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date (1922-12-21) newspaper_issue 1 




"the otic Forest m nosT «snES-*-Tift *nlt fat&k m nmn fronts- 


NO. 29. 

crni (Christmas 

We wish yn„: our fcfcpds 
pruftpcrit) in yout un^r 
takings, wisdom and zc'al 
in your work,- peace on 
y  uFJ»atii\\ ay, fries*!* by 
y »ur ftresjtle, ami sfren^Hh 
s fo the last. And especially 
do w C u faft yc0 a Merry 

Iff John Writiht last 
It. Kir. alias t'harleti 
u negro, wanted in l.ukr 
County. Tenn . for murder. Hi- is with klllimj a not her neero In 
the I'hilliiipy cutnmunity with .. stick 
or stove w.aal nt ah.* t 'J or .{ oYlo. k 
in the tuornlntc. UN alleged Kl\ went 
to the hutiM* ami asked for admission 
III onlor to gel warm The occU|Mtut ' 
of tho house lol lui. I in and. II l  sup J 
pOM'd. Went lo -asp i in I v\ is killed 
WliiTf ho l.i  1 M ■ ; » ; 1 1 t, Shcrilf I'oarsoii 
ami iidoIImt deputy oaino ufttT Fly 
Sal unlay. Inir fearing violence lisik 
him around hy wuy of i »y»i sburg. I 

— — — — — J metropolitan papers havt 

I K 1 1 » \\ Mt.llT 

Uloninal Kpenindeo. lyric tenor, ami 
KNn Hiwmmloo. pianist. a»si„ hy 
1. m m 1 talonl. will appear in h musical pro 
gram ut tho court house on Friday 

evening. I Ns-eililior LlMll. U'lrillllili-' al 
s hi Im k SiKimr Spcrandeo ismies to 
lln km. in for om- |ierfortuaiice only. Ho 
Is u singer of unusual ability ami tho 
people of Milkman ahoiild hoar hun. 

This is ni v«-n i. ii. I. r llio auspices ol 
thaiajiii dices of tho Christian Church 
ami BOOiO of tho host local talont has 
la-en se« ured frtr tho program. Tho ml- , 
mission will In 1 onlj ami '•   cents. 
Itehw wo print what a few of the 

In s,o alioiil 





sat Wiled no .ii.- will hegrmK-e lis thl- 
little vacation Wo nr. noi going to 
employ any of our well earned rest in 
overhauling the m.o hincry. either. 

With all sin.erlty ami henrtino-s w • 
wish i ii Ii ami e»er  oin- of our reail 
er* ami patrons friends ami enemies i 11 
we ha » e m\ i i joyous ami merry 
Christmas, to Is- followeil h  a pros 
happy new   • ar 

Kov K. I*. Mlley. w ho Ii i - li.s u pas 
tor of the Christian Church at this 
pi. i e for tho past the years, will short 
ly move to FoMtorta. Ohio, prohahly the 
tirst of the \enr lln Mi ley has tilled 
the pulpit of the Christian Church here 
ami li.i- In i . i aloiis worker not ouly 
ill the eh ii nil hut outside as well ami 
his activities will no douht la- greatly 
missed, lie baa words of praise for 
our city and ita people, hut holies a mov« 
hU wife* health. 

hi home of Hot. 


at lier home ft 
reused w is a 

Church ami a 


ly. I* 
of the Methodist 
highly res pet led uioiiiIht 

of the eoiiimiiiiity in which she lived. 
She is survived hy her hushaml. one 
son. a brother ami a sister. Funeral 
MTvlii'K were In id Tuesday at Kin k 
Springs Chureh, eomlueted hy lie* A. 
S. Martin of Fulton, hurial being made 


"Kveiy one of Sperumlei 's niimU r» 
reoeiveil In nn appro, il. ami tl*. Hat 
In bis nutive loiigi.e. 
Only too hrh f llf »a' en«s»r»sl 
link axa"m ami again. - I mlia i.a polls. 


"His rioh. elear tenor \oi.-e was ; ,t 
lt» »»-t when he was -Inging f!a-  .mgs 
of Ilia native eountry He with 
in*., and expression many difTi. ult ariaa 
from well known operas." The South 
Iteml New - Titm » 

•Si-noi S|s ramleo has u w oriih rfiillr 
elear and liillsieal tenor \oiee and ids 
mimU-rs were eiithuslastieally received. 
Ho was re|M atediy nsalletl for *he 
noteworthy work done in his operatic 
iniuiliers" Havenport. Iowa. Ihiily 

"Ilia voice la one of auperlor qiiall 
tie*i. He sings tenor with ran- sym- 
phony of tone, and i   lacking In any 
suggestion of the metallic ami harsh 
 |iialltos often sounded in lino ttciior 
voices. His manor was free from re 
stralnt and his expression distinct. 
There was in his manner the pleasing 
lack of affeetatou"— Kokomo 1ml., Ihs 





Clarence Hi. k and Mi-s I yd , Pick 
tt of I' Jotirnyod to Kulton and 

• re man ied III thai m i Tuesday 
loriiuig. Kmpiire S A M. Mad. pM 
ling tho ceremony. The newly wed 
left abort ly after 


Jr., formerly one .f 


plant. Mr ('rain 
tek* It May for awhile. 
Uli.Ws hied on future plana. 


There will 

the West III 

nexi Monday 
(oo l time for   
E\ erj IhhI  in\ 

la  a Chriatinaa 
Wm.i 11 Methodist 
it hrUtmaa) 

 ld am 

tree at 

Represent aflv. Itarkl-y has i nt r*. 
a hill in Conjcrewi calling for 
*o4MX 0 for a hull. I . g ml site at Hi. k 
man. A similar hill calls for a like 
appropriation a,t Murray Along with 
t!**e are l«S^T"r public buildings in 

other cities of tho state Koproseiitn 
tivo l.angiey haa intriNluissI a *li"i. 
IHHI.IHN) oMinlhus puhlic hilihtiug bill, of 
which the Hli kinan item is one. It is 
hopinic for tia  much, wo fear, to think 
this appropriation will go through; for. 
though the lower house may favor it, 
predict ita wrecking 

Corn the past week has reached the 
highest prne known for acverul year* 
in this sec tion selling for $4. Mt a bar- 
rel, or so eenta a bualiel. Thla prhv 
kftaga it back Into Ita own again and 
makea It worth raising ami marketing. 

are now that il»e price 
go to  '. There is a \ tst 
hat it sold for 1 ' s 

■Just 4 Days to 

— Days full of preparation, joy and anticipation. Four days in which to demorstrate that a 
has at heart the interest of Its customers can render service at a time when real service is 
expected. Truly, this is a Christmas store in every sense of the word. Shop early. Shop 
ing whenever possible. 


Useful and ornamental 
j^iits for personal and D  nie 

Hand Bags. 
$1.50 to $10 

Traveling Bag* 

$5.00 to $15.00 

Wardrobe Trunk. 
$35.00 to $47.50 
$2.50 to $10 
Perfumes — All Grades 
$2.50 to $7.50 

$2.50 to $9.00 
Dress Patterns 
Silk or Wool 
nosiery, jiik or wooi 
$1.00 to S3. SO 
Handkerchiefs, Cotton or 
10c to 50c 
Stationery, Xmas Boxes 
25c to 75c 
Dress or Coat 
$15 to $50 
Bath Robes, Corduroy or 
Silk— $3.50 to $20.00 
Glovss, Kid or Fabric 
50c to $5.00 

store which 
needed and 
in the morn- 


Cotton and Wool, $1.25 to $3.00 

Very attractive, $1.75 to $3.50 

Silk Underwear 
$2.50 to $5.00 

Lounging Robes 
$3.50 to $12.50 

Fur Chokers 
$10 to $18 

Heavy Sweaters 
$6 to $10.00 

$3.50 to $7.00 

Silk and Wool Hose 
$1.00 to $2.50 

Material for Dresses 
Silk and Wool 
$1 to $3 per yard 

The Toy Department is a full fledged 
circus when it comes to fun and varie- 
ty. Santa will certainly have an easy 


Miss K.iie loii i - .1 in 1 brother. Reu- 
ben Burma, and Walter Nut- kola, of 
Pumas, Ark., arrived here this week 
to spend the Christmas holiday*- with 
Mr*. DeWltt Held. 

i; irland and Boh Johnson, who were 
shot some two weeks ago by Ansel and 
Henry Koyer. and wlu  have been under 
guard sinee in the old lodge huihling 
where they could nn-eive imalical at- 
tention, were removed last wivk to th 
isiiinty Jail. Both had recoverisl -uf 
tlcleiity to permit this and « ill remain 
In Jail until their trial on the 1 1 of 
this month. During their Illness they j 
were guarded by and taken care of by 

MIsa Eunice Burrus of Puma*. Ark., 
arrived here last wek to visit her sla- 
ter, Mrs. DeWitt 

$1.50 to $5.00 

50c to $1.50 
50c to $1.00 

75c to $1.50 

$2.50 to $6 
New Suits 
$5.00 to $15 

Dolls of all kinds 
Toy Furniture 
Building Blocks 
Little Wage 
Toy Dishes 


If the present you select is 
something he can wear, you 
need not give the matter fur- 
ther thought as to whether 
be will like it or n   t. 

Suit Cases 
$1.25 to $15.00 

"Interwoven" Socks 
40c to $1.50 

"Ide" Shirts 
$2.00 to $5.00 

New Hats 
Stetson or Swann 
$3.50 to $6.50 

Silk and Knit 
50c to $1.50 

Kid or Jersey 
$1.00 to $3.00 
House Slippers 
Felt and Leather 
$1.50 to $2.50 
H andkerchief s 
Cotton and Linen 

10c to 50c 
Belt Buckles, Belts 
50c to $1.50 

$2 to $10.00 
Suits and Overcoats 
$25 to $45.00 


i - 


Trains of Cars 

Games j 



And lots of Toys of all kinds 

Room Size Rugs 
9x12, $15 to $60 
Cotton and Wool $2.50-$12.50 

Table Linens 
Mercerized and Wool 
Per yard $1.25 to $3.50 
Small Ornaments of all 
—decorative and useful 

Master Frank Burrus Held was on 


Tn/»Arnnf n foil 




I ■ K 

... — 


I'overa Wpttrrn Kentucky IJke Dew 
4. B. Koney and, WUJ L. Busby. I'ubs 


it m 

_ J3i  


I wntvfUf mouth.* after the p»o|»lo 
. -. .pposrdly t je.-ted the WiN..iu 
Idea of it league «.f unions w . Hn-I ..mi 
governmental Ik ids tryin*r f" ills, ov er 
s. to* way to follow Hi. »• n I !•' ' • •« 
i i ars going »* "  ovriiv. by dev.. 
i.i.-i »,ivh, t i'l i-li 'I'- *ame r»- 

suit* llllll Jl't IllMsl fill. I II Ull) to save 
Ill.'ir f.'lOe." Willi til it llllll'. st III. 

soraaas that will n  t ml nit I lis wrong, 
they are detourm^ t.  reach a d-sima 
i -it thai they i •mill l.u(t reached by .1 
.! ..-t roud Ion.; u-'. Thus v\e 
whiu find i.unrlii'i • if WS do l)i ( mi--, 
imr guess) involved In helping • up 
t! .■ 111. s* th.. wor.. I is in • |«.|. '  . 
errlugle played truant hi I !. 1. 1 • * 1 1* • •* 
multiply that Mils li is ls.ii «t 1 1 r  .| 
eretly, hut tli n*'iinnia 1 1..11 must Iw 

: Upllshl .1 pc.d  I I. 'is U'. months 

li , v .. !* en I. si I . i- w : Id n that fur 
»- hind what 'i -'■••ilil 1. •■• ••n.iiui. 

rcadjustaaent All M MHHl of ■ f"  l 
Ish. blind political fuiatulsm and an 
unwarranted hutc hi,. I jealousy ,.f the 
.l. iir minded think, r who bad evolved 
11 prnrtiial plan ■( bringing about a 

World wide ur .l-Ts- in.i 1 g at- th-' 



Oacar • Hint in 
Time Bring* 
Vtv» Mor« 

/to 1  m* • »»ja*a »"■ rw "*£» 


*~rv DONTf  Ovj SPE** tome's.' 


•a t*  •   *   • 


TO 6Q_MOf-A£. 

I H4V£ 

Little l\ s.-ijs I (klit tn.'Kf-J 
ti«l why they cull tlifui f.»-sc li.. . * 
got sense oiioiiffU to keep out of gam I Hi" 


Sr. livi- tliHt some ilny y.ui'll net a dol- 
lar u won) fur .» our ujcuioira — Jack" ■ ■•■ 
villi- Tunes Union. 

• •' pound was paid 
in M.iyrlcld one day last 
tl»  h  t pi Ut paid ho far 

itibi y g r, 

t tbi tomobUe ut-eds i- fewer 
mlli ■ and more per gallon. — ■ 

rsa- kx- 33a : n r J &jl £es -^c: 

When y u s.-.. .,1, [ of a pren *b 

• • hi vine Ims-ii "|M«uiid«^l" i» i|.«-sn't 

• '.ssarily m«-au b  li..s U-. n t« 1 1, u 

up. Tlu- kind of iM.iiiHliiiK r|,:.i is .|..i,o 

l* IdKbl.v fiivornl by w.iiiy pi. In is 

In doubt wliai to Inn V I ■■• u orer Ttm 
«'.Mirii-r's I'lirintnjHs ad- 

W Im-ii hi BMd « f fh.w. rs for any oc- 
.aslon. .nil H7, Mrs J 0 \, tl ri„ JUte ; 

Tristan Da Cunba, a louety BrltUh 
isj»r. Is to Imtc radio oosuatBadcatloo. 

Thone 1?. -Tbi- lucky number f..r nn- 
lucky motorn. Mtfi 

Farmers & Merchants Bank 

That "s. 
Ti-ar lieu 
Hunt of MfM 

thoir rlvw on . 
It. the eutln-   
l.-i r(p paVMBll 
but x.-ry I 

n ml li ii m . [orltj ' it: Ibo 
old not Im' i ii'«.-i| In the 
n million | " ■ i ' . • nntf 
t. ni, ..r more .-..i rei-t- 
onte dolua s.. \ 
Of the I»-..|'l  k n- N* 
I Of   ■• leaKiie 

of nations i.  neref.-'. Tin- av 

rra»e voter will not »vnl.- tlirmu'li \er 
Ih.s. i «|M «lt Ion* of t-lfii, r side of an i*» 
so.- TIkkm' ..r tfio rink .mil rile who 
II i   aiij- .-ii-. • !..-ir ..l.j.s lion fr. 

Ihf Wtlaoa prod i u pndl.-atiMl their 
on i |.lii i-e tin- oi p..sif i..ii 
popular, to wit j "That wo 
ntniMlly aen.ii ..ur ! •• - • 
t'l battU-*." TbU rrmle and 
reiiKoiiln^ s-v • .1 ■  .... . 
M"nve the lnsi:«  -.. ti i. !. .-is i |.i--in.- 
thought Wo are apeak iua  •{ , . ur-.-. ..f 
the a\"raB» Toter. A »niall patVMatf - 
  r fl.. v f, ra bot her.-. 1 \»ith details. 

The f.-iet of the miff, r : f!rit .if lis.- 
V''_*»i ••!)•. • i • ■ r i I i ]..'. .p .. »\. :•• i . •• 
nearly everything that was. Many were 
aore from war's hurta. Nearly everyone 
wna dlsKsitistlcil o\ .-r -..m.-rl ie^. mnl 
tlie eUs'torati* Hfru. k our hltnilly at 
what warn. We will n -v»-r U-ll.-vi. that 
the ele  tlon witu fought our and 

• '•:( mi the Ii- i«" ' • '' 

one of the prim Ipal thlmri 
the people inf.. a  ulky hj.»«I v 
pyranildiutf of taxation. It still incite* 

them to bitterness. Tbev h- | .| f. r 
son,., r llef: they envish .m-d . cm. mile 
al lechdatlon with a chance at Wash- 
ington. It did not com. . ...I last 
month they turtic.i on th.— r tit • % ha. I 
elevated la power and ki.-kd them out 
If the new ly He. ted « .|. . - i . ; 

►Hie llieasiir..   ( relief rhey 
the same treatment. In. II 

cat hum are that in-: .- ■ •!  •( piovi.lin^ 
relief the new Congrefl* will pile tMsia 
on l'dllon. Thi* will br eatiatd by the 
new ami perne ions l»h e org ituz.itions 
that are allowing up ,,\vr the horUiei 
ami present the aspect of a real nation 
al peril. Kaeb one i.-|.|.  mN s..u ( .- 
Mia-el il . hiss ami each I.i.m- is in favor 
•■I' r.ililiug the treasury for their pur- 
ll. iibir i lasx Ti.'is t\... hl.M-a enn o m- 
I ine and !\y luiit'lal effort put over Hi" 
doalcna of em-h It appears that up 
propria tiomi for th.a. tlutt and the oth 
er are going to come thick and fast. 
And when this m..i v Is ap| roprlateil It 
To mi-, it more and 
v levied and an ud 
of tax-eatem creati-d to 
It. and no telling where It will 

In the year of l'-_'l 1 1\. s were on.. 
aixlh of out entire national in. It 
Is illsheartening f.. i.».g into the rttttne 
an. I see what may Ikiiimr |H. sible as 
We go furrh.-r on thi* route of pr.Mllgal 
Ity. It h*is nearly now n ai hed th it 
Hage where a man go. - t.» work in the 
morning « i rry Ina; a government em- 
ploye on hi* back. Itoreau*.  s mmi-  
siolis. hobhles. in a -t. .oly prin . s»li n. 
pi lig up cost nil cost. And as |« the 

case with all overtaxed people, t! •• 
poor, who Bint count their [.. 
e\lsf. siitr.T the most 

We are on the high road to com 
pletely reversing the true prim iplc of a 

• t the exist - 
Are we md beaded 
i he opsdatto Idea that the pas 

It took* that way! 

HAM Kits   \s.|| 

We have an.i;imice.| on «c . rul times 
that want ads are cash. It I* not that 
We doubt anyone, hut on nvnunt of 
tM.osI.e.jiini; and collecting th it  v c have 
Is bars caab for these amall items. 
When you wunt a want ,d put in. 
please bring the cash, for we will not 
eary from tula rule In the tutura for 

A Knn*a* i'lty junk man found 2.i»k) 
•liver dollars In an old mattress And 
some ruatire-s, „ f,. v | mm though the 
treil*ure of hard coal was concealed in ; 
tksjB.—— thigna w News Courier. 

Ha) QuMM That Os»t Not Aftsct rtM Ntad 

Sc. •■•« of tt« toB'.c ami ItulUi »S*ct. LA XA 
TIVKIHUMOU' s INK labcttrr than 

W K Tellx^a 

after having 










get me a pair 


MEN are only boy« grown up — especially at Christmas time — when 
it's easy as sin to tell "just what they want." There is no reason 
why woman should fret and fume over what to give HIM. Follow 
his footsteps of filling past wants and they will lead you HERE — to 
a man's store. Our practical gifts on display will fairly scream out 
his likes. 

If you'd say to him — *'Shirt, Necktie, Muffler, Sweater, Collar, 
Pajamas, Housecoat, Bathrobe, Socks or Umbrella," he'd say "Sure. 
Fine, certainly." So don't fuss around. Come here first and make 
your selections from bright new stocks. 


I'd like to have 


All silk cravats of splendid 
qualities in an unusual exten- 
sive variety of new colorful 

A low price that suggests 
the purchase of many. Box- 
ed as gifts — 

50c to $1.50 


Of dt ton pongee of excel- 
lent quality, to be had in 
Mac, tan, pink and white. 

$2.00 to $4.00 


Chamois lined caps with 
turn down bands for ear cov- 
erings. In the dark colors 
suitable for general wear. 

i want a 

25c to 75c 

Of sheer linen, damask lin- 
en and voiles — an assortment 
seldom to be had at this price. 
Very remarkable in quality. 


Comfortable slippers in Idd 
skin in tan, black and gray. 
Splendid as Xmas gifts. 
$1.50 to $2.00 


1 head silk hosiery in many 
two color combinations, u 
brown, blue or white with 
black, attractively clock 5 
All reinforced at toes and 

50c to $2.00 


5. Cl 7 


tU t»:t. 

• IV ' ' * 




Our Bank extends to every man, woman and child 
in our city and community, a special invitation to come 
in and join our new CHRISTMAS CLUB. 

This is the most popular plan ever devised for hav- 
next Christmas and enables those of small 

to hy aside 




Vou can start with 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c and increase your deposit the same amount each week, or you can start with 25c, 

50c, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00. $1 0.00, $20.00 or more, and put in the same amount each week. 


1 CENT CLUB PAYS $12.75 
2 CENT CLUB PAYS $25.50 
5 CENT CLUB PAYS $63.75 
10 CENT CLUB PAYS $127.50 


You begin with the largest deposit 
and decrease your deposits each 


25 CENT CLUB PAYS $12.50 
50 CENT CLUB PAYS $25.00 
$1.00 CLUB PAYS $50.00 

$2 CLUB PAYS $100.00 


$5.00 CLUB PAYS $250.00 * 
$10.00 CLUB PAYS $500.00 
$20.00 CLUB PAYS $1,000.00 


Hickman Bank and Trust Co 


Affiant. O. \V Johnson, after having 
•worn, states thnt the ft* 
rlhcd inlmals, to wit : Seven 
g  averaging In weight about 
l.-.o p  ii ii  I ■», of h thnt- are black 

nml while spotted harrows; two red 
burrowa. one red gilt, and one black und 
white spotted Kilt, were taken up by 
Mill as strays on the premises of Dr. 
Frank I  tn r in F ulton County. Ky.. 
about two ami one half mi let or three 
miles en at of Cayce. Ky.. on the State 
Ron d. iiml that lie values said hoi;-* at 
.«7'»«k» .in. I S in Si 'i.e. a resilient ami 
property owner of Fulton County. I*»- 
Ing (Inly sworn upraises s.ilil anliuala at 
IT0.00 ami 1. T. F Aitchory. J. 1*. I*. C. 
▼ nine aimie at .*7 »'Hl, wherefore it la 
ordered that this notice be recorded by 
(he County t'lerk In a book kept for 
tl, ii piirpoM*. ami said Clerk Is directed 
io furnish an atteat copy to The Hick- 
man Courier for publication and to 
|..'s|  .ii i the i ourt House i|.M r. 

Aft, »t 

a c. 

How Anna Won Out. 
"Funny how things work out some- 
tliaiee." said the married marine to a 
bunch Of hla buddies. ' iV» years a*o 
I waa going around with Ethel und 
I couldn't for the irfe of 
of the two I wanre.) to 
aaarry. Ore nlslit I dropped Into the 
pc*t exchange to buy a eis:ar. Right 
'„" ' 'SP* band, aa large as life. It 
C «'llav ana !' " — Leatherneck. 

Add the modern ptiradoxea the fact 

that if the murk Ini n mm h lighter 

It may U« too heavy a burden for 
ninny.— Little 

I AX ATI YE BKOMO QUi ""ablets remove the 
caeee. There U only one "Eroroo Quinine." 
K W GROVE'S utnature on box. 30r. 


California Fig Syrup" 
Child's Best Laxative 

Kvi-n tf it"", feverish, bllloua. con- 
allpated or full old. clnldrne love 

t, of •California Fig 
.." A ti »i "t"l never fall* to 

. ii the liver ami MW In a few 
h mrs ;. "ii eaii see t  r yourself how 
t . ■! outfit ly it work- .1 1 'in' -« • ■ 1 1- 1 1 1 food 
and nasty Idle out of the stuiarh ami 

child aicatn. 

Minimis of mothers keep "California 
Fig Syrup" handy. They know a tea- 
spooniul i. d. 13 mitm m aick child to- 
morrow. Ask your druggist for genuine 
"* \t lit i itf Syrup." which has di- 

rections for t .i l-i.-s Hi. 1 children ot nil 
age* printed on bottle Mother! You 
must say California ' or you 


Ai eording to the r»'| ort of the rural 
school survey Mississippi county show- 
ed the highest percentage* of children 

with normal, permanent teeth, but the 

percentage with unfilled cavities waa 
practically us the average. Fifty-one of granulated lids, or trachoma. 

v\ 1 !•• 

L r Bertha eagtMcc of Levee Ws- 

Mrl No. 1. sUaaiaWlatlia K. A. Harry 
and Hugh .Md'hecters. presiding judge 
elect of the county court, were in Wa^h- 
iii^tun Monday and Tuesday as njiin- 
kn ot i^e .Hid influential nunilier 
of rcprcM-nfaf ives from the lower Mis- 
sissippi valley to appear before the 
II committee on flood i-ontroL 

Twenty thousand acre* of cotton will 
lie put 111 next year in M ississippi coun- 
ty, according to the predlctfSSI of A. 8. 
Unlit. prci.l.M of the Mississippi 

Johnnie Calhoun and Mrs. Hattle 
Itoldeu were inaricd last week and will 
make their home on the Charles Bender 

islii nd. 

(Union City Commercial) 

Miss Kuril Marshall was taken sud-' 
il' iily ill last week with an attack of 
apia-ndicltis. Hr. Watson. aaaJated by 
I»r Blatiton. o,„ rated ami the patient 
i- reported improving rapidly. 

W. A. Forester, a well known citizen 
of the I'll i~ nit Valley \ ii inity. died 
inlay night. I'.-. . u,|.er 1 1. after 


than a 

Marriage Licenses : Sam Stone and 
I ' ii I ivis. Thurman Buchanan and 
Fanuie McCoy. Allen Brent and lassie 
Todd. Bonnie Walker and Mat*"* Boh- 
ert-011, I 011 s S. A 1 n e and Pauline 
Edward T. Robert! and Oeorgie 
on Clifton Cauidea and Lillian 

Ru-selL Joe 

A very beautiful afternoon wedding 
took place yesterday at the Methodist 
church in Cniou City, in which Charles 
U. Crump of Knovville and Miss Mabel 
Aim Lutcn of this city were united In 
the Ik.ikIs of matrimony. The bride is 
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. It. . I.u- 
ten. The .Miung people met in school at 
the Dalrenltf of TamtwKtt ami the 

marriage \sa  the M^ueme of Cupid's 
magic influence. 

A K. Nichols Ix.nght one of the Nail- 
ling buildings on Church street last 
week, wheie the White Way shop is 
now located, but he will dispose of his 
burlier outfit and put a restaurant at 
that stand. 

Wallace K. Nolen. through Xinus 
Laniiom. for the D. S. lM-partmeut of 

Oaaaaaeree, makes the DecaeniMW cotton 

report as follows: Cotton ginned in 
Ohion county from the VM'J crop prior 
to Ihcetnber 1. 1982, v '5"4 bales; ginned 
in Obion county for same period last 
year, 2M~ 1 bales. The Fulton county 
cotton reitort was for the same period 
iu 1922) SMI bales; for the same period 
In IStO, 2.5SO bales. 


Tha Bourgeoina, Popular Invention, 
Showa to What Depths the People 

Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured 

by local applications aa they cannot roach 
the diseased portion of tha ear. There la 
only one way to cure Catarrhal Deafness, 
and that la by a constitutional remedy. 
through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces 
of the System. Catarrhal D ea fn ess Is 
caused by an Inflamed condition of the 
mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube. 
When this tube la Inflamed yea. have a 
rumbling sound or Imperfect bearing, and 
when It is entirely closed. Deafness Is the 
result. Unless .he Inflammation can be re- 
duced and thla tube restored to Its nor- 
mal condition, bearing may be destroyed 
fore'er. Many cases of Deafness ere 
caused by Catarrh, which Is aa tafl a m oi 
condition of the Mucous Surfacee. 

ease if Catarrhal Deafness that cannot 
be cured by HALL'S CATARRH 

All Druggteta tte. Circulars free. 

r. J. Cheney A Co.. Toledo. 

uwy get Tu. ker. Kdwnrd T.' B  
|m Newton^Clifton Ua 


Mrs. Skinner has turned over her 
agency for flowers to me and I will 
appreciate any 

A bourgeolca la a small sheet iron 
stove, writes Kleanor Franklin Kgan In 
the Saturday Evening Post.   »r It may 
be only a 5-gallon gasoline can with 
a little door at one end and a hole in 
the top to let out the smoke. U la an 
Institution in soviet Bussla and is aa 
lnven'lon of the kind of which neces- 
sity la tbe mother. 

In the communistic habitation* of 
the ruined and homeless bourgeoisie It 
takes the place of both heating ar- 
rangements ami the kitchen range. 
Nearly everybody makes his own bour- 
geolca out of whatever materials he 
may be able to come by. and in social 
circles it provides a topic of conversa- 
tion of never-ending interest. Their 
habits and the various methods em* 
ployed to regulate them are matters of 
primary Importance. 

Its name, bestowed upon it In iron- 
ical derision, denotes Its relationship 
to the general scheme of things. It 
burns nothing but tiny bits of wood 
and Is therefore very economical, but 
when it is first set going it smokes 
considerably, with the result that prac- 
tically every bourgeois home In Itussia 
—such as It Is — smells as though its 
flues were badly out of order. 

It la capable of bringing the average 
winter temperature in a fair-sized 
room up to zero. «tr maybe to 10 de- 
grees above, and this is as much com- 
fort as the bourgeoisie are expected to 
require. This sounds like an exag- 
geration, but it is not. It would be Im- 
possible to exaggerate any phase ot 
the tragedy that has befallen Kussla. 

Give carnations, roses or some kind 
of flowers for your Xmas present. 
Flpwers telegraphed any part of United 
States.— Miss Frankye Reid. 

Bob Buchanan was laid up a few 
days last week on account of sickness. 


livestock to R. C. Brlce. He 

Normally, adults should be 
hold their breath from 4   to oO 

able to 


"I suffered with chronic 
constipation that would bring on 
very severe headaches," says 
Mrs. Stephen H. Kincer, of 
R. F. D. 1. Cripple Creek, Va. 
"I tried different medicines and 
did not get relief. The head- 
aches became very frequent. I 
heard of 

' Thedford's 


and took it for a headache, and 
the relief was very quick, sod 
it was so long before I had 
another headache. Now I Just 
keep the Black-Draught, and 
don't let myself get in that 

Thedford's Black - Draught 
(purely vegetable) has been 
found to relieve constipation, 
and by stimulating the action of 
the liver, when it fs torpid, helps 
to drive many poisons out of 
your system, 
similar troubles 
relieved In this way. It is the 
natural way. Be natural! Try 
Sold everywhere. 




got H/S Money. 

Keep Win Money SAFE 

to your HOME-TOWN 



* - •* • \ 

■- * '** 

It you want money for your future, don't try 

2e Getajtich-Quick scheme* that ha\c caused dis- 

•feter toa  nthny people. J" 

ThcMirc-^.iv to prosper »4jo Jt«  s-  nu- ni. .ncy 

^ the hark regularly. It will U- there when you 

.need it aud the bank \\ nrtiaVise and Help y.  u. 

   mi in. Wc w ill be glad t«» help yoo. 

Put Your Money u* Our Bank. 



Wsll to Discard Young Cockerel. 
Pullets That Ar« Slow in G 

r th. r»itJ .■•aim 
of tiilUli i ) 

In selecting the future flock It is 

wv'l to esaVard the poung ooekerela 

alid pullet* Unit arc  1"A ,n uruwtng 

and feutherlnt: and also those that 

have aMM beaks, us, iocs and 


-The W. » '»'. I . ui.iis at Mr". C. 
II. Ht»bt«n i - .Mt ijil.iN i   muke airaufe- 
inentt for :ni enterta lament.™ 

The winter fl.-k if .i, • k •  t...'.ild 
consist only of the t»  i pulleta 
of th  yetir which hold ..ut some proa- 
pect of "earning their k. . p I'uMtng 
1* usually begun in July sad August 
by suecvosfnl poultry nlamaj and hjr 
the einl of September all imi, producers 
should be Ktydnl out of the Dork, with 
• continent reduction In the feed 
bill. Ileus which have b. Sal M fur 
more thuu a year and which molt dar- 
tre Inly and August are likely to be 

'Mis* Nettie Hertw  •«•!» leluiued on 
NVedensduy front ■ risH to retaUves in 
l ultoD. u«  'oiiij..ini»M| to Mr  .lolm Ford 
and Mr« Faiuii.   i r.i li.tin " 

'•.Mrs Marl. in r»illon. wif, ..f Thomas 
Dillon jr died Sunday tuoruiug and 
was buried Monday evening. 

Marriage licenses were issued din ing 

the week as follows: Lathee Watsasj 
t   MbVJ Nettie perry: 1  r It. T. Kudd 
t   Mis* liui K. Vincent : L J. Stantiold 
to Mi-s .lo~, phino lingers : A. .1. tirady 
to Mi-^ Mali ie « 'I i rk 

•The LadaaltSra convenes Tuesday. 
January 1. Mas' then, to quota a di-tiii 

irulsheti mo spa par, tha Brgaadana 1 fools 

will In- pitted .i-viiii-l the organized 

"We leiirn that :i ial and literary 
i * I lib has loi-n oi^ini-.l in lib ktnan. 
with t'a|»tain II. A. T;!rr as president 
and Ota r lea F. Italtzer as secretary ." 

Wc invite YOUR Hanking 

« AV«. V ""' 

Hickman Bank 
& Trust Co. 

Capital nW.OOO.oa 

Surplus MO 000 0% 


J. W 0 W.;HX. 
it a rtof-P 
M r\lE. Cashier. 

■ ■■TTTni W B Ball 
J P Maddox. H L. Amber* 

1J T Hfephen*. C O Hcbletv 
ker. J. W. Cowirlll, R A. Tyler. 

■'ft: " 


iVeit perf. 
Is e\rr i. t. ,| from n it- 

 tf birds some rimes gi  an far in- 


lined up with the ri»rht 
b^use to handle JOW FURS 
^kys season aril ■ 

assured. Write for oar 
jpfcice li.#L  


1IU S.. : N«,|»ilh . T, 

of the shark are u^tl iu ma 

color to the cheek* ..Hi how SEPARATE PENS FOR PULLETS 

ftrove'a Tasteless chill Tonic restores] 

Fiiergy and Vitality by Purifying and 
r.nriehintt tbe Blood. When you feel its 

strengthening invitforutiiitf effect, see how 
it brii 

h hn proves the appetite, you will theu 
appreciate its true tonic value. 
Qbb»»'s T i-tele-s chill Tonic N simply 
ban. and Quinine suspended in syrup So 
pleasant even   hildren like it. The blood 
needs QUINIM! t„ Purify it and IRON to 
t. it. Destroy, Malarial genus and 
I. rip tfcrms by iti 

Standardized Flock of Ore Breed. 

slacken and should be the flr«t to go. 
The chances are they will not lay 
again for some time, the poultry spe- 
cialist of the Alabama experiment sta- 
tion bells-res. It is usually 
to standardize the floclc by 
of one breed, but there are special con- 
ditions under which the raising of two 
breeds Is advised. Those bavins mon- 
grel chickens will find It avssstaUg to 
develop a purebred flock, the I'nlted 
.States Department of Agrleultnasj ad- 
vlsea. This can easily b- done wlthla 
two or three years by Ie,;. ine a few 
wttitun of eges of the .!e,.rei| br ed 
for batching purposes. Re. . .nves  
t'gatlons at the U. S. exi eriment fnrni 
indicate that Quicker results may ofu*n 
be obtained by such a purchase than 

,p the *«n,rre1 .tort 


There was hope expressed that Mr 
llollek Would bllild tile lotmed I'M « ' 1 1 ■ 

(ilrardeutt f   lli- ktuan railroad. «s«uiiiis 

i,v way of Omrhiatoa, that gentii amaa 
harflng --id his line to the Friscti. 

"Little Mi»s iKorothy Moore, whi!" 
phtyilie at Monday, fell and v\ s uii. ons. ions 

Many . audi. I ii. s ii.-i.l nnnouneed to 
K«  In-fore the l'.»i:t pi unary el s-tiuu. 

"t'litef of l'ollee John Writfht lias 
purchased the residence of Prof. II. F. 

«iabb . It the foot of tt,e court liolj-e 

It.  ;. Hah- *r sold to \\. J. Walker 
of Tipioliv ille aeres of land near 

No. » Ijike for . l.:.un(. the deal taking 
ashes Friday, the rith." 

Mr- M ,r  Mill. r Klli-oti. wife of W. 

s. aVaana, itoi at ha« asaae in llaeiMj 

This issue cotifaitied a photograph of 
S. T. Ko|HT. who had alinouixisj f rr re- 
el, etion to the ofli.e of count v clerk. 

"P.wtmuster .1. T. Sti phens informs 
US that he has ris-cived the stamps, etc., 
for the inancuratioii of the pan vis |M.sf 
tirst   f the year." 

Mrs. F. r. f implM ll. .i^.d B , at 
her home in West Hiekmati. 


p O a 

Even though ynti m.i\ no business yvith 
us direct, your prosperity is an advantage 
t'. the cinhniniiy and r. disetjuent ly to us. 

If we can lu lp. with advice or service, j)lease 
remember that wc are cheerfully at your command. 

Y..u may correctly count us YOUR FRIEND. 


Capital, $65,000 

mi, KBNtvcan 

Surplus, $70,000 


To ar^ue with a mule is m»t more dangerous 
Z fcMtfWM |#t t :/t need iiistiranoe. Think 

w  wf tin mn Ml Jf mil n eighb odwod whose property 
has heen dam i-t-d l»y m e at one time or another. 
Yoi4 may be next. 

Some pvb'perty owners arc careful, some care- 
less ab« tit iiiMurance on property. The careful 
ones, alter a loss, can turn to an insurance company 
i »r the payment   f the loss incurred. 

Not »o with the careless man, for he has left his 
!a\! ^ nan ^"^ s   n 'the hands of fate. W ith no good insur- 


there's rKr indemnity to receive. His property 
become* a total T  ss. 

Btsfr ifcour^j^urance carefully. Buy it at the 

agency where only sound insurance is sold. 

* 4 - - 

Roper, Nugent & Spradlin 


A Fleming, Henry Jt Henry. Henry A Talley 

By Keeping Breedsrs Apart From Rest 
of Flock The/ Car Be Handled 


It Is often desirable to keep the pal- 
lets and the eMef hens separate. It 
may be that the lack oan ST WtB want 
to use more of the tested hens for 
breeders, and by keeping them apart 
from the rest of the flock they can be 
handled a little differently, says the 
United States Department of Agricul- 
ture. The yearling hens, or sometimes 
older ones, and the well developed pul- 
lets are better for the breeding flock 
because the larger eggs produced will 
bring out larger and stronger chlcka 
Some poultry raisers think that the 
older hens are better than even well- 
grown pullets that are laying full-slxed 
eggs. They say that ttie germ cell In 
the egg from the older bird Is stronger, 
r. egga from the best pullets 

Openings on South S de of Buildinf 
Should Be Covered With Mus- 
lin or Burlap. 

On stormy nights, windows or open 
IniT" In the south side of the chicken 
house should be «  »\cred by a drop cur- 
The curtain should be made of 

Mm or burlap. The floor of tlis 
I.oi -. s •uhl be covered With li dee) 
litter of 'straw in v hich the irrain If 
•"■Mtfered in order to make the hens 
work. Keep n mash mixture before 
the hens at all times. This can be 
eomi«o*.ed of a mixture of bran, ahorts 
commeal. ground outs. etc. To th:« 
must b»- added a good grade of meat 
ansa! which should compose "«.» pet 
cent of the mixture. 



Meal and Feed 

Riverside Pearl Meal 

Chops, Hog Feed and Cow 
Feed, Chicken Feed 



It is a good plan to have hoppers 

bung on tbe wall where grit aud 

oyster shell are always accessible. 
• • • 

Good, brlsht, alfalfa hay saved from. 


If the thought ever cot 
crossing breeds, forget it 
n the chicken 

yon of 
It's a step 

C«»ol tnoriiii—s 

of cold and stormy daya, 
to see that the poultry 

Stimulants and poultry tonics are ol 
no value if a good laylug ration is fed 

• e « 

T»ie Boeh that is healthy needs aj 

• • • 

The. more mom In the chicken bous* 

the easier it is to keep the hou«e rSeaa 

• • • 

Treat every fowl on the farm 0M 
lice before they are boused for tht 

• • • 

HetiH can cold weather, but 
dampness will s.K n underinine theit 

• • • 

When f. edlng sunflower seed to tht 
bens be sure and save a few of th« 

tartest and best-tilled beads for seed 

• • • 

There still are too many rooster* l D 
the average farm flock. Why keep uj! 

tbl* useb « 

• • • 

Take note of the corntuoal used In 
njash for chicks. If this is bought In 
large quantities there Is danger ol 
spoiling and mold. 

• • • 

The use of green feed in the wlntei 
ration not only helps to keep the bird* 
healthy, but It seems to Influence the 

  ^ All the above named are guaranteed and are manu- 
factured at tic Hickman Milling Co. 

Buy a HickmarvIViade Product 

Walker Meal & Feed Co. 




rtx ret rjcc 


"Jtiding in autos will be safer when ( 'mi^ri ss s;,- i,i|  ve.rly $300,000 for 
drivers slop racim; trains for the rail- '• free n r.l. n ms-«Is. 
road crossint;." Then- :.!-o 

er atdcidea srhea fewer p eople juui 

from bridges, .-hoot thernselTef unh 
pistols ami take gas. St. l'aul l»i  


•Phone 13— The lucky uumber for un- 
lucky motor, lOtfc 



Phone 4 C. H. Moore 

Besides being educators, the poultry 
shows will stimulate your pep and en- 
thusiasm for better chickens, which In 
turn will Increase profits. 

• • • 

Ifa far better to have the cement 
floor of a henhouse set on a fl to 10- 
lnch layer of coarse stones. Damp 
nana la fatal to hens. 

• • e 

Young ducks will often be^in laying 
at shout five months 
reed and the 
a yariitflm. 

• • • 

contains a considerable amount 
Of antrns. protein, and Is fine for hena, 
but It ought not to be counted on as a 
substitute for meat 
tn th« dry 

It Is not hard to select the !ie«t pul- 
lets when culling the young stock for 
winter. Discard the slow-growing, 
cr ,,w -headed pullets which show their 
lack ef i - * 


No Worms in a Healthy Child 

AU children troubled with Worms have an un  
hastily color, which indicates poor blood, and as a 
ia u there is more or I ess stomach disturbance. 
hwhr far two or three weeka will enrich thr blind. 
Me the digestion, and set ss s general Strength 
ToaJc to the whole system. Nature will then 
off or dispel the worms, and theChilJ willh. 

When the 
lunacy is not a ca 
that mean even - 
about another w 

ruled that 
use for divorce. Sat 
the man is crazy 

Quick Delivery On All 

Terms If Wanted 

J. C Hendrix & Son 

Authorized Ford Dealers. 
Hickman, .... Kentucky 

not BUSMAN «oiratR -THlltsi AV MKBMMHI M, 19 

Tl»  ku i -i 

Really Serious Horrort. 

itioii seems t   !*• I 

lir ^:"r; M ,, " M  , !' ,,u :" ,,,i "~ 1 Nothi' n 7Vh«t u7r.niVr*.«7"i, n «i ««- 

the »li.,i r line n  .  %-pt nig the . • 

  -..Iiiu.Imi* lmp«,t.|,. ailstakaBly IwiTlble Blatters very much. 

Pure Heart Cypres* 


vlanufcicturetl from old growl' 
timber, vlrliv ered to C. M. r\ C 
depot .it Miller, for 

$5.00 per thousand 

Shingles, $1 00 less 

It frijhi-ns people into 
in. .i remedy; the »^rloua horrors -ra 

t an as which m**ui eailratj reaaectabta 

KBd to r .-, ,. • ,!.'.- umj n.,i l; , ,1 
men I Shaw 

I. i.I, With 


I. \ s Hamby, T.\ Toiiiifor for 
tha i it* uickaMM Caaaty or Pat- 
Iom State of Keatartsy. oe nae   ' a*f 

deputies will on M by. Mn *JJ 

; ' iiuf, BiiaaeB the hours of 

i . . t 2 n in. bbjb« betas regular *.'"mh- 
tj Court «i.i\. affet for as la bI BJfcj 
..•nil beaaa 'Io-t iii Wrtri— ■ fa* «'«• j 
UiMtuewJ laxM for laa years of I9B9 
mm! IUCI tli.. foil. .wini; pn.|Kiiy: 

The aaa*e*o4 perm wi •«• wham aaaeaardl 
i... itioB of propert] sad sawaal of 

t.i»..~ Hi. I pi MBltJ doe ' s M follows: 

Samta Claus 


By Christopher G. Hazard 

A lid the 



x!io is i-rtipl' ►r«-«l in :i, to wear d- 
!•. ■ Iiim-iiI or wl*. r- dressmaking • i 

I«   ottif established ,n ti. r own lut-ili, 
uihI i riMlr i worth while in. oiiit- v% t r 1 1 
out CMHBrtltlBB \V. will anal 

from in toon to tlft, ih-u -lylo dresses. White lirjo. 

suitable for all  H-«-HSlo|i«i. •■ .! rv tiionlli I 

■ oi.^t.inti y exchanging iinsi.iii iu.hI. I \ it,.- Lneatioa 
i. i in w styles. j|t. i iy. Marvin. I; It A 

Applicants who cannot Rive hank l'.ril'. .1. II . E. II. 
r.t.iii . «• will not I.. coitslthr.-d j Hn.wn. Ml- A M. «► II 

I'.rown, J. It.. O. II 

CarileU. Salll. W. II 
  poate. tall hall. I 


Priced. Hi., h   la- 

HH .:.M», s, 

Mm \..rh CM] 

The lllllliU r of utility i» in. ri»o*lli . 
While hors««4 »«■ im I •|iiile holding theii 

ott n 

If You Want 

Good Insurance 

See 1J& 

■% ,' 

Whipple Sr Stembrtdge 

Amf. T««eB 

»   57 
t I" 



O. II 

rturBBfl. i «' RaC vv. B. . 
Brei s..i, . Hit \ W, ll 
Balv W if' r m o|. i, 0. A. 
PBBt lw.ll . Mn I-.. K II OJ* 
in,. i. iii i m. Bailey, K. U. 

JarkMn. Itoh, «. A H-M 

l.euu;it . I'riii'. \V. II 

MeueBaak Mrs. liw., li. A 

M rrow. Ui. hard. 2 W. II 21.46 

N»lfeh. raria. E. II. 4 « 

N r Mm. \a*H.   . H 10.S7J 

Newton. W. M.. O. A — * • 

Mr*. J. H.. O. II 22.06 -y. W. E. H 1S.44 

s Imoii. Mi  K iriiih . K. II. - 124 

tlnlntrai. I «e. E. II 1-VJB 

Muiith. W. I).. E. H 5J* 

Terrett. «. n. I'jri.. E. tl 4-T4 

 \ nl Mont. I!. II 7a»-t .1 •».. Baafeta ISt.. EH — 4.:H 

Wlllhima. Pete. G. A. S..TC 

WI1m b. D. B., E H 2iW 

WTssasfrr, BsfeC, O. A 7.44 

Dear Children: 

I) .!!'t lorgiet to l e M g»joder N that! 
evcrjnnti] Christmas, 'cause you mij^lu 
nii-^ soitif «.t" my brand new Christmas 
c.uulits. And such candy — M-m! It 
eonei TOCH the Bnsj Bee Cafe, and it 
i- the best I ever tasted. 

I have booMM upon boxes of Don- 
boni and kibcious I ruit candies, rich 
n. n^.its and tlie best of chocolate 
creams. 1 have also all kinds of bar 1 
Candid and ^um drops, peppy pepper* 
mints, and tasty taffy, and many Oth- 
er kinds of eandy, including holid.r. 
b xes. 

Your old friend, 



Mrs. W T. PENDDETON, Prop. 

X it!l»» 

!tarl.«o I'.ro- 

B II BBB, Mat 
Btacy, Minn 
Brngg. Kan 
Brltt, .1. II . 
Brttt, .1. H . 

Iloua Id  oii. 
I i i . I. |'a|  
i:. i.h.r. .1. 

y. B Wit 
mphill. I 

Color. -.1 — lirjt). 

I.iH-at ion 

hii. B. II. 



I . 


Amf. Tuxea 

. ai oi 


r. 4»; 

s QB 

4 .no 





E. II 

n. Bri . B. ii 

Ili.v.s'. Win., A 
BetaphlU. K.I. E II. 

I I »-r  ■ ]   1 1 i 1 1 . M it^.in-t. 

III 1 1 IBB II. .waul. B 
I. .u sou. Alex. K. II 

l.'.urrv. flMOh K. II. 

l.ow. ry. Terry. K. II. 
Xorth. ro** C. IV. E. 
ivt. .-. M itrle. i: II 
manner. Add Bat* B. II 
l»i i dey. W ils,. Jr.. (i. A 

Smitii r.i/ii . a. 
.- . \ . 1 1 t: r...i. «;. a. 
I John IN'. K. II 

I lisluiw. Polk. E. II. 
M , itOngtoa, Elh b,  : A. 
WtlMS), « ! ..v. B II. 

White 1!.-.'I. 
X iu»e I.«h ition 

Anaatfusm. fTsaw. w ii. 
BaUara; Jae, w. EL 
Btaa a, i B . B ll ft o. 

I lioato. . allaltatl A: Klitfel. II. II. Ul^tl 

liwMleniton. RaUey. E ll 1 W. H. .tl .v» 

■tun l arte Teter,** 
the chihJrtB, „ s tney 

• Uii,i....i ,, u ., r klnfUs rHMt , ve  in  , 

•-aristmils ^ve "A story r repeated 

» le hvter Btreeilaa Rur| riae. hut 

wl "" ,t ; "«w upon bis laexhauattttla 

*«•«*: "well, have you ever heard of 
arle Samta t'launr "oh. rOV mean 

1 ie Santa riatM!" exrlaimed .la.-k. 
'••Xo. I don't." said Tncle Peter; "I 
■neaa the old man wltli the pin- i, : ,t. 
ti.* btae ■waliowtall .'., it t. n... sniped : the old mun with eyes iiu- 
-tai  ami a SOlilfl thai . r eoatd off 

aeeDtlac whet, aoniebod] Li treadtag 

• •ii atMuebady eis e; the aid bum with 
•he »tri|^.i aax, araoac baadqaartera 

W Up in AlHska; the hi^-.est Santa 

•nuns there is." -AH right ttoea," 
aoxwert.i the chUdrea, "tell us nbaat 

"Well." * : ,ld flnle I'eter. "he tiMS 

his I amis- tuli Visj now and \n doftftj 
all he ran to nil the hanii-« of others. 
The Bhr la -i noisy with nlllliBB . ries 
and rJaBMra, there nr.- s„ Bjajry haada 
reaelilnt' out over the s,-„s. t| inl t .e in 
nlm.*t distracted. Kver sinee he iror 
la  k from the K r. jit war he has 

ataaj repalrtai its itaaiaia and raaear- 
iiiK tha a r ea pmHj that it apoiled And 
long Befare that he was in the i - i,i st- 
mn« business Me snriulaeil Chtaa h, 
refusing t.. m-i.-pt the treat sum of 
M.e Boxer iadenutMy. n» let tha 0a  
haaai have i' M t, : , «rhen he had aaaaTa 

Ihetn fr.e. ami many thought that he 
hnd a r:-ht to take thi-t fair Island 
for hltii^.-if. ||,. ,., «r«rfcfaBj har.l at 
ids tusk of naktag tnnilta truly 

Amernnn. a s..|..-r Industrious, en- 
liajhtened, presp r rous. happy.   'l.rlmt- 
mas, nation." 

"1 m iflad Pat one of hl« Atnerhaa 
rhBdren." said A.-nes. when l"u -le 
I'eter had eaarJadad; with whi. h sen- 
tilnenf all the rest Bgfaad. 

A little eload of douht hHd arisen 
n .the Christmas i»ky. however, aa 

"Lots tor Your 

Money Brasads" 

Should Not Tempt You— Use 

HuBbea, Bstrate, B. ll 
Jaeaaoa, Bah, W. n 

Meirs. t'hnn.. W. II. 

Mnnairjr. P. - s o n 

Morrow, K I. W. M 
N ivlor. Mis. i l.ira. O. II. 

Via thrinaa. G T. (CoL) E 
Peek, J. II . o. u. 
Paefcctt S. w. n. 

Salmon. S:tn. B II.' 
Smith. John V'.. W. II 
Wolaefer, Beat, \ 
Kara, Mrs. Ivy., t;. A. 

4 4«» 

J." ::i 
is .;7 
2.! is 
27 7s 


_ 1' 
_ l 

.  . v • 

ft. 10 

i-olor.d i:«-Jl 

X.i me IxM-ution 
Al. \aii.ler. Mattie. B B. 

Barter, Jardaa,  ;. A. . 
Braaaaat Walter. B II 
Brerard, Waiter. B B. 
PenaU, Oataetla, B h 

h'owler. Krnest, 0. A 

Paajaa, aJaafft, 
  i i rdaer, John 
Oeaega, Bd, i: 

IJris-n, Ih-ii. I!. 
1 1 i yes. Will.  ; 

E. II. 

A nit Taxes 








Bat, B II 




Herring, Howard. E. II. . 

.J. witt. Cora. B U. 

I..U-I.U, Alex. E II. - 

I.owery, lVrry. G. A 

Mi Mort is. Howard, O. A. Back, II. ir , B U. 
Baajga, Jim. e. B. 

SI. aw. I has.. K. H. 
Smith, Oi.kie. B H. 
Smith. Kbeie. A. 


Don't Take Calomel! "Dodson's Liver Tone" Acts Better and 
Doesn't Gripe, Salivate or Make You Sick— Don't 
Lose a Day's Work- Read Guarantee 

Stew art. Brad. O. A. 
Tallie. Minnie. E. H 
I'pshaW, JiiUieS. K. H. 

w .i-i.iiieton. ElU-n, Q. 
Wilkerson. Ann, E. II. 
Yates. Gti .. B II 


. r..i« 





1 I HI 








20 70 


_ 14.1S 




ITgh! Cahunel makes, you shk. lt sj 
horrthle' 1 ' " { ""* 4, ' ,nl:, ' t " u " 

drun toiiitfht ii. I tomorrow you may 
lone a day's work. 

faloinet is ineretiry »r 
whh h o.iis. s I,.-, rosis ,.f the 

C„| I. w li- ' """ - """ 

with ««ir Idle - l "« ' 

It BB) This Is wh- a v..o BVM "»"t aw- 
ful mmse-i and el .uiph'it- » T©" ■«* 
slnwisl. nd all "kn - out. If 
Uv.r Is lorpal and l^'Wels eoMstl. 

tongue; if breath Is had or stoma, h 
sour. Just try a spoonful of harmless 
iVslson's Liver Tone tonight 

Here's aay guarantee — Go to any 
■ Inn: store and t?et a Kittle of iHxIson   
l.i\er Tone for a few «« nts. T.k. a 
if It doi-sn t stral*hten 

rlfJBro'is ; want you to K o back to th- 

Scandinavia's Forest Dowry. 

Al».iit Wumo.tmu m-res, or about » 
Bgfl . etit of the s dl of Sweden. B 
eo%ered with forests. For each lo© 
of the Inhabitants Sweden has 1M56 
acres of forest, which Is the preuteat 
pro|Hirtion in Europe, next to Kiul-tnd. 
i;r. nt r.ritaln and Ireland have only 
7.4 aeres per Km inhabitants, of the 
cereals wheat is chiefly crown In the 
. eli'ral and southern parts of the eoiia- 
trj ; rje farther BBBga. but in the most 
northerly parts barley la the staple 

Keep. no Afloat. 

Keeping Hhips fr..i u sinklnu is tha 
amldtloii of t. - . S. Heilslee ol t'hatta- 
ui "i|:. Tenn., who has Invented B 
dev l. e l oiisistlnK of a strtni:  •! ,   ne- 
shnp»~l eups. In ease of collision one 
of These clips would l e drawn ln*a 
the hob- in the hull and form a water- 
tight cap over l be aperture. 


That's What Millions 
of Housewives Do 

-They know that 
Good Baking Powder 
can't be sold for less — 
that "more for the mon- 
ey"means bake-day fail- 
ures, waste of time and 
money—that Calumet 
means economy. 

The sales of Calumet are 
over 150% greater than 
that of any other bak- 
ing powder. 


What Will Maid of Athens Say? 

New York taigeeaa have restored a 
lacerated heart to normal, showing 
that the breach of promise lawyers 
cunt have all that 
kagtaa I'ost. 

Story ot Our Flag. 
Krotu 1770 lo 17s.'t our tlaj; had 13 
Stars. In 1811* It bore IS, In the Mexi- 
can war "_ M .I, In the t'ivil war .'{4, in the 
Spanish war 45 und at the present 
time 4«. 

To Stop a Cough Quick ^ 

cough medicine which stops the cough by 
healing the inflamed and irritated tissfies. 

SALVE for Chest Gjlds, Head Colds and 
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of 
should be rubt ed on the chest and throat 
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup. 

The healinit effi-i-t of Hav»-s' Healing Honey in- 
side ttie throat cpilniicd with the iieaiinK effect of 
Grove » O I'en-Trate Salve through the porei of 
the skin soon stops a cough. m 

Both remedies are packed in one carton and the 
cost of the OSSsMoad treatment is 35c. 

Just ask your druggist for HAYES' 

Liver Tone is destroy line the sale of 
calomel because it la a real liver medi- 
. in.- ; entirely vegetable, therefore it 

To Cure a Cold in One 


kea did not cast their akin* 

cud I'm One,'' baid A^n ea- 

rn le 1',-ter had spoken of t'nele 
Samta's lavlshoesa in far countrlea. 
BBth voi.-ed It when she wanted to 
know if It would be of any use for 
them to expect anything that fhrist- 
maa. whether or n-H they were to hang 
up their stockings. "You'll put your 
foot in It if yea do." aald Geavya "No, 
she w.-n't.' taid Uncle I'eter; "I have 
had a special delivery letter from 
t'n.-Ie Samta, saying that he has had 
his eye on this house for the Inst 
twelveniouth, and thut.this will be one 
of his stopping plwrns because from It 
so much of service for others has been 
P'litig out. He saya that you are his 
Kardeners. and thai you have planted 
ra tunny BBedal at kindness ihat a lot 
of aaa Itlflll things will he sure to 
come up. That is always the way. he 
aaya; in fact, it is the way in which 
he got rich himself." 

Tlds was a very pleasant assurance 
for the children. K made them think 
of a happy mistake that one of them 
had made when they were having war 
gardens all over the town: A certain 
Mr. Rose had been appointed by the 
mayor as Inspector of gardens for the 
whole place, and one dny Betty point- 
ed him out to a friend with whom she 
was walking. "There goes Mr. Hose," 
■he said; "he's an expecter of gar- 
dens P 

When the children had been re- 
minded of Mr. BOM they also remem- 
bered what Betty hnd done at their 
last Christmas party ; stalking heavily 
and pompously down the room, she 
had said: "I'm Mr. Atlas, who holds 
up the world." So one of them stood 
on tiptoe, threw back her head and 
threw out her arms and said: "I'm 
Uncle Samta Claus. who holds up the 
world." "Well done!" cried Undo 
I'eter; "that's Just It!" 

There wasn't any disappointment In 
the house the next morning. "Did you 
get all that you wanted?" asked 
Uncle Peter. "Yes." said Mary. 
"Were you at all disappointed?" 
"No," said Mary. When Mary said 
"Goodness." her mother said. "Yon 
shouldn't say 'goodness.' Mary." "Cra- 
cIousV said Mary. But Mnry was too 
excited to have a ."are for her ex- 
pressions. In describing the situation 
afterwards she said: "I was In a per- 
fect stupor of excitement." 

Uncle i .pr had a present, too. 
After all the rest hud been made 
happy Agnes brought out a parcel, 
and wh.-n Pad* I'eter opened It there 
were too big books that told over 
again the story of all that America 
had stood for and ail OHlpHshed This 
made him very glad indeed. Hnd he 
asked them to write his name on the 
fly leaf and to any that it was from 
his Teang Americans. Then the 
fTtrlsttiiMs party ended with a verse 
of our national anthem, heartily sung 
and Toi: m% d by all the other verses, 
with a hurrah for Uncle Sam Instead 
of an amen. 

Money to Loan 

on improved farm land, Fulton and 
Hickman counties. Easy terms, with 
little cost to borrower No delay in 
getting money. 


H. N. Cowgill Sr. 


H. W. Whipple 


Bon Air Coal 

If you want the best coal mined 
in the United States order a ton 
of this fuel All coal and no 

Walker Coal Co. 

Phone 237 

West Hickman 



Hickman Hank & Trust Co. 

1I1E H1CK.HA  ttHRltK- illl RSDA) 

51, 1925. 




..Warren Ellison's Cafe.. 

Now Offers You for Xmas: 

Fancy Box Candies 

Fancy Bulk Candies 
Oranges, Bananas, Nuts 
Fruits of All Kinds 

Headquarters for Fireworks 
Box Cigars and Cigarettes 

Walking and Talking Dolls 
Air Guns Sleds 

Toys of All Kinds 

Cut Glass 
Fancy Box Stationery 

Be sure and visit our store before you do your 
Xmas shopping. You will be surprised. 

Warren Ellison's Cafe 


You're the Goodest Old Santa 

Lice Killer 

ftLiquid and Powder) 



Gowgill's Drug Store 



This Is the week tliiii the factory ruan 
J- demonstrating the Maje«tle rang* at 
the Hickman Hardware Co There 1* 
very little to say about ttie Majestic 
range tlml the,. .1.. not already 
know. As fiir hack as we can ICM» 
Irr It ha- he' ii e«m*ii|i red the la-st 

made, and while they claim to have 
mini. MM hpwnMti in it in Ihe 
hit*! few years we don't know exactly 
what part of It they eoiihl Improve, mi 
I. -- It I- In ap|M-arale e. 

Stop in ii! the Hickman II. i rdwarc   '•  
this week and let them explain the 
new range to yon. You can al-o guess 
|i-.w inan  part's the ralitfi" is c.tnp. 
of ft- .tin* one will get a niiv pHaWaa 
li.c It might l»e yon. 

Mr. arul Mi- l.'ranl Delph, of At 
hinfii.  ;«.. will arrive the lir t of the 
week to spend the holiiliv- with the 
latter'* parent.-. Mr. an. I Km Kim 

i O 

Mr. and Mr-. I ten BrfjHP ami little 
son. ICI-hard. are Spending the holiday* 

with Mr«. Hi tegs' parents, Her. and 
Mr- K. C. Doogtai or Ttptonrllle. 

Miss Vera Homer, of Trenton, ^eni , 
is sjs-licliiig the lioli.l ay- with h  r par 
eniK, Mr. atiil Mn. U I. II. TINT. 


Mr- Kile K/cl| of Memphis, will ur- 
I rive Similar tiO€ a vi-it w ith her pa i 
'••Ms. Mr. ahd Mrs. ( h is IsIkH. 
— o 

.1. C West, who is att tiding school in 
C. R. (IUck) Wallace, ,,f Kulton. r.' ll Bocfcle, Tcnn . will arrive horn- 
president of the l.h era. ! ■ Medicine  ',».. Satnr.l.iy lor the fcoltdayi 


St. Louis 'J 
Furnishing Co. J 

funeral directors and ^ 
jCicensod C/nbaimirt 



Day Phone 84 
Ni«ht Phone 312 


wai in the city Tuesday. IP- i- v, r\ 
much elated over the company moving 
to l.oiii.vilU-. and thinks Hie -lock will 
rapidly increase In value. 

— o — 

Mi— 1 Harksdale. miliii.-r at Smith .v 
Anibt-rg's. has returned to her home In 
Fori tfiuitb, Ark. 

Pleas r.ynum and Harry 1-Im!'. 
Mu-kcgon. Mich., ure here to spend tike 
holiday- with home folk-. 

— o 

K.-ihhit are still in many homes tfefl 
pie. e de resistance,- - W 'hat ever 

H. 0. Kestsr 

B. C.   Tete) £ra« 


Hickman, Kentucky 

Will do a general practice 

in all Courts 
Office over Cowgill's Drug 


May field Office — Stovall 

\\ \S M WAYS vr 
W i »UK 


In reviewing the lives of great men 
we are continually confronted with the 
euii-e of their success. We will not say 
the w ii i l ef no©* ess. for It 1m no secret 

bring* to ml nd the potent power of 
■even words when put in action Th »-o 
words are small and can Ih« unik-rMood 
by a primary scholar. -He was always 
at work oa time." 

I-ook over the Uvea of meu of power 
and wealth: go hack to their boyh.asl 
and If you run find any deviation 
from this litt W  preempt this little rung 
that la Invariably place- 1 at the Is.ttom 
of the ladder of -n. . .-s Place- of 
prominence in the world are tilled by 
men who made that a root to 
and guide In early life, and a 
I. lire majority et' them have followasllt 
and are following it yet. How many 

i - hare we Wondered at the career of 

t - lM ys starting out in lite e.pi illy 
endowed with qualities of su- ce--. and 
how tho one fergea ahead of itm' p.---. -  
the other In no time. Thj*  one who goo* 
0N farthest Is always H who is 

on the ii hi . 
i:\en th. .. .11. pi. Hiding iK.y climtw to 
the ton nor the bead of the shiftless 
and eare'e-s one. no matter how brilli- 
ant or ••oiii|»efent the latter may lie. 
The bright l.oy may do his task with 
speed and ease, but when he nets that 
careless, independent air his value to 
hi- employer wanes. An employe who 
goes to work at any and all time- i* a 
constant source of annoyau.'e ami bis 
employer Is always on the lookout for 
some "in U  take his place. The hoy or 

man who is at work on time, day after 
day. month after month, will drew fa 
vurlte attention in the most obscure 
hamlet in the world. If he has just a 
few grains oi ambition to go with bis 
diligence his future is a— ur*-d. He is 
the firmest rocs upon w hich nn employ 
. r . an build. He i- dependable . you 
know he'll always Is- there b.s„n-e lie 

always has t-s^n there, and that sort of 
Ih.t or man is ami always has be«n in 
demand. Tlie 
carried on Ihe 
w i.o have mad 
a principle of life; for in a general 
allium. i r  we know that la Ihe only kind 
of men fit to carrr It. 

Those sf\cn little words, "He was 

always at work on time."' cannot In? im- 
proved nn, either a motto or an epi- 

taph Ambition is useless without tbem ; 

anything is possible with tbem. 

There the; 
leave tbem. 

Burglars Laugh at 

The wildest fiction writer would not 
havo dared to put It In . b ut 
Scotland Yard Itself was visited by 
burglars the other day. The aa "ro- 
i-anct home of criminal justice which 
n ■ -tr-,n_-er can enter 
asked his business at 
thought t.. be the one i H , 

WO,,!,, let „,,.„,. but ^ 

entered the lost property 
room within a few feet of a score 
or more of reserve*, apparently paaa- 
lni; right by a man patrolling outside 
~id got away with several hundred 

Why not give s year s subscription to 
Th, courier, iis a present, to some rela- 
tive or friend living at a distance? 

One of the most ha 
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The farming wealth of Canari* is es- 
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They Art Here 




Id fact, we have anything you 
want in the Toij Line 

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at « 

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For Xmas Presents 

This   * .ir people are bwy i ng^cnaihtc gifts — gifts 

Boa. Jcwelrj is the one b**1 u r »«*t. It is tin- gift that 
always pleases and at mir store lelccUutU arc easy to 

Our now arul heautitul line of holidays u U. full 

Of choicest selections for the Christmas trade, is now- 
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g.    »d - .   Is u hen they si o t hem. 

We fa t novelties in nice hut inexpensive j^oods. 

We have choker and more costly gifts, but in afl 

grndci and at all prices wt Stand ready to supply you 

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D"n't to see our special attractions in — 





There is nothing a woman appreciates more than 
Ivory. We have complete sets and single articles in 
the most exquisite patterns. Combs, brushes, nail 
flies, mirrors, scissors, shoe buttoners, buffers, jewel- 
ry boxes, etc. 


Lee eouniv faiSMll recently pLmted 
i '.i. ~ m Itai .1 f.itii- it" one month 
■ niiii^ to Count; Ageat T H .l^ucs 

W.I,. | • 1 1 1 oli ill . i. llltV liullUtf the 

uiLiOitfi )ii-r pa«t b) lha count; agent 

SJ  .l • t.r- , .1.1. i..b • ■ . •!. Uic • "l- 

u .j.- ..f .\»tt.. ;iiiui« a; Lexington is held 
.1.. i n i--i. dole r.'r rt«r iuffiesi that 
i imen Of rhe •uonf  ure taktfui in the 
oayralsajaaaajfl. of theli horn* oi.-harda. 

Tli.- dtii.  niK.-il this ln«t sumiuiT 
again*! kwfer Uenn in Alo 'Ml y «otur 
fy fnwk« hy the e\iei»*ioii dlvi «iou of 
i : t i ..ii. Agriculture al L  Ainu- 

ion ha* (■• ••ii brought to :i »u. ee*sful 

• i  llit" i • •: the 

twelfth raiting defauostratiuu. the lu»t 

• I I M ilrv I:, .i .. *iloW faimtf* aud 

IIm-ii wiii-s Ik.m to di«tiiiguUh l HW(tli 

i in- n I and (HM.r l.i il l v in ill. ii flacfe 

lour hundred .in.! nfnety-three hen* 
were hiii'liol in i he lui In' ilein.m'.f ra- 
tions, jo. u-inii .1 •• .'iliil Ihi'hiivc they 
» ti. . i tin ni' iori-' lc »iicn of l« nitf 
|HMir prmln. ••! - ... ■•rilinK to I '.unity 

\«. in w it. \\ M4«wnL 

Tmm tm » ;o- my f.iniM-rx will 

■ i»«.|M'raii' w iih fount) Agent W. It 
«iiiM«*rt .ii..; llir extension diviidan of 
tin-   ulliai Viticulture alii ring the 

• ■online \  r ..n iMiltiiti; on Uif cattle 
f« • • I i i ■ _r demount ration* on tli. ir fa rasa 
'•. hrin;r ..hi |.r.!ili. il iMuiitcrs on flu" 
fatlsnlaa ■ .mil.- for etawf banSMM of 
iln . o»u»ty. 

I in. .ii .omity f irm, i- Urine in the 

W.i'.tU ■'••tiiimii.i'.v I'l-ritiiiu M'illi 

I'onnix Atfint 1.. **. Uri'M it. will ii!«e 
_' hi js» ■ • I • . • 1 1 1 1 1 j 1 1 1 1 1 r \ •i"tYort» in at- 
. Mplilitf i . Kft .it Mi'- In-. 1 1 1 of soiuo of 
•I. ir fumi .iii.I home prithh'iun. Our 
Imnilrttl ali l fifty ■ ! thctii )itt»-n«l»tJ IlK' 
imi-iinu «!'«ii ili«- i 'oiiiiininity fluh was 
f.-rmiil it ml tin- program nf work out- 
HmmI TIm- i- iht- -itinili i-oniuniiilty 
in Ihf itiiuiit to ailnpl i similar lino of 

&INNKM HI Mot KAIM t   l M \ 


Tho kaiiiit-r iN-unH-ratif   oiinty of 
tin" \M»rl«l liai Ufii ili»it.\ ••nil. It is 

II CM. -Ml I 1.11111 V. I'.'llll. Thf 

rt'tunw mIh.w lltiywiMal county cave 
t ..ii_-r. ~vinaii l*ini!» .1 tiarrrtt, Dmbo 

tnt, a Mill' i.f I.2MI White it gavt- Mg 
K«1 nMI aii itppoiit-nt. Ilomi-r S. Taintn. 
flu- ni!i«uili. i-iii \ i.f ir.rj. That i- a 

rati*   f ai..'nt -».". to l. 

1 1 1. ton i wos t i«jui i \  ran 

o. inn nd N. irrthm Mpt PCfctabi 

foi !ho Amti: -an « « o.. la-t wit-k 
•*icint| an .iv'rtfiut-nt with Kulion hu i- 
BHM in. ii i«« kMatf :    icir fmiory in 
M ai i if y a«  r...ii a- l!.. ir.v I. nil. I 

i i .a i.. ci tt- rtil. 1 1 i-  .i ii| 1 1 it* fac- 
tory »» ill I*' Ibfsm laan orlsisaHy 
awtril i'i. -i ni    .ii roc a ouiiaV 
■aj Mi' it 1 ' in t. w .in i ira fav 4 m 
KirU. 'l'lii  is linn Ii lai^.r than tho fi- 
rtory at l y«-r*.liiiru. n i- .-luiiuoti 

W hen you arc in doubt what to give — give cut 
glass. It is useful and adds much to the charm of a 
home. We have what you want, and it is reasonable 
in price. 


There is no gift more acceptable than a diamond. 
We have rings, studs, barpins, etc., in clusters or love- 
ly solitaires. 



K. A. Ttiiki r I\i«tor. 

Soinl y S. 1 1 :»:|.i a. m: K. T Km 

■ hf. Bajpt 

MomiiiK worship 10 :-|".. 
I. .ni^c st-rx i-o 7 p. rn. 

Prajm Mai dag Iraaaawaay 7 p m 

Wmiian'M Mi si  tiary S. . i.ty. ^.::u| 
Monday aftt rnoon. ! 

LaawW Aid s... ioty. 2 Taaraaay l 
af ti-rii'Miu. 

Adiiiit. Qaat (fowton, uftor having | 
Int n duly sworti static that thf follow- 
j inz ilfwrllatl animal*, to u it . om  | 
! white Mi-cr. weight alMiut ."^ni pouinN. 
! and no mark" of any kind, t .io-n ;;• 1 

1: a* i stray mi the pr.'iiii-i's '.f Mm. I 
O. \\. Newton, in Fulton founty Ky.. I 
al.onf _' i iili •  ea-t of Hiikiuali. Ky.. on 

' th«" Orewlen Hoad, that In- h •  not 

' a lli-rod ■■ I : n ni any mark of any 
kind on said animal, nor lias he placed j 

[any mark of any kind on said animal, 
ami that he values said animal at ?20 

iiiml T. C. Kelly, a renideut and prop- | 
erry owner of Fulton County. Ky.. 1k."- 
ii, j duly sworn, ajanlaaj said animal 
at "jo and I. ( has O Nugi i.t. Judge   f 
F'ulton Couufy Court, value same at 
^O.OU. wherefore It is ordered that thU 
not he I*- reetinled hy the County Court 
clerk ir. n iKMik kept for that purpose 
and mid « h rk is dire, ted to furnish 
an attest copy of tl_d« notlca to The 
Hickman Corn ier for pnl li. .. I ion. and 

f.. piist i. lie nn the court house diM»r. 
Witness my hand, this I h e ... 1U03. 

Chaa O NllKelit, .Indue 
Fulton County Court. 

At'.  r 

o C. Henry. Clerk. 


, Our itodi ol silverware for gifts was never more 
complete. We have any article you could desire in 
pai terns to please all. Let us show you. 


The Home of Sensible Gift.. 

! Don't Co away from home to trade. 
M my people take a trip and pay more, 
or a* leant as much for an article they 
lotild j;et at Tills al»o applies to 
in irriate lin tisi-s. \\ ,. . .innoi under- 
stand why so m i u v people ramhle off 
iM.meWhere elst» to iret a license when 
Mr. Henry always keeps a nice, fresh 
si •• k on hand, which are just as nice- 

li« kiin; and at dnral.le as M an «et 

any where. 


A great many . roakers have pretllct- 
«*tl null ippniess inr the newly married 
IKiir at IhMim. hut the most dismal pre- 
licifion would seem to he that ..f Ihe of- 
llciatiiu; minister »li . invittetl tltem to 
•"hoe each other as Oml hoes yoii." — 
l'hiladclphia North American. 

— o — 

It retpiires ihe use of alxiut thirty-sis 
ninsi h s tn smile, and of ninety .seven to 
frown. Why work overtime? Illinois 
State Journal. 

I nder heading of ' Gifts for Her." i* 
an advertisement, a nelKhohrini: pmihT 
itemizes emhltm riu«s, cigarette casea, 
match hoses, etc. 

The ukelele is a I'ortutgese Invention 
iaaajajai to make the Bawaliam roman- 

The outgoing coal cargoes of Britain 
are nearly three times those of 1912. 
— o — 

One of the principle ohjecU 
i  ita 

Starts you. in 



Nat Christmas you will have   


Every man and every woman can easily spare some 
from thfrir earnings each week. When that money is put in our 
CHRISTMA CLUB you have money next December for your 
Christmas needs or any future purpose. 

You can start with 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c and increase your deposit the 
same amount each week, or you can start with 25c, 50c, $1.00, $2.00, 
$5.00, $10.00, $20.00, or more and put in the same amount each 

Deposits are to be made Weekly or in advance. 
The following table explains the Club plan: 


1 p TI I[D Deposit lc 1st week, 2c 2nd week. Increase  T 1 O 7^ 

lc each week— in 50 weeks you have V lAafU 

?r f I PR De P osit 2c lst week, 4c 2nd week. Increase OC C(\ 

WiWiJ 2c each week— in 50 weeks you have LO.OM 

C p fl |!D Deposit 5c lst week, 10c 2nd wk. Increase CO 

iL^w 5c each wse k__ in 5 0 weeks you have DO. I J 

1 Or n I IR De Pos't 1 0c 1 st week, 20c 2nd wk. Increase 1 07 C A 
1UC UUD , 0c each wtek _ in 50 weeks you have ILl.DX) 

You begin with the LARGEST payment and Decrease each week. 


25c Club Deposit 25c each week — in 50 weeks you have $ 12.59 

50c Club Deposit 50c each week— in 50 weeks you have _ 25.00 

$1 Club Deposit $1 each week — in 50 weeks you have 50.00 

$2 Club Deposit $2 each week — in 50 weeks you have 100.00 

$5 Club Deposit $5 each week — in 50 weeks you have „ 250.00 

$10 Club Deposit $10 each week — in 50 weeks you have 500.00 

$20 Club Deposit $20 each week — in 50 weeks you have 1000.00 

$50 Club Deposit $50 each week — in 50 weeks you have 2500.00 

$100 Club Deposit $100 each week — in 50 weeks you have 5000.00 


Hickman Bank & Trust Co. 


Round Worm It One of Greatest 
Cause of Loss — Many Remedies, 

uuv prevention is o-»i. 

One of tl.e nre;ttest ..!.-•«.'«»« en- 
eounter.-il in hot prodw lion Is the 
parasite* which nre fwinrl where 
sH frs have l..^n ra!s»- l for ■ nnniU r 
of years/ Probably the r— a d worm 
la the one srblffc Is most numerous aftd 
canaea the most l  Thara ar»  

many worm reine 1i.-« hut the l e«/ 
cure in pr mA n 

Mentioned in the Bible. 
Fllillral mention i* maile of nineteen 
dlff. rent pro loui stones, six met;ils. 
one hundred and four trees and 
plants, thirty-five animals, thirty-nine 
Wrds, sis Bshea, eleven reptiles, 
l». tv in— ts ami "ther smaller 


American Legion — Buslneaa meeting 
first Thursday night In each month, 8 
p. m. in rooms in Led ford Bldg. Ex- 
service men urged to meet with ua. 
Present discharge petition and be bal- 
loted on same night — Dee Held, Post 
; Char lea Fethe, 

Bcieaee states that there are 1«0,(X)0 
hain ou the average human 

Hickman Lodge No. 1204, B. P. O. 
Elks, meets first and third Wednesdays 
at Elks' Home. 

A. W. Hale, Exalted Ruller. 

D. J. 

And Usually Does. 
The woman who tries to conceal her 
age N old •■otigh to know bat tar. — 
Cartoons Magazine. 

Habitual Constipation Cured 
* In 1 4 to 2 1 Days « 
-LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially- 
prepared Syrup Tonic-Laxative for Habitual 
Constipation. It relieves promptly but 
should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days 
to induce regular action. It Stimulates and 
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take.* 60c 
per bottle. 

Washington. IV C, has a plot 1.500 
feet long devoted to the growing of 

The largest animal known is the sul- 
phur bottom w hale, measuriug 'X  feet. 

The rural wealth per capita in Can- 
ada la 

Hickman Lodge No. 761. F. A A. M . 
meets In stated communication on the 
second and fourth Monday nighta in 
each month In the new Masonic Hall 
Visiting brothers are always welcome. 
— W. .1. M.Murry. Master; Cecil Ko- 
per, Secretary. 

Hickman Chapter No. 49, R. A. M.. 
meets In stated convocation on the 3d 
Monday night of each month. Visiting 
companions are extended a cordial wel- 
come.— Au t in Voorfaeea, High Priest; 
Will Caldwell, Secretary 

Fulton Lodge No. 83, I. O. O. F.. 
acb Thursday evening at 8:00 
o'clock In the Odd Fellows building. A 
cordial Invitation extended to all Odd 
Fellowa and visitora are welcome.— 
W. D. McCoy. Noble Grand ; Joe Morris, 

No. 289, 

the Eastern Star, 
fourt li Tnursuay 
month at 8 o'clock at the 
HalL Visiting . 
cordially Invited.— Mrs. 
Worthy Matron; 
field. Secretary. 




Birds locate food by sight and hear- 
rnse of smell is not 


.YOUNG AT 60? 

The choice is largely up 
to you. If your blood lacks 
red corpuscles, you're go- 
ing to be fagged and drag- 
ged out, you're going to 
lack "pep/' to look sallow 
and unhealthy, to grow old 
before your time. 


actually increases the num- 
ber or red corpuscles in the 
blood. It makes the cheeks 
plump and rosy, stilrmilal 
the dfgesl ' 
ates a ht . 
leads to ... 
and vitality, i irM 
guaranteed to help v 
money refunded. 

IUE UKILMAN CULKli.lV- 1 HLK2»L A  D£l£MB£K 21. mz. 





Useful Gifts 

Picture the scene Christmas morning — the plea- 
ure of Dad or Brother, the delight of Mother or 
Sis, the radiant happiness of the little ones when 
presents are opened and found to contain 

Something to Wear 

Appropriate gifts for every one here at EXTRA- 
ORDINARY Special Prices. Such an opportun- 
ity to SAVE MONEY would usually come only 
at the end of the season, but here it is for you in 
time to make SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS on 
your Christmas purchases. 

£S £2 -Set- a S3, £2 «S 22 £S KOTmfflmffl 

1 Fifty Th ousand DoUara For a Strawberry Plant 


Woman* ('Int. -.\ I nssag M MB) 
V cduewluy aftensaoa at SSH at til.' 

kMM sf Mre. B. T. Davis. The la at 
•""« *«» held at the Hotel, 
ilth tleorge Bernard Mhaw subject 

Mi nnell return 
y after a week' 
relatives ami 

J. A. Moor* return.  l to Loiil-vllb 
tto latter part off laat wwk after spend 

• Dr. A. 0. tongnecker 

^ M'O. C 

J Drugstore 

Cures Malaria, Chills 
and Fever, Dengue or 
Bilious Fever. 


Mi-mi Hattle Maker arid Mary Kliz 
U-tli White nf •'.! •»'. and laiverne 
IC"|" r -f  nl list W .sines. I ay lilght with 
Ml««i I barley iiml Mary Noonon 

Mr. a. mI Mr- Will \ i.l.l* ami hatn Mi- M-I.N- brother. I »ui- 
Mlfchell ami wit. ;,t M..r.- a. Ill . re 

Mrs. Klnicr Kol»erson mi. I children 
spent SiHnl.iv iiml Muni lay with her 
parents. Jeff Darin and wife, near 

A little -on was tM.rn to Mr ami Mr* 
ll.iiis Si, hi, ft on r"nd iy. I •«• ■ 1" hut 
died ami was buried Monday at Hush 


Ml*. Virginia M.Murry. ..f the Svl 
van Sim. I.- district. *|.enf Sai-mlar 
night a ml Sunday with Ml««i Omih- 
ami Tommye Fleming. 

K. v Hint Mrs W, A Maker i.f fay.-*. Mr. mid Mis. Walter t'r.wtlc 


Tl.'- follow i ti if ii.uiH il \- ■   1 1 rue j »"ople 
were visitors «t th»- hoiit.- of Miss I'har 
ley Noon. ni Hum lay . Mis. M ra It'll 
t'arr »n l Hattlc Maker of Cay.*, ami 
• Jecil Itaker. Kuswll Thomas. Navlor 
Tri i s 1 1 1. 1 I .oil in . ' lt"| . r 

Mr. a ii  I Mm J. IV M.«ohee ami 
children of the Sylvan Shade district. Mr. and Mr«. Albert Jones Suu- 

Mr. mi. I Mrs W \V I'reueft son Charlie Sloan and family near 
13 i'iihVi one day hist week. 

Mlaa Jeanle May S«-ott spent laat 
Wednesday night with Miss llattie 
Maker at Cay«"e. 

A few of our young people were en- 
tertained hy Mins.-s   iiuiie and Tom- 
mye Fleming, at their home Saturday 

The Minister and 
the "Vamp" 

By s **. Bonner 

lg. 1922, Wmcni »ir»i*per lal-.u i 

NOW the ruli.l-ter was young and 
enthusiast!.- nnd eager. He loved 
his work, he ISfSd th«- parish. He |..\ . .l 
the people. They wer»» a hit too talk- 
ative at HHMt They Old enjoy telliris 
hliu Just how he slioiilri prt-ach and 
a.-t and think unit do. But It was nil 
no well meaning thai It la. L I to annoy 
him. S.'tnetlm»a when he might ha\« 
heen annoyed he he.ame «iuiu*e.i ln- 
Mend. It »:is so mndi the heU*r wny. 

The BklsMar MnM extremely attruo 
five. Kvery woman In the parinh kn. w 
that Every BMM admired the rn n.~ 
ter. too. UN was a most engaging 

Itut Hi 1—1 he.a. i. e a trifle awkwnri 
when it ai irt-ared as tlioinrh the lilln* 
iM.-r rould not talk to any one of the 
opposite s«.\ for ni ..»- than fen mli.uies 
without arou-lii^ nl i n ■tloni 

And how ntf] he 'lid pet of being 
told he mustn't take the last pl^i-e of 
'•ake In v dish. It wn» so tlreaotne a 
hit of *o-«-alled witthlain. 

He rtallr.-d that it might he HmtwH 
for a minister to he panaftfegg to 
di(Ki«" n wlf« for himself. He some- 
how hud a m-'.v adndi atloii for minis- 
ters who appeared to have done thair 
own niatrlm.rtdal i-hoosing. 

He feared that   ne might even taka 
alrnoat anyone to dodge the constant 
roiiiuiei.:s gai 'hatter   n matrliuony 
whh-h an nniiiHrrled man aeetued to 
ere t.unt.-r. 

And tfien the nilnlster fe!l In love! 
Oh. nadly and rapturously In love. 
And with a girl from out-of town whom 
people eald was not the type for a 
mlnUtere wife, at all. at all. And the 
minister had *ai.| he hadn't looked for 
a type, he had ptdMg HM ona ha 
had cared for. 

He even heard ja-ople whlsiierlrg 
the word "vamp." "A vamp who had 


Mrs. r'lilnii. «i«.| t s died Sutid:»y 

ev. ning I  . is inh.s r 17fh. at h*-r home 
near Rush ink t'hur.h. Site had 
lan-ti In M-r.v p.«.i I,. ,|tl, for a long time 
hut w.i- taken v\..r-.- ahoiit two wii-kj 
Mis. Owens w..- ?s j4ars old. a 
• hri-fian w. iu;m and was a mein- 
of the Hush t'reek MethoiUat 
t'hur.h. Funeral M-rvi..s were coo- 
dm Tueaday at 11 o'. lo. k hy |wr 
pastor. U.-v. \V A. I'.aker. after which 
her htsly was laid to rest Is-side ber 
hiishuu.l iii Itush Cr.s-k   'eiuetery. I e- 
. eas.d is survived hy the following 
children. Mrs ltirdii- Link, of I*adocah; 
Mrs. Kati. ll.-. •• of near L'nion t'lty: 
Mrs. l uUy Mun -hit-on. of Hickman; 
• .: •••   • -"• I •• i, I Ali. .us « iw.-ns 
of this district. U sides a host of other 
relatives in. I fri.-nd- to mourn the ko- 

illg .  . ) - J I w • 'Ui. i n. The 

hereaved "lies h.iv. our In-artfelt 


Mrs. \V 1» Skinner, who ha- heen in 
lulton with Mrs. L. C. Moss f or the 
pact two w.sks. came over Tueaday 
with Senator ami Mrs |t T . Ifc,vU for 
a short visit. Si..- is leaM.ur the last of 
the week for Oklahoma « ity to vialt 
her -ist. r and mother and take a much 

The hill leading to town from the col- 
lege is being graveled this week for a 
good distal,.,. This is greatly needed 
a- this has |~» u one of the bumpiest 
s in the city for several months. 
Several had places In the Weat 
man Levee st 
put on them 

AH Baking 
Powders Look 
Alike — BUT 

Is your kakinp; powder abso* 
luttiy pure? Royal is. 

Is your briking powder abso- 
lutely wholesome? Royal is. 

Is your baking powder un- 
varying in strength under 
all conditions? Royal is. 

Is your baking powder eco- 
nomical in keeping baked 
foods fresh longer arid mak- 
ing home baking so satis- 
factory that it takes the place 
of more expensive food? 
Royal is. 

Royal Contains No Alum 
Leaves No Bitter Taste 

Mr- V. 

it. DcMyer of Kulton, w 

roll j 

Mrs II I.. 

Ambefg and Miss A 


known lo 

many Hi  kiuali p.   plc. v 

v as 

gneriie Fuqh 

i will leave- Monday 


holly huri 

H .1 .ihi.iit the km-. - Mom 

lay ' 

• 'i n kadale, .x 

is-., lo lake part in 


w hen a b 

K kct of scalding hot w. 


IWeane Dodi 

- Wedding there on 


(hat she w 

..- • arrying overt urned. 

following We 

dncsdaj . 

■ ()- 

Fat at the Busy 


Everything in Xmas 

Fruits Candies | 
Nuts Vegetables^ 
Canned Goods I 
Fancy Groceries 



Ellison Grocery & Hdw. Co. | 


Into the Chapel and Told of 
Hn Eiig 8em«nt. 

en-tiared lirn," i-oijieone said. He In- 
quired tne \arluUH definitions of tha 
Kurd "niiNi-." He almost failed to be 
amused; he became so anirry. And 
UiU was the joyous t.'hri-traas season 
when I'.ve and *-o«d will gkoaM liava 
been In the i earta eg his peoj'le: 

A man told him a "vamp" wuk a dan- 
g. --.iiri del a\ ' 

A wotnan told him a "vamp" was a 
w  rosn without principle. 

A young »»•  told him a "vamp" waa 
a misunderstood. Innocent lady with 
•cute enough to appreciate that "tu-u" 
of seventeen were not children. 

An octiil-r told him that a "vamp** 
was an atfc pt at the possible Ml 
the eye muscles. 

Aa old man said a "vamp" was a 
dear little glrL 

And a in.. i her told him a "vamp" 
was a dangerous creature from wlcm 
every mother should keep a son aa 
fr..ra a deadly poison. 

A young fcirl told him she envied a 
**\u»ap" and wished she could be railed 

Our Supremacy- 

And a father fid him that a "vimp- 
was one from whom it Is best to ke.-p 
away the aon. but whose society It 
ass all right for an aj lea an to en  

* y. 

Ha sought the dfrtJonat^'a verst. a 
and found "Vnmp" .. • a- deal- 

ing with such things as feet, short 
hone, parts of boots and shoes, m -.r-. 
and various other things. — 

They were making the flu lal aias 
decorations for the church when the 
n lnlster carae Into the chapel an 1 told 
them all of his ent- 

wedding i- to t e on Christinas 


pine sad look. -I amazed. They mut- 
tered congratulations, and then the 
future wife appeared and worked with 

And then they nil began to feel bag- 
tea. r'" ! ' ,, "' v l,a ' 1 '-'"-'• : P- 

Ing and qoarn ling ! 
worked, flie future wife of the in n * 
ter hreoght with her the spirit ,.f the 
Christmas season. I'erhai 

a rypsc*' '" r a '"i"'""' 1 ■ " 
rtuded, hot she whs an idea! wife for 

a minister. 

she lived .vnd breathed g.«.«l- 
id cheer ar.d her gaiety fresh- 
ened the t*rj atmosphere of the placa 
and gaee them new Incentive. 

The mini**"" called her his "vamp!" ' 
His definition of one was: 

Merry Christmas in real life:" , 


in I r\ 


is a standard we lia\e established 
through many  ears of « oiicentraled ef- 
forts. \ fart uhith Is evidenced by 
the constant increase of patronage hy 


fill lit' KM VN 


For the Man 




Manhattan Shirts 

1-3 OF! 


Store for rent, fixtures 
for sale, after January I, 

E. DOBSON, Trop. 

Come s^n, Old Santa, vVe're.Waiting 

Unclo John's Josh 

Good ••Gram" Result*. 
Artificial ^graining" at wood has 
be.n practiced for a long time and 
some of the resulta obtained ••• tka 
modern method* of printing fr..m a 
n aater roll of real wood are remark- 
et  ly realistic, mvs the American For- 
estry Magasine. Through this Daeaaa 
It la paastbls to impart | gsad imita- 
tion of main .puny t.. plain, ••..!•.. Jess 
•raada ami to aaeta ■ 


One to ( out hire the M.e-t Sheplhai 

The test of time la the teal that 

l^au's Kidney Ptlla have mad.- their 
reputation by effective notion 

The following U typical. 

Hickman rvsMeati ahoul ,-on 

1 I n ce n . 

The testimony la rnntiaaad -the complete 

Testimony like tin* u- |gMB  

Mm Prewar, harhar, Ut Tsrt— 
A\.-.. Hickman, snys: "Front overwork- 

»"'• «t;i in 1 1 u ir. 111 y kidneys hooame 
'I ''   t«fl an.l 11. y I. 1. ;, pained with sharp 
ahoeflng pains ,,. r..** the » m   k of it. 
Tin* weeretlous were irregular in pnss- 
ftga nn. I I had ta a H up ; ,t ajlajkt The 
Mi-retioiiN were highly ...lored an.l I 
* ilded in nana ige. \ s 1 KBOW]] (lf 1 
Marl i-iiis f„ r pears, 1 Bated 

I hofu an.l iva- h.-ljM-il •' 

Tlie shove statement was given Oeto- 

ber is. i!»i«;, ,,i„t ,,,, Dactasnser S, i:cu. 
Mr. l'rnvnu nid; -% j liiv ,. .,„, mmt 
good opinion ..f l .,n s Kidncv Pills „s 
when I cndrs.d them in l!»n:. | 
ways take iKmii's when my kidneva 
h JM me an.l they relieve me prompt- 

1*tI t Me at all Daarfl sim 
ply ask f.-r a — get 
iMMiB's Kidney 1'IIIm — the h,,, 
Mr. Prorow bad. roster-kflibtira I .... 









If You Owe Us- 

either by NOTE or ACCOUNT 
you will please call and settle 
same by January 1, as we are 
winding up our business and are 
anxious to close our books on 
above date. 

Yours truly, 

Baltzer & Dodds D.G.C0. 

■tftfc ak-^aa J^ek alftk afaftk jftla ata%  dftfc afc^fc A^ai. Jkftfc A^a. alftfc taftti ak^ak dftk afc^fc aa^aa ak^ak afa^ak -ak^eV ata^fc ata^aVal^fc atAfc atJSfc 
•F^jr a  a  a  a  a  d Tt  ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 'tbV^bV a  • ♦ d  ♦ dv ^^jr^d  a  ~d ~ 


Money ialWs. but ^ 
4oo often all it sv^ys is - y --'TT 
6000 aVT^ v:: 

Every t//m* Gat- 


tr/// ma/ca. a /?o/s£ /'fee a do//ar sow a- c/ay. 


Farmers & Merchants Bank 

The Courier, $ 1 .00 the Year 

A Merry Xmas 

to All 

Safety Always. 

i . ir ' ' m ..f h trustworthy chauffi 
at one ti nt It 
fr  nt p«»^. 


troaei 4S Ste m — 

Sye, Car, Tfose 

and TJhroat. 

Makes a Specialty of Testing 
...Eyes am 

Offka Up-ataira la 
Cor. Clinton and Cumb. Sis. 

rm: peoplk wont staxo 


I Tutt's Pills 

TWt aaaa ta* waafe 

I hi. ':•■»■» eu.oiiraKiHl l y tho f a   f 
that the flay hole ekt-tion tlii.v. s n.v.- • 
have Urn pr..s.-. Mt.-.I. an..i|.. r   rim.- 
iKiiinst the ballot Iui-.Im-«-ii ••otuuiitt.-.l 
laeaatly, in th«- eountina out of that 
st..rlin« Amen. -nn who w is Pni p. r 

.« nt for »h»  1 pi.-. Mu  II. .0. Aniltvw 

Uiiiiip. for i«mgr. ! . Tin- Intorlor 
.lonrniil follow «- l with prhlo the race 
this Atuvri.-aii ranohhito ran f..r that 
. ofrt.v. and with his lojfion of 
otlM-r frioialM r«-j..i. oil in his triumph, 
even though it was |.j r|„. u„..,s!y m.i- 
|..rity of .:7 

l-it.-f 11. w s. Ikiwi'ViT, Is to tho offoot 
fhit his opiM.not;' wli.i .1. in. 111. 1.. I 11 ro 
• omit mikI who hail tho olo  ii. n ina. hla- 
I ' is I- .11 »U ■ laro.l • .. . toil. 

We reeall Tery woll tin- aayinj of a 
Kontm ky polithian. ha. W ti. I ho old 
■ lavs alt. mi tho IVino rata th. nisolves 
»oro nono t.H. pnrth nlar atn nt how 

iol«N'th nn won : "Vim ^|\.. 

tho «. loot ion oftlivra ami 1 ilmi't care 4 
hoot i only ho dliln't »..y it h«...r . how 
tho |KMipl. ■ voto woll win anyhow 
Wo loar that Is h .w tin- iw..|.|.-, . an.p. 
date. Hon. An.lrvw tiump, ■» is .onnttil 

Thus wo talc^ mother atop nearer 
ro\olnt|on la thU country, for the peo- 
ple will not always alt ijuiotly by and 


not a .hatnjo tiny will take back into 
UatJr own haniN UaS pajajajf they have 
intrusfoil to nkajaj who will not use It 
honestly unil v\ la, are unworthy to use 
it at all. 

In the meantime, the Interior Journal 
predicts that tho std'Huti ktatosmali, 
that An. or .au ,* ii.» io PMl per cent for 
ll.e p.  i'l.-. will yet • uinf to the front 
for men like Andrew tiiitnp simply . aa- 
ii .f U- ki pi ilow i Stanford Interior 

•I We extend to you the Season's 
greetings. ^ We are most grateful for 


your patronage for the year just clos- 

€j[ We wish for you and yours a 
most prosperous and happy 1923. 

Expression Traced to Gaelic. 

common In South Wales* It la 
thought by some that the word V" m" 
la derived from the original Oaell* 
"manna" (modern Wslab "g-» n"), 
meaning a bowl; if »o» the exprrssloo | 
"son of a gun" la a fragment of old 
Celtic vhology. rhe bowl or rahlroa 
In both Irish and W. 


R..h t'opoland is iHiok at work at his 
|m.*» at the o\pro«4 offl.-o after a \ - ao:i- 
ti..ii M F. l'adgotf. who was tilling hla 
phtoe, has returned to Dickson, Tsaus. 

The hrown tiear of Alaska sometimes 
Thone 1^— The lutky nn-uber for no- 



Hickman Hdw. Co 


Let the Farmers & Merchants 


Bank be Your Santa Claus 

Money is easy to save if you do it systematically. Thrift is a 
good habit, but it must be acquired. Our Christmas Savings 
Club makes it easy to form the savings habit. No matter 

what you want to save for, only 
START and the habit will grow. 



 T \SS 1 — Flr«t Week t \ second week 
•_' ■ IinTi*n«r ea«h wi-ekly payment le 

C'l \SS 1 A— First Wwk SOc. necond 
week 4." c. Decrease each weekly pay- 
ment 1 

naSS 2— Hrst week --V. second 
4c. InrnaM each weekly payment Si- 
Mad receive In : 0 weeks cMJN 

CLASH 2-A-Flrst w.*ek *1 00. second 
(He. DmNM each weekly pay- 
t 2c and receive In 50 weeks J.*3J 0 

week 3c. second week 
each weekly payment V 


".IV. In- . h we. .iy payment 10c 
and r. . l ive la ."M) weeks SI??-'**) 

»» • • v • • .*  I  • :• I' w»vkly pay- 

un nt uv and r»  i . sr.* ;.."»« 

fur Oi 

Cap sti ,lg!.t 
aad receive — 

  ' l ASM "•' 1 I ' atrabjht eio    • ■ ■ 

fur oO weeks and receive _____ $'*. . 'HI 

ri \ss im i-   «t no , tr lurtit c.h 
»ivk for ...» w.ebJ and recede _ tVlM 

fl \SS 2'N _p».  r-'OO straight each 
week tor BO weeks and re.m e   I iM)..0O 

t f ASS 7a*\— Tay $.\00 straight each 

sri n \L ct \ss t ., ihla claee 
tittrei ing to pay any certain amount 
AO weeks, sud receive st the end of 50 
weeks the full amount d  posit, d. 

Tlua M| Internal for f'rumpt Taj merit 

Join Our 
Christmas Savings 


Select your class from the adjoining 
table and enter today! There is one 
that exactly fits your pocket book. 

farmers & Merchants 



CAPITAL $65,000.00 

SURPLUS $70,000.00 


Army paying as high as JU57.50 per 
uioiith and your entire expenses. Va- 
cancies in Ohio Ky.. and Indiana, also 
.. „ _. v, I,,.,-- f i# Kurt her inform i- 

lor Rent. Sule. Fxrluinre, Hi ... h i    i; « 

W \NTED— The names of your visitor-. 1 

tl»e account of bin Inlay dinners, roar 
fiegre. etc. In fact, we fftsl to know 
•,, Ing that hapia-ns thit would l e 
of Interest to our rc ulcrs, Phone us or 
write the new*. We can't find our 
every thing, so belp us. 

FOR RALE — Carbon paper, typewriter 
ribbons etc l"he Courtgff OfHce. 

KOR BALK — My home place, shout 
H-4 of ■ mile from town, on Troy Bond, 
lor particular* see me. — J. C. Ellison. 

Til KSR ADS will sell chicken*, egg*. 

hotter, real estate, etc. Try one and 
«we the results. 

KOU UK NT :aiO acre farm, all clear- 
■ I .'iid fertile, tiled, well improved. 
»:  . d houses .ind hams. 4'* acre* al- 
f.ilfa. iiNii hiis«. rattle, farming Imple- 
ments and machinery for sale. To good 
mill, who has dcm  .i«trated he ran do 
things, we .: n interest such man. — 
Arthur and It. O. Hale. Sr 27 

1 1 I 'M STITt'HINO, — I have a bcmstltch- 
liiK machine and ran do hrmstlfi hing 
;'..r you on short notice.— Mrs. Nora 

lis if. 

1*1 i MlltVti When in need of pliuuh- 
in_. and you want it done right, . ill 
me I. other I'implH'll, day 'phlioe 'J: Hi. 

'"t'lt SAI.K S C Park Itrown I.e»liorn night 'phone _v4tp 

pullets, roekrreli M.I vrirllug lietn. J 
The heHt xti-iiti* I'lui Ket he. U4 MKN Our catalog tells how we teach 

~~~ ~ ~~~ —~~ ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I l..i 1 1 m • r i n ki (|iu. kly. mailed fre»v Mo- 

 »»U SAI.I' One of the fast I ^  » | I.-r llarbcr College. Mo X. Oth St.. St. 

town, modern In every way Eleven 
o« iii^. hath and aoinmer klfrlien. Thr«si» I 

nt^ mi pi re. « ill s. II separate Off srith [TAKEN CP AS A BTRAI 
house Now occupied h.V Uoal.h r John- j ni . ir ,. m „| e w j, n white nose, age 1J 
son. Write mo f.. r prices and trrms p; „„i„is high S. .1. Virgin. 

Mrs. Jon. I.. RggRCff -M tr i;. ( . Hiekman Ky. -" Ip 

First Seaplane Flight From Battleship 

  — - 


F«»K l.Et.lsl \Tl l.l 

Many of Judge Stahr'a goo«l frirnds 
in Hickman i'.nd Fulton have heeii - 
iting him to make t lie MOC for Iffpiig 
M-ntative of Ilickuiuu uiid Fulton flhllll 

| ties, subject to the action of the Demo- 
cratic l'riuiary in Auguat, hut 

I Judge Stalir says he ran not ul'lord to 
ruu if he iias opposition al.d bfl at any 

[expevae us the otteg doer n  ! i a.v murii. 

I We ftvl t.'jat Iim would not U.- likely |,  
have opoatttgfl as it is Fulton « OOOt] I 
time to furnish the representative. 

■it will be rem. nil   ied the H-ii R T. 

I Walker of Clin toe re » eed H buri term. 

Judge Stahr would tbt| M|U  M 
both g—thg and we fed ROtlg that 
j Hiekman Cuilj WOtlM DC glad tO BWp- 
Uxirt a man   f his aldlity. 

Pii rce Butler 

In a 
deck of the U. 


inr was c***V-'- ir '' m th « 

off Loi An^elc, last 

.veek, the firgjl u» 

• cHmtRTiAM emmtm. 

Bihle S.l I «t 0:4.'.. This lg the 

day gggggsj CkrtgtggU and M' should 
make ii the greatest day of (lie past 
year. May r\er  lea. her and pupil he 

in atari on Uragt 

» otiiiullliion at 10 ;40 followed h.V the 

■MRdgfj  i int. 'ii. We uig" all Blbie 
S- h.M.l piijii!.-.' to n iiiain for preaching 
and all friends will iwgg i fsj g eordial 

Nigiit will la? at 7 o'ch«.k. 
I.*-t U  all make these services the oh 
jiH-t of our personal effort and prayers 

NOTICE TO \| Wt,s . 

Hiekman Lodge No. 7 M w II hoM R 
meeting at p. m., Wednesday, Ik-cem- 
la'r ST, St. John's •!.. , tot tbs i .• I • i 
ami in- la II a t ion of ot li.-ers. All .Masons 
are mjjwIIj requested to attcwL 

t IBD OT thanks. 

We wish to thank our friends and 
ii. ii.-hl.oi s lor I heir kindness during the 
sick Mess and death of our dear mother, 

.\iis r,,nni. Owens. May Oed Meat 

,i ami livery one ot \.hi is our prayer. 

The Children. 

Ne\llle It' la v. \v ho has heell attend- 

the Mlasisaipl A. &. M . College, returned 
boawi tn s sjomlnfl for the holidays. 

Mrs .j M. Calvin is spending a few- 
days i M Memphis this week under the 

. an- of a sperialist. 


Poultryman Must Prov de Sprlnn Sua- 
stitutes in Order (SO Secjie 
Eflflt During VWirte:. 

(Prrparr^ by tfca fnl.-l States Pepartm«.H 

of Avrtcullure.) 

in the ■g nwgn mfnl at bena n h 

been found that the largest profits aro 
ohtained if a good proportion of the 
eggs an* laid during the Winter. If 

two extra eggs a week can he obtained 

the river gives evl- 
rh. r in the north 

Knit SAT R -My re «lilenee pro|.ertr In 
Southern Heights, li r-snns. large nt.ue 
closet. Uttth. pantry. 'J por  lies ; hot and 
cold water up and down stairs; city 
lights and water, concrete wa.lks. .'a- 
eage and outhuildings : ga'rden. large 
vrM drained lot. No ,-lty taxes. Ex- 
.■client nelghhoi la . d and Lest pl.iee in 
HI kman to live. If not sold hy 

rata, win 
— w. c 

W VXTED — Tonng nen o\ . r 1 « yean of 
nac. who are sound physically and 
mentally. Just now there are several 
|bousuud good o|aeuing* In the C. 8. | 

Fo|{ SAI.K— 'COO acres of lan. I ..n No. 

s Island. 21*1 aer»-s cleared. r«'si in 
tinih.r. Tlds is gimd. high fa lining 
land ami st the price if will t e sold, it 
will I*. « good investment  ;,hhI 

W ( Reed and wife and Mrs. Bet- 
tic- Cnrlin. of raducah. will arrive Sat- 
nrday to npiMid the holidays with Dr. 
c w Curlin and wife. 

When In need of flowers call me. I 
can get what you want at 
Mrs. John Choate. 

The steamer Kxporter will lie put 
into commission this w.-ck with Ocorgo 
I llpetenbnrg a  captain. 

Mrs T M Fren. h si„.nt „ f,. w ,i,, TS 
last w.-ck in Memphis m.l Little Rock 

Mrs. F. T Bundle returned home Fri 
day from a few days stay in Memphis. 

Mrs. H. H. Long, of Memphis, in vis- 
iting honiefolks in I». ir ena this week. 

to Mr. and Mrs. John Tvlc on 
a girl. 

Sylvanlns Mlkel was the guest of 
homefolks in Bondurant. Sunday. 

FVSD 1»:IM- 

A news dispatch from San Antonio. 
Texas, rays g campaign has been start- 
ed there, hacked l y I'resident H. J. 
IteiiSOB of the San Antonio Texal 
league Basehall Club, to raise a fund 
,,f several thousand dollars for th.- 
ens tion of a fitting mommnent over Hie 
grave of Geonge Edward "Rnbe'' Wad 
dell anee considered one of the greatest 
pitchers In baseball. Waddell died In 
San Antonio April 1. 1914, of tubercu- 
losis His grave in Mission Burial 
Park was discovered last week to '.«• 
marked only by a wooden head-hoard 
from which the famous name had al- 
most been effaced by time. 

Masses Violet Naylor and Mary K. 
Hall of Caruthersville. will arrive this 
week to visit Mrs. C. W. Curlin. 

: Sprouted Oats Are an Excellent Win- 
ter Green Feed. 

from each hen. ii good profit will he 
! nm.le. gad If the product is increased 
hy only one egg a week in winter this 
j one egg will p«y for all the fis-d the 
ben eats any poultry men of the Cnitcd 
I States Department of Agriculture. To 
get this gi-.-iiter production use young 
I hens of a good laving breed and feed 

the right s..rt of ralh-n. 
I In the spring the prodOCttaa of egg« 
I on the farm is easy. Chickens mi 
llsiiiilly OS free tWMft W h.-Ie tlie.V g- t 
all the green and ulllnial feed they 
need t'i BHpM a balanced ratlSn. The 
also ^-ei plenty of exercise i, nil fres|. 
air. In order lo pgntaM B e;;gs In the 
winter time, the feeder must provide 
substitutes for spring conditions 
Organ eal bone, meat scraps, animal 
meal, fisii meal or tankage furnish 

| 1 aaajatRnfag f- r the Ins«»cts and 

worms. Cabbages, turnips, beets, po» 
tatoes and carrots furnish excellent 

graaa feed at lit ie laat, sprouted 

oats tire also good, but re.piire inorff 
cure in preparation. 

Crit is essential to the health of 
f..\\ls and also t.) economy in feeillng 
C.rlt In a chicken's glz/md is like 
pjg t  in a prison's nioulh — It helps 
prepaie the food for digestion. An 
■pea boa mt this material should be 
kept in e\. ry yard. An abundance ol 
fresh grater is also neceaaary tnd 

slimihl be kept in solitary containers. 


I As long as people can remember, 
there have been New Year parties. 
The old Kotnnns gave theirs in boner 
of Janus, the two-faced god. One 
face looked back at the old, spent 
year, and one face looked forward to 
the new. fresh year. They gave pres- 
enta to htm and to each other with 
the hope that the new year would he 
good to them. Some of the people who 
lived long ago waited until the end of 
March to celebrate the New Year, 
since that was the time that the trace 
and grass began ne-v Ufa. 


aj' ijfiiijrftg^ t 

NO dull days or off-seasons at 
tiila store. Here you will 
find the household artlclea 
you want at a price you are 

willing to pay. Bel^w U « 
few of the ltenia carried in 




Linseed Oil 




A mm tin Hon 



Tools, All Kinds 

Light Globe* 





Galvanized Waare 
Building Taper 
Ba.h Bands 
Tii lure 
Tcy \V;i 
1 iiuvare 

Flat Irons 
Sole Leather 

Clothes line* 

Shelf Hardwi 
Alarm Clock* 


Lubricating Oils 
Kitchen Utensils 

yen can't find it 
where coma ta 

T. A. STARK & GO. 

Evil 8een in Baby's Tooth. 

Among the Congo natives a .super- 
stitious belief exists that the appear- 
ance of a baby's Hist tooth on the 
upper Jaw is an III omen te the com- 
munity and that the child 11411st there- 
fore be killed 

for any occasion 

1 Misses Malicl BarKeti ; 
Swayne. who have b«t'U 
I school at Cohujubia, Tcun., arrived home 

ind Helen 

I am in position to fur- 
nish you with cut flowers 
of any design or potted 
plants. All orders given 
careful attention. 

Mrs. John Choate 

DfcCFWBEK it, vnz. 

JCmas ^east 

Your Holiday meal will surely 
be a treat if your food comes from 
this store. 





We Want Your Business 

Reid Bros. 

We Deliver Phone 271 

Mrs. Addle Walton ••(   ..n t.'n will 
arrive Friday t.i spend the winter with 
hen. and Mrv It | I   . \ i   

f.uiK In-* it tlie IViay Bee. 


Practice in All Courts 

Collections Promptly 
Attended to 

Office over Hickman 
Hardware Co. 

r-Tutfs Pills— i 

to ea 

they wish. Cause rood to assimilate. 
Nourish the txxly. give appetite. 


1 TM 


"Ar» you making any good resolu- 
tion* for Naw Year'a Day 

"No, I haven't had time to break- 
all my laat New Year"* ore* yet ■ 


A good resolution l" the ..r-u 

remorse Hint regret. \\\    • • • 1 

S) experience 

Put It in Writing. 

Agreements made by word of mouth 
are like leaves ..f the forest. They 
Ml out. drop off find blow away. 
Make it .i 1 1 .1 »• ..f . '.j.i.'s ,»f any con 
tract y««u eiiier Into. Keep one your- 
self Mai give the party of the second 
part another and lay the third au.iy 
In your safe, with your niotf valuable 
papers. — Cleveland News- Leader. 


Christmas Gifts 
Cor All 

can be selected from our large and 
diversified stock of popular priced 
articles with a full degree of satisfac- 


We have made greater preparation 
this year to serve you than ever be- 
fore and can readily suggest "Gifts 
that Last" that will meet your instant 


Early Cliristmas Morning 

CWI lak mm m*rm, m S  mm. 
r UuvkoH'UAmx'ifcee. 
■mi a* BBSS «r **a iW 'Latni raw. 
l«V CWSIbaj I 

T». imr ti« kkct U W ink ml mn. 

mU iW. US* lU ukia* «Kl • * 
Uih UraUdMnht' 

•'i »• in asaf mt* i 

ImiH Cmnmmm 

Km lab km fwi « ti» tJmm) ami. 

i ..i, i... 

Tn.- mm UU .. «. » IW r.. 

T». - ml., piwu-kl i««klHla 
ririk «ui»u 4rw M. wdf , 

».. .. 

tW Mf*k' MM - f *•€». 

Decorate the 
. Christinas Packag 

tjSVfclO •■!: • w hell -.eU.liUif a  bll»l 
* mas fciff d» -liyi ll t   appear it* Ht 
tractive n» p- »-iMe W I ■ « - 1   »» re- 
■•ei\e u 41 f* nl-t'ls wrnpped with tl»- 
*ue paper ami de. orated with pretty 
I'lirMinu, there la an added 

pleasure. This is aspeelnlly so when 
* e reallre thiit the -wilder has a|.eul 
tlliiejtiid cleverness to give this little 
tiMi  ti of prr». t ul though I fulness. 

Many varletie* of Christina* seal* 
i.i  • pnr  based, out a little original- 
itjr w ill n f   .»t:ie mil «s e\en In these 
feiniill detail*. 

I • 'I* for the outside 

package and th- hen-bug to he li-ed 
• n the n.. te pa|»er. conveying the good 
wishes ..f the giver, or on the little 
card of .reeling. These two in ear* 
-#.f | • rhi« me» another t-'iich 
•f ilte unusual, wh .h la always a»Hij:bt 

Dior a ple.-e of   ■iirlum paper, plat* 
i'  »\»r rhe note paper, card or s *al. 
Mti   ..ii Nff) of this of the deala-us. 
rarefully trace with a «harp l en.-ll 
-he entire ...ifllne An esait duplicate 
of the deflcn will he found  «n the 
n«.te i/aper or »eal ready for tlntlnK. 
ThN may he easily done with mMf 
«-ol «ra or wax crayons. Polnsettla 
slnmld he colored a warm, l.rluht red. 
'.».•!. v.-:'..w renters and dark green 

Daflj, rhe special emblem of this 
ii. ha* berries of vivid n.-ry red 
and (laaflf leares of dark pram 

A jabatj basket of forget nie-not* 
wo d k*J ptelty eolored  e!low. the 
flowers a faint light blue at. l the bow- 
knot of pale pink. Now we iaic the 
mystb' s ^ii of the holtdaya, borrowed 
from the [irulds, the mistletoe. The 
lierr!.-* of this plant are a pearly 
white and the leares a yellowish green. 

Spi-n d ■ little eitra time giving the 
 "hrisimn* gift this novel decoration, 
and the p'.-tMire It affords will never 
rau*~ you to regret having done bo. 

Breaacay Is to t^s considered at 
t'hrlstina* time. Our purse string* 
ha\e been stretched to the breaking 
point purchasing gifts fer relatives 
and friends. To put this fascinating 
Mt of handiwork upon the Christmas 
parkHKe co*f» comparatively nothing, 
aside from the time you a|-end 
I It. This fact counts very little 
when we add to tha aajnjas—l of 

These few sinrpe'tlons will probably 
can*.' endless ideas for the Christmas 
package to present themselves to you. 
Make your gifts radiate the holiday 
spirit : give this I'tfle hit of personality 
and a'trac ; ,eiie«s to as small a 
as the Chrlstmaa s4*ai. 

"Fred is oe  tir a near*. yhted." 
-It doesn't follow that there If 
tnytning the matter wdth his syea 


A won. an whose f.'hristmaa 
.i^es never full to reach their 
tlon kj aafety says she always write* 
the name and address of the rectpleOt 

upon the i »lil - 
containing them. 


OB the In 
well. This 
aide wrapping 
ao the outside cover. 

wrapper of the box 
Packages sometimes 
pplngs. but If 
find the address 
pptng all wl I be 
also tlea up tha la- 
rely before put-Jag 

i them All 

IS VJiTH US AGAj/sl - 

v\ N ^ 'I' Us/a 

M \s(INS TO If. i |) 

BT. ions -8 l» \\ FEAST 

Follow ing the yearly custom. Hi. U 

■aa baigsi n.. thi. k. a a m.. will 

hold their ban. po t i„.\t W.-dn. ~d.i v 
night. iHis nilM-r SI. 

This year it will ».o b.ld in the Ma- 
S4»iuc hslge room*. Invitations have 
Ihsii sent out to all the mcinU rs of the 
Hi. kuian laslge and luenilsTs ..f Mil- 
sonic ImmIIi's at other places who make 
flii kni.'l II their home. 

«*. II. MiMirc. assisted by the ladies 
of th«' Eastern Siar. will have charge 
of Mm- prea ra t ion and serving of the 
spread. whi  h it is espartos] will fSjawl 
uliy thine in the way of •eats" that has 

aan attarsd at the long » .rie^ af si. 

John's |»a\ baiapiets. 

All Masons and members of the Hast- 
en Star here are . ..nlia I ly lavtled. 



Workmen hue Ih-.ii busy the past 
few days putting llie tiliishlng ton. ties 
to the higli tension line that is to carry 
otir future- light and power from Pul- 
ton. In order to get it completed at 
the earliest possible time a full crew of 
me nworked along Jackson street set- 
ting pafM on Sunday. The wires were 
strung the following day. 

it 6 to 1 4 Days Ki "-' Davl* la expected 

 . i.gltiv . rrfund money if PAZO OINTMENT f»i!- ! '" ~l» - nd the holidays. 

■ . ir. P. hin.!. llau.l. Bl.-«l!iiil or PrKnirfiuC Hil. - I O 

' ■»ntly i«;ieve» Inhiaj Pi! -s. a ad you can Br' 
• .. .li-o af'-r tin; P-«t n.^lk-anou. PrineSflr 


5Irs. Tmo Blanch Roper, ago 72 years. 
Hi. d December 10, ltWl, Just oue year 
ago today. 

\ I'll- ins one from ns has flown. 

The voice ne loved Is still. 
Her place la vacant In our home 
Wihch never, never can Is- filhst. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Bondurant. 

Fa rents. 
Arthur Roper. Husband. 
Willie Horid'iraiif. Brother. 
Virginia Bondurant, Sister. 


Miss daily- Morris and Charley Jen 

nlng.s. two y ig peapta of the PJeedi 

Crove neiKhttorhiMMl. were united In 
marriage at Tiptonville Saturday. t y 
'Sipiire Tipton. The bride is a daught- 
er of J. S. Morris and the groom a won 
of J. I. Jennings. We wi-li the happy 
couple a long and happy life. 

Mrs. n. A. Folds tells us that her 
s..!, Bap Shelton. of .Memphis, sent her I 
a radiophone tor a Chrlstasai present. 
She has the iiistrum . nt installed and I 
has picked up several of the large J 
broad, .istjn- -fations. 

B. R. Turpin arrived here Tuesday | 
evening from Detroit, Mich., driving 
through in i,j s car. Mrs. Turpin arriv- 
ed here some ten days ago and they will 
*ide here in the future. 

Misses Allie and Martha Fmily Dodds 
leave for Chit ksdale the first of the 
week to be present at the wedding of 
Miss Anna Lynn 

— o— 

Mrs. Harry Walker and little daugh- 
ter, of Raven's Croft, 'b-iiii., arrived 
Tuesday to spend the holidays with BaV 
ati'. cs. 

Sirs. Dorothy Cojieland arrived yes- 
terday from Memphis to spend the holi- 
days with her parents, Judg 
1\ 8. Moore. 

Miss Inez Lntea has returned from a 
rtsit in Frankfort and with her sisters, 
Vlrglua ami BaW Luten. 

Mrs. Jordan, both 
the city during 


Hen. Iptsnded to B  

and Placed on Market 
Soon as Possible. 

Carl Thomas and wife of Tine Bluff. 
Ark., were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. 
Chas. Isbtll a fe» 

Mrs. William Bright bus been on the 

Just now your greatest attention 
Should be directed toward the care of 
the old hens. Those that fa* intend 
to keep over another year should b. 
given a separate pen where you car 
gi\e them additional care and a spe 
cial ration to meet tio-ir recall t! as* ah 
but HUMS you Intend to sell should b 
fattened and placed on the nmiket I 
Eaaa as posaihts. It daissfl :»h  « 
waste time in the . - M ns «»rW. 

Tha Stork's Mistake. 

"Oh. mother." said a little girl ex- 
citedly, "there's a uew baby over at 
Mrs. Brown's; but don't you think the 
Stork meant It for Miss Jones, who 
boards there? 'Cause Mrs Brown 
four children already and Miss Jones 
aasn't got a single 

Kit at the Busy Bee. 



Christmas comes but once a year, but 
let us try to keep the friendly spirit of Christ- 
mas thru every day of the coming year. 

This Department Store extends the 
cordial greetings of the season to all the people 
of this community. 


Sude M. Naifeh 


Strayed or Stolen! 

From my farm, 5 miles north of Tip- 
tonville, Tenn., one dark bay, Roman 
nose mare mule, 16 hands high, 6 yrs 
old. Also one light bay horse mule, 16 
hands high and 6 yrs old. 



R. F. D. 

Tiptonville, Tcnn. 

IVE your insurance to HELM & SON and then yo 
^"*know that you are protected. We also write Farm 
Property in MISSOURI and TENNESSEE as well I 



-Wt WHIt tt Right" 



- f~ 

Delay is always 
Procrastination is the thief 
of time. Therefore as a wise 

right up to our Christ- 
mas Club window to-day and 
say "I Want to Join." 

i ~ ' -. -: 


MERRY CHRISTMAS! Santa Claus, reindeer, tinkling sleigltbells, snow, 
dolls and toys for the children; Christmas Savings checks for the older 
ones — Merry Christmas indeed! All the world seems so happy; time of 
peace and good will towards all men; misery and hardships have no right- 
ful place in such a scene — yet . . . Why is it men continue to squander 
when with a little or no effort they could save so Christmas for them 
would be a season of rejoicing? If they would only 

Join Our Christmas Savings Club 

You May 

of the Following 

I 'I \ss t -First W.vk le. second week 
If'" each weekly payment lr 

•b 1 rmlvf in SO ncefca _______ 

PI \SS | V— First Wo Is mh-oikI 
Week -lias. Decrease each week It pny- 
n • .t I i   I {■ ■ in .".ii \\. $ I .' . 7 .» 

Some people are naturally thrifty. 

With them sav- 

CLASS -First v 
4c. liMTrmr each 
ami revet In * 

• Second Week 

IV I.M.I, II . .it 

they get seems to slii 
"Easy come, easy go" they try to 
selves. All is well so long as the sun of prosperity 
shines, but where are they when the clouds gather 
and the rainy days set in? "How grand it would be 
if — IF — I had only saved instead of wasted" you 
hear Mr. Easyspender remark. 

Realizing this condition we organized our Chi-; 
mas Savings Club under the Goodman pl^in. With 
this system it is easy — very easy — to start and easy 
to keep up the weekly payments. Out of the 
"change" formerly squandered, the deposits are 
made — so gradually it is not missed, and at the next 
Christmas a plump check is ready. Interest helps 
to increase the amount of the deposits, and, more 
than anything else, the habit of systematic saving 
is formed. 


The man who wishes he had 
is always envinous of the man 
who acts when the impulse to 
save comes to him. Once the 
habit of saving is formed it 
grows and grows. Our club 
is now forming, offering you 
the opportunity to become a 
saver instead of a spender. 


You May Join One or More 
of the Following Classes 

'LASS in- -First wirk 

50c, taerease • icfe anfc 
tnd rvcel re in Ml wet i» 


second week 
i' i pined! 10c 

CLASS 10 A First week . .~.. wi, second 
m ■ ■'. Decrease each weekly par- 

iiiciii J • »« - itiul n i f Ive iii SOweeJui $127.50 

c 'i.a S8 -V Pap 28c straight each «■••  k 
for GO wceka and receive %ltM 

CLASH 50 -Pa" 50e Ktr: 
fm .\ • i i « and reeeh 

h iree fc 


CLASS 2-A— First w.-ek fl.OO. second 
week Me. Decrease rni h wt ekl.v pay- 
nuut -i' und rev«l\e m .'•*  necks $ii.7A 

i I Ass .v- Ftrst «.. k .V. « » 1 

10c. I norma? each weekly 
and receive la 5 


•ml receive in 80 weeka 8*3.73 
riu* : Interee, for 

Farmers & Merchants Bank 


CAPITAL $65,000.00 

SURPLUS $70,000.00 

C! ASS 100— Pa* 8LO0 .Straight Crith 

«i pis Cor GO weeks nud receive — Sa'UM 

CLASS M0 piay . e -' *  ftrii^'lit each 
,v.. !. Cot •"» » ireeke end receive $H o..0# 

CLASS DOS— Pa* f&Oi htrii^bf eeek 
week Cor ."  » ireeJui end receive SijU.OO 

SPECIAL CLASS- Join this class by 
a Piecing i" i  y iinj certain u mount for 
nhU, and re« eive at the •■nil of 50 
areefca tke i   1 1 1 amount d*poaltt». 

Han W% Ifi»«*t —» for Prompt Payment 

Mr*. I i,k ll.nrv and . hildren lefr 
I -t wee* f  r \I iski-i;i ii 
Mr. Henry h is .-mj, !..y; 

Clennlne and 


Is n prrsrrl| ti»n tnr C«!iK, Fovrr jhmI 
l.atirippe. It's the nu»t sp«^i|y rfw 


A Tip to the Wi«e. 

_It wii* rh»« »..-^trinlng of the «e.-ond 

■t. • . -ht. arid .m ^ in have a tievv 
lB-tnr.l. r In lh»- ijigltflh i|ej'artin»-nt. 
I nisi .-I into ft •• rtjissrtHJin ami. i»o liig 
• *ti| {Miseil fellow «fi. i»nt *d one of 
the sc-at*. anlil: "Well. I rii^m we'll 
have to glee the oh! tlrl » jc »hI «el- 
c.iiie ihN morri'iiz. hot he rntlier dumb 

■a riM wom i eipen t.-o aaaeW in a 

moment Hie ymms womnti t»e^uii call- 
ing the roll, tiroving t.. I h the Instruc- 

Ckireji rnt.u 


Smallest Elephant Arrives in,U, S. 


Holiday Goods ? 

We'll Say We Have ! 

Fine Candy in Beautiful Xmas Boxes 

Toilet Articles, the Most Exquisite 

Stationery, Nothing Like it Ever Dis- 
played in Hickman 

Conklin Fountain Pens and Pencils, a 
Splendid Assortment 

Safety Razors, Several Styles 
Cigars— Best Brands in Christmas 


Trices RIGHT 

•••    'j.zz w rr,;^tir£ r Fz 

„„\ ataee artee time SaUtrtlay iilgbl apdnalltle f 'r aiqr not-s my mime 

S.nnl iv Oiornil m.iii -ti-d th  in» -h  - ii'il on I heni unl.i wf ully. — J. K. lt;iy. 



villi   !:i i- 1- suits '«f i lothiiiir. ghoea. nn | 

, . , | \ hosnitiil :tl Point linrrmv, A! -' i. 

"W^* 1 - fa the CartbeM uortk in exiefeftee. 

Two leather Kuit i-nKo* were eleo U»- « ' . 

dwled in tho loot. I*' nil*. iii' i* iv. is i m i   l  

to the atore i».v forcing a n--ir window 
'jiftir inni bara protecting tke window 

ked bee n rtrt with i kack eaw. An un- 

need aaw hbtde k»fl 1m (be iatrud 
Cis. i  i- -o\riy of the ro! l"iy \\..--ii"' 

in ide miii! abotM 1" o'clock Suudijf 

morn lug. Bloodhoande were secured 

ironi Water Velley end Hi'' doga follow. 

is| mi Indefinite (mi? to the railroad. 

hut no arreeta wore inadc. Rewerer.   r- 

Bcera ere siiii working ob the cnee  and 

awglfcfon points ; ( t !(M:il t:iU-nr. ns tin* 
Irofibery apfteara to have been tke work 

of MM one familiar v. itk the atoro ami 

the stock t»f gooils. — Clinton tinasotte. 

Cay*^ S. A. Conningham went eato the A{- 
■nd Ma ad trna pigmy elephant which he 

"Muunba ' *«iph« 300 povnda. is nov  t. 



Cause* of Climatic Changa 
T mlii.'l v u» i»ne 

w. .7. Barton his reeeleed notice 
from w.sliiiisftoii. I». «'.. thai be is on 
the "eligible list" for the iioednaater. 
ship here, it is expected an apoint- 

mont will 1m- aiaakf in « xery few d.iys. 

Tke sin . raafnl eandfcj ite will !»• nk ked 
from the list of eUgiblefl to take tin- 
giaea of the nreeenl poetmaater, whoaa 


Say "Bayer" and Insist! 

f T"L) 

D ukte a you see the nume "Bayer" on 

Stailight Dnv«s Motor. 
A in.. i. r drl -n l.  ^lurttghf hna 

i»eeii i:n- t -.-l |.\ -. n Aim-rlcaB •  ieu- gnat Unit tlie   . -i  ■ of i . 

rNt. It \\ \\ i.. • Washing, changea tlint 

ton. Dt *\ *« a the M'-ntor Magaalne. kaa umlf ^ • In eon- 

S«. *.-i - ■ « .. I* the In.- im.ent. which ceiTably he the formation of th.n  an- 

aaea»ur ~  lo-at radiation from the often of in the atmaophere. 'h- 

eturs. tint It t nn olortrlc gagdo of tr;.r.-r a'ing the Imnllioua 

rui*-' • htl Hiui ere. I beat ••' • - - ■ e 

time h is abonf expired. 

Ipm-k.ige   r on tablets you are not get- 

Tho Coorler kaa keen aomewhal ban- ! " n K the genuine B^yer product pre- 
|dlea|iped this areek by t!"- l-«'T i» in-.- , wTil-ed hy physicians over twenty-two 
the tii-t to Migw l stmt off. the Kliiifdowiis sectninirly 
atrikiiig us at our in-siesi t Iiu»-s. Con- 
acqaently we have hi d to work like 
Trojans to nitch up when the power 
MaM knek, Any crtk-lsma yii may 
have for thi^ we«-k's iaane ahonld he 
ekaurftaMy Imwil on thai fm I 

• - |j it la 

paanfkk* tw mwnin- th- heat give* 
oaT l.j th* aanM i t -:«r hy aaeaba 
. iramtH r.  ita U*mt_ 
If Ike beat f rn»u a cm a In aaahatk 
e nap«oed «af MS «cara. baai " 1 af 
■ HH *»■ «"f ■»•!♦• ft aaa the *artl.. w*ro 

r - ..." «ater 
ear « kng a a ra e' lear-. the naagu 

ktrk I ' ruy* r.idl*ifefj l a W from 
tke ea 

explan eg 

4tgW- ||d ttf 

"Or.,. « *be fall wf ring* of wetter 

■Xlrmr . ' he aiuto-|i..«- 

afterv in-] 

Mr and Mr- « . rl Tliomaa. of Si t 
• ily. Ark . »h i have U-cn Multinj: Mr 
Thoni.t- father. AI of Chtllip 
py. are gnrota of A. J. Walker ami 

years and proved safe for millions for 
Colds Headache 
Toothache Lumbago 
i racket BJtenaaattaSi 

Ncuralt'in Pain, I'aln 

Accept "Bayer T hh ts of As-pt-rin" 
nly. Each unbrekca packuge contnina 
rojH-r diri^'tion*. Handy lH \ea of 
arrive tablets cm.; few n-jitH. IirMireis'n 
lao m il kflttlea of M and 100. Aaperia 
de mark of I: v« r kfannfac- 
ure of Mono.octi ... id. -ter of Salicyll- 


Hickman Drug Co. | 

il th«-ir i u  l itUapt' ii inn a 
l« tit* vaatth lb iW form 
4t d«i-f • 
bet pcttuhMo aana  m« the lai^ag 
V»l bati a. wblr:i aai e rl-- i.  taa  
aj-in* •■' - , t tat 


lilt KM W L\l Il-I ' Ml K4 II 

y flrbatl » « t. Bk 

_ feaaag er»ry ft rat and tt»:-J a JB 
at II i. n ifri 7 M P a 

r eaaataiUy aaTiaaal 


to ihis city- all coal, r.o clinkers, slack or 
du t Se  


Hickman courier (Hickman, Ky.), 1922-12-21

12 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Hickman, Kentucky by Warren & Martin
   Fulton County (The Jackson Purchase Region)