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date (1879-01-11) newspaper_issue The Weekly Roundabout. 

BUCKLEY & LEWIS, Publishers. 

Volumi: n. 




NlJNBBB l6, 

TVTPW TYRTTP QTHPP I 1 11 ifl m ^ Will, C. Herodon, late 

INJjVV UllUUr 01UII£j! CHmli( | ate fol „ l0 mm of ritv Anonu . v , 



I end (itiftll tied in open Council, i 

piMt d through 
without ha 
drink o! liii 

the canvass and election 
;lit a vote or given a 


then nvi bond 

Mr. Hugh R 
nented hil .pialificnti 
readiness to (.-liter 11 1 

WiMawuF Bhtkf 9ontk Frankfort, 

Would rc 
fbrt an-t 


1 thee 

s of Frank- 

cinify that he has opened a I'm- 
Store at the ahove place, where he will keep con- 
stantly on hand a full line of pure 

Council Proceedings. 

PftiNEfOM, Kv., .Ian. 8th, 187".». 

Present— E. Burnt, E. P. Bryan, A. Du- 
vail, B.C. Church, Biff. Lnacber, L, Tobin, 
S. I. M. Major, H. 1. To. Id. 
The Gouncilmen-elecl having taken the 

f-\..,« inr _ j ■ _ ■ oath of office required by the Constitution 

JLirUgS, JYieCllCineS, ot Kentucky and the ordinance* of the city 


Which he will «ell at prices toguit the times and 
■ollolt* « share of their patronage. 


fc^U Night be tl promptly answered. 
Oct. 12-ly. 

0( Frankfort, entered upon the discharge of 
their duties as the Board of Council of the 

olty of Frankfort. 

The first busineM in onier being the elec- 
tion of Mayor of the city of Frankfort, 
Councilman K. .C. Church nominated Col. 

S.'I, M. Major. The vote being taken, re 
waited in the election of Col, si. M. Major for 

the ensuing two years, or until his successor 
shall de duly elect. .; and qualified. 

The next business in order heing the elec- 
tion of a Clerl  for the ensuintr two years, or l "« !,n ' 1 **7*  tll(  voU ' Wn l takt '" 
until his succesHor shall he duly elected and l vas decided m tlie affirmative by a vote ot 


nvy biff cask- 

hich was approved, mere and -ilk. the other, uavv blue poplir, 

(man appeared and pre Miss Bra While, I. lack rep silk; Mi* Mag- 
ation, nnd announced hi- (If TlUCf, brown poplin and velvet. Mi- 
the discharge of his Van Cudgel, brown poplin and velvctj Mi- 
duties. Bllen Parker, black Oashtnerf and tilh 

The Mayor appointed the regular stand- Miss LOO. Herndon, steel colored pOpliti . 
Ing committees, and the Council then pro- Mi*s Mittie White, black caelltnerc and silk, 
reeded to the election of city officer-— the Mian duliir Roberts, broWll poplin; Mi«s do- 
Mayor and Clerk having been previou-dv lia Carleton, green and black poplin, 
elected — and the following persons were in reference to the young gentlemen. I 
elei ted to fill the various offices i will nay flint all conducted theniselves In 

J no, W. Payne, Treasurer : dason M.Cuse, the tnOftt commendable style, and added rety 
Assessor; M. A. Jones, Superintendent of much to the enjoyment ol the yoHtiti ladie*. 
Cas and Water Works; K. A. Phillips, Kn- They (the young gentlemen | seemed to enjoy 
gineer of Steam Fire Engine; Richard themaeleet M much M the young ladled, tm- 
Parker, Fireman of Steam Fire Engine 
Rom Lee, colored. Janitor of Market House 

Philip 8e Ibert, Keeper of City '"lock ; dm.. 
W. Hupe, Day Policeman : J erf Lee, Cap- 1 
tian of Night Police; Jack Long and C. \V 
Merchant, Night Policemen tor Sort Frank- 
fort; Thom peon Conway and J. T. Larkin, 
Night Policemen for South Frankfort. 

Councilman Luechei moved to appoint an 
'additional night policeman for North Frank 
' tort, whereupon Councilman Todd demanded 

qualified, Councilman Tobin nominated 
I Russell Sneed; and the vote being taken, 

resulted in the unanimons election of said 
| Sneed. 

'  On motion of Councilman Bryan, the 
Heading of the minutes ot last meeting was 
dispensed with. 

, Councilman Tobin moved that the bond 
offered by T. J. Todd, Marshal -elect, be an 
j prove.; by Council, which wa« adopted 
rwlltoetipon Mr. Todd appeared before the 

l5oa»d, and took the oath prescribed by law. 
On motion, Council adjourned to' meet 
j again Tuesday night. 

7 to 1. 

Mr. Henry Brown was put in nomination 
for the position and elected. 

Zacll. T. Thomaaaon, Weigher and Mea- 
surer; Petef Byrne, Janitor of Major Hall 

Councilman Tcdd mov d to abolish the 
OflSce of Health Officer. Adopted. Same 
moved to poatpOOC election of lamp lighter, 

I «Cg;hm ilm/m Church moved to abolish ot-| 
flcO of Civil Engineer. Adopted. 

City officers' reports lor December, 1 S7^. 
land sundry petitions were received and ftp- 1 
j propnately referred. 

; Com oilman Todd moved that the commit' | 

peciallvthe one who was calling '* Uncle 
i I Wilt." E. M 

Children do not .lie of the croup to whom 
Dtt Wm. Hall's Balsam PON nil: LUXO* I* 
administered.. Parents will do well to i. - 
member this fact and keep a me.kcine. 
which saved so many lives, hi the hoiUM 
ready for an emergency. The Balsam over 
comes a tendency to consumption, strength- 
ens weak and heals sore lunga, remedies 
painful and asthmatic breathing, ballistic* 
hoarseness, and elites all bronchial and tra- 
cheal inllamation. If you have a cough, 
use it •• early and often." For -ale I". 
Hughes & Chiles. Druggist*. 


Oktm muH w t m t A 9uihiiit0, St.  'f iir St., 





SC»r bleiltd Iron Mantles in great vnriety. 



Notary Public and Examiner, 

urrwM ovjsm omit, uodmjwr orncu 


Life Insurance Company 


Policies issued on the Life or Lmlowmer.t plan. 


L av Kates! PatrnatM Home Companion ! 

Nov | Hi, Frunkfort, Kv 

Kit A N lii'i N 



tOS l Strert, 4 i nci Htlitii, Ohio. 


j tee on finance reqneet the late City tfarehal 
I ( Ksi).vY, January 7th, 1879. | G make linal report to said Committee a» 
j Present — His Honor the Mayor and all j as poteible, Adopted. 

I the Council. On motion of tame, accounts against the] 

, Minutes of last meeting amended and ap |clty were referred to appropriate committee. 

proved. i tin motion of tame, Ordinance Committee! 

; Ordered, That that portion of the mi nuteejaraa directed to procnr as many copieaof 

Ol last meeting in reference to Councilman CltV Ordinance! as could be found. 

i Todd and Hugh Rodman, Ctty Attorney-: Ordered (hot Council now go into execu- 

leal, be stricken out. |tive teation. 

Mr. Qrant Qreen appeared before the' 
Hoard and asked for an appropriation or as-: 
niatanee for the pooroi the city, and tiro fori 
the use of the Council Chamber on Wednes- 
day evening. 

( n motion of Councilman Todd, it was; 

ordered that a special committee be appoint- 
ed to take the matter into consideration in 
regard to the poor, and that said Committee! 
be authorized to expend not exceeding two 

bundled dotlari to relieve the immediate 

wants of those actually in need, and that 
the Clerk be directed 10 iaaue his warrant 
upon the Treasurer for said amount, which 

wat adopted, and His Honor the Mayor a i* 

pointed the following commilic* — Council 
men Todd, Tobin, hryan ami Bama 

And then, upon motion, the Hoard ad- 
iourned to meet anin Wcdnaaday night, 
'the Sth I net,, at 7 ..Ylock. 


kxkcutivi inaioy, 

I »n motion of Councilman Tobin (he C 

mittee on finance wa« ordered to report at 
next meeting on tin- neeea bondanow in pos- 
ses-ion of the Council, 

Murray. Miller A Co presented * bond and | 

power of attorney in relation to lottery grai 

which were approved by Council, and cle 

ordered to take proper i»tep« t   haee tin 




ASH M&tafl IN AI.I. KIM" 

Building Lumber, Dressed tMoorinu:. 


l\„,t ../' Cr-so StrtH, \ «r Bermitnf* DittilUrg 

Black & Chinn, 


Will dell a: the very lowest figures 


ed I 

' th 



Col. led. and dep  

The doom a ere t liei 

Oil motion, the Council 

tv C 

»nrt, pi« 
Rft pfa  


ii, and, ' 

CaLLXU Mi;r.r,\.i.   
Jaxiaky Sth. IS7',». , 
Piesent, Mayor and all the Coiincilmen. 
Minute.- ol lust meeting read and ap- 
prov e.i, 

Councilman Toitd, from special rommittr 
in relation to the poor, reported that the 

-uui appropriated lor ihePOOrof Frankfort 
lltd bein placed in the haiuU of Me.-srs. 

OrantGrten and W, J, Cbinn for distribu- 

The Hoard of Bchool Trii-t, i , Me- r-. 

The New Y« 
the residence 0 

Alton, Wednted 
perfeol inoeeia. and 

f Mr. .lohn T. 

•n a i j 

rnt ffiv 

y night of laat a eek, was a 

If iaa Minnie Rolnn is, ih. 

•omplished hos»e.-s. attired 

in elegant black cashmere and velvet, re- 

ceived and entertained ihagaeeti In a kin. I 

and gentle Dtyle, a  Itanal. The bewitching! 

young Indies, Mi se* Boherte, Tracy, »n.l 
iVileon, entertained the g tteeta a portion ot 

the time with most delighttul mu ie on the 
I piano, which all enjoyed. 

A splendid repael ot dainties, which all, 

young people love no well, was atrved, and i 

all did ample jllMticC lo it. 

The names ot the voting ladie-wb o graced 
the room, and deecriplion of ,be se- folloa : 

Miss Battle Doolin, of Lexington, elegant 
brown ailk and satin; Mis.- Ilattie (tainea, 

| J. Q. Dudley, Geo. C. Drane.aadB. 0. Ball | black rep ailk; Mi.-dcs Mary and B.uwa| 


OLAttM MORI i v. oko. a. LIWIS. 

PL' I) Usui; us \M  PROPRlRTORf. us 

Thf Wk.kki.v Roinimihm . I pttbllshed tttfj 
f itrtr hiy, »( dm deller |»  r eanan. iaverlal 1 tl 

Ml MMtbii M ssats) tares Blontas, fft SSUMb 

KM!! My be Ml t'.v p.i-t -••thee MVM|  T'i* i , 
•f registered lotter at our r !  

FRANKFORT. J A N U Ut V II. 1879. 

lee is ov-r a fOOl thiek i 

Tin' | r of the 

n Mention from the 
pie of Frankfort. 

city uic receiving wmc 

charitably disposed pea 

Many poor people of t li ij- city, who suf- 
fered the pangs of banger more than once 
this winter, were fed ycaterday. 

The hoy a an- having a jolly time with 
llieir sleds From one to a dozen can he 
-t en hitched 01l40 almost every Vehicle thftt 

p aasci 

New sleighs make i In 
t he street-* every day. 

Go to the llarphy meeting 
house ncxl Monday night. 

peaffti on 

Too much snow on tha ice for skating, Ho 

the boyi buckle on their skates ami take th 
middled (In- streets, where the snow has 

been beaten down bard 


- to b  a Murphy meeting at the 
M next Momlay evening, at 7 

  which everybody is cordially in- 

vited Let there he h lull attendance. 

Mercury reached 16 C below aero yesterday 
morning. Too cold tor run. 

Mr K Campbell Steele weal tt» Lonis- 

illf Tuesday to take charge of the Wlliard 
Hotel. His fatally Will leave for that city 

Mrs. Emily Tubman ami Mrs Lou lea 
Kelningham left Wedneeday for their home 
in Qeorgia, accompanied by Dr. .1. s. 



There are, perhaps, more sh ighs in this 
it;.- now than at any former period of its 


n the gat well project, 
s a plan for furnishing the city with 
idanoe of good -prm.: water, at a cum 

.filing 110.000 

since the cold weather s' ' 111. Mr. Banta 

the fruit denier. has had Stolen frOUl li:.- StON 
one bucket of mince meat, two dreseed ducks, 
about fifteen pounds of freali Bah, and h 
large dreaaed torkey. The thief evidently 
has a proper appreciation of the good things 

Oi life. 

There is every reason to Lelieve that Ma- 
jor Hall will he full n&l Monday night, to 
greet one of Frankfort 1 ! greatest favorites, 

Mrs. Henrietta Chanfrau. .She will appear 

will be supported by a Oral elaM company, 
(io to Drvden at once and secure a teat. 

loinmunloationa Intended for this paper 
*t he accompanied by the real name of 
i he writer, or vouched for by some one 
known to us ; otherwise they will receive no 


F. V Gray A Co. received a large stock 

offreah groceries yesterday, aince which tune 

every man in the house has heeii an "husy 

;imi life." They were In* ran nearly all 

lav yesterday supplying the wants of tin 


It is reported thai lien. tl. C. Smith will 
lease Capital Hotel at the expiration of 
Capt. Steele's term. Gen. Smith is one ol 
the beat known and most popular men in the 

country, and the Capital would he immense 

ly popular under his management. 

Invitations are out for the marriage    
\'iss Lettie Todd, this city, and Mr. Art'hui 

Peter, jr.,' Louisville. The peremony will 

lake place at the residence of Mr. .la^-. M 
Todd, at 1 o'clock P. M. next Wednesday 

i Manic Roberta, who ha/ been the 

of Mrs. Thoe, II. Mines 'tor several 
weeks, returned to her home in Bowling 
Green this week. 

Mr. ( lias Haydon, Louisville, was shak- 
ing hands with his old triends in this city a 
f*W dayi this week. He looks healthy and 

cheerful, as usual. 

Our nice young man has been ruralizing 
this week. He will he on hand to see thai 
(he Murphy meeting ia properly conducted 
next Monday night. 

Miseei Anne and Emily Thomas left for 
Harrodsburg last Monday to refumc their 
studies They Ipenl two weeks at home, 
i, nodqubl, feel Letter for the rest they 
have enjoy ed. 

Mr. Hiram Dtaanid and hride, nee Miss 
McCnnn.ol Carroll county, are visiting rel- 
atives in this co'inty, Thee arrived Tliura- 
day evening, when a reception wat given, in 

honor to ihein. Ly Mis. Lettie Jett. Mr. D. 
is a hrother to Mrs. Lee A. Owen, this 


Pro! Ncereamer, the accomplished leader 
of the Frankfort String Band, is in Lexing- 
on on professional business. There is some 
talk of the Lexingtoniens trying to entic 
him away from us, and unless an effort it 
made to keep him here, Frankfort will SOOti 
ne without one of the beat musicians tver 
in this section. 


Druggist, Main St., 0pp. Post-Office, 

Reepe always ea lead as a s sar t fsal   f 

String lef Violin. M.iihir, H.mjo, Violoncello | 
Trimmings lor Violin, Vlrdonetlle, Rnitar, *e. 
Violin I. »s, Raw li.,ir t Violis Reels, Plate* 

Files., Ac. 

Orderi foi Sheet Matls sad lastraettea Rusks 
■elicited. New atasls received * very lew day f. 

j»n. 1 ly. 

 l.\:\ - a number of poor people take orders 

from the executive committee Of tin- Frank 

fort Humane Society for provisions to keep 
them from starvati ai, and want the grocers 
to "give the balance in tobaOCO " Such 

i ercons are very proper ly informed that the 

orders are given for necessaries, and not tor 


The following ii the otHoial voteoftbe 
City of Frankfort, taken on Saturday, , Jan- 
uary 4th : 

K Burns f.44 

E I' Bnan 048 

a Duvail (Ml 

K. C. Church 08] 

Kigiituiiij Lu«chei ''27 

L. Tobln 0JQ 

f». i. M Major 

 l !. Todd 

B. F. Meek 

Minus William- 

 :. Milam 

(ho C, Watson 

ileum* L. Italy 

h II, Tayloi . jr 

.'oh'i Kit l nan "iti'J ( '!erk. 

a balendtr bus net 

May the mnshine of p -p' 

piaeas illumine their paths 
and never a cloud to mar lbs 
their matrimonial felicity. 

it a hu, 

through life 

brightness o 



MULia in 


And nil artlsMtl gt-nerallv kept S« SSWI Sfflntl 

, Any or nil paVlteatloas PUBIfltHBDat pablith- 


I also keep a ^oo l stock of 


which has to be tried to be appreciated. 



Harness J Harness ! 

Persona wi hrn ( Jo buy pooil 


of uriy kind, cither eingle. double, plain, or wag- 
on Hnrastft, will io well to call SB me before 

paroba»iag elsawbsrSi ai I am pslliag aty woih 
Hm let* taoasjf than sm stsi beta sold la rranli- 

fort. I »urk ii"thin'' l ut the liest 

The piist week has been the ooldeat known And H „ 

to the dldeet inhabitant. 
Mr. Harry Thomas has retnrnad from r 

business visit to Louisville. 

Oak Tanned Leather, 

rk I 


An inielligance and employment office hai 

been opencl at the stole of Marshall A 
Meagher, where persons, desiring employ 
went, RS well ns those wanting to hire help 
should leave their names. Several Ptom 

negro women called there yesterday ami 

said thev wanted ••something." They had 

been told that this enterprising Arm was 
giving good- away, but on being informed 

of the object "f ihe i and e o, they Said it *•  
tOO Cold to work, and they were nut in good 
health, if thev did look ho. 


work, nn.l am mti tieil with Small Profits. 

Special sttsatioa aaid ts repaiiing Raraessi 
Saddles. Oidlarfi Trunk?. Ac. Wive uie a call, SI 
I am working cheap tor Oft'k. 


At Ckmrtk Bros.' Stnbtt, Is *m »t.. FrunMort, A'y. 


The "Beautiful Snow" still covers the 
earth uhout eight imdies. and the tintinnal- 
nhition of the bells is anything hut happi- 
iies  io the horses. 

General Scott Brown shipped a ear load 
of fat mules to Georgia this week, his own 
feeding and raising He la one of our hiom 
 nterprising farmers and stock raisers, aiul 
hips annually from one to three oar load* 1 
of stock to market. Last year he shipped 
« portion of his stock to Baltimore, but did 

iot like the returns well enough to try tin 
•gperimenl again. • 

Mr. Reuben Hawkins met with a serious 

accident recently, since the enow Hi* 
horse slipped and fell with him. dislocating 

his hit shoulder; though in great nain, In ' 
remounted his horse and rode home, a dis I 
tailCC of six miles, in the night time, alone, | 

before he had medical assistance, aad when j 

lie did get the doctor he said the doctor' 
hurl him more than the horse did. lie saysj 

liedoes not want to go to any more wedding- n f7 n| , 7IW ^ f .xjA^.r, 

i".,Vr • 11 ■ mX r  K. K. McCLU \\h d; !H0S. 

will be sooner than next Christmas, from ] • 
preaenl prospeots, 

A gentleman fron 

oorrecpondenl of tht 







lion. J, B. Tharp, Siobolaavilla, was in 

ftjgl the City eeVtrat day! this Wetk. A gentleman from this vicinity (and 

610 Mr. sidm v French spent several davs this correspondeul of the Rouudahout, "1W')| 

60J week In LnuWille on profevalonal huaineM removed to Antlocb, has the luiarteel dog MM. 0. R. ward sai last returned fien 

t)!iii in tin- county. A note tied on the dog's net k las Bast w i'h » Rtea aad N eil lettered *terh 

; )S . ( Dan, Driac »ll|li one of the rising young will be conveyed frotu his home to that ol efMUMaerji sad Vaaey tleeds, vhlel saealeis 

Ijv men of Frankfurt. He is a natural hon |,{ a Ml other in la w. near Bridgp„it. and a i. , at J" v,,r e.^ale.l. Herstarfe S^« 

wi r iU,v kr u ' un r l ^ rr r fist LTB^Jft. oiV^ 

m\ Mr. Ruaaell Sm-ed, our hands , Tin Ho» H UdoWl I he dog dflN IMllkuOW „, „„,.. 

' to 

Louisville next Monday OK 

spa i 

flso C. Praiie , 

.l.ti Dndlev . . 

M r R«" ..' 

w. s. Dtboue) 

uHooL rat'sramt, 

... IL'I 

. .. 4UN 

Lgmlotl Tl as, jr., niter having |i 

two weeks at home, left for Retlmay College, the dog go,- m'hia negl IVieiul where N 

" * ;l Monday. riimihir incfctitive will cause him to return 

i. ut two places, home at Anlioch and the one, 0Mld*ea'  UaU from U ccnti up«urd, and 

it bridg**port. "Pos" will lie a note to hblMihar goals proaortlaastely saeap. 

neck, nntl ii mii pan to his tail and give him || ' 
sound threshing, and tell him to,-/. 7 out, when 


similar Inctutlvs will crum him to return 
Ills Wwh 'homswer. A very- eRectital training ro* 

.1. M Tod. I 

ia'" IV'ii'^h ^r,„u'^ ''T^uUiuHh. brother eaye this la the way the thing la done fif\ iff 
(College ol Pharmacy in that city. ' Fxv \j\Jj\JLii 


Rslag a praetleal oeana often years' caps . 
laaee i» taebaeiaesi aara» she Oaaraateei Retire 
Batlsfs sttea. 

;zr^#tr Agent for afadaaje Desjerest'i Rallaa s 
Pat tares.  'ntiiii i{us  si fail pat'erai now readj 


A. Smith jr -|m i,i tha boHdavs if 

aoa cm tTToaxKYi home, and returned ia his studies at ihe itoitrs. 

Jhigh Hodman ORJ Collvga of 1'harmacy, LouiavlIU, last Mo.,- i n 1{ ,lle I'oiot, on the R|R lai to the wife el 

\N . C. lleindon 6U day. Q M , f, M r^HNNI, I OaSgSt NT. 


L and hu sale at Lowest Prkwe by 

(i. B. MACK LIN. 





On M  sACf Mny 12.h, 1878, trains «,n the U, 
0. A L. It R. will leses Knioklort daily (Sumlajs 
oxccpted) an follows: 


No. 4. Lrnve Frankfort 7:. r »0 a. m. 

No. 12. Ufttt Fr.inkf.irt 2:51 \ . in. 


No. 9. Lome Frankfort fc*T «• Ni. 

N  . 11. L*Nf« Fr.mkfort ftiST p. m. 

Vo-i, 4 *n l II will miJn stees w am tloB, s.  
formerly, for Cincinnati. 

K P. 11RYAN. A r *t. 

The Kiu'miuioi-t can always be had foi 
three cents per OOpt ll Barrett's N» w  I « 
pot ami at Ben. Marshall's Poet*offlee Newi 

The new City Council deserves credit far 

having abolished the office of Civil Engineer 
The Beven held i eaueue Tuesday nflei 

noon and made nominations for the minor 
city offices. 

Attention is invited to the corn IpOTKr) nc 
on the fourth page ol this papr. 

Mr-. Franklin's school la Itaadilj increas- 
ing In nutnher, — lour new pupils this week 

notwithstanding the unfavorable weather. 

Mr. Darsie Preaches Uhmororow morning 
on "Waaknata and Btrangih," and t» » tof» 
row niait, on M Tha uospei to i he Poor.'* 

All art' cordialv invited. 

Mr. Win. Dennis, a ho lives on Pea Ridge, 

was cutting dOWR a iraf Ital week, and in 
falling it (all iii Utah a manner M to catch 
his foot and crush it severely. He is doing 

A large mini her of country people were 
n town Monday, county court day. Busi 
i. - WM quiet, ami bnt little stock on the 
narkct. for whlcli very low prices were 
• lined. The usual amount of Uenztne was 
lldlllged ln f anil the Police Judge had a fair 

die re of business the next day, 

at coat fo 

for Ladies, Gentlemen, i 
• cash, at l   s Walcutt'i 

ml |m a. h. coi row, 


Truly the servant is worthy ol hi? hire, 
hut the tax-payers should not he made to 
loot the hill. 

South Frankfort has about M much use 
for two policemen a» a horse cart has lor 

seventeen whtala, 

Time new offices have bean created by 
the new Council. This is a good start to- 
wards an economical administration — in 
a horn. 

The soiety news c lit* r of this paper has 
haan SO pressed with oflicial business forth, 
past three weeks that he could not gift r 

'Perform)" column the attention it required. 

Me will glee it his attention as soon us 
everything settles down in its accustomed 
grooves and begins to m smoothly. 

Mr. M. O Malley has on hand the 
Most Select Stock of Furnishing 
Goods to be found in the city. Also 
the Best Line of Suitings, for Gen- 
tlemen's Wear, that can be pur- 
chased. Fine Kid Gloves and the 
Newest Styles of Mufflers made 
for sale Cheap. Main street, 2d 
door east of St. Clair. Franktort. 

At Wale. itt's '   MdCttrioaily simp." a large 
invoice of Gum Overshoes and sandals, 
just received. 

if yon want the Freshest and Rest Meat, 
go 10 Burckhardt's. 

Violin Btrlngs and Mimical Instruments 

I for the hand, at 0 8 Walcutt's. 

A eery large and elegant stock of New 
| Goods. suitable for Wedding and Holiday 
; Present*, liai ju-t been received at B F. 

: Neck's Jewelry Store, Main street. Frank- 
fort. Gall and examine thaflli 

A New Stock of 3-Button Kid 
Gloves, in Autumn and Opera Col 
drs, for 75 cents, at Mrs. Ward's. 

If you want a Home cheap, call on An- 

draw Scoit, ami you shall have Choice ol 

Seven Farms. 
The Freshest 


Cotton Bros., 




IB I nice.«t Livery Turnouts constantly OR 

hnn i, at rceweeaiels rateai 
Barest boarded »y lie week, month, ar yr-nr. 

Our BlaMe i« entirely new un«l r-omfortahlp. i« 

rap pi led with nn sbaadsaee of frse! waist sad 
steer c— eeatea e cs. Mrebntfsur frteaslsaad ti.e 
pebtie will give ai atrial, ee«l we injure »stts  
fsstioa. cotton BR0TBIM8. 

M.reh 'JO. lsrs-tf. 




time there v 

the enaning 

ieet in regular session 
cuing, tit 7 o' :lock, at 
1 he an election ol oflloeM for 

Attention is called to the card of Dr. W. 
II Averill. width appears in another col 

amn ol this paper. Beaidei a nompleti 
itouk  »i drug*, and everything usually kepi 
j by a BraHllass draggiat, he has a full line ol 
nice musical goods which he sells at lowest 
110X1 1 cash prices. Don't forget him when VOW 

s-4 5ll rati per set. 
ver- plated w ire. 

and Tendercei Meal at 

Hats and Caps at Cost, to close out, at 
a S. Walcutt's. 

Fine assortment ol Watches. f'lock-. and 
Jawalty at Selberi's. St. Clair street. Price.- 
Lower than the Lowest. 

Wri'c ft»i Catalogas #»f All- 

ifitth St.. Ualrvllla, Ky. 

Silver Thimble 
35 Cts. 

poft-psld on receijit e4 

Loatttrtttt, Ky. 

Down With Monopoly! 

rant anything in his line. 

Marshal J ere Lee went out of office la -t 
Puesdav morning. Mi-. was an oner- 
d-a faithtul c icer, discharging the 
lures of his ottice fearlessly and impartial 
and tendcrest meat in town. Head his ad | y , \V : . i 1 e he is a strict partisan, he neve: 
vertieieaentf in tbecbluni of Local Notices. 

ll you want somethinjr good tu eat, go ti^g 
I'.urckhardt's meat store and get the Ireshi 

The Robert! school-house, altont eight 
utiles ffOltl this city, on Benson, wan con- 
sumed hy lire on Friday night of last week 
— the burning being the result ol careless- 

Rome of the boyi had to he i 
lie eold Notwithstanding tbn 

eft out in th 
« new otlice 

The eatltreigwed »g  r  tee .NV-v t n»lly Sir •^'••r 
Sewlag Machine, N' . •'! (8i«wHet Makv). « . ei7 

. o« - n.h» sr.,,.- f», . ru bffc^jasr z:^:: 

.staph' and Fancy Qrooerlee, vegeUiblea, g,,, coVar, and a e««a of tw» Drm 

Came, ( ligtre, 


i. 'I a e i*e 
itl. the Mae 

Nice Fresh Celery 

at s4."  

ni-h.-,l lh« fttfloi 

BOH ANN AN BHuS.' |bt»ew,«a« bm«et 

 crew, one wrench. 

stock lions, teeraging 100 pounds [tiled *iti) |«»«d « 

e. Apply to this Otficc. ineedlen, nml tU  

ntt s'i !  ' rttP '-?' 
" u 9 [one rjuil' 


• flri 


p fUl  

nd t^4K  
-v. -kefTTo-ir 

were created to compensate some of (hem 

fur their labor there nere abt enongk to |n 

round, and now there is dissatisfaction and 

diaaonl nuiong the faithful. 

John Vanderhide, one of the* convicts 
who escaped from the penitentiary last week, 
w is recaptured in Louisville, ami hrought 
to this city Monday lie was eXpOCed to 
the recent sever" weather, harefooted ami 
without lood, and, at the time of his cap 
tare, was in a pitiable condition. 

The regular meeting ol Hiram Lodgti 
No 4, A. Y. M., will he held next Tuesday 
evening, at 7 o'clock, at wllleh all memheia 
are requested to l c present. " Alierthe ustial 
l.iisiness is disposed of a Lodge of instruc 

linn will he opened MTewben of sielti 

L d,'e« are cordiallv invited to he preOetlt 

The regular meeting ol the Qood Tem  

plan «-»kes [dace at theit Hall,. in Odd Fel- 
lows' BuikMag, next Thursday evening, at 

7.. clock, at which time oHtoan will be ilaotad 

|0 serve the ensuing nuarter. The  decti«m 
Will (iike place imtnediatelv alter the close 
4.1 the public meeting. Let ew-ryhody go. 

Buffered his party lee lings to induence his 
olhcial actions as many can testify who 
were in the hottest of the contest last Satur 
da\. Pity there are not more like Mt. Let 
in Franklort. May he live long and pros 


There were six scholars in the Christian 
Sunday-school, of litis city, who were pres- 
ent every Sunday in 1S78 Their names 
ai • Li«ie Rodger*, Charlie Wilson, Mrs. H. 
Sj Watson, Tena BIcEwan, Carrie McKwan, 
and William llacklin. These were all i-uit- 
ahly commended and rewarded for their 
faithfulness last Sunday. 
Average attendance of the school for 

iheyear... Ififl 

Average collection $2 til 

Cue teacher was present every Sunday in 
the year. 

: h'lbldiir, and i 
in«  oil. AI»o ' »ie •!"/• N 
wing extra.- : oni' tb rou I 
', one fncher, oiie eorder, 
and one set of plate hen - 
The nmchinrernted weigh- nl.ouf 101 hf. 
The retail value of the tu (  kcr. eord'T. qnlltt-r, 
and rutller is uhout s:t. TbtM »r« never fitrnisln »1 

by rha fluwpsay »aeept paid fai as extras. Tie 
•2-Button Ki.lU».,v..H for :*  «,•»* SttfT^Vti^El^l 

R»f W letn n» this (kftte. Inspection IsvifrSl 
and ord«l i ioll«lle#« 


.1/ ft0H .,./,! I,.,; I nf,i. . 

The following is ihe roll of honor ol 
Dudley Institute lor the month ending Dec 
Bill, 1S7S: 

at Mrs. Ward's. 

Gentlemon of fashion will find it lo theii 
interest hy calling at M. Jacob v's Clothine 
^tore, ami seeing the immense new stOOK 
just received. 

Chromos i 

If von want tin 
call at Miles & 
and von will get i 

idle** variety at Walciltt'l 

Best Flour it 

Ion's for thi 

Kentuck v 
r J. K. M. 


Faith Casey, 
Agnes Fil/hngh, 
LIU llen,ley, 
A ntoiiiette Lindsev, 
Helen Lin.Uev. 
! Lilian Snwvier, 
, Ronnie Todd. 
M\da /iiiiineruiaii. 
Man Tliurnioud, 
Louis Harris, 

Kddie Harris, 
Wm. Walker Sieplu 

Hope Casey, 

Nannie KitallUgh, 

Buford Hendriek, 

Maria Liud.-ev, 
John Price. 
LuU« Stephens, 

Lhla Todd. 

Ktter Miller. 
Carroll Walcutt, 
Rotiert TruLue, 

ulian Jaakson, 



Cheapest arid Best Ribbons at 
Mrs. Ward's. 


at I'd MI ANN AN BHO&' 
W.vntkii. — To borrow *."  m  for which a 

Mortgage on 13.000 worth of h'eal E-tate 
will be ::iven. Inquire at this oihee. 

A Saw-mill for sale or lease 

Apply to Till s OFKJCE. 

' Co to Belheri'1 and '- r et a good Silver Thim- 

i hie for 80 cents. Extra heavy, Hnndsoinelv 

I Engraved, S I cents. Initials Engraved 

Free of Charge. 

"Pet" Oysters 15 Cents 


\NN.\N BK08.' 


The Nicest Fre-h Breakfast Ihicon in 

tow n is at Burckbardt'e 

tiood- 0rat class and prices astonishingly 
low pt M. 4aooby's new ami Iwat llghle»l 
Clothing Store, ill Murray Building, on St . 
I lair street. 

Hats pressed for 25 cents at 

Mrs. Ward's. 

There wsi- never hefore a nicer and Letter 
sdected sloek of fall and winter goods than 

the one now at M. JacobyV 


Geo. 0. Watsou. E. H. Tayioi . 

AVatson & C o., 

Is the Chespctt place to buy your 


House Fnrnisliing Goods, 

iron and Tin liooliii". 

(iulliTiiiji. kr., 



Matters of Public Interest. 

We them it proper t   lay the following 
correspondence before the oitiaens  H Prank* 

Koi t. It will he seen from it that but It tlie 
ftuttk fitith an'/ / erm,ml /mum- of a clear 
majority of the new Council, no matter 
what Kftltltmtn iiihv be fiunllv decided to 

he legal mfttilitfi ol thai Iwdy, sre wilt 
pledged to render speedy, bill long delayed, 
justice to the entire northern portion ot the 
city in nil mutters relating to public water 
Mid gas facilities, street ami other public 
improvements, anil police discipline. 

Lttttlt similar to that addressed to Cnpt. 
Milam were addressed to all the candidates 
except Mr. Major, Thai to Mr Taylor was 
not signed dv Mr. Hart it. Judge Duval) 
inad« no response 

Lttwifl E. Haktik, 
(). S. Waicitt, 
H. B. .Jii.uon.- 
I'KANkioitT, Dee. 21, 1878, 
li. C Milam, E*g: 

Sir: At ;t meeting Of a mimher ot non- 
partisan citizens and property owners resid- 
Ittg mirth  -t Market street, not yet pledged 
to the support of either ticket for City (Joun- 
oilmen now be fort the people, held last 
lllgllt, the undersigned weie appointed a 
commit 100 of tivc to address to yoil the fol- 
lowing questional to-wit i 

1st. Will you, if elected to the Council at 
i he approaching city election, l oth vote ami 
exert vonrself. as a' member ol that body, 
to secure to all that portion ol the city north 
•  '. Market street the same public conven- 
iences now enjoyed by citizens residing, or 
owning property in that part of North 
i- rank tort south of Market street, dv the 
i ttensinn of doth the water and gasworks 
low aru t be north, north-east, ami north-west, 
to the city limits? 

2d Will you, as Councilman, endeavor 
to secure to all that part ot the city north, 
north-west, and north-east of Market street 

l  roam i Raspoftst, 
Fkankkokt, Kv., Dec. 884, 1 878. 
E. Whketidta, s.s,,j,,,. /,'./  JlHtm, L. 
/•;. Hanky a,„I 0, a Wmkatt: 

(iKNTI.KMKN | Yours of the 2lst inst to 

1 To eat h of your three interrogatories I re- 
ply atlirmaiively. I will say further that, 
it elected to the Council, I will m t only 
vote for, but will exert Whatever influence I 
may have to secure the passage ol such 
measures as will secure to tin- portion of the 
city yon spi nk of the improvement- spoken 
ot ii. your letter of the list 

Very truly your Wend, 

L. ToltlN. 

P. f, Mi l K*S RKSl'ONSK. 
HtfOH Ilarvir, Wa/mtt, and Othefi of Com- 
mittee : 

t tKNTi.K iK\ i Your communication is re- 
ceived, and 1 answer |ffl to all your ques- 
tions. Hesp'v, 

B. P. Mkkk. 

Kuan k i out, Dec. 24, IsT.s 

R, C. CHURCH'* kisi'unsk. 

Frankfort, Kv., Dec. 23, 1878. 
/;. WhUeakiu, 11 B. Jitttmt, and Other*: 

(iiM 1 1 mi;v : To each ol these questions 
asked by yon. I have tt  sav, without the 
slightest hesitation, vi . 

Very respectlully, 

R. c. Church, 

FRANKFORT, KV., Dec. 2}, 187S, 

.Vsstr*. E. Whit**id*s, dpt. Sam. Sander*, 

]\. li. JiUtOH. and O. ,S. W*l *U, Com- 

noon, and I embrace my eailiot opporluni 
ly to reply. 

As requested. 1 shall give a prompt ami 

direrftanewer to the three questions, addressed 

to me. To each ami everv one mv answer 

is MSf, 

In making this reply I know I promise 
hut what is right ami just, nnd it will I e my 
lltlty and pleasure to nuike the hest effort I 
am oapahlt of to curry out your wishes, 
j People living in the northern, north-eastern, 
and north-western part of the city are cer- 
tainly entitled to the same public conven-j 
iences as those living in other parts, and I 

K. I\ HKVAS'S RKSCriNsl . 

I kankiort, Kv., Dec. 30th, 1878. 
15, f/7,/AW,,, A. Hani,; ft, Jt. MtftHt, 
0, S, Walcutt: 

(iKNTI.kmkn | I have the honor to he in 
receipt of your communication of Dec 28th, 
I recognize your right to a*k me these 
questions, nnd have to say in reply, that 10 
all of your questions, numbers 1, 2 and f 

answer in the affirmative Aside front my 
being a resident and property-holder in the 

portion of the town to which you refer, 1 
urn decidedly in favor of paying SOmt atten- 
tion to the neglected portions of onr oity. 

wil endeavor to secure such to them, by 1 wy ^ SK , that every district should be put 

voting to extend the gas and water-works ,„ , ^ regards improve 

toward the north, north-east north- ments tbatareratMforrromthedty'streaanry. 

west, to the Oity itnltS, 1 will endeavor 10 , ,,,, f() no w ,,f, , j * 

secure 10 .i.e.., also perfect equality wltlt nil lltHt¥t |„ too many promises at this time I 
other portions ol the city, in nil matters re^f)] 8av | hatj i/J^ted to thii office! 1 

shall do all in my power to have that portion 
of the city to which you refer placed and 

latlng to streets, street 'improvements, nnd 

1 w ill try to have all city ordinances and 
police regulations enforced alike in every 
part of the city, 

Thanking you for tin* honor you have 
done me. and the courteous language in 
which your note is addressed, 1 remain, 
Yours truly, 



Frankfort, Dec. 26th, 1878, 

A/rssrs. tjVtU Uanie, 0. S. I la/, it//. A', 
//'//son, S. Sattdt 

IB : 1 bavi 
ceipt ot „\ 


honor to 


perteet equality with alr*^her portions of 
the city in all matters rem (tag to streets, 

street improvements, and sidewalks? Ami 
in determining that equality, will you take 

into consideration the unjust ami marked 
!o'glect with which almost the entire norlh- 
.•111 part of the city has been treated in 
these and other respects, hysuccessive Coun- 
cils, tor many years past? 

3d, Will you. as Councilman, try to have 
• M city ordinances ami police regulations 
enforced in that part of the city lying be- 
tween Market sireet and the city limits on 
III* north west, and east with the same 

rigor ami impartiality With which they are, 

or may be, enforced in any ami even portion 
..t the city '.' 

Hoping to receive from you a prompt, di- 
rect, ami. we may add, satisfactory answer 

t   each of the foregoing questions, we re- 
main, rary respectfully, 

Your iVIlow-ciiizens, 


R. B .Iiii.son, 
s. Bavorks, 

Lkwis K. IIakvik, 
0, S. Wauttt. 

Commit fee. 
v.. t . MILAM*! RasrONSSi 
  li nti.kmkn ; I answer all of the above 
questions in the aflii n.ati ve. 

It. C. Ml* AM. 

It. I. TOnil'l'o.NSI-.. 

Without hesitation, I answer ifsa abovs 
rjurationi in the affirmative* 

Dec 24. 1*78. H. 1 ToUO. 

l». I., main's RMPONSK, 

Kit vNKKUtT Dec 24 IsTS 

/; m !.. .,/,*. li. h J, //so,,, „,„/ Qtktrs 

1 i I. nti.kmkn : To Saoll of your three ques- 
tion-, III your li tter of the 2Dt I will an- 
h vi t ye , and that, it'elected to the Council, 

f win use my best endeavors for the interest 

jiientioned and fur all others equally and 
imimrtially alike. In this connection I 

w ill state, that when I was in the Council 

! did my individual la st tor the interest you 
IH lion, dm I win* not properly sustained 

it by the Hoard Retpeol fully, 

D. L. M ai r 


21st inst., tl 

You propound tome therein three questions 
touching my action as a member of the 
Board of Council men of the city of Frank- 
fort, il elected to that position, to which 
questions I make as brief reply as possible, 
to make mv position clear, viz: 

1st. 1 Bi-aiiredly will 

2d. That portion of the city to which you 

refer shall have a thorough investigation at 

mv ItsndflK and its requiremey^ and neces- 
sities shall have my intelligent consideration, 
with a view to placing that district in every 
and all respects on equal footing, as to 
streets, sidewalks, and all other improve- 
ments, with all other portions of the city. 

3d. 1 will uae all the power vested in me 
to have every ordinance and police regula- 
tion as thoroughly and rigorously enforced 
in the tetritory named, as it is in other parts 
of the city, and will endeavor to see the 
same universally enforced. 

Trusting you may find my response di- 
rect, pointed, and satisfactory, 

1 remain, gentlemen, 

KdMD II. T.WI.OK. Jk. 

Frankfort, Dec. 23, 1878, 
MtMr* E Whiteside*, R. li JilltoH, K 

Sa,,,/,,:-, 0.  V. W«Ucutt, and ].. E. Hot- 
(iKNTI.KMKN ! Your coin m u n ica t ion of Dec 

21st came duly to hand ami content m noted 
I can .-af'elv say that I will do all in my 
power (if elected) to advance the interest of 
all citizens, rcjrardle.-s of North or South 
Frankfort, and. in doing so, will and do say 
"yes" to all ol your questions. 

Yours respectfully, 

Qko, C. Watson. 


KaANKFoai . I tec. 24- 1878, 
E. Wkitmdt*, H Jt. Jifftmt. S. Sander*, 
L. /•'. Hariri*, ami 0, & Walentt, ''  , - 

milt,, : 

( 1 1 s"i i.kmkn : In answer to your letter of 
thfl 21*1 inst , I emphalically  a\ \f* to iach 
and all of the three questions asked in  ame, 
land will use my best t t!ort.«, if electfti to 
the t'ouncil, to have the measures therein 
indicated carried out by lhat body 

Very respeotfally, your fellow-ettiaen, 

"Anuki \". KALKNDKR. 
minis MTILUAMS' kimos,i., Dc 271I), 1S78. ! 
Me*m, /. ft, Hani,; O. S. tr„A„/f, A'. h.\ 

jm***t % and s. Samdm 1 

(iKN ii kmkn : Your communication, .Jnte.l , 
Dae, 21, was received late yesterda\ after- 1 

Yours, respectfully, 


no, LUSCHtR'l KKstuNsK, 
Fkankiort, Kv., Dec. 26, 1878. 
Walnut, ////so 


a k nt 1. km kn : Your favor of the 21st has hi* 1 * 01 *; . 11 
just come to hand to day. ICitiaens ticket- 

In reply to the questions therein asked 
me. 1 have this to say : if elected, I w ill do 
all in my power, by vote" and otherwise, to 
improve the sections ot the city named in 
your letter. I remain 

kept upon an equal footing with that south 

of Market street. I have the honor to re- 
main Your obedient servant, 

E. v. Bryan. 


Kkankkort, Ky., Dec. 26, 1878. 
Mean. O. s. Walttm % E. inncsid,s, K. li. 
/i/hon, S. Sander*, and Lm is E. Harvie , 
Dkak Sirs: Your important communication, 
dated 21st instant, I received this morning, 
i The questions therein contained 1 have 
/V. 1 duly considered ami am glad of the Oppor- 
tunity afl'orded me to exoiess mv riCWfl 

and Sa  

been nominated on tin 
at my instigation, but 
me of mv friends— I was prevailed 
upon to accept the nomination, and am now 
determined to face the brunt of battle ''come 
weal, come woe.'' The Stthstaucc of the 
three questions propounded to me is con- 
tained in whether improvements and general 
necessary conveniences, wherever needed ill 
any portion of that part of the city north ol 
Market street, shall meet with my indorse- 
ment and support, and to use every honoi- 
adle means to provide same. To tilts I 
will say that 1 think it is the plain, unvar- 
nished duty ol the public set vent to acqui- 
esce in, and, if elected to that honorable 
Board, 1 assure you that no 
restricted policy shall shape my course ot 
action or thinking, but it snail be my con- 
stant aim, .w herever any question of public 
good or Improvement arises, to further the 
vor and endeavor to enforce it. so to secure same by any possible means in my pow er. 

to said portion of oity the same privilege to! Without wishing to inveigh against our 
which that community is entitled to, if it present Hoard, rather to let the past I egi Hia- 
cati he done with the present gas-works. Ition speak for itself. I will yet say that, in 
2d. To matters relating to streets, sidcM 1 * 1 ? opinion, they are either hampered by 
walks, etc., 1 believe I ha veal ways endorsed ' partisan, selfish motives, or are else lack- 
public improvements and shall do so in 1 i"g hi the qualities that const ilUtS an ordi- 
lllture. nary business man. Their line of action i . 

if I am correct, to build up one | art of tin 
lly at the neglect and expense of the Other, 
my best .0 enforce it. ami promise to do so:""/ 1 l ,w ?"f w * ■ Mfjit which yon very pro,, 
hereafter. ! - v inequality, and yon might say 

worse. Br 'SUch engineering property 

(iKNTI.KMKN: Yours, dated 21st inst., WR 
received this morning, and I hasten to re» 

ply. 7 

l t. In regard to extension of water ami 
gas-WOrksTowards that part. if the city men- 
tioned in your communication, I am' in fo- 

3d, So tar as city ordinances and police 
regulations are concerned, 1 have so far doner 



:s he 

re respectable 

In regard togas, 1 should think another I , 
trial at the well on corner of High endlong but inviting and thl 

Main streets probably may prove Mtiefcatfr L IM i tpirjiw op T evcrv naturally seek other 

ry, so to, apply that part of the city with : |iarts . |„ \ v ,,\ xuX u ; „ K . ^ iiU ,i xx;lt ,.,. 
gas from that well. i.p.estion. nothing would give me greater 

Relating to water-works, I am greatly inL| wguw thd ,„ ] 1:1U , SIM . h 

favor, ami by »|| means, I think it the go^g on  proilucing comfort to propem 

most needful impr«.ven,e..t we ought to Uwaers, and. above all. giving to the poor 

»t course not to increase taxation; ; ma „ enjoyment. J have always been 

but ihe|eonvineed 'hat if the carol progrisn iskfpt 



•dful ( 

I will 

.in movement, that one henenoial object will 
od, J follow another, Imii not so it things are al- 
ike I - ..»--! -1 1 

t li 

ht to be done first 
promise to try my utmost to hav 

Mlbstantial water-works in and all over il.e W11VS „, wmA j„ stationan -always exercis- 

city. 1 have a plan here, ana if any cm- lug economy and no enterprise, 

sen wishes to take a v\*m of my proposed I Last, but not least, observation plainly 

mail, I Shall be very glad to show and ex „ howj , ,),„, ,„„. , () | ict . t(ilTt . is „ o| , lim » e l|ed 
plain it a. any tm.e U nJer-works can be 0 n| properly. Main street. St. Clair, broad 

established to furnish t lit community with ' vvav ,  wl Alli Irt living their   stain 

any quantity ol healthy spring water at a and undivided inspection I might suv, while 

cost not exceeding '110,000. Said water* korth of Market street is very oootly nnd 
w . () !' k '*   1 rt '* Used In case of lire to fur- caiisiialb scanned over. When Rrrssts ar. anv quantity of waUr without aalng ln ,d« in'tbat portion ol town, almost always 

tbC fire engine. I his plan is far the best, tdeotlended parties hav e lo semi for tlV. 
Cheapest, and moat durable, aitd has been policeman In mv estimation rather ha 

— i ami proven satisfactory la many cities h larger ami 

in the Stale of (  |,io. 

Should I be elected, I once more promise 
to do all in my power to enforce every and 

all wishes required in your aammuniaatioa, 

and asking your kind support, I am. gentle- 
men, Your.- very respect fully, 

Sl(.. 1. 1 SCMI K. 

(equate force, to see that 

no portion of North Frankfort be neglected. 

This, I „,„ confident, will do away with 

rowdyism, and if aoyihing be a stimulus to 

a more healthful morality. 

With this, I have the plcamrc Iff TSinalli 
Youi obedient servant, 

John Kikrnan. 

The Weekly roundabout, 1879-01-11

4 pages, edition 01

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