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Given the Knife by the Great Molders of 
Public Opinion. 

The Workers Must Establish and 

They Expect to be Properly 

Maintain Their Own Press It 

The business man who is so stingy that he won't ask for Ution trade through the Labor press don't deserve Union patronage. 



boost rooi 

KAVoRITK 100 votes * 




Sketch of President 

Parryite Calamity Breeders. 

■•The Plate Printer," a Waslilngtoi 

publication devoted to tlio engraia r» 
nrt, prints a new sketch of Mr. I 
OoiniHTH, President of the ' 
l''edoiMt...n of Ijitior. and from 1 
wo reprint tln  following 
"Xk ardor .that thk Mil sketch I 

r lot 

m the c 

dr. Samuel 
rom Wllirli 

No argument is needed to convince Uie 
intelligent observer of passing events of 
the growing need of a lalx r press that 
has no entangling alli-nces with any of 
the agencies which have undertaken the 
task of emasculating the lalior unions or 


The 11 

of the daily press is quick 
to notice the manner in which the news 
agencies of the world are continuously 
and forever giving Lalior the worst of it 
in every conceivable manner. The Asso- 
ciated Press, the chief news-gathering 
agency in America, is made up of one or 
more daily papers in the various cities of 
the country, and the stuff put upon the 
wires ami known as the Associated l'ress 
dispatches is usually gleaned from the 
matter prepared for these local papers. 
Very often a proof of the matter set up 
for the dsily papers is supplied the As- 
sociated Press correspondent, and often, 
■ what- 

ever, the matter is 
the country and appears in all papers re- 
ceiving the press report as Associated 
Press dispatches. 

The foregoing recital is made for the 
purpose of showing that, while the Asso- 
cntc.l Press if damned for false stories, 
especially in nearly all cases where there 
is a strike or other controversy tietwcen 
Capital and Labor, in reality the Mmm 
rests upon the daily papers, whose re- 
porters, acting under instructions, have 
juggled lhe f " cU *° H » to milke il n PV eaT 
that Labor is wrong and that the em- 
j,i ..„,. , rr . rx-rseou*-"' «-ont». To bf 
sure, the daily paper merely serves its 
master in this. It looks to the "business 
interests," the banks, corporations, 
iiniuul.icUircrs, and large emphc ers of 
labor generally for its support. And, 

dreamed of. To establish and make se- 
cure such a Labor press is the duty of the 
hour. You must have your own medium 
t« give utterance to your demands, crys- 
talize the sentiment that may 1* created 
in your favor, and finally do battle for 




be engagei 

Thk Workkr is the only paper within 
several hundred miles of Louisville that 
is organized and established on lilt right 
basis. It is the only one that is demo- 
cratically owned by the forces of Labor, 
and therefore is the only medium through 
which the favors of those friendly to 
Labor ever reach the point for which 
they are intended. It is the only genu 
ine Labor paper. 

Everyone who reads the Louisville 
daily papers will recall that with. n thi 
past oouple of yesrs they vied with each 
other in their efforts to get up a union 
lalnir department. Regularly each week 
a column or two was devoted to the news 
of the unions. Where are these depart- 
ments now* When they have not en- 
tirely disappeared they have dwindled to 
virtually nothing. This is a manifesta- 
tion of the studietl purpose of the Km- 
pl.ocis' Association and all its friends to 
give no recognition to organized lalsir 
except to oppose ami l elittle this great 
movement. A representative of one of 
the daily papers, in a semi-confidential 
manner, gave the writer the tip several 
months ago that from that time 011 there 
would be lesa 

be more complete, it will he, 
outset to deal with the early ov 
t!i- life ,,f our distinguished subject, 
than to re,H. B t nud reiterate wl*1 is 
generally known and wlmt wswltoil 
iar with, and what we have read and 
reread of Mr (Joiner*. So, wo vll 
begin by stating that on the 2Mb dayrf 
January, 1850, 111 the city of IznruJ.m. 
England, win. born a robust, healthy, 
and re.mark.ihh One formed baby boy to 
n young ample that bad recently 
crossed from Holland to attempt their 
fortune* in the grv»t nod ancieni rift 
aluive named. It is stated on good au- 
thority that the newcomer at once set 
in to kick, not finding conditions aa be 
WOOld Wish them, and all that knov 
him can without, hesitation IWMI th.,t 
ho ban never up to the present time 
found conditions aa he would wlah to 
good aa they could bt 

the future, 111 the light of tl 

made, and h 

: vi- 


"What b 


mi for 

interest of the element to which it bl 
longs, the daily paper uses all its powers 

ers to a victory that means no improve- 
ment in the condition of the workers. 

The facta above stated arc so patent, 
aud are being more and more recognized 
by wage-earners, as the days come and 
go, that we deem an extended mention 
thereof to lie superficial were it not for 
the moral the story contains. 
, Und-r the circumstances what is Labor 
to do? Must it docilely submit to the 
fate of inaction? Shall it cower and 
cringe before the public gaze liccause it 
has been lied about and villified— and 
whipped back to the factory, shop or mill 
through the misrepresentation of men in 
control of the daily press, whose eco- 
nomic interests are opposed to those of 
the workers ? No ! There is a better so- 
lution of the problem. The thing to do 
is to build up a L*noR press— owned by 
Labor and controlled by Lalior. Through 
your own press, fellow-workers, you may 
become powerful, but not otherwise. 
With a medium that is under your owner- 
ship and control your orj animation may 
become a power not now more than 

city Bail) 1 | 


of Lalior and 
the MItBg mioses is common knowledge 
to all, and, ax we have stated herein, 
g. n. mll v well known. Big genealogy 
on the maternal side is easily tract 
back to Austria, on the [internal side to 
1 n.u . Uo att«ndod the common 
Mil Hil pi London from bit sixth to his 
eleventh when lie WM placed M 
the si 100 trade for the piir]ioso of mas- 
tering it* nivsl. 1 1. s 

••It seems that he hud not been con 
suited, nor was this new calling lastefi 1 
to bin,, Wd fc ticked tad as usual 
made his protest felr aud respected, and 

the board of arbitration looaa i o tlii t  \t 
botli i 'Ute wi 1 h -1 m Li 1 teMed to 1 • 

to much wind 
jamming and honiblowiug alsiut pros 
pitll* from those who an- at the top. 
but who know nothing of the real con- 
dition of a majority of the pOOPto 
During this period great strikes and 
lockouts have beta and arc still in prog 
rcss throughout tl untry. A hun- 
dred thousand men hnve been righting 
against the raiwity of the Packers' 
traatj MM bni 
than [Oa\tOQ m  

the throne which has for. 
iroui.les in Colorado; | 
workers Looked out ill 
Kiv. r district textile mills; 40.000 
ment workers in New York have 
for their lives, besides inimn 
smaller conflicts in every direction 

lock- I 

out has lieen forced by the corporation 
either by reilnction of wages or in an 
attempt to establish the ol etl shop. 
Clearly the light is one working under 
one general national understanding, to 
check, disrupt and destroy the union-. 
The attacks am usually begun on what 
an  assumed to Lie the weaker orgaiiiaa 
lions In many cises it is begun 
against what are km wn as unskilled 

dn idiials. desperate in the fear of w nut . 
the capitalist forces w ill he strengtliemd 
from both ends for the center attack 
again.-:! the stronger (rades unions. 

In this connection a letter from a 
Parry agency in San Francisco, which 
has N'en going the rounds of the labor 
press, is strikingly full of interest. As 
1111 exchange remarks, it is full of "cold- 
Maodod 'business.' " The chief ocetipii 
tion of tlieae agencies establ ished under 
the fostering care of the Parry crowd is 
to furnish the new class of Pinkerton 
thugs, much worse than the old kind, 
to do lhe duty work of the high-toned 
trust gentlemen in their organized and 
.1 assault upon union labor, 
over the I luted 

That the onto, w ill be all right can 

sear, el  be doul.t. d Some unions may 
bo destnvyid, others may be forced to 

Willi ir. IiiiikI. and »eh lis winds « 


Ttaae aailile filwallj lahn 

tomary to give. Ivvents have proven that 
he knew whereof he spoke. UbM 1 1 le 
! •■ ignor d -or, if ghrM any considera- 
tion at all, it is to tie given the knife. 

Again, let the unions understand that 
they may expect nothing of value from 
then natural enemies— and in the final 
anal ysis the whole cpjestion is sifted down 
to and rests upon and is controlled by 
the oeOOWk interests of the employing 

the working class. We do not blame the 
employers for drfending their interests, 
but the workers Musrawaken to a proper 
gotaaaof Han interests, and thi- can be 
done only by and through the press which 
they own and control, and not througb 
the press that almost without exception 
gives Labor the hot end of it la every 
great issue and on every great question 
Set up and support your own press and 
keep it true to its purpose. Therein lies 
your only safeguard, fellow-unionists. 

In mbt week's Wokkkk was printed 
a long expose of the Standard Oil crowd 
by Thomas W. Lawson. Mr. Lawsou 
further says: "It is possible to-day for 
the Standard Oil, with dollars, to 'steer' 
the election of the candidates of both 
great parties for president so Hint the 
people must elect oue of the steered' 
candidates. " Lawson h)M formerly on 
the inside of the ring and he ought to 
know whereof he speaks. 

race and rniiosopny. 

" Organized greed and avarice and great wealth in the hands 0 

" - ig the workingmen a host of slaves, living in poverty and 
n the bare necessities of life. The outlook for our boys of 

n bright. They face a c 
*dy full, with o 

1 lowest wage into poverty and degradation."— Rev. 
inea| « .1 is. ) 

aunot long endure when the tendency of 
uniulatioti of property in the hands of a . 
poor and dependent. "—Daniel Webster. 

must go hand in hand with the progress^ 
ks that becomes more developed, more | 
are made, new truths disclosed, and r 
th the o 
» an Lk«ep pace v 

" Capital pays to Labor just what it is forced to pay, and no We. 
It is business; and labor Is sureLy learning thin fact, that there la no eenti- 
rnent in business, and that they must organise on business priuc 
order to obtain their right«."-Jolin F. Heitcheuer. 

•Labor is the divine Law of our ei 

tHM M ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦ M » H « H  f 4lv 4MHH 

apprenticed to tl*i 
that of oigarmaking). 
■ tnctorv during the 

li ww but III vear* of age his parents 
left old London to take up and make 
tbeir future home in the Tinted Mat -. 
They nrriv.-d in New York July It, I MS, 
"During hi* apprenticeship the aboli- 
tion ot darety tad the met its of the 

controvert between the North and 
South weie frequently discussed in lhn 

dUfeteat ekoeo audi a— aj Ha laboring 

classes lit London, as no doubt, else- 
where, and it was in such nrgumetits 
■■d debates in ins tender years that 
Samuel, like MaCaully aud S,o,t, 
BhOSMd his manelou knowledge of an- 
cient and current listory that aston- 
ished his comiwuioiis and auditors. 

"He advoi-ated tho alHilisliment of 
chattel sluvory as he has ever since a 
worse slavery, to-wit, the etisliivemeiit 
of the masses. Mr. Gompers never al- 
ludes to child labor only as a crime and 
deplores that so many, like himself, are 
being deprived in their tender years of 
sunshine, borne, and school, and forced 
to toil for a living before they have the 
strength or mind to really undertake to 
toil, mueh less to intelligently and ad- 
vantageously direct their budding skill. 

"In IH04, when only U years old, Mr. 
QobjBM became a member of the 
Union and has held a con- 
since, enjoying the 

jt^irit which j ,. 


the utter capitalistic contempt for tho 
loinmon working slave, is 
an interesting revelation. It serves to 
show workiiigmcn the bitter WoJOTO 

1 1 which inspires the cold blooded 

tools of capitalism. 

'1 be letter is ulso intonating a~ I h p 
cast of Parryite plans ot forcing a gem r 
al war of capital against lalior. It 
shows also that the, present widespread 
strikes are nierel} the skirmish line of 
the general engagement which the t'iti 
lens' Alliance, Manufacturers' Assncia- 
tiou end other I'nrryite organizations 
have l lid national plans for. A penttl 
of the letter betnivs the whole diaboli- 
cal plot. Read it: 

"Dear Sir: We herewith enclose for 
you irar Mr. Hula i V. Ready's book, 
"The Ijibor problem," (copyrighted), 
aud published by us at great expense. 

"Any man who is not with you is 
against you. We arc against any man 
or men who refuse to allow a man to 
to suit himself. We 

i- everybody our ear. 
•e. When compelled 

p in the 

"Li 188a he was elected to the Pros, 
dency of the American Federation of 
Labor, and has held the office continu- 
ously ever since, with the exception of 
one year, 1883. John O'Brien, of the 
coal miners' organization, was elected 
that vear and the convention, realizing 
their Mistake, prevailed on Mr. Goui- 
pers hi again stand at the uext conven- 
•iou and he has been succeeding hini- 

— F. T. C. Thursday night, Sept. IS. 

short and decisive. 

"Uarlv this spring we were conii» lled 
to o|,.|ih declare ourselves on the labor 
question. We took the Is'st mellusl by 
publishing the above named honk. We, 
like President Roosevelt, have spared no 
one who was wrong, nor forgotten to 
li aise w here praise was due. Amongst 

walking delegates, 
troubles, etc. 
'Few, 'prolinblv yon,' are not aware 
that the strikes this spring were only 
the preliminary skirmishes of the oj - 
isising forces; the heavy engagements 
are yet to come. Perhaps before elec- 
tion', absolutely after. If it were diph. 
matic on our part, -Inch 't is not, tn ac- 
quaint the public wn : the future labor 
troubles, you would la' appalled. We 
never show onr hand 

"We will bo as well preiiared to fight 
their strikes in the future as we have in 
the past. 

two guns in yii 

Hke Isittle Joined: 

1 JteOasa etajamd •«» i»«r- 

. Mhl-it" 4mii;ilre»thnv»^ 
minis .us now th ' imlnstnal hive; 

«i«r  »t tie Maaf aaaoi 

ir In sll lands. 

Base Bal 

1. t. ntc 

■ Hut 

The l 'igannakeri 

towns hist laafaj bj Mw eoore of f to 4 

in an exciting game. Both DM) bJM 
were in form. The feature of the game 
were the pitching of Pt fllof and the 
fielding of both teams. Prissier was ef- 
fective w hen men with on bases. Perry 
caught a nice game. Following is the 

Cigarmakers— A.B B.H. P.O. A. 

Wcillage, cf. 
Patterson, rf. 
Perry, c. 

lertown— A.B. B.H. P.O. A. 

e following quest 10ns w 

If hand and fill 
lead, will you alio 
the comjiany's j 
ohamber is empty 
an eyelash we do 
prepared is sure 
tain every time. 

"We thank each and every 

•aclTof __ 
is, and trust yon will carefully rewl the 
■ nclosed book, and continue to do in fu- 
nreasyon have in past and present, 
send us' your orders for help. We will 
-TefulLy select suitable help for each 

good, hard thinking, 
meet the problems which oc 
and now, now, is the accepted time to 

Butcher— I 0 0 0 0 I II 
Errors— Bayers, Mc -Bride | 
linker J, Holmes Struck 1 nit 
ler " ; bv Holmes 8. Bases 
Off Preasler 3; off Holmes 


base Hit*- Holmes and Clark. Double 
Plav Smith to MeBnde to Cavanaiigh. 

IWed Balls Browii i. Tin f Oiuim  

— Two hours. Cnipiri' Young 

Scott Holmes, w ho is touted as a won- 
der. show, si up ejteadldlj attk phatyai 

smoke. 11 gissl cnrxe and fine control. 

but he bad *arj little tbokaM of Pnne- 

lerwho certainly twirle.t in tine fores 
mi •• h d in milling himself out of 
several tight holes 

Smith Bayers. Preasler, Perry, and 
Onvatmugh set the crowd wild withsen- 
entiotml stoj»., catches, and throws. 
Holmes pitched a Hue game but lost 

through tl rrors of his teammates and 

•he battel team work of the w isslrollere, 
w ho were there at BOO*] stage of Hit 
pUM as they riayod with a dash and 
vim w hich is bound to count. 

P. lis isc, riniiil  death M foul tiles, 
» abjo g.ssl Immi 

McBride is not hitting up*) hi* usual 
form but he is a good w . uter and mana 

ges to g.1 his base once or twice bl 

Th. woedroUers are a popular tmm 
and draw large crowds wherever they 

plav Thecniwd at Butehertown litst 

Il costs ten cents s da  to hold mem 
benhtp in the Chicago ■•■tria Fixture 
Hangers' Union. But it is a aughty 



K Ut 

contest waxetb warm. There is not 
much change this week in the ndafive 
standing of the contestants nearest the 
lap of the list, though there is apiwrent 
activity among some further down, who 

evidentlv going to be busi fr 110 .v on, 

art .r friends for the, Oat] 11 fatal 
.., paMtai the toUf Wolf fro... bis warm 

luitagonist of the t'ig.irn.aker- .11., 

and K., ,1 Rush, of the U-nt her Workers, 

, . -awl- up .0 with, u hailing d,-.a„ I 

the loaders. It Iiaiks like It w ill bo a 
hot finish. 

All Hie talk from New Albany aud 


dark lion 
grata scrpri- - 
of Ihecon'est 

The following table -how - th. , 

natVs " da 

" tn bnih, and som* 
soiiuIh-In at the end 

KerlsTg, Sheet M. lul Wkl 
Smith. Mm hiiiist 
Clias. A. Burton, Printer 
H Ninekirk, Slnsd \L tal Work, r 
.1 L Sparrow, leather Worker 

fhns Kaadact, TTpaiattaai 

Jake Wis... Barker 

Charley Davidson. Pressman 
Cbw S. ivert. Bookbinder 
Kit. Newcoinh. Painter 

John Elden, Bartender 

Baa Mi.l.lendort. Sidesman ..... 
James Hob. its, HorseshiHT 
Frank Brinkman, Car]» ntcr 
I ten .1 list 1 'igni maker 
And\ l.u.hMg. Musician . 
James Sullivan, ('.Nqs-r 
0. J. 1 

John liecktMIWald.M 

Prni.k Schmidt. Bricklayer 

L. F. Baker, Beer Driver 
John J. Davui, Upliolsterer 
Oak OppaaatfaaaVi Pressman 
.1. H. L. Ko\ , Paintcr 

Micbnel Hasenstnb, Kiiuii r 

Silas Nichols, Wis-lworker 

Kd Dement, Barber 

Frank Haupt. Bricklayer 

Wm. J. Noyes, Woodwork, r 

James Lewis, Salesman 

Frank Zelung, Woodworker ... 


R. M. Berry, Sheet Metal Worker 

Charles Tolm, Bricklayer 

D. M. Robins, Woodworker 

Jack Barsha, Woodcarver 

W. H. Carter, Painter 

Oscar Duffy, Salesman 

W. A. Stout, Woodworker 

-4. . .^-r^ 

Ohio Valley Worker. 


Official Paper 

Louisville Federated Trades Council 
Trades and Labor Council, N«*Aib My 
Central Labor Union, Jeffersonville 

muaon bi nn 

BTO«'KIIH 1* fillet: IINK Ix.ll.AH A VKAH 

l» »rlt|.| ,1. „l.|. ..nil. | .... 

; . ■ 

rfnm ..I   

Hmm "  »ii an i.» 1 i.inaili in „l ,.r r. Ilvlwi. III- 

frif -jiTi l— lh. r.j.r. ^ I iik' II- V " f 

What in most no.-ded. |icrlmiis, 
rnrkingnien wlin iihp tlii'ir brains 11 
t^n I of laborer* who MM their IsMlie-t. 

It is "iiiy bp baaael aaTaaao. 
«r»"    " ""'I h«aal eoMktantln 
Mmria, Hal mm artra »  , 

favor of M.r "O 

prid. 11I' working 
desire in defend t 
plogn r. Mi 10 far 

working MM 1- 1 ' 

attitude 1 ■ 1 i' H 

paani mm MpuMbiA I'lHiiiiiH.M 
rule, Let .1- hops Mm Mm i» 

1 all Mm trouble. It and will 
■ In M if honest nn 11 will niily assert 

hwmmItm n  »w Ii Mm mm to aaal 

your delegates to the Federated Trades 
OWmotl whose ixirtnlw M BBB  
iiniimiHt nmy go, BBd i «is cially ah a 

delegate, it is the oalp central body in 

tin i ily worthy nf MM name fur this 
Of union labor nmy M consistently de- 

fended baoaaaa 11 nn aM peraK ami*- 
aaa al oMaMan and mm aaliwlati aa 

ialafBMM nun who lm« interest in 

oraaBhad ini , 


The address of Kugene V Debs to tin. 
workiiigmnti of Isiuisvilb. nnd \1c111ily 
last Saturday night was the greatest 

political speech ii vi r lahaad to, con- 
sidering Mm BMa abo mm* it. Mm move 
in.. nt to trhieh |m hritTBgr. aad Mm to* 
■aaaMa haaai whleh ha mmmI MM 
w.Ivimi. iii futum yean thoughtful 
■aa mm womm who mmm Mai Bpaeoh 

will recall n as men do now w lio listened 

' 1 

Labor DaYMMNM llrst op|Hirtunity 

"ObL" Qaak baa Mi aa aariha ■ public 
ajjriMttoaof IiIbimH Bad Mi pa r aa w , 

ilim'l know MM) I ijnyisl MM 

rule with a man whom In. Iihm denounced 

ap hil ajBjj §um  i n hs tii" Maal aa- 

wrnpulou- scoundrel unhung, hut i» 
wag on tln  curb whs hoard to reninrk 
that if lie- ' Imd l'«« tz 11ml (^roiik anil 

■Mid aaara fctaGfl Hi.d raihai i ni i 

- tv.^ • rim vic4rl t for urooki^luw." • 

Crooked Labor Papers. 

UmI w.-k aoMl Mm .i.'iirnni of LaJbof 

nnd tli. Ni-w lOrn (two »i.i.kiik.i  lalior 

pi priM •! tt i.!. m "Booaaaajt^ 

■ Rai Drd" or wluit pur|«nlH In M 
raah rn i'ivniK lli. ri'for, ho wn ar« in- 

forini'd. Mm mm of |T8 aaoh. 

Tin. riTonl || iMMaaplata, liow..».'r, in 
ul l..ii-t mi,. ,,r Iwo v. ry ImjHIflaWl DB   

fact Mm4 wfaUa Oo t aracr ti Paw York 
Mr Rooaaivatl nsl Mm Maaa adUUa to 

ORMNM Hum to nlioot down Hialliaj 

BMa win. wan oa strikr to KWFi h« k 
a BTATI LAW, mm whirl, his dfaajai 

I r lit- MM with previously vot- 

iiiKfor wini.. ■ Maaabaf of Mm Stntn 
lagMUttsra Tbia am Mm i.»w arkioa 
provided that atghl houi mmbjM oo» 

sl. Int. .Mhi.v's work Ul paMk work 

in Mm siiitr Tba Ontoi nmn work 

MMM "iid.T 11- ptOTMoM, hut th" BOB* 
inu'lnrH who WBM manipulating MM 

■aa win. nafa doing Mm w..rk Nqpdtafl 

ilinii to DM in ti n hours a day in viola- 
tion of MM law. TMp wont on Alriko 

bMarn Mm tam Mr ftoaanratti artMi 

HmI May fm ility . harH. t. rislic of His 

sir. attp, mM Mm tnMi|is to Mm mmm 

i| many of • 1 1 ■ pMX .1. mI  vm M MOl 

death — d the halaime diliaa ImmiI to 
.rk Bp Mm tnopi Min bp tin- "aMMM- 
t. Mead of Mm wufhlagBMB," m Mm 

„.,ii, , 

i-lrarly ptovisj his friendship ( '.'I for or- 
KMiii7. il lulsir. This is wlu n hr fori'cd 
MMBOabopMI shop in Mm   Jowrniui iit 

PMadfapOPtoaM WMfuaptoa. Ai Mm 
((aaal) ai«)vo 



1 law 1 


1; 11111I a Kant; of |H.liti- 
Ml pirafsat SpritiRmld. 111., can Hti-al 
th«i rcpn-wtltat ion nf a (rn at Slnti- with 
a rhmriiiiiii and a nav. 1. and both "pa* 

off with ii... fooda" aamld th- plaMdMaaf 

th*«ir ri taiiirrn anil MM I nvy of tin' mill 
tiiml. , why Bboaid a man work for 

lailr bread?" PTagtvaap aalwa m hi 

Maori wa supply Mmm trot gtatla for- 
aoMUnp ao MmI Mm "teootd" mmj be a 

lull.. 111. lonipl ■■If, ami so tin' 11111, m 
bon in ■ t ,tiiid what kind of 

' MMM .|ii ' ' • '.. . ' 

1. 111. 1 MmP*H Ml] you out on 
. v. ry |»issii BaeMtoM ill the fiiturr 

ju-i a- Mmj ii. ban dotag la NbapaaB, 

This litii,. aildition to Mr. KiN M .v..|t's 

r^'ord would ha BBBoaqdaaa, panapa, if 

OafaMaar for a BMMaM those fiu'tw: 

•Inst h. for, I In- Civil War the Slave 
Power of this eoiintry IiimI eonlrol of 

the Koverillllrnt, the press, pulpit, edu- 
, aim mil iiisiiliilions, mill nil the BMMM 
of cn-atiinf and holiliiiK |iu).lic senti- 
ment, just as Qapitoll— now has MM 
MBM k'rip upon I he minds and IkkIu-h of 

Ti.e laprMBji  '....ri ..f ii,- Dated 

Stales deelared III I g»] that the BhMtdl 
slave had no rights itn.ler MM law that 
his white makter was hound to res|ss-t.' 
That is virlinilly the BBMBBjj nf the 
eourts now dOBJaHttad hy » 'apilnlism 
toward the waKu-slav.s of the land 

Lmmmbi a Bewared this deehajoa of the 

Siipieine ( 'onrt hy snyiiiK in the senato- 
rial race with Stephen A. I . u;'l.vs in 
IS.'.M: ■• This r. puhlie n— MfTl MMBJ en- 
dure half slave and halffrnv It mniit 
BOOB beOOOee WhOllj OM or the other." 

Thai hi Mm wandag altered hp Ku rene 

V. Dehs: In MaM every mini will U - 
BOBM 11 Wapa alBTB or serf, or aba wiiK"' 
slavery will he abolished BllQgMhBT, 

Thta aad ftoeaaUaa will aaoaaapUab, as 

Abol. lion did away will, chattel aUvrry. 

Jafaaan Davis aUd in his Daawall 

address to the Senate in January. IHCI, 
llini the rhatt.l dan was not ns'o){- 

aaad ■ tin- Daefaaattoa of imiepemi- 

tn . matteni oonnt«ntly arisiiiK. n inir- 
BjPJ lt. nl 1011, have .irev. iited inn from 
111 iik an earlier reply. 

' elative to 11s suhjeet im.tler, I will 

1 .• f,,r th. ailnii'sMon of delegates of 

D kaal Laba] [aagaM, ykt thk 


ti akagbM la the Mattered Ma lalaa- 
tl.-i t dilajpatai m to Mm N da t al Labor 
■/ntnaai that u, mkmhkus Of 
•i \ni:s i niiins cannot RBPRK- 
si;mt them in thk city ckn- 
'i 14L it  ii.iKs, si atk PKDRRA- 

1 I NS, OK THK A N N I ' AI. C( IN V KN 

'l M oh tiii: aJUnUOAH kkdkka 

I N OK bABOflk. 

A   trill UbOT union should rom- 

I.e.. del.-Kales who are 111 neeord with 

bmm of Malf leapatiMTB oapaaaaahaai 

1 -I, in order that I'-.h-nil Unions 


T loN IN TI 1 1) ( 'I! NT It A I, Ko I )l KS I! Y 
If IKK TKADKS I'MoN'S, Mm hIkivii 
LMg was Jiut into etfeet. It i» Illlt 
,t the miliorily is objected to, but 
t they should contend for their views 
ide the union ami not bt in » |»wition 
OpDOM the BBBjpfKjr ontsi.le of the or- 

1 alratlna. ami Mna neutralize its a  

,, MMM, "Kratenially yours, 

"Kkank Moiirihon, 

a retary Amenem. Fe.leration of 

Labor Day Parades. 

The parade in Louisville on Kabor 
bag was very creditable so far as uui 
f ,11ns and Koneral BBpaarBBfia of the 
marchers was concerned, but the bOBBl 
tltm certain i|Uarters that Bbjbtp unions 
would participate wiis not fulllllcd- 
only twenty-nine apis'iiriiiK in line, an. I 


■el, I 

this hy tohJag hJB stand i.|sin the Decla- 
ration of IndepaadM , ami bj his b  

in- ii- QaMjabaig apaaob he said: -Thin 

Nation under ( shall have a new 
birth of freedom: and pBtBBaBBaM of 
the paOBla, by the people, ami fur the 
paapla shall not isTish from tl arlh." 

He meant h.-re mm aartdap paopbx 

Hmvis and Lfa ill were both Ken 

paokj bora. Dawai bakapad to Ma 
blaa baaoded atera^haddfap Baaaoaaapi 

wh. r. as LiaOOfal spriuiK from w hut was 

11 OBlled " l»".r wh.te trash." llisitn- 

n.eiliate 111 slurs were Quakers, driven 


Hating **w 

in passiiiK n Kive;, point. Aenreful es 

Maaaa places the aaaihar in line thin 

year at about 0111 ipinrt. r or one ihird 

stale of atrai 
body under w 
wan ft* 


Is now ready for early Fall buyers of I 
Union Made Men's and Boys' Suits, etc | 
Union Made Suits, $5 to $20 
Union Made Pants, 1 to 6 
Union Made Working Shirts, Overalls, Etc., Etc. j 


424 to 434 West Market Street 



F. F. X. L and LAGER BEER 

OFPICE 446 East Green St. LOUISVILLE, KY. 


To get your home by buying 
one of the three lots 30 x 1 20 

In the Boulevard Add'n, 

s. louisvii.i.i: 


W. P. HEEB, Agent, 

337 fifth Street. 


siors were QaahMB. driven 
oppression in the Knst to 
, ,,, H„ Kentucky wilda. I 
cry, and th.- ahoniinabM t 
land-RrahbiiiK Hint druv» Utuiel H.mno numxwt th 

The fwts merely show that a vast uuin- 
bat of union men refus, longer to inarch 

Pboaaia inn (at aajrwbare aba) at 
• c Baaiaawd of a aaaf of m-aaJoahai 

union Hattara, and that they 

laaajar aaaab 

lot ley i 

-he.ll I 

Geo. Droppelmann 


— AND— 


Telephone 4319 

w Itl'NMN , DUp. us. • 


Best Kentucky Lump, 25 bu. $2.50 
Best Screened Nut • • ■ 2.25 

Jellico Lump 2.90 

Pocahontas Lump ■ • • 4.00 


ehad i 


e, k 'hl h 

p York Stnte 

Tnr. oiler of the OMM Vai.i.kv 
Work F.u to s. nil a union mail mid his 
wifponnlri|. tolh. Sl. I^.uis World s 
Fair, exisiises pafi, from each of the 

faihi ftllha a the most aaBsraaa offer 

fiver made by any LabOT pBpBT M taab  
Tillr. In fact, it is the first anil only 
MMap ever otferod the nn'. ill men by 
♦heir |.n'S8 in this vicinity. The sn- 

aaBad laba pepan la tajaai m 

eabj their aaMMjaai to abaaibbag, bal 

MMM never have yet offered OMjaafaad 

t»iM.r aajihaaj aaaaal a little abaap 


Tin: "war governor of I 'olorailo." the 
Infainonit Pcahmly, ili^-loaeM the n'al 
rails, f 0B his lit t in t to kill the unions 
in (V.lomdo in ihese words; "We have 

noiinii^ iiiriiinsi aapaaaad haa*, bat 
ajbaa Mag hMapelaba it is time for 

their sil|i]iri wiioii."« Lulsir had suc- 
rfsiled in tiOjHtg mi aljhl hWII clans,' 

m an am Inu tit to the Coiistilution of 

Colorado, mill lYnhody cnlN this '•aDbMJ 
into iHilitics." What BBBaBBBBa have 
we thai any law . for Hie beiielll of the 
toilors, for.- d through the legislature of 
any Slate,'l meet l he same military 

baQ^paa eppaawhat tbal haa been «n- 

Bapai in Colorado, so |ajaj as the l'ea 

body ofaaa I* in aaBeToJ of the aPbasl 

The only (ruiiriinlee BpJBBal this is to 
fleet worklliKinen to ottlee. The Hoouor 
this truth is MBCpataBd by the hosts of 
labor, the Hooncr will them- military 
rainjiaitnis iiKinnst orKftniwil laUir, 

! How Different in Louisville. 

The Ohabhaaapa Lalair Monitor. 
s|M.akiiiK of Division No. llo, Ainal»rn- 

BMaad /uaoeaataa of taaai iataap 

■BIBlopM of Amen, a. of thai eil v. mij s 
Hint it is on.- of the most vigorous, en. 

MnaiaaHe ami Napaaaala unions of Ma 
ettp, "Ma Rapid Ttaaatl uerpoaaMoUi 

BBpfl MM Monitor, ' lias hern t eon 
slant and eoaMBBMll tri. n.l ami ally of 
their aaaaabBMl men. The road is 
closeil." or couilnctnr 

imb operate a aa on Mtol Nad a MmmI 

a union . aid. mid no apptlBBM can oh- 

ibUI 1 

ml ha 

hf illness. No nthe 

of 8 

BTnnyje of eharaoBai or of Uaaa ami 

tint 1 1 tn 1 1 .  ss in tlifir s]Hvia) dnlies, than 
the BMBBbWI Of Local Division No II.,, 
all Of Whoa are ein|iloyeil BBOa the 
several lines of the BWpU I nuisil street 

op a i.v |u  ui paaaar 

kniiumv Hie work! nirraaii's life by i«ot- 
sonal pxperieuco. In the same way 
1 1, hs haa ban horn to. reared in. and is 

now the leader of the 
. lii.s ,,! I,, day. Lincoln 
the " trail "{ Debs belongs to the " rail," 

are Baatan blae blOOlhli and uttcrstnin- 
p is lo honest toil with the hands 

a dMapaHoa of Mm We* Torh P/ort 

coin in ISM i 

liatofall) ■ 

1. TIlORf 

of the Labor Day d mstral ion. The 

most ralaabla laanb MaM bmji he iraaa 


aapad t 

tttaa the 
ij BoMi 

I « riM-t nation of wage slavi 

must he reabaad to Ma aa4, 

The Iheory Hint   npital la« |sTior 
I,. Labor I- a |» niicious dOOtrU BXB 

to gbra Mm ooaatry taxmblei "Xah r is 
prior to aad bMapaealaal of   ipttol 


i if Ul 

ipilal. ami d 

lake care of their affairs 
they won't submit to control by the 
Pe. t/ McC ill crowd. They me aha of 
it, and take the method of BBBplBJg out 

oi Mm parade to show their Naaaaaaati 

L. I the old central body do ils duty 
and pa( rid of the fraudulent and bOBJBB 

will dawn for organized labor in Louis- 

See That They Must Fight. 

C. R. Hridensteiii, Denver IIIBIBBpiMd 
ent of the Cleveland Citizen, writes 
MaM "the effort li.llile by the I'cab.Hly- 

Citi/cns' nJlhaam aaaaMaa to kill off 

the Hock  Mountain News because that 
papal persists in MaUiap the exact Iruth 
rapardfalg MM millers• strike, is not prov- 
iiiK very sueeessfnl. While the News 
lost some advertising, which was with- 
draw n by the l'arry business men, it is 

J. Henry Miller & Co. 

Funeral Directors 
and Embalmers 

Both Phonp 775 
AI2 IT ail Market JStrcwt 


Bottled in Bond. 

Chas. Sehlinger Sons & Co. 

Have Vour 




Pfeffer's Union Shop 


:i. lie warned WarUagflMa MMVf H 
surrender their power of imle|H'ii I, lit 
DOHMoal action, else mflB shiven mMjd 

hohi Mmm forever. Apaaal aaah a tt  

rible « BlrttoBjaagJ he said: "The MM | 

est boad of baaan rjnapaMigr oatobb 

tlicf-nnily relation should he one mil' 
injr all working jn'opl" of nil 
anil kindreds." 


ms. I n 

ami H 
people Of Den 



Olid. It is the only solution oi the 

IT OITF.N hiimieiis with one who is 
nick thai they must tfmw worse and 
worse until the runs its .oiirse 

aai aapaaaal is napal of tin- c»uh«  
of his aaaiMia Tba aQI aim m a 

ainiilf to iUustrnte the condition of or- 
ganir.,sl laln.r in LoBMriUB When ,1 
pnrgiw itself of the scalawag and hlack- 

i. K s who huve for aaaabroapal Mm 

movement into contempt and ilistrace, 
fu n there will be elnuicti for laUMOta 
moot. Control of or({aJiiw d lalair by 
a rm K i»r uon-nnioniHt blw klegH is to 
the labor movement in Relieral what a 


V ill.', 

Louisville Kiulwa  Company, t he AiiihI- 

pHBaaad v aMaBttaa arbioh malonaarly 
one of Mm bapaa atpaa^aBMoai la Ma 
eug . haa been wtpodoat, «.r pnabtopMp 

so; and the subsidized "labor piii»rs" have not hiny but praise for 
Hi irimriition thai has tiirmil this 


n il i 

' but i 

full of 

n n Hut 


i lalair 

Loiiisi die who systematically sell out 
the unions to corpornii. his, and imt in 
Iheii- tune working their BfBfl on the 
p,, I, tie, ans For Hie latter offense thev 

oapM to be paaaaaad for nbtohilin t. . sell "i„th..s.|.ee" lo the illKMl- 

lers. at hitiK they don't |» sscss. 

.1 Henry M iller, w hose ml ap|iears 
m, . holds Hie oldest card in the 
i in the . '...ii'ii. .ii., i - Cnion. H« 
a : t mind at Decatur. 111., in 187U, 

in, in of Labor in Anieriea 
i day Bl its ►jreat-hcurtcd, broad mind 
,1, BQlai BOaled leader, How any work- 
in, .nin 1MB fail to vote for him, know- 
is a paaaa that i 
he. bDoaa v. ana. 



Can Anything Be Plainer? 

We reprint the letter from Mr. Frtlnk 
Morrison. Sivrelary of the AuBpTcaii 
federation of Labor, ami Hop, the 
Louisville Kederntiiju otJUaWr will now 
be able to see fTMV^TrTfi* violatiiiK not 
only ils own const it nt ion, but the ruling 
of the highest authority in the labor 
movement when it allows delegates 
from the Woman's I^liel League to nit 
and vote in it» meetings. If the cle- 
ment in control of the old central body 
had ever desired to ougt the bogtm dele- 
gab* it could eafily have done no. With 
this ruling from the A. F. of L. will it 
dart, go on doing an it has done in the 
pant? The letter reads as follows: 

"Washington, D. C, August 2i, 11)04. 
—Mr. B. J. Sand, Louisville, Ky. Dear 
Sir and Brother:— Your faror of July 
Wtb waa duly received but, other impor- 

■late H.atiflVahody 
'Uin]«iigii to demolish 
-he Western Kederation of Miners the 
peMp tyrant will toOkM the I he A. F. of 
U uiiions next, as he and his capitalis- 
lie friends Mjf ilelermilled to establish 
I he opaa slic^i ill every indiis'ry There 
s no mon/'piire and simple'' twaddle 
la Datorar, All the unionists are tnlk- 
•ig l/i'u's, and war to the kinfe has 
•lared against l'eahody aud his 


Wholesale and Retail at 

50c to 75c PER GALLON 

We Run Our Ice Plant in Connection and Are Prepared 
to Save Vou Money. 

627 to 633 EIGHTH STREET. 

Home Phone 3144. Cumberland Main 38Q 


-, Of Amherst College, 
V .„ husctls, in the baccalaureate 
"The fashionable society 
I u i cities is a society of the wealth} . 
The rich vie with each other ui the ex- 
i^usiveuessof food, drinks, clothes and 
•niiii urns. Their moral standards are 
rir. T'h v are the de^'enerates of the 

■ Ilea." He might have added that 

are Hie ones who tell the working 

■ IBM that Six.ialism is in favor of free 
li..t, which they themselves practice 
u itil the paternity of their offspring is 
 ■ matter of doubt. The rich families 
, •  without shame in their social robi- 
ns has been hinted at by Prof. 

Radbpr. They have nothing else to 
t 'link about aa they have no duties to 
perform. They are just like the ruling 
( iass ill all nations have been - licentious 
Bed degenerate. A pretty wit of de- 
li in thos to care for the ohastity of a na- 
tion' Appeal to Roaaou. 

Bohemian and Wurzburger 

o o o 

Both Phones 225. 

0 0 0 



3000 Spencerian Graduates Are Doing Well 


: I, 11,1,1 1,1 ,.. 

Mry other ■%« 


// Union Itatloul Bank Bide 

! ■ 



Ijabor Day in Now Albany tiasncd off 
quietly, tlio intrude in tlio forenoon 
boin K a most creditabio dt-monslration 
liWHft u  t quite so ontetmivo as a year 
ago. Thin swms to have, boon tlio fnto 
of intrudes all over tlio country. After- 
noon the steam.-* Hinwntha carried tho 
crowds to Rivorviow Park w hen- lb« 
balance of the day and evoirinn whs 
Hpont in listcniiur to music,  l»ni. iii r. 

treat tliat iiorhaimtbo -brand of smok- 
ers" o i({arn  would not ajrron with 
them. Mosays otin who ttiinkn lie. known. 

—Tho occupant* of tho hack repre- 
senting f lie A II itsrl I'rintiiifc Trades 
(Council in the imrado last Monday ex 
l»Tioiienl a nliirlit nhako up which wan 
canned tlimngh tho earol.wsiienn of the 
driver from the Louisville Transfer 
Co . who foll..w.-d tho A. P. T. 0. oar- 
ri*K". The ] arade was snl.joei, ,1 tO 

other amusements as the Park affords. 

A report of financial result* will bo 
made to tho Trades and Labor Council 

tended mention is deferred until next 
issue, after tin nmittoes have made 


(Titmc. — New Albany news wan de- 
layed in transmission thin week, and 
was not received until t x  late for pub- 
lication. We ro K ret that tho name 
thing hapjwnod to our Jefformmville 


— F. T. Ot Thursday night, Sept. It, 

—Bin. J. E. Morrlok and family of 
five children are visiting friondn at 
White Milln, Ky. 

—Harry A W. .llington. "ono of the 
fluent" among the printers, ban boon at 
homo on a visit for a couple of weeks. 

-Mr. and Mrs. Jos. St oy have h -ft for 
St I... ins to M the great nhow. Mr. 
Stoy in the |».pular st.wart at the 
Farmers' Homo. 

-If you want to noo that friend of 
yours win in tho Wokkkk lxmuiaiity 
content you ninnt do some hustling for 
him. The hustler wins. 

for mny lie 
short . a, couple ..f hundred at the wind- 
Op. You would regret tlos. 

—John N. Smith, of the Wokm.u 
office force, sis-nt Sunday with rela- 
tivon and friondn at Danville, Ky. They 
say John s bent girl liven in Danville. 

-A Now Albany "dark horse," far 
fn,in,, ll |,n the MB**, It tipped 
to make a dash in the 
and win the prize trip to St Louis 

— Ohan. Harris, of the Stovemountcr's 
Uniou, complains that it in indeed 
laboroiiN. nod feels fatigued from riding 
Ins mare last Monday ,1 uring I he parade. 

—Tho attempt to withdraw the rcpre- 
sci.tuimii of L T, U, No. 10 from the 

¥ rated Trades Conned resulted in 

sending three more delegates to that 

—Tho Ice Wagon Drivers' Union of 

tinue its tight against the sale of ice on 
Sunday by taking a tot case to higher 

-Mr. Ed. Kvingor, editor of The 
Toiler nt Torre Hauto, Iud., in t he proud 
|H]« of twin bebies— Isitb girls. Mrs. 
Kvingor and the huhics me doing well, 
and the doctor says that Kd U out of 
danger and will recover. 

— Ot5ly fourteen delegates in attend 
aneeiit meeting of the l.olllsville Fed- 
eration of Lnhor is not very much of a 
compliment to the charter issued by the 

A. F. Off I*, when a year ago the i t 

mgs were attended by a hundred ; r 

—Mr. Frank Roiss, of (trconsbnrg, 
Pa., is in the city on business. Mr. 
Roiss, is a sheet metal worker, and lias 
bei u at work at Oroensburg for thru' 
years. Hin many friends in this city 
were ph ased to learn that he has been 
in good health and doing nicely. 

—Wo are glad to announce the rapid 
recovery of Mr. E. O. Rarelny. 
serious illness from an attack of typhoid 
fever has been mentioned in tins, ed 
umiu. Mr. Ran lay is able to be up and 
clinic down town Labor Day for the 

driver proceeded with bin team and 
drove the tongue of his back into tho 

hack Of the , .foresaid Veh.ele 

Under .he caption, "Don't. Pay 
High Prices for Moats," an Illinois 

for •'homo-killed 

prices nr.. as follows: Rent sirloin and 
imrterliotiso steak la 1-2 cts. lb; best 

loots; bunt rib roast, 10 ctn; put roast, 
U cts: pork cinq*. II cts; pork ntoak. II 
cts; t,es t h. i.ndo lard. lOeta. lb. 

—Tho Louisville colony of printers in 
Chicago has been augmented during the 
past few months by the addition of 
••Billy" Council and Mm. Conn, II. Tom 
Haih v lid Owen. 11 A. Wootf, Frank 
Mol'mo. Hud lawless, J,s. K,„ K , 
"Jimmy" Shao. V (' Montforl. (ieo 
/immernian, Kd. Johnson, Id. Qfgjft, 
J. W. Urifuth, all of whom, so tho 
WoitKKK in informed, are holding natin- 
factorv posit ionn. Their Inist of Ken- 
tucky friends will hegUd to know this, 
and. of course, hope their ginnl fortune 

r desert 

\ t 

i Tyjmfho 


ville during the printers' strike in be- 
half of his "owners, - told I uni..n 
printer in the Windv City recently that 
"tlio Louisville Union has Mm fight 
won to day if they only knew it hut it 
isn't my business to tell them." It hap- 
pened thai he was talking to one of the 
ho\s who had gone through the late 
struggle, and who fully agreed with Mr. 

..It. r 


Closed To-Day 


On i 
of the Holiday 

after 6 o'clock 
in every 




Merrick. I'resldsn. . .leer- Mlddsmtorf 
lle.-..r.lln« Ke.r.i.rv. 1113 West Market; 
i 'tn In Kiiii.teri. c... responding Secretary, 

•   • ' street. " 

Allied ITIntlnc Trades Council iwll at 
odd Fellows Hull. Walnut, below fth. 
first Friday night each month. 

Amalgninstrd Ment flitters and Butol Ma' I t, ton No XT. meets .1 Cr- 

mama linn, .e.-end and fourth Wadt 

,ln  in n .. ni..., h TII..II.SS !,.».-. Svi.tiin, 

Monday each 

fhil i, Secretary. !  .» FYsakllB 

Amalgamated Woodworks' Union No. IM 
meets m Oanai 

I Wagon Workers- Union No. 
at Union Hull I'foml end 
'.. Adolph Kru- 

' «- "■ Ml' 1 id" II I..M1.I N.. I..W me .|| I... i PlJUImm mwiA llu. CT.W^ I ^ 

:nd U f n r,n , V!ieS?y t " ,d »«"«••-»»- I ^^^^rtT^^SSf 
flgar Makers l nl..n No M me«.ia at Urr- 
nianla Hull tlrnt and llilt.l \\ ...In.w.liiv 
nlg-M e», h montii Herman L'tirlMm. 
Secretary lloadnimeters 4l  i". ni«r 

. i : i 

■ ,, 

• mm 

Kinhlh and N'inth slreeta 

i~M»-n« mini, hi 

cnying can-as of tho old lady lately 

l lhlMU l '■ UmMU 9 ration of 


rVlachinists Will Give Smoker. 

Kails City Lodge No. DM will givo a 

he was talking to a union man, but be- 
licved his new found friend to he along- 
tailed rat from the Kast. Men,'., the 
outburst q| eoiitideii. c Local philters 
well understiind the situation, and th. y 
know how their victory was turned into 
apparent defeat Whl n the ptO|W time 
arrives "they do nay" thero will 1m  
something doing in regard to it, t n . 

Side Lights on Men and Things 

tllY TlIK LtK't'ST. ) 

Joe Uoherts, 
■ of No. M iiiil. ss 
he ban an im|«n an. MMHMl with 

i of the Wil- 
ry. and Win. I  nii,listel , 
member of Cigarinakom' No. 32. have 
been npcuding a week or so at the 

artist or to visit Jny.l 
Park, or some other old park. Joe in i 

Vice-President K. W Hoiite wttfeOMt 

day till the throi f No. 10 Krcd is 

taking lessons and carries a manual, 

oitlecr of the bar 
The Herald's Chii|» i OWl 

K. V,„ll',.|t. Isnneel theh.os, 

s aft. 1 

i kaqe 

Simon even time " Vim " represented 
No. 10 at the St. Louis Convent ion with 
credit to himself and his union. Ho 
wan tho right figure in the right plant 
Mi distinguished friend, ••Senator" 

. Wa 


t allow 

bin bill of charges to stand. " Johnnie," 
old boy, the war is over. "UBittd we 
staml, divided w I fall"— go aguuin' for 
union enemies, not union men. 

I'm glad to sco my old sure-eiioiigh 
friend. Jiininie" II. Watson, at No. 
Id's meetiugn. "Jiui," like all of us, 
has bis cranky ways and faults, but he 

•ily are urgently invited, 
both members and those 

rhil III. hides 

of No. MM, 

A few brief address,. s j, |,ro|K sed as a 
f. lltuie of the evening, and a p'deral 

gisid time is mgtBttt. 

Cigarmakers No. 32. 



■ Inter 

i tm 

Hoard by lndng selected to elect one 
meniher from its ranks to go to Chicago 

iu theranacitv of auditor to audit tho 
accounts   f the InternutioHnl offlerv. 1 
Mr Herman HofTnian, KoglstorCldvk, 
is on tho nick list ami oonflned to bis 
bed by at! attack or pleurisy and bron- 
chitis At hist accounts lie was getting 
along meciy. and it is I,o,h,1 he will 

StHlll Is- Ollt. 

Mr. Jos. W. (irimme, 

Mr. lininme |J one of No ttt 
members, and an m tivc worker in the 
trades union inovcim nt. being both con- 
nervative and relii 

wish him a speedy r ivory. 

Tin- Regular meeting of No. !»2 was 
held in (iennaliia Hall Wednonday 
night. This being the first meeting in 
the month there was a large attendance. 
President I. J*. Kn tTerp: 

ury, Wtlwmi j»Jfariaa tr— 1 ' 

! (Ian nent Worker-' f,,i t. the - „l 

; and feiirlli Krl.lai nt Humor Coin. -II Hall. 
| Preston and Muriel -tr. . I - 
 irs.nlte Cutters' t'nlon m»«ts at   er- 
tnania Hall thlnl l-Yldny of each month 

' 'i'.eek '^'nall 'se.'-ond and n foui-il!''w«lne« t 
day each in on In 

HoT_-.hoers' Union No M me«ts at Union 
Hall, Klrot sntl *lsrket si reefs, second 
and f oirth Wednesday of oaoli monta 

Hwd /'i. rr "[ , ;. Un, . on No - lo • ,w • """" — 

and four- aillet's Hall. 
ITugene Morrow. Sc-retsry. 
Hotel an.i ltesinnrant lOmidovers' lnter- 
naUonal Alliance No. H» meet. g| it gp| 
llsll. aecond snd fourih IVidsy i-aoh 

Ama!aiimaled Wood Workers of Hex 
Milkers' and BawyiTu' l iilon No. 1U6 
meets rtrat ami ililr.l Hainrduy nlglns of 
"i. h in.inth at tlermsnln Hall. 

American Federation Of Minuet ins No. 11 
in. el- al (iernmiiln Hull tli-t l lldav iie.rn 
"'wl't"! n,0,,th ' J °" Mu ' ,ler ' Stcre- 

•AKM* Onion meets st (Jerm.nla HaM 
ooeond and rourtb Uaturdsya at 7 p. m. 

BartetxUn' National Alliance No. T» meet 
at Oormaafia Hall tli»t and third mday 
• ■r m n awotX Harry P. Wood, Buat- 
nam Agent. 116 W. JefVeraon street 

Baor Drlvorn H« is. MablaaMO and 

Itottlers, No. M7. meet at OormanJa 
Hal', that ajtd third w.dn *«1ay of the 
it-. eeh ileo Kolb, S*aratary, 1107 
Twenty- HrsL street 

Blndsry Women's I^.cnl No. 1J6 meets at 
Old Fellows' Temnl'*. VV'alnut. bidow 
Hlxth aireet. tlrot Monday in each 

Hit. mailonal Aj»oolanon of lit Mar.- and 

it«-.-k's iiaii orory fVeSsaday nkKil at I 

B !2oca| , aa' , nM ITrrt lis.'k's i'i ' 
day and third Toildsy of MOll MOOUl, 
Ivl Mckena. Secretary. S18 Bust Oreen 

Vorkers n snd l!m'emen'. ,n |-n.' al i'i.'! im'ets 
at Oerm-nla Hall every Tuesday night. 

' "f?i! ! "! ■ ! M " ' ^.d T".' No '*'."« ' 'in ee t s St "( "er I 
msnls Hall Wednesday of each week. 

International llricklayrrs' Union meets 
every Friday night nt Barbers' Aid Hall. 

Brotherhood of Blacksmiths meets nt 
Beck's HhII goot ».l ind f-nrih Saturday 
r.lghta In the monrb. _________ 

Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners 
third Monday night.' " * *" 

1 meeta at 

Beck's Hall, fourth Friday .sch m nih 

tint, arennd and fourth Saturday each 

Iron Molders- ITnlon N... 1« m^-te st Hl- 
lj.ri.Uli Hall. S.... nth .,„ 1 M.okel. Orel 

and third Thurwtay each month. 

Brotherhood of Carpi-nlors ami Joiners 
No tli m.ste «t Heck s Hall first and 
third Monday of en. h month 

Iron Molders' Union No. IS meets at Sev 
enlo«.nih and Main sircie. ftnrt and 
third Friday osoli month. 

Brotherhood of Palmers. Decorators and 

rarer Innn c.f aioorleo n   i is m-. te 

at (ierrnaina Hill »»,-..iid and fourth 
t Tuesday In the month. Henry Hunter. 
Becordlna- Secretary. Jf.Ut Eddy street. 

Dd Of P. D. and P H. of A tta. 

m mecia •oooM ind fonrth Monday 

nights nt I'.ermatiis Hall. Wllllan, Mer- 
ran. Becordlng SecreUry. 1*17 West 

Inside tr .. i Workers ineots at Heck's 
Hall third Friday night of ea.-li n...nlli 

Journeymen Brewers' fnt oi No. I"l roests 
at Peek's llsll every lift and .hird Sun - 
day of each „,, Vol Mterfer.lM 
retary. Kit Twenty-first otrseL 

Br. therhood P. I . and P. II of A No 
to.. „,.., l« tlr-l „,d third .1 
Hm k s Halt AIOX. Smith, Secretary, IM 

Journeymen Tailors' t'nlon No. 48 meeta 
month. Fred Weteer, Secretary, m West 

Boiler Makers' Itnlon meeta at Beck s 
Hall fourih We.lnca.lsv In the momh. 

I— 'ties' l«hH league meets at n. e. cor- 
ner Prest.. n and Mark, t • v.-rv eeo nd 
and fourth Thursday In month 

Broom Makers' International Union Nn. 
19 meet. «i Heck's II .11 Mist and third 

Leather Work, rs, Tsnn-rs and CutTlers' 
Union me. ts M neok'a Ha 1 seoond and 
fourth Tuesday In the month. 

Candy Mak.-rs' Union No. 124 meats at 1 
Hnl.. : s Had. IUn.-„ek and (Ireen. firs* ! 
end third Wednesday each month. H. 
(\ nimble. S.x-reiary. 1M4 Klllsrm are. 

Lithographers' Union meets at (»-rmanJa 
Hall^se.sind IM fourth ring J eaoh 

Louisville District Council of Carpenters 
m. eln tlrst and II .rd \\ e.lnesd av ef e irt, 
month st 4 J. W .isfTerson ft. Mike Oue - 

vhe nioutii. 

Clothing (.'lit tens ilarm-nt Workers. Local 


M^achlne (\KipetV Irrte^rnailonal ^Unlon Nav 

National Alliance mil r. M t.-i* and itinera 
..f Amerlea. l« No 9 at I sack e 

Pattern makers U 

fourth Tueeilay evening si E 
Pavers snd Hammers meet • 
every fourth Wednesday ei 
PlurrsVrs' Steam snd Oas PUters' Union 
Beck's llsll sec, Hid and fourth 

U e.ln-s 

IVe.smen . 

iisii nisi 

t Heck's 

Union No. .D n.e^-ts it tl.rmanla Hail 
nrst Monday each month. John dohneM- 
er, lluslnees Agent, M Weal Jefferson 

en s l-ret.s-.(ve U„l,.„ No m instate 
ebn Hall First street. Letwe-n 
Walnut and I'-hest nut. second sad 
fourth Thursday of MM month 
Soft Minn- Outers meet at Beck's Hall 
M e s.~,.ri«l and fourth Thursdsy eaoh 

W . In. -..Is! eaof- month. 
Steam .ml Hot-Crater Fltiera- Helpers" 
I nl „, meet, a. Iteek's Hall seoond aad 

fourth Prlday of e«cn month. 

Tbeatrli-1 Otsge broiaoyoo, local No. 17. 
meets at lieck a llsll first Tueeday 
•• -■.•••« in e.-h month. T. J Harmon. 
Beeratary, 404 Rest Ormaby avenue 

TofcaoOO W orkers' Union No. 7'J m. eta at 


Typographla No i: m«ets st Beck's Hall 

I floor'ot 

i Hers ME 
lo « 

r Workero 

liermanla Hall second ntid fourth 
Wed needs v of es.-h month Jo. Walt her. 

Se. re ,  . C..|r ,. uveniie 

U - ite.1 Cloth lls'l snd Cap Makers. Local 
Union No — . meets at ITceton and (Mar- 
ket second Tues.lsv In the month. 

Uoholeler and Mattress Ml 
No. K meeta flrst snd thl 
the month st Union Hsll 

Woman's Auxiliary to Lou 
hlrd Thuradsv esrh mont 

ker.' Union 
rd Friday In 

ievlfis Tvpu- 

SS u 1?d B 



cd of a 

Workers' r i w. i a. tt.-d and in- 

troducod by Organizer John Steven-. 
They were there in the interest of a 
euchre to be given by their local Friday 
night (Hid left a number of tickets which 
the union purchased. Secretiirv II. r 



the boys in the contest about the great 
ihniK's ut the Kair when thoy return. 

— Frank 0. Montfort, who fonnerly 
worked in this city in various printing 
offices, was slinking hands with old 
friends here a few dayn at the end last 

nd tn 

holds a nice position with one of tho 
large print shops. 

— Woman's Auxiliary to L. T. U. No. 
10 holds a regular mooting next Thurs- 
day afteruiKm, at which a full attend- 
ance of tho members in desired to take 
action on new lawn which are made 
necessary by amendments to the Inter 
national Constitution adopted at the St. 
Louis convention. 

—Tho union label is the unmistak- 
nblo sign of practical co-operation be- 
twoou employers and employes. The 
d^maud for the union label completes 
the relationship necessary to the most 
effective practicn of co-operation by 
making tho purchaser also a partner in 
the business.— Union Reporter. 

—John Karlen stirred up a little feel- 
ing among his friends last W(*»k by giv- 
ing a smoker to only a chosen few. 
However, it i» the sweet consolation of 
his admirer, who were slighted in this 

" .lonny " Owen likes to nee all the 
boys I with money for cards). He must 
ttii that his pro teui job is a hard 
pun, lung bag. If he did. could you I, nn' Navee! 

Old No. ID lias done many good thingn 
since its organization. Feb. 2, IBTti. 
Chief among thorn she ban been instru- 
in. nt. al in the establishment of an up-to- 
t ho minute, handsome and progressive 
weekly labor paper, and the lni nu t :, n 
of a ••nnro-eiiougli central body" BOB- 
p0td4 only of union card delegates. 

It is not always ginnl diplomacy on 
the part of the executive officers or 
Board of Directors of a union to let the 
"cat out of the bag" as to what is 
doing to the general moiiibemhfp. 

I the Audit! 


of I 

■ Intel 


of ten, bring warning into the enemy's 

My old friend "Ed" Oronk was 
forced to admit that he was " somewhat 
prejudiced" in the Federated Trades 
Council and Louisville Federation of 
Labor combat. " An hoLost cenfessien 
is good for the soul" and business 
" makes strange bed fellows." 

My left hand bower, "Johnny" 
Stack, is one of the good uatured fel- 
lows that takes " reuolntiou defeat" 
with a light heart and a smiling face; 
in fact, the " fat boy" can't do other- 
wise, his facial expression is always the 

audit th 

otliee. He will leave for Chicago on 
W, din -dev. 

Mr. Nat Loonborger, a prominent 
member of No. M, has 'cturnetl liome 
after an extended visit to relsHv.e and 
friends in 
World's Knir. 

Where Will He Land Next? 

National officers of the Bill I ' ,„ 
I'nion have given 1'eoti! thirty days to 
get out of the.r Louisville local-tho 

slulelle Ills III I'e.d/ s ft* 1. 1\ |ill|KT to 

the eontnirv wil hstiuiding. 

By-the woy, it turns out that Feetz is 
the man that has l«-cn going among the 
business 1110:1 of the city and represent- 
ing that entire harmony pivvailn ill the 
Louisville lalxir movement, that there 
is but one central body. It is a painful 
fact that there is not a word of truth in 
such allegations There can bo no har- 
mony until UNION men take hold of 
the movement and put the fakirs, liko 
Pectz and his gang, out of it. 


• husii 

The Woggle Bug at No. 10's last Sun- 
day's meeting said most emphatically 
that the Federated Trades Counoil is a 
lively, healthy be(e)ing, which carries a 

inunity against giving Pectz any busi- 
ness for the account of the    ino Vil- 
li Y Wohkkh. We most seriously ob- 
j.-ot to hnviug the g HHi name of the 
Wokkkk prostituted in thin manner. 
And PiH'tz is warned also »hat he must 
not leave tho inference with bimiiieas 
men that business secured from them is 
intended for the Wokkkk. By such 
course he lays himself liable to prosecu- 
tion, and if iMirsistfld in ho may expect 
to have the law upon him. 

f. T. O.  d A«.« mli-.n ef Io n Mi. . ' and 
Tin W .rlo i-s.llw.n lasltfe No. an. Hosts 111 
Hodden'- llsll eorn. r Mai- and Ma. k 1 lir-a 
ninl thlnl Kalnr.lar. .'  -• pit r. Presi 
,|, i,t Al C. W.irs, v It .Iito- S. . r. tar, 

AmalKaiiist.d W. ».!« .. ik. is. llaa.J1en.ak 
em No. 177 moN In C». |.. i,t. rs llsll ev. l v 
flmt Slid Ililr.l Sntiirdat t, ifhl ..f .sail 
nneilh Chnj.. Va.n. r. I ns.lde..t . K.I. Hi-ln.fl. 

!^. l -.hToMiT»'l s ."Vffer^ * ' '" 

Int. rnntlonsl Brleklsv.-m Union N,, 11 ine. t- 
st ( nip. liter- llsll ■ \. r  W..l.i.-«.lio nliflit 
MIL ■ bpn Pn ddrnt Clm- Mitchell, For 
r.-l-oidnut t..rv. ISIICull- n -, .,,„, , no. 

'.'!'.', ,',l ».Vl* fen. iuM.aluv'nt't :»'"m' K '.V V 
Hall. |-.,iil sod V ol . ; .1 Ii Pr -I 

r'a"l' stsiir " """" H " , ' r, ''" r f- ' M \V..,»I« , .rkers ^ I'^lo.i 

nilt'ht at u A It'iiall Sila- \i.-hola-. IV-. -1 

dent ; V. .1. h. It nlmn I'-'ltl 

Rktn nv. mi. . 

■MM Hrolli.rli..«l .,f Hln.ks,,,liha 

l,.oi»l No 41. l-nl Cina.iiii.L. ,-■ Hall .... 

...aland fonrll, i.i.-ln .1 W Uatlei, 
Ur-1.1. nt . I'hll W l-n,l. If. r. Ii Unit See 


Mtwlnlans' Man -  live No. 

II ' "  H- el. - II..II III UonUvlll. It. ,.r.- 

-. I.I..I d. le K ni.« III N. v. A II amy 

1 K-r Ilrlv. r-. Helpers, Hlal.l t, and K.ttl. i. 

So St of 1 . ...t w It It Nov. 
AII.S...V Trad- .ia.t_ l,il..r I ...mell ( (i... 

Iiiterimiionnl Bn.llieih.»«l Work. r« 

^rm^^s\ ii'-t! 

li.^le.ll _  '1. Iks Mat. ml 1-r.ilirlH-,. ASM.'I atloi, 

b." d-vd^ r Ky ' ' ' "" 7 '"""' , ""^ 

Br.-w.-rs. Kiitnii. en.. Iir and Helpers' 

la-al -'.Mot l.o.ii-Mli. altll 1 nl. N. 

U1 Prad bei... i • ii. ft l. fiiek 

ens. mcrelnry, HIS Kast (»r«s- n street, lands 
ville. Ky. 

Int. mat'. nisi Union of Steam Kn*tn . rs. 1. si 
N... IKS. .lie. Ii. Hon-, ,-. I'i, : Mi. lin. 1 
Ha- ..-ml.. ... n. tar. and Tr. Bslli er, 

 *' M» ••»•• l ( " 1 |;: | " ll "" y ' '- '," «'«ri- nlemj^Ha'l 

KsTDrlv-m' Union N... an m.. t- .it tleriitn 
nia Hall, laoo-vilh tlr-. .....1 ihir.1 ^..Ine- 

I'.'rs' m„|| "!i„""s 'sul ''„ ""i''i'"al"!o "M'i,"r 

"• 11 ha ' li.e.adl.if a ,,e S .e 

r. tsry, l:«l Kast (ink.«l..l I'atnt. r- l  .1-. •»...! Pop. r 

I'li'Xwin Cai'-l'.i nl. i-'llall' and Mail . I 
streets. Win Mo ■ I'r. -l.l, .it ftl. Illl. kl. 
h.Ty, ii nloiL- Seer. Iio-v ell Kiel .  :,\ 

Tv|«.Krsplilenl Union No. flml Thum 

da. ol ,,..1, ,|, ,„ c, k ,„ tors H..II. 

Chs . H-lili.t-ai. .. I'i. si, |. ,,i . I rnnk Aren, i , S.i r. Urv . Ilnri't hinllh. S.-. rotary- 


Central Ijabor Union of JeffersonvUls 
meets third Monday night each month 
at Beet's Hall. Oscar Duffy. Becretary. 
Dsat Front street. 

Carperfrs' snd Joiners' Union No. la 
meets evert/ Friday night at Beat's Hall. 

Amalgaaiuited Woodworkers- Union No IX 
meets every Baturday r.lght at Bset ■ 
Hall.^ W.^A. Btout, SecreUry. »L! Bast 

1 S8*yetS"ag Vi^n.op? B 7lnlV. 1 ''w. 

Painters' and Usprr Hangers' Union N». 
fjii msli at -ha. mo. da tSej . 
Short. Seerolary. 

day 'iifght**John Honing* 'lottery! 1 iSi 
Missouri avenue. 

Brotherhood of No. 42» m.»sts 
every Wedneeilay nlitht st BceTe Hall. 
J. Chandler, Booretary. Kentucky aw- 

Uaperhan«rers and Oeooratera mm every 
Friday nlgtit at Oolden Cross Hall. /. 
T. A (..titer, fleoretary, 604 Ohio avenue. 

Sheet Metal Workers' Union of Jeffargon- 

street and Oourt avenue. 

Schmidt & Moot k 

House (and Sign 



Graining, Glaijn, 

Eats Cuscaden's Ice Cream. 

and Cakimiain, 
Home Phent S*"' 543 L JefftTSOll St. 

1 2 Wagons and Horses 

4 Telephones 



Fine Kentucky Whiskies 

Pure Wines and Liquors 

Tele phon, I948-I »4 $IX7« STREET 

MOM H. Hl'KCBT. Pr.«. HMH BACON. Beoy. Troas. 





Both Phones 27I8 308 to 320 Seventh St.. LOUISVILLE, KY. 

Leading Photographer 


Broadway and Baxter 

Stevens' Loan Office 

311, 313 SIXTH STREET 

Clothing, Etc., For Sale 

Dress Suits Tor Rent, $1.50 per Night 

Office Hour*. 7 a. m. lo fc p. m. 
Saturday* Until 10 p.m. 

For a Good, Honest, Square Meal 

Go to the 


OTTO F. VENT, Prop. 

504 W. Jef. St. 

C. B. Thompson 



632 Fourth Avenue 

261 West Jefferson Street 

*\£ iujravimj(unptiiiij Jj 



Henry Bosse 4 Son 

Funeral Directors 
- Embalmers . . 

All . nl r» promptly »f. n.|.,l t«  ,Ur ,.r 
aisl.t. rlii. ..|„ „ .•arrliiifr- 


Ml Kn-t tirecn StriM.t. 

The Phil. Hollenbach Co. 


Distillers.- fatUM 




I.ouImvIIIo, Ky. 

Lets have your pknic order. 


Soda and Mineral Waters. 
All Goods Packed in Union Boxes. 

1320 Weal Main St.. 


Germania Hall Cafe 


107 W. Jefferson 

Money Loaned 

On all kinds of flUtWl Also kg lu .ti, -t 

•rithoal lanraaaga, 

Our Rates are the Lowest 


and Brokerage Co, 

+++++++ 4.++ ++++++++ ++++ ++++++++4.++++++* ( 

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ 

licniioii should he written dm oik- side 

of tha paper, tad should UrtrarlahLt i»- 

i»I ..i.i. l lo tlx- until.' nii.l a'ldrcss 

of flic writer, tint i ssarily fur pnbli- 

cation but fof tl UtOt*! inf.iniiHtiiiii 

hiki ii guarantee   r good faith. 

'I lic Km.. Vai.i.k v Worker is ""t pi 
sensible f..r. n. .r diss it necessarily 
endorse, the opinions "f individuals 
« ItOM eoiiimiinicntiniis M| tpfMttt itM 

UpMI Ii «'nil. I miim|iIv DMM 11 gradual 

ban i 1 ■ thaohurohoi tha moot intelligent, 
aotrre, ambttloan and IndipandeMl ||» 

in. nt  .f its working class marabaW who j 

ff.'i aapabli of doing thair mm pnlMlaal 
thinking ami roling f-.r 

Farmers' Union in the South. 

machine slate mny ls  smashed to 

Push the " Little Joker." 

..f Bra. W. ft, m 

Mint y 


II.I.V 1. 11*1 

thr haadj "i rich m " i bail cm jca aaToad 
t. iaUn in. !.• from tha church t he good w ill 

Of  ls ..I thousands of working- 
n in order In gam ri. li men's gold? 

ii .Mm aaa, it w ill only g   t«. show 

thiil the la aploiOB (which in many qnar- 

lan already ai dm to conviction) that 

tha MlTation of -.mis is nut tha oaaly 

ipaabfajf, arary r^ttiotaa la mi Mail 

will grow liuiii.itiM on his hands and 
Johnson grass in II,.' garden The 1 « • I » 
n. inn catches .111 without delay. In the 
big black hind counties in. ions ore being 

taking hold wit li avim.— Dalian (Texas) 

Hi meets 

V.-.l.rnl.'.l Trades 

aaxf Ti. uiMiiiy a%ht. 


lighting tha aaaoa battla; wha uam wo 
aafcnadl ftttafcal Miatoal That's all. 
mid a law laaajalfcaial bmn that m won 
as thank a way 1,1 aaalH us.' of them 

mini.' . ..iirt decides that they don't mean 
what they Hay. 
\V. tli. ti pay men who don't know 

irhfit tltrj rnrtii to MMfea btwi thai tha 

courts don't or won't know what they 
in. an, provided they are for the hen. lit 
of the majority. 

I would like lor any brother w 0tkhhj 
man to tell me of one law Hint wi.s 
■Mail l"r Hie ■—J instead of tin few 
that has not he. n thrown down an MM 
in there was a use for it 


r ptofaa 

e fundl.l 

t alao 

of s 

otaUaai an, Hal than explain why n 

rtliflatlaa mm* boM them? 

It the fiiii.hiineiital prinei]iles of . 

oiaUan tra ■rrwaioa i w ill yon pfaaai 
poial wii. reiii? or .io jtm kapaal  . ur 

renders to aOOapl fOW editorial opinions 
■.- InfalUbU ulteriin. es and fOM deri- 

■djaj Dcantaj 



•kyardH eio«  is aaaJaaJaM to 
the laws of GMaagO only 
apply lo the fir..' iiinitH. You s.h' it wax 

tamed or pois d bj the violation of 

the law. 

Hut we have a euro for our ills. It ix 
a* -tire a*, that I ho huh riw* and Met... It 
is in the union label. They ItajM tr  

iiut they oaa'l Ua/Uatc it out: if they 
did it would ooal us no more to print 

f.ur ii-ts ,,r | is to dlatribatt laaoM 

the union men 

What is the diff, rent e if Tom. Dirk 
or llnrrv or any other wall be President 
,,f the fjaitad Maaai if WK won't huy 

t  ur union men and llu ir w ives arc a 
plenty. If they ah ne demand the label 
it W ill be MifUcii'lit. 

The i iipitaliHt . las« nil most of the 
stores, not for fun hut lor profit. 

i f \ , hi w ,,|H Inn ,' I Ii. ir k.nhIs without 

- ticket 

ii, h. 

,elp for 

IM MMh and every one say. "If I can't 
tlndthisor that with the Inlsl, I can 
stand it to wait a f.  v days until 1 run 
find it with the label. Then I will 
have more money to apajal with the 
fair Hal when 1 tind him. Almost 
everylhiliK iimiK'inuble 


• lea 

we have a friend (MM label) that has 
.lone more lor us in | week than | 
tics has in an hundred years. 
Preach the I.iIk 1 lor breakfast! 

Pvaaeh aWUbal for dinner! 

Preach the label lor MfMaTl 

And more converts can l„ mail,' m an 

" Socialism Spells Anarchy." 

• Mr. DotuwUy, leadet 
■aid strike in t BtteaaO) ii 
Thai siious ii,,,! he is badly mi 

on the labor  |«n st loll. Socialism 
anarchy, t.-ovci anient oppression and 
labor shixen lis I iin.lain. nl nl pnnci- 
pl. s cannot be held h  a ( hnstian." 

The fiu t thai Mr, DonaeUy bus bo 

i n a Boctallat, if he lias re dly bccoine 

one. indicates not "thai he is badly in- 

lals.r slavery" is simply a false asser- 
tion, tinned with more or less of malice, 
and that is nil. 

Baifyoa in, inakiiiK known to the 
workiiiK class (Mkl they will uiidei siaii.l 

how io pratt hy ihe RBowladfa) the po- 


their rkSUaail for the robbers nud 
Mjalaal the robbed; for the rich BJj| 

■gntnti tin- 1 ■ 

Vou say: "Its fundamental Jirinci- 

raraa your power to ptavaaM H •' . 

t, nil- the Cliristnin citi/.ens of tins rc- 
pabUC shall evercise al their parfl the 
constitutional ri^ht „f aHilii,tin K with 
that poUttOal or K ,.inzation their best 
jii, lenient approves. 

Socialists hold that the people of 
every country should have the riurlit of 
self inrafaaMltl that it is the ri^ht of 
the Baajorlty to delermine the form of 
Kovcriinieiit or orjraiiizcil s.K iety under 
which they are to !;ve; that, if the 
a 1Mb bag class shall be convinced that it 
i- to I heir interest to OtgHUMJ them- 
selves into a class political party to ad- 

the rifc-ht to do so; ami that, if said 
workinjt class c-n-titulc the majority in 
any nation, they have tha ri^ht to K'.v- 

these ! 

iples, and they arc  dajOatlBg 
ui/.iiiK their fellow- workiiiK- 
m, n of the world to hold with them the 
fundamental tmtli that the land of 
every nation should Im' owned oolloctire- 
|y by the paopk of that nation; that the 
mael ay of pcodootion ami dtatrflMr 


Roasted Coffee 

TMH BH8T irv Towrs 


8 lbs. Good SI 00 

6 lbs. Special .... I 00 

5 lbs. Baioga .... I 00 

4 lbs. H. H I 00 

3 lbs. Mocha-Java . . I 00 

Best Tea at the price,!". n 45c 

Tin; UUffU lOiAfXn 

John M. Mulloy 

\V. MAKfKI i 

,..1.1 be 


' ,1: 

aria , 

lM'iii|{ able to work, shall not cat. 

Now, do you say a Christian canm 
hold th. se principles.' Will jroa pleas 
point mil v\ herein th. y are wrong? 

If you cannot pofaaT out w h. rei 
S.« ialists arc wrong, yon cannot cxjur 
us to abandon our convictions. 

.i v-. ii knout, 


"Ohio Valley Worker" Will 
Pay Expense of Trip for 
Contest Winners. 

mint of a isipuhirity contest may lie 
found, the prize bafcaj a trip to the 
St. UmJl World' Pail at tin- HtpNM 
of the WnUKKR. 

Tins ir- the most generous otl'cr 
ever placed before the union men 

of tha Kails Band the ooadl 

e th. 


., nl,,, 

LOUISVILLE, with his wife, mother, 
daughter or sister, wil! he sent to the 
World's Pair, ..s the K ucs, ,,( (he OHIO 
\ urn Wcmom, tn.ii-po.ialion and 
hotel bills (to MM a.uouni of #|.S0 j*r 

dagr aaoh or IK.00 par day for the Mm), 

to r, niaiii six days, this pais r lo hear 
the cost. 

The most ]H,pulnr union man in NEW 
ALBANY, with his wife, mother, iflgb 

tar or aktar, a ill he sent to tha World's 
Pair, aa tha gaaai of the Oano Vaumi 

Wokkku, aTfjaMporttMoa and hotel bills 
it., the amount of |i.M DM day eat-h or 
11.00 par day for ihc tw.n, to laaaaJi 
-i\ taya, tins papal to bear the aaa), 
The most popaiar union man in II I - 


Funeral Directors 
and Embalmers 

1507 West Market Street. 



Dana* i.. 

Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes, Gents' 

Union Label Goods i Specialty. 


Fire Insurance 

Louisville, Ky. 

- sister, will be sent to the 
fata, us the k-ucst of the OaMO I 
Vai.i kv W.ikkkk, traiis|Nirtatioii and j 
hotel hill- (to KM amount of UJ0 per 

of . 

named, we make the same identical 
proposition in each case. Anybody can 
vote m this contest, hut in casting your 
vote lie sure to state in which city your 



order to es|K. use the cause of economic 
equality of in.lusti i-1 freedom, one 
must abandon the Christian religion | 

1 can hardly believe this, your dictum 
tothk afanl iutltHlMlnallMi 

Hut supiH.stJ|y.iur theory, or rather 
your assertion, that Christianity is irrec- 

aajtai rfjlSaal w.'reTruc.^What 

man and 

i„. prapaaty 
,,f Hi,- any b 


Here is the chance for some 
his wife, daughter, mother in- 
take in the World's Fair Kree— a cou- 
ple from each of the Kails Cities W l.o 
wUI it be? 

—Mr. John Weber. Ihe popular bar- 
tier at Baxter Ave. 
sending a couple of weeks 
Mills. Ky., with h.s wifo. 



Will Make Your Old Hat New 

Home Phone 3727 
216 \\ 

National Hat : : 
Cleaning Works 

CON J. KOLB, Proprietor 


Old Hats Made Equal To New. 

Silk Hats Reblocked and Ironed While You Wait . . . 
Retrlmming and deblocking to the Trade a Specialty 




Of Ladies' and Gents' Wearing Apparel 
528 Fifth Street ,w 

PABST BEER in Draught and Bottle 

Por Sale 

At All &  
Leading Bars 

Telephone 1 389, Both Phones 

Louisville Branch 

14th and 

Wm. Yan Da Grift, Mgr. 


327 5th Street 

Real Estate Agent 


To the World's Fair at St. Louis! 

Three Round Trip Tickets for husband with wife, 
daughter, sister or mother, to the Great 

for Si* Days. 

One Prize for Louisville 
One Prize for New Albany 
One Prize for Jeffersonvilje 

The Ohio Wokkkk has decided to give a free complinicnt- 
ary trip to the St LoaJi World s Fair to t he most [sipular union man, 
with his wile, daughter, ifctfar or mother, in Louisville, New Albany 
and .1. tl. rsom ille. As the WoHKKit is the official paper of the central 
bodies in the Kails Cities, we make prc-isely the same proposition in 

cad, cisc. Now . s body is going to St. Louis from each of the three 

cities nainid. and have the 



Tie . ontest commences with the issue of this date (July PthJ and 
:11 clone at noon on Thursday, October 0th. 

The following rules will govern the contest, vis: With every paid 
up subscription for one y ear the subscriber will lie entitled to 100 votes, 
for each six months' subscription lie will be entitled to forty votes, and 
for each coupon cut out of the jiaper and sent in you will hnve one 
vote, and which will be recorded and published weekly in the Worker. 

I I ontest will close Thursday, Octolier tith, at lij o'clock noon, 

and the contestant receiving the highest u umber of votes will be given 
Two Hound Trip Tickets (for self and wife, or daughter, mother or ms- 
tor) to St. Ixiuis World's Fair, and hotel excuses at 11.50 per day for 
six days for each of the two jiersons going. 

This is a splendid opportunity ta somo popular union man with 
Ona BMaobar of his family to six-uro a Trip to the World's Fair, and the 

(Others and directors of the Union Printing Company are not 
m for this honor.) 


Louisville, Ky. 


I $1.00 (or 50 cents) for which a 

Sec Page 1 for Popularity Contest ft 


418 Center Street, LOUISVILLE, KY. 

Ohio valley worker, 1904-09-10

4 pages, edition 01

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