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date (1969-10-15 newspaper_issue                                                                                                                                                     J            i             I i  i t r f f       contents     Highway 52 Revisited  page 5   Ed McClanahan     Louisville s Conspiracy Case  page 7   Bucky Young     Snaps  Jon Webb  pages 8 and 9     Muldraugh and the Coffeehouse  page 10   John Fiiiatreau and Guy Mendes     Homecoming Saved at WKU  page 12   Guy Mendes     flicks  Easy Rider  Medium Cool  page 14   Jack Lyne and T S  Willoughby     music  The Band  page 15   Tack Lyne       Cover  three of the Muldraugh coffeehouse people  from   right  Pfe Geoffrey Ithen  Kathy Jackson and her hus     band  Spec 4 Tom Jackson  They are pictured in front   of the standard signal of distress   the upside down flag    Collage photographed and assembled by Guy Mendes and   Ric k Bell         V    i r      M 1         blue M fly     October 15  1969       staff  Tack Lyne  Rick Bell  David Holwerk    Guy Mendes  Bucky Young  Gretchen Mar     cum  Nick DiMartino  John Fiiiatreau      Tohn Simon  Sue Ann Salmon  Teanie St    Charles  Carol Bryant  Terry McCarty    Buck Pennington  Bob Koester  Bonnie   Cherry  Don Pratt  John Polk and Julie        The blue tail fly is published by blue tail fly  inc  210 W  Third Street    Lexington  Ky  40507  Cost per issue is twenty cents  a one yearns   subscription is  2  00        tidings        UK  cops   on campus     Nobody is sore what they are doing    nobody i  sure if they re on duty or off    nobody is sure if they    re even doing any     thing at ali  But it is certain that Lexing     ton police are more and more evident on   the University of Kentucky campus      In the most recent incident several   Lexington policemen were present at a   September 1 S demonstration by UK Stu     dents for a Democratic Society  This is   contrary to common practice worked out   between UK authorities and the Lexing     ton Police Department      Usual UK practice calls for the request   of one Lexington officer to act as a com     munications officer at all demonstrations   where large numbers of people may be   involved      Further  according to UK Dean of Stu     dents Jack Hall      The procedure in the   past has been that if we desired the   n ssistance of the Lexington police on   campus  we could just call and they   would cooperate  Likewise  if they in     tended io make arrests or conduct inves     tigations on campus  they would contact   myself or Joe Burch  director of Safety   and Security   before they came          Such an agreement is not binding  how     ever  UK  as a state institution falls under   the prior jurisdiction of all law enforce     ment agencies which have jurisdiction in   Lexington and the state      Two of the officers at the SDS rally   were identified as detectives Jay Sylvestro   and Andrew Thornton  Both Thornton   and  lyivestro  who claim to have been   i  rfduly while they were on campus  at    leiided a three day Drug Control School   this simnner sponsored by Case Western     2       Reserve University and the Cleveland   Police Department      A check of police records shows that   Thornton  at least  was on duty the day   of the sixteenth  Neither Dean Hall nor   Asst  Chief of Police Charles Ransdell   could think of any reason why Thornton   should have been on campus at that   time  Both police and university authori     ties contend that no long range investiga     tion is underway on the Lexington   campus      It is clear however that students and   faculty at all state Institutions should ex    pect to see more of both local and state   officers on campus in the future  Accord    ing to a prominent Lexington attorney    there were approximately 15 2Q students   serving as agents of the Lexington Police   Department at the end of the Spring    1969  semester  Apparently these stu     dents were active in both narcotics cases   and in reporting developments of the UK   student demonstrations in April      Along the same lines  Charles F  Han     cock  assistant director of the state Divi     sion of Narcotic and Dangerous Drug   Control  told a Legislative subcommittee   that his office needs more staff members    Hancock said that he especially needs   young men who could     mix     with drug    users unnoticed      Right winge rs   boycott printer     PORT WASHINGTON  Wise   LNS    The Birchers and Bible freaks are at it   again  valiantly defending God and the   flag from  trash    filth   and a  Com     munist plot to pervert youth and collapse   the nation from within       This time their unlikely target Is mild    mannered William Schanen  Jr   56  pub         lisher of three Wisconsin weekly news     papers that are about as subversive as   Readers Digest  Mr  Schanen  who enter     tains such un American notions as free     dom of the press  also job prints   Milwaukee   s underground newspaper  Ka     leidoscope      Some of the good merchants of Port   Washington can   t relate to Kaleidoscope   and have organized a boycott   not against   the offending underground paper but   against Schanen   s three weeklies  The   Press  The Citizen and The Squire      Led by Benjamin Grob  a wealthy tool   manufacturer  idolator of the late Sen    Joseph R  McCarthy and bankroller of   right wing crusades  local advertisers have   cancelled en masse their contracts with   Schanen in an effort to force him to stop   printing Kaleidoscope      Many Port Washington citizens are   angry with the advertisers    cavalier disre     gard for Mr  Schanen s rights  When the   Wisconsin Electric Power Company join     ed the boycott  it received thousands of   letters from furious customers who sug     gested that the company  as a franchised   monopoly  had the task of supplying   power  not playing censor      Despite these outbursts from powerless   consumers  Schanen   s business is very   hard hit  Advertising in The Press alone   has dropped from 63000 a week to ap     proximately 670 0  Schanen fears the boy     cott could cost him  200 000 in a year   s   time      Schanen vows that he will continue to   print Kaleidoscope  But he   s hurting and   needs both financial and moral support    For information  contact Committee for   Free Press in Wisconsin  P O  Box 991    Waukesha  Wise  5 318 6           ROTC     intimidation     WASHINGTON A couple of recent   news stories concerning the House Armed   Services Committee might well explain   why colleges and universities are so reluc     tant to remove academic credit from   ROTC courses despite overwhelming ar     guments against ROTC credits      The House has passed a military procur    ment authorization bill drawn up by the   Committee which would require that a   report be made to Congress 60 days   before defense research awards are made    The report would be about the schools       cooperation on military matters such as   the Reserve Officer   s Training Corps and   military recruiting on campus       In a similar development  a House   Armed Services subcommittee also issued   a report recommending that ROTC be   removed from Ivy League campuses that   are withdrawing credit for the courses    The report continues to say that defense    funded scholarships for law  medical and   language students should be removed   with the ROTC courses      The report recommended that the pro     posal be accomplished through legislation   if the Pentagon does not act on it volun     tarily      The committees are telling universities    in effect  that if you don   t shut up   campus critics who are charging univer     sities with support of and complicity with   the military  we   ll cut off your defense   funds      It appears that colleges and universities   are saying they won   t be    intimidated      by student activists because they are real     ly being intimidated from much more   powerful quarters            blue tail fly           Go Dartmou th    beat Women      HANOVER  N H   LNSJ It niabst  have   warmed the cockles of many a Wall Street   Journal reader   s heart to learn that there   still exists a campus policeman who is   into sweating panty raids  Yes  America    there is a Dartmouth 1   The WSJ recently did an in depth analy    sis of the harrowing crisis that has erup     ted in the New Hampshire woods  Seven     ty newly admitted women are the blight   that threatens the ivy bastion of para     noid virility      Now here   s a vital campus issue that   you can really sink your teeth into  You   better believe it  the Dartmouth     Big   Greeners     no  not the Jolly Green Giant      it s what the virility freaks call them     selves  are plenty mad     The fulltime   presence of girls here would destroy the   Dartmouth man s image as a hale and   hearty animal from the north woods       says one BG  who presumably digs the   good old American variety of hit and run   sex      The Big Greeners have developed so     phisticated confrontation tactics to deal   with the enemy  A couple of them barged   into 1 9  year old Sharon Mehegan   s room   one night and Ricked the light on and off    Her roommate told them to get the hell   out  so they pulled a tactical retreat      Next time they steered clear of adven     turism and just drove past the girls    dorm   at three in the morning with a loud     speaker  shouting        Emergency  emergen     cy   everybody out of the dorms       Authorities ar   not optimistic about   keeping the lid on the campus this fall    J  J  O   Connor  head of the police  darkly   predicts that the    men    are likely    to   make a run at the girls    dorm    during the   big social weekends this fall      Rah 1 Rah      Crump  Sedler   win draft case     John D  Crump  a former student at   Maysville Community College  has won a   court case contesting his induction into   the army as a delinquent registrant in the   Selective Service System  The case  de     cided in U S  District court  could have   important implications for application of   the Selective Service Law across the   country      Crump was declared delinquent after   refusing to board a bus for a scheduled   Army physical exairination  Following   his refusal  the clerk of his draft board   reached five of the six members of the   board by telephone and  after talking to   each of them separately  immediately   classified Crump as delinquent      Crump   s argument was based on the   fact that Selective Service law clearly   states that a meeting of the board must   be held before any decisions on the   delinquency of a registrant may be   reached  In voiding Crump   s delinquent   status and his subsequent notice of in     duction  the court ruled that telephone   consultations do not constitute a meet     ing      Crump a attorney  UK law professor   Robert Sedler  sees the decision as an   important one     What this decision   means     Sedler said     is that from now   on the draft boards will have to abide by   the draft law         Regents fire   UCLA prof     LOS ANGELES  LNS   The Regents of   the University of California took it upon   themselves to fire Angela Davis  black   assistant professor of philosophy at   UCLA and in doing so have touched off   a dispute over academic freedom which   rivals the controversy over loyalty oath   tests in the late I940   s      Miss Davis  who at 25 is completing her   doctoral dissertation under the supervi     sion of Herbert Marcuse  graduated mag    na cum laude from Brandeis  studied at   Goethe University in Frankfurt and at the   Sorbornne  She is a Phi Beta Kappa  She   is also a member of the Communist Party      It is not surprising that the UC Regents    with a right wing majority led by Ronald   Reagan  don   t see eye to eye with Miss   Davis  However  many liberal eyebrows   were raised here because the Regent   s ac     tion is blatantly unconstitutional      In 1967  the U S  Supreme Court invali     dated New York statutes making Commu     nist Party membership grounds for dis     qualification from teaching in a public   institution  Based on this decision  the   California Supreme Court the same year   invalidated that section of the California   con itution requiring public employees   to sign an path denying membership in       any organization advocating violent over     throw of the government        Many academic freedom types on the   UCLA faculty have expressed their    out     rage    at Professor Davis    dismis l  But   Miss Davis and Robert Singleton of the   Afro American Studies Center say they   understand the issue clearly as a further   example of racist oppression  Singleton   cited the fact that many white Commu     nists are employed by the UC system and   sees Miss Davis    dismissal as part of the   movement of white fascism against the   black man      The Regents met again on the first   weekend of this month and decided that   Miss Davis could teach the course but   that no credit would be given for it  Since   then a group of professors say they will   not allow credit to be given for their   courses if credit isn   t given for Miss Davis      course      A month before the Regents decided to   fire Miss Davis  they adopted a resolution   that    no political test shall ever be con     sidered in the appointment and promo     tion of any factulty member or em     ployee   But Reagan and friends used a   1940 policy against hiring CP members to   can the black scholar      Considering the relatively moderate CP    one UCLA administrator told the Los   Angeles Times     I   d be more concerned if   she were a Maoist  Hell  she   s pietty con     servative           The Great   Grass Curtain     Uncle Sam s great grass curtain has   ended      In a scene seemingly torn from    The   Diary of Anne Frank     U S  officials at   the Mexican border spent almost three   weeks furtively searching each and every   vehicle passing into the states  ferreting   out that evil devil weed  that frantic first   step towards hard drugs and father    raping  the dreaded marijuana plant      The little exercise in pharmocological   pathology ended October I 0 th when re     presentatives of the Mexican and U S    governments reached an agreement in   Washington      Mexican citizens were understandably   aroused by this south of the border rip    off that seems to characterize U S  Latin   American diplomatic norms  Tourism re     venues in Mexican border towns plum     meted  as thousands of American tourists   chose to stay at home rather than face   delays of up to six hours upon trying to   re enter the states      Of economic necessity playing Uncle   Tomas  the Mexican government has a    greed to more vigorously attempt to   destroy the marijuana Helds in that coun     try  This may prove difficult  as some   Mexican farmers reputedly grow their   marijuana stash smack between the rows   in their cornfields        The new arrangement is dubbed    Oper     ation Cooperation         The arduous dope grope  originally   dubbed Operation Intercept  was in     spired by a 5 5 page report released with   President Nixon   s blessings by the Spe     cial Presidential Task Force Relating to   Narcotics  Marijuana and Dangerous   Drugs      Those muddled 55 pages concluded   marijuana is psychologically addicting    adding that  criminal records establish   clearly an accelerating rate of association   between crime and the use of marijuana         Since    more than 80 percent of the   marijuana smoked in the United States    about 20 percent of the heroin used  and   an undetermined volume of illegal am     phetamines    enter the nation illicitly   from Mexico  the report advocated    Operation Intercept    as a panacea      And  yes  folks  those good guys who   brought you nerve gas  the moon flight    Viet Nam and the ABM conducted their   border squeeze with napalm like effi     ciency      The Operation Intercept arsenal in     cluded German Shephard dogs  patrol   boats in the Gulf of Mexico  pursuit   planes  Federal Aviation Administration   radar screens  electric sensing devices  37   vehicle inspection stations and special   customs inspection teams at 27 U S    airports in the Southwest        The Richard Nixon Experience has   been successful in creating a summer pot   paucity  The weed was in conspicuous   absence in much of the nation  though   not in Kentucky  and the price per tid   for the little that remained was often   astronomical      The Nixonite theory followed that   young grass devotees would simply dis     continue use as the plant disappeared    Obviously sensing that the dangers of   marijuana had been grossly exaggerated    it seemed to follow to many young drug   users that other drug rhetoric must be   equally hollow      The summer statistics have been grim    According to Life Magazine  over 500   New York City residents have died of   heroin overdoses from May through June   alone  The average age of these 500   young Americans protected by Richard   Nixon from the evils of marijuana was   22       However  hope and dope may yet burn   eternal in the hearts  heads  pipes and   papers of American grass gropers      Andrew Kopkind noted in the most re     cent issue of Rolling StOne magazine   that     despite Operation Intercept and the   storm of publicity  the long drought ap    I ears to be at an end  Good quantities of   killer weed  reportedly grown around   Guadalajara  are flooding into the San   Francisco Biy area  and the prices are   as   the San Francisco Chronicle accurately   reports    descending  ten to fifteen dol     lar per lid   It should Ire a tasty winter           Quote      unquote     Last year Pikevllle  3ollege suffered the   most sizable amount of right wing stu     dent unrest in the country  As one   student described it then     Dr  Johns    the president  is telling us to do our   thing and we don   t even know what our   thing is     The liberal Dr  Ihomas Johns   has since resigned      Recently  at the installation ceremony   of new president Dr  Robert S  Cope    Chairman of the Board of Trustees Nor     man A  Chrisman described Dr  Cope as       Tbe right leader in the right place at   the right time           Home front   casualties     NEW YORK  LNS  The first job the   army has to do with a new recruit is make   him forget he is a citizen and a human   being  A young man must surrender his   whole identity and the will to think for   himself to the monster  TTie public is only   just beginning to realize what this does to   our brothers who get trapped in the Se     lective Service System      Farris Island  S C   where a Marine died   in September  is again getting national   publicity  In 1956   a drill instructor was   court martialed and convicted in the   deaths of six Marines during a discipli     nary ma ch through the swamps  the   instructor got nine months in jail  com     pared to 14 years handed out to prisoners   convicted for a sit down at the Presidio   stockade last year      This September  an 18 year old Marine   at the Parris Island base  Pvt  Stephen E    Melson of Mlllsboro  Del   was dead only   19 days after entering the Corps  Several   days before his death  Pvt  Melson re     ported to a military hospital with an   acute kidney ailment and told his mother   and the doctors that he had been beaten    choked and kicked by drill instructors      Evidently the sick man was beaten for   falling down on the job  A Marine spokes     man admitted that Melson had physical   injuries and said that    a number of su     pervisory personnel mistook his sluggish     ness for shirking or trying to get out of   duty     An investigation and an autopsy   are being held to determine the relation   of the beatings to Mel son   s death      At Fort Dix  N  J   21 year old Pvt    Dav d L  Swanson of New Britain  Conn     died of an overdose of sleeping pills in   September after telling his parents     f   can   t take any more     Swanson  who   made two previous suicide attempts    wrote from Fort Dix     The day after I   cut my wrists and had stitches put in    they made me do push ups and other   exercises    the other day 1 couldn   t move   my fingers at all  They told me to stop   bluffing or they   ll put an electrode on my   arm and give me a good shock to wake it   and me up    I know I   ll try to kill myself   again if this keeps up  I just don   t care   any more         Swanson s parents tried to warn Army   officials and get help for him but were   not listened to     Somebody   s got to an     swer for this    ?we begged everybody for   help  the Red Cross  his company com     manders   his  Congressman         At Fort Dix  the command has staled   that they are satisfied that Swanson s case   was correctly handled and say that no in     quiry will be made  However  Swanson s     ngressman  Rep  Thomas Meskill of   Connecticut  has now virritten to Army   Secretary Resor     I feel that the Army   was grossly negligent in this case  David   Swanson asked for help and did not get   it         Operation     Turnoff     SACRAMENTO  Calif  Proposed by   School Superintendent Max Rafferty  one   of California   s leading facists  a plan to   have school officials search for drugs in   high school students    lockers was en     dorsed by the state board of education   last week      Termed    Operation Turnoff     the plan   recommends a massive attempt to ferret   out marijuana and other drugs that may   be stashed in lockers      The American Civil Liberties Union    ACLU  in Los Angeles has pointed out   that the supreme courts of the United   States and California   have both held   repeatedly that random searches without   a warrant  could not be condoned         The ACLU also said it would seek a   restraining order if it got wind of a   search     If we   re too late     said a spokc n    man     then a civil suit for damage   on   grounds of invasion of privacy  false   arrest and illegal search will be filed on   behalf of any student requesting liliga    tion             3       October 15  1969                       How ya fixed   for blades      news item in Northern Ken     tucky schools this fall seems to be dress   codes   and their strict limitation on facial   hair      Erlanger Lloyd High first made the   headlines in early September when the   governing board of education refused to   heed the advice of three irate parents and   relax the restrictions   Boys  hair must   not be able to touch a regular shirt collar    hang in the eyes or hang past the ear   lobes  Sideburns must not extend past the   ear lobes   Two boys were suspended be     cause they didn t obey  Covington   Holmes High is now trying to manage the   same problem  As is the case at Lloyd    mustaches are not forbidden by the   school code  Several black students don t   want to shave and a suit seems iikely      The anti hair movement even extended   into police ranks as Police Chief of Cov     ington issued an order forbidding mus     taches  beards  and sideburns extending   past mid ear on the men in the depart     ment  Clean faces are the enforced  norm      Cincinnati is hopping this fall  A Lily   Councilman called for investigation of   SDS for passing out literature at local   high schools  the motion picture  Vixen    was seized from Guild Theater as    obscene   and big drug busts are under   way on Calhoun Street  next to Univer     sity of Cincinnati        Computer     judging        LOS ANGELES  LNS    Big Brother is   watching  And listening  And judging      Good  ole Yankee ingenuity  University   of Southern California style  has come up       with a solution to the pesky problem of   whether or not you should send a kid to   jail      Ask a machine      use researchers have designed a meth     od for a computer to  tell at a glance    what the chances are for any juvenile who   is arrested to turn into a  delinquent     They fed Computer Cop with the case   histories of 2 290  juvenile offenders     The histories include sex  age  family   makeup  and ethnic  educational and res     idential background      Now when a 15 year old black kid from   Watts  no father  mother on welfare  gets   busted for stealing  the judge can push a   button to find out the probability of a   repeat offense  and pronounce his sen     tence accordingly      Naturally the USC wizards protest mod     estly that their creation should not be   used as a  substitute for the personal   judgment of a probation officer or   judge     But who   s going to argue with a   pig programmed computer        Panther     eradication       by JIM HECK   College Press Service     LOS ANGELES   The black Panther   Party is being slowly  carefully  but very   assuredly eradicated  The highly    organized process that is eliminating all   the top leaders is in full swing  Whether   it is conscious or not  it is indicative that   the status quo has the unnerving ability   to stave off anything that threatens it      There are now  at least  4 6 top party   officials  including chairman Bobby Seale    under arrest from New Haven to Los   Angeles  They are being held on bail that   exceeds two million dollars        Depraved but gentle hunchback   exercise boy desires intellectual     social relationship with former   girl friend of football player or   anything else handy  Send pic     ture  name  age  bicep size to   CAMEL  P O  Box 219876   Morehead  Kentucky        Buying or selling      The blue tall fly offers you a statewide market   for anything you might w ant to advertise      It only costs  1  OC for the first ZO words and   5C for each word after that      With rates like that  you can afford to advertise   just in case something comes up            Rings true       The center diamond of every Keepsake   engagement ring is guaranteed flawless  or   replacement assured         BELAIR se 25   ALSO tl50 TO 2100   WEODriVO RINO lOO       DULCIE 1I7S   WEDDING RINO  2 SO         E ilSTEWEO _       DIAMOND RINGS       48 HOUR SERVICE ON MOST WATCHES       lit       UrnYmm       Even if ths charges on the Panthers are   real  which is highly suspect   ven were   the bail somehow justified  even if they   are all truly guilty  wouldn   t the number   of arrests of prestigious officials alone   draw the attention of the press  So it   seems  But while Dave and Chet and   Walter and Eric content themselves with   discussions about other political groups   such as the Mobe  the Presidio 27 or the   Milwaukee 14  the press has refused to   deal with the Panthers  Thus  the story of   their very real oppression goes unknown      and the blatant attempts to annihilate   them extra legally flourish without criti     cism      The Black Panther Movement is appar     ently so threatening it must be fought   with our greatest weapon  ignoring it  By   totally ignoring this revolution we are   pretending  if not promuigating  an en    viornment in which it just doesn t exist    And this makes a convenient time for   government officials to dispense with the   party all together      The primary indications of conspiracy   against the Panthers is the way officials   are rounding up the top leaders on   charges of conspiring to murder  particu     larly the former Panther Alex Rackley in   New Haven  Conn    Panthers charge the   police killed Rackley  In any case  before   any guilt has been proved  police agencies   are rounding up the Panthers in the most   bizarre of ways imaginable      Chairman Bobby Seale was picked up   most recently  Leaving a wedding in   Oakland  police grabbed Seale and   brought him to the San Francisco city   jail  His charge was the same as the other   14 now arrested in the case  murder    kidnapping  conspiracy to commit mur     der and conspiracy to kidnap  The FBI is   hosting this treasure hunt      Others were arrested in New Haven    Denver  Salt Lake City and Los Angeles    The testimony of an FBI  informer    black man George Sams  is the thin strand   of evidence used by the FBI for these   mass arrests  Sams testified that it took   the whole central committee of the Pan     thers to OK the alleged execution of   Rackley      What makes the situation particularly   suspect is the method in which FBI   agents are rounding up the top officials    Seale   s case is typical  Normally  extradi     tion proceedings would ne necessary for   transporting Seale to New Haven  where   he would face trial  But several days after   holding him in jail without bond  FBI   men  swept   ale away by car to   Chicago     where  all of a sudden he was   implicated with the other resisters now   facing trial in Chicago for inciting to riot        during the Chicago convention  This fed    eraJ charge made it unnecessary for agents   to file extradition papers  After the   Chicago trials   where Seale will undoubt     edly be cleared  it will be no problem for   the FBI to transport him east instead of   west  And New Haven will no doubt be   an appropriate motel stop for the weary   drivers  There Seale will be apprehended   by local police      The  national  plan is alleged to come   from J  Edgar Hoover  The OK to trans     port Seale by car  as reported by CBS   news  allegedly came from Supreme   Court Justice William O  Douglas  This is   all compounded by Berkeley Police Chief   Bruce Baker s fumbling of a plan he   devised for  annihilating the party s na     tional office   the news of which fell   into hands of reporters   By the way  the   attention given Baker s plan was minimal    because reporters felt it was too clumsily   conceived  It was       Harrassment of top offices in Chicago   and Los Angeles continues  The most   frequent situation engages police in      shoot outs  with Panthers inside offices   where it is common knowledge Panthers   store arms      In Chicago  police barged into Panther   offices where the Bread fast for Children   program was underway  The several   dozen children were being fed when po     lice  armed  ordered them to leave  Shoot     ing began  Sixteen Panthers were arrested    Only CBS television would report   Pan     thers said police shot first  police said   Panthers shot first  Witnesses tend to   agree with Panthers       A re run of the Chicago incident of   middle summer was held in Los Angeles   on September 8  More than 35 children   were eating breakfast when armed tactical   squads arrived  looking for suspects of   alleged killings   Fewer arrests were   made  but like Chicago  the office was   totally demolished and the food des     troyed      One of the waning attributes of the   press is the investigation of suspicious   or dubious incident   Certainly Panther   charges need substantiation  but police   charges certainly need investigation  Why   the press has neglected this very news     worthy situation is beyond understand     ing      It is all reminiscent of dear old Nicolas   the II who sat in his Czar s palace in 1916   smiling and giving luncheons while his   empire was tumbling down  Like he once   admitted to his dupe Rasputin   Just   don t think about it  and it doesn t   exist         METAAiOemOSIS                                           PH  266 6903       the store   157 south lime   open 1 6   usually     lexington   s only   down  home   head shop           blue tail fly           FoVi ri  i        ij JT                                                                                     Highway 52       Revisited       by Ed McClanahan     Highway 5Z  af  least the stretch of   it I care about  runs along the Ohio   River for about ZO miles in Brown   County  Ohio  from Riply through   Aberdeen to Manchester  And the   reason I care about it is that at Aber     deen there is a tollfree bridge to   Maysville  Kentucky  my hometown    and since Ohio allows the sale of 3  Z   beer to 18 year olds  where as in   Maysville you can t even legally smell   a bottlecap until you re Zl and even   then only until 10 p  m    and never on   Sunday   that bridge to Aberdeen   looms as large in the landscape of my     coming of age as the Golden Gate   probably does for a Mill Valley teen     ager      Because Brown County knows per     fectly well why the good Lord put it   over there at the north end of the   bridge  and in the days of my youth   Highway 52 was fairly lined with   taverns  the Top Hat and the Terrace   Club and the Bay Horse and The   Pennington Club and Danny Boone s   Tavern and the Riviera Lounge and a   dozen other s  rank  musty  low    ceilinged places with puke in the uri     nals and Cowboy Copas on the jukebox   and lighting feeble enough to allow a   lb year old to pass for IB if the bar     tender didn t particularly give a rat s   ass to start with  Some of those   havens have long since given way to       Ed McClanahan  a native Kentuckian   and graduate of UK  is a professor of   English at Standford University  This   pie ce was originally printed in the   Free You magazine  organ of the Mid   Peninsular Free University in Palo   Alto        motels and Frish   s Big Boy Drvve ins   and the like  but a remarkable lot of   them have survived pretty much un     changed  And the most unchanged of   all is the Pennington Club where I   have been wasting my substance in   riotous living for nearly 20 years now    Which is why I found myself ma     neuvering my mother s Chrysler into     the Pennington Club   s parking lot   one night a few weeks ago  exactly   as I do as often as I can whenever   Fm home for a visit      Only this year there are a couple   of subtle circumstantial differences      namely  this time I m wearing Fag   Store boots and a droopy Mandarin   moustache and round  gold rimmed    lime tinted spectacles a set of ac     cessories not likely to take the Best   Dressed Bar Fly award in Penning     ton s  whose clientele s taste runs at   its very dandiest to plaid sportshirts   and brand new blue jeans and wingtip   oxfords  glasses with tortoise shell   upper rims and steel lowers  and not   the first sign of a facial hair below   the eyebrows  Already my little   affectations  modest as they seem   from here in Palo Alto  have won   countless wide eyed stares on the   streets of Maysville      It s the spectacles that do it  ac     tually  even to me they still look   awfully you know  weird   somehow      if it weren t for them the boots and   even the moustache would get by okay    but the spectacles seem to confirm   what my other trappings merely hint   at   it   s   hippy it s   yipp y it s  a   commie it s a California crazy it s     faggol  it s a freak f Not exaclty the   sort of reception a sensible and pru     dent 36 year old college English    teacher father of three would ordi         narily choose to be accorded by the   usual Friday night crowd in Penning     ton s  farmhands and highway con     struction workers and beertruck driv     ers on a busman s hoJidny  all in all   a bunch of very rough customers   most of whom would just as leave   knock me on my beatnik ass as look   at me  in truth  would rather      And as a matter of convenient fact    it just so happens I ve got my regu     lar glasses right in the glove com    partment  put them there myself  if   you must know  against just such a   contingency as this  But what the hell      I think  if 1 really believe all the stuff   I m always claiming to believe about   being honest with people  about caring   enough about them to be honest with   them  then I can t very well go slink     ing around in disguise  can I now      After all  what s the use of the Fifth   Freedom  i  e    the Freedom to wear   Funny Looking spectacles  if I m a    fraid to show my  face with them on it    And anyhow I ve always taken a cer     tain secret pride in my talent for   turning hostility into curiosity into   communication at California cocktail   parties  so 1 really shouldn   t cop out   just because I m faced with playing a   tougher house  And if worse comes   to worst  although I   m very likely the   world s most inept fighter since Ethel   the Unready   L am fairly big  and of   course  they don t know I can t fight    do they now  So get on with it  good    buddy      Into the breach  And all of a   sudden there I am  sitting at the    Pennington Club bar with a bec r in   front of me  sitting there amidst the   neon glare  no intime candlelit shrink     ing violet boite this  and the beery     continued on page 6     5           October 15   19 9                                            I mean  I         blare  of loud talk and laughter and   f f d So vine on the jukebox and the   hf ady reek of lysol from the men s   toilet  and so far not a soul has utter     ed an unkind word  Couple of sus     picious glances  maybe but no bad    mouthing a talL Well  1 decide    sacking at my beer and gaining confi     dence by the minute  so it was just   paranoia after all  just paranoia com     pounded by my own unseemly willing     ness to think the worst of iny country     men  Clearly 1 owe them an apology    perhaps a musical salute to show that    appearances to the contrary notwith     standing  I stand foursquare with   them against the barbarian hordes    Taking my beer along  I leave my   barstool and go over to the jukebox    plug it with a couple of quarters  and   pick me out a bunch of songs  Kitty   Wells and Buck Owens and Porter   Waggoner and Tohnny Cash and sever     al others  and then make my way be     tween the tables to a booth over a      gainst the wall  where I settle down to     drink my beer and listen to Patsy   Cline sing    TMl Sail My Ship Alone    and watch a fat lady and her skinny   boyfriend play shuffleboard      And no sooner do I set my head a    drift in these familiar and relatively   tranquil waters than I become aware   of some sort of minor turbulence at   my shoulder  a gentle but insistent   jostling  and I look up to see a kid  1   took him for 18 or 19  though I found   out later I d slighted him by perhaps   half a dozen years  standing there be     side my booth  a big  husky fellow all   decked out like an archetypal Penning     ton Clubber from his blonde crewcut   to his plaid shirt to his burnished   wingtips  to be entirely honest  he   was in fact the model for my arche     type   standing there all big and   blonde  his cheeks so cleanly shaven   they are as pink as two slabs of raw   meat  standing there shaking my   shoulder and grinning down at me like   a cat eating shit  a repast which  it   soon develops  is precisely what he   has in mind serving up to me      Instantly I feel the old adrenalin com     mence to S   arge  bat for me at least   that brand of fuel only works for   running  and flight is out of the   question just now  if only beca ise my   man has had the foresight to position   himself between me and the door  So   all I can do is return his grin with   interest  at the same time trying to   make my own face say silently  Yeh     What can I do for you  jack  You   know  an out of the corner of the    mouth kind of look  tough but not hos     tile        I        Hey buddy   he says  still   grinning    see that there guy over   there    He points to a nearby table   where in fact two guys sit watching   us  But there isnH any doubt which   of the two of us he has in mind  The   big one  The big thick necked  dark    haired kid who is even now smiling   as amiably at me as if he is privy to   my every secret qualm  and knows   t xaetly how to deal with such chicken    shit trash as me  His smaller com     panion looks a bit uneasy  but he too   evi s me the way he might a wad of   bubblegum stuck to his shoe sole      6        I mean that black headed one      the crewcut explains unnecessarily     You know what he called you  He   called you a fuekin punk        Well  here U comes  hotshot   I   tell myself  Can you dig it  Can   you       Is that so    t say lamely  But to   my surprise my voice is stronger and   steadier than I d expected       That s what he called you    He   pauses as if reconsidering  then cor     rects himself   No  wait  1 take that   back  He just said you was a punk    I_ said you was a fuekin punk         Oh  well  that s different then     Careful there  MeClanahan  No sar     casm  now  Sarcasm will get your   ass whipped for you in the Pennington   Club       What do you think about that         Not a whole lot one way or the   other    That s better  voice steady     ing  friendly but not cowed  not   panicky  Hang in there       You know why we said you was a   fuekin punk        There it is  an opening  a chance   to score a point or two for my side     Sure    I say  as cordially as I can       I expect it s because I got these   boots on  and this moustache  And   these glasses        He shifts his weight from one foot   to the other  looking just slightly sur      prised  He obviously hasn t antici     pated a direct answer  and it has put   him the tiniest bit off balance  But   he plunges on       What you ought to do     he says     you ought to go over there and beat   hell out of him for sayin a thing like   that         Naw    I tell him   I wouldn t   want to do a thing like that  Because   if I did  he might not like it  and then   he might beat hell out of me  And   then where d I be         Again that fleeting hint of con     fusion crosses my interrogator s   face  and I see that I m still making   the right moves  that he s been pre     pared for almost any reaction ex     cept what is so far passing for re     laxed candor  But he isn t giving up   yet  not by a long shot       Hey Emory    he calls above the   din   come over here a minute        Emory rises and ambles toward   us  growing taller and broader by   the step  He brings his beer bottle   with him carrying it by the neck like   a billyclub despite the fact that it is   still half full of beer  A bad sign    that       Emory    the crewcut says   I   was just tellin this guy you called   him a fuekin punk  Ain t that right        Emory s grin widens   Naw      Cecil    he says   1 never said he was   a fuekin punk  I said he looked like   a fuekin punk         Well    I say   you just might be   right about that  You sure as hell   wouldn t be the first one to think so      Emory s turn to look puzzled  Seeing   my advantage  I hurry on   But   what I am might just be an entirely   different thing from what I look like    You ever think of that        There now  that was just right      Now I m really grooving wdth it  and   and Emory s uneasiness proves it         How s that   he says    see one           Well  maybe you do and maybe   you don t  But I tell you what  why   don t you all sit down here a minute   and let me tell you a couple of things   about myself  and if you still think   I m a fuekin punk after I m through    why  we can deal v ith that then      Hearing myself make the offer  I   realize that if they sit down with me   it will mean the tide has definitely   turned in my favor  and with that   realization comes also the first full   knowledge of just how desperately I   want this encounter to work out right    Because it will justify so much  al     ready I can see in it the substance of   a metaphor that will explain per     fectly the directions my life has tak     en during the last few years  explain   then not just to the world but to me        Cecil and Emory look questioningly   at each other  and for an instant my   breath catches in my throat  and then   to my relief and delight Emory slides   into the seat opposite me and Cecil    following his lead  sits down beside   me       Okay    I begin   now the first   thing I ought to tell you is that I prob     ably wouldn t be too far wrong if I   say Pm twice as old as either one of   you         Shit  you are    Emory scoffs  his   disbelief dangerously reviving his   contempt       Well  Pm 36    I tell him quickly     I could show you an ID  I graduated   from Maysville High School in 1951      So figure it out         Shit  you did    Cecil says   You   mean to tell me you re from Mays    ville         That s right  I live in California   now  but I come from Maysville      What d you think I was some Cincinnati   dude or something        California    Emory says       What do you do in California        Beautiful  Now they re asking me   for information  instead of making   me force it on them   Pm a teacher       I tell them  I teach college English          Shit you do    Emory says  but   this time his scorn has been replaced   by amazement   What college         Stanford University        That one struck a nerve I hadn t   expected to hit    Stanford     he says     Sure enough         I could show you my faculty i    dentification card  if you             I went up to Morehead State one   semester myself    he muses almost   wistfully   but I flunked out        I see now that the game is almost   over  and that a kind of victory is   within reach  I could probably launch   right now into an us colleg e men   talk with Emory  and once and for   ail defuse what had been an explosive   situation  But there Vs a lot I haven t   got said yet  For a starter  there s   st ll one more possible explanation   for my outlandish dress that I want to   eliminate from their consideration  I   mean that chance that they still sus     pect that I m a faggot       One more thing    I tell them       Pm married  and Pve got three   kids         Shit you do    says Cecil  But by   continued on page 13     blue tail fly                                       Join the     Conspiracy         in Boston  Oakland  Chicago    even in LouisviHe  Kay Y       by Bucky Young     LOUISVILLE   Boston has had its conspiracy trial  Dr  Spock   Co        Oakland has had its conspiracy trial  l e Oakland Seven       Chicago is having its conspiracy trial  eight defendants charged with   inciting the Democratic Convention police riot       And Louisville is having Its conspiracy trial      The defendants are known as the Black Six  and they are charged with   conspiring to purchase dynamite to blow up oil renneries in Louisville s   West End during the May  1968   civil disorders      The conspiracy trial seems to have come into vogue as a means of com    batting and repressing the growing number of political activists  A recent   book on the Spock trial written by Jessica Mitford goes a long way to     ward explaining why      Speaking of the vagueness of the term  Miss Mitford says      this elusive   quality of conspiracy as a legal concept contributes to its deadiiness as a   prosecutor s tool and compounds the difficulties of defending against it   It is hard to find an antidote for the poison you cannot identify         The fact is that no universal meaning for conspiracy exists  The result   is that the prosecution can frequently define the term as it wishes to   meet Its needs   and get away with It      Conspiracy usually is thought of as secretively plotting an illegal action   for insidious purposes  But some of the five defendants in the Spock trial   were not even acquainted with each other  Everything they had supposed     ly conspired to do  in fact  occurred completely in the open      Spock and his codefendants publicly announced during the October  1967    March on Washington that they were    counseling  aiding and abetting      young men eligible to be drafted to resist in protest of the Vietnam War    That would be a violation of the Universal Military Training and Service   Act      But if the prosecution had charged them with counseling  aiding and   abetting   rather than conspiring to do so   it presumably would have bad   to have found young men willing to admit they had refused to comply   with the draft as a result of Spock   Co    s actions      More importantly  if the defendants had been charged with counseling    aiding and abetting  it would have been much more likely that they could   have brought out the truly substantial issues  that they were justified in   committing these acts because they were challenging an illegal  immoral   and criminal war  Then the war  as well as the defenders could possibly   have gone on trial      But because they were charged with conspiracy and not with counseling      aiding and abetting per se  they were prevented from using this tactic  and    hence  from getting at the real issue      Another invidious quality about the conspiracy charge emerged at the   Oakland trial  The Oakland Seven were chained with conspiring to com     mit three misdemeanors  sisting arr t  trespass and creating a public   nuisance   during the attempt  also in October  1967  to shut down the   Oakland Induction Center  But because they were charged with conspir     acy  they faced conviction for a felony       Unlike the Spock trial  however  the Oakland Seven did manage to get   to issues such as the illegality of the war and police brutality  The defen     dants were all young revolutionaries and made no pretense at being    re    spectable         Because they were permitted to get at the basic issues  partially due to   skillful defense tactics and partially due to the tolerance of the presiding   judge  all seven were acquitted  And half of the jury was radicalized in   the proce      Dr  Spock and three other defendants were convicted in their trial  al     though the convictions were soon overturned on appeal      In Kentucky   the defendants in the Black Six case are Samuel Hawkins    Robert Kuyu Sims  Mrs  Ruth Bryant  Manfred Reid and Pete Cosby  all   of Louisville  and James Cortez  Washington  D C   the    outside agitator      of the group      Actually  the trial will not take place in Louisville  Commonwealth   s   Atty  Edwin A  Schroering  the prosecutor  requested in his tireless pur     suit of justice that the tiial be moved to the Hart County Circuit Court   in Munfordville  Ky   because he said pretrial publicity had impaired   chances for a fair trial in Louisville  The six black defendants for some   reason do not feet that moving the trial to rural Munfordville will increase   their chances for a fair hearing      The case against them seems to rest on a conversation between Cort    and an NBC film courier  C y Canella  which took place in the bar at       Stouffer   s Inn during the civil disorder  The manager at Stouffer   s  John   Cranford  called police  saying Cortez had told Canella about a plot to dy     namite the refineries  Canella later said Cortez did mention dynamite  but   only    vaguely         The polit e arrested Cortez at Stouffer   s and charged him with inciting   to riot  They found  450 and a sawed off shotgun In his possession      The police said Cortez confessed to the plot during questioning  The   defense  to put It mildly  denies that he made any such confession      Cortez  Hawkins and Sims initially were arrested in connection with the   conspiracy charge  Hawkins and Sims were held on security warrants for   a period  with bonds of  50 000  normally the security warrant bond is   about  200   Cortez was held under the same bond  plus an additional    25 000 as a    common nuisance         In addition  Cortez was sentenced to five years  imprisonment  the   maximum term  for possessing and transporting a sawed off shotgun  He   is currently serving the sentence at the Leavenworth  Kansas  Federal   Penitentiary      Counsel for the defense Is Daniel T  Taylor III  a Louisville attorney   who now deals exclusively in civil liberties cases  At 35  Taylor by his   own estimation   is the most radical lawyer In the state  He is a native   Kentuckian and noticeably resemebles another native Kentuckian of   some years past      His lean stature  his thatch of dark hair  his sharply cut facial features   and his carefully trimmed beard cannot fail to call to mind Abraham   Lincoln  When he wears his black suspendei   the resemblance becomes   startling      He does look like Honest Abe  but he discourses easily in the rhetoric   of the Movement  When he talks  his eyes wander restlessly and impa    tiently  though they will stop suddenly when he makes an important   point  Then they burn with Intensity as if they are consuming the excess   energy they are conserving by staying immobile      Taylor himself is facing disbarment proceedings by the local bar asso     ciation  The accusations range from assaulting a prosecuting attorney to   threatening a witness  all of which appear to be trumped up  An out     spoken man like Dan Taylor who does not see the present system of jus     tice as being just is not particularly popular with the legal establishment      As for the trial  it hasn t really started yet  The six blacks were Indicted   in the alleged conspiracy  although Taylor says he still doesn t know ex     actly how some of them are supposed to be connected with the dynamite   plot      The trial was to have begun last month   in Munfordville but was de     layed to January on Schroering   s request  Schroering said he was doing   so because of confusion over who was representing Cortez      Taylor pointed out in the courtroom  however  that prison officials at   Leavenworth said Schroering had failed to make the standard request for   Cortez    transfer to Kentucky  The request  Taylor said  should have been   made before the    confusion     about who was representing Cortez had   come to Schroering   s attention      Schroering should be held in contempt of court  Taylor said  for ne     glecting Cortez    rights to a speedy trial and to be present for the trial    Taylor feels that the real reason for Schroering s request was to move   the trial past the November elections so he would not suffer the conse    quences at the polls should he come out of the trial looking like a one    man inquisition      Schroering is a politically ambitious man  He made a strong attempt to   secure the Republican Party   s nomination for Jefferson County Judge   following the recent death of the origina  nominee  E F  Sawyer  Schro     ering had the support of the local party regulars  but Gov  Louie B  Nunn s   choice won out in the in party battle      Although the trial has not taken place  other things have  In addition   to the attempt to disbar Taylor  the draft board of one of the defendants    Manfred Reid  reclassified him X A      Reid  who is in his 30 s  who is married and has children and who is a   service veteran  was reclassified  the draft board said  because he failed   to make regular reports as required by law  The fact that very few men   make these reports and that the ones who don   t aren   t reclassified doesn   t   seem to bother the draft board  The long arm of Gen  Hershey apparently   extends to Kentucky  along with his version of enforcing order through   his quasi vigilante draft boards      The draft board has refused to discuss the subject in detail  saying that     continued on page 13           October 15  1969                     snaps        JON WEBB  a professional newsphoto    grapher in Louisville  began and developed   his career in Athens  Ohio  His work   centers around people in the act of exper     iencing humanity  Webb possesses the   rare gift of looking into instead of at                    blu e tail fly                                                                                     1969       October             Muldraugh     and the coffeehouse                by Tohn Filiatreau   and Guy Mendes     Carey Cosgrove  a 26 year old di     vorcee with two children  lives with   her mother at 2 87 Main Street in Mul    draagh  Ky    where she grew up    For the longest time  the ugly awkward    looking white frame building directly   across the street was a kindly meat    ma rket       Now it s an anti war coffee house    and it s brought the turmoil of dissent    previously confined to the Outside   world  to this backbone of America   town on the fringe of Ft  Knox      It s all been quite exciting  accord     ing to Mrs  Cosgrove   The biggest   thing to happen before this was when   we got water and sewers back about      53 or    56    But it s not that the local   folks are liking it  on the contrary      I don t want my kids growing up in a   town with that type of place in it      said Mrs  Cosgrove   We object to   the people that run it mostly  they re   not the kind of citizens we want here          I wish it would burn to the ground        Many other people in Muldraugh    pronounced Mul dro  feel the same   way  Including someone who threw   two firebombs into the coffeehouse at   three a  m  on October 9  It didn   t   burn to the ground though  The bombs   were poorly made and only did a bit of   damage to the floor and a couch  Spec   4 Tom Jackson   his wife Kathy and   their 16  month  old child who were up     stairs at the time weren   t even singed      The MPD  Muldraugh Police Depart     ment  has vowed that it will investigate   the attempted bombing  but at the same   lime was suggesting that the coffee    liouse people did the bombing   1 hems elves        nr     v                                                   Mrs  Cosgrove      an unfulfilled wish     So it s doubtful whether the culprit s    will ever be found      The attempted pyrotecnics was   just an example of the consumate   wrath brought down on the coffeehouse   and it s sponsors by the U S  Army    the Meade County courts and the citi     zens of Muldraugh  a town of 3  000    All because the coffeehouse was set   up to be a place where soldiers could       gather to talk    about things like the war    and how they hate it   One Muldraugh    ian madame put it simply   We   re   Army  we   re not anti Army     The   coffeehouse conversation rarely in     cludes much favorable comment about   the Army or its  lifers   the career   men      The coffeehouse offers reading ma     terial unavailable at Knox  Under     ground newspapers and magazines   mainly  like the FTA  an anti Army   sh et which tells GIs they   re being   treated like dogs  something Knox    lifers     don t like the draftees to think   about  The coffeehouse also has a   stereo  and a collection of anti war   records   Lrlfers  stay away      An Army private  stopping in at   Perry   s Grocery  on Main  down the   road some from the coffeehouse     says that s not all that goes on at the   coffeehouse   I hear they re trying to   to get men to go AWOL  by promising   that they   ll give them refuge  a girl   and food       Mrs  Cosgrove isn   t fooled either       I asked one of the girls over there   where she got her money from and she   said she sold her body      The coffeehouse people say both   charges are ludicrous       YoQ know    continued Mrs  Cos     grove   I don   t know of anyone who is   FOR the war  but we   re in it and that s   it  there s nothing we can do about it      I know the Army has some things wrong   with it  but it has plenty of things   right with it too  If it can take a sni        veiling little baby and turn him into a   man            She then introduced one of the  men       Sgt  Tom Lockwood  a rotund  ZZ 1 2   year     lifer    who has served in Vietnam   and now lives a grenade s throw away       10       blue tail fly                 from the coffeehouse  It s hard to   imagine the sargent as a child  but one   must assume he once was  As for the   coffeehouse  Lockwood says    Every     one is entitled to their own view  as   long as they keep it across the street   and it doesn t affect me  As soon as   they come across the street  they re   gonna get stomped    That statement   was followed by a slow  wheezing   laugh  that rolled out of his immense   belly  He was greatly pleased with   his wit       If these boys want to fight    he   continued   there s a place for them    WeTl give them something to fight for     their life  mostly   Cue the evil   laugh again        Lockwood said people were laagh    ing at it  over at the base  But Sgt    Ronnie Baize  a Ft  Knox Vietnam vet   due to be discharged next month  dif     fered   Over at Knox  everybody is   for it     well  all the lower people      The higher people have pretty well got   it made  the lower people are the ones   that get treated like dirt      As he exited the parking lot in front   of Perry s  Baize concluded   After   all  this is a free world        But tell that to the Meade County   courts  H  H  Basham   the owner of   the coffeehouse building asked the court   to evict Youth Development  Inc    the   coffeehouse sponsors  on the grounds   that they had not paid the  250 per month   rent      However  spokesmen for Youth Devel     opment said rent had been offered both   in person and by certified letter but was   refused by Basham after he realized   there was a great deal of local opposition   to the coffeehouse      Later  Meade County Attorney J  R    Watts said the operators of the coffee          pctpber  19 9       house had failed to get required permits   from the State Health Department  the   City of Muldraugh and Meade County      Those permits were refused the   coffeehouse sponsors on the grounds   that the coffeehouse was an illegal and   immoral operation  Illegal because of   a large  upside down American flag   painted on the coffeehouse wall  a stand     ard signal of distress in the serviceK   Immoral because neighbors said the   coffeehouse people passed out obscene   literature to children   A copy of FTA   with the old four letter baddies In it     the coffeehouse people say they don t   know how one of the local kids picked it   up unless they had been inside the coffee     house        When Tudgs Bert Allen ruled against   the coffeehouse and it became apparent   that the coffeehouse people would appeal   the decision  the judge placed a  3  000   traverse bond on the renters of the   coffeehouse  The purpose of this type   of bond is to protect the building s owner   from possible financial loss due to the   lengthy legal proceedings     Traditionally  the bond is set at   three times the rent  or in this case     750  Within several hours of setting   the  3  000 figure  Judge Allen raised     the bond to  10  000 which amounts     to a year s rent and a blatant attempt   to deny the right of appeal  Before   raising the bond  the judge was appar     ently informed that the coffeehouse   people had raised the  3  000  By con     tacting civil liberties groups across   the country  the coffeehouse sponsors   managed to raise the  10  000      The coffeehouse people claim the       U S  Army has brought its power to   bear upon the townspeople and the   courts of Meade County  After all    they reason  fully one third of Mul     draugh s residents are Army connecteo    and nearly everyone in the county owes   something or other to the Army  Mu    draugh and Meade County officials   deny the allegation  of course       r S   i  S  S   S      This absurd coffeehouse fiasco and   its irrational hysteria call to mind   some recents events in Kentucky      The shady  pass the potatoe handling   of the Black Six case  which originated     in Louisville and is still to be tried     after nearly two years in the state   courts and much to the chagrin of the   defendants      the constant bungling by   the now defunct Kentucky Un Americat   Activities Committee  KUAC   incliidirj   their destruction of the Appalachian   Volunteers      the heavy handed manner   in which the state s system of justice   is trying to protect itself from Daniel   T  Taylor  Louisville s civil rights   lawyer  by attempting to expel him   from the Kentucky Bar Association        the use of the draft as a weapon against   persons who are politically unpopular    like Louisville s Joe Mulloy      the con     trol of Eastern Kentucky courts by   industrial giants of the coal industry      In the town of Muldraugh  it s just   a case of the people wanting what   George Wallace talked about in his t an    paign  control of one s own communiLy     To Muldraugh s residents and many   others across the country  that means   having discriminatory power when it   comes to passing out constitutional   rights        Guy Mendes                           whiskey rebellion        by Guy Mendes     Western Kentucky University is   worried about its homecoming cele    brations  Listen to Dean of Public   Affairs Robert Cochran            The only bad part of the day will   probably be a cloudburst  that   s the   one thing we live in horror of  We   haven t had rain on homecoming now   for about the past 20 years      we just   pray that God shines down on is  gives   us colorful leaves and a pleasant   afte moon        Cochran didn t let on  but at the   time  he was quite bothered by another   problem that threatened to affect the   October 18 festivities  He had reason     be  for  besides serving ably as   dean of public relations  Cochran is   also Homecoming Chairman      And for one long  agoni ing week   Oct  2 9   W estern suffered its first    arush  and that word is used lightly    with the Student Revolt  a brush that   almost sent homec om ing   that most   high and exhaulted college bacchanal    that time of alumns and mums and   Friday to Sunday dates and of   specially  scheduled lesser oppo     nents    tumbling to the ground      Friends  there IS nothing sacred   anymore      The dramatic episode was not v ith    out the standard fixtures of any self    respecting campus uprising  There   was a small but vocal and well    organi 2  ed minority united around a   burning issue  There was also the cry   for more student control of student   Uves  A crippling boycott was called   ior  negations were begun and then   broken off and a sizable backlash   ieveloped in the rest of the student   body  The administration w as at firsi    stunned but soon recovered and began   he usual behind the   sc ene moving      But for all the adherence to campus   revolutionary guidelines  Western s   student power uprising came off like   he Bay of Pigs      Consider first  the vocal minority    members of 11 of Western s 12 frater    lities and three of eight sororities    that   s about 800 out of an 11  000 WKU   mrollment   It would be a very unlikely    roup of protestors were it not for the   ssue involved  an administration   rackdown on booze in fraternity houses   ind the concurrent stripping of the   nter   Fraternity Council s self regu    atory powers      Because WKU has no fraternity row    he houses are sprinkled about the   ringe of the campus  in the midst of      esidential Bowling Green  There    hey ve found many hostile neighbors   vho frequently report excessive    artying to campus officals and Bowling   jreen Police      There has always been a regulation   canning alchool in the fraternity houses    3ul according to Dean of Student    ffairs  Charles A  Keown  the IFC   was supposed to enforce the regulation   ind didn t   It just got to the point   where we couldn t ignore it anymore    said Keown  With that he informed the   fraternities that a four month probation   Auih no social functions and no pledge   sTass would be the result should further     12       complaints arise from townspeople      Consider next  the boycott  called   for by the IFC and aimed at mighty   homecoming  Now  this might not   seem like a radical action designed to   bring the campus to its knees and it   might even seem to be an imposition   on the fraternity men  asking them to   pass up the pre homecoming dance on   Wednesday night  the big pep rally and   bonfire  the Tohn Hartford concert    float build ing  queen  nominating   open   houses and assorted partying is no   small request   but when you weigh the   fact that the fraternities and sororities   ARE homecoming at Western  the action   takes on greater magnitude      A collective gasp arose from admin     istrators and independents  who will   organize and build the bonfire  Who   will waste all that time sticking crepe   paper through chicken wire to build the   colorful floats that dazzle the eye      Who will nominate the beauties who   will ride on those floats during the   big parade  And who will sponsor   all those groovy twist and shout   dances      Not 1  said the IFC      Meanwhile  the administration was   shrugging off its astonishment at the   display of insolence  said Cochran       I m highly disappointed in these   people     and beginning to take remed     ial steps      The sororities dropped out of the   boycott after they were told by the   administration that besides being under   the thumb of and used by the fraternity   men  they were breaking a national   PanHellenic rule which says that un     favorable publicity should not be brought   on a school by PanHellenic members      Dean Keown attempted to negotiate   with the IFC  led by its president  Steve   Garrett  That was Monday  On Tues     day Garrcdt said   It s full speed ahead   on the boycott  I don   t think we ll talk   to the administration any more until   after homecoming        Keown then told the fraternity men   that he would Initiate a through study   of the WKU Greek system that would   foreshadow improvements in the pre     sent structure      Sigma Alpha Epsilon then dropped out   of the boycott to join Sigma Nu  the one   fraternity that had never joined the pro     test      While that was going on  Cochran was   trying to find students to take up the   slack left by the fraternities and found to   his delight  a large number of students   eager to get involved in a battle against   the Greeks      They thought the Greeks   were trying to shoot down homecoming        said Keown   It s just a case of loyalty   to the cause of homecomming          Professional fraternities  GDI s  and   dorm dwellers moved in to take over the   responsibility for queen nominations  and   float and bonfire building  The stu     dent paper  the College Heights He     rald   editorialized that the IFC was   only five years old and acting like It      Word began to spread among the   fraternities that Keown s promised   study was  his way of saying  okay    we ll make some changes   as one   fraternity man put it  Rumors went   around to the effect that some frater        part 2         nities were considering pulling out    and even if they didn t  members   would probably drift over to the fes     tivities anyway  And the Phi Delts were   supposedly entering a homecoming   queen candidate      The IFC met the next day  and when   it became apparent that several frat     ernities considered the promised study   victory enough  members unanimously   voted to call off the boycott      Some even had time to enter a queen   candidate and build a float      The drinking will not cease  it will   be done  less blatantly    as one frat     ernity man put it  According to Keown   the IFC may get it s self regulating   powers back in January      And Western will probably have fair   weather for  homecoming again this   year      So maybe Dean Cochran wasn   t really   worried after all  Like he said  in the   middle of that strange week     I think   when we get right down to it  they  the   fraternity men  will be there  Because   they think too much of Western            I mean  these are fine people  We   don t have any bums or tramps here          blue tail fly                   conspi racy     continued from page 7     such matters are confidential for the protection of the registrant  It de    nies  however  that it was planning to induct Eeid  Reid thinks it would   have had he not raised helU     Taylor has filed in U S  District Court to challenge the constitutional    ty of Kentucky   s conspiracy law on grounds of its vagueness and the   practically limitless power it gives the prosecution      But he views the problem of conspiracy laws from a far larger perspec     tive than the specific case of the Black Six  than Kentucky   s specific con     spiracy law  even than the current rash of conspiracy trials      Of the specific case  he says the conspiracy law is an attempt     to use   the penitentiary as the final garbage can for minorities rocking the boat       It   s a continuous cycle  there   s almost a pointlessness to it  It seems     to be a manifestation of a deep human need on the part of those who     are    making it    to solidify their position or even to get a bigger piece of   the pie       Taylor describes conspiracy and related measures as    a stick to beat a   dog a scare tactic     the arms that come out and grab in times of un       rest  dlssidence and dissonance       All through history regime after regime has sought to perpetuate and   entrench itself by instituting measures to fight conspiracy  sedition and   so forth      Taylor points out in his analysis that such laws are passed by reactionary   legislators  who get into the legislature as a result of undemocratic  ward    heel politics      If we should manage to get a law struck down  the legisr   lature often will meet to pass new legislation having the same purpose     he adds      The people charged under these laws  he says  are the ones in the ven    guard he ones who see through undemocratic processes and who rea     lize that the system has become so corrupted to serve vested interests   that change is not possible through the    legitimate channels          It is the people in the vanguard who get charged   often not wittingly    ajid who go to prison or commit suicide of one sort or another            Generally speaking   he says     I don   t think the Movement is fraught   with people with suicidal complexes  They just realize they are living in       a brutal world and do what they can to change it       Taylor minces no words when he speaks of the current situation     Judges   are some of the biggest hacks in the political process  They subvert the   process by manipulating trials and by generally paying allegiance first to   the system to which they are in debt for their position   he says  Their   allegiance is not necessarily to justice         Laws   he says     are more persua ve than almost any other kind of   influence in society         The average parson doesn   t question the statutes  all that he does quesr   tion is whether the statutes have been violated      Jessica Mitford also   emphasized this point concerning the jurors in the Spock trial          If society were left in the hands of the general mass   Taylor says     I   don   t believe it would ever advance  I know that   s an elitist statement    but it   s the only conclusion I can come to         Okay  so that leaves us with the cycle of an establishment with repres     sive threats  an acquiescent mass and periodically an uprising of an aware   and committed minority which is fought with institutionalized repression      If the revolt is put down  another uprising will occur sometime in the fu     ture  if it succeeds  then tlie cycle starts over again with a new establish    ment     How do we stop the cycle         Let   s not forget our rhetoric   Taylor answers with a slight smile       Participatory Democracy         A paraphrase of his rationale for this solution would go something like   this      Because Participatory Democracy places power in the hands of small      communities     the people   s interests would be served and they would   be able to make their own decisions and not have to depend on corrup    tible representatives who find it necessary to create such things as con       spiracy laws to maintain themselves      But for the time being we are left with six black people facing trial in   Munfordville  with James Cortez confined in a federal penitentiary for     five years and with Dan Taylor wondering aloud whether he should     continue fighting by practicing law within the system or whether he   should be fighting outside it as a Che Guevara            52         continued from page       now the last trace of animosity has   left his voice too       Right  So the way I figure it  if   you all want to think that a 36 year    old college English teacher with three   kids is a fuckin punk  well  okay    you ll just have to go on thinking it    that   s all  There was a time when it   would   ve upset me something terrible   to have anybody call me a punk  But   that was when I was one  you see      And that was a long time ago  So I   figure what you think of me is strictly   your own business         Well then    Cecil begins   how   come           How come I wear these glasses   and stuff  Well  first of all  I like   them  But besides that  just look at   what these things have done right here   in the Pennington Club in the last   fifteen minutes  I mean  take you all    now if IVe done my job right  you all   have learned you ought not to be so   quick to judge people  I mean  you   know  you make mistakes that way    man  that s why the wrong people are   always getting hurt       It is over  and for once in my life   1 have done my job right  and I know   it  and the knowledge is positively ex     hilarating  I d be perfectly well satis     fied if Emory and Cecil would tuck   their tails and go sulking back to their   own table right now  But it turns out   to be one of those rare times when   the breaks just won t quit coming my   way  Because just as I finish my   little speech  up to our booth steps   their forgotten friend  the smaller   fellow who d been sitting with them at   the other table       Come on  you guys    he tells   them   Leave this poor bastard alone   and let   s get out of here           Hey Bill   Cecil says   this here   guy claims he graduated from Mays    ville High        Cecil evidently sees one last   October 15  1969       chance to vindicate himself  if Bill    who is evidently something of an au      tiiority on graduates of Maysville   High  rules that I ve introduced false   evidence  then we re right back where   we started       Shit you did    Bill says flatly     When was you ever at Maysville   High        A bad moment  Nothing for it    though  but to ride it through and hope   for the best   1 went there three   years    I tell him   T graduated in   fifty one          Shit you did  Because listen here    my name is Owsley and my brother            Oh for Christ sake    I interrupt    laughing with the relief of recognition     you re Billy Owsley  You re Bobby s   little brother  Hell  I graduated with   Bobby        Of course he  s Billy Owsley      Little Billy O whose brother Bobby   was a basketball superstar and there     fore the best guy in Maysville to take   along when you were going out cruis    ing  looking for a little stranger    little Billy O whose brother Bobby   used to chase him home whenever we   set out on those nightly expeditions    Little Billy O      But in my delight at this unexpected   turn of events I ve momentarily for     gotten that Billy O still doesn   t know   who I am  Even now  in fact  he   s   leaning across the table  peering in     tently at my face  Suppose he doesn t   remember me  After all it   s been     what     17 years since I saw him    and he was just a little kid then           My name s Ed McClanahan   I   say finally  searching his face for   some reaction  For the first few   seconds  nothing  Then  very slowly        j raises his eyes to the    cobwebby ceiling  and dramatically   claps a palm to his forehead       Tee zus ChristM  he cries         Eddie McClanahan  Why you stupid   sons of bitches  this guy went to       school with Bobby  Why this here   was the smartest guy in Maysville   High School   He t eaches college   somewhere  ain t that right  Eddie    Why you stupid sons of bilches  this   here guy is smarter than both of you   all put together  and you all wantin   to fight him         And now Billy O is pumping my   hand energetically  and my own grin   is nearly splitting my face in the al     most boundless pleasure of this mom     ent  and Emory is hiding his face be     hind his hands in mock shame   Hey   Cece    he says  peeking between his   fingers   you know what you are    don t you         Yeah  Emory    Cecil snickers     I m a fuckin punk         I   r     t   I        And there you have it  That s all   there is to tell  except that I spent   the next five hours or So getting   roaring drunk with Bill and Emory   and Cecil  and that during those   five hours I told them exactly what I   thought about Vietnam and Chicago   and spades and dope and hippies and   what have you  and that for the first   time ever they actually listened to   these heresies  and found them a   good deal less difficult to get next to   than they would ever have suspected      And as I drove home  drunk and   happy in the dawn  it came to me  in   the perverse form of what has to be   the silliest pun I ever invented  that   the only real difference between my   freaky spectacles and  say  an Ox     ford don s cap and gown was a differ     ence in degree  But then  even as I   giggled at my own giddy wit I was   also struck  for perhaps the tenth   time in the ten years I ve been    teacher  by the full force of th     revc     lation that teaching is just possibly   the one thing in the won J worth doing   every single time one really gets in   there and does it       Copyright 1968 by Ed McClanahan      13       11j   r     j Jl  j                                                       f        flicks        by J S  WILLOUGHBY     Today technoiogies and their comeguent en     vironments succeed each other so rapidly thaf   one environment makes us aware of the next    TfeclinoJog ies to perform the function     of art in making us aware of the p  hlc and   social consequences of Technology      McLuhan     Ai a cocktail party included in the   opening scenes of Medium Cool a TV   soundman  played by Peter Boners  des     cribes himself as an    extension of a tape    recorder     In the sequence immediately   preceding the cocktail party Bonerz and   the TV cameraman with whom he works    played by Robert Forster  record audio   and vidio coverage of a freeway accident   and then drive away from the scene with     out bothering to aid an injured girl    lying on the cement where she has landed   after being thrown from the car  They   pause before leaving long enough to radio   in a report of the accident  then drive   away in their Channel S station wagon   for a rendezvous with a motorcycle   courier who will transport the footage   downtown      One of the    psychic and social con     sequences  of television is the creation   of curious men in whom instincts of com     passion and moral engagement are com     pletely repressed  One result of this is   the need to create a format for news   broadcasts and feature stories that will   substitute the appearance of compassion   and engagement for the real thing      Another result is an evident moral   shortsightedness about the purposes and   intentions of television  exploitation of   events is substituted for the objective   search for truth  Concern for life  indeed    reality itself  is subordinated to the need       by JACK LYNE     Elvis  First time around  1956      A sterile foursome dubbing themselves   The Crewcuts had just ooo waaed and   oozed their way through a sugar coated   gem called    Sh boom  when that rau     cous  caterwauling voice came tearing   through my tiny brown plastic radio    shattering the flat gray clouds of the   adolescent mind      Dropping my copy of the latest exploits   of my current folk hero  aptly named   Plastic Man  I knocked over two stacks   of baseball cards while groveling toward   the volume dial to turn up  very far up    That Noise      With an echo chambered wail aimed   directly at my sex starved mind  Elvis   died a thousand RCA Victor deaths in      Heartbreak Hotel          Yeah Uh holeFs alius crowded  desk   clerk s dressed in black   been so laung   on lone uh ly street  welhuh well uh well    hu they      nevar get back    He uh s so   lonely he could diiiieeee       Mid way through that memorable two   and one half minute grease let ting  1   began jumping up and down on my bed   in one of those too infrequent bursts of   pure  unadulterated joy  It was the end   of my flat top      Screen star James Dean  for all his   briJIance  had only smouldered  Presley    a red neck  pompadoured Memphis truck    driver  was  by the mid Victorian stand     ards of the time  pathologically ill  which   is exactly why we loved him         Elvis the Pelvis   as the era   s clever   journalists tagged him  was the first mass   symbol to overtly and unabashedly kick   it all out and  in his own unintentional   style  scream defiance      Thousands of kids heard Ptesiey s phal     lic frenzy and many of them  from Buddy   Holly to Jim Morrison  John Lennon and   Paul McCartney  dropped out of Vic Tani   body building courses to learn the basics   of guitar playing and hair growing      The Presley inspired trappings of the   late fifties  the black leather jacket  and   the lire chain  rapidly gave way to the   beat ultra cool gear  complete with sun   glasses  bongos  and Allen Ginsberg    though soon this  too  was to pass in   fnvor of moving hair forests  day glo    and 1 Ching      El the Pel was soon lost in the melee   as new symbols and leaders came to   wtisfy new life modes  Still  throughout   all this rustling about one theme re    niiuned constant  An underlying leariness   toward the fecund fields of suburbia   awaiting new harvesters  a reluctance of   these  young hostages to fortune to grasp   I he bifurbon and water appearance of life     14       for material to fill up time and continue     the ravishing of our senses      The film explores the possibility that   television creates the world it records  it   cannot capture the serenity and detach    ment of grass  nor the enveloping aural   presence of rock  but it creates a com    mun 1 ty of the senses by providing a   continuous format for the recording of   events      Cameraman and soundman go out to   shoot a follow up feature on a black cab   driver who fourid an envelope containing   ten thousand dollars in his cab and turned   it in  They have a format for that kind of   story  now  just as they have developed   one for assasinations since November   1963      The point is  the format they have   developed for this    compassionate  fea     ture story is unreal  or at least irrelevant    The    human interest  story is simply   another symptom of television   s exploi     tation of life      The real story  as the blacks tell their   captive audience  is of the temptation   the black man feels to commit acts of   violence to gain television recognition    Being on the tube  man  is status  is life    The real risk  in other words  is that the   tube may become the final arbiter of   what is life      In its compulsive attempt to provide   in depth involvement of the senses what   reaily counts is the succession of events    the continuous flow of exciting informa     tion      In one sequence in Medium Cool we   see national guardsmen staging a mock       and choke it down  despite its hemlock    like taste      Yet  despite the longevity of the alter     nate life styles  their mass media exposure   remained minimal  The motion picture in     dustry  in particular  took little notice of   the changing scene  grinding out epics   to fit the talents and tastes of such so     cial activists as Walt Disney and John   Wayne      However  over the past several years   the sluggish motion picture industry has   been slowly foraging out in new direc     tions  exploring the pervasive dissent pre     sent in this nation      The movie mongoLs have slowly become   more permissive  allowing producers and   directors more latitude  Though the in     dustry   s main men have been motivated   by anything but esthetic and moral   values  they have created a climate that   could develop    Easy Rider     a motion    picture dealing in depth with contempo     rary America      Currently tearing through Kentucky   s   theatres   Easy Rider  lashes out with a   naked power that is the cinematic equiv     alent of Presley s mid fifties pelvic punch      Produced by Peter Fonda  directed by   Dennis Hopper  and written by Fonda    Hopper and Terry Southern  of    Candy    fame  Judge him by the book  not the   rather juvenile film      Easy Rider  sur     vives several early breakdowns and occa     sional dips into pretentious  pompous   moralizing to pull off a mind crunching   tour de force         Easy Rider  utilizes a rather simple   scenario  following the wanderings of   Wyatt  played by Fonda  and Billy    played by Hopper   The two make a   rather profitable sale of cocaine In Los   Angeles after bringing it up from Mexico    pre Operation Intercept       They take their cocaine collateral and   buy two motorcycles  Wyatt decorates his   cycle with stars and stripes to match his   leather jacket and dubs himself  Captain   America       The two set out for Mardl Gras  stop     ping at a commune  later getting arrested   for jovially taking part in a smaJI town   parade  Fortunately  they find as a cell     mate a local alcoholic lawyer  played   with remarkable precision and skill by   Jack Nicholson  who gets the two out   with only a light fine  the normal pro     cedure was to shear h eads of su ch   vermin       Nicholson joins them on their voyage   towMd New Orleans  sartorially elegant   in his old football helmet  letter jacket   and summer suit      After repeated hassles in small southern   towns  they are attacked in the night by   a group of local vigilantes  Nicholson U   killed in the senseless melee                      Medium Coo        confrontation  The mock dissenters are   a grotesque and cynical caricature of   reality  the guardsmen an ominous fore     warning of the mindless police riots at   the democratic convention later in the   film  But what is really frightening is that   from the media point of view the mock   dissent is like a dress rehearsal for a tele     vision spectacular      In a society continuously and instan     taneously recording its history through   the media  the necessity to distinguish   between fact and fiction becomes ob     scured  The real criteria for success be     comes the depth of involvement of our   senses  distinct from judging and evalua     ting    e real danger is that men may   be victimized to provide this saturation      Medium Cool itself is part fact and   part fiction  the story of a television   cameraman becoming aware of and criti     cal of his own lack of moral commitment   set against documentary film of violence   of all kinds in summer  1998  That the   line between fact and fiction in this film   is frequently unclear is not a danger    writer director photographer Haskell   Wexler does not use fiction to enhance   fact or to exploit it  Unlike the television   cameraman he depicts  Wexler s fiction is   a compassionate and critical commentary   on the world seen in his documentary   footage      The story line of the film shows the   cameraman struggling tentatively towards   a position of moral engagement and hu     man understanding  Prom scenes of sex   and self indulgence set against a backdrop   of roller derby violence to enhance the   mood of callous decadence  the camera     man grows towards a more humane in         volvement with life through Harold   Blankenship  age 13  and his mother    both migrants from Appalachia      It is here that a further extension of   Wexler   s interests becomes evident  His   concern for violence goes beyond the ex     ploration of television   s role in it  Broadty   speaking  he is concerned with the pos     sibility that the urge to violence is a   predominate and inherent element in ur     ban iife      More precisely  he is concerned with   the effect that may have on the lives of   people tike Harold and his mother  they   have a kind of naturalness and grace    carefully shown in quiet scenes in Chi     cago and in flashbacks of their lives in   beautiful country scenes in West Virginia    a kind of moral temperateness and quiet     ness to which the violence and shock of   Chicago is an antithesis      Wexler   s hope for the survival of the   qualities that Harold and his mother   represent is not high  For it is a violent   society  you see  and in attempting to   live a compassionate and humane life one   stakes out a claim in that socie  y    claim that puts one within reach of its   violence  to be engaged with life may be   to be destroyed by it  The end of the   film is an apocalypse of this insight      The film began with shots of an auto   accident and it ends with shots of   another one in which Harold   s mother is   lulled and the cameraman  who is driv    if cwtically injured  A carload of   inquisitive faces  curiously unmoved    motors quietly past and a child inside   snaps a photo of the burning vehicle    an inclusive list of media effects opens   many unexpected avenues of awareness   and investigation           Easy       Ride r       Fonda and Hopper continue on in   their southern voyage  arriving in New   Orleans in time to drag two whores   through an acid saturated tour of Mardi   Gras      Finally  both Fonda and Hopper are   gunned down by rednecks in a panel   truck as they cycle through the bayou   country      Fonda  as    Captain America   has re     ceived a great deal of attention from the   press  It does seem this is Fonda   s finest   thespian moment to date  although that   really isn   t saying very much      In fact  if crimes against the cinema are   ever tried  Fonda is a shoo in for execu     tion  He has wandered through such   memorable moments as    Tammy and the   Doctor   really  really bad      The Wild   Angles   really bad  and    The Trip     bad       Throughout his celluloid exploits he has   performed with a skill seemingly gleaned   from a Jayne Mansfield learn to act by    mall course      However  in    Easy Rider  Fonda seems   to have found his niche  He flaunts a   clairvoyant cocksureness throughout the   flick that seems apropos for the distant    ultra cool characterization of    Captain   America       For instance  when Nicholson accepts   a joint from Fonda   over the former   s   protests that he has hU own    store    bought ones  he asks     But won   t this   lead to harder stuff   Fonda replies with   perhaps the only honest answer  silence     According to Fonda the marijuana used   in the movie is the real object  The acid    though  was    juat aspirin          Fonda   s patrician insouciance does oc     casionally get out of hand  especially       when he is portrayed as some sort of   mystic  introverted Christ Ghandi    Buddha Elvis figure      Hopper  an outcast in the film making   set and reputedly dead broke when hired   to produce    Easy Rider   portrays the   desperate aimlessness of Billy with ten     sion  skill and believability      Hopper   s direction is equally compo     nent  explaining his choice at the Cannes   Film Festival as    Best New Director         The film is not without major faults    As is true of the subculture it describes    the script is terribly cliche ridden  The   characters are forever    getting their thing   together  man       Likewise  the muscle tone of    Easy   Eider  is occasionally nonexistent  The   early scenes threaten to denigrate into a   friendly hippie travelogue  although pho     tographer Lazio Kovacs    filming and cut     ting brilliantly shows us the aching vast     ness of this country      The stop over at the commune is both   unbelievable and offensive  The small   group is given the cinematic treatmeni   usually reserved for lost civilizations as   Fonda pontiricates such plaudits as       They   ll make it  man  they   ll make it       Many of the commune characters look   like they have recently come from shoot     ing Villager commercials or Panhellenic   meetings  Kovacs   Godard like 3B0 degree   shot of the gathered members is one of   the few moments that break the nau    seatingly utopian treatment of the sub     ject      However  Wyatt and Billy are at least   portrayed throughout as humans  avoid     ing the al1 in btack bad straiglit peop1e   versus the all in white bip people confron      continued on page 15   blue tail fly                   musi         by JACK LYNE     Go h whiz  it used to be so easy to be   a far out  heavy  outtasite  rock a rock a   star      The rules of rock were flaccid for   awhile and some terribly mediocre musi     cians scaled the hype sttewn path to the   rock pantheon      The unholy hype that surrounded such    oups as the ear shattering atrocity call     ing themselves the MC  called for a   standard set up including an amp army    foreboding stage presence  and a pervasive   group mystique  Now the Doors are just   one big coilective mass of Californiaism    mysticism  dadaism  and fetishism  right    Right  and Eldridge Cleaver is a CIA   front       In fact  the brown paper cover edition   of Webster   s Wock and Woll Stage Wules   advises the rising young star upon reach     ing the stage of the Filmore East to do   as follows            Step 1  Look very stoned  Wander   around the stage aimlessly  If you forget   the lyrics  give the peace sign  Step 2    Turn up your amps full blast  stomp the   wah wah pedal and grab off all the feed     back possible  This way no one can really   hear you  Step 3   For a finale  imagine   your cheapest amp is the proverbial   white underbelly of  say  Grace Slcik and   that your own heavy  heavy guitar is    in McLuhanesque terms  an extension of   your own magic twanger  Step 4   Get   it on       Good fun for all  that   s what it was    Good fun  yes  but often sickeningly   pedestrian music      Part of the hype problem Lies in the   slow development of rock  the nerve   center of the alternative life style  as a   para country club cult  With large seg     ments of the rock audience the emphasis   has shifted from listening and enjoying   to Making the Scene      Countless young consumers succumbed   to the exploitation of rock  Woodstock   promo man and former heavy dealer   Mike Lang is the archetypal hype man    and placidly accepted seeing groups with   crowds from 2Q 000 to 300 00 1 in the   midst of unbelievable conditions and   non acoustics      But never mind if you couldn   t hear    much less see  rock groups in such situa         continued from page 14     tation that threatens to spoil the picture   in its early stages      Yet  despite these and other numerous   faults     Easy Rider  does manage to get   its thing together  man  It soon becomes   obvious that this allegorical bit of cinema   verite has a lot of unpleasant things to   say about what is happening to this   country      Fonda   s identity as  Captain America    is no accident  Likewise  the names Wyatt   and Billy are torn from the pages of   American folk mythology  And  Easy   Rider  is an old southern slang term for   a man living off the earnings of a pros     titute  taking  in essence  the easy ride    As Fonda himself put it   We re all   taking that easy ride  man  Liberty s   become a whore       The excellent    Rider  sound track is   taken from various cuts from contem     porary artists like The Band and Jimi   Hendrix       Interestingly enough  Bob Dylan re     fused to allow his version of    It s All   Right Ma  Tm Only Bleeding  to be   utilized as the final cut  saying that the    picture would have to be changed to       give the kids hope   Fonda finally de     cided to have Byrd Roger McGuinn sing    it as a finale  Bob I ylan now has four    children       But perhaps the greatest value of    Easy    Rider  is its honest portrayal of the   bcrimony pervading this country and the   sickening nature of the violence it pro    jduces  Though overt violence only breaks    out twice  its representation is both su     perb and nauseating      I In fact  the confrontations are so ac     curately portrayed that perceptive News     week critic Joseph Morgenstern  in writ    png about the hostile confrontation be     tween Fonda  Hopper  and Nicholson and   local red necks in a cafe  noted the scene   j bore the unmistakable earmarks of   p erry Southern s writing      I On the contrary  the scene bears the   parmarks only of Arnerica  No one wrote   R  Instead  as revealed in an interview in   New York Times  Hopper merely   walked into a for real small town res    purant with for real people and asked    the locals to simply say and do what they   brdinarily would if three such hirsute    aracters walked in and tried to get a   nieal        tions  You could recognize a couple of   cuts from the album  and people up front   could later describe what actually hap     pened on stage and  I mean  well  it was   The Place To Be And You Were There      In the sales section groups with terribly   limited repetoires became  via the mar     keting mania  groupie meat  The Iron   Butterfly  Minnie Mouse on a belladonna   jag   Three Dog Night  Wow  what a   clever name  and man  three lead singers    all bad    and the Doors  the brilliant   promise of the 196 7 s    The End  has   been methodically debauched  The cur     rent    Soft Parade  will likely be the   group   s artistic epitath       In the midst of the piles of such   shallow promo droppings  THE BAND   stands like Albert Camus surrounded by   the entire staff of Sixteen Magazine      Yet  it would be a lie to shake the   words awake and spin a non linear word   web around this  the second album by   THE BAND  for their music is first and   foremost honest      Descriptions of The Band s product   will  inevitably fail  as verbalizations of all   good things  sex  sleep  laughter  always   fail      if labels must be grafted on tb the five    man band  they are perhaps best des     cribed as country oriented  Their normal   musical Line up features Garth Hudson   on organ  Richard Manuel on piano    Levon Helm on drums  Rick Danko on   bass and Jaime Robbie Robertson on   guitar  Manuel  Helm and Danko share   the vocals      The Band s material is home grown and   uniquely their own  This album was re     corded in a rented home in Los Angeles    much in the fashion of the Catskills    produced    Music from Big Pink   All   twelve songs were written by band per     sonnel  Robertson handles the bulk of   the composing chores  assisted on occa     sion by Manuel and Helm   and   Robertson and John Simon produced   the album in the rented L  A  home   without the extensive over dubbing and   GO piece orchestras that are so often used   to cover the weaknesses of the other   groups      The twelve cuts that make up  THE   BAND  often resemble some oral tradi         Such smouldering violence earmarks the   schism that divides this nation  It is   becoming increasingly apparent that   when an American hears the word  cul     ture   he reaches for his revolver      This divisiveness is exactly what  Easy   Rider  conveys so welL    Rider  also   emphatically underlines the widespread   rejection of the American Dream  as   when Billy desperately whines     We made   lots of money  man  and that   s what it s   ail about  isn   t it   and Captain America   replies   No  man  we blew it       It seems readily apparent that    he rub     ric of that American dream  two cars  a   house in suburbia  two children  one boy    one girl  and PTA and country club   membership  will simply not supply   enough meaning for the lives of a seg     ment of population as divergent as Abbie   Hoffman and Dr  Benjamin Spock      Yet  when individuals are either killed   or persecuted for holding such beliefs    as are Wyatt and Billy  one can only   scream WHY      The answer to such questions are des     perately needed  for this country is fast   revealing itself as a drunken ogre  onan    istically drj  humping as it dangles prepo     sitions and tries desperately to conjugate   itself      Without such answers we all may find   that life in these United States  like   Chicago s bad moon rising  Richard   Daley  is indeed  nasty and brutish  and    very likely  short        The blue tail fly needs   help with circulation    we need people to help   us distribute the paper   to as many campuses   as possible  It sells   for Z0  and the seller   keeps a dime  Contact   us at 210 W Third    Lexington  Ky  40507   if you can help out        tion handed down through the centuries   by mountain men  Yet  throughout the   band   s work there is an aura of authenti     city and currency that give the music   a gaping agelessness and placetessness      Despite their down home sound  the   music of the band is wonderfully obscure    With each listening the cryptic lyrics  like   those of early Dylan  come to take on   different meanings  unfolding new levels   of human consciousness      The lead vocals of Helm  Danko  and   Manuel occasionally rise like some stoned   country choir  as in    The Night They   Drove Old Dixie Down    a Civil War   epic  and  Whispering Pines   There is   also the wonderfully vague apocalypse of      Look Out Cleaveland   and the wry   earthiness of    Jemima Surrender  and      Up On Cripple Creek   the latter con     taining such lines as   Me and my mate    we were back at the shack  we had Spike   Jones on the box  She said  1 can t take   the way he sings  but I love to hear him   talk       Throughout the album  their is seldom   a superfluous Line  seldom a wasted riff    Yet  in the midst of this very economical   music there is very open humanism  an   admission that we are not forever to be   young psychedelic kings going out to hip   the world to our heavy  far out selves    but  instead the notion that we are    indeed  busy being born  busy laughing    crying and being  all hanged or hangabie      Thankfully  the lowering of the decible   range by groups such as The Band has   not produced the saccharine thickness   that doomed earlier exponents of rock s   hard gone soft  For instance  Simon and   Garfunkie fairly wallowed in syrupy self    pity and Richie Havens and Donovan  for   ail their talent  occasionally donned the   clear plastic raincoat of the poliyanna      The newer crop of quieter musicians is   made up of experienced  component mu     sicians who have somehow wandered   through all this hollow hype without   losing their integrity  The Band  four   Canadians and Arkansas boy Levon Helm    spent five years as  The Hawks    backing   Ronnie Hawkins  soon back on the re     cording scene after signing a   209 000   pact with Atlantic   and one year backing       wheel on fire Bob Dylan  the group also   will reportedly back Dylan on his forth     coming American tour       Likewise  Crosby  Stills and Nash  now   augmented by the immense presence of   Neil Young  have been on the scene   since the early sixties      Even such a long time stalwart as John   Mayali  England s grand old man of the   blues  has eschewed the ego freak  super     noise school and come across with a   briLLiant drummeriess group and a solid   album     The Turning Point   May all s   finest effort since his early 1965 record     ings with Eric Clapton      The Mayali group utilizes acoustic gui    tars  very soft saxaphone and flute   stylings  done extremely well by Johnny   Almond   bass and the harmonica  slide   guitar and vocals of Mayali  In concert   ail four performers are plugged into a   single amplifier  Audiences simply have   to listen to hear them  Surprisingly  they   are doing exactly that      The result of the new directions of   musicians such as The Band  Mayali  and   Crosby  Stills  Na   pause   and Young   is an intricate  lislenable  very human   style of music  It became rather wearying   to sit in shell Shocked subservience while   one of the 8  24 3 self proclaimed heaviest   guitarists around hammered through   bursts of intensity to inform all that they    like the American male prototype  have   mountains of hair on their chests and   sweat a lot  Of course  so does Lassie      However  we have not seen the end of   rock s super noise school and that is all   to the good  for there are still some   very vivid  very strong groups who play   both well and loud  The Jeff Plane  the   new rock   s grand old family  is perhaps   the best example       Hopefully  the mote relaxed school of   contemporary music men will eliminate   some of the hype reated plastic men   who have come to be objects of desper     ately offered adoration      Perhaps some rock fans will even drop   back five and listen to the unhip  un     heavy  unfarout  but very real music of   Fred Neil  listed in Webster s Wules under      miscellaneous           Vote for     JACK REEVES     The Only Independent Candidate   tor City Commissioner   in Lexington     He is tor      Adequate Housing for All   A city open housing ordinance   More adequate recreational facilities   Equal employment opportunities   Modernized control of downtowti traffic   Adequate system of expressways   leading to suburbs         paid for by Jack Reeves       October 15  1969       15                                   kentucky needs the   blue tail fly            and the blue tail fly needs   motiey  in the form of ad     vertising  subscriptions   and plain old donations      Our address is 210 W  Third    Lexington  Ky  40507      Give us a hand if you can        Karen Schroeder                                           

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