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date (1869-07-08) newspaper_issue -rzrzrnrmz—*—. 

■ ,-J. P« » V? 3 « T- ■ J ? Z T l 


a :: j . i. (\ r.t 'rritrov. i. »/.. 

/■'ilifor anil I’ronri lor. 
Cii'ilisti l .•••■• ill u rsA r a Morning. 

T K li MS: 

Oil" Veil - , ill 1 1 villi. - - -'2 00 

Six Moutli-: " 1 2.i*... M'lntli-: “ "•  

To ulU "ii. ■ - . . mi I) uuos mi. I 

 w will s.mi I mi'. \j i ;   mi \ .-.I r 1 1~'"‘ 

Methodist. -Servin' in this rluirch l»y 
Hi.- pislni. Ill v. II. II- M  i " ' ll Use llrst 

:m. I third SiiMinths in o:u-li month, 
morning and ni"'.l. -S:ililcOii silinol at 
S'... A. M. 

Fresh.vterian. 'Aon in in tin- M.'tlio- 
ili-i lii nsi' I llii- pastor. I.'i v.W.m. I). Wfai:. 
on the sitoihI an. I loiirth Sahliatlis in null 
(noiilh. inni nim;' ami 1 1 i ” i 1 1 • Sabhatli si lloul 
at S«.^ A. M. 

Clii isl iai:. A, tv ice eve: y Suhliaih at 2, 
I'. \| . — | ’li'. i. iiin. r i" . . ; -'i- .nail v. 

1 5a pi ist. — Sei \ ini' at 1 1, is i hnrrli. 1 y t! c 
jmstor. lti.v. A. ('. I '.U'l.n m.\. iivery S illicit li 
III lev. A. M. Sahliatli M in "I ill's',. A. M. 

1.  ).   . F. 

Mayfield Lodge No. I.TI -meets on j 
Hatiiniuy. oai li week. at 7 M. 

1’. .). (ini in. n. 

• Jxo. A.'.xixn. Sect}' .. 


Itarmom Lodge, No. 1102. — T. !•'. 
Beadles. \V. \l : W. II. Mill -, M.-i t v. — moots 
t* very .'ill .Mmiilav in i ■ i  •’ i month. t hapt.'i', 
(neet- evi-rt Itli iii.'.inlav ill rai l: month. \V. 
'V. Tin'. II. I’.: II. II. I’lohson. Seely. 

\. li. Boon, -fudge. --1st Mninlat in 
May anil Nn\ nnih. in 

COl ITT OF CO a: VON pleas. 

Ed.   Tosslnml, .1 adgi*. 1st Moinliiy 
in lM*hriiary and August. 

County Comi. — .'hi si inlay in each 
1 IK ' 21 1 1 1 . IV. 'A'. Rolicrtsen. .! !ii!»c. 

   na rt oily Court. — llii Monday in 
March. .1 uiif. S.e;it. anil December, — W. " . 
Robins n. .fudge. 

M A O I ST J i AT! TS* COl RTS. 
Tolbert's Cam-t.— r.i'iiinlay :i(Iit I hr 
third Monday in 'I nch. .Innn. Snpl. ami 
l |.nniuhnr. 

IJusli’s Court. “ l 'i i !a v a Iter tint third 
Mninlay in M iicb. .Iiiuy. Sept, and Pee. 

M A Y I' 1 1 ! 1 . 1 1 A 1   V K I.’TIS K M 1 i N TS. 




VOLl .\I E 1 


Ml, iliiiijjniiiiB, oaii; 




III tlm Now House. Anderson's Block. 



Also Manufacturer of 

MAYFI FLD, K Y., THURSDAY, JULY", W, 1 «( .). 



1 MO. 

3 mos. 

r; \ros.“ 





818 ' 




















1 «» 


1 , *4 

r 5 




\ '• 





Tin, Copper & Sheet Iron Ware, 

Dealer in 

I'llllliUli AMI IIE.tTI.U STOVES, 

CAST! N   i S, of till kinds, 



1 I AMI'S and 

Koofniu titicl Ciutteiinp; 
done ;i! the lowest I 'rices. 

Special attention given to Coun- 
try Dealers. I have a large assort- 
ment of goods and will sell at 
Rags and Feathers taken in trade, 


GR E E X E, 

Ft  1 1 SAI.K. 

Horses, Mares an! Mules. 

I \V] 1,1. SEEL in roasi liable trrnis for 
iasli. Work IIOliSES. MAKES and 



North Side Alain St., iUaytield, Ky., 

Sign of Pest and Mortar. 

It you waul fee I.iqunrs, pure 
Drugs. Chemicals, fresh Shaker Seeds or. in fact, anything 
belonging in a Drug Store, call 
and see 1‘. J. (t It KEN E. 

marl 1 -tf 


r) . \l. HTJiT A' (’  ., 

Dlil GIUSTS AM) .\l , i)TiU:ni{!E;L 

In lilce.'. A V ; Vr  7 ('omen /' Main 

anil liivait tea // Street, 


WIIOI.KS U K and IlKTVlI. d«tih-rs in 

1 1 rugs. Miilirim .. Kaiiit-. I  i i iHr-SInlfs 
Tnilrttr ami ’ani-j :i rt Windev.' - f 1 1 : : 

J “ill ty . J'-, -pi fail" 

N 1 I .J JVC A 1 . !;?':!'  c:s, 
ri itf.t.r n t:rn: ro./ on. 

and rvorytlilhg usually 'kept in a Ding 
Sti |- • ; all ■ ! wiiicll. \vr plnpo-r In sell 
CHh'A V ffor (ASM. It   ASH is not ad nrw ami prii ; tu suit purcliuscrs. 
paid ivi 1 1 1, : igi- ten porreii t lor i harging. nr.iy-I.J-t I- 

A 111 1 ! its, orl III c- II t i 1 I'l csli 

I) U Y (i () O 1) S. 


lycll.l) -;iv t  t!.C citi/.ciA Of tilis • 

tioji tlmt . !i * Irk sftthHl jvm iottiiciifly 
nr.ioii^ t lieni. anil o| cnc* l n stock of 
ccnsisiint;' of I rv Mooils. ( Iroocrios. and all 
other ( JotM* -. usnallv koj t in variety stores, 
which lie will s.-ll 

i' 3 ss;.$n a foes c.isse. 

■'lor in li,** basement  *f the Mavlield i»o- 
tel. Apr-2C-tf. 

WF*. . r B’ k ; 

r !'hr l'i'"pl- nf t!..r 1’irrliaso lo Know 
i time 


is now olirriiig (hr finrsl. host and ehruji- 
i'st Slork ol 

(;    !  s, 


to lie found in M.iylii'M. nr rlsi'w lii'i'r. Stock 
w and price; 


Shaker Garden Seeds on Hand, 
a .mn-ent . rn V ti,ii,,j h ' it Em ,} ixA- planters will find it to their 

J) 1 7, 7'/.7.’. ! 7 i:i . 

mteresx to patronize 


Cornrr Main a inf Crass Strcrf, 







/ m a. '.e I’/a titers' (,‘ooilna Sjiei ia! it i/. 

Dreserijitinns filletl at all he. m s. 

.!. It. HI HT A CO. 

f;-i !-:Tm 


S. II . K E Tj L E Y . 

(•.lit ricsn:i:, urn ash 


Met ilic ( 'axes mill Wotnleu Co/Jins 

Of ALL SIZES, ami t.r,-f MATKKAL. 
jilwiivs nn hand ami lin iiisi nl at ii ii i.ii:i- 
lilr RATES. 

SHOE. Our door below Masi nir Hull. 


OHIO! OHIO! 0 * 110 !!! 

L. I». PA UK Fit, I’ainf er.— " ill 

 lo Itmiso and Sign I’ainting. (iraining. 

Marbling. Glazing. Glossing. l’aprr-Haiig- 

i tier. Calriirtiniiig. with nratnass and dis- , 

pa'i-ii. mi fir nn.-t masimabir toms, aii between McNutt s Grocery 

work gunrintml. Simp, Mavlield, Ky. . 

fri q-tf and tno Bai^tist Cxmrcn, and 

(i R () (’ E R I E 8. directly opposite Post Office,' 
II O j 5 SO X  Sr \V ESI* " !Lh nl: / orv/  

H AVJNG R tL fli G V E D T H E S R f /r rT "D A T IX X ri a *d TV/I a AT 
Grocery Store to Mio room in rho Maponic lYlCJjljriAlll birliAlVliils , 
RuildiniC formerly orenpied by J. R. Unit WHO havo oil hand, and will constantly 
(’o.. Kin*]) :t laiyc and well selected stock keep in store, a largo and well selected 
of ; stock of 

STAiM.I/ A I ) I AX( I Dry-Cowls* 

G ROI.’ERI ES! Clothing, 

Cusli for thrir goods, anil ran- Hoots anil 

They p. 

not sell tbi'iu without tin- uioni' v, hut. in- 
1 fin I to ni ikr it lo t'.:r interest ol' buyer and 
seller, by selling 

sriticn. 1 lOIi CASH ! 

Shoes, ijais 

anil ('ii)is. 

On ee n sira re 

anil Catlerg. 

Thanking llu-irolil li-iemls anil ensloiiiers ('.,]] . |t)( ] o. yourselves 
I.I- the liberal pativnage extruded lo Hum. y, V f ,' VTlt ( I \ I’M IV 

hey solieil a ir.iiliiiminee el'tbe same. 1 ' r,L.K A 1 II& f At.M \N. 


Ft SO S3 SC MOO r,. 

Mayfield. l**eb, -jr  ly 

McNutt,, Gardner & Co., 

H ive on lit, nd anil arc receiving a 

o* i p { \N the lir^t Monday in Septcmher. 

%eiv   oniple o Stock oi V. / the iuKler ijrned propopes to open a 

FAMILY - GROCERIES, nuilr sehool of high grade in the town of 

M:iyhe , ld..(iraveseiiiinty. Ky. 

A\ liii'Ji they w ill sell at low prices lor The of instruetiou w ill lie exten- 

| sive and thovongh. embracing I he i lassies. 
modern languages, inathematier. the higher 
■Our friends and (lie pulilii- arc reirue-teif to Engli-h stiiriieq &e„ 1 

,-„ll amt hefore. Imviag. Parents desirous of patronizing the school 

,, . . , .... . are requested to make an early application 

.( ash paid ler if] Kinds ol 1 rudueo as onlv a limited niiniher ol pupil- will he 

Mi Nt'TT, GARDNER A CO. lake,,; 

Terms per session of 40 weeks 830. paya- 
| able seml-anuually In advance. No de- 
i duetions for absence, unless in eases of siek- 
iiesjfanrotriirted over ope month. 

l or further information or circulars ap- 
ple to Mr. Cameron L. Thompson, Mavlield 
Kv. .!OHN I. IIAKVEY, A. M. 




MAYFIELD, - - - Kentucky. 

feb 25-1 f 





Has just returned from the East with a 
sp euiiid stock of gentlemen's ware, consist- 
ing of Cloths. ( a-siiners. Vestings. Shirts, 
Collars. Cravats, etc. He returns thanks 
to bis | a rolls who have, for the past twenty- 
live years, favored him w ith their business, 
on I respectfully soliijf s a eontinuanee ol 
their custom. 


r.v r. i.. vita. 

NIMI'.KIt 10. 

Some poet. I think it is Dr. 
Walts. says: — -Tis education forms 
the common mind; just as the twig 
is bent the tree’s inclined.” This 
is so Incontestably line that the! 
most stupid and obtuse intellect 
cannot fail to realize the verity of 
it. Kdm ation organizes and arran- 
ges the powers ef thought method- 
ically; methodical thinking forms 
the foundation of correct reasoning; 
correct reasoning leads to close 
observation and acute investiga- 
tion; those ca".se an inquiry into | 
the true character of causes and 
effects; reasoning from cause to ef- 
fect discloses the source and foun- 
tain of wisdom and knowledge; and 
these arc the climacteric of Iranian 
power: and since knowledge is pow- 
er, fl enables us to command and 
control whatever ( tod has beqeatli- 
ed to us for our earthly inheritance, 
if we desire lo do so. llenco, it is 
education alone, which gives man 
his apparent elevation or pre-emi- 
nence above the brute creation. 
It is this, and this only, which en- 
ables him to circumscribe his act- 
ions, and keep them within such 
bounds, as will yield him thegreat- 
estotmount of earthly prosperity 
and felicity; audit is this which ! 
cheers and consoles him onward to i 
the gates of Death, and prepares 
him for his transit to a happy im- 
mortality. Now it is presumed no 
one will deny that t he parent or 
guardian who gives to his child or; 
ward a well-directed and practical 
education, gives il an inheritance 
which neither sorrow, misfortune 
nor adversity can take away; and 
henc". that- it is durablo aa the 
mind, and is the most estimable 
and important of all worldly gifts. 
Theroforo. .im-e education is the 
most desirable and important   ( 
till worldly possessions, it is of vi- 
tal importance that ws consider; 
I lie subject with great care, and 
adopt the most, effective means of 
obtaining il ourselves, and the sur- 
est mode of bestowing it upon otif 
ers generally, if not universally; 
and since education contributes 
so largely to our temporal comfort 
il is of still more vital importance 
to our happiness in that world 
which knows no end, because im- 
mortal felicity is t lie legitimate 
fruit of a well spent and pious life 
on earth, and earth being onr 
warehouse for eternity, it follows 
I hat wisdom and knowledge, which 
are the offspring of education, ire 
tiie only reliable operatives which 
we can employ to cultivate, nur- 
ture and store, in this earthly 
warehouse of ours, fruits, tit for 
“that house not made with hands.” j 
I lay down the proposition that- 
The human mind is the offspring of 
instinct and education, and that 
woman, physiologically, and by her' 
instruction anti influence, forms! 
seven eighths of it. lienee, she 
is the elementary material on 
which the foundation and seven- 
eighths of the great superstucture 
of education rest. Therefore she 
is the begiuing point, and should 
be carefully and thoroughly edit-i 
catecl in all things, and trained in 
the way she should go. Having 
laid down this proposition, I sub- 
mit it to the court of the fairies | 
for their discussion and demonstra- 
tion under t lie belief that they are 
much more competent to dispose 
of if than 1 am; and, without furth- 
er digression, return to theirpoet 
ical prayer. In my judgement this 
prayer was an epitome of the du 
ties we owe to our Creator, our i 
fellow man, and ourselves. It was 
uni verbal in its application; yet 
it comprised the entire category 
of human duties within tiie small 
est possible compass. It lias fall- 

a very devout and pious divine, 
who closed the business and ttir. 
moils of the day by singing a 
“liime” and prayer. He had a 
neighbor living near by, who was 
notorious for his “moral depravity.” 
In other words, he was so wonder 
fully “light lingered” that lie laid 
violent hands on things which did 
not belong to him, an 1 his lingers j 
alheredto them with prodigious 
tenacity. Daring his supplications, 
our divine bethought himself that 
lie would pray for his unrighteous, 
neighbor; and during this part of 
his invocation a very large rat 
passed before him which caused 
his prayer to go forward thus; “()! 
purify and cleanse bi n from this 
loul iniquity-ah; — There goes a 
mighty big ratj-ah. Kill him! Bed- 
im. kill the sorv ol’-ah! the son of 

^ r 



S_.\   • ' • • 
ALL ' «  2 

fair rtito-. in i . ''“-•wig. , 
in 1 !ir i -(flint iy. 

OI'r'Il'E: In t : io C'cn. 

'•pled :it 

ii-c. Mtiytadd. 



Book and 

Job P? intir g Office. 

en to my lot to mingle much with 
praying communities, but the brev- 
ity and beauty of this simple pray- 
er, and the sincere, heartfelt and 
almost holv devotion with which 
it wtis uttered, gave it a pre-emi- 
nence in my estimation, so far 
above the. clerical lip Service 
which we often hear from the pul- 
pit, that I most heartily endorsed 
it as a superior production. Indeed. 
1 considered it equal, if not supe- 
rior to the oratory of the more an- 
tiquated clergy whose rhetoric de- 
manded that the terminus of the 
last wonVof every sentence, if not 
that of every word should he a. 
guttural a ij. As an example, I 
once sojourned during a night with 

-ah!! the son of a gun-ali!!! and 
the lord have mercy on Ids soul 
-ah.” Nature endowed me with 
a large slock of gravity, but I free 
ly confess that such praying as this 
effects my facial muscles seriously. 
It produces ugly contortions, and 
unatural elongations &c., which to 
say th« least of them, are exceed- 
ingly t rouble- ome; whereas the 
pure, chaste and almost holy dic- 
tion of the fames produces the op- 
posite tranquibzing effect, which 
when heard, stamps itself upon the 
tablets of the memory with an in- 
dellibility which death, only, can 
erase, llenco, I am compelled to 
acknowledge the superiority of 
the prayer of tiie fairies. 

- My half hour now ex-pired, 
and 1 gave my attentions to 
the proceedings of the* court. — 
Mis ; Angela rose, and the judge 
I’.iictly pronounced the words No. 
one, which announced that MRs 
Angela had the floor. Here was 
a very decided improvement they 
had made. Instead of the old stu- 
pid parliamentary regulations 
w hich would announce, as per ex- 
ample, that ‘-the Honorable, tal- 
ented and distinguished member 
from district number one of Ken- 
tucky has the floor,” when, prob- 
ably, that dignitary might not 
; honor, .;!enl or distinction, 

they had numbered each fairy, and 
when sho was referred to, they 
simply pronounced her number. — 
In this case Miss Angela was No. 
1, and she simply aske 1 “the neo- 
phyte out there in the corner,” 
pointing her index linger at me to 
“take his seat on the platform.” 
I tool: lily seat ks desired, and the 
minutes of the proceeding session 
were read and approved. The 
judge then required tlio recorder 
to read over the catalogue of mi 
finished business connected with 
I be “good of the order,” This 
embodied a somewhat lengthly cat- 
egory of deferred and unfinished 
business, first of which, was an ml - 
dress from No. 1, which had already 
been deferred too long. No. 5, 
rose and *aid; “The neophyte there 
has only been instructed in tiie 
Alpha section of his initiation, 
and prudence demands that we 
should move him onward through 
the Beta Section. I therefore re- 
spectfully ask permission to move 
the court to suspend our present 
action upon the good of the order, 
for the purpose of taking up this 
subject.’ No. 200 rase to a point 
of order and said — “our laws a c 
like those of the Modes and Per- 
sians. They cannot be altered. 
They were purposely made so be- 
cause we bad seen the folly com- 
mitted by the various moral and 
religious societies of the times, in 
placing the good of their “orders,” 
and the consideration of all good- 
ness, as the last in the catalogue, 
and so far away that they were 
never reached. Consequently, 
they were non-entities; or subjects 
much talked about, but never act- 
ed upon with any important bene- 
ficial results.” The judge decided 
that No, 5 was out, of order, and 
directed No, 1, or Miss Angela, to 
proceed with the following ad- 

•■'Ti~ now Leap Year; aia-t I fear 
To meet its final close. 

And think that. scarce a ni iiii,,a\  larc 
Conic forward to 'Propose*.* 

• I think 'tis time that ur assiiajp. 

 )«r rights so Ions; conceded. 

And court the rnco, where'er we can. 

For Lis most sorely needed. 

I'm now eighteen, and scarce have seen 
A man who wants to marry. 

I wonder what the deuce has made 
The timid thing.j so scary. 

I'm sure we modest, loving girls. 

Are really very .ruling. 

Anil though 't ! - lidthatwe would wed. 

7 hii can'! he x ry Manning. 

lows they might ‘prfi- 

We would not love them less; 

We are pleased to hoar them plead for 
w i ves 

And seek li} menial bliss, 

We are pleased because they obey a law. 
Which heaven and earth approve; 

Then let us see them bend the knee. 

In pure and virtuous love. 

Perhaps they fear that we will hear 
Them plight their vows in vain : 

We arc ever ready to become 
The brides oi' upright men. 

Perhaps they fear a Lrrru; Bauk 
M ay mar their sober hJiss ; 

But la ! they need not fear indeed, 

Nor care a fig for this. 

We'll teach its young, and tender tongue 

To prattle, lisp and play 

Its silvery tones for 'Papa’s' ear. 

And drive these fears away. 

Its tender arms shall clasp his neck. 

Its lip: he ;taw sweat ktsset. 

And 'Pa' shall thank ids situs apd rank 
The 'Babe' among his blisses. 

’Ti- strange, indeed, the m m should need 
Reminding of their duty ; 

Surrounded as they are by such 
Exquisite charms and beauty. 

*Tis strange they waste the precious hours, 
Onniscient Grace lias given. 

Nor take them wives to cliecr their lives. 
And render earth a heaven. 

With watchful care, we long to share 
In all their pains and pleasures; 

To teach them that a “loving wipe’ 

Out ranks all other treasures. 

Why don't they then come out like men, 
With heart and soul propose? 

Tor now's tho tinio. thu accepted time. 
Before onr year shall close. 

Let each old bachelor and widower too. 
Each young man seek a mate ; 

We will relent, if they repent. 
Repentance never comes too late.’’ 

| ro nr. continued.) 

Spurgeon on Methodism. 

Oh, how I delight to listen to a 
brother who talks to God simply 
and from the heart; aud I must 
confess. I havo no small liking lo 
those rare old fashioned Method-' 
ist prayers, which are now quite 
out of date. 

Tliep goodnes 

An Honest Man 

Is the noblest work ofGod. AY hen 
one is found and proved, it is a 
duty we owe lo society to publicly 
recognize and hoaytily commend 
him to tiie world. 

A circumstance which proves 
the character of one of our Broad- 
way business men, iias been com- 
municated Lo us, and, unsolicited, 
from a sense of duty, and for the 
pleasure of doing that duty, we 
here give it publicly. 

 Some fourteen years ago, Mr. 
Horace Waters, the music dealer 
on Broadway, being in business in 
this city, became embarrassed, and 
finally was compelled to make an 
assignment. The matter was clos- 
ed up and Mr. Waters again went 
on in business. One of bis credi- 
, tors was .T. F. Zeblcy, Esq., a whole- 
sale paper dealer, who then did an 
immense business on Spruce street, 
adjoining tiie Tribune buildings. 
A man of wealth, great business 
capacity, liberal, generous and en- 
terprising to a fault, Mr. Zebley 
quietly took his dividend, which 
was very small, and dismissed the 
matter as paid in full. 

(Several years after, Mr. Zebley 
was called upon to pass under the 
rod which the war laid upon the 
Northern business men who trails, 
acted with Southern people — he 
' too was driven to the wall and fail- 
! eil \ 

Waters, who at this time began 
to get ahead, agreeably surprised 
his old creditor by sending to him 
a ch?ck for a part of the canceled 
debt — and subsequently sent Ins 
; check for the whole of the bal- 
ance, with interest to date of pay- 
ment added. 

This was wholly unexpected and 
unasked for by Mr. Zebley, who 
related the circumstance to us. We 
learn from Mr. Z. that the other 
creditors of Mr. Waters were treat- 
ed in the same way. 

This statement is made, as lie- 
fore stated, fronj a pure desire to 
discharge a pleasant duty in point- 
ing out at. least one honest man. 
It is done without any sort of 
knowledge of it on the part of Mr. 
Waters, whom we have never seen, 
and, of course, we do not know. 

The man who is thus a law unto 
himself; who seals his claims to 
integrity and honor in this way. 
in a plodding, quiet, unnoted way, 

! without the hope or expectation 
that it will bo noticed by any uave 
by Him who seeth all tilings, with- 
out expecting any approval save 
that of his own conscience, is one 
to be honored, trusted, and patron- 

We, therefore, do our part, and 
while honoring, commend Mr. 
Waters and his business to our pa- 
trons. and say that we will guar- 
antee his transactions with them 
straight and honorable. 

Wo admit no advertisers to our 
columns, except such, as upon in 
' quiry, we find, or think we laid 
to he reliable men. In searching 
the title of Mr. Waters as an ap- 
plicant for otirspace, one ef our re- 
porters unearthed the facts we have 
given above, — N. Y, Progress. 


Hold un to your tongue whenyou 
are just ready to swear, life, ,or 
speak harshly or use any impttpp 
er word. 

Hold on lo your hand when tvou 
are about to strike, pinch, steal or 

d,. any improper :. •! 

Our Methodist friends, for the i. i 

’ ilotil on to your loot when von 

most part, are getting too line and ...... 

1 ,, , b ire on the point ol kicking, run- 

respectable nowadays; too genteel • , 

J “ ping aw ay Irom study, or pursuing 

to allow of pravers such as once „_ t v „ ‘ , 

, , * , ,* , . _ tiie path ot c.ror, or shame or 

made the walls to ling again. Oh, cr ; me 

for a revival .of those glorious, yio „ i 

, , . , • , ■ Hutu i u ty your temper when 

lent pravers which llew like hot, , , 

1 , 'ou aic angn, excited or imposed 

shot against the battlements ol , irm „ „ i 

upon, oi others are angry about 

heaven. \ vou . 

Oh. for more moving of the posts - Hold on to vour heart when evil 
of the doors ot vehemence; more associates seek vour company and 
thundering at the gates of mercy ! h 4vite v 0 u to join in their mirth 
I would sooner attend a prayer- j au q revelry, 

meeting where there were groans Hold on'tp your good name al all 
and cries all over the place, and times, for rt is more valuable to 
■ Fes and shouts of “hallelujah,” you than gold, high places or lash- 
than be in your polite assemblies tollable attire, 
where everything is dull as doath. Hold on to the truth, for it will 
and decorous as the white washed scrve you wel , , ia(} Jo you K00 d 
j sepulcher. Oh, for more of the throughout eternity, 
prayers of God, the body, soul and H old on to vour virtue— it is 
spirit, working together, the whole above gllmicg to you in all times 
man being aroused an startedd to an( j p] aces 

the highest pitch of intensity to; Hol(1 on ' to v ‘ ur good character, 
wrestle with the Most High. j fo , it id CVCi . wU j bl , VQWr best 

Such, I have no doubt, the prayer weal tli 

of Jesus was on the cold mountain ^ r 

side. ' Tl e Wife. 

Not unfrequenlly the wife 
mourns over the alienated affeo- 
,s ‘wo Years younger than his , ions of her husband, when she has 
brother, and is as unlike him as madego effort herself to strength 
possdde. He closes tho door gen- on and increase hi , attatclUent. 
tly after him as he enters, wipes S!l0 tllillks because ho once loved 
his feet carefully on the mat, hangs that he ought always tolovg her 
his hat upon the rack, and goes IlIld cUo liag ., octs t { lws attentions 
. diicctlv to his loom. which first, engaged his lifcart.— 

He soon appears in the parlor, Many a wife is the cause oFt/er 
his face and hands washed, life own , ieg]ec( . aml sorrow  *fcf lt 

hair nicely brushed; and, after woman deserves not a hushWjO’s 
speaking kindly lo all, takes his generous love, who will not gret't 
book and waits for the dinner boll. l'* m "'ith smiles as lie returns from 
When it. rings, he opens tho I I” 1 ; 1 ' 1 ; (:l ' ' ! “ : 'jay— who will 

door for the ladies and his father ; {£. sweo^'emchantmenV'^f^ 
to pass out; then follows, and seats cheerful heart. There is not one 
himself at table when they do. of a thousand so unfeeling as to 
He docs not pass his plate the withstand such an influence, and 
first, but waits until the older ones 'ueak aw in h orn such a hpme, 
have been helped. If there is TliankrOlI’erinjrs. 

any rarity upon Hie table, he does j p eu p] c generally are only glad 
not wish lor more than his share. M q 10 n Hie have things given' them, 

Charles Walters 
years younger than 

He quietly waits for dessert, and 
remains at table until the others 
rise; then leaves, saving cheerful- 
ly, “Good-by, father, mother, aunty, 
and all, until I come back.” 

and that is quite different from be- 
ing thankful. A poor converted 
African I have heard of would set 
an example to many in Christian 
lands. He had been very sick! but 

“I hope you don t think of send- he came pne day, after his repove- 
ing brother Charlie away, father,” ,-y tu tho missionary, and laid down 

says little Helen, after he has left, the sum qf top dqllnps -fqr Ujo 

“No, indeed!” father, mother, and Lord, 
aunty all exclaimed. “We could M want,” he said, very earnestly, 
not get along without Charlie.” I etp tpll God “Thank you’ with fMti” 

“He is a perfect treasure of a lit He had expected his yams tp turn 
tie boy,” says aunty. “I hope you out very poorly, lie had been able 
will bring him with you next sum- givo thpuj so little care; Tint 
in or to the country.” {God had takon cure of them fi  r 

Out a ( xj.r|,t. him, and he had an excellent crop. 

Fathers and mother** look out Jt ha«l yielded him fully ton dob 
for your boys when tbeshadows of ' ars moto 'Lm lie expected, and 
evening have gathered around vou!| SQ bought that as a thtYrilv-oi- 
Where are they then? Are they { ferin e to the Lord, It was not a 
at home, at the p’easaiF s cial,! Pommo U thing tfl do, but it was a 
fireside, or are they running ,] ie r, sM thing. People would prop 

streets? Are they gaining a street l 1cr morc 1,1 r,cl,es nf ,Ilc sm,] ' antI 
education? If so, tuko c»re; the earthly riches toe, if they would 

chances of their ruin are many. ? ftene * bria S m their tl,a,lk 
There is scarcely anything s   de- ir *^ s ' 

Structive to their morals as run- 0 children ! ,liere 1,0 "' ork 60 
ning abroad at night. Under cov- hle ' scd as ,hat of (1 ° m - " 00 ,: n ° 
er of darkness they acquire the dd- Paymaster so rich and fa.thful as 

neat ion of crime; they learn to be Jcsus C!,nst * What s,ia11 Y m, t 
rowdyish, if not absolutely vicious; thank offer ng he t h is year? 

they catch up loose talk, they hear Tiie Duty of a Mother, 
iijjtjjl thoughts and they see ob- She should be firm, gentle, kin 1 
scene things, and they become j always ready to attend t» liqr 
reckless and riotous. If you would child. She should never laugh at 
i save them from vulgarity, save him, at what he does that is cut) 

, them from ruin, save them from ning; never allow him to think of 
prison, see to it that night finds his looks, except to bp neat aptl 
them at home. More than one ! clean in all his habits. She th/wld 
.young man has told the chaplain teach him to obey a look; to ro- 
of the State Prison tluit here was spent those older than kiiqself; she 
the beginning of his downward should never make il command 
course that finally brought him to a without seeing it is performed in 
felon’s cell. Let parents solemnly the right manner. Never speak 
p 7 n ter this matter, anil do all they of a child’s faults or foibles, or re- 
call to make home attractive to all peat his remarks before him. It 
thp children, SO attractive that the i6 a sure way to spoil a eliihl. — 
boys will prefer it to roaming in Never reprove a child when ex- 
the streets. There is no place like cited, nor let your tone of voice bo 
home in more senses than one— raised when correcting. Strive tq 

certainly no place like home, for 
boys in the evenings. 

Lying. — No vice more easily than 
this stupefies a man* conscience. — 
He who tells lies frequently will 
soon become an habitual liar, and 
will soou lose the power of readily 
distinguishing between the con- 
ceptions of the imagination and 
the recollections of his memory. 

Rain on the Sabbath keeps 
thousands away from church, but 
never deters one from business 
through the week days. 

inspire love, not dread; respeef 
not fear. Remember you are 
training and educating a so^l fof 

Indolence.— I f you ask me whiffy 
is the real hereditary sin of lnuiiaq 
nature, do you imagine I shall ’an- 
swer pride, or luxury, or ambition, 
or egotism? No, I shall say indo*. 
lence. Who conquers indolent e 
will conquer till the rest; indeed, 
all good principles must, stagnate 
without activity. — Zimmerman. 

THE JACKSON PURCHASE ] anguage, but true. 

What then— you will 

A. c. ( A ri:i; r,   v, i: utor  i /*/•«*» 

sk, are 

you opposed to such institutions or 

MAYFIKL1), Craves Co., Ivy. 

Till HSPAV, .11 I. Y S. 1SG0. them? .No! at 
all, in our character as a Christian. 

If a Christian at all, we must 
be one anywhere and everywhere, 
and the influence we exert must 
be in oui c.i.iiucLer as Christians, interest, 
and our conduct in so ietv must 

fifteen minutes during which time just about as fa* 
the silence was almost painful, remote or con 1 3 
tied grant it may leal loan invos- of the argument 
ligation of these matters, that i!,e opposition. ' 
shall greatly hless them, and shall 

Where is the 

nd not any more the two political right of voting 
nit -than many and giving testimony, are social 
bat are used by institutions? 

I think it is clear that (here is 
Jdenee that Inc ; no Jaw nor enactment existing 1 

p ommmic jiu - n.| 

Hints on Fannin; 
’armingtox, Kv, June Sth, 1809. i 

Federal authorities have any in- pendin 

Temperance ami Christianity. 

There are times when ourdutie 
seem to clash, when our inclina 
tions seem to run in opposite di 
rections, when, in the language of he influenced and controlled by the 
an inspired man, we are “in a higher life of Christ. It is not that 
straight betwixt two.” In such a we love (lie institutions of men 
dilemma we find ourselves at the less, but that we love Christianity 
present' time. In accordance with more, 
a long established custom our 

result in great good to .(lie poor 
blinded Jew. I learned that some ^"'ionol interkMung with us 
Jews were present who took deep sll( b :l subject? 

1 v.. 1 ! r... .1 : 


Do they find it jin the rulings of 
Very silent and fixed attention | !ie fcdeial court All thodocis- 
was given to the sermon that fol- loas Fie ‘Supreme Court, Dis- 
lovvcd. An anticipated musical an  ^ * 11 ‘ u -‘  d the l . 

entertainment for the benefit of 
the Methodist church, and the 

church in this place meets on Sat- 
urday before the secolul Sabbath 
in each month to worship, and 
transact whatever business may 
come before the body. That is al- 
so a “covenant meeting” — one 
preparatory to Ihe celebration of 
the Lord’s Supper on the following 
Sabbath, and in which all the ser- 
vices are designed to have ref- 
erence to that solemn and interest- 
ing occasion. But it turns out 
that, on next Saturday, the order of 
Good Templars in this place are to 
hare a grand l’ic-Nic, and every- 
body is invited to attend, the Sab- 
bath Schools especially. We too 

S. show a disposition to 
against the uncQhstitutional laws 
of Congress. 

want of time, prevented mo from Neither Congress nor the courts 
It these positions he correct, it 1:1 v K i i igi anolhei appointment. As tuado by Congress arc disposed to 

is well’ in all our efforts to promote j ^ " oijd not leave loi lennesse un execute an unconstitutional on- 

rpi .I-** t i ti... . . . 

the interests of these institution!' 
and of society generally, to avoid, 
in so faras we can, any apparent 
conflict with the institutions of 
Christ. For when a conflict does 
occur, as it will on next .Saturday, a 

actmeut on a people when the 
universal sentiment of the poo 

til Thursday evening I spent the 
morning in visiting and attending 
the Court. The novel course I had 

pursued last night had excited p 0setl to the law/ There 

and Radicals 

pie, Radicals and Democrats, is op live. 

in the prospective, by 
which the laws of Kentucky are 
to be so far trampled under foot. 

As ( ’ongress failed to reconstruct 
us at the time Sumner introduced 
the subject, when party passion 
and the passions engendered by 
decide the war were running so high and 
furious, and Kentucky was so de- 
fiant and outspoken in her sympa- 
thy for Johnson and condemna- 
tion of Congress, is it probable that 
she will do so now when the pas- 
sions of the war are abating and all 
parties growing more conserva- 

or 40 thou 
State of Kentucky, and 

are 30 
in the 


heir prej- 

such improbability and remote 
contingencies as reconstruction is 
addressed to the credulity and ig- 
norance of the people. 

S. W. Slay hex. 


God has given us our intellectu- 
al capacities for a noble purpose, 
would have the largest in the' town, the Democrats, and it would be j j n ort i er that- these capacities he 
The Court house is a good build- impossible for Congress to force , usa f u ] ;[ lcy )niIsl p c cultivated 
ing, and conveniently arranged such a thing on tlie State without and developed. I’or without gov- 
for the purposes of the country. forcing it on tliei# political friends. crnnienl) organized society cannot 
A HIGHLY CCIiTlVATED MAN. | It is not the pfolicy of (lie gov- 

ri they trying to 

much interest. I hope for good. 

Mayfield is a pleasant village in 

struggle is inevitable in the hearts ^ fertile country, and inhabited by U( ii ces and social feelings towards 

of professed Christians whose char- Kind social people. 1 lie Baptists (]ic negr0 are j ust the ca me as 
, . e n i i i i and Methodists have plain, good, , ' , 

acters are not full} developed and ll0l|ses (( f wors |,ip. The I’reshy tlie democrats; and, consequently 

matured. To turn out with our terians and Reformers, are erect they are as much against a mixt- 
,j friends and neighbors in asocial ing houses. I learned the latter nr j of the races, in the schools 
reunion is a feeling very natural 
and proper in all the people, and 
to the erhistian esp eci ally v because 
in the the lan gunge of the poet. 

The Christian is the highest style 

Wonts of Warning 1‘ om a Great 

1 lion. Alex. II. Stephens, iiiMply 
to a paper from lion. S. S. Nlchol - 
as, of Kentucky, treating of the 
War and its causes, closes a letter 
to the National Inteliigen or with 
these words. They may hardly he 
called prophetic, because the sha- 
dow of eonsolid; t d empire 1ms al- 
ready touched the skirts of Ill's un- 
happy laud: 

The Federal machinery for the last 
ten years has been abnormal in its 
action. It must bo brought back 
ing corn has reached that stage, it to the Jeffersonian doctrines, ant 
is highly presumable, if not posi- made to conform to its working 
tively so, that the radical has sent with the organic principles of its 
forth' all its fibrous roots, most of , ^ruetura, before there can possibly 
. ■ , , ’ . be a return ol tlie days of peace, 

.m l. are reaching out, all around , harmony, pro 5 p r ity,aml happines^ 

l ie main loot, and imbibed within which formerly marked our course, 
argument founded upon three to five inches of the surface There is no other hope for consti- 

Mn. Edit  :i. Through the col 
limns of your valuable paper, we 
desire lo present to its numerous 
readers some remarks that may 
promote tlie agrieultifral interest# 
ol the country. Many farmers are 
in lh ‘ habit of continuing lo ] low 
their corn until it has commenced 
sending forth shoots, and even la 
ter. TIi is practice vve think far 
more injurious than profitable; be- 
cause, by the time that the grovv- 

of the earth. To cut or break oft tutional liberty on this continent. 

these roots, will surely stop, not Jll,1 L p e Nicholas may dream dreams’ 

i ,i “ . , , about, another constitutional a- 

only the growth of the stock, but , 

- f mendnient, providing a new mode 

that of the tender shoot, which j of.eleeling t*he President, Imt the 

now requires all the nourishmenforemely liesin nosuchdevice as that. 

that possibly can bo conveyed (q It lies simply in bringing back (he. 

it, by all tlie roofs that have been Government in its i lmiuistration to 

sent out from the radical. Obser- i on ' bia i principles. Ibis is 

no! to be done by secession, how- 

eve r rightful and cilicicnt a remedv 

have been invited to be present, | 0 p inaa ” Butfora Christian to 1 1 ‘ 1 1 T', J ”V '“f cx ' st - Government, without the 

, . , , 1 1,1,111 • riuiioia cm istiaii to Perhaps there is not a minister ernment, nor ar$ they trvmg to . ., • mr 

and with ot hers, to speak on the foaye the serric ofhi? church to of the cotdoI within the ran-e of I force social equally on any of the F of self-perpetuatiox^ cannot twelve 
oce-ision Now wlmt shall we do* , ... . - , ... o* me gospci w mini me *au 0 e oi ion t s    i.u i qu,im\ , o.i -in oimt long continue. It caanotTje ca~ 

‘ ' * , , a end a sociable is simply to  bs- several lmiulred miles, who is so States. They have not done Dial without 

o go or no Ah a i le | h ; credit ( lirist, and to weaken his thoroughly educated, as Bro. A. ( . in any of the States that tliev have 
For ourself the question ad- owu conscience and 

vation has taught some closely ob- 
serving persons, that these small that might be. That is abandoned, 
roots run from four to six feet from Nor is it to be dune by force or vi- 
tho main root. When they arc* olonce ol any kind, except the lorce 
broken assunder, within ten or 1 cason and the power ol truth. 


compromise i Caperton. lie has greatly im 

on, witliout intellectual cul- 
ture. A republican government 
reconstructed, and where there is a cannot subsist without intelligence 

of Christianity. In our estimation 1 a8 ;] ie i,. ( j u j; eg 
Christianity is everything. It 

instead of largo ears of corn. 

sh vw (lie force of this matter, let virtually admit. 

bur ears I itorial in vour 

mits of an easy solution. ^ L ‘ his influence ill favor of religion. nvnv . p( l in nreichiii'i- ctinen mir il-iv I statute lonkimr tint w iv in anv • .i ■ 

have a nlnlosonhv v-bich readilv i  t “ prov eci in preaciimg, since om uay ; (.tatute looking mat i 1 ..!} in an} m the people. If it is right for re- 

. .. . . ' I»ut, on the other hard, when the of pleasant association with him in of the reconstructed States, inves publics to ovist it all it is 

solves all questions ol conscience. 0011 Hi c t C0Int . s luanv nrnfessors of -vr- • • • ,r • .. ... , ....... 1 11 1 -* c.visl at all, it is light 

That philosophy is the nhilosophv co . . comes, man} piolessois ot Mississippi. He is wonderfully fa- ligation will show that if .s done u iat they take such measures as 
P 10 1 1 ■ religion whose minds are not clear mi liar with his Bible, sound in the- by the local authorities. Alalia- ar0 necessary to S elf-perpotuation 

1,m1 responfi-l ology, highly entertaining and in- ma lias been reconstructed and Educationofthoinasscsisnecessaryi*^ 0 ^ armer ^ t^ree or 

. i, bilities, and whose characters are structive in his sermons, and hum has a system of common schools, tothis Thereforeit isr’clitfo '* cora   feed, to his horse 

paramount to all things dm-. Me not efficiently developed, feel b iy depending on God for success, but there is po mixture of the px- r ^ tfor «°'-Jor mule, instead of ten or twelve 

o\e emperance. a | i that the service of ( lirist is a tyra He has the confidence and esteem pils and there the negro and radi- 

. , \ ... | ins emmands aie & ieMous, n f tlie- people-. I regret that the cal influence holds sway, 

character of any man is quite weak, and, mspite of themselves, they - V( - , T , -.- , n j. . , „ 

, , . . . , , . . .. ’ . •  pecuniary condition of lus emigre- Die opposition to this tax can 

irregular and inconsistent, in leel some revulsion m discharging ... . 

whom temperance is not a leading! to the full extent, tl.ier duties to compels In m to edit a pa- found their argument upon but 

Christ. I per. I do hope they will soon re- One thing, and that is the 14th 

Perhaps! Amendment to the Constitution of being hoodwinked and duped b} 
cannot better express my eonli- the U. S. designing demagogues, 

i deuce in Bro. G. and his excellent Now let us look at that Amend- 2nd. It is a means of enabling 

• , , It is more generally lost than es- 

mches, by the plow, the L 1 i; 1 , i , " , t 

* 1 ’ tablishc 1, or strengthened by a re - 

stock and shoot are at once de- sort to physical force. They arc 
priced of three-fourths to five- eminently the achievement of 
sixths of all the nourishment (hat virtue, patriotism and reason, 
they wore receiving. Hence, th.e|^ iat ' our institutions, and even 

farmer is c. rtain to gather small. " ,,min: ' 1 ,;l - u' ; 

now m great dnntrer, the prudent 

JU sagacious, and wise everywhere 

An able ed- 

cwn paper, not, 

ince, put the pertinent and 

ernment .to 
public instruction. 

maintain a system of i   

^ cars, and lie will very soon per 

ducat Wu of ceive that his flesh will disappear 
tlie masses promotes good govern 


grave question. “Whither are we 
drifting? To this question t take 
the oc it si ii for one to give you n 
direct and positive answer. We 

virtue. No professions, or zeal, or v . , , ,, ! ' 1 

, , . . We would like to extend these lease bun from t It s - l 

loud prayers will atone for a want remarks hut wo mugt | av (lown , 

of sobriety in the folloyvers of our pen and repair to the cham- 

C’hrist. her of mourning: and there mingle 

liment in many ways. 

1st. It gives them that informa- 
tion which enables them to avoid 

md the beast become unable to are drifting to consolidation amt 

empire, and will land there at b*o» 
distant period as certainly as' the- 
sun will set this day, unless tho 
people of the several States awake 

We love sociability also. We mir smypathies with those who ' Vl,e   t,ian i Ust 10 sl:,te ,Iiat alfcr 

love to see neighbors and friends UM 1'- 

lay aside business occasionally, yve — » 

will say, quite frequently, and come i |Froin the Texas Baptist Herald. j 
together for a feyv hours of social IIiplkt Tenxesskk, ( 

enjoyment, and for the time forget. February —A, 1809. \ 

the cares and vexations of life, and bey. T\ m.   -arey ( rane, D. I)., 
seek to be happy themselves and Independence, lexas. 

to make others happy. Dear Brother: 

We love also the I’ic-Nie. Would On Tuesday evening the 16th, „ 

like to see them become more com- reac hed Mayfield, a very pleasant ‘ 'j 1 o| 111 11 * ! 

mon. When properly conducted : *nd thriving village, and iound 0 Ul, b ,( '-D umK. i.u 

they are not only innocent social j several brethren ayvaiting my ar- 
gatherings, but are highly promo- j ^'"al at tlie depot. Our beloved 

my college at Hernando had been 
! burned by an incendiary, I placed 
my daughter in their school at 
'Grenada, ?dis.-;., to ho educated. 
Time proved that I had acted wise- 

rev, o. yv._ I, AXE. 

Just as I yvas in the act of Ieav 
j ing for tlie depot, Bro. Lane, Fvan- 

ment, and the acts of Congress man to realize his true dignity 
since its passage, and sec what I and rise above that low mor" 

tn , phere in which y ice t ml 

perform the required labour. To 
remedy this evil, yve suggest that 
every farmer entirely finish plow- 
ing his corn, Iv the time it is as toa proper aprpeci.ttion of tlie d tn- 
' high as a mail’s l ips. The torn ger, and save theimely from the 
should be run round twice with a i'uperrdingcataslroplie by arresting 

gnilv, , coulter or a bull-tongue plow, and ! }.“. e l  K ’.pV 1 . 11 ' ® ei "b' n     ) ‘ h’-dJ c »l 
•al at- i -  i .i , . lairs. L In can proper-.y (hi 

bare three other good plowings, on , y at the baifothox. All frieud 

crime i ; 0 s ecur 


are its efl'ects and yvliat force Con- 
gress gives it. | thrive. 

There is but one section in the sq. It qualifies man for 
14th Amendment from which they ness in the various stations of far - 1 of five 
can torture such a construction as ! mer  mechanic, teacher, engineer, j yoilnK 

first of june, 'cutting the roots/and ibre. lhey must acquaint them- 

rni r . , c ,, , i - - j witness the effects. selves yvitli the principles of their 

ihe first clause of that section These are a few, and only a feyv, 

docs nothing but confer a general 0 f the benefits of education. 

i lair crop, lo larther of cmistilutioual liberty, Jn every 

ilh strate this position, let any section and State, mu t unite i.a 

useful- farmer dig or spade, to tlie depth this grand ellovt. Tiiey must serf- 

or six inches, around a cos,: *' } - r a,,,i «yen reconsider 

, , , many questions to yvhsch tiiey liime 

the one they claim, and that is the | lawyer Ac, yyhieh aro necessary tolr” ,S - • ai 1 ' ' ' * ■ " given bul ^'ght attention lieroto- 

b rs b | the well-being of society. 

| iiuav/o.7 mo OUV.V.IO, | acmo Uli l iC jllllllljll 


known him too favorably to leave 


The second reads as folloyvs: No 

tive of good neighborhood. 

acquaintance, and former “yoke- 

yvithout seeing him. We called at i State shall make or enforce any 
his house, and after a short inter law which shall abridge the pldvi-'! 

Wo love especially anytlimg , “low” (alien ,ve preached, and view will, (uni ami lus l.miily, 
that looks to tire happiness of tho watched over our colleges jn Mis- accompanied us to depot. |(. 

little folks. W. older ones are too -issippi.) “ * ' crv “"j ” ro ' 

apt to forgot that children love fun, MW. ... c oarato*. *.V, presen ted a, domg well as an 

and that yve yvere once children who is now Bishop of tlie Baptist N ! J 

ourselves. Nor are yve sufficiently | church in Mayfield, met me most Alioctioivately and Iraterna y, 

concerned to provide them yvitli ‘-‘ordiall.v, and alter introducing   olus   if y m p C ('oxxeii 

amusements adapted to their na- me to many brethren and friends, j — — ♦ » — 

tures and wants. Of this one tiling escorted me to his dwelling In! ihe School lax. 

yve may' be assured: if yve do not anticipation ol preaching at night, air. Editor: Although yon aro 
provide our children yvitli suitable U consulted him about the pecul- not discussing the subject of school 
amusements and occupations of iarities of his congregation, that tux through the columns of your 
mind, they will find them for them m J’ sub J oct be judiciously sc- paper, yet I suppose you will have 

selves. They will take such as the l ecte(b Though a shower fell just no objection to publishing an ex- 

ile legesor immunities of citizens of 

But objections s arc made. One 
says “it is not right to lax the rich equally logical basis. Many so- 
lo educate the poor.” ' called farmers, think that they .must 

If yve have taken the correct t plow their corn so late, that nei- 

j Government, an - provide security 
“We positively object to this Nor the future by studying and cor- 
lr te plowing on another, and yet, | recting l!fb errors of the pas' 

world affords. as vve yvere going to the house of! parte communication on the 

All this is true. Yet, when a worship, yve had a large and very ject from either side, 
conflict comes up, as in the present a Bentive congregation. 


instance, between our duties to building is plain. Ihe room 

The! J will make no apology 
will writing this communication, but 
Christ and iiis church, and an in- seat comfortably about 600 per- 1 will proceed immediately to an- 
stitution that is subordinate to sons » an( ^ is remarkably easy to swer, lo the best of my ability, the 
Christianity, between the worship of : s I’ eak in - My subject was, ‘ Our objections that are urged against 
God and merely social enjoyment, j salvation not according to our Ihis proposed taxation, hoping that 
we have no trouble to decide as to but given to us in Christ the merits ot the cause I assume 

ourduty. We deem our obligations 
to Christ and his church to be para- 
mount to all others. In our view 
Christ is supreme and all institu- 
tions, however excellent, are sub- 
ordinate. He is divine; they are 

In the light of these remarks, we 
will define our relations to mason 


Jesus, according to God’s own pur- to advocate will not be estimated 
pose and grace, before (he world by the weakness of my effort to 
began, and manifested in the com- defend it. 

ing of ottr Saviour, who has abol- Tlie opposition to Ibis proposed 
ish-ed death, and brought life and legislation has three main object- 
immortaility to light.” ions, which may be stated as fol- 

I did not intend to preach bul j lows: First, that the negro children 
one sermon, hut Ihe interest man i will he mixed with the white chil- 

vievvs of the purpose of govern- Iher grass nor weeds can grow up 
the United States. Now what privi- ment, it is the duty of government 'between tlie rows. This opinion 
leges of the negro is abridged by as a body politic, not as iiulividu- ' is obviously very erroneous, for 
this proposed law? lias he ever j a ] Sj to educate the children. To where persons are sufficiently ac- 
had the privilege of attending our a 0 this (lie State must raise the quainted with the process of reg- 
common schools? If lie had pos-|f un( | s ] )V taxation. In taxation ! nlation, and the elciiientary suh- ! potisin. 
sessed such privileges in the past, j (] 1C a q valorem principle ,s tlie cor- stances requisite to produce vege- 
aml we were to pass a law depriv- rect oue. This is so from tlie fact table mouth, they very early 
ing him of such right, it would be ' ,| iat (| ie man who has most, enjoys 
an abridgement of Lis privileges, j most protection. If government 
This clause does not say a State fai ] s? anarc | iy ensues. When an- 
shall not pass a law conferring ex- arc h y reigns, no property is secure. 

Education by preserving good or- 

Tiiis is the only hope as ! have 
state l, for the ol event 
dtir present uominal form of gov- 
ernment Depend upAi it, there 
is no diiTereut e belwvt n c or solitlii. 

st  p plowing. It is probable 
that many of your renders are 
not aware of the fact, that Ihe 
grass and weeds that grow be- 

tioii and empire! No diti’erenco 
i/etween cent rafism and iirperial- 
ism! i he em! of ei! Iiec. as well as 
of these, is the ovtr.l.jt w of lil . 
ertv and Hie eslahiislimeiil of ties- 
I give you I lie wor ls of 
truth in great eariic.-tness— words 
which, however received or heeded 
now, will he eternally true by tho 
developjnents of the figure. 

Yours, most respectfully. 

Ai.kx \ ';:ier II. 8t::"i:i:xs. 

elusive privileges on some of her 
citizens. Especially when they 
bear all the taxation to nay for 
such an exclusive right, as is the 
case in our proposed taxation, 
would such a right and power be 

It is clear from the reading of 
the law, that Congress did not, nor 
intended to confer by the 14th 
Amendment such a right upon the 
negro as is contended by the- op- 
position to the taxation. 

But if the law within itself was 

tween the rows of corn, after the 
der saves to the rich his thousands plowing has been discontinued, are 
while it leaves to the poorhishun- not only daily and nightly, bul Dcd nnd will commence operations 
dreds of dollars. As (lie rich hourly, absorbing from theatmos- at aa ,b, y t.owari building 

'r’icm t'u- MDiucm -ry .‘tail, .lime is. lsii'J). 
We Understand 

That a powerful company is organ- 

ise tween 
ew Orleans, to 

paring and qualifying a 

not clear, the subsequent acts qfj or a wilb for i, is grandchild. 
Congress show they did not intend 
to enforce such a right, or that il 
they did intend to do so. that 
they did not succeed. 

If it can be maintained that this 

Amendment confers such a right 1(ilo ” t think it is time to let the 

tested induced me to yield to the lbe11 or that they will draw a por- 

ry, odd-fellowship, temperance or- j earnest solicitude ot some, and tion ol tlie hind. 2d, Jhat it is . . . - 

ganizations, and ail similar institu- make an appointment for the , ' vro,, S  » principle to tax for such the same reasoning lull would cs- - p00r Negro rest. The school tax 
tions. We love masonry, and feel ai gliV I spent Wednesday in vis- purposes. 3d, That it is impoli- ’ abhsdi such a con si rue! ion must ls expi - c ^iy f or wliite children, so 
very kindly towards all other be- : and also in tending the Court tic 

IVh'gr.tpii lines 

enjoys more protection he should phere, carbon and ammonia, which v 

pay more. And besides, property elements are positively necessary connectTwith lines now tinder con- 
does not in every case continue ; lo Ihe production of another crop, struction in the North and West, 
forever in the same lamilv. The During the winter and spring, the Tho company', we understand, is 
rich man’s grandchild mav he the grass and weeds are undergoing foinposed ol men ol ample means 
poor child which will need the decomposition, or rotting; and hi^he' nIS* anil 

means of education. The rich old thereby, in lact, preparing the ao mo of the most active and prpuii-. 
man by paying tax for the cduca- soil with needful elements for the nent men in the South, 
tion of the poor child may he pie growth of another crop. It is understood that the new 

o..,i * lines will he built and worked as 

' l nless these elements prevail, part of the cheap posial system 

or exist in tho earth, vegetatibn now attracting so much public at- 
Anotlier says, “I am in lavor o! ,.., nno ; Unm-^h Tn simnnrt of lids' tention, and that (ho in w company 

will make use of all the-Jatest in- 
ventions in telegraphy, such as tho 
new compound steel and copper 
wire, so superior to all others in 

taxes for schools, but now is not 
the time” why not? “O (he Nig- 
ger! the Nigger! Don’t you see 
that black Nigger in the wood 

nevolent institutions. They are " hich was in session. I learned ^ be f ' l 's t objection is Ihe main 


all good institutions, but younger ^*at the docket had become so j scure-crow by which the people 
than Christianity and subordinate heavy, that the Legislature had are to be frightened into a con- 
to it. We have no respect for the treated this Court, the Common flict with their most vital and dear- ! 
claims that some men set up for Fleas — -and given to it concurrent est interests. 1 hey tell us ol no 
masonry— that it is older than J ,,ris Jic ' tiou ' vi| h the Circuit' practical way by which the negro 

Christianity. That is sheer non- Court, except in criminal cases, is to get into our schools or draw 

sense. Christianity antedates all 'Fulge Crossland presided with any part of the fund, but content- 
existing benevolent institutions, 'Fgnity, and executed business themselves by making die bare 
and has given them their existence, promptly. I had the pleasure of asset tion, believing that is sulii- 
and, to a great extent, their influ - 1 forming the acquaintance of sever-  : *o n t to contiolthe people on a 
enee. In all these institutions al lawyers and judges. The rain sl *bjeet about which they are so 
there is much that is good, but no- of the forenoon made the streets so morbidly sensitive, 
thing that js not borrowed direct- muddy that only a few ladies at- In answer to their unsupported 
ly or indirectly from Christianity, tended preaching at night, but the assertions, I refer the people to 
When, then, Christians do good gentlemen’s side of the house was the law under which they vote, 
deeds, the credit is due to Christ, pretty well filled. which expressly declares that the act ' "* * " ,l '~i ' ' " 'A' ■ 1 *' 1 

and not to men. When we prac- the lawyers. fax is to he levied on the proper- b  ’ ^ 1,b 

tice temperance, or in any way Finding that several lawyers had bv ol tbe w ' lbefi 0, ^y  and that 

promote truth, virtue, honesty, or come to hear me, I introduced liiy v ‘ c clii.di on only an t«  .'O cd- 
holiuess the glory is due to Christ ' Rcrinou upon Raul’s “New and liv- seated with if. Nothing can he 
and not to the instituioiis of men. ing Way” of approach unto God, plainer'than the State law on this 
And when professed Christians per- , by propounding a great many le- subject. Then if t hey do get the 
form acts of kindness as masons, gal questions to them upon the benefit of this fund, it will have to or templars which of circumcision, and the th ~«« h tile Federal an- , briber and givea him tlie right 

they do not as Christians, they . thorities, unless our State courts 

discredit Christianity, and. to that oyligfkyfo* &o\nng o.lit of it. turn traitoi and p erride our do- e-red rights of social 

extent, rob G 'b . This is strong 1 Gicse interri'iNitipy bisteil perhaps most ic laws, win'.- ■  supposition is i cau.-e schools, as • ompared 

j inevitably establish liis right t° stated in tho ”1aw. “But the law 
vote and testily also. wi I ] be set aside by Federal author- 

Now can he do either? All jj v » 
that know anything about 

cannot flourish. In support of this 
statement, vve request the reader 
to determine in his own mind,! 

whether a piece of land that is, wire, so superior lo all others 
when plowed in the winter or power and of such strength as to 
spring, entirely clear of all grass Require hut twelve or fourteen 

and weeds, is as likely to yield as I ,o! . e8 . to ,he m[]o V ^I’laceof thirty 
, , to lortv. now used wilh t lie ovdi,- 

j good a crop as that, which liad a nar \- wire 

good coat of grass and weeds The Brooks In ulator, which 

legislation lor fear of Federal au- 
t lie administration of Ihe laws of thorit v? 

Federal authority has as 
much power to tax us to educate 
our State courts, and that cases are || )e noa , ro as appropriate our 
befog darTy carried to the federal oWn , ax l0 object. W©, 1 
courts because he is not allowed suppose, must not build a school 
such a privilege. And il it had house lost the Negro finds his way 
given him the right to vote, it is into it! \y c s | 10 „iq proceed in 
hardly probable that C ongress tins matter of Stqtc education as 
would have proposed to the conn though there was" no Federal an 
try the 15th Amendment specially thorit v. 
designed to confer that right. — 

turned under, when broken up. ! econouiize&the strength of tho cur- 
^ hy not suspend all State Kyery 0 hs e rvant farmer knows rent from ten to forty per cent., 

that a piece of . fallow or other ‘ will als0 bo nset1 ’ together with 
ground, that is thickly covered 

Now as it is clear from, the reading 
of the 14th Amendment and the 

conferring on the negroes the two 
main political rights that they 

I know not what other objec- 
tions might be raised lo the ques- 
tion upon which the people of Ken- 
tucky are called to vote at our 
next August election, but, I am 
satisfied, none of them are sufii- 

are and have always been so anx- cient to invalidate its claims to the 

the new “double transmitter,” hy 
which messages can he sent both 
with weeds and grass when well ways on the same wire al l lie samo 
broken up, is certain (0 give a time, thus doubling the. capacity 
large ’yield of grain; and because 01 * b 'e lin©. 

tho grass and weeds really contain We see 110 reason with thtf im- 
a large quantity of tho needful eb new companv ; , i;i)uM no{ bo * able 
ements. A heavy coat of grass to furnish telegraphic facilities at 
and weeds also operates as a shield cheap rates, aud wc earnestly hope 
against tho intense rays of the I 10 I their efforts toward this end will 
sun in August and September, 
which is a matter of decided im- 
portance, perhaps thought ofobifl 
by few. 

Much good land is being ex- j 
hausted, if not entirely worn out.: 

a (irv 

be successful. 

As vve pour waler into 
pump vve desire to obi ain* more — 
sojnust we lihvejhc love of Christ 
imparted to the lltfart before we 
r-Iiall fisel uprisings' of doligait in 

ious to confer, tho right to give 
testimony, and the right to vote, j 
will it be contended that it goes 


our State courts j invade our higher and more su- 

born in France on the 
list next, Napoleon’s 
want (‘i proper attention in skill- centenary, will be taken under the 
Fill farming, and it is ce rtainly, not special prolevtjpn of the Govern, 

. J - ... , , . 1 Children 

by want of either knowledge, or j - t j, Q |- (^ 

ntion in skill- 

vote of the people. I trust a suf- 
ficient number of them will rally j only tlie interest, but obviously 1 ment- 
to tlie po 11 s, and, regard k . 3 of op- [ t be fi**t.y of every man, owning and Why lire von 11 ■ 


, .Jiinn vote for It -mil ii, , I cultivating the soil, to preserve his breaking uji of a party, like 

position, v oie 101 11 mill secui c me , , , . , . . .... , ■ ,, 

■ land, to the utmost of Ins ability, row . Because they npY co 

1 .. : ni._:_!.. ’ » • I - 

e d u c a t i o p 0 f the i r ch fh 1 r e n 

T II. T’ettit.’ 

1 from early exhaustion. 

*«0 Mor-'O lTLUCO. 

without beaux, and 
lor until Ihev ; iHfeaii. 

: • .ig -v.- jlw 


TlIUltSD V Y, .JUIjY, • »r,‘K 

LOG 1 A L. 

V CAiil). 

I inn pleased to announce to my frit-mis 
(li:tl lain nowin t'.u-  •: 1 1  !•     l tin- wt-ll 

known linn of M r  S- 1 1 It- Bi • where 
1 will In- ulc;usod to meet with and serve 
them to the ln--t of my ahitiu. in the in- 
spection anil Sal-- of their I- -■■  
npr-20-tf. W.v, Mili.ixi.n. 


Having bought Mr. Iii sl's Interest in 
the Drug Store of 1’. J. GBLLNEX CO- 
Iani pfcpart-tl to ;-ll goods in my line a 
i.tTTi.K onEAPBtt than they have ever been 
offered hither;   in this t ml of I niiuky.- — 
If you don't lK-licvt- it. cenia mid - v. 

marll-tf l*. J- GREENE. 


Tire are authorized to announce W. 11. 
\   MILLER. of May lit-M. a- a Candi- 

date, for tin- otliee of COl'NTY A'lTOR- 
XEY, at the ensuing August Election'. 

are authorized to nnoiuiie ( A. I T, 
If. T. A LBRITTON. as a Candidate 
for CO l NTY ( I.KRK of  fra\cs County 
at tin- ensuing August election. 


t\E ££. ?2 t-'IS f.i 

■ fifrl 

• . s t j j :. 

1 GO acres of g -   I farming Ian 1 for sale 
in Graves County. Ky.. t l.i.les Ireui \ in! i 
Station, on tin- 1’ i tt; i i & Cult R. E ; il 
miles from Tadm-ah. 

St) acres cleared and in high -tit.- of culti- 
vation. including 20 acres in clovef. a good 
orchard, the remainder in go -d timber; 

' URGE Pit A lie pWEl.l.JXO AND Ol’l ' 1 - 
mil good; water plentiful; neighborhood 

1 will, sell this land oil better terms than 
•any such land can he bought in thi- sec— 
Itinn. Liberal payments will lie given. 

For further particulars address D. M. 
■GALLOWAY, viola Stati. 11 . by. 

npr,-2:2 tf 

For Amiotim-ing Xutiios of Can- 
didates lor olliei- v.  - charge $5,00. 

For local notice in this bind of type 
20cts per line for the tirst insertion, and ten 
vents for every snbst-i|tient. 

Public- Speaking;. 

Tile Candidates for the various offices of 
( i raves { 'entity will address the people of the 
fore nt pt'ei inets at the following times and 

places \ iz; 

At Linnville Thursday, July 
“ Cuba Tuesday, 

“ Felieinua Friday. 

•• Panther Creek Thursday, 

•• Houseman's Friday. " 

“ Symsonia Saturday, - 
- YVingo's Station Wt-ilnc 
“ O’/inint's Mill Thursday 
“ Fancy Farm Friday 44 
•• Nance's Store Saturday, 

44 Mayfield Monday, 

•• Dukedom Saturday, “ 

44 Maylield Saturday, 44 
Speaking to continence precisely at 
o'clock each day — citizens are earnestly re- 
quested to attend. as questions of importance 
will lie I'.i-i tissed. 


The appointment for Ecv. 1).'. Hendricks 
was postponed from last week to this. He 
is expected to preach in the l’rcshytcri-in 
Church, of this pla- e, to night. 

Preaching in tic- Presbyterian Church on 
next Sabbath by t !i • pastor. 

In the Baptist Church on Saturday and 
Sabbath by the pastor. Subject. — lot* Sa - 
lirday. Doing good to all men ,: — for Sab- 
bath. The three llehifics in the furnace of Jim 

1st. ISO!) 
13 th, •• 
2nd. “ 
St li 44 

8th “ 
10th - 
ffiav. !4tli •• 

' 15 th “ 
16th “ 
17th “ 
19th *• 
24 th “ 
31st 14 




C. 1.. 


Maviiiu.d. Ivy. 

Having associate 1 tn, "if with lh - Dry 
Goods house of ( I . Thompson X Co., 1 
am eminently prepared to furnish all un- 
friends at the l vet ia-'i pr-( os bargains 
Mich as was never D-c-iv obtain I in the 
town of Maylield. Our stock is entirely 
new and complete, end rat it a 1 irj e an I 

well select o. ! stock Ol . "I. -Ware 

»te. 1 respectfully i .  i t the pai'it.nage of 
my friends and acquaintances, promising 
to make it to vottr materi d inter-. •: to trade 
with us. P. L. TALBERT. 

EXrit .1 A l‘E  lAI. X07IC K ! ■ 

15 1 AY A Hi 5 OF COIN Til It FIJI TX I 

Life Iiisuraiu-t* Xtitice. 

We have this day appointed Itev. A. C. 
t ipertcn, Agent lor the Mississippi Valley 
Life Insurance West Kentucky. 
Persons in the Purchase, wishing to insure 
’ or act as special agents in this part of Ken- 
[ tacky will apply to libu. 

This is a home company and we appoint 
reliable home agents — well known to you. 
If Kentuckians will patronize their home 
institutions, tlu-y will soon rival any others. 
We shall build up the South and make 
j ourselves independent. 

The Mississippi Valley has deposited 
$100 Of.O in the Kentucky State Treasury 
as a guarantee to our policy holders that 
• we have the ability, and mean to pay. 
other company in Kentucky has done 

Moo Mr. & C.uuxiss. 
dull Sib, ISO!). General Agents. 

West l it ion Association. 

This hotly, embracing most of the 
Baptist churches in that portion 
of Kentucky We si of Tynncsseo 
river, will hold its next annual 
meeting with the First Baptist 
church in tiu 4 oily ofl’ailut-ah, com- 
I mencing on Saturday before the 
lilt Sabbath in July. The intro- 
ductory Sermon will he preached 
by Rev. G. W. Lane, of Mayfield. 
Ample preparations will be made 
lo entertain all who may come; 
audit is earnestly desired by the 
brethren  5f Paducah that there 
shall be a large attendance. 

Quite a number of distinguished 
visiting brethren will ha present, 1 
among whom may be mentioned, 
I’cv. S. L. Helm, 1). D., Rev. J. R. 
Graves, L. L. I)., Rev. R. M. Dud- 
ley, Senior Editor of the Recorder. I 
Rev. S. F. Thompson, eor. sec. of 
the Geti’l. Association, Rev. W. 
W. Gardner, author of ‘ Church 
Communion;” Prof. N. K. Davis,! 
President of Bethel College, and 

It will doubtless be an occasion I 
of much interest. There are fifty- 
three churches ’in the Association, 
and if each church Sends its lull 
number of messengers, the meet- 
ing will be large and interesting. 
Let none stay away through fear! 
that arrangements will not be’ 
made for the entertainment of all. 

The Mis.-ft~ippi River Railroad. 

The eon® lion of affairs of this 
road are J-ertainlv encouraging. 
The survey ^mul location of the 
road from Memphis to Covington 
tire finally completed. The work 
will be let out immediately to con- 
tractors, and ground will be bro- 
ken at an early day. The route f 
surveyed by Capt. Millington 
proves not only shorter than the' 
old survey, luit by Ibis route the 
road can be built for twenty five to 
forty-percent cheaper than by the] 
other. On this route the grades I 
are lower and (he approximation 
jo an air line is nearer than any 
other railroad of equal length in 
the State. These facts insure a 
high rate of speed, and safety in the 
runnning of the road. It is grat- 
ifying to us to be able so state 
that, in accordance with the in 
strucitons of Colonel Mitchell 
President of the Road, Captain 
Millington and his able assistants 
have laithfiily striven to obtain the: 
best, line possible between Mem- 
phis and Covington, without eat- 
ing whose land it hit or missed. 
Tho sootier the road is completed 
tiie bottgr, and (ho more readily 
and promptly our citizens pay up 
their taxes, tho more rapidly the 
work will progress. We therefore 
urge all to come promptly forward 
and pay their taxes. As the con- 
struction of the road lias been de- 



Grant's Letter to Boric. 

11 \sin\t;:ox. July 3. — Tin- following is a : 
cop* of t-i" ii'd.-r of ite- President accept-' 

of t-v lot tor of tin 
mg tho rcsigiiat iott ot ,'lr. Boric: 

K.xn r rt vr. Mansion, ) 
IVasiiixiitox, June 23th. 5 
To lion. A K. Boric. Secretary of tin- X:tv\* : 
Dear Sir: Your letter of tiiis day tender- 
ing your resignation of tlie position of Sec- 
retary of tin- Navy, is received : ! need- not 
assure you how much 1 regret tin* sever- 
ance ot our official eoudit i- m. nor how eon- 
tident 1 nut that the esteem I have always 
felt for you will increase with further ac- 
quaintance — will continue while our ac- 
quaintance lasts. I accept your resigna- 
tion with regret, therefore, and I hope that 
the quietness you will find iii 
may restore you to ]H rlee the.dth. 

IVitli great respect, your obedient ser- 
vant, ‘ U. S. Grant. 


New Yoiik. July 3. — Kite Fisher has 
caused the arrest of an actor iiam—l Wm. 
Stanton, to answer a charge of slander, call- 
ing her a thief. 


Th   Prohibitory 



Boston. July 2. — The State Constables 
are attempting the enforcement of the new 
proliihitp.-y liquor law tlirougliout'the State 
I'rimhh- is still feared in some of tin- largest 
places. The p ualtics tindor tiie law are 
heavy; a single sale ten dollars and from 20 
to 30 days imprisonment, and for any subse- 
quent violation fifty dollars and front three 
to six mouths imprisonment with extrain 
each ease, when the line is not paid. The 
keeping with intent to sell, is 

punished by 

termined upon, let lis have it com- Jv" ‘'“"a-ts tine and 20 days imprisonment. 
,,t,i„lc,. .c,., ip.,. Tlip seller is liable toali damage bv the huver 

pletednssooli as possible.— [(.0V-, alul (l ,. iflk er whiie drunk, and 

Dr. John Bull's 


I 1? .TOUTS' BI LL, 

.manci a  i ria t; and vt xhi iior tiii: 

till lilt’s 'J'dilir Sffltjtl 



THE proprietor of this eelehrated modi- 1 
cine justly claims tor it a superiority over 
all l-eiip-dieA ever oili-red to the puhile lor 
the safiv eertain. speedy and |s-rmanent 
cure of Ague and Fover. or chills and fever 
wheiher of short or long standin"-. He re- 
ters to the entireW esteru andSoutll western 
eotrtitry to hear him testimony to the truth 
ot the assertion, that in no ease whatever I 
will it fail to cure, if the direction are stric- 
tly followed and carried out. In a great 
many eases a single dose has been suflieieut 
fora cure, and whole families have been 
cured by a single bottle, with a perfect re- 
storation of the general health. It is. how- 
ever. prudent, and in every ease more cer- 
tain to cure, if its use is continued in a 
smaller dose for a week or two after the dis- 
ease has been cheeked, more especially in 
difficult and longstanding eases. 1 siiall v. 
tills medi inr will not require any aid to! 
keep tile bowels in good order; should the 
patient, however, require a cathartic med- 
icine. after having taken three or four dos- 
es of the Tonic, a single dose ofBU.L'S 
Family Vegetable Bills will be sufficient. 

DR. JOHN Bl LIAS Principal Office. 

No. 40 Fifth, Cross Street. 

Louisville, Ivy. 

New Route East 


N. G. A O. R. K. to [ nicKi C'ilv. 


M. A o. R. R. to Humboldt, 

on t 

N. & N. \\ . R. R. (o M’Kenzie. 
Connecting at either point with (lie 

Memphis and Louisville 

MC.tIIsIlO.tfB MjI.VE 



Connecting at Louisville with Express pas- 
senger Trains for 


COM MBPS. o.. (|;„- 

And all other prominent points in the 
East. North and West ! Elegant Slei-pin- 
Cars aeenmpaning all N ight Trains now 
through to LOPLSVILLK 


Connecting at 
cent I’alaei 

The - 

I hose who come 

ington Record. 


It seems to he a settled fact 
that th-? Mississippi River road 
be built from Memphis to Union 
city, but it has not yet. transpired 
what direction it will take from the 
hall have their horses latter place; 

Let all come, feeling.! So too the prospect for a direc 
. j road from Mayfield to Louisville. 

least hope 

ood people of Padncaah will 
gltfdly entertain all that come. , 
come one, come all. And 
on horseback or 

any person i 

anv-teU lor drunkenness can escape punish- ] 
incut by appearing as witness against the 
man from whom lie purelmscd the lhjiior. 
Then? are only a few more important pro- ■ 



CT lion 4 jfo. 

Loitiwille with Mngniti- 
r i,' , V sl ''''Piug   '.-trs running through 

ouYw V )1:K !ll iil CHICAGO \\ ITlIOl’T 
' 1 1 A N (_i E. 

Also, connecting nt Louisville with P S 
-Mml Line Steniuers. nt riving in Clneimiati 
next morn tug in time to eouneet with enrlv 
trains for the East: 

J’assengers holding through Ticket, enn 
stop at Cave 0 ty to visit Mammoth Cave- 
ami resume their journey nt pleasure. 

^ 'through Tickets good hv tiny route from 
I L'Hd-vrUe. enn ho purchased nt office of the 
N. G. X O. R. R. in Paducah, where all in- 

To my United States and 
Wide Readers. 

in buggies 

cared for. Let all come, 
well assured of a hearty welcome 


London. July 3.— Consols, !)2 7 „ ; C,20*s- 
81 , 'b ; do. Kra lib fort 

( ixcixxati. .Tilly ,*j. Flour $5,n»aC.OO;| 1 |I AVE reeoived many testimonials from 

t orn 73a75e; oats (!6caOS; whisky b*2; pork 1 Professional and medical nu n. ns mv alma- 
s:J2.7 0; bulk meats held at 1 2 : V IGLj lG^e; j naes and various publications have * 

| lard 19c* | of wbieli arc genuine. The 

formation can he obtained. 

-\SK FOR Tic kKTS via IjCriRVILIJ! 

" • JL KING. albert fin’k. 

Gen 1. Ticket Agt. Gen'I. Siqit. 

june 24-K,e. 


shown. 1 

follow ing ' 

No And may the presence and bless- 

to he at 


Smith'.. Tnnir «,q;; vp !i:-.s been "OUUtevieit- j 
ed. nnd the ( ct:nter!eitcr hn uglit to grief. 

SM 1 TIPS TO X I C M R l P. 

Tin- genuine article must love Dr. John 
IIci.i.'s privnte .-ininp on eneli bottle. Dr. 
John Bt-u. only has tiie right to liuniuftic- 
It i*. t re nnd -"II the origi I Jot ■' • 
TOXIC S VJil D. m Letlisviih . Ivy. E.\- 

:.tuillewell the Intel ill , nil l.oille. Ill 
my priv.-lp- -t: i: I ; I i • u I ( t: tie l ot!!:', do 
not purclinse. or you t.illl.i-de 'ii 1. 

»iy eolnnin ndv i 1 .. m n:. 
icanl. I will prosecute an.v one ititrin.. 
on tuy right. The ; ■, /;■’ - i : - Tuxn 

 5 MU i - 1 :in onl.l be j -p:-i - I Gy myself. 

The pllli! ie's . •i-v:i!it. 

DR. JOHN Bl i.L. 

Lot is vn.i.i . Oct. 22 isos. 


My wife. Mrs. Fni ny O.-ioiie- lies nbntt- 
slonnd her In-itie w ithout I therelore 

.let-in it my (!uty to sn) to nil 1 1 m ! 1 w ill 
not lie re.s|n risible -or nny d--! t or debts 
that she in ty eoutinet. June I- h. 1 -oil. 
june-24-Jt. 'J'. J. JON i!S. 


All those indelDed to nr- w pi . - ■ come 
forward at cnee nnd pay up. or 1 w ill lie 
compelled to put their e "'..tints in the 
iinnils of nil officer. 1 . iiiee be . gvoi-erios 
vvithoni money. \Y. M. ( LLL. 



Under this Head we shall in future, an- 
swer all letters, except those requiring a 
written answ er. When m. t. \- is n. "tition d. 
it always in ins the sum m -uliot: • I in the 
letter, unless otherwise st-ited. 

MHMBnnKViaMrv' jDM'.rrtiamw r v  • .ie-3fc.e —LV 

,T. If. Senggs. — Vottr.- of the 2stn ult. 
jji hand. Your name U now on our itook, 
and the paper w ill   mil" to veil one year 
from this date. We regret the mistake, hut 
they will ocelli- you know in the best regu- 
lated offices. 

Barrett's" s Id everywhere. 

Discussions on the hool-tax. 
The th-e for the people to vole for or against 
the proposed School-tax is near at hand, 
and if is important for all who line • a w owl 
to say on that suhjeelto say on at Otu-e. IVo 
have published everythtng that i-as betat 
sent us on either siile of the subject. In 
this issue w iii be found a very sensible ar- 
ticle from Mr. IVttit, which though witter, 
very hurriedly, in our office, is well worthy 
the attention of the reader. 

Wr pnhlish also this w ei-k the lir.-l of a 
series ol articles on the same sulijei-t by 
Capt. S. W. Slaydcn. 'files - articles were 
prepared in ha-te while Capt.S. was ma- 
king ready fora trip to tiie Springs, and 
have not even had the advantage of revis- 
ion. lint tlu-y need no apology. They are 
plain, common-sense prod net ions, vviitten 
in a kindly spirit and allot-, tiding in illus- 
tration. They will run through several 

-Barrett's’’ take tin- lead. 

Gone 1   the Springs. 

Our friend ('apt. 8. W r . Slaytlen.i 
has gone to the Ckrbi.EAX tSwuxoF i 
in Trigg County to spend a few 
weeks in rest and relaxation. 
While absent the Captain will rep- 
resent the interests of kite ITucuase j 
and onr readers may expect sottie- 
tliing refresidng from his pen be- 
fore It is return. We hearol oilteis, 
who are to leave for the same place. 
Ci me, friends, why dont you ask tt 
b  dy - would he go with you.” 

“Ban-i-tt's" Lustrous Hair Restorative. 

if% s of the Lord attend the np 
proaching meeting of Wo*t Uii- 
ioit axssociation! A. B. Miller. 

Juno 28, 18GD. 

We clip the following from the 
Mount Caumel, (Ii.i.,) Rloistek. — 
The deceased was tho youngest 
daughter of onr aged and esteemed 
friend, Mr. George W. Jiolinger of 
this place, and site lias left not on 
ly an afieclionate father, and sev 
eral brothers and sisters to mourn 
her sudden death, but also nu 
merous friends and acquaintances 
in this- community who deeply re 
grot to hoar of her departure. Mr. 
G. W. Bolingor, and his son, W. E. 
Bolingor, and his daughter, M s. j 

F, Boadlos, have been to Mounl 
Carmel to attend the funeral and 
have returned. 

Wc toorlri the nirst-.' i'iiflm r 
lilies of our heart to the relatives 
and friends of the deceased in this 
sore allliction. 

is now a conceded fact that kViLsk'-^tiBe' : 


Ail. It 

the bridge over the Tennessee 
will he built twenty live miles 
above Paducah, which will be 
about as close to this place as to 
Paducah. When once t he cars 
come to that point, they will not 
long stop short of tin's point. A[ 
road will he built lo Paducah, but 
tiie main road will come to this 
point, to make tho quickest and! 
most direct ct nnections South. At 
this place, it requires hula slight! 
deflection to the West to make; 
connections at Columbus with 

,( Cotton firm at 33c for middling uplands. ! K. 01, i. :l highly educated and popular phv-f- 

i T oi'tsvit 1 1 - j,,iv 3 i.-t,,,,,. o, -- cim in Georgia, is certainly one of the most! 

if ... L i,,. . 1 ■ ‘“'I 1 sensible   oninmnicattons l have ever rc- 

(mi , oats (() ■; nc M.l,.; prime sugar 14C. j reived. Dr. ( lenient knows exaetlv what 
p "II- inol.i-se- ,.,e; ]«,r.  $33,00; haeon lie sneaks of. and his te-i in,.,,,.- . t , ...... 


G- . SIMS 


hams is' v e; lard BP , 

Bales 151 hhds toliaceo at $.7. 00a 21 30. 

I.lVKi!POOf, July 3.— Cotton shade tinn- 
er; middling uplands 12'j; Orleans 1 2 :! , . 
Sales l.i.OOO hales. California white wheat. 
l'--s Red M estei ti s- lid. We-teru llour. 
23s (id. Corn mixed 26s 8d ; new 2!:-. New 
oats. 3s Id. 

speaks ot, and Ills te-tiuionv deserves to 
he written in letters of gold.' Hear what 
the Doctor says of. BULL'S Worm Destrov- 
er : 

\ IU.AXCW, \\ .ALKl'It CofXTV. G.V..) 

June 28. 1866. J 

Du. Jimx Bcu.— Dear Sg; l have re- 
cently given -“Worm Destrover” sev- 

eral trials, and find it wonderfully effiea- 
etons. It lias not failed in a single iiistance 

This House is on Broadway, next 
the Methodist a,, m l,, three squares 
Irom the River and adjacent to tin- 
most Business part of the City. 

Hoard, pot- Day, - - $2  iD 

Hoard  V Lodging, per week, '« 
ilia t-1 8- tf ’ 

door to 




WADE— JOHNSON— !)n the 1st inst, by 
Rev. R. II. Million. Mr. JA W. Wadi: to 
C| Miss 1- a x x 1 1 : Johnson — both of this place. 

Iron Mountain road. It may be 
some lime before ws realize llt -se 
concept ions, but they are pract ical 
and if the people who live along 

the route indicatedwould only go to ’ Mayfield Ketail Price ClIITent. 
work like men determined to have 

! to have the wished for efi'ect. lam doin--' 
a. issouri River Bridge. apretty large country jiraeliee. and have 

Kansas City. July 3.— A large crowd of (,ail -V ,1SI ' lor article of the kind. 1 
pxipie a- cmMed here to w itne-s the open- :llil !l 'c c 1° con toss that 1 know of no remedy 
ing otj the I rtdge acro-s tin- M issottri river lecommcuded by the ablest authors that is 
Over four thoiieand were present. ! so tortail ' and speedy in its eflects. On the 1 

v, i,- v ■ t * •» ... -• „ , j contrary the}- are uncertain in the extreme, r 

.. .jl. '■ •—' totton firm. Sales My object in writing von is to find out 

" " f '•Pku^ at.'Hh.e. ujJm what terms I faj g. t the m^ic?nc] 

directly I nun you. If 1 can get it upon I 
easy terms, I shall Use a great deal of it. 1 
am aware that the use of such articles is, 
contrary to the teachings and practice of a 
gn at majority of the regular line of M. D.'s. : 
tint 1 see no just cause or good sense in dis- 

Ou ’i'tie-d;i} 61 li in-l.. I oiin Romi.-r 
'of J. W. X-. Mas. Saiiau Rn is of 
| county, aged 20 months. 

-rw .-nc. tiuijga -srawa 



of Dr. 
it their j 

Prof. E. C. L. Deaton.— You gay the 

PriiCHASE snnieliin - ivai-iie- 3! illmru one 
week after its publication, and that “there 
is some miserable det angem nt in the 
mails." Of that we are assured. Imt v will 
.lo our part to remedy the evil. The papers 
shall always be mailed here early on Thurs- 
day. If they do not re tell your town on 
ithat.or the following day. they must he left 
at Fancy Farm. Look out for that. 

T. L. Steager. — The P. M. in Pad in ah 
informs us that your paper "remains dead'’ 
in that office. Isthathv your consent? 

H. F. Fan-. — Vottr letter with money 
,-to hand. The Piuvhas - will^e - - n. regu- 
larly to . I. M . Wright. Thank you. 

P. M. in Murray.' — Our papers shall 
.•always be in time for -the Thursday mail. 
Thank you for the interest you take in hav 

Tobacco is King--? 

Paducah and Cairo have had 
their Tobacco Fairs, and Evansville 
lingers not behind. The merchants 
of that city have resolved that they 
loo will have -x big Tobacco Fair, 
and the 2Sth day of this month has 
beenselnpart as tho time for hold- 
ing the same. 

Martin, Gardner & Co. assisted 
by the merchants and board of to- 
bacco buyers, offer in premiums 
for that day §2,000. The best 
hogshead will take the premium 
of $20(1. The fair will be open to 
the world, but a special ring will I iwcoinmodaled '^J e . 
be opened to Indiana and Illinois lliei LWorncn andcitildren wlto were 
only. There will be no prepared j j 10 * snnicienUy early to gain admit- 
tobacco entered, all of that class would not be many 
years before we sTfbliltl see these 
roads in rnnnsng Order, and before 
wo should find ourselves able to 
lettvo home on the cars to travel to 
any point in the North, South, East 
or West. 

Oar Exchanges in the 
Several cotton States give encour- 
aging accounts of the growing 
crop, though it is very backward, 
in many sections, from the lateness 
ol the spring and tlie difficulty of 
procuring labor, at the* beginning 
of the season. A good stand is re- 
ported as a general thing, and un- 
der the kindly influences of the 
last two or three weeks of clear, 
warm weather, t lie plant is flour- 
ishing and thrifty. Should the] 
months of July and August prove 
favorable, the yield will be very) 
good for the area planted, but with 
the present picking capacity of the j 
South. we cannot reasonably expect 
to realize moi'e 2,500,000 bales.! 
This will be (he maximum of the 
cotton crop until the gentleman r 
from China, with It is extra hat and 
rice pan, arrives to take the ‘place j 
of the indolent and unreliable tie-! 
friends, and had the Church been gfo, or to increase and give vitality 
twice as large it could not have to our present system ol'Iabor. The 
vast crowd of last picking season was favorable! 

Corrected IB   F7 •/./  ;- the Jackson Purchase. 

yiAVrn i.t r July 8 1868. 
APPLE*. Gri-v-n. lnislu-1, R1 00(32 00 

(J lio.'li. $1 


Miss. Saijau C. Graham, wife 
(Via. Gralnm, (livil very suddenly 
home in this city, IVcdoos lay. 10th ult. be- 
tween 10 noil 11 o'clock P. M. .She was not 
only deafly loved by her husband. Imt she 
was also a favorite throughout the whole 
city. Slie was a member of the M. E. 
Church — a warm, true ami live Christian — 
ready at any time for the coming of death. 
Yesterday she was a living wife, a smiling 
mid pleasant neighbor, carrying sunshine 
and happiness wherever she went — to-day 
her bright and cheery face is cold in death- 
her pleasant voice L hushed on earth forev- 
er, and the form which was so graceful and 
and lithesome yesterday. is to-dayenshroud- 
cd for the grave. 

Mrs. Graham’s Funeral. 

Mrs. Sarah C. Graham - was 
buried last Sabbath. At an un- 
usually early hour the congrega- 
tion began to gather at the M. E. 
Church, which was nearly filled to 
its capacity long before the first 
bell sounded, and ere the tolling 
commenced the large building was 
literally crammed lull of sorrowful 


BEANS. While Navv 





CHICKENS, j) doz. 

| CORN. jf  bill. 

E( il is. j i doz. 

FiJ  1 R. per bill. 
Extra Fumjly. 

25 u,l 30 
30 (« 1 73 
20® 23 
6 ® 8 
14 to IS 
25® 30 
20(3 23 

~A)(v 3 00 
s' 2 00(3 2 23 


13b.(« — 
87 30 (a 80 00 
•SO 04® 10 00 

•s-2 30 

carding a remedy which \\c know lo Ih- ef- 
ticient, simply because we may Im- ignorant 
of its comhiiiat ion. For my ’ part. I shall 
make it a role to use al! and any means to 
alleviate suffi-ring humanity which l mav 
he able to command — not hesitatin'* 1 be- 
cause some ( He moreingetiioilk than nn self 
may have learned its elici ts first, and se- 
cured the -ole right to secure tlnu iuiuwl- 
,rh;c. However, I am liv lid means an ad- 
vocate or supporter or the thousands of! 
worthies.' nostrums that flood the country. I 
that purport to cure all manner of disease 
to which human flesh is heir. Please rcpli 

soon, and inform me of your best terms. 

1 am, sir. most respectfully. 

Jl I.IUSp.   LL.Mi NT. M. D. 

1. M. HAM-:. .1. M. lircKNca. T. K. I K8U1-M.. 

Hale, Buckner & Terrell, 

Cotton aiul Tobacco Factors, 


Planter's Warehouse, 

( ortrer Jt-ficT8rtH and Main streets, 

wr: flare a-sociat.-d Titos. F. Tritart t 
Lsq of Paducah, with us in our House, and 
tile business will he lierenlter continued un- 
der the name, ami sty I.- of ||am. Bui kmii: 
X iMtltn.t, Me solicit a coni innaf o! 
tlie patronage of. mu- old friends: and of the 
pilhlic generally. 





Moran, X ove 6c Co M 


* TO I 'i:s, TI.VH \ fliE, 

Castings,  S‘c. 





30 (J 

HIDES. Green, j) II, 




Dry, - 


1 5(W 


M lb A L. Imsiicl. 


30 (M 


 I(  lr ASSKS, A) lialloii. 

75® L 






NAILS, lod t - 20d. 

- S3 73 (fi* 


Smaller siyes 2.V. on ke«f. 

ONIONS, j) bushel. 


oo (el 


PKAC1IKS. i)rv, \ } lut^li* i. 

- 2 

50® 0 


PORK. jJ n  




SPUN COTTON. (300).  ? doz. 


44 (COO) 


SUGAR. Brown, j -J 3- 




Demin v, ... 




Coffee, A, - 




TOBACCO, j.) 11- 


6 to 


tie Camp, Perkins 

& Levoy 


A Good Rea son for 


the Captain’s ! 

— SrOOESSOltS to — 

MOOItES ^ C   . 


^2 ADDLES. Harnc-'. Collars. I tidies. Xc. 
‘ ’ No. S   I Main St. Bet Third X Pearl. 
Damki DcCaMI-. / j ('HAS. L.-I’krkixs. 

Del'AiwrJ / Mkji.w, Lkvoy.t 

Taos. I. 

having already been sent, forward 
to market, and no tobacco which has 
•ing tiie people get their papers, it all Post ‘uken premiums at oilier 1- airs will 

Masters were nn-u- 111 ' like spirit, it would 
fie much hotter for the Press anfl thepeople. 

AY . 15. Johns. — Your letter conlaiu- 
jng the st 00 is at hand. Thank you. We 
“send specimen coj.y of the Purchase." 
Do what you call for its in and alio I Duke- 


which you 
to send the 

Hi 'Wyman.— The tint ■ for 
and your friends in Milhurn 
has expired. Shall we- ee ntiuue 
pafK-rs ? 

VV . J. Terry. — Y.ur name i- on our 
book. The l’t in h as!. -I tail he mailed i -g- 

idlir'v to yen. 

Refute* everything hut --Barrett's". 

Temperance Pic Nie. 

The Sabbath Schools and all those w ho 
desric to in-trch in the.S thh.itli 8. bool pro- 
e-ession w ill meet at the Methodist church 
at 0 o'clock A. M. on l he loth inst. and will 
.march np Main-Crh-.- Street and join the 
Good Templars w ho will m -‘ at their Hall 
at flic same hour and at ringing of tie- 

The procession wlica fully form I will 
(ie condueted to the Gtove, accompanied |.\ 
the Maylield Bi Band. 

Seats, refreshnii nts o   . v. ill be amply pro- 
vided for all. 'I'll. -I " will lie i| :dullldalli-e 

of good s|«aking. and it L hoped.a line so tllllU "•lakabic 
time generally. A grn-wal invitation is ex 
tended to every   .lit — by order of the Lodge 
h. C. Bi: un.. s. Secretary. 

A spiel lid thing — ■ B.irr -U V" 

be allowed to compete. The full 
premium list, will be issued in a 
I'ewdays, and the premiums will 

Death of a Well Known Law- 
yer. — The following from the Jack- 
son, Mississippi-Clarion of the 29th 
ull will be read with pain by many 
inthis city, who knew the deceas- 
ed in life; “The funeral of Colonel 
(’has. G. Armistcad took place 
this morning I om the Methodist 
! church. Colonel Armistcad will 
be remembered as I lie gallant com- 
mander of the Seventeenth-Confed- 
erate ( avalry regiment. 1 lis deal It 
I resulted from wounds in the ser- 
vice, inducing paralysis and insan- 
{ ily. ,IIe died at Ihe Asylum here 
wJiero he has been under treat- 
ment for several months. Colonel 
! Armistcad was a lawyer by pro- 
fession, and resided latterly in 
Memphis. He had been a citizen 
| of Yalobusha county, in this Slate, 
j and, we believe, represented that 
! county in oitr Legisla! tire.” Colonel 
Armistead came lo Memphis sdon 
tiller the close of the war, remain- 
ing in the practice of iii.- profession 
until evidences of insanity became i 
that It is friends 
removed him to Ibc Asylum in 
Nashville. lie remained there, 
some lime, and was then removed 
lo the Asylum in Mississippi. 

lance, but who were found at the 
Odd Fellow’s Cemetery when the 
procession from town rear lied 
there. At precisely 10.} o’clock 
the slow and solemn notes of the 
organ tilled the Church with a 
jjg mournful melody and two gentle- 

until late in February, and the 
price's of cotton were such as to in- 
duce planters lo make every effort 
to secure the crop, with ivliat re- 
sults can now be very closely esti- 
mated. -So with all the appliances 
brought to bear this seas in. in the 
way of commercial fertilizers in . 
some of the Gulf and Atlantic 

men with a large and beautiful States, and (he improvement in 

wreath of flowers walked up the 
aisle and stopped in front of the 
pulpit. Then followed ten pall- 
bearers carrying a 
collin, which contained all. 
remained of the loved one gone 
from earth for ever. Then (lie 
truly afflicted mourners; then 
six young lailies arrayed in white. 
The wreath was placed upon the 
coffin and various solemn, and im- 
pressive and beautiful ceremonies 
performed. The funeral sermon, 
by Rev. G. \\ . Hughey, was elo- 
quent and beautiful indeed. Mrs. 
Graham’s life had been pure and 
spotless; her death, the death 
of the righteous, and her burial 
that of a favorite princess. 


The Fraying Children- — Me- 
lancthon, one of the early reform- 
ers, was once very much distressed 
and cast down about the cause of 
God, hut one day when taking a 
walk, lie heard some children’s 
voces, and listening, found they 
were engaged in prayer for (lie 
great work oft lod. He at once re 
turned to his brethern, and enter- 
ing the room exclaimed, 44 Brethren, 
take courage, for the children are 
praying for us!” 

stock and implements throughout 
the cotton growing region, we are 
where we stood last year in the 
magnificent matter of supply, simply from want 
that of necessary labor. Parties inter- 
ested in cotton can therefore look 
forward to remunerative prices. 
It is too. late now for any of the im- 
migration schemes to result in an 
enlargement of our picking capac- 
ity in time to enable us to realize 
material advantgtc from 1 ho larger 
area planted this season.— Mem- 
phis Avalanch. 

The arrest of lending Cubans in 
New York for the violation of Ihe 
neutrality law has been the sub- 
ject of considerable discussion in 
political and diplomatic circles. 
This step on the part of (he Gov- 
ernment was taken only after cer- 
tain representations had been 
made by I ho -Spanish Minister lo 
Ihe authorities. It is learned from 
high oflical quarters that il js Ihe 
intention hereafter to execute 
rigorously tho provisions of this 
law, and arrest all persons who 
may engage in violating it. 

Cincinnati, O. 

jnnr-17-ly . 

Saddles and Harness. 

J . M . ST E W A RT. 

HAVING removed into liL now and 
(•(iinnindinits lirick slio|i, is now prepared 
to do all work in Ids lino, on short notice, 
and as cheap as the cheapest, Cdl and see 
hint. ffili-18-1 y. 

« € » .*■ ■».--# 'I* "W. 


sVssei tss s:to i,ooo. 

100,000 l)c|iosiled with the Auditor o| 
Hie State, as a guarantee to our policy-hol- 
der' that we have tho ahiliti to pay anil are 
willing to give this security and pledge. 

This company is in the hands ot .some 
ot the 1st class t.usinoss men in tho (state. 

It is rapidly extending its business and j 
agencies, throughout the South. We num- 
ber among our agents and policy holders. 

nn*n of the highest social and intellectual 
position in tin- -land. A lew of 
name.- will he found below. 

Hon. John W. Stevenson, Governor of Ky. 
lion. Samuel Tate, Treasurer of 
1 1- -n. W m. I ’. 1 lathe rt. Senator Lewis eo." 
Hon. Jno. G. Carlisle, •• Kenton eo. 44 
lion. R. S. Jacob. Sen*. Oldham eo. 

Hon. d.i'. S. Golladay. M. C. 3d District, 44 
Pivsid't. Noah K. Davis of Bctli'l ( Hog- -- 
Rev. W. W . Gardner. Russellville. •• 

Ex Gov. John Gill Shorter.. Alabama. 

Judge (V. W. Fleming. Georgia. 

Judge Wm. 11. \\ iltler. 

Prof. R. 1). Mallory. Albany 44 
Judge Win. Pinkney Hill, Gal\ csLoti Texas. 
H. It. Percy. Pr. of the Navigation com- 
pany. I iouston Texas. 

John B. Oliver, Editor Taileha- e. Florad:;. 
Res'. Basil Manly. D.I). Pro. of Theology in 
Greenville Theological Seminary, South 

Rev. S. A. Holland. Pembroke. Ky. 

Rev. A. W. Mearham. Bellview. 

President William Shelton J). I), of State 
( 'ollege. Jackson. Tcnn. 

Rev. J.S. Coleman D. 1). Beaverdam. Ky. 

' • R.   A BAN1SS. Geld Agent. 

Read the Captain's Letter and the Lettci 
from his mother : 

Buxton Barracks. Mo., April 30, 1S60. 

Dn. John Bit. i. — Dear Sir: Knowing 

the efficacy of your Sarsaparilla, and the 
healing and hem-lieial qualities it poss.-isscs, 

1 send you the follow tug statement of mv ' 

I was wounded about -two years ago 

was taken prisoner ami confined for Six- 
teen months. Being moved so often, my 
wounds have not lust led vet. I have not I 
sat up a moment sim-e I was v-oundod. I, 
am shot thnnijplt the hips. My general 
health is impaired, ami I need something to 
.assist nature. I have more faith in vottr 
Sarsaparilla than in anything else. I wish! 
that that is genuine. Please express tin- 
half a dozen bottles, and oblige 

Capt. C. 1*. JOHNSON. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

U- S-— The follow ing w as written April 
Ju. 1863. by Mrs. Jennie Johnson, mother ot' 
Capt. Johnson : 

Dn. John Bull— D ear Sir : Mv husband I 
Dr. C. S. Johnson, was a skillful surgeon,! 
and physician in Central New Y ork, w hen- 
lie died, leaving the above C. P. Johnson to 
llty care. At thirteen years of age he had \ 
a chronic diarrhea and scrofula, for which I 
gave him your Sarsaparilla. It Ci lth 


to many 

scrolula, lever sores, and general debility. 
Perfect success has attended it. The cures 
a fleeted in some cases of scrofula fever sores 
were almost miraculous. I am very anx- 
ious for my son to again have, recourse to 
your Sarsaparilla. Be is fearful of getting 
a spurious article, hence his w riting to you 
lor lr. His wounds w ere terrible, hut I be- 
lieve he w ill recover. Respectfully, 




A t Til K N T 1 c i mm nn ; \ ts 

Arkansas heard Frotp, 


Sloncy Point, While Co., Ark., May 23,'6G. 

I r. John Bi li.— D ear Sir: Last Fcbnt- 
ary I was iii Louisville purchasing drugs 
ami I got some of your Sarsaparilla and 
Ccdron Hitlers. 

My son-in-law, w ho was w ith me in the 
store, has been down with rheumatism for 
some time, commenced on the Bitttcrs, and 
soon found Ids general health improved. 

Dr. Gist, who has been in Izid health, 1 AsrPincin n-rti w, X 
• noil them, and lie also improved. 111 MU1 ‘ 1 allt 

Dr. Colic, w ho has liceu in bail health for 
several years — stomach and liver affected— 
he improved very tutieh l-\' the use of your; 

Bitters, indeed the Ce-fron Bitters has I 
given yon great pt-pirlai ity in this settle- ! 
m- nt. | think l could s--lt a great quantity ' 
ol your tiled ieincs t Ids fall — especially your ( 

  v-dron Bit Pu s and Bai-saparilla. Ship me I 
via .Memphis, care of Racket ■& Neely. 

Respeetliillv. C. B. WALKER. 

Prepan-iltiv  r. John Bull at his Lab-» 
oral»* i   iLi • rei-t. Louisville. Ky. 

1' 1-.- all Druggi'ts in May-field. i 


Copper & Sheet Iron Workers, 

And Manufacturers of 
Breaching, Chimneys, Escape Pipes, Guagtr 
Cocks, Whistles, Steam Guages, &c., &c. 

Market Sthkbt bktwkkx Bi;o.u-w.\ y 
and CertiT, 


Y\ -- keep constantly on hand a large stock 
"I I'iltw an- lor the w holesale trade? which 
wc w ill sell at Louisville or Cincinnati pri- 
ces. Send for a price list. a pr-2!)-tf,. 

-V.  ’. LA K % 


Wholesale and Jteta/t Dealer in 

Hardware,' Cutlery, Guns, 

Pistols, Gum Bolting-, iron,. 

A N l) 

Agricultural Implements, 

No. 47, f or. Market X Broadway, [kuoV|n 
as - Slice rot's Corner, ” 




If h arf limit Proprietor ; r 
Receiving aud Fonrardiug Merchants, 


Dealers in Boat Stores. 


o — * 

ir.\ VIX(; hvo of Uichost Wlurrl'Unnts^n 
Hip OJiio Ikivor,  yp jut pivpmtHl to rocuivp 

I laving 

I "niu.ii pai-hi-is iron) n.-re tt- ail points -ut 
the ( ttmberland and 'Y-'iuu-s.-.-e I , i vets, wc 
can forward, without delay and at low rates, 
any Freight consigned toils lor these rivers. 

D o are successors to \\ v t is. Givi X X ( 'o_ 
and D.G. I-owlkr A Co. formerly in thp 
satin- business ;it I his place, and a part ofnkr 
linn having done htisiuess for the past five 
years al Southland, in the name, of ,1.  1. 
Mills X Co., having moved tlioir \\ liart 
Boat to this place, and concentrated their 
business here, they a-k the patronage of Ihe 
friends of tin: Old Firms, as w ell as those at 
the new one; and front their experience in 
this hrattch of Imsim- they led assured 
they -ate satisiv the nio-t exa- tin--', ‘ 

HART & CO., 

(laite SettleX Hart.) Importers X AMiole.-alo 

China, Glass, Queenswa-re, 



Plated & Brittana Ware, 

No. :?8 Broadway, 

PAD VC All. KY. 

Louisville Bills. 
Duplicated s-.if 

.ijwii m.l. || I I KID » .in- j,, jo, 

I liiivc* for ten years recommended it | ;,, “ l i v »’"ard Fref^ht to all point ,. Ilavl 
iv in New ^ ork. Ohio, and Iowa, for regular packet.- Irom hf-n* to h  1 points 



Book and ’ • / 


Hi C . 



PADl ( AH 

■ * ,,r - 

? a r fc sni 



A. M A( I\ MY, 

Wiiiie,. lie :m l Kotnil Denier 
1' u-eig 1 and Domestic 

Jlardtrurc. Magon and Fuggy Mt t- 
tcria 1, I I'ott , ,Y7/ its, Spikes mid 
Footings. lllaeksmitli Tools, 
Chid Felling. Silts mill 
Wits hers. Sugar Mills 
and Lea poralors. 

Saw and G’- - s   ‘'fill .Machinery, 

u -ht Outtrrp, 0o r n Kbellcrp, Cider Mill?, 
Flow, Agricultural Implements, &c. 


PROFESSIONAL. school notecks. 



A DUO AH, Ky. 

Dr. A. J. WATSON. 


Solicit' patronage in the various hraliohe.' 
ot’ his profession. ( ills, or orders left on 
his office Slate, will lie promptly attended, 
day or night. in town oreonntry. 

Ollice. up stairs in the new llriek Block, 
on the north side ol the Square. 

Residence. South-west corner of tin* 
Block itnmeili itely south of the f'onrt 
House Square. teh'25-ly 




Mayfisld, Kctitucky. 

\v. w.   oi:.;an. 

» & CO., 

Tin; NEXT SKS i 
Tl TK will eeinne ii ■ 

First M O .V / . 1 i of 
under the charge ol i! 

Vert Mijierh r idvantag ■ are 

this IXSflTI IK t.. young p 

 \ of this IN -'ll 
it the 

February, I Stilt 


Horded at 
son.' who 


i Ji S T S T . , 


delin' to LK \ i\ N n ! i ’ i- .« i s   •  i .» i « • . i 

ot education. 

Desirable boarding pi i* *'• 
reasonable i a * **. .   mivciiKi!! 


For oth^r pav» i« »i , :n»d .! t n - ni • 
for to the Principal. toll 

can i*e had a* 
to the Si inin-.r- 

The "Old R enable" Eagle 

11 AKDW ’A RE and IRON !!  l SE. 

| Korniet I doits !*■ II.\nr.| now 

( 'ahi.k & 1 1 a in', 

m .u nits in 

Harduirc, Iron. Cutlery, Saits, 
Castings, Flacksmith, ( ooper , 
Carp tilers' Tools. «( Wagon 
llood Mark Materials. 
for all k'n-ls of Manufactured 

" ill practice in tin 
Judicial District. 


of tlie First 
fell 25-1 v 

ttonr. r. .loii.vsttiN. .ii: 



Agents .... - - - — ^ . 

Wagons, Carnages and Buggies. 

Wild, praetiee in the Courts of the First 
Judicial Circuit ; also the Federal Courts 
at I’aducah. Ky. 

Particular attention given to the collec- 
tion of claims, and all business entrusted to 
us. fcbt-ly 



•riRKt.Y Nkw an 0 \ 
mu Cash \..?x 
Market Street. North of liro:i(lv 
in Trim hle’s new Building. 





mir'Jo- ! . 


\\ HOLES Ai.K 

Grocers anl Liquor Dealers, 




Will practice in the Courts of 
Judicial ( ireuit. 

tl ic First 


for Ohio River 

-A N it— 

Miamo Powder Companies, 


A T T O li X E Y AT L A M , 

• Olliee No. Main s(., Mayfield, Ky. 

AV ill practice in the Courts of the First 
Saif Judicial District. Particular attention 
given to tile collection of claims, etc. 
feh-l -1 v 



maria -1 v 


Manufacturer of & Wholesale 
and Retail Dealer in 

BOOTS . 1 X 1 ) SHOES, 

Western Bills Duplicated. 

No. 1 H) Rrotltiway, Paducah, Ky. 
niir25-l v 

T. J. Ashukook. 

.1. XX*. Ryan 

Ashbrook, Ryan & Co., 


A N tl 

Commission Merchants, 


I’APU: All. AT. 

.J. IV. MvCiEE, 


Office over Norton & Co\s Dank, I»roau\vny 


Attention given to the collection of (’Inim? 
in Western Kentucky. !eli2.Vlv 



Oilier. Broadway, bet. Oak ,v Foeust streets. 


Practice in all the Courts comprising the 
First Judicial District, and the Federal 
Circuit and District Courts at Paducah and 
Louisi die. 


Ashbrook. Ryan ACo-Padiicah. Ky. 

II. S. Buckner & Co.. Louisville. " 
McFerrin. Armstrong & Co.. " 

.1. YV. Sheerer A Co.. New Orleans. 
Gilimali, Kelsey A Co.. New York. 

Sawyer. Wallace A Co.. 

Lambert. Thomas A   • .. Phiiadc)| liia. 
Barter A Whitchouse. (’Iiicago. Ills., 

( 'hih s A ( 'n.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Hart A Hensley. Nashville. 'JVtin.. 

Wasson. Morgan A ( M - Cincinnati, ()., 

Seittt White. Cairo, Ills., 

I'eh25-t i- ' -i i in 1 7 


^ ’ S ssfii ii iatt«« « 5 _ 


.ll.ST.t-: .E.VSt 

m Fi. ?* r Rr s r m - s.; 

The Fall session of tli is institution will 
commence on Monday. August. J I. 1 Stilt, and 
continue twenty one weeks. 

This School lias surpassed the most sail 
gnilio expectations of its friends, one liun- 
l tired and 2 1 student ' having entered the 
second Session. The institute building is 
i the most conveniently arranged s-diool 
j building in the country, liaving a study 
littll with niusie and recitation rooms. 

Pro. F. C. F. DFXTON 
will have charge of the school an 1 
assisted I»v Miss. R. F. Peebles. 

Milburti is situated in a liigii and Ii sltliv 
; section of country and is w ell suppiie ! with 800 lbs. at 1 
  good water. Having he 


Due at the close of tin* term. Tuition 
charged from ■ of entrance, except in 
; eases of protracted dines;. 

First — Alphabet. Spelling. Reading, Wri- 
ting and Prim iry Arithni -tie .'S7..",;». 

, Second — Arithmetic. English Gram- 
mar. Fourth and Kith Reader. 

| Geography and F. S. History 12.00. 

j Third — Algehra. Oeonielry. Trigonor.i- 
I etrv. Surveying. I.athi. Logic. Rhetor- 
ic. Philosophy. 1 TOO. 

Contingent Fee ■ O.7.Y. 

Music on tiic Piano with use of instru- 
ment S25.00. 

Boarding can lie had in Millmrn and vi- 
cinity. in good families, at from 82.00 to 
$3.00. per week. 

Tttfsms — Hlti'son Johnson. Beverly. 

McGary. Dr. I!. S. Baker. Cliarlr 
Simon Holt. W. J. KdringtetiC W.Milhmn 
Address Dit. It. S. BAKER Secretary, 

Or F. C. i.. DENTON. ITinepial, 


.1. It. MORGAN. It. II. K' 


tVIiolosttlc 1 


Xo. .»? SOU TL , 


marl 1 -I f 

D.IVin. J. ll.W’h'KY, W ATKIN'S F. Xisr.KT. 

M XC'KEY. N iSiJiLT \* C  

whom;? am-: BKALKBs in 

Dry Goods and Notions. 


LY.WSV I LI.K. Indiana. 



H.IKB5XS0N & ( ATilRlMiT. 

TAI3KI5 HIP  TI I I ills. 

Premium Chester White Pigs. 

For Soie. 

/y.v/cy,;/ nf IIyjs that hart taJ.c:t Utntr ami 
United Ut tiles Premiums, Uetit in Pairs, not 
a.* in. t-  id I j arts of the United Slates. 
Canada. Cuba anl Ponth America. 

M .\\r; A  TMM.IiS. mi l Wholusilo 
Doalers in SniliHcs, ilm ncs?, Lcatliur 
Srtillory H:irJ\van' vYc.. 


'I A XI* V A ( Tl ' HERS of the rulcl»rato«l 
Guthright Mor^mi Sir! » Sailillo. 

2o! Main St., I ,»»i lsvii-id- Kv. 

Xoxt r*) 1,0. II  tvl. Jmio-10-fini. 



No. s:i Ohio Levee, Ctiiro, Illinois 
Wholesale an 1 retail dealers iif American 
Watches am!   'locks of all varieties. Spec- 
tacle,*. Gold Pens. Eye Glasses. Silver XV are. 
Piiilosophieal 'and .Mat'.ieniatieal instru- 
ments. Wltii a long experience, and hav- 
ing in our employ the host of American and 
Swiss workuj u. we guarantee satisfaction 
in every variety of work connected with t lie 
business. apld-ly 




nnr25 1   

T. XV. Mot: a ox. 

( Vfoutox 



Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, and 

H.A.TS ; 

Druailirnij. t*j‘j.,gile Con*im‘rrial Paid'. 

I'ADl'CAIl. KY. 

mar 25- 1 v 



Manufacture both Type and Printing Mt- 
I ehinery. a well as deal in the nianufaetures 
I of other similar establishments. Do not 
, buy an onttit until you send lor specimens. 
1 e i im ites and terms to. 

  IIS. XV ELLS. Trkas'r. 

-Vo. 201 I7ie- Chert Ciurimiati . ( K 
■f. Po/ttH. A. Itn/ini. y . Fleishman. It. Mac/.-. 

H   1 I M. M ACK A- C  ).. 


Mens Furnishing Goods, Notions 


A I. SO 

All Ivititls ol I' iitiov HM.skofr*. 

M in. /. I-iMOS, Salesman. 

X. E. Cor. Third At Race St reels, 

fIN  MNN ATI, Ohio. 


Gro. XX'. Me A i fix, 
J in. II Fin itr . 

H. S. Bowman. 

Jami s F. Pot k. 
J. Ii. Ilntnrx. 
Titos. Prink. 

In no previous year has (here 
been such strong competition among 
all the leading Solving Machine 
Manufacturers of this country and 
Europe as the present. At all the 
principal Exhibitions and Fairs 
they met and contested for the Pre- 
mium on Family Sciviny Machines, 
and the i-csult was unanimously in 
favor of the Florence Reversible 
I'-e.i t nrlc-Stilch Family Sewing 
Machine. It rcccltcrf tr,a nrst and 
Highest Prize as the best Family 
Sewing Machine, at the following 
Exhibitions, viz.: Exposition Uni- 
vcrscUc, Paris ; American Institute 
Fair, Xew York; Sew England 
Agricultural Pair, at Providence, 
It. I. ; the Xew York Slate Pair, at 
Itu/falo; the Great Annual l-'airs 
of Xew England, viz.: that of the 
Mechanics' Association , at Lowell, 
Massachusetts, and the Pair of the 
Maryland Institute, at Baltimore, 
which closed a four-weeks’ Session 
on the 12th of Xovctnbcr, the supe- 
riority of the FI/OHEXCE was 
again confirmed by the Committee 
on Sewing Machines, who unani- 
mously awarded it the “ GOLD 
ME UAL,” the highest Prize the 
Institute confers. 

It would scorn ns if this succession of tri- 
umphs should bo sufficient to convince every 
unprejudiced person of tho great superior- 
ity of the FLORENCE over all others as a 
Family Sewing Machine. 

A written warranty is given to the pur- 
chaser, that the Machine WILL DO ALL 
that is claimed for it, and should it fail, it 
will be taken back, and tho MONEY RE- 

; J Dts'-itimo^f ok CniATitR lVnnis. — The 
Chester White Hogs are pure white, very 
solid, of good length, large si/^jd an I small 
honed, are wr\ squarely Imilt with heavy 
I'd be hams and shoulders, they are broad across 
the hack with short legs and head, are very 
thrifty and will grow to weigh from* 500 to 
to Hi mouths old. 
ti for a number of years en- 
gaged in breading and i shipping Chester 
White Pigs, we believe them to he the best ! 
adapted to general use of any known breed. 
The numerous testimonials given below, all 
attest this f i.-; . ; well ns the numerous pre- 
miums that have been awarded them at va- , 
rious Slate and County Fairs. Our pigs 
alone having taken over il.XO different pre- 
miums. over all the different breeds that 
have come in competition with them. XX e 
know that there are quite a number of -so 
eaiied" Chester Whites, sold by different 
breeders, that have seen ply any Chester 
XVhite blood in them. This is the class of 
hogs th t injure tho reputation ol the Ches- 
ter XX' bites, in some parts of the country. — 
Our C.i esters arc bred to produce thegreat- 
est amount of pork for the feed consumed, 
and we an* satisfied that they will make 
Fuller, more pork ill a shorter time, with less food 
than any known breed. Another item of 
great t'noir quiet habits and 
the fact is that thij can lie fattened tit any 
age. they are n’so*iroli!ie breeders, careful 
nurses. The sow- mostly rafting from 8 to 
1 1 nigs at one litter. In shipping pigs we 
can ltimish rfnr onstomTs with hoars and 
sows of different litters and not related to 
en h other, we can at nil limes iV.rni*h pigs 
of any age. fri m '1 weeks to 18 months old. 
as wo always have a large and varied stock 
to sole r from. Our p : gs are earcfullv boxed 
and furnished with mod Ac., for the j utrney. 
and insured to arrive sale at t‘ieT destina- 
tion. For the faithful manner in which we 
till our orders, we refer to the following tes- 


The follow ing tlattraing notice of our 
Chester XVliitc Pigs is taken from the ( lay- 
ton Banner, published at Clayton. Ala. 

( 'it: 9 . f.K XV n I t'K Pjqs. — We had the pious- 
ill e to see. on Saturday c'.vniifg last, a pair 
of Chester XVhite Pigs, said to he only two 
mouths old. just received from the estab- 
lishment ot N. P. Boyer ,v Co.. Purkesburg. 
Pa., by express. These pigs though just 
taken In m tile (age in which they had been 
confined for twelve days, were in line con- 
dition — healthy ajld ehc  r ul — and. we must 
lie permitted to say. were the tin -t of their 
snei ie ■ we have c\ or '"on. 

XX Itere the White   hosier is known, no 
other breed can compete with it. It i- 
nearer perfection, as a hog. than Isas over yet 
be ti arrived at. its outline is hciiutitiil. its 

•IS- j . . ti •■’•i i ' 1 1 - i I - 1 1 .' OS ' ^ud coo 

tented— not disposi"! to roam and fret, so 
that I in* food it. cotisumes goes to the forma- 
tion of flesh, and not spent in running alter 
mischief. It is not a gross feeder, lint like 
all other animals, requires it food at regu- 
lar intervals; this e»re and attention is 
lies sjj' lost on i'. Ther- i- no other I r a-d 
tiitit enjoys belter health. If kept and 
p o icily care 1 for until twelve or eighteen 
months old. it w ill yield from live to -even 
hundred pounds ol pork. XX'hat other ani- 
mal will yield so iiiik Ii firm o.-horta tiiife. 
with siieli a'' of capital 'f 

We are mueh pleased to see tic introduc- 
tion of this breed of swine into onreouimu- 
nity. :is,we are s.uistied th it it will result 
greatly to the beiielit of dur people. The 
pigs referred to have already attracted nuu It 
attention — 4 $' real many persons have been 
to see them — and it is tlm unanimous opin- 
ion of every om*v that they cannot he ex- 
celled any when*. We. learn that, several of 
our citizens have already determined to 
supply them selves with this -fork; and wo 
hope the day is not distant when the long- 
legged. lank-jaw ed. uligatnr lin ed, now so 
prevalent in the country, will lie supplanted 
by this inlinitely sup- rior stock. XVe lake 
great pleasure in calling the attention ol 
our readers In this suhjoj t. and if they de- 
sire lit rlher information, we direct them to 
Samuel F. Fightener or Benj. Gardtier. 
Fsqrs.. of this place, who have received the 
pigs above referred to. and will furnish all 
the information tijion the subject that may 
he de sired. 

J. I. mu STARS. 


ON!' roon BKI.f 



Mctuu'cctin'CiS and Dealers iu g! 1 kinds of | 

Leather, Shoe Findings, 


Curriers’ Toolr., L Best Tanr.ors’ Oil. 

Country er.h r- punetu il'y at ended to. 


G. F. WOOD & BRO. 

AA i II  1 sEH A I 


\\ li O L ES A L i: G K O C Ii K 


Commission Merchant, 

No. 7G Ohio Levee, CAi ICO, ill. 




"  i. r. I'l n ul l;, - wm. ui.N'itv. .IK. 

!P itclier Hcuat, 

«/ 1 

Sl*ivi S4i»i;s to 

Davidson, Brown & Co., 
Hardware, Tinware, Slaves, || rH nt 
Ware, (sardeu n;id i’armerV 

Tools , Sates, ttii Linds. 

Warrcntcd Hie te st made C( "PLEIi y 
(TABi.F and ROCKET.) 

Sorgo Mtiis, etc., etc. 

lt)2 Commercial Avenue. Corner 12th St. 
CAI UO, i Hindis. 

a piS-fim • 

Milley & Miller, 

(Successors to Miller A Kitlfedge.) 

Aferohant ’railors. 

No. 7G Ohio Levee, C.'vivo, Illinois, 

Have on hand t» for sale the largest stock of 


And a full assortment of 

T r a v  ’ I i 1 : d’ MS ti g s , 

Suitable for ladies or g ntleiiion. At the 
Lowest Prices. Have also on hand tin* 
lincst G( tODS PATTERNS, which will lie 
made to order in the uv .-t fashionable style. 

( 'outilry dealers -are invited to call and ex- 
amine our a- oi tm er T We woubl call the 
special attention of puivba' ers to the fact 
tipD-Cm ' **•- •• . 

UN ^ ^ V 

»» -V A. 


• ^ ^ 


« No. 220 Main Street. 

|x; xr Poor TdJ.nrisvn.i.K iioti i. ] 
f. XX OOP;   

C. F. WOOD, s FOriSYIl.LF, KY., 
Order prompt!) attended to. jun-10-ly 
. 1 . W. COOK. I.. Sl.oss. I 

ms. COOOMM& CO.. 


■I. a- I,-;/. T)ia moods, Silver and Pla- 
ted Mare. 

S; I- : icles, Fkkxcii Clocks. BnoxxKs, &e, 

1 28 Third S'... I.OFiSX'ILFF. KY. 

A COM I’l.FTK line of file lies! qualiti"- 
eonslautly kept i n hand. Silver ware made, 
order. Watches and Jewelry repaired and j 
XX'arrnnlcd. Orders from the country 
promptly atleiuhvl to. jnne-lU-ly. 

Jas. 1 . 1 .: :• .tax. k. j.t.MOx ! 

AA in. II. SHi TT’ER. 


Wines, Liquors, Tobacco 

 S ' E .*9, 



Imported Airs of Different Hrands 
No. 7 .1 Ohio Lever, Cairo, III. 


!». Ill IM . ('. I:. HI I P. C. c. IXVIDSOX, 

D, Hurd Sons, 

^ ho]^s:il(' (Jrocers 

AN i» 

Commiosion Merchan ts, 

DralcF.- in m SI kin i ^ 1’ St :»; ! ’, :m l I'iinuy 

(«'i*oc(M*i,“s p.nd West ! tii ihoducc. 

No. 77 Ohio Lover*, 

  ’ttit'o, Hlituiis. 


K. H. Cunningham, 

\v it,ii.i u.: .'.Xu Ultra 1 1 . lu-aun ix 

Uoois iind hNlio *N, 

Q urn' - tv, are, II anlwaro, Carpets & Oil Olotlis 

Ohio TaOv»*o, Aijjoinin the lank llmltllng. 

 . ’;t i ro, I lli uois. 

apl 8 -ly 

Iltilli rist.v 5 5 i *    ( 1 1  ■ its 


.Tirt T 4 . JL. 'Latuluxo. Co., 

— DF X i.FRS IN— 

XX \ Ii ilFS,   i.O  KS AND JFXVFI.RY. 

Sii.n i i: and l*i . a tk d Wake, 

7'* t’oiirUi Stn-i t, 

f ntlcr .Vat ioiifti SMOiel, 




WjirrliP- rarofully n*|k:nro(|. jun»*- 10 -ly. 

A. V. DU POINT & CO.,. 




No. RF'i Main St., between llh and .Vldi 

o — — 


Jiina-lO-Jni : 


gimj v. w. SDOLL, cttid Forwarding and Commission 

B. F. Parker, t 

Wholesale tui'l Retail Dealer in 



OF XS.-x 




Painters’ Material Generally, 

Or,    hio I sOvcc*.   Yiii'o. i ir. 


Jas. B Fulton, 

Coppersmith & Sheet Motal 
\V    iS iv i-si?, 


Copper, Shcei Iron and Tin. 

RooCnj, Guttering and Spouting, Cliimnoys 
Brooding, etc., etc. 

Steamboat, Mill and Distillery Wort all 
Descriptions, Promptly Attetidart to. 
Ohio Level*, car. i 12 ( It Street, 

4 ’ll i l*o. I'll . 


f. S. li A If* * I. A Y . - - »*. W. UAHCI.AY. 

Barclay Brothers 
J «73 (HDSTS, 



H. M. HIJT.EN, ; 

l l AI.’ I*. IX 

Staple fir ’Fane*/ (frrtccricft. 
Frodncc, Coal O.l, etc.. 

Produce Taken in Exchange for Goods. 

No. 1 .i ) Commercial Avenue, 

  VI lli  . III. 

SI- SI*. A Ts .11.1 CMIJ.VJE .V, 


Only Machine in the market that runs di- 
rect from the Spool, 

Parties wishing to pnrehnse will do well 
toexuminc the GROVER N BAKER before 
looking elsewhere. They can be luid of 

S. A, MUIR, 

At Saii- Rooms No. 224 HkoaDW AV. 
I’li'CCAii, Kv.. and Irom wagon* through- 
ought the eountrv. march 25-1 v. 

Principal O/Jicc and Salcsrootn , Xo. 38 TTe«, 
Fourth Street, Cincinnati , O. 

H. McCONNELL, General Agent. 

Brain ii (ii.. r l io i ol, . th 8 ;. 

Louisville Ky. 

junb-17- 1 y . 

McAlpin, Polk & Heberd, 

im porters anti Wholesale Dealers, 

Drv Goods and Notions. 

lOH Pearl, and i I !  Third Street. 



jonx shillito * co. THE JACKSON PURCHASE. 


Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, 

Carpeting, Oil-Cloths, »Ve. , 

101, 103, and 105 WEST FOURTH Street. 

C 'lit'ti |» t -,i jglil I 

Aurora Oil Vi hoJesalo ami Hdail. 

I F Y   F wan' the ('ll FA I 

r OIL now in use 

on Court street. No. :)oo. Paducah. Ky- and 
buy the ( elehral 'd A FRORA OIL. lie has. 
also. Camp* and Burners to suit Hr* Oil. — 
Any Lamp will do by changing Hie bur- 
ner. 1 have bought* the right for eight 
counties. VIcCrj, k, u. Ballard. Graves. Mar- 
shall, Calloway. I.ivingslon. Crittenden and 
Lyon*, and will give Hie right to sell to any 
one who will purchase their OIL and 
Lamps from me. (at wholesale prices.) Any 
one w ho w ants the right to sell this Oil in 
those eight eoiinfi".*. can call oil II. P. RAN- 
DLE, at the the Oil Store, a* above, lie is 
my sole agen'. Satisfaction guaranteed. 
Any fiei'-mi offering tbi * oil for sale, w ith- 
out my iu rmission. will be prosecuted in 
tlie F.S. Court; it is protected b\ law. 
apls-lv E. I’. JACOB. 


A Weakly Family Newspaper, 

Published Erery Thursday, 

It will lie tin* aim of this paper to de- 
velo|K*nnd promote tlie material, social, and 
judrnl interests of this vast and productive 
Country, it iGil la* free from party poli 
ties and rcligmus dem minatinnalism. and 
will lie devoted tSHhc interests of Christi- 
anity.' Ivi’u *ation, Coinineree. Masonry 
'FST. BEST and Clothillg, OlotllS, CaSSilliereS, Terojieranee. Science and Xrt. and to all lo- 
se. eaU at dusirial pursuils. Spei-ial attention will be 


mar 18-tf 



Vesting, Trimmings, and given to tin 


Nos. 83 & 85 Third St., S. E. Cor. Vine 

CINCINNATI. (  liio  

XX*. P. Wai.i.aciv - - - Frank Binoki. 


No. 105, Pearl Street, BetT/cen Vine & Race, 

A. 1*’. I     W 1 { I*. X, S;ilt*sin:in. 


j n ii r in \ t i \ ii, 

Farm. Garden, and Market. 

r r i; n ai s: 

One Year, in Advance. - - • - S3 .* 

Six Mouths •• - - - 1 ; 

Three Month- “ - - - it 

To elulis of ten or limre per auburn. 2 ; 
For further particulars addle--. 

Ibv. A. C. A APERTON. A. M- * 

Editor ttiid Proprietor. 

M wi n i n. Gravi s On.. Kv. 

J&.R o 






By th** N. 11. State Agricultural Socictr, at iU ^ 
Fair, holdco in Nashua, Sept. 20, 156U. 

11-4.14 Li l£a-T'S 

Vegetable Hair Restorative 

Restores Orny Hair to its natural color. Tro- 
\ motes tlv; grow th ol the Hair. Changes the • 

l’ nun the   oliimUia. Sr.mtli Carolina, Banuor . 1 

Ciu^i ri: Wmri: Pigs — M r. J. M. Craw- ; 
lord, lias accepted an agency lor Messrs. X. 
]*. Hover iV: ol* I'arkcslHir^. Chesocr (V. 

Ha.. — stock-breeders — and now lias on e\- 
1 1 i ■ * i I ion a pair of While (."heater jii^s, two! 
niontli.s tdd. whieli will compare favorably 
witli any animals of the kind that can be 
produced: and if wc should judge from) 
their appearance. I lie sffrujjlcs of a strict 
Israelite might he readily overcome, a* Hiese 
pokers do not appear to belong to the tribe 1 
of ** unclean animals** — their skin and 
bristles hrin*c pepfectly white. We have on 
exhibition at llii ohi- j* a sample of wool 
shorn from a Merino sheep, which Mr. 
t Yaw ford oiitained from X. 1\ Hoy or X'  «». 
It is extra line, hi.^wut. our a«Tl«*iiltnral 
frieinl j aru-fcvited to ^ive Mr.   r/,w ford a 
call, and lie w ill clearly demanst rate to them 
that «nt«»rprise and perseverance will ac- 
complish much, 

I'ntK Horn Ihns. — We have groat pleas- 
ure in noticing a pair of fine bred Chester 
White Pig.*, bred by X. J*. Hover X Co.. Pa., 
and import * ! by Mr. John Kichards. Jr., ol 
Hallow oil. They an* very line animals, and 
those admiring fine breeds of pigs cannot | 
fail to ho suited. — Prom the Pietou Times, 

( anada. 

J. ]J. .T aches. Editor nf the . 1 'arm and] 
( lardeu/Clinton. South Carolina, writes: We 
received our pigs all right and think them j 
a great deal handsomer than others sent 
hen- by other parties. Evorylwdy that saw 
i them ir delighted with their beauty and 
good points. 

P'kiuks ron Cnoiri. Pitts V!i:: 

Hoar and Sow. pure M’d. not akin, 1 to 2 
mouths old, - 5^-S 

Hoar and Sow, *2 to 3 months old. &S 

n to j •• •• 48 

- • “ 4 to (» w “* 58 

4 * •• to H ** 4 * 08 

1 lk*:ir Pig. 0 to III weeks oM. - 17 

'■*~*-' lj ‘l) Manufacturer of 

Franks, Z'ltHscs , ! 

1 r til'd i n d Haas, 

And ovci’v a arid v of 


Xo. 71 We - 1 Third Street ; 

Factory, 505 & 507 Plum Street, 
june-lO-ly /‘ineinnati, Oliio. ; 

K. H. GORTON .VC (),, 

srrn ssojts TO 

.J. i). IJroxx n & i 


months '* 

i a i 


Family Groocriofi,Salt., Liquors, 
WillGS, &c., &c. 



D J C A H 


N MAX sc A !*CK AND .IDI? 

PHINTI NO Oi* f ICi;. 

.■ - — Diet 

i ro*)t« trf their origiual organic ao'.ion. Eradl 
cnt«H Dtxodruf and ilumorH. l’rcxents 
* lljir falling out. 1$ R Superior Drcming 
A i Uconliln* no injurious ingredients. 

ml ii (ho in -* |M|iDlar aud 
^ relialdo article thriiustliout 
the Eaat,Xfesi. North 
and South. 




w o 

J. R. BARRETT &. CC., Proprietor?, 




General Ajient3 for the Northwestern State*. 



•OW WllM pig, 

Hoar Piirs. 1 i 

i - \\ i f ;i p:g. 

• t •*.!--■ 

- 50 

- 45 
$50 to GO 

Do 1 2 m'lis old 40 t*  GO 
ai* i -Id ^ upwards GO to 70 
i. year 



in Mi;c, 
mu:* .-tlx 


and uri- 
- 50 to 70 

further iiifi'i'iintioii. jiriif x etc- 
IJ;;\'. X.'.* C.Mi'.niox, Agent. 

Much hi. lu 

AM I* A  TFIIEBS and XX hoi.' dc 
Dealer' in Kcro'em* Lamps. Ljintcrns. 
C'handcJiei'.'. Burners. XX ieks &c„ 

Trait Tars A’ ffltisstrarc. 

No. 0 K :sl Fourth St. ( im innati. Ohio. 


A. -! . CLARK, 

Shirt Manufacturer 

— AND— 

 i s:.y ts r f ii. yi s ei i: a , 

Sokith East Corner Fourth & 
Walnut Sts. Cincinnati, O. 

, Suin': '.ni  Cx'iu mvARK Maui; to Onm n. 


Si q ! for Cii'i'iilar and price li't. 


Y  )! NO XIAN, do you imder'toml the 
: hr, o- : Fnijig the negotiation of. 
J ,i! -.ii* p.q. r. coutTKeU. insurance, &c.?l 
( an yen k i j: y ' .ur ewn nccount' or those 
; of ot 1 1 ' ■ - 'I't-l, ; i 'lily ? If not, can you 
1 to live without this knowledge and 
tin • a :npii hnienSi when they call lie 
q ■ ; i a i ! . 'oiigli in inner in a coin- 
pans' iv, I;. -hor: i iinc. iind at u trifling ex- 1 
l-' i**lt an institution a  NELSON'S 
Bl’SINKSSCOl.I.KGE, Cincinnati. Ohio? 
This Colleje is favorably know in all pails 
of the Fnion. and has eoimeetions with 1 
n irly nil the leading Colleges of the t" u it— 
ed States ainlt itnadas. XVfit** it once for 
the I.xj-'o-kmaxt. which will give you par- 
(ii iilai's (hat will surprise you. Address 
] P,H'H.X KD.N EFSON. I 'ixvident, Nelson's 
i   .’Allege, Cincinnati. O • jnne-IO-Cnio 

js-«? Ssls® isa   


DfUicrs in Nour imti Provisions, 

C 'it i i*   , 1 1 ! . 

. ..a pi 8-1 y 


; (Successor to.J. (J. Harman A- Co.) 

Real Estate Agent 


-■v j c r no  i:i*:i{. 

Buys and Sells Eeal Estate, Fays Taxes 
Furnishes Abstracts of Titles and Pre- 
pares Conveyances of all kinds, 
office 7 1 (Second Floor) Ohio Levee.* 

Ctiiro, J i I. i 


W .W /riIO!?NTON 

t’iM.i i; tx 

i.inn!?: '* urn) fuiiltlicg Mniorials, 

Tenth St., hel. ( ( lmnoreial A Wash. Aves. 

( ':i i 1 * 0 . 111 . 


IS1.   'it;it*I»*ss I !  ) *!, 

€-'«» Isroj E JL JLi^ 

Jcxvcif, iViit'Ov A Co., Projirirlors. 

t ;i] ! 8 - Iv 

Continental Hotel. 

S. XI. STITMS, I’i'o(ii*itttor. 

Cor. of Sixth Street iY Oliio Levee, 

CA f R   . lllin'ois. 

Watch 'tent Night & Day for Boats & Trains 

« • 

I »o:i4*£l tro*-2 ] er I  }i.4'-'* 


iU fiusieK - 


S TOX’ ES. tin. 'heel iron and C«pperware, 
All kinds of work done in Coppcr- 
-niithiii".J»*"!vy and Fight 'hertipui or tin. 

Roofing, Guttering, Chiuineys, Breechen, 
Stcanipipc, Escanapipc, Sorgnm, &c., &. 

(in 'hold untie, *. sat i'fael loll gnaranleed. 

( oinnieiadal Av.-het. 1 Ith and 12tli Strer*)' 

No. 188. Cairo. Ills. 

.apl 8 -flin. 

Eagle Stove Store, 

Bccnrrtrf , OrHi A' Vo., 

At i ENTS 

For tlie Celebrated 

l a in r i'OOSi. MA'fn Stores, 

I ric'- 1*1;;, led Moveuhle I’oiiit 


c c-«** ; a a** a «*  *»■» 


Joltij 'OiiV Triiiii^ultu' Copper 

I jiojilnino' 1 ? »«!. 

I ; (i Cutii. Avenue, Ci|iro, III. 

aplS-(!m ' 

J. N. Bid ! : late | ‘res. i irst Nat I Banj», 

l’adueah. Kv. 

T. F. ■ - - XX . J. Si Avurs 

fii'av"' ( Vmity. Ky. Mavlield, Ky 

■ BE1BI.ES. W1NG0 A CO,, 

Cotton riixl Tobacco 


\nti(«'cnw;il ( onimi'-ion Mcrcliauis 
r,'o. 31 Carondelct Street, 
.Vi: ji • O R V E* MVS. 



The Jackson purchase, 1869-07-08

4 pages, edition 01

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