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date (1865-06-23) newspaper_issue J   I      ft      1     iHI            a        uUK CO U 2s TB V  O U     WHOLK COUNTRY       T 1          1   l         1 K C    1 1   1     RICHMOND  KY   FRIDAY  JiiNE 2 3   1 865         I ortvw     2D v      B fUBLI  HICU  T   LEONARD N  ZIMMERMAN          y      b  e   b      SLUSC CI TiON RATES    S3 OO   vi   copr        y    r       tn v     u     club of ten   v     HATES     of advertising      I  2 m          1 i u        wJJL lJL     l i i   rnA i te on i       i      q re          P   OT   T5  I   60 I     H   I   i  S     1 7 50     j       i r nirn         oaTth no I I   11   1      11 1             il        1     f fk f   jowU  1      1   HTTwcWc lines of this type  or its equivalent   oaue  constitutes   square    irThe number of insertions ac  red m  s be  7  L a ou th   rtdvertiaeinent  of it  111   until oidered out  and clmrped for   UT V earl v or half yearly advertiser  are al    u   Z g K  of n     Do their own      STTC      f  i   dhidu   i   Treble column advertisement  charged a     l f f  aiisieu  advertiscracnta to be paid for m      r Marriage  and deaths published gmtuito y     r Obituary Notice  charf ed fifty cents per  t u ir0 of tw lve linos       PUOSVKCTU 9   WEEKLY KSXTim BESSEXfiE     cvl NfWiUVtV  t        l lltHMl  1   T 1     K V W ll SV n    pwohuM Ibj ty vj    i i Hi     i    O  l        hv f I        i r n  i  l r        v    p l liiC iMjH    l U   1        ia the St  te    The Jf     W   fj  r i  an 1     nlitWt l   r   I   Ki    S     i  vftlioujrl  hn  in  line        of the  at     t     iiit   iioa a T   j  e   ir e with new m      q aired  to ui We lii  r r u  W  to any pApn        b  devoted  o looel ami  ill cmiuin th   item    the country     Tin        f inters 1          c I it    urieuUrsl Reading  and Select bit  time hare thetf appro      M sri   wr4Lurc  will at the W  e   or U  iiinc    in  t  column       In tr   d vids I s a  i  o se it ment now e  st  T   in the mind  ol the people   nee emnpr s n   a  h  n  v cnuntry  the publisher can    o y  m     e riiote   l Ihll bit Slid self   etion   ltd    the iat  nrtanceto Uf mutual m vrest   Ol ail tree t iinltiiig meu  he fiu      V an   1 1           y   h  lii  and  ji   meat  wlii  n his tmA br   mtk betu   Ih  sup  tu t y o  which    halt     th iF     I ore Vfc  rhilosopky    BT PISLlCT JilHNSOH     Tip true that I have flirted  With many a pretty girl    And praised each joltien ringlet    An 1 kisaed each flowing curl     Tis true that 1 have told them  As 1 ga ed within their eye    That with them li to      heaven   Without them   I must die   Butxvhcu they pro   ed uufaitl ful   Perchance I may bite sighed    But really   poo Lv hf uor    I never r c  y dieJ    God blesn the dear sx ot i pretturefl   They are my 1 A   ruy pride    Aud 1 am only happy   When sitting fey tlieireide   pxn i hi Vthev r  rac  W r hateTcr I may  1 hey tell me that Vy bliiney  Cvmra in a n xtur f  vau    And though thi  conduct cruel  May fill invaoul with pain    I find th it when 1 lor  iny heart  It af icans com  3 hark ngnin    Do You Owr the  Printer    Come sinful debtor  in whose breant  Some ronarience Biay revolve   Come with your cowan  fear oppreatd   And make this lait resolve    1 1  seek the printer  though my debit  Have like a mountain rose    I know his wants  I ll pay him off   Whatever may oppose    Perhaps he max take tnr excuse    P rhaps believe I lie     But il I periah I will pay    And then his thought  defy    Straightway I ll to hi  sanctum go    And see him lace to face    I ll boldly  fork the tin  that s due   And thank him for his gr ce    A though ashamed thus late to go    I ata reached to try    Kor if I stay s w y 1 know  la ibfamy 1 ii die    I know his patient i U  r   well    Delia jueul  he ll forgi        He ll kindly pardon debtor s eius   And bid such suppliants liv       from a   Olb r cars  o   lb  fell    Ih l i U  d  er  Uu  nR hu biml        h d lb  baby    l   all bim  Plen   o  4 ui    blmousof the   1  y ou do no i kn     lk    _  r   crackvu aimv   p nse  for 1 5h  tu  d   hire wilb lhal mu  t ua no  s     very now sod Ih n l h srd a   uUr j have ailuncud th   0 tlJ  y 7 N   u  U TbrM m  n lt ha ago  I diould have   W W  rvavbcd Boston  fo  a o rri i e   1     id 1 v i 3 h d sbo btd ralhsr lh            v     Il aoeuiH lo  b3 hns been     back from ib  point wU re lh  young gi l    had mad  h r app aranc   th r  w   a     yourciiiid il ad    You do no klowUi d ths not die be  j kaedaom  dwelling whieh v      neU  l U Am               dJ  e cu P  4 d by a patriotic gentlemai      i     TWO EXCELLENT STORIES   THE CADEt S BABY      pr Although  having   over  moat miSTs ds  r hr be r  g           V  ur  lolecoi  ha    rr been   Oui voun ri         d nothing bur our c    an caM inl0       ura ri n lW   Uichuono a  action  V      Ter   V U to a grn   per  nau  oum l      C   nniu   ly   n J public     g daw  and 8  me such phraSHH as  pre   ci  us green   b    buoh a go    Loolti  iHibarly    etc    1 was in rage  My blood boiled luri  oualy  One ininuie 1 warned to  w ai   and the next to kick every persou and  ihmg in the car  1 suppose ie uiy pas   sion 1 gave the poor little tiling in my  aim  a gup  for ebe uttered a quick  lu  tl  ory  8 i  slopped in a moni m  and    looked at bei  ene lay in my aiui  so tu  uoceni  and l  elpleae  aud fair   ud white   all   looked up at me with eueh compla   cent placidity  that aomehovv 1 left uiy  anger dying ou  iu apite  l      m 3   U1   Uai nk0 u t iit too     i may as well b  at an as such a coo  emp inle eneak   1 tbougbi  i was an  liirlhable gieeny to gei aa JilleJ a Uil    Y   ri   eCis  iAl  tu t    ech  ai      not tins poo  bi le pussy s  and 1 uiav no     eil oisve it llirougu  A  lor me e ooa  ouuoed iools  ju t let em lau h  mat a  all     feo I ae lied myself coolly lo the caie  ol ray baby  Eeople a ter awhile u s   accustora d to see  Uer in myr ana    an i  most ol the aheiuoou slie step  Soundly  i But on  u w peavy en  g  wl 1  e uol  j to have a leaden weignl lugging neaviei  land heavier upon me  liow oh eaiill do  j women lug ab u  children  day alter day      a the way they do  For m   1 am car   I l  iu I d rather mow  though I never ti i d  i it    However  to my story  Towaid night  my baby waked  and rvaked Iretiul auo  liuligiy  i suppose  She   gan lo cry     mag  despaiinig  euiirely uncompiomis   mg cry  i e  pie b g n to h ok s_am eu   lions to se  whai maeier ha tee would do  1 tiled every pussthle means lo paid y  die cliil l  tny waicb  my eagle buttons  field it Up lo Hie  window  i Candled it  I  nearly turned it up  Me down  no use     Baby pi  p  riy de  tseil iay miserable ei   ole io make It lorgel l s needed aud  r gmf il CotiSola ion  and cried loudei slid  loudvi till ai last 1 seemed te hold noth  mg in my arms but au museum i quail     A mas coslu eland H u   loagor  let al die  a cadet  aud 1 roae d  speia ely Irom my   eat  delerinined to appeal lo some lady ot  a  man loi haaia aace    A  1 passed  though the car  tome o  me young i iadlee broke into then eetiae   le s tt tie i again  ti e older ones looked uu    f me windows  and the men eyed me  A llll M ikHUWl g BUI I ol tt Uer  lilt     llAvi   d  i my b vi  occupied  ihty wtrulu  l  iVfc hii straight um liom ihe aliouldei    Quo mwil ei U U uki  tf p n    ii A ap     v v   v ei c i Titdpin Tp   li riLisirxoAT S  h wim     li u Uu      my new friends b   d me adieu   you 1  said the beautilul n ble womar                 1 ebnild kept pure  and that I shall know her   And yet   and be sigbsd heavily   1  uavaa t the shadow of a reason lor such  hope and trust     1 wiii  icited  I compared the remern   b  a nee ol lbs minatui   on my baby B      rhe elerk glsnoed 6 u icioa ly cu  eUleevu chain  with the figure before me  the etera gisuoo   j I l made him explain all  He told me ol    you CM r a   n     Mid i 7e   V  ceihls oui     tr ext b r       He shook hie hea I  but  ai l r o liMy li   u  n   CliaitiUoi maid V  COQW w my      lie gave m  back my b  knelt and ktesed the l sn J ol ouch a iv     cess  but inv arms waic t    a   L  e   1  at baby iHitdiag ihat ntvJAsg J I 8C  a possible acc mip ialimeut at ouj end         sent lor a   room  1 bulged Ot her to tnke die   old  and care for it during the night  Aivfirst   li  would hear to Bulbing  t put my  nand m mV pocket  1 gave her a riuicu  lonely Urge bnbs  but 1 was young und  giten    6d  u ok ih  ohi d       bul allure an  ya rt not tU    Jiuhraan that u I be after laving ie r  the woman   Oaby  Holy Virglul uiy oeracler up be   py etugnt   timed intirely   I assured her ol the    vcihuie of I y ilileulions aud eenijjiier   if  but slie  a  at niy door in the tvirn     lielaml  tie     repe   cam  to New       Yor k Loo la e to tind her  aud left Atueil   oa r t onc e as be supposed  forever  In  Europe  ya tr  afterwards  he had met a  scrv nl who had been with him during  n is brief married li e  and who decUieu  to him positively that kis child was not  dead at the date oh Which the women had  written him  but lumber than that he  could net s y  a  be had followed the  oriune uf another master  The unliap      named Clemvul Moore  Mr  lioere e iin  mediate family coueialed of a wile aud  ttvo children  a eoa aud daughter  aged  le peiiilully  twenty three and twenty  yeais  Like rao t of well te do Southern  gentleiHeu  Mr  M  ulso possessed a aum   ber ot male aud ternale domestics  house  servants and fi id hands    Ai the dn  e refarred to  th  family was  aeoartued  the member  acattored  in dif  teient directions  and the raaneioe desert  ed und closed up  Mr  Moore and his son  wars away in the swamps with the parti  sau entef  Marion  and to ooosequenoe of  certain suspioioue movements on the  part of iha  British  and iu view ei  lira enemy s wsll kuowu policy   the ue   grses had bee  quietly e ui off lo distent  parte  aa rauch oi the fm liture and am  ct s ot hueb endry re a t w u a Aw s poast  Die  aud Mia M  aud heKdaughier Lydi   u  d bstaksn themselves te a  mall aud  secluded outrage not far diataut  there to  lemain perita  and watch lira course o   coming evetiia    Buitoeuly   as would happsn  Mrs  M     g 1   ore i had Uf myt bal and nothing  could induce her lo keep   lu   ano ber iue ant      1 took the stage for mV country hirne   fus driver recognixsd lira lad Ls bad  driven so often over the same road  M    How you re grown  to be suia Mr   U J ward   Your lolks wont know yot l m  ihink tig  especially with that bike in  your aims  8 ems to m  you re guting  a i  lolly   man  a  telle lo early     1 laughed ami look my seat  But a      began to u ar lily loune 1 grew  ill  Uiy ueivoui and eowaidly  1 ne Ti  U e  siood back some distance I  tun liie i al   aud a  i walked up from tit  gate i it   lie whole lae tly u  i ered ou ilia p mu  io      ud uow re U  lied a  a last M ane to  Amsnca  He doacriWed t ra child    ilhise  It w  s lira wwmai  who hsd aban  dolled her child in my aims  and the  lacs was lira changed ag d one of l e  hi la s inuiaiuis  Not many days thers   al ei I lesloi ed to my friend his se eatly  lust child  and gave up  my baby  to her     Hi       In lul lather      Did I son      evply end bitterly   And p ay  my   o retry heroine  who might your brsr      ib r be  Borne rasosiiy our  i ll war    r i   amL   Coutemplible Briton  my father occu   pies a place the like of you could never  hope to aspire to  and uo man living    riond or fee  would dare te hist a wrong  and couple the name ol Colonel Moere  with suoa an sol      Colonel Moore  indeed  the raekest  traitor that ever lifted his hand against  his lawful sovereigj   responded the Eug   lishassu  between his set teeth     Liart  cried tke young girl  vehement   ly   My father it a use patriot  and at  brave and honest a mau as liveel     A cursed rebel  who deserves hang   lug  aud will get kis due lbs first time he  Ml  into the hands of his majesty s  ol   jiei l We  hare b en looking ter him   aud some otlrars like huu id s long lime   Come  niy lady  you go along with me  into the camp  With you iiilour power  we shall Yave a better chatfceNjf eecaving  yuur rebel lather  aud that will repay me  some what lor this cut across the lace     My brave father is sate beyond your  reach  and so will his daughter ba in a  lew momutits   rejoined Lydia  agsi      was taken very ill with a nervous dieor  suddenly drawing back her arm and deal         I r  h n rliali m  i n a nrtl lidl  I     i i  o I lull Is at     Wi luut a pang  Yus   aole my ell suit my jh atly cousin aiors  vn ntioii d  8n  hadn t had pa  mice to  waii  lira l might  a iiuahan 1 aul anve   i tl ulivu branches preclu le llist  Ilow  me u    1 saw  toy b iby   a ats ely  radiantly  oeauu ul woin tu  Sn  called uu M jor   g   ia treated raa iu the most prsciss   and I      nul way   the utmost tavor she  ueatuwed upon me ass the slightest poi     whole taw tly t a i ereu on the p azsa     r                i     ii   t    i  iQe touch ol the hngers as ene bsde me   welcome nn I think l sn iuld  it hei              wL S  oood night or good morning  an I 1  aw   y    J l M It     1 1 8 rti U K         0         i a   plll       ar eT3ao    i    i     c  o        I     me  thee a oj p xl  1 r  Jrup on iliv  plnZZ 1  u  11101 her  pile as iW li  sunk   tiuir Mv tilrallV IftluS ll K     uer  and Isaring to trust lira elow motions  ol the only domestio they had kept with  them   an old negro man  Lydin  the  daughter  mounted her favorite botes    which  veiy iortunaiely  th y had uot  smii aloug with the teat  and started off  10 call in the doetor  wuose residence was   00 tu  m i tt illAUUl    li   course uecessarily and unsvoida   oly K d tier not tai tiom iBffniiili camp   hui  trusting all lo Brovitlsuc  and imr  own resolute spilit  she unhesitatingly  spurred torwardon her errand  The hour  was quiie early  aud without or hind   rauce  the yoing woman reached the  Uoctor e house  but only lo b  disappoint   ed by uot tiudicg hiffl  V home  Leaving   11 uig nt luse ags lor his eatly susQtl    atice sue a  arted  back  and il is on a i  road home  Hist we first encouut r her    All the country round Lydia Moore  was laiuous lot her handsome presence   and our forefathers w r  just as excellent  judges of what was Oeauiliul as we are ol  ilia present day  Bus was tall aed queeu   ly  w 1 in a well developed  firmly proper   iiJned form  il r eomptexion was as  puie aud while as new fallen snow   her  cheeks as red slid nlooming as the best ol  Health could make Ikuna   her eye  deep      aviaulug tile tenileryat eai esses upou   him  Would I have it ollierwise  No             reserve dark blue and liquid looking  aud hei     1 am a niili ary ma    not   i vrarate in     jB L    is  V  r   1 I  vr ee ua  iviv  in Kloii ia  iu  tony  v inuuus sort ol a glaie  that mv le     brniai and   i         f 11   111 t lH rj riic             3 ngrr will      N  Z1M HERMAN        L  SM1MDELB3WER    DKALKR 1M    r     VJ MiESTiC LipilS   c    v s  Tobacco  Ac   DkNVIl LF u     mntn Street    D ev ille  K     mav 12  65 y     KY     1MBSI3 8 381    RICH MOND   t Y    havidg boon rooont      w   i known   I I  repaired and rffittetl lor the acQ nunn  datio i  Ol tiio putdic  thr mill  rsiKiie 1 wowkl    evpr l ml v so  ioit aliboi  il nhi ro ot patroiiai  v  iy MS 1  AIU F will bo supp icd with the  best our market atf irtls    jli   t tr is supplied with the bestoi Liquors    Ci are and Tobacco    St t i o is provided with all ample siippli        0     rf r aud an attentive 1  ostler  transioi t  ce stumor  can have their  took well cared lor    nd    iaon  by the feed  day or week on the      s     v a isiai van V       ST ata call atYhis house every morning  tor  na onaers and bageaue         iJ rle would return bis sincere thanks to    tin   minx nutdic lor the very lilieral patroea    i   rrt  i irv lic toaj d upon him  and ark a cou   JOHN N  MIZE   qic mt ind  Kv   Mavl2  65  y     eats   M X o  on too borders  and 1 bear  o  hotioreble ao ai   a  w   rVhwn I was jusi evsn esn  s cadet at  AN  I oinl  l w     n my way h  ms tor  the time wi bin ttuar sate  Estly in ill   itiwiuing 1 took mv tw the cars from   N w Yolk to Boson 1 wore my nm   lorwi  sad   t mat owu up nowj was     unoossoiouo wi i n d I ff  r  n i as 1 aeeni d to  the many Btimiiieg glanct s voeng laifiee  bestowed upon it end the embryonic col   onel or geiisiat wrhin    Toward lira ini Idle of lira foreneon an  liieli woman got iato the caie  They  weie crowded and the  n t Laving  he re   spect for military Ural others ha i  took  whet was the aim  si unoccupied   al   i  mv side  1 am  or was  Democrat  lira  wosihi was wsll clad an   clean  so l kep   in V place  1  i l ei a is  she In Id a child   ii   uuiit  l I S  Wi    r   uiODlnu  I  was   pUn p  ira u dial  itap      Ihing l lia l a vny unurauly and  ini adetien weakness lor both babies and     mldien  and ii was so long stneo L had  iceu so user to either that I pell il au   diced tins lulls creature mu a Ittile    Ai noon Hie Ira a emp  pud ho five in ii j  u ti  Moat of lira pag   ngsrs go  out 1 j  on ant  o have ilo  ucveity ofa ix    el  ck  i i  i vis  1 iu B islon  bo I did not btir Irom  my  Cat  Seeing that I did not  lira wo  vnali begged lo know il l would hold her  hsbt lor a lew momeu s while she gm  ui  1 aabeiited  Sus pill tits child into  my aims  and rams ed  Ine minute      WEBSTER IH USE    RICHMOND  KY     r I MILS well known Hotel  having been lately  1 repaired aud repainted throughout  present      TRAVELING COMMUNITY    comfort usually found in inland hotels      fa the     m  Khaki iu toy siraesaen 1 had coairau   ttd ih  unpardonable offence  1 g  v  up  in de pair  and was about lo retut n lo my    at wheuageiili ia u at i Ira exliem    u  o  the car beckoned m  lorwani  Il was  a little lamily party  to  geii l man  au i  ai  wife  and a colored girl wim them   who held their babe in h r arm   l ira  guuiletnan end lit  wile were Doth young   and avi i mly Southerners     VY  heard about thi  baby from lira  conductor   said the gentleman    I came  near   My wife lias beau fiJgeliug ever  since it began to cry  Can we do any   thing for you     1 he lady leaned past him     Will you lei me look at your baby 6ii   a in  ineiii   she asked in  it seemed lo ui   then  the bWeelesl tones I had evei neanl   Jill   Held out her aiiub  aud I lat I ill   oahv in ineii      Buch a young child  and so pretty    ou  How Itoiieel What te the uiauel  wiih i       I d n t know  madam  unless i  s hun   gry    I answered   i  has ha t u xhing to  mi since ibai woman got in this moru    g  1 oon t kuow wnai io do wiih H    Boor hide love   exclaimed the lady   whai a shaiue  no won   r Huiirsl  8h   Hesitated  a glsiice ai her own bsby in     into uer chair  My prelty uou ii E la to  whom l had always  from roun d j ick i  dave  bseu iweal ill   Sneaking sort ol  way  darted au annihilating gUuce at  i        ran lo support mv mqlhy    Mvj l    plier adramfiid  T      VVnat do you dare to bring bore  you  ithaoraless youug ra cal  I  ibis a place   He brok  tlown so angry that utterance   was absolutely impossible Ai any other       1110 W    T            1 should have Shouted with laughter   1    tu     P     ot   1 WeIU     Tue re w s a dearer delight in ytra  wuh w icit 1 was Healed   the lainleSt  tlusli that culoied h r clie k wt eu I was  uear her  or itodressed her  had lor me  an luerpiessibl  sweetness dial I wouid  not ha    da reV d l r coglr  on eaf h   snort of wr at 1 v ntuaily obtained     Whai  you tioti l mean that you  a scarr   ed old veteran ot between thirty and for   ty  dated   Didn t 1  Hum  Aud tins  of it  In my military c p      me          i  and my lneinl and Ids daughter aceom   at the luJiorioue spectacle he pre  nied         l  i my aidiy In   nr     1 441 ller 10 ll    c   rs     n e I only hasteued to tell my eioty  a 1 1  n ita hla iay mother   aim  Were  round in   my a taler aud Cousin were  cont siing u V turi lor poee esion ol ray  h by   n  my     m happy olJ gen Utuan  at a little dis   talic   retd diligently  1 aaid     i ciditial you have traveled this route   lather recovered Horn his  ljel   w      u       yu r  c   11 lh    8c   na          butficieiiily to welcome his only bos  though I did hear him growl through his  while beard   Confounded spoony     I adver taed tar and wi te to no pur   ii tee  But my kaby grew so in llteaff c   tlone of all me house  told that I had no  other steps to take  We named her Per   dida  and 1 left her with ray mother     Wneu I relumed a year after  1 found  net eeclt time grown healthier and piel   tier  and she each t  tue maoiles ed au al   lection forme uharenttigly legitimate   lor  was eite not my iaty     Bite tea  s x y   ts old when I left W e   Point lor au ive aervice  After tnat I  led a wandeting and aUTea uroue li e lor  yeais  by ffoyd and held      My baby  wrote to  ra   al first often   Hei letters wets outious epectinonc   nail  wrill a  hall pinned  antL eemelim e her          t e i Het VHni   i    iiuttband  ni o  i    uing          in raa  drttWiD b      nlursniug iik   h s v  i m  llittr uiuae    ii   vhh charmingly pel   Uhl ray knb  on her bottom  heneaili tier 1 1 i       3  1 ibink to an i   slisiwl  ttiixl hub    d u tt cries ms il it IjhiI A lo   So nud fcu sad So  lial   besii her owu   ol ksr very fl ah  nU   ht   1 iMfchgmpnj  l    e   Uloud      ry at ail    Site blushed scarlet  aad looked at ate  huseechingly    I wont on     To thmk wlrat a heavy  hungry  un   pai thable baby I carried that day  and  mu way that lira poor cadet s humanity  was ridiculed     Tu  toaie started  and the young lady  at uiy side bowed list haughty head    Aud the worst lealure in the case is  that tie has never had any suitable rec   ompense  A good deed is it  own re   ward  to a certain degree  of course  but  in urn case every feeling of my soul  eve   ty bbie ol my head  demands something  more   and a great something more     Perdida  ray darling  lor tki ae seventeen  years I lost you to your lather  but 1 cau   ui i bear it  Be generous  Ileie  heie  whs ie 1 found  My Baby   give  O give  uer back to me       natr a glossy btowu  wavy  avi marked  ly proluae  Her rneulal g tlA were also  a  rare aa her jivreonal oharmS  and not a  lady in all Viigtuia was  ote bleated in  Blind anti beily        And now  having placed our heroine  properly betoi  the leader  we will pro   ceed with the more active incidents ot  uur little sketch   With hei proud handsome head thrown  majestically back the youug girl dashed  aloug  u her way  AU at ouce  however   ene letsed hor horse  aud uttered a aud   den exclamation  Tu  trax  motueut sea  resolutely muttered    I can but try it    aud again pul her hots  tuao a gallop    Advancing from the point toward  which ehe was proceeding  eke beneld a  well mounted Btllisk officer  who was al   so speeding on uli way with Considerable   rapidity    T      Spumug her horee into a r u  Lydia  boldly dashed on  The officer appeared  to divine her intentioas at once  lor he  suddenly halted  aud epeedilj placed  himself in ihe favorite positiou lo inter   cept her progress    That the Englishman meant lo waylay  her there wa  not the least room lo doubt    On came our heroine  however  sweep   ing like the wind  and evidently intend   ing ie iuh down everything i  her path  i na officer s emed to convlru  the pul      ing the Englishman auoilrar blow that for  the instant lairly blinded him  At the  same lime she urged forwaid her borae  with hand and voice  Ooedimt to the  will ol his mialuss the no Ue an mat gave a  plunge  jerkek nv  ay Item the wrliltiug  a  id bewildeied Englishman sal Uet rad  ahead    Wuh a cry uf rage Lydia s assailant  spurred up his own good horse  and mad   ly darted to pursuit of the flying girl    At the top of their speed lira animals tore  dong the road  Th  race was a deter   miEtil aud exciting one  but everything  seeiurd to indicate that Lydia would fi   nally out distance her pursuer    Ou they apod for a mile at least  aud  me youug girl s keail bounded with bar  increasing prosjiecra of escape  Sudden   ly  however  her horee  tumbled and  1 1 lew hei Irom bis back  Fortunately   the aotl was not very hatd  and our he   roins escaped any serious injury  8  min   ed and luseueible  however  she lay  airetch ff out upon the ground  Her  uor   recovered him tell instantly  and   atii r running forward three or four pacts   topped    In a lew moments her pursuer reached  the spot  B ndiug dowu over the pal   aud haft unconsctoas girl  he mutlsred    Sine s as uatidsoaio a woman aa 1 ever     Her husbind smiled  and Itaning for     eelitig ol her letters  Now  lu hat  chaiwtmg gttltsh characters stood   Your      Mother a e  i  an  1 ao   or  Your tinier      asitetl  wa   on  by on  the p e eng rit  returned   presently  wiivn the bell rang      a crowd cam  wi h   tu it lo reerou  waid a  il t  protect her from H e gaxe ol   otters  i ade room for me ou the   hi  hiults and lovea  etc    with tiieir nurse    1 explained the affair te him  told him     pul ray eye ou  and just as sharp uitgusd  aud bold as she s handsoma  By ray  eoul   I wouldn t have such a virago for  the crown of jewel   Cureq her ready  nand    he added suddenly and kateiully     1 owe hor a deep debt  aud woman as  she is  I m almost terapted to put a bullet  through her proud heait  But no 1 i ll  take her lino ine camp  she will serre as  a hostage for her lather  Come  ray la ly   you are past using Vour whip uow  Hei   naps  it you d aot t  ea quite  o ready  wuh your hauU aud longue  you  would  nave seen on your way heme aow  it  joU  have one  and not into the canp ot the  enemy       Meanwhile Lvdia bad been slowly re   covering eousciousnesa  but neither word  or sign indicated lh  favorable cheage    NVitk returning seistbtliiy she finally re   alized the necessity of bciag eareluJ and   cautious    The Englishman bent forward with tb   intention ol lilting up the young girl  aud  his positiou brought l  e bull of a pistol   winch he uanieU at bis waist  iu tempt   ing proximity to Lydia s hand  With a  BUdacu gleam in ket blight and eat Best  eyes the young girl grasped the weapuu  and sprang lo her  eel  allheal overtuiB    mg the astonished redcoat  Quickly  pointing the deadly weapoa at the Eag       poee aright  and  apparently thinking M j ghmau   person  exclaimed t   10   0 J l   ie    Advance one step toward me  mis a               1 ru    su oi you down       a    Ira p  r    d al ng U lhe Engli hman Tb  Br ion Iraait t d  and s t his t etb     The next moment     their plat ev  the I couiotivo eiarted  we  wet  utf  and whete  Yth  horror ot hoi    01   wlraie was that wohihii  My bait  began lo lt    and Iheewealto start from     ei   p ile  still 1 waited  hoping t at th   woman wae trying to get throu  b t e  other   ata  and would com  finally  te as   ume her r  p in  inli  v    A quarter ol an hour  Upa d  every   body  m quietly seated  and  till 1 trail  that child  1 eople began lo n at e y rang     every cotnion u u ity    uut   7  1 ladies to litter  1 tell inyaell led a    The offlciaiiag atunhves of the same  arc at        te tive  and ever w t  ltlul to meet and supply j l  bster  I Ira conductor paaeed thr ugl  the w tnt  ol  it  qtlc  S 1 eti pi S l Mill  XV lilt a frkakino fiug  i   TUT TXIJLi       pfdicd a th  ua best  to    1    uid n in mv aria   am      My rao her wrote   we can t call Her   hu a your bauy any longer  3l o doss  my name  awd lound lliat my lainily wa   o  patuitt the title  and w r  you to      not unknown to him  aa w  talked  I e w   uer  you could scarce imagine that out   ms wile  listening  examine IB  dress 0 i j U r young queen w a ever a baby  1    u i L l  dida during our wedding   lira child ou her lap  left of its tex u e    too old io be eoinuaiaslio  but our dat ling l0 t  ie memla 1 had  found for her    ltd hnally uuclasptol s  me chains that 14 sutely the loveliest vision m s           h seventeen year  be    Helo Up lie tleeVra  A lull  uiinaiitie was    ve ever te l U ou  Eli  make  heart     set in the clasp ol each  Slie looked a      My darling  don t trifla  Atn I to  have you      My young lady answered no   Instead  site  uccupied hetaell wui Tieliberaiely    Hatting off her glove  Then site turned     o tue     Since you will be troubled   and she  la d her bared hand tu mine  Mine again   Shortly afterwards we were mat tied         t lllin Ted t UI S lBlellling  b   Ui     the mo     of edioleit ttt the maikct    1 1        coimertefl etth the house         hu ttislie  th  It     oTiiqttu     ot all ktn i   t tw r having U tn left te on   Ki  hnituid  Kv   m y I   at    What thetl      k  ex  la used  as his     L I eye l li pa the uhild   Well  y ra te in   l pv IiAOuS lor ii  and il    mistake  1   w that woman   tHlivirUttllLN  f   ij   iift   v   H k  g it like Bta     JOHN TAYLOR     I  way from the depot  but 1 thought       TXrOl I n rcnectfulty Invite the  Urutiop qf had her y  rang one      v the o ii e 3 of Ma iisu      c    u  hi   iock ivok in nud done lor  tnji   a     c r    Bui whm s lo be i qub wiih ikia rb d       acne  but a  yet tl e r path i  va u  W  4      r1      everently I k se    hem and then    d   l   6 u  be au cau iou   out w S ome        4uJ ll    1 llilJ l   ieu      them ana then  ata      sweetly wtiJed what was now become   1 aat convinced  eir  l Eat the woman l     learned about th  findt g  ami ft i  J   wijo iin  uliild id ja ui chi  is   knowledge ta ih  pri ud i altt k   u      v     p r   not It  tuoilier  in lit  fit el place  no mo    It may o  thai that mak e her melt only   her oould do such a thing  then this j u  us  XV U t you u T r Conte hoara to use  nabe s clothing is of the most exquisite U  r   ul 1 u    _ t I   make and quality  nnd in these sleeve    it w  s ft  lb  spiing ei the year 1S56  J  c  rains are two mina u ea  See  one a l was on my way home lo America  Alt    u n leman W ith epui te   he other a beau    eldet ly gentleman  who had evidently       n   ii ui w man  eviden ly a lady  Depend   uc u a soldier  occupied Ike atale roum j State ol V irgima  that the following inci    uuoti il  lh  child is a aiol n one  or cam  1 next to mine  A similarity ol tasie ami   o hrr hand  by u lair means  Wbal   ie hnd b ougul u  much together during J  yittuig relating to our first gnreat wai      Sue  siut d her head  audd nly wheeled ms no ac   I h  crw  J   oul   u gd uly  no doum ibinkteg   1   he were a  much trouble now s  compl uh Bg lb  tnottik   h  quickly t lUr0W LyU f  ott   h    r g a  d    tn     aud nicely ih l Ira was enabled to sets           die bi idle rein of Lydia s steed befere tbe     JT 00       lie weapon is not loaded     young girl bad gollcuout of the reach ol  phe face of our heroine blanched  but  if   J     Hra stood firm as a rock  Drawing hie   A small slender whip dangled from the sWor J as he spoke the Engl i h man datk   lady  s waist   nd quick  a a fl     sl i    ed at her    diew back her arm and etruck her as ail    With a strong hope that her aesaiUat   HBI a cutting blow across lira face  blood   falsely our heroine pulled the trig    flowed instantly and the Englishman ut  n0 other alternative b iug left her    tered a howl of pain  but did not reltn    l md report and an agonizing ery  t   quish his grasp of Lydia s Unrse  as lira   L           young gill calculated he would       Let me p ea at once  eir  or I 11 repeal  the blow   she exclaimed boldly      Try il again  you she devil  and 1 11  show you no more mercy than I would a  dumb beast   shouted back ihe euiaged  i Briton    1 know just what you are capable ol     once smote upon tke still air  The next  mo me at Lydia beheld tbs Englishman  sttelched out upon the ground  He mei   tlirr moved a luub or muscle  as she could  6   e ii c fiiet emotions over  our he   roine approached the fallen Briton  She     THE PATRIOT S DAUGHTER      xx i NCiDtM or 1779      Stooped down and lei his pulse   c ased to beat  t    lie is dead   sl e iBTirtnered      It h d   God for      Drv atKvdP  Groceries i y j   HATS  80GT3   SHOES  D n t know  1    W Stiffen  Widow and Glues Ware  Currier     you g  trig     Goode  Lamp    Notions  Ac   and iiwiien  11 to  q   fy on lo n     sure  How f r are     G      night      1 hen 1 guets you ll have loearry it as  Ut ae iraie  Then you e   iak itloone  oi the hospitals or asylum  where they   attend to this sort of bu  ive    and leave  ENUINE McIIEMRY S LINIMENT  at i  l   r liaps some of ihoae ladies will     Guodti  I  a n     eiamtiie Uutore buying  g iisly yourselves    Richinor d  may 12 tf      Give him a call   JOHN TAYLOR      It was in the y ur 1779  and in the  j mia  that the following inci   dent is said io liaie oceured  and as eve    war  feel     e voyage  pu s   ea more oi iess ol interest  we   li  i i i been absent from hi  country i inxious to contribute our portion to the     can b  don    1 1    Do nm be troubled  madam  about the       faie of tin  child  Al er the p S tbilt y   many years    general stock f inlorraelioo    or probabiliiy you have  U4i  raff  1    W ran 1 left u  said Ira lo ms  I mean i   1 he story t  oue ol many which  an n    fi flail not leave ii in Boaton  I will tak  j uevor io revisit the shores that had been joi nt grandparent of outs used to u l   l accursed to me  1 lost there my wile   au l though we wero but a ent d at in   tiine  M   beard     it to mother  and adveiiise the case      its parent  are lound  1 snail be glad   and j and child under the cru l ei circa install  il not  I thinlw my mother will caie lor ine   c e  and I could not remain  1 thought     it  me recollection has     doing  au act accordingly    re pouded g j va m  if I h T  done wroag  for on  r  Lydfa  her head ereci and her eyes Hash  j n0 ol h r ciroumstaucea would I have  mg fire   Y ou wear a scarlet coal and no    miged nty band against a fellow treai t r  a  thing likrlhet  is needed     life        Yon are a cursed rebel  aud  like ail that moment the hum ofLj   rebels  deserve but little mercy   re spun    _ aral i on flnnted to her cars froi  ded the Engl shmau  gtindiug bta l   0lh   s    a glic kne f wha h    with rage  dioat d  The reporfj    Yes  base Briion  if lo blue  and eve    created an alarm   j ry way in my power  oppose wrong  in    mus  fly ft g     c    justice and tyranny  cons itures a rekel I    e captured  and  ant ene of the worst   rejoined the young d oom then    ill  wholly carried away by the deep in  1 Hastily remounting to     dignity of her feelings      horse  she dashed forward      I  D  SMITH S      help you to take cars of It till w  get to     TrVh Wr T k iBusu n   Slid the conductor passed oa     JOD Vu OTA dOUCned went forward  evidently h  told   ARD PROMPTLY EXECUTED story  for heads began lo turn  and  xr nr i  urs xnoEk r rrr  t ran r i and boys f  e saun ering i      I never dpparled from us    Onlr 1 added I wteh lira meet  1 then that I could never again seethe Eaily one briebt morning  a handssme         U       j spot mat had been so lata    me  Ami i dashing young girl  was tiding ahraw      n men with big soundtng words  _ rsplt    way cornrr  purely     last    mg w re saraly over        You talk bravely  my lady  and have nn j further adventuie  uad a good teaoher  but you can l Iriglu  1 her secluded home      fe l solitary road in the r ci lit  of lh  British   ed the officer  stopping the blood Irons and she escaped wuLo      I lS   iiry r  M  r e k  wid Si wbw j      VSVoen   rtcSu t   sncampment  Wiih a Use rein  and a   hie wounded cheek   and glaring fiercely j Station      mitej om va  a       you have don   and are doing  seems to i resist  1 dream that 1 aat going to eee  roe  but 1 think you too noble te d exd uiy chili  s  meLm s even iu waking     anything  I will answer for the mother  that has such a son       Softly  softly  if you expe ru      smnet mts even iu  raoinems  1 am lull  couvimed that 1  shall find her      U iw  I interrupted  in  pi   A   my     bold  liudaunied bearing  the lady fevr    e s y pursued hei way  notx ithstanding  her proxtrauy to the mvadiog army was  an  thing but eafe    A few m     e i  the countrj a bltle     at th  dauntless maiden  Cyticeruihg her adieu tiara   T talk as 1 feel  minion of a tyrant nothing at the tftn    only rev  l  kiug  and like my brave father  know no  facts when sits fell alie could dsl  thing of fear   was the proud reply  out creating any unnecesiarv   Indeed   r j ined the Englishtain  an ifiy      THE MESSENGER      N  llHMKliMAN  EDITOR      RICHMOND  KENTUCKY      FBID1T K0K31IC        jrsx 83  I  3      FOR CONGRESS    lion  W  U  RANDALL    OF LAUREL C0UN7T      FOR STATE TREASURER    Capt  Win  L  MALE    OF MADISON COUNTY      Rallroide    Y rv much h s been wrilton and said   bout nil road  in Ksntuokjr and very lit   tl  has bean accomplished  It is a  li me  and an outrage that we are go far behind  our Sister States in this regard  We  Lara the rioh lauds and wealth  but we  lack enterprise and liberality  Why are  we so stupid and dull  Why not arouse  ourselves and derelope the vast reaourci a  of oar portion of the Slate  Kxpeiimeni   al aurveya  made several years ago ehow  thsl the r ut  from Lesig ton  through  Richmond  the distance and position  was  the moat favorable  in every reepeot  than  any ether  to connect with the South   The place deaigiied by nature for the con   centration of all railroad   to givo ua an  outlet with the  different seotioaa of the  country  is Cumberland Gap  Thia point  i  but s little over one hundred miles  from Lexington  and the route has not  only the advantage of Willis  and the  Cumberland flap  but a beautiful stream  and levol country for about on  hundred  mile   all of which are in th  moat proper  direction for this improvement  designed  by Providence  the Union of the States   It is to bo hoped  now that the war is  over  that our peoph  will bestir them   selves and cultivate a felling of friendship  and love  Let us beat our  swords into  plow abaree  and our spears into pruning  hooka   Let us do all we can to restore  our country to its farmer greatness and  prosperity    On the reute from Lexington to Cum   betland Gap tho situation for a bridge  over the Kentucky river ia onA f the  moat desirable ooiats that ean be select   ed  and where a substantial bridge can be  built of wood and stone  all of which ma   terials are very convenient  and the bridge  can be completed for from fifty to sixty  thousand doHare  Thia was about the  coat of the bridge over the same river  near the month of Hickman  The rail   road bridge oao be mad  pubsiantia  at a  lower pries  sad it may be a  constructed  that the cars will pass over the top of the  bridge and the travelirg community un   derneath  In thia regard the Riohmond  nnd Lexington Turnpike Company ia in   terested  This kind of a bridge is the  ga e  t that can be erected   and il would  be   very great accommodation to th   traveling Community  as well as a profit   aple investment to the company  Rioh   mond  Madison county  and indeed all  the counties through which this road wi l  pars  will surely feel interested aud will  use every exertion to prosecute this im   portant work   a work so much desired  by our whole people  The intelligent  and liberal citizens everywhere are look   iag to this matter with feelings of the in   tensest interest  The prospects of coal     sad problems given to the young ladies  were at the suggestion of disinterested  persons preaent  In the different mathe   matics the arost difficult problems wets  saleeted by the audience  and were solved  and explained by the olaases in a manner  which very clearly indicated that  ha  work was perforaned understanding ly     Tbs Freshman and Sophmera classes in  Algebra deserve particular mention  The  senior class acquitted themselves veiy  ereditably in Trigonometry and Consti   tutional Law   in the latter of which ex   ercises they were closely questioned by  various gentlemen of the legal fraternity     The Morning Star Institute   a lite   rary society  composed of the junior  members of the school  gave quite a plea  aatit  exhibition  on Wednesday even   ing    There ate several classea yet to be call   ed  but too lat6 fer any nolioe this week    The senior class will ocoupy this morn   ing in Mental Philosophy  and the  Phi   lomathian Socieiy   composed of the  more advanced young ladies  will give  an exhibition tliii afternoon    Friday forenoon will bo devoted to the  gradation of Miss Ella Cockrill and  Misa Mollie Waller  respectively of  Platte   dsJi  laj  LiUA  i B  Missouri  Ve  trust that  these young ladies will  prove ornaments to the school and to so   ciety    This is Professor Jones s first session  in Kentucky  Tan months since he came  among the people of Madison  almost  an entire stranger  notwithstanding which   his catalogue numbers more than one  bandied names  Tbs reputation of this  institution is spreading abroad  and pre   sent indications promise a full sehool for  the ensuing term     SPECTATOR     Riciimok i  40ne 22 J  1865      Tho Mutiny in the Fourth Corps     Trial of the Ringleader    The Nashville Diepatcb of Friday hi   the following concerning the late mutio   in this corps   The late attempted mutiny in the 4th  corpa  of which brief mention     The Sensaiion Produced by Prince Na   poleon s Speech    The Ajaccio speoch of Prince Napoleon  makes a prodigious stir in P rance  The  Paris correspondent ol the London  Times  writing under date of May 26th   says     The Empress lias sent her orders to the  Paris piess to say as little as possible    that is  nothing at all    on this famous  speech  It is rumored that the question  of suppressing M  Guerouli e paper  the  Opinions riationale  for its laudatory arti   cle on the speech  will be mooted in the  Senate  The thirty second article of the  deoree of the 2 i at of February  1862   specifies that  a journal may be sup   pressed either alter a judicial or adminis   trative 8ippension  or as a measuie ef  generul security  but only by special de     ee ol the President of the R publio      As the Opinions  alienate lias already  made the amende honorable  with proies    at ions of loyal v and devotedness to the  Government  il is not probable that Litis  high handed measuie will be carried out   rii  Maiquisde Boissy alluded  Hie other  Jay  in strong leims  in the Senate  to the  speech  According to his wont  he took  advantage of a ooneetion in the minutes  of the previous sitting about the employ   ment o rii eignrrs  Pules particularly  in  th  public adininisi laliun  to the exclu   sion of Frenoh eiliiene  atid said     I arn willing that Fiano  should show  the largest hospitality to all fWirrnei   j  do not except even those whom I have  somelinj  s attacked for taking pai l in the  revolutions  1 allude to the Poles  who  will now applaud the deplorable  anti   religioue  revolutionary speech which has  so moved us all  and on whioh 1 hope the  Government will vouchsafe to give us  some explanations  The Prince who de  livered that speech it the delegai  and  representative of the Empercr       From the Richmond Times  May 26th      Tragie Affair  A Young Lady Shot by  her Lover    Oa Thursday last the citizens of Ches   terfield were shoeked by the report of a  horrible tragedy which occured on that     was mad  tomahawk Station  on the line of   in the Dispatch at the time of it    Ui   r       d   F r     ome     time back Miss il  Davie  a most beaun    lul and accomplished lady  of about  uiueteen years af age  the daughter of     rence  has been pretty fully developed by  the arrest and trial ef private Addisw  Marsh  ef the 71st Ohio T ieran volun   teers  who  and contributed  men  He   part ent court martial  of which Captain   11   f   T   r bl J for h a su t till about  Miller ie Judge Advocate  It appears  that Addison Marsh and another soldier   ambitious of an unenviable n toriety  in     bllO I IBb V  I   IU H IBI au vvjieeu Irj g m I  v     t         was on  of the leading apirita      r C Oavie  a farmer Imng near the   buted greatly in dieaffeclisg lhai  l   l 0          is now on trial before the de   r  Sublet  and every thing seemed     eiigatvd their comrades to mutiny by  representing to them that the movement  southward was not to strike at the rebel   lion  as il was supposed  and that the  Government was aolin_  in bad faith with  iliem  that it was their right to be re   leased and permi led logo home  In or   der to thoroughly sow the seed of dis     WO weeks giue   when hie visits were   eaconiw us4La 4 report stated that he had  ben discarded  From that lime till the  dy of the melancholy occurence the  iDlherof Sublet t flotioed an alarming ab   et  tei ion of mind on the part 6f iter son   ami used all the influence which an atteo   tiomle parent oould exercise to win him  back o happiness aud society  but with  uvwrwtail  Early on the morning of the t vy commission  18 li he leti in w ai m nae  gun in baud      EW   There teems to be no doubt  says  the Albany Evening Journal   hat  he re   bel Secretary Benjamin has made bis es   cape to Bermuda   the nest ef pirates   blockade runners and yellow fever oon   epiratore  This intelligence will be re   et iv d with much regret by the Presi   dent  Is a recent conversation with a  prominent political gentleman  Mr  John   son remarked that there was no rebel  whose hanging seemed to him to impera   tively demanded by public justice ae Ju   dah P  Benjamin      J a   f Davis s Trial    T he New York  World s Washington special says the  Jane Circuit Court of that District com   mences on Tuesday next  It is not quite  certain it will end without the Ilia  of  Jell Davis on tbs indiotraent already  found  At all event  preparations for his  trial are going forward  whether with tbe  approval of tho Government or not is an  known  It is known to have been defi   nitely determined not te try him by tnili      ose he proceeded to tho house ol Mr  Davis  and entering the parlor  requested  an  interview wV li his daughter  The    aiber was not preseut  but his daughter  responded to ihe  summons  and present   ed berstl  to hei gprmer lover  when ouly  a  r UAUitles r   jd belore the report ol  a   as hesrdf and  simultaneous    ly   Tt rushed Subletl  gun in hand  ex  claiming to the youuger chtld eu as he  pasytd ihtough the lot   Don t tell  don t  tell     did it   a   Hearing the report of a gun  Mr  Da     cord  a meeting was called at night  and f ur K   a purport hunting squ     one of the disaffected soldier  harangued tes   wbteh at nit ssason are very plen       i     f but instead ot pursuing Ins our   tbe men in the above strain  opposing     bitterly the movement southward  and  concluded by asking all who were oppos   ed to it to hold up their hands  which whs  done by a large number preseut  Ano   ther meeting was appointed for tbe  fol   lowing night  at whioh delegates were to  be appointed and reeolutioijf drafted      The proceedings of this rjeeting were  properly reported to the General com   manding  and on the following night  General McConnell was in attendance      Addison Marsh was the speaker  and he  made a very mutinous and inflammatory  speech  in the course of which a soldier  cried out   There are officers present     To this an Irish soldier responded that  they were able to take care of them      Three different plans of operation were  submitted to those in attendance at this  meeting  nnd freely discussed   The first  to stack arms and refuse to move  the  second  to proceed as far as Johnsonville  and then stack arms and scatter for their  homes  the third was to go as far as Cairo   and at that point take p  asesshm of the  boats transporting them  and proceed up  the Ohio to their homes    Addison Marsh was arrested on the  following day and confined to wait trial    The man who made the speech at the first  meeting was not discovered  and li is is  the only arrest made  It was a bold move   but it is gratifying to knew that it was  only approved and countenanced by com   paratively a handful of that gallant old  corps  and they were misled by the two  disaffected spirits above mentioned  whose  gift of gab w as put to a very bad use      A Fast Age   A lady on the midnight  train from Indianapolis to Terre Haute   gave birth to a bouncing boy  while the  train was under way at the rate of about  thirty mile  an hour  on Thursday night   A colonel  formerly a physician  officiated   and when the train reached Terre iiauie  the mother took her new boro babe in her  arms and walked to a  buss  with th  kindly assistance of the conductor  who    J it b his usual whole souled generosity   ase etf the young traveler free    ruly  this is a heroic age Lou  Jour      A difficulty recently occured in  Bouibon county  Ky   between Mr  W     _ _   H  Pierce and his brother John  in which   vis rushed to bin house  ouly to find his       e   a t er w  g dangerously wounded  We     lovely dougliter weltering in her blood on  the ptrlor floor  and her youuger sisters  andtrothers wildly lamenting the loss  which they had sustaioeJ  Recovering     have not learned the particulars      Sword for Ukn  Butler   A mag   _ nificenl swotd  purchased al a cost ef  Iron  his anguish of mind  he immediate  8750  by the colored people of Fortress  ly scught the assistance ot a United Slates j Monroe and Norfolk  is now on its way te  guatd  who was in the neighborhood  and j Lowell  to be presented to Gen  Butler   welkin puasuit of the assassin    Al uigiu was speut imlie search with   out obtaining m clue to his where     They will not tabor es ecially when they  can get government latione  They are  leaving the plautvione in great numbers  and goiug to New Orleans  k h  oorn  crop will be large    Genera  Herron s administration of af   faire gives much satisfaction    W AiHiMQTO   June 19   The family of President Jobnsen  and  hie daughtei Mr   Palterton  have ar   rived her  te t k  charge of tbe White  House    Jnhn P  Murray  ex member of the re   bel Congress  of Tenaestes    eok tbe natli  of allegiance at the Provoit Marshal s of   fice to day    Chicago  June 19    Th  tugboat Fanny Stafford exploded  her beiler at the foot of Lake street this  evening  killing one man and injuring  thiee others  but lot fatally  The boat  was valued at  180 000      o O TA H H    a as a am   STORE    w  a  y Antis    DEALER IN DRUGS AND BOOKS    Phytlcnn n prescription  carefully  and accurately prepared    Haring  ecured the service  of Ikr  Riddell   the community may rely on tbn purity and safety  of all Drug  and prescriptions pel up in lbs  bou e      S0GVO3K SIIBIII   WILL alto attend to all calls in tbn Uds of his  Drofewion in town or countv    v W  A  TANTI     Richmond  Kv   may ll  C5lf     iboiM ui wnen tlie morning of Friday     arny iT  11 wus deteiminud to make ano  tlie r Stfiiioh ol t li e guilty party s resi   dent   when he was louml crouched up  uulIm  the porch  half naked and appa   reutl  halt divested of his reason    Sibsequenl y lie was taken before  the iiovusi commander al the     LOSS AT THE NASHVILLE FIRE TAX OK   COTTON    Washington  June 16   Th  officers in charge ot the Quarter  master s store house   al Nashville  de   station alloyed by fire  have saved many store  and ifscharged  it being alleged that the j   ron j  he ruins  and now esiimaie tne     SASYUltS   CONFECTIONERY AMD GROCERY   ESTABLISHMENT    Third Street      Dan vil Ky     I WOULD retpectfully announce    theeitl   teas of Danvilli and viciuity  that 1 hare  opened  in the well ltoown bouse of Mr  T  J   SHINDELBOW R  a large aud welt ssltcted  jeek of          OF     Every Description    FAMILY GROCERIES   SUCH iS   SUGAR    COFFEE    MOLASSES    COAL OIL    MACKEREL    l Etc   Etc    Of the Very Best Brands      At     LIMPS  WICKS    CHIMNEYS   I  D  SMITH S      A Reminiscence of Mr  Lincoln    On the of the receipt of the news of     the capitulation of Lee  as we learn from  a friend intimate with the late President   Lincoln  the cabinet meeting was held an i                    hour earlier than usual  Neither the    1               President nor auy member was able  foi     occuence was probably accidental     The testimony upon which this verdict  was Tendered is said to be that of bis  motlirV  who asserted that  soon alter the  occuquice  her 600 dashed into the house   aud exclaiming   I have murdeied my  darli g    1 did not mean to do it    darted forth into tbe   t  j  after which  nothing more   1 1 lu till the   the li ie oi   A h tli WTies are of high respecta      the lime  to give utterance to his feelings   At the suggestion of Mr  Linoolu  all  dropped on their knees and offered  in  silA ioe and in tears  their humble and  heartfelt acknowledgments to the Al   mighty  for the triumph he had granted  te the national cause   the afternoon     greatest  consternation and regret lias  Been expressed at this melancholy occur   ence        k H   Clippings    A young lady whose  cruel patients  o bad interfered with a love affair  in which   The same day  in   shp was interested  jumped into the canal  as we learn from the earn    at Newaik  New Jetsey  recently  Two       r til  r Il ie fit   oil  cosl  lumber  Ac   eliouln arouse us an g proper that the Senate aud the eoun     to action  The city of Lexington should  at once go to woik and assist in proseou   ting the labor to be performed in this en   terprise  The road to Cumberland Gap  will connect us with East T nne s   Vir      try at laige should know whether he lias  spoken in his own name only  or in that  of the Government  in other words  if the  declarations ol the Government have been  eel at naught in Corsica  il the Govern   ment have formally disavowed the revo      ginin  North and 3onth Carolina  Then lutionary theory which has just been pro   ws ought to have the aid and influence of claimed  and which  if it is now aco pt    _            ed  would be nothing less than th  ban    Cmeinnati  Louisville and Msysvills              e oer of insurrection and ol civil war un    Thia pteject will attract the attention o furled by a Prince ol the Imperial fami      capitaliats everywhere  nnd will do more  to assist in maintaining this glorious eld  Union  after onr trials and difficulties  as  a powerful and magnificeot dome to pref   tsot and everaroh all who dwell under its  shelter  than anytliiag or all things else  betide  This road completed we ehall  eoon     garden apota adorned and beau   tiful residences  arise as by the magio   ouch of some enchamer e wand  Letu   reason together on this subject  and lei  lie get up an interest which will seeure  th  commencement and completion of a  railroad to Cumberland Gap  We in   tend agitating this matter to the extent of  our ability  and esk th  co operation of   11 who feel interested in the enterprise      L ircioR      as     eifl     h g      e      r u  cus      lasses     ly     The President gently reminded M  de  Boiesy that he was traveling out ef tbe  question before the House  and requested  him to return te it   I do return to it    answered M  flo Boissy   1 have noth   ing more to say  for I have said all I  wished   It is certain  however  that  the majority of the Senators approved th   words of th  speaker  and would be glad   of some indication that Prince Napoleon    spoke only on his owu account and not as  Ghe representative of hi  cousin  moie es   pecially as there is a rumor  though lew  or none believe it  that the Emperor was  aware of the Prince s intention to address  the people of Ajaecio  anil had seen the  speech long before it  delivery  but had  not disapproved it    Mustered Out    One day last week some citizens of th   Bottom found a young man lurking about  in that vicinity on foot  They arrested  hint  brought him to town  and turned  him ov r to Capt  Hoover  He gave hie  name as Georst  W  Hall  and claimed to  be a eilixen of Henderson  Ky  He said  he had been in the Northern part of this  F tate and was trying to get to the river to  take a boat for home  After keeping him  a few days  Captain Hoover started him  j io Richmond under guard  On their way  esenl that th  young    q j   0   ir ft on  i t lre  gquaJ stopped at a house  thorough knowledge which had been robbed by Jim Anderson  vhiohthey have been Isom  two weeks ano  The Indy of the  Professor   lions  recognized Hall upon sight ae on   of Ar deison s gang who had stood guard  while the other  sackad the pivtnises     H  did not attempt to deny the fact  and  til  squad of Mditia accordingly     us   d him out  in regular military stvle    Meet    llie question   Carrolton Dm       ource  the President was in a frame of j ge title raon fished lierout  and were sound   mind peculiarly happy  To his wile lie ly beialed for their pains  aher whioh  said   The war is now about over  we   the damsel was Bent home to be dried   have had a long and wearisome lourl Th    r f Wlirm nul8aiu  e U intolerable  years  siege  and we must travel a ItLtlaX H lr    or    La   i  s hay  to walk  this summer and recruit  It itiu l      mi tllU af lh     h   ly streets  without tuss or disulay  tou must  write B b that lie must com   home  aud   One of the imna mao red wood trees in   resign hi  captaincy  aud go io lit  t the famous groves in Calaveras county    r j     v        i ii was     in     tal loss al a million and a quarter    As there appears to be a wide differ  ence of opinion  even among w ell iuforra  ed meu  in all quarters  as to tlie precise  effeot of tlie Executive Proclamation o  the 13th inat   on the cotton trade  it is  thought proper to slate that all restric   tions on trade  in that article  east of the  Mississippi river  are removed  and the  only tax it is now required to pay  is that  of two cents per pound  imposed by the  Internal Revenue Law     The English and American papers of  late have had much to say in relation to a  demand of tlie United Stales Government  upon Great Britain for indemnity in the  of the Alabama  ifco  Whoever  read  itiepublished diplomatic co rres   pondence will see that this demand i  no  leceot thing  but lias been repeatedly  made  Irons  ima to lime  for the last three  years    FROM WASHINGTON    New Yori  June 18   The Washington special to the Herald  tlie   8   Y S      a   preparations for celebrating the     Gettysburg are pro      Dry Goods andGroecries    JOHN TAYIjOR   W OULD reipectfutly io rt  the   the citizen  of Madiaon  Ac   to I   ta k  ot     Dry Goods  Groceries   HATS  BOOTS   SHOES    Wooden  Willow and Gla   Wnire  Currier    Goods  Lamps  Notions  Ac   and la rites all to  examine before buying  Give him a call and    lisfy yourselves    JOHN TAYLOR   Richmond  may 12 tf    JEFF DAVIS S ESCA e    or the Confederacy in Petticoat    Price 25 et    no tv 26  At  I  D  S MITH S    JOS KP U I ATTUS  THO   HOWLAND    FAMILY GROCERY      x  srvts   aowkASB   WILL be found on  door of the Francis  House  aud intend keeping constantly on haui  a full assortment of   I  ine Groceries   whieh they will sell at the lowest market pri   ce    1PETTU3   ROWLAND   Mar 12   65  tf      33 A     e n y     C ONNECTED with my hm e isa Bakery   wh  a ena  le  mo to turuish dealers aud  consum rs with   CJiKES A  CHECKERS    At Wholesale or Retail      ALSO   Ice Cream Saloon    AND   Sodn  Foun ain    In couQdction with tho houAO    J  S  LiNifKY   Daxvillk  Kr   cua r 12 65tf     WEBSTER HOUSE    RICHMOND  KY     rpHIS wall known Hotel  having been lately  L repaired and repainted throughout  presents  te the   TRAVELING COMWUNITT    every comfort usually found in inland hetrlf   The officiating attach ee 8 of tb  me  are at   teative  and ever watchful to meet and supply  the wants of its guests    Tilft TAHLh i  supplied with the best   f edibles in the market    THU I1AH  connected with the house   furnishes the best of liquors  of all kinds   Richmond  Ky   may l d  6mJ       J     JNO  L  SHINDELBOWEH    DEAIKK IN   politic  AJD DOliSSTIC Lit   OSS    Cigars  Toba cco  8cc    MhIii Street  DMIVILU  KT    Danrilie  Ky   mav 12   Ci y     P URE LIQUORS  s   mitltt     t Vt     J  W  C OOKK      I  D  SMITH S               E  L  Sit AOKLXVORO  JR      Q r t      Fli 0 RING EXTRACTS   kir ds  foi sale low  at     x aj     i n  SwUith        t     DRY GOODS      CR30KB AH SOACUIFOSB        comsidercd     bouks  Let him prepare tn e irn li is I   v   j California  fell down not long  gu  ing as 1 did   depending on his own hands S25 leet in length  nnd 25 le  t in diame   ruing     and brains    Oil the morning of ii is  death kindred conveisations were held as  to the manner oi spending a portion ol  the summer  and what disposition should  be made of  Bob  and  Tad   as he  used to eall his two sons  Robert and  Thaddeua     Western Christian Advocate        ter at the butt   At  lie Dan e Fes i           For the Kentucky Messenger     adiaon Female Academy   miuation exercises of tkia ia   w about oon    Com   ondsy with tbe prim       terminate to day with  th  senior class in     r     fireises bsve been conducted  vhich could not fs l 1  C0D       The Bummers Disbanded    Th e unique body known a   the Bum   mers   is disbanded by the following or   der  whioh is doubtless authentic  be   cause we find it in the Army and Navy  Journal    Hkadq rs Chief of Bummers       Ik the Field  Raleigh  N 0   V  A pnl 27  1865      General Orders No 1865    I  After four  4  years of arduous    truggle in th  perpetuation of war  the  Bummera of the Military Division of the  Mississippi  unsurpassed in pure cussed   nese  at  forced to abandon their profes   sion of arii  fcby reason of the promulga   tion of peace   an event over whicTi they  had no control    J  I need not tell the surviving Bum   mers of bo m ny thieving expeditions   that this unhappy  uncalled tor  was brought about by no effort of their    3  Tlie dead bumble bee will be ill  adopted badge ol the well known com  mand  and will be worn by every mem   ber on all ocossions  aa a mark of distinc   tion horn other command     4  Your Chief take  pleasure in ten   dering you hi  sincere thanks for the no   ble aud efficient manner in wbicli von  have performed the arduous labors of  your department  knowing that in many  instances  danger was more plenty than  plunder  and a desire to obtain the latter  w   more evident among you than a will  to brave the former    6  Feeling assured that each one of  you will be eventually cared for in your  respective State Prisons  your Chief re   frain  from issuing any further orders for  your future welfiri and di oipline    6  And now  trusting that each one of  you may pas  the unexpired term of your  livte in enjoying acqu f d    ealih and i   j  pin     your Ciiiel  with much regret  is     on tbe I4 h of  May  in the city of Florenoe  not less  than one thousan I an 1 seven hundred  Mayors  from all parts of Italy  were to be  present at tbe uncovering ot the colossal  atatue of Dante    Thera is a lien in Lichfield  Connecti   cut  which deposit  an egg every day but  Sunday  on which she scrupulously omits    her usual effort  She is owo d by a min     ister  whioh i  supposed to accouut for tbe  phenomenon    An Italian paper  while observing that  many person  anxious to witness an erup  j  tion of V suv    have from time to time    fallen victims to their curiosity  states j  that a Dutch traveler  who lately made  the assent with other tourists  wae taken I  ill from the vapor sent forth by the crater i  and died shortly alter    Al Hanover the suppression of the lot     tery there ha  been resolved in prirciple     but to  pare the interests of the parties  concerned  the proposed measure will not  be carried into execution till July first   1863      Main Street        Hlehuaoufl  Ky      Foil rlli ol July et  gte sinir tapi ilv    U n  Hanock has been ordered to fur   uish a r giment of infantry  a battery  and  a hal alion of cavalry    G  ns Meade  Hancock  Howard  Wil   ct X  and other officers  will be present    The Piesidant  nd part of the Cabinet  are expected to attend    General Howard is orator of the day    Gen  Geary Grand Marsha   and Rsv Dr    Tyng Chaplain    gen  butler oji cokfi  catio    Boston  J tine 1 8    At tbe collation whioh followed the  monument dedication ceremonies in Lo   well yesterday  G n  Butler responded to  a toast complimenting tbe army and  navy  He urged that the oon6sea   l  lands  forfeited by treason  should be  given to the soldier   who had put down  the rebellion    jeff Thomson s a my   weitzel     FLEET ARRIVING AT IIGIILZ    Cairo  June 18   A flag of truce boat with a paroling  party haa arrived  with 7 454 men of Jeff  Thompson s army  in el  diDS 626 office     p re ed  J  ff Thompson cam  as tar as i   Memphis  where he remains  awaiting QUEENSWARE  dtiC      DEALERS IR FOREIGN 4 DOMESTIC   DRT GOODS    SMBROIDERIES    LACES    ti  SIERT    GLOYES  i   SILKS    DRES3 GOODS    CLOAKS    SHAWLS    as  MANTILLAS    GENT S FURNISHING GOODS      NOTIONS    CARPETS    OIL CLOTHS   etc       CHILES HOUSE    MAIN STREET    DANVILLE  KY    THIS well known Hotel   hftvinc lately been thoroughly  refilled aud repainted  i  n w  h  it  many pah one  a  one of th   most complete public hour   i n th  State    27  Tax TABLE of the Chiles House   i   invariably supplied with tb  beat the country  affords  together with all the delicaci   in au  out of reaiou    O  Connected with the lion    i    complet   Saloon  embracing all th  choiceit Liquors    Oysters  ie    M    0  SMITH   Danville  ijat 13  i5 tf      tc      In addition to Dry Goods  w  will keep   well  selected stock of     LADII MiS 1 iES AND   CHILDREN S     Jtten an fl JSoys     SHOES    Sheris      I the President s decision relative to hi  pe   I tilion for pardon    Gen  Reynold  ha  taken ihe initiatory  stops toward establishing civil courts     The village of Glens Falls  which  us  j throughout Arkansas  The garrisons es   r   K     1  tained a severe check about h year ago in   lavishing along While river make the  the destruction of the entire business part   people mure hopeful          of the town by fire  now enjoys the sight  of forty five new etructuree  a majority ol  whioh are of brick and stone  a d many  of them fine edifices    Of peppermint eil  Michigan manufac   tured 24 623 pound   being an increase  of 138  per cent in ten years    E rlt Harvest    The Wheeling In   telligence  of Saturday s j     We have had a vary early  pring in  I tliis locality  Vegetation ha  been more  I forward than for several years past  and  fruit and grain crops havs matursd from  ten fo twenty days sarlisr than common   W  are told that ther  will be  whsat cut on the rivar bottoms nsxt wsek   Here ofot  tbs 4th of July ha  been esn   sidcred early lor such work  1 lis grass  crop is very heavy  and is also about  ready for the machioe and scythe  The  make fin  growing     Orleans dates of the 12th state  portion of Gen  Weitzel s fleet had     WE respectfully Tprite the attentioa af tbe  public  to our large stuck of goods  which will 60  kept full at all seasons  and will be offered at  the lowest market price    CROOKE At SHACKLEFORD    Richmond  Kv   May I2  65 y     the eession      eoo   tulj tUt       of the audisne  would       tonhsra P u P U   b y P V0         BU mb t of question to th  tered hint out  in regular     i scent warm showers  reluctantly compelled to bid you   adieu  weather  aud sorn other tall crops will b   F  O  Raok  Chief of Bummers    greatly bensfiued    EfT Hon  John Catron  the oldest As   JfyA rumor Las been current in  socials Justice of the Supreme Court of   Frankfort  Ky   for several days  that a  the United States  died at Nashville on i large pond included in the grounds of  the 33 th ult  He was a native of Penn  Camp Nelaon  w   drained last week  and    sylvania  and at the time of his death was nearly on  hundred dead bodies of infant  I nearly eighty years of age  II  was ap    children    hn offspring of negrose   wer      pcinted Judge by President Jackson in   found in the mir  at the bottom  The  1837  t ory stems too monstrous to be true      _Ne   that a   arrived at Southwest Pass from M  bile    New Oruaks  June 17   General Sheridan ia busy direeting the  Texas expedition  General Merritt  com   manding the cavalry  is moving into  Texas with a large force via Shreveport   General Granger and staff  and General  j Wei zel and staff left N w Orleans this   morning for T xason the coast  team hip  Crescent  Weilzel goes te Brazos    Granger goes to Galveston  and takes   command of all th  troop  in Texas  with  j headquarter  at Galveston    Tb  following order wa  issued to day   some   W  Qiy  five per sent tnx on eotlon   from th  east side of the Mississippi aivsr  ii revoked     Signed  O  N  CoTTa     United States Purchasing Agent   The following is repsrlsd from Shreve   port      One regiment of colored infantry m d  five thousand cavalry started for the inte   rior of Texas to garrison the towns and to  protect the citizens from guerrillas    Not mors than ten thousand bales of  cotton will b  brought frsra that dis  triet  Much cotton has been  old  t ten  cents per pound  There is vary little    planted lki  year  I   The negroes are giving     Picture Frames    Get frame   all sizes for sals at   may 26  I  D  SMITH  S      THE BEST OF   COAL OIL    IT It OU PFJZ til LON    At I  D  SMITH S    may 12  S Vf   iMsiss stisn   RICH MOND   KY    r PHIS well k flown ou e havidg br recent   i  lr repnired a    refuted for the mcoiiimo   d a tion ot the public  the underpinned would  respectfully solicit n liberal share of j troca c    TABLE will be supplied with tbe  best our market affords    If is Bar ik supplied with the best of Liquor     Cigars aud Tobacco    His Siubfe is provided with tin ample supply  of ptoveurifr  and an at ten  if 8 hostler  transient  customers can lmve their stock wall cared for   and Citizens by the feed  day or week on tho  most satisfactory terms    Staoes or  ii at this house every morning  for  pastjeofrers and baggage     TT He would return his sincere thanks to a  discerning Dublic for the libera l patronage  heretofore bestowed upon him  antTVik a eon    UUUA11CA Ol l TOrS    JOHN N  MUL  Richmond  Ky   Mayl2 G5 j     D I L LI O N       Livery and Sale Stables    RICHMOND  KY    T HE subscriber respectfully informs the trav   eling and trading public  that they are fully  prepared to ticcomino  date nil who may give  him a call  with   HACKS WO BUGGIEN   and good  tock to work in them  and fir   cl s    Saddle Horaea    with rigging to suit  at low rates   rrStock boarded by meal or week   ILTHorse etoek bought aud sold    J J  Horses broke to harness    F     VV R  DILLION  Richmond  Ky   may 12  tf      much trouble     SE0EC5S Au BOWYBR    MERCHANT TAILOR     AND    CENTS  FURNISHER    LEXINGTON  KY    May 19  65 tf   T URE CIDER VIKEGAV     L msrl   I  SMITH     National Unionist    r piIE SECOND VOLUME of the Nation  L Unionist commenced on th  7th day si  April  1865  and is published  Semi weiklt  ia  the city of LexiDgton  Kentucky  and will con   tinue to be   A LOYAL NEWSPAPER    Devoted to maintaining t hr Government in  putting dotan the Rebellion    It is unneccessarv for us to issue a length pros   pectus  Suffice it to say th t our pap  c will bit  an unconditional Union paper  and an ardent ad   vocate of the best interests of the Government j  of the United States  and of Kentucky  and  will spare no pains to make it worthy oi the co  fidence aud patronage of every truly loyal pc    on    The latp t news pertaining to th  War  Civil  Government  Agriculture  and a General Review  of the Markets of Agricultural Products  Gro   ceries and f amily Supplies  will be found  each issue    Person  obtaining ten subscriber    nd send   ing us the money  will be entitled to odo copy  gratia    Terms   Semi weekly  per year  in ad   vance  4 Ot    Considering the high price of paper and other  materiale  the price of the paper is low  and wo  hone to receive a large subscribtion Hat  Will  friend  of tbe cause exert themselves to aid u     ArldwsaK GEO  W    JOS  B  LEWJ3  Lsrinytou      P UKE SODA  15 cent  per pound  at   may 1 2   I  D  SMITH S      w     ZHDovr ni AAS      oil      itos  at   i  r  snow         f        X      J          ed T   I                 TIIE MESSENGER   rXIDAT HORSING        JfNE S3  IS        LOCAL     PERSONAL       Our Agents    Ths fallowing e otle  n lit requested  to act as car Agsnts in thsir m r l lo   salitiss  to rscsivs and raoaipt for Buk    ariptiona  Jok work  sad advertising    Ia ordar ta aaonra punctuality on eur  part  wa wauld aak them to ba prompt in  tha delivery of all matter intended for ua    J  W  Hareourt  Richmond  Ky    Col  Lilly  l Irvine  Ky    Col  Bid  U  Barnaa  f   Andrew Marshon  Kingston  Ky    Yfm  Moore  Big Hill  Ky    Dr  VT  C  Montgomery   Kirk             Humphrey Jonee      Sam  Banaalt    White H  u Ky    Beni  Howard  I     ORD About Monet   W e need  ni   y badly to meat angagema ts made  iu reference to our new office  Wa hope  i  ia    necaesary for Aon iud bl d to  ua  ta  je remiaded of the fact  They  will g itlly favor  a just now by prompt  D ymeoi of their aubacripttoua  either by  eelling at our office or by remittacca    ihioagk the m ail    fag  Hen  W  H  Rakball  baa our   tliaaka foi Congressional doeumente      Wbbn to Advertise   There are   saye  o exchange  shrewd people in this  world      the business     Communication    W e wish it distinct   ly understood that no eommunicationt  will be published unless the name of the  author accompanies the enme  This ml   w  expect to rigidly enforoe    Our friends in tbe mountains end else  where are respectfully requested to give  us whatever may transpire ia their differ   ent localities of interest    It ia not necaasary that tha same of tha  cerrespondant appear  but tha Editor  must know who tha writer ia      For the Kentucky Me senger    Rev  R  L  Brock s School    The examinations of this Institution DIED _ In Edgefield  Teun   on the 12th of   were held last week  in the preseooe of the June  Gina   Thomas  son of George and Ann   F  Sharp  aged 2 months aud 16 days      Takl for   ainn s   men who  can t afford 1   to adverl se du   ring the hard limes  Tbe    r  the limes  when our rea lv shrewd     gy Persons in every part of tbia  Congressional District will oblige us by  tending a list every kind of salsa  marri   ages  deaths end politicsl discussions    To make our paper e weleome vieiiorthie  is very important to every one  We will  do oar duty   do yours   and we will all  be benefiltsd    jy Oar vary effieienl Postmaster has  fitted up his office in vary handsome  style   Pal  is a gentleman  possesses  ins taste  Long m   ha  wave     KS If our paper lacks interest this  week  it is on acoounl of a  pres  of  business        e o N     Fbiot    W a have never eeeu a better  prospect for frail than we have tbia year   of every kind    JlyThe married men of thia place  have suffered greatly in tbe past week   from an attaok by auction bills  as there  has keen site going on for some days    JtySee advertisement in onr paper of  R  G  Bustos s  for missing horse      men ma     ke     J r We lehrn that the Provost Mar    prielJ  _ an j daughters in every   mosey  They launch out boldly n   1     hal of thia county  was disuhargedon the   r d  of lbe ec hool  but also to views he     heir advertisements and secure custom  I joth day of May last  had e itertaiued from his eailieet man     can l afford to tbrovr m     j   __  n     n j hood  and which in his various relatione     parents and immediate friends of the pu   pil   The axeroiaea were very creditable  and interesting  though everything of tba  nature of display was purpasely avoided  Tha school is  aught entirely by Mr  j  Brecx  who ia loo wall known in this  community  to require any other assur   ance that the work ie being ably and  thoroughly done  The course ef study  and the advantages enjoyed by tbe pu  pil8  are equal to thee  in any institution  in the Country  Mr  Brack ie indeiati   gable iu his own laburs  and spares do ex   pense required for the advantsgeoi those  he teaches  During the paat session  he  has expended some 85UU in lh  purchase  of apparatus lor tae illustration ot Natu  ral ticienca  Throughout the year Lhe  school has been full  and he has been un   der the ueceeeity of declining a number  of pupils applying lor admission    The department of muaio has been un   der the charge of Mias crown  who has  already eetabliehed a reputation lor  thoroughness and success iu teaching her  branch  never surpassed in this commu   nity  This was shown by her pupils  who  in her absence upon a sick bed  conduct   ed the exercises in thia department  with  a grace and elegance that did them and  her great credit  in concluding the ex   eroiaes  Mr  Breek made a statement ol  hie theory of education  the substance of  which  the writer has obtained from him    He said the exercises had been con   formed not only to a parental sense of pro      whers others w ho       as they say  groan  the laek of onetom to     thro      away money     it all and by           i Q   t  t     hard time   People are aeosible   they re r       grrrThe maeonio dinner willoe given i        I  j v At  h  Kranoie House  to institutions for the educao   uf g  rl    the hy oiiN              I l  Lad L   loooring to have established    Brethrvn of the  mvaiic tie w  ilst             care and govern  th     know the man   ho ad verlisea liberally is  a good fellow to deal with  and they know  that merchants who  can t afford  to ad   rertise   can t afford  te give good bar     isarWe     p  o p 3 he filled   front of the      tr       nijetii  I Xhe examination  were conducted only in   the mud hole in     iael      rith     i       of hogs  ao to       cci   rock in alee  01     Mucti cu  twm makes cheap prices  d u g   much ac possible   The     gain    advertising makes much  people know thia      the presence of immediate friends of the  I pupils  who had a right to look as far as  they were able through such reviews in   to their progress  ha had no Calisthenics   Tableaux  declamations  or other rhslciri   do all J cal displays  becouse they formed no part     jon Woai    We are prepared to       I JOB           i      of preparation for the sphere in whiok they   kinds of jtrintmg with neatness and ois v r       xmo  e   were destined to move  A girl wag never   Collar s Ladies Boox  This in  mils  ptWB   Orders from any quarter at end  1      gr al audiences  or   ble and familiar old friend  for July  came  d   j  We sre gratified to     to hand  S t mxht   mora j Yheat    W e learn from ih  farmers   j j shining countenance onoe more     r              Evs  r U4r ought to have it on her c  that the crop of wheat In this county will   h    nd every gentleman ought to be almoat a f ilure  The Ilese  an fly is   RW it to pesi the hour  aweatly sway    the cuee  We are f rtnn l  on account  V  will take pleasure in sending the of th  fact that there is a large amou t  s  of those who may deair  to aub  of wheat rf last year  crop on hand     Rye  oats sad corn bid fair la be more   J   than an arerage orop   jf rBy special request  there w ll be a     a a m   si ihe       How     at the Frarcis House  onbatur   day eveeiuj  2 sh inst  An e rly at     ndancete desired  It will be   eucceee   Let ei l who desire to   n d          e thful anJ   head      in tho   iniiooept amueeinent be on     Willie Riddell   Fire Blace Ink    We founc  in our office the other day  a  apecimerof A  fiseet ink we have seen  lately      ntirmly block  aud does not   orrod   P  D bae particle  Willie we  believ i  the sole sgent for the sale of it    wishing to purohass  will call on  gj r al tho Cornor Drug Sloro    Attention    It is tho wish of tho con   dtuenla of the newly electod Board of  frusteos  that they meet and organise as  aoun as practicable  as there ie a vast desl   if improvement on our town that might  be going on    jfjrBe sure aad attend the  Hop  at  the Francis House if yon want to have a  good time        jyOnr dry goods stores are daily   thronged by the ladies  examining and  purchasing nsw goods  All the mer   obantt of the place are busily engaged in  opening  exhibiting and telling their late  mponations    To Friends    We have established a  paper for the edification of our friends      ul   promotion of tho Union canso  Shall wo be sustained  Wo oall earnest   ly U p n our friends in tho District to nid  ue in extending our circulation  Will  some one in sash connty taks it    his  duty to get up a club  Our book  are  open  and we need names  Help us   jpyAn examinstion of l rof  Joses s  echool has been going on for several day  paet and will close to day  Several in   teresting addresses will be delivered by  the pupil   Th  publio are invited to  attend  Next week ws will give details  of the exereisee       Ere sin ceald blight  or shaddow fade    Death kindly cam  with friendly care    Tbe opening hud to heaven conveyed    And bade it bloom forever there     IN MEMORIAL    W mucus  Our much esteemed friend vnd  Brother  I aweoN M  Snr a i  D  G  M  of  Kentucky  has been removed from our midst by  an untimely and unexpected death  be it thero  for    Resolved  That in tbe death of LXweoa M   Smuasa  the State and county  haa loat one of  its best citizens  and the Fraternity ono of its  brightest lights    Raso veJ  That th  members ol Kingston  Lodge  No  315  wear the usual badge of mourn   ing for thirty days    Revolted  That w  deeply sympathise with  th  family of the deceased in their bereave   ment    Reso fd  That those Resolutions be spread up   on the minute book of this Lodge    Resolved  That a copy ot these Resolutions  be delivered to the family of the deceased    Resolved  That the Kentucky Messenger and  auy other papers friendly to the cause  be re   spectfully requested to insert these Resolutions  one time    J  B  Bcckmsnam    A  J  Mxrsmon    Cxo  W  Pares      m           Kingston  Ky   June 3d  1S65      Kentucky Messenger   PRINTING OFFICE      CONNECTED WITH THIS OFFICE     18 A frLENftlb     JOB PR1NTISG OFFICE      MEETING OF THE KENTUCKY RIVER  NAVIGATION COMPANY      UNEQUALED IN   ELEGANCE AND VARIETY   OF MATERIALS    By any other establishment in thi  region   All of our Presses nnd Type are in   GOOD CONDITION    a SD Of TUE   LATEST IMPROVED STYLES      O  Visit  Richmond  Danville  WineheeUr   Lancaster  and all intermediate points  monthly   may 26  65tf     pHOTOORAPHS of Lincoln      Johnaon    Grant  and other prominent Statesmen   Also a great variety Of fancy picture   with  frarats to suit  at   may 26     D  SMITH S      Selected by un experienced Printer  with a view  of rendering the establishment   OF COST   I     COMPLETE  REGARDLESS     everv DXSceirrioH of woax  raou   LARGE FOSTERS     TO THE FINEST     Is     pj 0 P    By request there will be ft   Hop  at the Webster House te aight   Friday   The whole community aid   th   reel of maakiad  ar  invited te at    lat 4  0   m    yOur town haa keen unusually  lively for several day  paet on account of   h  closing exeroiaes of tbe school      Many strangers have been present at the  examinations  and all expressed their np  probation  having been highly entertain   ed  Next week we ehallgive a more ex  tended notice    The  Hop  at the Francis House  to morrow will be the gayest of the eaa    0R       r  indebted to til  obliging  Telegraph operator at thia point  A  W   Howell  for favors        W   The Weatbke    Yestarday we were   again driven to tho shade by thia  in6li   tuiion   W  could not aland ita ray    j ue     A Thing or Bkautt is a Jot Fcr    evir     Th  tiulb of this glorious old  proverb may be moil pleasantly realized  by paiiog a visit to our delightful little  eemelary  It is indeed a spot of which  Madison county  caa b  justly proud     Situated at it is  within the immediate vi   cinity of the town  it will repay any one  te spend a leieur  evening occasionally  within iia sequestered limits    Allhongh  being yet in its infancy    under the superintendence of our venera   ble friend  Col  W  Rodks  to whose  efforts and good taste the highest merits  are due   it promises fair of becoming on   of the finest places of ita kind in the  State    Besides th  beauty of the grounds  themaelves  th  visitor caunot but admin  tha pleasiag memorial  of all sixes and  gtyles   aorae of which may b  considered  of tho finest specimens of monumental  art  In this connection  we take pleasure  to state  that our yeung friends  Mesar    Daly   Krrll   considering their short  sojourn iu this community   have added  more than few of tasteful productions ia  their line  The young men are practical  workmen  eaoh in his own department of  their profession  and wo are glad   o learn  they are fast working their way into pub   lic favor  Mr  Krrll we would elate has  for a number of years been a pupil to the  well known Soulptor  Patricio Piatti of  New York  and judging from the few  specimens of his  which has come to our  netlee  w  can safely  ay that he will ex   ecute any thing in tbe way of acalpture   in the neatest manner  whilst Mr  Dalt  in regard to skill is nothing behied him  in his own branch of the business  A  visit to their studio  cannot fail to con   vince any ono of thoir capacity U exscut   any thing in tho lino of marble equal to  any establishment cf th  kiad in th   Slat       to oVdiYer addresses or orations  und he  would not qualify bar with confidence  for it if h  could  Hu thought modeaty  a grack t       cultivated  and it should  not be pained or impaired by subjection  io such a trial   I   had   therefore  m ade   no preparation  or tb   1 kind of enleriain   meul  Th  whole time of himaelf and  pupil  had bSen given soliu 1  tl   the im   mediate wotlh of mental imp      rovewent   He had not turned aside an hour   or any   ibiug ia th  least foreign to it    or  had ho evor made aa hoar s pieparflti  D  in their studies  1 other lhau would have  been made had the Term closed without  an examination    On the other btad  he thought it  must bo observed that the course of stu   dy ia tbe school was unusually extensive  aud thorough  for ho proceeded upon  the idea that a gil l is to b  fitted for a  woman s sphei  and duties  and qualified  with graceful manner and and easy hear   ing ia all th  circumstanc s in which ah      At a meeting of th  corporator  ami friend of  the Kentucky River Navigation Company  held  May 24  at the Court House in Frankfort  Ky     Col  Wm  Rodes  of Madison county  was called  to the Chair  and E  Hensley appointed Sucre  tary  After tbe object ol the meeting wa  stated  by the Chairman    M  Brown and Geo  Stealy ware appointed a  committee on resolutions      Th  committee reported the following resolu   tions  which were adopted    Resolved   That the following committee  be  appointed in  each of tha counties named in tbe  charter  whoso duty it shall be to open books  on  or before the first day of July next  aud solicit  subscriptions to tbe stock of this company  at  such places in their respective countios as they  mav deem advisable  and who shall report from  time to time to the Executive Committee at  Frankfort  Ky   via    Anderson county   John Draffin  J  L  Megin   nis  Thos  Hanks    Boyle conuty   Dr  W  Dowuton  Thos  Bar   bee  Chas  Worthington    Carroll county   A  H  Buckner  R  G  Bush    John Martin    Estill county   A  A  Curtis  E  L  Cockerill    Hrmson Moore    Fayette county   W  B  Kinkead  R  J Spurr     R  Rogers  t   Franklin county   Philip Swigert  Tbos  N    Linsday  H  I  Todd    Dennr harB owm  C n hart   9 9pil   m    Ge   rg 1   P re I   fed to do   t    A   Gailatin county   Reuben Ireland  A  Gregg  in that line  either ia   J  T  Robinson    Henry county   C  M Matthew   J  M  Row  TyT A TVT A P1T7   lett  J  C  Montfort  PLAIN BLACK   Jessamine connty   John S  Bronaugh  M  i  Brown  Wm  Fiuhor  qr   Jefferson county   Wm  B  Belknap  Wm    Kaye A  B  Semple  COLORED   Madison county  Wn  Rode   Wm  Harm  I               Caldwell Campbell    Aud in the very best style of the art    Mercer county   J  W  Thompeon  Kufus         Brvant  John Handy  j POSTERS     NEW FIRM    H  HAMILTON  A  M  SVRSANE    Hamilton   Burbank    WUOLAIALC AND RETAIL   GROCERS    AND DEALERS IN   China  Glass 4  Queenstcare  HARDWARE   CUTLERY    Wooden dk Willow Ware   Lttinpa  of every pattern    PRODUCE DEALERS   C    MAIN STREET    2 doors  bov  Chiles House    DANVILLE  KY    may 2G  65 tf   Fresh Importation    SOMETHING NEW    A FI NE LOT OF   PICTURE FRAMES    different styles and sizes    Also a choice lot of ENGRAVINGS    PORTRAITS OF A  LLVCOLN    GUnlA TOr  f  JOUA SOJY     FOR SALE bv   I  D  SMITH      P OWDER  SHOT  AND CAPS  at  may 12      I  D  SMITH S      amply provided for  in   our extensive  assortment of     JOB TYPE      NEW JSTORE    I HAVE received and opened a large aad  varied stock of   DRY GOODS    On Main street  a few doors above th  Webster  House and next door to Dr  Chenault e office  la  tbe same building formerly occupied by D  M   Bright as a Shoe and Hat Store  and the front  room now occupied by th  Messenger office    Everybody are invited and expected te call   examine aod buy my good  without farther  notice    GEO  E  SIMMON    Richmond  Ky   May 19   65 3m     CENTRAL HOUSE    RICHMOND  KY    X  X   SMITH    PROPRIETOR      Owen county   K  S  Hr wIq  ii  J  B Engliah     Jaa  E  Duvall        Owsley couatv   John C  McGiiirc  Samuel i  Beattv  Hiram McGuire    Woodford county   J  V  Monday  David I  Thornton  Zeb Ward    Resolved  That Philip Swigert  Thos  Lindsey j  and George Stealcy be appointed an Executive I     a  W  FINLEY     Scccsssos to Anderson     Fliotosrapher    Corner 3d snd Maid streets    Oi M1LLI  IT      HANDBILLS    SALE BILLS      HORSE BILLS    CIRCULARS    BILL HEADS    BANK CHECKS   NOTES  RECEIPTS   BUSINESS CARDS      P HOTOGRAPHS   in every style      AMBROTTPES           ST Satisfaction guaranteed XI  Frames  Albums  Ac   at Ciaoinaati   I prices    Danville  may l   65sf             TAR CANDLES  al 6 cents a piece  el     stock  f   sp iao   DRY GOODS    At the old stand ef Gzrl  MILLER  aa  Mai  street  Our stock i  all   FRESH and NEW    and bought in the   EASTERN CITIES AT PANIC PRICES   For Cash    And we feel that we can give saiiafaetioo  bath  as regards quality and price of our goods  ta  U  who may give us a call    I ET Our stock consists tn part of a full liua af   LADIES  DRESS COODS    Of all kinds  which we offer at very low figures  Dress Silks    III nek 8llks    Mozambique     Organdies    Lawns    tilngkjL     French Cambrics   Prints  ate    Also  a large line of  Whits Goods      Embroideries    Laces and Notiona    Of all kinds    MEN S  BOY S   SERVANT S WEAR    Of all kinds    QUEENS WARE  Ac    In fact  everything that is usually kept Lu a re   tail store    ST Don  t fail to give us a call before yeu buy   for we are determined to tell at at prices to salt  you    NOTICE    Recollect to eall at the new  Oreen front Store  opposite the Court House    WM  M  STONE So CO   Richmond  mayl2  65tf     B ED BUG POISON and Rat Exterminates   A   I  D  SMITH S      D  a  taioKT     e  r  aoaaaLT      BRIGHT   MOBERLY      Committee  whose duty it shall be to correspond OFFICERS BLANKS    1 will  ll n        I        J   _       gTAI     aylS      I  D  SMITH S      INVITATION CARDS    BALL TICKETS   PROGRAMMES   c      c     Also  every variety ef     CD     is likely to be placed  by careful culture   Louisville          L    of the mind snd th  hoart  lie could  out see why s girl should b  educated  differently front s boy  Th  object ol  education is to strengthen and improve  the mind  snd mind is misd   the same  in a boy snd in a girl   and the exigen   cies approvod for the education of tbs  one  ire appropriate for th  other  Cer   tainly no inferior agencies should be used  for training the minds of our daughter     Whilst  however  be adopted the studies  and text books in our best male collages   bis pupils were pianticed throughout all  their course  in the elementary parts of  education   Reading  Writing  Spelling   Geography and Grammar  And whilst  they were not to be rhetoricians and de   claimed in public  hs aimed to refine and  cultivate the taele by practice in  compo   sition and weekly readings in The beet  English aad American authors  This was  his simple idea   to make sensible  re   fined and gentle women  by a thorough  cultivatioa of the xaind and heart      and co opemte with the count y committees  and  to report in writing their action and progreta to  tbe corporators and stock holders at their next  meeting  Tbe Executive Cammittee shall call  a meeting of the corporator  and stock holders  whenever the  may deem it m ceasary    Resolved  That ll  e Executive Committee _                  prepare an adores  to the public on the subject   TTlHll Ifitj A 1 111 tl 110    01 the Kentucky river navigation  and that one Jl O     thousind copies of said address  together with   the charter aud report of lieo  Stealcy  Civil   Such as required by   Eurineer  be printed in pamphlet form for the    use of the several committees    Resolved      That the Cincinnati papers  the COLLEGES  SCHOOLS    Journal  Democrat  Press  aud An      zeige  the Frankfort Camiuonwealth  the Lex  I ington Observer and Reporter and National  Unionist  and Kentucky Messenger  be requested  to publish the proceedings of this meeting    The mooting then adjourned   WILL RODES  Chairman  E  Hbmslkv  Secretary  Frankfort  Ky   May 2d  1865      Sflrur JUvcrtiSMcute      A  RO S y ikTOKA L IFM38    All orders for Job Work will be attended to with  promptness and despatch   ittTOFFICB   On Main Street  above the  Webster House      J  A  DALT      H  C      KRILL   J      Strayed or Stolen    i  ROM the farm of Chas  Turner  a HAY  HOJtSE  16 hands high  four years old   A liberal reward will be paid for his delivery to  mo at Richmond    R  G  BURTON   Richmond  Ky   June 23 65  tf      Wheat Crop in Michioan   A cor   reapoudeat writes to tha Dowagia  Ra   publican that the wheat crop in the south   western portion  of Michigan looks ua   commonly promising  Tbe late sowing  last fall  ob account of tie protracied  drought  saved it from the attack of the  fiy  and a continued coveiing of enow  during the entire winter killing  and it  ha  thi  spring tha bright coloring of  perfect health    WTlisrt are 75 U      1          ood   jin Cincinnati  n L suburbs      mrk man wae induced  a few days  eiace  in Washington  to pay 810 to a po   lice justice  for the privilege of parading  the street  in woman s attire   merely aa  a lake off on Jeff Davis           BJ1P    AUCUS T ELE CTION    For State Treasure     V  are requested t  announce J mss  II   Garrard a candidate for re election a  Treasurer  of Kentuckv  at the August elsotion    For Legislature    Ws arc suthorixed to announce G  W   Ballew  as tbe noniue  of the Union party  to represent  Madison county  in the Lower House of tbe next  General Assembly      Collector s Notice    U  S  Internal Revenue    NOTICE is hereby given  JosXdjr   Lists o   Arsessmsnts  conforraiblo to tbe provison  ef an  Act entitled  An Aat to provide Internal Rev   enue to aupport the Government  and to pay in   teiest on the Public Debt  and for other pur   poses   approved June 30  1H64  hare returned  to me as Collector for the Fifth Collection Dis  trict of Kentucky  for the month of May  1865   embrabingthe monthly Annual Lists  consisting  License  Income  Watches  Casriages  Piano  fortes  Ac   Slaughtered Animals  Legacies   Distilled Spirits  Manufactertd Articles    C    The Taxes assessed under said act are uow  due and payable  Parties oacerned are hereby  uofified that 1 will present in person or by dep  uty at   IRVINE  JUNE 19    LANCASTER  JUNE 26 A 27    RICHMOND  JULY 3  4   5  1865   to receive the Taxes and Issue Licenses to those  parties required t  produre the same  and that   all persona who neglect to pay the Duties and  Taxes so assessed upon them  within the time  specified  shalf be liable to pay ten per centum  additional upon the amouut thereof  Upon  Income the penalty s five per centum   WILLARD DAVIS   Collector fifth Dis t sf Ky    Gxo  W  F arc  Deputy  Collector   Lexington  Ky   June 9   65  tj yo      We areauthorizi d So announ ce A  J  Mersiio   as an lucependeut candidate to represent the  people of Madisen county in the Lower House  of the nextGeueral Assembly of Kentucky    FOR SHERIFF    CT We ar  authorized to annonnee J  M Kin   dred  rs a candidate for Sheriff  of Madison co      at  ho ensuing August election  subject to a con    mane and tail  in form something on peney  rention    order  and ia very spirited        i A reweard of Fifty Dollars will be paid for   I an  a candidate for SHERIFF at th  next   th  return of said horz  to me  or a liberal reward  August election  My pastconducl is the only   for such iafoinsation  9 will lead to her re   guaranty 1 can offer for my conduct  if elect d  corery    f  PARRIPH    s  IV  I RICF   on  19   6S te 1 June 13  l   r  o        li Xaih mal Unionist      STOLEN   IT  ROM tho subscriber at Lexington  Kv   on  1 Saturnay night  tha 10tU inst     A DARK BROWN IIORSE   about 15 j hands high  8 or 9 years old  shod  all round  with a white mark  2 inches in length  os right hand quarter  haa thick neck  leave     0ALY h WELL   MARBLE WORKS    RICHMOND  KY    NMXETS  TOMBS  VAULTS    Headstones  Tablets  c   Oftke most chaste and original designs  Also  Marble Mantle pieces  plain and 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65 if     MANUFACTORY    BEING exclusively in tho BOOT A SHOE  trade  I am able to sell cheaper  and furnish  generally a better article than can be found elae    where    I keep constantly on hand a well selected  stock  from the best manufactures East  which  I will sell   CHEJIF FOR Crlflf      YT Boots and Shoes made to order  _rt  D  R FREEMAN    Main st  2 door  above the Webeter Hons   i  Richmond  Ky   May  12 6m  J    JNO  STOGHILL    DEALER IN   Groceries  Dry Goods  Ac     Hamilltn i Old  Vl  4     MAIN STREET    DAJCVILl    KY        o       Mv stock of   DRY GOODS    FAMILY GROCERIES      J UST received from New York aad PUt    delphla  by   R  G  BURTON    H B offer  his goods al   PAN IC PRICES    And is confident th  price ol his Goods will sail  them  Call and examine bis stock before buy   ing  as be offers   Great Inducement      To tboso who with to buy    All dttcriptioa  of   COUJYTR 1  PRO RFC M   Takes in exchange fer Goods  Give me a eall       0 BURTON  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momentous ones which stake  all  elaborats oratory contemptible   and the  Governor fully understanding this  spot   directly to the point    We shall not attempt even a synopsis  of hie speech  but confine our report to  ihoee portions wbiolt were the most forci   ble   IXTKEWISTS BSKOCNCSD    The Governor considered  the ambition  of extreme Northen and Southern m n  the osuee of the war  whose rav iz  a an       character of the young    sii  sc    ab    whit  labor swat   V  h these two    ohm it  sol depreciation do you no  tlttrk  i  wou d ha h lid to pi  e that the G    ernment has aomtniiecp u    grn  t Is     m ui as your puny eppoi g   e gsup t    j   i 1 1   May it not itrl ei com  u a l    Hib speech fully sustain      J       r J   that not even a petty latcenv  tae been    committed  but that the otdv s ealin   done has bees that of a riob bless ti   stealinjr in upon us   0     war l   io mak  happy and h  aunfy tho land      COSSSRVATIVIs  T a V I N  i FO  A jaw  RSVOLl TloN    JSrery true Union man there   nto   lieatlily thanked the Governor for prop    iy denouneing this new patty non at   tempting  to ride into power upon th  waves ol had passions  H  spoke of it   titi mbi is as   these people who a e in i  j   togs up a second tvvolu i ll   Th   i   it  U ivernor  you hav  c ta aiiierixed  I e  attemp pioperlv  and as you say  tbe   tnay not mean to agam involve the Ian   in war  but  they talk ju c hke the men  who did mean it  and accomplished tbc i  purpose in the i  rtibl  past    G  OD A D VICK TO YOUNG MEN   Instead of telling the young m n wh  leave returned front til  Southern aim   hsrrors ha painted with the skill of   I filled with admiration and wonder at tin     1       J       i     1 I    r  1 n     E  L  SHACK LfcFOKD Jit      Death ofrHinnibal the Jij Elephsnt      j  w  crook k    From the Bed uni i   J  drer  Mst I3th  _ _ _ _ _ I M   V ft AAHC   Hi      86  8 UKi  jrOODb      Column      An Arab Story      In the tribe of N epgedeh  there was a  Itotse w  ose fama was spread far and  ni at  and a B d utti ot alio  Iter tribe  liy  name 1  ibar  de ned extremely to p      e a it Havyu  t liemd kir it m vain  m    1  aijnp  amt liitft WI ole wealth  he hi  at  length upon  the lollowmg device by  which he ItouecJ to ob ain the i ject ot  hts desire  lie resolved     slam his         witli the juice oi an lietb  to clo it  him   eli in lags  to lie hts legs and neck to   gether  S   as to appeal like a lame b g   jar  Thus equipped  lie went io with  0 Naber  fhe owner of the horse  who  tie knew was to pass that way  VV uen tie  saw Naber approaching on the beauttful  steed he ciicd out in a weak voice    1  im a poor stranger   lor three days 1 nave     great artist  ard pointed out slavsty as  the means found ready at hand by which  they burled wsr upon us    SLAVERY DENOUNCED    And here if the somewhat confounded  cause and mentis we consider it imrna e   ri l  since he made slavery appear odiotie    The negro had been the theme o  p dt i  Cans for thirty years   lie hail never  heard a political speech in which the n   gro     not the keV note   never read a  poli ical paper in which he did no  fiji  p    never cast a rote even for a cone able  that wae not supposed In some wav to  effect his status  end h  was  now tha 1  the political neyro had been the innocent  instiument of the most ter ihle wai of all  time  in favor of removing him  and    weeping him from the face of the whole  land   so that hereafter ambition may  find no w apcn for parricidal blows    HI TAVOKS THE CONSTITUTIONAL AMEND  MKKT    The Governor then proceeded to dig   gss the Kentucky phase of the slavery  question and boldly declared for the  adoption ef the amendment  His reason   ing upon thia point was imbued with the  highest philosophy  and convinced mauy  heretofore opposed to his views    DEBRIS OF THE INSTITUTION    The question of poliev in regard to  the d btieof the institution left upon the  e ol was nblv I Andled and m  et happily  illustrated  Would  he sensible man let  the carcase of a dead horse temain before  his door filling tie nostrils with stench  because he could not n aive the gnevtilNs  who killed him bnrv i     Wouldn t the  traveler with asafostid  in his p  rk t   finding himse f puttied bv a pack o   wolves  throw the Stuff away sooner than  b  devoured by them  Wouldn t a good  ship s crew cut loose the ropes of a bin  ksn  fallen mast and let it drop in o the  sea  rather than bear such a useless  n  sumbrance through  Its storm  Such  were the pertinent questions pul to the  self interest of Ksutuckians  end the an   ewers were visible on many a count   nance  reluctant  lo be sure  but still  there    flOVEItVOR s FORMER PREJUDICES    The G  ivernor honestly confessed that  be had grown up fmm boyhood  filled  with all the local prejudices of the dav in  favor of slavery and against Aholi ionis s  and lliat even now l   felt it hard to te   press their feeble lingering remains as he  contemplated the relenth s g aep of hede   ral power upon the throat of his old fav   erits  Bui we are more than happy to   ay that from some parenthet ea  sen en  oss  uttered rather sotto voce  we eonld  see that his in ellect and his motal power   re fast grasping the li ghest and mna  uoble aspect of the subject  Fot in  stance  in speaking of having lost some  of his own slaves  lie paused snrl said         May be I haven t lost much after all      If I had had no slaves I might have train   ed up my boys to greater habits of in   dustry     8 LAVERT DEAR    Here is s true cl am   an atirnrul fiieh  that bit   us look soon lor the full round  sun  The light is coming gradually  Governor  anti will soon flood yolir gre    mind with all its genial radiance  Anil  we would have it so  for we do not wan   you unhorsed like 8aul at this juncture   by a too sudden conversion When sla   very is dead  and the mourners have put  off their bltck  and have gt 0  cheerlull 1    into the new  hri ht fi lds of ptosp ti    and virtue  which lie in the land of free  dom  you will  with all who have heads  te comprehend snd hear 1   to feel t  e  truth  regard wi st your opponent  call  robbery now  as one of the grand com  peosating results of the war  The sweep  tng away of slavery  though bv the fj ry  broom of Mare  will leave the path of true  progtess far lees obstructed than before    A BETTER PHILOSOPHY TO PREVAIL    The death of the institution will enrich  the soil a thousand fold  The cities of  the South will increase in six  and beau   ty  its rive e be whitened w uJj eWrfr and  mote swiftawingeib  Commerce  and tie  schools snd churches dispense a belter  philosophy  and   P ur   r religion    SLAV  LABOR   IT8 BLIGHTING INFLUENCE    There was tin argument  to   of th    Governor s wltic h properly chatacterizes  slaverv  It w s t  ie  Out of a popula    tion of about 1 9 JO  Marion county  for  instance  has about 600 sjaveh  Ideis who  owned about S 000 slaves when the war  broke out  These slaves badly till d j  large tracts of the best land  and the ami  j   wart  young white man whom it for L Wlil   Q    k   r   0 n    riving at   lbs interest of the Stats to keep w thtn he  j      w    Q  1Rk     w  v   whl     borders  went away into some Wes ern 1 if  r     0     e inqui   y        r     r has     tats to adu to ns wealth by hts eupenor b   nd WHg Rl s   id    e w   g at lh     skill and power  Ibis was wrong   nd   liaie r   qU eiting him to be stated  and  pramlv showed why Kentucky  s so far w hllht Snd would g    t d     ge   him  bsbitid her sister Stales in si  the devel  Th  officer waile    ptlienI   y f or tom e  eped slementa of greatness  Here  s an  j  ime th   Qg Ueress cming in     thtrt uersy of light  t     100m   h   r   a j a  l d L r of he    bad political ECoKo vr    promise that he might see her husband    It reveals the miserable political econ     Nay  frien 1   I promised that he would   my of the S are relsiion  You have ta  sea thus  lie lias seen thee  II  did not  ken two grand steps  Governor  i  the hke thy looks  therefots he avoided thee   right direction  Already y 0U admit that and hath departed frone the bout  by   1 a very injurr  the physical and moral enothtr pa h        rsnowuej ps  tot Ditog am   hhI   U  l risnnioa   w no for almost  all a wn urj has free n th  greatest won   tvr  i tin  auirnat kingdom  died in Cen     nli   in tlifw  r i inty  os last Sunday   he 7 ii mst   at 7 51 cl  ok e  u  Han    ibal wasattacheu to tl   combined ms    irtgHrte and circus which exhibited here    u last Fiidav  He disputed evidences  o indisp stiioti an I f e l den  a several  d ys p ev or ly at McO mn lishurg  aud  it required Ub ir a id perseverance to    H mm across th  mountains to Bloody  Kuo  On hri lay I   very ill  hav   ttty steadily reius d lo id I  t several days   lie left her  on Sa ur lay wtorniug  ititii J  a very unsteady p lor Com rev Hie  I  where he died ou Sabbath morning    lit  Watchman who spent the       nigin wi li the living Hannibal  repotls I  our a  t  vin  been vny resllese during I    i  niom  tieq iMinly   iltiog hispoa l  ion 1 ia  d  wn an I getiin   up  A  o   1  tore  iu i lldeaVoreil to break loose fl OIJ    It  stump  o which l e was list   Some   one heio re ids iteadi he g it on his knss     n ad f  urs  and remain il in that posi  ttmi hall an bout  Woen it becam       parent that his end was appi oseliing   a Ciow i of peis i s as embled to see tin   tremendously vigor u  amm 1 expire    F ar  were rT et laineo leer in his dying  agonies som  m e migtii fie nurt hut all  preciuiion was in ecess r llrRmbtlst    lie liiite ab ve slat it  sire ohed iitins f     o lull lettgih ami cl      1 wiiiiout a quiver      as if fairnly el epmg IBs proprietors   Ltr          4 WaU      k  ireet   vere telegraphed trout C tinlt i land  who j from   i hv   oitUib   luii he mi u 1 t be initrred j  wi hout rniihina linn n any ol Ln  uatural   riiameniB     Hiiiiiihil whs UrtF Hi Aninsal arer j   xliibite I   n ti  s enn i Hit ti s height     Li       CHIME A  Vi  SHACKLEFORD      Haiu Utreet      Kivhaxond  Ky      m fEilHIVEHA Ai D C30C ki   ESTAQLISH I EriT    Third Street      Oauville  T      I     VBS   DRUG     ssw   STORE       Of            greatnese and power of the Governmeo  that even lltsir prowess could not con   quer  that their tat bat s have been robbed  by the power whjch is now r  pioleet  i ent  h   t I I tltetig hat it kvas in leeil a  great Government w  tcii tit Soul  could  not couquer  and lltel ought to  eel  prouder of it titan ever  II   lie    x  horted them 1  y all the dread m m  ii   ot  the pas   by all they held tlear in the pre  sent  and by all they hoped for in the n  litre to turn a deaf ear to these second ev   olutionists  He for one was willing oi  receive tliem home k ndlv  to p it them  on pleasant probation  and i   I    en   due ed themselves well  to finally lake  them into full fellow hip again    STAY AT HOME RtBKLA    It was not lh  returned rebel whom h   so nine I  tested  but that cowardly crea    ure whose torm 1 1 e ta hied an t whose lip   ctosed at tlie fi  t hlvstof ha tla   bu  who  now tha 1   the ilwigev has passed and   mbi ed  Oea e has dome  seam cr  U loti It Iron    Itis slimy den to hies his venom again    the G Veinmenl lie dare not suite wi lt   armor ou          Beer  ana ij p  ais l to a cal to help turn j   the governor doiso a noble work  out    Governor B amletre  s doing a noble i The cal reylUd   It is   foobr h request     work in speaking to hts people now  Wo   s J ou rtut   1   ll   11   al     io liopM 1 1 h will tin i ii in bis p  w r to J 1   11 U P        i umpr  iis a smbli  8 b lurt tha I   ui  us    r    li     r4ad f ll Ai wi ik       i 1 I fees 8           pt  mi t hi   kVktighi was   a i t 1 1 a i i m I io D   1 5 0U0 pviunds  or s  van    1   nr linil tni a 1 1   3 JO   poUMila of   i a   3 busbt U gI oh s  norl 4C   all  us or wh mi i r day  H  blip    l   be  n bis 66 ai  eai hi Did  ol h a  IphiIi  Ko 36  hhi    oe irnveised  iliib OA iiiiiieii  f ar an  iveia e oi 3 000      l    r  f j   jfia H H     UMo  iy  V i ex  ihe w  iiile m  millions      The li astern iVlarketis    aeladiuj   PURE MEDICINES      DEALERS IN FOREIGN   DOMESTIC   j DRT GOODS    EMBROIDERIES    L ACF 3    HC3IERT    1 GLOVES      SII K3      DRE33 GOODS    CLOAKS    SHAWLS    i axb MANTILLAS    GENPS FURNISHING GOODS    NOTIONS    CARTETS    oil Cloths     to   c c      In addition to Drv Goode  we will ke p a wall   elected stock ot   LADIES    MiSSES AND   CH1J DREPT3 SHOES    vffcH isiui Roy  Shuts    HATS A 1S TD CAPS    QUEENSWARE   C    WE r i  cctfully iurite tl A attantlGn of tbo  public  to our   rg  stock ofgoodt  which w U In   kept full at all seasons  amd will bu oHerad m  tho htcetl market price    CROOK r  Sc SHACKLEFORD   RicnMO MD  Kr   May I2  6     t     WOULD retpectfully announce to theeiti  rciw of Da nvillk tiu i vicinity  that 1 hav   opened  in the well known house of Mr  T  J    II INDEjLbOV  iil    a lur e ana weli seheu    stock of       o      JEvei y Uescription    FAMILY GPiOOEEIES   SUCH A    SUGAR    COFFEE    MOLASSES      COAL OIL    MACKEREL        Ayer s Sarsaparilla     enmpound remedy  designed to b  tht mcv t    effectual Alterative that tan be madt  It it  a concentrated extract of F ra Sursapnrilla   so combined with other mbstancet of Mil   greater alterative power a   to afford an effec   tive antidote for the disea es Swi  aparilla la  reputed to cure  It is believed that Mich a  remedy is wanted by those who puffer from  Spumous complaint   mul that one which will  accomplish their cure mu t p cove of immenm  service to this lari   claa  of our afflicted fi llow   citizens  Ilow completely this campour d w ill  do it ha  been proven by experimtnt on many  of the worst ciues to be found of tho following  complaints       ScnOKl T A AND ScROrUT OU  1 CoMPte UNTft   FllUPTlOK  AN1  KttUI TIVE I l P AHR   ULCERS    Pimbifa lli orciins  TUuoitt  Svt t lhir iv      Scald IIrad  SvrmLis and Sttpiiiutio Af     V RCTIONS  MF IXCURIAt DlSCAHF   DllOPHY  Net     it a i c i a on Tic Doulouruux  Deuilitt  Dts   I PBPSIA AND InUIOEATION  EuYAIPELAS  AO   ou Sr  Anthony s Fiuk  and indued the whole  i class of complaints uri ing from I ipuuity oi   THU 11 1 00 D    Thia compound will ho iound a great pro   moter of health  when taken in the spring  to  expel th  foul humors which fsvtctin the  i blood at that season ofthe year  By tiiktimo   i Iy ex pul   ion of them many rankling dUpR erc  arc limped in the bud  Multitude  car  by  1 the aid of this remedy  spare themsi lvc  from  the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous  sore   through which tha system will s ire to  Etc   Etc  itself of corruptions  if not to do     Of the Very Rest Brands      X  Zi ID XU      with tuy bousugifl a Bakery  mo to luu sk do Alois and     PONNECTBO   yJ w lioli  natilvl   Njiisu ucri with _       S  VR SCKEMS    At Wholesale or Keuil      A Faulk    A induce  lan in  about  a bi   wui     d t   toll into h vat ol     IT DYE STUfFS AND DRUGS   Of all kind           Paints  Oils  Varnishes      wnruow cust    COAL OIL    LASPA  CBIS5KT9  h    PATH MX IgSBZCXNES   Of all ktadej     TI1F  BEST OF   OO  Xj OIIj    AT 01 00 PER titl LOS    Av I  D  SMITH S    may 13  65tf     lea Crsan Saloon    AND   SP O  L3  Dri t 1 ML         tSo iln    iii c jmiection     th the honne   J  N  Hl NNFV   Danvillej Kt   may 12  Uatf      Prompt tte  Hoi  pa to orders  Ii           and Ague    from Which mamsjo   lffOT 0      Ur K e pert ot  th  globe     the co i   q f   dis    0   ed  ction  In the system  induced       FINE AND STAPLE         Timt late woild   be beitui Ilian to btv d o veiled in beer     l e cai bl ed uhd i n   but the fume   ot the beer mnuhch  pu u eneexe  And  the IU  U 6   H k l  U  ill iilc  liolt   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to expel the noxious  infusion  concentrates the whole blood of tht body  in the internal  xcretori  s to force them to cast it     c eut  The blood leaves the surface  and rushe  to  the central organs with congest  e riolence  This  Is the  Jin   L  But in this effort it fils  Then ths  Fbveh follows  m which the blood haves the cen   tral organs and rushes to the suriacs   s if in  another effort to expel the irritating prison through  that other gr Mt excretory   the ekh  In this  also it fails  and the system abandons the attempt  exhausted  and waits for the recovery of strength     this through tho natural cbumicU ofthe body  by an alterative medicine  Cleans  out t ie  vitiated blood whenever you find it  ihpuritiea  bursting through the skin in pim  I     o upUons   or sores  cleanse it when you ftud it is ol    structed au l nluggi  h in the veins   sJcunsc it  whenever it is foul  and your f  eliug  will tell  you when  Kycn wjtcrc up jmrtichlar disorder  is felt  people enjoy better health  and lire  longer  for clc  n ung the  i1omI  Keep tht  b cjd healthy  and all is well   but with thu  pabulum of life disordered  there can be no  lasting lteulth  Sooner or iatcr something  must ro wrong  and the great machinery of  life is disordered or overthrown    Bar napar ilia 1 ij   v and deserve  much  th  reputation of accompttMung then  ends  Hui  the world 1ms h  cn egregiously deceived by  preparations of if  partly because the drur  alone has not all the virtue that is claimsc  for it  but more becau e many preparation   pretending to be concentrated extracts of  contain but little of the virtue pf BarsapariU   or any thing else    During late years the public have been mh  led by large bottles  pretending to give a uu rt  of Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar  Most  of these have been frauds upon the sick  for  th  y not only contain little  il any  Sarsapa   rilla  but often no curative properties whatev   er  lienee  bitter ami painful disappointment  has followed the use of the various extract  of_  Sarsnpariilu which Hood the mark t  until ll o  name itself is justly despised  and 1 at l  eortts  synonymbu  w th itnpo uit n ai  1   hru f   Bull  we cull thia compound Bursupari La  and iuLi d  to supply such a n medy v    shall rescue tha  name from the load of ol h  t  y whi h rerts  upon it  Anu wo think we n  ve ground for  believing it Imv virtue  which are irrdiali ol   by the ordinary r n of the ui ca es it i  intend   ed to cure  In ord r to h  cure their jonip  cta   radication from the system    b e r  m  dy chou d  be judiciously taken wccordiug lo dlracuon  ou  tlie bottle    pHtPAnr n uy   DU  J       A V kin 8i v  o    T OWI  M   MASS    r i     0 1 p r aloitlu   Sit llonUM foT0A        b  replied in the     nffititMtive  Ha tb n     afck  d     Did anything p i 8 you aliei   aking ii     Yes  f ir  M said  a     TUJS  ROWLAND   d     A pars ar i   s of    jeen annble lo move from the spot io reek   hoiew and a watron  and h drove of pigs  1  Li TX E 1 1 8     Q O CX f  f  od  1 hoi  yiug  help m    an i tleav n   The doctor    llapa   l  remarking   I   will reward you    The B douin kmdly bink    u inu i be b  Urr  M        The English psper   h  Afv  imgraii  n from  tricis wl Uihi c     i i   i    n zing il Hf   l   l f    Utility  Th  sktllt     n       notincr ill      I     this  x     iiiit  p nii  m turners     TT   C   K    lure ol h jut Duo tala  1  s nl i   iiifuratively       ofieteil to lakt  Itim Up HI It  IWiBe  anl  take Itim li me  but  Uie rogue teplied   cannot  I lisle no stietiji ii leli  Nsbei     ouch d wi Ii pity  ilisroouiued  Utl hts  liotse to tb  sp U  with gtest diflii ul y    K i the seaming beggar on   is b o k      No sooner flni Debar leel hi  all in Ilia  aadille  Ilia  i he pul spur lo Ina hoise atid  galluj ed off  call tig as h  di 1      i  it is J    Datiai  1 hare got it   hoise and am d  with ii   Kah r called out to h m t     p  and listen  Certain ol not being put auep  lie turned anti hailed a sllnri instance  from Nabar who was aimed with a spear     You have taken my nurse    atd tnal it   l r    aint sincs Heaven has so wilted it  I  wish you much j y   b  t  but 1 fonju      ou not to tell any on  how    u ob atnetl   it    Any    hy no    Asked Debar  j     i      Because    said the tn bio Atab         j      h r man tntgnl be leally ill Mtt  Pa it not  n on  Ikft   Hi  old    might tear to help  You w uld     v st s km  mg Ik  t ea ting  lk t ads     auss of a refusal lo peil nii an act of  aloud   J tf  D tvis ts on h   oil a   earn  i  charily  for the tear  1 being Uu  ed as 1 I           w        Forms  Mm roe  whste    have been   Sttuck with shame at these         d    1NDIC0       u    V al    j   where liters H   imm it   treasures o    irun   o ipet a ti I coal me cuitiing It     in gr  a  it  a rengm Uniti ever hsfote  i    ll is beginning   save lit  London i   Times   to be a r q lent occurence for  forty ot h   n n a  every p V   d v Itom he jrim ijai i  u and coal   wo ks ol tne ills net   I hts ig th   at  t valuable class oi emigrant  iba   resell our shores  and w  may weli be   country     MADDER    ALUM    COCHINCAL    Anti all other   DID STUFFS    Of lb  paroai and bmt quality      JOSEPH p TT    j FAMILY GR    F2 T1FS      sot    t   WILLba found one door cant of th  Flan     H         rtti i iuteiiJ keeping cokatantly on haul    a full asso  tment of   Fine G roceries     wh ch they will sell at the lowest market pti      C9    PE ITUS    ROWL AND    Mnv 12   65  tf      glad to welcoin      and  them     lr e     P0MAD8S    CHINA TOYS    TRAVELING BA      STATIONERY         words  Dabar  was silent lor   ii o iient   her  sin ingtng It  m hts horse  ietuni il  it  o his owner  embracing him  inviting  him lo hts tens  WOeiet Uiei  p nt a lew  days  and became last iri a is fo li e    Mosmon Immicbattos    S ix iiun lr     a  1 l irlv M  rm  n imnt 1 _  rants    rum Eu  rope  arrived a Cast   Garden U  w ek   under th  supei intendenca of E tier Site   mail  They go direct lo Salt L k  City  Il is said the mormons have on  hundred  and fifty missionaries activelr at woik t  Europe  auiDffvs r und e l co iv r s  in ad   1 dirieitto the  b   ve  are on their wav  ruin  Hamburg  as the re ult ol their Inbo     luting the past two years Elder Tay   lor reports  hat during the twenty v ar   pist  one him  red thousand intan gran   hnv  been biought over by the S l n    who have been preaching up and down  Europe  It is rather a q met c ns men    ry on the enlightened mi i c r s ianist d    Oiidhiun of the nothl in th  nineteenth  century  that suoh a transparent delusion  a  Mormon s n should spread writ such  amsztug rapidity      s M uiio      will be confined    L w  m    ex   claims ti   old ladv  drojiyiing Iter koi    ing and lilting up her hands in astonish   m nt   I d lteetn ol his taking to petti   coat   Iiu  i lover thought that would  nappen o Ihd       A       HkRIFF was ones a k d to     S        An Irish glazier was  lUt ing S p I5  of  glass iuto a window  wli  n a groom  who   as standing by  began j  king Itim tell    tg him to mi ml and put in j 1 n y of    ti  v  The Irishman bora lb  banter  f r some lira   bu at last silenced hlS  oi mentor bi    Airsb n W  bs off wid  ys  orelss I ll pu  a pain in y ur h ad  vrtdout any putty         I fee  rather dull tn day   a  tbs razor  siid  aher il had besa used to open oys   ers      And a pais artists u t  OLD DOURBON    APPLE RRANDT    FRENCH BRANDT    MADEIRA  SHERRY   PORT a b MALAGA   NATIVE mo GINGER   SPARRLrvvsr eATATXBA          CHiHPAIGHE WINES    Indeed a c n r l assortment of Goods in our  line  Haring been in the Drug business for  tke past eight rears  the undersigned feel confi   dent that they e n give entire satisfaction to a  discerning public  Our stock has been h ughl  ipon the wioit f vor blr trrmi  snd we feel con   fident that we 04   nt r superior inducements  to purehASen     qnfA  UBt  UG  8R1I L rROriTS       CORjSTER   mm mm   STORE    AV  A  yJvNTIS    DEALER IN DRUGS AND BOOKS      National Unionist    i f I  HE AF f ON D VOLU ME of the Nations  l l uionisl conimenccd on the Till day       April  1  65  and is published  Srst wrkki v  i  the city of Lcxiupton  Kenruckr  and willc  n   tinue to be   A LOYAL E JEWS APEv     Dnotfd to maiaitintoff th  6o mm xt in  futJitiy down the Tt h   ii        j It is unnbccessary for us to issue a length prn   j pectus  Suffice it to se v that our nap  r wit  I  i an unconditional Co ion paper  and an  irdcnt a  vocate of the best interests of tin  Govcminm  of the United State   and of Kuutucky  and w  will spaie no pains  o make it w irthv ot tn  con  fidence and patronage ot cveiy truly loyal per   eon      The latest news pertaining to tha    nr  C iv  Government  Agriculture  and a  Jcncnil Re  i      ofthe Markets of Agricultural Products   h  cerica and Family Supplies  will be found ii  each issue    Persona obtaining ten subscribers  and senti  ing us tlye money  will be entitled to odo cop  rjralis  2d   TERMS Wemi weekly  per year  in ad   vance fl     Considering the high pr e e of paper and otln  materials  the price of the pap r is low  and w  hone to receive a large subscrihlion list   friends ol thecauae exert them elvi s to aid it  Askriesw  GEO  W  A JOS  B LE WId   1    r r             CHILES HOUSE     5   M IJf STREET    D  NVILLE  KY    THIS well knomi Tfot   haviii  lately been thDn u l   rail tied nml is n     to receire a liberaM comeidcred b   itA  dmiy patron   jJ  ffne ol t   we  sk in an wp or most complete  public Uou ci  in tli Stnfc      is our Diotto   n i w  hope by strict itteullo  to  busiuevs snd fair dealing    sbar  of psironage  and all     tunity to show good   Customers can be so  JLF Thk T VBTaE ot the CnVrs           coiauaodated at nuy hour  dav or invariably supplied a  si   the bc t the ccutr   Persons desiring goodwill our line are re  j afford    together with all the delicacies in t  ppeetfully inritsd call bsfors purchasing F out of pcason     tlttwhsrs      I iLT Connected with the house  is   complel  Saloon  embracing all the cii   04    1 R hu     I Oysters  Ac    aMrs  O SMITH    Danville  may 1 Q  65  tf     I     Physical  prescriptions carefully  and accurately prepared    Having secured the services of Dr  Riddell   the community may rely on the purity and safety j  of all Drug  aad prescription put up iu I he  house      Prescriptions   T rsa phyaiotwns  arsfwlly prspsrsd      to repeat the hopeless eff rt another day  Ti ess  are tne fiii or paroxvims of Frvrk and  Aot a   Such constitution  d disorder will of course under      mine the health if it i  not hmow k   We ha vs labjvsd to AuU  at d bars four d    antiiwA     Ayer s Ague Curo    i which neutralise  thi  malariou  poitnn In th   j blood  and stimulates the liver to expel it from th   body  As it should  it do    cure thi  afflicting    disorder with perfect cert duty  And it does more    J or nther doe  what is of tnure servi  e to those sub   ject to this infection  If taken in season it expsit  it from the system a  it is absorbed  and thus keeps  tho   who use it free from its attacks   keens tht  system in health tlthnuoch exposed lo the dissas    Consequently it not only cures  but proto  ts froat   th  great variety of affections which are induced  bv this malignant infLutpce  such ai Remittent  Fever  Chill Fever  Dumb  or Masked Ague   Periodical Headache  or Bilious Headuch    Bilious  Fevers  Neuralgia  Rheumatism  Gout  Blind n   s   Toothache  Rarachs  Catarrh  Asthma  Palpita   tions  Painful Affection  of the Spleen  Hysterics   Colic  Paralysis  and Painful Affections of tht  Stomach and Bowels  all of which  whtu arising  from this cause  will be found to assume more or  less the intermittent type  Thi     Aou  Cr l M  removes the cause of Ute e derangements  and cur    the disease    This it accomplishes by stiraulaiing the excre   torie  to expel the virus from the system   snd  these organs by degrees become habited to do thi   their olfic  of their own accord  Hence ari e   what  w  term accli mat ntiou  Tim  may accomplish th   tame  nd  but often life is not long enough  or i   sacrificed in the attempt  while this   AOUB Cuu     does it at once  and with safety  We have great  reason to believe this is a surer as well as safer  remedy for the whole class of disease  which ar   caused by the miasmatic infection  than any other  which has been discovered   and it has still another  Important advantage to the public  which is  that  It is cheap as well as good    rUKPAKBD rr   DR  J  C  AYER   CO    LOWELL  MASS    Pbici One Dolla  tie Bom      Ayer s Cherry  Pectoral   has won for itself such a renown for the cure oi  every variety of Throat and Lung Complaint  that  it is entirely unnecessary for u  to recount the  evidence of it  virtues  wherever it haa been em   ployed  As it has   ng been in constant use  throughout this section    e need not do more than  assure the people its quality is iept up to the best  It ever has been  and that it be relied mi to  do for thoir relief all it htf p   r keen found to do        Ayer s Cathartic Pills    FOR ALL THE PURPOSES OF A PURGATIVE KEDICIIE    F  k CoRTivaari a      Fob thk Cube ov Dyniei  ja    Fob J avnmce    For tub Cuhk ov Inmoestioni  Fob Hit AD  cue    Fob thr Ci rI or DraaNTRitY    For a Foul Siomach     Fob tiie Cuke or ERYhirEuat    For thk Piles     Fon TUB CUKR OF SCHOPTTT A      For ail Bonon ixirg Ci mflaint v   For nut Cuhk or Kiiki mwikm    For Diheabt  of thk Skin    For tii 12 Curb Livkr Com xaint    For Duoi sv     Foa the Cure or Titter  Tumors ard Salt  lillKl M     Fon Women    For the Curb of Gorri  For a Dinner Pill    For the Chile or Nki kaloia    For Pouifyino the BLuai     They aro sugar coated  so that the most aer ai    pu   in mi      Ayer s Cherry Pectoral   ha  won for    elf such a renown for the cur  ol  every variety of Throut uml I uug Cuiu il iut  that  it     entirely um eiu  s iry for ih i   recount the  evi l M re   f i t rirluoN  wIk tcwt it h i  l cen   n   ployed  A  it hn  long been in constant live  throughout thia tertiun  v  t need not d   muro tiian  assure U e people its on i    v j   k  pi up to th  I e t  it ever Ir   Vcn  nnn tliNt It m   y he relied  n  o  Ao for Uicir raiiof ad it bus ever hum found to to    Ayer s Cathartic  I hh    TOR T T5  T   Cpptirtntit    UyKutery   haul      i     o    e    Il  itwnflf             rt M    V Ki      Acer   tnnplni itf   7    C   T mo ij nt i   Salt IVteU U t Worms    ei  o    r   o I     Dinner I iii  rui   for P trif  iSfi the   They are sugar coated   o that th mo t    erd  tive can take them pl   NautW  and iiey are trja  bcit apci r t iu the world for fcli the y  nun of     fimiiy phy  c    Price 35 ceati per H ex  T  v i kexas  or  1 05    Grcttnuinbers of Clergymen  Ph v ri i     State    men  and eminent personaf     hive ist their  Aomaa to certify theunp  r nlleled u efulne  f the    remedies  but our apace here will not pcrijt th   insertion of them  The Agent  below nam  f ur    nish gratis our American Aim a   a   in wUickhey  are given   with also full description  of th  a v   complaints  and th  treatment that should b  d   lowed for their cur     Do not be put off bv unprincipled dealer  wi   other preparation  thev make more profit on  Demand Atkii s  and take no others  Th   iek  want th  beat aid them    for lh in  and th   iboui4  have it    AU  ux ram die  ar  for a al  bp  i    luky  and by     GLA       ll l l    v c      i _ u a   CKTUBATE    OGOflT FOR     rr      r  J          C i     m             K a EM M i  Jin ii EB 1 7     peoific for   4 4IIS    iJ  t     f fo      all Diseases oT    xjlum ikI A  ter      P uriner    t etfbcr T      L     entire  r  fed ler N r i  Mmj  vnl P      other medicine   ca ee  us it con   iseous I rug       s  ui 4 Le ivcs      GSORCir  A  iJOWYSS    IEECHAjNT tailor     AND     CENTS  FUHNiSHESL       OQWOB RtaSSAft   WILL al o attenti to all calls in th  lin  of bis  profession in town or countv    W  A  YANT1S   Richmoad  Kr   may ll  65tf     LAMPS  WICKS    CHIMNEYS     May l9  65 tf     LEXINGTON  KY       OURE SODA  15 cents per pounJ  at     X may 1 52 J     1      SMITH S      CTRcmeaiber ihe plao   diagonally opposite  s Francis House  and on the    aoarly opj   n  the Court H  im    K  C  A  C 4       he Francis Houae  and on the  oraero t Mrin IJ IlsDOW GLASS  ail siaeu  et   VV rnayl2         D  SMITH S      At     Kr   Mst Tt  Tr     TT     rUYORING EXTRACTS   all kind   for  a c low  at   ma  12  I  D  SMITH       tire ern  ta    e them pleasantly  and being j mr  vegetable  no nrffT 11 0 11 an     rom theuir use io    quantity    Prioo 25 cent  per Pox   Five b xoa for  1 00    Great numbers of Clergymen  Physicians  States   men  aid vuiinent personage   hake lent their  n a in on to certify the unj arallelcd useful tics  of these  remedies  but our  pace here will not permit the  insertion of them  The Apeuta Lelow   anpd fur   nish gratis our Am F n kan Almanac in which O cy  arc given   with also full descriptions of tlie above  complaints  and the treatment that shouia be fol   lowed for their cure    Do not be put off by unprincipled deafer  with  other preparation  they make more profit on   Demand An  u s  and ta vc no other    Ihe sick  want the best aid there i  for them  und they should  h TC it    All  01 ve f or fty        sMl l H  Kiiii vto ffi   Kentdcet  and  7   u  Dru gciFis  M v     ur      Ke cv  ry  iere il D     isun     i y   i iW m I       I i       n t u  form of u n V   nr and delirious sirup    It is    nsituli   own irmody   lot Gonorrhea       J    Gle  t    av Stricture  and is especi     y i  coiiiii     i i   mi f anu Alims  White  in    I rmales   For tills c ompliiiiit it is ii  valuable    As a n Iterative and blood juuil rr it   I   ns no  TjU il  and does not tail to cure drrofuln        A u   i  i t Sy phi is  GlnnuJai Swellings  Mcr    Uri t    in I ali lii plive Diseases  curing them   a  i     i e eily aild pobmao nr I v ihan any other   i ii i    viii Wii It doi   tl ii  uv purifying and    in    lit u    u  it to flow in all it    i t i iniil   un    Mid vigor  thus removing freia   I I  li   s  tcm  i T In  pure and pernicious CttUfc     wiiicli have Uiditccii aisi n e    In   loM Ol Gala    nd y wt th         live b o inouicul skill it is especially re      commended  Iirold cases ic never fai       ecevit ones 1 1 ern es     K oin one to three da vs  a   V  f   l  f  y all waldinis l  c  u     e iiRi  Dtiin        O  distance from other medipin      M I oi yt Ublc  or in the Goun      uj ny     chordcc  b l pain    It du  s  not nlfict  lie treith or latcrfcre with  iify cluss ot business    U reqi rcs m  i   ltc on   iy on       t  e  Cvuu    m   r  m    vvlt  T   r   rcrl ei  B suspect    iut a    rvuieuv oi privHe dlfieoAvs     A Trtutise on Leucreal pi c wa    ti lull  rt Vectiohs loi th     pei iiiaiiriit curt    each tioule    Kw lu   piivti  m  r  cm   Circular ftu  tom  ii Hirn  Stoi   ntt i  Dinted States    U  it is sold at r t iil Ch  S pc   uttir  tr     it ft   f  r      I v n   1 r   pour iti i Drii glsts    J  Oc ilcrs n l     u  l  out tin    iu   q   States  au l at alibicsale Ity all IVLolutalo  Druggists    f Horror W  II  Me  win  3ole Pro rtet      5    Vor    I V  N  V      TQ THREE DAYS     

The Weekly Kentucky Messenger: 1865-06-23

4 pages, edition 01

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