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ANNA D. LIILV. Editor 

No. 34 


"I hope I come at no unwelcome 
iii st at your warm l  ml d»"— Jfire- 

whoiT. for BO many years Tve 
Imuii"! my way; and what maltcl's it 
if ill kali'i((»copic fashion miin" editors changeil. U^not a roue by any 
other name aa larot? Ant »o, I nay 
aicain, when the Umpa sie liKbted and 
the cnrtaina drawn and the fandly 
Kather 'mund the ftreside, I hope to 
be ftill in your mldat. To be rare 1 
come wlft iome (Ipgrpe uf trepidii- 
lion— but atlll with a fcc lmi; cpf iiin- 
tidrni-p in your frii-ncl.^luii your i* m- 
p.illiy for nftrr all have we not oni 
.,1111. to lirillg good tidingn'' 

And fit. in thil month of all monthi, 
vvhen the eatth'a bounty haa been 
stored away— when in richneu and 
beauty riie'a clothed in rugaet ami 
crimson and gold— should not our 
hearts be filled with a song of gmti- 
tudc and praise' 

SliouW not foiKvi ciui little 
I .ilour 11'.-. our iH'tty lair.-.. anil lift- 
..111 e\     ahove till- tli-e loph, be- 

liold the glory »nd the freshnesn of 
the mom? 

So nfty we be .imbued with the 
spirit of fellowahip — with the denirr 
to be mutually helpful, to bring light 
into the dark places, and laughter 
for tear.-.. .\nd if. periliaiirr. a I'toud 
may ''rift arms.-, the sky. know ye 
still, it ha.-i a HilviT linini;. .And tiius 
w ith a heart full of cheer-ever hoixi 
fill I itn-et you; (Jod's in His Heaven 
- All's right with the world! 


Delivered by Mni„ C I). C'hensull. of 
l^xinglon, at I). A. R. Convention 
Louisville, October 2S-26. 


Wky I Am Fer Wllaan. 
(By Tkoa. A. Edison.) 
I'M for Woodrow Wiliwn. When 
it'l Aiaeiiat that's at sUke men have 
fol to Tote as Amertcans. It i» jui" 
one big thinp after snuther uth Wil- 
son. Wilson hn  »on virlories by 
diplomai-y that are far more impor- 
Unt to mankind than any victories 
that we eould have won by war. 

Thay say WUmb kas blundered, 
rothapa ha has. Bat I notice that he 
usually blunders forwanl. 

Mr. WilaoB baa now had about four 
years of experience, and 1 that 
111. ha.s earned fmlii an. I I ' -t. I do 
not hink it a luuiiMl or .-en. i hie thing 
to change to ai\ incuperienceii and un- 
tried maA.^iMKthe sake of change. 
I • .-«a «  »it - - ■ ' 

Seen oar patient and long suffer- 
ing Rrpuhliean neighbor, the Tribune, 
dnda Mr. Hughes' Lusitania state- 
(nent loo iihsurd to he tJiVen nerioun 
ly a^ a polu-y of i.'o». mip.-nt It -.iy  
The Tribuno diiiagreen with Mr. 
llaghcK in the mater of the Lusitania 
if by hiB IxniiHVille utterance he 
meant ta expreas the belief that hail 
the German goyemment known in ad 
vanee that the sinking of the l.uiiitan- 
ia would he followed merely by a nev- 
erance of diplomatu- n-lation.s it would 
have refrained from tin- . mm • ' 

For four montli.- no i llorl La.- In i ii 
-imn-il lo .Miioke .Mr Hughes out on 
the vital iimuen uf the rampaign. 
These elTorM have been uniformly un- 
successful, but at last he waa com- 
pelled to say something definite about 
the LusiUnia case. Then he made 
the moKt nonaensical contribution to 
the iliMUwiion of the German rrii^is 
that the campaign has produiid. 

What makei- the matter wurw-. Mr 
Hughes must have known that it «a.s 
lioUi ridiculous and demagogic. HI 
informed as he is aboot hrteniational 
relations and foreign affairs, it is in- 
credible that a Bsna of his general in- 
Ulligence and trained habit* of 
thought should be so tgaoruit as hi.  
Loniivllla (tatamont impUea-New 
York Wortd. 

The stn-imth of Woodrow Wilson 
in Indiana, an in Michigan and Ohio, 
is a poaitlve and not a negative 
strength. It is not founded on a 
sense of the deficiencies of fnndidate 
Hughes, but on the gratitude to the 
Democratic administration for its 
legislative record, and above all. for 
having steeri-d the country -safely 
tliioutih foreinn entanglement.-!. Any 
one who gets away from party poli- 
ticiana and talks to the plain people 
is impressed by the breiidth and 
depth of the average middle W .-stem- 
er's solicitude for a pe ieeuhle nalioiuil 
poliev. The phrase "lie kept "s "ui 
of war," does not seem ,l..-:i;' •' ' "i" 
ty to a large body of Indianian.- 
any rate. Indiana has a large IJuak- 
er papulation, and it is for Wilson, al- 
most to a man, because of W» P««m 
policy; she also baa many Dnnkards 
and Mennonltes within her borders 
and they ate for Wilson for tti,  ame 
nason. The Jewish population of 
Indiana is said to be for Wil.son he- 
cause of the appointment of Mr. 
IlLindies to the Supreme Court bench 
anil the fact that Mr. Morgenthau 
and Mr. Untermyer are among the 
prominent representaWvea of their 
race that are close within the councils 
of the national adml«totia«o»— C»»'- 
ier Journal. 

.^lalr lie^reiU. 1 i.iui^llter; 
l,a(lles and Gcntieiiien: — 
The Kentucky "Daughter: of the 
American Revolution" most grateful 
ly acknowledge this royal greeting 
so gracefully and beautifully express- 
ed hy her able and honored ".*^on." 
It IS a splendid testilniinial of Louis- 
villf'.- proverliial liospitalil.i and lii^'li 
appi ii-iation of the un--rHi.^ti, patriot- 
ic work of her "liaughlers" and we 
wish to express to the John Marshall 
and Pincastle Oiapters, the Sons of 
the Revolution and Club, our great 
plca mre in being with them at this 
time. We wish to assure you of our 
earnest desire to stand with you on 
the common ground of patriotism in 
the fullest sense of the word. It 
the sincere desire -if earli "liaughter" 

"Be a woman! i n lo duly! 
"Raise the world from all that's 

"Place high in the social heaven; 
"Virtues fair and radiant bow; 
"l,end their influence to each efl'ort 
"That shall raise our nature human 
"lie not fashion's gilded lady, 
"He a hrnve, whole-souled, .true 

When we think of the great, terri- 
ble, bloody struggle of our ancestors 
to give us America, land of the 
free and the homa of the brave," we 
pau.v at the magnitude of the re- 
Kponsihiiity raata with eech one 
oi u.. to ai t well our part — that our 
.'■"^d hei-iK's shall not have suffered 
and sucriliced in vain. 

Somewhere it has been said that: 
"Woman is the conscience of the 
world. All that ia daik in man, she 
must purge into purity; all that is 
failing she must strengthen into 
truth. In all the world's clamor, in 
her -he would hnd his prat-e; tlirougli 
,ill the world's wurfi'ie. m liii she 
would liiid his peace. In a good wo 
man's presence, all should be noble i 
than their want," 

We^ must believe that this great 
great organisation, with its splendid 
lnh»ritanc» in the ••loml uphenve) of 
our times. In the strenuous days of 
war and rumors of war," is striving 
honestly and faithfully to do its part 
lo stand for purity of American life 
.mil Noliihty of American ,«tanil!ir is, 
usini; this influence on our sons, 
brothers, husbands, to such a life of 
civic purity that this Republic shall 
be the Btaeoa Light of the world; 
that they shall love its history, its 
standniiis, its opportunities anil say 
with !)wii:ht: 
"(ind '.iless our ii.i'ive land, 
■rin-.i ma  she i ver stand, 
"Tliro' storm and night, 
"When the wild tempes^ rave, 
"Ruler of wind and wave. 
"Do thou our country save 
"Ry thy great might. 
"For her our prayeia shall rise, 
"To (loil above the sUee 

him we wait: 
"ThiHi art ever nigh 
•i;uaiding with watchful eye, 
"To thee should we cry, 
'Tioii save the State." 



In the death of Mr. Roy C. White 
the commanity has sustained an ir- 
reparable loia. His death which oc- 
curred on Tuaday at noon, was not 
unexpected, and yet the blow was 
none the less keen when it fell. Tii,' 

ui-n- Ir.|,I lit 11. 1- I,., ) 

ilence on Oak street Wednesday ufti-r- 
noon at two o'clock, and were conduct- 
ed by Dr. B. B. Barnes of the First 
Christian church. In a few well ' 
chosen words following the reading of 
the scriptures, he spoke of the life of 
this just man — comparing him to Hai - 
nabUB of old a good man and true; 
a man of faith. And all that Dr 
Barnes said found an echo in the 
hearts of those who came to do him 

Mr. White was for many years,un- 
til his health failed, an earnest work- 
er in the church and Sunday school. 
iM'iiig one of its most efllcient ollieei s. 
In his husine^s relations and in his 
family he wiis ever ju.-t and kind; ; 
and as the days and niontli.- .h, \\ ' 
nearer the end, even so hr .ii. ii. :,i 
er to his Itcdccmer and was uiiari:ii j 
The burial which took place in thi 
Richmond cemetery at three o'clock 
WBS attended hy a large concourse of j 
friends, w ho came with their offerings 
of beaatiful flowers to pay a trihute 
to his memory.. 

To the stricken wife and children 
all hearts go out in sympathy. 


I see a man wax faint and old 
On the chilly way, O pray 
Warm your heart, be kind, I say. 
On his way and in the cold 
I see a man wax faint and old. 

Sad your story, man of old, 
—Noble soul this day is cold- 
All your gold away you doled, 
Vou were good and they were bold- 
Sad your story, man of old. 

• Jentle merry, wake, infold 
Lonely fleeting man of old. 
rhinie. O church bells, nill and toll 
l\ ake till par.-'iii of the soul — 
Gentle mercy, wake, infold. 

Poor old man, how still and cold! 
Who /eeks of him, who does care, 
Who gives a tear, aaya a prayer? 

Cone his way with heart of gold — 
Poor old m-4n, how still and cold! 

— James BIythe Anderson 
Lexington, Ky. 


Beginnmr .Saturday. October 28lh. 
and ever.\ .■^atin.i i,\ ttn-reafter, wo 
MATINKK AMI NIllllT. and the 
Opera will tie o|iei^ at night 
also, A separate program will hi' 
given at both theatres. 






K, ('. ilallard i'hruslon Proposes 
(iifl lo Library in Louisville. 

st ■ 

Senator OIlie James .spoke on Sat- 
urday to one of till- laruost a 
. iitliusia.'-lk- I'louils i-v. r .I- ..■ 
here to listen to il |ioiitieal spei-i-h. j 
Throughout the speech the most rapl 
attention was given him und st times 
the applause was deafening. I'he 
speaker won introduced by Hon, L, B, 
Herrington and on the stage and sur- 
rounding it were many notable men 
and women. 'I'lir \S' inien's Woodrow 
U ilson (.'lull wii [II oiiiinontly locat- 
ed near the pUitforni. 

He dwelt at length on the Farm 
1/oan Law, the .8-Hour Law, the Child 
Labor I^w and the Anti-Injunrtioii 
Law. The speech was a strong one j 
and that it will have a very telling 
- il' i-t on ;hi. \oti.r^ of the city and 
. DUiity is not to ho iloulili-it. 




He's for ri^ht 
5o we'll fight 

For Wjkon, Wilson, Wilsop! 

(Please memorize this and be re^a y to give the yell.) 



will is 
at the 
liy .Mr 



in the Kentucky Kiiual 
ii.iti.m Poster Contest 
.tM,.i.!i :! V'.vrniher I.'' and Iti. 
.Seelbaili Hotel in l.oui«villc, 
I'hoinas JelTerson Smith, the 
President of the Association, All 
designs must be sent to the hotel in 
care of the Kentucky Kqual Rights 
As.socintion on Vovemher Uth. be- 
tween the hours ol a. in. and fi p. 
III. Mi?." Kmnia Hast, who is chair- 
man of the Poster Committe,., h...s 
organized in I.ouisvillc a class of 
twenty high school girls to study pos- 
ter art, 


In referring t^ the Adamson bill, 
Mr. Hughes speaka of it as a "gold 


He will be rare it is one wh*n it 

bits bim. 

Mr. E. C. Walton, who purchased 
the P.egister from M. Thus. H. Pickcis 
has sold the paper to Mr. Crant K. 
I. lily, owner of the Climax-Madison- 
laii In announcing that he had 
it I hought the Keglotcr, .Mr. Lilly also 
made the statement that Mrs. Lilly 
would have full control of the paper. 
Mn. IMy. as editor of the society 
cohimns of the Climax-Madisonian, proven her-i'ir lo he a versatile 
mo u'lai' lul untrr. Paiitagraph. 

W.. liiothcr Smith for his 
kin.l w.irds a.  well as for his Bumy 
courLsies of the past 

Ralph Parkes' Admr. Plft 

Pleas Benton .- Of*. 

As directed by an onlcr entered in 
the above styled case at the October 
Term. I! 1B, of the Madison Circuit 
four!. 111! parties haiing claims a- 
gainst the estate of James Brook- 
shire are notified to lile same with 
mc, properly verified, before Decem- 
ber 1st. 1916, or same will be barred. 

4t i. J.Grtealeaf, Master Com. 

.Ml latin's who favor the l-e-eiec- 
tion of Pn'!.ideiit Wilson, uill please 
call at the lieuister ol)ii-e anil leave 
your names. This is not a Woman's 
Suffrage Club, It ia a Wilson Club. 
No dues. There is not time enough to 
imike personal solicitations and don't 
wait for such. 

Come in. You are welcome and 
will be gladly received. 


"Let as have faith that right 
makes might and in that faith 
let us dare to do our duty aa 
we understand it" 

Episcopal Church. 
Rev. W. R. Dye will preach Sunday 
it 1 1 o'clock at the Episcopal church. 
All coiilially invited. 

Chriatian Science 
Subject for Sunday, October 2!)— 
"Everlasting Punishment." 

Saturday, Oetebe- fl( tb, K« 
set apart as Woodrow Wilson 
and will be fittingly observed through- 
out the United Statee. 

The celebration here will be held 
at the Court House, beginning at 1 ;!10 
p. ni. Keveryone is very coiilially in- 

[I'll to tie present. The foilnMinu- 
sulistaiillally the jirogram: 

Invocation — ilev. C. K. Marshall. 

Heading of the Proclamation- 
Judge W. R. Shackelford. 

Woodrow Wilson Yell. 

Five minute talks by the following 
—.Mrs, Arthur Yager, Mayor Rice, L. 
P. Evans. 

Singini; of .\iiierica. 

Other .Speakers. 

U. K. Lilly, Chas. A. Keith, John 


Gov. J. B. MeCreay will not be 
present at the Wilson Day celebra- 
tion for the reason that Ife hail been 
assigned hy the State liemoeratic 
  'olliliiittee to make a speech at Rran- 
ileiihurir in Meade lountN oi. that af- 
teriiiioti He ivgrets very much his 
iiiuhility lo be present in his lioiiie 
city on that day and wishes the Dem- 
ocracy of Madison county a great anil 
joyous day. 

The people regret the Governor's 
inability to be present Governor .Me- 
Cii'iiry has been active in this cam- 
paign and has made speeches at many 
points in the State. 


Mrs. G. E, Lilly, President of 

the Woman's Wilson Club. 
I regret very much that I will be 
unable to fill the [ilace iissigneii to iite 
for a live-niiiiute talk liefole the 
\Soodio\\ \\il-,.n Women's Cluli, on 
.Salurila.-. lit. i;.". 11. I heartily en- 
dorse llie iiloveliielit of lile WOmrn of 

Richmond in their efforts to enhance 
the candidacy of Woodrow Wilson lor 
re-election, I consider him the nieat- 
est President since the days of Lin- 
coln, and tli.nt his administratieii has 
passed more laws, and [lut tln ni on 
Ihe .stalule books for the beni l;! of 
mar.kinii, than was ever aeconi|i ish- 
ed before in the same length of lime. 

Assuring you of my hearty supiiort 
and co-operation, and wishini: yuu 
abundant success, I am very 

Truly yours. 
.Samuel L 

Chriatian Chnrch. 

Homii)g sermon: "A Night in Baby- 
lon;" evening, "Is it Possible to Have 
a Pure Church in Iliehmond?" the 
suhjei-t suiri^ested liy the venture of 
Dr. llorii.T. oT Lmiisvi".' ulio re.sign- 
ed 11". pa.-lorate of all iniluriitial Bap- 
! tist cliurcli to organize a "pule" 
church on an independent basis. Be 
sure to bear these sermons. 

Bible School at 9:80; Dr. E. C. Mc- 
Dnuffle. Superintendent. 

Regular Baplisl Church 
Dr. Ccvedon will pi-eaeh at ilie Reg- 
ular Baptist church on .Second .-Ireet, 
Satunlay, October 28, at L':."(l p. 
and on Sunday at 2:30 and 7 p. 



Pri'sidenl -.Mr-, lliaiil Iv Lilly. 

Se. retai .\ Mrs. l:. II. Terrill. 

I lea.surer— .Miss I ottic Karris. 

Chairman of Polla— Mrs. L. B. Her 

Chairman of Finance — Mrs. 

Chairman of Pi-ugram Mrs 


Cliiiiriiian of Advertising - 
Harvey Clienault. 

Joint Chairmen of Decoration — 
Mrs. James Smith and Mrs. C. F. 

Chairman of Music — Miss Cynthia 



Ii. K. 

c. w. 


There will be an All Day .Mission- 
ary .Meeting held on ne.xt Tue.-day at 
the church. All .Methodist 
ladies in the city and county are 
urged to be prssent 

Said the editor to the new ii'porter: 
"Vou must learn never to stale a 
thing OS a fact until it has been prov- 
en a fact You are apt to get usug 
into libel suits. Do not say '"nie 
cashier stole the funds;" sa,\ . "The 
{ cashier who is aia-kcd 
i the funds." That's all. \om 
! .Homething about the I'irsl 
cial Club tonight." .And this 
report turned in hy the youiiLi 
who heeded the c litoi;^s warning 
I is rumored that a card party was giv- 1 
j en last evening to a number of i-eput- 1 .. s; 
led ladies of the First Wanl. Mrs. 
I Smith, gossip says, was the hostess, 
' and the festivities are reported to 
have continued until I ::!0 in Ihi even- 
ing. The alleged hostess is h- lioved 
to be the wife of John Smith, tiie so- 
called high-priced grocer." 

A Cliamtjer of Commerce has Just 

been put in — 
And my, how they hustle — it makes 

your head spin; 
It's first to the pavements' attention's 

been given. 
And then to a tree which the light- 
ning has riven. \ 


,1 So- 

Rev. McClintock will hold a prayer 
service at ^he Second Pre8b -terian 
church every Friday evening at 7 
o'clock. Everybody invited. 


The Partnt-Teachers meeting will 
be held this afternoon (Friday) st the 
Model School at 3 o'clock. 

Next for a sewerage we'll all have lo 

Anil then comes the Fair, it's mon- 
strous they say: 
And out in the .siiei t a "T:-»it'ii- Man" 
sta res 

Will, i-iidccl in hand noliody 

And .-o nn lale liai lni l in liu - iiii ,-.,. 

 ;. «. I., 

Illilll.stI le.- (llailiiiaii ot 1 olll- 

merce," as well. 
With xeal all aflame, decided that he 
Would next lauii. i , Woman as Edi- 
tor. Sc. ' 


Itapiil 111 lulai i-.\peil li 
lures for roads and bridges, growth 
of building arid maintenance activi 
lies under State sunorvision, and a 
sharp decrease in the proportion of 
lontrihutiuii.- in the form of stalilti- 
l.ihoi mark the d|.V(.lii(iiii,.|,t of high- 
way .^.l^l^ III 11 1' l iiiteil :-^lales ilurinK 
till- j. ' I i ' ■, . :ii.- . rii.-. I facts are 
hrounlii nut iiy .stalislics for tile cal- 
enckir year 1815, recently compiled by 
the Office of Public Roods and Rural 
ICngineeiing of the department. 

The total length of public roails In 
the United Slates out.siile the limits 
uf incorpraloil cities and towns was 
about 2.4fi;i.()()i) miles on January 1, 
UMii. Of this, about 277,000 miles, 
or II,;) per cent, were improved with 
.iome form of surfacing. The mileagf; 
of surfaced roads has been increased 
at the rate of about 16,000 mile- a 
year, and in 1016 approximate 11. \ one 
half of this increase w a.s ina.l,' undor 
the supen'ision ol' .^late 1, li.x.i^ de- 
partments, 111 addition, these ile 
partments supervised the maintin 
anee of nearly 52,000 miles of main 
and trunk-line roads. 

The increase in expenditures for 
road and bridge work in the United 
■jLa'.ei: li.--. hec;. fn.-ii ■ iiii;it -t;, 

1(80,000,000 pri year in 1904 to about 
t282,000,00fl ill llil.'i, an increase of 
more than 2',0 per cent. The expen- 
diture of .State funds during this 
same |ierioil increased from about 
.$2,350,000 to more than $58,000,000. 
In addition, more than $27,000,000 of 
local funds were spent under State 
supen'ision in 1!H.^, bringing the to- 
tal road anil liiiilvie expenditure man- 
aged liy the .s;i:ites lo .*.V(I..M LlWf . 
Thi.s amount is greater than the total 
expenditures for roads and bridges 
from all souix-es in 1!)04. 

The growth in importance of the 
State highway de^iartmenta has been 
rapid. The first of these agencies 
was created in 1891 in New Jersey, 
and now some form iif hicluiay de- 
parliiieiit evi-ts in every .'-■.tale oNCepl 
Inili.iiia. .sJoiitli Carolina and Texas. 
Since tlii'ir Inception tliese depart- 
ments had expended to January 1, 
IIIIR, an aggregate of *265,3ri0,825 in 
State -funds for roads and bridge con- 
struction, maintenance, and adminis- 
tration. 'I'liey had constructed over 
.'lO.OOO iiiilcs of roads in co-operation 
with the Stales. ' More than 40,000 
miles nf roads were surfaced, 

I'he fsllinir otf in the value of road 
work performed hy statule and con- 
vict labor was from $20,000,000 in 
11104, when the total road expendi- 
tures was $80,000,000, to about 
000,000 in I'.n.'i. when the total ex 
prnditures hail grown to . L'KJ.(inn,OOII. 
Iliis  ,u.- .1 !•.■.■! I. .11 or L',. per e. i.l 
of the total ill tlie lornier year to less 
than 5Vj per cent of the total In I'JI.'i. 

An increase in the better and more 
expensive types of roads also is 
sliown by recently compiled statistics. 
This development ha' hi'ii due. m 

large part, to the -i.-mI ru n :,:'- III ' 

auloiiiohile traOii". Il i.. istinialeil 
that tlieii' are now appl oximalely tiio 
and one-half niilliiiii automobiles in 
use on the roads of the country, or 
one car for every mile of road. This 
present motor trallie is in excess of 
traffic of all sorts 12 years ago. 

The ca^h road and hiidjie exf,ei;,|i 
lures of III" United .States nveraxed 
only .S2K per mile of ruiiil roads in 
11104. In llll.'i this u . i.;,{r h;.- .nowii 
to ,$10fl per mile. New Jer.sey led ,ill 
other SUit^.4, both in inn4 and 1UI3, 
with $221 and $475 per mile, re- 
spertively. Nevada made the least 
expenditure in both years--*:!.".'' fier 
mile in llinl anil .'IT y. ■ . ■'. , ■.;•,. 

A collertiun of lioman and Greek 
usi uni niiileriul. elements of which 
nr.- not lo he found in the .Melropnii- 

tM .M'j r An in \e,i York or 

the SniilhsoniaM Inst Hue in Washing- 
ton, was olfeiv.l to the 1/iuisville 
Free Public Library hy II. C. Ilailaid 

The collection was purchased 
broad hy Mr. Tliruston and is valued 
at between  :) (mil and $4,000. He of- 
fered It til tile I ililir niu.seum at the 
lihrary at llie mimtlily meeting of 
lile l.ilii.ii.\ Iloaiil. 'I"he only condi- 
tion atljclled to llie Tliru.ston tiift is 
that the Lihrary Hoard provide suit 
able cases for the collection. He made 
Ihe additional offer tu bring an ex- 
pert fronithe East to arrange and cat- 
alogue not only the new collection, 
I'ut the entire museum collection now 
at the lihrary. 

A committe,. ™m|i.. e.l of tlie liev. 

Dr Y. Mullins, the l!ev. Dr. Chas. 
!£. Hemphill and Thomas R, Barker 
was selected by the BoanI to view 
the Thruslon Collection, investigate 
the cost of cases and report at the 
iie.\t meeting, so as to have it of 
greatest value to students. 



it) 111- 



■;iii\ AI. 


i:iM ( \ 


President T. J. Coale.- and Prof. 
Chaa. A, Keith were caled to Whites- 
burg, Ky., this week to deliver ad- 
dresses before the Tenth Congres- 
sional District Educational Associa- 

The subject if Mr. Cosies' a.ldiess 
was "History of Education in Ken- 
liiiki." anil tlial of Mr. Keith "The 
Challen;;.' of Childhood." Bath 
speeches have been spoken of very 

). slieep. 
.ss. orch-^ P" 
s, iiieadi * 


Give me plenty of fresh w-»te-; 
thiTc good meals daily; a warm stiiH 
with good clean straw for me to Ife 
down on; don't drive me fast and beat 
me; Please think of^all tliese things 
so you will be more considerate of me. 


Thr I'l(o -ni\ Motor (-ar Co., of Lp-\- 
in^rton. M'|in)t  the sale and rlelivpry 
of a Saxon-.Siv totinnfr far t«» F! 
V\ i.s*'nburirh. Riclwnotifl. 

A .M'VPn-put*wn^r. 1I»I7 in "I''I. 
Packard touring car was sold )a.*.t 
week to L B. Herrington. of Rich- 
mond, by the Vnlon Mrt' r Cnmpuny. 
—Lexington Kerstd. 



'III.. Kei iuikv Pure Seed Law lie- 
i-anie elffcftve i.Septtn.lwr "Wlli. Jl'lli. 

h'or the iH'neAt of those eonesmsd, it 

may lie well to print the full text of 

sections one, two and three, delining 
agricultural seeds and noxious weed 
seeds, sped Tying details of labeling, 
and stating proportions of noxious 
weed seeds allowed. 

.Section 1 I'or llie purpose of this 
act agricultuial .seeds are delined as 
.seeds of red clover, white clover, al- 
ike clover, crimson clover, Jopan 
clover, .sweet clover, alfalfa, Canada 
lieill peas, cow peas, soy beans, Ken- 
tuck.v liluegrass, vetches. Canada blue 
.lia.--. iiieiiilow fescue. (Kestuca pra- 
leii,-i-. and l-'ectacu elntior). slieep 
fe.siue. hlonie (awnless) fra 
ird grass, sweet vernal grass, 
ow soft gnus (Holcus lanatus), rye 
grasses, tall oat grass, redtop, timo- 
thy, Itermudn grass, millet, field com, 
wheat, rye bariey, oats, KalTir-corn, 
.sorghum, Sudan grass, broom corn, 

buck wheat, flax. Iiellip ami rape, 
vihii'li are to he used lor suniiit; or 

liiil-' pur|io.-i .s. 

.Section 2. Kvery lot of agricultur- 
al seeds as defineii in Section 1 of 
this Oct, which is offered or exposed 
I'oi- sale within this State in lots of 
line pound or more shall lie iiceom- 
panied by a plainly writtea.or print- 
ed statement in the English language, 
staling. ^ 
a. Tlie name of ihe seeds, 
h. 'file naiiK- and address of the 
iiersoii or persons olTcring the seeds 
Tor e:ile. 

c. 'I'he approximate percentage by 
•vcighl of purity or freedom from for- 
eign matter, or from oilier seeds, 

I. 'i'he apprii.xiiiiale percentage hy 
■..'•ii'lil of the different species of 
-ei .h . .^llen sold us mixtures and so 


e. s fhe approximate percentage of 
germination as shown by laboratory 

te.-ls. 11. of IjUack 

■,'la.-s I Ui il ieii lepeii-l. Canada 
(C. M 'i ai\e|iis). clover anil 
iloil'lei iCu.-iuta epilliyniuiii). 
Ider (Cuseuta arvensLs), sour 
lin k (Uumex aeetosella). broom rape 
lOiohanclie riiinos.'ii. con cockle and 
ih,. liulbr of "ilil onion (Allium ven- 
eale), are hei. le .1. I i 

A special Iruiii lifaring the women 
.iiii|.aiKners uf the Hughes Alliance 
ill -lop in Ivcxington on the night of 
ilctidior 31, until midnight. 

Women of the local Hughes Com- 
.iittee are milking iirranirements for 
1 mas.s iiiee'ki.;,: at ooeia House 
mil for the enlertainmenl of the 
oted w omen, who will be among the 

I'he train is on a trip through thir- 
•y-oiie states. Lexington wil be the 
first town of leas than 100,000 popu- 
lation, at which it has been scheduled 
to stop. 

, Among the ii on the train who 
.••ill visit LeMiielon uit: Mrs. S. 
riiur.ston llalliiril and .Mrs. Aubrey 
I'ossar, of Kentucky; .Mmcs, Walter 
ilami'osch, Daniel Gugggenheim, Cor- 
nelius Vanderbilt, Frederick Tanner, 
Henry Pa.viie Whitney, of New York; 
.Miss Maude Weimore. of Newport; 
Mrs. Julius llosenwalil. of Illinois; 
Ml.-, liillonl Pinchol. of I'em, sylvan- 
la; Mrs, Spencer Penrose, of Colorado 
and Miss Alma Fumers, of Aritona. 

Women speakers on the train are: 
Miss Mary Antin, lecturer-authoress; 
.Miss Helen Varick Boswell, soelolo- 
(ist and lecturer, investigated social 
onditions on the Isthmus of Panama 
I or the United States Government; 
111. Katheriiie Davis, Commissioner 
if Cornction of New York City; Mrs. 
Itheta Chide Dorr, former woman ed- 
itor of the New York Evening Post, 
now- special writer for New York 
Kvening Mail: Miss Mary E. Qreir, 
itemlier Hoiinl of Kducation, New 
York City, iiiemlier New York Fac- 
lory liivestiK^aiiiii; Committee; Dr. 
Aiillieiine P. Kdsnn, chairman Public 
Health Ciimniittee, Los Angeles; Mrs. 
.Vlaude Howe Elliott, author and lac- 
lurer, daughter of Julia Ward Howe; 
Miss Maude K. .Miner, founder Wnv- 
•rly, New York City, Proha- 

loo Dllii f Hie .Magistrate's Court, 

S.i^ 'link; .Ml;, Henry Mosl.uwifi, 
.■hail man of Aimisenient iiesources 
if Working liirls in New York City; 
Mrs. Nelson O'Shaughnessy, wife of 
the friner Charge d'AITairs to Mexico! aethov of fThf KTperi/ nces of n 
Diplomat'if Wife in Mexico"; .Mrs.'' 
Raymond Itohbins, cliairiiian Legisla- 
tive Cominitlee Woman's .Municilml 
League of New Yolk i il.i ; Har- 
riett Vittum, head of .Norlliwestern 
University Settlement. — i^exington 





111 Id I 

Lilly: - 

The aiinouiicemeiil in llie Cliniax- 
.Madisonian of Octoher 18th, that you 
would immediately asilume the editor- 
ship of the Register, and formulate 
ur own policy in its management, 
'delights. me greatly— and I am writ- 
ing at once to express my l ordiiil good 
wishes for the success of .loiir veii- 
tui-e. The editor like Ihe piM't is 
horn not iiliide and I have long 
"■onsiderod you especially gifted in 
l our chosen line of work, 

I wish also to congratulate Mr. Lil- 
ly upon his new possession — and to 
wish for both the Register and the 
Climax-Madisonian, renewed prospcr- 
il.\ anil a eoiitinuanee of the influence 
ill sliaping the thought of our splen- 
did old coininuiiity which both papers 
have .so long enjoyed, 

Knclosed find my check to renew 
iny subscription for as long as It wilt 

Again with sincere congratulations 
and good wishes lo both yourself and 
Mr. Lilly, lielieve me, 

Cordially yours 



weed aeeds ai 
sluill sill, oil. 
witliin tills ,^1 
any aitrieultur. 

.\o person 

Ii .l 111 ,Sec 

tion I of this act eontiiiii)ng a greater 
atnouiil or propiiilinn than one seed 
or liii.h. or or all of these pro- 

(iiie'i.i \..e, (f- t.i two thousand seeds 
of 1.1, v.iii. I; '.llii-ed 01- exposed for 

■\ .''ull coje, of the law may lie .se- 
.i.'il form the rxperiment Station, 


The College of rlome Economics. 
University of Kentucky, has been 
complimented on its bulletin work of 
'he last year in a letter from BWitor 

S. T. Ilut'lie... 

The liiilli till, «ei, ...lupileil liy .Mis- 
.M,ii.\ K. Sweeney, Ilean of the Col- 
lege. Aubyn Chinn, Miss Ellen 
lieyiiolds and Miss Ruby Buckman, 
teachers in the college, and Mr. 
Hughes snid, in a recent letter, that 
the Imiietli,.. .lont by the University 
..f Kmlueki to the Nowspapej^ Enter- 
,,rise .A.-,-oi ialion, were the best .sent 
III. tlial liie\ uer,. loiiilen.sed. .siniple 
.mil direct and need no editing. .Mr. 
Hughes said that he gave the Uni- 
versity and authors credit when he 
published the bulletins and in regard 
to the hihliography on Child Study 
prepared hy Miss .s^ueene.\ and pule 
!i-li''d I n the Heiald several wiieks 
j .1^1, .Mr. Hughes -aid the.- \ ere high- 
I ly vahlalee ami l i' h. a..iiI,i he glad 
i lo mention Iheni eilitoriall.w Other 
{ institutions sending bulletins to the 

I Association were Cornell, Florida, 

.\. D. l eatherage ha» some good Wiseoni-in and Pennsylvania State.-— 
stripped blue grass xii for sale . It ' Lexington Herald. 




-.1 Stlrrufus to 
--s— Tmu Mjdc. 

Bt'JLSlNQ 'S S£' 
FOB vcln; * 

3 P = 0'. .SE3 




euLT tr COST of mm 

per bttrrei. The iil- 

'.he wio!er wj- 





The Advance waj Mjde on ■ Front of 
Fgrt, M.n« From Black 
Sea to tlie Oanuoe. 

Ctttrena ef State Ra I'r^g Amourt ts 
Pay for ^1 jcn-Nee^ed 

• ! .1 n:imber of deep •* 

- - iay in Ihf 
r.aa aail W i 

• .. v.- : uatj la aectiur: 

Additional Thouiandi at Kentuckiana 
Are Being Educated — Mra. Stew  
art Addresaea Teacher*, 

- - ■ ..- . - 5--»tr«. 

ur.;;e-4 ,\re 
.. r^. :■- J . . .jraiDiS t.i Mrj. 
\ "-. r. -\r. who attended 
M-' •.*',.. -i' ^ivnTuniion iere. She 


r^yctte County Diirymen A''e Up 
Ar-^s Avvit PpopctecJ plan. 

a r.inti ruom.s and it** li^,,:M to '."le Ilci: m th.- 

i.  r.i ■ 
r r • .'; ; .-i . . ■ " 

Ttiis ■ . ■ • ■ 
known ir. ■• " 
f 35 ,1 A .. .■ - , 

aci! D'-.u'iiij'T.n^ '■■ ■ 
Ai-corJinj? fu I';- 

fl!I a ffreat nr:e l In 
the women of Th 
Ufns. and tt \% boi ed tna^ thU-i w^:i t « 
the first of Mveral atept of iimllar 
character to further thta d«[»anment 
or Berea'a work, which haa already 
«zceed«d the capacity of the coU«f«. 

Sotifiiern mr.on- 

' ' . ' • •.vT.i. n.i!,. .:.^p**ctiOn 
- ^- . ii.i;.-  0-.. dffectetl 
: ;-!-»n, formlas the Far- 

■ • : • i_ or: ^ Tjairymen'a AJ«ocUUon. 

■ ■ X rr - 'h** miir': ^-'ise and 

T : .1 : rrmen 
- ■■: them 

. ; I-' ■ .7 i n ffroaad 

rhat pasteurized milk U worthless for 
inrmti*. a''rord;n^ lo msny mi^dtcal 

■he iiHS. ytiii. 

1 I -..pic 

Le«Ilo wtll i}« oat-   f 
fr-».! of Ulitera^-y :n 
■ ■ county. In pro- 
m. U the moat 
: .i". state. A thoo* 
bolag taocht there 


Conf«rrice of Charitiea and Correc- 
tic.u Would Bar All Children. 




Seventy-five Ernpioyed on Roada B 
tween pinevillr and Middieoboro. 

Plneville. Kr —The work of balld- 
Ing tbe Bn'in* vtIlt;'Lixli? Hiel-.wa.v. h*^ 
tveen p;nt-viile and .Mi'ld .-ihoro. 
which la t*';ni! done by the tiiacr' High- 
way Comffllaalon, la procmaing moat 
aatiaraclorily aad If good weathtr 
continues the roiid b !tarei!3 thta city 
and MidJleaboro will  -iin;;deted 
before the drat of the year. The wurx 
b being done entirely by convtcta. '.:  
being employed In the varloua \ini» 
of work. The roc*, which la pro - ire.l 
from the county's quarry in tins 
Uon, la quarried by convicts. Anutbi-r 
gwig la engaxed In bridge buildlni; 
aad atlU aaotbar ta apresdtng atone 
on the grade dltcblog. 

Little waa done dcring tha llrat few 
weeka Ike eoniicta were here on »c- 
ibe InabllU/ of ite quarry 

Henderaon, Ky.— The County Crop 
ImproTement Leagne haa aaked for the 
realgnatlon of County F\ra Agent 
Paul D. Brown. Tbe refuaal of the 
Fiscal Court to appropriate fandi to 
assist In maintaining tbe farm ««ent 
will deprlTe Henderaon county of an 
air»nt. The county baa been approprl- 
ai'.ng »S jo annually for aeveral .-ears 
toward hia aalary. Brown, It la luder 
.«toud. will accept a ilmtlar poaitlon In 


Elkton. Ky.— Fire deatroyed a bam 
and 12.0 )i) pounds of tobicco on the 
farm of John Ha^, near Fairriew. The 
losa la about tl.TuO; no inanrane* 

TayloraTin*. Ky.— A caae of Infan- 
tile paralysia reported recently resulted 
In the ileatb of little Susie Kalherine 
Cren.HUaw. 4 yesr-o:d daughter of Mr 
and Mrs. .Allison Crenshaw. 

•."boro. Ky— One of the 
imp-rtart ^--rJsions that haj 
b. en by the Kan- 

(.■juference on Chanties and 
Correction waa conrened In Owene- 
boro IsHt week. It waa the ninth an- 
r. ; i; - n of the organization, which 
iy been Inatrtuneni.!! In s» 
■■i::r.A .-rojrenslTe welfare legislation 
in KeniucHy. Howe»er. from tbe re- 
ports made at the session, there la yet 
a great deal of work- to be accom- 

One of tbe moat Interesting of ■h" 
reports read at tbe aeaaioa waa 

of the leglalatlre committee- It « i 
read by L. B. Wehle. chairman. The 
. rr.n-.; waa instrumental In secnr- 
inK ; 'een separate pieces of sute 
Ie{ti.iUr;on affecting industries, chil- 
dren.   narttlea and correction, vice 
and rime, public health. Inaane and 
defectives and anpenriaton and admta- 

The si t permitiing children to ap- 
pear on the stago under certain con- 

Winter Clothing Should Be 
Dry Cleaned Before 
Laying It Away 

» eeaucta them from moth. 0»l method of dry elaulM »««•»« 
Jjl W^Ttalbla and In.talble. K«U«e. the skape of ike SameM. 

and renders r. jura and tree*. 


Walsh Tailoring 

IndiTidua; jervic^ in n:y i.'.op me«ni ooly 
I Witt of a pattern. 

Ail p«tterr.i cxc.' 

«rA with mp 



MadlaonTille. Ky.— Only are Jaron 

_ . ^ ^ , have been accepted In *he case of the 

wi.^' ■ i f dure siifflclent sSone. Thla ''""""non^'a't.'! against .Va/ii Loiran 

The la.iie is a.'traning much attention, 
and the courtroom haa been crowded. 


was eanaed by condition of the quar- 
t1, • laisi aDonat of dirt having been 
allowed to accumulate. Tbia haa been 

movpii and now an abundant supply 
of .^tor.e Is tjelng furnished for the 
work. The convleta are all pleased 
with their new quartern and are bet- 
ter aatiafled than when conBned in 


Franklin, Ky — Prof. W. A. Price, of 
C'lrbin, Ky.. haj accepted tbe poaitlon 
of superintendent of tbe Franklin 
graded and bifb school, made Tacaat 
by the realgnatlon of Prof. J. T. Chap- 

Uuanton Meet In Lexlngten and New 
Organixatlen Launched. 

Leiinftoa, Ky.— The Eastern Ken 
tacky Educational Association wa' 
formally launched her.^ last we.-k 
Mlaa Ora Adams. Bup,^r:nt*-ndent ol 
achoola of Mercer county, waa elected 
praaideat The separate aasociationa 
of the SeTemh, Eighth and .VInth dis 
trlcts meree Into the new a^sdclatlon 
The Fifth. Sixth. Tenth ami Eleventh 
Dlstrit I A.Asociatluns have been in- 
vited to enter. Under an arrangement 
made at a ronmlttee meeting the ne-.\ 
a!«soclatlon. th.iutfh formally organ, 
ixed. will not 1..- formally r»i rji,Tiiz  'l 
until the mecilng In On.ibiir of next 

In the election of offli nr.i Ml.n 
Adam.^ ^* j t.m 

The '::h. r :■' . : . 

Pr'tf. ("'.irn.l;/') . . ; :■■■ 

K S Kubank, of l.exiiii.-'. 
ami 1T, ;. T. C. Praih. .-. 
burg, tr'jasurer. About 1 
attended the aeaalon. 

' T.I 

••■1 were 
. ii-ni; Prof 

..r iiarr, !. 
i'j'j teachers 

Bowling Grt-pn. Ky — I)r John E. 
Younglove. vhii i.^ in hi,-* nin-^ty. first 
year and the -jM^^: r-Mirt-il dnigKls' 
In Bowling Green, suffered a cerebral 
bamorrbage. On account of hIa age 
hla condition is regarded serloui. 

Annual Bualneae Conferen c e Mra. 
Boone Re-Eleeted Regent. 

Louiavllle, Ky — Kentucky Chapters. 
Daughters of tbe American Revoln- 
tlon. are holdlnc their annual coster- 
enre In Lott^TiUe- The baalnesa see- 

-lon.s o. riipi,»d most of their time. 

Two Hundred and Fifty 

Were (.anded at Faimetrtlv— Four 
of Crew Mieelna, 

Sew York. Oct. 21.— The Cnnard 
lu'T .\lattnla. Iwuud from New Xork 
: .  ath and London,  ru nnk oa 
hy a mine in tha EagUah 

■ U:i:il..'l. 

All of the 343 paaseogen on the Uaer 
were hinded at Falrauutb before die 
veiisel stni'-k the mine, ucciinlmtf to of- 
dcluls of ihv (.'uiuril line b»?re. Four 
members of the crew were luat.  'ewa 
of the deatractioa of the Alaoala waa 
recHved by the Canard line In a cable- 

Passenger Superintendent P- W, 
Whiiumiueh of the steam.ship line aaM 
that advices Imd been recelvoil that all 
of the AInuola's passetigera Dad been 
land,-! ai ial^nnuth. Be saTe oot this 
aim-. .;••:.! : 

"All of ih» .Vlntuoia'a paiaengera 
vrere iande l at Falmouth on Toeaday 
turtmln^. Some frelcht bad alao been 
taken fmu that Ui er at tbnt p irt. We 
had preriooaly received s n-iiLgnuu 
giving na this lnformati»n. Tli - Aiaii- 
nia WM oa her way from Falj  '4th (9 
the SaOey docks in L.i., .  u tu uoloet 




Wind Blewa at Rats af One Hundred 
Milea an Hour at MeWI»- 
Shipa Wrecksd. 

At hints. Ga„ Oct. IV.— The Sooth 
wa- ked by eartliquake and swept 
ty  :. nn at the aame time on Than- 
ila. \\1iUe a tropical hurricane was 
tin: Mt the gulf coast, earth tremors 
ov»-riumed ctiimaeys and frightened 
ran .y people from their humea m 
Ue- -iii. Alabama and Tennessee. 

T ie earthquake dl l little damage, 
but .1 wiml thitt rf:i-!;-l i (-l.-'iry M 
114 ni.i,9 n:; ' ..- ; • • !r' m 

hoi; »-:« :it I'-a.-.; - li 

nai-.'f *r of vt-MwIa iu Lart^-T. One 
:ife was lost. The property iuse waa 
 ati Mated at tUM ,UI)U. 


Brownsville, Penn ~ 
electric plant and i)r,  
with coal, the property ,if : . , :. 1 
Coal and Coke Co., at West bruwns- 
vllle. Pern » t.'  ■■ fr,!- '. ' ■■- 9r-, 
with a 1.' - ' : - 
miners' h. . 

when firem-n :r :.. . 

lages chopped to pieces several bulld- 

laga In the path of the Samea 



button to 

-Another Important rontri- 

h.' u^^K n -if r-'a. " a aa 

t-lti ■ 

■ It.. 

'bile reported that It bad been 
::i-l more llshtly, although the 

tnc .T-.-.s .i..- i:, :■. at 

whVh the diplomatic repri?i4^nta;!vrs 
of all the allied countries »«re pres 

Tbe Alaanla carried 1.S9 Orst-  
paaaengera and 5.S stet'mge p:ii 

Mayfleld. Ky.— VVli;)i! .. ate l in an 
automobile in front of his residence. 
Dr. H. N. Barbee. pastor of the First 
Presbyterian enurch, performed the 
ceremony that united In marriage 
Charley Pully, 19 yearn old, and Miss 
Shellle P. Martin. lA, prominent young 
people froir. near Wlngo. 


Oreenvllle, Ky— The Muhlenberg 
Chautauqua anil Srhool Fair, wiiirii 
waa held ai UrcenvLle last w  i?l;, was 
a great sj. ie^s. Farmers' day waa ob. 
aerved, and .Mat 3. Cohen, rammlssion- 
er of Acricuiture; F. E. .M-riman ..f 
Louisville; M. O. Huglies, or II v»!:nz 
Oreen, and Prof. George Roberts, of 
the Kentucky Experiment Station, 
made addresses. 


Trenton, Ky — The comm^ini'y revl 
val meeting conducted at th- .M^thOii 
Ii*t church twice daily I;y iiv,inir.*lHt 
Bascom Waters and hi;: iM-AirUrr. 
rontinuei to draw large it^a is .\t 
the evenlnpr i*erv1ces Dr. Watt-r-. 
prearhf-3 t.t u'.-erllow audiences ant! Ihi 
whole community is being awakened 

Maysv^lle, Ky. — The atockbolders of 
the People's Tobacco Warehouie Co., 
of MaysvlUe, held a meeting here and 
elected otBcers as follows: R. L. Tur- 
ner, president and general manafrer; 
H. B. Woo«1. vi--e pr«sidpnt: T'lomas 
A. Keith, Jr., aecretary: S. K. Wood, 
treasurer. The companr Is eapltalixad 
at tlO.OOO. 

f-irllHlc. Ky. — The members of the 
I'ortnlghtly Rook Club, of this city, 
have voted to donate to the pabll(  li- 
brary of ''»rli«le. which has Just I e«B 
opened here, a aet of Brittaaica Ency- 
I'lopedla, with tbe nnderatanding that 
.should tbe library at any tlmeifo out 
of eziatence the hooka are lo go to the 
library of the Carllale city achoola. 

Mrs. Eli G. Boone, of Paducah, waa re- the balance of her f nubt wtaaa iRb' 
elected ananimouilr as aute regeaL struck the mine." - 
Under tbe laws of the society nomina- 
tlona are required thirty daya in ad- 
vance of the aaaoal confereace, and 
no opposition haa developed to Mrs. 
Boon^ Other candidates without op- 
position follow: Vice state regent, 
Mrs. Sfiniuel Shackelfor.l, Frankfort; 
treasurer. .Miss Mamie Lewis. Bards- 
town; ,-;i-ordlng secretary. Mrs. Amos 
Rhodes. Paducah; registrar. Mrs. Hen- 
derson. .\jhland; vice president gen- 
eral. Miss Jeanle D. Blackburn. Bowl- 
ing Green. 



Past Year Better Than Any Since 1907, 
Say Slave Men, 

Loulsvllie, Ky — Fifty per cent larger 
buslnci., than in any previous year 
waa reported by members of the South- 
ern As.wciation of Stove Manufactur- 
ers, who held their annual meeting 
here. "General Business Conditions' 

engineer la Killed and Fireman May 
Die ef Injuries at ManKe- 
wee, Wib 

Manitonoc, Wla, Oct. 21.— The Ash- 
land limited train on the N irthwet«i- 
em. rmuing from Chlcngn to Ashland. 
nn« «ri- -k,*'l !n tl.e ! ■ ill r-l-t 

W..|i l.iy f.'..-!,i. Kniit,-.-r 1: -r 

I'ltKeraid "f M Utiake* »a« •» •■■I 

and AllrTt I.'-i. I Hr-::..-.:.. ■ ( 

Green liny. .7, t" i - ! •■-1 

under the wreckage. Several frt'r*. iis 
on the train received minor injnrlee. 
The wreck -was caused by eoraeooe 
throwing a switch, after brenklog a 
I:, and turning the switch liiihr In- 
-.iting a clear tmck. Tlie engine 

I. lew 110 iiiiles an hour. Two | 
i.uildlngs Were lestrMve-d and a 
ei.: . .viimun rttts killeil by a live wire, 
.'-hti ; :nK at Mobile bad been warned 
: nil :;; urenily auXered little bana. 
" I .r. -r steam»*r« were aunk, a 
- -I, -.-r ;iii-t 11 *t. :;;u,T were driven 
:ah,Te nod ciiji.ll le.uti 'vere l,^et. 
^^IHt etxth ah-icks were felt ahortly 
Jfifr four o clock and weta aeverest in ' 
■ootgnmcry and Birmingham. Ala., 
where sw:;\ing nfllce buil'ilnss were 
eaipcicd -A .:.iin a few miuuies. In these i 
dues chimneys were deatroyed and 
arades were hurled from shelves lo 
residence-* and abopc { 
The e:i.-Tbquui;e was felt as fsr 
aoMk as L«ul.ivliie. Ky., and east to | 
Augoata, iJa. lu durutiuo waa about ' 
three miuutas and there were two 



Corn— No 5 while 11.03®!. n;;',,'. So, 
3 whie 11 u 1.03. So 4 wSiite 
II, .\o. :,)» Il,i)391.ua4.r, N„. 1 
;»lj)» f: J 1 "1 N.) 4 yejlow 99c 
■.iT. .V : n..."! 5! Jtfl,i«ii.-. .Vo. 3 
mn-il II "l:. .;I iij. .\o I mixed 9'Jc 
tlil. white ear Hiil. 'Z. yellow ear II 
ei.'jj. mixed ear lift! 

Hay— Nn I timothy 111611 :'V S-y. 
2 tlm.ithy Sliigid :m. Sd 1 tini..i.iy til 
{fU.i't. No 1 . lover mixe-i I! ; No. 

1 clover m,.t.-il t'A.Z:\ 
No. J .:l.)v. r 111 
Oats -No ; whi' 




Mr. » 
VI lie. 

Ky— Arthur r 
I as an Inventor, s-.n of 
S. S Eaaticood. !:f Lo-Jls 
died at Battle Creek, Mich. Mr. 

vllle and 

■■ lioys" 

Eastwood waa bom in Lnn 

was a ^ratluatc of lb ' I 
High Srbool and I: . ' 

University He begin »r,-cr : 

an aiTprentire In the Homestead St*-' 
.Mlll.'  At the time of his death I 
had built up otie of that city's lar. 
manufactories, of which be waa pro  

Frankfort, Ky. — According lo a dis- 
patch from Wasbinjnon. Kentucky 

I postmasters w ere appointed to fill va 
' cancles caused by resignations aa fol- 
I lows: Brocade. Wayne county. Alex- 
ander Keith; Cary, Bell county, HuIL. 


Paris, Ky. — ^The Woman's Synodlcal 
Auxiliary of the Syntfd of Kentucky, 
SontberD Presbyterian Church, la hold- 
ing Its nfth annual meeting In this city 

this week, De'.eKates arfi in attend- 
ance fn.m all parts (if the state. The 
principal sp»-akers were Mrs. H. P. 
Winsborough, of Atlanta, Ga.. supef- 
Intendani of women's work of the 
Southern Presbytfrlan Church; Prof. 
C, G. Crocks, of Danville, Ky., and the 
Rer, H M. Washburn, missionary to 
Africa, but now on furlough in thia 

wn-ck this train. 

was the subject JU. uascl The prta- 1 "'""'^ bn!«aiie 
cipal «p*aker.i were A Brentano. of I """l " '» • 

Evacvilie. preslile,,!. and Samuel D. ' embankment It waa 

Jones, of .\ttauta. Vario other mem- 
bers spoke after Messrs. Brentano and 
Jones hail concluded. The consensus 
. t opinion waa that bualnesa during the 
la?! y ir had been better than that of 
any pr- edlnc year, eapectaUy since 
that of 1307. 

Engineer Seeking Enlombed Mea Is 
Aspt-ynated by Deadly Gaa— 
flu' Bodies Recovered. 

Falrui' 111, W. Va.. Oct. 23.— L. M. 
JtMses. a mining engineer acni to Bar- 
iBCkville, near here. In charge of a 
trained crew from the Pittsburgh su- 1 
tloB of the bureau of mines to coaduet 1 
the work of rescue at the Jamison 
oaloe, where more than a dozen tuen 
ba4 been entombed by an expiieiion- 
was asphyxiated In the workings. The 
bodj of Uatthew Alllaoo, the chief | 
electricinn. who was at work lo the 
mine when the expliwlon occurred, was 

r(i- fifth attempt In aeveral months to | ^..^asht out Three other bodies were 

i.;-ii . .\o. 4 Oi.ied .'il':! i: ',:^..*. 

Wheat— No. J red ll.;30l.7?. No. 1 
red tLUei.T4. No. 4 red 1! 
Eggs— Prime llrsis 3;S-. tlrfi 31c 
or:linary flrita 3Jc. se'^ond* 27t-(-. 
:.:.- P a!try--Itoa8ter'«. 4 It's and 
;■ broilers. 1", lb and under, 
■ • - 1'^ Ih. Uc: fowU. 44 
• ■ ■ ' : . 1 1. lbs and over, 

J 11" lil'jc; rooytera, 
. ■'t;. ' -pr;ng dui:k, , 2 to J lbs, 
I5c; 3 lbs and over. l»;ci colored, 3 to 
3 I'os. i;©14c; duckn. old. white 3 Ibi 
ami over. Kc; untler 3 lbs. Uc; col- 
r -d. Uc; hen turkeys, s lbs and over 
; spring turkeys unL-r S lbs, liic; 
tom turkeys, 1   Ihs anj over, 23c; 
crooked brea--:e.i, '.osi: . ^aij. Igsc 
Cat-; y ■ --.:•• .■ :. r 


recovered, smoog them Alllaon'a 
-Istant. A. W. Vsnce. 


James Walton Arrested at Dallas, Tex, 
and la Alleged lo Have Confcaaed 
Theft at OetrelL 

Dallas. Tex.. i ct. i4.— Jnni»» Wal- 
ton, alias 0\'rdi n. was nrr»-sted here on 
Saturday by Pinkcnon detecrlves iit 
the point of snwed-olf shoti,iins. at; : 
Is nlleired to have confetueil jrettiii.- 
?l".i"i in the recent Vt0.i»»i n)l.b,-ry 
of rhi; nitrrotichs plant p,nyro!l in ! ,•- 
trnit. Ijiier he admitted having "bot 
the Bnrmnghs paymaster. Tbe pris- 
oner impllcnted his brother nod anotb- 
tr man n-hose name he r,-fuse,1 to cive. 
II"  sal'l they h.nd exi-i-lH,| t.i J^O.- 
000. Walton was an electrician at the 
Packard factory. Tbe money was di- 
vided between the three. 


Lou. .-■vllle. Ky, — (:.,unly Trea.surer 
Cline re. elved a lett^^r fr.jtn a rn.niater 
who re-SiiVs in Char -'.^ % p" but 
who formerly Iivf il 1. - uas 
Inclosct! a check for * : 1 , , ;at 

ter explatncil the mone;. w.t* n the 
minister last summer when he was in 
Loulsvi'le hy a resl'Jeiit of th^ rity, 
who - 1 A ' - : 1 - * 1 \ - Of, 
pr..;- .-.r 

Stanford, Kjr.— Nhie can of a heav- 
ily loaded northbound fraigbt train 
left the track one mile tint of Sitaa- 
ford. ,So one was Injured. The train 
was coasting down a steep and curv- 
Ini; grade when a coal car In the mid- j 
Kllzabeihtown. Ky. — Out of fifty-four i die slipped off the rails and was posh- 
suits filed in the Hardin circuit | ed over a ateep embankment. The 
coupling of the derailed car held faat, 
and eight other can were pulled dosm. 
The coupling at the rear end of the 
tender broke else the engine would 
have left the tracks. 

German Ship Is Torpedoed. 

Liin.lon.  «. t. -Jl — Th" IWtish ad- 

mlmlty !s.sut*il :l stnte:;i,TlT to the ef. 
fii-t that a British -ui-:;.:.rl:ie •.vlin l, 

had Just returneil frotn the North sea 
torpedoed and bttdly dntutiged s Oer- 
mjin cruiser of the Kolh«-nr daaa. 


Mayor Waldemar Brown of 
Maniatee. Mirh.. Olsa In Crash- 
Nine Perscna Injured. 

Orsnd U.ii l'N. Mi.-h_ Oct. '^4.- Wal- 

■'niar I'r-M -.. f..rrii.T nmy.-r - ■* M 

-i?. w;'  1 '' .Hi rin.I ri.;i.. I " , . .- ■; 

n Sunday when f,vo uii'i.ii,-.' .,. iii 
hlch they were riding collided near 
.ManLstee while trying lo avoM hitting 

The injured are: Frederick .-^t ir;-. 
oglstrar »t deeds; George titles, Louis 
\ttStoa, son of the county treasurer; 
Villlani Hatch. Fmnk JnrkowskL 
.Mike Oln»xkl, Roy E. Overpack, Wll- 

.'"Ti ' .V', ionin, n 
heifers, extra $-1 I ' fi 
$.*i,T.i4i •; Ho. r-ommon 
Z ; l O extra iZ 

■6 i t: 

i'lvii t„ rh.iire 

r.iir II :,- \t 
y. ; ir.s)'i to 

l ommoa to fair M 3'i 
13^5, stockors and ' 

fee.Iers $jiTifi.T 

Bulls— Bologna I5j08«.:s, fat bolls I 
J« 40311 53. 

calve^Prtra fll W, fair to s^trf ' 
18 3091l,S  , common and la-fe I49 I 

Hoas- -Selected n -. .v , -, ! 

Mf, 10 



:"■ ii ' :• ■, I.sht -:: 
pi«s I I lo i! s and : 

SlT-.-p ■rlxTll M ,-, ,,.; ^oo l '0 

choice Ij.j'i,! •;.3o. oommo:i 10 fair 13 

Lambs— Extra lU'eiOiS, good to 

1 MartlsoQ. George Lumsden. Giles choice t9 ilS^lO, common to tHr i6 9 

and Slooe may die. 


■1 to 

rid his cciisi lence of the buplen. and 
hence requested lh . writer to send the 
money to tbe county treasurer. 


l oun for the November term, fourteen 
are divorce petiriona. Thia represents 
ihout one illvon e for every four mai- 
r,,;.:e  in linr iin coiihty alnce the time 

ior niiii.,' began. 

Campion. Ky.— Prof. C. W. Wright, 
prim ipal of the high acbool of this 
( ity. sr. 1 Miss Sarah Ooaney. daughter 
of C. H. Gosney, blacksmith, of this 
place, were married at the paraonage 
of the Baptist church 

Bowling Green, Ky.— S. O. Martin, 
who Uvea near Smitha Crov" ■ - , 
'ounty, and Miss Alice Fp. 
r -3:,lp3 near Lxjulsvllle, 
in marriai^e at the home of M.,- .-;,.. .. . 
Ing. They left immediately for Cali- 
fornia, • hence they will aatt for Bon- 
bay, India. 

Blackmail Suspect Fighta. 
New \ork, Uct. 1:4.— James A. 
Brown, alleized principal In n nadon- 
v%-ide blackirmlling plot, waa arrestefl 
her*-. Brown made an attempt to vs. 
Clip,- mill his captors used blackjaks ii  
subdue bim. 

Prince Henry an Admiral. 
Amsterdam. Oct. 24.— IVlui e Uenry 
t Pmsaia. the kaiser's brother, has 
ecu named hy Emperor Francis Jo- 
-epb grand ailiuiral of the Au^tro-Hun- 
.uriar. '.■■••■■■'■yry title, pays a 

illspatch fruui i!«'rlln. 


Car:i l», Ky — Th 
M-,-1 I -j:e* a.i'i -"re . ilaii^ 
rn„ — r. ,1^ hiinoT at a re.-er,fi,in li,i:il 
■tl ti;-- .\!:-liodl*r Hplstopal 1 bur.h. 
S;i::, In tSis tity, during lli- past 
w-e,',v. ;n Th.oh tlie membership of the 
lurch waa Joined h-. th- metubers of 
ih'r i hurrhes of ti - uty, Ur. Crates 
s t.-ie new pastor of the Meth ulist 
Epiaotiai church here, and tne re. ep. 
tlon *aa a welcome to him and hu 

Take U, S, Boat Off Iceland. 

WELCOMED, I London. Oct. 21.— The American 
1 fishing schooiier itichnrd W. Clarke 
Rev J, \v, Cra'es, [ has been captured In the waten 
around Iceland and taken to Grimaby. 
Th« w-honner Richard W. Clarke meas- 
ures &J3 ;;ro s tons. 

Poefs Grandson Wounded, 

Loodun, Oct.. 24.— Til.- latest list of 
vonndetl from Fntiic,- in.-tui|es the 
i.aroe of Capt. Ll.inel Ilatlain Tenuy- 
-iio. eldest son of Lord Tennyson and 
..'rauilsou of lite poet. This Is tbe aec- 
i»nd time he has been wountled. 


Lar-i j. Tci— Fllty persons were 
killed .ni a great number Injured In 
a rear-end rolUaion of a freight and 
paasenger train at Ramos Arispe, 
Mexico, accordmg to reporta reaching 
the border. Ramos Arispe Is heiwenn 
Salilllo and Torreon. Coahuila. A 
freight train heavily loaded with . lal. 
accordint to the story rec.jived h -e' 
crashed In'c a slowly moving pa v-c 
gi r train Tie dead were taken to .Sa- 
tlllo ari.l burled. It is beUeved no i 
Am"rt,:an-* were Injured. ' ! 

Naval Station Oamaged. 
Wa liin^ton. O.-t. in.— Extensive 
dnniii.'i- til the ntivtil neronantleal sta* 
tl.'i. ■ ■ I* ■ 1. i'lii.. hy tlie sTom 

th:' • ' r ,.r 't.ites -.111- r.-|i.irt- 

etl tl. :i. :.::iy .l.-iiurtiuenl in tbe lirat 
official report of the suinii's eltect. 

Big Increase in Exports. 

New Vork. tier. ■.::', --I •,.tii..sMi' ex. 
;.. rts fri.lli .Neu Vi .--^ 1 i.-l.'i,: .S.-[ :. :,- 
her were greater by luore than Jlijo.- 
 sjO.O0U than shipments In the corre- 
.nondlne month of 1915. according to 
Malone. collector of il,e i. ,rt 

Crude Oil at Record Price. 
Pttlaborgh. Pa.. Oct, a.— Crude oil 
went back to Its record price here 

vheo the prlnclpil purchasing ageb 
•lea, at the opening of the marhat. 

announced an advance of ten ccnia a 

banal on all gnds& 


I h: !.- : - persona were drown- 
' ' ' lobile with six oc- 

■ ■■ - 1 nrnuith an open draw 
a- •!:.■ : ...fh .street bridge, Tlvo 
' 'T. ■ taken ua..onsciou» from 
i Iht^ »«ier aud were harried to th-j 
I county hospital, where ti-ey were re- 
j vlved. The automobilr; wai going east 
on Twelfth street and the driver of 
the machine evidenUy falW ,0 
warning signals. Several persons saw 
the machine plunge ^an ihe abut- 
ment and lbs poUca and hreboau 
I were caUed. 

Persorsi af.t'P.iion from the proprietor foe 
•rery customer. , ^ a .1. 

Careful attent on to everj- detoll— and th« 
wy boat cio:hoa possible to prodttw. 

Are you the kind ' • man tfcst Uad « 
i^rrice appoals to? 

My r.-'^v Kr.'! and Winter iaitings 
for your i ~ „ 


110 Fourth Street 



Has been responsible for 
thousands of business snc- 

cesses throughout the coun- 
try Be a live wire and 
adverti&e ia the 


the medium that goes into 
every heme in the commu- 

Good Printing is the dreas of ba»  
inees. That is the kind vb it. 
Let aa ahow jaa. 

-uerrota cream of Taruir. derived fr„„ 

n III Auunipmt. t iiifi 

WW I "Xf-» 






J ;i i-Ik- 11. ■ !i, 111(111. ■nil;' II 

 ri'ili'l viirk iH'liit; llinivm up in innil 
vpriluro 10 uiiiki.' It liiinuniiliEv wlili 

' i:. r„,i„„ wl,i, ,„„ ha,v)«.l .rUllery dr.. lu ,„s,„ry. n,.„.,^,„„i, .-..-J 
r ti ,■ Kur. in li..(.,. ili,l.l.len. Often Ihu suiui ue conircd wlib Uie iiurraUDdlD« 
I"- l.ii. l,i;i Mniiil. ilUKiilslaK It perfwUr. •urruuuuiB* 


Tunnel, 45 Feet Underground, 
Leads to Within 300 Yards 
nf Germans. 


Htw York Lawyer Narrowly Euipn 
Meu •• H* Vltwi Trenches— 
TuiHMl Cotk Wm Femitrly 
Chaf to an AmbuMder. 

V.-iiitiii.— Ju»t wvai ot here, In the 
fun-Hi of Argoanv, Uu-re la a rciimrk- 
•Ma mlllurjr tunnel, « f..,.t ,„i,i, r 
(round, runnliiK Hirlii up i.i 
800 yiirilK i.f (III. tieriiiiiii iri'ii lic.», 
II 1» .ill., iir 111,- m„st liHril-pri'MHiHl 
IKiluis aruuiiii Virduu, Imt iliroiiKli thi; 
toonal IV-vnfurceineata iiiuve furmir. 
wltboat danger, rflleHni; ..v.-ry twu 
himr- 111.. iiM'i. .Ill ih,. nrim ji,n.. 

•1 11. r.' Mils a viTy, uti,i,«. 
liUcre uliuut llu  lunui'l wlifu tlie writ 
•r vMUd It. for tbe cnrloua fact a«- 
Telopnl that the two olBcem In cniih 
nmiiil iii're Ainsrlcan n-slili'iiiH. „„.. • 
-I... k iiiiwr In Albertii. (111111,111, uiirt 

r « hank ulHclal of the Kranci- 

Aiuerliiin hank at I. m Anielci, Cnl. 
Moth were tiorn In Kranre, niiil when 
Ih.' \iiir lir.iki' mil left ihi'ir .\iii.ti, hii 

bualneaaea t mu' hoiui- ami 11^.111. aii,I 

now they lire In full i-lmrt!,' ,.i ihi, uii- 
 K'ri;r,.uii,l hiKhuay, leading up to one 
■it lb« miMit (leaiKTata imaltlnna nlouK 
. the front. I hiy are ■ ■ American that 
•bay apaiik Kncllah Instead of Preiicli. 
and the miniuonilant'f headijuarlers— 
a lltUa ncM In tbe rhijr— bai a bis 
pkiure at Uoda Bam bandnf oD tbe 

OnapliK tlunuirli inia tunnel to- 
ward tbe fnMiI Hue. the luenibera of 
the rialtlnii puny kncwked their ateel 

• i.-.iii.'» .11 Hi,, nxif, and iiluiigiKl 
Uirough Miller ankle deep. I'aul D. 
Oravaih, tbe New Vork Uwjrer. a man 

of Inrite hulld. 8 feet 8 luol all, 

Oil. I..11I ,l„ulil.' Ill 111.' mruk'Kl,' llin.iicli 

'1 iiiui'l. .Vl.iin' Ih,. nuy 11,,'y pii»«id 

till .l.'iirlo plant, thnil.hliijt wlih en- 
«Ti:y, and puiuplng tbe freah air whii-li 
hwpe the tunnel habitable, rnrtber 
on. In B laritv rhiy hole, a kllfben 
waa In fnll openillon. wlUi aoldlert eat- 
ing bowla of noodlea. 

Chtf to an Ambataador, 
•-1^ nie lntri)du,-,' you 1,, chef." 
aiiid the riiiiiiiltiuitiiiil. n.. n  .,iiiii,- s.,1- 
■ li.-r .....1, .-iiiii,. f..i.,M,|,|. -II,. I, 
the ciHik for tlila luiin,'!— unil he ouiiht 
to ha a good cook, fur befuhi the war 
be wna rhef to the Creni-b anibaaaador 

Qt Holll.'." 

l^i.i' - ..:i.-i.' fr.iiii III.- lunnel Into the 
front line, the Ueriiiuu trvncbce were 
pUlnljr rlilble on tbe creat ooljr SUi 
jranbi away. The Inienrcnlni; ipue. 
wn« sw, |ii i-hiir nn iIioukIi liy n  y 
done. Iniili'iiil of ihe h,'iiiitlful ureei 
of ih,- f.ii . -i. iiiiii uaaleft at the other 
enil of 111.' iiiiiuei. here tbe whole out- 
I.1..I. .-. 11- till) and deanlato; the 
irounil Jbkb.iI uiiiI torn aa hy weentrlc 
plowii. 11,. I ,1 I, -slide of (jraSs or 
Tardure, and the few kuuiiI trunk* of 
treea airlpptil of Ihelr lii-st 1,'iif iin,l 
lookliiK like ao many «curecro«». 

■Thla ba* been a rather quiet ,lay— 
only two mine exploaloui.." aiilil the 
conunandant, "two men Injur,',!, one In 
tbe •boulder, tli.- ..ili,-r In Hi,- i.-i;. That 
If UlUe, for .^r;i-:; •••' i.i.v.' r.iriy to 
•Ixtjf men kllli',1 ..r Injured In theae 
mltie ezploalouB, which go on continu- 
ally aa tbe Oemians try to mine under 
onr drenebea 1111,1 we try 1,. mli,,' nn 
der ibeln." 

Been bejrond the front hue l- reu, li 
treocbei tbe Krench soldlera had 
puahe l their observ ation ponta Into the 
llre-awopt illvlillnc Mli,.. ynnli ivlde. 
Soma of ilii- i' iliirliii; 111, '11 ...111. I |„. 
■een nlinoiit up 1,1 ilu' n-,'i-i. «ln-r,' the 
German line rnn. Th,.y » ,-r,' ,1,111. i, -1 
behind beapa of Imnlili r..,, rin.-^ r, 

"Tboaa men are only tea yiirda fnun 
the Oemuna," said the romniiindnnt. 

Aa he apoke, Mr. frnvath Hf New 
Viirk. Mild: "I s, n iJi'rniiiii ; lli,]-e 
he In ,hi liie ,1,1.1! ; jO',: ".-,' I1I.-4 mil- 
form with III," r.iunil cap." 

"And be aeea you too," aalil the com- 
mandant "you have been under flro," 
be added aa he led Mr.  'r'.v,iiii nml ilie 
others to a inoro aei ur.- |ii'si.i.,ii. 
Americana Are Lucky. 
"It'a ||oo l that Oeruinu didn't Bre," 
reninrke l Onvath. "It iuIkIiI have 
been an Inii'mallonal Inrhleul. Think 
of It— kiniiii; nn .MncTlcan visitor 10 
the Freni-b trenchea." 
Oomlng back from the tront-llne 

trenches 011.. Im.i „ ii.-u- ,.f ih.' im.n.v 
■■.'nm.h'M iKlhlll.-s In ,-nrryliii,- on ihl, 

i--n-:it hiiiti,.. .\( |,„|n, mddU-ra In 

-hirt vi.-..\,-s u,-n- .iiiiKini! (piiveH In an 
iiiilirovUi'il eein. ii ry nliiiiK Ihe forem 
path. The cetuetery was very InrKe 
and had bwn (tlvi'n a iiiini,', '.\l,il»..ii 
K,irretilli-r,'." „r,-5t n..iii,'. Kvi'ry 
triive hull 11 \v.„.ii,-ii .-r.iss iili,.v,- 11 wiih 
111,, name iinil r.-uiuuut of the dead aol 

Tbe aliella kept whiuing and burst- 
ing aa the parljr moved along, and It 
cot to be a pleaaant pastime to note 
the long a-i-x-s aa the ahelhi Hew over- 
head. One of them atrnck a few hun- 
dred feet away, throwing up trees, 
earth niul eliitiiU of smoke, 

To lh,iH,' uhii \Miiited Mouvenira there 
Wit.' hin ti-ii ;ni.-iiiii of shrapnel lying 
at I'n'ry turn. It wum plcanant at Brat 
to pli k Ih, in up. hut lifter three or four 
of these heavy chunks of steel were 
carried halt a ndle tbe task waa abau- 

Thi' lnt,'niillj i,f s.ira.' ,.f di.- tren.-li 
.|iiiirli-r-. 11I..11J.' 111.' \Miy Is .-ili.iwii lu 
ilio use of euipi}' glaaa hoillea for win- 
dows. One offleer pointed with pride 
to tbe very nrtltllc effect he bnd »e- 
. Mr,',l Willi Ilii'Ke ,-iii|,iy win,' l...iil,-s. 
.\ lil|.l.' r..\v .-M. n.:.-.| 1,11 iii-r,iss the 
front of his lo|; shark, giving lltjlit 
within and having mtber a cathedral 
window efl',-ct without Tho bottlea 
ure of ivWii. KiiiKs. n„.,\ f„r hoitlliii! 
the white Mine ,if ll..r.l,-.-Mix. 


Professor Ingianni Invents Port- 
able Bath for Hot Im- 


After Pew Days Treatment the Wound 
Begins to Heal, Suppuration 01*. 
appears. Swelling Subsides 
and Fever Cestet. 

Lives Outside City. 
The headqnartera of Oeneral Nl- 

velle. In commnnd of the operatlonn nl 
Verdun, nn- .inlle a Miiy .Milsi,!.- tli,- 
elty. ut II lillle ,-r,is~r.i;iil liiinil,-!. 
wlileh riiiinot lie iiiiiiieil fur lulllliiry 
r.'UHona. The general's olllces are lu 
the town courthouse, a two-story alune 
Nlrut-lure. Il uns In this nume hullil 

lug that (i,'n,-nil I'l'tiilu, who |ir, .l,«l 

Nivi'll.'. 1111,1 lieiieral de Ctisleluuu 
i|uU'kly made the plana at the first on- 
rush  if the (lerniauH, which held Iheiu 
unill r,' , -111.. r,-. iii, -Ills could he hrouiiilit 

IJeiiertil .Mvi-lie j;,i,'h to Verdun an,l 
along Ihe treiKh front frtsiueiiily. Hut 
most of Ills time Is at lieail,(uiirterH. 
In telegrapli iinti teleptione ('oiuuiuul- 
catlon with tlie wliole circle ,.1 ,le- 
fens.-s. lUKt In lolK-li. too, Mllli Ihe 
other army curpii iind liiusM'a of au[ - 
plli'a reiiily li. I,,' inuved forHuril to nil 
nii.\ Clip 111.- I :,-r-iiniiiK may make. 

.\s u, w.-i.- i.[ iH-iit'riil .Mvelle'a 
li,|iiiin. i  11 (tuny ,,f (lerman prla- 
.'ii,-rs ,-niin' hy. They uiarelu'd two 
-iiid tuo. ihi'lr Krny uiilf,irmii uiid round 
eaiw cuniruKiiug with the l-'reueh liliiu 
and casque. Already liny w.'re be- 
ing set to Miirk. and liisi,'o.l ,.f u gun 
earll C'riiiiiii eiirrt.-,! 11 spjile ,iver tils 
shoulder. .\t V,-riIun tli,-r,' Is no el- 
vlllun life wlmiever. 1. 111 ni'.iiiiid Cen- 
eral Nlvello'a henilijiiuri. rs iln-rc Mere 
IH-aaant women and girls uuiiKiiiii: Mith 
111,' |.,.ilus, iiidlcuting clvlUun life atlll 
 '.\lsi.'d thus near to the bomburdisl 


The roads buck ot Verdun present 
the most varied scenes of activity, on 
,111,' sl,l,» 1', 11 vast ii,-r,'i.Iiiii,' ciiniii. vvlih 

I'illl.' lv\.-ll!\ .-lli-r; w li;ili;;:;r-. .if liiis- 

ket Hleel ,-..111.1 rui-Ilol) covered Mllii 
,'iiuvna. Acnais tbe road la a riding 
I'ourae niunlng fur inllm. wheru offlceis 
,-iiu exen-lse tlo'ir ninunts nnil eaviilry 
(-1111 push fiirMiinl ill eliii'l'^.'iK-y Milti- 
,iul lilocklni; lli,' lilgliroail. livery iiom 
iiiid th.'ii one sees a big vehicle sliuot 
hy lienrliiK tlio sign "American Aiu 
l.ulitn.-e I'ltrps." 

Mules In Good Shspe. 
Tbe ihousantis of horse.'* and mules 
iilong the road are In giHid condition. 
.Miiiiy of tile horses euiue from Ainer- 
li'ii and were run iIkmu hy sen voyiiK.', 
lint after a nn'iiiirs f.-, illni; ili,.y 
l.i.ivcd very servh-enUle. Un seelug 
the mules one of thu ofllcera said: 

"The detnoblllzaUon of tbe Oreek 
II l iny liiiil nil,' v,.ry linpurtnut result f,)r 
th,  iilll.-s-U released lO.UUU niuh-s 
uhU'li Ihe i;r,','){a hud been using, and 
now theae luuira are proving luvuluu- 
bk* to the allies." 

While the II, 'Ids hneU of Venlun uro 
rich with yellow gnilii. yet ilnre Is 
one meliiiielii'ly evUh-m-e of the war lu 
the liiinilni; of ninnure, usiiiilly the 
very life hlootl 4»f the soli. The grain 
iiiii Im' giilhereil hy the soldiers and tlio 
-.voiu.-ii who remain, but there Is no 
Hill,' I,, flistrlliilte the miiuure over the 
Inml, anil so It Is l.tirn,-.!. 

The lust i:liiiiii-.i- .if \',-r.]uii .iiiii,' iis 
tho party tmssed a •Jeti-.'hiii.'iit of 
French soldiers Just out of the trem hi's 
mill going to tho rear for rest. Tin y 
MiTo Ilr.-,l nil. I li.'iivlly Iiid.-n. I, tit liiip- 
py mill ,ii,-vi*f;:! ii.-' "i"y swung^ 
ill iri'egulnr riiiiks, laughing and smok- 
ing as though they cania from some 
ngrecable occupation. They were all 
lliii' l.iokinc young fi'Ilows, and they 
lypltl.-il iliiit eiiliii tiiiil Invincible spirit 
which the young French soldlera are 
putting Into their service. 

ll 'u,l(|iiarli'ra of the Italian Army In 
the Field.— Surgec ' Major Professor 
Ingiunui of the Italian medical corps. 
In charge of a Bcid hospital, bas ai)- 
plled on a Inrgc scale a special treat- 
ment for lockjaw which Is giving most 
satlafaclory reaulta. 

The antitoxin treatment of lockjaw 
Is eltenslvi'ly iis,-,l In 111,. Italinu iiriiiy 
a, a previ-nliv,- nn.l. lliiinlis to It, ihe 
i-iiKea of tetauus have been greatly 

.N'liiuruliy In field hospitals local con- 
ihlions are mch thnt it Is liii| .is.slhlo 
I,, r,'s,.rt t,i pr.,l.inK,-il niills. pij,- liiiih- 
liig of Ihe wonniled or infected part 
1111,1 till' most elTecUve remedy conslst- 
.-.1 In iiinputatlon. But even early nm- 
liiiiiiii.iii "ft. -11 proviHl of no iiviiil wh,-n 
llle ti. riiis In ill.- w. .1111. 1 nlr, Inid 
set free a lethal dose of their to.\lll. 
Ilesldes, even when ampntaUon saved 
a man's life It left bin s cripple. 
Doctors Amputate Too Freely. 
■ ifl.-ii for f.iir of iiif.-iti.iii siirK,-(iua 
in 111,' II, Id resort freely to iinipuiulloo 
knowing full well that it would be Im' 
Iiosallilo for them to keep the wound 
clean until It Is compli tely heiilisl. 

rriifeSHor Inglaonl liiMeiul is con- 
vinced thnt amputation should only be 
res irted to In extreme caaes, aa a doc- 
lor's first duty Is to cure, not to cripple 
11 mnn. I'rohingiHl Mann Imtli of ilie 
M, .1111. 1 Is nil 11I111..SI liifiiiltl.t.- r.' 
iigulnst lockjan-, and nollilug prevents 
its heing nilmlnlstered even In tbe field 
under onllmiry couilitlnna. The profes- 
sor liiis liiv,'iii,-,l n sin-.-lnl piirtiihle 
liiilh wlil.'li .1111 Im- l.-M.-il. lis It is niiide 
,if rulili.T nil'] .s|ii,ji..,| In sinh a way 
iliiil any lliiili can lie Immersed in it 
The l.ulli Is thi n tied t,i tli,- patient iiy 
iii.'iiiis of 1.1111, In;:. -s mill [iiii.-.-,] in any 
positi.iii, ,-iili.-r h.ii i/i iiiini ,,r v.Ttloai. 
Antiseptic Solution Is Used. 
A warm antiseptic solution can be 
iiislly kept 111 It at the same teiniiera- 

i- .;r" f.T liv,' ,.r six Innir-i -Vs n rule 
11 :i p, r ,-,'111 ..f li)p..i-l,l.irite la 
used or else eorr.islve suliiilunle In tlio 
|in.|ioriloii of one-hiilf por 1,0110. But 
p,-riiiiiiig!iiiiiie of p,itiis8lum. Iodine or 
i.-ii'l Will, I- III-. .1111 II,. used to udvan- 
lim--. Il liir- 1 - . [I iMiin.l lii'tter to al- 

ii- nuii,- 111.- I'liipl.i.viii.-iit of these an- 
lis. -I. ties. 

'I'll.' results  if this trealnieut are 
wonilirflli. After a few days the 
Miiund beigns to heal, suppuration dls- 
iippenra. swelling stilisld-s and fever 

I'elisi'S. It \.'r.\ us n iiiatler 

.if (-ours.' ,-\,ii in liis.-s wti.-r.- iilii- 
pntatlon was considered the outy rem- 
cdy. Tbe danger ot lockjaw la en- 
tirely obviated. 

Socialist Dselares After Arrest That 
He Murdered SUUsman Because He 
Refused to Convene Parliament- 
Rioting Reported In Vienna. 

VI, M'lii. 1 1, 1. -I. vin lii'i-liu '.y Mi 
I,'ss.— Til,' iissn.ssiiiiillon of Ihe Ans 
trinu premiir, fount Carl Stuergkh, 
"IIS a purely piillileal net, und was In- 
ilii,-,-.l l.y 11 Mii-iii 10 niiivi'iie parilii' 
iiu'ni. 11. . ..i .ilii- |,, ihi, udiolsslous ..f 
lir. Irosirkli Adlir, his iissalloi.t. 
uinde shortly after his nrrest 

Doctor Ailler N un wccntrlc und sn- 
per-niilli'ai s... iii|i^r. Mometiiiics knova ' 
IIS "till' 1.1, -I, ill. ,1,1 „t Austrlii." He is 
editor ,,f I), r Knmpf. 

At first he decllniMl to reveal I. s 
niotlvi's. hut after being lucked up I . 
I.n.k,' down and declared the premier 1 
polliii'iil policies had led bim to dd tb,  
.1 1. 

Two 111,11 uho h'lipisl at Doctor Aii- 
1,-r iifliT lu- hull l!r,-d on fount Stll- 
,-i-fKli wi-re »,iiin,l, i|. l o,'lor AilliT dl.s. ' 

ilmrgi'il ihi' iv.ii n iiiiiiK lii.iinlii-rs ] 

of ills revolv.'r III ili,-se men before j 
Austrlnn nn.l C'niinn offleers, with 
druHu siihi rs. ovi rpou'ered hiin. | 

The Injur.-,! iii.-n. wh,, «,.re In- 
jured sllghll.v. nr.' Ilar.iii A,-lir,'iilli:il. 
Iirother of Hi.. Inie fori'igii mlnislir. 
mill ihi' loii.l waiter of the Hotel 
.M. is.i un,l .si. In which the shoot- 
ing occurred. 

Doctor Adlcr siirn ndiTi'il to the olB- 
eers who crowdeii upon hlin and gave 
up his revolver. Apjinnnily ho was 
111,' calmest mnn lu the room. He 
giive bis name without beaitation anil 
ailded : 

"If you pleiis,'. gi'iitiemen, I know- 
lierf.'i'iiy well Mliiii I hiivi' done. I 
shnll not ri'slsi nrri'st." 

 'ount Stuergkh was Ofly-aeven 
.venra o!il. He was Irnrn In 18SD in 
 !rnz. lie became Austrlnn premier In 
Mill. iifl.T s.TviiiL' f'.r iMii yeara as 
iMliils|,-r .,r .-,lii.-iiii,,ii. 11,- WHS one of 
the prill. 'Ipnl fouii.lers ,if ihe present 
educational system, tbe "gyiunasluni 
method," In Austria. 

Tbe count wns ,-.|ii.-iii. .! it iln- I'nl- 
verslty of rlrnz nn-l .111. - . -1 'Im- s, rv- 
lee of III.' Klnle In 1 -.1. II.- l„-i;iiii lils 
piirlliiiii.-nliil-.v .iir.-.r .m Mureh 12. 
IM1I wh.-ii In- Mii» ..|,-,-t,-i| to Ih.' 
ri-li-hrnlli. Allhi.UKli hi- hns laken nn 
decisive part In the affairs of the na- 
tion be wns one of the most revered 
stilt, sin, n In Austrla-tlungnry. 

^*"M!J-'!I tT"""*!!*' "ovsltlsa ot tbe biu o.llltsry shew 
hsid Kt Bhespshud Bay Motor Speedway, In the Interest of piwparsd- 



Well-Considered Remarks That 
Are Worthy of .Most Care- 
ful Attention. 


Autolat Wha Is Not Familiar With 
Traffic Regulations Is a Nuisance 
an the Reatt— Proper Regard 
far Rights of Othsra 


Court Decides Crime li No Cause for 
Divorce — Defines Habitual 

Iifs MniiH-s. III.— The Iowa au^ireiue 
court. Ill DfssioD hen*, hat handed dowD 
Br vera 1 Sciliummic dt'clslnns. 

Ill ttiif rulinj:. lin' r.niri ht'Id that 
oonfi'ssliui nf 11 rriiiif mi ilic |i;irt of a 
hiiittinnd dues uut cniiHtiiuto grounds 
fur divorce proceedlDgs. 

It tH beromes a wife,** raid th« 
cuurt. "to prt'fer rrlinlnnt clinrm's 
iipilnst tit r htiNttiind. Sht- Unik lilm for 
bfttcr or for worse, aod she Hboutd try 
tu redeem blm." 

In tbe siitue decision the court d» 
llrifi) 11 linliltimi druiik-nril "oiw who 
lu'.'tniH's fVfii modiTiitt'iy Inloxicuicd 
uliniever the oppurtuultjr U pre- 


Whaleback James B. Colgate Founders 
and Crtw Parish— Only th« 
Captain Saved. 

rii'vi liirul. I ».. (  ri. 'J4^AnoUH' 
traK«*dy nf Liiki' Krle's "Bhifk fri- 
day," which cont the Uvea ot '^l mva, 
mnio to llirht, wuve-bonu', when ii,IIf» 
riift. III ulilt li VViilicr »; :ivli;iw 

i { iIu- K ^(.•.inii-r .r.H .1 - It. 

ColKilli* lllhl V\UIIH  imv r lie fnlilidfr -d, 

84 iiuurs bi. fure. wiis {kicked up off 
Uoiidriiu. (*nnitda, and taken to Oon- 

iH'tini. ( . 

Nim it'cii iiii-ii u«Tf  ui'k»'(l iImwii til 

dctllU Ull*-(t tlio tilt'UllIlT foillt'lt'l ••il 

Fridiiy nl;;Iit dIT Long rolot. oiii'osito 
Krii'. iiml Cajiiulu Urushaw'a two luiii* 
ItnnloiiH oil till- llfc-ruft were wnshed 
iiwii.v jtisi us tin- r»'Hrue nhip, t-ar lurry 
Kti'aiiiiT Mitniui'lte No. 2, cnuie plow- 
iiiK' iliriiu;;!} iIm- wiivfs toward ilieni. 
(ini liiiw l.s tin- sf.ji' Murvlvor of the 
TtilKiitr's (Ti'W of 22. 

AiiioDK the '21 who loot thetr livfs In 
Ihi' wreck, acoorilln;; to Cnptnin Gru- 
.siniw. wtre: Sftnuil KnRliiifr Una- 
limn of I'ifvrltiiMl. CliU'f Kiii:ini-er 
C'harlos K. Suilinff of Solon .Si rlnj». 
WIh. ; S4 cond Mule iJeorge 0  ':i of 
Milwaukee, Stewanl Uiil|ih I'oim, V^nt 
•Mntf l,:ir»i4'n ; uiin.iiin'il nm. ; -.ser, 
wiisIi.mI frm-i tin- iMll. 

A sliori 'llsiaiio; from IMimh i.t- l . 
M. Flier foundered and six nit-n 'v Mit 
to their deaths. 


Ranl lng German Representatives lit 
Washington Concede Hope Is 
Abandoned for U-Boat 

Is Single Again, 

Clili'iiu:...- A.hil;ili K:niv,il. i!iiis|,'liiu, 

il. I, '1 iii:ulii l.,'iiiiisi' tils wlfo 

wiia s,. iin\i M]8 II. tl,tl,l llift love tiial 
sliL  put liivi' iKiwiliTH in Ills- fiHHl unti 
t'v,'ii his sli,.,'s. I'^iiiisnl tuld Judge 
'I'liiiiiistiii itii' iK)vvil,'i-s ruined his stotn- 
iii'li. Ilu una gIvt'U tbe divorce br 

Wiisliliiglnn. Orl. 21.— Lns  .if the 
tHTiiiiiii Mil'imtrliii- iM.'ri'liiililniiiij itre- 
lut'n virtually was ciinoi'dt'il 'riiiiisiiny 
by ranking Teutonic diploinata in |iu- 
altlun t.  bi- fiiintllar with tli,-' move- 
iiii'iils ,if Ilu' M'ss,'!, Till' r.r,-i!i''n 18 
ii,'\v , ni' tiK.iilli ,1V. iilu,'. 

It was ii.lliilll,-,! liiiu tM'riilaii nttl- 
cluls nut only lu tills country l iit In 
Herlin wi-n- wiihout inforinatiiin iia tu 
till' fill,' "i lilt' siil,m:iriii,' iiiiii Its i-rew 
111' 111. :i. Ail II. ,. l.ii.iU is Ihril the 

v,'s-fl s.'i out i.ii- A;u. M.ii fniiii Bre- 
iiu-iisii!iv,'ii iiiui tli:ii il sli'iiilil liiiM. ar  
rivt-r 111 nil Am. ti. '1111 pi.rt soiiii after 
tile niiilill,' .11 in; I lu.ilitli. 

A knowledge of tbe traffic regnla- 
tlona In yonr nearest market tou-n 
may save acoiilenls and oraburrosslng 
flnrs. As tli  

are lum-uHing lu turuiing cuuimunltics 
it becomes ueci'ssary for every driver 
to obey tbe laws to Insure bis onn 
saft'ty as well as to protect tbe Uvea 
uf utbiirs, writes B. Q. Klrb7 In Well- 
igtin Farmer. 

Two uilifs from our farm an oxpen- 
sivf tourlnj; cur siiciit two iluyis in a 
ditch 20 feet dec|). It did not get 
there because of careful driving iin.l 
oh.«Frvsuce of the road rights of uih- 
fr *. Anothi'r ciir skhiili'il .iff tlii' r,tiui 
'ilnl Lriike nil axl,- iiiiil no i.ui' liluiui-d 
sli.'A, HcnKliili' driving for that aoii- 
'l"nt. I'robnhly the ruatls of this slate 
•111' not modeled after the Indianap- 
olis s|i,'cdwny and It la too bad that 
'nuiiy foola may tuiTe to die before 
.ii.iiiii; it out. 

lloavUy loaded milk wagotu and tutj 
nugous deserve some consideration 
from llip motiirlst. Often the homos 
i-uniiiit (juli'klj imll thi'ir loads to the 
sliii' of the mail tu give passing room 
and S8 farm prodncts mnst be market- 
ed, a little indgraent on tbe part uf 
some drivers in (loulitleti.siy appreciat- 
ed liy tbe fiiniiirs. 

There Id a stiii.' law requiring dim- 
mers on nutuniiilillo hendilghts nnd aft- 
er stopping liy the road In narrow 
places on many occnslons to wait for 
the dinftners to act, I am Inclined to 
think that the law needs some rigid 
I'lif.irmiii-iii In s.ii:i.' roiiiinuutlii'H, 
,s..iiii' ilrhi is r. fiiM' l.p illni Ihi'lr llglilH 
until ueuriy parallel with a pnsiilng 
car and In that way nriotu scddents 
may occnr. 

When pltsslng nnntliiT lrin-lilri,' It is 
DO rellei'tliii, nil y.iiir ,'IIl,l.'iny iis :i 
driver if you slow down and all, w tlie 
Other car plenty of room. This is cs- 
pedalljr necessary at night when thero 
are deep ditches on each side of tbe 
road and careless steering may resolt 

Steam cars and Interurbona demand 
a wholesome respect from the motor- 
ist They travel iiiiiny fi'oi per Hcoonil 
and It Is difficult to ,111, ulip,- how fust 
they are coming so It pays to wait iiy 
the truck und only paaa when the way 
Is sufe. 

A loud horn Is nn nssi-t to n motor- 
ist In nn emergen, -y sii, !i us ivarning 
children who are plnyiiii; in tlio nmd, 
but It can be alius,'il. I),in't drive up 
behind horses ami rrli:liten tlii'm. or 
delight In producing 8h,.oks on your 
neighbor's nerves. A inmli rute jiri's- 
snre on the born will usuully bo cffoc- 
Uve and will not disgust tte passing 


■la Real Sffeet on the Life of tha Na- 
tion Haa Not Been Made Suf- 
flcientiy Plain. 

Rcnnonilsts with n pnsiilon for ana- 
lyzing llgures hnve a fertile Held for 
^tu,iy lu tlio autoniiilitle siutlsties jiro- 
piiri'il hy Ihe Unll.'.i .Stiites ilepurtiiu'iit 
•if ugrlciilturi'. To my tliiit limt yi'ur 
there were a,'M,'i,ll«l motor vehicles 
registered In the United Btnloa und 
thnt Ihe owners paid Jl&WS.TlS In 
reglsiratlnii iii„l liiius,. fees Is tbe 
siiMillisl purl of 111,' Mnry. 
Tu honst lliut In Iowa there waa 
iiiiiiiii. r of motor cars ' •" I',™"' "" vehicle for every sixteen In- 
hahltants Is to testify to the fanners' 


Carpets or 


To make your home attractive, 
then is the time to see 

Bennett & Higgins 

Furniture and Undertaking 

They will do the rest 

|.r.i^].i rlly. whii li liiis lii'.'u ii.i seeret. 
llul hnu- iiiiu'li of III,, hunilri'ils of mil. 
lions of iloilais liivosti'd In uutotuoblles 
la priidticlive Investment for tbe own- 
ers! IIow much of It represents ex- 
penditures for pieusuro thnt brings no 
economic return? How far has tho 
autoiiioliile contributed to ccononiles in 
l.ii iii, ss? How niueh has It ailiieil to 
til,' Ki iiernl cost of living. In tlie pro- 
iii.iiinii of luxury null eaae nniong nil 
ihissi's nf p.'.ijil,'? In the creation of 
'new inilustrit's ami new oeeuputiona 
I fur wiige-euruers? 

T'l Illlike up a hiilunee sheet for the 
whole nullon would lie an en. 11.^-. insk. 
Before it was begun the lltm 11 
be nut of date. There was i.n in. i . .h.. 
uf 7:1 l.rii;;. iii..i,.r velileles ill I'.il 1 iil,,:i,' 
In 111.' I'niii.l Stiites. 

Some day, however, a social suney 
revolving around Ae autoiuoblle must 
be made. Everything else connected 
with the fiinilly iii '..uie ami llie family 
oxiwndltur, s ii;i  h,., !. inliuloted, 
turned over and sL'rutiiil/.eil. It sUH 
r.'maina to be settled poaiUvely what li 
I ho minimnm wage on which a reopec- 
iiilile American, faltlifal to modam 
standards uf living, cao keep a cart- 
Now York World. 





Friendships of To-day 
are the dividends of 

Isn't (here someone whom you 
would like to remember? 






Valve Aids Tli« Safety. 

An liiiioiiiohili. lir,' viilv,' vihlih acts 
UK 11 Mifi'ly viilv,' Ims lu'i'ii piiii nli'il. 
Till, purpose of Iho Inventiun Is to 
relieve a tire antomatlcally of ex- 
cessive pressure caused by weather 
I'liiiiiltiiins or liigli Mpi'iil. Tlli.-i viilve 
1'^ ill 1,'iility nil I'^p.^inlly ,irsi(;ii,.,l 
,iip wlil.h Ills on any siuudiml tiro 
valve stem In plaie of tbe ordinary 
dust cap. 

A rubber gnskel Is iise.l to make tli,. 
connection air tlnhl. Tlu- vnlvo run 
be set for iiriy ili's|r,.,i pressiiro. nml 
when I'hniiv'iiii; ...ij.iiii.iii..; iniTi'iise the 
tjrc pri's-uiv lo Ih,' point di'slgniil. .1. 
a' sufficient quantity of air will ho 
released antomatlcally to bring the 
pressure down. 

Tho iiiljusiuieni can fnl;.' pi - wliilo ! 
tho cur is riHiiiliiK'. 'li-' .1. tiy [ 
its operation teiiils to the lire 
of a tire and to prevent accidents 
resulting fmm blowouts whirb ocrur 
while ninnlni: at high speed. 

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The Beat and Freshest OROCERIES and the Juiciest and 
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win ple.tsc ynu. 

Two British Transports Sunk. 

liiTliu. II. I. - 'I 11. ll.itlSll 

lriiii'-p..ris r 

sunk in the Mciilerniiu'iiu i.y 1. iiuan 
submarines, says an olllclnl stai. meut 
Issued un Friday hy the (lorKinn ad- 

Look ta Pravsnt Car Thefts. 

With a new lock the mixture of gas 

and air Is cut off as it leaves the 
ciirliiirotiir and enters tbe Intake ninu- 
Ifuld. At the same time the ignition 
circuit Is brokeu, a simple movement 
of n switch accomplishing both results. 
In other wnnls, you stop tho 
eni-'ili" u [III., lit loi'kiiii; Ih.' vnr. Kvou 
If a thief wen. to go to the trouhle of 
sawing 'hrou^h tho steel housing of 
the ileiihl.. .shaft which connects the 
lock head with the intake manifold 
attachment, be would be no better 
off, as in this event tbe gate which 
abuts oft the mixture becomes perma- 
nently closed until the entire locking 
mechanism la removed. 

Anti-Glare Law Drawn. 
Tbe features they want incorporated 
in an anti-glare uulomnblle lo'iulllght 
law for New y,irk slnto Imv,' iii'.ii 
iit'r,..',i nil.. 11 l.y III.. Shit.' 1'. .j. riiliiiii 
of Autnmoiiilo elubs and the Slate Au- 
tomobile aasodatloiL It Is expectiKl 
that the next legislature will adopt the 
tu.'iisure, tho prinolpnl dimiuliy hero- 
t,if,.r,' lliiviiig heeu to g,'t pMlii'S in- 
terested to ugre... Tile f.'iiiiii..s are 
simiiur to those uf the Mussiii-liusotta 
lav» and rciiu!r» that the dlnit rnya 
from an automobile heailllght shall nut 
travel at a greater heii:iit tlMui 42 
Inches above tho grouiiil iit n illsiniice 
of 100 feet. The .N.'W Vork ni,ii-ure 
has boon drawn to iiirreo u il'i the anU- 
glare reguhi;i. ns In . ili, r stiiiis. 


\ . 

Hound In Chase Across Bridge IHangs 
Frtm Trestle While Quarry 
Is Killed. 

Princeton, W. V'a. — Sovernl persons 

witnesseil n ri'iii;irl.-iiltle illspiny of 
cnnino lnt,'Illi.'inr.' her.- uli.n !i fox- 
bound lii'^iti;: 1,1 .liiiiii'H .Mf-i'h,.rs,iu 
saved hluiseir rnun 0,'iitli iiinliT u train 
on the rallroud briilge at iiliieU Lick, 
tour miles west of here. Tbe bridge 

The dog wns pursuing a fox across 
tho hrlilge when tho train came rapidly 
up..n ilii' i linse. Witnesses thought tho 
.l.'K liinl lii-eu killed and tlie uuner 
wnllti',1 out on Ihe bridge to see tint 
had bei'oiiie .if his in-l. To his sur- 
prise lie f..ur.;! Ilie -I'.c near the center 
of tile lirldt'o linnging by bis feet be- 
tween tho tics and onbarmed. Tbe 
fox was killed. 

Fortune and Fame In Pies. 
Cleveland, O,— I'los hate brought 
fgrtmie and booor to Fred a ffloer, 

father of the nickel pie— once a priced 
lunch In Itself. "I becaide so well 
known lis the original iilo linker that 
»ilfn 1 run lor Slate Seiiritor I was 
,'iisliy .l.-.t.'il." h,' Miys. "I was the 
lirsi 111 Ill'- p. ^--iMlltlc8 of nicic^ 
pi,'s iiml I'l iinik,' ill, 'in go. From Dec 
lu. IST7, whi n I opened my sbopt plea 
Went ilk,' wlidtlre. Tbe klda were my 
lii'st v'ust. liners. 

Conscience Hurts; Pays $1,100. 
Washington. Oct. 23. — Thu tr.asury 

dcpartnioiii's fund 
riched on rrldny hy n .-SLIimi 
tion from ai. unkih'Mn jirr-.,,n 
Turk city, wlm ». ut u .Sl.utiy i.ill 
flWI bill. 

I en- 


lid a 

Leaky Axle Housings. 

One of the nius.-s of tho hibrlrant 
working from the liilTi'i.-iitial easo out 
between tho axles and housings to the 
brakes and road, wheels hs using too 
large a supply of oil or grease In tbe 
case. It Is not necossnry only to fill 
the hoiipitig to a lioiut where tho large 
gear Kill dip into the luhrlcauU If 
tho leakage continues, lit felt washers 
St tho dliferentlal and wheel end of 
tbe axis. 

Repairs Won't Stick. 

Troiilil.' Is ,ift, n exiiorlenced In got- 
ting the Iri'.'iil to stick on sinnll r.- 
pnirs. This might lie dii,' to niiy .111.' of 
several reasons, thu laost co: '...u of 
which Is applying ,'eii.^iit over w. t fnli- 
rlo. Tho iiif.lstur,. in the fn'iri''. ev.'u 
If very slltlil, will blow il.,' tr.ii.l 
iiMiso from the fal.rlc. Anolh,*r cciu- 1 
mon cause for loose treads Is the fail- 
ure to riiughon up Iho old enr*« stjf- | 

(hientl.v. Ill tills ( lis,, th,. r.'l i.lit will 
not liol'l pn.p.-ily .-in, I iifi.'r 11 few 
miles of riiiiiilng the reimir will sei»- 
amte. It U .il«.i v.'ell to make sure ' 
that proiK-r iiressuro Is lu'lng apiiikil 1 
to tbe n-pair uli.'ii It Is eurltig. | 

»«ss»»e »»«»»»»»»««e»e«»» » «»»» »»ee»ee»* «a»a « a»o ^ 



Our white oak gate slabs sur- 
faced four sides are unexcelled, while 
we have large gate posts, in locust 
and red cedar, hewed and round. End 
wire fence posts and small posts, wire 
fence slats and old-fashion oak fenc- 
ing, planks, barn boxing, galvanized, 
red iron and rubber- roid roofings. 
Ready to load on your wagons at our 
plant, 258 E, Main Street An op- 
portunity is all we ask 

Richmond Lumber Co. 

Long Tom Chenault 


Bales Conducted in This and Ad- 
Joiiung Counties at Reaioi^ 
able Rates. 





Joliii Itrltt, ti;;e iiiiisty-one, of Berke- 
ley, IL I., walked the wbjie length ol 
tbe preparsdness parads la Provldaiief 

Bli.-zard In Nebraska. 

Kiisworiii. .V.I'., ii.'i. :;i.— .\ 
slorui on 'riiiir^iluy nioriilii^ i-t 
e.iv,-r.',l ill.' i^rouud and a high 
ui'st viiii'l Miili the thormotuet.' 
Istoring above xero nssuni,-. 
proportions of a bllzsanL 

I Plea for Fenders, 

i After an . -ttinu'-liv.- ^.-ri.'s of tesis 
""f- a group of fhlcag.i eiit-iii,-. rs ,i.'c|,i. ,1 
•"^'j* that proper fenders un uutoiiioliil''^ 
will reilucethe numlier of persons run 
over when struck to 2 per cent, and 
the namber of seriously Injured to 25 
|K.-r (rat 

■ rth 

Cvangelir^e Booth Seriously III. 
New Y.'il., ,1.1. (•-.■i: inder 
Evangeline r.uoih, head of ih. .salva- 
tion Army In this country, is suITering 
from a s*!.vere attack of neuritis, which 
la causing considerable concern, tbe 
army beadquartos announced. 

Avoid Tire Trouble. 

.Tohn K. Parsons of California 
c,-nlly itiii.Ie a trlj. ir-.m ;-.-.."rr:::;'-i'.'. to 
Portlnml. Ore.. In Ii;n.- ffiu 


Tire Economy. 
.T trucks with the Unlt 'd states 
11; .\l.'Xlcn are showing I'X.'.'lIent 

'.:.•. 'i^v. .-..Iivi.l.-rllil,- th" ii'.vrul 

. ■ ' . J r.'.l. tin I'n. r'"ir- 

it.~ .'- ::u. k^, lir. s ,;ii;iraiitt-,',l fur ".IKSI 
iiilleN of service under average Amer- 1 
torn e, n,lltlons ore nveraging 1,900 to 
VIOO Eilles running In Mexico. 

Accidents Becoming Less. 

Stutlstirs Allow lhat Ilie 
nnloni.-.hil.. necldonts Is d' "f. 
wtili'h he did not even take a Ure dur- 1 steadily as compared with tho 
lag the soUre trip. 

-r if 


I bar of maehlnss la asa. 



tf yeti wish to buy or sell list jroiir 
property whb me. 

Irtsfsctton Gitarantasl. 

Othce O .ci 

flrv Stiire. 

T. J. TURLEY, Dentist 

Offire in T.ivlor BuiMinf, back 
r.j^ III, 11. fiiHce boiwa, t 

0. m to 12, 1 p. m. to 4. 




IOffice^&ladison National Baal 
BtUldinK, Riehmoad, Kj, 

•r.v Hiiiiiljiy iiinrnliifr. 

Rlf^hiiiDiitl, iSoiiilO, rii^^ Ilf'r. 
Morrlj*Kviiii-. Im». s-i vii^  -. •■.,,1 a- -kI! 

-A W d 

AI ja 


inuuences bare been at work t~ 

liiislcn ;i ilrcli-ion .,f tae fui:.- , 
t'pit 's .'■'i.;,rfiiio I oi;n I'l .n li.em 

• M insr lisvf pit a lis; li3:r 

.:• u'.li'.- fi'.Ki !. ,; ; i,_- -, 

ve.-ir "M n.l I. I u- V ; , . 

M s'ven C"nt ' 

riiwr-iBD IK 

-aliilHi .1:1 


lie HostliDg Cash 


Fall and Winter Mer- 

Our Stock are Complete. 
Our prices are as low as possible for 

We will make ^ood all merchandise 
sold as first-class should there be 

We will be glad to see you in our store. 
We will treat you cordially whether 

you wish to buy or not. 
Come in look us over. 

Very Respt. Hamilton Bros. 


( From Duim't Rr»iew) | 

COSTOX — The business «itaation 
uncr..irL'*M in any important par- 
; , „ , l""y-rf ; - a continuou* good | 
■ V, :™"n: and the volome of I 
- :- Urjre. The demand for 
".ib'v wearinp apparel has ear- ^ 
p;ii 'U-d. ovinit to the influence of oold 1 
'.. • Mlhrr. and there has bewi a brisk ! 
IrM" ir. i'"thinK. niillirLT)'., j 
etf . 

PHlLAIiELPHIA — No check to ( 
I progress can be perc -ive i in any di- 
' rection. retail distribution of fall mer- 
cn:in'!ise showing uteady expansioB, • 
wliile wholesale orders, both for { 
prompt and future deliverj'. continue ■ 

|J. iMi. STOCK AM) CKOI'. 

IH ; rtt t' e fHtm-r' and Tr»d«T»  l i 
^.'.idiMiii jiiul Kl- H h^r»- nrr INiins. 


, .-t:ir . 

■ ■■- ^ - -J .1 lo W. H. I •. -, 
■. . 1 ■ , 'lenu , a |ialr ol id uif 
-i ll. I. A. WriKlit, orcolunibia, 
. reoeix:)) a tiuncb o( mult colts 
^ li (j tux liaj cngagnl for biiu. 

I )'ti v« ih»l a\eragcd aniund 

— 1 • t. . 1 r A'lviji-ate. 

I I' li'jaai:»n. u" I'dla bi, 
-••■.l ft .,; i,r ,v, r ( . Ar.J, 

'-olil Wvlii IIJu:f^ .'of H 

; Paint Lick MuiTi  lirrtn Mj).i ' ctimmonweii)th uf K- ntucky. a 
■n head of cattle to Jack I' i i- loi . iH st il* cbrt n-ance by the pi 
• '(«rhead. .* trees and ?uch oth'-r fo,- ■ 

.ct U. KuLanks, ot it... i. - l ' ^y dicnvil prrpor. 

.. , : : . -^U I' ' 

 ion. ^aJd ho haa reccivfl nplit- 
indicated unusual ami v;.if.-pr( 
u-rett in Arbor Pay. 

Gov. Stanley'? prflamat;.'r 
••!". A. 0 



Kentucky being a Southern Sutc 
with a large percent of its population 
composed of negroes, has attracted 
ctnsjderabie attention from the rest 
of the States that keep vital .-^tati?- 
tics records which have only a  ma" 
percent of ne^ro pt puIation. A re- 
sume of the 1515 viUil .■•Uiti.-t:c.« re- 
cords of Kentucky shows t)iat there 
were 23,541 death of white people re- 
corded during the year and S.5I9 
deaths of negroes. The total estim- 
ated white population of Kentuck 
was 2,115,315 and the total colored 
population was 249,!»70. This save a 
death rate of 11.1 for whites ar.d 22.9 
for blacks per 1,000 population It 
is very significant that the diseaees 
of the respiratory organs are respon 
sible for a much larger death rate a- 
tnonc the colored rxipulation than the 
white. The death rate f«.r 100,000 
white population v. as and 4.'i4.2 

in the colored for tulx-rculf.-is of the 
lungs. The rite i«r I'Xi.OOO for other 
forms of tubercttlo.''is for «hit{- poip- 
ulation was 20.1 and for colored pop- 
ulation 41.6. Pneumonia gave a death 
rate of 89.1 per 100,000 white popu- 
lation and 204.5 for the colored popu- 
lation. Whooping cough gave 8.9 for 
the whit* and 1.).6 for the coloml. 
Influfnza or latrrippe gave l!i.T for 
the whit* and 3«.4 for the c.:.,rrd. 
Diarrheal and dy-o •. i - ■ ■ . ■. in- 
cluding typhoid f'voi, afford a strik- 
ing eumple of the high death rates 
in the colored population, the rates 
per 100,000 being 27 5 for whites and 
49S for th» colored population from 
typhoid. The diarrheal and dysen- 
teric diseases of children unilfr two 
years of age gave a death rate of 
34.9 for white and 41 J for tl ■■ l oiorerl 
population. Dysentery of |ho|i1o a^-c 
two years and over gave a rate of 
14.8 for the white and 22.4 for the 
colored population. 

The- farts are of \Htal importance 
to the p. ool, „f the State l»-caii . 
of the intiri ito rolation of thr- rol,,r- 
ed and while pii|iula',ion r,u ;M-io'jnt 
of thr s'Tvant probi' m. 'li,, ,. , 
shows that for this year uii.-ii 
typical of the prevailing coniiiliont, 
there were about three tiiney as many 
negroes afflicted wit t' l.. j, as 
whites, assuming t' • ■. ; , rat" 
to be of the ramc w-w-nty . A tuiw r- 
cular cook in the kitchen is more  !.in- 
gcrous to a family than an unroi, fin- 
ed lunatic. In the latter ra^. . ui .n 
the first act of violence, then- i  noih- 
ed 132.8. Cancer showed a slight in- 

: ■ pi - V . : iual from 

ir.:octini; 'nrr. . • member of 
the household, and continuing the pro- 
cess as often as she is hired by other 
fanu'Iies. Tuberculosis sputum, con- 
taining myraids of germs of con- 
sumption can be readily spread by 
contact with the fingers with the 
mouth and r.o (- or the handkerchief, 
and .'"r- rn t:.e f.n;rers it can be spread 
up'-»n ^uch fooda as are not tiiorough- 
ly sterilized by cooking, giving rise 
to an intestinal form of tuberculosis. 
Careless spitting on the part of a do- 
mestic will result in many of these 
^erms finding their way through dust 
to the lungs of members of the fam- 
ily who necssarily visit the kitchen. 
Uaids aiTected with ttiberculosis have 
access to the sleeping chambers of 
the family, and the same carelessness 
due to ignorance or indifference leads 
to di.=astriou? results. 

It is well known that many epi- 
demics of t\iihoid fever have been 
b.?*-n tnico.j to CO jk.- \\ho had pre- 
viously .-ufTere'i .in ut'.ick of typhoid 
and who contiru  ; 'i -( '.arge from 
the bowels millions of tr.e^e seed of 
the disease for weeks and often for 
months. Negro cooki in the matter 
of personal habits have rather un 
enviable reputations and are especial 
ly dangerous when they are carriers 
of the disea-se They ar"; farolefs of 
the finger nails or in the matter of 
vva-hine 'ioiled hand.'^ and have abun- 
lar.t opportunities for permitting 
this foul material laden with germs 
to come in contact with the food of 
the family. 
This is especially true in handling 
lilk. which is almost always drunk 
i hoat being sterilised. 
It is well known that the .South has 
hi/her death rates from tubt-rculosi.-; 
in 1 typhoid. Some public health of- 
ficials and people who take a pride in 
the land of their birth, endeavor to 
ex slain this and excuse it by saying 
it is because of the high percentage 
of the negroes in the population of 
the South and their high death rate. 
Tl is does not lessen the importance 
of the public health problem, but 
ra'her magnifies it for the reason.'; 
ill ive ;;iven. A white man, woman. 
I.... or girl dead from typhiod fever 
or consumption, which came from a 
ne^ro infective agent, is just as dead 
as if the disease had not been con- 
l.T eted from a white person, and any 
\v( rk of health reform which leaves 
'tut of consideration education and 
tho control of the colored population 
i  ^ orse than useless and' is folly. I 
I'hc death rate per 100,000 of white 
from violence was 64.8 and of color- 

crease ir. the ueath rate of the color- 
ed population. Diphteria showed H 
rate of 24.7 in the white and 12JS in 
the colored population. Measles 
showed a slight decrease in colored 
population. Pellagra, meningitis and 
scarlet fever had approximately the 
same rate. 

There i.- r.o let .up in manufacturing 
activit;.'. and though the amount of 
ne,, ba.-ines-s that is being clTered is 
irrt-ater liian can be accpeted. the ab- 
normal advance in prices of many 
product, seems to be causing the de- 
velopment of a feeling of conserva- 
tism in some directions. 

PITTSBl'RG — The purchasiax 
power of the district is well sustalaedj'" ' 
by reason of continued steady employ- 
•• ■ • ; in indu.itria! lines and retail 
I - rf ; rt :i bri.-k demand, 
i ALTl.MOUE— Conditions thus far 
thi  fall in practically all- lines at 
commercial and maaofacturing aetiv- 
ties continue very satisfactory and 
much better than at (his period in 
191S. The larce manufacturing plants 
including n^-c'. oi erators, shipyards 
and foundne.-. a» well as those en- 
iraced in making clothe.-. haU. shoes, 
j furniture, office fixtures, etc., contiooe 

KICHMO.S'D. VA— Fall trade am- 
tinues to expand, local jobbers in 
nearly all lines reporting sales in cx- 
^■e.-.- of last year. Collections are 
good and manufacturers well emplojr. 


With everything that the farmer 
has to sell, bringing unparalled prices, 
only a few have found objections to 
our raising our prices on subscrip- 
tions. Le.-s than half a dozen so far 
have said anything about it. With an 
editor pa ing more than 200 per cent 
increase on all of his supplies and ia 
addition to this paying all the in- 
creased prices on foodstuffs, clothing, 
coal and everything else that ent^r- 
into the support of his family, if ti ■ r. 
is any one in the community that de- 
serves and shoubl have an increase ih 
prices, he is the one. Most of the op- 
position to an increase in price has 
come from the very people that have 
been enjo ing an increase in every- 
thing that they sold for the last two 
years. Those who have things to sell 
have increa-ed prices on every article. 
It is foolish to argue that an editor 
i.-^ not entilleil to a similar increa-se 
on the output of his shop. And we 
are happy to record that only a few 
have found exceptions to it Paper 
that cost us in June, (2.30 was priced 
to U.S t/jday at S7.00., And the end 
is not yet ■ -'"/r.i. 



' .1 1 and Hutiljlv calllt . w.iich I "I •■a!' ti" 
.-1 etn fvc-uintf. lo A- We- 1 atltiition i^- 
; I." ■ tn n. at J*, si. There I I'.i;' in K' ' 

. ; V ■ . M. ' ;h' sla.;. ■ ■ - 

; ! ■• ; I • V,,* o-tiVe 

-V KnJ- ■ - : 

.i^Sil ' ; •;(-. r. i . t 1 . ,__ 

■id'., a; 7 cvnu. 
- an:, jj^! Wicdemana touiilit the 
H Krlegel farm of 4 U acres in 
rbon county last week ai tJSo pci 



1 Iianiillc Pslmer A .Moore, ol 
■ elanil, Tdin., baugbl I'j tireke 
I'ncc. .ranged from fuij to 
a fjcai], 

111 -ri Wi-il, ol licxinirlon, spent 
ral day  lo Uocolo and Moylc 
I ic , adding lo the big herd' of 
■Ijer. and feeding steer, bt i  col- 
:iig (or the winter feeding Among 
I'urcdaie. were: Irom Harris Bro.., 
HuiAdf. ,;-  head of sit^r» that 
raged '.'Vi. |)ouiid   at ^.   . iroiu 

• . but the pupils of every t'"-'- ■ 
-■i ool iri the .State could render .!■ 
niense sen'ice by the plartinj tr-f 
on .\rbor Day. 

"In tc-timnry. »hcreo'. 
cau.-*d tV'-— Utl-r-- lu b,- 
ent, and the -eal of the 
wealth to ! e hei-euntc afTiv- 

A. O. (. ■■■ 

CUarle* ifioii Huirbe),- 
The Id" [per Oinl. I andldale . : - 
tinues lo ci\e prpolof the 'act tfi'tt m- 
middle name ii ■■K. .i-i"n.' .t^ti l ir 
IjOui*vllle wllal he w. illd bave 'I n. 
af(e- the l,u«itani« w»« mnk lie t .;- !- 
ed a direct answer a. u*ual arid -aid 
he would have prevent^^l it t»y ifir- 
of ),ervinK diplciualic relation-. 

Harr.v Krjc, of the «. -.cliou, 44 i """" ""^ i" ''""'"'' 

Heirs, of about the same wei«bi .(i  ■••■' ■"""'•'" ' 

(r ill Hi to M.50; from 4 Myers^ 
n ar Turnersville, .-a sieen si »u a 
b -.d: from J. Myers, wwi ofHlsnford, 
1 ■ :igbl .leers at f-ji' a iie;,ii- from D 
I and M. K. All-n, ol H a-ianville, J4 

e.i Lumber is more in demand, al- ^ «veraging over l.iMi |»nnd., at 
though trouble is experienced in get- ' " *** W.Vi: from C. C. i 


nie' -l lo ■ ■ 1! - ii ol I" -J 
«b ; lie »i' i 'l ;. 11 'l. ne |..r fiat 
off.- Iii'g :r.e-i.t.. Ill- .1.-  : 

byji inhii-s l» ' «f u anl * 
Iriirrter lor priMdenf. Ttu- i- 

wi.i an-'Wer .11 ■ ■ -t.iin li : : - 

ting cars. The movement of cotton 
at prevailing high levels has create^ a 
demand for money, and the rates have 
stiffened somewhat. Bank clearings [ 
continue to increase, and when com- 
pared with corresponding months Uit 
year, show a gain of from 80 to H 
per cent. 

ST. I.Ol'IS— The voluTje of trade 

continue.- very hea^T an 1 indications 
of expansion are \-i..;ib e on everv 

BUD-Ult lUVI U!-HIMtK (Ulll 

1-:   a«y, 44 .leers, averaging l,u;"i at i 

'V"'-^- """^ * ■ A the t1r.l si»„ „( sorr tbrnal. , 

ol Hi yle, .1 sittn, averaging I.lOii iclie-l or .iu(le.|.n|. 1„ ol take a d. 
pJundtalWoO. I l)r Iteil « Pioe-Ta- II oei T'l. i 

rir " •■'°~i".'«s,ieT";'-v;--e uv: - 

•ool^besdof heavy feeders to Simon i lou- 11 [t,,- ]■: ' iu^ no l i ren^ i| 
Wtil at t;.au. They averaged lir. l;e - lir.- -Tur-Hor,; . 

P'unds. n;l it.e U-iK li: - 'f Ih.- Ii-'a.iiit' 

, . ' r.l;tl a pill'' 0 . It 1* pa-a-tlltll to 

.\1 l-anark, coi.and. a new leooi.r aii.l «iiti.-i | im . Tu- ;.Tinii.a ..ti 
for Hlackfawd raiijs wat e..iat.,i-iied 'h'U e tell- w 'ly it relieve* wii'l* 
w .ica tl,.»0 wa. paid tor a , ing "-'"Uifti.. At yonr Druuaisu, iic. 
Korly-flve bead of Iroiiers .wilil iasi 

hand. Despite the fact tiiat the al 

ready high prices continse bo advance | week by the Kentucky liaiei Company 
there appears to be no abatement of brought fl0,435. 

demand. On the contrary current 

The annual eleetion of ofhcers for 
iho Iiil.l.. I ':..... „f the First Christian 
church, thi.s city, resulted in the se- 
lection of the following officers: 
J. W. Hamilton. President: R. B. Ter- 
rill. Vi. e rre.i,|ent; .S. A. Deatherage, 
Se'-r. -ar : W. A. Todd, Asst. Sec re- 
tar . J. .J. l.aiko;,. Treasurer; R. E. 
Turloy. T.a,ii-r: .1. B. Harris, A.«.st. 
T. ... h. ,. and H, l; .Cosby, Recording 

not; KII.MNC. 
Call Duster Yates and Tink Brook- 
for killing hogs. We dress them nire. 
ly and deliver them an)-where in the 
city limits for fifty cents under 400 
pounds and seventy-five cents over 
400 pounds. I will keep them over 
night. I have a good bam to lock 
them up in. Phone 807. 

Wm. Buster Yates, 
1112 Linden street, East End 
43 4t Richmond, Kv. 

8. Msyea, Springfield, sold six 
consumption seems to ircrease and Duroe gilts to John W Sweeney, 
.=,-.v.s are limited only jy the ability Rockfield, for   1 ,2UU and an under six 
■; ; - and factorier to supply tbe mootbs old boar for 12:25. 
• ■ rr erchandise. ^ The 1918 crop o,' lubscco teems to be 

; n.^VILLE— No now eoarlMtil ' 
j: importance affecting traoe in ttfc 
market waa obacrved. The pr(vaii}Bf- l^*d p^nd. 

fn akMm in Hraelien coanly, crops 
ittUug «tfr,)ni Hi)u  f 17 .jO per buB- 

high prices of many cenaBoditit 
have a tendency to di.'-coange heavy 
buying, but current demands appar- 
ently fumi.'h the ba.=I.-: for :■. heavy 
volume of bu-ine.«.  in exee.-.- of la. t 
year. The trade --ituation in the 
South is recognized as generally im- 
proved on account of the high price 
of cotton, though in some States com- 
plaints are beard of short crops. 

NASHVILLE — Conditions general- 
ly are reported as satisfactory, the 
volume of business being somewhat 
larger than for the same period of 
last year. 

CHICAGO— Another week of enor 
mnus payments through the banks, 
rising prices, low discount rates, and 
undiminished demands upon produc- 
ers and distributors, adds testimony 
to the intesisty of operations. Sea- 
-onabie weather was conducive to ris- 
ing movement.-, and the volume of 
trade and f".nance. while r-i.irlifd by 
increa-' d -pf.-cul.itivt lieaiir,-.:-. :- ovi- 
dently advancing to yet greater .-.ig- 
nificance in this district. 

CINCINNATI — Very seasonable 
fall weather helped to stimulate trado I -^"ela Hrotherton, age l 85. 

durinj the week, and merchants and ''""' " "t Moberley, on 

inr.nufaeturer.' are much encouras il i IC after a lingerinj; illne.-.-. 

fBwhataii Farms and R. E. More- 
land were the leading winner, at tfie 
Kentucky i iale Fair. In .,eiua; 
money, Morelatiij wa , lir-i 
.jo, will e Powhatan Farms ncfi- sec- 
ond Willi t* 46.lM, but ihey won ihrec 
silver cupa which added condiderable 
extra %alu5 lo Uiclr loul mnning*. 
W. S N:coll Mas wilh tSl.l T.j. 

11. -M. lieev.-. i.a. aim, Teiin . recent- 
ly aolil ten Heicfoi.l cow-and caUi, 
loa Mis-is-lppi parly for il.inu. 

The Itichiuuod, Ky. Coruniercial 
Club will pniehaae four biKh cias., 
purebre t Shorthorn bulls to tie di*- 
Iribuu f. free of cbarge, sroooi, ibe 
fiiriiur- of .Madison coanly. Tiie 
dislrib.iiion will iske-jilace during ihe 
Agricultural Fair, wlmh is lo be held 1 
during Ibe monlb of .V.nemljer. Madi- ! 
son counly turns out a large number | 
of feeders every year and ills ho|*il I 
that the .|uamy will be Improved l.v , 
Ibe a ldilion of ilie pure-bred bujN.-I- 1 
Farmers Hom,. J.mrnal 

L&N. Time Table 

r^ll'TH Hot M'. 

No- 71 — RIcriiiiond to ««lan- 

ford, lK;»iru a. in 

No. ,17 — Cincinoati to Knox- 

vlile. Arrives 11:16 a. m. I 

IVparls liMII p. Ill 

No. : :) -Cineinnaii to Jack- ' 
sonvlfle, Atrivea and De- I 

pari.. llu;R a. m 

No. 11— l.out vi:ielo Uealty- 
vllle, .\rrlvei l£lo p. m. 

I)e|iarl l.M.", p r:i 

No. 1*7 — Hictiiiumd l i lioui*. 

Mile \i.i It. u : mil— fie- I 
part- li:V) p. m 

N" 1— !.• ....... Ik-allv- I 

M -. A::.. ■ ■ 1 , |t fii 1 

We are now showing some ad- 
vanced styles in 

Men's and Boys' 
New Fall and 
Winter Wear. 

Some of the newest models and 
Fabrics fresh from the Eastern 

Everything that a Man or Boy 
wears can be found at the 

One Price Daylight Store. 

R, C. H. Covington Co. 


In New Elkfi Bld*|{r. 


- ri) I 


.Nu. .— t 111 ii y.;i\^.i..\: 

p. in. ['•■paFi'. : :it p. ni ■ 

No.   'irn inn^iu hi Allan* i 
U t Arri.f 4 Bint (H-parU ]1:%  p ii, , 

NoKTIl llttl NI). I 

No. M — Ailanltt lo Cindn- i 

natl Arrivei, aod lie* 

P»rU 4:10 a. m | 

No. ID— Sianfurd lo Clncin* 

natl nnd Mny-vltle At* | 

rive^ ^i^ a. ni. l fparlN r»:H' n. iii 
Nu. U'-tieultyvillf toLout 4- 

villp Affiles 7:16 a. m 

I*ep»rl!t 7 .11 a III 

No. ::h— l^uUvllle to Kicb- 

mond via KowlantI -Ar- 

nvt^ 1:; :].. p 111 

No.  — Kii'-v. ii :■■ I 1 ' jiu-iri. I 

ii.ili Ain.--. I " p, tn 

I K- 1 iH r ; 
Nu. 14 — lUn'iv'. I i. I J 

\iile .A'rr.t"* p. m. 

iH'parl^. . I: p, ,„ 

No. 7l — .Sianf .ril lu HivU- 

mond Arrt\f - 
Xo. H:i—\iI.e lu ( in* 

elnnaU Arrived and l e- j 

P"'U r^.iH p. ml 

1:4-1 p 

p. ui 

Before Purchasing a 

Winter Coat 

Call and see the 

''Kenyon Line'' 


'v r ih** prnspf-cts for a eowl fall anrl 
^i'i:*r tr.'ui-. There hn? Ix-en a jren- 
■f.l iH'i',i-f- in priit'.-. l,iit thf 
. ti"n;;ih of values ij. mainly attribut- 
able to the steady consumptive fc 

MINNEAPOLIS — Merchandise 
shipments continue in very good vol- 
ume, especial activity hcinfr shown in 
mtrchan'li.'ie. frrocerie.^, hais, caps. 
1,'loves. clothinc. furnishing good.-, 
Amgs and chemicals, dr * good.^. oil,-, 
hardware, jew«lr -, foodstuffs and knit 

KANSAS CITV— Commercial ex- 
pansion continues and present volume 
of business at this market is well in 
excess of previous record.s. Daily 
average bank clearing.* are approNi- 
mately 50 per cent greater than a 
year ago. 

The funeral service, uer.' 
at the home at 11 a m.. on C itnl».r 
18. by the Rev. Carmicheal. of Col- 
lege Hill, followed by interment rn 
the Richmond cemetery. Mrs. Brot.h 
erton was a devout christian woman 
.ind bor " her suiferings w ith p.itiencc ■ 
until God relieved Ik?i. .Siio ^^f. 
vived by two sons, Messrs. R. L. and ! 
r. S. Brotherton, and several grand- ' 
■liildren. ' 

Kr:ink(iirl an. I 
I »-." p- tti- ai.,t 

11.,— ?iiirida\ only 

iW'Mtr\Mlic— ,\rfi\ 

Iri'parl-. 7:,   \ . u\ 
Nu. Il'i— ,-^iin W\ "nly— l!eritly\ llii- I., 

KrHiikfiiri .\rri\..s s ], 'u,, 1 1... 

pilru it Ml, 
N' , IK' —  uli-. i\ iit,Iy_( liii'Iiin,-*! t 

rslanfor'i — .\ ril . ^ I ] :t' . j. ii. |» 
parlH ll:*'h p, tit 

Nw. IJO— SUnft'ril 1«  I tnciriirtli _\:. 

rivd Ii; '.:; a. m. I (,|'arl  i :.;s :i, m. 
.N"es il ' anil 1.(1 IJepar^ from and sr- 
lueMi'.c Kourlh'iSirm .^ialion 
( iiM i .nHli 

Saved Girl's U 

"I want to lell you what wonderful benefit I have re- 
ceived from t!'.e use of Thedfurd's Black-Draucht," writes 
.Mrs. S hania Woods, of Clifton Mills, Ky. 

"It cerijinly has no equal for la grippe, bad colds, 
liver and stomach troubles. I firmly believe Black-Draught 
i;iy liiile girl's life. When she had the measles, 
i.'icy vicnt ill on her, biU one good dose of Thedford's 
Black-Draught made them break out, and *be has bad no 
more trouble. I shall never be without ^ 


J in my home." For constipation, indigestion, headadK^ dlzzi- J 

^ ncss, malaria, chills and fever, biliousness, and all similar 

^ ailments, Thedford's Black-Draught has pnvtd HscU a Safe, ^ 

# reliable, gentle and valuable remedy. §i 

# If you suffer from any of these complaints, fry Black- # 

# Draught It Is a medicine of known merit Seventy-five J 
J years of splendid success proves its value. Good for 5 
^ yount; and old. For sale everywhere. Price 25 cents. ^ J 






If ynu think we will act a.^^ the hi'.- 
toot hnm for .'.omebody * , iio\\ , 
you have another guess coming. That 
is because we respect ourselves. 

RtieuMlisai FsUsws Exposare 

In the rain all day is gciiernliv fol- 
lowtil by painful l» jnai'» ot rhciima- 
ti-iii or neuralKia, .~lc,:m s l.inimi-nt 
will irhe you i|uiek n lni anil prc-venl 
the Ittin^res from wconiinii iinlure. Il 
• juickly |M^ni-lrtite^« without rubbinir 
, and soolh. s the sore and arhine tolni«. 
For -ore, ktitf. e.\hau led ni'.i cli'« Ibi-t 
jielie and throii Irdin o\,rM{)rl;, Moan's 
/..liiiMient atlbnl- ■juiek rt.iiLf. hrui-cs, 
HpraiDs, straiu-, ami ..thtr minor in- 
.lurles lo chlldr, n art ■quickly ooolhed 
by .Sloan's Liniment Uri n' bottle to- 1 
u jrour dnigglat, SSc 

Field Seeds. 

Rye, Barley, 
Crimson Clover, 
Red Clover, 
Sweet Clover, 
Alfalfa Clover, 
Timothy Seed. 

McKlDoejA Deatkage 

Two Phones 35 and 42. 
W. Main Street. 


Tlic Hot Blast Air-Tight 
Florence burns soft coal or 
slack and all the smoke and 
gases... No filling up of the 
stove. j)i[ r nr fliir. No dirl 
inside or outside the house. 
It will burn hard coal and 
.ill ill"' yases which escape 
irom the hard coal base 
burners. It will bum wood 
and saw-dust, wet or di\ . 
ll \mII [iroducc [A '^^^^ 

than any other stove on 
t'.irlh with any kind of fuel 
iiiid leave no clinkers or 
half con iimed fuel. 


Douglas & Simmoiis 


ubiic Sale 



jdnesday, November 15th, 1916, 

Hnlc will l fKii Hl lO o't-loi'li | raiiii|it 

llil.'llC'-l I I 

li,. prrinisc^. Ill lln' lii;;lic-l .iii'l In--! I.i'l'l' r 1 In .1 . A . 
I' H ill ri riiii'i'l.\ kii'iuii II'i !iir.\ ll;irr:ir'l I'linn in ( Im K 
1m-iiIi1'I ,V. S.iid l;inii i  IiiimIimI i,ii t lie 1 -i.i 

S.iii! I;inii i  1,11 t lie -liii- 111 ill.' 

-Il l- all'! •I"'''"-"'" mill'- "inli "I 
,ii'r, uiid i» iMuiiileil on tli('«M'VBt liy staid piko. imnl 

1 hf hiiiiN i f Sill'"" SI"''"''''' "iiitli !•  

I ...iilaili • 

7 Acres, More or 

1,11 i  I'l-rtilr, iiinl lius on it a fimn] -is m. 
1 1 I , r...;.'. d'l'"'''. ^l i 'l  liirii mill i-fvoii-ucir 
I :iii|iinv 'iiit'iit~. iiii'liiiiiiiii a iiiie « r(^lmrd. 

t    m'IkioI mill cliiircli. 
.\l tin' siiiii'' tiiiif iinil plni-o 
ii |',.rty acrrs cif fiirii in 


I.. Ill DWKI.I.I.Nti 
tdliiK'fii liarii uiiil 
Till- furrii in con- 


will sell "111' 

liiii'k. Tlii'ic is 
liiirii liiit it will nut lie nMcri'il fur sii 
- ( tliird to 111' puid Man li I. IIMT 

II 111' t-'iMII. 'I'llf plircllll-l'l' 111 CM'i 

milv fur l!n' ra^li pa  iiiciit : iiiir- 1 li ird n 
i iiiaiiidiT mii' tliiril, (111 .Ian I, llUll. TIk' 

ilf iiilcri'^l ill 
line (Tup III 


Ill wliH'li lime 
I'llti' liiilid «il|j 
.Ian. I. mis. 
tttd ili'l'iTrcd 

1^ Ills III lie eviileiiced liy pniiiiisory iiiitos, (luted .Murcli l.l'.IIT, 

:.i 111^' U%al intoreRt from dato until paid, uiid si-i-urvd by lien on 
. |:inil. rurflittHer Ui have seeding privileges this fall. 
I'.ir iiiMpectioii (if tlie farm call on J. W. Bailey who lives nn 
land, or the unilemigned. 



Assignee, Lyiimnii I'arriHli. 

Vi r Sn\f Or Kent. 
M.v hiiiisi' uii CnlUiiK SI. .\|i|ily 111 
 * '^i-U. Miss IlKi.i.F. Maki ii 

Hull I'ulvfs Kill' Siilc. 
I'liur 8harih(irn bull calv|.i  fur  file. 
M. H. Arhuekle, It, D. 1, Hlehni^nd, 
Kentucky. 83-21. 

Iiiifm-.. Kor ."'^11 If- 
TliutdUKlilired DiiriM; |iiki , ulllni 
MX, lot Mleby 

l . A. .Mcl'oiiii. 

IMi'i'iiial l.iiHt. 

I.iisl U-tMii'h inv li  ■ iiinl Km- 

iinin.l iHiclrru- n hhn k I i. ..1. ii ;l 

I'M ICOIll. (Ill 111. ' iri^l.j,. ii),|, M|, ilr 

iinriii. U. V I'nrkiwiii. Hcwaril 
llornce  Vells, llicbinond, II U. No.» 



The utore liouae wIM IIvIdk rooni' 
Hinivc now oooapled by me at Ue i 
lIouM!. H. P. Dyke*, Phoue IM5.; 



; ;-ii 

Knilnrky Knl llrrkKliirra. 

Krniiu ky Sliilc hmr t iinn, 
riioiiv »iii,-k riir mill-. Kmh 

\\ II I'lUl. V, UlCllllllllKl, K\ 

Sic I.. I'. I';vans ynu ljuy llijii 
liiliii. Hf Iiiis in his Imnils [..i sa!i 
Inraiit eonliiliiiiiK Iriiiii H'l lu 4U0 acres. 
I Jat yaut real eatate with him. • 



We are receiving daily new Fall 
Winter Goats, Suits, 
Dressee, Waists 

And are ready to supply your wants 

In addition liave  »| i-nc(I an an- 
nex In Kennedy Br« ti.' old stand op- 
p« Hlte Zaring^ii mill, in order to 

Call and see our Bargains 

Walcli tor Special Sales that will be an- 
Bomccd from week lo wccic 

B. £. Belue Co. 

East Main Street RIchraoBp, Ky. 



AsrmsiB, lesEs, nm. 

num. m., ETC. 

No Ageola— Kew L'atalOR Free. 
Evarylklag lor Orcfeart, 
Lawa, Sartaa. 



Nuraeryinen aince 1841. 

I a Flavor 

Flavor M Bot etpeded e( 
^ oidiiiiiy loda cndten. But 
Ubstdt P^ii it an cxtnwidiiiaiy 
ciacken uidhm a djaiMtiveappdujiig 


Buy Uneeda Biscuit because thm an 
soda ctackeri with a S&Tcr, btlti uove 
all, buy them for iheir cnip goodDeti. 
5 cent* eoarywhve 



lonsllpallon Dulls Vour Brain 

Tlial iltill, lisl|.-s , n|i|iris-r(l fcelii»»j 
i ilijrlii iiii|nirilK-s ill yi'tir ^v^i.tii, 
'lii«iii :i liM i, i'UiL!m''l inli -liii.'^. Ilr 
Kini;'. Ni-tt l.ili- riiKi;i\ - |ii'tin| I re- 
lM-1. A iniiil, i:is\', (iiiii L'illium liiiwfl 

lllil\ .-tnt'lll will InlK' llji \iiiu 
mill lu Ip In L'li-m your miulily 
r-inpl.'Shin (M'l" II hnllli- 
Kirii: , N.-.i I.IK- I'llN lii-ipi\ 

III Ilf. 
it vmir 




m Keen Minded 
Business Men 
Wear Club 

They know a good iiivj.-*tment 
when they see it, and after once 
wearing a ^*Club ClotheH"- 

Siiit or OvcTijont. they become 
Club Clollic.s clad men as a mat- 
ter of pure businesN reasoning- 


Ilaviiij; liiiU{;lit a tanii and prn- 
posiiig tu move to it, I will 
sell at public auction on 

Saturday, Nov. 4 1916. 

At lot50 A. M. 

My desirable Imiiii' iii liiiriiani- 
wiMiil. It is a Handsome 
Kraine Bnltdlniti contain- 

iiif; iiim- riidiiis. «itli all the 

I'Tii liiipriivciiii iii-. .Splendid 

I'clliir and fiinnl k 'ii' 'ii spot. 
.S|iilil .. );ara;;i' ami lii'ii Ikhisc  iii 
lot. 1/it is 7ii\l7ii and the place 
is une the iiiosl desirable huiiies 
in Hichmoiid. 

Parties desiring tii look (ivur 
th e houge can Jo so by ealliiii;.! 
. iTkrm  inadef.knowii mi daylnf 

D. A. McCORD. 
HIciimond, K . 


lllllkf VIM 

. ..x. A il 1 i-iiiullt 

liiit'itiil at Ijifiililasl. 








A wonderful raiiRc of New Fall Suit and Over- 
t «»alH. Miiilcl men ainl yniuig men at ClS.OO and 
%20,00. Ciiniparc. lln-c (lariiiiMils at llfl-Otland ♦• (l.i"i, 

uitli (illiiT -I'lri's if-Jii.i"! ami .f-.'.'i.i«i Suit- and (Kercoats. 
Kvcry ^annciil is carcfnlly mailc; tliey are just as par- 
linil.'ir aliimi liniiiiiin;:s as alioMt woolens and style— 
lo be bad only at I In- ~l.ii .'. 


Al8   Trunks Hats. Caps mid etc. Suits and Oven-outs 
Made to Order— Kit (iuarani ! 






Mlllcr'ii ABlisepUeOIIKnoHii As 

Snake Oil 

Crcallno a Scnsallop Tbrough- 
init Ihe South-Many Thous- 
ands Arc Now Using It 
WItb GralliylDg Results. 

I want lo Ihaiik you fur your won- 
ilcrful on, alalos Mr. J. C. Uilison, o( 
June b iro, Ark. My lilllc Kirl was 
vert low Willi diplberia; 1 had xlven 
her'lwoiloteiiatmedlolne Which coal 
iiir fLii.ou wllh no multa. i bought 
a -ita; boiile of your Uli and one appll- 
. iiiion relieved her. Now abe la well, 
ll's ihenrealcsl remedy I ever aaw. 
Mr. (iilisnn iiiailr I Ills alalement before 
hiinilri'ds of people. Mra. Klorence 
MeaKcr, ^11 Wliliney rtlreet, Harlforil, 
( KUii , « tiles; I liateusetl your An- 
I lisi plic till I .r iicurnlKin with Knott 
illiTts. iiniv tliinit I hiivf ever tried 
tliiii KinpiK il till' pain iiiiinedialely. 
Mrs Williani-, ( .inl-iliai, Ala., wrlles; 
I hnve used yimi L'tiat pain on lur 
ilieainallsiii, »tll^J.lllU^, nlsn Im for» 
llirtml, anil I «atu m -ay iliai u i« the 
lirrllti'sl M-iiii ily I cM rlllril I riviini- 
iiicnil il 111 .III -uH'i n is. Many cures 
n piirteil ilallv I timi IhiiusHiids ul itriilc- 
ini UM TS III u'lis wnndeiful Oil. Kvery 
hoiil.' tiuaranieed, :^' c and 600 a boUle, 
iir iiiiiney roluniieil. 

This unnilerlul new till ren.i.ii lljal 
is prtHlllciatl siiell teiiliirrtal.le te-iilts 
lliroualioul thPHouth Is uitinuracluieii 
(iiilybythe Herb Juioe MoUtolne Co., 

Stockton's Drug Store 

for. Main A ::nd Sta. Ulchinoiid, Ky. 

Oar rotes lor aaaeasceacBta ire tor DMrict; 
anicea Ili.M; tor Caul} •Wett IIO.M 
tor CMir ii4 rrctaNi tHeii H.M. 

We are authorized lo announce the 
(ollowlnR eandldatei for the various 
olUoes menlloned, sul(|eol to the action 
a( tba Democratic party. 

For County Ofllces, Prltnaty, Ann 

FOK KKritl'-SKM.V l IVB 
Waller (J. I'utk • 

Kilt SIIKIlll-F 

I/ nK Tom I 'licnault 
li. W.T. Deallicrane 
Hlineon Turpln 
Pete Whillock 


0. W. Ilearinnef 
A. J. lirtmddua. 
Moraan Taylor 
Aaron li)har|  
(;has. H. Koaers 
L. O. Hbearer 


M. A. n. Jonea 
II. M. nicnnull '  
Hhelby Jell 

0. P. Jackson 
John Noland 

rmt M.wnit 

1. I'. ICwins 
W. 1. l.eeils 
Uov. Kd. Itiown 


W. K. Jarman 
Jerry t'hainbera 
(!. T. Htone 
OriM'lv Harnt's. 
J. \V. Ilnielny. 


H. M. Hamuela. . 
Jennlnga W. Maupln 
Mra. A.T. Uilllon. 

Iiill .M.\(ilSTUATIi. 
XV S .Million. 

Bolh CuttinU Winita 
Cn be Folded 
(af TcaMpotutloa 

Ooe Cnfliail Wiag 

Richmond, Ky.. August a, 1916. 

Messers D. B. Sbacl(ei(ord & Co. 
Richmond, Ky, 



If not sold, I wish to icnl 
ffii the year 1917 my farm of 
90.88 acres on the limine 
pike about two miles cast ol 
the city limits of Richmond. 

The land is in grass cxccpl 
about 20 acres, fm wheal, 
or oats. There are two good 
wells and a cistern; plenty 
of fruit; about 5 acres for 
garden. An ideal place for 
a dairy. 

_For further infoimatioii ap- 
ply to 


For Sale 

House and Four Acres of 


( --H, a'^ 

Plana tu obierve the one hundredth 
aiinlveraury of the death of Gen. Ueoriie 

KijKt rs   'I'irk wete ltiiineti .(l'Ui a meet 

ill,; of 111.' Ivi.'lll lieky .Society, Sons ol 
Aiiierleaii Kevolulinn, held lu Liuula. 

Six men are known lo have been en- 
tombed and nine are mlialng aa the re- 
sult ol neoal mine explosion at Fair 
moot, W. \'a 

Orders lur .'ini Hcmplanea, all to Ih* 
Uellvereil « illiiM 1 it .lavs or le~s, have 
been plai.-l il,» il„. \\ar |i, |riirliiielit. 
HBhorl^iiieiisiirint; and detective kxsc- 
lln«ipum|ia are coating the public liiir 
Hons of dollars a year, aoeordliiK to an 
iiiveslliialion just completed by the 
Federal Itnreuu of SlHiiilarits. 

Mary lidiaun.uf Meieet, was i;iven 
« JudlllllenI III s 1, 4(111 ,n;iiiii, i ^.,i,||,. ; 

ol »ani J..Sini». It ia Ijclieved lUul J 
Mill Debaun'a father waa killed by 
mmajuat before the latter was found 
hanglnii Ironi a rafter of l)la baru with 
a bullet In his brain. 

Willie playioK with a sliolRun, slx- 
yenr-i)lil Jnlni .Marshall slioi and 
Instantly killed hia ll\c-ycBi-old 
brother at Auguata. 

Because ofa sbortaije In rnllruad coal 
cars, due to the aUpping demanda of 
unusual prosperity, Louisville faces a 
f.aiili ic 111 ciKil far »leaill priiddelldn 
-ii'-l av llin-a!- iis tin- closing ni jiianu 
tact I liiK plants, and iniiy reijulre ad- 
Jufti cm by the Xntentate (;onimeree 
Uoiii iilaalolij 

.1. ae etowda were on hand Thnra. 
(1 ly in the Third and Fourth diatrlcu 
; wfleoine W. J. Itryan. The sin^edi 
.11 liussellville waa vaneeleil, due lo a 
iMisUke III Ih. irnn taken Ijy .Mr. 
liryail at .N.i . 

UbiiriUK In Vain And Wastini; Moiii.v 
The hrlnclnic ai-um of Ihiirlies i,. 
Kenliieky and llie ii Jeelliei of the 
I iiery If.invndl mpi (he eiiinpan-ii 
lii lc ^ll.l«^ that the l!..|.ii',iii.:in l..a.l. i-. 
-till h.t ... Inijic, 1,1 r \ 1,1 ^ 1 1,.- (,;. 
1-' iiiniiuiiweallti liy apn. a ^ ni p i^^n.ii 
and Rupliaiy, Ijy uliiiv, ni I -"11 .iinl 
the Democratic party and with the 
lulnled iiioiiey that Wall 8tteel Is 
•flpiilylng so lailshly. They are n ek- 
lining In vain, linwwer. The lu nn. 
crals are ..ii in iln-ir Lame anil ewi.i 
man ilileiiil. In il.i hj, duly, wlileli 
spells l!e| iinlieaii defeat, lahor lii l 
and iiiniii-y wji-Ieil. 

Maii-li. 1.1 I'lia-cil Willi Ailuv  in a. 

W T. Maiislii i.l i, ill ri . • Ipl nf a 
leltcr II. in hi- -nn, |c, l,.ri .1 Man- 
Held, M ho i. a sarKvanl in the Itieh- 
nioiid eotniuiny nowal'K! Paso, Texas 
He aaya he is celtiiiu hIiiuk line 'ind Is 
ileliuhied with army service, lie lell- 
iil a hike lo , riiei-s and hai.-k, a 
ilislaiiee 111 PHI mile-, \, Ineli h - nr.. I 
Ihe re-i 111 iiic lliclimii::il h.i\s hail 
rceenlly taken. Tliey i ncnniii i/ 
.".aiW fonr or live inuhea dicpa nl il 
was bard work to make more iiniii 
len nillfs a day. In lUal hike Uic 
Kentucky hoys male the hJuhial 
lullng, Willi a hu. ch of South trUolinu 
-oldiers aecoiid. 

Bad Colds Irom Litlle Saee/.es GroH 

.Many colda thai linni! (in all winter 
atartiwilli a anee/.e, a snillle, a sore 
throat, a liuhl cliesi. Vnu know the 
ayiiiinoina of colda, and you know 
prompt treatmenl will hreak Ihcin up 
Dr. Kinx'a New Discovery, ultli lis 
-onthini; aiitiaeplic lialsnin i, has lieeii 
lireakiiig up colds and he ilinit irnuiihs 
r young and old for .17 years. Dr. 
Kinu's New Discovery lonsena Ihe 
phlegm, clears the head, soothes the 
irritated luemhrane and makes hrcuili- 
lug easier. At your Druggist, i.uc. 

Bridging the distance 'twixt " 
you and "a ly where." . 

The Bell 1 elephone, v ith its 16,000,000 miles of 
wire, hnn^'s millions of people within eanbot of 

your voice. 

Many thousand of them, living within fifty or a 
hundred miles, can be reacSed for a small toll charge. 

Are vou making i f this vast britli,'c on your 
farm, in your home or in y.,iif busine*"; There's a 
profit of time, muncy or convenience for you in the 
Bell Tclephiiiif if you will use it. 

Grasp the Opportunity! 

Call or write the manager to^Iay. 



^*"*'Tliie'AirronSull ey corn cutter that I bought 

of you 1 hav.: used princi- 
nallv in7u«hirsujtar ewe, both where It was sown in row s and broadcast. 
S can do XeTSk v^^^ It than 1 could with a half a dozen meti with 
knfves and ?ut It cSse enough to the ground to m.ike the expense of cutting 
clear. U has given perfect satlsfactlon.^^^^^^^ 

B. M. IQO. 

This hou. !C and land is in the sii   
urb» of Waco,' close to one of the bo t 
.schools in the county. Also close tu 
Kood churches. Can be bought on 
easy tcrms- 

For further infi.iMialinn appl) ■ ' 
C. K. CHE.\.\L LT or 

In idiil .\ilea lain e At World's Kerlin: 

Itiisfnii W'lliH. 
rile Itiistnn .\iiicrlcans capliKcil the 
"iirld's aeries Ijy winiiini; tin liflli 
name from the llmaklyn .Nationals, i 
In I. Brooklyn won o ly one Kniiie. 
riie largest crowd that ever attended 

II world's aeries game braved the 
»inlry Hinds Inwilneas the llnai con- 
! -I :it l!n-tnn, 

liie alieiidapce lor the live games 
nnouiited lo l(«,.i i», and till receipts 
: .s.'.,6»U.o(l. Of this sum the players 
i. et'oelved «IBJ,I)27 iU; each club m,- 
''.in'J and the National Commisalun 

■ s .Vill. .'i. 

llie Ito^inn Club IIS winners (li\iilc(l 

■ 'T,7.'Hi,17, nn a lai-is nl Iwent.v -live 

■ wire,.., whii'li the pln iTs ale under- 
"11(1 lu hiivi* uitreed u|Kiii as Ihe 

i elbod ol apporilonBieni. This would 
low til,01U.aii a share. The Iwenty- 
I rpc Krook ly n players, aa luaers, dl- 
ided i(iS.},« into eipial sharej ol 
■J.MH sicileli. (iwliitt In the fact thai 
i .lere are ninli pl.i\fi- In -li..iic in tl.c 
"innel's inniiey this year the liidlMit- 
ual share Is nol a record. 

Ilnglies Out Of The ({ileal ion. 
Mr. Watterson says that "Hughes Is 
.ml of Ihe tjueatlon. His case Is ho|a.. 
iesB. The people believe that a elninge 

III parli(.- ill the utnerniiieilt now 
would put c\fi,\ illlen-^l. i-pi-eiallv 
every iiiternatiDiial intorcsL In more or 
ieaa peril." 

There has never been a doubt In the 
minds ol the better informed that 
Wilson would succeed liimself. Any 
nther lesnlt wnuhl be suicidal ami nn 
overwhi'lininy ealamlly. The \ntcrv 
realize ihii and do nut intend lo be 
guilty of the foollah perlormance of 
swapping boraes In the middle of the ! 


W. Li. Tate, of Richtnund, ami ,Mi»- 
Annie Myille Ureen, of lied lliuise, 
daughter of Harleen Ureen, were i|uiel- 
ly married at the groom's home on 
Fifth street, on Ibe liilh, by Dr. K. H. 
Harnes. The nlloinhinta were .MUs 
Ueneva Tale, of Itieli'iinnd, and .Mr. 
W. A. Davis, ol Knsiksluwn. After 
the cerciiiuny a beautiful lunch waa 
served al his home. 

S. S. CoMba Buys Kicbmond Hume. 
B. K. Golden, leal estate agent, ao d 
for William 8mllh a house and lot on 

Klllh street, near llic corner nl .N'nrll., 
to S. t'oiiiti^, \,ho live- nil tin 
Harnes .Mill pike,lar i:;,iHKi. Possession 
will be given in the next week ur two 



—or — 


ia t'le drlnHnif wiitfp 

Hikis Heat Lai ' 

Cun-fi Roup, CUoIttn 
t'tnljemock — Prt-vi-nn SkU 
nr.« Ont$itc botllo inalfca a 
c-'Uona Ilf iiicili-'iTia. At dnisr* 
e isorbviT'iJIpostpnitl. Valu 
iil-lt puu'.itf liiiok fr J. 

Sold by Henry Perry 



Vou are eariicslly ii'i|tiosto(l to call at iny olllcp and olitaiii 
yiiiir 'illlclal i-ei-ei'iil . Tin. Ia« ri i|iiir('~ llial il per i i nI . penally 
and liper eeiit. inletc-l niiisl lie ad led Ui'Ci'iiila r 1st, IDJIl. 



SlierifT of Madison Countyi 

Copyright Hart Schaffnrr & Mux 

Varsity Fifty Five Belt-Backs 


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n -1 ■. .... . r 

a li 

I n c ht , ,. 


'Ije llHl Cf»s hiil pi*«u-t ihat ttny I "My dtrUa'! My duQi*! \ 
.Jmrit lm . . Wb. u I I M.'e— jwo're Dot burtr fc» Mcl' 

mcbed Uut ' ' : . . n »,,r to ' 

• Cut 

!i. 1 
:--,UI ..t 

ujlblc Id tb» 

ttie iwr 0/ tilt Hrr ■ 
I DOW. ilu: tliaw L- ' 

'-•ru Titntfd back u:/ 

\ ■ ■. the jiot bfr artna aboitt hi: 

■ .'L m*-u»t tcntieranw. 

"Nu, bo; And I'm Hrr* ■» i.' 
ii i !ik G(  l"' 

•*T -I! U)f- w I .i- .. » f: 
tl.iiif" hi- a. , -i |. a r-.: 

I. -ruiilin^: fijic ; tbe r lUr-ij »}:t 

"O^j. I . ; u': Ti'!I jou," Kile pni 
dn-ailfu!." Iitjt »be aaw • 

r- V(H? T»,i tr-'f' . r- -; •N:.tip' 

■ •• .-alt . 
'J^ii lie n^ar ot uli 

SUNMTSaiOOl sf ocfK 
Lesson '  '^«^ 



Variet)f of Cood, Hsrd Craint la Eaaen- 
tial — Net Adviaatie to F«d Birda 

on Wet G — .-; 





'»'r« fr.'i:, 


; u li-j ,.-1 

ALd till 

,Lt^•L^i»^i''fv■r t 

oniforni w^l^ 

1 'wr 

b. r..!, 
•.'ii.ol I r. 
ii:r»' • . 

duri:: n^* 

"Siny whfre you ar#-r' M'-utairrjif 
ca;i.^ to Wm. -11 . ■•, If Jie ujuves. 
ar^r* tuM iii-u 

"I'ti- llwjaiouij: ruiPtulD nedmnnd 
•r tba Iri«h i;aard«r" Ijirry i-ni-J. Tvr 
twii ..'J -in-dal wrrlc* iiis..i(. tieir 
UiiM. aart Uifj d— ti Di'or p/i u- I;i 
flieir maja tbJj U Trrmb 27. 1^L : 
I'D «i.:ii:d In a mlijutf •• 

• Vim ll have to do a lot of aijj.aiL 
Inc" Mutjiairuf told bltn. i 

"Tell Uifw .1,4k An/oni* h#*n hi-r** — 1 
aon.-.ti» v.ii: il„i,-t .ir ., •.-■.I' ■ ' 
til^- :' •' iM-rd.-tii* ^' f ^ Jir-'i^.ti, 

1'.- J 1 lui' new* — wiuie worO — " 

• ~ r . u rj ,jf TCliiity iitL\f\»\n Mod- 

"I di':i - 1:111. w— I t-an't n;akc' mn."' 
iMrtj klj'./:ii-d 'Jcvprratrlv. -Km 
fl»rv'» U .S. liii-f n\,f\xi for Tri-ncti i'T 
1't» awti tljf r iimim; and one of tbelr 
■piea — '■ Uf a« Streetmau's 

Toire causlit bia atimtloa. The rtla- 
cnJaed OeminD ajiy bad at last ano- 
«eded Id ;:i'ttjDff aomt* loi* in nuihortty 
to receive bia iiiea»ai:^ .*'j1 be 
wia  Iellrerln» bia fal^. ::,f ..-.-nation. 

"Wbo'a tbat ajieakitiB Larrr asked 
tb* EngUab rapuin abarpir- And im- 
nedlatrly be aDawer«K) bi  own  |oe»- 
tioo. "It'i Htraaiimn:!. captain! 1 
know hiai. Hf'i a (; -riuac ti/v: I oo't 
let hliu ieli-(.bone: It'a a trick:" In 
bl« Mgemeaa to (lop tbat diaaitruu« 
mmmz* be forsot the wamJUK tbat 
UonijiiruK had «lveu bl« :ueD. and ihf 
wlld-*'.r*«d Irlfchijiitn Vt fwt 

The Untl»b Bri-J [.olnt hiaak at blm. 
Bbi Lurry n-u«pd hia ilniiiter Juat In 
ttina. He dnipp(^ flat uf»oo bia face 
00 the V \  ot the bombproof and tbe 
MIeU wbinled orer him. 

Captain Montame wa» Impreaaf^j 
with I./arry'i» u.-wx. aurl Ik nr-i. r'- : 
Btre»'tuian i t put d-jwn th*- t- ,.-,L ; . 
He tbou»bt tbe matter worth furiber 

"StraasQian. don't yoo resember 
me?" Ijirrr aakrd the laan at the tele- 
I»b tn» 

Bnt Ilerr .Straaaman'a Iron nerve did 
aot deaert bini ereo then. 
"By Cod: Ifa Captain Karl of the 

Gernmn .-irmj-! .\diJ in nor tery 
trenchc ••■ hi- i-\( ,„,-,i. -Ht'j the 
man wh'ise j.ljin» I -.vprbenrd!"' 

Ttaat'a a pretty guuil blnS. captain! 
. . . Don't lei hini fool your Larry 
ciottoneil thi- Kiii;ii»h i.rfl.-pr. "IirT.p 
tbat tt-l.-|.l; ]„■ ►hi.ui.-l. n« Stri- -t 
oian rf^uiui-l his i-ouverMirlon with 
headiiii.-irii-r« And aa a lait renor; 
Capiulb lii-lioond abot the inftmiui-nt 
Iroiu Uie xpy'a fraap. Then, onili-r 
eoTcr of tbe babbnb Larry leaped iu- 
dde the trench. 

"I  n you, Bedmondr StrMtmao 

aworr. Kor the moment hla batred be- 
trayed blm. 

"Bedmondr* Larry repeatn] Joy- 
fnlly. ' yoii hear, captain? He knowa 
who I renlly nml He colled me Red- 
mond!'* .\uil tin .*^rre«'miiiii ed^ed near- 
er tbe oiitli t to the trench tbe Irtabmao 
(lied, "Don't let blm get away, aer- 

Sercm! men praM»i? l Slr«- -rr.-.;iri 

' 1. ' : ' :-J li. L.-irry Imil l.»en nunut-l 

* - -v itei-'in.i,! H --.v 1 1- r: » -.. 

'il- bjii !!.. . • ■. .- 
■ was hrjn ■ . ' 

• - ;"'Jbt. Be r-,iB .1 ..... .. 

- 'UsueaK reTuriiwI t.i h tu. Hu' 
■ • c:ill of the relcpbune p-uwi 
I, ■: lurlher In- i„.l ]^eu cntitcDI to 
lie where be ft;. - 1 n-at. That rtg | 
nal, however, nj-urrej !Jm to Josfi- ! 

"Tbe telephone: It ! n't »m.i«h '; 
he i-ried. "Oh, God: Let lue fi-t : 
•Ai:,: reiejibone: If ibey attnik b» 11 .« 
wi re dene forr' He drafte.3 blm»e;f 
• -• the littered flof,r c.f tlie trench 

••r vrtU t" 
: •!.,- fr'iiit 

■ • • • • . -I •••■f-r bU 

: •• it '-r.i-e jiijd ;-.-phre.! T'l :eave. 
' ,»•- i;.-i:ii,.i,J is Hill 

■ ' r,  r'-iiiarKiil a* be acinacJ 
:« • Huw be':" 
"Ot of his ht-nd:" 
l." jiu!! ihroush?" 
'lUirhl to ■' 
• lli.-ivf i-m;, wii«D't hi alid r oc- 
r .*u!ircy— -tu yet u» -hjit Irifornia- 
' 11 ^"'L K.u.k's ilniil.lui; roove- 

r I;.- Iruond tbey 
^ ^ ■ ; ' .r-- . .,:r 'Ire army." 

Ihe dej.i.- tji- I, rr;..i.-J. 

• l'ri-17 |.;s tL|t,t-f f,,. ,,oe man to 
d-j:" the newo-rijer t-x ;a;ajeil, 
. few fwt, then Mut d .w n with a \ Poctor i-h.-ir.en i sre«-d wlUi blm. and 
/• "Oh. my ilf.i: My iee:" he I afi^r a i.vii*- a burned good-by be 
paaaed on into the «niy of tbt ap- 
proacblnr dr.wr. 

Aa Au^• ■ , ,. :, . dutlea It 

aeenied 1-. - • . r .:,r of tbe 
.■ rtl.lety Ik- t,., , i:,. rei-i.-..- y dlrdnct 
.^'i l II waa not lone before tbe blare 
' a bogle Hiundinic retreat waa waft- 
anmlatakably tbronieb tbe open 

1 '.i.ned. . Atjd the:] t,e drifted Into a 
• Idoni. Hlii mind wst.dered hack to 
I ' ihel Wlllongbhy. ouce more be 

l" lad himself it, .sir i;e.,ree \Var»t;.rs 
b'.uae In T»ndoD. plei-Jlij.- »-i:h l er t:, 
:i:.-irry blm » . .;, - .. c - : - '■ 

C'lIiTPo: of hi- !«-ru]-!-l nir:,)!, 
"I've eot to (let to that tel.-i-h'.ce: " he ed 
told himself deaperately. "Come on. | doors 
I-nrry: Von i-an do lir be told blm- 

«-ir flercely. "Ii n yonr Irish heart: 

i"":ne 00: Ifa only (ire feet more:" 
."So his undaunted aplrlt lashed hla bro- 
ken liody to lt« l.lddlne 

At last be calneil the phone. At the 
other end headquarters was ntlll trylne 
frantically to learn tbe reet if thai 
liitermiiied measaite that tbe Uerman 
"I'v '-(,-1 nanM to relate 

"" ■■■. I.'-: I'm not' I'm Red- 
!-■ otmI" hi- L-a«i«..| ■■rp;,tri:n Kedmnnd .' awered 

of tbe In.h liuard.' . «-rrk-e: , -The telephone: I've got to m to 

IT,."' I „^Ii^7.M'"?'"' I 'i-t telei-bone:" Larry shouted. "Come 

Larry aaU «li,„..t .loyfuliy. „ be | on, Lany: Yon can do It! 

a few feet more 

At tbe aouod of tbat order one of 
the men lying opon the floor rilaed 
himself upon an elbow and liatened. 

"I tell you— retreat: lletreat:" be 
cried. "Bight to the very gates of 
I'aria: ... Ob, Ethel— where are 

-. 1 i.-i 

f-'l K ith --u ■ 



value I 

Her Health Regiored v 1 u 


Indluapolht Indiana. — ' 
waa ao poor aiid my cu:..'. -, 
' j'*n 

' £ I: tc - 





H oi'KipiLii 11., :.j.d the h;*t"rl6n. 

■ the gr..uinl. e^ini-lHlly --n 
' ■ \.i .-"il where It ii-oy get wt-t ai; 1 
".ultly. I'lileKs the rl-N-r i  l;'-; t cli-;.:. 
It la better to fiti! 11,.- ffuiii \i, tnit;.-!.- 
than on tbe fliK.r. The trouchi- »b"U.d 
l-e mode so tbat the pigeons will net 

• phi; 

tt.i.i .-n h- 


■1 'he 

II uy prtHslWy have (•rt-a 

nnist  «i ihrtu txRd iK..a xbi- feed wlih ^-rtlr*^ t.eWltarT [.n-;.. nr, tl-i. 

titailr It »..■.*. I .... • • • 


ibelr dr p| lngM. 

HupIM-rs are umhI with good succt-ss 
hut may attract rats m Kime plreon 
bnunpa. Tbey should be fitted nHh 
wires or nalla about two inches opart 

 br:I \.[- .- -,, t waste tbe 

- : Mm !he fl.ifir. 

th- -1-1 r, hoppers the 

• - fell twicv daily, in 

'ie ;-: ; i:j the afternoon, at 
r-v'..i:r h- ur« civinc from one and 
one-half to two ijuarts of grain at each 
meal to 30 pnlr» ..f and add- 

ing an extra plni .f -t,.- i-ic- i." hai. 

many eguahs. Th- f l.-r r-gu- 

late the quantity ..f grnln ac-..rihiis to 
tbe appetite of the bIrda. giving them 
all they will clean up In one to two 

dU.-overed to whom h - wa* s[.eaklni! 
"I.  ten: Bomb aeroplane — Trench 27 
wll-d out— send reaerrea: Tnder- 
'inii l? . . Oh. my leg r be groaned. 
"WaltT' he continued "tUdn't a girl, 
aij Kugli.h girl, with my paaa, come 
to you w ;th iuforuarion from me! ... I 
She didn't? . . . fib. Ethel, where I 
are you? . . . Linen, listen:" he ( 
tiegged tbe officer Uck there at head- 
i|uaners. "Crown prince man long 
against Paris: Von Klock flaaklug usl 
Toumar and Le ran-au. (;et tbe 
Kp-ni-h to SI n 1 ;:iore ir, Y,,y c^n't? 
Tljen retreat— retreat right to tbe very 
gates of I'arta. It'a our only chance. 
. . . Tea. ni keep guard:" Be 
dropiied the Instrument then. He had 
done his duty. 

Captain Itedmoi.d straightened him- 
self to his full heiirhi. And bia band 

head u if at some won^roas Bound. 
I "Listen to tbe buglear be sboried 
"They're not playing retmt! Tufa 
the call to atuck: . What : -ea 

It nieirn r' 

i A niiioicnger hurst Into the cbLri-h. 
-Captain Redmond: He g.*. on like I ' 
that moat of tbe time." Oie man an- | ^m." .^„t,rey told blm. 

Tm from beadquaner*.' the -an 
'a d. "Is Captain Lawmce Bedm -ad 

"Yi-s. yea: I'm berer Larry ca: -X. 
Ftriggllng to bia feet with Etbel s i 



"Who's that? " I'octor Aubrey asked 
I of one of his Red ("ros_s assistants 

It'a only 

"Captain — here's my revolver!" I.jir- 
tj held bis weapon out to MonUgue 
"PW me under aneaf till yon InreeU- 
gate." be said 

•Tliauk y"ll. Il-!;r;',i] l "■ U.e eLl;ghl- 

eocd MoDta.-j. ..j i H, van 

ly relieved - You've done us a great 
aarrl'-e. aiel he ui-l.-It ''vjii-d u^. 
My God— be nearly fooled usl" he re- 
IKated, aa be reallied tb* dlaaater that 
Larry bad so narrowly arerted. "Now 
b«TI pay 'or It : " be cried. "Sergeant- 
stud ihat man agtloat tbe treodi! 
. . Boys'" 

"Don't Bhoot roe like that! I tell 
yoo I'm Innocent:" Ktreetman waa 
begging for bis life now 

But even had Montague lieen dls- 
poaed to spare blm, bis doom waa 
aealrd. An enemy aeroplane liad dart- 
ed oat abore tbclr lines. One of tbe 
Brltlab privatee spied It when II was 
alffloat alKive tbem, and as ther 
paused to watch It tbe plane slowed 

"That menns she'll drop a bomli,'' ■ 
Tommy ohserred. 

"Sore— tbey never hit anythltuc" 
Captatii Iteilmond Jeered. 

But Ibis time Larry waa mlauken. 
As he spoke, foaethlns came burtling 
rt"«rn to i.,r!h 

• • • • • - •••••• K"' ';..l'. sake 

''" ' '" • !' k hi-i ;o\ M riijtiirj 

warning than be could stay tbe death 
that fhreateried them. 

Ill . I; 'ilii-r niooieliT there was a ter 
no- .  : ..1, Treu -h ;7 r.-i-k-il with 
I!-- f ■ ' n. Tbe leiii.iipr-Mif shelter 
'• - ' were made of innlhoard. 
: - il' iiealhlf The hi-apeil- 

up .. r- 1- •! e ii.p of tbe triMii-h waa 
sc?ttt-r 'i I.I- v.. iiiiii-h sawdUht. 

•n..-e » : : I .-.-r :.. y iishi In 
that I nil- 1 •- - ■ . • - .1 ..: nnie 
from tilt • . .. . \iefj — yr 

what hal -.11 - I..-.:, !;...ii iv iiioUou- 
taa» ali'-ie liie leiwerfut exjiin^ive bad 
ffrag them Others bad vanlnbed as If 
Into ihiii air — never to return. .And 
fffr a few brief Diolio-m.* nli w.i- silent. 
Then soriieone stirred in tbe aham- 

Tlie doctor kneeled beside him 
"There, there, old man: Take It 
easyT' he said. It was plain to him 
that tbe wounded man waa ItTlag orer 
again Ihgse teuse and terrible momenta 
in tbe treui-h. 

All at oace a dnzed look came over 
f'optalu Redmond's face. He looked 
at the doi^or curiously. 

"What place la thia? Wboaieyoor' 
be aaked. He had at last ri«tlBed 


Confine Roosters In Sepai-ata Pens and 
Market Infertile Eggs— Sell 
All But Breeders. 

iBv T E Ufl.-^FrNBERnT.' 

No Diie auks or ei:|ii- -t» a fanner i.r 
potiltry ralaer to kill or i.ii-i:, 
breeding male*. Tou ml. - - (.e 
able to And what jnu u - • • i.^ 
their i.lot-e, the fiillowitig - . . i h„ 
males would be better i.S h .neier. 
and ao would the female* and would 
pie nieaaenger croased to where the I make better brveilera tbe following 
wounded man atood, balf mpported | seaaon. If the mnlm were cnnflned to 

"»pamte quaners and kept with but I 
few. If any. hens. I 
Keep Uie males fmm tbe bi.vlng bena | 
aiMl market Infertile egga. rnless yoo 
are certain you will need tbe male* 


Th* Treneh Wat (eatttred Uka Sa 
Much tawdual 

reaeheil for bin revolver. B* did not 
ri :iiin, that be had *arret»lered It 
voluntarily to Montague. 

"I'll keep guard r he repealed la a I '"'h back upon -he 

"Voo're at an Bngliah deld bacpltah" 
the doctor said. 

"Then they got me, didn't tbeyj" 
said Ijrry. "Iild I telephone bead- 
iinarters In time! I can't remember. 
There was a bomb. I tried to crawl to 
tbe 'pbone. . Waa I too late! 

Tell mer 

"Tour information came In time to 
prevent their flanking our whole army,** 

Iii-^Ior Auhrey told him. 

"Thank ili-l'" [.arry murmured 
"And y,iHH Wi ioogh'i.r? She was at 
Tourville? Wh.-re 1« she? . . So 
II r' V-iu won:.!;, ; .w, ' he said. a« 
the il-.i -or .«i,..-,t hi. head. ".And 
:^t^aa■mall? He didn't get awsyT" 
"Straaaman! Ton' mean tbe (lerman 
, »Iiy who was with yoo In Trench 1'"?" i 
"Yi-i. y.-«i" Larry aald eagerly. 
TI e ; .', lu.ii ;:ai him," aald th* doe- 
tor. "He's dead." 

"That's one good shot they mad*," 
Captain Keiliuoiid replied. "Tell me— 
we've tunied them hack'^ We've aaved 

"I ri-.-ir  ,i,t." ihe .itber «ald, and 
' :- .-ii i-d the anxiety 
" •■■  all his fellowa 
" V « re only ten miles from Parla now. 
We're been retreating for orer a 

"Bot that waa part of tbe planr 
tbe wounded man cried. "To xetraat. 

and ihen— " 

"I know." the medical man Inter- 
rupted. "Hut we bareo't been able to 
cut tbelr lines Even the government 
baa been moved to Bordeaux. The 
German's aren't Ave miles from here. 
Last nlgtit they abelled thU ehnrcb 
They're four to on* I'm afraid we're 
done for." 

Larry grasped at tbe arm of tbe man 
who knelt beside blm. 

"Iion't «ay that:" be begged. "It 
ran I DC I hey can't take Paris. Tbey 
can't, fiear Cod. I beg thee— » 

"There, there: Reat a bit. old man: 
Yog got a nasiT smash In tbe bead. 
Lie back:" And he lowernl the 

dated and mechanical fashion, aa he 
groped for the iiil--i[i- ui-t;...-i 

Id a sei-oud ji.-ir.- In- i- pp...i npno 
the ground. Hiihnoud of the Irish 
Ouattia had fainted 

--e more 

"Out there the.v're flgtiiing while I'l 
1 gor^J to aijyoue." Ijirry groaned. 

by the girl. 

"I have tbe honor to report," b* an- 
nounced, •nbat Genera: Prencta and 
'reneral Jolfre exiend to yoo tbelr 
:;ri'iirDi thanka for yi ur Infonnadoa. 
I d I I Stat* tbtt yoQ bare been oan 
--lied in the dlspatche* for ateaal 
bravery In the cause of the alllaa^ 

"Ob. uiy dear— and yon aald l^or 
King and Country:' " Ethel exdalmed. 
her heart near to bnratlng with pilde 
In him. I 
"What do I matter."   » rhirti-d her. I 
"when ont there tbey --e dnm.g a  
hack? Beer their gun-:" Tbe little 
•tnicture tbat siieltered tbem abook 
from cellar to raftered roof under the 
rlhratlon of the terriflc Are 
"One moroentr* aald the messenger- 
1 "I have to nild. sir. that ynur Informa- 
! tlon. fvinilng nt a vital time, has en- 
lah'ed the nncllsh tr i-ips. In conjoac 
t'on wi'h the I'r-tK-h. to exerote a tam- 
liir III iv.-:iii-iii after a four-daya' 
haiiie *i.'e erjeiisv la iiow In retreat ba- 
v.ind the -Manie.'' 

I.-iriy s*-einwl aoT To gr; hi- the Dewa 
He looked dully at the tuan from head- 
"What did yon aay?" he asked. 
"The enemy la In retreat " 
"Bnt tliey aald w* were beatn." 
Larry stammered. 

Tm Just In from tbe front," (be 
nii-««enger Informed^lm. "I tell yoa 
the enemy is 'n retreat." 

"And Tarts? Parla la aafer Larry 
cried, as the Joy of It all broke orer 

"Paris la safe." was the answer. 
A band was playing now, and tboee 
glad folk in the little i-hurrb roold hear 
the thunder of marrh^ng feet 

"Ton he.'-r'-" -1:. -i-ssengcr aakad. 
"Thif 1 iiK r-i-ii. !i The raaerr** at* 
coming up from Paris." 

"That's tb* English trooper' Lany 
shouted, aa be rerognlxed a familiar 
marching air. 

'Tea! Tbey landed today." tlie man 

Larry stood there listening to the 
welcome strains Oi,e arm he had flung 
about Ethel A-i I I'le o-h.r he waved 
almre his l .'i: 1 ' "i ! 

"More of our t, - . .fr • . t.'ie frontr 
he exalted. "And 1- j - u mind what 
they're playing, my lirli-ig:-" he askad 
her. It waa "TIpperary." 

Tbe woooded men cangbt op tb* 

luakiiig hiUi a Roman cltltrn of rank. 
 if li-anilcg and of atandlng fiuao- 


I, Fair Weather and Contrary Winds 

irr. Till .s'Idon was aNiut TO 
Uilli-s qiirth of rnrsarea on tbe coaat 
of Piii -s:;ne. Here PatU ri-cetved lllr 
ert)- to go ashi*v and rlalt his I'hns- 
Iian friends. Myra Is In Asia Minor. 
It nqolres U days to reach tbl* i«.lnt 
from Siilou. a distance of about 4iU 
ir.ih-s. Here. Instead of going up tbe 
Aegean M-a rnuie. often used In going 
ti Home, the centurion found a grain 
ship bound from Alexandria to Italy. 
»n-; pat his pHs- iiirs .-a )-..aM. !ii-|r 
teiiiher 1 they «•--. ! f..r iinl.v. Thi' 
d!ri»ct course would have hwn west- 
j »iird, bot tbe wind was contrary, aii l 
' the progress was slow. On the :r.d 
thiy Wire iipjHislte **nliius. tne south- 
ii--i 1- :.i of Asia Minor, i;«.i miles 
fr -ru .Mvm, ,Septeml rr i'l lhe  
iMer.-l ihe harbor of Fair linen, 
l iar thr middle of the « ni'h sh-ire 
of tbe Island of Crete. The fast day. 
,  Vti.l*r tbe day of the s-.-!,t ati-ni- 
nient. waa ol,ser i d In this place. Ths 
quettt -n of going farther »ii« a de- 
lafatile one. yet the comraan-ler i»-r- 
sisti-1 and al»inl the Knh of Oct. .her 
th-y  a:.i-l for Fair Haven. 

II. The Hurricane (w. \X^t. Tak- 
ing ji : - of r--nTle -.i;nd thi y 
1 1.1 ' r Trilr Il;.ven and slinnst 
ImriH ihaiely enrn^jritercl the hurrt- 
eane. It waa iierhaps bar! f- r Paul I 
dsring those 14 days to iiiscrri the 
viae, gentle band of G id. i.t -nab 
1-4). Cod'a moat faithful servaiii. do 
not always find amootb sailing il'hii 
4 A 7: laalab 38:S: John l«:Xli hat 
I they may. no matti-- how fli-rr,.!y t^:n 
pi-sr T i««*-l ■ - i;, . ; f ..,,1 

r»-i.s.-l . , r 
, .S'n,i-i:me» 111. - s- re for na to 
do. when ihns tempeat toaaed, 1* "to 
Ugbten tbe abip" Ir. 18). 

Many of na are carrying too mnch 
eargo for auch a stormy voyage aa 
tids world presents, and the tempest 

and - 

f.-l ■ 


■ ■* 

*■ tl 

■ M 


i t. av 


■■■ 9 

1 .-! iti 

ci ariiry. wherein aome w. in huM 
found health by using thi- r .jj ^ 
fashioned root and herb rer 
If tber* is BBytUoc aboui - 
■ . . , ,. . would like spedil adirlce. w: -., i^'^ 
■ irnve l«en ^f^"^ ^ Pinkham Uedidns Cii, Lm 

llll. f.K, 

It has 

work and waahing for elev - , 
truthfully aay Lydia E. i - 
etahle ComiKiuniJ haa i -r. i. 
to m* for I would bare t-i i r. 
today but for iL I wo-j) J t, 
men auffering as I was tn tr \ 
a* '•• r-ineviy. "— ^:r• V. ■■ 
' : . » n .-;;re-t, ]■ 
- 11 haruly 

1— -r e 


■ I- If II is bsnii- 
-. -.V of the I, -. 
- 1 - a VI I - k or (Mil 
' efli-i't tliai It ha* on 

I r r---|k-h:ii;i- *h-itlld l»e 

-e the diist as far as j- 
olvlsahle. r»t.M-r\e - 


Teats Mads at M ssouri Agricultural 
College to Find Suitable Sub- 
atitut* fer Conk 

World Taking to BtKbt 

-Slroiig lulerest In l a.. ' 
oping In the Centra! 1 
lie of Iliiiiduras. .\ - 
Inleresiiil only for. - , 
•i riie i.f the to»nv hut n 
I-..rri--1 gniiii-s ln'nei-ti nn 
' --II. "f .  an Peilro s 
i.-i i'li'l aii.l arous*. (.-. 
' -ii..: g Ih.nduras . 
A*t.irli*an national st«.ri - 
I;ml«::ig a name for • 

world, and iMam . ' -. . 
paironlxe it i-- : . r 
Japan, th. re 1. ;, s-r. - 
cnnei-ti-d with tb* Crti-ket 
and raali-hea arllh rtsltinc 
flilnaraeo tok* place fr. i 


- l-t* 

..„-• n 
II li IS 
• ii 'Ik 


■ - t^ 

T Ih( 

'  «ii 

UuTTS^ 1» ui. , 

!• sii.iet. h.-!-* 
'.iT .-fi i\;i.: 

iMi-n iibtaint-l 

;;irf, v.-rl. 

trials allh 

Ihri! -II-). - 

f- - . 
'-- n sliown 
■I lii-nt may 
-• ln«ti'nd 

- II 

Predtictlsfl sf P 

The priHlurtlan of t.un 
e«le« In Ihe fnltMl Sla—« 
'1 '  -' 711 I . ,. 
• : pro. . , .r 
i.iii of which WHS I 
ll.iVH.TO7. Theae jiloa w. i. 
sir» l and brass wire, and - 
ties were reported to tbe I 
w thai bureau of th* reoaua luini. 
r ■ re ami partly la packs of .1.,'»ii 
pins .-ach, Th* prodnrth i. 
hairpins waa ll.;N2.UU  gr. .. 
ai f-'OiJA!, m, alaiy |.h, 
: i-| tniM. valued at IMUi'. 
put if hooka and «r*a waa n |. 
I iiTa.17T graat gmaa, ralunl 

1 nil vill. 


Is often Crt d's rail to unload (Hetx ■ Prii* Winning Sow Owned by Missouri , P*"** 

Iiiany lo'i} 

SI tl- 

a 1 



Sweetest Girl I Know." 

Fo- ;i:ti: ii'ii .|av-i I.arri I:t-l;;iond 
had '.'In. 'li-llr!oii«, ii, ;, ■ hiir -1. 

in Kr.ince. not many inlies from Parte. 
I- \r: n only the wreck of a diurch now. 
' - the German sholis bad swept It. 
1-1 -t- riiln In their wake. Kven tbe' l-'reii.-h'a h 
■ - - f I hrlsi on Ihe Cro-s which i i'l . 
-iin: .Mile-l Ihe .iltnr had imi esi-aped ".M:iy 1 
.lesei-iatioli. for tbe iipjier j.:irt of the i aske,! her. 

Captain Redmond smiled happily aa 
j the mildiers sbouteil the worda: an'd aa 
"Poctor: This lady wishes to see | ""v reached a cerialn passage of tac 
yon." . "I'lnia be lix^ked down at Ktbei w ih a 

Iwcfor Aubrey turned aa tbe Red " "f:'' "f icnderaesa in bhi eyes and 
Cross man apokei and his glance en- j ""'IJ closer, 
cooulereil a giri- an Kngiish girl ~ 

rtrc««e l ill a "lit oni-e white, but now 
t .rr, :,i..| - -l-.igt-i..i. Her hair was 
i: -' e.i-;. I. ji. i her fare showed pale 
and wan lu ihe half lliibi of the illm 

". he has a pass fmm General 
1 in.iriers." the man add- 

ifie Engiian lommlea were slngliig; 

"The sweetest girl I know:*' 

Supsrior Typ*. 

another season, it is liest to s«.li ii,em 
and to give the room to the \..ung 
«toi.k. The f-H the t.l.I luaiw win 
-lit nil. I uhlrb you would save would 
-- : -t Iiay for new males, thus giving 
you new blood and, perhaps, better 
males. Oooaldcr all these tacu before 


Aged Fowls Csua* Low Avoras*  n Egg 
Production— Tkr** V*ar* la 
Limit of Usafulnsaa. 

Old bena are the cause nf low s. . . 
*««s in egg-productlnn. The ps 

liil; Phlh 3:7-8. Msih. l«iM) 

Their greatest danger was lest they 
sir ijid tan Into qdcfcaand. It was ' " ^t "*»'l- 
Iftdeed a dark and donbtfnl slttatlnn. ' ' 

III, The Meaaage of Ch*er: "IB*-' 
lleve Cad" (w. ai-2«). Neither sun 
nor stars haviix 'S.. - . * -- : ' v.^ I'l.  i' 
and all hiij»- i!.:,- - . - . ,i '' 

seemingly taken LMo.i . I ■. . - i, ' 

to asTe In the darkm-ss na well in 
the sunshine. In Ihe tempest i.- ueil 
as In tbe calm, and there ii« - 
boat one man at leaat wh —- 
not gone, for God had sai l i i n, 
"Thoo moat bear witness at Rom* 
aiso" laill). Paul's message of 
cheer la the midat of thia deipair and 
after tbey bad been so long without 
food. Immediately »tBmr»-.t Mi., a« a 
leader of wisdom aid j- ih.. 

presence of paaaeng- ;,- 
began hla message by saying ihut ihev 
had come Into ttala diasater by neglect- 
ing his advlre two weeks before. He 
refers to ihls In order to Inspire ronfl- 
liinee .1 bis message, that there 
'hoKid be no loss of sny man's life 
among tfcem- jf it 

Paul could make thIa promise be- Iter i:,. .h, 
eauae "an angel of God whose I am a m ull i ;- 
and whom I serve" had come to him 'b'"'. h.n.'- 
and assured him that Ood wnuii r» as natural 
di-cu the promts, m.tie tvo years be- ' ^ti i 
fore This imjilca that Pan! had gl 

Agncultural College, 

iMy aub- 
H « ,r-h 

She— Btit ran you please any? 

I Panama Is In the nurkrt for asphalt 


work regularly bot the old bena lay i Wmaelf to prayer. Obaerr* bow 

i-nii irix h.-til h*en snai pnl ii^e ' 
niatihwooil and now resieil jijr.ilnst the 1 
I 'wer [lart of tbe llglire of the savior. 

Re-eiitorcements bad rearhdl Tren. h 
'-•" in tune — thanks to Ijirry'-i ' 
siud i!.-iugh he knew nothin;: ' . 
had h.ipiiene l after he had fal . : . 
by the ii'lepboue. tbe British truoiis had I 
stemaird tile gap !u tbelr ilefeusea, 

.Along with others of the Injanil 
I'aptaln Rmlmonil had lieen burrle.i 

I-' of service?" the doctor 

I'thel sliiifi^l f-trwar 
"Kor ten dnw p.. • • • •• ... --hing 
y- i:r va-ioti. i:. .1 -. . . . 

■ '"i • i- -■'} -1 - Tell 

i.h. 1 ni urnrdl I'm afraid to 
■il . Sill- nerved herself liv a 
. .- i.le eflort. "Tell me— ij Captain— 
i.'nptain— " 
A  she fa leri-d there came a i|iilrk 

godly man can s«te ranny nngi-lly 
tn«n (Gen. lg:22-,'lt|. Ond's vision 
ctire to Paul, hot Paul useil it for the 
r .ij.f..rt nn.l rheer of the -'hole shlp a 
company (II Cor. 1-4). a moih.m 11- 
Instradoo ot a slnxlar exp^-m-nre waa 

** •* of Mr. Moody and General Ilow- 

old bena '••""I'hg 'mm Europe on th* 

batclilug I """nnhlp Spree In 18K2. 
It the best plan for the amall poultry- General Howard relates that Mr 

' ^tooiJ did a great deal to rheer the 
paaaeogera. by both Ui words and bis 

HINTS FOR POULTRY RAISERS {^'.""-"The'rkt^i^d".';,;;": 

■ I the night, the more Ukaly are the 

Kaap Overactive Cocbereie In Separata '-t^' vf Ood to spp^ir If w* are In- 
Yard— Soft Fresh Dirt la Oeed *^ U» (». 2S: Ct Cb. W«.3 ii) 

about a dozen eggs and rest tbe re- 
mainder of tbe year. 

I'nleaa you are raising a partlculnr 
stock of chickens of which yog h.n.. 
only a few beus, you cannot 
to keep tbe old hens as hiy.-r-. .a hen 
Is not profitable after hi r .,rd sum 
mer aa a layer, 
and using the 

lias he. 
1.1- 1-' 

-1-1 ; -i-uient. 
ii-r example, the r.«l ..f ... .... 

luu i«.mid» of isirk mih l oni aiid'tanii" 
age was du ,vnt» 1. .« than tih.n i-ri; 
alone was nsi-d. This w,.i,M , „...,„ „„ 
addltiolal pMflt to the i '.-l .. . . „r 

»li^« or more on eo.-li .-an ....! ,,r i, 


By Using Old Shoe With Hole Cut in 
Toe, There Is Little Danger 
•f Strangulation, 

' ■ admln- 

"■' ■ ' ' ' .- -.:^p|y rat 

■■• "i- l ie of on old 

■• hold hog is 
a I" as |»issll,l,. lo. 
oe ..( shoe in rmuih. p iur .In n. h 
in sh..e iiirefullr. and the h.-i: uill do 
■'"..'."''i ' l-.».lir« shouUI he 

' "■ ,' '' ' ' ■' I'-y this melhiKl 

li irailirally no danger ,.' 
tra.-iculatl..n. mi dnncr of l.r..,k,„- 
.-enrhmg horn or hmtie or „nv „ihe; 

■~-  t,.;.t i,„j. be US.ll, the hog In 

.'lit shn* from nmiiih w-ii| 

Is Work Too Hard? 

Many kintia of work wear ont ili- 
klilii.)s, and kidney trouble msk. - 
any of work hard. It brin.- 
miirnUig lameneao^ hacknche, hi.vl 
a. -hi-, iii-rii.usneaa. rlirun .iii.;.. i - 1 
urinary trouble*. If your o. rk n 
ronflnlng. atralna the brck, or »i 
l"ne  you to extreme beat or cel l 
or damp. It's well to keep the kl 1 
ncys artlve. Pnan'a Kidney In i 
are r.-fiai.!t. and safe- Tbousaods 
ri-ci,iiinii-nd them. 

An Ohio Cm* 

C O M:,.r!„., . 
a Ws.l ..,1 g 1 

i-^'lil ssi-i 

s.i rl.eumailc pains 
sn.t suffered from hark- 
acha. Ths kidner secre 
•*o«s were srsnly at 

gaaa. Doan'a Kilns r 
puis mads my kldaejs 
act normal sad rema\e.l 
}»• iroubl* from mv 
bark^ I gained in _, 
»ei«i-t sa4 fell heller £p 

In rier- way Whsn „ 
'l.J nn my 'slil i- 
ns%s now r oan's Km " 

. I. 

aey nils never" rsiV',,^} 
giva m* rstlef, 

OMDaaailsat Aa* Itoa, Kc . ■« 



trilnr t. 
-*il:ip]y . 


Within Few Oayt of Time She 

The Wretchedness 
of Constipation 

Can qoicUy ba overcome by 


inrEK PUIS. 

rurely Tegetable 

•i to Drop Her Colt 

A r,^.»..i 

"p till wlilil 

••an can use th,. 

fer Chicka. 

•It I 

Sour mllka la raiuahle in any rtitiSn, 
.Summer shade Im-uri-a thrlttr 

Remove overactive cih k.-reN to a 
tie , aepurate yard. 

-l» Clean op the Incubator, rcmnve tlie 
of lamp, and throw anay the wick. 

It.s of IS.VT.) .hots flri-ii I, f ar ' „ pj^.'l - '^r« . " - 

Gun With a Record. 
Tliere is u I.'ecentiiii. o 
In serrlce on the l•^.-,• ; 
wblrh bus been in i 
oliening iif the wai 
gun Is about the -..-!.- 
Ihe early days of the struggle and I'lat i 

rnd 11... 

lid of : 


Zoolosical Moment 

i • 1 . 1 III gfi a ritl 1.- 
... I10..S ^elu^-lj 
Hrinili-rliy—'Too hud, iJUk 

tl . 

I'erbapii you dido't approach him at 

the ziM.liigiral fuoment." 


away from the fro: 
iMis-lliIe. milH at 
ceiM-.! Inl . the ' . 
English wounded : 

fi-l as 


purpose . 

When the Case la Urgent. 

Arbitration is ustially moat ne^-ded 
when somebody declarea that then n 
■be answered with I nothing to arbitrate. — Wasblag'.oa 

I.J - r.iU electrilicl them 
' ■:- 'iorrie.1 til liliD. 
' '1- II. y dearr 
dry sob. 

■ooMSnMa the** angels sund betdda 
oa aitd w* do not see them, we ar« 
taken op with the darknesa and -he 

howling of the atnrm. It U a 
thing to he able ,„ look op to the In- 
flnlte Gr.d and aay, "I am bis." To 
make thla sUtement Intelligently and 
with a deep realiiatlon of Its meaning 
win give sigtiiscnnce and aolemnlty to 

IV. Paul, the Life Saver (vr. r .TT) 
Paul did no! Slop with simply n^^ai 
thai O.Ml was his. but went on to sty 
-AVhom a'ao I serve." Many snv •h.-» 
are Ovi s but do not prove it hy ti.^i, 

^ . to think 

and ap«^ of himself as •±c i^ r a„! of 
0«1 Otom^ 1:8; H TUa. la: Tittw 
JJon't require your fowls to b, th* I uiLi, to 
TicUm. of guess work any loSgeT ' to^^X^*- '"'^ "* 
Keep an account « lib yo.jr il,„-i,-, -pi,, .„ k* 
fair" win, the henn. Ihey dc-rve It ,h T'l"*' 
One of Ihe needa of tie iniultryman S ^. ^ J" ""j*.".'  ^ ifi 

a f. u ih, 

I., o 


rn. pmviUeil the 

li-ht and the iiiare 

It Is not ii. 
low it.s dlilr. 
' ut It is bet 

ti-r to leave the coir 1., . 
~«r the barn whi,;,,:';:;;,' 


Kftpirg (^oatl. 

(cntly oa the 
liver. Cure 



ncsa. and Indigealioaa Thiy do tbdr duty. 
Genuine mot bar Signaturs 


wj a big knee like thit, hut yoat hnnt 
inay have a buiirh or l rui»e on Kn 

.'-'• 1 One ot Great Ne«la ot Poultryman I. 1.. ^ *" " 

ky, Syat^n of Recrd^p1^7'Sl" '* i ^^jLlT^t^LllV:'::'. 

serving of Fair Piay. 

•I't ..II 

"II nirny 
li-* ..ihir 
'I'tt.y anl- 
'- Olid are 

jnkle, ti,.rt, liirtc. k, rr rr il - 


a system of accoontiag. It |s in,.. 

- vent Ihe fuiniliaent of f; -d « 

othenrtae to taow what you «f» doing "'O^ '"Uly a 

««"ug. ^ M^mficaace of Ood'a mrd 

^ ^ear aoi,; 


If the r. l, y 
" tint .W.t.s W-..I,. 
A -l.arp .....h . 

will p,. 

ci'U- tr.iuhle 

"jmpt.niis or 
examine his ti-e h 
ii'ing tongue or rhi-.-k 
-Jit crluding the food and 

will dean it at without laying up 
the hone. No bUslar, no oslr 
coo*. Conccntisted — only a lew 
K.utx dr."'* icHuued at an application. 12 per 

Book t M tree. ABSORBI.NF/ JR.. .t. ■ * 

WVK 1 m-Tifri f,rf Bitakiai, iHuCM ri i'il Sw 1 (S 
««'1M '.,„,. Kr„, SinfK. lio,-...- W..,.. . IM 
rt 1 r...-» II iaj a; I l.-ile iiiruiiiSi 

^ : • 'Il - -. 1- -     A : . 
W-F tOUNG. P.O I .j;01i-...mi S^iHoIisH! «11il 






liive Bklnneri 
jheltl lii'i'iiusB of lt» ilflkioui 
, fur thi'iu uiiil juu 

; .. :;i Iili lln'.V unlit. It 1^ II 

I, |- ,,1 III. In- ami liiij 'i'li-, iiii'l 
,,i»t. iliiiji iifrvtiij.s mill lirl 

I. Nil. 'I'lL' must I'OimiiuilfuI 

II . iiiiiU Unov.ii. Miulu tnrir 
i uriiiu «li««t. WrltB Sklu- 

, . I )iualia, NebN tor beau- 
i,„„li. It U Mat tn* Ui 

l,nn "Ceniut" of Bird*. 

■ , 1 Slali-s l»liilii;;iriil Miirvcy 
. , .11- jls tlilfil iitiniml i-uiliit 
, ii till' "Id ■ ( VDluiilwr cnu- 
.1,11 nUT Uie COODtlT- E"''* 
uiiilcrlBkeii to count the 

III. . illiik' piilrB nf iMirli ►pi- 
..n II xi liM lod art'n of 40 
uii.l till' niunt actually ron- 

. , niiincratloD at the mala 
.1 III till- ooiirne of ( few 
i.iim r''i* 'iiii"i'"""""""- 
. . thus iiiitiiliiiil i stliniii.'ii ara 
I..- lilril pniiulnllon In Hk" »a- 
. ,11111 of tliu countnr. Tbla 
survey Ih miikinf ■ apfdal 

bniln htiitKilcB from Iho 

,!,'si-ri imil iii'iuiitiilii ri'i:liiiin 
' , . St. and ulM4i friiui llm frtill 
. . f the I'aclfle coaal aoil Uio 
u iintic and OuK atatca. ^ 


,1 lrr,t.ition of the Scalp 
Cutlcura. Trial Frae. 

|r. roilrlof lilhtly touch apotaofdan- 

!;i'iK ami burning with Cutlfura 
., ■ : Nt'lt imuliliiK dtiiiiupuo 
 ,h!v wllh CuiU-tiru Soap atiil hot 
I Tboae iuper reamy emolllonta 
,iirh tn keep th« acalp clean and 
iiv nuil to prumote hair growth. 
. Kiituple each by mall with Book. 
. -.H pimii-anl. Cutli'urk. PepL U 
s.ilil i'viTVwhi'ro.— AdT, 


Band Saw'a Freak. 
II hand aaw Id ■ 8t Loota 

ni i ri.ko the other day. the acct- 
,• nil- iMiirki'd liy pi-ciillnr fiMi- 
, s .\s III.- Miw wnw iMiifiui; 
iu:li II larB" l«II I' "'■■"«» 
iiti  that waa Imbedded In tbe 
! nntl a» the hand waa trnrellnf 

111 111'. HI' up I «hi'n It •iiiiiipod. 

,, .1 .1 ,.f II liriik.i iilT iinil piiHst'd 
brmifb llie log na If "Imt f"'"  a Thii p«rt waa •■litht livt In i 
fritih and half of It proji'decl niiil 
1 It riiiMi' iral In B mrtp. it li to hi- 
lirnil'. il iluit Ihi' iilhor hnlf renialna 
111 in till' lug ill the aanio form. 
iK-rurrmce waf no laaa ttnaaual 
I ri'innrhablc. 


Things of Abundance, Spiritu- 
ally and Bodily, Always in 
the Savior's Path. 

piiiplt uriition of flue ayinpa- 

l lciiiritil effect a Cutlioilc 
I. J M ii il "Ilii' fo 't tlmt irmi 
uiiaiii.; till' mil s iitiil ilii  liaii'l tiiat 
pluck. ■'] til.' ...ra ' 111 tii. ir 
atiiu* upim lUi' iK'tiiuM 111' till.' t'riisit. 
What a virld idcture, Indeed, of the 
ChrUt i f wK'lul aervlni — the Clirlrt 
uf till' l.. autiful wulk imd tla- tliilat 
of biiiMitiiul Kiii- Lllii's fur iivuuty 
and corn fur kukIi'iiuik'v: What la 
there iiuirt! In life thiiu thcHu IliliiKii 
tliut htl' thi' tiyiubolB "f Horlul (forv- 

io'V Til.' liilssl.iu af ti I.. 

Ihls 111;.' .11 y.i. ial li.-i il Is ta pi .ni'a 
tlilliUfi uf Li'uuty for iliiis.' uli.isi' II. 
viniiiiuuut couirlbuti'M little uf xu. a 
and the thini^H uf pruvUluo ft r thov 
Willi \arU. 

Sue Clin til.' cluir.'Ii .l. l.-_ai.' tla 
st-'rvlc.'.'s. Il iili  if I'luuli'ii- t", 1'.' ill 
Kui'li'ty iu  hi' tliui sirvi'lli. lio must 
lie thi ri' 10 till' Kplrit of Ihv .Miisur 

(if ^.'l^, . ta 111" .'xl nil. Ill lifl'. 'i lie 

.-.(.-•■ 1 .a 1 : 111' itllUKS uf C..1U- 
u, II..' Irui.'-r Utilitl.'is (tf 




M.i ial s, rw. .■, .I.'su.- 
1.1 ui Hii.'ial f.rvl.t' 111 

till- luullllude uiid Iti 
- tin- tln iit I'hjsli'lau. 

a, Mar i.l s'.'aal s. r^l.'.. 

New Style In Matched Seta. 

f*M* rilla hen n«o4 
'lfn.'W a«li4 
Mmpi* 1.. sn T*mrl •u••^ N. v.- Adv. 

I Wrlftil't IndtAD V*r^l 

Uat "f U:,i* I**! ta'"' .laank'lf im 

Eacilemant Cauaad Dtath. 

A fiitiiiity of Htifoinnum ooi'urrcnre 
1.',,,. .iiT Iluriili' (Soitlaiid) bar- 
s'. a..' iliiyn UK"' mtil 'b " timlter «'«« 
iift. ru iir.ln rentllatnl In .-.Mirt Ibr.iut'li 
pr..«.'.'Utlim Inalltuti'.l atiiuait n wil- 
.. r f. r iiUi'nipted lulclile.  liiny pw 
a \. iiii.'Ks.Kl iba affair, aiming olbiri 
Inil nf leiiiliT youm namwl McWil. 
Illaiua. An ..nli. )k..r nimlly ]uniii«l In 1 
land feacuril the dmwnlnK i-.ililK-r. ai- j 
Ithiiiillh It wn» tinted that tbe latli r ] 
.•sl«lii|. Mi'WIlUama, taoarcTM', b - ■ 
Iciitiii' wi niirkwl up with exdtement i 
II.' vlini'd «hilt "ii« P'ltit! "n 111 
"iit.r IhnI III" lii'ri.'us i.yi.l.'ni 
.' »io. lie fell diiMU in a lit and 
1 an I bo "pet A peculiar tea- 
1 i.f the matter la that the aoldlir 
- hiiviil and aubwiiuently pniae- 
• .1 UK mentioned. 

It ts waliiirrlili laav Ms a part l« 

p:iO'iMl by cleveriii'iiH nf ilcsltriiliii; In 
the making of attnotlve clolhea. I'rob- 
ably the women who get the iniMt nut- 

isfiH'tInn out of tli.'lr p. rs..iiiil li.I.nii:- 
iiilis are th.isi* «liii iiiiv . .'lapaiatlv.'lv 
Mlititl lut'nia.'S III sp.'tiil .111 tli. iiiK.-lve.s. 
They niiint i-s.-r.-ls.. wits mal 
tJii'y bi'i'.iiiie observant ; tiiny learn to 
achieve Ktylc. This la more tbun aoiue 
very rtrh wninni Kncra able to do, 

Aprop.iM of tills. lliiT.' nr.- \.ry nli'- 
Kutlt lill.l Ini'Xp. a .U.' laat. li' .l s. ls, of 
two or thri'i' pU-it s.; ila- s,,,.,ri 
acce^HorleK which tlie woman of sn ail 
nieatia uses to i:r(-iit ndvaiitnt,'c. llaii 
and unci, plcn .i. nr •a'tu that liirlud.' a 
niufr. nia.l.* to tiiiilcli. iMiieieaH what 
the nii'r.-liiiiullslni; world oalU "cIiihk." 
Tlii'He n.'is II fl.\.r u'.a.aii will liiivc 
no trotil'l.' In liiaUliii; fur li.-rs. If. 'I'li.'y 
are UHiially comlilimtlonN  if vctvi-t and 
fur, nr velvet and allk for dn'iwy wear, 
or oib. r ninterlala for «iMirt« winr. 

A luaiplirc SCI Is illiistriitc.l b.'r.'. 
Ilii'lU'liai; a tiifluiii and scarf mad.' of 
ti'iv.t ili-mrateil with fur buuilH and 

niilKbed with omainenta. Darlt brown 
velvet, in n »trl|i nbont two and a hnlf 

yariN lain;. I« lined with l.r.iwn satin, 
aii.l II iiaial ..f a.av. r ur .itlicr fur l» 
set on at that isirllnn of Ilic ainrf 
which wraiis about tbe ahouldcm. 'I'ldn 
fur l.i.ii.l I* Hlwi lined with wiUn. Tiie 
. lals nf 111,' miirf are trimmed Int" 

I ...lilts, wii.ri- the fur termlnatea tbe 
s.iirf Is iinili.nil up and aowed to 
u liictiilllc i.r II. a,l. I .iniaiii.'iil. 

The lurliali Is 1. simple lull nrlflnal 
nITiilr wilh u tiund uf fur about the 

. ..r t. About a half yard of velvet 

Is fol.l 'il crosswise to fonn the crown. 

II Is i.'u.'.l tnt'.'tlicr aloiiu the fclvaire 
.'U-.s. aial wir.'.l. Til.' raw cilp'S are 
s.'K.'il Into the coronet. An ornament, 
like thoae on the acarf, ttnlahea thla 
ihIiI, attractive bat 

IT. iiy s.'t" far Rkallni; or other wear 
In 'niitry w.atli.r are made of cPl.'r- 
iliiwu or wiiite I'hinchiiln. 7'liey in- 
rlude a plain icuf, a cnp. and n niiiir. 
Hi-uvy white lephyr yam l« uhimI in i 
tlieir ii.ilsh and ilecorntlaA, and alinl- 
liir s.'ts ar.' iiiade In bright green, light 
l-r.avn or r.i.s*» color. 


Acroplanta for Kxplertra. 

'I'liiii.'N ore to lie liirluded tn the 

,,.i,| ai .if an cxplorliu; e\|ii' 

, Is s..ittni; out fr.uii liui uos .vires 
siuily n lltlle kiuiHn region wblih 
iiiilen Mar Cblqultu. a lake liavln| 
. ir. u of Home l.ikio siiunre nillea, bio- 
',.1 alinut XiO miles tmrtlnvest of 
. a..H Alrca. 11 l» liie la'llcf of the 
I Liter that with aeropiancH it "ill 
• iswulhle to accure panoramic |ilii  
.^niplK which will prove Invaltialiio 
a sIiomIiii; the t'liingraphy and ge- 
frii|.iiy of th.' .■..iiiitry.— Popular Me- 
l.aiilcs MiiKazlne. 

Fancy Canlna. 

"Yniir  vife ". ina fond of doga." 
"I .1,11. X Ilk «he really l». She 
..n't have a dog around unleaa h« 
.im more like a chryaantheroum than 
ilnea like a dog." 


i; says It IcfldK the world in ] 
th.' lis.' .,f nini'liitiery .llr.aily .Irlven 

etertric tuntnrs. 



and good digealion go 
hand in hand, and one 
of the Mj'pest aida to 
goml (lii^rstionianaBiH 
lar diah o( 


Thia wonderfully delicioua 
wheat and barley food ia ao 
proceaaed thai it yielda itt 
nouriahing goodneaa to the 
ayatem in about one hotir— a 
record for eaae of digealioiu 

r.ikc it all 'round, Grape- 
Nuts contributes beaulilully 
to slui,l,;-rD5 of Kindv and a 
radiant, happy personality. 

Every table should have its 
daily ration of Grape-Nuts. 

"There's a Reason" 

Already ribbon departments In the 
big oitv shops have begun ti  iid.l new 
luiurles. In tbe •'•.:;;■ "f  lres« ucoes- 
larles. In tlii'lr ills|)luys. Which 
ricans that the llrsi sU-iw of ITiristtiiiis 
liave arrived, fnr there la no part of 
ilie store which feels Its Inlluencc more 
than til.' rllilinn s.'ctlnn. 

H.ifc's all. I cusl.l.iiw uppropriute to 
tia iiisi lw s Just now are the major luirt 
i.r III.' a.'u sli.iu liiK-s. TIa'y arc pirccMis 
iiirairs iiiiHl.' nf riMn'iis tlial nr.' 
linKiiil.'.! Willi golil iM'd silver 
1111.1 la the wnnn deep colors of today, 
r.ul Imt's are a long story In thein- 
s. lves. ami there are so 

lean at tha RIMien Saetlen. 

■!!■!..'" lire net ailbe base of encji 

For tlie hulr tberaafc»the tisuul hair ! 
nf plain Ulfeivar faille ribhuu. 

nar^01^* satin border. 

Til. -re arc liiilr orim- 
n .1111. a. In. lulling but- 


.shouI.l.T strap. 


bows nf plain taffethier 

nfteii bavluK a 
for yoiitii; Rlrls. 
nients fnr nl.l. r 
terllles nf veh.'l ril.laii tliiil iiiny also 
be used for the e..rsai:i'. Then' nr.' s. v- 
ernl kinds of b.iws nhd tics of iiarmu' 
velvet rllilinn. niul tliere are many cor- 
sage ros. s linth In mitln and velvet 
Kikses iiii.l vlnli'is are shown for table 
dccorutlnus. aisn. iiii.l the iieneat nr- 
rlvals for this imrpos.' are rliibon poii- 

I liailip.. ' . l" 
I the .souls ,.( 

spt la.; I t 11,1 
. Mas 111.. . iiii ! 
! Ills 1. . ,M., . 
I has ai.i.i-iry 

■ 11.' ua- 11,.- . x. ai; lar oi s 

In 111.' a.i...i..I, aial :,.:.-iallc' 

Uiuullcr llial caused tile coiuin'il. p.'"- 
pie to hear bliu gladly. Where lie 
walked the lilies u|wpruiig nnd the 
corn msseliil liiin lauiurlly. .Not. iU' 
deed, lu uclilal lia i. lait in Ila' sin-' 
more than lllcrui, lliut wlicre la- w. i.t 
there was lieuutjr, the beuuly nf iinll' 
ueas tlmt gilds the life witli liie i;nld 

nf elcnail ivorlll. Wiiere la' uulked 
there W.I.' til.' tilings ol iii'iai. lance, 
even tlloUilU he iilliiself Piit'lit lie Willi- 
out where to lay bla head. In iiiiii 
waa Illustrated the tribute m uis.i.uii. 
Her wu.\s are ways of pleasaiitn.'ss 
uii.l all la r palhs are p. u.e. .\iiil no 
tears .-i.-r full from laorliil eyes so; as those from tla' e.\.s of 
til.' .li\iii.' S.iii of ( as lie w.'pt 
.i\.'r .l.riisiil.'ni, whose people were 
as si„ , |, witlinut a shepherd, 

II. a, . III. diurih needs to bold fust 
to its a.i-sa.ii .1 social service In liie 
nana . I j Hi.' ultriliutes and in liie 
si.ini nf the one without wiaiiu i 
there would he ,uo such things iis 
elei'Uiosyuary InslHutloiis, nnd noia ; 
of the fabric of charily iin.l lieia-v.. 
lence that exalt the uk.'. in Ha- il. id 
of auch service Is the least of cuiro' 
versy aud pure dogioatiau hecum.s 
religiiius scandal. The legend 
thai se.vicc in given liy St. Taul, 
••Kiir me to live is I'hrist." The 
method uf the service Is wt i.irili l.y 
St James: "fure religion and mi' 
dcQled before Ood the railier is 

tills, to visit the widow aial til.' or- 
|ihaii In tlicir allli. ti"ii iia i t.. k.-.'p 
 ourself uns| fn.ia III.' wurid." 
To Walk in Holinesi. 
The ladder of griice. nan.' w.nal. r 
ful than that let down from heaven 
for the un,;ei inliils'eri tn Jacob, l» 
that which Is t'i..rlll.Ml liy such rungs 
of ascent as that nf tli.' | t : 
"Wiiat doth God ri'quire nf the.' Put 
to do Justlyi low mercy and walk 
liiiMibiy with thy a«d;" and that 
nilar wonderful word, the word of 
J,'sU.s, tiie noldcii rule tiiut links so- 
.iiil sirvie.' tn divine saiu-lion In an 
eternal wedlock. Those who Blve 
only of bread do not give tlmt which 
nourishes. Slald the Master to the 
l, ii.|,i. r : ".Man shall not live l.y 
I.r, ail al'iiie. I.ut liy cv.'ly wanl that 
l.rac.'detli out from the innulii of 
Uod." For thoae who walk In hi* 
ways the bread la assured. Saya tlie 
lisalniisi: "iMice was 1 young and 
liaw am I old. yet have I not s *n 
the niihlcnus forsukell or his seed 
hegflug bread." Anil ai;iiln fniii the 
propliet: "Tbe young Hons do lack 
utal suffer hunger, but they that trust 
In III.' Lord ahall not want any g«od 

Christian Love. 

Anil liie s.'. r. t ui tills pmvlslnu U 
tail the ravens that fed Klljah, Unt 
111,' tnanmi thai fed Iho Israelites. It 
Is III.' spirit of charity that 1» spread 

iil.a.ail la tin' ll.arts of tlletl liy tUf 
ii.. |.. I. ami the aiiaintlnK of tile heart 
liy the spirit of Jesus, lu Uie early , 
daya, when men cared more for the 
bounty of Ood upon the spirits of | 
men thnti for the mint and cutiitiilti nf | 
relliilmis dlffereuces, It was rciaai ked : ■ 
"llelMild how these Chrlstliins lave mie , 
aiiotber." The iessoii of I'lirlstlau | 
love was tnuclit the luiirnns tiiioui:ii 
the spirit of lH'ii.'V..I,'iic.'. the spirit nf 
sallcllnd.'. III. spirit of .lialil.i .11. il Ull 
seltishliess. wlii. li wt-re tiie murks of j 
the early di-s. ipl.-sliii 

■.■jj *' -if.''".**, 
"-^' s^'^si 



$3.CC S3.50 S4.00 &4.50 & aZ^111% 

Sftvc Money by Wearing W. L. Douglas 
■hoes. Foritalebyovcr9000 shoe dealer*. 
The Best Known Shoes in tlie World. 

W. L. Dotiglu name and tht ret,iii prV? i; u^npcd on tiv l^f^- 
tom cf all shoes at the faajr '. Tl.^ val'je u gnjrai««J mi 
the veam- proteaei ag-iiiut high phcei f. r in^cnor ahoei. 'I:  * 
fffail prkei are the same cvetywhere. They cou no mora In Sjh 
Francuco thin they do ia New York. They an atw^ mmh tiic 
price paid for them. 

The quality of W. L. Douglas product it RuaranteeJ hy mot* 
thjn 43 yrar. r "vrifni-- in mil'in^'. f.w siuies. Th«* *inirt 
st\-\n ar« tl;r I- . !■•■, i- i'..^ l.i,'iii..ri Ontr*?s of AinrriCA. 
'riirv are m.! !•■ ' ' '• - , t'l.Mrv' .it llrtxJtron, Ma«-, 

hy the hi^hcit j .nj, iliici sliix;iiia*-i.*ts, uiijer t!ie dinrtiou and 
!.Li', er\'uion of experitikcd men. all working with an honcM 
lictinninadon Co makt the bert ahoas foe the pcica that money 
can buy. 

Aak TfMTthMdmlfrfnrW.Ta. nnnelna aho^a. ff b«fan- 

uot aupitljr juti wlih th« kliKl ytiii «)itii. tnkm tut ulhi^r 
ntnkc. M rile for lnl« n**finc IxMtklrt fi| l,itiiln;; 

by rvlurn mat), ixt-litga l'rv«. 

name and the retail price 
aUmped on tho boitonu 

^.^^afir^ S3.0O $2.60 i $2X0 

W. I.. laaijiU* sh iM.rii., Itr.*catnn,jlgjg;_ 



n'jiivi'liilte an ol.l orclnir.l 
'j.'t real money out of it, j 
was told li.v Dr. J, 11. Slerriil of the i 
i ntoinolii. . .k.parlnient of the atTieul- 
tunil coll : • at a rec.'iii tii.'.'tlti); of 
the Kansi .sitate llnrlii iiliiiial sndety 
In Doctor Merrill suld In 
part : 

"The fust steps to be taken In re- 
Juveiialii..' an old orclmrd depend 
upon the ■nil.' of the when tli.' 
work Is t.i lie started. If lu tin' 
winter, pruning will come first, but 
if In the si.rlng, spniylng. It 1» bet- 
ter, hov . v. r. to flurt with prunliiK. 
as this greatly simplify the spra.V' 
lug which is to follow. 

"Every tree Is an Individual prob- 
lem. are a few general prlu- 
clplca up il v iilch u man may work, 
but the - luima ..t the nialter Is fi- 
nally depeiiiletit on the grower's own 
Judgment. It l« well to keep la iiilml 
a general Itlea as to the kind ni ir.e 
you desii.' Btailly I" get. Tile jire-seuce 
of a lort" uuialier of dead, diseased 
and lirn. ' n lliiil s which must be re- 
moved lips. t plans In a .■. rliihl 
extent, I at . an la' liiri,i l.v "v. r- 
come hy eventually forcing new growth 
Into these vacant placea In the tree. 

"Ever.v tnan hna hia own Idea as 
to tlie I ' -I \^ iy 10 inune a tree. An 
elTectiv,- i..illi,,d Is 10 hi'fln at the 
lower jiiirt uti.l work your way up- 
ward, removing all dead, broken, dia- 
eased and overtopping llmhs on your 
way up. .\ftiT ri'ii' liliin the top of the 
tree, yo i ai" i" a iiosition tn plan how 
to make a tree nut of what is left. If 
thb tree Is old, the eliuia es are that 
It la high and therefore itupossilde to 
spray thoroughly. The liiuhs are usu- 
ally too weak and alender to support 
many apples aud It would cost more 
than the apples were worth to pick 
them, If there happened to be any. 
Theref re, while you are. In the top 
of th. ticc, head back these high 
limbs In such u height thot they may 
he ens Iv f[irnyed and that fruit eiin 
be iiiilied economically. 

•■Kucb cut should be alontlng, so 
as to shed the water, and abould be 
niiiile just ahove a lateral brunch. If 
the cut Is made In this wa.v. 111.' lateral 
bniii.h will serve i., .inn up tli.' sup 
ami the wound will heal over nicely. 
It 11 senerally acknowledged that the 
best applea are borne at tbe top of 
tlK- tree, hut wouldn't thla be Just as 
tru' if the trees were U loatead of 80 

fe. 1 liinh? 

•■.s^uiiliKlit is neceaaary If tha applea 


are In I' well. If. offer worth!, -i 
\wii,il Is r.'lniive.l, the tri'e still s.'. 'a- 
too thick, some thinning niny he ilmie. 
lint tan much w'nnd should not be ri" 
liiav.'.l at .111" lllii.'. Mnre sailsfa.'l.iry 

r.'.iilis Kill I Malii.'il if tliris' .v.'iiri 

ar.' iii wlikli to iml tin' It"' 
Into Kullsfaclnry shape, if possilile. 
however, snni.' of th.. eent.r liraie li.'s 
..slaiuld 111' taken out to give the sun- , 
Unlit an i.piMirtui.lty to fet down Into i 
the Irc unii enlar the fruit. | 
"As til" tr.'.' i-' in Its natural ' 
shile, lia r.' is a I'lilall. •' l"-'lw. i n 111" 

mot system aud the crown, or that 
pni'tlon above the ground. When a | 
large amount of wood Is taken from | 
the tr.'e, ns In tbe cu.-c o  li.'iivy prua- 
Ini:. this balance I.s ilisiurP.'.l. The 
runt system remains the same, hut 
there Is not enough wood above ground 
to utlllae the plant food which the 
mills liave stored; consequenlly. in 
f..lli'V,!tiK season u liiri;e tiuiiiticr nf 
wutersprouts will be put out liy the 

If the tree has been high-headed, 

Willi most nf the benrlin: w.ind at the 

top. 1111.1 this J.iu iaive'.'Ved In 

heuilliii; the tri e liai k, It will la' neces- 
sary to start same li.'w lieiiiini; w 1 

In the Inwer part of the tree. This . an 
he dune hy laaking use of the water- 
sprouts. I'liless they are too thick, It 
is well to leave most of them for the 
first year, but they should be cut back 
to three or four buds. By this method 
you will provide leaf surface enough 
to take cars of the plant food which 
the roots are sending up, nnd the cut- 
ting back nf the wiilersprnuts wiU 
cause tli.'in to i^' iiu.t spurs. 
Thus tbe bearing wod iniiy he 
changed to the lower part of the tree. 

"The aecond year the undeslred 
wntersprouts may he r.'in.ive.l. Tims.. 
which you wish in save fnr ]..'iiiiaii' m 
hearing wood should be left tilaut 1- 
Inches apart. The watersprouts whi. li 
later appear and nre not wonted, may 
he rulili.'d off when they are small 
liiids. (■llppliiK the ends of tho 
branches will lorce out new growth 
further buck on the limb and will also 
have a tendency to make the branch 
ihlcit.'n. thus .'iiiililliis It better to sup- 
port till' w.iKlii nf a crop of applea. 
Kvcry laaiicli should be cut ns close 
as possiljli' t.i 111.' iltali from wlilcli It ' 
is licinj: icninv. d. The Kr. at.'st cure 
should be taken not to disturb uuy [ 
more of the fruit apura than neces. , 
.sary as It takea a long time for theae 
to develop." 


fall Run of Distemper 

I. LY AVOtl/ED ; 
■uHlay M m-n. 
it !■ u »ijr . ' III 

II. MiTipIt', iiif'' I 

- II its« 

.Jii.'i Ml iJit AL CO.. DorroRS or animals. co'-MLt. iNa 

Then She Calted 

"nil, .!:Mk. I 
full'. -sMii-hl iii'W," 
\\\\* \\ sti.' 14 I'lriii 1 

"llnw'n l!t:[t'f " 
^U|■i ri, ^■. 

•Tvc Just liml 
pulU'd." Khi' iii  unii ili 

"Oil. (It'll!' "III-. Illf 

tccih imyiliiii;: 
ilmii Is iiuitt- jil'-iii'! !' 
h*T. "H" ym liiiil 

Him a Brut*", 

:.,'.l I ^1, ,1 t..- r■^^- 
■-:iii| til.-  -'iii.u wilt' 
I In-Ill III- iili-l s. 
vL.'.l li.T l,q-i.;m'l. In 

my ul iliim li'i-lh 

llli'Il Illlll Vl« |.HM 
t,, .),. Willi \\(s- 

i-r.v I. "'Ill In j'Piir 


head pulled. It couldn't make you n 
hit stuphller than you are now, you 

Cardul Wins Suit. 
After a trial In the Lulled Stntes 
District Court of ChlciiBn. hefore Jiiilije 

t'lirpeiit.'r and a I'.'d. 'nil Jury, tli.' Jury 

foUIlll tla' Alaerleiui .\l. 'ill. ill .Vssa.'lil- 

tlon Kullt.v of llhi'lltii; I'ar.lul. the wom- 
an's tonic, which they liiid deii.iiiiiced 
as a "nostruiii." 

This Is a viiall.'iitlou of the llledlcltlP 
and a i r ".r ilm It has merit, which 
was r.'.'o^ai.'.. .1 l.y a Jniy after a trial 

of tlir.'.' 1 lllis. Ola if th.' Inllk-i'Sl 

cUtI .-uses an r.'.'.iril. 

Many dnftors and cli. mists lesillled 
on both sides and the evidence totaled 
nearly four million words. 

New FIth Bait Declared Good. 
The I'nited Stntes lairenu of lisli- 
arlea rcisirts that on Ibe last cruise 
of tbe Kish Hawk In  'hi.*npenke buy \ 

saiiipli's of tTiiyllsh ni.'iil. put up In 
brill.', were ilisi rll.iit..l I'rali 
fishermen and deali'is. tniest its value 
and the possibility nt iniro.ln. lii'j It as 
a suhstltllte for sniiic'af tin' Imils mov 
nil 111.' niiirkct. Klsheriueii who have 
tii.'.l ih,' Krayflsh say Ibat It 11 a very 

giia.l lialt. 

Safety Firat 

Viiiiiii: i lieekly— Sir, 1 have come to 
asi, for tlie hand of your daughter In 


(Ihl ti.itmv— Hut. lay .l.'ar sir. she Is 
onlv n scllnnlclrl of twelve. 

Young L'lieekly— Vi s, 1 am nwnrc ol 
that. But 1 cuiuo early to avoid the 

, Tie Heit Ecesealctl Home Fnr Your Csj ) 
An Ol.trn m-tiil coveie.l lii.i.iH-  • 
»tili'lv an ! iiub«o.ntiol i.* \. a li.itn*. 
""vfiln,l,iai n ,' ,S,,i,.- I' .-v 1 ' 
I-. 1 Kiir 1,1 I '.r..'l.,-  ,,, ,1 l^tf 
iiriii'lHiJ ilrm," III ■ ni.i 
■nyri.i Everyllaia: ..',' Grt €» 
celalog Iwforr •rlci'tinK a em 'E^ 
TU ChekeaS Skad MMal ■ J InllM Ca. 
CleciaaaU, Obia 


Also otlirr kinds— write wants. 
List niiiiled — Fine values. 

CODLING, Northport, L. L and 
2 17 Broaaway. New York City 

Gash Paid For Old Bosks 

LlbrftplfH, amall cotlrrtlon** of dlrirl." books 
iK.iit'lit forninli. \ViiOl *'l biHilo a'l.i II Iii lUr^ 
Wiirof |t«l3, i;»-r.jlutlui :irT W ,.r. HUtor- 
If h, CiMiiity lli-lorif Karly Amt-rican 'lT»»tl or 
! »tiy furly Itfinii iMTtnlnknir u» the hlMury flC 
Auit-rlct. AN.iinlm »lliiuroUHltettiB prloMl !■ 
Aiiifri.-[i prrv|.ni«li  IMHi. Wrlti* UH ftUtntwhaa 
)uu tiuw. Th* Smith Book Co,. C BciBMll» O. 

Widow's Pension?. 

New hiw aivei title when msiiied prior (• 
)une 27, 190S. Remamed widows aasin a 
widow tleo beneCted. Write f« blanU 
Aek about Conlederale eervice. BVINJIBH • 
WILSON, Wliliinglaa.D.C. tMsblUkad IM«. 


Lire ir... |i, rtuirr und p.i'i irr (ir. i|iu rh l  flftl 4^ 

■laniH . Il' 1 itUpp T' Afuiiiur » ii.'" [Mtiking pjaw 

%\ jHi't . n«)ll«* «;ii.irsnif -i t»tA\ wiitk-'t MrMUlih 
tiiii*. itft'p iH'litluiii ■.ui.iii.iT, Miiiifr  ;ilM(« 
tiriiwltiK iHuium Umi t-  n i.-itr l,ifid 

auintltlri, Iwn trii. ip' |vi un.l It.i tn a. r#, • 
own. «n l la ui»rMl.iii , P ■« 

iii.t p.'iiun.-.i. ^-fiKi f.if I ki..i n,*iKii a 

tAllM - A.M' lluMMsS. IM' I'.M.A TKA. HA IUi»A 

n'lttion K, "nl»m«ii.WMa- 

-- ' — 


There Is No Positive Cure for 
Root Rot— Lives in Soil and 
Hard to Destroy. 


Tho love 

Our Goln0, 

that has 

guarded ui 

R. plying to an Inquiry as to theriiuse 
of unit trees liyiiii:. Ur. 11. H. l''.iil»'s. 
dlr.stnr of the Arlzaiiu iicri. ilHiiral 
eiperlment station, siiys: ".'^•i lar "s 
I can tell from your letter It 1 "'I'S as 
th.'tish your fruit trees were udected 
with root rot, which attacks the trees 
at a distance li. low the surface of tbe 
soil nnd works up t.. wiililn a f.'W 
Im laS of til.' .sul fa. .', ula li Ha tries, 

bdni: deprived of their mot system, 
suddenly die. Thla disease la favored 
bv i ver-lrrigatlon and lack of cultlva- 
tli ii Ihes.' being conditions which r.'- 
sul! in lii.sulllclent aeration of tli.' .soil. 
IniiMuuch, therefore, as mot ml 
thrives ^th InauffideDt aeration, the 
best preventive menaure Is to apply 
iutllclent. but not too much, irricniini; 
water, and to culilvnte ihor.'iiL-lily aft- 

through our lives, supported ua un ^^^^ Irrigation. These pr 

dcr trials, shielded us In temptatiou 
watched over us In danger, will not 
forsake us In the hour of death. The 
last leas wave will only bear ua gen 
tly home to tho dear onea who are 
gone before us and wait our coming. 

tuany of them i pies uiid rlhliou tuiliis. The popples 
i'tH Vec'ltaHiilcht lie continued and con- , nre arninsiil In bnsketa. biit the tulips. 
Unu;.;, hul never conclnded. I m mnny colors, stand primly up In two 

Among the pretUcst ilrcs 
are little over-bodices and uetllgcea. 

111,' liiiier nf Ince or net and rllibon. 

I I III,, hndlces is shown at tbe 

,.,.,,1, r of the piciiir... It Is mode of 
light pink hrocml. d rlhla.ii and Is sup- 
ported hy shouid.'r sirups, 'i'licre Is a 
fill. I. .1 flrdle of the riiibon nt the waist- 
ii,„. Hiilshed with a bow and ends at 
tii,' frniit. Cay little flowoTi made of 

nccrssorlea i rows sprii!!:liii.' from small boxes. 

Sailor Hata. 
The sailor continues to he the most 
foahlonable millinery abape for gen- 
eral wear. 

Embroidering Handkerehlpfa. 

Buy n dainty bar hnndkernilef of 
white linen and get aome heavy waah 

I silk I r •-•» ""• 

Kutllne til.' liars with n simple slltcb 
■and trim tlw clge with a fine ctosj- 
stltch. This work Is simple hut ex- 
] ei-etliUBly cir ectlve. 

Evening Bag of Satin. 

11 ...11 have n ynpl or more of hnnd- 
s,,iia' s»tln rllilioii ynu can canverl it 
liii.i a linndsoiii.' cM'iiiiii; Pai; hy u.siug 
I a UtU« time and sklU. Void the sulln 

atOTSS once and sew up ilu' three shies. 
I^ce the open ends and put a draw- 
atrtng through of allkell cord, the 
snme color aa the has. You may 
decorate one aide with a hand-palnled 
fioral design and work a garland of 
flowers fashioned of amall beads oa 
the other. Or feathers left over from 
an evening fnn, sewed on with care, 
will mnkc a handsome decoration. 

Making Life Hard. 
We make life hard for ouraelvea by 

our habit of counting the knocks nnd 
eiii|ihasl7.1ng all the leol sp.'ls ill 111. 
roaii. We forget a lianisaa.l la. r. a -. 
hut we renieinlier eva-ry .lisappoiiil' 
ment and carefully mark down .A.ry 
rebuff. We manage to s|ioll :i la". "'. 
siitiiiv days with the memory of one 
ciniiiiy one. Surely this Is worae than 

fnollstl ! 

Instead of gni al an.- at the hard- 
n.'ss of our lot. iii-i.a l il complain- 
ill- heciiusc wc Iwn' iie. ll iiskMl to suf- 
fer liiinlsiiip. It would be wiser to ask 
wh.'lher or not we have ourselves to 
Illume. The man wlm upsets th.' lior- 
nets' nest has la. rlcht tn .■.iinjilalti nf 
the stings. Oisl- \» not to liluiiie for 
our folly. The man who would live 
well must live wlaely. and there la | ,„j 
pleat V of aonsblne In life If we will u|j„ery. 
only wulk on the aumiy aide of the i 

will contribute materially to the In iilth 
of the treea. There Is no iiosltive 
rea. ily that can be suggested for dis- 
ea-. I trees and the Infectlan. slooe It 
liv. s in the .soli. Is very illffleult to get 
ri.l .if. Irrigate with cure, tlierefore, 
an ! cultivate thnrouthly In nriler to 
les a the lianimr.' as much ns ],,.s,silili'. 

Light Pasturing Will Dispose Of 
Many of Insects— Clippino 
Also Assists. 

The Pennsylvania deiinrlraent ol 
ngrlculture has received several In. 
qulrles recently from furiuers in tbe 
eastern counties about n worm work. 
Ing niinii the clover. The specimens 
submitted with these letters shi^w that 
the damage la being done by the larvnu 
of the clover leaf weevil. 

As y.'i th.'re l.s nn suci ssful meth- 
.„! nt I ,, this p.'si. liiit the fnl- 
Inwlng nu'thods will alienate the trou- 
ble to aome extent. 

Lightly rn»*'"'l'»f ♦he clover will ills. 
I„.s,. ..r'liiaiiy of 111.' Itiseiis. fnr th.'y 

a 111 eillii r I'.' eat.'II tiy 111.' stoclt or 

he killed hy iraniplnk'. Ll^■lltly dip- 
ping the clover with the ninwlm; iini- 
cblne will also help, hut It hiis ili.' dls- 
advaiilas'e thr.t i' Is |ios.«llil.' for tli.' 
w.Tiiis to live si'iiii' tiai.' nr iiiilil n"W 
cniwih has stiirK'd. hy feeilInK upim 
the cllpplnga that have fallen to tha 


Silage, Grain and Hay Should B« 
Fed to Gewa When Paaturaf 
Begin to Run Down. 

Dr. rwrr's "DK.M) MKIT" In in rltectlve 
meillclne for Wanas or 'I'apesoria ia adalu "ROUGHonRATS'Ta 
or children. One done ii luflloleat aad BO 
lupi'lcaientsl purtjc neceuary — Adr, 

Same as Home. 
Mrs. Willis— So your liiisl.ainl has 
gone to the border! llow dies he 
like It? 

Mrs. (illlls— 1 cui ss he feels right at 

Mrs. Willis— liidwil ! 

Mra. Oillls— Ves; he coniplalna bit- 
terly about the food. 

iiHiHucaa. Uatiraaal 

Important to Molhara 

Examine carefully every bottle of 
CASTCHlA.s safe and sure remedy tor 
Infants an I cliiliiren. and see that It 

Elgnature of 

In Use for Over 30 Years. 
Children Cry for Fletcher's Cnstorii 

The Evening's Embellishments. 
"Wiiy don't you Join our literary 

"1 don't piny cards, or dunce the 
mndern dances." 

No Place for Joket. 

"I see till' word 'nliey' Is to he left 
out nf the iiiiirrliiKe rliiial." 

"V.s. III.' eliiii'eh piiiple evidently 
tIaniL'l,; III'' riiiial was no pliire for a 

I,, I , ■ lli'l-O'II I'.'sl 

,l, .jri. IMaadS 

Method of Hiii Madneaa. 

"Vail say .Mrs Nnsiis wus her« da^ 
Ing my iiliseuce?". sulil tho supeclB- 
teiideiit of the lunatic asylum to th* 

"Yes, air," was ilie reply. "8ha 
eall.'d tn see abiiul liiHii'.' la r Imsband 

hiillie. Iilll II.' p.isltlv.'l.i I, llls.'.l t.i go— 
said he wnlllil nillief slii  laT.'." 

"1 iilway.s tlioitclit tlii'ie was sini*- 
thing wrong wlt)i that miin." said tha 
superintendent. "He Isn't craay at alt* 

When the Home Team Lost 

"Clinil.y. il.iir." salil .voung Mra. 

■1-nrkillS. -iln ynu la lli'Ve III glllng a* 

-.11111: I.l Hi.' will ol the iiiiijorltyr 

•■llf I'niirsi'. i':vel'yhndy dues." 

•■I heii wiiy dnesn't the baseball tma- 
pire try In nmlie ids decisions that way 

Good Reason. 
"Oh! Why dirt 1 ever marry your 
"Ilenmse I didn't know tiny beltar." 

Elusive Stove. 
"Has the fiirnaei' i!..iie nut. Brtdntr 
"II dliln'l cniiie llilough hnl'O, I 

r;,,i- all, I I'lilieies. 


Wa-.erina Placea in Most Pastures Ara 
Mara Mudhelea— Make Usa of 
Old OH Barrtl. 

.St pasture wateriiii; |ilacea arc 
nt. . iuu.ih.iles. It Is . a-y ti. provide 
ch'.ii water hy sinklai; n lara-.' oil 
buirel half way Into th" tmuial. Tla- 
earth around the barrel should bo 
paved wltb atonea or brick. 



WeiH sad unheilthv kidneys etuM » 
much ticliness end •utferlnl snd when 
, throoih neslecl or other ciuies. Udney 
j trouDle II permltled lo eonllnue. Itrlous 
I raaullimiv beespeeted 
— I Voorolherorone may need •llentlon — 

... order that best results rosy be ,„ur aidnev* •honiJ luve itiemion 
secured, silage, grain and hay should ant work 

A Trial Will Convince Anyone. 

Tliau4iindrt of people hive testified 


'lliat the liiiM iin.l 
j .Swainp P.'iot. the Ri.' 
j l lii.l.ler ri'lno'ly, i« " 
, It KtnniU the liis'li-'- 
rcsuhit in the m-'^t il 


Keep Supply of Bolts. 

Is cheaper tn liuy a n I supply 

Ita and nuts than to siK'nd 15 

be fed to dulry cows, now that tha 
pasture flehls ore fnrnlslilni: l.'s" fi" d. 
Ciirnlsneheopand cllli iciit aililiii. ii to 
grass. If tbe postures are dry w la a the 
com Is grei-n. If the mPk tlow ouC! 
goes down It Is almost Inipossll.le to 
nils.. It ai.-aln h.'f.ire Hi" neit fr.'shcn- 

liij; 1 1 ri.iil. If a i: I lairn is usiii les.s 

fied ivlli he reiiulri'd and better re- 
aults will be securetL 

If »ou feel thil vour klilneyt ire the 
eiuMofyaur ai.kncw or ron down con- 
diiion commcnee tlkim Dr. Kilmers the ire.c kidney, "ver end 
blidder remedy, beciuae If It provei to be 
■ he remedy you o.ed ind jrmir kidney. 
brSin to Improve Ihey will belP «ll  b« 
other orf sns to tieaUh' 

Prevaleney of Kldnay Olaaaic. 
I Uort people do not reilise the slarm- 
1 lag incteaie snd reniiirliahle prevsleacy 
' of kiJaoV di"'!"' Will' lii'lni'V -I'" 
orders src! the m:-'. r,,iiaii.,n iln- 
thnt prevail, tliey ere sliiia't the 

inediste effect af 
t l.i.laey, Urer snd 
.a i.'ili/.'il snd thai 
t'.r ll- r.'ir.ivrksbla 
Irr'-ili,: ci.el. 

Symptoms of Kidney Trouble. 

.-wiiaj' It, 'lit is not r.'.'iimmended for 
I'v.TvlliHii; liut if you siiirer from sanof- 
an lili.ller trouhlea, Ir.'inealiy pusiag i.ik'lit oiiii dny. aiiiiirting or irrita- 

',',11 ia i.osini;. 



la— . p, duj.'-Ii 'II. 
iiii-n.'*". henrt .ii-'ai 
kiilnev troniilr. skai 
hl.ioil. neiirnliiai. il 
hloatiriit. H I,ial  . 
luck I.f aial'lli' a. Iii.i 
Haw . , nil'li IKin 

It All Helpa. 

The farm hay or girl likes to live In 

^ a good hous.'. Tbe call of ilie city Is 

SintitM en^ Mma  )no la wanted tak- 1 largely a call of the better house, the t,,' p,iienis. i«.*o i«iia^y j y„„ ,„ 

Inc It out of aome other piece of ma- 1 house better adapted to being made a tknmtlvtt vnih rforwrfsg «« p».mp Knot i« 

tfia: while the erigintti diuau ««■ 
I stantiv oadennines the lyitem. 

hark, din^ 
le.«ne«, ner^ 
.lui: 1.. bad 
,14 frais Uc4 
nil. litnihaeo. 
a out If'lilig, 
... of tl.'ali or 
traiiiile in its 

t home. 

Ueekneas Is linperfirt. if it be not 
both active aii.l leisslvc. li'mllnc lis 
to suhdui' our own,i 

Scrub la Unprofitable. I Salt Supp:/ for Calves. i 

Neither the acmb nor the poorly-fed j Keep salt v i,, i" th,. . alv.-s can have 
aatmal can pay a reasonable prodt i free nc . -s t.i ii. Tla 

worst f irm may he aLnling npoa »«s. 
8wamp.Root la Pteaaant to Tika. 

already cnnvitif?.! thai 

wh.Tt veil III'. 1. ^OV 

purchaae thi- reiialir Hi '"1 
jdollir sire ballh-a nt M  iruB alorci. 



.1 the mlu- 

:id re- ] 
as well as to hoar patient- 

ritova it* care and feed. 

I cral mutter which It cniitains. 

at the back. 


Community ComforL 
CTeanly condldaoa count for 
munlty conftnt. 

' Thunder Daean't Sour Milk. 

I Thonrter doesn't sour— not if 

1 tha milk has been pnperty cared fOTa 

.p. ;i.i«o..j~..:5tK:,r^?-'"^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

 j.a.AaxiU JlXJJliXI I 

Intlnciices linv(  hcen nt work 

i '■•'. I h c 111 

t ;•■ -nirTi' 
THr V 

Worth Careful Thought 

Do  -ou read the label to know whether 
your baking powder is made from cream 
of tartar or, on the other hand, fioin ahnn 

or phosphate ? 

Royal Baking Powder is made fixxn 
cream of tartar, derived from grqies, and 
adds to the food only whdesome qoalitiea. 

Other baking powders contain alum or 
phosphate, both of mineral origin, and 
usvd as substitutes for cream of tartar 

because of their cheapness. 

Never sacrifice quality and healthful* 
ness for low price. 

Mew York 


Mrs. Aubrpy (.'(is^-ar. writing from 
the Huirhos Alliancr s|iccial train  lo 
!u\r. or as Henry Waltorson says. 
";iu irr.'Aiu. cori'iiH- 11 *";iut (le rpifupur 
ft if'tiTa." ha.- tlii.'- t.i -:iv: 

"ln.-!ilo till' -tatiiii., at carefully 
jtlanntMl intci-vals, \\vi- - ^uunt; women 
bcarinK banners with anti-Huehes 
sentiments inscribed, and so much has 
been saiil abuut the jewels, furs, 
feathers and general opulcncp of ex- 
penditure of the women traveling in 
the Hughes ^pe(i;(l that a -hoclv must 
lirive Iteen . \ |k rienccd \iy the atiti- 
llu^i. u-hen the fifty rather 

severely u'owned Women wended their 
way through the station." 

But what does it amount to if the 
little sisters of the Dig Business hi le 
their "jools" while tripping «cross 
the continent? One does not wear 
cliamimii necklace w ith a pear shaped I 

Maude, and see what the de luxe lad- 
ies spteial wear when the occasion 
warrants putting on lugs, and taking 
otT cullarettes. — Frankfort State 


Painted by Pasquale Farina, the 
Noted Artial of Philadelphia. 

The portrait of Got. A. O. Stanley, 
painted by the noted Philadelphia 

arti t. Tasquale Farina, was hung in 
t'-.-' ror.nis of the State Historical So- 
citty .Moiui i . I: occupies a position 
by the pnrtrii: i-t" i;.'nri:e Washington 
which was restored by Karina. 

Tasiiuale Farina brought with him 
also a portrait of Mrs. Jennie C. Mor- 
I ton, regent or the Hiatorieal Society, 

which was hung in the Kentucky Hall 

pearl pendant as lar«e a., an alllKator | „, p,„^_ j^^^ ^-^^^ ^ ^ 

sitidn by the side of General Helm. 


pear, or a pair of alligators 
Aphrodite cominK"K)Ut"Of" the -- sea 
gown, when trareling on a "nosty" 
railroad train. It would be "au grat- 
in" or "lylnnaisc" — to follow the 
mood of Harse Henry — even quite al- 
together "pomme dc lerre" In .1" -,. 
But come into the garden (p;iii.\ i 

.Mrs. W. A. Langford and Mrs. G. 
1). Smith Hill hold a Silver Tea. Sat- 

ii"l-!' ii't' i re-'-r; frv.y. to !i ..'clock. 

FaulOess Rubber Goods 


Stockton's Drug Store 

Mr. Tobacco 

St nil ;i postal for informa- 
tion refjardint^ the 

$1,000.00 . 

To Be Distributed At 


November 23, 24, 25 

Address W. C. McDowell, 
Secy.' 620 S. Broadway, Lex- 
ington, Ky. 

H ^llM^  ll H  | lll'» H H »li| H   t l wil l 



This Seasiin, hut we have them Rea- 
sonably priced because we buy them 
early, and give you the advantage. 
The NEW Browne ami Drawn Com- 
bination* with many ulher Attrac- 
tive alyles will please you. All kind* 
of Shoes correctly priced, will be a 

sinmi; f cut are nf tins store. 

Ilring III!' »li»le I'A.MILY— ShocH 
for all. 



Rice & Arnold 

"The One Price Hodse" 



Your neighbor brings back your bor- 
rowed books. 

Your cook get* 'round in time to get 

Vour dear friend fnrgeti; to remind 
you of year faults. 

\'(.ur other Hear friemi forgets to bor- 
row a "\'." 

I'hat otlier fn. iicl pays Irick three or 
four -V," 

"i'nur Itusbaiul liot s not tell .vou of the 

biscuits "mother used to make." 
Your wife does not keep you waiting 

until you are late for the ahow. 
Your grocer does not work off stale 

vegetables on you. 
Vour banker says nothing about 

"cold' cheeks, 
Yuui iMutui .;.» - i leriiliiii yuu where 

you are goiiiK. etc. 
Your creditors tell you you needn't 


Vr.ur husband doesn't go to the lodge 

every ninht in the week. 

We uoli't liave any troubles to tell 

the p. .lie ie.;ifi. 

We won't have any policeman to tell 

our troubles to. 
None of us will want to l e President. 


Women uill play a part in the elec- 
tion till.-, fall. N'ot only in tlie states 
in whieh they can vote but also in tlie 
states where the ballot is still de- 
nied them, will they be heard. That 
they will be granted the sulTtage is a 
foregone conclusion. And why not? 
Are they n-.t as well qualified to cast 
an intel!i.:int li.illoi a- the men? Arc 
they not .i  puie in thought, as high 
in ideals and a.- full of integrity? It 
is only the men who fear their potcn- 
tialitiec that want to deny them the 

We have nenr beliered that all the 
good thing! which it is ctolmed will 
come alwut by their having the bal- 
lot, will happen. They will be absorb- 
ed by the old parties and their identi- 
ty will, in a measure, be loit. They 
must play the same tune that the 
band ia tooting or elue their instru- 
menta will be taken away from them 
and they made to go home and prac- 
tice. However, they will have some- 
thing to say about the music that the 
leader selects or else there will be a 
m«- that will outdo the Touer of 

We welcome you one and all. Come 
in and make yourselves at, home. 

Straw Vote. 

The ( 'ineliinati'-s Kni|uirer'9 8lra» 
vole sliu»~ WiiMiii anil Hugli » run- 
ning nl|  anj luck in Ohio, Hughes a 
•light lead In Indiana, Wilson a big 
favorite la West Virginia and Uugbea 
not In It Id Tennessee. Well InfornMd 
people say that Wilson Is dead sure to 
cairy Uhlo, while Imliana Is con- 
tldently claimed for Wilson. l(e|iori» 
from New York kbv thai ihc Dciii 
ocralswill carry the siaie hy al least 
loU,OtW and thai Hughes money in sliy 
when bets are oOleied. Kvery Iblng 
seems to be working logether for those 
who love the Lord, 

Social aut. |l. 


For Sale Or Rent. 
My houaeon Collliu Bt. Apply to 
8.S0-tr. MiM Bbllb Maaca. 


Al TheALIAHBRAiillKAIler- 
iMBS, ui It Ike OKIA 
HODSB at NliU. 


Wm. Fox presents his new star, 

.lUNE CAPRICE, the blonde beauty, 



A refreshing story of the big out 
doors, filled with romance and adven- 
ture. Also DILLY BURKE in the 
19th episode of GLORIA'S KO- 

BARNEY BARNARD, creator of Abe 
Potash in "Potash and Perlmutter," 
mill be seen with James Morrison in 
Vitagraph's latest comedy— 


There's not a nook within ti . elimn 

But were an apt confessional for one 
Taught by his summer spent, his 

autumn gone, I 
That life is but a tale of niorniiig 


W hither a  eve. From sec - ' f art. 

wliic'i ciiase 
This thought away, turn. il "ill' 

mirthful eyes 
Feed it 'mid nature's old iijcities. 
Rocks, rivers and smooth l ikes more 

clear than glass 
Untouched, unbreathed ujii" Tlu ice 

happy quest « 
If from some golden pen ■ ' a-pen 


October's workmanship to i val .May. 
The pensive wart)ler of the ruddy 

This moral sweeten with .i heaven- 

taught lay. 
Lulling the year, with all ts cures, 

to rest. ' — Wiiiilsworth. 

Mr. and Mis. Kred ' 
i teii home thi.- week. 
Mrs. I.e«is Xeale. .Mrs. I.e»is 
VVeLsenburirh. Mrs. .Seal- H. ""eU am! 

Miss lluth II - 01 " ■! '■' ' •■^""^^ 

ton to attenii IS ■.•ran. I opera. 

Mrs. Hettie Kmbry .Mills. « ho lia- 
been vinitinu- rclaUvcs in the county. I 
and friends at her old home 
Mt. Zion church, has relume.i to 

President T. J.  'oate- m.l 
roates went to LexinLieii .' .iiiit'l-i.' 
to he pn'si nt at the e.lucational meet 
„,^. n„.y «, i,. ;,.ii.nir:in.e.l b. th.i. 
M ir-, anil .\aron t'oates. 
1 1  ided the Grand Opera in Lexington ; ' ^ ,^|__| Million, C'yn- 1 
r ursflay night. ( -hia l avi-on. .Mii-ee McOougle. Mary | 

 ;. Covington, Lillian Smith and Hull' ' 

.Miss Maigaivt Parrish entertains | 

or 'i'uesilay afternoon with a Lunch- 

ctn Bridge. i 
• • • • 

Prof. amL.Mis. (has. A. Keith were! 

in Lexington .•^atunlay to attend the | 

ei'ucational ineetinir- 

Ni.rernor ami .Ml-- 1 o-i i .iml .M 
leani. Yager have been the ^ue Is of 

James VV. Caperton this week. 
Mr. anil Mrs. S. J. .Mcliaughey at- 


I .nil 


MUl Fi 

Alpha Xi Dance at llni e 
The Alpha Xi Delta Krai 
tertiiined on Friday from 
with a ilance in Huell Ann. 
fniversity of Kentucky, 

The ball room was dccoi.. 
the fraternity colon, en. 
blue and gold, with streamer- 
ting festooned from the beam 
central lights, golden rod an i 
leaves. Rowers with pair 
and drapperies « ere urrangi 
of the hall with seats for th' 
one.s and thoi*e not dancing 


at till 



e a V o r 
of bun- 
I. to the 

-. ferns 
.it each 
■ inil al- 


MONDAY— At Alhambta matinee 
and night. Triangle Plays. 

I lilHAV - Karl Williams in 
.Si AIll.KT KL NNF.Ii." 


.SATURDAY— The world's greatest 
ltd most mysterious detective .series. 
KAN'TO.M.A.S." in three parts each. 
W MI run for live weeks only. Each 
episode complete. This will be added 
to our re^^ular program. 


"RE.MO.VA." a m.-.. il reel pro- 
duction from Helen Hunt Jackson's 
li'-iorical anil romantic story of old 
California. Spinal orclicbtra will ac- 
company this featurs production. 
Watch for U»e date. 

so for the table where frappe was 

Music was furnished by a saxo- 
phone trio and a buffet supper was 
served at S o'clock. 

The were the nv ' ;lM-rs of 
'111- .\i I'lLiptei ..iiil the alii!: ' anil 
the alfail U.I.. line of the mo ■. (leliicllt 
ful of llie M-a-en. 
.Among pi-escnt wen : 
Active Chapter— Misses .Margaret 
Tuttle, Ruth Weathers, Stella Pen- 
ington, Jane Pickey, Hlldied Graham. 
Robbie Douglas Wilson, Zulu Fergu- 
son, Austin Lilly. 

Alumnae — Klizabetn Wacldy. 
Mao- K. Venable, Ula Estcs. Kath- 
leen Sullivan, Noiah ^famOton, Anna 

Oiaperones— Dr. and Hit. IHittle, 
.Mrs. Roger Jones, Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. 
Grant E. Lilly, Mrs. Henry .S Harker, 
Captain and Mrs. Fairfax, Deiin .Anne 
i. Hamiltiin. Miss Hopper, Mr- Pon-h 
an.1 .M:-.- ile.ina.^. 

(lue.-t.- Mi.--e.s Duncan Fn.^ter. of 
Hichnionit; Nan Crawford, of Louis- 
ville; Elu Hamilton, of Frankfort; 
Zerelda Noland, Katherioe . Tuoker. 
Ethel Fletcher, Genevie MoToy, Anne 
Katherine Christian, Anne Mollor. 
Dorothy Middelton. Margaret Wil- 
kinson, Emma Vories. June Crawford 
Elisabeth Torch, .luliet l!isi|ue. Vir- 
ginia Helm Milner. Virk'inia Croft. 
\"iri.'inia (Iray. .Mary .Stephens.Rober- 
ta liroen. Maude Asbuiy. I'auline Ir- 
vin, Margaret Lair, Ada Hardesty, 
Lillian Grundy, Amy Dietrich. 

The other guests were about one 
hundred and fifty men, students of 
the University representing the var- 
ious fraternities.— I.iexington Leader. 
• • • • 

Woman's (Tub 
The Woman's Club is deeply in- 
debted to Mrs. Waller Bennett for the 
very delightful program given by 
her department on Monday afternoon. 

The meeting was opened by the 
president of the Club, Mrs. Charle 
A. Keith, and after the usual routine 
bUFinesB, the chair was turned over to 
Mrs. Dennett uhii gave a brief talk 
on her travels last winter. She then 
introduced Mrs. Arthur Yacar who, 
in her graceful nianner, gave a beau- 
tiful and poetic description of the 
"Vegetation of Porto Rico." She 
was followed by Miss Mamie fiibson. 
one of our most versat i writers, 
whose subject was "I.aml-cape (lar- 
ilening." .Mrs. liilhey Vokins. whose 
love of (lowers anil beautifully kept 
lawn makes her an authority on such 
mntters, next read a paper on "Flow- 
er Gardens of Englaiid.'' 

Having lived in that land, her sub 
ject was treated in a style oausuaiiy 
interesting and entertaining. 
. - • • 

Mr. ai'.il Mr-. .I.ihn .Steel,, announce 
the engagement of their daughter, 
Ailye. to Mr. Allen Zaring. The mar- 
riage will be solemnized November 
l&th. The event will be very quiet, 
only immediate relatives being pres- 
ent * 
« • • • 

Wednesday the D. A. It .SUte Con- 
vention, was held ill Louisville, con- 
tinuing thniuirh Timi—I ty. Mrs. 
Christopher 1). Chenault n iile the i-e- 
sponse to the speech of welcome, giv- 
en by Mr. Thurston Ballard. Mrs. 
Chenault, who is a gifted and bril- 
liant woman, is the former State Re- 
gent and also the Regent of the 
Boonesborough Chapter al this place, 
being its founder. Kieswhcre in this 
issue is her address in full, an address 
of which we all feel Justly prond. 

Mr. t'n»eil .Sinip.-on ami .Miss I.ena 
Seiiooler were married on Wednesday 
afternoon at three o'ckick by Dr. E. 
C. McDougle. The young couple arc 
well known here, Mr. Simpson being 
formerly connected with the tobacco 
buyers, and Mrs. Simpson, whose 
home is in Garrard county, has often 
vi ited here. Tliey left immediately 
after the ceremony for a short bridal 

^^•^ . - - » Josephine Chenault leaves 
.M.mday for Ashley Hall, Charleston, 

y utli Carolina. 

Mrs. A. K. Cars,-, of Lexinglon. was 
II llle city the fil.-l 111 the week. 

Mr. Chapman. Sutn ivi or of Rural 
S, was the t'uest of Dr. T. J. 
C« ates this week. 

.Mr. Buford (iomdcy has returned 
to Vii-ginia after a visit to his mother 
M.S. W. C. (iormley. 

Misses Julia ami C itlierine White 
wi re rall id home Tuesila  on le count 
,if the death of their father. Mr. Hoy 
I'. WhUe. 

.Mrs. C. 1 . Chenault. of Lc.\ington. 
,M s. Lucy Johnson, of Woodford 
•ojntj. and Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, 
i.f l.cxington. motored over Monday 
1.. Im- present at the Wooilrow Wilson 
rl lb where .Mrs. Chenault spoke. 

.Mr. Ceorge Dun lap Hopper was the 
wi ek-enil gue.-t of .Mary l'li::u- 
bi-'.h Lackey. 

Miss Lucile Cibbs is making a 
month's visit in Lexington with 

.Mrs. Jennings Maupin is in Paris 
fii.' a visit to her sister, Mrs. Wil- 

111*. .Sam Jones was in Versailles 
.Monday to attend the funeral of her 1 
cojsin, Mr lla.iiiioinl l.annon. | 
.Mrs. A. I!. Kuniam is in Louisville* 
it. ending the 1). A. R. Convention as 
a delegate of the Boonesborough 
' " ia|iter. 

.Miss Duncan Foster reached home 
ye. terady from Lexington where she 
has been the guest of Miss Austin 


.Mr.-, lin.lir leaeheil home tiMlay af- 
ter a visit to Krankfoi-t 

.Mr-. Hart, of Richmond, Va., is 
visiting her daughter,. Mm. Thus. 1). 
Chenault, Jr. 

Mrs. William Watts and .Mrs. Tlios. 
Br 'ant, of l.exington, leave for their 
home today after a visit to Mrs. H. 
M. Blanton. 

.\Irs. Douglas Purrish is visiting 
Mrs. S. J. McGaughey. 

.Mrs. Hsrry ,pianton was hostess of 
the' Cecllian Cliib on Wednesday af- 
ternoon at her home on Breck avenue. 
The subject of the program, a most 
beautiful one. was "Russian f^ong 
Writi i ,-." :i;i l th'  '■.i'l.-i\. ing niemlii-rs 
took part: Me.silanies 1. (i. Itallard, 
Ixslie Kvans. Paul liarnani. II. 1... 
Miildelton, T. D. giennult, Jr.. M. C. 
K' llo-;i;, Harvey Chenault, S. J. Mc- 
(iaughey and Miss Mary D. Pickets. 
The outside guests were Mrs. Wm. 
Watts, .Mrs. Thomas Br -ant, of Lex- 
ington, who are with Mrs. Blanton; 
Mrs. Hart, of Richmond, Va.. who is 
visiting her daughter. .Mrs. T. 1). 
CheiKiiilt. Jr.. ami .Mrs. Ileuiilas Par- 
rish, tlie guest of .Mrs. S. J. .Mc 
Kaughey, and Miss Diana Yager, the 
giieat of Mrs. Paul Bumam. 

Profs. Bridges, Caneer, Robinson 
and Miss Anderson, of Caldwell 
High School, attended the education- 
al meeting in Lexington. 

.Mrs. W. 11. Griiler i- visiting 
friends in i-'rankfort. 

.Mrs. H. [). Hargir is sojourning at 
I'rendh Lick Springs. 
.Mrs. Moran, of California, is vi.-iting 
.Mrs. James Shackelford. 

Mr. and Mrs. F. M. ."Stiver returned 
this week from Dayton, Ohio. 

Mrs. Julian Tyng leaves Saturday 
or Tuesday for Buffalo. N. V. 

.Miss Kniina llendren .-pent last 
week in li-vine with friends. 

.Mr. Allen Zaring has been in Pine- 
ville and Harlan this week. 

.Miss Willie Kennedy visited in Lex- 
ington anil Cincinnati this week. 

Mrs. T. K. Hamilton is visiting in 
St. Louis. She expects to he nbsent 
1 .ih'iut ten (lays. 

Mr. Bamett Chenault will remain 
in liichmond a week or t.Mi before 
reutrning to Panama. 

.Misses Cynthia Davison and .Mad- 
rue .Ferris attended the grand opera 
in Lexington. 

Gov. Yager is in the southern part 
of the State where he has been call- 
ed to spesk. 

Mr. and Mrs. ...Scott, of Lexington, 
arc visiting Mr. W. S. Oldham, Dr. 
.ind .Mrs. Pattie. 

.Mrs. Vance (nee Miss Nancy Ter- 
t-yl, of Bowling Green, is visiting her 
parents in this city. 

Mrs. Mamie Bennett spent Sunday 
m Shelbyville wiih her brother, .Mr. 
faiiily Chenault. 

.Mr James Denny, of I'aint Lick, 
was the guest of .Mr. A Ion Denny for 
the OIlie James speaking. 

Mr. Wm. Insull ha- had as liis 
guests this week, his father anil 
tnoUier fro.-n New York City . 

Mr. and Mrs. Lilly were the guest.s 
if their daughter. Miss Austin Lilly, 
I'or the grand opera Thursday even- 

Mrs. D. B. Shackelford and daugh- 
ters. Misses Klirabeth and Callic Mil- 
ler Shackelford, left this week for 

Washington City. 

Me .-r . (1:, K.iiifoian. Alex Doty 
and (ireen Clay Walker, of Lancaster, 
come up to hear OIlie James' speech 

'Sarnes formed a motor party to l.i 

louton Thiir.-'lr. alteii.l the o|i"i:i 
Mi..s Mlliiue 11,.:, )i. . ■ 1' ,- nt.i . l-i'l 

,!„.iKe of tlw Wr..t.T;; ! ::::'" ^ 
,rapt eflice at Stanfonl 
SteMaM Carson, the regular oi « r,i! 
•, as :• nienituT of the parly of 
Mi.-s Johnnie A/hill. 

.Mrs. Mary W. Sullivan and Miss 
Katlileen Sullivan, head of the de- 
iiartnient of Home Economics of the 
l-:iistci-n St.ite .Sormal. allcmleil the 
■ ilueatioiial meeting in Le.vingtiin 
Ki iilay anil Satunlay. 

On We.liie.silay. OctolK'r IMh. a 
iM-autiful little il.lughter arrived at 
the home of Mr. ami .Mrs. J. I.. Cham- 
bers, on Lancaster avenue. She has 
lieen given the pretty name of Ui 
Royston for her mother. With other 
friends we extend hearty congratu- 

Mrs. Chanilli r. V    ■ of the lie« 
iia-tiir of the .Methi.ili^t rhutvh. ar- 
rived last week. They will go to 
hou.-ekeeping in the parsonage in a 
few days. Their son. .Mr. Stonegate 
Cliandler, paid them a short visit the 
first of the week. He has been in the 
M:.rine Corps for the past eighteen 

:l,.n;,L- l; .li. I.e |i:i.--si'.l the .   

.11, ..t,..e S, , 1 l.'ellti ■: : : 

tjuH, a I,: e TI i-.iiil for a t«eiit\ • 
year old i'oy. lie will return to \^ . 
iny.on by Ttiursili; ami ,in Friila:. 
foi .S'ln Domingo 

.^llss Hester t oviiigton. of U'x.i 
ton, s|ient the week-end with her par- 
ents in this city. Klla (irigirs. «ho is teachini.- 
near I'alinoiitli. is at home to .-ee 
her niece. .Mis- !.a Uoyston Chamber,^ 
Alio arrived lust week. 




State Bank & Trust Ct 


§ Insure Your Tobacco in the 
2 barn with L. P. Evans. 


Treasury Department, I.'. S. 

Public Health .Service. 
Washington, H. C. Aug. 25. 
Dear .Sir: 

ti'i aii-i,unt of the -liol-taire in the 
pa;i.-i niaiket .,t ),.i- Iwronie m ,-- 
saiy t,i curtail the mailing list 
the Health \e \s. If you desire your 
name to remain on the list please no- 
1 tify the undersigned at once. Fail- 
ure to receive an affirmative reply 
promptly will be taken as evidence 
that you nn longer wish the Health 

Ne« s. Respt., 

RuiM'rt Blue. 
Surgeon (ieneral. L'. S. I'ublic Health 

L. P. Evans 

all kinds of 


Will Loan Money On Farm Land 
At 5 Per Cent. 

Southern National Bank 


i om this you see that Ciu l. 
is getting economical and he give- tin 
irasons for it. IT IS THE SHOKT- 

For this rea.ion we, too, are com- 
pelled to discontinue ail complimen- 
tary papers which we have been send 
in; to foriner employees of this olTa c 
aini ministers. 

A famine in paper is predicted. 

.\ll in .Mt SterlinL' who cnjoyeil an 
aciiuuintance with Hon. Dan .M. Chen 
:uilt were grieved when the news 
came that he had passed auny at his 
home in liichmond, after a long ill- 
ness, during which everything possi- 
ble was done for the sufTerer, but to 
no avail. 

Mr. Chenault was about .'ifi years of 
.ige ami M.I.- a menils-r of one of the 
largest anil most influential faniilie.- 
"f Madison county. lie «a, twic 
(iiiirrieil. His first wife, who pre,-. ,1 
«i him to the grave many years 
was a Miss Barnett .of .Madison coin, 
t.v. and to this union t«n chililnn 


w. w. 




Sand, Lime 

Cement, Brick 
Sewer Pipe 



were horn, J ?en and a iI.iuuIiIit. 
a ith of whoC^surt'ive him. About 12 
yi ars ago he was niai'rieil t,, .Mi-s 
Klizitbeth Raid. daui.'hier of the late 
Hon. J. Da Ai Held, of this county, 
■vho survives him. • • • • . 

It Kiif a pleasure to know and have 
the friendship of Dan Chenault. An 
interesting conversatinnalisi genial, 
gentle and generous, he had the fac- 
ulty of attnehirg to liini-elf by ties 
of Harm allecli .n. tl,.. e witli "whom 
he was thrown in ci,iit;iit. :i,,,I in :, 
•vide circle he v ill !i i, , 
missed! A gentleman in ti e 1 :,,.,. i 
.sense, courteous and considerate of 

ill, he Mas a favorite in every walk vt • , , ., , " ~s 

of life, and greatly beloved and cs-l'^^'* UrWii PcachoS (FanCy) 
teemed. The idol of his devoted wife 
md children, their grief rannot be 

Ky. noaes; 



LIdean I'absl Mour (The flour that satis- 
fies) $1,15 a M 

1 oulds Mrtairnni and Spagetti . . 

pi'-asureil. He was rlo.-i ! 
10 the Chenault family of th 
— Mt Sterling Sentinel-Demorrat 


12c II). 
10 cents 
15 cenl-s 

New IVk Curmnls ... ... 15 cents 

New anchor Dates per package 
New Pack Sun Maid Kaisins (Speded) 

Moncik li Asparagus Tips 

Meal. 2 1 lb. bag, special sale this week 
L.i(;ht Mouse cleanser ...... 

:aken ill that morning and grew rap- 1 Old Dllfi h ( Ic^irncor 

iilly wor.-e until the end eame. He' V r: • " " ' " 

was a iiuiet, unassuming man of gen- ' pWariS UOWn Cake FlOUr 

Xenophon Irvine, a well known col- 
ored man of this city, died Monday 
niirht at about 11 o'clock. He wms 

tlemanly manner anil inihistrioii.,. He 
is a son of Mrs. I;, tti" I n ine, a v. ell ■ 
known colored woman of this city. I 
He is eorvived by several brathers and 
sisters. His sister, BetUe, is a teach- 
er in the colored high school. 

The funeral was held Wedncs«la 
under the auspices of- the colond K. 
of P. Lodge and was large attended. 
Handtome flowers covered the gt«ve. 

25c can 
50c bag 

5c box 
lOc l)e\ 
35c box 

Hominy Grits lOcbox 

Yours for bargains, 



Delivery Tree, 

made from C 

I mm Aiin»» *:.». nut i.. m. wixh tifa;^:;" ~:.rr "''••«'""•= . -'"e . .... _ « i 

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