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date (1852-12-03) topic_Whig newspaper_issue H 


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Politics, News, Internal Imp ovcments, Agriculture, Mechanic Arts, Literature, &c, 


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Koisiit Sterling, Kentucky, I'rhEai December 3. 52. 

^he!e A'©. 247 

A us 




20, 1852. 



Hardware, Cullcry, Iron, Nail.» 
Ca-liiiKs 'I'm ware. Mar- 
rained lxd£e Tool*. 


NoAi, Broadway , Ml. Sterling. 


Jan. I, 1850. 

i O. B. Coons. T. A. MattIiews. 

& n .4 miGWK, 

] *V 310 I-ES4LD  - « G l  it S , 

Produce ${ Commission Marcdantt. 

No. 10 Market Street, 

M A V S V 1 L* L E K E N T U C K Y 

BARRELS Plantation Molasses, 
'•J'- ’ 240 1 1 :i 1 1 ■) , i just received anil li»r 

i? tiy COONS &. A1ATTHEWS 

O fC II H DS choice Sugar received and 
tor sale liy C. & AJ. 

PACKAGES best Boston Mack- 
erel in kits, qrs, halves and whole 
barrel*, just received mid in store per s'oiiiji- 

C. & Al 

From the Burner 

** I'll V WILL 

of t tie U iimi. 



0cutin & ijatco, 

on LISTS, 

Mt. Sterlino, Kv. 

Will give iheir un liviilc l attention to 
D.sea.'es ol tite Eyes. 

47 a 

barrel^, j *» 

 r llirom Power, fur Hole low by 



BARRELS S H Molasses. 105 l.rilf d.  
rec'd and for sale by C.  Si Al. 

BARR F.LS liest St. T,oii i* Golden Sy 
r ii ir. 2o half bris do, 50 ten jr illor. 
segs do, rec’d and for sale by 0. &, M. 

As o’er the changing se i of life, 

My fragile hark shall sail, 

Exposed to storms and til t ul blasts. 

And roarings of llu - gale, 

O in iy 1 place my Iru-t In Thee, 

Thou pure and Holy One, 

And treasure in iny heart this thought — 

* O, Loul! thy will be dune.’ 

Though wave on wave should upward rise. 

A nd burst upon the deck — 

Though pitib-ss be it Inc raging storm, 

And nil become a wreck — 

Though dark may he the angry foam, 

Ye l may I terror slum, 

And say, without .me pang of fear — 

‘ Thy will, mi mine, he done.’ 

I worth, which nature, ha 1 place I on his 
brow — accompanie I only by a mother's 
parting blessio — earth lor Ids heritage — 
the world for ltis labors — stars forh scorn- 
; pan. o.ns — strangers for Ins frien Is — fear 
iessan.J hopeful as ha be;nn the pilgrim- 
age o( life: unknown an I uuai.le I. save 
by the kin I ly han I of Prnvi l^ue. that 
iv.ll gunrl his infant font ite, ns ,i i I prote t 
hint in h s hours of trial. A Printer we it, 
lot g years ago, to the si. lie city, an 1 w. ri- 
de. e . up Mamet st-ent with a loaf of lire i I | 
un ,er his arm, in search of e it. i 
rime rolls i on, a.i I he became the ho i - 1 
orel ol oar nat.o.n — t!ie Philos iphar of 
1 his age. 

David Real left our tow i vv'th a da i 
! heart, an i a soul glotv n ; high with bright i 
I anticipations. Time will gli .c on, an i 
the orphan boy of but fourteen years unv I 
| be forgotten by h 

-V Touch i tig “scene. 

Tim Fall R ver route to New York is 
not a I tile cheorre I bythamusm furnish- 
e I on ilia boat. A frien I who ha I the 
goo I fortune to be a passenger a few, lays 
since, writes as follows: 

“ The performers on boarl theEmnire 

■State were last are ling in their Im 
moo I. P.ecc afier piece h 

when it was 


harm ; i 

the.iste ling throng,’ when it was wliis- 
pere I to the piainst that a bliu I youth 
was present who -c nul 1 assist him. ‘Ah! 
sail he, eviile itly gla 1 to be relieve I. 

Te-’jjble Lut ju-t Ile-cibnlitMi. 

Our citizens ivo'c shocke I by the su 1 I 
e i ilcatlf of John M. -V. Lace, by the ! 
dan Is of a woman, oi the si le walk, in! 
i rout of Hopkins’ (late iluil’s) book store, | 
■on VV iscoiisin sire t, at Id o’clock this 
morning. The facts, as far as we can 1 
e.icn them, are these; Mr. Lace ha I su- 
iuce I a M ss Wheeler, a milliner, loubt- 
less un icr an express or impliel promise 
of marriage, an 1 ha I refuse I to make the 
only reparation in his power, by marrying 
her. Recently sha had writ.e i to him, 


:re is he?’ The poor unfortunate ini - I 

me lintely up pea re I, foelin g his tvav along, | aSAin 3 I , n ll * se . aer n money; he 

| replied by bidding her ;;o to hell, ail I 
I showe 1 her letter to some of his boon 
| companions. Driven to desperation, she, 
tt ii |S .x weeks ago, purchase I a double bar- 
br.i-' re ^ e * P‘ sl °* at Haywoo I s, an 1 yester lay 

. 1 '0 I i V" ,s( ..A 1 /, .. n I A L , . , ^ . . I 

groping for the keys. 11 s performances 
were fine, an] took effect. But ash. 
mingle I his own voice with the exciting 
tones of the piano, an I sung of sorrow u:i i 
ol Heaven, he struck n chord that vi 

^JiXTEEN Tierces Rice, just received and 
kj lor sale by C. So M, 


KEGS I'Ost Wli^-fTnj. nssorteii 

siz* s lor sale l»w l«y C. & M. 

S_AiY 4 l Jakfll fcalliA, 

attorney at law, 

'maysville. IvY. 

Office o*’ Sr? ’Oiid Sued, lu I lie same 
buildinir will Drs. Sl.urpe and Duke. 


NE Hu i H ired Eudisli 
ehnire, fill Aiarslsall’s 
iiie Apples, for I • y 

•ii hnxe* 
& VI. 

Tootigli through 1 1t is life, my wea-y 
Un countless thorns  hnuhi tread — 
Though every star shonl l dis.ippear, 
And every friend have fled; 

Yet may 1 l«*ok with truthtu.ticso 
On llopeV refulgent sutl* 

And whisper as I lowly ben 1 — 

* Thy will, U, L »n ! tie done.* 

i hij.h plat es, an I 

■ )T / j BAGS prime K... Cuff e. 
old Java do, lor «aie bv 

#  do ch  Mi" 

C.  sl AJ. 


TIioiii:)!* .1. Blood, 

attorney and counsellor at law, 

I AVTNG located perm inetly in Mounl 
Sierling. will give prompt attention in 
all tmsincss entrusted lu him in the 1-0111,1 lo- 
ot' Montgomery, B-ilh, Fleming, lire 

Garter, Lawrence, Al organ, and Glar e. 

Office on Broadway, first door north 01 
II 1 111 i I ton &. Gist’s office. 

MayaO, 1861 — if 

LAW KOfcftCE. 


H AVING permanently located in Owing* 
ville, ori’ers his proti’ssionnl services to 
tht people of Bath, Morgan, Carter, Fleni- 
i ng nml Montgomery counties. All Imsioos** 
with which h«? nv«y he t*ni rusted, shall re- 
ceive prompt and faithtul ntien»i'»n. 
Owingeville, Ky., Feb 0, W3'2 — ly 

lit. far iow . Si. J- Pelfttw Jfc Farrow, 


U HCL nttend the courts of Montjromerv 
Bath, and most of the courts 
moiiniaiu counties, nod the ap|H*llui« 

Tiieir office is over the store u 

Mu Sterling, Jan 23, 1852 — tl 



NE 1 1 olid ed Kegs Ky Ivifl“ Powde* 
J(*0 do, Blasting for sale hv C & M . 

\ E Hundred barrels crushed and pow*d 
^uirarn, .00 bribes best loaf dn, 7’ 
i ^sorted nos. tin, 10 lihds clarified do,   
rile hv y * 

^!H\ B IXOK V i . und Alu. w 

I l? fictv of ‘rjunlilieia, f.»r sale t y 

Maysville, Ky , July 10, 1S52 — 6m 

ilvKj iJA(.S JMirocabo ( of 

I ice — a ch 'ice article. 

bag* Lnguira ( 'ofTee, 

hi nupei iur quality just received and fur sale 

i :. v 0 . & M. 

Ami slum LI my patli be overcast 
By darkness ami by gitm.u, 

Ami clouds of sorro w umi,of care, 

Make darker siill my doom, 

0 g.-nnt that I may murmur not, 

But discontent neij shun. 

And say, with a pure, trusting heart — 

* Thy \vi 1 O, Goo! fie done.* 

Bulti-nore, AM., 1852. 



( HAVE on a few pu-i es, very good. 

(lull ii t very pnliyorl shionaLle.] 

.lapis, Hull 1 will dispose of at Cosl , or I 
for Cash. GEO. J. STOCKTON 

June 11. 1852. 


iii the 
Herndon and 

j, ill. nt.4W»’osfi» 

n AS removed his Law Office to No, 5, 
Br.tadway, where Im may at nil limes 
b - I.eind. H./will attend to all busine.-- en- 
trusted to his care in tfie couniies ol Mont- 
gomery, llalli, Morgan, Carter. Lewis, Flem- 
ing. Greenup and Lawrence. 

January 50. 18.)2 — -tl. 

A' o ( i cr. 

t I , F. persons indented lo the late J imes S 
I Maonwan, are herefiy requested to rome 
Ibrward.iiiid make prompt seltletiienls nidi 
Hie, and if they tail to do sai. ihey will not 
i-ouipl'iin if they are compelled to pay tlie 
detils with i-ixsls 

Ja.MESP MApOWAN. Executor of 
JaMes.S. Maoowan, dec 

On last Welnes.lay ..fter noon — says 
the Doylestown, l’a. Democrat — ami i the 
melting snowan.l overplus ol mud — there 
came mt j our Borough a la I w.tli quite an 
intel 1 1, e .t countenance an I prepossess, n - 
appearance, li.s dress be:o  e ie i pover- 
ty, an I his movements in lica'.e t at he 
tvas trwel worn an I fatigue I. \\ .tit an 
air of conscious ind.-penden- e, which not 
even the lo ie i ie*s o. h s s t i t o.i, or the 



| r. it. I*. 31 I’aldwril 

f » \VING returned to Alt.  iorlinL'.   f- 
jl 9 Ifirs his professi .no I service* to the 
ciliw’n* of town mid country. Residence, 
corner of Alain and Broadway slreels, ill 
the I o ise which he formerly occupied. 
January Wl. 18-52 — if. 

William Richards] (W. Al. Iiiodipson 

Uichai’ilM ,V i!it»mp‘oii, 


'l''HE undersigned have mi hand and u ill 
* sell low, lor rash, country produce, nr 
bv special contract, an extensive, various 
and well selected stock of 

Dry Goods , Hardware , Qucensware, 
Groceries , Miscellaneous and 
Fancy Articles. 

We will not ask you lod u hJ with us it you 
ran do better t-l-ewheie. Call, ami see tor 
To • -selves. 



May 27. 1852.— tf 

Aug. 1 1. 1852 — 5 m;i 

AM  — 

V J A large stock ot Black French Cloth* — 

new style Ciis.-iiueri Silk and Satin \ --st- 

ings, tor sale hy MirciiELL & Howard. 

in i v 28 

inclemency ol the weather, tlii'oj,. 
he ha i manfully brute i It s way, ooul i 
e. liter crush or subdue, lie entere l the bar- 
room of Man s Hotel, on i state I h.msell 
by the comf rtabie stove. ^ A tear uub, i- 
den. M ho- I out ol Ii s deep blue eye, au I 
course! il a unchecked channel iowinsl 
ru t-iv cheek, as it it ..ere a linger. ug dew- 
drop that to I I of liapp er hours gone by, 

e is not yet hear I in 
his name is not yet in- | 
scribe I upon the scroll of Columbia's 
pr -Ie an I lame, as a noble man au I Ure- 
ful c-lzen. 

Truly thou, lit we, what prophet can 
foretel — what miu I can pre lid, the future 
greatness -nul glory of our own love I In i I, 

) whe i boy,s be ome its stan tar i-bearers, 
an r youths bct.le with mauhoo I for supre- 
macy an I bill in lit. 

Such boys as David Reel are the ros- 
es in the wreath of infant Free lo.n— -the 
lilies in the garlanl of our own L berty; 
the star in the conso lation of our future 
greatness! W.tli hitn, as wi'.h Carlinil 
Riche . eu, there is no such tiling as lad ! 
hut who can tell ine anguish of his moth- 
er's heart, when ne.essity ur e I lierlo al- 
low her boy to wan ier among strangers 
for a homo, au I defter) I upon charity for 
kinlness? Weep thou.h she may, in 
] her lonely home, still we hope those to irs 
may yet be those of thankfulness an I joy 
over h s future career of usefulness an I 
prosper. ty. 

'1 he Laily IF icc .71.1-011. 

T ic Hon. L iz-.Lcih ti . L'-ger wa-l.'ieon 
‘y femile vvliii was ever imii. ted i ito the an 
ei'-nt a i I lion irabie my-iery uf Fre.imi* m- 
ry. H r.v she o ilnin-M t lis lioinx we shall 
ay before our reader*, promisi ng ih n -our 
uilorinaiioii i* derived fiom ibe best sources. 
Lord Donor d-. Aim S . Lager's latlier, a 
very zeiloti* Mi* m, nil a warrant, and o •- 
L   ige at l) moral • li’iuse, 
inti n ite trimids assisting; 
n rver were Al i-oaie du- 
perform tj thin fiy the . 
lot) — t ie mi ii ie i- ofiheir 
arsmu, pro iouslj tithe 
111 ill o the ii ‘it •   i 

a dirk at Nuzro's an I this morning thus 
arms 1 she went io him as he stoo I nearly j 
oss the street, ne ir 
limi again: ‘John 

j cared Tor by th£ 'worH-’yet wc^are muM,' ’ ' e ‘. l th |°.7 l ‘ T'* '“t, The '“V**,- 
IVet mistaken, if his voice is not yet hear I in l(l e ^tiem'-n, its^'llin* ' 0 ?P 6 * to her sl,0 P- ncwsi'lhe street, i.e.rj 

weakness, ha I occasion to change the r I „ , . 

position; an I a holv, humane e not on. Lat , e Y‘‘ ! ne? , l r °. whiot he 

throhbn I every heart. A water, taxing L No, f II be dame J if I 

a Wantage of the o :cas o a, whether by or- 
der or otherwise ivc know nai, lepositel 
a little china' plate under the piano. Not 
a war I was spoken, but, ns by instinct, an I la lies walke I up and 
commence I a little fund for the sightless 
stranger. This only a.I.le 1 (lie I to the 
flame. As the offering* began to fall, off, 
j a gentleman from Boston, who evi lently 
; ha 1 shared in the co union sympathy, re- 
! market that lie felt proul ol'ihe company 
with which he was surroun le I. Me sai I 

the unfortun ite musician was an entire 
stranger to him; he never saw niiu befire, 
an I kne w not whither he was goin ;, ail 
he presume I this to be the same w.tli most 
other* present; a i I lie rejoice I to observe 
the liberality with which gentlemen Ira I 
come forwar I, u.i an l coitr.butcl 
'or h s benefit. It indicate I a sympathy 
which he love I to cherish, an I which he 
glorie I in witnessing in his traveLin ; com- 
panions, an I he woul I ve iture to recoin- 
me id to others who might participa e in 
this feeling to im tale the goo I example 
set the n, This seems I to create new in- 
terest, an I all parties be art to feel lor 
tli • r purses. IIo .v much was colluciel 
we have not the metis of know ng; it was, 
however, xyo.-thy of the object, a i i o, tiie 

ei: 1 Bo, I’ll lie darnel il 1 do.’ Site 
walke! up to the alley, cocke 1 her p siol, 
Teturne I, a.i I walke l up belli n 1, as he 
s oo.l looking into the show cases, pret- 
crae I her p -to! to the back of h.s heal, 
lire I, an I he was a corse. 

Miss Wheeler steppe I back a little, 
an I stood still calmh , and sai l: ‘1 shot 
John Lace, and 1 am not ashaine I of it,’ 
and surrendered her pistol and herself to 
officer Ghortwell, who stoo l near at the 
time. Sheriff Pago then took her dirk 
from her, she rein irke I: ‘ It isagooloic, 
an I 1 inieu le ! to make sure worx. of .t.’ 
Evi lences of her Intention to commit 
suii i le have also bee i discovere I. 

This is a drea lful business. But on 
our honor as a man an I our faith as as 
Chr.stian, we feel bound to say, that the 
wrong lie did her far excee ,e I the wrong j 
she has done. An I so long as society re- ! 
fuses to protect the ri.hts, and vin licate 
the wrongs of woman, she must be ex- 
po, ie i :o re ness her own wrongs. There 
ts not a man, iffiservnig the name, who ; 
woul I not infinitely preler to have his 
• laughter or s.stei shot in the street I 
llia.i become the victim of the heartless ' 
se Yu.-er. — ll.livuuk.c Democrat. 

I remember, I r .'member, 

'Yhe l I just began to creep, 

How I ciawle I straight in:tf m’schie r — 
How I wou' l’nt go to sleep— 

How 1 pullel the table linen. 

With the contents on the floor— 
How mother spanks I me for it, 
idi ay ten jar flesh was sore. 

I remember, I remember, 

When I first began to talk; 

An I also well remember, 

^ Too, the lay 1 trie i to walk; 

Firm 1 sraspe I old Painter s c’oliar 
But he gave a su I ien hop, 

So into a pan of water, 

Painter spilt this child “ker slop.’’ 

I re rug nber. I remember, 

A', hen I use I to go ;o school, 

Howl kept a watchful eyeon, 

The schoolmasier’s rod an i rule; 
How 1 cut up m i iitey shines 

Every time h.s back was turne 1 

How I sometimes-usal to catch it. 
Wl »en I’d not my less'ons iearne l; 

I remember, I remember, 

When I went a hooking peaches, 
How a dog came out an I caught me 
By the surplus of my breeches; 

Howl hung on to the bushes — 

How the log hung last to me. 

Till my cryings brought a man who 
Fioggel me most “orfui-tE.” 

I remember, t remember, 

W lieu the girls 1 use I to kiss 

IIow 1 thought it rather funny, 

Hut itgeve no extra bliss; 

Now it *e zes me' with rapture, 

Now it fills my soul with joy; 

* e , t „ with nanhoo I’s bliss ul pleasure,’ 
Would that f were still a boy! 

An Experiment.— “Dennis, darlint, och 

Dennis, whit is it your doing?” 

“W a, st, Bidly, I’s try in ; 
i licit?” 

an expert- 

• - itj. i 1 y *»j.i *.ie I 
4 -t fou.s an I s un : 
m l it is sai I il) a 
ics in  ro rigidly 
ircilircii t»r* No. 
varri ii. It 
illilidll i I of :i £ • |tlH 

“Murder! what is it?” 

“vVhat is it did you say? Why its giv- 
ing ho water to the chickens I am, so 
True Politeness. — lie who has a l,ie ^_7^' a itcr iny ing biiileJ eggs!’’ 
heart glowing kin lness and goo I mV iH you please to permit a la ly 

occasion; a i i turn sites sim ; little re,. el will to war Is lis fellow men, an I who is ’-upy this seat? ’ said a gentleman lo 

to the ol inhu .in i.ty daily sprea I gui ie I in the exercise of these feelings by ‘V 10t " et l ^ ,e 0l ^ ei ’* a y ‘ N a railroad car. ‘Is 
be, ore us . — American Union, goo I common sense, is truly a polite man. S|P hn a Ivocate of women’s rights?’ aske l 

Politeness does not consist in wearing a ! ”® - e ,l 'e ; uaii who was invite I to ‘vacate.’ 
wli te s Ik glove, and in gracefully lifting ‘~ le )| ls, | replie I he who was stajt ling. 

Tur. Wrong Pic 

wfiose prer«n*e might be inw h.s boon l- 
ing heart forever — a* h.s 'itnure prospects 
became dim in Ils 'niio'-e it e'.itry--so un- 
less r.nd unsuspechng — -iito tne arena o: 
life’s warfare. 

His s.tuuiion exciting the attention ol 

das nr , A 1 1 - -f S, 
gin, li i,ip -ii-- * t-i i 
i ig tne r i,/n 
u  t nfi tb r the 

widen or tL-.-ig t, ,ve e.niat cu -iiii n a 

Tai, r in n u tfie li n * ,v is un !,-r_-u- 
I ing *-» no a t iratio.i; ii-iio.igs' iRin-r -limg-, 
j tiie wall was coil-nd eratily ri-iTi.-ed ii --ii • 
| put, fir l lie purp ne*.if Ilia 'll g 1 *,| i  n. — 

L -g. - r, wfi. i .v is a y-ni ig 
a - i i hi ip irt.ii * it i Itoi i 
•rally os ol is L -d g • ro.ioi, 
you g finly w i* 1 1 ■ e ay 



IV* are umv rcio ivi ig ,mr Fill’ Style of 
Silk*. i’ti, do iiv ifie celebrated ••Onkforu* 
Phi In — Call & iT'-t one. 

Anrr 20. 185.' 

,, , . , I ne vmig sa iy, liiivug o ar.lioi voice in 

cnula.ii Mann, mil one or two oilier ge.i- , ,. 

,1 , i ^ 1 1 1- p reetii i-o.i*. hi I a  i i g p - ■ n.iio.l ny me 

tic-men who were pies ; it, tliey quesuoiie I I un.i-ilv i n oral l-  ail. t l * e .In* Uivs.ery 
him coiicerniiiy. Ils journey , au * 1 |.,j|^r .t :,.j sj aeeretly loc te.l up from puolie 

the r answers it an hoiieH, polite way, | , ie,v, ha I tiie e  n rage to . -U i irio;im;n 
that won for hitn the syrnputny o! all who : tue wall with li ir *ois* irs, i t 1 1 ,.n wi ii .** 

y hi ig -la ly, iiuvi.ig ii arj 

Extremel y rich in - 
ci ’eots occasionally ‘come off’ in oar 
courts of ju.-t i e, notvviihsiniidi.iig it s un- 
lawful lor n momus to enter a court-house. 
At n re en'ttr al ol pe t on iri Provi ,, 
in which David L. Al Inch npplie I for a 
decree tlsiolv'n : th boo is of matrimony 
between h mself aul Han lah Al. Al I- 
rich, a!le Ige I infi rnlity on the part of Mrs. 
A., the follow. ng evi ie.n e was mtro iuce.l 
by the counsel for t ie petitioner to sub- 
sta mate die charge: — 

your hat as you meet an a 
does not in 

quaimauce; it 

Yell, then, let her take the benefit of 

artificial smiles and ; ^ ier ^ oc l rines   an J stan I up.’ 

flatter. ng speeches; but in sde we and j ^82)“ How melancholy the moon must 
hn.iest uesires to promote the happiness ■ e ' 1 when it has enjoyed the fullness of 
of ihose aroun I you — ,n the rea finess to prosper ty and got re luced to ils lastquar- 

sacr-fice your o vn ease ail I comfort to 
a Id to the enjoyment of others. The 
poor woman who loan I Mungo 


iJlA'II IS  ’S 

Finnic Snili & I!«tl«w G'-t und, 


Is Set an 1 Rea ly for use. — W i th care 
will not require honing lor years. Li' lu 
ami carful stropping, before and after sha- 
ving, is all that is necessary. 

The Manufacturer, in offering to the 
public this new and splcn li I article, de- 
sires to be distinctly un erstoo I, that ev 

llstcnc 1. 

“VVhat is your name?” 

* • D a v i I Kee I, s r.” 

“ here do yo i live?” 

“1 |.ve l in Newark, New Jersey. My 
father aie l an l le.t h * latnfTy poor. 

“ilnw ol i are you, D.ivi l!*' 

“Not qu tv lour.een, s r.i” 

‘‘VYnen -til leave home?” 

“I eft home last Fn lay and went to 
Morristown in search of a place, but coul I 
not o tun one; on I Irom there I vveutt) 

C ICO IU lit. illClIIILlIj Ull L l tvzw I) V, • 

cry Razor is WARRANTED, an I hmiself Easton, an I the i u Bvn to Doylestown. 

J . . . i \ . . _ ! 1 1 . i 

Wagon ) 

and Carriages, 

ready to exilian e. or return the amount 
pai l, to any one notsatisl el. 

Mt. Sterling. 

Aug. 20, 1852. 



A PAXTON, of Sharpsburg, takes 
d» • this method of informing the readers 
of thp Kentucky Whig, and nd oilier*. Unit 
he is manufacturing, ami keep* constantly 
on hand, a larpe number of WAGONS of 
all descriptions. He also tins a supply of 
BUGGIES on hand; and as lie is over suck- 
ed a t present will sell on very favorable 
terms, for cash or approved paper on rea- j 
gonabl? time, 

lie hereby returns bis sincere thanks to 
all who have so liberally patroui-ed liim 
heretofore — and will endeavor lo merit ■■ 
ontimnnee of their favors. 

N. B All work warranted. 

Sharpsburg, Bulb Go., Ky.. 16-li, July, ’52. 


8* LBS. Spanish and Oak 
Le: ther, 

3 doz. Kip an i Calf S ; ; ns, 

4 doz. Ma i irass Morrncco Bin ling and 
Topping Skins, 

lO.lozast. Lasts, 

30 lbs. ast. Shoe Tlirea I, 

(uly 2. LINDSEY 6c DORSEY. 

maysville line. 



. 1. WEEDON, CO , 

4iie u »w nniMing u 


^ ^ . Of Conches, each wav oervveeii Mount Ster 

urner’s entire stock ot DRUGS, [ linjr and Maysville. Tney have gnod 


“Did you walk all the way? 

“Yes with the exception o; abiut three 

When I got to Easton, my shoes were worn 
; out, and L caught a severe cold hy bei.ig 
wet and chilly.” 

•‘Had you any money when you stau- 
c ! •” 

“Yes. My mother g .vo me four shil- 
lings; it vvasai! the money she ha I. I did 
not want to take it Lorn her, but she 
made me do so. She has always bee.i ve- 

J ry kind to me, and she told me to go a’n.l rein .itiing st.-ps oft.i 
l^etapltue. I ha e ma :e up my min I to 
i see., my own fortune, an I whatever fmake 
1 will send home to help to keep Her,” 

“Have you any brothers?" 

“1 nave no brothers; but 1 have five sis- 
ters all at home with my mother.” 

“ A’ here do you intend to go to I 
“I will go to Philadelphia, an! try to 
get a place at Harness-uiuk ng, if l can; 
arid i! 1 no uoE succeed, why, 1 must try 

o i hie li.*- an'*)* «*f ij f oer ? 11 » iy . Cm nuy 
| -t|, fear a oiie •? i • » ik |» m » i i her 

! ul ml. nml ill ? \v i • i i ! ;r i\ i I p mi t », 

weil ku ivv tv i t if i c j 1 1 i i S'* »I* i iy p * • j   i 

1 urns b-,* wui coul I ii il i v ul !y b.*!i li tn.ii 

ccr*-io »n  ; 1 *t toctii 1 1 ’ii j ti l^o vvli it wjre 

; 1510 li! »litlgs »l a y niti r ^ rt u , | r  ’X- 

! iruirdiiiiry cirouuhi i.i ol I’itj vv?.** hi 
iihj le t»i eb’.ipi?, exc *|»t t h r* »  1 4 1 t id very 
room wiu* re l lie e » iclu Jm z pm of the e 
coil 81 *p Was .-.ill b ll| T 8 »ltMlT iiz* I ; mi 

tn * » til to** t- • r i*ui, uii I die r *oin 1 

ve y hrjt .i 1 • .\I .s ■» S. In I r*8iiu 

u Hi.Mitfi ifii to' iitcinp! 1 1* r e^c i ( ie t‘i it vv v, 
an I vv lit 1 blit tr»Mi »luij Mie.iri gIi.Io.i i- 

lon^ 11 otbd ’i ve.J, l ii.l her iim I 0:1 h • nainJld 

of tin* do  r, Htid ojiunJn^ it, before her 8 o ul, ' 
was out in nil t'.JG evc»e storii). io her dism iy, a r i n au l surly 7 \l*f %  vi l» 

his long sword -ieil. A 8hrieJ{ tint 1 
pierce*! through the apartment a I irme I Hie ; 
in ‘iiibcrd of (In* fj’itlvT , wiio, all riid ii i£ t » 
tiie  lo »r # mid Iftidmg that M iss St. L **40 r ; 
Inti been in Hie m *.u tin i.ij the ceieiu my. 
resolve*!, i is s il l, in t ie par ixv  n of tiieir , 
Ngi!,tu mu the fair «prctulrc?8 .»» d«*ath; bu 
ai ibt* iiiuving n nd e irno t sup.liuti m of 
li*r y ounces* bnuber, her life spired, 

• n t'oiidi ion of her going lhr*»U| h tl.e t*vol 
solemn ceremony bin* I 

you res, le in the vic.n.ty of Mr. an 1 
Mrs. Al Inch? 

Witness . — I li-l sir. 

Q. — D: I you e ver s:e any man arou-. 1 
the.r h uso m the eve nag who attracted 
your ou? 

A — Yes, s;r. 

Q. — What was he doing? 

* A. — Peepin t tlir nugh the blin Is. This 
attracte I my aitent on an I 1 watchc I him. 

(j. — W hut ii l he do next? . 

A. — :Ie went to the front door, and 
rung the bell. 

Q. — Well, who came to the door? 

A.— Mrs. Alitch. 

£). — Di i the ge.nlo.nan go in? 

A . — ;ie ii I. 

O. — What time of night was it? 

A. — Betwee i nine an 1 ten o'clock. 

y. — Was Mr. A I Irich in tovv.i? 

A. — I bel.eve he was. 

y. — Well, what did the gentleman an I 
Airs. Al Irich do? 

A. — They went through into the kitch - 
e t, a:) l then stou l an 1 talke I awhile, Cz 
the i sax lown. 

y. — J. I they sit close to each other? 

A. — Yes. 

y. — How close? 

A. — The gentleman sat in the lady’s 
lap— -no, the la ly sat in the gentleman's 

y. — Well, was that gentleman Mrs. Aid- ) 
rich's husband? 

Park per. shin® un Ier the • palm trees of 
Africa, who ,e i him to the.r hut, an I sup- 
plie I huu -villi loo 1, and lulle I hun to 

erally polit-*. They a Id i esse I him in 
language of kin I ness an I sympathy; they 
led him tenderly to the.r home, ail I did 

£ N“ -Mrs- Part ngton ‘wants to know’ 
wh it sort ol drums conundrums are. ohe 
thinks some are hard to beat. 

Counsel fur Petitioner . — Mr. Witness . .c .i i 

, J , _ L . , sleep wnn their simple soit.s. Were gen 

,71 net ing with a r buff. 

Pilcher met with an amusing rebuff a 
a week or two’ axo, in the southern partof 
the Slat*. Walking up to a quiet old 
gentleman in the midst of a crowd, he 
all in the.r power to revive h.s drooping held out his han l and remarked, with his 

sp r.ts. 

A poor drover was Irivingh's beeves to 
manxet on a wi iter day. The cattle met 
a ia ly in th* path, an.i apparently uncon- 
scious of the impoliteness, compelled the 
lady to turn asineinto the snow. 

most winning smile — 

“My dear sir, I cinnot call your name, 
but I aul sure we have been to 'ether sj«te- 

“Perhaps we have," said th* old gen- 
tle nan, “for 1 have been in some deuced 

was sir. 

A.— lie 
y. — Mr. AUfrich, here? 
A — Yes, sir! 

TO Tilth PUlil.lC. 

r|7HE undersigned having purchased Mr , 

A II. it. Turner's entire stock ot DRUGS, 
will utill continue to carry on the business i e „ 
al the old niund. They will keep on bund a I driver*, 

well asserted slock of 


Together with all other articles usually kept 
iu that line of bi.siness. 

Sept. 30lh, 1342. 

In consequence ot tin* arrangement, my 
office will be rcinovfd to tile Drug Store. 


and will 


.rei'ul and experience' 
ondeavor to deserve tin’ 

patronage ol the travelling public. Running 
through in time to connect its-lfwi fi tin’ 
Pittsburgh Packets going upaud the Ports 
tnomfi Packet* going down. 

Oet. 8, 1852 — tf 

1 A DIES’ SHOES— A nice oimorinien. 
_A tor sale by 

may 14. BARNE8, MILLER &. LEE. 


B»»lt'*e Ol Turin* r *8 Hwir fur (r« j « ini* 

the head «*i tsn*ly of Dandrjtf, wnrrauicd not 
to injon*, but to lie of gre;*t iidvantoifi* to 
the l.nir. [June 11] TURNER. 

I.iniibur! l.ttmCx-r! 

W E liavc* on bind — 

Cedur and Locust Po««t8, 

Ptiplar ond Cbosuut Fhlnglefl, 

Fl*it R»ils — and at 

I'a) 5t‘ anti !*oc!iet Cutlery. 

UST receive I a fine assortment of the 
above, embracing Ivory Handle Bal- 
Utnce, in setts of 51 pieces. Also, Silver 
Forks and Butter Knifes, for sale low by 
jul y 2. LINDSEY 6; DORSEY. 

^ ADDLE TREES. — A n assort me i.t of sai! 
lie trees, enameled leather, cn!l' a . 
assortment of suitable hog skin seating, red morocco, and saddle 

Plank for building purposes, for sale by " ” ” ’ — 



2 doz rs Knot liaines, 

3 “ “ Extra heavy Trace Chains, 

.1 “ sup’r Kip and Meg skin Collar* 

For sale at the 1IA RDVV ARESTORE. 

DEn SADDLE BT.ANKF.TS for sale :• 

IV r „st. fiy Mitchell & IIouxi d 

ii ay 28 


my hand at something else, 

“Are you not airut t thus to start a- 

“.Jo, si i . I know if I behave myself, 
that 1 will allways fin 1 Irien. ts, wherever 
1 may go.” 

“Well, David, are you a Whig ora 

“i am a Washington bov. I believe in 
him Le  ause he won the liberties of my 

“Dnvi I, did you ever drink a  y thing?” 

“No, sir. I belong to the Temperance 
band, and have signe l the pie 0 e never 
to drink any liquor, and 1 don’t intend 

“Did you ever go lo school?” 

“Not much, sir. 1 always went to Sun- 
day School.” 

t he open, frank, and confiding manner 
in vvh.cli he answered every question, elic- 
ited the a. Im. ration of every one present, 
and a collection was at once taken to re- 
( run h.s c .bans e l luii .s. Two gentle- 
men took h in out and generously proi ur- 
ea h m a pa.r ul shoes, -vli ch he ii'iost sa I- 
iy nee Jen; in a Line while he loc.xe l a 
inherent boy from what he was when he 
cun.e m. iiis looks we.e those of hones- 
ty — his manners indicating a firmness of 
! lesolution ana power of self-reliance that 
was truly commendable in o:xe so youn 

li id tmlaivTudy vvitne-sed. Tin site con 
seuted to, and they conducted the beautiful 
ami tur/ifieil young Tidy through those trials 
wldefi .are s unt i n .** m ire than enougfi for 
iiiaseii.ioe rcsolu io.i, little tfiiokiug tliey 
were l iking into the fiojo-n of heir eralt a 
ini-ulfiar tlmt w ml I ifierw ir-L red ct a lu*- 

tre on tfir annals of inus-mry. . . . . . . 

Alt** 8.: Leger was dire-'tly des-endedj counsel for the petitioner had no 

from S.-' Robert de St. L nger wfio a ;cpm further questions. 

pauied Willimn I no 0 iiiqier-o' t  England, The counsel lor the respondent waived 
nml wa-ult'Mi :,igli repute licet fie, w ii li any cross-examination. 

In* own hand, *upp irted I he prince when lie | q’he charge of inti lelity «’as with lra-vn, 
fl *t went out ot uia *hip to Ian Mn ii.iase.x. — : un ; l i, e counsel for tiie petit. 0 ier the next 

evening treute I h.s brother lawyers to an 

Madam,” said the drover, apologiz- -I company in my day.” 
ing for the ru .cues* of h.s her I,. “if the ‘You arc no gentleman,’ said an angry 
cattle knew as much as 1 do, y ou shoulJ , disputant lo his antagonist, 
not walk in the snow.” ‘Are you?’ quietly asko I the other. 

That drover was, in the best sense of ‘Yesj 1 am s.r!’ 

the term, agcntleman, while many a young i ‘Then I am not , w as the caustic reply. 

man in Liroa Iway, or Chestnut streei, with 
glove and cane, and gra*e.ul stop, is a 
brute in disgu *e. 

Ali.-s tx. Lejjui' was cousin lo General Ao 
loony 8t Leeer. Govern or of Si. Lucia, wli i 
i.ismmel me iut • re *1 i n v r.iee, und tue eel •• 
b rated St. Lever *l-ikca. Even- 
luully sue in.irried Ric iird All-v.irtii, E-q . 
of Newmarket, a in -mber ol a highly honor-- 
fill - and ancient fa. oily. Wiienever a bea- 
i til wu* piveii at ilic- Moat res in Dufiliu ..r 
G*rk, In. toe Al i.'imie Female Orpn-iu A.*y- I 
luin. Air*. Al l.vorili walked at tiie head o' 
the Freem i*.ms, with her apmu anil other 
insignia of Freemasonry, and * il in tile from l 
row ol’ihe stage box. Tue house was a I - i 
way* crowded on tlinso occasions. The por- 
trait ot i In * estimable woman is in tiie Lodge- j 
room of almost every lodge in Ireland. 

oyster supper. 

1*0 8T OFF! I! 7JGGOIilE8. 

Air . — 'llelieiie m- ij al th ise endearing young 

Relieve me ifea di kind, endearing small no i 
Tli it l g izi -oi s   fondly to-day, 

! Were lu go l y lo-m.nroW's mall, with il. 
red coat. 

Like fairy's oill failing away; 

They would slid be all read, as this moment 
tliey are, 

Let tiie sealing- wax stick ns it will, 

And into each cover, without let or bar, 

1 should peep most triumphantly still. 

BfiT* If you have no distinct i lea of 
your ancestors, their habits, characters, 1 
principles and occupations, get nomina- j 
tel lor some prominent offi- e, and the 
oppos tion prints will give you your gen- ! 
ealoyy to the furthest re novo, they will 
tell you what your great gran Rather pro- 
ferre 1 for dinner. 

It is not while office and place are my own, 

And my cheek* unprefaced by a tear. 
That tue huuoi und worth of u GitDiue can bi 

Tho’ my ufironce might make me mor 

Oli, the eye that lias once learned the new 
oi your homes. 

Will stilt learn il on to the close; 

 '0111-1 ill ; It 31 OM 71 lid. 

A fashionable young beau ma le hisal- 

] dresses to a woman, who was well stricken 

Tur. Decencies of Like. — There arc years, an I bn I been remarkably home- 
persons in the vvorl l vvno, in order to ly * n her youth, hr.r was possessed of the 
screen then. selves from the charge cl ex attractions of a large lan-te 1 property, and 
travagance an I folly, try to do it un Jer j a * B counterfoil part is commonly over- 
the p ea of decency. These persons will I lone, as well i courtship as in politics, 
commit many acts, which if thev ha I tree l ^ e J’ 0un o spork was excee lingly profuse 
ideas of decency, they would hesitate to | in h:s professions or attachment. In the 
perpetrate. We think the following arc I tit* 8 ^ 1 time, the old lady was prudently 
a lew of tho many practices that come isuspiciotis. At length, while they were 
un Ier the cognomen of not decent. waiving together, nr.n within arm, over 

It is not dece it for a person to make a Her lands, and after he bad been r new* 1- 

show above h s or her means. ly h s ardent passion, she very 

It is not decent for a person to run in seriously ad Iresse 1 him as follows: — 

lebt when he does n t intend to pay. “My glass told me when I was young, 

It is noiue. ent for a person to be always ^ ,al Hl . v P e f s °o v 'as very pi in and forbid- 

ing, an I ol J ace has a file I wrinkles to my 
natural deformity; theref ire, though 1 wish 
to believe you, 1 ean har I ly think it possi- 
b e that such a handsome, accomplished 
voung man as you are should fall in 
love vv th an old woman.” “Oh! it i? 
possible. ,it is real, it is real, it is real, 
r plicl the gallant — such is my affection 
lor you, that / lore the very ground you 
walk upon." "Indeed! ’ tfie old woman 
with warmth, “1 suspecte 1 it before; I 
thought that my ground and not my^ef- 
son was the objeu ofyour nffection, and I 
a n now determine I you shall possess 
neither the one or the other." 

nuw Khiu scui ini' « i cu inuruiiui uuu niuuh ^ . - . , 

findings generally, just received smJ forsule j Alone ’ a ^l poor- with no recommends* 
' by [tn»y 0 1 LINDSEY Si DORSEY. ll0n ‘he aoulc signet an J stomp ot 

tsefi' “I’d give anything to hear Ole 
Bull,’’ said an up country less to her lo- 
ver, mi evening or two sim e 

“Well,” answere I ha, “.lad’s got an 
old brindle tl.ap, and you can hear h.m 
heller a'most any time you ii e.” 

A nd Lite bund Hull lius opened u 

Will open a leiler that goes. 

‘Lend me your ears,’ as the 
when he rofiuefi the cornfield* 

Conscience. — An article ma-Jc out ol 
; Indian rubber! 

letter di* 
G. G. 0 
chap sai 

talking ill of his neighbors. 

It is not decent for one to ascribe im 
proper motives to every one thatvve come 
,n contact with. 

It is not decent for one to appropriate 
another's pecun.ary means for h.s own 
gratifies ion. 

It is not decent for young people to 
show no respect to the age I. 

It is not decent to be praising yourseli 
il ways. 

It .s not decent to keep yourself as a 
show for others to look at. 

It is not deieut in persons going to 
places of amusement, to incommode others 
n different ways. 

it .s not decent to spen 1 your money in 
foolishness, when you have debts that 
ought to be paid. 

it is not decent to starve your -family 
oy spending your money for liquor. 

It is not deieut to say one thing and 

mean another. 

It is not decent to cheat your neighbor, 
because youbavea little more knowledge 
ban he is possessed of. 

Murderous Assault- — Lateon Friday 
light as Mr. William Law, a clerk at the 
house ol W. L- Ewing Co., was passm 
own Fourth street with a compan on, 
Air. Hitn lord, both were knocket down 
when i. ear the come, of Olive, bv foui 
uen who ran out Irom a doorway and as- 
-aulte : them unawares. Mr. Law :s now 
,-\u r in a very critical situation, ii ss .u 
. i. i -1 boa ib; y fee o ad by % 
he i. He : s a son of Jb- igc t .a vv, oi IN 
u-.t .:!c, ]*•.—•*-• Louis Intel. 

Friend -flip 

What is friendship ? If well founded, 
Like some beacon's heavenward glow; 
If on false pretensions grounded, 

Like the treacherous sand below. 


What is truth ? Too stern a preacher 
For the prosperous ond gay; 

But a sale and wholesome teacher 
In adversity’s dark day. 


In sweet vve may see ’vitlf praise. 
How apt we are to swell our store; 
Though blest with joys ilnoughout her 
Summer days, 

She wished, and flymen granted Moore! 

mg^The lost words of Daniel Webster 
aie reported to bv — 

“I still live!*’ 

They will form i.n appropriate epitaph 

on J mo i a io is work*. 

Ittleresiiu* tfllti'. 

Mr. Webster '* Early Life .— The fol- 
lowing extract from a letter written by 
Daniel Webster to an inttnint? fr'.en I in 
Kow York, an l dale 1 Franklin, .May 3 !. 
1846, we finJ first published in the New 
York Commercial Advertiser; 

I hove mode satisfactory arrangement! 
respecting my house here, the best ol 
which is that 1 can leave it where it is, 
anti yet be comfortable, notwiihstao ling 
the railroad. This bouse faces due north. 
Its front windows look towar s the river 
Merrimack. But then the river soon 
turns to the south, so the eastern win- 
dows look toward the river also. But the 
river has so deepened its ihannel in 
stretch of it, in the last titty years, tlia; 
we cannot see its waters without ap- 
proaching it, or going back to the hi- he A 
lauds behind us. The h story of tins 
change is of considerubh»*importjm e in 
liio philosophy of streams. 1 hav • ob- 
served it pract r ally, an t know something 
of tho theory of me phenomenon; but 1 
doubt whether the worl I will over be be 


Washington, Nov. 27. 
The Republic of this morning lias the 

following, which it says it has been per- 
rnitto t by the Presi ent to publish: 

“Washington - , Nov. 17, ’52. 

“Hugh Maxwell: Your note of v es- 
ter lay came to han l this morning, in 
which you state that in a -oiversation 

netite 1, tj.mer by my learning or by mV 
observation in this respect. 

Looking out at tiio east win lows, nt 
this moment (2 p. in.) with a beaut iu! sun 
just breaking cut, my eye sweeps a rich 
and level field of 100 acres. At the en i 
of it, a third of a mile off, 1 see plain 
marble grave stones, designating ilia pla- 
ces where repose my father, inv mother, 
my biother Joseph, and my sisters Meltu- Sarah; goo l Scripture 
names, inherite i front the.r Pur.ta.i an- 

My father, Ebenezer Web'ter! — born 
at Kingston, in the lower part of tne 
State in 1 73 J — the han lao.nest man 1 ev- 
er saw, except my brother Ezek.el, .vho 
appeared to me, and so does he now s-*e n 
to mrf, the very finest human farm tint 
ever 1 laid my eves on. 1 saw 

you have ha l w tli Law, you lear le 1 that 
the Crescent City will go to Cuba, an I 
enter the port ol Havana in defiance of 
the Spanish authorities, un i if fire I upon, 
sue will be surre.i iere t, ant then lie 
,| |tf I (La w) an l others, vv II co.n nonce hostili- 
ics a.a.nst the Isian 1. ion say, also, 
that he desires to Know whether he is 
right in persisting in ills pursuit of his 
lawful business; an I that if the govern- 
ment shall leli him he must not go, he 
will not go; if, however, the government 
Says nothing against h.sgoutg, he will in- 
fer he ha c 3 to go. 

Bui, in regarl to the chief matters of j ^ llt portions 
your teller, permit mo to say, that, in tho 
first place, l do not  n Im.t the right o' 

Law, or any other cit. zen, ti threaten war 
on hit oivii account, lor the purposed 
see.ting re ;ress for real or imaginary grie- 
vances, and tl e i lo call upon govern- 
meat to say whetner it approves or disap- 
proves ol such ton ;uct, an l assume the ( 
approbation, un ess the act is iorbij.lert. 

i'he Co istitut on of the United States 
Uasvestei in Congress the po-ver oi le 
daring war, an I the Lxe.utive of Mr. 

Law has no right to usurp that power, by 



Railroads, it appears to us, are eapcciul'y 
characteristic of t tit; American people, an i 
ju-l such thoroughfares its it befits their p.o- 
g.cssivo spirit lo (ravel over. Ollier 
iries, who-.- ideas and und . -Makings a Ivaucc 
it a sluggish pace, and uarely over arrive at 
my uliimutiiui, may, and should rest con- 
rent with st ipe coairhi-s or lumbering ilili 
veuves; but here, where we do almost ev 
ery thing by steam, ive need the snorting of 
ihe iron horse to carry uy over plain mid riv 
er, wi.ii a veloeiry tint would mo k re ility 
as experienceo half a century ago. There 
Was a ti ne, it is true, when we were satis 
riej will) any Kind of conveyance that pre- 
vented bodily inconvenience, and a ride in a 
canal boat or stage coach, was deemed a lux comfort, beyond which no desire 
could reach. as a principle of fix -.1 
n -ss or .-a'.umicii  .i with any present lesul s 
is foreign t* our nature, we uesiroJ some- 
i King belter and more remote to u fibril u 
Miojus or' t.'ave.; ami railroads came to our 
assistance as tile o jeji of our wi.-dies. Com- 
paratively ru lo ami inco npleio they were 
at tirsi, -ill soon followed the progress of all 
| ibtMU thft .)* until bcc.une Uwy 
it »w are. The iron bund.-, r*V 0 tih^ dij^r- 
of onr Union together, andcre 

aver four poun Is, shall be deemc ! iriailn 
ble matter, and shall be chargeable with 
postage at one cent an ounce for all dis- 
tances un lei three thousan I miles, an i 
two cents an ounce for all distances over 
hreo thousand miles, to which fifty per 
cent, shall be o l ie 1 in all cases where 
the same may be sent without being pre- 
pail, nil all prime l matter chargeable 
by weight shall be weigh e 1 when dry. — 
The publishers of newspapers an 1 peri- 
odicals may send to each other from their 
respective offices of publication, free of 
postage, one copy of each publication; 
and may also sen I to each actual subscri- 
ber, inclosed in their publications, bills 
an ! receipts for the same free of postage. 
The publishers of weekly newspapers may 
sen I to each actual subscriber wVtliin the 
county where (heir papers are prime l ail 
publishe 1, one copy thereof froo of post- 

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That 
no' newspaper, psrio licul, niagazi le, or 
oilier prime l paper or matter, shall be 
om.tlel to bo so it at the rates of post- 
age in this act sped fie 1, unless the fol- 
lowing con lit ons bo observe I: First. 

It shall be sent without any cover or 
wrapper; or in a cover or wrapper open 
at the en Is or si los,*so that the character 
of the matter containe I there n may bs 
determine I w thout removing such wrap- 

ilfiig a similarity of inleres s, are daily, 
ii mrly increasing t.icir length and bread, n, 
uni i.jodiug us all t metier in one Co mum 
mot to, hood. We Iml wi nj *y tins railroad 
or*, ant hope to live to sec t n- nurlli and I Her 
Month, i lie east and Inu wo i ilius counseled. 

Mo sig .t appears more grand, more au dime 
loan mat of a locum i i.e, wim its loud line 
, -.l cam, and its trail of fiery breath, Whirl .. 
i .a across the e.ui.tiv. Iu-smio lier.m and *« publicat.on. or upon the cover or wrap spirit seeing a resting pi ,ee. - ) per thereof, except the name anlallress id, Ii. -;n ions of power and prngre-s, ot ol tne person to whom it is to b 
nudji, of uad m 1 re- T iird. 1'liere shill be no 

The New York .tloiiey .'I irfie:. 

The New York Express says: — “The 
state of the money mar-ket appears to at- 
tract no remarkable attention. The rates 
seem to be settling down quietly, un ler 
the expectation that no specie of conse- 
quence will be require! for shipmeat a- 
broai, until the close of the wintei seas- 
on. Full amounts of exchange are uovv 
furnishe I by t lie regular shipments of do- 
domestic pro luce, which are going for- 
ward in large quantities from all the prin- 
cipal ports. There is now every proba- 
bility that during the winter anl spring, 
brea (stuff's will continue to beshippel to 
a goe 1 market, and in consi lerable quan- 
tities. Whatever of specie is require I at 
present is sent to the southern ports, in 
payment of Cotton, an l performs the us- 
ual circle of going- up the Missippi, in 
payment of provisions, & an 1 return 
here in the spring, in exchange lor goo Is. 
To-morrow, from th re 5 to $500,000 will 

I per. Second. There. shall be no word or 
I communication prnite l on the same alter 

U fV. are now receiving onr Fall supply 
nf CARPETS, consisting of rieii 
Velvet and Bru-sels, Tapei-try. Extra and 
Imperial three ply Carpets, Superfine and 
fine ingrai ns; T willed and plain Venilians, 
Ruizs and door .Mats in great variety ol 
colors, Durgg-ttiiof all widths. 

Oil Cloths, 

of all widths, from 24 feet to 4-4 and cut to 
fit rooms and passages. 


(Ij. Cj and 7 Octave Rosewood Pianos of best 
makers and ol superior tone and finish. 

WALL 1’Al’HU, 

Of all qualities mid patterns, from the Cpm- 
inmiest to I lie Gilt and Velvet descriptions, 
with rich fiord, irs lo suit. 


Rich Brovateile, Satin D L-iines, German De 
Laincs, Worsted and Union D nnaslt, all of 
rich colors and unique styles, with rich 
Gimps and Cords, and Tassels lo match. 

Every Bodv Read! 

H AVING sold my ent i*e stock of Dru**, 
Medicines, dj*e.» to Messrs. Ilnnnnh 61 
Groom«, I hope my old friends and cu-tomers 
will call on me at \V. llnirmnn’d S ore, and 
close their orcounts either by paying Cni?h 
or giving their Note?, as 1 am compelled to 
close up my biifinoHs in a nhorl lime. In 
my absence, idr. Hodman will oblige them. 
^ am truly grateful t   my old customers for 
the liberal patronage they have favored mo 
with. nt:d would, with pleasure, recommend 
t Item to the same old stand, where the polite 
gentlemen of the firm will be proud «o wait 
upon them. H. il. TURNER. 

Oct. 1, 1852. 

beshippel to New Orloins. Our exports ftnfo ^{usUll f£uitliUU5 

ofspe io ti foreign ports luring the month 
of October, excee ie i that of any other 

i o.nuie i. ing war, w.thout'us uutffir ty 
au r, if Mr. Law should attem.n t, it will 
be my duty anl is .ay ileternnnai.o.i t  
use all'he power conlerre l upo 1 me by 
die Const. i an I the laws, to prove. it 
,t. 1 am resolve I nt every bazar 1 to 

him in h s maintain our rights in th.s controversy, I 
against Spain; an t 1 am equally resolve 1 J 
'hat no ait oi our own c.t.zaus shall be j 
th.s go in a 

of the person to whom it is to bi se it. 

nuui hi litierg'es and impis, or ti ., 1 i m 1 re Fin'd. 1 here suill be ill piper or Other 
sources an l future de-iiuy d ie„ sue.i a sc ■•nc th.n r inclose I in or with such printe i pa- 
on! loin! our ri slug j p ef . an 1, if these con lit. O is are nil con- 

try su'-uis tyiiili ul .here, rushing   i iw.,.d wun 
n speed tli it frightens the tl„iii:tia’,eilt an 
wine. i all the fill. ilia s uns m .at in-crested , , ,■ 

regard as quite an ordinary, and uei- s , e 11 ’1 111,111 11,11 1 i 

II, er I, ,1.1 nioir hr -sil nor ex.ierience an in- I ^les to aiimher, t ie postage of which 

| pile l with, such prime l matter shall be | 
subject to letter postage, anl all matter! 

 art ol tho Un te i | 

year, as is shown by the following cO n- 
parativc table o' exports for seve i years: 

Exports of Specie from N, York for Oct. 
1346 $70;3hl 

1317 574 5 I'd 

1313 822,123 

131) 1.820,513 

1350 1,421,523 

1351 1,770,701 

7853 2,452.301 

Noiwitlista l ling tho fact above state I, 
yet the Banks have become stronger, anl 

1 From tin- plainest to tne most elaborately 
embroidered patterns. 


) A general assortment of ll^usc Furnishing 
G noils, such as. 

Looking Glasses, Window Shades, 
Mantle Clocks. Parlor and Hull Lamps, 
Gcratuiolcs, Waiters, Mantle Vases, and 
a variety oi FANCY unices, all of which 
aie offered low Nv 


N  . ( . Higgin s Block. Main Street, 
Oct. 1, 1852 if Lexington, Ky. 


for thtf suine piirpi***. Fortunately, 

\Vesi b  3 been ur-msed from ii *r i nu irgy by 
oii 80 vi.ig tne gi r i-i j • -t i . j of' Jni»* AJan 
«ic dUtnrs. nn 1 t i i; nng n pro.'p • ri y . 

.mil cmiclu led lo  »d ipt tiio same* mi »nn  they 
have employed for groatntMS. We an? no.v 
o: tire y aen-ii.ilo o o irfor n.T lie!; of fore* 
^iglit in t iis pnrticulir, nun w.ll en-ieavor to 

collin, o white (orehca I, n tin^c I cheek, u 
complexion as clear as lie «vcnly li.Jii ! 

But where am I straying? Thegra.ehas pc an. tie I to p!;iuc 
closed upon him, as it has on ail my vVi0n o posKjo i. 

br)thers and sisters. We shall soon be na un loubtc l right to 

ell together. Rut this isme.aqchol/, an i pursue it.s lawiul business, but whan a 
l leave it. Dear; dear k.n ireibloo I, how j quvst.oa is raise I betwee i tli s govern- 
1 love you all! an I a foreign nation, wlnther tbs 

This fair field is be ora mo; I r.oul 1 sai | business lie pursues !s lawful, or pursus I 
• lamb on any part oi it. i have plow- j 111 11 'uvvliil manner, the liscuss.on ol that 

eJ it and raked it, and hoed it, but 1 nev- j question beion.s to the two gove/ntnants, 

er mowed it. Somehow, I could an l not to h. in. It his object be to assert , , M f ■ , 

learn to hanc a scvihc 1 I hi 1 not w t h.s r.ght to e iter the port oi Havana, w.tli I . ' , u.y, m m.u 

icuui iu iidii 0 u s. viiic i nil noi iu o t ,-xcespively eunservativK and n irr.iw u.uij 

enough. My brother Joe use l to say such persons as he may choose to ^se.ect, J t{( , il|lliv j lua | d wh „   wl , limit any eularg -d 

that iiiy father sent me to college in or ler 111 uehant e ol the laws ol fie ; iuugine the pu..lie we.l eiigro-seii oy 

to mako mo equal to the rest ol the chil- ! government, he has certainly done enough t „.j r m.liv.duil cui-erm. '17i -ss, aa m:iv 

J 'lo that cjuus. o.j for ihc  idcis»0:i j . a u Yuliy bo tuppn^t'd, nro uvcrsi? to rail- 

Of a hot day in July, it roust have be an ol the ol Spain an I the U.ii- r » da and wli.tevur riflates t.» tlu*m; they 

one of the last years of Washington’s le 1 States, au I a negoteatioa has airea ly j ‘-•are not for pu die impmve.neiite nor f.r tur 

1 ■ ■ ■ ' commenced, ill which our rights, as we I general 

un .erstan 1 them, have been asserte I, ani'' 

as 1 have sa.d be ore, will be mu. inaine I. 

But the acts of tli s ca.inot 

be controlcl by interference of any in li- 

vidual. It -is. entirely unnecessary that 

jMr. Law shoul 1 re.ioit these attempts for 

the purpose of settling the controversy. 

But I lie will persist in Ii s course, an ini 

si ao.iii violate the laws of a lore, go ua-' | 

i . c i i i '„r ,1, , .. i I money cheaper, an I more plentiful. 

c icaaed pul-citimi of ilio heart during me is not fixed by the prov.s.ons ol ills act, 
ig itiiinz-like speed. | shall, unless the same be eititle l to bi 

" I’ne tVu-i Ii is long been blind ea vigil to ' sent free of pos.age, ba char 0 e 1 w th let- higher ill s year 

Our ! 

a *r inter. -.sis to defer die building of rul- jar pos nge. 
road-, wid e ihe E ist lias xtrained every Bec. 4. And be it further enacted. That 
nerve and e.npl. ye 1 ev ;ry «v, mean- ■ ; f ,,, e p U blisJio.- of any perio Real, a'tor 

bemq thre'e months prev.ously notifie l 

8'ISi.E nKl TU' (Ol'Kf. 

Win. Rilidid jr. imIii.m oil 
John Ratcliff' deed. plff.   In Chancery, 
valuation of Domestic produce have been 1 »L r aiust ) 

J.diii Ratcliif’d llcirs & Creditor, D ifta 

i • . . .... , ice is hereby given to nil whom it mav i 

than any previou, time, 1 r concern, to it I will attend at the court fiotise ' 

tion of 1350, the perio 



And all 
D. cases aris- 
ing from a disor- 
dered Liver or Sto- 
mach, such as Constipa- 
tion, Inward Piles. Fullness 
or Flood to the Head, Acidity of 
the Stomach, Nausea, Heart-bum, Dis- 
gust for food, Fullness or weight in 
the Stomach, Sonr Eructutioo.s, 
Sinking or Fluttering at 
the pit of the Stomach, 
Swimmng   f the 
Head, Diffi- 
cult trea- 

Fluttering at the Heart, Choking or Suf- 
focating Sensation when in a lying pos- 
ture. Dimness of Vision, Dots or webs be- 
fore the Sight, Fever and dull pain in the 
I Hca l. Deficiency or Perspiration, Yellow- 
j ness ol the Skin anl Eyes, Pam in the 
tSi .e, Back, Chest, Limbs &r., Su l.len 
Flushes of Heat, Burning in the Flesh. 

that h s publication is in! t i n t out of 
the o!!i e to which it is sen for le! vary, 
continue to forward such publ, cation .n 
the mail, the postmaster t i whose 
such publicat.on is se it m iy 

Cotton rulel high, an 1 die valuation was 
nover realise 1. 

when t'.ie price of the town of Pik. ville on Monday the 2 )tfi 1 

l.\ illUAJi did. 

The P.otection Fire and Marine Insu- 
liepose of ranee Company is one of the oldest, 
the same for the postage, un css ihe pub- wea'lhiest, safest anl promptestcoinpa- 
10 assert | compcu-ate tor the by a biiHiuu’.fuioru. j l, s her shall pay it; ail whenever any n ; e s in tho Union. To those of our fricn Is ' 
n our midst, incur nwnoi.v, weliuve miiiy prnite I matter of any desrT ption, receiv- . ■■ • .. .... | n n crent- I 

xcespively eoiiservative and iiirrow n.iii J ! , u . c. i who wish to insure, *.0 cannot .to a great ( 

day ot December oext. a nl from tin. •• in lime 
if II ',:i «..iry, tun it the 2 id Aloud y in May, 
185-1; lor the purpose of hearing proof of 
claim . iig iiiidt tlie Estate of said f.itiu Rat- 
cliff. Dec’d. Creditors lulling to present 
their claims wi.ii ti..- proof thureof within 
die prescriaed ti n • shall be barred. 

JOHN \V. E.MAIERT; c an. 

Nov 2G, 1852. — 3.v . 

e l during one qu liter of the fiscal year, 

dfije without 

administration, 1 was making hay, w.tli 
my father, just where l now see a re- 
maining elm tree, about the mi I lie of the 
afternoon. The Horn Ab cl Foster, M. 
C., who lived in Canterbury, s x miles off, 
called at the house, and came into the 
fjeld to see my father. 

He was a worthy man, colltgo learne 1, 
and had been a minister, but was not a 
person of any consideinb o natunl po w- 
ers. My fattier was li s fr e:i 1 an I sup- 
porter. He l a in the fiel I, 
and went on h s way. vVlien he was 
gone, my father called me to him, an l we 
eat down beneath the elm, on a hay c o.k. 
He said, “My son, that is n wo. thy man; 
he is a member of Congress; lie goes to 
Philadelphia, and gets six dollars a day, 
while 1 toil here. Il is because lie ha 1 
en cducition, which 1 never had. If 1 
had had his early cdu. stiori, 1 shoul I 
cave been in Philadelphia in his place. 
1 came near it as it was. But 1 missed it, 
end now i must work here.” 

“My dear father,” sai l 1, “you shall 

shall have re.natnel in the calle 1 lor during the 
su .cee ling quarter, the postmaster at such 
office shall sell ~t!io same and ere lit the 
proceeis of such sale in his quarterly ac- 
counts, un ler such regulations ail alter 
such notice as the l-’ost-oifice Depart- 
plus gums to ,, at in.y result -i.iiver-sliy t'*' rae „t shall 

advantage All r .iiroal proj -cts they at- , Sec 5 [nd be ,t f urther enacted. That 
tempt ti» lie cry, .in I ilisc* imju w!io n -«*cver ' . . , - , 

so yiut li oi ilie seuon l section ol the net 

er favor than to recommend them to the 

while of any Agent of this Company. 

good, since lin'y have abnn lauc 
tlK-niSt Ives and wiil not coniii iuti- ifieir -ar 

lion, w. thin lliut nanon s o.v i juris fiction | h) u ^ 
an i tlirreby loses or lor.e.ts h.s vessel, ho | ‘ 
can expect no in -e. unity for such an act 

would engvge in tfio eiiterp. is -. This or 
tliut mad will never be fiuilt, never can ie, 

.~ay they; • r i I i c be, iti - stocklntdcrs will be 
j utterly ruined, as its am on it nf coat will fn 
xc. ed any receipts wiifcli ran be nude ti 
iccru t tfieref.nii. Luckily s icb ill one ied 
roni ton l.equent iep-ti i ui, 
dost d i lie publiceiir aiol surieiio I t*io punl.c 
. uriu-uy until ii ci fart ic-r attention is p .i | m 
,t.eni. Our pe ip!e will think lor themselves, 
ol lolly ill s gover ime it. We rug- j Ai ., examine ini., a mute, before tli -y a,- 
ulate tho tcmis an l con Ittions upon wllltdi aivne responsibility .it liuz ird tlic-ir interest, 

ail tore. gn vest-e s shall enter our ports, After they liave done so, tliey w ill a- t in le- 

an I we fix of these con iitions; 1 pendent m otliers will aud counsel, convluc 
the right to no so we shall never suffer to !‘ -1 * 01 'he efficacy nt their own julguiout and 

be questione I by fore.gnere, anl we do ll T j usi U-e --t tm-ir own cnuciisiu.i . Ii is punlishel in such newspaper having the 

not question the rs to do the same thing. tl “° kV “. lc ! 1 *‘“ r l ie,l P !e . Q! * 11 l lp fid •. l ar o CS i circulation w. thm the range of de- 

Mr. Law must wait the result ol the L e eu|bark , n w — m ^ livery trfsa. f -offica. 

negot.ations between the two govern- 1 valiset 

•nents. Ill s is not a question to be set- Ntnubeis of our rpaders will reni.'mbrr 

entitled “An act to mo lify a n i re luce the 
rates of postage in the Unite I States, an l 
lor other purposes,” approve I March 
thirl, eighteen iiu i Ire I ail fifty-one, as 
relates to t ie postage or free circulation or 
traasin ssiou of newspapers, per o licals, 
an 1 other prime 1 matter, anl all other 
i provisions of law inconsistent the 
provisions of this act are hereby repeaie i. 

We would take th s occasion to say a 
few wor Is to our rcu lers oi the impirt- ■ 
ancen ii dctv of insuran ee. Wo nee l 
not urge .his upon our wealthy men or our 
merchants, for they rarely neglect it, and 
if they did, fires leave them other resour- j 
ces. But wo a Idress ourselves to our la- : 



Kossuth i! its. Cloth &. Plush Caps. — 
all and get one. 

Oct 22, 1852. 

JEUU8! 1X4 u :: 

1 Want to buy 303 !)..z. Eggs, f .r which 
w.ll pay ihe highest prices iu Alert-hnn- 
isu. J J 11 ADEN. 

tii e t vi : .\ oF Ttyj 

ilG.V su’d: 

, c ii i . • . i Hiugli’ilv r jce.eil, and the Utuuitn boil- 

borne fellow citizens — mechan cs an l , J 1 

3 ; U tJJO Ol 

others— who perhaps have little else than --Two sou’s with hot single thought — 
a home an ! its contents in the world.— Tv   h-irts th u heat as .me," 

mi i -i i . _ Denounced as the crude ijea-of a 

These shorn 1 never neglect to insure, a 

fire that may visit them --t any ho jr, woul 1 
leave them homcl-ss. an 1 with no capital 
but their labor, to begin 

Sec. 6. And be it her enacted. That glesof life, and yearsoftoil an 1 watching 

bofore they can regain what 


wi id.’" 

•• W.-rllo -k’s a saucy. «.a L familiar slate. 
Where f.lks a re. very apt i» aeold ilid hit;.” 
. .u. , Due brig.ii, gl -ri . a- m irn, as J i dter m- 

- 5 dole illy re i' u *d hi his pi lace o 

when a list of uncalle l-for letters shall be 
'. publishe I in any newspaper pr.ntel in 
any foreign language, sai l list shall be 

must pass w 

th«v have last, if in lee 1 it is ever done. 

tied between linn an I Cuba, nor even be- 
tween the Un tel States an I Cuba, but 
not work. Brother an l I wiU work lor between tli s country au I Spain— .he lat- 

Approved August 30, 1852. 

Good News — Railroad Exte '.sion.- 

t m   Id a- D. in i e.i ere I: H ;r j 

r ce wrefihiliu smiles more b.-wi cliing 
anj h : song f f i« --Cu n i -an S/.ul, ’ail 
ean ig her- elf on l'i -"1  i -e oi’ c ie i ij d ; n 
To such, insurance is a duly — a moral du- G  d, aiie lies ■ i g i . hi n in gra i h p . rui * 

tv If the inltvidual is worth little, the m m t» leidalifo of perp t nl virgin y!- 
1 . .... , 11-r c   n ui tit sir • assume I 1 1 th n nun it i - 

expense is less; il he owns much property, ri , r .. qi ., 4ti , l;ld ; u; - tlie , ll ; 0 , nii  

ui wo il ^v p ^ ii i i itiH cIh rtiiin j G » l ii»3 4 
c!i n»8iiu_j iiu.' insipid l i lV? of u ». unless virtrj.i : 

still the expense is trifling, nn I by invest- 
ing a few dollars, lie is sale. If he is ov- 

you, anl wear our hands out, anl you 
shall rest,” and 1 remember to have crie I, 
and l cry now, at the recollection. 

“My chilli,” said he, “,t is of. no im- 
portance to me, 1 now live but for mv cli.l • 
dren. I could not your oiler brother 
the advantage ol knowic ge, but 1 can ,o lor you. Exert your.-elf, im- 
prove your oppoctunit es — '.tarn, learn — 
and when 1 am gone, you will not nee I 
to go through the hardrli ps winch I have 
undergone, and whii ii have made me an 
old man beloie my time." 

The next May betook ma to Exeter, to 
the Philips Exeter Academy, place I me 

ter ulone responsible for the con 
du.t of the Govern )r of Cuba. 

You are ty to make known the “tsa.-ter winch would ail p.rfie, inter 
J | csteu in the wnrK. Dm me .Mad went un. 

contents of this letter to Mr. Law, and in- 
form hull that, as a goo I cit zen, I presume 
he will not attempt an/ violat.o i o. our 
neutrality laws, by attacking Cuba. 

Yours, truly, 

Sgnel, Millard Fillmokf.. 

In Limho. — O n the 11th inst , Mr. 
Charles Marshall, oi Fie mug, was in- 
forme I by n slave ol tiio coumy, that a 
wh.te man and a mulatto had mo le over- 
turns to li.ui tj ru i off from Ins master. 

when the quest on of building the Little uli- 1 , , . . , , . . i i ■ i i • i 

am. R. fir .ad »», lira, prop -s d, with what lt . fi ives us ,P lea r 3JrR 10 aan0 “ nc « 10 tha ertaken by misfortune a-i  Ins a.l la: 1 in 

violent opp.sitmn it met 1-a different qmir ! bden Is ol the Lexi-igton anl Danville 
(era, and afier file deieriiiiiidii.ii In con-truet Railroad, that the sun of $500,000 has 
it. wlmt gloomy cr ukiugs vyere given nf the been I in the coun es south of 

us for the extension ef our Rallroal to 
ward M MinnviAe, Tenn. This, we be- 
lieve, secures the construction of the ro:i I 
through to a connection with the Chatm- 
noga rou I. There is great confiience 
le t by the fr en ;s of the enterprisa that 
Cincinnati nn l other points interests I 

under the tuition, of Its excellent precentor. T he mulatto man was the husban I of. one Hr' 6111 ;; c-v.-u t . .lie m.i-i a.iuguiuu. 
Dr. Benjamin Abbott, still living. * of Mr. Marshall's slaves. From thi i it \ ,,ul11 “ ,Ct * mt-rca a, we t.c-licvu n  il 

M v lather died in Anri 1 Si) t Inn', was mlerre I that the ties en wan tr  rule mure t tv,. ra lily toward cornu 

was b nib, and its p rutin in r used year uf- 
ier year, iiuti., at present, tne an. mil divi- 
(ieiiil is 3 lurjfe ’»6 ihttL t.f any n.nur r •   a. 1 in 
Uni *n, uiiii ill 1 1 »•» w.iii  i f »ir p ndpeci 
«•! increiidf'. As ili« Little Aliimi has been* 
otli r rtKids w ill ne, mid before in my years, 

Lim nin.iti w in Uc-eoine wli it we he'ariily will len i eific e il aid to the roa !. We 
wian lo tee her, a great center with ir,.n understand that die subject will be pre- 
r ,d i spreading iliein-elvea in o»ery q nrt -r re ite 1 to the citizens anl corporate au- 
 .i tne c'..uutry, and i.i finitely uajoei.i i ig ihor.tic-s of Cincinnati in a short time, 

I.e l.ilere-ts j: every point of toe Au.e.i- al| , t fi at ur -, cnl sollcitat ons will be at a le 
canomipaoa. 1 l.en w.ll ontatr.p lie, I- aj , „ t olhel - po ;, 1[s . The t „ Z , !!IS 0 f 
I ’iiujr e el: an 1 tz r*»vv with a pnvvin sur- . \ r , , . 

, . ihe counties south ol us have acie.l with 

A,i irl 1 ..I , 

most cormnen labie zeal ari i public spir t li01  

ashes, he ro eivera recompense in a cash 
capital equal to his los , anl may som 
restore what lias bean destroye 1. We a 1- 
vise our laboring men anl mechanics not 
to neglect the duty of insuring tfisir pro- 


Tho “Mn el mat" of die atcieolan 1 
nl«T lys prosperous city of H ufo; I, hove, 
for half a ceitury, b;ei famous throu.-h 
out the Unio t for die care, Iis re: on, rigi l 
honestv, an I u lvan'in : success with 
they hove forme 1 a i l m l.oa :o I c vp  ro- 
of this (loscript oi Nj Hartfor 1 

o lily inward’ cuimtiiu^iiug in this great work. No people have ever Book or Inunua C m m.- hu e-e 
ui. Hie p ilioies nf our cilia ry m , actefimore n ably anl generously in a failel! 
ing an office at Busco was that 1 might be latto, a tree man named- Campbell, who j l,r "*- r **'1 our ; greai ptibiic work. 

My lather died in Apr.l, 13Ut. I no:- was mlerre I that the dt-s gn was forme . to | ' 
ther left him, nor forsook him. My open- run- oil' tho w.le an I chd ne i of ihe mu- 

near mm. 1 closed h.s eyes m tliis very 
house. He died at sixty-seven years of 
age, after a lile of exeition, to.l an l expo- 
sure — a private soldier, an, a leg- 
islator, a judge, everything that a man 
could be, to whom learning never ha 1 

in me iliem, 

res' -e 1 at Covington. After night, Mr. | maul , bn. a c.. people, u„.;e . by 
Marshall (Ollerncl a party ol neighbors universally c-iui.uo.i int .-res . jiJin 
an I proveo .e l to ihe qua.ier where Cump- i 

bell’s wile lived, about half a nnje from! Pulsliu 50. 

h.s residence. The/ loan I 

T is n otes of the ilartforb Bank, 
ail th : Plus fix Bn i ; of il trtfor I, have 
circulate I, (as go a 1 as go 1 1’) Iron Co i- 
necticut to Alabama an I Illinois, for ill ire 


there, an I caudu the 

disclose 1 her “ample pa;e.” My first 5U yar.s Irom ihe house, making signals. 

•peech at the bar was mane .vhen lie was 
on the bench, he never heard me a soc- 
ond time. 

lie had in him what I recollect to have 
Lean the character of some ol the obi Pu- 

Campbell Air Act to amei I an a t entitle 1 “An 
man, aoiut j act to reduce anl mo lily the rates of 
pn-tage in the Un te I States, an I fir 
other purposes,” passe 1 March 3, 1351. 

Be it enacted Ly the Senate and Haute 

He gave h.s name as Fa.rliei I, but Camp- 
bell said h.s name was Johnson; a. 1 1 when 

he learne I by what name Campbed ofliepZZtlZ of the 

ed bun, sai l h.s name was Johnson l-air- of Amenca Congress, 

„ k l 6 dJ .r'T' “ ""I a '; 0ublebar Irom and after .he°.l.:ri.e.h day ol 

He was deeply religious, but not re shot-gun and a six barrel revolver. lember  c ; Bhleen h u» Ire 1 an I fifty 

sour; on the contrary, good liumorc I, fa- "hen inKcn. Ho acknovvlc tge l that fie the post | ; , 

venous, showing even in hs age, a come Irom Uovuigto t with Campbell, j sln . j.hrou’^h ihe , 

contagious laugh, teeth all as uh le as al- merely as a companion o! the latter, o.i 

abaster — gentle, s .ft, plnylul — and yet a hunting expe.htion, not knovvi ig that 

CumpLeil was not a vvli.te liiun. 

having a heart in h in that lie seemed to 
Jiave borrowed from a l.on. he could 
frewn, a frown it was, but ihci rfulness, 
good humor, and smiles, coui|Ose l h.s 
most usual respect. 

Ever truly, your frien 1, 

Damel Wedster. 

matter pas- 
sing through the mail of the Umte I States, 
ins e.i 1 of the rates no-v charge I, shall be 
as follows, tc-vv.t: Each newspaper, per.- 
- , , ,. | odical, unseoLe I circular, or other article 

ounces in weight, shall be sent to any 

It is worthy of mention, and may be 
ran le without any rjnc feeling it to be in- 
vidious, that Clayton Miller, Esq., of 
Adair, has, richly illustrate 1 the liberality 
of a public citizen, by subscrib- 
ing tw.-nty-five tnousan l dollars of stock 
to the e^’e is.ori of our roal. He is the 
largest original stockliol 1- 
er to ra Iron Is in th.s State, an I h.s ex- 
ample is worthy of all imitation. We 

Ln.tcd States trust there may be ciliers found who will thd worl 1 largo or small, of vvh ch tho 
ress assembled. T hat do likew.ser— Dan. Vribun:. j same honorable testimony ran be born. 

tlnri.eth day of Sep- j — 

1 A Sheriff OcT.viTrEo av a Woman. ! 

a:iJ i i the* in m-iilme plvas n-a-»of l ie rli 
imaaiaiiig in .ra tr impart til Ail i a pile rap 
tares of caanti 'i d bli.  • 

tau -h a rii.iii-", itllh'inzh snppur'ed by t ic 
pr.-stig • o ' ti." G .il lrss iJiana, tit" pn .lie i- 
t  i ' ly .issureiL ia entir.d / ni|..i|   Jal to the in- 
rim iti 'll 4 iff tab tmlj' ftirfiin arc and la -Iu- 
med Lottery Again*, nod B inker.., 


Ihe great Pri/.- sellers ol World renown, 


5? IG 221 sent to Lorain C .. Ohio. 

2U.0IIU sent t  Wesfinorefiiid Co. Va. 

I I OOl) sent fi. Nasliv.lle Toon. 

5.1 ();l sent to 1 1 .i-  i ■ 1 1  . . i Co. Ohio. 

20.000 sent Montreal Canada. 

1 3. 0 il) sent to 13 -Imout C  . Oltio. 

80.000 sent lo D-troit. Mieh. 

16,001) sent to B fif 1 1 N. Y. 

than a whole generation, without loss to 
any ho I cr. The Hartfor 1 Insurance Co n- 
pa-iips have s:n ttcre l the.r risks for the 
same p- io I in nearly ever/ State in the 
Uiwi, -vi I hovi ever fa lei to pa/ tie 
innunerable loss s b ; 
hav • nsure I a ;a nst 
loss ft as prove I. I’.ieTe 


G O  p C. G I ' I .a, Jo: Ii .8 il a nl A ex 
• n-l -r Pn ter, Esqr*., iipjinfiiieil by file S.ale 
to draw ilio Delaware L .oories. The State 
is re-ponsi do I r the Friz:*! 

Constant Imagining of Evil and Great 
! Depression of Spirits, can be effectually 
cured by 




1  IS. C. 7a. JAtKSO.Y. 


120 Arc-li St., I’ltiltitH-IpJita. 

Tlieir power over the above diseases is 
a .1 excelled — if equalled — ! y an other pre- 
pa rat m n in the United Stales, as the cures 
i attest in many casas ufVer skillful pl.ysicUns 

\ had lulled. 

These Bitters are worthy the attention of 
invalids. Possessing great virtues in llie 
rectilicjiUon of diseasos of die Liver and les- 
! ser glands, exercising the most searching 
, powers in Weakness and affections ol the di- 
1 gestive organ*, they are vvidiu), sufe, cer* 

I tain and pleasant. 


From the ••Boston Bee.” 

Tne editor said, Dec. 22d 
Dr. lloofUnS’s Celebrated German Bitter* 

I for die cure of Liver Complaint, Jaundice, 

1 Dv- aepdii, Chronic nr Nervous Deoi.ity, i* 

' oeservedly one of the most popular luedi- 
| clues nf me day. Toe.-e Bitters have Ueeu 
used fiv llioasind-. ami u ineud at our el sow 
-ays ne lias himself received au effectual 
'and permanent cure el Liver Complaint Irom 
file use of this remedy. We are convinced 
mat, in the use ol loose Billers, the patient 
U y opus, constantly gains strength and vigor — a lael 
wortny of great i-ou.-uleration. They are 
pleas. ol in taste and smell, and can be u*ed 
o)' pe. soils wfih the most delicate stomach" 
witli safely, under any circtlinsptuces. We 
are spousing Iron: experience, and to tile af- 
flicted Vve advise tin ir u.e. 

••Scott's Weekly,” one of the best Lite- 
rary papers pn. .tuned, said, August 25 — 
"Dr. float land’s German Bitters, maim uy Dr. Jackson are liavv recoimaeu- 
- ucd t.y some of me uiosi pr .mii.eiii mem ers 
j of me lacully as an aitidu of much efficacy 
in eases of fe.nule weak ness. As such is the 
case, vve would advise u.l mothers lo ojtaiu 
a u .llle, niul thus save themselves much sick- 
i ness. Persons of detiili.ated constitution* 
| vv ill liud these Billers advantageous fi. their 
i Health, as vve know from expei Icdce the oal- 
! o ary effect they have upon weak system*.” 


The ♦! ui C D Him; line, Mayor of the city 
!.d’ Camden, New Jersey, says; 

•'Hnofiainl’s Gcimuii Billers. — We liavo 
seen many flittering notices at this medicine 
. and the scarce Irom which they came indu- 
■ . cd us in m ike inquiry respecting iis mer- 
1 us. From inquiry vve were persuaded lo use 
it, uni inu-l say vve louud ii specific iu iis 
aciiou upon diseases of ihe liver and diges- 
tive organs, and the powerful influence it 
exert.- upo o nervous prostration is really sur- 
prl.-ing. Il calms and slreng.hens toe nerves 
bringing them into a slate ‘of repose, making 
steep refreshing. 

"tl this medicine was m ire generally u*ed 
vve are sa'isfied tnere vv mi l lie lesssieKness, 

J as from the sto uacli, liver, and nervous Bye- 


which they 
1 tb i in a n ) u tu 
are few c t. es in 

leui the great m ij in.y oi rail and iuiigioa- 
P. M. PYFER & Od., ry disjises emanate. Have them iu a hjal- 
b’o'o A jo ids. Prineipl olh tj B ink Sr., thy condition, and you can bid defiance lo 
Clevoi i id. O.ii. Brine, nlfi • ■•*, " N il .-pi Jeiines generally. This extraordinary 
If " i » * . ” Ciltl.nms. O: 01 D;nbo*n Si , medicine vve would advise our Irivuds who 

-The Brookville Democrat gives the foi- 

of a 

Veky Thui:. — Ihe nioii who lies aside 
tl! selfirlmcss in regard to the happiness 
.nf others, who is ever ready to con or fa- 
vors, who speaks in language of kindness 
qml conciliation, an I who manifests those 
jititb niie.' 1 lions which gratify the heart, is 
a polite jnati, although he may wear a 
I omespun coat, oud make a very uoira. c- 
lut bow. Ami fiiarf.v a fashionable, who 
dresses genteelly, an i euteis the most 
crowded apartments wub ail assurance ol 
ease, is a perfect compound, of rudeness 
and incivility. 

True politeness is a v rtue of ihe under- 
standing anu o! ihe lie; rt. 

t&SF' Ihe tne on Saturday n’ght was 
the burning of Mr.’ large pork 
and beef slaughtering house and the 
rmojte house conpecte l with it. The fire 
originate I in the smoke house, a thr e 
story brick, in vvliiili there vvas a large 
quantity of meat, an 1 also a large quan- 
tity of lard and oilier materials in otlia . 
parte of the can bliahment. Tin-re wa; 
an insurance of $10,000 in the /Etna an, 
No thwest Iosuran: e Compnn es. M. 
have not bean 1 cr this will cov er the 
Joss. — S'f. Lori.! I p. 

was to run off his ch.l iren, but 1 
that lie intended to take away h,s w.le, as 
lie did not want her; and he asserte I that 
not only vvas r airfield a confe eraie in the 
business, but that l'a rheld persua ie t h:m 
to un it. 

Campbell has escaped, but Fairfiel I lias 
been i. Omni. tie 1 to jail in f'leunngsburg. 
lie is a man uppaio.nly 35 or 40 years ol i, 
about 5 leet 8 or 0 inches high, pretty 
heavy set, says he is a pa.iner an 1 woo i- 


, er, un i assumes to be one of the 

first ot V.rginia .” — Maysville 


The following anecdote iv relate l ofa 
man w hose memory was so ba I an I so 
circumscr 'bed, that he scarre knew what 
he real, A irm , know, ng this, leu linn 
i he same boo,c*eveu times over; and upon 
us.* mg h.:i) how he iikea the perlormance, 
retei ve ! lor answer: 

“I think it an admirable production; 
but tlie auilier somet niesrepeats the same 

On y Cou  iiii£ 

«Ma, what does 'cousin John hug sister 
Bri.l: et so for?” 

“J^a! Simon you have such eyes — he’s 
onlv courtin’ her, my chil l,” 

“Golly r iiious! Ma — lon't lie hrurt her 
har I tliou Ii V " 

f i ion — do hush!” 

Trap i i tfac Siiiuu's S*; 

The Marchano s of Lo 1 Ion lerry, while 
. . . I in Constantinople, inspects I tho pilaee- 

' owing amuseing ac ount ol a stratagem of lhe Sultan . arrive l nt ihe ex- 

! tremity of a mtgnificent -room, 150 feet 
long, with a long line of ope i lattices to 
the water, “While I vvas shivering with 
col I,” says she “an I gazing o i the Asi- 
atic shore an I delicious view, (vvh It, even 
in the bleak an 1 dreary month oi N ne li- 
ber, is'lovely,) a large square trap door 
in the floor vvas raise I, -tn i l hear l a voice 
say, ‘Voila la mer, madam-.’ liar 1 1 y be 

G i:o.ig », 111 Fiiilo Hill,” Fi.ts   nr^b, Pa. 


I'lie cer.iii -o'e (irl :.-* of pmlca^es of 
q larler licbets only, oulv , »r.. given fiel .w, 
N )VE IB 5R. 185 2. 

One of the very best tricks of the seas- 
on, that we have heirl of, oecurrc I in 
Wabashtown, Wabash county, in this 
part olThe Uni'.el Stales for one cent; Statefa few dsys ago. The story vvas tol I 
and for every ad litionai ounce, or fraction to us by a gentleman who resides in our 
of an ounce, one cent a t htionai shall be f owtl . an 1 who, with his lamil -, vvas pay- 
charge I; and when the postage upon any ln S a vl,lt to some frien Is on the Wabash, 
newspaper or perio lit al is paid quarterly " 7e tell it as it vvas told to us: It seems 
or yearly in a .vonce ut tlie office where tl lat a 111311 Ly the name of Jlay.le i was 'Bering iny se ises, 1 alvancel, an I truly 
the same is maile I, an 1 evidence of such convicte l of manslaughter, an I sentence I ! the deep ereen sea flows 1 un ter the splea- 
payment is furnishe I to the office of .le- to the pe litentiary for ten years, by the did eastern gallery. A shu l ler came over 
1 1 very in suJi manner as tho Post-office Circuit Court of Wabash county. A day : mo « 1 tltoughl how rea lily that  fap loor 
Depariniotii shall bv general reflation or two previous to the time fixe! for his might close over its victims, an l my bloo l 

prescribe, one-haif of said rate only shall departure to Jeffersonville, his wife in 
be charge I. Newspapers and perio Deals company with her cli.l lre.i, aske I permis- 
r.ol ueghingover one ounce uni a half, S10n of the jailor to bid a final a, anl 
when circulate! in the Sia'c where pub- while vviibtiim in the absence nf the Slier- 
lishel, shall be charged one-half ol the r ‘^. change I apparel, anl when the time 
rales before ru en ti oi o I: Provided, That ^ or separating them ha I come, he, disgu.s- 
small newspapers an I perio Deals, pub e 1 »s h s wife, vvalke I out of the jc.i 1 an I 
lisho I monthly or olte.ner, and pamphlets left his wi.e in the prison. It is sai I that 
not containing more than sixteen octavo he was not a ware of the ruse that had been 
pages each, when sent io single packages, pjaye I upon him for several days after, 
vve,_hing at least e.gluounres, to one ad- 311 1 1101 Ullll l it was too late to apprehe.i l 
fiross, an I prepaid by affix. ng postage 
sunups thereto, shall be charge I o Mv half 

•of a cent for each ounce, or fraction of 
an ounce, notwithstanding tin postage 
calculate I on each separate article of 
such package woul I excee I that amount. 

Ihe postage on all transient matter shall that are seizers 
be piepaid by stamps or, or 
shall be charge 1 double the rates first 
above mentione I. 

Bec. 2. And be it further enated, That 
books, bound or I, not xvcich n; 

the prisoner. 
J5«c£t“ Severn I 

kegs marke t ‘Lard,’ but 
loun i to contain spirits, were lately seize I 
at Provi lence. — A communication from 
Mrs. Partin, tan, through a “me limn,” 
says; ‘This is ren lering to seizor the things 

t'«3~Canabalish. — We learn that a 
mail liiom Boston got into a brawl, ihe 
other day, at the horse races at Hampton, 
cn I ha l h's nose bitten off. The noss-ent- 
cr is as well ns could be expect#!. 

ran col I, while my imagination ma ie the 
mute inquiry, who can tell on whom that 
barrier has closed? I recalled the lines — 

* When wearied of thoao fleeting charm* 
and me. 

Hero ya -vm the sack, and yonder roll* the 

an 1 I turnel away, arid gladly obeyed tlie 
summons to procea 1. 

By tlie way, the same Marchanois of 
London lerry, some twelve years ago, was 
one of the ino*t magnificent women in 
England — a very Juno in dignity, an I a 
Hope in grace. Even now vve would sup- 
pose there might be danger in her visiting 
a Turkish harem. But the Marchioness, 
like / ndy Wori.ey Montague, nev er lack- 
ed intrepidity on such occasions. 

JJ3“Puncli says he is preparing u bill 
to prevent cruelty to quotations, which 
he incans to lay be . .-re at au 
early day. 

Dati'[|Cf*pitn!|| No 

..f || 


ll'irire r 




|| P   izci* || L *» 1 Jolt*. j| Druwi 

||,iekets.|| ,.fp 

St-  O ld 




37 0!) 


21.30 ) 

7 i 





22 0 k) 


1 1 


17-5 ) 


50,00 ) 









’ 8 


1 1 



1 1 

















4 omi( 




1 1.00 


40.00 I 


















4l  000 




35 0 i 


30 000 


1 1 






1 1 




50 0J0 




: 9 00 


30 Oil!) 
















33.00 ; 

30 3 of 13 tli )0 
12 5001 




18,50 1 


0.00.1 } 
3,000 J 




15,00 • 

(/gy- Drawings furw-irded to corresp m 
denis by tlie first unils after the lotteries j 

are drawn. 

Correspondents wi 1 ! please order a 
few il iys before the lotteries draw. 

There is a large per centHge in favor of 
those purchasers vvh • order by the package. 

■ nd the chunSes of drawing four of the 
lurgest prizes in file scheme, are thereby 
secured. We advise tho purchase of (Kick- 
ages ol tickets in every iusiance. 



/-’. M. PYFER .V CO-, 

Offices 6 Batik Street. Cleveland, Ohio 
Columbus, Ohio, and Chicago , Illinois 
end Pittsburg, Pa. . 

are at all iiulisp .*ed lo give i: a trial — it will 
rec .iiiuiemi itself, ft suould, iu fact, be iu 
every family. No iillmr medicine can pro- 
duce Mien evidences ui merit. ” 

Evidence opoo evideuc; Iris been rec liv- 
ed (like the foregoing) from all sdcll i uoi 
the Union, the last tiiree years, and the 
strongest lestiinmiy iu ns lavor, is, that there 
i* more of it used io t e practice ol tiio reg- 
ular physicians of Pnildilc-lphia. Ilian all oth- 
er i.osi. unis combined, a fact that can easily 
be esiublislied, and luily proving liial u sci- 
eufilie preparation win uiuet with their qui- 
it nppiuval when presented even iu this 

Tout iliis medicine will core Liver Coin 
plaint and D/spep.-i i, no one c*n doubt at- 
ler using it as directed. It acts specifically 
upon the svomucli and liver; it is pre fe [able 
to eulmnel in all billioUS diseases — the 
effect is iminediale. They can be adminis- 
tered to feni i le or infant with safety and re- 
liable benefit at any lime. 


They hove the written signature of C. M. 
J ACKcjuN upon the vv rapper, and his nan.j 
blown oil tlie buttle, WITHOUT WHICH THEY 


for hale Wholesajj; .}• Kclnil at tho 

No 120 Arch su eel, nue door below 'ixtii, 
eluludelphia; and by respectable dealers gen- 
Fi ally itirougli the country. 


To enable ail classes ..t invalids to enjoy 
the advantages ol tl.eirgreat restorative pow- 

Single Bottles 75 Cents. 

AlsJ tor sale by li. IJ. IGtvNER. 

Mt Sterling, 

Wholesale agents for Kentucky, Smith 
Indiana, mid Tennessee, Ratcliffe, McAl- 
lister & Co., Louisville, Ky 

ij iGame! Game! 

We have some very Superior DOUBLE 
BARREL SHOT GUNS, with the necessary) 
rrimrnmiga, which we will tell low. 

DARN! s. NILI.Lt! t . LEE. 

Oct. VI 1852. 


not’.vr STEHLIKG, 111 :, 

3, 1352. 


litnasioii oT :!ic Etunvilk 1 llai!- 
ro t«l. 

The Danville Tribune states that the 
sum of $500,000 lias been subscribe 1 in 
the counties south of that )^ete for the pur- 
pose of extending the Danville aud Lex- 

This, it is const lere I, will secure the con- I 
structlon of the roa 1 through to the con- 1 

Abolitionists Iia ! Dcttei- let us 
Ain nc 

We learn from the Maysville Eatr'e that a ! 
mnn by the name of Johnson Fairfield was ! 
committed to tlio jail in Flrrningsburg for | 
attempting to run away some slaves from | 

Railroad to McMinville, Tann.|" r Cl,aries " f Fle,ni,, B c,H,nt }'- 1 

i lint is the wav to serve all such ns would 

£1)C itlrtikcti 

perpetrate a crime of ilml character. , The 
most prompt and decisive punishment should 
neation with the Ciiatanoaga roa I. Titus g e awarded by an outraged nnl indignant 
lias been realize. I the fulfilment of one of community, and our penal laws should be 
our arguments use I to the cifzens along administered certainly anl most rigidly. — 
the propose I Lexington an I Big San iy Our property is rendered in«»care and l-*ss 

Roilroo l to in luee them logo for the last 
r.aruel roa.I. Wo itad every reason to 
re, car 1 it as ret tain that the Lexington an 1 
Big Sandy Rail roa I woul 1 fin I a spee !y 
connection with other links, through the 
Southern States to the Gulph of Mexico. 
It makes our heart gla I to fin 1 thigrea 1 

. , Southern connections of our roa 1 will bo 

n-“ 7 - During tlio greater portion ot tie 

‘ , , „ . realized sn soon — much sooner titan wo 

post week the Editor bos been absent, and _ , _ . . . 

, , i . u :u„. a „.; i even then hope !. Our v:s. on is now dear 

the pro lem hopes that subscribers wt.l wait ■ 1 

a time with patience. The business depart-  n the souuth, & when we turn our eyes to 
mentofthe office has suffered by his close the N mh an I Eastwar \ we ha c there 
confinement, anti he hopes to bo able to the highest an I most satisfactory evi le ice 
•make both ends meet by going tie rounds, that our connection than will assure 1 ly 
Subscribers in Carter, Greenup, Lawrence, nn j ss speedily be ntafowc congratulate 
and Morgan counties, may expect to bo 

valuable. If the base abolitionists, with 
pretended religion in their hearts, and the 
basest hypocrisy in their fees, will leave 
their homes and come into our midst, am’ in 

(lie night carry away our proper'y, for such _ „ „ , , 

. . ' . , No. 2 9 50® 11 50 brl. 

crimes and outrages there is scarcely any 


M aysville , N"ov.£0. 
Hemp — 3 50®4. 

Bacon — 8 A® 10 jc. 

Feathers — 30® 32c. 

Flax See d- — S 0®90c. 

Tobacco— 2®3ic, for Leaf. 

Barley— 25®40c ^ bushel. 

Wheat — 50® 52c ijj'' bushel. 

Corn — 30c®. 

Flour — 3 C0®3 76. 

Sugar — 5i® 7c ty brl. Louf9.®ll^c. 
Coffee — Best Coffee 10®c. 

Molasses — 33®371. S. Houso 13 to 

Mackerel — No. 1 13 50 Cull ^ brl. 

Rice — 5l®( c. 

Candles — Summer Mould !2ic. 

waited upon wit hin the next two wee ts. 

The attention of our rca iers is call- 
ed to tttca Iveriisement of Willinm Hoff- 
man, Esq, agent for the Protection Insur- 

. our frien Is — Raiiroa 1 frien is an 1 al! — up- 
I on the goo 1 nows. When out coine. lion 
is complete from North to South, nn im- 
petus an I eater rise will be impar'el to 
our part of the country as little Jreante l 

puni.'hment too summary. We warn them 
of their danger. An injured people, with 

wrongs heaped upon wrongs, will not always '21®25c. Adamantine 35c. 
forbear. There isa point, we are told, when j 
patience ceas  » to be a virtue* and that time 
will s on came. And come when it may, | 
we will not be responsible, fn^-ul ed and i 
injured to the interest violation of every | 
pri icipic of fraternity and good  *o nmu iilv, ! 
when the crisis does come the responsibility 
will lay at our doors. 

We noticed in the public papers the pro- ' 
cee lings of a public meeting of the ritzena j 
o ! Mai-on and Bracken counties, on this ini- [ 
porlant subject. We approve of them most 
lie trlily. The public mind is a-ouse I. Is I 


(O - t'C ZSO A i \ «d .-CO 

Thousands of parents who use Vermifuge 
cctuposiid of Cas'or Oil, Calomel, Ar., arc 
not aware, that while they appear to benefit 
the patient, they are actually laying the 
foundations for a eeiics of diseases, such as 
salivation, loss of sight, weakness of limbs, 
‘5'c. . 

In another column will be found the ad- 
vertisement of ilobeiisnrVs Medicines, t   
which we ask the aitenlion of all directly in- 
teres cd in ilicir own as well us their Chil- 
dren's health. In Liver Complaints and all 
disorders arising from those of a bilious type, 
i-hould make use of the onjy genuine medi- 
cine, Hohensack’s Liver Pills. 

“ He not deceived,” but aid; for Ilob- 
onsack’s Worm Syrup and Liver Pills, and ! 
observe that eaaii bus the signature of the j 
Proprietor. J. N. llobousack, as none else 
are genuine. 

Xcw Advertisements Great Bargains 



PCBhic bif.::. 

TIMLL be sold to the highest bidder, on 1 it \'i' r,fT')| I*' A nPTFflVIf 
V» diiy of the March Term of the Id, ml- A 1 ' - ° ~ 1 lu *   •• 

gomerv Circuit Court,  ui a credit td 1, 2. r |UIc undetsigued, desirouoof closing up 
3. 4 & 5 years: the purchaser to give bond I » hi ■ u,, -mess, will offer for sale, to ti,« 

with approved security, tin* House and l.ot highest bidder, on Saturday, lips 'flit day of 
on Main at. in Ml. Sterjing, now occupied Dee m  er next, on the pretnisqs. -the Houso 
y Duct. Caldwell, & !?. I i. Tiptntl. Tl.i) and Lot nil which 1 live, situated on fidtlu 
(iroperiy is the most desirable in town ns a Street. Mount 3 eritng, ICentu kv . Thu 
Tavern stand. Those w ishing to purchase j huu-ie is well situated, und contains Cxcrf 
cun etdl nn the subscriber who is authorized accolBmtalali ,n tor a Urge Utaily. 
to sell at private s-le, before the day of puli- j a i a 

lie sale 11. C ELLIS. 1 1 3 U * 

Dec. 3, 1832. — ts 


At the sa no time, the shop T now occiipv, 
and the dwelling to which it i-i attached. uiu 
samp being on excellent business stand. 


On the entno day. 1 will sell, by public 

pirtnershi.), nud n queried all persons in- outcry, all my slockpf 

We now TIN W A R E , a large as-Orlincnt, and 

'■pUEPINit L ANGLE If gave notice a 
1 short time since thatthey had dissolved 

Whisky — R ectife) 18c; 

20 -; 01 J 40c to 1 50. 

Lard — N o. 1, 9®91c. 

Kanawha Salt— 30c ty bushel. 
Timothy Seed — 2 50 bushel. 

Steam IS® 


ante Company. The true theory an l prac- of now os was our success to our pioneer it nottime onr county wa3 acting uuiled'y in 

tics of insurance is, in a few words, vety 
correctly slate 1; and we recomme t l our 
rca iers to avail themselves of the a Ivan- 
tocos- offerel by this olJ and well tried 

jp gp - See notice of Turpin Langley, 
and govern yourselves accordingly, 

Also'pubiic sale,’ H. C. Ellis. 


* J.ic gen'l ? nn from Ahir. a Mr. Miller, 
euhvcribed t   the r  ad -J dh.OO ) . a-i l is.s.ti I 1 1 
I lie larger! ler to R tilrozde in the 

Untie Tom’s C »biai. 

Julgo Bragg, a member of Congress 
from Alabama, speaks as follows of this 

I refer here more particularly ton work 
of fiction cnllel ‘Upcie Tom's Cabin,’ 

i tliis ma ter that ro-icerns them mutt deeply? 

Railway Itfms. — The C m i mnii Gizetle 
says that only five miles on each side of fJu- 
ion. on the State line, rem -in to he [aid In 
complete the rail track from Cincinnati to 
Indianapolis by way of Greenvilla. In a 
few days more the cars will run from city to 
city in a few hours. 

The iron on the Ee'lcfontnine road is 
nearly completed, wc understand, front Ma- 
dison to Union. 

The stock in the Adanlic and Mississippi 
from Terre Han e to the 

Notice* of New 

We have just finished reading “Ciov- 
-ernook," by Abie Cory. We unhesitat- 

ingly say it is one of the sweetest and most written by a Beecher Stowe, Railway -Jompany 

entertaining books wo have ever read. As and of which the newspapers tell us one , Mississippi, has been taken in New Yorl 

an American production we n re truly 
proud of it artil welcome it to the great 
Volum of our National L teroture. It is 
not equal in sprightliness to Irving’s 
■Sketch Book, 'but it surely, for graphic, 

hurt Ire l thousan I copies nave been sold j city. Tho whole stock, $1,530,000 has 
an 1 circulate l in the free Statts. 1 have been taken, 
looke I into the book, an I fin I it tu be a 

Affidavit by Purser Smith. — William 

most gross an I exaggerate ! caricature o f ^ Smith , the purser of the Orescent Cit\ , ha* 

the manners and institutions of the south. ] made nn affidavit before a U. S. Commix- 

beautiful and touching descriptions of our It is difficult to conceive how a woman of sinner in New York, denying the allegations 
uoauinut o * I . * . r _ r • i I ,.c .1 — 

early Western scenes, stun I Mcond to no 
work that we ever rca I 
it to all who are fond of rca ling some 
thing pure as crystal, zweet as a rose, an 

Lcaulilul ns a Lilly. 

the least refinement or purity of min i 
We reconmend codl l so completely unfrock herself as to 
indulge in tlie obscene reflections with 
which th's book is every where replete, 
j Every southern plantation is represented 
! as a harem, and every female slave as a 
victim of her master’s lusts. What south- 
ern woman can be found who would con- 
such a book as this about 

Til ettirictU*. 

Having witnesse 1 with pleasure the re- 
cent Exhibition of this Society, v.e must 
add our voice to the general expression of sent to wr.ta 

t'f %AT. GalSi  no*d manifesto, nnil derlnrinp 
llint l e hup .never written or pulilished an\» 
thinsr nijain^t tli« government ot Cuba, nor 
carried letters to or from  lisa five ted per 
sons, but has confined himself strictly to hit* 
duties an purser. He adds that, he has had 
no connection with any association orexpe 
dit ion for hostile purposes in relation to the 
Island of Cub i, or for ann *vi?ij, resisiiug 
or iut 'rferin? wi h its authority. 

approbation of the Performance. Certain- nor.harn people, though there are car- 
l y the pcritlpmo.-i of tl.c^ompany deserve tairtly abun lat.t for tha tas.;.— 
tbe thanks of the citizens forthus afford, ng. j Say what you will about the social ays- 

through tlie gloom an I 
j n » winter, a prospect oi an occas nai ev- 
ening of pleasant 

The au hence was large aul 
respectable in deportment, an ! whet we 
recollect scenes that have occurre i at pub- ; 
lie exhibitions of iate in our. vil a e this 
will be a source of muih satisfaction toail i 
loves of decency on I propr.ely. 

To’tbe young eentln/e i ol tite Roscan 


dullness of the com- ' tern of the south, it never was the parent 
of such monstrocities, such men- women, 
such moral hermophro lites, os th s. — 
entirely ! Whither will all this tend? Lord Byron 

.-There is a tide in the affairs of women 
Which, taken in the fliod, leans — God knows 

The aforesaid Mrs. Stowe has gotten 
herself into “a pickle” with her abolition 

Amateur Association, we say go on, 

may success crown your efforts, an 1 while men , mericn 

entertain the gar crow l with mirth ry to the law of turntng one cheex when menen 
you 8 - wiilovv . 8heaa 1 e . thc other h. 1 bee , smitten, he. resorted, 

the courts of the Cc.itde 

“The Women of the Revolution, by 
Mrs. El let, 3 vols.” The rca ling of this 
most patriotic an ! noble book has afforl 
el us great pleasure an 1 profit. It is a 
work every Lady should rea 1. In rea ling 
its interesting pajes vve were struck with 
the reflection of the brevity olil.e tr emo rs 
of woman, her life spe it in quiet do- 
mestic scenes, much of her history is not 
written. But still ner position is power- 
ful. She stan is at the crystal fountain of 
life an i wields that power 'ram the era lie 
-to the grave. An ! no tvheie ts Iter unos- 

Louisville, Nov 30. 
Bacgino & Rope. — lLa-l^c lor bag- 
ging, an I 5j®5.;c for rope. 

Pork. — M ess 2.9^ brl. 

Bacon— 7Jc, 10}, anJ 10}c. 

Feathers — 33c. 

Floor — 3 40 a- 3 45 ^ brl. 

Corn — 40®4 'c. 

Oats — 23 5.25c. 

Hay— 10 ifr ton. 

Groceries — Rio Cofice 9}c. Sugar 
5}®0c. Molasses 32®33c. 

Tobacco — 5 95, $0 25, 9 00. 

Whisky — 17}c. * 

Beeves — 5 OO'a.S'S 60. 

Sheep — 1 50®2.50 
IIocs — 4 50®4,75 

Cincinnati, Nov. 30. 
Flour — 3 50fcL3 75. 

Bacon — 7}®c. 

Cheese — 8 \ c£c. 

Whisky — 15}® 173- 
Tobacco — 17 colts. 

Sugar — 0 cents. 

Coffee — OJ c. 

Rice — 5 Vr. 

New Orleans, Nov. 29. 
Flour — 3 75. 

Corn — 50 a!56c. 

Pork — 17® 19. 

Bacon — 9}® 10. 

EVERY FA MILY niiould at once procure 
ja bottle of tlie great Arabian remedy for 
1 man and beast, called H. G. Far’relt’s A ra - 
jbi an Liniment, It alhiys the most intense 
j pains inn few minutes, rest  res the synovi- 
I al fluid or j lint watej. and thus cures stiff 
'joints; it penetrates t lie flesh to tlie bone, re- 
, luxes contracted colds, cures, rheumatism 
‘ and palsied limbs of twenty years’ standinj;; 
also ti.-mors, swelled neck, enlargement of 
the •'lands, and is tbu best medicine foruil- 
men°8 of cattle ever diseuverc I, curing swe- 
nv. spavins, splint, - nd all diseases which 
require an exikrnal application, 
j Sun paiu of 10 years' standing cured by 
II. O Farrell's Arabian Lin[meil. 

Mr. II. O Farrell— Dear Sir; I bad been 
, afflicteJ with tlie ••SunPcin" for the la.-t 10 

I years, aud could never get relief except by 
! 1 1 ••ding' but by the ti e of 11. O Fuaic’IIV Liniment, applied over the temples 
about three or fonrtimes a day, it was entire- 
ly removed, and I have fid nothing of it 
since. I went into the stible an; night, to 
to apply lo a horse’s sore l;g. and being ve- 
ry lama he .-turn  led and f-ll ng Must tr.y legs 
crushing an 1 bruiting them s   badly that 
they turned hi «k a- my hit, rendejing them I 
pnweiiess. I applied your Liniment, mid 
was well enough in a low days to go about 
again as usual' I also crushed my finger in 
a shocking manner, by letting full u back log 
upon it: your Liniment soon healed it op. 


La Salb precinct, Teor’a Co. ill Feb. 0, ’49 

[Esg. Darker nf New Canton. Id says ] 

Mr. 11 G Farrell’s Arabian Liniment has 
cured some bad cases here, which every otlr 

 Jobu*d to them to rail !»e‘tle op 

J sa y thoso thut 1 11 to pty by thr l it  »t , ** 11 tlie ap^uriennnceu of ihe tihop, 

Januiry next. m »? expert t-» find their not h -11 tojU nece^ary to the qprryiii:/ on of tfm 
mnl ircounU in the hni.iU  *f ofii *ef® tor v cl* p-amo. AI*o my ileu-ichold a..d ICitcheu 
lection, an our tontines* musit bo • 1  sod. 

* TUKPiN & la:ngljly\ 

Nov. 27. *52. 

I F T 1 


•’ i 

m mrnm 

The undersigned is Agent for tho 

And will insure bom 

Will 1 ES&, SLAVFS, 

Upon tlie most favora D terms 
Wm. HOFFMAN, Age it. 

J. A. HANNAH. Mud. Examiner 
Dec. 1, lb-r-’ -lm 

mediately, and settle Lp, us my bu.iue-s 
utuit be closed. 

Terns of Sale. 

O.te third cash in imnd^ue third in one 
ye : r, amt tlie balance two years on the 

i Iicoscs — and all nun  over five tlol nrs for 
! otln-r ar'ides a credit a.’stx months will bs. 
j given, by the purchaser giving note with 
! uppioVcd secarity. y 

Sale to • uifuneticw at 10 


A. M 

Dudley Wilson. Auctiotter. 

Nov. Dill, 185 1 — d  

ruiiuc NuncL 


The t'outrset of lustlMtticc 

FFERSAN IX FED I EM’, by means of 

IS hereby given t) a' ! whom it maven ceru 
M r'. I will, ou lit fust Moi oay in Match, 

1 next, a p|'!.' to the eouti'y court of Greenup ‘ 
.county,, Ky., for the erta! 1 oflnnent of a 
wl.i.-li, pro lent men escape lo^s. s. — , Town near Ca lctt»l)*rgh r bel yv C ti-tl’s 
They trmi-ter in ollieis tlie tialts wliieli in- Creel;. '6_ D GF'.GER. 

Oviui.ily cuuae ll cm. Fora small commit r- Catiellshnr ’ll, Nov., 15. 1852. 
alien, tneso ri-ks, which might hi nn unlucky | . - — 

ill'i I 


event, ruin individuals, ure safely assumed 
by Companies well organized »nd judicious- , 
j iy managed, feucli an insiitutinii la the • ^{t StCl’llllg, Jtlll 

J'roiection Itisuraacc CbHipany, 

20 , rs  



D R. GENTRY, we a re glad to learn, has 
been eminently successful in restoring 


- cvoi-ight to a number of persons who were 
, pariialiy or totally blind. We ki.oW of ono 
This company bases its opcrniioiis upon or two eases of total blindness which be hat 
such a periccted plan of cash premiums, well cured, and lie is m w treating oilier cases 
scattered if-ks and long experience in eati- which promise success. , There i* no doubt 
moling hazards, that the internets of .. I con- t, u t that be is in possession ol a remedy tor 
corned are protected. The Company re* the restoration of si^M which, will prove ol 
ceivors from almost innumerable sources and incalculable benefit to mankind; ..and Wo. 
in small sums, n largo annual depusile. — 

From Mo- 
ure paid. 

Company, a per m incut ability to meet every I 

fair dent nd, all erruueuus or frudulens ciuims 
are o I course rijecled. I’Ims is t ie only plan ' 
of Insurance which can long deserve the ! 

or remedy had la led in; one Was a wI.ild ■ co.iti-ieiice, u.n«l 'tie utiDofoi^ne-l a-iretit 



In West Liberty, Ky ., th j Hth Nov. 
1852, of flux. Josephine, daughter of '-Vil- 
iijm H. and Mary Burne3. aged 13 yrs 
an I 7 nios. 


s Willing alt d cumraclcai cores in the leg ol a 
buy twelve years old. Tue leg bad wither- 
ed away, und was so contracted that be had 
j no Ose of it Tnree doctors liad liicd their 
i skill upon it in qiiu, aud lie was fi.St sink- 
ing t  toe grave, when the bcy.s father was 
i nJuceJ t  try tl- G. F iracll's Yrabion Lin- 
iment. Belore the first but 1 j was used, up 
lie came to Mr. D.'s store, aud the first words 
be saip were, “Mr. Birker, I wait all that 
Liniment you have i.i tho store; tlie bot- 

-tm ^ i tl i I got did my mure good 1 1 an all that had i 

The summons given tho decease I was ° 1 h 

t-xer been done bcTnrt. Tint boy is now 

brief an I painful, the short space of nine ^ . . . 

1 1 c IV cl and hearty, and has free use of Ids logs 

lavs suffebi'g terminate I tlie existence o! 1 , 

on whom nature ha I bestowo 1 the 

would recommend him to ail troubl'd tb?th 
fluid. In 1 1 us a puMi.t tru-t, 1 ivses sore eves, or so unfortunate as to have lost 
To secure for the publii and the their sight. R- K. LINDbEk. 

E ;t ill Co., Ky., March 8, 1852. 

With joy I rerncmb*f. 

The di'Vn of bl ight day, 

When dark as old Gyvpt 
In blindness 1 lay. 

I suffered for 4 years almost beyond des- 
cription, with highly inflamed eyes und oc- 
casional blindness but thank God I am re- 
lieved bv tbe application ol Dr. J. B. Gentry   
Ophthalmic Met binee, which preparation I 
recoimnenJ t" tliose who are unfortunitle iu 
their eves. It positively will cure them if 
they w ill u-e it according to bis direetiona. 
I could not say loo much for him or his meu- 

Crab Orcltard, Lincoln county. Ky.,J 
June the, 1'52. ^ 
At no period * f my life, has there been an 

confidently invites hTs friends to secure them 
selves at his Agency, 


latoss or Damage 

Td® Jl 


Navi c a t i o 


Tiio ndvnntoffoaa nf this rontrrttkt need. 
•ecnrCG'ly I't* urtrt'd up »n wonl*hy men. «»r 

one on wnom nature na i ueaywoi uio a||( j ^ Wi y 
| loveliest and noblest attributes. She was 
1 kind, emiubie ari l devoie I; but the fell i 

' g. ,| ll|l 'll | IIJ MIC III *1 ‘ * I* 1 * 

mercliunts, fur they ran 1/ neglect it, and if .opportunity to offer to the puMlc a Jact mere 

*•*’■ they do. fires lea o them resources.— de-crviiigoT timversal a 'letUton i tbaii tlie o- 

g.ip for sains, bruises, cuts, burns lt ^ eupe Jiul’y valuahl. to laborimr men, lief that Dr. (Wry. w ,th fits Medicine has 

Book, having m.srepresetue l the senti- . 

of a Rev. Gentle, who contra- tental.ous pen more important than in A- 

an I so . 1 2 may many a 

lightened — end orphan’s tear’s be dried for redress in 

vvah the substantial result, of your belov- ! When the goo 1 la ly has to lor* over the 

cd enterprise. 


gQ?*3u : sine«s ..t Nj v 
the Delta, lias coramensel with a vi.or 
and actevity such os h ts int b t w itness- 

mb eioiODie an . u.w,. ,, au. .a  | ^ out f ur Counterfeits! 

monster was insatiable, and Josephine is 

now in the “spirit land. | counterfeit, which It s lately made its ap 

She ha I just emerge 1 into the spring- pearaiice , called W. B. Farrell’s Arabian 
time of life, when tue wh sperings ol the Liiiinieut, tho most dangerous of all the 
heart are all of beauty, and the lifcht of ^ counferleits, because his having the name of 
love in the eyes, an l the heart attune I to Farrell, many will buy it in good faith, with- 
Orleans, says I the holiest symphonies, with mus e in its out the knowledge that a counterfeit exists, 
strings. Joseph. nc was one to mortals, ™d they will perhaps only discover their 

an error when tbe spurious mixture has wruught 

1 h ive been acquainted with ilia 
Doctor from youth, and know him to be a 
gentleman, i alo-i know that hisprepara- 
„ lion for the cure ot di-eased eyes, is a tri- 

The public are cautioned against another j g re w I ■ i   It may vi-il them nt anv bom . wm.l I umphant victory in the art.-, amt w.iuld ^re 

co'iiineuil mm t . II..- div-a-c . . . me «• -• — 

media ni s mid others nf moderate mean-— J given in", 
who, perhaps, have lit' le else than a homo 
and its contents in the world. 

These should never Neglect to insure; 

leave til in homeless, and with no capital blit .. ... ... 

their labor, to begin again the struggle of lb- resloreJ me to tuisiuo-s ; i a r   a i v 
life, and years of toil and watching inu-t pass blindness. J.-v.i ^ 4 

before they can regain what t.ey 


it seemed, tniuht have been spare 1 

U Hugh 

320,000 damnies, 1 suspect she will be- e | f or sc .. erl | yeirs.Retl is'.nto is rnpiply j early graves b't the delicate Issues of 
to think she had better been employ- r ; s ; n g | n value — in sa.ns citp e , eat aie wove t b» the t.n^ers ol uLi jui- 

or colored 

rilluiotc's i.citR 
n.tiw cli 

We publish lo-d-y lit s a In. rable pro- - 

Ruction of our present Chief Magistrate, property- whemet opm.ons 

How fortunate ^e arc to have at the hea l j^e.s j.i • — ^ 

of our public 'affairs such a pure and up- Uo.Uli ol •»* **•* ^ C4gc ,nl ' 

right man. We know not whether more j olin Sergeant, of Pennsylvan a, d.ed 
to admire his conduct in relation to our at h s reS i icnce in Phila lelph a, on 
Domestic or Foreign affa rs; in each he lhe 2 3 l of November, He was a great 
pre-eminently distinguished It in self. H.s an j j. 0 od man. He had Idiot m-tu  

has been one of the most brill. ant a.lmiu- porlanl 8 n.l distinguishe I public offices, 

istrat.ons since the days of Washington. anJ all 0 f them w t.i vast ability an 1 use- 
His patriotic conduct has won for himself f u i nes ,. He was for many years a mem- 
c name that is covered all over will, glory ber 0 f Congress at different and import- 
und it will grow brighter aud brighter as ont per ; 0 tsjn our country’s h. story. His 
long os Hismry has a pen to record and a ( | ealh ls mourne l by the nation, an it ms 
page to betetd. His character will stand fa i| e ,, on h eown S.ate like a su iden ov- 

likc a strong tower, self po se I and alone, etwhclinmg blow. 

When some futute Gibbon maybe colled 
to record tbe “Decline and Foil” of an- 
other great Repualic, it will nm bo re- 

e I at home te.i ting the baby and darning ^ w fln eUe u tbat excites iher : lclity even. I ty, and the myster.ous Omniscience know- 
socks, than me lling with other people’ 

its ovil ellecis. 

| The genuine article is manufactured only 
by 11. G. Farrell, sole inventor and proprie- 
tor, and wholesale druggist, No. 17 Maiu 

have l"St 

if tiith e l it i s ever done. . To »u h. iasur- 
a no i- a duty. If the individual is wmti 
liltie, flie expanse is 1 *s»- if t.e o.vti. inuc i 
uroperty. otill the exp-nse ii trifling, and y 
i.ive-li 'g a low d i lira lie is sale If Ito is 
overtaken by mialurtune. and his all I .id in 
ashes, he receives a reo tm.ioiKo i . a cash 
cupital equal in liic Ins', nud may soon re- 
«lnro »!i t h (8 boon destroyed 

Jlustonsville, Lincoln county. Ky 

June 28th, 1852, f 

My friend (-and acquaintance from his 
y.uith) wishes mu to slate the t .cia rqlajivw 
io the cure lie has performed on my eyes. I 
was for near 2 years suffering intense, pain 
and Idindtiess loo.a vast extent. Mv pre-cut 
relief warrants me to recommend Dr. Gi n- 
try ns a scientific, genthjiunn, on.' especially 
Id- preparation for the cure of diseased eyes. 

Policies issued at all times upm favorable yfi,,,,, uu j j]j 4 Medicine l cunu.-t s:.y too 


. j eth the aoir.ts that are his anJ though ^ reet . p { ,ori ., Illinois, to whom ail nppltea- 
she now sleeps qu etly upon the margin ol fur Agencies must be addressed. B- 

Mctvo by l!ic Atniiicin 

Halifax, Nov. 24th. 

The Queen rlelivere I herspee. lt to t’te ; the stream that flows so placid among the 
British Parliament in perso.i on the Hilt hills of her own Alpine home, h-.rspir.t is 

instant. She commences by paying n 
huh t .bute to the servi es an I character 
ol the late Duke of \Vellin c toa. Sltesays 
she has assuranres of fr.en.tly re ct ons 
from all Foreign Powers. 

hallu ling to the F.shing Qnert'on be- j 
twenn that country au I tlie U. States, she 
says: while tlie rights of her subjects are 
fairly maintains I, yet the frietlly spirit 
with which the question is treats l in lu   es 
the hope that the be beneficial 
an I have a ten lency to, exte 1 1 the com- 
mon interests with that great Republic. 

Philadelphia, Nov. 23. 
The Hon. John Sargent, one of the 
most eminent citize is of th s city, .lie l 

not lost, that Savior that site lovc.l and 
serve 1 wtll fin I it when He conies to 
“make up his jewels.” Her young heart 

sure vim get it with the letters U. G. before 
Farrell’s; — H. G. F VKRELL’S — and his 
signature on the wrapper, all .others ure 

AGENTS WANTED in every town, vil- 

j terni’a, by WAT. HUFFMAN. 

Agent for Mount Sterling and Mnutjorn- 
»-ry county. deed— l.n 


umch. JOHN E. W K!0HT. 

Paint Lick. Garranl m. Kv. J 
Soul 2' . 1852. S 

I iinve seen several certificates lq the .kill 
of Dr J B. Gentry, in treating Ophthalmia 

. ; [a jjereby given tial my teniik im* been lira- , lf y);. cil9 ,. 6 of the Eye. 1 knpw no language 
1 ken open, and my FREE PAPERS tuken 1 1 , t c*mhi expres; loo ptuelt for him, lor L 
la Lo warn all peraotis, that ' |, aVrf realized his skilf t/  tlie uttnftst in that 

hal been early won by Citr st.anity, and j Inge and hamlet in the United Stiles, in 

whidh one ie not ulreidy estahlialted Ad- 

Inst night, in the 73 1 year of It s age. — 
He ha I fille I many important offices, was 

j e:iib ol t,on fo, ’ wavd ' 

This distinguishe l Gentleman died on 
the 2 4 tb of November. He was a mcm- 
corde.l that Millard Fillmore contributed , f j,j r . Tyler's Cabinet, and subse- a member of Congress, nn l one of the 
to that end, but that his strong arm sus- k. our Minister to Denmark. How strongest a Ivocates ol the M.ssour. reso- 

, i . it I ^ quLiui} lutons. He was o canamale lor vice 

taine I and upheld it. He ts the man (or ^ fi „ s lhe National hear, with Burrow to pre i , ent Qn lhe Cjay tick#l u) ld32 . 

liltr, tit  c v o.fui- v ■ - 

•lias above, accompanied ' a;|(1 voi j ag tu ail y „j,e cUr, 
ice as to cliar.ieter, resp'oii- ! CllABLES TiPlON. 

; Nov 29, 1852 — Dt. 

the crisis. AU look to him. He has a 
lion’s heart and the wisdom of Nestor. 

see our distinguishe l lights going out for- 
ever. We may truly -ay, “how are the 

Our great men are 

on i„g around us li*c the mighty oaks before col 1 climates is so astonishing as to be , 

perfe. tly uuaccum able, were we not able 1 nal gain. 

A Daring Feat. — T he steeple ofa new mighty lallen 
church was complete 1 in Hart. or, 

Wednesday. Just before tho last stone the storm, 
was laid, says tho Courant, Andrew Con- y cw Developments 
ner, one of the stone masons, mounted Washington, Nov. 23. 

the top of the stone work, and standing 
erect, mu le a handsome bow, at the same 
time taking off his hat--ihen placing It’s 
hands on his hips turne I completely ur- 
ound. The place on which lie stoo l was 
only about a foot In diameter, and two 
hundve.l au 1 ten feet from the ground! 

^©"■Tlie New York times, by a calcu- 
lation, mokes the amount of tha debt of 
the United States 8270,000,000. 1 !lJ 

minimum estimate of that portion of the regulations 
above owed or advance i on, abroad, is a- 
follows: Federal loons, 840,000,000; 

State loans, 43 , 000 , 000 ; city loans and j 
bonds, $24,000,000; oounty loans and 

fall- ' 

A sc .son in S, , pistil :l- 

Tlte quickness of vegatat.en in hot and 

her li e was in beautiful harmony with 
her professions, an l that Savior upon 
whom she ha I placet Per first and early 
ofi'caions, forsook ner not in that trying 
and eventful hour; and when all things 
earthly was reie ling from her v:s.on, she 
spoke f.eely an 1 calmly of her spee ly 
dissolution, with that confidence that only 
characterizes the dying Christian. Her 
hope was “anchored with that within the 
vale.” Josephine was the last of female 
loveliness that death has left to the dis- 1 
consoiate parents. In the short space of 
one month have they followed two lovely 1 
daughters to the grave — this seems enough j 

to overwhelm with grief, yet they should ; c ^ Jackson, Philadelphia 

not “mourn as those that have no hope, |j : hing its value as a tonic and resto.ative, 

for tlio parents loss is the chi lclren's etsr- ' re guc |, as would prevent incredulity it-e.t D.'' 5, ' ' 

1 ... I.. ..11 ’ UlUUT II 

I he refrain. Thi 
- hot ild free papers beating tho unite of 
, en tries Tipt"it, i sued un let- the seal of 
.IJontgoiii'Ty routly, I"’ present ad by a iy 
'one, that tho same are •■frQltl my property 

dross li. G. F   r roll 
w»th good reference 
sibility. Nov. 5— 4w 

Sold by Hannah &. Gr torn*, Mt. Sterling, 

Smith &. Allen, Owing-vtlle, 

A. L. Aslitty, Slinrpsbnrg. 

W T. Allen Al Co . N. .vliddletown, I HAVE 1 waled, permanently 
Milshan & Tnoberl ilic. Plat Rock, 

J. P. Herndon, Winchester, 
and by regularly authorized agents through- 
out the Uni cd Slate -1 . 

(gy* Pi ice 23 an 1 50 cents, and 


Negroes Wanted, 

in Mount 

Sterling, f ir tlie ptypnee pi BUYING SUves 
H r tlie New Grlecns nuiikot, lor wlttcli I 
will pity CASH- Those wi-ltin^- to sell will 
.do wed to .all on me before making other 
SI per • arrungeiiienls 

Nov. 22, 1852 — 2m. 

(yj- An ounce of fad is worth a pound of j 
theory, and the swarm of conclusive Jacts 

that cluster round that i .comparable prepar- j,; rec ,. ipt . DAI- 

HooflanJ’s Gerntin Bitters, l ,rt ! ,utt igv*, „|- Bi.ltimore Oysters, which lie j 


W. F. BLACKBURN resp:tfully ami ' 

t ion. 


sibout Cub i 

rv.asttis.IOK. N° v - 23 ' , 

Tlie National Intelligencer 3 I’-™ 
six columns of correspondence between 
James Buchanan, when Secretary of State 
un le. President Polk, to offer $100,000,- j 
000 to the Government oi Spam for the 
purchase of Cuba. The propos.t.on was 
promptly though courteiusly, but abso- 
lutely declined. 

’1 lie Postmaster Get oral has decided j 
that there is nothing cither in the laws u- 
of I ho Post Office Department, 
which prevents the sending ot pet indican 
„i- papers lo “actual and b 011 ulideeub 3 c.i t- 
b er(i( n t y agen's or dealirs, tlie same as 
thev'wjere mailed directly from the offi.-e of . 

bonus, #24,uuu,uuu, t uuu« publication — all former decisions lo the con- 

bonds $2,000,000; railway bonds, $-0,- puuticat.oo ti,. first «rdoa of 

nr . a n a,i Total , 225,000,000. trary iioiwnhslanding. 1 


The Panama Railroad. — This great 
work is now done to Barbacore3, twe ty 
miles from Navy Bay, and its cominaiion 
is now persevere l in with great vigor. \- 
V? t 0 n : it c ',-r i;(u :,t work. 


the new law embraces the caso. 

to referit to a most exalte l wisdom. Tlie 
following is a callenJer of a Siberian, or 
!an l year: 

June 28 — Snow me’t3. 

July 1 — Snow gone. v 

“ 9 — Fields xuitd green. 

“ 17 — Plants at full growth. 

“ 25 — Plants in flowe.. 

Aug. 2 — Fru t ripe. 

“ 10 — Plants she I their sc id. 

“ 18 — Snow. 

Faoui August 18 to June 28, snow anl 

Thus it appears that front the:r first 
emerging from the ground to the ripen mg 
jj. 1 ol the. r see ts the plants take but a month; 
f an l spring, summer, nn d autumn into the 
shott space of lilty-s:x days. 

Cut lien it 

A Friend. 

In this county on tlie 27th inst., at the 
residence of her sot David, Mrs. Nancy 

I from questioning !* s efficacy. In «R cases 
disease of stomach, whether acute or 
it may be recommended for its 
rdial. and rcnovaliitg influeme. 



prepared f   • servi* up to who uif*y 

favor him with a call, in the a .proved st\le. 

efouc days t'rom Ballituotc is sotue- 
llting new in Mount Sterling, and toe epi- 
cure woul 1 tl" w til to call. 

Nov. 23. 1852 —if 

Hathaway, in the 70ih vear of her age. soothing, co 

a** - —■ 'r?™ riiirrs; 

S^llQ WG^ u . — . 

during which no one could suffer more; nausea.  ' 0 ^ uem ts, 


&c., me relieved, by the Bitters in a 

but she bore it with that Chr.sttnn lorit | ^ sp3CC df time; and a perseverance 

character. ze l Iter w io,e i(| t ),eir use never Giilu tu work a thorough 
t'u re. 

tu de which has 
life, n life snenl in the cause of Chr.snan- j 
ity, and replcta with beneyolrnce and j 
  liarity- Yes. shawms kind and obliging, 
on. I no one ran say 
was not a Cunst ian 

The Last fail! 

GAVE notice some time since, that it 
b hail been near l wo years since I declined 
tisiness, and requested .all indebted tome 
'   -all. aud settle, an I failing tn do so, I 
now say to every man. without di-crimina- 
tion, that fails lo call and settle by the 1st of 
I January nest, that i will put out llteir qptey 
j and accounts fur collection. I say, pay nl! 

- ^ -- | j, . j vour just debts and then contribute lo tlie 

that old Aunt Nancy portant to Dyspeptics. — Dr. J. Ib. Hough- Jtoad w hat you please, A plain hint. 
ton’S PEPSIN, The True Digestive Fluid, 

sept 84 — lm. 
gisj“Another Scientific Wonier! lm- 


L@“BecBuse a man who goes into the 

grocery business is n greccr, it dozn' fol- j va ,. an ,. v caused by tbe death ol 
low that a roan who goes ioto tec horse 
I'uliCci-j is a he—ser. 

lion. Charles .W 

minted by Gov. Wtiobt 
S. Sennlof, to fill ibe 

lion. Jatr.e* "‘hilcotnli. 

lias been up| 
of In itl. in n, U 

She die I as she live 1, confident of a or Gastric Juice, prepared from Rennet 
brklu and happy home in Heaven, and site 1 0 r the Fourth Stomach of the Ox, alter . 
js 7,o a- gone to the companionship of ; directions of Baron LIEBIG, the great | 
those angels of that surroun l tlie ' physiological Chemist, by J. S. Houg ■ | 
throne of God. An ;,ffe  tio'nate son and , ton, M. D., Philadelphia, lh.s is .tu y 

dorful reme ly for Indigestion, Dyn- 

Nov. lOilt, 1852. — tf 


Mount &tebuxg, August 25tii. 1652 

Turpin & Langley, 

■ l,e ba- cmnpleleiy stopped the influmatipn in 
my eves nud ACiUtrpd llte to Ctclit, aider sut- 
ler i up four years iiirefino pain and blindness 
— l ean -hoot a title. gpu In 'he centre. — • 
W lien he p-ntnieBi-ed with me, I could not 
] rent! lhe largest print; tiowj citn reail tlio 
Smallest. 1 do consider him a pliilottogher, 
worthy of any age, and prepara iotn lor 
the cure el sute i- yes a triumphant victory 
in the arts. 


I» ( . I 

Pleasant Hill, Madison cn„ Ky.,( 

Be pi, 18, 1652. , 

1 find in various public- prints, certificate* 

1 1 i 2 i i ! y coinnietiding Dr. Geutry s skill as an 
Oeuli-t. lie having called on me tor a cer- 
tificate to that effect. I would say. tu the pub- 
lie, that l cannot sav too much for hint, as I 
tl, u certain that bo i-, by far, the best Ocni »t 
I. .now of. HisSuccrss in m) own CUM 1 ami 
si v -rid in tl.e iieigliboihond, warrant mein 
an; iug that lie is a s-ieutific gentleman, and 
ought to be patronized, as I know lie can 
i i-lieve suffering humanity of one ot its limit 
I loathsome maladies. , • 

Madison co., Ky., Oct 5ili 1852. 

; I w iUingljremtiraee the pre.-ent oppor* 
tonity of recommending Dr. Gentry to thn 
whole community. Helms cured ipysell ot 
daughter  tf the sore eyes. I h/tyo Imd tliein 
for two years, and my daughter so nettling 
Ics-. I c ttsiiler his preparation lor me 
cure of Ophthalmia, fully up to any discov- 
ery of the prevent age. D stands as a mon- 
ument ..I his skill. and he ought to be put run- 
ized wherever there is nuffijilng humanity. 


B.-.tG co., Kv., Sept. 15, 1652. 

At one time I almost despaired of eye 
sin ht — 1 hail availed my self of t-e skill .of 
gi utletiien ot the kui rounding, poutitty a nl 
city of Cint-i.inali. hut no relist. I sent lor 
Dr. J . B. Gentry, and dale relict lre-tn hi) 
first ;i-it. L heartily recommend 1 ra unl * 
iiis tvi edit- 1 ues to the whole v-m m nto-y ■ 
The immedGte interest l lake in this matter 

i the 

hy mutual consent. All persons ittv- 

lut ful gran I -children, mourn her loss i a wondorful reme ly lor lnJigesuon, Ltyo- 1 1n g rUlll ^ rilli w ju pome forwarJ and -cttic 
d many kind relatives, all consoled by j pepsin, Jaundice, Liver Complaint, Con- up immediately with either uno of the firm. 

the thought that site is now happy above, stipat.on, and Debility^, curing 
an 1 lias conquered Deatu, the Chr.stian’s 

last enemy. 

A Friend. 

O ne-third Do* f esu u* 1 **™ 1 ' r * r ““' 

rh-« for. sat) « r.t tbe DRUG f tore 

after Nt-- 

tuves own method, by Nature sown a^ent 
tm. Gastric Juice. Pamphle.s, contain- 
ing scientific evidence of ns value, furnish- 
c-J by agents gratis, fieo notice wnottv, 


AVING tliis day dissolved pa rttierihip j U f. r the distr.-sseil in their eyes 

Eve is i'ii imli-pensahl-' sense to our en- 
joyment. All index to all the pa.-simis nno 
the beauty and gl-ry of the face. U  ney 
should become di- eased. I »d\i»c y ou to go 
and see him or gel his Medicine. ■ . 


Oct. 22, 1852. 

I Still remain at the Lever, Mcntg tnery 
I reinuVtf, J Wi I (lu rv 



V V . 

ILL continue tho but iue*6 

’Inn k  b r 

AS U*Uft; 

yy snd solicits it portion nf t: e publie 

patronage. They re'u'ii tnetr miiKi it countv, Kdutitekv. 
former favors. TURPIN f: LANGLEY- 1 j ,;.,..' ( lie public, 
ton’ 3. 1852 -tf - oA V*Y. 

j. b. ui.vraY, 


-i» ■ 

A Few Hints on Cookery- 


Use three poun is of teen. lc; lour beat- 
en ec:.; a pound pl firown sugar; two 
ounces of finely powdered ginger, and ol 
clovesr mace, and nutmeg a quarter of an 
ounce each; anil four poun, Is of butler 
melted- Mi* the whole together, and add 
as much flour as will knead it into a very 
stiff paste; roll it out, cut it into what 
form you choose, and bake it in a moder- 
ate oven. 

sweet paste for takts. 

Take a pound of flour, with the same 
quantity of louf-suger and butter; work it 
up together, but do not roil it: men beat 
it up with a rolling-pin for hail an hour, 
folding it up and beating it out again. — - 
Roll itout in little pieces as require I for 
sour tarts. Cover the ins de of the dish or 
patty pans with paste. Fill in the cen- 
ter with any preserve I fruit or jam. Cut 
strips of the paste, an i lay across in bars 
over the fruit, alia bake f5r half* an hour 
or less according to the size of the tarts. 



BY join' SCOTT. 


When paid in advance, $'2.0(1 

“ “ six months, 2,50 

44 44 at theendofthc year, 3,00 

*,* No paper discontinued until all arrear- 
ages are paid, except at the option of the pub- 
lisher; and a failure to order a discontinuance 
at the expiration of the time subscribed for 
will be considered as ir new e n gagome lit. 


B ARNES, MILLER & LEE, are now 
receiving a large and well selected 
stock of 

Fall = Winter 0 




leiiti* ol Advcrtisiiiji- 

One square of twelve lines, or less, 
one insertion, 

For each continuance, 

44 three months, 

44 six months, 

“ twelve months, 

44 two squares bv the year, with 
the privilege of renewing, 

44 three squares, renewable, 

For announcing a candidate. 

Each continuance of name, 
j For advertising a wifo, 



7. (Ill 




2, 'Ml 

consisting in part nf a great variety of Ladies 
Dies* anil other Goods, of the latest styles 
(dents. Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, djv. ,dj‘C 
Hats ami Caps, ot various descriptions. 
Hoots anil Shoes — oueofihe Inrgest an 

PHE subscriber has recently laid off a 
tow n about three fourdis ot a mile above 
.the mouth ot big Sturdy, in Greenup county, 
Ivy., in the Rig Sandy Valley, at a point 
w liicli itJs expected w ill lie t lie Terminus 
of the Lexington and .Big Sandy, mid Mays- 
s , | ville and Big Sa udy Rail Roads. It is ex- 
pected they will hereafter connect with the 
great Central Virginiu Railroad now in pro- 
cess of const ruction. The Ihg Sandy and 


13 1 

U T E respectfully announce to our 
friends, customers, and the public 
generally, tlui 4 . we are now in receipt of a 
large, and complete stock of 


| Those wishing good nnd cheap bargains 
1 would do welt to call and examine our stock 

Shot Guns; 


I lIAdfEihe Inrgest best selected stock 
sale iii the Western L oouniry, and will sell 
them cheaper thau any ever sold in this mar- 
ket Every Gun warranted' 

Oct. 27, 1852. J. J. HADEN. 



W II V 18 IT 1 

bufore purchasing elsewlieie, as we tre de- 
Ow ingsville Turnpike passes through this ' termined to sell on as cheap ami lair terms, 

Town, also the State road going from Cult- 

best .locks ever otl-red to the public in their [jetlsliurg to Western Virginia li is a fine 
house. Bonnets, Ribbons, Luces, French j healthy location, Willi good Water, and above 

Worked OfTlln rs, Undersleeves, L. C. Hdkfs»* j 
nnd in o word, every tiling u.sunlly found in 
retnil houses. They were purchased by T j 
C Barnes, whose experience ns n buyer and ; 
payment of Cash, gave him many advantages 
in i lie eastern market, *»nd we pUrdifo our 

ijjh water murk. Lots of po.ul «izc, and 
wide streets and alleys. The Town lies with- 
in the Old Savupe Military Grant, and the 
subscriber will make a warrantee Deed — 
Sale to commence the 1st day of February 
. next. One third of the purchase money in 

selves to sell them ut such prices ns will sat- hand, and til- other two thirds 

isfy n reasonable and liberal public. 
Mount Sterling, September 10, 185*2. 

Ll; Vi iU'J.t, 

25 . 
5,00 I J 

Short bread. 

ij^/~ If advertisements are required to be 
Dut in d-'uble columns, double price will bo 
Take otic pound of flour, half a poun 1 'charged. 

(pfj- All personal articles to be paid at 

of butter vi^liiat ounces ofpowderel 
loaf-sugar; tuijRall together without any 
water, knead it well with your hand, roll 
it out thin and stick pie cs of candle I peel 
cut thin over the top, cut i( in any shape 

you please, and bake it in a slow oven. 



Swell rice into milk; strain it an I lay 
it ronnd some apples previously pare I 
and cored put a bit of cinnamon, lemon 
peel, and a clove in each, then t e them 
in a cloth, and boil them well; they are 
eaten with inelte I butter anil sugar. 


Beat up six egg s, cake u quart ofmilk, 
six spoonfuls of flour, eight bitter almonds 

double our advertising rates 

Q^7“ Communications intended to advance 
die business or interests of any man, will be 
charged the timal advertising rates. 

(gy- Obituary notices exceeding twelve 
lines, charged at the rate of fifty ceuts per 

Advertisements must be marked wit) 
the number of insertions which they are t  
have, otherwise they will he continued ut (hi 
expense of the advertiser. 

The privileges' of yearly advertisers will br 
confined rigidly to their regular business, am 
all other advertisements not pertaining to 
their regular business as agreed for, to be 
paid extra. 

V. B. Palmer, the American nevvs- 

KEEP constantly on hand a good assort- 
ment of leather — and will exchange it for 
D-yor Green Hides. J. J. HADEN. 

• me mid 

two years, with a lien on the Lot or Lois un- 
til the purchase money is paid. A Plaint 
said Town can be seen at nny lime by call- 
ing on the subscriber, in Ca'.tl-ltshnrg 

September Uth, 1852. — Sin 

FO •: SA LF, 

V NEGRO Woman nnd 2' children, the 
Woman is No. 1, about 24 years - hi. 
One of the children is a girl 2 years old. the j 
other a boy 2 months ol I. They are sold for j 
no fault. Tli.  y are sound and Ilk* ly For I 
fmther pMtirulars enquire of the EDITO/i 
Nov 1, 1852. — tf 


WAJVT to purchase 500 Bn. of good incr- 
chso'able WHEAT, for which I will pay 
n xtr i good price. J- J. HADEN. 

blanched and grate I, a toaspoonful of agent, is the only authorized agent for 

salt, and one ofgroun I ginger; mix all to- Hie Kentucky Whig in the cities of B  ston, 

New York, and Philadelphia, and is duly 
empowered to lake advertisements and suu- 

getlier, butter vour basin, an i pour it i 
tieu cloth over itanJ boil it nil hour an 

a quarter. When it is done, turn it into j scriptions at the tales required by us. 

a dish and pour melt butter and sugar over 


Use a quart ofmilk, mix six teaspoon 
fuls of flour with a little of the milk first, 
nnd add the rest by degrees,' with a tea- 
spoonful of salt, two of beaten ginger, 
and two of tb# tincture of saffron; mix 
altogether quite smooth and boil it for an 
hour either in a buttered cloth or basin. 


Beat up three eggs and a quart ofmilk; 
make it up into a batter with flour, a little 
salt, a spoonful of ground ginger, and a 
little grated lemon-peel; let it be ol a fine 
thickness and perfectly smooth. Clean 
your fryingpan thoroughly, and put into it 
a good lump of dripping or butter; when 
it is hot, pour in a cupful of batter and let 
it run all over of an equal thickness; shake 
the pan frequently that the butter may not 
stick, and when you th-nk it is done on 
one side, toss it over; if you cannot, turn it 
with a slice 4 , and when both sides are of a 
nice light brown, lay it on a dish before 
the tire; strew sug rover it, and so do the 




j i i 1 1 


Navigation by the 


This old anil responsible Company continues 

rest. They shoubl be eaten directly, or to grant Policies upon tbo most favorable 
they will become heavy. 


THE C tmnis-ionrs of C .mtnon Schools 
will meet at the office of A. W. Hamilton on 
toe 1 0th iusi for the purpose of receiving 
the report of School Tru tees. 

Nov. 1. 1852. 

Jeans and Wool! 

E haven large lotofheavy JEASN 
[ and LINSEY* left with us to ex- 

change for WOOL or sell for CASH. — 
1 It is “ all rij-ht.” 

June 25, 1842. 

an any other b Hj*»e in this market. We 
have a good assortment of Ladies Dress 
Goods, consisting in part of French and Eng- 
lish Merinos, sulul colours — Solid and very 
rich Hovered Cashmeres, nnd Muslin De 
Lunins — Lares, Gimps Fringes 01 various 
widths, nnd colour* — French worked Capes, 
Collars, Wrist let**, nnd Undersleeves — Blk. | 
Fluid and FigM Dress Silks etr., etc. 

A good asMirtmentment of Fancy Cassi ! 
meres. Oasinets, and Sjlinets fur jjeirdenrmnV | 
wear — New style silk Hals, Plush, Cloth, 
and silk Caps. A large stock of tine mid | 
coarse BOOTS and SHOES — Blk and Fancy | 

I Scurfs, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Glove#; Coi- 
urs, & *., &c. We also have a supply ofi 

HARDWARE, queens AT are, 

with various other articles too tedious to I 
mention* all of which we w ill sell rheiip for 
l Cash, or on time to gpod men. We sh ill ; 
'spire no p ins to render satisfaction to those | 
| who may luvor us wi ll a call. 

Mount Sterling, Oct. 1, 1852. 

LIST received, and ler stwle at the Hard- 
ware Store a few CHAIN PUMPS.— 
This th • cheapest, simplest and most durable 
Pump ever used. Oct 1. 

HOUS! llOGiS !! 

J Want to trade For 5,0001b nett POBK — 
' to he delivered to me in \lt Sfeflinfcr by 
the 20th of Dee. J.J. HADEN. 

A T Ov. 10. 1*52. 

I Oiv nils id IOIlLI. 

•V f J L K*S Aromatic Vinegar. 

Roses, Hair Lustmle, “which 
ticuUrly nice.** French and American Soaps 
 i»d IV r turneries. &.c , &c. We eon recom- 
mend these articles, together with mnuv 
others, to ihe fairer po r tion ofrmr customers 
as pat timilurly nice and beneficial. At 
June 11 ' HANNAH & GROOMS 


Cre* m 
is | ar- 


By l*«*r Kilting in liir* 4 tn »«l 4 Mi 4 tl o( ll.r kn 
* % Inch li i« r intrd tlie nick   

N Inrce or small quantities for sn|e bv 

' jt KEGS I'll It IU IVEtnn: LE.tO- 

" iii store and fur Bait- by 

may 21 II II. TURNER. 

Shot 0 i! as. 


AVING a largo lot of Bo-'ls nnd Sh »es on 
hand, of this Spring** importation. I will 
, u er extra bargains to th chp who wish to 
tii v for Ca«h. or to punctual customers. 

Turn 11, 18’ ] GS J. J. STOCKTON. 


A few Thousand Yellow Por’a* SFflN- 
qx)ES for Bale ch“»n bv J.J HA DEV. 

 i • «*ni'ux to Act of i’on jr«-8r, to iliw v*-ar 
ly J.  . H UU1IT ».\,  1. If., inthcc'.rk# 
Oflice of Mi-- Pl-tr • t Court for the )au*tcra 
Pi strict of Pen usyl vii n in. 

Anot’-icr Scientific Wonder! 





supply of 

S ll O T 

E have received a n w 


(mU.\ N, wliieh we will sell right. 

Sept. 17, 1852. 

Hannah & Grooms 

HAVE just rec-.ivrd a Lot of f t-sli Pickles 
amt Pruservos o.' assort. -ti kinds; consisting 
In part ail Pi-achcs, Quinces, Phic-Ap] 1 *s , 
Oranges &c. 


I liava -a lew Ir rrc-lls of PURE oi l C-ip- 
p-T distilled WHISKEY on hand & will sell 
it cheap- 3 YEARS old. J I II '.DEN 

» A RDl.DRY. 

"E UST receive 1 a fine assortment o( 
Sa l. lie Tree Enamhiele l Le; ther, 
fair Calf an 1 Hog Skins Binding, Web- 
bing, Buckels, Bitts. Tinea Ian I Silk, lor 
sale by LINDSEY & DORSEY, 
july 2. 


Writing & Lett -r paper, tor sale bv 


iC&siJOl) UhlLLlM 

H J HATEVER concerns the health nnd 
hanpine^H of n ppople is «t all times 

of the most valuable importance. I take it 
for granted that every person will do all in 
their power, to save the lives of their ehil 
dren, and that e»eiy person will endeavor to 

promote their own health at all sacrifices — , lC , nMin rw  •. 

!. , . . , I , , , S10MA( II 1 1 P 1I1E OX, after directions 

feel H to he my duty to «?  ! uinly assure you 







Prepared from RENFET f r the fourth 

Coat Blankets! 

A good stock — for -ah* bv 

Oct. 51. 1852. 


Make a batter of flour, milk and eggs 
of whatever richness you desire, stir into 
into it either raspberries, currents or any 
other fruit. Fry in hot larj as same as 

pancake 1 . 


(Kr Apply to 

Agent for Owingsville, and Batli County. 
Nov. 22, 1852— 1m 


A Military Argus has a long and pro 
sy article headed, ‘How to make a home 
happy.’ A friend ofour- has now a work 
in preparation which solves the question ; 

— ‘It is to give your wile as much money j 
as she asks for.’ This entirely abolishes 
the necessity ofkisses and soft solder. 

Betty throw up the window, loosen my 
belt, ami bring me my vinaigreae! .. , . 

It is of no use to faint, or go into hyster- Q,VlS3/tlOIl 
ics, because there's nobody here just now | 1 

that understands my case! but I’d have 
you to understand, sir (fan me, Bet- 
ty!) o-o-h— that (Jul- 


fjoss or Damage 





ius Ccesar, what a Hottentot) that neither 
‘kisses,’ ‘soft solder,’ or ‘money,’ can ever 
repay your wife w hat she is to you! 

Listen to me! Do you remember when 
you was sick? Who tiptoed round your 
room, arranging the shutters and curtain 
holes with an instinctive knowledge of 
light, to a ray, that your tortured head 
beat? Who turned your pillows on the 
cool side and ported the thick mallei 
locks from your hot temples? Who mo- 
ved glasses and spoons and phials with 
out collision or jingle? Who looked at 
you with a compass. onate smile, when 
you persisted you ‘would’nt take your 
medicine because it tasted so bad,’ and 


Insurance Company. 


Of BARON LIEBIG, the grout Pny.siological 
Clu-mi-t. by J. 8. ISHUUGTON, M. D-, 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

This is a great Natural remedy for 1N-- 
and DEBILITY, Curing after Nature’s own 
method, by Nature’sowu Agent, the Gastric 

(g^IIulf a teaspoonfull of Pepsin infused 
in w-'-'er. will digest or dissolve Cite Hounds 
of Routt heef in about tu n hours, out of the 

tha 4 WORMS, according to the opinion of 
the most celebrated Physicians, are the pri- 
mary causes of a large majority of ii sea-es 
to which children and adults are liable; if 
you have an appetite continually changeable 
from one kindol fond to another. Bad Breath, 

Pain in the Stomach, P-cking nt the Nose, 

Hardness and Fullness of the Belly. Dry 
Cough, Slow Fever. Pulse Irregular — re- 
member that all these depute WORMS, and 
you should at once apply the rPine ly; — 

iiobensack’s Worm Svrup. , , 

* » PEPSIN is the chief elemeut, or Great 

An article founded upon Scientific Prin- Digesting Principle of the Gastric Juice— 


.i f. have just received, to order, a lnrg  
*• supply of new style Bonnets, which we 
wi|J soil unusii.tliy low. Judies who are not 
supplied, would do well to call, nnd • x inline 

our stock. MITCHELL & HOWARD, 
may 28, 1852. 


5,(100 Yds. Brown Jeans. 3.000 Yds. 
White Liusjy* 500 S riped Linsey to fill 
an order. Ladies vonld do well to call i as 
I will pay fair prices for any of the above 
articles. J. J. HADEN. 


5 HAVE in f tore and tor gale, several BAR- 

RELS of pure old New Jt 

made Ap* 


ciples. compounded with purely vegetable ,|, e tjol vent of the Food, the Purifying, Pro 
substances, being perfectly safe whop taken ! serving, and Stimulating Agent ot the Stmn- 
and can he given to the most U-ryier Inf-mt l ac h and lutes ines. It is extracted from 
with decided hem ficiul e|Tm t, where. Bowel ,|, e HigeMi e Stomach of llm Gx. thus form- 
Complaints and Diarrhea have made them j | n j, a TRUE DIGESTIVE FLUID, precise- CANS Fres 
weak and debilitated the Tonic properties   f jy- like Ihe nniurul Gastric Juice Juice in its Z ' „ 

and furnishing a Com* 

pie BRANDY. The bust article ever ntier- 
c.l in ibis market J. J. HADEN. 

KEGS pure White Lead, f-.r sale at the 
DRUG Store. 

my Worm Syrup are such,lhat it stands with- 
out an equal in the catalogue of medicines, 
in giving lone nnd strength to the S'nmacli, 
which makes jinn Infallible remedy for those 
afflicted with Dyspepsia, the astounding 
l itres performed by this Syrup after Physic- 
inns Invc failed, is tiie best evidence ot its 
superior efficacy over all others. 

h Ginger 
at the 

Preserves, for sal 
DRUG S.ore. 

t FINE Lot of Combs dj- Brushes 
‘ cheap nt the DRUG 

for sale 


WORK HORSES, it great 
~ he had bv cubing soon, ns 



This is the most difficult Worm to destroy 
of a 11 1 hat infest the human system, it grows 
to an almost Indefinite length becoming so 
coiled and fastened in the Intestines and 
Stomach elFocting the health so sadly as to 
cause St. Vitus Dance, Fits. &c., t’.mt those 
afflicted seldom if ever suspect that i! is 
Tape Worm hastening them to an early 
Agent for Mount Sterling. & Montgomery gr . tVH _ or( | er to destroy tbi- Worm, n 

^ov. 23, 1852 — lm county, Kentucky. ver , 



Let! the 

Oct. 21, 


J J 


bargain can 
1 am nut of 


& S 3LE. constantly on hand. 



Economy, Brilliancy, Cleanliness, and 



those persons who wish to avail tlrem- 
selves of the opportunity of testing one 
of the best lights ever used upon a supper 


very eneree’ic treatment must he pursued, it 
I won M therefore he proper to take 6 n» 8 of’ 
inv Liver Pills so ass to remove nil obstruc- 
tions, i hat the Woi in Syrirp may net «iire C i 
I upon the Worm, wiii. !.’ mu*»t he taken rm 
i do.-es of 2 Tablespoon fill Is 3 lines a ‘ ,; »v these 
dire« t i ms foihiwed have never been known 
to fall io curing the moot obstinate case of 
; Tape Worm. 

kept a sober face when you lay chaffing table, (or for reading and sewinir*) the M«b- 
likc a caged lion, calling for sesra-rs and 8,1 r, hu r oilers to h nn a beautiful Stand Lamp 

newspapers, end mint juleps, and whiskey lo " s, ‘ ’ 50 l " n ‘- T 'h'-y .-.uitinnc t-, 

\\ | A • J | I purchase the Phogpue exclusively of him. — 

punches* Y\ ho migrated, unceasing y L , - , 

i • • , i L • t . By ibis arranirement, nil persons ran have a 

am uncomplainingly from the big baby £ c 8il(e . nnd w ,ei brm.l.akt light 

bcloie her, to the little baby in the era lie, outnny additional expense fora lamp; tlusy 
without sleep, food or rest? \V ho tempt- are at no risk whatever, for if upon n tri il, 
ej your convalescent appetite with some the lamp i« not satisfactory, it can be return- 
rare dainty of her own making, and got *■ •, and they car  resume the useof their 

fretted at because there 
enough in it? 



was not sugar "former lights, 

V | 

Who was omnipresent in chamber, 
Vilchcn, parlor and nursery, keeping the 
domestic wheels in mot on, th« there 
fhould be no jar in the machinery ? Who 
ordered them to Lc strewn before the 
house, that your slumbers might be un- 
broken by noisy carriage wheels? Who 

HANNAH &. GROOMS, Agents for 
B F. Green-  uoh, 
No. 45 Fifth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Cal! at the Drug Store, and nee the Lamps 

Sept. 10. 1852. 


Hobensack’s -Liver Pills! 

No part of Hi#* sv tom is more liable to 
disease than the LIVER, it. serving as a fil 
terer l«* ptiriG the blood, or j. Lino tin* prop 
er secretion to the him; so that any 
action of the Liver ellecls I lie othe r impor- 
tant parts of the system, and results various 
ly, in Liver Compl . mi. Jaun lice, Dv spepsia, 
&c. We shunhl, therefore, watch every 
symptom thut mil* til indicate a wrongs action 
ol ihe Liver. These PilN bein^ composed 
| of ROUTS cy PLANTS furiii.-hcd by uattirc 
! o heal i he sick: Namely, 1st, An LX PEC— 
jTORANT, wl ich augments lt d *e *re i i;, 
I tri^m the I 1 ' !i* ua»y mucus membrane, or 
| promotes the rlLcha ree ol se  reted mutter, 
j 2nd. An AL TER ATIVE, which changes in 
i some inexplicable ami insensible umunei ihe 
| certuiu inoi i id action of the s^:ciii. 3rd 

Chemical powers 

plete ami Per feet Substitute for it By the 
aid of this preparation^ the pains and evils 
of Indigestion atjd Dvs *epsia are removed, 
just as they uodhl be by a healthy Stomach. 

It is doing wonders for Dyspeptics, curing 
ra^es el Debility, Emaciation, Nervous De- 
  Htie, and Dyspeptic Consumption, supposed 
to be on the vr*rge of the grave. The S» ien- 
tific Evidence upon which it is based, is in 
the highest degree Curious and Remarkable. 


Baron Liebig, in Ills celebrated work on 
Animal Chemistry, says: An Artifici l Di- 
gestive Fluid, analogous to ihe GhsIi ir Juice 
may be readily prepared from the mucous 
membrane of Ihe stomach of the Ox, in which 
various articles of food, os meat and eggs, 
will be softened, changed, and digested, just 
in the same manner us they would he in the 
human stomach/’ 

(£7- Call on the agent, and uet n Descrip- 
tive Circular, gratis, giving a large amount 
of S ientifiV Evidence, similar to the n'ove, 
from Dr. Cniime’s Physiology of Digestion; 

Dr. Pereira on Feud and Diet; Dr. John VV. 

Draper, of New York University; Prof. 

Du;; Miso.i’s Phv«-iology; Prof. Sillimm, of 
Yale College; Dr. Carpenter’s Physiology; 

&c., together with reports of Cures from all 
parts of the United Slavs. 

NO ALCH0H0L, BITTERS, or acids. 

Keoictin er tin-; Ur. Hetialitou’s Pep 
sin is a great Natural Remedy, from Alcho- 

ho|, Bitters. Acids, and Nauseous Drogs — cm- 1.1.1 ** tu every stage of life, and 

li i- ext remely agreeable to the taste, and which have heretofore resisted the best ef- 
niny he taken by the most feeble patients forts of IfiC Medical profession in all coun- 
who cannot eut u water cracker without acute tries, to a degree beyond that of almost every 


Dr. 1 1 oiighfon's Pepsin vie now been tes 
ted. for upwards of two years, in every large 

i\o Mrs:. 

| NOW beg to inform my friends nnd pa- 

0 liiMits that, for their gre.’-t- » nccommoua 

lion, as well as fur my o\» :on venience, i 

have now perrivinemly located in Frankfort. 

My office is on St. Clair street, nearlv op- 
posite t he Sneilds House. As I will not in 

j'uitire ride to see patient!*, dry friends will 

'always find me without disappointment; nnd 
all letters addressed to'me will he punduailv 
attend' d to, if post paid. * 

The increasing dctmiid for mv AV Plus 1 
UUm and oilier medicine*, will cutnp.*! me 
to devote a large portion of my time in their 
| preparation. I hope, therefore, that none 
Will :n future expect me to visit them when 
sick. They will have either to come or write 
j to me. As soon as tin* river rises. 1 will be 
! enabled to meet tiie demands of my agents i 
for medicines, and 1  io hope, that in the j 
meantime my friends will bear with me, as 
it is impossible to procure bottles a* tin* pres- 
ent time, owing to the low st; ge of the . wa- I 
j ter. 

Persons afflicted with Chronic or other dis- 
! eases, should, when writing to me, be very 
particular in describing the symptoms, the | 

1 eng h of time they may have been sick, &c. 
It will also be necessary for tin ill to give the 
best route so send tin* medicine. All Icth rs 
post paid and inclosing $2U, or a check f. r 
i hot atnouiit, wiil have the in» dicine, (tvv 
bottles,) wi«n toil direction?-, f rw aided to! 
their addre-'S imim di ttely. And all letters 1 

I from new patients foradvi *, inclosing a , 
doil ir, w ill be attends. d to, it p • ! | aid, hot 
n »t otherwise. 

In all diseases of women, my No Plus Ul- 
tra and Female Reso r Uvc In. ve ii i equal. 

In Typhoid ami ail oiher fevers inv med- 
icines act in a few minutes, a d in twoor 
three days will restore entii ely tiheclih, per- 
sons who have been down for three months 
with Typhoid fever. We *.\ ill give the facts 
iulhe Yeoman and Commonweal ih. and other 
papers, in a few days. 

In Negro Consumption my Nc Pins Ultra 1 
and Noiipuriel Tonic are a specific in 05 cases 
out of one hundred. In evidence of what 
they will do in this disease, 1 refer to Mr. 
Jas. Alley, of Frankfort, Preston Li ki. more. 
Esq , of A ndcfson, and Dr. Herndon, ol Scott 
county. These are hut a lew out of hun- 
dreds to wlnmi 1 can refer the public, in 
Dropsy .oj the heart and ehts*, and general 
dropsy of the whole system, I reftr to Kobt 
Elliot, E-q , of A miersoit county. This ens 
! is so remar kafile that nearly all the citizen 
la i» well acqu i nt* d with it. In Eyspep.-u, 

1 re t**i to Preston Blakcmorc, E-q , Andei- w# hf mill matv fcrnitn, «r»rrr in th» mtcflim rflife 
*»r«tk«rM i . Hr, I 4-id • 1 'irit, Mifh ■ cuin| lir«tio,i nf Jiirau, 
»ii 4 J line it». ur| n«Ki(, n | tl,r i-.wn lot tin* nijoyint-iit 
ol lile »t -vi "l,r, J'liY»»cil Ii«aI:Ii. buo) aiicy of *| iri(s ( 
» 4 id h,|'|' ' »r irmly ol »pi».u, an. mg I'ruin « con tli lion of lira! tit, 
•h'-tilti br t irU ,iiit.iaMr 

Vt any ol lilt- cause*  »f l.rr «titr«ri | K 1 nt fir^t— | rrhn| , year* 
*»efore, |irilM| « uiiring ki- II.  » ,!. 01 ti,r f ir »t yrant ol ina. i iagr— 
*nc in ilirii oiigin »o as to |.a»a uunoticrj. u l comae 


W*lteu.tOO Isle to lie benHitlrd by our UuoMlrd;r. mt look 
6.«rk ami mount, and irgret tlie lull couae^ueuces of our 

•gnora ce. 

VVtut Mould we not olien tire ro |iossrsa. in early MV, t|, e 
V'imw ledge we obum in afiei  ears! Ai.'l wliat days and 
nitfliH s  f Aiiiftnsli wr might not hive been spared, if il.e 
biuw InlK*- ttu li met y i-r.sseaaed. ll is 


I*o brhotil Mir sickness ami sotTeiiug endured by many a wife 
G.r tin's years, lYoin r.unri sinn Ir ami eonCr»,llabl«, easily 
reinnlied— or better .till, — not n.cuirrd. ifrt rry 


|*,.t«r«.e 4 l (be i 4 ilorinaii-ni c- I'Aii.e.l iii a lot Ir ti.lume, (with 
' mi (lie reach •»! all) w liicl) w«Mild *|)are to beiself 

a K Alls OK .tllSKUl', 

fed lo her bn-iband tlir riwistaiit toil and a'ltiriy of mind, 

• ceeaarilt iletoli i'.k m-awi bun Iroiu Mcknrts n| il.e wilr, 

I oitbiMii jilting In in the o| | onuiiiy of i.c.iniu* g iImi coin- 
. .rimer uhicli his rsnlioiia are entitled, at d tlir possession 
.1 wlttrli Would aecuie the happiness of luinsell. wile, and 


ledge .the wan# 
•id pom* y ol ihoitsauda 
j I s airw stti-li cousei|Ur..irs, no wife 01 tmutiri is r,r u- 
♦able it .-lir ueelett lo «rail l.risell ,.f llml know IrdgC in 
e rrt lo herself, wliicll Wolihl »| 4 «ie lie, touch suffer! tc. be 
| the tnt-nir of h iq i e»s a .d l„o*petH  to her IoisI.a d. ;i :d 
Coitfei npo t he, rh Id en lit U t(fr..ini; .,!»••, r all ptice — healihf 
iumIm--., w ith lieal h - miiuU ’I tiai know ledge ia coutamed to 
r little w.ok entitled 


Private Medical Conspniiion. 


iii v mi i 4 n 1 o  - u 1 1 1: 1 1  : i or tv o m r. n . 

One llu njr fitlh Edition. Whnn..pp.250 Price, . r d) et$. 
f«K rent rartR kxtra bindino. $1 00 J 
First poldi.bed in IHi7, amt il is not 

8L*ltP!llZl\ * OR WUMDKRKlii, 

('omilderlog (tint F. V F  ’ \ I 4 ' K !*I A l»K, 

\\ ll l .’l IIFK MAHtUI UOlt %OT, rail »tr«*o 
nrqnlre n lull kn-.wledgi «f (lie undue, 
r- tiniii«-(er nnd   nion-s nf l»* r coiii| lulutn, 
sslllt like vuiloiis * nk|»loiUB, mirl llml 
tiea 1 1) 


rltoutd bate been sold . 

ll i* imp -o-i iealde lo r.mtrv fwlty tlir v»rioiis •al.jecls 
limlul ol, a* they a,e i f « i nline 'Inc: ly lute d»«I for the 
moiled, or ll.o-e Co*;trmji|ail 2 mani.^rs. Lui no 
dr iiioli 4 joy i j: In fit aid 1 1 .at br-tuci, cousei|iieirt npi.ik 
lir.l h. w liicl. i-, so co .Incur to -her «-wo Im|*| it r *. and lha! 
of her b -l.t d, bn *n brr lias or w ill oh# »»:; C . lias pr w ill 
rtrtt hub, d v In ItMihrlwi- a:.d ufT«no. ol ins wilr -it 
liv.*rt.n tb*! ul hi* own pecuniary nhlM-itreuienl. 

I I’W AHDS (*F (l\! Ill NDltFU TIIOU* 

||o. i . . *iKX1 MV M*l».« the last Vw oomtlm 

sn*r rrvw W W IgY 

u y y y «ii y if 

pci'll use and Shameful Fraud!! 



Flagrant and barefaced, lias been aurre| titioiisly issued, wills 
the srtne form and si/.r, exactly lire isNE Titu. I’agk, and 
exact I y tlie same 


But another name substituted for ** Or. A. M. Mauriceau, H 
and " Boston** for ** New \ ork.”and the words. 

F.sri.HKi) according to Acr of Congress in the year 1847. by 

JOS K r It T I. o w . 

In the Clerk’s Osfiice of the tiisiricl C«uiit of the Souibeni 
District of New York, 


T’lie eontenrs tlie subject matter, am! reading are 


Trill fed on poor, brownish, dirty paper, as i'll a paj-rr rover 
It ran be known ;tl«o from (he miserable and illegible waod- 
eiits sratined ilirott|niout its pages. The copyright edition 
conittint none. 

If there at*- any in tlie (tade so lost tn shame and rommon 
bonrviy as to !•* witti ig pat lies 


No less (ban the legal owner of the jumperf y in copyright . 
they w ill he prosecuted, and steps will be taken to eii (its 
them to the public. 

A Copy will be sent to each bookseller or firm, (with the 
terms upon which the* v wiil Ire lii.iiislird.) upon receipt ol 
Ilia or llieir business ca.d of addles*. 




& OII, A2 Si loill Slllt (. 



Air. Jtmj El- 

1 (ei'issc 


ery nf tin* above 
prt»|»nr;»t inn lias 
e s t a l» 1 i sfn d »i 
new era in the 
hi Tnr) of the 
Ht»f!ling Art; it 
is. in 1 1 uth, one 
of the greatest 
Medical Dist-m. 
eri»*t* of ihe Age, 
because it will 
cure n» 4 »re tlcn 
nitie-f sjtiths ofa 
•*1 tss of distress- 
ing diseases i*v 

! other malady lo which nny portion ofthehu- 
j man family is heir. The diseases to which 
; we refer »re usually known bn the term of 


iiston, Anderson, Mr. John Riner, Fiuukliri, 
iand Robert C. McKee, E.-q , of hraiililin. — 
I These were all extreme cases and of i :g 
| siamlh.g. 

1 he above cases are only a few out of tlsou- 
| satnij* of bimilur cases that might he given, 
, stud nnny nf them live not far from Frank- 
fnrt, and ate consequently well kimwu tt»ih** 
comnmni y. In Curn-umptimi and l J its t lie 
ca. e  are jnnuuieruble; many of lie in will in 
future he louud in the various pup ts, es- 
pecialiy in ilit* / enmau, Communw c.lili, and 
tieorgelowu Herald. 

In Flux, mV preparnium expressly fof that 
and -11 nllter diseases   f the l-nwels, never 
fails in give imme into and entire relief, 
i am the public's servant. 

E. V U’;\E1LL M. D , A. B. 

Frankfort, Oct. 14. 1*851. 

I .ink ti ■ Ir*, Dr. A. M. Mauricrau, !?■) t.ibrrly ,t., 
S \ , ia i.u rlir u Ir pagr, a id I Hr rtiu v in ' Ink » O titer «»•» 
the back « l litr title* pagr c». irapomt* a» hr.ri- . 4 d buy o dv 
of irtpccmhlr a d liuuorihlr ctralrra, u  »n u l.y mail, and aa- 
d;r**i » D. AM. 11trice .11. 

Full ti’lr page, with r..:i 4 , it,, logrtbrr wi'b » 'rw p»wr» 
treat mg «*f imi--. (ml auhjrcit l«* nrry rn*-i'«d l.ii'-'lt. will 
Dr I. In r « feint 2r, to ant our r .cloamga h-ltrr stamp in 
1 prrpaid truer, adilirMrr! a - linrin. 

1-rOn receipt of » Cml*. nr i»na 

Doiiitr for (?»»• fine Etllllmi «-x(r»» bhidlii.;, 

HIF.UfCAI. C'O'iP.t NIO\ ” 1*4 writ I molt'* 
free In nny |»n»;l nf * •» * *(»»(. u. All 

lt( I mm tnn*l In- ami addri-am-il In 

Dll. A. M. 7|\ntl( KM', Horn I’4i4. Nt-w 
York CHy Pt« , »!l-»l»l tty Office, No. I I.lln-i ly 
Mrcet. \cw 1 ork. 

For Sale Br — It. It. Cox, Maysvillr; 
I!’. L. C rutchrr, Frankfort ; J., 
Glasgow; J. Noble, Glasgow; Ellin f, - 
wood, Shell yvtlle; H"w. Hoffman, Mom t 
Sterling, Ky. July 9, ’52j-0nr. 



 1 lov 

(own in (in- United S;nles, nml (lie Ay.-nts and compri.-o all tlio derangomoii: ■ lo which 

f.-innlc-s are IT--it.!e t'V the |i«vuliaritib8 ot 
tl.eir A m..nif these are 

reports of cures, certificates ot Prolapsus Uteri, or Falling of the Womb; 
and patients, are given in il.e Chronic Inflammation and Ulceration of 

the Womb; Incidental Haemorrhage., or 

' 1 ‘r a c '. UP POSED to lip stolen from Il.e suhsrri 

Lever spoke ofvveary | feet, or shootmg ^ her, on last Sunday ..ieht, intheu.-L. - 

lean refer Dyspeptics to many Remarkable 
jCuresiu every town! Numerous detui 
{ of cases, 

! pl»\ sici in 

I Circulars fo r ushed by Agents gratis. 

4 TONIC which .rives tone and Mrena.l. to 1 - “ U . a « ren ,! N-rwus ,\uti.Me, and par- | F l ooding; Fluor Alius, or Whites; Ohio - 
.a \\ nit ii t me iniu ^ ,r “ , v u ' , |iicularly useful tor tendency to Billious dt-*- 1 ... 


pams in the side, as sho toiled «p and j bo,l,ood’o7 Bei'tiei’," 'Baih' Ky.’ a 'suH 
aginary wants, BEL HORSE, about 6 or 7 years old, an. 

♦.'own stairs to satisfy imagina 

that nobody but wife could attend to? — j about 15 J hands high, 
hud who, when you got well ant! moved nose, ami one or both hind I'eet white, 
about the house just os good os new, clio-J made, and paces tolerably well, and 
keJ down tlie tea.s, as you poised tlir half 
dollar site asked you (or, on your forefin- 
ger, while you inquited, ‘how did you 
spend the last one? 

Give her whut money she asks for'. Ju- 
Ljus Cmsar!’ [Betty come here and carry 
j«y miserable remains!] Nobody but a 
Polar bear or a Hottentot would wait to 
have a wifo ask for money. 

FxKrv Fers. 

8®’* Naomi, the daughter of Enoch, 
was not married until she was five hun- 
dred and eighty vears old! Be of goo.l 
cheer, old maids, you yet have a. hope. 

g*tT*-The Sun is all very well,’ said an 
irishman, ‘but in my opinion the moon 
s worth two of it; for the moon affords 
v,s ligbt in the night time, when wo really 
want it, whereas we have the sun with us 
in (he day time, when v\e have no ocra 
sian for it.’ 


while on hi 
«  • 
vv its 

hod before, no other murks recollected. — 
Slid horse is supposed to have b.-.-n stolen 
1 y a man by tlie name ot' JAMES HAW- 
KINS, who left the neighborhood the same 
iiirdit the horse was missing. Sai.l Haw- 
kins is ubont 25 years old. and 5 I'eet 8 or 9 
inches high, very fair complexion, and large 
eves, his uppe- front teeth wore or rotted. -ti'. 
veiy short. I will give n suitable rewanl 
for the horse or the scoundrel that look him. 
or anv information that n ay lead to the re- 
covery of either. THUS’ I h LEEDS. 

Bethel, Ky Oct. 29, 1852.— -tf 

the nervous system, renewing health and 
• igor to a*l parts of the body. 4th. A CATH— 
| AR TIC, which acts in perfect tnriiiony *ith 
i the o her ingredients 
Bowels, and expelling 

and purifying 
‘ease uud rc 

ores health. 

vj j corrupt and vitiated matter, i 
| the Blond, which destroys dis 

Public notice 

' S hereby given to nil whom it mny con- 
cerm that I will, on the first Monday ii 
I .nua-ry next, apply to the county court o! 
.recoup county. Ky., for the establish men 
.fa Town on nn land on Big Sandy River 
ilmut -j mile fr.-m lie mouth of said river, i. 
-aid county of Greenup 

Sept, llt'u, 1852. — 2m 

(to .females. 

You will find l he s ? Pills an ir.vftluahlr 
medicine in many complaints to which urn 
are Mibjer t. In 4»bstmcii«*i)8 either total or 
partial, the/ have been ftrno*! of tocsiimnl'le 
he ii( fit, restoring their fu' ctional arrange- 
ments to a healthy action, purifying t he 
hlood and other fluids ?o eflectuully to put to 
flight nil complaints which may niLe from 
•emalt* irregularities, as headache, giddiness, 
dimness of sight, pain in the side, back. A*c. 

None genuine unless signed J. N. lloben- 
'iii k. all others being base Imitation. 

5^7* Agents wishing new supplies, ani 
Store Keepers desirous of becoming Agent# 
oust odd resfl the Proprietor, J. N. Hoben- 
*ack, l iiihidclpbia, Pa. 

Sold by all Druggists nnd Merchants in th* 
U. S. — li li. Turner, Alt. Sterling, W'lndt 
■*ale and Retail Agent — Sutcliff McAPis* 

er, Louisville, Wholesale and Retail Agtt 
Price, each 25 els. 

J. &. 0. R ti I   it, L 'incii.1 ati, W’Lokfcuk 

AHis for Ky. c Htl Obi«. 

. , „ , . . r , , rosis; Painful, Suppressed and Irregular 

•r. Liver Complaint. Fever nnd Ague, or ,, ‘ ,, ■ 

, .in- i , ... , i Menstruation, arc., with all the.r uccom-. 

ba.lly treal.-ii r ever and Ague, and the evt 1 1 ’H ’ _ iN 

. effects of Quinine, Mercury, and other drugs ] 
and operating on the | „p OI1 [| 1C Digestive Organs, after a long sick- | 

; tlie whole mass ot | neH „ Aiso for excess in eating, and 'bo i«„l 
free use of ardent spirits, it ullT.pst 
ciles Health with Intemperance. 


Dr. Houghton’s Pepsin is prepared in 
Powder and in Fluid Form — and in Prescrip- 
tion vials for the use  ,f Physicians. 

Private Circulars for Physicians may be 

patty ing evils, (Lancer excepted,) of vv bat- 
„, v „- ever duration and severity. All lhe -e cam- 

Aiso for excess in ecVing. and'theloo 1 }*'“*«** l ' ,ln l "' • '•“[“ly * ,,  * corWui- ! j M Gei.rgia', 

ly remedied by tots preparation. 

Tlie claims of tills Medicine to Ihe con- 
| tide (ice of the pubfii: are strengthened l.y the I 

Fi:x NKFOitT. October 13 
VEit 1 ! H i liiS !! VIC» !!! 

V TTEN I jgN is requested to il.e 



AxDI Hp.-N, co., Kv. 

To all whom il may concern. 

I feci il my duly to inform the public that 
I have witnessed, in a great many cases, tlie 
w .mi let ful .-fleets of the above Medicine in, 
curing Chronic and Acute diseases. 

My brother, Jacob Elli-ton, bail been af- 
flicted, f.,r a great many years, .villi Dyspep- 
sia ol tlie worst character.. He was so ar- 
tiicted as to be compelled to sell bis farm, 
and to sp. -ltd the winters in tlie south. Ills 
l.ealtli not improving, he was induced to t.y 
the above medicine, and the result was moo, 
astonishing. One single bottle restored mm 
to health, alter everything hud tailed lo give 
the least relief whatever ,. 

1 slate, furthermore, that Mr. William- 
son, of Georgia, came to my house with my 
brother, when he returned Irnm ;he south in 
Ihe spring; that said Williamson had heel, 
afflicted w ith Chills for three years, which 
lie had contiacled in the Savannah sttrainps 
■ mi having tried everything. 
Mu: log tin* whole lime, without the least ben* 

I-, he was induced to procure n bottle ot 

crihing the whole proeess of preparation 
and giving the authorities upon which the 

claims of this new remedy are based. As il m ition touching the 
is Not A SECRET REMEDY, no objection can 
no raiser' against its use by Physicians in 
respectable standing and regular practice. 

Price, ONE DOLLAR per bottle. 

(£;-Obskkv£ Tuts! — Every bottle of the 
genuine Pepsin bears the written signature 
of J. S. Houghton, M. D-, sole proprtetnr, 

Philadelphia! Pa. Copy-right and Trade 
Murk secured. 

O^ySuld by all Druggists and dea ers in 


ti H. TURNER, Mt Sterling, [Wholesale 
.1 rid Retail Agent; sold also, by the Druggists 
,t Paris, Cyritliiuna, and Frankfort — Seaton 
Sr Sharpe, Moysville. 

Vi# 14, tf 62.-1/ 

tact ot its having received the approbation j positively, that he n v. rhad a chili, 
nnd liberal patronage ot many prominent ] l(or aJ1 y -.ympmius, atlt.-r taking the first dose 
members of tin* (Medical Faculty 'in the Uni- [ q 1L . medicine; and he ha» now returned to 
ted Slates, some ot vvlioin have voluutatily Georgia in period health. 

1 have used it myself, also with the mos- 
beneficial results. Indeed, such is my con- 
fidence in this medicine, tonl 1-ani using it as 

given letters of commendation, (see pumph- 
btained of Dr. Houghton or his Agents, des- i lot,) sustaining all that is claimed for the 

Cutholi.-on as a curative agent. 

Pamphlets containing much useful infor- , a fumily medicine to the entire exclusion ot 
T.ature and symptoms of, every, hing else. In Fevers, Chills, aim 
the above diseases, together with testimonials . (Jrati.p Cholic, I consider il invaluable— al- 
Ironi L-.dics ol the highest respectability, as lVi ,y 8 producing the most happy results. 

ceriilied by the most satisfactory authority 

in the pamphlet to all which the attention | 
of Ladies and Practitioners is respectfully 
invited, can be luid gratis at the Drug Store 
the only A sent lor Montgomery Co , Kv. 

P. B.PECKHAM, M.D., Utica, N.Y. 

L. D. Floming, M. D. N. Be.llor.l, M. 

D. Y. Foote, M.D., Syracuse, N.Y. 

M, H. Mills, M. 1)„ Rochester, N. Y. 

YY. W. Reese, M. D„ City of N.Y. 

| J. C.Orrick, M. D. Baltimore, Md 
I.W. Prescott. M.D., Concord, N. H 
Juns 4, 1852 — dm 

Given under my hand this 2l)th day ot 
C-emptetiiber, 1851. J. D. Elliston, 

Justice Peace, Anderson co 
I know the above statement to bis correct 
; 11 every particular. Robt. Elliott. 

Anderson co., near Lawrencchurg. 
N. B The above cases speak for ineu - 
selves and need uo comment , as il.egentn- 
men are well known to every one in Frank 
,in and Anderson counties. 

ft5rTbis tneJ icine can bo had at my office 
on 8r. Cluir street, Frankfort. Ky. 

E. P. O’NEILL, M. D., A. B. 

Fobrr.arv 13, 1852 . — It 

Al’ll.K ilk!) Ill-A ti!! 



Established 18 yenrs iipo by Dr. hinkeltn , 
N. ll’ corner of Third nod Union streets, be- 
t-in n Spruce and Pine sis . P hiiadet/ hia. 

GIVI FEN y ears of extensive nnd un- 
interrupted practice spent in tl, is city, 
lo, v,* rendered Dr. K. Il.e most exp, rl and 
succes.-'ul praclitioner. liir ni.d near in the 
treatment of all di* -nse-* of a private nature. 
Persons .-mine, I wit i ulcers upon the body, 
throat or legs, pains iii the head or In.nes, 
[mercurial rnciiina'ism, strictures, gravel, 
disease nri-ing from youthful cxces-es .-r 
I impurities of the hlood. whereby the co.-sti- 
iv 1 lu’ion has become enfeebled, are all treated 
vv ill. success. 

He who pi ices himself under the care of 
Dr. K ,niiv religiously ronfid n his hon- 
or as n gentleman, and confidently rely up- 
on his skill as a physician. 


Young men who have injured themeelvcs 
l.v a ceitain practice indulged in — a habit 
frequently learned from evil companions or 
at school; lie etlecis of which are nightly 
felt, even when asleep, and destroy both 
mind and body, should apply in m -dialelv. — 
Weakness and coiislitiil iooal debility, loss 
of muscular energy, physical lassitude and 
general frustration, irrit ibilily end all ner- 
vous -affections, imligesti ,n, slugg i-huess of 
the liver, and every disease in any way con- 
nected vv i t li the dis ir.ler of the procreative 
f unc‘.ious cured, and full vigor restored. 



A Vigorous Life, or a Premature Death, 

iituhcliii on ki-U.i’rcscrvalioii — 

Only 25 Vents. 

This book just published, is tilled with use- 
ful information, on the infirmities and dis- 
eases of the Generative Organs. 1 1 adlrossea 
it-eif alike, to Youth, Manhood and Ofil Ag- , 
and should he read by all. 

Tl.e valuable advice and impressive warn- 
ing il gives will prevent years of misery 
and sufi'eriug, and save annually Thousands 
of Lives. 

Patents by reading it will learn how to 
prevent the destruction ol llieir children. 

*** A remittance ol'25 cents, ciiclo-cd in 
a letter, addressed to Dr. h’lNKELIN, N. 
W- corner of Third and Union streets, be- 
tween Spruce and Pine, Philadelphia, will 
ensure a book under envelope, per return 
of mail. 

Persons nt a distance mny address Dr. K. 
by letter, (post paid.) nnd be cured at home 
Packages ol Medicines, Direction*. vVp., 
fo warded by sending a remittance, ami ..put 
up secure from damage or curiosity. 

Book sellers, News Agents, ledlers, 

vassers, aud all others supplied with the a- 

Love work at very low rules. 

July 9, 1852 — ly* 

0 NK-TH1KD D»»z. Fresu Baltimore Tea- 
lot saaie at the DRUG S.ore. 

Kentucky Whig (Mount Sterling, Ky.), 1852-12-03

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