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date (1854-03-07) newspaper_issue TRI-WEMLY KENTUCKY YEOMAN. 

VOL. 4.] 


[NO. I. 





I. M. MAJOR, JR., 

ODD fellows' hall, broadwav, bt. 


copy, per annum, in advance • 00 

1 do. do. at the end of the year « 00 

10 copies per annum, in advance, 2i 00 

THE WEEKLY YEOMAN is printed on a double 
medium .heel, fine paper, and with good type., at Two 
Dollars per year in advance 

Wedding and Part i   . 

THE subscriber has just this day re- 
eeived. rrom Philadelphia and Baltimore, the last 
or his laree stock or 


and the largest lot ot 

he has ever brought to this place, consistinc. In part, of— 
Fine China Toys; line Violins: Accordions; Dolls 
from I inch to 3 reel lush; Tin Toys in endless variety, 
and all such articles as are usually kept in inch ts 
tahlialunents; Oranges, Lemons, Apples, Nuts of all 
kinds; HairOils; Extracts ot the finest grade; Perfume 
Dags; F.merv Cushions, and a great many articles 
.uilalile ror Christmas Presents. 
Having in mycinnlov a first rate Confectioner, en 

ahles me to rurmsll Weddings and Parties in the finest 

atyle and on the shortest notice, and most reasonable 


Thankrul ror past favors, he hone, to meet a continu- 
ance Sr the same, l y strict attention to business at 
old slaiiil, on t t Clair street, Fraukrort. Ky. 

Nov. 33, 1851. T. P.PIERSC 

H A R KINS  y, uttt-fis, 

IM'OliM their Iricii'tg, and the pul» 
he eencrally, that thev have win- 
inert ce l hu»iiiPds in Co partnership, 
ami trusts,   y a strict attention tu 
i i  waul  »( customers, tu merit a j 
liberal natron a?**- Their si»op is o» 
poetic the Mansion Ilouvt^&nA one 
floor l.elow J A ?l £• U.A ItK 1  »' 
Cluthme Store. 
Tiny have received a superior lot o 
I all aud Winter Ciooufc, 

' 01'CU AS 

nnths Cutifflerct. Testings. Trimmings, 

or the most heautirul and fashionable styles; to which 
Ibey invite the attention of all who wish to rig them 
selvi-sout in a genteel manner. 

All orders will be laithfullv and promptly attended 
to and executed. JAMES IIAIIKINS, 


Frankfort. Oct. 6. \W3~ * 


Merchant Tailors, 



WOULD respirt fully inform their friends and 
customer*, that they have just received and 
peut» l the largest and most complete as*  trtiiieulof 

Gentlemen* wear ever brouybi to this city, consist - 

in? of 


which they p'edsre themselves to make up, for eas^ as 
cheap as the same quality of article can he purcli&fiei. 
In any clothint; store iuthe West— Ismail a- Ivan ee tiff&li 
time, to punctual customers. 

They have all the latest fashions, aud will fill all or- 
ders upon the shortest notice. 

They return their _ratcful acknowledgments to the 
citizens of Frankfort and vicinity, for the liberal pat- 
ronage he re tore extended them, end hope that they 
will prove worthy of a continuance of it. 

April 'JH, 1853. * jrj • 


For Family use. 

A LARGE lot of best Sup. C. Soda, Cream Tarter 
A llspice, O round Cloves, Cinnamon and Jamaica 
ing'T, Nutmegs, Black and Cavecce I'epoer Mace 
O , Cooper's Is mclass, Irish M C»x's Gelatine 
„ ring Extracts. Essences, Cariiainou Seed aud Va 
rt Beau— just received 1-y 



JUST received a lot of this highly popular and fine 
flavored Candv, Stephens' Patent London Butter- 
scotch, and for saie at FIEKSON'S. 

March 31. 


March 31, 



of the Finn in 
Will Continue his Establishment oi 

T the old stand, and take* (his opportunity of re 
turuin ! his knuh-st thaukstuthe eiliseiifloj Frank- 
' Tort, and vicinity, for the very li,e-«l patronage receiv , house keepii,« call on up and find 
I ed, and hopes hf keeping pood articles, and a strict at- \ ah,, out every article neeessary 
teiuioii to business, to continue to.merit the public la- irom a rolling pin up to 

lie is now in receipt of a large and well selected stock 


arc. oftei asked why 
sell — %' fit \% ITU RE io 
in ii r It cheaper thsn other dealers in 
tlie article. For the l euefit of all we 
will explain, It H the impression 
at home an 

A 1 


keep every thine, and persons 


Christmas Niceties, 

BOXES M. R. Raisins: 
1 case extra I i:«. small drums; 

1 hag soft sIipII Almonds; 

2 tihls large I'ecans; 

2 hoxes Lemons; 

•-■ hoses Maccarnni; 

3 boxes Pine Apple Cheese; 

1$ boxes English Ihary and VV. C. Cheese; 
18 hags Pennsylvania Buckwheat Flour; 
•4 box Citron ; 
1U himhels dried Peaehes; 
35 t.iishels dned Apples; 
-1 hul Cranberries. 
Dec. 15. £• L.SAMUEL. 


PHYSICIAN & apothecary, 

At the Sign of the Blue Mortar, Main St. 

KEEPS constantly on hand a large and superior as 
sortuient of 

Medicines, Paints, 
Otis  $• Dye- 

Articles absolutely warranted to be pure. Ppeeialal 
tentton (iven to Prescriptions. (Jim ti. 


suitahle for the season, of every variety of quality and 
) price, to which he invites the aoenti m of his frtenrii 

and the puhhc before they purchase elsewhere, Mieving 
I lie can offer as _o«*t inducements as at any other es 
] ta hlish ment of the kind in the city. 
1 Tpplt i* no trouMe to show toods: and his motto It 
J "•animblt sixpence is better tkax a stow shilling." 
I Frankfort. Oct. 6. IK&3 — tf. 


HAVING sold my stuck of soods to 1. P. RlackwHI, 
I take pleasure in recommending hmi as c/ery , 
way worthyof a liberal patronagi*. and hopethat all those 
wliii have honored me Willi their custom will do luui 
likewise. R. VV. BLACKBURN. , 

Oct. 29. 

X that on and after T« 

notify my {lairons and friends, 
(-day, my N roCK Of Mll- 
SIC, ei.4X«  I'OHTKS, AC. will he Kcn.rcd 
loy  611 A'eio Block. (.Middle Store.) West t„*rlli 
tlrttl. helween Walnut and Vine, where I mav herr 
after lie round; and shall he ha| |iy to supply them a« 
heretofore. I have an extensive assortment of Jlallet, 
iJatu * C»'». (Boston,) 

Superior Pianos, 

without the J£ tlian A"achn 
sn.i, Guilari/, Harpt. fi.'i. 
Pianes t. — Cash pa ' 
Cincinnati Nov. 15. 18S3 

a, .Yew York 
dens', 4* c - 
id Hand trapo* 
D A. TIIU \X. 

Plain ami Fancy I*" tit«r 

I'aper Hai 

\ LI. orders left at I.ucliett at Haiu|iton'a Book nd 
fX Shoe Store, wil be promptly allendedlo. 
March I?, I8o3. 

$500 REWARD!!! 

PERXI \? At (50 

continue to he consult 
between Main 
relative to all dis'a es ol 

DR.C. A 
ed at their office, on Second mreet 
and Market. Louisville. Ky 
a private or delicate nature. 

By a long course of utiidy. and practical eipeftenct 
•of an unlimited extent, we have now the gre ideation 
■of presenting the unfortunate with which 
•have never failed to cure the most alarming cases ol 
OONuRKIICfiA and B» 

Beneath their treatmr-iit ali me imnors of Venereal 
and Impure Blood. ImpatencsS Serohiia. Gonorrho**, 
Ulcers, Pains in the Region or l'*orre*iion. Infla,nata- 
ti jn ol the Bladder and K idnevs. II vdrocele, \ 1 - - — 
Hnnors.aud tim long tram of frightful consequences 
attending this class of diseases, are made to beeoin,. 
inartoieiis as the mmpte«tai1int:« of a child. 

9*.KiM*i. Wsaknsss.— I»r. P. at Co. devote a great 
,part oi tbeir time to the treatment of those ra eauccd 
by a secret and solitary ha'ut, which rums the hod ^ a d 
m ' 'i. uuAttiu* the uufortuiiate individual f r eitn-r 
baiiness or society. t*omeol tne sail ami meianrtjoty 
effects product bytlie earlv hahits of youth are Weak 
.m-ss of the Bark and l.iwh*. flixEirsssv, Hiiuneasof 
Sight, Palpitation ef the Heart. Ilyepepala, Hm **)fMlfi 
4iess, Derangement o I the Uc'eftive Functions, Symp- 
itoms of CoiisymHiiou. fce. The fearlul enVets on the 
iniod are much to l»e dreadetl. Loss of Memory, Confu- 
■ Dii of Ideai. Uepre*ision oi Spit rts. Kvil Koreltodini:*, 
Aversion of Society, *eif HafTaMS, 'Pi in id it v. «kr . are 
amoug the evils proiluced Such person*  *honld, before 
eoniemplatin-: marriase, enn*»tt a physician of ex per 
.leice aud skill, and he restored to health and happiness. 

TPpAngue and Fever cureu in twenty four hours — 

Letters address to Pr, C. K. Perkins »t Co.. Lonis 
iVilte, Ky., box 1,219. Post Gfoce(|wst ,iajd) containing a 1 
trr will receive imuiediate attentiun, and ssediciue 
Dsnt to any part of the country, secure from oltservatioii. 
The airierestserreey ol-served. 

TTj 3 titfice on Seconal Street, between Market and 
M mi Louisville, Ky. dec IS— ly 


TIT RS. C. M . RICH, No. 2»4. tirtn street, Cincinnati, 
ItJ. Ohio, would respectfully call public aitentiuif to 
her large and FASHIONABLE NTOI K Ol- 
aisthig of 

Silks, Satin's, Velvet and Breid Bonnets; Bonnet 

Cap and Faneif Triminnt, Ribbuti*. Manttllas^Cloak ». 

Black and colored Silks and t'htr Laces; A'eedl* 

H'orfady Collars, Ckemf.ettcs, Sitcne*,\c , «\ e. 
Which she is prepared to sell at prices v-m cannot fail 
to give satisfaction. When vou itsit CincinnajU cal' 
on MRS. I5i M. RICH. 

SOI fifth street. Cincinna I between LUm Ail'luni. 


Haj n ol yet n ;i  lird Ita heiyhi al 

I" Tf. has just arrived fioni ' he La-it aud Cincinnati with 

I I n ni. n:».» worth of read y -ina»cle Clotli- 

 »™. which he promi^-s to sell upon better terni-ithan 
in be lound in any other establishment in the city. 

Let even body I lieu remember ilnii 

I am now receiving and am ready to sell «t prices to 
-nit the most fastidious, the a%Ottt ezteie)iye lot ol FALL 
and WLNITER ckitbmg upon reeurl. My stock eon 
»i»tsof everything in the gentlemen^ furtiish*tig liiwr* 
It i as been selected txpressln by me, and especially lor 
this marset 

I have, ou hand, and will always keen, a complete 
*«■ rtmont n( 

1 outs, famtn* Plitr, 

together with every article usually kept in a   lothiae 

Gentlemen desiring to replenish their Clothing v-.m'd 
do well to civc me s call, as I am satisfied Utev rannoti.o 
Itettcr than al any other establishment m t! *■ ail I 


Frankfort, Sept. M. lf 5^— tf- 

j. c buckles &. hum; Iv 

siti lslz ^i.sar'ts' ^3, 

i^o. ■) EMI Front street, 


J. C. Buckles, of LouUville; 

H. L. JumiK, of Frankfort. 
Particular attention pa.d to filling orders lor l*ro. (,\ all sizes, and Putiy 
rluce and to Forwarding Pff rrluunli* ■ ways ou h&iid 
to and from the Bast. 

hi: an nut-fit for 
in our store-rooms 
for house keeping 
siiL'ar cured ham. Table 
ire, spice?, &c, skc. Then they warn Fl'lt^il- 
. TI UF, roniM (|uenlly t w«; liavn heen induced to keep 
[ alwavs on hand a well'selccted atock of plain FF It* 
.\ ' IcR. 'not calculating from the proceeds of prof- 
i iti,' but from the fact that a complete out lit, can be 
purchased at our house for house keeping, relieves the 
purchase, Irom much trouble and many small lulls — have 
I for the accommodating of our customers recently en- 
f  arged our furniture rooms, and can now, and will in 
future he abl • to on r itidureuu-iits to all wishing to 
purchase — provided l»m**t figure* he an inducement. . 

Ii would be an Piulless undertaking to lurn lab a com 
plete catalogue of the articles we offer for sale in addi 
tion to FI RMTI RK, hut feeimr a dewirelo l»ene 
fit the public, we venture to call attrition to a very 
few, as lollows' 

The Chain Pump, 

Peridedly the cheapest and mo«t duraldt pump e%*er in- 
vented, and warranted to perform well when put up by 
un. We are prepared lo furnish Iron,, or Wood, 
at very low prices. 

Atmospheric and Suction rump. 

Th \* description of pump Is generally well known 
they per Tor in satisfactorily in shallow wells or cisterns, 
hut, their Itahility to freeze render them trouhlesoine. 

The Suction and Force Pump, 

A most excellent pump upon the same principles o, 
the Aiumsidii ric pump, capable of lifting water thirty 
three feet. and then forcing it fitly or sixty feet, from a 
short leather hose, hut still this pump is al»o lial le to 
freeze an 1 Must unless the valve i% opened by elevating 
he luvcr after pumping. 

Earthen Tubes, 

A new invention lor sewers and drams, costing only six 
ceSits par foot— easily pot down and very dura' le, cer- 
taiulythe best and cheapest drain ever iuvented. 


KEG? assorted sizes; 10 kr»s Fencing Nails; 5 

Ivees finishing Nails— for sale by 
rJtSt, E L. SAMUEL. 


.V.I.Vl M\iTOR\'. 

RICHARD KEY would respectfully inform 
the citizens of Frank fort anil vicinity, thai 
he hna op  ned on liroadwuy street, at the Itaod 
of t lie old Post Office, an establishment lor the 
ruunufiicturinrr of 


of every description. He will keep coustanllv on 
hand, or make In order ail description* of LA- 
most superior niyie and workmanship. It witl be 
liis niin to satisfy to the fullest extent, both in 
I »l  les and durability, all who may favor him with 
their patronage, and therefore solicits a share of 
the patronage of the public 

P. S. Remember that the old Post Office build- 
log on Broadway, is the place to get good und 
cheap bargains. Give me u call. 

Au K .22 1e23. R. CHARD KEY. 


General Asrnt, and Newtnptr Col lcc t or 


ALL communications addressed to lum at Frankfor 
Kentucky, promptlv attended to. 

Ilejms 4c Mnjor. PuMiahera Ky. Yeoman. 
VV.T. Hcrndon. Siierur Fran'klin countv. 
CaVt. Sam. Steele. Frankfort, 11. T. Morris. 


A SUPPLY of Country llacoa  nd Maklin's Sugar 
Cured Hauls, for aalebv 


Cured llauis, for sale by 
March 17 


Pure Copper Distilled Whisky. 

1 flfl BBLS - N"- 1 Whisky, 1,2 slid 3 years old, tot 
IVFU.ale by the barrel, by JA8.P. O'HARA. 

031.20, 18S3. 


Corner of Broadway and St. Clair streets, 

IllAMilOUT, KY., 

JJAPjust received afull siock of Fa 1 1 and vrlaiai 

JFiua inonrance of Hartford. Cbo. 

neeirou, Vf'erfect'ir-"- e " t0 *" ,no " wh0 

■PtlTCI v^.ri ul VJUU, 

j m, '"" v '"nimeiids usell 
in%'« m "™;^^ ™ Store.and on Coodsshlpeii 

,er l»ry U»„ d . H„o,., M,. t .. „,„, I yS^SSSStSi ^^'^fl^SSSmZ 
Cap. Groceries. A.C.. which he will sell as low . lon ?}„.*." th   ! "•■  year, upward 

for rash as they can he had in this city. I ?.'!.. l"". ,nr '"sses.and in no oneinatan» l,..,!,.,. k. 

He also keeps constantly on hand a cnod assortment of 

f HAVE re sold In Mr. 
I 1 

vVM M. TOl.O, the HOOK 
I I III.IMI JIKM, which I purchased of him a 

latle over a \ear ajn. and take this metkod of returnnie 
my thanks to the public for the liberal patronase which 
I have received, and requesting a cunlinuance ol their 
favors at the old ttaud. 

All persons haviue claims acamst the firm of Hodgps 
at Todd, will he (iaid hy presenting them to Mr. Todd, 
and all persons indebted to llodtfs It Todd, will pay to 
him as he is fullv aulliorized to recoi|H for the same. 

Oct. If. ItfSl " A. O. HOI«E9. 


C) r AH CHE M' i iaars, at wholesale prices, 
-««J,UU lli.i Oil superior Havana Cir/ars: 

50. nun Kentucky couiiuou Cigars; just received 
and for sale by 
March 31. E.L.SAMUEL. 


JUST received another lot of that line Tobac. 
CO, and for sale at 

January lath 1S53 


ltt.NL- w, rati rnrr. 

tiioshs nrana 

Dcuiiiher no. Ir...'.— ly 

HATS ! HATS ! ! 

■ Bitpply uf Hkcdk & tj»». il Mi1ilc 
lpnkin [{atK, la(p»t st  le— a ifauliful a -iclc. &}■. , 
Meiri»;Miluaii. (a new anil ti*at articlr I unirarian an4 
olh»*r sivles of volt Fur Hatu — lectivcd «n«' lur naif b\ 
I»pc 17. W.M. Tor l». 


HT9 *oi» *taii»i'* oh tlit 1 
KlaVtlfie kniiw.crli' 

To the Members of tke legislature. 

"^TlLEN'd new Pocket M.ipof Kentucky, warranted 
J.VJ.currect. Just received and tor sale at 

EV ANS at VO'S Bookstore. 

£Jan. M, 

American Almanac, 1831 

J UST received aad for sale by 

Jan. 24. 


Winter Caps. 

^~1LOTH a«d Plush Caps, all sites and shapes, for sale 
Jan. It. EVANS SCO'S. 

I'eelh will he directed by a 
both of Sureerv and Medr 
cine; this lieins the only sate nude to uinr,rm sueceso, 
I From tin. he is ena'.ted to operate with lens jnin to 
the iiatieui, void of dancer. All work warranted; the 1 
I workmanship will show for itself. Calks will lie thank 
fu lly r eceived. | 
TTPDHiec on the corner of Broadway aud St. ("lair J 
streets, up stairs. 
Frankfort. May 28th, 1RX1. 




I^nli rAtorhlf the II air on htSpclesltf Laid, ami 

to prevent th« hair from fatlni-, n wiuui nc colilcn 
opiiitvOHH of peritons iifinc ij. TIiikIn a new articlp re 
eenbly inlradtued. anrl i* a sure thing for that which it 
wan 4vitBM a and will Htamt on iu own menu. The 
proprietoni ha»e auch eonfnleufe in it that they author 
ize ilwir agentf to lake haaita on guarantee. Price to be 
agreed upon betwean the e«rtie*. 

J. M. MIIjLR, ^"unf.Krankrort. 
C. E. FISHLR *t ttl.. Proprietor, 
June IP, ly . Cleveland . Ohio. 



HAVING left thin rily for the purpose ofl •eating in 
Louisville. I witl remain until the 15th of Fehru- 
ary to clone up hie b*iiitue.» .Ul i ote« and accounu uit 
settled on that day, will tie placed in the handd of prop 
«r olficeri for collection. Mr. Mcnde|| and mvaelfwiH 
be found at the store ruoic o£ llerntion &- Swicert to 
eloae up the business. C. KNOTT. 

Jan. 31. 

i ^ 

Strayed or Stolen 

FROM the •ubscrilver on the 2d day of January last 
a horseofcolor hetweenadark iron-^rey andmouse 
color, fiaid horse was sixteen hands MM** blind in 
the rifiht eye, had a lifbt spot in his fohtbeari, and wan 
between Mteen and  wv«ciucn years old; was a natura 
pacer, and a pood work horse. I am diapAsed to he 
lievetnat he was utolen.ajtd wi'l eive one mi: mired doi. 
lr&s reward for the horae and thief, and twenty i'or any 
in for a at U  Q that may lead u  tiiediaover) of tlie Jiorae 
Feb.t. T- O.CARTKIt. 


THE nndersiened, in order l« lsin( trie luxury ol 
Bathine within the means uf all. Itaa c^ucluded to 
»dont the followini! rales: 

I'.CiS FOR THE \ C i VA1. 'CHANGE. 1 
20 CTS WHEN CMA   c; E IS 61VBN, 

St. tta'r St., onnosiie the Mansion House.' 
N. B. Gent, can at aM liaies have their .boots and 
•hoes blacked in the most ir-.'dca; manner. 11.8. 
put. W, 18«3. 

A Large Supply of 

MET ICl'lci ij, c \m;s 

of all hz-*-!, from twenty two inched to 7 leti lonjt, orna 
mental and p'nin finish, covered wEUi tine cloth and 
Iniiffe, i r ununited iVl ,| |  run serf. 

Having tiri*t mfrodnred tlipse eases in our city , proven 
I y trial to l e most admiraMv adapted for prn«ervine the 
mortal remains— the decWed preference civin them over 
Lin old o.'-fii^iird wooden box. Tlie ipcn-abitl deniand in 
  ur '■ill cou -tv and adjoining con niei lias iudu ed us 
in purcha-e a flr^t rate Hears-*, which ton nth «r with any 
number of OarriaifC* ordered— wi I attend ah funeral nc- 
6Mmtfjdeairsj|. We have also a lar^e lut of wooden 
i-iiclose the Meta^Jic cane*, which we will furn- 
i  from 91 for amall aniil $:i ror larL-e»i sice, and in 
• ry itiaiAnce when wo furnish Runal cases, boxes ni 
haekt. we warrant Iho bills satisfactory, and no ex- 


i p. Manilla and Cotton Hope, Carpet Warp, ana tlie 
■ ■ ^.aitK-leCutJii Varus of ail ».z*sand No.,, 


My the barrel. 


Double, tingle. Lomuje, Truudel ana Crib sires, Hair 
Uotion & 9huck. 


Huala* Pnnelsss Ajea, th* best article now in use— 
j hand axes, hatches anil hantnii-is. 


j Cot, wrought and Horse Mm,.- Nsili of the best brands. 

Window Glass 

in large or small quantities, all, 

ways ou hand 

Willow Ware. 

Market, Srhonl, IJev, Hell I'ear and I ra.clling Baskets 

round, oval and square   iothes Hasi.ets. 


Whrte Lead, l.lnseed Oil. White, Co|ialand Japa.1 Vam 
ssh. Llthcree, f cher. 
wgte,r fend fire prvif paints rrotind in Oil, an excel* 

lent paint lor porch doors, glens. &e. 

Glass Ware. 

Tumbler* of various paterua and "orjefs, Class BowIb 
I Pi h Globes and Flovr V a ■*■».■, Bird Pounts »tc 

Tin Ware. 

Ornamental Chamber Sens, plain and Japanned Tin 
Ware of everv nescnp ion, and in addition we have a 

i lar^r juj.pJy of 

l'atent (offec Pots. 

Owning «.he nghl to manufacture ami sell these inesti- 

mai 1.. ri.iree Cuts, take iileasnrc* in rer mending them 

to every family, with a warrantee to give satisfaction or 

un nay. 

We cannot  n detail, lire furtlier particulars by way 
of variety. We have always resdy for sale. Halt u*U 
Bird Cagen,r i Vokea. Ladies iiieudlnaj Cotton, Wheel 
Harrows; l'atent medicine. CutfrMi I'lonr Moos. Ptone 
Ware, llird Seed, rlouths, r'aiully Klour, Meal, Ironiiitr 
and I res, rvc Stoves. Hag i \ i_. Odsi. and I'lne 

Ware. C.ilogueg. Vu lins. Ilugsy. Ridlag and Slock 
Whips, Cow and She,. p Hells. Razor*, I'nrket Cutlery 
and Victoria I'eus, Sweet (Jtls, Clothes 1'ius, Minnow 
Seins and I'artridce Netts. 
Tlease call examine, and buy. front 

■  OX(l.\ \ «.!t til \ H. 
No. J.St. Clair street, Erankforl. Ky. 

i in iNVii.i.i:. ky., 

KEEP ronstantly on hainl a large stock of PMXO 
STRUfUS lre*i Wholesale and Retail, on as good terms 
as at any house in the East or West. Music bound, lu 
struincnts Repaired and Tuned. 

KiTd.irrs Jr. Dsaoa are Soi a Aoekts l» KavrccKt 
roa II u 1 1 i «V  "t mstos's superior Iron Frame 


These justly celebrated Piano Fortes, in tone, touch, 
durability and stvle, are warrented lint inferior to any 
manufactured III the ITuited Stales. We have constant- 
ly on hand everv variety and style of Pianos, vary ing 
in price from S*i0 to J.W0. Purchasers dependms on 
our judgment in the selection of an instrument may re- 
ly with the utmost confidence in having their wishes 
complied with, as every instrument that goes from our 
house is warrant.- perfect anil good in every particular. 

TT7"  irders by mail promptly attended to. 

July 16— if. 

Dried Beef, €heese, &c. 

1CA9K Superior lined Beet, 
I cask Uahers Rocky Mou- ain Hams; 
20 imxes Western Reserv • Cheese; 
5 boxes English Dairy Jhecsc— just received and 
for sale by E. L. SAMUEL. 

Oct. 11 

cut and made in the best style, which he will sell cheap 
Call and examine ins stock Oct. £0 


Grocer and Cninmlsiiion. merchant; 

Broadway St., Frankfort, Ky. 

'In tke kousc fermerli/ occupied be Mukaei Joyce * 

THE subscriber respectfully informs his friends and 
the public, that he has openrd a Oloeery as above, 
fie has on hand, and intends constantly keeping, a full 

assortment of first rate 


which he will sell upon as good terms as they can be. 
had at any House in the city. 

Allkiitdsof country {iroauee bought at the Inches* 
market prices. L. TOBIN. 

Feb. 3d, lo53. 

i law-suit or i.ri',7. ",' no . ,w instance has there been 
t hnUt "'"""""on ,„ the adlu-tment of any on. of 
l r.„kfor-.,Kv..N„v.S0 I'- WINGATE, Agent. 



Great Western Jolliing Store, 

Xo. 3, Blctcn' 

i\ew C.i biiict Wart-rooui and 
M an ii lac tor j . 


REl'KCrTFULI.Y informs hit 
friendii that he ia now loca- 
ted inthencwShop.on Main Street 
nearly opposite the residence of Dr: 
Macurdy, where he will be glad to 
tee hie old cuitomem, and others 
who niay want Cabinet work. Con 
nccted with hiit uhop he has opened 
a Furniture Warerooin, and intends 
to keep a eood t^tock of Furniture 
on had, to which he respectfully in- 
vite? the attention of all wishing to 


Made to order at all times— night or 
day— promptly. He has a neat 
II KARPE, with which he will at- 
tend calls, at any time night or day 

 • itr n» r Mintrv 

A«?.?» IPSO — .14 


F R A NK TOif-j' Jjy^ Clair Strut, 

«o the 0ilig e „ 8 of Fra,,kfo rl ^ ' "° W Zf" 
-uinry ,„ 8 rnost co,np l e , ;trorre;. l, or OUUdiD ' 



csr t:r,rs: owne " ,ab,ishm " ti « 

foreUrch^fi^ewl!:^ 0 ' » call b.- 

Nor. 29, 1853. WEILER a SCHLOSS. 


Molasses 4& Syrups. 

-g *T RBI.S. Plantation Molasses; 
" rio Snrfar Mouse do; ; 
2 do Golden Syrup, i 
Jn*t reeeiving, and for sale by 





RESPEl'TEl' 1. 1. Y informs the ladies and een 
tleiiien tha' he has commenced business in ihe 
room formerly occupied by nr. Mnnseli, as a 
Iruy store, where he will manufacture all kinds of la 
die** and gentleman's Hoots, and Shoes,— all ol 
.vhichare eontpoied of the finest material and work- 
manship. All orders filled with neatness and dispatch, 
he hopes, by unremitting allentinu to business, to re- 
ceive a liberal share of puhflc natronace. 

VV. VV. f'ul.Lld, St. Clair Street, 
fuly 7 1B5TI — tf 


PBLS. more of that suplerior Ale, just re- 

TWO f.and Warrants, one E'ebty acres and one 
Forty acres, drawn in favor of Henry McKee. The 
w arrants were mailed io me at Washington City, and 
have never come to hand, and 1 bi lieve have be, n los 
Ihroush the mail JNO.H. McURAVLR. 

l. awreneeb Lrg. Dec. 13th 1853. 

Now Good, and Cheap. 



'^•'- D o! NG » 

Her assortment of Velvet Bonn. [, £ ],!"p. 0 '" "L 
jreat v.nety of other mater,.". H'. o^ Ih! J'"' *" d * 
brounht to this city, .she ha.«l,'„ ° r ' h e finest «ver 
of Black H.„ for v,,.i,. R M,"e •. U " r '* nd !, ^ ,,0 ' k 
latest style of Feather. and i- Var, ' ,  ' " 

Mr,. H. feels well.s.ii^i.h , 1 ' **• 

«laM,.l.n,e„, .V,"^ ' «r e«V »»- « b.r 

. . of everything In 

?!,' l , l . , . , ". r . y !"' eU,4n " "'- fonnd 1 


lei i 

to inform his Inenils and the public thai 
urned to Frankfort, and opened an cntir* 

and with her aci. n o wfed".?^'!. ,V S.' "J**  «e city 
p..r„,, 0 ,ehe,e,„fo?e , V; n : ir 7' , h f " r '''* ""-a 

r» :w stock of goods, 

which he ii selling cheap for cash. His store-room 
in* one recently occupied bv Sjiangenberg 4t Pruclt. 
Fra nkfort, Nov. ?. |W. .1-if 




HAVING titteil up a uplemlid 
Sky-Light Gallorr. I am now 
prepared to take Miniatures in a 
Ktyle far nupenor to any ever taken 
in this city. It it the only Imht 
hy which tlie blue eye can he taken 
with any certainty. Miniatures lake*, in all kinds 
of wrather. Please give me a call. 

July I. 180-:— tf If L. GOODWIN. 


THE sub scriber will continue to eirry on the Found- 
ery husineBs in its various branches at the old stand 
of Cooper  3t Saunders. He is eratelul tor past favors 
and hopes by strict attention to business to merit a con 
tinuance of public patronage. 
March «, IH.T2— lywtw. JOSEfH COOPER. 

40,0 K) Fine Spanish «' jrn r*. 

FT^ II E subscriber would inform the lowers of a fine Rc- 
Cilia. Principe, or a host of other fine Cigars, that 
he has just received another lot of thoseimpnrted Cigars, 
in addition to his ilready large stock, which makes his 
the larcest, finest and oldest stock of Ci;ars in the city.— 
Thankful for past favors, he hopes to u ( r it a continuance 
of the same. The prices range ir- n $S(i to $40 per 
thousand. 7. P. PIERSON. 

August M, 1-1: 

S. 3IcCHESN£V &fO 

oi the coach ...King business",, l '' !" r, ° u ' °"««~ 
all ordars in that line ' * P"P"«i to eiacata 

as good work a. i, ,„r„,d° m„r " " ,c " »elves to U 

short notice- ceap. Repairing don* on 

Shop on Ann street, near the Fr.ntr- . _ 
..njelaiely oecnp.ed by U bn '%g££*? «*. 
JCTIV ork warranted for one ve*r 
Frankfort. March 93. lM3_tf y "'- Co „„ k 
Com'th eosy.s* 

Band r fen. 

BR A NOV" Teaches, Apricots assorts! , Tickfee, Brandy 
Cherries, Spice Oysters, Cove Oysters, and soft 
shell Almonds — received this day aid for sale at 
March I9IS5:1. rlKRSON'S. 


HOUSE, r-'iirn, and Ornamental painting. Graining 
ate., neatly done at moderstt prices; umbrellas, 

ceived and ou uratiglilal 
July Vft, '.V . 


I tU VS i] 

A FFW yiniitg meri can be accommodated with 
ii. Boarding and good rooms, upon reasonable terms' 
hy [May 22| MRS. E P. CON' ERY. 

A T U O M E u4H 

WM M. iK)OD having re-mrchascd his o!-' ««»*V 
1 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' ■ 1 1 l , is r rep* -e.l w, ..i a vrry In rep *;o"  
I'.tena 1 in the culls o tin- itid In. ndsand patrons, asiial- 
 d tiy Mr E. P- Ho « 
Franaiorl,Ky..Oct. l«* 1853. 

legislative Guide, 

CONTAINING all the rules for ronduc inc business 
in dehi-t-rative bodies. Je.rerson'rt Manual, Copi- 
ous Notes, &c, Ate. For sateat 
Jan. 12 EVANS «c CO'B. 

»Sf (B00DS, 

"|\T UAH lt»U has j un received a lot of new 
1 X* A v ii'.«ea. onal'Ie Dry Gor ds and Groceries, which 
ijp will sell un as l'*huI teriiis as they can be houzht at 
any House in the city. May 5. 

A Chance for a Bargain. 

TTIHE iindersi«ned wishing to entrs.e in another husi- 
J_ ness; srOfsfatl to «ell out his entire stock of 


Any one desirous ot enganinj in |ha i ii n,  . t,f «rocer 
wouid tind it greatly to his advantage to call and s* e 
me as I will sell upon such terms that it will be i 
ngly profitable to them. ]_ TOBIN 

Feh 1 I. 

T^pCommonwealth copy t o amount of $1,00 and 
artre this office 


JUST received, a supply from the farm of Mrs Tbos. 
S. rave and for sale at 2. lfil. E. L. SAMtM'.l.'S. 


1 f Hi Bri!HE '- s white Neshai.nock Potatoes, eis 
L \J\J expressly for seed; 

150 bushels P. nk Eye Potatoes; 
50 hushels Galena Potatoes; 
.10 bushels Sr-fOivbal! Potatoes— lur sale nv 
Jan 31. JJ. L. SAMUEL. 

New Arranf5ement. 

I ■ P - BLACK, W £ L It 

HAVING purchased the entire stock ofR \V. Ulacek 
burn, will continue the dry ^iHids business «t th 
old slat d, on the conn ■ ul Mom and St, Clair Streets, 
where he will be happy to aee all the regular patrons of 
the In. use, and as many new ones as may favor him with 
a call. To the regular customers of the house, I will 
otfer special induceiiit'iits to cuntiime their patrnnace 
Oct. iH. I. P. BL ACK IV ELL 

A nglefy Artificial Le„, patronised 
aiut preferred by all who are ac 

iMHt with its merits, it ia ihe result o 
• t itirri years experience of an a Me ar 
tist in niakitif*, wearing. Improving, and teatj 
in_ this article, it combines all ni'dern no 
prufemghts with Boitrl kess, dpr a b i lity and 
jTRtcm.Tii. ami is warranttd ecjual to any made in the 
known world. 

L Kescriptive hantlbiMs procured by letter, pre- 
paid. Rooms -24 West Sixth-atrcet , Cincinnati, Ohio. 
March 19. 


I NV1TE the attention of Merchants, Counselors of 
I rublie Works.and Dealers in Pump Futures, tr 
lh»ir assorted stock ot heav; and shell Hardware, Cut 
ery. Mccliauics"l'ool».4tc.. ttc. Ill part as lollows; 


trunks, ace, lettered withdispatch, 
Frankfort, Septembei Cflh. IP5S. 




DOZEN Bottles, supe ior Lemon Syrup, 
Manufactured aud forsal* bv 



Snndrlfs 1 . 

A BOXF.S Rai=ius; C halt boxes Raisins: 10 quarter 
s iKixes Raisins; I hbl. soft shell Almonds; 1 frail 
Dates; I rase of Prunes; Zante Currants; Lemons; f'll 
run; Pea \uts; Knz'ish Wafiiitts; t'oroa Nuts. I tierce 
of Bice; sssortesi Apices — all fresh^-for sale by 
Cos. 1 2 E. L- S tMUEL. 


It. jClalr srtreet, Fran U for f. Ky.. 

Jit the stand occupied rcetmtlyiif $enle\ Robert*. 

HAS selected an entire new stock of Groceries, which 
he otters at a small advance on the* Louisville 
prices, for cash. Having selected the stock with a 
view to quality particularly, hi* cannot fail to please 
he mort choice customers. * Q»t. 93. 1*6 

Rail Drilla, 
Ilrass Kettles, 
Crow Oars, 
i 'bains, 
H tunes. 

Mattacks k. I'.'' «. 
Masons and Pledge 

Cut, Wrought ond 


Cotton and Manilla Rope 
Spike Malls. 
9 ■■ith's Mellows, 
s ck and dies, 

urry Combe, 
l^ocks and Latches, 


Cabinet Rrass Coods, 
Looking Classes, 
Japan Ware, 
Raxor Sire| a, 

Knives and Forks 
flam Tockei Knives, 

K axors. 
FloorStieers dt Scissors, 
Rraccs and Buts^ 
Nail Hammers, 
Drawing Knives, ' 

Coopers* Tools and 
Pinups, tke. &e. * 


Including Reel** Galvanic Chain. Pine, Poplar and 
Zme Tubin*. Wood and Iron Curl*. 

Oct. 11 1853. _ 


3E s p ns impos t at torn 

tt.-IKER iFiJr.VI.J.V 

HAVE just received a fullsioek of FAI.I. A   l» 
lVlM'Kli  il UDS.consistiuitotl.stcst Bivle 
Drees ;ooils. Plain and Fiiured Velvet. Fackine Flan- 
nels. Cloakinc Cloths, Cas«imers. Oassinatts. Veslines, 
Prints. Brown aud Bleached Muslins, with a larce va- 
liety of Triinmines: Gimps, Braids, Friiures. Velvets. 
Ac, tec. And also alaree supply of BOOT^S AND 
SHOi:S; in fine they have the largest and most com- 
plete assortment in Frankfoit, which they are oirerine, 
and intend to sell at the lowest price*. Casts .as, Come 

Ool.S9,lS53. Com'th ropy 

For InvaLds. 

BERMUDA Arrow Root. Tapiica, Pa;o, Tearl Bar- 
ley. White Cum Arabic, Avar's Cherry Pectoral,, 
Rull's and Guvsott*s Parsaparilh. Rndcer's Liverwort 
lloorand's German Bitters. Brnvn's and McAlister*., 
Extract Jamseis G incer, WistaTs Balsam Wild Cher, 
ry. Rushlnn, Clark At Co's. Cod I.lver Oil, Seidlitl and 
Soi'a Powders, Drs. Fshnestoek . Moffltt, London dt Co.- 
Mel.ane, Jayue and rilch's Medcines, kept constantly 
o nhand and for sale bv 

CANNON aiCAINES.Bra^ { ,»r.. 

Oct. 3». 

i{«'iii »v«ii. 

HAVf NG resumed business in the house formerly oc- 
cupied by B. F. Johnson, on Broadway, I ■■■ill 
constantly keep on hand ell kinds of 

Leather, French and Philadelphia Calf 
Skins, Kids and Moroccos, Topping 
and Lining Skins, Shoemaker's Find- 
ings, Lasts, Pegs,  $-c; Harness, 
Saddle Trees, Bills, Buckles, eye. 

Also. Bridles. Martingales, course Harness and Breafh- 

;ne. Ice.; Mo; and Kip Collars, wholesale and retail. — 
Also ,an assortment of Men and Women's Siloes, ate. 
TTpCa sh paid lor Hides. 
April28. JAS. P. O'HARA. 


.n1\or;^r E c^„^ N r:'^:r ,, h hi ' rri " 0 » 
pained his btthh he b«I ' , b * v,n * 

m Ssjranbe, _5 e n nd "y sold h.ra 
attention to Its i, ;„.„. hl « »" ol, 

to"y solicits a ^JSESei 5" ?V~* 
ron.|!e heretofore extended to the _ u M, , °' " ,e P" win be r„ rnished M ,';j *«^hm.. t 

oled to any pailern.and of the verv i,.., , M 
Blank Hook, of every desert of P«P«' 

at^hort notice, to order, on rJeeZZXZ"™" 0 '" 1 "* 
WJ* Bindery al the old sls„d over 11.,?. .' . 
Frankfort, Au S us: 5 184T "arlan's l«woltie* 
! roar 1. ' o. 

NAILS. ~~" 

Hi) E ?. M ''' M, ' ir ' !N "' l "-assorted.iies-ink.. ■ 

Dec 'Si' N4 "-J"" ««-ved and ,c, 'If'" 
! \ E.L. AMt'EL 

Crab fidcr, &c. 

A Fr^aV^i^T'" rid "- 

the winter, by P ulUoe '- kept tliro,„,|, ou . 

Oct. 13. E. L. SAMUEL. 

Flour! Flonr.'J 

50 KSs*»~ W »'» » -.or. „ 4 

Oct. 13. 





APUPERFINF. article w be conslantlv an han 
and foraale by F.. L. SAMUEL 


3BRLS Nil. I Mackerel: 3 brls No 2 Mackerel; 
6 brls No 3MaCi'rel;25 kegs No. 1 Mackerel; 
ldrumCodis' jrsaleby ELSaMLEL. 
Feb 15. 


SPLENDID assortment, all kinds and prices. Call 

and see. 
Feb 6 

Book and Shoe Ftore. 


Fashionable Barber 



On Ilia corner opposite the Capitol Hotel Frank 
fort, Ky. Pee 31 

July i0 

B WS, £ a«r soap. 

can be washed ** per ee"^ „ , '"hi''"' 0f *** kind 
'"'ted. h „ allo ,7 f r "    « ta .ir»*»r h.d been 

o i ..... or boj . ,t F »' »al. 


A   'f ;VV «""'X' "-nin ( rlypunee„,Arom. 
^ able to the invalid, at *'oma, very , gre , 



penorTca. whirl, tbey can now b. i , ,h j" "»"" '» 
stautly. d.elS 1 now "« "applied with eon 



Us purity. constantly on hand .„„ for 


Wfe^^W" «  our „ oek 
U» JJikgi to call and „.mi„Vour nock'" U " Y 
1— Wni M T#DD. 



E- L SASfrrgj, 



Friday, March 3, 1854. 
Evening Session. 


Mr KOWELL— A bill for the beuefit of R 
tugan WicklifTe; parsed. 


Mr CUNNINGHAM — Agriculture and Mnn- 
ufactures— A bill to incorporate the Frankfort 
Cottou Company: passed. 

g am9 — A bill inuking appropriations for pro- 
moting agriculture, mechanical art* und manu- 
factures; recommitted to the committee on Ag- 
riculture and Manufactures. 


On motion of Mr Bi.ain, the vole was recon- 
sidered by which a bill from the H R in relation 
to the poor house n« Cumberland county was laid 
on the table, and said bill was passed into mo 
orders 01 the day. 

house BILL. 
An act to authorize the Fayette circuit court 
to extend it* present February term;pas«ed. 


Mr BARLOW— Finance— A bill coucerning 
tbe Au, titer's oitic; passed. 

[ \ ; .;,ro .rules $l,t)U0 for additional clerk hire 
iu mud office.] 

dame- A bill tnmi the H R for the bencht of 
Joseph Wolfe: rej-cled 

Same— A bill from the II 
the Treasurer: reported the same with an amend 
mont — aniendm-iit eoncurred in. 

.Mr D :COUivl'.Y moved to lay the hill ss 
amended oil tl.el.ble, wliicll motion was lost— 
vena, 15: nav. 15. 

Mr. liUlN m  ved t" reconsider the vote by 
which llle nin-ndiiienl was coucuired in, which 
motion prevailed. 

Mr. BULLOMK orTred an amendment to the 
effect that the written consent of his securities 
is obtained, and filed with his bond. 

Afl-r considerable rUcossioil, on motion of 
Mr. CONKLIN the bill was recommitted to the 
committee on the Judiciary. 


Mr. MUNDAY moved to reconsider the vole 
rejecting Ihe bill for the benefit of J. Wolfe, 
which motion was rejerled. 

Mr. GOLLAUAY— Education — A bill for the 
beuefit of School District No. 2J, in Kenton coun- 
ty: rejected. 

Same— A bill from the H R for tile benefit of 
Common School Districts Nos. 10 uud 29, iu Al- 
len county: paa-ed. 

Aud then the Senate adjourned. 

monwcallh or County attorney who shall prose- 
cute the offender to conviction uud.r lh;s act, 
and the remaidcr to tltej use of the Common- 

2d That nothing herein contained shall be so 
coi slrued aa to deprive the parly so offending of 
the right of a trial by jury for •■Helices mention- 
ed la the first section of this act. 

Mr COBB moved to lay the bill ou the table; 

Mr COBB offered the following amendment, 

Provided further, That no man under fifty 
years of age shall kiss his wife ou Sunday; and 
provided further, that every adult citizen shall 
go to church at least once ou Saturday. 

The SPEAKER declared the amendment out 
of order. 

The question was then taken on the passage 
of ihe bill, aud decided in the affirmative — yeas, 
18; nays, il 

ihat whoever Raid so made a false statement. Mr ANDERSON offered on amendment pro* 
The friends of the Mi, loii Hank had offered him viding thai itie compensa ion ofthe comnii.oioii- 
a branch, but he bad declined it. If it had been ers shall not i» any case, exceed $5,(100. 
the insolnle question of est iblisliing a bank at Mr BURKS moved to strike out $5,001). 
Barboursville, or uny where in the mountain re- niiieudmenl of Mr. A., aud insert b3 M)0, which, 
gion ol the Stale, he would have voted for it, hut afler some discussion, was adopted: yeas, 4ti. 
when coupled wilh propositions lo establish fif. nays, 32. 

teen or tweuly others, he had fell compelled lo The amendment, as amended, was the adop- 
do so. Jle therefore voted no. ted. 

MrFARISH voted lor tile bill to oblige Mr HUNT offered the following amendment: 
soin- of his friends and perhaps without sufficient The commissioners shall also investigate, by 
consideration. He must now vote according lo examination, whether the rates ol exchange 
his own sens* of what was right, and he there- charged Rave been dependent ou the time the 
fore voted uo. bills iiavo :o run, instead of the actual value of 

Mr GRAY had voted for the bill lo accomiuo- exc lange upon the points drawn ou, and also to 
date some of his fiiends not thinking at the [ what extent the discounts and liarciiasea of bills 
time Ihat the proposed banks would make so i end nolo* hy said b ulks have been made from 
large an increase of banking capital iu the Slate, persons not citizens of Kentucky, ot for their 
He must now vole no. benefit; adopts.]. 

MrfJlrEGORY had always been a bank man. Mr MI 1CHELL oflored tho following amend- 
fl" had voted against the bank bills presented ( 
Same — A bill to amend the law hi relation to \ this session, beeause he thought Ihe pro;n seu } 
ped. iters; passed. increase of buikiug capital was not necessary 

Same — A bill to amend the law iu relation lo J He still thougnl it of doubllul policy; but h 
tresspassing — rejected. 

Same — A bill to amend the first section of the iug lieslifnnn the people, ami breathing llieir , inspection: adopted. 
14lh article, chapter :I5, of Ills Revise,! Statutes, jseiii.nients, wfre entitled to more respect than *'' ,e l,,B " l  4S:iB d: yeas 51 , nays 27. 
exempting certain property Irom execution; the opinion* of Ihe Executive, and he would now | reconsiueraticn. 

¥ " * " ■ , r oi 1 ' .„,. , ! Mr M C JOHNSON moved a reconsideration 

Same-A hill loomed lire penal laws of Ibis Mr HI LA F.RTOO TH Ijad vol-u for this bill. If „f Mle „„,„ cy wl:jB |, lhe blM fli tm . u , Uus , 
C*miiionweal h; passed the fnlrortuolloji oi the hanks were now. an orig-»i|, a revised statutes, so a* lo exempt lands at- 

Sume— A bill authorizing,!!.* General Conn- mil •juration, he would probably, oppose them: tach-d lo schools aud seminaries from taxation 
«i| of Louisville lo obtain tlieiitle and posses- J but lliiiigs must be luken as limy are — nut as umt forfeiture, 
turn ol Bear Glass Creek ; pa»en. 1 1 hey ought to be! Li inks w 

Seme— A bill lo amend tiie 'Jill section, 1 lth into the poliev, of Kentucky. and a d-pr-calion • advocated the reconsideration, and il was cur- 
article, 28lh chapter, Revised Statutes, title, j of exclusive privileges mi extr usion ot b inking ,,„,), 
R for the benefit of j Crimes and Misdemeanors; passed. | facilities W those parts Jf |he Stall nol now sup. 'fhe bil 

The commissioner shall have power to compel 
! the nllendaiice of all necessary witnesses, ami to 
eximiiie tlieiu ou rath: also, lo force the produc- 

An act to incorporate the Hickman and Obiou 
Railroad Company: passed. 
An act to ncorporale the Hickman Matine 

Railway and Dock Company: passed. 

An act to authorize the city of Hickman t 0 
S'ibscfjjbe stock in the Hickman Marine Roil- 
way Company, and the Hickman ami Obiou 
Railway Company, passed. 

An act to incorporate the Columbus Holcl 
Company, in Hickman county; passed. 

An act to add a portion of Ballard county to 
the county ol Hickman; passed. 

An act to incorporate Madisonville Lodge No 
113, Free and Accepted Masons; passed. 

An act to change the eastern limits of the city 
of Louisville; passed. 

An act lo prevent Ihe destruction offish in 
Pond river; passed. 

An acl to incorporate the Boston and AM; In 

Dr. (Jnvsoll's Improved Extinct of 


rp|lE, Original and nnlv (Jeiniise Prensratien for,4ba 
, pereiannnt Cure of Uoiisuui),t; vri „„, Uja . w , „. 

the lull's when lliry are supposed in be afflicted l, v the 
liee useul Mercury, Irou, Quinine, etc. Il will' cur. 

without fait. Scrofula, or Jtins.s Bvil.Candersi Turners 
"ruplions of the Pkin, Eersfpallt, Chronic, Sore Eyes 

Justices D 

act to 

isUict in JeIler,on county; psssed. | or M , e Kiduey,, Lo.-sof Appetite, l.,.c«se. a*, m , Uom 

at me opinion, of repres.,„,„ives com'- 1 . '• "' o(M neeessary books and papers for their hc VoUoU in Xn W-Ptyl^SS"* '° • "* °' "' l,U! s '»»"«'.G«n- 

-re now engrafted Mesa/a MITCHELL ami M C JOHNSON election precincts, rejected. 

TUJtplke road Company, in Jetieijon and Sliel- iBIwvorm or Tetters. Seall lleed,'Rhonma't.sniJIPr.ui 
by counties; passed. ' in ibe Bones or Joints, old Sores and Ulcer. Swclh.r 

An act 10 establish an adflilinnnl voting and . of the Gland.., Dv ei , Cr .sia, Itheem Dise^r. 
'e/ler.-on county; jMssed. Lf the Kidneys, Lo,. ..r A..rf ' 
ffincral ptoCessrbliB 10 pass | t |,e use of Mercury, 

,cral Ilehilily, llropsy, LuiulrOju. Jaundice, 4lc Has 
An act lo change, the timcol holding (he Jcs- Female Medicine Xnown: 
san ineand Woodlord Couitx; pas^erl. | i.rrt all who wish to purge ih* blood from impurities 

Aa act lo regulate the terms of certain dourts 'and prepare the system to rcist epidemcs resort lo -Guy 
in tlie 15th Judicial District: passed- | son's Exiraet of Vellow Hock ami Sarsapanll./ vvaich 

An act lor Hie benefit of Herod Patrick, of , iaprovim; itself an antidote for many, of the mosi ma- 

Floyd county; passed 1 hjuant diseases that flesh is heir to.and they will never 

An act to authorize lift l'loyd County Court ., bedisappainled; for in lais remedy the p„Mic faith i„, 

never can wsver; for it is founded on 

lo change boundary lines and voting places ol , 1C ver wavered- 

nrrcTS from select ttees. 

plied. He did nut see lint any party question 
' a  s necessarily involved iu this subject. As for 
Mr.D IISMI1II-A bill to amend the charter j |iillie|fll|H Di . m , was B- lll „, 1 J riou8 ,„ 

of the Kentucky Stale Medical &aeiely. ewri region of Salens the fact of the Russian 

[Authorizes ihe Mithcky Mate .Medical So- ' iani) • rurklsh w:lr ,„ lhp po u,ioal wor | u . He did 

cielyto elecia Board of Ex ineVs, w|io si, ,1: . ^ o „ ji c[ ,„ „,„ G „j, ruor ^ r et«riiii,» the bill 

meet ouee ,t year, and no one shall be permitted , w(|h hJ u ^ C i,,mH-hB bad a right lo do so. He 
praclice as a physi  ian, will.oul a license \ , e „ lnlurd „, e (j„vernor'* message, but he 

was llien amended so is lo leave five 

,, , , . . , . j ei|*rienccjast as their want of faith in other and souri- 
act lo declare the three fork ot L*k'n g ,l OU5Cj)mpouIld landed M experience. TI.eyfl.Lm 
FToyd county , navigable stream, passed j „,,„„,, m)8lrun , l0 8Ce!l ,,„.,„. llfe \J m » 

An net to change he voting p ace in Oi.slrict , . . * " lc 

No 4, l„ Kenton connlv; passed. ' " n,edy - °"; e " r b '°* " 

s An- „ct to n.coiporati the Bowman Crt4k , haalt«»d,. pl rirt^ loathsome to h„„«ir „ d 

.iTuruuike road Company; passed. . I 


to practice ns a plfysician, w.tlioul a lie^-nse 

from s.i I Board, or a ril.ilema from sunn leg.ily j eo ' u '| d 'Troi'ooucu7Li Tile 1 ' Governor's cMclaeioM 

authorized medical ^college.] 

, laeililies, an i he should tnerelore vole «^c.) 
PA , l '^ E i. i ; A1! , J ' N ;r,'v N '" liLA1 - N ' UUL -i DEPOSIT BaNK OFCOVINGI'on. 

i^Zkklhu i'lle ^ H " J "'11" 8 ' .. The House next look up the bill amending 
Mr I) II SMI III offered an amendment Intl. 

nnoniTii I Hi" own section of Ihe Slate required banking 
Aft-r l lew remarks from M-ss,s I) II S M I I H, .... , l.. should lis.r.r.r. —   

HEH. II AH DIN. STONE, BLAIN, UUL- ''' e ' a ''''^ | . 
u rtiK MAi'iiPV.,,. .r. I ... .. OEposn Bank 


ihe charter ( f the Deposit Bank oi Coviuotou. 
effect that the nrovismns o/ Ihe act shoBI.1 uot pass-d tins bill Ihe C...V, mor s 

apply to pnysicians now ill the practice, which ioh ., Bti(111 , lo lhe contrary notwithslanding- 
a.i.endinent was adopted Hut the House sustained the veto, by the fol 

Mr S I ON E moved to lay the lull on the table, 

ucres untaxed and nol Mitij-cl lo forf-ilure, 

Mr TAYL'JR moved lo strike out live acres 
and insert sue hundred", and urged the inipot: | Tur "P'l e road Company; passed, 
tauce ol aiding the cause of educahon by every An act to incurpora le the Canton and Oak i 
legislative means. Ridge To rnpiko road Company; passed. 

i he iwiiend.neiit was decided out of order as ' A" act to incorpojate the Kentucky Ship 
Ihe bill then stood, Building an d Lumber Company; passed. 

The bill then passed as amended. I An a-tt lo amend the charter ol city of Coving 

13 rn judicial oistrct. j t0;,; Passed. 

Mr WOODSON moved that ihe House will, I - - " * ct 10 '"^'P 0 ™^ t,ls Mount Hor Cemelc- 
ut 3 o'clock, resolve itself into a committee of Iho 

whole upon Ihe t ill establishing the 13th judi- 
cial district , carried. 

A recess wai thou taken uutil 3 o'clock. 

Saturday, March 

which motion prevailed — veas. 111; Data,, 11 

Mr SUAWIIAN- A bill I" ch.Mer'lhe Foster 
Turnpike Road Company, iu Bracken county; 

Mr" BLAIN — A bill to iacorporoto ihe Perry 
villa a 

.Mr MILLER v bill supplemental la i|,„ act „ ; Sow:irJs  Tavlor  A C Wilson, H X 
incorporating the Louisville and Memphis Kail- I s0u } w Wi |, 0 n, \\ oolrtridge-4l.. « 

lewnlg vole 

Yeas — Messrs Speaker, T Alexander, Alli- 
son, Brann Bosh.Chiiin Duulap, Gahberii Gal* 
lilf-, tiiven, Goggin, Gregory, W K Hall, Ha. 
ger, Harding, llauser, H.yderf, Hoffman, D ti 
T, King, Lewis. Marshall. Mr. ! 


Monday, March G, 1854. 
Prayer by ihl Key Mr Bayless, of the Pie^by- 
Icrian Chuich. 


Mr BULLOCK — Judiciary — A bill to iucojpc- 

Jehpsen, TJohnes, King, Lewis, Marshall, Mc . 
i45tear»Mitl I wtnpike Road Company; | (Chor j i Melrjue, Miller, Mitchell, Mussslman, i «*« lh » 'own of Grundy, in Pulaski county 

Railcy, Reasor, Rod's, Sayers, Silvertootb, Sim- passed. 

Wi|. ! Sarrte— A bi,l for the benefit of the Washing- 
ton Female College; passed. 

r  ', 'ii Keuion county; passed. 

An act to change the lines between election 
Districts No 3 aud 1, in Knox couuly; pasaeuf. . 

An act to ftrrnisb the Jmlge of the 13th Judi- 
cial Eislricl with eiitatn books; passed. 

An act to amend llic charter ol the Turkey 
Fool Turnpike road Company; parsed. 

An act to change the lime of holding Circuit 
CourS in the county of Lawreuce; rejected. 

An acl to incorporate the Warfieiu Coal Min- 
ing Company; passed 

4, 1854. 

road ; passed 


..^^"r,",,.*"^' ,? ,,nt0n 'Lt^'rmn l ^:;: C0C,,0ta,e L0UUvi " cLil - ; C.VW counties; passed 

others, lei no one despair of recovery; let the patient 
only understand that his hope of physical restoration 
lies only in 'Guysott's Yellow Otiek and ^a: f ^|,anl!c ' 
and persuade him . fur his life's sake, to try it, ami 
we have no hesitation in prcdiciiug his speedy .restort-* 
non to health. 

■I)r. GUMuU'e Bztraet of Yellow Dock and Sarsapa 
rilla,' is ill quart hottles— al $1 per larnle. f 0 |,| |,y 
WhnlesaY and retail dealer in I'atent Medicines Fourth 
and Walnut slreets. Itnlrance east side Walnutslrec'^ 

, first door ahovc Fourth. 

H-ft^arnioii II Gaines. Frankfoct; Tho*. B, Rarkley 
& Co.,Gcori!etowu; C. J! Snmh, Versailles; Harrison 
&. Ridcley, Lexinston: Gilmey at Casseil, Nicludatvdle; 
|J. McRolieris. M,,t .tv, Twjman «l Dedman, I,aw- 
rcncelairs, Rlaeksluns  c Kishtack. Shell,) ville; Adams 
at Tutlon, tnvrnton; J Hatch, llarmdsliure; A. Wc- 
Grurty, Danville; J. il. Ilismuke, Lancaster; j. I). 
Hin nil. Itichmomt ; A. A. Curliss, I runs: J. | . Hemdon, 
Winchester; A. Hannah Ax. Go.a Mt. RterHne; Fmiti, aj 
An act lo incorporate Ihe Concord, Cabin, 4t!en, Owii KSville;C. Kan l.'o., Plbmiagshargf'A. J. 
Creek and Tollaboro Turnpike road Company; Grayson; H. 3. lin.-l ,-y t I'o., Louisa; U. 

. . r ' o- Kouiis, Greeiiu,,s, urg;II. K. gtricMeu, Clarksberr 

iP as ' e 1, . .... ,, ,,. , _ ,Pea:„n 4c rv,., Jlaysville; Wm. Dora, Urookville; F. 

All act to change lhe time of holding the Lew- ( German & Son. Falmoath; Snmh A Itiley, Alexandria: 
lisCoUiity Courts passed. • Wjn. Brown, Indcpendeiicc; F. A. Adams, Bedford: 

An act in relation to a new road in Lewis and C.S r "*S," l?."' , i.'"- r ? v . , l!fJ ^; 8 :. ,l "J. , .%' , '? n, fi» l,l, e 

-A bill to incorporate the j F , iB rien, Burks, CoiTee. Craven,', Crupper! i Clary Club: rejected. 
Prayer by the Rev Mr Linn, of the .Yletho- Emiixhee Mutual Insurance Company; passed ' - 

dist Church 


Mr CON KLIN offered the following resolu 
tion, viz; 

The Senate then look a recess until 3 o'clock. 

Replied by the General Assembly of the Com- 
monweallh of Kentucky, That our Senators aim 
Representatives iu Congies, be and lliey are 
hereby requested to use tneir influence to so 
amend the act of Congress, approved Sept 2Sth, 
1850 graining lands lo certain iffiicers and sold- 
diers, or their widows or minor children, that in 
case there be no widow or minor children thai 
the provisions of said act shall embrace lhe adult 

Resolved, That the Governor transmit copies 
of the foregoing resolution to each of our Sena- 
tors und Representatives iu Congross. 


Mr PALMER— A bill to incorporate the Lou- 
isville Literary Club; referred to lhe committee 
on the Judiciary. 



Saturday, Mar. 4", 25. 1854. 
Prayer by lhe Rev J II LiNN, of the Metho- 
dist Church. 

The reading of the Journal was dispensed 

Mr MUSSELMAN, from the rommitteB en 
Agriculture and Manufactures, presented a re- 
i port reacting dispensed with and 5,00 copies or- [but 
' dered to he printed. 

Mr FITCH pies-ntcd a remonstrance from 

Oil (than,, Downing, Engleman, Ev 
, Parish, Fitch, Geiger. Gray, Griffin, I) MGrtf- 
; full, J W Grifilili, J Hal 1 , Hastrwood, Hiotman, 
, Humphries, Hunt, Huston, irvaa, M C John- 
son, t; \V Jojies, i' I, Jon^s, Jordan, Kendall, 
, Kennedy, fee, MeCormis;k, McBreery, More- 
bead-, Park, Porter, Stanley, Thompson, L M 
Wilson, Woodson, tVuuslej— 47. 
; Mr BO YD, whdjl pia name was culled, re- 
! marked Ihot he concurred entirely in the views 
[.advocated by the Gov"ruor in bis veto message, 
had voled for lhe bill iueorporaiing lhe Pbui- 

.l.lej N.itl Ac Itean. Barrlstownt L". tl. Hay'croft, E'iza 
be.htown; Brown & Rnlows, Miiuiordsville; J . R. Bar 

■ f »t»t 0 ~ Aii act lo neclare lhe Urusny Fork of Johns 1 ict. Glas.-uw: J. II. Wilder & Co.. Louisville. 

Same — A b 11 lor the benefit of 1 hos S Thco- ' , • • ., „ „ . . , , ri», on 'vi .v 

ba -: Mill bi I was amended and rejected. , c ' eek ' in T ke C0 °" ty - a U "'« M » P^ ! " 
Same-A bill to facilitate the erection olWa-T Annctt0 incorporate the Stanford and Do 

tcr Works in die city ol Louisiiile 

Rockcastle aud 

tr-A bfll regulating the road iavTiii 4hc | P"".".^'^.^!". 11 

An act in relilioii to tho Tollsboro District, 
Lewis county passed; 

An act fur the benefit of John Peck, of Mar- 
shal county; passed. 

[Jl it III lh SM 


.Mr M 1 1. Lfjli. presented a petition from 
Zens of Rockcastle; referred. 

Resolution— increase of pay of Meir.ltri. 

Mr GOGGIX, upon leave grauted, offered the 
following resolution: 

lets and Manufacturers Bank, because he (elt 
'himself iusttucted by Ills constituents so to do. I 
I Bui tuviiie; received no instruction in reference 
]lo thebiU under consideration, he should vote 
j against it. 

counlies of Madison, Laurel, 
Kno\: passed. 
Same— A bill regulalie.g executions from the 

Court of Appeals: passed. , 

Some— A bill supplemental to an act incor- An acl 10 reuuce » «o 0"» act audio ameud'of which are in grass) Iving on the south side of 
poraiinj the Louisv lle and Newport Branch an acl '     '' lill, ' d . a " act establishing Tobacco ; Twinn Creek, one mile from Ihe Kentucky river 
Railroad Company: passed. inspectors in lhe of Louisville; referred to ij n Owen county. Ky. 

St.. A AHA illil #, , \ ilflAl. IlllPa nilr* VI ,1 *i a 1 Al»k.. I Aft / \ jft 1ft • ft ft . ft * 

npilE undeisigned wlllsetl at PUBLIC SALE 
J_ on the picmises on S4TURDAY, the 1 lth 
day of March, l-." i, a, form of 150 acres (100 
acres cleared and in good cultivation, 50 acres 


A bill for the benefit of William B Glave, of 

mnuvealth of Kentucky. That The "committee on ™*\™Tt^£ZJ?,l"°* ,W 7 "'"j*?^"' li *J? * on c °* n .|t ? . P *"1^, „ , , 
Ways and Means be and Hiey are hereby iusirue- ( '" J uu f "' " ,a "g ' r ' gate was Sufficient, Same- A bill 10 extend the l,m its of the town 
ed lo report a bill on Monday next at 12 o'clock   el 11 *i? 00 """^ d " l " bal " - and -of Cadiz, nv Trigg county: Daesed. 

Mr GOLLADAY — Education — A bill from il.e Wo i," rei'.se lhe ay of ii'embers of the General I !' s lhc ." e b "' 9 ' '"""j {• ^ Mr THO.MASSOX-Keh.iou-A bill to incor- 

H R for the benefit of School districts Nos 20 ! Assembly. 'TeiH-hes ...paitsof he country where banking porale the 'Uraml D iv.aion or the bona of Mor- 

and 38. in Boone c.uuty: passed. I Alter some remarks from Messrs GOGGIN I ^'""'Vv^lS   . }"  ^voealed on !l:a Rollii.s\ro.k, in Casey county: 

Sam* — A bill lo amend an act, entitled, m act KINli and SILVER I'UOTII, in favor of it, a "ud'., "V"-, , T ^1'^ ^' ^ ' ^»"»;, W P«;^ , ■ 

'..corporate the society of the Bethel As- 1 Mr L i KM AN in opposition thereto, tho resolu- v ' , °" 1 «'-^ ^ •»«« he .(Mr had t Mr HABPiIs— County Coutts-A lull to 

the committe ou Agricultu'e nnd Manufactures.) Also CO acres of « oodland adjoining the above 
An acl to authorize the conveyance of u mni- U,m B  ] farm. Also a good steam flour mill in 
lhe Senate took up the bill to amend the ely of the Ml Pleasant Baptist Church lot in ' a „ excellent location on the north side of said 
chapter 53, tills "Interest and usury," of Rcvis- Adair couniv to Chrisliau Reformed Church; ^reek one mile from the Kentucky— the engine 
cd Statutes: passed. P«H". . . | jnd machinery entirely new. 

When the name of Mr T L JONES was call- • RtPC * TS rR0 * standino committer— Kcsum- An nct;incorporating Woodford Encampment, Terms — The purchased money In be paid in 
e.l, be stated that he voled for this bill on its first [ cd ' j No 18. I O 0 F in the city of Louisville; pass- .»„., two, and three years, lhe purchaser giving 

passage for the reasons that he had voted ! Mr BF.ADLEY— Proposition nnd Gi ievances j ad '. t. . .. „, , . ., J kouds wilh approved seci.rllv 

Tor the Planters uud Mechanics Dank, lo-wil- 

Rrsolvtd bij the General A^embhi of the Cvn- 

ti.ul although the bank capital of the State was, 

socia lion for Missionary, Bible and Educational 
purposes; passed 

Same— A bill to incorporate the Bethel High 
School of Russelville, passed. 

Same — A bill to incorporate the Bethel High 

S tme^Ab,n^^ 

linn w;is adopted. 


Under suspension of rules. 
Mr I1ARDINU from the committee on Way_ 
and Mean«, reuorted a bill for the benefit of the 

male Institute; passed. 


Sine— A bill from the II R to incorporate the I . Mr LEWI f S - !,om }^ C".rnrniilee on Internal . WW* city bank' 

•ansyWania Institute; pasied. »T? m" ' 1 " V '° I, " tll , 0riZ9 llle On notion ot Mr Porb r, the House next took up *: 

just voled for tho Planters dud Manufacturers' change ti e place of Toting District, *n Morgan 
Bank, the Governor's ohj ctious lo lhe coutrary cuiiilty: passed. ', 
iioiwltbstauding. That had been lost, and the' Mr CAVA N— Education. -.A hill to inenrpo- 
greal end endde^ired to be accomplished ead fail- 1 rale the Dover .Seminary, in Ma^on county: 
ed. lie considered the Governor's veto a* cor- passed. 

rect in principle and as lhe question low . RRP0 , TS KB0M SKLP . CT committkv 

reduced lo one of principle, he desired to cast his „ n Keu . . ,. . , .. „ 

vote against the bill. - Mr HOWELL— A bill to incorporate the No- 

* 1 1 ix Mining and Mauufuctunng Company: pass- 

Transylvania Inslilule; passed. 

g a , n » — A bill from the H R to incorDorate the 
New Liberty Academy, ill Owen couuly pass- 

Mr CAVAN — Education — A bill to incorpo- 
rate lhe Princeton Female Institute; passed. 

Mr SUA WHAN— Military Affairs — A bill 
from the II R lo amend the military laws; report- 
ed the same, with the opinion Ihat it should not 

Afler some discussion from Messrs SHAW, i 

Mr CONKI.IN moved to recommit said bill to 
Judiciary committee; lost. 

The question was llien taken on Lie passage 
of the bill , and il was decided in the Lffirinative 
— \eus, 16; nays, 14. 

Same— A bill exempting the same property 
fro... mililia tines as is now exempt from execu. 1 which was udopleu 
tion: rejected. 

.Mr HAY — Internal Improvement— A bill 
from lhe H R extending lhe limits of the town 
of Lagmng'; rejected. 

Mr BARLOW— Agriculture and Maiiufaalur- 
„s— A bill lo incor porale the North Kentucky 
Agricultural and Mechanical Association; pass- 

Same — A bill from Ihe H R to incorporate lhe 
Kentucky Coal and Iron Company; passed. 

Same — A bill I ruin the II R incorporating the 
Southwestern Agricultural and Mechanical As 
aociaiion al Puducnh; passed. 

Same — A bill lo incorporate the Flat creek 
Coal Company of Hopkins county; passed. 

Sniie — A bill giving Ihe Boyle County Court 
power to levy a tax ou dogs; amended so us lo 
apply lo Ihe coun. ies of Washington mid Sco.l, 
and passed — yeas, 21; nays, 5. 

Mr PALMER— Sinking Fund— A bill from 

Marshall county cjurt lo change the Stale road 
iusaid couuly: passed. 

Same from same— A bill to require railroads, 
turnpikes, toll briJjie, and plank road companies 
10 declare semi. annual uivideuda. 

Amended on notion of Mr M C JOHNSON by 
striking out railroads". 
The bill llien passed. 

Mr HOFFMAN moved to dispense with the 
rules in order 10 lako up certain Senate bills: 
negatived. • 


Mr ANDERSON, from the committee on 
Claims, reported the general Appicuriulion 

Mr ANDERSON moved lo refer it to the 
Committee of lhe Vf ole this evening at .'i o'clock. 
Mr HUSTON moved Monday "ut 3 o'clock, 


Mr AN DCRSOIS, from lbs committee on 
Claims, reported a till for the benefit u, the Lu- 
natic Asylum ul Lsxiuglon: made special order 
for Monday eveuingai 3 o'clock. 

The bill lo pay tin debts due to contractors iu 
the 2d Lunaiic Asyltm, and to provide for spe- 
cial order for the sane hour. 

bank vr.r. — spciai. oRiira. 
AilO o'clock lhe SPEAKER announced Ihe 
sp-cial order viz: tin hi. I iu incorporate Hi,' 
Planters and Manufacturer* Bank; relumed hv 
the Oovernor wilh hisobjectio ,s. 

The question being ukpn upon ifle passage ol 
lhe bill, lhe Governor") objection to lhe contra- 
ry notwithstanding. 

Mr LEWIS moved fi.ra call of the roll, which 
was bad. 

The vole being taUon, the bill was rejected by 
the II K lo increase I lie number of the commis- ' lhe following vole: 
siouers of the Sinking Fund, passed. ( Ykas — Messrs Speaker, T Alexander, W Al- 

Same— A bill for I lie beiiflh of J P Curlis & 1 exalider, Allison, Boyd, Bush, Ciiiiiu, Cru : ,per. 
C y, passed— yeas, 27, nays. 2. IDOelap, l.iitlirTe, Given, Guggln, tir^gory, L) M 

Same— A bill from the II R further lo regu- | UrriffiUi, linger, Harding, Hansel, II .ydeii, H.,rl'- 
late the operations of lhe Sinking Fund pass man, DBJohnsou, TJoues, 1 L Joi-s, Jor ini, 

lhe bill incorporating the Falls City Bank 

An act to incorporate Trinity Church ill the j 
city of Louisville; pissed. 

An ant for llle benefit of Robert Y N Rey- 
nolds, common School commissioner for Allen ' 
county: passed. 

 u act t) incorporate lhe Third or Walnut Sti 
Preshvtenan church in the city of FoutsviUe; I 
passed . 

An act to incorporate tho Kentucky Meclun- 

ics Institute, at L'.uisville; passed. 

An uct lo incorporate the Falls city Bridge; 
Col ipany: passed. 


A message iu writing was received from the 
Gavernor, Mr Greene, Assistaut Secretary of; 
Sta'e, containing his veto of a bill for lhe benefit 
of Har.nah Wurlsburgen. 

The Senate took a recess until 3 o'clock. 

James m. brown, 
geo. w, brown. 

Exor's. of John Brown, dee'd. 

Bccbcc's Sifting Style Hals. 

FOIL 1864, 

JUST received and for sales supply of BeeUat'* Spring 
St ■ 

Style Hat«, al 
March i, loot. 


Mr CALDWELL— A bill lo increase the per 
The committee of the whole, to whom it was re ldi, ,, n ° f U ' e   M ;' nljeu f of tbe General Assembly 
fered, were discharged from its further considers ] \} n *'™ «* W fro |» ^P" l ° 

lion, and on motion of Mr HUNT, llle biU was 1 he question bcinir token the bill was decide 1 | fpn t: rievcnih Semi Annual Session ol in. 

Isid upon lhe table aulil lhe 16lh day of March ^^T.V^'i ,   ' Ci ', ,  , . 5 . ; ., n ;   ' S U ' , . J A wi " «•»"''«■""• . 

|Uxt 1 ' ™ Mr CALDWELL— A bill for the benefit of Monday, the 30 h_«|_i»jp of Jan 

• the Capitol Hotel Company: said bjil was 


r pHE Seven''' 
X will conn 

'I' IP' .11 N; 

[Taltion Board and Wastimclon per, Session 
] TeiTioa— Preparstory - 
Mr HARRIS— County Court — A bill lo erect ) Ac/, I, n.ic itepartment, 
tho 10th Magistrates and Constables districts in 


Mr M C JUIINSO.V — Revised Sutntea— A i a "l?"!V! ^..l^^T*™* "•"f*. 1 . 4 - I T' .tioii — Preparatory Department 


Same — A bill from lhe H R to change the fis- 
cal year of the Sinking Fund; passed. 

Mr SPENCER— Banks— A bill to prevent 
fraudulent dealing ill bilis of exchange; made 
special order for Monday. 

Same — A bill lo amend the charter of the 
Franklin Savings Iustilule; rejected — yeas, 'J; 
nays. 19. 

Same — A bill from the H R to incorporate the 
Merchauls Savings Bank In the cily of Louis- 

Mr WOLFE in a few remarks, slated the ob- 
ject of the bill, and urged lis passage with a 
good deal or fervor aim zeal; passi-d. 

Same— A bill to incorporate the Northeastern 
Bank of Keulucky; passed. 

King. Lewis, Mu.shall, MrChord. Melons, Me- 
ier, Mitchell, Mussel.r , Park, Railuy. Reason, 

Siiverloolh, Sim  ,ous, Sowurds, Taylor, A.C 
Wilson, II TWirsoi, J W Wthibo, Woodson 
Wooldridge— 43. 

Nays. — Messrs Allen, Anderson.,, Barlow, 
Blonton, firuuu, Brien, Burlts, Coti'-e, Cravens, 
Dillmun, Dorm m, Dowiiinu, Kujrle.Vlain Ev. 
Parish, Fiteh, Uahberl, Ceiger, tiny, Gnrlin, W 
Griffith, J Hall, W E Hall, H.selwo.-d, Hick- 
man, Humphries, Hunt, Huston, Irvri'n, M C 
Johnson, C W Jones, Kendall, Keuuedy, Lee, 
McConnlck, McCreary, .Morehead, Porter, Read, 
Rodes, ^ayres, Stanley, Thompson, LM Wilsou, 
Woosley — 15. 
I [During the taking of this vole, lhe following 
igeii'leinuu marie explanations, e* their auTOpS 

[Eslablisi.ed at Calletlsburg iu Greenup coun- were respectively called, iu subatance, as follows- 
tv, wi.h a capital of 550,000 J Mr W ALEXANDER — 

Mr SPENCER— Revised Statutes— A bill 
more effectually to suppress gambling. 
Said bill reads as follows. 
1st That any person who shall he guilty of 
gambling at cards, dice, cliuck-a-luck, or any- 
thing else, in or near any public road or street, 
or in any commons, fields or woods, or iu any 
bouse or any other place, for money or p'operly, 
or anything else ot value, shall be liable to a 
fine of $20 and costs, recoverable by indictment 
of a grand jury, or by warrant In lhe name of 
the Commonwealth before the presiding Juoge 
of the Couuty Court or any Justice of the Peace 
or Police Judge of lhe county where lhe offense 
may be commilt-d, aud ouo Iwtlf of which fine 
shall ga to the attorney tbe Com- 

Altiiough opposed to 
lhe6". banks bilm und still of the opinion that 
they were injudicious, yel he belioveu ihat lhe 
vole by which they liaj been |,a«*ed reflected the 
sentiments of the people of tho State, uud he did 
not think (hat their representatives ought to be 

BeP'-RTS from srt.PCT a no ptanoing committees 

Mr M C JOHNSON — Revised Statutes— A I 
bill for the inc jrporuliou of voluugaiy associa- 
tion" pass.-d. 

Mr DC N LAP — Library — A bill for the bene- Ovveit coiiuty: pav«-d. 
fit of John Dlllard; pa-se,i. t Mr CALDWELL-Internal Improvements- 

Same from sa,ne-A Senate bill authorizing ' A '"" 10 fepc»l 'he aot for the benefit ol tho 
the Secretary of Siate, to purchase Monroe «t slnckholders ol the C.'irrollton and Eagle Cicek 
Harlan.a Digest, (or lhe use of Lie Common- , Turnpike road Compans ^ passed. 

| Same — A lull from the 11 It to incorporate tbe 
[The number of cepies proposed b.  lhe bill lo | Pa(,ucal1 and TeilnCl3ee Railroad Company: 
be purchased is 500, at a cost not exueeding $9 ! »««• | yy Winter   K^t. now on hand, as soon as 

per set J ROUSE BILLS. I possihic, I have determined that from this dale, and tor 

Mr OREtlORY moyec to strike 500 and in- I An act' to incorporate a Holcl Company i n '«hes|.aeeors.xty days iherefore.lo sell my good* /ot 
sen G4?.so that each of the ine.nher, bl the Gen- ( th e eity of Lexmeton: pasMal. K'SySSi of soorl, istarr-e and well selec.ed.and bar 

All act for the benefit Ol 'I l.os E Austin and , inp l,een purchased at low rates. I can therefore op* 

reater to bayers than ever lieforc of' 

$7i ono 

IB, Oil 

Ceiajnveial licpartment, .... so.OO 
I ir fartrmr risstieulars, address tbe principal. 
J 'n. -'T. If.'.t—Sin. B. A. QstANT. 


WISHING to dispose ol my slock of gentleman's 

eral Assembly and its rillicers, be furnish 

e ' l u l "i,rr"ne, , ," ,1)! "" ! Tims G Htis.1): pasaed. 

Mr .Ml I O.II-.I.L mov d to strike out j,9 (per ' An act lo incorporate lhe Lexington Water 
seiij and niserl $111; adopted ' Wrr |t s Coinpaiiv: passed. 

1 i.e bill was then rejected —yeas, 24; nuys, ( An act Incorporating the Slmrburne Bridr-o 

-X — ■*• passed. 

I Company: 

Mr PORTER moved a reconside.itipn of the An act lo'incorporalc McKee Division No 112 
vole j'aken' iu or order hint the a.ueuUnient of I 

Mr.UREGORY (ahove i 

in this place 

I wish it distinctly underslond that this is n' um- 
hng, — a fact which I can lully eststiiit-hcd to tl ails, 
faction of all who will favor hic with a fall, and pur- 
chase articles ... ...y hue. 

Feb.*. J. IIAftKINS. 


Druggists and Apothecaries, , 

Itl A 1   S T It 11 E T , 

One door from the Cfrntr of Main and St. Clair Strett$^ 

IKAMilOKT, Kl.VrtCliY . 

PeaiArg in flue 
I)riic«. Chemicals. Medicines, Perfbm*y, rty^tuflt, 
i'anits. Oils. Varni»tiri4, Bni.«li ^ tSniitltt, (/i^ara, 
1'uliacco, Fine Sda(H ami Fancy A rticlet-, Crutu- 
priBine in pari Hie following Articles: Fine 
Toileit Uoxw, I'uft' Kcueg, Tweezeri*, 
Aloulh. Aroma!*. Ivory aud Buffalo t -«v 
X re»9ini: C'Jiul'S.Porl Monies. Sunt!" 
and *r« l aecu, liuxe«,Cloili, Hair. 
Nail mill Tooth Brushes, Visi- 
tinvf Cards and Fancy Envel 
ops.Spectacle Cases. Pinall 
Fancy Looking Glasfe« ( 
Couth Cleaners, Puff 
Coin's, Pocket 
Com l s. Lead 
Pencils. Wash 
' Abo: . 
A fin* 
Assortnifnl of 
Flavnnne Exiracls 
I^nhinVand other Kxtrarta 
for the Handkerchief, consisting 
of PairhoiilT, Violtlte; Jockey 
Club. Tul e roae , nctantine, 

HHiotrope, Magnolia, 
\ . J i-M. in, 

line Colognes, 
A-c, &.C. 

Feb 18 


On liltLS. t'lica Linicitubhlbllydraolic I'einent — for 
Z\l sale hy 
Jan. 31. 


Sonsol Tempfraine: (l.issect: 
opted; inlglii he striex- j ,\ u ac i johiicorpgrotatLsncaster Lodga No 104, 
ea out, iliotiuiveiidnieir; seeming to be ohjouiion- Free alio 4coeptdd Masons: nnsaod. 
• ,ble l ' 91 ol lhe memhers. P jVn ag , ,„ ., inill j ih» c hartei uf the Lnncasler 

M-s-i-. MOIv.-HbAU and DUNLAII advoca- anr j Ciab Oiclurd Turnoikc load Company: 
t -il lhe rer oiisider.ition, and the question being u | 

taken it was carried ■ V ^ ^ to au „ 10r ; ZB the Garrar J County Court 

I he vole by which the bill was ordered lo a t0 s „b.ciibe slock in ccilaia railroad companies: 
third reading, and lhe vote dispensing with such , Pl | 

re.ding was also reconsider^' . / A a t fo , thc benefit ol Martin Cox. pass- 

Ihe vole by which Die ameudinent of Mr e( , 
GREGORY was adored Wu » it,*,, reconsidor.d, j ; Vn act for the benefit of Jno Sealon, of Green- 

o„,, ol Mr LfcB, and it was stricken out. eoun(v: r ,j cc ted. I £\* e.l to the prescnT and approaching season 

l.,e bill was then rejected; yeas 4j, ..ays 32 - An „ ct ; t0 incorporate the Rcycrdy Coal pnd , comprising Ihe largest anil most general assort- 
constitution requiring a majority ol all the , ll0n Company. 4n Hancock couuly: passed. Licit ever offered in Frankfort. It embraces all 
'." M 'in' ™ f V" IVT':, An act !o incorporate tho Maneheo Icr Mining, ! ,| ie var.elies of 

.Mr il 1 1 oil hLb— bjiika$-A oil to authorize , Ma „ U f. c:u rin.' and B..i..ling Compa ny: passed: '.Ladies Dress Goods, Silks, Challis, Barege and 
lrr^'r?!&^^.^™ . .1 An act to inc uporate the llawes Coal Coin- J Challis de Lame, Debeijc, French and Amer- 




ARE now receiving their slock of sotxh suit- 

[The hill propose, that ,|, 0 y^eruot appoint ^ „, Hancock 'county : passed. 

tlir*-e conwn issioiiers (o visit 
in ilie Slute 
— coinj 

tl.e N^rious 'bftinki , ^^ n 

j .ncoruotate the LewL port CohJ / 
' n^i.o", ffi3 ucr dav T " ^"""^ I Company, in Hancock County: nas-ed. 
, ?'MP,*^n r „ da !. 1 . . An ^ acl for the benefit of the Han 

Hancock Pond 

Mr MITCHELL thought that the three doi-   D m[ nfi Company, iu Hancock count): pa s s- 
lars per day wasliisuffieieiit, but lhe inajorily of 1 " ■ 1 " 

" J ' An act to incorporatethe Hardin and Larue, 
' the Stephcnsbnrg and the Beihleham Turwprka I 
road Com pan ies: passed. 
An set to change the corporate limits of the 

lhe lo, nun t leu being ofu contrary opll.len, 
Instructed lii.n io report Ihe bill as ilslands 
au individual member, however, he moved to 
strike out three dollars. 

M,s,rs PORTEK, M0REI1E AD aud READ, , 
advocated iho a.nendn.en.. nu - town of Hen.lerso,.: passed. 

The motion to strike ou. three prevailed. - „ A, \ aCt l " ^ lbt °" rtCr ° f th " l ° Wn ° f ! 

^MrHT WILSON moved ,o ,.,cn Hve dol- 1{ the charter of the towt, of 
Mr PORTER moved to inse-t seven, and ad- ' Coleniaiisville. iu Hnrrrsou couuly: passed. 

That Noble and Unsurpassed Foal- 
Getter, Billy Waggoner, Sr., 

WILL stand the ensuing season, 
put'lir tlayi e.\ce]itc.l, at my siabln 
in Woodford county, on Oleen'i 
Creek, seyen mileg from Frankfort . 
ami ei^'it from Versaillos, at Foi»r 
ilnll.irs the .leasoii. or Five dullartt to 
insure .1 mare to lc 111 foul. Any person partiiic with 
a mare hffore it \» a;eeriaine l whether or not che is in 
the iiHuranee raoiipy. t. real care w ill he 
taken to prevent accidents; hut no respoiuihility for 
any that may occur. Tbe season has commenced, and 
will end the 1st July. 


.March a, ifcM— if 

My Jack Warrior, 

Wt I.I. elans' al lite same plnre. el itic moderate price 
ot 34 llie season, end $5 to intu.ance. 


moved to insert eight, and 

vocaled his motion. 

advocated his mottjt 

Mr PARISH ilionirlu $3 sufficient. 
Mi 'P ALEXANDSE sdvoc.wd seven. 
Mr MUSsCLM AN was in f ovu r of eight. 
Mr T JUNES moved to lay Ihe bill and amend. 

JOntrOHed on such u sobject by lhe view of Ihe me " l9 I °" "he 'able; nejralived. 
Executive. He therefore voled ays. Mr LEW lo thougel live dollars a day suffi. 

Mr DILLMAN had voled against these bank '«' ""• 

An acl lo incorpor.itu the £vergre»n Cemete- 
ry, in Harrison couuly: pa.-sed. 

icon Lawns; Plain, Plaid und Painted Jack 
onels; Plain and Dotted Suiss Muslins: Ging- 
hams, Calicoes. A so Capes, Collars, Chem- 
isttts, Slecvs, Laio Points, Mantillas, Bon- 
nets, lviblions, Parasols, Tuck, Site nnd Puf- 
fing Combs, Hosiery, Fancy Soaps, Perfume- 
ry, &c, And a assortment of goods 
f«| men and boy"a \v«r. Super, Illack and i •' 
Fancy Cloths and C.issimers, Farmers Salin, 
Dress de tab, Mohair* Lu-trc; White und Fan- 
cy Ltiinens, Cotlonndes; Boots, Shoes, Hals. 
Caps, &c. Also a large variety of limuslnnir 
good.-; CnrpeLs, Oilclolhes; mailing, Tran-par- 
InciM, Glass, Clnnn and QueenswaW, Mir- 
rors, oic.,, wlm h lliey intend to sell low. 
They invite their Mendrto call and examine 
aa they leel eonfident ihat lliey can make it to 

Fresh Oysters, &c. 

WE are invariably in receipt of fine (A No. 
1) FRESH OYSTERS, direct from Bal- 
timore. Also, ou hand, SPICED OYSTERS, 
CRABS, FRESH MACKEREL, Wit up in enns 
1 rimeriically scaled, and FRESH CLAMS. — 
t 'WEST'S.' 

Dec. 3. 

An act to change the lime of holding Ihe Court their interest to deal with then. 

March 4. 1864. 


Com'th copy. 


hills throughout because he tl.ought wrong, 
lie-lhouglil them wrong still, and therefore ruled 

.Mr EVE wished to make a personal ej|.lana- 
tion. He had learned Ihat it Im: been said to al 
member of Ihis House that lie had voted Bgiios 
the banks bills because Ihere was not u branch 
lu one of his countle*. He wished only to say 

I'ne House then refused to insert seven, but n ,° 
 pieu five. I parsed. 

of Claims in Henry county: passed. 

An act for the benefit of J P Sparks: passed. / 
An oct lo incorporate the town of Eminence: j 
passed. j 141.. 

In act to incorporate the town of Lockport: -fl- Fsrmeri can be supplied will, lliese and other feed 
parsed. i al moderate rales. 

* I An act for the benefit of the Trustees of lhe } 
(town of Stephensport, in Breckinridge county: 


SUPPLY will be kept ilironrrhont the season.- 
.Iiese and other See 

Jan, 31. 

! oc-.n  r j An act to extend the powers or the Tiustees of 

Mr KLAU ottered en ameudinent, providing (he town of Paris: passed, 
that no person shall be appointed a commission- 1 \„ act for the benefit of Ed Crossland, of 
er who is a sloraholder iu any of tho banks; Hukmau: passed 
adopted. ^_ 


Proclamation by the Governor. 

S200 ItEttAltD, 
In the name, and ly ihe authority of the Com 

VitnKeallh of Ktnlutky. 4 *'i 
IIPREASt, It has been made known to me tha 


ufacturelhe of VENITION BLINDS, and 
on- who understands the CABINET MAKING 

, An act to amend and reducein to one the sev- j BUSINESS, can get a gooc 1 situation by upjp  
Mr MITCHELL moved to add after the word eral acts relating to the town ol Hickman: paes-J ing_to me. J.U. KAK1, 

'ftaehholder," or otherwise interested;' adopted, ed. I Frankfort, Jany. 12, 18o4 — w&p.ytf 


WIL — 
Wm. KoFf, snd John Patton, rtid, nti tlie 1 9th rtay 
of DecerriWr, tWfl, kilt end mnrderan old nmn by the 
nsnie of Anderson, in Powell eoun.v, ami tied from 
j list. re. and .hat said Pat.o.i is now coins at larte: 

Now, iherefore, I, LazsROS W. Pown.L.Oovernor of 
the said Coimnonwefllth. do hereby od'er a reward of 
TWO Ml llllll b DOIjIiJUHW for .lie appre. 
hens.on of wiid John Patton and Ins delivery to the Jai- 
ler of Powell county, wlttiln one year frointliin date. 

/JV TKSTIJUOtfY HHF.HF.UF.l Have here- 

I   unto set mv liatid, aud caused lhe seal ot the 
(■"••j Coniinonwealth lo he affixed. Pone at Frank 
— — fort, the .lay of February, lf 54. ami in the 
6Jd year of lhe Coiuiiiouwcallll. L. W. POWELL 
Uy the Oovf rnor: 

J. P. HI etcalfc, Peerelary of State. 
By Grant Griss. Assistant Secretary. 

r»John Patton is about— years- of ace; heavy ret, about 
3 feel 6 inches in height; has dark hair, a down coun- 
tenance and jtaro'.ncrs in his speech. 
Feb SI. 


# Crt-ffirtklij Ionian. 

S I. 91. .1AJOIS, jr., k«tkr. 

TUESDAY, MARCH 7, 1851. 

ICP Estra copies of the Tri- Weekly Yeman, 
put up in single wrappers, can be had a', tin- 
office, at the rate of S3 per hundred, llciTiljers 
of the Legislature wishing to gel paper-, will 
please leave iheir orders on the (Jay before ti e 
lisue of the number of ihe p iper thev wish. 

For the Yeoman. 
Mr. Editor: — I am gloi! to see that your neigh- 
bor of the Commonwealth has grown somewhat 
more liberal of late, and admitted into his col- 
umns a comiuu uicu! ion signed 'Veto,' which de- 
monstrates the glaring injustice committed by 
the majority of the Legislature in the passage of 
the congressional apportionment bill. The cor- 
respondent of the Comu'.onwealth endeavors to 
show, and claims that he has succeeded in show- 
ing, that he has discovered a plan of apportion- 
ment, which tiia Legislature might have adopt- 
ed, coming nearer to equality in the ratio of 
representation than the plan suggested by tlio 
Governor in ots veto message. If so, how out- 
rageous noes he prove tne bill passed by the Leg- 
islature to be! The Governor's veto message 
suggested changes and alterations in the bill 

(LTTlie L- uis illc Daily Times has entered 

upon a third, year of a life, winch Sids fair to 

last a century, robed in a more ample, and 

Haunting in the neatest drets. In other words, 

it was enlutgej on the lstinnt., to dimensions   — - 

,, ... , , • _ ' which would have 

equalling any paper m the blalc, and is ncnv"| 

one ol the be&t printed in the West. Being ' 

from its ^cty commencement under the control I 

of our L.tiinate associates and warm personal 
, • ', •..„»,. ■,•,,,•„ still more nearly to approximate the ratio of rep 

friends, we have felt an especial interest in its | 


ILTWeare authorized to announce lien. Luck- 
ett as a candidate for re-election to the olTicc of 
Jailer, at the next August election. 

O* We are authorized to announce R. T. Cole- 
man as a candidate for Jailor of Franklin coun- 
ty, at the election in ugust next. 

'•The House that Jack Mailt" 

Has no connection whatever with the "Shan- 
tee" that Webster the Digucireoiypist buiit. — 
The latter was built expressly fur the purpose of 
producing pictures equal to those taken at their 
(Webster & Bro's) Gallery in Louisville, and ev. 
ery araangemeut of light,  $c, without which no 
Llaguerreotypisl can work successfully, and 
which cannot be had in ordinary room, is here 

The lircat Farifier of the Blood! 

Kola particle of Mercury in it. 

An Infallible llem^v for Srrofuln, Kind's Evil, Rlieu 
matism. Obstinate Cutaneous eruption*, 1'iinoies or. 
Pustules on the Fare, Blotches, (toils. Chronic Sore 
Eyes, Ring Worm or 'J tlur, Scald Radd, Enlarge- ' 
menl ami Pain of the Lones anrl Joint*. Stubborn 
Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders, Lumbago, Spinal Coin- 
plaints, ami ell Biseasc* arising from an injudicious 
useof Mcrcury l lniprudeiicc':n Life, or luipuiity of 

the Hiond. 

This valuable Medicine, which has l*come foT the 
number of extraordinary cure* ejected thrcnisS it* 
agency, Jias inuuded tire proprietors, at the orient re- 
quest of tlwiir Irieml^to offer it lo Uie puMic, which 
tliev fto with ine utpi»«t couridCRre in its vuiucs and 

Joy to Ihe World! 



For the entire eradication of nil Pnin. 
Xo family should bk w itiiolt it ! ! 
One twenty live cent Bottle will do mora to convinc 
you of its criicaey, than all the advertisements 
in the World M 

af l».fI.V KELLER! 


O* We are gratified to announce to our read: 
era a Cathartic Pill, (of which see advertise- 
ment in our colums.) from that justly celebrated 
Physician and Chemist, Dr J. C. Aycr. His 
Cherry Pectoral everywhere known as the best 
remedy ev-r offered to the Public (or Coughs, 4ic, 
thus prepared them to expect that any thing from 
his laboratory would be worthy of attention. — 
.A  no one mi-licinc is more unvcraally taken 
than a Physical Pill, the public will be glad to 
k'ow of one from such a liust worthy source. 
We hsppen to know, and can onure them that 
. Davis, Pain Killer Mnncof : ' !lis atl1c * ■»■» Mrtivto menu .fully equnl tb 
ludi is calculated to relieve a»y coispounrl that has ever issued from his Cru- 
ormif ino dt«t tu human life. ; tables, a nd con-cqncntly is well worthy a trial 
whenaver audi a medicine become necessary. 
—Racint Cum. Ads. 

titurs like magic- 

many ol 

mcliun of pain, no ' 
il to the J'ahi Killer. it\ 
My ami internally. bV. 

known eve 
called Qjsj 

come 39,334 hearer equalizing j secured. TV "Sliantee" will remain opposite 


reffe-eseutaticn than the districts ns made by the 
bill; and the Governor says in his message that 
he has 'no doubt that districts could ba made 

success. O'ilara, Stapp and Tanner having all 
had, in the past, the management of the Veo 
man, we regard the Ti'ntr*, when not differing 
with us in our estimate of men and measures of 

retenlation than the districts made hv this bill 

Ague and J-'ccer— great cure. — I hcre!»y certify, 


Commonwealth's correspondent 'Veto' proves 
that tlio Governor was ri^'ht in this assertion, and 

the Capitol Hotel, la Frankfort but a short lime 
longer, and citizens or straugers are invited to 

call and exrniue our work, and iftneywish it, j for itiree years I had Ague ami Fever of the 
we shall be happy to wait upon them. L WI 
N B— Don't wail fur clear weather, except for | Ton 


v io- 


Division of Land. — Mary, Patrick, Lucretia 


of wliirli * M'ectnally curcrl me. and I rim iKippy tossy 
have had neither Clitlls or Fever since. I consider 
the littrt Tonic in tlie world, and the only medicine til 
ever reached nre cad«. JXO. ].  IM; lii:\ . 

Itraver Ham, near Ittrhmond, Va, 
CB.LUCK, E-q.. now In the city 

lice, inequality and want of uniformity of the I ' . ,. ,", ," ,„!* ""■*', for niany year« i» ilie l'..,t Oliicc. lias such evnfldenee 

arc gratified at any new manihslalion ol Us',.., t, ™ . ... , J l» r garet \ ooris, formerly \v heat and her bus- | ,„ the asumlsliinj ettiracy ol i;»mtK • Si-anish Mi\ 

bin he Governor made rui-gesHons- which ,,,,„,_ uon . res ;,j e „ig 0 f t |, 0 State of Kentucky, I?' "!•' '"•' ka»boiif hi upward, ol j» Lottie-, winch 
would bring the districts more nearly equal to 


r almost iuimedi«telrtc u reitheroRowilif I l'OH BA L E. 

: t'liill and Fever, t:holern. I'holcra.Mor- _ _ _ . . , 

severe Bprni, Dyspepsia, Painter's Choi* T oller lor !iale l ' ie farm un wliich I reside, \jing Ihre* 
General Detitity, t_'oi:elIs, Head Acha ^ " nle fr °ai Fr anklori* on the liirnpike leadine to 
swelled jolnu, Craupi and S|iasnn| !   ; eoreetown,and alioul i of a mile iron. Hie heriimton 
Pains in the bade and Side and \ :.i ioua j Fraitkt.irt turnpike, li contains ai ont 400 Acre* 

lof land— ene hundred and fifty of which are woodland 
J well set in (due grass— the balance in an excellent state 
of cultivation. There is Rood stock water on every 
portion of the farm, and an excellent spring and cistern 
near the noase. The huili'mes are  jood, consisting of a 

J'i i.'or . It.itb.'c Brick Dweellint;: Kitchen 
Spritig Unuie, Ice lionse, Stables, Segro Hous- 
es, d/c. 

I other complainu; in fact it is a l'Jil \ ICILLK H 

Prorure a pamphlci of a reeular acent and rca ' 
I testimony of some or the most resnerialde citixene in 
the United States, in lavor otlhe Pain Killer. It has on 
I y to be known to ! fc appreciated. 

I this exhibits in a forcible light tlie cryine injus- i i... ,, r, , , , „,. .... . . 

State policy, as kinsfolk, howovcr unworthy, and j i:i o ;,,„„„„,;,„ , ,,„ /, f j038 r'h, Zacliary, and Ann Eliza W heat and 

"fbirf. The Govon 

stability and continued prosperity. 
The Times has been improved otherwise— \ Mleul ; f 25 334 , Vm# 

Our young and talented friend, John 0. B"- .bows that they could have been brought still 
■lock, n loimally introdtice-l to the publio as | Ilearer „„ mark , f ^ WM „ M| ^ du(y p( 

a mora equal and 

he lias mvm awny to the aillicied. ftlr. I.urk says he 
nre hereby notified thai we, Isaac ami Margaret 1 haa never known it tof.n! when taken according io di 

reetione. ^ , v . . . 

Opinion 0/ the must prommfnt Drugjfiste ut Cincxn 
natt. • 
i'in  iKXiTi, Oct. 26. IfMS. 
We. theondersiined Drngeieu of tins City, have been 
|acipiaintrd arii 
a;i Ojtifle of Familv Medicine known as Py.RRY DAVIS 
VKQF.TAm.E r-.H.V /, //././:«. and we would assure 
the public that in every instance, so far as we know, it 
hasriventhe best satisfaction to the purchaser. We 
can recommend it lo the pul hc asan article of URF.JiTi 
MERIT jWVXi VIRTUE. Indeed, we never knew an 

' article Of Medicine become n deservejIU- miniiUr in Jr\ \ 

Persons wisliins to purchase will or course call and 
inspect the premises. 

M r 5l r , h *£. p.c. freeman, sn. 

II /'tejmeton Obeejver and Reporter, and Louisville 
democrat please oopy three insertions, and forward 

'mis- : ~ 

joint edilor and publisher. His fresh blood and i , 

the Jjegnittura to adopt a more eunal 

Young America sentiments blended with Mr. 
Tanner's well know qualities — coolness, cour- 
tesy and political acumen — ouijlit to give to the 
columns of the Times a very high character.— 
Wo know Mr. Bullock; he is aboutoui own age, 
and we confess ourself mistaken if hedoesnot 
soon become one of the best pens in the demo- 

Temples and the other heir, and representative, I "^UXGE, „ nr . ctuine P1;r ,, ri .n. and formerly of^'arK^^ 

ol John Y. Jordan, deceased, will apply to the ll 'c City Hotels in the city of Richmond, says, he has pat( , (nrt constantly increasing demand. Si-ned 
, _ - , . I witnessed in a number ol ins'.mce* th ellects of (.'.in- 1 t i  p.»k Wadv riismstfo 

Audsrson County Court in regular session, at ctr's Sraxisn Mtonaa which were m osi eiruly »ur ' 

tho court house in Lawrenceburg on tho second l' rls '" -'; . ** » '   « c »« 01  'ons,i,npiK.n, deprndent 

■ , , . ,, .. ,,. ., „ , i ■  6 on the I.iver. t ie L'ood efiects were wonderlul indeed. 

ijiist plan than the one which they adopted?— ; Mol , dM) . i„ March next, for Ihe appointment ol : Pamuel M. lirinkcr. of the firm of Iiriukcr tt Morrif 
Clearly so * Richmond was cured of 1. iver complaint of k years elan 

„ „ . . . , .., , ' commissioners, to allot and convey to Geo. \Y. ! dim:, by the use of two bottles of Carter's Spanish Mix 
1 .'. veto is wrong in one particular — while h« 1 . , . ° 

* r , kavanaugh, so much of the laud of decedent, . tJrc - 
wls coining to the Governor's aid as to one thing, . a_j^ , , j u . 1 Great cure Jar Scrofula— The Editors of the niri, 

he ought not to iiavo misrepresented his action 

I   'has. Coi.i.iss, 

! B. I!. IflNMAN, 
I J. 11. IlOLOIITY, 
 f. II. RxTCS. 

: S. II. I'akvi.v, 

Akia SSxi.lkk, 

4J p I* BeoVfLl.. 

W. J. M. lioRDOIV 
J. &. C. IlKAKlRT, 

A LUCK tt Co.. 
W. II. Iliitr.isnn & Co. 

nor his motives in anotlier. Now it is not true, 
as Veto alleges, that the change suggested lo his 

cratic corps. As ou: old friend, Mr. Tanner, is , 

1 ^ . , . ,, ; own district (the ii) would make it democratic 

tolerably well known to our readcis, we shall i , ' 

1 ' ' . , \. , _, 1 (or as \ eto s very courteous lan-uaje has it— •/« 

give him the goby until he redeem 

his dial- 1 

lengeon the question of conventional interest. 
We wish him, however, no'.withsUnding our 

Notice to dealers in Pain Killer. 
. Ttie name Pain Killer belongs exclusively lo the Pro* 

in Anderson county, as he may be entitled to by niond Republican bad a servant employed in their press Iprieior of this Medici iff. That right hat been recently. 
Baud, audio allot mid divide the residuj amou E , "wui. cored olvmlent. Scrofula, combined with Ktaeu- ^stained by a court of law. and any person found selbny 
' & matism, which entirely disabled him from work, i wo . an article by that name, and not of the manulaclure ol 

the heirs ut law of said deceased. ■( bottles ol Carter's Bpanish Mixture made a iierfccl cure 1 Terry flavis & P*m, will lie prosecuted. 

of him, and the Editors, in a public notice, say they I Principal olficc for the sale of the Genuine Perry Da- 
"cheerfully recommend it to all who are aiUclcd wilu [vis Pnm Killer, in llie Western and t outliern States 

Feb. 14th 1S54. 

w *»"".V "is any diseaseof the blood," 

I. U. O. ». I 5/,// anotlier cure of Scrajula. — 1 had a verv valuable 

^vriTAL Lodck, meets every Monday night, at boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's Spanish Mixiure.n.i. 
cojoco) for, if he woula take tho trouble to look, U|a (Juu Fellows Hall, at 6'., o'clock, P.M. i consider it a truly valuable medicine. James M. T I 

lor. Conductor ou the It. F. & P. R. R. Cu., Itichiuuav- 


little quarrels on Slnte politics, the best sumcm , ^ ■ , 

no would nnd that tho district, ns suggested by 
Ihe Governor, voted lor Gen Scott by U08 innjor- 

in a biLsimss point of view. 

But conslstoncy thou art indeced 

jewel! — 

Ohio U S SiNaxoR -Afler an exciting an 1 ' Strang. «. it.may appear Veto is ,n a pet be- 
•..d canvas, the democrat* members of «»« .«."• t-»veruor could not •approve- a bill 

Phce mx Lodce, No. meols every Tuesday ' ^  
night, at their Hall, on St. Clair slree't, at 7 o'- | "' Sall Rheum „ /J0 )tar , standing Cured. 
cluck. P.M. Transient brothers are invited to Mr. John Tiiomassuii, residing in tne cuy of Rich- 
al'elld. j inoml, was cured by three bottles ol Carters Spanish 

WVTtfrp tr PnssriV l J Mixture, of Salt ttbeuin. which be had nearly i!u vears, • i, , 

»,U ,,V R ' J=,SU - N .  Secretaries a»d which all the ,h, s, nans of the c.t  could not' cure, j _ , ... . . r ' L,lt -A L lOUSE 

W.M CRAIK S *- nTnar,eS I M r. Thompson is a well known merchant in the city j ^-* rfl ^ , s*C'ilfi years ago, by Dr K,uM,n 

WISTAil'S BALSAM. — We regard the Wild iof Ricnmond, Vs., and his cure is most remarkable. 
Cherry troe as one of nature's own physicians, a ' vv "'- '\ Matthews, of Richmond. Va. bad . servant 
, , j r, e t . r ■ .. j I cured of SynhiUsfin the worst form, by Cartel s Siiau- 

, Imouslv wrontr' -\s Vel» end th- |'„ r „ sort oi good Samaritan of ihe forest; lor Us ined- Mi x .„rV. lie he chcerrully recommends it, and 
innted Geo EPugh, Esq, of Cincinnati, as their ; m0US| y ttron K' A» Veto and the Governor 1C al gum" has relieved Ihe sufferings and saved I consider. ,t an invaluable medicine. 

■ c.tino so much nearer equal. zing Ihe districts in j the li\es of lliousauds. The Balsam prepared by I Ricnard E. West.orRichmoi.d was cured by of Scrof 

bill which the ' I)r - vv '»t«r '» « pure nnd perfectly reliable pre- 1 "'a.".'"* w |la, . , '*' T " cla '.'r e«".e l contirnied Consnmp 
paratiou of the real Cherry essence, and 

For the instant relief and rapid cure of Asthma, Con- 
sumption, Coucbs. Colds, Hoarseness. Croup, 
and all Disorders of the huugs and C est. 

, Colleditc Uuitdim:, Cincinnati. Ohio, 

J. N. Harris ic Co., Pmurietnrs* 
R'ackwetl ic Co., agents at Frankfort; C W. Norton, 
at Lexinslnn; T. S. Georeelown: also, for sale 
by all tlrtiL'gists and dealcra in Medicines every where 
April 12. '53— ly «p. 

— — \ror Couglis, Colds, Asthma, Croup, Bronchilii, 

ASTlsICsTED HjCAD!!! Influenza, Bleeding of the lune», Difficul 

1 Breathing, Li 

Wistars SJalsam of Wild Cherry. 

The best Remedy ever known to Man 


the Ohio Legislature on Friday night last, nom- 
inated Geo E Pugh, Esq, 
candidate for U 3 Senator. 

Affections, Pain or 
W'cakneuufthe Bieast or Side,  $•(., 


which Veto himself has" shown to be so enor- 


,, „ , , '-. , their respeclivo plans, than the 

On Saturda/ moriiing, Mr I'u.;h was elected r 

■ t , i . ,u i . u.n.,1 , Legislature adopted, it would seem lo 

Senator by the Legislature, on tho 1st ballot. 

lie I | 

lion. by three Iwilth s of Carter's Spanish Mixture. 
9 a I E.;win Rurlon, Commissioner of tne Revenue, says he 

i remedy by no means "bad to lake." We speak ' has seen tho tooii effecu of Carter's tjpenish Vlixture 
man mat V eto, en lar . roin objecting lo the Gov- 1 confidently and strongly in its praise, from hay- a number of Syphilitic ease*, and says it is a perlcct 
W*ji. T. Bakhy.— The bill making an appro- 'ernor, should pour out ail his denunciations aud j iug witnessed its reaovatlsf influence in con- i'^^^Si^o^ifBleSmos* 

. JV". W. at t- ) 

ner of third and Union ttreetr, between Sj/rurs \ 

jt  practice f*m in this city, have rendered Dr! K . T dl9C " eof lh « LungsandLiv r, which i. producaj 
the most expert and successful praetilioner, far and mat \ ° 5 ' our evcr varymj climate, 
in the treatment of diseasesnf a private nature. Pr r- FIFTY Tllnrsivn 

sons afflicted Willi ulcers upon th; body, throat or lees I , aiiwi.. an»rr.K5UI«J 

pains in toe head or bones, mercurial rheumatism, siri; »« annually in tngland of CO VSU.MPTION. In the 
t ir- s gravel, dtsessee arising from youthful excesses ,t \ New Kn^lund States, the propertiou is one in four or 

priation for the removal o( the remains ol this l vials of wrath upon the Legislature that com 
distinguished Kcntuckian from Euiopean to our , milled the injustice. But, Mr Editor, tins is a 
own soil passed the House last night alm.-ot ]»lrango world we live in, and Veto is entitled to 
unanimously. This was due to the memory cf ; his notions, strange as they may be. Vete, in 
one whose genius has contributed so mucn lo sl ) le, ..nitatcs the speech of the Senator from 
the honor of our Stale and nation. The remains , Mason, but i( n his Rgafing is so u;:l:Re the 
of Batry have slept for over twenty years amon? J cyphering of Unit speech that the parallel cens- 
strangersin a foreign land, and while cloud kis- |e». The speech cyphers to prove that the bill as 
sing monuments of marble arc erected, or being ; " passed is right, while Veto proves by his cy - 
creeled over those of every one of our dead Iphcrs that it is altogether wroDg. 
whose names, descend to poslctity, Ihey alone, OWEN. 

through a beggarlfy spirit of economy which can ) Papkr W ~ 

have no fellowship with the genero.iry of Km- 
tuckians, have been denied a sepulchre in hw 

native soil. There was but oue voice as wo oro 
informed against tho appropriation, and we 


J ED. — For eiylil yesrs we fiave been alluded witli Dys- 
pepsia, and since takim.' one box ol Int. (I BUtSTBDV 
j Pu.i.s, we have not fell that a vestige of the disease re 
( uiaiued. amtsunic sixiy Mays have now elapsed sine. 
1 he taking of the p. Ms. We give this police solely foi 
I the heuril of our readers, without any reward or "favor 
I from the venders of the mcfliciue. If the cure should 
! be permanent, we intend to s|icak of the mailer in de- 
lta i I hereafter, for vim may be sure we feel like a glad 
j child, because of this sudden change that has come over 

Editor 01 tux RseuDLtrAS. 
have lately received the It. sun: Sun. lud. 

.S0W/1 KmlnrkSat, ' mil, TTTPrineipal Depot at Brs.iST's 15 EasS Fourth st. 
aoutn lieniucktan, pub- I Clllf ,„„»,, onto. Blsckwell Jt Co. Agents, 
llshed at Princeton, Ky., by S. C. Mercer. Itisl JOY FOlt THE IN VALID.— We cut the fol- 
a whig paper, but is nevertheless well printed   lowing from the Philadelphia Sattlrday Gazette, 

. Vs., cured of old 

sumplive cases, when all oilier prescriptions had Snrc.s and Fleers, which disabled him from walking — 
. |- ... J Took a b w bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and 

proven Ol no ellect. was enabled to walk without a crnich, in a short lime 

Xj" advertisement. permanently cured. 

| Principal Uepols al M. WARD, CLOSE Ic. CO,, No. 

fr3 Maiden Lane. New York. 

l\ W. [ YOTT* SONS, No. 132, North 2d street, 


BENNETT k. B^ERS, No. 125, Main street, Rich- 
moml, Va. 

And for sale by CANNON &. GAINES Frankfort 
K v. . Dugi'isls and Deafer in Medicines every where. 
Feb. 7, lejt. 

impurities of blood, whereby the constitution has be- 
come enfeebled, are all treateil Willi success. 

He who places himself under ihe rare of Dr. K , 
religiously confide in his honor as a gentleman 
confidently rely upon bis skill asa physician 


Young men who have injured themselves by a certain 
practice indulged in — a tiabil frerpienlly learned from 
evil companions ev at school; the cit'ecis of wliich arc 

nightly felt, even when asleep, and destroy both mind i ,,,,„,,,„ „„. „ , ,. 

and body, should apply iminVdinely. W.akness , ni1 1 "'an the one w.uch •MkktbMs on good grounds lb* 
constitutional debility, lossol muscular energy, physi- ' hope for prolonged existence, ir the allegat   '■■ of thosa 
situde and general proslrslK rrnal.iluy mid all( who arc at least entitled to vcracilv may believed 

nervous affections, indigestion elnfreiehneM ol the fiv- 'jAgy^jg 

five. In Boston. probably one in four. In Ihe city of 
msv ; NVw Vork, sixty seven died in two weeks in Decern- 
ami her of ibis disease. It is less prevalent in the more 
norihern'Iatiludes, as Russia, Canada, and among the 
Alps of Switzerland," where the winters are long an* 
severe, and there are fewer sudden changes. 
No theory can be more welcome lo the human mind 

. t 


An Invaluable Ecok for 25 Cents. 

V lit Hill V 

hiiiild liavr* a copy. 

100,000 f'^^sasfe 

er, and every disesse in any way connected with the 
disorder ol the procreative functions cured, and fu II v i- 

got restored. 


.7 Vigorous Life, or a Premature Death. 
Klnkelln ou Self-Hreservnlion -riiily 'J5 Cents. 

This Hook just published isrtlled wilb useful informa- 
tion, on the infirmities and diseases of the Generative 
Oreans. It addresasS itself alike to Youth, Manhood 

ami old aee. and should be read by all. 

aessive « amine itgiyes, 

have heard it suggested be'should have a leather ((s 
medal for his disinterested economy. 

aud edited. We wisjiitall the success it mer. ■ and recommend our readers lo peruse H careful 


Sam Marshall, from Hie democratic cottnly of' 

Mork Hanks— Oi'inions or tiik Pucks. — The 

ly, nnd those suffering slioulJ uol delay purchas- ' 

This celebratec medicine, prepared by Dr. C. 

Caldwell, dodged the vole on the Apportionment , l »" u btlls are d«jd. Good. 1 his is a triumph of 
lull. Examine the list. His name h no wlvere ri*riitn,,d sound policy. He people of this 

to be found. He was no« est invent vs. It is ' Lominouwea th may thank 6enr. Powell for his M. Jackson, at the imposing German Meciciue 
supposed he was out in Ihe back   a id of the firmness in refusing his approval of these bills, I Store, No. 120 Arch street, is exciting unprece- 1 
Slate House, standing on his head and praying ™l^!i.T™ 1 ,."" ^..l!?* u "" U u"i.!e.s'7f I fle,,Wd P ublic »"•"«!  •'. »«d the proprietor, who ' 

To which is ailtled.receijiw for ihe cure of the ahove 
; diseases, and a ireolisc an ihe nyiipg, aymptonii and 

, 0 ^"* Kenlnckv will go no furiUer in thf of| ae,,lfG P uuuc tt,w,u,on ' ana l,,e » ,ro P r,elor ' ™° \^i°^gui W&Zof Ok.Utrioin Pern. Col 

good Lord— 1,0011 Lit Ml, 03 his nape* or, couutrv Willi nromises to mCt  0lir i s u sciaiilihc (OtTtlMan, is selling im.nense quau- , l hitaUl P U»i.--t r. Ilunitr's Medial Manual.'- 

predominated. As our old friend C.ipt. C uok , u " "''^ . ,r *- uu ,lI   wtw V*vimm \o , M \ uar rj » m ^ A .mhor o/thii work unlike the nMtorav of ihows 

used tosav, you wont do, Seminy .-JhpkinscUU " proKr^iw I* now coiii|iiiraiive|y sound and !»» lly ( lines of it. Tlio virtues of tins feni -J)' aro so ] , vo K T]ls wbu to rure ihe di.ra.e or which , 
p ' aud if llie other l^jtuies would mniiile our policy, i fu||y get fortli in the extended notice of it, to be i, in a c-oduate of one ol uic l«»t Oollepea in the 

- A revulsion in business would hurdlv occur. If 1 . . . . On iled Slates. Itart rds mo nlfafure to rrcoiiiincnd 

forttmale. or to the vielin s of malpractice, 

TbS valnalde adv 
f will prevent years of misery and isuiferiiig, and save an 

1! J r Jinnttr'*: WedituU McfuaL and I " n:i "y TI'OU8anil  of Lives. 
LS 1 A nd loo' fur tiie itkictf'i' \ antaj* I *'' ai  ' ins "i rrailinc it. will learn how to prevent the 

J&i  »an oi'l'iiifi of tl.t' ori-'iu nr "re«i ' IosU " cl i° n ofthcir children 

S^t '/T^,„.^..t «.ui com «r .,r, r J i *»*A remittance of sj5 cents, encl«wed fn • letter, ad 

j;;",/, Mresnr-d lo Dr KINK KLIN. N. W. comer nf-Thlnf and 
.nrl-y seitial Mf*-. With advice lo: ( Union streets l-etwc.n Spruce and Pine. Philadelphia 

wrmetiina.lm.larmle avoidf^ nil ; * k 'i" ' e,,vclu ' ,c A I"' r rrili [L' 

' JtTrTerson* at amstance may address Dr. K. hy let 
tii . nst -paid) nnd he cured at home. 

Packages of Medicines, Directions, tc. forwarded 
hy sendine a remittance, and put up secure from 'linage 
or cur iosity. 

jr~pBoo"kKellcrs. r\rwf« Agfitlr. rrdlrrs, (n^L 
and all others sup pl;td wait tl.t aitw v   rk nt v 
w rates. .".in I, g, Jf53 

al would i 
nine iwet 

ned io the cure of I 

the J 
years | 

preventive and a remedy. 
The treat author of Nature has provided X \* with a 
remedy for Consumption, and the di 'cases leading there 
lo, which are so fearfully common in our country !— 
Has He left us to find relief from tha scourai{e hy ran 
sacking other lands? No! ihe best. Nature's own rem- 
edy, is at our hand. The Wild Clerry arid the Pine 
I furnish us with a cure where a cure is pOssffde: 
| One of the most important disc iveries of the 'ace, 
in ameliorating the condition of this large class of suf- 
fenug humanity is DU. WISTAR'S BALSAM OF 
WILD CHERRY, which has I een Lefore the puhlfc 
some ten year?, This valuahle medicine was first dis- 
covered aud intr  Juced ' in ihe year 1P38, since which 
time ils success lias constantly inrreased the demand 
until it has become one of, if not THE MOST POPU 
en I st-ige, ever known. 


s q $ 5 q g 

Tiue, Mr. Press, nnd it ii supposed loot by rc- 

ouly rid of the-bauk., H woo 14 ! ***** our B ; » ert « lu | columns, that tb«A is / m ,„ «, ths 

Tl,l„ 1 as a siiccosslul and expfriencer! prarlitioncr 

' '"s _ , .... ..... n. ,.I.. A ,1.. .... 

I lionui 

I much we may add — Of tlio long train of physical dmcr: 


This extraordinary VliL'ent is roinposril of tlio most 
heal ins Balsams, and ulien ujsd m arrord.mro with 

joSEPn i-oNcsnoni:. M. n. 

j ills lo weich humanity is heir, there is none more Frr m „ w ,„ iirar d, M. D.. sf Pen.. BuittrtUf 
I T,,K B '*' N ' K Bills KiLLro!— A private despatch i ,iisiressinr; the treneral deran-'ement of the I— It dives me plea-urS to add my lestimo, 
ircceivcd fiom our special correspondent at I , . , • , , ■, nv to the professional al.ilnv ulthe Author ui the Mtot- 

• ' • '- I ejfc MaKVal.' Numerous casfs ol Diseases ofthe Gen- 
I ilal rireans. some of them ol lorn; .tsnrSittft, have come 
i under inv in which In. skill lias Leen manifest 
in some instances where 
1 Ihe patient lias heen considered beyond medical aid.— 
I In the treatmedt of Beminal weekness.or oisarranr;e 
■ i- ' ment of Hie functions produced l,y Sei r abi sn, or K.v- 

»r.n coiiinienaa'ion, mid it is to be hoped the . , rxss ol veoery. I do ent know Ins si ecaios in the pro 

members will coMiuuc to the end true to their 1 sufierable uud iifo-wastiuj attendants. These 
purposes. Tim letter of our correspondent, and diseases, which have bafil-d the skill ofthe ablest 
the lecrislstive proceediiijrs |r u .„ ourreporler' to Ooclors, have been radically cur»d bv Hoof 
las, of the United Stales Senate, for a copy of wli.cli the reader is teported give all tlio details 
his able speech, of 30th J.nuary, on tho great I of '''" mailer. Lm. four. 

mainlng SO long feet uppermost, something else be still better- We hope the last clurlor forsuch | hardly any room left for us to speak of It. J His ! J^," ^''^y^^VitV "they illay'p'iace iiie' e rcaie»i'coiili I' 1 " directions which accompany each pot, 
got into his head besides Ihe Us-ual tenant of the institutions in this State ha, been granted. 

. ^ . e e. . , i Lou. Di in. 

'upper regions, for very soon alterwards he tin- ■ 

dcilook lo hcatl the Governor on t lie bank bills. 
But the 'dint' of oyster suppers anrl hectonns; 
denuticiations availed not. The banks (ailed 

head, and 

Anotlier Physician's Testimony. 

Mn. Fowls— Dear Sir;— I could send you a doSeH 
REMEDY ! ll " llflr,l « , . sl "" , « mditftmiK,',, the really senative 
' effects of your valuahle Balsam ol Wild Cherry, within 
the past twelve mouths, andcr my own supervision and 
direction. Indeed, I know of few persons who have 
used it, comparatively, but commend it in the strongest 
term,. A case of Asthma, the severest I ever saw, to 

and ho was left a second time on hi- .. 

U ,s veiily believed in these P a its' that fiom the I^J^^ ^'^'^ ^tfc 
operation, he has not succeeded in 'ahuwing Gov. ' 
Powell his place.' 

Hj-We are indebted to Hon Stifhen A Uouo- 

F rank fori, and immedi.Uely posled on our bulle-" I di K eslive a PI' ari " us . wllicl ' »«•' 10 ««• 

tin board, oniiounr.ed that all tho bills for the |.couip»iiy a disordered slate of the liver. Ile;wl 

charter ol* new banks, were efi-clually killed iu I ache, piles, languor, frelfuluess, a billious tongue, ' in resior'ine to perfect In 

a morbid breath, loss of appeli'.e — in short, an in- 
describable wretchedness of existence, are ils in- 

land's German Hitters.' 

tr.Yud we trust the rumnr is full of founda- 
IMebraska question, which we shall lay before ,;„,,. thss. r« K ^.bp, will plunder aud bank- 

our readers nt the earliest opdortunity. Tho 'lit- rupf Ihe Slate it suffered lo go into operation. 

lie ginnl' of Illinois will soon become the Jbhj- fjjjf vetoed and destroyed Ibo act will save the 

'State from ruin. It is a high act of self sicrifi- 


I Hon. 


giant' of Ihe democretic party throughout tlie 

nation. We will quole oue .enlimeut froui hisj meet tile eiiiei'-'eucy liags'aud Tiilirn In 

"I (lo not like, 1 never did like, tlie system of 
legislation on our pari, by which a geographical 
line, ju violation of the laws of onlure, and cli- 
mate, and soil, and of the laws of God, should 
be run lo establish institutions for a people con- 
trary lo thfir wishes; yet, out o' a regard for 
the peace and quiet of the country, cut of re- 
spect for past pledges, and out of a desire to ad 

CINE, Carter's Spanish Mature stands pre-emi- 
nent above all olliers. Ils seii'ul/irlv efficacious, , . 

, . ° . ■!,. ■) I all ol jeclionalile ma ter, and no parent, however lasfldi- 
j action oil the blood: Its strengthening and vivify uua £,„ „|,j e ct to placing it in the hand of Ins sons 

i.iir miiililirx il« tnnin iclinii nn Hip liver- it The'anthor Ins devoted many years to ihe treatment of 
lllg qualities, IIS ionic nCllOII on tllC I^IVCI, 11 , „, e v „ rjun8 r , )inpH11 „t s trealed of, and •with too liltfe 

1 have lieeu acquainted u na the Author some 
th-.riv vears, and deem it no more ihau justice to him 
as well as a kindness to the unlortu nate victim of e.irk 
in I recemnir ud him as one ,iu whose pro-y 
Irssioiial skill and integrity they may safely coniide 

.'This is, vri t ' ,0,, t exception, the most coniiirehensive 
an'- inleiliriihte work puWis^eil on the class ur diseases, 
of which it treats. Avoidins all technical terms, it tfl- 
»"resscs itsell to the leason of lis reA.lers. It is free from 

traded or rstill* Joints. In Asthmas it will 
if'well rubbed into tho Chest. 

cures when all other means tail. Casesot the must des 

l. r.ii.- Skin diseases readily yield lo Us efficacy. Ills which I was called a ajo, evinced the superior,, 
fsaioufl when used ill cases oi Gout, Rheumatism, Con ty of ihe Balsam. It lasted him six weeks, am) the dys- 

do wonders j ,, ta , nr | suflcrinu was dreadful; he sat up ovcry night. 

The gentleman told ue to five him something to last 
A MOST ASTO\I?III\t; CURE OF SCROFULOUS I him home (81 miles)h« Bright sea unit 6s his- wife anl 

''''"'" oil^rTSSSwir  IAY - I *»'.•■•'  *»«• ' *™ o« bom. of B... 
Copy or a Letter from J. No! t», l:sq., .Major of Boston. I «in and foar ouncesoi syrup so.uills,direciing himtotak. 

Lincolnshire. 1 teaspoonful doses of best Bordeaux olive oil, when th. 

To i l'Rnr.ssoR HollowaV, ilifliculty or hrcalhing was grc.test. Next day I fore- 

Hear Sir — Mrs. .s,|. ,ii llrxos of Lii|liorpond Ptree ' " * ■ 'ore 

Boston, b|| this day detmsed '.ei,,rc me tuai tor a consul c " '"« despondent will, and made him take six bullies 
er bhj p'-t io.i sl.e wus Kv.rely ailicted with Scrofulous of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry home with him a. 
Ulcers In her arms, feci, le»s. and other parts ol bet , pr !MI „ ,,„ bavins alleeed that he had used so much 
t'..d\ ; and alilioiivh llie r.rsl medical advice was obtained . .. - "™* 

at th, cotl Of a large s I money, sin obtained no j expensive medicines to no profit. Last week Mr. A 

ali.iieiitenl of suffering, but gradually grew worse. • called ind expressed his cratittide to me in the warines 

Uej«« i ,eonaiended by a friead to lr  your Ointment. jd the m „| iciIie , 1 d MWi hj , | if ,_ pajd ,„ 

sbe procured a small pot, and a hox of the Fills, belore , .. .... . . 

that was ail used, symptoms of anieiolment appeared whole loll, and look in lioules more, and left my office 

It is ordered that a dividend and distribution ef the muat be conclusive 
assetts now in money, on deposit will be made here , 
here faithfully to u[l compromises, I sustained j anions ill. creditors who have proved their del-is, on , humbug about it. 

the lirst Monilav in April next, according lo Masters 
rejiort. unless cause against it be shown Irefore that day 
A copy Attest:— JOHN A. MoNROK.C. K. II. C. ! sceptical o! its benefits. 

the Missouri compromise so long as it was in 
force, and advocated its extension to the pacific 
ocean. Now when thai lias been abandoned, 
when it has been superceded, when a great prin- 
ciple of self-government has been substituled for 
it, I choose lo cling to that principle, and abide 
in good' faith, uot only by the letter, but by the 
.piril of Ihe last compromise." 

The South owes Senator Douglas a lasting 
debt of gratitude for tho firm and noble stum! 
he has takeu ill defense of her just tiglils, nnd 
he eloquent seulimenls of llie "Utile giant's" 
speech will find an echo in every southern heart 

the various 

■ tendency lo diive all humors to the surface. lhere , hrcaih to paff.' and -inn little presumption to impose. 1 he 
1. . ■ .ii-- -i- ,  r', hasnirered to the world al llie merely nominn' price ol 

oy cleansing the sysfem according to iNalurcss : ,_, 5 r( . lll!t lh( . fru its . r some twenty years most success- 
Slow n prescription; ils harmless, and at Ihe same j HzT"^7Jt n x should b, without the knowl 
! lime extrrordinary good ellects, and the number 

fti$9 fahpfcrtf d iw thi» ftwalptfto work. It wontil pave 

nty.j-J of cures testified lo by many of .he most respec- 

able citifeens of Richmond. Va. and eUcwhcro v   A BNtbyttrfaa rkru-yniat. in Ohio, in w..tin S o 

I •Winner's Metlical Manual.' says: *T liun«ainl niion 
CVldullCC that thcro IS 110   u, OU ji a in!solour ynu;li, 1»y evil f sample ami tlie influ- 
JenrcoltliC |»n* iuiis. have been led into Ihe haliit of 
r*pollvtion v* ithout rcalizinf the t«iii mid learlul con 

Col'rt m Uaskri ptcv, Marcli 6,1854* 1 
\o. 261.— James I 
The Masters report on the reftrencc for i lie purpose uf 
a diviiiend It. i via? heen made and tiled 

C. N. WARREN & CO., 

main *f., between Tfarlrd nnd lourlh, 


The trial of A single boUlt£vr.U satisfy tlie most Sequences upon theimelvrd nnd their noMrrily. The 

1 coiistiiut»*n* of thousand*, who are raisins ldinitiesl 
have licfii enfeebled, if not broken down, and they do 
not known the raise or tne cure. Anything tint can lie 
done N  lo enlishteii and intlnenre the put'lic mind as to 
check, and ultimately to remove this wMe-iqiread source 
of human wretchddnesi, would confer thegr^atcct hies- 
sine nfxt to ilio religion of Jr«u« Christ, ou the prevent 
and cominj EeneratH»n«. 1niempeianc«, (nr the use of 


To I lie County Court, of Kentucky 

Kxecutivk Office, ) 
Frankfort, Ky.. Januaiy 31. 1 654 $ 

THE undersiinen hav.- cmerrrl into partnership, tin As ^guireti by law, I have caused dimlicnnts ] iiiic xicaiini: rlriiiks.) tli.m-b it has slain thousands dp 
derthes,y,eo [ C 1 N : WAKRIA^V N « •^^''^ ! or ^ llesl q all a.,d of wel e hw aud measures 'of '  »«  ~''"- " « ,hfi ""'•"»' 

l*ieater fcOura: 
Accept my thankx on behalf of the afflicted, and 

Piano Forte Tuning and Repairing* 

{From the Music House, of lirainard Brother it 
Co., Louisville,, 

TAKBS pleasuie in informing tlie ladies of Frank- 
lvrtaml vicinity, thai he will reinat. here about 
ten days, for the purpose of 'runiiiit and Kepaamn p,an 
. los, Organs, alrrlodeous, Guitars, &.C. on reasoiiabti: teruis 
amlall w.,rk warranted. 

ilJ"After an absence aud Cslraui;em»nt of more 

than twelve mouths, it affords us pleasure to 

welcome that pungent and unadulterated sheet, 

llie llopklusville Ptess, to a place on our ex- 
change list. In Ihe first or second moon of our 

editorial Ufa, Col Noble cut our acquaintance, 

tans ceremonie, lot what reason we were then, 

and are now, totally unable to diviuo; and 

the following it seems he hims-lf was as bliss- 

fully ignorant of llie casus belli. 

"1 it conclusion, we hereby forward the 'Press' 

to the •Yeoman, ' and ask for au exchange. We 

.stopped the exchange last ysar far whnl seemed 

to ils at that time sufficient cause— but alas! like 

many other things of the kind, we have now 

forgotten when it was -l-t it pass. We lender 

our compliments lo ihe Yeoman, and hope thai 

hereafter when we disagree, we mav do so in 

kindr.sss and courtesy. This at least shall be 

our course." 

So mote it be. Let us rad the Press and we 

warraut it that we shall like each other on ■ bel- 
ter acquaintance. Kentucky ii big enougTf to . 
I s , , , , . , ind. hted to ns, will please comelorward and set 

jhold usboth.and if another estrangement takes ■■ ^ , ccounU . All person, having accounts 
lolace, it will be for the sole reason that we agree a _ a , n ,t US| w ill please present them for payment 
loo well to live iu harmony. /an. M, 1854 LUQKETT& HAMPTON. 

transaction of Ihe BXUII A M; K anil - 

tiess. Tliev "will buy and sell Ktjliinjr, I 'ni-nr re nt State to be made for such counties as have not ; t.r.|j ev e ,„., jonr co-w«ker in the good work you art 
Moaev. Specie. Itailmail and otiiertlioeks, ddlrci liratt., , heretofore beeu furnished Willi them. They are | aciivelv eneaned in 
• nlauend to any oilier transactions ticrtaum.j. to men f now re .„ |y f or delivery, aud upon payment of llie 
Lusinsss. i'. N. WAKBflV. i'oosl of them by Ihe Counly Court into '.he Stale 

WOA, UKolVN'i:. Treasury, will be delivered at Kr inkfort, to any 
person whom the court may designate to receive 
them. Kaid'-dufdicanls nnd Iheir cost are as fol- 

A compUle set of weights, from a a half pound 
weight to fifty pouuds, with box containing 
same, - - , - - - - $ 13 00 
A brass half- bushel measure, iu box, 1- 00 

longer, aceord in. UI Ihe directions, and sclrietly adiier- 
iiiC to yonr ruli-s as todiel. etc.. she was perfectly cur- 
ed, and now enjoys the he i of health. 

I reiuaiii. dear stir, your, trtitv. 
Dated Aue. I2ll , IKill. (Burned) J. NOBLE. 

\v EXTKAOKDIK.ilJI'V AND n A P 1 1   CL'Kli OF 
Oopy of a Letter from Mrs. Milsabeth Yeates. ofthe 
I'osl Ufflce, Alilwick Koad, near llottnor, Sussex, January tfth 1P53. 
To PrrorEssoa Holi.oway. 

Sir.— I snlfered for a conslderaMc period from a se- 
vere attack of Erysipelas, which at length settled In my 
let;, .nd resisted all incilical treatment. My surlerings 
were very irreat. and I quite despaired of any perma- 
nent amendment, when I was aifvis-d to hava recourse 
to your Ointment and Pjfls. I did so without delay, and 
am hsppv io any the result was eminent! succr-sslul, 
fur they c-vTected a radical cure of my lei and restored 
me to the enjoyment of health. 1 shall ever speak with 
lit, utmost contideiice of your medicines, and recoin- 
mended them to others iu the neighborhood similarly 
afflicted, who derived equal l*nefil. 

I am. Sir. your obliged and faithful Servant, 


The Pills should be used conjointly with the Ointment 
in must ol the following cases. — 

W.M. SHAW, M. D. 

IVvl I.c;s 
Dad llrcast 

Morch i, l-'.l 

* 55 00 

Feb. 2. 1854— lm 


Hr.Bnlkeleywill have for sale Pi.n«. *md«ns . ' J^,, J,.,,, |,\, Warr , l|lt ,. ( l « a riieil St't'tlS. 

Guitars, &,c, irom Uia Manufacturers, aud will buy 
or take in p f€nMMca -econ.l hand I'mioa. 

Onton teft «t tlu Book rfi»re of W M Todd or H, 
Evans .t Co., will be promptly atK-ndid to. 


John II. llama, Km\.. Ckpl. Joliu Rus«eH, Thns S 
Ehj.. Tir. Lluyd, it*v. Jam-'s Ka:i, M.ij. Zerriaut, 
PrauUfiirt; Frof. J. J . Mcivcmia, I'eiers, Webfc 4, Co. 
Louipvil le. 

N. It. — A frronil-hqild 7 octavo Piano (late itvle) for 
naif ih«\p. Tlx- I'iauo has been very tutle uied. 



HAS received his regular supply of oardes sued 
from this Ions - ml favorably known establishment 
find is prepared to fill the orders of his cusioemrs. 

Feb. -J3. 


LIFE Scenes in New York, illustrated, including the 
siory of Little Katy. Madaliue. the Itae Picker's 
1 Uaugluer, Wild Madce. are.— lifteclilh edition— just re- 
ceived ami for sale by W MM. TODD. 
AV1NG sold our Book, Boot and Shoe Store, I Feb. 2. 
therefore, "all persons knowing themselves ■ 



THE Lovers ol Good Ale can atwaye fni-l a \o I Ar 
ticia on Draufhi. at PIERSOX S. 

One copv, (securely enveloped. 1 will be forw arded rii'.e of Musclietoes and 
free of poslaee lo any part of the United Stairs lor 25 
rents, or « copies lor Address (post paid) COSI L Y 

& CO., Publishers. Box 196, Philadelphia. 

TtTMIookscllers. Canvassers and Book Arjenis suppfi 
ed oath* most liberal terms. 
Nov. 10, IMS. 



$200 REWARD. 

THE reward of two hundred dollars, offered by 
me 6n the 4th of Oclobcr, Is52, fur Hip appre- 
hension of GliORGrC LAWSON, ciiargrd wiA 
the murder of James West, in Washington 
county, and his delivery to the jailor of said 
coumy, is hereby continued for one year fiom 1 
the date hereof. 

) I, LaZ.uii:» W. Powell, Governor 
\ of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 
) have hereunto set my name and 
v -"" v ""-' caused iheseal of the Commouweallh 
to be affixed, at Frankfort, this 26lhday of No- 
vember, 1853, and in the 62d vear of tha Com- 
monwe.lih. L.W.POWELL. 

By the Governor: 
J. P. Mitcalfk, Secretary cf Stale. 


rirandular Swelling, 


f ore Xipple, 
Skin diseases 

L. S. 


XE case Hay,. Crif k CO'r, Cryslsl _Pal«° 


o mm Hat*--(ijr«ale ai EVANS 4: HWtPB 

Book antl Shop. £toie. 

Coco bay 
Chappett hand 
Corn (Sofi) 
Dana i"* 

Coutrar.te.l and Stiff Joints I^cers 
Klepl &iii;a u Wounds 
Fibulas Yawn 

Boltfat llie Estaritishment of Proteaeor Hotiowi 
i.*14. Strand, (near Tempi*' Har.) I onil«n, and also at hw 
House in New Yark. Orders for. M^Mcinea in the 
States, addressed 'T. HollowaV, New Y.orh/ will re, 
ecive due attention. Sold also hy all respectable Drug* 
Cist and I ca'efe in Medicines throughout the United 
States, in Pott, at37« renin. P7 cents, and $..50 cents- 
each. To he had Wholesaleof the principal Drup Hous- 
es in the Union. 

fc^-T.iere is a considerable savin; by taking the larg- 
er cires. 

N. B.— Directions for the cuidance of patients m ev 
erf disordor are affixed to each Cvi 



in now receiving and opening, al 

No 104. Fourth Street, I oii i»vl I Ic, be- 
tween market and Jeifcrfcoti. 


Which CANNOT be surpassed. 
E would say to Ms old Then d& and customers in 
Uns vicinitv that he ie confident he can make it 
heir intereM« to open aer.ouut with him in Louiseille. 
tor he canoffaneb induceraeartats 4* w ** » evor * w « 
of orTer in this markets. 

Washington, N. C, Aug. 1?. 

t an not bi  Dlscred I ted. 

\Vc annex a ew etateineuts Irom individuals wel 
known in this vicinity; the first of which is Irom Alder- 
man l'crkins: — 

Boston, Feb. 3. 1851. 
Dr.S. W. Fowi.r— Dear Sir;— Having lately h«d oc 
caston to try your celebrated remedy for feougha anr. 
celdt, Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry which I did 
| with success, I cannot in justice to* you withhold my 
testimony in its favor, For several day* I had been! 
suffering from the effects of a severe cold, accompanied 
hy a very sore throat and sick headache, which com- 
pletely incapacitated me for business. I had taken bu 
a very small port : on of a eingle bottle of thin Belsam 
when I experienced immediate relief. My cough wis 
broken up at onco.and my ihnff entirely relieved from 
I. e pressure which had become so painful. I attribute 
this relief entirely to the good effects of your Wild 
Cherry, as I took no othnr medicine whatever. I tot 
lally recommend it to all my friends. 

Respectfuly yours, 


Pol "by J • D. "'A KK, Cincinnati, O., 
Northeast corner nf Fourli. and Walnut streets— en 
traVice on Walnut street— lo whom all orders must 
lie addressed. , a^ 
TTr'Canimn icO inea. Frankfort ; Thos. P. Barkleylt 
Ci ..Oeor^elown;C. J. Smith, Versailles; Harrison Ac, 
Itidslev, Lexington ; Gihnev A Cassell. Nicholasville; J. 
Mritoberta, Midway; Twyman it Dedman, Lawrence 
Imfjr, Blackatoni & Fishback, helbyvi He, Adams St 
Tudon, Owenton; J. Hatch. Hnrrodshurg, A HcGrortT, 
rianville; J . H. Dismiike. Lancaster: J. I . Smith, R ich- 
mend; A. A. Ciirtiss. Irvine: J. P. Herndon, Winchea 
lei , A. Hannah & Co., Ml. terling; Smith & Allen, 
Owingsville; C. Hart ic Co., Flemingsharg; A.J. LatiB 
oon, GrayaoV; H. S. Buss hry it Co., Louisa; H. 8 
dSeullf,  ;reenupsbiirc: B. E. tricklett, Clarksburir 
f.eaton ac Co., Maysville: Wm. Dora. Rrookville; ' F 
Wrnian & Son. Falmouth; Smith A. Riley, Alexandria 
K m. Brown. Independence; F. A. Adams, Bedford; 
J. & I. P. Brown. TaylorsviP.e; A. S. Bnrliegh, Shep- 
adrsVille; Nail Sl Bean. Bardstown;E. H. Haycroft. EJi- 
sal elhinwu; BroWn ac Enlows. Munfnrdsville ; J. R # 
Karril, Glasgow; J. B. Wilder dt Co., Lonisvfile. 
Dec. 20, 52— ey. 


aa ca. e a, a o =cp 


WOULD call the attention ofthe Members of the 
Legislature, strangers visiting the city . and eiti* 
zens cencrally, to his Dagnerrean Oallery, where they 

may see a fine assortment of specimens «f his work, 
and have their miniature* taken at anv tine tralwaan 

the honors of 9 A . M. and 4 P.M. 

He warrant* his wort to be of the most supojioi" ol- 
der, adn astis/atiMH. 4iways given. 

Professional Cards. 






ILL promptly attend lo any busineea entruated 
10 ihcni in Woodford »ndlhe edjoiniui ccunliea 

Julr 12. wo^an. 


ATTOKJS'E V .IT i.ilf, 

Office on St. Clair Ptrect, with J. & W. L. Harlan 


Hon- J. J Cmi-Tinn*, ) 
Gov. L. W Powill,   Frankfort, Ky. 
Hon. J n» lUm.»*. »_ . „ 
TsTioa T rnkk * Ce „ Bnnkers.I.ciington, Ky. 
r HMos. ihat k Co.. Bankers, Louisville. Ky. 
Vf T»»«ti , Louiiville, Ky. 
Ju v 



Attorney at Law, and General Agent 




ET Office on St. Cluir strent, n»xt door to 
Mone'i Telegraph. Office. [July 5 th,lt 53. 


Stamping Qround, Jt"jr. 

WILL practice law In Scott and the adjoining coun- 
ties. All but.iieaa confided to him will receive 
prompt attention. [June 1 . 18Sa-U. 




WILL practice Law in the Court, h»M J Frank, 
fort ami adjoining couniie.. He w.' Com- 
,„.», nf need- take the acknowledgements of 
need an I uiU X m'.n 10 h" «' 'ecrded in other 
ISStfiiE* Commissioner under MMtfM 

Frankfort. July '2 1853— by - 





WE the undersigned citizens, of Frannforl, Ky., 
were on ihcSSth of October Ian called upon hy 
Or. J. B. Gentry, to examine four patient! who wereal- 
Aided with aore eyea of the most virulent character 
and who were about to be placed under Ins treatment lor 
their recovery. We did 10 examine them, and found 
them afflicted in the moat deplorable manner; tlieireyei 
were dim and shadowy in their appearance, and lliey 
teemed to sutler the most intense and excruciatine pain 
— thediscase having exitited with pome of them aa far 
back as four yean, preventing ttieui from attending to 
any husmeae during thai period. We have been an 
ihnrixed by those paiienti to certify that In the incnldi- 
ble abort lime of lour weeks that they are well and that 
we cannot certify in language too strong and forcible the 
gratitude they feel for the immense benefit they have de- 
rived from the scientific manner in which Dr. Gentry 
has treated their diseases. We therefore recommend 
him to the patronage of all afflicted in like manner. 

L. W. POWF1. 1. .Governor. 
R.C. W I NTERSMITH, Treasurer. 
J. 8WIGET. OI'll C. A. 
THO. 9. PAGE, Auduur. 
April 19, 1853. 

N. B Having formed a partnership with Dr Lafay- 
•tie Yeales. who is a •.•raduale of the Jefferson Mediral 
College, of Philadelphia, 1 take great pleasure M ie- 
commending him to the community as being in every 
respect aa competent to treat diaeaaes of the eyes as ir y 

The firm will be conducted under the style of Gentry 
A Yeales. Oculists. Frankfort Ky. 
Frankfort. April 19. 1C53. J. B GENTRY 

Louisville and Frankfort and Lex- 
ington and Frankfort Railroads. 


On and after the 1st day of November, Trains will 
leave Louisville and Lexington daily, ^Sundays 
excepted,) aa follows ; 

Leave Louisville6. A. M., arrive at Frankfort 9:30, 
and arrive at Lexington, II. A. M. 

Leave Louisville 2:40, P. M .. arrive at Frankfort 8:30, 
' and arrive at Lexiugiuu r I' M 

: Leave Lexington 6, A. M., arrive at Trankfort 7:50, 
' and arrive at Louisville 11:90, A. M. 

Leave Lexington 2:15, P. M., arrive at Frankfort 3:55 
and arrive at Louisville, 7:30, P. M. 

HAM'L GILL. 8upt. Lex. A F. R. R. 
J AS. F. GAMBLE, Supt. Lou.AF. R. R. 
Nov. l,1K 3.— If. 



A \ always be obtained at 
Jan. Sit. 



LARGEsuppIv alwayaon hand and for tale, whole- 
. sale and retail at TGDlVd BOOK STORE. 


Hurd's Golden Gloss 

FOR THE HAIR.— Among the many preparations 
for the growth of he Hair, this GOLDEN GLOHS 
takes the lead. Three reasons will be given why it i- 
so universally uaed and preterred to all others. 1st. Ues 
cause it has proved the most effectual in Baldness. 2nd. 
Because it imparts a beautiful dark gloss and delightful 
perfume to the Hair. 3d, Because the Ladies, with fine 
discrimination, which they all possess, have adopted 
it. Many other reasons could he given why it Is a great 
favorite, but those who want more have oniy to give it 
atrial. Price 25 cents in large bottles. For sale by 
Druggists and Storekeepers everywhere. 
W.C. HCRD. Panratiroa, SU4 Broadway, N. Y. 
Large Discount to Merchants. 
2oy 22. IH53— 6m is. 


F Rogers Jr. Wosleuholw'* best quantity anil pat. 
tenia for sale by WM. M. TODD. v 

Feb.. 2. 


T TIE American A'manac and Repository of Useful 
Knowledge, for lf54, for »*nle at 

Alio, Western Farmer's Almanac, hv the tkzen or 
■ ingle. Feh. 3. 





Hsu ...oeialed with him in the practice of the Law 
hfs K«. M»»«««. They will practice in the 
aevera court, held in Frankfort, and attend to co !«- 

given to anv business confided to theircara. ate. 
January 20. 1852-lf 

ir x. rcaavMis. 

onw tat '.Asn . 


Attorney, ui Uw unci General Land 

seouim; TEXAS. 
Cot. A. Null, Begum. Texas. 
Messrs. Bxrrstt A Wooo Luuisville, Ky. 
May 26, 1833— ly. 




OFFICE removed to Weslside of 8t. Clair street, over 
Snangenberg * Prueifs. Will practice law in all 
the Courts held m Frankfort, and adjoining, counties. 
May 22. 1852 — if, 

J. J. PARK, 

A r TO B E Y A T E A W , 


WILL prsctice law in Hie counties of Morgan. Law 
rence. Greenup and Carter, and will give his par 
liculat attention to the collection of claims, Ac. 
TQ=Ofiice in Grayson, Carter Co., Ky. 
Jan. 22, 1853 

If Ton have in your county any one whose affliction 
eorresiionds to the above, you may extend the sohere of 
your usefulness by Inducing them to visit Frankfore this 
winter. With respect yours, GENTRY A Y ATES. 

Oct. 23. 


A Lis who want Aies of the real Collins 4c Co. mak 
£"\- should he particular in notice Hie Htamps, as there 
are various counterfeit* and imitatiouH stamped Collins, 
and laMled much like ours, which are fraudulently sold 
in some parts of the United Plates as nur manufacture. 
They are made in different parta^f the country hy va- 
ious axe- maker*, and are generally of very inferior quail 
jr. The genuine Collins axes, which have acquired $urh 
an extensive reputation, are mvariaMy siaini ed "COL- 
MNt) 4t CO. H A RTFORJ)," and each aie has sprinted 
la^el with mysisnaiure. It is now more than Twin- 
tv pive YKAits since w# commenced the husinesa with 
ihe stamp of**Colhns k. Co., Hartford," and I do not 
mow of any other axe-maker hv the name of Collina 
k the United States. SAM. W. COLLINS, 

n Auk. 23. 1853.— ly. 

e n. Taylor , jr. olysies tcrnir . 

wm. snorsE 


i. M. HEWITT. 

p. v. major 




Will give their prompt attention to business confided 
in them in the Court of Appeals, Federal and Circuit 
Courts, and in all other courla wlncb hold their aaa 
sinnj in Frankfort, Ky . 
March 22. W53— If 





To takeDepositions in Fayette county? 

Dep. 29. leaa 



MO RE HE AD & B R 0~W N , 



Willattend to husiness confided to to them in the Court 
«f Appeal*. Federal Conrtt, and other courts which hold 
their sessions at Frankfort, Ky. One or hoth may at 
ways be found at their olfire, to eive counsel or transact 
business. Frankfort. Jan. 34. 1852— by. 




VTT Office at the State Library, 
"1 {TILL attend to all business confided to him in the 
W Courts held at Frankrnrt. He will give especial 
attention to the collection of debts in ant part of tkt 
St at i andto the transaction ol all kinds of business 
confided to him at the Capital, in any of the Depart 


Gov. I.. W. Powell: 
Thomas M. Page. Auditor of 8tate; 
R. C Wintersmith, Treasurer of Stale; 
E A. McCurdy. Regieier of State; 
Col. 8. L M. Major, Editor of the Kentucky Yeoman 
Pollard. Pralher A Smith, 
George J. Rowland, 

A. O. Smith, ^ Louli-ill. 

II. II. Ilonore 
Hon. W. P. Thomasson, 
Col. W. W. Stapp. 
Hay 3. 




I\TF.RF.8T nlhiwed on depositee, which may with 
drawn at pb°JMfft, 

— — — . - . — - - - '■»» 

BUSHELS iln-rt apples; 
111 hushe c«dried peeled peaches 
1U luuhela drn-d :inp« e1ed peaches; 
5 huyheledned unpeeled peaches, stones in; 
1 bushel dried Damson* for pies, for sale ) v 
Oct. 13. C. L. SA MU ELS. 


rpilE attention of the profession is called to the ml- 
X lowing liHiuf Lnw Huoks, which we will sell at the 
lowest Western price, viz: 

Green'eafon Evidence, 2 vols; 

Greeuleaf's Cruise on Keal Property 3 vols; 

Daniel's Chancery Praetiee,3 vols; 

Bourier's Intitittites of American Law. 4 vols. 

ttiory's Equity Jurisprudence, S volfi 

Btory Equity Pleading. 

Htnry on Contracts. 

Btory on Farinersliip; 

Story on Bills of Exchange. * 

Biory on Parliaments; 

Rtory on Pronii^i»ory Not 3 s; 

Biory on Ajreney ; 

Ptory on Conflict of Laws; 

Aneelland Ames on Corporatisns; 

Williams on Executors; 

Rolens on Frauds; 

Tillingha«i's Adorns on Ejectments; 

Vattell'sLnw of \aiions; 

Chitty on Contracts , 

Clhtty's Pleadinc.3 vols; 

8miih*s Chanrcry Prac'ice, S vols; . 

Jarman on Wilts, 9 vols; 

Revised Statutes; 

Mm. me & Harlan's Pipes! Kv. Reports, 1 vols. 
It will pive in. pleasure to price our 1 r,.,k - to my one 
dxirons of purchasing. WM. M TODD 

Feb. 3. 


1 -  NKOs , strictly prime Sugar; 
L/C IS hhls f 'rushed Sugar; 
CO has** Kiu Coffee; 
5 bass Java CofTee; 
10 bbls Molasses and Syrnps; 

Receiving and for sale by 
Jan. 07. R. T,.SAMlTpr,. 

} La S.   Ci 

I ) 21 

$500 REWARD. 

In the name and by the authority of the Com- 
montoealtli of Jxentucfo/. 

WHEREAS it ha* been tepresented to me that 
JOHN MEFFOKD did. on or about the 2nd day 
of Jauuary, 1H54, in the county of Scott, kill and mur- 
der Francis Chowning and has fled from justice and is 
now coin;: at large: 

Now. therefore, 1, LAZARUS W. POWELL. Gover- 
nor of tnc said Commonwealth of Kentucky, do hereby 
offer a reward ofTn r« « a II n lid rrcl l»o| In rs, for 
the anprelK-iiEioii of the said John Thom m MefToid, and 
his ilivery to the Jailer of Scott cuuniy, within one 
year from this date. 

/A* TESTf.MOJfY JVI/ERF.OF, I have here- 
unto i,et my hand, and caused the seal of the 
Commonwealth to „c alt.x« d,al Frankfort, the 
21th day oT January, 1B65. aud in the 62nd 
year of the Commonweath. 
I the Governor, 


J. P. Metcalt. Secretary of State, 

By Grant Green, Assistant Secretary. 


John Thomas Melford is about 2* years of ace, 5 feet 
8 or 9 inches hi ?h, dark hairand dark complexion, blue 
eye* and sandy whiskers, and weighs about 1&5 wr 170 

Jan. 24th, 1054. 

B.F.J 6~H NSON, 

SC. Clnttr 51., nJJainlng the I'ost office, 
I d Alf K FO l« J', K I : K TUCK IT. 

H WE Just receive by Express direct frtUR New 
Vork, a beautiful ftsfOttrovnt of Staple and Fancy 
Dies Coods, (;inves. ice, &c, ordered expressly to 
suit "  c ; consistniE of; 

While Brocaded Silk; 
White and t'o'ored Glacin Silk; 
White and Co'nrsd DeLaines; 
White Tulle llliuion; 
Blael Tatfeto Silk; 
Colored WeierM Silk; ' 
White and Colored ChaMy's; 
White and Tarltou M'lshn; 
Rich Plaid £ilk«; 
Black Brocaded Bilks'; 
Ladies While Ki-tGloves; 
Gentlemens Whne ami Colored Kid Gloves; 
Gentlemens While Rrncadrd Cravats; 
Gentleiiiens I'ancv Cravats; 
Gentlemens Colored Cambrick Handkerchief; 
Embroided Caiul ri:k llandkerchn f, &.c, ate 
He will cdminence receivinc about the 15 met., his 
ts-urirnfin ».i Spring and Hummer Gooit^ 
which will embrace every artic'e contained in a com- 
prete assortment in that tine. This Stock when com 
pleie shall not be excelled Prices to suit the times. 
Feb. 4, \»54— it 






00 eft «s Censtipation; inward Piles; Fullness of niood 
to the Head; Acidity of llMBftomttfh; Nau- es; Heart- 
burn: l h-L'H.i for Food ; Ftillnoss of Weight in the Siom- 
ach. 8onr Pruelations, Sinkine 9t Flutterfnc at the Pit 
n f ihe Stomach ; Swimmin" of the Head; Hurried and 
Difficult Breathing: Fluuerins at the Heart; Choking or 
Siiifocatiue Sensations when in • lyine posture; Dim- 
ness of Vision; Dots or Wehs before thesighi; Fever 
and Dull Pain in ihvHeail; Denciency of Peispir.ition; 
Yellowness of tl.e Skin and Eves.'Painin the Side, Back, 
Chest, Limbs, Itc., Sudden Flushes of Heat; Burning in 
the Fle»h; Constant Imegimngsof evil; and Great De- 
pression ol Spirits; 









Chistmas and New Year Persents. 

The btoek i* larger than ever offered helore, »n l 
at tuch prices as cannol but 


Dec. 24. 

Attorney at Iiaw. 


WILL practice In all Hi. Courts of Jefferson rounlj 
an  the ciiv of l.iiiiisnlle. He will also coram- 
eie to practice in ins Franklin Circuit Court and the 
Court ot Appeals. 

T["7»rwlice on Fifth slrejl, Ketween Mai n anrl Market 
an stairs, vei the Gas Rank, with Jotix O. Uarret. 
Dec. 94 1853— wtlwir. 


A SUPPLY ju.t NMir«4M 




Establishment for French and English Designs 
of every variety of Fashionable Cuetume. 

Mr*. Hliplee will open, March 16th, 1PS4, the 
Fashions of ihe cam? seasont. I.adiea may rle- 
pend on finiting at this BatahlBstameBt Ev*rp neio Dt- 
sign, at noon ao it appears. The patterns are cut in 
tissue paper, triMinieii And put together as to be made. 

Term, for aiubacribers 
8. patterns, 4 time a year, 
7 *• twice a year, i.OO 
t " once a year, 3 30 
Prices for SiBCle pattern*, 

T.adies* Bonnet and Box - , 

Full Dres 




No. 120 Arch street Philadelphia. 

Their nowt*rs over the shove ili e*tseg |i nm exre'led. 
■ f equalled, hy any other rireparatidn in the (Tithed 
S'atea aa the cure^ attest, in many case*; after skilful 
physicians had tailed- 

The-e Bitters are wnrthv the attention of invalids 
PofSPuJinr ereatvirtnes in the rectification of dieease- 
of the Liver and lesser elands. •SArdsiKg the mtint 
Marching p iwers in weaki-e^s and atfertionw off th.- di- 
eestive organs, they are, ivithall. safe, certain aud pleas 
ant. • 

k r \ i  - mi nr cowi^rrn. 

II. W. Ohiincy. Miilersl-urir. Ky., Oet. 15. IP;?, 
a t iid; *' Ma vine s ild your Titters some time. 1 find it has 
L'iven satisfaction in every instance that has come un- 
der mv notice. 

Nelson Sc Edwards, Salvisa, Ky,. June. 2d, 
lMl. said: " We rejoice to inform yon that this justly 
celehrated medicine hea fully maintained the exalted 
reputation which has heen given n, and having tested 
its virtues we unhesitatingly say it eminently deserves 
it. 4 * 

.1. T. aV .F . W« Berry, I'niontnwn. Ky.. July 
tfaVHIt said;"We have heard of many cures perform- 
ed hy the use of Dr. HoofUnd's Herman Bitters- and be- 
lieves it to he a valuable medicine.** 

J, Grant Irvine, Ky.. June 26. IMS, said:"VVe 
have succeeded in iutroducine your Hooflland Bitters; 
physicians tmd others purchase lliem hy the half doten 
anedoz«*n.** V 

■ r. F. Fatlo A Bro., Knoxville.Tenn., April 
*5. 1851, said: ' Vour Bitters are now selling very fast, ' 
and every person that has used it, so far as we have be«n ( 
able to learn , has been benefitted . ' 
These bitters are entirely vegetable, they ltivignrata 
«i»nn/»nd strengthen the system, never prostrate it, and c*.n 


1 11 rid  • 11 is of the t| 011 111 mint for the last 
1 1 My Yean, 

I TUN3TDALL QI'ARI.E$ has been engaged for some 
tune m writing a hook the l itle of which spill lie "the 
[ incidents of the mountain for the last .V) tears,*' dedica- 
; te l to the memory of the late Joseph Kve. an hones. 
: friend and patriotic geniiemsn, who resided at Bar- 
bour&ville, Kv,, man v years. The favorite ol his conn 
; trymen, ai d in upright s« nsii le, and kind t enefactor of 
' his region of ihe State. Xhe book will contain, asketch 
ot the ilisiiiiguished individuals who has been prmni 
nentiu various aud varied loirsuit for the last fiftv 
and more particularly f »r the last twelve years. He will 
alen give a history of the first settlers nf Kentucky — 
and thV means resorted to. to s-^ver the Union and the 
acts and doings ol a foreign company fontied m 1776. 

and a 1 - . 1. -n to perchsce of the l.egislaiure of 

Kentuck y all tlie public domain belonging to it, and 
other uitscllaneoiis matters. The pairmi* of the boon 
will receive it at their respective I'ost I 'iTieen. 
This production w ill appear roitif time in May next no 
unioreseen accident intervening — au i will have append- 
ed to it all thP names of the wilbscribers 

It will be accominndai ion to the author, to have the 
money (one dollar! paid in advance, should the suh«cri. 
bers prefer to do so; but thit is b-ft entirely to their 
choice. The Ikjok will t« half bound and contain some 
I   or 300 , - x . 
Feb 4— tf. 


be used for Infants as well as adults. 

For sale hv Tespeetahle dealers everywhere. 
Poid hy CANNON k, SAINES, Frankfort. 
Feb. 7. 



Press Bodies...... 

Children^ Dress.. 

Over Basques JO 

Sacks , 50 

Bonnets and Hats 75 

Sleeves and Aprons, each,. * 95 

To Merchant*— Mrs. Bupls«*i patterns are invaluable, 
aa they give them the style of Tnmmiug to lie worn — 
T rt» tmakm can procure four different styles or dress 
for $5. while a single patt rn drees would cost five times 
that amount. 

Our Children's Clothing Department 1 
Isnuv com-ptete, cf entirelv njw shapes and desifns, 
Which she ulfers, W kot**af4 and Retail, lower than ran 
he bought elsewhere. Infaina', Boy*'. M issejji*. Cloaks 
Bonnets and Caps, Sacks, Blankets, Hoa^iie^f tte., *m* 
^roidered and plain. 

All orders prepaid, sent bv mail wi'.hin two davs after 
gsceipt of order. MKF. tt.G. i=UPI.EK. 

No tVM  stnutst., 9d floor). opposite I 

P«*,7,a«ft  *,n Girard Heiwe, Piiiscdelphia 1 


Mr*. M. T. RrjKTAft, Prineipal. 
Mi-s M. G. Biclow, AswUinnt. 

THE Kleventh t»ef*ion of this School will commence 
on the second Mondav in January. (Ian. 9. 18^4.) 

Terms per Session of 20 weeks. \ 

Board, including Washing, Fuelaud Lights, $ j 
Trimary Pepactment. H1.00 
Beroii'lJiiniorltepartment,  2.00 
First Junior Department, Ifi.Ofl 
Penior Department, 5fl,i»0 
Latin or French each. 
Drawing and Painting. 10,00 
Musicou *he Piano or Guitar at Professors prices. 

Useof Piano for practicing. 3,0B 
Ftatmnary, f3 

Plain and ornamenta! needlework wltliout charge. 

No deduction for absence , eicepl in cases of protracted 

For further information aJ dress t;,c Prjne;s*r . 
FranRfort, I se. t« If;?. 

' C\hh AXD SEE! 
^3 u& \r o 3j 'J ^} aa ^ 


WOULD call the attention of the Members of the 
Legislature, strangers visiting the city, and ettl* 
zens generallv, to his liaguerrean GaMery. where they 
may see a fine assortment of specimens .f his work, 
and have their miniatures tsken at any ti ne between 
the honors of 9 A . M. and 4 P. M. 

He warranto his work to he ot the most superior or 
dei , adn astifrfaciion always given. 

Salamander Safes. 

THE name of Salamander was first applied to Wil- 
der** f stent, and introdiired hv the sn'sfriher in 
1H40, who in IH4 purchased the rtcht to manufacture. 
The superiority of Herring's (Wilder'* Halamander 
Safes over all others induced many to infringe upon 
the patent right bv using the composition ; other more 
cautious, and to evade a awsuit, made an inferior arti 
ele. invtaling the exterior in form, sty le, color o' pain- 
ting, and attaching the name "iSslamanner.**Improved 
Halamander'" ' Fire Proof Salamander. " The Genuine 
Salamander." tfte . «fec-, and Uave succeeded in palming 
oiTsome of the si urmns Selan.anders as genuine. Those 
wanting ihe originul Sa'ainaniter. manufactured hy the 
sii'-scriher. should tabeihe prerautu u to see that they 
have upon them a metal date— "Sila  C. Herring Ms 
**»,**- st I meh hem* the .jertuine (Wi'der's Patent) 
5a amai der.ortHerrinir*s fmpn ved Patent Champion 
Saf.*. which revived the al the Great World's 

Fair, and whirb have never failed to preserve the con- 
tents in rase of fire. Purrhe-era can select from the 
larcest assortment in the world by calling at the sale 
rooms of 

SU.ikSr. TIF.RR1VG. 
ins. irr.snd Uri Ws'er. ror. of Pine streets. 
If. R— Chilled iron sates, with powiier proof loeftf 
maniiraetured e^ipres-lv for la'iks. J- weller^. hroVera 
and other requiring securny from rogues. Rank vault 
doors on hand, a d marie longer Alt ihe most 
celebrated locks fcr sale ai maioifjirturer'.- prices. £t 
cnud hand safes for ale at h^ifprice. 

Agent'- foi Herring's P»fe«: 
John Farrat. Pbiladelpliot. p a : R. MrCandlish. Rieh- 
mood. Vs.; Henry H. William-. Chai-'e-non , S. C ; FP- 
brirk *k Bell. Savennnh.C*.; Geo. W. ^•2er New Or 
leans, La.; Wm. \ . Moore t Co.. Mobile, Ala. 
F«b 11. 


WILL relieve every 'human being' who has any ol 
the following symptoms: 

Indigestion, Extreme Nervous Agila- 

Uilliousness, lion. 

Acidity, Palpitation of the Heart, 
A sense ofoppressian at theAu incapacity fur the slight* 

pit of the stomach, est Exertion. 

Depression of Sp ir its. M latinsssj and indistinctness 

He'ivmess, of Vision, 

Cold Hands and Fett, Unpleasant taste in the 

Numbness of the limbs and mouth, particularly when 

other parts, rising In the morning. 

Vertigo. Nausea, Dull, heavy pain and sense 
Difliruliy of Respiration, of weight ih the Head. 

Stupor. A temporary loss of Mciuo- 

Irritnbility, ry. 

Drowsiness, A sense of Emptiness, 

Debility, Pulse less frequent, and 

Extreme Languor and Ex- more feeble than usual, 

ha ust ion. Despondency, 

Res'lessness. Emanation and Extreme 

Costiveness, Debility. 
Head- Ache, 


Burnet'*, \\ East Fourth Street, 

ClJfCJJntATt* omo. 
For sale by l rn::iMs everywhere. 

J| r^Connt ry Dealers supplied at Proprietor's prices 
by all Cincinnati Druggists. 

jr'PPurchase none but "O. IIalstbd's Ami Dyspep 
tic Pill.' 

Tpe*Every box of the Genuine PilU, has the name of 
O. Hai.stkd" on the side label. 

For sale in Frankfort, Ky. by CANNON & GAINES. 
»ept. 27, 1H53.— lyvtr 



And all diiet\M.* ariaing Jrom a disordered Liver or Stom- 
ach, such us Constipation. Invar d piles. Fullness, or 
Blood to the J/cad, jfeidittf of the Stomach, A'ausca. 
I/eart'burn, Vispvst for Food, Fullness, ur vetsht in 
the Stomach, Sour Eructation s. Sinking or Fluttering 
at the pit of the Stomach. Swimming of the Head, Har- 
ried and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart, 
Choking or Suffocating sensation when in a hung pos- 
ture. Dimness of Vision, Dots or trebbs before the 
Sight, Fever and dull pain in the Head, Deficiency of 
Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin and Eye*, Pant 
in the Side, Back , Chest, Limbs, *%c. Sudden Flushes 
of Heat, Burning in the Flesh, Constant Imaginings 
of Evil, and great depression of Spirits, can be effectu- 
ally cured by 

 .■'.:  y\i i n nv 
IUE. i . ti. .i kCKSON, 
1 80 Arc la Street, Hlslladf Iphln. 
Their power oetr the above diseases is nut excelled — t 
equalled — bu any other preparation m the United States 
us the cures atteat, in ninny cases after skilful physicians 
had failed. 

These Hitters are worthy the attention nf invalids.— 
Posseiising great virtue in the rectification of diseases o' 
the Liver and lesser glands, exei c ising the BMNN search 
ine powers in weakness a nd atfectious nf tiie digestiv 
organs, thev are withal, safe, certain and plessMiC 


JFrom the ' Huston Bee."] 
The editor said. Dte.Mi — . 

"DR. H00FI.AKD'»(.'fcI.EBRa.TE» ("tRMtK BlTTKRS for 

the cure of Liver Complaint, Jaundice. Dyspepsia. 
Chronic or Nervous Debilitv. is desnrvedlv one ol thev 
most popular medicines nfthe riav. These Hitters have 
been used by thoussiois. and a ■ nd st our elbow sa   
qe has himself received nuelfcctual ami iieruiaueut cure 
of Liver complaint from the use of, this remedv. We 
are convinced that in the use of these Hitters, the patient 
constantlv gains stierigth and vigor— a fact worthy of 
great consideration They are pleasant in taste and 
smell, and can be lined hy persons with the most deli 
cave stomachs with safety, under any circumstance*. — 
We are speaking from experience, and to thcatHicicd 
weailvisetheir use." 

"Scott's WitKKi.Y."one of the best Literary papers 
published, said, Aug $** — 

"Dr. Hooflakd's Ckrh am Rittirs, manufactured bv 
Df. Jackson, ar- now recommended by some of the 
most prominent mend ere of i he faculty as an article m 
much efficacy in cases of female weakness. As such is 
the case, we would advise all mothers to obtain 4 bat- 
tle, and thus save themselves much sickness. Person* 
of debilitated constitutions wilt find these Hitters ad- 
vantageous In their health, as we know from experi- 
ence the salutary effect Ihev have upon weak systems.' 

The Hon. C. D. Hinklinc, Mayor of the City of Cam 
den, N. J. .says: 

"Hoort.iND'stiinMAN HiTTrns.— We have seen many 
Haltering notices ofthis medicine, and the source from 
which they came induced us to make inquiry respecting 
its merits From inquiry we were persuaded to use it. 
and must say we found it specific in itsaction upoadis 
eases ol the liver and digestive organs, aud the powerful 
influence it exerts upon nervous prostration is really stir 
prising. It calms and strengthen* the nerves, bruising 
I hem into a state ol repose, making sleep refr.vliing. 

"If this inedicinewa* more generally used, we are 
sa* isfieri their would 1*e less sickness, as from the stom 
ach, liver, and nervous system the great majority ot 
real and imaginary disease emanate. Have them 111 a 
healthy condition, and you can bid defiance to epide 
mice generally. Thisextraordmary medicine we would 
advise nur friends who are at all ni'lmposed, to jjivc a 
trial — it wilt recommend itself. It should, in fact, be in 
every family. No other medicine can produce juch ev 
idences of inert. 1 *! 

Evidence unon ••videnre has Iteen received (like the 
foregoing) from allsecxions of the Union, the last thre  
years, and that the strongest testimoiiv in favor, is. 
thatthere 1.1 more of it used ju the practice of the regulat 
Phyxicians of Philadelphia than all other nostrums com- 
bined, a fact that can easily be established, and fnllv pro- 
vingthat a scientific preparation will meet with their 
t|tliet approval when presented even in this forjn. 

That this medicme will cure Liver Complaint and 
Dyspepsia, no one can dosjhl after using it as directed.— 
It acts sisecifirally upon the stomach aud liver; it is pref 
erable to calomel ,11 all bilious diseases— the   r', is nn 
mediate* They can be admini^ered to r km 11 p. or in- 
fant with safety sud reliable hen e lit at any time. 
Look veil to the narks of t he genuine 

They have the written signature oM M . J ACKPON 
upon the wrapper, and hit name b'own in the tiottle, 
tcithout mhieh they are spurious. 

For sale VVhotetta'e ftnd retail at the 


No. lOO \ rrh street, one door below Sixth, Ph.ladel 
phia; and hy respectable dealers generally through th  

imcm 1 s iirni   ro. 

To enable alt clases of invalids to enjoy the advanlageh 
oftheir great restorative powers. 


Sold by CANNON & C * IN ES, Druggists, Frankfort 

Wholesale agents for Kentuckv and Ten n esse p.SUT 
CI.IFFE, Mc *i LLISTER  k Co.', Louisville Ky. 
March 5. 1853. 


Wholesale mid ICrtull Grocer, 

AHO liF.A I.KR lai 

Bacon, Flour and Tohaceo, 

HA j i*t received a choice assortment of Aiie£IjLO 
CERR.I E. consisting in part of 

5 hhds. extra quality N. O. tlugar; 
Sr7 sacks prime It 10 Coffee; 

)(l sacks Old ftoverument JavaCoffce; 
2 sacks Moeh Coffee: 
12 catties extr fine Om.-owder Tea; 

4 chests extr finenunpn wder Tea; 

6 boxes hejsrtj Virginia Hrsud^ Tubs ;o; 
8 t«ox**s Kentucky and Missouri •'■ 

C ttnn V.i'n, ;i: iVBisBr*. 

2enils Manilla Ciirda^e: 

6  boxes quarter and half boxes Star CaHdUs, 

50 kegs pure WhiteeLe&d ; 

30 packages Mackertl: 

15 bOXSj k% lass, assorted: 

20 bids Plantation Molasses; 

]0 boxes Po'n. p oap; 

5 boxes l.eriuan Sryjp; 
fi Pearl^larch; 

Tur.ienune Linseed and ' - Oil;) 

2 cask Pnda ; 

200 bhl*. Cuope Creek .Ml; 
NaesTa 1 le Sell; 
10 h! le. Huiter Crckere; 
1(1 bojes Poda Crrkers; 

3 hOKfll stngsr Cckers; 

2 csks Enduit iirg Tale Ale: 
t 1 csksl.ondan Hro-wn Stout; "I 
tfjOCIO Havana Sigars: 
25.1)00 Cerman C:ga *s: 

2*1 t'bls. ass ned Crushed Pugar; 
Together with Willow Ware, Buckets, tTubs,* Churn 
JTncv R-tket«, M ale lies, «ftc. 

G. H, Monsarrat, & Co. 

Bankers 183 Main Street 


D"Ws m«b«eklW at sight on Boston, New 
York, Pliil»ilfl|itiia, B»Uimoi»i Piltiburg, New 
Orleans aud St. Louis, at Buuk rali-s. 

U3" W. .re at all times dealing in Bounty 
Lsnil Warrants. 

ETW.ure buying time bills of Exchange and 
Prnmistiry notes at fair rules. 

0"We are buying all kinds of r.urreuland un- 
current Bank notes at fair notes. 

ICTOrilera froir a disiance will receive a promp 
attention and upon aa fair terms as Upvu persont 
al application. 

Jauuary 10. 1854. 

Books and Stationery. 

A LARGE stock of Books and iHalionery, for sale 

Jan. IS- EVANS at CO'S. 




Irish Linens, Damask and 

Also Wholesale and Retail Mealer in French, Enelihs 
and American ' 

The attention of Pedlers is partmi arly r en ues 
CLOTHS. (April 23, 1M3.-Iyw. 

Christmas is Coming. 

{A M just receivine aud and opening one of the finest 
SssjOrtmenta of I \   i \ t.uoiiS, Toys. Giran- 
doles. Lamps. and fine Confectioneries ever brout-ht to 
this place. Having selected them myself in New York, 
I can offer inducements 10 those wir-hing to sell again, 
or to thossj making pnsents. Hemming my thanks to 
the ciiij-.ens for their liberal patronage; hope to meet a 
continuance ol the same hy strict attention to business. 
Call and see, no trouble to show them. 

I e. 15. T. P. PIERSON. 




2 ;b» ^1^ IL Hi 3 

HAS jual received the iiiosl elegant anu enensive 'as* 
sonini-nt of Fine Perfumery and Fancy Article ever 
brought to TranJtfort. The sloe* consists of, 
Hair Brushes of every stylellair Oils, 

and price. Fine Colognes. 

Hotti Brushes, Extracts for the Hands' 

Nail Brushes, Extracts for Flavoring, 

Tooth Brushes, Toile t Waters. 

Hat Brushes, Fancy £oapt, 

Powder Pnds, Hair Pins, 

Hair P uiadea, D^rihff^ 
PuffComlts. Cwinetiep, 
Tucking Combs, FmellingSalts, 
Hressing (7oniba. t onfeetiotis, 

Fn-e Tooth Combs, Toilet Bottles, 

I'oc/ret Combs, N »te p^:.»r, 

Side Combs, Envelopes. 
India Rubier Combs, Pealing Wax, 
Wax Matches, Amandine, 
Violin and Guitar Strings., Satcl.els, 
•J* ,-'^\ |» rus '-rn. 

The selection is taige and varie 1. and contains articles 
of every price and pattern. il« ejL:«tJj lor Uis 

HaiidAerchiel uiay be tound the ioi^iwia 

llpi^er Ten. 

A new and sihfaonable peiluoiea u:it rnnnot fsll to 

plea e. V m 

Essence boquet, orientaj, 

JLi Drops, Piarie Flower*. Boquet lie Calsfurnie, Br. 
qnet He Arabic. Violet. Magnolia Moosselma /alilanj] 
Flowers, and a large number of others. 


Celebrated Original IraUan Liniment, 


The Genuine can u/icays bt Unoun w\  the name, 1 Dr. W. 
B. barrel?* Arabian Liniment. 1 Alt other Liniments 
by this name, art Counterjcttt. 

Is used npiiti Hie Human System, wilh unbounded 
success, in Rlieiiinnlisiil , Onus and I'alsy. 

Will cure Pain and Weakness in I lie Rack. , 

A V til cure Spinal disease, Swelling, Sprains, and Bru 
i sea. 

Will cure Pore Keel, Sore Hands. Corns and Warts. 

Will cure Mumps, Krosied Parts, and swelled Neck. 

W 1 cure l^nre Tliruat. Sure Ev*s. and Headache. 

Will cure Burns and Scalds, W.uisds anil Fran C 

Will cure Si'ske Bin-s. and rnanv cutaneouB disca 

Will cure Contract' il Curds. Stirl Jninf* and Neckutl 

Will cure Nenraieia. Tooth Arlie. and '"ar Acie. 

Will cure rain iu the Head, Brraai andS ide 

Will cure Sure Lt|te. Bil.-s. Tumors and Wen. 

Will cure ?» i lP d and Painful Hr.-a-la of Femalea. 

Will cure or relieve nearly all nervmiBOr inflaiuato. 
ry diseases. 

Is adapted Ui an Coiisti:uiiun . 

Is a Blrssin:: to the Atllicted. 

Will render i^-rlei-t aalislactiuri in alll cases. 


Will cure SpraHis. Bruges, Windfalls, snd Swell:n;s 

Will cure r:*ld-. I nn. Wi'iinds, and Scratches. 

Will cure Swer i ev . PtsaiMltf, and Pnll-Evil. 

Will cure Colic. Bolls, and all Inftaniationl. 

Should he in the Store ot every Dealer. 

rlrand liep,,t'.uT bake St. Chicago, 
MILLS, Frankfort. Ravmoud At Pat ton, Louisville; 
and . Ilrussists throughout the Cnited Stales. 
Se|it. !I9. l*S\ 


ALL PERSONS indebted to me, either hy 
note or book nce.oiinl, are requested to rail 
my old store room, (now flerndcn ntid Swi* 
:•• '■■ unit pa) up, as 1 luive In leave in ten dnvs 
or two weeks lor Louisville. I hope none will 
neglect this notice. Mr. Clnrk Knot! nnri Mr. 
Addfcsan Mendull are fully authorized lo rerejve 
r* n-y for ma. R. KNOTT. 

Jan 14. I8S4. 

F mala fan Kftiiurk* 

August 11, 185.3, , 
IT T E. the undrriigiHil, havo seen and i s- 
V V amiiu'd Menilt iihall & King's Patent 
Hand Loom, in operation in Ihe Kentucky Penis 
U'nliary, .mil think it superior to aiiyihing of the 
kind we have frix seen, and would call public 
attention lo it, believing by doing 60, that we 
-.hall benefit all who examine it for themselves. 

Having purchase the righl lo mpke anil sell for 
ihe use ol Franklin and Scolt counties, ihe abo*e 
Loom (calculated t xtensit ely for family use,) 1 
most respi ctlully invite the public generally lo 
call and examine Ihe Machine we have now in 
nil operaiion al the prison, where it can beseen 
at any time. N. CRAIG, 

Asent and Keeper Kentucky Penitentiary. 
Aue'U-t 12, 1853— tf. 

Journeyman Tailor Wanted. 

CON STA NT employment eiven. Ilarkh-'k. 
atG-een wis i to procure the sevires of tno p, o,| 
Juiiriieyrnan Tailois. Full prices snd constant enipl .v . 
mem aiven. II A REIN'S It G REE.N . 

Jan IU. 

KOI I OH Mil Ksl l l i 


Or, every one his own Physician. 

One Hundred Engm i , e * 
allowing Misr ase«i and M 1 1 Ir r- 
matfOMl Of the /I ii man Swirui 
in every shape ami funn* 
which is added a Treat, »e i n 
Ihe pjujMHi of Female*, hrn-j 
of the bifltot InporlmCf Uk 
married pe».|ilf, or ihoae jHh 
templaimc tnarnace. Ky 

L«t no father he anlmim.l 
present a COn| of Hie I* \- 

NUHto hn child. It ,„» y iJt , 
l*i it* frnin an early grave. I i 
no vouiir man or woman »  i| *r 
into tlie m-t? ret ohlieatiOr# hI 
married life witlif ukreadin  ihft 

ro  Kr;r .t^cuLArn^. \m roph« mIwimi r m 

a harknird COtipll« I'ain in the Pide, retttleva m In 
nrrvonw fe« luiff, and thr whole tram of hvwjeptic *.-n- 
saiionii. and given up I v their phTflelts. le aimthei u n 
ent witnilmiit eolMuliini the itHt'ULAI'Ii:*!. || , v « 
the married, or thow al out lo he married any m | tH- 
ii. ent. read thm truly ui efiil hook, as it has l eeii t'ie 
ineanii rifgfving ihnugaiidfl oiun fortunate creature.- I o » 
lli» very ja'Vii of death 

JTJr 1 Any pereoB fending TWKXTV FI VE C»:N*|S 
enchned in a letter, will receive one copy of ihia m.hIl 
hy mail, or five ropien will he cent for fiw I'ollar. 

AddrfBt, (.poti paid.) IK WM. VorNC, 

No. 152 Ppruce utrect, riulodclj bin 

Oct. IP. 1PM.— )r 


Dcdd & Co. Hatters, 
144 Ulain street, Cincinnati. 

M e open our Fur Rooms tins morning a 
1 | :nrii,l.n •■   . r t.i pre|i«red to eihihu a large! 
a^^*Mioeit of i.ailie* 1 Furs. o| every choici ' 
qnalitiey, than we have ever lelure eflVrer). *n.h .v j : 
l\iit i ifin. IludMin Ua .ai'di anatla r«hles; Mom* ^ i 
ten. Flick. Hi- entMi fc'qu ii re| ; I.jni. and a I lie 
gradea of I H r r up in lalfft atylei. Pom* l»|f 
1 1 a n  i v  ii i I:. » w ai d Pitot MntlV lor carria^ea 

A Uo- i, ad leu* and MiBfet.* Hlnck and Krah Pei-iir 
and Fell Monneta; very handf'f'me Heaver 1 lait. • r 
Mifsaea, Hiding Hats. Glovce anil W'hipf; lto)a*Hrit ' d 

JJ^Fur Roomaou Peeoml Floor 

wm, noi»n it ct ., 

M4 .Main, 3 doora helow Fourth MiJTl 
Nov. 15, 1853. 


issenbl; Ball Pumps. 

NE dnz. pair only, lor sale l y 

EVANS \ i o 

Regular Ciiiciimali Packet. 

The fine Steamer 

Belle Qiiiulr, v 

_ fain. fi. \V. Triplbtt.^ as t. 
tWill leave this port for t'.n 
efnnaii recularly bereansr, on 
Monday and Fridays, st 9 A.M. Eor lnegnt o i ns* 
sage, apply on lutaid.or to 


Nov. 1. 1P.13.— If. 

OCT Having sold our sloes of roods 'o H  Evsm k 
Co. we clieerlully reconinieud tin ni lo our foru.e, i s- 


Boots Shoes. 

WE has-eon liand a very larr* stock of Boots snrl 
Blires nf every dtscrip noun d trade. Call an* 
see. For sale at 
Jan. IS. EVANS at CO'S 

VE«E1 Mil. I. 

.trpiii: HOY \» no \V iS'llltlMI) I P 

_L TO HE A CI.EIIi:VMAN," by Rrv. J. N. Nor- 
ten. Just received and for sale «t EVANS  c CO'S ; 
Fcl . 7 Hook and Shne Slore. 



NE rase lists. Cric & CO's, Crystal Palace Premi- 
iiiiii Hats— for sale at EVANS* CO'S 

Feb 7 Book and Shoe Store. 


Boot, Shoe & Book Store. 

HUM PUB EV tVAV8 fc E. II. T \ VI.OR, Jr., ha. 
inn psircliased Ihe stork of IfoOlK, Miofs, 
Hooks Ac, A-c. ol l.uckett 4. Hampton, the 
husiness will be conducted by II. Erans at the old stand 
under the sty le of 



LIFE Scene, in 7» w Vork, illuitraled. includinr the 
storyof Liui. Kaiy. Jladalme. the Bar Picker'a 
liaiiphtcr, V\ Mad e e.*Ve— (lfteci.lh edition-Just re- 
ceiycd and lor „le by ffM . M . TODD. 


HAVH\'CJ sold our Book . Hoot nnd Shoe Bt  re, 
therefore, nil ni-rsnns kii,«tvi02 Ihein.^lv^s 
tnH.-bl^rl lo us. will (iImus*. Qnini; lllrwurn Miols^t. 
t\r llinir necoiiuts All persons 1 svinff neronnls 
arrninst us, will plensn present Ihem for pHyineUl. 

Jan. 14,1854. LL'CKETT &. HAMPTON. 1 




is nuw receiving and opening, at 

No. 101. FnurlliMreet. I « v i I le, be. 
iw «• ••. tin. kri ana Jeircrkoo. 

Whfcli CANNOT b. Miip.-s-e.l 

fj E " 1,1 » v I" li'l lii Irii-ndsaud rilslomers in 

1 J Il ls v.ciuily Hint tie ru„lis l,l be csn iH.keil 

their lutire.s t,i ihm.,1 accoilio wutljliui ill I IISISB(|III|I 

nn hi- ran iifT such induceineiusaj • was never able 
ofoiler in this markets. 
Feb Jl.-tf. 

2 he only sure remedy ever knoim for CMIlt 
and Fever, and warranted to cure, in 
all case*-, if taken according to 

I T -, ,7'. , 7.'.,. wl "  n * **** srrordinr directions in 
I 1 H EJfTT MWVTES. leaving no Fet-er after lha 
t lull; very seldom requiring more than o V/C DOSE lo 
make a Pt.RMAA'EJfT CORK. A er. at nuniler of 
cases, Irnni two to five years staudinr, have been curtil 
wilh the fir, t dost, and ihe Chill has never, aa yei re 
'!'";'! ,, Tllp , l " , «"ly ofthis medicine is, that it stops 
the Chill in Trent* less, and ;he patient'sril! 
tie entirely clear from Few, after ihe Chill, which is 
noi the ca« u hen anv other reedicine is used It has 
superseded all oilier preparations wherever it lias been 

Resd what the Edilorsof the Louisville Dcmocrslsar 

from their own observation: 

• llr. Urhan's medicine for the cure of Chills snd Fe- 
yor has effected some wonderful cures in our midst. A 
a un» man who has resided for several tears in Lnuisi- 
a a. reached New Albany a few weeks since, weak 
v d emaciated— lilerallv worn  un physically, wilh 
imp continued chills and fever. He made a short alar 
la ihe house nf Judie Smith, where his old disease con 
rimed with no less severity than ai bis home In I.ouisi 
• na. Havine exhausted almost every remedy known 
to the midiral profession, he procured a box of Itr Ur- 
ban s celebrated medicine, and afler taking two powdera 
was entirely relieved and restored lo health. He hai 
h en well ever since— says his health has not l*en aa 
r od for several years, and is now fasl retaining his for- 
mer vicnr and the rosy cheeks he was wuii lo wear. 

Thismedirin can It had al the anna facial TTS 1 He- 
p .'.•   H?,' r '"." 1 s "eet. between Mam and markc\ Louis- 
ville, Ky.. Wholesale and Relail. 

II r On the receipt of SI the Powders will I* sent. 
Tree of charge, to any pari of Ihe I'niled Slstes. It 
a'sn l« obtained of all the principal Drugcists iu the 


April U twa-wlv . 

Medical Department. 

r | , ltF 36'h ^KSSION' will eomnienre on IMon«lHy, 
■ llif 131k 1*1 H rrl», l**.- 4. and will eontinue aa 
usual lor four months, under the aaine Faculty a* here 


Tue roai of ihe t icketn to the full rnnrpe || $70 in ad- 
vanel 10 thot-e uh» have attendei. two full conrati 9-iS. 
fir^du lion Fee 99S. M Htf icu lai ion and I.i rarv$5. 
t'enionxtrntor'a Ticket $10. Roarrtme f" ni $'.'50 to $3 
50 per week. KOBERT J*£TER. M. D. 

Dean of Medical Faculty. 

Lexington, Ky., Jan .\Bo4, 

Tri-weekly Kentucky yeoman, 1854-03-07

4 pages, edition 01

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