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date (1918-03-07) newspaper_issue HOPKINSVILLE 


Weather tor K»«ntuck)r~-Thur8d«y, muoh OOld«r. 


(By "Chink" Rich mond .) 
a man poah kt^ WUg 

Of eop« wh«r« Ui« w*rt m 
tmd" ahiiMS. 

^ man r^Uwi 
••oil, n«. Why, Umfs ••• •  thow 

I a«e • MH walk thmagk of 

Wher. ifTWt ttewp M  M ll hrt by 
the liitna "i. 1. ©• ^ . ^ 
"I. thia man th« tl« «■* »• t^ket 



•5 . V • 

_ tht p«ttc« bat he bnnR* 

^ Batawt" I Inqaln. Som«- 

- WS«M«fUMM 

"A  Upka»«* WOTy-^**!* «• 

Thn ♦•B «• • "* 
papw iruyt." 

And MM day I will aUnd by the 

gr«kt gmtM of Rold 
/ikfli  •« • man paas throuffh un- 

questinnecl and bol l. 
"A Saitot?" ni aak, and Petcr'll re 

ply : 

"No, ht'a only • pUin, honwt new» 


Jitpuk ki« yramtted to i 
sad tlMt OMMia • gTMt deal. 

B«iistor itmm, ^JJ* 
Tork next VMk. 


Bayers Riding b Gtntry 
LMktag fir SpfM 

Yesterday wan the biirirMt tohn;-- 
ro aale of the season on the HopkiiiK 
rille market. The exact flmires were 
not obtainable at the time of i^oinf; 
to press but those who nn-   est 
able to judice estimat*Ml ypntcrday's 
sales a  amountinfr to over a half 
million pound   Moat of the looae 
floors worked late into the ni|rht 
Thursday unloading the wairons that 
were packed in lonjt rows wnitinif 
their turn. 

PricM atill rule struiit;, especially 
on tha better irradet The poorer 
iradca have not ruled ao strnnf; the 
paat few days. Indications ;ir ' that 
a better grade of t' bacco i.t beinfc 
offered now than at any time this 
•eaaon The hiikor prices are due 
partly to this fact However, prices 
have advanced $1.60 to $2.00 dar- 
ing the past three iTt  t 

A conaidonble ^MoMtir of « 
and itmmmt UhMM coatiBaM to ba 
offend Mr Mlo and te erery ia- 
«lMe« tobacco i« thto coaditioQ 
brinci from $1.00 to tS.M hm than 
if it were in a well ordered state. 

In Cddttion to tha looae floor salea 
a large force of buyers are riding 
In tha coantry a^d offering good 

1 , ,,. V. 1 St of kUlad a»d wgrnid- 
ed ill T.'ul March 1, CMM m 
the sliithtly wounded ClaNMM I* 

Hill of Middlesboro, Ky. 

The Wisconsin Legislature is about 
to fail in an effort to paaa a reso- 
latiOB conaurinK Senator LaFolletU-. 
A Vtta win hnrdly he reached. 

» party i» d. v. lopiMc in Ru»- 
aU^hat may force the resignationa 
of Unine and Trotaky, who signed 
the hM aiUattiit paaca with R uaaia. 

tha AmI adJouramaBt of the Ug- 
. Islatora win take piMo on tka night 
^f March tO. Two MHlona «• tiw 
baing hol d daa». 

It la by BO means eartaln that 
the* congress of Soviets at Moscow 
March 12 will ratify tha peace by 
wfakh Baasia Is to fhra OanMsy 
a "plees" of tarritory Wc « than 
(•ermany. • 

MisK Beulah Lambert. danghUr of 
the former mayor of Owanaboro, Is 
now a graduated aviatrU from tba 
Curtis AermI School at Buffalo. Ska 
is the flrst Ka al M fcy iM *• a^tobl 
tUf honor. 

Once more the women voUn have 
kolpsd the President by breakinit the 
tie in ths Honae and Rivinjf the 
DsmocraU control Their votes 
atoalid Daworrati to All four vacao- 
ZTS Wwr Tatk aKy ikttl tm. 

That waU-iaforaad newspapvr 
BMB Harry Bomttonw of the Klua 
^tOthtowB NaWB, doaa the state of 
Hantaaa the injustice of saymK it 
to laprsaontad by SMiator Chamber 
Or^wi to nwonaibto for him 

to tkato 

Siaea ao tobaaea to batag haadlad 
thto l»_Ca^'  and Bbaa aad 

sh««y ka aMa * aadia at haat for* 
ty ■flHaaa aff aawada i 
This «m Mka mttUmrtfn 
et saeaad to mm ia Ika itoto. 

Motwtthataadlat Hm ft^ the 
faruMT kas to pay hlgkar 
the gaada ka bi^fa ka to a^Jaftag 
tu-day apfaataaity aa aavar knoro. 
Kverytkiat ka has to sail kriags a 
high prtoa. Ha to akto to grow on 
tha farm practtaaUy averytkiag for 
hto table and, unlike his city broth- 
ar, is not compoUad to purchaaa aac- 
ond-haad aO Ika aanaaariai of life. 
Pabny daya Air *a 



VdL4«L Jk^n 



Gcnuisl SUrt ^TronUe la 
Fan ff Smw kt Qaick- 
hf Pat to FBfkt 


Several American Heroes Art 
Decorated With Cfosses 
of HoBor. 

K rtv four -arnvors. nil w... wen- ..f .h« .hip co-pan, or my Z''' ''^J'^^LZI"^ J!^ lakM 
liner Klorizel. *hl. h .tn,ck « rerf north of rape U... e. N. t\ during a terrtflc bUsaard. Tbo aurvlvors were Uken 

•fr by the CT*«» of lh - I'ros(«.ro. which wun went i 

irnvenimeDl ta 

Thr Florl'"! Is «hown here aa aa Ice breaker In New York harbor. 




WMTU urrm on itaiit. 

» mo •«VBII TMBRB." 
rraab •ammars, « Oraeoy boy 





On Saturday March the trustees 

' — — — fc- *Wa ^InWit mlllfi:.! t 1 1 itlU I fit. 

witti tka anay. writaa this patriotic 'of aaafc of tha eight vducationHl di- 
lettar to OM of kto boy frianda: lyiaions mat ia tha office of Supt. 
Co. A, tth BattaUoa. lOlk Eagi- Footar and organiaad by electing' « 
near, Waakiagtoa. D. C. Ma*. 1. chairman and a^cratary. Those di- 
1911. vision boards have tiM a s tort ion of 

My Daav Ms all teachers of rural schools except 

Wa , I gasas wo are aaparatad tha county high schools 


for the last tine, as I am writing to 
say good bye boforo I Uke my de- 
paitoM to toa atfeaa sida of the pond, 
to afkaU tha atoaa and stripes and 
and folks at home. 
Wall Pal, I bavo to say U-U. Be 'Board and the personnel 
a man where ever your lot may fall, I Board will be as follows: 
I know not what will take place 1 Chairman — Supt. I.. E. Foster, 
in the U. S. after 1 am Kone, but a.i Division .Vo. 1 — W. F. Lacey 
for my part I choi e to be a man not (holdover. • 

of county high schooU arc clci ti il 
by the County Board of hMuciition 
The cTiaimian nf the eight educa- 
tional divisions with the county sup- 
erintendent constitute the County 

of the 

A biK 
Mon lay. 
for this. 



Tka trial of MaJ. Milton Board, 
aeeuaad of neglecting a soldier at 
Caaip lachary Taylor, who later 
d^, was Boatponed Tuesday until 

Twenty-nine young wonu-.i »iKuk- 
ing both French and Engli^li l avj 
been recruited for telephone oper- 
ators in Franca in connection with 
tka IHgal Corpa. Tkay vUl aail ia 

Ganaaaa eaptarad by Amaricaas 
. .. I loao. Thw mU titov Bot 

New York. March t. — Control of 
the houa« of reprosantativas was re- 
iintined by the democrata Tuaaday 
when they elected thair aaadldatas 
from four districU ia Groatar New 
York at spactoto elocUons called to 
choose auccassora to four members of 
that party who had resigned thair 
seau in congrass. New York women their flrst chance to \  tv sinco 
they won the rigkt at tha polls last 
.November, h waa aigaUtoant thai 
thuy cast 31,318 votes out of a toUl 
of 78,1U2 in the four districts. They 
vuloU early, seemed to have made 
up their minda what they were going 
to do bofora thay r*ehed tka polls. 

and thay — " * " 



Savoath dtotrict — Kings county. 
Joha J. Qalaaay, t.. succeed John J. 

Eighth dtotfiat— lUaga county, 
William S. Ctaaqr, to aaaaaad Oaaial 
J. UfttBa. 

Twenty-first dtolrtol Naw Yaik 
ounty, Joroma f, Daaav aa , to aaa- 
coad Manay Halkart 
Twaaty-aaaaa^Astrici— Now York 

GriSa, «a atMaMMSoaiy'lknlStaMr. 


afraid to do for my country and 
parents. I know not what my lot will 
be In the war, but if it's to .lie to 
keep a Government like wc Imvi- 
I am willing, but I bad rather b« 
dead than be under a Ilaaanil% lala 
under the kaiser. 

Tell everyboily "hello" and my re- 
gnvlt with my u^ual smile and hap- 

py-KO-lucky disposition Tell 

I say, all things \n «he courtship line 
iit .111 end as far as 1 am con- 
•1 M. I, that she w»» the !8»t on.- of 
,:\ ^rirls. 

Writ.' iiie to the .■*;i."ic aMrcs.-. 
It will be forwnnle.l to i ic Tell all 
the boys to drop me a !in ' 

P. 8. — You do Hit . ■ 'o  •!  
I am leaving as it uieun.- ti' iibie for 
me if you Jo. 1 am now making 
X5 centa a day when I used to maka 
from »3.50 to Ju a day, but now 
1 am happier to know 1 hava a causa 
.1 country worth whfla to figkt 


Don't forget tet I am always 

your friend. 


Division .\o. J--J. T. .Smithson. 
Divi.sioM No 3 — J. C. Johnson. 
Division No. 4 — I te Witty. 
Division .\o. 5— K. II M. tiauKhey. 
Diviaion No. •  — J. U. Stegar. 
Wrtoion .No. k— Edgar Hameil. 




to^«llt to fight tort bad to aad that 
-Ihey WON glad to ba a rto eaa r s in the 
haada of tka ^Mawaaaa. aa they 
MjwMaaad ttnr waaU ka 

The tWii hoUHes of Coinrress have 
split the difTvrence uii Mie railroad 
control ^ill A Untstive agree- 
ment t« limit (iovernment control 
.t railroads to twenty-one PMatha 
ofuT peace is declared, inataad af 
iMo years, as prapaaad by tha Houae 
an l eighteen moatta hf tka saaata. 
was rvuchvd 

lien. Porahing reported to the War 
Department Monday tba names of 
Ika Haataaant and nina privates 
kOtod ta aaMon; of a CapUin. a 
Lieutenant and «leven men a«ver«ly 
wodndeil and lU men slightly wound- 
ed, all on March 1, tha ^jrf^a 

trench sector, ^ha lAmaa of a 

Lieutenant and four man killed the 
same dn  | revioBaly had baoa re- 
ported The only EaataaMan ia tba 
hat was John L. Bray, of Drum. 
Ky., who was ssvat*^ 

miG ri fuc. 

Tba EUiabethtowa High .Si lio.d 
haa ratoad a aarvlaa flag eaataining 
70 stars, two for Majors aad It tar'Uteniiiits. 

Edward Breikthiii, non «t .ludge 
Janas Breathitt, luts succrtdfully 
po.-.ied his examination fur a . mission 
ui ilu- n.ivy and nas taken the 
. ath This win dorie nt In liaiiMpolis. 
lie bus now re'..iiti.' i 'o Kv.u;- . illo, 
uh. re he IB at work. He will report 
fur duty wbaeavar ka to a r da a ad to 
do so. 

EaysMad Magraw, aaa of Dr. N. C. 
M^iaw, fara nal y of tkto county, bat 
aaw ad Oadto. to arttkally iU of 
pneameato at Caaip Turiar, 
lungs baiag aEaotod. ■» L 
«toa Jiitatoad by wtea «  Ida 
ttaa itod tkay ara aa» «Ml kto. 
A Ulagram Tuaaday alatad that he 
was much aroiaa, Yaaag Magraw 
volaalaaiidnw mm amrtm aaaie 

N N 1^ N N 1^ 


Tha Chrialiaa County Dairy A*- 
aaciaUoa wiU noet at tka H. B. M. A. 
room at 10:;10 a ni. ta-atarrow. for 
impcrtont busmsss. 

B. C 6ABY. Praac 

Tka March meeting of the .\the:i- 
aaaai win be held » -night at Hotel 
Latkam with two papara. Mr. Kd 
L. Weathers will wrtt^ aa "Oar Is- 
land Possessions." 

Prof. L. E. Foster's subject will 
ba "Bantaaky la BkyaM." Ha is 
substituting far P rartJaat A. H. 


if.i'.vil '1 town lust 

Theff wero several rea.sons 
It wn-i ('••urity Court clay 
Bn l fair weatlu r The iiieetinK of 
the District Airri. Board 
was in session hvTv .in 1 ."^tn'e Food 
Administrator Kred M. Siu kett was 
here for three lectures. But the 
main affrMition f, r lb.' faniiors \.ii~ 
the pulilir -a!e- i f ri -  tiTe.| J.-r^i' 
cattle by Atkins Bros , and register 
ed Duroc hogs by J I'. Campbell 
Atkins Broa." sale was hohl at lo 
a. m. on the open lot in the rear 
of the Police Station. J. E. CUbome 
auctioneered the »nlc and dM fine 
work. Mr. C. R. Atkins reports 
that prices were satisfactory ami 
everybody is well pleased. The fol 
lowing are averag* prices: 

III Retristereil cows with lir t calf, 
average $11"' each. 

12 (Jraile heifers l.i t ...If. 
Bverai;.' $70 e.ich, 

1   Registered and lirade yearl- 
ing calves, $72 aach 

The big Duroc sato hold by J. U. 
Campbell at Dr. laball'a stable was 
a .success in every particular. Be- 
idcii a large attan lancu of local 
people many of the leading hog rai.s 
ers of Kentarky. Tennessee and In 
liana were attracted here. These 
.lAitors proved acti^'e bidders and 
willing buyers. The pricaa laagod 
from ItfO to S400 and tha avavage 
for 45 hogs sold was $134. 

In addition to crying the sale of 
this herd. Col. Iglehart mada a graat 
I' ltriotic addresa praeadiag tha opan- 
inir of tha aate. 

jH'll" T:! 


al.^' L' ' 
nr .rv 





olaaliiiid IH anf M 
isM ago aad aaaiaa Ckaip Tay- 


, OU Smith, aa L. * N. brakamaa, 
fell uadar a «ar vfeBa daiag aaaM 
switcbiag at NortatovOb Satarday 
aad waa iaataatly kfltod. Baiitb'a 
hoaM was in GalUtin, Tann. H« 
waa 23 years old aad to survived 
by kto wifa, whom ha married oaly 
akoat a aiaa t h -to. Tba raoMias 
wara takan to Gallatin for interment. 

The High School Alun.ui basket 
ball team will meet the fast Madi- 
Bonville Y M C A. team Friday 
light at the Belmont (jymnasium 
tioor. This game ia expected tu b« 
thv fastest of tha aaaasa. Bato 
aru composed of former Wlgtl 
and collago 

Tho Ahuaal 
follows : 

P. Robarta— L F 
G. Pursley— K. K. 
K A»hb  (' 
'J. 1 lioiiipsua — L. G. 
J. Randle— K G. 

Baferee * 0 ' King will call the 
d 8 a'claak.  *atoilaa SSc. 

Kr-inkfi. II . Ky.. March 
iKvai. .\Ioii.ii.., 
  • 1 al properl   . - • 
Tax colli i 
. . 's lo conclude .1 • 
r at the old Stat. ■ 
ution rcMuirad  ° " I. . s ' 
Dates aaalviad are 
Mvaday. Maaab 

-Fayette, H. n 

sack. NInkatoa. Bavfe, Cumberland. 
Waahington. Baaaafl, Grant, Laurel 
Calloway and Oldkaa aoaatlaa. 

Tui K lay. Masch B— Bourbon, Mar 
tin. liallatin, .Johnson, Christian, 
Spencer. Adair, Floyd, Laslia, BuUar, 
Laraa, Wbiltov. FiatlHia mi Ua- 


Wednesdsv. March ^Clay, T^- 
ler, Wayne, Franklin, Todd, BarraA, 
Casey, Jackaoa, Hanry. Naiaoa, Scott, 
b'lark, Kultoa, Hidoaaa aad Lyon. 

Thursday, Mar* 7— Bobertson, 
Campballt Mataalfa, RoaUas, Harri- 
son, Triadfto. Dartoaa, Waitsa 
SOB, Barrsa, Kaa^ Baoaa 
Friday, Marak • — 

With bad weather pravailiag^ 

there ha.^ been some more rafding. 

The (iermans in Lorraine again at- 
tal ked the American troope aad 
met with defeat. Notwithstandiag 

the heavy snow and the previous re- 
pulses they had met with i . their 
effort to penetrate i!.c 
p.'Ki!ion«. the enen'y .Monday night 
th Ton! sei lor essayed a sur- 
).r. i' attack m (vnnKlernble force. 
Till A nerii an tr'.iniiers and rifle maa 
\.iri' iiii:i'kl  after them, howavaTi 
.iiM . \ u. 1.' .' I til heat a haaty 
ri'lre:it tii 'li.' •rtiiches. 

I :i'er llw A 'i.. r:i-i- jis themselvaa 

II th. ..uiM r.-k'iun took the initintiua 
.1:^ f irth as a raiding unit, 
I  iennsn poiitiona and 
a  k a number of prisonara. 

.ither genernlly prevails 
entire west.TM front but 
■lie .Vmcri.ans have 
• ';t my posit I'n.s near 
Warnet.n. \\iiuh lies to the -outh- 
west of Yprcs. taking more pn~"iu rs 
and several machine guns. Tlii  wa^ 
1 1 :. ' '. t iiture of the kiml i.ii C e 
' .Australiins in as many 
ich the enany laaaaa hava 
f.iiily high. 

(iermans, afttr iiaving haayily 

li. 'i ..r,!..: the Ur;ti/h lines west ^ 
l. ! . I'iii.hed an attack but tha 
Britisii ea.sily repulsed it. inflicting 
heavy casualties on the Teutiir..s and 
taking a number of prisoner* 

.As in France and Bel»riuir.. tiiC 
weather con.litiona in the Aii'To- 
Italiar. front also ara cxtreiin l\ bad 
witii snowstorms in the ii.uunLaini 
iii'l heavy rains in the plain.s Dur- 
ing breaks in the storm. hoAever. 
patrol parties have been a.iiM' in 
the nii untain repion an i artillery 
duels of coiisi.lerahle violeru.' also 
have taken placo on variou.i necturs. 
AaMrieass Win Crosses. 
It is now permissible t   uive tha 
names of the .i:V;..^rs .• I Men ilec- 
orateil by Pretiiicr i h ..i u eau They 
are : 

Li.'ut .'.i#epli Catihv. Brookl.n. N 


l.icul William Coloniaii, Charleik 
ton. South C.irolm.i ^ 

Ser^-eant Patrick Walili. " 

Ser ;iant William .Norton 

Private ("Budly") Putinan, 
Brookhn. N Y 

I'nwi'e .\!vin Smiley, St. Louis. 

l i. ■ ive been ia tha 

tile army iniiiiy years. 

Both the privates ii.s in^'Ui.shed 
themselves liy running through u bar  
rage laid down by the Germans dUT* 

ing the raid and delivering messages. 

T\M' ai-.illery officers. Capt. Ho':- 
zen.l'.rff. wlic^e home is in IJeori. 
and I.uut. Green, will receive i 
French wrr cross. They •..ere un . 
ed hy vhell lire 

I eu's. Caiihy .-iiid i". : . . 
• 11' iiifi, No Mmi's I. .in 1 
' • acli ti'.ik a Gvrn'.aii | i 

•t Norton killeil a i.iri i 
nt ar'. 1 tv, .. »uMi ■ . 
\ a  !i.illeai:e.l l y tlie lieutena. ' ■' 
le.ue his dugout unl N'l o: 
loeii liichting. Serg«;:'ii W:.,.-,,. . . 
Ill oiiiman I of i .jetii. limelit n 

I'n lil i-f • 
ua- :..!le I 

!iis c. 




It IS recommended to the New 
York Senate that a refereaduai bo 
taken iasiead of ratifying tha F« - 
and ptakiattMi aMMdawat 

.VIrcudy liicrc are ai proxiniat«ly 
.'t.50u Canaan priaeaars in tha Uait- 
ed Stataa. Tkay ara a«t eapUvsa 
in battto. Thay haaa aarar aaaa tha 
trcii.he». tiut a portion of them Wirj 
active puriKipaiits 111 the war as 
Oflkers and seamen Hot Springs, 
in tha awaataiaa of Mortk Cai^taa, 
waa aatoctod aa aa talataaiaal aaap 
fur the interned K' amen. It hes far 
froEi the sea and Ul'^llcs in tile 
of iiiuuiit.nii ranges ia 
.S'urth larolina. For yeass it was a 
medicinal roaart patronised b  
southern people. It is almoet » n - 
roandad by the French Broad r \ . r. 
It poiaii H S a graat hotal WBibli cf 
laai a ada ti ag 400 or Sttpaapli- 
aad opaa spaces for tka kaikUng ad 
barracka. Other war pitoaaara ara 
iatacaad at Fort .M  Pharaen and Fort 
Oglatkarp, Ca ..'.re cantonmenta 
hava kaaa aracted su lil&r te tkoaa o«- 
aagiad by 

MopKinsville Kei'.tuckian 

Evtrjr OtlMr Oajr 

MownwM n 

lal«rwl at the HopkinaviUt 
I u Swond CkM Mail 


  in Succeeded by Ho|h 

kliMYille Democnt lK7r . Fniblished 
Kt the South KentuckiHn IKT'.t In 1889. 





muu copus 




Wt W imi MAM flTIIEET. 

» «i Dk M 1*1 l« k* as ^ 




WAfCB THt DATE-After your 
9mm, mmm pt— »ily. ud mi Bin 
• •mbar. TlH fMiai rflgutotioa* 
rc'iiiirc suboafpiliii to to piid in 

if piper haiehbfted 

^jC government in the 
pnvnerica for the 


WUh tkk iHM. tlU tri-w««kly 
1mm 9t the Kcntuekian will Im 
dt«W*d ■id 'o' a few daya all of ita 

pnid np KubKcriber* will receive the 
iiitily, which begiiu Saturday. Tboec 
whoaa aubarriptiona bave expired 
will reeehre a aample copy of the 
M will not be liated until thnr 
ue made known. The paid 
19 iitoeriben will have choice of the 

nM $3.00 a year or the weekly 
1.00 a year. The weekly will* 
Ml be iuued until next week. City 
aubacriben will have their papera 
lii'Hvered by c.iriers at I'l crnt  n 
week, and the card system of wi-fk- 
ly collectiona uaed. City aubscNp- 
tiona other than thoae paid by the 
ywr will be collected by the car- 
riers, and thoiie who wish to receive 
the daily- and it is hoped all will 
continue — will sfltle once :v week 
with th.' c iirruTs. LarRe number* of 
naiii -  lire beinK classified and tbo 
routes urranKcd. Some confusion 
will be ineviuble at the aUrt, but 
we will (1.. our hc»t tn rive prompt 
and satisfactory service to all. 

•rv j-^ , . O'.'U 



kio will act 
iiiipossilde to 

•The (iuvi r'lu.ent at T 
rniTjreticiilly. but it i.« 
Sir. n wliul wiiy. It not bo,:iir di -ired 
to liuvo tlie enemy knnw anything 
of its plans." lien. Semba, of the 
Japanese army, is quoteil in Rome 
as declariac in an interview reifard- 
inK the situation in the Far East. 
Viscount .Molon.., the .lupanesc Kor- 
eiKn Minister, is also nuoled us say- 
IiK: "Shoulil peace be actually 
concluded," he continued, "it froea 
withoat aayinyr that Japan will take 
•teps of the most decided, most ade- 
quate character to meet the occa- 
sion " .Now lliat Russia has actually 
undertaken to viulate lur u;freeiiieiit 
Willi the allies and n ake a scpura'.e 
peace, iiicrest centafa on whr 
Japan will do 

It is nuitc likely that in aiva.K^.in 
by .lapan will K've the pa'.rniiu- peo- 
ple I'f Ku.ssiH the courage an I oi)- 
ptirtUTiity to attempt son:' » rt 
re-^: \4ii. e and it may n .t be U UK 
before a liividcd Rusiia will be biicU 
up v ii both ! ide» of the war, the 
factions rtifhtink,' eai h oih. r. c ne 
backed by .lai'iin an. I ih ■ r (•;, 
Germany. .Ai'houjth her plan- are 
beinK kept secret. Japan is fruiii all 
•CCOUnta ready til .11 " a:id \^)u'ii .  be 
•tVUMB ake will vtr.l.e '.ir t 

, OO'. - - - 

Rodri rUi7 Al es \v«  elected I'res- 
Idmt of niu.:il with but little oppo- 
ailion from an  source 

I HI - 

Since .'^uii l.iy t je (iennans have 
left tilt .Viiierii an.'' in comparative 
(K'Uif III I heir sector near Toul. 
Trobably lindinir Hiat th. r ;i(teropted 
forays uer - i ' ■ i. slly Mny have 
failed to lauiuli further atta. k», and 
even have cut ilo.v.i n,. iter. alls ttieir 
.irtillery Are and nu- shell boiiil^ard 
men's Ayain tin- .American ({uniiers 
have worke l ! .. ■   umonK the  ;er 
mans by hcav ly llini; u larv- . un 
tonmant .lur- ih reserves were as- 

• - . - o 

Tl e I. urest approach to a big 
battle ha.- occurred between the 
Fryr b anci the (iermans in the Ver- 
dun »ettor Here the Kreiicli  '.ir 
rieii out u brilliant attack ai^uir -t 
the t' I'lnne trenchet and 
ed II. German trenvhea as far as 
tbe'r fiiurt'. line Mon-iay. The point 
i f iviK'.ralioii was over a frimt of 
!,.'(': •iiettrs and to a depth of  io(i 
nieier . and I 'SO pri.oiien were taken 
in tlu operation, near Wanu- 

'on, itb.ast i f ^ pres. the Aus 
trial' -ivi I. lined out a bit; rai'i 
acains' eii  iii  pu»it on*, killing ul 
iMMit hity of the Uerman defenders 
is their dacooto IMwiiw back 

Mmt af tfea 
tow*, ft wM Mt ■n ifeabby. «t 
Tbert were ■ few atwu* wMta 
with graaa Wmm. 

■'■•ft ef aodiit 
Tho (Mt«r« dab bad taken her In. 

th* alaifltef^ wife aake^ ber to 
tea. b«l tho rmaa people, tSt* glrla her 
Id iMve been ber 
at ber aakance. 
Of cotraa, wwe of tlieee rarternile 
boya and flrtt would be poaelble 
Mends for b'lr, aaywey. Mie told her- 
self this * little vrbeoiefitly. pertuipa, 
to BtUl tbe lonely toolac at bar feaart 
At Ube eed of tw(»«ioatba, boweeeih 
tblaga begaa to be differeot. There 
waa a yoaaff bm who boarded st the 
Palaeo betel, a nice-looklOK ynunr 
with brown ey t« and the sort of 
■no Imaflnea to be aristocratic. 
Anita watched him aometlmes In the 
dlnlac rooB and aometlmes she lie- 
tened to hia hearty voire wbrn be wns 
In the hotel offlce, talklnr with otbcr 

"VThut a pity." iihe thoucht. "that a 
nan wbe lo iks like thiit shnntd be 
mmmon, after all. lie talks tn JUa 
Murphy as If he'd known him all 
life, and he n »rs ao mnrh slanit'" 

.7tj«t what the stmnKcr did In Car- 
tervltle. Anita was not suraL HIa 
— she could not help 
was DavlB, Carltoa Oaelii 

Whm there la aair «M ywiM «• 
about : when he la very t Md laaUavt 
when he sita at • taMa Bear fa« hi 
the hotel dinint raoai eearjr aanrinc 
aad •veatac. whea yoa are a iM, and 
loaeaoae. It la bard to ha bOMd by th* 
tTBdMona of th* prnaOnt *( fhaOlea. 
Once, when she IMt Hat ha 
iBf after her aa ih* laCt th* 
waa bllBdcd by a aort of batefol ae1^ 
that made her trip, 
awkwardly, aod fall. In aa hNtHit be 
waa OB hIa (cat, helplac 
"Ar* ftm hvtr h* 
•Vot at an. thank yoo." 
■be waa aware that bar tone waa 
cold, hriM^Hahlti ■■ haaiaO iraeely 
(indfattnad •■ Ml aNl aaar tha whh 
d«^ — 

After that AaMa trtad ta aeeM Carl- 
toa Daelak Wtm rrfnaed ta adait to 
heiadf that tbia men waa th* rcaaoa 
for ber eerty breakteta, aad late din- 
ners. V t ' r In bff heart ahe knew 
tkttt ti^e c uilBQt bear to alt there, 

Sijt Hiuoa Li|f Wha, Oa IW 
tmr'i AJyicr, Took GrM 

10 y«an ace 
t. Bl 0mm. of 
witb a tain In 
■f Mt mtK ••■M aal Heap at atxht 

with thil tmk turn* to th* Mt 


My doctor told ma to use rardnl. I 
leek one bottle, wblcb helped me and 
afiar ay kakv aaatk I was stronnr 
aad bettor, bat th* yala waa tUJ 

I at nr»t let It fa. bat becan to pt 
weak and ta a nMdaaa coaditlaaw 
so I d ^ drd ta my aaiM Mra Carial, 

wklcb I did. 

Thia Ikat Oardal whtah I tadk awdo 
■e aaeb better, la tact, eared aie. It 
baa been a number of T'ars, still t 
have DO return of thla trouble. 

I feel It wai Chrdal that 
and I recomMBt II at a 
aaale toale." 

Ooat allmr jmnM «■ 
weak and laa aewn fraai 
troublee. Take Oardol. It should 
ly help you. aa It baa so many tboa- 
Bands of other women la the pest 4* 
years. ili idtcbe. backache, sldeach^, 
nervowneea, aleepleaaneea. tlred^rat 
feellac are an atcaa of womanly troq- 
blei Other woaaia ftt relM by Uklo  


(Advertiaement. ) 

to Otdflmert, Weather WO 
Ing Now l« Nethlaf •* 
What Thsy Knew. 

Edith WhaHon, tli« nortlial, ia do- 
ing war work of itll kiiuli in ffVaiM*, 
■9d al a Pferb diaaar, apiapn flf th* 
floal ahortaffa, ah* Hkl : 

'^Vell. let ua be glad, anjhow, that 
a French winter ia not 1^ a V*w 
Zn«laB4 aaa. Lat 
aalT*a, aa «■ bnd 
chin radiatora, vHk tfW 
■toriea of ^few Englaad 

*1 know an afted K«V 
who, coiled round tha atova iB th* 
fMHal ateia at Oojdoa FVmr 0or- 
MN, lalka about tb* cold in thia 
fashion : 

" 'Cold f RhticJtB, you Toonf fellers 
don't know what cold iai ^k* the 
winter of '07 DOW. Thar ya bad raid. 
Why, in '«7 it waa «  bluaad cold 
that if je heaved a pot of bilin' wa- 
tar out nf doora it froaa aolid ia four 
minatee' time. Bal tka 

■i of 

■ tho great 
where on the creat days 
a( the year the peopte gathered to- 
gether, warrior*, trader*, women, too, 
choae thair local oAdalai Theartglaal 

thta« «| aU waa ttw war jw 
aatHa HMM actaaHy hmm «p be- 
fore it could b * heard. Ua boya need 
to bare a practical joke we'd oll«i 
play on itrufarL W«rddlpnaBd 
put a ooaple of armfnb of froaw 
riiriek* and growb and niaMa in tka 
etove iiiit ekn iwTist, and aa they 
thawed out they'd yell and oarry on 
like (lemona, and we'd hava a food 
laugh at the atraaganf mamm^ tbey 
btin' miffaty akerrt.'* 

Children Cry 



ii'iponance or tne Koliower. 
Not nil i-.'iti lie li'.i .|i r-i ; some raust 
follow, nolew a writer. It iiiav be that 
you are eminently qnnllfle*! to follow 
the lender«hli  of mmie on '. If so. f..]. 
low icmoefiilly. Tlie fulLe- I'r |x none 
tbe leaa bonurnliU.. the leaa Im- 


tha altahi af dapraaaad avMla aa kme- 

er withont aetkia aC aonM aarl, Anita 
set nut for a briak walk. It waa Juat 
supper time for OarterTlll*; ngbta 
.••hoiie from the nnabadai wlaiewa, aad 
 he  v iiid see family fraapa ahoat th* 

tVhb^V ■•Tr^^J^^5^^ , 

The g\T\ scarcely noticed where ahe; 
walklai, tho rough. 


An Illinois women wanted a divorce 
becauae ber huaband snored aad talked 
In his sleep. He's probably one e( tboaa 
exaspemttng hnshandf who talk* In 
Ms sleep last enoagh la 
carlot^ity, but not aaaa^ I* 
where be baa been 

I Mr. 


Beetle—  }ee I I'm glad 
bag thia vaathar. 

m Nm WITH PQUim 


trseta of tbe little town were no U-i 
ter th:in the country roads, and Anita 
rifiltze*]. with a sudden start, that ahe 
hnti witlked far beyond tbe laat house. 

Tours overwhelmed her aaddenly. b 
ir not, to youth, a genuine grief to be 
ilenliil tbe pleasures of youth, the alm- 
ple Joys of friendly lIvlngT Moreover, 
there wns snmeihInK else that made 
Aidtn \vi-.-p, snmethlnir that tugged at 
lo r hi'iirt like a wild longing, aom^ 
thini; abe waa pow«rl*aa to attl* or 

.Sti.I'lenty ns 'ti'-  :!t there by the 
r '!id-!i|e. nobblnc. a man approached, 
s!ie . . n! I see him deafly. Bheahrank 
t 1' k I'C'iinut a tree for ehelter. 

Itiit ■ . v ,,. fiid so n twiK snapped 
nniler li  r/eet. and she stumbled, with 

soft Utti* Ciy. Th* BMa BiDWIlll 


"Who's ther. ?•• he railed sharply. 
It wiis Very stniiu-e. hot all fear Ml 
Anita the very moment she beard bla 

volee. Of course, she would b* aafe 
with hliii. II.' \  n !-tninger to her, 
yet sKe WHS -illfe. i-lle knew. 

"l!'- I. Aiillii Nonh." she culled back, 
ntid her voire trembled a hit. 

'■Miss Nonh— Anita r be eaelalated. 
"AK'hnt are you doing ber* aloaer* He 
had taken ber ana aad hailed har ont 
to the road. 

"Poor little giri,** he aaM. •^OaaM 
you tell me about Itl" 

Rhe shook ber bead. 

"Poor little gtrir be aald at last. 
"I wonder If you are— loneaomer 

She nodded la tbe dark, and be cane 
a Btep nearer. 

"•o am I," be aald alowty, •Ixme. 
some for yon." 

After that they walked back to town 
slowly, arm la ana. Tbey paaaad light 
ed wl a dowa. where hapiv family 
in-nnpa were ■atharad aboat tha 
per tables bat aalther af thaai 
deed. Or It AaMa dM aa. M waa but 
to r it ut that never, aeeer aada need 
ehe eaey them, never, a 
weald Ih* be loneeome. .... 
- •' - 

■e Ready far Bigaer Job. 
flhow by wbat^ In yen that yen ate 

In a place too amall for y 
iind (he way wW opea fa 
vanre, aaya tbe Paaaaylraala Oitt. tt 
d.H'sn't' pay to keep a ten dollar mno 
•loinv a three doltor Job. Bat yoa must 
Mi.'ike the hoaa see that yoa are worth 
triistin,: ulth more Importaat tbli 
fiefore he dare take a riak with you. 
Ite^ldes I lie fellow that'a alwaya look 
1ti»' r round enn't rive the proper at 
tetir.tin to the task he's at. If he eels 
ntil busy with his present )ob he wIP 
lie iii.iri' likely tu M e apportnnlt  
M  " I ■ «'H aadialiatftalnly I t 
ter ti-.d  • tu amafi H by the forelock 

On DMa Maad. hi eae «€ the lahae 

napaved j of KlUnraay. Iraiaad. la a 

In itoring or ahdtering tbe nraal 
aiiplaaa thdre ia a tniMadaaa 
■awant of apaea wa^lsd. TUaisdaa 

la the fact that the airplaaa ia 
•hapi'd like a T, with the wing* 
rt-seiitiug the crosa stroke and the 
fuaelage tha ftm. EOeieotl^ 

af Ma Uat la 
a— a s pai^ i I 

PrtiirrMi Uctit Water dalitared 

daya ai i .-^hturdays. 



wblch baa tha nyatattaa a( balag tha handled, the airplane dioald take np 

but little more than tho stem 
or fu8cla|^^ space. At least, lo has 
the storage an'l filielterinj^ problem 
■truck the British authorities; and 
tbey have developed airplancti which 
are provitlwl with f  !ilini,' wiu^s. \\ c 
note a type of foldiug-wiug aeaplaue 
vhidi ia being uaed at a naval flyint: 
schfxil nl'iii? t!i.' English conFt. The 
plane.^, wlmh ire !i.;iL'e l lo the for- 
ward part of tlie fii e|.,,-e. i-an be 
■wnnf back until they are alongaide 
the fnaelaf*. The elevating ^fiam, 
it will lie Tude.l, fit in U'twpeii the 
] laiies and the t^truts. All in all, the 
folde l Maplane can be accommo- 
dated well within a ipaaa of 10 by 
80 feet, inataad of the anal qiaaa of 

10 or more faat bj M 
titic .Viiierican. 

Qood Morninff. Hav* 
You •••n Th* Oourl«rV 

WANTED— Youiii; [n.ii! with some 
experience to learn biuine^a of 
printar-preasnnn. und«r diaft ■■■ 
and if poaaible witkaat aililaor m- 


cotta(;e for rent 

At 104 West I Till btreet, 7 rtxims, 
bath, gaa, eljctric lighia aad city 
water. Oarden and fruit treea. Im- 
mediate poaaeMion. $200 a year. 




Ollitt Over Tity Rank, fomerly 
occupied by Dr. Fruit. 

UHice Fbooa ViA-l -Baaideac* 134*2 

R. T. JETT, D. V. 


7tb and Mailroad Sta. 


Phone 19. 

Sale Barn. 
BovkiMvillib Ky. 

Hotal LAtham 


FiM Bath RoooM. Four Fint- 



Mra. Flatbuab— Why, joo'n two 
honra hte toaight, dairl 

Mr. Flathush— Yes, I ksOV tt. 
"What happened?" 
"Same old tMiMa. Owi^tfae 

H didB*l take yoa two bonn 

to iruiik the car, did it?'* 

"No, I had four other mcu taking 
• tmattt* 

"mam IT M. 

'^e'a an ingMiaaa Mbv.* 


"Yea. He evao found out a waj, 
to operate tha electric train b^ 
bought te hia aan at ChmtMa 

Ha Hw giri who marriea ae 

• aMM of humor." 
a darned queer one at 


"AAv aft aw 


 TiB«iV ^ 

folka ^ I've (i^t a thennome* 

ter fixed ao that it will never r«giatar 
ugrtbiag leia thaa tO ia gWM i* 

We Don't Solicit 


The business of every man, but' 
we want the account of the liable 
and trustworthy only. Always 
ready, able and willing^to assist 
those deservinfir help, %e ^have 
doubled our deposits in tlie last 
two IM a half years, and point 
with real pride to the standing and 
general character of our custonir 
ers. Are you one of them? 


Of Hopklnsvllla, Ky. 

\\\ liii" • 

Birthday Presents that are Useful 

Any girl or boy — any man or woman- 
would appreciat* a good fovintatn pw 

Every day ol the year— almost every hour 
of the day— euoh tt- ptetafift oeD be |Mt to e 

practical uae. 

There are many maKes of fountain pens. 
And many styles and sizes tn tha various 
maKes. So if we oen be of any service to 
srou In helping srou choose the best fountain 
on the ^fterKet for your perttoular pur  
Jvel €t9» IPb eMl 



^ Percy Smithson 




Hopkiiuville, Ky. 


Vifijinis SlMsl( Bstwsse Tib sad Stfi 




Daily By MaU 

(Mot Sunday) 


Daily Kentuckiaa 

qtt ry Miiilnf ■ml Haider) 

Tor Imm Pkptrintf Ihi IhI Imm Mr NiMpmr 

An Excellettt Comblfiatlon^ 

SobMriptioD orders tt tUi eonbiMd raUmty |w nat 
toUMoOetof the KKNTUCKIAN or to L E. BAHNES, 
tha OovMooiMl agmt. Hotddiuvills, Ky. 

lOUim BU)Oft H«t EYES 1 Hap 

rteutt.rltjr of Um Uaard tUH Hm 

— r- 

hflvi about- fourtM^ upenM of 
horned litaHii in tbi« jferaatfy, tnrl 
teoct Mopk atiU (mil JBmb 'llornMl 
Tg i .* SJte of tjklf iMIb tr« 
/■tittMij ninarlnj|U,- but none mon 
m  than their M)i(tyU  tfnA at will • 
fln« Jet nf ^|Mbod from either eye 
'i^T«7 rarely tottchad apoii 
t, aiid tha artra^ reader 
f thf! life hi' tnrie« of our nnim«l^ 
nerer heard of thin rim«rknhlp 
t«hit, Mjfl-a writer in the Populur 
^ jyiiiiii. MoDthlj, 1ft an utida m- 
"A liMTd TbCI Sqsirta Jeto 
SfBlo«i From Ita Evm." 

Bipod-equirtinf ia generallj in- 
«^1ilged in whan the lisafd it labor- 
• f:i|lytandcr certain itatea of eicito- 
. in#iit. T^c atUcl^ ?E 
Ijr, at a time wVn yon Qftv^ tKc liz- 
ard in 'four graap. It «fll Mddenly 
fOBm ita nt(k md tirfmr tbt 

SM tha qr« b«igi Imm t&air 
umUmt aeeonA 70a can 
hear a i eculiar hiiwiniff 
foUowad immadiately by the 

oaa or tha othar of ita eyea. 
rHk rtdi 1an» ia this aqairtad that 

tiuy itream, laiiting a couple of 
iMoonda, may thiown to » dMuoe 



^ hatr that yon are married." 
'«T«L Ptfcna^, inaanHy ." 

^^AlinilCAM FLM It OLOWr. 

 ^T1m oldast tag an 

oldast tag among tba largar 

tiationa battling aptinst the Ger- 
xnana, atrange tu aay, ia that of the 
United States. The S ar;) anl 

MHS laA 4awD 

booM with taaUei 

Duribx that flgktlaf la tke outaklrtx 
0t tha TUlace a( Maanlarea, Brittsh 

to Mp rmnoTi- the 
tba yonnxKtpr!! from 
art. I) thU B^ttsh of 
-^"iin old Fll'ii.l 1 1 ly b 
tbe sti |M fr ni h.T 
With taaUer rare. Tlf ilrtllxh 
forcea hare Jiiat ■drnnit'd to ihia vii 
lafe and the people who remnlmtl In 
their honiea were npon to th - firp of 
the a a aaay, ao part of thn iKlvMiir'ni; 
nrmf alopped to al 1 In K-'tiinx ihoif 
who conM Dot car* for thPinM-iv.-^. out 
ran^e. Beforf Icivlnic tin- (i.-ni ...ti" 
laaaackad the houM-, and nil tin- Iiouav- 
hold Uaaa and fvraltare are atrawn U 
the Rtreat. ThU ptrtare ahowa how 
ihiaixhtftU and bunuui the BrltUhent 
are erfp In the thick of tbe flxbtinK. 


Adjutail iti*r ti immitfate 

French Aviator Selected by War 

Parte.— Adlatant SaoUar of the 

, rrench army, who ihot down aevi-n 
tha only diange niada aiaw liaviug J Oerman alrplanea in the ahurtcat apiKV 

been the addition of stars from tima I "f*!"* •.»^»°[iJ»" ^ ^ 

.IT I J. J lected bj the imderaecretary of avia- 
te tune. The prt^ nl L men Jack of „^ ^ ,„ y,^ ,„ 

^reat Britain wii « not adopted astU i aoxtrate the newrat mid fii«ti.»t flylna 

mnrblne In the world — tbe Mumne 

Robert Morane of the Itamoe-Saul- 
lar worka^ who haa created thla d»- 
velopmeat of hla "^manr type, orli;!- 
oally latended la aead aa deaioaatrator 
Sabiientenaat Jean Navarre^ who waa 
tied with Bymtmm. aaeb fenvlnt 12 
Oerman machlnen t-» htn ctwllt. In tht* 
than they eftr had at aprinv of loin. whm he wnn urmndiHi, 

: and who has ainrc b  en declared In- 
' nane, follovlns Vl« runnlQf donn a 

180t yvbila tha FrMcfa tiiaoter «aa 
adoptad l a im,- 


Bill— They say that many Euro^ 
poan j ea«ant^ mow in the contending 
fBttiaf taan neat in 


QUI— C an it be poMible that the number of poll«wn In hla antom.*lle 
/my cooka are getting carMM aad laat winter. 

puttiof meat inithe haah t I The Preoeh anih 'rltlca have ref ukmI 

permit Katarra to leave the c »un- 

• IMITATION. ~ jtry. oa Ike groHMl that althouch h.* 

la (eocfally ocardf l aa rational now, 

'Citation ia tha aiiManit fla^ "Mtt eshlMt further tend  n  i  a 
f M 1 1* iMaaHy wfelek might be eniharniK»- 

. . lac la tke authoriilea In thr l uit. .1 

ft 'iiit time*. commented Three- g^j^ beca«e e« hie grad* nn.l .l.-.-.- 
tiiigar Sam. "But I hare aaan int- j retiona in the rrench army. Navnrro 

been conaldcred by experta 

aa Ikf  vlalar pii Minl ng tke bent 
i^lB fkaififlaik 

«to li aalr twenty yaara 
la iliniwa la May hMl vltk 

tAtioa vhkkj ttttt wiant no coaqpU" h«a«i 

/Did jm'm m 

4aU iner* 

**! iaid I thotight I ooold bvyyoa. 
tit would tain A better aaleaman than 
1 to oany omu* ^ ^ though." 


I. P. 

la aha • to 

.aiked oaa woman. 

"VeajJndaed," replied the other. 


K^haA taught her to say 'culiiiiirv 
'^oataad of 'oookiag.' "—-^London 


•eld «r Overataya Leav* Wh n Hale 
Oeeen't Arriv* en Time m-i la 

Arret^Ld for Oftertion. 

1 he UnfM IMUm haa nerw aiit 

nbmsnr.c ni'r"'« to def'*nd ita eoa»t 
againat foreign iiiva."ion, bal on one 
oocaaion 11 made preparatioo to do 
Ml .\t tht brgiaaliiff  f the war with 

in 18ve, niMb atarai «aa fait 
bI. rif* the Atlantic foaboard leof 
tjme attack night be mad* by the 
enemy.«l MtKinky nid in 
Ilia annual meaaag* in 1898: Trerr 
prccatition was taken to prever' pov 
fiilile iiij'iry to our gront liti'-i I.;np 
along the ooaet. Under the direction 
of the chief of engineera, nibroariaa 
niriaa wan flMM t| tha matt at- 

poial& Mm tkt oatbrMk 
of tba war peinnanent minii.s rn'M*- 
!natca and a^la jalleriea had been 
-atiAtnidoa at nfirly all important 
hiirliora. Moat of tlie fn»| e lii finte- 
rmi wa« not to be found in the tnar- 
! • t, and luiil to be et [ tvial!y manu- 
facturad. Uiathct ofi'uvrs were or- 
dered to take all prt-lnninary meas- 
ures short of the ai'ti^^MaclMnfr of 
the loaded nuiiofl tofl|^;ablei) and 
tlie minee were pla£^ in pnaition. 
I1ie agfupiti nomhfi, of mines 
placed waa 1^ at tha principal 
harbors from Maine to Califirnia 
rreftarations were alao made for tlie 
pl«ntiQ2 0^ li cV^Iq .9%' 

harbqnC Ciit Mnng to the tuij de- 
•iraeaan of the Bnanijh jleet thaae 
minee were never placed?* '"^ 



■ i.-  

loma or ^^^'J.^ 



Mothers Know That 
GeniiiM Castofia 


Bears the 



For Ovar 
Thirty Years 



(PriMi at ■attf) 

Eggapar doaeo 

Butter per pound 

Breakfast baron, pound.. 66e 

Bacon, cxtraa. pound ^m,,,. SSa 

uuBwy BMnai mmn, ponwn • • • • , aov 
Country bama, ioail. pe—i.»».l7ta 
Lard, pare leaf, pound.. ......... . .9» 

Urd, 50 II,. tins ...|14 00 

Lard, eompouod, pound tMt 

Cabb^ par poMi 
Lemone. p«r ( 

Chaeeo, cream, per lb 4tt 

Flonr, 24-lb aaek $1.80 

Coromoal, boAai |2« 

Orangoa, par doaen lOe to 60a 

Cooking Apples per fHk 61a 

Oniooapar pound. 

pea« ie« 



Iva Title. 

"China From wtihia," a aew ba^ 
advertised, may have been written 
one nf tboee old-UoM ald#-abow fakalf 

who lit." rui.  iin#1 aancerv nnrj diaael 
plat ^ for tho r llflriUgQ of a ilpla| 

qyfd of yokeli geattla Post lateMi 

K«att Co- 


"Ikm, rn bal T. BoaMvaH hiv 
Klf MMt Mda M btll» Art ^1 

datr I 


Bacuu — I ae« that two t^enchiuen 
have invented a piano in which the 
wirea aia aat in vibntion bj alactro 
magnati inatand of by • Umt, Tha 
notes do not die away aa qnkklf aa 
on an ordinary instrument. 

Egbert— But, hold on lant thero 
a law ^iwat pralongiM afo^ to 
mortal MnliP 


"Do you care much for imported 

**I used to, but I waa tomad 
againat them." 

"How did that !i.i; pon?** 
"A wealthy \^■\^n^ woman of my 
acqtiaintaniv niurncd AM 

Stock and Poultrv Tonic 

Prepare your stock for the hard 
work you have for them this 
spring. Buy a pail of 

Dr. Hess's Stock Tonic 

makes them hearty and healthy and 
shed off early before the days get 
hot, also good for hogs» sheep and 

For an egg producer there is 
nothing better chan PAN-A^CEA* 
makes all the hens lay. 

Emfbody wanti egginow. So bay • mail 
ptdnf* of and npply tht dioand. 

Plaoters Hardware lo. 

HopldniTille, Ky. 


Mrs. Bacon — Don't you think 
Emily «inga with a aood deal of feel- 

Mr. Bacon — Yea, but I do hope 
Aa M fcal aa b«l aa H 

"I suppoee when yoor ami 
(ollege, he wa4 inotMlii 
luve of learning." 

nbiy bnt t didnt taka." 

OOtMliT ANO ^Aie 


aged one 

Colo.— Jnlai I'. rs|,iwi.l, Jr„ 
iliiy, «ivi- 1 I'll , i!' ■ John 
^ir.. of Comiuiii.v (J, One 
Ml PlftyiM'VfOth Infantry, 
froai being Court luiirualiHl • n u (■Ii:ir;;e 

of deaertlon fr iiii I' 




.(or— What 
 p t for vour poettF 
. — Hefnilur rittea. 
'i-.or--Ali rifhil Thaidbit 


"You don't talk ahotit ; 
trte 1(4 iuu  }: as you did." 

♦i-b -, l^ii a hard winter, 
faniii -Tod for frsel * 



I  .I'M fr..i.. 
t.i. ( ■■.I.. uli. 
t . \l II III ' 

,taUe l I ' • ' ' 
I Oaa of 1 1 

!iw:k. c 

I var ti'.iiUnrii 
'a "d- -rt..- rr u; 

Till- liii.rKf ; 

B('llt vltl It \  . \  V,! . 

ticf Dutlli' 'I ll.ii '.r M I, 

Jr., fall ' 1 1' i iri\ ' li.'. 
I ad. eo tiK ■oldlvr- liiit.!v 
' leave WLltinir for V 1 

.ill nMx.:r.ine«. 

U.  ' 


■'k fori'VH. 

"il •! far- 
UnOa Via. 

Im tniliiln r, 
i\  r. When h 
ii III 111 rxiilra- 
I'lii '   Mum 
rr. wired Deu- 

raeuuAii MoutiT. 

EUaabeth was taking hor four* 
year-old brother to the store for a.'! ic 
groceriea. Aa aoon as they entered, 
little Joey noticed the ecale and aaid: 
♦HMil I M wffl Jim pound mr 

"Shoot me n lis.'uit. m.itnma!" 
"VSliyiTununif, what way ia that 
to talk at thi tabler 
"Thnfa all ri^ht, mamma. Erani. 
I ba^y^ talking war talk nowadaja.' 


"He'e an enthusiast." J 
"I should aay so. He even atanda 
when tha band flua Tankaa Doe* 

liiiiiiiutional ireatmcntof Tuberculosis 

meana that fhe patient ia given constant attention; that the riMMn e 
whkh ia found to be beat adapted to th  chm' is riKlitiy adhered t» 
th^ara^danl phi«lcianiaatbandaUof the time. studyinK the caae 
MM adaptinii^tlia treatment to it; that nursing serNice is the best. 




mean improvement, greater comfurt and possible 
."pod ii oparatad without profit by the Louisville 
Aaaocktlon. Rates tl2.50 a week. Write for de- 

Hazelwood Sanatorium 

OR. O. L. MILLtn. Phyalolan in Charca- 


The next draft may ba aspaetedl The werk of 
aoon after April 1. |b!g«ii.' 

op and in- 

L & N. 

Time Card 

Effective Apr. 16, 1917. 

No. 93-C. i N. 0. Lim. 12;21 a. ■. 
No. 51— St. L. E.\pross 5:29 p. m. 
No. 95-Dixie Flyer 9:J2a. m. 
No. 56-Hopkin8villa AcIMm. a.— 
Daily (Except Sunday.) 
' No. L Fast Mail 5:36 a. mj 

No. Ev. and H. accom. 8:68 a. ni. 

No. 92-C. A St. L. Ub. 6 Jl •. «. 

No. 62— St. Looia Exprcaa l(h» 

No. 94- Pixie Fiver TrCG p. m. 

No. .V)— Hopkinsville Ac. x.oS p. m. 

—Daily (Except Sunday. ) 

No. 64-8t. L. Paot MaU 10:14 pi m. 

No. 90— Ev. and R. aeeoa.%oopii ■. 

—Daily (Except Sunday.) 
No. 51 connects at Guthrie for 

Men^phiii anil points as f...r south aa 

Eriit.aadfor LooiavUle. rHilMgll 

Noa. 53 and 65 make direct eon* 

neclion at Gutbri'. Ut LaotavUlt, 
CInrin— tl and nil iMiaii aafHi Mi 
eaat thoraof. 

No. 98 ea^Hes throuRh sleepers ta 
Atlanta, Macon, Jaekeonvilia, St.' 
Aogoatine. and Tampn. Fla. Alao 
Pnllman alaaper a to Now Orlaana. 
3onneet at Guthrie for pointa IflM 
andWeat. No. 93 wUl not aany 
cai passengers for paMi MtlO •# 
Naahviila, Tann. 

W.N. CHANDLER. Tkkat . 

Electric Heater 




Vacuum CieaMT 

Curling Iron 
Hot Pad 
Lights FOR Hone 

Teletphonw 361-2 




"I met ^ 

Uow. mill 
' i Iii«'' i 


' ,;niiaaU aa , Mi.' 

• I to Vlb- . 

uuthorl- I 

■by yongMaud juHt 
ked quite blue. 
I, *oo, and ha turumi 


ii i  

Mini l'rr»lit!clil 

(••loll US t-Sp M'  • 

ovoratayed hi' 

 rl. Ill put lit 


Athletic iiii-l o.t. darling, 

joi* o.^f i,n» 1 liki il..* before? 

• ' 1 V 1. but I used 


Thotc cool mornings by using a Gas Heater to 
take the edge off the room. 

We have the fimout ""Hot Spot'* heaters. None 

better. A call a our office will convince you. 

Kentucky Public Service Ca 


«■ Ife* MlM of vnar f*«t.^|rM M- 
OTWB I"'*. n n1 and 


H IMm A||Vt  

^Tk AO Off Willi rhii rtaro Cat* 
-Ca^*' bkkai*.' 

■ *ou will luK tnurh th* Mrn or 
•Alfma with • faw dropa of -riaw-ll.' 

rhai a bl 
•ore palna' 

■ora. you e«n anjor th« 
•T«r ' mlnula Thm ti 

iT»a to 

Tou wont Ifinp anr 

"«n -« 

4 rclltr It ■ 


^ _ »r 

•Ml coro or eallua will c ^ra» rlfht 
roroplaU, Ilk* a banana pael and 
vllhoat tha ioaat p«lB, la juat won- 
4«rful Mrtx-Ii' la lha biscaal O'llfr 
%nonc  ' rn r»inoT»r« In Iho world 
today, aimplv bvraitoa 11 I* oo won- 
4*ffallv altn(.I« an.l alwaya workr 

turn jrou (Ot 'iiaU-l(.' 
^I» I|" M Mid at alt  '^* l*|2 


SjM 111 H ipk »vl'lr sn i rrceon-.- 
■wiiM M liw wtUr* bMt com 

l^/y PersonaL 

Mn Willinm KimmoiMi an i little 
AauRhirr. Aniir, ha«« Joined Mr 
Kiir.nioii. in St. LmIs f«r a tUy 
•f •evtral w««ka 

Un. JL T. Haabary. af Hapkina 
vaia. wM tiM t«Mt af Mr. aiidllni 
Jatni m. CUMm, M lilBitj P«n 


El) J. I-uvnon. of ( jiuniliia. ^. C . 
li heri- having been caileJ by the eer- 
|W i illncsH of Ma KkoOMr, Hit. R 

C. Law.Hon. 

Rev. Paul 8. Powell, of Meniphi . 
k at the bcdsida af Mia tathar. Dr. 
LewiK Powell, wlw kw taaa4i liMa 

Sunday iiiKht. 

Mrs F'rank Rives has returned 
1tv.i\ a lencthjr Tiait to friends and 


I jhn Creen E'l*»ar!i iirr veJ yes- 
ter !Hy fmm a stay of eiglit years 
in ( jiliforii'.:! and Arizona and will 
ks with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. N. 
B. CJ.T.uB(b, far aonw tioM. 

CoL Kd D. Jaaaa, wka la at ths 
^ Mift & J. Caratkars. his 
li akla ta ka «p aad abaat 
a dajr ar iw of Ohioaa. 

Ruby M Breedlove. of N'aih- 
aOla. Tenn , is ^iK-mlini; several cliiys 
« Hoyktnsville the guest of Mrs 
C P. Smith, of 303 & CUy street 

■nU teMk. af PMt Bill, who 
wm qttita aiek last waak, ia abla 
«» b aap. 

ii P Thomaa and John W. Kully. 
af Cadts, were here yeatvrility at- 


CmH to Hty Tw* 


Till- Chrintinn County Fiacal Court 
rin'l in reirular ir.on'lily •easioa Tues- 
Jay March S The aeasion lasted 
throuirh We.lne^'fay Most of the 
aeviiion wa't tnkon up with routine 
niatti-pi uf iillowliiK claims, making 
orders, etc. The court Toted to hold 
bi-mnnthly sessions on 1st and Ifd 
Tuesdays beicinninK with April terfli. 

A motion passed aaantmously la 
purehase for the county n Puplax 
Barroochs Addinn muchmo 

The old smallpox pest hi. use at the 
County Farm was ordered repaired. 

Geoffrey Morgan, State Farm 
Agent, and (i T. Wyatt. Distnst 
Farm Ajtent. appeared before the 
court and naked for i n aprropriation 
uf 12,500 from the county to assist 
in SBiployinc a whit* and a colored 
farm airent and a canning c!ub dem 
nstrator. This was defeated by a 
strict party vote, the four Republi- 
can matcistrates and Judga CkSflipUn 
votinK against same. 

It now looks like this coanty will 
nuve to be without a Farri Aiffnt 
ind cluh di-n'onjtrut cr f^.r 
thi.i year. This is to be reitrr'teil 
nennusiy :;ni| i*. ;^ in/iicl ttat 'Jc 
Fiscal Court wiU cLanice ita nun J 
tinit! to prevent our taking: this 
backward step tn agricnttuml pro- 
grass of the nation. 

arTuasHi 9 





S«ssioB of CoQDty Afcnts of 
Western District Proves 
PniliUt Jm. 


a I . 


tor Elks 
«f pvomo- 
aa foiled: 

MWd Balar. 

Braathitt, LcnHlntr 

Lajral Knight. 


Mr. iohm B. Trica was expected 
borne from Florida last night 

Fiight Officer Killed. 

Lawton, Okla., Mor. 6. -Flight 
Otalanaata Piul and Whitnay from 
the lei iai school at Fort Still were 
M'v: !:iv, ten miles north of the avi- 
iti ! iLI, when the gssollne tank 
80 their airplane exploded and the 
nshed to ewth froni a 

ItkdiM. taitiils :ir.(l hon.e ad- 
of tha tvo aviators could not 
It obtained ia first raport 

March 4. 1918 

KTheat is looking well. 

Tht big snow loft our roads in 
a deplorable condMaa. kat they are 
tIMtJy improving. 

lavml crops of tobacco have 
aftaagad kaada ia tka kMt few days 
at prieaa nagtac tNas lift ta 116 

A goad aaay plaal kada ware 
bamod laat wau, aad wttk tsvafakle 
wMtksr tka work wfll ka fHhad ta 
a Aaiak-tkis weak. 

Mra. W. A. Whtta. vka 
a narraaa kraak daam kal 
improved kat UtOe. 

Mr. Laa B. MeKaiBhl. wha came 
aat from Weat Arkaaaaa akaat a year 
ago. ratunad witk Ma family to 
ihoir Arkaaaaa baoM laal weak. 

Mr. Daa BoadMa. af ladiaaa. who 
kaaed a lafga Mock af aU land in 
t*^ .  t-idaltjr tad year, kaa Ntomsd 
to Cr^ftaa aad wlB bagia proapacting 
for oil wtlkia a Um 4m. 

Cr KLONK... 


Dr. Lewis Pouoll, w ii   was dan- 
gerously ill for several days, is now 
much impruveil and getting on nice 
accordinir to his physician. 


Claude Herndon, a buy working 
thf Kintuckian oflicc, fell a dis- 
luiKc i f Miif feet from an elevator 
yesterday and was knocked uncon- 
scious for seM-rul minutes. His in- 
uries are not considered serious, 
though he was painfully bruised. 


Mar. -V.lia f  l- 
thi- power pUiu f 
iiiid Siiiellcrk 
!.tral. Duranvo. 

I. r  . alio 

fifauceda ami buint. 1 truikj, 
SCI urdlM tu a niOMugu rvi i-ived 
here fMoi ParraL The y«w«i 
cost n.fttMM. Al 1ft 

LI paso, Tex. 
lew«'' ' lynu.! Ill- 
llm ' luri.,. ^' 

Cbtr-iiaay at 
killed Catcrir 

Lo#e !««.•« 
tioas witk aa 

Ira D. 
Jahn W 

H. L. 

C. F. Golkrtak 
T. C. Uadi i ai H. Be 
Bailey Baeeill. Tiaai 
flkm FickaB. Tiler. 
W. M. Hancock, tt ael a e for long 
teob sacceoding W. R. Wleks. 

Jahn Breathitt who ia r ii« to 
aviatioa aamp befeee AfcB I, 
nstaUad at eace. Mr. Bmitk 
iac as Leadiaf Kalgkt 

T. M. 

(laiiiaailisil Nawa i 


Waakiagton. Marefc «.— New in- 
forautloB concerning the wide vse 
af rarloaa essentail arttcleo reached 
lora throagh official chanaela. 
Soma of the articles now being 
lafbctored almost esctasiraly of 
are shirts, handkerchiefs, 
towek, ckUdrea'a dathiag. 
lea'a paiaaa, nets, baga. 



e« eWlMNt Md a 

TMa ta only a partial list Un 
len's articles 
•f PiPW' 
Tka artfetaa are aMde iNa paper 
yariM, raw aad c e ta red. irfbdi are 
ased far kaitted 
gloves, ctaeata aad 

The three day session of the Dis 
trict Farm Agaata Mooting which 
met Moadap la IMii city came to 
an sad yealetdt* afternoon after a 
day of loatla e oecaaeion e( 
and ptaaa for work. 

Taoterday aMiatag N. K. 
of Loxiiwtea Uaitrenity. wke ta at 
tka head of tiM kertkakaral work 
of Ike Pe parta ie Bt ef Agricallafa in 
V addieeesd the 
ea Ike growiag af 
berries and smaQ fr^Ns. 

Tha District Agriciftond Beard as 
ergaaiaed will k« Mapaaad af «M 

eaaB«r~r. ft 
8. Y. Alka. 
Todd eei air W . A. 

Joha ^ 

ty aad O. B. Dsaay. 
We k ater eaaaty— T. 

and W. T. 



t. N. 

Trigg eooaty-^eka ft 
and 1. Ftaak Ladd. 
Uaiaa caaatp^Hla ke aaaallad. 
raar rMMa k aM: aeera- 
aaia aa staiUi a eaabe Mi, 

I SO dus'to dMrt Ike faroMn ia teat- 
. lag an aead #n kefore plaatii« 
■am*. Joka wTkeeliM WlB 

kalkg atiUaed are 
kark. - 

drils. kafha fkom auiSkea, 
stoma, pairt, koom. 4la. 
To eaisai— I the lee af flta aiw 

styles a recent exhibition was keld 

at Cbemaits. Saaoay. 

Tka OerauHi Seclaty of wnafke- aami 

toNM. « P mi i*  wMik «kl m ^fpe of the work tai 

seat, so ta speak, at Cheauiits, a r- |1t appears from 
ranged Ibr a seriss of demoaataaUve 

aad tta' aaieae wwana laey 
can ke atiUaad. 

Germaa weaTors. because of tack 
of yaraa. are reported to b 
incroaahig aao of paper yams. The 
Goveramest is even expeetad ta re- 
quisition the paper s^ras stock for 
army needs. It ta said that the cob- 
sampttaa ta aa targe that the mlBs 
caaaot sseet tka demand. 

there ta oaip a aaMQ pereeataga of 
com that ta awtorrd inD eaat[«k to 
germinate and come op. 
Tkta ta a very vital oiattar for 
s lumer to caaalder aad It ta koped 
pefBoa win be so skott aigkted 
td pat seed core iato tke gtaond 
vitkaat first taMariag- ivkelker it 
Ml sprout aag^tr*** 




i f till- riiiunicinvvealth 
S-,.,iiii.  r winch wuj trio i last 
K and u verdict ot a $40ii tine an.l 
IX niontlis in jail was returned, a 
new trial was granted by Judi;e 
Bush and the charge reduced from 
aiisault with intent to kill to mali- 
lous strikiiiK Ti.i- case was then 
submitted to tli. . urt and a Judg- 
ment of UTiO ussi^fil 

The case of Ed^ar 1  Mitihel! vs. 
Chas. Stowe was tried an l a judg- 
BMBt af 9SS.S0 returned for plaintiff. 

The first Germon church 
of Louisville has decided to chaage 
iU name to the Cast Broadway Bap- 
tist church and to hold all services la 
he English language. 

Rev. J. T. Neal. pastor of the 
South Elkhom Baptist church, near 
exiagtoa. kaa aaeq «ed a can and 


Wednesclay morning Mr. Samuel 
Fuller, aged L'4. and Miss Ellen Rey- 
nolds, agi'd 17, appeared at the 
County Clerk's office and procured 
marrtage license. They wont im- 
mediately before Judge Groea 
Champlin and were married in the 
prsence 01 the Fiscal Court which 
was in session. The maas is a 
young fanaar af Bear Oiiitaa and 
the bri4s a 



(By laleraalieaal News Seseisi.) 

Springfield, IIL. March S.— Tea 
sold by Charlie Sam. a Bprtagfiald 
hop mm aroprietor. ta two inm^ 
rHrTSid too maak of a "Uck" 
111 Chariie and two atker Cetaa- 
r« gives a bertb ia tke eaaa- 
1 a charge 

ty Jail 

The Russians have bagaa destroy 

Ing bridges on the trans-Siberjin 
railroad between Lake Baik 
the Chinsee frontier. John t. 
ens. ckairmaa of the Amfrican 
Railway missiea, reported - ta die 
sute departmeat ntansy preveat 
Ambassador FaaaMs OMt rsaclfaig 

While without deUils, officiah be- 
iirva th« Ruutans are destroying the 
bridges to prevent an expected a 
v-ance of Japanese troops. A targe 
number of other structarse have 
keaa miaed, Mr. Stovefla abo stated 


Hliila.!.'lph:0. Pa.. .Mar fi.— "We 
will not be a strictly free people un- 
til 10,000 Gemmn propagandists in 
this state have licin hanged to tele- 
grui'h poles and shot full of holes." 

Tiu.s statement was made by How- 
ard Heini. federal food administra- 
tor for Philadelphia, at a lunched 
of food officials 


A wiiitaea aalfil aaMeleally pew- 
erful to caaMBBBtaato «Mk QernMay. 

tak waa ia iimimlia af Blekard 
Pfaad, fsrmsr aMNMgat af Genaaa 
ulaNahaa ptaato at BayvfBe aad 
Tuekartaa. waa aelaad ki 'ltov Torfc 
by Fede r M aMeMkk 




«kidi ta ■aMaet to eaB, 
HapUaavina arm 

ke Ifea 
ptaoe ef Ike 

was davvtad to tke 

qaartata aad 

district board. 

Much time 
pmMia af 

aad a ptaa has b aea warkad eat 
whereby tMV^BvrannMBt wfll pat aa 
expert ia each eeuatp for tke aext 

Fertilizer for Plant JhrfT 

Feed the plant and tha plant wiH 
focd yoUe 

I have the fartiiiier dial wiH fbad 
tha plants. 

John McCarley 

Ninth Street Hardware aad Scad Slafa. 



Ool't Monkey With a Quack 


' Wfcio yoarslovia'g out of order, no mattn 
InHMwlMiB jroubooghl it, oar phjsidan 
tm J hgn osg tht cbbb mi BitofafaNr tht 


Phone 249 




(By laleraaMoMl News Service.) 

Milwaukee, March 6. — Because he 
is alleged to have broken his New 
Year's resolution tu the (.ITe. * tiiat 
he would be a nio.iel husband dur- 
ing 1918, Winfred Mortimer, parage 
proprietor, has been made defendant 
ta a divorce action broaght by his 
wife. Leone. She alleges that he i 
Every domestic fowl in the city 
treated her cruelly. cagM kane in- 
toxicated and told her ka was in- 
fatuated with anetker woaMUi. All 
this after tte reaahitioa ^ saya, 



Saa Dtaga. CaL. Ilaiikt.-^ aa- 
aaual eaaa af M UaBlMri kas da- 
valoped at tka^altad Mlaa aria- 
Uan a dwal ^ a Nwlk iilaa« 
hare. Jdaapk if • W 
etaht. aaltatad aa a privato ia 
AHaMaa Oarpa at Tkam CBp, Mo 
Navember 7, 1917. Jeaapb B. No- 
vgk^ age twenty-elgkt, did likewiae 
an the same day. Both 
to tke Nertti lataad 

to tke aaaie 
Tkey aaa aat ratated. 
Tka two aMB bad aerer sset kefore. 
TkMT were kom on the aaata day. | 
Timra waa much coBfaaiaa dariag 
roll calta aad ia tka ialtal«eal rae  
orfc at tiw aakari aalB lha Hialllj 

Mr. Farmer 

Why Pay More? 

We are in a position to sell 
you Lard, Coffee, Meat, 
Cabbage, etc., for leM 
money than you are fMif^ 
ing now. Come to tee us. 
We will make you a priea 

ml C. ft. Clark & Co. 

Colo., Hank 

( By ialei 


cided to pteeeat every eaUatod 
witk a lhareagkkred cow aad ealf. 




(By lateraatioMl Hows -Ss nU s.) 
•an Francisco, March 6. — Patrick 
Mamy, mechanic by trade, but pick- 
bgr avocation, according to 
ta facing a peniUntary 
tke reauH of bta f attowii« 
Bkarlock HotaMa' iajaactiaa to do 
ust tke eppeeito from wkat ta ex- 
pected. Murray waa pkkad ap ky a 
patratauw aa a as p i ri ea. WHk a aaas- 
ber ef atkara ka was pkeed te a 
patrol wagea. Keeplag kta eye on 
tke gaaidka daMy akateaetod eever- 
al arMM ftaat tke pocket ef Uia 
Tke ekaafear of the 


•a w^Mva w a-^w em^ma ^ww—g 

Adam TbiaMM. a weallky*iaBcb- 
las a gr eed te caie fer lha aal- 

of Ike 

tt wiB 
la to 


The deepeet weU kitke werld. al 
ready 7.SSS teat deep, ta BOW ksiiiK 
drilled ea Um Qe« iHto. • miles 
aertkeaat of Cta akd k ai g. ta aorthem 
Weet Viigtoia. Tkey have reached 
a paiat wbaae tha tamperataie ta 

of beotleggiag. lit dMuea aad hiimlig a dapiaa ptateed tiiat tiiey weae a soi 
The stuJl was camoulUged ta lifataa eeaifTl JOh p k?* mmujoid caralvo^ 

toa pots (.nd looked iaaesi t aoamk, flaaa to 4nf 1k» kslw. sa tar ■■ailig vMatawtoa 
Ika Sfgtac toid. llMMk *^ vmt^ 



saw tke 




Denver, Cel. Marck d.— Ckow 
dogs. Possoraalaa paps, mankays aad 
chametaons may have to flgbt for 
their ntastery aa household pets. 

In the * et seetioa" of the recent 
.Nutioaal Weetem Stock Show, held 
here, two modish Utt^ aatatota «Ma 
on dtaptay "to Uke Ute ptaaa af lha 
luxurious tap dog." 

The snUrprising laacher ex- 
plataed that they weae a sort ef bm- 

CityBank&Ti -stCo. 

Csyilil, Sapha^ VBdi»,.t d Pnits 


Bank Amtt Ovvr 

$1,0 00,000 .00 

TIm l^r|Mt off Any Bank in Ci. ^tiao County 

TWlMf Md Suc i i Bdi i l CBft r fli nfc 
■Mk ^ i ru iBiiiiii It AbbSbIs . *pti ni . 

W. T. TANDY. President 

WO. 6. TRICE, Vlca-Pree. 

IKA L SMITH. Ckahtar 

i.A.nOWIIDiaJr., A«nCk.:.i«; 



• ni^OOIMfp^i 

(By l a m — M i—I J/fmm* IotvIm.) 

•.—AH it w«n 


'loaU fratWMlljr at 
Th« 9«PW ■ii*rt«f* Ir 

with iiWl, iimwlil. BMniwrlab, 
•V«Uti«iiiL.«irtMMMR t^mmf^ ap- 

and apftoVM la MNT piteM to cap- 

«te iMord gwtMtodfM 1^ 

jHMihar might maka a aoat alo- 
Vile iniih. and la ravWac It 
•«MN ratda ot applavse, 
loa4 appliaw and nproaiiotu 
apBkaaa, aad tikw a«t b« abU to ship 
it iMk ktM to alMW tha falka wlwt 
• mm ha waa. ■apMftMiutiv* 
Mowa. «C Pnaajli—li, yto to ^d 
ao vlcoroMtjr tkat CMi m a ii Bani- 
hartk of tiwMMiV CoBudMla, tilt 

 Ufad to alMwar! 

^Iha M»ar wa oaa." Im *ia 
Mn4Mrdtot«t. HiavatplUa. 


wary HifMw vwr totgh. 

"It haa to ha," aaUf ~ 
twe Maddaa of DUaaia. 


 ■» latovaallaMl Na«» Scrvte*.) 
HvAi. RL, MuNh Um th*. 

ory that not ill thlart* are diahon- 
Mt, C.JI. Lamar, aditor of a p«p«r 
h«r«, lA •dvwMaad ba will lMkT« tlie 
back «ar afle* o»«n at nirht 
■to thA tha paiaoB who atola Lataar * 
lapfabo aad ham bbmkat eaa ratnm 

Dog Dies oi Griei 

 By Utoraat U aa l Mawa larr l aa.) 

Denver, CoL. March 6 —"Tiffany,' 
Jl^\ torriar dog, formerly the prop 
erty of JtmN VikmnM  laid of griaf. 
Fetors eniiited tn the army early in 
February. When be was ordered to 
a tniinii«camp "Tiffany" wis taken 
to a ktiBt tor Rniiml*' AUhoitgbap- 
porMOr ptrfaetiy htathly. the do(t 
refused food and ».punie.i icmnany. 
Tw« vatka after the depirture of 

r * Hot Dofi^ Uffir. 

(Br iBlarmatieaal N«wt Sarrie*.) 

CoaneUaville, Pa.» March «.— The 
war hai affaetcd tke alMolwkMr . 
II haa made them bigffar. 

It takaa time to maaaara and tie np 

each little wiener in a Iniij; stiiiig of 
"hot doga," ao the pack-rs have hit 
on e 3eh«nM4 f making tba wieners 
tiuii^ir foimaraixaaikl thas cut 
the llrce in h ilf 

Gstanfa Cannot Be 

4rtth bOCAli APPUCATIONS. as tlMT 
•MMOt NMb th* aut ot th*  UMaaa. 
Cataatk la a locml diacaj*. frcaUy la- 
ittaaoaa to comtltutlonal condlUoni. aad 
la ordOT to cur* it you inu»t t«Jt« aa 
Utaroai ramadr Uall'* Cauurh M« U. 
ctD* la l*k*D lat«rn.\Ur and acti thru 
tk* ilntll oa th* mucous aurfa-va of th* 
ijiliw lUU'a Calarrb ll* li in« wiu 

tr«aeHb*d by on* o( th* b**t phyiiclana 
I UUa country tor raaia. It la cum- 
lad of aom* of th* »*at toalca knowiL 
■Maad wtih aom* o( th* b**t blood 

Pounds of Flour Saved 

AlUed Amy 

if each of our 22.000,000 imtUmM thlin^ipt 
instead of white bread. ' i ^ ^ 

One loaf saves ll,OOOyOOO poondlv 
mk Ibr • fMT flMnUltoOMM 

Enough to Feed the Entii 

^ ' m'^^^ Com Bread with Rye Flour 

■ * lavaanmaal «- ' / 4 I t.aap.aaaafc 

laavryonMr ' _ leap milk 

« iJllll aaaar I aef 

'~y-V^ \ ■ tsaapaaaa Royal Bakiac Powdor 2 taM*ipm B* i 

Parlij Boar ot oat Soar mar b« oa«d ino i aad of j* flour with tqaallr (ooS . , 
|pa4h». Ma *y taveShma lata ba«l| aSd ■Ok, baaiaa tm aad aiAaa Tfv^M^' 


M to M mlirat** and bak* In modarai* or*n 40 to 4) minat** 


ftOYAL ■AKINQ POWDBI CO. Dspt H, MS Wlflism St. Neir Y«i|t 


' My ba llhasiiMn^ 
triUMonta^^lltes San la win- 
alng the wST. ibgnim Swenann. 
-tt.ite Food Adminstralor, haii sug- 
iMted to Uartoart C. Hoevar that 
aalUera be oftfssai to SM a e fc ctaraa 
Liberty doer, ooatoliiliiB a aUpokted 
•OMent of wbasi aai aabatttutaa, and 
tba Natkinal Food DIraelor haa an- 
noasssd that IMS vfllbs 


(By latonMtloMil Naar* tarvtea.) 

DownltYilk. Ot , Mss^ 

tjiirty-t ltra days witbeat ^ 

■Nrfadtaaliy ha makaa Bp Ma Bind 
that he wilt dn withoirt ooHd luste- 
nance as a maaoa toward toanrity. 
PrtTknilybshasieaa wMai Ibod 
forrarrjriog periods up to twenty- 
eight dayi and has thrived in the 

Logsrmaraino will not lall Ma nsl 
age, batoM raaUaata asy telM to 
■a ttsa ataty. 


mle I-iOgarniarsino 

JmsI iona 

■ult of r«-.»nt l\f«v) anowl 
out N»w M«Kifo. OoT#mo* W. E.'lavy haa iaau* i a "foreword" t« 
th« p«opl* of th« itat* urginir tham 
to eiprt *»*r - effort to a»rur« an on- 
prec» l*nt«d food crop for \V\* 

Th«  io»*nior ari*'! ri)-op*r«tion 
upon th» part of County I)rf Mi^ 
Conncila in irivinir evary a«i«Ui ca 
poaaibia to the farman in order that 
thay may "aecomplifh a great aad 
avarlaatinK aarrict to the agrtoaRear 
at intarMt* of New Mexiro'" 

coot riOHT AUOICNCS ^ 

jm» UP BT iMimb 

(By iBloraaitoaai N«wa Sarvloa.) 
QrddavtBd. CdRV.. N»rc)^ *^ 
While aperttng men from palnta Im 
CoaaeeMeal, New Jenay aad N«a 
York were enjoytat a aarfas of ee«k 
Aghu in a bar* aaar hate ate ban«  
its. heavUy aramd aad mMhMi. haM 
up the eatira faKr  abtotobw aavesk- 
al thaaaaM daiasi. Tba aatiaw 
bilas need by the apattiag men had 
been diaahlad, prereatiag porsaMi 
The baadito emptied thair revoltraia 
Btevaa syortlag 
' fee trtahitiaa' 
cock %h«ik 

(By Inlrrna tional N*W 

Loa Angeles, Cai., —Tba «tr 
caused airap to the avar^^ at 

which Los Angelea lovers marry 
from thirty-eight to twenty -one years 
Three times ss many youths under 
tweoty-ooa marrtod bare dartog 1917 
aa doriag aay prtvttia ysam seeord 
iHK to figures just compiled by Chiel 
Marriage License Clerk Sparks 


NOW coiammmr cHimcM. 

(By Inlamational N*w  SuHss.) 

riir vcr. Col . March r, —From 
lirn (if in^c|uity inld a housi- "f Wi.i 
ship 1^ tl'.o trnnsformntioti re 
mitde 'if i,M Petor«!iurv: 

liousf oti the outskirti if |i 
Wtii'n Ponver was an " .p. i. 
the soven lapitat ! in.-  
headquarters at the IVv-. 
hou.He. The place hii'« dci i. t!,o scene 
of (ountlcs-s criniei  Property own- 
ers in the vicir\ity of the ronilhouse 
have purchased the old tjvi rn an l 
turninK it into u coiiiniuiiity Itoiue 
of Worship It is to be knoun as the 
'T. i t  e r n I, N u; denominational 

I I -irrll." 

tvnm vetTAiLi MtmcE. . 

(By lataraatioaal Nawt Sarriao.) 
■agaae, Ora., March «.— A l^kt 
.« «aito hsidge. especially fltaad tar 
miUtavy aaa ia field eampaigaa. haa 
been tavaatod by E. H. McAlliatar, 
aBgiaeeriag prof aaeer at the Uai. 
varsity ot Oregon. Cok ael Jaha 
Laadar. retired English army oma, 
ia chart* of miliury trafaiing at tba 
university, praises the bridge high- 
ly, and says it is joak the thiag for 
iikfantry advancing quickly over land 
cat by frequent streams. Colonel 
Leader has written SecreUry of War 
Baker recommanUinx the adoption of 
the hridifp by Uncle Sam's f rces. 




(By Inlaraational News Sarrie*. ) 

I'.tcairn, Pa., March 6. — Georiro 
W HutT. a IV-nrisyivania Railroad 
employe, lays claim to the title of 
"unluckiest man." He waa workini; 
on un engine when a pinch ) ar 
struck him on the chin and knocked 
him to the ground. In falling he 
struck a pi.-, ..f jieel and sustaine i 
a Inu ra-. an I ul.i-ii his foot 

caught b. lftc. ■ t \w^ he »as 

thrown in »u. ■ ...riii  r that tin- 
muscles of his uacK were badly 

The New slewelry Store 


Though Uttle Is li)-nrd about U la camparlaea with Ita* aioiii  ntoii'  hiippenlOKs itiat ilully o vur un t:.. u. r , 
and eastern frunlM. un Important pbae* of tb» war la beInK mn iurre l la lleMip itii!iiiM. .\ Ilrltlsh army \* hi. o! 
baofflns away at the Tuffcs, drlvlag tb « fnrtber and farther Into the dem-rt. VMI.- ih.- Tommies fi^lnhu' In '1 
anow niHl ci»IU ea the weetrm front may envy their omirnde.s In the Kuphnii. - n.i.Ti'' Mill. y. m. ii tt,{ti'i:..- v. 
the il'-M-rt are not hnvlnir a pimir. They have iiior ' h. at than they can aiaad; llie arid dea  rt Js li ituleriit l«- to whi' 
men. Y t tlH«y keepin - nt If. nn i fiiN liri!N!i . m. i ii photogiapb sbowa oae oC Ifeiir Mg fliM ftecea toat an it 
« I - i;r '. !!• i' . III.. Tiirl,* s'cp lively Borotta the souila. 


euAa» opncBR. 

Let Ua 
Buyy our 


fief ore niar 
ket closes 

Haydon ProduoeCo. 

Indiana .^ilo 

. (By latamalional N*w* Sarvic*.) 

Denver, Col . .March 6. — Although 
he has an even d .zeti brother^ .si-r\- 
ing as officers in the .\ustro'Iiun- 
garian army, (leorge A Stadler drills 
four nights a week as ranking: ser- 
geant of Company F. Thir l Retri- 
ment Colorado .National Guard. 
Technically, Serr' ;ii' .nt.. •!er is an 
alien enemy. He luivl n it loiiipleted 
li s I itiienahip at the beifii.iiint; of 
the war (ierniany. Before com- 
ing to Amerua .Stadler ser\-ed four 
years as an otti  er of the .\ustrian 
army. His tirst («o  in .' mili- 
tary etadent were under the airec- 
tloa atearman officers. 



FOR eUji-nw* Ooraldi aas 
tochatoMm^ 13 for 15. 

DR. r. U. TANDY. 



£ve, Ear, Nose and Throat 

(Bp laiaeaaHaaal Haw* Soevioo.) 

Fredonto, Eaa., March 6. — ^Two 
Misaoartaaa ftom gadalis ware hi 
Fredonia to look over seme oil I sasss. 
They wanted to aea Lamed Well No. 
1, recently drilled in. 

Whan tiMy arrived at the weU they 
were Infeimed it waa afaaeat fall 
Tho two BMa from the "ahew aw" 
State declared: 

"Show oa how fuU tt ia." 

The bit waa drawn np, ai:i the 
oil spouted eat over the tot of the 

That night a Fredonia tailor had 
two Joha of elaaaiag clothing. 

For Sale- registered Duroi; Iwar, 
aploodU individual, Iti months oW. 
PrtosHB. l.aisadik Tel. M- 
L . 


A share cropper to eultivala 
ahoat twelve acree of tobacco. 

Pembroke, Ky. 

(BJ laUrMllMwl Now* SarvUa.) 
TMaidad. CoL March 6.— Although 
faimsii ef the plateau section of 
asaMiirw Laa Animas County. Col- 
erado. store no ice for summer use, 
they are never without it during the 
hat Bioaths. Dame Nature supplies 
a faae iee house big enough for the 
' entire commonity. In winter months 
a gale aweepe conUnaonaly aeraas a 
bread plataaa to a niounuin gap. 
driftiag anew toto a great pile which 
attemately melte and freezes By 
the end of wlnUr the gap invanabl.v 
Is-eheekad bg a ■a l ei eake of ic« 
tbak daaa aet Hiiipiat aslU tou 

We have a complete new line of jewelry, cut glas9, 
ivory, aoldiers' aupplies, musical instruments, etc. 

Bring us yolu jewelry and watch work. Our^re- 
P«r sbop igoplB tiaa mfawlt, trtrjr aitidB rMranteed. 

LrtiMgiHMTB]rovrglalioaafy,«reddiBf and com- 
mencemenl inrilBliaas, PTWiH i n rg in giil g , vUtiof caids. 

GoU Mi4 gifw plaliiig of dl Ideds A SPECIALTY. 

V)ur worfa and prices guaranteed. 

One price to alL 



Supply new on hand at Kentuck- 
ian oflce at 2 to 4 centa each. 


Wheat Flour! 


The Silo that gives you onr 
I .:;.Jred pt-r cenl food vaiu^ 
Maueol Caliiornia loag pine 
 )d led weM ite OMgoi 


Robertson & Coa, 

M. D. Kelly 

|)w.M()M)S I INT. WATCH*":-, 

Practical Jeweler and Graduate Optometrist 

•STAIlI litHbU 

Ths INTELUCENT, a d Wl: t p««pl* always patraaUa the 


pears of 

let .t ied ka H' 



Nodb Maio St.. Opposila 
Court House, 


Do ^^our bit" and help win the war. We can luroUh 


Buck Wheat Flour, Grits, Chopped Hominy, Com Flakes, 
Rice, Potato Flour, Roaled Oats, Rict- Flour, CoTB SlBldl 
Barley Flour, Hominy Flakes and Rye Flour 

EkU f I the finest you ever tasted, 15 cants 

Med Sausage, Hog \ml and Turnip Greens 

Phone 116 or 336. We will appreciate your orders. 
PMrnhn SlOfO Tiekgli GivM With Cash Sales. 

W. T. Cooper & Co. 

"V - 

Over th^ 

By an AiMrkan SoldW Wko H'tnf 


the Luttamta WM iunk Arthur 
Got nper decided that he could not 
for his country to dechuewar— ao 
he sailed without orden for EMlmL 
and eoHMid M • CtaariMik ~ 

He recounta this incident In "OVER 
Tra TOP* tolM dMB §n hundml 
jwofc « a tm thanai aure wonla 
M«Mplalwiyifl(p«lHMet fa Bodand 
-anddlvitalhtllfa Pkmce-for 

tte mitf M «f «• iiefatMDaMotha 
before he was bralided iMMk fti ^ 
"FraaUae TreDcbML" 

•Xnfl^ T» TOI - h tha first story 
^ toldierawho 
JSiLffl!!?^ Pi been a real com- 
MnataMMiMi longaerrioa in the 


SttVttt Empar lilia wtet Jtatii^ 
ttMMaikifnblike: ^ 

to be wounded seven times; 
loUvaforaycaraad • Mf uMpad 

Id be covered with "cootfi^Mi iMVer 

to get rid of them; 
Id ffo "over the top" in a chaise; 
to map for ymor m kttuHt when a 

•econd's delay meairtl ^Nii; 
to capture a Prussian; • ' ' 

•ad that it win«pp«„b tatSbZiito 

IN THIS NEWSPAPER It 1$ the RmU Stuff! 


Thjt WhIU Absorb. No Hm« PrMn 
"Old Sol- It a Fact Iai(i  C«^« 
of OcmonitratlMi. 

^ ]wn time »|^now on the gram,] 
It w ewy, by m«MM (tf a dnfU ,x- 
rxTimrnt. to .Irn-onntrtte the axttnt 
to whir-h matorialf of diflmat eolor 
' '"uf  tho rarx nf tbsaaBi | 
Take Mrml amall tfm i m «f sloth 
of rtrioxm UnU, mj» a irWt» hi 8t 
N'i  tK.liin. Thrw miRht bo M i. k. rrd, 
iKlit hUio. white nn.l yellow. When ' 
flio ntin i« fhiniiiK bright]}' plan' 
theee bito of stag on a 1ml patch of ' 
««H»w vbsra flw itys esn strike them. 

l/ nv(s thrtn fn thin ponition for a ' 
few houn and then eee what haa 
hnppt'iied. Yon will find that, ao- 
wding t» tha amoimt of hr-nt nb- 
■ortw^, m win the material have 
moltoil iti way down into the 
Thua the black cloth will hart 
down the fart heat of all, m datply, 
indeed, that it will be out of reach of 
the raya of the low winter aun. The 
red and yellow clotha will have seek 
down alao. but not naarlj to ths sama 
•stani Tha light bhM win hm only 
goos • Uttla way below the aurfaoe, 
wbfls tts white will be etill on the 
top, aalts nnairected by the ran's 
fVh Mtfiag absorbsd tirtoaUj no 


TAt Greatest H^ar 

Story Ever IVritten 

Tim '^ory will start with first issue of theDai y K«ituckiwi. 
Sub^cnbe NOW and begin with the fint epiacde. 



Roofing, Guttering and Repairing. 
Plat Bed Steam Boxes. 
Country Work a Special^. 


IUm L O. O. F. BuUding. 

When ■ Weman 

A Ran-tna Ctty conrt " 
"a woman may lla to her 
thi. provocation la (raat aooogh " 
rrom our meacer expeHeaca. aotea the 
Peonaylvanla Orit It appeara aa IT the 
near onn are proroked Tirtaally nil 
the time. And. mercy, how aairttey 
do becoaM wbaa tha mMM  (mh la 

. Might Have 
Aviator but for tha 
Ser^ a«autiful Bluff. 

The special correapondant of the 
Petit Paridan on tha Bffti* front 
Mja ■tory obtoined from a German 
Rnsooap which reads Ilka a juTenila 
novel, pays th-? Pcicntiflc American. 

rt appears that an En|^ aria- 
tor. d c i a ai ll i ig from the iky. landed 
gently near a Bnoho wntinel. The 
•riator asked him in pur«at Oerman 
where the offia-r in command of tha | 
I Cothas was to be found, saying that 
he had SB aipBt meeaaga for hfan. 
I The sentry rcpliwl: "The herr 
(commandant of the Oothaa Uvea 
I whore tlie Oothaa are, but the herr 
lieutenant knows that" To which 
tha sfiator rspUtd: Tea, my lad. 
but in the fog I have missed my way 
and now I am loeL" Answered the 
- ntrr: "Ah. yes. I knew the same 
thing bsMosd tha other day to 
Ilerr van SdnHs, my captain," fol- 
lowiL' v'lirli, and with t!ic ;rroateet 
of deference, he wave diracttasa aa ' 
to h(m- to get to the Oothac I 
Tha sTiaiar had hardly taken to 
■igm agahi whan tha sentinel ao  
tic«Hl to hia horror tha MMsh Mi^ 
injf on the planes f 


How Does a Soldier M ina 

Life-and-Death Crisis? ^ 

While tr«nbli„/„d hot lixi, ftrS^SS^^ to eacp*? 

«oHe. of p.r.o„., ^^^z TV""::! 

A^Qose-Up of the War 

•L Ur1n,, .ad.dou. .. | li.roir4.I3inj 
ol «i| l Mia wkick nta tmm 

,uch MortM. tor bT^ - 


6 Voluihes Free! 




---- — — .WW rHTv, w mm%m HHM 
MS Md U« a«rtOT •( anlm. 

aw at y 

f If U 

tfl« ' , 

•X T r 

/• "»• «' 1 . ..-..i 
Wir-rm« tM. 

Send No Money 

REVIEW OF / ".mS! "I. 


^ rut. 

Mad 1 Mard 
"H* ojercj ; , |..f „„. j„ 

floor." -iVelir- -rrom 

VmmA floor" -nviv."" JiL"" T^''"'"'' 
irir^i_^rL_ " '^ Troin tli« '-Tin IiiiimImmi. i ■ 

■■et kare bean let la 00 the wofc- whaJTSSaawLTSIirJl 



For Infants 

In U* 

Alwaja beara 

fcod supply. P^^an" "u:d^oC^i2"'.?H "J:' ^ » 
quieter tian an, other kind of live ,t«k! ' °»'"'i'y 

Ainuni: the mnny monuments to TTrnSTSl fitsillllii. ths OMi 
t.-d Ml CiivMrv Cir-.etsry, St Louia, \\ a mnst aaluus. e 
sign. The very character of Us architecture seems lo ( 
faithful and bonorabla spirit of this oU warrior 


faithful to a trust. 
We believe in being 
honorable in our 
dMiii «e. We do 

high- characte red 

work at a Maaona- 

• ■• ■ • 

ble priee. 


J»K MUa Sk. aipUaavUia. Ky. r«Jcphoaa 48u. 



Practically. Dally at tha pries of. 
Weak^ Nootharnswspsparinth. 
vorHfivssso moeh st so tow . 


The value ud nssd of s aawsaaser 
in tha houaaboU was nam graalar 

than .t the preaent time. We have 
been forced to cntt r the great world 
war, ;ind a large army of ours' is .1- 
ready iu France. You wiU want to 
h ive an tha iMwt from our troops rn 
turopean hattle-fiiii!.., a„d jgijj 
[iroinieea to be the most momentous 
year in the histdry of the universe. 

No oihsr aswsgspsr .t so smsU a 
price wa Msh meb prompt and 
accurate news of th sss wsi l d shaking 
eventa. It is not naesSMry toay 
Hull f. 

regular sub.scriptioii prica is $1.00 
per ye;., , and this pays for 1S6 papers, 
Wa offer thia »f*q y^ 

Oti Farms and in Back Yards 

fJOUSE the flock comfortably; ksap house, dry and 
well vas m Ul l ailosrta* til^ of fh .h air and 

drStT"*** eluniMt* 
Uive bena a good autiw httar io aanlsh hi 

1' t 'rz '-^h'i^-^SSgThi'.Vir 

months. Produce the infertile egg. DisiwL oTaI 
aula biixl not later than Juna L ituSTi 

MEVERaUow tha mother ban to ranga 
^ yn aa g etis ts aaM thsy ara st leaat ta 

together for one year for $2-%. 

Theresular subscripdsa priss ol 
the two papers is |S.Oa 

£ARLY batched pullets prodoes mora winter 

Chicks hSTS tha advantage of a longer and t;*tler 
growing season. 
Hot v.cather retards the growth of young chicks. 

with Iba 

- two weeks 


Enormous numbers of young chicks are lost each 
year by allowing fbsm to rua hi ths wet gnm durinv 

then ,(:,! ly life. 

^HADK and range for chickens wUI give the best re- 
aulu. Hot sun retalda growth. There shouM 

▼we shsda mriaff Nm hot summer mouths. 
Chickens aa nwgo piek ap sMch ef UMir fcoi. 

/^REEN feed Is excalisal 
stituted for a oooti 
ration. G.ow oats, vetch. : 
cabbage and mangel beets i 
sod beets in. dry ro 4n o 
with straw sad 


« amr-int of grain 
•e for iiinnier uaa° 

 ' Stcie.ibbl^ 

• in u pit .nd 

/^RBATBST returns are i Lv fMiii., . - 

^ milk or buttermilk fu . . .urn, s^ni n 

Re.tdla in gre.ter gain,. ; .31!^ '''' 

Pt^lucc more egg' locre.- . '.^TT, '^'^ 

a toato market lor ... t^roducla. 

SAVE cgc. during April . ; ^j^,,, 

water, boiled and cooL.j ^'.^''J T.T. 

Wiil prcM i ve 15 dozen egga *^ 

Plaoe the aolutkM io a 
piaee lor whyer ass. 

Mtt.i I 


ia aaal 

More Eggs and Poultry Wiil ^'ave eel Pork 

For published information anil indi 
write to your County Agent, State 

idni! Hiivire on pottHr 
•\gi icultural CoUggi^   . 

Ua 6« OtpartAtat of Agrjoulture, Burm ef ArImiI 



M.reb 7, m* 



*«t&.-%ven to Molct, Mu«- 
and CofflpltxioM. 


I' nn V- •   ..f tliMF rooa* 

traanci* b oti.ii | hr 'nt. 
I Ivan to CMn|M* ten(. 

•n4 continually, Opt. 
I »r«-pnt Wood hn* r»rr«xIiK«l roro- 
pl«xlnii« rntlrelr, ftUof th   dnrk. 
•wiiplhy tint In 1h»  fHCPn of the m«i 
with liHiivy hr«r(lM iind rrprr liirln(t 
■oli'ii Knd line* on tiir nkln. 

mu«f hf nnflrr»f  o 1 that vc tin 
not iiinln' Rrtlfl 1nl fart^ fiir mutlliiird 
•oldlPTK, bat that wp nrulpl ma«k« iib- 
•olotalj reprodorlnn th   ronnf«ianr  « 
of the** dlaflgnrfd men •• they were 
'fttfor* betnic wounded. 

"No Amorlrnn noMler* hatp y ^ 
bei'n terrtl ly woiiiwlod like that, mt 
nothinf of tho kind haa been lUrted 
In the Tnlted fltateit. Bat t am con- 
nrctt 'l with tlie (1. pnrtMK nt fur the 
mntlloled of the Amcrlmn UihI Cnie*. 
and eventually, whi-u our mm pi Into 
the trrnrhfa. I ahall be ready to d   
what I can for nny nf the p'wr fellows 
who may bo wnuiKled In thp fnrc 
j ~The maaka may bo t:* Hl tempors- 
rlly or permnnently. Tliere are many 
patient* wnltlnn to rereWe the atten- 
Uooa of iKictor Moreattn. the great 
French anrjeon. and of Doctor Ooo- 
lomb, the wonderful French octlllat. 
who hnvp done ao mnrli In reatorlnn 
cotmtenonrtMi. Dr. J  «eph Ulake 
enm»'d n uonderful reputation In fn- 
I cliil rccoimt ruction darlnc the early 

WorklnK from phot.^rapha takPn of P"""' 
her fubjecta beforP they were dl.IlK- ' """^ J"' "''^^■•^r f^^' 

lir««. UMl from the paOenu them- , " ""■'' ''^ *° 

MlvM. MM. Mamrd Udd lint modcia , "'^ 

tha tmf, M It WM orlgloany. In ciny. | "''•o Terrible to Be Seen. 

Than ■ tMB topptt wmtk na iikIii a.  ' 

t« 1*1 » *; *i K» I 




MatfaM Fao^ aa It Waa OHg- 
IfMlly, Wartrtng Prom Phataflraplia 
and From tha Patient, Than Caypae 
Maak Light aa Paper la 
2.000 Pellua Dli 
Tarrlbly «a • 

An Ariu ricu ■Cttlptraai Mra. May- 
nard t^ id of N«w Tofft, PUladaipbla 
A d Boatoo— feM JiMt opened an atelier 
la tha Latin Qwurtar to make falae 
teaea for Praoch aoldlora whoae vU- 
M«o have bean ao horribly matllated 
IhM the men cannot appear In public 

papar li Bate by ta alacUolytk- 
procaoa, aflar which It la rilvared. The 
ahell-llkc maak la than palaM la olU 
to reaembia the akin nad MaplMlon 

of the man Identically. 

The llpa are made aUghtly parted. 
permlttlDK a cigarette to be tkniHt 
tbroofh the apcrtara; holea are perfo- 
ratatf throofh the noatrlls for breath- 
ing, and apartnrea are left for the eyp*. 
anieaa the anbject baa keen blintl  i|. 
Uaually mustachea aro placed   n ii'.i 
iippiT Up, and apectaclaa are worn, 
trir" reaching back over the ears to 
ke«p the apectadea In place alao aenre 
to hold the falae face on. 

More thuo two tliunaaad French Pol- 
lua have been dlaflgnrad ao terribly 
that "fnclnl reconatructlon" la necaa- 
aary bpforo the men can be aaeo la 
public. Uinally theae aoldlara are the 
victlma of the Oertnans' liquid lamea 
or blaalng oil, tbotigb many were 
uounded by hlKh exploalvea and ahrap- 
nel. All of theep mpn will be treated 
eventually by akllled Frvucb rargeona 
^ho hnvp made wonderful atridea rat- 
~^aK. kTiifting and raMaflac ikattare l 

"Some of thp Frcnrh 'mutllpa' may 
have to wait two or thrti- yoiirx brfon- 
they can Ih-rIm their troutment un^r 
Doctor Moreatin, and without one of 
theae artificial facea they can only (to 
mjt lit iilftit, iiH ih 'lr woundi nri' t'«  
tcrrlMi' for them to iippciir In puMIc 
plurea — on thp Btre«'t«. In the UQd T 
(.■round rsillwiiys. In innlinn picture tli''- 
Bters and In cnfi'S. And. of conrap. 
they ciinniit find employiucnt Iwcnuae 
of their (shnxtly ii| p('nriincp. Many of 
theae cnaea cannot be treufed riucpss 
fully by Kurffery. nnd tln'y will use Ihi 
artlfldal facea permnnently." 

lira. Mnynord Lndd alYlvetl In riirla 
from Ainerli-n only a few week* airo. 
and lost no time in Kcttlnc to work on 
her new pitin. She liwd in Itome for 
aonie time before the war. nnd hiiM 
j be -n In I'urls HPveriil tlno a nincp U"*- 
tllltlee bn ke out. She hu   done miitiy 
heada and bunta for well-known people 
In Iliily. l' Mnce and the Tniled Stiiti--". 
In 11M)7 Ktie did a bronze .'iitltl.' l "Tlo' 
Soldier," of which (lenerul PerahlnK 
wu'* the minlel. It depicted a United 
HtMtex army otTlcer otandlnf at rest. 
MSlii- liii-  :il-o doTK' SI nie TiinuKra flg- 
urea which tuive been favorably com- 

aaly a fatr 
eavaUa of  Mh»a riai tlMai 
tioaa, aad 'tta iwafi la vwy 
Bad tadlaaa. ^a vaaaK oaty a 
proporOoa ot tka '^■atUa^* aa tka dta- 
flfwad w M lai a ara ealM. bara ra- 
ealTad tr aa f it , aai Mar mn hare 
ta «att tiaa aai Ana ypM Mora 
their tima eoaw tw tka racoaatmc- 

Mayaard LaMi* fblaa faeoa ara 
I to ba want by t ^eea maa dur- 
ing tka ttaM tkat tkay ar* waiting for 
ibair traalaeat la b«cia nnd dnrimt 
the coaraa of oparattoaa that will b ' 
perfonnad apoa tbem. Tba eoprxT 
maska will laM ladaflaltely, and may 
ba waahad aad elaaaaed with aoup ami 
water. Rnbbor aad galatta BMaka have 
been experUaMM wfOl la the past, 
but they bava not ciran aatlafnctory 
reanlta bacaaaa of (holr fmgilliy. Tlieir 
falalty waa ahiaya plalaly apparent 
baeanaa tkap arwa Al BoaaliatUd by 

"Three 'motllea' hare beon nFslKned 
to ma to bagin oa," aold Mra. Maymird 
I.ndd. In her atndlo at 70 hia. Hue 
Notre ntnue dee Champa, ao ahe 
worke l on a day aiodel of the head of 
a Hollu whoae entire lowar Jaw and 
K'ft chaak bad been abot away and 
wboaa aoaa waa blown ot la tho Ight- 
log on tha 

"Now thia raae la Interoatlag ba- 

cnuoc the patient haa hta eye*. So the 
faNe fiii'o will not Include a forehead. 
It will hnve a chin like tha aoldler 
had before he wni waaiided,and tt will 
run back to hia thrual. Then there 
will be the regular noae and the miiak 
will run up to below tha eyaa. Th« 
nuin ulll wear apectadea, which will 
help to blda tha jaactaro of tha awak 
aad tka lHk. 

"la eaaaa whara a aaa** 
maJaa It wtn fit mgly laatde the apaoa 
taCt la tha aoaa oa tka nmak- whlch 
«1U ba aiadt largo aaoagh to accom- 
amdata tha foal aMaUiar. la oaae* 
a^yra tka aoaa haa hoaa ahot away. 
t^evtr—mai tkora ara awny tike 
that— tka BHUi'k MiaMl aaaa wlU be 
roprodueod aaaatfy aa tt waa kafore 
aad tkaca wlU ba portefaltoaa thiaagh 
Ika aaatrtla far kim ta kiaalka. 

1 a% iolac to mako all ^ tka aiaikir 
wttk tka Hpa aUgktly apaiC TMo «UI 
■kalata tka gNNaowMMaa a( haaHng 
a aMB ipaak tkaoagh daaad Upa and 
wfll alaa pMBM • llMK ^ aawke 
wMla voartag Ua MMfc Farthar it 
WlU giva a 
thwigh tka 

"Oapt DorwaaA Wood, as Iwllah 
^cttlptar, arli^Mlad tka Maa oC mak- 
y»t thaaa afttMal Cacao for men 
wkooa appaaraaoo vaald ba ao ghaatiy i 
aa| fM work or aveu 
Mat kataaao of their 
gbtfol waaate. Ba 



1 . 1^0 alwaya makaa nwaka witk Ika 
:«aatb ahut, hnwaver. aad at drat did 

not pay enouMh attantiSa to tha palat- 
ini of the artiOdal lacaa attar tkay 

c^Mi. r. a leiiutt tb»« 

Twenl)'lwo thousand b atitie 4 who 
aubmltied their phototrmpha to the 
war deparliiieat for a (Hiitier to be uoed 
In lla puhllclly cninpal;;ii. are feeling' 
blue, for now they know ili.ii ili. le It 
HoMieone In the I'lilted Si u.-- "Ii.i l  
Juot a little bit prwttter than they. Thla 
Wtn bo a blttar pill for maay of tha 
beantleo to awallow, but nij al of them 
will take tt gracloualy. 

After viiidvliii.- tlie photographs of 
the SJ"*! : . I .• - .Mi-M Prnncea Jor- 
dan with aeltM-ied by lUa war dapart- 
loeni f  r tbo ^ootoT, 4bd ako la Mghly 

' nroprnaht. Mi. by ilte MeCtara 
par iyndlraia.) 

There wa« a ahnrp rap oa Marriiall 
Bell a bedroom door aad ko otarted 

from hia aleep. It waa not two Blnatea 
before he hnd thrown kla bathrobe 
over hia pn]nTnn«. allppod lata hia allp- 
pera and nix-ned bla badioom door, but 
in that ^-iHTt tlnip whoOTar It waa that 
hnd mp|H' i. bud iiiaappoarod. Matahall 
waa alwot to cloaa tlM door frlMB tka 
odor of kot coffco raackod kla aoa  
triM; there It wan— a large eapfal oa 
a tray at hia faat aad thara waa a 
pinta of Maamlag maflna, too. 

"Wen, thla la the beat Tct." be mnt- 
tered aa he picked up the tray. "My 
ronininx bou p Indy caVlaMlf la 
tlve to her roomera." 

Tie (ltd not wait to dreaa baiMl 
ling the mufflna and colTee. 

"Oreat r he exclaimed when the laat 
crumb hnd bc 'n waahed down by the 
lust (h'ip i f ■ i!Ti 1'. "I mnile n rbaiiK*' 

tor the better wbaa I mored here. 
Itr. akfoM waMt IMtaM ih m ka^ 

gain, either." 

Mnrahall waa a clerk In a ahoe atore. 
Saturday niKht, the bualest of all tlj ' 
week t'T lilm, come and waa ulin^i'^t 
Rone. Hp waa tired throagk aad 
throURh. unci the prospect of tftiplBC 
late on Sunday looked bright. 

Ba waa tha laat oaa to laava the 
atnra that night aad waa Joat tnminit 
the key In tha lock to cloae up \\li  n 
he heard n faint punt baaldo hUa. Ba 
looki •! ami haw o pretty fOiaCaMaMn 

who had baoa harrylafr 

•Vt. aaij taa lata ta lot a pair of 
ahoeaf* aho paaHd. 1 kava 
inff late toalgkt tad t «t aa 
get tkaiar 

Thoro waa aa appoal la hor toaa aad 
he ilkad her faca. "It won't b« any 
tri ul lo to opca ap again," b« answered 
na he paahed apoa tho door aad flaabed 
on tha Ugbts. "What stylo of ahoe do 
yoa waat and what alao do yoa woarT* 
Ska did not take long to make ker 
choica. Almoot the flrat pair ka 
her aho tlked, and althoagk ka 
her tkat tkay would aqaoak for a tiBia 
until tkoy wora kta k nia, riw 
oa tka porchasa. 

"It U lata far ya« la ka a 
Perhapa I am gotag fow wiif , 


Beginning Next Saturday, 

March 9, 

TIm HopldntTille Kimtuckiftn, now published tri- 
weddjr, bacooM a moroinff daily» with a tm/t-drnm 

Teleeraphic and Cable Service 



Same News That is Published in Larger Dailies 


To give the public this sort of service has required 
an additioiial investmeut of Mraral thouaand dollars 
and wo wnt you to lake tfia new paper for one week 
and tiien let it stand on its own merits. 

T^tl$it*nBd it and compare ito ntws | 
«rfdi iM Scbtatained ia paper* 

lei Iht eaniars kiww 

wbhet. You wfll find that you would 

'1 Uto la Matbarougk 
her tktrt^aafoa." 

"Tho Tory ptoea wk«a I 
nald In aarp(la% "I kava jMt 
a weak." 
It la atraaga tkat wa kava 
at tka MWlK hmmr dM aai i 
raia «attkw feaaM 1 kare 
heea woffetatc aa kard at tka aflea tko 
lairt twa waaka tkat I kavoat kae HMO 
to aadea aay tkaagaa. Wkara la your 

"At tka aad af tka kan oa tka aocood 


siM startod. 'Am yea amr ako 


"Ila« Mlaa Uooro^ tho ftaraMr aceiK 
I lit of that rooaa, loft tha honao alto- 

. therr 

"The landlady told mo tkat tkoy bad 

t: ki-n her to a onnltarlaab Tka room 

fuliiltriitiMl hi'Tir.' I w.-nt lalo Iti" 
"INtor little thini;. I afraid It 
Would come to that." 

-rITry It a Week-Only lOCente 


Ti-sd.™. .-OVER THE Tor r^rji. 

"OVERTHETOP/'thaGreatestWarStiryeverwrlHen, was written by ARTHUR GUY EMPEY, an 
American aoldier who tailed without order« for Englund, after the sinking of the Lnaitania, and enliited aa 
a Canadian. It ia the first story hy (uie nf the Aiiierii ini m I Iici s who went to France, has been a real com- 
batant and bu teen long service in the trenches; for the greater part of eiehteen months befora he was 
invaHiM hema. in tba "fiVont Line Tranchaa." Wa take vimmrt in announdaff Ihit we bava aaeared 
.soi l i! t ijl'! f" IM'- rt in ii k.ihio .sfdiy and that it will appear in installments. 

nine »orri w In hi r vnlrt-. A« Murslmll 
• |-b - I her tr" nl-r.!);ht, ha naked hi r 
li.T niiiiio. 

■■ ;r:ii .■ AlUI i-on." she nnt--wer«'d. 

"MlMo 1-; M:irshiill IMI." he told 
hi r. "mill I h' i' - I t»' ubla ta re- 1 
H'Av i r ;!Mii)t'ni''i' soBM tlme  

hi'OIl." Tlli'U he Wrilt to tfd. 

Wliim h»' Mwokc It wim |i:i' t noon. IIo 
.luiiipotl out of li.'il, hilr i f!!r. Why , 
liriiln't bt  wnkmi'il at lli.- knoci; ! The I 

iiTi'o and niufflnx woulil he oild. llo ^ 
' i   nod the door and save a miKp of dl»- 1 
iiplMilntment. The tniy not then-. ' 

Aa he (nimmmI through iho hall on 
Ili-" wny out to  Iliu:i-r. he li'.il;i- l Into. 
I lie Hittlnir room, where he "-I'led tho I 
.loiinx wonion of the evi uiiiK Ix-fore, | 
^ittiiiK reudlnai 

"Won't you come out to dinner?" ho 

SI,.- li.'vltMti'iI fir .1 : liieii 
roHo. 'Tliiiuk yi'ii, 1 w.i. / :;iiil. 
As slii- X' iilKi il t.. \iir l hliu he iintke'l 
111. Mpji 111 iif ti. r new Kh M-ii. 

■•T] ■■ liiii.r.oly m ist ).. k, ' i,. re- 
imirki il iifti r the;. Ii.. I h 
iilwilX 1 loilM M a : •' ' : 
:ir,il eiirtee for liie in 'li. \ . 
•hH iiioriiint; she ili I i; 
I lunl I olTee !" 

"I ilii U il.. : Illy 1 ■ 
 }r-ji'r :ni^\\ iT''.|. i s Mo 
k. !■  Iil. r 1.. 11. r . I,. , t.i 
ll.'iiii i\ 11 ifai . . .^^ll  \ 
a Ntiirt. Il:iil li.' I. 

Paad In doll. 
A chemical aaalyala cannot show the 
amount ot avallablo plaat food In a 
aoU. A rlmaltt eonld. without diffi- 
calty, aaka aa artificial aoll contain- 
lac OTory oloawnt of plant fiHMl In 
abaadaaco, and yet be perfectly ster- 
Tl.ere wiia iten- lla. Peat, for example. Is uMuiiIly very 
rich In nitrogen, but It Is locked i ur 
unaTallable. To pulrorlaa It and mix 
It with lime la to chaafa It lata a hlgk* 
ly natrtUana aoU. 


"Thi.- exii rt aiJvist'g IH to bum 
wood instead of coaL" 
*Thafs Una uMett* mtmi the 

citv man. 
'•Well ?" 

"About the oiAy wood I ever sv*  
tbat'i available for fuel is in tba form 
ti toothpicks and matdMa." 


Children Ory 


, C A3TO R 1 A 

Bird*' Naat teua- 

I The birtia' nesta from which the fnr- 
' fiiined (*hln( so mnip la miide arc built 
hy u Hpeiii a of awallow that ahonnda 
I oa the coasts at Java. Ceylon and Bor- 
I nao, and conalata of a gelatinous aub- 
I atance ot)talned fmm murine plaatSL 
I Tba neala aro boiled either In chicken 
, broth or In milk of alDMioda. and tha 
' re«ult very much n'nerahb'S Termlcalll 
I soup, exei'pt ihiit It Is fur mora coatly. 

*We must iiiaki; sju rifices for the 

"Yes," replied the uuui with 
doth'top ovarshoea, '%ut I can't 
{(ivin^ three cbaers f^r u li.ini win- 
ter Hiinply bacanae AViUie aud Jane 
are enjojnng the sled and akataa they 
got for ('hri.stma*." 

Iln:.. r, "She 
• ' 'It, III. w 
, t : I;..-, tut 
1 I'.^e 


. I. i iu:i ..ii.t-MlUta coBtplaga ply. 

Why Ba iduoMadr 
■nuaa aat a aaaatmaaaaw mm *a 

aid af lawyara ha e a a aa he couM aat 
read ar write, a Whaallaa mlU warkar 
e-aa asked how a wi s k moiMy ha was 


V  }i4lan a Mf," «(ut xiiK i\ ■ 

her h 
1 Ili le ;t lili !i. 

I w ilh 
 f . .1.: ,:? lie 
woald have eworn tliut In ha. I heurd 
a rap oa bis duur. lie llnti ne l. Thi l e 
was aa anmlstakahla aound of w)u  i i  
ioK  ih M'« colnj; i\"\\n the h.«ll. He 
oiM-netl the door Ju."f n little. The fAlor 
of oiffee greeted hlin uuil he oelzed 
I lie irny. After ho hud aiiiih«-d he 
ilri SM il, Miiii aa ^.gg going out 
-iv|.|M. i to put (ha ttay back whert- 
he had found It bat atmck with a 
itkoughi. be put It back In   '.i- rotia 
uuU l H'k ' l hiN ilour as he \   • ni;!, 

(irure Sterlinc wns pr. i . li ,' sn|h 
per Ihiit evei.luk' uhen tli'   ui a 

iluild kn N-k on her thwr. 81 eutu 

It unci wiiK roiifruoted by llarxhiJ'. IWI 
Iruy In hand. 

"I II \t  cuuie to bring h.ick y .or t'nv 
.'ii.| iluliea," ha Knid. "un l 1 v h lu , 
ihiink rou tor yniir kimln. I .t. ' u ! 
 oii t^ueeu iif i: i.lUo .;!» . r«, . ven 
ihouyli .\on 11,111111 iln iii '. 

•'1 Olilti'l ll:iii!  ll .il : , ," 

•lie "11.. . i!m . . M 

WBf ! ■• ' 

• . tluli . . . 1 . .. . I . 

af Rainfall. 

I Ralnfatia are gnvemetl by the law of 
, reportllltm of the tempemlurea In the 
I atmoopbore. and to break the tniulll- 
ibrlnai and brlas aboat min ret^ulrea 
so great aa aaergy a« ctinnot be at- 
Irlbatad In aach a feeliie cnuKe ns tiMt 
I detennlaad by tha local vlltmtlona pro- 
; ducod OToa bf tk« aHMt latonno tiring 


I "May I sec you for a minnte, do *- 
tor?" said the (tweet yonii f thing. 
"Why, (ortaiiiiy. iiu- ." replied the 

. mat) of pills and ploatera. 

I Tbey say I'm not looking well." 

! "Is that all ?0o straight hi n. i . i 
put on your fura. Every girl Unyks 
wall in furs. Two dollam, pleaaa." 

ia fkTor of paaea at any 

Coatar of 

r uiiitee prnctlcatly owoa ita 9Mi*- 
fence to it« textile indoetry. It waa 
the pioneer lu the adoption of Juta aa 
II flher for making cloth of a rltaap 
■iniillty. nnil It.* hold upon the trade 
has heen hn tiriiii.v maintained aad da- 
velopeil that Uuiulee ia roea0laad aa 
the principal eeiiter of tko Jata I 
try la Great Britain. 

Nearly 50 Yeartl 

loin 1^» | i V I v»h9 turn t- 

M^CALL'S tv.iir III .11 r correct •••I.- 
I. n . lor patiiint. i.t • cnomical burir.f 
for fancy necdlewi tk. Kr too4 stariM— lat 
liUabut*^ li r htlr. i.r •dT*. 

UcCALL r..iuir.i at. 


Coconuts All Year 'Round. 

AiTi.-i l.iil.e \V..rtli. fri.i 1 Wetit 
I'liliN H. .'o ti F la . Is IVil'ii Iti ,.|i, ultu- 
Uteil on U strip wlil.ll liloMK 
the .\lliintle ocean for many nilleH. Tba 
woiM fMitioiis Itoyiil I'liliii'lunii. of 
the .Mirl.l s lurk'i it li. i. ls 1,11(1 ih.' 
I'liliM It. ii. li hi.ti'l. Iiotli fiii'i' I. tike 
\S'..rili 111., sliiirei of the litke for 

mlica ara fringed with atataly cocoant 

*I am 



^ara«uay Cattle L a w do. 
VmrrMP aaaialna aoam of the bent 
cattle laada ta tba worid. although 
thaaa raaourcaa have aot yet boaa ad- 

eqaately developed. The repobllc a iw 
eiiatalua about t.lMX),fiOU head ot catlle. 

Tka olrcio af miaa la a vMto rata- 
how ar Inadnaaa itag 
in Alpine ratfaM opaaalta tka aaa la 

tossf Wi'iithor. It's 

rejihul the i^s.-jiiict ; "but 
riuj'jxise you wake uji uiu- in. rruuj,' 
anil find you haven't got the price P" 
— Casaell's Saturday JonniaL 

Oliildren Cry 



mm A NSTAL CAU aa Aui 

liAMPf.B rorr »t M c\ix*: ar Smm i 

MOM V (..T. r t   \v .n. .. r Li  • ef OIKril 
. iii.,,„t . ..I . r LK i..t«r !•..». 

I. r,. r ta'..' I'AtTlllv i'*T*lO .l'i 
..u . it,-r I . 4UU I«. or |U«. « r lM M:. 

ft* cauauL 


Di« ulv» l in walar for ficNickek •tO(» 
prUit v«t'.' ill. ukci ..Il '11 uik4 inllaoi i 
■ a al i et v HecoauMadcd bjr Ly ii« t. 
f iakkaaa Mad. Ca  lor i, a yMr*. 
A haakag woader for (.aurrh, 
•or* throa' and tore ajrea. I  ^on.juii .a   ' 

t «» 

I M 40 rm I 


Hi mm wi 

Sold Cvarywiiara 


a. a 


MOf K i m V IL Lt ttNtUCKIAN 

7. t»l« 


i Initial Showing of 9x 1 2 Ri^s 


In jyb^ SiS^i^s n^j^rest designs at prices less than same 



can be bought at milL 

i CretomiM and Draperies of exceptional beauty and creatkmt, wmednng extremely new. 
: Unqleums in tile pattern^ both inlaid and surface^ 






w. t. 





HmIUi an.l Welfare 
MIm Lottie McD«ni«L 

Y Mt 


C. M. 

Liberty Loan, Miia Mary Clark 


lfap  Fkank 

't Mn. 



State CiMlfMuis 11% Bdn 

The local unit uf tht- rouncil cf . , , , 

Dcfentv ha- l.e^-n iWwg coniider- 1 Pa bUcity.^ U n. W. T. Fowler, 
able work ail throuirh the winter, I HiflitfrtilB ot WooMB, Mn. Ira 
and now, with the tprinic weather L. giaHfc. ^ ^ ^ 
and the many call* for patriotic work I Food AwMltnlta^ mn, i. H. 
of every kind, ia beins more cloaely i ^"re- 

organized »o that the rt-i'ort of this ' Education, Mn. M. E. Bnon 
county rext year will bo nmontc the | -N'otifyiin Comiuittee, Miu Miirtha 
bent in the stai^. The » o;i.' of thi8|Ellii Soyan. 

work U beinc Ix-ttei undenttoo I ai Chairman of Rurtl Work. .Mr». 
time ro*« on and there in a greater /•"''don Nelson, 
willingnew to  lo i vrrything the gov- j Theso chairmen hold thcmaelve* 
•rament ask* of us. i'" readinesn to cooperate with the 

The iteneral officers are : Chair- •nd national work at any time, 

man, Miss Jennie Glass; Secretary. ■'t« ««^«»' cl««ring ho M« 
Mrs Thos. Smith: Treasurer, Mrs. of pUn» and raathodft TboWonu Va 
M. H. Tandy. Practicallv all the Council la tha only oifaniution 
clubs and the .hurches of the city ""^ich aanda th« raporu of all the 
«re represented on the honr I which other organiutioM to th* irovern- 
it • strong one. quite e(|ual to the *t worto along definite 

•rdooua duties expected of the or- 'i"** l^'d oot by the authorities and 
ganized womanhood of our town. !*•»• e^^rth work* among its own 

jmcmban in its own way and the 
I work la coordinated and harmon- 

« . „ „ , „, „ iiMd by th« Cowocil of Defense. 
Fint Bkntirt. Mn. Ba.ley Waller. , •„ j. 

Second Baptist. MiM Ml»ale j,.^,,. in,p„rt.nt and it ia hoped to ex- 

/m[.j-»i« u tiu.. d  - 1. I tend the work to every woman in 

^! 5lTJ?'-7 ' . the count V who wislien to do war work 

Cumbtrtan dPmbjrterton, Mn. L. -„j jj,c work which each can 

*• "•"•^•^ , . . ^ do to the beat advaiitatjc The few 

WeatmtaMOT PrwkytwiaB. »»• who an not willinj; to sacmice the 

JTLT'^L u _i %t I U*** *''on be reached by 

 iint Presbyterian. Mrs. Jaa. ^^^^ opinion which w dl c impel 

... „ ,, I them to sit up nnd take n-itui-, fir 

q that claaa are in a de.lled minor.iv 

JewUA. Mn. 8^ Sacka. y,^ willm,r .ml patriotic 

Catholic. Miss Ida BlttmensteO. [comDel mor, l.v 
UaleotMUM. Mn. Goo. W. Clark. '["^ 'fh. " 



— — immmt uurKu Buviaeu ine aowin UWC 

!■ Iht Ryhl Nitr (hi'tmSt^ *iMrMt? ^ *"*^^ ** 


sum.T m Nimtu ADsquMTt. 

I Waahington. MMWh C — With 


ml Gorgas advised the aoaate thM 

'I'lii- V.'iik. ■ ■ ,1.. .i.-iiy." IxHH ni'l 
handle the n.-nt Intrlcaic pli'ct s ,if in r 
this army exiH-rt takliiK Upart nnd then 
taMt-L a roachlDx giw. 


•Ml for their liiKeniiliy nnd ahlllty to 
l.iiiiTy. s   It Is iKit Huriii'tsiiit; to see 
patttDg together asala. wtaie blind- 
wea rea » at  » amy 



lyiMopal, Mn. TUlio ThomM. 


Mngaiine Club. Mrs. Auatin Bell. 
iMUm Star, Mrs. S. C. Fryo. 
■wkospeon Chib, Mn. Jas. 
BrMlhiM. Jr. 

m m uy aad UtemtaM, Mln Uk 

OttBUwee, Mrs. Ed C. Gray. 


ititur public opir. 
• ■. v.:iy. Th.- 
c.irds will be 
.•il.Ho the Regis 

n\S ^h■JIp^. cu!., lied at his hooc 
on Klin street .Monday, after aa IB- 
nes!t of «everal weeks. He was 57 
years old and u mason. The fononl 
was held yesterday at Freeman's 
Chapel and the burial was conducted 
under the auspices of the colored 

or tnm ia Mm W«t 
Hon. kmt Ml lad «IM hMtan. 
"Wo hmf plwty tt frnm. 

an few foot Imatsn • 
W ny*. "Boy* wImm • 
won fox hasten an * 
Mir Mtisflod with fox twttiac." * 
• ••••eeee** 

Wsshinsrton, Mar. 6. — Oenerai 
Pershint has r.ibled thi- wsr depart- 
meiit the names of aootiiar Uotttenaot 
and three mora Mlilitf «mb kiBMl 
and five additioaal moaaaveriy woun- 
ded on Mar. 1, the day of the Oerman 
assault (II) .111 American trench near 
Tout. Thia brougbt the total oaaual- 
tieh of that data tharfhr ra^orM to 
the department to threo HaiiMMUlla 
:,nd seventeen men dead; ooa captain 
nne lieutenant and sixtoon man se- 
ver ly wottodad and tan aiaa aUghtly 

March 6. — Pricaleaa treaa- 
of art in Veaieo have baea 
Tavely damaged by Teatonie air 
nidan, who appeared te aelact 1^ 
torie kalldiiiga aad nwaaasenta aa 


I Two "Eycs"iLoAne CN vy. 
A«d ijMMMB.MMMr of th* 

The British, French and Italian 
ambassadors in Tokio intend jointly 
to aak Japan to take the necessary 
atopa to safacnard allied interestjir 
ta Siberia, according to the London 
Daily Mall. 
The nswa aaa s i adds that th\» 
■ador was not ex  
to lata Ika tagvest but thati 
Mlaaloas are to b« 
Ami t aa ao Ameri- 


Food\ atiuii 

'further pushed and 

Itration of women i very where 

Let no woiiuiii wait t   he a! ked 
to do some part uf the k-reat and 
neeeMry tankn that cunfrotit-* u. , but 
call some Mile uf till' chairmen who^e 
Work hei-t -iuit^ h.T and offer her 
aer^■ue^ an I ruu.-e l i r rieiKhbor.-* ti 
do likewise The life uf the nation 

As You Like It, Un. T. C. Un- is ut stake and that means the lives, 

•fwood. liberty, and property of every cit'- 

Clvir Tcapue. Mr« Frank Rives ien within the bonnds of the L'niUd 

Mrs States. 



Bein^; disappointed in getting a staUe at Clarksville, 
and having bought 50 good mules, 3 and 5 yean olds 
1 will tell them at public auctiion, rain or shine 


Site Begins at 10:30 a. ra. 

This is an opportunity for farmers to get mules at 
their own piic«. Don't nuM this sale or you will regret 
it,MycuwiN atm afain hsfo IIm oppostaoily to buy 
hifb frade mules ti your own price. These mules 
mutt be told, as 1 ha ya m 9km la kaip Ikmk, l||r 
rtune is your gain. 

Will also sell one carload good Clover 1^ 


eeL.lWkarim"   AuollonMr. 

Keur^Mnizatiun uf the war in lua- 
trien board, with Bernard .M. Barucb 
of New York a» ehitirnian, and with 
vastly increaaad* powers to control 
the oatpat of AflMriean industry 
during wt« was announced by 



Masons are at work this week 
cutting archways in the wall between 
the WaO a MaOewaa storj and the 
one adjoining wkM la to bo their 
new shoe stora. IW 
flnlahcd in a few days 

win be 


Two men anil wui:ien, all wearint; 
luttiiks, overpoueivl .Mrs. Eva Wil- 
burt, aged 18, at her !;jnie in Louis- 
ville Monday nijchi and cut off her 
hair, within an inch of her ncalp. 
She was noted for the beautiful 
treeaes of coal bMi hair, laaching 
to her hipe. 

Parcel Post laaaaia. 

Ass means of stimulalins niove- 
mcnt of fhrtn products to the cun«u- 
iner, Post master Ueneral Burle£ -n 
today iocreaaod tba allbwaliia weights 
of parcel post fitngm sfsetive 
March 15. 

Packa^ea wboB mailad in Ike firat 
OT .iccund zunes fur delivery in ttia 
Hrat, aaooad or third aooaa aasy there 
after keas baavy aa 70 pooada. They 
now are restricted to fifty. The 
weight limit for all other looaa was 
Iron 20 to 60 pooads. 

Republican mayon were elected 
ia seven of the nine cities which 
voted in ^MaiM Monday. Water- 
ville and Ba«h, wUdi wan danocrat- 

i - last year, went republican. The 
other republican cities are South 
Portland, Ellsworth, Hallowell, East- 
port and Saco. The democrats re- 
tain Lewiston and Rockland. 

Evansville Domokrat, yesterday turn- 
ad over to Postmaster J. J. Nolan a 
psirorflsMrikMSitoasmM "Eyes 
for the Navy" in JslSSHng German 
submarines. QAaolbar valuable pair 
field glasses was loaned by Mra. Diz- 
eliau Uacda ava. 

— Coerier 


.\ Cheatham, aored 60, 
himaelf at Columbia, Ky. 

Captain David A Menkes, of f,er- 
man parentJtire, ia now in Fort iMf*^ 
enwiirth prison, where he waa wmt 
by the .ourt martial which sentenead 
hini to twenty-five years at hard lah  
or. He was shown to be a German 
propagandist within the army, and 
ha made strenuous efforts, even after 
he had gone to Prance, to keep from 
tiKhting against tha Genaans, in 
whose army he said-he had filead» 
and relaUvea. 

Burpee's Seeds Grow ][^r:;i^J^J3Bis?^ 

_ ^„ Butpas*! 

Srcdt to leswn tht uble opouM snd to ttorr for tiw future. BumeePe 
Annual, the Laadinc American S«m) Catalo* for ISisTlias 

brcn rnUrffl tnd improved. • It it muled inc. Write for it todsy, 
W. At lee BurpM Co., Sawl Growers. l tUladelphia 

Kubeat a. Lovett has beea named 
to WSMaai G. McAdoo, Diasetor 
GanoMl el Railroads, aa ehief of the 
diviaioa of hettanasies and 
In this eapaeilp he will 
auperviae the bif proeru^c of ex- 
teuaiuns contemplated the year 
and wUl dotamiaa what iaprov*. 




No doubt you've been thinking about 
and wishing for a nice set of china, but 
haven't purchased it because --my, my, how 
high China has been siiioe Kaisar Bill went 
up the hill. ^ 

kaiser or no kaiser 
we have a few patterns of high grade china 
that we are gdng to tlurow on the market 
at prices that wffl soon sweep us dean. 

DON'T WAIT, get in on the ground floofe 


h icofpoi fat eJ 

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