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date (1909-09-03) newspaper_issue bo8t Advertising Mctliiim 



The Largest Ciroulation 



J. WuK llAutiia, Jiditor ftud rubltah«r 

▲ Mbwitamb Divotbd W ilri 

Volume VITI. 

Jat'ksoii, K« ntiic ky, Friday September 1909. 

Number 44 

The Star Store of 

Euster & lsaa§5 

Jackson, Ky., ^ 

We have a Biu Stock of Spring QooH that 
we ar« flojfifl to close out at 
25 cant less tlMn coat. 

A Big Stock of C3kmilo«,#l».00 MiU goliW »»" |^ 

?ii ).0 ) suits irolnir »t ^."1^ 

$ N.(»U suits Koiiijf at 

$ 6.00 suit* B '!iiir nl • • ' ' 

A biff let of l* \ r.\ Misses' und Chlldrec's Slices at 26 per 
cent le *8 than o||BilMll 

i 4.00PMit«(A Bit Stwsk) a^Ina •» ^ ^ '^j! 

$ :{,   i imtits tfoiin; lit 

$ 2.00 pants uowK at 

I 1.S6 pMiu aolmr ai . f ' 

A DiK Stock of Drm dooda. U«ll«»* 8Wrt-. I.H,li s' Vcata. 
Mrn\ Hat* and Shirts are golnffBl S» per wnt less 
tbaa coat to make room for oor F»ll Stock. 

We Remain Sincerely Yoara, 



By Prominent Anti-Tu- 
berculotls Worfcen. 

The Aiili Tiit)(Tciil«si!  Confer- 
ence which lisis been uiiili r 

Precinct Changes.,..'. 
Ordon, BnMliiitI County Coort, 
June Term, 28 d^y uf Jtne.-llHJO. 

It npiK'sriniT 'o tlic sHii^fsciion 
of tlie ('(itiit lliiit tlic piiljlic (on- to iii('liiil(  ull lli ' 
vciiiriicc iukI |/ul li ' ifooii roiiuit t s ' Itii; iirsnch lliat 

it is tiicrofore oriierfd h.v I hp 
coart that the boundary of rotinir 

prccit'ot N ). I" ' «• i lianjjml as 
wiilcrs of I lie 
runs into the 

con- a ciinii^c in llip plncv of holiiinji ^ Nortli Kori; alwve the mouth 
tidpration for sev» rsl wwks, And the election in Jticl.son votin f of Tiouhlcsome, except the Al. 

precinct No. 2, | Deaton farm, be and the same is 

It is therefore ordiTOil l r the hereby added to precinct No. 10. 

I which hut been plannofl liv the 

Anti-Tulx riMiiosis A Mciat ions 

now in opernlion hi IfcnderMin. 
I Frankfurt, liUtonia. Li xiiij;ton. Jarlcson precinct No. 'J be and llw 

Court that the place of voiint; in 

.1. s. Ill- Ml. Jr , CMklvr. 

riesri Dm) Pre*) )• 

M. I . l A\ii», A  tlntE Cashier. 
^. t, . Aaa't UMlil«r «. I. l »wkto«, A»e% CMfch r 


Jackson, Kentucky. 

ilaa C^ipltal, Sorplna aiM mijividad profit* of 
over •aO.OOO.OO. 

A conscrvtitivc instituticn offering effi- 
cient service tu the people in general* Iniur- 



We will be pleased to meet or correspond 
with those who contemplate making 
changes, or opening new accounts. 

We pay 3 per cent on 

Time and Saving accounts. 

When one part of your money la drawn out 
the remainder continues to draw interest. 


^re 2/ou Setting the 
Qesi Vaiue 

In mercliandiaa yoar money will 

K you get them from Crawford 
you may be sure you are. 
TliVra'a no uaa trying: you can't 
beat tkeir goods and prices. 
Why? Because H there wera any 
better goods made we would have 
them in stock. 

Come in and do your trading with 
us and get your j|R^ey*s worth. 

l.oniivilln and Oweinboro, will 
mark the greatest forward -tep 
yet taken in the movement OKninst 
Tuberculosis in Kentucky. This 
conference will be held in Lexing- 
ton, on September 'i'uh. 

A call has been ibsQcd to the 
Mayor of every city in the Slate 
r.'»iue»liii;; lii  orcene.- and tlie so- 
poiutmcnt of one other delctrale 
from escii city. Theae delegates 
tojfetlier with a nuiiil or of di.-.tin 
iiuiilted vikl^H■a will meet in Lex 
intfton Septdnber 39ih and 80ih, 
for the puri oMe of f -)rminitattate 
orKaoixalion t« combst conaunip- 
tio I in Kentucky. Tlie hredquar- 
ters of t!. ' Coi f •fence w ill oe li. ld 
at the I'liocnix Hotel in Lexing- 
ton and aueh an aelive Aaaociatiun 
Mill !.!• f.'i iiii d n- can ! ' n i.t 
once llio work winch ia bO ({rratly 
needed thronirhoat the State. 

^ ^r— TT"- • ■•■ 

» lA the Dihirict tioiirt of the 
United Hutea for tli« t^t- 
ern Di-trii't of Kentucky. 

In t)io matter of | 
Win Naiiicr, In Bankruptcy, 
a bankrupt. I 

On thta the 27tii day of Auifuat, 

A. I)., l!M'it, on con.xiderintf the 
( etition of the aforesaid bankrupt 
for discharge, filed en the 15th 
day of June, A. I ..l'.tW. it is or 
dered by the court that a hearintr 
I ho^tsd upon the same on the 14th 
'd.iv of A. iV., 
before said court at (.'^ovinttton in 

same \% hereby cltanired from it« 
present place of voting; just 

abore the town 
point near the 
.lackson at a 
II. \ewlaod noj 
A copy— all 



Oid.M-. Mreati 
.1 iin - 'li rni, 28 ds 
It ap| earinff to 
of the court thiiC 
renionce aad | ^b1 
a chanipiin Ihe ' 
ford ydtiainv  
Terry votiiiff 

Jackson to a  
iimit^ below i 
r where J 

A copy— attest: 

S. H. Hurst, ("leri;, 
By J. T. Steele, D. C. 

Clay Hole. 

le, D. U. 

County Court, 
ot .June, IWHK 

llello! Ix st Creek, wake up and 
ffive us some newa. 

Wiiliani Kiiv'nti- who lias been 
very low wiili typhoid fever u ini- 
provi .it;. 

Sc'lmol li!'rf' tii )i:rf"-siii}; nice- 
ly under tliu munaKcinent of Hi 
1.0 satisfaction ram Campbell. 

piihlic con ' Amcnu thn visitors of J. I?. No 
liooii re |ijires Sunday wore Sam Allen anc 
dary of Craw- wife. I'.nel Fujfate and w ife, Mar 
No. 5 and ilm Mi I ilo !i. \i tlim H ^herts, Ty- 
:t No. 6, niander and I'aulina Kii;;a(e. 

It is therefore i^rdered by the J. ]{. Noble in«l Sam Allen haa 
court that the ('rmf ford precinct a nu e lo;r job on Huckliorn. 
l)oundary be an tM same is here- .M-m;! -i is Kivinj? niiicli tronble 
t y so changed as?to inciinle nil of - jfi this \ i. inity. 
I'uncheon Camp ^lem and includ | Nuni y Itoberts riaitcd f ^enda on 
ing Isaac Gabbtriff farm up and Hall last week, 
also to include tle^ residence of A iiioiit; the visitors of .Miss Lou- 
Alex I Icrald, and tiiat tite place of i ise Itiiiiiett Sunday were Sarah 
rotinn be and iheMtme ki hereby | Rob. rt-, .Maud Lutie and Cora No- 
•liiiiiireil from ne«,the mouth ofjljlc. 

Cope Branch to -M^r the mouth 
of the KiofiT ForL ^ 
A aowr— atteat: ' 

S. II. H#rst, Clerk, 
By J. T.:!fe teele, D. C. 

Orden, BreatU^ounty Court, 
June Term, 2bdaf of Jnue, i'-'OH 
Itjippearinir^ fte satikfaction 
of tlie court that' Ula public con- 
vei^nce and pubnKjrood rei|uire 
a oMniin in the HotKidary of Terry 
«aid district at 10 o^ckwk. in the lnr«cint Fo. No. ^ i 

forenoon, or as near thereto a«|(L|^|a tlteirfiirt^'HM^if' ^''fhe 

practicable, and that notice there 
of be pahliahed 1 time in the 

Urealiiitt County News, ii news- 
pai er printed in said dii^lrict, and 
all known ureditora and othfr per- 
iods in interest inny appeiir at 
said time and place and show 
cause, if any they have, why the 
prayer of said petitioner should 
not be itranted. 

Witnes.0 the Honorable 
.A M. .1. Cocliriin, .luil :eof 
said (.Hiurt, and the sc:tl 
[nkalI thereof, at Covington, in 
said district, on the ii" da.\ 
of .Vu^ust, A. I)., I'.tO'.t. 
Jos. C. FlNNrLL, Clerk. « 
.1. \V. Mkn/iks. I). C. 

court that the bouudary of Terry 

.1. H. Noblo and .\rlhur Hotierts 
had a nice time killinK ^ |irreN last 

Nathan Uusscl and Frencli 
vey students of Iliram Cumpltell 
s:iid tiiey memorized their lessons 
on .Vug. SUth for the tirat time in 

Srnii'eD BsraoaBi. 

1 1 / another corrcspoodcot.) 

.Miss .\ttkry lUevens and Oora Ro- 
berts Were in Jackson on a visit 
Monds^ . 

S. 11. Combs has been to I'crry 

precinct No. A be and the same it | County on a viait to see his two 

hereby chanired so as to iii  lude , sister-i, 

all the waters of tlie left hand fork 
of Jett*s creek /torn ait'd including 

Klislia .loliiisoii's liomo fnrrn up. 
also including all on Lick Urauch 

John 11. Combs and Janice Ncace 
lield services in Perr.v at the house 

iii'iir Ann' j lays. 
L. L. Coiubs visited his (atlier- 

from Jacob Terry's farm up; also in-law Oephus Napier, of Perry. 

inclii liiij.' the (i.'oree Johnaon 
farm on Lick Branch. 
A eopy— attest: 

S. II. Iliirst. Clerk, 
By ,1. I". Steele. D. . 

French ^'uMihs made a ?isit lip 
to James Caiupbcll. 

Orderrt. UreHlliill t'oMtify Court. 
June Term, -^dii}   fdlu" ', ll'i''* 
It appearing to the satisfnctii ti 

Big Suit Dismissed. 

of the court tliat ttie pnl li( lon- 
venionce and uuldic nood irijuiro 
:i chantre in the ixxindaries of vot- 
Judge A. M. J. Cochran has precincts No. T .uid s. 

It is therefore ordered by the 


Ci^WFORD 4it CO.. 


sued an order in the Federal court 
at liiehmond dismissiiig the suitof 
the (^ewiinental Ueally Company 
vs. C. J. Little and W. L. Taylor 
for ?i|.t'.t.Oi'0. The order was made 
several day«. ago but was not re 
ported until Wednesday. The 
Continental Kealty Co. is compos- 
ed partly of Pennsylvania people 
and NV. L. Taylor, of Baltimore, 
MH.. and WcM.. \V. Va., and C. 
J. Little, of Jackson, Ky., was in- 
corporated under the laws of Del 
aware witii chief olhces at Wil- 
mington. * * The plaintiff's, among 
whom were F. L. Whittaker, of 
Huntington, W Va.. and T. M. 
.Stephenson, of Lockhaven, Pa., 
II. L. Howers. Dr. W. F. Beyer 
and Lex N. Mitchell, of Punxsu- 
tawney. Ph.. and some forty or 
fifty otherM, were not aatisfied 
with the rulings of the arbitratora 
on the law qaeationa ibvolrcd in 
the case. 

They broke up lb* arbitration 
a nil the matter went back into the 
1  ederal court at Richinond. Home 
time later, after hearing the nr^fu 
mcnt. Judge Cochran sustained 
the defendants* demurrer to the 
original bill in equity. 

The Continental Kealty Compa- 
ny then obtained leave to 'file an 
amended bill. The defendants 
Little and Taylor demurred to the 
amendment. At tha laat spring 
term of court at Richmond tlie 
case was demurred oot of eourt. 
and plaintilTa were given leare to 
amend if they could and they fail- 
ed. Judge Cochran then issued 
an order d temlm i ii g Um 
Lexington Hwsid, Alff. M. 

court that tlie lH)undary of ti e 
John B. Lewis vntinj prtcinct No. 
7 be and the same is hereby so 
changed as to include nil the wa- 
ters of Turner's cnol. and idl on 
both siilos t)f .Middle' Fork from 
the mouth of Turner's creek down, 
and that the idaci- of voting bo 

Haxel Green, 

l{ev. Charle.\ UoUliiiisof l'i'lki;n|  
was in tow n last week on busitiesii. 

Harkiir Nkskell, of Neola, was 
liet e a few days iiijo on tiusitiess. 

Henry (iillispie of near town, 
who haa tieen very low the paMt 
month with typhoid fever ii im- 

Samoel Wheeler, of S#lith Lib- 
eitv. was in this vicinity last week. 

Wm. Uusii, has been vcr.v sick 
! for the puit ten days with the fer- 

I Stephen G. Sainpie.of Cunipton. 
' wa« here recently viaitliMr friends 

and relatives, 

I Dr. I.«aird, of Jackaoo, has been 
,1 ' here for the pait few days doing 

and the same is In rfchy chanjrei 
from the mouth of Sebastian's '^"""^ "'"'^ 
Branch to near the mouth of Ca- 
noe Fork. 

A copy— alt est: ' 

S. II. Hurst, Clerk. 
By J. T. Steele, D. C. 


Il.dlick I'tttrick, returned recent- 
ly fr 'ro West Liberty, where he 

had l 0( ii for the i ast three weelvs. 

(ieo. Jolin.snn attorney, has been 
at Mt. Sterling for the past ten 

days on business. 

MissCK Faley Long, Nancy Ma- 
pel, Ora Compbell, left Thursday 
f*)r West Liberty, and will ah»  
visit Jttclnoo before returning 

venience and public good require ''**"!®* 
achangeintbe place of hoMlaff'. fe'D*vl-, of \\ est Liberty was 

in thia ooroniunity last week on 

Order-* r.reitliitt Con iit y Con 1 1 , 
June Term, ii^ day of June, lUOW. 
It appearing to the satisfaction 

of the court thai di • inihlic con 

the eWtion in Crocketlarille pre- 
cinct No. 8, 

It is therefore ordered by the 
court that the pliu-e of votinir in 
('rocketuville voting preciDct No. 
H be 9ind the a a m e is hereby 
. 1 iinged from the school house be- 
low ^4^.iDouth of Long's creek to 
near the mouth of Old Heote 
Bi^ch on Tx n ;'s creek. 
A copy — attest: 

8. H. Hurat, Clerk, 
By J. T. Steele, D. C. 

Jas. WiImh), of Oayaooro, was 
in town one digrietl week. 

Our public school is pregresaint.' 

nicely iiiMlrr the man ii;ement of 
Miss Faley Long as teacher and 
Mias Ncsey Mapel as assistant. 
The cnrollnu^nt at pn'-ent is 
this is much better attendance than 
hM erer been hefe at the pnbiir 
school. This sliows that it | ays to 
employ teachera I hut have the 
traininir and ability to teach. 


Orders, Breathitt County Court, 

.lune Term. day of June. I!t00. 

It appeauiiig to the satisfaction , ' 
of the satisfaetien of the court that I A full line of 

the public convenience and public h'i'I children's .Shoes, 
good requires a change io the.buuou^ Luiery bUoe 

bouadtrisi ol ▼oOog prMissti'BMrii*. 

, women s 

also the 

a T. 11. 

|F,.P^CRAWFOD, President. 

JOl-lN T. H":D''.'' 

C. J. LITTLE, V(ce-Pre»klent. 


Uncor( oratcd.) 
o — • 

J Condensed Statement. August 18. 1909. 

I RNoarrea 

^Due from National Banks .•. $i2,a2. .»;ij 

r! Bills Receivable ^. •., 3»,H16.Klj 

•jK.Vprnses l.tlS.OdJ 

i Furniture and Fixtures. ... •"" I,'2'.i6.«li 

ICMh ' 5,6&S,71 



Capital Stock, paid in. 

J Framings 

*A Deiioeita 

!iii 0,6oa.36| 

.$ 8,000.00 

. 1,732.24 
. 40.921.11 


^ Money loaned on approved security. 

♦ Interest paid on time deposits.] 


F. P. Crawford, J. Little. (J. W. Fleenor, 

Cliaries Terr.v. .Matt Crawford, J, W. Ford, 

Breck Crawford, E. a Hyden, JobnT. HindnMa] 


Of School At 


Tuesday, September 7tii, 1909. 

Thit Short hiNtoo' of HlrfrHiUe In^'iliute la one 
and rapid (rowth. TUi Is evldMiM ot lu •MetaMV. 

of contfaiaal 

Ihc lU'Av l)oi niiloi y, tlic ( iilargcti 
bojuitiriil Camj)us, and streii^^tlieiied 
Faculty, afiurd added advantages 
over previous years. 

Great Reduction in tuition on Year Plan, if 
you enter in September. Regular rate 
$1.00 per month, paid in advance. 

For any information, call on or address 

a. E. DUUSUAL, Superintendent. 
Lost Creek. Kentucky. 

Do not ba deeehred by nnaern- 

pnloiis imitators who would have 
you believe (hut the imitation pills 
are as good aa DeWitl*8 Kidney 
and HIaddcr Pills. There isn't 
anything just as good as these 
wonderful pills for the relief of 
Backache, Weak Back, inflamma- 
tion of the bladder, urinary disor- 
ders and all kidney complaints. 
.Viiy one ran fake IVWitt's Kid- 
ney and Bladder Pills as directed 
in perfect confidenee of good re- 
sulm. Sold by Jackson Druir Co. 



Long drsss skirts that brush up 
th« ttrcota and sidswalks ars dan- 
gtroua to health. A sarnMirt of 
thIa charactor will eolleot In a 
fOw mlnutos* walk 
oholooat and most varM 
mont of diaoaao gon 
flladdonotf the heart e« aa 

aA|^^^^. a^maI^ i^^^ 

thair street sssf w i ss aseie t 


naed net bo earrtoi 

home* to tpread ditcate. 

5s^^^ s is es^ sHsasra s^sai: b sssasa shshsb ssshsb sss^ 


•laui"'s r, Adaiiis I'resiilent. 


.1 II l.,ett  n, Ir.. CHsiilrtr 

Solicits the Accounts of Firms. 
Corporations and Individuals. 



on Six Montlis 
Certificates of 


This Bank \\ as oraani/.ed for the l*K 'ri.i: atul hy the I'koim.e, 
and uol for i'ohtic!  nor any Political Intluences, and your 
depoeite in thia Bank are worth as much to foa 
as they ^re in any other Bank. We s v 
Holt your bu.siness from bnsi- 
I priaei plea and nok 

We ar« a* glad to lend maiMg^aa wa tre (o vtofiva d«p«iUa. ||t 

' 4 



The Breathitt News, 


J. WISE HAGINS, Editor. 
Friday September 3 





tut* aad Fed«ral PracUoe.- 
F. U*Lt. Btlaxu C. MimcK .j 


ornejH at IaW 

nrnrKU AT 

Ky. , uiid Jacknon. Ky. 

I»it. (). II. S\V \N(i(). 

I'ln^If l\\ \M) Si HiiKiiN. 

Oflicc and Ret. Piioiic. bt\. 





Db. D H. KA8H, 
PHTdcuir AND Sraaaoir, 



■nil -i p|l! 

l iil .vou not charter a HiKoinl 
train on Um O. A K. rAilroad and 
offer frt'i t n; s.h rlation hh'1 fno 
acconiooalions lo everi lHHl,v llrU 
would con:« to the oonv«otion? 
How n nny ciinio from A\'(ilfo and 
Moriran- toutiUcH on tlm'. train ; 
Did you try to act »ny of the Rc- 
puhlicHti'i from tlio Miil lo Kork, 
the North Fork, (Jeorne'si liraiich, 
lTroubl«aom^« Creek or 

QllieksBQCl to OOOM tOihe OOtlVBII- 

lion I 

The old line Repultlicni a, the 

ones tliat Imvo f. u^'lit t!ic btillK- 
of their i »rt.v for years, Imd tom 
*wBy beck ead eit down end let 

Ca -inr Ilur.ot, Mitc'i ("rain A 
Doninate a ticket for them to voir 
for. W4II they anpport Ut Wr 

liiir ll.v t'link so. Tlx v nrc- mx t'J do so either \ y jMtrt.\ 
ties, kinehip or lorni pride, for thr 
mHcliiiic has r;i-t tliosi' tn tin 
winds. Look at liie vast horde of 
ClorerDrneni employes— J e p u t a 
oIIcctMis, deii'.it.v riMiisI nU, j^to;(- 
kcei cr t and KuriKers, etc., etc,, ii 
oereoaniy. How many Breath 
itt lio.v«i cull .vfni fiii'I niii' n;? iheni? 

Tiie way to i;ct rid of this um 
chine iratifr is to snow it tinder st 
deeply Uy \ o\\r im'li»ts in N'ov  ni 
ber that they will nexcr Imvif the 
blow of the born. W e will then 
come into our own HicHtliilt 
coiii.ty boys cm I lion lill lireuti ill 
ooanty oll ccs. 

ft ie en open aecret end not de- 
nied that the Republican ticket 
was dictated by the bosses st the 

behest of their jndicisl candidate. 

That it was n.un'Ml for I'lc pnr- 
poso of ttivins him an unobstriict- 
pd rixht-of-wsy to the bendi H 
iikewiso conceded Mm, like tl.c 
"best laid plans of mice and men," 
it went **airiee.^ And the Re- 
p il)lic IIS of tliis i-duiity ;»ro in 
the attitude of havinu a ticket 
thrust upon them that is not of 
their own choosing, in «n atU mpt, 
to secure tlie ermine for one not 
of their coant.r, and, too, when 
ihai attrnipt hii" sij^nally fiiileil. 
Honestly, now, brother l{epiibii 
can of the farm aod honi' , was 
vour w ishes eren coosolted in the 
rn tttei '. 



D. & RfeQWIBB. 

Tho*. C. Johxhon, 


v.. K. H Mi(i. 
3. Wise IIauins. 


ArntKO Kt  -i I.I . 

W. H. Blaktom. 
F )i{ . IIKRIFF. 

T. H. Ill KSON. 

Wbh-bt TnBXBB, Jb. 

.1. W. .* i'm:ks. 


W. J. La.nouum. 

W. n. ("U.DWKI.L. 

Kasr C. WnxiAJO. 



APrettj KBUleoTFlsb. 

A esndidate for Circuit .lur'ge 

recently frt m .M:ijroffin county, a 
candidate for State Senator recent- 
ly from West Viririnia, a candi- 
date for (oiirty iiidire r (tiitiy 
of Wolfe county, a candidate for 
oooDtjr attorney recently from 
Wolfe county innl u candidate for 
oonnlir iDperiutendent formerly of 
Wolfe count,v. 

\Vc do not i-Iiarirc tiie Republi- 
can party with this mesi4, but ooly 
a few of its leaders known aa the 

I low many Republicans in 
Breathitt county know "when and 
wlioie .\'Ihius and Kish were 
nominated ; W bo saw any adver- 
tisements of the convention f Al- 

tlion^jli wr tire ii' the husii.p»! i of 
KatherinK ncwM we did not know 
of it Hill it wss all over. We ander- 
.stooil afterwardN that it whs doi'c 
ia uoiuc room in Realty ville by Uie 

Whether II. Patton was a 
candidate while on the train from 
West Virginia we are unable to 
ssy, but «re do !,ii iu- that he has 
been a caitdi«i«te for various of- 
fices since; hut the machine has 
laid him on the slielf l y nominat- 
ioK him for a &eat in the Senate 
which will be occupied for the 
next four years by E. E. Hojfi:, a 
native Kentucky who knows 
what Keutookiaoa need and how 
to get it for them. 

If the I OBinaUon of a candidate 
for county jiidffe had been left to 

Uw UepuUicaiia of R r e a I h i t t , 
eoooty does any one bdieve that i knowledge   r coLsent. I pos- 
C««SBr Hurst wouU have btM oo ' "^^'''^ " ' « Mider 
the tuk.M ' jlhst there are but IWO fTMt po- 

btaad u| , JuUo* " — 'litioal partirb aa4 B MB* lo bt a 

itentlHBBB, must Ix-ioii;; to ( ne or 
the other of them, and a man to 
Udoriff to BBy ohui as a ' confuser i 

•o eiiher party i.* n"t worth.v « f j 
I he attention of decent | coph» ofj 
inteiliKent voters. i 
wlio know me, nnd efpecial- j 
ly tl osc wlio are usin^; my name, | 
kn  v\ I. IV politics and know tbatj 
\ wMild in no wny nceopt. an.V | 
oinmiition in ilic »;ift of the pe«»- j 
•le of Ureathitt couMy i xccpt it 
le III  ler tlie ilevice of the aranU 
■111 D.'ni'HT:ii ii' | 'irl.\ . I 

1 II. HkdRis. ' 

Canoe ) 

Iheri- iv;i  a hri;*- crowd attended 
I e funeral o' M rs. Nancy Jane 
veen Sunf'ay. Tt.e servlee waa 
ooiduoted by Rev. HarveJubnsoo 

A!f;cd 'oil n bis m»\ed hi.« 
 aw iuill Iwra and will bcKin saw 
ini; next week. 

Mrs- Nancy Gregory, of Knox ' 
county \isited her mother test 

week. I 

Mis-i Eva and Kelly Back visited 
Ned Turners Monda.v niRlit. 

Floy 1 K^en and wife visited 
vv ilia Jol Bson SBtorday. 

I'les Er.ins, wife an I dauBtiter, 
of Rerea are viaitipg Sa u Callaham 
ind ranitl.' . 

Sam Cbx and wife of Howards 
. nek visited liiriKU Stampers 

Stephen Little made b bosinees 
trip 10 CMettsvlHB Mooday. 


Believing that the people of Kentucky 
ynXL bfinuirMlfld in tbo organization of tho 

Tlio Democratic nomineea are 
the choice of the whole citixen- 
4hip of the party. There wus no 
dictation from bosses. The |»eo- 
pie met at home and expressed 
their choice and their willies ruled. 
The ticket was chosen by them on 
iceount of their Htness for the ix - 
^itions, their personal probity and 
SihmJ standinjr in the community, 
ind the certainty that ihoy will 
vive the people a faithful admin 
istration of public affairs. 

The ('arpi'thairijer jii'licial. sen 
aturial and county ticket are ink 
intr over this county in a flock like 
t ley were pretty badly "sceart." 
I no no u-e, boys, the people ol 
Breathitt county are "dead on to 
you*' and your tlockinL' to;:i iliei 
will not avert the catit-^trophe that 
iiwalts you on the second of No- 
veinbi'r. No u*e to whist !.• a  you 
puss through the political ceme- 

What Bood thinir do the Carpet 
httti^rers  tand for? NVhat wo ild 
it proHt the people if the improb- 
able should happen and they 
should ! !• tlt( t(M'ir Docs tlie per 
sonnel of that ticket stand for po- 
litical reetitttde or personal moral- 
ityl Answer tiie-^e iiuestions in 
your own minds before deciding 
how yon will east .your ballots. 

BerlhiinK Mopes. 
Republican hopes as cxproi^sed 
at their ooorention: 


liepublican ho|tes as expres ed 
after the Democratic eoovoDtion: 

As DOW expressed: 


Tom Johnson is not a boy. His 
forensic efforts before the juries 
in the prosecution   f criminals 
will not be the labored, monoto- 
nous, school-boy, "Ann-can-spin- 
flax," declamatory style. y 
will be the vigorous, loi^ical, force- 
ful B.inHBent8 of an old, abte and 
experifnoed practitioner. 

To WHOM IT MAT oobobbk:— I 
am informed that some one is «s- 

ii my name as a possible eandi- 
dbtc for some office o.i some tick- 
et iinl eknown to me and without 

.lohn Stamper sold a yoang mule 

for $l77.f)0. 

We are all proud of our line 

LiMchi r Spiror aiid  ''urtis Ihill 
and made a business trip on Cane 
creek Sunday. 

Old Aunt iWttie Herald who it. 
110 years oM is xetiing ak QC 

Mack Hall of Turner's creek call- 
on Sit'ii .'^pii er Tuesday nijrht. 

Uncle John 1'. Turner who Las 
t)een ill ao looff is not any better. 

Howard's Crook. 

Oeorjre .\rrowooil wl»o is teacli- 
inij school on the ("am e Fork v a  
at li )tiie Suturday and Sunday. 

Alfred Oambill,8am Rossell ard 
.Sim C  \ visited friends on Trou- 
blesome tlie tirst of the week. 

Alfred Russel attended religious 
services on War Creek Sunday. 

.\ lar re party of surveyors pars- 
ed through our nci'.rborho3d the 
tirst of the week it is rumored that 
they were searc!iin:r for a ri^xht of 
way for the long talked of R. )'. 
A iiich wo are aBzkms to see start 
ed op. 

One ( undidate said lo arother: 
"You take the moral rolers aod 
give me all the immoral ones and 

I will beat you five to one." Cer- 
tiinly this man must have a \ery 
|)Oor opinion of the |)eople. Yet, 
however, a man might be guilty 
of immoral practices himself, he 
wants the sword of the law, which 
protect^ his household, hfs life, 
his liberty and his property, i lac- 
ed ill the hands of those who.ii he 
can trust, and, ron one bad 
trust anothtrf 

D. L. ALLEN & CO. 

Jewelers Successors to 
S. D. Fleenor. 

We hive bought out the entire 
 tock of the S. D. Fleenor Jewel- 
ery store and will slill continue 
to do .business at the old stand. 
Come and see us, will sell anything 
in the Jewelery line. New L'oods 
constantly arriving. Kepairtog a 

Tim« to Trim Barry PMrfa. 

Now la n i(o . 1 time to trim tb« raep 
t)i rr}- and btnckljerry Hclds. Not muc^ 
(rait ran be ez|)crtH from t^XAr 
ranea, and eren tbc Iteat canes will not 
elve nncb fnilt If tbey ara too clow 
toRetbor. Manure or fcrtniaer la also 
raqalred. Blackherry fl«Ms have been 
hanwn to tSr* good s efT k a'ftt jeara 
wttboat iMtUlMrs. bat If the fl«ld is 
glvsa good cnltlvatloa and w*n anp- 
rlted wKh plant fbod tho tnrreaaiid 
yteM and better qoallty of the fralt 
woi aMke feme aaimltaUi flsMa' pay 


Avb err somb 


Good lctt 'r Me.'tds 
Are GddiI Business 


To Jones 

And u lot of other 
Peoplt^^sDcterilMd In 

iKtme paper 

Bird* W tMna ry to Man'a BaMano^ 

A Proach natnrallat aaaeHa that If 
tbo world ahonld bocomo birdleaa man 
coaM not Inhabit It after nine /cars' 
time In spite of all tbcaprnya and pol- 
■•aa that coald bo nanafactwred for 
the deatraetton of toesrts. The Inas ets 
aat sian woaM sfmply set all ths 
ereterds and eropo In that tfapoi 

'in   in[ tti u«9 noi 
loqi ajus iiian ,.aioq .upamims pio.. 
4 i|l JO am o^iio 4BB VlH ei 




Invented Printing, 

aiWI Since His OSy 

  life ^ 

B«lieviBf lUl tWf WANT aoali a tinimr. believing 
that Ihey will SUPPORT ouch « company by subscribing for 
it* stock — we will publish v\ this paper every week the 
amount of aubscriptions lo date. The work of getting 
%VM Mooday, JoIf 26{ aoi btNw afo 

'f*^^WJ*J* has don* more for the 
* A ■ "^worlt?'! idvancrment 
than any other thing. Our type 

Lmt \/4 Vo y«ur Trinting 









$469.460 00 



If Yon Are Interostoil. Rll Out And Moll TMi Coupon. 


W. H GREGORY, Broathw County Nevn, Jacnauw. Ky. 

Louisville, Ky. 

Plrast send me full inform 'i/i"fi u.i to ikt CiTIZEASAAriMAL 


We Want Your 


You v^ilJ want ud 
have it^when you 
our samplcB and hear 
» 8 OliJl PRICES a a 

Call at ihij oJ[fic9 tuhtt 
in th0 Uh» qf 



for Grocers, autebers and 
ether tradeeien, mado In 

bu«ine»4iikc TTTfltfffT at raa* 
suriubie prices 


CIRCULAR! E r:- -:• 

At Home. Don't Send 
It Away to th  Mail 
Order Man. 


us YOUR) 








I Want Live: Enorfolit Moo to Roproaont Us « 

S.!/^.Sticiham || in Unoccupied Territory. | 

% Ad(!ress All Cummunications to the Com- x 

WATCH-riAKiiK and JHWE14:K 

• qua lae sataoe 

au|)|todx» d- i- v oq) j| u|Sfl  da qooi 
lUa W|ii i.njoM ;o ao||«)adM mu 

pany at Beattyvillc. Kentucky. 

Tiie Blue Grass Farmer 

KI'l l ImN 

The Lexington Herald for 75 Cents. 

For tlif iifXt three iiioutln we olTfi lliis excelltiut news and ag. 

' ricuhiiral j a|)fr Hi a ent rate, riyiiUr piiio bein^ fl p«r 
I Fill out attached coujwD. TUE liEUAlli), Inc., I.i  :inm()n. K'y 


All work Guaranteed 

.Watcli aud Clock Kcp;iiib and] 

Cleaning A Specialty. 
' IcatBrfortbcbiuibeaiof all 

Find enclosed 75c, for whit ls .seiui 
HiiUon o( Ute LaxiBOt^B UeralU lmt 


me the Bias Onws flMi^er 


The Breathitt New5. 

J. \v |- r. II A( i I KoiToR. 

l('p\A KOl.A. 


Phi N K  VA1 'TT 

For li*-*! ci'llff* leni* Ro 


ThAtffood bailer— Y«llow Ia- 
bel— at H«ddi«*t. 

For tood vin  j.''ir nnd fM^inil 

Simon McliiU *U,of Huston wu - 
hcro on busineM ImI week. 

Will Nupier and wife of 1«Rum 
were b«w Frid*** MUmded lb* bv-- 

Tiiinniie the 11 year old M n «f 
Urq Youns died at St. .InHrpli 
IIo^ itKl at I/exinnion. Friday 
AniA 'iTtlxif M|i|iendit;I( t. He wmm 
MtricWn Tnmday pveninif and was 
lal« t^ to I/exiniflon Thursday 
niorni^fr ar d was oiH^rated upor, 
hut lu no avail. Hit rvmaioa were 
l)rou;{hVL back here Rod boried in 
the 8ibini KfAre  »i(' Faivi^f j 

T. E Calltoun. of Stf\ciis .n whs 
berc on businoss \V» ' liii's lu.v. 
5 bero lyommx s m|  f ir c»Mil  

«l HtddixV 

Oreen Heddis it buildinff e resi- 
dontc on ibe tawk of bfci Mein 
atrwl lot. 

All kinds of (re*b nuiils and 
faiuily Kfoceriee Md vtfHaWaa at 
T. H. Be eHe'. . 

I^tae Holbrookt and wife of 
Kiys wore visitinc frieoda berc 

Mi tiili«y. 

(io lo Ma l iix'9 for freah oeket, 
onwkera and c andiea. 

8uperinteiHl«nt, Ka*h Williams 
baa bi t'ii V ikilinu M a e of the pub- 
Ueacbools in the countjr for ibe 
few we*k*. 

Arraniro^iinnta have been per- 

foctod to liold a m'rit's of cviintri'l 
istic services in Iho PrOKbyleriiiii 
( liun li in .InL-k^'on. Thf«e i»pr\ ices 
vill \x ii\ti Suritiay. (K.*t. .'M and 
'iiiiiiuc sovoriil wroks under tho 
cliHrir"' of . .1. M. Kv.ins. of 
Min'~\illr. Mi-. V'.viiiiv lids l)P»'l) 
very Mitccssf iil i.i prciicliinu 
buildinff up the imm^ierHhip and 
strePiftheninir the cl\iirchos wher   
lip liHH labored, and ibuch kochI is 
«nticipeud from bis Ijkbor anqaff 


Born, to the wife of K. P. Lad- 
dram, of Loat Creek, oo Soodey 
IBOniioit. a tine itirl. 

Tliere will be reffular aerviceaat 
the Bapiiat chnroh nest 8mdajr. 
PrtMhiB* at 11 n. wd 7'JO p. 

■■ "? 

- Wni (i itliili, of near town, 
^ r « liu I1H.H iin   .\ti- naive toftgioK job 
pear l ecoy. wtu backbone a few 
dnjra.U^is wrck. 

Capt. H .1. Kwen and Oliver 
Orawford returned lant we( k f rem 
Hoi Hprioffa Ark. where tliry Imd 
) een for aercral wecka for their 


Uov. W. li. .M«(Ji«|iaoa will 611 
hk rfffuhir appointmeota at hie 

eharcii r.-'xt Su'ldajr. Serf {bee at 

the usiinl hours. 

Ilarless Campbell has acce|);«d 
a poaition as aaleaflaen in Aden 

8tscy'a store Ilr itrs liis fnetids 
to come Mild li lile witli liiiii. 

Mrh. S. L I'attun and UhukIi- 
ter, Min Jeaaie, rctamed teat 
week from nn exteiidid xisit to 
relatives in Manotlin rouiiiy. 

James 11. Liule itas purcliased of 
Mm. 8oper her two lole 00 LU- 

colli avenue and tms m. v»'d into 
the houae recently vacai« d by A. 
V. Morr is oii the Heigi)t a. 

There will be serviees at the 

HowniHn school hou-.!-, just helow 
tlie mouth of Cane creek, ncit 
Sanday st Jt p. m. A. N. Morria 
pa.sH)r lUplisi ciiim li at .?in kaon, 
will preach and baptise some ran- 
didste* for baptism. 

Tlio Siliool Trnsfcos iVf Mivwion 
A orifHiii/ed luesdiiy li^ clffinnf 
J. K. niake Chairniart and Jch' 
Tharp SiTici irv. 'I'lit- mnte-it Im • 
twcen K M. Miller and .Juiiie!, I. 
Lit lie. of the Kikatawa district, 
WHS settled ill favor of Miller. 

I »,v s on K ornHiii/.ed by elect- 
intr I. H. (ombs Cliairmao and 
.\lfred (iHiii'iiIi SiTreiiiry. 

Division !•  )r .'ii[ii/.eii by elect- 
ing James demons Chairman nnd 
! h\ 'T Koark .*set rel;iry. The 
cunltwt brtween .Saw i'atlou and 
J f Po|h was settled lo foror of 
Pat ton. 

Division li oriranized by eleet- 
inff .Stephen Condiff Cba'rjsaoaod 
A. K. Uraban S eeral a ty. 

Church Dirtctory. 

I*r  sti\ t  'i I • II ( li 'iri-Ii 

l!r^ II I I'v-^.B. 

.'iiiriiliiv .Sf||i.f i ii ...II. I. Ill, 
Prein-hlntr at 11:00)1. m. every 8un- 


Vmiri;; I". »| l«».' I'lUim at $M every 
Sim'l ly rvepJuf. 
I r .aelitiix at 7:M f*t h Hewlay al|;bt 

nnli-w »rttierHlie nniioiiDciMl. 

Mid-WM-li | rM ( r iiii'i'tinif ••ver ' 
iMwIay atTiSU p. 111. 


Bnp Nt  1liM«« li 

II' * . .\. \ M IfMIH, 

s 111 i.i'  i li.M.I ill i.M) II. 111. 

I'r I iiiu I :i It Siiml.iv ill ll:ih'l:i. m. 

.Iiiiilor It. \ . I'. L'. at J -.Ml |i. III. 
.Senior •• at U::W p. in. 

l'r -iM*liinj{ at 7:S  every .Sunday cvi-ti- 

I • I' ll r ' TrnlalDji; elami at 7:30 tach 
I'll ' -"hiv nij(ht. 

rr:i.v« r BtMllnf every HiivMlay at 

Choir pnuittM at 7: SO *v*o Friday 

For Sale. 

My house and lot entnininjr one 
and one half Hcrea of lind with 
Kood houHe and weli,i and oi' httrd 
containinir 00 peach, fi". :ipplp, S4'v 
pear and other fruit !i '"s in bear- 
ing. AUo another l' t Hdjoinini; 
on which is iny ainutrhtcr house 
and Kiiisenff farm of HtnO plants 
end a ii'.nuilit.V^ of   f(l newly 
sown. Termv to siiit. C«|| on or 
address O. Q* iCuniNaoM. 

s^^|«ekaon, Ky 

-. y : 

Removal | S. j, CRAWFORD, 

I hH\c moved to McCoriiiiok near 
|Campt m dunction where 1 will 
I continue tiiy l-ii^ness of makinjr 



W. It. (iailatfcr.of Tampii, Fla.. 
is risitlnff bis frieods, Mrs. Dr. 

ntiiiil'lin and diiUijlitiTs, He is 
the Florida repre»eiitutive of a 
wholsaale dry ffoods house of Sa- 
▼anab, Oa., and is spendioff bis 
Tscation here. 

W. I. \ iiutfhn, of Louisa. State 

8anday iv-iiool worker, was in our 
tfiwn 'riu'-dn.v Hiid Wednesday on 
his way to H Sunday Scliw)! con- 
vention in Morssn county. He 
Stopped at the Imperial lloti i. 

We Uke this method of thank- 
ing our many friends, neishbor* 
nnd relatives for the kimliu's.^ hik! 
assistance shown us during the 
sickness and desth of oar beloved 
son. Bkn V(»i'N(i, 

IU:iir(   A VoiMi. 

The Breathitt County Sui)da.v 
School Ooarerftion for 1900 will 
be held in the Metliodist diurcb 
in Jackson Sepletuber 23 and S4. 
This is to be a biir thing in eburch 
dreles -in iiiuiortnnt thinif. A 
good progra m is iM'intr pl anned. 

Reffular preaching cervices in 
t'le Fresbyteriiin chcrch Sundsy, 
8ept. 6, by the pastor, boUt morn- 
ing and evening. 

The .Sunday School nnd Voting 
I'euplo's Society of the church 
have kept up their attendance 
•ieelv during the hot weather and 
are in condition for aggressive 
frork during the Fail and Wibtar. 

iWarriage License. 

N\ Ml Lfttle and Sslljr Hall, both 

I .il.MlllWS^ 

Cigarette Kttli Ten. 

 )f course it hud help, hut one 
Cigarette, put iiit i the wrong place 
(sst week, resulted in the death of 
ten iiicii iii-«r Key West K!a., The 
wrong place was h box of dyim- 
nit ' and f usee, U  be u«e l on the 
coostroetioo of the East eoast Bsil- 

Airship Race. 

.\n.\ "III' x\ 1 o has HI y doiil)t h t 
tlie air lias really become a hi. h 
rood, over whieh men may travel, 

WOltl'l h-i\e liiiil hi', 'hiiiliti Kettled 

f he hud been at Uheims, France, 
laat week when aviators from ail 

  V. r the world met in rm ew The 
Wrights were loo Ims.v elsewliere 
to lake |wrt. but the chief prize, 
ili it for the fastest trip, wnv won 
by an .Xniericun, (ileiin 11. Curtis. 
.\n Englishman. Il eni y Fkirman, 
won the |iri'/e for the !ongn«f trip, 
going 11'.^ miles without alighting. 
The si eed trip was made at aboot 
sistjr mil es an boar. 

At the Democratic convention 

htdd Mt \'iinclcve on ugiist .^inh. 
lo nominate Deinocratic camli 
detea for justice of the ticMce nnd 
t'on itahle for MsgistriiHl Pistiict 
No. 'J, .1. U. Terriil whs nonunat- 
for justice of the iieacennd (Jeoi ge 
TiiulM'e for ccmstHhle. It is a line 
selci tion and will be hranl from 
on election day. The convention 
WHS eniiiu-iiisiic nnd harmonion-, 
endorsing Hedwine and .loliuson 
and the wliole ticket. We receiv- 
ed the full proceedings too Utc 
fi r puhiicalion. 

Uev. J .B. Flinchum of Simpeon 
passed here on his way home from 

Clay City Wedm sdny ul . re lie 
hid been conducting a ten days 
meeting. He wis assisted by Kev. 
Paul IVrlliicli of .Irt' i s( n and L. 
F. Martin of Monies. Tliere were 
additions to the chareb and the 
meeting WIS g greal socoess in 

evory wajr. 

■ I ■ ' 


To ni.v iiremises iit A. t". Cope 
'arm. one black liou with some 
white SI otii, marked with a split 
in each csr ai d overhit in right. 
It will wt igli nbout Ml lbs. Own 
cr can have it by proving it and 
psjring ehaintea. John D. Spanoer. 

Rev. R. L. Kinnaird returned 

lust Saturday from the Mig Creek 
coiiuiiunily in Perry cou ily, wiiere 
he held a successfal meeting of 
one week. There were nine wh') 
uniteii themselves with the Pres- 
byteriso churcli at that point and 
the work was Htiinuialed nhmg all 
lines. The people of that district 
sre mmuch intere.sted in building 
a good Hiadeniy for iiigher edutii- 
tion and llie i'roabyturiau church 
will probably ai#Ha iiMhIlAiniiit 
in Um Mtr f iilort. 

Clirlatliin Ohnrot*. 

J!     . W . n. Mt.«(.iixmx' I' i'^ 

Illiili-  rtio^ liit U:30a. m.^vcry I.iirir- 


I'mavhlng and iwtumitnlon «v«r  
I oN'a Day at II o'c-look a. m. 

PrMehlagoo Hnaday olxht at 7:30 
whea aot olbmti' f nnn' iine»«t. 

Pra.ver ni' I'llii;,' Wi-iim - ln nljjiii. 
W. II. .\lr( :i.KKiM K, MliiUti i-. 

Metlio.llNt diureli. 

tirv. T. II r-...i', I'.., ..I,. 
• ti;. I I , S' liiM.I :i\ '.  : Mi ;i in. 
I'l' !  Iilri  ul 11:11(1 a.m. a d   ,Mi p, iii. 
Yiiti II l'M pbi'« in««tl K at4; p. m. on 

Prajrur meetiDg «( f «S0 p.m. evciy wed- 




It It of the utrnott importance 
that human balnga hav« an abun- 
dance ef oxygen at all tlmr*. Thia 
mtana day and night, summer and 
wintar. it li acarccly neoeMSry 
to giva thit aort of advice for 
If'e »umrrep teaacn; ^ut when 
the weather get* c'ld many peo- 
ple ere afraid of co'd air and oth- 
c^t thirk It la a wait* of fuel to 
heat freth, oeM sir, ao ttwy keop 
it out. 

Thl» is poor econofry, to say 
the leait. In fact, it cottt more, 
at a rule: t^-at it. if you figure 
your he.'"I(h and earning c.ipacity 
.-It I'lvlrrj any mcnt/ar- -alue. 

.\ny one wanting anything in 

inv line will please write me at j 
I wilt inakej 

.tackbon and hope 

.\Ir( '1.1 lull U, K ' 

llioiltllly Vl^^itStO ..-r-^jj 

afl my friends will save their or- . 

'Icr^ for nie. j 


Wholesale and Retail Dealer In 


Grass Seed. Mill Feed. Corn JWeal. Wool. 

Hides. Feathers, Poultry. Eggs. 
Ginseng and all kinds of Country Produce 


Main^ Street, Near Broadway, Jackion, Ky. 


Floyd Ds.v a C,o lisve in «tock 
over a car load of the celebrated 

Welier Wngons in all sizes which 
ihe.v Mie splliiijr for iinieh less than 
tlie iiiurki't prne. t'lill on tln iii 
III till- lliir _'is -tore :iii'l lit ni 
-tiow .\ ou w hilt ihev run do. 'I hi'.V 
Clin • ave you from SpO.OO to 
siu.uii on every wagoo yoo may 
want to boy. 



Worth ot 


 odsJiist arrived. All the Utest 
in Dress Goods and' Notions. 

fctt pi tilt you »ame 

HAM) nitis 


And Business Will Seum 

.Fdst n-ei'l vc l our I'anama and 
Voil skirl.s Hinl Indies' suits of tl e 
Isteat stA'les. Come and see them. 

Pat Ba oe. Co. 


A tenth of what la tfolng 
on In Town. Ststa, Ms* 
tlon and WorM IT yott 
fall to take 



Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing Goods. Hats, 
caps and hardware. Mens* Womens' and 
Childrena' shoes. First elass line of Groce- 
ries. They are all going to sell at the very 
lowest cash prices. Come one. come all 
and see for yourself. 

A look though may mean money to 
yoM. A hint to the wise is snfficlent. 

Bring your Wool and Produce to me 
and get their full value. 

The only store in town to buy goods cheap. 

Corner iMain and Broadway Streets. 

If you depeiiil on u.^. we ars BOre that yon w ill 
be Entirely Satiatiud with the way in which joar 
wants will be taken care of. 

If it is yonr Doctor's Prescription joa 

want tilli- i. we will attemi to it ia 
a way tiiht will please him 
and ^rive yon the utmost 

If it is an ordinary Omgfltoraartiele that'ie de- 
nianded.jou will get what yon want, for our 
stock ia most carefully selected and in it ia to bo 
lonud firaetieally soy article that ia ever earned 

in a retail drug store. f)'.n stork i-i iiKxlern iind 
our serviee to customers id as good us careful at 
twiitioo can make it. 

T tj)eii(i on ii.- Jil l! your lirug 8tore bnyiog 
will J :o\. -;i!if('ai't(ii V ;iik| h pleasure to yon. 


Cor. Main and Court Streets. 

mm DRUG CO. 



Magnetic Fish Bait. 

There's no such thing a.s a dull iluy 
when you go iiHhintr if you an 
aupplied with thia truly wonderful 
discovery. If the flstli sre there 

yon'll net them, for the.v simply 
eiui't lei^ist. It beats any thintr you 
ever iiiirti.'iiie(l . It is ih.mIit 
all- III | riee ','5 eents per Imi\ 
ail I a l o.\ will last a iiiii : tune 
licsides this bait, of which we are 
the aole mannfacturers, we handle 

Fishermen's Complete 


.M). 00, .MM), .s.m), 4.00, 5.00 

Si'iiil today for a l)o.\ and for 
our Free booklet. "Facts About 
FiHhing.*' and iilustraned cataloK 
of fishinir tackle outiitN. .\i!ilres  
Magnetic Fish Bait Co.. 

l)e|tt. K. lte|Miiilir, MisstMir 

For Sale at Cost. 

My entire stock of mIiuos and 
hau for lisle al ooet. This is s 
bsrgsin you should not miss as my 
stock new aod ap-to-^ate. 

T. H. Bbdsis. 

Jaat received, a alee lot of teed 
rye. Call aod esaoMM H fur 

8. ^.Crawford. 




JacksDii, - Kciilucky. 

The next Annual Session of this4nssitute 
will open 

Monday September 6; igog 

, with a full corps of teacher*. 
Miss Katharine Cook, an honor jrriidiiate. w ill tearli 
Instrumental music and Mm. T. B. Cook will give lessons 
each week in I'horus work. 

T!ic Collco'Atc course of study has 
been enlarged and placed in direct connec* 
tion witl^all the Colleges and Universities 
In the State. 

The I^msry snd Intermediate (irades will be tanffht 
hy eiperietu ed teacliers. Thanking the people of ,Faek»oii 
and Breathitt county for encours«ing patronaue, we ask a 
eontinnsDcc ^ their loyal support. 

For Catalogues and other information 

C. A. LEONARD, Princii al, 


Certainly deserves your patronage 

4 — Because we sbsolntelf Cnarmntee Sstisfsetioa. 

■J l!i'c;iii i' we save \( n luotn-v on Ev kit article. 

3 — because we handle only the Dkst. 

4— Beeanse we.flU Tonr Prescript ons from the Vrt 
IU T quality of drugs obtainalile. thereby plessiBg JOOr 
doctor, and at the Patue time Saving yon Money. 

5 — because our line ot Drugs are most carefully selected 
both ss to QesHty and Vsristy. 

'■  Beeaow Anv Drui;. Patent Me lie'iie, Toilet Article 
or Dniggist's buudrey may he had at Ous store. 
7 — Beeaose we serve yuu  ow! not "in a roiaate", and 
spprsciste year trade^ ao matter hoi^ little. 

Cduntry Doctors, Don't Forget Us. 

Because «e will save you money on your drugs. All we 
ask is thst you bay yoar next bill from as sod we will 
il^liuw youf Osil for the Miw Daco Bioat and insist on 
Unding it. 


iietween Taulliev's Store ami Sin ^er Macltioe bailding. 


Southern R'y. 


Homescekers Rates 

To Arkansas* 

Indian Territory, 

Oklahoma & Texas. 

Tickets on sale the lir«t and third Tuce - 
da} 8 of each month. 

Apply to any Southern Ry. Agent, or write 
A. R. COOK, D. P. A. B. S. YEMT T. P. A. 


The Value of Good 

Is easy to figure if you know what your atonuiA 
ia worth. Kodol k««|M the atMnach al 
hr hMorint gooi digttlioa. KmM 

Koilol insnrea sood Jige.-^iion br|to spseial eflort br "tontcs" and 

absolutely  lu| llc!«iiai; Nai lire's t "stlmulRnts" doesn't cure anyfliing, 
IKiriii;iU|iii'( 1 .-s, ill p rf. ctly (lik;i st- 1 or ai-i timiillsli any (•■ 'jJ Nelttier 
all^fuoU utki-u into the atom- 1 d»«'!i dieting. Indigestion 


Willie Kodol ia dolns thia, the 
stomsich ia reatlas — and beoomtng 
stroac and healthy. A atrong and 
kealthy atoaiaeli suaraatees a 
somd sad active brain. 

The man with a aonnd »toniaoh 
— a stoni.ich that Is 'Iumik tur ih - 
body JuKt What Nature Inteiide! sloiuaih i sak  ' 
It to d»— la the man who ia always Our Guarantee 

pre| ar«d for any emargency 
to "tiMre wltb the aoeda." 

The man with a alcK atomarh. !s 
a mail slok ( '! r.v.-r 

► ••■Ti.uih In lirltall'll liy Un tlReSt«-ll kr » lU rrfiina^i.ur niKUrr wllhoiil 

do^'ii dieting, indigestion and th* 
serious altaMBta which It iadnoas 
eu be averted and corrected oeljr 
by natural bmuis. 

Kodol auppliea thia ° aatnral 
means. It iKTforms the atomach's 
work for* 11 - J'ist B8 tlie atumarh 
s)i i!iUt iierriiriii It — while the atom* 

acli Mki's II Hide 

**" Oi  tn your ilrii|r|rl-t l.-lay anJ »»« • dot* 
iMr tiulll.-. 'I'h^i. ti.i, h«\. u-.^ Um 

n« n «n" , (,mNl rrturn llu- tamlr lu r uKKUt 

food, ilw liliMid niu! heart are dl- 
ri-nlv aft'if.-l Ttifii diillitfHa. un- 
naiiiinl sl  iI'Iik-hk slrkhradarhea, 
vi'iiito ami riiiraliiK i p«i!s. SLd 
t-yxn st rious b.ain troabia dcTelop. 
Kodol wlU pr avast tbaas. 
■purrlsfl tks rtnias l aa  testa 

will tliru p«) lb. driiir 
lli.. tJ«Mi't LeMltalr. all 

tu.i) ijr *l«':uy 
«(t»l iht 

llriii;).'!' Ii. ki ll* '. hal onr|r i. ri.lilvr 1. ituud. 
Tlii ..ti,r «|.(.||M luiMlarn bMU« ualr 
•ml I. iM.t ..II. laa' ' 

II. t 'IiImIii. ; .| 

MUl bulti*. 

Kodol is pfSBsred st tl 
terlaset 0. Oswltt a OOh 

Sold by J^chton Drug Compmiy, 


The Can^amned. 

The fnrally bail benrtl tbat Ixtchi-lcir 
Undo Jii' wni iT'l'ilt ft miinii-J. 
and tbrrc hail U'cii luucb ranitli' 
liM'Ut over the coiuiiiK fvi-iit. iiiiiiKlitl 
iiinuy ei:|irrmii iiiii of ■  uiiuithy 
for Ilia fntf nt tlip buiuU Mie tie 
BliHii'ij; wiininii who hml (ii|itiirii l 
•li whU-U wer* orerhmrd by tbe 
kiTii nii.i ••|H-u MNd ■ls-XMr-«M boy 
of (lie fiiiiillT. 

"I'll," fiiiil Uie yuunicster one d;iy. 
"I hear I'nrle 3-v !^ c^tiiK t" l e iiiHr- 
ried next w«ek." 

"yp«." KaitI the fMt!nT. "Vliolc Joo 
hBR only tbri'p dnys iij.iro."' 

The Uiili- iKiy algbed. "The last 
thii-c (liiyM, ' he aald. "tbey give tbfiii 
•vcrjrttilng to aat that tba/ aak tor. 
tat «bar. P«r 

A Romance 
of Progress 

-Tka Matt Who WooM 




IaVMil«atlOM to I t««rmtn« Wh«th«r PrnHtaMe Crops of 
WiMttt and OUmt Grains C«a B« SccuraU lu 


It all tha and «f UUa eontlnuoua atiivlns 

War* alatply ta attain. 
Haw poor woaM a aa ui tha planning and 

aonur Ivtnff* 
*ba a adlaaa iu«la« and tka kantad drtv- 


Of body. Mart aad laralal 

But aTOr In t)i» wakr nt true ii«hl»vln|r 

Thara ahii..   t:iij tr^j; - 

Sobia other buul wUl b« apuri««i on, con- 

cat Vina 
New atrciiath i 

Hot thine alone th   (tlory nor the a-'rrow 

If thni) doKt niliH the Koal 
Undreamed of Uvea In many a far tomor- 
row - 

tboa thair waalinaaa or tMif^oree 
ahatl karrow. 

Wheeler Wilcox. 

A Good Daffnition. 

In one of the New Tork ariioola aar- 
•ral of the rhlMian ta cm claaa failed 
on tb*e deflnitlon of tba ii«ft fe*cb -i  r 
The teacher, to Impraa tfe* aaanluK 
of the word on tba mtaid 9t tlw pu- 
plla. toM the claaa to look Wp tbo word 
that nlgbt and coma preporod with a 
good deflnltioa tko aaat 4a]r. 

Wliaa tka fSMttaa waa takaa «y at 
tka MKt aeaaloa tko flvot litt4e girl 
wko waa asked to define tbo woni an 
•wwM with a confldeut aud amllliiB 
•kr. -A 

Tka teaekdr gMW l»l«Mtad. "At* 
iron 8«ro tkiit eomctT* abe aaked 
tko Mtta one. 

*Ok, yaa," waa tka prutupt reply. 
TMlMr toM M M." 

Know Who Uaad It. 
Cbarleo H. H grt, New Bnglan4*a 
groat playwright, ooao rialtad a amall 
town ta PonnaylTOBla wbara there ia 
• kotoi tki^ Mj Ooorgo WMktadon. 
tko ratkor of Bla Ooutrr. oooa to 
otop kt wkoa ko pMBiI tkiMgk. Ib It 
tliey kOTo ■ rooiB ko la aoid to karo oe- 
cqplod at tlmca. 

Hoyt cama thtoogk tkoro oaco with 
OM of hia attracttooa. Ba arrtTod at 
Ika kotal aftar aN tko moiobara of Ike 
kad bccB aaalgnad rooma. 

A l! -year-oId Italian iMiy- -small ul- 
tniiat aa a rblld, and pallid fnim nvi r- 
Btiidy — H;\f (In'Hming In the grny ihaJ- 
o«ii nf ih(  t'l.'A CaDiedrnl one day la 
K83. Aad froiii hU aroMC 
somo of tha gi-  ati-8t Inrcntionit und 
dlscoTeriea ev T •  tmi|ilislu il TI.h 
boy was Oalll'o. alil«  t sou of .m m 
poverlahed Klofnlliu" nohlcin.ui )l ' 
had apont his   l.ildhouil d. msitiu 
clover mochantcal toys out iif the 
Rcanttost materials; had dabbled in 
literature and painting aa bo Kr  w 
up; had aoucht to become a monk, 
and had bten persuaded by his fa- 
ther to study medicine instead. 

The yniing niodloal stiidiMit. as he 
sat in tli    'ath  dral. foil to observing 
the groat bronze rhamlcller tha* Imnn 
by a long ro l from the roof Instei.d 
of remaining luotlonle^s. the   hiinde 
Her vibrated almost lnii)  rfei'iibly to 
and fro Orillloo woinlwred why T' li 
ihoiihitnd other hail s. ■ n th:i' 
KwayiiiK laini) anil hail taki ii iM iiicv 
tioii for granted liiit (lallleo a 
I way nf taking noiliinc for j;r.inted. 
I Frohi idly wateliluK the broii/e lanip n 
' inoi i iu 'iits he I" «an to hole th( iii 
hiore iiiiinlly lie saw tlml tljiy 
' »ere rhithmle, and »hellii-r the 
I swings *er.' (ar or  -linhl. al) oi riipled 
I the lianu' li ii^,Mh of Hti.i- .V^ain  ial- 
lleo wimdir why Hi' sit hnimlf to 
- HtMily the ( aiise The ri liiilts of his 
aludies were Rriiilual and oi   iipli d 
more than half h     ntnrv Miit for 
eooTenloiire lhe\ will heri' ('■■ uroiipe.). 

Ho knew nolhlni; of inaiheiiiaths. 
bill In the ^^orklllR out ol the vlhrat- 
Ins liinip proM" 111. n:atli.'!ti:iti(  . »oi:lil 
be ne  e«sary. So he tin . » ii\ . r ii.' d 
Idne and hi'caiiie a iii;i i h. ii iar. 
The throb of thai rathuoiil kli.iiul.- 
Her starlod hiui tn poHilerlui; ovor » 
^ . , l -.orj propounded 
Tha ■wlRtl"9 many years l.efore 
jv*'*jj by a Oeriiicn tiaimd 

WhatltTaafht. Copernl u», n.iine- 
ly that tha haa atanda still and that 
tha earth 'raroWea about It. Alao, 
that tha varioHa atars and tha mooa 
havo a alotUar ayatem of rotatkm. 
Might Mt thla allagad bioUob of the 
earth acoouat for tko rtbratlag of 
tko okaaiallorT Oallloo raoolrod to 
m of tko matter. Ho waa aot 
to tako for graata4 tko old 
dootrtao tkat tko oartk atood atUI aad 
tha atn eIrcM aboiit It Bnt to go 

iaroatlcatloa* to dotonatoa 
tho famlac paaMMUttaa «t tka 
■rrigatod loTol kwia of Moataaa 
atartod 4«rtag tko aprlag of INS. 

Tho alai ta taking ap tkta Itoo oC 
axportaoatattoa waa Mt to taat all 
ut tko dtSoreat eropo aa4 aoil eoltara 
mcthoda that might be prngoaa*. kit 
rather by ootag a taw at tho moat 
pnmialBg eropo haadled ta tko beat 
kaowa maBBor, to datormtae If crop 
rt-toraa were poaatblo oa tko mm4r- 
rigated taada of Montana. Tkta a«  
counta for the fact that rootiHa are 
reported along but few llaoo at tkta 
tlmo. Theae few reantta. kewovor. 
famlah aa aaawer to the goaoral 4«ea- 
tion by tadlcattag that proAtaMo eropa 
can bo ralaed on the level taoda of 
Montaaa without the aid of IrrlgatioB. 

AaMBg the queatlOBa that tha dry 
faraMT auat aaawer before kia fara* 
lag aethrltlea have boea graatljr do- 

Mrolren dry land aod- It la the 
practice In some aactioaa lo continiK- 
the growth of the fiax lor aevorVr 
yaara. A study of the yields show, 
tkat BNet of the grain crori will re 
tm a taore pronubia yield than will 
tba flac The average of all teata ar 
tar aa iMde showa a yield of alight!) 
«ror It baahela per acre. 

Broae graaa (Brome tacnalo) to thi 
beat ylolder amoagat the forage crop* 
r a partad.' This graaa to a hardy grow 
•r aadtl eat In proper coaditlon givor 
a food jrtold of high «aalit]r hay. The 
1WI (tat graaa yloMed allgbUy leer 
thaa tka nromo. bat ahowa promiaf 
of aattataetory retuma. 

Aifalta ylelda from two aUtiona are 
reported at thla ttasa. The beat yield 
la aUghtljr over OBO aad oae- |uarter 
tona, while the other yield is less 
thaa tkroe-4]«artera of a tea. We do 
aot tktak oar readora mwkt ta ooa 

(taa of- tko eompany wm gireo the 
Waaklagtoa room, and rocolTod 
a poor room oa tko top floor, tko pro- 
frletar aot kaowtac wko ke wafc 

Wkaa ka easM downatafara lat»r the 
a a a tto aa a wko kad got the good room 
aaU. "Mr. Hejrt tkey kare girea me 
the room that they tiaed to gire Ueorge 
Waaklogton whoa ko caaM kora." 

"Well." aald Boyt. "the one they 
kOTO gtren me moat be the one they 
faro Benedict AMibId when be came." 

A Traetloa Cra ahl a t Outl^^ 

lelopod to tha «aoatloa of what eropo 
I to plaat. Bacaaae of the peculiar 
' -rop growtag coadltlona preraillng. it 
Is evident that the farm crops common- 
ly grown In Irrisated or humid soc- 
I lions will not all be equally well adapt 
ed to produce rotums on the dry 

alder theae yielda aa repreaeniing n; 
talfa forage poaalbUltiea on the dry 
farma. From o^ae^*atlons on the sub 
stations, aa wotl as In oilier puits u' 
tho northwest, ve find that alfalfa  c 
^ one of the rooht s-itlxiartury dry land 
I foraee crops. 11. •  erop la aoxe 
I what alow In heioinlng established 


„ . order that a crop may be adapted ; hut when once properly atarted give 

fwrther lato ^hr aattar tt iraa aocce i ^'^ culture it must poaaess i;o  d annual hay ytolda for nun.\ 
aary to atndP tko koaToaa. Tkta ke charactera. Some of these yeara. 

' which aeem eaamitial are strong early ] On two of Ire f inns i orn wan plan; 
groa'th. a comparatively strung deep , ed and harvesied aH a Unlder   roi  
rooting syntem and early maturity, j Tbo yields of ill .ml 2 '.  toni  p- i 
There eharai ters are of value In as- ; acre iiiiJtcata that cor;i ta a heavy for 
gistliiK the crop lo pro^ri s^i raj imy 
diirlMK .May and liiii'- wln ii raiii^ are 
fr.''ilU  lit and the weailii-r l■^ sciiieM. Iial 

eool KO that maturity may be reaihed 

kad ko tMMBpetoat aaaaa of ^otog. i 
•o ko woat to work dovtotag oaek , 
aaaaa. •ome yeara earlier a Middle- 
burg optlelaa had grooad bito of glaaa '. 
ta aueh a way aa to magnify ohjecta 
■eon throogh them. The oaportaoat ; 
had aot aaounted to aaek. Bat Oal- 

ilea thoui^t he aaw a way of Improv* i ..... 
ing on It He flgnrwl oat that by *^  va of tka aataaer 

placing a convex lens and a concave 

lens In certain position toward each 
other anvlliinK "''i n t'lrnugb'the two 

would hi' • ii:.'. 
dplo of th.' I 
r.xi.i'riiueiit -il 
ri;aiMiity tin • • 
ly iiiarvi-lii'is ,• 

u' ii riii.H to tko prin 
iiiiierii upora-gtaaa. Ue 
until he was able to 

'■Id Illlt this seenilnif 
( h.i vi-iM« i;; nol Hat- 

I .VinonK ail v'lrietios grown so far the 

' Till key Ui d is the hlchest yleldt r 
'i !;e average for all yi .irs at tin- dif 
len nt lariiis is r.5 7 hii.-ln Is per ai n- 
A; the HoHCbild roi:i,ty siali ui the 

:^e producer under dry thra eoadi 


'I'lie nvoragP yh'd of ti'.ir'y IJI 
biish -'« of potaKx H lo the ai re -|in«  
IMisK'.blllties for tills inl' iislve i i:ltun 
I rop The potatoes prmii.i. d art 
very dry and ii ealy and *lll alwayf 
lliid a good Di 'rket demand 
h  et.s have not yielded higb enough tc 
VI arrant the oneoiira»;enioat of thj^t 
growth 111 a ii i lal way Koi 

yield of uue piot of TuiKe  Ked wua j home feeding u smull area may b  
U.17 buaheto. ta addltloa to luirooad produble. hut hecauae of the 

A Wekler For Ralae. 

BIB7 O Haee waa a aallor. and he 
kaew a aallor'a daty aad how to obey 
ordera. Off a fMeIgn port one night 
BUy Orlmea taaaod o?ar tkt •id*' lu 
anawer to a ball. 

"Akoyr he aaid. 

"Ahoyr waa the reply. "Lower 
down yoar ablp'a taddar. ■htpaMte." 

"Ton can't come aboard hero to- 
•tgkt" aaid BUly. 

"Utwer away, yoa lobber," aald the 
Tdce below Imiiatlently. "1 miuit come 
aboard. I'm the rtrer pilot." 

"I don't care," hM Billy. "If yon're- 
Pnnchua Pilot 1*11 otiek tl tko akfp's 
mlea " 

Too Eager For Work. 

I r. John S. Huist. the soiitln-rii sur 
geoii. Kind In oijf of his siirBleal lei 
ture.i at 11 state collejre: 

"It H iilwa.VH In rather hail t.iste fi r 
a Jdiysieiuil to lioiixt ,if 1,1 li; ; l.iL-y 
INivkIi liinx. nndertakeiv4 ami u-riiM illu 
Kirs liiily dln  oinfort wlu u tlie.v 
aliiuie to K loU lliiH's and prii--| erll v 
Tlieri- nil old man apiiilid to Ih' 
Bilui.~t -r i f the lltllf vlll.i«e of Taint 
Itonk fur the poj.t of grm ' ilicirer. Wi- 
releri'iii es vviTe i.'niHl. ami tUe iiiiiiLsli r 
tlkTeeil to assl^iii liliij to the i liureh 
yard lie wns to lie paid so much a 
unive. The travedlpRor hngglod OfOr 
the pri. e, linuily accepting it. 

- Kilt wUl i lat dtaair «a*T ka 


" Sioady work!' aaM tka ndBtoter 
'Land a aako. man. with ateady work 
yoB'd bary all Paint Bock ta a waokr " 

The Whole Law. 

When ono tuookiiiKly asked Illtle! If 
be woiiiil tea.-h liliii the whole law 

While h« st I 1 ue f....t the ralild 

repllisl: •What \irll wmi'd Mot like 
douc to . iii;rielf i|o i...t to tliy liel;.'h- 
lior. 'I'lils N 11.10 whol.. law .Ml llie 
rest Is a commentary bn it. Cio learn 

Net What Ha Wanted. 

A Beotonmu walked into a Mootreal 
bookahop am*, aa the aaahiUnt thought, 
naked for Bobert Buma. On bebig told 
thto the proprietor of the ahop him 
•elf got down throe or fMir edltloiu 
of the poot aad took thea to the wait- 
ing ■cotaBua. Tka coatoaer, kow- 
erer, ebook hto boad kopol^aaly aad 
•aid, "U'a nae Robert Buma I aakit 
tot, bnt mbber bandar 

Arrbssiadsrial Humor. 
FoM..i- ihe r r icl.iniatl .n of «!,.■ 
rommune in Parlt. tieueral Uraoken 
bury attached hlnaolf to the gorara- 
aeat troopa at Vetaalllea, wkcro Lord 
Lyoaa, the BrHtok aaibaaaidor. atoo 
waa. One day Lord Lyona waa per- 
•aaded to vtalt Uendon. He was look 
tag from the «lndiiW of an einply 
koaae when « sIh.II f,.li und liurst in 
the garden I.. « i h, u he suid guiet- 
ly: "Perbais I !,,,.r retire. It 
V'uuld be a till i. u.u" I ;aiidiT If her 
iiia.loaty'a aiBhaisjdjr wera to bo 
kliicd."— lUackwuod's Ma«atlac. 

Isiy hliii lie  ()ntinued mindlim (it various aiii;l' S of refiai l i'ii 
until he had pi i l. i ' d an Inslrniiieiit 
that would maunily :;j fold In otli  r 
wordu he hnii iii.nle a telesenpc 
Turning this ixi il • heavenly bo.lies. 
he at om e rev olm loiii/.. d all astron- 

Kiirope went wild at tho ai'ia/ilig 
Invention, but It stirred up lo inile. s 
riva'-- .mil enemies lor the Inventor 
Galileo's .III ,i/.lai! di elaratlon t!;^! ;! 
*arth iiH.i. il was s ized upon hy th -se 
rivals who larrii-d It to tho Iniioisi 
tlon. with th.' ilalm that it tended to 
deny c  r'-:in pa'-^ ^ s of Si rlpt'ire 
and was tl.-i-elon- 'i.-ntiial '1 he l:i- 
quiaitlon. always e : :.;,.r to tortiiro or 
put to death any si. ■ ailed hei. tle, " 
warned (iaiil' u Klwinee no more 
sueh diiPKeroiis tln oiies In reply he 
wrotw a btjok satlrl^.lng his opponents 
and oven hinting that the In n i^lllon 

I Itself larked the lll^:lll sf liiti !lii:i iicp. 

j As a result be promptly found liim- | 
■elf ta tr OBk to . He was uKaln hi onKht ! 

to trial and f'ven 

Tho Panalty for ,., ,,1,,^ „f 
ProelalmIng tha j,,,.^ „f r, ,.,,nt. 

1,1, statement 
that the earth moves (Jallleo was 
grovvinK old and fn. h!.-, and eoiirage 
iifiially dt:[iarts with strength So he 
ri  allied on his kni es. adniltling that 
the uartb was Htatlon;iry. Hut, as ho 
rose to hIa foot, he sliouti'd in a temp- 
est of wratb: "Just tho same It DOES 
move!" He imprlsonod in tko II^ | 
quialtioa dungeons for an indlflalta J 
period, but tkroack Iko influence of ; 
powerful Menda waa toter allowed | 
to go free. I 

But, after hia troublea with the In- 
quisition, the tnventor'a aplrit and ! 
health gave way. Hto children died, 
many of hto (MoBda daaartad Mat Ha 
weat hopeloaaly kitad. Tot oroa ta' 
kto bUndneaa and old age hia mind 
harked hack to the phenomenon of ' 
the Bwaytng cathedral laap that had 
incited hto whole career. Worklag oa [ 
the Baao theory of rhythm, be to- 
veated the pendulum, and applied Ita : 
nae to atackaaklB», Tkto waa hto j 
laat aeUeveaieat before, ta ICU. he 
died. He had beoa bora oa tho day 
of MlchetoDge'.o'a death. Aad tka day 
of hia death alao wltBeaaed tka Mrtk 
of tke great Sir laaac NewtOB. 

Ta the cathedral "dreamer" we owe 
almoet whoKy the tclcacopo, micro- 
scope, thermometer aad cioek peBd» 
lum. To him. abore all. we owe oar 
knowledge of ■■tiBBBBIl BBd U. tko 
aarth'a motion. 

(C oprrlgktad.) 

0(!d Marriafe Customs. 

All .\r;:ii wcddiufi lasts veveii da.rK 
The hi).l a;id s» ea bis wife's fiuv after 
tlir   I re.' e iiy I ■ .iver. It is llioii | ro|»- 
vT for liiiu to cry out in deli;;lit ut Itt 
luvelli.e.s- : ml Ih 11. IIS ill the Ilible. 
•'the frlitnl of the liride;;rioin, who 
ataiuletli iii d honretb him. rej. i 

power to rotora kigk 
made from tkto variety 
broad aaktaf qaalltloa. 

White huUeaa barioy to tko aarUoat 
ripealag of all tka aprlag grata* teat 
ed. Tkto grata, wklek to ta demaad 
for fOedlag purpoaea aad for tka nian 
utaetwre of certata cereal food prod- 
ueta, nanally eommaada a cood aar- 
ket price. It to oao of the good dry 
toad aprlag gralaa. The Callforata 
harlv, whtoh ylehla a higher number 
af baaheto thaa the White Huiless. Is 
ta toality a better ytolder, weighing 
but 4t pouada to the.bnahel aa con 
traatad witk 60 ta tka oaaa of the 
WMto Hulleaa. 

Throe variottoa of aprtat wkaatkavo 
koea taated. Tko KaBbaaka. a Mac- 
aroBl variety, showa tko eaWloat ma- 
tartty and highaat yield. The Maoa- 
foaTwhoat aa a elaas aeoiaa well adapt- 
ed to grow uador dry tara ooadltloaa. 
The aaod waa orlctaally Imported tato 
thto eoBBtry froa Riaata where It haa 
beea growa tor many yeara tuder 
rather aaroro aoadltloaa. Aa a reault 
tha erop to a hardy grower. Aaturtag 
fair yielda of well BUed grata nader 
eoadltloaa Quito uafavorahle. 

The Ghlrka wheat a good. hard, 
bread making variety, had been grown 
under dry lead eoadltloaa u Ruaata 
(or many yeara before the teed waa 
brought to Moataaa. Both of theae 
ahow poaaiblUttoa aa bread aiaktag 

max to coamtmly ptonted aa the 
Brst crop afte,* breaking and ae«mB ta 
b« fairly well adapted to growth oa 

A Caopto af Diy Load Pampklna 


kaavy axpenamdaeldeat to the raiatnr 
af tkto crop, it in probable that U 
wUl aever be yjruv u exteaalvely th 
tka Bortkweat etlept wken Irrigation 
ta poealble. 

Money In Nuts. 
Fortunes are iJtro to ho ai i umulntsi', 
by growers of nSs who ongaK ' larKo 
ly and IntolliKeatly in the business 
If they follow the best and most pro 
groF.sive methods, which this publica 
tlon advoc ates. | There is no agri 
riiltiiral pursuit which prorolaes loon 
certain or more profitable eropo. Nr 
indnstry ombodlea to a greater da 
gree the elomenta of aafety, profit and 
permanence as ah Inveatment. Thou 
sands of pouplt.' all over our land 
' rnn make their homos more ploasAni 
and their farms pLu' s of inctoaaod 
profit by pliinting the nut treea beat 
auited to their li i allty 

Asparagus Beds. 

.\spiiriiKiis hids I141W need thorough 
tll!.i»^ ' i.iiil I 1 r. y (ijiidic'itions ol 
maiiurtv Some fi rlilizer would he an 
advantage, cspoi lallv It greea grass Is 
to he • It. Till' piat iiro of larno grow- 
ers Is to apply most of tho ( oinmerrlal 
fertiliser aUer ll.e close of the cutting 

A r.ood Beat 
The Kfvptian boot to a general 

(avorito market gardenera. One 
ot tlie reasons for thla la that it pro- 
ducca a small amount of foltoge. The 
ISclipae, though making mora foliage, 
la superior in quality. 

For Sale 

Two irooi! riiar( s. liolli iiliciit l." i 
hands h\gh\ buth will bring (x lla 
in the aprlnir; boih good workora 
I'l ' aii.vvvliorc .voii put lliciii. \\"\\\ 
greatly btsau-t of the bridccr. om s trade for cattle or luone.v, or will, 
Tolec." The pfio| h  oataldo tka toot - ., 4. . ,s_. i 

mlso an anawottag cry. , ®' ■ 1 

In Turkey the bride ataods bebtad a to s ifo \ arl.v, intorcft from date , 
fu r, . n iluriug a part of the rcremoay ^jg^ jjeg aJdrtssM 
ami I- iirst KiH-n at tta coaclualon. A, 4t It I'm 

Ml orisb wedding to ataa a aevea day , L. \T^^ 

Time to Rebel. 

For Ihreo '.vei l.s he liad l.nrii • .nil 
the horrors of h.'Ustvleiiiilu:; will ut 
a inuiiiiur. 'Mien hi-, jialieme nn\r 
way. I 

".\iid Villi," soti'.ied his wife "you 
us(il 1.. t' II iiic I was yiiir i|iii i u " | 
"Yes." hr  nld. with a vvlld (;lare In , 
lil  r  .'S, "Illlt when a man Unds hU 
i|iie. ii I, .IS used his U'Ht lohaeeo lar 
I f"r p:ile uuk vuriilsb and his ineer- 
M'bauiii piiie tor a tack hammer bo 
hegina to gnM» |ig iitdBl^pB if • 

Take rnic i l ,v« ur sinniai h. Let 
Ki.'dtil i rMs ail tli|  food 31 u Bflti 

. v r I likl is wltat Ktuiul docs. 

I'^er.*' iHblchiiuoiiftil of Kodol 
• liitrMs 2; |„ iin.l« of f. tul. Tr.v i» 
uida.v. It is (f^niiti Iptvl tt) n lipvo 
()U or .voiir nioht\v lim K. i.y 
.1 nek son l riij{ (.'o. 

He Koaw tht Lotri*. 

Jolintiy's uioiln r ;r.ive hi- 1 Iv. o flr. 
••ont I'le OS. one fi.r rnudy. tbo otli-r 
for the Sifii' ay M'bool eollectloB, aayr 
tbo IIoUHli.n Fuat. 

IJ::btlirnried, he waa tuasing tK 
volna ta ihv air oa Ua way -to tbt 
ekarrb wkeo aoddaUy oae ataded kl- 
grasp and d lss p paarad Ikmagb a eel 
lar ftratlag. Dowa oa hto haeea kf 
pe.T'il into tho dtirk pit. cnly to re 
ali/e I lU loss. Then, looking thought 
tu:\\ t'mt I'lio Ills band, nest at tkr 
cellar 8tei s. be remarked: 

"Well. t h«f  goea the l,ord 'a akkei'" 

** \n h« doi"''"''f'' ii|"''i" i"* HI' 
••xprosxion we all like tt  licar, iiiid 
wlict) it is used in crnneetion willi 
('IibiiiIh'iIji.ii's Colif, ( linloia atn' 
! iarili( «-n Renioil.v it tncans tlmt i* 
lerer faib to eare diarrhorn, ih ■ 
•enterjr or huwel conu''ii Ii 
s plpnaaut tn ii ki* niid i;* ii|iihII.\ 
v-aliiaOie for chililren attd adult* 
Sold li.v Jackson l rn^' ('■-. 

"\\'bat*a thv matter, old muuT" 

"I III. Pre Jaat kad a qaarrsl wItk an 


"Well, furcot 11' d forjilvo " 

"I run iie\ir f 'r.;ivo lior. VoU see 

I wn  III flio wTonil" 
"Then In that case demand an apotO' 

gy." _ _ 

wii-tp .v«i|ir Plot P\ I'ln il l 
lahtors when .von cait t'el a \io(Ttr 
 f ( 'bsiuberlain^R tJnimrnt fcr 

\ et,| \ ti\ o re I.' ^ .\ pier-p   f 
liniiel diiiu| i'tied witli liiiiinei t 
s au|iertor to Rn,v plaater for lairr 

o k, iiiiii ill till* side at d clu'vl. 
iimI niiiili clieuper. Sold li  .'s'^'i* 
no DruffCn. 

il.22€aI/J er \ 

0 a»fiiy. comfort anJ conver.l- 
  rr.oo of t!if ^hr/ht ac'id I -p, clorr,'- [ 
  I hrrc^b ni d aide ejection (rntuiev Ii 
j i.'e conib incd wirli tb« qui^k, easy 1 
! :ianipulaiioii of iho popul-i s! Jii ir ! 

fore-end or "pump" ortiun in Ih.* mw 
I Model ao MLeOm lifle. 

j In mpld 8ft«ia! a t fMl «a«t of n r*- 
1 »Mlsr-U « jB sn ahl saHdira U a'way* a 
' Bfoaactloa and pt a na ai a aoMba a«4 CKca 
I Uowint fcseli I tlM alMll Is a«vrr 

t^rf^wn Into youf tncm or ar**. vod nrvtr 
I. f .icff »vlt.'nb« lmi ta^fit »wmBl« 

£jjJlJij£j,aad ImIvs quick eparaMoa. 

It Ivandlrs iIm ihfirt, lona aad iaae-r!fl« 
cartt1d.i*a withsut ch«n(« In adhwuiK r.i, 
■nj iht dara Ballard riainaa«ar«ato* th« 
' •cciiraeir, maUnv II iha Saaat Nttl* iMa Ii 
1h« world for i r.:rt tVintlrfr and lav a" 
1 :»i«'l r%rn^ up to i*.i or J'jU )'..rd«. 

F T fii!) (•p» tl7«' 

4?»*;ii«i« rirfji. ac'iv 1;/ c 

iNoi H minute slioiild be lost 
.heiiHciuld sliows s.vm|il  IIIS ot 
I ( Up. (.'Iiaiiiberlaiii'i Coiit:! 
fpiiicil.v uiTCB aa moo aa the eliiid 
pioiin s llOll^^e. or evpn aftt?r tli« 

i'|||'.\ CI II ii| | cui8, will lire 

I'lit I lo' iitluck. 

till l rui{ Co. 

Sold bjr Jock- 


CeagratMlatieaa tha Aetreoe Waiilvet 
en Har.KngagameNt. 

A I.onilon uiuitle hall liello who had 
JUKt •meeensfully "landed " an old aiMi 
weHllliy niilileiiian sn.-d an iiiii.'i|iiil:!t 
liiiinnL:er, nlieKitii; lliat be liail not pi 1 
hvr Kiillli leiitly well for her eiiKiitfe- 
mont at hit linll. Rhe woa the ciiso 
and wax imiiiotUalely luundateO Willi 
flowery eiiii;n'ntulatlolu from ber 
frieiiiis, all of tthoui were glad to aee 

the luaii.uer ko lioWM. 

Not nuiteiit With her victory, bow 
ever, the lielie lllu^t iieoda cfow over 
ber iM'nii-n niiiiuiKer by iMcklng up the 
elioli oHt of these tolo|{runM and dlx 
pati'liliie thoin to bia bouae, with the 
liiiiiiiatioii Unit be might mnke what 
n^e of tlieiii be thongbt pnnier. 

She reisrt'ltod thla tost conceaaion the 
next morning. Taking ber a I her word, 
the manager iiaated the telegruuw oa 
a board oataide the mtMrtr ball, beaded 
them "What Ulaa Fllghtle's fridoda 
think of her eagagement" and left lite 
public to asaame whWk aagagement 
the prafeaalonal or tka BMtriiaoalal. 
waa meant. 

Then fpilowed sack aMaaagsa aa 
"Oood for you. old gWr* "Platted tba 
old horror st tostr "Doat let klm 
wriggle off the boukr '«tfck to klm 
till you got the diber *X3oatratnto- 
tlons on your splendid katil!" 

Anotker aettoa |sr #!■••• 
tho Bttaager to now peadtag. 

Sammy Told. 
Mi'N Smith was xhowinu n vislttir a 
new hattriH- she had rts'enlly pur- 

1 IlLsi'd » lu ll illili' Sallillel eilllle In allli 

nei:l)s led 111 ii'iiiiive Ills hat. 'I'lilnkini; 
to leai II liiiii a lessi.ii she s^;id. "Sam- 
uel. Willi (lid I liil.v that ballroe for?" 

"I'lr $1 '.IS," iiiisvv iretl Kaiiiiiel 
pruaiiilly. "but you said 1 twaau't to 
tatt aaybady." 

Ha Could Oa. 

.VI the (Icalli i.r llie I  ulvO of Wolliin; 

t iii l!ie whole ill|iloiiiiilli' eorpM W"m 
linileil lo the luiiiliil at SI. riilll'il. 
The I reii li aiiili.i «:'it r on reeeiv lug 
bin I'lV I ataui v. as 1 er.v liiueii Upset, 
lie iiurii d "IT tn his e..llea){Ue of lius- 

•k, Itarva Urtwuva. uud v-valMctL (o 

nim the dlOeuity in which be waa 

"The queen." ba aald. '^•spocta ua to 
go to at Paars to tke faarral-of Hie 
Daka of Welltagteo. Uow can I g», 
coBsMartag tko lajartoa wkick tbe duke 
tatkted on our coBOtryt What shall 
I dor 

Baroa BruBOW llateaod gravely to 
okpoalttaB aad tkea »■ 
 Aa tka dake to dmid." he oaU. 
"I thtak yoa eaa safely ta. th# 
funeral. If yoB were aaked to attord 
kto •aaarroettaB 1 akoBid aay fataor Ike 


A Practical Thcor) of Chllo Traioinf 
Up tc Date. 

Tbo mtNlern . f eul'd Iriiliila,: 
la to shift llie resi...ii-riiiiiy of vvnunr 
dulug to a child a tjwu abuuklvrs. II 
to early taaght to wolgk rigkl aad 
wroag and coont the coat 

Molhera wko are la ileapair over tbe 
liehavlor of tkeir chUdrsB akoaM try 
uiskbig them free agcnta. Mmw Ikein 
plainly bow unpopular Ikey are laak 
Ing theiiiaelree by tbeta* horrid behav 
k r. Appeal to tke r aaaofc Taaek tkem 
to form' their own deetahMMt and dbklr 
by tbo results. 

A rhlld BO trnliied UKually aci|ulreii 
soir control wbea other cklldrea are 
hiving parental crBtrtd pBatok d tafr  
th. tn 

TliU uietlioil of training Is not foasl 
bio. however, uiUess piiretim have thr 

good JUllltllH'llt to I.eop III NUi II 1 ii'Si 

loth-h with their Utile ohok that lh.-  
can net aa coanaekir, aa n istt r  un 
of apiieals anil ns prmlilliii; Judee 
W'Imwo tlis IsIoiis .iro flmil. 

S iimlher of a large and loterealinv 
riiuiiv said. "If I bad n doaen chit 
dreii 1 wiaild have to evalTO • differ 
eiit vt.'iy to tr ilii eaek OBO BSSOfdtag t i 
Its liII. K\ Ul rH*li's.** 

Ilis'rvnl ..f iM' ■lirnliu OM r .1 1 lil'd'« 
niNi iiiiihii I. htiii'y lo iii.iko It iTiMiil In 
rplte if Itself. K»op II so ni'll ilii: 
y liapp.i ilKj* sitii n 1 ones n.ituril 
Peni II Mart i.r Jiihii self u'O ertiliM-lit 
Mil lit Ihe simo Hue l. t II U- tlior 
inf,'lily uiitlervtiii d llml v.m are pu- 
onii r In ehl f In iilvpiii ' ! ii»l':ls 

One ii nthi r who h oi l,S-is on 
rule fiT her ihllilron iilhov.d th si 
. hlldr.-ii 111 lie If-rrer* to lln' in I 
hiHsl I'vpii 111 1 hiir.-h Klie vviilil m 
Kill. Idly !iv while lliev rrattleil limli l 
Ihe i«'vvs tu pliieb Itio worsitlpem In 
front or slyly rao ptaa tato Ihe aexi 

.\ mother ttb«  dties not know-th- 
dllfereiire lietwem nolf eoutrol and 
lack of mntrol hml li tiir nldilo b.e 
Solomonic preeepts uf   liild trainlns 
.Mipllod jtidli loaaty. the method of 

I t \\ Ill s I ittlp Khil.v Hisots. 
lie safe, sure, en».V. j;riil!«' Illtle 
I ei idlls. The ori((iiial Carttili^ 
ed W itt ii Ha/clSaite is DeW iti's. 

riie iiaoie is plaioly atsmped « ti 
evrr.v box. It ia sood for rola, 

iiiiriis, lii'iiisi s, Mirp«, laiils atxl siUi 
iiiin.s' ) ut It is especially Kood 
or tlip Pilep. Sold bjr Jackaon 
I hug Co. 

'l&e. railway . 

Claan Wataring Troughs. 

Sprinkle 'liiio In your •••••rt-in 
tnxitrb and not a panMe of acum will 
fhrni on tho surface. IThen tbo llino 
loaea its slrenicth. arum will begin to 
form, tvhleb m.iy lie iwico ilnrliiR i» 
leeaon Wimh out iIh' irnni'S led h 
|ieal ibo iliis., 1 1 Is ehonp. Iiarmloo. 
arhoiovoMio. koMr« tha wator aareet s^ * 
aiTea tbe live atock. 

Voar eomplexkm aa well aa jroor 

leiii| er is reti.lor -'l tniserHl'lt' ii.v s 
diHoniered liver. U.v takiiiM i ItHiu 
'terlain'a Htomaeh Bitd Litrar Tao 

•Is Mil (Mti iiiiiiri'Ve b 'ill. Sold 

  ,v •'scl-aon i)riiif I'o. 

1 » MU,t.....d ».. 

.1 *ll1ttl jof 1 U . 

I ■••.( a 1 • I 
• iri » •■() •.- ' ' 
I ...».,.... 

'f.;.(i: . 

1 1 ' :   'l • 1 1 1 I I - I 

llln|l |t,iM 3iuji| *p 4 i  pi'i'l A^ Jl *,|i.'t...v 

••iiiis p'ii »n »u "I ""1 r-'t '■•  ■»  

i\nif% «| nM •Mt*! (■- kit M / .T. 1 
K.\«3.Li\'.I '.7- 

I iiNiiilieriaiii'M folic. Cholera 

illd l»':inlitit a l{i niedy it lii d;iv 
lie best known niedicine in use fi r 
lie relief and cure of bowel 
iilaints. Il cures Kripiitr, diar- 
rhoea, d,VM nler.v and should be 
taken at ill! first unnatral looseness 
uf the i owels. It in equalt.v vslu 
ible for cliili-'ren and adults. It 
a!wa.v8 cures. Sold by Jackaun 
Drujf 0. 

Aiffs *^ sare you're right then go 
akead," to ao Improvement oa tMoaei 
CNofcotrs. bat ke saM It laet 

As much rouraxe can be dlsptoyod 

um|iiri:i'.; n pearel'ii' \ :t\K gSBW SS in 
eluir.;iiiK up .' 'iii Juan hill 

The Wool men mixed up lu tbe UrilT 

pall . if not necoasarlly tka bmb wkn 

•^11 the wool " 

Here Is Relief for Wo- 

Ifyniihaxo pHin in llie bark. 
Urinary. Kimlder  »r Kiiliny 
iroul li\ and want a certain, iiien.s- 
ant herb relief from IVonian's ills, 
try Mother Gray*s "Australiah- 
ieaf.** It i« • Mr*, reliable reiru- 
Intor. and relieves all Female 
Weill. lit s~es, including iiilUiiniiioii 
Hiid ult't THliiitis. Mother (iru.N'N 
.'ViisiriiliHii'I.etil is miM |iy l»rinf- 
k'ists or sent b.  ihhiI ftir ."iH cent."*. 
.'^Hniple 'fnl free. .Aiitiies.-, The 
Uotbtr tiia^- Co., U ito), 2^. Y 

■ Kl   1 1 1' V 1 11. 

1, l!  h 

WKM liOlM). 

Mo. 1 

No. 3 

No, ft 


I «ily Sujida.v 

Kx. bun 

A M 

V M 

A M 

Lv Jackson 6 10 

U lit 

7 oo 

U*KJo4 « 16 

'2 -Alt 

Klkslkwft 6 SO 

7 10 

Oakdale 6 88 

fi 44 

7 88 

Athol « 40 

7 80 

'raiiet'ii -i'.l 

.'! 1*0 

7 .3M 

.•'Si. Ili'lelis i; ;■)".» 

A 1 1 

7 \H 

H ii.\ \ If ./c t 7 07 

;i 20 

7 .M 

i 'liiHslle 7 l.'t 

h 02 

Ttirrent 7 'M 

a 41 

» 15 

Uliiiiairn 7 40 

;j :.o 

ta.e .aiaia m 

Mat'l Br KO 7 45 

;j : :» 

h 2 , 

s b1 

H 28 

DiDuli-A 7 fA 

I'UHallv fl vm 

4 08 

8 89 

ITi i tl 1 1*1 

4 11 

8 49 

Kiiw vl \ II S 

\ I'O 

M 48 

4 -jr. 

h :.4 

( 'Ih\ 4 It \ H 


(-2'ii 1* '.lis ^ l.'t 

4 .-.:{ 

'•• -JO 

1 aC I*' 1 1 ■ 1 1 lO 

.".  '7 

It :u 

W 1 ltf-La kta  r  i I 


» ftO 

Avon 11 n 

a»V%*ll W W 

^ 40 

10 m 

MfinfrckO 0 40 

ivll'lllll^l V w" 

ft ftO 

10 19 

Ar I.^siiiiirtikn 0 HA 

e Oft 

10 ii 

NO 9 



Dtibr Ml/ 


\.s I. -\iii rton 

% 85 

7 U 


2 SH 

7 46 

.\\( n 

•J »^ 

7 .-.4 

W .Ml in ltd to 

h 01. 

\\ inchesler 

8 Oft 

8 IS 

L A K Juoet 

8 ao 

• 90 

Indian FitMt 

8 84 

8 42 

( lay tltj 

8 AO 

9 09 


8 RH 

V 10 


\ 1'.". 

» Ift 


4 It 

{» 22 



ol *^ 

( aniplon Junct 

4 ao 

» 88 

.Naiiirsl Hrldxa 

4 8ft 

• a 


4 88 

• M 


4 47 

t 84 


ft 00 

10 08 

HoatiyrilleJunel 5 10 

10 17 

M Helens 

r. 17 




lo ;}7 

.\lli. 1 

ft 87 

10 45 


.^ 45 

lU 58 


6 00 

11 10 

OAK Juoct 

• Oft 

11 Ift 

Ar Jaekaon 

(1 10 

11 90 

( ON N Kt TK »\  

L A E .Fl Nt Th 1 rain.-* Nos 
I ami I'i will iiiuki  ronnertioni 
withCAU Kv fur .Ml SierliriK. 

f'AMPTON jrN( 1 K)N Nos. 

I. ;! Ill d I W II 1 .,|,|,ei I vt ilti 

Ihr .Mouiiiaiii Central Uniiwa.v for 
1 MVS! i.;{i ) s to ami frtnii t'aiiiotua. 

No 9 will eoiUMot Willi Ute L. .St A. 
at Bealtf Tillk JaneiioM for BiMiy. 


(  t  K .Jl NtTlON Trni.. .!i«. 
;( Hiiil 1 vtitli tlii i |ii.i ..\c Kentucky 
for I aniii t City and way stations. 

(;iiA^. aojn. u. f. a. 


I I 11 » I I \ i: Nt \ . llXKI. 

WB8T B0C7N0 pBily Fx Son 

\ , lsi I I.ASS  li  1 1 «.a 

Lv .lar k.son 

(i A K JaaolioB 




llaiii|it  n 

IvKSe 1' HI k 

I/i'f Cil.v 

«. M. 

li Oft 

II 1ft 

li 81 


II 44 

II .-.I 

\Z l.'t 

r a 

8 00 
8 10 
8 M 

3 49 

S 89 

4 Oft 

4 m 
4 45 

12 ill 4 6ft 
19 8ft S M 


Daily Ex Stio 
' akasa lar class 

A. B. 

p. M. 

Lv Cniiiit l Cit\ 

7 10 

1 (K) 

i It'll i'li:i t a 

7 JW 

1 17 

Lee ( It V 

7 \o 


Kosf Fork 

8 00 

1 8^ 

liani| toa 

• 94 

1 44 


S 87 

1 ftl 


8 47 

1 67 



•_' 01 

OAK Junction 

Ar Jaokiioii 

 .i :;ii 

■1 :;o 

Stindsy iiMsspnt'cr tram leatea 
Ckiiik I Cil.v at 1 oo p in, iPliirniOK 
ieavcH JacitaoD at 4 00 p. m. 

M. L. OONLRY Oen. MVr. 

Mountain Central. 

Dt'i-art Ari'ixe 
5 4."  ti tn Cuniiiton 1 1 ;!ii h hi 
 :4j |  ni Cniupttin d UO p to 
Arrive DopBrt 
8 00 a m Campton Jun 10 Oft b m 
4 00 p m CboqitoD Jnn 4 40pai 
Miike   t nnpc'tion willi kU L 4k 
.N. luisst'iiiipr trains. 



Medical man tell ue that thoti- 
aanda of people die evsry ysar 
for no ether reaeen than they^ neg- 
lected to take proper care of their 
arms, lowar limbs and feet. 

Improper clothing of the ax- 
tremitiea generally meana colds, 
aore threata, pteuriey, pneumonia, 
tattaaimattaB af tke stomaeh and 
fcawal», ar aay ano af many 
ether earlouo allmenta. 

Children, too, are afton ehamo* 
fully neglected tiHtho matter of 
auffleiant clothing or eoverlng for 
the lege and feet. Heavy eteek- 
ings and good, tkiak akeaa are 
cheaper than ar 




Breathitt County news, 1909-09-03

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Jackson, Kentucky by J. Wise Hagins
   Breathitt County (The Western Mountain Coal Fields Region)