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date (1885-03-04) newspaper_issue 

b Hazel 




lor the tlw 1*84. nn.1 Var»»f«- 
Tnx l*vr of »»*3. 

Daniel lVlfrry, niakiwt 


A. 15. Loud rum, holding  k urt of 

a the shaft beds, r.n.l !t 

i* find «haly ganfcjtowea si 
red hv ihe talus from tbe   
■as siuvUtones, ;iu. I good c 

:v   ? / III!.- caftraeter of topography , 
this re- aliow the mouth ol Holly creek, and have any 

iy begin* mr; we^«l 

4 SO   

patting, grate in 
t nerwti rence. .... 

! A. C Peck, keepim.' pauper.- 

I-:. I'. •"'•:uiiai : , ho.', ding guards 

'T.3I. Kose. burial clothes 

Combs * Vaughn, burial clothes.. 
I Joe Cnmlta, tiir receipt illegally 

2-1 00 

J. Creech, jailer's. f«-s 13ih 00 

(i. 1'.. Htrango, County Judge 25$ 00 

Levi Kash, County Attorney 250 00 

W II. T. Duff, jury services 1 day 1, 00 
J. K. Brown, " ' " I  m 

Walter r-uchaiisn, ' " 1 Oft 


, T. F. Vaudeave, " " " 
kXjah JYIfrey, " " " 
David Athev, 

Daniel l'elfrey, " " " 
W. T. K«.sc, " " " 
C. C. Wirerean, ' 
' C. M. Hank*, jr.. " " J 

j Fielding Cnx. holding inquest 

I J. »".. T«ulli«n , medical services 

15. M. Kash, medical services. | 

.1. M. Thomas, medical services.... 
W. ,!. Wallis, making a till in the 

 rprb - 

whydid y. 

Tu Uif Mouth of Truubtowi 
i y lirr-ntlUU t\m»t 

j /P. X. Moon . Sms.-- I ieuloirical Survey J 1 
vou the al- The #x.-.minntion upon which thi*w- , . w « 

i of Claims port is hnsed wait made late in the fall of Wnd* as far as the field covered by this 
at r '' i"-" ; for the purpose ot d. ti ■ inbiing ren«.rt. Above Jackson, in (be dividing ; [. 

soitHitfcfcigof the number il'Ui character ! ritlge Ijetween the river, or tit* abort' 
... .J*!*! if. i ci th- » hieh would Im- r. .uhci hv branchc* emptying immediate!? into the; 
sfor la projected line of railroad, from the river and Cane cre*k, a heavy saatistow 

6 OOlwUlrat-.j'.m of the State, to the coal h1k)U1 fifty feet in t hiet news raps the : 
• ! •  * Kenturkv river in l'.reatbia hills, whirh there riae to a ^neater We.L'lu ■ 
2 00(^-ow ty, «»uii« '•'« the lau nc .s of tha above the rinr Uwa at aay pb^e U-»"«tv 
I ^aaolWSnd the lack of time, as well a  noted. j, 
that there ia no map of thk OBOIvfJBt. 
•fitch olwiervations ean helo- In the t^eacrfption of the tojxicriiph 
Any exartneiis, the examtm- or the xttrface con njro ration of t 
y little more tluin a ttetsHoil try under in.^ U!«.ion, Uie ekai 
ice. It if , therefore, hisdilj tfeolojfj has been roughly « 
lien the revnon (tunes U  be it is tlie rock mructurt- « tliel 
detail, that correction* • the contour of the surface of a , 

nadc in the foOowin? rcDort anil n«i intellijrible de»:riptioo cl" ttie to- ^^(j,^ a 

.jrraphy can we^4« node without ref th ^ r M3[ie \j for m. „ 

e determming r.*k*. j ^.^^ jhi  , ajetholl of amwwwg to 

lu^hta ngiou oish tnr r«\-   ; ti-iaeti«ii of ail id ii iniaaiMXl 

loniTeniU!. formation. Wost jj, aty | in «. 

r^!,"^he dtriS and northsa.!, bay »d thehea.lof Mid- ^''^ ***** ' 

' Ke luclTv rivert K " rk " f K "' Kiver, are found r.a+« ^«^» 
K,' luckr riv^r iower .i..w.. in the pcol.^ical seru*; bat . : by the «.l of the (»r« f 

;. tT& m?" — - • ' • ■ ■  ^.^:3^ w i^3"i; 

ifn.Mten rt ferr| ^ ^ .:ulnlOl», , the aufMT 4 

•• V umu7h As mav be inferre-J from what ha* al- 1 w , hi !* . un * kr the kiwi i 

. of the top^raphy than anj *tiSlL2k*«l2lL^. -i 

t forma the rr«Iry w«!l whirh camel to ^thron-h t . . • • " 

a*": the •r.-ninpauyiinr Hoctioi 
h^dtiSrd that, in tbeirgenei 
they *r- cssentiall) i^rri et. 

for tlx- projected r' 
nit'jit — :ul, however 
Mwcen the (fed a 
and • llw ••.jii-nt'v 1 

I leatnrea, 

i of ked riv 
ro*s tin- Kei 
• •nth aide t. 

y bvh, bu 4 

r ■'f 0n» 

1 iH) the opiMnutv 
1 00 With the 4MB) 

1 «Ki different Hnatttrom 
12 00 point titiM retH.rt 
^ « Vlll all encounter 


n the 

n eiK'inceriiiff stand- 
oea not deal. Thev | 
ore or lew (Hft.cult'v 1 
dividing * 


5 00 , they (1 
2 50 i 

-• alf wilf ranch ;^»«»^» .vl'th itf fn SZZTtik? eaxiy religion training. th«^ ,. .,. 

• coal-Unls. out t,R - " .»■'." ,r, ;- ,, "-'r «•'»•- bearim? beavilv u;«ui mv Utitic 

to the distances f""^ It ■ HSf^l V. U i ±*Lr2!k 

rike the out- : has ^ "K^ ^nona obstacle ■, . - 

•I. It. Mutjuiuii, land i-oudemncd... 
V. A Mcti'iiun, '• 

h^LlLqwaL ', " ... 
i. M. t?uiliiB^iid Z T. Hurst, at- 

.....i llnrdin'Hum. j'ml^e WecUou ItjS 
■ | / . :. A C, Pvrda ' " " '• 
irit of i H. V. Murphy, " 
i !H- I . ^pradl'imr, " " " 

laaiah ffyenccr, " " " 

J. Oreeen, nskinK cintbeaf^. ~. 

„„, r ^ 2 50 crops of tbc eoftla uevelopment, nuttenal and aecial. 

It. A. Knar, am! Simu. . linddix. Ka. of the linen encounters the eoals r l " i " , " r " K *. utw }?- U,   » haa^pevent- 

rifrhtof war for road 24 00 below the wmclon-.-ra-..- a-MsUme, ion e '• ' Unit owelty of nt.aleni.ei v. Iwatton, 

i {*) b-iforenhoae the cn-amierate are   'heap tr«.ap«rtation. _ 

reacl^d Tliere are several of the sub- . ' "'»' whatever point a rajlroa.1 la pro- 
eonelomerat^-oais. usually of exerllent J'* 1 "' t " t ' nter Kaateni Kentucky, it 
iiunlky, bn*,9vitli the exempt ion of one, lulHt vneount-.r the *rmn» thHeulty of 
not Often ol v:..r!.-iihle thu-b.css. TK* ' 

NEWS1 \;'t.I! .. 

B. D. 
J. W. if. 

. of tl., e.i  ..;,; ■-, .„,.! i... 
IwnhlioA Ibe fuurierj^irnal «!i 

'!'••• »\ ' :e r.lour.Uilf.. Ilo 
ln-in.xnitie ( in illation of aav N't 
AmeHea. If yon are ana-aum*; 
wJt any |.«l»rri»«l 

ap;«at laoHlv a.u pel 
jMjiot at qual.t ' ano^u 


lite ii 

.line uualer i 

lite l uited i-t««». «a«uv; 
ion! eater|.ri «' can kee|. it so il , 

- ih,- head   f Aj.uri. aa ' 

iaU.niael.-, V 

her*, Jnrf and 

1). C. EBdntt, t 
J. C. ftamj-w, " 

UoU-rt (i., " 

J..a. H. Am? x, " 

(Janwr ('.i! ie, " " 

(ientry MtiUiKs, -  fy*» 
J. M. Lansatv, :i!ievi(i'e!ec. .1 
14. N. Bprsdiing, " 
Wnt.  'arroll, " 

W. ft P. I uir, " " 

J. E Miller, " $f 

!'.. H. loudiicr, " tt^ 

11 i:. v K.Mckell, " 

(i. K.'Nickell, •' " .. 
"inertt-'its W W - !"*Wfiineo, clerk t lec. Aug/ 

u o-r in A- L. Sword, " " * 

,',' 1 er..'-:ih - J. T. AuiyX, " t " : 

.,«Tpr,» (J. W. Cox, " " " 4 

bAWry John B. Uollon, " " "3 

11 -»««"'• :C. C. Williama, " " " . 

e.nir.'i t Aaron Hoblts, u " " 
a "...wi" •' A. .T. Lindon, Court C1ainis2davs 

,.,'r S. 1'. Murphv, " " " 

Y, r';iv! W. T. Tompkins," " " 

".A'p'KKS Stephen Swaneo, " " " 

u taatttt s. s. ltose, " " '■' 

' r "P c - s ': J. \V. Horton, " " " 

i- "lifter!!, Shelby Wiham, " " " 
Ltrke • v.M»hu Terrell, * 

', surmounting.' the congion 


lopy of, 

it would penetrate to the heart of the 
coal Seld-i, where the best and thickest 
coals are found iu such abundance that 
they can furnish an ample snpply for I 
generations to eoate — a supply utami w  
which can be based permanent enter- \ fwy 

coal- is fullv dtcsrfbed-sbv 
(prandiill. iuhia report' on tj 
Menifee county* 

M is in quality ?  . 
twenty-two to forty 
 ? th an average of perhap 
area und-rlnd by it is wry larire, amLk ! P r ; 
is capable of j.nalueing a larfte aiuflH 
td etali but from Ha thijiucv.s audfflBH tw . 
uhtritj. it cannot be miiied so eheafpfc as 
the thicker cunla ai« ve the eoiij;loi»^Ku-. ■ b !i 
The* Subswdomerate coals of the Ked 
nvi-l Slate, aiid Beaver crott valleys, mi 
bavinir imvu examined and  !e- aa»ed'in r''. 
the n.p.rt of Mr. CVaudcil, no i-rther !l"ctneaa. It w the inwt ii.tponant, 
untif ion ■ : t!;.-.». v. ill be made here. | the one relerred toas the eomrl. 
•V... ., ; a.iM jt.i.,.. f.„ this r. p..rl b.-aa 1 i« H»eknv** it uju-rcfi 
• the top of the congloaicratc, at the! 

understond that tne a ^ _ 
recently formed at lex*?' Z» 
Washington to attend ti*;«a- 
s often fonnd in ™"  M % ^remonies a,tthe mxvkI^ W 
erke of shakacon-, The. *uJ probaf»hr t t 

Tii^ lower mem- Thnt m a wanton wanle  i 4^ 

irregalar, both in .a? 41 the people 0/ tu* 
ess; bui tlf upper j of P^'^y, wi» 

rough this 

^ 3 00 

.'S4 :,2 I' 

j„ . long, oh Eacd, ho- 

iiead of Chi 

Kentucky ri 
lenKinarj fi 
..r.a ill trf 
the head of ?! 

to the ' places full of |«bblc«. and tt«ua!ly 

ing proetiiamt cross-stratification una. 
IThc pebhhw arc moat abundant in (he 
'the It-.'d and •• lower part of the sandstone 1 , decreasing 
' iwatos tbe top; and at gu t* the 

topography de- 
. portion of its 

Middle For*.. 
dividing; r..l». is 

cipitouf^ as \he 

I the 

r%*l , '. re !t^ v * 

m i " 

UTS iraT 
the ssate s mwrt , 
of '.V ir d^ea, and there abi 
rinerg all over the sfcttf. 1 
ofctt- fhcsv i-ir .lts..« 
hare no ttmnght 
pnwperity of the 

...utheast, when- the srre-..ter portion of * . 
it baa passetl below the drainage liac,"**^^ 
and the top only is expaaet^ iht y " 
pearalmoi-t al tugK h ui, so that it fa 
difficult to distinguish the congim 

IMIatNl gftit an { 

Tt is urettv gmerully J* 1 ^ 
GcuJogp S." vyiUiacts wf^Mu^d that, 
the MexK-an mission b 

1 . s. Owiaey, 


«. (i. 

s the 

mi mu 

The Courier-Journal 

ili-t'oa-tiv reprt s. in- tile uuu-oitie.- ! 
and ais'lWci i wifciaii ria^es. It i  1 

rock, the ennirhinieratc, r:-i » in lonfonu- 
ity with the jreneni! rise in the rock for- 
matioiis of the country; while to the 
east, toward the head of lied river, as 
the conglomerate descends, and is cover- 
ed by an inereasinj tiiiekness of ovtr- 
lyiitg shales and slialy satidstoiies, the 
-urfaee of the conntrv becomes more 
1 ven. the hills lower, and with 

almve it. 

The thickness of rock above the con- administration. Ii shou'l* «be fecoaig 
glomerate at the western end of this sec- fyingto Gen, Williama aq| he awry jlijll 
tion is small, ranging from fifty to one I friends to know that hUl hi= Ka*tu*kv 
hundreil feet, and this only in tletaehed Washington puts almosta. r,: 
knobs at the heads of the small streams, 1 desire from the adminiHyttiW !;«• in«-. 

 u tbc points the top of the j hands, f ren, Williams f^tration in hm 
■ : " Hiught Haaaaasta" 

onglomcrate is 

inerewes rapidly t/.wards the 

east, until, U tween Swift's C^amp and 
Upper Devil t reeks, in tlie netghbiarhood 
of Campton. it ninges from one hundred 
; and twenty-five to one hundred and ser- 
in ty-five feet. 

lit the dividing ridge at ' 


The following claims wei 
(he Jam 


tatKiA \ 

.doae U"»es «U. 
. ijoiapsaiaUei. 

1 wi:| keep rittu. «. 
lek it has marked 


. - ' ■ lid* rai- 

Sf) BSE, 

I ro-ton 

1 luMI-- 4 KaBLK 

Daily CoorierJoarnal « aionths... 

I ail'v (.' :! muattis 

l.ail'v Catsriasslatsraal 1 month 

naui.isy Cuurirr-Juurnal 1 year 

Kaadav t'nurit r Journa' ft months.... 

"weekly covan»*MH kn.m. 

Oae Year, with a freiuiou , $ 

Frae Copies uitv jmr witfcwtl pmai- 

liree months, aitbnut premiiiHi 

;^«*Paynieiit invariably in ailvam-e. 
Sff-hitage on papers i» prepaid ij  I 

The iu* «f pr.-ininnisou.Ted in . no. 
rM. IBM V. .fklyf....rier-.l..i.ri.a! inel 
peal vari. lv .;f asafal anil attnv-ti. 
He*. A r.rcalar eontaiainp lint of pre: 

rk* ke,'pinir paupers $ 

J. M. Eose, bunal clothes 

is:me Klkins, burial clothes 

A. .1. f.iv.don, Court Waims 1 day 
I). S. Cudsey, " " " 

J. W. llortou, " " " 
W.i. Tompkins," " " 

i-.eab Stniicer, " " " 

■aTiaii.'i H - C - " " " 

lib. r ii- Will. U'lllsiiw, " " 
in. iillnr .b.iill T mil, '' " " 

ii..a.o..l David Hogg, work on clerk's ollice 
-wai.g.. it l'.!-.., burial clothes ... 
 .i!i.nel .-'wango, viewing way for 

00 i Robert Lindon, guard claim 

... 1 no Total aggregate.... 

— * »J j W. O. Miw's county bfc 

■ i ji Total indebtedness.... 

ic resources of th? county 
lOOtiilseaat HiSO pertithe 
( deiliteiine !•» ]ierc«|»t. for 
 ting and 10 per cent, for 
ntties and probable delin- 

\ Ten per cent, adcaloreni on 
?7'-t'.'HK. (K) after deducting 10 
arti- pet cent, for collecting same... 
iuit;^ Bmcucds of stdc of a 
s-kly ;  ,f [ssir bouse farm, w 

the bpjnches of the main creek, 1 


.Indjineiit in Wolfe (.'iinir 
.. T.Bvrd and other 

l ash, 

e .slope*, while only that portion oi ^the Holly and Stillwater creeks this thick- 
• untiv 'sirdei im- eioselv 1 the main »ess increases to two buntlreu feet ami 
lography. more; but alouir tlte lower portion of 

J^L,. ,^ j these streams it is usually less. Above 
the di- Holly cret'k the hills rise rapidly to 

bravely and pat 

. mA .lid it 
appropriate and U will be 
Ueiteil States to send hit hrt* r b.r the 
diaa of a 


brave soldier 
profo*iud sehohur, 
buaae with the 
ef Mexico. W 

Witt *--4«*te at 
Spanish -peaking people 

iu4n»Ur bejnocrai. 

From the be^ul of Miihl'le'l-m 

iver eastward, for several mill.-., 

•iding ridue is narrow, and the thickness twice their former elevation .1 
•  00 of rock above the conglomerate slight. I conglomerate, in conscqnenee of a change | 
After pacing Chiuiu.vTop and Lower '» tlie character of the prevalent, rock:, 
1  evil creeks, the surface of the oumrv i •'haly to coarse san.fctone. At the • 
Ix couics aiore even, the hills low, not ' astern end of the s,rtlon, from the j 

usually extending more than utie hun- , head ol the Middle Fork of Hrt river to ., withoat rxsrmu-ton.— 

dred and fifty or two hntnlred feet above tfwiha « amp creek the roeka above the ^ ^ t^ada with *wb£t IX71.X 

almost entirely shales Whjtt ^j,, H ....^^ thrak« r, «, 

the slopes of the hills are so gentle that ,  » «haly sandstones^ wherever seen. . to 20 to hia aho» 'am 
they .-.m be, and in many ease* now are. In pacing above Swifts Camp . reek thU H st  Tppint him fro» irorkf 
cultivated clear to the lop*. 1: is one of thicker and courser sandstone lajpn to Nrw^Ckiif mans oftke. 
tlie i..^! regions in ia.-tcn. Is; seen, which increase .r. fr«H,«e !: e, un- ,«f, tila Vi. precioW SaTwhiTvoa have 
Kentucky. In the ridfe there are nu- til they form tbe greater portion o^tfcfl .., ^ aud the.. ^awVv 
nierous low gaps, leading frora o W ■ rocks. : If n « ha** 00 fire, go to work to keep 

stream to another. offt-niiB a compare- . *}* conglomerate pa^cs oeneatb the ^ doa't loaf tmri where 

tivelv ea.y parage for .. ra.iroad line. dran.age near I ne mouth of Fr;*» ; are ^ waut ed. ™^ 
The topography is ol tins cliarint. r on ^ From ;P^«ntt« Ahoye all aiu nd «.» yowrowu bnaitMW 

to fifty feetiii :Uui ! ' : " " thrfr 

';«H  (HI l^rth »i.les of the dividing ridge, at and Troublesome creek, c..arse, massive aand- 

fhear the heads of i Wr Devil, Swift', ston.-s, ranging from ten to fifty feet in 

1 r,.V, .»•'  amp, s t ili water, amf Holly creeks; but thickness, are the moat prominent fea- 

alone the Ib d and Kentucky rivets, as tun s i„ the section. 1 lies* sandstone* 

n the lov 

r j«rt of the 1 

j-ist mentioned, the country is -til! r.s ky hillst.I. s: 
am! broken by the eoneloinerate clifts. 

As we priH-eed southeastward fro: 
Holly creek, another change takes nl.n 

Cleveland will fead hi* apeech from 
Ih the exception of 
the y.smgest preside* 
inaugurated. Clrant waa fortv-sevei 
tbe time of his uMagwMtkH. *mi CU 




-b, .Vc. pnneeds of ah- 
v and delinquent list To 00 

Total assets ?1W -40 

lK-.luettbeindebt.Hlness 1,555 02 

Ammmt on hand after pav 

ing all iudebtednrss $1,88 27 

The shows the present financial 
s condition ol ouj ejiunty. exhibits a very 
i "ro-aitny condition of iillairs, and stacks 
. v,.iume« Uj uraise .,f .air o- MSt 1 

frciuently expoaetl in clitfi 01. ti 
' ' s; bat, with few exception 
hold theif character and p 

from j over large areas, as they frequently give | 

place place to aha'y s;, D( | ! i l  }t 1 ea and others, 1 

.... tonography, which is here deter, which before had been slialy, ;becoi»c J 

leaned by tl„! alien aU-,1 car- and car-., ami amssiv... ^ifVZ rT*JL 

shaly sandstone,, which ocuir tlm   »« bituminous am! elsy sl.sles, there ^raok Fierce was 1 forty-awe, and roit, 

co-.glomerau-. Is not ... this region any great thickness. Fnliu-w and darfKJrf were eac h hf.y 

After the eonglomerete. passes lieneath (Vcasiomd outcrops are found, hut, in yean old when they ns* A- vrit. Whr, 

: ., drainage, there ..- m. one member of omjairwm with the great mare shaly M»eof» «a » II| M I»I | W «M MaW* 

the naik ISries which alone d -mine, and « M rH- ^imU-.m,. they are rare; nor two, Haya wa. *« Vic, 

the topography. On the contrarv, we i do they hold any great extent in area; Buren. Johnson w Mmw, and 

have tne hills,' showing the resultant of on the contrary, they seem to U ouite M 'an-- leders-^ and J. 'i Athuuswere 

the difierant resistane.. ;„ erosion of m .-,s- baml, and when the attempt is made to Sfty-eight. Jagkaon w»aiXty-t«o. Zach 

site «ndstoncs and shales or shaly sand- trace then) for any dstauop, they »n Taylor wxty-ib|«^ Jote A««bw »t*ty- The hills ri,. „.„„ tour luimire.; usually found hw-mmg more ,diI more hve, and * ilium iiearjr Har.iar»4*«v 

and fifty tu six hundred feet ahoye tbe w»ndy. intit^ey change j 

river, ami pres. .it .. much steeper slope, jK ' ' 

■and. j i are. 

„ After paa-ing the snbscarbooifeTotia , 

: .p to bottom; but when it c.Hh*. to be : limestone, which lies below the conglom- ! 
examined in, it Is seen to lie made j   rate, there no pure !;r,,e to U e of aay 
■:;  a of t 'rrai-es, -tecp. aud oft- M «*W» «"«md in this, region. Numer- . 

—is hands of dark, very siluious run* ' 
lenreous sandstone are fouud, i 
ire usually tern; in-t in an;, 
than four" feet in thiakm sa. 
£n niny -i • - tie v d :• ■■ in r- idir 

fo eigfit — Wincheal 


en preeipitona, where the heavy, coarse , «» a " 
• .ii.i-i. .11. .- 01 cur. and more gently aiop. ; ft* 
Lug over the shm -sand shalj .-an.tepmes. I « - 

-The r.-,...rt il, uif.-.. ,i m av will ho C 

tltat tioveraor 

Hiai Ai-o is only $1,00 a 



ftt.OO Per Annum, 

•- It is said that he there met 
, the de tpflgia who worked up 

XfrTke safest „ 
mail m by ippwped 

ej» onter or draft on ' 

M tkk war will bf- at uor rut. 



„HAUCli 4, 1*65. 


OOIWEY v a candidate for lu- legisla- 
fwre. subject to action of the demoi..-*tie 


To-day we iwue The Hazei. Queen 
Hekai.i , the firm newspaper enterprise 
y of Wolfe, 
it proper that we 
tay heforc it* reader* our lutun- course. 

The Hlraui will he a home paper, 
and it« columns devoted to home inter- 
ests, first of whieh i» the development   f 
the rr nirceai that lie around us in every 
direction — the great wealth of coal, tim- 
ber and mineral*— and to this end wc 
shall publish all fact* calculated to in- 
duce the investment of capital or the 
immigration of hone*: industry. 

We ahali advocate the wUittut econo 
my ia the administration of county 
state and government affairs, and, that 

as pre-i lent of the Ui 
states, the iir t deaMCxat to hold 
office idnee Mr. Buchanan retired. 

J/xdcing at Mr. ('i.kvfxanp's eleva 
iKin ;■• the ; r-idi :icv from a purelv in- 
We !^ , Ti^f ^^T 1 OBTe f ,rt8 ! dependent standpoiat, we arc of'tht 
opinion that he will prove himself the 


To-day (tRovek Ci. 

!*wM W 

in this directioii, will have no part 
win;..-. The Hkrald 
1 wilt continue to be, inde- 
pendent—the organ of no oligarchy; of 
no party, in «r out of power: of no pa£- 
hoose political] or political jioltroon: 
por will it plav the part of sveophant to 
• itwsth- 

f watch tiie iutei- 

* of oar peojf^Vth n wakeful ey. 


public ga2e. 
$. will puhli-h all the 

neopjp *is section. In short, Thi: 
^EitAi * f,,tun ' 
PObiigf tor the people of Wolfe eouu 
t; ^Eastern Kentucky- the moun- 
4 will do all in it* power to ' 

man for the times. We Mam he lias 
too much will power to be driven by the 
dictates of party to anything whieh in 
his opinion is not liest for the country. 
We do not believe that he will allow the 
fanatics of the party to make a tool of 
him We think ue will rise above party 
prejudice, and do for the country what 
in his judgment is ) e*t for Its interest*. 
Briefly, we do not think he will prove a 
party president. Ami if he proves as 
wise in the White House as he did in 
the gubernatorial chair at Albany, we do 
it beliere that any man, who has the 
ir .  od of his country at heart, will regret general his At " least iet us i, ope tnut 

Interest the , K  , uav pmve hilnsplf llu . pc ,,,, it . •„ ,  1VH j. 
ilent and the country's friend. 

You cau't affiird to shut _ 
Tdlow Candle* while Ga- i- at ha;..!. Vou would be 
. — wins if vou neglect to *w THE Sl.W AITi  MATK 
se against him, at one of the note:-, j happv. 
fou openly accused him of having — 
falsely at his trial, and that Hevljs 
cwe-.l under hisgaie and hung hi* head, 
and that Seal said to him. "You are 
here to-day to see me hung, hut I will not 
hang.' He was afterward taken to the 
galiows, but just in the nick of 
dispatch came from the lieutenant-gov 
eraor for a stay of proceedings. Thus; | 
apparently, Providence interposes in Is-- ■ Q 
half of an innoeem mar. ami there a 
yet time, if Nkai. is not the guilty one. I Q ^ 
for that blood-stained criminal to come j " " l_j 
forward, confess and save hir.i. r. jg^ 

There were eight thousand peo 
the ground to witnes 
soon as the dispatch ma read, the 
iff".- posse, taking advantage of tin 
prised multitude, slipped away with the 
prisoner and made their 
monntan and reached the train, 
sect.;.- that they x 

after the train had left the E. K. jui 

, got into a tight, in whieh 
re killed outright and eight oth- 


a ev 


lillY TUIV5 TO KEPSESEXT US. , ror t-j-xmgioii ami ■ wmiy. auuron o. r. .  ; 

P. L. REESE, General Manager, 

Office in the Mammoth keeae Ibiildiug, - MT. sTERIJXO, KY. For Maysville ami Fletningsburg. awl vieini 
t&-\ few Extra Canvasser wanted who can Come Well Ree,»mmende !."« j For Olive Hill and Vicinity, aiklre^ I. Pare 

MtT if/ the policy her* outlined may 
r to ear patrons and 

Tne people'* hum bh jerraat, 

(hqkbb (loops*. 

t  tl t„r »T«« iu  I CunvrHtion. 

■suaii! to a call made by J. C. Ly- 

, cliairma i of the denuK-ratie iMuntv 

interest — first, last, aad all mmmitu-e of Wolfe county, the mem- 
bers  f said committee met at ('aniponi, 
on Feb. 14th, 18* , and the 

T. F. ROGERS, J. T. & \ 


Sends greeting to the GOOD PEO- 
PLE of Wolfe, Morgan, Menifee, 
Magoffin, Breathitt and Powell: 
May their " HERALD " be a sue- a 
cess, and furnish news both fresh, 

General M 

plained the object of the meeting to lx- 
to select the time, place and manner of 
making a choice between the candidates 
in Wolfe county to rcprcoent this legis- 
lative district in the lowlr brunch of the 
next general assemblv of Ken tack v. Ac- 

T&kZ^ And fihile you are^reading, remember that toi' 


stock the LARGEST -VXD HER 
of manv vears, in onr line of "hnsii 
both Whtdesale and Retail, that ■ 
r patrons, ami make it to your interest 

v , -t ; , .el .1 o 
In Vi*' S 

, source* i 
We Lavi 
pine tiro*** ' 
(j^cittg *.uth o 

erf *e W 
&B d forty 

and pr-seia i eannwttc for slid adorn the person with Fine 

office, it was moved and unanimously ; • 
adopted that each precinct in Wolfe : , 
county ludd a precinct c 

f country, perhapr, in the 
* uflerssach a chance for in- 
wpital as Eastern Kentucky. 

ad quality of our re- ; {April 4th. ls«.'.. hetwecii the houas of 1: 

irpa*-«l iii the world. »»d 4 nfetmek ?. M.. and only the legal 

( of 100.WK) acrts. of white : i k ; m ^ ti ^ TOte! 
squalled as lumber pro 

Jtile 0 iehr.ite.i MBwWgW 

roaid supply Cincinnati, 

and each candidate to be entitled 
: full strength, and said strength to be  ar- 
jried by a delegate appointed by said 

t walnut for the 
re kiu wn. many 


tom BOOTS, SHOES and SLIPPERS, and the 
head with a Nice HAT, contributes to comfort 
and happiness, not forgetting the numerous ar- 
ticles such as SHIRTS, NECK- WEAR, and 

Furnishing. Coods. 

! ; 1 "   '" va E All of the above will be sold at lowest prices 

- ot Wolfe county, tor representa- , aj.-j 
•e from Welle ewtnty, f. be for Dy yOUr friend 

the district convention le. nominate a; TOWI. F. ROGERS, 

proper transportation Cit:i , illi;lt ,. ;., ,-e.,re ent the ietri-lative ■ wma ■ • r% w v« n- n. w ■ 

we cmU wtpjdv all the furniture faet K district compos- 1 of the eounties of! |0»Xc X t ikmr to Exchange Rank. Mavsviile Strtvi, Mt. Sterlina. Kv."w» 

SrEZZ^ZEStJZ TtrScl^ y ^^ P.S. Also dealer in Shoemakers' Leather and 

no*, tepeaking of the coal winch maj t . ach I r ,,... I( t ari . r  ., im .- t ed to call to or- 1 

- ^nty ewwnt 
| the lushes 
►curled specie*,'' which for dein.^ran. 

mything ret ' 1 " 
d we have it in such ahim- 

/reeinct eon vent! 
tion, to K- h -Id at Camptou on the tith 
day of April, 1885. Each precinct con- 
vention shall nominate one delegate for 
ea. h of the candidates, who will r 
to ti e county eonvi 
for each ea.i'liaate 


I V-re in unlimited quantities. 
Hon. THOfe. TtHNKR, one of the beat 
posted l.ien on the sub jet in our sectkm, 
says: "In the counties of Wolfe, Morgan, 
Magoffin. Floyd, Martin, lyncher. Pike. 
IVitt, Dreathiti, Clay, Ixs»lie, Knox, 
Bell. Harlan, and Lee there are found 
workable deports of the finest | arlor 
cnnnel coal, the atrau van ing in thick- 
ne» from two to seven fer-t or wore, but . -- 
tie latter is excepUiBa!.'"' Near Camp- J^H J. 


Thi; Haz :i, Gkekx Hkkai.d and the 
."eiitinel-IX-iiKK-rat an- respectfully re- 
quested to publish the proceedings of 
this meeting. 
The meeting then adjourned. 

rtwEPH e vnam 

jinn i fifi bm 


t«, in | 

coal bank 
eokiag coal, 

eept one in Pennaylvania. of any known, j J eD 'h 
w]hfle in Floyd coun'v is at other coking ' ,','fl-, 
coal of a superior cuaiity. We again j 

({note from Mr. TrnvHt' 8 letter the fol- ; 

Jowiwron the mbjeet: "The counties of - PORTER L\CEY 
(iwmup I/jwis, Carter. Bath, Menifee, fK , 

::i re-i.lem-e ■■n l!r iadw.iy ( 

HASBtv aunt, ky. 


The Water of Life for 
Afflicted Humanity. 


These spring* are locate! three j.ei-o r 

An Elegant Stem- Wind- 
ing Silver-Nickel 




Wolfe, Powell, Lce.Ow* 
are underlaid with ricl 
wheel iron ore, and t! 
counties apoken of are . 
e««s i4 the inest yelh.i 
f*ne, walnut, Wtple, 


locket* of car- 
• whole of the 
»vered with for- 

poplar, yellow \ 
?i cumber, ash, ; 

Nl. I'.XA.MlNKi:  il 

iial,!.- \ , 


n tl.-s'i i- 

white oak, red oak atid other valuable | 


We i 

( aorry that sj ace 

tiwe alike forbid the rcpreducti 

ut promise , T . n. • o f*i _ 

onr readers that we wHl try nd ( u1h LiOUlS OLIX OC UO., 
lish something f rum him shortly. 

KE 4 U who was to have ^t. 
buuj at Ashland on last h riday, is now 
in tail at Mt. Sterling. Lieute»«»it-  rov- 
eraor HlSimiN having granf-'l a respit'- 
tor aixty days. According to previous 
arrangement Ik- taken from toe Mt. 

Dry Goods and Notions, 

Thirp. Ba  k ant. 

Cnios Strkets, 

Among the many oi- 
li.-lr •.. . ami i'er wloeli thiv. uomlerful 
is to be a positive ami permanent 
. ure. .:. • the folbiwing: 


We aspend a km fit the hundreds nf tes- 
tiniynials whi-h ha  

li.e el 

x of ti 

One ladv writes: "I an 
i .r. at tiiver of all l?le»s 
Swango Springs. Fn-.Uy 
time a-.d money sm ut tli 

A *g" ."femi 
•* uter of Sm 
than all tin- i,^ 
Hiileeriaial'. !.e»it!i- 

Dry Goods, Notions, Boots Vr 
Clothing, Hats, Caps, Ife 
ftueensware, Hardwaf * 
Saddlery, Groceries, 
Cutlery, &c, &c, 

we have now on ha.n-1 for the sprinff trade a full se of PDlTs m 

Leaf Tobacco, Live Stock, 
Country Produce taken i 
Goods or in settlement of 
counts. Your trade 





StapSe and Fancy Dry Coods 

Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Quasvars, Tit 
Hardware, Table and Pockeftfcry, Cr«  

ies, Stoves, and Fai 

. : i:alh  :n 

a firsts-loss e«w*ar. I 


:ia next spri".-. 

J. H. Tritttt.1 , 
,; Y- «■ HbikJe, 

A large Hotel is now beins bpili. nwi.-li 

uff.i: ; ,m|»;e n:ii'Ml.iti"ii !•  xi-it.-r- 

«— ■-- ,iif,;. ll ill recoil U  li.wr.l. 
./ i i v siv i \i : 

Mr!! 'r\' L ili'ikle* \V"m 




OO Per Annum, 

.tways in Advance. 


■fit a correspond**© I in everv ' 
tke cooDtie* of Wolfe. Mor- , 
it?, Menifer, Majroffii:, ftrar- „ 
* i Eatiil, Merry S[K 1 FJ.   .i. iu JliK wor i 
pout in tap mouatains. lifted for 
i to ipsu, Ac acm 


4 n»ule», valued at _ 

71* taltlr. valued at 

"t store*, vitkif! at 

Valuation under equalization law 

Pleasure 1 carriage*, valued at 

 ;„W at«r i!ver iAhu; rfcefca, ft. ... 

i known, that tlie people may know who 
; they have to select from. 
{. ■■ C. M. Hanks rewpied the office of po- 
IplBee judge of the town of Campton, to 
take effect March 2nd, and the hoard of 
trustee* recommended A. J. A-hurrv to 
•«*. i- i relief at Cam;itonl the vrnox for appointment to fill "the 

c •«— TV'el varainy. 

u.,,1- :„ j^-jy on , hc 

Ik- eolnj.leted in 

UM*, hut It 

 l*ey, of Hazel (rim, i 
x ki«p after hw interest* an a 
lo represent this leirishtive dis- 
in llie next general a.«wuihlv. It is 
that all who intend to enter into 



e to Ma i 

Mi.-s Uo hti ua A. K«--h's soleet school 
  !,wd one day last week. This being her 
tir-t school, it is due her to xay that the 
(•coplc were delighted with her manner 
of teaching'. 

J. C. Gillespie, formerly of Virginia, i 2.:at 
is visitir.u friends and relative, of this i Al  
place. He contemplates spending the tUmmt 
summer in Kentucky. 

Mm. M. C. ftiilev is quite ill. Dr. J. 
F. Tun, of Stillwater, and I r. If. K. 
Dixon, of tlii- place, are giving her med- 

E. B. Mny has built a large tobacco 
wan house, and is receiving an immense 
amount at the stuff. 

Born— To the wife of E. B. May, a 
son, Perry Emmerson. B. is happy. Let 
us have peace. 

J. Press. Powers, of Salyersville, is 
s|K'iidinK ■ f pw day* with his father, 
Louis Powers. 

Tims. M. Canov. of Mt. Sterling, has 
baaa spending the'wmter with his mother 
at thi',, | 3 

w. a i , 

brother, K. B. Mav, 



F. M. Kemplin and Jesse OldfieLU u ill 
start their distilli rv Uk- lid 'lav ,,f Mareh. 

all who deal in the J— IV coffee 
ik beneath the resurrection nutrn. 
Twelve months ago we had the b.-.nner 
locality of old Morgan, but since thjLs 
drink has heen nuuiiit'iictiin-d in our coun- 
ty, you ean hear the screams of the in- 
toxicated and the report of the pistol, 
not onlv in davlijrht but at all hours of 
the night. Shame on the dealers. 

Born— To the wife of J. T. Amburri, a 
Press Tuulbcc; to the wife of A. B. Hale, 
a dish washer: to the wife of (iarrar l 
CalfulUpr. I Cleveland, I presume. 

There has Ikch considerable movement 
among the log men during the past week. 
Teams of all kinds have been putting in 


(.ill Kitted nnd J»s. Honard «: 
mm WoMMtnl. j 


i Bo 

i Mon 

•Merlins. Hon 
by Bowling in the hand, 
liowling interfered with tin 
man named Boyd, 

Mr. Spt 


he p.pula 

All iaae 

WwMr. tolH run 

: Thk Herald ii 
. conversation here 
ren.-h here soon. . . 
pan recently h M a inee* quite a list of Miliscribcrs shortly. 

, ^l a lt"?r!.'!l , I!!^ •'• M- "«•"•«•'•- daughter, Miss ILuhcl. 

is seriously ill, but ho| es are entertained 
" of her speedy recovery. 

7 1. Spradling has been quite 
, ill for a few days past, but is much bet- 
ter at this writing. 

David I .a warm, our blacksmith, is suf- 
fering with a bad ease af sore eye-. 
We ho;*- to have* a mail each \wiy six 

Com and hav are scarce on Grassy. 
Corn is 80 cents* per bushel, and hav and 
other roughness bring the price asked. 

We are proud that Hazel (ireen has 
offered us The Hkkai.h — a home paper — 
every family should patronize it. 

J. B. Oaklev, Mrs.  i. (i. Bagan atd 
Mrs. .lames Cecil have heen on the sick 
list, but are convalescent. 

Fanners arc looking forward for spring 
to put forth her bright sunny rays 
VC. W. Cecil has he*u verv'low with fe- 
Rr (Texas fever.) 

There are too many i llo ls ys in our 

• „ v }1T. STERLING, KY., 

Have moved to tiieu- La 
lai'at SMaysviUetreet, andhavea 

;v ; :-;!^tockof 
^ %ordWTe, ftueensware, Tinware, 
:.:E 5  tes ' Mantels, &c, 

P 1 Vhich the are selling at Rock Bottom Prices ! 
Call and ee them in their new quarters. 

\es, Rocfcawavs. 

is in jail." James Howard .. .. 
wounded man mentioned here 
Hazel Green. We learn from a ..... 

Z?;^n!:Z: ^tl^l i fuU stok of Wagons, Bv 

though a painful wound, noserious trou-l 
ble is anticipated.  U11 died the night 
of the shooting. He was a married man. 
and leaves a wife and three children, i 

Be . 

• from Flen 



Saturdav for safe keeping, the authori- , 
ties at Mt. Sterling fearing that a mob 

would hansr him,.- incensed were the Ke«PS COXlSantly On 
pe,. P le over Uill's untimely death. _ | leCted StOClt Of 


hand a Large and well s 

ople over Kill's uutimclv death. 
It is stated thai Bowling will plead in- 
sanity — em,, i id insanity, iH-rhaps. iu- | 

sanity like his, siiperinduceu hv red-eve 

( 'Mn^'Nv'i'lsonV of Stillwater, «« 
town on Thursday last. 

Mom Ijtcey, of (irassy, paid our t 

J. M. ( 


bjj setts Wholesale and RetaU as Cheap 

as theycafi^ bought in the State. 

Give him icall. and be eonvmced that you 
; can do as well Sterhng M ^ here " 
you may go. 

Dr. W. T. Wil* -i, of Jackson, was in 
Ham. Oraen last Thursday. 

Charley S. Samples, of Laeey creek, 
was in Mazi-i Creen last Friday." 

.Mrs. Candine Swango. of La'cey creek, 
is visit im: relative: in Haze!   rreen. 

John M. H,.se,of Stillwater, paid this 
ollice a friendiv visit last Wednesday. 

Wm. H. Lawson and sou, of Mavt'own. 
paid us a living visit one day last week. 

Bcv. 1) C. Combs and lady, of Ezel, 
paid Hazel (ireen a short visit last week. 

Pomp. Kendall, deputy clerk of Mor- 
gan, passed though t iwnon Mom 

e fro 

Airs. Lor 
late .lames Liu 
ilyof Ju.lge S 




c the t 

; lj«tl.\ 

... -'ainj)bel! A: Lind-av and i 
works. This will attiwd profitable em- j 
ployment for s. ver;d hands, and no doubt ! jj^.. 
-Sim" will jam things to the very best p,,' 
advantage, f 
There arc two thiuss needed badly to I Tin 

linish our little town viz: A m J I 

alia ar tjiacvsmTni 

atlbee attend the meeting 
i veterans at fc'lemingsbu 
There were thirtv-thret 

All grades of Flow, Kiln Dried Bolt* 
gar, Coffee, Salt Nails, Fancy Gr 
Stone and Glass Fruit Jars, ] 
They pay CASH or all goods. 

They buy in LARGE quantities. 

They sel the trade at LOWEtT prices. 
They still hav  in stock Hungarian aad Ger 
,n j man Millet Seedand Seed Oats^ 


will keep you posted as 
^goiruron in this'nart of Wolfe. 

Si»radlitUiA;.Hauk/ juak nicoiuuiL, . 

i^kbv - ■ - , ., — — - i _ , . .. , . | Y rank Mamper is thinking of h 

^ ^ Man. and Saturda* U- Irade is quite dull here; not much | hir   dha ereclina a tine si 
tt /eim-k f«. M. m.mey m circulat,,,,,. 

Tlie roads of this section are m .-. very ...j t. U sim-s 
c il ad condition. Albion- ,. ' ,.. ". • 

rki. bivkr. I The I.rac ktlu at this i^u 

I tbf I". S. vs. Andy Hur-t. Jolm DeBord is at presei 
taking moot y from tlse 1 borhood, paying 

that . 


This i- : 

nd 1 

s of 

again in a few days, 
id times have already begun to bright - 

4 ias ri»  sti 

of ihis place, s 

K we i one vote oi iwo-i Tbere 
* to E. F. C«'il, of Mor-a; „„ in th 

C'iisidenng thtrir age and :1 scarce 

scarcity of forage of all J hs alitie- of more plenty— nut of the f i 
ing pan into the fire, maybe. 

r Samp. B. Smith is calling 

the bovs i:i thi.- neiaioKirl i t . Ii«t a 

for 1 fWTi. Samp, is the right ■ 

f this 

The democrats of this section are for 
. S. (.iodset for representative. 

the wife of W. H. Walter, 
Feb. ISth a girl. KaV. 


: Wheat is in a lad plighC On accouut 
I of the cold weather and continued rains, 
freezing and thawing, it has pulled out 
that wc cannot expect 
this year. 

Tin stock in thin "neck of the woods" 
Uy of corn 

en, and we predict a li 
prosperous spring and suuum-i hmh um» 
Ix-en witnessed for several years. 

Mav Thk Hkrald live long ami pros- 
per.antl enjoy « long list of "pay U] " 
sub-s ribcrs, is the lit arty wish of your 

There bus been a postolhcc e ta!)lisbed 
at Chamliers station in this county. The 
name is Serena. I leo. C. Stephens is the 

Some wilv thief stole 50 pounds of good 
tobacco from James Hodge, which he 

T. Canker, who has been quite 
**» paat, 

*L her heartfelt thanks to th 
■x-HUf af Haarl «reen for th. i 
IU *J kindneas teward her in he 

p te m. l. f^ejjg: 

lth.n-m preach the tir-t Sun- • " r   " »•  '"  • 
Afwatth 1 at Haz.1 On-en, at . The st.s k ... th.s 
n.M.and « indSnndsv. is very i«Kir, owing 

t 1 1   si- and 6.30 P. 3rd I and fodder 


k drove, 11 A. M. audi." 1 ' The farmer- here have done no work 
— day,Sjmdfti!d, at 11 A. M. . yet towards the coining crops. 

Law of Mt. Sterling, has . 
I in our paper which . 

Pliyaiil mbA. mTnMj those] 

ik habit of gai 

t n 

* goii^; bayom 

■f W« look over hi- 
Hi*. f4f" u Cixn ,io '"' 
p ^elsewhere, am 

edding in our vicinity soon — K. L and 

Thornton Hedires an-1 Mrs. Frank P. 
linehum are on the sick KM this week. 
No one inthiK section will attend the 
.mguration at Warhington. 
P. M. Hutchison and wH 
ttetl^— cause unknown. 




General Merchandise, 




have sepa- ■ 


The wheat is badly froze out. drain 
of all kinds is scarce, and so is rough- 
ness for stock. 

The sunshine of the last few days has 
revived the spirits of our farmers. 

Owen Bowman is happy. Its a boy, 
going to raise tobacco. 

J. H. Childers has purchased a fine lot 
of cattle. 

Delivering tobacco is the order of the 
day. Jack. 


Largest Stock  f Clocks In 


One Day ( lock, s 
I'i-.dit Day Clock, 
EfeM l uy clock, 

r*rP.-.rti, ular a .tenti4«.id to Repoiri nff . CiUI .ad my g 





jve ' (Kvupied by the aliove named chin 
W. W. Swango,  i Wolfe, who . 

" ! The raftsmen of this vicinity a 
v anxious alsnit their logs. There ai 
i a number of logs and rafts froze 
the ice. which is six and seven 
thick. If there should come a 
'- thaw, the pcor'- 1 

l-o ui Hath, near Owingsvilla. 
„. ■ i u a young man of considerable push 

boil TTT'TtW and g-iabeaditiveness, an.l vill .loubtless 
v ^arJ^rf'iird- ' ™* ^ »  famou « 

A&nfr*i , Iulv not ije \g™« region.' 

•Cni- • | Eli H. S. Helton had a very intcrest- 

»• -. ling entertainment at the close of bis 

L5fcHaaj, Kt., are. «-hool on Big branch a few days ago. 
well v_« ;.. ,i.L Tin- pupil- acquitted them-eive- with 

honor. Mr. Helton is regarded a- one 
of the best teachers of Wolfe. 

i. tor the; 


HlysT-»i. \ 

,_~i from us aili 
II ,, n«tice to them. 

' cthat . bo have dealt 
■ pasty, 

•a me. \ cau 

\}" d *jve satisfa, 
Stevora (  dvcrt "V fo-da  

The people anxiously a' 

of the 

Farmers arc complaining about their 
I be a t and the scarcity of corn ami ba- 

aWalil for Murder in Hike. 

It will lie rcniemliered by our reader 
that some three weeks -inee W. T. Day 
town marshal of Mavtown, arrested oi . 
Ilatti, !,!, on Led River, in this count;, 
ibbing a store at Hpe 

and ( 

ted bin 

I th. 

Mt. Sterling jail. Mr. Dav subseqi 
learned thai Hatfield was wanted in Pike 
county for murder, and securing the nec- 
rv [.apers, he weni to Mt. St. rling, 
his prisoner and took htm to Pike 
passing through here on Sunda; 
irmng last. Mr. Dbt had with bin 
guards, I. L. Honaker and John Cpt 
of ;Lis county. Mr. Day is a terror 
evil-doers. Bad all inclined that   
ubonld keep out of bis bailiwick, vi 

102 W. Pearl St., 



Family Groceries, 

Keep in stoek BaK Coffee. Flour, Salt. S  

 l. ■! i.-i :  ■-. W.-dc- ami Tinware, Horse 
Shoes, Naiis. 'Miaci ii and Cigars. 

;,T Will I../J, Beef, I'.irk and Mat 

CC-KveryWng sold at prices which arc 

enUna than thk aauatm. 

Ai Independent Newspaper of 
Oerocratie Principles, but notCon- 
troled by any Set of Politicians or 
Mnipulators ; Devoted to Collect- 
ing and Publishing all the News of 
tie Day in the most Interesting 
•hape and with the greatest possi- 
ble Promptness, Accuracy and Im- 
partiality ; and to the Promotion of 
Democratic Ideas and Policy in the 
affairs of Government, Society and 


ir Mavhiar Hej M ir»ii 1 «.|it is sannki*A* 
" Jtill, «Vri, a , 

aa m 

and mai^a 

Cuming and Hammering Saws. 

R. T. BEAliSupt, 

Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

DAY. par Year 

- $6 00 


I I hem 


SUNDAY, per Y*ai- 1 M 

DAILY and SUN JAY per Yaar - 7 M 
WEEKLY, per Yaar .... I 04 

jMm. rnr.    y. 9m v»r'-    y. 

B. E. R6ERTS, 

Carter Fos.iCo., 


Dry Coodind Notions, 

n! , 'v.''K'.'rline! t '' AS STRKET, 
Jo. C. Bethel, 

J. O. Carter, Jr. I.OUSVH.LK. KY. 






aa-Aar^aa wi-bin, M raat Otfearaaa* 

,h-^,„l r, .t M.sure.1 jh, j^il^iJaM 
and ^Je.' J^^"*   "j;,^""'^. 1 /'- 

E. "DUNG, 

Who* and Retail 


Winealid Liquors, 

19fER Street, 





,s. If. eoc. PEARL ISV vive --Tr.Eim 

rJr-  K-h I"" r»nntnr r rm ^"^'" rf . 


'WW- sum. 


Cut. IIuMiuml sm« B »»i.J 

■ nut !:•■ ..... . •„,. "  !■ ) i:;!'y, 

it; "i I wor^rsTrn to the 
"" ''J' til - n.T"Ji 

inning litt.v cringe," she said, 
-j ire yoor 'poke.' 

oftl t ol. aklnnc, 
" ' very kind 

;rk Sun.] 

Sk.' canny Soot would hare an 

vfpent company for nmrtgagw at 

# r»h  or at the head f the Co: ,., ! 

' ptodnctin 

latch.:.* Ttro=« -i-'v «^w«s"J , 
remern paper says that ths only ; 
of the late (i.-n. Custer is givim; 
dm madias for a livelihood and 
.Hi,,- is in (rrent demand for such , 
e among the different (irand Array I 
The name- of Carter is still rev- '■■ 

' ha 

lougione drawing- 3th y 

'•'dot look exact"//-  t =- '' rc " 
, swrsed to anoi*J 
filler t,iaatateliiUsai workmgme 
■ : : friendly s.,,: ios . 

1,1 S Jeff fi '' e f ° ^ abOUt ^ 

_ -jillions of 
:!iy in this country. "The 
•r.'iiity ;s encouraged ! y the 
L'ho la,r:'„v.'oi- ye always* hiiv,. 
and t!;u interis: rates of this 
specially of the south and 
'fit such an attractive field 
^lerit that there is no other 
if business of equal security that 

millions of "t-»»H*thft,-eallieroot tho late- aar 

i: in; 

is he frwpecfed » 
"Bring Myrtm." y 
" Myrtle? 

*istenc(iikc /i 

hid f 

, look at her with tfe nnfutho 
Slanco fro* his undWably  ■.... 
■■• - Old it 

upon a* the t ea! - 

His widow spends her time bctwean hi 
native home, near I'etroit, and .New 
\»rk eity. Mrs. Custer is almost as 
reach admired as her illustrious hus- 
band was. After she warned the gen- 
rial she was almost constantly by Ids 
side. For two years »1k  virtually .sat in 
\\ ashington with her valise in hand 
ailing to no to the front. She was al 
ays the !ir?t woman in eamp after hat 
and would have Ki n delighted 

YUatMwtU upon mo Itoui Uaau »y«S. 

I Irnow not whjro, 

My I air. 

I'. v. im what purjji» tea 

Tho buotu eall»l H».-.,u may b»; 

But hero t,. drink the «tia,n- Jiviue 

'I hut «l:.g t«V w sil'i tv^x.dM lO mtfK; 

e foil.. 

0-1 1 


'id ii 

he could have was 30 per 
on tho value of th: ground 
S- . | on which his' building stood. 
•pjBMlio protested that his building waa 
iai»o or : nve t i mps „ s mUL .h ^ t ho land, 

If"!: ' an(l was insured m a t:r:; com- 
vered the Scot, 'your 

pin of „ 

her forehead 

i 0 »toe% sKlle; 

_  he roim and r—* - 

. Florence \ Fiorei.ce White, 

K *^"Uw»tiV(  of tho 

. - ilutfly charged tho 1 

tho deep 
s suddenly 


then where w.idd my -eeiirity be* Tiiis 
was conservatism with a veiigeanec. and 
when the .applicant expr.twcd bis dis- 
gust, the Scotchman said: 'Ah, wee', \v« 
(iinna eoom to America to lose our 

have proved so fot- 

eomimny on HN 
mtho-i/.ed cap"al of 
v.:a,, at) i« r cent, of which they pay 
in.  »nly lirst-ela-s |,eo|ile, whose uai.u-s 
invito eon'.iilence. are taken into this 
conijinnv. which, under the limited lia- 
'lihty net, goes befere the public with 


She never aeemod to know what fear was, ; " — 

and many times put herself in great romln c '•»• • T*r»*io*— , **mr to»r *- 
j K . riL Grmftina-Otl.,, Frod-f. 

She was in Hichmon i two days before • Klwliiiid Nam luter.ww.) 

Ber husband reaeln d there and almost "How a ng teforo the orange tree 

U-fore the sound of the i^uns had ceaxjd t^ars fruit.'" 

to reverlx-rate aKuit. th.- l'onfe.» "Th. 1 tr»"0s will I e-^.n to blossom : mm ou 
capital. Jnst after th^ surrender, when and have a few oranges ou them at tour bjadng 
her husband came u;i from Wtowa . "  live \ ja; , but gn wiu;; from the sao.1 februd tital M^^HH 
conrt house to take he. to head tt 1.- tea years bet ore the U' m w nii'iti m _ _ 1 [ut _ ^hmni*tj 
quarters, he remarked "that it lookod ! and bears the full crop. Some bate \ noiu' gun*.* fttt tbere 
pretty bad fbr a general to be beaten been known to bear nicely at ! Hr jak «JT ~ " 
• • ftiei 


; pel 

have made 
imfort- 1 carnage t" 
)d tb« ! sovereign 1 

to the limit of their authorized 
They get jUtMl.lWO there very 
I cheap, and they lonn it out in the south 
west at tu per cent, net, tho bor- 
.„„er payiug all expenses and comuiis- 

continued m- ; 
i idea of charging the j •• w llat ^nty 1 9 required?" 

- J , a V '|p. , 11 F CW n i "Prod'ictive lands under cultivation. 

j Tommys bashf;:'. £nr~-- 

" these wore her owi 

mt»do a violent rus! 

tie— ho said, breath- j ftn dWostal 
•.0! The Rtupid people 

; The loan is based upon about *v 

\fh* looked at Co llalclane | ccnt . 0 f a eon . native valuation, in cs 

--•^ pupils He had ^- ; timaling which no account is inado of 

exprea- tureed la.eljiro.,1 h^ypt had ! ecu in- ; i!n . iril , ,„„ „,.. ,.. n( ,. s , ; l(J , u -,es or timber 
aadthe! defjingable n 1 theboml*rdmcntof Alex-! or "marsn iand. but forth- greater so- 
one an-j »n-«nn. .oi,ci.s ...imsryturn r , iritv „., „ f tl;l .„. , m . tak ,. n in . The 
and she Nmbeml heanng that ,„ ; bad \, muWa . u ot lrust , an l tUb 

at ciite-e.1 IX. the CV«r-«i"I a"i»iii 

Bog*™ to ^jrtle riprJingJf* l * ha f " 
«*ebar « of mfant stales to-ua;, , 
■"•*-niu7Mnrl clouds wee cnastng 

fl%ibA U Uc sat' * au in- . v.» bb prob- 1 

- - 5 n-fleetions. and -country 
Ji to'. • 

3 the world of j been obliged to ha 

wt 1 


s put on record \v\n 


Then whei 

1 tho 

,irao. This is- a new hot : - ;i hisl*the ,.n»j,crty aro urst paid from 
«WTOUK«c*; he tvaiusj !ho amoi.nt of the loan, and tho re 

whatN op? fen j tnuiisbing ftgut of Jinrhmy. 

In the routK roomy hail stood a huge 
at the sea. What's! tub mattt^i uand bearing tho name, 

"An Myosotis, iitmton," etc. 
himself fwrahi; "tt'sa Howong myrtle. Albs," said 
be gently tapped ] Tommy: 'tho lfeeit the currier says it 
with tho i. tt r  ^--JUi, ' V ''WcV» fe'f- rai'tenii'ii "sci-sor . 

I Tommy," said ^ \\ hit-; "and 
^apt. nil- time never vearre t   brin({ t. 1 ».*.'. 
tvlwtoa tx okialntotl»|awiag-rooni. Co to tho 
: o. -eVe. ; -•!• »ii that kind of tittng." 

Tommy to* he color natural to him 
in yet deep- tips, and ran for the sei* 
Mis; \\us soon snipped tho de- 

'"and ho 

t apt. mm. 

aaae, wls  had a rolling eye nnd a rol- 
mile, t x k ihctuveiouednintiiy, 
ending it, pass- I it to bis 
'* Mtb a strong brogue: 
i. m ..j a proposal! V.' hat do ladies wear on thesr festal brows and 
twist us the Bowing satin of their bridal 
gowns but wvrtle: 'Bring myrth .' I 
tell you it's a proposal— a bona fide pr. - 
imsal. 1 wish vou every j,.y: hhe i»a 

x the starry blossoming 

V.T d(K-s it mean;" 

of the shaven head 

vingagi of the 
I Um!;.!mcnt ot 

iuJcr te handed 

"A ojat little packet of 10 per cent 
note.;, signed by die borrowers in the of witnesses. These notes rep- 

into K 

been tr\ ins for four ywtts 
first." Of course, Custer, like all othei 
soldier', died pKKa-. and his wife and 
family nr.- praetieallv without resources, 
except thep.tifel ,vnsio ■  rf *ah a month 
that the government has granted. Mrs. 
Custer has a great many r-dies of the 
war, left her by her husband and given 
to her by different oih.ers of the army, 
liesides jios.e. ! »in.' tho tir»t Hag of truce 
the Coufeder.iies brought into our lines 
as the be^innin,- of's surre'i h r. she 
has th- la.; of tru e earried bv her bus- 
band into th ' Lonfcdemte li*ues. bbe 
:dso has murh rafMblb data about the 
cavalry arm of our service that has 
never Vet be. n given to tho public I', 
■'s reallv a pity that a fair hi-torv ol 
th., bran, h of the service has not y-.i 
been written or even seriously con- 



the r*ef| mgi ', ;h« t— ifc 1 
in tho s. ed for $tl) j c hvwing 
u 25 to 50 a nts apiece, 1   or chewing T| 
ie as«. Yon can buy , natural »t»-c,i 
ursenes ranging in ago w i, cll ntade up 1 
:i years. Some prefer t he gum-cbewt 
■tumps, which ar» stance 10 chow. 

sweet and jdiferooa 

* this South Aai 

to buy the sotir 
grafted with the 

Yon can j»ay f or H apiit-c for sour 
stumps and raise good fruit in four 

"What an' 

"The original wild orange tree eat oft* 
and grafted." 
"Vvliat do the groves command an 

"An average bearing grove sells at 

$1,000 perae 
less. An or* 

down. V.n ihcrii capital is boosting the 
country up and developing its resources. 
' ' : northern men v. ho are making the 

Tho peculiar method of long-rar. HU 
firing by the Creed moor nnd other line U " 
teams appears to havo ts-eu adopted "", 
from the hili-meti in I 'The ' 

Tamsai correspondent of in.: London grape irmt growing on 01 
News describes the ino.le of of , ^ ~™ . 

these ■ami-savago people as follows: 
"The man lies ou his back, raises his 
head suil'.eiei'.tly to bo able to look along 
the barrel, j.lnces the inu../.le Le'vic.-u 
hia toes, takes a deliberate aim, ami 

lying on his stomach and t .kingwiiu m 
that position. Urn toes K«ep the lone 
weapon steady, very little front is 
shown, -and experts on a level vieeo of 
ground, covered with tuftsliero 

fu'ly illustrated in 
 os, oranges 

sewn giaj - 

:ighii " 
big as your 
something liku 

soar, but very palatable." 

in the mind of the wpi.r-.-r 

It seaats that this much gtua 
from th,! trooitrt, which m aauw pa^babiy 

barmieos, u botied by th» cjwnMW 
maker, siramed, ami all cMpa mimt i 
removed, when the tolu artJ sugar ara 
added, forming a concoction which, 
when stuUeii ally . ooked, fct rolled oat, f 
overiri-own orango, is , ut into suoarc* and laid aaide u» dry. - 
It takes three or four day* f~** 

a strange country, wlffre an up^ 
right enemy wo.ild he looked forinsU'ad 

cf a horizontal one. " 

^35^ :* 

whirh mnsi l«gj^;» ra.-lr^tmi.. Tf mat •!i!oe'.s js,:fc'* ! t»^ • 

: i 11*;;;'^:,:: ^K^fe^ g^ 1 ^*«^^r " 

liave thi ;.! ..e ipal paid in i:istaUn»e;ir.., 1 look .straight .!.»»-. ti the long barrel. . 

and returned to L 

drawing-room x in time to escape the 
entry of Mrs ninvers, whoso forest 
cart, drawn bylovelv pair of Welsh 
ponies, she »Wxning in at tho gate. 

I bat lady now vred. followed be |,ur 
"How dare you speak of alise White j inseparable connion, a perfect L)and  

.-anguished j IHnmont, a b-bodicd, low-legged. 
aec,nrdntance. Apologue:" flap-car.-i p-sligd creature, which re- 
jfiltou rolled his eye with a ' joiced in the ]mtsiou of seven prizes, 
si to Col. lialilane, when I Flort nee imniately made u rush at 
" d ha. grasn, I the dog. "Ahyou have brought 
j Myrtlo! I was itid, when I saw you 
 ; but really I— 1 , this- mornmg. tl yon would forget, 
though i mented it in my note." 
' said Roth ladies had V e,l in the (iireetion 
Cant. Hilton, stiffly; "I object otpually , where still sat Cqi.-.hiane. plunaed in 
te Thoing throttled. Allow urn to wish i startled rettoetiorju tha reoess of the 
jou good morning." I window. Was t long-backed, low- 

"rial, my frwud." said Col. Ilaldane, legged, Bap-caredsg tho honored ob- 
ronfusodlv- "I dort know what is tho : jeet of the messaf 
matter with me! I'm half asleep, I "Ot eourso lbro,t dear old Myrtle," 
think. Sea and sentiment, as you said . retorted Mis Dar- rf . "1 sitould suffo 
Coase, 1ST friend: I o tell eate at an at lornou-a if I hadif " 

1 to such an unseemly idea. 1 
f your pardon, colonel," 
filton, stiffly; "I C ' 

umUhai y.e borrotwr lifMs Iffeasa 

pay u tixed amount a year than to keep 
the acia.iniiiations intact for the maiur- 
ity of tin. ksui. Tiie notes are colie. ied 
1 y the !t_-eut o'"the investment company 
The met ho Is employed are so niiviid 
that in n Urge involving mill- 
ions there has not yet been u forechxs- 
ure. Tho investment companies after 
paying '.percent, i.poti fueir ndveiitures, 
have ( per cent, 0:1 *fJ0,00 ) to mid as 
dividends t - th.. 10 pur cent, which the 
subset;' ed e.i'dtal it.-. -if is diawiug. It's 
as .slick a business as man ever devised, 
and while the Kmrlishmen a-e 
with our railroads, the keener Stoich- 
men see that !hs farms of this country 
are the true basis of value, and th.-  ah 

f'-onth- ia i*, iphi ni.iMK i 
While wo were talking thero camo 
along n woman t atiier large in stature 
and with a resolutt movement, hren- 
tano remarked: "If you were to come 
here and stay nil day*' could show vou 

o sights of any kind. They 
a uaOit, too, of dischari; ng their 
from their hip, making prac- 
.1 short distances. 

\\ hero do U u pbtiitcrs ship to made 
itlyf" : . :"an.: marketed. 

New York grtM the fruit:. Railroad j The sum dealer m 
a to Cincinnati sre against us. As mg gunv This is m. 
dlustratiou what . northern capital sugar. ParaJtow 

done, it Ls *ooiy aac.twary ( 

'hi to, and 

u iint oov land tbyl was purVha*«d I wl 
r *5 and fit) per act«, selling for *HJo 


a white ehe« 
( yar.trfeu- v» 
1 production for 

In appcarauee it is cSa»" 
sji to taste U a msipid rfj 

sailers' **- |jL fl , HnU S 

[Sow Vort Sue 

The sailor's |wVijmfhm 
nest part unacoountabte. 

every qiKH.r objee 
is a very V 

M:e v 


.\ maAiri 
tabe wWthflO pur year. In 
1 H.ala they i.rc very frlicitou". in naming 

i.rwigo avenue Nearly every fruit 
known — lxtnauaa. | otuegrauat€s» figs, 
jK'acbes, etc.— is grown in Florida, and, 
: as d. s that, there nr. now great oppor- 
tunities in cotttm, corn, rieo and coffe.: 
and cane plantiug. The 
prefer to r.tis.; cotton aj 
sea is'an-l .otton, tho 
world, grows in Horida.' 
"Row about wild game. 

"There is game in abundance. Wo 1 \ l % ht " nJ 

k 1 have plenty of bear, wild cat, deer, 
j wild turkeys, duck., rabbits sipalrrtds, 
the j etC- Then thero is a treat iudnstry 
•ule fia&m up  :  alligators. A great 
the many make a hvmg killing th* m and 
foml ! selling their hides and teeth. There is 
. jt j, j about$10 proiit 

hen frederiek boasted that^heSci" 
it and prided himself on wntlnj » roi 
as perfectly as VoiUiref True,- it n..^ 
Luther's language, yet it waa at) aB c4fe^H 
by the upper and eduss-led cimtfW 
rorty years ago, what t^H 

transports 1 1,10 hunters . ateh ti.uia sunning them j tbo »lncg»riau louguet TUsdespadH 

eighty gall-ys from the mouth of -' I ^' and si-o-rt them behind the si,. ml- dl » i ««t ot the pastors ol the Pajka, «f 
the Indus for the mouth of the Fu- ! d ;r ur in the eyo. Cood big p-eth . Mn . *«» o«-j htugnage stake* 
phrates, and was frurntei;,-.! out of his bring apie -e. and are 11 ado up into P«o  ociay and tn goturumeat odi 

course by a school of spouting whales. ! l )ills - ftI » d there is always ready sate for ^ l * t **- At U 

If a sailor is   t atetioned about his su f vr- tue hide." \ oay the Magyar dialect i  the I4 

stition ho never admits that he believes .,Z~.:^ J...\„. ™" P«*s ^ *** parlinm. 

In signs, although he may smu yarns s , ^" Mtfc tlK-atre, of science, of aeadeaa 

ul^ut the beliefs of other sailors. j „. lu ^ "' t *w««st.| j university, of poetry, and . 

The regular old-fashioned sailor has ,, ETon 1,10 ,1,1; cate satire of L u henceforth tbe tevtMouaed ami 
no lovo for preachers at sea. .'.!,„, v ■? and th, broader- humor ot ; odiciid Ua 
told, parviealarlj of the old 'V,-' 1 ' llavp f" 1 ^ 1 »» exaggerate the i upon 
iiel da vs. whli h vluiu. it r l'.i„ 1 ,01 ' r 

TIs hunters i-atch ti 

.Many . 

iling |«ckef days, which" iiows "it Tho | l . oU j™ of mod  ' 
,Jte.!ud!ee wi.-n iradit.o., hand- d .'. own r "" ,,sh '-} ^tt\ cause 

from tho middle ages, when all priests 
v-ore black gowns and forbidding hoods. 
The open -heart;sl sailor feared the looks 
of them, dreaded ' 1 

given bv 

ijuitting tho service c | their 
• n. plovers. "To l.-ave in order to get a 


has a 

ini-t, who have no w 


r York, and ! ential 

mum; ., 

.nly e 


o mys 

of 0 

l jP propre t 

it on earth Mis's White mcansf" 
ns.' something green," said Hil- 
tco, vieiouslv; "but v.l.ethtr sprouting 
in a tub, after the fashion of the blos- 
somtag shmb.ordonc up in a glass cil* 
after the arti'icud iulkIc, 1 know not. I 
{tuo ynn good rooming, colonel." 
And with Una U, nirwUed to the 

"Blossom mg shrcb," murmured Col. 
Haldanc. "Bleat his Hibernian v. it: 
F.nreU! "Now 1 havo it " And with 
that *• *at down at Ids writing table 
and penned the following letter: 

-An MyutaUs. 10. 

of natural life l'ihat ti-usty fceotch- 
man about ma" 

"Now it's cxprd?" paid a deep 
voice from behind curtains, and Col. 
Hatdane cime for^ onco more. 

Tim heir itat ion o s lr ,anner had van- 
ished: he was sniiligcrenely, and his 
eyes worn ftxed wltj. expression of 
perfect understand: ua t,n, 0 countcn- 
anee of Miss White. 

"Rring Myrtle:" -jontinned, Iaturh- 
ingly. "This is My; Rival Myrtles 
there may be; but t. form of Myrtlo 
can t le improved u " 
Again Miss Whil* pup ii 3 enlarged 

. Haldano'v 

trembled for 

a ft* foikxrtng addinn: 

te.-The Gnuu?™, Por, ^ r ^; r ^^ ing bim with bar bri^*^" 

from this date " 

"\ hat isexplainedr 
. ^e rang the bell 1 cumstaneesr" 

_ ly, and toM bis man to post the 1 "Confusion of envo- ] 

letter. This done, he placed the nolo tie was scribbled on tWig back 
is Florence White in the pocket that s all." said Cel. 
^^odcoat, ai.d then proceeded I TO Witn a radden ildiation. Miss 
p read the iiot ot Lis correspondence. 

The afternoon o' the ?th duly ar- 
rived, *rtd with a st.ange palpitation at 
pis heart i a sensation which ought to 
have aroused hLs suspicion.-, as to the c\ 
'ptibilitii*iCoL Hal- 

tj tht 

dsne drji 

she said: 


. White sank down basidM Ualdane iu 
the recess, with a deupn* 0 f morti- 
f.ed confusion. 

"I.oi-s that account fthprosence ol 
the Hcwering myrtle nt| hall?'' sho 
asked after a momci ^ horrified 

hand stores to dispose of h,. r own furni- 
ture. She sold d all at tm very highest 
rates thro igh her odd reap. Thai dis 
posod her to go into busings. Mie «•«• . 
to Earope about two times « yea:- witli 
from some of our riche-t 
buy their rnintings. ! i 
er, books, prink, furniture I i 
r they want. t.he made: 
♦♦s,«W last year in her commissions. 1 
and is one of t he smartest wohen in tho ' 
country in her line." J 1 

boads and the 
irneilix. betide 
a poatt on shipboard in a gak- it lack- 
? in courage. TTie sitilors believed in- 
riably that ho was a Jonah, and if he 

■ -bowed t 


■ed t 

i hand, ordered tLeo 

nd 1, 


A Parisian pianist, M. Peru, bas of- 1 
fered to play in a cagy full ot lio. s ._ 
irrever: ut critic , then-fore, asks vhcther 
P aris docs not possess a society h r the 

a confrere replies: "Iion't worry ibout ; 


-u the hatches, ,;ud 
Hk! cutwater. Ships 
launched with ceremonies supjiosod 
■ad a charm about tho new vessel 
would bring hor owner w.?alth 
ipcrity. Figureheads are usually 
t to have originated in a desire 
nament, but tho fact Ls thev came 
superstitious tear. Not much bet- 

son ants a regular, reco, 

"I havo no fault to rind again* mm 

lord G , a housemaid said to a » university at Agiam, poets 

friend of mine a short time ago, "but 1 i ogists, a natiauafpresa acd 
want a change, and I don't like j The Servian tongue, whu h 

" ' l,iro scenery or air." Another | Croatian written in t nfflk 

friend of mine had a footman who left ! has become the offlrial, liter™, 
her "because," be said, 'he could no . uientary and scientiiic Uoguaffm 
longer stay, as he n^retted to find that I via. It is precisely m S »am 
his e .iployer did not keep the company i as its elder brothem, Fmneh « 
he had been ac-custonied to." man, in their respctiyeeounrism ■ 

A scullery uaid that had been en- the same for the Bulgarian isbssM 
gage.1 tor me besge.! to leave, as she de- 1 P»ria and hVmmeli*. KcawSV 
clined to take any orders from me. de- j Koamaia, ! 

daring that sho could only take orders i Fm in Fh 

from the person who had engaged her. ■ fhtnders, where, as eiseiserw, « 
A toreman in tie- employ:ii, nt of one o  , eriry reawakening preeena r 
my fricuos allowed a ntwu quantity of i elaima, 
of his master ? green hs*M glass to be 

rertlotid (igur 


riadjtam and 

his place 

Two st 

selves. The Daniel business does not iter are modern ship-owners, for the 
always work." j number of horseshoes nailed over cabin 

— — ! doors would freight a schooner. Per- 

Su , (rn "' ,' liajts it will be r moereil that when a 

big yacht was launched last summer 
17 W 0 ; without the customary waste of a bottle 
ti stat ; of jvine on her bows, the omission was 
■H ,f ! telegraphisl all over the world, because 

When o 

■ fails, !'e 

eSS ought 

on if he v, 


iduabl ! jt showed a very remarkable temerity on 
the part of the owner. 

^•Here come* 
said Felicity White, 
F ho was given to t 
ofl-hatid ont-KOfm. 

he j-.k--, 

Mrs. Dt 

• that 1- 

\h a fines 

[ her, dashed a\y tho o'her 

\ end of the room to me**h\extended „ 

Professor Swing: 
hippy . perhap- 1 w 

anything but its po 

 f toe alleged un- 
i thirds havo been 
ct from the world 

1 h-io country produces :uinually five 
id a half billion oysters, or, to state 
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An orator speaking of the nselessnes.-; 
* a .lean said that "lie wastes his sweet 
" * on the desert air and stands like an 
i a siding. " This is a strange 
l of metaphors. 

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horn 1 one.; offered a situation de- . , 
d it on the ground that she had ! of toose c» 
hvetl in » duke s family, and could ' * rour ***** 
possibly sink lower than a vis- 
else, to use her own words. 

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"she would lose all self-r. „„, 
a house-miil left me because she 
clared that slip oonsirlen*! the men serv 
ants of the establishment too dericient 
m good looks to keep company with. 

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with the eighteen bap* "Td pr»r« 
—  ," nspnaj Mr - 

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— '- peril." 

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The Hazel Green herald, 1885-03-04

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Hazel Green, Kentucky by Spencer Cooper
   Wolfe County (The Western Mountain Coal Fields Region)