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VOL. 3. NO. 26. 



VOL. 3. NO 29. 


Louisville Oil News 

I ************^ 



x^ield Notes 

Involuntary bankruptcy proceedings In the Burkeurnbtt field in Texas the 
■were brought against the W. P. Wil- Old Dominion Oil Company expects an- 
liams Oil Company In the United otlier well in soon on Block 84. Another 
States District Court recently. This drilling is down 1,600 feet, 
company laready is In the hands of a 

(Ralph Stafford.) 

receiver the Kentucky Title Savings 
Bank & Trust Company, appointed by 
the Jefferson Circuit Court. J. J. 

Keen is president of the company. perfecting plans for the de- 

^ ^ stockholders of the Cumberland 

Old Dominion Oil Company expects an- ^ , 

1 . ■ Dipe Line Company held their annual 

other well in soon on Block 84. Another 

, ^ ^ . meeting Thursday, December 5. at 10 

drilling is down 1,600 feet. The amount of development work ^ 

i . ^ . a. m., at the offices m Winchester, Ky. 

I here is steadily Increasing. Only a few 

' „ . . Most of the voting was done by proxy, 

wells, however, have been completed, 

News received from M. P. Wright, although several more are expected in ^ 

who is now in the Texas, is to the ef- within the next ten days. 

feet he is perfecting plans for the de- 1 from Pittsburg, and C. K. Loaiio, 

velopment of 292 acres he owns In: F. T. D. Wallace, Jr., of the Little City, assistant secretary. 

StonhAno nniinfv mVta r*\ann 'HAarlo- Pnlnt OM nnrl O'la Pnmnnnv Tina r1t*illr»a TllO folOW ing directors aiUi offiCCrS 

*****************^-, * * ******4HHHf-**4Ht****** X vr -X- -*■»•**** 

PDMDI TTlC Dil ComiMiiy h,i.s a 

uUliil LL llui '' 

, siiiirt, |jut wiil drill timiugli ihr sand. 
. j They are now if) feet in. The I.«’e 0.1 

Korty-two completions were r^t i r,„npan.v. drilling on the lirandenlmrg, 

for the week as follow'.,: TtiJ^lec in is down alsml .Kmi feet aliove t|.e s.and 

Lee from live to 60 l)arrels. y; with at.rokeo sl.nfi 

for the week as follow'.,: Tt,Jfiie(- in 

Lee from live to 60 l)arrels, i# y; 
six in Allen from 10 to60 barrel.s; six 
in I.iiwrence from four -fo 10 harrehs, 
one gasser; two in Wolfe, both ten lair- 
rels; tliree in Kstill from two to ],"  liar- 
rels; tliree in Menifee from Id to 60 Ijar- 

Credltors bringing the bankruptcy pro- veiopment or ivi acres ne owns in r. i. u. \v.tiiace, jr., or tne i.itiie t,, , , . ' "'le ga,sser; two in Wolfe, hoth ten l ar- 

ceedings are W. I. Welch, of Lexlnfton, Stephens county. The Cisco Desde- Paint Oil and Gas Company, has drilled f *le"ing directors and officers 

who claims a debt of $2,600. Jack Watts Company, of which Mr. Wright is In his No. 6 on Little Paint Creek and '' '"'''e^t Towle, ; ^ Menifee from HI to 60 bar- 

of Lexington, who had a claim of $87.60, President, has disposed of its $200,000 it has a showing for 26 barrels and will ' " ‘'Maent A Ian T. Towle one dry 

and Burnett. Batson & Cary, Louisville ®tock put on the market re- be shot the latter part of the week. TIte ® P'esident and general ^ ^ 

lawyers, with a fee claim of $160. gently and Is drilling a test In the well on Jim Love tract on Mine Fork j Shepard 0:1 Uty. barrels; one in Jackson 

Burkburnett neld. was dry in the Berea, but is being i ; C. A. Mc^ 

and Burnett. Batson & Cary, Louisville e‘°eh put on the market re- be shot the latter part of the week. The I y‘®® President and general ^ 

lawyers, with a fee claim of $160. gently and Is drilling a test In the well on Jim Love tract on Mine Fork j Shepard 0:1 City, barrels; o, 

Burkburnett ffeld. was dry in the Berea, but is being | ' I dry. and one in .lohnson, 26 barrels. 

driven on down to the Cornlferou.s. It Cit , Fecret.iry. Dircctoia, Imhic-'.I, 

The Bend on and Gas Company, with ^.,,1 completed, barring accidents, ! 'r""'®- ■'‘’e®' h A. Geiger; J. 11, LKK COrNTV 

offices In the McCleland building in The Thraman Oil Company has made within five days. Several more ga.s i C: rdner, W. K. Ale.xander, .1. M Taylor South Huy No. 12, Lee Land 
Lexington, is drilling No. 1 on the a contract to drill No. 2 Eastwood on wells have been completed on Hargis i Company, five l)arrel.s. 

Thomas lease near St. Mary’s. Ohio. Sue Zlock No. 6, in the Ranger field in Creek by D. T. Evans, who has a large! Atlaiuic Oil Company No. 8. Kincaid 

This is surrounded by acreage belong- Texas. This company’s No. 2 Stephen- amount of gas now going into the line,' ^’®"’” received from Fort Worth, farin. dry. 

Ing to the Frye Oil Company, recently son will start shortly. This company and the work of laying gathering lines: ’*'®’^'’”’ ‘'’® ®'^®e'^ Patrick J.l Molmey Drother.s No. 1, Shoemaker 

organized. This company has contract- expects a completion about January 1. to the different wells Is lieing pushed ! ^®"’ President of ihe;Tarm. 25 barrel.s. 

ed for two wells on this acreage. One rapidly and a big compres.sor is i)cing j "'bite Oil Corporation, arrived recently j Central Oil Company No. 9, W. T. 

wil be located on the Kelly lease two preeted on the f-.rm ef a t T-.eUett "i tlmt city in his private car and Ibiotli farm, 20 liarrels. 

organized. This company has contract- expects a completion about January 1. to the different wells Is lieing pushed i ^®"’ President of ihe;Tarm. 25 barrels. 

ed for two wells on this acreage. One rapidly and a big compres.sor is iieing j "'bite Oil Corporation, arrived recently j Central Oil Company No. 9, W. T. 

wil be located on the Kelly lease two erected on the farm of A. J. Tackett I"’ private car and Ibiotli farm, 20 liarrels. 

miles from Glenwood and six and one- I" Wichita County, Texas, the Pied- furnishes employment for a great estalilish the company’s head- 1 M'oodford Oil Company No. 21, Crain 

half miles from St. Mary’s. The off- "lont Oil Company is down 300 feet at 

setting wells to this property, ranging *ts well drilling there. Glltner Rogers! | ICrie Oil Company No. (i lJuwinan cstimtiio not given. 

from 16 to 50 barrels, have been com- Company’s initial test about three- j The well on the farm of Pitt Witten, -lobn Bahan, formerly superintendent farm, 20 barrels. j re lort of 1 

pleted. fourths of a mile south on an 8,000- nmg paint Creek, is down about four "f tbe Cumlierlaiul Pipe Line Company Hector Oil Company No. 1 Eureka puny on the Flair •(■ I i ^ 

acre tract is about 450 feet deep. These | hundred feet and has a fl.shing job, re- i b' tbe Kentucky fields, has been made farm, 20 barrels. Ni" *"ri ' 

News has been received from Okla- *^*te Humble well ! parted caused by a crooked hole. ' general .superintendent of this company. Old Dominion No. 21, .Jeffer.son farm, (jg,,,,. ^ 

many people. 


farm, 40 barrels. 

with atiroken sliafl. 

-N’oland Parntiart and .McCairs .\,i. s 
on the Soutbwesiern ami riil'f I’l-tro- 
leum Coinpany's tr.iet was Smi f,a t at 
Hie last report, tbe .Soniborn nil Com- 
pany of r,«H' County .\o. 12 E. Williani.s, 
600 feet, while the Getii OH ('..niiuny’s 
No. a Ike Gabiiard was loo f|.|.|. The 
I Eastern Oil’s .\o. ll Fraley is 
drilling to the .second pay. 

The Ohio Fuel oil Com[ian.v’s Nos. 20, 
21 and .36 .1. I). .  110111 are drilling, c. 
F. Dick.son el al .\o. ,S I.afa.vell,. 
As.sociated i'rodueers Coniiiany's .\'o. 28 
.1. .1. Weils, tile .Superior Oil Corpora- 
tion’s No.s. M and 15 I'rolitl and 
tile Cumlierland I’etroleinn Coni|iany’s 
.N’li. 10 I'loyd Helton. 

Tlie I'.i ie Oil Coniiiany is reported to 
have a niee well at No. (i Howinan, 

Tlte well on the farm of Pitt Witten, 

homa that a well rated at 1,000 barrels esti- 

has been completed within two miles of b'e-^ed as a gusher. 

the P’idellty Oil Corporation’s Tracts 68 

and 69. The well completed was on The Glltner Rogers Company has 
Tract 19-25-9. The Fidelity Is down sold In the last 30 days $100,000 in acre- 
1,200 feet at No. 3 on Tract 90 and ex- age In Wichita and Archer Counties, 
pects to drill In next week. Texas, on the Mangold dome. 

' Prominent Eastern 

Men Here 

Making An Inspection of the Hold- 
ings of the Banner Oil 

Mr. Frank D. Walker, a prominent 
manufacturer of Wilmington, Del., and 
a large stockholder in the Banner Oil 
Company, Is In Kentucky, making an 
Inspection of the holdings of this com- 
pany, in the interest of himself and 
several others of Philadelphia and Wil- 
mington. Mr. Walker and his friends 

|iany.| Old Dominion No. 21, Jel'ier.son farm, (]g, p. ^o 06 9 |'  foof V ' 

1 Mr. Bahan left Kentucky for Texas 60 barrels; No. 24, gasser. 1 ^. ^ ~ "’"'b'g 

The Southwestern is hauling in a new about a year ago and has lieen in busi- Associated I’rodueers’ No. 27, Anna Xy 7 - s-.o' f . ' *^*^*'*' 

rig to begin on the Cooper fiU'm on pggg jq,. himself since that time. Fisher farm, 20 barrels. 

Brushy. Another well ha.sheen started Soutliwestern and Cliff No. 84, ^'e^urkin tind oll.ers are ca.«- 

by the Browning Petroleum Company White Oil Corporation owns a Eureka tract, gisid well; No. 88 . good ’ Eimnelly .Smith on Hilly's 

on the farm of Dan Wheeler on Mine 40 -acre tract in the Homer field in well; No. 91, good well. I'oik and e.xpeet to drill in sluirtly. 

Fork. Hudel Oil and Gas Company is | Louisiana, on which a 20,000-barrel well ALLEN COUNTY Tbe Old Dominion Oil ComimnVs Vn 

w M a T."i, n V completed. In addition! Seaboard Oil Company No. 20. War- 'Icffer.son recently completed is in 

on ig Mud Lick Creek, and Intern this company’s large holdings inlfen McReynolds farm. 26 liarrels; No.^’® part of the lease. No. 
Imperial Oil Cmpany (Snyder and Staf- Including a refinery at Houston. ' 21 . 10 barrels; No. 29. llooten farm. 18 " bich is a gasser, will lie used as 

ford( are pushing work ^y and night expects to construct considerable barrels; No. 30. 20 barrels; No. 31 15 '; ’‘-"cr for drilling, six rigs are at 

lion Oil Company’s No. 

I towers on their well on Galen Lamas- jpip^ Hue eHortly. I barrels. "'.irk on this acreage. Nos. 2’2 ’ 3 

ter farm, Cullett Branch of Big Paint I . . , , . ' or 

(ireek. They expect to have fnis well This company has big acreage in farm 20 barrels i 'ts \i 1 

in before Christmas and much inter- Kentucky.' and is said to be contem- ’ ) ‘ In 1 bins been 

est is being manifested, as this Is lo- p.^unga casing head gas plant on Its LAWRENCE COUNTY J “V 

eated on good structure and Is being holdings In this State. Domain No. 8 , Rebecca Peters 'be Laura Lane. 

drilled within a circle of five of the old- farm, sixbarrels. The of Hud.son and Collins 

time wells drilled in the early days and Mrs j jj. McClurkin left Austin farm, against M. T. McEIdciwney, etc., In tlie 

about which sp much has been said by Thursday night to take their son. How- barrels; No. 3, L. S. Riley farm, Lee County Circuit Court was won by 

every one who ever saw them. .,rd McClurkin, whose conditon is very barrels; No. 3. C. M. Walker farm, the defendant on demurer. 1). femlant 

earnest on McCarty Fork of the Col- ^bere he will be under Dr. BU.tken.ship farm, j an appeal to the (Mur, of .v, peaks 

vin Branch, and has also made a loca- ^barles Spencer, a well-known nerve ’ M 

tlon on the J. B. Cullett farm on Cul- specialist. "OLIE COINTY j •• -acre fac known as .lohn T, Fraley 

, _ . Superior Oil Company No. 1, Hobbs ' "act on Hell Creek in Lee Count v. Ken- 

lett Branch. . , , , , ' 

Lucien Beckner has gone to Louisiana farm, 10 barrels. tuckj. 

The Little Paint Oil and Gas Com- to look over some properties In that Larry Oil Company No. 13, Charles 

pany are now putting all their wells on section. Sample fiu-m, 10 barrels. AI.LFN COUNTY 

the pump, and they expect to soon have ESTILL COUNTY 

them In the line, as the line has been The Pyramid Oil Company has Security Producing and Rclining No. P""cr is nnw In opcrati'in on 

surveyed. brought in Nos. 6 and 7 in the Osage 13 , Wise farm, live barrels. I'*** Marrtn McReynolds, Scvci-al .vell.s 

, , section of Oklohoma, rated respectively Paramount Oil Cumpany No. 6 , Frank ®'®“"®'’ ‘bilb’il leep- 

It begins at the pumping station on er. which has incrca.«cd the pmduction. 

Jennies Creek and cuts across the head “ 

waters of Barnett’s Creek and on to , , T , ^ ^ ‘A Isom Ibe I roducers Oil and Shale Corn- 

Oil Springs on Little Paint Creek and ^ stockholders of the Ballard farm, two barrels. Pany has been held u,i on the Hunt 

^ Quaker Oil Company was held at the mcmfcc cnrxTV ‘®“^® '' of tlie rainy weaUicr. A 

iriiT A iit iirrAA 'er farm, Cullett Branch of Big Paint , , 1 ,,, 

\tN C(Y NEEDS They expect l© save ^18 wen .pHig company has big acreage in I farm, 20 lirarrels. 

1 11.1 1 UU II MUUUU in before Christmas and much Inter- i. no — »o™- 

i pipe line shortly. 

Kansas “Blue Sky” 
Law Makes Them 
Cough Up 

several others of Philadelphia and Wil- (From the Oil and Oas Jonrnul.) | on the J. B. Cullett farm on Cul- spsclalist. 
mington. Mr. Walker and his friends Topeka, Kan. On Wednesday of this Branch. 

in the East will take an active Interest t^eek Frank G. Sherer, president of the Lucien Beckner ha 

henceforth In the affairs of the com- Cimarron OH. Gas and Land Develop- The Little Paint Oil and Gas Com- to look over some 

pany. and at the directors’ meeting of » ent Company, and W. S. Ivlne, sales pany are now putting all their wells on section. 

the company Mr. Walker will be elected manager for the same company, pleaded the pump, and they expect to soon have 

an officer and director guilty to violations of the Kansas Blue them In the line, as the line has been The Pyramid 0 

Sky Law at Okaloosa. surveyed. brought in Nos. 6 t 

Some time ago these Eastern gentle- 

men sent to Kentucky a geologist and agreement with the county attor- begins at the pumping station on h «n i 

a practical oil man to look over the *tey, W. O. Worswick, of Jefferson jennies Creek and cuts across the head ^ larre s. 

holdings of the Banner Oil Company, County, the men who are to pay back .^^fers of Barnett’s Creek and on to ti f tvi 

and their report was that in all their ‘b® investors all the iftoney they q|j gprings on Little Paint Creek and 

experience they knew of no company fecelved for the sale of lots for oil pur- thence as surveyed down the Creek to ompan 

with holdings In Kentucky that had PO®es in the Oklahoma oil land deal, Little Paint Creek Oil and 

earnest on McCarty Fork of the Col- eeK"’ ^"®®e "e e® “"®®® 

vin Branch, and has also made a loca- ^barles Spencer, a well-known nerve 
tlon on the J. B. Cullett farm on Cul- specialist. 


offices of the company, 1211 Chestnut 

... ...... nresident of the' eomnanv is to ^ X , u. .. . . "'reet, Philadelphia, Pa., Wednesday, 

such large and well located acreage, °b®'^er, president of the company, is to Q^g Company, from which point a . o . u ... i « ” ® ' 

, mv n floe of *600 in addition to re- . . . j December 3, to consider the sale of cer- , „„ 

and held better prospects, and reported b"® *" h«t“‘t on to re branch runs over to Mine Fork and an- ,,,,,, . , . . „ 

r r r r .... ..... , fnin rtf ita lAoaoa a nn A/'iiiir\vrtAnf Fa ilxa 

R. A. Chiles No. 1, Dennison farm. 

Large imwer is now In on 
tlie Warren McReymild.s, .Scv. inl .vell.s 
are being cleaned out and (irilleil leep- 
er, wliich has inereii.«ed Hie iiniiliicHon. 

Tlie Producers’ Oil and Shale Coni- 
fiany lias been lield up on the Hunt 
lease of Hie rainy wealtier. A 
well is due in. 

that in their opinion the company was the money to the Investors, and „tber over tn the Big Paint Creek sec- ‘j''" '®«®®® ^nd equ pment to the 

- Swiss Oil Corporation or others. 

CO well. Tlie Ka.sjier Oil ('oni,iany lias eom- 

Big Elk No. 7, Dor.sey Ratliff farm, iileted No. 1 Lafoii, one mile 

well worth investing in. 

Mr. Walker is here to Inspect the 
property and also to purchase a large 

Irvine Is to pay a fine of $250. tlon, so as to take the oil from the Pat- 

The plan of sale proved attractive terson Oil Company Eastern Imperial 

I of I’etroleuiii ill Allen (',i 

to farmers in Jefferson County. Sherer and N. P. Howard wells, 
secured the title to 160 acres of land I 

_ „ , „ Charles Donaldson, of Evans City, 

id N. P. Howard wells. „ , , , 

Pennsylvania, has been made superin- 

Scveral new local companies have tendent of the Saboard Oil Company’s 

oASUmnal l,l..elf nf thn ntnelf fnr him- “ccuicu llic lllio lu iuu ui lai.u j , lii. Al. ArilOgaSl .NO. 1, Oil I'.IK Ur  

additional block of the stock for mm rrui„ Several new local companies have tendent of the Saboard Oil Company’s 

self and associates, the proceeds ‘® be formed the most active of which holdings in Allen County. Mr. Donald- I’"'®®®'’' 

used to drill In Leo and Magoffin Coun- b® divided into lots twenty-flve by one been formed, the most active of ^^hich experienced oil man ‘^’'■'"ttban No. 1, W. W. Elam 

ties, Ky., and then In Oklahoma. Drill- hundred feet, which were sold to the at present is the Gilison Petroleum ' ftirm. dry. 

Ing operations are now being carried on farmers for oil purposes for $100 per Company, organized by Eugene Hager Coleman County, Texas, Garrett JACKSON COFNTY 

by the Banner OH Company, but these which made his quarter section of associates, and which Is moving jjo. 4 in the Santa Ana Is reported in. Meade and .Norton No. 1, dry. 

will be greatly augmented shortly after ® ^ ^ to a location on the farm of Andy Jayne This began making oil at 1,493 fref. .lOHNSON COl'NTY 

, - .u _ There is no oil in the vicinity of the 

the first of the year. adjoining the John Cochran tract, where This wH be drilled in as soon as tank-. Little Paint OH Company No. 6,| 

The Banner OH Company has under age is secured. This Is not far from j Little Paint Creek f: mu. 25 barrels, 

lease 3,236 acres In the oil counties of vi v, i ... tbe holdings of the F’rye OH Company, ♦ 

^ , ... sas City, which is the headquarters of drilled by the Little Paint OH and Gas t I'l- rni'VTV 

Kentucky, and may regard this acre-i., __ recently organized. LF.L ( 01 .M \ 

Carson and llillis No. 3, Wick Wells is .'iliowitig for a nice well. .No. 2 will 
farm, dry. start up stiortly. 

MORfiAN COl NTY Tlie Great Lakes I’clroleuni Company 

E. M. Arliogast No. 1, on Elk Creek, has drilled two wHIs on Hie Angie .Me- 

Kentucky, and may regard this acre- 

the company. 

age as being in practically proven ter- 
ritory, and the property Is all paid for. * 

As Is knowq(,.Mr. W. J. Flesher, vice Clark and Greer 

president of tjic company and a prac- 
tical oil man, has charge of the field , Sell 95 Acres 

operations of the Banner OH Company. 

Uej Molds lea;e deeper. 


Judge Morrison, of rennsylvania, 
and Ohio inirties have completed Hieir 
initial test in lOdm.son County, four 
miles .south of Hrownsville, and failed 
to get oil. Tills was drilled to a deinh 
of 1.280 feet. Tlie rig is lieing moved 
to another location ono-lialf mile .away 

,ucu O, w.e wo aoo woo organized. | LEE COI XTV . , , 

I Company and D. T. Evans. ^ most important ruling was handed I The Wom'in’s Oil Company’s No ’’ i ocat on one lialf nilk .away 

• 1 the womans on tompanjs No. . and near a well oompleU'd in tills .sec- 

The well on the Cochran tract Is now ‘b® Appeals October s. Moore has been drilled deeper tion several years ago 

21st., in the case of Scott versus Laws, reshot. 

flowing a few barrels a day naturally, 

dealing with some mining rights in 

Sell 95 Acres 
For $85,000 Cash 


PRODUCTION OF TEXAS OIL Approximately 90 acres of the J. R. |®rula were enumerated In the deed of stamper 

F11I1LD8 FOH A HKCENT WEEK Johnson lease in the northeast of the The well of the L. C. Patterson Oil conveyance and any mention of oil and Fuller nroUieTs’ Xo. 

southeast of 18-20-10 Red River Parish and Gas Company on Tom’s Creek is ^as left nut, that these might, in that near heudwaten oflb 

through D. C. Scarbrough, at-  ^vent l e excluded. The decision is sum- was 400 feet 

Breckinridge 37,526 torney in the transaction, for $85,000 mod up as follows. Since oil and gas litigation, at tl 

Deademona 32,697 cash. It being ono of the largest cash barrels a day. Mr. Patterson has ndnerals and there Is nothing In the and others’ 

Electra 9,700 transactions to bo recorded during the *««-de another loctalon about 1,000 feet language of the deed In question which ZueUarlah, 

Burkburnett 80,730 week. Tho National OH Company Is the down Tom’s Creek or southeast of the shows that the parties contemplated 

Somerset 800 purchaser and announcement was made other well. something leas general than all sub- 

Barbers HHl 1,000 of tho Immediate development of the stances legally cognizable ns minerals, 

Wjdi Columbia 28,286 tract In two wells. The acreage is scut- W“t-k tn tho Rod Bush Flat Gap Held conclude that the title to the oil uiul ^ 

Goose Creek 16,826 tered In tho northeast of the southeast, is proceeding and not a dry hole, being gas necessarily passed by tho convey- ^ j 

Sour Lake 6,810 southeast of northeast and the north- ^11 showing either oil or gas. Several hnrj." 

Humble 7.646 east of the northeast quarters of the , unloaded at Paints- 

Hull 3,870 section, and Is a imrt of the Clark and . . u Hlllott county the Ken See OH Co., pleted on 

Bamtoga 1,700 Greer holdings In that port of the vHlo and it seems we arc going to have ,, dr„|,ng a test well on the Noah Qlllum Southw; 

Damon Moun™ 1,260 North Louisiana oil district. n“'‘® “ bit of activity, desjilte rainy f„rm on the waters of Newcomho Creek, panys, p 

and just north of the Jayne tract Is one pjoyd county. This decision Indicated "'iUb'h's and O’Rear’s No. 2 Goo.sey } IIOPKIN.S ( tM'NTY 

of the best of the old-time wells, said that where all materials were conveyed No 'Ton H^ ”'»’klns County Kingsion and 

to have been a gusher, and which ^ tract is dHHlng. The same partles^n' '’®“f ''’'“t® I’ uin.s on 

abandoned on account of troublesome ^‘’“bt include oil and gas. The decision the Dillingham farm arc down a little 

I also Indicated that whore several mtn- t-iKking at No. . Rni.i. i _,i No. i 

The IrvU 
drilling Nos 
The Atlanf 
will move s 

Damon MounTP 1,260 North Louisiana oH district. 

Nptndle Top 1,000 -• 

over 500 feet. The Omar Oil and Gas 
Company’.s No. 1 on Hio Quakci' OH 
o Bu.sli. I Company’s wa.s 1,400 feet at last 

report. This well had a showing at 900 
n licM' of I feet. 

1 'roper 

,kcr, neat 


Cherry and others, wlio started a 
deej) ti'sl near Louisville almut 18 
y i months or two years ago, Imve liecn 
lield ui' for some time at 600 feet lie- 
! eaiiM  of litigation. 

A go Hl size gas wcl Is reiiorled to l o 
; lltvlefferson (Nmnty, four inHes from 
O' Hie South Park nelglt- 
out ten nilleH out from 

I weuthsr and Iwd roads. 

(Conlimied on Page Five) 

are Nus. S 


Louisville, Ky. — THE OIL WORLD — Lexington, Ky. 

December 6, 1919 



We Jie^ve some well selected Oil and Gas Leases for 
Sale in ^goffin county, Ky. Magoffin county is daily 
proving good and these leases we have listed with us, are 
well worth the fullest investigation of any one interested 
in oil development. 



XT , 1 I • - I drilled, it is my opinion that the shal- feet, 1,150 feet to 1,180 feet, at which selves in unquestionable and reliable 

tooted vj60l0£flSL V_f‘ lftSS€S I*”"’ if’ * 1 ’” or horizons inde- dei)th ther is one producing 1,500 b;ir- characteristics. 

^ j pendently laid down. ; rels per day. Also at 1,265 feet and While Louisiana structure Is among 

¥¥ A * ^ structural conditions, generally, I*’® l.'lOO-foot horizon, where the “dis- the most difficult of analysis, my ex- 

nOITlCr V/li J^1S11*1CL €tS throughout the Louisiana oil field.s, so oovery well’ made 2,500 barrels per day perience from persistent examination 

I far discovered, have been most difficult j InHial production. A showing was and surveys of the past three years, 

1 analysis, but the structure of!^'””’^ at about 1,600 feet in one of the devoted exclusively to this general ter- 

VV Ol ICl S VjF 6£LL0SL X^16IC1 nomer, when once understood, may he! IP'’P "’ells drilled. ritory, shows it possible to find a key 

j picked up from the car traveling 40 ! Second — Fundamental. The structure each locality, and I prophecy Lou- 
miles per hour, and in 95 per cent of below the old sea floor, which occurs Isiana as coming into her own as one 
Ily 1)11. F. T. I). mt'KLEY, M. | tions thorughout the Homer territory, the failures it is the fault of the op-lat about 2,000 feet, or thereabouts, may most valuable and extensive oil 

beiilogieal Surveyor ami Oil and (las ,juite a number of which indicate vol- I” location. | bo termed "fundamental,” because It Producing states, and predict that the 

.lotion. The Kayon D’Arhonne fol- ' The reversals of structure through- j occurs below the deposits of the later Kreater part of her territory will be 

-Many were greatly surjiri.sed and not the tortuous course fo an exten- out this territory are in the open and "f inundation. The Oakes well 'found to be more or less productive 

a few were caught napping when the during the time can be traced for miles. The Atlas' I’rought In by the Stan«lard Company is "’*11’ ilfc heavy gas fields of Morehouse 

first producing oil well was brought in whose activity its course was exerted "dl "’as in the very center of one nf|io the woodbine sand at 2,095 feet, and Parish at the head toward which all 
in the ’llomer field, with it* shaliowj,„„, extended to the south and south- 'these reversu4s, whose . exposure iP a 17 minutes test showed 21 barrels j "tructure is gradually modified only by 
depth and its high quality and iiuan- ' ^^est from the bayou, dividing the terri- '  ’ave traced for .several miles on either PC minute, or about 36,000 barrels per forces exerted locally in the develcjp- 

tity. tory into local areas,’ and the field work ’ «lde of that well, and it is my candid day. This well would undoubtedly have tPcnt of anti-clines In which reservoir. 

Many played a "watching and wait- so far is proving us we predicted, that Judgment that a number of unproduc- increased to 40,000 barrels per day ifjO o an gas ave accumu a e 

ing” as Well ;is a “knocking” attitude this field is made up of a .series of dis- ti'’c wells drilled would have been if had been permitted a steady, wide-. The oil from the deep wells In the 

toward the territory, much to their connected rich pools between these choice producers had proper care been , open flow for a couple of days, which j Homer field comes undoubtedly from 

eternal chagrin and largo loss of oppi r- radiating breaks, without any .special taken with relation to normal struc- i” a peculiarity of the wells thus far the woodbine horizon and not from the 

tunlty; yet this is the usual history of projected or lines of production. , tural conditions which obtain through-  irilled in Louisiana fields. The Rowe blossom sand, which has been the pro- 

the oil game. There must iie "sand”, n has been suggested that this cut this field, and can be surveyed as "’c"  which is three-quarters of a mile ducer of only one small well through- 

in more ways than one, to be successful i,roUi*n condition of structure made Unreadily as reversal.s. j of the well above mentioned, out te state. This is proven by te ap- 

in the oil business, and he that says, possible for the oil to ascend from vast As for dry hole.s, they occur in every *" f®et, and It is ^ proximate average thickness of forma - 1 

with it will sooner or later make his pools of lower depths and penetrate oil field in the world, hut the j ^ ! 

strike. 'the shallow sands, from which the oil could be greatly reduced with careful Stand.ard well already, her of the logs of wells drilled In the 

There are many evidences of severe 'has been secured, but from a careful .selection of centralized alignment of uicntioned if allowed open, free, con- 1 Caddo and Pine Island pools, 

struclund di.sturbances in many direc- 1 study of the logs of the wells already | struture by experienced engineers. The ’’"‘i wells were I ti,© Nacatoch sand occurs through- 

prodticing end of the oil business is PCfcticuHy flows of solid oil, without the out its productive territory, from about 

coming more and more to a scientific ’’^ual large .amount of gas pressure incl- 950 to 1,025 feet. The chalk series be- 

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^ J basis, as wells ar- drilled, and their re- i Kushers of this type, indicating gipg ^vith the "Saratoga” member at 

♦ ♦ lations to the structure of the territory enormous pool. the top and embraces a thickness to the 

J *1 W ^ ''cc co-ordinated and carefully corre- is ii’’”’’ conviction that there Annona, which is the lowest member 

♦ *' I ' AVSI O 1 ill I I P’’cP' sterous for any one ’’’’c also other possible oil from 300 to 350 feet and the Interval 

♦ I V,/0 ▼ I to come to this territory expecting to horizons below the woodbine sand al- to the blossom sand is about 500 feet 

X ♦ successfully analyze it in any two or ready mentioned. One to be possibly and the old sea bed about 250 to 300 

J X ' three days, or even months. It has from 2,400 to 2,450, where the struc- feet, where occurs, practically, the top 

♦ _ I ^ 1 ’VWSfcV^i‘C J tiiken us nearly three years of the L’re has not been disturbed, and of the woodbine sand, which Is the 

♦ JlJnVCSHHdm) t '"ost careful, painstaking surveying to , if "’®'l "’cre sunk to the Trinity .sand, gre.atest producing oil horizon of the 

X ♦ arrive at but a .slight .acquaintance with horizon Is practically upon the state. These depths may bary with 

t 1 the conditions obtaining in a structural ' ermian formation, or directly a.ssocl- either elevation or thickening of struc- 

♦ ♦ way. ated with the carboniferous of the ture of the effects of di.sturbance. 

♦ W’icllila I'alls is one of tllC l)ifj oil centers of Texas. ♦ There is no thought in this article of T’ennsyivanla series, there should be The dome theory has no part to play 

I Wlnt the exnerts of that cilv don’t know ahout tlie situa- ♦ technical discu.ssion intended, but;"^^"^^ 50,000-barrel wells, for where In the Northern Louisiana fields, 

t lion' I'n-on-lt .nt the ^fite ci)ill(l he written with a paint t «‘'"I''y suggestions directly from the Arkansas throughout which anticlinal structure, 

t , ^ !, .... , . , ^ 11 X development of the field thus far. ^ along with the other str.ata above It, it pure and .simple, prevails, which struc- 

T liriisll (dl one side or a dune. \\ liat lliey do know would T rather amu.d ' t 1 th saturation, and the basin ture follows generally a northeast and 

X remiire a Tood nenman, a line steel pen and tlie side of a T . _ . of the Trinity sand is unquestionably southwest meandering course, with 

T • ‘ * I severe knocks” on the field because of , . ^ , , „ , . . 

♦ 1 ... r,, t,. T, . , * „ , somewhere In Louisiana, possibly at a more or less width and extent of flank 

X u.irn 10 eoni.lin. 4 certa n fa lures or dry holes, and we 

Z _ t' 1 0 .1 1 h i " "c depth of 5,000 or 6,000 feet. and elevation of crest. 

▼ ( )ne of tlie leadiiif;' liankcrs of tliat city was in our t flelil'^ever'^wn^fountTw'itl *^ut* untenahle propostion that The lines of greatest production 

T office this week and as a personal investment houKht an holes'' "it’out its drj found at 1,160 feet is the throughout the fields of Louisiana have 

1 oil lease from us coverin’^ a tract of land in Loving County. J, same as at 1,400 feet, as is con- proven without question to be normal 

Z , , . I . 1 -n 1 . t.ct 11 .. * le r.ict is, that this field has proten i,y ;,pn,p operators, and is structural reservoirs of well-defined 

X near where we are trettinp ready to drill a deep test. 1 le said . X far above the average. There have . ,, . , , ,  i 

9 f. IT. . 1 X nine ngnlnst nil oil geology, for that would arches, in which the oil and gas has 

X “I consider yours the most attractive invest- T'’’ccn 67 wells drilled, of which Imt i 2 ^pp^^ syncline which should found accumulation, as the moat natu- 

I ment in oil leases in Texas today. In fact I | iraVleast"Virc7'th^^^^^^ mv quantities of s.alt water, ral condition for extensive and lasting 

X 1 r . 1 , v,« o oc ..♦fro/.H.rt.  ’ Z . at e. .t u f these, to my i oil, whereas the fact is that pools, and the extent of this normal 

♦ never knew of any others anywhere as attractive. ♦ certain knowledge, would have been ... . , „ , .... .... . . j..- 

♦ A Ill iMiuni uKf, wouiu iiavL otiii greater numlier of wells have been | continuity of stratigraphic condition 

♦ SupI)ose vou send us vour ibime and address for free ♦ ii’®y i’®®" ’'uined liy ^pp^^p,} j^e 1,400 feet level, hence : liecomes a most important factor. 

I information a'hout similar 'leases. We have anything' from i rlt 'T^uZy’7ZeZ7d “ 

♦ , , , ,r . . . CMO'O ... ir. 00 luio ...... X ‘ ‘ Splendid pays carries Its own par- ordinated structure leading out in the 

♦ a two and one-half acre tr.acl at .SUoO up to J).() 0 l)-.icre | average, even in territory where struc- Mooringsport arch is what led us 

♦ drillin.o contracts. W’e will lake an interest with any re- ♦ ture is not so disturbed to the extent ^he accidental or secondary struc- to make the first location In the Pine 

X flnlltnir r»ii nili* fn't erp \\ ill fil fi i‘V- ♦ tluit It iS in tllO HomCF *i,«. ««« nt\ fVi.if 

Leases, Royalties and 

1 have for sale leoRfo In Jackion County 
near where tIkh are ilrilllny on Turkey Foot 
Lumber Co. lamdo and near other wells drlll- 
Ing In that section. Leases near Forman 
tract, in Owsley County, where ten wells 
are te be drilled. Alien County leases and 
production. . Leases In Barren, Lee, EstUl 
and MaKofTin, and all producing sections of 
the 8tatc. All leaees selected. 

Upward of one million acres in Texas at 
lotv prices. 




About Texas Oil Leases | 


♦ , 

As Investments 1 

Wichita Falls is one of the hijr oil centers of Texa^. 
What the e.xiierts of that city don’t know ahout the situa- 
tion I’lroushont the State could he written with a paint 
hru.^li (.11 one side of a dime. What they do know would 
re(|uire a cfood ])eiiman, a line steel pen and the side of a 
barn to contain. 

( )ne of the leadiiif;' hankers of that city was in our 
office this week and as a personal investment hotiKlU an 
oil lease from us covering a tract of land in Loviiifj County, 
near where we are jjetting ready to drill a deep test. 1 le said : 

“I consider yours the most attractive invest- 
ment in oil leases in Texas today. In fact I 
never knew of any others anywhere as attractive.” 

Suppose yon send us your name and address for free 
information ahout similar leases. We have anythintt from 
a two and one-half acre tract at Sl^.oO up to 2i),()0()-acrc 
drilling; contracts. W’e will take an interest with any re- 
spoiisihlc |)arties drilling on om* act.'age. Will also e.x- 
change lands fur slocks in other of ineiil. 

nrrivp at but a .slight acquaintance with 
the conditions obtaining in a structural 

There is no thought In this article of 
technical discu.ssion intended, but 
simply suggestions directly from the 
development of the field thus far. 

It was rather amusing to hear the 
severe “knocks” on the field because of 
j certain failures or dry holes, and we 
submit where in the world has any oil 
I field ever been found without Its dry 

, far above the average. There have 
* I been 67 wells drilled, of which but 12 

I without any oil, whereas the fact is that | pools, and the extent of this normal 
the greater number of wells have been I continuity of stratigraphic condition 

For Sale 

2 Star Drilling Machines, 
fully equipped. 

Lot of 8j4-inch, 6j4-inch 
and 5-inch casing, 2-inch tub- 
ing, 2-inch line pipe, 1-inch 
line pipe, sucker rods, pull 
rods, tanks, powers and en- 
gines, and all other necessary 
equipment for the operation 
of a fully-equipped lease. 

All of the above located on 
the E. B. Scrivner farm, 1 
mile from Millers Creek Sta- 
tion, Estill County, Ky. 

This material can be seen 
tuid prices gotten from C. I. 
Day, on the lease, or by writ- 
OIL COMPANY, Box 1114, 
Pittsburg, Pa. 



Offset acreage to drilling well, and 
leases In Texas, Oklahoma and Ken- 

Phone — City, 9292, 

601 Inter-Suuthcrn Bldg. Louisville, Ky. 


Toy ah ValleiSjOiVCo. 


f 1011-1012-1013 Southwj 


r. S.- Thi4 and assocu^^f 
of over dlHI.IIIIII acres uf 
petroleum iiermil- in 
New I'eeos 

all on big 



1 of 







'uml . 


t . 11 XI intr iieui. deposited upon the old sea floor Island pool, which opened up that field, 

1' Irst Accidental. The accidental ),n,j its own Incidental and local co- and also actuated us In making the lo- 
zone Is that ahovo the old sea floor ’ ordinated force.s, making structual con- cation for the "discovery well” on the 
which occurs at the hard cap above ditlons favorable for the accumulation Shaw lease In the Homer field, 
the wcHidhlne sand in the Louisiana of the oily content during time tliolrl The Homer field has split Louisiana 
fields. In five out of every seven welhs The alignment of these wide open iw to Its oil possibilities of 

drilled so far in the Homer field a fair stru"turo i vi'em foiin l persistent, nor- 1 Individual and company Interests have 
show of oil and ga.s lias been founil et oi i] nivl uniform inillcale anywhere In ■ at liwt recognized Us posslbllttes and 
about 650 feel, but as yet no fair test i.ou' I mv" f ivi'n'b’e u-ospects worthy j have come and Invested, to stay with, 1*. 

has been given to sei' wbelber this the ernondbiirn of th.e necessary money ' 

Would be a paying prodileing horizon or |„ |,..ttng 'herefor. ■ 

not. hour on' of ('very seven wills The stress iihtroq noon aelual struc-j lADII I ITCIT 

drilled bad a goo 1 show at about HuO tural exiMeairi's, in mv hunible oiiln!on,| UixlLL/llNvJ UU I L 1 I 

feel In one whleh the oil showed In tbs j,„„ |,|.i.n given ex ''ger 'ted Imporl'mee. I .j, » M 'T Is Ft 

dlleb pit lo Ibe llulsh of the well al with evie rli'iiri', one may come loj W A IN I t U 

l.ltMl feel. We are Informed llml there rpp„;;n'ze and ohtsln very reliable Im - 1 'I'rselMr tviie iireferred • fnr sll’ll- 
Is now a well with a'l Inlllal prodia'- p|.,.HHlons of what shoiiM obtain ninety- ' . ..,,,,1 viui Invc 

lion of 8,00(1 barrels pi'r day broiigh*. In oni ,,f n hmiilred from cer- 1 , 

7.111 I , ciiiKlitiDii iiiiil price. 

lull) looographleal f."iiureH and eomll-| ^ jj LYNN 

Many of lliesi. saim wells had oil IIomn previlllng an I escii|M« Ihosc ''®' 1 13Q2 E 9Blh'st' Cleveland Ohio 
s how ing al' o al mIhiuI ll.'iO feel, l,065   versale of slriieluri' which reveal them- ' ’’ * 


Tractor ty))c preferred ; fnr slial- 

Lexington, Ky. 

Field Office, Beattyville, Ky. 
When In Lexington 


lEe Strand 

Ltxington'i t160,(XX) Motion Ploturo PrIrm 

W. N. Thayer 


Mtt* llRRhRalRR IRR(U«I« CIlH'lRRatl, «• 

December 6, 1919 

Louisville, Ky. — THE OIL WORLD — Lexington, Kv, 


Lexington, Ky. 


Managing Director 

Real Bargains in 

80.000 feet 

86.000 feet 
6,000 feet 
6,000 feet 

10.000 feet 
1,600 feet 













All standard threads and ?relerht. 
Used only short time In GoTern- 
ment plant. Can make Immediate 


P. O. Box 1099. Phone 1460. 
P. O. Box 1099 

Charleston, West Virginia 

j ^Vt•Il No. 1 on the James Button farm 
1 commenced to flow one day last week 
I and Mr. Button says that It looks like a 
; humdinger. 

The well drilled on Woodson farm 
near Lucas, Ky., by Sinnings and Simp- 
son was drilled to a depth of 363 feet, 
got oil at 70 feet under the shale. This 
without a doubt was one of the best 
wells that has been drilled in Barren 
County since the Winslow well was 
drilled. The oil filled up to 250 feet 
and it is Impossible to hold the oil down. 
This well is ten miles south of town 
and right off the Scottsville pike. 

Mayfair Oil Company No. 1, Ed Moore 
farm, 20 barrels. 

New Era Oil Company No. 7, Fur- 
long farm, 15 barrel.s. 

Sinnings and Simpson No. 1, Woodson 
farm, 60 barrel.s. 

Mahoney, etc.. No. 1, Milburn farm, 10 

No. 1, Wilson Lawrence farm, ten 

In Barren County N.o 3 Atkinson of 
the Haverhill Oil and Oas Company was 
, 120 feet deep at the last report. 

I Sanderson and others No. 6 Furlong, 
in Barren County, best well completed 
on the lease. 

Sanderson and others have put the 
seven wells on the Furlong lease in 
Barren County on the pump. 

The Geologists Oil Company will 
start on its first wel on the Mayfield 
tract in Barren County within the next 
30 days. 

!•!! 1!  ! « ;lt It it K It !t K » It « It )t )t ,)t It It  t K !t ! 



Tins Dll 


dollars were paid in 
dividends the last quarter — 
where poor men have become fi- 
nancially independent thru their 
foresight and knowledge of oil 
conditions — investigate. 

' — Sushlng from the great- 
^^•“est pools known — calling 
tho world to share In their wealth. 
Bead about these sensations, get 
the authentic news from a ca- 
pable, reliable and experienced 


I’hoenix Oil Corporation’s No. 5 
Ginter is drilling. 

Slnimberger Brothers are drilling No. 
10 on the Willitim Cox ftirm. The 
Superior Oil Corporation’s No. 15 Isom 
Billiard is going down. The Irvine 
Field Oil Company’s No. 6 Margaret 
Wise was 650 feet at the last report, 
while the Torrent Oil Producing Com- 
pany’s No. 10 Profitt was 600 feet. 


Tho W'ood Oil Company is drilling 
at No. 4 A. T. Barrier, Smith, Leeper & 
Company No. 1 W. H. Gregory, K. W. 
Wright No. 10 .1. Harve Duncan, 

Purtle & Company No 3 Doc Keeton, 
the Trico Oil Company No. 1 C. (!. 


I —a storehouse 

news about the oil fields of Texas 
and the good substantial compan- 
ies operating therein— with news 
told as it happens— you will know 
the Truth — write today for the 



Three Months Trial Subscrip- 

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position to furnish you Free any 
information you desire to know 
about any oil field or oil company 
in Texas, Write and ask — and 
send the coupon below. 

Gilber Johnson 
and Company 

For 10 Y’ears 

Oil Operators and Brokers 
Suite 652, 601 Main Street. 


|i ‘Address 

li'STkiailtMtK «!  ’ ? ft UCKiKSlk;  f k7« «. «' «■ 







































The Ohio Fuel Oil Company’s No. 4 
L. 8. Alley was 1,400 feet at the lust 
i report. No. 1 Tliad Thompson was 
rigging; No. 3 A. Blankenishlp down 
1 1,100 feet; No. 4 C. M. Walker 1,000 
I feet; No. 2 W7 T. Davis 1,400 feet deep. 
The New Domain Oil Company’s No. 7 
Rebecca Peters was drilling at 1,200 
I feet; No. 2 M. H. .Tohns going down. 
I The West Virginia Oil, Gas and By- 
products Company’s No. 6 .Jessie Bern- 
I ard was down 90 Ofeet ; No.s. 1 and 2 
I A. Blankinship rigging. 

I The Big Blaine Oil and Oas Com- 
pany’s No. 4 on the M. F. Conley, trus- 
tee, at the last report was 1,200 feet. 
No. 2 is rlggind. The Ohio Fuel Oil 
Comp.any’s No.6 II. Lackey was at 500 
feet and No. 2 on the Pfost 600 feet. 
The same company’s No. 4 T. H. Bur- 
chett was 700 feet deep. No. 4 D. AV 
Diamond was drilling at 600 feet. 


Duplex Oil Company and Big Sink- 
ing Petroleum Company are delayed 
at No. 2 Hunter because of difficulty in 
getting fuel. North of Greenhill, in the 
Hardcastle pool in Warren County, the 
Atlantic Oil Producing Company Is 
moving the machine to No. 1 Howellfor 
the initial test. 

In Warren County the Old Dominion 
Oil Company is due in with No. 1 on 
the Goodrun tract. No. 1 AVigglewood, 
belonging to the Economy Oil Produc- 
tion Company and located three and 
one-half miles west of Bowling Green 
and two miles south of the Davenport 
well should be in soon. 

The American Refining Company, of 
Bradford, Pennsylvania, which is con- 
structing n refinery at Bowling Green 
is laying a four-inch pipe line from 
Bowling Green to the Gainsville pool, 
Scottsville and Halfway. The work on 
the refinery is getting along nicely. 

The American Refining Company 
has liought several 1,000 acres in the 
western section of Warren County. 

It is the opinion of many old line oil 
men that the drilling in of the Daven- 
port well west of Bowling Green, 
means the forerunner of a nice oil pool 
in that section. 

Dunbar & Company, of Chicago, arc 
drilling south of the Davenport well. 
They have a Standard 84-foot derrick, 
and will, it is understood, drill a deep 

The Douglas Oil Company is drilling 
No. 1 Sam Duckett near the MouUlor 

Sen.sational reports continue to come 
in as to the capacity of No. 1 Gardiner 
lying next to the Freeman. This be- 
longs to local parties. The well is es- 
timated as being the largest completed 
in Kentucky to the present time. 


Meade and Norton have moved their 
rig six or eiglit miles north of the dry ; 
hole drilled in recently and arc prepar- ^ 
ing to sink a test well on Indian Creek, 

Mead and Norton, of West Virginia, 
got a dry hole in southeast Jackson | 


The Cincinnati Oil Company has the . 
material on the lease and is getting ^ 
ready to start work at No. 2 Joe Hall. 


Bornheim and others, of Loiii.sville, 
bought the 350-acre N. C. Hunter tract 
In Knox County, two adn one-half miles 
from Barhoursville, and will develop the ] 
property shortly. 


R. A. Chiles is reported to have a 
nice well at No. 1 Dennison. 


W. M. Brown is reported to tuive a 
well on the Morehead .Jones farm, pro- 
duction not given. 


j The Omar Oil and Gas Company has 
i abandoned its test well on the Quaker 
I Oil Company’s holdings near White 
I Plains, at a depth of 1,246 feet after 
I encountering .salt water. 


Slender Brothers’ No. 1 Bennett | 
Heirs is drilling something over 500 1 
feet. The Barrick Kentucky Oil Com- 
pany’s No. 5 Ricliard Fraley is drilliiiR. 


The Seourity I’rodueing and Refining 
Comiiany is due in with No. 3 on the 
Bush Heirs. 

Ma.son and Shirley are reported to 
lie drilling at No. 2 S. B. Smith. 


Joseph Leiner, w'ell-known geologist, 
j has taken about 2,500 acres of leases in 
Hart County, lying on both sides of 
Green River, and will drill a test well 
near Rio Bridge, east of Munfordsville. 
Mr. Leiner has worked out a well de- 
fined structure in this section and feels 
hopeful of getting oil. 


(Continued from Page One) 

(C. H. Maxey.) 

Glasgow'. Ky„ Dec. 5.— The past 
week has been a very busy one, with 
five completions and four new rigs 
moved Into the county. 

Captain Tucker, for the Mayfair Oil 
Corporation, reports a good w'ell on the 
Ed Moore farm near Old Rocky Hill, 
lie has two machines on the farm. 

The New Era Oil and Giis Company 
have another good well on the Furlong 
Just completed. This makes seven wells 
for tliem and all are good producer.^. 

Sinnings and Simpson have Just 
drilled a well In on the Woodson farm 
near laicas, on the Glasgow and 
Scottsville pike, 50 barrels. 

Mr. Mahoney reisirts a ten-lmrrel well 
on tho Mllhurn lease near Oil City Just 
eompleted. He has moved his rig to 
the O. O. McConnell lease for the 
Hynher Conipany and Is now spudding. 

A nice Well on the Wilson Lawrence 
farm near Uallton 

Merry Brothers report that a goisl 
ileal of work will start right soon In 
the Hlash District, Isdow Cave City, 
Barren ('•niniy. Mr. Keenan, manager 
for the Jenkins oil Company, says the 
pipe line from the Hieffey and WIiiIih'U 
pool Is noaring eoinplellon. 

Lexington parties drilling a tost well 
near McMary, in Muhlenhurg County, 
are down 1,300 feet. 


The Superior Oil Coriioration is re- 
ported to have a nice well at No. 1 


The Eastern Oil Company is through 
the Maxom sand at 1,447 feet at No. 
I Martha Amhurgy, with no show of 
oil. They are drilling at the Berea. 
Raimey and others No. 1 on the Beaver 
Creek Coal and Coke Company is nt 
1,950 feet in the big lime. 

The El Mucord Oil Company is re- 
ported to have abandoned drilling No. 3 
r. E. C.ullett after making 
fiil attempts at getting the well started. 
The Carter Oil Company’s No. 1 D. j 
B. Allen Is reiiorted 550 feet deep. | 


The Ban Bowl Oil Company got iij 
dry hole on the Jim Oakes on While, 
Oak Creek. The top of the sand was 
encountered at 1,511! feet. They got a| 
small showing at 35 feet In and went to 
aliiml 60 feel. 

I'’ultim ami others’ No. 1 lla/.ekluh 
Watkins is through the hig lime ami 
will drill 111 In alioiit ten days. 

The Big Six Oil Company Is pre- 
piirlng to drill another well. 

Near the Lee County line the Mam- 
moth Brndnelng Compiiny Is drilling 
Nil. I Arch ilnlilNird, near Tllmore, 

It Is rcporli'd that the Ban Howl oil 
|i’om|uiny Is due In with No. 1 Oates in 
|llrcailiili County, nml l‘'tillnii nml 
!nllicrs with Nil. I on the WnlKIns In (he 
same Neel Inn, 

Oil Investments 
No Longer Opposed 
By Bankers 

As one great New Y'ork financier re- 
cently stated, the money power of this 
eountry had for a mimher of years 
labored under the erroneous opinion 
that only the Standard Oil Cianpany had 
a right to develop the oil resources of 
this country. This same great linan- 
cier went so far as to slate that lie, as 
well as other great men of the street, 
had come to tho definite conclusion tliat 
if an oil Held was wortli while, ttie 
Standard would know it, and considered 
that tliey were the only people who 
could succc.ssfiilly develop timl market 
tho product from any (leld. Harry Sin- 
clair, nfter many weeks of arguim'iu, 
(limlly Imhieed (horugh his herculean 
pcr.suiiHlvc powers, llie Central Tnc't 
Company of New A’ork, to llnance an 
idea that ho Imd llgured out from every 
angle, of the liringing of ermic pelro- 
lemn from the llelds of Oklaliotna ami 
Kansas by ineiins of pl|ic line, to the 
Great laikes there to l e retined ami 
distrlliilleil to the waling markets eon- 
IlgiioiiH to ihoHo gri'iil wiilerways. 

This iindel'laklng (iroved mo MueecNN 
fill iiH to awaken the ullra-eonservatlve 
ImiikerH of the country to the fact llnO 
an lnde|a mlenl eoinpany eoiilil Miieeee.l 
In the oil hllNiliesM. Ill Icnh IIi.iII lixe 
yeai'M many other Indepemleiii com- 


m.iking over one liiimired million (100,000,000) cubi 
.great Banhandle Oil Fields of Texas Sunday, No 


We want 500 men who have from $100.00 
giinihle taken out ol It— we have something to giv 


k in Mimter.son well Nu. 1, in tlie 


a real oil deil that reali} lias the 
'ice it w til a I iiaeli of go »l gome 

All we ask Is tlie of your money for a ^w mont^in'feturn for wliieli we give yon ,j elmnee 
to come in on an equal footing with us in a 4000 acf oil leas^,»,i^ jj, j„ I'lnlrimlle oil tio|,|s 

Wolf Creek in Lip.scomli County, Texas. AVe are in*o^-i oiTmen w.*h years of experience ami tell you that 

this is the he.«t that we have ever lieen ovf^ • Imwever, w are mn 
meat — a nunilier of the best known geologists emintri liave mad 

out exception claim 

W E 

relying so’.eiy on oin own jiing- 
ti.omiigli c.\ iniinal ions ao I willi- 

E T 0 I L 

of wells in tiii- Held .I'e now ni 
gas has nev\ lueii loan 1 in sue 
S ovideliee^ . iV, - I.el ef. .sncll l.ig I 

AVe are convinced tliat we will as a number 
1011,111111,1)1111 entile feet of petroleum gas — this wet 
was not discovered in the iniineillate vieinily as evidence^ 

(ias Fuel Co., of New York, the Standard Oil subsidiaries, ^ 
of indeiiendent oil operators are in here now drilling. N nv in 
hig oil corporations, you know that only in very rar • insrttm - 
almost invarialily let the wild-oatler spend his money l.i locale 
are not doing any waiting in this lield their (leld men ami ae.J 
\\ e had Henry Zaehar.v, of Wichita, Kans., over our lease or 
for our drill-.sitc — his record for m iking locations tliat jirovcd i 

in. iking from lo.llim null to oier 
ii qiiiinlil} as here lint tlie oil 
■I ef, .sucli l.ig oil corpor.ilioiisi s n,,. l impire 
iinlier .,f Olliers, to say not liing of ilie score- 
■ca to know aiiyitiing of the policy of tl 
lo*a y I'Ver drill any cli.scovery wells tla 
t'li • oil after wliiidi lliey conic in tail tin 
'sisis |iiit it up to tlicin too siroiig for u a 
llie sill of .N’ovcinlicr, to make tic locitii 
ig producers is nnsiirpa.s.scd as atlcsp-il 1 

II 1.C : 


liig |in 

.scores of l)ig oil operators ami liaiikers.- Zacliary makes tlie ilat .-tatcinciit that our lease w 
ducer, that Lipscomli County will he tho biggest oil Held in'’Te.\as ami he is hacking his jiid 


We think more of liis investment willi us tlian wo do of a dozen gi-ologie loporls. Wo ar,' not in oniop rs 
and are not trying to make money hy iiroinotion we are after oil. Inn we are “lease poor" and mad your la lp 

'f We liad tlie ready easli to drill lids well yiai eouldii'l get in at any price, Inn since wi haie aid to liaie 

ymir lielp we propose handling your money just as carefully as we do our own and giving yon tlie same pro- 
teetdn we take for ourselves— in otlier words, we will piirsiie the same policy of tlie majority of liig imle- 

peiuleiit oil operators and many of tlie hig eorimralions; liy this we mean that we will sidl 2ii'in to ;!nim acres 

on! id' our after we get our well down iniin feet or more for money emnigli to 


This will leave ns Iniii) acres or iietler, wldeli if we get ilie oil will make tm ,ill tlie millions we e.iiild asl;. 

Tills |dan of operation is not unusual liy any nicnin- I ill it is not generally offered tlm pnldi,- |o pariiei|iale 
in -in many lids is where tlie promoters’ prolit e I'ees in or llie hig operators work it out for ihi msidvos. 

In eoinioction with liaviiig shown yon liow we p-c.pose retiirning ymir original investmeid heforo the 

eonipielion of the well, we wisli to s;ty as another evi !( lice of otir f.dth in this le.ise, w- are not aslting a 

5U/.5II cut we are .satislied with less ,as iiayineiu for oar, we gi I a lillle over 'Ji ' .and take it in stoidt, 


as is often ilone, and lids slock Is In escrow and is not and e.iiniot hi- soil in eompetitl(ai willi the finaneing 
of lids Conipany. This khid of an organization is a eil oil eoinpiiiiy where yon get a real rnil for yoiir inoiiej 
with tho kind of proteelion to make it ;i safe inveslaiem with the iiossihle .mil la'ohalde prolit .-o otior- 

imais it is haril to hedieve unless yon are familiar with the reeorils of pioneer oil eoinpanies. 

Without fivir of eoniradielion we s.iy to yon tliat the pioneer eompaide:- id' iir.y lielil are the only ones in 
wlilch It is possilile for a inmlerate iniestniont lo make a forliine. Vi'ii riii't make ai,\ money worth 
while with a luindred or a few hundred dollars out of anything luit (Ml, you can’t even make it out i.f oil 

unless you |inl it in some jiioneer eoinpany with a large acreage Itie size of the lease determines the value 

of the property, even after you got a liig producing well. 

After tills the one possilily remaining doidd in your mind is can we sell frein L'ooo lo Jnoii acres of iliis 
lease for an anu iml equal to our eapilalization of $15(1, miuv We elaiin we eaii. The mere fact of a well heing 
drilled on any piece of ground the vtdiie of siirroimding acreage imthinu we will say (a a fair 
lignre — you can readily apiireeiale liy tills in what pro;iorl:on drilling w ill iiieiease direct off-set acreage on an 
already yahmhle lease- we can support this as well as our eotdeiuioii ahoiii lease prices lyv all affiilavits 

Tills Conipany has ail of the earmarks of another Hogg Creek Hogg ('reek is reported sold for an amount 
equal to $23.0(10.111) for every $100 investeil — Hogg ( reek shareliohlers gainhled for “all or iiotllllig,” — We mily 
ask you to gamble for slakes as high as tlieirs ami protect your money licshics. Ban you ask for any nioie'.‘ 

Thinking men are going lo jump at .a chance like this -if you want any jiart of it, gel your cashier’s 
clteck or money (O'der in Hie mail at once— first eioiie, lirst served. We resei ve the right to return all over- 


¥ 0 LP CBp: 


Capital $150,000 Par Value $1.00 




Booker, Texas. 

l»o(iiu*r, T(*\as. 


Lil»scoml», Texas. 


Oaiiadian. Texas. 

Amarillo, Texas. 

wol.K (*ui:i:k «mi. 

Amarillo. T* \ - 

(IcntliMni'u: U*i«\.nh tliul cubIh.'-ciI » h *i U "r 

money oi’tler for f ... in p’lyin ’M til’ 

of til*’ B.iphill NliM’k of 

Woif  ’reek oil t’oiniiiiiiy, jaiiid' 1-- '••• fully pi 'l 
ami rnn-a.sM i«sai le ami of a par x.i.c- ot M  0 
per shal’(*. I'lcHM* l.“Ktic this stock In ilo' iiBni' of, 

SiKIletl I'll. 



panics have Iteen launclied, ami tiaeked 
hy millions of dollar.s that lieretofore 
were held hack from channels of 
investment, and as a rsult, meritorious 
companies controlling acreage in proven 
and senil-provcn oil llelds are having 
littlo dilTiculty in raising amide funds 
with which to carry on their develop- 

Not alone arc the hankers of the 
I'niled .Stales now interested in idl tle- 
velopinent, hut the great llmiiicial in- 
stitutions of Europe are waking | 
up to the posslldlilles sui rounding the 
nil imlnstry. Se.ireely a day goes l)y | 
lint th.'il some mention Is nmde of tliej 
.acquisiton of oil pi cipci'lies hy Engli sli I 
ealdlal, and It Is now generally ooneeded i 
that the one great aim of llreiil llrilainl 

is to eoiurol the oil resources of Hu- 
world, and particularly tlioso of the 
United States. Since the United States 
has determined to have the greate.a 
mercliant marine in the world, it lic- 
hooves this country to walcli above all 
other tilings its oil producing laiKls. 
No one is more prepared to realizi conditions than tlie hankers of the 
United States, as we h ive come to II c 
conelusion that Ity pcinti’iim: the loss 

of one oil producing torriUj 


aiUonmtieiilly lose eonli^Pi 1 the one 
great olijeet paraimaint^o all olhir 
things Hie eiiinnieree of Vie world, 
Hvery one recalls the jiiaie, wla n if 
you called uiion your Ineili lianker and 
told him you wanted to l^rrow a ei r 
lain of money l'or,^!To ,.urpose of 
investing in i. ^sUici.,s,j,i^,iu^d iinine- 

KARL r. 



Uiiioii Hank lUiildini,; 

lastii.iM; iMoIntA 

Vmi niny Iniva lli« liriieftt ut mv ••iili'ni IsimiI 

vutiiuN, N. 1 I 1101 I ttirvu 

ilialely call you into his h.iek office .md 
outline the great liaz.ird altaihed to 
Hiis class of investment, and in many 
cases, went so tar as to not only refuse 
you Hie aceonunodalioii of a loan, l ui 
slated that if you eontinued lo enlerlaiii 
sucli hazardous speeuliHon, Hial lie 
Would have to call your former loan. 

Today all is dilTerenl. Instead of 
di.seouraghig you in your invest meiit, 
in many you are eiieouraged. 

IN THE Mi ritOBtH is 

Bon WiM-lh, Te.'v.i.'. Dih'. .‘i, .\lr ilil- 
1. It S .lohii“oii. I'oi'i Worth Pi'okei 
ami oil operator, i.s in .New i'orlx oii 
l'|ls|Mess ill eolllleellon with ’re\,l-. od 
de\eh plllelll. .Ml'. .lohll.soM will I'l llllll 
lo till' ’I'exas oil luell'opoli' ill aholll leu 
d.i\ , 

i.XSN l.\ AM \, V S .\, 

iimiins I N VMiN moNs 

i‘i;ruoi.i I M I'ltuiH I rs 

The Oil Worl 

An IiifU'pwident Wet^kly N »\viipaper Devotad 
tu tht« Oil nnti lian Industry 
Medium for lloth Operators 

and InveMorH 

rubllHhe l by 



LouisvlUp. Ky.— OfTire» 130 8. 4th St., Phone, 
Ciiml erland, Main 2031; Home, City 7184. 
Lcxinuton, Ky.— Office Phoenix Hotel. Phone 

Louisville, Ky.— THE OIL WORLD— Lexington, Ky. 



December 6, 1919 

MOlX R.t.1 
MWd Mil 

LOUUTnXK. KT.. IM •. FMrth SI 
M— CuM«rtM4, Mata Mt4; Haaa, CMr. 11M 

ge Open Calls Daily— Louisville, 12:15 P. M.; Lexington, 4 P. M 

c. M. n.wis 

Uuhlneee Mana^^ 

The on Work! \h the Official Orfcan of the Aitpli 

KL-ntm- ky »U Men'. A..o latioii. ^ J^nCr. Rmalt ’f 

Entered ns second-class mail matter Feb- — 

ruary 15. 191K. at the postofflce at Lexing- 
ton, Ky., under the Act of March 3. 1879. J^^IlkcrS - 


1 Y.'nr 3.00. 6 .Month, *2.00 

Sutuida,’', Ihceniher 0, No. 2(1 pig Hciltl 



».n Louisville, Ky. — . „ „ .. D .1 Uooaman. 221 S. Fourth. tSCIurAO^ A U. 

(liLMr Stand. Inter-Southern Bldg. Pnrvi'tnl 
Jederson Cigar Stand. 307^4 W Y?al- ; 

Lee l.ewla. Fourth and Market Street,., _ . ,• 

Hotel Seelbuch. Cigar Stand. I LOlUmDia — 

Hotel Tyler. Cigar Stand. Coloni,ll'0 & D 

Union Newa Co.. 4th and Jeffereon St,. * 

Hotel Henry Watterson. Cigar Stand. I Comwall sl — 

Hotel Willard. Cigar Stand. Cn-nncril illfr 

In Lexington, Ky. — optraiUlg 

Hotol l.eonarJ. Cigar Stand. (.VoWlI 

Hotel Phoenix. Cigar Stand. 

Fayette National Hank. Cigar Stand. | )av Ull 

In Hiriuliiglmin, Ala.— . Diviflanrl 

W. G. Palteran Cigar Co. Third Ave- 1 .ilXlLldnci — 

nue and York St. I'liplcX 

In Cloi clanU, Ohio — i ... , , 

Cleveland News Company. West 3rd St. ^ 1 )rc.a(lnaUgllt 

3530 Broadwny, New York. . 

H. Wheatinan News Co., East Cth and! I.ICIII.II — 

Euclid Ave. I l .(|nital)le 

Co-opcraliiig .04 

(.Vown 25 


Ut Receivt Prompt Atteatioa 



20c Refund 

25c Refund 

30c Refund 

40c Refund 


Koma - 

Ky. Star 

Ky. Colonels — 

Ky. O. & Roy 


Lex. Oil Corp 

Laurel O. & G.„ 

Lee- Allen 






50.00 60.00 

PaJi-American — .18 .35 j 

Paragon .33 '/2 .37'/^ 

Parboken — .15 

Petroleum Exp._ 27.00 30.00 

Peerless 50 

Pelican — .15 .20 

Phoenix O. & P.100.00 115.00 

Piedmont 1.00 1.10 

Pool .30 .65 

Producers .01^ .02 

Pyramid - 1.60 1.70 

Retloc .08 .10 

Rex Oil — 135.00 

Roaten Creek — .04 .10 

Southern Sec 01 

Security P. & R. .11 -14 

Stanton — .50 1.00 



120 South Fourth Street, Louisville, Ky. 

Phoenix Hotel, Lexington, Ky. 

Enclosed find $3.00, for which send me THE OIL 

WORLD for one year. 



U. Whfalinan News Co., 7 So. Main St. I PryC SweCtSCr 

In Cincinnati, Ohio— Federal 20 .25 Magic _.... 05 Utility - 01 , 

llviiiy Sti iUi-, Hllh and Walnut. , nn x, '-ii Ofl 

Hiiviin Hotfi, Cigar Stand. il'idclitv — .11) .80 McCoiubs 28 .31 Versailles — .’6 

in \llmchei\t^,‘'Ky.-’‘‘'“''' i I^'eshcr 1.15 1.25 May Day .... .25 Victory .20 

Urown-Proittoria Hotel, Clf,'xr stand Lance .75 Mason-Dixon .2i Wentworth — .35 .40 

^Mrna?i?d*^Hotei! i Orcat Lakes .35 ..50 Merchants .40 Woodford- — 3.00 

Morvinad H^ei. Oordon-Miller.- .35 .50 Metro .10 .16 Woodrow — .05 .10 

AiJixey. 1 lector 80 Montezuma - .50 W. P. Williams.- .25 .00 

Henry Clay .06 .20 Monarch 22'/2 .30 Wright - 60 .70 

Laaiiyvid.. (iiu.iiy fa. High Gravitv 10 .15 Old Dominion 1.45 1.50 Wyoming-Ky OV /2 .02 

"' uooin.'*^ ’ * ' Tiic McCombs Producing iV Refining Company has purchased ten acres in the Desdemona field of 

In store. Texas and is already drilling an offset to a well reported at 3,000 barrels. Besides this offset, the company 

Setuo & Welch. iias tlircc more to drill on the ten acres, and a derrick is being erected now to start the next hole. The 

McCombs property is said to be within 1,600 feet of the fifty acres belonging to the Rex and Pyramid 
*" coiTirund Kemplv-ewB Stand companies, wliicli is regarded as being very valuable. The Rex-Pyramid well is down 800 feet and 

In Chicago? III.-^ ? ilrilling. 

Post office News Stand, Monroe 81. 

In j^?nestown,^'N”\'^‘ ^ Madisoa McComhs stock, reflecting drilling caused by disappointment of stockholders over lack of definite 

Post Main Bt developments in the company dropped to 30c the past week, the lowest price ever recorded for the stock. 

In Naxitviu^ T?mn.'— It was ill little demand at that level until news of the Texas purchase was received on the local market. 

Zlbart Bros. 

c?)'he'^f "News co.'~ Duriiig the nine months from January to September, the Old Dominion Oil Company’s Lee County 

n Kansas City, Mp.— -nmer lu'c run a total of 377,193 barrels of oil, according to a tabulated report of the runs just received by 

^ mii^nmV'wainut. ^ ‘lie Keiituckv Oil Exchange. June and July were the record months, 71,342 barrels being run in July and 

uigar «*»";!■ ()5,318 in the previous month. 

Oklahoma City, Okla. — i 

H'lcklna Hotel, Cigar Stand. _ _ . , , , j r 

srestonsburg, Ky.— Part of tills Oil was moved out of the county for other companies, but the bulk was drawn trom 

Mu'^steriVn^g?^ Ky.— i6c Old Dominion’s property. The runs for the first nine months of 1919 were as follows; January.'' * 4,633.50 barrels; Febmarv, 17,472.36 barrels; March. 43.411.79 barrels; April, 48,168.11 barrels; May, 

Mono's Ho(?k'stor*. 12.942.11 liarrcls ; Innc, 65.318..50 barrels; July, 71,342.22 barrels ; August, 45.328.14 barrels ; September, 

M ' Nei^ Agency. •i8.()75.50 barrels. Total. 377,193.23 barrels. 






Stonewall — - 




Local 0. & G 



Studebaker — 





Log Cabin — 



Surety — 


.01 '/2 


Louisville O.&D. 


Swiss Oil Corp .-..1-5.00 137. o 0 




Traders — 



\ T.n jpqtif 

.00 1/2 








• .50 

Union 0. & R— 











McCombs - 



Versailles — 




May Day 








.2 S 

Wentworth _ 








Woodford — 













W. P. Williams.. 






. 221/2 


Wright — — 





Old Dominion 






FOR SALE— Large block of acreage near '.L “■ P''*®® 

Lincoln pool. Three producing wells Lll.,®“'^P'^.®® F ®® ’ °ne-halt In- 

connected with pipe line. Five thou.Hand “"i*..' t.)'. *''® , ‘“‘I®*’’ “• 

acres In eastern and western part of Allmond. Republic Bldg., Louisville. 

Pulaski County. More than half of this iii sivx'uv — 777 

land Joins production and drilling now. OIIORTINIFY Wanted: Good 

.MOULDER POOL LEASE— 245 acres ad- 
joining production and one and three- 
fourths miles northeast of the structure 
from the Moulder gushers. Not far from 
lease operated by Stuart St. Clair, geolog- 
ist. This Is a rare bargain. The price 
will surprise you. Will sell one-half In- 
terest and drill. Wire today. M. H 
Allmond. Republic Bldg., Louisville. 

land Joins production and drilling now. 
Joe E. Waddell, Box 466, Somerset. Ky. 

reliable firm of brokers or Individual to 
market farther Issue of stock of oil and 
-A .A refining company. Company is operating 

OIL LKA8ES—u0c acre up. 10c rentals, be- both In Oelil and refinery and will stand 

tween 1« wells now drilling; 31 wells con- thorough Investigation. This further 

traded for and 9 additional locutions. stock l.ssue Is to cover develowment P 
I31g companies playing heavy, having O. Box 592, Nashville Tenn 

bought several hundred thousand acres, — - | 

smaller companies In proportion. Great WANTED— Expert drillers and rig to sink 
chance to speculate on other fellows drill- oil wells; 1.350 to 1,400 feet Address 

Ing. That's the way regular oil men make W. B. Cosby, Upton, Ky. 

money. New field starts few miles 

Southwest of xScottsville, Allen County. OIL LEASES FOK SALI-:— Four thousnml 

k'v flolfl AvhorA nnrocKFA furu ,.11 x ^^^USanQ 

Ky. field where acreage few months ago 
was selling for 50c per acre later report- 
ed selling for $500 to $1000 per acre 
The BOc acreage you buy from us today 
may be worth $500 *o $1000 per acre with- 
in six months, as wells reported show- 
ing for f^om 100 to 400 barrels at 300 
to 400 feet are reported coming In South- 
west of Scottsville and on direct Trend, 
within 10 or 15 miles of where our 60o 
leases start over the line in Northeast 
corner Robertson County. Tenn. Bt|$ 
drilling campaign now actually on in five 
counties may open up big field. Ali iease» 
taken under dlrectldn oil field Geologlsu 
of National and International reputation, 
brought here from Oklahoma, Texas, Kan- 
sas and Kentucky for Geological work. 
Names of these Geologists and copies of 
their maps and reports, furnished free, 
for private use, to all buyers of acreage 
Orders filled for from  0 acres at $20 up 
to 1000 acres at $500. Further Informa- 
tion, send, write, phone, or wire Ten- 
nokla Oil Company. Dickson, Tenn. 

acres of oil leases for sale In plots from 
40 to 1.000 acres, in close proximity to 
test wells now being drilled. Terms of 
leases live years, with rental clause at 
25c per acre, beginning next Augu-st and 
September. Write or call on C. C. Mc- 
Adams. Hawesville, Ky. 

' V* J.U aiiiico niivic UUI OVV 

irt over the line In Northeast II P-- I 1 /^-l 

Robertson County. Tenn. Big nOmPr rlPln ( )ll 
ampaign now actually on In flv. **'-'***'-» 1 ItlU Wll 

nay open up big field. Ali tease. ^ m , , , 

tier dlrectldn oil field Geologlsu f ,11CnAr Ic A/iqD.m/v 

inl and International reputation, V— IU3I1C71 lo lVldr\lIltY 

lere from Oklahoma, Texas, Kan. 

Kentucky for Geological work. D./-, 

t these Geologists and copies of DI2 if 0011011011 

nn nnil rpnnrtR fiirnlakA  1 ^ 

Clgsr Stand. Baltimore Hotel. 

In Oklahoma City, Okla.— 

H'lrklns Hotel, Cigar Stand. 

In Prestonsburg, Ky. — 

Modern Drug Simp. 

In Mt. Sterling, Ky.— 

Lund & I’rlest. 

in Duluth, Minn. 

Slone's Hook Store. 

In Indianapolis, Ind. — 

M. Mnreus. News Agency. 

In lioonevllle. K.v. — 

C. S. Watson. Agent. 

In ToinokinsviUe, K.v. — 

T -1. Cnivens. 

In ITi.vifli-nce. R. I. — 

1)11 Iker News Co.. 64 Exchange Place 

In Tiil-a, Okinhoiiia — 

Sn .kewell Cigar Company. Bliss Bldi 

®"‘- Two new wells were reported by Old Dominion recently. They were No. 15, Shearer tract, Leases taken and ^ developed whereve.' wells. Just « County, estimated at 10 barrels, and No. 19, Jefferson tract, estimated at 15 barrels. ?oTi?y" oroam: - ‘f™;d‘"?v ° 

• /•  T 1 n 1 writing to E. E. Stiles Robinson III ** L-orpor&tion two Q 

64 Exchange Place. meeting held December 2nd., in Louisville, stockholders of the Great Lakes Petroleum Lorn- ; ; — _ shallow sand on the 

Company. Bliss Bldg miiy voted unaniiiioiisly to turn down an offer of $480,000 for the Company’s ten acres m the Burkburnett ^MucIT'^d^niing'^behil ‘®^- No. 4 is good for 

o 1000 acres at »500. Further Informa- Shreveport, La.— In one week there 

tion. Bend, write, phone, or wire Ten- weuK mere 

nokia Oil Company. DickHon, Tenn. were six wells brought in in the Homer 

‘PLAY YOUR OWN OIL GAME, by secur- leader being the gusher of 

ing leases, organizing Companies and me Standard Oil Company in Section 30, 
drilling your own wells, thus getting in mnklno- on nnn j r«. 

on the GROUND FLOOR. Personally se- 20,000 barrels a day. The next 

lected leases In Illinois, Inaiana, Ken- in line is that of the Glassell and Mer- 

lucky, Arkansas and Texas on Geological , 

structure, for sale or development. Law- the Jackson lease in Section 13- 

yer and oil man will assist you In organ- 12-8. maklne afiO hnrrolo at i 97 k Saa. 

laing and furnishing a reliable drllleu. uKing a.iu Darrels at 1,376 feet. 

You can Invest your money and give It no This is an extension of the field north- 

more attention until you receive your dlvl- o. j j a. 

dend check, or you and your associates ul me Standard Oil Company and 

can have full charge of the company. Lowenberg wells. Just east of thi« 

Leases taken and developed wherever oaai oi inis 

formations are favorable. Circular, "Ho« completion the Louisiana Oil and Refln- 

To Play The Oil Game," furnished freu rt .. . . 

by writing to E, E. .Stiles, Robinson, III." Corporation got two good wells in 

— the shallow sand on their Langston 

Tracts 40 acres up. Much drilling being *®ASe. No. 4 Is good for 400 barrels 

- J • ‘ , n\ 1 1 r A LaavLo r\( iracis m acres up. aiucn drilling being “• ‘ -v* ’wu uurreis 

Texas ficM, and a committee of four prominent mc'i was selected to inspect the lexas noKiings, books oi done, speculate on other feiiows drilling and No. 5 will make 150 barrels both 

1 1 i- . 1 -- -i.__i.i- .1 T\ — 1 1 r; 4 La, Aata oKrriit iROivn non nf debts "rite Tennokla Oil Co.. Dickson, Tenn. . . ..... ' 

ninr l llir nilKIO company, and report to the stockholders before December 15. On that date about $250,000 of debts — — enno la on co., Dickson, Tenn. to a depth of i,050 feet. The Gulf 

I In I INl Klllin incurred by the Great Lakes Company in operating; the Texas acreage, should he paid. The Stockholders lease— san jacinto Refining Company got a well on the 

* " ^ *■ -ommittcc is composed of H. J. Scheirich, Judge Turner, Mr. VVeidman, of Cleveland, Ohio and J. A. Wool- ®®''®' Langston lease which came in with an 

folk. 7 ; Initial production of 600 barrels at 1,200 

All things considered, the Great Lakes Company wms shown to he in far worse condition than many *AiTe\''cou*nty,*^''Ken”uck??^*and^ .suinmer Section 3-21-7 H. and P. Pal- 

I'ipe line runs anil completions for the stockholders had suspected before attending the meeting. It was confidently expected, until only a few days p®i“g‘’''j2'^®"([’®"p|®' acri°'"'?uso*’nfty'ac?i ®®"'p'®^®*^ Shaw, flowing 

w tk ending Xovemiier 2!Hh, 1919, by i[rn_ tJiat a big divitletid would be forthcoming before Christmas, due to the fact that 50,000 barrels of lease wittiin one-haif miie of production* barrels at 1,409 feet, and the Frost 

Cumi eriand I’ipe Line Company; 'hi had been sold from the 'Texas property since October 14, on which date No. 1 well was brought in now- KackieJ.'^pinevme, ‘^K^ntuck^^^^ Company got a 250-barrel well at 

Cuml erl!ind I’ipe Line Company; 







... 891.99 

... 761.07 



.... 1GG.92 



. . . 468.98 


(' .nnfl rity 

.... 439.38 



.... 6,126.92 


11 venna 

.... 6,377.82 


1; venna 

.... 4,636.63 


Ibizrl Green 

. ... 181.40 



.... 172.76 






. ... 386.48 






.... 6,433.63 



.... 4,376.63 



.... 4,090.66 


Illlf Sinking 

.... 6,866.33 


P.iK Sinking 



Uos.s rret'k 

.... 2.311.12 


IV.K Sinking 

.... 7.333.10 


P.ig Sinkim; 

.... 3.86,6.78 


Hell fre k 

. ... 4,605.71 


Be.tver ('recO; 

.... 141.13 





gr, I The Company, it was stated by Mr. Sharpe, is i'l debt to the extent of about $330,000, $80,000 of Kentucky, within six hundred" feet"*of 
 ,9! wlrch is owed on Kentucky property, and $250,000 was incurred in Texas. 'Thus, if the Texas property was lYs?' pineyme Ken*tu?kV 

07 sold for $480,000, only $150,000 woulil be left affer the indebtedness was paid off. Naturally, consum- ^ 

'.92 'nation of the sale would he expensive, so the $150,000 would he reduced by the time it reached the Com- s™ 

1,450 feet in No. 3 Chatman. 


County, Tennessee. Test hole showed oil NEW YORK, December 4,—Two tank 

Kcmucky production is running about 234 barrels, it wa. staterh 'Tliis is all from Western K^- :^:Thl?r!h«« 

to sell a one quarter Interest In 

each, which will be the largest bulk oil 
carriers In the world, have been ordered 

! .Angle .McKeynolClS lease production is increasing. acre^^Iease near Tallcga. together with by the Standard on Company, it was 

• Mr. Sharpe said the first well in Texas was brought in October 14, at 1.200 barrels and No. 2 ten engine, brand new cable, brand new "and- made known here today. The tankers 

Idavs later at 200 to 300 barrels, hut tlie latter is increasing. No. 3, and 4, he said, are expected in with- irxrcond"uo"n?‘now"druiing" weu”"^^ approximately $3,600,000 each, 

I in 30 days, No. 6 is being drilled in and should he reported any day, while No. 5 is on top of the sand, i^r^aae^ fir “pe^Bonarr^aJ^ie an" wm"* c™?.’ capacity for 140,- 

iMr Sharpe estimated 3,000 barrels daily could be run after all these wells are brought in. piete the weii at my own expense. barrels of liquid fuel. 

It w.t, alM tliscloaed at the meetinR that the Company had acqitired ten acres, valued at $1,000 an ° „ T ,' ^ 

! ,c,c. in tlt^Te” oma section of Texas, not far from the “Genirai well. ' now making about 5,000 barrels a ™ 

-lav, and also another 5-acre tract in Texas. Mr. Sharpe said Mr. Owens had acquired, personally, some and Humphreys counties. 

Tennessee. been placed will be five vessels of 10.- 

RcottHville. Ky., acreage only few miles Laa « faa a 

northwest, once selling BOc acre later re- r 7,500 tons each. 

I - 1 1 1 A OA • *. I * t iiiwcBi, om;e seiiinf? ouc acre later re- — cu.^u. 

,86G.33| PYRAMID— Persistent buying of Pyramid the past week has sent that stock about dU points higher, to $i,ooo per acre. The Atlantic, Gulf and West Indies 

,219.90 little around the present level of $1.60 bid and $1.70 asked. While nothing new has come out ,500 ® • *1 steamship Company recently announced 

liclMV telling UIC VJll lUV V . . -..V.-., , , ,. 1 • 

well ;is an investment value. Oil runs from the Kentucky property are holding up, and even increasing 
over latter months, thus assuring safety of the presmt dividend. It is also realized the company has a 
comforlalilc surplus in the treasury. 

\'HR-LEX— Returning from the scene of operations, President McLeod, anonunces well No. 1, Witt 

..... 1 • 1 I i_x ®. I ^ zKc4i*mnf Ar1 q4- UjitypIq ornYPn a oO 

liver promptly leases checkerboarded bs- had been contracted for with American 
tween leases sold big companies. 10 well. . , , cviiiiri iv«¥i 

now drilling, locations made for about 2ii shipyards. Which Will be Used In con- 
nddltlonal wells. All leases In territory nectinn vi/lth 4 Wa , 4 a..a 1 . • 

approved by several oil field Geologists ol "®®“®” the development Of re- 

Nationai and Inter-national reputation, cently acquired Mexican Oil properties. 
Active drilling campaign now on and goou r  . ‘ t' 

cbance to speculate on oil mens drilling, ‘tecent estimates made by the tank 

That's the way real oil men make money, executive nf the TTnifod afo.Ao ouiaai 

Tennokla Oil and Gas Co.. Dickson. Tenn. the United States Shipping 

Board place the fuel oil requirements 

■ease in .Magoffin county, which wn. brought in sevenai weeks and estimate, I at 5 barrels proved a 30 Un‘l"a‘st,rj“i.Z“n;" 

hnrrel producer, when put on the pump, making that much m .six hours when tested on the beam. The Fed- and price. Address . ® ^"“®^ States for 1920 at 66,i 

tr * .% \r_ T aa.aa!a 

The I’ipe Line runs of the Orea 

al Oil Compa’nv of New York and the \'cr-Lex are arranging a joint extensive drilling campaign in . . u se, 901 ^ 

agoffin county.'Mr. McLeod cleclares._ A rig is moving to the second Ver-Ux location which is north o ~ 

000 barrels. 

“‘‘V ■ 1111 1.11 TAr,.,A.-„ "II-BARGER COUNTY, TEX.YS OIL LEAS- 

n in Magoffin county. This should be completed by January 10 . ks — wiibarger county adjoins wichita 

. . I . ,1 T.T o;i r'A.AA.AA.i,, cTcf a  'ounty on the west and northwest. The 

T ,\ The Kentiickv Oil Exchancfe has received a report that the Koma till t.^ompany got a Eiectm iieid extends several miies into 

■ , . . "lit Port I Wilbarger county and there nre now 20u 

The Stock is in good demand at Jtl cents. or more producing wells in Wilbarger. The 

Northern for the month of NovembeJ Bloomington in Magoffin county. This should be completed by January lo. 
were 113.482.0'. barrels. | K^l.\ — 'Fhe Kentucky Oil Exchange has rc:cived a report that tlie 

^ |operaf^|L. The stock is in good demand at 20 cents. 

MID-CONTINENT .^-^.J^IER — Company has completed No. 1 on tract 48, in the Osage 

PRODUCTION " reported flowing at tlie r.atc of 100 barrels in 24 hours. It is now si 


Amarillo, Texas, Dec. 4. — Secretary 

Conipanv bas completed No. 1 on tract 48, in the Osage section of Oklahoma. This tVa*i wi.'l Nortiirop, of the Wolf Creek on Com- 

ION''vell was rc-ported flowing at tlie rate of 100 Ijarrels in 24 hours. It is now shut in awaiting pipe line con- 

ncctions. The Crystal Valiev Oil Syndicate of Cincinnati has purchased 843 acres from Flesher which „nd k^®" referred to m the lost is- 

lies souti; of the Gonrlev Prvse tract in Lee County, and is moving a ng on. Five machines will he jutt on wnuirg.r county Nona ^^e on World has Rruduaiiy in- 

- the prou-rty. ‘n'Je:;;' t"bat'':.‘on‘nr; “k 

(la of / IdhI luni are havlnir showtnKs imllcHtlnjr tnaled to be muklriK around 125,000.000 

,Oil ami thus .lournal. Nov. 21.) ^ the proJ-rty. 

lie . ^NARCH-Stockhohlers received notice that directors’ -eetmg was h^ Nov. 17 an.l m. assess- 

nicnt ofTlbfi'iiAii^itre was levied on the capital sto';k. iiayahle No. 24, 1919 to Charles Gordon, 1 reasurer. 

pant week was as follows; North Louts- 

lana, 62,000 barrels; North Texas,: 281,- ^ ^ |V|6cr||^^M 

486 ('orsleana .liKht and Thrall, 

K'ansiut, 88,590 barrels; Ok-' 

• aitsble t'lnihln*. HbaiansO^K^^^^^At [ 
and Ilealdton 1(11,600 barrels; ('U^^jKr tllM^^^H^ 
and Hbamroek, SK.ono barrels; He^H^annoUllcetii^l^^H 
37,600 barrels; total, 609,7J,5 • I’.AUAG^W 

Till' estimaied, datl; production of vcrely cold wcallic 
lieavy-Kravlty oil In tbe Gulf Coast fldtlldmH dllC IVcctnlit* 
was 74.600 IcirreU; Corsioanna heavy, ( )i| Company lo pi 
60U barrels. ^ 

Lire was levied on the capital sto'-*k. iiayahle No. 24, 1919 to Charles Gordon, 'I'reasurer. 
^npany is in debt and this assessment was made to p.iy off the debts and resume 
111% in good demand. 

anil Inillvblunia holOIng to this belief are BOS well referred to In the lost Is- 
now sinking approximately 60 deep te.t. „„„ „» rp,,„ . 

In every portion of Wilbarger county None ^"® 6as Rrudually In- 

of theHe are na yet deep enough to prov. creased Its flow. Until now It Is estl- 
or condemn that county, but Heveral have . 

bull and ore having .howtngH Indicating mated to be mukinff around 125,000,000 
the correctness of the belief that tiie cuhto feet 
Ibirkburnett sand will bo found. I own 

IciiHcs and fee land entirely aurrounded _ 

by eight drilling wells, which I will leaa. — 

In 60 acre blocks or inulllple. thereof ut _ 

I tlrectlve t'Kures. M p« and dsta If in. LOuINIANA CRUDE OIL 

l-resled. J. 1:. Duff, Union Ntttlonul Hank I DHirwaini.' tnviwr.viv 

I’lil'.llng, Itouslnn, Tex. I BU hN ARE ADVANCED 

OR — Stock has eased off a few cents, hut it is easily moved when offered down. News Tex. ^ 

L L. Wooldridge is “in Chicago on hnsiness" lent color to rumors that he i.s negotiating keystone no s dkillino .machine— Bi.n¥VA....H i 
[ie.cojm)aiiy at a profit lo stockholders. However, nothing definite has been officially ,m»rUcHiiy"'n.:r^^^^ oil comimny 

oany at a profit lo stockholders. However, nothing definite has been offidally ^ 'Ti.'i Lrd tX'p.l'd aHn'- 

P l•vcl.lno drilling iimchln. for II.OOO, W, ' 1 y . « .y ,..■..•.1 iin in 

. r I •¥ ¥ ¥■ . . " Gsiio* * Cuinpany, Hniltb'. Urov*. I creoso of 26 cents per barrel on all 

1^^MPto the fact that oil runs were held up and operations generally impeded by sc- trades of lamlslaim oil, maklmi the 

of verely cold weather, , Brown, 1 resident of the I aragon f)il Company, announces tlie 2 per cent divi- fob sale— 11,14 acr.. i«... m Aii.n ' Pi’l®*'* in the various fields as folows; 
irt .dmH due l ccmher ysill l,c delayed until a later date. Mr. Brown said it is the purpose of the Paragon w,,V ‘b'* U.60; Coddo heavy fuel 

ridends out of earnings and as the “freeze" has held up revenue, the dividend also writ, victor DfCsi'iny, null m. Beotis.'it; ifomer I 2 . 6 O; DeHoto 11.40 and 


'.Coniinnrtl on Paae Five) 

vlll., Ky, 

Red Itiver tl, 


December 6, 1919 

Louisville, Ky. — THE OIL WORLD — Lexington, Ky. 


will be held up. Asked concerning the rumors that the Paragon would cut a melon for stockholders, Mr.' IM TUC Qj| pip I HQ * 

Brown said: “Some time before or shortly after Christmas, Paragon holders will get a 40 per cent divi- j till- WlL 1 ILLL^O. | 
dend on their stock.” i 



FIDELITY — Well No. 1, on tract 80, in the Osage section of Oklahoma, is down 800 feet, according ! " sencrai routine in * 

T. Scherich, who has just returned from the field. This well should be in by Decemlter 1, Mr. i * 

to H. T. Scherich, who has just returned from the field. This well should be in by December 1, Mr. * 
Scherich declared. He also stated contracts have been let for drilling on tracts 102, 111, 113 and 50.. i-'’ "“ticeaWe that during * 

News has just been received, according to Mr. Scherich, that a 250 barrel well has come in adjoining thei‘'’‘‘  «'ovomi)pr there w.os * 

T  ' 1 1 -. . . rn r'-j-iri.. 1 i t-.i CQ 1 (to an Increase in the potential produc- J 

led in 

five drilling going on in all 
te, mention countv or coun- 

joins the Holt wells in Menifee county. f ,, comp.euons * 

•' jin all divisions. Many of the best pro- J 

QUEEN royalty — C ompany announces a 2 per cent dividend was declared for stockholders in ducers in Xorth Loui.siana and North 

n & Goff 

, KY. 

October. Stock is quiet, offered at .80c. 

Pipe line runs for the week reported by the Cumberland were 73,563.37 barrels. The runs of thc' 
Oreat Northern for November werell3,482.05 barrels. j 

j Central Texas are sliut in or pinched 
, down until pipe lines are provided, and 

ns of the . , 

i con.seriuently the aetual output is not 


________ known nor has the amount of oil ro- J 

inR to market been apjirecialfly fti- j 


LATE FIELD NEWS ltUK.\ COO'I'Y jcrea.sed. Hut the di.scoveries made sjs 

The Dattner Oil and RefininR Com- ' show that the petroleum is to be * 

pany brouRht in their third well on the ' when wanted. Some believe that the * 

^ ^ Milburn at Oil City, Harren , clailiorne Held will produce close to * 

County, owned by this company. This, ino , 000 l.arrels wlien the wells are* 
LEE COUNTY. is one of the best wells brouRht in in | f„Hy opened, and then the stayinR quali- | 

The Erie Oil Company No. G Bowman section recently and is e.stimated , tics of tlic producers will lie determined. * 

1? reported 8 feet under the cap with | 'larrels per day when ^ ^pws from North Louisiana for * 

too feet of fluid in the hole. A part of ’’“^ "" pump. week told of two Ru.shcrs in the * 


(Continued from Page One) 

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one and one-half miles from Isonvllle. 
The Little Banjo Oil Company Is pre- 
paring to move from Crocketsville In 
Morgan county to its holdings near Ison- 
ville and will put No. 1 Sol Lewis on the 
pump soon. 




O M’cslorn WanTii can .still be oln, lined 
flFT^^’iable^rices. 1 bavc leases for  ale from $ 

$10.(HTm v%ie u^i. Write for Oil Map of Warren t 

County and pi- i of leases. % 

John Wilson | 

1917 Inter-SoutherSf^^lj# - - LOUISVILLE, KY. • | 

Held Office— .Viiierlean ItiiildiiiR, Konling (Jreeii. Ky. 

the bit is caught In and they are drill- The company has let a contract for a . district starting at l.a.OOO ‘"■'''■**'^************‘iw ■■■■■-**-X-*****-X'****-X--X-***'X-*******'X-*** 4 :. 

iiiR through to the pay. total of ten wells on this Property, j I,, 

E. B. G. Mann et al is drilling No. ‘’‘‘''I’ * «PPleniented with t'voU..»**********.^**. 4 .^,^**,j(..i^**.^****.*****.^^.*^^.^^^^^^.j^„^^^^.j^ 

on the A. H. Warner and rigging No. ^ .ecoml rig will e moved on oie | producers from tlie shallowij - * 

I Sarah Welands and rigging at Nos. 9 very shortly. They are now mak-j^.^,^^, j.,,„ , 5 .,^.,,^, p.,,, 

Suit has been filed in the Fayette Cir-I j ing arrangements to equip this I-roperty ; l,,-irrcls '| 

cult Court hy Bailey D. Berry against 13 „„ Lee Land Com- 1 ““ ’ « •"‘''•’'’‘''Leach. Operations in the divi.sion are f. 

the Comet Oil Company for $3,500 with ' at the earliest po.ssible moment. U -ing' „„ the out- | 

frATTY SenfAmhpr 4th. 1919. until • ^ ^ ... lorntpfl on tho T^. & N. niiilrcuid trnrk. ?. .. .. ...T 


interest from September 4th, 1919, untU Lee County Circuit Court the I 1 side of the pools should he completed * 

date of payment, and costs. ,,^,jts known as the Common- j connections, | 

wealth versus Flahaven Land Company, 

The annual meeting of the stockhold- Lee County Land Company, Eureka Coal 

rr rnKUL.\M) rorMY 

Xorlh rontral Texas had a run of ^ 

The Leonard Oil Company brought in fair producer.s in the week’s news. In J 

ers of the Cumberland Pipe Line Com- and Mineral Company and others were preat gas well on the Sam Oarmon Fiastland county the best of the new ^ 

• »4 i_ _ t 1 A«* /I t c* Vt I oc*A l #rvll .-kMri TY f» rt T ii1lv«rv __ _... I , ..... ...... i ^ 

pany will be held in Winchester Thurs- dismissed following a recent ruling giv- ipj^se on Dig Ilono Creek, this county, ! completion.s started at froiii 600 to 
day, December 4th, at 10 a. m., at the en in the Court of Appeals in similar jqj feet. Tlie gas cauglit fire from liarrcls. Tlie Held is l)cing gradually 

■offices of the company. 

suits. Special attorneys for the Com- 1 furnace and l)urned up the drilling , extended towards tlie Stejdions county ^ 
monwe-ilth in these suits were Clayton  ppg i)ia 7 .e has not lieen ex- liiu', and is expected to connect up with  1* 


.A rvliuilt Cyclone ('lasoline drill No. 14. with .\ derrick, in- 
cluding; two strings of drilliiifr tools complete (except extra jars) 
live bits and all drilliiyq tools, easing, tuliing and rod elevators and wrenelies in faei ■ill tools 
needed for tile easy and eeonotnieal drilling and rigging of oil wells in- 
elnded in aliove priee. Drills to deptli of l.aan ft,, (■(•■ ittoniically. Ilvery- 
thitig in first class eondilion atui witliitt 3 K) yards of a r.iilroad switeli. 
l i.“l of tools al olTici' of tile Oil World. 

L Williams who has been ill with Louisville, and Theodor* ;,,„j jy plainly visllile in tliis:tlte more northern ojieration-s. In the 

pneumonia, at his home in this city, has 

Blakey, of Beattyville. 

city at night, at a distance of ten Duke pool one 1.800 and one l,00fl-li;ir- 

■ rel well were tlie lu'.st oltlaincd, with a 

MONROE COUNTY The .same company has a good oil niimiter of smaller ones. .Sliooting tlie * 

A 50-harrel well in Mnroe County on 'veil on another nearlty. Some wells lias Itecomc common in Steiihens 

(i(»OI( .vs .NEW 

I B Hutchison of Louisville, con- ■'^ uu-narrei wen m ainroe c.ounty on .k-.v.-.j.. mi.s 

1 with the Old Dominion Oil' Com- Bonnie and Roxle Wood farm last 'veeks ago they dropped the tools in | county and generally the results are ex- | 

nected with the Old Domii 
pany is east on business, 

Fridiiy. Log of same. 

v/inter in A.shland. 

lowing will be 

Homer Pontius. 

T. C. Rice has gone to Kansas and 


Grey flinty lime . . . 

White lime 

Grey lime 








8 t 


Casing 6 1-4 set .... 


. . . 

Grey lime 



Blue lime 



White lime 



Green shale 


Black shale 



Brown sandy lime . . 



Green slate 


Bine lime 



Purplish lime 



Brown lime 



Green slate 



Gray lime 



OH sand 



Tw'enty barrels at 

six inches In 


the latter well, which is on the farm oficellent and often siiriirislng. Three hun- * 
Tal Sparks, a few- yards down Big ! dred quarts in the Stewart & Samuel ■ tf: 

T?onr»v r'l'nolr r?.r,m tSn d.ii'rMnr, lAoaa 1 X-.. *1 .. .. ^.....1 ...l.tnl, ,i.n a irt ^ 

liolli lifill and I'ower at Trace I’.raneli Chureli. tliree miles from 
bourville, Ky., an L. iii N, It. R., county seat town. 

Renox Creek from the Oarmon, | No. 2 Sttinford, which was suiiposed to J 

and upon getting their tools out found j be dry, turned it into a well starting * 
the hole nearly full of a fine grade of I at 5,400 harrel.s. This was tlie largest * 

All nni.A.. AAf.'rAAfA «UAf «V.A„ AAA , . . .1 A . U a a .1 . . A ^ 

Wymond Oil Co., 

114 So. St. Louis Ave., - - - CHICAGO, ILL. 

green oil. They estimate that they can producer reported from the county dur- ^ »**************************************^.**********^** 
m.ake from a 15 to 20-barrcl well out ing the week, but there were several, 

other completions starting at from 30 to| *lt^Mr******************¥:^^*^*****^**^****-i-i^***-,r*^ih*ii!** 
1,000 barrels. Burkburnett had many new'* ^ ^ . i-. . .... _ _ _ * 

wells, the smallest Iieing 75 barrels .and,* OIL COMPANY FOR SALE ^ 

The Old American Oil Company is 1 , 000 harrel.s. Burkburnett had many new'* 
encountering a great flow of gas in wells, the smallest Iieing 75 barrels .and ! ♦ 

their No. 1 on the Burchette lease Just others ranging from that amount up to 
north of this city. It is expected ln|i,250 barrels. The total new produc- 

any time. 

1,250 barrels. The total new produc- 1| ^ Company Organized under Laws of Delaware, registered in 

tion obtained at Burkburnett for thei* Iventucky. Capital Stock $200,()(K) par value $1.00. .All stoev 

Dr. Lange and others, of Pittsburg, week was 27,525 barrels. There were,* will be delivered to purchaser. Several good leases with i 0 

at new Parker.sburg, is due to arrive 


The largest well reported from Ok- j :jc 
lahoma was the Texas Co.’s No. 5 Wil- j 
ker.son, in Cotton county, which started ' * 

very low. 

W. John Wilson 

1917 Inter-Southeru Bldg., ... 

Louisville, Ky. 


and 60 barrels at two and one-half striking than the latest ; ***************************************************** 

feet in sand. 

.1. F. Bonnell, of the Bessemer Gas 
Engine Company, has returned from a 
business trip to Cleveland. 


great and increasing interest being •‘‘’I’art showed it making 900 barrels 
taken in the Western Tennessee oil ^ 600-harrel well was also struck 

fields, as evidenced by the drilling cam-D^ Nowata field, besides numerous . 

In the Menifee Circuit Court the case p^ign and the great volume of P”'”' ‘”’^3 i" other sections. 

of O. N. Canney against Dr. Kash in leasing now on, to say nothing to the Kansas had more failures than com- ! ' 

Paul J Ray, connected with the Ohio reference to the Henry Jones tract of accounts of activity that are appear- pletions in the week’s news, as a num- ■ 
Oil Company has been in the city on o-ores In Menifee county adjoining lag from week to week in the reputable her of tests which had long been st.and- j 

I inpr were abandoned, and those drilling I 

buRine' s Alexander was decided in favor ofjoii papers of the country. ing were abandoned, and those drillingl 

Canney. The suit of Skidmore vs. There are at pre.sent 17 w'clls drilling in the pools had not reached the .sand, i 

. . . , . Northeutt, in reference to the 100-acre either in or adjacent to Tennessee, all The production of the Elbinp-Pealiody j 

/-I ^ u Skidmore lease, one quarter of a mile of which have direct hearing on pool was e.stimated at 16,000 b.arrels fori 

We are fully prepared to furnish complete equipment for   
your camp. X 


Empire Oil and Gas Company, has I from the Alexander was decided in favor Tennessee, and directly affect acreage a few days last week, and this will I 

signed and will return to her homej^, plaintiff. In the same court the 

e are offering. 

prohalily l)e increased by the wells ex- 1 ' 

in Homer City, Pennsylvania Miss Lucy reference ^ detailed account published by the I peeled in. 

urry as a en e pos on e va interest in 1100 acres in Menifee pranklln, Ky., Favorite during the! west Columbia, in the Coastal fields. 

Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention 



I was decide din favor of Kash. 

past two weeks shows 35 drilling wells furni.shed one gusher making 5,000 har- 

R. A. Chiles No. 5. Tilford Back is completions in Simpson County onlreis. Other completions were small, and ‘ 

Luther Loving, of Lexington, has (jrllling. McEIdowne and Peck are 300 Tennessee north twrder. 

the estimated output for the division ' 

taken a position in the offices of Wil- feet at No. 1 Osborne. The Big Pete R,p., drilling outfits are moving showed a of 5.235 barrels. 

Hams and O’Rear in this city. 

Oil and Gas Compan is drilling No. 4 j^to Robertson County and are set up 
on the Pete Brown. Kash and others ,^„d put to work In some instances he- 

Howard McClurkin, son of J. H. Me- No. 6 Alexander is going down. The Fi- fqre accounts are given of them. 
Clurkin, is very ill in the hospital in delity Oil Corporation has spudded in at prom 15 to 20 scouts are re- 
Lexlngton. its Initial test on the Yocum, adjoining portpf] as making their headquarters at 

— — the Holt Wells lease. gnrtnr'SpIft T?nhertR/.n Pniintv nnH 

The marriage of Edward Lohmlller, 

AT.TFV rniTivTV I ■., , A, , . I iventucKy reporicu tno usual numner 

an oil well driller from Clay City, to luiAii Prices are going high in Rohert.snn, , , , . , „ , 

A,, ..A .. A,,, . A, A , „ ... A . .... of nice producers at shallow depths. 

Mrs. Mabel Keen, of the same place was ' The Dattner Oil and Refining Com- and but few lenses are now, I 

Eolemnized in this city. Thanksgiving pany, of Detroit, have purchased the | while great preparations are being made Eastern fields the most im- 

Day, by Rev. R. R. Murphy, of the producing property of the Salt Lick OH for the big drilling campaign that is ^ P'^i’^imt di.scoveries was a 100-l arrel 
Presbyterian church. Company, located in the Gcl'nesville now opening up, and will Increase with Producer in the Hillards pool of Rutler 

pool. This consists of the Noah Moore the coming of spring. county .and the extension of the great 

lames L McArthur, a well known oil cf 60 acres and 50 of the Susan Reports from New T’ork are that the 

man, from Westford, Pennsylvania, died Moore lease. This property is produc- editor of one of the greatest oil papers | ♦ 

at h’ls home on College Street in this ‘o'? at the present time about 50 barrels in the world has just returned from a' 

City, Friday. November 28th, from a P'*’’ a"‘‘ located in the heart ofjtrip and has pas.sed the word j\Jt,VV jVIeAICU 

complication of diseases. He is sur- ‘1’® Gainesville production. around in New York as follows: UNrMMr^C 

vlved by a sister, Mrs. Sadie Ross, a reported one of the best equip- "Tennes.see is to get the next big (JjL UUHNUo 

brother. J. M. McArthur, both of this P‘‘ ‘ ’eases In the field and has been play from the oil men." 

city, and another brother R. M. Me- shipping regularly for some months. This report has done much to help 

Atiliur of Youngstown. Ohio. The re- '^’en wells have been drilled on the things at the New York end, os the I (Oil and Gas Journal) 

mains were shipped to Jamestown, j Property. It is the intention of the editor has the confidence of the liank - 1 According to information collected 

...lo ..o.,e..«o.i ^ mm me up Wyoming news was interc.stlng from I 
and put to work in some Instances be- dl.scovery by the Buck Creek Co., 
fore accounts are given of them. ^ 1 , 000 -harrel well below the water 

From 15 to 20 scouts are re-j^^j ^ance Creek. The discovery is im- 
ported as making their headquarters at 

Springfield, Robertson County, and ■ r^_.^^hed. 

Combinp Robertson for leases. 

_ , ui u 1 1 4 Kentucky reporicu the usual number 







Notice to Advertisers 

I'eiinsylvania, for burial. 

Dattner Oil and Refining Company to Ing men of New York and his report 

Increase the production as rapidly as | will help some big deals now on in 

1 by the Allimiucrtiue Journal, there are ■ 

I''rank S. Woodlmrn, formerly with 
the W. F. Williams Oil Corporation, is 
now field manager of the Ogden OH 
Company, operating the Freeman tract 
in Allen county. 

[ possible, a contract for three wells hav- New York that will favorably affect ’he State of New Mexico 


ing already been let. Tennessee development. 62 drilling wells, five of wlilch are over 

This sale was made l)y W. .lohn Wil- Wheatcroft has moved his outfit and 2,000 feet deep an dtwo over 2,700 feet, j 

son, the lease broker, in the Inter- is drilling another well in rj,,,p,.p aiiproxlmately 197 wells un- 

Southern Building, I.oulsvllle, Ky. Robertson County, not far from his No. , 

.... ..... der contract, and it is estimated litat 

1 , which is reimrted to Iiuve a hole full 

CUMHEKLANl) COUNTY I of oil. '‘'‘"‘I geologists are In tlie State 

The Leonard OH Company has! The Sewaneo are drilling anotlier working for tlie oil coneerns. | 

A suit In ejectment was filed In the | iirought In a gas well on Big Creek, this well near Cedar Hill, Roiiertson Coun- xiie to.^itn for oil, as planned, will i 

Estlll Circuit Court, Novemlier 2nd, 19191 county. The gas caught fire from the ty, they having lost their first hole in entire Slate, and some 

hy tlie Tidal OH Company, James A. holler and completely destroyed the a fishing joti. i , , . ■ , « 

I . . I, HI, iilready lieeii fouiul In four 

Wallace, W. S. Raydure, W. P. Williams drilling mnehlne. The same company — — — ♦ ^ 

and O. H. WllllamH iigiUnst the Security has brought In what la estimated to ha ATTFNTIONI euimtles. MeKliiley, San Juan, (’liave* 

Producing and RuHiiIng Cumpaiiy, The a if, to 25-lmrrel well just below the IClillwlVl mi, I loddy. Tlie wells are Hiiiall ones 

pUiliillffs allege the right to the posses- khm well on teli Sparks lease. l'"*’* f'**'- ’’"’y l"’"VO that oH Is 

sloti of two tracts of land, onntalnlng The first paragraph In T. W. I.arsen there. Tlie liest sliowing iiimle is in 

9 producing wells, one with 19.1 acres MOlUlAN COUNTY. A Co.’s adv., on page six, at liuttoiii of .McKinley county. Practically all the 

the other with 18.7 acres. These are sit- 1 K, M. Arliogiist and others, of West paragraph, should read: Stale-own,  d liiiids In New Mexico have 

uuted on Itie east and west sides nf ths VIrgIniii, drilling on the Middle Fork "Co„ 2V9 miles from RiiHriNid. Rental i'cen leased to oil coiiipiiiiles except 

William Tyree tract on Furnace Fork.ot Elk Creek near Jeplha In Mirrgan 5 ' cenia acre, first i|uallerly rental due some Iracls In the moiiiitaliis of Taos 

of Cow Creek In KsiHI. Lotliily have a nice gasser, January, 1920," anil Itio Arrlhii counties. 

Good business demands prompt p.aymcnt of accounts. 

All advertisi*V’ ^counts are due ami payalile tlic first of the 
following- month, ui%l we will appreciate prompt payment of ad- 
vertising accounts^iy tlie lOtli, or, at the very latest, the 15th of 
the month followylg the month in whvh the insertions are given. 

We arc disposed to he as liberal as possible, Init, as we posi- 
tively eannot carr/ accoiTnts,^wc will ask that our advertisers he 
governed accor as we would prefer not to carry the adver- 

tising of tJj^f,?r^ho Vannot comply with our request, which is 
, and fully justified hy good business. 



E ayall 

. ion. 

[ictly cash iii advance hy all. No 
fci’ our lists unless the cash accniii- 

iinil Hlo Arriba rnun(lt*N. 

: f* 




P- ; 




''‘■f « 

•Yi, :i 

'D « 




,’•■(. t 




i • 

i '!• * . 


* « \ 


I ■ • r* 


' ^ ‘ 

Louisville, Ky. — THE OIL WORLD — Lexington, Ky, 

December 6, ISIS' 

production, just as Mid-Continent ad - ' 
vnnces orininally followed higher prices 
for I’ennsylvania crude. Two advances 
of I’ennsylvania crude preceded the 
general advance in the southwest. 

High flush production in the Homer 
and Bull Bayou field of Louisiana, for 
which there are inadequate pipe line i 
facilities might work to the end of hold- 
ing back advances for North Louisiana 
light crude. However, this apparent 
excess of production becomes less men- 
acing when it is considered that tests 
made on wells giving potential esti- 
mated production of roundly 280,000 
barrels daily for the two recently de- 
veloped Louisiana fields take into ac- 
count a conditin wherein nearly all 
producers in a given pool are shut in 
at the time of the making of hour tests 
on individual wells. This puts the pres- 
sure of the entire field behind a single 
well and develops a situation tending to 
make te.sts of potential production in- 
accurate when viewed from a more 
practical standpoint. 

Although Louisiana stands today ns 
the most formidable light oil jtroducing 
territory li.aving a general effect upon 
conditions in the indu.stry, it must not 
he considered a serious factor from the 
viewpoint of influencing market quota- 
tions for crude. This is made all the 
more apparent when it is considered 
that general advances elsewhere come 
at a time when Homer is at its height 
of development. 

Production in the general Hanger 
territory is affected by the 25- 
cent advance in the jjosted price 
of Mid-Continent high grade oil. 
This advance brings Hanger crude 
to a level of $2.50 a barrel at the 
well. The posting is the highest ever 
made on any grade of Mid-Continent or 
Texas crude oil, except that, in pre- 
mium paying districts. Independent re- 
finers fre iuently have bid up the pur- price high above the pipe line 

It was to be excepted that Burkbur- 
nett crude would advance to a parity 
with other high-gr.ade Mid-Continent 
oils, in the face of a situation that has 
developed since a number of wells have 
been opened up that were .shut down 
because of the lack of facilities for 
handling crude, and consequent conges- 

In the case of one company, its wells 
when reopened are showing for little 
more than 25 per cent of initial flush es- 
timates and these estimates were the 
relatively conservative estimates of a 
major independent company. On such 
a basis as this, the potential produc- 
tion of the northwest extension pool 
could not be more than 150,000 barrels 
daily, and certainly not higher than 
200,000 barrels, allowing for the 
oiitimistic re.sults when it .shall have 
become possible to reopen all the wells 
and produce to their capacity. 

Aside from the angle wherein a price 
advance was neces.sary to give crude i 
oil a value that would help pay out on | 
the tremendous investment at Ranger, 
both in operating expenses and acre- 
age cost.s, there .still remains the de- 
pleted steel storage stocks that were 
drawn upon in all the principal fields 
in war-time and which have not been 
reideni.shed, together with the situation 
in October where the Prairled rew upon 
Ranger stocks nearly a million barrels 
to take care of its pipe line capacity 
north. The Ranger pool is now mak- 
ing about 02,500 barrels daily, Desde- 
mona .87,500 barrels, and Stephens 
county 38,300 marrels. 

In Oklahoma, where the .settling down 
of older fields continues sljeadily, a 
renewed search in wildcat areas will 
be lirought about, and in semi-wildcat 
territory smaller wells will become 
more profitable, in much the same man- 
ner as the advance applies peculiarly 
apidicable to better conditions in the 
black lime producing area of Texas, 
with its uncertainties and its exorbi- 
tant drilling costs. 

A situation applies at Burkburnett, 
however, that will be vital to the op- 
erations of the Indeiiendent skimming 
plant operator when dump sales be- 
come a thing of the past. Taking into 
account figures published in National 
Petroleum News on costs of plant op- 
ertaions in Texas 



Oil City, Friday, Dec. 5. — November 7 
Pennsylvania crude advanced 25 cents; 
Corning, Cabell and Somerset advanced 
16 cents; Ragland advanced 10 cents. 
November 20 Kansas and Oklahoma ad- 
vanced 25 cents. November 21 Augusta, 
Cushing, Yale, Electric, Burkburnett, 
Ranger, Thrall .advanced 22 cents; 
Healdton, Duncan Corciscana heavy 
advanced 10 cents; North Lima, South 
Lima, Indiana, Illinois, Princeton, 
Wooster and all Wyoming grades ad- 
vanced 25 cents; Plymouth, 20 cents; 
Canada oil advanced 25 cents. 

The prices paid for oil of various 
grades by the purchasing agencies are: 

Pennsylvania $1.50 

Corning 3.10 

Cabell 3.02 

Somerset 2.85 

Ragland 1.35 

North Lima 2.73 

South Lima 2.73 

Indiana 2.63 

Princeton 2.77 

Wooster 3.20 

Plymouth 2.53 

Illinois 2.77 

Kansas and Oklahoma 2.50 

Yale 2.50 

Healdton 1.35 

Corsicana Heavy 1.15 

Corsicana Light 2.28 

Electra 2.50 

Henriett.a 2.28 

Thrall 2.50 

Strawn 2.28 

Hanger 2.50 

Moran 2.28 

Cushing 2.28 

Augusta 2.50 

Clashing 2.50 

Burkburnett 2.50 

Canada 3.13 

North Loiilsiaiiu Quotations. 

Crichton $1.75 

DcSoto 2.15 

32" to 34.9" Oravity Caddo and 

Homer 2.10 

35" to 37.9" Gravity Caddo and 

Homer 2.15 

38" and above Caddo and Homer . . 2.25 

Bull Bayou 1.90 

Below 32" Oravity and Homer 75 

Caddo Crude 75 

We buy second hand and damaged casing all sizes and & 
weights, in small or large quantities. In writing give | 

quantity, size, weight, and condition. If car load give |i 

best price F. O. B., naming loading point. i 


A. J. Beavers Company I 



On Nov. 4th a gushqr 
Davenport farm in W 
and one-half miles 
depth of 900 feet. 
drilled in this section 
The price of leases is advam 
I have a number of well loca^ 
Warren which I can o^hfl 
PRICES. Write for li^H 
1917 Inter-Southern^^^H 

W. JoilH 

FIELD OFFICE — American Hunk 

h Co. 





721 W. Market St., Louisville, Ky. 




y (Shipped over 75,000 barrels last month) 

r to’ 

l” new and big wells coming in STEADILY. 

I A Few Bargains | 

[« 1—300 acres— any_ part— joining the Miller Pool. Four drilling gj 
L machines working near by, 

I 2— 50^acres joining the Bishop Foster Pool. k', 

^ 3 125 acres in Mt. Aerial section. Good well just brought in li 

t«i across Middle Fork Creek from this lease. [| 

I 4—72 acres near big Barlow, Costello and Mulligan productions ; * 
I 5 acres close to Barlow “gusher.” S 

I 5-167 acres with oil wells on pump making 20 barrels at Half- | 
y way, near new pipe line. || 

M 6 — 200 acres with two wells in ITalfway district. ^ 

w 7 — 400 acres with two wells and 111 acres Southwest of Gaines- ; l 
pi ville; production on all sides. g 

pj Monroe County leases near extensive drilling operations. Buy 
pi now and reap the Spring profit- Leases bought and sold in p 
p Allen, Warren, Barren, Monroe and adjacent counties. « 



Suvi-n horso power engine— Fitted with uuxlllury valves— Alt gears arc 
within bedplate — Natural gas or gasolliii' — Hot tube or spark Ignition. 



M bichcster, Ky. Beattyville, Ky. Howling (Jreen, Ky. Scottsvllle, Ky. 

Texas was advanced 25 cents to $2.50 
a barrel November 22 by the Jlag- 
nolia Petroleum Company. 

This advance, which was met by 
other pipe line.s, is the second in three 
days for Burkburnett crude, which, 
however, had never been quoted lower 
than $2.25 by the Magnolia, other trunk 
pipe lines maintaining $2 a barrel post- 
ed jirice prior to November 19, when 
a general advance of 25 cents was given 
all other Jlid-Continent liglit oil crudes. 

When the general advance was an- 
nounced for other Mid-Continent high 
grade crudes the Gulf Pipe Line Com- 
pany lirought the posted price at Burk- 
burnett liack to $2.25. Other pipe lines 
met this advance on Burkburnett crude, 
the price at Electra and other fields 
in the Wichita Falls district remaining 
stationary at the $2.25 quotation, which 
had been maint iined all during the time 
the crude oil congestion was forcing oil 
from the Burkburnett pool dow-n in 
price. Now the Magnolia’s boosting ot 
crude prices lirings up all these grades 
to a parity with other Mid-Continent 
high grade crudes. 

North Louisiana light oil was not ad- 
vanced at the time of the November 19 
advance elsewhere inlhe southwest, but 
it is expected to come in for increased 
price at the wells for the reason that 
Oklahoma-Kan.sus prices have lieen al- 
ways considered a liarometer for this 


LOCK BOX No. 4, 


l-'ort Wortli, Tex., Dec. 5. — Pennsyl- 
vania crude advanced 25 cents Sejitem- 
lier 2, 25 cents Novemlier 7, to $1.50 a 

Mid-Continent liglit cnide.s, including 
Okl iliomn, and North Texas, 
ndiai.eed 25 cents November 20, to $2.50 
a han-i-1. 

ilurkbornett crude, wliich had been 
mi rked down to $2 a barrel by Inde- 
pendent jiipi- lines October 1, advanced 
by same lolercsts hack to $2.25, date 
fif the general Mid-Continent advance, 
then advanced to parity with new price 
f"i- these grades on Novemiier 22. 

Eastern crudes, aside from Pennsyl- 
vania, advanced 25 cents a liarrel No- 
vember 20, Plymouth grade advanced 
20 cents. 

All Wyoming crudes advanced 25 
cents November 20. 

He.' crude not advanced, its 
jiriei- remaining $1.20 per iiarrel. 

TI)o iiosted price for Burkburnett, 
Elo'':a and other crude nils produced 
in 111 greater Wiclilta Falls district of 

The Phoenix and Third National Bank 


Of the West Virginia Geological 

Lexington, Kentucky 


W. A. McDowell, President. 

H. P. HEADLEY, Vice President 

J. IL DOWNING, Vice President and Cashier. 

B, M. DARNABY, Assistant Cashier 

C. Y. FREEMAN, Assistant Cashier. 





There has just been issued from the 
press a new publication by the West 
Virginia Geological Survey, Morgan- ! 
town, tv. Va. This publication is de- 
scriiied in the following extract from 
the printed circular of the Geological 
Survey, and the render is also told how: 
to secure the publication in question; 

(29) Detailed Report on Fayette i 
County, by Ray V. Hennen, Issued 
under date of June 15th, 1919, contain- 
ing 1002 pages tNXXIII pages of in- 
troductiory matter; illu.strated with 21 
half-tone plates and 21 figures or size 
etchings in the text, accompanied by a 
separate case of topographic and 
geologic maps of the entire area of 
the county in single sheets, the whole 
constituting the largest and most ex- 
pensive pulilication hitherto issued by 
the West Virginia Geological Survey. 
Fayette County covers the region 
where the mining of the New River or 
Smokeless coals first began on an ex- 
tensive scale, and these as well as the 
other coal beds and minerals of this 
rich county are minutely descrilied and 
analyzed, the whole constituting a most 
valuable volume of general and detail- 
ed information 

Printing for Oil cTWen 


Transylvania Printing Company' 



Special ruled forms. Loose Leaf Outfits and all kinds of 

The Best of Everything 

In Drilling Equipment S Tankagi 

For Quick Delivery — That’s A1 

standard Drilline Rigs With Bolted Derricks 
Portable Drilling Machines 
Rig Iron and Calf Wheel Outfits 
Wooden and Iron Sand Reels 
Adjustable Steel Crown Blocks 
Wooden and Portable, Bolted Steel Tanks 
For Oil and Water Storage 
“Everlasting” White Pine and Hemlock Cants 
Oak Arms and Pins 

covering the area in 
question. Price, Including case of map.s, 
delivery charge paid liy the survey, 
$3.25, hut in combination with other 
volumes of the survey, see general cir- 
cular. Extra copies of topographic map, 
75 cents; of the geologic map, $1. 
VEY, P. O. Box 818, Morgantown, 

The Drilling Machine Responsible for the Kentucky Oil Field, 

Rope Sockets — Stems — 
J ars — Bits— Drilling 
Cables — Sand Lines 
Fishing Tools. 

tinent oils, the quotation remaining 
$1.20 a liarrel at the wells.— National 
Petroleum News. 

and Oklahoma re- 
finery centers, it will he neces.sary for a 
corresponding advance in the price of 
refined products to result before the 
Wichita Flails district itself cun stand 
the advance in crude without willing 
out his profit, which to he accurately 
reached must take in proper deprecia- 
tion, etc. 

In this connection it may he said that 
an anomalous situation existed us re- 
garded Burldiiirnett crude at the times 
the Iiosted price went tiack to $2.25 in 
eiminion witli tlie 2r,-eent advance Inj 
other Mid-t’ontinent liigli grade crudes. 
Tlie point at wliicli dump sales 
had lieen made, tlie levels reaching $1 
to $1,22V 

.Main Oiricp and WorkH, I’arkernliurir, W. Va. P. O Boi iai 
Mratrrn Office and Worka, Tulaa, fVrklaboma. P. O. Boi 97s! 

Representatives, Warehouses and Tank Setting Crews 
All Oil and Gas Producing Sections. 

Will sell any part or all of 1200 acres 
Oil and Gas Ix'uses in Martin County, 
Kentucky, and 600 acres in Pike Coun- 
ty Kentucliy at $2 per acre, suliject to 
prior .sale and withdrawal, viz: Martin 
County leases located between Milo and 
.loll Postoffices, 2'/i miles fro mthe F'our 
Wells drilled by the Dollar Oil & Gas 
Co., 2I4 miles from Railroad. 

I ’ike County leases located on Racoon 
Creek on tlie Itu.ssell Fork Coal Itasln 
and close to the D’lnvlllers Anticlinal, 
some two 12) miles from Plkevllle where 
Brode Is drlllng tliree wells, and Soiitli- 
wesl from tlie William.son well reported 
100 liarrels in tlie Big Injun. Rental $1, 
first quarterly due in March 1920. 

Both these liloeks are In the West Vir- 
ginia Oil ^'ornmtlon or Four-fifty oil 

Will laic slock at Us sale value In 
any n laiiahle Incorpiirated Company In 
part piiyiiicm. 

I loth blocks wll Is'iir the closcMt Inl 
V I'lil'iHi, .^ddrcss 



Write for No. 33 Catalog 

■Or wire for appointment with 
our salesman. 

The Star Drilling Machine Co., Akron, Ohio 



to $l,22'/4 cents a barrel, preceded the 
pipe lineadvance less tlian a week, and 
continued u|i to wltliln two or tliree 
days of the lime wlien two additional 
main pipe lines tielian taking oil from 
Hie fields as iireKiilto f vlrlual comple- 
tion of eonneetlng carriers. If not to Hie 
field Hself, Hieii to tank farms fed liy 
smaller lines Into storage from wlileh 
Hie larger line was nlile to help In 
eleiirliiK a part of Ihe nearly filled 

Ileiildloll erilde, lesHlIg heavy, did 
not lulvanee wlHi Hie llgliler .Mld-Ciai- 




(II InrorporaUd   

X 101 Security Truit Bldg. 411 Main Street » 



^ Partner In 10 WelU. Royalty Intereit In 18. Several More DrIIIInr. K 




ill u, 


T. W. Larsen & Co 

MSI I. list II.I.E, • . . \\, 

Louisville, Ky. — THE OIL WORLD — Lexington, Ky, 

December 6, 1919 

dm* to tin* visions of mon who saw in 
those sandy, tdiiy, wooded acres possi- 
I'i'ilies of greatness. AtnonK are 
.I'llin Y. Snyder, tteoloKist of Slireve- j 
|Mrl, ami A. K. Wilder, of Homer. 

Mr. Wilder, according to his state- 
ments, lielieved for years in the pos- 
sihilities of oil in Claiborne. He Im- 
jarted hi.s tiieories to Mr. Snyder and 
otliers. Mr. Snyder made a thornURh 
survey of the field and became con- 
vinced tliat the structure tehre gave 
every indictaion of mineral territory. 

I'ndaunted by an early misadventure 
I of the .\tlas Company, who made an 
unsiico .ssful test, the interest of others 
I wa.s solicited. Wells were sunk on the 
i I'catherstone and Shaw tracts, with the 
result that a ftreat Kusher was com- 
cm the latter. 


Robert B 


12S South Fourth Street 




Louisiana Roads 

to Be Improved 


Today the people of Clailiorne and 
Homer are beiiinninrr to reap the fruit 
of nature's endowment. 

Homer oil tests about 38 V4 degrees ^ 
Beaume gravity, which is probably a ^ 
higher average than any other field in j 
existence. , 

Cost of Drilling at Homer. 

In many cases operations in the 
Homer field htive proven successful at | 
from 1,180 to 1,450 feet. Cost of drill- 
ing ft well is from 312,000 to 320,000. In 
the Claiborne Homer field there seem 
to be five oil sands down to 1,400 feet, 
oil shows having been encountered at 
650 feet, again at 850, 950, 1,100 and 
1,380 to 1,400 feet. , 

In addition to shallow sands 
there is a heavy sand of oil at from , 
2,100 to 2,200 feet, and It was in this 
heavy sand that the Standard Oil Com- 
pany brought in their “wonder” gusher. 

The average cost of drilling a well 
In the Ranger field is approximately 
350,000 to 360,000, and production is 
reached only below the 3.000-foot 

Among the largest companies who 
have geologists on the ground at Homer 
are: Standard Oil Company. Texas 

i Company. Gulf Refining Company. Sin- 
clair Oil Company. Cosden & Company, 
Southwestern Petroleum Company, 
Ohio Cities Company. Prairie Oil and 
Gas Company. 

As is with the geologists of 
"rock hounds," as they are invariably 
called by the old men, opinions are ab- 
solutely different regarding the Homer 
field, the origin of the oil and the struc- 
ture. Many believe the spectacular 
I wells at Homer come from oil which 
flows under the field from some other 
locality, while other geologists say that, 
while the surface indications give no 
structure, nevertheless they can map 
the underground structure, and they 
Indicate a larger fault running north- 
I west from Homer. 

; After talking to one geologist on this 
I theory for more than an hour, we went 
  tho next day to the field and .s.nw n w*ell 
In at tho same location which he 

f Keep 
$ Direc 

♦ j 


Slireveport, La. — Active steps are be- 
ing taken by oil men to improve the 
road from Slireveport to Minden, which 
links with the highway leading to the 
Homer field. The road, according to oil 
men, after rains is impassable and ap- 
peals to authorities of parishes 
traversed liy the road have been of no 
avail. Therefore, they say, they are 
determined to take the matter of im- 
proving the highway into their own 

Litieral subscriptions are being made 
by the oil fraternity. The total ex- 
of the repairs include bridging 

Tlie doveioimient of tlio oil resources 
has resultt'd in jilans for increa.«ed 
tran.sportation facilities. Tho I.ouisiana' 
& Xorthwest Railroad for many years 
proved a rather sorry venture in rail- 
way Desiiite every endeav- 
or to keep in opertaion, tlie road, which 
is practically the only link of llomer 
with the outer world, days came when 
its very existence became doubtful. 
Scraipping of the entire road was ad- 
vised as the best solution of the wor- 
ries of the creditors. With the discov- 
ery of oil, however, the railroad has 
tiiken on a new letise of life, and whiit 
was believed a year ago a poor invest- 
ment probably will pri'Ve om* of the 
best-ptiying vei-.ltires in railway an- 
nals. Provisions are being made rap- 
idly for the Iransiiortation of nil from 
the field via ] ipe lines. Additional rail- 
road facilities wil be i)fovided, also, and 
it doe.s not require a maximum of 
vision to si*e Homer blos.soming forth 
as one of the leading cities of 



Producers of Oil 

601 -a Coppin Bldg. Covington, 





Investments — Royalties — Leasee 

Stocks, Bonds and Securities 
Bought and Sold. 

KlS. KY, 


Twenty Yenrs Eiperieiire In feoturky, 

tVlncliester, Kentucky ^ 

418 Main Street. 

Rising from oliscurity to fame jirac- 
tically overnight, Homer and Claiborne 
I’arish have furnished the commercial 
world with one of its greatest thrills 
in the past 12 months. 

Only a year ago the i)eople of C'lai- 
bore were purusing their wtiy, sharing 
iti the general pro.-perity of tin* state 
thnaigh the develoiiment of Louisiana’s 
agricultural resources. Although tlie 
parish is classed as liill land, witli sandy 
soil, through the application of .science 
Ciailionu* lias 

National Producing & Refining Co. 
Oil Producers 

501-503 Main Street 
Fort Worth, Texas. 

pen He 

and planking the bad spots in the high- 1 
way and w'ill involve about 31,800. 

,T. F. Palmer, of the Arkansas Natu- 
ral Gas Company, and C. B. Conant, of 
the Conant Trucking Company, are 
passing the "round robin" and report 
that the men in the oil game are "kick- 
ing in" with a vim. 

According to the plans bad spots in 
the road to Minden will be given im- 
mediate attention. A similar movement 
has been started in Homer to repair 
the road from the Claiborne Parish 
seat to Minden, which would give the 
autolsts a good all-year-round road 
from Shreveport to the Homer fields. 


33 Ken$*on Bldg., Loulivllle, Ky. 

Tel. City, 2284 


l*rmliirrrH “SOMKKSKT OIL.” Oil Oporators 

Louis A. Silany, Mgr 

!Mf‘I)ow 4 ‘ll NiitionHl Hunk Ituilding 

\\ KST \ A. 

We luive » feu  'lmi«*e l« ateH in KNtill 
County. Ky., for kule. 

Paris, Ky. 

and incrca.scd energy 
risen with the rest of the parishes of 
North I.,oui.siana to a place of com- 
parative opulence. • 

Then in the closing days of .lanu- 
ary, 1919, Claihorne suddenly took a 
leap forward which attracted the eyes 
of the entire nation to this section of 
Unheralded before, Clai- 

Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

Oil Producer and Leases 

Old Dominion Oil Company 

1706 lntor- «oiittM'rii Huiidiiiir 
LoulavUln. Ky 



i. H. Modurkln, Micr., Kentucky Propertlet. 
Brown-ProotorlA Hotel. Wlncheatar, Ky. 

Producers Oil & Shale Company 



Phon* Main 422. S. w. Cor, Fourth a Main 

Louisiana Fields 

Have New Storage 

Oil Operator 

LonlsvIUe, Ky. 


borne and llomer appeared in large' 
type in front pages of leading journals. 
The entire country .sat up and took 
notice. The L. & N. W. Railroad, which 
up to that time had existed r.ather un-j 
certainly and had gone into the hands: 
of the receiver, suddenly was called' 
upon to perform the impossible in rail- 

The for all this publicity, for; 
the leap from obscurity to fame, for thei 
dreams of greatness which suddenly I 
men began to dream, was oil. 

Development of Minerals. 

After several unsuccessful attempts 
oil In paying quantities hud lieen dis- 
covered in the acreage of G. T. Shaw 
about four miles west of the parish east, 

This well, which was drilled by a New 
York syndicate, came in flowing at the 
rate of 2,500 barrels per day. Due to 
a crude construction of the hole, the 
discovery test did not long keep up its 
great volume, but after correction of 
the trouble, rem.alned a good pumper. 

With the discovery came the rush to 
Homer. Land which had been consider- 
ed worthless was eagerly bought up by 
investors. Soon the forest near the 
pro.spective oil-producing district rever- 
I berated with the blows and hammers in 
I strong hands. Tall derricks towered in- 
j to the skies. 

W. H. Rowe, who had achieved suc- 
I cess in other fields, was the second to 
bring in a well and removed the new 
oil district out of the freak cla.s.s. 

The Homer-Claiborne field proved es- 
pecially alluring to the inve.stor as the 
oil was found at depths ranging around 
1,^00 feet. The oil proved of high grav- 
I Ity, practicjilly on a par with the i ro- 
I ductlon of the eastern oil field.s. The 
I expense of sinking a well for a shallow 
test was less of a speculative venture 
than in any other oil section hitherto 
proven, costing only about 38,000 to 

These factors combined brought an 
I Influx of capital from Texas, Oklahoma, 
Kansas, Now York and other eastern 
staes, from Colorado and the Golden 
' ; in fact, from practically every 
I section of the country. 

! Passing months proved the field to he 
i all that Its ardent well wishers 
had even dared to prophesy, 
j In August the Standard Oil Com- 
pany of Louisiana siink a doei) test on 
j Us Oakes lease and was rewarded with 
! a gusher making from 20,000 to 30,000 

Operators and Producers 

781 Paul Jones Bldf. I.oukiTllIe, Kp, 

Shreveport, La. — An immense in-j 
crease in production figures for the 
Homer district as sudden as it is Im- 
mense is expected before .lanuary 1, 
and .as much sooner a.s tankage with 
a capacity of 2,640,000 barrels already J 
contracted for can he fabricated and 
erected. Forty-six 55,000-harrel tanks 
I have been contracted for; four short 
j pipe lines from production to lo,ading 
I racks and storage are in operation nr 
I will he within two weeks, another tank 

.and an 

Cornwell Development Company 

Dr. Ben L. Bruner, President. 

KOL Krally ItuilUinK, l.uulHvillr, K.v 

Chick.sdale, Okla. — It is amusing to 
read of the attitude of some of the 
eastern writers who are constantly pre- 
dicting a sad future for the oil indus- 
try and even now dl.slaim many of the 
great accompli.shments in Texas, Okla- 
homa and Louisiana and warn the pub- 
lic of dangerous investments. In 


OfflcM: Lincoln HarlnM Dank an4 
Trust Co., IxMAltTlUo, 
Wlncheotca*, K 7 . 


8136 Broadway, New York. 

Export ManaKoment df OU Properties and 
8 olentlflo Selection of Lea«e«. 
DrllUnff Propooltone Offered. 

Oil Producers 

Wlarheeter, Ky. 

Fidelity Oil Corporation 

H. J. Scheirlch, Preotdent. 


lntcr* 8 outhom Bldf. Louiavlllo, Ky* 

High-grade Royalties 
Inter-Southern Bldg., 
Louisville, Ky. 

farm Is reported under w.ay 
eight-Inrh line from Hull Bayou to 
llomer is reported under way, while 
still another has been partially com- 
pleted from Shreveport to llomer. 
With .all these storage .and transporta- 
tion facilities working production will 
soar: and every effort Is being made to 
cut the interval of waiting to the ir- 
reduciltle minimum. 

The Standard Oil Company is laiild- 
ing 12 55,000-iiarrel tanks on the Gri- 
der farm near the center of production, 
one of which was to Ite turned over to 
the company two weeks ago. Tlie Sims 
Oil Company is building 18 tanks of 
the ."ame size at .Sibley. Gilliland & 
Foster are Imilding five more at Homer 
and another five on the Martin farm, 
half way iictwecn Homer and Minden. 
and the Ixmisiana Oil and Refining 
Company Is liuilding six at Lorex, a 
new station on tlie L. & whence it 
will have a direct one-mile haul to tlie 
refinery at Shreveport. 

Gilliland and Foster have one of their 
tanks at Homer, full of oil and three 
more have been completed. 


had marked on my map as being over 
the fault and, therefore, dry territory. 
We are, therefore. Inclined to believe 
that the only real geology that counts 
Is what the drillers’ bit says as It goes 

The Homer field Is only two months 
old, and there is probalily 7,000 differ- 
ent brokers, dealers and operators con- 
ducting actual dealings In that field 




703-703 Kcally KIUk. I‘lione, Main 344 

LouUtUIa, Ky. 

Oil Producers 


INO COMPANY. Of Franklin, Ky. 

Have Home Kond aoreiMfe for partiee wanting 
(IriUlnK rontravle In Hlmpson County. 
Addrrea D. A. ILVNN.A, Franklin, Ky. 


PetreUun Oaologltt and Valuation ■ 
•04 Flrtt and City Bank Illdg. 
Phone 1411 Lexingt 



Oil Producers 

217 NtarkM Itlilfr., Lnuittvlllt*, X/. 

Wineheiter, Kj.  ortolkt Ti 

Great Lakes Petroleum Company 
oil Prodneerg 

Rooms 6. 6 Keyes Dldg., Winchester, Ky. 
518-619 Paul Jones Bldg.. Louisville, Ky. 

Sparta Tractor Drilling Machine 

Driven by GASOLINE or KEROSENE-Burning Engine 



I.iHiisvillo, KontiM'ky 

Marketers of Petroleum and its 

Hunt: Offlrr«: 

 ’ahh* uiidFulton Stn. r mrteenUi Fluor 

LiiK'olii niiiJtlint' 


Browm-ProctoiiA Hotel, Wlncheater, K^. 

Oil Operator 

A drilling machine with economical results for drilling 
wells 400 to 1,000 feet and tor cleaning out wells to a 
depth of 2,000 feet. This machine may be equipped for 
lead and zinc prospecting, or for oil, gas ana water- 
well drilling. 


Room to, Phoenix Hotel, Lexington, Hy. 

120 S. Fourth St., Louisville, Ky. 


20 E. Jackaon Blvd„ Chkago, III., Win* 
Chester, Ky. Valuation and Eetlmg- 
tion of Depletion of Oil Propertleg. 

Kentucky National Petroleum Co. 
Oil Producers 

706 Security Trust Bldg. Lexington, Ky. 

Riiilding T.oiiding Racks. i 

The Standard is operating its loading j 
r.ack at a point seven miles north of! 
Minden, where its trunk line crosses 
another line from production to Sih- 1 
ley, where the V. S. & R. is imilding | 
a loading rack of 100 cars per day ca-! 
parity. Tin* I.onlsiana Oil and Refin- 
ing Company has completed and 
Thursday will begin operating a 20 carsj 
per day rack at I.orex, six miles nortli| 
of Minden, and is waiting on pipe to I 
comiilete a slx-incli line Homer to 
Shrevei)ort, 14 miles of which, from 
Homer to I.orex. is in operation. Gilli- 
land and Foster are building a six-inch j 
line from tlie Sliaw on wlilch tlieyj 
are operating the Martin farpi. 

The Standard and I.oulsiai^ Oil and 
Refining Company loading racks afford 
a direct haul to Slireveport on^lie west 
and tlie nearest principal junction 
points on the east, Hopi* and Stamps. 
Arkansas, wliile the V. S. it- 1’. rack at 
Sililey will afford a. similar one line 
haul to Monroe and Vicksburg. 




Producers Te.vas and Kentucky Oil 
Starks Bldg. I/niisville, Ky, 

Oil Producers 

LouIstUI*, Ky, 

306 Ht«rks Building 




TF:NNOKr;.\ oil. 4 (i.&S CO. 
Dh'kNoii, Tenn. 


R«om tIO Fnyrttf Bank. Lexington, Ky 

Nothing but lint rliue propertiea haodUd 


1212 Cypreit St. Louisville, Ky 

Phone, t'umbrrlnnd West 173W 

124 South Fourth Street 

Oil Properties 

Scottsville, Allen County, Ky, 


1710 Inter-Southern Bldg. 

The depth was about 2,100 feet. Sub- 
sequent deep test wells have proven i 
tills deep stratum. ^ 

W’ells from 1,000 to 15,000 barrels j 
dally capacity came in at depths rang- 
ing from about 1,075 to 1,425 feet. 

Today the Claihorne oil field lias more 
than 60 producing wells wlilcli are | 
cnpatile of producing more oil timn rail- ’ 
ways and pipe lines conslrueted to dale! 
lire iilile to handle. I’roniliient men of 
the oil Industry have st.ited that the, 
largest light oil wells in the world are; 
found in this nilrarle field. , 

Wildcat operations in various dln*c- 
llons from the original pool give proiii- 
Ise of wide exteiiHlon of tin* produc- 
tive area. The soli Hlriiclurc, accord- 
ing to cminciil gcologislH, Is right, and 
extends far heyond Hie ronlincs of 

I Till* dlsi’ovcry of oil 111 Claiborne Is 



7tl Paul Jone* BuUi^hig 
Is alxvi|r. 

1710 Intcr-Stiiillierii Blilg. l.iMiii.vair, Ky, 




1112 Starkt Building, ' j^Louiivlirg, Ky 

Operators, Lee County 
520 Paul .Tone.. Hlilg,, I.ouisviUe, Ky. 



t Ex.cutiv* Offlea- 
|ram Hanick, Pi-Mldgnt 

InUr-Rnuthagg, Kldg. * 

» Isiularlllgc Sr. 


9oJei 0(T|£* 


MlMilOTlppl A Partite* 4m 
Kaat m W. 

\Vc carry a complete’ line of well-drilling and prospcct- 
in,g machinery and tools. Write for circulars, catalogues 
and quotations. 


M. C. Bolsinger, i 

Postal Telegraph Bldg., i 




’nd'wlftlUw In Itbijtucky’i^ Oil Fields 


would bo «l-ai,.i.d Gm Company. A conlraot ha. duct, and R.dn.r.' Corporation 

' rannida  n with a nrnduction of 1.000 bar- I X X 

ftho fool-shapod bfeb entered into between the Ryan | come in with a production of 1,000 bar- 
Ir Oil Cl n- ! Condpiany and the I’rairie Company rels dally. j 

will make only under which the entire output of the I 

'el. To the Ryan Company in this field up to a The Banks Oil Company of Louisiana | 
,-hlch would very large amount is to be purchased at has declared the regular monthly dlvi - 1 
't, there has posted prices. dend of 2 per cent, payable December 15, 

Vlier prove or to stockholders of record of Novem- 1 

yry, and the Ik the last few months the Livings- ber 1. 

acreage to ton Oil Corporation has largely in- . 

a of Bee 2.4- creased its leasehold interest in the' The Republic Oil and Refining Com- 
.^e so-called Coweta district, Oklahoma, and it now p^ny has declared an extra dividend of 
Utp^ted. has over 3,000 acres in that Held. On 2 per cent, payable December 10, to 

developments, this acreage it has drilled in up to gto^k of record December 1. 

Vdfted with be- date four wells running from 25 barrels 

llrilled in all dl- to the rate of 300 barrels dally. 

— . . Drilling on a new well on Block 87, 

'arly in the i 

' , I Burkburnett field is expected to begin 

north and one of the latest additions to the low 

tratum wells, pHced oil shares on the curb is the company. This will increase the 

minted to by ad- stock of the Anna Bell Wyoming Oil ^ ,3 estimated by the com- 

^..t Homer will Company, which has a capital stock of approximately 2,000 barrels. 

fTTvitli wiiT 


E 500 acres on Dutch Creek; two producing wells drilled on % 
this property in about 1904, one pumping eight barrels, the other S 
I pumping twelve barrels daily. These wells were properly %. 

I plugged and will produce again when opened up. Wells can be * 
placed on the pump very easily. A visit to this property will j 
confirm the above statement. Price $3,000, subject to prior sale. | 


Columbia, Kentucky | 

% * 


thirty days in proven territory in the 

tho wonder- $ 1 , 000 , 000 . fully paid and non-as.sessable. | additonal wells have been con- ***************************************************** 

^Other.s take the The company holds leases on 4,720 acres operations to start within * 1 . ll n A 1 l r t 

ft -that in at least ^ell selected oil lands located right | ANIInA P * 

ras not made, m with the big fellows now drilling. Burkburnettfleld. $ LnllUOnLL % 

■inted out in Besides the company is negotiating for ^ * Sc 

,s, however some leases in the Salt Creek and Pow- | 600 ACFOS at AUCtiOU | 

,mer a small der River domes that should be closed \ BllllOn GallOnS OT GaS t in * « * 

elief that the very shortly. ^ DECEMBER 11^—10 A, M, ;|c 

thing else in £ AT j 

elsewhere in The standard Oil Company of Ken- “Petro- X Charlestown, Ind., 15 miles from Louisville on Traction and ± 

ther pool, or ju^ky will pay on January 2 next its | Railroad line; 35 cents car fare from Louisville. This land is | 

picked up in regular quarterly dividend of $3 a ^ Gallons of uas, by | ]„gh state of cultivation, with modern improvements, and will * 

development ghare % produce excellent quality of tobacco, or any other crops. I 

er Caddo and ' situations In various sec- I -p^is land will be divided and sold in tracts to suit purchasers, i 

j On Monday last It was announced | Bolivar Bond, the famous auctioneer will be on the block. | 

h flus'n esti-jthat a well bringing in a production of " ^ ® ® ® * Kentucky Burgoo will be served free. For further informa- I 

wells at Ho-Lrom 20,000 to 26,000 barrels had come f®" ‘"Z ,^^1! ,n i I 1 

, .1 I the Texas field. This will be of Interest I o . i t i T 

al product on: in section 29-21-7 W. Claiborne Parish, Kentuckians who are thinking of | SOUtHem Laild ComDany | 

is interesting | La., owned by the Standard Oil Com- . . .u . , . T r J X 

amounted to j pany of that State, and which is of con- *v, t in a game of X 148 W. Short St, Lexington, Kentucky. Phone 352 x 

chance In that state. ^   j 

out In tank siderable Importance to the Simms ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ***************************************************** 

/High fiush' production of these ^^^^^^^^^Vother.s take the The company holds leases on 4,720 acres operations to start within 

/vould, orcour.-. cut Itself down -that In at least „f well selected oil lands located right territory In the 

r rapidly wer^ ;t possible to open up allj was not made, in with the big fellows now drilling. Buri^burnettfield. 

the wells u once, the fact that all the inted out In Besides the company is negotiating for , 

deep pay pr '' icers are located within however, some leases in the Salt Creek and Pow- 

a half circle nm mo. i than a mile' in ever^^^^^^^B||Pj|^T-)mer a small der River domes that should be closed A Billion Gallons of Gas 

diameter, accounting .or the pressure pool very shortly. 

that would be necessiirily lost in the generaL^Sfrory liar something else in | 

individual hole, pulling down the storehouse and thb elsewhere In The Standard. Oil Company of Ken- ^ge” is a very Interesting article 

amount of flow that could be expected the sum undlng area another pool, or tucky will pay on January 2 next its gntmed "A Billion Gallons of Gas" by 

from entne number, as against ‘hela chair, of pools, will be picked up In rgguigr quarterly dividend of $3 a „ _ , _ . , , 

y H. G. James, who Is said to be an au- 

basis cn whieh present estimate flguresOiuch the same fashion as development share. ,, ,, , , 

. J , .u 1.1 - thority on oil situations In various sec- 

were made has gone ahead In the older Caado and . , . . 

were m i . _ „ . n- « u tions of the country at the present time. 

What the potnntial produ' tlon of the De Soto-Red ^^‘Ver fields I On Monday last It was announced considerable space is 

Homei fi-ld would he under such con- m connection w th high flusn «tl- j that a well bringing in a production of difficulties encountered in 

ditions, not even the most experienced -nates that credit the 84 wells at Ho- 1 ,rom 20,000 to 26,000 barrels had come 

operator could say. but field men who mer Vith /nax •" *al product on : section 29-21-7 W. Claiborne Parish, Kentuckians who are thinking of 

have watched Louisiana development of 221,460 barrels daily. It is interesting j La., owned by the Standard Oil Com- ^ 

since the first days of Caddo down to to shoi- the daily average amounted to pany of that State, and which is of con- 

the present, point out that after dls- 3,029 barrels, all moving out In tank siderable Importance to the Simms ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

counting anything that might be con- cars and taken either by the Claiborne petroleum Company because it owns 120 “ 'relieved by many who have come 

.. a .“j; Ho„.r -P.'l™ ^ Mn,„, Company, .h, .a. „ ,oo.,.n. Th, «« K.n,«cPy ,n ,ho pa.. Lw ".ontp., 

„„,.„ 0 W .v.r,,n.„g ,ba, ...r p„. | Lo«.«.na C nolnlng C.rpora..on or Company Pa. .vo « 11 . artllng olo„ 

printed out In Besides the company is negotiating for ^ ♦ 

lw 8 , however, some leases in the Salt Creek and Pow- ^ ^ , |j| 

: ,. mer a small (jer River domes that should be closed A Billion Gallons of Gasll 

belief that the very shortly. ♦ 

nething else in X 

1 ' In the November Issue of the "Petro- X 

elsewhere in The Standard Oil Company of Ken- , * ., , i ,i , * 

. e J leum Age” is a very Interesting article I 

lother pool, or tucky will pay on January 2 next its , •„ _ „ w I 

J T. , J , entitled ‘ A Billion Gallons of Gas,’ by ♦ 

8 picked up In regular quarterly dividend of $3 a „ _ , , ,a , , T 

IP M J H. C. James, who Is said to be an au- ije 

as development g^u^re X 

iHor rnrirtn and thority on oil situations In various sec- J 

I tions of the country at the present time. J 

 • On Monday last It was announced ^ , u u, • I 

. 1 . a •_ ' In tfi ‘8 article considerable space is * 

Igh flusn estl- ■ that a well bringing in a production of , ' . j . T 

. .. given to the difficulties encountered in X 

to Kentuckians who are thinking of 
venturing their money in a game of 
chance In that state. 

It is believed by many who have come 

after a taste of operating in Kentucky, quickly their fortunes. Some saw their I to drill one of these wells, and 60-barrel 

cederiT anT so far as the known pool ' ‘he Standard Oil Company of Lousll- to the sand on a 40-acre tract Immedl- Kentucky operator would do ambitions gratified. But many. It would ^gUg^ .^hlch do not stay, cannot be drlll- 

TlLZl n JL l record hard tol-na, which maintain short lines to load- ately adjoining the tract on which the ed at such a cost. I wish I had not 

IS concernea nas ser a recoiu luuu lu p p annnlntment. We ere nn v anenk npy ef 

om nvw r in 01 his or y It is Inx racks for tank car shipments. „ew Standard and the big Oakes wells appointment We ^e only speaking of 

equal any%\ °re ,n oil nistory. is r-„„nanv of T nnisiana Mr. James writes as follows: the moment. Conditions may change 

pointed out that nee the Consolidated- Standard Oil Company of Louisiana are located. 

Progressive Oil Company’s Phaw "dls- ‘s engaged in the construction of an The Trouble In Texas. ^ /• 

covery” found the p.-  • -n Sec. 30-21-7 8 -inch I iP® “ne from Moore Station to The treasurer of the Texas Ranger ..pirgt, the fact that aside from Burk- . *’® "® ®°"’® January, theie 1 ^*)oen drilled In Homer, this lateral connecting with its Producing and Refining Company re- burnett the sand was only from three now figuring what 

the Homer field 8 , p.oducing w.'Us, all "laln Oklahoma trunk system to Baton ports from Dallas. Tex., that the com- to 10 feet In thickness, and second, be- ®*'® '’®‘ 

hut ten of which were in the shallower Houge. While the Texas Company Is pany last Monday brought In another gause it was not a sand anyway. Some ® ® Northern 

levels, around 1,400 feet in the Sec. 30 said to be considering an 8 -lnch line, 60-barrel per day well on the 70-acre times three feet of sand will produce a ^®*^ ^ ^® '» iieured 

territory and at approxlm.ately 1,200 feet ‘I-cce has been no definite decision, and tract at Iowa Park. Deep wells are now tremendous amount of oil. But In such company’s will be $3,000,000, or 

in the Loewenberg division, a mile to «suo»y wd'- informed circles have it being drilled in this section, the Kemp- ggggg the oil comes from an honest-to- "'“J® ^®-®®®’®®® 

the northwest. Refining Company will i Munger-Allen well having recently goodness sand formation. In Texas the ® another $5,000,000. One proml- 

appolntment. We are only speaking of 

the moment. Conditions may change Kansas. The wells up there 

again quickly. are small, but the do not cost much 

"But the facts are some of the large and they last for years.’ ” 

Louisiana Field 
Will Open Eyes 
of the World 

the nool is outlined at the pre.s- brought in at 2,040 feet and now oil-bearing formation is lime. In the "®"‘ operator estimates he 

ent time it is in approximately the qualities of the Homer pool flowing 1,800 barrels per day. Burkburnett district, also, there was Z ™h Shreveport, La.-"There Is every In- 

. ‘ ‘ ^ .. ingot a line. Sutro Brothers & Company have is- ponaldered. Wells were drilled so eieee overplayed Texas. They ,, 

will come out of Texas $300,000 wiser 

Shreveport, La. — “There Is every In- 

wlll open the eyes of the world for 
production,” Is a statement by Eugene 

ing n rth from the south part of Sec. ^ Sutro Brothers & Company have is- considered. Wells were drilled so close f O' will open the eyes of the world for 

30 wl ere the White Oil Corporation Sinclair interests, which recently took sued a circular setting forth the position to each other boys might almost play exorbitant prices for leases. production.” Is a statement by Eugene 

hro.ight in its No ’ Oakes for a 12 000- Wrightsman properties and earnings of the Mexican Eagle Oil tag jumping from one derrick to an- at the work of develop- Callahan, a New York bond man and 

barrel well north’ to a point in front of ®ayou. In De Soto parish, are Company. ltd. Special attention Is gther. and the history of such opera- as If there were no limit to their broker, visiting Shreveport. Mr. Calla- 

thn Loewenberg division which ,ieg 'credited with the intention of extending called to the acqulsiton recently of con- tions has been that the field Is soon ex- "edit. Many _qf them ,*an. with oMoctates, Is purchasing - 

In nrndiirtinn where shal- **’^*'' Houston 8 -lnch pipe line on to the mrelgn Interests’ mat comrols the bausted, or at least It quickly resolves novices in the oil ’game.’ Conser- leases In both the Homer and the Bull 

flCrOSS ct P 1 vkArvI tmnrnK/Ia mHAQ T7/-virn1 fVia QViaII T'i’Q rt onrk»*f ....... VflHrm wna 4.^.3.. _ . _ 

low tests were unproductive, the 
Loewenberg division, however, forming 

Homer pool, upwards of 40 miles Royal Dutch and the Shell Transport jtggif i^to a pumping proposition. The nation was thrown to the winds. Bayou fields, 
nmheast, and the Louisiana Oil Re- and Trading Company. surprise has been that Burkburnett has Recklessness of abandoned speculation 

There is wonderful Interest In Lou- 

. , fining Corporation Is building a 6 -lnch A circular has been sent by the Union held as well as It has But this is nart- ®’*aracterlzed the result. And now long , , -u- , „ 

the foot as against the productive terri- , ^ . J ^ . T^ , . .u . • wen as ii nas. aut inis is part- ® Islana oil In New York,” said Mr. Calla- 

^ , line from the field to its refinery jur\Oil Company of Delaware to the stock- explained bv the fact that Burk- before the general public realizes what . 

, line irom tne neia to us rennery ju." uii uompany oi ueiaware to me siock- exnlalned hv the fact that Biirk. “eiom me general puoiic realizes what . 
torv to the south making up the leg. . , , .i,. . .u o wi, n . ^ expiainea oy me tact tnai turn han. "The oil interests there, men who- 

• . . J . .u . out of Shreveport, already using this holders of the Commonwealth Petro- burnett has been unable to market Its taking place down there, these same . . , . .... , . 

In thi.s r  gard it may be pointed out that , .... ... . uurneu. nas oeen unaoie to maraet us . have previously given attention only to 

. T, o , hne to move oil as far as Lorev, a new leum Company regarding if merger of g^ude as ranidlv as the oil could be nro- "*®" fiBurIng what their probable „ . . 

the we on the Gulf Refining , . . , „ . , .... , ^ruue as rapiuiy as me on couia oe pro- •- Texas and other states, are waking up 

me i_nain,u station on the Louisiana & Arkansas the two companies, wnich has already a„ced and therefore the field hns lasted losses may be. 

Comnanv of Louisiana, which was . a °“®®“ mereiore me neia nas lastea to the fact that Louisiana has the 

creilL with 3,700 barrels dally produc- point tank car been approved by he directors longer. Yet if the truth were known "But as we have said, conditions world’s champion hlgh-gravity oil wells., 

tlon without having been drilled in from being m^e. holders of P®*^ ®®«‘ 11 ® ’^“er com- the town lot wells have already largely change quickly in oil. A failure to- and this can mean only one thlng-tre- 

tho top of the pay, is the farthest west h e m nwll^h production Is night may be a gusher tomorrow; a mendous investment in this area.” 

f fL 9 inn fnni ufntiim Thp *^^**^*^^ ^ shoFt line sy^ *m to Min- for the exchange of Commonwealth being held up by outside drilling. gusher today may have exhausted it- , 

producer of the , - • tank car loading racKs, and Gilli- stock on the basis of one share for one aelf by tomorrow Someone mav du ^ prompter, but 

farttiest east wells of this pay level are ^ building five 65,000,- and one-fifth shares of Union Oil stock. " .L cover Lother sand in Texas and start ’'®P''®®®"‘® conservative oil men of the 

nrd’.s Oakes tract, one of these. No. 2. Hpeemher 20 wi.h the Cnnrantv Trust Is here with and representing as- 

tory to the south making up the leg. 
In thi.s r  gard it may be pointed out that 
the well on the Gulf Refining 
Company of Louisiana, which was 
credited with 3,700 barrels dally produc- 
tion without having been drilled in from 
the top of the pay, is the farthest west 

nrd’.s Oakes tract, one of these. No. 2 . Minden. In addition December 20 with the Guaranty Trust ‘ ® twice took place at Cushing and too ‘'®''® representing as- 

being the -’discovery” test of the 2.100- building in the Company of New York on the First ^ ®^®*' ^® "® ,^ben least expected ’ soclates, and Intends to acquire very 

foot 1 -rizon, which was brought heart ot the Held The .landard alao National Bank ot Loa Angelea. Pl »8 oil rapidly, and 11 mill. Indeed, te. * en^cled. noldlnga In betn Ball Bayou and 

Aunu.', la nuanlng an«d a. rapidly a. pnaalble, ^ r 11 ”^ On. K.a... I, Seppy. tb. dl.Mcta. 

Refi-i-ence to a production table ap- Isn’t very rapidly under existing Dividends of the regular quarterly wells of lar e ^Hber^'con'tlnu^ ^ letter today from a former Said he: "New York and many other 

pearini.' currently in National Petro- transportation conditions, the construe- paym -ats of 3 per cent on the com- r " “ ‘ ®^® ®^ '”®'^ Kansas operator. He pulled stakes in eastern cities are beginning to realize 

Is here with and representing as- 
sociates, and Intends to acquire very 
large holdings In both Bull Bayou and 
the Homer districts. 

Iciim .VfW8 will show,, that tion of a large amount of steel storage mon and 1* per cent on the preferred 
the 2,100-foot pay has not b,;en the only adjacent to the field. And that is the stock have been declared by the Pan- 
stratum to give i.;j higniy flush wells, at Homer; there isn’t much American Petroleum and Transport 

to be drilled. 

Some Win But Many Don't 

the Sunflower state and followed the that the oil boom which has spread' 
pilgrims to the southland. He says; throughout nearly the whole southwest 

"A few months ago the big com- 1 ‘This deep stuff costs all It is worth to country is legitimate In that this coun- 

as witm 1-3 1,200-foot pay producers In tuning when It will oe possible to turn Company, payable January 10 and Jan- Ponies were predicting the greatest .oil drill, and the Ranger wells don’t stay, try is fast developing into the world’s 
the Loewenberg division credited with wells into facilities for the handling of uary 2, respectively. development In Northern Texas olldom There wll be a lot of money lost In great oil section. If It Is not that al- 

maximum possibilities of as high as thei^ isn’t any telling what known. Oil men flocked to Texas. I am drilling three wells near ready. The world need for oil Is so- 

10,000 barrels daily, and the statement d^Ij production would amount to Last week the total production of oil H*at new petroleum Eldorado by thou- Ranger, and all three of them are in great that high prices for the product 
accredited to easterners who made an jypy under the changed conditions that for the North and Central Texas oil sands. They gave up lucrative post- sand, and none of them is better than are warranted, and this need justlflea 

hour guage of the four George O. Baird | .^-onld permit the opening up of these fields showed a big increase over pre- 
wells on the Langston for the purpoce ^-eUg capacity, for, as pointed out vlous weeks. All of the gain was due 

of purchasing the property, that these previously, each new highly flush well to the increased output of the Burk- 
four wells flowed In such a period ,it ^g effect upon others, and a burnett district, the daily average now 

the aggregate rate of 61,000 barrels under present conditions doesn’t being 102,000 barrels, or more than 

dally, as against earlier estimates plac- neoes.sarily mean that It will be equalled] 10,000 barrels above the previous week. 

ing their worth at roundly 14,500 bar- under the changed conditions that is to i 

rels. be recknoed with later.— National Petro- The Imperial Oil Company has de- 

tlons In order to go to Texas and make a 60-barrel producer. It costs $50,000 the wide Interest in development.’ 


A preceding review has traced the leum News. dared a quarterly dividend of 75 cents 

relation of failures so fa.” tlrllled at » ja share on the new stock of $25 par 

Homer to producing territory, 'it In TUC Oil FIFT j value, which compares with quarterly 

at least two cases operators are holding IrlE WlL rlCLUO pawments o'. $3 a share on the $100 par 

to a statement that the drillers went value stoci..' It will be paid on De- 

thru the pay and that had they cleaned The Executive Committee of the As- cember 1. 

out the hole, making a test at slightly soi’iateii Oil Company has recommend- 

higher level, there would have been a ed to the directors that the stock be On Its properties In the Desdemona 
different story to tell. The merits of put -in a 6 per cent annual dividend field and in Stephens County, Texas, 
such a contention ere left to Individual hns^/nstead of 6 per cent, as at pres- the Ok^homa and Texas Petroleum 
pretation, but it is a known fact that at ^.nt, ^ginning with the first quarterly announces that It Is arranging to start 
least one of the first wells completed j paymen^n Jamiary next. This action drillingBoperatlons shortly. 

In the 3 , 100 -foot pay had l een diilli-d f(,now-edBie declaration of a 6 per cent 

in ten feet, and was showing no oil | annual in^lend o'lnipared with a Telegraphic advices from Texas state 
•when driller pulled back and set cos - 1 'orrncr raI«piL/’^ '^®' ''®”' ® ^®®*' Rickard Tex Company has 

Ing above the tola depth, cleaning out | tin, Aimil^^ii^ 4 Company and orought in Its Barker No. 2 well, which 

and testing, after which o;.e of the es- the W* stW 
timaled 16,000-l)arr“l wells was brought owned --y tq 
in. In other words, with the shaly for- 
mation of the character that It Is at More tliar' 
Homer, It Is possible In rotary drilling can Potioieu 
to go Into the pay and, under certain ped mr -jf Ii 
conditions, not i\iiow that the test Is a largo tu4H 
well without making a definite test. 1,577,000^^ 
Such a situation Is resp m*lble for some , took ou^H 
of the Hlatements thAt^qartaln failures j tanknr^^H 
do not neces-jirtly, mdttn dry hol«a In' 
the accepted h.iisCa ^thp It is assured ./ 1 
a fact i ,rta*‘n others of these fallJj|^^^^H 
ures are abst^o danger slgnalK^^^^^H^^H 
In the 

21-7, offtH’Uliig' the S^^ard OH Is;.® 

pany o fg^wiV^Aaiigston and, joining the 

.'oast ' '.ompany, bo'biat eight feet in the sand was producing 

B . at the rale of 28,000,000 cubic feet of 

. '.as and 300 barrels of oil. 

dext-' * ^ 

ship- The Noi'.-iern Pipe Line Company on 
' this, January 2 naxt will pay the usual seml- 
Ipped annual divider, d of $5 a share to stock 
a Oil of record Decemlier 13. 


•John Parson, of Parson, Son & Com- 
pany pany, wires tho local officials of the 
etro- Ajax OH Company that he expects by 
J ex- the end of December that company will 
field he running 6,000 barrels of oil per day. 


gton. On Its well No. 6 In tho McIntyre 
lalrte louse of Beggs field, Oklu., the Pro- 

Oil Field Service 

This service consists of geological and engineering reports. Dr illin gs 
shooting and equipping wells. Developing and managing oil proper- 
ties. Surface and sub-surface mapping. Appraising oil and kindred 
properties. Estimating the present worth and future prospects of the 
stocks of oil and kindred companies. 

I am especially well equipped to do first class work in any part of Ken- 
tucky, either reports, drilling, shooting, or equipping and managing 


Stanford, Kentucky 

Oil world (Lexington, Ky.), 1919-12-06

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