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date (1871-01-04) newspaper_issue T RMS or SUBSCRIPTION    Aouirurri RAi  ohskrvkr a  rf i  jrter     I liblisbcU WeJiiesJavn     Oue copr one rear   in ndvanca     tiU   One co  y aix months   1 00   A copy of the Agricultural UbserTorand Reporter  will be sent free for one year to the getter up of a  tdub of six subscribers    The Semi  Weekly Observer and Reporter is pub   lished on Wednesdays and Saturdays at  3 per year  in advance          ttJI      J I      Nbelterlue Ntock lu Wiutei         RATES OF ADVERTISINCb      Jus square i oe insertion   Each additional insertion   Special Dotioee 20 cents per line each ineartian   No advertisement will be inaerted fur less tha   one dollar    laberal contraets mode with extensive adrertisere   All bills due on first apjiearancu of adrortieeinaid      We provide ourselves tvith comfort   able clotliiug in winter to ward oft  tlie  ert ects of cold  We eat fat meats for  the same reason  The more Norther    and collier th    climate the more of fatty     XUMBEll 19       Fhe f oiilNvIIle I edifer      LEXIX i TON  K V   WEDXESDA V  JANIJAHV 4  1871      VOLUME LX HI      Uur Job Department is complete in every respect   All work warranted to give satisfaction    TRsns CaSB      It seems that Louisville is at last to     I have a sound Deiuncratie daily   I he     I new paper will appear on the first ofj   I next Fehriiary and will he entitled the I   I ouisvillc Ledger  We are promised   substances are consiuned  Ihehsiini         n i i        that It will lie edited and controlled hy     i men of ability and men of experience        in every department  and shall  in all 1     mau x driiili train oil  These 8uhstance s  contain much carhoii  and carbon pro   duces heat  Farm stock in the winter  crave oily grains  as corn  Jor the reason  that they assist in keeping up the aiii   iii d heat  Is it not poor ocouoniy  in    iew of these faiTs  asks a contemporary   to let your cattle  colt s  and sheep win   ter at the lee side of some bleak hill      respects  he a first class paper  We    haven t a doubt that it will be from all  we have learned of the eiiterpri se  and i  we wish it the  success it is sure to at    tain  We quote from the Prospectus      It shall boa Democratic paper  an   i organ of the Democratic  larty   State j  or in the fence corners  when a little   and National   the  irincifiles  organiza  j  lime and money expemlcd at odd times   timi  and regularly constituted eaiidi t  would   vovido them with comfortable i which it will earnestly deleiiil     stablcVor at least warm sheds  The   I columns will be open j                  to Democrats a s a means of Iree inter    money paid foi this will pay for I   each sgason  to iay noUlillg  f the sat    oULa  men  ft  isfaction of kniAVinjthat you have done Tl    ote no spa  all in Vour power to make your fai m but will be confined to       f   II  i I  living  ijiactical  vital iiucstions   stock as oomtortatiic as possihlc             fhe farmer knows full well that a  plant once stinted while young can     space to the consideration of  11 he  I ital   Whilst it will yield nothing of princi   ple  it will keep pace with the march ofj   irogrcss  and  advocate only such liberal        never after recover to Inllv develop j   uniprehcnsiso  and statesmen like pol    X         1   1 r   I   icios or nieasuroH aK soem likelv to re     itHOH  It is iho same with live  slock          o x ai       I suit in practical sjood to the country     only in a greater degree  li   and promote the succes s  unity  and   to stop growing ami get thoroughly i purity of the Democratic party  and   poor while vonng  they never  Itowever I while earnestly inaiiUainiiig and de    well fed thereafter  full v recover  Our i principles and ad    most successful and most money n aking I     d cted with   feeders  continue to leetl liln rally from      vhile avoiding all wrangling   younglings to maturity  It will make I and petty personalities  it will shrink     u pig as heavy at ten months old as he  would become  under ordinary feeding   in eighteen  and tho full fed steer will  be as heavy at three years  as the lighter  fed one will he at fi c      from no foe and ask no quarter  when  the principles and the siicccss of the  party are assailed      TubnF  are in the eleven Territories  of this country  including   laska  near   It takes a certain amount ol waste to j y thousand million acres of land   supply the animal economy   nnd   the i owing to the s  arseness of the   wu ste is in proportion to tho length of j population  may be described as unoc   life  It costs just twice as much io cu  ied  If the 40 000 O0O who inhabit     prolong this waste two years as it does  one  and more goes to waste in c  ld  weather than in warm  hence the econo   my of providing warm shelter and  plenty of food  Animals so iirovided  will be sleek and liealthy  while the  others will be gaunt and shiverin g  and    their coats staring  StaMenien iiinler   sland tho economy of keeping fine  horses warmly clothed in winter  It is  only another name for preventing waste   Too many ordinary farmers fail to sec  it  Try sheltering your stock oue win   ter and see how yon and they like it   A merciful man is mercifnl to his beast       01 11 Not an KxliituiMi ve Crop    It is in accordance with the e xperi      the States were diffused through this  vast land ocean  they would be almost j  as fewi and far between as the sails j  which  according to the popular idea  i   whiten every sea        A A     Mil ll     OVIll     VIoral or llie T hlus     Tho Hmrodsburg People  in u merci   less review of a late Vankce novel  thus  urivaila the moral of the story    The moral of the story may 1 e told  in one word  and that won  is Mi seege   nation  the foulest  most degrading and  most impious word in our language   It teaches that the white man who pol   lutes the   iure chaiiucls of I aucasiau  blood and discolors the whiteness of his  skill by intermarriage with the negro   does a heroic and noble deed  It incul   cates the doctrine maintained liy Wen     ence of all our best fanners that corn is  the least exhaustive to the soil of all  the cereal crojis  Why is this  Isitifloll Phillips  Mrs  Stowe  Theodore  not largely owing to the fact that the i Tilton and all the filthy miscegenation  Soil is kejit loose during a large jieriod  of the growth of the crop  and  being  thus kept loose  does it imt ab sorh a  large amount of liertilixing matter from  the atmosphere  Does it not take in a  great amount of niiinionia and carbonic  acid gas  sub stauce s which are necessary  ingredients in the growth of vegetation    If thi s is so  dues it not furnish us a  hint in regard to growing small grains  in rows  eight  twelve or sixteen itiches  apart  thus enabling the fartner  by  means of horse hoes  to keep the soil  stirred during the growth ol the crop    We understand that in F ngland the  wheat crop is horse hoed to a large e x   tent  and we know that in that rountry  the average yield of wheat j er acre is i bo carried on  it will creep into school  annually on tho increase      set  that  tho sharp  dry  harsh  align  lar  nervous nature of the American    would he improved by the warm  gener     ous  rich and afti ctioiiate blood of the    negro    It approves the spirit of  rU    ton s projdiecy that   tho bronze statue I  on the dome of the capital is the type ofj  the future American    who is to he    neither a white man nor n black rn an     but a mulatto      These missionaries of u detestable  and lustful creed strive to conceal the  revolting consequences of their doc   trines by jireseiitiug ns with a negress  who i s in effect a white woman  with the  slightest  tossible admixture of negro  blood   I liis step leads to another  until  the people become familiar with the  monstrous doctrine in all its disgusting  and hideous details    The work has been begun and will       hooks  into story book s  the newspapers    We hope experiments will be made educating the children chiefly until the   next gciierafion may be ready to take     by some of our intelligent fanners  so  that practical results may be published   bearing on this matter  in the   gricnl   lural Observer and Reporter   making repeated experiments that nearly  all real progn ss i s made in the noble  calling of agriotiUure       I be  Vlou   le Hf  Hun    The above is the title of n bcaiiiifully  printed volume of poems by  Mr  II   I    Stanton  and for a copy of w hich we are  indebted to the publisher  Mr  li  C   Turttbull  Jr   of llaltitnore  Feeling  as we do the deepest interest in lUe  upbuilding ot a great Bouthei n litera   ture  nothing gives us more pleasure  than to chronicle the success of a Hotith   eru writer  and particularly when that  writer is a native of our own State  as  is the case in this instance  This vol   ume  which contains not only the cele   brated  Moneyless Man    but all of  Mr  Stanton s most exquisite and ad   mired poems  is replete with the inspir   ation of true poetry  and will Like no  unimportant place in the libraries of  persons who can appreciate the true  the  beautiful  and the good in tho realm of  letters  That this volume is being  looked for with much interest will he  understood when we say that the first  edition of several thousand copies  will not be enough to meet orders al   ready given      la ftreece the art of agricnlturo ad   vanced until in the days of her glory   it may have been said to have reached  perfection  According to Pliny they  had fine breeds of horses and rattle   sheep and swine  and many of the im   plements of industry now in use among  us  They ploughed their lands three  times with mules and oxen  and  some   times sub soiled  and often lui xed differ   ent soils  as sand and clay with it  hut  invariably mauuied their lands well l  e   fore pltating      the last fearful step that w ill result in a  mongrel race  shorn of its manlier traits  of strength  ambition  will and intcl   It is hv lectital power  and ready to become the  easy prey of Heiisuality without refiiie   metu  and love of luxury w ithout the  energy to win any except its lowest  gratifications    Professor Agassiz  the foremost natu   ralist of the World  the pet and pride of  Boston itself  warns this jieople to keep  tho blood pure in their vein s  He tells  us that n visit to Brazil will teach any  observant man the destructive coitse   quonces of mingling the white ami  black races  Mexico  with a hyhrid  pujiulution of mixed Indian  negro and  Spaniard  weak  irresolute  tieacherous   licentious and lazy  warns us against  the adoption of the horrible doctrines  taught ill tho O alaxy and elsewhere    Abolitionism did not rise to the oon   trol of tho Governnieut in a day or in a  year  but it educated a generation and  then precipitated the war of  61  So  now  it begins with the story book s for  children  with artfully written tales in  popular magazines  with lectures   speeches and newspaper articles  accom   panied by occasional practical illustra   tions in the way of marrying  Octo   roons    Fven in Kentucky  there is a  school where white girls are taught side  by side with negro boys  following up  political with social equality   Viter  destroying the form of government in   stituted by our fathers  after emascula   ting tho Htates  subjecting them to the  unrestrained control of a va st and dan   gerous centralization tinder which no  right is safe and no franchise is seoiire   Abolitionism yet rears its miscreated  front athwart our way  and aims a final  and fatal blow at the Anglo American  race  endeavoring to poison the pure  current of Adamic blood by debasing  union with another race      AI UK A A I IO N  AWAr  ATI KK  j   I3xfrii  l I roni n IPrlvale    Fruiu the I  ridon KieM   j   All hands were employed in moving j  our camp four or five miles to the west     ward  ami  as iny gun carriers were   helping  1 started off alone on my pony  j  with a 10 smooth bore and some treble i   V shot cartridges  intending to go to a    hill 1 had burnt the day before and look    for bustard on it  a glorious bird  and    first rate eating   and so on round to the j  new camp  ILiwever  seeing a herd ofi  wildolieest  1 followed them a long way  on the plains  hut never got a shot  i    Vbout four o clock in the afternoon  j  looking through my glas ses at a hill op j  posite me  1 tliought 1 saw something  odd iooking  and of a peculiar yellow  Color  i Ut at last 1 put up my glasses  and said to mv self   It must he a  stump  of a tree    However  having gone a  few yards  1 sat down on an ant heap  and had another good look  1 presently  saw something move  and iniiiiediatoly  made th  m xAt l   be alnntl eight or tiin   lions   a lion and lioness lying by them   selves  one lion lying away under a tree  by himself  and the rest lying in a circle  of grass and bush  altogether looking a  grand sight  1 tied my pony to a tree  find started off  for the stalk  but was  awfully  siiuoyed to find 1 had but five  bullets  However  1 crept on down the  rather Ivare hill I vvas on  and got into a  deep ravine that separated us  and a   very nasty place it was  being a belt of   trees with long grass  and on the far   side a deep ravine or dry water  otirse  j  overgrown and covered in with palm i  trees  etc   and evidently very much used    by them  I crept through thi s  and  there was tho lion looking at me about  a hundred yards oft   but for the life of  me I could not make him out till I got  a good deal nearer  as the sun was just  behind him  and his head looked like a  lot of tangled grass or leaves  He came  towards me  and the lioness bolted to   wards the ravine  When 1 hatl arrived  within about thirty yards I tried to go  down on my belly and get a steady rest  to make sure of him  but he suddenly  tiirimd and bolted after tho lioness  J  fired  hut saw no result  I then ran iqi  to my right to where the yther s were   and saw a fine old lion walking down to   ward me  I broke his hind leg with  one barrel and loosed the other at his  heart  when he came round and lay  down about ten yards below me  1  then had only the two cartridges left in  luy gun  and canid  not make up my  mind whether to run after the others or  finish this one off  However  I deter   mined not to lose him  and was trying  for a good shot at him  as I could see  nothing hut his heed   when he seemed  to get riled at my looking at him  and  got up and came at me  I fired  and  hit him ju st to the right of his heart   and  with my last barrel  when he was  just on me  broke his teeth and went  about one and a half iqches to the right  of biu brain  I a mosl Mender bo did  not catch me then    T dropped my gun  threw my cap in  his face  and ran as hard as 1 could for  the ravine  and  taking a tremendous  spring  fell right into a deep jiool  which  of course saved my life  It was a great  piece of luck  as  if there had been no  water  or even four or five feet  the lion  would have settled me  also  I bidieve  1 jumped over a great tr e  which would  probably have killed me if I had hit it   The lion almost caught me before 1 got  into the water  and must have taken a  tremendous leap  as he covered the  branches with blood ten feet in the air    1 of course tried to keep under the  water  but he clawed my head and body   and bit me in tho left side  and once I  thought he had my head in his mouth   and that I was done for  However  he  jiresently left me and went to the side   hut could uot get out  and sat half in  the water  grow ling and roaring fright   fully  I lost my field gla s ses  and fancy  he may have munched them up in mis   take for my head  I then trieil to swim  ashore  and a new danger faced me   The weeds were so thick I could not  more  and 1 thought 1 should be  drowned  when suddenly I felt the bot   tom with one foot  and keeping as much  out of sight of my friend in the corner  as possible  mauaged to scramble along  down the jtool and got out on a steep  hank  1 then hobbled off  as hard as I  could go for my pony    I was dreadfully afraid of fainting  before 1 got home  as 1 was bleeding  pretty freely  and must have lost a lot  of blood in the water  also  I saw  every prospect of having to stay out  all night  as it was nearly sunset  and  I had no idea where the tents were   However  1 kept iny pony going to   wards tho setting sun  being somewhere  in the right direction  and by a great  piece of luck came right on one of oitr  party  tiring at two  debeest which I  had driven straight   towards him  so  we went on together  and managed to  reach the tents  Very thankful 1  was to find myself in bed and alive   also to get ray wot clothes oft   as 1 wa s  shivering with cold    They afterwards told me that I had  had another escape  as they found the  marks of where a crocodile had been  lying at the side of the pool  and these  gentlemen  1 fancy  very seldom lot  off anything that comes in their way    They tell me that where he got out  of the water oti a big stone he revenged  himself on  i young tree by biting it all  to pieces    They found tuy hat  giiii  and one of  his teeth  all close together   I he lat   ter have I carefully jtreserved  as a  charm against the next lion       should not If   too far apart at the Top   this is often the case  See that the  slaides which hold the  side strap ami  traces are not too far up at the lower  cads    It is iiapossililc for a hoisc to draw  with ease when the traces are attached  near the top of his neck  It will in   variably gull the upper jiart of the neck   Should this he the ease  take out the  staples and place them lower in the  haiiies  If the liack baiids are right for   a wagon  they will he too short for   plow ing  and will lie very liable to gidl  the hips of the team  Let tho hip str ii s  he properly adjusted  ollicrwisc they  will gall the parts of the horse    While tlie horses are at tlic ph w   there is not that relief in dr  iwing jc   when uttacheil to wheels  On lids ac   count the neeessiiv  d  a hariics  fitting  projM rly is iniperalive    lVli itto l  vvilli Mliec   IN l v     Kromtlie WV Ii i ii Itiirat      A colisideralde atyoii i  of fi  y early lo st to the siieep raisers oi ii j      Kai itiug ol  un Indian Priuoo         r  fit the C inciiiimti  tazette    Ft oitKN CE  iT tt v  Deeember 2    Ve sterday an nft air of nintsital oceur   leiicf  Old  place  which was no le ss than  the Inirning of an Indian prince  His  lligliiiess Rajah  Mitrahaja of Kolapore  came to Florence for his health  but ttn   oirtmiately for him and luckily for those  w ho had tiever seeti a Buddhist funeral   he died on the ifOth of November  He  was piiiiee over six hunilred thousand   inlialiitaiifs of llindostan  and was trav   eling with sixteen Indians and four  i iiiglisliiiicn  He left his own country  tn travel for the pnrpo se of education   i i i  deiisure   Vfter his death immedi   j at  applii atioii was made to the city  ifllioi iiics for permission to bttrn  he  ii dy   M ter a few of the inevitable  tl l api  objections bad been smoothed  iw iy  tlie permission was obtained  and   1 place at tho end of the     a seiiic    the  rk ad joining Florence  was assigned  tlic swanli v applicants  on condition      s hi       onntry by tiu  iinj roj pr haiulHnc   a fLrtby ami with the utmost secrecy     On one farm in Scotland  which does  not exceed 500 acres  there were over  400 miles of drains  several years ago   and the work was not then regarded as  complete    The districts of    aliforiiia now in  cultivation are able to produce  10 000    000 bushels of wheat over and above  what is needed for home coaeomption      HurneMtIiijg  u llar we    Very few of those who are accustomed  to use horse s from year to year  perform  the operation scientifically  It is true  that many get a harness oti the  and it may tit well  and it may  father s boots on tho little boy   quires much more science than  persons imagine    I will mention a few material  impoitant to he saerffed  The collar is  the first  wint oT importance  That  huge thing that will admit a bundle of  straw hotwecii it and tho neck of a  horse  is totally unfit for ahorse to work  in  The collar should fit as neatly and  closely to the neck ns a pair of hoots to  the feet  It will then seldom gall the  skin  if the haines are properly made  and correctly adjusted  Tha liatues     hor se   fit like  It re   many   jioints     ill  some imstances  total neglect of llmir  sheep pelts  for these will accumulate in  greater or less iminhers uiiou the hands  of every dock master  I elt s are of two  classes   known to commence by tho re   spective term  slaughter pelts    or those  taken from sheep killed for their me st   and  murrain   elts    or those from  sheep dying from natural causes  acci   dents  ravage s of dogs  etc  Slaughter  pelts arc the most valuable  for several  reasons  They are generally larger   and freer from the cuts ami blemishes   hut their eiihaiieed price is as mucli  owing to their manipulation after  as  their condition at the time of removal   The butcher who daily handles from  half a dozen to one hundred pelts  finds  it to his interest to put fhem into the  best possible condition  and those flock  tnasters who will try the cxiieriiiient  will find it equally advantageous  To  those wc will ofl er a few suggestions    Remove the pelt from the sheep as  soon as possible after death  as every  hour it remain s on the animal damages  its leather properties  We have also j  found that those pelts sell liest that have  the feet and legs as high as the km e left  on them  On inquiry as to the cause of  this  we were infornu il that this wa s  the style in which butchers  pelts were  usually sold  and that dealers like them  best in this way  Wc stniiigly incline  to the suspicion that the temptation to  grade  he best class of muri ain jn Its  with those exjiected to luing a higher  price is not always successfully re visted  liy speculatorii and dealers in thi s kind  of property  Avoiil cutting or tearing  the skin  and keep as free from jiartieles  of flesh or fat as possible  Lay it upon  the barn fioor and sprinkle it liberally  with salt  and if the time can he sjiared   rub the salt well in with the hand   Fold the skin with the Hesh siile in  ami  lay it away where it will not he mqlqst   ed hy dogs  i nts or   u  ofler rcrm ii  s     the stock accnuinlate s  if the weather is  not very warm  one pelt can he laidnjioii  the other and very little n om will he  required for their storage  In about  two Weeks they will be sutlieiently sea   soneil  and ready to bang iq  for drying   If bright  dry weather  huf a few days  in the sun will be required  When dry   they are ready for shipment to market   or call ho piled  or  what is better  hung  in some dry place to await the eoining  of a buyer    Felts handled as above will he one   third larger than if cured by hanging  across a fence  or in a tree  and subject   ed  to the effects of alternate rains and  sunshine  and nightly ilews  This is  quite an item   as the looks of almost  every arliele largely controls the   iice  to he obtained for it   V proper trea   ment also adds to it s value intriiisieally    as the skin of a properly  enrol pdt  has a commercial value miu li in advance  of one improperly handled  The first  is always in dcmaiul by some of the  multifarious inaiiu factories using sheep  skins   such as bookbinders  trunk aiiii  vali se manufacturers  boot and slioe   niakers  and hosts of other industries   while the latter goes to the glue faetory   and  sells for a song      A pro  erly cured j elt should sell  from first hands for as much as the woo   upon it would bring if sheared aial  placed upon the market unwashed   the  skin remaining as a profit to the puller  of the wool  On the other haiul  if the  skin is nearly or quite rotten  and eoh   aeqiiently valueless  tho puller s profit  has to come from tlic wool  ami the  former foots the bill for one more les   n  in the school of exjx i ience      However  tlie clairvoyant reporters  cor   ve spoiulents and about five hundred  otliei  persons heard of tho aft air  and  went tn see the show  Accot iing to tho  Indian religion  the ceremony was to  take place by tlic side of a running  stream  so that the spot oliosen was in  reality at the eoiifiiiewe of the Arno  and the Miignaiie  Soon after 2  u    the body of his Highness arrived    A pile of wood had been erected about  six feet long  three wide anil three higli   The body was then laid upon the ground  ami a gold coin i laeed in the mouth   He was dressed in red satin and silk   A long tunic or toga reached nearly to  the knees  while red stockings and  leather boot s completed the dress  On  his breast there was an iiiiineiiKC iium   ber of jeweled orders  and around hi s  neck there was a necklace of very large  pearls  each worth a small fortune in  itself  Our Protestant idea is that we  cannot carry anything into the next  world with tu  but the Indian doctrine  seems to diftim   for it requires that the  body shall lie huriied with many of the  Jewels of the person  His head was  cnveicd by a black ami red turban  The  body was then wr apped in a large sheet  of red silk with quantities of perfume s  Dtid laid upon the funeral pile with the  feet Ki the east   i h   attemlantu then  c miim nci l a s  ries of unintelligible  motions  pulling on llicir luibans and  taking llieni ulf  buwiiig and slieteliiiig  their arms in every imaginable direc   tion  and repeating numerous short  prayers in Indian  which 1 will omit for  several reasons  Then they threw more  perfumes on the wood and much fat   Then they  put more coins on the breast  and in the hands  then came more tur   ban shifting  more prayers and pounds  of camphor  then s andal wood and fat   interspersed w ith gestures  then straw   then wood  then more fat  then more  jcc  stii lye   tlnf   a sburk     i inoix  which I  will also omit  and nnally the torches  were ajqdied  and the w hole hur st into  a fierce llanic  At the  same moment  the plank oii which tho body had been  borne was throw n into the Arno  The  liulian s lamtinued to throw perfumes  into the lii    diiving tiie huriiiiig  and to  oiler more pi   iyei s  At 9  i   m  water  was poured on the pile  and the ashes of  the body were religiously collected in a  poi Oelaiii vase  while all the rest of the  materials that remained were thrown  into the river by two Indians who waded  out to the iniiblle  Farth was then laid  over tho spot in the shape of a heart   and little va ses of rice were placed  aronml it  All the Indians tlieii prayed  with llicir faces turned toward tlie  earth  after which they went away   bearing the cinerary urn  The hones  will be thrown into tlie Ganges  so that  the Prince iiiny enjoy a thousand ycar s  of happiness  Thus the necessary rites  wore pei fonncd  hut if the Prince had  not been so obliging as to die in Flor   ence  but in bis own eoimlry  the cero   iiionios would have been most magnifi   cent  accompanied with music  a cow  adorned with liowers  and a host of  more Ilindostanec cmhlems  E  A   L     l  ox llouu I    Fi om Ibe Turf  Field and Farm     The modern Engli sh fox huiiiul is  really one of the most wonderful aiii   nials in creation  owing  jirohably  to  the great care which has been given to  his Id cediiig for tho last three centuries   Some fox houiid cstabli shments have  cost their owners  8 000 to  10 000  per year  and the money and talent  H hich ha s been expended for this imr      Hovv the Chinese  Make   Frees      jnose li as rcMilteil in wonderful success        aw  I h   fox lionud  like all other dogs   jmust ho  selected for the country he is  Taking a young plant  say a seedling  to range in  The middle size is the  or a cutting of a cedar  when only trojmost approved  for the reason that  like  or three iiichc s high  they cut oft  its  ap i ll other animals  they are found to be          and better able to endure   fatigue  Height and color is a matter  of taste  A good dog cannot be of bad  color   that is to suy  we do not think  color has much to do with the sjiecific  chaiactev of the animal  but in shape  all must agree  Wc should not jirefer  a large hound to one of medium size   since in a thick woven country  or in a  thorny brake  lie  as the poet says    Painfully tugs  and  torn and embar   ras sed  bleeds       nc of the most iinportaut features  is that the pack lie ail of a size and look  of the same family  There are certain  points in a hound  as in a horse  which  should he always looked after  If not  of perfect symmetry  ho will not show  speed nor get through much work  His  legs should ho jierfeetly straight  his  feet round and not too large  hi s shoul   ders well hack  breast rather wide   chest deep  back broad  head small   neck tliiii  tail thick and bushy and car   ried well    A small heail indicates high breeding  and looks more beautiful  We do not  say large  ho aded dogs are in any wise  inferior  His ears are rounded by the  irons of  he huntsni Hn  to save them  from the tears ami scratches which they  Would inevitably encounter in dranny   The  ii e vailing coloi  s of the present day  are black and wliite  with tan  The  mixed or blended colors are known as   jiies   red pie  Iduo pie  yellow pie  gray pie  lemon pie  hare pie  and bad   ger  lie   I he last two are very hand   some  Tan  black  white  red  blue  are  inoi c or le sH mixed with white    The fox hound is alwars to be looked     root as soon us ii has other  enough to live Ti ion  auj replant in a  shallow pot or pan  The end of the tap  root is geiierall   made to rest upon tlic  Ixittom of the pan  or on a flat stone  within it    Vllnvial clay is then put  into the pot  much of it in bits the size  of beans  and just enough in kind aiul  quantity to furnish a scanty nourishment  to the  vlant    Water enough is given to keep it in  growth  but not enough is given to ex   cite a vigorous habit  So  likewise  in  the aiiplicalion of light and he at  As  the Chinese pride themselves also on  the shape of their miniature trees  thev  use strings  wire and pegs  and various  other mechaiiieal eontri vuiioes  to  U o   niotc synnnetry of habit  or to fashion  their jiets into odd fancy ligures  Then   by use of very shallow pots  whieh thev  use  grow th of the tap roots is out of  the question  by the use of poor  soil   and little of it  and little Wiiter  strong  growth is prevented  Then  too  the top  and roots  being within easy reach of  the gardoner  are shoi lened by his  u uu   iiig knife  or seared with his hot iron   So the little tree  finding itself headed  on every side  gives up the idea of  strong growth  asking only for life  and  just growth enough to live  au   look  well  Aceordiiigly  each new  set of  leaves become more and inore stunted   the liiids and rootlets are dimini shed in  proportion  nnd at length a balance is  established between every part of the  tree  making it a dwarf in all res  eots   In some kinds of trees this end is  reached in three or four years  in other s  ten or fifteen years are neces sarv     at as part of a park  just a s a soldier is  a part of a regiment  so that it is of no  use to breed him exceptionally high  or  small  or otherwise  if yon make him  run dift erent from his companions  His  nervous and physical organism makes  him peculiar for dash    We know that this English fox  hound  differs materially in form and size from  the favorites of the fox hunting di stricts  of our own country  Wc shall be glad  to have some old huntsman tell us  wherein  and if our own breeds are bet   ter for our country sport than the Eng   lish breed    The BooWh of the Noutb     From llio Ailunta FUintatiou     Some man of philosophical mind  once said   Let me make the songs of  a people and 1 care not who makes  their laws   This had a dash of hy   perbole in it no doubt  and yet it ex   presses the estimate of moral power  that 110 statesman will overlook or de   spise  If we had to ehiioso between  the making of a people s national  hymns and their school books as a means  of moral  social  or political influence   wc would instantly decide for the  books   And when we Southern people  reflect how comi letcly we have ignored  this tremendous leverage  it seems al   together overstrained to sjieak of tho  subject as we do  But let us revert  to a few of the prevailing ideas on  social and political   uestions which  have obtained a moral ascendancy in  these  States  What a monstrous crime  has been iimde of slavery  and  rebel   lion  for instance  In the one case we  see grub eating savages with prehen   sile tails thirty inches long  humanized   civilized  Christianized  and  to take  Radical testimony as worthy of credit   turned into statesman  every one of  them  and in the short space of seventy   five or one hundred years we may say   see this outrage so adroitly managed by  the men who know how to use school   books  that the name of the Houthern  men who have done this thing  has  been cast out aud trodden under feet  of men as a vile weed   Rehellion    that was once  Stales  Rights  and in  everybody s mouth as God s work  is  rapidly following the fate and fame of  slavery  It all comes of fonuiiig or  warping   training or corru iling the  youthful mind    School books brought on the conflict  between the States  and school books  are working for another conflict  or  what is far worse  eternal yoke of iron  for our necks  Let us be up and get   ting ready  The integrity of love for  our section  ami honor for its great and  good  which are now cherished by our  youth  must he preserved if everything  else goes down  t ottonand corn and  coal and iron are good things  and we  might to have and make them in abund   ance  but the pride that our children  have in Lee and his glory   in the   South and her record   is worth more  than money and sjdeiidor  and the vain  glory of all Shoddydoni  Will not  our people for once unite on a great  defensive an l emiservative idea  Will  they not listen to some of the wisest  and purest of our counsellois and rally   as a jicojile  to Ihe rescue of our dear  children from the direct attomjits at  corruption and  lerversion whieh our  enemies are now making       I he Oreat Clock ul  4f  I auri       ondoii    Thi s celebrated piece of mechanism  was made by Langley Bradley  clock   maker  Ac   in the year 170 8  in accord   ance with the instructions given by the  great architect of the structure  Sir    hristopher Wren  ami which wore in  tho form of a s  ecification  as fidlows    For a large and substantial turret  clock  going eight days  and to turn the  hour nnd minute baud on three several  dials  viz   on the  cast  soutli and west  sides of Iho southwest tower  and to  keep the  same in good order for the  space of seven years from the day of its  completion   The amount paid for the  work  under these conditions  we find to  have been  3 000 only  The clock is  considerej to be of a very superior de   scription of workmanship  and has been  pronounced by competent judges to be  one of the largest in Europe  It has   at the present time  two dial j latcs   which are placed due south and west   Each of them i s 57 feet in cireumfer   ence  or nearly 20 feet in diameter  The  length of the minute hands is 0 feet 8  inches  and their weight 75  khiiuIs  the  hour hands being 5 feet 0 inches in  length  and weighing 44 pounds each   The figures are 2 feet 24 inches in  height  small as they may appear to the  spectator below  There are also in the  inside works two small dials which  work the reverse way  one showing the  hours aud the other the minutvs  The    endulum is 16 feet long  with a large   bob  weighing 180 pounds at the bot   tom  and which is suspended by a thin  metal spring about the thickness of a  shilling  The beat of the clock is tech   nically termed  a dead beat   or two  seconds   thirty to a minute instead of  sixty  Since it was first made it has  been very much altered in consoqueuco  of the re  eated repairs it has uudergone   but it still maintain s its reputation us u  faithful timekeeper and hourly monitor  to the citizens       Marrtag   oF a New Corker to Oue  oF the Koyul Funilly oFNpuiii     Fi om the Poughkeepsie Press     We learn by the last European mail  that Mr  Charles Allen Perkins  As   sistant Secretary of the American  Legation at Lisbon  Portugal  who  formerly resided in this city  was mar   ried on the 12th of November  at Lis   bon  to Princess Dona  51 avia Isabel  Francisco de Bourbon y Bourbon   daughter of Her Royal Highnes s the  Infanta of Spain  The ceremony took  place at the St  Louis des Francais  Roman Catholic Church  Father  Miel  ofliciating  Afterwards  at the Lega   tion of the United States the cha i   htiii of the United Slates steamship  Franklin perfuruiod the ceremony over  again  as the bridegroom is a Protes   tant  The bride i s a niece of the ex   Queen Dona Isabel 11  and the ex   King Don Franci sco de Assis of Spain   Many distinguished American ofticers  and the aristocracy of Lisbon were  present at the ceremony  A grand  banquet wound up the affair      NIInaoii to Ik   Carried     From the Bnoklyn Eiijtle     An English pajier announces that  Nilsson is engaged to a51r  Rosseau  a  French gentleman of moilcrate fortune   and that after her maiiiage  whieh will  not take  dace at  ue sent  she intends  retiring from the stage  This announce   ment will be accepted not without as  much incredulity as surprise   at least  the part referring to Nilsson s leaving  the stage  In favor of a contrary sup   position  and that  too  after duo an   nouncement of leaving and formal fare  1  well had been made  Americans can  iHiint to the return to the ho ards of  Sirs  Crowe  Kate Bateman    Mrs   Paddock  Maggie Mitchell   Mrs  Jen   nings  51adeline llenriques   and sev   eral less distinguished others    The only eminent American actress  that  actually left the stage when she  said she would was Miss Chailotte  Cushman  and even that great artist re   appeared at lea st twice to help on the  Sanitary Conunissioii  Jenny Lind  a  ooiuttry wmiiac of Nilssiui  i eallv diij  leave however   aud  so the latter may   if a coincidence of nativity can be in   geniously perverted to indicate an  equality of detennimitiou  Jenny  Liiid  howcvoi   i s roporled as very sorry  that she did leave  and now to he com   pelled through poverty to vesunie as an  inslnictor the art which in her prinie  slie iiu arnatcd without a successful  rival  Odds would he oft ered against  the  irobability of Nilsson s soon leaving  the stage    The histrionic and lyrical  irufe ssions  hold their   uccus longer than any other   Nothing intoxicates   as nothing suc   eaieds   like success  and the public dis   covers tho iiicap acity of singers and  actors long before they find it out in  their own case  0 iinion  nevertheless   is not decided as to the  uopriety of a  retirement being great and permanent  when it is declared at all  for nothing is  iiiore  ii ovokiug than the fitful changes  tVoiu  irivatc to  luhlic life which artists  indulge   unless wc except their inabil   ity to discern when they have survived  the  lower to please    NwallowinK  a  Fboii Mtii l l ollar     In St  Louis  recently  a woman  stole  i4 700  but was ea itured with  most of the money in her  lossession   What followed is thus told l y the St   Louis Re iiiblican    gnes was taken to  the station and was searehed  but only  it 500 in money was found  much to the  surprise of the ollieers  who were eon   tident that she hud a Isrge sum on her  person  A little ihiekncss of speech  was noticed  and it u as liiiiilly discnv   sred that the woman h ad rolled several  lj l 000 bills into separate little pellets  of paper ill her ir outh  Here was a  dilemma  If force wa s used there  was danger the woman would swallow  the money  and then the recovery of it  would he innre problematical tli an ever    I he  lolii e wi re puzzled  and Captain  Hsi cule    bed to   luily the sitiialinn  with profound  seriiiiisiiess l iefore  no   eeediiig  Something  however  had to  be ilone   iiickly  and ii h alf way course  was   ido ited   Moral suasion waseoiii   hined with ii little gentle cliokiiig  and  finally the  leriiiineious Agnes   was lit   erally eoin ielled to disgorge her ill   gotten treasure  soniewhat  loistened to  be sure  hut still in a current eonditioii   But only three of the bills   were obtained  nnd the question was  suggested  where wa s the balance    There was reason to believe that the  woman had at least four ijil OOO bills  with her  5Vhere then was the fourth   Agnes was again ins ieeted  hut there  was 110 more money found on her per   son  She was a little drunk  but a  lurking  triunqihant deviltry in her  eyes awoke sus deion  w hicli finally be   came a certainty  that she liad swal   lowed a  tl bill  Here was a fresh  dilemma  but it docs uot appear to  have  tieeu regarded as a serious one by the  polieo  for  in tlie first report of tho  arrest to the t eutral station  it was  stated   Have rei overed        500 and   are certain of the balance   Not quite  certain  it a i iears  to Im sure  they  had the woman  and stie   ad the money   but so eft ectually  Hit aw  iy that there  was no taking it from her    Emetics  of coui se  suggested them   selves  and the c ise was laid before an  a  olhecury living near by  He made  a  ire iaration  and gave it to the officer   saying    riiat will fix her all right   and will do her no harm       gnes has  a constitutional proclivity for whisky   and so the dose was di ssolved in Ibnir   bon and tendered to the damsel  who  tos sed it oft   saying   1 know very  well what you want  You want that  money  but you can t get it   The  eft ects of the emetic were not satisfac   tory  and an attcm it was made to  facilitate its action by salt and water   but this Agues evinced an objection to   and could only he prevailed on to swal   low a few mouthfuls  A doctor was  consulted  but could give no advice  promising the wished for result    gncs  is still iti ettstodv      FIIF 1141  VFFI  i  4 l  4 C R      BT RDOll  A  FOE       Mr  Htiiiiner it Hortrait     Froui iLe New York Jourual of Comioerce     Mr  Sumner is a man fierce  uncom   promising  in a word  radical in poli   tics  As a haler ho would answer to  Dr  Johnson s description of  good    So earnest and acrimonious is he in the  pursuit of his cherished ends   riding  over all men and all things on his hob   by horses   th st he is not greatly loved  by anv one  In his own party he is ad   mired by some  feared by more  But   apart from the se faults of character   which arc iinlccd inscpavahlo from the  nature of a fanatic  there is much in  Mr  Buinner which commands the praise  even of those who most differ from him  politically and least like his haughty  and hectoring iiiannei   He is  we be   lieve  an honest man  No  leoiilation  or robbery  or bribe  or signifte  mt gift   or contingent interest in a contraet  stains his lepulation  If as cold as ice   he has its  lurity  iJniiii g his long  career in the Senate we do not reniem   hei  that a lie  even a while one  has  been fastened on him  Watched by  men of his own political organization   anxious to dwarf his commanding stat   ure iu the Senate  and exposed to the  assaults of an opposition which he lias  done so much to madden  Mr  Sumner  stands before tho country to day wear   ing conspicuously the crown of  lersonal  integrity      In the  senest of our THlIexs    Ry friKsl anael s teiianted    Once a fair and alalely palace    Uadianl palace   reared its bead   lu the monarch Thou  ht s domlDioo    It Blood tt i a    Never Horapli spread piniou  Over fabric half so fair    Banuers ycllon   glorious  golden    On its Mof did tloal and flow       X liia  all this   va s the olden  Time  long ago t      nd every geutio air that dallied  In that sweet day     Moiig ihe rnraiKirts plumed aud pallied   V wiiigetl odor went away    Wandcrei s in that happy valley  Through two lumioou s windows saw  Spirits moving auMieall T  To a lulc  s well tuned law    Round about a Ihmoe were sitt ijig    Porphymgene  i  In slate his glory well befltuiig  Tho i ulerof ihe realm waa  eOH     Vnd all with jiearl aud ruby glowtiig  Waa the fair palace door  Through which came flowing  Bowinf  flowing   And aparktiug evermore    A troop of Kchnes whose sweet duly  Was hill to sing  111 voices of  sui   assing beanty    The wit and wisdom of their King    Rm evil things in robes of aori ow   V  mailed Ihe monarch s high estate     ill  let us mourn  for never nus row  Khali dawn u s o him desulala      And round about Lis home the glory  Tliat bluslied and bloomed  Is but a dim remembered stoty  Of tlie olil time entombed    And travelei s uow withiu that valley    Through the red lilteii wiudows see  V a sl foi in s that move fanta stically  To  a discordant nieloily    While like a rapid ghastly rircr    Through the jialt  door    A hideous throng rush out forever      nd laugh   I kiI smile no more      Iki  l l ll OF FIIF OI M VK  4 B    Dvingl Dying    ilaj k to the i orth wind sighing   As it waits tlie Old Vear a solemn  Requiem     Dying I Dying    List to   ur i ad hearts eij ing    As they moiU ii the things ttiat mighl  Have been     Dying   Dvtiig      VII around us lyiug   Sad wrecks of the ye ir that ls  vast    of lesolviM loo good to Uat      VII broken      Wr ck s     Dying  Uyiug    Fast his breath is flying     Kta u to the li sl of years gone before    Will another Is  added   for its doom  Is spoken    Dvingl Dying I  I  efleas the crying     O er pronii es made and never Kept    Over crimes committed while conacieai e slept    L sele s the weeping    D i ifig   Dyir g I  We  like the year  are dvingl  On Ihe sea sboiv of Lite fast rise tlie wave s  Of Ihe years that shall d  al us into ourgraves    De ith s sleep  sleeping       Dead  Dead    The Old Vcar  s dead    lienilv nhice him on Ills wintry bier    t  arel ully cairv him ttui j heave a sigh  dis p a tear   Then welcome in  The smiling  New Ve sr       4 lloi we vvilb u  kloiMlaclir     From Ihe New ibera Time      t  uite a erotvd eollecteil at the livet y  stable of  Messrs  tioiisouliu iV Bouttc a  ilay or two  since to examine the mous   tache of a creole pony  The capillary  oruamont of the upper li i  to which the  ladies are often very  lartial  wa s  fouiiil in till  highe st stale of pcrfectiou   parting most gracefully in the center   and em jing most yiiacefully on cither  side  We have seen tlionsands on the  human face divine  inil none that for  uniqucne ss  lustre of eolor and appro   priateness eoiild at all eoni iare with  that which graced the iqipcr lip of the  sprig of nobility I roin the  irairies of  Attaka ias  The enthusiastic fair  loud  of equestrian exercises  would have  ilulibed him at once  a perfect love of  a  pony     The peanut cru   ol  Virginia this year  will l c 4D0 tM D bushels  while Tennes   see raises  jfl  1 Hl Imshcls  and Georgia  and the Garolinas from 156 000 to 175     000 litishels      Nr vnuiKO    Moohb  Siewabt  I n Fraukfoil  on the 2Tth  lust   ky Rev  I uci in V  I unce  Mj  I  L  Moore  of  Oils city  ami  Mise Faimic  daughlei  of WURs  Sicwarl  deceased  of l nui svillc    Forbes  Flvsx   In Frankfort  on llie ittih iiiat    at Ihe residence of Ihe bride s motlier  by Rev  Lu   cian Lance  Mr  Hiram ForW s and Miss Francis  Flynn    Kihbhoi uii   Au ES  At the Christian Cbun  li  iu   eorgelowii  on tlie 22d inst   by Elder R  M   0 auo   Mr  James Kimbrough  of Harrison  aud Miss  Fannie  daughter of Right  Allen  uf Heoll county      1 I1TI     HaBBESOs  lu Louisville  ou the 27th lost   at 8  o clock F  M   Mrs   Mary E   wife of Judge James  1   Harbeson    NetKOts    t his residence in Woodford county   on the 24th iiist    Samuel Nuckols  an aged and  highly i es  ecled citizeu of Woodford    DtvENFoar  lu Veisailles  ou the 23d Inst   Billy  Dci enport  well known iu Woodford          NIKNIOUIA M      Death  ibat knocks w ith au equal tread at Ibe  collage of Ihe poor aud tlie palace uf the King    came ou the wings of ihe moruing  at Ihe eighth  hour  aud bore away to his uiysteriuua realma   Kublkta  daughter of Dr  E  and Lizzie  Shackel   ford  of raveriia  Hart county  Ky    Roberta was born July the 2Ulb  18J3  died De   ceiulier 4lh  lti7U  fii life  her geii le and simple  demeanor suixiued Ihe hearts auJ won tha afleo   dioaa uf all who knew her  Timid like the tisini   hut gentle as the lamb   she walked o er her abort  pathway  giving nfli ase to none    svatlering smilee   and making glad the hearts of all aroiutd her  StM  leaves many friends upon  whose bearU ahe bad  made the impress of the juiresl life  and the most  unwavering trust in Ihe Saviour   To one of thufia  compaiiions  a s the death damp moi slened on her  t row  she said    I m going home to Jesus   don t  grieve for me      The Heaven is jealous of ihe Eailh  aud calU   Its favorites fr iMii Ihe  stormy naves of time    O  fuii esl flower  no sooner hlunn than blaeled     Soft  silken piimro se  fading timelcMly    May the  Giver and ihe Taker  heal ihe wounda  and console Ibe hearts of that bonaehold whertia  her seal is vacant  J4             m m                        iMH     4i i  OIUiiK R41i  K  I dltoi       l KXINUTON  KY lAXl AKV 4  1871         h4  Ills  Mnnily Kuilr ta l    Allhongli there is a little game ol    now you see it  ami now yon ilon t   going on ahontthe Big Sandy Itailroail  we believe it will yet he built as certai  as that Lexington exists  We must  liave it  and what we must have we will  have  Our City Couneilmen  for rea  sons whieh they deem just and valitl  have deelined the aj jdication of the  Klizabethtown  ijexington and Big  Srmly Kailroail Comjiany for the   2r t    000 suhsoription of Lexington to the  capital stock of  said roail  As there is  a wide dilference of opinion as to the    ropriety of the Council s action  w   mhlish tti day the whole proceeilings in  reganl to it that all may have a fair  chance to rightly weigh the whole sub  ject ami make up a fair opinion  In the  meanwhile  as we know how large  share of public interest will be exhibit  ed in this exceedingly important matter  and how much it will be discussed in  the papers  we will take a little rest  that we may he able to go through the  siege  We are for that road  and so is  J exington and Fayette county      How Ls TbKV     Hon  Cassius M  Clay made a speech  in Hichmon l  Kentucky  last Monday  in which he took strong and decided  grounds against C rant and the present  administration  unqualifiably favored  universal amnesty and advised the ne  groes that if they would be prosperous  and happy  they must stand by their  late masters and cease to act upon the  ridiculous and totally unfounded hope  of ever being their social equals  When a man like Mr   day  with all  the peculiar political tenets that he has  held for so long  takes the stand that he  has taken  it aftbrds one of the most  significant signs of the times  and still  further confirms the rapidly growing  opinion that the days of Ilailicalisni are  numbered  Mr  Clay seeing at last   that the course of the Radical party is  certain if per severeil in  to entirely  ruin the country  lifts his voice against  it  and no little credit is due him for  it  hut his decided and manly exj res  sions will fall like a wet blanket upon  the Radicals of Kentucky  who had  been confidently expecting him to stump  the State in their behalf  They had  better profit by his example  and reas  aert their manhood and their dignity  before it is eternallv too late       rrIpo lt  al      The Lexington newspajiers are al   ways furnishing the public with some   thing fresh  Mr  Owsley Goodloe  who  has conducted the editorial department  of the Statesman with so much ability   has retired from the health  destroying  duties  of the tripod  to   give  place to Col  Will   Jassius Goodloe  and Mr  L  P  Tarleton   lr  Our best  wishes go  with the retiring editor   May the fearful cry of  copy   never  again greet his ears   May he live  long and jirosper   We extend the  heartiest compliments of the season to  his successors  and wish that they also  may  live long and prosi er   May  they enjoy all that peace and quiet and  charming indolence which belongs so  abundantly and peculiarly to the editor   al position  May good angels watch over  them  give them success and greatly  improve their politics  is the sincere  wish of the Observer    Another Valuable I etter    How much interest the farmers  throughout the country are taking in  the Agricultural Observer and Reporter   may be inferred from the number of in   teresting and instructive letters we are  constantly receiving from them  We  hope they will keep the good practice  up and continue to let us hear from  them  for the Observer is what it pro   fesses to be  the farmers  friend and the  farmers  organ  To day we publish the  first of a short series of valuable letters  from the j eu of that experienced Ken   tucky cattle rai ser and able writer  John  Allen Gano  Sr   which will be read  with both profit and pleasure      of the Mqqily   f the year  The sweet  from I higliind to Ifidlaud  near I wo cen   potato crop has been a large one  nearly I turies ago  as a present by  lames 11  to  every State showing a more than aver  I William  Prince of Orange  then Sladt   age yield  Buckwheat is a  somewhat holder  at the time of his marriage with  smaller crop than the preceding one  uiis ilaughter  Fiom this produce  a  the loss being in the Xew Knglaml and I century after  Sir William St  Guintin   Middle States   I he  lax crop will av  aml others made their importations   erage rather better than last year  Ac  j l liey were originally   ure white  and it  counts of fall sown wheat and rye are  generally favorable  The condition of  wheat at this date is somewhat above  the average      Wh at a bh ssing the completion of  the  Mout    enis Tunnel will be to sen   sation hungry people  They will ride  over it  An eight miles ride through  the heart of the   lps  in utter dark   ness  or darkness so nearly utter that it  will be darkuesN visible  will be rather  a gloomy ami ilisagreeable Journey  but  thousands of peojde from all parts of  the world will go to experience it  Just  so soon as it will be availabe   I hey  will try  the latest thing out   or die  in the attemjit      AnvicKS from Georgia state th at At  torney General Akerman has tied to th   Mountains of Hepsidam  where the  lion roareth and the whangdoodle  mourneth over the defeat of his first  born  the Election bill   but that Sena  tor Gameron is on his way to Wash  ington with his pockets full of atfidavits   to induce Congress to  upset the great  Democratic victory      TIIK NHORT IIOHAIfD I AXTI I      fbe Crop Report      We clip a few interesting facts from  the monthly report of the Department  of Agriculture  In regard to corn  the  estimates of product for the past years   have rarely indicated a very near ap   proach to a full crop  From a prelim   inary calculation on local returns from  seven hundred and forty nine counties   the product of this year is made to ex   ceed 1 100 000  000  This would give  about twenty eight bushels per acre  this year upon the assumed acreage    36 000  000  against twenty three and a  half bushels upon a little more than   37 000  000 acres last year  Returns in   dicate a larger product of sorghum than  last year    The tobacco crop is comparatively  large  and the e stimate of the year will  aggregate  at least  300 000 000 pounds    They hay crop is less in quantity  than that of 1809 by about 15 per cent   The estimate will go above 5i0  000 000  tons  which is little more than the pro   duct of 1809  The  piality is  su  erior  to such a degree as nearly to make  good the loss in quantity  The pro   duction of the year in potatoes is little  more than four fifths of the jireceding   and the  aggregate estimate will not  vary much from the total number of  bnahels in 1809   111 000 000  which  pill afford to each iuhabitaut four  fifths     A lIlNtliirt and Original Race  How to Prewerve lt  Purity and  Vigor     To ttie Editor of the Observer and Reporter    In view of the widely extended in   terest in this noble and valuable race of  cattle  the rapidity with which they  have established themselves in many of  the States of the Union  as superior to  all other  the writer has concluded it  might not be amiss to prejiare for the  press a few papers with reference to this  highly prized breed of cattle  My chief  objects shall be to vindicate their claim  to a high antiquity as a distinct and su   perior race  to show their peculiarities  and chief excellences  then to consider  how these may be best secured in order  to its perpetuation and highest improve   ment  If I can in a good measure suc   eed in this  I shall afford to all a sure  test of pedigrees by which they may be  greatly secured against impositions   I o  remove some prejudice at the outset   should any exist  and to seenre a fair  and candid consideration of the facts  and figures I shall present  I will here  ask  Were I to assert the very great  antiquity  the peculiarity  distinctness  and sH  eriority of the  Caucasian race  of men  would my renders weigh my  facts and jiroofs uncandidly  Certainly  not  But to our subject  and first  of  the great antiquity and well authentica   ted superiority of the Short Horns   Deriving our   mericau  short horns  from the British Isles  we must go to  the history of cattle of this remarkable  breed  as given by her writers  in order  to reach as far as we may in  he distant  past for our knowledge of them   Vouatt  an English writer of celebrity   nforms us on the 19th page of his work  that the various breeds of British cattle  have been very conveniently classed   according to the comparative size of the  horns  into long horns from Lancashire   the short horns from East Vork origin   ally  the middle horns  not ileriveil from  mi xture of the two preceding  but a  distinct and valuable ami beantilul breed  nhabiting principally the North of  Devon    c    Fhe Alderney  with her  crumpled horn  is found on the South   ern coast   And  the polled or horn   less cattle prevail in Sufl olk and Nor   folk  and in Galloway whence they were  first derived  and hence their name    The same writer  on page 226 of the   same work  thus writes   From the   earliest periods  as to which we have  any accounts of our breeds of cattle  the  counties of Durham and York have  been celebrated for their short horns   but principally in the first instance on  account of their reputation as extraor   dinary milkers     The author of the American Farmers   Encyclopedia  referring to the same  source of information  says qn page 291  under the head of  The Short Horns    Durham and Yorkshire have for ages  been celebrated for a breed of these pos   sessing extraordinary value as milkers        well inforir ed American writer  tells ns   The short horns as a race    distinct in their character of excellence  and individuality  are as ancient as any  breed of cattle now existing in Eng   land    Vol  1    m  Herd Book  page  35   On the next page  36  he con   tinues   To the banks of the river  Tees  separating the counties of Dur   ham and York  reference is to he had  for an account of the originals of the  improved short horns  There in 1740  existed a breed of cattle  for a descrip   tion of which the author  Mr  H  Berry   is indebted to an old and celebrated  breeder  in color resembling what is  called the Improved breed of the pres   ent day  except that the fashionable roan  was not quite so prevalent  They are  de scribed in general character also  to  have differed very little from their de   scendants  Po ssessing a fine mellow  touch  good hair  light offal  particularly  wide carcasses and deep forequarters   they also Justly celebrated for extraor   ilinary jiroof  tallow  when slaughter   ed  Several spirited individuals  at  that early period  had devoted much  attention to the im  iovemerit of the  breed of cattle then prevailing in the  counties of Durham and York  and  amongst others Sir William St   juin   tin  of Scampston  imported bulls and  cows from Holland  We have heard it  asserteil that this stock  referring to the  Holland cattle   w aB originally  sent     is this tribe which is supposed to have  marked ihc short horn families gener   ally  and not the wild cattle of Chil   lingworth I aik  as asserted by Mr   Vouatt in hi s work on British cattle  for  the se last have a white  brittle horn  a  dfltl  sluggish  fm ocious eye and other  characteristics  totally different from any  well bred short horn   Same hook  p   37  quoting  Am    g   1 842  vol  1  ji   161   As early as 1740  Mr   Millbank   devote l his attention to this branch of  rural economy   His success as a  breeder of short  horns may be known  bv the following facts    A five year   old ox  bred ami fed by this gentleman   weighed when slaughteretl  the four  quarters  2 100 i ounds net  and tallow  224 pounds  A cow also  bred from his  stock  the pro  erty of Mr  Sharter  of  Chilton  slaughtered when twelve years  old  having produced several calves   weighed upwards of 1  540 pounds net   This cow was the daughter of the Old  Studley Bull  one of the most celebrated  ancestors of the improveil short horns   He was the grandsire of Dalton Duke   bred by Mr  Charge   From him also   descended William and Richard Bar   ker s and Mr  Hill s bulls  all animals  of the highest reputation in their day    Sir James Pennyman may also be  named as a distinguished breeder of  short horns at that very early period    The family of the Aislabies  the then  residents of Studley Park  in York   shire   had very fine cattle in the seven   teenth century   A  D  16    Sir Wil   liam St  Quintin drew some of his best  blood from this  source      Ibid  p  38   Not to mention many of the numerous  breeders of that distant   eriod  we aild   on page 37  same book    The Smith    son s  of Stanwix  in Northumberland     bred good short horns in 1640   In a  note on the same page the author says    In a private conversation with him   since his return from England  Mr    Allen   A  B   informed us that he was  told  while in Durham  that an ancient  recoril now in that county  showed the  short horns as existing there in great  excellence four hundred years ago     Great antiquity is claimed for some of  the stock in Northumberland  and as  early as 1770  Mr  Dickson  and proba   bly others  had cattle that were famous  milkers  and much resembled in other  particulars the short horns of the pres   ent day  lieing quick feeders and  good handlers  We might enlarge on  this subject and prove that  he short  horns are an ancient and superior race  It is undeniable throughout Great  Britain that when the good milking and  piick feeding  pialities of any breed of   attle are sought to be improved  the  short horns are universally re sorted to  and when properly selected  always with  marked success  We saw these  crosses  in infinite number on the cattle of Ire   land  Scotland  England anil Jersey   and the colors and forms of the short   horns immediately stamped themselves  upon the jiroduce and predominated   which is proof indisputable  if other  were wanting  of their great antiquity  and long high breeding   AVe have  then given us on pages 40 and 41 of the  same work  a record of sixteen short   horns  males and females  with the  names of breeders and feeders  that  were slaughtered at that early period   the weight of which varied according  to age  time of feeding  Ac   from 1 330  pounds  a three years old steer  up to  2 362 pounds  a seven years old steer   and from 1 260 pounds  a three years  old heifer  descended from the Old Stud   ley Bull  up to 1 540 pounds  a five  years old heifer  bred by the Bishop of  Durham   Thus much for the Tees   water short horns  the originals of the  improved short horns      Ibid    Let the reader here boar in mind that  all we have quoted and written is with  reference to the short horns as they  were before the days of the   ollings   Robei t and Gharles  and their opera   tions with short horn cattle  Fbiough  has certainly been presented to establish  beyond a doubt the high antiquity of  the short horns  as a distinct and suj e   rior race of cattle         4rrii rv    laniiiii y I         N Itie Itiniineiis raUce of Time    i     1     I   llir line liiis Ijeen born     In his honor Ihe frraml I esLal hall  l s open   IVoiii iiiiilni ht till morn     That the I oet  the I ea sant  the I ries     The  Monareh  the Sa    ami the    eer   May briii f    fold and myrrh and I rankincenne    Rich oflerinjfs to the yonnjr Year          jTJt H   haste hither  Spirit oi l e iuty       Oh   rome to me  Spirit ol  Song     Uraw near  Oh   mercil nl Mem ry    Sweet laive and doy leading along     Rriug with you fresh flowers of faiiey    As fair as the snow flakes that full    Cnme deck me w ith jewels and grares   for   go to this banqueting hall           i b things that hare grandeur ami gUiry     All words foil id  music and light     All thoughts rich in sweetness and pathos    I would have for this banquet to night    An exquisite crystaline chalice   I d brim with the  soul s lichest wine    And dissolve  in my draught to the Prince      A pearl that would make it divine I    V    music of echoes and fountains     The music of binls and of streams    I would wake  in Time s mystical temple    As sw eet as such sounds in my dreams    I would sing with the breath of the south wii4   As it sweeps o er some redolent lea    Or borrow the song of the shell  as  h sighs for its home by the se     V    r      WEDDING PRINTING      CHINA WARE   C      14 Vi l    ri4 4 X      IMI ri  4 i i       VI4C i  uimI   II  1  1  Ml  vri4 d   Ol  R0400IC   UN    V tTltUt i  stock of Kcasly liiilialcsl    l iS  cr always on hand  Onr work is   Si rKICTLY FIRST CLASS     in every resiiect  and oiii  styles will alwavs be  found to ta  the latest  1 opullir I l is cw    BEELER   CURRY    2t 8 Wk st Foi ktu Stkkkt    A iiiciiiiiiiil  o    t KVt T  KOUEB      Purnell   Rodes   Booksellers  Stationers  A Printers    A o   43 East Main St   l Krington  Ky   ratalogiies nf Pooka  sent tree to any a i  dress    aitcntio       lveu to W r d d I u g  t arls  liivitstl ms  In   itial  stamping   Vr   fell A 47 lyi i9 Io jaii I  ieh     A New Stock of Goods   H BEI Vtl RECEIVED BV   S  PRICE   CO      roMPItl tl Sn A Kl l l  I IXK OK       CANDIDATES      Racape ol  Forty Oonvlcta     Krooi the  XaskeiUe Bwaner J   For some time a considerable number  of convicts of our State prison have  been employed in mining coal at the  Battle Creek Mines  six miles below  Jasper  on the  lasper Branch railroad   On Monday morning last they all   forty one in number  inarched out of  the stockade as usual to enter the mines  for the day  They were all provided  with picks  and were guarded by six  well armed men  After entering the  mine they suddenly and without a note  of warning turned upon the guard   knocked them over with their picks   and rushed out  One was shot dead   and  forty fled in a body to Jones   creek  at the Alabama line  three  miles below  Then they separated   some going into Alabama  some to the  mountains  some one way and some  another  Only one has yet been cap   tured  The whole country around the  mines is aroused  and a large number  of citizens are in pursuit  It is likely  that all will he recaptured      WOUI D slug in  such minstrel likc measure     Aa  be starH  on thftt marYelousi morn  When the work of    reation wa    inialted  And Time  o   Kteroilj  born    For anthema of rapture must rin  there    Tbo  deep sound tbe dir  es of death     The gladdest and saddest etnoiions  Must mingle  to night  in a breatb    VI    ND while touching traditions are told  Of many a long vanished Year    The tales of the last   would gather    And trace them all out with a tear    VII    J IRST rd tell of the l eauliful Rhine land   lU heart pierced  and drained of rich blood   Softly sigh for the fair face of France    Stained crimson beneath the dark tlo  d     Then turning to Italy s borders     Sweet  child of the sun and the sea    With heart and voice joined in a chorus  Sboul  Thank UodI the long fettered is free    VIII    UT  ob   sobful and nailful my tonc      And hushed e en my shout for the free    Should mem ry blend  tho  ocean di ide    The blest nanie  of DicCENff and I kk     Ob   names riirb in honor and glory     Oh  name t to their nations so dear   Tbeir fame  shall go down to all ages     Their woi th e er lie told with a tear 1     V    OK both  with a   hrist like compas sion   Worked well for the World s greatest weai   Each strove  with the strength of his manhisid   Its wrongs  woes  and wounds to help heal   The Pen  with its    Mystery   unfolded    Shall silently s  eak fn m the grave     Tbe Sword  with its history emblazoned    K er tell of the noble and brave       We are authorized h  announce D  HOWARD  SMITH  of Owen counlv  hm a candidate for re   election as Audih r   subject to the action of the  Democratic Slate Contention  no2 t 2t    We are authonzed ti  anmmnce JAMES I    AI 4 LKX  of Boyle  as a candidate for iJeutenant  GoveriBir of Keitiucky   subject to the decLsion of  the   temorratic    nventum  ocil 2 U tf   r   authoBired tr annouDOe JOHN  li  CAR     of Fayette  as a candidate for Su  erio eiident   1 tH Public Instruction of Kentucky    iubj cl to the  decision of the Democratic Slate Oonvention       MEETINGS      Stockholders  Meeting     f HERE will lie an aiinuHl meeting of the stock  I bolder    in the Winche sierand la xinglon Turn   pike Road  Ht the SelW Ol house  op s site the nine   mile   osl on said Ti ad  on the second Saturday in  January next  htr the TmrfKrse of electing offi rs  for the ensuing year  fh ne by order of  he Presi   dent  de24  tj w U J  H  DAKN ABV  Sec      STRAYED OR STOLEN    S TOl KN   DOQ   A Sint Hvpr colored and white   A lil erHl r  ward will he given tor her recovery      luquiiv at this office      ja4 Jd sw2t     S TRAY f D    IARE   Fnmi the  ubscril er  three  miles from Newtown   m the   vnthiana pike  on  Ne v Year    night  a large  light iron grav mare  with dock tail and mane  Any one delivering her  to me will l e libeiallv rewarded    JAMES COLEMAN    ja4 3S  swAw lt     of color       OTRAYED   HORSES  Fnim the under signed   lO living at Catnip Hill  on Mr  Je sse Bryant s  place  on Monday  Dec  20  1870  two Horses  one  a bay  ball face  With three white feet  and short  tail   the other a n aii  no marks recollected  Also   a bay mare CoU esca  ed at the same time with the  horse  A liberal reward will be paid for informa   tion that w ill lead to their recovery  Information  can l e left at Karsiier s Suibh   on Limestone street    ja4 3Hw2  NOAH UR AVKS    OTRAYED OR STOLEN HEIFER From the  subscriber  on the comer of Shoit and Jefleixm  Streets  I exingtoii  Ky  on Wednesday  Dec  28  a  red and w liite s M tted Heifer   short horns  top of  left ear otf  liegintiing to bag  and is three years old  the coming spring  A liberal reward will la  given  for her recovery i v   de 31  i  swAw li  P  SLAVIN       Dinner Sets  Tea Sets    Chamber Sets   c        HEV have received a very Urge lot of   Toys  Hmckels  Ace  Ate    THKV WIU  HAVE KlIR THf    CI 11 U 8 TMAS    llOLIDAYS   A new and complete assortment of   I  lZXtOC3  CSrOOCXS     Everything usually found in their line will be  sold at the prio    De alera are invited   to examine their stoc   as they offer N M   tal  lntluc 4 iii  iilM U  llitr wliulesale ti  cle    Rfuieniber to c ll at   S  KRK E   t O  It    delO  ll swAwlm No  i2 East  Main st      HARDWARE      ADAMS   KNOBLE       No  5 AVest Main St      X   U the Intinite  Jon of all f ond   M  soul would ascend in a prayer   Bearing back ihe sweet boon of Hie  ieac    To all sadly ciiniliered with   ie   Tlie weary and desolate heaitvu  With teuderest words I d beguile   Tl e happy  tlie free and light hearted  Meet gladly and greet with a smile    X     HI S  telling the tales of tlie Old Vear   And crowning the New Year with song   Would I go to Time s mystical temjile  And join with the worshipful throng    fhen come to me  Spirit of Beauty     Oh  Mem ry  with  Music unite    Come  deck me with jewels and graces  Ere I go to this hall of delight    Uive an exquisite crystaline chalice  To brim with the soul s richest wine    And I ll drop in ray draught to tlie Year    A pearl that will make it divine       A KOMA 4  E or  I lIK E 4  r      S  TIt   k 7 South Itnoiilway  a roan Milch Cow  medium  size  thiee year  olil  small huros  tin ning in  Liisiad  foroliead  and largi   fierce eyes  A liberal i eward  will be paid for her return  or for information that  will lead III her recovery  liv the iindei sigiied    de o  tr swiwit    iTlos  kLynx    Uesidenee on Vine st   Iiel  l  p  er and Mill      MISCELLANE OUS     v    Practical ArcliUect     4   40 4Vew  4lain Mti          LEXINdTON  KV    ja4 38 Hwly JiH       CLOTHING      FOR THIRTY DAYS    yiy OKUEie lo rrWnoe our lit ary Niock of Wli TEU  A II I i Cii   wr Klinll give  for tlie iirxt S     TIiIm iK an     30 days   opportiinitv for     III  Iirard of  Ici r j a in      Ilir lloliilays    Onr hfork fo Ik  4 old ronsikifN of 0 erroats    Pants and VrNtM for   lni and Hoys   nr 4     varied and  styliwii  and  ve Kiiaranter r rrv article      A trial will prove  not a mere advertiioin     lliat we are Mineere  and tikis        doil  e  Kenieniher  the   One Price  Clothing  House      del0   i sivAwlv       1 1  n4l  4 W l KEE l   niC4l I EV N HI Oi K      AMERICAN WATCHES       S58 Feet Front   Iron and Olass         ORKS OF THE   United States Watch Company     GILES  WALES   CO    nAltlON  N  J      GILES  WA LES   CO     IMPOR TERS  MAN UFAC 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three British moiiarchs  has been coii   temjioraneous with three monarchies   two rejntlilics and two Imperial gov  ernuients of France      Louise Muhlbach  in her  Letter  from Egypt   tells a very romantic story  about the wife of   ount Bene letti  the  French Minister Plenipotentiary at the  Prussian court before the outbreak of  the present war    A very rich Greek merchant  resident  iu   lexandria  had two black wives  whom he loved dearly  and for whose  service he provided a large retinue of  beautiful girls  One of his wives  one  day  chanced to see a charming white  girl  and was so pleased with her that  she coaxed her husband into buying her  The beautiful slave became a confi   dential servant and companion to her  negro mistresses  and conducted herself  toward them in such a sagacious manner  that she became indispensable to them  She sang to them  and gossiped and  frolicked so gracefully that ennni was  banished completely  She won their  affection  and through them  also  the  affection of her master  the venerable  Greek merchant    But  unfortunately  the black wrven         suddenly fell sick one day  and before  nightfall they were hotli dead  Their  disease was known to nobody  and they  were hastily buried   fhe beautiful  young slave  who had not left their side  for a moment during the few hours of  their illness   seemed inconsolable  She  did her best  however  to assuage the  grief of the ancient merchant  and in  this way so endeared herself to him that  he adopted her as his child and heir   since he was Just a little too old to  marry her  In course of time  the ven  erable sage rejoined his swarthy wives  in the other world  and the fortunate  nymph came into possession of his mil   lions  aVI this stage of her existence  Count Benedetti  who was then only a  penniless attache to the French consulate  in Alexandria  offered her his hand and  heart  and having married her  with the  aid of her wealth cut for himself a road  to fame  In this way  she who was  once a slave to slaves  became a star in  the circles of the French world of  fashion      A Salem man  soM a piece of land  long since to the Eastern railroad lot  a free pass for life over the road and  all its branches  for himself  and broth   er and their wives  and the investment  proved a ntost profitable one to him    Wheat accumulates on the line of  the Southern  Missouri railroad natch  faster th an it can he tran sported  It  is estimated that there are 1 500 000  bushels awaiting  shipment iu the  different towns along the line      in fine fix   ja4 3S swAwtd     T  H  FITZOERAU    tlrawfordsville  Ind      W  C  White retiring  A  J  Campbell will assume  all liabilities  and collect all accounts due tbe late  firm  W  C  WHITE    A  J  CAMFBELL   I exington  Ky   December 28  1870      r N retiring from the hardware trade  I cheerriill  recommend my successor   Mr  A   1  Campbel    to tbe confidence and continued patronage of my  old friends and customers   de tl S  swAwtf W  C  WHITE     New Hardware Store      H aving purchased the stnek of the late firm   of 44 bile A I ampbell  1 will con   tinue the business at the oM stand    No  East Main St     O I I Fellowb   I eniple        and will keep on hand  a full stock of evervihing in  the Hardw ire line      A  J  CAMPBELL    de  H   T swJtM K      County l lerk 8 Notice      Kiyettx CoiiNTy Glerx s Office      laniiary I  1871  g     n y Fee lllll s are now made out   Flea e   ull aud settle at onee      4e31 37 swltw2t     AI LUi U  HUNT   CierL     4  Hi   4 I  A T     Wholesale and Retail      We have just received one of tlie largest and  most varied general assnrtments of   Dry Goods  Notions   c     ever offered to the trade  having made our pur   chases   FOR CASH    before the advance  we believe we are prepared to  offer   IXX aLi iO XXX 13LtS   that no other hoitse can  Our  stock ia complete   We invite an exaiuinuthm of it l efore purchasing   and assure jou   Clieap Goods    and polite attention  We have just added a   Vbolesale Clotliug lepartmeiit   to our busine ss  to which we invite the atteDtion of  the trade  and guarantee our prices as       DEaVNIS  Pre  t K  J  R  R  fr T  Co    Utica  Feb  15  1870    WaTcs No  10 584  BeBrInff Tmde Mftrk    Fred    eric Aibcrton fr   u   Merturi  N  J     meuufib tured by tbe Uoited  Bleu  Weteb Co   be  beea carried bj me twaoly tDontlie   It  total  earUlIoB frooi ueen tint beioir fie  lecoBd  per cooDtb    Z  C  FRIKST  Ate i Sup t N  Y  C  fr H  R  R    Watc  No  Ill    SrBM Wi  DBB  6eBrioK TrBde M rk   Frederic  Atherloo fr Ce   Mwrioa  N  J     tuBOufactared by th  UuUed Bute   WMcb Co   b   beea corned by me fifteen OMMitba   IU tot l TBrUtloo  from meeo tua  being only en evemce of two third  of a second per  dey  B  F  PHE   Con  N  J  Central R  R    Watch No  1037  Stbm Windbb   B earing Trade Merk   Frederic  Atherton A Co   Meritm  N  J    menDfectared by the United State   Wetcb Co   he  been carried by me since Jane  Im    iU total rnrln   tloB from luaeo tio   being only five kerend  itt montb    HBNRY SMITH  Tree   PnoameH  ft   88 Wnll St   K  Y    Watch No  1185  Stbm Winpbh    B earing Trade Mark    Frederic  Atherton ft Co   Marion  N  J     mann bcture l by th  United Sutee  Wetcb Co   ho  been carried by me fourteen iiionths tlz month  of  that time at tea  and in till the earioat iltinatra of E pe  During      4o  LOVI4      Scenn  P    r k  H  ISM    Watch No  11T8  SrBH Wi neB    Bearing Trade Mark   rrederie  Atherton A Co   Marion  N  J     lonufacta  by the United State   Watch Co   baa been carried by me three months j lu total rorletiem   roto mean time being only five eocond  during that time    HENRYDK 1 ANCEY  Kogioeer Philo  A Erie R  R    Watch No  IIOS  Sr ii WtxDBn  Bearing Trade Mark Frederie  Atherton A Co    Morion  N  J    manufactured by th  United Btou   Watch Co   ba  beau carried by ne eleven month    It  total vorietlMa  from lueoa tiw  being only Mven second  tn tbe entire time    A  II  KING  7 Pork Place  New York   Vice I s t N  J  Car Spring A R  Co      Watch No  MIT   Bearing Trade Mark    Fayette Strottoa  Mar   loo  N  J     manufactured by lb  United State  Watch Co   ho  be a     Utica  Feb  14  1870    Mar   be a     H  LASSl     ly rett  INO       r lb   carried by me twelve luunth   it  total variation from mean Uua  being fifteen woondA  1  VROOM AN     Engineer N  Y  C  A H  R  R   Utica  Feb  15  U7d    Watch No  0091  SraH WiMnia   Bearing Tred   Mark   Fl eUe  Slralton  Morion  N  J    manufactured by the United Slate  WauA          m  Awia      w   u w u ww by t   that time and since my return It ha  not varied one second a week  I Co   ha  been earned by me eighteen months j It  total voriatloa froon   Manager Knickerbocker Life In   Co             141 Broadway  N Y      I mean time being live t od  Mr iiwHitb    I E  O  WHIPPLE  Ceo U  A B R R      BEWARK of worthless imitatioM with  which  he country is Jtoodnl  To avoid imposition insist on m  ssrtHicaie of gentdnsnsss J on  those of whom you purchase  and see that the  eordi MARWil  If  ar   engraved on the plate over the Main  Spring Barret  Ad Others are spurious    I nitod States Watch Canipany s Cclehrated Watche s for sale in full varietr bv   cfc  TPT T aT   in SValobeN  BiiiinoiuK   Irweli y  MolitI Mil Jk Fl l  d 4 Vare    nol2 23 swAwly Z EXXJ rg  TOJSr  JCY       DRY GOODS      WM  HOLLOWAY   CO    4 KS  I 4   I F  4  FII  1   4  F rilFIH   IPA ILiXj JLJSTID   STOCK OF OBI GOODS      To which the aUentinn of  verj one in want of new and desirable articles is specially invited    no lieHitanoy in recommending our stork as     We have     AS ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY      DRESS GOODS   SHawla and   Wrappings   White Goods   Hosiery   Gloves  Cloths and   Cassimeres   Flannels    Jeans   Linseys and   Bleinkets    nii  1 Hi oxru IkoniesiicH     All grades ami wiJtlis     STAPLE   FANCY NOTIONS   in great variety  and everythkig nsuallv kept in first  cla aa Dry Hoods Hun sen     AgeuLu tor Fnaakfort Hreiuiuni  ntllb  V   lottoB  Varna  and Batllatr  Oldliam  ASeott e  at FACTOKV FHir  N     i    1   ABAMH tfc 4 M     SetaoleMale aad Betall   ry tilootla   niotloBa  eilotUan   IS OC  Mala HL      KlagtoB  My   ael7 7 iwAwfiiufapi      The Largest  most Magnifieeiit and Desirable   Ever offered in tliis city  all of wliicli will be sold  at popular prices  viz      Hlaok 4drOM tdrain HIIL       Foiilt tie Hole Milk      FinUb Milk      Itrnp  le I runre      4dlarie Hllk   tlauralticent Kveninct MllkM   S ancyNilkN  all Mhudet     Beaulltkil l refi   Fabrlra  in   Frena b NalleeuN anti Meru eN   Freacb Fpln  llne      Velourw    PoplinH  at all prieei    Heal IrlMb Fopllns   new     lapanette Hopllua    Plaid Uiaigonalti  dkc     Silk Velvetaand Velvet  Albl oa o  in alt nbadea and prices for trimming   VelveleeuM  all roloi H    Pluab and Pluab    rimming    new aud deNirable   Xurklwb t ranb       rimiulng Natina       Nanh Kii l onN   iVerk Kibbona  Ac    In Black  irsKls onr  stock i s nnnsnally large and  desirable  embracing   Koiiilmxine and noinbuxliiet lotb   Hearritx FreloiiUK    Velour de   Vloe    AuMtraliaii Frepe    S ng liNb o   Milk  trilliantinek       tlohairi       Merino  Alpaeax  Ac    I In tipera l  lannelM    Plaid FlannelM    MiddleHex 0   MaokinftN    Mhaker   I wllled A ikoiuett Flaa    nel ih we make a specialitr    UlankeiN 10 4 and lU A Ironi t  to  Sl T      rolored  tk oin  4 to  IO   HalbrlKgan S reneh aud Uonaeetio  lloNiery  at remarkably low rales       adles   Uent N and t  hildren i  Un   derwear  fmm tbe lightest to heaviest quality     ol  Table llaiiiaMka  Towelst  lYapkiiiM  Doy   illow Case liiiieii  laiiieii  Nlieeliuga anti     Kunian Mattbea    O       Oiir Ntoek ol    lien  Pillow v Hse liiiieii  laiiieii  MiiieeiiugM  iTIai tieilles QiiiUei  are oll eretl   il prieeM  that tleiy eoiiipetitioii    We are SOLE AGENTS for 0   TIIGLA S  ELEBRATEO KID GLOVES    We have on consignment and will offer for the next 20 days   iRE VT BARd klXS in   Point  Point Apdinne  Dntclmss  ralenciennes  Gnipnre and German   X   0 3S    Real Point  Point Applique  Valenciennes   German Lace Setts   MANDKEHCUIEFS   COLLAIiS    ABE OFFERED VERY LOW    Bargains in LINEN   lALONET  SWISS and HAMBURG EMBROIf ERIESI   CarXXll3 Ul rO   And many new and desirabl        3XTQ 47 ET T T Filtg    NOT TO BE HAD ELSEWHERE    WK  HOIXOWAY A CO       eI8 Id soAirtf           The following is a list of the public sales adver   tised in tlie Observer and Reporter    J  T  Davidson  Agent   Main street Brick House  and liOt     1  F  Diake A Co    Small Farm      TllllEF      Cameos are very fashionable    Bright and beautiful yesterday    Three or four colored fairs are in full bla st   Several  open houses  in this city New Year s  Day    The Catholic fair succeeded to the amount of   I 2W     Work has commenced again in the bagging fac   tories    We enjoyed a call from Mr  H  T  Stanton  yes   terday     I hc election of    ity l ihrarv Directors  takes  place next Salurd ay    Our industrious Ke  i esenlative  Dr  D  li  Price   de  rtedfor Frankfort yesterday     I be Kentucky la gislatiire will meet in adjourned  session at the State capital to day at 12 o clock u    Capl   I hos   McCann  s company of State Ouards  will parule at Athens on  Saturday  the I4tli of this  month     Mr  William McCracken has again leased the  stable on Short street  recently v icated by William   iarret     Some one should help the jsior   the millionaire  remarked yesterday  ns he grasiasl his puisie and    kept it in his pocket    The last novelty is tic snake or cabh  ch iiu   clasping around the throat  made of the veilow gold  so fashionable at present    A number of timely and much uccderl contribu   tions have Ireen sent in to me Female Ikoicvolcut  Society  Send in some more    All the farmers will read tlw valuable letlt r on   short homed cattle  in another colunm  from the   ieii of John A  Uano  Sr   K si      Mc Meeki i has tinished packing here  and Dunn  will he through soon  We understand hogs  were sold here yesterday at  ii 50    The beautiful New Year s Address  in another  column  was written by Miss Susie  M  Wilson   whose fame as a  Kietess  is rapidly increasing    The house where Henry Cl ay was lairn  near  Ashland  Hanover county  Ya   was destroyed by  fire on Friday  It was mi rt  than a century old    The new  Mission Church  at the old city grave   yard on Bolivar street  was dedicated Sunday with  appropriate  sendees   I lie attendance was goial    W  W  Goddard  Kaq   of  Mercer  writing to the  Agriciiitural Observer  says   1 send as a New  Year s gift a club of new subscribers   We lip  our beaver    Ilyrou   ew is  aged alamt 15 years and son of  Mr     ewis   d  this city  was found deail in his last last  Sattirday morning  He had Is eii suttering fnun  heart disease    If any one wants to know what kind of work is  dt ite at tlic Observer ottics   let him examine the  handsonic  ew Yeai s Address  which has been  diatribuljd all over the city    Mr  Thornton  a noted short horn breeder from  Kuglaud  and also one from Canada  Mr  Bates    aid  a visit to A   1   klexander s herd last week  and  were highly pleased with the stock     The Childrens  Annual   a nice little Sunday  school pa ier  gotten up at the A sistolic Tinws of   fice  was distributed to the children of the Christian  Sunday schisds  at their Christmas enteilainment    The Fizzle has Iteeii increasing its already extraor   dinary popularity  by charming aiticicsoii  Society  Gossip   which equal its other one that sneered at  our city clerks  whom it called  yai d stickei s  and   counter jumpers     The Second Presbyterian Church is observing the   week of I rayer      To day prayers will be oHered  for the coiiverson of children  for Suiiday schfsds   and all seminaries of learning  and for the raising  up of more laborers in Christ s service     rhe ladies of  Illinois and Imliana are said to  have taken kindly to a new article of wardrobe  It  is called the Divorce Traveling Suit  When a wo   man dons one of these suits her husband knows  that trouble is in store for him  and lawyers see  another fee    The large grocery eKtabliahmcnt of  Spears A  Maxaie  of Paris  has been bought out by the latter    The former partner has united with Woodford and  bought the extensive grocery of Rees A Co   and  will run the same in connection with Clay A Co    wholesale manufacturers of Hour and whisky    A nfivel race occurred on the ice a few days ago  at Paris  between a man on skates and a horse  driven to a buggy  They drove on the mill dam  near the city  afforded a rich and exciting sport to  probahlv 500 jieople  Who bad collected to witness  it  The distance was a quarter of a mile  and re   sulted in dead heats each time in seconds     Mr  W   M   Tennings  an English trainer and  owner of Kildare  well known in turf circles  visited  Fayette and Woodford co mties last week and pur   chased of Mr  John llryaut his thoroughbred horse  by Star Davis  out of the  Margrave mare  the dam  of James A  Conley  Ac   for  400 cash  Also  the  race horse Johnson  of E  A  Smith    Hart Lodge No  C F  A  M   N icholasville  at its  anniversary meeting on Dec  27th  elected the fol   lowing officers for the ensuing year  J   M  Spruce   W  M   WiKsIson Dickerson  8  W   Dent Hoover   J  W   E  R   Sparks  Treasurer  G  Cal  Richard  ion  Secretary  J  C  Welch  8  D   Ri bcrl Down  ing  J  D    T  11  Crutcher  C  C   Charles Jluir   8  A T    Court day at F aris  like most new year courts   was a day of small business  tlierc being a very  limited number of stock offered  Horses and mules  were somewhat im  rnved in price  Nearly all the  cattle were w ithdrawn  scarcely six cents being bid  for fair feeders  A few No  1 mules in small lots  sold at  125  for higher prices and grade less at   105 to  110  Some No  1 broke mules sold at 200  for highest figure     The Democratic County Convention meets in this  city next  Monday  at 2 o clock p  u   to ap ioint del   egates to the State Cbnventien to be Iwld in Frank   fort on the 4th day of May next  The basis of  representation from each district to cminty meet   ings will be one to each hundred voles cast at the  last general election  and one for each fraction of  fifty  It is hoped that each district will lie fully  re iresented    An exchange pronounces non explosive kerosene  oil a myth  Very likely the statement is correct   We suppose the laws prohibiting the sale of dan   gerous oils are enforced in all parts of the ctmntry  as for as possible  yet we do nut open a paper from  any region that is without an account of a terrible  kerosene accident  We are getting too familiar  with histories of people being roasted alive by  burning kerosene  Many of the kerosene calamities  are  we admit  the indirect result of tlie victims   own carelessness  but stufl  n i fit to lie handled is  directly at the bottom of them all   Tlie following sweejistakes are advertised by the  Saratoga Association to close on the 1st of  March    A sweepstakes of a mile and a quarter  for all ages    50 each and  500 added  fur tlie first day of the  July meeting  the Flash Stakes  half a mile  for  two year olds   50 each and  500 added  the Sara   toga Gup  two miles and a quarter   50 each and   1 000 added  the Sequel Stakes  two miles  for  three  year olds   50 each and  750 added  the  Summer Handicap  for all ages  a mile and a quar   ter   100 each  half forfeit  but only  20 if declared   This is to be run on the 1st day of the August  meeting    Ericsson  one of the fastest horses  during his ca   reer  that ever stnick a track  was seized about a  month or six weeks ago with a violent attack of a  disease termed  in medical parlance  laryngitis   which raged desperately for some days  even ex   tending to bronchitis and congestion of the whole  breathing apiiaratiis and partial ulreration of the  same  He was closely watched and medically  attended tbroiigboiit by Dr  T  K  Quickfall   M  R   C  V  8   who  succeeded in overcoming the di sease  tvitbokil question  and pronounces Ericsson to  tay   s amiud as ever and in fine coadUion  vigor and  dMallh      The firm of  V  W  Halthviii ik Co   of  Maysville  have manufactureJ 15 00i  plotvN dnring the past year    The prisoners in the Pailneah jai  nearly succeeded in another attempt ti  escape one day last week  hnt were pre   vented hy the vigilance of a turnkey    On Wednesday evening a young lady  named Lucinda Walker was hadly  Imrned at her father s residence on  Fourth street in Maysville  Her dress  caught as she was leatiiug over the fire    Hichard ISeniiiigfou  au employe ou  the Keiitueky Central railroad  was  seriously if not fatally injured  by fall   ing from the to i of the freight train   while in nu tion  near   ynihiana  on  Friday evening    1   O  Harris and E   J  Wright  two  citizens of Versailles  got into a lively   il  the other day over the proper or     tio  folh    1st  te   I  Sandy    ity o  not be e   of its KtlllSC  unless in     giaramalical eon structioii of a word   Their etymological dispute cost them  each  td and costs    Governor Stevenson oft ers a reward  of ijldOO for the apprehension and deliv   ery to the jailer of Henry county of   lames Isabel  charged with the murder  of  Vm  zXrrington  in tlu town of   lerieho  on the llfith nil    A large toL  ceo stemmery liurned at   Mayfield on Sunday night    fler the  lire some charreil human hones were  found in the ruins  and it is siijiposed  that some person or jiersons went in the  huildiug to stay all night  built a fire  from which the huildiug caught  wd  were ilestroyed hy the flames    Ilev  Henry M  Scudder  pastor of  the Presbyterian Chureh at Elizaville   has received calls to the Presbyterian  riuiicbes at  Millersbiirg and Winebes   er  The eoiigregatioii of the latter  offer if 1  SDH per aniimii and bouse rent   He bas not yet signified bis purpose in  reference to these invitations    Mason eoiiiity ba s the following sur   vivors of the war of 1 SPJ  Peyton Key   ageil about 90  Thomas Gaither  H4   Will  flrover  7     lonuthan Gift ord   7  i   I bomas Poe  H 2   fobn Mcf arthey    80   lolin Lamb  80  Win  Pritton  80   Peter I asbbrook  78   I lios  Glasscock   7  i   bdiii  Vlasterson  80   lohn Thomp   son       Mr  Thompson is the only  survivor of the battle of I ake Erie      KeiiiiH ky Land  Stook and   I op News       Mr  William Dorsey Bold his farm  near r ewisburg  containing 9 iA acres   to  lames Garrison for  ti0 00 per acre    Mr   Tos  Alexander  agent of Mr    Ino  T  Alexander  of Illinois  has  lutrehased in  Jentral Kentucky since   Inne last stock to the amount of   400 000    Mr  A  1   Lyter  of Beriyville  has  rented das  Kern s farm of 327 acres  44 miles south of Millershurg  for ifl  JOO  for the year  beginning next March   Mr  L  snb rents of Geo  T  Davis for   100 from December to March    D  Swigert has bought  Alcalde    formerly known as  Woolfolk s Mam   hrino Pilot   zVlcalde is IG hands  high  a rich hay  and his stock are very  promising  He was formerly owned by   Mr  dos  Woolfolk     lohn Cunningham  of Paris  has pur   chased  Baron Bates of Seneca   a rich  roan  calved Sept  8th  1867  got hy 2d  Duke of Geneva  that E  G  Bedford  bought of  lames O  Sheldon  in the  spring of 1867  for which he paid    3 000    Air   los  A  Howerton  of Paris   made the following sales of Berkshire  pigs during the month of December   To  1  B  Mays  Madison county  Fla    1 pair pigs  f 10  to Edward Perrin   Augusta  Ga   1 boar jiig   2 5  to G   W  Conway  Augusta  Ga   1 jiairpigs    40  to Elias Lawrence  dackson  Tenn     1 gilt    50  2 boar pigs   40    The mule trade at Atlanta  Georgia   has grown to mammoth projKirtionH  as   the folluwlnj 5 wtutiMticH will 4 how nur    ing the year 1869 there were brought  to  and distributed from Atlanta   26 6 59  mules  since danuary  1870  12 249    making a total in eighteen months of   40 000  These were sold at perhaps  an average of  200  the aggregate pur   chases were  8 000 000    Mr  dames Curtis  of Mason  sold  his farm of 121 acres to R  Howards at   90 00 per acre  The land is on the  M  ik L  R  R  one half mile from the  Fleming jiike and three miles from  Maysville  F  M  Weedon  Commis   sioner  sold the Charles Gorsuch farm  of fifty acres  situated near Taylor s  Mills  for  47 00 per acre  The Land  was purchased hy David White  F  M   Weedon    ommissioner  sold fifty acres  of the McCoy farm  which were bid in  by Miss Mary McCoy at  40 per acre    The following stock sales have been  recently m ade hy Robert W  Scott   near Frankfort  Four Durbam calves   to C   Filical  of Pisotnm  Illinois  three   Improved Kentucky  hncks  to  1  S   McYey  of Walholding  Ohio  twojiigs   of blended blood  to G  H  Mosely  of  Holly Springs  Miss  a jiair of fnll   blood Cashmere kids  to Henry Leovy   of New Orleans  three  Improved  Kentucky  lambs  to Miss L  R  Payne   of Virginia  a Durham hull calf and  pair of pigs  of blended blood  to W   M  MitcheL of Arkausa        shall obtain six hundred  lars of bona fiile  solvent and good sub   serijitions of stock of  said Company   payalile in money or county or city  bonds  in aildition to the present snb   l   riptions and Ibe snb scriptions of  Fayette flmintv aad city of Lexington    2d  That in agreenient  it shall also  he requireil that the contract of the  C onijiany with Cutler  Jones ik Co   for  the construction of the road  shall re   quire a f rsVclass road as to construc   tion  grade and straightness    3d  That Cutler   loncs ds Co   shall  not he released from the contract made  ly them with said Company of this  late  by which their right to vote the  stock snb serihed hy them is limited    f  l  J  Mason Brown read the con   tract made by the Company with Cut   ler  dones  k Co   and also exhibited an  additional subscription of  110 000 by  Cutler   tones ik Co    Mr  Wilgus stated that the snbseri     tions to the Capital stock of said roa l  amounted to 1 00 5 000  every dollar of  which was good and solvent      Mr  Harrison presented the report of  the Directors of said railroad  which is  as follows    The President and Board of Directors  of the Elizabethtown  Lexington  k Big   Sandy Hailroail Company  being now  jresent and having represented to the  Mayor and Council of the city of Lex   ington in council as sembled  that the   onditionson which the qualified voters  of this city  at an election held for the  purpose on the first Monday in z ugust  1869  voteil   2 50 000 to the capital  stock of said   ompany  have been com   plied with  and having tendered a bond  or contract  such a s is  irovidcd for in  the list of said conditions  and the said   Mayor and Council in council assembled  having heanl proof as to said alleged  compliance with saiil conditions  and  having eonsideredN  the suftieieney of  said bond or contract  do hereby   Resolve  1st  That in their opinion  the said comlitions have been fulfilled  and complied with  and that the said  bond or contract is snch as is provided  for in said 6th comlition  and that the  said sulweriptkm of  to the   cajiital stock of said Company is hereby  declared to he ahsolnte and uncon   ditional    2d  That the Mayor in his ofiioial  capacity  do on behalf of the city  of  Lexington  make an absolute and un   conditional subscription of   2 50 000 to  the cajiital stock of said Elizabethtown   Lexington ife Big Sandy Railroad Com   pany    AL That the Mayor and Board of  Council will pass such ordinances and  do snch other acts as may be necessary  to make said subscription in  all respects  effectnal  and that the Judiciary Com   mittee he instructed to present such or   dinances for the consideration of the  Council  provided  however  that the  snb scription shall not be absolute or be  made ahsolnte by the Mayor on behalf  of this city  unless it shall be officially  certified to him from the office of the  County Court of Eayette county  that  an order has been made hy the Fayette  County Jndge declaring in substance  that the said conditions have  in the  opinion of the Court  been complied  with  and that the said Court is reaily  to make the county ajibscription abso   lute and unconditional    Major Johnson was heard in opposi   tion to the rejK rt of the Committee of  the Council  and the report of the  Board of Directors of said railroad    Col  Brown was heard in reply to  Major Johnson    Mr  Stone  from the committee to  whom was referrej the report of the  Directors of said railroad  stated that no  evidence was pre scntcd to the committee  of the ability of the contractors  Cutler   Jones     o   to pay in cash their sub   scription of j 9lO 0 X     Letters indorsing Cutler  Jones  k  Co   as responsible parties  were then  read    Major  lohnson thes demanded ac   tion on the report of the committee   and the report was again read    Dr  Fo ster desired to hear from each  member of the Council in regard to the  matters  and expressed himself as sat   isfied with the report of the Board of  Directors    Dr  Poster moved that the report of  the Board of Directors he received as a  substitute for the report by the commit   tee of the Council    The motion being  seconded  was lost  by the followiitg vote    Yeas   Messrs  Chiles  Cleary  Fos   ter and Hoagland   4    Nays   Messrs  Gihney  Johnson   Landeman   Mulligan  Randall  Robin   son and Stone   7    The vole was then taken n ion the  adojiliun of the report of the committee  of the Council  which resulted as fol   lows    Yeas   Messrs  Chiles  Cleary  Fos   ter  Gibney  Hoagland  Landeman   Mulligan  Randall  Robinson and  Stone   10    Nays   Mr  Johnson   1    The said rejiort was adopted    Mr  Harrison iuformetl the Council  that the Board of Directors of the Eliza   bethtown  Lexington At Big Handy Bail   roail  declined to execute bond as re   quired by the Council    Mr  Harrison gave notice that the  Board of Directors of  said railroad   would present at the next meeting of  the Council  a proimsition to have a  siihscriptioii to the capital stock of  said road snbrnitted to as a vote of the  people at an early day    i u motion of Mr  Robinson  the  Council adjourned      l 4 x iiiK to  Wliisky     l ire   oj per   M r jj allon  I year old    14  4 44 44 2    O   44 44 44 44 3 44 44   Cop  4 r p  r gallon  1 year old     lloiiip x flarWet    Hemp  Old crop New cn     7 iW   to  7 75      l lve Nto  U    Corrected by I   C  Kidd  Auctioneer     ATTLB   We quote  First clasH 2 yew old  1  200   lbs     home raised    6 50  1 200 lbs   G toG3 c  1 000  lbs   5 to 5  c  roujfh 4 to 4 c  yoarliiipf steers   fifood  Gc  medium  6 U  53  c  c  roinon  4 to 4    c  fat  Cows and heifers  first class  6c  medium  5c  com   m  u  3  to 4e  The above price s will vary as much  as  6 on the head to quality    Hous  Few buyer s on the market  and very few  bo ifs remaining  Woolfolk A Crai   in two days  boiq  ht 1 100 hetul  closiii out all they could fititl at  6c for U  W  Thomas A C    They report their  house closed  havin   killed head   1  F  piiVal   Mct liire is on tlie market for the reniaiiiiii      0 sii   and is paying Gc  James Dniin is still buyiii   lots  at 6c     Shekp  Butchers are paying from  4 U  5c  Those  of heavy weitfht  averajfln   from 150 to 200 lb s  are  bein  bought up bv shippers  who are paving G to   Mc    UoRMKS  Several buyers have been on the market  lookinfr for fancy harness horses fur the Kasteni  market  and are otferini  from  200 to  55    At Pai Ls  on t  iinly Court day  the attondaiicv of  people and otferio s of stock of all kinds were  small  only about HOO head of cattle on the market   mostly two year olds  of mediniii quality  The de   mand was fair  but at low figures  Buyers and  aetters were apart from to 40c jior bundi   oJu   sequently mi sales excepw one lot which was sold  privately at alxnit 6c  A lot suppo sed to average  1 200 lbs was bid to  6 20 and withdrawn  the own   er holdinjf at  Medium two year olds wen    held at 6 to 6 c  The mule trade was more active  than it has lieen fer the last month  Nearly all the  traders have returned home and seem anxious to  go back again  The market was very firm and the  Hates quick  Prices a little improved  A lot aver   aging 14 hands 3 inches  green  sfild at  125 CO per  bead  Medium ones generally sold from  115 to   125  according to quality  Hall A Lite bought  about 20 bead of No  1 broke stock and paid on an  average  180 per head   Mr  Hall leaves this week  for New Orleans  Mr  Haycroft bought of Mr    Pierce  of Flemingsburg  45 mules from 4 to 6 years  old  very large and fat  for which he paid  200 per  bead  cash  for the Baltimore market    Wm  Talbott shipped yesterday morning to Co   lumbia  S  C   40 extra mules    One thousand eight hundred and  seventy pieces  bagging and 160 bbU whi sky w ere sliipiK d over  the Ijouisville road during last week  Also forty   four car lo ids of lire  stock    One liuudred and thirty cars of stock passed over  tlie Kentucky Central la st w eek  O  Cantrill  ship   ped 18 cattle  W  L  Quinn  19 cattle  A  L  Kiley    17 cattle  J  Berkly  45 hogs  1   Timmons  18 cat   tle  S  M  Ilibler  26 cattle  Jamc s Noland  20 cat   tle  B  R  Foi d  19 cattle  alt to Cincinnati  A  W    Dawes  G4 cattle  W  L  Painter  IGO sheep  to New  V ork      lirroin iti   tlxiys fall oil  payalJt  on 1  ing Ritdi ilaj  cast tlift will   iur  Ose of itl   lio hoi ill ays      I  J their provi   of a necessary  ami notes  hnt  phraseology w   iler it a little  in eoniieclion with     wouhl  i ipear to h ave been  the Legislature to make all nf  hills due on either Siimlay or Monday  when the holiday   is thus carried over    le on Tuemhty succeeding  and  ecide      O N  Ylomday  tbe Otl  day of Jita  uary  1 471   Gountv Court Day   at I     A eorresjiondent of the Prairie  Fanner says  1 have never yet found  any breed of sheep that would realize  me as much clear gain as the Merino   I have never yet found any other breed  that I eonld keeji a large Hock of  and  keep them healthy  I generally keep  about five hundred head  ami scarcely  ever lose more than two per cent  a  year  I get from five to five and one   half pounds of wool per head   My  sheep  at three years old  will weigh  frrem ninety tn  r e  hnndreit and ten  pounds  I cull niy sheep every year   never keep any until they are past  five years old  unless it be a choice  breeding ewe   I have my lambs  Come in the latter part of March and   Vpril  so that they are big and strong  hy the time cold weather comes on    Perhap s some breeder of f ot swolds  will say he can do better than that   If so  let me know it      o clock p  M   1 will svll to the hin lieat bidder tor cash   at the   ourl houae door in liiexington  Ky       of stock ill the Northeni Bank of Keiituckv   de28 3ti wU A  B  OATEWOOD    Adni r ife 5oni  uoh of C  S  Gatewood  dec d      MAIN STREET PROPERTY      NIAKIAK l M 11    I KI KliiltAPII      l ouiNville NIarketM    Locisvillk  January  t    Wheal  We quote red and white wheat on arrival  at 65c  I 15  and from store at  l l 20 per  bnsbel    Com   The market rules steady with a fair local  inquiry  and prices show no changes  Tlwi demand  for distillery piir  ose s is very light  We quote ear  com from wagon and from store at 65c   cr bushel    Oats  The market niles steady  and we quote at  40 it42c per bushel in bulk on arrival  and 45 47c  from shire  Sales are made  sacks included  at 65c  per bushel    Rye   The market is quiet  with light receipts  but prices are nominally unchanged  We quote at  70c per bushel on arrival  and 75 i 80c jier lAisluzI  fhim store    Barley  Is in active request  and the market rules  drm  We quote fall barley at U5c to  1 15 per  bushel  and spring 80c to  1 per bushel on arrival  and from store    Hogs  The market has raled very linn and buoy   ant during the week  owing to decreased receipts  and the upward tendency in the product  and an ad   vance of fully  i5 50c has been established with  all oOferings of good to extra heavy averages since  Thursday  selling readily at  6 75  7 per cental  gross  Packers are still anxious to purchase a  large number of bugs should they come to this  market  and they are now  and have been during  the eutire sea son   laying from 15c to 26c more   er  cental grn ss tliaii has been paid at any of the  We slem cities  As stated  the recei  ts have been  light all the week  but this was doubtless owing to  the holidays  and increa sed arrivals are expected  dnring the present week  and  from  iresent indica   tions  the sca son will he prolonged until the 15lh of  this inoiitb  if not later        ork Nlarketm    New Yoke  January 3     I Dlal Izceves airived 5 600  of which 4 000 were  ou sale to day  Trade slow and some lots left   Prices nearly iinchaiiged  One lot of good 6 cwt  Texans sold at 12c  some prime 8 ewt Illiiuiis steers  at 14   l6c  Dry cows Oalic and iu  demaiiil    8hee     21 200 arrived during the week and 6 000  to day  scarcely anything doing and prices nomi   nally unchanged  K0  Miiind Pennsylvania selling  at 5c    Hugs   Arrived 19 600  of which 3 600 are on the  market and to be killed  latest sales alive at 6  a  Oj c  and 8a8  c for dresseil  7 800 Western dress   ed arrived la st week       NIrw Oi l  iiiiM  fliirkrtN    New Urezans  Jan  3    t otton  demand fair and market linn  Flour   supertine winter  5 50  double extra     76  tri de  gitra  7    urn  No  I white and yellow  72a75c  with the demand gtusl at full prices  Brau scarce     Adkins  Mrs Jane  Bradlsy   los   teny  Mrs tdiinitf  Holkin  T B  Brown  Heo  Clereland  We Wle  Cov   Frank  Cura Lucy  DmYi s Aaron    Dickinson  Chas  Early  aMIim Alva S  Faulkner  Mi ss Mary  Fleming  Miss K  Killnian  Frances  Oasevick  Theo  Hays   Mrs W  Harp  K L  Higgins  Bell  Jeft ries  B 1   Mai shull A Easter  Miller  Ijoui sa  Moseley  H C  McOilU u  Annie L   McFeetcrs  Caroline  O Reagan  Dau  Farcells  Ida  Pearce  Amanda  Prontz  A K  Queen  J 11  Randolph  I    Riley  Ann  Rov  Wm  Robbins  Jeft    Stark s  U S  Schers  Milly  SheHoii  Melinda  Sebastian  T  Spellman  Patrick  Spilman  Chas J  S itt  Lucinda  ScoU  Rev  1 W  Smith  Mis s K B  Smith  James  Tailor  Laura  Thomas  Mariu 11  Vaughn  Mrs Ann  Walsh  Mrs Mary  Warfield  Rodie  williams  Diana  White  W H  WiMxison  A K  Young  Bell      ROBERT CLARKE   CO       Brick liouHcaiiil Lot for Sale      WIIOT Kt AT I     Booksellers   Stationers        NIo  HS WfMt Kourtb Ntreet        IIY II IVATI      To oloan kid gloves  have ready a lit   tle new milk in one saucer  a j ieoe of  white soap in another  and u clean cloth  folded two or three times  On the cloth  R  reail out the glove smooth and neat   Take a  dece of tlannel  dip it in the  milk  then nil  off  a good  quantity of  soap on the wetted fianncl  and com   nrence to mb the glove toward the fin   gers  holding it firmly with the left  hand     ontiime this jirooess until the  glove  if white  looks of a dingy yellow   though clean  if colored  till it looks  dry and spoiled  Lay it to dry  and the  ojierator will soon be gratified to  see  that the old glove looks nearly new  It  will be soft  glos sy  smooth and elastic        Y  OULI  call Ibe attention of Lexington buyers  V   to their large and varied slock ol Booka and     X HE umlersigued ia authorized to aell the Brick  House and la l on  Main street  lexington  Ky   be   tween Limestone and Walnut  at present occupied  as a dress making establishment  The pro  erty is  most desirably located for a business house  being  op  usite  Mr  T  J  Montague s sUble  nearly np  u   site the Pbeenix Hotel  and almost in the center of  the city  It affords a fine ebanee for an investment   The lot lia s a front of about 2U feet  and is alstnt  126 feet deep    For further information apply to   J  T  DAVID80N  Agent   jy27 96 swts At Northeni Hank      FOR FARMERS AND STIM K MEN      is published weekly at Ijexingtoii  Ky   and is a  fresh and wide awake bouia journal  full of reliable  and interesting reading matter of all kinds  it  giree the fullest and latest reports of the       Jvr Wtofk  4jlr alu  Hoiiip mid   Tfouey  HarkrtN      Fancy Stationery  suitable for     HolidayPresents     i    i 1    i    J    1 By Telegraph           Everbody knows how to render lard   but everybody does not know that a  handful of slippery elm hark put into  it while cooking will prevent it from  becoming rancid  It will not only  preserve it jierfectly sweet for any  lengHi of time  but will imj art to it a  most delightful flavor  Try it  every   hod V      Writing Desks    Wood Boxes    Tourist Case     Pl rtfo ioH    Pocket Books    Scrap Albums    t heHS and t heckers    Backgammon Boards    Inkatand s    Hold Pens and Case s    Drawing Cards    Drawing Materiala    Toy Colors    Toy Brushes   f awr Weights   Stereosfo ies    Liraes    Albuma   Views  Ac       BYJAS  F  DRAKE   CO    Farm at Private Sale      I OFFER at  irivate sale my Farm  siliiatcd 3  miles from ihc Ooiirt House in l xington  on  the Versailles tnrn  ike  enntaining 155 acres of ex   cellent land  in a high stele of cultivation  also 90  acres ol  superior land adjoining  which would  make a farm of 245 acres  lmi rovements on the  first named tract consist of a large two storv frame  boose of 7 rooms  also large barn  stable  crib  car   riage house  servants  honse and smoke house   also one of the best s  rings in the county  There     practical articles relating to iho Farm and Turf   land  stock and crop sales  fann items from all    arte of the country  Farmers  Chib reports  local   general and foreign news  and choice literary seleo   tiuns  Last  but not least  it is Ihrmoi ralti   lo  lie 4 oi e In Politli w  and ia just the  sort of a paper that should     is a comfortable improvement on the 90 acre tract    I his land w ill lie sold altogether or divided to suit        the buyer    TEK MS    One third ca sb  reinsimler in one and     Out of the total area of Great Britain   30 336 00D acres  or fifty five jier cent    are niuler cultivation      Foreign eod American Chromes    Haudkeix hier end Glove Boxes    GentlemeiPa Cigar Cases      T adies  Work Ca ses and Boxes    Money Bag  and Portemounaies   Bexique and Cribbage Sets      two years  with G iier ceiit  interest    Persops wishii  to purchase will call on Jas  F   Drake A Co   Real Estate Agents  Short street   who will show them the land    GEORGE COWOILL  5r    oct5 12 sw Awts     Hailical   Agricultural   Sheets       MISCELLANEOUS      that are Hooding U u country       JUVENILE   TOY BOOKS      I IN l  Ol   I I ri XKRM   Remaining in the l exington Postofiice  uncalled for   January 3  1871    Atkins  Preston  Braz  r  W H 2  Brand  Mary J     In Izibraries and single  Plain and tine Bindings   on Paper and Linen  with Colored and Plain  Illustrations  embracing all that is new  and attractive of American  or Foreign make      etxj oisto E x oiis       inbM   JllIlM  UlllbMfUllibN      FOR THE     Bell  Mr  Blisa    Sharp   Braddu     Fliiliia  Bnrkley  W N  Cattingham  W  Collina Mollie L     Oe Burd  Hattie 2  Dillingham  Ed  Elliott  T D  French  Aaher  Feare  Rev  Ford  Williaiu     Harrison  klary Ann 2  Haden   W m  Hopkins  Wm  Johnson  Jack   Martin  David  Miller  I eter F  Moser   M 8  MoDermot  Fatrick     Fep  er  Jas K  I t int  Willis     Riley  J W  Rosell  John  Koi rs  Laura  col 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hi   abov  Ih   Hbtr    iiix Hotel      And all other work done in bia Rue on the shortest  notice and the moet wa snBaAle terns    N Uv    Second band Furniture bought and sold    J  F  rlfi MP SON    sell 8   6 u e     A nd is pre  ared to store Whisky  Hemp  Ac   at  moderate rates    N  B    In the spring will have for sale all kinds  of Agricultural Implements  Plows  Ac    Warehouse and office  17  Mnlbeny street   da Jl  34 swAwlm     Address    GEO  W  RANCK    Agricultural Obnerver aiul Reporter   LtCXlMOTOM  KY               Chickering   Sons    Chickering   Sons  Chickering   Sons                        I S J                    e c e o    W         PIANOS      MISCELLANEOUS      American Pianos  r American Pianos     American Pianos   A r i i 1 1     PARIS EXPOSITION      RA irsDELi     NORWAY OATS      p xppiii ncc of the past two yeaw baa iet   M  tied the uue tion   f the merUs of the Xorwar  UdH    i IT IS A FIXED FACT     that the farmeps of the M est cao rai v three timea  4H many busbel s of Oats to the acre  as Ibev now  I do  by howii   the HamsdeU seed  It is also aatis   faoltH lly ilein  nHirated tbut ibt  Straw of tbia ffraiu  is as if not better  than best hay for feeo      TRIUMPHANT     rnivpisa  Kvpo sitiuii  Paris  ISilT     Clickemg   So s  Pianos     25 000 FARMERS   bare voititibuHy  e tilU sl t   these facts  and ea   I dors  J our to iiicrea se the pr  duct and tha   oiufit s of ihe fanner  of the CN ur try    Forly l  l     First FremiuuiH   have Writ awarded   ur  jiAin Ibr lur  ent yield and  best i ualily  Auion the letters received from those  who tvi onimcnd our seed  we rind   ver three huu    In d aiv from  Ministers of the Oo s n  1  i  rty ei  bt  uff tWmi Jiidjfes and Iweniv six liom t  on ressmen    Over One  I honsaiid Editoi M     EVERYTHING i   NEW  i   C IOJ c c    AND     TT 3 F      WITH THE TIMES       0   H   1   o     have endorsed our  rain lbtT u h the columna of  their pa  ers  W o ivjfard with pride the succei   that has auende 1 our uh n  t in the past  and eape   jcially do we pri io the ovenvhclmiujf eridorsemeut   tr 4 I I   1 If    1 Ik which udues to us from the hoi e st tillers of the   Were Aw ilR  Hi ut Sl soil eveiy where  farmers we kuow how to   p USt  OVi r AII Toiupt  titiou  appreciate this distinrtion  enhanced a s tt U by the      r  knowledge that whatever lienelit we may have de    nved  our patrons have been tlie greatc st  ainei a      Cros f of the Legion of  Honor  and        First Gold Medal     ud  Nquar    an l I p   This aw ard beiujr oi  iiactly cU   it ed  by ibe Imperial   oiuDj issiyn a       nnsT IX Tin  okiiku or mi i it      It mi lit properly be exia cted that at this time we  I should make some reverence to tliat dlsjiositioii   I which i  norauce  jealousy and self e vnceit always    combine to o ipose the b  st of impf  veinents  and  srhieh have jiiven u  ihp hencdi of their most edify   ing efli ris  but w   can aribrd to let them   rest Id  peace   with tlie unenviable rt   made for tht nisolve    We U  iiouDcins  that we h ivo o aiii returned to Iho Weet   and have   criQaneu ly established our  wincipal  ilo s l at  12 ba iSailo  street  t hicjvgu  with branches  iti other prominent isiiiiis  for the purpose of sup   plviu  the pure seed of the Uaiasdell Norway Oats   a W sines s ukich we intend to iollow bir toe nesl     the Aavericau I iaucs  in all tliree  styles   peace  with the unenviable reputation they have  A hitrited  via  4 j i uim 1    k usai d   and I p  made for ilu nisolve    We taae plea sure i  ao        XI   i  x  9         two years  Our irraiu will be sold under our ts py     I placea the nanf s ol I hlckd rliiic  A  onM       rj     iTi   ta iH i io     i v     1 at the head of the Us  and alxwe all oiluT   ianoa  exhibited      ri fhled Uade mark and warrant  W e aak every  owuci of a bum to write to us Vyr our uuw paper     foub and yourfeelin  will tell you wbeu  Keep  trie blood pure and the health of the ayatem will   TAPE  and other WORMS  lurking In  the aystem of so many th  usandj   are t tfei lualljr  destfoved and remove l      For full directioni  read esrefudf the circular  around each bottle  printed m four lantfuatfes     Knirlisli  German  French  and ftpanish    J  WALKER  34 Commerce Street  N  T   Proprietor  K  H  MePOXALD   CO     I rujr  UU and General    rents   San Francisco  C foyula  and 52 avC  i Com    J  soUi BY ALI  DRCC  GISTS AND  SEALERa    Sold in L eziiiston      linrnes    Voo t    192 1 3 VswAwt n top       on Nom av Oat     ieiit fi ee  I lice per buxbel  j  no a Miin au  half bushel        prek       j bosioD to the one price system adopte I bv them   r     i       Genera  Reduction in Prices  aud a Ktrici ad     one price nystem adopt  l bv them  I nifiKm unJ fall    rices lo all pur           April  ISuS   i chaiers    In addition t i their esUblu beJ slylea of I ianos      Chickering 8c Sons I     i    v  K   iiNibi i i     42 l a Kiille street  Chicaa  dell4 r 2 and 012 Killii   linet  Ht  Ixmi      The Old Reliable       oAl r tor Itu  tota  d  Na lioolis  aiu    othof i  niabiu  a  food  reliable l iano  at nn ex   ceedui l   moderate price  the     Tliei e is ft   ii inir in Michitrati   sotli   pupers s ty    ko stroniflv mtiitfiiotii  that  a luau who luvl th ank IVom it and went  itito a blaoksmilli sltop  fotiiid tlip anvil  on whioli he sat  stuck fast lo hint  amt  had lo have it ainpnialcil   We mean  the anvil     I hc oouft lioiise of    oit cp cottnty    IVnn   al  Manchesler  was ilestroved by  lire Wedtiesday  The papers and  rcconlH of the    hatieerv t ourt were  cttnsiuneil  whilst those of the   onnty  and    irenit    ottrls were saved    The San  Vntonio ilerabl learns from  Fort Inge that the Indians  are now  making a general raid on the frontier   They crossed the liio Orande recently   seventy live strong  in three bands  and  have been iloing mitch damage     In st  say  Bortl  to I c  ington editors  if yim want to  see them tear their linen   The eti eet of a red rag on a Sjmnish  hull is nowhere  How olntpiont their    pufl s  were  The Observer smelled a  long tailed mice front the start  and  didn t advertise for the Hoetorl       lUood will tell   The   It      terling  Sentinel asserts that the late vietini of  justice  T  AIutTcIl T  vree  who was hung  in Kstill county to a tree  was a grand  nephew and tianie sako of  J       Murrell   the laud pirate  The charges brought  against him were that he h ad been a  inurdeier and thief from chihlhood    It seems that the f nited Htahts sol   diers  sent to  Macon  Georgia  to keep  iiiatters right have turned Knklux    rhe Teh graph says tivc of them  knocked down a drayimui at that jtlaee   Saturday night  and robbed him of    18   his eiitire week s earnings       fire was discovered Thursday after   noon in the residence of thd  Thomas  I     Cliiekcring  of the firm of    liicker   ing A  Go   fjiano muimfactnrers in lios   loti  The damage done the house and  furniture will amount to  lJ 00i     Win  l entz struck a man immed  Valentine  in 1 erry township  seven  miles from Fvnnsvillc  Wednesday   with an a  e  cutting his left hand in  two places  from which ho bled to death   rhnrsdoy  I entz has thus far escaped     V meeting of the creditors of the    uiericau I low  Manul aetnring Com   pany  of Boston  whose suspension has  been announecd  xvns held in that city  Tliiiroday  at which a disposition was  manifested to favor the gianting of an  extension of three  six  and ninemontlis    I hc susj ension is in some degree at   tributed to the failure of  ri eadwell d   Go   hardware house  of   san h lniieiseo         REI Al  VTOUV to removal  I will  sell iny en  i  lire slock of WateliCh  Iklainoutls    lewolry   ilxei  iintl l lnle 1    nre    At Foist for t nsli    slock piutiraccs all Ibe uio  l desirable anieli s    in inv line of bnsiiie  s  and is as full and coni  lete  as is lo bi  found in ibis cily  or elsewhere    T  C3   0  lV rt    No  t West  Main st   j  Dee  1     U  deit lfl  swAwL w i exinj ton  Ky    MISCEELANE OCS    The Leading Hide House     CHEAP WAY     PLANT CORN      Mowers   Reapers   Grtice and Vacioi v    4 or  au l   l oiiitsv i lir  liy      I   I   W vmiEX  t residciii    OKU  W  A NDliUSIt N  Scerclaiy   S  W  I OPK  Suiierinteiidenl     to Iv      TO EMIGRANTS      oi   I MX K     Brins      onr        Mni kiug oil  tlir  ri tiuml    K   eiise of a Bio i  ei     Weight of a Bi opper    Belay iu Planting  in the Wet Season      Acres of Land for Sale       fhe Mctiiegof anti  Missouri Biver  Kailway t onipany     llitlos   Hheep skiiiH  Tallow   Frathrrs   Rags  1 roil   ltras s     oppor   Wool   iiinseng   Beeswax    e    e        I O     immii s cmcii miiiiii       I   V    1           1 l U SE u   lo the flow  while the srouml is tK  sb   V and drolls so accurately that ine corn can Ui     f doived liolb way   mild      belter than wlien planted by      V few days agn the limise of   lr    McGurley  a fanner living near the  fSulphur Spring s  Gritteiiden county   w as burned down  during hi s ahKence   tind his wife and daughter  the latter  about 2 1 years of age  were hdth burned  to death  The wife was contined to  her bed by severe illness  and as the  idiarred remains were found together  near the door  al  some distance tVom the  tied  it is supposed the dangliter had  lifictl her mother out of bed and wasi  endenvoriiig to escape with her from I  the hnrning hnihling when overcome hv I     JULIUS SPEYER    HROA  DAV A   I orner Vine nn 1 Wnlei  MtreetN      ml yon will irceirc the bifrbc sl niaikc  iniee for    tbeui  iioS 21 swAwliin   BTRNITURE FACTORY  i  J  F  THOMPSON   1  ESrEC rFLJ LY iiiforms hi  s fiieiid   and the  1 public i Guerrtlly that he is   tiU ut O I  tfaliA where he     still making I   and selling Furniture as cheap as any  Me will    rKo give Cis attention to I   lt    airiiig ami Vaviii shiiig      LTT IIOT MTr itIX i     4nd Kemealing  I huirr  willi 4 ane    And all other work douc in bis liue on tb a  sburtest  notice and the most reasonable term       N  B   Second hand Furniture boiiebl and sold    J  F  THOMP SON    sell 8 6mSo   NTKI  1  I lXidltAVI Xfd or 4di N  K    I  I ll      S V BSC 111 UK Its ienulliD     1 for one year s siib   seription lo  l Ii   Noiiflici u an   illustrated weekly joui nal of  Ifl eoinmns  will tv   ecive all ole fant Steel Kiigravin   of Ocn  Kobert E   Lee  2txI9 inches  forwarded in a secure case  imst   ajfc paid liy us  This mimhcr contains a large  finely executed likcnes s of Gen  Ge  engraved hv a  skillful ailist  fi oui a photograph  expressly for the  Pr   s  with an outline of his life  aud aii accotmt  of his ohseqiiies    iiiele copies   if oi dered early   forwardctl to any address on letsMpt of It  ecui s   Knergefie eanva ssers wanted iu every county in the  Somh  lo whom a lilici al list of   reniiums is ofTi ieil  in this issue  Address    THE  siOfTIIEKN tTJE   S   di ir      sn Aw  l llaltimoiv   fid      It e ui lx  allaehed to any idiinter  is durable  and  is giiaisiiiteed to do the als we  when laiilv used  or  the moiirv will Ik  refunded    The   i  ce  ihivty dolinrs  eaii lie saved in plaut   ing luO aeies of corn  be sides saving part of the  crop fi om frost in seasons when the  Spring is late       einl for deseriplive circiilur  giving names of  fiiiiiU i S using and ivt ommending them    IIAWOKTll  A  SONS    dei   Tii ly Decatur  111      FARM IMP LEMENT S    W A G b N S      inch      l ItIC lI     II 1 I 3 inch        n     Tiii wi  vvA  io  N      o     ARE       ins            gpost   in the cily  Call and examine them at our store    PAYNE   Delong    llciilri si in   Is i ir ailtni nl liii tloiii tN     no21 2dw2m LEXINGTON  KV        VFFKR for salt  I   R 000 aore s of lnucl al  j and    IjNlU per ariv  in lots of Foilv acn    and up   i wards  situated in the cuuntle  of flGwnrd    I Uordo  Kossuth  HanoocL  Falo Alto  F  oahon as   I und Lyon  in   r o KTii i  le IOU  4     m Ihi  line of the  Milwaukee ami St  I aiil  the  Mc   Gregor and  Mis soiii i River  and the Oe  Moines  Valley Raiirraids     40II   A KK II III K K l 4  U    Laud s high  rolling prairie  not  subject to overllow   Water abuudanl  Title from the I nileil Stales  Govern meiil    TtKMS   7 per cent  Jicr annum inlere l  and It   per cent  periiniiuiu of Ihe principal  or  if the pur   chaser improves the laud  no  layinenl for two years  Ls required  except the taxes    Cliuialf the best in the world    For maps    amphlets  or other inforiualiou  apple  to _ O  E  I Ai MEK    genU     de7   0 iy  Vlgoua  Kuseiilh couniy  Iowa    MISCELLANEOUS    v NX  ni i tiii i  imas    JOSEPH BECKHAUS    1  IO I I l nuUltii Avenue  alio v    Uimrd  Avenue    ptiiiw      Manutaettirrr of ewlusivelv iir t la s   CARRIAGES     xi w i   r   t rvi tiM    JClarriiceH  l aiulai     I an lateties  t loin   Coaehes  Shilling   iiarter COa  dten  Daroiiohes  rtm toiie  Koekawavs  ct   forjirivate faiuily and puhlie use      HEARSE S   of the most moileru btylet  and linisb    Deaigua aud prices lurnlshed when desired   W orkmanship and tinisli second lo uoue in  I the country    Kioe aud varied blocK complele l  on hand   and in the works    Orders receive prompt and personal stlen   tion       II Work IVarranleil    sel l l  3mw s   o w ftco      Ayer s   Hair Vigor    For the Renovation of the Hali    The Great Desideratjm of the Age    A dressing which  i s III once ngreeahle   henlthy  nud ctfectiia   for prc serviug the  hair  Faded or geay  hail   s soon restored  lo iu oriyiiuil color  and the ghjss and  freshness of youth    rhiii liuir is ihicl   encil  fulling hair checked  and hnhk  ue s often  though iiot always     ured  by its use    Nothing can rcMoro the  hair where the follicles ore ilc stroycd   or the gl inds a iYi i hiod i nd decayed    But sill ll as renmiti can lie saved for  tiscfulncs s by this ii pplicaiiou  Instead  of folding tlio hair with a pii sty seiU   incut  it  will keep it t louii ami vigorous   Il s oci asional U Se will prexcni ilie hair  IVoin iiirnitig gray or falling oil   and  con s v  iio nlly prevent hnhlnca s  Free  I rom those  lelcterious  stili xiances which  make  some ptvpa rat ions daiigermis and  injurious to the hair  the Vigor can  only benefit hut not harm it  Jf wanted  iiieri ly ior a   HAIR DRESSING    nothing else can 1 h  found so desirahlo   Goiiiaiiiiiig neither oil nor dye  it does  not  st il white c qmhric  and yet last    longer on the hair  giving it a rich  glo   ly lustre and a gnilefid perfume    Prftpaied hy Dr  J  C  Ayer dt Co     l t A  fn vi  AND   Nu rTiCAi  Cm Mi s      I OWIILl     i HlCJS il OO    BARNES i AVOOD and  T   M  FRAZER i GO        gents  Le  re     n  Ky    Sold everywhere  deT t     w wly   Cancers  Tumors  Ulcers    I   II  KLINE  M  D   at Ihe FuiMiiKu Hia  i  C v Ncm l ssTiiTTZ  V81 Arch street  l hiladel   phia  I a   and E  O  Dalluu  A  M   M  D   XSdW eat  Fouith  street  C iuciunati  Ohio  are making mo  H  remai kahle cutes of   I auoei M   I uiiiwi N uud I loerM    by new principles   C nnc e   Intb oI e Uuit remove  the lai OTSt Caucera aud Tumur s w ithout un opera   tion witli the knife  without cau stic  eating ot  burn   iu  metlieiiies  aud with but little pain     o other treatment  should ever he used   l iir iiailiculai s  send for a circular  e en upon or  address either of Uie aliove    Dr  Kline will he with Dr  Dalton  UctoLer 18tb  sn 1 tilth  se21 8 w8mIr  C w aao    FARMERS  LITERATURE       HE Job Olhee of the 01 aerver and Reiwrter   having Itecii thorouKhly and completely re   plciilabed from top to Ixiuom with all the   latest styles of Types  Inks  etc   an t having iu  our employ  at unusually large cost to us  the very j  best workmen  aud designers of marked abllUy  j  U DOW belter prepare l than ever before  un l this    baa always been tbe leading Job Printing Estab  i   fn_ roin h1v cemplele iiislroment ol seteu octaves    llshmeni In the Blue Grass Region  to execute  In i tnstie  scale  inlen  r m  hau        1801 Huu wurkiuauriliip AA their ui theHt   rioea     7 octave Pianos  tbe only difii rence bei i r tbut tbe   I School Piauo ia uiatle in a peH  ctly f luiu ca  e  U     YIACi f  lLF A tiHBAN 8     School Piano  BURGLAR      k NT      O     e  H   O     o      O   CD     O        S in e  and is  aatisfaclion      very respect a thoroughly lirst i la ss Fiano   I oQ ered al  s ptice which canui t fail to give     Perfection of Print    All the varied character and classes of Job Print   ing ueceiiary to tbe use or eonreulence of      C lll  KKKIiV 4 A   a1 e  dtsiit  lo v all si ectal attention to iliese new  l iils nt I priKht l iiiiiois  which for p iw   er and quality of tone  delicacy of touch   wrfec lion  of uieehaniam  durability  and   ncual excelle oee of  wiukmanship  with beauty of deaigu and duish   cannot l e axcelled bv any odier P1 uu m of the  Style  DOW ottered    Kvery f luuo Im Fullj    arroul  st    WAREROOM S       o  11 f RiMt 14tli Ntr et  bsvt  I nlon   Nquare Mud l   mh avr      THE TURF          J      E      iPO o W OirleAxxfii        X 0 Tl R GE  EI   L PUBLIC    Srt  H AS      SPRING MEETING  IS Il      I r VDEB THE   Rules of tho  Motalrlo Jookay Club       COMMINl lNO     I Saturday  April 8  1871      FIRE PROOF SAFES    Bmik laOokH  Vaults    AND VAULT FRONT 3    irs  llie IkeMt Ih Ills     orisl    O UR tiafae  owing lo the peculiar oustnictiuo of  tlia d X r  are c qiecittlly uda Aed to use In the   Houlhern climaie     A tine a UVorlmuDl ulwa  s on hand  to which we  invite the atlentiuo of parties deaiiuua of purchaa   ing a flrst cia  cs Safe   Address    MILD G  DODD S  SupN   delT 33 swlim 400 Walnut st   St  LoitW      TmiTc  g   SCALE WORKS    Offit e and Ware Room   14   30 West  NV ashing loii Street      HI  A i    ILL    M Nl FAt TCRKR  OF EVERV VaRIETT OF        L R IIAV  COAL AND STOCK SCALE S are  V   acknowledged by all who have them to he the  best  Scale in use  They require no fitting  are very  simple in their construction  nut liable to out of  order  and lue sold at a lower price than any other  fir st cla ss Scale     Stock dealers aud faimcrs prefer them to any  others  as the hundreds of letters and certiticates in  our possession will lesiifv    ClflCAGO  N8ALF  CO    dul7 33 swAw4m Chicago  111          loroMv Hill      I r OK ra in  4  rd     Bonk C becki    l roiutawory  Nol  a       Male  UllK  Howtorv    Hill Hondo     trculai N   l   ll4 i  Hoado      Sutni day  April 8      Club IXir se   jdU  one and a half miles    S A ME D AA     Aunual Metairie Stake fur three   year olds   2j entrance  p  p   five or more to fill  Ihe stake  two miles   1 0UU addesi  second horse  to receive  20U  third horse to save stake   To clo se  Lst JaouatT  1871    S AME D AY    Club I lUNe  1  000  three miles      MIS CEL LANE OUS    QUEEN OF THE SOUTH    ONLY GENUINE STRAUB   l 01 T  ni E CKIST  MILLS    FOR   lUl       Staniari Farm MacMiierf    VIOTOI    GRAIN DRILL      Laiv Blarikit    Bills Lading   L nvelops    Bills Fare    School Calulogues   Receipls    Invitations    Law Briefs   Pamphlets    And ih v   l bou aud and One  ArU   flea  needleaa bei e to nanxe   wbifb make up tbe I Iat  ot a Job l rintera   Oeneral He  oi  l      Tuesday  April 11      Hurdle Race  two miles  over eight bundles  Club     imrseHlfi       8AML D AY   Club purse  S00  one and a quar   ter miles    HAUH DAY   Club purse  1 2   tno mile  heats      To American 8portsmen    TXIE3 BOYI    BR  CHO DIIIG IRMl     T HK Boyd Breech  Load log  Arms Company in   vite the attention and examination of the Bovd       Tvler     Wednesday  Ap  Vi      Breech Loading Shot Gim   os being the best hrcecb loader iu all respecU ever  introduced to their notice  aud as supplying Ihe  long needed demand for a tirst class gun of that  kind  The Patent Comhinaliou  Metallic Cartridge     Ion    i  The Patent Comhin  ai  superior to any other   carti idges  giving superior sLvoting and great  econ     U fai  superior to anv other in every practical reaoTt   doing away with tbe heavy steel shells or paper     Annual Metairie  Stoke for two year olds  to carry  three year old weights  one mile  fire or more  to till the stake  entrance p  p    1 U00 add   ed  second horse to rec eivc  200  third horse  to Save stake  To close 1st January  1871    SAME DAT    Club purse  700  two miles    SAME DAT    Club purse  800  mile heals        pilE  X4 l IO  V4l  l IC TOKtAI  has   L Finc st lllustistioDs  Uc st Stories  and is Fresh  aud Sparkling  8  ecimeus fiec  Agents wanted      Thursday  April 13      uct2vi l8 3mvv       HHJ  iR F lRnilH      Shelbvville  Kv      7   GIOUX  Meal   Ylieat Kloufing ami   EAST HICKMAN SCHOOL  v   Oltinor Apparatus     M U  IR  I N PR VTIIER will o  en    chovil at East   and  Hickman in  lanuary next  leaching  1 months I  fivmi comniencemciil  and wi shiug to have a good    school aud to do duty lo scholar   and jialron    he    would like lo have the prom  l and ucce  aary co op     ci alion of parents  He professes to Icacii Latin     Eogli  h Grammar and Book keeping  He isfnllv   indorsed l y one vvlio know   that lie is  a gisid  teacher    11030 28 w4t A FRIEND TO EDGCATIGN     b mutter   id   HllJ      Corn Sliellers  Flour Packer     1    IVE   a asous  trial preves it  indeed  b lfloi    Force  feed  high wheel  light     pjUE Style aud ebaraeter of tlie varlou s  L de scriptions of   JOB PRINTING     Club nurse  800  two and a half miles    SASLE DAY   Club purse  700  one and a half  miles     S AME D VA    Club  mrse  j00  one mile   SA ME D AY   Club purse  500  three quarters  of a mile      omy in tbe expense  In shooting qualities we claim  a superiority for these guns over any other manu   faclure whatever  and every gun is w ansuted in all  respects    PuHies at a distance can be supplied with circu   lars  BOYD BREECH LOADING   AUM8 COMPANY    del7 33 swAw am 303 Broadway  N  York    Louisville  CiiciMati   Leiieiton   RAILROAD CO YIPAiNY    Eight Per Cent  Mortgage Bonds   V LI MITED number of these binds are placed  on the market aud ofil red to Ihe public at Che  low price of eighty live cents on tbe dollar aud ac   crued interest  anil may Ixs had on appliesUon to  Ihe Treasurer of the  Company  No discount or  conunisaious allowed      I        Fancy Fo   Im I of Kale   Black Spanish   lau   Black Bantams  each per pair     ht di ali  no weight   YVOKK fJIL M  ltAIJ V  j on bor s   s  iieck s  ami bo st made in ilie market    These Mills were first mai e            8 wishing the agency of the Victor Drill   pivase apply without delay  as wo are ru w  i i      i c    c losing arraii tfUieno  for the e liniiig     asou    DIaulers ami Stock   towers     i    iars and prices   amt on appuLlioo    of the south  but their fame   kk aVu MI A CO     has sprea l to every quarter  ael7  13 sw kw Iv Chieimo  111    of the globe  and they are      now sold and used in  Ku   1  rope  Asia  Africa and tioiitb      America  To ailpply tbeiii       BY will von risk h ai iug vuur    leasing demand we have on    mouili t 01 S    KD wiiti    i         y  by wearing nibbei  jilales wiih     j 3  III ituprotouieuts to the ilil s  j arilticial teeth  w lieu     PAINTING        i     Doiital C irotilm       Brahimis  White Ihukings  Game  Silver aud xiaoufa  tory ami added valu able     the stilliiit   Kiuoke   I lieiT was about    lU  cova ILick     tier pair 1   I   1    I    i iloug Kong aiicf wild Gce se  each per pair    a du             Blocks  selected at the   uai ries In      ifl i D0  p qrtly  olli aud silver  iu t lie    Turkeys   H r pail  j  lO   bouse  and if is nossUde that the iu     i nj o            0 6 secured boxed and delivered    lo Lxprftss compan  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Observer and reporter (Lexington, Ky. : 1870 : Semiweekly): 1871-01-04

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Lexington, Ky., Kentucky by George W. Ranck
   Fayette County (The Bluegrass Region)