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date (1853-10-04) newspaper_issue VliK Ki'MTi K\ »N, 

i:. jj. % V I, o i 


0 K F I C E , 

()ii Ifiitn Strcf*tt the 

i*h i'nix liotoi. 
rj“All C'»mmtiiii *«t!(»n9 to Si* 
mmui. to the KdiTor. I 

' 'S' 







FKIDA Y R\'HMXr.,;;::vSKI‘ i 

;J0. ^iiate coiirurivnce of circumsi;’.*^ 

I uablc^l lliC ngents of tlio c 
purcimse liitii. L-»ril KtvcisU.rt* 

that ’***• alike li.«| i»Ily Hovi-s.’.l 
‘ vJi 

MiXI.\GT0A', RY., TUESDAY', OCTdlUil! 


TiiK ki:nti rivV stati;sman. 

si;ni-\\ B'.iviii.v, 

i’l 111 udviiiR, ; iT.ill a; ?!»■ , i.d uf kij tlK.iilfc. 

i'J pavabli- ill advance; $*- Tttt in  » months; $3 
if p:ud a: tl.  nui . f the year. 


' For I ti lines o»- lesn. 3 tin«es weekly or 4 tioies 
semi Weekly. $1.50; 3 moiilbs wi.ekly . $4 , 

, Wf*i*kly. .$0; six month* we»klv. 50, «elni 

j w vkly flO; 12 nioH. weekly . $l."i ; R. »• $20. 

The Buiiuion Fair. — T he exir.iordi 
nary impro\ emeiUs in the mecicmic nils 
imJiiitlic aiiplicdlion of ™A’l‘i»ery to ' il.^t lio .5iouM bo  » 

1’ IH tiim* that wi*.c | TrOTTrNcJ Kacks.— T 
n inove ilie tniinniels lliat ! . ,, 

has thrown in ihe wav ••f i he tnilnral i 1 1 oat:* 

irreM of husiuess ami internalional innie — (o f»mic ofl over Uiu Ah.m ciiUion *»arsc, 
, ' Kree tra le i* a naluial ami it Ix-comr* , . *w- 

. breeder. Would only j»m with rh.. e who interp»» e ohsmcles in ihe way. i*» i ^ luiisday next. '1 lie first i^Mutch 

• r.a.nn* for Ihenct. The I.-o-I.-m rof^ for IJO Ji-iide; and llie .-^’nd a 

pleiiJ Trot-' From Ihe New V ork HenM I never before met Mr. Ueacdi — aden'ssod | 

best ilS are " '1 ^ R.\NI)*.S UKSU5NA I’loN AS hjin a.s Mr. Jieac/i. prom unciniftli^ name 

ui M ifE^T «ic xnc-jir^ V e i» av» Till.' jM'V  3 Tai t . . » » ... 

co.MMissioNr.irs s.iu-:; 

I ilerree of llte 

last twenty or thirty year , is fre.|uenily } 
the theme of remark; bat in no depart- 1 jj,. 
mentof human inda-«’.ry have there beein^.g.^y 
tlian in ll 


tim-. have HolJ him to anv otlu r '■'b-f*''''' Hif.v. It.funft. in ir. .mmioi,i 

* ino'llv concerned in nmloini' the imsrhtefl 

!er for ten linu- his value; 

he did not wi'li to aid iiiV 

\ rare evening’s spurt may be autipated. 
Sec tnent. 


commanded the adrairaiiot: of lovers 
of the beautiful iu art. t ee tlveriise- 

the varioti. of mankiml. tin- j VrericT: ami lie Ztild not. a7 tuf-' " ^ iLri-.IMo,’ inr.uT'" with three entries, SlOO^Uanee 


.... .• . 1 


,t£in;; that h;ive Uel, i.i,,.,.ed by .elli.lmess ..,J big- , 

morettsefttl improye.ynts than m the ^ „p ,iv..l bre.itT,- ; ^ - - I superior wo'rk. of art will be o'ixhibi- 

great pursuit of agriculture. 1 he appli- . ^ fo,. ■ W mooEKV i.n Oino.-Isaae J. .Vilen, Melodeoi, lor a fe«l«vs.~ 

cationofthepniiciplesanddisooveri. sof,|.i,,„,,.^,l„ America, but he dlim-.  »ish thd whig candidate for Lieut. Governor piiey have attracted very .rreatltfcution 
science to the various branches of ng. i- ,„sUio^he held -I Olno, in answer to certain u.ey have been s° en . ,d have 

culture. IS doing mueh, very much, for |„ |,i^ „„„ .-ounf-y. To riopniinded by the notorious .1.11. Gid-; , , , 

the improvemeni of s octiuy, and cou - e- extern is the -.jiiiit of ri \ ,il i ^ ed ‘•i"!;''’ puhli.shed a letter in which his 
qtieiitly for the happiness of mankind. — ' ,,,11011 • E loli-h breeders. The t ul of 'lews of shivery are ^iveii ns follows: 

Thclawsof the animal economy, e-'iihi;', ,p,n,^g.,,,p,..„ , I,. ir, ,j(Vr  « ii', i;gji ■■ 

li hevi fay miliire. ai.d C.d. l ..ux. u. I .i „ . m m eclehr.ftetTTierds in Tiig- 

diuiion, growth and improvement of an- j| ,„,p Di,,,,,.,,,.! „„s the most perfect niii 
iinals reared upon the farm, are now bet- ■ „f pj., pj„,i ip^^. 

ter iimler.stood, and are more generally y.p,,,.^ i,|., p,|„ ,| 

applied, than lit any former perio.l; mid though older, likewise owned by Lord 
the good results of this increased iutelli- ^ |.\.versh:im. We inentiua these things 
gence are almost everywhere visible. 'j,, j„stie, to our own cattle growers, who.Cov, 

These remarks may be truthfully njiidi- i il i„ contidently hclieied, sur- 

ied to this region of Kentucky, mid to in. |,,.,.s,d by the English. It is a source of iVbi'e i 

section of this im mediate region with ■ ,i„. j,, p'.,t n„.i „ „,i,jeci yi-i.,,,- ,,f the ibmsi,t,ni..M ..a wbieb tbe b, 

_ , ■ • I . .! .1 . ,1 .1 ® ® '* ilu*re un*. m-vorlhrlcH-, varimw provis 

more justice anti ti ulli than lo llit* county - npim « liich tiur cattlf-growt rs may feiic- and rt iuirvim nta uf ilu* law ii-df iu wliicb 
of Bourbon. o\ more energetic and en , n,,^. .p,.„, selves, tliat such an 'iii.iiiial - ‘ "•reiiiy views 

lyfltf Circuit 
Jmiu Term 
y‘'* Admin!*- 
.lohn DniiK-y*- Cniliiorf. Ac. 1 wilj 
fll at I’liblic Auclivw, nn ll»c prt ini'eM, 

ffVtF.- . 

'■'J. Wcif n.y vuu.- tu b. beard, it  lmuM fa-1 “T, 

k-.M like ul.uli-liini lit uf -lawrv, un*l tif ilic trade . 

If .Livi- in Ilu- ni^lrict uf Culumbia. I . '“j ‘;t^’:‘'n' b'P »ubin-l..n. arrm-d 

••:i in my i.poiion. Ilie naliire ..f slavery— it ; o'Jo'k ibis aiurnoon tsb- bungs -JL' pi 
H-inj» in tlero^jipun «»f natural nirbl-* — demand 
1 ‘irict ron-itructiim uf tlu' ci nBiitntional 
k-i-ioti-v ctincernini' it. .\nil that, ina-n 

be ih.-titntion deiv^'iuh fur if- »'xi*kteuce .... ...s , . ..... . 

iniiiiicipal laws ..| ibe -lave Slates, ll.e C.eiieral "f Ibe Tiirk.-li aioil.lica 

iMil— bavilii; im a;^‘tu-y in it-* creation— 
lx* divurn d fi.tni il- Mipjvort. 

; to file Fnifiiive S lav.- Law of 1K. 0; 
cutdd If iinwilliiiL' to «)i-turl)lbe pro- 


The WaBliiii^luii brings birerpnul dales of 

the I3lh. 

London Timo-t announces tlutikeKm* 

lions, and jo coiisid-Tctl inevitabit. 

The lo-l jewels uf the Huiii'nrian CRiwii have 

live in any section of tin* I'niuii. T . 
have conclusiveeviJeiiccof ihi , itisunlv 

Previou-k ncconntu siatin;' that tbeFii-„d^h 
nt:d French cuii-aiiN had left .la- Hay, \v«rc rwi 
tiui;a)jn*at ]Kinic. ▼ 

(•en Pnrdiir.t wa.s advancing:' will a fresh 
cu't -« uf Kkjvsian troops npon^l lidavir 

The Czar in proceed at once l«» IN ar-aw. 
to meet tl e Kmperor of gVnstria ul .Alrietz on 
f’ I'iie' Nal'iaTi'.' f"r,im is" , l''v ’J.ld .if Si pleiiilier. 

CtMoiiiif. ill anv manner, or under any circmii* ' ^ "** ^roop-* of Orren I a-*chi. on lie Inwer 

 ta-i. ew. ch.irc'k! le will, fhe co^m acern- ' Misi.t m, h-hl.r.- ihe Kn-Mais.aml .t 

■ in Ihe pro« -cmion. onderlhls Uw. of a pri- ,  »* /‘'^l '»»at the I .i^dia w.ll not le a» le to 
viuecliu.n for ll.e i.-covery of what i-w $aU to hr their fanana-i.i, to v Ifect fnrtlrr i.ejfo- 

imlividoul “properly;” ami ! woiihl iluu in.-sisf, ^ 
not -•» much becai:-e of ilu* drafu upon • , ^ 

our common trei.Mirv under ll.i«5 proviM.... of choh ra wa  proore^s.i.g 

.a. btcau-.ebf iheimplie.l reco|,|^«5\V/ n- , • . , ,, • • , i. . o 

of the na-mnalitv ..f slavery. ^ ^ *’1’ ^ " '.'P 

I even wire...’..islv w.mi 1,| I maintain trum for A..-.!ra!ia. dsnin.ted 

I -(lonld ever ncinire I tow. d her inio thi  port. She ha«j been iii 

occasion's the concourse l-s UNUally the , vate citizen of a free State to lav a :d« . un  le I he \\ a'*huiut.»n I mun will publifdt In mur 
l.irgest; mid a sphni.lid exhibiunii of I I''", l "t"nls f'-r ' by I'urpc'.- ; 

, ,, . , , , : ..f sidii.s ill tin- M-C.n.-I. ,.fll.- ■■riigilivi.’l.i..i  1 . ‘ "e .nimr in r.n,rl»ii.l is «g;r 

these noble millll lls Wv had truly. I , nv ..f mn.ib. r i:..ns; qm.inlv, I culimit bivnr 1 '■“"'‘ ‘I'"'"™ brns.l-mlTs an- 

w birli i.ivsm.N ftalinvs I ''''‘.•iv is uii ihcrvusid jirv-ssiiru 
I ■ ' t . 1 . • . ' murkel. — 

‘'''^I'Vb.kCE^ FUOm\-'k !"'■ "f‘l'-.i{raphy ‘would nainraiy indi- ^ ll 

,, , 1 i_ • ti I I . .. , calc. Ke aek, sir— He Hck, if vou tlcnse, I ibervi.f. u. the suit uf .lohn l o 

(; d. H ind, bc'inif Ciil e home loaltcnd -i »• i  . i • : i- * ir.iior r- 

. , , ■ . I- w . . 1 Hid Mr. ICertch who is punctilious upon , ' 

o ii-s ( ' ***’’ ** " ^ Imving bis name pronounced in Ivo syl- 

tendered h.s r,-signialion as ( tm.miss.on- : ® jj- On HWrcm/ov. fAc o/A of OctoUr, 1053, 

Us“’beeu an- llidumriabore^ine'm i ,7“' 7* ‘ ^HE BRIGK HOUSE AND LOT, 

b is been hc-e working ni dit an 1 dav *’'*k ") the course of (he ^ On the corner of .Main and Mniii cross stri-^ls, 

’ r"i 1 1 ■ ■ ^1 ufoxrrf, he t'xik occasion lo hand a plate in the imvii nf A'in i-, Knvillv cniinv. luicly 

further the interests o the i-xhibiiioii and , I 

the blate he r. prvsen s. ,\ii iiitere.s-.iiig ^ possesses, -.Vlr. Be- *'!'* bmlding n.-aily mw, and sdnnniWy 

eorrespoudence has tsk,.„p m-e upon this „*^pc-ack? As Mr. ^ .‘^Cc abu't'rm^^ 

occasion between Col. Hand and the di- ■ * ,, ,, . the one ainoe niLUUoimo, on wmen .m it is a 

‘ , ,, Jeames would say. Hlmns'sy Mr. Ity-ack s subU*. Abo, 

i« .. ,u. 'rv.™- | .mu noesn .i.xi. i.oT, 

Stoner cxpres.^ecl his high appreciation ol Jribune walked out of tlic parly ranks a and running back aWut feet to Hntbort 
tin* great Kxhibilion and its .lirectors.— ^ h. w days* and on Tuesday the New «ireet. On ibis. I »t their ii an It-elluioe, Slor 

i' ruin hii letter we iu:.kc the follow ing York Vourier repudiated all allekdance ble. and all lu-ci-tst-ary o'Ubuildin:,' AUo, 

^••'••*****; f ^ -ip.' - . 5 it acl^uw ledK*--* HOUSE AND LOT, 

I • 111 justice to you I niust express my p.irlv alh-glanw, is in  v  r-Try^o~lMiiy ^Occnpi.-d *■' 
eai iiest eiinvietius, from observalioii, that .spirit, acts for no party purpose. i [r.' 

nothing has been imiltled in llle dis- , _ ==_,===*=== ' There is a p, oil he ll..n-e on ibe lot. 

icharge of the honoralile duties devolving ai a called im-etiiu; of the Union I’, S.K.ioty, | AUo. a MCCUO lilUL, about 7 year.^ 
upon voii, the anluoiH nature of which Morrisnu Oullege, of 'Frannylvania Uni»ei. ity; ' of copp  r c**mplcxion. 

has presented conllietin'  dilfieuUies, all b.lluwing re-kolniion* wiih rcffard to the I Tin- Ut-al E^iaU- wilMiT v.M on a cri.lliofti 

^ 1-1 1 . I :ir ?!.. : tb ath of Jo-»eph S. Ware, wa.* adopt'd: ' ami td month-*, in   nivnauit'*, Viiik inter- 

of which you have skilfully overcome It • • * , esi ibereoi. fr.nn ibe dav ..f-.le until; ll.e 

regulating tlie varied inlcreHls contided ''HKnx^il ha* pleaded Almighty G.kI l** -»nm- .^Mreh t^vr giving bond'witli approv.-d ^t•curilT 
to 5 our care during the progress and per- ■'--T''; '' » , In eael. cs-e, In.ving the fnrv'e and . ffeet ,.f i 

feeling of this great. Industrial Exhibi-, wb..-T- Service 'LT. 'S’.T .n. in, e’’4^' l-'r''’'""''''; 

tioii. It is not iiivself alone ntid the ciii - redniinJed in his credit ami tin* prhl«nfilie ,1 r. ‘ oR'cim^ers*** “ vxlciiu In 

S.Kiiety. nn.l wIioM* coi.rteoi.s .lispnsilion and q l,,, x,./,,, Gi,| „i|l W „,M „„ „ eredil of 6 
genllenmnly dep.irl.neni, bad emlear«l Inin j, 

notmilylo ii, but I., the at large. 

the land. JAMES IL 1 1'*CK. 

Dii.rii, .\ncliun ‘*-r. Cotmuisstuner. 

the l.kv 

. 'ly; as from him they will be enabl'd to 
re.ach y«.*t higher points of exev Hence. — 
necessary to attend one of ih.-ir annual n,. ,iu„|,*|,.ss, ali things considered, the 

Fairs. We h.ive just returned from the ■ | i,|, |,|„,j j„ , 1 ,^ country, 

one belli the prevent ye:ir. There won- 
to be seen, the evidences of eiilerprizae 
and skill, nut only on the part of tlie 

farmers Ihem-elves but also on the put jo,, of horses, on which .bat in. Act .*f Cm 

of their wives ami daughters, who,  *U ..r-,- it.;,.n s ib..  . ..oil.. »i.o "‘ ‘^l* I*'.’* ) 

such large numbers, attend then.' exliibi 

lions and cunstilulc so gr, at an attr.oii.'n. ‘ ; V.^ i .1."." i'faid 

i-rfy of 

The ILmrboii As .o-:iatio:i h:is 

zens of the fc tate, I have the lumor lo rep- 
resent who appreciate these obligations, 

but the entire Union and the civilized Tlicrt-forc- U- it /fc«o/r«/. 
worM are indebted to you for the failbful i. That wo receive the sad inlelhuTnee nf lii* 
am! puceessful management of this great '‘udtii-n and kiiiex|H-cte i detiii *e wiih ihedis-pcBt 
\iiiderlaking, w hieli has resiilletl in the most nnfoi-.'mHl reeret. 

achievenu lit of nn individiial enterprise 


On V( slenLiy, there were more persons 
in a! tendance upon the Fair, than at eith- 
er of tlio ftirmer «lays. Tlii.s was the day 

The America arriv.d out 

m the iKk. The 
Kn^laiid aiel ire- 

never hbl’or* recorded in “the annals of 
our country.” 

In reply, Mr. Sedgwick wrote as fol- 
lows: — 

As.TfiilATION FOK THE Fxill lllTTi*.S ) 

New VoKK, Sept. 20, IG53. ) 
UoL. Wm S. Han;):— 

1*“*’ ,, : Dear Sir — I ha\e the pleasure to com 

Rvoralile, ‘ . ^ , , } , , . 

Ijriiier niunicate lo you the  neli vf.i resolution. 

reply lo your letter of the I9;h, which 

, ) m-porp.iuiiv nf a Liu which pre-.ei.l-.fkatnies I *'*creu*-ul pre sury iii ihe money ... 

‘^***-‘ so otm-ciiuii«bh- jiml r.-p'iUive in iln'm-.elvis:!'”'*'''^'’'- “ was adopleil, i xpn s'ing the 1 m ely sen 

considerable addition lo lh*-ir «^roumls, 1 in,| wliich. if n..t uptios,*.| pi. an* at ba-xt nn* I . , F'hi, ipii.piiia, «0. I the board an 1 Association enter 

• ^ .1 ! , , . L- • 1 ,; 1 Iralled for l.v lh. cnn,p.omi«esof theCunslilu i. The Kp.-copal Cunv, .|Hnm of ihts diooe-e „r ,j,,. 

ince the last yiar s hair; and Hiev lia\ «• ' j j j-j ,, , .'j | - have adinii!e*l the color* .1 church at I’kihp- 5»- tainol the 

^rcat an atlra«:ii"n. 

The products of the industry an-1 l.isle ol 
the ladies are always looked for widi 

fol^cTlihe !rulrdimHr‘'oim!il Y- ur’a Fai.*: mid tlicy 1 -a' ** ' ^,a;;;.d;CT;:..::;;:=;c;:‘a;Fi;^ Oi-r U.c value nf your M*n leva; m.d or 

the , laud Ul pl.u. Out ciu ^ ^ ^ , ,.xp,„liturc iu cuch.-ing ! Thia is doab*l.*ss considered first rate ' n^!'' R'; "F S*' cnlcr, i isc by 

uot help ad m; ring, if he nnv . . i - . , . * i nis is Hoao . h ss C( nsiut red nrsi rnit ■ 15 of the clergy, and • to .U ot the i the ^'tate vmi reprc'ent. 

taste. th«j beautiful .L .igns wrought out Z high and subuantial j „ OAlo. What AV«/ucXy Wii - 1  “diy. “L. . . . c,. , oo I ' AVWer./, That the diivclor.s of the As 

by the nee.lle, and ihe useful and orna- , day and date, no sane I S Dye was fined $.VKiVwVich^H- paHTantl 1 tl';‘ activity 

man wotiM umb-rtnke to debne. Th** : ‘‘nd public spiiil ivim*eil by ( ol |L‘pd, 

V . r . j rue friHl «»f Kis-ano cl «1. the cnnns*»l arpu The Uommis.sioner foi KeiPiirkv ami Mis- 

piesca fc»,/c„c,„ of wh.ggciy, hnwvvvr, I ihi* ibi- I, j. il.o.igbt tl.v „nJ dv.-iic thrni.Rh l.iin t„ rcUm. 

throughout tlieLnion, are very cleai ly | '‘‘"b'’ " charge ihe jury 

indicate*! by numerous ciremns^ane* s ^ y, 

kindred to the above diclaratiuii of prin-i 9' ’' T.ahmuli;e 
* . to ll'i-via  lu'fl vm 
• ipN'S bv a candidate regularly no.nina- mn hole) «in his r* 

• - - 

llifiil and e« tmmultous cultage, r. hicli, 
, with **!h*T improvem*'ii(s. a-ld  a gre.u 
'll *il lu the bemH V and convenience ol 
th* ir b)'’a'ion. Toe ^   iety in a most 
tlouiishing con liuoii, and has still oih* 
r iinprovenneius in conlempia'ion. They 
i-ve)i talk of eitchisiMaf the tmni^ebnte 
111 a for e.\hibition, iuclunng" ri ng 
ami sa-aN, wiih aspTnbd buiivlnig, with 
k lofty gl iss dome, the whole coiisiituliug 
.1 Crystal Puhice. imleed, lin y notonlv 
possgMiag iu great pcrivctinii, all tho i ,^||. j, 

itand, lo m. ike some improvement of tho 

roental purposes to nhi-di our lair Ck un- 
Irywoinen apply their inJuslrv. 

On Wednesday, the cat’le, -s!ie  p, and 
swine yore exhibited. We saw there the 
largest swine that w - ewr biok- d iip.m. 
He js the pioperty of Mr. SiinOel CLty, 
%*id is estimmed to wei^ twHve rmn- 
dred pounds gross. H. is a liille over 
two years old, an I though of .sirdi 
immense siz( , is a well formed animal. I 

qualities which are thought to constiuilt 
excellence in the hog. 

There w ere among the cattle, some an 
imalsof rare beauty and cxcelh iKe; am! 
Ibis ]mrt of the exbibilion wa  singularly 
aUracltve and eiL-iling. 1: was really 
wonderful, as the animals were led into 
the ring, lo see those whi*;h were very 
fiue, Seaming lo combim- every quality of' 
excellence, still surpassekl, (as was fre - 
quently the case) by others whicli f« l- 
lowed. It was indeed gratifying to see to ’ 

kind, it is safe t«  say that they vvi)| ac- 
c inplish whatever they resolve u{ on. for 
hey have bo.h the im-ans and the en- 

rm: i aiuff. 

h will he seen fiom the following ci r- 
cular, that a revision ari l ivduk.dion of 
the tarifl is propose*l by Mr. Gnthiic, 
and will prob;ibIy be a  ubjecl of early 
consideration by Congre-.s: 

whala high point of exoclli iicc the br. cd- I ' t'ilU'm..Ut 

ing of this kmd of slock is can icd. Hut S r. TIu- ii.or. moiT' i. Vemj - hi..! . F- t ii- 

the chief Hltractioii, in this deparlm«-nt, 
was the imported bull Diamond. (5ur 
readers are aware llmL he was biough: 

l:t' iviii Ih* niadi’ 

•II, diiriii^ ihe :«| 
‘•S. In IIm* ItlfL;: 
i;»y be, 1 ,^t  I 

r..l ^ T   r... 

'RiMounLur iii'iiiry in lli 
m j»t pruh-Bble tij.y the tu 
luiiielit :oiiL)i ct Ilf di-cu 
iioii M ilh H view to O il. to; 

, proaohotg ,,f Cnogi 

over by the Northern Kenluckv Im)»ort- j time, mul a; inlay 

ing Cjutpituy, anJ tva. purcha’-vd a f^ 'v r;,;7 o^inLur ,r 

weeks since, of that Company, for the pr. « ot rato- of d-iu up.m the I» .ulniL' L ■- 
sum of six Ihousnud and one dollars.— , h.d i-irv ..r .ii.-c.mnirv and ik. 

; l‘  iM* expTinl from the pro}). -»*- l motlific ; • 

He is in th** keeping of Ui ulus J. Clay, , ritdei-riuitliiit; rli«t you take nn im •fiiu 

Esn., who is a half owner; the other half'!'"’ -"a.* .tientlaik i*. 

t ll. ami pc-rli:ip' liRvt in siiii.iii .]i*{ (,» ptar - 

being owned by three oilier genlh'im ii of wnLin ymir n-adi vi-rv valuable inf, rm-^i xi. 

Bourbon. A geufh man from the North Y,'’" oa* l.y c..i..n,,..,iraii*i|t i*. 

® ini'- ilvpaunM'iil y«Mtr va-Wc. ifi.-r.-t»n,)iiiii n-,- mr 

remarked, when looking at Diainoiid, lhal nirliing li-;- --f 'juiidv- now h.ibj.Ti luTuiv, 
he was astonished whin he heard of the m ' ^u.d of 
price whicli was paid for him; hut, ^ iid p --o nt d uy hlmuM l e nd i- . *f 
he, my astonishment ceases when 1 come 

to look at him. “1 shall go li* ine, he con- fair and t-i il upi iHuun up.jn nr iL 



; thanks to the 


. S.-pt ; Slates that lie n pre.'M 

iritol anil ga!huU 
il  for ll eir ' «!ua- 

la* ..1: It r 

S.-h!ifor niol •'X Mini-i* r |)|^. jdd an 1 c«  op* ration in iht objects uf comp-) at 111 ,* il. t...,H.l. . very i 

T:,OS SFrxOVU'.IC- U. ’ 

I from I Ilf I'rv^fal ! 



^ j ^HE -iili-rrilHT liaving roUI liis farm, and 
I inifiiiling t*  rtiiiov.- lo will offer 

at pn! lic -ale lo llie hi-^iesl |julil*-r, at hia r*'*f- 
(Ifiicc four iihIl-k from la xin|(tuii on th«- Tut*-*’ 
Cri' ‘k mad, on 'rinirvilu* , the Olli dav of 
Octoh* DM Xt, allhi^ i’i:iWON.\L rUOP- 
rilTV, couH-'tiiig of 

'i'lM' .^(oclt oil (III- C*Iiii-4’, rix: 

K. le n.lof 21 Ii. a.l of -2 vuir old 

Mule., fnl an.) r. for ninik.-l; 7(1 li. a.t of Cat- 
tle. of winch tiiere are wry fioo Milch Cowac- 
youni; SU’t*r * uiui Ili ifers, go-i*l •»tu*-k; eO luad 
uf Slu rp. 1(00*1 wt*)i'k : lUOhsaJof fat llugii, and 
«oni.* fi') Sows and Shouts. 

Tin: CUOl'   »X TIIH FAII.M, VIZ: 

130 acres of Corn in iln* Shock : 20 -lacks of 
Hciiip; H * r I0 «tnrks (-f v.iieal; liOUduZi ti uf 
Oats, and 12 slocks of Hay. 

Farming Implements 

Of all kintls. 2 Wagons aiul a Carl, a Yoke of 
1)^ I. II. Woodhurv, anaisicdby Itcv. II. Oxen, a UaronclH- ami a ltnj(gy. 

I f Fa'si'iruf tlio John S: n-ei Mcth- •• i i i i i’* t * 

..l.-M Inrcli. It c,.:npr.-c. nearly Ol* Thou.. I ilOlISl'IlOld llIKI KIIcIK'H rllTIllllll'B 

nod |.o c.-  of Ihe choice-t .Ml mc. iiicliol.i.e nl- ; of nil kind., a -..oil t '..okinp. Slove, and 
‘d'l time of any im-ril ever piiijlodi- article- wliicli il i- not n.-c* to ci.iilnerale. 

viils s .m*  two liitiKired uf ihc filiriH a .--i- r'i  ’ll v /m- v i i i » r. e 

ll.e world ever -nv, .,,,1 cou.nins “ ' V l'~ 

y’of nicer now in n-e, w: h copions ~"V" "P' 

viTv part. 'I he LUTE »•  liicrc-fort: 

.r ..iir.'i'riM?i.iii»*.a'49 

That We claim the ptivili-g*- of mingling 
onr t« ur.s with the inetidHTs of lii» fiiniil^ and i 
r**l »tlon- nv*’rhi- nntimelv grave. 

3. 'I'hat a- a witnesK of onr r(‘n:cmhran»\* of 
his virtues, and a loken of rfs| ri-t fi r hit metn- 
-irv, v'e will wear ihu usual badge of mouiiiing 
diir^y dnys. 

•lOIIN' C. HAN'SIIRO, Siv-y. 

O. n O'n.xN.NON, Ch’n . 

.MA UKJi:i : 

In thi.-. cl v. tiiis morning,   y Judge henj. F. 
Graves, Jo.jn Demovnt, of I)i'Culur ci» , |nd , 
tu Mrs. M' Uhristka, of Favetle co . Ky. 

On the 2(iih irst . !»y lU-v 11 P. Th -mp'Oii, 
at the r -si«|- lice of her brother John J’. Mart. 
INq , Ilf 0.»rrar*J cu , Miss M *ky Ann H vbt and 
.S»iKi-uv, E (,., of Lincoln c*»unfy'. 


The New Methodist Singing Book! 

1 D 7 aS D Jy Z j fJ   

polled by the tiuirc whig party of his fr 

The en* rgy of Dresideiil Pierce’s ad- 
ministration is at least saving some of the 
people’s money. It will be recollected 
that, some few wieks since, Mr. Collier, 
of S:i«b* nville, Ohio, wasairesifd by or- 
der of .Mr. SccietHiy Guthrie, for his 
failure to account f**r certain governmont 
moneys which came into his liand-i while 
collector of the p*»rt of Fun Francisco, an 
aj)pointnunl which he held #nm the late 
whig admim.sli alion. Since his arrest, 
the Washington S:ar sny.s ihatlns sure- 
ties have p.iid over an aggr* gafe of about 
"il lO.OUU, Ol account of the balance due 
tlie government. More, liowever, is still 
due, an I the (pio.siion is, where is il? 
rids infamous alVuir liad been suffered lo 
-ileep un ler Killrnotc’s administration, 
and probably would never li.ivc been di 

Adjourned for I 

*’Clmn *if ilje c*Hinlry. 

I fo giv*- 

Th«* Hcnihl prr-fi 

uf Mr Mnrev'- letler M** inainlnins lh;*t E 
hi WHH seiz-'d within ihe nnti« nnlilv of the Uni- 
r*’d ’-'•.ll**-*, and i)iat Capt. Ingmliam’s itiU-rfer 
eiic*- n jK Wi;l»| nn ) pnijK'r, and n-fn'e- to con 
Kent K-n-zIa W- (fivrn np lo tin* .AMolrian 
coii'-ul nl Siiivriia. nml inMist-* lint the Emp.*r« r 
uf Au-trin «.hnll place KunziAiii the  -anc pu’*i- 
t'uii ns he WHS when arrotled. 

Tu tie of the ndi.-i-it Sicrnl .M 'ivicalTn a-m *n 
'I'he Ctdonel alt*) * Xpi eSscd in i luquent ‘ ' T l‘ .'*‘^‘at« d to the public. (JL-wing wi h the 
  1 ■ - .1 I Ll iiuiniaiiun and Itiirnin;' z*-nl of the cumniunioii 

terms l„s upprocrn'Kin ol ll.v valuHblv "e"!;";!;; ' 

el V ices of CaplHin and Davis, in i ,.,j„:illv ad.ipied tu ihe Ilvmii Ihmks of all 

'Of Mr. Wood 

inn of iioi«’-v wi'liaj-piov(.d.'»ecuri- 
(UrSale Iu al iO trclmk. v. y. 

Xrw York. J=b p. 29. M 

,i letter lo them, n.n.l his obligadoivs to ihuuuuiiiiih'Mis of (.'hrUiinn- 
the other oflicials of the Dalace. Fnun 
them also he reci ived replies, expre.s- 
sive.of their regret al the loss of his val- 
uable services. He has been a valuable 

•* 1 ? 

last Hoi)k, the Didcimer, 

OVIIK l.’i0,000 roiMICS 
•ll iswin**! -lincc it.v appenrance three 
’u. and still the thmuml is on :he in 
D any further eviih nce uf the a-lmira- 
Inch be is held as a Cunijmser tu be dc- 

Pvi.TIMUtlK. S«‘pt 29. 

Fev Mr. Si.irr. of th*- M- thudisl church, dic'l 
ul Mobile, of yellow fi ver. 

(•*■11 uf the Huue*' * f R* pro- 

scntnilvcs of Fl'»''id.v. Ii:is In-c-u «wnrn in m (•«•%• 
*-ni'»r, both iln* (Jovernur nn*l I’rcsid»-nt of ihe 
S*'tiale hnviiit; lefl the State. 

The (tuv(-nmr of Souih Oandinn Itns nppoin- 
tf'l Tlmr-*4!ay, tie* I tth of Uct*)lu*r, as a J ly **f , 
fasting nnd h'liiiiliaLion (hrougliuiil the State, i 

(f sro.v, S. pl. 2-1. 

The *l*-nfhs by fever, nwiaire l**ii daily. A- | , ^ | 

moi»e th(* vief iuis nre Mnj. F. K Samh-rsun, nnd ‘ 

!’r*»f Ruter, who ha«I just returned from New 

TliiHamllurd of tlic Ualmcttu 

ant girl hare Im-*--’ charged 

Fr«-m the enih isia-m with which the I.UTE 
has nhendy bet'ii tfr**eicd,a Tie--i)ti*-n for it sinn- 
}lnr !•» limt meted tu the Dulcimer is cunli 

iorial mesieinn *!- siring a copy of 
Dulcitiier for *‘xan*hmiion, 
can have il sent lo him, fr«* ol postage by re- 
mitting 5'J ceiils tu the I’uhlisber. 


21 f’ark Ruw, New Y*.rk. 

S. pi. 2n-102-c. t-ll— M l). 

lurbed, had il not been lh:it a democratic ’’"'ff Maj Samlerwoii he wjisdyi 


into p*)vycr. 



of ilHl'l 

i uf the c«*'inlry, .ami iln? 

•'hall be un*L' 
iIT'-rd an ( *pial 

w ; ai.t! jilt rAAl'iji ■ 
fhuidJ -''O u 
d U) e\f-rv ; 

our iijati'if..' lure ■  " 
into Cuu^ptiL' . r itT 

tinued, and tell my neighbor-*, that if 
they will come nrul •'*•*• DLn.. **, th*y 
^will no longer bo surprized ihatbcMld 
tor six thousand d*)llars, among a com- 
munity of farmers who ktiow how to juJ.,,e 
 of superior stock.” We hear ! several “cii- 
tUmen, who arc superior judges of .siovkr 
remark, after examiniir 
great ^arc, that he vvas the most perfect 
ytnimal they ha*l ever seen. And one 
gentleman, in particular, in wl.ose jii-lg- 
«ient we have the most implicit conL- by a to the fr.-»- h-*t articles of g*-ucral 
1 1 .1 1 lx- 1 ••usijini*iii»n. sml Jiricle-* payin'' little *l'itv, 

dence, made the same remark. Diamond cui.-i.lcrutiun, might piuU- 

excited universal adiiiiraiion, and the blv be nu-h* snbjicts *.f rcv*M»uv, 

,\r?u-l.”, whul. * • '. • !i.r,i 
:b-i- - which d-j nut x'-.nne 
.Vmeric.ui p. -ducU^aic ; 
n'iil, b till’ 1. 

ll.. nbjcCt-* i 
i Ham on ! wiili . li- n uf the rauil by -u. li 

atfurd pi '.porliuiial Ix-i.- til uii ) rchef to evi :ui*l itiV-C"! uf lh   cuuiHry. there 
.iiioth'-r *.v!iich o i^jlH by )io im-ai:-* to b*- *lis 
LMn!* *! — I mean, tu anri-life tlu- labors of the 

; n Inch there 
a: question. 

I ilu* pn-pu - 

) *»bjcct will be 


dissenting voice, 
I'st pnmium. Al- 

I at 


judges, without 
awarded him the 

though this animal has commanded 
$ych universal praise here, w h*:ie tlurc 
is so much fine stock, an. I so r-uipas-es 
the fine animals of this region, s’.ill it 
must not be infen ed that he is a c«. mmon 
specimen of Lite Kngli h sttwk of like 
kind, and that the Kngli.-.h breeders 
pass ours to the (Xtentthat Diamon 1 ^ 
would indicate, d'lu-s wnuld be d« ing t 
great injus'icc lo K'*iUucky sl*)ck-grow- 
ers, and wniild be avvar*rmgan undue mer- 
it to the Kngli"li. The l.u'i is that Dl.i- ^ ^ 
niond WHS r*-g irdi d a'^ just a-' * xlrn**rJi- . 
nary an animal in Litgl.ui'l u- lie heie, 

He vvas as far ab -ve the ordimuy | iti.' } • « p 
standard uf m* rit iu t!i it   oimti v, a^ hr [’ j. 
is in lliis; and \l was only a most forlu * ' 

cry r- -|t-clful!y, 

S*’crelary of the Treasury. 

I.NSTITl Tl'i.N F.iK flit DkAK A.VD DcMII. 

A pupil of tlu  K luucky Insiituliou for 
the De uTm i Dumb at Diiivilie, wase.x- ' 
hibiled before the C.mfcrence of the 
Methodist Church, whiclt lately in«'l at 
Versailles. Al the Ci iicUi'i-. ii of the ex- 
hibition, a resolution was ofiTre*! by H v, 
Mr. Hal-stoii, and pissed unaniiiwu-ly, 
expressing tli- high gratili ration which j 
the members hul received from the ex ^ 
hibition and recommrndiiig the In'-tilu- : 
;i m to the public conti lence ami sii])p rt. ^ 

« DwruN, Oii.u, Srpt. 2i, l‘*53. ! 

h ...V T D; V. vs. Usu , 

i . ■■ * -v-b/.:- 

— Uu-h-rstauding yoti nft» n ph*»j' 
fix- d lo r  ■ . .Vf • ijb-ci ipli-ui- Iu till- "('I'i'j 

” to Ik- CM C!, d III K--itiiicky. a*i-l fi cling J 

I tu cotiirib iie tt  th.^ Atii - noan 

I h«T«’Wiili riicb sc y.» i for ihat pur | 
}! -'G Oiif V fijufand Ih'llur* j 

Very n*-‘i»ecifully, ; 

A. DE (iUAFF. ' 
Mr. De Graff is known to the coun* | 
try as the Kailn'nd King, h.iv ing acijuir- i 
cd a character for energy and ellicicncy ! 
iv-- a railroad contractor, commen-urale 
with the whole country. We are glad to 
knovy, tlml a man who lias dom* so much 

Om I AV-*. S'-pi. QS. 
Interments 29, inclmh’ng I I of ydlow fever 
Monii r. S--pt 2^. 

1 nterm»-nt-* I I, inclmling H of yellow f* v* r 
The epidemic i- *l«-*T*-a'ihg. 

(T’utN*. Meats — I will i:-ke the resp m- 
sibiiiiy of answering K. L'Uigsdun’s in- 
t|uiry proposed in your May numlu-r: j dt-„i|y 
TIow to salt pork so as lo k« cp.” Mv] Any 
plan i.s this — it lias never failed: either' ilu- Lm** 

t’ut your pork up, the sides clear of 
ribs, six inches wide; letil lie over ni du. 

Next day salt a  follows: Sprinkle the 

bottom of the barrel well with 
salt— 'ITirk’s i-land or some other g**o 1 
kind; put in a layer of .set on edio-, 
close logelh* r as possible; then 
mother layer of salt, and so on (ill yi-m 
1 mi at is all in the barrel. Then I take 
common eas ern, orlakc sail as it is called. 

, ’ I and make a brine as slr'*ng as it can be 

made; let it stand two or three days an I ' fri.--..!- j.u,l fhe public in general thsi 
then poiir off tlie ch ar biine. ami put it f» I'h'lud Ins ca;alo;r*ie fur I.'-51, wlnrli 

\N’iI. A TUHI60N. 
Fayette CO . .^u;,' 2e-95-id 

JOV TO Til K WO inTof 

rniiiiv DAVii' 

a* A a .\ i4 1 1 . 1 . 1 : is . 

i'or the eiilite oiaiiicntioii ol all l*uin« 


so FAMILY DI WiTIIOl r: !1 •• 

One ! w i-nty fi% «* r* nl Rutile will do r oit» lo con- 
vince you uf its * (ficaey. all ad- 
vert i-enu-nU la tlio \V..ild.“ 


FAIN K 1 L [. i: R ■ 

nilYSICIANS say ihnt Davis’ I’.iin Killer is 
I one of those nice little ai rides wjneh i«cal- 
culat*-*! In reli«-ve an iunitetisc aiiiuuni of .siiffer- 
lent tu human life. 1 :h uc'iu i on the 

I hysteii 

ts many time'- like magic — in -taijlauc- 
i— the pain is gone at ui-rc. 

F')r the alin« st minici.Ious (-xDnctiori of p.a»n, 
no t)H- i;cine was ever discuvi-ie*! ettiia] lu l)io • 
1‘uinKiller. It is u ed in c**. la. u i-a-i-s exr  rn- 
allyan.l internally, but m-vei 4 lernaUv. lik* l-io 
many pO'pHratiuna. Full diiectiun- uccuini'any 
«*ach ln*ltle. 

fall the principal Agriculfti;.?S*K:ie’ I The 1‘ain Killer alrm.f cures the 
* 1 :»nd America, begs In mfui in his f.-llowing c. mi.litints vix- Uliill -ohI Fen*r 
•   ■ Nhe public III getieral that he ha* , Ch.dera. Choh ra M.-ibus, Diarrliu a. 

nv-|. *[, raiiiltT- rl...lK , I’ll.!,, Hilr-., 

a\i»isi; i,i;i:ov, 

N U R S E R Y .M A N, 

AXtailKS, FUA\rH, 

n (9N( IiARV ami Uurrespondiite Menih  r 
.1*- , uf all the principal Agriculrui;*? S 

, Fro: 


I the Frankfurt CumimeiweaUh. 

S*-pt. 2(». 

cvrsis nmni i . 

vs. Dudd'^ heir:-, ilecr* e, Kay*’tte 
vs R.kI. s, d 

k and .Snle. niuj 
fuel il is a PAIN 


on the meat, and it is safe. K*ep it un- | ‘’"5"'“*' r**?^-**^*^ AH Ha- prices ' ih-biLty, Conili-. Head \che sudd-ii 

dcr’orinehv placing a wTghl on il. Qi.c ' 1!I, «-d 

1.1 r ' °i -® 14- k!nd.  of 1 re -«. Shrubs. Kvcrgreeu-’. Stocks. RheunialiMu I’ain-. in ih.- ».ul sj,.' 

bu-lu l ofcar-c s.iU is inou-li for tlu.* , Unsi*., ,l.- . , wilM., in sa»l C»tnl,.g„ *, ' vnnon. oiWr 

side-meat of six good hogs. | « h-cli can lx* hn l fr**o of chari.'e un applicniion KILLER! 

Af'er ir.viiig Hlm*) t all met ho Is l*» kccii ' '**,'*  ”*‘hr»igned. who will ri‘Ceiye nml fur- | ]’n»curc- a pamphlet uf a r'-gnlnr agent and 

sim-ked hams without success, 1 have for "r | rend lh*Me»-tiiu**nv uf Miim- .-f th* nm^t re-pect- 

1.1 1 . r 1.1 -I v'.ouiii^ el tin irt*.s oi(lire*i, on arrival here Diblc cH izen- in the I niled ^ af- - in favor uf ibe 

the l.isl four years kept them with cum- It i- u-. ly-s i„ ad.l that Mr. LEROY p.-s^-sscs ) Pain Killer, il Un. unh- to b- kni. . tu i , 

: ' plele success by the f-.llovving plan: H.e lar-^-.t NUIiSEItY un the C-mtirint, His pr*K-iated. ’ 

f line .li j clmieo, l. tli.-n a OE TIIK MO r I’tlOVINKNT 

III); ur all Ms I DRUliOISiirS OF flNUINNATI 

R.nirtmii ; nffirm- *1. j lutalu) 
nee C'uupjny. de- layer of hams, then eliarcoal, nn*l so 

K-Ilv. Ac* vs. Aldeli. decree, L-.ui-vi 
. r-ed’ 

.McChrunica vs. Th4)iiip-.*u. jnilgiiii-nt 
Rii.'uii V.-. Thiir-luii, -1' - «ue: 

R;i'l*'iigall V". Summers, decree, Nidn» 

‘^kippers, iK»r mould ever , any furih. r nol;  

No bii . 

I tolli'li litem 

an! they will keep p*ifi cHy . sweet, if in 
gooi! or. lev when pul down. — Proirit 
Fnrtnrf. iL IL DtFurp 

Tree-, tike , I 

and reT.d lu 

luu Well e-tat-li-hid. to require | 
1 ca e« 

diuul.l i 


vs. |•nV..'d. d 
V,* \\ .•• fi’lk. *i 

: R. 

d Kp, 

Muii-.irral ilatllii. di-ci 
Hugh-* V- H-ighe^.ih cr.-e 
Pliillips V-* l.ce. tb-cree. I.« 
H.nry vu. Ileiiiy, dvcice, !.• 

i,.uir vii^% 
. Miui-vill-; 

I Ni.w Discov mv. — riiere arc some 
hopes of a clu-np .-uh-lilule for giitta 
T C'fi ha bi in. 

: (hat the * .xp  

furmatioii when the trees are tu arrive lu re, and 
how they uiu luf*jruurded ’ i 


S.’P* 13-inf T T . ... . n ?? IVaiT -t .New York. | 


\ TO Ll 

Oct 2(). IS42. 
‘t-* ol thi^ City, 
‘ I for a yinr 

Yelho un«Ier»)giic*l . Druj' 
liav'e Ineii oc j«iniiit«’il wiih h 
or two past an iirtide *)f F.imilv M-sRcinc kr 
as PE R R Y D A ISi’ l-.'t ; l-:i'.\ RM-: p A ] N K I L 
LEU. . »nd Wf would as-nre the jmblic that m 
every instance, so far ns we know. ji h.s«i given 
tin- |)uri*hn-,'r. 

( II I III l'~l I Hi III III 

discovered, and we liUst l itOVKU*S INN T*» LET, IN HVLTI- ..(-rvedlv popular in 8-» short 

iiislitiiU'd will lead _ .MOHL. ^ • prnve lby the fact of it- -xlen-ive -al 

ncc*)niniodali« n of biauily inrre.i ii*g d-mand. 

Horse- ami Mule*. ! j p p^, E'U.-ri 

sHuntecl at lh«- N . b. Cor 
I RHltimore and Su) k* r -ir* *•:-. near the 
street with llu-IArnpike 
lending ihrouL'Ii Fre*h«rick lo U hi*eling. It coni- 
pri-e- a 1*»; L»J( fi-et on Raltimoru stiect. 170 
ieet il.-' p, with a large n*’W Rru-k Si; ble and 

-m an article in the Lruiisville Dein- ^ fur ihe improvement of the country, i- 
in reference to this circtllar, we ex ^ able lo make so* noble and geiierou- a be- 
tnicl the following practical remark 

noble and ge 


We see that Hon. R. 11. Stanton has 
Ilu* circular . hectjrnc j -int owner nn I edit*)!' of the 
U. :ii.. 

• ub-tatiii.'d well looking R:ick Daeliing. 

1 ( Hefi-ieiice to U. ll. lI.vuK, Kliicott's Mill-. 
M'l . «*r Thomas Don vli*son. K-*} .Si. I’aid’sst . 
R.*lliim*re Sept Ib-lUl *v a c . ph-v- 

Cn.v-. C**M.iNs 

J I) n.irmiTT 
0. II. Ratis, 

S. II Pakviv, 

W. II. Hacrif 
N otice to dcalci - ii 
The name P.tin Kdlet in 
the Pr*»prii tur ol lliia M*dicii 
!jt;-;i r'ceiiilr su«l;*inod 1 
I any p*T-on found -eRIi*;: 
id not of the 

*t Co., 

AlU.V ^i-LLIH, 

L S'oviu.. 

W . .1 . (Riiino.v. •* 

J. A. C. ill AKIRT, 

A LLI N it Co., . 

A Co. 


ng- **3u'bi-lvely tg 

 • That right hna 
a co'ir*. ..f l:n» .and 
cle l y iImi nai^te^ 
uf-.rlurc uf IVirv Davis & 

“Th** pre-enl tariff w.a-^ a happy .‘vpproxliiu 
tioii toward fm,- fra«!e Tin- lime is uiiu**iin'.lv 
■ •w fur aimilier -t*-p 
pro|s-r d''gr --‘ of caution 
ni-*iii in np! : -Meliu' -nch n So don’t 

I iutiiHi- ix’ too much alarm - 

..... ...ji'iii- *if ciif-ita! h.iv*- Ixyii I 

tii.-.l-* -ipuii the r.iiih of thini:- a- th.-y an . ai..| | «nd we are 
w!id-i •u-(ice;iu.| P -liry p quKc ;h:ii we 'hoidcl fraternity, wltere we hope he 

III «h- 5 »'-i.-* iig wiili the uM humbug -it ’ * 

pn-teruuii. ,-u -*I j i-lt'iuer*i nml foils jiranre are long CoUtimie in health and plO-- 

i.i r. r..n„- I.a.,.|..,ll;.rt[i**iar..»_l., W,* mim.o-i*. «lu*n liisUrmin 

M.iysville Watchman. Mr. S. formerly 
di*l efficient service in the chair editorial, 
lad lo welcome him h.i'k 

l., sii. li a Hu.r.ibk* I, -Mile. liv m-Hit g f*'i 

,, , .1 ■. I* ■ Druv.-i-nnd Diaie; 

news ft* »m l.,iir«»pe, we learn that Dr L. ti,}., ,.,i;dihshment i 
HiiMell, of MadiHS, in making   xp  i 

mints on the miuldir plant of lii.lia, juticiiun ef Raltnr.u 

'"*■ S-*pL ”7 1 that its milky juice, when dried, ' 

cirav-) PiciioV * ‘ ‘ became lough and haid like gulla peivha, 

(buMlwinc vs. IJcHMlwMie, d *cr*-e. Louisville, and , uciselv analog‘'iis lo it. Itisihamd 
iirnefd. ^ hv sutpliiiric acid, ConviTled into n yellc 

Ib-nrv i Ileurv »l.-cn*e. M*ui-yd!c. athnn-** . ^^...j,u»us 'iiihstniici- bv niti ic sieiil, Hlld hut 
.Mutisarral vs, M.iriin, d**cu*-, l..*ui-viU**; r*- n " • • • .• 

'lil!le. or not at all, ae'ed t u l»y muriatic 

Ihigiii- Vs Il.i.du-' . decree. Loui-vilh .ip|viil ; or acetic acid or alcohol. Sj iiits *»f !m- , F xt A U I) I 

sAvl (iii- c.minnnv*nl .I *tfi rsun : 'I''*'*''-'* \i-.L*iil t;!«i*. , u. „ , .,„t AX KS .-f ll..- ri*«l COLLI N3 , Sun, n illlx* |iro- *ciil  il 

I ' ^ ^ ^ vv hich. w hen taken bet w 1 1 n ihe I hum b , (.'O. nuik*-, shuidd lie puriicular to no- | !I I! V H i: ! 

Cb.llinsvs MeClaiiahan decree Franklin; rc- ; and finger, presH-d tog.;lur and then lice ilu* -t.imp-, as hi e v iriou- c-.-ml* i fi its ' of urlict*- call.tll'am De-tiuvcr. A r**nl I’ain 
rod ’ ’ |s*paiated.  how- mimlerdess minute ^»"d ouiintMm.s -iamp;*.l Uullnis «».*i hMIinl , Killer. Davi-' pain Killii-K U*’iM]*oMi;d. mKim 

.\'.l.ut V8. n.'Thl. (beree. And.r-un; I «‘'do'' ,} _ ^f u|,leh i e-liltS corresnolul ’*'”'** 'uch ur*' fradulei.' Iv s*dd i» fact ur**«l by M Idle  H't* ot R.iluiii*, the laltt i ai 

r a rehean...' overruled ‘ coin.pomi ^ state- a- *,ur manu i.vhich is a l.;.-e cunt* i frit , and a.-c u-pHur 

“ 4 .KJ.IR 8 'With those of gu.ta penha. I he mud- f ,,Mnr.-. 1 h*v are made in varluu- p.rts of the Pamphlci- a viUamm- hiryery. \* hich will 

EavU V-* Rruwn ju^bMitcnt LivingHon— d »r also pro luces an i-XM-llent fibre, use country by various ajje mski r-. niui aie fe-encr- by cun | anng ih.-e wiih ihu (Mnuine, 

’ ^ • ’ ’ At, ally wry infvri.*.;-. 'Mo- L'vnuine r.dl n- ax*-, , oeiTihcales teinir cupi. *1 leibatlm. R*i  **f 

I /'ii'ile ii.-.l uiib it uniili! "ddch IjHv.- .ac*p(ired *ucl» an ( x eii-ii e n imia n-gular Ain*nl.s, ami !-*• -nre v-ei jjel ihe Deiui- 

I en.uv.U*d with It would an- in va- i-.bly -lamind ‘ CoU.I NS A C(J. j,,;; Perrv Davit* Pain Kill* r. 

(j.ianiiiy of tibiC an-l u A R 1 FORD. ” ami - acb axe ha- a prom-d Ih!m*1   

w.,!i oi\ -igjiatnrc. ll i- mrw m-,re ilu.M Twl.n- , 

-FiVF v» u;--ii or* vve coumiciic***! ilu- bu-ine^s 1 
ih lb-* -'am}  «»f ■•(biRin- .t ('«i n.ii,turd,'' j 
• I 1 'I*) U4 t kiMiW t»f any i ther a.x,’ n,iiker l-y 
e h UII-- of Cullin- ii| th-* Uui e 1 S - 

\\[ W (-I'l.r-INS 

were argued. ” ” j ful in the place uf lump and tlax 

, 'acre of land cultivated with it would 
IbiTATO Kvks— *M r. J*x*l niew. m the' 

Juiirnal of Agt dciiliiiie, slates tliat lie h:i- 
.■i«i*irtaim*.l bi'y.m I all .|iu* lImt l ii-li ■’ „llon-,..l to iii lul.-c* a l oj)C 

riil.ic imlii.l il li.*allliy pi.Iiito 1ms Irom ,|j.„ „i, »i;i ju U* luliiviiti-J 

ill the rnited Mtat**?; n» ihe same tin *• 


pi llty. \V •• SUj pO-*r, 

t’-*iigre-.s c.xpire-, he iiiienclH devoting 
' fu; b I ! i. r . iMirv ha- g )ti*-ii him^^-Jf 1 },^, i- litorial profession. He 
-t-.uii . •! lu 1-e ruiTivd Ml that «av. I , ^ , 

11 not !,«• l■|•M•h rtiglit- nei] .it ifi,’ ' will be a inunt ubiti uii 1   fh*:ienl auviliar 

• t • 1 ff of 1 - ir ' • . ' I u I U L Will*; II J.I I I 4 UII HI I 4 V IW IJ » V. 

M-riment pruveil - 1 'siMiiier than the other, and that this is 

forty two I*) Fev*-nty (*iiir dtslii'ct ocrins 
Some of these geini- are in wl..u i- cal’etl 
“the eves,” an i -"me not. lie iilat* - lb. t 
he has planted pitci s. widi and with- vil 
eyes, and ih-n tlu* only dilfen in’e in r - 
gard to ill* ir germi»mli -n is, that the lal- 
• I ler will come up from tim e to five  I 

t pruv*-4l; 

pillion will Un ky. 

’ about all the diliercnce. 

we * xii-'i ! our p’- *]*;e R» !(• k - ul (Tr - lu h 1 
ih-civi-rie • Ir* m il;e natural pr* ducts 4*f 
onr own eriiini ry.-— -V* /r/)/'.'/.- -Iwr/e u». 

I.Mi’KUiiiN - H Man's Name. — A a lit- 
erai v ilium r in Lomlon, w here 'L'hack- 
e»av ami Aligns H. K- ach were a ri» 
al ll.e laMe, Mr, rhackeray — who had 

s,-p' n. 1 *^ 0 1-119-1 vw- 

; o 2 fiiK! 

U 'F. IlHVC a fi-.e lut of^AuviU. IklloWH’, V 
c*--. Sl'Ktk* and Dies, Ka-ps, , iu »io 
nod fur sale !»v 

.Sept 9-99 Main -ireel. 

l^RiNCipAi. Office fuii the sale ok the 

 *enti)iic Prviy Da;i-. 3*nin ‘Kintr, 

In the SouiIhtm and Ub “' luStat, *, 

No. 7, Colh-ije Riiilchng. (‘".onnali, (*hio. 

J, Ilni-i- .v. i 1 ’, u}irivt**rs. 4 

Agviils— W .VORTt'N. !.• .vingu.Q 
J P.RI. ‘ I' v ‘Add.L, Fnnkfurt 
S I- R.Vi.KI.Y. (J«*«*r^’.-!*-M n. 

A' *1 f" suit- by Druggi'i' cv» r) w ht-iv.  ' 
.\pnl PJ-ad-uly . 

I UST RECEIVED, ufine l..t of C.»m Kuirc*,^ 
* fig N,»lc l‘*w bv 

Timii AS rradeey .i- co . 

Sepl 9'99 Main street. 

C*'AL — nj n (irolti_;irnI i* |« rl ol’ 
fhe linv of llu* L  x:n^:**n and .Sandy 
RHiirond, ntandy made by Prof M\- 
TiiKR, and )Mi)di' lK-d in pa n]»)ilit form. 



'ian I'ifv of Is|ialrm wii  nearlv ! Kr«nn jbe N.-n Y-Tk Hi-raM hi iltoantry wlu-rc llu’V were s gourn- 

'destnnvibv an t'artbuaake. ' |tUK I'OUTKK FAMIT.V. AND THK (M i,,;;. ' I) A||V|\(' iMlMIMW 

I Tini' iHriicil of war al Milan have son 1 ** ATI-  AM) At I Hold I IKS (H Cl HA -j ij ],.„i suppo^se by tin* j ^ ' * r . n r \ r ' I 

' I pt-rsuns, i inplicaUd in tlw* in - j l M*l hi,i iied  h a I'TEK of a m kkic \ n abuliti I gators of lliei r oscapo from o *’ * winpany i» lo^aieu ».»» a rj , at ,n it. 

^ui rocion of llie6:Ii of Kt lniiaiy; iiO of naval iii.sroKV. '•o.xige. lluil in llio llrilisli piovincosj Oi-'aiii/. • ! July •, i  0.;, 

lln in ro condcmmal lo doa; b, ibe others 7o AiZ /fo* 0/ Mr ///to/-/; (In-v 'uld (ind a home in wldoh llu v 1 V N H in the fidl lido of on 

. ... . . \ iTAl hill— its Vfiii' ;ir»* op.*iMil ijciMi;wuik 


Hr exlracl the lollouin 

It will not lhM]e  ni  d an over csiimate I to cortinemi nt in irons fur 'Jt) years and | It appears that the lfavan;i DUirin woulle ri garded as cilixt-ns, with the ; 
to suppose AlMJU tons iif coal ar  essible per (buvnwmls. has b»*en amusing itsell in ahusin'-- ‘ all saniolghls and a lv antages, social ami | p.^v.-r. c«Mnph i»' m all rr-piOi-*. a ,il n.iw work 

here on the lalul within a mile of il»e m id Kift^ refugees have lieen arrested on tlu* Porter .’' A  hort Idvioi y of rvenl  p‘»lid- as were enjoyed l»y the oilier ; mt? " i'h Hu- ln« ^l  jiti'f .chity reMilt*.. ami iis 
nr .'^.000.(100 Ions pi r siju ire mile, for the I'ltfitieruf Piedmont, on sn.^picion of in w Iticli this fainilv have been connected | mh iTTils. 'I’liis ihi-y 101111 1 not to be (ll'in't i 11 ^. 

80 miles on each side of the roa.l, or I ‘/O,- being dazzinisls. | with tin- of (hib » may not be 1111 *^ llie ca| but.^on ibe contrary, they ex | ,,\\turc.'*' Th« rc' waVIfiken mui pn-.ime- lo Dcc 

nt-l afford iranspor- J TlniTui kish (lovernnient lias coiitraet- interesling just at this mome'iu. imirgniiies greater than ibev js'Jih. I".'***,  »f  .lti!t.iKH), nml iln* yh-l.l 

ed for 300,000 winter coats fi r her sol- ‘ I» ibe year 1 (10(1, or 1 liereab-Hits. seve- had er niet w ilh in llie States wl;ence ' «f the mine is ^1L■adily in. viiln-ach sue- 

'^**‘ * ^’ . 1^'*^ \issels weic Ctuisir.g in I'lC (Julf of they bl lied. _ j Tln» C**inpanv owns iIh- most valiiaMe niin- 

I heextonsive ship yard of Scott Ptus- Mexico against commerce; tin- Hejes, the climate was ungenial to j,,^^ p^opi riy in dras., \ allcv. is miircly f-ei- 
sell itCo, Hear London, was hurned. Consulate of Havana ollVreil a lar -e re- their opical tastes an 1 habits, and their|fr.intd. tit-..aiidi^m-tiiii';aprutitnfilhitiMiiid« 

Tlie Khs i.s efili mated at C 100.000. ; ward fur the capuire of ihesc ve-M*Is nei.rhir neglecteil no opportunity of ta- | t'fd'dh'r-. wc. kly. . , • n.i i 

.i-i V .■ . r L • I/. I ® / ,1 • e Divi-I.ikK iMvablc U’lartcrlv III Ocl«»l .-r..lan 

1 he Lgypliaii troops after being re- ; Commo lore David J*orlei htteil out an kingivantage of llu-ir ignorance, for Apnl and J tilv, .iMhe .‘.fli. e of tin- C.-n. 

viewe: by ilie Sultan, would inarcb to expedition, cajilim d lliem, and bamled purplts of framl and imi o ilion. Alto- p;„,\'^ V.ill.V, uinUi ihe* Agciicy ..flier 
Sluimll. tbe crews and vcsM'ls over to ibe Captain gethetllu ir situ.uion was reverse to ; m N’.-w Voik. 

Ail regular communication between tL iieral of Cuba; the former weieexc- desirak*. The editor uf tlie IL^cord ad- . ^ h-w an.! copies « 1 the rh.artc^ 

C’onstallinople and tlie Kussian foi ts culed, and the latter .sold. Wiih the pro- duces (e following as instances of  hc I 

has bed! cut olf. ^ verbial honesty of the (hivernors of (’u- gem rah ‘ ling of regret at the imsalis- f.-ws/mres belungl.-g to n larj;.' Smrk 

W.irSke ) repanuions in Turkey are ba, the rewar.f was refused, or at least fadorvlclian'm tliat their escape to * ImUlcr « dm srU.s a p.niion to meet his png..-;- 

cariietlon with unabated vigor, the troops disputed, on tbe ground that CVunmodore (’aiia-Uuid luouglit in ibeir condition 

OOO.OOOtons. lld.s 

lion for bOO.OOO tons or I H.OUO.OUO bushel 
per year for 2U0 years fioin wiiliin a mih* 
of the road. 'Die country fur miles in 
tvidili on  'ac!i siile of the road is eijuallv 
well provided with coal. s-» tlmt the re- 
sources of the country along the railroad 
line in (iroenupand farter counties nffiy 
be coiisi b red im xbaustible. and will fur- Sluimll 
nish all luciled supjdies of this useful 
fuel for ages of tiim-, to all the country 
bordering on the line of tbe r«»ad. 

Lexington, and the ctiuntrv along and 
near tbe raili »a 1 lim* in that vuinily, Imve 
lieeii partially Mipplleil with c»al from tlu* 

Kentucky liiei; Imt the expenses and lions of the D.inubc 
risks of transp'M-; I’i.m h.ive been loo 
heavy to bring the coal iiil.* g.-neral n-«'. 

This railro.ui will alb.rd f.tcilities for a 
regular, ahiiiulanl. and cheap supjdv; so 
That the piin- ipal find along the line fi.-in 
Tranklort ia t, ami to a di'-ianee of ten 
miles or nnire on each si*lc. will ! «• the 
coal fn)m the w’alers of the U'-g and Lii'ie 

The rjuantity of ooal avail. dde f.u niiu 
ing amt (ransporuition pi.rpo'-es, lai ami 
near the line of the r« id, has be.-n men- 
tioned. It remains to shew al what r iles 
coal can be supplied to comumei.s, and 

working niglu and day at the fortiliea- Porter, being an ufliet r under the Aine 

■Ti... ,i.cian.,i that w.-r.- it not 

(the Ctunpfliiy will not sell a .Sh:o(*Ht 
price ) ALo copic/ of iln* Charier mul IH 

  tc liad 


1U7 Kidt.m Street, New York. 
ui'UHt S'l-S-l-lmw — Ai'n. 

iL-aii jfoi i rnnu"l, was botiiiil lo lapHin- llic foiUof |ainislinuMit. by lu ing 5 i.M to ' ii„„ [„ 

Tin; Till l.isb army in lliu nciijlilmr- all (liialcs, ( lillibn.!t iot,-s;) but (iiiallv, Ti Xa. ail Mississippi slnvc (li ali i s. ibi-y j 

bmiil of Varna is csliinali' l at !»J, 0 U 0 after a long ilison.siun, tbe (iebi of SOU,- wou|,| j^Jly rcliirn totlu-ir'iildplanta- 

im-n, ViO anus, and 0 batteries of heavy OUO was admitted, 1 ml never paid. 'I'liis tion.s’ all spend tlie remainder of llieir [ sa,,, v...,, .to...-.T li, isj'— tv, ,rc |KT,nn.iiy .r 

metal. elaim on Cuba amounts to llu* neat lit- days w-ili ibeir ttid masters, where they 1 qiiime.i with .iir. n iMKI, Ai-Kl-. i»r la: FuJuni siie.e 

Two Kiissian rcoimenls ,-iriived at lie sum of S 29 .l,OUO. In 1821 . ’'J-/ and we're mde happy and lived ea.ier than j 

liiiiila, on the liower D.iiuibe, on the ‘27th ’23, w he n the (ilh busteroes (pirulcs) they do V)w. I'wo otlu rs Imd been in | 

were infesting the West Indies, lind lilted Canjj^fK.m live to ten years— b;id 

out their in i4 y puii^ui' 

^ I MILS iH llu- I- „ 

I \\*ltrLI. e.Miipnsiii!; ()iu*H'iii ln'd find 

I he 

^ iu*H'iii ln d nm 
de Artistes und A‘ixili;i 


 »f Au'»U t. 

riircc il.^e 
rieg, anfl i stml of 


Ami oiIhc trained gniiiiuD. The I’ln com- 
I ' * ■ pusinif Lh- IJ ippt».|i onic pi .'p'-r. {- ihi- I.!iii: *f-I 

. _ , I’lWl ttg!!. XIIIRIM 

^ ^ -  • /" ’ ' Pbn  uK^lori* r i»rlcr was aj •pointed by the Irnvk for ma i k«*t . 3 1 N'r It IH ’ ICI Ml) I'MIt I7 \ PH I'ns. ' phin of ih.- Gyimui-imn (»f 1.1 i-, nrnl conliiin- 

77/c Indian Insurtc tlun in Jioyte Uner United Slates to command a livldn-.* and One Mxprt'Sed his determination b  finn-: F.ipTd Will— ''Monk *— Inm \ii k— I"*'*:'**' l)««riii'r ih.  vcn.iie 

Vallvij^VonnUruvtujH umontj the /«- bay craft, for t hey were nothing els’e — to return lo his Miss in North Carolina, as, | Mairici h-. ami all ihc hitelv pMl.N-lud Nov ’ ' 
hub (un(s^“ H ut vf kxterminat un // ■• sweep the W’est Indies of these (’nban J^oon as he c.niM get money to do so, and ; eU. new an.l cx’cu-ivc lot of II M \ I TI- 
(illibusleroes. One of Ids verv first acts inn the ry;k of puidsliment: Imt as he had 1 *** • **** ** Itl.s. An exun-ivc us-..rl 


'I'lie I'oilland (Oregon) Commercial 

lo inform the ('aptain General of a frijid to w rite to hi  mistres 

, ask- 

of .NMW 

still give a fair prolit to the land owner, of the 2o:h, gires the follow ing pai ticu- certain haunts of the pirates at the Nle ing pnriUn and begging fur a passage | poit OCTOHKK 

the miner, and the railroad company, for hn-.s of tbe Indian iroublo; of Pines, and even at K. gla. in the liar- ticket hone, he felt in hojics he shoulil | Slijdicvpear^’s 

the transportation; and also to estimate Lite on Saturilay e\ eidng l i'-t, Mr. bor of Havana. The Captain General get backto tlie old Norlli Stale before 

the probable conse.mplimi ill it will give Kuling. r arrived liere direct I'iaiiij J ick- lelused lo aid llie American sijnadron in cold weather set in. All expressed a 

transportation hu-iness to the road. |sonville, bringing a desp iii h announcing niiy way. 'I'he next step of Commodore preference for New York or Peiinsyhania 

Nocoal ran conn* in compeliiioij with that that a general outbreak liad taken plaee Porter was to fit out boats, capture the for a reaidenci*, as manv of the old coun- 

ts macazim:s 

*rks H;,vwo.«rs 

irvmenin Canada were 


'.innate, and 

from the ivaler  of the Sandy I ivers along among the Indian tribes in the vicinity of pirates tilling out at Kegla, and sw eep 

the line of the railway, i x.'ejit that of the Hogue river. It appears tint for some tlte coast of Cuba with his little vessels did not «vmpaihise w i th or understand 

Tricking river, and that of the Kentucky linn. p^^st the various trilies in the vicin- and boats. The gallant officers and sea- ihi ir lubits and manners, and conse- 

rirer. 'I he mines on these rivers are not j(y of tlie above named river have made men w ho manned them, In mnnv a h ird ‘ptently provoke I (juarrels by calling 

■worked cxlen'ively, and can be put in cornptainUs. and become generally t"Uglit battle, finally siicceedeil in finding th«-m ‘camned black Yankees,’ 'lime 

compclilion onl\ by a jiiecarious descend- j ,|iy,vativticJ at tlie number of }lu»tons ibeir Iiaunls, capturing llieir vessels, ami tliieves,’ tfcc .” — Detroit Free Prtsa. 
ing river na\igaiion in seasons of bigb i who were congregating on their former driving these Cuban lillibusterocs from 

maier, and the boats can not be taken hunting grounds, and this disjatisfaclion the sea. The affair at Fox irdo is too 

coals, from h is sprung into a burning doii e to ex'i r- " ell know n lo make any comments al this 

! ruinate the whiles from the region of linie. This action of our government ‘r" "'' 

K »gne river vallev, and regain tlieir for- sent him into tlie Mexican navy. He car- ‘‘dlvw ing: 

, nu r fooling, and reserve that entire valley fied vviili him several American oflicers, . patent coin liarxcNter is nnollier 

for their own use. In orderihe more ef- and among them Lieut. David H. Porter, 

back, sotlial the cost of ilu- 
the risks of ll»e na'lgati-m without locks, 
and the loss on boats, will really prevent 
any competition, and the coaU of the 
dy region will '‘iifiply and c« ntroI the mar- 
kets along and near the line, and proba- 
bly, also, even at and west of Frankfort. 

The following estimate shews llie prob- 

Williams* cn ek, whence the main sup 
ply of coal f‘ r many years will be deriv- 
ed — the expense of dejivering tlic same 
on the cars — amt the amount of railroad 
freight. Ahho-igii llie fivighl-cliarge is 

COKN llAtlVKSTEfl. Tho Ncw Volk 

Herald, in emimerat’ng various articles 
on exhibition in the Crystal Palace, has 

impleumnt of agricul ural life which will 

lectimlly lo carry out these designs, sev- Ids nephew, and two of Ids sons. David bifiirmers. lids machine 

eral tribes liuve joined, among w Idcli are and 'J'hornas. He fitted out the M  xican 
the Klamath, Hogue river, (Sinilli river , navy, blockaded llie coast of C’uba, cap- 

IS very'sim|l ' in its construction, and 
purports to cut, with the labor of one 
hor'C and boy, from sixteen lo twenty 
acres of corn per day, and lay it in bun- 
dles of from two to tin hills, as desired. 

able cost of mining the coal on and near j,iud Shii'.la. and, it is sujiposed, that a tured many (Spanish vessels, and preven- 

“ “ ’ '■ ■ ' *’ “ large portion of the Snakes had also led a large Spani h expediiion from Ha- 

agieed lo CO operate with litem. j vana proceeding to .Mexico. Durin-^lds , • . r i - i - • 

A portion of enrh of llnxo Iribos. to perioil. Lioul. I’orter. will, llu- ntnk of •''  mo..„ums part of tins maclmio is iin 
the number of about three hundred, have I Captain in the M. xican navy, blockaded called a dropper, by winch the 

- , „ = - - ostaliliOu-il llu-ir lu-ail .,„nrU rs ami the co-.ut of Cuba with an . io|,„ on o„„ 'j'-.v n.lin|; on llu- back of the bor-jc can 

put so mucb abme ibal of some ollu-r j s|ion”boM at a point called Tabic Rock, brio culled tlic Guom-ra. lauded often on '*'''^' 1 ' «l -iiidablc dis- 

roads, it will be M-en that the coal can be 
delivered at Ltxinglon, ami even at 
Frankfort an 1 oilier p«iinls on the exten- 
sion of the road, at so low a rate as lo 
defy competition, 'rite prices of coal at 
Lexington and Frankfort from the Ken 
lucky river, have awraged respectively 20 
and IG cents per bushel for the last year. ; nearly twenty p *rsons had b 
of III*- rutl - f C'mI tli-avriri] al no avcrnce ' cd bv ihc liulians. Amoil 

fre^it H- oi/il aiiil OIK' c-iil (kt lusTicl 
imlct uf a ltlitiuii4i ili^ldiicc*') 

said to be one ot the most impregnable the coast, ponelrateil to llie interior of 
fortrc'^ses in the territory, ami about 8 tlie islaml, and laid tlieir towns under 
miles distant from Jackson) illo. If, contribution. In llie bay of Mariel he 
tlu'iefore, any engagement should take fell in with two Spanish brigs, of e(|ual 
place, wc may jirc'-umc tlmt this fortress force with himself, ami in twenty minutes 
will be the seene of action. j compelled lliem to surrender. WIhI,. 

At tile time Mr. K. left Jacksonville ' lowering his boat lo take f os''rssion t»f 
Imlcber- them, a Spanish frigate hove in sight 
them are which compelled him to haul off .and pre- 

tancesonlhe furrow, all ready for shoe !• 
ing. The cost of this machine is reason- 
able, ranging from lifieeii to twenty dol- 
lars. The speed of this macliine is very 
desirable, a   farmers con^^der it ibe best 
time to cut corn when llie dew is on the 
stalks, or immediately after a rain. In 
dry times, the corn is brittle ami diOicult 
to cut. If iliis is able to accompli»)i that 

^Of cleo A. H. 

.-ml.-. I 

■- '■■■ciim ^ 

vaiilngc for every furnu-r to 

llu- crutiinl . p»-r too bu.IiL-1-5. in j Imd buriictl upwards ot a dozen dw'ol- . brij.. ciebteen guns, at 
•'•■c . 1- ]j|,. s. nu-n. Tbe action bet 

|{ Nolan, and Mcs.srs. Overback. Dnnn. Irigalc mounted lifly-fonr heavy guns, jr 

Grilfin, .Smith and l-Mwards. The liidi- |witb a crew of 550 j er-otis   n board; tbe r “ * 

and I2U officers and I'liB Stu.u-mikko (’lock, — T he priest 
nu-n. T he action between llu in lasted and the military have retired, and 1 am 
i.ike mnnv other tribes, Ibe Ilognc riv- two hours and fifty live minutes, or until now silting in a chair facing the gigiintic 
i-r Indians derive their name from ibeir The brig bad expende d nil lier powder, clock — from the bollnm lo the lop not 
propensity for stealing, and their well It railing calm, and Captain I’orter be ing less than one luindreel feel, and many 

known predalorv talents have aci|nire-d ! killed, the brig snrronele-red, willi a loss stiange-rs arc wailing lo see the working 

feel- them the unenviable title of Ueejjne. jof twenty killeel and twenty w-juneled; of this clock when it .strikes the hour eef 
nr, I We learn from the gentleman w ho the frigate bad one bundle, I ami lil'ty noem. Mvery eye is upon the clock. It 

V’l broil, 'bt the news, ihal the Indians, dur- billed and wounded. Lieut I). I . I’,,r- now wants live minutes lo twelve. The 

I in,, riic past few weeks, killed no less j ter, now the commander of the Golden clock lias struck, and the people are 

K It enrs J,,  70 I tlian twenty miners and -settlers, and that I .•\gc, was at the lime a midshipman on gone, exci pl a few whom the sexton, or 

rents per ton ' 1 great ex i lenient exists in and around ; board the brig. After the .surrender, tile licailway man, with a waml ami swonl, 

.-i-iiiile, ^ i Jacksonville, in consc(|nence of the citi- 1 fsp-miards, with Ibeir usual iiiagnaniini- is conducting around tin- buil. ling. The 
*’ I /nils mit having ammunition enough to tv, rilled the officers and nu-n of tlieir clock is struck in tills way: Tlie dial is 

$7 7G j warrant lliem in commencing hostilities. ' valuable.s, money, die . not cveji forget- |Sonie twenty feet from tlie floor, on eacli 

Tbe above shows that cmil can be de- I We learn that Gen. Lane, at tbe head linu tbe Captain’s wateli. During the side of wbicli is a cherub or little boy 

livered per railroad, at a distance of 100 of seventy-five volunteers, proceeded to action the frigate’s crew ilcsertcd ibeir with a hiallet, and over the dial is a small 

miles from the mines, fur 7. TG- 100 rents the scene of action imnicdialely upon  inarlcrs tw ice, and it was with dilficnlly | bell. The cherub on tbe left strikes the 
or •'S7 . to' per bundled bush- 1 '.earning of the outbreak, and great that tliey could be driven back to llicir first (juarlcr. Some fifty feet over tlie- di- 

praise fs due lo the citizens of tbe sur- ' guns. The constant annoyance uf Com- al, in a large iiiebe, is .a bilge figure of 

COST 1-s.K 100 ni sllKLS 


Cunt of Wifik mini's 

“ i' Wiij'i-s, board, lights ami 

UioU.) $l 50 

“ tho coal out of the inlm*, lU 

** do. do, ami Ituulin;' 

on l:ii*-«:il railroa«). Ki 

“ repairs of ilrifl oar-, 0^ 

'' ••, Cfi 

** expvnhC's of the Up, 

*' oil, 

Collierh' profit, 

Total co«t of coaLK-livM i 
Frv'glit on tin* railroad at I   j rents 

J HT mile, i*r mill ]»vr bu'lul [' 
or 100 imU-.-," 

[•axctircr, ami full -npply of H  oks, Mation- 
i*ry and l■''an •  .\rtu-l«s, at 

Sept.dO-1 tf UpjHT Street, m-ar Main. 


i VARIKTV of (till Monldiiio-s Uept con 
/ \ stanlly on hand, and niannfactured into 
AW SIZMI) ritA.lli: DMSIKMI), 

Al Dnii»rillr firin if A variety of lenntifnl 
I'lCTL'KKS, neatly framed, kepi con.sUintlv on 
liand. Firtnre'. »o «1 with or vvnhoiil frames, 
j-lf KUier (t iFbbuns' liook Store, 
Sef l. 30-l-lf ('pper s:re *f, near Mai 

.PAHISIAN 111 PLM) 1 )U() 3 IE! 

 *Taml Itc'tornliuii of the .Viiciciit Sporl', Gnuies mid   ereniuiiics ol the 


Will (.^hihil at on Moniliii/ i\- Tncsiloij, Oiiotn r 10//i tS- 111//, lo'iS, 

» -S*. B 'Xfc • 

I’KIl’n^—ltoxcs 511 C, Mis; ITiildren UMilei- in, tn lies, rv.-d S.-»ls, liidf price. L; lloors o|.m 
at a,‘a Im tlie Afternoon, nml in Ihc fAciiiiie, TerroniiiiM-c lo coiMMience Imll «ii hour sficr. 

run M I'H M. i:.\Titii:s\ 

CIIAItlor HM IMl. 

Hi HDu: i.HArisa. 

cAii.s or jt \o. 

•|. \   (M Ksi: i»i;s ,si:v ji; s! 

Hy a Ironpe of Apes, Monkev- aiul Hubuoii»-„ 
on Ldliputiaii l‘« nie-. 




and olhei Feal- o| the Arena. 

On the COl’HSi:. 

in tin- stadium. 

The n liok cdiiUuduis wiiK a * crnr frum the 

’h V. N N  1 ^ *5 ^ , 

IN \MllCn 


Will Im* h*i loo^e III the Arena ot one lime. 
For fiiilher pari iculars^  .ee iilmninntf d post- 
er-, lithograph-, Ac .at tin- I’lincipal HolrU. 

At INCIIMsTMIG Ortober Rlh. 

\t M  IIOMAS\ I *• I2ih. 

Se|.t,.„dM r nl-JOI-td 

irntiis lie- iu'iasl I’Xpies-wly ft»r siipplving 
the enormous nimmiii reijmred .n exlubi- 


i 11 H K X r II .N c i: 

into tiiccity " ill la* oh-pi veil ( y a (Jraml Pro 
cessinn, led bv I’ost’s (VlebiaU’il Lru’'’- Hand, 
li d foll«.we«l by the Car.-, Chariot , W.igm.., 
Hutm -, Ac Ac. 

Tin: r\ i mutain.mmnts 

Will be pattio‘ilaiIy 


In iheir character, eiiiirely di--iiiiilar frinii any 
presentation ever made hi ihecounirv. c«» 
ing of 


liiiliGrter. Wl.n - die anJ Ketnil Healer in 

: 0 [I!OII 1£\9 merchani^ailoring. 

A. r . COLWELL & CO. 


pIlE Inr^m and coiiimmhous .STORM AM) lUa KKMOVKU t«» ilie ii.Mise Un-i .-c- upied by J 

i)W i:i.KiN(; lioi sM. 

lately occupied by Lr.wis Hikokd. 

Apply 111 

L’xifigton. Si'pt dO-I-lin 

I' A s II I o \ It I. i; 

0001 ? 0 OJ 03 

iiicn.viti) o\vi-:.\s 

I   KSPKCTFUMoY nnnoni - 

1 U of Lexinglon, that he ha 
city, ami Ini-^ taken a huii-e oi 

lltNuii, «inl two tiouis dbu\c bis -.jld stand, 

On .Main Street. l.i'xinuMmi, KeiitiieUv, 

M K desi'es to infonn hi- former cii-loiners 
and ihe public genetaliy, that he has just 
received a new and elegant a-’ orlmeiit of every 
dc.-icription of 


lail Deearated i'l 

rvturm «i 

ide ol ^ 

liite  7old Hat.d 

i)iiia *r* 'rea and Breakfast Sets*. 

Rich N’a-e- o| U^autiful -liajs’- and -tyle«; 
Fancy  lims A Cups with orwithoiii iloiioev 
Hidn'iinaii GLs--' De  1 ' ami P« tfiiine HoUh '' 
( 'a-tors, with (*»// ami Moul Ini ItoKtci; 

Cut and I’le'-ed 'rtimMer-. iniUet-. Wine and 
Uhauip;»ieii-, of new ami beanlif'il styles; 

Limestone Street, between Short & Main, ! -G iiic, »,«w g und iii'iic-.. tn inuich 

' :iM cxlcM.icc and wa ll .-clcclcil ^t(M-k of 

Wlii-rc lie will iiiaMMrnctMre lo order, and k.cp ' Ciunit'- Iron. Slone and I'Miiimon Ware, 
on liaiid every de^cri|l;io^l of I C'nuiilry A/i r. /ioiils, l/vlil A'cejiers, 

BOOTS AND SHOTS. ! I‘r,r,„r and all nlher-., ale rer|,eeir..l 

Ib- will Im- as-i,.,.,| l,v his uiieli-, Mr. -toUN | ‘J’ ''''‘'."l!" 

WaiiM, an experieae.-d wImIou im. uh„ I, a, heel, , ' ,n . V 

. iigag-d in 111.- I.M-in.-ss in l’liiladel[.liia fur 111.- I G-ptendK-r -M. |r-., 

' ■ #| 4 * CilO pdMsR.I. 

■ lie pidilic thal he will i e aide 
Imih for KA()li:s A.M  

Arc now in trcfijit ul Ibeir 

  A 1 i Sj D ,K   IJ : 3a it ? 

( i.oriis, ( As.s I n 1: itivs, 


T'j;;rlhrr with » scuer*l «49ot-tiii**iil of 


itch Iteatii: fill Scat (s. Ni'ek C'oml'orts* Silk and 

.M *riiio I'adcr Sliii'ts, Drawers, In 

I tael • very article ner«Ksiiry for tin* completion 
■ of a Gentleman’s Wardrof»e. 

M.’v I'o theirjfUitnTous patrons tht*y xvi-h to Kay 
that they are io lo execute nil work in 
theirliiie in a superior atvle, und witli proiiipl- 
ne-s and di-pa’rh. 

.■N-pt 2;'-iu:i ‘jmsw 

M:\V (iOODS! 


.\re op'’aii   « 1.3rr.'p ainl l)r-ir«blc stock of 

R M il, r A N (' V A N I) S T A V h E 




per bushel, or *'57.70 pel 
ttU, or $^2.33 per ton. 

which cannot be excelled 

llis Old friends ami former cuslofiiers in tbi- 
cnmmuniiy. are lurliciilarly iiixited to give him i 
avail. ‘ Sept dO-l-lf 

1G\ ITU K F, eV C. 

AT \I«’T10.\. 

ILI  Ik* .sold to the highest bidder, at the 
residence of the -'ib-cril/er.on Mill .street , 
near .liijge Utdiertson's residence, 

On 7'hnredui/. the ‘20th of October ne^t. 

Household & Kitchen Furniture. 

Consisting of all articled necessary for house 
ki*eping 'I'enns made known on dav of sale. 
Sept. 2T-l(H-itl K. A. JARVIS. 


1 U1SH to rent the house now onenpied by 
me, (formerly llie re-idenct* of Mr. Candry.) 
situated on Mill -trrel, near Judge Rol erlsonV 
The loiii-e IS commodious, coiive 

r;;,r,; 7 r 3 c loth ING for the million 

' ;i’\ri * xi.G .VM) ui.NlKlt .si:asons, 

 .i,.a 1 I,, a T D VA/ Jp. O CVAAOVirNQ* r. .. ...... 


Nkw Yoi:k, Sept. 30, M. 

The America arrived hist nit(iit. 

Slie .sniU'd from Liverpool at lOo’clock. 
A. M.. on Saturday the I7lh. 

Tlie U.iUio arrived out on llie fvenin-,^ 
of tlie I III). 

Her m*ws had no i ffeet on ihe cotton ii»arket 
The Liverpool maiket wa- dull, at a ileeline of 
^ Lower ijmiliiie- hnv«’ deo'.iiied in-f-i 
on Friday, 4.niMI bales. Sal s for the wcm 
2H.2(IU lialfs. Sales lo speeulntor’*. M.flno bal 
exporters. 4,l'l;l. M (Idling Mobil 

A, ■ 

I rouuiliiig country for tbe prompt nianm-r ' modurc I’urk-r’.i sijimdron lo Cuba, and '• '•hem"' ficdl in jiis left, a srytlu- iii Iks ' p.^U^-^lIUw-drbiJ'giLnV-'^^ 



wliivli tlii-y re.spondi-d to ibc call of tlic commerce of .Spain, eompvllcd ibc right band. lu front stands a figure uf a I 05,1, 

till ir fellow ciiizeus in Hogue river val- latter lo ofler peace lo .Mexico. I’revious young man w itli a mallet, who strikes the | K,.r lerni-.  t-c., apply lo J 

|,,y I to Guniniodore I’orU-r's entering the ser- third iiuarter on the bell in the baud of 1 27-ini-id 

.''KCOXD Disi-vtcii. — S i iicc the above , vice of .Mexico, tbe Spaiiisli Minister of- . Time, and llien glides with a slow step 
was in type we learn that tbe Indians fered to pay the Commodore *80, OUO, , round— bebiiid rime: out comes an old 

have added to the aggressions by brutally ; the just debt due liim from Spain, provided man, raises Ids mallet, and places Id in- 

murderin'' . Ind oe .^kiuiK-r, Indian agent be would not enter the service of .Mexico, self in front of Idiii. As the liour of 

in ibal disiriet.° ' ‘ be Commodore refused the bribe with twelve comes, the old man Ids mal- 

Tbe followin'' dispatch from tlic olfice this remark: "If the debt is a just one, • let and deliber.itely strikes twelve times 

of tbe Mouiila'in Herald, Dowideville, wbieb you have admitted it lo be, as an | on tbe bell, tbat echoes lliroiigli llie buil- 

''ives ollu-r parlieulars: 1 honorable nation you should pay it. but ! ding, ami is beanl round the region of 

° On the evening of tin- 1 I lb inst.. Dr, 1 intend lo enter the service of .Mexico.’’ the clinreb. Then tbe old man glides 
aiKlGSjiniUbllii.gSio.lviinr.d 1:1 Hi "Stciek ;\Vjllii„n K, H.jse^and John R. Hardin,; In 10-10, at the end of tile Mexican slowly bebiiid Katbcr Time, and the, exclu-ive uf .hip lemid, eUl.U'UI ! „„ il,eir wav to Dr. Ambrose’s, : war, Ideiit. \V. D. I’orler ciilered the , young man comes round again. .Sion as 


AT B, W. &, P. SYMONDS’, 
No. 3 Main-street, Lexington. Kentucky. 

|,''VKKY "IM- lias a |s-ir,et ri-bl ti. do ll.e 
1 bol they can! CkII an l rxniitiiii’ our 
'Stock! If voti ihui'i^liuy, no hann doni ! 

$20,000 INVESTED IN 

sc  ’ :i  1 y - n :i il «* ( ' I o   li i 11 of . 

'Hm* Kii) *crilH*r   Holii'it tlu* attciithm of llic 
' puhiic tu lilt* Vfrv elegant. Mibslantijii, exieii 
j -ive and fa-!iii»nabJe -stork of 

I I'aii :md Wiiitc's* 


I They have ju tt r«*oe 

' pre[Mn - i to »vll upon 

I  • O M i: .V N D I. O O K 

! At their really line •'liwk «ff HroaJclo h, Ca -i 
mcro. Hilot, Heaver. Twee. 1 . , Hlaiikel. I*e 

ter^h.lln anil Lh)ii-kiii rO.V'I'S; (Jassimerr’. 
OxMjskm. On^'Kinet. Ooitlurtiy, 'I’ueetl and I’han 
fa-m? I A U.V.N'I’S; I'n-htiicn*. Cloth, \'elvet, 
.• alii. ) Kig'd Silk, Saini. Kinbroideretl, Kly- 
inii ainl 'rurcotnaniro \ U-S'I'S; Lmeii Hoxoin 
Shirl't, StrH’k-, Sii’*)H*iid.*rH, Cravat-. Pocket 
Hftiidkerchier-.Cidlai Undfiella-. Carpet Hag- 
OvonilK .M-o. a fine lot uf Winter Gluve-. 
and ('otiifiulK. 

.Ahiigi a--ortnienl of Hog skin 
Covered and Hartl Leather 


Ik-lbre vou ptucha-e, look in at 

B. A r. SYMONDS’. 
Se|Ilell|l er Ul-iun—liu 


al Liverpool, ex 

'’’fi^cin./.TM/r—Viru'Mdiru s h.ive ^ CMpt- Aid. n’s enenmpnu-nt on'burbor of Iluv.-iiiu in comniun.l oflbel ibeoldmMnliussiruektwilveiinddisap- 

».lv»iiced, Wi'h Inru'i- I'u-iMess d' .mlvnue j Stewart's Cr.-i'k, wc-rc Wiiylai.l by the In- !'■ schooner .Maloresa, of two guns j pi are'l, anollier set of macldm-ry is put 
ing rates. \Vh.-at ha. a.lvaiieed h'li.i 7.1 1 while jij,,,, f„ri„er instantly killed, ' ."'ud thirty men. ''’here was at that lime I in motion, some twenty feet liigln r still. 

Cs@7s .hi I- ,()ur-— \\ .-sieriicaiial. . ii.!i.ifi7 (!•: j | dangi-rouslv. if not mortal- In-ld in bon. I age an A m erica n citizin. a It is llius: Then' is a high cross with an 

, Iv wouii'lc.l. Dr. Hose vvas boi ribly mu free colored man. The C.insnl of the 

-VVeKtern canal. : n- IMCr? U  
Ualliniore and Philadelphiit fill; Ohio 

32k; ••Ivanced Corn— while :id(fr 

33-; yellow 3:if.T:il' Ud 

l*rociiiont — He« f— )n imt* ino--. llUi- 

prices a ahade higli 
S7«7df(f5fl pparT' 

oa. Cloverseed. I.'xu , 
The Aiiu'iica hrin 

(iUieds living found the Ui^ mui-uiu;r ^ 
wiili ' 

Willia m ^'yibcll, had uj* 

»e tnm iclcivaed, boc noTi- 

pot*». I 

1 2t) passfiio 

liad Htlacked ihe Itus-lan outpo-ts. 

A new mani festo is expected from Hus 

image uf ChrUl un it. The insiant iwelvi 
liassl/Uek, one of the apostles walk 
I’ou fO'Dl- pTTii'r*. 'Aa Tic xli'Ji’ -. iuio'h 
er coims out in front, turns, hows, and 


pas-ts in; so twelve 'apostle's, tigur'es' as | I () ()( )( | V’ ... 

I * Mr II 1 u ^ I , hrst I’Htejartlch*. for sale hww. I? 4 ! V • :i fl (* ^ I 4 

laig-^i- life, walk aruund, boiv and ' b^ THOMAS jrliADLKV * CO ^ .Tiaui ^ m 

on. *As the Iasi appears, an enorinou- i S«*pU'inlK*r ‘2fl. Main-slrect "01). racing (DAIS, \ l-.s I S 

. . . I no i vnr -«»lv r,ir otir i-t 

•tea.iy W^t.-ra p'.rk’, 70, m.-.v, 7,'.i.i 'll Dii.l j , i-sns captured bis rifl.-, revolver ' out success. Lieut. I’orter sent tlirou-'b 
tsal.-s f.irjjMi^ ire|ds/i^ » ann clotbing, Uigetber w ith btlJUU i n cash, i M r. Corbell a message to the (’apt. (i.ui- 

1 be Indian ebief, John, on Lower Ap- eral, informing liim^tbat if tile ,\nuri- 

plegale, says that be is backed by the can citizen then held in slavery was not 

It is eurrentlv riuiorleil ' rb-.t T...L- U'"**"' “'*!'■  “'"J ■''* hiiown that a large ; brought before the proper tribunals aii'l co.-k, perched on the pinnacle of tb 

  F. 1^. ‘het ol the Klamallis are also witli the matter invesiigalud. Ill- wmiM block- clock, slowly (laps bis wings tliree lime 

liini, logeibcr with a certain Dr. Osmond, ade the port of Havana. The matter was ' so loud as to be mistaken for a real cock i ' PIH- sroili: liofsi:, siiMal.-.l on .Mail 

professing to be a while man. He is , invesligalcd, the citizen released, and i TIu-ii all is silent as death. No wonder / I. «ml .K’cupi.-.] at pr.--.'Mi t.y j.-rry T 
1f here are placards on the w-ills of (’.in- ''.Ul'' " Indians ' llirmigli the efl'orts of ,Mr. (hirbell, dam- ■ this cluck is the ailniiration of Knropc. — I 'sn.i go- I'odrU I’-’"’',"’."."'’:, 

«lanlinoplc callin*' on ihu faitlilul ' maniunitioii since liostili lies have . age.s awarded him. The late aflair of It wai made in 1 .500, and has perfui med | — - 

lark the Ku.'sians° commenced. | the Georgia, under command of D. D. . lli.-se r.ieclianiciil wonders ever since, cx- I 

On a special demand from the powers ' lelter^Tctd v,\i b[”\l?' i 11"'"' “'''u '''' ^ 

the Sultan con-enls lo postpone issuin'' a ' , , K i ’! , ^ ‘‘-•‘"'•"""“I "’’"-‘“ct on 

manifesto to bis people. The manifesto I 13!??- ' "''‘''’'I f«'o -fall the 

is said to be eon. lied in warlike language. | 'phe fiulians liav 

indee.l. It IS a d. clara.i'.i, ol war. Tbe ; of .Mr. I’alrick. Cant. Junes. a„,l All Cuban papers ple.ise copy 

It is expected tliHl the family of Por 
lers will claim the island of Cuba in pay- 
m.-nt of Ibeir debt, an.l if mst pr.iperlv 
C.implie.l with, will hire a canoe, arim-'l 
with a long line and blockaile the Cuban 

'pilR Hub-criUiT will M-ll nl rmidC AUC 
I TION, on Saturday, the l."»ili day of 


8 .j mih’H from l *xington. on the Cynthiana 
roaii. ni d thrt’o mth's fn^m lh * Covington nml 
MavsviUe Railroad-, 'riie Land in (* ^iial in 
quality to nny in iho State. About D arre- 
nre in ctiUivaiion; tin* renininder i^ in blur 
gra^K and i'* heavilv titnlwretl (LT’l hcre is a 
DOl'HLK LOG CAHIN on tin**-. 

1'enn*i of -ale one-iliinl  .’a. s)i. when iio-- ‘«sion . r,,. • . e i . 

is given; the r.inaiii.l.'r in two annual pay \ f'lM'Nt'll 

inetit-, lM*aring intereftt from dale, ^'alv will ' r ’ l' n   i i • ii 

... 1 ., M - .10 ’ I -le \i .1 . ,  VN (.t)t)DS, for Fall Sa e«, eiiibiacuig all 

take place at 12 ., ..hiek , .M , ;.n th,- P 

I (letilleimMi*- Wear otriTeJ by the Ka-lern iiiiir*' 
^ ffci'tn. porr}.,';“/(l upon 

I FALL TRADJ^, 185 : 1 . 

I .1. W. ( 0( lllt w sV   o., 

\Vhi»K’-ale and Rvlail Dealer- in 



'I :ii)-9i; td JOHN 

,.i "It 

Turks cunliniiL’ lh'*ir armaments. Kv. 
r^-lhin-^ is pai Ffor in speck*. Turkish 
levy, 8U,0UU. IklaclimetiLs arc conslanl- 
ly marching 

Owkii I’asi ha s roeive 

litfuses of Mr. I'alrick, Capt. Junes, and 
Hlsuthaluf Mr. Anderson, tooellier with 
Iiis hay and oats. Ni»ht before last they 
burned .Mr. firiflin’.s iiousc and some Imv- 
. stacks; they also sliot Some of aMr. (Jrlf- 
/ • » 41’ 1 , corps was , Aniericsm horses. Mr Hruce 

bad four of bis mul.-s shot. Tl..-re is a 

TliL .Sultan re.i"W,..l the E''ypti an  ’l'- 

tyoops on the .OJlIi. i .y,, , Stovf. nut.ii, r 

1 be 1 U'clia ul Egypt promises to semi to kc. p a stove bri''bl 
15,000 mure ni.-n frum liucban t 
'J’li.- Uu -.'• Coin maiuler- La\  

Purlers on ihe island of Culm, wiili all 
Imrncd down the llie future C.iplain GeneraU of Cuba.— 

If you wisli ('oNDirioN OF TMF. Ffoitivk Sl.wes i.\ 


The followimr household Lvric is said 
tu ha^e soovercome a Walchman. in ihc 
di-clmr^e of his seizure duly, llmL he 
-uddfiily left with a lear in the corner uf 
his eje; 

“Watchman, spare that jn^ — toucli not 
a single drop: it served me many a Ui^, 
and I will be its prop. 'Twas my fore- 
father’s hand tlmt placed it in his col: — 
there, watchman, let it sland — tliy cluh 
shall Imnn it not. Thai old familiar jn^, 
whose credit and renown, an* known to 
many a mug. am! wouldsl ihoii sma-h il 
down? W.tlcliman, forbear thy blow — 

I' O K 

orsi:, Hiiu 
)ii*d at ]»r**-ci 



•tresh oysters. 

1 UST RECF-IVKI), a -nperior lot of Fr^-h 
•' Haltimnre Ov-Iitk. Regular supplier will 
Im* received ihrougho'il (he » en-on. They will 
be served np in an}* inauner de-ired, at iiiy*(5a- 
loon, on M:oii vtreei ; or fitminhcd tu faniilieti by 
ihe can. half can, or dnz'’ii. 

Sept 23-IOGif H. HOt.LENKAM!’. 


i ^WWI ***■’' 1*1 iioavera” Cigar*, j'»-t 
n-coi^cd ul ihe Conhcliouary 
and P'ruit Sii»re of 

s«*pi 2 ;i-iii:i-if 


f which w ill l*e -«il«l cune-poiolingly low. \\\ 
I.V foi 

I We will ho piea-ed tu exhibit lu nny one whu 
will give u- u call. 

j N. B — To Wh »b-ale DealerK we would hay 
we are l»elter prepared lo -erve them tlmn u-u- 
nl. Our -tuck 1 eing Inroe und all bought from 
first hands. 

Sept. PL lK'»?-imMf 


\V»II IV'ipt’i'. Oil ('loth-. A.f. 

W.’ijre now in receij'i "f mir 

r\LLs’ro( K or iioi si: ri rmmi- 

l.\(i GOODS! 

Cuiisii^ling of ihe vario..- Grade 

I rsT i 

I dot 

p K stuve lirigbl us a coach b'vly by (’-axaua. Tbe edilor of ibc Dundee (.V 
only two a|iplicaliuns a year, make weak V.) U' cord lias lately been makln ' i. , 

, , , '"’‘I "I'lm water, an.l mix vonr lii ilisli Lusliei lour tbi ongli Canada ' in tbe course of ! 

•n'.u-di'r to llie (roups, -at rug Ibal KusGa uiib it; let tb. stove be cold, brusb with ' wliicli be vi-iicd a large number of fu.'i - **'*^ '*'^ ” 

, , '"1, ■ '“"j llie iiiixtur.-, (ben liike a iliy brusli an. K li  e slat es at ibeir residences, ami con- ’ - - . , r . ,,C, , , , - 

those uliu exp'.se her uill be annibila'ed dry lustre, an.l mb the s'„Ce nnlil ,a-r ' rei'e.l freely uitli ili, n. ui. tbeir position W '’\ i\ I I’, D . 

feeily dry. ■’^bould any part , befuiv pu|. . and J.iu-pecis. I be tone uf tbei r reinai ks ' *)n SlI.UtKS r A It  1 I'. It is II A .N K 

r.mie.l at Luerp.i.d, become so -diy as lo lo,.k grey, generally «,is ibal of disappuininient al i . "■ ''■,1,’,' .':::'':’“'''’"'' •'‘’■'•'‘i'"’’"""'’ 

ei.'b v tl'ousn, I , I "" I i""' '""'fi- o'"l proceed jibe leeepiiun ubicli they bail nut, an.l i ' " TAYbolt. TrilNKK * CO 

j:igii.;,. J „ni.ii- gu.ii. i as befol e— A J- V.llM/, /'iij.ii-. ■ 

cnlk i on to aiiiii hila 
a 1 

'J'hr Maun P.ilti 
from Australia wi 

' jM 



I’Xira White Hi'.iver liars; 
j 0 “ Hlnck Sdk “ with incduls ; 

I At R T MORRISON’S Hal Siore. 

1 Na». .’L lliggin-’ Hlurk, Main st. 

I Rcpl 13-lOn 

i XOTK'F. 

ihe of lh(  latr 

in- ill K-bv iiulifn d that 
D-t lx* imidc: nnd th' e - 
w ill prc-cnl 

'PIIOSE imb’bt.’d 1 
I .Mr-. \\ H. Rogn 
imno’dtnie -c*tt1omi*nl- 
b.aving rlnim- Hgain«t 

f Carpeting. 

from ibe 4’otmn'*iie-l to the im»-t co-lly. Some 
of which an* of .\i ir and lirtiutiful t*tiHrriii. 

A!'.., - m:c u.: k’Kiii . I llenVlh Bnj-. 

Oil. CLOTILS of II. ’.V ;um 1 hui-d-oi;,.- de. 
-igoH— cut !(• -nil ihe piurha-er; o_'**:ln'r wiih 
a large ami eomplete -icK’k of |•a^K*r lluir.;* 
ing-, Rieh Gilt Velvet HorHer-. ,te. 

( riM' \I.N D V.M VSKS. Fmbroidert.l Lac 
Mit-liii (.'uriaiii-, wiih 'rnmioiieg- lu mnloh; 
CormcoH. r-ir?aiu .\riii’ , I’m- A \ 

WindifW Shnde-. W.uler-. Ln.;lii D.iy CLick- 
Duor Mull-, (iiiaiidoh - . ,ts' . wnh :iimo-t t v.-i   
t! t ;a’Ic roiiiiec'ed wiih iht* Ir.iib-; wh:eh W’ill be 

’’HIlY have itiKl upeiicd a lii.e a-H »rtmcnt of 
1 Kmbro.tlereil, Plain, ^'elvel and Clulh 
('l,0.\KS, Al-o. n goud -took of 

I{(■a4ly-1l:lll(■ Cloth in;;. 

AM of which they me prepared to olfer on 
luo-l favorable It mu, nnd re-|Mrifully invite 
the allenlioii of piirchai^er- generally. 

N H — 'riie highe-i prici* paid for JE.\NS, 
LINSi:VS, SOCiv.S, Ac. 

Lexingttin, Sept *30, 1^53-102-2m 

K, H.Tayliir, Ji ,, I'ltsscsTuint’i-. Wm.Shutise 

T.UI.IIII, i'l liNKIl ,V tu, 

M c have (hi* day. opened an Office 

IN Tin: ( iTv or M;xiN ;roN, 

Fur the purpui^c* of (ran-actinga 

General Banking, Exchange and 
Collecting Business. 

\ \ are at alt times prepartnl to check upon 
’ » the principal citie- of the l'nil«*d Slate*, 
nnd to make crdl(*rlioiis thereon. We will allow 
int(*re-l on depo-iles, lo Ik* drawn at pleasure, 
ami Iran-art whatever bu-ine-s i.a jjencrally 
j connected wiih private banking. 

I IJ'.\pproved paper can Ik* ca-bed at anv time 
I during office hour-, from 1) A M lo 4 I*. M. 

.1 Illy S. 1 1-33. M-tf 

IMaiiiietCa BiH(‘r» ! 

^ I ^HIS higjily popular lK’verago,compo-eden* 

» lirely of vegetable ingredieiils. and jiecii- 
' Marly adapted to Warm Clinniti i- found by 
I liMio expeiience to tie highly Ih-iii firtal in ca*ea 
of luiver CoiiijilniiiG, (ieneial DAbilify, Ln-itof 
' .\ppetile, Nervou«uie- «, S-a Sickne.—. Fever 
and .\g u*. Flatulency nnd Ca-v- uf Indigestion 
generally. 'I'hey are )*aok(din quart bulties, 

I one dor.eii in a cn-e, and for -ale bv 

[ A'o. 21 I St . AVir York, 

' And by Drugj'i-t generally, throughout ihe 
j Ciiiied S;alcw. June 2S-7f'-fimw 

Important to Young Men! 

1 t*FKJ:R for -ale upward- ofthtrly dilfermt 
ib ceipiH, many of which have lK*i*n sold fur 
five dollar- a piece, ami the whole comprising 
-o many dilfeteul way ’* to mak*- money . lu tho 
-ale of one of (he ai licle- alone. I have known 
^ ^ to make frum five lo 

iwelve dollar- |mt day; nnd the mamifacture 
and aale of any one of the article*, lo young 
men uf energy amiability cun not fail to make 

Addre-s K HOWMAN. llo-loM. Maf* , cn- 
clo-ing one dollar, and the whole niiinlicr of 
Receipts will bo forw;irtled by mail. No letter' 
tuken from ihe office unh’-- prepaid. 

Huston. July ll^-^4-:hnw•— a. m. i*. o co. 


The well-kmtwii superionly of the 


Ha- indiic  d -ome manufacturers to stamp th ir 
:i\' - Il COLLINS, and --uch axe- are frequent* 
ly -oM ns iny manufacture. 

1 he («Kvi IM. t?»»LLiN.s Axis, which have bt*cn 
Il h!«’ under my direction f«*r more than twenty* 
five y*l^ars. and which ha%e su-{ained auch an 
unrivalled reputation, are hivurinblv -lamped 
(OLI.I.NS Af   ()., II\KTI'OIM). They 
are to be boiiid ;ji onr I)« pot iu ihecilvof New 
\ « ik , ai((l :»! thepi incipal Hardware Stores in 
the b’.rgeritie-. SAM L \V. COLLINS, 
apr Ifl- -.V- 1 \ w- p 

S ; 

"M I 

I the 


jtlic eHiiiimtioii ii) wLicIi lin y were li' l I ' 1 

Augu * l‘J-112-! 


dolv iiulhei 
pi 2 f-IIU-L 

mI. fni 

ell lei 

.?, K ROtlKlF^ Ad 

ii'i’Al.L AND SKK' 

TIIO.'*IDM)N \ \\ DXLM.n. 

N*. b II -g'li-' Hl.s’k, .Mm’m .*;■ 1 


eii mile- from I he cit V of la’xinj the piki* leading lo Harrodt 
rg ;»iw I I’l ry ville. eonlaiiiing 

till t A( ici;- or I. 

'l.‘-••;ab;^ iui|irov,d. wiUi never failing wj 


i ihn 

TI'ESDAY KVFAIX;;,:::; ()C ! 

lit  I) IN 

• :i i'l HIM' iii’tlw' }• 
iiiil. If »N ik'iil* 

moil. V of u lii;^ cu -lonu' 

!)»• ^r.ii llii'il, :m)i 1 n 

Ol r I’ai'kk and I I'S I’kusi'KCTS — 'riu 
SutesinHi. has n.,«- Ik-. .i in exisUnu-e four | 

3 'ears; the hist number complelin;' tlu* 

4th volume, ami the present iiumh r be- 
in^ the first in llie •'i.h vulmiie uf the 
weekly. Its success, at fir t a matter of 
experiment, is no lon^^er problem ilieal. 

It may now be justly con.siilere 1 a jter- 
manenlly estaltlislieil Journal, ba^eil upon 
n solii! foun iatioii, and beyond tlic rraeh 
of those accidents which have .so often 
proved fatal to newsjtaper enterpi izc-s. It 
is out of debt, has a laroy amount of 
money due it, and has this dav a lar-^or 
circulation than at any former period of 
its existence. Indeed, its eircuhilton is 
steadily increasing', and by 

x»n the part of its friends, mi^hl be very tijiy j 
greatly enlarged. We are confident that 
110 paper in the Stale, outside of Louis 
ville, has a larger subsci:p‘ion list or a 
wider circulation, tlmij the— 
Jleretofore Nve have been silent upon this 
und other subjects connecied with the 
•success of our paper, contiut to let re- 
sults speak for us, still striving to ileserve 
the public favor; but wy feel, on tliis an- 
niversary occasion, like saying a word 
congratulatory to our frieii Is, while NVe 
indulge in a little self-felicitation. Tin 
success of the Sialesman, 
jpended upon pecuniary means, been 
attained, since its establishm ‘n*. entirely 
^y its own exertions an 1 upon its own re 
sources. The fir t y«.ars of difliculty 
having been thus overcome, Nve hav 

re j'ecl lor 
s\ liieli they 
s N\ ish till- 
miy. let tlieiu 
no Aorr 
I them by huvinir Ilivir wares and paying 
J * llu ni money for wMch tlu y fee! no thanks. 
In -liorl, let our deinocialic friends re- 
member a good old maxim in morals — 
•lv 4 .s into society where 
they are not wantS. Ami they have the 
best evidence llial they are not wanted 
by dealers who make it a point loadvi r 
rise in a whig paper, and just as much a 
point not to a Iverlise in a democratic 
paper wide)) circnhik’s in tl e .same com- 
Tlie forty owners of the Siates- 
inan, wlio in tlie aggiegate buy in Lex- 
ington not less than fifty to sixty thous- 
and dollars Nvoi ih of gootls i very year, 
owe it to themselves not lodeal with those 
who treat their own paper in this man- 
ner; and Nve liope all our democratic will think of this matter, ami rec- 

inanv, and iho attempt lo i x. rcise i 
vTouhl give to angry d- bate, arous 
hillei felling, and fan the ll ime of sve 
liona! discord. Let all these ililljcultie 
be avoided by leaving the underlakini 

Ko^siiku’s 1 * ai 'JXo.*— 'I'here nnis h 
large and appreei.ive audience to .see 
j these superior worlLif art, last niglit. — 
rile subjects chos J by the artist are, 
rile return of ih dove to Noah, I he 

W la- 


lo private eiiterprize, where it properly song of Miriam ih I'rophetoss, and I he 
belongs, and by which we shall liave a Ihibylonian Captirv. Kach subject lia.s 
clieaper and a better road, ami have it been illustrated pencil ol a mas- 

in a much sliorier lime. ter. As works o art they liave taken |jjV" 

the front rank lo nIucIi their merits enti • | can u 
tie them. Tlu* nnie these piclures are 

Col. Clav’s LKTrKK. — We have re- 
ceived the following letter from Col. C' 
M. Clay, Nviih a reijiie-Kt to publish it.— 
While we accede to the n-'|Uesl. wr must 
he alloNvcd lo say, that we think Mrs. 
SioNve, lo whom the letter relates, has 
done noihing in her late Kuro] ean tour, 
lor in her literary elfurlsas exemplified in 
• “Uncle Tom's Cabin,” lo elevate the 
I character of her country; hut llie tenden- 
cy, on the contrary, uf what she has 
done, lias been to impair the esliinate of 
our national cimracter abroad. Her work 

ii-V s«re the roll. i;e ‘I'lit-v . ill a fi-w vejirv ai furilie'^t , ih.'V '' ill Is- 
ill iIk- IihiuI*. «tf I’u.frssnrs jilile i*» 

isfv all llieir lliirst f.*r kn.ovlr.L'e, lint unr 
daiiudilerH. wlm iimsl ii.-ed n hel|iinK lihiid, h:iM- 
II. iw- tioiliiiii( nf ilint sort tu look In I- that 
jie*l III iheiii or mir-clvi -? 

M.I-.I . if nut all. ill'* iM*rlln*i ii cili«*s hnvi* -nrh 
a sflHM.l as that 1 tiow* ..|nHk of. l.oui-.vilh* i» 
aoiiiil or^jaiiiain;; one of the same kind And 
now w hat will Le.xiii^'toii «lo? 'I'hni is (he tjnes 
pnt to every Falh T and Moiher in 
If yon want It faml why iio 1 )ymi 
Vou hare l ut to will it and it is 

n~pn.i Nliiiiii, Al4;;tx 'l 
.M ilillil  ilrv l - I III tie lilt 
tiy.lal--l  Ih ii.-ii nt .New V-'i 
HIltMllg IIk- liloblllhrH, aiHl ll 
lliuSi* aiira.l) |«sm*U,it ntUli 

I ^ I»i»i.lIi ( i iiiJtiH 
It Uk. R « lli'.ll SUll.l 
1 lutuH' iiuMibris 

mg III i h’ 

»llcl III? ol 0 111 I,' 

in iiUHiiR Ih - n lvttu.X: 1.1 
(lo \tlui«e kdvritiypiiiriil 

irtdeO it ^a a. "(.» 
this Co III pa II y iiilni ni« us that f a 
iiiuiilliv pirctUiii;. the I 

Ci IU| tVJ l«l 

 •( ks Hiiil 

I I have no plan to offer. The fir-1 lldnif 
conti-mplaleil, the norc conspicuous do , .Icu rmine 1 o have the sehool — ^Ihe plan 
their merits appear It is not in the ex- 
(juisitc beauty of lie coloring only that 
Uossiler bus succe«led, but also in the 
excellence of the iP^ign.s, in the round- 
ne-s.s and fullness \Nliich he has given lo 
tlie figures, as thoujb they stood out from 
the back-ground, aul also in tbe fine illu- 
sion which he h;¥ created by liis per 

(rum Writer acvuiumuUlril hy Ihf severe heslnis. i 
Hlllllll ul wuikm-.'* 

I to 

cntionwill foll.ov I will .ml v ^uy iliat such a 
•*rli..ol. if e»taMij.h.-»l. *.|ionl l 1 m* of a h»i»li of' 
tier; no other -lionM lx* thoni^hl of. All (lie 
teachers slmnld Ih* of iindontaed ahilily, nttaiii I 
inenis and eXjKTiciice. Thus orgHiii7.e.| its *uc j 
is certain. 1 h.ifM? ihc |»e.i|.le of llii*» ciiy i 
will //linAr about lliis matter uml ih. ii tirl n* Ih* i 
coim-H them. CITIZKN. 

UKTiaNOFCoL I'kemont. — C ol. Fre- 
mont has rA'lurned to St. L« nia. lie has 
been compelled, by ill liealih, to return. 

'I’he p.M*l -ays— 

Death is aiioiher life. AVc how mu h«*i 
At g.iiiix uu(. we tbiak, aiiO « nicr straight I 

Aii-.iliii i;  htpii ilitiMhei uf Ihr ki«i:;’!i. 

Lnix. r than this we leave, amt i  veH( r. 

Nevertheless, ujo^t p«-ople dreail death. and n' ill 
caich at every remedy f'U the tortures lhal rack | St*rv.ants 
the iii.irlul amllnirry ii . dis .iilut ion . 'I'he 
I*.iiii Killer is pre emineiitlv the safest an | most 
reli.ible m.-ihcinn for relievfng many uf tin* ll) 
winch the fic-h Is heir to. Sold at only t3.‘) 

Cents a ImiIIU* by l)rnp;is!s j-eiierally. 

Grand Exhibition! 

w I I. I. i: \ II I It I T 

111 Li-.Ylnglon. coiniiict‘ci* e on 

Saturday, October the 1st, 1853, 
i.v» coxriM K .1 Fi:\y wiv.s, 
riossitci'sdrcnt llisloriciil Painliiu; 

  KrUKSKNI IN(i the “C AI»TI\K IS- 
II \ having- 37 figure* life 

iiml the threat pain(iii;fof A'O.VII AND 
IW'III.Y IN Tin: AUK, fitfure* full 
!iiz.* of Ilf.'. Al-o. tlu* picture of . IIKIA.H, 
Tin: l»IU)nilI/ri S, exulting over the du- 
klrjiClioi) ol I'har.Mh's Ho-^l. 

Ij'TIrkels oi.Iy   IkNTS, Children am| 

-rv.ants I ri^N'lS, 

(L^NV It — Fur [larticulars, wo amall hills. 

S  p 30-1 -*.f 




\VllHtK I 

In all he gKat points Nvhich imd is nuah reduced, by an attack of L-ver, 
constitute a grand and superior work of lie will postpone bis lour of exploration 

has been seized upon bv those who hate , 

, i * • ’ t ^nid poNver 

liitb. , fv ,.t .. America and American progress, and , ‘ 

little elluit, oil,. PL Hiiulier adage which, however ® 

art, tile artist has displayed great genius 
and poNver. Tlie hst exhibition Nvill tak  
place to mojTONv and lo-nu)rr» Nv evening 

for the present, and stay in 8t. Loui.s 
surticientiv restored for 

none llie less true, namely — 
“what isstiuce forlhe goose is sauce for 
the gander.” 

Tin: PkeiKtc K.\ti.p.ri»AD.— I'h 
as to tlie prujii'ietv of iho General liov 
ernim iU un lerlakin 
this great work, is eau in has been awardeil to it from 
these motives. Such is the .statement of 
respectable Nvrilers abroad. That there ” 

, ‘ ^ r 1 - 1 consideration of Uic press 

slioul 1 be some a-ipenly of feeling toward 

ptestiyn j Mrs. Stowe, oil llliti aecuiuu. wh w *II ns 
icconnt of the distorted and exagger* 
the construction uf, ated picture Nvliich she has drawn of vast number of buildings, mostly brick 
)d deal of stuithern society, can not .surprize Col. t^nd fire prtKif, are going up in San I' ran- 

Tl e l.sU-xl.ibition «vill take „ r • ' , , 

him lo prosecute it. Ills friends and com- 


p.iiiions who starleil lo accompany 

after which tho piUures go to Louisville, assist liim ih lils proposed expediiion, are 
where we bes eakfor them llie favorable about liiree luindred miles out in the 

CAi.TrmtTn^.i irru^\ -N'cw 
fornia to the 1st September 

fr.)m Cali- I 
tales tliat a ' 

tiiscussion in tbe public prints. We are ' Clay or any one else. The 
one of iho-ie nvIio believe in llie great pub- people can find little toleration for any 
lie nectssiiy for a railroad lo the Pacific one, especially a native born Ameiican, 
It is a g 

plains, Avbere they Nvill remain encamped 
until be rejoins them. 

A SiNouLAU Vkoeteulk. — Mr. D. L 
Moulton put into our bands, a few days 
ago, a cucumber, of llie an^ntniU cncunh 
species, wliicli looked for all tlie worle 
tNvo Nvill cost , like a green snake. It was long, cylin- 
1 niiw. ulll  iiical and serpentine, and at first would 

."‘■"or" PI , he mistaken for a veritable serpent. This i “V'"* 

than §75.000 each. The tola , i i i i . ^11 Ut i.miiHvdk* U»re iiai» AdvtK-nic. I^exiutu.m Ob 

, , r. . "e liave had abundant reasson to believe. u,.p,,rier and Kentuokv StateHinnn. 

.\merican Cisco. Of these buildin 

more than §200,000 each, and nine 
cost more 

the ilih|H'iisatiunR of an inscrntahle 
l’r.»viilei»ve-, it han pleaded Almi|'hty (Jud in 
lemnve tmm mir midst, mir beloved brother 
I IU ns, hiie pre^idil)C Klder of the IjCxiii;;toii ] 3 best 
Ih'.iricl. Hiid one « f the oldest inonilx'rs uf I * 

I ihiH body. Therefore Hrsohrd, 

\ I That w hile XN'iih rlta^letieil spirits and Huh- 
jdned hearts we how Nviih snlimissinn to the di- 
vine iniimhilo which has laid this heavy jifiVe 
tioii iiiMiii ns, NN'e feel that in the death of the 
Itev. Win (innn, the Kentucky Cotiference has 
lost one uf its roost worthy aiui efficient niem- 
! berss, and the church one uf its and most 
I tiM-fnl .^linislcrs. 

2. That Nv«- deeply syinpaihise NN'ilh tin- be 
rcavod an. I disconscjiatt* widoxv an l family of jtbv first 
• oiir ileceUse.) l r«»!ier, and itial we hei eby U-lider j 
j Iheni oiir sincere condolence nml prayers, that j 
ih.'V may conlima^ to be Misiaine.l hy the cur- 
I milalions of ih it n lii'iun by w hich they are jfra- ; 
cioiisly saved from the Sorrow of those Nvho have ' 
no hotie. i 

I 3. the Secretary forward a copy of this 
lo Sister Onnn, and also to the Nashville 


i^IKST HACK. 'rhiirsdnVH Oetober Ulht 

Match for !i lllih half forfeit — M ilk Hkats, 

I H.irness. 

S.'D Hnice enters sorrel mare Kale 
K. Downing enters br. g 'l*um Ked.l. 
SKCON D It ACF., Sajnc Day. Trotlinf* Rtako, 
Milix Hrats, 3 best in 5, in liarncss— (IUD cdI. 
$50 forfeit. 

S. D. liiuco enters s. m. Puyloi.a. 

Dr. Dudley enters b. g. Jim Dorter. 

H. Downing enters g. m Fanny. 

iiuee to come off at 2 o’clock, aud 
the Sefund immediately after the lerininaliotl uf 
Lexington. Sept 30-l-2t 

1 iinderluking, woriliy of our nvIio assists to defame llie cliaradcr of invested in buildings now going Xot one uftlieminy to Nvhom wc have 

1 the 

. an I Nvorlliy of the i»ur country. 

up is not less than §2,50U.0U0. 

shown it but lias sliriink from liie most | 

f ir as it de- genius of American enterpi ize 

It Nvoulil make the United Slates llie mas 


John Clare was hung by tbe populace hideous of objects; one poor fellow re- 
nl Sant^ Criu. on the- ITi'l, uk . for ll,c 

ti-r power of the ear.h. 

Nonv if there existed any neces-ity for 
the genera) governnieiil lo undertake this . 
ent- rprize, it might he wor:h nn hi!e to dis- 

'der of AmlreNV Cracovitcli, a llun- 

apprelR-n.ion in .-.•-nra to ll.o futnro. It -f  -oftMiuitio„«l pow. r. 

shall be onraim to maintain that plaee m.cI. mee.siiy, and 

in the public favor Nvbieh former efloi t 
Las enabled us to reach. 

To oua SuuscKinEus. — The la^t num- 
ber of the Statesman terminatevl the Idi 
volume. For ih it voUiine m  st uf our 
subscribers arc in ai rear, aud a conside- 

NIA roKS. 

White Hall 1‘. O , MadiRuti co . Ky i i 
Si'pte'mlxT ;M), Ic53.ji 

To the Editor of the 8m: In yunr p:i( er 
of the 27ih inHt.,yoiirc«»rresjK ndeiii, “H.iune,” 
lias the folloNNiog  eMlriicv : “The Stowe 

ir.iitoiH have returned. Mav th.-v meet ihecon- 

temikl they ilf'erve. Afier Vicluiiii’- l•nulellt • , i . • . n /n i 

and j*ro[H-r exclusion of the woman hum her "illi all on board, including Mr. Clark, 

hi-nc.; all -nrh (lis,-iHsion is nu re ah.tract r" '' ""- 'I"’ l’"'‘hc ali -ntiun. of ,i,o propriulors of the Sarr imrnto j 

b.mi-s Napoleon treated her evfii mure severely: . ' 

•‘peeill.itioii. ;\-.ide from the C*ni-«lilii- and so  he NVent lx*g;;ing into pt».ir, but fre 
tional ,, notion, it would bo excoodinwly ‘ 

nv political fiiends of the Norlti again of llie pru-«lavery of the 
Stiulh; but this course of attack, which has 
diverte^l from “Uncle Tom’s Uahin” bv 
Key," has, as Nvas to have U'eii ex|M-cted, 

bill! policy lo furce the government into 
such an tin lertaking, to tlie exclusion of 
individual eiilerpiize, when such eitler- 
prize is sulfi .dent fur the purpose. No 

to rpilm it off as a siiiike, qv pounding it 
lo atoms by repeateil bloNvs with a fence 
ganan. rail. Mr. Moulton lias a patch of the e 

d he ^hip Martha, wliitli sailed from odiiites, and Nvhen they are full griiNvu — 
8an Francisco for Tahiti, nearly a year attaining, as we are informed, the enor- 

it has just been aset-rtaim-d', is lost, ; fuut-th.-j »ill be a 

I, ..n .... M.. ru..,.i. 'lecded cunosUy.-5 . .l«Mo«y Au-yo-fsa. 

A Greek mercimnt, named Barhakis, 
residing in Mosemv, deceased some lime 
since, left his entire fortune, wliich ex 
coeds §I.5JU,UU0. to tlie Greek (iovern- 
rnenl, to be applied in aid of education in 
Greece. Tlie money has safely arrived 
at Allien?. 

Mr. M. Xicbolson, formerly proprietor 
-f ci.y «t shas,;. has b.o„ 

murdered by Indians. 

It is now generally believed that the 
“Joaquin Rangers,” Nvhose supposed cap 

r.uhle numbcT owe us f..r more than one oiler woul 1 the ti easiirv of the ii ition tore of ihe renowned bandit, Joa.iuiii 

year, and not a few from the beginning. 
T^his delay in paying^llie printer is wrong, 
very wrong. It Nvorks great inconve- 
iftience to us, and is no ndvanliige to the 
debtor. To all such, we make iliis libe- 

' not, jll-t 

be opened f.r sikI, a purpose, tbui, fraud hi:::;!;, 

NVuuld organize itscll for the )mrpu e of ^he i- u w.M-ld-wiih- patriot 
plunder; and what, un 

ihn #*-ir . rtf r,..; Nvuiidcivd Hi, ^lu■ WINS moH* nccoplablv 

^ * ti» the {M'opte of “flee Swil«crl.ifi l" lhaii to the 

v.a’e enlorprize nvuuI 1 cost only ihotis* bhH».| siaiiu-d U'wur|M*r Luui-* Napoleon It i-. 

-nil be swelled inio hundreds of 

ral proposition. 1 ) relerence to onr ihons;inJs, and the governnunl Nvould i'* Kiiglaud parily upon the mo-.t fi.uiering in- 
terms you will see that Nve demand an en- 
hanced price, where payment is not m;ide 
in atlvance — now, if yon Nvill send us by 
mail, postpaid, or by other means, fn-.* 

have to fool the bill, 
is, there will the vultures 


•of charge to us, the amo-jut of the ad- 
vance price, it shall be accepted in liqui 
 lation of your dues; but you must be 
prompt, and delay no longer, if vou 
would avail yourselves of lliis liberal of- 
/er. A neglect to comply Nviih these li h 

I cilizt'ii, iiihIc (*r fi-iinile, Imt 
•■alhered to- reerml her lieallh .ami  pirit'» after •*€•%•« 

.1 tr* I- • I 1 . It labor Jimi coiixciiieiil pliN^ ^lepr^•^^iou. She 

gc:Iier. If indivi dual eirerpnze could con- everywhere avoukj. L .muh put, 

struct this road f.r a hundre I millions, it b'^ Ui'p!ay, Nvhen it could be nniiIi pr.ipiiefy 

Murralta, created so much talk and com- 
thmef.m* lately, were mistaken in their 

man, and decapitated an unlucky person 
who Went out NN ith a party of Los Ange- 
los lo catch wild hordes. The head, how- 
ever, is about lobe taken to the .\t)aiilic 
any ' States for exhibition, hut the Alta Oali- 
utal I^‘ taian hopes its exhibitors will be met 
with loatliin;' and dis«iust. 

Nvoiild cost the : 

el nim-:it three hundred 

Ox THE Tuipod- — F lank II. Clarke, 
K-q , who left behind him many friends 

:n!i li A-» there wa-. no ueces-ily for her tn;- 
prc'Ciileil to llic (.^ueen, nIic of cour^'C diJ 
millions; not, indeed, to jiay for the Nvork, it. ami iheivfoic Nva^, not ''e.xrliuled " 

hill to supply tlie d•■liei'S NvIiich plunder- iu.',, 

«*r  wuuM ere .lie. fii such an un Icrtak- '‘h*'’*-' holder dare not pursue a fugitive from '[\.xas about a year since, has become the 
,T . .. II     I . .sl.NvtTV, lead Nvuh greul Diteiot “Uncle loin's ,, ,, 

mg, Uncle nvouKI be looke.l upon as Cabin." and gave an ordi-r to the pub!i^her t«» editor of the JclU rson ( leXi^j 
a great goose, and every fellow would fn*;ni *Ii_!HT_waHi the* earliest coj.y of •aim 


OrricE or rm; Ki.nth rv SrAT»s.\iA\, 
Ti'kahav. Oct Itli, '.')3. 

Hi MP— U’c quote at 25 

Fi.oni — (h»ml bramU$l 00. 

.MKAi.~N ‘lniiiiig at fiOe p ImimIm-I. 
Il.NNiJV — Ho;' roiiml. Su|H*rio 

vass.-il liaiiiH, li((M2 »e 
I.^RP-Is Nvorh Oc V Ih. 

SnLT — - i.H' p bu'.hel. 

Ma(KI.iui. — None in market. 

8, OAR — fi‘a(2*c p Ih 
CofTKK — Kio, II '^(rfl2o p n* 

TrNS— R.TUffe from I'Oe (o $1 p Ih 

Ton \cro— Ctm.muu, 16(^ 20 *; fii 
50c p n  

Wni'.KM'— CiHumou rectified, 2t*e; 

in this city, when, after coinplelino 

Ills ' 1“ 

Ihd. 35e pg-illo 
Ui-vlULUS-^lii di-rmiml, at 37* 

w cup- 

y lb. 

We always had a warm fcelln:' 

toNV U’ds 

era! terms will compel us to demand the ^ continue to phn-k, while there Nveic feath- Mr«.*^8tnw Frank, and thought him qn ililieJ for a]* 

whole penalty of tlu* delay. Fosimaster 
arc alloNved, under the laNv, to frank lei- 
Aers coataining money in payment for sub- 

8ucli are the Nvarniiigs 

Business AND Uoutics.— O nr readers , mtirli for all works of improvement 

will bear us witness that, so far as tie 
pends upon a public journal, wc liavi 


fk»rd liotiM*, aiuoiig the lii.'l poelb, lii'^turiuns 
. . . and other liU-rnry ami miluary meii, as wi II ;ix 

.1 lie I'' unwise nvIiu w ill mo »l linu'-hoimred iiamen of the briti*.h ar- , 
iHlocracVs, the tpieen hotioitd her with a most 1 
, visit : which proves (hat she does not 
nerally pays twice or thneo as (lo^cend tocaicr to ihe tlenravecl prejudice 
the slave pariv. Mad.iiue L? \’ert,of Alah; 
who ' 

ers to be fouinl 
of experience, a 
not learn from its teacliin 

■d nctnallv co^l; ami tliis 

^id* hberul ' 

stly kitoNvn 


most any position ivipiii ing cultivated in- 
tellect. W-' are gla 1 lo find our old friend 
rising in llie world, and Nvish him the 
ur|mo t abundant success. He makes a 
; most sprightly and iiilcru.sting paper. Hu 

i-ration. aside from all constitutional (jues- 

ihe slavery'*que^lion. received in a voung gentleman of fine capicity, 
racy Nvriter, and of fine social qualii 

'pecial reception froni the (^nccii 
repiililicaii nooiie seeks sympathy 

 liN»i so— 3Uc p llT* ^ 

I’hr.sNVAX — QOc  3 ll . 

Uku.— 7'.jc p m. 

8iior — $*2 l."  p h,ag. 

Uo K— (ht p H . 

It.NR luo.v— Did? IV V 

N.Niia— 5‘.j(iJbc p Dj. 

L O L: I S V 1 1. 1, K MARK K T . 
Orrr.'E ok the Loi i«vili.». I)emo4 R.nt ( 
Mu.vuav Oct. 3, \ 

The market Nva-* firm oii Saturday. Sales of 
tobacco niuouuted to -Ri hhds, at prices raiigiiiL' 
from $t 55 lo 7 55 *£.? hundred. In flour nvc 
notice ail iiicreased firmness. The weather con- 
tinues cool ami cloudy: «hc river falliutr. 

H«u*k — 'I’ raiisnclioiis during the 


^PHE un )eisigiicd. Commiasioiier appointed 
1. by order of the Fayette Circuit Coutt. at llie 
August Tern», l.**53, in the suit of Alvin Ste- 
phens' widuNv aud heirs l*etttion to Court wiH, 
On Ihc l llh day ill Sd('cHibcl- , IN58, 
,\t the Court house door in l^xington, betwe«*n 
the hours of 11 and 3 n'c! »rk of that dny, coin- 
inenciut' at 2o*ehH*k. offer at Fulitic Auction to 
the highest nnd Ih'sI bidder, the ftdlowing 


AimI Aorllii-rii ll.-iiiL Hto«‘k. 

One Lot, No. 5, Vjinprlt Hireet In lA-xiiiffton, 
containing 21 acres 3 roods and 33 poles of land | 
« ne Lot on the Souiliwosl side of Up| **r atreet, 
in Lexingluii, and hnNing a front of 50 feel on 
MullM'rry alreel : Three Lola in Lexington, hav- 
ing fruntK on Ihe NorlliNvust side of Mdl street 
of57?.j feet each. One House aiul in Lex- 
ington. situated on Hill street, lM*lNveeu Broad- 
way and Mill streets, ai.d running hack half 
Nvnv lo Water strict, uiid Thirteen Sham of 
Sorihern Ihtuk Stock 

TKRM8. — One third of the purchase tnoncjr 
NN’ill be forca-h in hand puiil, and the balancu 
in one and t nvo years fium the day of sale. Imnda 
And approved security will be requir»- l for the 
defered paviueiits, having the f« rce and effect 
of replevy bonds. WALLKK KODK8, 

Oct. -1-2 liii Commissioner. 


Reporter and Ke: 

B. T. CROUCH, Sr. 


^’ersailles. Ky ,S *pt.l lth. 1^53. 

Tin: Ki:Nr(TKY statk .Mi:i) 


Will hold its 3r l .\ntnml Session in Lexing- 
ton, on UrdnesiliiVf the llltli of Oeloher 
next. The Practitioners in the State gnieially 
are invited to attend. 

Ri'ports mat be expected as fol!ow«: 

On Pr.ictical Medicine, by Prof. Force. 

On Improvemculs ill Pharmacy, Prof. Silli- 

On \'ital Smtislics, Dr. Sutton. 

On ObstetricH. Prof I’oNVel). 

Oil .Medical Klhic*. Dr. Hewett. 

On P'dilie llygieiie. Dr. T. S. Dell. 

On Kpideinics, Prof. Dullitt. 

On Surg«‘ry. Prof. ,1. D Flint. 

On lmlige((ous Holany. Dr. Kmiiiof. 

Oil .Medieal Diogmphy, Prof. R. J. Dreckin 


On the relation lM**w«'eii DUea^e* niid particu- 
lar U«-ological Formations. Prof Peter. 

On Meilical Literalnn*. Prof. Yandell. 

Un Ihe Stati-tics of Hernia, Dr. S. D. Rich- 
ard-on. ' -'.J 

On the Slat istics  if Lithotomy and ChIcniIoii.h , REAL AND PERSONAL PROPRRTT 

On the History ami Minlr of Management of i AT AUCTION. 

Ho--piials, Dr. Raphael. 

On the Hi'tory ami Mode of Maungemeiil of 
Peiiiteiilianes and Prisons, Dr Sneed. 

On Suits for Mai IVaclice, Dr. Spillman 
On K-sult-i of Surgical ( jH*ralion» In Malig 
nanf Di-*oR--es, Dr. Colescolt. 

On Kpidemic Kiy.s|p»las, Dr Owen. 

On Kpiileiu'c Dy-eiitery , Dr. Hynes. 

Oil I hioeoia PicL'via, Prof Miller 
On Statistics of Hea.edie.s in Disense, Dr. 


The iieNvsp ijH-rs throughout the Stale ate re- . .uni. , j 

.peclfnllv requested to notice the meeting of the /*«'»/. ad;oimng W alnul Hill Female i^m«»'arv. 
' - * * * 1 l.L- f-i-i., ».!i« iin It .1 very neat ncNV FRAMK 


^ I ^H K suh »crilH*r hnving Hetetntltied lo reinoa^ 
I lo the City of l..uuisville, will sell at Puh- 
! lie Auction, 

Ou Tuesday, the 25th day of October, 


On the Itieliiiioud and la^xingloii Turnpike 
roatl, Un: folloNving pro|H*rtv, viz: 

i A FARM, 

Oonlnining about 2 1   U i:.s of ral rate 

f,und, ud;oimn 

____ . ( ThL farm haa 

vill 1)6 held at fho M- dteal GIOUSK. Nvith tieoes^arv 'out-buildiiigs: a fine 
I young Orchard t»f choice fruit — e)icloK*d with 
[gi/od fencing, and welJ watered. To any per- 
I son Nvho desl.V% a small cquidy f(:sideqce, this 
place prcM-nt-. r rare nppoUuiHty. 

A for the Ide of Mrs. McDo.vxLb in 

i abotil 9d Acies of I’'ar7nin^ Land, adjoining the 

Hall, to commence at 12 o'clock noon, 13th Uc 

The .^niiunl Address will bi  delivered by Dr, at 7 o’clock. P M . at the fTail. 


, K. L DUDf.KY. 

Cornrniltw of Arraugemeuts. 
Sept. 30, 1«5:L 

. above. 

0 hratl of IIOUS|-:s, amongst which isa pair of 
I ruatcl) mares ami 3 or 4 good buggy hort-ea; 

' 17 head of superior .Mll.t'lf  *OWS; 

[ Several yearling and Sucking Calves; 

' About 150 head of IIIHiS; 

* One four horse and one I nvo WagoD; 

I Cart nnd ( e 



'Txl ^ 'U JiAJj 3 ^ Tii-miiiK '""I liarjfii ri.-ri.iN. 

EnabUng to Speakfromtl.e First Lessons! ^ »,,d‘Ki-n7lK“'l’7!K, ViT 

t I J ' ; . . . . repiil)|jcaii Doone seeks sympathy in his Jioim* • ^ . -T. . Ivu.oivo and Koiu; — I raiisnctions during Ihe . .I'vT-rr i-»f » v r p*sa» 

Striven to promote the busiiu' s ami t»ons, is an msiijH inMc argument against de-poii m from fomgn tvrnnts. lie must look His many warm friends lure wUl be ^'laJ , paM wvrk have k-eii very light: owing to the A ' Lr ^AN from hurope povsessing I quality. 

rtC f .s VV 1. ,,-rt nrtts her iindiTt-tkiri'i* viich entornriKes eUe where than to Vicioriri, wh«» i-* not onlv the j , of his nrosneril v itlifficulrv of making Hhipmenls. Sales on Salur- i ' , , of a Hiip'rior e«l neat ion and i TURMS 

lenU of Lexin^'ton. Wt- Imnc con- her umKit.ikin^ . ucli intupnz . Kovercign of a -free' pcqde. but nUo a woman ol pro pent}. | pbees ,,t and 150 m I '•* dcMr- ,hc d.iy of 

prosperity of Lexington. \V»- have con- bvr undertaking such enterpriz 

«tant1y recommeiuled our bu.sjties.s men, | Li all questions of morals, it is a safe loved by all ftir her huirane ami liberal seuii 
our merchants, grocers, manufacturers rule 

true* that JIrs, StoNve "Nveiit 

igiug" aiiyNvhere. Always having means , ton 
lied to her refim-d tantes and tiuhle si*nii- 
iil'', by her onvo genius she ha  acquiu-d 

never tu do llml which is of doubl- 
Rnd mechanics. W'v have regularly call- ful propriety. This rule may be pruli:a 
ed the attention of country dealers lo the bly applied to tlie cotisiderallNm of 
Lexington market, and spoken of our 
merchants and business men, as a clas 

terms of the highest praise, nnd point- because it is safe to infer that it was nev- have tilled tin- Nvorld with womK-r ami admira 
ed to the pntise- worthy efforts made by 
them to accommodate the public. While Vieldof Wheat. — I'lic Charles- * 

i who has great ox|M»rience in leaching. 

• private iiiKtruction in theabc 
Iguages, to l,.NtMLii and Ulstlemcn. nt the 

- ' ample weallli foriuore ex'eiided chantie.s. Not of Jerterson County, w hich yielded lb 

,r stilulional.|.icsli„n'.;,«lK-rc tlu.- pmver i.s a c.-,u uf tl,„ v„luM...ry irilmu, tu her ^raoraiimi y n.iuntily of sixty lni-.ln- 

  not clear, it should never be exercised, a u-td lor litr own.but for oihcis , . . 

’ / . li es, ^he whii'C gn-at ami iliviiie ihougliis , the acre, and NVelghs sixty pounds. 

granted; forlhe poNvers giaiUed are tn.u.NNho^ sei.iinMnis have touched 
* X o patliies of woihl Nvuh* huiuRuil v , from the palace MeUlterram 

general clearly expres-ed, and were lothelmvel. nv1m. sc* writings have met a large 

of MM  pi.ces at IQi^taiQ'. ami 150 
b c. nibo 2(MI coils at GI .1 and lOOat 

Fun ti — The market exhibits a firmei n-'-nMii. ii i . 

Dress has a samide of cimsed hv nu ndvnnc«* at Oineinnali. 8ah’p. of ***? give lessons 

3.50 hMs'superfine fmm stores and milU at $1 , ^'hools attend 

nn. Kxira hranda nvc quote at $5 2. 

(?5 50. 

(tuoi'i.RiEs — Market reiuaius quiet for nM de 
sciiplions Wi* (jimte small sales of coffee nt 
It is 1 1 ’'.t (?? I2*^c Sugar Continues in good demand 
5 ‘,'(fr(k- for fair ami prime. Nolhing doing 

wheat gruNvn by Thomas Lock, a farmer 
of Jefferson county, Nvhich yielded the ex 

si xty poun 

bearded wheat, culled Wldie Love 

•i Very iiioder.Ho. Kvenin;__ 
to 3 o'clock. 

e.-Nddress KUKKST v. NYSTROM. IS 
Main street. 3d door ibovc Plicenix Hotel 
Cclolter l-2-lf 

IMS for the Iriand will lie made known oq 
I llic day of sale— for the other propertv, a credit 
! of six months for all sums over .$2n,*notva ne- 
gotiable and payable at the Norihern Dank of 
Kentucky. Nvitli ajiprovcil ^ocuriiy; that nuni 
ami under, ca-h. 

S ‘pt. 30-1-td J. J. IH'LI.OfK. 

we have ’pursued ibis liberal course, iN meant so lo be; and ibose Jt-tivabb- froui 

can not have escaped observation that inciilenl, though often subjects of di.spule, tru-*i nviH Im* able to Iw-ar up even under the 
certain of our merchants nnd grocers , are confined to the carrying out of tliose 

expressly granted. This is tlic only safe 
rule of conslriiclion. Now, in the most 

have never thought it worth N hile to ad- 
vertise in our columns, lliotigh their ad- 

r ubeviiciit servant, 


vertisements appear regularly in the col- lenient \ii-w of the subject, tbe consliiu— 
umns of our whig neiglibor. We- sup- ! tional jnjwer ol llte general government 
pose these dealers, though they carr\ to uiidei lake the construction of the I*a- 
Iheir political prejudices so far, have no , cifi'* railway, is doubtful, aud lienee ought 
sort of objection to receive the money of not to be ixerri-etl, rsjiecwU j ih the uh- 
democrats in pay for their wares. They ' * *« *^ o/ a co^itroHiup hercsxittj. But there 
are willing, no doubt, to accept the cus i-^ no such m cessity. It is already proved, 
tom of democrats, but privately they beyond any doubt, that iinliN idiial capi- 
have too little respect for them to aJver- lal stands ready lo un.lertuke tliis great 

y   F’or the Kvniurky SiatCMiian, 

I j OoL. Tayi.or: 

Ymirlalc «'ditoriiil in rcgartl to a 
School for llio cdiicai lull of I’l'orosoiomil Ti-nch- 
»TH, was lead by m *, .iml doubth*ss by matiy 
oihci-.with much nltt-ni ion niid plea-urc I h«-h) 
I hope nil your patioMH dcriveil fr«»m it h gralifi 
ille Kagle of the 1st instant, ^**’*T‘ ' '1"*** * was glad to m-«* the 

'conductor of a pulihral press l.iy asi*h’. forlhe 
linn*, the Nve.ip.Mis tif ih.- partizaii, nnd fearles.s- 
Iv and forcibly pn-sent to the public coi.sulera 
tioii, a lu.ilti'r -so impurtuut as this, to the pub- 
lic ^^c!fale 

ve quote at 80c. Corn 4Uc 
'ood lirufUhy from stores at 
\Vl* quote small 

The May 

speaking of the progress of tlie Mays- 
ville and Lexington railroad, says; 

A bi-auliful and elegant passenger car for this 
road Nvas landed at our wharf this week, and is 
ill rendincs.. for a passenger train as^ooiiHslhe 
length of the track laul will justify it. 

'I'tireu pas-eng»*r cars for this road Nvere land 
»'d at laoiisvirie, on Wednesday, from barges 
iloNNn the river — dc.signed for the ]iart of the 
ruadbeiNvocn P.irisaud lA*xingioti, Nvhich Nvill 
! «• in o|H‘ration in a feNV days. 

“CirtzEN.”--Wc invite attention to a 

(in NIX — Wheal 
Oats 3::(n.3.v. 

H NT— .Sales of 
$1361 I I, 

Hr MP — The market is quiet, 
sah s at $l 1.*^ 

J’rovisions — N othing doing in pork, Me«s i« 
■ I $13 5ncm 75. and M O at $13. Da 
con is doll; sales uf n  oiit 2U casks from store 
at C'jj6r7c for shoulders, for elear 

siil6' .anil lO'.jC for sug;ir curetl ham-i. From 
ihecounirv Nve continue lo ipiolc 

- i - I- .« ; » 


Coimuuu Schools’’ have, lo he sure 
' rapitlly iit ihe putilic favor with.ii the I 
years jn Keuliioky. Scarcely a voice ca 
heard iigatiist them ihrougiumt the land 
! common consent, they are to Im* i u-t:iiued 
j guarded ns m-ccs-.Hrv to the Nvell-lx 
I cominoiiNvvallh in all liino to come. 


held at 1 ic in kegs and 3'.,c 
Whi»kv — 8.ih" of 132 bhl 

for hhl 

grown at 2*2c. Rectified * 

st fi-NV t 

ides. Lnrd i.s . 

from Ihc levee ! 

Fill! lIFIIimAL I’llil'OSES! 


Doin’ n I.M:, and 

Of Excellent Orialitir$, for sale by 

J. D MOUh)N A CO. 

Also. .1 lot of riNK I Hi.VUS, just leceiv 
ed anrl for sale by 

Oct..ber l-2-4t J. D MORTON A C\ . 

G IQ E iS» 



 isc in H paper which ihone cualuniera • work, in tills Nvay it xvouKlbo cunslriic 

regularly read. They bid for Nvbig cus- led at niucli less cost, and* in u mucli communication, signed “Citizen,” in lo 
itom, by advertising in a whig paper, but shorter lime, than if undertajeeu by the paper. I^rehilra to a» Normal | whei 


Oct I. P. .M- 

^ Sides of ft ,500 MiIk flour; St.ali* * li2'n G'*! . nu 
of our ' ad vano’* of 2. c; Soulheni t)75( rT -^7 ; the demand 
.there- IS good. eoUOO husitels n% heal sold at 113 f-»i 


governnieiit. It is uniuce.' 
griveninu nt lo umlertHke the 

then, shouLl she do it? If it be said iliat ibis city. All our citizens are in 

a single conqiany, nn iehling so n ast a cap- (^rested in tbe suggestions made by the 

they seem to think that democrats 
obliged to deal with them, Nvbctlier they 
advertise in a democratic paper, read by 
them, or not. In a business point of 

view, this is certainly vr:rv short sighted j iial. might be a dangeiou.s monojioly, 
conduct; because, lo a business man, it reply, let there be SN*veral companies, 
can make no difference what are tlie po- ; and the Nvurk diNided belN\een them. — 
Vilical sen'.iments of his customer. It is' New \ ork has ciiarlered one; let other 
his cash that is wanted, not his politics. Slates charter ollieis, and the general 

goveinmeiil grant the right of Nvay across 
the jiublio lanil.s to each. In this Nvav, 

slnmld have been mo 1  ^ 

to be of value iiiUHi Ih* supplied Nvith yoo(/ /rar/i 
lloNv many will U* rcijuiivil for thi^ Srate 

lhi-v*to come frtim? 8hall Kentucky bbl** pork. 

, , . . , , lorial — or obtain them from abroad 

k; Nvny, interests of etlucalion lii the State   die question now forcing it eif upon 

I tide. 

Let no one fail lo read the ar- 

f)ut in another point of vicNv ibis conduct 
of tbe d£aler is so narroNv, so full of big- 
otry and intolerance, as to amount to , the danger of monopoly is deerea ed. 

receive an 

iliUle less than a doNvnright insult lo liis while eacli company wi 
democratic customers. It amounts to a profit un the amount of its capital invest- 
preference sliown to whig customers over 
democratic customers; and it Is not un- 

TliiA i-i 
. and lo 

it tliVn* sbciuld be t*ut"em* answer: Ia*i Ken- 
tucky qualify heroWH sots loeducate tier child 
rt'ii.* She has within heroNNu limits the necc-s- 
sRiy material in great abi|»daiice. L*t the State 
call for it— fucourage it come forth and it will 
cuiim forth. 

My object, hoNvever, m not to write an essay $5 15 for superfi 
on this subject — NviAhinglo say **omeihiiig 
kindred subject, I (hought It due to you to thank since last 
' you for what you have (Lne. and to urge you | advanced 

liiilil Nve isriall see all our schools g.iN'erned tjbN meny p.irk 
and taught br KeiituckiaVs. 

Ill the same ediUMial.v4)u notice in flattciung 

leans, from llie want of subjects only.-- | terms the schools of thiscity. TheydoubiU* 

the coinpHiueut yu paid ll 

The FrifiUE.Mic.— 'Hie latest neivs from | 
the South shows that the fearful epidemic , 
is still raging in many localities. Itlm'Nh 
in some measure subsided in New Or- 

'eTH, I hljWlrfs C.Uur^^o1 f!^^UMCe!F"^rTr?e7^!|^^ . i i ' 

rv’huol-. jMioyaiit. S-desof 25 ) bags coff.*e:' Rio Ile,Java|"‘"‘ palfN nagv 

l*3c. The iii.uket is quiet. 303 hhd  bUgar.«old: 

Mu-covat|o 51 J, Orleans 6; dull. Sale* of 0**** ^ 

|G50(^1675. prime Lt. 1'here 
a large* K[ ec»ilai ive ilemaiul. 2fltHI bbls mess 
tMvf sold al $1*2 75; an advance of 2.* c. SaleX 
of 153 bids lard at $11*4(1^11?,;; Hegs 
The market is firm 150 casks shoulders and 
h iuH sohl at 7» |@i)i 4 I50tniis pig iron aold: 

Scotch 3G(7i''tH. '■ 


Oct 1. P, M. 

Flour U active; sales of Vil»l** at $5 to 

1 $'» 20(??5 25 for extra 
I’hc maik» l clos**d firm. shoNvmg nn advance 
tig of 2*V per bl)l. Wlii kv h«-  

Ivaiiced to 22*rtC nml active. Sales of *22.) 

$1 1 50; 4fl lihd* clear bacon 
t aides sold lit packed. The market is firmer. 

I   K »S leave to inform the cifizi 
) loe.lhat he has resume l busme 
atmve lioe. On Main ftrret. opposite Dr . Stone's 
D'ut’tl Ojfice. and nearly o/«p«4i/c the Pmi-xix Ho 
Ti t.. and bo|x*a by Uriel aitciilion to Imsineaa. 
to?»*iher with kis cigwriei'ce, and hia deiermi- 
ttmiiin !• wnTli but the tM*Mt of slock, 

Nvananiiiig good fits, cfci-., to ujerit a share of 
Oet. 4-*3-3in 

Will be aold, at the same place and lime, all 

Till- IM'IISO.X.IL PltOPKiri'Y 


Consisting « f a fine voun? 5U fine 

- ll'l.i: rol.Ts; 3 hea'dof ifOUslCS; I7head 
of C ’.VT'I’ Ll-;, including Milch Cows, Yearling 
aud sucking C.dfes; 125 head of 17 

head of.s||Li;|*; and r.\K.3II.M; I TLN* 
SI 1.8. AUo. 

lb Sliarea of Northern Dank Stuck; • 

2 Shares of Frankfurt it f,.«-xiiigtoii Railroad 
Sl«)ck. Nviih2l percent added in Slock. 

2 Shari's of Richmond A L *xiui'tun T(irni ike 

TKK.MS.— Norlherii Dank Stock. c«*h — for 
the other propeity, six months credit, wiih ap- 
d security, negotiable and pavablc at ilia 

. Northern Dank of Kentucky, OH all of $2U 

of Lexiug and upNvards; that sum and und. r canli 

.1- J. MULLOCK i 
T. W Dri.mCK, V Ezra. 
Sep(eml cr 30-1 -id 


The Parlnerabip in th- Practice of Uw between 

TI C E. ' 1 S this day dissolved by mutual consent. U ia 

ncijo'iriiiHl KUclion i.u J unpurtant that the busine^K of the firm should 

INLlO.N’ »V I' ll ,V N^K !• Oil 1 \i i« . . ^ aeilletl Many of ihcir uccounts aio pf lung 

icaniestiy reqTi *^*^**** iq them - 


l*lhi; (’0. ll*ANT , will beln-ld at the Imu 
of J. W Hlsuiusox, uu Satiiidav, the 22d 
ill t,, nt lU o'clock. A M 

CT.\ punctual altemlance of St«»ck!ii»blerR is 
eariivtly requested K. J. Sl’URR, Si-c’y 
N. D — Me punctual ill payiiiei 
ns money is riupiired to pay Cuiitraclor. 

Ocuiber 1 3-ld 

l.('\i!U,»n ami Danville Kanroad. j quarterly instalment of 10 |mt 
C ent, upon subsri'ipltons of slock lu the I 

L-xingliUi Hud Danville Railroad Compauv. fell 1 ,],« Hanks nt Ix*xingl 

« .1 1 . i_ .. . .-W .. i ... I * 1 .1..-. ! . ® 


I W I LI. sell To the highest, bhlder, on .VIoh- 
I fliiy* (hi* (Otii oroctobur, (being Coun- 
ty Court day.) 

Tnvo Men and one U'onvni. 'J'hev ar« fur 

fault. Four mouths credit, negoltuble fn oi.p 


.-Muai "■* =‘"'' p'*''- .ai'i;:;::; L ■ u::. 

i . • ..*11 '.e I - . -t ’ . II... i..» U... 

This profit N\ill lu? so vast, llialcajii 
s eager lu make 

fair to presume, ibat a dealer who is so i 1 bl^ 

clearly pn vc I by the fact that, 

violent in bis political jirejudices, and , when books were opened tlie other day tions of the markets 
carries his proscriptive sentiments so fur, d n Nvnv Y ut k, for subscription lu the cap- at hand 


investments. — fjtiled to arrive tliis morning. \Ve are 
consequently without the latest quota- 
We give the latest 

is capable of shoNving favors lo one clas 
of cuslomeis over llie other. If the cu-; 

ital slock of the I'acitic railroad com- 
pany, eliarlered hy that stale, no le 

tom of democrats be n orth Ii in ing, it . than ? l.),0t)O.O(K) were »subi cnbed in a 
is ccTtainly ivorlli ailvL-rlMii;; for; ami | single day. Tliriv is, we iv]H.a', no ne- 

ce^silv for tlie 

if whig dealers havesolitde respect f« r ! 

democrats, tlie latter in reltii n can Jo no * bark in tliis t nterpi ize 
less tlian reciprocate their  enliineiits, — secured nniiIkhU Iier di 
Therefore we suggest to our democratic 

'll government to cm - 
the wot k can he ^ 
tg : o; Nvliv tlu n 

slioilld ahe 

friends to bestoNv their cii';om up o;'. thoyc power at h' 

lalions, it is still rife. 1 mahiug to the contrary. Dul. let me a-*k. li 

■■ . - - ■ L. xingion done all »ihe rtiii or ought loduf.vr 

The mail from Lmiisvilln I’"'’'"' SLiU we  1.. n..M.ini; 

In mv  q imuii much vf-t rem.aiu*. t » Ih* d »m* 

' L xiiiglon has. it is true, taken the first ^lep 
jand taken it nobly. Hit public schools have 
I i»r *.s|H-re l WnumhI all ex|)*'Ctaiioii. ami marly all 
I her children atie'id ih'*nN,“witliout money ami 
vviihmit price.’’ .Sin- has even taken a •-ec.uid 
-tep. neartv as iniporlHiit a- the first. 'I’he C'**l 
' legi- i- now' .so connected Nviihihe City s-hooL. 

I lhal the ln»v who iM'gins in ihc (hu* niay com 
I plele hi-i education in the nlh«T. This '’p* ii" a 
[••rielii future fur the l»uv uf tlie mei tie — * 50c«? 7 jll 
■ His’ yming h.-arl will gifl.or sirei.gih fr-un 
conlciiiphiliun uf the hunnrs winch await hi 
.•\ml uiileMH all  ign- fail, it wuU Ik* .-een iu ai ^ 

vcaf'» that these hon«u** arc in ti,* pluckeil ami j Co\ INOTON H0( 
Worn hv many uf the rough and h.irdr boys w»- 
meet every day "n their way to school. 

D»it our daughters— " hat to b«* done for 
them? 8hall ihev 1 h* negU*cted? Sliall there te- 
rn. Ihgh Stlmul forthe:nV For ll.d boy^.ainph 


Monh.ny Evksixu. Oct 3 1 

Di.i VK-s Sale* of ••ii|H*rior at Tc. We cpiotc j 

the 1st day of OcIoIkt. Stockludder.s 
arc expected to cuiiiu fuiwanl and make pay- 
ment mi f liwiih, 

ed 1-2-liu D, K. VF.ISER. CMhctor. 


Hon, Timothy Burtis, Licutenunt Gov- 
i-rnor of NVisctm.sin, di«*d nt his residence 
uf bilious f-vor, rt fetv days since. He 
Nvns ;i nnlive of Huhlin, Ireland, born in 
1820, and came to Wisconsin in 1837. 

J. B. Morton advertises fine cigars. — 
do it? Ihe coiisiitutiomil WeknoNv they are fine, hccuu-e wc h:ive 
' is doubtful; it is dented bv tried them. 

fair to iroorl at G*.jq(7c 

Sjimi* — W e qu«HeatQ(u$3 Nviili the wool off 
I.amhs 1 2. 

— Plenty. Tlie hiilchers are paying D._. 
to -1^4C gross, according to «juality. 

Seplenit)cr 27, 

!U.» r U.NTi i.r — 1*he miml»er «»f Cattle offeied at 
the -e.tli-- d-iv amoimti-d to I.IGIl |iva«l ol 

taevc-., l,tllMl of which w.-re sold locity Imich 
er* iitnl pack«Ts. ai prices raitsfing from $3 2.» 
to $3 .s7‘., V Dht lt» mi the lumf — ••f|ual to $G 
net. and aveni;;ini: $3 5(igiu-.» 4. til 

• driu n in I'hihidelphia Hug Sale^ 

25 ^ DMI and quite -caTcc 

Sept, an-i-id 

Chocolate and Jujubo Paste. 

^ FRESH f'lipply uf Eagle.' Chocolate and 

JujntH* Pavte. receive I direct from the 
: nianiif.iclurera. CKO. W, NoIlTON. 

8**p:i0-l .V D.-nivillc K. U.   ». 


J.exiir/liat, Se/ t 20//., lliS.'J.^ ^ 

yUOnD.-^Al.S ;,,1| Ik. f„|- jjip ||nir. 

until the 15ili da 



uf thi  
Tlii« Divi^iu 
hitniua in A.lai 
.nitl .1 coniil I V 

1”. u  . proJile., 

' at fro 

uf ilic Firsi Dtvi-ion uf ;U* J'.x 
’«»ad South. 

1 extend- from Panvillt to Co | 

’ Count V. a disiancu of .).) nn lo.* . 
erv favund'le for ih** op T:iIioli- j 

ud all iiectfH-aiy li.fuimalion ' 
llii-« ofli. e 



12 till 


S**pleinhiT 23 
D. ef C.iMie lire in fair supply ami good tie 
mand nt $.5 5lt to $7. 'j3 cNvt net fur coiiMinui 1 c» 
choice ILk^^ arc in luiAk dMuaml at$l *25e7 


cyiTB.i: I'on 

'I.N’KTY heiul f»f CAT'I'LF; hd **ale,ull pR« 
car I.exiiiLTou — al»oui l•!t head Ik-cT 
f/tqit n ol Slalc'^m'in 
S pf P-lUO-tl 

SU PERIOR article fur removing dandruff, 
and oiviiig a fine gloss to the Hair; in 
irg«* bottles, Hi 2t  cents. (»ive it a trial. For 
„U*bv CEO. W. NORTON. 

Sep‘ 30-J 


4 I'U RE an ich- Nvint^ r sijainetl Lar«l Oil, 
/\ JU-I ivceiv.d uy C. W NORTON. 

I Sep 30- 1 

j Pommades for the Hair. 

i I UST received, direct from Dotin’s, a great 
1 *^ variety of sup rinr P.*minades, Hair OiU 
land Peifumcry of ■ ,n*i v kiiul, 

i s.*p;iu-i ' ’ (t. w NORTON. 

» iIh- 

T1U-: i'vnx t^uijsiiuN. 

LETTKll Ei;OM MK. KVi:i{ KTT 1 0 LOlU) 

Jk» Tov. S.ititi«)Hy, 17. 

7V» fhf Hi'jkt Uoii lA/rt! Juhn Unnntll : 

Mv Voiir of ilu* IG h 

t r Kfbruary la-it lo Mi. (’raiuptoii ha  
Ijilely npi earutl in our public papers. A'j 
it is ill reality, if not in form, h reply to 
niy letter ( f (In* 1st of Ueceinber. 1C52. 
on the subject of Cuba, I iv^'ret that it 
WHS not pivparetl ami '•ent before my re- 
tirement from the Department of State. 
Iliit thuu  4 ^b I iniul now  Jo it as a private 
imliviiiual. I feel as if it were to some ex- 
tent my (Inly tc answer it. I shall en- 
deavor to do S'), in a manner con ist) nt 
wtili my sincere lespect for your public 
cliaraeter, and a lively recoUeclien of 
your persona! kin Iness during my resi- 
dence in Ku'^! md. 

conforini'y vviih ( laws of nations and 
not in violaiionuf ilein. 

Von say tliat ‘•itloecuis toiler majiA- 
ly's government lo l k (or wbat purpose 
are these argiiinentl intruJueeil wiih bo 
mncii preparaiion ami urged with so much 
ability,” au.l youaii'Wer ihe (juesiioii in 
the following maniitir: “it would appear 
tliat the purpose, vol fu!hj avoited hut 
hurdlit coiueahJ, is |ri procure the admis- 
sion of a doctrine, Uiatilu* I'nited States 
have an inlereklin Cuba, to which (iieai 
Hritaiii and France can not jneteml.” 

Here a little nnitrtenlional injustice i  
done to my letter, in whieh it is distinctly 
stated more than once, for reasons set 
forth at length and  i'ry partially contro- 
verted by yon, tliat t^e government of tbe 
I'liiled Stales cunsidrred the comliiion of 
Cuba “as mainly an American (inesiion,” 
in which they had a very deep interest 
and volt a very limited one. Not only 
was no attempt whativer made to con 

Ilefoiv ivjnaikin:y on the contents 

f'ceal this doctrine, bul it was fully avow 

01 1 . 1 1 , i .i.    1. 

alliirtogive foi m to (he lian rer of ibe el .md hnns profm-ul, lb it *(' 01111:11 Com by \omMlf at the l:«adof (lie inbmniis 
[H(»vince to the Cnited S’utes, ) ni ust ha v e miHecs, i Mu* oidi fioin Ibiglind, and oi Kiiybind. lus declaied that “tbe orders 
pas-ed to us by that transfer. f*db)w.-d by that Me-sr •. Mazzifl and Kos."ir b have in council wvi e givvioiisly in. just lo m u- 
our aclual possession and occupation lor esiablisbed and pr^ide (*ver boards of \r.\U, m\\{ it h 7toit* ffeufndhj uUvtrtd, U,ut 
half a century? legeiicv for tbe Korfin Stales and linn- thuj roe iontranj Ut the law of nutioHH 

\uuobs('Mt; iliat “Lord Malmcsbuiy gai v, and fui the proiuiion of revolution and our oten uuthio^iol ivu! " r. .*v .ll•c■nrl• nn-i m k kti »« 

I and M. 'I'tirget put foi ward as a 1 ea-^on in every part of the Irorl J.” 1 have be- Tliat 1 call, my Lord, to bon ow your ' w ifl t.i- h.-M at «n»Jcnn 

for enieriiig into ibe proposed compact, fore me a list, pui pointi; lo be taken from ' expression, “a melancbul) avowal” lor ••llice  in iIm* Smr.* of \\ j.sconsiii. 
ibc attacks wlii..b bad been mn«le on tbe a Prussian Police of ti been As o- ibe ebief of tbe jui isj i u'lence of a great 

Island of (’nba by law less b inds of ad- cialions of contineii a retllgei s organin' d empire. Acts ol its sovereign autliority, 

venturers from ilie United .^'Jites, and in ]..ondon and now in action for tbe . countenanced by it.s parliameni, ligidly 

with ibe avowed deign of 1. iking pos es above mentioned 'executed by its lleels on every sea. eii 

sion ol ibat inland,” and to this reason, When these (Idn o are considered, tbe forced in the courts of admiiality by a 
you add — “Mr. Kvi iett replies in these fact that in tlie coirsc of four or five magislrale whose lenruiiig and elnqiienee 
terms:” “Tiie Piesideiil is convinced years two incunsid rable and abortive are among tbe modern glories of Ung* 
that tbe conclusion of Midi a treaty, in- efforts iiave been mule from the United land, persisted in till tbe lawful com- ^ 

stead of putting a slop to these law less Slates, though deepl to bo lamented and nicrce of a neutral and kindred nation ibiriy four, iliiriy live, and tliiriv 
proceedings, would uive m w and power- sternly to be coiidellm'd as a violation of was annihilated, and pronounced by the fit- 
ful imj.iiIsL- to till in,” and ibis argument iminieipal and iiitei miiomil law, does not liigbest legal antborily of the present day ^ 
you cal! “not only uiifoiimled but oisqui- ajipear lo im* so “slueking” as it seems C( utrary not merdv to tbe law of nations -j’ 
cling.” to be tbouglit by \(U. It does not, in bul your own municipal law! , 

Af cr acknowledging, rather coldly I my judgment, fin ni?.liany ground for ilic Under these eircum-tances tbe Gov- 
think, the conduct of the late President n proacbes wbieb it las drawn ujion the ernmeiiL and people of the United Slates, 
in disavowing and discouraging the law- (foverninent ami people of the United w ho have never commilled nor sanction- 


By the Piesideut of the Uuited States. 

I N pur-iiHhce »( Kii 

I ro’-iiU-ht of ilu*  i.ii 


iMM-ianfier d**se^Miaip,l. to wii ; 

At Ihe Land um.v at WILLOW ItlVKdt 
commencing on, ihe ihiiil day tif Octn 
l)«T iH'xi. for tin- di- '*f iho puhlic IhihI- 
bilualed in i)n  rollowii).4^;m'd townships, vix 
AortA of ike ha$e line ami u f*l of the fourth prin 
e://al turridiuti . 

Township* lliirl v-l ivo, ihirtv- three, thirty 
four, ihirty live.aui] ihtrtv »ix. of range live 

n-hip' thirl V «*ne.ihiriy I wo, ihirly ihie*', 

viiship* Ihirly-nne. iliirly two, ihirly ll 
f range 

Ildar l-jn. iriU hr fxrludrU • 

l.iot'e uilh lh(' prov-isiiois of ihc act 
«.f IlihJuly. l^^i*, hitein U'f«ne referred lo 
pre l■ll■pi^oh claim- will not la  nllo\v «| to any 
Kl.iN I'll e. ' ,,f (hr iiLi.v. o.eit'i.oM  1 h-ml ti.lneral IiaciK, lu 
. «•! Ameiir.t, . tilfi n-d ai Mined) Point , atil il after they have 
II, llial public • )H*eii otfeietl )it pidiltc sale, ami iM-come Mi)»ject 
iilioii. d land 1 to private entry And ilie-u 1 ^ilct^ will )h* bold 
in burh leg.d sid) divisions as will include the 
mine or mine* :il not lesb than ttro dollar$ and 
fiUij etotn fier arn - and if no| ttoltl at ihe pub- 
lic sale at Mich price, nor Khali Ik: entered at 
privaltf sale within Iwelvt* inoniha thereafter, 
the -:ime shall )h- stil.ji rt to bale a* other laiida* 
’l ln* idrermi; of ilo? nliove landa will l c 
conim.-nced on the days appointed, and will«u-eet! in the tinier in which lln-y are adver- 
ti-eil iiiitil llie whole sliall have been offered, 
anddin- -all's thus rio-ed ; but no sale shall \*« 
) epl oj»en hoiger than two wfeks, and no pri- 
vate  ntry of ativ of the lainls will \h: udinilted 
tiniil nfi^'r the expiraiion of lln* 

your b tier, 1 will u‘M.r\c* ibn*, though it 
contains some courteous expression*, il.s 
tone is, up.m tlie whole, not  inilc as con- 
ciliatory us in'glil have been expected, 
consult ling my letter of the Isi of 
December was altogether respictful and 
friendly toward the two powers, both in 
lorin and iii .Kiibslnnce. 1 have beard 
ihatin presenting ibis cot respondenee lo 
ILtiliameiil yu imliilg* 1 “in some sar- 
castic remarks,” but I Idvenot seen any 
report of ibein. Vour dispatch is not 
free from a slijule of s.-ircasm in one or 
two !«enlences. Tbi* I  b il! endeavor to 
avoid in n ply. not that it would be dilH- 

ed and reasoned out Li my letter of the less enterpri-es leferi ed to, \ ou repro:\eb- Suites. Nor does iberemaik in my letter ed a violation of the law of nations against 

1st of December, U62 

To meet one of ibe chief ground 

fully proiwunce my remaik just cited “a of tbe 1st of Deceiidtr, that a dispo«i- any other power, may well ibiidx it out 
on melanclioly fur the Chief of u fn e li«»n lo engRi^e in sUiT enterpii-es would of place, that they should be iusiructed 

which the United .'^ates rest tins claim Slate;” and you seem to intimate, with- be increased rather tlian diminished by by an KngiiKb Minister iu “the utility of 

— tliat of geographical proximity — af erjout expressly saying so, lb;it it implies, our accession lo the [ropOMtl cun\enlioii lliese rules wbicli for eenluties bavt 

.some local allusions of wbieb I do not on tbe part of the* people ot the Uiiiud s'rike me as **a mebtiwbuly avowal,” as known lo Kurope by ilic name 

perceive the exact be.ming, you observe. ' an insensibility “lo tbe value of you pronounce it, 01 tlie part of the of nniions.” 

IfeCt, that Cuba is .K»'mewbat nearer the eternal laws of right and wrong, ot l'ret»ident. You forgft the class from There are several other points i 

M.m .*ihirly lw'o, thirty ihreJ t"-^*«*Lv-hr-i .biv of Jm.e 

• of i‘i ')if n.iiiul.i one thuu.-ami .■n;hi hniuiri d niid hfty- 


thirty-four, nod iliiifv ijv 
i)W‘ti-l)ip-i thirty 
and thirty-four, 

1'own-hipH tliiily 
tliree, of rnugo i 
Town-hip- thirty one, thirty-two, thirty thr«c, 
and thirly fonr, of ranu'** sixteen. 

Townsliip- thirty -ihrve and thirty-four of range 

(liven mnliT my l.ami, at the ('iiv of Wa«-h- 

I3y the I’icsident: 

JOHN WlLSt^y, 
ComiuiisMoncr of i)ie ( «* Laml Office. 

At the! Office at M RN A^H A . comnir. 
Monday, the (erth day of Oct«»lH*r 

^ I"* i undcrmeinloied township-- and iiarls of town 

L* of llie law tu w»t: 

von r 

to .Limaie.i than il \% lo the nearesl part pejw’c and friend-hip, atu! of duty to our wliicli Mich a.Ivenlui 

of the United States, and you consider neigitbor, which ought lo guide eu ry iries en listed —Uiji . yoU)»g. the rtchlc?^, wh'i.di, if I were still in olbee. 1 sboubl . 

! Christian Naii'oi.” Vnn n)« rtake cvtTTT * the mLinronm 'l What other effect ‘■diseiiss^ft This 'occa-ion. I have, bow - 1 
let* lencc lu the same remaik. lo effect could be expected lobe jvrodueed ever, deemed it proper, at present, lo 

ibis as showing that we can not have 
greater interest in the islaiul tlmn yon sion, 
xVowif J 

• in all conn- di-palcb, some of great public moment, ; l’owri-hipslncnly-|i\c and iweiity-six, of runfc,-e 

’ ’ ‘ ‘ * iwrlve. 

KrmU«ma1 town-lop twenty -ion*. wr-l ..f W.,lf 
river, and (nw n-hip- t went v four, t weiity-fivc 

I 1 *• 1 I- • 1 I • , • . • : . . . I and iweiily -jx. of rantfu ihiiteeii. 

.iinpiess upon the people ot the I niieo on this part u: tin* population, by being vindicate my letter of the tirst of Decern- Pri.ciionrd tuwn'-hlf)- iw.*niy  me and tw.-niy. 
lica bore the ?amc relation Spates “the utility ol those rules lor the told that their own Government, in dis- ber from yonr strictures, leaving tbe new 

Xolice to Pre emidion Ciaimunt$. 
very jk rsoji entitled »o the right of pre emp- 
... ..... . to aiiv nf iliehooU within the lowuHiiins 

.Mg on .M...nlHV tholen.l..ayorucl..lK.r n.xt, U 

lf„r tl,n.l.., of lln- puMl.- Un.l, will,,., ,l.r 1, ihn ,„n,.. lo ll,n «.isfa - 

litjii of the re^i-t)*r jiml r;*ceiver of the prop *r 
land etlice, and make pnymenl therefor a$ $oon 
r/a praclirahtf after nmaq this iioO'cr, and iH-fore 
the day nppoinitd lor the coiMoei.cum-iil of the 
pnlilic sale of the hutd- rinlirHciii|( the tract 
claim' d, otherwise* such chiirn will lic forfeited. 


t'ommi*“iinnt*r of the lieiirral Laml Office. 
J«dv 13 1S.VL IJlw 


iVorfA o//Ac bit$e line and raM of the fourth priu' 
cipat im ridion. 

lo (ireat Dritain which our 5?'ates on and obsertunco of iiUernHlioiml lelHlieiis, reg-ird of the most obvion  public inter- aspects of the case which your diKpaich j 
near the Gulf of Mexico bear to the rest whioli for cen'.uiies have bt eii known to ests, as well as of the moKt cheiished presents, - “ - -- ---- * 

two, west of Wolf river amt Itnyoij. and town 
twenty three, twenty-four, iweiity-livi* 

lllpK tW( 

mj iWi'ii 

. ofr 

* fourteen. 

t ^ .1 ■ 1 ,i ■ * r  he .American I mon, vour reply to Luropc by the iiutne of the law ol na- historical tradiiions, had entered into a e osiiio paraontphs, lo those w hose othcial 

cau*'e 1 can not think llial an encounter of ,, , ' i i» . .1 ’ • * i * 1 . . .1 . ^ . ■  . ^ , 1 

'■ (tons. Among llie commentators on that compact wiili two foreign l owers, lo duty it is lo con.sider iliem 

wits between us would bo an edifvini; 

my argument would be goo 1. Dut the 
(direct reverse is the case. Jamaica is 

e.'*pecially in^ its opening and j praciional town-hip iwi*niy-iwo, wc-t of Wolf 
toWM-hipH twttnty ihret? and twenty- 
and lown-liip.-tweiitv fivennd 

, , ... It * I utieci reverse IS uie case. Jamaica is a ; taw, vouch 

spectacle, or o:ie winc'i would promote , , 1 .• i- • 1 1 

^ .• It-. ^ distant colony, wliose enure T»*»pulalion (Lsiino[niKheil 

nnv Ht*  i rohli* ii:t (iiin'j I i.tiw-rt. J * *. . - 

law,” you continue, “.some of the most ' guaranty the perpetuity of the system You w ill not, 1 hope, misapprehend   t" ‘"ty six we t of olf river, of raiq«j lif 

» 1 C . I 1 C n A A ’ s 


\ Safe and Surc.ltr incdv for the (ure of 

i\T b:.^! tb^kam i:r 

any desirable ualional object. 

You sav that in my letter of the Nt of 

American citizens have 

f9 J _*•' J'- • V'* ..... ^ ... J , 

under wbieb Cuba now suffer ? Does the spirit in w hieh thi- letter is w ritten. Pr5ich(m.-»1 lown.-hips iwcnty iw o, twenty tin 

1 T i 

I (of w hich not more than one-tenih i* of » arned an enviable reputation, and it is not Lord llowdeii, the Knglisli Minister As an Amcricjm citizen, I do not covei 

DecemInrI entered into “arguments not|,,j* 


rc |uired by the simple nature of the quo 
lion before me;” and the length of niy 
letter has been complained of in other ireasurv 

 liiiirU-i-,. The iiHusliun pi opoiin k .1 lo 

UHwas ceilHi..lyii. one pense •'■‘ •nple,” i , 

as every (jnesuon is that can be atisWj led 
“yes” or “no.” Dtil how v.uious, com- 
plicixted, and important lit*' rel.i'ions in- 
volved in it ! ILsi !e,.tl»e organ of eve- 
ly government must bo tlie only jmlge of 

ean origin) does not exceed that ; i.llieult to suppose llie United Stales at Madrid, make a very similar avowal the aequi^i ion of (htba. either peaceably 
b-nglish city of llie Second cla-s. | would set the example of abrogating its in lus letter of the 30lh of May la-'l, ad- or by force of arms. When I ch'I my 

brief history as 

, U i.s, a.s I perceive from your speeih ol ' mo. t s.icred pro\ isions." 

■d to the Spanish Mini U r of For- thoughts hack upon   

the ‘Lh of August, a bill lb n on the im- 1 suppose no one in Kurope or Amer- lign Affairs, when he says, “I cannot nation, I ecrtainly am not led to think that 
It must, in its present ica will think the inlended lorce of this conclude without expressing mv deep re- the United Stales have readied tlie final 
on the li't of the colo rebuke miligHled by the diplomatic res- grel that the course of Spain is sueh as to limits of iheir growth, or w hat conivs lo 

(as appears from Lord Grey’s ervrilion contained in the UaL two lines, produce a g». neral alienation in the opin* very near the same thing, that ie[ re enta- 

receiit work on tile colonial policy of youi Let us, then, inquire fora monuut if it ion of the Kiigltsh public, out of which tiyc government, religious equality, the 

I admiiii-'lra'.ion) are regarded by more j is well deserved. will must infallibly result a stale of feel- • trial by jury, the freedom of the press, 

The expeditions to whidi yon allude as v'hirh no Government can control or and the olhei greTit attributes of our Au 

twriity-four, nmJ twenty-six, wc.-l of Wolf hardv 
rivvr.of range Ki.vtvou. 

At the Laml Office at LA CItOSSK, com 
Hit’iiving on ilotidav, the ^(•Vl'ntel•ntl^  l;iy of 
Octo).i*r M'xt, for tin* (li-pos.Tl of lli«* ])\)) lic 
lands wiiitin the following numed (ttwiiship*. 
to wii: 

.YflT/A of hate line and ire»f of the fourth princi- 
pal vuriJiu 

ships twenty and lwenly-  


than one active and iatluenliHl party in 
Kngland as incumbrnBces of which she I calculated to excise the “reprobation of ojtfiosc 

glo-Norinan ciGliztiion are neverlo gain 

Itie pirtj,,.!- lengil. ami n k-iam-y iil kis „=jj, 

ougliL to get rid, if shc' could do so with every civilized state,” were di-counlc- The i lea that a Convention like that a farther extension on this contimnt. 1 

eplics lo the commnnica'.iotu of foreign 
power.s. 'I'lu* piajpo-aal to wliich I was 
returning an answer, jointly made by two 
of the leading powers of Kiin'pe, related 
lo the most important subject in the cir- 
cU* of our foreign relations. 1 tbuuglit 
that a few paragraphs were well employ- 
ed in unfoUing the vi *ws of ih»' Pre i- 
deiil on this subject; and the reasons 
why he declined eni) ring into a compact 
purporting lo bind the three governments 
for all coming time to a certain line of pol- 
icy, in a case of so much importance. 

You will recollect that the members of 
our executive govnument do not sit in 
Congress. Those expositions which arc 
made in your Faili imeiii by ministi rs — 
ill speeclies not unfreipienlly of two and 
three — sometimes four and five bouts in 
length— must he male in this country in 
a Jhoidvuiial Message, ( rarely HUutfeff - 
U* bv vour press wiihoul a sneer at its 
length,) or an executive report or (li*j- 
pa'ch. My letter of the Dt of Decem- 
ber would make a .speech of about an 
hour, which does not seem lo me immod- 
erate for such a subject, lloweier, a 
rmle greater (ullness of statement and 
ar 'umeiit, in jmpers expected locoine be- 
fore ihe public, is. il must be confessed, 
in harmony with the character of our 
Government, and is generally indulged 

You observe ilmt “the absorption or 
annexation of Louisiana in 1803, of Flor- 
ida in 1019, of Texas in 1845, and of 
California in 1840, had not escaped the 
two powers; still less did they require lo 
be reminded of the events of the seven 
vears’ war. or of the American war.” — 
But facts may be njcnlioned for illustra 
lion or argil nun t, as well as information 
Most certainly the important and notori- 
ous events named by you — leading inci- 
4  Dts of the history of the United Stales 
and of the world— can not be supposed lo 
have escaped the Governments of I'Aig- 
land an 1 France, who were parlies lo 

all respects, ' nanced bv the President in every consli- proposed was a mea-uire nalurallv called regard the imiuiry under what political 

the ca*e with llie Slates lying on the Gull ; tuiional and legal way. The utmost vig- for. in coiisiMpu nce of these law less 

anization (his extension is to take 

of Me.xico! In extenluf sea coast, in the ilnnce was at all times employed, but, p8 lilions, seems lo n st upon an entire place, as a vain attempt lo penetrate the 
jimounlof valuable products furnished to unhappily for the adventurers iheinsglves, , misconception of the present state of the inscrnlahle mys'eries of the fu'ure. li 

.eighteen, nineteen, twen 
. (»1 rai'k'e ' 

the world’s commerce, in the command 
of rivers which penetrate the heart of 
the continent, they are a most important, 
as they are an integral poition of the 
(’iiion. They are numerically all bul a 
sixth part of it. The very illustration 
made use of by you strikingly confirms 
instead of conlu'ing the ducliine that 
“the condition of Cuba is mainly an 
Ainoiican question.” 

Thi.s proposition could be enloreed by 
other strong arguments boi-les those ad 
duced in my letter of December the first; 
but ns tliosc arguments, widi the exoep 
tioii just commented upon, have not been 
met by you, 1 deem it unnecessary to 
cniaiqje upon the tojiic. 

TTTUerTT **^ia:es-certHinly 
consider that they^have “an lute list in 

the condition of (hiha, lo which Great 
Britain and France cannot preieiul,” it is 
not, either in my letl» r, nor In .ir.y other 
American State paper within my recol- 
lection, assumed that Gnat Britain and 
Fiance have '‘no interest in the main- 
tenance of the present and that 

the United Stales alone have a right to 
a “voice in the matter.” Our doctrine 
is, not that wc have au absolutely exclu 
sive in’erest in the subject, but that we 
have a far deeper and more immediate 
interest than France or Knglami c;m pos- 
sibly lay claim lo. A glance at the map. 
one would think, would satisfy every 
imjtartial mind of this truth. 

Ill order lo establish for France and 
Kngland an etpial iulerest with the Uni- 
ted Slates in (he coiuliiion of Cuba you 
SHY — “Great Britain is in possession by 
treaty of tbe l&land of Trinidad, which 
in the last century was a Colony of Sjjain. 
France was in possession • at the com- 
mencement of this century of Loui'iana 
by voluntary ce.*sion of Spain,” It is 
true that Spain w :w compelled by Fraina 
of the most imp(wtant nf the Irans- ! p, Tiinidid lo Great Britain by the 

Actions in (|Uestion. I had no thought ol 
'•reminding” your Goviri.monls of the 
events of the seven years’ war and of tlie 
American lie-volution, as mal'ers of his- 
torical fact, of which they wore ignorant; 
lhon di I really doubt and beg lo say it, 
without whether there are many 
individuals in the (iovernmtnls of either 
countrv p«»ssessed of an accurate and pre- 
.cjsi? knowledge of the facts liastily 
sVetched by me. That sketch, however, 
of the terriloiial cltanges, wliicli have la 
ken place on this continent during the 
last century, was intended as illustra' 
lion of the proposition, that our entire 
lastory shows it to be ehinu rieal, lo at- 
tempi, ill lefercnce to specific measures, 
to bind up, for all ru:iirc time, the di^cre- 
ijon of a Ciovernment, estublisheJ in a 
part of the world, of wliich so much is 

still lying in a stale of 

' o .... motive. Ihe public afte 

I’reHtyuf Amiens. If wliile this cession 
was in a-'iiation— ai it was for somi 
linn* — ll»e United States and any other 
neutral power (if lliere was any other) 
had exerted themselves to defeat it, and 
had iniitert you ami France lo bind your 
selves by a perpetu il compact never to 
ac(juire it, the interference, 1 apprehend, 
woulil have been regarded as worse than 
•Taluitous. I cannot see why we have 
not as good a right lo obtain, if we can 
from Spain, the voluntary cession of 
Cuba, as you ha 1 lo accept the compul- 
sory cession 

territory of tlie United Stales 
less than the whi»l 

without effect. In this there is mailer hiw in the UnHed Siaits, and of our trea- will, if wean* wiKe, be under (he guiJ- 
neilher for wonder nor reproach. Tlie ty relations with Spain. (dur treaties mice of our example; I hope it will be in , 
but little with that Government and the law.sof the virtue of the jn-aceful arts, by which well- 
of Kurope, while United Slates forbid all  uch eiUcipriKes. governed Stales • .xlend themselves over 
their population is not iuile etjutil lo that '('he Ivijmriile Convention would haveatl- uioetllcd or partially KellleJ c ntinenus. 
of the United Kingdotn, and their stand- ded nothing to their unlawfii1ne"S. I f .My voice w as hearri at liu* (irst opporlu- 
ing military force small, and acallcred we had been desirous of nnilti jdying ob- |nuy, in the S *imte of (he United States, 
over an immen^i ly extensive frontier. — jerlion.*, we might well have complained. ; in favor of devi*h»ping the almost bound- 
Our Government, like that of Kngland, is that the acts of a very small numb.*r of less resources of the ten itoiy already in 
one of law; and there i.s a great .similarity r esli yi*ung men, citizens and foreigners, ' our pos.sessioii. rat lie r than seeking to eii- 
between the laws of the two countries should be pu* forward by two of the large it by aggres.sive war-?. S;ill 1 can 
which prnhibit milit.ary expeditions a- ing powers of Kurope as the main reu'^on [ not think it nasomiMe — hardly respect 
gainst the pos*:essions of fiienJIy powers, why wc should be expected lo enter into | ful — on llie part of Kngland and France, 
In fact, vour foreign enlistment act of a strange compact wiili those powers, wliile they are daily extending llu ni-elves 
1819 was a.ImiUed by Mr. Canning to binding our ches never lo make a lawful on every shoii' and in every sea. and 
have ! een founded, in part, on our neu- and honor.iblc nc |uisition of (’uba. — pudiing their dominions, by new ci n- 
tralily law of the preceding year. Of 'There is no logical connection helwem quesl.s, to tlu uttei most ends of the eat ih. 

m! twenty two, of 
id twenty two, of 
nl eufif i)J the fourth priu- 
o, Iwentv- ' 

tliQ two I 

enforce iIkiii in both countries. 

These* expeditions, got up in the Uii 


llie offensive 

Consider, too, the recent antecedents 

ted States by a Spanish Gciurib and uf the powers that invite us to disabl 
oppose I to indicate a lawless dispo-'ition our. elvcs lo llie end of lime from the ac 

on tlie part of tlie American people, 

(jui.sition in any wav of iliis natural ap 

prised a wry small number of persons, pt;iuinge to our continent. France, witli- 
aomc of whom were foreigners, enjoying in the present ceiUury, to say nothing of 
the same freedom of action in the United the aciiuisilion of Louisiana, has wiesled 

their ussoeia- Uliemsolves by a pi rpi-tuiil comp:ict, nev- 
er, iimler anv ciiciinwlances, to admit 
into the Union an island which lies at 
their doors, and commands the eiUrance 
in'.u the interior of llu-ir taintinent. 

1 reiunin. niy luid. wiili the higlte-l iv’-|H'cI, 
FrtithfulK' vimrs. 

kuwaud kvkuktt. 

Stales lliiit refugees from every part of 
the continent enjoy in lingland. The 

moiety of Kurope from its native sov 
reigns; lias possessed herself hy force 

same reproach wliich is cast upon us for of arra«, and at the lime greatly to the 
lliese expeditious, is, at this moment, discon'.ent of Kngland, of six hundred 
cast upon Kngland by the conlineiilal miles of the mu them coast of Africa, 
poweis. Kvt Ills which have occurred ill with an iiideliiiile extension into the 
London, since your dispatcli was written, |inlerior; and has appropriated to herself 
strikingly illustrate the difliculty and the one of the most iniporianl insular groups 
risk, under constitutional governments, ] of the Pacilic. Kngland, not lo mention 
of preventing iihtises of that hospitality, her other numerous recent acijuisitions 
which il is the pi ivilcge and boa- 1 of such in every part of the globe, lias, even 

tovornmenls to extend lo all w ho seek it. 

your dispatcli of the 16tb of Keb 

There is no doubt widely prevalent in ! ru iry was w ritten, annexed half of the 
ibis countrv a feeling that the people of llurman empire lo her orergrown Indian 
Cuba are justly disall'ecled lo tbe tiovei n- possessions, on grounds — if the slate- 
mcnl of. Spain. A recent impartial Kreiieb meiils in Mr. CobJeii’s pamphlet are to 
traveler, M. .\m|icrc, contirms Ibis im 'be relied upon — compared with wbieb 
pression. All tbe ordinary political ! the leasons assigned by Russia for iiiva- 
rigbts enjoyed in free connlries, are de-|ding Turkey are respectable, 
nied to the people of tliat island. The | The L'liiied Stales do not require lo 
fkivernmenl is, in principle, llie worst , be advised id' “llie udlity of ibu-e ml 

Bounty La-ad &, Pension Agency! 

  EB.l.K. i I ( ailiBC. 


\ TT(')U\KY for ClaiutanU ami /'jfotit for 
oli'niiiiiig Uc-volutiouary . Nhv.iI, Invalid 
and IIalf-])ay I'eiiHion*, liuiiiity l.aml ar 
n*ant of j* iy. extra pay »to. 

ILiuiiiy i.aiid uttiaiiied for Iho witluw^ ami 
IwitH of so!dii*rs ol lliv Trxn$ Heoalution of IbJtJ. 
A«)drt*K8 CliAS. 0. TUCKER, 

S»*pt J.V10.'I-3mw Wa- liinf(ton. 1). C. 



n.i.l:RRAThl  OllKilNAI. 

AHABI.Y\ Ll.\J3IEi\'T! 


GrandDepot,67LakeSt., Chicago, Illinois. 

I.iiiinir'nt i* a conqmsitint) of BaNatii 
I ami (JiU a-s wi'il a * |iiiriti«-U ('Um iH-eiiliar 
to Arabia. ;»n«l i- tin* **.tiim* (inal ivmeiiy wiiioli 
ii.aMi-d llif Wjld o( il)** 1)' 


'rowii^liij)’' '■evriiti-ci 
ly . ami iweht y-on 
'r*)wn*«l)ip'+ iwi'iity 
rung*- eleven. 

Towm»hi|*K twenty 
rnjii'e twelv**. 

TowhKbinH twenty 
range thirteen. 

Sorth uf the base lint 

ripal wfridi‘ 

TuwnKliip* tw«-iity one, tv 

tliree and twenty I'mir. of ian*;e o'.e. 
'rown-s)ii|) tW4-iilv *ine, of ran;fe iwo. 

At 1 )k‘ I^.inil ( »|iie'* 'll SI’i'A'EN’:^ POINT, 
cointnencing on Monday, the twenty-fourth d 

of OcIoIkt 

lands sitna 
parts of t*)wn’ hi| 

.Vor/A of the ba tr Hue and eaef of the fourth priu- 
cipal uirridiau. 

Town-hip Iweniy-hix. of range f«*nr. 
Towo*s)iip iweiiH -s-ix, *.f ranye five. 

Section** thne lo* t»*n. lifh-en t*  twenty two, 
and twenty * ix to lliirl v tjv-e, in fotruithip tiren- 
ttjttii; tovtiHhip twei/v seven. .extvpt *ee- 
lton  ihir;e«*n, twenty four, twenty five, tliniv- 
five, ami lhiriy--ix,, and l••wn-hip^ twenty 
i'ij;)it, twenty nine, ami thirty. **f ranjfe r-ix. 

Section's one, lw*», eleven lo fiinrU*«’ii, twenty- 
thrt'c to tw«-nly five, and lluJly-'-ix. in toirnilnp 
imuutff ai^i iliiru-eii. I We niy four, tv «*n 

ty-five. ihirly five acnl liiirty-Kix, in totpnthip 
ttreutyterru ; --eolloi*-. five lo eij^hl. Kevenle**n 
lo tventy. ihifty and thirty one in tmru*hip 
ttceuty riijhtf toirnahip twenty nine, fi-xcj-pt Kec- 
tt«Mis iweiily five to twenty ' iylit . and ihirty 
three to tliirly kix.^ and tmrufhip thirty, nf range 

Seelion* ojie lo five, eicht to fifteen, twenty 
two to ix'enty Keveii.lhirty-tive.nnd ihlrty-‘-ix. 
ill towu^ip twenty four; lowufhip tie  utyjici . 
•except Kecli*»iis six, »-eV4-n, •*it;)ir**en. niiieUet., 
ihirly ami tl)iriy-one;j totrnrhip ttrrnfy fix: 
townshipt ticeuty-feven, ; -xcept Keetion Kix:) 
twenty eiqht, (except  .ectionH  ix. • eveii, ei;:h 
teen , nineteen, thirty, ami liiiri y-om*; and Itiwn- 
’sliqni tveiity nine ami thirty, vf ranue(*i^ht. 

1 own-ships tweiilv live and iwenty-six, of 
rani'e iiim*. 

'I'uwn^ltip twenty-six, of lange c4eren. 

At the 

the leus»t iiijurionsto the Kystem.. 
ml to the laafe. and will cure the 
ol inl«-inperanei-. \V** WAllll.^^T off caKe-4, if taken aeordint; to direcliona. 
It *l.-w;r«*y* tl»e de*.ir»* for all ard*-n( ‘•pirit* w! rn 
•strictly taken accoiiiiiig tu diieclii n-, and will 
r '-tore tin- itulividiml to llie aanie Ktale uf so- 
!)riely in whicli he was liefore In* ever drank a 
diopof the ardent, and he will not liavc tlio 
lea-ot de-Kiie for intoxicating tliinkh. 

IntetnjM r.mce i- a di«« a' *; ami n« Ktich the 
EIiz*r il pre-Hcnted »is tl»e )*alm of (.iilead— llie 
oil  »f ennstdati*)!), pt ace and peifect reMoratiou. 

'I’ln- more fully developetl is the di'-ea-'C the 
ninre  shliitary and powerful the i ttectH of thi» 
Elixir, at ot;ce tle-iroying ilje jqqK'lite f*)r spir- 

c and lv*iiity two, ii..,. innl re.-loi ing the lone of the Ktoinach l»* ns 
In’allhv an nction an it wan before drinking a 
tlrop of anient *spiiilj»: ami whtn inteinperaiire 
has asMiim-d ihis di'sea^e*! form, ^t*a^un in meas* 

, nrably delhroneil, the will to a certain extent l e 
coint'K niigttveriiabh*. itniil often. nln«! ninny 
have p;-. Hi*d the bonud.H of Rolier JCKlraiiil, and 
[ iImmjuIj lh* y may  le»ire, in their «(»l*er inoinent*', 
to abandon the um.* of that which in ko rapidly 
proving then tiane, they can not. unaided, and 
no aid has r*v* r )n-eii temh-re l Kneh. with «uc- 
fe-.**, until Hit* disCo\-ery * f Hr. Vilran’H nevi r 
’ failing Anli-Pacclianalian Elixir; bince which 
for ill** rtispo'-al of the public time none arc I* ft w'ith«iut excuse, an the nicafid 
tiu- follow ing lown-»hipH and iu*ceHKnry lo tlestrov Ihu tHKte, and again eii- 
liirone rni-on, bi inging tb * will into |H-rft*cl 6ub- 
jecliojj, ! y extracting the p« i-om»UK Kting and 
ti'inplaliun of tin* adder, are jdaced within eve- 
ry nian’K r**aeli : ih*)-4*. ilierelore, who hereafter 
til) the grave of the drnnkanl tnnxt do ko )iy 
ehuiee, and nut uf necessity— it iiialterb not how 
near it yon may now be. 

As l)u* Elixir i** a «no-t powerful purifier of 
the blood, the s, at gf all diseases, it has ) ei*n 
Used with great succ«*ss, ami js highly reconi 
nn m) *«l in ease* of l)« Iiriuni Tremens, Dvb- 
|N*p-ia. Epil*-psy, Nenmlgia. Li^er Complaints, 
(ieneral Deliiliiy, Piles, and all kn d.* of hVvenj. 
It i* lh«*) es( alteraliv** known. 

iij'The Anti iiacchanniian is nrnlly put up 
and hdvelh-d. w iih ftill directions arconipanying 
each l.oltle. Price $3 per bottle. On tlie re- 
ceipt of the u) ove ^utn il will )ie sent, free of 
charge, to any part of the Unit»al Slates. All 
le(t -rs to be p.« paid To U* hud fr*»in all (he 
principal Druggists in the United States. 

r»5 Ihird Street, Louisville, Kjr. 


VEIin.UllE FEIEI! .l.ff) .KilE 

jp 0 W B E R S f 

Tlio only Miro remedy ever known lor 
('hills ami I'ever* and n nrrnnteil lo 
cure, in all eases, if taken 
neeording to di- 

ft cure*, w hen taki-ii according to din*ctions, 
in 'I’w-j NTY Mi.vt Tis. leaving mi P. ver after the 
Chill; Very seldom requiring more than oxk 
MA.VKNT Cl ai;. Agreatnmn- 

form of ilespolisni, viz: .Absolute nulbor for the observance of internationHl rela- 

itv (lflvi;atv l toil rnililxry vi.emy, nml tions, nblcli for cinlurivs bsne bi-.n r,',Vni Micb“vm,dJirul ^ 

Mipporlc-d liy nn nriny from nbmnJ. I known to Kuropo, by the nnme of ibv 
speak of Ibe nature of the government. Law of Nations.” 'I'liey are known anil 
anil not ot tbe inJividiials by whom it is obeyed by us under the same venerable 
administered — for 1 bave foimeda very ' n:\me. C’erliiiii circumstances in our bis- 
favornble opinion of tbe personal cbnrac- 1 lory Iiave caused llieni lo be studied more .Sjiln.l 
ter of tbe present C ipiaiii-General. as of j generally and more anxiously here Ibaii Weakiiessuf the Hack, 
one or two of Ins pi edecessors. Of the! in Europe. Krom tbe breaking out of ui‘,,',,,iui'nrn,,J oilier 
bad fiiitli and Ibe utter disregard of treat- tlie Wars of llie Freneb Revoluiioii, to .Suellinjfs. 

.... , , ies wilb wliich tills ba I Oovernmont is ad- the year of 1 8 1 ?, the L'nited Stales knew : Croup. Wrnkncss, 

of Ti inida.l, which is by po- j ministered, your Comrai Ices on Iho slave the law of nations only as the victims of ! A'al "h ii'llsnniiaiory and N. i voiis Ui 

It i** couKtanily U8cd will) ihu 
' t*d Kiicccs'* in 
lltTiii.a nr Hnpiurc, 

I unbound 



AN’4iuim1n and Cut.*, 
Sprains ami lliniscH 
lluniH. Sore Eyvo, 

Puins ill litc Breast 

sition and siren, ih ibo C-nta or i lie son'lh- I imd,. have spoken pi linlv enough at the its systematic v'mlalion hy ill 

late of'Parnnmpnt: s*nrti • irrmp powers of Kurope. F' 

tlic state of tliin^^s in Cuba, it does noijlations 

eastern Antilles. 

France was, ns you say, at the bi ^in- 
of ibis century, in pi’M-jnsvion oI^Ldu- 

nl inar- 

ibe jmrt of Kngland prior lo ^ 


i'iiaua, bv ibe v'- 

As^» ussion, 

to me very i xl iordinaiy orivproacb- ; 1 704 indemnification was made under the i 
ful, lltal. tbrouglioul tbe United Stales, I Revtntli at tide of. Iiy’s Treaty. Fursim-t 

  or.N’miri.urs! ( or Ti:H. i:itm 

lU-mcu;)-er • Ku^- (-ouiilrra-il call. .i “H. C. rrll 
I'liiu H|)ui Kiini | irpar*(iui) sunie 

*». i’ 

rtice atc«iT«liiig luDUC— S^. .'iUl-. ttuil $1 buttle. 

6f SpuTn. ! 

. nowever, (nominal at a handful of mi*tguided young nu n sboiild iL-u- injuries on the part of France, we 

be (. ) did not take place til] sex t-n months jjj, found, ready to join a parly of for- were ciunpelled to accept, an illusory set THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE 
France had sold Louisi;ina (o ihe'einners, headed by a Spanish General, off' under the Coiiveniion of 1800. A „ IG-: U) ! READ H THEY SAY ! ^ 


of franc-i, ' wlio was able to persuade them, not as few \ears only eljip-ed, before a new 

of (Jhrififend'jrn, created in a good i United Slates for ei^hl million 
device hy the pre *, lias become ati ele- ] and it lasted only Iroin Lite 3 dh of Nu* | you \ iew i(, “by armed invasion to excite warfare upon our n.'Utral rigltts was com 
roent of gieat an 1 liicrea-diiLr intltienee in veinber tu ihe *20tb ()f December, 18u3. ^thc obedient lo revolt and the lram|uil inenceil by the two p»jwers. Oneliumired 
the,,conducl of iiiternalioiial affairs. — | Ihe obji-ct of I'rancein acquiring Loti- to disturbance,” but, as they were led to millions at least *f American prop* iiv 
Now, il is very much the liabit of a con- isiana, was to re-establish hersedf in the believe, lo aid nn oppressed pc-*)ple in were swept from tite seas, under the Brit- 
Aiderable portion ot the Kuropean pres-s ^ interior of this country— an object, I need | their struggles for freedom. There is no ish orders in councQ ami the French, Ber- 
j not Ray, as menacing to your North reason to doubt that the-e are. at this mo- liu and Milan Drerees. These oider  
I American possessions as to the Unittil men!, as many persons, foreigners as well and decrees were *t the time reciprooally 
Stales. Is it possible you can ibiiik such asnatives, in England, who entertain these declared to be in contravention of the law 

to speak of the steady and rapid exten 
sion of the teiniory of the United States 
a** the Indication of a grasping spirit oi 
the part of their g')vcrnment and peopi 

! a posRCS*ion r»l L'Uii.'^iana, for such a pur- fccliii'^s and f'pinion 

the United of nations by the two powi*rs lbem.''elves. 

Till- .siiliji-i-t ia mil ly iillii.U-.l t.., |,y o,ii- pose, a siilH.-ieiil gioiiml on llic part of States; anil if Gn-at Britan lay at a tiis-'cacli speakino of llie mi a.sures of llie 

school of IraiisiitlHiilic p’.iblic wrilers, lor j I* rniice for interfering with onr relations ^ tance of one hnnJred and ten miles from oilier parly, in 1831 . after the geiiera- 

aiiy other purpose. Ihus the public ' with Cuba? May she, a l-.iiropeaii power, Cuba, instead of thirty five bundled, voii lion ol the orioinil .siilTerers had sunk 

mind of the civilized world is poisoned wiihotil consulting us, obtain from Spain, might not, with all yotir repressive force, ’ under their ruined forUiiies lo the grave, 

against uj. lliereisiiotonly manifested, in 1 800, a cession of half the habitable find it easy lo prevent a small steamer, | France ackiiow led 'ed her decrees to be 
on tbe part of lliese writer.s, nn entire in- ; portion of North America — a cession j disguised as a trading vessel, from slip of that character,° hv a late and partial 
sensibility to tile beauty and grandeur of which tlirew her for fifteen hundred ping oil' from an oiilport in the niglil, on measure of inderanifiention. F'or onr 
the work that is going on— more benefi- j miles on our western frontier, and not nn unlawful The expedition of | enormous losses miller the British orders 
cent if po-si hie to Europe than to us, in j only shut us out from the I’acilic, hut en- (ieiu rarrorrijos, in 1831, as far as i'le- ' in couneil, we not only never received 
the relief it IS allording her,— but wc are . abled her to close the Mississippi; and is ; galily is concerned, is the parallel of that ' indemnilicalioii, hut the sacrifiees and 
aotiially hel 1 up at times as a nauou of it so very nnrcnsonable in us to decline ■ of (i, Lopez. It was filled out with- ' suireiiiigs of the war were added lo lho,se 

land piral. s 1' was partly «,y object to her invitation lo hind ourselves for nil . out interruption till the last moment, and 
counteract this di-po-ition; to show ihat time not lo accept the cessi n of an island 'thought il then fill under the gra.p of the 
our growth h id been a natural growth; whieh lies wiihin thirty-live leagues of I’olico, its members succee.led ill csca- 
that onr ino-l iniporianl ai-.-essioiis of ter- onr coast'? Does she even derive her (ling lo Spain, where for some lime thev 
ritory ha I taken pUee hv gi eai national right lints lo control onr n lalions with ; found shelteral (iihraltar. It is declared 
t.rans.ielioii., lo wbieb Knglan I. France Ciih.i in 1063, from her twenty days’ pos. in the last mimher of T/ie Oiiarleiiu Rc 

. . s I .. 1. .. I ..I .. ...I : .s . ..r I .1 . ..n I nr*o   %(-*.. _ • , . * . ^ . 

poliatioiis on our comnu-ice wrul inva 
f-ion of onr neutral rigb’s^ wliicb b‘d to 
Its (L'claraiion. TboRc onlcrs  vne at 
the time regarded by tlie Lansdownts. 
llu* Haring*, tlie Brougbams ami tlu* oth- 

sl pamba.lbe n parlies and in other sesMon of Louisiana in 1 003? NMialcan lobe “notoriou* ibal nssociaiionR h bk-h vou belon.^cd a* n Molaiiun of 

by the op- raitun of cMu*kS wbieb beelrater, limn lha| whatever riirbt ac- ; hive been formed al. Lon.lnn for the sub-'ii.-ht and iii-rice ns we’l of Nonnd policy ; 
.necessf.rily influence the occupation and t-riicd lo her from that three Week-’ pos- , version ofdvnasiies with which Km.laml ami wiihin a cerv f.w \cars the prc.scnt 
•etllcinciu of a new conniry, in strict lesMon, (whicii was a nieic ceremonial , i- al peace; that at ms have been pm chas- disliiioiished Loi'd Chief Justice, placed 

the W ioehefter Republican . June ‘JO/A, ’,‘*2 
lY R FarrrU'n Arabian l.iuimrnt — .Tlii* vnl- 
•inhlc Mt’diciia-, |H * eK-rii);; nil tlu* cleriienlK of 
popularity niul the coiifidi*tir4* of ilio' t* wliu iim* 
It. is by n rertuin pr«*cc   of (ii tiIlntion obtniii- 
4* l fritm IMniils liuviii^ llieir t'rowili in Arabia. 
H’e know it in a cood iiu-tiicme. 'J'rv it- 
W. H. FAKKKU.'.S! .\Ii.U!l.\X iJXI.MK.VT. 

'riii" valunblt* Tn(*dK'iiie combiiM'.s (lie eiu'es- 
FRrv quiililie* lo entitle it to pi.blic fav«ir. I’or- 
'‘fs*iiijf ill ji liii.')) di'gii*e the prop4*i-tie-s of an 
.VnmIyiK* nnil nal-nin giv4's it a womh-rfal infiu 
eiici* 4*V4 r many | aiiiftd »!i^^•a'4^•*; ii^ t;n*4it elfi- 
oary* (*i Ii4-a) 4'an only )h* nitribuled to the Bal 
-au) and Oda uh:cli itrontnins. 

[.MiKsouri Iti publican. 


From C »l. A. Garrett. !N***ria, III-, owner of 
llie I’eorin Houso, fifrim’rly 4»f llie EIjiiiUT'*' 
Hou-e. and one of the oldoKt and mo*l res- 

peclu)*l4* cili24 t)s: 

I hits is l4*cei'lify I have known Dr. W. 
B. Fiinvll for 1 he' hivt fifte4*n Vf.arK. and know 
ihal hc’isifie orijrinal fiMiiuliT «tul ]*roprietor *if 
the im-tlicini* known a** * Arnlnait Liniment ihal 
i have ii'-i d it )*ol )i upon 
foiiinl it an iuv:iliinl li* uriich*; hiuI that a person 
by ili4  n.-inu* of II. G, I-‘.'rr *ll lo mv OTlnin 
know euiiim'-ticed iniit itiii:; ihi* xNlunlik 

iiu''lici)i4* about lour vrai'K tifier it wa- niaiiiiftu'- 
iiir«’d ) v \y B Kamil A. O. IGitnirr. 


C. W. MHUrON, 


.f. P. niaekw4-ll. .7, M A zMon-ill. 

Frankfort; JLiyiiinml A Pafoii, L»oii-\ ilb*: am) 
Druggist* geiu-ially. nmylT — (ill-Ciiiw 

1 Office nl MINERAL POINT 
coiiiiin'iicing on Momiay, tbe second day of Jan 
nary lu-xf. for ihi- di-i)*)*!!! of (he folIi* \ ing. ) m* 
ing ^e^id^lnr  tracts of tlie re-4*r\eil hud miner 
ul lands, whirl) writ* not incluih-d in die procin, m 
rnatioiiK of tin* 20l)i \ovt'iiitH*r. ) 4(j, and 2^tlt { bi 
April, lo be sold umicr the act of Cm) 

KresH cntitli'd "An nc*t ti  authorize llir Presi 
ilent of llie Unifed J'l.atos lo *-ell tin* n* -orv4'4 
iiiinernl lulld^ in llie Suite* of Illinois and Ar 
kaii*a*. and Territories of Wi-roiisiii ajid low.a. : Im* 
snpposj'il to ciriiluiii lend ore,” approveil July 
1 1 , iP Ifi, lo-wil; 

of 4 

iVor/A of the bate I'ne and eat^t of the fourth prin- 
cipal mtriuiau. 

The Me-t Imlf and iiorth *.ist (pmrtcr of ihi* 
KuiiihweKt (|iinri4*r, lln* n4 riheaKt qn.nrter of the 
iiorthw4-nt (}unrt T. and the Ki nthi’a’'t quarter of 
the •'OiillH’DKt qtiarli-r, of trrtion one; the ea-l 
Italf of llu* iiurihwe'.i ipiarter, the soulheu.^t 
4|u:irt«'r. thi* wi*Ht h.ilf of the '•oulhwe*t quarter 
and the K4)utliwe*( quarter uf the iniriliea'*! 
quarter, of tirelor; ami the iioilhea-t quarii-r, 
and i.oilh half of Koulltaa'-it quaiter, uf twenty 
nine. \ii toiriifhip one: t]i4* iioitheaat rjuarter of 
'section (hiriet-n, in toienthip tiro: llie we'*! half 
of the iiorlhvveKt quarter of Kcclion eh-ven, in 
toienthip three: llie east half of the southwesl 
4jiiarl«*r 4»f '-ectmu twenty five, and tlie ea-l half 
of the Kntilhw(* t quarter of tliirty six, iu futm- 
thip frr, of range one. 

Tin* west linlf am) niMtlien-t quarter of llie 
norlliwe*t quarter, ihe east half of the northeaKl 
qtinrii-r, niul the cast liatfi'f the .-uulhea-t quar- 
ter. of •(•ction two. in foir/ucA)^ /rro. of rnnu«*t\V4* 

Tin- east half of the iiorihea-l quarter, ninl tin 
iiortln-a^l quarter, of tin- voutln-H*! ipiarler of 
si*ctiuu four, in fownthip lira, nml the northw4-«.l 
quarieroftU*’ northw4.-t quarter of M'Ctiop five, 
iu toirnskip three, of iaug * three. 

The half of the norihwc «l quartiT, the 
northwest quarter ot the nortlu’.not quarter, ami 
Ihe ea»l l»alf of the southwest iiuarter, of -rc- 
lion thirty, iu toienthip four: anti tlie W4•-^t half 
of lli4* northwest quarter of -oclion thirty-five, 
in toten»hipJite\ of range four. 

from iw-o to five years ^landing, 
havi* iN-en ( I Ul n wiih the First Dosk, and ih^ 
Chill has m-vor, as yet, returned. 'l*he Waiify 
of ihi* medicine i*,'ihal il stitps the Chill in 
)NTY Mi.mtik, or less. kiuI the pulicul will 
i-nlirvly char from K*\er after the Chill, 
which is U4)t |])e case wli4*n any olht-r im dicine ia 
'.'i d. It KUpcrceih il all uiliitr preparatiuna 
wlien viril luis h  eu ini rotluced. ♦ 

Ri'uil what the Etiilors of il e ].iouisvi!]c Dem- 
ocrat sav from their own ohsei)uliun: 

"Dr. Brbnn’K medicine for the cure of chilla 
and fever lias effected some womlerfid cure.* in 
our own midst. A voiuig mnn « ho has re».id«-d 
for several years in Luuisjan.'i, reached New Al- 
bany a few aeeks Kinre. wi*nk nixl ernncialed— 
literally Worn out physically, with longcontiu- 
uril rlidls and fever. lb- made a short stay at 
the house of , I edge Smith, where hi* old disi-ase 
continued with iiu less s(*verily than at hiiinc in 
fionisini;a. Ilavrni; exhwo-ti-d almost every 
remedy known to the ini'illcal profession, he 
pr.cureil a box of Dr. Uibun’s c»4ebraled medi- 
cine. andafter tnkliigtwo powders wa* entirely 
relieved and restonul to ln*alili. He lias been 
Well ever Kiiioe— says his In allh has not ts-eii as 
tfood forM*v4*ral year*, and is now fast regaining 
his former vigor and the rosy cheeks he was wont 
or wear.” 

'I’his tnodieine can b«* had at the innnnfactn- 
ter-' I 4 |*Mf. TIomI Street. Main nml 

Maikel, LoulsviU)*. Kv , wholesale and retail. 

iCTOn the rec«-ipt of j.1 the i’owilers will be 
K4*ijf. free of charg*-. lonjiy pari of the U. SuteF. 
Il may aNo lie obtuiiii-d of all Ihe principal 
Druggist* in |b - countrv. apr 19 — .')K-lyw 


c viBi s \\. i'ib:i.j  .V t o., 

rOMMIS.'ilO.N -MKRril.NMS. 

No. 11. Cliff Street, New York, 

^orth of the base liveaad wett of the fourth priu 

The 1.W hairr/The mmi,«e»t quarter of! A RF S- 'c Agent, hi ll,e Uniled 

4 » «?. Mospraii * suiK'iior Bleaching Powde 

section tlm*e, in toienthip tiro: the cnsl half of 
the norihweit (|uurl»-r, ami the southeast quar- 
ter of Ihe norlhea*r •|unru r, 4»f four; ihe wi*st 
half of the Kouthi a*t rpinrter of six; ihe south- 

east cpiartcr uf the *ouihc:ist quarter of Iwt nty- 
seven, ai-il the -i)u;hea*t quarter of the north- 
west quarter of ihirly four, in toirnship thr*e, of 
range one. 

Till* northwest 4|uarlcr of section ten. 

Avesl half of the *nnlhe»st  pmrU*r uf tliirly, in 
towu.'hip three, of range two. 

Al the S.VMK PLACE. c »minencing on Mon- 
liny the ihii’il ibiy  if Octolier in*xt, f4»r lln* dis 
pu-al of the public InmU within the fulluAV 
mg sections uml parts of sections, lo wii: 
zYor/A of the bate Hue and wrM of the fourth prin- 
cipal meridian. 

Section one. th«* i-asi hulfniul sou:hw'4*si quar- 
ter. the West half of the northwi-st qu.-irler, anil 
rlhejist qnnrii*r »»f the norlliw-»*st quail 

Bleaching Puw-dcr. 
led U liting Papers, 
superior “ " 

praii s sii)K‘i 
\'ictoria Mills cel 
Rns ell 

Hawlins it .Soils' English I'issuc “ 

First qtialily Ullmin.'iiine Bl*io “ 

They nu* also Agent" for (he princmal Paper 
Maiiufiicturers in ihi" country, nmj offer fur sale 
J , by far the most i-xtcnsivo and desirable slock 

(i bi’HsI, and gf ten, in foirnthip 
ffiwest «|nart4'i 
•I half (»f iw«*iit 
■iulit, ami the 

.nml thei*ast hulfofihe 
Iwi-nly six; lln- 
a-l liulf of twen- 
 nh half of thirty five, to 

ihip tt ii, of range fiv 
Lan*!-' Hppi opi iaiei! by I.nw for the u*e i*f 
 th* 4*1'. inililai V ami ollnT p»u po-* *. t«*ge:li-) 
will) lln»-e ""W anip ami uvei tb»w i l hind-, non I 
unfit iln-u-by f «r eolliv.ition." if any. gi in't-il 
Id till* Sial4' i v tin- art eh'illeil "An aci to i na 
ble the Sl.nte *‘.f Ap\an-a- ai.*l «*ih.-i Slat.- to 
reeluim llie'sw:4in]i lands' widiin llitir liniil",' 

of Faptr and I*aper Manuficfurert’ Materials 
that ean be futitnl in this or atiy other country. 

XT’ rh**y occn)‘y th** larg»* and enmmodiona 
\\ ur**hoU''es, No 11 Clitf Street, No. 5^ Cliff 
Sin-el, No. l f Chrisiopher Street, and the 
L«)ftK over ihe large Iron Stnri-*, 7 9 Cliff St. 

Their l)nsiiiess is atrictly whotosnie, and 
Writintr P.tpcrs are ^ohl by llie case only. 

Tln-ir i-xliaonllnnry facilities enable rhem to 
offer .til lirnnls. btiili K«*r« ign nnd J uniestic, at 
the b w'esi p4»'.-.ihh* prices. 

Pii| er Hindi- to orih r. any kIxc or wriyht. Li- 
U'ltil advuno*-- inatle on Consignments ni P.aper, 
I’.ipT ifakiTs' Si«H-k nml other merchandixe. 

The hi”ln*'t market piice pai«| in cash for all 
kimis of Lags. Jum- lLt-"6.'L iv2w 

Turn uiiir Hacs iiiio (lo!d! 

1 ’*V|LL pivlhoe aiol oil** q*iarti-r cents in 
I u II. for a* V «ju:u.tily of cb-an LitD-t. a d 
Lbillen l.’ag's ch-nr of vv.oI’cm. ih-livi-ii d at ll e 
Fianklin l'«qK‘rM«M. n* ar I'r.iiik f  ) i , Kv. 

Juiiv iii-7;i-i K 11. STH M.\N. 

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