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date (1878-07-17) newspaper_issue 7/ ;■: 


^Slovehwo^t, Ke 


:   KOI) MO F. M BN IS 

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 r Ciilutt Cr.KKK 
tujrusl ulaottnn, IR7M. 

A JICT Wo are miih.irifi-,1 I . 

SJh'lU.MAN nandhlsln l"T 

of Hreckenrid, .1 i.i \; •„ 

mm .7 A Mi;- 
i* *ti„M, 1 

jM*\Ve at*, authorine.! to siiuounse 0. !' 
II \*-.s||AM as  ran li.l4ii-f.Tj iL ii f Urt :k 
 torldg   c.;nn!.r. Auyu- i .*l«*„ii„n, 

U , are »„!i"r,t t„ a 
STONH* a • . lldart : * JIili 

thdopetuUtU in alt thi» :■ :, M nival /" nothing} VfVtfoiplcS, rait patty; Mm. not araHahilitij. 

VOL. 111. 


tf ho ha. not «i 

•n,,,,.*.!, i 
• Lift hii 

Tb.nml. .1 

,um It Malta*. 

Lift him 


kX™^™* h-r .!••« 
K m -r...inu* is hors, 
Kh-k her down; 

Th-mnh her IraM*. fall like mill 

.The Jl«*»0«ci 

mill* piinvd jol. 
A valuable horn 






ly -vUcitc l 

i- ntifedtod ll.ut Gvnri 

The rang folks t«n  ,.r gH-h 

ight picnic one night this wool 


Ill,"* r I. 


The New BnpuV. Chore* mm ...inpid 
lust Hundny Right (br the lirstliinc; Rev. 
J. Milter. tho pastor, being Wad n! 
me from ft broken tinkle, Hny. J. L Kd- 
gtoii, pastor of Hip M. B. Church Sonth, 

vr. ached i" bH itead 10 -1 targe a»d atten 

ivo audience. It in finished In ft beautiful 
itylo, and presents a item of an audience 
•noin thnt will scat three-hundred people 
•omfoftiMj . Tho rt n tlrt h in  «v ' ; »" 
t In an honor to the church and the build-i*. 

tho stand and examined ar 
talks, tho bcAdl of which w 
ise, •■.ccpliiHtono. Thcirr 

sj by Mt W. J. K  
it Mr. Jacob Dish 
" Mr. ftoblttOH 

hors, four-month-/ -old four   
1 lit, ;..*.. ten inch-wool shoe 
pie an 1 the prettiest women 

Volume III, Nu 

With this issnothjj-n'ttle OMel 
ihe. ihti-9 year ..f IM existence. Noi 
standing It has nt*m ntlaincl thnt Ind 
ppnileMe finiinet«lljf»whioli would rrlip\ 

iriherallm^rnHjftarly, which hnepnid 
ick to th^n np to tlds (Into  2.T3.50, and 

»W. l.ut n 
At the las 

It 3 WSer. 
ingoT tVe Scbxiol flon 

The Tnxn  ^rmrra are not corn 
of hunt times, n» tlicy are but little 
mnl lmvp die fuifst crop pri.^etti 

.mil th. ui 

u d.-n, 

r.l M N; h !.. . 
city h«Mi hoc 


e Qoihl n A .' IO( inii'yi will mi'i 
Tburaday, the 8tj» of Augntt, *i Snndy Hill 
church, Mcndo counts, H milcu lji 
•3. -tif .ii r 

Howmor k Snmblcton't corner man m 

likely on liuit Saturday , lijr I li . ■ npp. :u u 
of u wiiKhin^ mot lii ii" |n-.l.llcr. Tbtfiaople 
didn't Mat, u.«l be I. 

Mr. Jul, 

ahout aUirlinf; n ilia- 
jw to*u for tnak 
Hard \uu tin. Inr 

j.ild I. ud it wynetf t 

and |xne# of tin ir own »„d c. 

Voters of Breckenrldge Cimtity. 

ybtWat— D«a» Uin H*TUa| horn oaj.. 

■bridge 0......I,, 

a IH »ltr . .. „l ,.!.,.„, asnii. .( i:„. 
.... .1 '.....I tl... 1 niru.l S,;,i, . 

Ihi- liu-i n 

iken, dincovcrcl ncrvim In t 
s of plants. G.who reeognbi 
id other think.'.- •. . ' ! „l 

i,. . ,.i. ,i.u,. il... Kk„ il.,.t Ihe regetal.lg 

■*lma  m.d all the univerne b hut bow 

■, l 

N.«»n.t n S.i,., , i,,,.h' f th..\V, 

ihey hsd K ottm moi 
their pnsan.te hy hiith-.viiy joU nt 
Aliur I.ynn'n escape, liudint; th»y «• 
HM|a*0|«al, ll.P lti-yenr trio went.m t, and, hy tln'ii .|iioor notions, i 

IM snnplirloni ..f u pultnuninn, «ho 
tbeui in. " Hul h niwdi r, ulio slu.t 
hud practiced nt a tttrijct uutil ho 
export, and hilled many u duj; to sh 
well bo could Hhoot. Uc is now 

eloedon (ta| nod t«; in avory way, 
thi.i tl.. y h.-lj,, ^ ^ AY 

Important to Cantlldntes. 

Stcx.Hcck lb. name, of .11 ta, 
fhouro Bwhal faltlwlH" 

Inb pUntini will de"Pl» » ,v,,m 
,of thcWivK. W, huv.-li.,.. 

yioii.'.inieatbW thill tboii rem 

Sull n ii. .i ... i will plant I 

ma- i i.'. I of n lli.iu 

* to thnl thej i 


As an 

Uri -enonoiitly adnpt »1 to one hriuicli, like 
tl... dairy ii-ions of Now York, or the tint- 
..n i tinin fndd.-i of the West. ' 

A snu« little orotund; 'fields of ernin. 

srass.cnrn mnl root crop*: a mnnnfNaMt 

drove of cows or shell.; n pair ol i In.iei 
Weodhlg inures; n pen of PPOd bOVi u 

|.. t'iiii. n! i,n ill   i.J. I liisiiii.ned luelhwl i i 
nboitl the snfcst uttd moil coinloi lnUo, tif- 
ter nil. I'W spoeialli.js reutiiru Hpccii.l 
knoivleil/LT. nndsiHcial conditions of si.c- 
eclSs, They nroliUn oi.e-l. d 

siooi, eanl il I tUone; wWfc raried Ikrin- 

inn tins various supports.— frW«V« /i i/c. 

Mr Grabrelder's Second Speech. 

t7mlf « mU JWA.w-rifu.... ry" Umtntridgt 

.... ; . I., llic peiipln ..r llrorlirnri l^, 
ty which I .np|«.-« the ,u„j.,iilv „f tl... 
havo road. It wns my lnUntion to inn 

inr1M'4t« t.t MiH*ak, bvnev tlic 

,;;;!,:;;:v,,,i;„ , ^ , jxr' 
l ;„;;- i "K , "::„;t;, , h„ i : 


" l .illirr, nbq Irani, tho mud se lute ? " 

Hush, inv i.hil.l, 'tl. tl... candidate j 
I'll . ,.inij I. . I hni.inn ..... . - 

Bnrly h. snd lata hp k «si 

Hu iiroota tin- wUh r..urlly grace, 

II.. I, , . . li.- l.r.l.yV dirty ft. -o, 

Ilo nall/t.. Iho fi noo the larmor nt wurk, 

li..' " k , l hi. :.„l.l 

" Ilewdy, howdy, l, i.,ly-,loJ 

I llpM M nManti, too 

T.»  I d t" mnl to,, laiv :,. li. 

Then .nor I.i- h..r-o Lis l.-c.-'h,. tl.nj 
And to the duirpeoplu tblimglptsin| 

" Bawdy, ho'.itr, bewdy-def 

How i.' v nil", nn.l how nro Voir.' 

Ah! ,i ,.y ii.t»s..„ other can, 
'the horny hand ol the iiorl,ii.|.|iinn. 

A Sinner's Petition to the Chrla'luns. 

tl.em. If ydtarVnotk ■ was ns apod « j four 
j , , m m SU tH ttto jro   bettor li 

Mn'ohinu':"!' !i!,i"o,.iwip",:.^V°l"JiH; 


Fancy Orttcnrios, • 
Tropical Fruits, 
Notions nnil Nfivnltlfis, 
Bonks and Shim-wry. 
Wall Paper ami Window Shndos, 
ChromoU ud Frames, 
Croquet Sets, 
Papers and Magazines, 


Mr, It. E. Woods, of C)0T«Ct Ort IH U I. en-ni:cd 10 tmcfa tho 1'iite. i ill- 
ichool this full. 

Hon. 'A. I'. Smith, eandidalo for Simer 
itttondcmi.r PnWc I nsl:ueti .», addressed 
die OltUMINI in limit of tho Clovcrport 
Holid on last Mond ay night. 

Tho candidates will address the etfiUM 
of C'loverpo, t. on nc.M Snturdnv, their lend- 
' t, topic, "-What shall wo do to he sa- 

Mr. .Ine. A. Smart, of Ilite's Run, laic a 
student and laMkOflS the t'luverpmi lli c h 
Bohool, will aasnme the prlntrlp at -hip ol 
ihoQotnotUwilio Acndemy, first Mbaday iu 
atnMainW. We commend Mr. Hutnrt 14 
tbe M. ii.hi counly citizens as nu carncsl 
dm ill,. r, ii ifentlein.iu ur.d it scholar. 

It will be toon elsuwhcro in the 
that Mr. T. ti. Arnold will again assume 
the principal.- hip  jf the Clowrport High 
School. This is indeed uratifyitiK; and it 
thcr ngreonbla td know that Mr. 
Arnold and the School Hoard together huve 
secured nn excellent corps of teachers, and 
red mat tors for tho future government 
itcrcsts of the School to insure its in- 

r, and an earnest n ietnl nnd bdpt t l i lh- 
rett and all pure litemuirc, and as uucom- 
romising and ene*gotfa dgalnat vic'n.uj 
intituents and dime novel trash. 

Tho new ly elected trustees of tlfo Clover, 

an High School, K. bV PSswm, Umtit 

[oornsa, Wtu. Vest, T. K. Sftltcrliul.l and 
Tot. S Allen, met en Thursday uktit, mid 
jer being duty VuMUii or^.uinorTly elec* 
ikH. U. Pierce Chairman and Win. Vest 
Clerk of the Doard Assistant' 
Lhcti selected, and the corps for the 

arc M follows: Prof.- 
icipal; W. K A. ....l.l, 

»1H do. Kow, hot 
in von l.iilisliiutly h i. 

ns as ourly as they powibly can, and roue 
for' as lottf! a time as they 1'e.d ubtu 

Ivditorially, tho papet ihnU grow mo 

nstfbsl sf sea sad in ds 

•s to Jail, or when t « ■. .... ■■■ 
it mid uro hoth lino.l l... it, 

phi a 

ftw,"voiM 0 nnt'ln 

Pleasures of Memory. • 



TTe n ei..w'!'d,m'r'! 
I to tho church, neilher ttojsl the ling 
■ter, nor the hoautiful t:irl.( that ride and 
so uruei lull} , i.H of these belong to 
1 Of the fanny thing, said and 

Start Right and theo Stick.- 

A -rent niuny men throughout jgff 
try are "goinn: Iwok to fiii nmi' " 

'I he .eno, is tl,- -'" '-d?"Utiii|l ol u.-wsct- 
.t.uiiI o."^'"","."", " "Puf 
tiers. T'. ^,' ""long the 

!!r/ii«t.* of tho turn s. If the now .'—.. 
rs w.ll onl] soul righted then sti, 

' •».•! lH. | ,n.,.„.|i, la ,K' f...e..mhi in ohcuaina, »i.,Im„ 

•Wilis' d.nT. 1'Ie.i'se, ' ill 

|('„niii tuH-u rl.-ni.'nln's;/' 

".hd '''Whet, w^aimn's"', 

danne f.r our own ;, , „,^our,.w„w,n. 
look on v.M.nidli.umftl,,. 
|. ■ .1,,., i. ',„..!„„,,, I. Tl.,. 

Srds nnd t Ml 

ttk a'-.I!., i.I.u, ,,„i|..„ 

10 .l.s'uild Vow 't "shouki 
lllep.-'a.h.'l . ll , .!..„ :, 

{l.e. l tho ,,11,'ir 

J*  '' ' : . 

lelee tkoy 

lind y'o.!' "TV ,',„ v'.'i u'^a'l'l 

'■■ :.;,'.; hlliwu"! 
SBjinTOyt.u ntnlnly, ,,.,.1 

I . nlum 
t npanieylittl 
go and telhh 

' v • pi ii'. a 


•y "think of wCif- 
their juafcM) of 

patinut iiui.i.tri, 

Link and ihank 
'"'Is. and the pa 
rtiies which pva 

Females as Teachers. 

; 'wi i on. in... i ,i,..| ,|„, y ,„,.,, ,,,,,1^ ; (Uli | 

...I will, I lie oiher si* \, lor ll.e afudy of tho 

II. LI ,l,.*e„l , „ „„ „. :,,„, ,. (|lln || v 

! "'"■•Id'l''.l.* ,(.,., .,/„„,, 

7r , ': i, '', i ;, tii j L ''i'-ivs bv. -who 

ot l ornod that.1, km the intention ..I 
• mi'i u. ....... .*. it i,,il„ „, a hi-i,,.,,,,,,! 

IV Hum 

iv. It, . .„„ „ 
relieved sritb 

i,u,,-n .ma i 

1.USIH than C 

, | ■ ... ■ 
turn, . ' ^ 
i * * ' 

,,.„„,„,,.» lull fa. 

J.I, their t. 
, , l.,ek -1 d-aimvo, 


W.gelher u o'.o y -l \ 
U | •»h, v l,«l„,llben ; " 

1. ;;"';'* i! 

U.ff.r» ut as» 

" 1 »«d 

i*. ... 1) eve, t uin 
1 u.ilkir, M »ud by 
•1 produula. An- 

"" ."., , ,','*' i .Vi 

ibr siffl bar » 

a going do* _ 

vu going up. H ! .K black coat wan but- 
toned more tightly than usual about bis 
spare lorm, his eyee glared rebukingly 
through his spectacles upon bis neigh- 
bors hurrying by to the circus. 

The doctor, in his quiet house on the 
hill, had a dozen boys, who, under his 
teaching, were preparing for college. 

d at work 

I the 

lound of the 

sheering under the big tent. He had 
d to that before coming out. 
int of controlling buys twenty 
h - doctor had begun to look 

The doctor would have eecaped, hot It 
was too late. The door opened, and the 
areat mass of fleah, scarlet and nodding 
ninnies entered. It filled the room. 
The doctor fairlv gasped for breath. 

"I will go elsewhere to meet Mr. 
Hperry," he said. 

Why." laughed the boy, 'Mm is Mr. 
Sperry P 

Magog motioned the dumb and stunned 
doctor to a seat, and waited until the 
boy had left the room before he epnke 
''I am Charles Maury's uncle, he 
then said, in a voice singularly low and 
almost tiemuloua. "I know all that 
you would say," he hastened to add— 
" the disgrace, the misery to him. Ter- 
hnps the boy can be saved from knowing 
it. That is why I sent for you." 

He leaned bis head on his great staff, 
and was silent. The doctor could not 
speak. The monster had some of the 
feeling of a man. That was plain ; but 
his poor Charley to find one of his 
family and kinsfolk in ^iV— a creature 
not only set apart by nature from his 
kind but so degraded as to be willing 
- u himself I 

t know that he has 
living kinsfolk," he said, guardedly, 
wary that he should know?" 
for yon to determine, doe- 
fagog, in the same I  w, hum- 
" I wilf tell jou the circum 

•ton of the old farm, taught and studied 
by turns until he had gained his profes- 
eton. He is a physician now. with a 
loving little wife and two rosy hoys, who. 
like himself, declare every day that they 
have the beat nnele In the world, and 
♦hat there never can be too much of 

in v livinj 
'/kit nc  

ble voice. 

" I was his mother's only brother. 
Owing to my — my misfortune — glancing 
hastily down at himself — " I never watt 
able to enter into any profession or 


have liked t 



old black servants who 

waited on me. 

" It is a very pretty place," he said, his 
bnmd face lightening. " When Jenny 
died— that was Charley's mother— they 
brought the boy home to me. I was 
very loud of him, sir. He waa a noble 
bov! Hew v ry different from other 
boys, still ."' 

" Yes, no doubt." 

" Well, sir, I used to think much of 
that boys future. He had no chance 
of an education. I had a bare pittance ; 
iils. He would j "c had nothing." 

ears of the 

The next moment the good old man 

n*«.pi^.{, „,. .»!;..!. Tl.^.r a.,, ],;„„• 

class— the three bovs who were reading 
the Iliad- standing at the ticket-office— 
high hat*, downy upper lips, ctuies 
and all. 

" Young' gentlemen, I thought bet ter 
of you than this!" 

t! We had a half-holiday, you remem- 
ber, doctor." 

"But to spend it in this scene of folly! 
You intend to become a physician, MY 
Maury. What confidence would a dy- 
ing patient have in you, who had seen 
vou stir in g nt these painted creat 
and human monstrosities? I do 

Pardon me! — his father left some 

"Not a penny. To cut the matter 
short, there wa but one way to give 
Im in alliance, to make a man of him- 
self, and I took it " 

" You have exhibited yourself to edu- 
cat. this bov ! The money has come from 
you ?" 

The doctor rose as he spoke. His voice 
failed hun. but beheld out his hands. 
" Sir, I honor you! You have done a 
heroic deed I And it was just now that 
I thought you" — 

" A brute," said Magog, with a feeble 
laugh. " Manv people led that way; 
hut not all. -not all! Cod made us all 
with the same blood and the same feel- 
ings, no matter how hideous our bodies. 
Many of the people w ho come to look at 

A feci e.t Prince a Common Felon. 

TheCalcutta eorrespondentof the Ion- 
don writes as follows: A special 
high court bench, consisting of the 
chief justice and two puisne judges, 
will ait to-morrow to hear the appeal in 
the case of the rajah of Poorrte. The 
advocate-general, on behalf of the gov- 

has excited so much interest. The rajah 
is the hereditary guardian of the Tem- 
ple of .lugge mailt, his special duty in 
that capacity being to sweep the space 
in front of the throne when the god 
leaves the temple for the Juggernaut car 
He is also the circular S ad of the 
Hindoo religion in Orisaa, and is wor- 
shiped by the lloryah people aa the visi- 
ble incarnation of V ishnu, being re- 
garded as (he lineal descendant o? the 
old Hindis, king of Orissa, whoso , he 
minions are said to have extended from 
the tianges to (lodavery. The mur- 
dered man, a Hindoo ascetic of great 
sanctity, enjoved a special reputation in 
curing diseases. The salient facta of 
the case, as given in the judgment of 
the district court, are shortly these. 
The victim of the murder was discov- 
ered by- the police in front of the lion 
gate of the Juggernaut temple, cov- 
ered with burns and other ma.ka of 
indescribable torture. He lived fifteen 
days in agony. His statement was that 
two servants of the rajah had come to 
his house' and told him that their mas- 
ter wanted him. He was accordingly 
conducted into the gymnasium of the 
palace, where the rajah, with ten or 
twelve servants, was present. He was 
then thrown down and overpowered, 

tance he was eventually discovered by 
the police. The motive for the crime fs 

aT I 

of 1 

■ed a 

\had planned this visit for days, 
doctor stood looking anxiously ir 
their faces. 

Maury laughed. " We'll not go, a 
But out of respect to you ; not to 01 
«IVes. Come, boys." 



\e boys would follow him. The doctor 
:ed after him with friendly eyes. 

a uiathei 
t, hi 

_ sod blood. I knew 
well— James Maury." 
" An orphan, eh '."' 

"Yea. His guardian sent him to me 
ten years ago. There was property 
enough, it seems, to educate him. but 
no more. The boy has hud a lonely life 
enough. He has no kin-folk nor friends. 
The other bovs have letters, boxes.visits 
from their friends, and go home in the 
holidays ; but Maurv has nothing to give 
interest to his life- except, indeed, the 
wish not to disgrace the Maurv name." 

"If you please, sir, this is for you," 
said a queer-looking boy running against 
the doctor's legs and handing him a 


!Vrl  1 

,s not been pleasant," said Mr. 
lUietly: " but the boy has been 
He will take bis place in the 

race." He paused, with a faint smile 
on his face. " The exposure and fatigue 
has brought disease. The physicians 
say that my death will he sudden, and, 
if 1 continue in this ||r,. immediate. I 
sent for you to ask what is to become of 


I hav 

lived a 


rough his medicaid 

'tilled him n garding the state of the 

rajah's mind, and he had given di- 
rection- for his cure. He bad only once 
visited the palace. It was possible that 
the rajah had been induced to believe 
that he was empowered by the dowager 
ranee in the work of incantation against 


quence of the special sanctity both of 
the accused and the murdered man. The 
assessors were for acquitting the rajah, 
but the judge convicted him, though 
curiously enough he sentenced him only 
to transportation for life. The rajah 
now appeals from this sentence to the 
high court. He is only twenty two 
years of age, and i« said to have hith- 
erto led a luameless life. 

Brigliaiii Young's Money. 

The administrators of Brigham's 
estate are settling up with quite a num- 
ber of the heirs, transferring to them 

Mr. Pottloa had only been married 
two months, and the first lecture court* 
had not yet opened. He was wedded to 
a sweet, blue-eyed little lassie with 
golden curls and a sunny smile who 
loved him to distraction, and believed 
that he moved on a plane but little 
low the angels; and, to tell the truth, 
Mr. Pottles was a pretty straight sort of 
a man. He belonged to no lodges, and 
had never looked upon the wine in any 
color. The foaming lager lured him 
not, and the myatery of the* pernicious 
decoctions that befmidle the brain and 
rnise old Ned with the purse waa some- 
thing br bud never sought to fathom. 
The idea that we wish to impres. Is, that 
Mr. Pottles had never touched a drop of 
bug jiner in any shape. lonesome? 
' •' perhaps he ml/ ' 
but he waa free fn 

Alittle cloud came over Mr. Pottles' 
Falen one day, and blurred the hright 

aurora of his ■ 

happened that 
visit a distillery 
and while there 
proprietor to take 
through the est a Id i 

say you, "he drank and fell. Knew he 
would they all do soeuer or later." Mot 
a bit of it — not a single drop did he 
taste. But he inhaled the vapor and 
Anal it in through the pores, and when 
he came out into the sunlight Mr. 
Potties was thoroughly drunk from the 
crown of his hat to bis bootrheels. He 
-t Mod high, and swaggered, and reeled 
and stumbled around for all the world 
as though he had got drunk in the old- 
fashioned orthodox way. 

Perhaps there wasn't a scene when 
Mr. 1'ottles finally got home, smelling 
like agin-mill, and looking like a i-imou 
pure bummer with the marks of de- 
bauchery all over him! Well, when 
the neighbor women on both sides got to- 
gether and compared notes the next 
day, it was their unanimous verdict that 
a whole menazcrie in one cage wasn't a 
circumstance compared to Mrs. Pottle:! 
with her mad up. She was little, but 
oh, dear! And was it any wonder, Mrs. 
Jurvis? Not married two months vet, 
and here he comes home with mud all 
over his clothes 


and a great 

and tobacco*flBWhl over his shit 
front! Oh, it was awful I it was that; 
and if it was her, she Wouldn't live with 
him another day — she'd have a divorce 
right away, and that, too, before the 
week was out. These terrible men! 
How deceiving they are! This man 
Pottles had declared up and down that 
he had never drank a drop in all his 
life, and now after he'd beguiled that 
sweet little mite to marry him, he must 
commence at his old tricks again, and 
come staggering home in broad day- 
light! 1 1 was horrid— awful- dreadful 


Little is needed at anv time to rouse 
enthusiasm in regard to an expedition 
which has for ita purpose the discovery 
of particulars concerning the voyage of 
the Ill-fated Franklin whose mysterious 
disappearance amid the f ror.en regions 
of the North has lieen the cause of ao 
much public and private lamentation. 
At present, however, unusual interest is 
felt in the matter from the fact that 
within the past trix years certain in 
formation haslieeii gathered by North- 
ern explorers which leads to the con- 
clusion that there may even yet be a 
chance of obtaining full records of all 
that hnptiened to the darine crew who, 

*— ^r^Sfjiid in 

r, in command 

American whaler in Hudson Hay, 
mie Esquimaux of the Na.hili 
Whale Point, to - 

with their I 

the Artie expedition of II 
In 1872 Captain Potter, 

e Bay. The Nachilis 

ild Captain Pol 

r that a 

in the (Jolt of Boothia, where the 
Nachili were then wintering, and they 
all died there. The captain also ob- 
tained some silver aiidothei things be- 
longing l . the Prankiin expedition from 
these people. In 1*77 Mr. Thomas F. 
Barry, in the whaler A. Houghton, be- 
longing to Messrs. Morrison and Brown, 
of New York, wintered at Marble Island, 
ofl the mouth of the Wager River. He 
was visited by other Esquimaux of the 
Nachili tribe, from whom he obtained a 
spoon with Sir John Frunklin'i. crest 
upon it. They told him exact U the 
same story as had been told to Captain 
Potter five yearn before. Two, who 
were between fifty and sixtv years of 
aire, said that they had seen' the white 
men. They added that the white mm 
had a leader, but that when 
came they were all dead. A 
ma' y had died, the rest mad 
and put under it some thing 
book in which Harry was wi 
which the Nachili examined. 'They of- 
fered to go and point out the spit where 
the cairn still remains, with the books 

!orn1a, d a U few t d' 

1 ha- , 


tented. The end may come when Cod 

" You do not wish to see the boy, or 
to speak to him ?" the doctor asked, look- 

Tlie great creature trembled through 
all of his tinwieldly body, but he an- 
swei^'d, quietly, — 

" I would give years of life to touch 

«h.r« „f the 
spoils, with "huh she or. i s return- 
ing to the coast, win re she intends 
settling down, down, down ! It isstated 
that the executors have made settlement 
with all the children of Emeline Free, 
deceased, of whom the wayward daugh- 
ter is one, and thai the other heirs are 
being similarly dealt with. Alfales, 
and Oscar B. having already re- 


— I C 


puplL Charles Maury. As I 
with reference to th« 
not come to y»„ l shall feel 
indebted to you il y„,i w ill « 

boy, and can 
ivs.-lf gr.-allv 
-company the 

!^Mo« Mt ra- 

""And where is 
manded the doctor, 
5 I'll take you to him,' 

wing hi 
entered a house with w 
toward the circus. 

ing to the boy. 
you to him," he said, and 
dodge through the crowd, 
- _.! u:_ r:„„ll„ i... 

" You have left the 
•aid the doctor, rising resolutely. " I 
mi going to tell him the whole story. I 
diall bring him here to you. Not a 
word, Mr. Sperry I I know I am right." 

But the doctor went home in sore 
tnxiety. He was by no meanssure that 
the result would be right. Young Maury 
was a reticent, silent boy, proud of his 
name and blood. Was he capable of 
ippreciating the noble self-sacrifice of 
bis uncle's lite? " If he does not, I 
'hall be tempted to turn him out of my 
h'M-e.' muttered the doctor. 

He u ld Charley the story that even- 
ing- The bi.y listened without a word, 
lie had 1.,-ar.lit all, he 

" wW* 

« 1 suppose 

s very pale. 

h Th ! Id 

the heat 

__, _,nd the clangor of cymbals 
"Mr. Sperry, being a stranger, 
doubtless blundered into lodgings n 
phwe. It must lie exceedingl;- 
pleusant f  

'tineinent to be 

Uhin bearing of all this vulgarity. 1 
shall take bim home with me at once. 
'Sperry'/ Yes. Charley's father did 
marry a Sperry. Old Maryland family. 
Very str»nge I never heard of hjijn 
before, though." 

The doctor s eyes, as he meditated, 
wandered to the, window. Opposite 
a large opening ' 
interior waa ■ » ' 

haw contracted habits of industry, and 
with the start they are getting out of 
tlu estate, may wag through the world. 
But it is to be remembered that" they 
had every indulgence that money could 
buy, and have not learned to realize that 
the church or some one else had to pay 
the expense. Taking these consideni- 


In the 

nd allov 

...nWrous. It is thi 
iraered the doctor." -vrformance,' 
You will come with mef . 
going to the door. 

The doctor followed meekly. W 
they reached the street outside of 
circus, a great crowd was in wild excite- 

The giants-Magog— he is dying!" 
some of them cried. 
" Where is he?" 

" In that side tent there. He fell in 
the area 

g that each 
as nis pomon, it will be less than eleven 
years before they are penniless. Some 
of them of course will learn habits of 
frugality and indu try sooner than 
others— before the expiration of eleven 
sears— and such, when their dream of 
royalty is dispelled by the sneers and 
When ftO't of honest people, "will have a little 
neewir patrimony left, and these must 
OrandtHv be few, and the poverty of 
upon hispooiohn Young will return 
next generation, during this and the 

ter a'gooi 
like tin' 

ig, with his hat all jammed wl 1 ,, | 1 lem 

if shape, his iieckt^; gone, ami t , lv lwavs , )Ut .ilj, ijiiir'cr* on'-i soot 

■ullai hanging, b\ button, j,, f,,,'. ,„i..xi. |.-.M of th» RnJJ of 

Boothia, northwest of the entrance to 
Fury and llecla Strait, in the direction 
ot Felix Harbor of Boss, on the east 
coast of Boothia. 

Upon the return of Captain Barry the 
interest of several influential gentlemen 
was awakened in the cairn and the 

vessel to the North for the purpose of 
discovet ing the repository, and the ac- 
n of a fund for the purpose 
liatcly begun. In the mean- 
lUsinessof testing the evidence 
of the existence of the cairn, and the 
robabilty of its being situated in tho 
place indicated, was intrusted to Chief 
.lii-tice Only, of this city. This gcntle- 
au had a long and satisfactory con- 
■rsation wiiii Captain Barry, and at 
the same time heard from Joe, the faith- 
ful companion of Captain Hull, who 
cave his testimony in reg. ml to t aptain 
Barry's familiarity with the Esquimau 
language. The result of further in- 
vestigation seemed to prove conclusively 
that the supposed position of the cairii 
: precuelv at that iH int whither the 

adeliieiTway ftiM 
fatal journey of which we have no re- 
cord. The result of the inquiry was 
such as to convince Messrs. Murri-on 
and Brown that the *10,00(  placed in 
their hands for the purpose might with 
propriety Is- spent in fitting out a vessel 
to go in search of the cairn. The i'.othen, 
which has been selected, is a small ship 
of one hundred and two tons burdeu, 
but considered perfectly adapted to the 
work the is to undertake. Her com- 
ander will be Captiau Barry ; whose 
tcrest in the alliiir and experience in 
the artic seas eminently fit him for the 

o the necessities of 

tenant F ( reder\U L r^ I hwat 1 ka , , wbo^ias' not 
been identified with labors of explora- 
tion, but has heretofore served his coun- 
try in the capacity of an army officer, 
whose business it is to protect our 
frontier from the incursions of the In- 
dians. Lieutenant Schwatka is but 
twenty-eight years of age, and com para- 

will g. Into winter qiisH** at Repulse 

Bay In the spring oft .70, when sled- 

ding become, practicably, th. i . I 

party will proceed by land- - or rather 
ire— toward the point where the cairn 
is supposed to be situated, some four or 
live hundred miles from the bay. A 
yenr is to lie given to the search, at the 
pnd of which the party will return in 
time to meet the veasel, which shall 
have spent the same time on a whaling 
cruise in North Hudson Bay. In July 
or Augtt-t of 1XKI), ,f all goes well, we 
shall see the ex|iedition return to New 

York. This, at least, is the progrn. 

at present laid down, subject to such 
mi il tat ion - as .inn instances shall necessi- 

The Htale of Mind of the Mnltan. 

igh, and enough strength of will t 
  his Empire in a state of permanen 
chy. The madness which in his 

fortunate brother ass eel the character 

of a profound melancholy, exhibits in 
Abdul Humid all the symptoms of an 
abject timidity. No one can imagine by 
what endless variety of insane terrors 
\Mul Hamid is hsunted. The conspir- 
icy of which the half-crazed and prof- 
ligate Ah Suavi took for some time the 
lead, and to which he fell a victim has, 
indeed, long been in existence, and it is 
widely spread both in the country and 
abroad. But in the Sultan's imagina- 
tion it is something portentous, ubiquit- 
ous. He thinks the soul of it is Midhat 
1'iisha: Midbat, with whom the Sultan 
thinks no reconciliation possible, be- 
chus" that exiled stat 

does aspire, to a supreme million 
compatible with the Sovereign' 
prerogative, and cherished the s 

out after a doctor to come and sober the. 
wretch up, and give a certificate that he 
hadn't touched a drop— just got drunk 
on the smell of the dunk— that was a 
little too thin. Some folks might be- 
lieve it if they wanted to, but she wasn't 
quite fool enough for that herself yet, 
thar.k you. And so they went on, the 
twoof litem, con vine ing each other that 
1 'utile- was a fiend and a^BJaui^o^ the 

allowed to draw breath on a street with 
respectable people. 

Poor Pottles bad a trying time with 
his wife, and though ho was far from 
being clear in the head, he has some- 
thing like a definite recollection that 
bis unexpected appearance developed no 
less than seventeen different varieties of 
hysterics within less than that many 
minutes alter he fell into the house. It 
didn't seem to do the least particle ol 
good for him to sit there in the middle 
of the floor and swear by his never- 
dying soul that he was sober as it pal 1- 

• Hi',- ain't las'— hie— swallowtarry 
d-e-r— hop, my dear— jes'— hie— got 
sick on 'er— hie — smell— for fao'. Smell 
breathan'scefor — hie— yerself !" 

No, it didn't calm lier a bit, and she 
might have been charging and crying 

d tearing her hair, and bemoaning her 

self hadn't took a turn for the worse and 
got so deathly sick as to awaken her 
serious alum, and scare away all other 

The doctor assured her there was no 
" tger if he was onlyki 

anil upon his 

surance that not a drop 

, and the difficulty had occurred 
most likely just as he had claimed, she 
was of course ready to forgive and for- 
get, but she has made him promise that 
h. -w ill never even take a "smell" of 
the horrid HtufI Hereafter. 

later the crowd about 

the fallen giant was thrust aside, and 
Charley Maury rushed forward, drag- 
ging one of the most skillful physicians 
in the town to his side. 
"You must save him! He is my 
m , uncle. He is the only friend I have in 
= ' n He ,r !^d, 'rose, walke, the world, ^he c^ ^ ^ 

• that young Maury waa 

to the wind) 

The countj 
the circus. 1 

ad emptied itself into 
massed heads rote, tier 
upon tier, from tan-bark to the roof. 
The ring-master strutted into the center 
of the circle, whip in hand. 

"I have the pleasure, ladies and 
gentlemen, of introducing to you the 
world unowned giant, Magog, measur- 
ing seven feet and nine inches from 
head to heel. Step out, Magog!" 

Magog entered the arena, clothed m 
scarlet, with nodding plumes iu an im- 

m "o*ne h of P t "tamily of giants," sh- uud 
the showman. "Father and mother 
both gianta! Fifteen children, all 
giants, and -this is tho youngest! Show 
your paces, Magog! I,v 

- — " lira fiesi 


The great ciwinr 
crowd of men and boys 
lingered his limbs. The   
away with a sudden feeli 
If tbia monstrosity had 
feeling, what tortures he i 
o be thus exhibited 

the words. " Thu is 
said, laying his he.nd 
' As noble a gentleman 

The doctor drove the crowd out of the 
tent. When Magog opened his eves 
they rested on Charey kneeling before 
him, and they filled with sudden 
He struggled to rise. 

"Do you know who I am?" he whhv 

» oh, why did you uot tell me before ?" 
cried i 'barley. " I have been so alone 
in the world! I will never leave vou 
again, uncle. I shall be a happier, bet- 
ter In.v, now that 1 know that there 
one in the world who cares for me. 
shall have a home uow like other boys." 

His un. le looked at him bewildered. 
WiiH'|h| boy actually rejoicing to have 

that fie it but'au BT?iinul, after all." 
"Where isMr.rto.rryf' 1 
upatiently, . of the bov. 
»uth was staring through 


lut H 

or, " Tier 

The use ol horse flesh as an ai . 
food has made great progress in P 
where about a thousand horses per * 
are said to be slaughtered, the unit 

It is said tha 
the hippopbagisU of Pai 

banquet once a month to the journal- 
.„ts of all nations, where horse and ass 
tle-h prepared in every seductive form 
will be served up. The snail is be- 
coming another fashionable article 
' diet in France, and for some . 

a past a particular place has been [ 
aapranrtated fur their sale in the Paris 
ttsl, markets. Bnails, says oue of the 
French journals, were highly esteemed 
by the Romans, our masters in gastron- 
omy, and are now raised in many of the 
depiittuieuts with success. In the six- 
teenth century the Capuchins • f Fri- 
Ixnirg |Msaes»ed the art of fattening snails 
— au art not lost in our day, for in Lot 
raine and Burgundy they raise excellent 
snails, which And sure demand in the 
Paris market. There are now more than 
titty reslaurar-Ui and more than a thou- 
sand private tables iu Paris where snails 
are accepted as a delicacy by upward 
of ten llioUnand consumers, the monthly 
consumption of this mollusc being estl- 
m.ted at half it million Frank Bucll- 
hmd tells us that snails are beeoumig 
scarce in th 
where for ■ 

Planetary Population. 

On the interesting question of the 
plurality of worlds, Professor Newcoinb 
remarks as follows: Enthusiastic writ- 
ers not only sometimes people the 
planets with inhabitants, but calculate 
•jo poaxibie population by the number of 

e. ...'.-, ...... ionium the scheme 

of a so-called democratic govern nt 

with which no one but Abdul Haloid's 
idiot brother, Murad, or some other 
equally helpless weakling— a mere pup- 
pet in the Minister's hands — would con- 
sent to put up. The thought of Midhat 
absent and of Midhat's friends here^pres- 

vau-e .Midhat is often, and was 'lately, in 
England, and England is thee uutry 
" here the notions of responsible Minis- 
ters, and of never-do-wrong Monarchs 
originated, he suspects the exi-tence of 
a party in England favorable to ItidWl 
views and privy to any scheme aiming 
at his own oV*— 

eyond his yea 

. Born 

• miles of surface and throw 

our ear..- of a .i ro nomers, w ho 

possibilityW. . rful teie^ope,. The 

one planet, may be  eeu If}' * „ 
the brevity of civilisation ouVJ 
when compared with the existence^ " 
globe itself aa a planet. The latter has 
prohablybeenr. Hi (Mill. 
000 years; man has probably existed on 
it lesst han 10,000 years ; dvilization, less 
than 1,000; telescopes, Utle more than 
MO. Had au angel visitd it at intervals 
if 10,000 years to seek l.i thinking bo- 
ngs, he would have bee disappointed a 
thousand limes or mre. Reasoning 
from analogy, we wen led to believe 
the same disappoitments might 

t him who should ow travel from 

planet to plant, and fret system to sys- 
tem, on a similar seait, until he had 
examined many thousfd planet*. 

Illinois, on I lie completion of his school 
career he entered West Point, where he 
graduated in 1871. While fond oi his 
prof~ssi«,n, he entertained at the same 
time a taste tor medicine, and having 
procured a six mouths' leave of absence 
from his regiment, he came to New 
York, where, after a diligent c ui-se of 
study, he graduated nt the Bellevue 
Medical College. It was at one time bis 
intention to become a surgeon in the 
army, abandoning his place iu the line, 
but the outbreak of the Indian war 
laiised him to relinguish tins intention. 
Thus he was on the field during the 
bloody struggle which cost us Ouster, 
hut culminated in the subjugation of 
Chi. I Joseph. During this time he 
fully demonstrated his ability as a 

while with his regiment in the 

the hare-brained Ali Suavi, and repeat- 
edly resided at his bouse both at Stem- 
bmil and in the Cyceuui in Oalata Serai, 
Don tributes in no small degree to foster 
the Sultan's gloomy apprehensions 
about Kngland's unfriendly designs. 

Umbrellas Seventy Years Old. 

Home seventy years ago a large um- 
brella was usually kept hanging in the 
hall at good houses to keep visitors dry 
as tin y passed to and from their car- 
riages. Coffee-house keepers, provided iu 
thi- way for t!:»:r frequenter:; hut r.\c:\ 
disdained to carry such a convenience 
through the streets. It was held effem- 
inate, indeed, to shirk a wetting. 

"Take that thing away," said Lord 
Coiiiwallis to a servant about to hold 
the house umbrella over him; "lam 

the guards under 

»d t 


r s iiou 


r Jhe high . 

e that way, be- 
■ household regi- 

r umbellas. Thi 

held the officers 
ment protecting 
pelting rain witl 

was too much for the great chief's equa- 
nimity, and he instantly sent ofr Ixird 
A. lid! will, the message: 

" Lord Wellington does not approve 
of the use of umbrellas under tire, and 
cannot allow the gentlemen's sons to 
make themselves ridiculous in the eyes 
of the army." 

A Curious Duel Case. 

A curious duel case has just been de- 
cided at Nuremberg. A law student, 
during his compulsory one year's service 
in the army deemed himself insulted by 
the treatment he received irom a Lieu- 
tenant. On concluding his term a duel 
was fought, and the Lieutenant — a 
Prussian -was killed. The questions 
before tho jury were whether aduel had 
i.e. n I. .light, whether it had a fatal re- 

guiltv of that result. The jury gave a 
verdict of "Not Guilty" m all three 
charges. The Qerman papers are 
puzzled to account for this repetition of 
the decision of a recent St. Petersburg 
case. Home say the reason of the verdict 
was pitv for a promising young man 
whom the jury did not hold responsible 
for acts which custom demands and the 
law half sanctions; others, that it -was 

an install f the dislike in which 

Prussian officers are held ; and, lastly, it 
is believed that the iurv found itself 
■on Iron ted with the difficulty that if tbe 
officer had l een in the student's place 
tbe case weuld have been oue in which 

wCV™,M ,, |77|1dW|'-' w*h%»Ml«Ji.« 

IV*. *h. tnn« .lltl trpl H'r* i.f  !  pe sefsrrM ? 

Wh.l 1.1.1 I "' 

Or.lj lUmjil . ~. n-i Mrd ** 

Th. swsllow. ot llllal wrnuiti IU din dcWs 

Onlr t».«...K0f •M. r.lbM. 

In ta« world ol drwne. I ! «'• cbotm mj psrt. 


Thb antidote of opium is roHee. 

No base ball clubs in Germany. 

A riinino favor.te— an umbrella. 
- Or. Mary Walk»r is forty-eight 
years oid. 

HCBCIDU number two a day In New 
York City. 

The Romans hardened brass so aa to. 
cut stone. «. * 

A cpirit wrapper— The paper around 
a bottle of whiiky. 

It is noticed that picnic lemonade ia 
built without It mon-aid. 

The writing ink used by the ancients 
would becailed varnish to-day. 

ABtTRHlNO lake of sulphur has been 
discovered in the Indian Territory. 

Ik China they spend #150,0»i.CtlO a 
year in worshiping their ancestors. 

Durinii the siege Paris subsisted on 
horse-flesh. Now ft lives on strangers. 

A maw without money is poor, but a 
man with nothing but money is poorer. 

Can ncrer, n*»«r ^'^^"jj^j,^ 
A baby, accord'ng to the French, il 
au angel, whose wings decrease as its lege 

as epsom salts mine has been discov- 
vered about twelve miles from Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn. 

Mtts. Hahnah Cox, of Holderneas, 
N. H., has just celebrated her one hun- 
dred and second birthday. 

The Nihilists in Russia show their 
contempt for religion by smoking cigar- 
ettes in cathedrals and chinches. 

A man reaches after the unattainable 
when he finds fault with every body and 
expects none to find fault with him. 

Tub American who thinks he knows 
French has only to reach Paris to And 
out that he doesn't even speak good 

At the recent Beer Congress the argu- 
ment was used that the decline of 
Turkey is due to the tcmiiorate habits of 
the Turkish people. 

The kindness which most men receive 
imin others are like traces" in tho sand. 
The breath of every passion sweeps them 
away from memory forever. 

It should be necessary but to grow old 
in order to become, indulgent. We 
seldom see a fault committed that we 
have not committed ourselves. 
Paik here on earth is often nothiug 
than an initiation to something 
man a'Ciiignl." 


N Ohio woman bad her foot hangiM 
beyond the bed-cover. Her husband 
mistook it for a burglar, and shot atit 
with direful accuracy. Awful feetl 

The time present seldom tills desire or 
imagination with immediate enjoyment, 
»nd we are forced to supply the defi- 
ciency by recollection or anticipation. 

There are enough houses in Washing- 
ton to accommodate o 

t hundred and 

fifty thousand people, and only 
ther to put in thi 

,'BfVdoyOH feel now, sir? asked 
the phyrieiali, anxiously. 
" Better, doctor. I can't aflord to die 

" Tie did uot die.   'barley seemed sud- 
denly grown into manhood, lie harried 
I l.i. uncle hock to Maryland, took poaioa- 

rown into manhood 
leheck to 

I; i i ; i Club, for ladie* and gentle- 
men, will soon be opened iu Regeut- 
slreet, Ixindun. One uf the new club's 

the' l) Md Italian «»|*ra, tbe tickets for 
which will be drawu fiee or charge. The 
club will tie sumptuously nit.d 
with reading, diuiug and ehaas roo 
etc ; also, smoking and 
for gentlemen members. 


upajjerstrniug fi 
id the infotstor, 
I from the Esquimaux-/ elicited liy 

In the cornice ovethe Utica oourt- 
house is a large coly of sparrowa 
week one of the^mber committed 
some offense and waafought up before 
one of the older birdhud a large ju 
The offender must Ke been guilty 

yond doubt, as the (J was a brief u 

Within an hour twvicked bird was 
seized by four otheoud in spite of iu 
struggles a cord athed to a bracket 
waa twisted aroundi neck . when all 
was -ec.i.e the binlfs dropped and it 
quickly strangled, an victim's body 
still hangs from onj the pillars of the 
temple of justice warning to all 
other othtnd«rs »«  tbe iawa of tho 
sparrows.— Utica ' 

Barrv and the 
him from the !_ 

of the young soldier was flroUvnbltl 
discover for himself whether thrWid 
markable cairn positively exist,,! nMl 
w hat relics il might eontain. There 
could be no, I. .„l,i that ma„v articles he 
igiug to .Sir John Franklin and his 
fated crew had been found in these 
regions and the story of the cairn was 
altogether probable. Having considered 

the matter for some time, 1 1| „, 

Hchwatka obtained leave Ir I, „ 

manding olhoer and came to New Vork 
where he a, once put. Ui mhe \t j„ com- 
munication with Messrs. Monison and 
Brown, who were glad to find so at 

Lieutenant Schwatka has " 
amount of study to the 

Timely Warnings. 

My daughter, be thou timely warned. 
Waste uot thy days in visiting thy sick 
and impoverished neighbors. Uo, rather, 
and drees thyself in fine array, and de- 
vote, at the least, six hours of thy time, 
between the rising of the sun and tbe go- 
ing down thereof, to thy pet canary bird 
hat pineth for thy tender care. 

My son, learn not thou ev. n tbe hum- 
jleartof basket-making or other skill 
with thy hands, for by so doing thou 
might, si at some future day be enabled 
to provide thyself with honest bread. 
^ n y, rather Improve thyself in those 
lho rM* 1 "'-  ' ['T\ I-'" "!"! base-ball, 
much iiiusV " 1 "huh shall lurnisli thee 
when in prisoA*. herewith U » break " U ""   

•tanSi ng,l£,VwheVw Wll 7 i^M 

die and thou »h«lt have t^i Liu 
all of his possessions^ ^'iJ^'S 
haste ... the diamond inercCt " 
part with ..II thou hast i„ t h, u" tt J»„ 
of one precious stone, thus doing .rood 
withal,/... when the genial bur^JKlJ 
-iter thy dwelling K a„d JSftd., ".» will rejoice thai hi. burden 
not greater than he can bear. 

a given a groat 
laid hi. planVw'ith thTskllVoTa v'eterlT 

to the" ex^iior^lmA^wUrbe 1 ', 

provide (U ppli„ of pun,. | Wlkck lK ,, r ,, „,„, 

Bolivia ia the bo* place for oirice- 
ho der- There are two thousand p t 
vatoa In the army and one thousand i,„| 
sixteen officer,. Mut you needi ,'i 1 
there, boy,,; the official position a , e § 

" that pretty 
A to Chicago, 

-. dri.du, 
ith t "et the sixe of a 
I the shape of a turnip." 

pn.spect for the future. A brave man 
with soul in him gulsout of such pitiful 
ruts and laughs at discouragement, roils 

up his sleeves, whistles and sin^a, and 
makes tho best of life. This earth never 
wt.s intended for Paradise, and the man 
who rises above hie discouragement and 
keeps his manh~ d will only be the 
stronger and better for his adversities. 
Many a noble ship has been a*v*I by 
throwing overboard the most valuable 
cargo, and uiauy a man is better and 
more humane after he has lost his gold. 

" Heb broke down? Pooh I You 
don't know her, Mr.. Raxley. Hbedoa't 
mind his going i*fo haiikiupty, uot a 
bit she duiiLXTiuet her sailing along; 
*ourth-«t»e« yesterday, holding her 
head as high as ever, and looking «* 
happy uud self satisfied as though 

" taking a free hack ridoat a funeral, 
it was. t any vondtt you ought to 
I the hat eue had „„. j t w „ ^ 
lorerj ■ f..ranytting, *nd would a' cheered 

thirds of that number to put in 

Fifty-one metals are known to exist, 
thirty of which have been discovered 
within the present century. Four hun- 
dred years ago but seven were known. 

The strecta in Paris are kept so clean 
and tidy that the people who are run 
over and killed do not look as mussed as 
a New Yorker who slii s on an orange- 

A London physician has solveJ the 
problem of liviug on a sixpence a day, 
but what a good many people in this 
country lack is the potent sixpence. — 
Breaklaet Tahlt. 
Stanley is an awful liar. In one of 

| his letters about Central Africa he 
speaks about " the lions stalking in th* 
hills." He'll tell us next that the ele- 

I phanta can sing and chew tobacco. 
There was trouble at Mrs. Leare's 
funeral services, iu Philadelphia, be- 
cause her son John desired to sit at the 
head of the coffin with his two wives, 
oue of whom the family would not rec- 

"Never marry for wealth," says a 
contemporary, "' but remember that it is 
iast as easy to love a girl who has a 
brick bouse with a Mansard roof and a 
silver-plated door-bell, as one who hasn't 
anything but an auburn heau and ami- 
able disposition." 

" No people cau be happy and con- 
tented unless thay arc governed bylaws 
which they have made themsolvee.' 
There you are. That puts a -ky light 
into the mystery of bow it comes so lew 
married meu find in the conjugal state 
the serene joy and balmy comfort bright 
fancy palmed.— Urtakfatt Tablt. 

A W • ■ .. a woman dragged her four- 
teen-yuar-old daughter Ayui her beau 
and when the latter followed her into the' 
house, h e was shut mto u cloaet, while 
themotherapplwdaatraptotli. girl 

id the present c.n .1 1 1 1 ,.ri , 
-'inn should h.  I.».J 
peculiar c 


»""» ««• Ow.plU.1. 
Beefettry Evarta remarked in eoavaru. 
tloa a few - mo that Ik daw not appre- 
hend anv collision between the force, of the 

u»»*9d r • 

In that 

light of tht , 

wTdch Dim a.cci,,l ( ,| t., the. IV. 
tin Me ileen Republic In ••■•Hi n 

llL Mtli "rl 
_, —rived from l„.„ 
, in that l)ir« could not coorentrate any 
derable forre to oppose ths 11. 8. 

i '" - ■ ■■.in, 

» tarongl « Ohio have been burn- 

" 'I ■■  -■ thins* belonging to the 

more. Nolle*, were posted on ■ greet 
toy ui.chlnes threatening the destruction 
Ithenilf the owners did not lay them 

ajde and employ men to out their Krati, 

dam In the . anal at Antwerp, Ind., gave 
recently, prrripitaling several men In 
•aaal All were reicuetl nr. pi I'nptain 
l-Do„„«. who was drowned . ..KeLler 

SUrk   • ty, Ohio, ,|.-fsnll,n„ Tress- 

arrested on .Inlv », el Hamilton, 
V note from Hamilton says: 

- l\ »" and live I Ir.-.l dollar* 

atcnrrd by baJaaetMn in the London 
- resslerwas arrested for bringing 
good* Into the country, a penfteo- 

offense. UenrinR 


yes, t 

Bjr Gen er 

tl D« 

mpenled bv lira. 

• At- 

ht tram l 

— d others, arrived 
-J- July 2, where a reoep- 
n. The party started on the 

r rYyomlng Henry Don- 

low citlien of Blc.oiiniii:toii, 
s.,5 P 0 " 1 "'"* Odd fellow, committee, 
fold, lately at BloemlwRton, III., by shoot- 
I ^ tb ^ "hotgnn. 1 U death 

poly 4 was a day of atorm'and tempest in 
" Jley, Pennsylvania. The 
any Valley Railroad was 
sveral places, and houses 
» low lands inundated. Several heavy 
n the AVeet Pennsylvania 
a reported that several 
wned. The wind upset 

lk« of the Alleg 


. _J fields of 
accident yet N  
an Lutheran pic- 
i West Pennsyl- 

fell on a pany 

t fi'- 

lead and injure'd wire alffrom tlu'lorough 
 l Mharpsburg. Lightning struck the Ves'S 
il Works of I^ckhart, Frew A Co., at 
 e«l;j's Run, and they were entirely de- 
A atable at East Liberty was 
^ hy lightning, and three horses 

A. Harrison Burkalow was hanged at 
lalf-paat two o'clock iu the afternoon of 
July 5, at Vienna, Illinois, for the murder 
i.f David. Wugoner, at Korman.just one vear 
»go. He met his fate calmly, without per- 
kjep'ib e exhibition of nervousness. 

Ex-Oovernor Noyes having been dis. 

Committee, will sail for Paris early in 

August During a quarrel recently, in 

Fifty-eighth-street, New York, Win. Mc- 
'« years old, stahbcl.iohn M 

f 'licasohis home in the future ..(invernor 
| Bishop, of Ohio, has appointed Kev. W. t'. 
| Jsoore, of Cincinnati, a delegate to the 
international Cnnnrrss of Prison Reform. 
I to meet in Stockholm, Sweden, Tuesday 
August £0, 1S7H...... Fathers Stanislaus and 

'nuroh, Cincinnati, and it is 

^JelwTvArcKW«-" t "-^ ft * 
TUXVlrj./f-VfHSSr is reported 

r oonslderatiou Secretary 

u i s that he has not decided to an 
•Sis resumption of specie payment 
;e of the lsr of January next— the 
Had by law. Ha  ays, however, re- 

premium on aiiecie shall disappear 

AtgfOMiis M. Jackson, associate editor ol 
the N-w Albany lli.d.l M./a-Sttuutanl. 
died Friday night after a short but painful 
illness. He baa been connected with news- 
papers as editor for the past twenty years, 
lie served through the Mexicau w« — 
"as home to his last icsting place In 

O., Satu 

r, was brought up t 

...Fessler, th« 

y, before the Probate Judge 

ate J udjre, and 

the statute th'e baiTbond"was n*ed°at. 
000, being the same amount as the original 
Treasurer's bond. It is probable thrt no 
special grand jury will be called, so he 
languishes In jail until the fall term of 

"ourt The dead body of Reuben 

ohwartt waa found, Saturday morning, 
ear his residence, twelve miles north of 
ort Wayne, Ind. The coroner's iuuuest 
developed the fact that the deceased came 
tohisdeath hy being seized with an •fOaaj k 
St, and had fallen iuto a pool of water only 
three inches deep, and was drowned. 
SahwarU was a farmer, nearly eiaty years 

A boy named Brough McCorroick, aged 
sixteen, waa killed by lightning in Rutland 
Township, near Pomeroy, O., lately. Two 
other persons were knocked down and 

slightly .ujured by the same shock 

James il. Anthony, largely interest, d la the 
mon Mill,, died a few days ago, from an 

' Mr* Antiouy s 

uch disordered 

is of the mills, owing to the, 

E. 8. and J. S. Smith, of New York - 
! H. Libermau, of Chicago; Daniel 
, tod Mrs. Boughton, of Cheyenne. 
~t«o road agent- came iu view, and 
placing the passengers iu line, and 
ins four of them of various amounts 
--■toy, together with two gold watches, 
ivancedt .Finn, who drew his 
noting one robber iu the region of 
oil, Do fell on his knees 
, and as Fluu waa about to shoot 
. J* (Finn) waa shot by an accomplice 
...robber, who lay in ambuah. The 
|P,crod at th« Ult side of the n„se, 
""" tuh the mouth, and came outiu 
jht Mr, inflicting a palnfnl 
  wound. The robbers than 
wtveral «boU, and wound 
B the leg below the knee, 

. . . ,1. .1. I . L- . 

wounds Mrs. B»u K bb u 

lathe thigh, both fteab 

l oiat^U: "W., araU great danger' here 
irwui n.« Iuuisu.1. Our troops that went to 
"ty atro— 

M _ 

" h0 e" °' 

■lose Who arc in, lb. 

„»,h»o.t thre. hundred lil bore, and 
not one half of them .re armed. A hun- 
dred •idler, left here at seven p. m. to lb. 
rolie(1|f our meu." liuvernor Cba.lw(ck 
at IMMJU, te'.egraph. to Portland, V, - 
gou, under dt.le of the 7th, as follows: 
•'The voluuteera under Captain Wperry, 
afty sUoug, were defeated at Willow 
Springs, thirty miles south of Pendl.t n 
yesterday. Mpeiry La ki leu, and nearly ail 
cf hU'Wmaud killed or wouude.l. We 
oaa hear of but awvwu left." 

A despatch from P.ndlotoa to Uoveraor 
Chadwiek aays letters received from Pilot 
Rook, state lhatUeneral Howard attacked 
the hostile Indiana at Beailey 'a Mill. The 
h atlles were about four huudrsd strong. 
r J«neral Howard repulsed thea iktft 
t?mas. and. raptured from four to live huu- 

reek, Jaly «, aays he found the India. . ... 
foroe on a height noar the head of Butter 
, r ~ fc -*« ««*»•''" ' «»» eoqmns, one 
antler Throekinortoit. consisting of two com- 
paaiea of artillery, one of infantrv and 
» few volunteers, and the others 
under ^ Bernard, consisting ■■' 

"" »" ""   "1 HI" HO" in s. 

when the cavalry moved forward at a trot 
over the three foot-hills, each over a mile in 
aacenL The Indians were strongly posted 
on a rooky ereet. One com any waa I ft 
with the pack train The others deplet ed 

and advanced handsomely I. i I,, ivv tire. 

thy ascent Is described as sleeper than that 


killed. The 

of '„ JrcMt, 

il tlvir.K 

who abandoned their 

itiles made for the™ h'rk" limber 
crowning llluc |:,dge, „„,| ,„„,| p another 

"atld, I'll' "ere „ ■ llsl,„l,o ,| „„,| |,iishcd 

four or five miles further in the i ntains. 

he rough country ami great exhaustion of 
men and horses canaed a cessation of the 
pursuit for the day. In this engage- 
ment Ave enlisted men were wounued 
and about twenty horses killed. If 
is impossible to state the lose of the 
enemy. Their women and children and 
best horses were moved before the tight he 
gan, apparently in the direction of (imn.V 
itonde, and the hostiles Bed ia that dtre.- 
tlon. T.e officers and men behaved la the 
best possible manner throughout the affair. 

few mornings since a bre bloke nut 
near tho boilerhead of the Anchor Line 
'•••mer Capital Ci'y, from Vicksbnrg for 
41. Lours, while lying neBr the elevator at 
Memphis, and in a few minutes the whole 
boat waa wrapt in dames, the officers, crew, 
and passengers barely escaping with their 
lives, leaving ihelr clothing and every h ng 
behind. The elevator and several tin boa s 
tn the vicini y were also destroyed. The 
to al toss will exceed »200.000, tlie grea er 
portion of wbich falls on he Anchor Line 
Company of S . Louis. Aa the books and 
papers of the boa, and 'he elevu or are loa 
.it i« Impossible io ob'ain a reliable lis of 
either losses or insurance. Two bodies were 
found in \he wreok badly burned. 

The British Channel Squadron has ap- 
peared off Cyprus. Thla haa revived the 
rumor concerning the purchase of tho is- 
laod by England. Ministei Layard is reti- 
cent on the subject. The Porte, however, 
declares no contract in regard to the island 

has been corrvluded Russia and Turkey 

have arrived at an understanding iu regard 
to the return of the Turkish prisoners or 
war, and several steamers have been dis 
patched to bring them to Constantinople. 

rices state that the question of 

I t s a) 

implies that the fortifications shall be 
pletely dismantled and no nien-of-wat 

tinned in the harbor The P„»f» Berlin 

correspondent say's, as compensation ior 
theJpss of Batoum, the 1 dirks shall retain 
Bayhzid and the whole valley leading there- 
to, including Alashger A telegram from 

Vienna points out that Batoum is not to be 
made a free port like Altoona, but to be- 
MM a Russian free port, qui.e a ditlereni 

Treasury Statement. 

i, there was In the Treasury 

l exemption of t.'nited 
.ol*l«.«l»,0l«: (iutsti 

ired for follo»tn([ psy- 
suty bonds...S23,t«ii,0,i 

iu«w,3M mymm 

lebt estimated to be 
t date is 1-1,000,(100 

.;  Id c. 


The receipts from Customs and 
Revenue for the first eight days ol 
compared with th. same period 
show the following satisfactory in. 

Sword-bladea or the Koar.fea. 
A French traveler among the Kotirdea 
in Aaia states, aa the result of his en- 
deavors to ascertain the process cm 
ployed by them in th.  man ufac Hire of 
their sword-blades, that the manufac- 
tories in which these blades are made are 
situated at the declivity of a mountain, 
near cascades, the water of which, fall- 
ing from rock to rock, arrives in the 

which the blades are tempered, these 
reservoirs being also located where the air 
is tery pure— these conditions of purity 
of air and water being considered essential 
to the success of the ojieration. linn of 
the purest quality is used, and, sub- 
mitted to a very high temperature, tho 
flrat tempering is commenced when the 
metal is at whue heat; it i* exposed be- 
fore fusion, the fuel baing placed ,m 
each aide, and the red-hot iron is then 
covarod aa quickly as possible with 
fatty and oily matters, such aa paste 
made from lames, wux, etc. This pr.i- 
cess is thought to render the blade flcai- 

The second tempering is similar. 
™t that the heated iron, after hav- 
ing thrown ofl' considerable quantities ,d 
sparks, and having been exposed, is cov- 
ered witli paste composed nl imwdcrt-d 
The third 

seised by a a 

hy disposing the 

er that it may be 

n horseback, who rides 

e the impression of the air. 


olne in Greece's palmy daya. 

Thf. Philadelphia flutMin suggeata 
that graduates of female colleges be 
given the title of "Spinster of Arts." 

Ir will never do to let women vote. 
They would die before election day, try- 
ing to find out the color of the other 
party's new ballot*. 

Manners are more esteemed in 


other pure, like real jewels. 

Triiy has a police justice who ie dan- 
gerous when drunk. He threw six beer 
glasses and a mustard cup at his bar- 

A (ORRiwroNDF.JlT says the worst 
tyrant in the world is the woman .who 
fancies herself superior to her husband, 
and lots everybody know it. 

Many women are loved without know- 
ing it. and m my think they are loved 
when llicy are not. They generally find 
out their miijtake after marriage. 

It wits n HoHton belle, just back from 
Kuropc, who said of Switzerland, 
"Pretty place, but it struck me there 
were two niniiv lakes and too few young 

Man loves and runs away. Woman 
brings action for bieach ofpromise. and 
get* damages. Wcman CTrVes, and she 
rides away. Man brings his action, and 
eetn hooted out of court, 


Fnr'flte earth"°ior t , mu l t^"s""'l' ' l" I ''""| M """' 

'■ " IraZ Jujrlie. 

Mits. Hui.hrook is an active partner 
in the New Orleans Picayune Company. 
She not only ~.-ista in the business man- 
agement, of the paim., ui ,„| s0 writeH for 
it editorials, sketches and poetry. 

A ('MP Mto man nas invented a kind 
of ink specially suitable for lovers. It re- 
mains bright for five days after use, and 
fades out, leaving the" paper entirely 
blank. Thus the most gushing of cor- 
respondence would be safe againat ex- 

Mme. Blavatsky, the Russian Conn 
teas, and authoress of that erudite astro- 
theological work, " Isis Unveiled," has 
been the recipient of the highest honors 
ev»r conferred upon a lady in America, 
the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Ancient 
and Primitive Masons of England and 
Wales having created her an A pprentice, 
Companion, Prefect, Mistress, Sublime 
Klect Scotch Lady, Crand Elect Cheva- 
lieie de Rose Croix, Perfect Venerable 
Mistress and a Crowned PrlnMM of the 
Rite of Adoption. 

Imi II no more ho| c for the world. 
Even the Jewish women aro beginning 

■nil -c 

II I ,,m| 

be expunged from the Jewish Ritual. In 
this connection it may be remarked, 
without alluding to anybody in particu- 
lar, that there is no better test of the 
real liberality of a so-called " emanci- 
pated " Jewish Rabbi, than his willing- 
ness to allow his diiughierto marry a 

An Italian in u California town, after 
six months of wedded lile, applied for 
divorce on the strength of this grie' 
ance: " Iieforc 1 married my w ife slic 
painted her face and -'"«)■' otuie, 
liu^a eritn a rosy color resembling a 
rose. I thought the colors were natural, 
but since she got married she paints her 
face no more, and it has become as black 
as c. al." The lawyers told the heart- 
broken man that it would be necessary 
to try fresh paint or soap before pro- 
ceeding with the case. 

"If an not too highly commend the of the women of IMland, who 

sits at the helm 
course. And as she demands no wages, 
or at any rate gets none, lor thus haul- 
ing lier husband, her days and night* 
are sweetened with the thought that she 
is not taking the wages from a man. 
There is much also to be said in eulogy 
of those lui.ds where the women, har- 
nessed beside the yellow dog, draw a 
load of cabbages to market.— Rev. Leti 
I'hilelut Dobb,. 

Madam Kuubrsdohkk, the jwpular 
singer, has settled down on a farm cf her 
own, at Berlin, Mass. She manages her 
lain! entirely herself, and is solving the 
seemingly impossible problem of mak 
* of farming. Her dairy 

ducts'and vegetables rind tale at hi 
prices than those of.her ueighbo 
house is full of Turkish and 

rugs, old china, and precious bric-a-brac 
she has been gathering up for years. She 
rises at five in the morning, and works 

young lady puni's who reside with her, 
nnd she gives lessons in lan maggs. 

tlaou, sst'JV. Ho«.,H a il6. 

LOUlimU.E. -flour- tin 


M» K'llr. I 1 -il-ii Male sod 

feaJaSff iX £££ £ 

cm . .11.1 St. f, $l»..».- V t... I..,,.,, »Ulle 

"I •«0«, »",„„ :« ;„,,„ ,„ Kuwl „,„ 

"1"" . •«,.!• :\ ., u choice St. Ismiui estra 

i I - . »' I"*,' Ml ~.1» I -it o. »-. .u.. 

^^..^.(O.o. o 

lteM»urk, u.w. lio io,.,n, 4 . im„i, ,„,..„. „t,,„„ 

7 1 JFy t C. Wool.don.a.U. H^«, isilS. ille l, 

i.v»:,7. ,.. i. I( in»0c i Toxas7 »*ne- 

Mile. Mesa fork, lump inesi, 110 Ma)l   7 . 
I. lot. liMliloiB' holii. s',,*,, sod ,lty ketlle 

• - • • • . f-i -I i.»i. it'.. , 

and crude, la barrels, l'/sa)*H  

The vast sum 

been expended in surveys and contracts, 
and all that is now to show for it, aaya 
the Railway Ayr, ia aome seventy miles I 
of track from Thunder Bav, on Lake 
H:i::vrL:i. -i.! ..;'..! ! 

IM.IAJI Culi.ew BRYANT never en 
tertained a vury high opiuiou of Heur 
WardBaecher * 

( ClM'INNATb-Ue«lt «ul»- l IHgggj 

....... i '■. i i,.. 1 1,. 

T+mtc , sod iuud U  okoiea, (tV ~ 
'-'- — aood nil 

An the time hm come for llio reaewal of subscription*. 


I, THK Sim. would roi 

9ttnd Its Mcndl nnd well- 

wtshers everywlierp, that It is ifftttl a nmdidnip for llrf'lr nmsldpriillon »nd mppori. I  m i Is rorordfor 
the past ten years it relies for a continueiHe ol" i\J hearty sympathy mid s,'piipn»us rtHMM'niHoii which 
have hitherto be Mi extended lo it from every quililer of the Union. / 

The DAILY SUN is a four-piu;e sheet of 18 eolunins; prlee hy mtiH,p&A puld, 55 eents a mouth, or 
$6.50 per year. 


'Jk4aW Utt*HaV 


Wtm does hoi know THE WEEKLY SUN? II cUrulntefl throughoul the ruit«»d States, (Unadas 
and beyond. if»eQ .w.usimhI rumtlies greet Its welcome puges weekly. m4 regard It in the li^ht of guide, 
counselor, and friend, lis news, cAi^-Ul. agi icultural, and literary departmenl.s make it essentially a 
journal for the family and llreside. Terms: ONK IHHa^a a v  . iir  V)iUL ThiH pi . k . C) quu uty con. 
sidered, makes it the cheapest newspaper published. For clubs of ten, mtk ^ we will ^ an 
extra copy ft'ee. Address 



Exhibition. - Kvery Aueriran alo 

option wil conceive „ l.r.t. mate |„. ai| \ llillks ,,, 
pride at the well-merited praise which 
he will hear from the irrcat Kuro| ean 
musical critics who co.iMiinily swHrm 
around Messrs. Mason ii Hamlin's Cabi- 

Organs, and opeuly tick now I edge 
t nothing in Kurope can be compared 
h the Exhaust Bellows and Separate 

, esiiccial 

[■ialia ii 


( he H out of J. line in tho 

Hmm. V..,k. 

iU.U4.I4 T 

NEW TOU.-Bsaf OattU- Kaaortafa took I 
heaJol .lw.»liH4J|0.^p« IbVto  trw. es 

1 'fcatft ' U»SVy, ^a'™ Itaja- York.™, |t Ii 

Every man bus a riclit to wear a mus- 
tache who can. Every woman who 
makes puddings has a right to believe 
she can make belter puddings than any 
other woman iu the world. Every man 
who carves has a right to think of him- 
self, by putting a few of the best bits 
aside. Every woman hasa right to think 
her child the " prettiest little baby in the 
world ;" and it would bo the greatest 
folly to deny her this right, for she 
would be Hure to take it. Every young 
lady has a right to faint when sho 
pleases, if her lover is by her side to 

catch her. 

Any geologist will tell you that ei 
Hint was formerly a sponge, and e\~. 
man who runs a free-lunch trap will tell 
you that a " sponge " is always a " hard 

Wii.hokt'h Tonic! — A Hakk, SriiK, am. 

rii lHM .l tc ('.'III:'— I'll. ■ ll.i|.|-cce.l, lite, I sale 
'f this worl.l t i ii.ii, m il tn. i!i, in- proves in- 

oline.l ,.',l.s secretions, a. 
Fevor hs, yet refused to 
WllBKMli K, FlNLAY A C, 
New Orlesns. 

lobs always |ir«parud for tl 
from CuU, Hums, Scalds, Wounda, bruises, 
and Sprain., will find immediate relief In 
the use of (Ikah's Halvk, which also 
euros Old Sores, Pelons, Corn., I'lcers, etc. 

That when you buy it, on m V 

Ykant Piiwdkii you take no chances, lor it 
Is warranted ahsolutely pure, full str. uc.tli 
and full weight, and it cannot mil, if prop- 
erly used, U  proJuce the most positive and 
M.tisfiici.irv re.ulu: not only in, 
■waa and fancy cakes, but in all 
kiuda of batter griddle cakes aa well. 

»N»B upwards of thiriv vear. Mr- w.v. 
si owSSii.n him. Si, Kl'f has been used for 

clli .lren *ltli ll-jvel-lalllliK sll.'Ce... It Oor- 
r. els aculit, of the Moinacli, relieves a not 






THK horrors uf war are uothiug to the hor 
ror. of Neuralgia, luiiuedtatr relief may be 
b.,1 by balblug the bead with Mmon. 
VSSnU and suulBul II n,. the 

Th* CalebraUid 


Wood l ag Flag 
TlW FloaMft Tobaooo t orn 

itS'iT.iij'iaKiV.i.'?,:;:-.'';: '. 

. i'o V''os.\7l'^MO%l». , JoI,, 1 . 



Thp only 25 cent 



i • - 




Hen J.Mthua IWa, while NluMta* 
from Otfeeboro ta Mnwv.ville, in ■ l.t-cc.v. 
on kwt Mtmto f, MM MR -.truck mid in 
Midi., l.o in H very ortlical ronifilion. 

cull attention In |h« rW  ivrr«p  r« 
tnllie had eon.litinn of tho rondi lending 
Hilo thin hum. 5'l » tVavIinc QrtM KM 
i« aim.*! imnnaaKhlc mul  ;himl.l he »wkc.|. 
TkM arc Am ■% tB f a-i had, nn.l they 

4nmM la itrfnd tjutk Mm mm Ii made 

lo pov » M 

Jfr. MNMB- 

We .aHiaded the l.iternrjr 
Holt « Bottom mi Ian Kridaj Might The 
Society met nt the residence of Mr. J. 0. 
■HfMM'l, mil! #M called tonrjerhv Am 


roll nn.l mml of the — Biaafl Win; pr»«- 
cnt nnxwcrcil to iMl imiiios The minutes 
of the previoua inerting were rend, nnd 
then fnllowid tlie regular cteri-iscs ,,f t|,c 
evening. A |x eni wan rood li.v Slim Klizn 
Hnrk« wrfh tuiicli Mat, ,,,„! |„. r voice km 
elenr anil .listitn-t Mi.- Nellie llurk* mndu 
a | r»Kr rcliinmtinii with gmoa and die,, lily 
quite in kee|iii,i; -villi her mudest mid in- 
tellectual KfMIMN A dinlontie nnd 
* MM If the Jraang men of tin- Society 
awire well recited nnd .luile interesting. 

Wl IMtlWtWf IMthli mut done will,, 

the party in a tocial .Imt until 

the wee small Mm of the Bight, nnd re- 
turned liouie. Hi| Ko/ iety ,,dj..i.r».ed to 

hie 'Her 



Mt-ftf'hin tWgMlt (tni) hornet*. 
ii rfhort dinlnnre from town the horn, 
rned nnd died in thirty ir.inatc* then 
Mr. Ilardln hftd r'o'l ihfO for (ho hoi 

Fot Town M.r»hnl. 

 ii I- .l tor : -It hrt  liecn reported 1h 
I nm no longer a candidate for To* n Mr 
lh*I n*HM  itnte Ihnt I an, ■madid* 
and will tie until the elo«e of the ihiIIs i 
tlw evenitur of il,c llnkA and Urn' ( n 
pectfully n«k rfie favomlde oonnMcration 
the voter*. WilimilMlr. 

A A ' Lt r 

Who It to be thr Next Town Mnrshnl. 

HeiMn. to he a matter of considerable inter- 
est, and the candidate* manifest aoii 
tereit in the matter thWH)l Hi Unt, Mr 
Editor, »p Ininlly thiol, it fnir for 0M MM 
dulrlte to report that nnnlhcr it " o(T tli 
tmek, or rertninly «ill to nn\ " in order t 

stnlcd for n fact 
i, thnt Mr. A. A 

;n,..'XrX r , 

»•" "njiolov 1 '! 


W4 hove at 

•rhooi ut tin 
*" We kin.llv a 

ful laeiinUiig 

«nr.l,.,U,,. «■ 

il the fact t| m t «,. |,., 
I UMmgM I Mould trv to re) 
merest M tin: columns of th 


Wmkkg mmi$ mm ha atbtg Ihk justlv 

relelimted Soap for which «e have M 
the from the Mnnufni lurem, 
CBAQ1M iCO.. Philnda. 1'n. One trial 
enn not fail to convince nny one tlmt 
s renlly the hent nnil most (MMt 
in the market. Wli' ti TtCCO 
I WtT MM i lioiliiifthe QotMt is   n 

It c 

1 th* Work in 
red when oth 

'lothe, ClMM 

halt III 

™ P W ii; 


-aid to nyoinic Uili in the sum,- h.ealin" 

"Itear MiHs, bV« iromtad with a wou Ud 


And naught hut wedlock can relieve the 
NwaW " 

a fi Uow read the storv of the spider 
nnd lly.u.ul he cm , hel,, hut (eel s,„ l v lor 
tl..-l.tllelly | l, 1 ,M,, n „,,:,!„., 


Tlw trustees of the he M .|,!„,| |, :1U . 

.eoiiti.,. -i...| with Harry OTMI to teach ban 

• I'l' Iteujninin.of K-vptian mem-. 

ory, arc threshing the wheat nt a fearful 

The New rod) Advocate »nv«: "The 
ScrviMisW occupied Sola." ann wish.., 
to know what the jrirl. will .!., will, il,e 

joiiiii: men on S lai ni-hls. Oh! they 

- ■ ,1 lake th. big nn ki »g chair. 


i Vc mmU brmby ratpaMfa% MJMjm mu and th, pu!,ll, i;,-.., ,„,!,■. who may 
wish lo h„,o xork done in ,„ir line, thai 

■•Uric. Ky., mi the ,„j,| :;,-,| M,„„l ; n ,,f 
each month All w.n I. Mi will, us will he 
piompllv ,epaiie,| „,„| delivered as ., is 

I M I" von,- Wi al r bai I locks, ,,r .l. w- 

eliy r. pronto. I.nnu thcin In. We 
gMMWll snti.laelion in ciuy case. 

Thankful f,„ past favors, "we would re- 
spc, Ifulli ...di, l a , i.uliuuai.. eof lh. same 

lte-pectlull.1, r. K I'll! 1 4 lil!.)„ 

^■i-'iiiT, ftM-iruiTO^ 


Public Speaking. 

tod hv his d*Ufh- 
.lTot. J. !i. Pirn,, 


I an n eandidata for the Met of i 

sou of ISnekonriihio county, with V.. 

Dardatt, oC Hit* 5 * Kan, and J.  '. I.y, 
HndMMtTiHo, a* Depatiea. The !«■,.» 

men arc too well known for to Ha 

llur in retard to to them, hut will jus 
ply lay that Wl e.\|„ el to ataiia a 
canvass, and kindly solicit your vol 

llcspectlully, BOBKHT ( 

h./Si-itltViiioliiirt tit the 


leiisantlv iMd MM. MMl sliouhl addreaa, lUartT .V Co., Atlanta, f 


Cheny Pectoral 


I .tru^Uon and AartfMne,,, .-, ml.|M I Imp. 

M Iht i „t rtl 

iiren It lias proilacnl iliirh, 
lait hair renlury, it a fiifrirlent r.«-,m„e e I 
pmmt that It will MaMMM M MaUM the ha, 

known, » ho tinrc lieen 
crrn .lenpernle .llseas 

«s M what meilleiiie to MaMf M r*llovc II 
lrc«s and tagMMg rcnlinr lo pttrntmUt "C"" -- 
tlon». Otwtitr Pt-  torai. tlwayl ,'ffmil« 
IMM idler, on.l performs ri |.i.l eure« of 


Aanr.nfepinr.1 lo hi! l, r-n,r.,,,M ihn.l, 
i Imet the Tin ont i.n.l ( 


A. R. FISHEK, Atjortt, 





Coppor, Tin, and Sheet-Iron Wares 

Pumps and pump fixtures, 


.. .,.»,,.„„.,.  - , . ■ ,-„ LI II - ,0 ' , II O. I.UIMII.I. 

T. Vi,' 1 !!,',' !!' , ,t l f ll iV 1 !?v l iV, l i'!,! 'y I tTl 1 }- ',! l .', 1 i l i, , i \ \,\ 


And Sewing Machine All.tcluncr.ts, 


S p at ia l attaatioa t^rtn to DiiaUcatoa ol 

Sloven. Ortlort from a . I, stance will receive 
proMJM a l. • ntlo u. All blluM lit icpairint 

iloni short noli ,„.| ,'*' :, si ii a 1 1 il e I, in. 

All Eooda warratiud. I neither buj no, 
-. ii awrthi«M waUrM, 
Wltulcsale Bills to Country Merchants. 

i   ii    rv a. 1 1 

i l.,., \' ill; |a , KT, KV 
CaKlt |,ni t for oltl Coppor and VMMM 




TUB BJ9T i.\ Tin: UA RKtt, 
Jet Black School Ink a Specialty. 
F„r 8ak l !i nil Leading Sbttttonm 

6 Murry Slreot, N. Y. 


of Cloverport, Kentucky, 


CASH paid for WHEAT. 

'■■it. •'. 0LL2E & REIDEL. 


m ■ 

mm i mmm mm wis, -Jii^H^S 1 ' 

UwSlr^' hi^uj^ "" J I! ^' Ws ''fcK ^yVrlu " 

Brer Eagle. Koraing Stir, ud Jn, Gatirie. ; W. K. i   A K N E S , 

FRUIT TREES! ,:r -' lT -'~ 
GREGORY "& CO.""" 


PliUtMrra nal, and don lan in Urtfi 

Lu, r a.el l.inic. 

(I^kOOKTi CO., Wharl 


Livery as. Salt Stable, 


Mustang Liniment, 


Main owl M  JNMi 





Vottr psMOttap U respectfull.v idHahM 

ratD Lttcc. 



il u;i,i:,siin:ii, 

II. vine jut . i r , i ,.. | M . '  . 













All kinds of 







la . y fg 

Sold at 



 lcxlenuI luMui,KUu!l 






^/X-^C3-I3L.1L.'S CHILL CU'EE, 


Had i M0/Mr«MM Kr^rorMn waa\«| 

siiUtmituil ,lural.l, :.nil  nlt«bli. t..r mtry 

Wlj HI 1-1 *• I and .•l.e.,,H»l. 

itllirfi'-.s and H 1 • • I R-nr-aMj. 


E,B.Hinhsir C et,op P osi^ Sale b y A R, FISHE R , Dnig gist, Cloverp ort. 

j. w. n;.vNi;s, " " i; r ii.wnks 





Sample sent free to nil. Address 1 
(•Illi'lisri'.li.-Jllirulton Mrect.New 





Mark jratir llli.l-. l.,M lnVXhlM K&tfl K " 

Four MonHis Free of Charge. 






\v\j.!. sTin.i.T, v.i:twi:i:\ ki.m and, 

Olo-vcipoxt, ^enJb vLo JpT', 

, , . !, /■   GO TOBAEBAGE'S FOR 

Fresh. Q-rccGries, Confections, Novelties, 

sJ.Uem.erc Pclinel I U. .ienf- PurnUhly't: U, T,, yi., Nutl.n., Wall p« 


' r««o«7 ■•' fj *. WufMail.. ...ol " .,'.",',}';;•' Il ,'r 

■•«'■ ■''•'•;! ', . U..I.....I,,, ,,. -.• . • 

a'k »uh |..i*«li/ ...ri. , 


1 H L C U L VE R W E L L M EOIC A L, CO. , 

41 Aim St , New Yurli; 



• Nil HI. M.Kit IN 

Parlor and Bed-Room Furniture. 


I.   ■ ••• ! "■■,' ■ ,'. , 

Utur, M. a , Ord. i . . , Dasi praft. . 
lantv* .»U»*i " 

i. nl.lill.., 


f. FOSTEfl 

275 to 285 

«a««.,l,« ^:ilUf»et;,.» in atorif 
Ba«h |.ur..h..«,r 1. .ii.Hled la lf«Ur'. N.w Puu 

aad h.l.«.,r.. ..,1 ••. 

Plulu aM Ftinry Pa,a;r, Ink, tto 
IU«pt «l'"" . 

F ; N. ffliUY&BRp 



Exquisite linon Suits IKE t SMUBTClf KW1S8 WffllllS, 

Rrtniled M Wholesale Prices. 


HARD.NSU.HO, KtNTJCKV. _ ' ^ ^^V^. S 
,!*',"'" .i"" i "", PtAVIHti MILL CURRENT PM0C8. 

t , . i, (i.M.ia rit wi,. i loll V\ ,,|;i; i.nNKiiN siloliTNOTII'B. 

Ile.l ..| ll,|.i,|», l.r all! I'or.*. naHllutf «..rk..r mwKtl |{ IIH 

 « »..., "il.. ' i I I'm, mi ■ pj.- -.Ii. ,i. I 

*'. 10. M.ciii I,, it. ,.rl 



The Breckenridge news, 1878-07-17

4 pages, edition 01

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 Local Identifier: brc1878071701
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  Published in Cloverport, Kentucky by John D. Babbage
   Breckinridge County (The Pennyrile Region)