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date (1881-11-23) newspaper_issue DAILY EVENING BULLETIN. 


A ckush of beauty, gallant men, 

An organ dwelling tones. 
The solemn rite, the wedding ring 

This day made ThomtM-.Iones. 

HEMP is worth $5.25 and $6 at Lexing- 

The Daily Bullktin is getting to be 
like the office of Jailer— everybody wants 

- ♦ ♦ 

Ik you want to get the kinks out of your 
legs effectually go to the hop at Neptune 
Hall to-night and dance them out. 

Oysters (fit tor a prince) served during 
the wee sma' hours as well as in the day 
time, in all styles at the European Hotel. 

If you are wise, and it is supposed you 
are, you will get your fat oysters, (bulk or 
in cans) at the European Hotel, and then 
on Thanksgiving day you will give thanks 
in earnest. 

A citizen of Maysville, who means bus- 
iness, offers a reward of $." 00 to Professor 
Vennor, if ho will correctly predict the 
time table of the Kentucky Centra] for 
the next thirty days. 

■ ■ — ♦ — 

The wedding breakfast at the Thomas- 
Jones wedding was, perhaps, particularly 
good because it was prepared by Mr. F. 
M. Traxel. When you decide to get 
married go and see him. 

•Mack Ties. 

u License to link" was granted this week 
to the following colored couples : 

Jennie Warner to Sun ford Ilord ; Laura 
J. Grayson to Spencer (?. Hunter 

ELDMM J. B. Brink v lost one of bis 
horses Tuesday night. The animal died 
from injuries received accidentiy. Taking 
the expression of a distinguished politician 
as a cue it got "deep down in a well," and 
ll now as defunct«as he is. 

Hom. John C. Underwood, some of the 
Kentucky papers say, contemplates start- 
ing a democratic paper at Cincinnati in 
opposition to the Enquirer. We are sorry 
to predict it, but a grease spot will be a 
circumstance to what will be left of him. 


The main topic in Mnysville society for 
the last week or two has been the approach- 
ing marriage of Miss Bessie Thomas to Mr. 
Robinson J. Jones, of Cincinnati. They 
were married this mqrningat half past ten 
o'clock in the Church of the Nativity, by 
the Rev. J. D. PoweJs, in the presence of 
a largegatheringof invited friends. Messrs. 
Hiram Pearce, Henry Chenoweth, George 
Bruce and Harry Talbott, popular society 
young gentlemen acted as ushers and at- 
tendants. The bridesmaids were Misses 
Anna Douglass January, Julia Chenoweth, 
Lottie Poyntz, Mary B. Pearce, Lizzie Cox 
and Lilian F razee. 

The bride was dressed in plain and bro- 
cade satin, veils and flowers and the 
bridesmaids in white mull,vallencienes and 
large Gainsborough hats trimmed with 
ostrich feathers. 

The ceremory was brief, beautiful and 
very impressive 

The Mayor's Court. 

Nick Golenstein had his examining 
trial before Mayor January, last week, on 
the charge of carrying a concealed deadly 
weapon and was held to appear for fur- 
ther trial at the circuit court in the sum of 
$50. He furnished the bail and was re- 

Win, Ford was tried before the Mayor 
Tuesday, for carrying "\ concealed deadly 
weapon was fined $25 and sent to jail fbr 
ten days. 

Ben. McD.inlel was arraigned in the 
Mayor's court Tuesday, for furnishing liq- 
uor to a minor, and convicted of the of- 
fense he was fined $50. Failing to pay 
the fine or replevy it he was sent to jail 
for twenty-five days. 

A good cigar is a prime consideration — 
and the best five and ten cent ones in the 
city may be had at the European Hotel. 

Sales of Land. 

The following changes in the ownership 
As the newly wedded j of land have been recorded at the office 
pair left the church the ushers gave their of the Clerk of the County, Court since 
arms to the bride's maids, leaving last the | our last report : 

two youthful ones, Misses. Cox and Frazee, 
who at the close of the ceremony came in 
front of the aftar and standing at the sido 
of the fount made a picture worthy of the 
brush of Titian. 

The presents were numerous and costly 
and the wedding breakfasta marvel of del- 

Mr. and Mrs. Jones left by the train at 
noon, for Cincinnati, accompanied by the 
beat wishes of their many friends. 


The marriage of Miss Louisa C. Gil- 
more, one of our most charming and amia- 
ble young ladies to Mr. W.O. Blackerby, of 
Bracken county, took place at the resi- 
dence of the bride's mother, Mrs. 8. 
M. Gilmore, this morning, Rev. J. B. 
Glorieux performing the ceremony. The 
wedding was a quiet one only the immedi- 
ate friends of the family being present. 

The business house lately occupied by 
Arthur Berry Berry & Son, preparatory to 
Mr. R. Albert moving into it, is to be 
much improved. It is the intention of the 
owners to put in an iron front, with large I state 

Busy People. 

John Gibson, captain of the Electricity 
Corps— informing the public the day of 
the month. 

Clay Sadler— explaining why the Ken- 
tucky Central trains do not arrive on time. 

Ed. Nute — describing to the " tramp, 
tramp, tramp" fraternity the bill of fare at 
the alms house. 

The legal voter— reason not necessary to 

plate glass windows, and otherwise make 
it attractive. 

G. W. Geikki. and (i. S. Judd, two of 
Maysville's "boss shots" were out hunt- 
ing Tuesday. They aucceeded in " bag- 
ging" three quails and seven rabbits. 
They report a great scarcity of game. 
The rabbits— 

As being" few und far between," 
And the quails— 

Ah beinS very seldom seen. 

The V. & S. E. K. R. 

M. J. E. Caily, who is engaged securing 
the rights of way for the C.  fc 8. E. R. R., 
was at the European Hotel, Tuesday night. 
He informs us that the company has al- 
ready paid $60,000 for the rights of way 
from Augusta to Newport. He is now on 
the route from Augusta to Johnson 
Junction, while the surveyors are between 
Washington and Mayslick. Forty miles 
oi the road win be ready lor the ties and 
rails within the next four weeks. The 
company, Mr. Caily says, have all the 
meaey needed to build the road. He be- 
lievaa they would not come by way of 


|. 'li$K H . ... • . 

The Bulletin advertisers-awaiting upon 
an increasing'trade. 

Fverybody connected with the live, 
wide-awake, newsy Daily Bulletin. 


The; river is swelling fast. 
The local packets continue .to 

plenty to do. 

Seventy coal boats have left Pittsburg 
since Monday. 

The advance of the Pittsburg coal fle^t 
passed down this morning. The towboat 
Harry Brown is bringing twenty-four 
barges oi* coal this run, the largest tow- 
ever brought out by any boat at one time. 
Shipments so far amount to about eleven 

miilon bushels. 


Who is it! 

A letter received by the Daily Bulle- 
tin this morning from a gentleman at La- 
fontaine, Ind., says that a Maysville man, 
now traveling in that state, although 
known to be married, is passing himself as 
single. He is very popular in female so- 
ciety, and the writer of the letter says he 
has already robbed one young woman of 
hor virtue. Who can it be? 


George Cox's heirs to Mary C. Cox, 
house and lot on Front street, between 
Market and Sutton streets, also, house and 
lot on Second street, between' Sutton and 
(irave Allev. Allotment of dower. 

Same, to Will H. Cox, lot on North side 
of Second street, between Market and 
Sutton streets, consideration $8,000. 

Same, to Horatio Fieklin, lot on West 
side of Market street, between Front and 
Second, consideration. $1,900. 

Same, to Lucy shaekleford, lot on East 
side of Sutton street, between Second and 
Third streets, eonaioeration, $2400. 

Same, tp same, lot on Grave alley, con- 
sideration, $1,920. 

Same, to Lucy M. Keith, lot on Front 
street, between Sutton and Grave alley, 
consideration, $4,800. 

Nancy McGraw. et. als., to Leander R. 
Thompson, lot on Gerniantown, consider- 
ation $175. 

Rachel Kirk's heirs et. als., to John S. 
Wilson's heirs, per master commissioner, 
eighteen acres of land, near Minerva, Ky. 

Martin Guilfoyl to Thomas Gullfoll, 
twelve acres two rods and twentv-eigbt 
poles, on Lewisburg and Strode's Run 
Turnpike, consideration. $1,230. 

James S. Pepper's heirs and executors 
to Joshua fl. Watson forty-nine acres two 
rods and eighteen poles, near Minerva, 
Ky., consideration, 994. 

John Cole, sr., to John Cole, jr., thirty 
acres of land, in Mason county, Ky., con- 
sideration, $1,800. 

Susan Beasley to Charles Beasley and 
Henry Warren, trustee, lot for burial 
ground, on North side of Maysville and 
Blue Run Turnpike, below the" city, con- 
sideration, $1, Ac. 

Same, to Charles Beasley, lot below the 
city, adjoining above burial ground, con- 
sideration, $1, Ac. 

D. B. Conway and wife to F. M. Forman 
and wife, twenty-eight acres of land, on 
Little Mill Creek", consideration, $260, 

Margaret Cochran to Mary H. Weedon 
et. als., quit claim to lot 43x200 feet in 
Chester, consideration, $1,  &c. 

D. Uechinger, et. als., to M. H. Weedon, 
et. als., same, lot consideration, $r 00. 


The following are the tuurket quotation* up 
to noon to-day, telegraphed to the Daily Bcl- 
lktin by Guthrie & Miller, 29 and Pike's 
Opera Kou.:c b lildmg, L'inciunati, O.: 


Junuary wheat fl 2J 

corn.. ••• •••••#•••» ••••• Irl 


Jo u na 

" pork 
" lard. 

• ••• • KMMMNNII ••*■•••• 

• •••• • •*••« 11 


rii  *•••• •••••• 


WllOHt *..*. 8 1 1 1 1 


January wheat. 
" oorn 

.11 U \ 

The tendency of the market is weak. 

Closing quotations. Tuesday evening, No- 
vember 22. IKK1 : 

bee. Jan. Feb. .May. 


No. 2 Spring wheat...fl.26 |1.»B£ 11.27% 

No. 2 Corn. 00 04*4 

No.'iOata 43* ...... i*H 

fork • ••••••.*••••.• •••••• 17.00 17.30 

Lard 11.15 11.27X ...... 

Ry« N 

New York. 

No. 2 Winter Whaat. 1.41 I. tiff 

No. 3 Corn • •••«•»•» ••••••••• • •••• •••••• ••••«• 

Baltimore. ± 
Wo. % B«d Wheat 1 31% MIX 1.44H 


Mrs. Mary E. Thomas, of the well- 
known milinery firm of Thomas & O'Brien, 
has just returned from Cincinnati with a 
large and unusually attractive stock of 
millinery goods generally, cloaks, trim- 
mings, feathers, gloves, etc. The prices 
will be found very low. The ladies are 
InvltedatO call and inspect the stock. 

Special Order No. 10. d 

Mason County Guards are notified, to 
meet at their armory on Thursday night 
at 8 O'clock) p. m. Particular business 
require full attendance. 

A. C. Rkaprss, Capt. 

\I T A*TE»-People to know that they can 
YV And their Thanksgiving Turkeys at 
i . KM 2t N KW KLIiA HhNRY *H. 

WANTKIt— Ten first-elans shoemakers on 
gentlemen's work. 
Apply to n3lm 

Highest wages 


will pi. 

J ANTKIt— All persons knowing them- 
selves to he Indebted to Dr. E. W. ltutb 
ease call upon me at their earliest con- 
venience and settle. O. A. McCKACKKN, 
si Heeond street opp. Postomce. 


nOBNALK -AKOod building lot 37x180 leet, 
r on Fleming pike, in city limits. Price $250, 
in easy paj inents. Apply to 

M. F. M \USH. 
lid No. 12 Court street. 

f'ORSAI.F. !•::•■ ding I t in Woodvllla— *6 
106 feet. Pricelll5. Apply to 

M. F. M Alfsil, emit street. 

i^OR SALE— The whole or one-hall in teres! 
' In the Murphysvllle Flour and Wooleu 
Mills, Ilea in and water power. Water from 
seven to ten mouths in the year. For particu- 
lars eaii on or add re«* 

n:l4t .vlurphysville. Ky. 

FOU SALE— A Je w bUigy, also, a second 
hand buggy in good trim Apply to 
n.'ltf t*. K. BALL A BON. 

|M  K MALE — A new break wagon for one or 
F two lenses In (oinpleteonler. Will he sold 
at a baigain. Apply to 
niit! T. K. BALL A- SON. 


." OR NALE— As 1 have two ovcrer wagons 
_ that are tOO henvy fur n y 0*P, I will sell the 
MaHIC at reduced nrir -. Will put pole and shafts 
both with one if dftdreri.   ail and Bee meat 
my office opposite p »st 

O. A. MCCRACKEN, Agent. 
a'Xtf The Sinner Manufaet in ing   'o. 


noR KK.II'-A lirici: hou*elll good repau, 
t 1 containing seven rooms, on Front street, 
next to K. Albert's, Apply to 
o-7tf JAM ES RICE. 

IMtR REST-My place on Fleming pike 
1 consisting of good house with nine rooms, 
porches, cellars, stable, dairy, oi chard, garden 
aim pasture lot. oiH Mrs s. At. UI LHOKK. 

} oit RKXT- The saloon on Market street 
' known ■« the ' St. Nicholas" to responsible 
parties. For particulars applv on toe premises, 
mi. I' HOM AH h . M  HKK. 

in fiH week t« ynrown lowp. Tei ins and l~  
•vVonttll tree. Address H . H A l.l.KTT A Co. 
Portlainl. Me. H7 ly. 


STRAYED front Uord's HlllnabttM Thursday 
evening, a BAY HOKHE nine years old, 
about fllteen banns high, lame In the lelt lore 
leg. Any information lelt at H. K. Powell's 
grocery store, or Yancey* Alexander's stable 
that will enable me to mi me lu»r»e will be lib. 
erally rewarded. 

_ltd&w S. K. POWKLL. 

IV H W I" I It M ! 


Manufacturers of Flret Class 

Carriages & Buggies 

ot the latest style and beat workmanship, (all 
of the latest style Hide Bar springs). Also. 
Spring Wagons. Repairing done with dispatch . 

Wall Nlreet, next door to Pica net Lao*. 1878. n AMY 11. I.E. HI. 


Whuioattlv turn ftaitsU Deaictra la 

Dry Goods, Notions, &c. 


•o»lf. MA Y8VILLK. 

Candidates for Congre~s are beginning to 
break out in some parts of the State. In 
the Second district Thomas P. Pettit, W. 
T. Ellis and A. T. Craycroft of Owensboro 
W. H. Yost of Greenville; John W. Lock- 
ctt and James F. Clay of Henderson are 

Eliza H. Clay, daughter of the great 
Kentucky statesman, lies buried in an old 
Baptist burying-gronnd at Lebanon, Ohio 
She died there in 1825, while enroute to 
Lexington with her father, who was re- 
turning from Washington. 

Franklin county's tobacco crop will be 
from twenty-five to fifty per cent, greater 
in value this season than last. 

From all parts'Iof the State comes the 
complaint that corn-cribs, pig-pens and 
chicken-roosts are being robbed. 

The late heavy rains have saved the 
wheat crop from the ravages of the fly 
and chinch bug. 

Hopkinsville has had an excellent fall 

Apples seventy-five cents a bushel at 

• Coal oil commands forty cents per gallon 
at Scottsville. 

The turkey crop of Harrison county is 
said to be immense. 

Bourbon .county farmers will try to get 
pay for sheep-killing by dogs. 

Walter Evans wants the office ot Uui- 
ted States marshall for Kentucky. 

The county attorney of Hart county 
gets an annual salary of $900. 


Patrick Monahan, contractors' foreman, 
created a terrific explosion and almost a 
panic in New York yesterday by hanging 
dynamite cartridges up to dry on a steam 
pipe. Nobody hurt seriously. 

A nolle prosequi was entered in the case 
of Lawrence It. Jerome, of New York, 
jointly indicted with Edward M. Patchell 
and Win. Gibbon, for the alleged larceny 
some time ago of $7,000 worth of bonds 
belonging to Bray ton, Ives & Co. 

Osborn Pitts, of Columbus, Ga., drank a 
quart of whisky on a wager, and was cart- 
ed home dead. Denison, the keeper of 
the urog-shop was arrested. 

Jacob Lauerman, of New York, attempt- 
ed to shoot his wife, and, failing in that, 
killed himself. The shot intended for his 
wife wounded Peter Ileager. 

At Strafford, N, H., yesterday Mrs. Wal- 
dron, for some time ill, called her grand- 
daughter to her bed T side and cut her throat 
from ear to ear with a razor. She then 
killed herself. 

Gambetta's cabinet is in favor of repeal- 
ing the decree against American pork. 

The Court Circular announces the be- 
trothal of Prince Leopold to the Princess 
Helene of Woldeck. 

TIih Prospect House, hotel and Town 
Hall at Eglington, Can., burned. Loss 
$25,000. Insured for $200,000. 

The total production of copper in the 
United States, east of the 100th meridian, 
is about 63,000,000 pounds. 

John Oreinan, employed in the rolling 
mills near Milwaukee, was burned to 
death by a gas explosion in a blast furnace. 

Lake Beauport, near Quebec, is frozen 


n from #nr Exchanges and other 



Corn sold at 75 cents a bushel. 

Gaines Dudley hunts with a $200 dog. 

The wheat crop continues to look well. 

K. 8. Hudson bought three thousand 
turkeys in Bath county. 

Times: Elemingsburg is selling nearly 
twice as many goods as she was five years 
ago. All the business houses are having 
a good trade. 

Times: Lloyd Corliss and Joseph Nor- 
ris, of Jirooksville, who have been here 
this week looking around with a view to 
opening a tobacco warehouse, returned 
home Wednesday night. They informed 
us that they expected to return and enter 
the market here for the weed. 

Democrat: John Shea, of Maysville, as- 
sisted by John Mills and Avery Tully, 
spent Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday 
night in repairing a break in the fire box 
of the engine. The work was very well 
done and was completed just in time to 
start on the morning trip Monday. 

Democrat : We met George Tudor, the 
retired stove and tin merchant, of Mays- 
ville, at Higginsport last Sunday. Mr. 
Tudor, accompanied by three others, was 
on his way to New Orleans in a little boat 
constructed for the pupose. Being in ill 
health he devised this plan as a mean of 
recreation and restoring his health. He 
will stop at all the towns along the river 
""1 inspect them. He has rifles, shot- 
guns, fishing tackle and plenty of provi- 
sions. The boat bears the ominous name, 
"Maysville 5, 15,22." 


Andrew Pool was kicked by a horse and 
badly hurt recently. 

Andrew Parr, one of the oldest citizens 
of Adams county is dangerously sick. 

A Cincinnati company has opened a 
freestone quarry on the Woodworth farm 
just back of Quincy. 

Courier: Last Wednesday May's saw 
mill, on Blue creek, back of Rome, ex- 
ploded, tearing out the end of the boiler, 
scalding Bud Newman and a man named 
Carter. Both men are said to be fatally 


Four thousand dollars were paid out to 
railroad hands last week. 

W r . E. Willis, of Augusta, bought the 
wharfboat and was elected wharfmaster. 

James Sanders, Jr., was drowned by the 
upsetting of a skiff at Hock Spring last 
week. The body was recovered. 

Chronicle : A letter from Illinois con- 
veys the sad information that Mr. Wm. 
Fullen, an old ex-Augustian, with whom 
many of our readers are acquainted, is 
fast failing with an incurable cancer. 

The following marriage licenses have 
been issued since our last. notice: Isadore 
B. Gillaspie to W. A. Mattox; Julia Carri- 
gan to G. M, Parsons; Martha G. Lowe to 
11. T. Vanhook ; Hester Ann Trailer to J. 
F. Mattingley ; Loretta Smith to F. A. Fite. 


Far Mayor. 

We are authorized to announce Mf.HORACK 
JANUARY" ns a candidate for re-election as 
Mayor ut the ensuing January election. 

' -t . ■ ! 


Wp are authorized to announce Mr. FRANK 
DEVINEas a candidate for Councilman from 
the Fifth Ward at the ensuing January elec- 

We are authorized to announce iftr. T. MAT. 
PEARCE as a candidate for Councilman from 
the Third Ward at the ensuing January elec- 

We are authorized to announce Mr. JOHN 
N. THOMAS a* a candidate for re-election as 
Councilman from the Third WaidVat the ensu- 
ing January election. 



For Jailer. 

We are authorized to announce Mr. E. W. 
FITZGERALD, as a candidate for Jailer of 
Mason County, subject to the decision of a 
Democratic Convention or Primary election. 

We areauthorlzed to announce Mr. DENNIS 
FITZGERALD as a candidate for Jailer of Ma- 
son County, subject io the will ol the Demo- 
cratic party as expressed by Convention or Pri- 
mary election. 

We areauthorlzed to announce Mr. Wm, P. 
CLARKE, of Mayslick, as a candidate for 
Jailer of Mason County, subject to the decison 
ol a Democratic Convention or Primary Elec- 

We are authorized to announce Mr. WIL- 
LIAM E. MYALL, of Mays'iek, as ■ candidate 
for Jailer of Mason County, subject to the 
action of a Democratic Convention or Primary 

We are authorized to announce MILTON 
K I KK , ot Dover, Ky., as a candidate for Jailer 
of Mason County, subject to the decision of a 
Democratic Convention or a Primary Election. 

We are authorized to announce Mr. ROBERT 
LANE as a candidate for Jailer of Mason 
county, subject to the decision of a Democratic 
convention or primary election. 

We are authorized to announce JAMES 
REDMOND as a candidate, subject to the ac- 
tion of the Democratic party, for the office of 
Jailer ot Mason county at the August election 

Yielding to the solicitation of many good 
friends who consider that I possess the re* 
qulsite qualifications for Jailer of Mason 
county, I respectfully announce myself as a 
candidate for the position, subject to the deci- 
sion of the Democratic party. Should I be 
chosen to the position I pledge myselt todls- 
charge its duties, conscientiously and to the 
best ol my ability. J. 0. HESS, Dover, Ky. 

We are authorized to announce Mr. W. T 
CALVERT, of Orangeburg, aa a candidate for 
Jailer of Mason county, subject to the decision 
ol the Democratic party. . 

We are authorized to announce Mr. SAN. 
FORD R. BROOKS, ol Lewisburg. as a candi- 
date lor Jailer of Mason couuty, subject to the 
will of the Democratic parly. 

For Sheriff*. 

We are authorized to announce that Mr. E. 
J. FOX Is a candidate for Sheriff of Mason 
County, subject to the will of the Democratic 
party as expressed in Convention or by Pri- 
mary Election, 


There having been expressed to me a very 
general desire upoji t|ie part of iny friends in 
all parts of the county, that I should become a 
candidate for the office of Sheriff at the next 
election, I, therefore, take this occasion to an- 
nounce that if nominated by the Democratic 
party of Mason, hy convention, or otherwise, I 
will consent to make the race 

Those who have heretolore supported me for 
the same office, are well advised 6t my capaci- 
ty io ncrlonn its duties, aud I have only to 
refer all others to the manner In which I exe- 
cuted the ! unctions and duties of the office for 
the four years of my service, as the best guar- 
antee of my diligence and fidelity if aga^ 

I tender to those who have In the past sup- 
ported me for ottlce, my grateful acknowledg- 
ments lor their generous partiality, and invoke 
from all other democrats of Mason a kind and 
liberal consideration of my fitness for the of- 
fice, and claims to their support. 

Should 1 receive the nomination I shall en- 
ter earnestly and Industriously into the cam- 
paign, and if elected, will endeavor so to de- 
mean myself in office as to merit the approval 
of all good men. Very respectfully. . 


The pension rolls for December demand 

"SSL*. Kvan.,0, !„., mu , 
dered in bed by a trar n. 

Wapren pwoQ8 .killed Steve- Young in 
Oconee county, Ga. 

Smythe & Perkerson, provision mer- 
chants, of Atlanta, have failed. 



Joe Kirby suicided at Alliance. 

Dennis Kearney, of Iberia, killed by 

« ».'..!; t -  ..;.« i * mi | i .« 
John Gibbons killed by cars in Cleve- 

» i . • i - . i» 

Jimmet Connor, an old soldier, found 

dead in be^d at Mqttqw* Exposure. 

Musking um river is higher at Zanes- 
tiUr&U eVeV before kr^wnTfr^gatlon 
is suspended, ind;iow lands'are;flooded. A 


We are authorized to announce JOHN R. 
BURGESS, as a candidate for the next demo- 
cratic nomination for Assessor of Mason 

date lor Assessor of Mason County, subject to 
the decision of a Democratic convention orPri- 
mary election. 

  onnty Attorney. 

We are authdrlsed to announce JOHN L. 
WH1TAKER as a candidate lor ,ra-«le ftlon to 
the office ol County Attorney lor Mason Coun- 
ty, subject to the will of the Democratic party 
expressed I n ^nvppj^ nor Penar y elo*lo«. 

county J uelne. 

COONS as a U ean°(i!du?e fSr^oW^udie oYita*-" 
son County at the August election 1882, subject 
to the decision of the Democratic party. 

Conrtft Circuit Court. 

Judge— A. E.Cole. 

Commonwealth's Attorney-T. A. Currnn. 
Clerk- H. D. Parry. 
Hherltr-J.C. Pickett. 

Deputies { JMjr- 
Jailer-Ed CJault. 

Tuesday after second Monday in January, 
April, July aud October In each year. 

County Court. 
Judge-O. S. Wall. 

rr«.«,i J ' , '' wl,luker - 

Second Monday ot each month. 

Quarterly Court. 

Tuesday after second Monday in March, Juno, 
September and December in each year. 

Mh gist rates Court-. 

Maysville, No. l.-W. H. Pollock and J. L. 
Grant, first and third Tuesdays in March, June, 
September and December. 

Maysville, No. 2.— Win. Pepper and W. L. 
Holton, first Saturday and fourth Tuesday, 
same months. 

Dover, No. 3- A. A. Gibbon and A. F. Dobyns, 
first and third Wednesday, same month. 

Minerva, No. 4-0. N. Weaver and J. H.Wat- 
son, first and third Tuesdays, same months. 

 Jermantown, F. Pollock and James 
Fegpn, first and third Saturdays, same months. 

Wardis, No. 6-JL M. Ball and J. W. Tlltou, 
second and fourth Saturdays, i-arne months. 

Mayslick, No. 7-C. W. Williams and J. D. 
Raymond, second and fourth Fridays, same 

Lewisburg, No. 8- J. M. Alexander and 
Abner Hord, second and fourth Thurbdays, 
same months. 

Orangeburg, No. 9— W. D. Coryell and W. J. 
Tully. first Saturday and last Monday, same 

Washington, No. 10— John Ryan and James 
Smlther8, fourth Tuesday and third Wednes- 
day, same months. 

Murphysville, No. 11— Lewis Jefferson and 
E. L. Gault, fourth Monday and third Thurs- 
day, same months. 

Fern Leaf, No. 12-S. E. Mastln and J. B. 
Burgess, second and fourth Saturdays, same 


Maysville, No. I— J. P. Wallace. 
Maysville, No. 2— W. L. Moran. 
Dover, No. 3-W. B. McMillan. 
.Minerva, No. 4— James Runyon. 
Germantowu, No. 5— Isaac Woodward. 
Sardis. No. 6— J. A. Collins. 
Mayslick. No. 7— Thomas Murpby. 
Lewisburg, No. 8— S. M. Strode. 
Orangeburg, No. 9- Thomas Hlae. 
Washington, No. 10— James Gault. 
Murphysville. No. 11-W. R. Prather. 
Fern Leaf, No. 12-B. W. Wood. 

Society MectlHfa- Mosonlc. 

Confidence Lodge, No. 52, first Monday ot 
each month. 

Mason Lodge, No. 342, third Monday of each 

Maysville, Chapter, No. 9, second Monday of 
each month, 

Maysville Commandery, No. 10, fourth Mon- 
day of each mouth. 

I. O. 0 % F. 

Pifgah Encampment, No. 9, second and 
fourth .Mondays in each months at 7 o'clock. 

DeKalJb Lodge, No. 12, Tuesday night, each 
wt?tjlc ftt* 7 o'clock 

Ringgold. No. '27, Wednesday night, each 
week, at 7 o'clock. 

K. of P. • 

Limestone Lodge, No. 36, Friday night of 
each week. 

I. O. M. 

Wednesday night, each week, at their hall on 
Secoud street. 

Sodality n. V. M. 

Second and fourth Sundays in each month, 
at their ballon Limestone street. 

Father Mathew T. A. 8. 

First Sunday night in each month, at their 
hall on Limestone ttreet. 

si. Patrick's Benevolent Noclei jr. 

Second Sunday night in each month, at their 
hall on Limestone street. 

Cigar Makers' Union. 

"First Thursday night in each month. 

I. O.G.T. 
Monday night ol each week. 


K. C. R. R.. arrives at 9:30 a. ra. and 8:15 p. m. 
Departs at 5:45 a. m. and 12 m. 

Bonanza, dowu Monday, Wednesday and 
Fridays at 6 p. in. Up Tuesday, Thursday and 
Saturday at 8 p. m. 

City of Portsmouth, down Tuesday, Thurs- 
day, Thursday and Saturday at 11 a.m. Up 
Monday. Wednesday and Friday at 10 p. m. 


The Board of Council meets the first Thurs- 
da \ evening in each month. 
Mayor— Horace January. 


President— John P. Phlster. 
First Ward-W. S. Frank, E. D, Nute, L. Ed. 

Second Wurd— Dr. G. W. Martin, Thomas J. 
Chenoweth, M. C. Hutchins. 

Thlfd Ward- J. N. Thomas, Richard Dawson, 
David Hechinger. 

Fourth Waid— Dr. J. P. Phlster, B. A. Wal- 
lingford, John W. Alexander. 

Fifth Ward-K. F. Means, Wm. B. Mathews, 
* 1 ward My-. II. 
Treasurer and Collector— E. E. Pearce. 
Clerk— Harry Taylor. 
Marshal-E. W* Fitzgerald. 

* i County Dtovk. 


We are authorised to aunourica. Mr, W, W. 

BALL as a candidate for re-election to the of- 
fice of County Clerk of Mason county, subject 
to the decision of the Democratic party. 

Deputies. . I Wm# jj awBon . 



Daily evening bulletin (Maysville, Ky. : 1881), 1881-11-23

2 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Maysville , Kentucky by [s.n.]
   Mason County (The Bluegrass Region)