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date (1852-05-12) newspaper_issue THE POST. 


At Lebanon, Ky., By 

111 . 111 . Jack. 

TERMS: — The Post will be furnished j 
to subscribers at the following rates; 

One year, in advance, $2 00 

If paid within six months, 

At the end of the year, 

P( 1ST. 

Terns of Advertising. 

1 50 
3 oo 

VOL. 1, 



NO. 2. 


12 lines 

or less. Isf insertion, •* 

- 4i»C 


each su 

bsequenl insertion, 

- 25c 


half column C months, - - - 

- $1* 


‘ 1 5 month*, 




olumn 6 months, 

- - IK 


41 1-2 mouths, * 

- 25 



deduction made for year 

y ad ver- 


When the number of lime 

ier con - 

0 C i ’ 8 © 0 V H C 

elect Calcs 


Thou wert a lovely blooming flower, 

E’eo to a strangei'* view; 

Thine infant wavs had witching power, 

Our darling little Sue. 

A baby form is vety lair. 

With eyes of melting bln**; 

Hut thine had beauties still more rare. 

Oar dark eyed Utile Sue. 

And passing from this wcarv jife, 

While yet its days were few. 

Thou ’at passed from many a painful strife, 

Our precious little Sue. 

In Greenwood’s shade, where tall trees wave,— 
With sunlight glancing through 

Their leafy boughs, upon thy grave— 

Thou’rt sleeping, little Sue. 

When e’er we call our lost ones o\r. 

Our memory, fond and true, 

Will echo in our cars once mote 
The name of little Sue. 

And though the hut tears dim our eye*. 

Our faith entire and true, 

Shows a fair home beyond (he skies 
Where dwells our little Sue- 

From Surtains Magazine for .March. 




Raymond Warren was a “nice" man- 
every body’s clever fellow, as I heard a 
public man once remak, “a very extensive 
office,” with numerous duties, never dis- 


A bishop, who had for his 

speak to the village doctor as he passed j to cook with; however, much to Raymond’s I 

their house with his ponderous medicine [satisfaction, when he entered his house he j a msnop, who had for his arms two 
port manteau under his arm, and the gen- found the table spread, and he knew he fieldfares, with the motto. “Are not two 
tleman, who had some knowledge of Ray- [should soon be invited to take a seat near sparrows sold for a farthing 9 ” thus ex- 
ntond’s peculiar feelings, left the woman an it. ' plains the matter to an intimate friend:— 

[innocent tincture, and forebade exposure | When the invitation came, he hastened j “Fifty or sixty years a 'o a little bov 

' to the cold atmosphere under any circum- to his accustomed seat, lifted the cover resided at the village near Dillin^en on 
stances, and also declared that her com- from a dish — there was meat, but just as j the banks of the'danuby His ^parents 
i plaiut was of a character very much ag- it came from the butcher’s. Raymond were p 001j and almost as soon as the bov 
gravated by severe exercise. was not a cannibal; he looked at his wife cou ld wa i k) i, c „- as sen ‘ t int0 lh ‘ ft , voods (0 

For a few days Raymond remembered inquiringly, she appeared to be waiting pick up some sticks for fuel. When lie 

the Doctor's counsel, and as he had res- patiently to be served. lie lifted the cov- g rcw older, his father taught him to pick 
, i i  i . i , pect for the physician, he obeyed him as cr °I another dish; there were potatoes, the juniper berries, and carry them to a 

c iar„ct . aymoni um t o S1 in a cum near |„ , 1S Ifis constitutional feelings per- just as they had been dug from the earth, neighboring distiller, who wanted them 

ncy-corncr late, very late on a winter s miUc ^ but soon his wi f e was again oblig ,AI1 the dishes that usually contained vie- for making Hollands. Dav hv day the 

niglit because be was too shiftless to get, ^ ^ chop woo(] an(1 catt le, am i tak- tuals wore covered. Raymond grew sus- 1 p0 or'bo V went to his task, and ou his road 

ready foi bed But after a while, the lire . s£ vere cold, she faded as would fade ( pieious, and lie lifted the covers hastily.— he passed bv the open w indows of the 

i b rt ? fr . the /. m!,e,S fad - t£ summer rose In a frigid climate. There was bread as it had come from the j vi ]l' e school, where he saw the scliooT 

L  ’ a .T . I?' 0 " C0   | " l l ' C f 'n’ 1 ."? IT’ 1 When Raymond Warren’s house waS tray; there were turnips that bad never master teaching a number of bovs, of a- 
iwoWsneak forest .where his wife’ perhaps ! deso,ate and his fire-side cheerless, he saw been under the influence of fire; there bout the same age as himself. He looked 

! had been for severiil hours endeavoring to " ha ‘ had bee J? bis al tbeS * » hh s ° «£* 

recover from the severe fatigue of a day’s two . of b,s married life, and he and tore w. re e  J bl^. ncstly did lie long to be among them Ic 

work, into which had been crowded the mourned his wife deeply, it must be said but none ot them could Raymond eat.— was quite aware it was in vain to ask his 

greater portion of her husband’s legiti- 
mate duties. Raymond owned a large farm 

liuuing an advertisement i* not specified, it w ill 
be continued until ordered out am! charg'd acr 

Com mu ti i cat etr. 

For the Lebanon Post. 


Perhaps since the first settlement of the 
country, no question of equal importance 
has been brought before the people of Ma- 
rion county. Who is capable of telling us I , 11 “ay™, 

all the benefits to be derived from T I 7 ‘fe, w ho was a business woman he fam 

left him by his father. It was good land, 
but the fences w ere not in repair, and ev- 
erybody’s cat tle roamed through the fields 
and Raymond’s crops were not sufficient 

fear there is not one among us competent 
to the task. 

The question now is; can we do without 
a Railroad? and what are we loosing an- 
nually for the want of one? I will give 
a few items — we are paying to Louisville j 
$18,000 a year for killing and packing 
hogs — we are also pay in $8000 a year 
more for salt, than we need pay, on ac- 
count of the expense of hauling in wag- 
ons,  $-c. — we are paying a like sura for 
sugar, coffee, iron, &c., ifcc., amounting to 
$34,000 in all. In addition to this, in the 
article of corn, on every barrel sold the 

mount of surplus corn in the county nt 10, 
000 barrels, you find 
$10,000 on this article. 

\ mourned his wife deeply, it must be said but none of them could Raymond eat. — , vas quite aware it was in vain to ask his 

= ~ f , *“ fnr oonaolntinn In * enn of 4 t])er to st . |)d |,j ra t „ scho(J ] for )lc knew 

. that his parents had no mono)’ to pay th« 

aged to exist “easily” for one year; but lie 1 here were -tea leaves floating in the cup, 
was a domestic man — he was not satisfied I but the tea looked remarkably pale; never-, 
with childless widower’s solitary lot, and theless, Raymond, by force of habit, blew 
he began to look about him for a second vigorously to prepare it for his palate. 

a ticit iiut auiuv-ii'iiv ij D • — 

to yield the family a decent support. The l k 

farm had once been well stocked, but fori, .... 

, . he conhdentlv felt would fill the place left i v-ater wj 

want ot proper attention the cattle became 0 ,, r D ,|, p , , 

poor-the sheep were never folded, even ! vaca, . ub - v his h, f " ,fc : f Sadl  ’ ?“ ia - v ' Ra ‘ ‘ i w . ls not .. H|i t 7”W. to SCta bird _ ! 1 ra P and ! , c “ ked » nc 

in the most rigorous weather, and manv T nd d '; a PP°‘ n ^- A few weeks elaps- J a ^°“ d ? n ' ‘ “ an ; * , L | what it was for. 1 he boy told him that 

of them died. The wool was never prop- ed and “ e . ft11 . mt0 T ,lls old bab,ts ’ " “'V Thought Houd J 1 3 ’ a “ d , jbe schoolmaster was very fond of field- 

f *»» r i r*rt ,! h "‘ K- ' srssK&Sk. K- of Hoftvcu . d„, ,in. '»*■ ” d ** u -? "• r s »““• 

to market, it would not bring the market , ° . ... ° 

. • _ ti i »  ,, one day to assist a neighbor in getting ! U1UI1 ‘ 

1 1 i d .. t , 1 : b  ” Raymond s , Wf)0(1 10 tis hoUSC( an( j he rc t un i.*d to his Mrs. Warren whose countenance during 

home late at night, hungry and fatigued, the scene had worn a sober aspect, now- 

schoolmaster; and Ire often passed the 
whole day thinking, whilst he gathered 
the juniper berries, w hat he could possi- 
_ bly do to please the schoolmaster, in the 

and companion. In a few Rut when lie put it to his lips, he found hope of getting some lessons. One day. 
months he took to his house a woman, who that he hud wasted his breath; for the when lie w as walking sadlv along, he saw 

as as cold as when it came from two of the bovs belonging to the school 

ily must often have suffered for the com- 
mon necessities of life. 

Raymond’s chores were rarely attended 
to by himself, but was a neighbor sick, no 

[expecting that his wife would have ready . smiied pleasantly, and answered: 

for his refreshment an inviting supper 
In this hope he had refused to take sup- 'be usual time. ’ 

. ... a1. . .. * . .1. 1 .1. 1 1 . 1 "It’c efra ta rrrk 

The victuals were all on the stove at 

fares, and that they 

to catch some. This delighted the poor 
bov, for he recollected that he had often 
seen a great number of these birds in the 
juniper wood, where they came to eat the 
berries, and he had no doubt but he could 
catch some. 

The next day the little bov borrowed 

man was more willing to work in his place. * Uh the neighbor whom he ha d as- ^ s ; ra ”f tl,e  ' were not cookcd '' an old basket of his mother, and when he 

He was relied upon as the man who would slSted - . Poor . fcll °" ' the kltcbeD * "''“T , “Not'-itiill ’’ renlied Mrs Warren u th ° - ‘ C bad the great delight 

always neo-lect his own interests to look w «s to hare been his excellent supper, at- Motot all, nplitd Mrs. W alien — 1 10 - cat  j|, t ,» 0 fiddfares. He put them in 

... •• 3 e r i i ii ii tended by a smiling wife, was cold and un- ‘there was no wood to cook them with. ,| 1P ]j askt .t and tying an old handher- 

after those of somebody else. lie could . x . r , , , , , Tl , iv.,, r„n »i, on . -. 'h, ,MU “anuiier 

J occupied. No frugal board was there, and an instant easy w.urcn then saw 0 ver it, lie took them 

never set himself at his own farm work. 

, . i • i j n . i j Mrs. Warren was m bed. Raymond was 

but he was considered an excellent hand, , . . , , , . , 1 

, . ■ • i e i . i • i much astonished but was too good natur- 

when, to oblige a neighbor, he took a job 

in his field. 

It was a bleak morning of mid-winter; 
Raymond Warren’s wife was in the barn 

farmer looses one dollar, putting the a . , ^ foddering the cattle-Raymond was 

my at 10 m b  d - r , e light of a brisk fire which 
an annual " loss of I bis wif f had , baik sho " e di, ectly in his face. 
If you included II aw«k.n er | lnm -the room was warm, 
,, , , *f , , ana Kai-mond was pcrsuiKleir by its unit 

the smaller articles, such as fowls, eggs, . 1 . " ,, : , , 

. . , . e . . , tng appearance to rise. He sat down by 

fruit and vegetables, all of which articles L, r 1 , 

‘ ° , the fire-place in his slnrt sleeves, and wait- 

at present amount to nothing, with cheap , f . c , 

„ f , . , , „ ° | ed lor lus wife to come and get nun some 

freight, would annually amount to 810,000 , „   r . . ■ , c . , e 

a . • r .i i : breakfast. As he warmed his feet he felt 

more, making a saving of the round sum ! , . , , , , , . . . 

 • nnn b n i i that he had reason to congratulate Inm- 

of 850,000 or more annually. Is the sav- ... , 

, J .. I sell on ns happy situation, and he said to 

mg of this large sum worth your attention, i himself- J ' " 

or not? To talk about being opposed to „„ . , , .. 

i , • , . i.i- taint every mans got such a wife as 

a railroad, is almost equal to being oppos- T , , T , 

_j , .i.„ .1 ... i.. 1 have. Here she s made a good fire, and 

I’ll bet the chores are all done.” 

ed to your mother earth’s producing twen- 
ty, fifty, or an hundred fold — the ground 
produces, the p ices are determined by the 
market. The farmer who opposes a rail- 
road, is a strange 
gards his interests, convenience, happiness 
or prosperity. His course degrades his 
business, for he cannot compete with his 
more enterprising fellow-citizens, who 
have these great improvements. He very 
naturally complains of hard times, whilst 
speculators make fortunes on his !a- 

The chores were done, and Raymond 
had scarcely finished his soliloquy, when 

being-and neither re- ‘ he useful wif  j hastened to the fire place 
to warm her hands which had become 
thoroughly chilled by the cold handle of 
the pitchfork, with which she had been 
throwing hay and straw to the cattle. 

It might be supposed that these occur- 
rences took place early in the morning — 
not so. It was ten o’clock when Ray- 
mond Warren left his bed. His wife had 

ed to complain, and silently lie ventured 
to explore the cubboard for a crust on 
which to satisfy tlm knawings of his appe- 
tite. Not a crumb was there. It was 
evident this his wife had designed that he 
should go to bed supperless; and supper- 
less to bed he did go. grieving over his 
hard lot. He had never before been so 
badly treated, and he thought it indeed 
distressing, but yet his disappointment, was 
not sad enough to revolutionize his consli- 

W Pto the school- 

wliat a moral there was in lus novel dm- , mastcr ' s i, ouse . j u8t as he arrived at the 
ner; and with a keen appetite, he went to lloor  hc „ the two little boys who had 
work on the wood pile. He took his din- ; been setting the trap, and with alarm he 
ner and supper together that day, and lie i aske j them if they had caught any birds, 
remembered that Mrs. AV arren said: jThey answered in the negative; and the 

“Mow, Mr. Raymond, whenever \°u , bov, his heart beating with joy, gained 
leave me without, wood, you must eat vie- j admitanye i nto the schoolmaster’s pres- 
cooked on a co.d ^ cnce 5 In a few words he told how he 
had seen the boys setting the trap, and 
Many women would have stormed aml[U» l.   had caught the birds to bring 
scolded, but Mrs. Warren knew there was them as a present to the master. 

“A present, my good boy!’ cried the 

tuals that have been 

oors, leaving for Ins own family the lean been sewi for t hours, before she pre- dwt ’ k wkl ' him in this sphere of existence 1 
of his nocks, in a word, an economical sun- .. ? . . . J ,u... . . . :..j i...: .... . 

of his flocks, in a word, an economical sup 
port. Are the lords of the soil satisfied 
with this condition of things? is this the 
kind of reward you ask for your daily toil? 
In Summer’s heat, and Winter’s cold, com- 

a better way to correct her easy husband’s 

carelessness or shiftness, as the reader , schoolmaster: “you do not look as if you 
tutional good nature, and without a mutter pleases. I could afford to make presents. Tell me 

he fell sound asleep. (foe day there was no flour in the house, your price, and I will pay it to you, and 

Raymond Warren did not hear chantic- and Raymond was about to go with some j thank you besides.” 
leer salute the morning, as it dawned after neighbors to a town meeting, when his: “1 would rather gii e them to you, sir, 

the night of bis grevious disappointment, wife hid his best coat and reminded him if you please,” said the boy. 

It was spring time, and the birds sang un- ! of the empty flour barrel. Another day “The schoolmaster looked at the boy. 
der his window, but he heard them not: his corn was to be gathered, when a neigh- who stood before him uith hare head and 
yet he heard his wife who had risen before j bor desired him to assist him with his hor- feet, and ragged trousers that reached 
the sun, call him — ses and wagon. It was a neighbor who only half way down his naked legs. 

“Mr. Warren, here I’ve been for an hour . often received favors but seldom rendered “1 ou are a very singular hoy,’ said 
in the cold. The wood’s all burned It’s them; yet easy Warren could not refuse ' he; “but if you will not take morfey, you 
time I had some cut If you want any : him. But when he went to hitch his lmr- must tell me what I can do for you, as I 
breakfast, you had better get up.” ses before his wagon, he found one of the ; cannot accept your present without doing 

Was Raymond dreaming? Was this a wheels missing. Of course the neighbor something for it in return. Is there any- 
voice of reproach, that came to him in his [ was disappointed. In the nflernoon, when j thing I cau do for you?” 
sleep with recollections of the wife that Raymond expressed a wish to draw his; “O, yes,’’ said the boy 
had gone before him to the Spirit Land? corn his wife told him where he could find “you can do for me what 
Not so — it was a voice from the wife that the lost wagon wheel. . 1 better than anything else.” 

Thus waseasv Warren’s household man - 1 hat is that? asked the schoolmaster 

with delight, 
I should like 

VVVM wv JV* V il V IIUUI l/VIVt V VlIV |AIV ( I | * ... 

pared her breakfast; then she urged Ray- 1,1 at camu to remind him of duties not aged, until he began to realize practically smiling 

mond for an hour longer, to get“up. lie discharged, upon the performance of which 
made fair promises but left them all unful- ! depended the satisfaction of those desires 
j filled. She waited until it was nine o’clock i wll 'ch had int ruded visions of feasts upon 
and then, knowing her husband’s easy I his hours of rest - AH this he felt, still he 

mencing with the rising and ending with ‘ ’ ashamed to havothe cattle 'did not offer to leave his couch 

the setting sun, you p rform all the labor, 

... ° i , „ cl c- unfed at that hour ol tin 

and the speculator enjoys the profit. Far- 
mers awake to your true interests; make 
yourselves a railroad; in a word, put your- 
selves in a position to demand a fair price 
for your products, and in doing so you bid 
the speculators defiance. 

A Friend to Mario . County. 

About 150 years ago the people in 
England destroyed the turnpike gates be- 
cause they were taxed in the shape of tolls; j 
now all the roads in England are turn- 
piked. The price of agricultural products 
are greatly increased where there are not 
good roads. A man went on the Conti- 
nent to see what stores of wheat 

the day, she attend- 
ed to their wants herself. 

Raymond’s first salutation to her as she 
stood by the fire was, 

“I wish I had some tea, Sally — butnev-|y° ar . su PP er ' 
er mind, you’ve put the things away — a 
little warm water, with a little milk and 
sugar in it, will do just as well, and while 
you’re about it, you may get me a little 
piece of bread; but just as you choose; no 
matter about it anyhow, ’Taint every 
man’s got, such a woman fora wife.” She 
might have answered: 

“It is not every woman that has such a 
a husband.” 

But she knew such remarks would only 

in this house, till you bring me wood to 

t: ie peo- 

pie had. In Germany and Poland the make bitter feelin g s   and tHough fatigued 

. a .... .... I 1. A 1. .. ... I m A . ..... .. ,.1, n 1 . . . . 1 A .. 1. .... . I . .. 

price was almost doubled in some places , 

with the violent exercise she had taken, she 

because of having to be conveyed a few weu ' cheerfully and prepared her easy 
miles ou very bad roads. He who finds £ ood » a 'ured husband a cup of tea and a 
out the means of conveying persons or j skce toast   and then asked him ii he 
goods from one place to another in half I wou J d n °t cut her some wood, 
the time in which they have been accus- “lobe sure! will, was the response, 
tomed to be conveyed, does the very same ^ Mis breakfast was over, he took up his 
thing as if lie had brought the places one , axe - mounted the wood pile and cut half a 
half nearer. dozen sticks, when along came a neighbor 

who wanted Raymond to accompany him 
to a saw mill, about two miles distant, and 
assist in loading upon a sled some boards, 
which had been sawed for him — of course 
Raymond went, and his wife was compel- 
led to cut wood enough to keep the house 
warm until the following day. 

Mrs. Warren was in appearence, a fee- 
ble woman, but she had endured hardships 
which would have destroyed the constitu- 
tion of one more robust. Day after day 
her strength failed her, yet she made no 
complaint. Raymond saw that she grew 
pale, and was often disturbed with fears 
in regard to her, but he was too easy to 
mention the subject, and the useful wife 
became more and more feeble, until she 

London is watered by a ri er called 
New River, which produces r JO gallons 
every second. 800,000 liar s would be 
required to carry the water supplied by 
that aztificial stream 

Russia in 1852 will celebrate through- 
out the vast expanse of her empire, the 
completion of her thousandth year of na- 
tional existence; which will be kept with 
all the solemnity due to the importance 
of the event. The Russian empire was 
founded in 852; in which year the Rus- 
sians made their appearance on the shores 
of the Bosphorus as Warangiens. 

What are “breaches of trust?” P n- 

taloons procured on tick, answers the Cor was seized with a violent cough. Ray- _ „ „ 

p,t ftno. mond was one dav thoughtful enough to Warren had enough to cook., but nothing arm of a drunken i;usb '«d 

“Raymoud Warren,” again said the 
voice “you left me yesterday without wood 
to help a neighbor get wood for his wife, 
and ' r «u went to bed last night without 
You’ll not get a bite to eat 
Bp „ me 

cook with 

“There’s plenty of chips,” said Ray- 
mond, in palliation, rising on his elbow us 
he spoke. 

“Get up then, and bring them into the 
the house,” said the resolute wife. “I 
did’nt know you when we were married, 
but I know you now. I know what killed 
your first wife. You want to make a slave 

what the error of his life had beer.: War- j “Teach me to read.” cried the boy fall- 
ren’s farm looks much better than it did  ng on his knees. “O, dear, kind sir, 
sonic years ago. teach me to read. 

Mrs. Warren never interfered with! “The schoolmaster complied. The boy 
Raymond’s business except when he neg- came to him at li is leisure hours, and 
lected it, and then she never found fault , learned so rapidly that the schoolmaster 
or scolded, hut took occasion to show his recommended him to a noble nan residing 
neglect to him in a manner which impres - 1 in the neighborhood, ibis gentleman 
sed him with his injustice to his own inter- who was as noble in .mind as in birth 
esks patronized the poor boy, and sent him to 

Raymond’s cattle arc well cared for, I school at Ratisbon. The boy profited by 
and were in good order. When his fences  » s opportumues; and when he rose, as 
were down, if he did not replace them his I be soon d,d - 10 wea,lh and h ' nors - he 
wife employed a neighbor to make the ne- 
cessary repairs. His wife took the papers 

adopted the two fieldfares as his arms. 

you mean?” cried the bLli 

What do 
op’s friend. 

“I mean,” returned the bishop, with a 

and read; she knew the state of the mar- 
ket; and to oblige her, Raymond had his j „ 

grain in market when the price was high- sml,e   “ tbal thc P°" r bo - v was 
est. Some people said, 

Easy Worren is a hen-pecked hus- 


of me. I’ll attend to my duties; but if: band.” " * ! The following description of the Dawn 

you don’t do your chores,' the cattle may [ But he knew better; and he often boast- 1 ^Spring, deals in familiar images, and 
starve, and you d never get a bit to eat in e  j t , lat his , vife was more 0 f a “business 1 . w,11   Pj^aps * trlkc no , one r , «, on § lna ]| 

this house unless you take it uncooked, if 

But it breathes the fresh life oi 

you don’t cut wood yourself or get some- 1 “‘Thev had^VeTtogether peaceably some with such inborn sympathy that it 
body to do_it for you. ’ _ | vears whpn . one Rav ! n0 nd was in a has a11 the effect of t,ic lalld ' 

0 , - , , , . , . . , years when, one day, Raymond was in a 

Raymond started bolt upright, and it, d humor  thinki ; over his prosperous 
was not many minutes before he was at the j ° ondition alld he t £] d his wife, “Im a 
woodpile. Diligently did he work until WOIliai; - s . ri ., hts man of the 

he had cut ar. armful, which, like a dutiful 
husband, for the first time in his life, he 
carried into the kitchen. 

His wife made no allusion to what had 

true grit. — 

They may sav you wear the breeciies if 
they please; I’m satisfied to have you do 
the thinking for our firm. And now I see 
, , .. , .. , , what a fool I have been — I must make up 

passed between them, and Raymond, al- for earl shiftlessness, 
though burning with curiosity to know He ’ d|d m;lke for eB1 .] y shiftlessness; 
where she had learned what she had re- and under his judicious wife’s training, he 

became industrious, instead of easy War- 

Mrs. W. had the correct idea of wo- 

vealed to him, dared not commence con- 
versation in relation to it. The train of life 
it might revive was fearful to the easy 
man’s mind. His breakfast over, forget- 
ful of its lesson, careless Raymond wan- 
dered away from home, his necessary mor- 
ning labors unattended to, and his wood 
pile unvisited. He returned home at noon, 
strong in the faith that he should sit down 
to a good dinner, because he was one of, 
those men who think that a wife should 

scape with our own  y es: 

“I love to trace the break of Spring, 
step by step; 1 love even those long rain- 
storms that sap the fortresses of the lin- 
gering Winter,— that melt, the snows up- 
on the hills, and swell the mountain 
brooks; — that make the pools heave up 
their cerements of ice, and hurry down 
the crashing fragments into the waste of 

I love the gentle thaws that you can 
trace, day by day, by the stained snow- 
banks, shrinking from the grass; and by 
i the gentle drip of the cottage-eves. I 

by a 


man’s rights and woman’s wrongs. We ... , 

commend her management to those who! ^ ovo t0 search out the sunny scopes 
have “easy husbands,” especially do we southern wall, where the reflected sun 

commend it to those unfortunate women ! does dou ble duty to t le can l, an " iele 

op . j the frail anemone, or the faint blush of the 
| arbutus, in the midst ot the bleak March 

... j atmosphere, will touch your heart, like a 

Mrs Swisshclm declares that “the coil hope of Heaven, in a field of graves! 
give her husband a good dinner, whether I of an anaconda would make a better gir- ( Later come those soft smoky days, when 
she has anything to cook or not. Mrs. Idle for a young woman’s waist than the j the patches of winter grain show green 

under tie M".t 'if lcnfle. • WOO'D, and 

who have earned for themselves 
probious title of “Scolds.” 

the last snow-drifts; reduced to shrunken 
skeletons, of ice, lie upon the slope of 
northern hills, leaking away their life- 
Then the grass at your door grows into 
the color of the sprouting grain, and tile 
buds upon the lilacs swell, and burst- 
The peaches bloom upon the wall, and the - 
plums wear bodices of white. The spark- 
ling oriole picks strings for his hammock 
on the sycamore, and the sparrows twit- 
ter in pairs. The old elms throw down- 
their dingy flowers, anu color tlu-ir spray 
with green; and the brooks, where you 
throw your worm or the minnow, float 
down w hole fleets of the crimson blossoms 
of the maple. Finally, the oaks- step into 
the opening quadrille of Spring, with gajt- 
ish tufts of a modest verdure, w hich, br- 
and by, will be long and glossy leaves. 
The dog-wood pitches lii» broad, white 
tent, in the edge of the forest; the dilndi -' 
lions lie along the hillocks, like stars ill 1 
a skv of green; and the wild cherry, 
growing in all the hedge-rows, without 
other culture than God's, lifts up to Him, 
thankfully, its tremulous white fingers. 

Amid all this, come the rich rain of 
Spring. The affections of a boy grow up 
with tears to water them; and the year 
blooms with flowers. But thc clouds 
hover over an April sky, timidly — like 
shadows upon innocence. The showers 
come gently, and drops bright — like so 
many tears of joy. 

The rain of Winter is cold, and it comes 
in bitter scuds that blind you; but the rain 
of April steals upon yoa coyly, half reluc- 
tantly, — yet lovingly — like the steps of u 
bride to the Altar. 

It does not gather like thc storm-clouds 
of Winter, gray and heavy along the hor- 
izon, and creep with subtle and insensible 
ipproaches (like age) to the very zenith; 
but there are a score of white-winged 
swimmers afloat, that your eye has chased, 
as you lay fatigued with the delicious hin 
guor of an April sun; — nor have you 
scarce noticed that a little bevy of those 
floating clouds had grouped together hi ;v 
sombre company. — But presently, you see 
across the fields, thc dark grey streaks- 
stretching like lines of mists, from iho 
green bosom of the valley, to the spot of 
sky where the company of clouds is loit- 
ering; and with an easy shifting of the 
helm, the fleet of swimmers come drifting 
over you, and drop their burden into the 
dancing pools, and make the flowers glis- 
ten, and the eaves : rip with their crystal 

The cattle linger still, cropping the new 
come grass; and childhood laughs joy- 
ously at the warm rain; — or under tin- 
cottage roof, catches with eager ear, the- 
patter of its fall. — Dream Life. 

The Four Master Spirits. 

Happening to cast my eyes over the port- 
raits in a gallery of paintings, I remarked 
that they were so arranged as to give four 
personages — Alexander, Hanibal, Caesar 
and Buonaparte — the most conspicuous 
places. I had seen the same before; but 
never did a similar train of reflection arise 
in my bosom, as when my mind now has- 
tily glanced over their several histories.. 

Alexander, having climbed the dizzy 
heights of ambition, and with his temples 
bound with the chaplets dippped in tin- 
blood of countless nations, looked down 
upon a conquered world, and wept that 
there was not another to conquer, set n 
city on fire, and died in a disgraceful scene 
of debauch. 

Hanibal, after having, to thc astonish- 
ment and consternation of Rome, passed 
the Alps, and having put to flight the ar- 
mies of this “mistress,” and stripped three 
bushels of gold rings from the fingers of 
her slaughtered knights, and made her 
very foundation quake — returned to his 
country, to be degraded, to be driven in 
exile, and to die at last by poison, admin- 
istered by his own hand, unlamcntcd, and 
unwept, in a foreign clime. 

Caesar, after having taken eight hun- 
dred cities, and dyed his garments in the 
blond of his fellow-men — al ter having pur- 
sued to death the only rival he had on 
earth — was assassinated by those he con- 
sidered his nearest friends, and at the very 
point in which lie had gained the highest 
object of his ambition. 

Buonaparte, whose mandate kings and 
priests obeyed, after having filled the 
earth with the terror of his name — after 
having deluged Europe with tears and 
blood, and clothed the world in sackcloth 
closed his days in lonely banishment, al- 
most exiled from the world; yet where he 
could sometimes see his country’s bamim-r 
waving over the deep, blit which would 
not, or could not, bring him aid. 

Thus, those four men, who from the 
peculiar situations of their portraits seem 
ed to stand as representatives of ull those 
whom the world calls “great,” those four 
who made the earth tremble to its centre 
— severally died — one by intoxication, 
the second by suicide, the third by assas- 
sination, and the last in lonely exile. 

How vain is the greatness of this world! 
How fearful is the gift of genius, if it be 
abused! Who, that is now living, would 
not rather die the death of the humble, 
righteous man, than that of Alexander, or 
Hannibal, or Caesar, or Buonaparte? 

The inhabitant 
three times r   r 
Krnn«' \ 

England consume 
•Ii a- tlie-e of 



Our Reading Room. 

Wc 1 lave in the front room of our office, 

| Seats for those who may wish lo spend 
an hour or so reading. Our exchanges, 
| tiles and late magazines will be found han- 
dy. One thing, however we would wish 
I to be distinctly understood we do not wish 
jour exchanges to be taken from the room. 
The room is large airy and will be kept 
| clean; and wc do not know where an hour 
could he more pleasantly or profitably 
Wednesday MonKrg, l v Iay 12, 1852’ p. ■nt of a long summer’s day. Therefore, 


Reported for the Louisville Courier. 





Death of Mrs Amelia B. Welby. 

It is our painful duty to announce the 
1 death of Mrs. Amelia B. Welby, a ladv 
whose sweet songs have made her name 


Mr. Clay's Health 

The Washington Republic, of the 4 th 
inst., says: 

The country will regret to learn that the 


jp-gfln starting a paper in Lebanon, 
we have done so, we must confess at some 
little risk and against the predictions of 
our friends. We do not intend to flatter 
the people of this county; hut we mustj 

sav that they are perfect lv able, and! 
i * ,.1. 1 ,, '• • , , , poleon is about to create an Emporia! (lv 

should support a paper in their nndst, and 1 1 - 

would invite those wl 

Steamship EURO PA. 

New York, May G, P. M. 
The Europa arrived at half-past 5, P. 
M. The general news is of but little im- 

A telegram from Vienna says the pros- 
cutions against the mother and sister of 

en. She had suffered intensely for sever 
al weeks until yesterday morning, when 

to walk up now and then when they havt 

WTlic news from Europe, of late, 
contains very little of interest. The chief 
topic, now, is the rumor that Louis Na- 

io are so disposed Kossuth are stopped; they arc to be allow- 

we feel perfectly confident that they will. 
We came among you, without the usual   
precautions of having a certain number of 
subscribers, and having divers of the cit- 
izens to subscribe certain amounts of cash, j 
to be returned to them in advertisements I 
and job work within a certain time. We | 
repegt, wc have not done this, firmlv be- ' 

nastv, himself to be the E 

imperor. All 

cd to come to America. 

Lloyd contradicts the statement that 
j conference is to be held tit London, re- 
specting the Danish succession. 

I The cholera has again broken out in 

In Paris, extensive preparations are be- 
ing made for the fete of Mav 10th. 

The Patrie announces that the Prosi- 

familiar and loved in every quarter of the I illness of this distinguished statesman , 

"°rld\v here rile English language is spot- i assumed a more hopeless form than it has 

worn for some time past. During Friday 
night he was much distressed by a cough, 
death came to her relief and her spirit j and his condition has since that time grad- 
winged its way to Heaven. Mis. Welby 'sally become worse. His most sanguine 
was an ornament to her sex and a pride friends now despair of his recovery, 
to the social and domestic circle, and wc Dr. Hall, of this city, is the attending 
leave the sad and yet pleasing task of writ- physician. 

ing her obituary to some one of her many A despatch from Washington, under 
devoted friends who were familiar with her date of the 4th inst., says: 
excellencies and virtues. Mrs. Welby ’s Mr. Clay’s condition is now entirely 
funeral will take place tit four o clock this ! hopeless. He is sinkin 

g very fast, and it 
was feared last night, that he would not 
survive till morning; though very weak 
he is perfectly conscious of his condition, 
and seems fully prepared to meet death.— 

the principal powers on the Continent', dent hits no intention of pyo'ciai 

afternoon. — Lou. Cov. 1th. 

Tiie Louisville and Nashville Rail- 
road. — Mr. Hewson, the engineer of this 

road, has been engaged for some time past PresidentFillmote visited him on Sunday, 
m making surveys about tins tune with a and the interview was of the most solemn 
o ascertain proper routes and term.- and touching c | lal , lcter; a g i 00m seemed 

to bang on every countenance as they be- 


ni and connexions. 


IF. O Conner came passenger 

are showing their ire by official letters Ac. 

Louis, in the height of the Hungarian ex- 
citement, ran up ami fawned and flatter- 
ed the Austrian bird; but since he has dis- 
played his rottenness, the Austrian bird was taken up, and Milner Gilson made _ 
has begun to show itself to be of the car ,0 "ff ■ s P c( ’ cl ' i» Gi' or of it. The question 

Mr. Hewson is 

• rtr i D “ bii " u " i ~- M 

. sity, and an educated and scientific engt- statesman and patriot. 

ll,  - neer. He is the author of several very 1 

03”The City Council of Cincinnati have 
again refused to pay the bill for entertain- 

,t; neer. He is the author of several very 
able articles in DeBow’s Review, on the 

In the House of Commons, the subject subject of railroads, 
of abolishing stamps on newspapers, Ac., 

" 1 ‘■"“ , “‘“‘V » * : , , . was postoned till Fridav. 

lie. ing that the people w ould come up **on-loung species, and evinces a dcstre to The ship Brilliant arrived fro 

and freely subscribe for our paper. So! tastc Llie da,nt . vr morsel. "Coming ji ia , vitb £217,000 gold, and t 

We understand that be closes his siir- ing Kossuth, 
vcy on to-morrow, and returns to Louis- 
ville m a few days with the results of his 
survey s . — Nash fit le Union 

f ; , r our prospects have been under a cloud,   events cast their shadows before,” and his the Statesman was to sail with 8,000 and was a busy day on the public square. 

” ' ’ " 1 * ounces. Twenty one 

cent colonies were enter 

Emperial Majesty of doubtful birth, may 
meet with a worse fate than his uncle, 
w ho he is attempting to ape. 

We have, on scveial occasion-, felt a lit- 
tle disheartened; accompanied with a lit- 
tle irritation, when asking certain kind of 
juen to be found in every community, to 
subscribe, tho’they were not taking any 
paper at -all; yet they would not subscribe. 

O tliers again are taking as many papers 
as they can afford. These men we have 
no idea of blainiing; for, Lv taking papers, 
liny plainly show that they appreciate jtypc.cithcrinthccasosorotlicrplaces. 
the advantages arising from the press i 2. Allcopyforthepaper is considcredsa- 
to themselves, to their families, and to the credwliethcr nianussriptorothenvise 
world at large; and also, that they are not 3. Allpersonsaicyequested noftorcadanv 
willing to live and die in ignorance, whilst ' iiianuscriptsthey maysce lyingabout. 

Dear. — 7 oung chickens are selling in 
market at fifty cents per pair, and good 

om Austra-j ' — butter thirty-five cents per pound. — Lou 

eports that Last Monday was County Court day, Con. 

vith 8.000 iU id was a busy day on the public square. — 7. - 

s vessels from udja- About six hundred mules were sold at auc- lu 1589, William Lea, a clergyman, al- 
tering the harbor of tion - and at private sale, besides several vcntcd stocking weaving. He died of 

Port Phillip. 

The sloop of war Orestes captured 
if-??' There are certain rules which, we Spanish slaver in the Mozumloyne chan- Missouri, brought $88 10 per head. One 

nel, after resistance. 

lots of cattle,' and a number of horses.— S rief  " Paris, because the people were too 
One lot of 154 two year old mules, from j ignorant to appreciate his labors. 

presume, are not generally known but 
which govern all printing offices. We 
feci confident that it will be cnly necessa- 
ry lo mention them to have them observed. 

1 . A llpersonsarercquestcdtonottouclitlic 

Two centuries ago not one 
uf our auctioneers informs us that he sold ; dred wore stockings. 


The ship 1' alt all Saltan left Madras Dec. about 300, at ail average of about 8 1 0 per The making nails by machinery w r as the 
3d, with" 234 emigrants for Mai fturas, and bead — another, w e understand, made sales invention of an American. 

during a gale on the 23d, the hatches' 0 *" stock to the amount of abnu 
were fastened down and every one perish 
ed from suffocation. 

t 82 

2,000. T|)e 

all the w ot Id around them is progressing. 
'These, as we have said before, wc cannot j 
censure; for wc arc not in favor of a man 
running beyond bis depth in anything, and 
economy is a great virtue; yet wc cannot 
help thinking that it would be t lie quint- 
essence of economy to take a mail’s own 
county paper. 

You may smile incredulously. We will 
simply say that a man is apt to save or 
make quintuple the price of the paper by 
attending to the advertisements alone. 

Electrical Psychology 

Dn. W. A Rawlings, has been lectur- 
ing for the past five evenings upon this 
truly wonderful science. During his lec- 
tures he performed some astonishing ex- 
periments, such as paralyzing the muscles, 
! deceiving the vision, Ac. We do not at- 
tempt to force any one to believe in the 
science, bul we are of the opinion that 
any one hearing the Doctor’s lectures, must 
either discredit their own vision or believe 
in (he truth of thcscicnce. 

The Doctor is a gentleman of fine man- 
| tiers and deportment, and is well calcn 
latcd to convince 
1 if tll'.'V can bo convinced. 

New York, May 7, P. M. 

A remarkable statement appears in the 
London Times respecting the course to be 
pursued by Austria, Prussia and Russia, 
in the event of Louis Napoleon assuming 
the title of Emperor. Its substance is 
! that Prince Swarlzburg had addressed a 
circular to the E 

rnl 1 , • . . , ] art of printing was discovered 

: The sales, during the day we have no abo „t 850 rears ago. 

doubt, amounted to $o0,000. These facts j t • e 

will give our distant readers, some idea of 
a County Court day in Old Bourbon. 

Paris {Ky.) Citizen, 1th. 

[ Fruit. — We are informed that there is 

ajftiir prospect for an average crop of ap- 
ples and cherries in this vicinity. — Vincen- 
nes {la.) Gazette, 6th. 

The art of engraving 011 steel was dis- 
covered about 1820. 

We always heard that negroes had 
thick heads, but we have deemed it a slan- 
derous reflection, A correspondent, how- 
ever, tells us a story that, if we credit 
him, must lead us to opine that it xvas’t 

all slander. He says that one of our sa 
One thousand barrels of flour w ent for- Me brethren was passing through the 

uropean Courts, express- 
ing his conviction that Napoleon is about 'ward by the Atlantic yesterday for New streets a few days since during a thun 
to establish an imperial throne, adding that Orleans, at the rates of twelve and a half ' ’ 

Austria felt no alarm, and was advocating cents per barrel. This is said to be the 

der shower, when a flash of lightnin 
struck him upon his head. He clapped 

Austria alarm, anti was advocating cents per Darrel. Tins is said to be the shuck mm upon ms neau. ne ciuppea 
the claims of the President to the friend- lowest price at which a similar lot of freight his baud to the sped and looking around 
ship and alliance of the conservative gov- was ever shipped from this city . — St Louis him exclaimed, “I thought I lien , suthin 
ernments. Prussia answered the circular Intel. 5th. drap on my head!” His skull was so 

New kind 4n- Pams. — When John 
went down into Jordon, India rubber bad 
not been invented, and the evangelist would 
no doubt be greatly astonished at the uses 
to which it is put, it lie were alive in our 
day. We were a little taken ourselves with 
the singularity of the following advertise- 
ment from the New York Recorder. It 
speaks for itselt. In all probability the 
next step will be to encase the candidate 
fur this holy rite in a complete suit of w at- 
er proof cloth. People now-a-days are 
much more delicate than they were in 
John’s time, which accounts for this late 
improvement. We have heard of India 
rubber consciences. However, no allu- 

“Baptismal Pants . — The subscriber 
would respectfully inform the reverend 
clergy that he manufactures and offers for 
sale a superior article of baptismal pants, 
expressly designed fur baptising purposes. 
They arc manufactured from vulcanized 
metallic rubber Macintosh cloth, resembl- 
ing in appcarence black bombazine, are 
easy and pleasant to wear, and are war- 
ranted perfectly water-proof.” 

ill a v r i e b . 

On Thursday morning the Gtli inst., by the 
Revd. Geo. W. Miles, Mr. GEO. \V. BEAI.L, 
of Marion County, to Miss MINERVA F., 
daughter of Louts Stiles, Esq., of Nelson Co. 

on the ] 8th, and Russia on the 29th Feb- 
ruary. The tenor of both replies is that 


the two powers looked upon the desi: 

Al the Norfolk anti-slavery 
in Dedham, four days ago. Garrison intro 

neither with favor or hostility, and that duced resolves, which were passed, de- 
tliey believed lie is disposed to adopt the; nounc ' n g Kossuth, “the great Hungarian 

imr /\f lii.- I.iw.l/. ..,,.1 .in... ' : a : rillHilW 

thick and hard that the lighting, unable 
convention j to crack it passed off into the ground. — 

How'? By seeing something advertised 
for sale that he is greatly in need of, or 
nil advertisement for something he has to 
sell, — Or the settlement of some deceased 
person’s estate against w hich he has a 
claim, and would not otherwise Lc cogni- 
zant of the fact, than through his paper. : Bln. F. Gray and W. Ward, for the sup nasty. 

ICT'Our thanks J] 

policy of his uncle, and is now aiming at i outlaw. 

I the separate power in order to profit here- 

mem ^ b .v that separation, but that three ' t h e ' saddle and harness, 

rneni, anit .s well calm- powers acting in concert coaid keep liim dmary j,, this county al 
- the schepltcal, that is. 111 check. Russia and Prussia would rec- prie s paid afe from $75 
ognizc him as Emperor, if elected to that 
office, but merely as an elective monarch, 

Advice to Wives. — S hould you find it 

necessary you will, undoubtedly, many 

, of you, to chastise your husbands, you 

Horses, ihe demand lor horses, for slioujd perform this affectionate duty with 
11.. 1 1. . * ... .1 _* ... . . 

is more than or 
at this time. The 
prices pant are trom 875 to $100 for those 
of good size and kind disposition. There 

the soft end of the broom, not with the 


“A member of the Bat” of Berks coun- 

but few horses for sale. Farmers •}'■ Pennsylvania, gives us the following: 

- are due to the Hons. j and not as a founder of Napoleon’s dj- should give more attention to the grow th “While addressing the jury in an im por 
„ • • 1 1 W. Ward, for the sup- nasty. of this noble animal — a fine horse ia al tant case, not long since, 1 was struck by 

There is another reason wliv the “Post” ply of Congressional speeches which I. s ^ ulud tkafra camp of exercise of ways in market, and will always command the intelligent countenance of one of the 

Lit II II II 1*11 ll n i’ 11 a a —1 4 . . . n 1 » ■ . . . / ' 1 ■ , * V . t 1 / t .1 ■ ■ ..... 1 . ' . 1 1 1 4 1 . I .4 

should bu iii the hands of every voter of 1 they have from time to lime been sending 

jt-il' 1 hose voting gentlemen w ho gave 

ceivc our thanks, as a small token of our 
gratitude for the compliment. 

Marion County. There is now a project! us. 

011 foot to run a railroad through the coun 

ly. Mildewy mail ought to he apprized j us thc very and neceptan.e «r* 

a " 11,0 l"" uts aml arguments both in aor/e on last Thursday night w ill please re- 
favor of and agaii the project. Where 
is he most like! to gain this knowledge, 

 f not through his county paper. 

Come then and subscribe, and talk to 
your neighbors and make them subscribe, 
let us sink the “Post” deep in the soil of 
Marion county, that it may take root and 
“flourish like the-green bay tree.” 

jt-iTAY e witnessed on Thursday last, the 
weighing of some of the finest and fattest 

00,000 men has been formed at Compeig- 
1 ne, and is to be commanded by the Presi- 
j dent. 

The editor of the “Chairman” had re- 
ceived official caution. 


a high price . — Bedford (hid) Standard, jurors, and particularly pleased with the 

marked attention he paid to my speech. 

An Ohio Moses. — Thc Cincinnati Ga 
zette says that a few days since, during 

By a sort of instinct, 1 addressed my re- 
marks chiefly to him, and saw, by the as- 

the flood, a cradle with a living infant in se nting expression of his face, as well as 

it was discovered floating on the broad bo- by an occasional nod of approval, that my 

|Som of the Ohio, apparently jegardless of ; arguments were producing their effect. 
Letters from Genoa state that trade had j lli e angn elements by which it was borne [ felt surc of my man and of tbe j uryj 

revived wonderfully in that city since the ( ®l° n g^ I lietehild wa6 rescued near \\ heel- and , vas lm(cb surprised when, after an 


D i C i) • 

IN Springfield, Ky., on the 24th nit., of In- 
flamation of the heart, Margaret Jane Calhoun, 
aged 12 years. 

In this dispensation of Providence, we 
find another painful illustration of the 
great truth, that “God’s ways are higher 
than our ways, and his thoughts than our 
thoughts.” Why this family circle should 
be broken, mid the eldest boon laid in thc 
grave — just at the period when the gentle 
graces of childhood were assuming their 
perminent mould of loveliness and beauty, 
is knowledge too high for us to attain. It 
is enough for us to know, that “the Lord 
rcigneth.” Faith in God leads thc strick- 
en spirits of the bereaved to bow in res- 
ignation, and in filial submission exclaim — 
“not ours but thy will be done.” So far 
as we are permitted to judge, she gave her 
iicart, during her sickness, to Him who 
said “suffer little children to come unto 
me.” She was willing to die. Patiently 
she endured her suffering — sweetly, with- 
out a struggle, her spirit fled away — and 
Hope now whispers around her grave “it 
is well with the child.” S. W. C. 

Spiungfield, Ky. 

ilrtu atrtjfjrtiecwrmsi. 

- 'commercial treaty had been made with in S» but 110 traces of its parentage were absence . 0 f some ten s 

Wreiik is ths W. no Lady?”- An France. discovered. was returned against 

eastern editor says he has seen nothing of] California gold mining shares had im- 
that voting lady known as Etherial Mild- proved in demand. On the 22d London 

prices were tending upward. 

ness. We cannot trust her away from our 
own warm clime among such cold hearted 

Murdered dv a Lunatic. — On the 27th 

The Traveling Editor. — Bayard Tay 

minutes, a verdict 
me. I afterward 
met the juror, and after a general remark 

lor, of the New York Tribune, 'is a good or two, proceeded to make some inquiries 

Congressional Proceedings. 


Washington, May 7. 
Senate. — The private calender 

: traveler as well as a good editor. He is 
! now journeying on foot and otherwise in j 
the least explored part of the Old World, j 
and had returned to Cairo, April 2d, after 

as to what view they could hare taken of 
the matter to bring about such a verdict. 
The answer was: ‘Sic mtissen Deutch 
spreecken, lch verstche gar Lein English!’ 

j passed unscathed through Soudan, cross- ; uuderstand a 

young cattle, wc ever looked upon. They ; n,t ” a fema,e ,im;ltic ' nanlcd Coppcrwait, : 

au rag, d between twelve and fifteen bun- ! of' P 0st P 0 »Hf' in old “ up the Defi- f the D ‘ scit \ . 1Utle 

mt ' v . v .1 Y u 1 ,, „ • ciency bill, granting the right of wav and known tu tbe ancient capital of Ethiopia, 

em, , e " t 01 k, killed a Miss Lrvon, another donation of public lands to Alabama, to thence to the city of Nadi Haifa, having 

an absence of five months in Central Afri- j \ l,ad be « n "aisting my eloquence and ad 
ca, and traveling 3,000 miles there. He 

dress upon a stupid fellow who did not 
ingle word I uttered!” 

dred, and were as round and fat as but 
ter halls. Wc did not hear who fed the 
but we thought that it was a great pitv j 
he had not an opportunity to transfer them 
to market bv rail road, so that they 
would lose nothing by transportation. We 

. . public 

lunatic, by striking her on the head with aid in the construction of thc Mobile and travt -‘led about 900 miles in a burning heat 

a poker. The two were confined in the 
isamc cell. 

JJSTTIic receipts of thc Galena and 
fee! assured that if they stn 0 d in the city ; Chicago Union railroads and branches for 
of Louisville, or any other market in the the month of March were $24,557 75. 

Girard railroad; ordered to be engross- fbe Ihcniometer standing at 105 degrees 
ed. in the shade at noon. Mj. T. encountered 

Thc Deficiency bill was taken up, and 1 Iwo sand storms upon the way. 

Mr. Cass advocated increasin'- aid to the Health good, with the exception of a 
Collins line, and continued speaking until s %ht inflammation of the eyes. The 
adjournment. ° Tribune says his tour will be extended 

tine, fresh, fat and cleanly condition 
which we saw them, they would command 

Affray and Death. — Tn 

tjred out mid travel-stained animals which! 
have been driven seventy or eighty miles, 

on a Laid turnpike. 

JCstV There will be a general Muster on 

next Friday the 14th, at Bradford; ville; 
and one at ltaynick on Saurday, thc 1 5th. 
Which i- the Batalion, and which the 
Regimental Muster, we are uninformed. 

- - -j , a, i affray at, 

fairer price and quicker sale, than those wit R "K °" “- V The 

, , / , ; , _ . , , j last between Sami N. Smith and Ward . 

adj^. . j ~ 1 5(1A „ 

House.— Mr. Stanton of Ken tuck v, read through Syria to Nineveh and Asia Mi- 1 32 © 3 3c. 

: a long report from thc committee on Print- l,or - kluuk 



Friday Evening May 7th 1352 . \ 

SEEDS — Small sal s of clover at $4 50 
Flaxseed dull at 90c. 

FEATHERS — Sales for shipment at 



J OHN W. CHANDLER, lias just received 
and opened an extensive and well selected 
stock of 


consisting in part of French, English and Amer- 
ican Dry Goods; 

Plain, Black and Fancy Silks; Printed Geran- 
dine Silks; Silk Parages; Barage Delaines; Lawns 
Ginghams; Prints; &c., &c., Gloves and Hosie- 
ry of every description; Straw Bonnets; Crape 
Shawls, Scc.y 


I have Cloths; Cassimeres; Tweeds; Cytton- 
ades; Linen goods and Vestings; Moleskin, Kos- 
su*h and Silk Hats. 1 keep also Hardware, 
Queensware and Glassware. Boots, Shoes, 

• rocerics &c.; together with an endless variety 
of Goods usually kept in stores. I invite iny 
customers and the purchasers of Goods gene- 
rally, one and all, to call and examine before 
purchasing elsewhere, having determined to sell 
at prices unusually low. 

Lobanon, May 12, 1S52, tf 


I *- HOGSHEADS OF SUGAR now roceiv- 
WF ing and for sale by 

may 12 JOHN W. CHANDLER. - 


- its 


eport states that Boyd Hamilton, 

Me lake pleasure in directing the at- 1 
toil tion of our readers to the advertise- 
ment ol Mr. John A\ . Chandler in anoth- 
er column. Mr. C. has a fine lot of new 
aed fashionable Dry GooJs. Give him: 
a call on Commercial Row. 

It you w ish to get some very handsome 
furniture on very reasonable terms, pay' 
s-tiiet attention to the advertisement of 
Mr. A. S. Hardy, in another column. 

At? 1 he franklin Branch Bank of Cin- 
' binali has withdraw n itself from the cun- 
lederacy ol the .State hanks, and gone in 
to the hands of receivers. The Franklin 
censed to exist as an issuing bank Monday 
morning. $000,000 of the redeemed 
franklin notes were o/licial/y burnt at Co- 
lllinbu: (.lit wee!,, 

that he died the following morning. The 
difficulty grew out of an election for police 
judge, which was progressing that day. — 
Ward struck at Smith with a chair, when) 
the latter inflicted a mortal wound with a 
small knife. Smith was tried and at once 
acquitted. They were 
[and had always before 
| peaceable men. — Lo". Courier, Mag 1th. 

The Riveb 

was rising a little yesterday, with 9 feet 9 
canal last evening. — 
' • i fully 7 fi ot ill tbe 
contract, 'flic committee had contracted j steamboat pass. During the previous 24 

Phelps, the latter was so badly wounded c0 . nlmct °l' for the public printing, had inches water in the ca 
that he died the fellow in,,- ti.„ 111 110 "'stance complied with the terms of On Ihe Falls there we 

with Donaldson  fc Armstrong, of the 
“Union,” and Gideon  fc Co., of the “Re- 
public,” for what work Hamilton could 
not execute. He explained the grounds 
both good citizens, If f aCtio " ? f ^ committee. The House 
- '.ecu. quiet and   av,n S , “ stru ( ct « d the committee to let out 
V the printing to the lowest bidder, they re- 

A Duel on a Steamboat. — We learn 
that two passengers on the steamer Ckas. 
llammond , during her trip from Now Or- 
leans, exchanged three shots on the hurri- 
cane deck of the boat. One of the party 
a Texan planter, was shot in the arm.— 
We could not ascertain the cause of llie 1 
misunderstanding that led to the affair. — | 
Lou. Con. 

llie Duke of Wellington is eighty-three * 
years old, enjoying excellent health, la lire 

ported that it is illegal, and they cannot 
comply with the requirements of the in- 

A long debate ensued, and the subject 
was postponed till Wednesday. 

The private calender was then taken 

Mr. O. gave notice of his intention to 
call up the Pennsylvania contested elec- 
tion case Thursday. 

The House then adjourned until Mon- 

hours the river had tjsen 2 inches. The 
weather was cloudy and warm yesterday, 
with light sprinkling rains. 

At Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, last eve- 
ning, the river was falling . — Lon Con 8th. 

At a meeting of the stockholders of the 
Maysville and Lexington Railroad Com 
pany at the former place on the 4th inst., 
Messrs. A. M. January, F. T. llord, C. 
Schultz and Wm. S. Allen, of Maysville; 
John Norton, of Lexington, and Wm. 
Nunn, of Millersburg, were elected Direc- 
tors of the road for the ensuing year. — 
The condition and prospects of the enter- 
prise is represented in a highly satisfacto- 
ry light. 




and plenty of 


money. — Boston 

GRAIN— The Flour 

, market is somewhat firmer, with an in- 

and fVjcATHEn.— llie river cre ased inquiry, and sales last evening 

and to-day of S00 hbls Ohio at $3 30, 
and a sale of 100 bbls Indiana at the 
wliarf at $ 30; sales of 270 bbls mixed 
brands in lots at $3 35 and $3 40@3 45 
family brands $3 75. Wheat we quote 
at 60c. Sales of 120 bags ear Corn at 35, 
and sales of shelled Corn from stores in 
bags at 37@42c, including bags. Sales 
of Oats vary at^33(5,38c. 

HEMP — Sales of some 40 tons Kentuc- 
ky dew-rotted from the country at 70@ 
$75 ^ ton. 

GROCERIES — Rio Coffee we quote at 
lOjc, with small sales. Sugar firm, with 
sales of 35 lihds at 5@5^c, and sales of 
40 lihds at 5|@5Pc. Small sales of plan- 
tation Molasses at 3 1 c. 

PROVISIONS — Market quiet, and 
holders generally are demanding $16 75 
for mess Pork, with sales of 22 bbls. Ba- 
con coming in slowly, with a sale of 15 
By last nights mail we received the first [ casks at the river, and 15,000 lbs from 
number of the Lebanon, Ky., Post, It is wagons at 7f for Shoulders, 8Tc for plain 

published by Mr. W. W. Jack the forme 

'J he Ohio Statesman says that Catharine 
Soholey. thirtv-six years of age, and 
weighing six hundred and c/e 
to be exhibited in Columbus. Site is a na 
live ol Ohio, and risidcs in Pickaway co., 
near the junction of tie Darby with the 

'J he Crop. — M e are informed that the publisher of a paper at Springfield, Ky 
prospect lor a fine crop of wheat and oth- Thc paper is made up in good style, is neu- 

Sales of 

cr small grain, throughout Middle Tennes 
’ sec, is very flattering. The corn crop is 1 dent in other things, 
somewhat backward, owing to the severe 

Hams, and 10c for clear Sides, 
canvassed Hams at 9(5 9f c. 

Potatoes — Sales rather dull at $2@ 

tral in politics and religion, but indcpen-|2 25 bbl, and 55(5 65c igl bushel. 


’IHE SUBSCRIBER would respectfully an 

uounce to the citizens of Lebanon and 

Marion county that he still continues to man- 
ufacture on the most reasonable terms and in 
the most workmanlike manner, all articles usual- 
ly kept in establishments of the kind; such as: 
Fine, Marble-top. and common Bureaus, 
Fine and common Bedsteads, all sizes, 
Spring Matrasses, 

Tables, large and small, etc.,  £c. 

All of which he will sell on as reasonable terms 
as they can he bought for in any town in Ken- 
tucky. Thankful for past favors, I would so- 
licit, and iiope to deserve by punctuality to busi- 
ness, a continuance of the patronage hitherto ex- 
tended to me. A. S. HARDY. 

May 12, 1852, tf 

W anted. 

ti. PTMiESubscriper will pay CASH for e 
/S? X Likely Young NEGROES, atJ». 
„vV all times. Wm. W. CLEVER. zOix 
Lebauon, Ky„ May 12, 3t. 


TOBACCO — Demand fair, with sales 

own icounds j s - . """'s w me severe lucre ts an aura mage arising to 

Qi , ’ and continued cold weather during the first ! community that sustains its local 

There is an advantage arising lo every ranging from $2 30 to $5 55. 


month of spring. M ith such fair wrath- land we believe that the citizens of Leba- 
er as wc now enjoy, we may calculate on non know this and will, for the liianv cou- 

WHfSKEY — Sales of 169 bbls raw at 
154c; sales of rectified at 15@15Ac. 

good crops generally. — Nashville Gazette 




arising from it, give it a "liberal M e will endeavor to giv e the Cattle 
L '». Democrat. Market Of Louisville hereafter. 

Three Wives Wanted. 

3HE SUBSCRIBERS, being tireJ of that 

state misscalled single] blessedness, take 

this method cf announcing to the fair sex gen- 
erally, that is the unmarried portion of them, that 
they are candidates for the holy slate of matri- 
mony. We are all good looking, and have good 
characters, that is. what we hare left is good; 
so that the happy three which are the first to 
address us may rest assured of being happy. 
Our capital consists in, three 3 cent pieces, given 
lo us by our last sweet hearts; three set of horse- 
shoes much worn, with the frames of three hor- 
ses ditto ditto; three cigar cases with a few ci- 
gar stumps therein; any quantity of biass, which 
by the aid of Psychology may pass for gold; 
three pare of pants, much worn, which the hap- 
py ladies may wear provided they can; and final- 
ly, a few bad habits almost eradicated. 

.Address, through the Post Office 

.1. A. K. 

W. W. p 

T. H. L 

Mav VI if. 

Special •Noticcc 

G. A Porter, 


Wednesday Morning, Ma*/ 12, 1852 

RY imparts new vigor to vital action, and re- 
lieves the system by opening the pores of the 
skin, and promoting tin* secretion of miiCQS 
matter. Its action is sudorific, sedative and ex- 
pectorant, by opening the pores, allaying irrita- 
tion, and by rendering the expulsion of mucus 
matter easy. 

Those who take the Balsam will feel immedi- 
ate relief from the distressing irritations that 



K 'EEPS Constantly on hand a complete* and well selected stock of Drugs, Medicines, Paints, 
Oils, Dye Stuffs, (Mass & Glass ware. 

i ogethcr with every other article usually kept in au establishment of the kind, consisting of 
Perfumeries and Soaps, with a variety of fancyarticles; also a general assortment of all the pop- 


/ have a good sup] /;/ of ST ATI ON- 
ER Y, on hand and for sale; rack as: 
Foolscap and Llci i:tt Pater, 

Note Pater, 

Plain and Fancy Envelopes, 
Steel Pens, Ac., «fc c . 

accompany affections of tho respiratory organs. ; P at ® ut medic: ties of the day. . 

bee., closed, the Balsam opens   C ’ A ’ P - takes this occasion to return Ids sincere thanks to Ids friends 

former patronage, and would respectfully solicit their continued 

Mr. James A. O’Brian, is our author* 
i/.ed agent at Bardstown for the reception 
of Subscriptions, Advertisements, &c., and 
s also authorized to receive and receipt 
for all monies due us in that reuion. 


sent the first 

The pores have been closed, the Balsam opens 
them. The lungs suffer from irritation, the ir- 
ritation is soothed; the pulse is violent and fe 1 
(Verish, they are softened, and the mucus inctn- 
• bran is relieved of its engorgement with rapid- 
ity and ease. All by the use of this delightful 
' remedy. 

, See advcrlisement. 

Lebanon Division. S. ofT , No. 78, 

Meets every Thursday night at their hull in 
the Court House, 

May, 5, 1852, y 

( 3UKE WHITE LEAD No. 1, in store and ; 
for sale at the Drug Store. may a. 

and customers for their 

n t lie neatest style at 

V_7 'U 

Wo have 

her of the “Post” to a 
of our old subscribers 
that they will extend 
patronage to us. We do not 
wish to he considered as iorcing 
them into measures, at alt; Ate 
merely adopt this method of- .so- 
liciting their countenance and 
names upon our new books. 

Many to whom wc send the 
“Post” are entitled to it for dif- 
ferent periods on account of their 
time not having been out with the 
“Mercury,” and for which they 
had paid; we hope they will con- 
tinue with us when their time! 
does run out. Therefore, avc 

store and for sale, at*thc Drugstore, 

S ODA AND CR. TARTAR just received and 
for sale at the Drug Store. 

R ANDIES, superior article for medical j 
purposes, in store and for sale at the Drug 




T. &. E, SLEYIN, 


12 arc receiving our Spring and Slimmer 
w V Dry Goods, making our stock very full 
and well assorted, part of which consists of-- 
100 cases fane v, black and purple Prints, 

Masonic Lodge, 

1 ! II 111- ' 

; 1 Meets the 1st Monday night in every month 

number at their hall ill tile Lebanon Hotel. 

■ ’ ' Independent Order of Odd Fellows, ijlprlk and spice instore and 

tneir Kind ; Meets cvcry Mouday llig i lt at t | leir hilll over ! J l ow at the Drug Sotore . 

L. Edelen’s Hat Store. 

M adeira, port and sweet wine. 

store and for sale at the Drug Store. 





W OULD invite the attention of the Ladies 
and Gentlemen to his beautiful stock 
of fancy Boots and Shoes. 

The Latest Styles of Ladies French Sateen 

Ladies English Kid Gaiters, 
do. Lasting do. 

do. Fancy Marocco Tips, 

Baskins, Slippers, Excelsiors, See., Sic. 

Men’s Congress patent-leather Gaiters, 

“ “ Enameled “ 

“ “ Calfskin ** 

** Short top patent-leather Boots, 

M Long top “ “ ** 

All sorts of pretty Shoes, to 



Ft Oils; 


... tickle the fancy 

would say, that tllOSC receiving of the babies. Now friends call and look at this 

nnr nanni' orirl not widiintr to hr  stock of Shoes and Boots, whether you buy or 
OU1 papci and llOl Willing lO DC not n.e ladies are particularly invited lo call; 

subscribers, will please refuse it I love to see them whether I sell lo them or not. 

, A f . 1 , ... TJ . . -x * Ca*. tl, #.* Jn 

at their respective Post Oftices 

1LS &,c. Linseed, Lard, and Sw 
also Spirits Turpentine, in store and for 
sale at the Drug Store. 

C fA/I \ H I ' li W N E, iubot 
J for sale at the Drug Store. 

I EMON SY RUP, just received and for sale 
J by the gallon or bottle at the Drugstore. 

JURE! FIRE!! FIRE!!!—' Where? WhenT? 
— Run to the Drug Store, where yon can 
get a glass of llmf most delicious Iced Beverage, 
whis — bran — SODA WATER., for five cfs., and 
it will immediately cxlinguislt the fire within 
you. Try it. 

C l HUSHED SUGAR in store and lor 

J the Drug Store. may 5 

I rior article of TEA in store and for sale 
at the Drug Store. may 5 




3-4. 4-4, G 1 and 12-1 bleached 




bleached Drilling; 



Cottonades and Denims; 



solid ami plaid Giuplium; 



black and fancy Lawn; 



black aud colored Catnprics and 




Apron and Shirting Checks and 

f weeds; 



Irish Linens and Hollands; 



French slate and yellow Linen; 



4-4, 5- j and G- l brown Cotton; 

: n 


3-1, 7-8 and 4-4 Tickings; 



brown and blue Drilling; 



heavy Osnaburg; 



Shirting Stripes: 



? black and fancy Cloths; 



do do Cassimere; 

' 225 


Satinet, Tweed and Jeans: 



Drap d’Etc and Rueen’s Cloth; 



black aud fancy Lustre; 



new style Mousd’Laim’s; 



Silk, Satin and Cotton Vestings; 



Silk ahd worsted Serges; 



Cambric, Jaconet and Swiss Mus- 




Bonnet, Cap and Mantua Rib- 




i cotton Hose and Gloves; 



led and brown Table Cloth; 


ceived and for sale, at the Drug Store. 

Notice to our Exchanges. 

Our exchanges will please to 
direct their papers to “The Post, 
Lebanon Ky.;” in lieu of’ “The 
Mercury, Springfield Ky.” 

JOb Work! 

We are now prepared to do JOB 
PRINTING, in as handsome a manner 
and at as reasonable prices as any other 
office within the State. Persons wishing 
bills done in colors, are informed that we 
are well supplied with Red, Blue, ; Green 
and Black Inks, of very superior qual- 
ity. This is a new feature in “country job 
offices,” as it is not one printer in ten who 
knows how to use them. We will do the 
best we know how for 
their work to us. Work 
shortest notice. 

Sign of the Boot, Sout). side, of Main Street, be- 
tween Republican and Market. Edmonds. B .EXTRACT LEMON, in store aud for sale 
-- - ‘ gjj lo 


May 5, 1852, tf 

Patent Medicines. 

AMES A. EDMONDS is the only author- 
ized agent for Marion County, for the sale j 
oT the following popular Medicines: 

Graefeuberg Medicines, 

Ashton’s Celebrated Toothache Drops, 

East India Tonic for Chills, 

Gray’s Ointment, 

Westerfield’s Indian Remedies, 

Dr. Strong’s Compound Sanative Pills, 

Dr. Strong’s Pectoral Stomach, 

Spcncec’s Vegetable Pills, 

Brown’s Essence Jamaica Ginger, 

Bell’s Cirsasian Balm for removing Dandruff. 
Lebanon Boot and Shoe Depot. 

J. A. EDMONDS, Agent. 

May 5,1852, tf 

Price of Candy Reduced. 

I AM NOW prepared and will sell CANDY 
By Wholesale, at 1 2 1 ^ cents per lb.; and at 
ISconts the single pound. Also. 1 will furnish 
Wedding and Party CAKES at Louisville pri- 

r : n r* _ 

at the Drug Store. 


B ULL’S SARSAPARILLA, in store and for 
sale low, at the Drug Store. may 5 

fy/| USTANG LI NI AM ENT, in store and for 
1? I sale, nt the Drug Store. may 5 

and for sale, at the Drug Store may 5 

C i uisott’s Yellow dqpk and s . 

J! S APARILLA and Wistar’s Balsam of 
| Wild Cherry, in store and for sale, at the Drug 
| Store. may 5 

ICE! ICE!! ICE!!! 

I AM Now prepared to furnished ICE to 
families regularly or otherwise. Apply at 
the Shoo and Boot stole of J. A. Edmonds. 

May 5. B. EDMONS. 

Wool Carding 

HE SUBSCRIBER having refitted his 
CARDING MACHINE, is now prepar- 

lo • 


T W O 

£irWe have on 
a fine lot of Visiting and Business Cards. 
Also fine Note Paper, Envelops and Mot- 
toes. All of which wc will sell low forj 

,1 u lm ont ict ccs   without addition of carriage, amt aTT (Jon- e,t to do all cardtug which may be entrusted 
ulose ul ° ctHtttsl f ec tionaries at the very lowest prices. I him, upon tho shortest notice. lie has 


Next door to the Mansion House, Bartls own, 

! Ky. may 5, lm. 

hand and for sale, jj ew Spring and Summer 


FT! HE UNDERSIGNED have just received a getting good rolls. 
J complete assortment of Spring and Sum- : May 5, 2m 


Of the very best patents, and therefore can do ( 
carding to any reasonable amount, without the; 
usual delays attendant upon single machines. 

My customers are requested to v ash their 
wool well, and pick it clean of burs before they 
bring it to me, and they then may be sure of 


Rags! Rags!! Rags!!! 

Clean Linncn and Cotton Rags wanted 
at this office. The highest price in CASH 
will be paid for any amonnt brought. 

We Wish to get its an 


Apprentice to the 
Printing Business, an active, sprightly boy. 
A boy must bear a good character, and 
come well recommended. None other 
need apply. 

jJSTWe would respectfully call the] 
particular attention of the ladies to our 
stock of Fancy Stationery, such as: 

Note Paper, Letter Paper, Envelopes, 

( to ,  tc. 

gSf - An experiment with Phillips’ Fre 
Annihilator, at Newark, on Tuesday week, 
was pronounced by the committee of the 
Fire Department, appointed to report upon 
the result, entirely successful. 

#jrMr. J acob Uhl, editor anti propri- 
etor of the oldest German newspaper pub- 
lished in N. York, the “Stats Zeitung,” 
died on Tuesday week, of consumption. 

mer Goods, consisting of 
Rich iiguered Silks, 

Plain Black do. 

Black figured do. 

Paris printed Be rages, 

Organdie Muslins, 

French Jaconets and Lacous, 

Irish Linnen, Table Linnens. 

Bcrage De Laines. black Bombazines, 
Canton Cloths and Alpachas, 

White Crape Shawls, 

Gimghams and, Chambrays, 

Cloths, Cassimers and vestings, 
Tweeds, and Summer Cloths, 
’Tickings and Checks, 

Cotton and Silk Hosiery, 

Tyrolese and Silk Bonnets. 

All of which we will sell low for cash, 

Kossuth has Arrived. 

Since the Great Magyer lias arrived in our 
country, the question has been “what shall we 
wear?” I am happy to inform the citizens of 
Marion county, that I have just returned from 
the East with a large stock of tiic most fashion- ! 
i able and modern 


ever before offered in this market. Considering 
it only necessary to inform the public that my 
GOODS have arrived, and consist in all the dif- 
ferent varietiesof Merchandize which are usual- jjj 
ly kept in a store, I will not particularize fur- A [.SO* 500 pa- 
■ thcr than by saying tiiat I have no fears of suit- 

Nankeens, Camlets, chambrays, linen and. cot- 
ton diapers, wollen and cotton ffannels, canvass, 
padding, silk and cotton velvets, velvet cord, bar- 
eges, white and black nets,, bindings, 
laces, white and black wadding, Lancaster quilts 
umbrellas, parasols, black silk Florences, silk 
and cotton cravats and handkerchiefs, linen hun- 
kcrchicfs, kid gloves, suspenders, combs, buttons 
threads, needles, &C. All of which wc will sell 
cheap. We respectfully invite tho attention of 
our old customers and city aud country mer- 
chants generally. 

The highest price paid for fethors, ginseng and 
beeswax. T. &,£. SLEV1N. 

may l-3m * 



Tin and Sheet Iron Manufacturer , 
and dealer in J follow Ware and 
Castings of every description. 

Now in this enterprising age, 

This subject should our thoughts engage; 

How oft has woman cast her ire 
At man, when cooking over the re; 

11. JOHNSON near the Public Square, 

He deals in Stoves and in Tin Ware. 

From Wallace & Lithgow* he keep* on hand 
Tlie air-tights and the Premium Brand; 

Tin Buckets, pans and open pails, 
lo suit the buyer he never falls. 

His Copper Kettles, Tin and Brass, 

No other shop can ne’er surpass; 

Odd Lids and Cistern Ptnnps is there 
Japanned aud Cast and Hollow ware, 

Cake cutlers, hearts, diamonds and squares 
For halls and parties and Ladies Fairs. 

Zink wash-boards, too, of common size 
And pans, you know, for baking pics. « 
Coffee boilers. large and small, 

The genuine, won’t leak at all; 

Only at the spout 

Where we pour the coffee out, 

Pepper- boxes, made of tin 
To let the pepper out and in; 

And Doctors passing by should stop 
For lie keeps pills boxes in bis sliop ; 

And refrigerators clean au J.nice, 

For the purpose of preserving ice, 

In fact aud in fine 

He has everything needed in the tinning line. 

W. W. JACK. 

BLANKS done in 
this office. 



By the undersigned Aomt for (he 

Cf Hartford Conn. 

Policies issued 0:1 the most favorable 
terms bv. 


Feb, 7th, 1 m 

Protection Fire ar.d Narine 


rgillE UNDERSIGNED, ngent for this ol.l 
X and well established Instb ution, continues 
to issue Policies of Insurance against loss or 
damage by fire, also against tin* hazards of ma- 
rine or inland traiiFportatlon, at the currant rates 
of premium charged by other responciblc com- 
panies. All claims for loss, under Policies is- 
sued by the undersigned, will be promptly ad- 
justed, aud paid, by the General Agent of the 
Company located at Cincinnati. The loss paid 
by this Company in the Western County, du- 
ring the last 25 years, exceed $2,000,000. 

Jan. JOHN DYER. Agent, Springfi Id 





Capital Sloele, Annual Premium and 
Western Fund, 

$ 1 , 000,000 

or to iug lliuse rviio may favor me with u call in price, 
punctual dealers on the usual rime. All kinds ! quality and quantity. J. R. KNOTT, 

of country produce taken in exchange. may 5 




LBS., of Hollow Ware, just re- 
ceived this day per steamer JIM 

ts fresh Garden Seeds for sale 


j „ „ _ , 

are respectfully referred lo the Superior advan- 
tages offered for FIREaml MARINE Insurance 
Py 1 the above named Company, which maintains 
its business as it has done during the last 2G 
years, upon a responsible and permanent basis. 
Annexed is an extract from Circular No. 4 L re- 
cently received from \\ . B. Robbins, Esq ., Gen- 
eral Agent of the Company for the Western aud 
Southern States. 


“Public attent ion has of late been called to the 
j monstrous indebtedness of certain Insurance 
‘-Companies, which lias resulted in their bankrup- 
cy. involving loss of premiums upon the uncx* 
pi red period ol risks, as well as more serious 
losses to Claimants, Stockholders, and Endor- 
sers. Tiic undersigned takes therefore a pecu- 
liar pleasure and pride in slating that the affairs 
of the “Old Protection Office,’ have never been 
in a more sound and prosperous condition than 
at the present time. The rejection of an im- 
1 mouse number of risks during the last six years 
which have been eagerly taken, at low rates, by 
our competitors, has exerted the most salutary 
affluence, and demonstrated the fact, long luce 
j advocated by us, that Insurance is not so much 
v. business cf chance asi generally supposed. — 
Its results are capable of being reduced, by dis- 
cretion and experience, to an almost scientific 
exactness, aud an average of titnust^r® aeefe rial ti- 
ed, which is subject to but slight and uu impor- 
tant variations. 

“At the General Agency Office, and the W es- 
tern and Southern Agencies of the Protection 
I Company [two hand red and thirteen in number,] 
reporting thereto the aggregate liabilities of every 
| description, including all i .osscs not paid, because 
not due, amounts to $b,fi09.KI while the cash 
moans [entrusted to the undersigned for the pay- 
ment of these liabilities) exclusive of incoming 
I Western aud Southern premium of the Capitol 
Stock and other resources of the Office at Hart- 
ford, amounts to SI, 758, 27. The undersigned is, 
therefore, prepared to discount at the rate of fi 
per cent, perannum, all unpaid awards aud other 
liabilities of the office at the several Agencies 
above referred to coming under his supervision.” 

The undersigned, local Agent, Issupplied with 
blank Policies am! Renewal receipts, which will 
be issued, covering approved risks upon reason- 
able terms. 

Ay Jitt Pro. Ins. Co. for 

XV a shio ( n C o «  

1851. 2 m 

Experiments were made in the im mi fictm C 
of tl’.is medicine, Until it was found that it cou h. 
not be farther improved* 

Accordingly, we find it resorted to, almost 
universally, incases ol Hepatic , Fcoil utic, and 
Cutaneous complaints for goner.. I prostruL -n 
of nil the vital powers, and all ilioie torment- 
ing diseases of the skin so tr) h:g Jo the patient «* 
and so injurious to the health. 

I'he following letter is from a highly respirt- 
able Physician, who enjoys an extensive prnclic*- : 
Navcrre, Stark co , O Nov. 1,1851. 

Dr. Joi!?f D. Park: Dear Sir: “Dr. Guy- 
solt’s Extract of Sarsapui ilia.” This im dicin'* 
bus been prescribed by m  for the last time 
years, with good effect, in general debility, 1 iv- 
er Complaint, Jaundice, DispejiSiu,   bionic and 
Norvous diseases. In all Fcinule Complaints it 
certainly is unequalled. 

fa imm 

stantlv gains strength and vigor, a fact worth 
of great cc aside ration. It is jdcnsnnt to t h«* 
table, and smell, and can he nsrd by person*' 
withTlie mo. i delicate stomachs, with safety : 
under any circumstances. I am sj. raking from 
[experience, ami to the afflicted 1 advise its use. 


Extract of a letter an XfUniirc Afcr- 

chant in Arc noli. HV.v. 

Nkkvaii, Wis.. Oct. # 29, U'5l. 

Mr. John D. Park, — Dear sir: I uni out of 

your “WistarVBalsam of Wild Cherry,” and 
“Dr Guisett's ‘’Extract of Yellow Dock and 
Sarsaparilla,” please forward a supply iimuc 
! dintely. 

Your Balsam ^ f Wild ( berry worked to a’ 
charm here; not a bottle failed of affording ini-' 
mediate relief, and in every instance but one 
(an old gentleman of 71 years of age) it cured, 
the Yellow Dock has done equally as well. I 
look three bottles myself Ia.« t fall, end enjoyed 
perfect health lust winter, for the first winter 
for eh'”i ;i years, h. ii:g troubled with a severe* 
eruption oi the skill u bicli laid tm up from twe 
weeks to four months every u inter and spring 
mu til last winter. 

Henry E. .1 one?, a brother merchant and u 
I particular friend of mine, took two bottles ol 
tin* A eliow Dock for a Scrofulous Eruption,- 
vvbicli has worked an entire cure. 

My sior. is cornci of Wisconsin Avenue ami 
i Walnut street. Yours respectfully. 


In quart Bottles, per bottle, or d lioltlctf 
for 5 dollars. 

| Sold by JOHN D. PARK. 

t inejtinuli, Ohio 

Mi VST* : 

CEO. W. TA \ LOU, ) . . 

J. C. LYON. ^ SprtngjHtd. 

C. A. PORTER, Lebanon. 

J. A. I! UR TON, Pevrgvilh. 


( . P. II A JTINC J. ] , Hardsteirn. 

II ROW A  (■ ROM). Lijui'-rilte. 

Aug. 30. 16*51- 1 v 


Sprinufield and 
Dec. I. 

The two Horticultural Societies in New 
York have united, and hold a grand ilo 
ral and horticultural cxhibilation in June 
at the Metropolitan Hall. 

The California Delegates to the Demo- 
cratic National Convention, were among 
the passengers by the Northern Light, at 
New York. 

i 0*As there has been a change made in our 
firm, all those indebted to the undersigned, 
will please come forward and srttl - by ca.,h or 
notes, as it is necessary for their business to be 
wound up as soon as possible, 
may 5, tf L. A. & W. I. ABELL. 







Hartford, Conn. 

HE undersigned, Agent for tills old and re- 
J. pousihle office, is always prepared to issue 
Policies, upon approved risks, on favorable terms. 

E. F. SHACKELFORD, Agent for 
Lebanon and Marion county may 5. 

may 5. I in. 




Y facilities for the purchasing of matcri- 

A fine Brass' Mounted Single Set of Harness 
This harness is warranted to be made in a strong 
substantial manner, and of good materials; the i\ ■ 

mountings arc of Brass, and the Tree and Bridle J\j ols, and the manufacturing to order of 
are encased in Patent Leather. Call and exam- SUPERIOR HATS, arc not excelled in the Wcs- 
ine it. [may 5.] A. JENKINS. Country. 

. I have on hand, and am constantly mauufatur- 
ing to order 

P a , „„ , . , , r , „ Black and White E eaver, 

g* HE undersigned, Agent for the Mutual 

1 Benefit Life Insurance Company of La., Nutria, Brush, Russia and Otter llats, &.c. Also 
is now prepared to take Risks on the Lives of tb e Spring stjleof Hats from the most, cele.ira- 
individual* for a term of years or Tor Life. lei! llous ' s  “ Uie city of New York. Together 

RISKS on the Lives of Negroes also taken on with a large assortment of 
reasonable terms " c.i:r...u u„i. 





Life Insurance Company. 


This Company has actual Capital of o\k 
hundred thousand no l i. Aits, and is managed by 
men of the highest integrity and responsiblity 
Pamphlets furnished, information given, 
applications received by 

JOHN DYER, Agent. 
Drs. F. E. Polen and ) 

T. J. Montgomery, $ 

Sept. 6, 


Medical Examiners. 

Pamphlets furnished, information given 
applications received by 
M.S. Shuck, M D. j 
Medical Examiner. ’ 


It. S. PETERS, Agt., 
for Marion County 

There are now twelve daily newspaper 
ublished in Cincinnati — eight in the 
lish language and four in the German. 



HEy^TT’OULD Respectfully aunounce to tho 
V V Traveling Public, that he has just fin- 
ished in a fine manner his Tavern Stand in Leb- 
anon, where lie will at all times be happy to en- Blair 

Set., March Term 

State ol Kentucky, 

Marion Circuit. 

Wilfred Blair, Adm. Plft 

Wilfred Blair, Creditors & Deft. 

O RDERED by the Court that all persons; . 

having claims against the estate of Wilfred ot ‘f. r C l; y 
dec'd., are hereby requested to produce and ,e 1 a 

Brown California, black aud white Buena Vista 
and Wool Hats. 

Mens* and Youth*’ Panama Hats. 

“ “ Double and single brim I 


“ “ Pedal Straw Hats. 

** “ palm Leaf do 

Infants’ fancy Summer do 

Ladies’ Riding Hats, of the latest New \ ork . 

aud Parisian Styles. 

Kossuth Hats, &c., &c. 

The above goods will be found equal in qual- 
ity, and fully as LOW in PRICE as the same 
article can be bought for in Louisville or any 

itrons of the house, and the public at 


\PA Rin 


tertuiu his friends aud the public generally, and ! prove tlie same before Wm. S. Knott, Master ' ar R 1 '; ari5 particularly invited to call and exam- 
will spare no pains to make them comfortable) Comr. in Chancery, at the Clerks Office of the 

tlie assortment. 

when they put up with him. Hia table is always I Marion Circuit Court, on or before the June 1 ^ ’ Rats ol any particular shape made to or- 
supplied with the best the market can afford. | Term next, and all creditors are enjoined from j. r u - nn°rl notice. 

,,, -e   ■ e.. I— ly j: 1 r. 1 — ..... . LEONARD EDELEN. 

* | His bar contains the best of Liquors, Cigars, otherwise disposing of their claims until the fur- 
published in Cincinnati — eight in the Eng- . &,c. , and his stable with the best provinder, am! R ler order of the Conrt. Lebanon 

attentive grooms. I Attest, WM. S. KNOTT, M. Comr. 

may 5. 

In some portions of Litchfield couuty. 
Conn., the snow still lies on the ground so 
deep that travel is impeded. 

Terrible Storm. — There was a terrible 
storm occurred in Levcnworth, Ind., on 
last week. The amount of property des- 
troyed; is estimated at §30,000. 

0 ^ 7 -There will be an election of Trus- 
tees for Common School District, No. 1, 
held at the Court House in this place, on 
Saturday the 15th of May. beginning at 
10 o’clock. 

*1 ' Buggies and horses always on hand 

r f. to hire by the day or week. Horse*! Stats of Kentucky, 

kept by the day, weak, or month, at very reas- 
onable rates. 

ILTFine Horses for sale at all times. 

May 5, tf J. 11. KIRK. 

Marion Circuit. 
Morgan Daviss, 
Morgan Daviss’ 

1 Set., March Term 
I 1852. 

Adm. Plf’t., 

ceived aud for sale, Lt the Printing office. 
May 5, tf 

v-k PAPER that the country can afford may 
be found, low for cash, at the Printing Office. 
May 5, *f 

Creditors,  fcc.. Deft, 

NEW GOODS, RDERED by the Court that oil persons j J^NVELOPES of every quality and price, 

2 * " having claims against the estate of Morgan on hand and for sale, at the Printing office 

j Daviss, dec’d., are hereby requested to produce May 5, tf 

E have just received direct from Phila- ‘ and prove the same before Win. S. Knott, .Master ! ‘Tv" p T f\p y LOT OF VHSITTnG a^d BUS I 

- l,e 0f . the NES.S C ARDS, on hand and for snle' a’t 

the Printing Office. may 5, tf 

FOOLSCAP PAPER, of tit# very best qual- 
w 1 *; ity, on hand and for sale* at the Printing 

w delphia, a largj and handsome stock of 



Marion Circuit Court, bn or before the Ju 

...... . , , „ , Term next, and all creditors arc enjoined from 

selected with much care, and on the most favor- ; otherwise disposing of their claims until the fur- 
able terms: which wo will sell low for cash or lo lh( . r or(|cr of * thr . , ' ourt 

punctual dealers on our usual credit. Our friends AUes , WM. S. KNOTT, M. Comr. 

and the public generally arc requested to call | 

and examineonr stock. ; /pv UILI.S, STEEL PENS, INK, WAFERS, 

All kinds of Country Produce Ink. n 11 cx- PENCILS, &c„ &C., on hand and for sale 

change for goods. I.. A SP 1 LDING  5i CO. mi the Trioting Office. mm 5, tf 


^ found low 
M*\v 5, it 

may 5. tf 

BLANKS, are always 
for cash, at the Printing 

Improved Extract of Yellow Dock and Sar- 
saparilla. jd 

1 Remember, this is the only TRUE and 

ORIGINAL article. 

| This medicine, when usfd according to direc- 
Scrofula, or King’ s,, Evil, Cancers, Tumors, 
Eruptions ji r t lie Skill, Erysipelas, Chronic 
Sore Eyol, Bing Worm, or Tetters, Scald 
Head, Rheumatism, Pains in the Bones or 
Joiuts, Old Sores and Ulcers, Swelling of 
th * Glands, Syphilis Dyspepsia, Salt Rheum, 
Diseases of the Kidneys, Loss of appetite, 
Diseases arising from the use cf Mercury, 
Pain in the Side and Shoulders, General De- 
bility, Dropsy, Lumbago, Jaundice, and Cos- 
tiveness. The best Female Mcdicino known. 

Dr. Gt son’s Extract of N hi. low Dock 
and Sarsaparilla. 

SARSAPARILLA,” are the invaluable remedial ! 
agents from which “Dr. Guysott’s Improved ! 
Extract of Yellow Dock an ! Sarsaparilla” is 
formed; and the btbratory of TV. Ouysotl has; 
given us llic virtuesof lb** roots i n t heir per- 
fection. II isj preparation contains all tlie res- 
torative properties of tbe roots, combined and 
concentrated Ai their utmost strength and cf 

Wistar’s Balsam of 

I To man for ( ’unyhs. Asthma , Colds, 
Croup, llronchitis , Influenza , Bleeding 
of the hangs, Difficulty of breathing. 
Li nr Affections. Pain or weakness of 
the Breast or Side, First stages of Con 
snvtjjtion , fir. 

In short, this Balsam ts pec a I iu rig adapted 
to every disease the Lungs and Liv- 
er, which is produced in oar cci r- vary- 
I iug climate. 

s \^TYrILD CHERRY has long been known lo 
■I I possess important medical properties. — 
This fact is familiar to ev rv matron in our land, 
and physicians often prescribe it in different 
forms for a variety of complaints. Pur, also, lias 
been equally noted for its virtues; and some 
| physicians, whose names are familliar to the 
whole country, have gone so far as to declare 
! that even Consumption could bo cured by that 
alone. In other hands, again, it was m arly 
valueless, owing, no doubt, to their ignorance in 
. preparing and administering it — a difficulty now 
entirely obviated by patient experiment am; 

! long experience. 

, The extraordinary medicinal powers of tKestf 
two libs tli n ccs are now, for the first tiim*, ‘com- 
bined and embodied in DR. WISTAR’S BAL- 
SAM OF WILD CHERRY. By a nice chem- 
ical process everything deleterious or useless is# 
! rejected, so that what remains is the most ex- 
traordinarily and truly efficacious remedy for alf 
kinds pulmonary and liver diseases ever known 
to man. To convince all unbelievers that our 
theory is really true, we refer to a few case* of 
| cures performed by this wonderful fnedibine. 

Another astonishing Cun! 

K. Kalb, a highly respectable merchant of 
i Kusliviile, lair field bounty, Ohio, s«ut us the 
I following voluntary tribute to 

| *   Dv. WistaEs Balsam of Wild Cherry!' 

Kusliviile, Fairfield co. 0. April fi, 1851. 
Mr. J. I). Park — D ear Sir: I wish lo state 

j to you that iny daughter, Ainamkt, aged six- 
j teen years, had, about a year since, a very s«*- 
, vere attack cf measels, winch reduced her very 
much, and left her with a racking cough, I 
! employed all tlie physicians within our reach 
lor the purpose of remov ing her cough, but with 
out success. She appeared to be^ainking inter 
a decline, with every Eymptom of consumption. 

1 then trie d Dr, * Rogers’ Liverwort and Tar.” 
B ut All it aggravated her cough, and gave her 
symptoms of a still more malignant character, 
li was now most seriously alarmed, and it was 
i with trembling fear that I from day lo day, saw 
I tbe progress of that insatiable disease, consump- 
tion. 1 really despaired of my daughter’s recov- 
jery. But I providentially saw the certificate of 
Jonathan Coulson, whose dauglitci, Sarah Jane, 
was cured of consumption by “Wistar’s Balsam 
of Wild Cherry’;” this created a faint hope ihal 
lit might help my daughter, and I immediately 
(commenced using it. and it almost instantly gave 
relief, her health was improved from the fir*r 
' bottle, and by the use of two bottles of Wistar’s 
| Balsam of Wild Cherry, she was restored to 

I perfect health, and she is not now predisposed 
lo a cough. 

] will sav to all that are articled with any 
| disease tending to coiisninpJioi . do not despair, 
'for Dr. Wistar’s balsam of Wild Cherry will 
'cure you, if you will but try it. 

K. K \ LB. 

The genuine Wistar’s Balsam ol Wild Cherry’ 
has a fac simile signature of Henry WBtar, M. 
D. Philadelphia, aud ‘‘Sanford Si Park” on u 
finely executed steel engraved wrapper. Nootb- 
, er can be genuine. 

Price one dollar per bottle — six bottled for  • . 

; Sold by J. 1) PARK, Cincinnati,    

/ (TENTS: 

GEO. W. TAYLOR, and 
J, C. LYON, Springfield. 

C. A. PORTER, Lebanon. 

J. CliETON. P'-rryville. 

CURTIS HATCH* Harrc bur- 

Dec .6th 

S f i c r t o c t v L» 

Note the Bright Hours Only. 

A lceson in iteclf eublitm*, 

A lesson worth enshrining, 

Is this: “I take no heed ol time; 

Save when the sun is shilling. ’* 

The*c motto words a dial bore, 

And wisdom never teaches 
To human hearts a better loro 

Phan this short sentence preaches, 

As life is sometime bright and fair, 
And sometimes dark and lonely, 
Let us forget its pain and cure, 

And note its bright hours only. 

There is no grove on earth’s broad chart 
But has some bird to cheer it; * 

So hope sings on, in every heart, 
Although we may uot hear it; 

And if to-duy the heavy wing 
Of sorrow is oppressing, 

Perchance to-morrow’s sun will bring 
The weary heart a blessing. 

Wc bid the joyous moments haste, 

And then forget their glitter; 

We take the cup of life, and taste 
No portion but the bitter; 

But we should teach our hearts to deem 
Its sweetest drops the strongest; 

And pleasant hours should ever stem 
To linger round us longest. 

Though darkest shadows of the night, 
Arc just before the morning; 

Then let us wait the coming Tight, 

All boding phantoms scorning; 

And while we’re passing on the tide 
Of lime’s fast ebbing rivt*r, 

Lo'/s pluck the blossoms by its side. 

And bless the gracious giver, 

As life is sometimes bright and fuir, 
And sometimes dark and lonely. 
We should forget its pain and care, 
And note its bright hours only. 

jj#l isiccilau coug. 

A Singular Combat 

The Devil at Bell's Wines. 

Angels and ministers of grace defend ns! 

15© thou a spirit of health or goblin damn’d, 

: Bri/ig with thee airs from heaven, or blasts from 
j hell, 

i Be thy intents wicked orcharitable. 

Thou com'ai in such a questionable shape. 

That I will speak to thee. — [Shahespeare. 

For some weeks we have heard flout- 
ing rumors regarding sights seen, and 
strange sounds heard, at Bell’s Coal Mines, 
some fifty miles above this place, and in a 
paper published in that region we have 
i seen a mysterious intimation upon the 
same subject; but until Sunday last wc had 
received no reliable information regarding 
the matter. A gentleman just from the 
neighborhood of the Mines, has given us 
some authentic facts which are as strange 
as they are (said to be) true. 

It appears for a long time very unac- 
| countable noises have been heard in and 
around the mines, which increased as the 
\ miners approach in a certain direction, and 
ever and anon the earth heaved and trem- 
bled as if agonized by the throes of an 
i earthquake. This created considerable 
commotion among the bands, many of 
whom quit work and refused any longer to 
jdelvcinsuch a haunted spot. Finally, 
just as a party of miners were beginnin 
to cut into a new bank some considerable 
distance under the ground and a long ways 
from entrance, a large mass of diit and 
■ coal fell with an awful sound, and out 
j leaped a monster such as was never seen 
outside of the infernal regions before. — 

' The workman dispersed ns rapidly as if a 
| contribution box had been handed round, 
and all that day the most unearthly sounds 
were heard to issue from the smutty ca- 
[vein. About twelve o’clock at night the 
monster came out to take an airing, and 
pistols and guns were fired at him with no 
sort of effect. After a stroll of an hour 
or so he returned to his lair, and from the 
tracks which were followed next day, he 
must have passed over near fifty miles of 

Various efforts have been made to dis- 
1 1 lodge his monstership, and to kill or cap 

Desirous of seeing a combat between a 
snake and its inveterate enemy, the mun- 
goozc, an animal somewhat similar to the 
ichneumon of Egypt, 1 requested the 
charmer to exhibit a fight of the kind. 

11c instantly consented, as these men gen- 
erally carry snakes and mungoozc with 

them and led us out into the compound; {Jf m  but they arc all « n0 g0 .” The 
u held which is attached to almost even I Colontl of that district ordered out his 
house in the cantonment. whole regiment of militia, and each man 

Having expi eased out feats that some toob deliberate aim, but the bullets re - 
one m l.ic party might be injuria! by the (jrjunded from the animal like cherry seeds 

sun, or a white gauze arouud the midnight 
moon, sporting in the cataracts, dancing _ 
in the hail showers, folding its bright snow j 
curtain softly about the wintry world, and A 
weaving the* many-colored iris, seraph’s 
zone of the sky, whose roof is the sun- 
beam of Heaven, all checked over with 
the celestial flowers by the mystic hand of 
refraction, still always it is beautiful — that | 
blessed life-water. No poison bubbles on 
its brink, its form brings not madness and 
murder, no blood stains its liquid glass; ' 
pale widows and orphans weep not burning U 
tears in itsdeptb, and no drunkard’s shriek- 
ing ghost, from the grave, curses it in ] 
words of eternal despair! Speak out my j 
friends: — Would you ever change it for the 
demon’s drink — alcohol?” 

A shout, like the roar of the tempest, 
answered, “NO!” 

A. J. Green & Co. 


St. Joseph’s Colllege, For 1851; New Type and 

New Dress ! ! ! 


THIS Institution is situated in Bards- 1 The largest, best ami cheapest Newspaper 




n-ptiie, he pioposed that the exhibition 
should take place under an enormous 
pheasant coop of worked wife which stood 
unused in the court-yard. This arrange- 
ment was acceded to, and, at our sugges- 
tion the first snake taken in the morning 
was selected for the encounter. 

The mouth of the 

from the hide of a rhinoceros. A party, 
armed with crowbars, pickaxes, and hand- 
spikes, endeavored to stop bis egress one 
night, but they all come off sorely wor- 
ried, scratched, bruised, mutilated and 

mangled. One gentleman of high char 
acter, and strict verocity, (Patrick O’Gul- 
*sel m which he j i a bi e  ) sa y s tliat during the melee he stuck 
was enclosed was placed under the edge ' ickax J . lbo „, . „ loot illto the short ribs 
of toe coop, and the cover withdrawn. 0 f t bc old fellow, and that some two bush- 
In a moment attu the snake, a cobra ca* ■ c j s 0 f coa j cinders burst out, but no other 
pclli, the most poisonous and deadly ofJ damagc was observable, 

The monster is described as a strange 
medley of man and beast., and of such 
conformation and attributes as can only be- 
long to himself. His eyes are said to be 
flaming balls of fire — bis breath offensive 
with sulpher — his feet cloven, and his body 
shines in the night like a great log of pho- 
shorus. Some of the witnesses say be 
has horns, but Squire Hans Krouteater is 
willing to swear he is a muley. 

Many will probably be disposed to sneer 
at this as a “humbug” or “superstition," 

the serpent tribe, darted out. The ked- 
gegry pot was then taken away, and the 
edges of the coop let down. For two or 
three minutes the monster poked his nose 
all round the enclosure, evidently wish- 
ing to escape; hut, Gliding this impossible, 
ho must bhilosophically coiled himself up; 
freeing however, iiis magnificent head from 
the fold, and remaining in a listening at- 

The Poor Tartar. 

When, in the tenth century, the Tartars j Dec -20 tf 
led by their chief, Batu Bhan, invaded 
Hungary, and King Cela was forced to 
flee from the disastrous battle at Sajo, des- 
pair seized upon the poor Hungarians. — 

Many had fallen on the field, still more 
were butchered by the faithless armyjsome 
sought escape, others apathetically await- 
ed their fate. Amongst these was a no- 
bleman, who lived retired on his proper- 
ty, distant from every high road, lie pos- 
sessed fine herds, stately horses, rich corn 
fields, and a well stocked house built but 
recently for the reception of his wife, who 
now for two years had been its mistress. 

The disheartening account of the gener- 
al misfortune bad reached his secluded 
shelter, and its peaceful lord was horrified. 

He trembled at every sound, at every step; 
lie found his meals less savory. His sleep 
was troubled; he often sighed and seemed 
quite lost and wretched. Thus anxiously 
anticipating the days to come, he sat at 
his well closed window, when suddenly 
a Tartar on his steed galloped into the 
court. The Hungarian bounced from bis 
seat, ran to meet his guest, and said: 

“Tartar, thou art my lord; I am thy 
servant; all thou seest is thine. Take what 
thou fanciest; I do not oppose thy power; 
command, thy servant obeys.” 

The Tartar impatiently sprang from his 
horse, entered the house, and cast a care- 
less glance on all the precious things a- 
round. His eye was fascinated by the 
brilliant beauty of the lady of the house, 
who appeared tastefully attired to greet 
him there, no less graciously than her con- 
sort had in the court below. 

The Tartar seized her without a mo- 
ment’s hesitation, and unheedful of her 
shrieks, swung himself upon his saddle 
and spurred away, carrying off his lovely 

All this was but a moment’s work, the 
nobleman was thunderstruck, yet be re- 
covered and hastened to the gate. He 
could hardly still distinguish the Tartar 
galloping in the distance, and bearing a- 
wav the lady. Her consort heaved a sigh 
and exclaimed with deep commiseration: 

•‘Alas, poor Tartar!" 

A. J. GREEN & CO. 



One door East of Platt  t Bosley, 
Springfield Ky. 




s uO®OULD respectfully announce to the cit- 
WW izens of Springfield and Washington Co, 
that they are in receipt of a large and well se- 
lected stock of Family Groceries of every vari- 
ety, which they offer for sale low for cash, er 
; exchange for Country Produce. 

“ A. J. GREEN. & CO. 

town. The site is beautiful and healthy; j 
the buildings are stately and very exten- j 
sive. The playing grounds are spacious 
and handsomely set with trees. The pro 
fessors are from twelve to fifteen in num 
ber, and exclusively devoted to the instruc- 
tion of those intrusted to their care. 

Board, washing and tuition in all or any 
of the branches taught, per 


$200 Expended in Frize 

Only One Dollar A Year to Clubs, for the 


In issuing our Prospectus for the 7th 

session of 10 1-2 months, $i: 30,00 year since the Weekly Courier has been 
Extra charges, at the option of the par- under the control of the present Editor 

received aud for sale by 


A. J. GREEN & CO. 

ents, are 

1. For the use of Instruments in 
Natural Philosophy or Chemis- 
try, .... 

2. ' For the class of Mineralogy and 

Geology, .... 

3. For Music or Dancing, per 
quarter, each, 

4. For Painting or Drawing, per 
quarter, each, 

5. F'or Board in the College du- 
ring the vacation, per week, 

6. For use of bed and bedding, 
per session, 


30 Jara Pickles, 

26 Jars Preserves, 

Fresh Poaches, 

Preserved Peaches aud Quiuces, 

Pea Nuts. Cream Nuts. 

F'ilberts and almonds, 

Oysters and Sardines, 

Soda Buscuits, &c., &c. received and for sale 
by A. J. GREEN & CO. 

received and for sale by 
mar. 13 A. J. GREEN A CO. 

BUSH. HEMP SEED, for sale by 


j and Proprietor, it is only necessary to Of- 
fer our past course as a guarantee for the 
future, and to say that for the year 1851, 
$10,00 the WEEKLY COURIER will be une 
quailed in all its Departments 

5,00 | It will he just such a paper as is need- 
ed to give zest to the social circle, prove 
10,00 a profitable and pleasant fireside compan- 
ion, and he indispensible to the farmer, 

5.00 the mechanic, the merchant and the tra- 

2.00 As a newspaper, it shall continue to 
lead all of its contemporaries in Kentucky. 

8.00 Everything of interest will be obtained 

For further particulars apply, by letter, for its columns, by telegraph and other- 


Having opened a large and complete 
rion County , Ky., I offer my services 
to the public generally . lam ready at 
all times to do up on the shortest notice, 
on the most reasonable terms, and in a 
manner to give entire satisfaction. 

Pamphlets, Cards, Blanks, 

Lables, Posters, &c„ &c, 

Should you leant anything done in my 
line, just bring it along, 

W. W. JACK. 


Presently the man 
gooze, and let him at h 


oduced the mun- 
adversary. Nev- 

er was I so astonished, ibis was the and ; a t be fullness of their supposed 
first time I had seen a mungooze, and 1 knowledge cry “fudge!” But we give the 
expected to see a somewhat powerful op- : storv as wc heard it from respectable 

ponent. Never could 1 have fancied that i 
so small an animal would venture to cope 
with serpents of the largest and deadliest 
kind. Such, however, was the case. The 
little creature who snuffed around the 
edges of the coop was about half as large 

sources, and “naught extenuate nor aught 
set down in malice.” It is not for us to 
say whether these things he true or false 
— for we have long since admitted that 
there are things in heaven and earth not 
dreamed of in the world’s poor philosophy 

Upon coming into the office the other 
day, we asked the “devil” his rule for 
punctuation. Said he, “I set up as long 
as I can hold my breath, then put in a 
comma; when I gape, insert a semicolon; 
when 1 sneeze, a colon; and when I want 
another chew of tobacco, I insert a peri- 
od.” We cannot withhold these rules, 
so admirable for their simplicity, from 
the public. — Ex. 

again as a rat, of motley color, with small — and j n this age of miraculous progress, 

of spiritual manifestations, and of rapidly 
ausmentinu “birth morals,” it is egotistical 
and self-wise for any man to denounce or 
dispute a fact merely because it may not 
hai monize with his own cherished notions 
or pot theories. It is certain that the dev- 
il is to he let loose at some time or other 
— wc have the scripture for it — and he is 
to have a long and uninterrupted reign. — 
This being granted, why may not this be 
the time when he is to he unchained, and 
why may Bell’s Mines not be the place 
from which lie is to make his advent! — 
Paducah Journal. 

red eyes, and would have been a very ug- 
ly animal, had it not been for his tail, which 
was large and bushy, and near the cen- 
tre almost as large round as the little 
body to which it was attached. 

F or a lime the mungooze ran about 
without appearing- to see the snake, which 
however, on perceiving its tormentor, had 
prepared to give him battle. Suddenly, 
the tiny creature, which seemed to he 
iittle more than a mouthful for his adver- 
sary, saw the snake, and without hesi- 
tating, ran at him. So apparently une- 
qual a contest 1 never beheld. The co- 
bra capella had reared itself and spread 
out its hood, a sort of fleshy eape or col- 
lar, which it inflates when inhaled, and 

Eloquent Appeal. 

Paul Denton, a Methodist preacher in 

w hie lx has given rise to its designation, j Texas, advertised a barbecue, with hotter 
The marks around its eyes resemble a ( liquor than is usually furnished. When 
pair ot spectacles. Its marble stained j the people were assembled, a desperado 
scales seemed all alive, as it raised itself jin the crowd cried out, “Mr. Paul Denton 
some three feet high to meet the attack ot [ your reverence has lied! You promised 
the little savage, who e fiery eyes seemed not only a good barbecue, hut better li- 
suddenly to glow like red hot cinders, as itjquor. 'Where’s the liquor?” 

rushed toward its mighty enemy and bit 


t “There!” answered the missionary, m 

tones of thunder, and pointing his rnotion- 

The sr.ake darted at it, squeezed it, in- , less finger at the double spring, gushing up 
dieted its dreadful wound, and then threw in two strong columns with a sound like a 

shout of joy from the bosom of the earth. 
Xlicrel” lie repeated, with a look terri 
as lightening, while his enemy actual 

itself hack. The mugooze was evidentl 
disabled, l’aiiit and almost dying, it re 
treated. Many of us supposed that 

ltly j shout 
re- “X, 

the j ble a; 

battle was ended, and regreted the uu- ]y trembled at feet; “there is the liquor 
timely fate of the courageous little beast. | which God the Eternal brews for all his 
After limping about for some minutes and   children, 
down faint with exhaustion. 





Enough has been said and wrote 

upon the innumerable advantages arising 
out of having a newspaper in a County; I 
will not, therefore, enlarge upon this point. 
Feeling convinced that the people of Ma- 
rion wish an establishment of the kind in 
their county, I have consented, after many 
solicitations, to make a trial; let us see 
what will he the result. I had partially 
made mv arrangements to move upon the 
Ohio river, but if the people of Marion 
will show, by subscribing liberally for the 
“POST,” that they want a paper, we will 
succum to their wishes, and settle amongst 

THE POST, will be strictly NEU- 
TRAL in Politics and Religion, in all 
things else perfectly INDEPENDENT; 
expressing freely the views of the Editor 
and his Correspondents, on the passing 
events of the day, local matters, Ac I 
am decidedly in favor of Railroad commu- 
nication in Kentucky, being firmly convin- 
ced that in that way alone, can our belov- 
Stale keep up with the advancement of the 
age and her older Sister-States. I am 
particularly in favor of a communication 
of this kind across the State, and thus 
giving us a direct intercourse with the 
great southern mart; being convinced that 
such an intercourse would redound to the 
benefit of all classes, and that the propos- 
ed route through Marion County is the 

stoves! Stoves!! 

H. It . GREENE, 

TOEEPS CONSTANTLY on haud a full 
nnsortment of COOKING STOVES of 
the very latest and best paterns. He would res- 
pectfully invite the public to call and examine 
his stock. Also; G and 10 plate, and Parlor 
Stoves, of any patent desired, can be furnished 
on the shortest notice. 


Of every description, kent constantly on hand. 
Also; Brass Stew Kettles of the very best quali- 
ty. And other articles usually found in a Tin- 
ner’s shop. 

I am prepared to do any amount of Guttering 
or Roofing on the shortest notice, and at Lou- 
isville prices, and warrant my work to give en- 
tire satisfaction. 

The highest prices given in cash or trade for 
old Copper and Pewter. 

Springfield Ky., Oct, 4, y 


A TTORNEY AT LAW, will attend courts 
■J— . in Washington, Mercer, &.C.; and Courts 
of Appeals. 

All business confided to him will be strictly 
and faithfully attended to. 

Springfield, August 23, 1851. 

"Not in the simmering still, over smoky best location in the state, and believe firm- 
the mungooze began to poke wi t its nose fires, choked with poisonous gases, anil ly that it can and will be run. We will 

advocate, conditionally, to the best of our 

tut the grass. What it swallowed none surrounded with the stench of sickening 
have ever been able to trace, though large; odors, rank corruptions, does our Father 
reward have been offered ft a the discov- in Heaven prepare the precious essence of 
cry. W hat the herb is which this animal j life, pure cold water; but in the green and 

takes as an antidote to poison no one can 
tell, but its effects arc, certainly miracu- 
lous; for no sooner did the little creature 
imbibe the sought for antidote than it sud- 
denly recovered its prestine strength, and 
again attacked the serpent. 

This scene was enacted no less than 
seven times; and each time the cobra ca- 
pelin appeared weaker tiuj weaker, till ac- 
tually tired out. The mungooze at length 
succeeded in catching the monster by iue 
throat and dastroying it, to the surprise 
and admiration of all present. 

grassy dell, where the red deer wanders 
and the child loves to play, there God 

ability, this truly beneficial enterprise and 
solicit the pens of others. 

THE POST, will be dedicated to News, 
Agriculture, Tales, Poetry, Anecdotes, Ac, 
Ac. Nothing shall appear in its columns 
brews it; and down, down in the deepest of a hurtful or demoralizing tend»*ncy to 
valleys, where the fountains murmur and ' the mind; in a word, it shall be a FAMILY 

and the tills sing, and high up the tall 
mountain tops where the storm cloud 
broods and the thunder storms crash, and 
away far out on the wide, wild sea, where 
the hurricane howl music, and the big 
waves roar the chorus, sweeping the march 


THE POST, will be issued weekly, on 
every Wednesday, on an imperial sheet at 
$2 per* year in advance, $2 50 if paid in 
six months, or $3 if the payment is delay- 
ed until the end of the year. Wishing 

of God — there lie brews it, that beverage to commence on the last of April or the 
of life, health-giving water. And every- first of May, I would be gratified to re- 

where it is a thing of beauty — gleamiir 
in the dew-drops, shining in the gem, till 

Two thirds of the French people are 'the trees all seeiu to turn to living jewels 
without animal f* d, , — q.n-iding 1 golden veil o'er the -ctiiur* 

ccive all of my prospectuses, crowded with 
names before that time. 

W. W. JACK. 

Perron, axp Provkieiok. 



Pearl street, between Main and Market, 

Bn D U). Strabcr. 

OT HlS old established and well known hotel 
has been entirely refitted and refurnished 
in the most comfortable style, and is now open- 
ed for the accommodation of the public. It is 
located in the center of the business part of the 
city, being mid-way between the Mail Boat and 
general Packet Lamliug and tho Post Office. 

No pains or expense will be spared in order 
to render 'he guests of the house comfortable 
and at ease, and therfore a share of public pa- 
tronage is respectfully solicited. 

Sept. 20, 1851, ,3m. 


Wholesale and Retail 


ST O R E . 


^ OHE SUBSCRIBER having purchased the 
eutise stock of R. P. Edelen, in the old 
stand of J arboe A Edelen; would respectfully 
solicit a share of public patronage. I intend to 
keep constantly on hand every variety of Family 
Groceries such as: 

Loaf Sugar, 
Brown Sugar, 






Crockery Ware, 











And all other articles usually kept in an es- 
tablishment of the kind. 

My motto shall be, “Small profits and quick 
sales, for cash;” in a word, I will furnish any 
amount of Groceries at a small per cent on cost 
and carriage. 

All kinds of Country produce takeu in ex- 
change at liberal prices. 

b .1. It. JENKINS 

Springfield, liy., Oct. 1 1851, l*ui 

to the President. 

N. B. The Collegiate exercises were re- 
sumed on the 2d of September. 





No. 54 Gold street, New York, 
CONTINUE to publish the four lead- 
ing British Quarterly Reviews and Black- 
wood’s Magazine; in addition to which 
they have recently commenced the publica- 
tion of a valuable Agricultural work, call- 
ed the 

By Henry Stephrns, F\ R. S., of Edin- 
burg, author of the “Book of the Farm,” 
Ac., Ac.: assisted by John P. Norton, 
M. A., New Haven, Piofessor of Scientific 
Agriculture in Yale College, Ac., Ac. 

This highly valuable work will comprise 
two large royal octavo volumes, containing 
over 1400 pages, with 18 or 20 splendid 
steel engravings, and more than 600 engra- 
vings on wood, in the highest style of the 
art, illustrating almost every implement of 
husbandry now in use by the best farmers, 
the best methods of plowing, planting, 
haying, harvesting, Ac., Ac., the various 
domestic animals in their highest perfec- 
tion; in short the pictorial feature of the 
book is unique, and will render it of incal- 
culable value to the student of Agricul- 

This work is being published in Semi- 
monthly Numbers, of 04 pages each, ex- 
clusive of the Steel engravings, and is sold 
at 25 cents each, or $5 for the entire work 
in numbers, of which there will be at least 

The British Periodicals lie-published 
are as follows, viz: 

The London Quarterly Review (Conserva- 

TJ*e Edinburg Review (Whig), 

The North . British Review (FYee-Church), 
The Westminster Review (Liberal), and 
Blackivood’s Edinburg Magazine (Tory). 

Although these works are dislingdished 
by the political shades above indicated, yet 
but a small portion of their contents is de- 
voted to political subjects. It is their lit- 
eracy character which gives them their 
chief value, and in that they stand con- 
fessedly far above all other journals of 
their class. Blackwood, still under the 
masterly guidance of Christopher North, 
maintains its ancient celebrity, and is, at 
this time, unusually attractive, from the se- 
rial works of Bulwer and other literary 
notables, written for that magazine, and 
first appearing in its columns both in Great 
Britain and in the United States. Such 
works as “The G'axtons” and “My New 
Novel,” (both by Bulwer), “My Peninsular 
Medal,” “The Green Hand,” and other se- 
rials, of which numerous rival editions are 
issued by the leading pubishers in this 
country, have to be reprinted by those 
publishers from the pages of Blackwood, 
after it has been issued by Messrs. 
Scott A Co., so that subscribers to the 
reprint of that Magazine may always rely 
on having the earliest reading of these 
fascinating tales. 


Per ann. 

F’or any one of the four Reviews $3 00 
For any two do 5 00 

For any three do 6 00 

For all four of the Reviews 8 00 

For Blackwood’s Magazine 3 00 

F’or Blackwood and three Reviews 9 00 
F’or Blackwood and four Reviews 10 00 
For Farmer’s Guide (complete in 

22 Nos. $5 00 

(Payment to be made in all cases in ad- 


A discountof twenty-five per cent, from 
the above prices will be allowed to Clubs 
ordering four or more copies of any one 
or more of the above works. Thus: 4 
copies of Blackwood or of one Review will 
be sent to one address for $9; 4 copies of 
the four Reviews and Blackwood for $30; 
and so on 

Orders from Clubs must be sent direct 
to the publishers, as no discount from these 
prices can be allowed to Agents. 


79 Fulton street. New York, 

Entrance 54 Gold street. 

Money, current in the States where issu- 
ed, will be received at par. 

Remittances and communications should 
be always addressed post-paid or franked, 
to the Publishers. 

wise, regardless of expense 

Its Agricultural Department will receive 
close attention, and will prove attractive 
to farmers. 

Its Commercial Department will be 
equal to what it has been heretofore. 
F’or years, the Courier has been regard- 
ed by our merchants as the only strictly 
reliable Commercial paper printed in Lou- 

The services of our invaluable corres- 
pondent, whose letters alone are worth 
more than the price charged for the Cou- 
rier, will be retained. During sessions of 
Congress, he will favor us with daily let- 
ters, and with tri-weeklv letters the re- 
mainder of the year. We have also se- 
cured the services of an able correspond- 
ent at F’rankfort, and our arrangements 
are so complete that we can promise our 
readers we will be able to furnish them 
with the earliest, fullest and most authen- 
tic intelligence from the seats of our Na- 
tional and State Governments. 

The Courier for 1851 will he in all res- 
pects A MODEL PAPER, and we are 
determined that in beauty of typography, 
value of matter, and in all the requisites of 
a first rate paper, it shall not be excelled, 
if, indeed, equalled, by any paper either 
East or West. 

TERMS: — By adopting the cash sys- 
tem, and strictly adhering to it, we are 
enabled to furnish our paper, large as it 
is, at the following unprecedentedly low 

One copy Weekly Courier, 1 year, $1 50 
F’ive copies, 6 00 

Ten do . 10 00 

Twenty-one do 20 00 

All orders should be addressed, post 
paid, to W. N. HALDEMAN, 

Louisville, Ky. 


programme for 1851. 

The continuation of our excellent series 
of Western Romances and Tales. 

Mr. Bennett’s Forrest Rose will he fol- 
lowed by a domestic story of Western life, 
founded on facts, entitled 


Or, the Adventures of an Orphan Girl. 

By Walter Whitmore, Esq., 
Author of “Ainslie,” the “Maid of the 
Inn,” “Love and Retribution,” and other 
popular tales. 

Mr. Whitmore is an accomplished schol- 
ar, as well as a polished and energetic wri- 
ter, and his “Ella Winston” is pronounced, 
by good judges, to be equal if not superi 
or to the best Western Novel ever written. 

Ella Winston will he succeeded by GER- 
ALD LINCOLN; by Miss A. S. St. Clair, 
author of “Senora Inez,” etc. 

It is enough for us to say that this pro- 
duction is worthy of Miss St. Clair’s repu- 
tation. To be finished in four numbers. 

We take pleasure in informing our read- 
ers that, at a very large expense, we have 
succeeded in effecting an engagement with 

We are further much gratified in being able 
to announce that we are promised another 
historical novel by 

the incidents to be connected with the Rev- 
olutionary war. This will be ready the 
ensuing spring. 

Each of the tales we have mentioned 
will be completed in a few weeks, and will 
not only he free from all that could offend a 
pure and cultivated taste, but will convey 
nstructive and useful lessons. 

L. A. HINE, ESQ., 
will immediately resume his valuable ur 
tides upon 


And we are assured by 

that the pretensions of several prominen 
will soon he considered. 



Single copies for one year, 

“ “ “ six months, 

Four copies for one year, 

Eight copies, and one for agent, 

Thirteen “ “ “ 

Twenty “ “ “ 

Pavable invariably in advance. 


Editor and Proprietor. 



Office of publication, third story of Ga- 







5-000 rnediitrfy M^thie Xrj zdte building. Main street, between Third 

which aliberal price iu cash will bepaW* 'and Fourth atreoK Cincinnati, Ohio. 

T .eta non. Ky., May • . 1852 

The Lebanon post, 1852-05-12

4 pages, edition 01

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