1—21. 

11B0TVPE8.— , gestMn, finforms us that one bi: 
f !''- '■ ■■ (' J: I- : I   ture! , taken , salt : lixtd with every liiitidn-d Ku.Mjeis 
only at WilEKLKR s tjallery, deserves a ofcorii, will prevent ibc latter from 

high popularity with the adiuirers of 
*nc arts. Mr. W. also continues \o lake 
the most beautiful pictures on glass, as 
also the Melaiiiolypes, i^c. His prices t (]..,,„agg 
•ontinue to suit the timcs-^a line Am- 
brotypo in a nice case, for §1,50. 

I Salvisn. at M il Ili hron, ' 

Anderiioii. at LawretirelmrL'. " 

(i. W. MKRRITT, 
CrNashville Ad»"cnl« p!p««ecopy. j 

( S, II 

■•••». iff L' 

ir, li'it »h ' 

:'!'(. ':. ■ , and wan r . ' \ ■ 

f^arnlinn I (Junk iicr litlKliflnfi ri ri)i Vi | to t hp I 

State of Ohio. I f uiiy nf her (i«ir!i »ee ihU no- I 
lipp. they will learn aomerhint of inlere^t to i" 




A S I have taken llie pnntrol of this lirancli 
.^jL of my e^'tahli^hii.enl, iiiid employed 


I will duitu{; the [ireMswrw iMve work duiie «t 
Pi ices to vuil the Timea, aud all wokk 


Waiclirs eleaiied for|.l no old price, f". .I'' 
Hair Spriii2 , I (Kl " 2 IIM 

Main S^priugs. 1 25 " 2 (I'l 

f'ylimiers, 3 Oil " 5 (Id 

Verges, I .in " 3 Od 

Watch Olassps, 2'  " 5(1 

Watch Hands, per sett, from ."ine to $1, 

old priee, %\. to |.2 Oi: 

0*Alt otliT work in proportion. 

tSponns. Korks. ("iip^, Hmes. ct"- . sold by 
me will lie liNCR.NVF.n krkk or chahok! 

Silver VV'areand oilier articles not fiold by 
me, will be en|travvilaa low ; » at any other 
house. , 

Table and De«EPrt Spoons eng'd for .SOc priplt 

Ten ■ 

: connecting hI OdMville wilh our daily lino from 
Danville to Louisville, 

Leaving riusii.iiville al 3 o'clock, A. M., on 
Mnnditys, Wednesdays, and Kridays, and ar- 
riving at Danville in time (or any ol the Slagea 
• leaving lor Louisville it Lexington. 
[ l-eaviiig Drtii-'iile for llinli-nville, on Toes 
d lye. Tliursdiiy.s, and Situr lays. at 8 1*. M , 
after the arrival of the Loniivilie and Lexinjr- 
ton stages. 

Y^om Hintonviil? to Idnville, 
! ^ " " II iriiidsliur •, 

" " *' I .awrencebnrg, 

*' " Kr.inkfort, 

•■ Slwlbyville, 
" " " Lvuidville, 

Persona wishing to go to Louisville 
Frankfort and LooisvilU Uailroad, can proeure | 
TlirJnjgh Tickets by ih it route, at on r oHi ;es. | 
■At s -Motel, - . lluau.nville, ; 

Siieed llouae, - . Iianville. 
Cipiiol Hotel, - - Kr 


iiess rublic  if Danville and \iciiiity. tha' 
they huVe arrangeil with :lia 

Keiiluckv fleiitral Railroad (^o. 


Kentucky Central Staje Co., 

flloSKivs iV. Mnt"«Ml l KI.L. l'ri,,/'rs.  

For facililiea tbal enab'.ei tlinn^lo .•ileiiJ the 
opcl^lions of theii 

Great Xatiniui! E.\j)re:5.s Line; 

To Wicholasville and Danville, j 

To which Ibey are now running daily. j 
Particular ulleni ion is requested to the f.i .'l, thk 
this Company ha.s Ojlices and Agencies in i 

ca»e, call or dczeii cmkap f-'H CA.«n.nt 

T. J. s^l^■DELBO^v^;R•s. 

$1 nn 

1 7.-, 

2 ;■)(! 

3 nil ' 

3 (Id 1 

4 (HI 

New York, 
.New ()rle.illH, 

Lexiii^l jn, 

L iu HvilU, 
M ilison. 
( iMrlchtoa, 


Fresh Oranges and Lemons 

Just leceiv. d at ']'; J. s. 


RESU suppfv of Westuru n«R»»rve and 

j'. J. t?. 

Cream Cliebt- ut 

R tUinior*. 
nitlMri oiiif, 
I iidmnH|iy iix. 

Z lllOSVlllt*, 

And all prii»i!ii al Ciliea. Town* wnd VilU 
grfl of the [CdSt, \Vi'8i and Koulh. I'liny aro 
tli»?rrfor«*. iii»*|»jir*!d 4o '.rniisact hu'-iiwhs ia ilnS'r 
vid ihe \ lino, in al.l lut:aliti»*s, willi i;rfttl dc-putch. 

„ , MESSK.NGKIIS , IZNIF E CLF,*NKJi3,,B ugw and firt, ar- 

Will leave I).invillle on the early Morniu^ ^ Xv tide for aale at . T. 

Coa ;lie« to Nicljolasville, DAILY; thence, by! * : 

. , lUilro^iii, to 


HFFIEAfTRR. in tho transnction of all 
County ('(mrt l.usin-ps — iimre pinlio- 
■ilarly in K-tiilp mutter! pml Itoid apj^liiiatitfile 
— notice: joif samii .^1L1T be Jiled wiih the f^ouaty 
Clerk ut to:u« lime prior to the of 

SPfi'D S. FRY. P:  . H. r c. 
U. 11. llOLLING, Oi'k, U. C. C, 

uoviT ^^ . 
i Bo'yfi? Cifciiit dc uJt. 

MmPut'of '^^""'^'^ r*TM MrAK..'. Adtn'r . 
Fine Family Ur.ioerirs; p^^^^ jj^;-, ^.^ 11. i,i,'.„H ."r. .1 er., ' 


AI*L per.- ens who luive f Uinw n^riinsl ibe 
psiile ..f PKTBK MEAl'.X de.eas d. 
i are rerjup^ted to present the amiip properly 
proven, heuire niB, at (lie otliep of BoyU j  Vi - 
|pr«ou. in 1 aiiville, on oi befcro tile 3vlU| .»f 
of .lanuary, 1 1-'5,- . 

Fresh Arrivals at 


Confectionery & Variety Store. 

1 .Ail now rece 'i\ 

Ashorteil Conreetniiieriub; 
Tovs .-iiul Fancy Arli tles, large slock; 
(T.fve and Spired l)y Iers: 
fiardines. L i listers, L'rnb^, Pickles; 
Cigars t'hewiiig and Smoking Tobic -o 
Kigj, Prnues, Oates, Citron; 
AliiiouJs, Filberld, Clleanuts, 1.^ 0. 
nov '1'. J. S. 

V( ) "''2^*' J.u.ndoa 1 orlerjusl received and Fivp Francs, or lake i.t ll 
for sale, by_ T.J. 3. menl of areounls.' I will 

lire ul 

.- Sinn of lire rt.ij[  l(i|^iit)it 
the S'.ietif' nij'j "*, l buvillr. 

W. C. AXDEUSON, Ma3. Com. 

ii-c 1 r, r-«57 Id 

Silver Coin Wanted. 

rWlLL give in gooia iu my liin .-"t)i»«! 
nulliii uimI Five CciKs l^ir .Mi xienii n"! 
•Spuiish Dollar^; also allow Hue |)o'llarliif 
"le sririie - rate III JJHV- 
ilso eAchaiig^ ij^ods 
fur (tid ttilvvi- M arc of tverV il.iotntiion. 


ouae. - . Loui-vllle Lexington, Cincinnati & I ouisvllle 

I PiisiwMigers going by iliia routo will be caiied , S i-no d.iv, in lime to counpcl with the dilT. r- I 
1 for or-#«ivereJ m any part of tho city they | JKi E*i)r.».es of our Line from  lio«o Ciller. 
ma  d.»»ire. « o have ^ K.lurm. -. lire) irill reach Uunvillu ^aiii* niuht , | 

bringing dll tnaller entruat^d to liie Cuiojia iy, ! 

L II q i It ' .".-l Jii»S-.r.*. 3 I illli'. \ 

Mve.oninuiHntihK Diiicrs. iL/- I iiis ai ruigein.. 
arried through [troiiipily and faeirniea to n-r^anii r - 

Pine Stuck. 
 ^ «ifll-  ;i»i»!modion« Ci»Rphe«, 


Just received and for halo at .'^liliid.ebower'j. 

3'  pound* Cream Fig«; 

25 •' '• D.tea; 

2i " CfibrdUle Dropa; 

. , 25 .'• . if^g.PaUr:. . , . . 

f'lim Dtojis, Jujube P.isle, &r. 
 ift/2l - ■ T. J- SlllNUl L'BOWt^R. 



• OjipbsiL; 

Oct ')', 'il II" ■ 


FOR ' 


W i ' MOORE, 

spoiling. This IS (|iiile an iinporta lit I i.^ uodi-rsii/ned 
item lor the consideration of far:ners- j ^- I' SxNDEKS. 

who arc now losing so much by the | 
their corn. We hope all 

will give it a trial, and report the result. 


Ba. The Somerset (Ivy) Democrat 

Crab Orciiabd. Ky., Dec. 30, IS57 
Newspapers who may be willintf lo d 
birira of Mrs. Kisee r *prv;co, will cujty 

Boyle Circuit Court. 

El.iKH IIaki.a.n 'a Devisees,) 
v« '. 
F.i.ij«ii IlARt AN's Adm'r., ^ 
J^DPICt; is hereby given, that I will uttend 


\ an A. are tpukeu of in the hi^heat 
t«rn i bj the press of Louisvilla, and 
«ther cities, he hn.s visited. He is a 

£ne scholar, and we donht not all who January 1st, cotuplainin*' of the 

Sheriff's Notice. 

Thi-s notice is to inform you that vmir Taxes I'fe" nt •|iem during III 
have li,M*ii due ever siiire ;Iip l.'ith of Juiip List, 
i^n.l 1 havine indulged vmi to Ibis tiln*. I sb.ll! 
expect all to p:iv nie. when called on. without adva 
^..^ n,, r f 1 ¥- 1 ' 'nrilier di-Isv, and bv so doing you will obligw 

lUe news froHi Kansas and I tab iy„„r shenff. and |..v the drbi v.,u owe to the 

1 atiil county of Itovle. ' 


DOXEUllY, 8. 15. C. I , M nil ITU I.' I v/.i- 

X R — ruAilv In tiav me. ■ 

announces that its next issue will take 
place sometime in the spring. 


TOM. — J. Va.n Anulk.n, K»q., proposcs 
to deliver a lecture to our cititeiis on 
tb« above subjaot, soiii« tim« during; 

., . 1, riM I . PM in another column, will be found (luite i 

iho ' reaeut week. The lectur«s of 31 r. i ' I"'"-! 

the t " ollice in the tiwn of D.iiiville, on 

Saturday, the 2 1 day of January, a,„| 
continue irom (^ny lo day until the l.iili day of 
January, lf*.)K. to hear proof of claims ngainst 
llleestHle of EilJAII, deceased. All 
persoiK having uliiims said estale, willi 

time above sjiecitied, 
and al s proof of same, or the s nie will be 
burr... , I will also hear iirouf iu regard to the 1 
nenla ii.ade lo llii I e 


dec 4, '57 if 


interesting and important. 

•Uend. Lil lecture will be well repaid 
for tbair -attendance. 

If encouraged by a good audience at 
his first lecture — of the time for which 
DVtice will be uiven by bilU — Mr. Van 
Aoglcn will follow it with his celebra- 
ted lecture on hove and Matrimony — a 
T«ry iotcrcsting and pleasing thctue. 

Lktteu from Mis.solki. — \ friend 
in Missouri writes us a letter dated 


G. \v. 

B. — Be ruady to pay iiie. 


ILr" ^e are aullionzen to aii iounfe Mr. J. S. 
CALIiW F.LL. as a rnmli'l ite for re-eluet ion to 
the I'lliee of Asse sor of Iloyle County, at the 
ensuing August elerlioii. 

O^We ari" niithorispd lo announpe Mr. FRED 
R VVlN(i.\TK, r« r paiiitidaie f-r Couiiiy 

arrival of his paper, lie i^ays: 

' I have not seen the Triiunr since 
Tiilbot was elccteil, and did nut want to 
see it for some time al'icrwtirdi. Send 
it, however, now, without fail. It is a 
welcome vi.sitor to the ' F:.r West," and I M'p are authnrix-d to a»no„npP Mr L. T 

I ciinid not get along without it, andjEASTnAM a cndidaie for Jailor of lloyh 
enjoy good licnllh. It seems after read- county, at the ensuing Augiiat eltclion 

..Vsse« .or of Ihiy le coubty, R( the ennuiug August 

PER.'50NS who have subscribed and paid 
their siiiiscri|iliiiiis, will call on the Seere- 
t«rv and get certifie^aes ot payment. Those 
who have not paid their subncriptioiis. will call 
RUd M'dle ilie same, ami gel their rertitii-ates. 
a« It i  desired to settle this mailer wilnoul 

J»NO. B AKIN, Sec'y. 
d»p i, •.■)■? If Central Ky. Fair. 

:. iiorir-st&Uiiiekrs( Jioiid' 


j FROM I) A .V VI l.LE. 11 A RRoDS- 

jii'JtG A yjj J '/:rj{ y i ille! 


'pUK uniierMgiied hnv« arrange. 

nients lo run a IJ ^ILY LI.NE of four- 
h(frte.pc4 eoacli'-s from 

Lebanon to Danville, 

and ail every oilier dnv line from 

lIarro(ls!)iiro- niid rerrvvilk 

In connection with the LF.U.'\NO,N RAIL 
UOAD, audio give throjgh' Tickets lo Ihe 
above placi^s. 

Fare through, - - $3,00 

Passengera by this mule will leave Lou.sville 
daily al C o', A M . ami airive at Dan- 
ville and Harroi'siiurif al ■( o'clock 1' M and 
Perryville ut '2 o'clock, P. .M. 

lieturiiiiig. leave DiiUTiUe end lUrrodd urg 
a« 7 o'clock, A. M , and arrive at Lou i^vill. al 
, P . , Ibua m.ikuig the by 


.•^T received, md (or sale at WholesBle | 

buolis iui ijL'iitk'iiicii s U cai\ 

lites liif l ush. 

Consisting of 

iither V /ti ililb ll' l*«i , 
I l e^^ripl■oU!  l.igl 
to make I'ollpclioiia, luietiier ol .Noli; , 
DrHfi.s or Open Account*, aud give fel:irii* 
ol the s. line promptly. Will curry orders foi 
Goo.le to he .sent bv K.tpri*..;8, il enclosed ill 
i I*. O. l^iivi liipe, auu deliver llie same jiro.iipt- ] Single case Silver U'alches, - - «8 5n 
i ly, without charge. | Double do. do.  '  . - ' - l.illU 

Mcreliauts nnil others, ; Duplex Silver Case do. . - I'O 

Disposed to patrouiZi our Kxprest. residing iu 'l'iii'i''l' Levers, full jewelled, in Iiprvv 
Dniivill ',' llarroiJsburg, Stanford, 1 liunling cases, - - 35 UU to 40 0(1 

llousrouville, Mmdiellsburi,', Lancaster, i Single c iso liuld I.iever9, - - . './S 00 
, Crab Ufcburd, Perr)V.lle, Lebanon,' ;Hui,iersdo. d.i. - . - '111 00 

Or aiiv o'lier point, are iulurmed tliai we will '**■'•' I'Ugbsh Levers, in heavy (lold cr. , ,■ , , . ,. ■ , •.,.. , 

^ WetMil ,,., ,5, kt. 17 Jewels, - l)M 00 to lOO 00 ! P""" '"l'"''"'^*..:"*'.''^^ 

Ladiea' Watches, Horn - -15 (10 lo tiU 00 , , „' 

Ad lat(!M lrs and warraiitvd. i ""t" '°' *" " 

I lorwarO pr,.ni| tly from Danville, as they may 
iiireut. and without charge lor commission, ali 
mailer arriving by Express, fur 'hem. Notice 
will bt s 111 by .Mail, lo the Consignees, ul u]l 
mailer so arriv ng. 

 fnr ilnlcs 

.'^ball bearran;;^! on a fair scnlo. and at the low- 
est remuii^rativj point. 
Kor particulara as lo kales, 'l ime, Routet, 
itc , appiv lo the II 'i(l«rii;^neii .Agi-nl. 


9 doora al'uve tiiK ec Iljuse, DauviU,/. 
IIDV I ■», '57 I y 

: Cloths, Cassimeres {".nd VcstlrhB, 

(Jf everi^ (ii'scrii)Iion.- ■ AI^'o', ;. 


.*^llirt-. Collars, DraiVuTs, Hosiery tiloV»s, sus- 
penders, Scaris, I'leii, Cra.Viit. , lianOheidii. Is, 
tJals, Cups^ &'c. &.U. My pieeeii,l block baa 
been seleeled wilh iny usual care,' aiiiTis iba 
! largesl I li^ve Ki'rf iiiipoiVml, T.he ilUtriu^ou 
' TuVited. 
W. 1. MDOUK 



"AVe had Ihe [ileasure a few days 
einee, of r«coiving a vi»it from our clever 
cotemporary, L. A. Woou, Escj., of the 
Somerset American. 

317" We are auihorizod to snnonnce Mr W. 
A II A KXE'^.S il c-indidal" for re e'l Ction lo ibe 
! ufTice of Jailiir of Boyle county, ut ihc ensuing 
.'lUguat election. 

A cTrD. 

In reply to Ihe ir quiries of I'rieiifls from flif- 

ing it, that I had just seen an old friend 
from Kentucky, who "knew all about 
it." * =:= * Tell IJilly A. I want 
him to run for President, so that I can 
get to vote for him. I believe there 
were enough Anderson men emigrated 

to Missouri lo have cleclcd*him. For | fi renl por: ions nf tin' cnnnlv, 1 wiiiild respec, 

ly announce that I am  i cnndiilate fur the nflice 
j of Couniy Cleik. Tlii«e friends wlm have so' 

iirifi ntly soliciied nie to be-mne a candiilaie, 
[ and have so kiintlv lenderi'il me their siip)iiirt, 
have my warmest ibaiiks. If iliepeopleof the 
county cbjio^p to ehci me as llo-ir t^b-rk. I can 
1 only promi .v to repay tbeir coefliii'nce bv flis 
I - - jcbarginctbe duties of the piisi'innto lUp best 

Democratic lucmbers met in caucus on j ^'ur crops ot corn last season were , if my ability. J AS. F. Zl \1 .M KU M A N. 

♦he liight of the 12th, and nominated !  "V«'^ *'J' «"«• have to .send 

o'clock , 
tilts rnute 

Several Hou^s Shorter than by! 
any other Route. 

WeareaLo rum. tug bu's oi l oiches and 

WILL give inslrnclion cn ili^ . ''"r"^',' ''' ■" ' I "" with the 

rPMno, Or an. Guilur. and iu Stmr j • N-nugheld, Cauipbellsviile, 

'ing. Agent lor seve al of the best ^^""»'"'^?' »^"l'""'"a. ^c. ; 

Piano Manufaetories. 

'I »»«s— |irrse!.s rn of live mo 

Pianos toilet! and 

I p iinif'. 

A liirge si.pplv of thei t Music 
band, hi Pnbli-hers' prices. 
Danville, ocL'tO, 57 if 

alwava on 

my own part, f shall never die tatisfied I 
until I can get to vote for him. Hub! 
Iiiiii well for the nc.\l heat, atid do not 
fail to run him. 

"We have had a month of the prclti- 
Col. C. informs us, by letter, that the est weather I cvnr saw in any country. 


lA. Our worthy representative. Col. 
 1. S. Cai.kwei.l, has our thanks for 
legislative favors. 

TH«S r. 

ifheir'caiididaifej fur the State effices, to I _„ii „e _ ,, ,. , 

j spell or weather iroxc the corn, , and 

to some other Slate for seed. The liard 

irn, . am 

IS turtic'i w irin, it is all iiiou! 


lQ^4»ir ^cej, is scUiiig ■ 

} t ^llcd by art election of both Houses, | snicc it li 

•■B Ihe 20th.' 'Jrfhn H. Majo^, (who ia | ding. Corn that it is thought perbap 

f -^Ut/V ; -InttaAjf-vr State 

Trinter, Jerrv . Urcathitt, fori ,^^'« •'"^•^ » 1"^ 

,. ,, . .. J ' wheat- the fields look grren att 

Keeper ol tlie I'enttenriarT; and Or. : t,...«. i \ . .i_ e 

' „ . limes here are tight un the farmers — 

y»llandingham, of I'rankfort,forStatc;hemp is only worth ?2 per hundred, 

' " ■ ' pork $4.50 net. Ac." 

j 'T^niS Card i« In an men to thorp wlin have 


ittnriifp at Xaiu, 


H.AVl.N'C a part n? rsliip for tha' 
purpose, will tiwe their joint altenlion to ' 
■r I busiiies, entrusted to them in auy of ilie i 
(..ourts of I!o;, le countv. 

iUOKKtif. iu Danville, eppnalte tbeCoiut' 
[OO.J7 lt'57 r 

C f""' '"'^'oiigb I ick. u. apidy to Ceneral , 
: Stige OiRleiGall ,.o_'«C, Liuisiille. Kitterinn 
Uause, DanvtIL', iiud lo c: ruld oflk 'satall 
; other points. 


I dec 1 1. '57 If 


I Suitable for tin seasuo.Just open d. luiisi^iing 
ol every article worn by Ladies an.! (jctitlemeu, 
and will be sold at my 

' ■— ■» m-m."- jcwjJ-mlT mm. m^mm 

To Suit tho Times: 

] Cl^T"^'" ami enini io. 

j Watches and Jewelry ♦Repaired 

I .\nd Kngraviiig done in sboil Loiiie, aud in 
1 the heal manner, by a Nj. 1 wo'kmaii 

J. U. .AKIN, 

' uovlS Opposiie Supcd lloue?. 



JrST received, a neiv (.t'nck ^fSTOV'KS. 
i:oniiis'''iig Ul rtirt of the lollowiii;:: 
DVji'el lloone, Tiii-i Keniuckiau, Repnbiie, 
II'iiKHs, liiwa.aiiij oilier C.iok Stoves; 

Parlor, L iiiing- Room, Tei.-I'late and ( dficn 

Coul Stoves of varioup pNll^rns: 
Allot which I will sell a', the l,«u'P .t Priirri 
I for Cash, or to prompt uu. lomt'rs pavable uu 

— ■ I the Isl ol J.iiHiarv. 



8T,L01IS, CHIfiAGO, 

.^ud .'III other roiiiis 

IVc.Nt and Nortli-Wi'sl. 

1 tief n 

Mrs di|*riigylip last fi'leen 
* liirgH, that it is my 
le of diiin;; busiitetfl. 


Jlr. Major, the nominee for Printer, 
is connected with Durkce k Heath's dry 
goods hoase in Louisville — and is the 
man with whni« the democrats intend 
to beat Col. Hodges, who has devoted 
luany years of patient toil to the prin- 
♦ in? business, and by a liberal outlay 
of c«pilal, has executed the iSlale prin 
tiog in bietter style than the Congress. 
•1 priutiag has been done at Washing' 

I'ours, Ac, J. T. S 

We learn that the anniversary 
address to the Alunini of Centre Col- 
lege, will be delivered prior to the a] - 


Despite that formidable persmiage, Il.irtl 
Tim'', I've romn to te^ch a fascinating art to 
tlioep who love the bejiu'if-jl. I ofler rare in- 
ducements to the friendswlio wish lo leiri the 
Grecian Psiniing perfectly. Tuition low. N« 
charge unless 1 render satisi'sciion. No "nat- 
ural laleDl" uecessarj lo i .asler thisaccom' 

rii'Ssp Call and Rep my pictures. Itoom at 
Mrs. M. C. CowAS's 3rd street. 


Jar.. 15. 


Prof. Hoi COMB takes ibis oppur'unily tore- 
turn his most grateful thanks to the pupils, 
preaching 22d of February celebration, i,,phrrs ami parents, of Danville, who have 1.0 
fcy Vice'. President liRr.ClvINRIDfll!:. — ; willingly mlcrestpd ihrmsvlres in '.he beauties 

Ihie notice of time and place will be of his /••ter.Vf «rf, 

giTeo, hereafter. 

In this connection we may state that 
the Vacuity of the College is now full 

I wars, and in • 
I |uirp is*- to ch; 
i liite.- — ■ ^foi'i the I'rm. , r 


i (ir:t*rintnt d on tliiit conri-e, tnninlj from 

llie iwo r»*Jn»oii** fiilliiwinir. vix : 

Tho nf rnv lifw] li will nol lonppf 

|HTiiiit ni** In (III ili it Hinontii of |vr-iiiifll Utmr 
ihat I finJ KW-i.i|iiti*l y ncOf.'tvHry in fUitnin a 
tiiiMini'H^ nil rhe rrtMl it Kv^t**!!!. I'hi* reatiuii 
.-iIon« wnntil hi- hII ••;f)ii-ii iit ill inv 

B u I nmv ^«l(t n 'i* . I t i*li«-vf I c:in truk** 
il to tht' irii»-r»'i«t iif pTviiit; rtittittiterN i« 
f n tlie CASH SVS I L^M — iIhih :t\ ii litic (wn 
I'viN, H1W or ihe o'lii*r or Iwiih of xvt.ich ii»-cr«- 
fMrily nliJtch lo a Micrri-sful credit hii»ii'i'*««, lo 
wil ; I'hr innkihfE up hy I'Stra .hWof on the | :irt 
of ihr t*|MTHl«ir,  ir hv rxirn rlmr^fpft no ^\hh\ 
ri «t»itiMT«, what in lost on (I 'lny(- 1 paynu-iUa, 
Hiul on arrnnnt i not pni l nt nil. 

'l b** nboT** tn-iiig th« Piute of the eaue, aa T 
'■ifw it, I •■liall ff.ini the itaie h -loir, kerp on 
hand ruch a ^tock ol GochIh in tho line uf 

Gentlemen's Wear, 

I conrrivir ihf wanln nf ihi* romni'inily H»»- 
mand — to lie pcM al *nrh pricefc »« a C' »»h Ru- 
piiira--. only xrill jmt i tv — atnl wi!I reri ivu wiih 
appropp ale freling-B of ohli^iiiion, Mo* patron- 
a(;e of thnae who may drfni il lo their inlereitt 
to deal with inc on the principle "^et forth ah.»rr, 
W. I. ilOORE. 
Danville, Jannarj ). lf5S. if 


A V fr: 


I ' 

a |»nrte* 

ju-l received direct from the Im 
,ahir(;e ad illicit lo iiiv forim r flock 
of Watches. I l,.ive the best Selection 
«««'«l qufslity. iiiid ( heapest W, itches ever 
ofT-reil 1.1 Ibis iiunrket. All who r.„„i „ f,,,, 
" a'cli Tii.»T cs.M BK aKLiKD ciMN for correct 
lioie. K01.I tpi iiiiy of ^^old and durability, are 
respectiully ii'viteii to 


n fore bn,i„K elsewhere IlaviuKhad several 
yenra eT',.er:ence a. a Prtclical VV»tcbinnk.r i 
1 have advantages in seleciinif and buviuir . 
. tjoods who h otbeis do nil possess. ( onu^cting Iher^ with all tin Kailrond. and 

-p5 - py ~^ — Sla({e'Line  for Norllierii Kentucky. Ketufli. 
„ , "7 ^ S r inir. lejvp Lexiuutou at 'i o'cli.cli, P. M., and 

Open-facehilverWi,. , !,.«, |7 511 and lower 1 ar-ive at i HnvilU at (ii.;. P. M. 

''V.i5r»if« Camfiioj'' 
t'i'il with the 

iroisville Railroad, 

. •■ ^ ITH Hlli] sttfti (-i iin-'(Miuu' 

wilh lliH I raiiiR (or nil puiulH in and' 
Norih-Weal. Tickt-ti by this route tu St. 

Louia ('hictfo. A'e . 


The Trnvt'ller iluis Mivine 


■r«0 DMl.V i.l.NKa l-avo ilio (Klice t.l 
the U.itlerlon lljude in Uaiiville, every niorn- 
iiitf al 7 o'clock, and arrive al Lexiiigtuti at 
I I i„ o'clock. 


Public Sale of Turnpike Stock. * 

A.'iiilni.'^triilor of .loiiv Hii .'ii.iv. dec'd., I 
1 »i:i, uii the .Si coiid iljonilay in' 
ri'brii.'iiy  i«"»l, (tietng ibe Isl day of Cir- | 
cuit foiirl.) sell, at Ihe Ci.ui'. house door in • 
Uanvil .-, to the Itisji.s- iiii.Mer, ,' 

Thiity-l-wo Shares of Etcck in the 
Frankfort and Crab Crchard i 
Turrpike Rcati', i 

BebingiiiK lo the*fclate of sai.l Leccdcnl. Sail' • 
will be so.d lor c^hh tii Imii 1. 1 
I llu. U.VRI!EL. ,\Jin'r, 

die 10, xis 


ItTNef^ «tile» I'eci'Wcd e\'»ry we»i-, 

C. p." B.'M.L. 

net :iO %{ Opposite the llr«i,cii Lank. 


ALL } crsons w lio b ive cl mns . ii|f litist lite 
esiiiteof J. GniNf llAiit..»N, are n« 
lhat I  vill .'■it at the  .fii,:e of liojle «c AiKU t. 
son, ill n.itiville, oil the I'lieadny d''lur tlir- ikiril 
Vioiida) in Noveti.ber next, to ltt»ir'ai!il receive 
prool uf all claiiiis ajtaiu-l siid efciafe, 'st:d 
will coKliiiue fr. in day lo day until llie Inkiui; 
of proo' is coMipl-^led. It is ini.ioriaul '.hat all 
V ho are int. rei-ted ' « jirt sent Wiili any -bruvf 
they iiitt  liuve to ofi'-T. either :is li» cltinliii, er 
as tii III ) est lie with tvliich the Lx cuioria 
 ;hart' 'able. .'(f, 

W C. ANDER?;ON', llus. CvTO. 
}ft,7 Id 

^ II A.S 1., cited one door eaf* 
£,'\^' 'SU «w Nichols-* corner, un 
i(£l.iai rcpare.l lo lilU'AlIt If.l /'  //i's. 
  // /! KS and JIAVICI.KY of every deacrip 
Hon. Voor |. ,t i -.. ■ ''Ih)' rfol.c'le • 


^•;rKeii(i!('h reiili'iil 1 





0 [ t J R n p p n T I » » ofstock I 1. o-.tN. 

V  J. Kl X X. .It JJ U ± \/ X . : or Covioeio.i and Cinciuntiti. Perstits .t.^.i- 

J. L, WAU-UiiiiMiiJll, Agent, 

Lanvillo. Ky. 
uov 13, '67 4iii 

OO rents 

y M 

:) 00' 

11 00 

10 r o 

He w ill do all in bi« power to merit n con- ; 
linnanre of their f.ivnr; and let all lie assuridj 
lhat he wil! ffiare iipllhir pains nor labor, to 
put every pupil in poss «ition of ilial most; 
■ — Dr. Crfkn havin : entered upon the graceful and valuable accompliahmrni-a 
Jiseharpc of liis duties as I'residctit of i l"'i "ii' 'l Hand WriiihR. | 
tlie iiiistitution, at tlie eoiLiiiciicement 
«f tbeVpresent year. The niitiiber of 
s tiident» in tittcnJanec in, ns heretofore. 
l»rj;e, and the friends of the Collejre can 
peini^ with p1ca. iure to its incrcasinpr 
jirospcritj and usefulness. 

1- ine Silver, linnling; cs"^e. pat- j 

cut lever.'wnrr.intsd vrs. 30 00 " 
Huntinj! Si.v. r Lever a«dC)l- , 

iiider VVniches, ].", 00 n ] 

Kinc liold lluiitin|r Patent L-- i 

vers, warr.inted 'J vears. 75 00' " 
Line IH kl liold an. I .Maoic 

Cases, warraiiied 4 \ rs. ' $LSn to 225 00. 
Iluiitins Gold Patent and An- 

_ chor Levers, 30 00 und lower i '••""'•vi'l''- Cliieaco, St Luuis, A- 

Kiue (lold opeii-face Walc'ies, sale at tlio Hall rlun House, by 

'-"''i". 25 00 " i U M. lUCll.AKDS ,4_7C).f. 

Gobi IluutinR Geneva Swiss i uovl.'T, 5:7 

Watrliesfor t adio«, 45 00 " ' — ~ 

.Ml iu want of 

Fitfr~(o L -riiirjlon, 

" " E, a II I fori, 

" " E"i,!,tUlr, 

" '■' Ch!cajn, 

" " yi E'li!*, 

itc, for 


jjop IK vou wiinl vour WATCIIf-IS, JK\\'. 

riU\ y CL'^CKS I! K P.\ 1 R K I) 
pronipily. by an oiperieiiced worUinan. 
to ' hll iMi .Ml A 1; li .Mt t . second door eaM el 
Welsh & Nichols, tiiljoiniiijt Linm y &,Caltiirs 
Sail- lery iboj). ll.j 13 ulwaj b there lo atleiitJ 

to wnllts ' 

ilec 4. '57 If 1 


I Daily ill receipt o' 
Mie finest ItHllimoV)- 
«»vslrrs, in cans and half 
i cans, and will sdl Ihcni at the lowest rates. 

J. C. lir.VVKY. 

nov 1 3 

ling to rii;.. on the U.iilroad from Nlcliolssville, 
'. will iiud good livery stables near our Depots   r 
can leave their horses, frir nf c!iiir}r. in oilr 
•lock lota under lock and key, while th  y ar« 

LESLIE COHB.^. Pr-.'t. 

oct9 Sin 

Le.\ LlaH. L . K . 


Hcwey's Oyster Salocn. 

I Ar..^Ar.S keep ti.«|N^/^ 

1 ^^Afey'"'"'' ''" rs    ►'-■ 

^^flU^ oDil n-iil be pleased lo fur- ^SH^ 
I " sh can or di.-li all who relish this de- 

li io i' bivalve. 
; nirthrl3 J C H K.VKY, .Main st. 

! dimes 
I stand 

1 Braucli II ink 
j ict :)0. 'oT if 

AI'"rLlI en dbwelicc' 
if three weeks, tias ' 
etui'iied to resiiiiie ihe' 
cl bis professii.ii. (ih Kli;!:; ni his ol I i 
on .Main Btrcet, 3 doors ea t of the 

lasuraDce Capital Enlarged! 

I have on hand a small lot nf the choicest 

Ov©I'OC»«»,tlllsr» i BARGAINS 

both in tile piece Slid niatlc iii^. wbirlj I cill Areiuvited to call an 1 t;tantiiii', as I am de- 
■iffer tins date until the 15 b of February , teriiiined to sell at the l.mest iio.ssibl« pricis, 
■ ' ■ ■ ' ■ " " " ^''"g ' Qt'ick i^ales and Ciniali 

rarctils art psrticiiUrly requested to visit bis 
claseea aiid witiiesa his new mode of instriti-. 

Danville, Jan. 15 IFSP. 

(.'ost Hnd 5 per cent. 

jin 1 . "58 

Kor  'iish. 


■•Oi.ivra" ssn "Swkst Owfx "— Il in the 
subji'cl of some q-iestion sntonp the breeders of 
I fiiie homes, hoir ii is that .M ij. S«m. Davksi- .rt 

I of ibis couniy, has bei-n enabled to pr.-cnre 

Thb SrwiiK.— Wc arc happy to learn I "'"■"'■"•''I a'ol widely c b braied Stsl 

that I'rof. HoLcoMB is mcctiiis with 
liberal encoutapenient anionp our citi- 
aeiis, as he certainly deserves it. lie 
has already organized two Gne classes — 
one at »ach of the female schools— and ' i"' "''''■'-^ *" 

s a SflO priiie to Ihe one m,ktnp Ihe'"' ^"'1 ''iRh cb. 

^MageMlem. • ifr of tWorou;, 

hnisee. c ■ - 1, hor»os to 

. them it. 

liiC ji'j: al.i. t. W.iO comes out vie- ! —a' rM i -tr s 


New Harness & Saddle 

ST o nil]. 


; my niotlo 
Prtfita ' 


Mam St.. n 'It door to Brauuh Uank. 
Daaville. dec 4, '57 if 




lions fur the ensiling season, as ' OLI V KK^' and 
• SWKKI' OWK.N," bulb of ihlch will stand 
at his stables, near Danville, tho •pprv.iching 

arc— Silvenvare! 

injifiPiitly locHie iCx" 


• '. oiii'^nt 

! hall await th« I 
Il interest, and ' 
lO coinrs out v ie 

The specimens of Prof. II. (.how iliat 
he ''IhtIIcs the pen of a ready writer.'' 


}(• Joes not exhibit mere flourishes but *^ •''' ^5 "i"— • decline of 5c W beat 
... 1 , e 1 ; »Hl- sales ofb.liim l.u.h at i)7c f..r Cli 

a bold business hand for gentlemen, .p,i„^. Uon, verr dull and n-minallr .1 

New Vonit, Jan. 19; M. 
Fl-'wr firm— «aU** nf 9.000 UUU m  4 

fill liiinV - 

--^  liiuti'd. 

and a beaBtiful, delicate, runniop hand i '"^^"'J *' '"'Stii for mess, 

for Udiea. This is what we want— it is p „ . , ^"b^'r- '"' ''• ^^ 

, . , . 10 Cotton — sales to day of Ll.lltiO bales at SftO- 

ralftiule, because it in prtu li. ul. I i^c for Orleans middlin;;. ssles i.f ibreo ils^s 

IH. pU« of tcaclung with blackboard \ ^.;f5:';!^^;rtr/'^:^tS'u!es^'l;" 
tllai^tratidas, is entirely novel, yet so i '■''||"« ^'"nlffn ports less than last 

. J 1 -J .1 . L-ii I veat 4'Jb,m)() bales, ,1 this ports ■|5-* lllil 

,:.p^f sod lucid, that any child can • l„|... Su^ar declined 1^ . with ^ales at" 4', 
understand it. We hope that many of I 'S* ^' H'-'ir sleudy at' 25. Yellow e.nii 
... , . 1 5fc. Lird in kees DVc. Hulk shoulil .rs i 1 

the youag UAxe* and gentlemen of Dan- | aud ham» i}^c, ^ i}^c 

vWie, , niW twHil /Ucir iia'/ii — on paper. | CiKcixviTi. Jan. 12. P M 

I'rof. n.has fitted up his n.-ms at 1 '^^''VfiTini'VVI- "''s^'"-/"^ ^ 

?JrlU ,llary C.LOWan S, and if, now form- stipertlne and »4 for extra. Ho,; tn.irket 

mg a class wliich will meet there. Por- 
«on« desiring to join ihic elaiis, kIiouIJ 
v-uak* eariy.Af (jlication. 

ill I'niivil'e, 1 ,11 . . _ - 
tend lo keep con if^J^'i'^i^^ 
stHiitlv on hand, 
a fi le '.1 sortiiient of 

Harness, Sarldles, Bridles, Mar- 
tingales, Whips, Trunks, &c. \ 

Of my own i'ianuf.irtii re, wliicb I i;usr»ii!ee to ! 
he equal to aiiv male in linr, losrsi/t, 01 else- 
where. *VD *T PaiCKj T.l soiT rnr rmtts. 

and f"ingl.» Fiug^y md 
K m«d(. t.l i^j^f, on til. I. 

' Plow ilarne s i 

■ :i ban I. I 
Repairing of i veiy description in ny lino 
I. I  tne with neatness and desp.'itcb. 


I hope, by close altetili. n to tK.iue,,, ,„j 
f«*ll. riiorirs, to gtiin a liberal share if pat- 

irK^iriiiers and Dealers in my line are res- 
pectfully invited to call and i'X.tiiiiue for them- 

S F. MA(iUIRE.- 

M • io-sl ,3 iln irs above tVagjeuer '« corner. 
I'anvllle, cec 25. '57 if 

MY arrniigementH are now coniplete tor 
111 •niif irinrins lo order, on short notice 
SIIA'KU WAUK of all descrip.' 
lions— Mucb us 'I i-a .sets. Wiiiirrs, CPke 
Itiiski ts. ( tivtois. Spoons, l oik,, Pit. 
Knives, ». ujis, (Joblcls, 4.c. A.c. 

'-^^^ 'i^ OLD.sILVKR wan-ed. 

'j\j\A/ l;i';'|. siiAiip, „'» , 

iNixi. deor 10 Rraiicli Bank, .\laiu-s't. 
Danville, dec 4, '57 If 

Pne connecting tvith the Railroad 

at Frankfort, 
The other running Direct through 

to Louisville. 


Through Tickets by Stag'e and 
Railroid, for sale at the 

TUP. MISSI'IS ni-:i.I.. on Third 
Istreel, oppos le the Tribune (ilVi -e ' 
Iresp.'Ctfuil) iiff-r their si rviees to the 
Lailiuo of Oaiivtlie aii.l the sitrr.ittti.l 
iiiii country. Haniii; an rxeellent ' 
.Mdchtiie, which does iis work well an i ra|.io- 
I v. the are piepttred to 1.0 every ki id ol 
sew inj: n Ilia best lUanner ami on sherl no- 
I ce. Dresses. .WaiitleS, Cloaks, eb^., cut an;) 
tiiaile iu the iiiosi f^iabiuiublt slvles. ' 
octS, '57 tf 

W. & H. ]^URKHAEDT, 

417, Market-Street, between 4th & SJJ, 'i 


A.NU UK.-^LKIi.- l.\ 

tire Grofrrifs. Teas, ttiiifs, llqn«r», 
I iDiiiorlfd I'riills, irtrinrlifallj' SfHifd 
; Frtiih. I'rescrvf.f, Pirklrn, .flaU, 
; Crnoiiis, Wootlcii Witrt, 

Baskclj, At. kt. 

sep25 '57 (oci:il),'55) tf 
f t \d\ Df/ .SCOTCH ^ 

1 UVl 'ni Cases Sald'ln.s; 

; li,ll(1(l,assnrled C'rs'ir's; 

5*? tilifr Cuba ."^it .« : 
I lb Store and fu sale by 
( W .i^ ..URKIIARDT. 

■ s.'p' 5 4l7 .'Warke «l. , 

50 ^ 

50 No. .1 iiit iifUiU 

ovsTiJis {)\mw. 

Jl" \ V I an affencv lor 

. ^tlie sile of \V. r. S.Vll|l'.« 

*!5j^.'.cl.-bral.d HaLTLMO ll _ ^ 
iiVSILKS, 1 will sell at SI 2.1 pi i cin, iiiid 
warrinl ev ry cau. Tortus, Cash, exclu- 

J. c ui'Avr.v. 

dec 1 1 -37 t' 

lucorpoiutod ISI9. ChnrtM' Per| e'.ual. ; 


.Mison'ir: .\M) rNiMi'AiiiKU 
SURPLUS, $422,162 li. ♦ 

Uitii iiijprcnige L.f IIS V^lll^' siicccse anci 

II K undersigned a*d«ily line or' Konrl-or e I 

JL CiacltcH. .'••'Ci'l f.'iini Hdlivtile to l nuk- ' 

 t; with Ibc ( Hrs 

- 1 

er« WItll 

IB bcre- 
. die aud 

aND , iLf r.ire from Danville lo Lmisville. by 
nu tuber of Kr ink fort aiil Railr.nd. or .lir.-ci t y slij', $.') 
rhr'ju(;li U iilroal 'Pickets lor sale at 
Danville, tl«i rodsburj^, Salvis.t au.l Li',vienCe 
bu rg^ 

iU'R^.VHiMBKR. onrofTice at nan\iilehas 
been unio\eii to ibe "Snecl House." 

vvi'Piit;iispou.\ at, s.\Fi'ELL. 

sept 25, 1p57 :Iiii 


1 r !.■(»- 

Vryr: VKOKTAiti.r.t. — We have r«- 
tffiTe^ frots Mr. I'ktkr TKKiir.vr. some 
fine f»«r»nip» — the largest we have ever 
 i*en. They mcasureil in circy ttifercncc 


•ilar-.'l,lllll sold al t3 75(a5-J5; recetp's birge.|..ii derlini. g .Mess pnrk IS „(f,.r,| t|;|| 
51. Green meara .lecliiie.l to .'). 4|,, and SJ-'c 
for shoulders, sides and lianis. Laid is ..(TrKl 
at 7i^c for prime in bill.. Itnik m.ais are nn- 
rh.nii:.-.l ai„l dull al 4i^ffl5 i-c. for shoulders 
and si.les loose. 

Store Room for Rent. 

'I^UK .'Jlore Kooin two doors from 
Welsh fc Nicholi' corner, is for 
rent. The location is a very desiral 
jbout lu-^lct inchn. W'c consider these I l u»iaese. Apply al 

-me parsnips.- 1 ^ ^UIS OFFICE. 

Tibbs' Barber Shop. 

f HaVK removed my yiio|» lo thp hnnse f n 
L Maiu streit. one Joor above RirkHr*  Tii- 
Inr Shop, where 1 sh-ill hIwxvk bo rcH-U' I" Kt 
W\u\ Ul nil c-ill.^ ill my lui'*. Sluviiitf. Hiir Ciit- 
ling. Aic. I Mm dc C-rtnineil lo lue my hest eii- 

• leavont lo gj.** «^iUirf rnl i tr;if t i'ln lo mv pal- 

• orn. hv kt-efMitg pottil ^IiHr]! raz'trs ami fv»-ry 
ihme elfif in Ihf tiful  «iiil iiiobi fdr-liion.iiiU itly|«. 
1 reti[)rtMlully ^nl|rit a coiitiiinancr! of the hh -r- 
al ( nlroiiag^»' wliicli h i?  l-c'ii t-xtf nded to m t for 
12 )narff. Triiutieiit |ia'r ^iiM promptly atleu 
ded tft, «ud talidfuctiou Wiirrtn ••cj. 


Danville, dec 18. •57 If 


i i« ^{ \ 'i if ^pi"' 

i KJ\J^\}\J\J nh Cigars, lor s»l • bv 

W.K iTllukFoJd) ifc LeK, 

«og 51 For W. S. Tjltcrsou 1. t'on. 

I wnn It ec'i ii'.e TE-icT 0^' 

II U'hieli 1 have livetl for a 
— W . '-'irs nist, iytnp i„ noyle countv, Kv . 
•I .tules norlh w.' .1 ol DinviHe, on Hirro.l's 
Kuii. nc..r the tur ipine lesdinu from Uanville 
lo llarrojsliurir, cnnititniu..; tibout 

Of which aboul 22ltacres arecleirs.l, there 
inainder ttiiibered. and well s. t iu blue-grass 

Tiiii Kar II h  s the a.ivHiii.ts;e ov'-r anv other 
any other in the con ity in point   r water 
eiery fiebi being so laid iff it h»g water 
at nil B-asiiis of the \ear. Harrod's Uitn 
Creek passes Ibrougli the entire I.Trni neiir Ihe 
centre, and afT^irds a con-liBt ruiining stream, 
t"gi iher IS ilh other spiiugs thai break out on 
the larni. and I h.ive one of the fitirat boiling 
spiings in K  niocky . in the j aid, within forty 
steps ot my .loor. Tli's spring has never fail- 
ed: the two dry y -ar- did iioi .iT ct in the least. 

There is iip.iii Ibe birm. a first-rate 

Ne-w Frame and Brick Divelling, 

\\'iili ten ri .11118, a large pnrticn and ha'l; to- 
gether with negro hoiisti.", c.iriage hioses, 
liarii.log. frame and stone atttb es aud cribs. 

The K. rtii is in good repair, and has upon il Danvilh bv the early line', and go lo Ciiicin 
a large .iinouiit of .-lone Keii.;e. tmd is alio iiati or Louisville, b ive fjur hours lo transac' 
getber bcliiT stitiateil (or a H'l'OC K f''./4W,U bnsiuesa •here, and teturn lo Danville llie same 
than any other 1 knew of. , dav. 

1 am now seeding, uinl to my one pnrcha- iSmnibusses will h« In wailing at the Depot 
sing li.e l»riii, I will sell the Crop on rcaeon ' i" L-xinglon lo convey passengers lo any part 
ablelerms. [of the city. 

To any oil" wishing to purchase, the terms ! The Tare onlhis line has been permancutly 
wiH be liberal. ; lixnd ni gil - 0 through. 

I JOHN M-.CLANE. i tJllice ill Uanville at the "Siieed House." 

; Beyle CO.. (Cllfi, '57 u t hi a lew ilav? Throngli TicUels will be sold at 

Lexington 1 ibserver ropy to «m-iunt nf J;5. Ibis pi ice to all the Western und Kaslern cities, 
i  iid cu Ibis I'ftice: iinil Kichni )ii.| Messengi r lo , alio l a( e»ee chef !(,.il ilir'nii^h lo anv point, 
{ami.uui ol .'^5 and charge advefliher. d«iid i MOi^KlNi tk McJ.^MPLLLL 

Ci.«,/ i|ior lo adv. I jcj.j '^7 ,( 

T. I. Prace, Sr., 
Rolit. Buell, 
K. A nnl',ele.y, 
S. p. %»rd, 
0. F. l avis 
Sam'i Tud  r, 
M, A Tuiil , 
r.. Mallicr, 


exp.'iriellCi ; 


■ It 

II Z Tr 

1). Ihlljer, 
Joseph Church, 
v.. t^lo v r, 
K (i. liipley, 
A llunbsiu. 
I . A. Alex ii.di'r, 
\V K Eicy, 

Vice I'resi.leul. 
rilHM. K. I'.IHt K. Jr.. S-o'v. 

J. B. BEPIN&rT,Oen'l Ateiit. 

I N I ii b;s A U .\ I N   l' 1 f i K— 


(f ., 

20 " Wo.'J do 
It .Iruiiis Codfish; 
In store aud for sale by 

w. II. nL'RKiiAitn r, 

rq S'i 17 .MarKel el. LoHi,vill». ' 

*H \ i'^^*^^ ALIC.\NT MATS— j ."**s 
boxes Kresli I'ine A|i|.'c«: ' ' '. 
' f) do at r'rd delate* and Jams; 
In store and for sjle by 

W. i H. m'lJKH-vKDr. 
se, '7.  4i7 .Mtliketsi. LouisnUe. 

TTa.vIi.l^ unrE— ~ 

i ^t-L 7.  eotls. a.'sorle.i sizes; 

ino d.,zjii .M iiiilla Ued t^ords; 
111' ilo" Hope llallil ; 
j M do Citloi IWil Cords; 
I Iu slorc an 1 for .cviIk by 
I \V. ,V II nuRKii vRi'-r, 

I sen 25 . Market tZ. L| Oist iiif. 


ItUI pork Is I'riiue Java flofi' e; 

:(t| 1,1,,!., \ 1 I r-' i; .r ; 

\ 11. . ,. ;i .vi; ' i : . 

'117 .Murki t el. I.omrvitti'. 

rMiLK.S- A.N'I) BLACK J i;.V? — 

.50 cbesle (Jreen ami P-ri.'k Ve^s, sclijcted 

DANGERS OF FIRE ^"''"'^'"^'''' «1nr;^K 

— .'VNU- 

Perils of Inland Navigation, 

If U) J.i'iirul Rhlti oihI Rutct. its Jii»l:f 
assumed jerihit uf for I 'oUin y 
, and J^iiit I'rnfit,. 

,,.,.„ . , , , . F.-PFCIAL ATI K.N 1 lot» I'AID TO 

I LM rif^iv.'.!, a hrgean.l j:eni ra!asPorIin«r.t j J c DwellintS Farm 

J of bfovKS l.f ov.rv disenptiiin, siiii.ihic "^surance OI i^wemnts, x arm 

f„r this ntnrker— tiit...iiK-t wbtch are .j.iite a Property, Ollt-BuactUlgS and 


.V.rkil si. Lonuvill- 

Relief in Two Minutes! 


At V icholnsville. 

LKAVKS Danvil.o f ir L. xiTigton daily. 
'Sundays excepted) at land D o'clock. 
A. M. I.eitvea Lexington for Uanviiln al 
1 1 :i 5 A M., and 7; III. P .M. 

Ly lUilrohd lo N ijlioUsville, and thence in 
large rnoiiiv four horse Cojclies. with eecom- 
modaliug Drivers and geutlu liorsea, !o Uan- 

By thia arrangement, passrnsera can leave 

nuiider l.f St-.W IV*'r ri'.K.Nsi, wliioii have 
n ver been intr.sluc. il lieri- L.-fni j — .ill fcf wLT. h 
I .iff. r fur ^ale cnitAr kor f »-ii, or f.ayitliU. the 
lat .lanuary next, pronipi ptivjng eit^i.nnci's. 

i.i\-:0. \V. CuLLlNS. 

D iitMllc, oct IC, 57 If 


.-'uch injured for perino. of .") to 5 yjars 
the niosilavorabb: iL'rnis. 

Heavy Boots & Slices 

_*| " Ai;i(.\,\ 1 l.L  .lottlilc so:e,^^« 
^■Pil eusioni in llie, for sulu 0m*\ 
CtlAsl. K. 1 Ali HAND »m. 

Losses L'qnitably .\d jiisi) d nud Trrmpt 
ly l Hid. 

LOSSEs^ID, $!0 457 313 84. 

Dr. lla I's N M rr-Fnl'iWs 

Tooth -Ache Kemclyl 

H'' 1 LL cure the itioft inveter .te '1 th- 
ai be in two iniiiules ll is a puseiy 
• V gela! If .onipound. |».-il.i I'y liiri bss and 
' oiiuple, and inav bj iiseiJ with aif ly eB.l.wilH 
ijreal benelit Li tile ueih jiiid gunis in all 
on I oases. Price .15 cents (i i buti'^'. 

The gei.aiiie ar'rcle Toi site i   l  inyille nnly 
l,„ ' ■•' T. A' 

'f» tf 


Foil HKin^ANTS: 

U'AKHAMLD .lottbU- »o:e,^.j 
eustoni in Hie, for sule tr,' 

CtlAsl. K. 1 Ali HAND 

our Look' a Urp' nooilcr of 
«cc.'''iiii.i for ),■'. »». aiid .•«' I't'is 

If wenith, Willi a sleaiyv ami prompt ettrn 
lion lo « 1 (■■limute Irisu'r'nce busiuees, and . i i i 

the e.\ecu»foii of i' HI pood Isith, have ne eMarv lii v,e» cT a i iiileiidtd cli: n 
inruceiii. oK with the i.ui. lie 111 s.l.ctipg iheir 
uii'lerwriters — we refct llieiii Itr test of qtialily 
ind ourcisiiiiS to tbeir pitioii : e, to ol 
iiir past aeriices. teuitiriiii; their conlinmnce 
wi'h lucruarcd ability end fudlillee it. lulure. 
A I' KLSII supplv of Gent's - '" " .~ , 

?iauu bov'ii lUts of the latest C/.'n,e first cUifs ti d- mv-y^ may I e rj - ■ 
styles. ji ..t rooeh e.l at j'l i (:d uitliOiil Ji^ny, w i\ t/n's u cCl- 

ep-i'  O K KA'tK A N')'S. /:it0icu c.u rcU'-. lurporafioii, 

^ -A. T II ±3 JFL . ^r':?!'y. 1 , . 

sM. A. ^. MotJIlORTl, A^fnt. 

SHOE FINDINGS! DauvUI«,oel2J,J57 :tm 

OilPKlSl.S' J a line no. k of falf Skin* I "_. _ 1. 

au.l Mio« .-^lock of a'l kinds, for Diaau - j W. R Clieese. j 

! lacliliing purpodos, (3r S..1.' by ' ^ FINE lot ju»t 

To ,Ail Concerned. 

"I T7 have on 
\ V U K e-.tb.l 

our firm' for Us lo set:!"  -'p ui.r old 1 
iintn-^di .te.'v. W' re-jctsl llio^e ox in? I' ■ t .m'"'* 
acci'uuts, to call % d c os-j Ih ni wiIIkiwI celay. 
otherwise Ih-y ♦ t-l lie jilaoe.1 In i..i ifliccnl 
lijiids for collccl oil; . ■ ' . 

oct:iJ, •57 . l,K.V(',X.SO\ V ll'JO 

I|I.\\'l'" uow crBi neitced receiving 
Oyster*, wairaiileil gn..d. or no site — 




J. C. IIEI^ EV. 

Pile — 

f'anii i-s. Parties. iVc supplied on short n.itice'', 
wilb auy ue.ired i|u«nliU' . 

T. J. siiiNyr.LD-.\M-:R. 


Friday, : : : : Jan. 15,1858 

■ L.^- - - Jl L . - JU.--- ' 

8^„"Jolin, did }ou lind any eggs in 
(lie lien's nest lliis murning?" "No 
i-ir. If llie old lien laid iiny bl.e must 
have mislaid tl:ein." 


/Jjr.V woman in I'Lii ida, of the name 
of Ciofs, lately yave birlli loan infant 
boD which only ono pound — 
That I ross wasn't li.ii d to Ixiai-. 

^y^A voung lady leccnily commit- 
ted ouicide becaUMj lier motlier lefused 
lier a new bonnet, '."oivnar's verdict — 
"Came to her dentil l»y i xoessive fjuink." 

B®.The differc(K;e henveen a fool ami 
s bore is this — ono don't know hoit lo 
t peak and the other tchen. Avoid both 
as you would a club lo.tded \. ilh liead- 

iJ^Man is never siionj^ when he 
live* for others; the philosopher who 
lonfmplates from the rock \» :i lass no- 
ble image than the sailor who struggles 
«ith the slorm. 

BS^"Ga2a not upon a maiden, lest her 
beauty be a stumbling hi. irk to ihee," is 
a tex'. worihy of eonsideralion nowo- 
ilays when hoops so obstruct cur side- 

llnir"A per.wn 

asked CliipmaiiV^' iVo 
I:d not put 
»•( J 1 :.!' c-r ll * IV [ 

6,1, bui '. he roj;b puts me iu ii^d ut 

^S9"Ai night wo cannot tell v\lietlier 
ihe river i.-^ .shallow or deep; so neither 
1 in wo judge of a silent or .-.ecrol man. 
To know him we Riusthsve light, or else 
be able to sound hirn. 

A Gkf.eniiorn on the L icom:tivk — 
Mr. SuoHgra«s, Juni"r, has been "seot- 
iiig around ' at the, and as tome 
of his exploits are r.Tther amusing, we 
copy an extract as follows: 

"When we got to the depot, I went 
around to get » look at the iron hoss. — 
Thundei ati jii ! it warn't no laore like a 
hoss than a lueclin house. If I was go- 
in' to describe the aniniule, I'd say it 
look'-d like — well, it lo cked like— darned 
if I know vh'it it looked like, unless it 
was a regular he devil, snoi'in' smoke 
all around, and pantiii' and heav in' and 
swellin' and jhawin:/ up hot caals like 
they was good. X feller &t -od in a 
liouse-like leedin' him all ihs time; but 
llio more ho got the aiore he «anied, 
and il.o more lie snorted: After a spell 
a leller calclied him by the tail, and 
great Jeiicho! he set up a yell that split 
the ground for mor'n a mile and a hall 
and the next miimit' I felt jny legs a 
waggin,' and found ii.yselfat t'other 
end of lh« s.rnig o' veliii:kles. I wasn't 
tikeeiod but I had three chill- and a stroke 
of paby in less than five iiiinits, and my 
face had .1 curious browni.-h ) eller green- 
blul^h color in it, which ivas perfectiv 
unaccountable. "VV(ll,"shvs I com 
ment as sujiper ^i/ou«,'' and I took a seat 
in the ntarosl w agin' or car. as they call 
it — a u nsHrr.ed long, steamboat looking 
thing, with a .slri.ig of pews down each 
side big enough lo l-.itld'about a mar. and 
a hall . J usi as i sat down, t he hos» hoi 
lered twice and started off like a streak, 
pitchiii' me he.\d first at the tloraach of 
a big woman, and she _ i 
nioiMious gi uiit, and then cu 
• head, and c: 

Is now iu rc'ceijit of tlio Largest Stork cf 



Welsh a Meliols' Coliiiiiii 

"^50,006 ■W-oiRTK 

Cheapest House in the Wesl! 





Are now ia receipt of the 



Ever brought to Danvill«; ] 


j Of every fashionable style. - 


i liER \i;ks, !)(•: LAi\r;8, 

j ALl'ACAS, LL':iTRl-;s, 

I la iiiiinense variety, colurs warraut«dr 

1 1 J. B. \V1LGU\S& CO. 

"Wholesale and Retail 

Commission and Forwarding 

No. 41 Main .SIr-et, 

rilFIK undorsipnfd, .sui-cessors to Wiinus &. 

J liRCCK, at llie ol.l stand. OD Main dtreet. 
a addition lo llir stock of the ctd firm, have 
rccvived and are now reCfiviiip, 


Of every Uiscri|ilioii nml nf liie bcit quality; 

FINE LIQUORC, &c. &.C., 

VVhicli they will nell on very liberal terms. 
Tliey solicit the iiatroiiage of ifie old I'ri -nds of 
Wilgiis Sc Uruce, and llie |iublic geiierally. 
Purchasers inuy rely upon always fiudiiijr U3 
witli a good stock. 

J. n. vviLGUS & CO. 

Lexingtou, apr 1 1, '50 i 


Fire Ii»wtoiiipa.iij,r* lUElHREAD. '57 


\V. K, HIG01NB 

Wholesale iiml Hetaii {jrucer.s, 

Commission Merchants, 


(I; the ca 
L jai iiig" along :i; 
and miles an I- 
a bohbin up and 

il"Wii like 

') ilv wa' 
a mill-saw, 
his mouth 

}|Ql.A rather tliiek-hea l"d witness in 
a poli.'e court was naked the question, 
whttlhar So and-6u '•stood on the dofen- 
»ive." ••No, sir,'* lie innocently replied, 
"he stood on a bench." 

— . — — — ♦ V— 

S^,A Califor-iia paper Siys that a to- 
mato, raised on a larmlio ahe.ig th.e Sac- 
ramento liver, measured twenty-six in- 
  hes in cireuml'ereuce. Wl.nt a whop- 
jier — ol a tomato we ni^an. 

£W.\ doctor up town sfavc the fol- 
lowing prescription for a sick lady a few 
day.'- since — "A new Vjonnet, a eiishmera 
Nhawl, and a pair of gaiter b lots!" '1 ho 
lady rei!o  ei edjimm i(li  t*;ly. 

«*%.Why are eagles given to lunacy'? 
Itecause they are gcneially jlii /lilj in 
their way». The chap wlio perpetrated 
this monstrosity is the .• iime one who won- 
dered huw the F.iiriii'Xiiit water icvili. 
I'ooi Fcl! 

and every wietvli o'm had 
wide open and looked lika ll.ey was laf- 
lin,' but 1 couldn't hear nuthin,' thecals 
kept such a racket, liimeby they stop- 
ped all at once, and then such another 
ia£l' busted out o' theni passengers, as 1 
nc\pr hern before. Laliin at mo, too, 
that's what made mc mad, and I was mad 
as thunder too. 1 ris up and sh.ikin 
my fist at 'em, tays 1 "Lidies and geii- 
llemen, look a-here! I'm a peaceuhle 
Stranger — " and away the diirned train 
went like sraall-pox was in town, jerk- 
ing me down in tlio ^oat with a whack 
like I'd been' thr 'wd fr m the moon, and 
their cursed mouths 11 'pped ofen, a^il 
the fellers wentlo bobbin up and down 
a:;ain. I put on an air of maunauimous 
Ljike " ' 

Td V, 

bin' up and down myself 

contempt Jike, and took i;o more notice 
of "em, aiul very naturally went to b-b- 

uiTian affections ttre the Ic.'ives, 
the foliage of our being — thev cstch ev- 
eiy bruatli, and in the hnrdo'n and heat 
oi the day they make luusic and motion 
in a suhry world. S'.iipped ol that foli- 
ag« how unsightly is human nature. 

- — — 

jC-^ A witness in a lloo-^ier court on 
a special occasion being afked how he 
knew that two certain parties wero man 
and wife, replied— •■ Why, dog i,ri it, I've 
lie*rd 'em scidding each otlier mor'n fif- 
ty times." I he evidonco was licld as 

S56„Credi'.,ors t.ever annoy a man as 
long as he is gettiiijf up in the world. — 
A man of wealth only pays his biitclfcr 
once a year. Let bad luck overtake him 
and his meal bill will come in every mor- 
ning as regular as breakfast and hungry 

A TofOH He.»u. — I'he C.dveras, CCal. ) 
Chronicle slates that two "colored 2on- 
tlemen" in that place, who hid quarrel- 
lad about "a lady," met in mortal com- 
bat. Af er an exchantie of shots, the sher- 
iff arrested the pariies and carried them 
to jail, when a pistol bullet was found 
flattened out and lodged ia the wool of 
one of the combatants, who was quite 
unaware of having been twuched. 

A B.KCiiKL u's Defsnsk. — [iachelors 
are styled by married men who have put 
their foot into ii, as oi;ly half-perfected 
beings, clueiU*s vagabonds, but half a 
jiair of scissors, jind many other titles are 
given thorn; vvliilo (^n the "iher hand th»y 
e.Mol their state as one of such ijerfeol 
kliii that a change from earth to heaven 
■would be somewhat of a doubtful good. 
If they arc so happy why don't they en- 
joy their happiness, and hold their 
tongues about it? What do half the men 
got married for? Simply that ihcy mty 
have som-ibody to darn their stockings, 
sew buttons on their shirts, and trot their 
b.nbies; that llioy may ha»u -iomebodv, as 
a married man oin e taid, "to pull oO 
their boots when they are a little balmy." 
These fellows are always talking of the • 
loneliness of bachelors. Loneliness, iii- 
dcei!l Who is petted to death by ladies : 
uilh marriageable daughters; invited to' 
ten and to evoninir parties, and told to 



-lie wjio wipes his 
later, and picks Ins 

Oenuink FoOI.S 
tiosc on a nutmeg 
teeth with a r.-izor. 

She who says •mi' to n proposal of ,i 
gentlcm tn w hen she has leachoJ the age 
of thirl v. 

He who gets so drunk at night tliat he 
puts his el.nhe.s to bed, and hangs hiin- 
beli o the back ii( the chair. 

She who rubs her trhccks with brick- 
bat in order to give them culor. 

lie who puis on his liat, and takes liis 
cane and starts out in pursuit of an libn- 
est and di iiiture.--led poli.i. ian. 


PiiTCTiNc WITH S\TAN. — \n old an 
cxi elluiit writer gives the fi.dlnwing valu- 
abie advice: "If you would not be foil- 
ed by tomplation, "do notentfr infoadia- 
jiuls with h.itaii. When Kvo began to 
argue the cake with tho serp«iit. thy ser- 
pent was to.i liard for hor; the (ie\i!, liy 
hi  Ivgi'^, di. puted her out of Paratlise. 
Sit in eaii. by m.'iicing uin, ni; k : it small, 
ii.'.d varnish it oTei, and m dto it like \ir- 
tue. S.4tan is loo .%uhih: ;i sophi-lcr to 
llold an aigUDieiit with h^m. Di pule 
not, but light. If _\oti enKrinto a par- 
ley wiih Sat;iii _\ . u give h.iU tho 

WiiofK ^■'^k^.|,(J^ .'— U.ivy I be prasmt at an " \ 
Biiinials, in the city o( VVasliii. ,c 
II monkey neemed to altracl I ,i- 
Itr attei.tion, and he ahstracte J._5  obser- 

"If thai feil.jw had on a pair of .spec- 
ladns he Would look liko Major Wright 
01 Ohio. 

The Maji.r hajiponed to be just belfiiid 
fcockelt and lapped Davy on tho shoul- 
der Turning aiouod, P.ivy very foi - 
iiiully remarked: 

"1 11 bd hanged, M,.j..r, if I Jinow 
whose pardon loa^k, tours or the mon- 

J!.;TrEK A.s-u nEST.- It is better to 
blew beer llian to brew mischief. 

It is best to be "initto'i with a ysung 
l.idy than with the rheumatism. 

Better to be pitted with a moiher-in- 
law than with the small pi..\. 

Best to fall into a fortune than itito 
the sea. 

I!*tter to cut a tooth than to cut a 

lies: to stand a dinner than "pistols 
and coffee for" 

Itettjr to shoot partridges instead of 
the moon. 

Itest lo patch up a hole iu your «n- 
ineniionablus than to run ia debt for a 
new pair. 

Better lo have tho draiving of an ar- 
tist instead of a blister. 

Ills best to nurse the bahy at any 
time than, like Tarn o' Shanter s wife, 
"nurse your wrath to keep i; v.-tim!"' 

' drop in just when u • iH.' 
bachelor Who li. \-er al 

days, and wiien iio U; 
on his grave by "he ^ 
entrap him? The Liaclielor. 
strows flowers on tho nianied 
; grave — .^is widow? Xot a bit of it; sl-.e 
pulls down the tombstonn ih.'.t a six 
weeks' grief has set up in her heart, and 
I goes and gets mariied a^ain — she does, 
j Who goes to bed eaily because time 
I hangs heavily on his hands? The nar- 
: ried man. Wno gets a scolding for p'ck- 
. ing out the sorte*t part of the bed, and 
: for waking up the b iby when he turns 
"out in tho morning? The married man. 
, Who has wood to split, lulus'! hunting 
and maiketting to do, ihe young ones to 
wash, and the lazy servants to look 'if- 
■tci? Tho married man. Who is taken 
I ip for whipping his wife? The married 
man. Who gets divorced? The married 
man. Finally, who has got the scrip 
tuio on his side? Tl.o b.iohclor. bi- 
Vail knew what ho was talking about — 
"He that nuiiries does well; h.« that mar 
lies Dot dfccs betti^r." 

Rich Cashmere aud Chciillle 
m €C3: MC w • 

oolen Vhy\ and CasliTnciv 

Ol Superior quality. * 

Sold Ccor and Ombre Shaded 

French Merinos, 

And All-Woo DELAINES. 



E.ttia Superfine and Fancy SILKS, I 

Lamb's wool, Cashmere, and Silk war 


English and American Prints, 


OottonS -- WIDTHS. 


I'lie Largest Sloek of 

'Vjill TitfiT Hkdcriiigs, 

Ever brought to Dan^ ille, 
A Fine assortment of D. K. King's 

With and witlioiil llecll. 


A Large Stock ef 

mm m hms, 

III grrut Varitly. 

Missouri and Virginia Tobacco. 

Embroideries, Laces " - 

Of «very new aud fashion. 

Of all deBcriptious, suitable for 



\ LARGE and well aasortcd stock always 
Vl_ on haiut, rmbraeinjr 


Of evfry (l,'KCri|iliiiii ; I'ltfa-iher with 
i ii:«r,s, loliDeeo. F'i ie,~n hiuI Duineslie 

l.iquiii.«, ie. (tc., 
To wliicli we invitP ihealt-iition ofpurchan 

1 linylr ...el l!ip ^1, : -0 I ■! ' 1 1 T eiMni..  y 

wliere, and we solicit a call from all wlio wish I 
: to liuy. . I 
[D"Our stock for the Si'lll Xf; TR .4 UE ' 
; is very lull and complete, enibrueioi! h laige va- ; 
{riety.andof the most superior quality. 
I ij'Couiilry Produce, such as Bacon, 
I Lurd. Feathers. Hceruax, Wool. Clover, ^itMt 
j :iud liaiiip Seed, Alc. taken .il the highest tnar- 
I kct prices, ia exchange (or liroeeries. 

i llli;t;iNS & HUNTER. 

Lexington, m;irrh I •.'it; tf 


Gnibb's .,1,1 sf,,n l. Third Street, 
Danville, Ky., 

WnitLU refpeclfully inform 
the public Ih^itthey have on ham! 
f llieir own miiiiufaelure. a good 
^ 101 k of li|! ;4;||.:s and KOt K- 

' AW AYS, of the most fiuporior 
tyles anil worknidnship. and are prepared to 
make to order every lieBcriptiou of work in 
thvir liuu of busin«-s8, tocli as •' 

KocUatVHf/s and i£uffs^iefi. 

C'nr», Spring W-.i^ons, 
Their stock ol Timher is Urge and well sea- 
soned, auil ihey have KD sssortmeut of Trim- 
niiiigs of the richest styles and patterns. 'I hey 
employ none hut the best workmen, and war- 
rant lidtli their wood and Iron work to be execu- 
ted in tile iieatent and most durable manner. 

Thi'v are now nting a New Pnteiit Spring, 
which haa desirable advantages over thuae gen- 
erally used. 

All persons desiring to purchase Carriages or 
Buggies, are invited to esamine our work and 
learn our prices, as we feel assured we can 
( lease them. 

O Carriages. Bugsiies, Rockaways, Ac . re- 
paired, trinni'ed or p.iiiite.' on short note e ana 
reasonable terms. We have in our employ 
one of the best painters iu lh» Western couu 

Dantrille, June 19, '57 tf 

To Whom it may concern! 

AVIM; told out our sto-K of (Joods, t 
becoiii"8 indispensably iieces- ary that our 
business shou'd be closed as soon us posbihie; 
We llierefbre hope all who know that tli -y huve 

I. r-,,.. i!tv « lib 11--. willilous lb- lavnr to eeiti. 


Incnrpcratctl lislB— -Charier fcrpelual 

Cas h Assets, January, 1S5T, 

IN.SUKF,.'^ jMerchandisepen 
erally, and .Stores, Dwellings 
[Warehouses, Puildiiigs, Pub 
lie aud Private, .Mills, MauufactDrius, A^c., 
against Loss or Damage by Kire. Also, takes 
lulaiid Ri: ks of property ny lakes, rivars, ca 
nals, and laud carriage to all parts ol Ihe L'uion 
Rates of Premium as low as decurily to the in- 
sured permits. 

llTAI! Losses e^uitab y and adjusted, and 


ILT Policies of Insurance isfurd by 

A. S. .McGKuK rv, Ag't 
jan I, 1857 y Danville, Ky 

Life Insusance Compaiiy, 

Of llartrorii, Conn. 

Capital, $150,000. 

FOLICIKS will be granted payable alt,.r 
death, or upon the party's arriving at a 
specified age, at his option ; iu either caae, free 
; Irom claims of creditors. 

j 0"lhe liYe« of Slaves insured at reason- 
able rates. 

(TTPamplilets containing rates of premium 
I and information in legard tu the moib^ of opera- 
I :iou3, can be obtained ql the undersigjied 
! A. S. .'.IcliKOKrV. Ag't 

jau 1, ltl57 y Danville, Ky. 

Farmers and Mechanics' 

suPfLV or 

now receiving and 


School College, Law, Medical 
and Et^ucational 


And (ien.ral, I'laiu i,„ | Ilinsi, 
Uunieslic und Foreigu 

Mi£C9llanejus Literature. 

and'"ll'.'ri"" "f Teacher.. Sludeni 

and all others, to an examination o.' my Urg. 
.n,1 well selected stock, which is more^x'en 
■ ive and varied thai, ever offered before i» the 
p.ace. lie ore purchasing, call and e»amiii«; 
Also, a full stock of 

Plain and Fancy Stationery, 

Consisting in part of 
100 reams ass'id Note, l„tier tnd Car Paver- 
gross Steel Pens-all branos ' ' 

■lO.DUO Plain and Fancy K, velope,- 

I - dozen .Slates, assorUd »iz,-s; 
Blank Uooks, all siz-s. Together with 
eral assnrtmeiil of 


fhcmicnls. Paints, 0,1. 
Vnriiishe*, Ilru h(-. « 
I'umery, F.tncy /• 
.My stock of Drugs. Sic. 
by myself, aud Pliysitiau, 

aud purchasers penorally ■ " ,* 

andexamins. Order* „,ui nlM- 

teutiou. i'ioi..|'lM 



 ct 10, 

Main St.. Danville, Ky. 


it . ^ h %f . xt O ♦ 

i'i 11 1 it- . ... 

July 3, '57, tf 




Coruer of . Jniii and ronitli sireets, op- 
positr Ihe Itiilterlon House. 

Fine sets of Furs, 


Commission Merchants. Provision 
and lobacco Brokers, 

NO. 260, MAI.\ .STKEKT, 


-assets, $4 08,151 13! 

Iiivcle.l ill lipn»l«. Morlsnpes and  ;ooil 
^eclll ilie-. 


^!From Loss by Fire! 

Ecrfj, He d Dresses, be 

Au inimeuse Block, enibr-tcing 


Schoolej'» i'Hieiit ItelVi^eralorx, a 
lliglily improved article, togi-.ber with 
; U'Hler C'ooler.s of vaiiois beautilul styles 
1 juu Water Flit, rs, for sale al 

t; W. CO[,MX.SV 
N B. One ef the Refrigerators can be seen 
in use at the .Sueed Uouso iu Danvilld. 
I juno 1-3, '67 

' ~t7j, s hi kd el bo web, 

[ VVhoIfsn!*' uiiil II I- UN Ut'.iler in 

• FiiiP Groceries I Coiifeclioiienos, 

f rnit*, Nuts, PreoervP!,, PickU-s, Oys- 
ters, S:ii(lin' s,   isnrs, 'lobiicco, 
I I'lincy Arliclos, iir, .Ve. 

i Third Street, Danville, 

Arf yon Insnrcd a?ainst Ions by Firr! 

There are hut few who receive eynjjialhy 

li ijA'i" HiicceEii I 
al v i j s .he most cull 
cluHve proof of pita 
mem. Judged by 
;hiH li st tlirre ia no 
UUorsavinir Machine 
beforKllie public com 
|i:ir.,bl,- t.i SiNckas 
Skwi.vo M.. iiim, _ 
After etlablishiugihe 
liigh'st in 
the I'niledSi.itpHhey 
were exhibited ut the 
li'le •' E)tpos:tic)ii Uaiverselle,'' in l-'ranee. where 
II f •"■ried off the higbesi pr. n'.iuii. ; uhiI » 
gi.  ia uufuciury to make theui lias been built 


iCrWeddiuzi and Parties promptly attended 
0, in the best stylo, 
april 11, '5G tf .  . 

riltc and tieavtf 


Fvr Geollenicn, Youths knd Servants. 



III uen and Coltou, eveiy d«Mrip()M^ 



1 1 K rAl.\ €;OOIf. , Ac. 

J. C . II i:U 10 Y, 

Whotfiitlf and Rrttiit DeaUr in 

Confectioneries and Candies, 
I'iiir (irorrrif's. 

Perfumery and Faney .Irtirles. 

Cigars anj Tobiicco; ^Vinrs anJ Cor- 
dials: Oysters, ic. fcc. 

No. -ii. Main sin ot. 

march I 4, '53 Danville, K]r« 


d in 


' ^- Of ever/ de-rr^piinn, 


LEITIIKR, Slllli; l-I.Mll.VU.S. kW iC, 

Muinsl., nrarly Oftponift l/i* t'nmf Itoitne. 


iune 5. 18,^7 tf 

1^7'OUI.l) reip. oirnllv inform the citizen 
V \ of Central K-Jitucky that bis SIJM- 
M CIt STOt K is HOW very extensive and! 
con jilete. cniisisliiig of every description of 
vehic'e in b is hue, 

Coaches. Rockawiiys, Buiiities, &t, ; 

All of the late,' t and most iipproved styles and j 
patterns— nianufactured by ihe best workmen,! 
of Ihe very best materials, and of the niostez- ' 
qui.'^ile fioi h. I 

L-i all wishinit 'o purcli««* any ki nd of a 
vehicle or are fond of examining' yond work, \ 
gii o hi n a call. (Jreat iiiduceniehts « e i IKer- j 
ed at this time, as Ins stock larger and sell- 
in ; cheaper than ever before. E^erv article ' 
warranted. ' | 

He h. a also on hand a very Isrge eupp'y of 
flarurss of his own manufactur.-. and is con- 
stantly nianurMriurinp all kinds of Carri»t»e 
and Buggy llariiets. None but the best stock 
au.l the best workmen are einplur -d. 

Call and I will sb.^w yoo th- finest lot of 
Harness ever otr,-red in' this market, and al 
prices to suit the limes. 


I -»vilie, inly 17. 'bl if 


who inrvir loss by neir|..cling this most nerrssa 
'II and iul.slaniM pr^-cauliaa. We ollen see it 1 
•uiioiiiiced, lhat persons lia\e lusi llieir stocks , 
ol Guilds and Furniluri; mid the result of years i 
of industry swept from tliern by the devouring 
element, over whicli they ha /.) no contiol, ex"^ "' ' • • 

"'■h.!'ir''^i"" ''TT' , , In Every Branch of Industry 

li . iranoK psotects you frnm the incendiary, | In wbieh sew,-,,^ i, to be don., these Machiaes 
"lur^o "iIm '"'I""-,""-' "suali.e. 01 jean be used with immense profit. Astliespe.d 
• u Trf r'"' ' *"'""''','"='■ ' or the KaiUuy ir. in is to Irav.lling on feol, so 

■e"eeard' re' n," F" n " '''7"'''""' ! "'^'"'^ Si'iffer's Machine. comp.r,J 

actions ^ ^ ""*="'""'""•'*"'' '"•"^'-'•""'E- K   tailor, shoemaker. 

It r, quires but a very .natl ,.im to insure in i xr'^;c1^:uld be'^Hil:!:"'::;:: " ThrVai;!!;:' 
Sinn, raiiKi.i. Ir,„n *n.O to tl.tlfiO. and yet how fit of u i 'rone of I n"^^^ " 
mauv there are who have uo Insntance upon Lraploved i, 

s/lleJ'i n'.""? "''"''"'"'^- ^^y"' OneThonsand Dollar, a 

Mock IS snia I, etiU its loss to you might be i ]„ a 


liuildinsN, iXcruhnndize. (Joods, Furiii- 
nirn. iMncliinerv and stock, 
FKOM •SI 00 TO $5,000, 
At Ihe lowest rates aiirl upon the most liberal 
terms, and raoMrr on the adjustmeut 
ol loss. 

Hon Tiios. n. Fi.oBRNCR. Prtst. 
Edward R. fjKi.WB ii.n. Sfc'ri;. 
John Tiiomashn. Gm l Sup't'dt 
JOHN M. Ali\ i. Aij,„t. 
JIOV28. '5G tf Uauville, Ky 

LExixuro.v, KV., ' 
Dealer in Italian Marble. 

Tombs, lleadsloiics, .Alantcls.'&c 

i3 0o;r 


Burial Casketl 


of this 


Wkbstfk «jn tiik Lovb ok Home — 
Th'i folkiwiiig noble tenlimeiitj were ut- , 
teicJ by Daniel Webster. — It is oiilv ! 

Jlow iiiiiui.-(l pivtenilers n lie make 
pitlior distiiiy'.iislici.l oriL,'iii a matter of 
personnl merit or obscure origin a in^it- 
tor of personal repro»cli. A man w li(.  
i» nut iisliHiiiofI of himself need nut be | 
ash.-ittied of \\ % oirly tonJitiou It diJ 

'h:»; pen lo me lo be bom in a log cabin, 
raided among the »now drifts of N«w 
Il.tmpibire, at ,i pciiod so enrlv that | 
when the cmoke first roie from its rude ; 
chimney, and cui lod over tho fiozen hillf  | 
thciv w»s no evidence of a wliito 
III Ill's l.abitiiiion between it and the .set- 
ihmoi.ts oil the livers of C'lind^. Its 

; rr-tiiaias itii! fxisi; I m»ke it in annual 
visit. I ciiriy tny i iiildren to it, am! 

, loach tlitm the h«rd.s!)ips ciiduied by the 
jieneraiions Lcfjrc ticm. 1 love l ' 
dttell on tho tender rtccdlectiouii, tho 
•1 iie», thceaiiy afl' ;ctivn«, Knd i 
ralioi s Bil l ill- id. "n wliicli nnir.- 

,^iv  Mih all I ki 
ily iibodf ; 1 n\ 

, i1k.5B who iiilinbuHd It 

; the living, nnd if » ^ er I i , 

, :i!o voneiativiii for him wi.o raiyed it and 
defended it agnirtt "-aTiigJ! violence and 
dcstnictif.n, cherished all dprnestic com- ; 

■ forts beneath its loof, and through the 
I tire and blood of sevei: years' revolution- 
•.try H-ar shnir.k from no toil, no »seri- ■ 
; firo to *orvo his I'our.try and lo raise. 

his children (o a condition better than • 

■ hi» own, /n.iy my name and ihti name 
, of liiy postsriiy ba bl jticd from the mem- 

oiy ol posterity. 

Kmbraeiiiif everv nov;|ty ol the .-^eiisou. 


You f (IS. AND 

\i Ear, is 

f OA I S, 

n M d 

G R O C E 11 1 E S , 

A fall Block — togfllier willi cur ut^uHll}' \ar^t 
and complete aa^urlmcat uf 



QUh'.f.XtjW \RK, 
GLAS-W Rl'". 

PAl.M I t-. OIL.-^. 

Aad a romplels supply of nearly ever ilii g 
elsj, lo whicli large ad ilious will btf made 
every week liuring Ihe season. Wo want 
everybody lo call aud see our Goods 


»e,it II. "57 

Ca.stoin-3Ia(le Ea.^torn 

fioon Mi mm 

For Fall and Winter Wear! 

now the exclusive AGENCY 
cunty for Ihe sale of Fisk't 
Mfl'illic liini'lt Cfitr^ mid Vriint\ l*iitrnl Mr- 

'iltic Hiifuil 1',i)ikrt ; also all kiliiis of 

i Woota and Covered CoflSns! 

I I'nderlakers in this and the adjuluing towns 
and counties will be supplied on reasonable 
i terms. 

! IIJ''.\ h indsome Hearse always in attendence, 
' nnA cills attended to at any hour ol 
' the day or night. 

' G 

WU.t. atlend pr 'inptly lo 
all orders lor  vork in bit ! 
line, at as low prices as iha ' 
same style of work ran be | 
had at any place in tlie 
b'liioa. t 
Mr._\. l«.-CHk^.c»K, u  \ 
the Danville Ceiiielery, is I 
my nDlhorized Ajfent.uu.l | 
is prepared to exhibit de- | 
signs of mv work, of nu- ' 
iiierous liifTereutstylesand [ 
prices and to oriler and . 
receive iH O.fM : .•»! K.VTS, I 

for liny fierson who may j 
desire Inui fo lo do 

M PRIini^V. 

apr 18, 'SC tf \ 


private ramilies where there is mucji. 
i sewiiij; to be d jiie, these machines are an iiival- 
j u^iblr assiKiance. Planters aud hotel keepers 
: find tbein i-articularly convenient and yrolila- 
I ble. These machines urc simple in their con- 
jolruction, and verv strong amJ durable, being 
tiie only kiii.i of Sewing .Mucliiiie ever inadu, 
I by which every on of work, coarse or fine, 
could lia perfectly exfcuted. Tliou.'iands ol Ir- 
\ ferlor and worthless .S,-wing Machines hare 
I been iiiiide an I sold umb-r various DHmer, but 
I SiNcra's M»cni.NKs aloue hjve been founii ere • 
^ ry where to satisfy ihr wauta of the publi*. 
I Pliiin printed instructions for using are S' at 
: with oauh machine, Irom which iinv oae can 
j readily acquire the art of inauxgiug lluiu. Thr 
I inachiiiefl are packed securely to go to any part 
1 el the world. To all persons desiring more par- 
ticular inlormatiou, we will, on applicstion by 
letter, al either ol our offices, forir ird a copy of 
I I. M. Singer 4i Co.'e CHtrllr, a pnprrwholl 
' devoted 10 the Sewing Machine interest 


\ I'rineif al Offer, A'o. .323. Brmdvay. Ntw Ytr 
I \V. 1. H.OOKK, Apenl. 

Dauvilie, Ky 
Ilranch Offices: 
\ No. 47, Ilaiiiiver Mre -t, Boston. 

•' 97, rha|j«l sireet, New Haven, Ct 
I (iloversvillo, N. Y. 
j No -'74 Hroiid slreel, Newark, H. J. 

1 " M'^. Cbesnnt street. Philadelphia. ^ 

', "^,li!.^^.iii■.^iii^w.■re sf—.i^ " ir I Ipi 

" Westiiii stei St.. Providence, R.- 
" H, Kust 4lli street, Cinciun:Hi. 
" 65, North 4lh street. iSt. Louis. 
" HI . St. Charles st . New Orleans. 
'• 20. Dauphin street, Uoblle. 
anjt 29, 'hO if 

juud 13 

\V. liliW EY. 
3d lit.. Danville. 

variety. I leel 

I WOl'LD respectfully in- 
vile. lb,. ail..nii,,i, ol nnrrb, 
ir. lo iny NEW STOCK 
i:oMiprisiug fVf \ Myl" a. id 
prnparpfi lo |jiv.  ••nlire shii 

'«c ion. as 1 havn ibe JtKtt'l' ul UOKi'. .MK\ 

Ploughmaker and Black mith 

I) A   VI LI.i;, K Y. 

I coiuiiinlly emplo\i d 
• depArlmenl. alMl llie 
I Bisr Qi'Ai.iTT. havi.jg I 
I I I) ilKliKK. aii.i 111 
I :tii i r ir.oMitty , I 
1 cmiiioi bi^ ex - 
j pbice. nearly op 


j Danvill", 5ep2S if 

A Bplendid Asscrtirejut 

IU the .Ma iiulariuriu 
bastxru w'lrk is ,if me 
. ' XPKK.^S1,V 
Mg. -neaitiiess 



— OK — 

Homo Manufacture. 



forms the |)ublic tliui ' 
be will coiitioue the Cab 

.Making business in all its branches, ni the lute 
rtaii.lof Noel \. Nichols, (the old .Spei-d s'.iop, i 
opposite the Court 11 ouse All kinds of 

Furniture, RIattrasseSj ^ 

Will be made to order, of t!in best materiili. 
on short notice. KKP.MRINt^ also promptly 
attenden to. Ue hopes by giving strict Jitlen- 
llon lobi.x busineiis, by good workmanship and 
mo'ierate clikrjjes, lo merit and receive aeon 
tiuuaiice of [.atioii-ige. 

I' K- ntlenlion of 


Cloths Carsinicres. end Veslings 
Gents' FurniBhing Goods, 

In Cravats, Scarfs, Collars, II iidkerrhiefs- 
Suspeiiders, &u. Persons fin. ling Iheirown ma- 
re rinls will have • br j;rM„t». i rur*- lukm In tit and 
■ Il Inic fillet: .\ 'l ol wiiicli I ofl'er low for c isli 

r 1. • - ■■'■ [ ■  customers on iny ii^ua. 


To any who may think il worth 
thtir attention. 


ilff" \ soft answer turneth 
: Wrath. 

; JC^'l.ovQ takes deepest root in l!ic 
i stea.liesl mill 1. 

; iC^Hc love.? you belter who strives 
, tu inako yoti good tl.nn he who slrives to 
[ilo.ifio you. 

i B^.Tices witli doubhi blosijottis are 
tha tmblein of friendshiji — plenty of 
blossoms, but no fruit. ; 

j ■^^""Aii e\en exchange is no lob- 
. bi ry," as th* widow said when slio swap 
;ped l;k;;-;e!f off for a widower. 

i jt^Frieiidf^Sip .-v »ileu!i . 
; that makes no pirade; tho true heart 
jd.'inces ne hornpipe oii. the ioiig'ie. t 
I B ^..It was never tletei iuii;C-tl until re- 
jceiitiy v. iiM dtruck M:lly I'attenion. i\o \ 

onfl doubts now tl;»t l;c was i'.ruck by ' 

tho paniu, • 

HAVING tested the rsACiir*! wociinc of 
I. M.S1NGKR'SSI:\VI,^N ; .tl ACIll.NE. 

I III) prepared lo rrcomineiid it to the sewiiig 
coininouity, as au invaliixblv help to those who 
have any considerable amount ol sewinir lo 
do — and t elieviug iliis, I have taken au .\geiicy 
lui the sale of i.:iid .MHchinon in this and 
the aiijoluing counties. I will take pleasure in 
aupplyiiid auy who may desire it, uiih Ibis 
wonderful l.ibor saving iuvemiiin. .\ll infor 
malion as to price and ti e dillerent sty les uf 
liie .Machines, cau be hud I y applying to iiie, 
in Duuvilltt 

\V. I. .MOORE. 

Danville, July I" , 'o7 tf 

Positively, 'No Cerditl' 

IN C'ltisefjuenee cf the 
liigli prices we have to pay 
for Beef and .Mutton, be- 
ing invariably re,|'iired to p.iy the I'asli lor 
our -■^took, wc s-e ueccssarilv compelled lo p-- 
• [iiire Ihe t_'a&li from a!i our cuslomers. U In 
I'niurc, nil iiiont mu  t be p.iid Tor before 
■ t i« taken Troin the .Vlaiket flonxe, and 
lliflrui.' will bexlri 'lly adhered to. Tlierefers 
don't fur credit. 

!.i:Wlrt UN V!K:j.-\'vV. 
Danville, april '■), '57, tf 

HAOt'l.D reppeeltiiliy inform the puO.i, 
thai he has removed lo this p'-ace. hm'I 
rented the sth'p recently iH'impN'il bv .Mr J. H 
.M.\llA,N, ni-nriliM lialierloii House, where he 
is prep-ired to 11!! a I urUcrs lor his highly tu- 
^eriur popular 


Whlrh have l^ikeii rieminms st every .'•'air il 
will h he ha^ shown them, aim have. been thor- 
oughly tested by a very birg-i number of lb- 
lariners of n yle, .Mercer, Lincoln, U.tirard, 
and oilier counties. • 

ile will ul-- o give prompt attention to everv 
descrlpii  ;i . f I! I, U' K«..M I Till .M, \t O K k'. 
llurM- f b 

We,lh t"QUder»ieneil. do cerliM^^^^^e have 
used, and seen oiliera u«e. t' ' - l-.Y 
ri.'il Ci II, " manufailiirec uii J 
M ARIS, of Danville. Ky . and 11 ^-ard 
f-nid Ploughs US much the l e»t Mriiclc of 
Ihe kind iiou iu use. both for durahijiiy anu 
• he performance of good work. -Wiiuess uui 
hands : 

rf. A D I E S ' 


pu:chuFrr8 ia invited U 

ll| j cil  ck of 


I 11 the \  '," n n r-i.- u- Ills 

! Slock at present \* iirg 

1 1   1 

t)F ev"ry de«cri|, 
tioii, with or wiihou 
lleets . for f^'ile at 

C. E. fARUANKj. 


p .) supply ol I'isli's .Metallic UU 
C^sl-.-S, and biivini: :eciired the us-, 
of a jjnod two-horse HK.-XKSK. I am still 
prepuTHi! to attend luiierai C-.1IIS al any hour in 
town or country- Woodeu Collins made tw 
order as heretofoie. 

JON.A. Ml'linl-S 

j.m 5. 1H.S5 If 


T ATKR foolers and Fillerers fur Puri- 
fying Water, Toilet Sels, Fancy and 
Cash Boxes, Spico Uoxes, Lanterns, Cand' 
Stick.', ,le. Ac. 

Cuubine Itnnee Hnd Cookin Stova 
of the riissi approved |4;iiterii8. 


Rakes. Hoes, 2. :i and 4 Prerg Csft Ktee 
Forks, 8pades and Shovels. Truce Chjius and 
Maiiies, Hrnss Kettles. And Irons, Odd tjds. 
Foot rfcrapers. Fire Standards, Fire Sbovels, 
Coll'ee Toasti-rs, Frying Paxs, &«. 

Burning Fluid, Tin-ware, &c. 

Lumps. new st\ le Parloi and Coniii :on:S»fe- 
ly Fiuii! Lumps, logrtber with a g' iieral assort- 
iiient of Tinwiire, \rttolrxn ir ui.d elail. 

mrTiii Roofing ana Uutlering done wiih 
prouipiness nno iiispaU-h. Orders from a dia- 
lance promptly attended to. 

Jusrreceived, a general assortment of Anti- 
Freezing Pump-', &L.C- 

.' II of the above Goods I olTer for sale ch'ap 
forcish, or on bhort time, te prompt paying 
cusiiuaiers. , 


(ipr l j. •3fi tf 



Fresli Filiiiilv GroiH'i'ics, 


ncKA\ b 

nK 'Kivrn at 



jki -t^ of tijp rtnrst ol i 

(;|y'*'9 I'^gflflf"!* With Cll' . I T W^ir" 1' I ri;,.«,- 

wliu may tJesirr it. Il*- im il»'s ♦■sp--riHl alien- 
tiitii luhis-^tock ot KiiMicli Sofiis. Diviiiiti, ( )tlo- 
niunfit Hair  tnJ Chiiu  'e»t Cliaiis^. 
Hiirt^au!*, te:»Ir'» Tables, Hal I'Rrks* Work- 
StMnds, Wl)al-,!*#otij. tV-. IVfy'oii.- in waiii i-f . j \ Vt ». a_ C'U 

of Furnilur*^ort ie very LnttrBl«. of UatS aHCS L apS'. i3'J0lS& OllOGS 
ill© Tfiy I'fjt innif rr-ils, u»d rnaiicructDrcil 
fart'fiilly, •»sit(Ti;iII for r**i^iilar pnvdttf khJ-h 
^Tc luvitH,! to CHll Ht my «.art.» rctoiiis I t fort- 
Ifuyiii?. &!  I hin Hiill fied ihul I cuii pUe5e lliein 
hoMi ill qunlity ui» l prices. 




3. A Burford, 

tV. I Moberlv, 

T.N. Burford, 

l^. N. Davis, 

A. S. Rohinso!), 

A. F.- Davis, 

R. A- tiriine?, 

Chs. Thoiiipsou, 

\V. H. Daviess, 

F, Cabbart. 

.'. H. Orimea, 

A. M. Vanat...ia'l, 
: Robt. ForsyHie, 
J Jas. II. ,\loore, 

11. M . Ciilem.-iti, 

.•^iinon VaiiHrsdnll, 

John C. Wnggener, 

Isaac W . Vaudivir. 

Jas. M. Forsythe, Jr. 

Iliram L'nidshaw, 

J. V. llulton, 

W. A. Co.ik, 

l'.euj.  'ills, 

\V. !\. I'aslUiid, 
. J. .McMor'iie, 

t.ieo. T. Alliii, 

.loteph Nooe, 

Ja.i F. Tiiomp^oii, 

P. n. Matou, 

C. L. Jones, 

Win. Daviess, 
J. M. Jones, 

F. 'lw llughm, 

J. II. .M;il..,n. 
Jackson l)avi«, 
H. F. Fl^hlmck, 
A 11. Sueed, 
S. M. Miller, 
John W..Sheil.y, 
J"Cob Funk. 
Michael Robinson, 
Tlios O. Ilouchiue, 
III. Kemper, 
Jos. S. Kenncy, 

G. I). Moore. 
J. S. C ildwell, 
R. II. Robhins. 
W. L. CaMwell, 
Nim. Harris, 
I'red. H irris. 

t leorge llrown. 
Nelson W in};ate, 
(leary Rruce, 
J. P Reed, 
('. Lnglemin, 
C. Clarke, 
VV. I,, Tariiinston, 
J. M. .McFerran, 
C. T. Woithiugton, 
I; P. Fisher, 
F. T. Warren, 
A. D. Meyer, 
A. D. Irvine, 
Will. 1107 

VV K h ive iu-*t re- 
' ived a fresh supply 
r clioice liroceriee, 
r-ns.'sii:ijr in -^.iri of 

\ Ira ij i-il it V S' W Orleans i'; 
1*0 vrit*r,-d and Crushed , 0. 

-Java. Lagiiyra and Rio CuiTee; 
Superior t'-reen and Black Tees; 
Salt, i^od.i, t^t.ircli and ispiee; 
Mai kerel, Pe| per. Brooms and Rice; 
- Nails, all kiiidsand sises; 
{ r^tar a;id Tallow Caii'lles; 
I F.nglisb Dairy and W, l( Cbee'iej 
Mola.-'ses and t^olden Syrup; 
Assorted Preserves and Piekl'S; 
Fresh Peaches aim Pine .\pples; 
Butter Crackers. Oyster- ;ii\J Sardines; 
Wooden and Willow Ware, Baskets, Bock- 
. eta. Tutis aud C'hurns; 

Stonr Warw. Jog*. Jars aii.-i CrocVs; 
Cigars and 'Peba.-co— all kinds; 
Cotton Yarns, Cord and Candle Wii-k; 
Hemp, iMDnilla anil C.'ttou Rop : 
We have also a pood assortment of C lai«iii an l 
tiucrnswnrp inrlmiiiig Table Ware, and a 
( large assortment of Wa-'li Bowls and Pitchers, 
j of various st) les and ei/.»s. .KIso, a stock ol 
' iicfi'.'V, u ell-made Boots and Phoes. 
I U'ahave in short, a very full and •.vcelleni 
strcli, and respsetfvilly i.ivite purchasers to 
call and see n» before buying We intend to 
; sell nt small pri fits. Onr terms ar.; Casli or 
' pr,impt si-ttlemenis every four niojjtiis. 

McK\ «r. NEILL. 
We keep constantly on hand a good supply 
of PInur and for sale at the maiket 

j pi ice fur Cash onlv. MoK. & McN. 

sent 1 1 , '.57 if ' 

Jj- Hiiir, Shuck,  ^ntlon, k Mo«s SIiil- 
liasse*i .tlways ou liniid, or iiia le lo ortiwr ol 
aii\ desired size n shui I nonce. 

J. li. Wllili 

DuDvilJe. June'', 


Has tiu^v on baud ii 

r.f  \r ck of tirr IhI' 
iiip ^-1 y!f R of  u 

J. P. THORI . , 

u ilh M r. Kiir-ff, la 'I 11 
I titi f ^« .d- 



— AM1-- 


Sborteat, Quickest aad Cheape&l 

To St. T.niiiK, Cairo,  ;hicaso. Kaiisa*. 
Keokuk, itiibiiqiie , Si. riiiil. anil all 
poiuU tSuulh Wcsl aiitl North \Ve l. 

Sevciil'i nii'ei shorter and Lfu Knr: 
St. L'tui*, C'iiirii, Kansas, Kiukiilc, it't , 

cripiioiis of llat.s ((. other niidmgs «iiir;i 
be is as heretofore pre- 
pared to make up in 
llie most fKiliioiiable 
style. Lasting and 
Cloth Gaiters, aud all 
other Pamm-r shoes 
pram|itly made to or- 
der on short notice. 

TliF. undersigned would res- 
pe' lfully inform the pubi c that 
lie has left the Jewelry Fstab- 
isliuK'nt ol Mr. John B. AklH, 
.ind located at the stand next 
door 10 V\ sggener's corner, where he inteodi 
to carry on ihe 


.And hopes by go.-d workinan.ship and ■Iriet 
ailention to biuiness, to merit a portion of the 
pub! ic palrou.'ige. 

■l:^y"Particular attention will be paid to ■ ka 
REPAIRING of all Fine Wntches, such sa 
rb-ei;,.m.-ler, r^ . , , 
nA --Tr:o to C' - 
lunded. I, 

ii» I'MSED. ' 

llnving I. ' 
s itis!ied thai h. 
Iiiin a trial . 

order. He invites 
call from hi* old custo- 
mers and tho publii 
gi nerally. 

Shop on .Main st. 
nextdoortn Mr.Mtores Tailor 
april li). tf 



dec 12- 


mm mm m\\ 

W OULD respect - 
fully announce lliat 

hehasopened a shop 

hi liie rooms 'urinerly occupied In in,a P. 
Young, F.'T .as a Law OfTre, iminediately op- 
posite the Court llouse, whpre he is prepaieit 
to carry 011 tlie business of Boot and Shoe Ma- 
king ill all its brunches, lie has .just received 
a fine stock of llie * 

(And many otliers, whose names are omitted 
f« r want of rojiii ) 

PanviiU nti J9, ^al tfe 


fljc ANY number of NKfiKOE.Si, 
jt-u male and f( male, from 12 to •ij year 
.Ss."!'!. " ill 

be piiichared. .iiij the big! 
ost pries given in cash by applying to 111 
eei.ij;!!.-,: i . Dauvi.l: 
jily 17, tf W. A, HAKNtSS 

i' ttiii — Leaves Lexington at 5 o'clock 
; .A. M . sto|,ping 'Z^ minul -s lor breakfast at 

Frankfort, coiiuecling at Eminence with stage 
. for Now Castle, and al Louisville by Rail Rc,-id 
; una Steuin Boai. for St. Louis, Chicago, O.iiro 

Kansas. ICeokuk, Uurlingtou, Duliuijue, ;^l. 

Paul an. 1 all Western ami Southern |r,iinls. 
i Sicond Tram — Leave - Le.xii ;jtoii at •Jo clock 

P. .M.. con ieclibg al Eminence wiili Shelbyvilio 

lud New Castle stages, aud at Lo'.iisville wiih 

Jell'orsooville, New Albanv and ^ialeni and ( Mi a 
j and Mississippi R:iil ItcadsforSl. Louih. Cairo. 

Chicago, and all p'tinls N orili . We&t .md Soiiih . 
ILrForTIIUOliGII PI t:K KTS and further 
I itifurnidiinu pt-ase call at llie llepo*. corner ol 

Mill and Wate- sir.', Is. Lcixiiiglou, liy. 

iij"o.ii.\iiu .N i.i.vK.sxr 

Will be in waiting at the Dtpol in LoiiiwIH*. 

to convey Passengers to the Depots of Jrll'dsoii- 
, villeaiid New and i?.ibni Rail Roads, 
j S   MIIRI. SSU' ^u,:c:ii:!,iideut. 

i nuotfg, "o~ [i 

AM now prepared to RRIND WfrEAt iji^sili' 

lit the Danville .Steam Mill, and hope to be And has employed gnoil work men, and inlends 

able lo give satisfa'-tion lo those sending W h at ||,»t his work shall 11 "t be e.xcelled either in 

t» he ground. As 1 cannot doju.tice to verv style, appearance or quality by any other shop 

- ' - - IU the ^l.,ce. 


.Mwavs on band or made to orjer in the best 
style. Shoes, .Slijjpers, Gaiters, and La^lies* 
tshoes, of every description, bIs9 niaiiufactureil 
to order. 

ile solicits a share of the po'ilic patronago, 
and will -ip-ir.- 00 pains to give satisfaction to 
nil his cuiiloiiiers. 

Danville, jan 30, '.ST tf 

. Store Room f,jr Rent. 

y^^Mk ' I "^11 E Sioro Uoom two doors from 
I'^i'i'l I ^^'elsli *. Nichols' corner, Is for 
— '■■''"rent. The location i  a very desirable 
)r business. Apidyal 

small lots, 1 would prefer e.xchan Jug Floifr fer 
, all parcels under len bushels. 

I expect to keep on bund a cenalant sujiplv 
' of .Superfine and Coiiimou 

;ii i  § 

, Also, Pnbolied Flour, Ciru .Meul, Clioppe- 

Rye, Bran- i c , 
; trCOliN GRINDING, as u»uia.:OU T«M; 

davs aiitt Fridays. 

iS't'ash Jiaicl for U lica'. 

1 ■ 1). civ'i »z:b:R. AoT. 

! _j.&ui.2-*.Jii^-  ' ■ ■ ' 


■ •« LAROE !^teck ol .M-.l^Rn Ol lODS for 

■ l\ . nmnier t\ ear. which will be solo vt v. 
I low. The attention of purchasers is Jail. 

' ■ A. S. AIORROW. 

ui-.rcli IJ, 'j7 tf 


The Weekly Kentucky tribune, 1858-01-15

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Danville, Kentucky by Jno. F. Zimmerman and Son
   Boyle County (The Bluegrass Region)