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date (1864-10-27) newspaper_issue 
Vol. 3. 

Maysville, Ky., October 27, 1864. 

Number 18 




Who, iu* ur pro*porous days, was, he 
That claimed our nation's unity 
Could not ex* half slave, half free! 

Abe Lincoln. 

W ho break* bis faith with frioud and foe? 
"Who gives us war with all iU woe! 
Who yield* the dectrino of Monroef 

Abe Lincoln. 

Who eats tho laws and rights at naught . 

001 uob|j  »lre* so dearly bought, 

Attd .purn. the precepts that they taught? 

Abe Lincoln. 

Who uutobastiles baa access, 

Lays shackles on our speech and press 

Who vainly strives with enviona aim, 
To rob Meridian of his fame, 
And blot that noble patriot's name? 

Abo Lincoln. 

= fi = 5 =\ 

Thk Rkbki. Gbnkbal Ramskuh — The Farmers— This abolition business bas 
Rebel General reported to have tieen mdrfi^VU' rtgaokd vour farms forever, to the rich 
ally wounded and captured by Gen. Sheri- men ot th s country and Europe, for every 
dan, is pronablv Stephen D Ramseur, 01 N. penui the lands are worth, and too will pay 
Caroline, ami was appointed a carlet at .ho )»'«W»er«.t ol thi. v n ^;'^"- ^^'V^" 
Miiitarv West Point, from that form of MEWY AND hVBR-INf!REAS- 
Slato. ' He *raduated it. 1861). and was ap- ' ISO TAXES Thmio add.«u»oto the chan. 
pointed a Brevet Second Lu-ui-p*nt in ih« , c-» »t bvmB.yoiirseivee. orofneTiag your 
Third Artillery. When the war broke out , Mini or relations, draped, by the 

RaUsecr left "the United S'ates service «r„! ' DRAFT, to m»et darg-rsnd ..era-aim death 
accepted the Captainev of Ellis' Pi^iny Ar- 'on the batt'e fl^M! • All. tn s-t loose upon 
tillery, a corps raised in North Carolina.— ( the country • pur^lol Africans, wbo for all 
When the war actively opened in Virginia, they c*o ev*r hope, either here «r hereafter 
his batterv was ordered to the seat of war, . are better off iq the r present homes than 
snd Gen RTrnseur has since been fighting anywhere eW in the woil I or toao they 
in various positions in Lee's army. He was ' would be in Africa itself Lincoln says be 
promoted a Brigadier General in 1863. and 
commanded lor a time a bri-ja lo of North 
Cirojiua troops in Gene/al Eirly's divisiou 
of Longstreet'a corps. When Lon^streot 
was wounded in the batt les of the Wilder- 
ness, and Early assumed the command of 
his corps, General Ra*8KUR was temporarily 

will listen to no proposition of peace that 
does not include se«ut.g these negroes free. 

LABORING MEN: U.ive your wages 
increased in po'rpolton to tbe advance In 
price of groceries, dry goods, and provisions? 
Auswer the question yours* Ives— we reave 
it to you. Capitalist, speculators, and gov- 

ts:  corps, uenerai hamskuk was luiupmai uj p* ~ jrw .»...., -r — —r o 

promoted to the command of Eirly's divi- erinnent plunders are growing ru;her on AO- 

5i._ «i. .»__ t. .u:. .' u.tia«« nlitinn war Am rim? Answer aaain.— 

Who untold millions daily spends, 
I'm tea his foes, divides bislnonds, 
And comfort to Jeff Davis louds! 

Abe Lincoln. 
• o i v I W • . 
Who now pubs forth the traitorous orood 
That till ull Southern blacks aro froed 
Our gallant sons must fight and bleed; 

Abo Lincoln. 

W horn, in November, will we "swap," 
( Though swift the stream the "hoss" we'll drop. ) 

slon. He was acting in this capacity when 
wounded and captured on the 19th instant 
General Ramaeur is still a young man. 


Pbibonkbs from Saltvillb.— Yesterday 
moruitig sixty-nine Yaokoe privates, five 
I surgeons and two officers of tbe Yankee 
General Burbridge's command, captured at 
S.iltville, in tbe attack upon tho ealt works, 
were received from Lynchburg. 

The following are the surgeons and offi- 
cers: Surgeon L. C. Woodman, llth Mich- 
igan; Surgeon Wm. H. Gardner, 39th Ken- 
tucky mounted infantry; Assistant Surgeon 

Ilia bloody course that we may stop? 

Abo Lincoln. 


_ , ,-. ,i»n J 

olition war. Are you? Answer again. — 
Would a CHANGE hurt ydu? In fact don't 
yoar circumstances urge you to'try a ohang? 
We have no doubt you will say yes. Well 
then, make the CHANGE— vou can do it 
«ud we think you WILL DO IT. 

Sad Affair.— A tragedy lately occurred 
in the Exchange Barracks, Louiaville.whioh 
was distressing in the e*treme. A young 
man named James Higby, from Meade Co., 
in this State, was captured, charged with be- 
ing e guerilla, and lodged in the Barracks. 
Receotly several of the prisoners had at- 

A. H. Hunt, 12th Ohio cavslrv; Assistant 

Surgeon J T Harner, 13th Kentucky caval- tempted to escape, aod the guards had re- . 

Capture of a Rbb4l Doq Carrying Dis- 
patches— An Officer who came up from 
City Pdint to-day had wltn him an ugly- 
lookiug specimen of tbe genius canine, 
which be guarded very carefully. The dog, 
it appears, was a great pet with both our 
own aud the rebel pickets in front of Han- 
cook's corps. The dog had been trained to 
carry messages between the pickets. A 
rebel paper would be placed in his mouth 
and he would scamper off to tbe Union 
lines, deliver up the paper, and return with 
a Northern paper. Ho has been intrusted 
with paokages of coffee aod tobacco, and 
always delivered them promptly and safely. 
The rebs, however, tried to make use of 
' bim for transmitting information from one 
portion of their lines to another, and the 
four-legged messenger having been caught 
with one of those messages he was confis- 
cated and brought Nortb.-Washington 

ry; Hospital Steward and Acting Surgeon 
Wm J Cranoge, llth Michigan; Captnin J. 
K. Furrow, 8th Ohio cavalry; First Lieut. 
C. D. King, 25th Kentucky mounted in- 
fantry. Tbe surgeons were left upon tbe 
field after tbe rout of Burbridge to attend to 
tbe Yankee wounded. We hope, if tbe Ealt 
of Saltville has not lost Its savor, a sufficient 
quantity of it impregnated their Yankee 
senses to cure them of the infatuation that 
the subjugation of tbe S  uth is possible. 

Yesterday one hundred and three Yankee 
prisoners were received from Danville. — 
Richmond Examiner, Oct. 15. 

r ■• , . , :; .! m 

The New York Atlas says, that Dan R,loe ( 
is down on Lincoln for stealing all his old 0 r too disreputable for the spirit of 
joke, and palming ibem off » original. J Uoa or - 

The MayHvJlle, Kentucky, Bulletin-" 
Pretty Proscription, if 

This sterling Democratic paper comes to 
us this week upon a dingy little sheet, about 
as large as one's hand. The cause of it is 
thus explained by. the editor: 
[Editor copies the article in onr last issue.] 
This is about as petty tyranny as ever 
oame under our observation. Its meanness 
is so transparent that it is difficult to imagine 
a human being who would stoop to commit 
It. dot there appears to be nothing too low 

spirit of pereeou 

ceived orders to shoot any one who rose after 
havbg lain down for the night. Young 
Ulgby, it appears, either disregarded or did 
not hear the order, and rising in hie bed 
about twelve o'olock on Saturday night, the 
guard shot him, the entire load, a ball and 
two buckshot passing through bis heart.— 
Tbe next day, as the corpse was being takou 
to the grave, a young man entered the pri- 
son, with a letter and a basket of clothes 
for the.young man. Those who read that 
letter could not refrain from shedding tears, 
It was from Higby's mother, She express- 
ed great joy in the hope of meeting her boy. 
She said, she walked, watched and waited- 
in front of the prison, straining her eyes, 
that she might catch a glimpse of that dear 
son. Who can depict that fond raothgr's 
unutterable woe, when she hears the sad 
tiding of her loved one's untimely fate! 

CO-ThelTewYorkfleraW'* Shenandoah 
Valley correspondent puts the Federal loss 
in the late battle of Sheridan at 5,000.— 
We loased in tbe morning 24 guns. It ia , 
claimed that we captured about 50 guaa 



Bead upon doad were fmddled thiok. 

The very air with death was sick; 

Tho wounded waited, with ebbing life 

Thoir turn for the surgeon's tirod knife, 
But oarole*«l y rode Old Abe along, 
A nd oalled in that scene for a uegro song. 

Youth and manhood lay weltering there, 
With the sweat o*" agony matting the hair, 
And tho bravest in battle heard with awe 
The crunching sonnd of the busy saw. 
Butcorolisely rode Old Abe along, 
And callod in that scone for a negro song. 

Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, 
Knit by U va to those preciovs lives, 
How must your -heart* for news atbirat, 
Have throfibed and sunk and bled, or bnrst, 
Whilecaro!e»aly rode Old Abe atom: 
And calleof'mid thoso graves lor a negro song 

fa appeal slou'd be 
contemptuous sneer. Ljok to it. 

..Mde with* 

ion and law* of the State of Tennessee arid 

annalyzing with^reat power tbe infamoot contemptuous sneer. Ljok to it. T f you, 

oath, which he required citizens quahu-d people of the Horthoro Sute*. ahall aur 

' , . , ■ tain this act of tyranny, votir own tinv will 

by law to vote, to take before their votes ■•  000 eome If the p tei \[\ ill{ 51 th • United 

could bereoeived. It may be supposed that 8tat«amay 'manage bis side ol this c .nteat' 

h gentleman oocupyiog the high position of bv setting aside the very letter of Die U u- 

Pr« a ;,i»nr „f iu iTnit- 1 «t»«iaa aimU k.a. stiiutton «i I al'oriug to* elective U*« of 

rrnsiueot ot toe United  -.i would OaVe . ... , .. • . . . .. 

, theSlates so a* to dnlranchrse hh  opponents, 

reived this respectful paper with at least   llberty k a i rMl , ¥   JoH!f Lblltktt. 

decency and dignity. H not with much f*v  r 
Hut do such thing. AUer the reeling of 

Wasuinoton Oct 15 1804 
JoHt« L«Lr.»mrT. Biq.— Dear Sir: In com 

he paper, a brief-colloquy oecurwd between pttenca with tba request in »oor note of this 

day, I have ot.iv to say that I wa*. present 
at the Interview referred to. Your statement 

Abe Lincoln's Way of Managing ^he 
Presidential Contest. 

It is known to our readers that Anduew 
Johnson, candidate for Vice Presidency on 
the Abolition ticket, and Military Governor 
ol Tennessee, has; with the unpatriotic and 
selfish purposo ot carrying the electoral vote 
of that Stale for Lincoln and himself, and at 
the suggestion of a partisan political meet- 
ing, issued an infamous and audacious pro- 
clamation to, the people of Tennessee, pres- 
cribing a BOt of 'rules palpably in contraven- 
tion of the constitution of the United States, 
and of the constitution and laws of tho State 
ol Tennessee, by which the election Is to be 
conducted, and under which no loyal citi- 
zen of the State, who Is not a mean slave 
of the usurped power of tbe President, can 
exercise tbe right of suffrage at the polls — 
We till not repeat the term* of this pro- 
lamatlon, but contont ourselves with saying, 
that tbe purpose and effect of it, were to pre 
vent an; friend of Qsn. MeClellan from 

,he President ami. Mr. Lellyelt, and we per 
mit the latter to describe it, as lie has d.tne 
m the following latter, to Uio National 1b  

Wasuinbt  N,%rinbfr 15, l8o"4. 
To the Editors of the Ntt'o'tal Intelhgt'ictr; 

I called upon the Preajdent trr-dav a id 
presented anil read to him tbe above Pro- 
est. Having concluded, 

Mr. Lincoln responded: "Mav I inquire 
mow long it took you and the N-iw Y ,rk 
politicians to concoct that paper?" 

L replied: "It was concocted in Nashville, 
without communication wtih imv hj' T -n- 
nssseans. We communicated wiih ottnsSi 
ol Tennessee outside of Ni«bvilU, but nut 
with New York politicians." 

"I will answer," said Mr Lincoln; era ■ 
phatically, "that I expect to !et the friends of 
George B MeClellan manage their side of this 
contest in tlneii o on way, and 1 will manage 
my side of it in my way ." 

oi what look plare in substantially correct; 
end on alt material points 1 believe it li'er- 
.«•■'»• so. Yours, truly, Cms. Mas  s. 

It will be seen by Mr. Lellyett's account 
oi the interview, that the Preawier* adds to 
the injury ot au attempted outrage upon the 
r'guls oi a m j »nU ol toe 1 ■» -.» 1 cit.eeas of 
Tennessee, tbe insult of construing their 
prot-st iuto a concoction ot "the New York 
politicians"'. And when promptly inlormed 
that none but loval I'enoeaHeaus bad any 
thing tod.) with it, still p tested in seeing 
nothii ig in tbe payer that could not be an- 
swered by a rontemptuoua sueer. Justly 
does the Intelligencer 

If, however, tln  President propose* to 
undortakt) tbe uvt'iig- u - a oi tnis cjovajs 
"in his own way," and ii the proceeding of 
"May we" ask'anTnswer in writing?" f! Mr . -Andrew Johnsuu, tin military *ub- 


''Not now Lay those papers down here 
I will give no Other answer now. I may or 
may not write something about this. here- 
after. I understand this. 1 know you in- 
tend to make a point of this. But go ahead 
You have my answer." 

"Your answer then is that you expect to 
let Gen. McClellar.'a friends manage their 
side of this coclest in their own way, and 
you will manage your side of it in your 


I then thanked the President for his 

voting, and thus by the basest means; to courtesy in giving us a hoaring at^ll, and 

give the electoral votes of that State to I t00 T k , a,y l. eavo ' 

»' i Judge Mason of this city was present at 

Abraham Lincoln and Andrew JohnsOD 

No other man in America, occupying the 
same high position, as a candidate for the 
suffrage* of his fellow citizens, we venture 
to say, oould be found low and mean 
enough, to have resorted to such base in- 

. strumentalities, to effect his own success,— 

•• .i liii'rj •" -• ■'' • 
But the President must share the infamy 

with bis unscrupulous associate upon the 

presidential ticket. 

A few days ago, Mr. John Lblxyett, of 

Nashville, a gentleman of high standing ond 

respectability, and of unquestioned loyalty, 

at tbe request of his associates upon the 

MeClellan electoral ticket, composed of the 

most talented and distinguished names in 

Tennessee, presented to the President a 

respectful, dignified and able protest against 

the action ol Mr. JobnBon. Tbe protestset 

forth in. a tone ot great moderation, the obi 

jectionable features of his proclamation, 

•bowing bow it did violence to the oonstl- 

tution of the United States and the coestitu- 

J the interview, to whom I refer in regard to 
the correctness of this report On stepping 
outside the door of the Exeoutive Mansion I 
immediately wrote down the President's 
emphatic response and submitted it to Judge 
Mason and another gentleman who happen- 
ed to be present, and they both pronounced 
it accurate. 

And now I have a word to say to the peo- 
ple of tho United States, who are or ought | r PHE PAETNE 

ordinate and political associate on the He- 
publican ticket, is one ot his "wiya," the 
people of the United 6  te- o innot ku ow it 
a moment too soon, th t they raav Uk» 
counsel for the preservation of their liber- 
ties, attacked in the very sanctuary of (ha 
nation, when the elective lrancbi«B ot free 
and loyal citizens is pin under (he dictation 
of a President who- is a candidate for the 
popular suffrages. 

1 ■ • • 

OCrTbe proper authorities io Lowoll, 
Massachusetts, have under investigation the 
case of a man who cut his horse's tongue 
out, whose punishment, if found guilty, no 
one could consider too severe under the pro- 
visions of law. i.ffi 

(ftr-A negro belonging to Williamstown, 
Mass., is under arrest for desertion, but that 
is not the only offense. Being a widower, 
he married a white gifl only sixteen years 
old, lived with her four days, and then ran 
away with another man's wife. 


to be the masters of Abraham Liucoln.— I A tween LLOYD & KICHAKDSON, is this 
The paper which I had the honor to present Jg^^ J y gS? ^ ^ ^ ™ 
to the President is not tbe "concoction of 1 

New York politicians/' however that might 
affect its merits. It is the solemn voice of 
a once free and proud people, protesting 
against their own disfranchisement by tbe 
agent of Abraham Lincoln. It is tbe voice 
of those loyal men in Tennessee who have 
borne tbe reproach of a people they still 
loved, supporting the President in all .law- 
ful efforts to preserve the Union. The re- 
ward of our loyalty Is disfranchisement.— 
The cup of perjury Is commended to our 
lips/ beoause- it is known that we will not 
touch itH contents. Jnd^e ye between the 
people ol Tennessee and Abraham Lincoln. 
It may be meet that oar solemn and respeoU 

The business will he 
continued as heretofore, in all its branches by \V . 
H Richakdson, who will at all times keep the 
most complete stock of LIQUORS and FANCY 
GROCERIES, which will be furnished Merchants 
at lowest possible prwes. All persons indebted, 
to the old firm will please call ahdseltlo at once. 
AH ha^ng claims^wil^ptoase present them for 

eSpe H. U C. y LliOYD, 

Maysvillo, Ky., Oc t. 2Q, 1 864. 

TTAVING sold my ImeTiat In the Grocery and 
their patronage to . the new house, that they so 

«D b 8 , cT ed ™ , '' , ' a 'f. 0 c'!ig?B* 

KapriUn, K ? ., Oou ao, it. lottff] 

-I A 

BOSS & ^fcO 

Editors and Proprietors. 

91 A YSVIdLR* 

OCT. tT 

should Vote for McClellan 

The Democrats ol Kentucky from the ! cracy_ of Ken 
begining, have been opposed to the War - th,i r power lo 

Tt»  I,.. ,.,4 Ik.l Ik. IT _ . ~ .. ' l j ' 


The Board'df Trade at Msvsville, is be- 
to consist of Davy Clarice .lone, and 





-K '4KoFOHIO. 

They n*ver believed that the Union 1 could 
The BoirdolTraaeaud Gov. Braml»tte 'be restored by coercion or subjugation, and 

■thousands of men thoughout the -loyal 
States, who for sometime thought dffereot- 
not of »Dy greater number of persons. The I ly, now agree with them . and are uniting in 
gentlemen who were origiihlly appointed to 'a hearty effort to try the instrumentalities 
the disreputable service of setting as spies jf peaceful negotiations. If MeOlellan is 
upon the loyally of their neighbors, and - elected President, all the arts of atiteaman- 
grajUing tbem permits to trade, or not, as ship will be resorted t6 and esbimsted, in 
the B6ard chose, became alarmed at the the effort to secure a settlement of our 
retribution they were invoking, and very troubles without furher bloolsheJ; an! 
speedily .vacated their places. No one in w ben in the binary of the world nave stows 
thia. community has vel had the courage to . agencies, when sincerely and wisely adoitf- 
avow bimself the successor oa either one of ever failed to secure peace. Tf we want 
the gentlemen who thus backed out from a peaco, then wo must elect McClellan, (or no 

were a cowardly set, willing to remain at not/other and weigttic. oasons \.hy every 
home to persecute their neighbors, but not democrat should voto, is enough that 
Willing to do as he had done, take up arms their going tp the polls will demonstrate the 
and fight the foe;' at d that when ever a great strength of the rial frjends of the 
rumor reached the place that the rebels ; country, «nd the utter insignificance of the 
were anywhere within fifty miles of them, ' faction, who sustained by the corrupt power 
they were the first to take UHh»ir ,b«*1saml of the adj^mtratioo, are doioCMllffhlT 
CrOBtfih* 6KT0 ltiver, insfeaff of remaining ' harm with~w1iich. Kentucky is now afflicted, 
to defend their nomes. 

|y*J| — ,i f 1 1 inl — 

Why every Democrat In 

Let us show our strength' and their weak- 
ness. The Mends of McClellan, if they 
will, can give a gjW fo in.every county in 
the Stato This glorious result the demo- 
ntucky have it perfectly in 
accomplish. Th^n let every 
man put his hand to tho work, and L ncolo- 
ism will have au abiding place in our be- 
loved Siato no more forever. 

disgraceful position, and Davy Clarke, who 

man is idiot enough to believe that Mr. 

and wo are (no thanks lo him), again per- 
mitted through the kindness of a noble 

styles himself Secretary, has the glory all to i Lincoln will ever conquer a peace by con- 
himsetf, of doing the dirty, disreputable tiuuing the war. 

work. In the arrogance of his usurped . But, if the Democrats refuse to vote for 
power, he has not yet interfered with the McClellan, remain psssfve.and take no part 
righr of a merchant to give •tortf his stock, in tho coming election, wilt limy not make 
though be forbids tbem to sell, or 00 to buy; themselves responsible for all the acts ol 

Mr. Lincoln? Will not bis re-election be an 
unaqoi vocal endorsement of all his ueurpa- 
hearted friend, who gave us the paper, to 1 tions of power, his violations of the cr Dsti'- 
isiue another number of the Bulletin. The tution and laws, and outrages upon the 
time is speedily hastening when such min- | rights, tbe liberties, the lives and the pro- 
ions of corrupt power will not be able to in pe rt F °f 'be people? Most assuredly, If he 
terfere with our business— when the pre- t re-elected, he will consider himself a* 
jndlces and malignancy of such namw* ] being Indemnified by the people, against re 
m inded b^otsUnd paid pimps of a corrupt eppnsibility for all bis wanton acts of tyran- 
ad ministration; will be powerless to harm — By, bis usurpations of power, and disregard 
W hen McClellan takeshis seat in the White ' of the rights and liberty of the citizen^ and 
House at Washington, *he surely will do' 1 will feel licensed to test still further tbe for 
in March next, it will be the signal for such | beirauce of a people outraged almost beyond 
creatures to make faster time, than they • endurance. If by the indifference of the 
have eter yet done in running from tbe : democrats— by their neglec't to vote— ha 
rebels. "bould beat Qeo. McClellan, the respou- 

Gov. Bramlette well described this class lability will be upon them, not only for tbe 
of men in hit noble speech at the Court indemnity given for the put, but for tbe 

crimaa agaiDrtJ.befty whiob he may com 


OO-The MavaviWe (Kv.) Bulletin comes 
to us this week In a very condensed form, 
and pruned On brown wrapping paper, fur-' 
ni.-hed by a friend. It presents the appear- 
ance ot a paper printed in Dixie and not-the 
frtt land in whrch we in Kentucky inhabit. 
It is well known Geo. JJurb 1 lg« has issued 
stringent orders re ulating trade, and the 
petty Board who has the authority at that' 
city to grant permits has seen fit to refuse 
one to the proprietors of the Bulletin to en- 
able them to secure white p»per trom Cin- 
cinnati for their purpose — thus to ail intents 
nnd purposes suppressing It. Tue Bulletin 
was one el tbe spiciest papers that came to 
our offi' e, and earnest in tbe support ol Mc- 
Qiftla" and Pendleton, Which we suppose 
is the urave offense tbey have comromed to 
debar them trom tbe rights which every 
eit'z»n is entitled. A more contemptible 
trick, practiced by a set of men possessed of 
a "litile brief authority," w« have never 
known recorded, even in tbn wonderful age, 
Owensboro Monitor 

House on Sato/day bight last. He said they 

were tbe corrupt minions of despotism, who, 

fortbe sake of the greenbacks they received, you would avoid such responsibility, we 

engaged in the dishonorable service or 
setting in secret upon the loyalty of better 
men than themselves; that though many of 
their ueighbore bad paid the government 
tax for a license to trade, and therpby had a 
rigb,t.. nnder the law of Congress, and a 
solemn contract with the govern mint, to do 
so, these men in defisnce of law and at the 
bidding of thelt masters, undertake   

mlt in tbe future, In God'e oameHheu, if 

ooujure you to go to the polls,— go, if there 
be a legion of devils to resist you— sod tote 
against Lincoln apd fox McCfellao. 

The. men in Kentucky who are subservient 
enough to tbe wicked men In power, to sus- 
tain by their votes the abolition candidates 
for the Presidency,, are but a miserable 
handful; and bat far the countenance they 
the adminretraiion, woaltTbe 

Massachusetts Infamy. 

This hot bed or aMlitionlsm, has filled 
her quota in tbe army, by sending agents to 
Germany, and beguilipjj large numbers of 
men from there, under pretence thi.t they 
ar« to be employed in labor,, but who upon 
their arrival in Massachusetts are hurried 
into the army to frght. The New York Ex~ 
press learns from antbeorro sources, that 
■bont two hundred and fifty of these de- 
ceived Germans, recently at Harpor's Forry 
refused to fight under Massachusetts, pro- 
testing that they had been engaged to wort 
not to fight. They were wilffng to go Into 
New York regiments, but would not serve 
in those of Massachusetts. They, were sent 
last week as prisoners of war to a Port at 
Winchester, ihere to be shot down probably 
as mutineers by our forces, or as enemies by ' 
the rebels.. 

What could ba more infamous than this 
fraudulent mode adopted by Massachusetts 
of screening h'er own pesllferous abolition 
population, from service in the war she has 
provoked; and what could be more cruel to 
the poor Germans than the deceit' by which 
Aiey bare beet, MtftlM'ftba fatherland. 


icrs killed m I pia'r.igsbnr«c  
O f i .jesday night last a K pi of iwenly- 
— Beveii robbers entered the town of Fleming 
burg, and after having robbed the Jewelry 
Store of Mr. Fisher of considerable amount 

(£7 We would respectfully Inform our 
friends that we will continue, to do JOB 

WORK at this office as heretofore. Per- M valuable property, undertook to depro 
sors wishing worl of this description done 
with neatness. and dispatch will do well to 
give us a call. Orders Irom a distance will 
receive prompt attentioq. 


they were engaged in forcing the store of 
Mr. Howe some niue or ten of the citizens, 
who had armed themselves, made a fierce 
attack upon the robbers, killing two, wound' 
r ' I ing three or four and dispersing the others 

The McClellan Barbecue at Mayslick, Editor ten of their horses were eap'ured 

We learn that on the same night other 
parffes of thieves made their appearance 
astic f'iends of Gen. McClellan, ladies and fnear Murphvsville^nd Minerva, in this 

^Tl.uush the day was raw and uncomfort- 
ably cold a very large number of enthusi- 

gontlemen, wr re 1r» attendance at the R»r- 
becue at Mavsltck on Satnrdty last. The 
speeches of Gov. Rramlette and others, 
were «*ell reeaived, ard no unpleasant oc- 
curence marred the enjoyments of the day. 
The whole proceedings are indicative of a 
united and overwhelming vote n 2 ainst the i 
abolition administration, and in favor of! 
McClellan and Pendleton. Mason and the 
surrounding counties will do- their duty on 
the second Tuesday in November. 


County, and stole serrral horses. 

Thev ought every where to meo* just 
•such a reception as they bad at Flemings 
burg. They are usually a cowardly set, and 
a few well armed brave men, can scatter a 
legion of them. 

uiitannla aufl yTapauned Ware! 


TRAYS AND WA1TERH, very cli 

deed 17 

R. ALBERT'S 2d streei. 

date upon the stock of Mr. Howe. While TO ALL WHOM If MAY CONCERN: 








Ohio Drafters.— The chief of dective 
force, Captnin Goo. Green, has received a 
list of the names of persons who were draft- 
ed in the Cincinnati district, and who have 
turned up missing. The list comprises over 
one thousand names their descriptions, 
localities, business 'Most, ot them were 
gome time ago for the last dollar and the 
last man, and thev will be the last meu to 
do the fighting.-£o t mi/,7/e Democrat. 

The Late Victory pf Sheridan. 

On Satnrday last the telegraph informed 
us, that "Wall Street does not give full I 
credence to the news from General 
• -Sheridan. Speculators consider it a drawn 
battle and act accordingly." Gold wont up 
that day three percent, showing unmintake 
gbly that the sagacious moneyed men of 
New York, had but Utile faith "in the Wsr 
Bulletins announcing the " Qftotttt Victory 
of the War." , 

Gen. Burbridge of this State, gave recent- 
ly a notable example of the esse with which 
a victory can be worked out of a disastrous 


Wo would say to you that GEORGE BAR- 
CROFT'S, en Market street, just above the 
Goddard House, Is Die place tohavo your wants 
relieved. George has the beat OYSTERS, 
GAME,  fcc, to hef'und anywhere. Ho serve* 
up Meals, in the best style, at all hours. GIVE 
rflM A C ALL 

(£7"Bishop Ames,- of Ohio said to a pre- 
siding Elder who reported that one of the 
preachers of his oirrrjit spoke in the pulpit 
often on politics— "In the name of the Lord 
what business has a preacher with politics? 
Let him preach nothing but Christ, and Him 
crucified; pray for the Government and 
country, and go along and mind bis own 
business." Good advice, that. Let every 
preacher beei it. 



Fall Clnthing! 



French China. Glass and Queenaware! 

A fine new stock at and below Cincin nati pricet, 
dec!7 Model China i  tore, 2d Stree. 




Mrs. E. J. WROTEN 

RESPECTFULLY informs ber friends and 
the public that site Las returned from tha 
East with tho newest 

Styles and Fashions 


She has d larecand varied aa-on'mem of HATS, 
including the Oriole, Imfkiual. and otaor 
recherche styles-, BONNE IS, FLOWERS, RIB- 
Maysville, Ky.,8ept. 15th, 1801 -2rao. 

defeat, a,»d. £ri«u Sbjfcjdan is bat much h*- 1 CHEAPER ihac anybody here or in Cincinnati, 
hind him Id the facility with which he can I no matter how cheap they may PRETEND to 

gall the eredulous in the Hams way. 

We believe that during the Crimean War, 
the Eurnpesrj^f JloOjS deemed It the wisest 
-pctftcy; it tfieir3h»yftich*8 lor the public, to 
^'the;eWl trutuW'regard to all mili- 
 tfa results:: .Wb'tft'«»*'our own govern- 

^t-h^tb-«^ ur ¥ .-to(.iio« n FI1STE HAT!! 

just ad example:) 7y  rAT , AT TUV 

CHEAP L AM* m^aqoco 


AT FROMj^50 «T^ f TO , $6: CHIM 
^X4?WAJi)ii| WiCKS, eto., at 

1 'RV ALBERT'S 2d »treet. 


Shrubbery, &c, &c 


MR. R, DAWSON Trustee for G. G. Ccrtibs 
tt Co. Kentucky Nursery, near the C:ty of 
Muvsville, -has ready for Tall delivery, in the 
finest condition iind of vigorous growth , a very 
large and select stock of Frnlt Trees, say at least 

100,000 stocks of Apples, Peaches, 
Penis, Cherries, P'ums,GrnppR, Ac., Ac 

Together with the smaller fruHs,a8 
Currants, Gooseberries, Raspberries, 
Bl»ckberrte , Ac, 

the ll«t cmbraeirrg (50 cholCS varieties of Apples, 
wl ioh bo will sell at 10 cents each, and 30 

ly 1«'W rates. , , \ 

Do you wish to bavb mo.\ey in buying your 



I believe yon dol 1 havastil) a large slock of the 

II EST GO0D8 ever imported to MaysvHle, 
II . nsht at low (iold Pncea) and will 

sell thcra for CASH, Wholesale and Retail. 

bell; loan AFFORD TO, AND WILL DO IT! 
lyCall and fee for yourself. v 


North side 2d Street, one door below O. Aktiicr's I 
[oct 97, 1804} Confcctionhry. J 



y KtaV rwyTv v pMS& n * d ° E «r N A 

SriiucK, Sopioa and Aistoian Pws»,«ti equally 

fa vorab le rates. 

Planters will nover have a bettor aoloctiou 
ont of whlob to choose and can never procure 

stocks cm equally favorable ternn. Ok 
at McCARULa'.» Tan. Yard Bund will 
prompt attention. • [Oct. 6, 18 

PIANOS! PlAtfoilT 
Of the best manufactories, at from   

Ordcra left 
1884 2m ' 


etc., at LOWEST CINCINNATI PRICES $50 less than Cincinnati Cash prices. 
decl7 R. ALBERT, 2d efreet. j decl7 R. ALBERT, Second street, 

Maysville weekly bulletin (Maysville, Ky.), 1864-10-27

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Maysville, Kentucky by Ross & Rosser
   Mason County (The Bluegrass Region)