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date (1922-12-22) newspaper_issue The Hartford Republican 

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War Finance Corporation 
Approfw LoM Of $7r 

ner and danckUr. MIm 0««nido SAYS SCHOOL FUNDS 
eitr. went to Cntrai City, rntcrtfay 
to attaid the tanaral %%A kartol. 


tw.. f«i yaceWed bara that the 

' "War riaafl^ OorporatiM a: Wa*h- 
Ington had arrrov^  *• •^.••©.•O* 

Joan iiKkeil C' •• hv the lurk Tobacco 
Crowprs" C'o-opiTiitlvo Afisnrintlon. A 
formal requ^t f-r ittm.-l:!! n'^ilM- 
«Dca waa made w tb.; War Jioar l ^ v- 
«raJ daya aco by a c.nnml'i.'p l .a.lp.l 
by W. r. Bradabaw, preaidunt ot tUa 
A-^M.ciBtion. At Ibat U»a it KM 
„..Mn.-.-.i thrt tovoMMt trtloa waa m- 
4 ^ xt«d. 

naama D Karmcr. troonuror. 'lunt 
Ua lollQwtnr autement wli n tii  
learned of tb* aPfWal of th. l-ni. 

Infi-rmatloii from the Wai Vi- 
.luur.. Corporation eonflrminf onr 
loan rrom th. in of aev.-u and onf- 
h»lt mllUona of dollar,- is added 
Mraaca of tba eMa In wh.  h » -^mind 
♦„Mlneaa coTpor»tlon each a» the Dark 
Tobacco Orowera* Aaaoelstloa ttM ar- 

ranK(  I'- - tl" i 'i''*'" ihp l.ank. In tha dlatrlct 
h.Te .Rre-.l .o loan th. A-eoclatloa 
three million ihre-; l j-evpnty- 
toar thouaand dollars for lak.n.   a,- 
of .draacea to member.. TbU mak.* 
. total of ton mllHon eight hanrtred 
..v.-nty-four thousand « « "•" «»^^»- 
recc loans. In a.l.lltlon to thU. dif- 
ferent larue bank. inrlu.ll..K th- Na- 
tional Bank of Keuturky. The Amor - 
^ «.« National Bank and the Fourth 
an.) First Nalloaai Bank of Na.h- 
^(Ue l nn.. hare oatendad a radla- -.r.iM of thr.o millloB two 
tiuadrd fifty ihou*and dollara. tb* 
_ irbole thing abaolately aaubltobaa tba 
1 Aaaortatlit-- tlMBMa." 

joa« b Faaaoaaaaiu »^ 
Field s. rvice Departmaat, aald tbat 
the loan wa. anotbar ■a«lt»W«te,g; 
jijaoatattoa a ■ w b iW Wl •« •ba«l«t. 

Tba fradtnf damosat i'i: "- 
• Bad by Mr. PaMom«d« are drawing 

c^^wda tbr«i«»«:iij*j.^'*;rr2: 

A Y Pendlaton. Ot Pa«btok«. CbrlB- 
tlM county, aald yettarday attar at- 
tending ono of th.' demonetratlopa, 
tbat tbay ware more »aluaWo to tba 
nambarabl* tbaa aay otbae thla« 
tbat haa baaa doaa. " 

"I learned mora aboal tradlac w- 
| aeeo and . laxMfylng It at tbat dem- 
onatratlon than l learned In ten 
yaara In th.- i.u^in. .s.- h^ said. "Kv- 
«ry aanbar ahould vUU one of th.-ao 
«aklMU. It wlU balp blm lmm*u8 

«r« ebly." ^, , 

Mr Hendleioa ta oaa ot tba bWieai 
Krowera ot tlaa tobaaao la tfca dark 

Tba legal department ..f ni. \s- 
•oatetloa wiM orgaalae the first »ub 
aldiary wafafcoaae aorporatlon at 

Hopklu«vlll« today." The directora 
have be*n asked to attend the meet- 

l  nK which will I).' held ni tho Lath- 
am Hotel. Abo D. WaUlaur. Mr. 
Sapiro'a aaalaUttt, w ill he In  -h ar ;... 



^ N.''.i.- Fi.u'.'i. : :i. vifp of Mr. 

William Edgar KowKr. .Ir . died at 
the borne ot her parents. .Mr amlj 
Mra. Ix a Twaddell, la Ceutrul City, i 
Tuesday afterhoon at about 8:30 
o-. lo.'k, of a .-ompUoatlon of dUeasee. 

.Mrs Kowhr had b.jen Itl POor 
health for two . «ars ami wa- confin- 
ed to her bed two month'^ pievloua to 
ber death.' She anend.-J li.lmont 
CoUege In NaahvlUe. T«uu.. and waa 
a Bucce». fal teacUcr-ln the Central 
City and C alhoun High ^cbool*. 

Sh.' wa.. a fine type of womanhood, 
with a sNvel dbpositlo" ax-1 l"^'''' 
by all who knew her. BhJ ^vi,. horn 
tn Hartlord. and togethar with h.r 
parenta left hero several year. u«o. 
She baa often Mnoe visited fHeadi 
and relative, hon-, who ri'gret to 
 eam of her dc .th. B.v idfs her hu»- 
iMAd. to whom »a« hail b;-. n luurrl. d 
only threo month., and ber pan in^. 
ahe »i iurvlved by aaveral other rela- 
te*"' . 

Kmurai iicrvli-e» were eoadaoted 

from Ui*-. huMif . r h.-r parents with In- 
terment in the Central City  :..melery. 
. yeaterday. 

* Mr. C. r. SabapnUrtt, who Is * 



The flrat quarterly meeting ot the 
preaent conference year, for tba Hart- 
ford eireait, M. Chareh S.. will ^ 
held with the Hartford coagreKatien ' 

Siinilay, D.m If Dr. .1. \V Rawl- 
Ings, the Presiding Kldpr for the dls- 
triet, will be in charge. He wtir 
preach at 7:00 o'eloek p. m. i 
It ia not datiaitaly known aa to aa- 
aet time the otftelala are  • neat tor 
the baaiaeaa aeaiioa. I 

i Formt-r Hiip .rint  nflcn( of McTioan 
' Arriued of t'Harpinii i «»w- 

Prankfort. Ky., Dec. 20.— Viola- 1 
tioaa ot the law relattag to dlabarae-, 
meata «t Kbool faada are Harged' 

aRaliist W. T. H s'-ii'". f, im-T school 
mptrlntenden' of Mcl.pan County. In 
a report filed today with Oeorne 
CelTia, State Superintendent. The 


BrOCTSannjPAaVOR'ed from Mr 

aadit ot the conaty waa arade by W. 
h. ThrefM^'. aadttor of the Depart- 

raent of SdltectioB. The report re- 
:• . II.' iIkiI all amounts alli'Kert to 
have been lUtgally spent Iw rcover- 
I ed from Mr. B««Mt or tfm hi. 


The ehiirch at Salyersrllle. (Ky.) Tba report ehargea tbat the Connty 
almoet eoUapaed with tbd great Baard ot l^eeatlon paid oat Illg.OS 
erowda preaent. aad eo a bi(w atrae- gg naury on money It borrowed. The 
tnre U Immediately to be erected. ,.,.,„„., ,-, , omnu n l  th.nt this charge 
Miss Alpha Cochran, the pa.tor. Is a lelurned to the hoard and used for 
Kr;i(!nat ' of  \\ - Cnlverslty of 8outh-|(||0 "b7ncfit of the taxpay. r.^ and 
ern California, and Is an evangelist, boya and glrla o( pupH afo In McLean 
too. She la ably aastated by Mlaa couaty." ' 
Hendrleka. Both women lire In the (11,.^ \mw violatloaa. i 

new parronage. Mlaa Coebran U: x^j^ Threlkeld in his report sold 
;)rinclpal of the high school. The ^j,,,, Heiinett violated the school 

Advoc.iie has increased In siihscrip- making payments In advance 

tlon by per cent Dr 8. K Hunt. m^pyoval bf the COttaty board. He 
the superintendent of the Ashland ,,J4 '{],gt many luctanoes payments 
DlHtrlct, la taking 4a«p iateaaat iaj^«r« marie from one week to two 
the bnildlng project, aad' peraonally 
secured 112.500 from a tew peraons 
approached. f)n atroiint of 'hi' ii i 
tlve ."tore near at hand, a $."o inm 
church can hi- hiillt for $2r..00O. The 

London, Ky . Dec. 20.— PlTO fed- 
eral prisoners escaped from the I^on- 
don jail, between iiiidniglil and day- 1 
light yesterday morning, and havei 
not been captured. At the term of 
Padaral Coart, which eloaed , laat 
week, aboat 100 men were eon^eted 
on charges of violatlni? the prohibi- 
tion laws and were senleticed to Jail 
tei ms of one to six months. .Niwrly 
all thlB number were confined In )all 
where the eaeape of the five waa 
made by cntting a beta ta the wall 
of the second story. 

It Is li :! \ -(i a Wbolaaale delivery 
wu. prevented by an alarm that 
caused the ptrenter number of the 
priaaaera to retara or to remain In 
their aelli. Aa tareatlsattoa ta be- 
ing to dieeovar bow toola for 
rutting thrii the wall "were amaggled 
Inio the jail and it is aald the next 
federal grand Jury will make a thoro 
probe of the affair. 

Jallar Swaner baa offered a re- 
ward for the capture and return of 
any or all of the escaped prlaonera. 
l! was r. ported today that the five 
prisoners had been s. . ii togeiher near 
C-orhln. Imt this cmi net he verified. 

ber exporta aad llO.OOO.dOO greater 
tbaa the value of eomraodltlea ahip- 
pad abroad in November last year, 
fn comparison with November, 1913, 
1 1  in. reaaa waa mora tkaa fltt.OOO,- 

A brief statemeat by the depart- 
ment declared that the November re- 
turns ahowed that Amartean agrlcnl* 

ture and industry geaarally benefit- 
ed from the IncreaalniT export hiisl- 
iiess Detailed analysis (,f th.. tia.le, 
however, baa not been made by the 

N. t F. lEAVMN IS 

iimm mm 

Dentist Shot While Engag- 
•A la Qflie*, !• 


mauDAT ran 

thry wcvo autLorlsed! 

HA«XKOitU HIGH S  H  Ol.i 


tiioni 1; i li fore 
liy the board. 

The luspe. tor .1 dared that the su- 
perintendent usurped the authority 
ot the board and that both the su- 
population I. about l.OUU, biU 'a j perintendent aad the board acted in 
great rural aeetion contrtbutea to^,„,g„o„ ^f the few requiring that all 

this county aeat town. Oaa. oil' and 
timber make the country rich. — 

West. •in Christian .Vilvm at r. Dec i:;. 

.Miss Cochran held m.'.'tini,'- at No- 
creek, Washington and liartrunl. .-.u- 
ly this ya^r and will be remembert d 
by many of taeae feommanftiea. 



warr.iiiis or eh.'cks bo signed by both 
the thairnian of the } pard and t^he 
county superintendent. 

An unfortunate controversy ha. ex- 
isted during the term of the presnnt 
-uiierlniendent, R, M. Stroud, accord- 
ing to the report, as to which bank 
should he the depesHnry for gchool 
fUDdH. The Inspector said be had 
settled the controversy and that In 
l^^i the future all.aceonnta would be pro- 
perly baadletfi 

1 I I I 

Hartford's girls and boya each 

cam.' I u! V i( ;i)i ii)u- In th.' twin baa- 
kpt h:. ! -.. '.It s played with Utlca on 
the liji.ii ' I art Friday night of last 
week. The girls' game came nearer 
to being a acoreleaa affair than any 
ever staged on a local court, only 6 
failles being made in the entire game 
endliiK .1 ti. 2 in faror of Hartford. 
The piiards. all. did fine work, hut 
nobody could sink the leather thru 
the circle for acores. The llnc-u,p 
waa as follows 

As Indicated In laat week'* Issue 
the Republican will aot appear nexti 
week. Doe. St. Uanally oar adver- 
tising patron* have bat iittla It any 
space during Chrtstmaa week and as 
a general proposition the paper 
would be lers missed that week than 
any other during the whole year. 
Correapobdenta and adveiUieia will 
please not* onr Intentioa. Wa bope 
tbat bur patrons will amna the 
proposition for the Republteaa'a holi- 
day, . ' ' 




Washington, Dec. 20. — Prealdent 
Harding today renominated later- 
state Commerce Comriviaalpiiers 
Charles C. McChord of Kentuekrand 
Joseph D. E.-istinan ot Massachusetta, 
whoM ternu expire aborfly. ^ 


Sji. rial Christmas programs are 
ing arranged to be rendered at each 
•t the three ebarehes. There win be 
a ebrlatmae tree at the Baptiat| 
ehnreb Saturday aigbt and ia eoaaee-' 
tiuu therewith a apaoUl ptograai is 

to be rendered. j 
In connection with tb.' S. S. ser- 
viuea, at the regular hour, a special 
program la to be rendered at the 
ChriatUa ebarob. Saaday. which 
promises to be well worth atteadlag.' 
' At 9:45 Sunday moralag ia een- 
necilon with the 8. 8. school, a pro- 
gram Is to be givi ii at the Metho- 
dlat church. Special music will be 
furnlabed by the orchestra. j 

The little folka will predoaUaate la ^i^^. 
the programa to bo readarad at aaeb jokes — Luclle Conch, 
of the churcbea. \ Da«t -irat|aa Moaroe, WabaiU 


Violin Solo — Vienna Laaeh. 
I The entertalament eaiaaiated ot 
gamea, coateata aad eoanadrnms. De- 


The Mozart Music Club had tta 
monthly meet lug at the honre ot the 
teacher. Miss Blolse Austin, 203 N. 
Lafay^ta atiaat. Beaver Dam. Tha 
followlag aOlaara were preaent: Miaa 
Alma Crowdar. Prea.; Mlaa Laetle 
Baker. Vice-president; Miss Virgtala 
McKenney, Treas. ; and Mr. Praak 
Kelley Casebier, Secretary. The 
Houae was called to order by the 
president aad the followlag program 
waa rendered: 

Piaao Solo— Prank Kelley C 













D(i:i"t fail to see the basket ba'l 
game tonight between Caneyville and 
the home boya — 7:80. 

Hot Soup, 10c; at 


Saba. ( 

Carter Allea 

The gatn.; st.iged by the boys waa 
likewise close and the scoring held 
rather low, goal throwing also be- 
ing the great trouble with most all 
who tried the ahooU, which ended by 
the aiark ot IS to II tor Harttotd. 
Tba llao-np waa aa follows 






the house adjourned to meet aKalu in 

Albert n. Rowe. aged 00 years 
died «t bia home In Ceatertowa, Stin- , ,cfreshments were served and 

day moraiag, Dee. IT, ot braaehUl 
pneumonia, together with a janna„ 
cation of valvular heart trouble. He, ' 

hail been seriously ill dvriag thO P^** | imOAMBR KILKV KNTKKT.\IN 
vious twp weeks. | WITH HOOK l .4KTY 

Funeral aervlcee were conducted at \ 

tha Oeatertowa Methodlat ohareb, ot Mesdamea A. B. and L. T. Riley, 
which Mr. Rowe waa a aaatal »•» -, entertained with a rook party In a 
bor, Monday afternoon, at 1:80 ^'- y^y delightful manner at th.' home 
clock, by the pastor. Rev. Sandera.'^f latter, on Main street Friday 
Burial look place la the Centertowa afternoon' of last week A dellclou. 
Cemetery. laalad course wss «erved, and guests 

The deceased was bgr occupation included the following: Meadamea B. 
and profeaaloa a mechanic akilled ia g Birkhea^. B. Q. Barraaa. R. T. Col- 
both metal and wood woirk and tor ,|„g j p xappan, O. C. Martin. Dar- 
yoars operated B blacksmith and re-^,,, sull.-i!:;. r. II T Holbniuk. .). S. 
pair .shop In Centertown. Beside. Qi^nu^ uyUg cooper, O. T. Burns, 
hi* wife, three sons: Messrs. Robert h m^op and A. D. Kirk. 

I., of Drakeaburo; Loula and Baall B.,l 

of Ueaderaon. and three daughtere, RANDOLFV WEl l lN i 
Mra. Veraon Crowdar, ot Central I . UUM IN PU K1DA 

City; Mr.. J. Caraon Oary ot Bowliavl ■ 
Ureen and Miss Joyce, realding with Itaiulolph Towaaoad WedUtng. eld- 
h. r parents, survive. ; eat .'■on of the late George W. and 


12 F Smith 0 
4 F Hirkhend 13 
0 C Ruby 0 

0 G May 0 

1 o Moaelay 0 

Balrd _ 

Uirkheiil. tiT I'tlca. was th.' star 
point gataier, having caged all count- 
ed ^ Um Tialtors. while Crowe for 
Hartford aeoonated for 12 scores. 
Bach of the teams did good work. 

Prof. C Y Allen, of Utlca and Ray- 
mond Rtjb.'rison, Hartford, Officiated. 



Judge W. H. Barnea, accompanied 
by Mra. names, city, returned from 
a aaveral daya' bnaineaa trip to Wash- 
lagtoa, Dii C, paaterday. 

Rev. R. ■. Pnqaa aad family mov- 
ed yesterday, Into their aew home 
recently constructed upon the alte Of 
Iheli former dwelling which Waa da- 
stj^yed by tire last fall. 

Caaayvllla hat tba taataat aad beat 
baeket bait team it has had for tome 

time. Don't fall to be on hands this 
evening at 7:30 to rout for the home 

Charles S. HfavHa, D. D. 8., ot 
Louisville, waa ahot ia hla office ia 
Loul.vUle Moaday. of the praaeat 
week, while doiag dental work for 
the wife of the man, Clifford Black- 
erby, n Louisville Tobacco Broker, 
who did the shooting. A 25 calibre, 
automatic pistol was uaed, the mla- 
ale hitting Ur. H«avria ta the abdo- 
mea. peaetratia* kla lalMtlaaa. Tba 
cartridge akall tatted to eject aad 
only oaa ahot wda fired. Blackerby 
wail ariaatad aad placed under bond. 

The Ally statement ao tar madab 
was by the wounded man aad to tke 
atfeot that he had cone to a eaUaat 
to obtain an iaatramaat to nae on tba 
patient, who was In the dental chair 
at the time, and on turning around 
he observed Blackerby .'tandlug in 
the door ot hla office, and that be 
waa shot withont eauae. Blaekeiw 
by and hla wife left the office im- 
mediately. Dr. Heavrin managed to 
get to a phone and  \\\hA Ills broth- 
er-in-law, Mr. H. D. Hays and nephew 
Marion L. Heavrin. His loBS ot 
blood was very groat and be coon be- 
came unconacious. 

Tranafuaion of blood, furnished by 
Marion L. Heavrin, was resorted to 
Monday night, to save :he wounded 
man's life, with good effect. Other 
transfusions have since been made. 
Yeaterday, It was said, would likely 
be the Buet iritleal period, althoagh 
chancaa fo^ reoovery were tbengbt 
to be about even early yes'.erdar 

Dr. Heavrin U near 5ii He wax 
born in Ohio County, and is a broth- 
er ot Attoraoy, M. L. Heavrin, ot 


U. 8. Canon, formerly actively en-' 
gaged In the grocery and hardware 

buainess In this city, haa recently pat 

In a new line of gooda aad reopened 

at his former stand. 

Mra. Isaac Foster, city, apent Sun- 
day ia Central Ctty, the gaeat of 
relativea. She was aceompaaled 
home by her mother, Mra. Charlotte 
Brown, who will ramaia in tbia eity 

for soiue time. 


^grandfather of Mrs. Powler and Mr. , 

W F Schup-iilre. an uncle. Mia. Lll-  
Man Schapmlre. Mr.. W. C 8chlem-j 

eat .'-on 

Lucy Towiisend Wedding, died at his 
home la St. Petersburg, F|orlda, 
RMOBNTLY IBBVMD Qe^.. following an operation for 

i appendioitia the day previous. 

The deeeaaad Mr. Weddiag waa 
r. ar.d in Hartford where he haa 
many friends .among those of middle 
life, buvlUK l.'tl this pluc' near 2U 
year, ago. He was by occupation or 
profeaaloa, a landMsape architect and 
nuraerymaa and* bad attained much 
prominence la hia liae ot endeavor. 
Burial of the remalun took place la 
St Petersburg. He I. survived by' 
hi.s HiiKiw. hUii Is a daughter of Mr. 
and -Mrs. L. T. Reld of Rookport, tbU 
Couaty, a daughter, who i» a college' 
Clarence CatU)t»-«y. Centertowu, to atudent, Pla., a aon al-l 
L«a» Mae Beck, Centertowa. , — 1 

WilUe Thommaason, Hartford. R. 
4. to Maudle Dalse. Hartford R. 4. 
W O. Ward. Hartford. Roate 3., 

to \1..i  H lluiiiphroy. Hartford II .1 
Kverett Hiiyil. C. iit. rtowu. to Mary 

PIrtle, Hartford ' | 

Dalmer GskrlUge, FordsvUle. 

Myrtle Richards. Pordeville. 
Truman L. Hoover, Hartford, 

4., to Mory Alice Jolly. Hartford 


Karroll Ward, Hartford. It. .!. 
W:iltrud" Mayhes, Hartfurd It 

The Womon'a Club held Ita regular 
meeting Satarday afternoon in the 

hospitable home ^f Mrs. J. 8. Glenn. 
.\ iarge portion of the membership 
was present to ynjoy the meeting of 
unusual Interest. The program bore 
the touch of the yuletlde spirit. Mr*.' 
Joha B. Wilson offered Invocation- 
Mesdamea Otto C. Martin and W. 8. 
Tlnxley, with accompaniment by Miaa 

.MiiiK:irel Nail.' at th'- piano, render- 
ed a selection of lieanliful Carols. 
Mrs. T. L C.iiffiii eav.' th.' story of 
the community Chrliiima!. tree In 
.Vew Ydrk fetty; Mra. Sidney WUIiama 
that of a Chrl.tmaa at Oad'a Hill 
with the Dicken. family. Mrs. Hen- 
ry Carson gav.' the poem "Christmas 
Wishes. DeliKhiful r. freohmenta 
were served'by the hoate.'-H. The at- 
tending guaats were: Mesdamea Mc- 
Dowell A. Pogle aad Otto C. Martin. 

The next meeting of thetilub will 
be held Saturday. Dec. 30th., with j 
Mrs. Sidn -y .\. Williams hostess. , 

.^MMMCAN K.\l'oltT  

KHOW L.tlUiK (•.\l.\ 

Box caadlaa, Looae candiea. Bas- 
kets of Prvit, Applea, Omgea. Baaa-' 

naa, Malaga Grapes, Coeonnts, Rai- 
sin., and moat anything In that line 
can he found at Holbrook-Hlmea, 

Mrs. W. H. ColUna, who had been 
the guest ot her father, Mr.' 8. T. 
Barnett, Mrs. Bamett and other rela- 
tives in llarttord for the paat tew 
weeks, Ivfi fur her home la Sprace 
Pine, Ala,, last Sunday. 

Mrs. Lottie Hopper aad little aon, 
Willis Jr.. of the Waat Providence 
neighborhood, were gneata of Mr.. 

Hopper's aunt, Mrs. Celeste White, 
anil sister-in-law. .Mrs. Guy llanney 
and Mr. Uauney. city, last week-ena 
and the flrat of thia week. 




otost grown and aa Infant aoa. 

Waabtagtaa. Dec. 18.— Amertcaa. 
exporta la November reached tho* 

highest point ot the year, according 
to utficlal cvrisea. trade atat'.ttiCH 
:ii do public today by the U«parlilieti| 
uf CoMiiuerce, showluti an export 1 u- 
siness totaling |3S3.U0e.OOU. I 
The .November Is tlt.i'OU.-' 
Mv) grcttter tbaa ttia value of Oc(u-[ 

County School Superintendent Mrs. 
1 S Mason, wynt to Frankfort Thurs- 
day of lust Meek where .he attend- 
ed the annual meeting of Superinten- 
dents and prluclpala. She vl.lted her 
.on, Robert Maaoa aad Mra. Maaon, 
in Uxlagtoa, before returalarkome, 

Cattle — Trade active on choice fat 
aeloetteaa. with median aad plala- 
or ktada alow aad aneven. Beet heavy 
eowa In excellent demand at strong 
rates, medium and in-botween cowa 
dull. Good fat light steers In de- 
mand, medium kinda a|ow and dreg- 
gy. Ugbi tnd*^la ftoekera aatt 
f eedear at all UajjM^ «9»m«a atoek- 
ers duU. Palrlp. BHlA «iMnBa» 

Quotations: Prime heavy steera. 
18.6090.60; heavy ahlpplag ateera 
|7.IOOg.lO: mediam to goodUeera 
•1.5001; bettara t«.l««t: tat 
cows I4OB.60; medivm to good 
cows $2.7604; cutters )2.25@'2.75: 
canner. 1202.25; bulls $30 4. 75; 
feeder. I6.50O7; stockera •SO't-l*: 
milk cowa |U0«6. 

Calvea — ^Market ateady; beat vaala 
to dowa; medtam ISO 1-60 ; com- 
mon HOI- UgM ihla calvea ex- 
tremely hard to diaioae of at low 
prices. * 

Hogs — Market steady to lOc hlgk- 
er. Top hoga 120 pounds and ap  
 8.4i; 120 pounds, down IS; tbrow- 
outa. 17.20.   

Sheep and Lamba — Trade unebang- 
ed. Best lambs |12 down; $econdii 
$708; beat fat sheep 14.60 down; 
backs t .60 


Batter — Country paeklDg atach 
lie per lb 

Bggs — Candl# firsts 45c dozen; 
seconds :i() ' 

Poultry— Hen* large 18c lb ; me- 
dium, lie lb.; amall 13c lb.; rooster. 
Ic lb.; dncks 14c tb.: geeae 14«-ft.; 
guineas, old. 26c eaeb: yoaag gal- 
neas 1 to t Iba, lOo eaeb; turkeya. 
young No. 1, per lb. lOc. 

RabbYts— Preah. 11.10 O* iona. 

Current approatmate buying prices, 
carload Iota, qaotad by flour milla 


' Wheal 

'V ,1. 


I wish to eii|)i( -s my sincere thuukn 
tu all who so : r t. i.iusly helpe l me 
during tha burning ot »y residence 
and tor the many tavora aad expres- 
sions of lympathy received since. 

No 2 red, 11.41 ' bH.; 
wagon wheat 3c bu. less. 

Com — No. 1 white. 82c: No. I )ral« 
low 82c; No. 2 mixed 81c. 

OaU— No. I wklte Me; No. 3 white 

Ueunis .M. Reld, bora aad ralaed 
in Kockituri. Ky , now located in 
Greenville, Ala., and U the Auierlcdii 
Railway Bxpraas Agent at that city, 
was operated oa a few weeks ago for 

I appeadicitis, haa recovered, ai)d I. at 

j work agala. 


When Slain By DenMn- 
ted ArtUt 

Wirndw. T)(«c. 1*. — Gabriel Narii- 

t 'iri«;: r: si pitMiilciU (if Poil«h I 

rrfubllc. [oil before ,in a.H.tassln's I 
taflota at noon today. Ju»t one week ' 


I PUtKburg. Pa.. Dec. 16. —A niona-: 
o( t«r brM(8, 741^ fMt Iobr. with two! 

' Irs eonraa of the eoiir«r«ne« of FOOT miPQft 

ttie home Monomlea wctlov ot lh*| 
Airnrlatloa ot Land-Orant CoNetaal 

hold in Wa«hlnKton NoTenil er 21-291.1 

III *ev( r!il Stati n the work has ba- j Ohlnil«H»«a So Amm* 

~~~~~ (fiin wm\ Kl'.ii.-n l :-pn'V"nif nl. thaj tBla Tlinf .\Hannn-iil V* 

t f^rt' r\ 1 T- w\ underlying idea beini to atnbraca Trmfcs ivrfort. 

In Office Only Two Day* ^^„„y ,u »h rtdw ol tha 


Mlaa Martha Van Ranamlaer, 

New York. R,iid thiit homo ecnnomlr/ Irooilea ISO fMt high, and walBhliiK 
I tenrher.i uonlil ho npiTlcrilnK nn Im- 1.210 tnna, wa» moved bodily for a 
porciiit p;irt of ih"ii- .-uhjoct if they | "f f'" ' h'To rM-mtly and 

did not derelop houi'eliold manage- 'tbe workora who rode over the struc 
nicnt to the (allaat aiteat. . Tb* t«rra ! tare In the mornlnx. at ita former lo- 
honiehoid BSMgniaat apfUa* to eation. rod* over it again in tha av 
the managefflent of evarrthtnir that mtflt. Int ta bat«raaa timea thei 
»lnoo^to«laetlo«nadoatjrforty-elght!p^,,,,„^ ,„ hmi^ohohi nnd iho bridge had ahirted poaltioo 76 feet, 
honn after taking 119 tha dntiaa ol ^^^^ including its expendiniro^ It w«a a feat of engineering, but I 

and the RtandarrlllnUon of It.t ((|iiil - "•"nturo was rdooat' d without 
ment. according to Mlaa Van Renv a hitch, and englneera' calculatlona 

Bfflco. Th.-- tr:igr(ly orourreri at an 
exhibition of piiinliiigs. and the a«- 
aaaate was nn arlist. one Niowailom- 
Vhi, long regarded liy bia aaaociatea 
aa mentally deranged. 

Tha praatdent had Jaat eonclndcd 
a hrtef addres* and. aeeompnnled by 

li 'k ali!i'-do-r,iiiip ;ind I wn of tho 
meaiber- ot his cal)in«'l. was enloring 

were ao parfaet that wh«n thaj 
hrldga trne finally aat on lu naw »laf«| 
It waa In poffaet nliiaoNnt la omr 


Tha orgaataatlaa ot tha hoaaahold 

I waa eoniidered a proper field for re* 
sparrh in hoiii   orononiir-^ depart- 'way with tfeO atraot rallrond (rneka| 

iiii'iiis (if (^oIlogcM mid other Instltn-^ at either end. 

•tloiis. l)y Ruth Wardall. of Illinola. | When the engli^eers and their j 
' I Heretofore. Mlsi Wardall pointed) "gang got ready to move the huge I 
the first hall of the exhibition t.) vi,.w I g^i^ ^^^^ eamomlea worker* hnT* j atmetara Uaamaat marair eat tha- 
the palntlnga when Nlewadomskl j ^^^^^^^ themaelves largely wttk trolley feed wlraa at either end ot 
Joined tha throag eagerly preaaing 
ahoat tha ehiet eahenilTe to ahaha hia 

Inatead of atopping in front of M. 
Nara^owlcc. however, the aaaaain clr- 

food in fta many aspocta. Clothing, the bridge, a few Italian laborers I 

ahelicr. and huusohoUl organisation I pulled up the rails .11 iho in i.leo i^nds | 
fboiild ficcive acieniion next, as well and then set a huuo goPK ai-.iiounceil I 

as renearcli in cooperation with such 
departmenta ot a unlTeralty as chem-j 

,ied the crowd to a position in the medlelaa. llharal arts, aoelole- 

raar. Then, working hia way -o ! ,„a ^^neerlng. 

cloae to hie vtetlm that there waa no 

ehanee of missing, he drew a revol' 

fer and fired three times, all the bul- 
fets piciciim Iho prosi^ 'Mt's l):irk. 
M. Narutowlcz, terribly wounded, col- 

[Stated Dopartinoiii 

ot the United 

of AKiicullure 

"all set." and the moviug began. 

An improTlaed railroad waa nsedj 
to rest tha hottom gMara at the 
bridge on. Plfteea Jaekacrewa fur- 
nished motive power. The bridge 
was moved ahoat all faat an I 

I boiiie eroiioniica and extension work hour. 
I invited ibosc presaat from the State Pedestrians were permitted to use I make aacgaations at any | the bridge while baiag morad, and 

lapeed to the floor »aA ilad withlaj ^^^^ problems the depart- hnndreda did so. «o smoothly did I 

• momaata. • , 1 j ncnt mlitht .isslst with. Tho gre.Tter things go that those who stood on | 

Mlayer la Beatea. {part of the c Mif. roncc »;is ronr':'rii- ' iho strnctara during Its proitros.- I 

The slayer as aoon aa his deed was ed with homo .-( niKnulos protiloiu.  of southward were ut'.alilo to dotert any | 
done, turned tor flight, bnt was im-'a general administrative nature, the! movement — but she was going all 1 1 
madtataly horaa down by the Inturi- 1 improvament of eollega teaehlat, »Bd | right, ataadily and aarely. 
ated apectatora. who kicked and boat j special problems of aatansloa and re- 
him unmercifully. He was rescned j search. • 
with difficulty liy the polico and tak- 

en to the police station under ex- 
eeptionaHy heavy guard. 

A eoancll of minlatwa waa harried- 
.ly called to examine the ' situation 

crfarod by the doiith of tho prosidont 
hi!* thi'ir (i("isi()ii, if any was takon, 
h:\t! not licou made known. In po- 
litical circles it is said, to be possi 

They moved the hridga in a day 
That, to tha ordinary person, would { 
seem to bo the big ciirt of tho job — 
j tiioviiiv tho bridge. But. in fart, ii^va- merely an Incidont. Tiio roal ! 
work was. getting tliinC3 ready io 
■nglnaers and workmen j | 

Do You Rajoy Your MpoIbT 

If  ou do not enjoy your 
your digestion Is faulty. Eat mod 
erately. o'^pccially of mrats, tnasticatel tu ove It 

yonr food tboroughiy. Let Uvejtpent six bnay weeks preparing foi 
hours elapse between meals and 1 this great Job. Everything was flg- 
t ik ooe of Chatnborlsln'e Tablet.s ' „ ,-fd out to tho loosi ir.inu;.' fvaoiioii 
i'liiiicdlately after Hupper and you pf an Inch. Then th" w.-n 
Me that Marshal Pilandski, former y«" ' meals to be a real rheckad and rechecked to make sure, 

ehiof of sute. will aasnma the taak ot P)   ^ i''«  m they were correct. One element of 

forming a cabinet.. Another report j 
is Pil.'-iidski may ovon ha iBveOtad 
With dI(!laloiial powers. 

Pendliu' a saliiiion. and la aoa- 
•ormity with the constitntioa. tha 
speaher ot tha Hoase of Oapatlas, 
NacleJ RataJ, will aaaame tha datle* 
of the prealdant, and -his first act 
will b'' to convoke the national as- 
sombly to chose a successor to Naru- 
towio. I 
' M. RataJ is a member pt the 'Piast' | 
AT Wit OS p^rty. Ho Ii IS yeara old, 
'1 former journalist and a graduate' 



of the University of Lwow. 

The president's body was removed 
tb his resideaca, where a full nailita- 
Tjr gwrd ia ataading watch. 
•I M. Narntowiei hold Bwiaa cltlsen- 
ship papers nntll a short time before 
bi« oleotion to tho presldeacy, when 
be changed them to Polish. 

New York. Dec. 18. — Elghty-yoar- 
Old Michael O'.N'oill. who per.-'Isted 
In sniokiug in boil. i:  beinc sought by^ 
the police for the shontlug audi 
woanding today of hia friend, Rich- 
ard Weaton, who objaetad. The 
two old men shared a room In Maid-! 
en Lane, where the t^hoottng occur- 

Three weeks ago, O'Neill, lonely, 
left a honw for ^a aged and W9- 
pealed to Waaton. aa aa n a l ataaoa  f' 
other days to help hln. 

"You're welcome to half of what 

I've got." Weston said, and their 
frlen lship began ' 
"He was a great comfo rt for 

Inncertainty was whether the trac 
I age would hold up, sink In °ome un 
forseen "/oft spot" In thi' tiTrain orj 
fkid. With a mighty bridt • on the| 
move, if these things bobbed up. the 
bridge might give a quick sidelent 
flop and eollap^ iBvery laeh el 
ground was tested thoroughly. 

The brldRo i? located in what k 
known as Jai k"» Ruu. in what for- 
nverly was old ;hony City, now :* 
part of PIttsburs. The structure 
conneeta PIttaharr and tha Borongh 
ot Bellavue, a aniraA, 

•avaral noted aagtaaera ware pres-, 
eat to wateh the moXe. 

Clubbing Rates! 

The winter days are upon us. the nights are long, 
opportunilies for reading are greater and its a mighty 
|obd tint to procure good reading fnattor. 

Let us send you the Republican one year for. . . .% $1.50 

The Republican and Daily Louisville Herald 5.00 

The Republican, Daily and Sunday Louisville Herald 7.20 

Thi Republku aad Dail^ C^wrfar J c u r — I 5.60 

The Republican, Daily and Sunday Cauriitsl Mniil 7.20 

The Republican and Louisville TioMS 5.60 

The Republican and Evening Post 5.60 

The Rapablican, Daily A Sunday Owansboro MawaagT . . 5.10 

The Republican and Twice-A-Week Messenger 2.80 

The Republican, Daily & Sunday Owensboro Enquirar .... 5.10 

The Republican and Twice-A-Week Enquirer 2.80 

The Republican and Twice-A-Week St Louis Globe-Dem- 
ocrat 1,90 

 T1m Rapobikaa and Maaphia, CiiMMWiial-Appaal 1.80 

If there is a magazine published in the United 
States that you wish to subscribe for we can get it 
and save yon a bit of nmey. in connection with Tlie 

These rates apply to both advance renewafs and 
new snbscriptionse Send cash with order to 




Dublin. Dec. 
BiCi i . raiding 

I  — T^e Irish in*Dme 

*»}vt'ra! inU'restinc 

rordhiR til 111,- riiir^aii of Public 
Roikds of the Depaiiment of Agrleul- 
ture. Reaetlon time to the intewai 
of time tlwt elapaee between the In- 
stant a sign, or signal Ik aeen and the 
neceRBury action n'artsd. A drtVer 


probiema. During the fight with j ••»'"'•** I**"'* snoiher veblck- «*en 
the English, the order went forth I   ' '♦''r'' v« hide nppoars 

that no Irishman shoald pay iaooma '"ay l»locli bis path. The dttv- 

t«x to the Britlah. ft waa dltfloait wbrthee to paas taa 

to .-oiiert it. therefore, aad larne ar-| »' *fop hack. If hia reae- 

remaiiiHd oatstandinn. WHenj »'« » ^'"n' !• "Ihw he mar not realise 
tiie Trnary was iiirtrfn. the British as. t^e danger anUI tOO lata ^ aTOrt aa 

he Jaat woald amoha ia bad aad I. 
being afraid of tire oh|a«tad. Bo 

The entry into the i^'ltleal arena 

itiui generally accepted as due to the 

-■frortw of rtt'iiiTal f'ilsudislil In wltoiii j ]p^ve today. 

be was related. His eleciioji to the; O'Neill, he added, rose early this 

■tate of Ohio. City of T  
LocM County, u. 

Prsn  J. Ctaeaay raskwi oath that lis , 
la xuntor partner of tho ftrm of F. J. ' 
Cbrney * Ca. doing buslcsae la the City ' ^'^^ 

awhila." Waatoa told tha police, but 1^^^^'^^ :», 5 STthS'ST'of ' .^..h n, 

- - ' "nk HUNDRE™ DoLf^^^ ^ tbo Irish government ,11 •"'d'^^nt 

mm* •»»n'  Mm at Catarrii lOuu caaiiot b* the Irish arroara oT ibeoaia tax ai xn Ev. ry 

.•ur«» r » the UM of HALL.-* CATARRH ' minmim »■ *~ *" 

tnnli „rf(»n«ft and after an ariument I MCDtClNR l-'R^VNK J. CHENEY. 

took orrenae ana alter an argument ^„ ^^^^ »,t« m..e,i in I j.-^, „, fw.w n„,..«mi„^ : telescope aad praaaaa a her ao that 

last niKht I told blm he'd have to; my pri««i,c«. thu cth .lay cf i- c -«nii«ir, deficit of the IHah Ooveramem , "'"^OP" preeseo aaey ao laai 

'^[Sitxl^ ^ ^'No"'*f uhiic h*'"' ^ ';oii.'»id  rabfr increaB.d. y^*  Ub» giar bo aleotrtaally recovd- 

Heirit Cutarrh Me llrin« taken Jn- Httt then- is now great lu-siiation observe Hie 

aHtronomer aila oheervoa 
Ualau thaawarraars are paid I ^^ if^ a star crosses a hair Uaa hi Ua 

presidency wuh m complete Hurprise, 
and hia 'adreraariea aaaertad loadly 
tliat It vTm broaght aboni by tha sa»- 
1^' 4e tli« Jiewlah depntlea. 

t\n€t H. Narntowtcs took the oath 
of office, anti-si-mil ic dcmoiistralions l 
have been more frequeut and bitter. 
Upon alaotlon day. December 9, he 
waa hlraed by atndenU while wonwn 
aludenta h\nM hia carriage with 

M. Naiiilnwirz rc'4rlii(i Parlia- 

moraing and waat aat ratttraJBg 
about • o'clock. 

"He stuck a pistol In my face anxl 

fli- cl " -aid \V( .ston. Ttii' l)uliet 
.siMrcii WfsloM H jaw. O .Ni ill fled. 

If tk» 

% tke 

ClMU ibfri»in'» Tal l 'i:k. 
Th:»e tablets ari- iiitiMidi-d esp'?- 
claliy for iadigeatlon and coustipar- 
tlon. Thay toaa up tha atonaA andl 

enable it to perform its tanctionji 

naturally. They act gently on the 

the UU.'OUII S'irf.H. "r  of 

for tefttixnomalt:. Ire« 

r .1 CTIK.N-Ky (k CO. Tole.lo, O. 
Sol I hv iill ilriiKfiiitj. 75 '. 
HaU  Family pl'l« »o- ron»''n tloa. 




al otr paying I'.'oplp say it Ik liani "nfl Vri-r» Ihf- k.-y at tli- sain,- 
Kuoagh to pay one year's income taa ^ lurrecllon has to bi- made 
withoat adding airaara which theyj'^hlch has been carefuUy det.rmiaed 
wer» invited not to pay and have | «nd U called hU peraenal equattoa. 
since spent. The suggestion has [It wrtaa wfth dlttaraat paoplo. . 
; b. cii made by a rc-sponsible fln3n( i. r Timers af a foot race with split- 
In the will of airs. Fbndray. of "iai the pre-truie iaconie t.ix hhoii-id second watches will 
Knox. Me., waa found this ciauae: "If, he wiped out. Bat ih." Irisli i:ov.rrt- 'HffTont taaalta tor tAa- ttma of the 
I die baCara ny eat Bean ha ia tp mam's agreement with the British j race. 

have tka beat of care, atlowad to "•»»•  eartala bardaaa «or which; The reaction time of some piniple 
staap «a the table or window sill ! these arreara ware ( aat-o«. and: « 1» very •»•» »nd uadbabtadly ia the 
and not left oat of doors at all. and I the arrears 'are not paid additional | of aiaay aeddaata.. Doaa the 

Honso to laki' llie oatb of of- liver ami liowfl-. tb r ;i)y ro.-toring ! i.!-, per iLonth is for salmon, milk and 

the stomach and bowels to a buultbyi neat. VThen he dies be i^ to have 

condition. When yon feel dull, ntu- 
pld and constipated glta them a trial. 
Toa are aertaln to be plaaaad wl^ 

their effect. m 


flee before an almost empty hall, 
only the Boolallsta aad non-Poliah 
deputies being present. Tha Nation- 

allstB refused to attend. 

Ttirousi-'Ut the past wool^ tlu' riots 
agsinst Ibe Jews have be. ii ut serious 
character, while autl-.NanitouiLZ pa- 
ndaa aaaumed alarming proportions.! 

The Preaidont cJlad on tha minister j Job.«on was made for » fanner. 
„f ih, ii.ierior to resign oB the But sticks to the whirling town; 
,sr..und» of intaimcity and at tha aame , Brownlee was built tor the city, 
iinio dUmlaaed tha Warsaw chief of j 


Among the eye  Yltnesst's of the 

sboutiag of President Nsrutowiea vuui 
William a. Haz-Uallar. tha Britlb 
'ninisi. r. who, ovarooaie with anu»  

'ion faii!t  il 

nut he's holding a farm Job down; 
jjoiison'ii a Joke at clerking. 

Hut a slur in the rountry fields; 
UrowultL's a dug lu the bearings. 
In the Job that ha never ylal*. 

a white eashaC Bade and be buried 
la my lot la Aehom eamatary aad a 
•mall atone put up for falm coating 
190." Hean died befori  hi{) mls- 
•treas, so be never cauu- into his lu- 

taxation will have to be imposeii to! pnbHc safety require that such peo- 
nieet llioMe l urden». Appeals aro j Pl« be dir-Iert driven!' licenses? The 
made ou thy groand of patriot ism i UurPa" ' I'oM e Itouds is 'n'it yet 
and duty to the new govornmeui. but; ready tn such a policy, but 
it seama avldeat that a large part    '  n.^i(i('rs thai it should ba lavaatlgat 
of the arrears are now naeoUeotahla 
I The future of the Irish Income tax 
I is ulso attra'.tliig attention. There 
' is a consideruble class of well-to-do 
V eoi/ p who, although domiciled In 
* Irelaud, hav« property in Bnglaud 

ed aa a ^paalble aataty m^ata. 

nam. unrisKii from 

«KftM.%N IIVM nitMS 

Manila. Dec. 16 — feople in tho 
lowef b «es in tli.  r\i.\\: wing of the 
Urund OpiTu Hoiuo hero, aajoylng 
a violin concert by Mlahal Plaatro. 
wore atattlod by kha appaaraaoe ot 
a yoeac «aa ooaatHalor. The saake, 
about three yards long, seemed to 
come froia the "entrasneslo" or bsjie- 
men: of tri   theater aad to ba attract 
ad by the music. Womaa ia the 
boxAs aathered dalatr akirta ta 
trembling handa, sfraaMafl aad holt- 
ad. givlac the boa faU right- of -way. 
Tha men scattered, too. but aomc onn 
found the stage carpenter's bauvmer 
and killed the saaka. aa tka aaaoart 


Fifteen miaataa later aaothar boa 
appeared, alao apparently' drawn by 
the atraitts of the vfalln. There waa 

another ciiuimi.tiiia. and another re- 
traquently get j quisltion tor the l arpenter's btmnter, 
" •• in the use of which for killing Intru- 
sive reiitlUa the unknown man ia ev- 
ening elathas waa beoomlat adeptJl 
No more sua kea appeared that even- 
ing, but there are mt'glvlngs in tha 
minds of the Manila publir as to Ju-t 
when It «ill he safe to attend IU3 
theat»r ajtain, especially for a muai ^ 
cal prcgram. A boa constrictor de- 1 
posits U ett* or nwre. ao it la rea- 
soned that there are still a aambar 
of young boas anxious to attead th»~ 

in «u«..«».| MCnneupolis. .Minn.,- Dee. 1«.— Ten 
Pedaral prohlbltloa agenta claim | aad thara an many realdaat ia Eng-j t i'»B'»' (l leiters(from Gorman mall 

Thus It goea aver aad aver, 

With no-one to set it right; 

Nobody's here to tell u» 

Jn.»l to II iiii eacli lii;lil ; 

' trunks. Till y were 
! quor. The femiulue 

owners encap- 

l)i p seniid I'our^hit thai re-Mst or- 
diiitirv rcmi i!ie.,_ r ;ii;nn.' bolb ► \ier- 

nai sad iuternui treatment. If yuu And Urownle** and Jub.Min Ijlund -r 
bay a dollar battle ot BaUard'a Iiorai-| And baugla things thru and thru, 
ba«|id Byrup you get the two rtmo- 1 And tha world paya dear each hour 
dies you need tor tho price of one.j For the work of the misfit crew. 

There lb u ilerrii U'.s K.-d i'epp \ I'ur- 
uuo I'laat.r lor Iho cbebl, free wliii liui it JoIimio euuld hie to the country; It ia reported by Dr. Ernest C. Le- 
ooch bottle. Sold by Ohio Cauniy .\nd hrtile on Hrownlee'a land. ;»y president of tliu .Xineriran I'ublic 
4^0. U» And iC Bruwulee to Jubsuu's figures lluaitb Asjoeiallon. that u 82-year- 

Coald tars hia 4hMi,aya a»d hand, old woman ot Venezuela K»ve birth 

that II pretty glrla. posing as ac- and who have property in the Free 'order liquor eoncUrna weta seised at 

tresaes and debutantes are doing a! State. HittMrto all these people have tha MlnneapaUa postoffica last weak 

i)ootieB iiu ine ..s lietw.- n -N'ew  )r-|pald inioii'e lax in one lump to the by poatal laapOBtors 
leans and l-'lorida. TUey are said lu^ British K'jvernuiont. but now' it is The undelivered 
be members of a million-dollar whis-. feared that they magr have to submit, 

ky ring. Tha aathoritiea became! to a douhla Inoona tax. It la a grlev- udvertuing cidcuiur* and offered fur 
anspicloaa.ot tka laraa aambar at j ance 'faai411ar la tha Doalaloaa, aad 

pretty girls tnvaltatB between the ' hh agitation Is now on taet to ra  

two pointH and opned a few wardrube neve these laxpuyers from a repe- 

letters. R. 
in fctur, .said. 



■alaa tw making beers and wfliea tor 
one dollar, apadtylag that tha ra- 
mlttaaea ha American money. Circa- 

Referring la aa addraaa at frincn- 
taa aalvarslty to Thomaa A. Bdlaoa'a 
amftlon that eollege men are afraid ' 
to work. Dr. Henry v,.ii Dyke, not- 
ed minister, writer and tonner am- 
bassador to the Netherlaii'ls. oliarai' 
lerized ibe ei^trieal wisard as a 
"sub-froshmaa eamlail from a prep 
school whero modeaty la not l» tka 
curriculum." Ha rebutted Kdlson'o 

filled witb Ii- titiou of that grievance la Irelaud. 

I OP gvurrvpuim 

turs Irons eight different German | atatement by polntintt out the fact 
firius are among the 10,000 held at | that :!uu I'rincuiun students partly 
the po4iotficH. All. vbft mailed working ib ir way thru college aara- 
trom Berlin. 


^ mora than liit.OOO last yaar- 
■ammtog up. Or. Vaa Dyke aaid: 

"Oa publicity Mr. Edison is un ex 
pert. On electricity he is Rood, biit 
There's more! ' sdmetinn s whinislcai. Ilul in hit* 

PROIIUBMM INTHUIWT I The world woald ga oa much amootk- to tiva parfaeily normal ohiidran 
■xnmiOll WOHKIIMI | wltk te oltkt koara. Tka motkar. 

TwouK! » hiri u 1 n. w-born lest who la Big (Bet four inoheS tali, work- 
(iruatbr euipiiasi.^ mi iiuii.- i i i.i ^.^j, tiw \. be a J0I1.0U or Brownlee - ed a« a day laborer la a mine until 
IMnsBemeut as a iihase ot home |he work that you do the her l two hoa/t batfVa tk* MVtk •! tht ka- 

taackiag waa urged dur- — Tka Ckaractar Ballder. biea. 

Children Cry 


WHArH YOVK MUOtlOM TIMH?! , „..,,. ,„ff ,ayv 

M5W QriWTiO!! FOR ArTOIHTK f^i u.w 5, schemes au deud sure opluion of college w«u he is wroBg 

I th!ug.-i going bunKry than ibem with' and renclnda me uf a bragging Bah* 

"What Is your reactlou time or dO| piciu Md spades. — ClevaUad Plain ftebbmau." 

you kaow tha Tklaa o( imt persaa- pMiar. I — - -^^ 

ai a^uatioa?" I _ , , . ^» , . 1 .. A rltk avaalag costume of gold ' 

This has beea auggeatad aa a poa-| Igyptlaa woaua darkMI tkkir apt , alotk la made with a full pointed tun- 
alblu riuebtiuu to be put to applicants l*d« with koM to B hk h l H tkMf hMtt- ic of the (old ov  r it Kold luo | eui- 
tor motor vehicle driver * lloenaa. ac- ty. i coat, and a aaah drapery of curai »iik. 

^ Lots for Your 

Money Brands" 

Mm. Tcnpt Tmi-Um 


Th. toonomy BAKING PQWOSft 

That*t What MUttons 
•t H««sawlT«« Do 

—They know that 
Good Baking Powder 
can't be sold for less— 
that "more for the mon- 
ey " means bake-day fail- 
ures, waste of time and 
money—that Cahmict 
means economy. 

The sales of Calumetare 
over ISO'^'o greater than 
that of any other bak- 
ing powder. 



I Masonic Ortl r ov. r mri!".-. lu'urts; it 
j la bceanre imssnnry has kvpt allv*- tlie 
• I sMtlimnt and the beauty of an Idea, 

I rather than of a practical raatMy. 
"Rodiiro the oTerhead," It a louod tliat it hta Uv«d and grown and thrlv- 
niaxiiii for Increadng the profits of ed. 

any liUBlnejs. One way to reduce' The Masonic Order U not elec- 
the overhead la to use the plant or niosynary in character, thouKh It 
office tlsteen hours • dajr laataad ot^ practloM charity; it is no mutual 
•Igfet. or ten tfonrs a day tnataad ot| beacflt orgnaiMfla*. althoitfh It Is 
fhra. And if th« "plant" kappans mutaally heneficiil to its members; 

rhcol, thO ml« BO It Is no: a lin*«aesuran(.-i Druaiii/.n 
Itlon; It offers liltle If any material 

to lit' H llUllli 

leas holds good. 

Tha comaranity with good school j practical aaeeta to it« memAersbtp. 
bttildlBM which doaa not ntUiialkmn That it Is of the groatoat oaa to Us 
for none good purpose ovtiida of tho' mambm. and • high ln |vaaea for 

iioi iiial five hours of Bchool. fivr davK rood in all oominvnttlaa wbwra Tnm 
a w. . k. h. not making as much profit aiasoBs are (a fact which can not 
4. n ilH il.veHtnient In tboiaa SChOOla as well be disputed i. . (.iiw- fr..m itH 
might be had. lb»'«l heaii  and minds of 

Many oonunanltlaa na* tMr aa in tWa iu. iuu  .- of its power 
KchooN for Amorlcaniiation pnrpoaaa to maka turn Uke a long Journey, in 
ill the evenlnr*. There  re thova-' Tavaranea and Iot* for tha tradlUMa 

Cd« of foreigners in Ibis rountry wblcb cluster about tha firat Praal* 
10 ara anger to be of, an well aa In. dent o( tbe Union. 

tlM land of thair adoption. They! • IT" 

hanger for Amarican idaaa • • • to| 
transform that kangOT into ana forj 

Aineriran Ideals In aa fl»0 • WOrk aa 
be done In a grhool. 

It ooala little; It it co«t much. It 
would atill ha worth it. To take 
tkoaa of alian birth who know noth- 
ing of tka lUfa and Btripaa sav* that 
they form the flag of America, and 
teach them that for whirl) It stands 
— Juillce, toleration, renHioiis 'r»' ^ 

Som* body happened to sai» "John 
^^iiiitii" in Heat a|ardock'8 praaanea 

the other day. 

"Huh," grunted Hi:: I'l.iin 

8ho«M B * Qttamntlned 

Many phynlnann bell- »e that any- 
ena who has a bad ru'.d shuuld be 
completely isolated to prevent oth- 
er membera of tha family and aaso- 
ciates from confraetlng tha diaaasa, 
as colds ar^ about ss catching as 
n'- aslew. One thlnp sur the soon- 
er one rids himself of a oold the less 
the danger and yon will look a good 

— juawx^, While before yon find a bettcc madl- 

dom. liberty, safety of person and ^^^^ cbamberlaln'a Congh Bam- 
pMpartjr. deeeney, chlTalry to jo aid you in onitek » MUL "T 

weak: to instruct them In the fnnda-l . ^ ' 

mentals of Aiinriciin history, let ~ ■ .« 

thenii learn of Wii. liingion and Lln- 
eoln SB somethlnB el.-e tliui naiufs; 
gira them a chance to gu out iu uur 
atrenuouB economic life fitted to cui e 
with Americans oB a baola of mntual 

Amerliinism; that is to reduce tha , u . 

^ I ul on he schools on one hand. John Smith U a good hone.t name, 
^id iay .-at dividend, to the State Tr.n«ferr.d fo other l-hK^-tl* « ^ 
BBfi pay hf'-"'. KiRnlfiranf. Thuj;, In Latin It is 

on the other, fc„,, be J 'I «i"" ''« S,i l!:!.u; •, the Italian 

Not all foreigners hors want to m •» , ^ ,.ui 

» ,.,nl«d But of those who smo.:h Mt ml „„., Ciovanul Smlthl; 

AmerlcanlMd. J«» " ,^ tUe Spaniard. v.,uU r It Juau Smith- 

v.^.::zr^^^or:j:!^, .-.; th.i,„ . h.,„s 

way to ami. ^ ^ Schmidt; the French lUtton it out 

k other* '.s, ... iw . , .,„.ri- InO) Jean Bmaet. and the Russian 

iBg.the ioyula..aou.m^i-U. A^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^ j^^,^^^ ^^^^ 

can citlsen to ^,»''»". When John Smith gets Into 

„.cans Home.hlng else than a Cheer ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ 

when the flaK Koe. ''y; Shimmitt; If he clambern 

^ to which he s hould be able to turB ^ ^^^^^ Smithson; If he 

. .u.^n^ of M l- trades among the Tnscaroras 4ie be- 
. I»»hepmonce of a i^rong or ^^^^^^ ^ ,^ ^^^^^^^ 

«,ns. who fClled tbe °' „ ^nown as Ivan .SohnUttlweUkl; 

Alexandria-Washington .hould h. wander un.or. th. Welsh 

la. ot Alex!u.(!rla, \ a.. *° m oantains. they talk of Jlhon 8ch- 

Ul master and officer, of O orgo ^. ^ M«tleo 

Waabington Lodge, no. *. • ^^^^ jaumi vnaMtti! i 

loS, eonfrr^ltke Maoter M.son^ 
" . . e upon a member of tb«lr lodge. 
Thirty members of George Washing- 

•nrpote, and wore ibo guesU cf ho 
SL^drian. for • M, ilUf wWeli 
they returned home. 
TOO world needs aentlmant, Uf- 

,„as ^e do a life of bard, practtonl 
laility with -he dally chaae for the 

;Xme« theou...ana.,,.needofus 

all we need tho«  In.iUutu.ns which 
ierTsb end preserre Be...l.u.-.' 
•Td hetel, sentiment at iU purest 
,nd beat. Wheu thirty men take • 
r;n,Journe ^.MUe.aKeof.r^^^^^ 

»m(«- when a lod,; ' m 
■ ?in mVel to Alexandria, -u. au.. 

of their lodge U tieorge 
and George Waahlug- 

be is 

booked aa JonUi rSn'itti; it of 
elassle turn be lingers among Greek 

rijlii-:. h. iHiis t.) Ion .s.;i:kton; and, 
In Turkey he is utterly ixtinmiished ' 
aa Yoe lent." ~ I 
— Kansas City Journal.' 
- — 


For Inianta and Children 




Herioaii Hhortiw« In Itallway fi^aril-' 

be room to pnf It anywhere. 

t. r, 

The trHnsportn'lor ("lio-;?);' fiflll 
exUts, but the Illinois Central Sys- 
tem was more efficient' in October, 
1*22, than ercr before in its history, 
according to a atatement to the pub- 
lic hy President 0. M. Mn r k k n m . 

Rach freight car on tbe Illinois 
Central .Sysum nmvcil an average ot 
46.76 miles per day during October. 
The BTe'rsge included all curt on the 
rallrond— those awaiting loading or 
■nlonding. tkoao ont of intnfr, and 
those being swljfhad ln tfco yards, 
Rs well an rnrs nroTtng In trains, 
rr«'vions to iliis year the best record 
wan entablighed in October, 1920. 
when the BTeraga movement was 
44.59 miles per csr per day. 

The statement by Prealdent Mark* 
h:im ( rrdlt." the co-operation of nt^p- 
p( rx and cor.'-lpii'»es In loading and 
unloading '.us inuri' prnnjptly .md 
loading them more heavily with 
helping the ininoia Central System 
to make a new effleieney record this 
year, but he pointa ont* that there 
Ik silll room for iinprovement 

In October, liiiiit). r loading on the 
Illinois Central ,Sy-;rii! was only .')! .:! 
per cent of the muxlmum capacity of 
the care loaded, Mr say? 
Mixed feed loading was only 64.9 
per cent, cement loading was only 76 
p. r cent, cotton-.seed productn load- 
ing was only 5«.2 per cent, flou: and 
meal loading was only 69 per c ni. 
sugar loading waa only 62.2 per cent 
;.i!d rtneco'and plaster loading was 
only 7 5.3 per cent of mazimnm oar 

.Mr. Markham says that th«re is 
no completely eff.riive reii.edy for 
the transportation  lior.:iK- in ili- 
immediate future, but there Is an op- 
portunity lor Imprewement thru more 
intensive use of the present limited 
facilKles. C .rs should be loaded 
and unloaded imre promptly and 
loaded more heavily. FreiKht cars 
spend more than one-third ot tlu ir 
time in the bands of shippers and 
consignees. nMinly becanac loading 
and unloading la not done tke same 
diiy curs are received 

The remedy for tutnre shortage? 
of transportation lies In greatly en- 
larging and expanding railway facili- 
ties of all kinds, Mr. Markham says, 

Hplrwdid Coagb Mcdielne. 

"As 1 fed that erery family should 
know what a aplendid medicine 
Cbamb. rlaln'8 Cough Remedy is, 1 
am only too pleased to relate my ex- 
p rieuce and only wish that I bad 
known of its merits years ago." 
wrttea Mra. Clay Fry. Ferguson Sta- 
tion, Mo, "I give it to my children 
when they show tbe sllgbteat symp- 
toms of being cronpy, and when I 
havf a couKh or ciild on the lungs a 
very few doses will relieve me. and 
by taking It for a few days I soon get 
rtd of the cold." m 


Washington Star — Parking prob- 
lems will apparently not be solved 

until nii'cliiinical genius gm's a step 
farther and invents a collapsible fliv- 


Capper's' Weekly — Bryan's brother 
was elected governor of Nebrn.^ka. 
But, we take It, it doesn't run in th 

Flint Journal — Furnaces are like 
hutbands. It you don't watjh them 
they will go out. f 

Life — The ball of a bootlegger In 
Now York was placed at $101,000, It 
took nearly all ot hia amoU change. 

Little Hock Oasette— "Diva Re- 
duced to Teara" — Headline, This 
heats Mary OnrdOB, Wko ndMed to 

119 pounds, I 

WashlnKlon Star — Jud Tunkinsl 
says that every lime he hesTs shout I 
a pence conference he gets nervous 
for fMT andtbnr war la going to 

Diihilli Herald — I-ale In life snr- 
eess expands the waistband, Kariy in 
lite ft nioreljr anpanda* tfe«, batbnad. 

Florida Tlmea-IT|ilft: — A woman ! 

has paddled all the way through thel 
Panama (.mal. Hut wouldn't you 
bale In be the son of a ITaian Wko ' 
can paddle like that? 

Philadelphia North American — The 
wet program to date aeemc to eonalat 
mainly ot light whines and feara. 

Columbia Record — The nations 
cannot rely on each other as long as 
they* lie oa each other. 

Washington Times — \ pound of 
bitpfsteak ccfts 870.000 "riibl'S in 
Russia, but this is offset by tbe fact 
that there la' no beefatoak. 

Pttttbnrg . Sun — Cbineee prineeaa 

In Franci co likes all things 

American. Even cliop ..-uey? 

Worchester Post — It Isi estimated 
the handshtking from one election 
would pump two million gallona of 


Chicago Dally New.~— If a man 
isn't capable of governiiii; himself 
It it np to him to get married. 

p; )i 1- News — One consolation 
aboui ^;.::i i~' defeated for office is 
that nobody quertlona your campaign 
expense account. 

Vtlea Observer-Dispatch — Mr. Edi- 
son says that flO.OOO-a^year kind of 

men are scarce. So. also, are 
000-a-yei.r kind of Jobs. 

Philadelphia Record — The su- 
preme court, may be 'expected to pnt 
on more aira tban ever. It baa a 

Butler now. 

Washington Post — Even when the 
wlH of the people Is expressed, it 
U freanently carried through by alow 

Maryrllle Democrat-Forum — 'Toi^ 
can worry a man by keeping him^ 
waiting and a woman by keeping her 


Baffalo Snquirer — If all tbe hig 
packing firma merge we will have 
only one to denounce. 

Norfolk VIrglulan-Pllot- .\'o diuilii 
the parting words of the sultan were: 
"I am aorry I havo got iMra wivaa to 
l«ir* to my eonntry." 

Providence Journal Senator Nor- 
rU wants to eliminate the electoral 
college. Why not? It has never 
produced a channpion football team. 

.^.tohi«oa Globe— If the aenlptors 
keep on making atatnee of Abraham 

LinciMii, -oon nobody wUl kaow kow 

Lincoln locked. 

It ie BOW possible for patsengars 

to ride over t* miles In the New 

Vorli mb\,;!y. on a flve-ont fare, 
have The ride. whUli ;  cliinnd ta ht the 

the nime 

the nun. .a. ...aster of N.^a.h.«»^ 

ton-AieAUWIrla LoJi.' . i„ugesl In lUe world for the price. 

l..i,u 'liy. a Ur gre^ ^^^^ through Brooklyn. Manbat- 


Atlanta Coustltution — Books o\ 
etianette suggest no graceful means 

by which a great nation osn let loose 
of a small nation that la too hot to 

t'aeVttaUy. T ".e il..h. 


^Ji a lull' 0*»l» 

;;:'ii ;he powe; «1 tU. t.- and the Bronx to Mlot street. 

Kalamaioo Gaaette — If we got 
overytklng w« wanted there W9ul«tu't 


, » 

Rocks do not grow in tbe aenaej 
that a plant grows. They may in-, 

crease by accretion, and Ihey may' 
undergo chen:ical cliangf. The old 
sea bed, beinK lifted up, becomes 
aandstone and limestone. The vol-, 
canic aah and lara'atrewn orer tbe' 
plains become tufa, bard enough for 
building stone. The pebbly shore of 
a rlvt-r becomes conglomerate. Tbe 
simple mineral does grow, however, 
when it takes a crystal form. The 
sparkling prism of quarts Increases 
from an atom to a crystal as large as 
a foreirm by a pVocess of addition 
and as-ii'iiltion, wonderfully slow, 
but ln-aiuilully rcKului, exactly as 
crystals of ice toriu on the wludow- 
pene.^^^ j 

Wheezing in the lungs indicatea, 
lint phi gm la obstructing the air 
pa aK s. Ballard's Horehound 8y- 

r.ui loo i lls the phlegm so t'lat it 
can be eouiihed up and ejected. 
Price SOc, 60c and $1,20 per botil" 
Sold by Ohio County Drug Co. m 


._— \ ! 

Speaking before a larg^ audience,, 
both colored and white, at Atlanta, 
Oa., Dr, R. R. Morton, president of 
Tuskegee Inctitute, said that he be- 
lieves tbe negro of today is lust as 
loyal and friendly to the white peo- 
ple as bis anceatora were in the' ante- 
bellum days. Dr. Morton, who Is on 
a goodwill t iiir of the Soti'.h, point- 
ed out III! (l■^t()nlary practice of em- 


Htm  ' i. 


AW'ic table IVcpafatioofcrM 
slmd.^limlU ■rFoodhyRc^tI^s• 

1 i r V ; 1 1 S ! omacis andlkiwrlstf 

Thereby PfomoliniiDKwtwn 
neither Opium, MorpMncnor 
Mineral, Not NAncoTic 

Sim JW 


Cofislip.Hionnnd Diarrhoea, 

and FivcrishncNSj'f 



For Infants and Children. 

MoUien Knew TM 

GenuiviB Castoria 


Bears the 

•„ '„^.-y of Wra7p«f. 



For Over 
Thirty Years 



KHV. Mmm voiiN omr. 

Which DaUy Paper? 

A Question That Is Quickly and Readily An^vi^ered. 

The Courier -Journal 

LanMtMoniiBf Ciircal||ti;ni 
of Any KMitac^ Mflmm^ 

Enjoys a nation-wide prestige and reputation. It is 
essentially a newspaper, intent upon giving newi 

matter first consideration. 

Maintains its own news bureaus at Washington and 
Frankfort. Member of the Associated Press. 

With important legislation coming before Congiess 
and Kentucky General Assembly in 1922, The Cour- 
ier«Journal is the daily newspaper you will peed. 

By apeeial arrangenaenU we are now able to offer 


Botb one year, by nMtl. for only (5.70. 

Thia offer appliea to renewals as well as new anbaeriptioas. but 

only to^eople living in Kentucky, Tciini SHe« or Indiana. New aub- 
Bcriptlons may. if desired, atari at a latter date, and ronewais wi.l 
data from expiration of preaent ones. 

It yoh prefer an evening news| .iper, you may aubatltute Th* 
LmiiaTiUe Times tor The Courier-Journal, 

Send or bring your ordera to tbia office. 

CAPACITY OP THK HORSJB I his maximum lead, and one-third bis 

' jmaxlmunb speed,-' — Oompressad Air 

Endurance la the boraa'a wegkest , Magaaine. 

phasizing the occablonal cases of fric- 
tion between the two races while ov- 
erlooking the hiindreds ot Instances 

of helpful co-operation and friend- 
stfip dully taking »lgM ta ««|r]r:eom- 


» — »• 


point. Ten hoars a day ia often aa- 

' sam«d aa his working period. An- 

llhorlties rlaini that eit-'ht biuirs it 
■ better, or lhat t^ix under u li avier 
load will aerouipli^b the baiue volun.e 

m&iiiDimaBD mail 


Wiisl.iiiKlon, Dec, Ig.- 

The I'ojit 

of work with less tear and wear oujolfiue Department estimated today 
the horse. Tbe average farm horse, tbnt a wnatg «( |l,T4l,g#0 annually 
cannot be depended npon tot more .reanlte trow wrongly addreaaad-malL 
a day, nor more than fonr to alz| ▲  anrrsy Junt completed reveal* 

jtbiin thirteen to fifteen miles Of pull that the av. i nnu.ini . r n, 

After years of study devoted to bour- of woi k per day, as an average ' received at postc ifK .- daily with 1m 
the topic Professor Alfred Newton f» r even the bii.sli'«! months. Prop- proper addrcsbes was 375.881 and 
of Cambridge stated that without |erly handled, working about sU that the salaries of postal emplopna 
doubt bird mlgrstion la the greatest boura a «ay. well and gnrefnUy fed. reqnlnad to rea4iregg thia mat 
my»uj;y In the entire animal kiag-[a horse may have a worktnf Ufa ot ameuta to more tk«a |l,M*.tM« 
dom. "A mytttry," he added, "that, ten years of 1,000 hours each. Tbe year. 

can be no more explained by he mod- average farm horse will do well to Jt*--, 

^ develop 500 hor-')ower boura per WOLb' KILLBD IN OITV 

yesr. or 5 000 In t-n y" About UlOTIi 01? ^CAqift 

twenty per cent of thei horse's » 

welKht may he taken aa bla maximum Chicago. Dac, 16.— A wolf w ict 

srp roan of science than by the sim- 
ple minded savage of antiquity." 

The world la a lookh i; glass snd ^ 

tflven back to every man the reflec-^ „ustalned draft and six to eight mtlea hna been aeen in tbe ionth side of Cb,!- 
tion of hl.s own face. Frown at It.l per hour his maximum sustained- Wge for seteraj 4ays was kUlMt tUs 

iiid il will in tiiK! ;o.)k .scurly upon|f;„- d for unyihliig more Ihsn an afternoon by A. A. Braadit ip *, fft-, 

you; luugb at It and with it, and :t| h„ur or no per day. The draft home lot neai^lila btni-e. 

is a Jolly, kind companlon.—Tbatk- onllnarilv gives the lamest vo'-'ne h ■ 'It, Is entitled tea ISS » 

eray. 'of work jur dey at abuut htiu «"«^«'" old stats Uw. ■ 


Just a Small List of The Many Beautiful Things at 


Toilet Sets $6.00 to $17 JO 

Manicure Seti $2.50 to $12.00 

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Whitman's Candies . . . .$1JBm911jOO 

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A Free chance on the $20 Doll with every Nyal Purchase. 

Beaver Dam Drug Company 

' "The Nyal Store" . 

Beaver Dam, Ky. 

tj _»£^_j D..».ki: .Bn i '' 1 ruination by the Demoeratle 

Shm Hartford Ropubiican ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ Republican 

I arid seems to have turned the otb- 


w. 8. mraurr. Editor 

tmi BaslMSi 

Entered according to law at the 
lUioe, Hartford, M wall 

XMnm . all eomnaalMUou t» 
Bwtfortt IUp«Ut«A:' ' 


1 dMirtac tk« 9»ftr 

amr *Mtmm mnit civ* tk« oM 
Mdnu In maklBS the request. 

BtUiBMt ZjOMIb and Notices 10c 

Bllne, and 8c per lije for each ad- 
oaal iBsertloB. 

Obituaries, Resolutions and Cards 
0t Thanks, Ic per word, and 6c (or 
•Mh bead line and signautre, money 


Okareh Notleaa tor aarrleei traa, 
tat oikar •amtlaamanta, le per 

r way ronnd. 


(•r VMM MallaM.1 

4aoivaou flommaaleaUoiia will 
fiMva ae attaatMa. 

mm MaMM. 



It li said that it la more blessed 
to give than to receive. That we 
wtll not (It iiy. lull we do iifdrni that 
Ita a heap sight costlier, tho. 

t Tha azlled aaltan of tke tarka who 
inad from his harem and one-hnn- 
iirad, twenty and more wives, exhlb- 
ttad a rare plcco of Judgment when 
%m did it before Xma^. 

That Providence, R. I., pastor, 
A4olph Boglehardt, i^kom bia wita 
•karges with baring had IM amoara. 

•Bd who was Interned by the Gov- 
•niment during the war as u 
enemlr alien, did not have it 
4toaa to bim aoon or long enough 
•Ifkar. It bla wifa ba eorraet. 

We haVe no enemies, at least we 

make II ) ackiiow li'dKcmeni of that 
fact, here and now. and to all of our 
frlciiils \vr e.xtenil oui' ui-hi'a lor tho 
■easou's best In happiness of the 
••Ud and laating Tarlaty, wbteb 
aacesBarHy includea health and a fair 
measure of prosperity. The Repub- 
lican, after this i.-Mi", will not be 
seen again until ViiW. but on the 
first Friday of the m w year it will 
asaia appear at your door. While 
tkaafctag each and aTarjr IndtTldval 
tor whatever they have contributed 
to the paper's welfare and success. If | 
•ay has been attained, we ask and 
dare to hope (or your indulgence 
through the year Just ahead— Again, 
j^ood obaar to avarybody. ' 

In this Uiua, we reproduce a abort 
article carried by the press this week 
ralatlng to Ameriian ex|»irtH during 
the present year and particularly for 
tha moajth .9f Nyvembar, And do 
Mt torgat tk«t It, (a aod waa under 
tbe l^rdii^yJlnC^nb^ Urttt law, 
enact, d by thp present Republican 
Aduiini. irallou. The report shows 
a total expiirt bu lneKS of $.18,1,000.- 
'••0. Tha November Increase over 
fljetobor waa |IS.M«,«M. |M.*««.- 
- tat graatar than export! of (ka lana 
month last year and |lS8,0a0,0«9 la 
excisK i)f exports (or Nov. 1911. the 
first year of President Wilson's leriii. 
Tka free trade and tariff opponents 

bava baaa yelllug ihemMlTaa hoarse 
tkat tha foeaat Uritt aat ha4 raiaad 
tha Country's aipwt klUlMoa and was 
V iMpbaalbIa for llMit All of our 4i  

Tba BlBMnons Road law, ai enacted 
by tba laat Kaatneky LagiMatnra, 
was on Friday of last week declar- 
ed 'o be unconsltlutional by the Ap- 
pellate Court. This act was another 
of two of the late legislature's par- 
titan attempts to be hold for naught 
by KaaUaky*! highaat Court. Batora 
it was tba obnozlooa reglitrattoa law. ' 
The chief reason for tbe Court's do- 
cislon In the road law was due to 
the fact that the General Assembly, 
created new offices and then attempt- j 
ed to aama the Incnmbentt, which 
tbe Court aaya it ba^no right to do. ' 
The sub-structure of tba greatest 
political machine known in recent 
State history waa laid by the Demo- j 
cratlc majority in the act voided byj 
the Court. Day by day, more aad 
mora, we may iwe tbe absolute neeaa- 1 
sity of sane, aenatble and seasonod 
rotirts roT 7io9"d of n comparative I 
few to hoild the rest of us in check i 
when we start ruaulag to sood In glT- 
en directions. 

— r — 



Notice from the press that they 

are killing un!v s uiiliiii the city of 
Chicago. We knew the windy city was 
a wild and wooly place. In fact, we 
thought too much ^o to harbor 

* * * 

We would rath' r he a live teetotal- 
er or a private citizen than a dead 
ipoonshiner or prohibition enforce- 
maat ofUaar. 

* e e 

This last cold spell caused ns to 

divorce our old fall suit, thoujch we'll 
probably be reunited when the flow- 
ers bloom again. 

* * * 

'We are liooklng forward to T. D. 
Claire's week-end vl iit with expecta- 
tions that something may liappen 
soon after his arrival. We had a 
dream Friday night, while lying on 
our right sldar tho best night in the 
week to dream dreams that eome 
true, and In the vision wa beheld 

vint;i'..'e of a ricli. aiiilicr lined color 
and were convinced by ta.stluK there- 
of, that Volstl^ad, in all his life, nev- 
er had his hands on or about tbe sub- 

! Jeet of oar draam, tba foraiaaaor of 

Owen horo. Ky.. Dec. 20— Leslie „ „^ , „ 

Potts, employed tai tha araetioa ol a fg^^j,, 
high school at Calhoun, McLean | , « , 

County, elipped from the roof of the' ^^j^^ ^bove. or below, 

building, a distance of twenty feet at | ,,gpp„j,„g „p„„ ^.^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ „ 
11; 30 o'clock this morning and fell eapacUng much for 

to tbe ground breaking his neck. Hb ; xmaa. 

Is a resident of Owensboro. Death was 


R iSaLB 

• • • 

One member of the office force Is 
a sort of, we nearly said silent part- 
ner, but that would be a mistake, 
that is the silent partaar part. In a 
The C. P. Church property near the ; new rasUuraat la towa, aad If we 

aaya ha does aot baro to wash hi- 

face, his neck and ''ars look no differ- 
ent from the bath either, so what's 
the use. If he wore a collar and tie 
both would be hidden by tbe alfalfa, 
so thoso are dlapansed with. The 
small portion of hla sMrt front not 
hidden by his Jscket is completely 
covered by the fallen and tangUd f,i- 
clal grass, so the frequent change nf 
that part  ii in- r.iinifnt Is wholly 
unnec^sary. Economical? Ifes, he 

saya that's his middlest name. 

• • • 

Notice in a Louisville Daily, when 
an Incidi nt transpired In that fit v. 1 
one of tho paitie* therein mentioned 
waa spoken of as having been huri:,,^^. 
in "Hartford, Ohio county, on the it 
outakirta of Owaaaboro, Ky." Morefr 
than S7 miles of field, thicket an ! X 
woodlsnd lie 'twizt tbe two points 
Time was when Hartford was a coun- 
ty seat town and Owen-boro "lh» 
Yellow Banks" and all of that re- 
gion a part of Ohio County. 

• • • 

KaUer Rial says of all tbe things I \ 
of greatest flight money beats every- ! | 
thing he knows of or has heard 
about, that It Ih a Kort of one-waytr,   
you have to go after it but its fast r . 
than graasad lightning whan going. ; 


\uis Candle* (.Itewlng Uutn 


Cook's Dsy 

Heg's Place 


liol Soup 

Hot Ihywbcrurn* 
Froah OyairrH 
i ork BnOaa 
Pork Chnpn 

ion \«x' )s 

rWery Bead Letture, Mr. 


ii n iiiiii nnm i nn ii nm iii n i n iiiii nm iii 

High school building in Hartford. 
Ky., ia for sala to tho highest and 
bast bidder and those desiring to pur 

chase shouhl file sealed bid with 
Rev. J. S. J. Hrear. Ltitrhfield. Ky., 
or C. .M. Crowe, Hartford, Ky., on 
or before Jan. 19th, 1923. 

Committee reserves tba right to 
reject any and all bids. 

This Dec. 18th, 1»8S. 

J. S. J. IIRK.VR. 
26t4 Chairman of Committee. 

; I 


MUD mr cmijwunf 

Hartford Republican — Herewith 
enclosed, find chtck for $1 no for 
which you will please send the "Old 
Sheet" to KU Logsdon, Orange, Tex- 
as, tor OBO year. Oat it out so that 
ba will raaotrailt by Chriataas. i 
want all my ebUdran to read tha Re- 

With best wishes for the "Old 

Sheet," I am, aa aver, yours. 


Horaa Branob, Ky. 


iCaa get aha and tha others concern- 
ed, to open up a set of books we are 
Ronna do some patronizing of tbe 
na« ooaaan. 

• • • 

We traded with Bill HImes, the 
neweat meat market man untU he 
wanted us to pay bim up. It made 

ti.s mad, seemed that he mlRht be 
sorter feared to trust us. so we hain't 
been hack Ihire sim-'. Hill know- 
ed we couldn't pay till wo drew on 
our backer aad thata pooled and sot 
dalivarad yat. 

• • • 

Albert Cox, I. D, Claire's bard of. 
te.ikettlo hollow is a real economist,; 
in more ways than one. Frlnatance: 
by wearing his hair aad whiskars 
long, wa mean la length too, toaaor-. 

lal ^ir'i't" 

f'f- are faved. He 

DltAIN.4CiK BOXn T.\X 
AlliKon HuynfN, ct ul., Unthiagr IHs- 

The landownera whose lands ere 
bonded to tha Allkroa Haynas et al.,1 
Drainage District In Ohio County, 
Kentucky, are hereby notified that 
the fourth .series of bonds Issued 
to construct said ditch, will be due 
on P\'bruary 18. IISS. 

Persons owlag asseuments in 
the district ahoald aco C. O. Huater, 
County Treasurer, Hartford, Ky., at 
once and pay amount of tax due on 
said bonds. Penalty will be added 
after February 18, 1923. 

8. L. KINO, 
Drataaga Commissioaer. 

The Ohio County Post No. 
44, American Legion, invites 
you to attend their Christ- 
mat Dance, Monday, Dec. 
2Sk at Dr. Bean's Opera 
House, Hartford, Ky. Chap- 
erones, dancing 9 to 2, 6 no 
breaks. Miuic by the Royal 
Purple EMrtsiiMMrt, feabir- 
in« 7 of the Sonili's fovMBOgt 

\ The GeOe Delker Buggy \ 

For Style, Quality and Durability 
cannot be ecellecL Call and look 


Hartf oM, Ky. 

♦♦tll»I HH t i l»»tl»IIII MM» « il -t 

I have recently put in a 
brand new line of groceries 
etc, in the building I former- 
ly occupied, where I hope to 
meet and do business with 
all my old customers and 
friends, as well as many new 
onci. I ihall take paint to 
give you courteous treatment 
and the best merchandise the 
maricet affords at the leant 
poedble cost 

Yourp tru^, 

U. & CAISON, HMtf ovd 

Gve Accessories 


Call iD and let ut diow you loine 
~" uMfidgiftai. 


Beaver Dam, Ky. 

Sea la Wa Kin( Before Buying Yoiir 
Christmas Gifts. 

Every since the Three Wise Men bore gifts of gold, 
frankincense and myrrh to the lowly manger at Bethle- 
hem, the Christian world has commemorated Christmas 
time with gifts and expressions of kindly sentiment. 1 
have gifts suitable for each member of the family, such aa: 
Watches, Clocks, Rjngs, Diamonds, Lavalliera, Bracelets, 
Silver Ware, Manicure Sets, Toilet Sets, Leather Goods, 
Ivory Goods, Spectacles and everything found in a flriit- 
claw and uij-to-date jewelry store. A ^reat reduction in 

pricas since last year. 

Don t fail to see me before buying. 

R. W. KING, Jeweler. 
- . Buyer Dun, Ky. 



SIX PAim IN A GMttmaamT 

No doubt your minds are now 
turning toward Xmas, and that you 
are already thinking of yoor frli)a b 
and jmtuvhatyouwfllghrethm.' Our 
store it brimful of suggestions, and the 
time is short. Don't let it slip up on you. 
Take our advice and buy early. 

Our Big Xmat Circular wiD reach 
you in a few days, giving you a detailed 

account of what you will see, when you 
visit us. 

Anticipating your preMnoe^ and 
thanking you in advance^ 







FIRS WOKKS of all kind* at 
25tf •HKOS 1'L.ACE. 


Mr. A. B. Pate, city, wm In Ow- 
•Mhoro TwMday. 

Complete lliio of (r« 
Just arriTtd at HSO'S. 


Dr. Williurd Lsk. . of McUeanr. 

wa.i ill Hiirlford Monduy. 


Ajsar load of saltir salt at 
W. B. BLLM * BRO. 

For fancy box raudies and fruit 
feMkMt to to ACTON BKOB. tttS 

Judge J. D. Holbrook, ettr. 
In Owtnaboro oa. boateoM. Frldajr ot 
laat waak. 

Hot Lunches at any Uour la the 
day at Holbrook-Hlmaa. CITT BB8- 

dUplay of Honit Mini.' Candy. 

liny your Fruits, Nuts and Candles 
(ur Clirtstiuas at Holbrook-Hlmes, 

Oat your Xmaa CaudiM, Nuts and 

Fnritf at **** 

%frt. Leon H. Blabop. city.  p«nt 
Tuesday and Wsdnaadlur. lu Bvaaa- 

vllle, Ind.. shopping. ' 

Mr rixtoii Cttsobler. of BeaVOr 
Dam, wa» in LoulaTilltt last week, on 

See the line ot WellUngton and 
Commodora Pipaa at TATBV. A 
tlna Xmaa gtft Obaap too. 

JIM TATE always bat tka traabeat 
and baat Oyattrs. Celeiy. CfMbarrtaa. 

Fruits and NutH of uU kisdh. B«y 
tor Xmas from him. S4tt 

It you are In need ot a (arm wagon 
don't torgat tha Owensboro Wagon. 
Nona battac wtde. 24t2 

Boyii! iiirli ! Don't foffat 
that good Whitman'* 
TATE'S. Try a h ix. 

abottl SKIFF LOST-— Broken 

atlDnndpe, nain«» "Wm. Ellis.' 
I J. E. MITCHELL, Dundpp. 

toet» at 

' Notify 

Mrs. Ratfha) 8hults. 
Sattrany tor Heaatoa, 
she will spand fka winter. 

i\ toath Bfrl iarnes, ol^ BteubenTUla. Ohio, 
wMraflrflhNNM tke belld«^a ifft& 1ilajar. 
enta, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Barnea, city. 

Fresh Oy-liTs. Cliop-. (';■« iinrry 
Butter etc. Take then  off of ice at 

Mr. aad Mn. W. t, Itoal. and ebll- 
dren, elty, were week ead fueate ot 

Mr. Meal's parenUi. In Owenaboro. 

Only R f«'w Ki«'n-KiiltPr Kazors 
left, »Tery otif piiarantPiMl, 
s'stt W1LUAM8 A TAYLOR. 

ChriatSM Clean at JIM TATB8. 
But a box tor haaband. brother or 
•twoetbeart. Th«r make vary appro- 
priate gifts. S4tt 

nuy HIM a nlcp WiiJllnrtnn Pip. 
for Chrlstinna. Holbrook-HlmcH. 
CITT IIBSTAURANT, haye thorn. 
Coma la and look tbev over. 

y n t 

Bay. yoar -wlto a Maparak Itaage 
tor hat ZaMS baktag and good eats — 
yoa will hare \\\  \\\ 2.' t2 


Hare plenty ot ncreaaed coal on 
hand at all tinea.  4t4 

Hartford, Ky. 

Money |o l/oun — Low rate of In- 
tereat. No (ommiRsion. 

Att'y. kt Law, HarttmM. 

Mm. R. T. Collin.'!, city, w» nt to 
Louisville la*t Saturday to fp. :iil n 
week, with Jier daughter, Miss Mary 
Warren Collins. 

Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Bums wMI go 
to Ownaaboro today to aptad a -taw 
days with Mr. Baraa' iathar. Mr. 1. 

T. Bums Sr., and Mrs. Bumi. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hoover, of 
Cincinnati, Ohio, arp expected to ar- 
rlTe here Sunday, tor a short visit 
with r^tlves during the holldaya. 

Mr. Arthur Leach, of Herrin, III., 
arrived in Ilnrtford last flaturday to 
spend a week the guest o  hia fath- 
er, Mr. C. A. lioaah aad Mta.^tieaah. 

Mm. P. O. MelClaaey aad aoa. 

Tar James, ot Oakmont. Pa., am 
guests during the holidays, ot Mrs. 
.McKlnnty's mother, Mn. Nettle M. 

Reld, Rockport. 

Mrs. 8. O. Keown, city, will spend 
a few days in LexinRton next week, 
as the guest ot her son, OUmore, 
and Mrs. Keown. 

Apples, Oranges, Bananas. Orapes. 
Celery, Craabtrrlea. Bead Lettuce, 
Nnta. Candles and anything In the 
way of good eats for the holidays at 

n I. . .»,.» «/,n oi« Rev. T. T. Fraxicr, city, will re- 
Try a Xma. Basket they co" ClarksvUle. 
, v..ryth,nK .ood tojat^ ; Te»n.: where he haa-boea .lace Mon- 

fancy Shopping basket to "001. ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ 

TATB haa them. . 

Bills King, with the Wurlltaer Mu- 
sic Co , Louisville, will spend the 
bolidayB with hi» parents, Mr. and 
Mrs. 8. L. King, city. 

Mr.*aad Mn. A. D. Kirk, elty. lett 
Tuefday morning tor Louisville, to 
spend the holidays as gneau of 
frienda aad relatives. 

Mm. B. B. Collins, city, returned 
Irom : Ceatml City, Tuesday, where 
she had baea aloaa Idat Saturday, the 
gueat ot her daughter, Mrs. Harry 
Hoover and Mr Hciover. 

.stoves and Raagoa go to 



Mr. Marshal Mills, of Utda, wa» in 
Caatr*! City, Wdajr ot laat wart, oa^ 

"»*^ "•^2! — ' Mr. JohnK)n. 

wem ToI'ipSKJi! Mrs. oi,";7i;;:;;;:;r:^ ca„.d 

Hmp. oivy. WW. Louisville, Siiiunlay, lo be at the 

TaeMay. shopping. ^^^^ sisteiMn-Uw. Mn. 8. 

nn you'r Chri^.tu,a. baking with A. Anda noa. wiM  la Tary UI. 
Bau«,#', Obeiuk Flour. •«  ^ x«« tea 

W|^44A  I»» TAYLOR. ""iTAWI J T CatHiles, Nuts. FralU. 

' vAwa'a UB. OliUli Pipe* Clgarettee. Priaaa 

When in town go to TATB8 ' . 

TAUHANT for Meals. L«i«ha% OMp 

«r, Drlaka, B nnokeg etc.^ Ctarence Bartlett and 

. . »«. . rbrlatmaa Mr and Mrs. Clyde I'urk. of the 

A •J*J"V^7Jr community, were gueats of, 

pnaaat will brtof mora alM « »JJ ^ ^Mtyaa jUlph, alty. latarday' 

^ ACTON .WO* |*»« 

„ viavM. Mr. and Mr». Leon H. Bishop, eltf. 

Roman Candles. !2!l guests of Mr. Bishop s paraat«, 

do«.. Sky Rockets. Oapao. Craakon w.r ^ ^ 

aja Toy Pistol, at^^^^^ 

Miss Florence Nelson, teacher In 
the Harttord High school, will leave 
tomorrow for Headarava, to apend a 
wert with h«r 

Mr. Lee Cooper, of Pierre. South 
Dakota, returned home Monday af- 
ter spending n tew days In Harttord, 
the guest of hie alatar. Mn. W. M. 

Hudson, and Mr. Hudson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Henshaw. ac- 
compaaled by Dr. A. B. RUey, city, 
went to Oweaaboro Moaday, wktere 
Mrs. Henahaw underwent an opera- 

Miss Glady.s Bennett, of Louisville, 
win arrive this afternoon, tto .«pend 
a tew days with her parenU, Mr. and 
Mra. D. 8. Baaaatt. aad othar nla- 

Miss Cleo Binkley. of Nafhvllle, 
Tenn., will arrive In Hartford Tues- 
day, to spend the holidays with her 
sUter, Mn. Roaa Taylor aad Mr. 
Taylor and othar ralat)Taa. 

Mita Elizabeth QaTl4a«a,..taa«|ier 
in th«.UevkinaTille High aahoal, will 
a«riT#i iB 'Batttord teaiorro#, to 
epead the holidays with her paraaU. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Davidson. 

Buy hft a box of that good WHIT- 
MAN'S candy for Christmas. Some 
la nloe work baakata that will be 
highly amrracUtad. Oat It at JIM 
TATB8. . • 

Mrs. A. W. Mills and daughter 
Mlsa Gustlne, city, spent from Fri- 
day ot laat week until Sunday In Ow- 
eaabeiro. tha gaaaU ot Mn. Mill'a 
Bia|ar»^Mn..W. 8. MUla aad Mr. M«la. 

Miss Margaret Est ha Cook, .xfter 
an extended visit tocher sister, .Mrs. 
John P. Taylor and Mr. Taylor, c^y. 
lett tor her home la yiekabnrg. Mtoa., 

Miss Daisy Weddliiv:.  il liuliaiiapu- 
lla. Ind.. win arrive in Hartford this 
week-end to apend tha holidays with 
her father. Judge R. R. Waddlag and 

Mra. Wedding. 

Mrs. J. I. Goodman, city, went to 
Oweaaboro Wednesday, to spend the 
holMlfra with her danghtan, Meap 
daman Bdward and Allen Deaae. Mr. 
Ooodmaa will Join her this week-«nd. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hlnton T. Leach, 
elty, will go to Central City Sunday, 
where they will be gaaatd of Mn. 
Leaeh'i paranU. Mr. and Mn. Jamea 
Caskay Bennett, nptll Monday night. 

Miss Ella Mae .McQuary, a student 
in the local high school, will s;o to 
Bell's Run today, to spend the Xmaa 
holldaya with her pareata. Mr. and 
Mn. T. B. MeQuary. 

Mr. A. C. Porter. lormaHy of this 
city, but now ot Owanabore, accom- 
panied by Dr. J.. 8. Bveipiar. were in 
Hartford, on baaifaM Tharaday and 
Friday of last weak. 

CBndy! CwmIjI lOe 
and up. SpedBl 01 

late, 30c lb. 


Miv. Step So3h and daughters, 
Missea Bonnie and Lena llae. city, 
apent Saturday and Sunday lu 
Ihrakaaboro, tha guaata ot Mra. Saak'a 
alatar. Mra. D. MUaa. 

Can tnraiah you coal, a load at a 
time to save it slacking in your coal 

24t4 BUJ8 ICB CO.. ' 

Harttord, Ky.  

Mr. Cecil Felix, with the State 

Highway i i)iiiini ;sion, Pilo: Mountain 
North Carolina, arrived in Hartford 
last Saturday to spend a week with 
hia^ivaiothar, Mn. Ola Felix, and 

A nice Rocker, Dresaer or DliiInK 
Table might be Juat what your wife 
wants Xor Xmas. Surprise her, if 
4he la not plaaaad we will Uke it 

Mr. and Mn Hendenon Murphree, 

of Owensboro, will arrive In this city, 
tonight, to spend the holidays with 
Mr^. Murphree'g parents, MX, aad 

Mra. Rowaa Holbrook. 

Mr, and Mn. O. M. Bishop, Center- 

town, left Tuesday morning for 
Kenosha. Wisconsin, to spenu tbi 
Xmas holidays aa guests of Mrs 
Bishop's brother, Mr. A. T. Rows, f^nd 

Mn. C. W. Bvans and aon. Clyde. 

of Moberly, Mo., will spend the com- 
ing week in Hartford, a« guests 
of Mr*. Evaus' sUter, Mrs. C. B. 

Smith aad Mr. laiith. 

Mlw Halo Bdaaatt. la atl»la^ 

ad la Oweaaboro, returned to her 
hoaa near Beds, Friday of la«i week, 
en account of the iiiuess of bar aoth- 
er, Mrs. Ruport Bennett. 

Mr. Oayle Taylor, with the I, C. 
Itiiliij.iil ('iiiiiii:iiiv, .11 MrConib and 
Grenada, Mitis., will speud the holl- 
daya with bis mother, Mrs. W M. 
Hi^aaa,^ aad Mr. Badaoa. city. Mrs. 
HiKMba will aaeompany hUa apaa 
ntura ta Mlaatgalppt. lor aa aglaadad 




Xmas Shopping! 

How qpnckly these very importaiit 
dajfswiD speed by. For your con- 
venienoe we suggest a few articles, 

which will not only make attrac- 
tive gifts but very useful ones. 

FOR LADIES— We have % complete Hiie of Silk 

Unibrellas, Silk and Wool Hosiery, Fancy Neck- 
wear, Boutonnieres, Hand-drawn Linen and Im- 
ported Swiss Handkerchiefs, Stamped Goods, 
« Pillow Cases, Fancy Towels, Beads, Leather 
Pocketbooks, Novelty Blankets, Stationery, Noy^ 
elty Blouses, Bath and Robes and 

House Slippers. 

FOR MEN— We suggest Fancy Scarfs, Ties, Hand- 
kerchiefs, Silver Belt Buckles, Silk Sox, Silk 
Shirts, Gloves, Cuff Links, Fu' Caps and Bill 

FOR CI^ILDREN— We have quite a number of nov- 
  eltles too numerous to mention. Bring them in 
and let them make their own setoetioiis. 

You'll want to see our Holiday Goods. In quantity, 
 ]i]ality« variety and desiralKOityy our offeringd 
are not excelled. 

Carson ®i Co, 

Hartford, Kentucky. 




Orange Peel 


LenM ii P«e^ 


CHvon Peel 










A full line of Canned Gooda of the very best 

See us before fafngrlBg ya«r OurieMMe Candiee 
and Treat*. « ' 

, Tbe Price* are right. 




I sincerely thank you for your patronage in 1922. 
While I have had the ^ieasui-e of serving you three 
months only, these have been delightful and successful, 
and I wish to extend to each and every one my heartfaH' 
wiahai for • Many Christmai and a Prosperous New Year. 

Restaurant and Confectionery, 
"On the eoneiw-M on tke square," Hartford, Kf. 

Mr. and Mn. V. P. Llgon and lit- 
tle SOD, Vi -non P. Jr.. o( rrtBkfort. 
aiUr ■9«u4l«( » taw dsu itfik Jir. 
LlMB'i HlMt. »• »«rt«e lice4 ta 

HMidwraM, VlH arrive in Hartford 
BUt WatfBMdar to remulu thi guest 
uf Mfh Ligoii's 'tare;! In, Ur and Mr. 
1j. R. Pirtlu, UBtii Sunday, 31«t. 

ror • towl «( food 80HP. ham- 
b»rK«r or tandwleli, eom* to Hol- 

» . 

Do»'t toll lo ■£« "Tha White 
Cfcrtetqwr " "Htf ChrlatniM B»t" 
Md "Ckrlttiiaa For Tki M«lll*taa" 

at iht  WaMbingtoD Obvrek OB tko av- 
jeliitiK «t 25. For tlw  b«**{it of 

th ' ''iiii'x'ii Comu aBd oBjOf your- 
jailf, diia ttaly a wortlty MiM«. 

xlua sriKiAui 4i( jwni 


iBgllah W4lBntt, 

MUad Not* 

»«r lb. . . 


far ». .. 


OMk . . . . 



W dM. . 


»«r doa. . 


par la. . . 

.. "yte 

MixuU Tandit's, 

p«»r lb . 

Fancy bos Uiuidy, 

i^r lb. . 


$5.75 Pays For Both 

SdbMTlU For Ymv Hmm Pbp« 

Tbe Hartford Republican 

-AND • 

Idttisville Daily Herald 

KoBtucky't GrMilmtN«wtpap«r. 

You Should Read 
JThe LouitviUe Herald 

A metropolitan dailv paper that eontaina a com- 
plete telegrai)h and cable seiA'ice covering the world. 
State news from corresponde/its in all parts of Ken- 
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of Louisville and suburbs. Society. Financial, Mar- 
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Hartford, Kj. 

tUi tfanafft. Tn trrttr i» mtt tto'ta ttlrtlig oit ih» pork ebop evt, tkc 

lnrrpn! tnK ilemind fnr Inforirntion hark U rtr«( iipllt nnd thni tbotit 
on how to hiillil ti rraP"*. County the iipppr onr-third of the tide, con- 
An^nt Oard'-nrr,' In roopcratlon with tiinlng the p irk chops and the rl Mr 
the eitenslon dlvUlon o( tb« College fat back la remorad. Tfeeee two 
of Acriealtm at LeataftoB, recMtly | tkem are aaparateg iMvtac tke fork 
held fire damonatratloaa oa diftcreat { chopa wltb tka rif kt aaiMUU •( lack 
farim In the county in order 16 point hone and rlh An them. 

(lilt th ' i-s f iitial teavtrea In bMildlnH y,:\n\ f'.iintrs in riitliiiK up Ihilr 
on -. The fact that the numluT of pork rarrniiaea now make !he mintake 
farme In the county having tetrace* of marring tbia pork chop cut by 
hai laereaaad from one In 1 20 to. earring It lato aororal pioeea. This 
30 at Ik* proaoat ttoM. la takoB aa an | makoa It laiHMM* tar tka local 
Indication of the Increased intorest butekor wko baya aarplne chopa from 

whieh fannera are ahowing In them 
aa aofl aartra. 

KrafOM Leaf O www a Oat 

Qlnlttr Cimp • 

Independence, Ky., Dee. 16. — Cloee 
to 200 Kenton county farnipr.i rci-i nt- 
Ijr attended eight demonatratlons put 
aa la dittoreat aactlona of the ieountr 

the farmer to cut off pork chopa for 
his Iradi'. Another adviinl.iKH in 
taking the chopi out by tblt method 
la tka fact that tka loin eak ka aa pa- 
rated from tka raat o( tka ekava and 
etaaed or aaad for aaaaaca. Thif 
latter point lf  espaatalljr Aatlrable 
In view of the fact that tkara la sel- 
dom enough lean meat resulting from 

tkrongh tka eooparaUon ot tka aztoa- butckering to nmko good 

alon dlrialon of the College of Agrl- 

rulttire nnd the Iliirley Tobacco 
Growers' Cooperative Astsociii' Icn to 
Rive hurley growers In this section of 
the state practical pointers on how 

Wriwiior Farni«'r«  .% lopl  '»inniunlt) 
Plan ( f Work 
Dixon, Ky.. Dec. II. — Webster 


The Hartford Republican has made a special 
ciubbinp: rate with the Memj)his Weekly Commercial 
Appeal by which we will furnish both papers for one 
year for the low price of 


The Commercail Appeal is one Of the laifeii 

and best papers in the South and we hope to receive 
many new subscribers on this offer. One dollar and 
seventy-five cents cash for both papers. Send in 
your subscription now. Don't delay. 

to strip and grade tkeir laaf erop toj eonntjr tarncra la the Poole and Cor- 
tha beat adTantage acfiordlng to inth commtinltles of the eonnty, 
County Agent C. A. WIeklnnd. The 'working In cooperation with the .es- 

(len'.ioiis!; rat Ions, which witp conduc- tension ilivision of the rollflRe of Ar- 
ted hy a grader from the oiisociation, riciiliure at Lexington and County 
aroii-od lively Interest with the result Agent L. E. Cutler, have mapped out 
that conaiderable improrement is ex-j programa of work tor the coming 
pected to be brought about In tka | year in an effort to get at tka kaart 
metkod of airtpplng and grading bur- of some of th' Ir fni ni and hyine t rok- 
ley'ln this section of the state. jhius and ii-.-.ike f:ir:iiinc more profl- 

Those in chinge of the (K'liion :rii- table in tills seciiun of the sla e 
tlons found a better knowledge of .Farmers lu both cummunities show- 
the right principles of stripping andjcd keen interoat In the poaalbllltlen 
grading among growera of tkla aec-jot organiiad eommvaity efforts a» u, 
tlon than had been expected, while' means of maklinP farmInK more pro 
the (iii illly of tobiuTO raised this year filahle and it i- exp r ei\ that the 
also xva.s considered excellent In view prou'ranis outlined for both coiiimun- 
of bad conditions which L .\is;tjil liu:- itii s will be cirried to completion. 
Ing- the growing season Just past. j Uepresentatlve fannera from uoth 

Poiata wklek-got epeclal attention ^ commnnitiea met at dICorant tiaiaa 
In the demonatrations included the ^ with County Agent Catlar at wkiek 
grading of hurley so as to get leave's' time the chief sources of Income for 
of iiiiiforiii leiiK'h and color in the furnu rs in the two eo::iMuiiiities were 

tia of • MlBlaadJag kalf-«el«nn ar- 
tiela appaariag la many of the re- 
cent papara oyer the country. It in 
Conehida4 on 7tk Page.) 

COUGH/ .3 


Pleasanh io take j 



! Hitters 

P'j.-:c«#d wiMB averythlrg *lv fv'* 
In r.rr-.'ow^ p'ostutiij" pi-d t-r.ale 

• ckkr.cice Ihcy «cr tie .lurrtnr 

• intuy. at Ihor.^nntia l.a\i I'ncifif J. 


i r. itif b'.st ri(.dic%s c«ar aold 
over a drugeia 'a coottMi;. 

"* '^""■MMSBBMBBaaMBSaMMHai 

san-.'P hand, the keeping of preen, rag- 
ged and off-color leaves to them- 
aelTaa and tka proper tying ot kanda 

outlined and a study made tu find 
out Juat what canse waa catting down 
the ratvrna from aaek «aa of tkeai 

with good leavfea inatead of witk poor | After the;e ronclnsiona were reached 

or green leaves as Is often done. ' definite' remedies were outlined, de- 
^ The demonstrations as a whole ser- inonsirMiions re ;uranKed on va- 
veil to Impress growers of this sec- rious farms in the two communities 

■tk. aoaordlng to County Agent ^ college. 
^. H. Jonaa, Work pat on Is tka' Hoga, tobaeeo. poultry, fruit, rege- 
connty during the anmmar Juat paat table, and rural cknroh problkras win 
by the county acent and the oxtan-|l o the headlinera on the Wednesday 
alon Uivifilon of the Colle.39 ot Agri- ProBrmn. Jan. ni. The spcikers for 
culture at Lexington is held largely the day will include .Miss Sweeney. 
laQOUatbla tor tka Intaraat which Ben K Mies, Henderson, secretary 
fkraiera ot tka county «ra taking In of tke Kentucky State Horticultural 
the davalopment of tkair koma or- fioeiaty,' and W. D. 'Wllaan. George 
ckurda. j Roberts, W. W. Dimook, Mlaa Mar- 

I garet Coffin, Miss Eleanor Enrlght, 

The drive staged this last summer A. J. Olney. J. S. Gardener, J. H. 
loafer hens in McCreary coun- Martin and J. R. Smyth, of the col- 

ICorkeaatto Farmrn tilve Hem Bi^ 
Feed Aad Obm 

Moun^ Vernon. Ky., Dec. 16.— 
Ilockciistle Kninty farmers and their 
wives are Riving more attention to 
better methods of feeding, bousing 
and uking eafa of thair cbiekeaa. 
County Agaat Robert F. Sponce aaya. 

tjr Socks by tka aitenaion dlrialon of lege. I ^ ^^^j^^ to the county by J. R. 

tka College of Agriculture kaa kaan On Tkuraday, Fab. 1, tba eklef aub- 8„yt|,_ . m. mber of the poultry de- 
brought to a Buccesirful close with JecU for diaenaaloli wlH be those pertinent of the College of As-ricul- 
the completion of the twelfth cullinK 'I' aling with dairying:, turkeys and Lexington, marked a big step 

demonstration, the last of a series Hie rural school. The speakers al- i„ ,iie work. One of the Important 
liWd to show farmera.and their wives ready scheduled for talks on the pro- j^ijj^ j^jj^ during the Tiait of Mrr 
aow to distinguish between the good gram for the day Include J. H. Mc- g^^^^ county was the certlfi- 

•nd poor layers in their flocke. | l-aln, of the U. S. Dapartnent of Ag-, ^^^^^ belonging to .Mrs. 

n. V. Cooiner. The fact that her 


Lee county farnrers recently p!ant-( Ington, D. C. and R. C. Miller, L. J. , ^jth the fact that quality in leaf : to show the value of the remadiea and 
l.BOO treea on their farms In one Horlachar and ■. J. Klaaay, of tkfcjerop ia mora impArUnt tkan ananityj local laadera naaiad ta auparintend 

and many ot them are expaetad to ba tka earrying oat ot renadioa and lo- 
guided by this principle ia tka future! cal leadara named to auparlattnd 
as the result of what they loaraad at the carrylag out of tka ^toaaoaatra 
the meetings. 1 tlons. 1 

Tobacco, corn, poultry, wheat, 
hoga, boaf eattla, akeap, dairy eat- 
iU, avploa and aoybeana vara found 
to be the chief aourcea ot Income in 
the Corinth community. Farming 
conditioTiv In :h. I'onmiunity were 
studied and the principal factor that 
flm4U the return froa asali at tka^c 
llaos waa determined. After further 
discussion, the farmers, and County 
Agent Cutler decided upon the best 
remedy in each case after which 17 
demonstrations were planned for dif- 
.ferent farms In the community and 
farnrars appointed^ to see that the 
demonstrations were carried out. 
Farmer? appointed as local leaders to 
siiiK linN iiil th ' demonstration: in- 
cluded It. W. Hocket, J. A. Weldon. 
T. M. Townsend, Vikia McCoy, W. L. 
Higginaon and P. B. Auatin. 

A aimllar atudy waa made in the 
Poole community where toban-o. 
corn, whi ,1'. iionltry. hoes, dairy cat- 
tle and re found to be the 
chief sources ui income. Farmers ap- 
pointed as local loadera to look after 
the demon^tratlona in this comnuini- 
ty included Jack Melton, Vatter 
Crowley, Tom Hfowly. Henry Wat- 
son, ISriward ilelton, H. L.. Crowley, 
Bdwlu Allen and Carl Crowley. 


Ohio Couty 

cinn'iT t oi RT 

Meets first Monday In March, May 
and Jul\ : third Monday in Septamker 
and fourth Monday In November: 

a Wilaoa. Owanaboro. 

B. Cary, 

-B. H.*mia. 
B. TMkanor. 

Clerk — ^Frank Black. 


Disaohrad ia wntf* for douche* slop* 
pelvic catarrh, iilccra'.iuii and inriam- 
mation Rrcommendrd by Lydia E. 
Ptnkham Med. Co, for ita yMirt. 
A hmftftt wonJer for na**! catarrh, 
•«ralbroalaadaare«yr» Economirat. 
M.. rvn^nSmmy I Iwii na and «mii'c«l.l r^w^ 
^^"■^JtV. SOt fH   l«.,•l^ •^ i  .[.ij br 

Four hundred ninety-three hens were Haulture; Mra. M. L. Hall, Skelby- 
handled in \h" 1 li d. iiionstrations.lTille, and Mlas Katherlne Christian. 
S03 beinr. di i mdeil be.'ause they ; M l^■ 1 n 11,. I'iedaiue. .Ml. s Nellie Oard 
akowed tbu charucteristlc sign* of and A. J. .Steiner, all of the colleKe. 
Mag poor produeara, according to Beef cattle subjects and those deal- 
Coknty Agent W. B. Woodward. 1 ing with the rural community will bo 
{the main onea on the Friday pro- 
Twelve Fayette counts farmers r:an). The ipoakers will Include 
will cooperate with County AKmt ^Ir. Phillips, M. O. Hughes, Louis- 
W. R. Oabberi and the exi.'iision di- vllle; Dr. Frank L. McVey. president 
▼laioa of the Collage of Agriculture of ihe University of Kentucky; and 
during the coming year in putting on 1 Wayland Rhoads and T. a. Bryant, 
beef cattle feeding denvonst rat Ions on of tba college. 

their f;nni8 to bring out practical 
pointers on cbe fatteniiiu of cattle 
lor other farmers ot the county. ! 

flock was certified- aignif led that she 
has high quality ctock from* which 
other farmera of the state can obtain 
h.-itching eggs with whleh to build 

up their flocks. A flock of 456 bens 
beloiiKint; to C. 11. .I tt was culli'd 
iIiirinK til" . -.v.- li in order to re- 
move the hens thai were poor lay  ra 
not capable of paying for, their feed 
and care. A further sign of the In- 
I creasing Interest In Improved nnd 
I practical poultry !iV''h' il-'. uccord- 

.Sliipuient.'; of yrapi 
fornla have Increased 

Ing to .Mr. Spence, i.^ the fact that two 
' from Call- ^^.^^ poultry houses have Just been 
steadily dur- finfcjlied in the county, 
ing tka laa^ six seasons, reaching a to- u ' _____ 

tal of approximately 38.000 cars In j^oiBcra Oct I olnteni On Butchrilnit 

; 1923 according to reporta of the 
I'nited Stafea Department ot Agricul- 
ture . 

.\t Homo 
Lexiny ten . Ky.. Uee 16. -Karinors 
in an IncreafJng number uf Kentucky 
couatiea are getting new pointers on 

Less corn was imported in 1921 by 

the United Klnsi'.oni, France, and 

Belgium tha". I'nr'iu' pr.'-W'.r years 


ii. a b. 

the United States Uupartment of Ag 
riculture. In 1931 tba United King- 
dom took 78,000,000 bushels during 

iJje five pre-war years, 1909-1913; 

1 Kra r.ce f lu '; ! . : 

ii. I .1 with iy,uuu,uuo busbels,*and 
It L ii n 1 9,0*0,000, Aomparad Witk 

Samples ot aheet asphalt paving 
from five large cities are belnf? ex- 
amined In the laboratory of the Itu- 
reau of Public Roads, United States' 
Dapartmant ot Agrieultura, (0 deier- 
mina If poaalkla tka eauia of the for- 

l"ii:on county fariitfrs living In the 
NVaverly community. coeperating 
with County Agt'tit Iv. ('. Drever, will 
use organized com{nunlty effort in 
attampting to gat at tka keart of 

aome of their farm and 'home prob-i Shipments ot grapea In 199S from, the best metboda to uae in killing and 

lemR. One hundred fifty of them the three leading grape-growing 1 curing meata on their farma as the 
atteiuli tl ilie meeting when the com- States in the Kas'- .New York, Mich- ackedula Of meetiiiBS and demonstra- 
muntly club wa" form; l and the pro- itran. and ''eiiii-^ylvanlu — were double tiona being held over the state by the 
mm of work outlined. This is the Mi |. avt iaK annual ahlpments. ai-   xtenalon division ot the College of 
•oranth community in the county to cording to reporta to tl^a United Agriaultura. gooa forward, according 
adopt a aimllar line ot work. j Stataa Department of Agrieultura. I to Orady • Ballarda, awlna axtanalOB 
— 'now fork shipped 7,414 oara, com-, spaalalist ot the College, who ia in 

Ktti-iii iMts iiiiK I'loKcuiii AlriNidy Wt ll |)ared with au average of 3,684 for charge of the work. The most re- 
Sturttil the years 1917-1921; Mii himm cent mei tiiiKs have been in Logan, 

Lexington, Ky., Dec. 16. — Plans ^ shipped 5,833 cars, compared with 
for the eleventh annual Farm and | gn Mrerage of 3,^12; and Penusylva- 
Home Convention to be held at tka DD?rl.B14 ooptpared witk 37. 
College ol Agriculture Ja.«. 30 to ■ 
Feb. 2. of next year, for Kentucky | Of tke total appla eroy In tka 
farmers and their wives already are N'firthwest 16 to SO per cent are of 
well under way. according lo : ii an- tin- Delicious variety. aceonliiiL; to 
Mancemant by N, R. klUiutt, who u reporta to the United Status Uepart- 

%M ekarga of tka program fojr the I i^ost at Agrici^ltura. Tkia variety ehlet dlffteultiea of farmers who do of tke aaoM paving Jok and are ex- 
event. Talka, damionBtra%ont aad brings kigker prlcea tkan other their own butchering. Unleas tbia amined for appaaraace of sample, 

confers iK-es to give tarmars aad | prominent varletlea of boxed apples, cut Is taken out in tke aame manner^ grading of aggregate, and quantity 
their wlve.s practical point" rs on a „ii th. farm that packers u-o. it Is and characterist ics of a - iiliali. 

wide vi^riety of lni: orti'.!il farm and « .il|i ua.\ Funiii r^ Vsr Tei-imf* To Imiiossible for hulcheis to use thej Although u separate luvesllgatiou 
koma prbblams already are schedul d Have .Soil. 'surplus pork chops tbut fariuets may from the irarflc. test on the circular 

the program wblck is fast taking : Murray, Ky.. Dec. 16. — Terraeeoj wlab to sell. Mr. Seliards aaya. Ona| track made ot sections ot bituminous 
a dettulte form. 1 '  r to aolve a big problem for RuaiaUville butckar otarad to p«y lljooncrete it la tkaugkt tkat aaek ia- 

Prubleius dealing with sheep and. Calloway county furmers who havo.eaat* a pouad for any surplus pork j vaattgation may ytald information 
wuul, alfalfa 'and the farm home will hiuy land ..t washe» easily, accord- chopa farmera In that section of the, helpful to the other, 
got attention on the first day of the ii r to County .AKeiit J. H. Qurdener. Ht-iio riiight have, provlrtid they weraj 

prog^aiu. Tuesday. Jan. ao. The scores uf furmors lu thla atctUin of tuken out of the carcass by the cor- Mlslufonuutiuu lleK^irdiiig Uut Itooata 
pirtscipal speak' r^-; on tUat dar will the atata ara akow^ng a lively 'merest rect avatkod. | --Will banisb Inaecta vltk trained 

'tkaluda U ai Harris. Sw'^uoy, Waak- lu terrace* aa a oMaaa a(.ar« ^Vios In followlagtL mctfaoJ of packer! bata. ^ays Federal evartt" ia. the ti- 


Coaraaaa first Monday !• each 

Judge— a. a. WaMlM* 
County Att'y.—  Otto C. Martin. 

riork— Guy Uannev. 

Sheriff — C. A. Ralph; Deputies: 

Mack Cook, Iria Bandar. Oaorge 

P. Jonea. 

ionvanea tirat Monday in each moatk. 

Convenes Tuesday after first Mon- 
day In January; first Tuesday In 
April and October, It. U. Wedding 
County Judge, presiding. 
!•« DIatrict— J. P. McCoy. Hartford 
a»d P l ai riea W . C. Kaoit. Canter- 

Srd District — Q. B. BrOwn, Simmons 
4tb DUtrict— J. R. Murphy, Forda-., 


6th Dixlrirt— Ram H. Holbrook, Hitrt 

' ford, R. F. D. No. 4. 
Ml Dtotrict Mack Martin, Narrows 

R. F. D .No. g. 
7lh Dlmrlct — J. Walter Taylor, B a- 

ver D.ini. !!. P D. .Vo. 

ItO.VKI) Of KhlCA I'lON 

Kuperintrudfiil — .Mr I, .S. .M.i.oti 
Convenes First Momltiy in e\ •r.\ 
n.o-:th.— Mrs. I. 8. Mason, S. S. O. C, 




A Saft OM FasliiMd 
\tm%ki Ux Wtm 

Seraatj-five vears conllh. 
eeeeuM ia tka beat tmi. 
can offer you. 
Keep • bottle always on 
kaad. It will help keep 
lb* littia one* hcallhy 
aad happy. 

)0c«bol11«alroui dmvifiic'ter 
■•naral alor*; or if yaur  i««lti 
can'laupplyyoti.Knd Kiinania 
Mti 30c in alkinn* and «ve U 
Mad jraa a bvtila arai^T. 

L « t OB. Mtea. ti. 



t .v-officio Secretary-Treasurer. 
A, Owen, Chalrnjan, Hartford 
R. F. D. No. •. 

R. Carson, Vice Chairman, Hart 

ford, R. F. D. No. 3. 
lOO bushels, com- 1 Nat I.lndley, Ceiitertown. R. F. D. 1 
Otis Stevens, Beaver Uam. 
Claud Raatrow. Duadia. 

llurren and Daviess counties with a 
total attasdaaea ot aMura tkan SBO 

Juat kow to Mka aara ot tka pork 

akop cot in butchering kOga ao that | rorruKatlons .V few samples of 
local butchers over the state can | iiiMiiiiliuois 1 oncrete are also being 
take care of the surplus meat to Hie ' mini il The samples have been 
best advaniuKo seeiu« t,o be one of the cut both from jiood and bad aectlono 


KviimlnHlliin 4. 
( 'uniiiion Scliool DIploiiiuM 

Fourth Friday and Saturday In Jau 
uary, and Second Friday aad Satur- 
day in May. To ba kalil- la I'orda- 
vllle, Beaver Dani and Hartford. 

For Teaehera* CertlAcateo— Third 
l^rlday and Saturday In May. Juiu 
metlon of ba4 spots and waves, o: |„,„| septemi, r. Kxcept notice if 

j given to the contrary the latter e.\ 
aminationa will be held in Hartford 



• Tr»atiteni 
/^(Of V/EAJ 


A quick rrlici (or thai lirrJ, run down freliaa 
COuclw, paiai In cbv l. nJuhl •vvritti, hrmur 
rbaiea, wealc lunvi or eontunpiioa. U 11 4aa* 
aolhclp you it coats yoj Bolhia^ 0 

OHW MEDICAL CO. ^!ru!2r.;!? 


onon omovui 

roniiiiissinaar ,n. .F. Xaown 

Hurvryor — C. S. Moxley, Fordsville 
Itopiroaentaave— Ira ^onaa. White 

IS llc« Judge— J, D. Holbrook. 
Mayor — \V. C. BUaken.shli,. 
Council — I.. H. nishup. Seiy. 
Robart L. Qr«en, Judga. 
Laa W. Fkaraon. MarakalL 
Edd Cooper, Ckiiinnaa, 
'W. H. Blackburn, Clerk. 
ilUU Maaoa, Trcaautar, 


For Lazy Liver ao4 
the TrouMes of 
CMslipattMk A 

Vkal-rlght all the tinte. Don't lay oil 
mm work for daya by taking calooM 
when pleaaant Uo' Vit'LuM keep* yo« 
on your feat, while rclievingyour troub 
)e. Safer too, and eaay to take. Donl 
take anything clfte. Vou can't afforj 
It. Eiiniiiiatea puiaons. cleuiiyea aye 
tem ami reliuvea constipation. .• A riat- 
Ural remedy, iiaturul in it.s actions, aurt 
In its tlfect und certain in rcBuii.s. U 
won't Im* kmg before ti»  V^Lax wir. 
completely displace eakimel m every 
koma. Children can take it freely mm 
witk perfect Bufety. Every bottio guar 
antee l. 6 ic und |1 in bottle.. Nmk 

Ciii:e without the likeness uml Ri).'n% 
of L  ^ Uhgaby. For aaJe by r " 
L n, WILUAMf, . Hartford, HfL 


xronelnttcti from 

ricultnre. Ttali ii an Incrpiae of 1,-' tlon. This iltuatlon In llluntrated 
100 par nnt tntr tk* prodaetlon ia stflkUisly ky • tktn of »h« trend ot 
1*11, Ikat li o»ly «ko«l t««4lMt oC. kniaa Mftol» » »ot»taUM la tiM 


well known 
or b:iU. 
' In ;iii.v iif 

haM(I on nn Ininvlpu 
U*ll«'y. chlof rieltl iwi 
ItirOoRlcBl Survey, Vni 
p.irtnii nt of Aurlcnttari 
^rltpr wn^  tlT» n aor 
fiitin rpgardlni ih* V 
trhlrh ho tnlghl hnvr ; 
M doMB bookf on iiKiiuiiiaki. To 
M«k» « tkrtlllnK atorr iho writer em- 
Mltflked tkeac taeli ktIdi nameroua 
nnanthnrfxpd rtatemetiw laltqaoted 
111. i ifiTiiiailon Kivf'n. rnnvejred 
thr Impri-asloii th.-it ;.i';iiclftl bat 
roolU Wtrald afford • renivdjr for 

aKM««lN» 0«iU. ^I^rtlclf k«i not 
tke ••■«tton of /tWpnM«M4|ni| gnr- 
vtr of Mr. Bailojr. ^ 

Th" Mrxlrnn 1  • in lii i tto has lifon 
recordiul from 10 new countleH in 

I the ttTa-mi' aftraga t mi u Um 

«  lh Vernon 
'lilt ot the 

which ,1, J Kentnckr. It (■ now known to k« 
present orar priellcalljr tko antM 
contml area of tkta State. 

tlii  past month U hns nl-o boon re- 
port' d (o till- rnllpil Si.iti"^ Dcpurt- 
iiifnl nf Auri' 111! II r" f'-cnn fniir r.''w 
coiinllcR In western Nortit Carolina. 

ITntfed Rtataa tnim M|* to Uit. 
AmnnR lire stock the nnmher of 

Rwlne in the xvott variable, aprt she p 
show the greatest general decline. 
Tke relatlra. posttiona of the cnrres 
la tkli okart at frho preaent time in- 
DnrInK ' dieate tkat tke nation will prokebly 
fxp rlene* Inorea'InK diffirulty In' 
unpplylng Its evpr lnrrmslng popula- 
tion with f;;!!'.' Il III ninal products. 

and at the saice llmi providing a sur- 
plna et tkeae prodaeta tor eiport. 

.Tke prinetpal meat^eatlns nations 
of the world, in order of per capita 

  onsunipliiMi. nr.' Arn 'iitipa, Auslr i- 
lla. and NcW Zealand, with the Unit- 
ed SUtea foartk. 

nrM Wkey May l-r..Mtnblp. 

Dairy kr prodneta nre new being 
«eed In varloaa aew aa a re- 
•alt of Inrestlgatloae hy the United 

Antes Pepartment of AKrlmUnre. i . ^ .   ■ 
, U.I . J recent y by the eonnty agricultural 
lOJnltH have Wn obia ned . «, . wt-v 

Palae wirewoma were naek aMre 

sprll^inlr nhun(t int than nsnal In 

o.iiilii r In H.'si rii NrhrasU.'t. Kiinsi- 
nnd Oklahonin. iiccordlnK to Jpporik 
r.'r'lvi. l by the Cnitcd .SimIcs I)c»- 
partment of Agriculture. In tlie 
cinity of Big Sprtng, DeaH Coaaty, 

Nebr.. hnBdredaotaereaoCaaepront-|(.„„ntrie8, however, imported more 

Canada aad* tke SeandJntTian 

ed wheat k«ve keen deatrofM wklle 
, lying In tke dry aoll. v 

In the soil t 'ting meetings hPid 


particularly In the ni;iiiiiricturp of 
4lrtetf whey. Prom mo |. mnds of (he 
wkey were obtained 4 puunda oti 
crade angnr and 1 H pnunOit eC driad 
whpy containing ahnnt u per cent 
to a laboratory tnakii c biby food., 
of albumin. ThP ilrlcil ili. was soldi 
at a price which ri'.9Ul:"(i ni a satia- 
taetory retara lor the «bey. 

Dried whey aad dried battemllk 
are kelnff M ea»erimentally to 

agent ot Booao Coaaty, 111., to which 
pnrh farmer attending waa aaked to 

hrinit several samplea of aoll from 
his larm, "iilv nni" farm show d th^ft 
the aoii was swci'l, acrordlnc to tp- 
ports to the llnlfpd Sta'.L.s l)iiKir - 
ment ot Agriculture .The owner ot 
thia tamk etatpd tkat h* kaa been 
growing ^large amount of clover, 
sweet clover and alfalfa. 

laylnK h''n'  nt one c f th ' depart- 
inenl fiirui*' In iho first half of tke 
ll-mo;ilh   xpi'rinifnl tli" pi ti of bene 
recetvinR dried whey iimdui-ed egga 
at a rate comparing favorably with re- 
•niu obtalaed witk other Itlada ot 

.Npw  'oI«1 DrInV.i. Klu*..i..l Willi Ap- 
ple Now ro» il l ' 
Now ooraos apple, or 
ratker tko tlavortac that makaa It 
poaaible. A lyatbetle rp|.l oil that 
posaeeaea the aroma   r rii  
hae been prcp ind by Vr F !t. Pow- 
er and V. K. Chestnut, "i Hurtnu 
of Ckemlatry. United siaf Dopart- 
mrat of Agrlcalture, and a public 
aervire pntent has be«n grants* for 

Ihr pi I" ' 

Portiir I'livM r. who has tn'i n WOrk- 
inK fliicp r.t2ip on the p (I' N in ot pro- 
ducing thia oil syntbitirully. basee 
Ma product oa ekaaaical inveatlga- 
tions of the odorous romdltusale of 
applex. His preparation hsi the 
ni. ril of luivir.K no m'h.i.iM • in It 

Dehydrated Hawaiian fruits hav- 
ing commercial poaalkllttlea weve 
shown at tke 1»S1 Maat fair by the 

Federal agrteultnral experlmeat eta- 

li.iM cf ;li" Tprrifory. Producta 
which have been found by the atation 
to have e»p clai merit, according to 
roporta tu the United ^tea Depart- 
ment of Agrlcalture. are dehydrated 
monfro. fW m wkiek an meolleat caa- 
dii'ii product can be obtained; dehy- 
drat.'il |i:ip:iya. wlilih n»lxed~ with 
leniou niaki-s n chfap but delMlous 
appleaM"'"'  i"hy'iratpd guava, from 
I which jElly can be made. 

iir:.Pv to 
- -...1. ft)t 


that does not occur na 
ipfle. In tkir It dtff^ 
•HItldally prepared flavors 

The bnreaa kaa pfVpared d aioit 

palatablp c.irbonated btverage Witk 
the apple "11 af Its flavorins eonatl- 
tii^-nt. Doctor Power ^ij' '^^^ the 
«il being volatile may no-, bp u3ed In 
the fr*paratlon of food products that 
h^ve to be Heated, bat is eapMflaUy 
aulublo for flavorlag eold drlnka aad 


and V. S. 1,.  .l World lai 
Bap erta ot Corn 
ApproxUaately per cent ot tke 
«om entering into world trade cog^a 
from Argentina and the Callad 
.Siat«'8. according to Information com*- 
piled by the United S'.atp* Depart- 
ment ot Agriculture. In ii :'l »hip- 
■aata from Ika Ugltad states eiceed- 
«d tkooo from Argeailna by SI.OOO,- 
ono bush. Is. but prior to that year 
Argentina wan usually the larger 
ahlpper, avfraRi- nxpor;- nom that 
couatry before ilie war (l!*iO-l!*l3) 
iMVlag keen, between one-third and 
one-kalf ot all oora entering into 
world trade aad aboat two and one- 
half ilnios the gnaatlty exported by 
Ihi- United Staten. 

Kxports of corn from Argentina la 
loai toUled about ni.OOO.OOO buah- 
•la, or i,«0»,m fcaakeu le»» «  »» 
tke pro-war average exports nnd 
about 09,000.000 buabeU lei-s than 
the I'xports of I9;ii On ill*' o'lte'l 
hand, exportx from the I iim-il .-^laLeSj 

In X»21 were l;!2,000,( husli. Is, | 

Whieb waa 111,000.000 ba^lx'ls nn re 
tban la l»tO aa« akoai sT.ouo.mio, 
biishela more tkaa the pn-war a\ r-j 

UKP. j 

i'M-ruU rMnufN Aftt-r Biws'' ^ '' '''] 
Of Oora 

Carrollton. Ky.. D«s. 16 -far*" 
the selection of seed corn " means 

of boosting th.' yield of tlii-^  ''""P ' 
celveU special altfnilon from fanners 
In Carroll county this fall ..i ' .iiiUni? 
to County Afent O. C. R »" ^'^ 
demoBitrattoaa wera keld 
in different parte of tke fonntv bv 
Mr. noutt to point out aum.- of th.- 
thIuBB to watch 111 picking ' ' ' ^ 
ooro to be u«hU fur seod. 

I. .'Ill (Jjitbif. I iita To 
pr"\ - I riill K. \iTi»jc«.|» 
The qnall   . l f'n l '  veras-'eH 
baa been iniprov d and the standards 
ralaed as • reault of data gathered 
by the nureau of Ckenriatry. Ualted 
States Department Of Agrteattnre, la 
lis resiarch work on fiult Juices and 
carbonated beveraK 's The Industry 
it la aald, may be ext ruled thru the 
more general use ot these data. 

Nearly ■ovary Ingredient used by 
bottlers has been studied by the bu- 
reau — augar, acid, water, flavors 
aad fruit JuicPK. Methods bave been 
devised (or detpctlng Rpnulne and 
Imitation flavor*. Sjilsfactory for- 
' mulaa for preparing a nuoj^er of 
I them have baaa  «fata»}4. It kaa 
' been toaa« tkat bp ro»laclng one- 
IhalV the iagar  Hk k^iey. sirup 
nianufactarers ean Improve th   quali- 
ty ot such aoft drlnka aa root baer, 
saraaparilla and chocolate at an in- 
creased coat of approxlmetely 0.3 
cent a balt-pint bottle, witk no de- 
crease in food value. 8luc» tke elear- 
nesit and palatabllity of the beverage 
depends largely on the water U8ed,_ 
tbe  chemical composition of 70 city 
water i^ppllea la tko^Uattod Wktoa 
has be«a asoertaloed. 


IWt of .\nlniala Dvcllaee. 

Figures anil rli:u"s on the msat 

Iniluatry ot the United Statea abow- 
luK tbat Ibe eoaaampttoa ot aiaat la 
decreasliNt are gtvea la an eiblblt, 

entltl d "Livestock Btattatlea," by 
the United Stales Department of Ag- 
riculture, at the International Live- 
stock Bzposltloa at Oklaaco. Daewa- 
ber 2 to », 

Tbeee atatlattaa abow tbat tke Ualt- 
•d States, while atlU aaoag tbe prin- 
cipal nieat-eatlng nations of the 
wiirlil. Is uinUr;^oiii« a g U'-ral de- 
cline both In per capita consumption 
lot meat and In tbe number of food 

ianlm.i!- Ill pr'iiiortl. 11 i.i I'l.- |i. imla- 

corn In 1921 than during the pre-war 

yiais DHnniarks Imports tntaling 
19.000,000 bushels, an Increase ot 
over 70 per cent. 


diilaren Cry I 



. o 1 



During tbe ftacal year ItSt. the 

sppdtesthiir labotatorlee of tbe Bu- 
r. aii of Plant Industry. M'nlt ed States 
Ueparinient of Aif rl  ulture, received j 
and examined 29.671 sanuilps of : 
aeeds. Ot these 17,000 came to tbe 
laboratory at Waablagton. and 12,- 
(71 to tbe five branch aeed-teating 
laboratories maintained In coopera- 
tion Mith the state Institutions 

The«p samples represent both veg- 
etable and field -seeds from farmers 
aeed dealera. and   laveatigators, to 
whom roporU of analyaoa were aent. 
showing tbe presence of weed aeeds 
and worthless material, or the ger- 
inlnatidii. or both. as requesied. 
Through this service the work of the 
seed-testing laboratories is Im me- 
diately applied to practical agricul- 
ture. . * 

A total of 5.fgS samples of vege- 
table seeds was purchased and test- *   ; 
ed for germination, and the results 
ot these tests will be published. 
Some of tbeae ae«dt — garden pea.s — 
wer* alao grown In tbe field for trhe- 1 ^ 
nest to name. 8weot-eom aamplcs 
are being grown for field stands and 
observation as to the presence of 

lleartburn is a symptom ot Indi- 
gestion. Take a dose of Uerblae in 
such casea. Tbe pala dlaappoara In- 
stantly. Tbe bowela operate apeodl- 
ly and you feel fine, vigoroaa aad 
chi-orful. Price OOc^ flalA bp OOdo 
County Drug Co. ■ 



For Letter Heads, Note Heads, 
Statements, Envelopes, Sale Bills, 
Business and other Cards. 

In fact, ^we are prepared to furnish you 
most anything you may desire in the way 

of Paper and Printed Matter. 

 fte^ m&TOQSL 

If You have something to SELL or any- 
thing to ADVERTISE try an "ad" in THE 


Hartford PriatiDS Company 



,  »» eee»»eoeeee»e»»»»»»*»»  



Proaiineiat ^lan Accoacd of Convert- 

Danville, Ky., Dec. IC.— ^SUbAo 
D. Minor, cashier ot the Peoples 
Bank aad Traat Company of Perry- 
TlU*. aatU roceatly prealdeat of tbe 
Kentftcky Baakera' Aaaoelattoa aad 
reprefient.ittve In the Kentaeky Leg- 
islature from Boyle County for three 
terms, was arrested at his home in 
Perryvllle at 7 o'clock tonight on 

by the 

State Banking Departmeat. two ot 




Comsnercial prodaeUoa • ! i"' "'*" 
•eed In lt«« totaled 181.000 pounds 
an increase ».f 20n i or cent over l9-  L 
and 10 per cent ov^r the'B y '8f ft***""! 
age, according to the Cnl eU States, 
Dopertmeat ot Agrlcit^M' 

over 813.a«0 m^O*' "•"'^f : 
aMd waa raiacd coi aii ip  r lslly m 
)»lt, according to r«port^ r .lohlni^ 
Uaited StatM Doparltmeiu ot Ag- 

BotjnUea fooelved tor tbe dostme- 

tlon of harmful wild anlmala fre- 
quently furnish an opportunity to 
filch money from public treasurlfis 
under talae pretenses. The bounty 

jyatom. apfHed to the capture ot P«r |three warraaU Uken oat 
datory aBtB»ala aad rodenta, bas 
many dlsadvaatagea aa i la Heually 

much more eiponsive in the ePonomii^ 
value of results obtained than the 
plan advocated by the Biological Sur- 
vey ot tbe United BUtee Department 
ot Agrtenltare ot pattlag oapertenced 
hunters on salaries In Infeated terri- 
tory. The opportunity for dishon- 
est praciiri- uiidtT the bounty system 
Is well Illustrated by a ca^e th4t canne 
to the attention of tbe predatory ani- 
iual inspector ot tiie Biological 8ut- 
vey stationed at Olympla, Wa^^ 

Thp auditoi for Grant County, af- 
ter paying i«ul much money in boun- 
tlea for "timber wolves" decided to 
aend oae of tbe "wolf" pelts to the 
dbitrlet laapaetor ot tbe Biological 
Survey for Ideatifteatloa. U waa 
pronounced a coyote pllt. altbongh 
-•uiiu-what darker aad largor than the 

;ivi rage. •* 
The hunter who brought   in the 

trial Thursday ri: iiiiiiii 
Q. Coulter, county Ju i 

 i  fore Judge 'l^o* wbldi had far tti back a tbree- 

I penny piece. It contained 120 dlf- 

jferent parts, and weighed under six 

Among the private collection ot 
by the present king 

Siclcly children need V.'hitp'." Cream, 
Vermifuge.- It not only destroys I 
womu, It there be any, bnt It acts | Jewelry owned 
aa a atraagthealagf tonic la tba atom' 

acb aad bowala. Prioo tie yar hot- 
tie. Sold, by Ohio Coaaty Dmg 
Gompaay. m 


A repeater watch baa luat b«ea 
completed by a Bwta tm, the 

platinum caao ot which moaaares 

only half an Inch In diameter. It is 
rlainied to be the smallest watch in 
the world tbat atrlltes tbe hours. 
Much smaller non-strlklng watches 
are, however. In exlatence. One made 
by a Qeneva watchmaker meteure* 
♦n Inch acrosii 

which charge him with making false 
,niry and one with wronsfuUy o«m-Joiily (•)np-slY '''n''' 
verting property ot another while the 9ial. It toruM the top ot a gold 
cashier of the Perryvllle Bank. 

Mr. Minor aMompaaiad Sheritt 
Logan Wood to I^nvUle. wbere he 
was released on $4.r 00 bonti. f't-- 
nlshed by W. Q. Prewlf. of Perry«- 
vllle, and then returned -o tli hon»e. 
^e ba« a wife, but no children. 

"Tho ebargea aro abaolataly 
true," Mr. Minor declared over tho 
long distance telephone !aat night, 
"but 1 musts di'clinp to make a detail- 
ed statement until after I ha^; con- 
snltod my attorney." 

In one ot tb««warr%nt.  charging 
false entrlea. it la alleged Minor 
credited flO.OOO to "A. Mann," bat 
upon investigation it waa brought 
that no such person exists ard no 
each deposit was made. .\ iotber 

«t Bnglaad aad g raaarved, together 
with other royal lairlaoms, ^ Wind- 
sor Castle, is a llUpuUan watch, 
which was presented to Oeorfce III 
by a celebrated watchmaker of those 
days, named Arnold. It la set in a 
finger ring, and the dial meaanrea 
alaotaaa thlrt y iaaeoada ot aa iaak 
!a diameter. What renders tbia par- 
ticular midga watch nnlque. Is tb# 
fact that ita cylinder is fashioned 
from an Oriental ruby, the disnreter 
being the iltty-tonrth part ot aa 
inch. lU leagtb tha lorty^-aeveatb, aad 
Ita welBht leae tbaa a graia. 


ebarga la that hi» accounts showed 
pelu eUimed that tho anlmala were | the Cltlaena Bank ot DanvllU 'jwed 
driven down from the timber to the | t),e Perryvllle Bank aad Traat Com 

lowlands by forest fires. The local 
coyote bounty is $1 while that of tbe 
wQlf la $15. 

OhilCLTin Ory 


lAtSii l rit.\l(llJTY .NICKUUD 


pnny $6.00U which debt It Is alleged, 
never exibtpd. This waa later cor- 
rected on the books or eraaed by 
some unknown person. 

Tbe Peoplea Bank and Trust Com- 
pany of Perryvllle. and of which Mln- 
!or haa been cashier tor yeata un- 
til it was foiip ; ■') floss October 1, 
[due lo failure In collpMln,| money 

I due tbe Institution an l t').) Many 

Long bad 14 children and, loana oa tbe books, bad deposits ot 
they bad all been rocked in tbe samel tS««,«0« aad aaaeta ot |St)9.00«. 
cradle. Que evening as Mrs. Long John M. Smith, employed aa a rep- 
was rocking the 14lh child, she said 

1(1 lipr Ihi-IkiiuI with a wau siiiil'. 

re^ientutive of the Stato Banking De- 

liartmt^'nt hais bpon at thp 'jank since 

John tblb cram j U pretty near worn Nuveai^r » going ovpr its accouut; 
uat." 'Mr. piptli. wbpu seen following Mr 

"Tep," aald John. "It'a aboat i*«i Mlj4f  arreat. would make ao state 


♦ 10 

Then he banded Mra. Long a 

hill and addrd, ."Next ttm» y« 

mMit. f^errtng bia questioner tu tbe 
M(aU Banking Departa ant. State 
go to town, mother, git a new one - 'Ranking Commiasioaer. laaacs uud 
oneibaflllast."—Loa Angeles Timi:*. I W. W. Peabyhouse, depaly bankinK 

. — lijommlasioner, were la DaavUla all 

,y today, but woaM aot diacaaa Mr. 
aor'a arreat. 

Mtaor 9tU bo glvaa aa aiagtla l a g 

Motor vehiclaa in t^o United 
Statea have a eog»biao4 power eqapl, 
to that «l tM.«f«.««« koraaa. 

penholder, and tho ao tiajr. how as- 
celleat time. 

J^j^gtigt wateh. Intended to bo 
worn aa a shirt stud, waa made In 
1890 by a Newcastle watchmaker. 
A few years ago it was on exhibition 
there, and was still going as well as 
over. Tko dial is only three-aic- 
toantba— •r loaa tbaa a «aartor — of 
aa . Inch In diameter. . 

Another tluy tinnepiece wu 

Whila Mra. Sdmaal fowell. of Ba- 
bylon, It. t , wai iriviag aloag ti* 
road In a stirtey ib estiaped monkey 
swung by His tail from a limb over 
tbe carriage. He suddenly lost his 
hold and tuiuibled on Mrs. Powell, 
damaging her hat aiit Injuring her 
aboolder. Her aaraaMd brotigM it 
paaaiag haatar to th* roaeae aad tUd 
ro«| lit* of the mbakoy waa oadad with a 

cently shown in a Londoa Jewelar'a load ot buekabot. 


Bfloxl, Miss.— "I had, for a year or 
fflore, nervous indigestion, or some form 
olMaaMdiliMMe." taya Mia. Aloaxo 
Ford. 1117 aay Street,, thia dty. "The 
water I drank at that lime seemed to 
T-Hfltt na. I would auHar until I got 
10 nervooa 1 wanted lo get down on the 
floor and roll. 1 (ell Uka I could tear 
my doihea. 

^Every night, and night altar night, 1 
had to take somelhing lor a laxative, and 
it had to ba kept up nightly. My side 
wouM Mjl^yfOked awhd. My skin 
wusaUsMKnadipottid. Iwouid 
looked lifeless 

"I happened to geta Birtliday AlaMaac. 
to I told my husband I would try tha 
Black-Draagkl. which I dM. I look s 
iewbifitoaat. I WtaacfeMlw. My 
d well. tidadgg_ 
4nakllMI«i|. iMBll 

that nervous, tight feeling was Roinj;, ai 
was the pain in my side. 1 found i did uat 
have to take it every night Sooo , afUi 
a few wecU, I could leave it off for i 
week or so, and 1 did not suffer wiJi 
constipation. . . I gliaad flaoh. 1 fetv* a 
good color, aad believe 11 was a stubborn 
livar, aad Ibgl Biack-Drauglit did th« 

"I went to my mother's ( Airs. Deeters) 
one day, and she wasiK't weU at all. .. I 
told her we'd try Black-Draught W« 
did, and now she keeps it to lake altei 
eating. It certainly helped her, and wi 
oettber will ba withnut it in our homes. 
It is 10 aiopla, aad the dose can ba 
ragniatad aa tha oaaa may ba. We nsa 
aiaala for (adlgettion, 
loa iMidichi or hg« 

Thadtoid'aBlKk OMi«M l«grM#  



||«t, trill- n MiTi ■ for phllo'sophy ; 
yctktiiiK' wln'ii iiKiiiv .isli itiiyiui IvPH 
"Why 'l   w fi'li'l" 111- •'iirl-liiKis"" 
Chmrhps b«ve ono iiimw.T, an 
tSMTCr Ihnt all Chriitlcnx. at leasi. 
■Iva to the qtiMtlon. But tli« «Mle 

'mt tram cti«c «iMt I* itoir o^ MAM ODDLY STRUIIQ' 

(By I. D. CtKirt) 

Alt\ *H A I KS srlKNTirU l.* VI-! 

I Tlirit Is ,1 vuln linn«t of FlllV^'d 

A noted rarlBlan i-tage brnuty nowjthHi li.. an.l Iif h \V.,ik. r h. vr no hnd 

rWUnn In Chlcaco ihiaka (hat kiwi »»•»•""' ''' f"^'" " ^ " ^ 

credit I* all due on** Mr. VuUtead 

and. it ii fair to aAd. that RentlMiM) 

dOM Mt raak vtrjr hick In the «a- 

teaiB of PlMke attd Rob. 

I'MniiM for marrl«g««|lla ilrU would 
ii. ip lo xolTo Amsiiea'a dlTorre proh- 

l. iii A w'onian'H whole heart «linil1d 
li)  put Into every kl««  she (five* her 

I! . rHrV. ml hT«r«r to h-band." declare* the .ctr.,«. "A 
bratlon «f rhrl#tmM hta »»• to w-. ,.^.1 

kti «able Voman will kaep any normal 
imn anehnrttf at home. Too many 
wlven think thtf ean hold their k«c 
throuKh their itomacha. 
'v In more yrsettcabla 
itian .1 1 iiii ''--i srlence." 



ittt^Bn nih il 111 nimy who^x- n llKlon 
OoKB no'  i ii-ip thi'in to r''Joiri' nl Ihfl 
htfth of J.siii; It in retclir;il.'d wUli ^ ^.^ 
beftrtlaexa aud happlneim b  those ' ^ 
who do not beil n^a In aar rallfloB; 
by thnsi' nf alien faltha and atraage: 
It ifi n Mnip nf Joy and happlnwa to 
thOU»niiils of duWlKn who tiavn llttl* 
•r ao understHodlim of itn rultRlona 
BliattleaBea: it la warm In the hearU 
of many men and women aa a time of 
rejAlclnic. of nelfhhorly lore, oC 
frleadshlp. of klnahlp, flalle apart 
troin Its behiK ih" nitnl day of the 
CarprnlPr   t N^'^n h 

(^hriatmaa meann peaic on  'arth, 
good wilt to mOB. It means an open- 
ing of heart*. It meana -thought for 
the poor and needy. It miaaa 
hrinitlni; Joy to children who othar- 
wiic and other ltpm)  ha»e IKtU Joy 

If meano love In the loart. It ^ _ 

meaoa brotherhood. | M',\ TKIk Man to siicr-.d K P. 

There la no brotherhood withovt a Tayli r. K -t.iiiiiK; K iwIpIkIi Good 
taiherhood- ther* la BO brotherhood Health K0...1 I'lo.iiui^: .-^pi.p" Fla- 
lalBoraooa. in«™ I- - MPdirinP". Toll.'t prpparalli-OH. 

•f man without a Fatherhood Of ooo. ^^^^ evpryday n-rpsaltle* used 

and so pvc.i thoitp who know BOthtBg by millions. L.Trgeat Company; eo- 
- It thoro he siirh — of the day. 1.- tabllahed :!4 year». Favorably kBtfwn 
•2a ,.«ra ago. whUh ClrUtmtja j'/^-;;,,'^-''- Ita^ BeSff '"^^^ 
Milebratea e*en; auch aa taeae. in ^^^^^ manaup your owa per- 

eelebrating Chrlatmaa, In receiving |„anent big pavinE hiisineaa. |i,«00  
or gWlag «rom the aplrlt of Chrtat- |5.«0* yearly Write for appllca- 
._ of themielvea, tlon. Oho omipitlon. n-fer 

mas. are led In apite or iBeunrtvwi.^^^^^ ^ K.WVl.KIGH t o. I» i t. 

197 Kroepori. 111.  3t3 

Chrlatmaa — not 

Some of the p«tltlonera and oth- 

era, held an Informal lupptlng at the 
Courthouoe Monday of the pr('«Piit 
wpi'k. h) illscii.s; Ihp proposed pIpc- 
lltin for the iaaual of road bond«. 
Quite a BBmber were pra^nt and 
considerable diaaualon 4ook ylaee aa 
III wnyi. meaBa ate. The ^tiaattoB of 
siiliKtliiitlnf^ a upocial 20 eOM toad 
tax for tbp bond txue waa ahw dta- 
enaaed. No denalto ytaaa ware 
agrcpit upon. 

time for phil- 

I aaw an nrllrlp In .'^lln(li^y■« paper 
anttinK out that niarrlpd 11, ^ii live 
longer than tingle onea, but I take it 
that the atory waa writtvn before 
the recent opeaing of tha wivea' war 
on huahanda. 

'• • • 

(Jne of the aerloua diaappolntinenta 
of the eountrynian recently removed 
to the elty le the mlaaing of hla al- 
manaea ahMg abowt thta aeaaea o( 

the year. The papera .will tell one 
what the weather la itoliig to be tof 

n day or two In advaiin'. lint that la 
nothing compared to iiavhiK It prog- 
noatieatad for a whole year. Lucki- 
ly, I racalv^ eaa by Mall, and I an 
eomforte r for another year. Bat 
it r:irn. « had ni'ws tor Fliiki-. Alnna 
ahout hi* flHhltiK ilnip. April and 
.May. It if I'lthpr iMilim to br r.\lny or 
windy, Jioth bad conditlona for angl- 
ing. Bat there la colBK to be plenty 
of rain tor a good crop, and that !• 
worth knowing In advance. 

• » • 

It la a curious fact that thp aitai 
mass of bible readera never give a 
thought to the time of writing or the 
autborehlp at what thay read. It I* a 
fair aaaumptloa that (ew of them 
know that there la mneh Bgyptlan 
ind Babytoalon literature still i-xtant 
that la very many cenlurlea oldei 
than the mMt ancient aoriptvraa. 

• • e 

Vary frequently folka ask me who 

!•  my friend, th- (lunlnt phllosophe.* 
Uuddy Mtl'h.iip Som.- of theae 
Mnips 1 11:11 (.'ilnu' to write a brief. 

uanaiuiu — «• — • — »■ . 

oaophy, but a beautiful ti.nP to prove ARBUCKLE'S FUTURB Uf 
that oTan ptatloaophy must yield to. MfVviF^ lIPTflHIM 

the eplrlt of th. Yule Ipg. which ^ MOVIES JJP TO HIM 

hrlngs to ua all, Chrlatlan and Jew. ,^ .» „ a, 

^ .„H nniirihiat heathen Angelea. Dec. 10. — Roscoe Ar- 

M..ham,n.-d b and Buddh t he. b« ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ U.a biography of thU. eccPntric character 

,hc »"'"^^;'  " ,„ tL wirld -'K WhPthPr he come, back blood, and If 1 do not alw.y. ,«ote 

alone °J[ " ^.Tot^v a Jl.ce fw Lth^ ' ' one occupied la now blm verb.nthn, he has at lea.t In.plr- 

ever make It Wholly, .lace for broth „ , , „^ . .^at 1 hav- pur hts, 

Ataurlcnn people. U the. glat of ai mouth. Thp loyalty of hi- wlfp.| 
series of atatemeata «lven out here who wa* a plain waaherwomnn, will 

•When doctora diMgree, who shall 
decide?" I 
!t is im possible for tiny ono to .ay 
'now wh! tiipr or not the Oregon achool 
•|ttW is or is not con. ' I' 11' 
wjsfi drtiw it. thoKp who pisspd it, 
those who want U. aay ii i.-*. Tho-.P 
who' find la It objectlonal featyrea 
•ayUian'i! Only the oouru can da-^ 
eidf. . I 

Thp OrpRon achool law has been ' 
:r,Ui h niiitrfpre.sonipd by its pnpinlps. 
Tbua, no leaa u Catholic dlgniury 
tbaa ArohlMihop Mlehael J. Curlay. 
of Baltl«i»r«,;g|iy  ol It: 

"Tha antl-Cathollc organlaatlon 1 
rtiat sponsored thp un-American Ore- 
gon Mbool bill is now planning ainU- 
Ina action foroth  r latps with the fl- 

today by Will Haya, chief of the roo-jform no Mttle part of the lalvreatliii; 
tlod picture Industry. Jesse L. Laaky »tory. 

I I ill- riiiiip.mN (Ikii foriiiprly  lH-j , * * * 

irihuled iho Arliuikl.- cumedie*. Jo- Rather than undergo the difap 
ieph Schenck, producpr, who will cm- polniment of missinc the- ChrlstinaM 

issue of the Republican I «hall Jnat 
coin-  down and get tha sawa flrat- 

lioi'n thrice tried on a bbarga pi man 
alaoghter jtrtalK frpa tBa Mth la 
Baa Fraadaeo of VIrvlala Bappo, aa 

acris.s. Slncp thi 11 Arltuckle baa 
llvpil qiilftly tjiklng un occaalouul trip 
away, but keepiac out of ihm public 


, ' Mr. Arbuckle declluad to eoBmeat 

tat purpoae of aUdlBg auch legUia- eoadltloaa othar thaa to 

suy he tronld accept the ehauea Mtd 

try to Improv 

HVMr 11 i( ^ — U* ABD 

Mlaa Mary B. Huniphrpy and Wil- 
liam Q. -Ward ware joined In uar- 
rialN T u aatoy evealus. Dauamber l . 

.It thi  hnA  of the Hev. OranvUle 
JiiKHpra. paatur of the NocreA M. B. 
churoh, wko parforiMi' tba-aaremu- 

The bride 1. B6 yeara of afe and 
the groom 54. Mr. -Ward la a proa- 

perouw farmer of the Noereek conne 

try. Kach of tli.- parilps Ikup u host 
of tripnds who wi^h for iheui a cou- 
Keutal and hapi y married lite. 

drahtaob mania tax 

tton aa«n ameatlttABi t« «Ba Aaeri 

can Conatitutlon 

"Th« Oregon law doea not baeoaa* 
e(lectiv« for four ypars. aud in tha 
meantiint! it is planned to carry the 
work to other part* of the Union with 
the objeot of creatine »uch an atmo- 
sphere as made tka pawklbltfou 

V-" "The whole trpliil of such kgisla- 
(ioU t. a etate aociallsm, .spttluK up an 
omalpotent aUte that ehall claim 
nirnerablp ol IndWduala. body and 
sou!, on thp principlea of Karl Marx, 
the Oirman «ociailat.« whoao taaoh- 
lng». put into practice, have created 
■oviet RuMia." 

•'Un-Amertoan atate aociai.sM.. 
omnipotent atate. owuerakiP of body 
and Boul." aTl thia about a bill which 
rpuuir.s childrpu 10 attend a pub- 
lic school fivp nioiiilis in the year! 

Ita oppoppnis say of H"- bill 
It will "destroy the privaip chool," 
that It "wlj* oruab the parochial 
school " that it "take, from the par- 

. „t the right to determine what hla, the .event& Mrla. of bonds Issued to 
cmid .hall learn," and a lot of •1ml- 1 con.truct .aid ditch will b« due on 
Ur mlaatatements. There are twelra January 5. I»«S. 

m a year: tho bill calls for Persons owinp aManment. in 
Sc achool attendance during but .hi. .Ustrict should see C. O. Hunter, 
five Tha parent. In Oregon have r.uniy Trcasur-r. Hartford, Ky., ut 
the sa-.p control of what th,alr achool. ouc« aud pay amouut of lag due 
.each a. .h .so of any other .tate; on a»ld bond.. Penalty wlU baudd- 
Where Is thP taking away the rlfkt ed aftmr.Jnnu.ry »' 
to «y wUal t» « child shall laarnT" I »• I^- KINO. 

It la oot tor us to suy what tho D ralnago ron.mlaalon er. 

court, will bold about the Oregon ^ yoTlSro MDNBY 
school law. That la for the tuiura. , - 
uii» In til" iiitprists of fair play, let 

" ,„P is.uP by .uiylng of To pay debt., or i.nprove your 

ploy Arbuckle and (he comedian him 

Mr. Maya ratneated the producera ^ kaBA. 
to withdraw Arbuckle tllma and tc *** 

make no nmr.' of them laat Apri". Hp 1' i'' » ir.i ' iki :i notion that con- 
took that action after ArbucWe had jgn ssps and parliainpnis maki' Tsws. 

They inilped enact stalnte:-. hut the 
laiea that In the end muat govern 
aHha tli* aotrawtM. of tka ylaaeis 
aad the condnet of men come from 
the hands of an rnflnltp Lawgltrer. A« 
aoon us His laws an- ^utflclpntly en- 
grafted on the human undt rs-audinK 
leglelalor. give them lanKiiagp and 
deflBltloa. aud tkla !• misnamed luw- 

* w* 

lam Jnst from the rpadlnir of the 
hlatory of th- -coiul rr-ai»si '-fMr 
aeter that ever grated ihp earth. 
Gautama — or Birddak. Thta ramark- , 
able man waa bom a prince at men 
B» well as of empire la Eaalia nearly 
six buiidrpcl y.-«r» liGfure the dawui 
of tUn Chrisllun Era. Kept as was 
thp royal cuslotn cf 'tin- ti n •  finoi 
alghl or even contact w^ixU the pav-i 
erty aad wretohedneaa ef maaklndi 
until kis maturity, ka want oat Intul 
the world and wa. ekockad at thej 
inlserics of tho Incklaa. multitude. | 
Such was bis sympathy for the hel^; 
less poor that he despised a crown | 
and the luxury of a court to give hla { 
life to moderating the miaarlpa ofj 
hla race, aad m well dM hm aBeeaed 
that today one-third of the biinian | 
racp ari hli ilpvotPil dlstipli-s, a niim-j 
her grcati-r than tin- ill-. pIph of 
Chriat and llahonipi coiabinpd. TTie 
history of thla marveloua man la well ^ 
worth tka .tudent'a attanttoa 

U. A. Baraea, el ak, MalvM.' 

The landowners whose landa are 
bonded In the O. A names, ei al., 
l)raiiiaK.^ Dlstriii of Ohio County. 
Kentucky, lare h reby notified that 

luud I can furnlUi It la amoaata of 

11,000 or mure, on .mooth land In 

nood sl.ili- of 1 iiltlvatlon. I-oHB 
li-riu, easy iiayiii-nl.s, low iiilprpsi. 
Instant sprviip. ^4i2 
M. T. I'AltKS. IlaMlord, Ky, 

t^a not butoR 

the law that which is not a^ 

Qof. Si:ii!l of Illinois has approv- 
ed tha I'l - ciMUtructlng a canal 

between La Salle and Lockport and QuMwrd. walck^ only one-halt 
connecting tka Oraat Lake, with tke j^^^^^ ^^ aquara (aot of wing 
Mississippi. The projaet lBT0lK|ea aurd^ce. The albatross over three 
 hi- expenditure of |H,#*0iOO# be- pymii  to u square foot of wing sur- 
,IU«s tho fl.OOO.OOO already spent, 

Gov. Sautll eallmatea that the water- 

way will aave IlUuot. farmers spy en The duck-billed pUtypus. of T«s 
cuts a bushel on grain shipped on t hrss f. 1; tt?^ mwI like an 

Ml ■ ( inal und will t«ve Chicago peo- avlMi .1.. luy eags and lia4 a bill of a 
l,w U a toil on coal. When tha canal bi«d aid awlma anda^knder water 
is .ii.iiv!i-'ta flcoib of barge. Cj|i»**a aa doea tke flafc. 

Mr. Ernest Patton. went to Bufordj 

Ttiwduy. on l)uslllp^^ 

A Glimpse of Coop 
Land of Toys 


\X7'E have given oyer to display of play- 
time pla)rthing8 a good portion of 
our floor tpacei and there are hundreds 
of joy producers for the little folks. This 
department is for them, so bring them in 
and let them ^ngoy it Evwything in the 
shape of a toy is there. ^ 

Our stock is being looked over every, day, fjid. picked 
from. Not until you have actually visited our store and 
seen its wonderful array of gifte-4lie most sensible you 
can buy, will you appreciate it. Take advantage of this 
offer, and do so early, becaus the stock is decreasing ev- 
ery day. . - 4 

' ' ' ' \\Vf . " . 1 II. e— — 

Come At The Morning Hour And Avoid 
The Aftomoon Rush. 

a nice 

Doni forget our hig line of Furniture for dii 

There is nothing more useful and pleasing than 
piece of Furniture in the home. ^.^o.. 

Also, we have a big line of Ladies' Hats, that are remark- 
able in styles quality loid price, hbthing like ihese have 
ever been shown here before. « ' 

Oyr Ladies' Ready-lo- Wear and Genl^t Furnishing 
partmsnts are complete in every respect 


Beaver Dam, Ky. 

wan ill lib 

Mr. Buddie Crowe speut Sunday and luoip cur^fuliy bin Uu- .liiiiKbt.T 

wttk Mr. and lira. Cicero Watfa.-. 'refused to ol-vy »iib th.) r'-nuit that 
Mr. B. L. Brooka waa tke caaat of the uiotber waa serloualy iniured, 

Mr. and Mr.. B. P. Masate. Bunday. : Hince the daagkter la of ac* and mar- 
Mrs. Lucy Jewell, of iliMideraon. Ulrled the mother wa. driven to the 

bpeudinK the work wilh her nelce.l novel method of a lawsuit to punish 

Mn. Krni si I'u ton aud Mr. Patton. ! her child. 
Kbv. William i^vuve ftUed hU 

reiular appointment at Union Qrove 

Sunday and Sunday night. 

UK.llN.t iK l« Xt» T.%X 

umnm in mail bb ybm^b 

not Muftt'l. ri al.. I ruluiix«* Uinlricl. 
Tke laniiowiitfrH whoae lands are 
TUe ....t offl., d.,i:u.ui.ia return- »'ouded lu th« Uuy MufCatt DralnaKe 
,d to th. Amertjan Credit ludemulty « f''"^' ' 

l^o.. of Now York, a letter whioh was ^-^''^^ 7; 
malled to a Ban Pr«ol««, concern bond, iaaued to oow^ruct k. id 

InllM. The aarfrtiVeredlWUerwu.''"'^ «'•• *««ary I. 

found in .''Aalf chute. 

mrm D.v^GHTBn wm i am.\oicm 

A .\ A Voik woman rcrmtly 'filed 
4 laO.OUO dam.Kti ault uKaliutt ^ tiiT 
awn dauKhter for injuriv* reuiiivcd 
Id . an auto accident. The dauuiter 
waa cautioned by bur mother who 
. \ 

Paraona owtng aaaaaawt^ta In the 

dlatrlct shualtl .ee C. O. Httater, 
County Treaaurer, Hartford, Ky., at' 
OUCH and pay umniint of tax dii.' mi 
baid boudM, I'eaiiKy will ln' uildt^l 
afwr JaMary 1, l»2:t 

8. L. KXNO, j 
OtalMC* CfwlMiaat^r.' 

Have You Seen the 1923 Model 

Ford Road$ter? 

We have one on 
,t display at our 



Beaver Dam, Ky. 

The Hartford republican, 1922-12-22

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