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date (1917-10-31) newspaper_issue 
Volume 45 

$100,0N M MNDS 

Richmond. Madison Gxmty. Kentucky, Wednesday. October 31, 1917 

Flm Ms a iU u   u« To 
Ukcrty Loan. — Wuman'K Com- 
■Ht-T D«M Fine Work. 


Heard About Town 

contributor to the uwHitiy ** call far 

buyers of Liberty bonds, wm the Mar 
son & Hanger Company, with head- 
quarters in this city. Sunday's Cou- 
tier-Joumal had this of interest: 
"The film of Maaon & Hanger and 
I •rganizations gave 
of them- 
■e of t)te 
IS anajr cMva fire 
■i^ by eantntet 
and below th« aMra^e cost, they 
^ain came to flie front with a lit cral 
response to their conuntr/'s call for 
Ldbierty bond subscriptions. The field 
aad office forces of the company sub- 
1 to boada to the extent of $88,- 
tm tt Haaon A Hang- 
l«(*M» hMii. AU 

^ ImtleUaM 

camp quartermaater ia aider to help 
the officers and men of Oaav Zadiary 
Taylor to maintain Uw record the 
camp had established as a leader." 


Mrs. Grant E. Lilly is being con- 
fllHttalated and commended on all 
sides for the splendid success achiev- 
«d h^r iMT ' Woaaa'a liberty Loan 
latt* Ml* of Uberty 
i«idBd, it 

a total of $37,100 worth tt knds. 
Mrs. Donald McDonald, State Chair- 
man of the Woman's Committees, 
wrote Mis. Lilly a personal note of 

r has certainly made 
• ■wmnii nfutt aad it si«M me 
the siMtaat III to ha dUa to 

report sodi woaderfol mtA hr 
women in our first try at the liberty 
Loan campaign." 

The following generously subscrib- 
ed for Liberty Bonds throat 1km Wo- 
maa'a Loan Committee: 

Mias Corraleen Smith, Mrs. Jonah 
HEiCM. A. DafcwJm. Will Haden, 
Ma a. M. VifBftib Maa. W. K Uuc- 
OB. Miaa Kate Biliiifll. Ma. Maiy R 
Daaa. Mia. Waller Beaaett. Miaa 
Laaia Oay, J. H. Million, J. Howard 
Bosh, Mrs. Franklin Million, J. P. 
White, Miss Fannie Culton, C. C. 
Wallace, Miss Marguerite Goosman, 
W. F. Higgins, Mrs. Harvey jChen- 
M«r y Q, Coviaffton, John 
; Beniiett, Mrs. 

W. E. 

Mellinger, Miaa Lacy 

C. Stockton, M. C. Coviactoa, 

Mrs. Green B. Turley, Mrs. B. J. Clay, 
B. J. Clay. Mrs. Grant E. Lilly, Miss 
Willie Tiaynor, Miss Curtis McKin- 
aey, Miss Emma Hendren, Miss Eli- 
i ff h''*^', Mrs B. L. Middclton, 
I BMate Dodley, Mrs. Sam Rice, 

I CteT Mm, MiH HcIm BMoatt. 
Mrs. N. B. Deathanse, Mn. D. C 

Biggerstaff, Richard D. White, Frendi 

Mission Circle, Mrs. George Phelps, 
Mrs. Eugene Walker, Miss Relle H. 
Bennett, Miss Lucia Bumam, Miss 
Kathleen Poyntz, Mrs. A. R. Bumam, 
Mn. John Kennedy, Miss Mabel 
Mrs. J. B. Stouflfer, Mrs. 

, Mn. K. £. Maopia, MiM 

_ , ML C. " 
laM Gaiata. 

Hiese 68 persons aaliaeribed for 


Mrs. E. H. Taylor who had the 
work at Berea in charfre reports $2,- 
750.00 and Mrs. C. L. Searcy who had 
the work ad ' 

Mrs. George Myers has sold her 
beautiful homo in Bumamwood to 
Mr. Willis Sallee, of Kiricsville. 

The Baptist Aid Society will meet 

Thur.sflny afteii\oon at half past one 
o'clock with Mrs. Annie Chambers on 
Was* Maia atraet. 

CMT. the 

goae to 

days. — Lexington Leader, 
la ito "Twmdr-*^ Ymn Afo" eol- 

to laint 

He win he awajr M«eral 

had this item of interest here: "Miss 
Belle Porter, of this city, maniea W. 
J. ShMMi^ «  mUkmrnd, Im hmim- 


All L. & N. trains from Cincinnati 
Satarday wtere fnaa tara to three 

wreck near CyattiM* Ml!^ Satar- 

day morning whldi fwead Ihe trains 
to detour. 

E. L. Pigg and J. W. Park, wide 
awake fanners of this county, have 
just returned from Looisrille where 
they spent a few days with Kale Tur- 
pia aad BatetFin aad aOMT friends. 

to MBMHa ttMir ftdk fv • hager 


Fair Proves Fine Success 

Bad Weathn Rednces Attendaace 
■M aWhibits Were «aad. 

The Madison County Fair and 
Poultry Show is now a tiuag of the 
past — it is histor}'. It «aa • iptal- 
did exiiibitioBa aad «aa a aaeeoM 

Ite rUr 
ia the 

faee of a Uin^g snow storm — the 

worst ever witnessed in this section 
at this season of the year. P'rom .start 
to finish the "weather man" was a 
chronic kicker and combatted the en- 
terpriae. He had a deteriorating ef- 
fect npoo the enterprises, but when 
the erhiWtiea eaase to a doM Satur- 
day aftanaaa and tte m ii t to were 
coantedy It was ftaad that tha aian' 
agement had won in its laudable un- 
dertaking. To those back of the en- 
terprise, much credit is due and the 
thanks of the people for bringring to- 
gether such a magnifRcent display of 
fam pndacta and other things too 
to meation, which were a 

LKtl Boy In France 

Important Announcement 

W. Walker With Hospital i By Pictarc Shaw 
UaM Da Battle " 


to WniwrTSwty 
lioan, thaobi aM dv the foUawing 

for services kindly leadered: Drs. M 
T. Chandler, 0. Olin Green, R. L. Tel- 
ford, E. B. Barnes, Messrs. Charles 
Keith, G. E. Lilly, J. J. Greenleaf, R. 
E. Turiey, D. W. Bridges, T. J. Coates, 
aad Mrs. Eugene Walker, Mrs. Jonah 
Wi«H«, Mn. Hanair Chaaaolt, Mrs. 

iL^FiSm, MIm BmM* Dadhir. 
Kathleea Poyvts, lOoa Laara Clay, 

Messrs. C. C. Thomas, Edgar BlaalM* 
K. M. Stiver, Ben Boggs, and Mr. 
Pei.ser. Also to Hon. B. J. Clay for 
th - of space in his store room. 

(Signed) Mrs. Grant K. Lilly, 
Chairman Woman's Liberty Loan, for 

Taok turn 

The Indian Kefining Company, with 
a distributing station in this city, dis- 
played the patriotism of the concern 
by purchasing $1,000 worth of Liber- 
ty bonds. The company is to be 
coafiatalatad apoa ito patriatic apir- 

Dr. Zinke writes to fidndi from 
Chicago, where he is atteadfaig a 
course of lectures, from there he will 
go to BichaatM. Miaa« to taka • liai- 

aftar wUdi hs wffl ht ImbM with 

his father in his I nci m tl ve practice in 


Clarence Lebus, of Lexing^ton, has 
sold to Tatum, Embry A Co., Louis- 
ville, 1|600 lambs which smaged 
nhMty peaads ea^ at IT awto a 

of tauiAa aanr and* ia 
the shipmMft MiviiilV " 
about $23,000. Lebas, who will hava 
around 12,000 pounds of wool in his 
next clip, has refused an offer of $1 
a pound for his entire crop. 

Tha iltaatioa «f CUimk nadan is 
eaOad the adatotfaMMHt af «a Tri- 

where fai this laaae. The TH-8tate 

Butter Co. has been buying cream for 
a number of years and has always 
contended thut the main reason the 
fanner couldn't get a good piioe for 
Ua butter was becaan Mm baafaMas 

aMi^'^hHa^^HM saMdi^ lift 

larks in the cream hiiilwsis aad the 

Tri-State is calling upon the produ- 
cers to sell their cream direct to the 
creamery for it means not only more 
money bat it insttres a good price for 

At the Madiaoa Cooaty Fair and 
Poultry Show, held in this city last 
week, Mrs. Grant E. Lilly had entered 
in the poultry contest a pair of Black 
Orpingtons — a hen and a rooster, 
which attracted a great deal of at- 
tention. They were moi-e than ordin- 
aiy ehickau, altheggh they belonged 
to Ow coBimoa Sadt ef tUa aptendid 

bit, she waaft aot ia tte poultry yard 
and picked up her two chickens, 
placed them in a coop and sent them 
to the fair. When the judges came 
to this coop, the pair, which was 
named Woo'lrow Wilson and Mrs. Li- 
berty Bond, were awarded the blue 
and the first premium. As 

M tiie btaM likbM «m tied on 
siaM . Iba. Lill|r le very proud of 

Mr. W. B. Tnrley won the silver 
loving cup for the best pen of hogs, 
besides taking all other premiums on 
his fine herd of Red Berkshires. He 
was a very happy man. 

Mr. Elmer Deatherage captured 
everything in sight on sheep. He was 
like a hoy who had woa hie fint 

NT tte largeat aad 

best eoIleelioB of ftnfto aad vegeta- 
bles on display. Her collection con- 
sisted of a great variety and was very 
attractive indeed. She was a very 
happy wonuin, and had much to re- 
joice over. 

Hie special ^ise, a handsome sil- 
ver loving ampk d r the best display 

of tabaaoi^ wm wm by Gwftr War- 
MCt hi addMea to eesaial  hiHaye la 

Hie $10.00 premium offered by the 

management to the school selling the 
largest number of season tickets, was 
captured by Forest Hill school, and 
the $10.00 offered to the High School 
selling the largest number of season 

tickata, weak to KiikMilk. FBiakUa 

I!i h It W. Walker, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. James B. Walker, of this city, 
ia aow performing service for his 
ia Fraaee. Mr. WaOnr, adw 
at KMftatkjr Uaiiaiiilji., 
Laaiactoa. taok a rsaiplitij coarse in 
ndUtary training, and when his coon- 
tr - made a call for volunteers to de- 
fend the Stars and Stripes from the | 
results of German intrigue, he readi- 
ly responded to the call of the na- 
tion. He Toluateered at Harrisburg, 
Pa., aad went ia cansp two weeks at 
Port Wood. M airYaik. Be viate to 

tlk^y weia to ho dtapakhed to Wtmm 

o!^dlort aotice. Ittm ttak dale m 
tidbigs have been rec ei ved from Un. 
However, it ia a known fact that he 
ia ia France and is a surgeon messen- 
ger under Dr. Wallace's hospital unit 
Mr. Walker is an exceptionally fine 
yeaag business man and has maay 
Meads tiuaai^oat hia cUiir aad eoM- 
ty, when he wm hen aad MoaadL ht 
•n fte lakllMaaf Mi he haa pioian 
hineatf to fee Hm highest, best 
type of man. His many friends hope 
ttiis erael and useless war will soon 
be over, and that he will soon be re- 
stored to pareate aad loved oaee, 
a?and in body ■ 
with glory. 




SraCTAL n56I9nATK N 

Special registration for aeton «f 
the dtgr of BichaHMl ate awa aet 
aUe to saiMir Hk aaaae good laa- 
aoa Nflhr niMnlioa day, is le- 

ing hsM at Ow coort house, beginning 
Monday, and will continue thro' to- 
day. The first day's regfistration de- 
veloped a good majority for demo- 
czmts, the totcl U ing 44 deaiocjat^ 9 
republicans and one who 
sa iadepoadrat voter. 



To the Fatnaaof 

The war has hit the motion picture 
theatres very hard and a large per- 
centage ef the smaller houses will 
no doabt be driven out of business. 
There is a tax on the seating capa- 
city of $150; the new tax on admis- 
siona of one cent on a five cent ticket, 
one ceat oa a M oea* tidM^ aad two 
ceato ea • 
war incoBM 
profite; a fftoaa eeaft war tax aa ev- 
ery roll of film we show; tax on the 
expraa packages; te l e plteas and tele- 
gnph meaaagMi iM^ mi 
state taxes. 

In addition to these extraordiaary 
hardens of taxaUM every single thiag 
needed for tha mMm ptctare enter- 
coot of ' prodnetioa hM iaeiaaaad; tte 
operating expensee have lamawd, 
and labor costs more than ever. 

The management of this theatre 
proposes to meet its obligations to 
the government cheerfully and con- 
scientiously and we wiD attempt to 

iTlldB at th^pnTHooaOMl tke 
aaaw as fe oiMa aad pay tlia war tax 

i ourselves. This can be done, we think, 
by eliminating the orchestra and by 
support from the Richmond public. 
Otherwise the war tax will certainly 
force us to raise the admission price 
to 20 cente at nij^ts, or close up the 

— ^'ita/lU^ *«l!^«BK to Into 
paid fey the penaa paying for such 
admlaaioa.'* Bat we try to pay this 

tax without a raise in admission. We 
wish to thank you for your past gen- 
erous support. 

CM Whca .Strack By 


penod SMaadiy aHaakiK ahoot 
o'clock, twa mflao soatt of Lexington 

on the Richmond and Lexington pihe, 
in which prominent people of this city 
were the victims. While noae of 
party from this city were iajored, yet 
they were given the scare of their 
lives, and the *«andiwme antwaobihi oC 
Mr. R. J. McKee, pimaiaaat dry i 

eto than any other bey or girl, aad 
was givea |M0. 

lAiss Virginia Peyton, v.. . ^ ii\ f , 
I ed the $150 grafanola and Mr. Green 
I Clay u as the wftMMaf tk»a«a heei- 

1 hoin bull calf. 

I One of the featuroo of 4w fair that 

uitracted the moot attaaUM was th^ 
! fox hound show. Saosial of piaaria- 
: ent keanaU ««• npnaMtad. J. L. 
j ir eaa t ee r^ i au, waa tnt Cor beet all 
! aged deg; A. W. Parrish's dog won 
{ first for best deihy dog. Mrs. J. L. 
I Kanatzcr's Xett won first for best all 
j i»Ke gyp. Jep Chenault's gyp won 
I for best derby gyp. Nett, Mrs. J. L. 
' Kanatzer's dog, won the champion- 
ship cup for best individaal to tko 
, show irrespective of aga er an. 

At too MadhM C eaa ti ' AgricaKar- 
al Fair aad BmMij Show kst week, 
tbm ladiea of tte heepital board had 

the Kcod fortune to be hostesses at the 
furnished by the Water and 
4^hiipany. Ihey had ev&ry con- 
venii^Me, the gas range and stove fur- 
aishad i which was ideal for comfort 
and good wiakiag The hidiM aot 
only diapMaed heepltoMy to al^ fey 
serving hal Miatable soap and coffee, 
bat they were the recipiente of many 
delicious gifts given by those who had 
brought of their best fruits for exhi- 
bit at the fair. They wish to thank 
again, the following friends who .sent 
such beautiful grifts to the sick who 
are at present in the hospital: Mr. W. 
L. Blanton, sweet potatoes and on- 
: J. H. Milliaa. oae padt af peto- 

g. Mrs. McKee i 
ker ttoa dngbters. Misses Louise i 
Gladys McKee, left this city for 
ingtoa. They were accompanied fey 
Mn. Mary Powell and son. Mr. 
FewriL Mias Louise McKee 

side km, aM 

pied the rear seat. As they neared 
Lexingtoa, a wagon was in front of 
them and they noticed another aato- 
mobile coming in a zig zag fa 
and running at a iugh rate of 
coming fiMt the opposite -jirrrtisM 
When toe two 

broa^ kto OM to a 
pulled to the ili^ af toe aand »- 
der to give flw ottior car aa oppa^ 

tunity to pass. The men in the other 
machine never slackened speed, bat 
swerved from right to left. As tiha 
young lady pulled to the right, tha 
mea in the other car also pvUed to 
the tii^ aad ia oadir to 

Mary J. Oaalard, Ac Plaintifrs 


Wm. Kinniard, &c Defendants. 

As directed by a judgment and or- 
der of sale entered in the above styled 
action at the October Term, 1917, of 
the Madison Circuit Coui-t, the ancTer- 
signed will on 

fBIOAY. MOT. imi, mi, 

at or afeeaft 11 o M e tk a. bl, aril to 

the highest and best bidder, on the 
premises, the following property: 

About 2% acres of land on 
Paint Lick Creek, about two 
miles north of Paint Lick P. O., 
adjoining the lands of August'is 
Underwood, James Rode.s, Hen 
ly Layton, Wol Maapin. Ac 

of six aad 

wito appaiMped aeaaritPf 

ing six per cent intereot ftoM day af 

sale, and secured by lien retained on 

the land sole. Privilege to pay cash 
with accrued interest, after confirm- 
ation of .sale. Bidders should arrange 
in advance to execute bond as soon 
aa aale is concluded. 


dd SIC 

Richmond Lads Worked Loyally For 

^ Uada San LmI Week. 

I Kichmo.-in Boy Scouts did aplMdM 
work in the .sale of Liberty Bonds 
la t week. Their total sales ran 
up to $8,750, which handsome sum 
secured by the dWiaaa 
ers as follows: 
Rollins Bumaas, Jr., S. 
John S. FMaik Aw Ik. 

Henry J. AimU 11 «W.CiO 

Earl Skeltoa S 750.00 

Wm. L. Mater, Jr., 4 350.00 

Edward Jones 2 600.00 

Coleman Covington 2 200.00 

Clarence Deatherage t .. 250.00 
James English 2 ________ 100.00 

Leslie Evans 1 ____________ 60.00 

Jamea AllM 1 ,„ , ifijBO 
Wm. r. tiadd t 



The certificate for beaten biscuits 
at the fair was awarded to Mrs. Bet- 
tie Park, and not to Miss Ballard, as 
stated in Friday's Register, and the 
prize on counterpane to Mia. Green 
N'oland certificate to MIm lillian 

Grigga. We take plaaaoa ki 



aet to deep; 


letaia to 

44 2 

toM; Mn. Bea Boggs canned vegeta- 
bles; J. L. Combs, cabbage; William 
Hill, turnips; Mrs. Amelia Wagers, 
pickel, tomato catsup, com relish; 
Mrs. John L. Green, canned tomatoes, 
apples and sauce; Miss Katherine 
Wee. eao daaaa eggs; Mrs. T. J. Cur- 
tia, eat doaM ena; Mn. Reer Nor- 
ria. pe tate ss; BaA Sko  hse te ; A. J. 
MilUaa. af Nnrtsr, aa* fevkd af pa- 


At the suggestion of Dr. James 
Yates, the apples on exhibition were 
sold at auction for the benefit of the 
hospital. These were l»ught by Mr. 

age for $10. 

The beautiful com bought by Mr. 

The telal 

hospital was $169.54 

Mrs. Stooifer carries in stock all 
the new styles and shades of color in 
washable kid gloves. New shipment 
of WjMd UM »iM » M^^^'qj 

American soldiers have been placed 
in the trenches in France and al- 
ready are reported to have "goae ov- 
er the top' 

Tke aaaataMent wishee to an 
nooaee the eoaring of the new Art 

craft, Goldwin Select and New Para- 
mount pictures. These pictures have 
ite^jr b(vn ! )iT un \n Ri aflW e n di Tliey 
are the highest priced films produced 
today. They cost just about three 
times the amount of the regular fea- 
tures which we now show. The first 
Artenfk priiirHia will ha dwmi on 
Tii i si| qv Mm^mkmA tkiy wM fee 


Such well known stars and plays as 
-Mary Garden in "Thais;" Mary Pick- 
ford in "Rebecca of Sunny Brook 
Farm;" Clara Kimball Young in 
"Magda;" Norma Talmadge in "The 

Moth;" Doo^ Fuifeaaks ia The 
Man from Hbm Mated Dnt;* Mae 
Mank fa «Mlr ef «M Chaw;' Mar- 
goetlto Glarik to "AaMMsao;" George 

M. Cohan in "The Seven Keys to Bald 
Pate," "The Garden of Allah;" Ger- 
aldine Farrar in "The Woman God 
Forgot;" and Alice Joyce in "Within 
the Law," are some of the many fa- 
mous stars and plays that will be 
seen here in the aext few assnths. 


no w feaa^ aa iiwi **^Jj}][ 

and as hi^ as $2. 

No other town the size of Richmond 
in the United States, is showing these 
pictures, because they cannot afford 
the enormous rental price, but the 
af the local theatres 
to give tteir patrsaa 


are shown here. 

There will be no advance in prices 
for these featurae so you should make 

your feariMM tp MM oaaep eao of 


Remember the first one is to be 

showB Twaday* MavaaikM Itk. Ike 

star I 

LOST, Strayed or Stolen— Dark 
! bay saddle mare, black points; stray- 
ed from the premises of Brack Mau- 
pin last week; a good looker about 
15% hands high. Reward for 
or tof orawtieB to B. IL TeniB, 


Mr. T. D. Bruner, Ollie Blount, Mr. 
Willard Beaumont, Mrs. James Car- 
lisle, Miaa Sarah Oaaaea, Mr. R. E. 
Deatherace, Mr. C C Mariy, Miss 
Sallia Anria, J. C IUtaMn^ Mn. 
John T. Paete, Mr. Joha Gaaggraa. 
Philip Gentry and wife, Mr. Corbin 
Hensley, Mr. Edward Hutohison, Miss 
Arcie Hughes, Mr. Johnny Holt, Mrs. 
Tom Humphreys, Mr. M. C. Hall. 
Nannie Jones, Miss Cora Lucas. Mr. 
Frank Lume, Miss Jennie Mae Lan- 
caster, Mr. Willie Mobley, Miss Anna 
BeU Maaeas, Kaak Fiag, Mn. C. Ftow- 
eO, Mra. P. W. 

ka. JLB. 

B. C HirktMk P. M. 

famous stars as Julian Eltinge, Wm. 
S. Hart, Billy Burke, Jack Pickford, 
Maxine Elliott, Madge Kennedy, Dor- 
othy Dalton, Chas. Ray, Pauline 
Frederick. Elsie Ferguson, and Olga 
Petrova will also be seen in these big 

Mr. aad Mrs. Lafoa Biker, ef Har- 

rodsburff, of their daugheter. Miss 
.Maria Riker. to -Mr. B. T. Hume. Jr.. 
: of Lexington. The marriage will be 
I solemnized on the 14th of November. 
' a very quiet home affair on account 
of bereavemeat ia the family of Miss 
Biker. Mr. Mane le a prominent 
ttajMlp aa« a  

and M I 

two cars came together with a 
and both were badly damaged. It 
was a head-on collision proper. 

There were four men in the other 
machine, and the two men on the 
front seat received seven 
One of them waa tosewa ' 
wiad ahial4 aiaHiNr it   

men on the rear were uninjured. 
Both cars had to be palled into the 
city. Had the car of Mr. McKee 
running at a moderate rate, 
two or three of the party would 1 
been instantly killed, 
the other car 

aU aaaMid to ka 

Services ftaday aaoming at 1 1 .-ML 
Subject, "Everlasting Punishment.'* 

Services Wednesday evening at 7:91^ 
The public is cordially invited. 

At Kavanaugh 
Rev. D. H. Matheriy will 
Kavanaugh Sunday after 



The fine walking and riding 
of Jasper Maupin was either 

or atnyad fraM tke turn af I 

fox hunt at Bybee, and then jreat oa 
to see his folks. He hitohe l hia bmm 
and when he went to get her, *h»? 
was gone. His father is advertisiaa 
for her and offering a reward for to- 

f oTMtiM wkick will iMd to kM i» 


Two splendid cars of coal 
here last night, the owner beiag Mr. 
H. P. Dykes. The people aM M^a^ 
There are about fif^ w^gMB MB^ 


tea their driB to ^ 
They hope to etiihe ofl aoaa. 

Several people of this place at- 
tended the Madison County Fair at 
Richmond last week. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Griffin, of Bir- 
mingham, Ala., were the gneste ct 
Mrs. H. P. Dykes Soaday. Ia the 
they visited 

ef • 

Mrs. J. T. MankaO m 

ace Dozier atte n ded toe 

: .Mrs. Maitha Dozier near Uaiso City. 
, .Miss Beulah Bolton, of Richmond, 
I is the truest of Miss Stella MaiahalL 
I Mr. Joe WaUer and Mr. 

I of Lexis 
Mr. and 


11ieClimaz.l«clmMiKl.Ky.. Wednesday, Oct. 31. 1917. 




Onhi f PcdR tail to rive bras elemenla 
requinnl tor white* of eeRs. Wlicat, 
rorn.oatfi. I arlcy,kafirci titufn(aboTe 

brxiily rnaiiitt riancfW lenn n:«t"avcr- 
aec ^4  \/ikij and ooiy 154 wtiitM. 

Purinm Giicken Chowder 
with Purina Scratch Feed 
contain* elements for 
212J3 wkitei, 214.77 yolks. 
Nn:e pcrfrot balance and larecnamlter. 
99outof UObcMcattoo BiKta cralB 
whieb ill I— fat aad cola down aas 
larine- Vkcd MO Iba, Pniiaa S et it efc 
Feed to inoitis. Purina CliicfccaGbMr* 
der— roa'U iiaa lea* fmmi aaiaal 

HooeT paid fnr Parina Chicken Ckow- 
der will tie fffimde*! if h^ns do not lay 
more c-^'gs wbcn ft-tl ruritia CtiirkeD 
Cbowdi-r as direcK-il with Purma 
8craU:b Peed thaa wbcn fttl any other 
ration. Purina Fec la come in ci »fc er- 
boMt bags only. 

Sold by 

W. W. Broaddiu & Co. 
Richmond, Ky. 



I wish to announce through the 
columns of this paper, that I have 
been unable to get around to see all 
my friends in the interest of my can- 
didacy, and it ia my intention to woric 

jMk m Imi m it is pmM* Ut m 

wmm  «f mr tfaw) to woric in order 

to win the race. However, I realize 
H is going to be a hard matter to 
set around t i sot' all of my friends, 
flipce election is only a few weeks 
olf, but 1 want to assure all that it is 
not my intention to slight anyone, 
and I shall appreciate ver ' much the 
; ti Um wton mt Ifeii cMwtr* 
I M ML W. K. nacB. 


You are hrroby notified that your 
ta\i s ai-f ni'\ ' due and payable. The 
jK-iialty will bo attached December 1, 
and if your ta\t s art^ not paid by that 
date, you havo no light to blame the 
Sheriff for having to pay the pensl^, 
is prescribed by law and vvMr 
Ik has no authority. Pky ywr 
■ow and save the peraKjr. 
owing back taxes are urged to 
•■■•forward and settle same at once. 
As this is my last year in office, and 
1 have to make prompt settlements 
with the State, I hope you will pay 
tixea at once and avoid del^y 
expense. It is to your ad- 
to settle now. 


4 C Wt ^ ."Ihpriff Mndison f^ountv. 

"Consign your 
Cattle, Hogs, Sheep and Calves 
to L. J. BUDDE & Co„ Union 
Stock Yards, CINCI.NNATI. O., 
BecciTe the highest market 
prfwd good fills. 


Tt'slinionial To Good Work Done By 
Caldwell School Scholars. 

The second month of work at 
CbMmll Hich and Graded School has 
bees very laeeessful in every way, 
aad presiMf • 
Soft. D. W. BridCM I 
the Honor Boll for Ike 
October, and friend* and loved onee 
.if all the youngsters who attend 
Riihinond's .-iphndid public schools 
will note with interest the list of 
names of those who an Ml flw Hmmt 
KoU for the part noatli. 

The HoBwr 9M, given below, con- 
taiM tiM ntmn tt all mils wlioBe 
attendance record is per fe ct, deport- 
ment ^:atisfactory, and scholarship 
grades '.Hi per cent or over, in one or 
' more subjects: 

Seniors — Mossie Allman, Goldia 
Cotton, Eva Congleton, Emma Davi- 
son, Cosby Duncan, Mary Neil Green, 
Lillian Oldham, Aileen O'Neil, Chris- 
tine Svidliii. Haia Deaa Wlsitai NaU 

Juniors — Mary Bronston, Harriett 
Million. Bumey Myers, Courtiney 
Price, Alyica BaCSCa WmtHfUam VaM 


Sophomores — Catherine Buckley. 
Harry King, Sallie Gentry, Virlindii 

FweliaMM Stdto McKiimey. £s- 
telle a iai, Lacffle VaadevMr, BdM 
Smith, Iva Jean Todd. 

Sub-Freshmen — Arthur Bowles, 
Webster Taylor, Frederick Goosman. 
Katherine Adams, Robbie James, Ear- 
la Ray Stocker, Harvey Brock, Ray- 
mond Broaddus, Luke Church, James 
R. McKinney. 

Seventh Grade — Joe Congleton, 
ReM WiiiiMfcaigli. KaHilsM CnUO, 
: Ore Lee Pariwr. 

I Sixth Grade — Margaret Powell, 
I Cord.dia Hur.-t. Cind;: R. lie .Oilman. 
; Joi' Veajror. Sallio Finnfy. I'lcssie Mac 
' Todd. Louise .spears. Ghuiys Jolin- 
! .son, Harry .Stone, Bumelle Martin, 
James Anderson. Mossie Winbum. 

Fifth Grade— Bobert Corbin, Don- 
ald Mainhatt, Balph Bied. Leona 
Gott. Dontky Neff, Opal Said. Mar- 
ian Terrill, Cecil Stanifer, MidkUT 
.Strwai-t. Richard Williams. Lilliaa 
.Adam.-. Fianri s Coniilcton. Lucille 
Church. Kl.-i.  Park, Klizabeth Sp  ars. 
Ethyl Dean Masters, Lclia C'ui rent. j 

Fourth Grade — Mildred Beasloy, 
Henry EtU Cauunbers, Ruth Congle- 
ton. Faaaie Kate Haad. Maai Laa 
Head, Margaret McCaid, Margaret 
RowleMr Virginia Shanfhaasen. Lu- 
cile Smith, Mossie Stocker, Daisy 
Vaughn, Vesta Day, Tipton Edwards, 
Waller Ballard, Paul Finney, J. C. 
Masters, John Will Hahn, George 
Maupin, Joe Allen Rich, Harry Bow- 
man, Hugh Young, Ora Lee Parker, 
Floreaee Davison, Louise Davis, Nor- 
ma Dykea, Jneepjiiiwi Kaglish, Fran- 
I ces Gerdon, Virginia MeKinney, Eve- 





s Flofilt : Lexington, : Ky. 


Our Agent For Richmond 



Nothinir cm jpcak strongor for the reliability and 
general utility of the Ford Cai- than the constantly in- 
creasing demand, coming from every part of the coun- 
t'\ ard from all over the woild. By reason of its 
UM fuliK .-s it has become a necessity — your necessity. 
Fur l !. a^uie and business, it is serving and saving 
for all rlsitoe — it ins y^'wmif aait of tiie "knaiMss of 
Hviag." May we not liave your onkr for one? 

Bnnaiioat, $345; Touring Car, SStiO: Coupelct, $.50.5; 
Town Car. $595; Sedan. $645; One-Ton Truck Chassis, 
«iMi AHi:ab k Oatnit. 


lyr. Perkins, Alma Park, Boaa Faiit, 
Tibbs K. Quisenberry, ^JJJ^ 


Third Grade— Lucille Williams, 
Olive Terrill. Susan EtU Allman, 
Abm Lee mitiif. Ba^ ftafc*. Wal 
tar Stewart. 

Second Grade— Allen Beadey, Clin- 
ton Congleton. James Allen Mize. 
Vince Ricci, Millard Rich, Ed Win- 
chester, Estill Wright, Margaret 
Brock, Fannie Coates, Dorothy Lee 
Marcurn, May Parks. Levem Win- 
bum, Margaret Brumtield, Ma Fran- 
ses Edwards, Rebecca Hutcliinson. 
netta McICinney, Elizabeth Ronan. 
Elisabeth Stanifer, Jseepliiwf Shauf- 
hausen, Minnie Sanders, Charles Der- 
ringer, Jerre Grimes, Walter Kuyken- 
(lall, R. K. Stone. Tuvlry Woolery. 
Donald Williams. Bass Whoberry. 

First Grailc— Robort Harris, Cl.-.vk 
Nelson Keain.-, Kein'it Van .Arsdall, 
.lohn Franklin Wade. .M:.;y Ann 
Hughes, Rose Wade, Laura May Bal- 
lard. Zelma Haael Chvrdi, Margaret 
Howe, Elith McKinney. Maiy Eliza- 
beth Hahn, Maxwell Black Duncan, 
[■i. Vii-t(.: IIuu!  Stanip 'i'. 

Diilai-d Tat- 

I. 'onard W altcn, D. V. 

accused ofj Chariaa M«t«dy. U year aid bsy, kad 

gailty j his fbat cat aif  y a sti e et car te Low- ' priea «f 
I isville. market; 


Jule IMumber, deputy slieriir at 
Newport, aged 55, the nun niw Iwng- 
ed Walling and Jackson for tiie mur- 
der of Pearl Bryan, is dead. Plum- 
mer was injured in an automobile ac- 
cideat uiiidi caused lus deatit 


W crcferfut Remedy for 


One Dose Convinces. 

Pair's llnii SiK 

Public Rentin 


Thursday, Nov. 22nd 

On the premises^ I vriU real to the *^»g*^^ 
bidkkr, iny (Mm of 

1287 ACRES 

two good dwott- 

and outbuildings 
set of stock scales 
place is well wa- 
\j Craak and 

more or less. There 

ing houses with bams 
and two tenant houses, 
near Irvine pOko. The 
by the ¥raters of 
numerous ponds. See 



1 1 

N. Mobofiey 
B. Deathorage 

.Oct 31. 1917. 

Owing to the market conditions and the increased cost of labor, feed and all 
materials used in the handling of our business, we, the undersigned Retail Coal 
dBakn, baing foroed in otdar to obtain the 

After November let, 1917 

adopt a strictly cash basis. 

Let » can your Mn liik fact Iht wt «e npM hjwMmi 

lively and therefore cannot do any credit busaess. 

Ife^wili ist jiattveiiicBce any we and tWdng yos far all jpast km$m beg Is 

Yms fB]f Inly, 

Is pay cash on or hefore de- 




The Hog 

Why A Far 

Cw Par A Cm4 

Hii^h priced feeds demand a prrli- 
grff\ animal the most pfficirnt hon 
to convrrt these raw materials into. 
The pvriitriced ar.imal is one that ha? 
been carefully selected for penerations 
throagh a known line of ancestry 
possesmc acMMmical awat produc- 
tion. Am aateal iahfriti fiO per cent 

ncoid of llmft is bcpt, he is ancsf- 

tain as a sire for nothin;^ is known of 
hi~ ancestry. With the advarcinfr 
price in feed, farmers .-^hould be more 
careful ir. tii^ selection of animals to 
consume them. For the sake of ef- 
ficiency kill tfce Dcrub sire. 
By wiv • food pedicraed boor 
kr Mm riMrid ke a 
pir Aiaptfac «he 
kick daaa alrea a 
in a few years would almost 
haot a herd of pure bred sows. By 

Am We of pi diprreed bulls in the w est 
the Texas .steer with the Ions horns 
re !uliin(r four years to reach the 
market as cheap beef ha» now entirely 
diiappearad. la his place by the use 
of good aiicc a good beef animal ia 
fai tm» 

1m BwtaKkr wmdd in- 
• «v aetub hoca Just as the good 

1 have improved the long homed 

A farmer who rai.scs nothinjj but 

rv::k': !-,op-j rami- all th'' ua\' from 

Indiana the other day to buy a boar. 
He did cilia. He aaid, because all the 
red pigs by tha Dwae Jeraey boar 

iiiiilkii at *-*■ tiaae twca^-Av* 

pounds more ttiaa tke piga by tke 
black boar. This at the preaent aaar- 
ket pi ice for hogs was a clear profit 
of $5.00 on each pig sired by his ped- 
iiTicerl Duroc Jersey boar. What 
would the profits have been on the 
pigs from fifteen sows by this boar? 
The increased profits on the bunch of 
piga^ tka padignod boar will pay 

dMSId get both afrimg mmi fall pigs 
far Bsany yeara. Tin fkmer who 

Maa any kind of a boar because he is 

cheap is losintr money on every pig 
by him and this loss will more than 
pay for a good boar in one crop of 

There is now a shortage of one 
hundred and fifteen million meat pro- 
■iBMla ia tha yorld. Ever}- 
V tm mtmj mmtxf mm at war 
is gettaair aH Hw awat ha aaada to 
fight and at aatajr of tbtm mat only 
ate meat on rare occasions the in- 
I creased consumption of meat is trem- 
I   n lou.~. The production of meat is 
not only acute now, but in my opin- 
ion very critical. The   \port of meat 
and lard is inci easing rapidly, the hog 
is the only animal that can relieve the 
situation. Every fanner by the use 
of a podlgnad kaar aa avaty aaw he 
can possibly haioA ttia fkB will not 
only be perfanaiag a gnat patriotc 
duty, but in addition wffi ke layiag 
the foundation to reap a harvest out 
of hogs next year. 

JAMES McKEK. of McKee Bros. 
I Versailles, Kv. It 




I doaim to caH yav attoalfaa t» tiw 
fket that the regohir county doetion 

will be held next Tuesday, Noveihber 
 ith., and to urge upon all to go to 
the poll  ami vote for me and my 

.\ oung men of Louisville, have joined 
the French army and are now in the 
trenches in that i uaatij, a w w" ^ to 
infomatiM niatihiii hi a letter re- 
laas theai ky Menritt and 
OVmi, btvthers of the two 
soMiers. Be/ore leavint? for France 
to take up active work for the Y. .M. 
C. A., the young men were engaged 
in the practice of law in Louisville, 
with their other two brothers, all of 
whom weia mm «f tta tete J. T. 
O'Neal, for amay yaaca aae of the 
leaders at tha LoaisviBe har. Beach- 
ing Fraaoa they reaUaed tiiat the 
need of aoMlers was greater than the 
the need of mt n to coniiurt the camps 
of the Young Men's Christian Afso- 

W.Neale Bennett & Co 


Ai| miBS Of HOUSiHQU) fUUttSlilNGS 

We cordially invite you to visit our store when in the 
city. — Never too busy to wait on you. 

DAY 73— raONES— MGHT 574 tmd 744 

friends oa Oe i hiBMcratit tidnt This 
is a period in the history of the coun- 
ty, state and nation when it might be 
dangerous to make a change, espec- 
ially when the financial affairs of 
your county are in such splendid con- 
dition, and everything possible is be- 
in gdone now and will be done by tlw 
democratic candidates, if alada^ to 
make the bardeaa of Oa taipaym as 
HgM aa paaaMa. Go «• «e polls 
early next Iteaday aad ataaip afaare- 
ly under the rooster, and yonr assist- 
:.nce will be greatly appreciated by 
all of the democratic candidates and 


Yours very truly. 

Democratic Candidate for Aaaea- 
oor of ItmMutm Ooanty. 


P^mmett O'Xeal, who used to pitch 

for Versailles in the old Blae Giaaa 
ia w«a known hare, is 
with the French on the 
Western front. A dispatch from 

Loui.sville said last week: Joseph 
and Emmett O'Neal, well known 


Miss Beulah Sebastin has been 
spending a flaw Aiya witt har lister, 
Mra. aieaa Agoa^ 

Xra. J. N. Hendren, Misses Myrtle 
Hendren and Frances Blakeman, 
Messrs. Cecil and Harold Hendren 
motored down to Camp Taylor and 
spent the week-end with Mr. Earl 
Hendren, before ha kit imt Hatties- 
burg. Miss. 

Miss Bessie Ray Sanders has re- 
turned home from Tianrastwr after a 
two waaha vWt ta Mra. K. C Sdiool- 
er aad Iba. J. a likaiia. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Tmlm, New- 
by. spent the week-end wMk Kr. and 
Mrs. Herman Pearson. 

Misses Beulah Hendren, Florence 
L elia Price, Messrs. Hobart and John 
Will Price were at Berea Sunday, the 
guests of Miss Maude Snyder. 

Mrs. Dovie Weat entertained a few 
frieada at 4hMr oa Wadaaadiy. 

Mk aai Mm. Mask OaHn^ af Jes- 

Wdimond on aecooat of tta diath of 

his sister, came for a vfait t» Mr. and 

Mrs. Carl Cotton last week. 

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Callico, Mr. 
and Mrs. Elzie Callico, and little 
dauj^hter, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cotton 
and Mr. and .Mrs. J. Robert Sanders 
compose l a chestnut hunting party 

to Carteraville last Sunday. 

Thaw was a very aaesaaafU pie 
sapper hdd at Oa Baitaa achool 
Saturday night for the benefit of the 

.school, anil also one at the Wylie 
school Wednesday niijht that made a 
sum of more than $25. 



Eyes Tested. Eyes .Accurately Fitted. 
Residence 12."  .Smith-Ballard Street. 
—Phone 700. Bichawadi Ky. 

Feed the World 


essarytomake a perfect aeed bed 
and without wliich smdl ^pnain can- 
not be uniformly put into the^found, 
or on a solid seed bed, insuring 
UNIFORM stand, UNIFORM growth, 
UNIFORM maturity and inaeased 

Cane in and Let Us Show You tki 

D. B. Sbacyf sni & Coiiipany 

T1ieamax.Riciiinoncl.Ky.. Wednesday. Oct. 31. 1917. 

HMrdett ButdMtf 

^ Every life has 
^lii December. 
-dorii be old 
and poor. 

Bank yourmotm ' 
— - NOW 

He had a chance once. When he was young he earned 
■KsrandcMMlMveputaoM of it in Ihe bnk. By 
MMT. that money might have giQWn to be a fortune. At 
any rate it would have beca ft MMf MB to luivet and would 
liave provided for him. 
Eioy life hM its December «( fwe live it out Bank 


State Bank Trust Co 


The best insurance today is COAL 
in your cellar. Do you have it? We 
have seyeml car loads booked for our 
ywils, and w9l take care of any order 
_j laced with We handte that famous 


the kind that pleases everyone. Phone 
us today. 

W. E Douglas & Sod 

Phone 315 

L. & A. Depot 


Agents For 

Cremo Dairy Feed 

Horse and Mule Feed 

Seweil & McKinney 

Telephones 16 and 223 

Your Grocery Store 

I have bought out the interest of Mr. Deather- 
age in the firm of McKinney & Deatherage and hope 
our friends will continue their generooa pafnmagT 

they have given us in the past. 

FrMh, Clean Groceriosa Vegetables, Seeds, 

■t Yew 


! Of Unspeakable Hun iirm] 
I By Wesley FuMt. 

Col. W rslpy Frost, son Plwident 
Krost, of liciPii Collejre. is deliveriiip 
addrpsses at various points in the 
countiy. tollinu of tho barbarism of 
the (Jermans, how thry joked «iufe 
the victims of their submarines wen 
drowning and took pietoies of tiwa 
to Mwl UKk to their iweeUMuts. 
CoL Fraot was American Consul at 
QaaMMbNTB, Ireland, and administer- 
ed to the survivors of the Lusitania 

The pictu rr he gives of the German 
!.- that of liis ancestor, the Hun, with- 
out the veil of civilization and educa- 
tion — the Hun who would stoop to the 
low^ d^ths imsgiwibto and com- 
mit tke Meat dastanBy deeds to ae- . 
conqpUrii his purpose. 

"Whatever your opinion may be as 
to the KnKlish navy," he said in a re- 
cent address, "I want you to join with 
me here and now in sayinR 'AH honor 
to the »;allant British navy, which, 
night and day, year in and year out, 
has been tirelessly and fearlessly 
Iwliag. dawBflw cayatoa ef the sea." 

b maUmm Ub taBn Mr. Fraat also 
shows a namber of lantern slides with 
the pictures of the victims of the Ger- 
man submarine campai^ of frig^ht- 
fulness, referring to them as tha 
"flower of German kultur." 

"I am a man of one song," said 
Mr. FVost. "Since the ni^ttmare at- 
tending: the leaeoe at ^i cti— at tte 
Lusitaaia aad the Arabic I can tiiink 
and talk of nofliinK else.** Re said 
that sinking of the Lusitania probably 
.r.ade the impression on the 
-Ameiican pcnple. but th;it it was only 
one of till" cifilii y-one he had 

"1 can name you case after case," 
the spraki^r said, "when even harm- 
less aailiog craft have been foned to 
heave to and make siihwIisiiiM. Uke s 
small doK that turns upon its bad; 
and raises its paw, then mereilessiy 
pounded « ith gunfire, after beeawiing 

:i flainliiL! inferno." 

.Mr. !•' C.St told if Ihr .-inking'  •( the 
Lusitar.: ». cau.'-ing thi' murder of more 
than one hundred .Americans, and of 
the facts be hful obtained about the 
deatit of priMlaift tHOaem tit tfie 
Uaitod Stataa. who went down with 
the ship, Tictfms of the Kaiser's - 
bition to conquer the world. 

He said that Filbert Hubbard c/ung 
to a cylindrical tecl drum broken off 
from a lifecraft and as often as he 
was able to, climbed upon it. It rolled 
and toppled him off on the opposite 
side aatil the great pUkMphar gave 
way to sh a ck aad eapoaan. 

*I was there when fbe giioBtty pro- 
session of rescue boats carrying the 
living and dead totiched the water 
front," lie said. "Boat after boat 
came up out of the darkness discharg- 
ing bruised and shuddering women, 
maimed and half-naked men, and a 
few wide-eyed little children. 

"Frensied wmnea begged me to find 

from group to groap loektog fir a lost 

daughter, brother and in some cases 
for an American bride. 

"Every voice in that great throng 
spoke in instinctive undertones varied 
only here and there by smothered 
sobbing. Much has been said by the 
German agento of the wanung to un- 
anaad ^esasls he faw they warn tor- 
Isad. tUa WMdd ha • Jslpi if it 
were not a t ragedy. Tliis wandng," 
he said, "usually consists of bombard- 
ining the wretched victims without 
pause or pity. Men and women arc 
mangled by shell fire after they have 
surrender and are doing their utmost 
to give obedience to Uie submarines." 

The following instance is given by 
Mr. Fyoat as a typical waraiag given 
by flie Gennaas beCora tiwy sink an 
unarmed vessel: 

"The Madura, a little Russian bark, 
cut down hei- mainsail at the sub- 
marine's (ii.-t shot. It was done to 
show sul.'v.i.-.-ion. But when the life 
boats were rescued it was a peifect 
shambles. The captain, a black- 
bearded Finn, sat in the stemsheets 
witii his wifB, aad at their feet lay 
two dead sailors, weltering in thei- 
own blood. Another was just gaspini: 
'. i^ last breath. These inoffensive 
workingmen were slaughtei-ed whih 
tr -ing to fawn the iMhssarint's de- 

Aaotimr striUag example of Ger- 


DON'T MISS THIS. Got oal thi« 

tlip, enclose it with 5c and mail to Foley 
& Co.. 2843 Sbefiield Ave., Chicago. III., 
siting Vfxir name and address clearly. 
You will receive in return a trial package 
contaioing Foley's Honey and Tar Com* 
pound, for bfoochial and la grippe coii|hs, 
colds and croup; Foley Kidney PUb, for 
lame back, weak kidneys, ifaeumatism, 
bladder troubles; and Foley Cathartic Tab- 
lets, a wholesome and tlioroughly cleans- 
ini} cathartic for constipation, biliousness, 
headache and sluggish bowels. You will 
ilso receive, ffee of diaige, Folev't 
Camily Almanac, eosMaining "Alphabet 
ot ChiUren" and "Health Hinti": 
Foley's Booklet on "Kidney Diseases' 
iiid a few simple suggestions for tiMMa 
living kidney and bladder troubles. Taa 
;,;a secure all these for only 5e 

man barbarity and inhumanity told 
by Mr. Frost was when the Gonan 
captoi^ carried an Amerieaa awr- 
chant officer back on his wUf to toaeh 
oir the hoaAs that ant it to tte hot- 
tam. Mbaniiae oAleers amused 
themselves by taking pictures ti) send 
home to their sweethearts while 12 
men were drowning. 

"The full infamy of the ( 
practice of deserting- sui vivors in open 1 
boats on the sea cannot be caught I 
aatO you know that the sqkamiiaes 
oftea refuse to tow tliem to bad 
whea waa t h cr re a d i tieas and eveiy 
ciraoMtaaee is fawwaUe. Germany's 
submarine grrilt — the basis of the 
American declaration of war — hangs 
upon four points," Mr. Frost stated. 

"Torpedoinu without waining when 
warning could safely be given." 

"Refusing tc tow boats ev«a aader 
the most favorable ronditioaa 

"Delaying until night fhll Oe de- 
structiaa wiiidi eoald msia hamaaely 
be doae hjr day. 

"Finally, the pitiless shelling of 
ships whidi have surrendered and 
soug^ far awrcy." 

Wain Pwi TW Wan-I 

A 'VACKWAun- PAvrr. 

One of tte wry jolUest evenings 
that have heea mjoyad ia the school 
this year was apeat last Satarday 
evening at SaOivaa HalL 

The T. W. C A. it always looking 
out for flto pisaaail and entertain- 
ment of its members and .'-;aturday 
evening marked the beginnin r of a 
series of rather unique birthday par- 
ties which will be looked foi-ward to 
sometime during each month with no 
little ae g a iUL ss. The party Satniday 
eventag «aa to celebrate the Wrtli- 
lays of an asmboas that oecar In Oe- 
■ober. These members were honor 
gueste and were allowed to invite 
one guest outside the organization. 

The affr'ir was announced as ,1 
"Backwards" party, and those attend- 
ing were re;|uested to c-onje dress.  ! 
"backwards," to walk "backwaids" 
and play "backwards." Every one 
entered into the spirit o# the idea 
with good win ttat no one ap- 
ijeared wiflioat being dressed for the 
occasion acconUag to request. Rarely 
has a -scene of more merriment beet! 
witnessed that that wlsich presente ' 
itself when the guests and friends 
be- •■■ 'o assemble. They were ush- 
.■.„-*»:--the stairway to the play 
room, where th« party was hM, past 
ghostly figuras aadsr dfaaaMd Kg^ts, 
parsing the "Fbrtaw 
hut, over soft, billowy 
and out onto firmer footing into 
a maze of entan^mento on the large 
play room floor walking "backwards" 
all the while and with no light on thei  
pathway save the varying flicker em- 
anating from tiie grinning faces of 
jack o' Isafiiias scsttaiid abaat tte 

The piaao waa ^yed "backwards," 
the "ghost orchestra" performed in 

the same fashion and partakers in all 
games followed the reverted order. 

Every turn and each new situation 
brought peals of laughter. The en- 
tire evening was a successful round 
of ftm and frolic. Befresbmente 
were aerved at ttw daae ef lha eater- 
taiameat aad great iatereat eeatered 
in the catting of the large Mtthdav 
cake. Each "birthday" honor guest 
cut the cake for herself and her in- 
vited guest, the invited guest makinjr 
two wi.shes for her friends one of 
which was kept secret and the other 
given out. As the last wish was 
made a candle was blown out to in- 
sare ito rsalif tiea, This afforded 
aa oppoita a lty fnr tta phqr of wit 
and humor and rounds ot hmghter 
and applause greeted each new wish. 

Miss Ella Hanawalt. Miss Kath- 
leen Sullivan, Miss Jeanette Pates 
Miss Mabel liuth Coates, and Miss 
Alice Petty weie the outside guests. 

How's This? 

We oflet One Hundred Dcllsfi 
Reward fcr any case of Catarrh 
that cannot iio cureJ by Hall's 
Catarrh C'lio. 

F. J.   iiKXnr & CO.. Toledo. O. 

We. th'- 1 ■■n:: :• i-avt- known F. J. 
i-htn-.'.v ! r -lu- 1,1. ' 1.' y.-a: . jtid 'vTleve 
liiin p-.Tft.'tiy h 'ru^ribifc in al: busint^ss 
l^^I;^;.o!-■ s^t • .ib'.e t'» carry 
iiut nm   ;;.i:iit!is rcad-' ;■ • liiH firm. 

XAnO.N".\l. l).^:,K Of  ■■■ 'T.IKHrE. 

'oclo. O 

Fl.iU'r; ratarrh Cure taU- n ii: • i!i:i:iy 
ai-tiiiK (llrortiy upon tl. - V.ooiX anil mu- 

.'.ii:s -surf: s of th« srstCIB._T  

Sf'nt fr '". i*r;re 75 c " " *" 
by all I)rugfci3ts. 

Xalw Haira raaoUr 

Hate) TImm wtA EmvjfiHmk 

Every tenant on the farm of VVm. 
B. Simms, at Spring Statioa, Fayette 
caMlgr. aiaMeM ia aB, pudmaad a 
liberty Boad. 

The State National Bank, of Mavs- 
ville, loaned money to those who fie- 
ri red to buy Liberty Bonds at 4 per 
•, nt interest. 

John Combs, l.") year old boy, died 
in Boyd county from falling from a 
fieight train. He had both legs am- 

Carl Fallenstein, formerly a well 
bayer at Hop- 
UIM hi hatOa hi 
to a 


Phon d 'Amour 


between Phon d 'Amour and 
other Phonosinpkt is reauhaiit 

from difference in construcdoii^ 

the patented * 

The Amplifier in Phon d*Amoar 

The Amplifier of Phon d 'Amour is o a«eatil«iy 
new type, and one never used before. 

It U constructed in two chambers, these cham- 
ben bdai ^mUad aboot widi -riolh wood. 

FIkm (TAraoar is not aa 

"asMinbicd" Phooosrspk. Not oHiy is the YoloaM 

sound in J '.-J »jo«r mater- 
ially increased, but this is ac- 
complished without any sacri- 
fice of the characteristic over- 
ol voice or instrument. 

— Hie Amplifier in Phon d' 
Amour is constructed upon 
the same principia as that oi 

Phon d' Amour 




During Which.We ,WilLOffer a Discount of 

. 15 PER CENT. 

On Eveiy Cash Purchase of $1.00 or More 

This sale is to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Mr. 
Nelson H. Smith's entrance into the China and Glassware 
business, on the 16th of October, ¥lhen he went to 

work for W. E. McCann & Co., at 50-9 BM Main. From 
that time to this, Mr. Smith has been **w««!trtrd steaittly 
with this same Hne  rfbi wtoeM   behigaaiCTBbareltf» pics  
ent firm for 17 years. To co m me m orate this event and to 
showing our appreciation to our friends and customers who 
have helped us build up this business to its present splendid 
proportions, for the next fifteen days we are going to give 
you the 15 per cent. Choice of any article in the house at a 
discount of 15 per cent— rememi)er not an article to be re- 

Snitb ami dhifik Company 

112 N. Upper St. 





Low F*rices 



Walsh Tailoring 

Individual ; ^ 

of a pattern. 

Ah patterns exclusive with me. 

Personal attentioa iram the p roprie to 

Carehil attention to every ( 
clothes possible to i 

Are you Itat hM 
peals to? 

My new 



The CI 


Richmond, Kv.. nosdav. Oct. 31 , 1917. 

The Rexall Modern Method of Advertising 


RexaH Tntk 

A perfect den- 
ifice. antiseptic 
and ileixlurant. 
Cleans and whi- 
tens the teeth. 
Comes out Hat 
on the brush. 
Regular price, 
tube. 2^ Thk 

' sii*Mar 

Red Rambler 
Water BottU 

FoH two-quart 

capacity, mould- 
ed all rubber wa- 
ter bottle. One 
that is .  uaran 
teed fur 1 year 
or mmmti back. 


$1.50 Red RaaUor Water 

Ilfttlo, 2 for lUl 

'^\:^-) .Symbol F««ataiii 

t^yrin;;c, 2 for $1..' 1 

.?1.(H) .Maximum Rubber 

Gloves, 2 for $1.01 

25c Tooth Brush, 2 for 2r« 
15c Tooth Brush holder, 16c 
."k- W'hittf morr's p«liah_€c 

75c Hair brash, white 

Bri*tl«-.  _ •_• fur 7fict.« 
2.' c hand bru-l;. . 2 fnr 2f"c 
r^Oc .Symcn.s l;.ri Vini'la. 

2 'or ct.s 
30c Synion.s Ir.n Lemon. 

2 Vor '51 cts 

.V)c .Svmons Inn liiff 

Cube-. 2 for .'ificts 



7." c HamMwy Toilet Wator, 

2 for 76c 

ILM Mb BafMk jMBice, 

2 onaees for $1.01 

1.5c Springtime Perfume, 16c 
25c Violet Dulce Cold 

Cream, 2 for 26c 

•50c Klenzo 

2 for 51c 

lOe and TMet Stwp, 2.11c 
2Se Medksted Sfa'n Soap 

2 for 26c 

25c Tar Shampoo Soap, -26c 
25c Violet Dulce Soap, 2-26c 


1 Coffee for...- iC 

A surprising blend of 
Mild Coffee. Tne Ac- 
me of Perfection. 

Standard Price 




2Sc Laxative Cou^h Svrup, 2 %m Mc 
Celery and Iron Tonic, 

2 for $1.01 

25c Cherry Bark Coach Syrup, 

25c Cold TaUeU, ■ycTal-.g for Mets 

25c Cora SoHcirt.T 2 %m SCcta 

$1.00 Emulsion Pi tiiilf. S fir $1.01 

$1.00 Eu-Zo-Mol, 2 for fl.oi 

2Sc Eve Wadh, 2 tmc 26c 

itr BniMlwIlnpiv. S te lie 

Thursday, Friday, Sa turday, Nov. 8-9-10 

TUT Dim Pay us the regular price for any-HmhmadiMAtedaBd we 
IK run liMy— MuMiwefwiHiifarOWlCMIT. 

piinpncr This sale was developed by the United Drug Company as an ad- 
■ UHrilOL vertising plan. The company sacrifices its profits and something 

berideik in order to get a 
you get the benefit 

of Mi 


Viokt Oidcfi TfllcuiD Powder 

Made from the finest grade of 
imported Italian talc. The val- 
ue of a Talcum is in tht aaMNnt 
of perspiration it wil absorb. 
Only the better 0ate hMW tWs 
quality. Scented «Ml Utt Vio- 
late Dulce odor. 

Standard Price 
One Box . . 

This Sale 


Exceptionally JMi 
quality, white, 
finish stock. 
Standard price, one 

pound , . 40c 
This sale, two 

pounds . . 41c 

Cascadi Uiia 

Made to match Cas- 
cade Linen Pound 

TWa aak 

packagn 25c 


Made from the 
pure cocoa beans. 

Unexecellcd in 
quality without 

any adulterations. 

Standard price, 1 

Lilfitf s OHki 

200 cups of tea 
for Ic The stand- 
ard of excellence. 

Standard price, 
half-pound packet. 
Mc. Tkb vkt. 2 

SymondB IM 

A pudding that tickles the palate 
and a knockout to the high cost of 
living. Staadard price, 1 box SOeta. 

7.5c Boquct Jeanice Comple: 

Powder 2 

50c Botjuet Jeanice Talc 

Powder 2 

50c Alma Zada Complexion 

Powder 2 ft 

50e Violet Dolce Liquid 
plaaion Powders 

Modem Art Paperterie 2 for 51e 
.Sic Toyland Juyenile Papertie 2--3Cc 
35c Stalwart Linen Paperterie 2-36c 

25c Lord Baltimore Linen 2 for 26c 

lOc Package riiTnlifi 1 Urn 11c 

15c Visiting Carda S tar Mc 

5c Kleamite ScaMC— — — 2 fnr 6c 

5c Pencil Clip t for «c 

10c Clue 2 for Uc 

5c T'l noil for tic 


SOe Kidney Kemedy, 2 fmt Sic 

50c Lesperine, antiseptic wash, 2.51c 

$1.00 Nerve Tablets, 2 for $1.01 

25c Purgative Pills, 2 for 26c 

$1.00 Syrup Hyphopho^phites, 2-$1.01 
50c Syrup White Pine and Tar, 2_51c 

50c White Liniment, 2 for 51c 

50c Perry's White Family Lin., 2-51c 
Me Pmya liprid l%tiiliaM, 2_Uc 









In front of the Gmrt House in Richmond. Kentucky, 


Monday, Nov. 5, 1917 


I% «li11|litMl MlliBl 

275 Acres of Fine Grass Land 

for the year 1918u It is located six miles south of 
Richmawi bcMf • put ol ifae lend of Pattie iiuns 


Fronts on the Menalus pih^ • hall mile south of Gil- 
east and OMtaiw 120 acns* •BHwI to timothy, clover 
and blue grass, and an excellent stand. It will be of- 
feied 6nt wkh privilege ol mowing and then for i 
in|^ MMtvillg Ae vtipX to accept either bid. 

— ^— ^ tlHWBhAiY MOl 2 — — 

IS5 acres and is in bine gpam widi a small 

quantity of timothy and clover; lying on the south side 
of the L M. wdkm^mik i iiiiiibg li ■ i litn ibe Madm- 



DeclarinfT it necessary that the City 
of Richmond, Kentucky, incur an 
indebtedness of $l.~i().000.00 with 
which to construct, reconstruct, and 
improve public streets and sewers; 
providinR for and Kivine notice of 
an election by the oualified electors 
of the city to ha Mi aa TTiTiaifcir 
6ih. 1917. to MmiM wkctker 

sudi iadeMcAwoo 4wll be incurred. 

Whereas, it appears to the Board of 
Council of the City of Kichmond, Ky., 
that in order to maintiiin the health, I 

elfare and progress of the city and 
its citizens, it is absolutely necessao'. 
to provide an adequate sewerage 
'iystem and to reconstruct and im- 
Iirovc the public streets of the city, 

Wherea.";, in makinj^ the necessary 
municipal improvements, approxi- 
mately the sum of $150,000.00 will 
iia\e to be expendc l; and 

Whereas, said proposed amount of 
indebtedness exceeds the income and 
revenue provided for the city for this 
and succeeding years, NOW THERE- 

Be it re.«olveil by the Board of 
Council of the City of Richmond, Ky. 

1. That the Board of Council deem 
it neeeaaary far tha purpose of con- 
.structlng, recoBstruetfnj? and improv- 
inK the public streets and sewers in 
and for the city, to incur an indebt- 
edness in the sum of One Hundred 
and Fifty Thousand Dollars ($150,- 
000.00), the payment of which can- 
not be met without exceedinjf the in- 
come and revenue provided for the 
city for this particular, aad each aab- 
seqOent year. 

2. That notice shall be jnven of an 
election by the qualified electors of 
the city, to be held on the reg:ular 
election day, November 6th, 1917, to 
determine whether such proposed in- 
debtedBcaa of $150,000.00 shall be 
incumd. That said notice shall be 
worda wmk 1— wa aa faitoari, tonatt: 



1st year 
2nd year 



year $7,500 

year $7,500 

yea; $5,625 

year $5,250 

year $4,875 

year $4,500 

year $4,125 

year iS,760 

year ISiSTS 

year $3,000 

year $2,625 

vear -_.S2,2.'i0 
year ...$1,875 
year ..-$1,500 

year $1,125 

year $7.50 

year ?:i75 

Notice is further given that said 
question will ba pnaMtad to tike elec- 
tors upon flie bulat fa tte following 

"Are you in favor of author- 
izing the Board of Council of 
the City of Richmond, to in- 
cur an indebtedne.=s of .?l-")0.- 
000,.00 against th.' city, for 
the purpose of constructing, 
reconstnicting and improring 
public streets aad sewera in 
and for paid Gtty? 


. 7,." 00 
$7,.' 00 





$ 9,750 



for the use of the qualified electors 
of the City of RictaM ' ' ~ ~ 

ing question: 

"Are yon in favor of author- 
izing the Board of Council of 
the City of Richmond, to in- 
cur an indebtedness of $150,- 
000,.00 against the city, for 
the of constructing, 
ri'construjting and improving 
public streets and se' 
and for said City? 



PubUriMd wmi dadand by order of 
the Baaid af Covaeil of the City of 

6. That the Claik of this Board 
b( , and he is hereby direeted, to pub- 
lish this resolution once, after its,re in the Climax, and to publish 
the "N'otico of Flection," hereinabove 
set out, in the manner and time herein 
directed, and to deliver certified copies 
of the said "Nottea of Elacte* awi 
of this resolution to tlie Clerk of flie 
Madison County Court, with the re- 
quest that he comply with the terms 
hereof; and the Clerk of this Board 
wil' report his action hereinunder in 
writing to the regular Dec ember , 
191*, maaliac i  Ms 

By order of titt Board of ComeO 

of the City of Kidimond. Kentucky, 

this 18th day of September, 1917. 

SAM'L RICE, Mayor. 
W. E. BLANTON, Clerk. 
Vetoed by Mayor, September 25, 1917. 
Passed over Mayor's wto at regular 
meeting of Boaail «f Council Octo- 
ber 4th, 1917. 43td 

aid the Board of Council in said bond 
issue and in the supervision of and 
direction over the expenditure of said 

Be it further Roohed. that 

Clerk of the Council be and he is 
hereby directed to have a copy of this 
resolution published in the weekly 
papers published in said county. 

Passed at meeting of Board of 
Council September 18, 1917. 

Vetoed by Mayor September 24, 

Passed over Mayor's veto at meet- 
ing of Board of Council October 4tl^ 
1917. SA.M'L RICE, Mayor. 

W. E. BLANTON, Clerk. 

The wood wwUas plaaik of T. W. 

maanfaetarer «f golf attds fa tt» 

world, is woridng a night ahlft of M 

men, due to heav - govrmiaMl ( 
for artillery equipment. 

ftAM'L. KICE, Mayor. 

Notice is nereby given by the 
;oard of Council of the City of Rich- 
mond, Ky.. that an election by the 
(lualitiod voters of tlic city shall be 
held at each regular voting place in 
the city, within the regular voting 
hours on the rcMlar November, 1917, 
election day, which is Tuesday, Nov- 
ember 6lh, 1917, to determine wheth- 
er an indebtedness of One Hundred 
I .and Fiftv Thou.sand Dollars ($150,-' 
000.000), shall b - incurred by the city 
j of Richmond, for the purpo.«e of con- | 
I structing, reconstructing and improv- 
I ing public streets and sewers in and | 
Uft aaid city. Tha aaMaat of noney i 
I neeeaaary to be raiaed ammally by { 
taxation for twenty (20) years after : 
incurring the said indebtedness, for | 
an interest and sinking fund for Umb 
payment of said proposed 
nees will be as follows: 

3. Be it further resolved that said 
notice shall be published in The Cli- 
max and The Paalaaiaab, waakly 

newspapers of general eucalation in 

I the City of Richmond for at least two 
'weeks preceding said election, and by 
printed handbills posted at three or 
more public places in said City. 

4. That said election by the (|uali- 
fied electors of the city of Richmond 
shall, pursuant to the aforesaid notice, 
be held at each regular voting place 
in the city, within regular voting 
hoars on the regular electioM  lay, 
1917, to-wit, the 6th day of November 
1917, to determine whether the above 
proposed indebt  dnoss of $150,000.00 
shall be incunt'd by the city of Rich- 
mond for the purpose of ( (in-structing, 
reconstructing and improving the 
public streets aad aa wa t a fa aaal for 
said city. 

h. That the Cleik of tlio Madison 
County Court be, and he is hereby, 
requested and directed to prepare 
and supply, for the election above pro- 
vided for, at the time and place 
specified in the foregoing notice of 
election all neces.sarj- ballots and oth- 
er equipment and paraphernalia; and 
he will have printed on said ballots, 


Providing for the creation of a Com- 
mission for the purpose of aiding 
and advising the Board of Council 
in handling the bond issue for sew- 
ers and street improveaient, and for 
a aHtooWM aC lha ' ~ 

Whereas, a resolution has been 
pas.sed by the Board of Council noti- 
fying the (lualified voters of the City 
of Kichmond of an electiim to be held 
on the 6th day of November, 1917, to 
detPimine the i|uestion of whether 
said city shall incur an indebtedness i 
of $150,000,000 for the pmrpo ao of ) 
building a sewer system and reeoB- 1 
structing and improving the streets | 
of said city, and i 

Whf^resas. in the expenditure of so 
lar re a suiii thf advice, counsel and 
aid of the citizens and tax payers 
should ba aaaidik aad naatoad^ ttnre- 

Bo it icaolved, by the Board of 
CoOBeil tbat in the event said bond 
election carries, a Commission to be 
composed of five representative citi- 
zens and taxpiycrs. to-wit: Robort R. 
Bumam. K. E. Turley. J. H. Dean, 
R. J. McKee and Thos. Hamilton, be 
and they are hei |r ma te d a r a m mi B' 
sion, who ahaO adhmat coaaaol, aai 


Galiwd 26 Pounds 

A Missouri druggist wrote oa • 
few days ago that hia wile had i 
iercd a nervous breakdowa ud ' 

in a precarious condttiOMk_ 

tor advised him to m 
- -latable malted food. 

She had gone down to 95 pouada 
r:^cl after a few months' aae of 
HEUO she now weigha m p. 
aad stiB ariafac Aa^ Bar 



HEMO U the right food for 
generally debilitated from 
Irttioa, aMMaria, chlorosis, 
cenvalcaeeMs from surgical 
mcnt. fevers and wasting diseases. 

If your health is impaired, 1 
KEMO and watch the im provi 
We suggest that yoa try a S4k 


I make an exclusive business of buy- 
ing stockers and feeders on orders. 
The best (juality of cattle come to this 
market. Your patronage will be ap- 


1-CM Lfae atoak riTliii 



TtteOnuu RkiimniilCy^ Wedbediy, Ott. 31.1917. 



and Improve Its Streets 

No. 1. RichmuaJ niaedk    ewer system «kI better 

streets more than any other one thing. 

No. 2. If we do not carry the bond issue in this 
election, we cannot vote again in the matter until two 
years from now, no matter how cheap building mater- 
ial may become in tbe meantime. 

No. 3. The opportunity to build streets and sewers 
cheaply, will come as soon as the war ends, when 
building material will unquestionably drop to the low- 
est level IHe war win probably end neit sommer, 
and a vote for the bond issue now means that we shall 
prepare the city to take advantage of the low piioe ol 
material for construction at that time. 

No. 4. Ibe sun asl»d to be voted is adequate, un- 
der aonnal prices, to build a complete sewer qntan 
and pave the principal streets of the city. The survey 
of iftie engineer for a complete sewer system made last 
November shows an estimate of cost to be $155,885, 
widi prices for material figured at greatly increased 
prices. Under normal conditions, and only under 
such conditions, will the city construct, this complete 
system can be installed for approximately $100,000. 
This win leave $50,000 for mc constmction of streets, 
upon which Slate aid will be received, and this to- 
gether with $28,000 more. State aid funds, which will 
be allowed by the Fiscal Court for the next two years 
inlieu oi the City '.s^St^yte^aid fpr the past three years, 
wH pnwide a fimd sufficient to pave the prindpal 
and most used streets of the city. 

No. 5. The bonds to be voted on November 6th, 
will not be issued until the cost of material drops to a 
normal level and actual constmction begins. No in- 
terest or Sinking Fund will be required until the bonds 
are issued, and therefore no burden of taxation will be 
put upon thepeof^ until actual construction begins. 

No. 1mm the sewers ukJ streets have been 
built the increase in taxation vnll only amount to a few 
cents on the hundred dollars of property value, and the 
increase of property values, which these improvements 
will give to the city will, in fact, more than cover this 
increase, with the vesait that the mdividual taxpayer 
will, in fact, not pay any more taxes than he is paying 
at the present time. It wilt therefore, not increase 
anybody's taxes. 

No. 7. To safeguard the public interest and to as- 
sure the peofie tfiat the bcmds will not be issued until 
conditions are normal, and that when so issued, the 
money will be economically and wisely spent, the City 
Council has created a commission of five of our most 
representative utiicns and taxpayers, to^t: R. R 
Bumam, R. E. Turley, R. J. McKee, T. K. Hamilton and 
J. H. Dean, who have been delegated with the power 
and responsibility of aiding, advising and counseling 
the Board of Council in the bond inue and in thesup- 
and An dunction of the cspendilwie of said 

No. 8. To vote these bonds will make it possible 
for Richmond to take the greatest step forward ever 
made in her history, and die construction of better 

sewers and streets will mark an era of great business, 
church and social development, and thereby make it 
possible for the city torgrow and prosper. 


A Vote For the Bonds Is A Vote For 

i i . i . ill 

A Bigger atnd Better Richmond 

A t 

TlttCiMs.RidMMll^^ IMnediy. Oct 31. 1917. 

YwAra Right 

Then Go Ahead 

Is an old adage that api^ica jut 
MM well in your buying. Hhr i» 
no question about the MANHAT- 
TAN SHIBT. There is m  apol- 
ogy to make. THC FIT Is IhHC, 
ED. We an alM abowing in our 
cheaper diMi the criAniai WIL- 
SON BROTHERS and other brands 
that will enable yon to buy a shirt 

We are glad to show yon. 


Th* Om Pric« House 

was hostess at 
• beMlfM dtauu party Saturday. 

The table was beautifully decorated 
with cut glass and silver and the din- 
ner was served in seven courses Those 

who enjoyed the hospitality of the 
charming hostess were: Mrs. R. L. 
TWtod. at Bifiiwii, and sister. 

«ha «assU sf hMMT, awl MaJawes 

Neale Bemettf C S. 1TotlMi« W. H. 

Gridcr, Waller Bennott, Harry M. 
Blanton, C. D. Pattie. K. T. Bumam, 
Lewis Neak and K. C. Stockton. 

Bridge Party. 

Mrs. R. C. Boggs entertained at the 
Colyer Flats, Friday afternoon, with 
six tables of Bridge, in honor of Mrs. 
Sydney Taylor, of Savannah. Ga., and 
Gertrude Smoot, ti FnK Ac 
oi MtM. WwM. Hvvnd. The 
rssMs wviv aiiiiiicaiiy aeestnea 
with Hallowe'en emblems, and a de- 
licious salad course was served. The 
prize for the highest score was won 
by .Miss Mollie Fife. Each of the 
guests were prMnM vMk • felK ti 

Mrs Boggs guests were: Mrs. W. H. 
Glider, Mrs. Julian Tyng. Mrs. S. M. 
gartiy, lOas Ban Wwmn, Un. B. 
Oldbaas, WHaa WHihrth and Mar- 
garet Wflmore, Miss Mary Loniae 
Deatherage, Miss Mary Allen Death- 
erage, Mrs. Selby Wiggins, Mrs. G. 
G. Perry, Mrs. Charles Jett, Miss 
Mary Q. Covington, Miss Duncan 
Foster, Mrs. Murison Dunn, Misses 
Maiy and Margaret Miller, Mrs. A. 
& Dcaay. Mrs. Murray Smith, Mrs. 

Mis. Haad Gasdm. Miss 
a L. OMk Ifia. 
Jack Waaan. 
Vtb. loe Psik, M IS. RaroM OM- 

ham, Mrs. W. P. Millard, Mrs. Mc- 
Gaughey, Miss Russell White, Miss 
Margaret Parrish, Mrs. Sydney Tur- 
ner, Mrs. Gertrude Smoot, Mrs. Hale 

The Olm iioad 
ed on Monday iftenHMMi hf Miss 

' Marie Louiso Doatherage. The pro- 




PubUc Auction to the hiahnsi 

Wednesday, Nov. 14. 1917 

Iw ynwing at 10 o'clock, my Farm wlucli contains 150 
acres of land; one and on»4ialf miles north 
of RielMMdl M Dirt 11m ii a piMmy to dM 

place through Mrs. Thos. Phelp's farm, two miles from 
Richmoiid on Otto Creek Pike. 

This farm is nicely improved with house, ham and 
ail naceHMsr MrtibuiUmpi^ W^^^ evdyundand vnMyaide 
Thb is iMBStBWB land and wM raise tobaeeo, lienp 

or any kind of grain. This farm is well watered, 
having [two never failing Springs, and adjoining the 
faiMefiln. Tina. PImI^ and Gen. W. PUpt and 
is across the lane from E. P. and J. A.!McGNrd'sfarm. 
Possession given Jan. Ist, 1918. 

Terms made knofwn on day of sale. 


Ridynond, Kentucky 
Long Tom ChiMiiiIti Auction e er , 

Mr* Customer and 
pveciative Buyer meet 
onr ''Bail Sena^' The 

Beker Overcoat 

Don't you notice the 
newness of this popu- 
lar style? 

Don't you see them 
on the streets? 

They are a gp and 
we have theuL 

In our stoie you will 
find many diffomt 
pattmis to select from, 
many good ckiths to 
select from, and the 
same good tailoring in 
all of them. 

Come in and look 
them over. Make your 
selection here and be 
assured  tf getting just 
what you want 

R.C.II. Covington Co. 

I I 

a miseellaneons one as foDows. 

Current Events — Miss Zelia Bice. 
Austrian Song — Elmer Kathryn Dou- 

Facts About Sherwood — Mrs. Vernei 

Sale— To fl^dac— Mime  feDo«u e. 

MHy AUen Deatherage. 

Ifrs. C E. Douglas was guest of 
the club. At the conclusion of the 
procram a delicious salad coarse was 

Mrs. Murison Duaa ti iMMv 
tives in Ntbrssks 
Mrs. K. B. Terrin was In CIndn- 

nati several days thi-; weeK on a vis- it. 

Mrs. Rodes Shackelford was in 
Cincinnati VHai^r aai IMiv at 
last wMk. 

Ifn. lagar BnteiMM, sf CUear*. 
is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. 
Hugh White, at Ellendale Fsnn. 

Tom McCown left Monday for 
Caap ZadMiy Taylor to oaliat in the 

Miss Tbebna Baknr 
od to Borksrille after a visit to Mrs. 
Iflrison Dunn. 

Mr. Frank Jennings, of Jackson- 
ville, Fla., is the £:uest of his sister- 
in-law, Mrs. J. W. Caperton here. 

Miss Ella May Saunders, of Stan- 
ford, has been the fjuest of Mr. and 
Mrs. Bland Ballard, on Broadway, for 
several days. 

Mr. Walter Traynw and Mrs. Tray- 

Tmi adsi ^ , of Staafind. an «Mi lbs. 

Bland Ballard on Broadvi-ay. 

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Towe an l baby 
daughter, of Knoxville. are Rucst-s of 
htr uncle. Judge J. A. Sullivfii. Mr. 
Towe is city e litor of tho ICnoxville 
Sentinel and one of the best kMsm 
■nw s p a niimu in East r( 

Mn. Hanr B. 
home Soday, after 
witii CoL Hanger at the Seelbaeh hi 
Louisville. Mrs. Hanper will leav. 
this week for a two weeks ' .-tay at 
at Fi'i iirli i ick. 

Invitations arc out for the m| - 
proachinR marriage of Miss I)oiX)th\ 
Duncan, of Nicholasville, to Mr. Por- 
ter Land, of Lexington, on Novem- 
ber 8th. Miss DoBcaa is well known 
here htHmg a fnqMHk visMar of Waa 
ElizahaOi TMey. 

Mr. B. B. Million and Mrs. Million 
and daughter. Miss Hattie .Mil- 
lion, and Mrs. Cecil Thorpe, and son. 
all cf Lexintrton. returned home Mon- 
day after a week's visit with rela- 
tives here. This delightful family an- 
always cordially welcomed buk to 
their home where they anakar their 
friends by their 

Mrs. James Bennett and lOss Lau- 
ra Clay are in Louisville thi.s week to 
attend a board meeting of the JSm 
tucky Equal Rights AaaHkMn tO !• 
held at the Seelbaeh. 

Mrs. Mollie ChaHll ntamad 8M- 
urday from a pleaaant visit to her 

gnHMaagfater, Mrs. Doalap Bhuii 



8aa D. H. Breck for inooiance of 
anUada. 17 tf 

ALHAMBRA i Opera-HoiiM 

Opca 2 to &30 ak 

Open 7 to 130 p. ak 

l%kt 5, 10 ISc 



The funniest Chaplin csMody of Ihom A 


CHAS RAY America's most , 

m a 



HATAKAWA aad ai an star cast Ma&tng Tom P( 
and Tom Moiia in 


a smashing, fighting story of the border. Here is a story 

even pause for a breath, but is one continuous "ponsV 
a Bray I'ictogiaph and a Victor Moor e comedy. 



suppoit d hy CORINE FRIFHTH | 
A decidedly unusual .-.toi y of a famou s surircon who molded th» destinies of ft 
two women. A g:ripping love story w ith a brand new twist. ALso a Bi^ V ^ 


call to see us, as we now ha\ e a 
full supply on hand, bought before 
the advance. Also an up-to-date 
line of Ladies* and Misses' Scarf 
and Cap Sets and Sweaters. Yarns 
in ail the leadii^shades for Sweat- 
ers and Scarfs. 
Muncing Underwear for Ladie.-^ and 
Children in medium and heavy weight 
CaUtoaMW. Oar lUik Room at 
your disposal. You an 
whether you buy or not. 

Respectfully yours. 


The Climax, Richmond, Ky., WwJnesday, Oct. 31. 1917. 

Pan-American Oil Co. 

pii M ii 

L M. NOWELU hesideiit, Irvioe, Kenhicky. U. WARREN, Vice-President, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Capital Stock 

L A. KOEULER, Seaetaiy, Cindnati OIm 

' $250,000 

About 200.000 Shares Will be Issued, The Balance||Will Remain in The Treasury 

On October 3, Mr. George Halmhuber, 
Cashier of the People's State Bank at Frank- 
fort, with Judge James H. Polsgrove visited 
the property of this Company. Pumping of 
well No. 2, on what is known as the 'XjMspie 
Lease." was in progress. It pumped moie 
IhMiBOIjaneb in five hoiMS. This b not 
fiieir best well. 

A prominent Fianklin County Farmer 
made an inspection personally of this prop- 
erty, and bought a thousand shares. This is 
the proper method. See what you are in- 
vesting your money in. A representative of 
file company will go with you any time you 
may desiie and show over this property and 
let you see wliat it will produce. 

All five wells will be pumping Wednes- 
day, and we are advised that they will fill a 
250 barrel tank each day. At this rate the 
company would pay a dividend on these five 
wells abne, o( more than twenty per cent, 
and operate only half the time. Figure it out 
for youridf. Well No. 6 will come in Mon- 
da^ , October 29. and it will be justas ^ood as 
the others. 


Those interested, who are doubtful about what 
has been represented, are urged to visit this property 
for a penoMl inspectioa. 

Every man who has seen it will reooMMad its 
stock a safe investment. Ask them. 

Every prospective investor who has gone and 
looked at it. CUM bMkntiM and iMk Ms mmj 
in it. 

About twenty thousand shares more of this stock 
will be sold immediately for the perfect legitimate 
pill pong of p uiclitiiiic additional Vaati ind iMNaik 
ing our holdings, and we know where they are. 

We will be selling oil this month, but if we wait 
for the proceeds from the sale of oil, we may lose 
the otiier pr op ert y we ne after. 

Here is what we ahready have: 

(1) 80 acres of land in Estill county, in the 
Fitchburg District, 12 miles N. E. of Irvine, adjoin- 
ing the praperty of tlieFed«Bl Oil Cenqiaiiy on tlM 

East and North (with several producing wells where 
pumps have been running for more than a year), 
H^l^the Co n ao H da t ed Oil Company on the South 

(2nd) Five wells, within a minimum ay eity of 
twenty-five barrels each per day (to be very conser- 
vative) already connected up with the Cumberland 

Pipe Um Oonpany, wMA IMS a the wqr tkmigh 

our lease. 

(3rd) Locations for alena BMn aam^ i 

now well under way. 

(4th) Crude oil engine instaUed and in operation, 
a MiHIcint p owr for pmnping twenty welh. two 
250 barrel tanks, all necessary casing aid attHT 

equipment on the grounds for the winter. 

With crude oil selling at $2.40 a barrel, and going 
up, witfi wtfwnwliipii and bat tt wi upa ving oil for 
fuel, with gasoline selling at 75 cealB a gallon in 
England, $1.25 in Paris (and each consumer limited 
at that) and at 29 cents in America, where is there a 
better prospect for large ilttfidMali oa aaaaU m- 

If interMlNif address 



Frankfort, Kentucky 


Has been disignated by our President and National 
Food Commissioner as FOOD CONSERVATION WEEK 
and as Dr. Tdford said n Buddng die anaoanoeBBeBt in 
his cfc aw l i Sunday, feel dwt it is die daty of every 

one to comply with any request of the government in 
using our resource to the best advantage of ourselves 

and our allies. 

Therefore, we will, during this week, let each cus- 
tomer have only $1 .00 worth of Sugar and ask them 
to make it go as far as possible and thus, in a way, as- 

NOW — Since the fair is over, and the weedier 
««s Ml dK best, eta dw anendnoe WW food, aad all 

seemed to enjoy themselves, we want to call your at- 
tention to the fact that we are still doing business at 
the same old stand, and can still rave you mighty good 
prices OB a a wber ef aitkfee. Fo 

Wire F«idng9 SAioeSi 
Mens' Hatti S M^pf| 

and when we say Flour, we mean the best — MARY, 
LEADER and IWBCIION— and a good mmf edwr 

RDIEMBER-JIIKe Uy an kinds ef 

and «iriD pay you either in ca^ or mei 
Gise « a call and get our prices anywqr. 

Union Supply Co. 


127 West Inriae Stnst 


aad Slack News 

(arrard county, 

W. T. Poolin, of Ga 

boupfht of Minor Teaprue 60'4 acres of 
land adjoininir his Rood farm near 
Marcollus, at $65. He also bought of 


E. ShMdi Cvntashnfi, ar Bonteii. 

sold his farm of about 320 acres at 
I Thompson Station, to Judge A. T. 
j Knox, county judKe of Powell county, 
for $200 an acre. The purchase in- 
cludes Mr. Cunningham's residence. 
Po.-'.^es.'iion will be given March 1st, 
next, when Judge Knox aai flHBily 
will move there to wridt. 

Messrs. W. B. Ffnkanl and J. B. El- 
li.s, of RourV)on county, i^o\i\ last week 
to Charles Doylo, of Bourbon county, 
ei^ht acres of tobacco grown on the 
Pari i.-ih farm, on the Winchester pike 
out of Paris, at fSO per hundred 
pounds. This crop wiU ■m—aii bet- 
ter tfen liSOO pooBds to aw am and 
the sen—t paid will total fally Ur 
320, or an average of S640 m acn. 

At the dispersal saio of aaMb 
horses of Edwin K. and CfaMd M. 
Thomas, at Paris, last wed^ 4S kead 
brought a total of $8,000, aa waia ge 
of about $199. The high ptina of 
$1,200 was paid for lljr SMethaart, 
a B a ai boa Klar-Hetai nan, which 
was purchased by S. M. Derivas, of 
Mexico, Mo., who also bought several 
other good ones. 

At the J. H. Wright sale in the 
West End of Lincoln county last week, 
the farm of 200 acres was bought of 
J. B. Honaker and Eugene Dunn, both 
of HastoDTille. at |144.26i. 

ISO to sus; 
knghl «ha hact at flS.50. 
•f aMBi were fM aawB. J. B. 

Honaker bought two 1,000 to 1,2000 
pound cattle at $9.95; J. K. Baugh- 
man bought five butcher steers at 7c; 
C. C. Carpenter 10 900-pound cattle 
at $8.85. Mules sold at $100 to $150 
and horses at $114 to $135. The 
twin mules brought $100. 

Beal ertate aalea an qaite aetive in 
M i tg iBiii j cMiBlir alM. Jack Tur- 
aar aaU Ua turn aear Bunker Hill 
to Senator 3. Win Oay for about $90 

an acre. The tract contains 100 acres. 
Joe Henry sold his farm of 226% 
acres to L. T. Willis, of Nicholas 
county, for a price around $125 an 
aero. J. M. Henry sold his farm of 
826 acres .situated on the ctoss pike 
between Grassy Creek and Sideview, 
to Hany MitckeU. at fmilm, te a 
priea hU to ha ia «ha 

era, of WaAtagtaa aad l^r York, 
recently paid fM per acre for 119 

acres of land belonging to Rice Crook. 
I The Crook farm adjoins the attractive 
^ country esUte of Mr. Rogers, near 

Clarence Lebus, who has 12,000 
pounds pf it, has nAHai $1 ptr paond 

for his wool. 

W. T. Doolin, of Garrard county, 
sold to Joe Irvine, of Hoyle, a four- 
year-«ld mare mule for $217.50. 

D. E. Tooag, «r Vie HnbMe section 

tt Lincoln county, has sold his tobac- 
co, some 3,500 to 4,000 pounds to 
Greathouse, of Lexington, at 25'5C. 

Robert Mitchell and Clay Coleman, 
of Mercer, sold to IMe WAab, of 
Lexington, their Saa las jaai iilil sad- 
dle gelding. Red Croaa, for $1,000. 

Mack Hughes, of Danville and Mode 
Nichols, of Lexington, purchased last 
week from Coleman and Mitchell, of 

Harrodsburg, a very fine Bohemian 
Kimc hotae «ir ISSe. 

At tta sale of Mrs. A. T. Traylor in 
Lincoln county, last week, com shuck- 
ed at the heap brought S4.;i5; cow 
pea hay $2:'. i er ton; heifers $57; 
milch cows $40 to $70; hcflBM fM to 
$130; pair mules $395. 

B. W. LaiA «C Waatumit sold 
,to a A. ftaiihuai. tt Lancaster, a 
pair ot extra aiea fonr-year-old mare 
mules for $400; to G. A. Bowling, a 
pair of two-year-old mules for $250, 
and a weanling horse aHla to aMther 
party for $37.50. 

The Indiana woman suffrage law is 
held to be Illiiliiaal hjT tlM In- 
diana SnpwaMi Coait «■ panir con- 
stitattgaal tiiiaihi 

Jonas Angel, nogro convict at Ed- 
dyville penitentiary, was shot and 
killed by a guard. The guard was ex- 
onerated by the coroner of Lyon 


Positive — Qmvincing Proof 

It is all very well to make claims, 
but can they be proven? We publish 
the formula of Vinol to prove the 
Statements we make about it 

» Cod Uver and aMfFeploiMa, baaaaa 
MaasuM* Peptoutea, Iron and Aw 
maoinm Citrate, Lima and Soda Oljrcar^ 
pbaaphates, Caacario. 

Any doctor will tell you that the 
ingredients of IHnol as published 
above, mabiaa tiM vaiy elements 
needed to make wtnmt(tt. 

All wc^ ma-dowa, eeamwhed 
nervous men and women may prove 
this at our expense. 

There is nothing like Vinol to re- 
store strength and viulity to feeble 
oU people, delicate children and all 
persons who need aMsa atwgih. 

Tiy It If you are aat enHrely sat- 
isfied, we will return your money 
without question; that proves our 
Md yow pcatactiaa. 

A Good byesfaBMit 

1 have m my handft for sale llie 

Douglas & Suaous Building 

On Second Street 


to attic 

IcansdItUstaHtagataprioetlnftirii jkM 

ten per cent on the i 

Will take pleasanklj 

pective purchaser. 


Phone 261 or 25,1. 

Chas. Jack Ed 


Walk-Over Boot Shop 


Mm's aad W 





Glias. Cohen 



RicfamaiKl,Ky.. Wednesdqr. Ott 31, 1917. 

Philip LWillging 


213 W. Main Street Telephone 216 

We do Painting and Paper Hanging and Put in Glass. 
Estimates Cheerfully Furnished 



Horses, Mules, Cows 

and Farming Implements 

I will sell to the highest bidder at my place on Barnes 
lOl pike, IMD HSet faiMi KdMMMi. am 

Thursday, Nov. 1st 17 

At lOO'clock A. M.ShMp 
the following described Dfoperty: 


I 8-year-old family horse 

1 3-year-old faunily nue 

2 6-year-old bay mares 

1 4'year-okl brown horse 


7 weanling mules; 1 0 yearling mules 
I 4-year-old horse mule 

I 3-year-old hontMule 

+44HnlAlBwHniIe ' 


milch cows; several heifers 

I com shucker and corn shredder, nearly new 

I com and cob crusher; 1 blue grass seed stripper 

I dnMeawl 1 single com shelir; I 2 hmu wm§nn 

1 t ^ buggy and 1 closed buggy 
1 fine carnage, shafts and tongue 
Single and double harness 




Will do more work, and better work with less 
pc\\ cr than any husker on the market. The best 
is always the cheapest 




Call me at phones 363, 207 or 45 and let me grive you prices on all 
your country produce before selling to anjrOM^M. iHawttewBtlet 
will pay the price. Also handle all flf ImW BiftfeMb Ck| 

Paper and all kinds of Junk. 

]V[. Wides 


Many thousands ol 
women suffering from 
womanly trouble, have 
been benefited by the use 
of Cardui, the woman's 
tonic, according to letters 
we receive, similar to this 
one from Mrs. Z. V. Spell, 
of Hayne, N.C. "1 could 
not stand on my feet, and 
just suffered terribly,'" 
she says. "As my suf- 
fering was so great, and 
he had tried other feme- 
dies. Dr. had us 

EtCantaL . . I bqtMi 
proviaCt wd it cured 
■w. I kMMT, Md my 
doctor kMacwlMdCv- 


The Woman's Tonic 

She writes further: " I 
am in splendid health . . . 
can do my work. 1 feel 1 
owe it to Cardui, for I was 
ia draadfol conditkM." 
if jmi are mncm, raa- 
dMMiaii^Mtk; dr suffer 

etc . J every bi ob Bi , tiy 
Cardui. Thousands of 

women praise this medi- 
cine for the good it has 
done them, and many 
physicians who liave used 
Cardui successfully with 
their women patients, for 
years, endorse this medi- 
dne. Think what it means 
to be in splendid health, 
lila Ma. SpciL Qtn 

M. Cm yaid ewdislii Imi— 1st 
Marian Sue Martin 1, Carrie Thom- 
as 2. 

97. One hpmstitchprt handkerchief 
Sestt Johnson 1, Mai ian Dastaon 2. 
_ Drawing. 
9& ne%a for farm h$mm MtAen— 
■s 1 


OiAella Uak 2. 

99. Prodoct map of 
ty— Ist 11. 

Ed Teris 1. Moarie Vtvlt 2. 

100. Rriief map of Kaatacfarv— 1st 
LUlian Wilson akd FHiabetii Whii 

loek 1. Ams & T«M mmi LsMa Will- 



101. Compoaitiaa oa 

bacco^lst $1.50. 
Mossic Frost 1, Addie J. Wagen 2. 

102. Oral spelling contest (indi- 
vidual student) — 1st $1.50. 

Mattic an.l Pattie Wells 1. 

103. Best ^neral school display^ — 
Kaianaugh school 1, Forest Hill 2; 

High School— Waco 1. Scaffcrid Cane. 



Boar, one year and over — 1st $5: 
2nd $2.50. 

W. B. Turley 1 and 2. 

Sow, one MV ttti •MV— lal $5: 

2nd $2.50. 

W. B. Turley 1 and 2. 
Boar, under one year — 1st $5; 2nd 
_ • / 

W. & Tariey 1 aad 2. 
W. B. TMay 1 aad 2. 

W. V 







35. Best No. 3 can of tomatoes — 
Marie Moody 1, Mary Lee Todd 2. 

36. Best (rlass jar of tomatoes — 
Leona Webb 1. Marie Moody 2. 

37. Best Klass jar of string beans 
Mar - Lee Todd 1, Leona Webb 2. 

38. Best glass jar of apples, can- 
ned— lat^; SMi M OMrta. 

hum Wehk 1. Lwilie AsUOt. 

T — laii e '^ntir^,*^l^*Lee^TDdd 


40. Best display of canned vege- 
' — tad tS. 

1. Hnia Moody 2. 

Ram, one year and over — 1st $5; 
2nd $2.50. 
Elmer Deatherage 1 and 2. 
Ewe, one year mi e w 1 st |5; 

2nd $2.50. 
Elmer Deatherage 1 and 2. 
Ewe, under one yeai — 1st $6: 2nd 


Klm T hi athrra^p. 

Best flock — 1 ram, any ape, 2 ewes, 
any age, and 2 Iambs — 1st Silver Cup; 
2nd ribbon. 

Elmer DeatlieiaKc 1 and 2. 

Best boll, any age — 1st $10; 2nd 

GeolTrey Morgan 1. Bsfcest 

Best cow, any age — 1st flO; 2Bd fS. 
Nay Coy 1 and 2. 

Beat ball ealf, wider 1 year— 1st 
$10; M U. 
Brntas J. Cotlea 1. C H. Jett 2. 

Btf ft heif er, under one year — 1st 

K •?} Coy 1, Richard Cobb 2. 

Best mare colt, under one year — 
1st $10; 2nd $5. 

A. H. Hamilton 1, S. L. Green 2. 

Best horse colt, Wtttt 1 Mkv— 1st 
$10: 2nd $5. 

llBCl»d Deatherat;e 1. 

Male ^ Iti 

Best mmm aavle eoM— lat |M; 2nd 

T. J. Curtis 1, Charlie Curtis 2. 

Best horse mule colt — 1st $10; 2nd 

T. J. Ototis * Son 1, Chariia Outis 



Be-st harness pony, any age, agt 
c onsidered, under 48 inches high — 1st 
$10: 2Bd IS. 

C. R Wells 1, Robert Walker 2. 

Beat saddle pony, any age, age con- 
sidered, nader 48 inches high— 1st 

lln. Bbit Wa«in 1. HinHa BUke 


41. Beat di^lay «f pnamea and 

jellies— 1st $8 : 8nd «S. 
Christiae Tndor 1, Leeaa WM 2. 

42. Best display of catsups and 

pickles — 1st $3; 2nd $2. 

Leona Webb 1, Marie Moody 2. 
Art Section 

4:i. CanninK Club Booklet— 1st $3; 
2nd $.'. 

.^lal'ie Moody 1, Alma Smith 2. 

14. Daily Nesai Issh lat |1; 2ad 

.')0 cents. 

.•\lnia Smith 1, Marie Moody 2. 

4.5. Cap and apron — 1st $1; 2nd 

50 ccnti!. 

Leona Webb 1, Chri.stine Tudor 2. 

46. Best specimen of cncMia^- 

Lcona Webb 1 and 2. 


47. Best com muffins, ',j doxen — 
!,.■«, la W ebb 1, Marie Moody 2. 

4b. lit St loaf of yeast bread- 1st $2; 

Marie Moody 1, Leoaa Webb 2. 

40. Best ginger bread — 1st $1; 2nd 
jO cents. 
L«ona Webb 1, Marie Moody 2. 

50. Best tea cakes, 1 dozen — Ist 
Matie Moody 1, i^eona Webb 2. 

51. Best pompUa pie— lat $1; 2nd 
60 esata. 

Webb 1 aad S. 

Prettiest Boy Baby 

'.•1. Prettiest boy baby undt r two 
yi ans — $5 in gold — Krne.^t Sims. 
• • • • • 






93. Child's hmdi padoed nadf for 

school — Ist $1. 

Narrow Gap school. 

91 Oae plate candy— lat 9L 
StsBa Heltun. 


95. One gingham apron — 1st $1. 
Ella May Jessie 1, Minnie D. Con- 

M. H. Willonghby's Heirs.. Plaintiff - 

.M. H. Wilioughby's Heirs Defendants 

By direction of a judgment and or- 
der of sale entered in the above styl- 
ed action at the October Term, 1917, 
of the Madison GfaMalt Caait, ||m un- 
dersigned will on 

SATUBDAY, NOV. 17th, 1917. 

-it or aboat 11 oVIoek a. m., sell t   

the highest and bidder, on tin 
premises, the followiny: p'"!"'! ty. 

.■\bout acres of land on 

the waters of Muddy Creek and 
th  \\ ICO and lied lliver turn- 
pike. This land wa.- ( wn  d by 
M. H. Willoughby, adjoins the 
lands of Deatherage, 31. B. HiH 
JaaMS Baah, etc. 
The land will be offered first in 
three tracts of (1) about 111 acT«s. 
(2) about 189 acres, and (3) about 
13 acres; a passway over the acre 
tra'-t to tlie turnpike being sold with 
the 111 acre tract; it v, ;i| h.' of- 
fered as a whole, si '.lini.' tl v ; i 
bringing the mo^t money. .\ rec( rt 
sui-vey showing the metes and bounds 
of each tract, and of the whole, is on 
file with the papers fai tide aelka and 
is I eferred to fsr a asssa eaaylate de- 

TERMS— Equal credits of .-In and 
twelve months, purchaser to execute 
bond with approved .securit\, bearin'.; 
six per cent interest from day of .-ale 
and secured by lien retained on the 
land .svild. Purchasers may pay ca.-h in 
full, with accrued interest, at any 
I time after confirmation of sale. Bid- 
ders dioBid amase ia sd»aan to ex- 
ecate bead «a Am gnaad aa aeon us 
the sate is 



Thoaaaads of caasd paiiials. « aaeaaasfU Heal lialllalii. tb 
of «mm m s l l i i bi d. the charartcr of the p tap t rti es o u api s   n per 

cent of our business from former patlenN prove 


liOl Maple .Ave 3920 Euclid Ave 373 W'iacbiddle Ave 821 


Butter Fat is King 



Send us your next can and j rin The Tri-State, or if ynani 
cans, we will send them prepaid for 30 days trial. 
25,000 cream producers have found THE TRI-STATl to ht 
MOST DEP^OABLE and aettiitf the Best Rclurat ytm 
in and year out CSve us a triad aaS oorapare diedcv 

The Tri-State Butter Co. 

Capital Stock $73,000 Cincinnati, O. 

The Tri-State paid over TWO MILLION DOLLARS 
(S2,0 K).I)00.00) direct to the producers last year for ocMk 
The Tri-State has no station buyers or commission men. 


1 HE invention that gives the world its only trooble-proof tire 
with pneumatic resiliency— the perfect substitute for sir. This 
Tirefiller takes the place of sir, rides as easy, does sway with the inner 
tab^dsahlsa the life of the tire, and maiies it impossible to have a 
pviaaa^ liaMat or Moweat. thas eUauaatiac aay Vma of Umc aad 
the IwaTj expense of the upkeep of the car. 

This Tirefiller is made of the best qaaMy af isHji. cat aaadi 
particles and vulcanized tof^rether in snch a manner as to prodoce a 
tireliller that has all the resiliency and easy ridinit qnahties of air: 
that does not harden or Ret flat and will last indefinitely — much of it 
havmK been u.sed for the past five years, having run in that time more 
than 40,000 miles and is still in service. When the casings finally 
*^ iiler eaa be removed and put in new casings and 
•atatiea repeated from time to time as often as is nrrr — inr 
fe GUARANTEE that if 


it win aat lose Ua shape, or flatten 
•a mlati fwe 
aay of 

is prepcily eoaflaa4 ia tl 

within one year fnai di 
of cost all NATIONAL 
the above defects. 


P. MARTm, AGOir rail 


Such as Peaches, Pears, Apricots, Cherries, and 
Pineapple in table meties, and Cherries, Apples 
and IMm ■ Re Mriies « cRMd 


Green Beans both cut and string, KimA, Beets, 
Pumpkin, Lye Hominy, Pork and BeiM in ciMed 


such as St. Nk^olas 40c grade. Highland 35c 
grade, and Ulika 30c gnde. We guarantee tfns 

Cofiee to Lc second to none at tlic price. Give 
us a chance for your business and wo wiU suxely 
satisfy you both in price and quality. 



44 3t C MaaUr 



Beef and Milk Combined — 
Stock for sale at aD timet. 


The Qimax, Richmond, Ky., Wednesday, Oct. 31, 1917. 

Mr. Farmer 

We will begin to receive Turkeys on 

at our place of business at East Main Street 

and L. & N. R. R. Crossing. 

On aooount of the congestion of traffic on att railroads 
besides more delays in lorwaidiDg fragtit than ever bciove 
known, it is positively necessary oa the part of the Fannm 
to sdl their Fat Turkeys early, so we can get than to the 
nuui^ at the usual tune. 

your FAT TURKEYS for the Thanksgiving market and hold your 
poor, thin ones and fatten them for the Christmas market. Rememt)er we 
wiii begin buying on the 8th of Novemb)er. This is earlier than usual, but 
we will have to have them earlier than usudl this year. See us or caB 
Phane 132 fcw the highest pikes befcxe adiiig to anyoiie. 



Telephone 132 

Near L. & N. R. R. Crossing 


I Classified Ads | 

(Ads. under this head 1 cent a word 
each issae, cuh with order. No. adv. 


SEED — If yea have heinp 
M —   A ■ — — A — a — %- — — — ^dta J 

B*ed to 
S. Break 

39 tf 

John Parks property on Lancaster 
avenue ; a handsome hoW» l mi five or 
six acres of land. St» M, C James, 
Agent, Richmond. 28tf 


FOR SALE— I wish to dispose of 
about 36 pure bred Rhode L^land Red 
Mrs. HaUie 

liOnCB — AM iiHiBi having 
C^M* llw ciMi af Miss 
Kate S. Walker, are reqoeated to 
promptly present same, verified as re- 
quired by law, to the uitd w ai gned or 
to J. J. Gnenleaf, attotaajr. Eugene 
W. Walker, Executor. 41 8t 

NOTICE — All who have claims 
iaRainst the estate of the late George 
r. Grinstead, are hereby notified to 
Ale same, propHiy p w mn aa reooir- 
ed by law, with the ondersignea on 
•r before December 1. 1917. All 
said deceased, will settle at 
Martin Gentry, Admr. 33 3t 

£sr c*w; 
44 2p 

ply at Happy Hour Tea BoonL 42-4p 



FOR RENT— Six room dwaUing; 
has gas and water initillrij Im good 
neighborhood. Mn «U fW SMBth. 
FhoMin. tttr 

FOR RENT Six room dwelling; 

possession given at once; only three 
blocks from L. A N. depot; pgriee |13 
persMlh. IkMttL «e tf 

FOB HHT-VMriwa flottage on 
Fourth atreet: gaa and eketrie U^rtiu 
Apply te Mn. Eugene Pairiah. GiB 
Ford esfenge » L 44 tf 

.SHEEP for sale. For prices and 
other information write or phone 360- 
Y. If aat aald befote eout day will 
at BMt M Made 

S. * 44'2p ' 

ALL persons having claims against 
the estate of the late D. A. McCord, 
are hereby notified to present same, 
properly proven as reiiuired by law, 
to the undersigned administrator, on 
or before Jaamry 1. 19U. AH eiw- 
ing him wU aettle at 

43-i mUkmrnd, Ky. 






CmI^ Fctd^ Gnii^ Lime 

FOR RENT — Dixie Inn, modem ho- 
tel, next to P. O., Richmond, Main st. 
Steam heat and electric lights. Ap- i 
ply Dixie Inn, or Eugene Lan^ 209 
E. Bill ■tm^ LnliwlH, Ij. ,41tf 

will preach at Mt. Pleasant Sunday 
morning, November 4th. All have a 
cordial invitation aad the 
are earnestly requested to be 
■ Mrs. Albert Dozier had a spend-the- 
•iay for a number of lier f rienda re- 

Ed Million sold his farm last \v. ck 
to Leonard Minter. The price was 
SI 40 an acre. 

The farmers are through cutting 
com in this section. 

Several from thia rwimi n i t y at- 

FOB KENT— ■erfteee eefoar Srd 

and Water streets; house newly pa- 
pered; two large gardens; large yard; 
and all necessary otubuildings; the 
place embraces about one acre ot 
ground. TM^phMH M: GMby Tay- 
lor. 30 tf 

Rev. B. A. 
ment at the 

Rev. E. C. McDougle also filled his 
appointment at the Christian church 
Snuday afternoon. 
Rev. D. H. Matherly, of the East 
at KMaiond, 


State Fair chMviou. Slodk for sale 
atantiani. W,^,WUkmmd, 
Ky. »tf 

years old. 
Drug Store. 

U ar 19 


32 tf 

Kr. n Bomnan had flie ndsfortane 

to torn his machine up side down on 
the Lexington pike close to Dick Igo's 
farm. He split a telephone post in 
two. Why more people are not kill- 


Mr. Madison Burgin attended the 
Masonic Grand Lodge 
Louitvflk hi 

Mr. B. P. 
John BL JoMa aad fn^ •( 
rard county, spent Urn 4^ iMM 
day with relatives. 

A number of 

black leg are repo] 
Nicholas county. 

of cholera and 


Mothers, sisters and sweettiearts 

who intend to play Sana Glaus to 
Uncle JSam's sailor lails are hereby 
advistd that owing to the vast volume 
of matter that will be handled tiiis 
year several rules have beer; estab- 
lished. Obaemace of thaa will m 
sure «w aaBw iimlili^ Ma glfk aa 
Christmas moraiag. 

All gifts must be mailed not later 
than November 15. 
Every parcel must bear the legend 
mail" in a conqiiaioaa 
1 MMt ha aa 
aa te aMi at   
tion by postmasters. 

Parcels for men with the Atlantic 
fleet or any vtssel w ith the Kuropean 
waters should he addressed: "U. 
S. S. (name of vessel) care postmas- 
ter. New Y«*, N. Y." For men in 

the MBt Beat: "U. S. S. , 

FadiB BmI^ ^ Fnmiam Cak" 
AmUarmmiml^ lilaMi Beat: 
S. S. . Asiatic 

postmaster, San Francisco.* 


of Agricattua Mat 


ing on flie State Mr giuumh. 

win gha pilvata leaaoM ea the clar- 
inet and vMfak fW iafbrmation in- 
quire at 
42 8t p 


• friends have been ever generous to us and 
we appreciate it. We hope for a continuance of 
their valued patronage and will endeavor to give 
all a service Jhat for promi^^j^ice and gen- 

WW R rnaiidiic I finmnan w 

Phone 110 




LOST— Ga.-net brooch. Reward if 
retomed to Climax office. 44 It 

When you sell your turkeys and 
thev do not weigh what you think 
they shoul4:«e gaaaliHi aBI ha a*  
ed. Did you feed weO? 

Turkeys running at large and left 
to feed on what they can pick up do j 
not wei|di like turiwys fed rsgolatly. 
just Myaa iMi yaar IMBB ai aiSU 

STRAY — Two Jersey heifers are in 
thr" city pound; one has cropped ears. 
Owner can get same by paving charg- 
es and this ad. Chir f of VoUcv. .^3 2t 

LOST — Pink cameo pin betwe ii 
McKee's store and I! reck avenue last 
Saturday night. Reward for return 
to Miss Besae Turley, at McKee's 



Most farmers when they bring 
their turkeys to market, will say: 
"My tarianra eheald he fai." Tlwy 
have nm in the hog pea 

field all fall." But tf yea 
fed them regularly, Biey 

weigh satisfactorily. 

Killers want fat turkeys and we 
will be in the market for good fat tur- 
keys, paying highest market prices. 
Pons lit Wides' old stand, comer Main and Orchard streets. 

M. Wides. 
C. M. Embry, 

J. M. AabdL Fhoaes S63 aad 46b 

Seed - Wheat 




PBONBS 55 and CS 

TTie Climax. Richmond, Ky., Wednesday, Oct. 31, 1917. 



Chevrolet "Baby Grand" Touring Car is built for the 
who likes to feel proud of his purchase without 

This modd is 
trcmecarc. The* 
gcxxl. It 

with Of 

• good 

A Chevrolet reflects favorably 
on the good judgment of its 

Buying a "knoun quantity" 
is much better than purchasing 

In the Chevrolet you get qual  

ity plus the known quantity. You 
purchase a certainty — "The 
Fnduet of E a p eri enoe." 

Tte model has often been 

described as the "happy medium" 
in automobile purciiascs. 1 1 meets 
every demand for a reliable* dD  
pendable, economical car. 

^Piict, mSJMK L0.IK HtaQ 




Tlie sale of S. J. Conkwrii^t in 
Clstk cMn^ bat wedc, is said to 
have httm the largest and most suc- 
cessftd held in that section in ycais. 
The receipts totalled ovor $12,000. 
Cows sold all tho way up to .SlSo. 
The hor.-e and mule .'^tock .-;oId u.s fol- 
lows: C. T. P'orknei pair fivo-year- 
olrt horse mulo.s, $42.5; J. H. Bond, 
eight-year-old horse mule, |185; L. 
Hamilton, six^ytur-M ante, 9157.&0; 

C. T. Forkaer. seven-year-old omle, 
9142J0; T. M. Swope, nIne-year-oIH 
■■le $107.50; John Thurman. ninr- 
yeap-« ld mule, $140; B. K. Diukworth. 
nine-year-old mulo S67..")n; Willi.^ 
Golden, nino-year-old mule .?110; J. 
\V. Diiw.^on, two-year-old pony, $140; 
hor.^e^ broupht from ?.7,r  to $152.50; 
J. S. Mullins sow and eleven pifrs, $70; 

D. T. Railsback. 10 cattle. |t40; Geo. 
J. Hunt^ 10 cattle $«••; Aadray Ha«- 
««j  10 tatOt. $416; J. C. Hi.^^le, S 
•■•"^ ftti; R. li. Pemi, sow and ijjgs, 
ftt; B. L. Penn, sow and pigs, |61. 


_ — Harvey Helm hands 
ns the following which will be good 
news to those who are in lino for an 
increase of pensions under the act 
mentioned: Congress on October 6, 
1917, adopted an amendment to the 
pension law increasing the rate «f 
pension for a widow of aa sAeer or 
enlisted maa mt tte amy, navy, or 
mariaa enpa «i the United States 
who served in the Civil War, the war 
with Spaia, or the Phil ippine In.sur- 
I rection, at $25 per month. Thi.-; does 
not include widows of mm in the 
regular army, navy, or maiine corps 
who did not serve in said wars; it 
does not include the widows of the 
war of 1812, the War with Mexico, 
the Indian wars, or army nurses, be- 
came Hbgy are not named in the 
amendment Applications are not 
ref|Uired from those entitled. Prompt j 
action will bo takon in the Pon.-^ion 
office to make payment of the :n- 
enasad amount. — Stanford JoantaL 


44444444444444 4 4 4444 


INTEREST paid on TERM SAVINGS DEPOSITS. Secure a profitable return for 
^ your money with absolute ««iety. DropusacardaBdwewfllsailjMaMdet 4^ 


South East Comer Mam and Upper Sts. LEXINGTON, KY 

44444444444444 4 4 4444 

Wa teak pl ea s ure in announcing 
that our Eldean Patent Flour took 
first prize at the Poultrj- and Acricnl- 
tural Show in Kichmnid last year. 
We are pleaaed ta aanoonce again 
that Eldeaa Patent Flour took first 
prise at the shows again this year, 
_f«r the best loaf of yeast bread. 
I Eldean I'atent Flour per 241b cack, 
I $1.50; 100» aac^ fSJi; par hanel, 

The flour with a guarantee that if 
it doesn't bake up the whitest and 
nicest bread yaa ever als^ lutaia fke 
padnge to as aad yaw anaiy arfll 

be dwertally reftmded. 

Phone 586, .'^otond -tic t. I-'reo iloliv- 
e»y- 441t 





Uulett Wdb Wibon Barker 


Fayette Ware house A nnwement 

better take care of its customers the Fayette Tobacco Warehouse Company, of Lexington, has 
purchased the warehouse at No. SK 
have been let to cahNVS tta IWMi M 

I'ayette trade. 

a( Ifce 

We have enagaged as sales manager of this property which will be known as the Fayette Tobacco 
Ma. ^ Ife J. a Haal, aM «r lha hait Jadces ni tehaeea ia Kcatacky and widely and 

TIio Fayette Tobacco Warehouse Gsavaay has endeavored since its orgaaizatioa, »«— jnn acB, ta iu- 
aish the tobaoeo planters of Keatocky as seliable and high class serviee aa aaald ha had. Oar asaataaOr In- 
testiaisBy to ttie success of our efforts. 


af aar( 

with the same employes and under the same management a« shall be better 


tlw barley aur- 

Mr. Early Pass, our .Auctioneer, who is now selling at Greens-ille, N. CL, reports tobacca mIW^ at tnm 
five to seven cents a pound bigiier that last seaaoa. This pmportionayi iaiiiasi will gjnt m a saiy 

Becaaae af Uw splendid patronage we have enjoyed in the past and because we desire to do "our bit," we 

shall divide one half the commission received from tobacco sold on 
the Soldiers' Tobacco Fund aad the Local Chapter of the Ked 


Fayette Tobacco Warehouse Company 

Lexington, Kentucky 
By SAMira. H. HALLEY, 


In renewing for his paper for an- | 
1 other year, this paper's (food friend, 
J. E. Taylor, of Brookfield, Mo., wrote 
las follows: "I would feel lost without 
the Climax as than ia aa aMKh aewa 
in it that briaga aqr awiaiiij Jmek ta 
I boyhood daya af tta se vs atl e s . If you 
I can give sp ae e , I would appreciate 
I the exact year and month that the 
jold Kentucky Central Railroad was 
I graded from Ford to liichmond and 
when the steel was laid to Richmond." 
We would be glad if any of our lead- 
ers wiio have this infoimatia 
furnish it for publication. 

A TEXAS womini 

Ite Isaaa Wonder cures kidney 
and bladder trouble, dissolves gravel, 
cures diabetes, weak and lame backs, 
rheumatism and irregularities of the 
kidneys and bladder in both men and 
women. Regulates bladder tnmhles 
in children. If not sold by yaar diag^ 
gist, wiU ba aent by aiafl «a receipt 
of $L0a. Qaa aaian bottle is two 
months' treatment, and seldom fails 
to perfect a cure. Send for sworn 
testimonials. Dr. E. W. Hall, 2926 
Olive street fit Louis, Mo. Sold by 


The reason that a civi! sen-ice ex- 
amination at Hazard will be held here 
November 14, is that Rebel Martin 
appointed by the govenuaeat anives 
sition, was called ia the draft aad de- 
clined to claim exempti«m. Sfam his 
departure for Camp Taylor, three men 
have held the postma.-toi .-lMi). none of 
whom cared to accept ti!" place per- 
manently. .As a conscciueni'f. Hazard 
with a total of appioximati ly 10,000 
mail patrons, faces the prospect of a 
closed postoflk-c iinle.-s an inspector 
:ippoitned by the Kov. iniaaat aniws 
to take up the work. ^ 

Quite a munber «t people were in- 
terested hi a dsaw a sUaU on of a New 
Ash Sifter, by Douglas & Simmons 
last week. This device enables one 
to save (luite a large amount of ^;ood 
fuel that has herotofo e be-n wasted, 
and since the coal outlook is unprom- 
ising, it affords one a means of con- 
'  MtlMllahH«ta 

Akwiyt Have PERUNA 

Kra. U A. Pattsrseu. 13M Kentucky 

St, Memphis. " 

1 have 

for many yoaia. I hava «aa« tt olT 

and on for catarrhal complaints and 
found It a very excellent remedy. 
I have a small family of children. 
Times are hard with us, but I can 
scarcely afford to do without Peni- 
na, especially during the season of 
the year when coughs and colds 
are prevalent. We always recom- 
send Peruna to our neidibonL fta 
the b sast ft haa baas ta m.- 


in the 
Home. RecoanMai 
It ta Oar Mm^w. 




Printers Ink can do wonders— it can make cotton 
look Kke wod. But it can t make cotttm give 
the service that wool gives. Any ckthing taflor- 
ed by machinery will not hold its shape not if you 
hot-iron it every day of the year. Strictly all 
soM by us. Wehmle everydimg usually found 
inaclodunf atoM. 



oar TA1L0R4IIADE sum AM 
are tailored by the best taAon to be had. 



For Sale 

We have ail kinds of farms for sale, both 
mproved and unimproved, at baigun prices. 
We have farms at $75, $100 and $125 an 

acre that are as ^ood in every way as hnd adl- 
ii«at $200 arid $250 an acre. 

If you Mend to buy a iBrm, get in touch 
with us before you da For particulars call on 
or address. 

Maple & Gaines, 

Irvine, Kentucl^ 

Or cal at Cimax office. 



Pkices Are Right and 
Slock is G mplete 




US— mrir 

Ihe Climax, RichtniBDd* Ky., Wednesday , Oct. 3 1 . 1 9 1 7. 






B. £. Belue 

Cor. Nmi and CfliSns Sis. 

BfafcL— MBrtfllFiiiiiUrfllWM. 
is gtow i lBg at tke GUmb Bbwb in 


Mrs. Drusie Bush and two children, 
of VaURhn's Mill, are spending sever- 
al daya with Mrs. Julia West 


i CcHliaa dmb. 

f The Cedlijui Clnb met with Miss 
- Laats Bciflit Wadneaday aftenoon. 

f^ Sahlact "AaptieaB Compoaers." 


4; WaItT— Cha4wiA lin 

|i Ske cii — ..SI 
M Uamam. 

Sony — Joy of the Morning— Harriett 
j Ware— Mr V H. M. BUaton. 





Emma Watts. 


JL O. Mir Mi Hhi iMi'» 
• • • • • 

4^ tits. a. c. nsnr ' m 

Viss Bettie, are in Damri 
i ; Mr. V.'m VVajtcrp waa 
^ Mrs. Carl Giant aa 
»^ ^SatwdNT ^ busiacas. 

Mr. Shirley West, of Camp Taylor, i Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Oldham 

d Mr. Kenney West, of the Phoenix 
Gaiafe, Lenngton, spent tka vmh- 

Mrs. James Embry, of Richmond, 
after spending a few days the gruest 
of Mrs. Thomas Jefferson Smith, has 
to Dtmu, Tn, when Ac will 

moved Tbnraday from the house they 

to the new residence of Miss Georjfia 
Boston on French avenue. — Winches- 
ter Sun. 

Mrs. Jenaiaga Gwlaaf, at VUbr 
• vWk to Mr. 

for s yUt to h 

Elmore, at La n caa ter . 

Dr. Earl Ellis, wife an i baby, 
returned from a pleasant stay 
relativea of the foraMT at 

Miaa Martta ABn, iriM is 
ing Sayn lastltalt, 
the weetnaai ak 


Mr. Kobcrt Bruce and Mrs. Bruce, 
nf Stanford, Mrs. Dave Faniah, of 
Paris, were here Monday far ttw fc- 
neral of Mza. Martha Dmier. 

Miss Lucille, have returned tnm a 
pleasant visit to relatives and friends 

at Middlesboro. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Elkin, Jr., are 
receiving congratulations over the ar- 
rival of a fine baby boy who has been 
christened Robert Sylvester. 

Mn. A. R. Gibba has returned from 
Ashaville, N. C wkera Ae was called 

Mra. Sana Baytam. 1 

very mndi improved. 

Mrs. J. B. Willia was 
Crab Orchard for a short visit to her 
sisters last week. Misa Emma DeJar- 
nette ratoBMl Vflh kv ttt • dwit 

Mrs. T. S. Bnmam, Mrs. R. LH. 
Tdfocd and iiater, Mn. Paunll. of 
WniirfiWta^ M. C Mri Wkm ludtel 
Telford, of RichMaC wm§» • Motor 

trip to Lexinerton ttia wedt — Lex- 
ington Herald. 

Mr. Richard Punch, of Mt. Sterling, 
was here this week for a visit to his 
nephey, Mr. Punch, and charming 
bride, formerly Miss Frances Wag- 
era. Mr. and Mrs. Punch will go to 
Mt. SterUag ia a few daja for a via- 
tt to rdathw talir will fa to 
Daytaa, OU», wIHm lib ftaHh has 
•mMm^-MMm Ber- 


J. L Agnwi 1 

Change oi Fin 

We take pleasure in announcing through 
these columns the change of members in 
the East End 


formerly managed by Wells & McKinney. 
The undersigned will continue carrying on 
this thnvmg business, and cordially invite 
dK patronage of the good people of I^icb- 


tlcmg dwnr nwels from vs Agjt will get 

those Juicy and Hi^y Flavored Steaks, 
Pork, Roasts, Etc. 


Asbell and Hamilton 

Mrs. T. J. Turiey 
Lexington last wMk I 
Fair FtUaf. 

I the 

Dr. \ 

spent St 

■m. f. It ^ _ ^ 

Mrs. CSMeaa Tajrlar, aaar tto dty, 

Mr r. Shirley Wilson, of Akron, 
Ohio, has l»eeTi visiting his parenta, 
Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Wilson. 

Mrs. Alex MelUager and daughter. 
Miss Edith, are viMv 

Mr. Eni'T,- )n Gwynno, of Nash- 
ville. IS her-' mingling with numerous 
friend.-^ ami -e'atives. 

Mmo Pauline Smith spent several 
days last we*k with her friend, Mra. 
Wattik ia NicMaaiillak 

that W. L. Owtchar, who has been 
qaite iB, is conaiderably improved. 

Mis.s Lucille Adams, of lurksville, 
apent Satunay and Sunday with Miss 
Nettie Kate Evans on the Summit. 

Mrs. T. T Noland, of Long Branch, 
California, :s here for an extended 
viait to bqr panati. Mr. and Mnk G. 

of her aiater, Wmu Wm 
Ihr at NichoiaBvflle. 

Hertiert Newman and Powhatan 
Woolridge, ■ ( Versaillea were the 
week-end trueste of RiAvi M 
Weot Main street 

' ttmi Ja«M Ehaore, Miss Mary El- 

iaad are aft home, after a ten days 
in Virginia with Mrs. Noland's 


Mrs. R. E. Turiey is in Cincinnati 
this week where she will spend sever- 
al days with her daughter who is a 
student at the College of Music 

Mias nmmU WMtoi mt BidnMd, 
win ha fhi sMk mMm «( Maa. g. 

fttun ia lUa dty.— 'wm- 
er Srb 

V Mrs. T. t. Million accompanied by 
her littA  niece, Rey Million Long, 
left Moaday for a viait to her daugh- 
ter, Mrs. A. B. IfemlH^ to MMMPer, 

Mr. aad Mis. W. M. Hiale visited 
VaatK. wha ia la Oaaoqi 
■twa*. Baia 
flaa wMh Hi Mita^ 
iaasiag t'. 


Sell your TUR- 
KEYS when and 
where you get 
highest price, but 
be sure you get a 
square deal 

Beginning Nov. 
12, I will receive 
Turkeys at my 
pens on Estill ave. 
near Ice Plant. 
Call and see me 
or phone me, Na 

F. H. Gordon 



Richmond climax (Richmond, Ky. : 1917), 1917-10-31

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