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date (1787-08-18) newspaper_issue .JUMP. II.] 


(AUG: i 7 8;- i 


£ A T U K U A Y, AUOUoi jtf, 178;. 

i i PRINTER of thj KKNJ UC- 

T FT! R having expended much in 
procuring Ihd materials and convcy- 
fe| t^cm from Philadelphia,'! have ven- 
t • fc 1 to open a Printing Office in the 
T- wn of Lexington rathe Diib ift of Ken- 
tu;ke. Notwithstanding the r e expenses 
«n I that of procuring farthd fui plies of 
mpc; for m/ bufinefs, and of Supporting 
pece fary hands,! ihaK content inyfclf at 
pre eot with the profpeel of fmal I g?ins. I 
con^de^ this country as being yet in an 
1:1 a nt (late, harra fled by the molt fav.*ige 
enemies, having no protitahle trade and 
being drained of money by its pre ent in- 
tercourfe with the KaRcrn parts of Ame- 
rica However tbp exertions made b'^ i 
gi&tc nurhbef oTvjeijtnrffien in favour of 
the prefs convinces mc that aS r )irit pre- 
va'ls amo i ; m/ countrymen fupeiior to 
their psc e.itcircumtanccs. lam fatlsfied 
that every poSMe encouragement will 
be given to my prcfent undertaking. 

It's 'm/ oflibIe to recount all the ad- 
vantages that the public will r'ecieve 
f om the publication of a GAZETTE in 
Cbil DirtriJl. Fhft,.t will give a quick and 
ge era' i [formation concerning the inten- 
tions and behavionr of our ne'ghbom .ng 
enc n es and put u* Bpon our guard a- 
gainlt their future violence. Secondly, it 
will communicate a timely info m ition of 
the proceedings of oar LegiflatU 1 c.and us from unde going various evils 
by being unacqua.nted With the 'aw.s of 
ourcountr ,fome of which have been in 
force fomctime bofoic they 1 cached the 
diitricT. Thiid:y,it will call our attention 
to the tranfactionsof Cong»efs,an. J . nVw 
us the policy which predominate* in our 
g.e t will teach 
uswhc.i we a e to prepa.e for foiC gn 
wars; when WJ a , e to admire the fuc- 
ccfsful Hero, the gene ous Patriot^ and 
the wife Statesman; or totieat with al  
ho.ence the betrayor of his Count: y. 
lOuithly, it will carry 011 1 attcntionto 
v.. j ancient world, arid gratify our cur o- 
t y withrefpect (o diitanl nation^ who 
ilounih in the *uu tf aiuu or peace. It 

will la^pen all the Republic ii :ct:eis nuy upoll iildL Lj 

tooiirvicvanJfurnift .s with all necef- W . U u cll fe CVKe [jfe , ibert 
Jary infti uctions to avo d the d .nt;er or . jm . r 

Secure the blcdlngs which may wait on anc^ropert) to us and our pofte- 

our rifing community. Filthly, it wil Jp) • * 

afford usancajy method of unde: ftandl ^ As the mrfi: of us are farmers 

ingoneanoth'ei and coming to a betters-. rn 1 unflvilled in policy (altho* we 

Sreemen^n the execution or eve, v dc- fa anxioilS lQ do for the fa ft) 
ugn which maybe neceuary for the com- , , 

mongood. It will bring tHT latent fparks ue ai ' e able to 6 ,ve but a random 

of Genius tojight, aniline tne world a g lie!s a * the propriety of a fepara- 

resectable opinion of the people who tion — we can fee dfficuhies on 

have come fo ninny leagues locultivatea b( th fides, and would wiih to a- 

de e te-lland VVhen others fee what we Vold the WQlft 
have dune and what we are (till able to r . , . - r 

d?; they will come and ftrengthen our ' beg leave therefore to propofe 

hands and be plcafed to partake of our a few querrits to the Gentlemen 

future bleiTings. on both fides of the qutftion* 

diu.iig rnafc 

It? 'ced it wr rr*^*^ ^ pflw'frt r f pi, 

tronage from the Converrtiw in 1785. w h 0 think a reparation neceilary 

that induced ine firft to attempt what 1 n o l ! 111 

have row accomplished. 1 therefore red By what probable means 

fatisfied, that all my Countrymen will be can a new State lupport Govei n- 

fenfibie of my c'a'm to their notice as the ment, defend itfelf from the fa- 

firjl adventuier in abufirefs whcih has 
been ch.efiy inflrumentalin bringing man- 
kin, from aftarcof blindnefs and flaveiy 
to their prefent advancement in know- 
Ifl Igl and freedom. 


To the PRINTER o? TBI Kcntuckc 

AS I expea your paper will be 
employed at fiift in dilaifs- 
ing political fubj^rts, and as I 

vages, and pay its quota of the 
foederal and ftute debt, without 
a free trade of the river Miflifippi? 

Secondly. What probable pro- 
fpeds can a new State have of 
obtainig a trade down the Mifli- 
fippi; and what prfits can we 
derive f 1 om fuch a tra^e ? 

TLirdl) . w ill not a feparation 
lefs^n our importance in the opi- 
nio n of the favages, and caufc 

fuppoie that of a feparation from them to fall on us with greater 

the ftate rf Virginia to be the vigour ? 

mod interefting at prfent.; I Fourthly. What are the great 

hope our p )liticisns will be pleaf- eviis we (after for want of a new 

ed through your ftrefsto give us government * and hov/ could a 

their fentiments on both lues of new date remedy thole evils? 

the queftion ; and 1 hope they And I would ask thOfe who 

will write, and we-lhall read, with are tgainft a feparation 

that coolnefs and impartial ty, Firlt. How fliall we defend 

which becomes men who have ourklves againft the lavages un- 

the real intereft of thjs Country der the prelent laws-, and how 

at heart i and tliat in the end we (hall we get paid for doin& u i 

Secondly. 'How can we pny 
the t ixesnoVfaid un land, tithes, 
hoiks, catt.e, alienations, pfocei's 

Thirdly. How can we take 
any ftcps towards promoiin'g and 
regulating a profivible trade dow n 
and up t c, rivers? and the 
Aifembl) regulate luch r*ade to 
ouradvantag ? * 
Fouitll,. is it not our true inHfc 
reft to become a manufacturing 
po pie now in our infanc) ; and 
what power have we to encourage 
Arts and Manufactures, and en- 
courage luxury, without a new 

Fifthly. How can we encou- 
rage learning and fcience in our 
prefent jhuauon t and will not 
the next gen; ration fuffcr g catiy 
for want of ir. 

Sixthly. Would not a govern- 
ment within the diltnet have a 
tendency to correct the practices 
of the diforderly and licentious; 
and retrain theabpfes ot power 
pra&ifed of late by tome ot thofe 
in Authority ? 

Anfwerstothe above queries 
will oblige and perhaps bdlaict 
many ignoiant citizens n c w  I! as 


The heads of the treaty peace 
between the ft.ites of America 
and the emperor of Morocco, 
continued from our laft. 
The prifoners of an American 
fh'p arriv ing at any harbour be- 
longing to his Imperial maiefty, 
cannot be given up to any pow- 
er whatever. American veifels 
faluting towns belonging to his 
Imperial majefty, to have the fa- 
lute returned by the (lime num- 
ber of guns. American merchants 
latticing in any of the ports be- 
longing to his Imperial majeffy? 
to enjoy the lame privileges 

and advantages as ot! er nari: rr, 
ai d can ti«ae fiom one to an- 
other, etc. 1 1 ey ere to ei y y • 
the li%ert  to trade as la- 
ther naiionf, 10 remove ti eir tl- 
f c v s fr  m one Ihip to am t ?tr; 
vu'il out be ing tie'amed.for e^ia- 
rantinf, and to be allowed in- 
terpreters. In cafe da uar be- 
tween the two rations, they are 
to exchange their piiloneis in; n 
for man. Anunein merchants 
not to be obliged to 1 puicl ale 
nurcl.'andife contrary to tic 1 r 
pleafure,* jnn to be mol fted in 
thedifpcYal SB their goods. W hen 
the goods are landed, ihij are 
to be examined, thai the ufual 
duties ma) be impofed; bm in 
caie of fraud, or contraband goods 
the perlon comminng the liaiid 
cn!  to bt punifhed, without a 
connfeation of the flip. JW.iltis 
of ihips not obliged to cany their 
gooes from one poit to another, 
with* ut their will, n  twi fianding 
the price offered and agreed upon. 

Americans guilty oi crime.*, to 
be li bj  Ct to the judgment of 
their Own con ful only. It he re- 
quire afhfhuce from the gover- 
nor of the place, it js to be grain- 
ed him. 

If he cannot determine the 
cafe, the criminal is to be fent to 
America; un American injuring 
or affaulting a lubj*£t belonging 
to Ins Impend majtlty, may be 
imprifened b  the governor, who, 
is to fit in judgment upon him, 
but in prefence of the con ful 
who is allowed to plead hiscaufe. 
If the pi doner makes his eleape, 
the conful is not anl'weiable. If 
an Amer'can fubject dies in his 
Imperial majetty's dominions, his 
effefis are to be fent to the conful, 
or to the trading company, to be 
furrendered to the heiis claiming 
the fume. The American conful 
ts to ia one ot the ports 

belonging to his Imperial map ftfl 
ord conlidered as other tonfuls. 
Incafe ot diagfeement betwtelj 
t ,c two ccn.racAi. g paitie^ 
the p.ace is to reman until 
the matter is determined : if a 
v\ar is refulvi d on, arms are n  t 
10 be tiken up before nine 
months atier the determination, 
in order to gi^e the fubj ds   f 
bx/tli nations time to depart qui- 
til) with rheir eflcOs. It his Im- 
perial majefty thinks proper to 
grant any new pii\ileges to o- 
t m r nations, the fame are to be 
extended to the americans. The 
peace between the tveo nations to 
laft fifty years from the twenty? 
fourth ot Jul), ore tbcufard fc- 
ven hundred and eigty hx. 

mm&.m & & & raooosoo^ 

At Dan vide in the'T5iu1§ 
ing to the Company, on morn 
da\ Sep-., 17 being the day 
appointed for the metiing of 
the Com en I ion v\ i!' cocnm* n « 

T112 SALE for Cash by Public 


A Valuable afloitment of rh' r- 
chandiie, the tl(xk in tr^di 
remaining on banc 1 , of S^mple f 
W)nko«pand Co. and will be 
continued daily until the whole 
arr dnp )fed of, the particulars of 
which are too numeious 
fcribe; let it fuffice to fay. ther^ 
is agreat variety and the quality 
equal to any ever brought to this 

The copartm rfhip being now 
difiolved, all pertbns indebted 
thereto are rt quelled to make 
payment, ar.d thole having de- 
mands to exhibit, their accounts 
to tlie fubfeitber,who is authorifed 
to tiantact the bufmefif. 

Dwmlle dugujl 6. 1757. 

To th?: coon pecpt.s of Rentucke'* 
T ExMlT a tc'low cit.zen, afitend 
X aiuiwelw he, to be peak your al- 
lien. :n tol.c mporUI t amUnlC eVng 
fab el of a cm ..uono't'iis liftr ft from 
the'hteor Vti&in a To rem p3 you of 
yo »r p c em fiwaron, an J ^*a n jrou of 
the Une which at chis time ih.cteis 
yo i, ho w 1 1 the. be ddfe.neJ 
ua.j(jfceiaiy nor d;Ta;ieb 'e, finccupon 
a rigjhc not ont of the e things, your fu- 
t ji c h ipp ne s or mi fei y as a people ul- 
c m &e y de, e 

VV.^e 1 the Lve. an.l property of a pc  
jVe .i j at lta c, as yours n.- vv ale, they 
cav.oihave the r eye-, coo m ich opene 1 
nor the r ice'.ng* too -n ich awake e I ; 
Eeca fe «t is nee fary to fee where the 
da \\c ues,in o:dei to guaid againft it: 
be j e me it doe; not p ocejl nn.e 
fiotn a fo e tha,\ a lomottic ^ ui c :n  r 
is .t the leading cha4acre.1l anions 
yoj, as fuinj w  ilJ inilaeug: over 
the e /ou wilihuve ihecontrouiifig now- 
e , fi $ ng as /o.i letiid /   " virtue a i l 
love of ! berty- Ic*H not the h ft ' ? 
Kiibe  of ;nlia*, tho dange »u«; the!e 
yo.i a.e ab'cto iepe! an 1 to C01J 0*1 » 
y   1 werepe mined to a e tl o nea is in 
yourhai»J : it is not the.e things L fay, 
bitt^cpeeu poftu c or* yom a Fans, 
whxhyou have the gieateft ica&l to 

Naturally letatchc I from the bodj of 
the late; Coil tutionilly cirtf ifl&ribc I 
in yoar | irifj ftion, »n I limltteJ in your 
power, you canno: cnafr. Laws for y  ur 
ovn peace anJ faf ty; arc iraavo'd bly 
fibe t to folne, which are contrary to 
tothrfffegreate Hs arkHneapab-.e o ax- 
c uting oth.e s invc adapted toy   ur tl- 
tuation, thuacirc mftance I application 
fcath bentoa leto Virginia foi an act of 
Reparation, ftiehath granted it on re ma 
which haveDce.rackn v.vlc Ige I, juft an I 
icr.bnab'C. In this fituaf.on i fay Li- 
berty a id in lependance offe e 1 you on 
the one hand, on the othe ice hefitati- 
on, oppofitjoil, an! even a re/nal of 
Ihatofter by in of. Than this, whatcan 
b • n  i e il l. m n ? fat s i©J wuh 
your pi c em .'it lationor do you not feel 
J eac.e Bey of a change of meafuras? if 
you do, fupprefs thjt pc n cious fjHrit 
of indolence and pufilan m ty, 
forbids your dpJoje to day, what yoa 
ought ^ lefl vo i mould be called upon 
tomorrow, to difcha,rge Tome other du- 

Is it nM apparent, that if you do not 
ta^j hvi'e n^ of Government into your 
baa Is, that ihvv will be piacea in thofe 

cfcihcr? for yo M . And en yne fuomf* 
t0thi ? Cfci) you lupj ofc thai your lives 
shd pi ore: ties thai a^your deared 
1 igh ts find libei t'es will be Dioi e (ecu 1 e : n 
rheii hands, thill in youtown! no. it 
would be rnfuU ngtoyour un£erftand- 
fngs, to conceive fuch an opinion. And 
yet, one 01 the other oft! efe,muft take 
pl?ce. Youi f ti-atjon s diawn to a cr.Hs, 
and vour neccfllt c  wiil demand it. 

You pcih; ps a e foot^ed with a belief 
tbat the le^Htrtuie of Viiginra will c 3 o 
everythlr^fot you; that you need on'y 
;lk, and obtain. Put how deVfve 
tl. s exrefntien! Ideia 1 , and bene- 
volent rs Virginia may be: however, 
I fav, lTcmry be difpofed tc Y er.i your 
complaints, and redrefs yoer grevances 
it is not in her pov cr. SI c hnb not 
faith to r^nu ve mountains I She Can- 
tor lenders barten wilderrrt brhita- 
b'e! Shecat|jot teflen li edhlance be- 
tween D^i vd'e and, Rid \v.  nd ; ror 
cr-n (he charge the local Rtoatio* of 
c nntries wluch the hand of nature 
hiih differently difpofed, andmnilcJ 
v illi ooj of e characte s : in fuch a 
m-rre; as to renvoi tinp Laws ;nd cu- 
f  ms of ore, cxnc m'y Improper for 
the « thci : tl en, if ihe csinnot ien.iv c 
t' e caufe , how can lie pi event the 


/nd is it rot true, thata* a parr of Vir- 
ginia you inl 1 bit a Drftyfa five bundled 
miles f.rm the feat of Go? enmient an 
intctVcnipg Wil^ of federal hon- 
died m es extent: infcHel by bolli'c 
b; I vm -;i s ni dpa(Bb!q only at partlcu- 
cnlai reasons of 'the yc • ; Ty thee 
n cans ict. 'e irg difficult ar.J piccarioi s 
tbe moft n» 01 tart nght of freemen, I 
me. m. sdfsk,ujte iepie r entctjon. A»e 

.not thee fa£$. ^ do not T'c- 
piec^nce the pofDbllity of a permanent 
conrrcton on Republican principals. I 
th nkihcfli^htell attcnt'onto ihelc th ; nps 
pjffl produce 'he cleaiefl conviction : 
ii it (hoold nor; trace for a moment, 
t^e moil obvious confequences, which 
incv tably Bow H um this difpofit'on of 
things, as their enly fource; and not 
f om any th : ng that Virginia hath done, 
or omitted to do. 

ifL It defircys the pcffibility of a 
time'y application to the fupieme cxecu- 
tiv-e for aid; in ca fes of eme gency. 

It fufpends the o^e at on of the 
benign influence of mercy, by fubiecting 
condemned pcrfons v hamate deemed 

worthy of paidop, to te^' 011 ^, 54 "^ ) an " 

guifhinj; imprtibnment. 
3d. it readers the exe*w^L^ ; the 

Laws fee We, de'ays ]n(\ : cc, and relaxes 

the iprings of Govemrr.ent. 

4'h. it fub efts to you pe-.,a *'cs 11 iflng 

from gnorance of the Laws m ny of 

which expiie befc e ihcy leadi 

this diftiicl. 

5th. It layf you lirb'e to futts m the 

high court of appeals by vh : ch rnems 

t! e unfortunate poor, and men ot me- 

'dkciity are COOipleattf in the | ower 

of the oppulent. 

6ih. And f-om the want of Law, m 
feme cafes oblices you to H bmlt to atbrj 

nary tu'cs preferred by the capiiceof 
a few: thus eftabliftirg danpe? US p»e- 

cedents of Tyranny and oppicfllcn. 
Fut ab  ve all, 
7th. U fub ctfs you to 'be inemfions 
rf a favage enemy, who after muidcr- 
inp your fields, ard deftroying your 
property, fllv out of the linvts of the 
Diftiid, and are ptote&ed by the law. 
Yes. m/ Cocmrvn cN the Laws forbid 
your taking any effectual meafuies a. 
palnft them. They fbibid your march- 
ing an expedition into their Count: y. 
Conficferrng their OK de of waifaie, 
what is 1 his in f; ift, but to bid you fit 
flilLai.J receive tl c fliolcof the Tcm- 
mahawk. Could a fepaiation, do you 
think, place you in a worfe fltuat'on? 
Surely it cduW not. On ti e contrary, 
that it would put fpu in a belter, can 
fc'icc'y remain a doubr. 

Yet,' notwithfranding the*e arefafts f 
there aie fome who do net think a fc- 
paration advifabte, and willi to l»a\e* 
it put off till a later period than the 
preTent Law will allow: Thinking 
that irhenei er itilould be : tied, it will 
be anted. But what affurance have 
they of this? Reflet, that mod thing! 
aie fib ; ect to change i Ravplutlona may 
h \ -pen inthe Hate or continent. With 
the change of ciicurnftnnces mens opi- 
iron- aher. Virginia -may Confider mis 
Dlftn'cl as a u.ecelfrry api'cndare to her 
fhength, orto 1 ci Ciown. You infia- 
b : t a moft fertile foil { and a countiy 
that mud become populous. In your 
hands, the'e drcumftances may le im- 
proved into j:hc ccitain means of hap- 
pinefs; in the hands of Virginia, 'they 
maybe convened into a fource oficve- 
nue, and a nurfery of foldiey for her 
own agr and i fern eut. 

Experience teaches that inte.eft go- 
verns ail. And aie you the on'y peo- 
ple  vho aie regardteTs of their oifrfi ? 

Rut you arc af.aid of a '.cp^ration, 
you dread the augmentation of Trxes, 

or the diminution, ot yu..i r.cli^ioui or 

C'vi! L'bertfc?. T f ut you nvft pa? 

Tnxes in either alternative r eem» now 
\xcj.y well out of diTpute; with this 
oi.'Tcrencehowc- e., that if vou "eparate, 
you will poyr a Tax that will be aga n 
Circulated in tl e ftfftrift. If vou do 
po ?i . ou mud- pay it to V rg.n a. fom 
wl ence it will n ,t return/ It is fa id, 
Virginia draws annually fiom the Oi- 
flrift, a Ann fuffioert to defray the ex- 
fences of Government, and for which 
vc. et none lit. But :f this fair, fhould 
not he fuflx ent ;a wife& ficerco; lew(|l 
never mum n at paying a mode a-cT; i. 
e' ecialh' i hc;i they doit ?s a coiVide- 
raron for their Laws and liberties. A 
♦rife and virtuous people will never 
want rcf urces ; cfpecially, in a Country 
Ip prodtiftive as th s InduOiy. mode 
ration, tcmpeiancc, and fru-ah.y, are- 
tne\haufrab!c ftoie hbufes of wealth: 
the e aie in- the power of every m n. 

As to your other fears, I think ihey 
are perfeaiy cro nJlcfs. Have notal!? 
Religious, atld Civil liberties, equally 
pear. A™ I whoc\e attempts tov[o!a;e 
tho c of others will he not endanno his 
bwnf Pe n lc^ wneie is the man who 
has the inaliefl; pretention to your con- 
fidence, that would not bli.fh at the i- 
dea of being fufic'tcd, much mo.e 
would be be afliamed to engage in any 
lucb def^n. 

Moreover you rill tl en have your 
Keve eitu.ves and officer of Govern- 
ment under your infpeclion; This will 
.keep them in their duty, and fub eft 
them top iniftuum fliould they exceed 
its bounds. To puniin wickelandwil 
ful officers ; i.- an impQi tant right which 
every free people polic ies; but which 

ufeles to you, becaufe you cannot cx- 
erei.e it. 

And no v to conclude with one ob- 
fervation; whatever your confidence iff 
the benevolent difpofittap of Virginia 
may fogged, mould be an argument to 
in-'/ce y hi to wifii for a epaiaf on on 
peaceable and am cable tc,m , wliLh is 
now in your power, but iliould you 
Ic the pie ent opportunity flip, it never 
BDay again As a fi II c (late her prof 
perity will be for ever dear • as an im- 
perious parent or ilep-d :me, fhe may 
be onieextreamly difagiecabie. Do not 
the e ore t tie wen I er orTe.s, and 
yoj   vv.  hanpine ( V. But ta k n" kind 

retime by the ortirre'ebed hand.pcr- 

piic hei to condudto Libert-- andSrc- 
eels ; Left Ine Withdraw it with indig- 
nation, de ide your after piayers, and 
bafrle all yo^r future hoi e c . 

And may thefupicme dtfpofer of all 
events, incline you to th'nk and act 
for your own good, and the pubiicc 
welfare, is the moll fe.vent vvJTj ol 
yours, Cxc. 

I.F X I NO TO N, A-gufr t6. 

A f-w days a*o C  1. Re-jam ; n L\trtfi 
rece'v.d rt-  exprejs from Co:. James Ro- 
bf Jon, cowman" trig (fficer of the fettle- 
me;ts on Cumber and, A r Carolina) con- 
taining the following inteligence. 

Th' t he was i formed by ex refs from 
the chief of the Clrckajaw nation andalfo 
by jom I Manswiio h d ejeaped from that 
Country} that theCree , Checamaga, and 
Jome niter Tribes of LJians, had in a 
Grand Council held at Mobile declared 
War og\iufl the Jettlements on Cumber- 
land River, and were to invade thai coun- 
try in the courje of the prefent month, w'th 
all the force they could rdife. That in 
cofeqnence of this determination Af Gil- 
very. Juperintendant of the Creek ?iation 9 
had J ent a pirty of Creeks to the Clrcka- 
Jaw nation with orders to kil Air. Turn- 
bull, Capt. Davenport, and every other 
white mm they could fi id in that con try . 
Turnbull' having information by an Indi- 
an of their defign, made his ef cape but 
D ve 'port and four men were killed in 
the CIrckefaw town, and the whole fettle- 
ment at the Cfrckcfaw Biuff were cut off, 
evce t three. TheCh ckajaws, (the* mor- 
tal entries to the Creeks) were unable 
to protect theje people from theW cruelty, 
icing deflitute of ammunition, but ajfuret- 
Cot. R»binfo:i, that as Joon as they re- 
ceive a jupplyfr rnCwnbsrlaid or Kentnc- 
he, they will declare open IVar a^ainfl 
that nation. Qol. R b : nfon wrote in the 
moft j rejji ig man e  for ojfiflance from this 
country ; urging, that unlefs immediately 
reinforced, that whole country was in 
imminent danger of falling a /aerifies to 
the the j'uperior force of the E iemy, an 
attack frcm whom they daily ex t e^led as 
the Laige parties had fteci dif- 
cuvcred within a few miles of N:ifljv ; ilt. 

H r e have rceeived ir:teJge ce, whfth 

there is. every renfon to beltevt il'rthenticlt 

that twodays after the ex t rejslcft that\ 
Country, they er e led t e attack was 
ma-ic, t/hU the Indians had deflroyeX \* 
fan lies in one diy, a d had defe ted a 4 
party of men tint had given them battle, 
of wh ch few ejcaj.ed; that u[w:tr s of 
100 Iid'a is were jfen cutting, 
in one pla .tat '.on. 

Th: executive of this finte, by late in- 
ftruSiohs to the offuers of this di- 
fir tl, have dire. ted, as general notice 
a \ may be, to be given to the Milkii 
under, their command- -That the 'i imi 
given by law for jrovidhg fuch arms 
am nu 'lit ; oti y and accoutrements, as is 
therein direSea\ will expire with the 
prCjCnt year. 

Every non comm : Jfion off leer ar J pri- 
vate, is by law directed to fiurnifb him* 
Jelf with a good clean mvjquet, contain- 
ing an ounce balU three feet eigth inches 
long in the barrel, with ago'd Bayonet 
a id iron ramrod, well fitted thereto, a 
cartridge box, properly m-de, to contain 
and fecure twenty cartridges fitted to his 
mnjquet; a good nafuk, and canteen; 
and to have at erc?y inu/Lr, one pounh 
of good powder, and four pounds of lead, 
Including twenty bliiid cartridges ; a 'i 
each to hnve a pa ; r of moulds fit 
to cajt ba:li, in their rej;eclive compa- 
nies. But the militia of this difiritt, are 
permitted Jn lieu of mujquets, to provide 
good rifles, w 'th proper auoulrem; Js. The 
arms tt be confiantly kept, aid ready 
to fumifb whenever calied f.r; it isjup- 
po/ed the comm J}imed officers are well 
equipped, and already /ur fjj d with 
what arms are neccjjhry for their own 

The Printer of the K itucke gazette 
byjullijUig the foregoing as early as 
poj/tbie vi i I oblige 

yours. LbVI TODD. 



\ JOURNEYMAN Primer, who 
aerjiandtthe jujinejs, inrts-dijfet 



branches: A piytoihe Printer hereof. 

LEX 1 NO TON: Pri. ted and Sold by John and Tie. ding Bradford, at their Printikg-Of fice the corner of Alain and 
Crojs S^reer t wh re Su^cri^ions (at -lSj./tr Atfi • ^ivertiernejits.ijrc . for this pa; er, are thaivfuily received, ana 1 
m us differ, nt Branches donayvith Lare aad £:^«^ I ' J ^/i---AdveftU"cUiCUii  of a moderate ie.^thp arc  hjertcujor 'i/it/w Jujl 
ai.u j. ill time tftrr and longer Q..CS in %ro£orU' r 

The Kentucke gazette, 1787-08-18

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Lexington, Kentucky by John and Fielding Bradford
   Fayette County (The Bluegrass Region)