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date (1868-03-19) newspaper_issue 



| to call You that you might All that spot in 
ray home and heart ho left vacant. 

Morton was not my only child. Hi had 
[it brother, a twin brother, Abel. From oar 
licet (hililho d the attachment of the two 
' was mote liter a romance than anything; of 
1 real life. T have o Ron fancied that they wore 
l*«t one, though divided In two bodica, for 
| In them there wan aneh perfect aympntliv of 
thought and action that it ana next to tin 
possible to dianaaiHitde their daily Ufc'.r— 

■ They were dl trays together, lid always rn j 
Ig»uv4 in the antne   inph ywicnt,f and if one 
did stray away, uo matter how far, or how] 
much liiddt n, the other would go, as though 1 
I by some secret teaching, directly to him., 

I lf thia was markedly ao na children it, 
grow ttynit them us lads, and dung to them , 
as men. Even in their little hire affair-, jdicy 
were pharcts, and it was the juke uf.niir 
i neighbors that Morton and Abel always 

f or urti-d in couple*, and 'hat when they inar | 
iM it would ho n second Siamese hi others 
4 ini j 

All this was xerv will as lung as it re- 
mained only a joke, hut the time untne win nit 
was an earnest matter, and it became known 
all through this section dial Morton and 
Abel Brett were both seriously seeking 
• Eunice (.'lei rton, the only child of the widow 
(ieorton, who once* lived in the grey stout 
house I was pointing out to you yesterday. 

1 was pleased wlieu I heard that my Iiovh 
liked Eunice Clcertun. and hoped that onel 
,uf tl'i td would marry life, for I knew that i 
she was n nice girl, and though too highly! 
odirrttod for our plain ncighlsirhood, yet' 
with all the homely iieeomplishuu ills suited 

I to her position. But when the knowledge 
eamo to me through one source and Niotlicr 
i that high words had passed between them 
ills mt Eunice, nnd that a cohlues had grown 
' up, I was distressed more than I can tell 
in woids. and yet 1 w as unable to offer nied ' 

One day— if ft thousand years of life w« ret 
auauxdcd me, 1 should not forget the sliglirsl night i' 
im-Mbl connected with it — I vv«it toward gir.gunt 
i the barn, where troth mv Isiya were at work, thrust , ii 

nnd of ila anfveratiti.ini, and nil professed 
thwmselvra btllevvrw in (he wierd storirs, 
savq.onlv Morton, who laughed at all tlgit 
was advanced, until some stronger Ixdievei 
limn the rest dei lured angrily that hedidnrfT 
liclievp Morton Urett with all ins «cnilMtig 
the Huperuntural dared go nt that hour alone, 
to Bovington ehur. li jsrd and bring from 
tbi'iice a spray from the ivy that crept nvei 
thu lambs that lay on the western side i f the 
• km/ h. The idea was liailisl with seehnna 

■ Rt ill scoffed j 
and tin ii. a* 
»ydo it, and' 
out into the I 
that he on!' 
unworthy r 


quarter of a 1 
on had been 
ien the ilnOf 

rnroer, exactly aa Martuti had da- 1 dona that could ’I, might ofto nubataatiala 

nil a ilenaa bitofhuali •fcTh-iched, Abel" "lory. The country fiitnmy miles, and 
le of » small stieam — a bit of hush many wseks was scogrcd, and score*, nf itai 
ildom pefeefnli d far ita Vrtyi density peeled persons were arraaled in hope that soma 
iron. It had hern forced egpp now. rltte would ba obtained, but without success. 
nJ the lantrrna were held forward The day ai" trial cams and with it rame anoth- 
» iu d.irknra*. The woodrwttor, M- «l lioiribla whisper. Ilcaveu only known how 
lie landlord, was the Hr*t to antefi * ’ f heard it, nor do I know that it ever reached 
ssbh’sded clasp-knife assisting him. Marlon’s ems. It wus Ur the effect that Mer- 
"ni|, and ha burst forth with . ton, within thu few minutes h« bad been ah- 
, dam! uan in hate, as sure’* fate !”t sent fn m the- tavern, had mat Mahhm Kent* 
era bat a few minutes elapsed, when , that thu advantages of the m unite to hint, by 
ras brought out and ihe fasa turned throwing (lie suspicion m Abel, had flashed in- 
iiMiulight. , stantly on bis nurd; thrtf’ba had cbrnmiUcif It, 

M shl jo Kent !” said half a dozen dragged the body to ilia bath*, anjl cTthfr bc{ 
uce. . fpr* or after found llie co*t,Ysbicli steengthmad 

blon Kent it was, beaten atid bruised tlirfruaUei , that, in fact, lit had taarn instant 
Llioagh y at warm. advantage of eireumstatfriMMhlantnlte failing 1 

nights passed through theb-ainsof in 1st.: path to commit ■WxJpMl&r.ftlwt his 
, is impossible- to conjecture ; but brother might be gottea jN*way, aai i 

y lival that Ahel or Morton Iirett Eunice fall into hia bar.da. -Oh, hoar wonder* 
aown with Aunice Ch orion, though ful arc the imagination* of men dhaa sat upon 
knew, for aoteo few weeks ho had tbo tram of evil! Would to Clod they could as 
ri-its to the widow’s, nnd npperent- easily trace out virtue! 

iwn bis attentions toward Eunice.! The trial was over and ennriefton followed, 
we ru thu thoughts, not one word was 1 have no word of blame for my old neighbors 
the body was taken up, and the who sat upon the jury. It is hard to seo how 
lowed by ull the rest, set forward to they could have dona otherwise. There wna 
Arrived there, tlio first point was nothing to account for those fatal hours when 
no hie remained, aud the next to! the deed was ceirmitled, but every one was 
:• -quire. By fore all this was done against my pour boy, and yet be was gui'tleas. 
ring toward morning. The squire Yus, I know it! He was guiltless! 
unstable also : the story waa all told | The hours hurried by. Florlon was wild 
—not by Morton, for buhad left soon] with excitement- His face terrified those wh   
inging in of the body, aud the re- looked upon it. Sometime.* for many days lo- 
i warrant fur Abel Brett, aud the do- gelhcr no morsel of food would pass bis lips, 
tli * constable to serve it. and never from that fatal nignt would he touch 

lout daylight that I was awakened liquor. Abel alone was calm. lie had ac- 
id Morton, the wild and hnggsred, cepte l the cor'olation of atligioq, and though 
i of the latter startling me into per- be kn-w that it powerful appeal Mb lining me 
lilnessin a moment. The story was for him to the governor, y 4 *»• v 

J, Morton, on the one side, ending to die; and gave forth no word of hop . 
t a that Ahel should fly nt once to only unswervingly declared *sW 
t’.rest that should certain ly follow, never in the slightest degree Var*- 
■ what? I am perfectly guiltless iu first story. 

.” ! Let me draw a sad veil over t' 

i coat, mv son — the coat.” jug days. I would that 1 coulda 

IS l ltULtsilMl IN 

There wa* something Well worth ttiidy lng 
, alwiut the old man. Something quaint in, 
1 Ilia well kept hi  me spun cititlien, and nturdyj 
Ihrnail hrimim-d hnl. while Ins lung, aflvtxy 
hair, that fairly fell upon hia Nhoulilera. 
wiiuM have carried him wttli rrs| eet through 
a niUrh mnrr singular dressing than hr wore 
ITi" old inn n was hilly aevantyr arwl there I 
wwW a and look on Mb f^cc that cueoilMgWl 
sympathy, even though we hml not wituc»aeil 
the charge that bo bore with him, n coffin, 
encased in a rough, pilie box, such as i« gen 
erally used in tmn*| ortiiig the dead over 
long (listeners. 

We were on a steamboat goiug down ti e 
Ohio from Wheeling toward Cincinnati, 
and the old mart and his silent charge had! 
been with us from the beginning of the) 


I felt like talking tn him, nml o|iened the 
conversation by h«v»^ - condolence   *.liis| 
msUtkchifly Journey . and asking him whose 
remains lie was hearing liomi 
‘•My son.’’ 

"Wlltre wn* lie killed 
'•Before Richmond.” 

We nil kii'  w that there is it cliord thrill* 
iu response to this idea, that he lias lieen one 
• if the thousand who fought in the vast army . 
and iu one of the battles in wliieh ••urselvcs 
Jiave serial. Therefore it was not mere 
idle curiosity that inmle me :i»k w hat curpa. 
division, brigade, and regiment lie Iw-kinged ‘ 
to. nnd fliiding that it was a regiment brig 
a led with iii \ own, to enquire his name. j 
-ft... id heaven*! Was Morton Brett your 1 
tun V A Is'tter and braver fellow never' 
drew the breath of life!” was my response, ; 
arcouipnnirtl by ail earnest clasping of the 
old man's baud, as soon as he mentibncd the 

Captain Morton Hn tt, though not in illy 
regiment, wn* my mn-t intimate associate 
when I was in the service. He was, as lj 
luive said, brave, reekJesslv so, lilsral, to a, 


rvrnr tih hsiui mohxim 

rs ii MS 



0 rNwtif**w m «*  | iti i' ml r« l UMi, criitu pvi line. 

R»|H-citl N'.iiffte, 50 p#r ernl, o%wr ri^uhtr ndvenior 
n*#nt* Ohitutrjr NtKicm oxtt 14 lilies, SO c«uu |hm 

**|UAr -. 

1 mu«i *nt Ailv *rii"  ittMilw will hn f iar£#«l tl !4I 
f * i • ! fitw f ir lint mu* rttou , SO miU f«»r «*.»«• it tfkli 
Imunl ii «rriiiii' 

AU Tr4Mlinl Adrnimmtniw \* paid m ml 

Yf i ly AilvruvM li^it » l»c pfivulegc nf altmof* 

tKw»i r alt ri t iVhieuls ijiiwrli-iH 

K»«»i|ianr« « * »y Htl«r« ( acul at Yh« «»*k 


the air— a faclnhieU wabad iliseiisicvl in' 
eainp during Ills aliacnre— « of having-  omi | 
heavy wurow weighing hi* down, .-^id nt 
the miiiio time imp Ming him into danger and j 
exposure as th' hgh In- held life of no value 
This was a conclusion we all most positively | 
came to when in the tlii.-d struggle before! 
Itielniiond, llwtt lostlus life by rushing into) 
a i Linger that could lune ‘ktu avoiiint, atidj 
the exposure to which gitiiidl no serious end i 
I had slim his body phieed in the ground I 
and the spot marked, nml IihiI then writteui 
to hi* home informing them of tin fact, to! 
w hit'll I got from some letter* found on hi*l 
pi'iion, for strange to say. Captain Brett 
never spoke* of his home or his friends, not 
« ven to me, his greatest intimate. 

The deelai aljnn of my intimacy and friend- 1 
hip with Ins h  ui, opened the old man's 
heart l'  tin at min', anil for thn halmiciv of 
of the pn-'sage w e were constantly together, 
audot its end it did ml require iine h urging 
to make uie accept Mr Brett's invitation toj 
go forward w ith him to his home, ami see 
my old comrade laid m his last resting 



id that to Morten, ! 'iuie, for the hoy w«3 innocent,' l ^A *~ 

ju o fn m — from i upon the rcatt'elv). 

Fur weeks after his deyth » 

Ige, 1 'vny to wit h utter deapondet 
seemed .crecjmig upon- him 
liaustion. At thia time the cn 
rang throuijli the land, and ev 
blc sprang to arms. The gull ' 
ton, ami he was of the HrsWi 
reasons, one | place. I wn' glad to have liim,* 
loo liar!; for! the cause, secondly for liimal 
, the oilier, j s oldom, and when lie did, nafyju ” 

cli anicr.l way. and Muuetliingl hF, ^ 
i undo me believe that 1 hIu mlUNRUls^- v . 
Whoever has again ulivo. My belief was ntStwrong. 
coat and And now of Eunlw*. During ail tih.' tiun 
cf Alyl’s peril, m  Hi m was stronger in hesi 
mg him lip. Every tin uigt that could bo 
Ixaru of a quick intellect was cngi'iiderwl in 
1 licr brain for his bonelft. Day and night her 
Wlial efforts were unceasing, and every ifcw point 
stlioughtor be- was followed with au ardor that showed no 
, urging discouragement 

Inin, nnd Eunice had been n gay, laughing girl, but 
when this sorrow fell npm it*, she changed 
would be within an hour. She grew ten years older, 
o- and has never laughed since or spoken to a 
stranger. A few mouther afterwards hei 
some powerful j mother died, ami ! lin k Eunice (Teorton 
home to be a daughter to me, and slio baa 
been.’ .1 have ; till*! iu the whatom and 
n a aluiaefuli justice of t*«»i 

whs Abel’s! ", ■, 

) wcni v 7 jPf ir ~ ai1 the y^.aow Ciecrton I on tbe bay mare, 
 w, but »o andjavt ns 1 was* bit beyond the stone brid| 

lid not th ^ jylook the mare started at something that moved in a 
Howl could hsvc bush, sod before I could slop her she ran nl- 
) iys, 1 don’t kuow ! , uos t a mile. While sliv wab running I lost my 
lie bodys fev* coat, which 1 had nut had on lost night, but 

that coal and MHffjliatl (brown across the crupper of my satldle. I 
on as lie had jjV t did not go bark to find it for two 
i 1 seized the^TOtj 0 f w hich was that the night was 
its whether what I , mo j 0 h*v« any cliftnec of seeing it 
a reality! There’s that I ktvew that whoever found it would 
’*J-” 'know it to b. - mine and would return it to uic. 

re about the coat, Bn j gQ j eamo direct home 
ok it up. Morton done this murder has nicked up my 
! ® b ar ' I bail it with tlieiu.” 

nat looks like Abel There was something in the way that Abel 
most every d»y!”j told his story that impress«a*me , aud iu spite 
Si Jennings aslie| 0 flhc overwhelming ciicunisliinces, 1 never 
! for an instant doubted his innocence 
tube’s top coat,” | *ver might have been Mo' ton 
hose attention had | |jef, he still plesd for his brother to fly 
s’ remark. him lo jud^e of the weight against 

Horton stammered appealing to him wildly to think of the fearful 
tm to gather, van- position in which ho— Morton Brett- 
ui paler than when j 0  wtro || !L matter brougt lo trial and he 
nl a coat like that.” bliged lo testify that which he hud idrcudy spo 
Abe Brett s cost, u p nc ,k which without 
Irom thu bust ol j counteracting ev tdcncc, wight briug lus broth 
ssrrtiou of anolht 1 1 cr lo B s | liU neful d. ivth 
| "Belter u 




TH.IAk Wop'OKU, 


kept me there, soinetliiug I eolii'l not lie 
ruuiit fur. TIk'ic were only two per-uqs 
visible under hi-  ruuf, oiu . the old housi 
keeper, of wlmm 1 saw bill little, ami the 
i  ther whom I saw but twice, ami never 
spoke to ilnring my eight ihwa stay at the 
farm, wits a tall. dark, ami Iwautiful girl, w ith 
an air anddie Hof retiuouient bevuud ull 
ii'ioiiiiting for in that spot, nml who flitted 
across my path more like A vision than a 
reality At the second time of seeing her I 
v sutured to ask the old man for a Holuiiuu, 
but my answer eaiue so coldly nml so con 
deiised tlmt 1 dul not pursue it She wu.s 
orplmu child of former liicnd*, he said, who 
had given her into guurdinurdiip. ami site vvu 
an invalid. 

It was the night of the eighth day of my 
visit, uud I positively will to leavwUiu next 
morning. The old man had bctu silling 
silent, before tlieffre for some iniuutrs, oiler 
exhausting every fornt ai pfrsuusion to in 
diicc me to proloug my stay, uud 1 was iu a 
brow u study, duriug which the peninsular 
campaign, the sev en days bultlts, tiie raid 


WM. E. DAILEY, M. 0., 

Phislfitin and NurK ‘on  

H&Vih^ j't rmiTiu'Hll v localct] nt 

STAN Toil D, KY., 

n to J'ractuc in all Braathct «/ th e 

Ofltri-, V  uu Bo ns!, over 0. U, H'h lievter A Sen, 


Humbly Solicits Falrounge 

l.tuite MKU1CAL Id: I Tides, March, loci 

iu l iuisliu^liia Al’ua mater. 

JiUeisou Medu nl I'olleci-, rbilivdclpliia, 

Aiim u Im Ii linv^Li tins t*e*-;i OiHititiutiusly cugs^ed 
iu ihe I'M! t level Ixs l*i iilsssiuu. 

Wink llmexiis.— Tako of Hour, ouo- 
half pound; butfa, lour ovtueus, sugar, 
lour ounce*; two eggs, vihito win* eiiuugF 
to mix to a proper cou istenco duJ ydt 
cut «ntli glejj. 




M'AM'OKl) BANNIMI r»“ 1*1! CXlCtll'c.l to (lie lil.Wlt -ImtUcll tt ! tw«o ill • hberiy of publl*'iing * pH- | Ft - th* Stsnf ’•d Fanner. 

‘ Sou tli, who bv tin* go.-dar *s of extremist i vat* leti** recfive.l from our fni nJ W. C. (,'urd Ento* U luxatt : Ail.,* uic to tender you 

,"f tlu* North n:nl III mlviro of hot lirmli nt Krq , f  a marly of Sun civet Kv. We hop*. t’» * llrink « ol me mouitnc's of the !*"xinn *r*  
a homo had bc.n tfrlven inlo nn unjustifiable Will, tl. it you »i,| pardon u* f.*r nn doing, but (Tib forth. interest l»v you in 

1 »A\, I nmn 

’ll INI V C It s. 

toll oo\ i.r\ I. | mid niitiona wnr.^i|H n their grounding their w* could not resist it, ns it breathed a aenii • tii • final nn*l complete aucccsn of their or 

JOHN W, STEVEKSOX. arm*, 11. i%uotvlnl^;in;x allegiance to tliiicnii n«b( tou ijJMi U bt lout. I o no n^nin. :» i«l lo iiwiit* you of Hipt  Ip*ot i 

, r Ki;NT0 * rot! XT V ' * | ntfcttUon j tin y had n i i-l»t to . Xpert Pint the' „ Fi.Miiytivv, Mar. llth.'ftl ' 'i»*n i   ni.l t!.o ••|l.,nm * 1 1 in Inr Minj: ,-lr 

« F KtiNTO* COUNTY . , _ - # 

- — — *rnng Stn'.e that wore willing to n.ltnowl j^H^Da*: Two number* ,»fy.-nr 'ntrr ‘ ,r penumtenl existent 

Si ItPf I'OK.H I'* 1 #* Ujc supremacy of tl*.« poernntent.VMtin ' | yp»* r reiuhctl moon m-mtiny liut, fwi The following nrr the pr •codings of the , 

• f-*t lt TIIR STATR AT I, wonld I u rcatntej to tin it l'ighteii.s 311 ft. • lluy . which favor, accept mv thunk*.. , ’ foil* at their vriccling lielil in liio ( ourt llotHe 1 

.... fret w-t'V.1. (- w . * ’ | hoped by it united exertion, in .» spirit of It wns Very gnilifying to your old friend °" S mr,,:, * v pvrnin: Ust 

ll *. ).•»« 1  thi E l,t. t*f Onmill. peace to bring order out of eonfiiriolf. and Cur-t to lichnld wmr ii imc nt the held ef a * s Wttrpliy l'.**q was chosen Pr** .dent, 

Aitrn.rAc., (that our beloved republic would In* it aril Democratic she'!. :*ml !•  know thnl voni^ M^Wnney Sec'y . r.ndli T. lUrria, cor 

Ilun, o« »r V*ir" ■ r'. nf 1*1 'i«ri|. agnin, (list it would l e happy mid pmipcroiir „,, ri . f .|,tin*r un.ler that gl .lions old banner r   'P  n'i g -Vc'y, and Junius l'u.xtun Troasin • , 

. r.-n 1 1.».T* u home nml abroad. that the spirit which ;, M proclaimed triumphantly pr Aflt ‘ r l, "‘ 1,1 wve organic., lion. calls were ^ 

F s*r Pimter- J ;i I VcCrarhsn : a*ai*. *f 1   ere In tend of war would he encouraged. the trti ■ principle , of our r * intrr. that of mndo for t’«l. (’ II tlochcstnr, wlioenme f.w- , 
'* '■'vcl,.'. 'in^u-T-A K*llla.||„, mt Uepkinwillr* lm, "* tn ’ Wn " ,,,,u ' ' h "'"I Demoe-nry. Fora few v.*aw of strife, nr war.1 and delivere.U bri- flmt oleunnt midfen*. 

Iwm-I. J 0 Mom. ■ eonunoreo cUciule I to tlio distant pnrti of’ M  ti. I.ninler an I desl.'inli  n, l .*:m* r.u v r,, l’’ u,t0 with many u- ful nuggeations and 

!. «M the world. .... : * , i iml WMwmthy the '•' J *.v.h,.l UlnMntlM. We wonl.Uot Mr 

\r™"s K 11 Firhl.of r.'itici.d.mat, V*ut these fond hopes, mv country men. | i, : , v . *nc*t to the l.a \ ei*oiimL! t,u ' ,u ’ aH, - v of !,i:4 n 'ldu n by attempting In 

FoTr t»:'^HT-.V, h d tvinrliiMter, „f Lonimiilr ,mvc not hern renliaed, and the eiiief ears. „ the C' .nstitulio.i of our father, as Iwr rc » orl |T * 8 um.«eit tlmt his re.narM dWt«l| 
*».i»m*it. pt.j ■ ..r I..* ii. villi', '.is owiug to the mat administ ration of the i„ , M  n» e,*m* nuion, whi. b ilie hca e.*er cher ‘hi* full npprotwiion of all nl.* i. rl tlient. I 

« *e.'."‘ *ve Vt’i-w.' : -*vern:...*nf. Bod men have erept Into Lhwlmid nureed with tender care .vh ingitj** 1 " * '  '• ' •• 

Sit.-m i ItiiorntT— i .*. W t*r«iU,K*, rf Fmnklia : l» Wcr. who seem da.'rrol:ie» 1 l * nil.* or ruin. the inont seer.* I *ii'., and li a *■ ii. eei u;,' Tl • r nit ef lho  oniaiitt •• .; * n* .1 at. 
n Mwrr, uIiiiHPpni to hav • h ii i* ami r fur . ♦ .. tl .. .. ' tin? fl « «st ni.vtir . y\*' n«»i r . L* t* ao»l htir ! 

I -r.fli.T I LKCTOM. 

•Sr • 

y a . nth Uinriii-r— lUn i Miii I'n.'krrci, of E-till; " "o »*«t*ni l'» hnv • . » li.t!.* u .* and   . . l* r j.,. , t( imd to t!*.* j e.j. i 

n-.,v*iit. tv,,,, jirko* F «, nt pui.-i-iti. * 'l.e law and conntltuHdn, an n hi . . . . ,. i,, j. — j* 

J:‘a ^r D cX" 7 ?.;^ mW ' ,rf *«oea for a law Ik, ok or the Bible, an 1 tin | . t ; V.*. .'./the jj 

V A  . r , r are things be *!*k*s not v,i A to aw. f*.r they B,i! thank tio.1, th oidl 

.. , „ are they which testify against him. '1 hr ,iv .li,. litln- 1,!. ,1 !.. i-X 

Tkr ro*tow/ K,* aiitlmricnl to rrc.irr . ,*,*,. , | •' oy oi*h III III .Hint 

- receipt a.*.. .t„o u,« KA.«va. ..n.1 , -ms  ' n :mU "i high p.r.ecs are engaged m ; d U. e. m aijIjg^B 

tmm.i S. Jeeiitralifing ail power in Congivm. They . i.,,,,. ,. ; , t pa.’? an£B| 

• l» "''YltJlP, 

V r RlmiU 
M O V«nil, vt*cr 
1 Kirily 

• J It Kicltnrrta.n 
‘ ' A.l*fiiw 

A Jtrrmtj J'ickn.a 

l’r Hfhrn 3 fn«tr« 

^ K Nrt)i»r 
J (i SwtMiry 
A vV Tunl# 

«• tl F.iir ' 

j* li 1 'itrrli 

Kin in Ricliin 

« Winfrry, AUxn?ul,r 

Turtitrutill®, 1 \v. 
l!u*tour i 1 If 
Ci tborrhiril •• 
M*. Vt n»i*n " fl M 
ltuRli|'t , i • ** 


J»n»H«towu " 
LiVrtr •• ] 

Lnno'iH; '* ! 
V i;v nrubtirjf •• , 
3 li«l l!pt*»ir^ " I 
Loii.-svilirf »• 

ration of Romo. T!:*y f.vjm «!.• miin* l' w T . o i.i^l^lSKi .v'.t / Lytle. It  vo . l   t v,»r.J. nu I G W. 

• w d - ■ v ii th’ Ti .f part . ) 1 '■ 

■’ " ' 1 P " ' - ' ’ : i . . ; !;.t# elcet , : • ' : ’ ■ ■ ' - 

Then it in plain that the revolution i* |v*t tueky and the noiihentalMnlic the tlava o»| v * rVliM at ' %• 1 * 

B is I : •’ it thy . . i • he. It war .therefore, b? the leading topic t*f 
i tlienlre h::s I* ■ -:i tilling.* ! *m tns !•' i ai; her ni:fi*n:.l gloty and honor, giving joy i****n that meeting. A!,-* it thirty live 
irrctiicr? i*-. no ( if. inj f » i , . ,..* a cal.:.- n)1 | . | u - , jn-tead ofgri i'uud slu:inc.»ntenil*r* w  re i. f !• ' to too I -t if t' : - 
!ie :u: 1 fanrtiral t c;v* . i, . »  *(,» the*\ * *.,.l :,*iJ desponding heart* off ut.eting and a lively *ntei.*-* v. -s 
f f io ghastly wo ' , t h m S s, r  % ? tin m from mi Uw 1 by all \\ •• 

o. but In Wi ... 'idornegra rule and negro and B neigh b* u * P-in US I th ii * . • n 

.singr.Ms of amity, hut iu pi-dug b\\h .„ wv  mi , pv;„ S l,.,ek f* theft, their lib h. ao |, ,'n all en hi- 

k ii Con^n as for ronn'-catmu nn.l lor a.l iM . lfM . t . t •*, ; .* »i . • ( , i , , . , 

• • n l • i 

:mn ,-*:. oporeasions.Wud when urged to tllUon , f  f nirtU never can in „ , M .,, 

sist from their ma 1 c .Iirs t.iey : *.sw, ■■ j r  -perutw nnd jjea.-efull’nion again. 1 r   .. ... .! 

 ,bstk«M pirlti mgeofMac! Vndt , urdeor state no,*.U a little l.dplr ' . 

“LayonMacdnflrand damned ha bin. ., , , , , , t:lx . , , rai ... ^ . * \” r 

» » rrir **4 hull 1 , i-nt on*. i * . ..... . . . Iol  « .* I s a! ii ( • l . »* * . . i v, 

N.Ii, WiMnlcick 

i’lufimit’i. Olio, 


Tltl RsniV, .11 VIM.! If), tails. 

For lie* Spall ferd Itanner. 

tt \s Tiir ntrtoi.i tiox cc\si:d. 

wi’.li ns i.iueh Joy in Xero did r.t tin* e ii i'hi 
gir.tioii of J» *iae. Th'-y s.n in .1 n dm 1 
.o t *ardi wn th* Te;;ip!e of Ai i! . i idiciTv 
siiid rear npori'ii.s ruins r Kadirul . potisin. 
| Tlion it is piai:, limt the rev. '•I'.ion is n**t 
■ ivef: i‘* e ir«e is i ip.vaid. It is !: . • that 
I its theatre hr.s be :i elianged f* *ni Ilia flee I 
1 'There there i - no enemy to ll^lit, to a cahu- 
li.tie :.ud fanfitiial ( ongre.s* ci)*! ell, t iu 
healing the ph.o'.iv wound* of the bo 1 , *1- 
jilie, hut in whieti'.ny theip. en ;a,r ■* 1 n t 
pns.sing nets of r.niiiv, hut in pr-sing hills 
| upon Co n 'Tts* for ronfi -i*atiou and for all 
| man n rof opwreo ion., mid when in / l t 
lesist their Wad * *t*r. ** — th. .* *.sv. • • 

len * * 

1 The r. ’port ef the   uinuiitt e . * n* d .at 1 
die fiist in.H'ling w*- made e a and fur 
d.or ii. « as ub , u lio n, to ilo so. 

^ 'H e Club x!i on u^io. n K^l John llri^hl. If 
H. I lan.s, :io*f a cotiinii ioe ofllu. i lotah 
pfcrihe for three of d * A; iculluril nml 
l!»r iillurni psp* rs publ'sh sl in ti'e United 
S »ie*. for the club. The ! (& *• of ilia ei.rr**s 
[ eidiag Seretary, Mr. Ilnrr'-', was len- 
• hi. 1 to *he Cub as a p.imi n^nt j la.* * ■ r 
. a *;. . 1 . K. Lvlle. II ,ve f. ., m. I 0 . W. 

KtatiTord, by. 

i  .\o\\’ it ’io .1 ttksi ( mix 

A N V T I XI K . IN T () W N 

vm» nit.', hi. rr on 11 \\:» 

■ •1 XT li V 

.hi T *xLL!C( ASKS AM) CASk'liTS 

'Sr. F.ut.ik: lu reply to the e.lHiveinquirv , ,,llt in t * ,c "l 1 r ' ; :i:i '-*i -e oi .M. . '.1 Vml liu.*n our dear Si a to n.*.*|s a little help If" 

so ol e„ asked. I would say, that it is true. / T . r - Macduff a;.d damiie*: be him . muc!i:y .- Tl ,„ lul , h taxation, too nu.-li 

til I* the sound of eannon and the clash „fjwh * cries hoh’. euo'iga ^ nig. er legislation, ton niimh nigger love. and : 

Liras hare eras *d : that the rivers of fraternal | ' v, * at "le.aim the im ’meat of (liel’rc lt R , 11 . , . r *i iv . lmmyeraii* party i*» give: " 
lilnod have ceased to flow; that it is true ' "* C!,t ' ,H if 1 *'ca-.!.-v he "tnuds hetsncaily . ,.li.f.anl succor to the   \ presse l ntid doWn, ' 
«‘t the gr* «ins and shrieks df the dying «  * to ward off the death lr , : ,fr A V\\* can expect n«)thi. g from K:ul- j l 

" »•! i^Uelds. are hushed h siienee— ’•* «»» a*, it h, i.a enemies ; why is u ; _ . r usurpation and tvrannv. : 

*i.i' ofJb»2=t:m was glmldet.ed to'" !,r usurp el hy fon;:r v •■* V why .*« t|li y wll „ IVI , U1 ,, t:u-..u_li s tfi -h an.hition,-. 

the arm of death was staved. :l vn nmv ' s *' r r* on hand, station^ j,. s t r , v •! t . Jr. -t sl.uioof a 1 : .. dih'-aa foin. 

•yn y 

r- ' '-i 

Wt*r: c«* r f j • 

•.aiitrui.l Kv. 

held... tire hushed in silence. — I nine*, zi » 10; way .* BHj u-al-% except nig,, r usurpatim. uml tvrannv. j ' J * S ' M:i; i ' 

Uh 8 » j: -**'| was glnddctied to 'war office usurped hy f-Vui.n v ... V why i*« g„. y who wont I, t:ir**ugl. s lfl-h tin.hiUon,* I! - .McKmney. J  *y. 

• «tu» of death was stayed. , that a vnaf array is kept on hand, station® ,| 0tltr( ,y ,i, c j ns . *i rll |,. ..p ;l 1; ..[.uhneati form! nC 7 *SI».inM Atnlr v J n oo h* 

uble# was not over. In another j'* 1 ** over the mtitry rftcr p '. "-’ has ;of *;.»x enmu . nt e.hUh we bay e, for Uie Hukei« vuc |,. [ ;vr • j i |(v , *‘, r |  . 

3 re polled to hear th" moans declared J . t\ hy has ;t no. be wi reduce 1 to ufuiim«|pitcd power. ] , , .• , . 

, . _ . n , , , r . ,1 t  1, . , . «. ivt , , ? . it . /» * ' nu jir ir fil * .1' I r* ,1 

0 . II. .MeKitinev. N 

\he rrm of d *at!i was stave 1. 

I that a vnaf array is kept on hau l, str.tiom 

of mi: latI'^t r a m.i.Ns 

i.iiit \ t in st.vm ,1 uu: ki o::; .;i:. 

Mil FCRSlTntK (tt 1 1 t.K r J . ' X 

the U*reft and ileitittite wnl- i« !•««» establishment ? Why is it that Con- fi^ht on brnv, ' . Doctor. 1 * ivtdi* r . ‘ , . 
* *,r i!».ir m.nm .1 1 gross seems imv.ilfintr to refer the mooted .. .*... .! . %• : t v ' 

•s of their ragged and starv* "^ems imv. ilflug to refer the mootei nwre rwl nml spare 
ch were the bitter fruits 0 rj  tm-t»* ns tlwt have arisen In-twcrn that hfj) ,.„o.l 01 

•c pained to see a country. : ®“ d tin? President, to the Stiprc-ne Court f' r^^Hk| |lldvr , u rj i| . ; 

Ijijoymeiit of peace land, " lul ' e t!l  ' Ti»:.h nt seems *' c -|^^H(Boinpauie.l 

into a wn.vk.«tf, Si Xi» ta ’w.*o flicscqueytious thus £ctlle«l IjPBPknjk. 

J*’.v IT'**^ 1 f r n aii* “f e j**') .it.flL.Jiat *' Itit *■*■ *ufl; uur coi!..A- V.V’ 

checkered t il over by the disfiinckiacd and tl*njBoes ent k ;!iclds I. . ,Jf a .,d f,,ur htm.l 
slaughtered armies. Tin | and are now taking partV Soiithcrji canven 

mloucd, :.:id the lot, in 'thins, in making a constitution for w'utr Convention Iu AILany, I.*, 

civ e pi'ped and armies men, where it is well known that there is Jn At neonv«r t ion of ti e citiiuiu of 
the ;!iI Jvlen of the *ne negro in a thousand that knows the use Countyi at the Co 
dful work has, in a great and inching of a constitution? Mimday, the 2nd dn; 

1 1 , IJv ; i*.i*i V’a 

V 1 . .x 

^ *“ ' ' l' ,l *vhot nr i*. in • »rd iu X  t ciu' r 1 . 

2 1 *  1’ 

. 1 • * I • 

• t, rr I'tetlrw.** 

f *. i r.t j% *!.*•»? 

%m . 9 in t.f f j»m j *♦•*»! • -t • ■ • fv »*| v. : . fit nr nii* 

iasr.80 1. % ith h fa! l—by k ‘vk! %ix.rk .»’* f. » •• • '• * * 

„ . , b** |»rr Um. 

BrrrATfrR rs Iompanv. — O n tho p Prrnlrpel , 

I . tj. I t I, JSO t . 

.n t:\ p i' in mm r.s ti . s . 

asAm srrr.nT sT-.Ntonr kv 

flau^S, ¥C 3 i:iME 3 . PAIiTS. O' 3 ; 

itoniiM. o.e. 

• .. nc's. 1 *i**d armies men, w! erc it is well known that there is {n At neonw* »u*n of tie ciiui-nf '"Clinton ,r«rn..i.s. 

‘ " * ' 1 Il ‘ u nnlllos . , , , „ ,, ,, . „ (Ci t r.* behav *r 1.1 rmnt iinr, . u! !.• i- '"*'■'*' ."-•" v 

e *ioi; ic*i! Kdcn or the "ne negro 111 a thousand that knows Uie use Ceunf.T at Urn, Couit Ih.ttse in Albany, on-* , . , „ , , Audi. .*rv* *» npn, • 

, mu. n r. .1 01 in, r, . 1 . mon t g ve* t’ue folloiving excel erf advivc 

work has, in a great au ” meaning of a constitution r Mi.nday, nie 2 nd day of M ircli, 1308 , it being , ,. . . , . i t|,|. i t* , 

shod, hv tlie radt in ^ The tendency of all tliis tyranny and County Court day, C. P. Gray was called t ' ® 1 s 11 ' [ ' ' * ' 1 

Mid its vo’isetpie.ices : usurpation ii to despotism, to slavery. But the ehsir, and iimus M. Briitpw iiptioiute* 1 . »;•’ ®or.**;i3, 1 .t « «d. * n '  •£’,; D ,‘’ 1 . 

! r 1 *«erlp‘l** 

tl ■« lift) or Uifl 

• *..* .*1 *..*.i.-.. ... * -1 1 - _ • n - , ... , . t% over .*., .10. 1. *». 

'« hat it the remedy? A11 ithor war! May (Joel  *se 4 |tery. ^ com mu meat ivo, hut no forward. ^ 

tolr liv our nih i* that j; H . ’ •’“I’hM We have just passed through yuc 'rtfc obi. ct of the meeting being cxplainad k ' n h ^’*1 n °* servile*. I*v"»n *1 *t.i/,| ^ , 

1 , . ,, , •. . . . war that ha= well n* uh ruined the cOTtfttrv ; , by thfffni'rn*. in. thereupon Cspt. \Vil!h»m l’*r» :Js* ughtiess speedier; n!t!i ugh yen may , 

Jtutiminl ri dits of tin ’K*o :ll "‘*‘ !Pr 8,i *’h might oompletd it;th,e next tins. Dr. L. G. llays, William Toggle sad W forget taein, other* will not. lieu enrwF 
- * I,- . r .11 . 1 ' *,.. 'battle trj want to see is a grand telfiiV" nolit IJ. Perdue, were appointed a committee to drsh God'* ore is in every [dace, fin*) ids ear I’ 1 !' !:    

• I ‘I'.l'll lllC lUICfiCli IlC' l'SS 4 l\ 1 ■ • 

1 ,- 1 :. | ]n . | , c | . | truly ‘ * i,l l »•  !»o m ivlv.l at the tin* Udioluuonii, nr -i snii! Committee reported t lie in curs* company, lwsvaro ot* livity un i u t j, j* , | * ...’ 

■ 1. . d^r.i ... t 10  *re i; to uuti 11- ! l l '" vnr ** hi tii? l .rt ls of tlie people if they fdlowinjj re*o!uii *ns, whicli wero unanimous familiarity with young men; a modest rr- p . , te llt * " 
ihosfc ssered riahu hut if the «ile*r(sli ' ril1 1,nt oxcrt !t * I entreat them, ia the J ly adopted, vix ; wn, without aflcctation. is the only snh BKX J * . 

* ft a.. . •• •! • F 1 If Mo 1 .1 • . a I 

J M.Ponr**. 

A r i iwt. 

ui^t tin* feigned i*y th%? gnitify Prc*idcntial election, to rally i’ 1 ftcioheJ, T 2 thU ConT. niinn reccona- path. Conrt and enfour^ rerion* ccn ,,f 

iidc.ii and miprinciplod men, then a fear j so!M «'„lutnns under tlie Dcmoemtic banner, mend to the voters of the l&h Judicial Distiirt' .ere&ticii with those win, are Indy mi. us *d State of K 

. Judgment awuits the guilty. That party U mn! ia P a gallant fight to rescue of Kentucky, John Henry Ci iy Ssndidge for ' ntl  | cnnvereahlu and do n f go into v d "   1 *' 

' , | the government fro .1 the hatnls of its fell ie«!ectioa t*i the office of Commeuwcaiit’a At n *hl« witlioit e* envorimr t,* ' l! “ 1 : ' 

M length, howovey, after years of hloodv' r . „ ..... . . , ■ ,, . „ name company wnmnr , (hvorngre , , , , , (l , . 

... . • , icnemi* s, r..!l up a vote for that palriotie torney , and in th* event a Liwirict Ci nv.ution JJ, . , ... 1 .. ,1 „ i* 

i?'.. 11 v. 1 mtint turn hit mil'tni ... * . .. 1 Tl * inTf 1 i ’ . » rm •» J nr*» **1 O .»   

' , . . ' " , ; the govc;*.;inont fm .1 the hands of its fell re-election to the office of Comiucuwtaiit’n At- „»ku ,nn» «,; t hnnt n ..ivorir 

.U length, li'iwover, after voars of hloodv* . „ . , . . _ name eomj'nny wnmiir , nn.irir 

„ • , ... .... | enemies, roil up a vote for that pal not u* tornev , and in the ovtnt a District (. nv.uiion •?, . , .... tv . in*.. . .. 

nfe, 111 ,. Uk*'i more than lull million .,*,„. , , . . , ,. . . . . ,, ru,ii'e* i\ tlu inti ‘ ' * - pnn •• 

... , , , „ pnrtv tnat will 11  t only luakc Koutuesv the it held that tlie Ui legates apt- m * d hv tils 1 • 1 

human hem 1 were sacrii.ecd, and a debt  »fi J : . , . *¥'**• Nothing is m**r . m g 1 

,, , , fianner sti .e ui the glWioiis war   f lii a rty. , Count* to attend tar; ( v -niion bo mslruviei , 

tl.illioas, create* I tip' n the couutry, .whluli . r * ,  wi« part ofa erinpam ■ r.-ag* . mpr* h 

, ...... . .. | bn,, wlueu, v .n ii aalisl l*, tne votes of our to cast tlie vole of ( miloa f r I no. .  , , 

will not l.e 1 rani  *u m cno lifetime, of ouri t . , ifnl/n cone r«*i*i*m, tinin at tun fuer 

. , . nemocratu* fi lend, Xoi-th nnd M ost, will not % HunlveJ, That »-•*** II. f;.ir*tt, nf , ... 

children, tlu* Jwav# hut inut.l ited and ex . . . , ,, ,. . . . . wot s’  . ili Ik* triding, p:gg rig, nml 

, , , . jouly drive the Radnids from tin* lads ol Adair County, i«i ur tecoad th owe for C**iu . 

, , 4 tK t . ? ^ . j ( un^refiS, but which will drive them down j monwcnUh » Attorney. 7 c " “ u 

“ " other.” 

0 part o| a rrtrj*a:iy *.•■ 

ildn conv* r**iti*m, tlmn ■•mt 
•t s’ ..til I be trifling, pigg' 

\ . ’ 

, „ V Congress, hut whi.-h will drive them down I monweallh’s A iiorney. ■* ■**• ■“ *• 

reiub-reil to tin* lederul armies, upon as . , . . . . t. _ _ 

... , , , .... |mto the .depths of politienl obscurity and 3 H. * ,M. That C. P. Gray be nntmin'td **'■ r * 

lav*. .aide terms ns tin* v hud a right to ex- . .. - ... .... . , , .... . '• 

lespritism. rrom wh.eJi a political ivs.irree a ddee iie tosaid Conven’mn. nnd in iho ev. • , u - , ,* , *■ 

l»eer. „ , . .. ■MU-’, ituoit 1 • i » »t — .\.v - 

lion will l*e iniiiossilil *. Put men in ti over lie doe» oat attend * *inl Convet.iio**, tiuit P |T , , , . . 

The glad tidings was hailed with delight „ mt lovo uhertv, and. Unit will defend tire Delegate from Cumberland CVua.y be iastruc W M " ?" '* ' 

l, - v li;e h r,HM ' mHl tr,,u n!l * ,v ‘ r thc N, * rt1 ' ~ .Constitution and nil will ho well with us cd to'cn.t A, vole of tide C.*ua*v. a " :, f, ‘ wl,om * ,r ' 

I ,r * Of a Hjiewl.v peace - hear.* 1 the * , f V( 1| , v(l|lt , , „ v , ns r ,,. e .., 0I1  tIl( , n .» That a cepv of the proceedings 'V 1 ’ **'«*. '•* '• •* 

d fool ling spirit* **f a litres am) wur- i n r . i ••• r.i,; . s * i . .i , '"d hv lli? pr s* •  t J *a I. *i • lie.*.!* c 

ami t * ’rensf* r 

! ;* til lit 

" ‘.il  .Men ey ..■■ 

• •I * ■ urs ot *1 * • * 

wh *n 1 *1 a s . . 1 1 • I eh*M*s, 

prol ' ' • 

■''** fore JoliirW. iett’ 

ami * f Ajird 1 ft *'. : ‘ ! I 

ca;!i • '' 

Jit U. t* 

l’ttir Win * it nl ! »i|*t.»i% lor '] « li« inn! u*r| 

f* ii |H»*iiul*w| , m\ f 

r. ». c-» *t 

r i ’ 4 iu: \ :.2 is, 

if* "tti ’ 

i * - . 

GSCEniES, CIOTJI.NG, C 30 T 3 , 


With tiiaur (ttfiiT imr’rw »t* i»!| »*. ).* 

Stlffi o, dll of wllicil Uw hv • U I* *1^ ill .»  tl .. 

\ I U\ I (III I M r.\s|I 1 * 141(2 ^ f 

\ I U\ 

:!. ft d 

' * . ami ir ill t..'’ 

•• 1 *   * Wi* |!| to , 

r. llofM'JI! » 

ill ll-l * \ .III III* .-If 


’i " r i\\ * vi t ■ : t:. 

. ,m-.. ,.asMc«ri 


•sliou in r.iiifvtn 

r i* iiusii.iiooii lino e.i iviu oe ii -n wall iis 

'I;;..*»iH*.*t Of a speed*, peace cheer.* 1 tliej^j,, , f V(ll| WIl|lt , , llv , n8 f,^ mcni t!l , n 
•Ifooplng spirits **r a .hires -1 ami wav j K;iy; .*T„ y.,ur tents, O. In.,*!- 
worn people; tin* joy of the work, however. , ’ Hvmitox 

w*:V iin *!*"l with grief for loss of fri?n l**. March, lSo*. 

w!:» 1 ikl (.dies* h« l o th.o.* in III.* Uteill 

. , . . . I rin*i**rntic l'riirmrv I't •-*n *i in r.iuculH 

* ii4’st ; *f n ‘V i* ■ "1 t«* **'ie\ e Mo 

, lonnt*. 

i* el * ! the wai ! ..*• 1 i* 'i s :, hu' l . Tlie following gcutlemen have h-en e ■ 

: had he.*n pr.-s rv, *l. and that tWs the |octc ,j ,, y th; , Mc . ,Uve committee as vtHeer..| 
. »Iy und live* • e*! ol.Jw tof the war. though ootl J, ;ct the primary election, to be held 
in: u\ hei.eveil lln.t moivtii 'u t ■ i i .s v . s hi oa ||k  4 th (1 *v ••‘'april ne*xt, to nomlnct" Deni 1 
t.*n*K*J, un i the cents that hnvu^ followed ,, y* C :,ndi hit s for th • offices of ( iivu . 1 
pro, that tlieir fearg and prediction* were clerk, and Sheriff. *f this County. • Th * polls 
" ’ ' will In* ..pent*. I ot ft :t:i lei « *•*! .*«: •*  u'(t *.! 

J i i!i.* S.iuth there wflsS no joy. The h-jand the books returned to the Secretary of .f ill * No.'.ii lih*  a di st roving migel the Com. by IJ o'clock outlie following 
ii. *1 p. *ed over their dv \  to*l hui l, and by utonday. 

Hr.* mid ■ w. .i.l luul laid it in ruin ; t’.ielt Cities Stankoko. CiiaiioU' IIauii, 

mid towns hud la . mi atorui l i. i*l s ieked; Wesly Ih.ut ) j. (J . lliram ltohe: l d ,, ,. 
their l:o . im - eoliveitv 1 Into !.* :ij s of adies, it IJ.{ ' " U' ! *..i*i Stewart |* * 

tuid the holies of their braves. I .*, V* ‘leiiHiL* *hiih \* ithera Mi tt I. II liiynut,   I k 

. , , . . tUtth JohuBehM fk K I St*. M. if 

•eu ibig grief bus inn. ns..! tv the el and , ^ ■'"‘ *« «« *™ v " ' «• 

e* '.'lowin' mourning mi l h.meulnlioii ol tin ir |-j |» J a ,j 1* J d s 

!{ ..*hui I *, who rtfioed to la* .*  infnrtti l la* '. Hrowu, Sh’lf M'. C. Daily. S fif 
cat: .** tin dear (me* wer,*n*a. Hut not - 1 !J. F Rwbouks, (Tit J. JI. Cook. (Tk 
.ih .i.iuding the milt au i*l wide i wvaiood; X'alx’itI 1 p i.b 

■ ■ : • • \ . o ! !\ ! .v J i '- 

Imi:*at.*t\ r  i* ..* d to hem* that tv* huUihery |  yilllf  sU *, r J u | m t s;,-,r 

( '.nisipiiti. 'ii and ti!! will bo well wiili ns ed to cn«t the role of this Coun'y. ’ 

If you wi at t * Hv.* a i ftetmi n, then i • i Thai a .*• of tl ;*• - . . . ' ” ’■ ' 

I Buy ; “To your tents, O, lari;.*! !” ..f this wrung «•' Grwur’deJ to .he Stanfor W |,v the j-r *. nt j o I. *• [ de ■*. . * f 

Hauitox. I’.nr.vr, Utiuitviile Ceuii. r and Democrat, far ’ 1|! -' lV ' 1 IM ' n 1 0 h ' ! *' *'• 

ti -n » Xi Xf IH ‘ 

tin* k- - . •’! 

JAMF.S I*. KLM.l'.V, 

. in til'* Count',* « *f l’filas 

J /“A l tlimt, k • * . . • i*. .• * . i # /nl ta titf 

will |» , •• • 'ffiic lar % . i*; umi ... s* .inn... 

Fvb  7 

TAK i:r  u v 

Mirfli 111 li. I*l , |,v Hits rl V.'t.iwU, long in ll.s 

'. k |‘ V. . 1,11"*' h , i,f a - U'f'V'l. in Nn, 

I'll*" e.y . IS •li". |i, il.rU'l ,1 . || I I ,,f , 
Nii'lasli hi tin- 1 ivlit ? |i|*r.. ; ,i • I . , ■  re* 
** Ini* » i., * ■ A i ] - io* ii. Hy Jiutivs H i .1 , ii . 

I'io " 1 si ■ i, r !• i   ,1 iwi*tilr ii vi* . is, t* nieli 

Xl«r P' ■ ' W. It .' MlSOS J I* I. { 

puhlioalinil, % 

AVIiereiipon the meeting njnurned. 

C. 1 ’. Gray, Cbairmnn. 
J . M. Bristow, S«*cretsry. • it is a sl 'Pi.e to tutu a deni ear t«  !ln hi. nn ' St fa . f ii*. pure! t ; who ha* h.   n 

.H.W. * ; 

I i - ' j. 

  T— i.d* 

wh* ih** ! v T 10 •(••• T   r *;| e 
| i ' an , the ear .! i I, the toitgut* falters, fm 
n et totter, nil the ciiecj rol l «» to.'oth 
'otPd*, ntul fr n tn . V'*rv able r *s. urd ! .•* 
cii!. ‘‘Sittl.i ?• to • ii* o * *i . * r • 

*.*.'! jtid„isl i* linnkntpt, to liim, or for liU \ 2v 

i* end i' •• •r.-.ujlrtr ofanv pr *pertv by , . * „ . , 

,. , . , 1 1 . n Hr null. ||"' IS'III of |M.» , II* M \ S. iitli*. , 

' I . r* 1 -• ' 1 ■ * n *' I', u ; t nil. a ineeting iml.-N fi im s liiif ml. ami w ill H-rvi* ri in • i Srfo 

i 'v ere i'lil nf i*n : l Uankrupt, to prove seaa.ii, , ili i-i* | rn» in, in *. ., i'li f.oil n.4) I . im m .1 

• j ,ti v ■ ii i I ch.'oa. on*) nr more iiiig- ,,r *t y ,;11 " l **‘ ■ • 

o' i 'p. *.* I Ih* held nt a Conn £*E! ! StiJ Ik S'l!. 

' e»ii*|,|i*ii at S nm*r*et Kv..! nA'i’ BK'KW'I. f«’ lint   I.n.l l.v R A Ai.»- 
J - 1, - W. I'ti tt a tjegister, on the ninii*r*i W « -i. 4 • mivK...!** t .. - ..i it 

».!•.* V 1 1 V», at 10 o'clock A. ! u " 1 'V "\ , " 1 * 1 " 1 k k *" t* 

1 ^ * l»fu«rn tin k, V  1.1111 * J until I v u m l, 

, hit (lain l*\ '  t ' . im uf i . ii.. sti.irt, £ih U»ti»t l»y roliii 

\ r . A. Ml'ItlWKTUKIt, • mt*y, •* K «l*i 4 i l ulil ^   liver, *th t!:m» l»v 4 l 

U. S Nlurahatl us Mosaen rer. *«•!»•* Ac. 

Ataaav Kr,; March |3 h. IC6«. \ , . . 

Kiutor Raxhik, If it ha no intriislin, I de-  4l ‘ - !S  ‘ '' " ' ' r 

sire l!,ron,h your columns to go.* th* age ” l ,h V 1"' " ' 1 ' 

a negro woman ia our county. NVd ingiinni- ' 11 r ’ 11 

tide or two ia now*, newa^ .p -r. •: tning into tiW n li* ** d i 
our p wt offije, publishing tin* ag* of ! hv* rni. 1 / a** , *h. 

e,t peraou in th* world;,,* mustdijer wiili W, in  \!i- 

. J.. 

i iih lay 


i vft in Ft 


I V 'l.Mi.'i, 
t l»y roljit 
till l») 

them a iittle. 

il 4 » woi .!, w. 

There i* living in nur county, a negro worn th^worht .j:.’ 
un who w is b irn in tlio yar 17 I'.’, m •king hei 
on* liundr* ,1 and Iweiiiy y.i ira n) |, ' S;; *ias*i!! .. 

’ nbh* to go about, and lo /. How I * r prnfe«»inn ! •'• . 

(midwifery) among her own color. Si e hit. '! » t* p, i n 
a coo who is one li'.Pidrt I and two yearaoM u* •((• !* ' * . ■ • \ t 
We can give any proof l.ijuiud t.f tlu-a* facta' iu*tlli 1 t..o | o,'l 
if disbelieved. uii'itr the pretext 

Truiy your- , .imvy to • an*! 


M. V. sit! HI. 
Ii. Willi tltei 

N'OTICB. M'lndi, I'.tili I 1 .tin. 

» GIVE NOTICE.— .Vlllll . 

I.iri'ii, A. D.. IbhU. * ti, niatefS' f Hi su tout. »,ll r eeivu lnil» | .r 

i inkruptcy WUi loaucil ! t-url null |Mi*i' ,'M(ltt'Wiill(d l Altai till | ruu a p * 

• t | t M | Jkirit. 1 1  * low it , ! ^luulurii ildw lurtvl ujtil 

1 Hi M* * iy m April. 

; 1 TON, 111 , ! U'lmi'led in In tlie I reai.teat nf Ilia 

Nt  ncji:. 

niateeanf S nifoni, will 

t. ;;; «d e 

privy to i ni •. 
lruiuol it 
r:»d .-I in t i'n.. 

,i,  e .fi,*ii i 1 

J. I). Alcorn t . k 

co  i- tile 

,* H" . 

 ■ *ltiot , . 

, illl.l I. 

” u * • r„* * i n t 

i .ii Was!*, ui. *, and 

i'H.. li t;u. tl ’W tf, * lie i* . , .j, , 

'‘rni *nar' 1 , tl*; ;i .n VVas!*» uh *, n.. l ♦' 
ng dr ! .n l p!i. ii:g'hu* urt him aw fu. I 

1 1,1 l '“ j* * • .i.i, oi oa*  "‘cdU II. l’lcwunt ( J 11 * \\ MomnvJ ” ” Xs^Tlie Bi-hop ot Oxford, irreverently a:»tl •• i ',r« t- li .» " " ’ •’ • i h * 

I, II ip an i . ' ii ji;ic  .1 to In ... “it- i ■ *  'Ul* her) '(’raig I^ynn, hU'ff Jobu Cash, Sit'lf "ailed ••Soapy S..rn.” recently .mpl.iva .1 iu Ji' i* /' '■ nl'nj r" !l i.nGas'j i.s *, iiud ♦' 

. f brothers lm*l cea. ed. DatiioU mid pin - ,IJ, .,1 J.,. s (Tl* J. 1  . Alegre Ci’k Alfred Pyw ,o deaiga a gateway fcr the K is mg' *ii g .mg r .ill!, i. . '! ■ art him aw f ". 

h. ni lir.ipis'st.1 i.c e,mid.l"!.'rnii..e 1 to •M'-'iM ^Piy oftlte above mia* ■ I. »  mt.V eopsl l»aUce at Cude.d.m, Th. Hi.hoa wa. .fa ftepiUtr.; , i.t* i f *t ' ' •• k- . :,* r tl, cr • l , 

make the best th.v .' »M of :i Uml ciih** J,’ rinamiv^la^ officer J, a ,^ * uk lb * ‘ , eM (t n that he gracioaeiv Wat!, burn *. No r lu Is ;• 

* ' v ' ' "‘ 4 * l ‘ 1N -i»» H|ii:il voi ti iii diler.nitiiu^ tliu, 01 any Li* owu iuiiiiU bcinjf pino«J ov«r •'Hnjai,'* for bIi'miMIu 0)«ii ii»*» iL uth. * t ( • , , i 1 * 

tile liwilh.'ci'Mits to f'.ruet and forgive. Tlwn other .; i. ti.itkthut am.v wise inaegur.l ti* on* pillar wud (boat of ill* architect over lire *«„,« of tlie hidden laacai-ry ot hi. s*,,'*, erect K 
hod o ri, lit to . |*. c frouith* govern.,, nt. of ttm voters dre. other. But when it ww^rropoaed u, pul **H ,.u t l|0|l ou , -yicmi.M,** U ' n r. tk 

that th •U'.n.:.'i.,u wf tlwimuntry W,,.d.l U tllt ! * C ’ U ° an I »A. I».” on the * ‘ - • - at I'Jo'c!. k fi. 

eli'.raetcii .• "I 1 'I'** "I l' 1,  “ ,,, *‘ I *• 1 ‘ j* ^ Tai icr, Sv e left, ti e Prelate clip » ted that that would tttv - Sucoe..* in life depend* upon tlie hero c a. If 

• FU 1 TON, til ti. li iii icl in In the | real-lent nf tin, 

I lies I li"‘ I'Uiiruel will *1 iliul luue lx* gitvul, 

• • County Of I lllnc- li, i U»l UilJir 

it I iekv, who llas^le.•n , B roflbebosrU. , 

« , •• J t; .it rilRI , 

' *'» hit own pet i ! Hr*..j,ui. 

••I' any dehta and v . h.tOihitds. 

U longing to aucb! ** 

! s use, uml the | WATCHES, CI.LH KS, JKWKI. 1 U AND 
,r,v property b) S 1 LVKUWAKK 

Tn!X$r& Nl;AT, V l{,;l ' A,,{K,) ANDW^AM’s 

i * we one oi l 1 . 1 , 11 V 

hi* I u ri, hi l » . pi e. from tlie goventm nt, 
that ii'.' U'.i'Ja'.iim ef the country wo.ihl l . 
ehmaetcii a-I V\ ", spirit of peace i»t:d IV i 
tcru ty ; ti-.i t!i * U . v. huuith of (s.*') 

er de, at j 'j ably spelt ‘ is.'Ap. 

i ted that Ibai woull Dt»- Bucoesa iu life depend* upuu the hero c self 

winch on: *.ls out on life.— LouM. 

M 0 MIC Ol j 

will Im held | 
ii.) !l"l. I. li HI 

u '.V. Tuttle 

•- pr.l 1SJJ8, 


-Xj .rsCKUgl f ( 


At P,  1 Titlboi's dre   slur.* 

N. |i \n • xj'ci •*n* ttf ItarcMy V‘**i s proven, 
lu mo, ' W .UvhvH »••• »a* r* ■  1 , »l » i. •: p r|urui'pr  p 
if ly, pill fo»r ’ j- *u deli vti y. I ^ ^ 

M ft til \9 t l‘,( 3 -4i / 





mirmritN !**#-» 

Three mnn .M unit |!i*4 at Gnine’* 
Landing Ark , fur rienling nor A 
John O. Hurry, form ley of .*4»«h Tenr. 
lli» veteran print, r of the Unih’i Hlatc*, 1  I, 
Holly Springs, rermtlyj where he had 

hern wurkiug the ihiritiu year*, ‘. i ac- 
cept a Munition m it romporitc# at Vicksburg 
lie it now in 

UraioMwtte r.tornUir l tfLilesIn 


J. A. H*rri* Tho*. Welch 
J. W .Horn I’,U.IV 
Oi* Englraaa M^riiULot 

I'ul. It. J. RrrrknrliW 

Ur Friend* Hit', am » irtli hi* ing nre not 
made. but # "grow." I.ks l\,p*y w th* 

An oil man guru this ml viso to hi* ton* ( n ki* 
lentil bed' "Ifevortry to ^kr a friend.” 

'•mlft Mac tottffeh witlwat cultivating ib»- | ri „\ p 
crop. nnd fricndti^i nre brought forward liy BoUfr 
liol liouve eipejlcptn^ars apt ta will lo.i,j Li ( £*  
f»ra they «raf»irly4Pinad. * * 'bn In? 

■ A la(»T». -"Men aontelimqp go Aawn fom jj f , ,* 

tiSmbn, WWi th painful l  nylhgt ‘\Mliol4 IL« face . R jo t 

0. II. HOOK . J. I. lOOIBTlI 

  :. ii. HOC! I ESTER & SON. 

U iiolitalc and Krtall 



 ■ ii. iwcirv 

Wi.nrafo ; Of Ii 1 ll 
fJUt.i ** ** 

life “ »* ‘ 

Marti I* ” *** 

lilted^ til t. : r* 

at AttroRb 


f.iwrol.w f.oiNiF. No. no, A. t . tt meet* 
werjr PI ItHT MON DAY nil St in **ch inantli at 
Masonic Hall. A. O, Hulpnsn, Vf . Jf. L . 


No. Si, meet* avers *K(.'ONI  MON WAV night in 
•wit munlli. L. K. Yuie*. II. I’, 

I. o. y. S'. 

aTANFonn i.odgc i»». no i. a n. p, 

tl '»t« averr Mtnrila* lilgt»*i Aiwniie ft nil Win. 

hi* eighty -thirj j 0 *r, tad liatbeen 
working at tbo priariqg b iaiuett for seventy 


Gen. Oillem, tho commander of the Fourth 
District, -write* that be I* rnrnmg the admioit 
•ration of jaaiice, a* mocli as possible, over to 

the rlvll courta in MMrdppi. Ik add* Amt 

tin to in not a* mat Ii cnmplamt now, aid txpret- 
|0 the belief that tin* tmnjiiy year Will witness* 
belter Mule ul allure Waa known in- 1 HAT. 

Willi the eaatptlna of ihre« ):#iffr»l war] 
Lag organ*, every n-wpper in Ml«**ip|H ha* 
arrayed it*clf wader tliw while nitil'j Conner, 
and now "keep* step to Iht niutio”af tiia while 
! ■ mocratu party ! Ij.-neef.irilt tbera will 1 « 

1 U.V' l h i 0 -r anrarjetiiTt* 

« * r.i' ii.trtr.s of 

w.. ofTur to the public, AT LOU BST RAT IS. FIRST CLASS 




Rri.1 Hradrt Fnmiljr ITowr nnd Hcnl, in loin to auit Pnrrknnc r * 


°n them, lying kbars ai p«ar Hally wtali Ihr Black do 
[vt mblanct U|yt they were on  tu-ib, tb* twte; Kirn 
breath of treaven tooehaa 'thenC and the fehl- 

urea eruiabla and fall logctl*r, and tat ^ '.‘J 1 -, , , k 

aa.,.. 8ajJ c l. , wh. 

ry • Suit '{I i Hi 

Fowa Cdwoin— Roaat a largo lenow rM Uoldi n ojtf.i p 
rarefully. wiiLait burning it; rherlt h Hm’ SltFi r 'TrjMiHyri 
onghly hot, cat and iqa«eaa A ln(o t rep, wpM ^ 

three oaneet of tagnr finely powdered. Tale SbCJj ” /* j * ‘ ^ C * f 
a spoonful whenever ytfor eough troablet yoRf j ti 

It it at good ai it in ngrceable to' the lante. J2«|it,('ra, ft ])■ 
iiarely hat it been iruowu to ftil of givirg re- KliftSri. l  
lief. fCernl L.ith 

/-T \ (.ermaoe.rum. *. at Leip.ig, took an , Fj,!, Muokcr.'tl 
egg from awetl friiicb had been deserted l»w I**|»|a * Lenrrt . 

A lien af:erit»o wi-ejtt ftention, and eanied it ^ ‘ do 

in her armpit. wht re, after a week or dap and Star fAtirilit 
night*, i broke and gave egrets to s liealiby I’ont'lioa. rlrioil 
ebickm, which i* now n mHj"»tii: roosler ami Applet, dialed 

a gri-Ht friend la und a favorite of hi* mother, 

,i. . , iTullow 

III# Tntin I'M ' 

1 0.1 

l *1 

l o 

i on 
I 2Sf t 1 .* n 







Hy lati additions it, ) ave largely our stock of 

until i; «*i »hrar.'H a fine a*«ortmont of 



.1 . 



To which we mjy niM our largo H.«;k ef 




anil everything for the u«e ,f the Uerliauic 

We give  • umitI ntteahun to the sal* of 

OlCcer* nud Court* of l.mcitu t u.iut), 

Tnr CoivTv Colst— lieu J. F. Cook, .Tudge 
he',!* it* ►e**i.* * the tinil Monday of mon;h 

Tnr I. mem * (JpuatuLT l'i •• *t — N' Monday ii 
March,, litnc tVjiteuibir and Dvccinhi r. 

Tnr l.ixi u* Ciarut Coiar— Ihm. I'. T F.r 
Jii’lge, begin* ai •) li"ld« it* waiuon* oa the 3d .V el: 
dav* in April nndnDetob^r. 

TheP.eM t»f c 'ktriiHfir Lincoln coonty niwta ,e 
the l «l Moudav of Octoher. 

Ih Oonrtof Coiyify Levy oti tlie Ft Moi.dav i: 
.lei.*. .• 

■her*e • F", .''id..* Count". Coe.'U 
R. C ar*i*i. Oee"- w- 

iw.e.1 t ieie , (N. n T v Attorn, y 
Sidney S. kteKotnvte. Circuit Court Clerk. 

Jaioee I’- Daily. Sl.entt 

W. I*. Withe:*, Dioeity rhereff. 

It M. VVhite, Jtailor. 

David IV. Vaudevvar, C.mutf Trwwurer. 

1 * | 'rirk«ter ; u . i«c ** v i tl„. i 

vn «• m t , purte, andw. ■ aoucoiti t!i 
A iMtr nt- politi' * in arinnd • leet-, its” u 
iti un.ither r *gal.tted P'lMi r Heho dy *u 
  91 K-nt entjia of tcac!, r*. a 

MibwrtW* ! ! ' : " •?■ *'»' Lve a. 

, » ' ' * ■ 

mg fu'.ur Sac 1 1 M„n 'ret ^ ■ 

al e’ an e* . . ■  -W 

ha: v : " rl - K '* , ' "‘" 

., 'One-: Dciu.) 4 lH. * ,ie "ll, 
!■•* p ud for 

| tv» A fiiiti *.i nre r tl 

i • i»rmi- * . 9 

’ VO«r |*Ri#bl f un It-r r » hi J 

.* i :klp. r i. ° . . ' 

m« at y in ‘ A t*« ! m I »! 

' , r n adiuit that tuu l.atc a ■ 

i C'vrgfe. ., v, ur rablo bio.b. t Von d 
t uur thnnk. mu ain't ahaiji, Detr... ,at* ( 
very aet, di 'ven ,J ('   won] 
ig on eit \ **''1 Mni l beat you, home font 
i 'i *;abli*li •' *■: •* . »ayyontak» 
thing it; the ! ' --C V/er lltml. 

licelh J ui | [J 7*1 Im» In x (vtitwinirii 
• ,} Ion I'r rn tk^ |* ( ‘111 • 

t ■ : re.-efoed nftorwnrl recovered, wit 
do, wo will p 'rtnireinn i f : ,;rr a, . 

fact. conrntnei the M* • viog 

m . • ,,   Ini' l'.it'le i ll* • nt! 

tv Tho trr. '. I i of ” 
e iheotujuy | It i* I , 
i|oll it 1 'hIImI to their 



facilitua for the primp - . m:j . ,y of ri*,ii er« with No. 1 quhlllip*. 

IKS wc\Kd do v til to consult us b* fire purclufofai^ the;* 

ACimi 1 1 /mJU ll^LEUE^TS 

CIHC11T « ot III* « I.tltH. 

Wu arc .4Ui!iu ii«-l t-» &unoutie ‘ iiKOKGih D. 
V.'*I \ ni',N r , g  i » t-Miil''! t». • fi r ih*- ofilo. «i Oirc i* 
H’f irt Clerk. •i.b -‘Ct !•» a !#* •. *.j«» ...* di,» p • nfvnit 
Cyuwi.ioU, lo l t iat* 1 taAdM. i!s A ut il 4*b, i 'l  

gi our connect ion wi h Lraliny Mjnufii torie* is that ca i furuinh 



a' IN' price*, freight a,l ! d. tVoL 

Ve :,^*iilh riz, 1 to o r ao ■ V*' ! 

a* a cnirdidate fuc ilia oft l i': fu t 
+ : ti. a ll, cisi. y of l I', 
to be In-id on Sutu 'day , A' iii -lib, 1 e.C 

•| rr \ y i, : *ou, aUo, a lar^*. sappiy of 



■n iu  t»p min 
nt and tin - 
j 'm" linn i 


v'.-ee fit’. ,ri*. It)"’ "I... s.S SJiRO i . I. I 

a  a e*», ml ate for Lire .it Court i lira, a: the elect mu 



OF . I A’.\’ 0 WI.KDOLD Hi m\\T10 .V. 

Our romiriMmu l,'.:. new will ewaUe ua always to b ’ii» tba IilUHEST MARKET PRICE FOR 
coi'NTitY piiowrcr, 

• uitaldi' rn a |, watita, nr ii I*** lunu *H| 

1 "" tc " , ! ■ * f,,| * . . . j - 1 1 v « 

J i In short we dc ire ii to la: w.oclv known that our rliicf aim 

:* to prevent to th? public n complete 


\N i an* Miilhorix «| to hhhoiiit, M, H . O v*!pv r 
*• '* •  '“• i"r t ».m/»oi*wtauh's .AU olui /. for thoV.h 

. . m 

Duoiiitu .\Uvocuto coj » . 


La Brin .11 a Lew &. ttcpaircr. 

4 LL Work done on ahort notify and in tho heat 
oTi* atyh*. lit ra'.c* to halt the time*. 


Ill* *liop i.i on Danville Street nt the old Uiiekei 
atajd. * 

Pel) 07 f S-tf. 

} **' ’ ,, i i, i 1) in v liic *u hud th* 

I " •t'li.i Ho haul »f uur old Ti, end 

^ i ■ 1 ,i in 

A \ hit. I M H i . 1. mciy Me'ichai.t 'fjt. 


hiToro Jan \\ Tiilftlt Ki'gihtar, on Gill the 
lay of April 1 m  S, t_ i oMo. -l, i'. M 


-I I • .s Miuahull n.* ^fpsncu per 


THIS IS TO tjlN'li NOTICE— That 
on the nth day of  6r th, A. 1)., 

War Hint in Bankruptcy wm i 8i uuJ 
ugitii.'st th** Katatonf 


of Sniuvruiit. iu tbo County of I'ularki, 

'tnd State of Kentucky, who has been n 1 
judged a Bankrupt, un bia owu | etitien ; 
that the payiucut of any debt* and deliv 
ii.V ol any property biloiiL'ing ti »ucb 
Bankrupt, to him, or for hi# use, anti flu 
transfer of uny property by him nro for 
bidden by law, that a tneelinjr of the 
ere Jitors of tho taid liaukru) f, to j rov. 
their debu, nnd choose one or more m 
aitftieea of hia estate, will be held at u 
( v, urt of Bankruptcy, to he hohion ai 
iSomerrat Ky., before John W. Tuttle 
Regmter, on tho lltb dayofAtwil lsfid. 
ut U o’clock A- M. 

w. a; meriwetueu, 

it U. S. Marshall a * Aleaei'iigcr. I 



mi die ]"th duy of M ui eli, A. 1)., lutW, a 
a W un ant in ljuu kruptcy ivae isruedi 
against the K^teta of 


o! * — , in tho County offiarrard 

'an I State, f Kentueky, who baa boon ui 
J'idiD'd ii i-Mrikriij t. on bia Viva petition; 1 
that th" payment  .( anv lielinrv of anv* 
piN'Iiorty in iiim am lorhuldea hv law;* 
in ti u ymrtmg of teo'ciuJit ira of Uw »uid 

Bankrupt, to prove lie r ti - l.t», und t,. TIN WAR*, COCKiNQ AND H2ATIKQ 

choose on.- «r tu 1 .re tt**Ip'ud u td iiisEa- 
late. Mill he liejd at .» Couat of lUukrupt- 
•v, to he liol leu at S in. .■ * » Ivv . be lore 
Joint V,’. l’.iflo R gisti-r. mi the 11th dav 

Norlli 'I * iu .Strut, Stanford, lly, 

ftiicr. r 

About 7 u'o! l.'k 
tbo 7lh r»f M *r. 
room of Hu ;l; Te i time* y veil 
.be pa*t in .ti v* ■ 
h; •. mt'r ti ll ii 1 1 

U tb.u'ls'i 1 |,,t of 

o a more perfet-t i gulile l 
hiund out aide i i the t'.iv. 

med:ci;»E5, chemica 



Oi’i, Var:i* s bt 



1 Vi  } rii tur, 

uui uni 

i.v wii! lie Ill-Id in D uiril'o, 
“‘•ny, 7vS April t ua m   
uu dirHl qroh in t .,. ; 

ara invite. J, The huMii- 
* ol li e pi, ten will he Ire '!\ 
An vngi iueiiU have be* u 
Hewi'h i *■ \ ir j* u mil rmj line* to fgrri*! 
i# re tick et*. Ou t|-.e iiigi.t of the Till 
i»iwn. a banquet will be givo the delegate* 
tile BoyU, County M. dj.:»l Society, 

Bin v**^.. a Nvoivn.Lt: R. R — The nr 
Atuid depatture ul train* ei -mM l„ , ibli*h 

■ H " P J * »hd wi l.opc Ai. l„.i have 



SOJ IkliShT. KV. 

. E. I.XaM.II, Pr eirieti 

1 . ’ 
j LtH T I’ni 1 , No i' nil I Leg'll *it» |in|}tr«. Uii- 
Vk loj in. l\i w, iVuet! t. lVj ^v r, Cloki M ach, 

X'lfip'’::#, 1 i t n vr. Sotl.i. «^c 
ll rWiv-ii mis prfM ftr* |«ri‘| artU. 

Or Kr^MIOil with ci eaiul dej^tch. 

Ktb •? 

1 Iii.V IK’ I. 1 i il.\ riOIii Olik. tl 

•' if I it ve me it dieb of ,*n | ..I r t 

me there were pwtieb * of ii. n ,*i R, 1 i 
Iifgl t lo ll; l(,r th Ul with in\ o , : , b 

aeuieli hr I In in widi toy fliiuiiy ling , 
an I lie unable hi defert them; 1 it Kkum 

K#*fi   o »nsla*i *ly on Latul a 

!io. w# for i r.tYflvr*. 

;ot*U l*»t *»f Sadtllo 
Mur 19 *W-tf 

U lf*ii: A WOLMIV 

S A E* Q O N l 

U ^Ol’LD rc»} « uX illy inf'rm th#*ir fricmN that 
tluky- liuvi* uui 1 lit” ir i Ji« Vaiv*a Uoi«tf, 
nnd Ju*#^» cunnUntl/ oa hand ih# U-ui of 

1*KJI ons l Ui.VXS f TOM ireo* Lc, 


■nt Mull* e» Cni’aiiKo Imuht — A 
■unde , | coutptitiug interest un any mini- 
fcfiloll. i * nt *ix percent npp, nr \  ’rv *! m 
Multiply anv giv.-n nun !.. i „f d.,||., rs »„ 
■p"! of Uny* interim desired, ninerate 
Ri{l t hand tiipire, and divide by *i.v, the 
lit in Ike ti ne Interest fur mcti nini ».f SU ch 
iber of days at »tx per cent. T hi* rule i* *o 
, nceortl n *  » e! 1 busiue** u**ge*, that , , 
b*nkei'. laareliaiil, ur elerlt, *1: .uIJ post it 
^•1/' ore 1-1 u*e. Then, being no tin-li 
A-aelh u in it there i* koain ly am Ii- 
^Heirui- er iiu-iiik**. Ily no otlwi amh- 
■linii'e .i e .11 ll,, I,,:,,, , 1 ,,,,, | JU uhtaimd 

Kt l» UT (ii-ti 

I X90l*f.D rc«| t at fully gi . • t-u*# 


l»ui.-d u y 


* ATTIib f amily nf la'e John C. Calhoun, of 
South Cam Iiim, it n ported, aM re diced u* 
P' nury. Hi* library w a* lately »ol I with some 
at | ■ mount po pirty, to *ati«fy debt*, nt a- 
hunt &'4£th W in4w sllelv. a of hook* were 
kiuvked down lor I'ratii k*4 lo Sti per shelf. 
The Mile ul the liou*« and lard was advertised 
to take f*!*ce in a short time, lint tie ini Can- 
by '» “filer, reserve,;; in *•» . v family a house 
un*l twenty a a i of InnJ, will for t tie pre*eul 
•nabluik* WKbjiv uni h r ekildieti to rutuoi 
t'ucii he me, » 


■ I'll* chief source of human 
pt looks d for in real. I ut in 

ml* : u *t in flu,- deiiian I of „ v 

.ai cr.avi-v i f d m J 

Always un band ut prices U suit i|* 

I'-ih 0 .. 1 AUU 
*• mu 'l.eSl, -•su.liatd, iacnru&a, 



K*ir lit* Htsnford Bsnnor. 


Whftf h btnuiiful world i* (hi* of oar*. And 


Mahoney at tea Ba» *iw r All *oci«l 


S CHI BERTH * Co., No. 8*0 Bro*dw«v. 
Nrie York— thn greatest MUSIC Fl'B 


jj. N. CRAW. 





Aa the Masonic liutitution 1 * »n aanooia- 7 : f— — ; . 1 , ,* 7 , ^-- 1 ."lyth.- Mn'.i., A w..k , mate. »«t u »«« ” ’■!" . 7 ° 

tU.n fnmposcd ofall rank, and condition* t»f I a»wsy* considered it bright tod bssuUfttl. etand alone, nnd lito mth'Hit M|i, Ell (/ »ulTLR MUSICAL iiArETTK," iter lfuk-„ rstndwly *^& l ? 0 Ul £ 

mu; the Entered Apprentice !• Uugl.t by thcj Any trie fc v*r of nature cannot but opre..| nnr MMX! i B ,ion» would b» willtottl tn/ •»« J^“ d '£,,Tw*n * Vs"w IZl'ZvA) rSU .. m, 

” - — . . » | h i j * rw 10 m— inr ruoiv i v« 

ho\V many blessings and privclsgc* wo enjoy, relation* derive tl.oix utility HOtn untna j [emxR JJOU^K m thn Union— invite the 

wbBo we aro permitted to aojourn here bylow. wpakiioe* and want II wo war* not public i .ih.ii , fwk o flwnmj llitiMot works. fwh nrriHui 1 

Sonw consider this a dreary world tilled with weak, if wo did not waut, i: wo n«re in *ud.*,iiii in fear ImVaJ. -« iiy power’, from •►•«'»« «• •“ ■*“"«• 

all kind* of labarvnth*. fcenee and hopes. But dependent of Wdl (thar. and able If stent... T he sfc k sf I'lmooe String aed Wind mrif peoicowt -B ■ .  P' 7 

• .M . i " ... . a. , ...mttt. t. T Tc*..miI  nlY I hr hpst IVHi . .VfiRl 



PR, IlKC ilH' S Keeeece ot tile resides ni»nlr j 

J. N. CRAIG fc m, 




1  , •!!„!*", 'O' b “ U»«l.tloi * would l» •ill.oBt ,„J .ft — VEJTmI 

Gavel to break off any trait or disposition of 1 hie admiration when he walk* out upon a beau- ei|l | object.* lint, Wcatisc wt  canoot T)M flnll aumb er ceiEan frw. 

. harm ter that would prevent him from meet | liful .amtlier morning into the wood* and there iUml a | onc , and arc dependent on earl. , 

ing on the level with hia breUiren, among, behold* the various tinU nnd hura of the many f or tbfftsalps autl comfort* Rhichciv — — — :.. ~ r 

Whom there nre no higher and no lower ex variattes of (lowore, that beautiful teat of script- j j| jj!at j 0D gfYordw, we inform our clkil com ] aard ,„ B u, e ir addr**® 
eet t i« office. A* the Masonic Institution le are come unto our minds, “coasider ye the III , t.ncts, and our eogiai combi nations. There |,Mrt*miaim*na.-lhriM*ltt 

empowd of men who entertain a variety of j lie. of the field thy toil not aoither do they spin * g r w#nt ^ tj ^, |ic)| liam(U1 natnr c j. 

opinions on all matter* of human interest, yet Solomon id ai B ory w»»w not *"*' f j gn | ) j #c t tint ia notllipplied by the tecbnl- iw»i krtiturr I " «*»• worM ; 

. - — a he is famrl.t l.v like one of them.” Oh!howliomeiimaiwi«hl , J ' . , * r 3 . a . maNUKACTI’KIEi* CO . M 

important and unimportant, he is taught "J 1 .. , , , 1 cal rcfinircuienta of law, nor tin* atiff v«rk 

i iniour m*'kv"uii piiwrt,ii-.u " . , - . ,t, * w •• — — r 

. String snil a. nil iarlr penic.m. ab.W, eetf .W. impoU'aejr v. Irh 

Mp ;r »^i:r r cloths and c* •••merer. 

liririK r i H ‘ d « v HATS, caps, hoot.* & shoes, 

important anti unimportant, he .a taught , * '"“. V , 1 cal mintremcnfa of law, nor 

the Gaval to break otf any tendency to dog- could take tha wmp of a .pint n .meuitiea of formal social life. 

ainim aimiv, 1 .tore, will pl»a*  "nmpm+mmOJ with ... HKKMA* »«•»"» » "•**- ■ 

3 ,°"'" for tb ^P' am : C ° mforU ^ hciV - ! r MPOKTA NT-*K ar met* i and planter. IbT- MAYNAIID SPORTING III FEES. 

1 ili/.ation a fiords, wc rtilorm t-or civil com- j wtr(1ln „ „,. ir .ddremm will recce, a pam- r.n.faciunnt hr ffmadv. rSw™*. 

1 I pncts.and our i-ociaicombinationi. There ,.h in .ml abaaaac it IS«*!pwt«. ..WynpeW, with vonrSTe «.l i ln»tr »* 

s wi*b i ! anl».joct, lhat is by the toehno uVactVkir u 

l tisrei reqniretucnta of law, nor the atiff, 1 ^r!*" 

HATS, CAPS, 15001,4 & SHOES, 

fit* ll*t 

Wctrant - 

I S llvu 1 ■■■ WII" I — * » , , ■ 

■ta latinos. Will tw iwnl.oo rtqaeelhj l«ltor,».lilre.* 
i id a« sheen 

,he , , S*n *ntenitiwa of formal social lifw. Wc want - Loom . Wt wmeiaT^Rae Up ~ ' 

matiam which he may b i.Ler and » 5 l upon this broad earth of oara until 1 1 somothmR more pracitical— somot'ilnK T ,„. Brit |»tH,r r I.nuf^tnrfng Co. ar. prrp.rr .1 m n f ( , r —MADAM JUMKI.'s 

tn display, ao that no cxhibttion of into! i . J® wide universe and become warmer— that touches more closely the n.r.M.i, ih.irn.-in.pmved l«^. for we.«. n gRw«L R|j gInri ,i Balm and I'alent Breast Klseati.r, | 

u„ nr . m.jr lie introduced W here I bad traeersea me wiuounntrse nou u»uiu. ... . Iltrr*id,-up. Ih v »lw  ntn-r their w.ll known C«a- IW mnuiriw , . . 

anccor blgort, tnuf ,*guainted with iu marvstous beauty, its won- inner heart. This want ia tnfact tlm very ,,„i Mach, „.ry. including their New ,hvnh,,^ u • "r ^ ' 

, omnletc freedom of private opinion prevails | dsrful glory and grandur .,1 w.ll kno w ihi. „ vacancy that Mouory ia to we. I adopted K „. m Worth Ftuut trt-M , tW 4 j *t*ug*..u.«d ledwa Rirmsti.g stomesvary ■ 

, ..... I havnnd the ranL'e of humniiitv, eet I often wish to fill. I . MtllaJsIphm. I». 

ance or blgory. 



complete freedom of private opinion prevail* d.rful glory and gr.mlure, 1 well know this i  vacancy that .Mouory  • .0 wc. auaplco - Na .65 Itorti, From tru-i, 8 .H .tlfr»g,..u.nd Udta.-Rshuah.-i 

I, I^V addicted to any vices which are cal bayond the range of humanity, vet I often wish to till. _ ^ _ ... .L * Pa. IV^VfiARf 

,i..rrr-,. „ i, ini l,elnw the level of hia l aould scan the mountains rugged highland And ,) niut tuni nkAl’K VINK cur x 

-tm In i m U Z* , n i viaw of Mote., but that louely grave .. when ah. .if/bf the bodsld. #the tick, j 3 , 000,000 Tl SOK. Cou««l, Hart- , Thm . ^,,,^1  ? r 

PXItrcll, or lower him III uieir proper CiU ( ■ }b i • . A.~ T _ f,»,| Ires’ Nwdling and N.^ton Virginia, ehasper  .wu g imputani 1 * 1 ,**,. ,|.*ifsl Inf.irn.nP.H, . f. r 

motion tlveOavel warns him to discard them; 'Will b« shat out from the eyes of men to or dying hrothar, xdmin-aFEag on the one where .!«■ «V v.,.« 7 of Mm ...d fr.„ ■„« rf ». hf*d 

orifac cherishes anyauperflnous com. ita or the end ofn.ue. IIow 1 would lik. to visit hand relief to sufRmnrUhl on th» other Umv':,^,V. N^^Tuu'L'n.r, ' n... v’sk t^ ? " " 

vanities calculate,! to produce in him unbe the conKcr.lcd spot, where Jesus performed whisper* f«aoe and effort to the dea- ‘ . * * . * ... rol , ,SF.KS' The 

cmiag airs or displays of super importance,, hi. mirarlos of lov. and kindness |*how many pairi „ g . Tb* phyiicianwnay atRend t*^he^^ J V„hacr„ ihmiroyed by Or 

t lie Gavel Would instruct him to amend his ple*sent tBsocialions clutter arouuu all, those* ^gnis of the iick with lb*' UtmWtt ttdoliff , '  4 CufY*, 8 |ic«. Flasttr anJ Palm. i* rrr »umn for iirevUr . AHtlnss 

Oiocatta*, Qutaoswara, 4 kc.. 

C'arprla, rnper !lR«KiMga 


A Complete Nlork of 




the Gavel Would instruct him to amend Ins P 1 *"*" 1 ■ ,w " uun8 riu,lu " ruuuu l,KM wants olthettck with too uttnoat fldeli ty , 1 \ x u a* of Cotfie, 8 | tom . ^PURtvr an«! Palat. | 

manners. The aim of all this is to impress , dear oid spots, there is a great many bcautitul #crv ica« arc nierccuaryw-lic works AdJrrs*. H. N. BHKN 1 US 8 Jrto. 

upon the Entered Apprentice that he ia being Bungs in Ibis world, the old home of our child tor l)ut wo “cannot aerve Gtai and 

Introduced to fill a place i. a peculiar insti '•««».« rendered dear to us. by association lll; j ln , I| 0 g.,’ gnd in proportions aa our |r.*cu- A«r«U WtUlfd E»epywh€Fe., 

tn.ion, and that he must lenm t„ Ht himself to «vcn if tl is a rude and uns-ghtly building. For niary col!#i j uration9 intcrlerc with ony . 1 ^, h 1 ^ ,"^!u ! 

hia new position, to adapt himself to lusncw, tis there wo 6 r«t know a mothers tendw loTc . (hin wn j 0 j„ t ho same proportion, fra- l„i do. n/r»pUal rojuirol Por particular*. 

a fathers watchful care, and all enJearwg fam- ... r . , , . ad.lm* Wilurd Jt Oo .131 Usual »t., N.i . 

 •. R t'OTI ON. U«* I* •** Portland. Ilaiur 

Krpl on hanH*. 


condition * fathers watchful care, and all endearing f*m- 

SAVED BY MY MOTIlPH. ilj lies, yea, each flower, rbek, and rivulet i* 

a n.rm,, ., nr . hi . (anmilv been coin- the rendered dear by association. We may wan- 

.hr .id hone ^ -,|io w-.~a «o-..a.. - .«r«« s ;.'d i*lw 

*. r r^iaw^j -1 V. a. «« «. *«,, «-«.«. V.^rt.^XXZ.X^V. 

stories, “moral.” Without vouching for its ac- spot on earth to se. H. 1 b. Her vigils there *re me Uwm. drt*. I*. •litii ~ nnd the intcresi. of I. in 

curacy we simply condense iu details. Snarono Kr., lab. 8 th 1068 outpourings of her big icart. 1 ’ . ,#l i cifntk WAXl ki»— For F....r S.wau.i \   1 i ., In nnd surrounding loimti,-, 

A young girl in Vicnma lo*t her mother, who KeeUoaal Ouslu Tcai... tetidcrucaa of a mother she hears the faint \ ^l. article, of de, I j csa«.»utH«.. The Banner wiU contain a large imount of 

on her deaih bed warned her daughter to pur- A minister traveling along a Texas «t moaning of tho invalid, and with tl,ci w.thw.« |,._J. w. LE^.a Au , k^r.,k_c .r^. huK c *' ■ 

sue the paths of nestitude nnd peace. But in roa j „ le t h stranger driving his wagon, , °l ,en ' ian ^ ot her unmeasured chanty, she ' nM Ali, h BUIT MANUAL gives I V years *^ 1 ^’",' fr' in tliVhcst papers is tl,. I'liU.d 
the course of time the young girl received and w |,j c h was pulled by four oxen. As the supplies the present want* and tuture ^ sc^w* sr»t. .. tl..- LorrNvillo and Inane maik.-t-. 

hIIomKIm attentions o( a lover who. «ntc onf niiniAter Ak*i roaiclicd lie iic&rd tuo driver hoi P 8 ol th© family. I ,ic Doct H will not gn*, ^m ( |, oi umii irmti no uk* thii p*mpMt 4 »riI runtfullv iMirfocU^I 

jt-h— •.*«- " ido o.i.,.b« miniaicr c»..d, *.* a assr as 

aiul returned with her to her home, wa* on the, ( iet Preebytcrian! Geo, Camp- tha only friend whose charities never mUwpuldic. , ^ ^ , .te „f civil. K.-ligions *n I   . „,-t ,« ..t , I 

point of her bttrayal. when suddenly the ap^ Uaw  B tigt j W , |gt ar „ faileth- Tho “benefits” of other lnsttu- j wCLal^'i.t »ut frS. 1 , AUowat n.r....r pr.v.w lilarty. t-» the aHfan* -f our • gl-ri 

itariliou ufher mother appeared, it* pale head Hf t ions are dealt out by measure, ana e*n* I circular and nhuw bills tn tkotr wi^idk to»ct A«our min o|«l o»inmonw«*iiltli ’flit* aim wiUN* t»»j 

.nd iu hmal “2 £ lek with Ih. .in, ntar ‘ * , pnj. JJnt the Angel vf Ma- • PC MDYA I^CB!^trSNMd, , fLrr«r ‘ V^V^a^ris'wr i!)mw * akn*lT Ki^wi**' 

nnutterable swIbcm. TUv««a w« Imt to I ^ ^ £ 8onry di.p^w her hieing, without, IWf Ko.u of „M ,h 

an msiant. but it* memory lasted for a liiwiitpo. j ■ . b 15 i money and with price, and to crown all it a ACRES IN SMALL KRL'ITA. — A p| c , andll.eiv»,  secure a la.m .■irfulatt-.t,. 

Warned by Ibis ghostly visiiant, tlie young, r u done so accretlv that har loft hand ia not good stock of plants for rale at whole u,,. suWripti.ui prier willtw put d»wn 

girl collected her mental resources, dismissed i Stranger, you have strange names for . , , , , »*le nr retail. For |I 0 85 rhiUdelpi.ia. ui Stinger -|-y fO DOLLARS, |H*r annum in mfvanee. ] 

L unworthy lover on the .pot, retired f,om jour oxen, and I wish to know why they permitted to know what.her rig a .a t , * The pcple -f »l.i a..;l Mirn.iimhi.g 

the allurements of the wofld, and was safe— have such flames to them.” doeth.— MlJtUoSt W. iiaiMm/BtikhinSr* Hanford** Onnenrd, and 6 colllltlj^ an* W.lieAWI l ' | use their iritlm ' ,N 

“ 4 vsl by my «othc  M.a tUer.after al-j The driver replied: “I dlMad ox T uk prevalence Jf MaaodSucicti^i inall |Th ^Tyu^twr a. a 

ways said. in front i’reahjteriah, becad^^V ta tree a g UB . and arwrfngall pa  piw^ Ui«irjiiilucnep t«* d fordM jij ti*e M - Y -uffieieut miraber of nuliacrib»‘ra ahain . 1 »d' 

hints TO FARREHU. 'bine, and never fails, he beli^W^u pull- ' ,. 1 ^...^ f„ r t  ooil. their connuetion with the JOHN b. t OLE , »orr»«ow», ^ Itainci. I 

A wtitcr gives tho following advice ing through in every difficult place, [H:r- p.ogroaaivc development of our race, theii WT rTilld DAN ,,, r iet,,r 

which wo fully endorse. , severing to the end; ami then he knows relation with science, art. letters, and ohZry store, will t»uy th«m. AJdrrs. with *ump. - - 

Don't buy ai iano for four daughters more thau uil of the rest. TbeonebrTiis philosophy, demonstrate their utility, tl Hours*. Damon A Mno»ir« . cien-Umi.  »»'■ 
while your sonB need a plow. ] side I call Campbellite; he does very well there anything suceptiblo of demonstra- Ut«t Uipro.rU Dtrp box Ml W. B. WILSON, 

Don’t let your horses be seen standiug when you let him go hi* own way, until tion within tho circle of human expcricuce| TaOOIMS 

at the tavern door. It don’t look right. : he sees water, and then all the ttorld or observation. That these institutions ■ ■*- ^ ( ’ BOOT AND SHOE MAKER| 

Don't givo the merchant a chanco to could not keep him out ofit, and there ' Luv0 evcr wrought their great labors  » , ' _.. ,.. KS MlurMt s ,. n ,„ rJ .n.i' 

dun you. I’rompt payments uiakt-s in- ho stands as if his journey was ended ge eret, will uot appear strange when we dra Eawarto™, AlsuShaftia*. '•ulley*. th.t .. pr.| »r«-d th-- »««'  •  

dependent men. - I This off ox is a real Baptist, tor he is nil consider that all lile and beauty are cela- wwu 'ji'iHiVood .t ..TCudt-lphu ll |‘». '^'!bu I'ri.'r o« "IbT 

tcrnal, loving sympathy ia abut out. 




Therefore, Masonry occupies a poaltion SQUASH ^ \ 

in the sick room, that a physieiau, or ct on a 1 *. N«rton, boa, New t .^k. ao » 

* J Arrn .. „fC.-J . nrcslsr with Itiirravu. •. 

. . . . * 151 . SFfD « i of Swl. for » circular, wilh nncrmvn.^w 

the minuter cannot nil. »aaw. ^ d«c option of th**«t *»rwti.sof fall 

ller vigils there are the spontaneous judw.utsr **u«i.fs with  'in«twus b -w to ,;r..«r 

otitoourinss of her big heart. With tliai ■ 1 1 ■ ■ — — 

tender uui* ol a mother she licara tl»o fiiint- j ^ able tit icI«*r of dtiijf co«itu»pi»o»i. Avi«irrww, 

; I II,..  b,I n-lt I, III* Willi si.iai, Jo* L. Huuliahu, Fn-dtrick Cirr, MJ. 

/% 1 UU1IL It II I l ia » ’W mass »w*» - — ' I ovv sivsssss vasa ■■■ ■ « sisrs _ . . |. 

on ber death bed warned her daughter to pur 1 \ minister traveling along a Tovaa ett tuonning ot tho invalid, »nj with the , wt 1 »’«‘»l , ‘* - — jo* ^ ‘ ll 

sue the paths of nestitude and peace. But in road met a stranger driving his wagon, open liand ot her unmeasured charity, she nMAAA, I Rl IT MANUAL goes 15 i 
tha course of time the young girl received and t which wa» polled by four oxen. As the supplies the present want* and lutiire 1 ^ who'bwmwer k 


From Philaslrlpliin. 

A wtitcr gives the following advice ing through in every difficult place, per- p, 0 gressive development of our race, theii VIT \^f^J r ?m l " g fS*ui!y' '"iGH^^sml 
which wo fully endorse. severing to the end; ami then he knows relation with science, art. letter*, and uraZry siurt-« win" buy th*n . Aildrs** with *ump. 

nr»i* allll v* S*. ....... 

iop and t«* uxtrudnik: thf iMrofilatioii of t Ii«* j »r\| »«* r It’' 

prices, «lc. pubiic-ation Will In- cnmincncwl *o » »ilf «■  11 
M v sufficient uumtH'r of aulwcriticrs atutllla- ob 

^JLltalaSd. * 

a. article DAN l’ARK Ell. ( 

iwsre sail Editor A- •’», ,|iri«-tor 

t larc* na4 Dr*h Mih t, of Ike abas* nsiti’d 
I rl, hr, Uni (iardrn Kri 4   IS M»ir, .in* fm 
•alt- b| 

J N. ( RAH. * SON 


3,000 lbs 

EXTRA I min I' Mil it 

Fop Mnlr by 

J. N. (ill A 1G 

Cle'cUml, Ohio. 


uoo iix, »r 


[ K.SIKKS to infi'rin tire ciluent of S'snford snd 1 
1 TK-iniiy. that hi  is | r. | »r.-ct to  lo the Inst id 
slut blow mskii.K »f the I tied sod ni"*l f» h 


Keep good fences, especially liaefwj^cn, tlaj time alter water, and will not eat with brated in night and mystery. a/i a AAA W 1 S t! O N S 1 N HOP «'• hspatm «.,»a«ywBwe. 

they promote good feelings betwien neigh- the other*, but is constantly looking on ; ,j own in tho uDscen depths of nature's JsGUyUUU ROOTS ; lo.voo Thorn- j "“"«*• tionue acall. 
bora. onesideand then on the other, and at . tho ever active spiritof orde. , ^;t^; rJ .t,e W ^rhsp f 'i^^Vd-er ' TEfUIS, BTRICTLY CASH. 

A decent substantia! clothingfor your every thing that cornea near him. The, lTeavC8 the beautiful and magnilicicnt net-; * aa . iUI Prompt iui*w.r» m in.pnnr* 

children, make them tliiok better of them -other, which 1 call Methodist, makes a v » or k of loilage fruits, and flowers, which j A **P 1 WeV* Macc^tn^N Y kao*ni.*ih«iassl»«'S mdei.u-.! :■»• 

boIvch. and keep tho doctor away. great notso and a great to do. and you ! clothes the world with unspeakable sp.en-j : ~ ~ L,V , — TrTvTTTT ' K,, ‘ 

Don’t atarvo your land; if you t-o you! would think he was pulling all creation. |d or8 — as the div ido grace and redolence of °' N - RL 1 SH UK Nil M ...u fait u , - — yjth 1 EMI ANNUAL EXI’t^ 
will grow lean. but he don’t pnll a pound. ^ j tho rose is wrought out in the invisable rl|FraBch Bur . niitstm,.-. . Pbusbi.firwianU Flour | 

Don’t buy patent right to sell sgain ol q Dteroat ~ K expcrL .; realm of lwauty-“»ecr.t pavilion,” tc ?m JAN. AKV 

Don’t become surety for him who waits menU , aU . )y mai ] e ^ H woma „’ 8 tongue throw ovor the waste and.barren place* of (i ()Ve(1 TurUjl ; w.n r wi.«-l«. »‘rv* f 8 t«t»*. Hoi»:iii« 
lor the Sheriff. ha8 i^ en to'utid capable of moving one ' human life the beautiful flower, of friend- j ‘ "ki"“w . t h°^.Ty r’ . i . 7 .^. ..f m'Ii U~r‘ 

Buy a farm wagon before a «uecar-! thoU8aud pjne bundrod and twenty times ! shipand love, and the fragrance of tt  '“»•{ m ? .fr^.b-'-t uf WlIu .. 111^ A 

riago. in a minute. Tliiuk of that, all ye who only virtue .— Alta Californian . t'UU. " . /M’M I A 

H yon have a yoke ot oxon, don t be ar  , uo tbat wom *n ;o inferior to man! Odjsctioms to Mssoaxar— We are aware J " Jou '5 T. Novi.. 

Hsbauied oi them! and give your noleior! i  ro j uce tt epccimcn oi* the masculine geu- ii,^i many persons, btrangcra to the inviolate Uuffaio, n. ^ 

IUh.i mn| 8 Imr* n»aaa.g *f tin* leieet ana w«* _ 

luuxbiv tiyifR. on rr ipnu* ** »*•« , *j ru ‘ Wf hair jitnt rcrcihnl !!%«• 

be I^xitm ti|»M»iTwl»tr«. M* 'ndiug du«L uttbnurt ol* UtCCH« HltArU lllllf 

C e. Giwnwacaii. .^iiliirnl Lffif TN  dirmt frulM 

i cornea near him. ine ( weaves the beautiful and mngmlicient net- ; im amf Vh€ na/y. 1 ’rompt jui»wpp» t.» inqutrirR 

call Methodist, makes a wor (t 0 f foilage fruits, and flowers, which Aprl ^oa'niA^rElL WeV^Mac^on? *N. Y . 1 lh * mSu,v “ ,nJ,,,u ' d w,li »- » i;«-n, 

a great to do, and you j clothes the world with unspeakable sp’.en -, — - — tJI F.t. 97 -imJ |wo». 

was pulling all creation. : jor* a* the divide grace and redolence ,of y 7 th l EMI ANNUAL 

Xnlsirnl l rnf l«i, dlrn tt I'roi 
thr linpwrtsra In Nim X«»vi'i 
Iu whit'll Mr ins il« - j* « «*• ia (■•••■. 


Erl ' 77 IJS- 3 m 





h spau ol horses. der who can accomplish such a vibration,! principles which unite the craft, make tlieum- j 

Kc?p your sous away Irom hors© races, t[i« point ! | conduct of sonic of our n#socnte w , a rndical oL- 

thev are the highway # to ruin. - . . . iection to the insituiion. W^out intending Uj 

Don’t run for constable; you may g;t ‘‘That’s a fine strain, said one geoUcman J u|rtBr inU)a labored ilraia ofpeUmical di..,wi- 

it, and let the plow stand. to w,otber ' BlluJ t ,D « ,Lc louC# *•!“»; .ition with such fastidious c.’villers. it may b* 

Teach yoUi boys to look up and onward tit ** * coneert the other evening. \ e» , lnswcrcd lbal evcn t i, c inspired precept# of tb. 
nnd never down and backwards. «id a countryman who sat near, “but if j ha „ aot hom abuse M d| 

Don't leave to memory what should be ll0 ,lrtt,B8 “ uck moro h _*j! l ’ n8t '_ ! profsn.Uon. When Moloch fall, Li. defection 

J. W. LOAN. 





liinuraiirr tuinpany , 


K»iat*lMlK‘tM»w i)m- prrwstii | ropn*t«n- i»x l s 4-»- 

|si (•«• «' |iy « .aft  iitli|ilf* AltikT«( ’  ^ •’* 
I.E'I—I*' UIIHti l'*' t. 

N»»* Ida** 4 I** l.» ;*'f tn • 

C 111411**11 1 1» All Afty p fef iu 
lilt' ijoulll.  :s It Dill I CD! 


ASSETS at Mai Set Valua 


ratriitcil Ocl. 1st, IW.7. 
sufait'mil Ly A. O. \ cl) A Cn , Auduscr, 

written; it makes law a lit*. ! I’uovokino.-To go to bod early and left no blemish on the whit, throue slice its' *. „. Ult’s HAND Loot, 

When the labor* of the day are past, dream that you have more money than i Sapremc Majesty Wisllufipon, that sacrsti, 
let g,K d book, aud newspaper* invite the 1 you want, and wake up in tire morning priacipl. (without holy rove once for a h«h i-au-wdOct. IM. 

youngHtrr.No the sitting loom. and find yourself only an editor. Ugh! morally impo*..bla to a Maaou) U A . o. Ya, A Co . AmW. r V 

* ** — . - — neglected aud ifjcctsd . ohnll Ui# Iwub# ol ^ 4l( j p f*»r circuUr. 

! 0 *\Ve have received the first number (jyD is said of an centric lady of peu p ra yer and worship ba avoulad because apos AtlKNTS W \NTED 

of the “Stanford Banner’’, published at ir ious habits that she was so afflieteu by a t aus and pretenders have forsaken the glories j _ 

Stanford, Ky., by Mr. Dan Barker. Ills tharity sermon on u certain occasion aa to of perfection, to wander in the nun of infidel. | B* E. FABFLB *• C®. 
it neatly printed Democratic sheet., anti j K)rrow a dollar from her neighbor and ityV No, forbid itgeuiusof Masonary; forbid ; aiaM vis«,».w»xaw»« aoss icoaauMOa »uicaa T«,j 
promises to meet fbe wislioa of the citizens |ut it i uto _ber own jiockot. it every promise which keeps alive the hope set j t 

ol Lincoln. It is a weekly edition and is 1 , ~ . T . . before us, and iutimato* to fallen nuu tb  * 

liil i , t selection* — Kv OGT A young lady being asketi to wait/., bri bl ,, ro ,n*ct of immoiulhty and salvation.! Rpwjsi atummn g.v.n w *al« an.f slupm*»i »( I 

RIM with excellcu aueciiona. 0 foUowiug •ensibl* sod appropri- l £ . T ^. ile p^uaj. ..J M«haarf. r . Uh~»\ 

btatcviuau. h ° ll r — Myii*. S emj Pvadtcaia hand. Freigfit* ami charges eolleetwl 

— — — ‘ I ata answer.— • . u . . 'l',. |~ uu •hil ,n, «' 1 "• meubsi.dise. 

„ S . hi t bl.' r Lar uh . motMh “ No ’ 1 lbuuk y ,° U ’ *‘ r ’ 1 ‘*“» u ‘* u ^' u « p0hiliun c f a cold, austere. uTuical man. is lilt* ~ t V L. I MARPE CARPER, 

fetop that boy. A cigar in hi, inou h, eaMU|?h a t homo. Jlsctrio inlalliijenc# wbUe passiug along the Attomey sod ttouawllof law, Rest E-ute a».l 

a swagger in hu walk, impudence in hi, use no in igenen r * * Und A*«u. Bry»*. Te»ss,willi;iv«(piuuipau«uuui, 

face, a carcfor nothingiwa. i« his man- I 7 *A lively Hibernian exclaimed at a *'"• ^ » llb * n,, » “ d “ e 11 w bum.* In sd of -b. 8 ut.___ 

’ ” • .... I... .,....,1 m. umi VnoBiilire Lilt tho medium is _ .... ...... 

Cshb "■  Lsmt io Usuk. 
Hi al Krtatr. 

Migiirs*'- lb, mts. 

M,ai|r *' Iti'ii, 

H.iSk ttl'M-ks, 

t'. Mist. 

THE Izif'ISVIl.I.I I’ol’IUEH is nn| li»i r*llv s 

' - -Uvh" Newr»|'«l *'r, i. ll, ii"*ri»if iu *atiue«.»','l lh» 

I niiswrrviiic si"l iia*r«»i'H«j l.u'l ul I tn- »""ili 
inlili-hi , lu.r,  |i«i i-il lli-|»ulf li, ii*" 1 N, •*- ui" 

HiM-t lUny, tirtl*-! 51 si ki t si, I K ■ *« i It i -. *,„l » 
/ri-»l,‘i iiiisntitv of vabiabte si.'l ’ ''f'U i,r»U*i. li* s,» 
u * ' «*y ntlol |,uwi in tlw Wr.t oi S,,ulli«'i'»l I*' "u 'o 

' ll*e spiinw. liing cain'SM fnr th*- eU'Cliou of l'irsi,l«„t 
Sois.iun ai iImCoRKIKK will k«s p u* t«,Uis lully |*mw.l *«* 
H;l all (he excitiUK uid en nU ol flic day 

mt I’lfy Stocks »»,1 

other puMwi •ccurilu*. 

Total l.iabililie*. 

i,j* 7 ,aio oo 

I,*U,I 1 « 14 

Till* DAI I. Y «Ot 

11 , 111,111 JO 
ItUMl* iu 

promises to 
ol Lincoln, 
lille*! with 

Net Assets, 1 ' 

irDuly Alteatad, Sworn to and Sl*nod. 

The KTNAINHt’ltANt Et DUPANV is the 
Tru U e of U* Patrons to »» esteot tea told 
greater than ul iu owa kio, hhuldeis. 

*11 O'- 
s no 

3 :th 

I 'ii 

For One Yr*' ,t yuusil. I 

1 ' oi H,s Mon tli*. -*y »"*d. 

Three Month*, by msil, 
for (Jin M„n lit, by ia*rl, 


Singh' Copy , One Y«»r. 

Single copy, *** mouths, 

't'eu topics, one year, each, 

'I » tuly copies ami over, tach, 

Anr.i , * 1 *a i ui tt* Alu ms Kauemse 

Lsnd Agesl. Bryss, Tesss, will give piuuip altcuUuu 
to busiaest iu sfl portions of the SUls 

ly.stti hit each. , „ , 

S.y may In' *eut IS Post Olbce Orders or Dr ill ... 
then these Mu uot Ul proeurid, by mail slu i.F 

* a care -for- nothitignsiaa iu his mnu- Xj-A lively Hibernian exclaimed at a "“T * to .« *u 

Judging fnun bis demeanor, he is party where Theodore Hook sbotic tho star * H k"° • * ' un n ‘’ w ^ u CLOVER LEAF PLANE IRONS. 

er than hi, father, vvis*e than bis tea of the evening . “Och Master Theodore, s'rtugv J '» '• J* * T* ’ i*j|ANUKAITURKD EXCLUSIVELY Bi 

r mom honored than the Mayor iff the you’m tfi| 1 .ook no Isxfv can bate. '^» ,ur * * re * " eh m, rl H M 1 H ’ “ J 1 « W*™}* PAT KNTW Ku , f ••*« 

’• ... 3 **wi - icn su*iw, a graveyard under a euilly vain, and b „ suvl. i*o»*e*.. the (uliowiug superior uual ««ery 

. _ WL.I.asi I Is ix ns tl.d, I'ptialiljlit SFaIiI ' ' . . . . . . » ■ 

town, higher than the 1 ‘rcsident. Stop 
him; Im i- g“»og too fast. 

lie don’t see bimself a* other, sec him. 
Ho don’t know ki« tpeod. Stop hiiuntv 
tobacco khatUirs his nerves, ero pride ru- 
in, his character; ere tho loafer mauler 
the mao; vro good ambition and manly 
•tie ng lit give way to low pursuits ard 
brutish aim*. Stop all such boy*! They 
are legion; the sham* of their familte*, 

lit* leu of the eveumg . "l»ch aio*ier tneouorc, ; •• ■ I IV/lANlrAi t- kmi t.\i lusiv iw,i **' .fnieiiou wrssioau i t y thr burning .,(T«s m T,,e  

or iff the ’ luiok no liodv cau bate J ef,H * ,e * b,rJ " ntf *‘ fl * d *‘ th ,r  ’ j\l is, undei REYNOLDS PATKNTW For Mituos of lly . AlDOlit* ilM |MN p1« Ilj 

, yoa r© U^l • xen sn«»W, IIL'rBXeyBrd under B chill J fBIB, End Suxl. |W»*«* tlg« full-.wiu# Bui^nor h«im!- exirv K r «*l« paiiiioB, in hmouiiIb ltrg« •Ujl 

S(oii . , . . . | . • • »» | | Hinitfl uimIpi cvhv Ajiicpivviui cimiBNKMi'Bi it will 

I nC7* 'fho you"»{ wh(  w “ Jr ‘Vtu to, uu suslcrc Muon; the l*,t isby seveil degrse* u** f ^.u.niwwdthc suu, in r*e ceuier u si goe * mwt ui»«t the Uwu|x^y‘* go-.l wuh.. 

. ! destruction had to walk back- uoare.t xero. It ha, .Ir.^ly bem a wonder to , lh# ^ »d ,h. ..Iu. u( esmt.uc ik«*r.f..| 

*c him.| u u us why such meu enter Mssoaic iuslilutfrdW ., ‘J- IVy hulJ , ine eulkry edgs u»ul the iron is rke ck,^t. 

hint nre [jfp 4 clergyman gave a toast that was »p ( , honorary meuibei* uf as me uo «»tt «p.,i* iu them. ' 

irideru- U(Jlver y ga || UI)t ,at a tiremau a eclehra- mrcis-.ion,; to be directors of cenietny corpo ‘ 

master . 4, Dur lire engine* — way they bo rations, icc compstiie* snd parochial boarii*, to, lrt !| _ an suldat ih» *Maa ytin rf uthir inw*. Fire «ad IrIrrM !X»»i*»tloi 

manly | iko tdd maids— ever ready, but Dvvre, U aiWtbems«lv,switbcxy*etattoa,u lhoNorlhl * 10 ““ **“'* Mtnkn. 

it, ard w nuted!” ] Pole, snd the hk*. sr* sufticieinly congenial ^"wr'hciby suUKeim all U*rdw,-,| Deslerstu allow 

An i sirs., p* i.ultowiJl lie cM' »g '('l f-rcvclj 


„ . n « ,. A Ituhey may be soul f* P«a Olltc, OrJitrs nf Rrsfl *.* 

• Ulf, anil when these CUIIUOS Ul procured, by lutul »lu .[ 

| ( %r friend* ,tuy where are rerpiewted to act *» J 

| geuU in gnuuig up clubs. Postmasters, are wl»u sJ 

proper rwUuiMs I* t-rrm-d of thsrwi, sitdde*- \ om,**aEirP CRAT1, OU April 

K occasiuMMl by Ibr buruing uf Twssit vases F i»l»uu. 

*S DvsasMuf Pfuperly, aiaoug the ptsipl, iu ___ V 

,-rs-ls uut idsilioa, in ninmiul* large and' , , .. . J 

us4nsMlf A*i«»ivabUr ctrcuiusiwwtc. it will All L*U»7s «sy ^ s'WI 1 y •• ' g | 

t correct ubw of lb.- C'.„u,,.n,s go.. W«k*. ' LUt D \ ILLL COI Ul fc »• „ J I 

• val- J u.detw filing. Ik. k,« « W - N k/L J 

Bticnutli ^»ve wav to low pursuifa ard wanted 1 ’ 1 Pole, nod tie like, are »ufhcx*mly cuo^cmai w, tmi.y »uih**n** Mil 1! udwr«| DeuIcfn t » allow 

stop .11 . K h vs«r T 7 T b „ New «*• 2a^7«S^ffdri£S3, 

are legion; the shams of their familte.,' 1 r ‘“ y r ..sJilinw Ho dried Brothers of the ^utrs, ia the place, we should 

tho diagran* of their town, the snd ‘ ul ^‘unsolJ rtforTal U ^ — | nuppunw. m which they would fc-el, t «„ PLANE lRtrNj*.dc t.yus bear, our 



1   MPKUTPULLY aunonnae* (*  fu »bl nisi,*, 

I V crs. sud frieuiU gsuuwily , lh*l t*° *» I’rupsie 
to da Sil r nets of s W 

Saddle Rorusss, A Brldla Makiuc. \ 

emu reproaches of themselves. 

'Juiary, 111 . lets a cylered woman on 
deed Sad thirty-five yisis oli. j 

J'Al.ub iplua it Udl ot young m o M 

jrnir scAlltf ' 1 Ha-A-'-P" 

. tn us. 

Kccty PLANE lKtfN ms, it by us bests uur 

U) lit l'« home .— Altu Colijorm*. 

Is i« said that the mustache of the Futpus* ^ B u ,^i Ji | , g foauraiice CoRpany is a New 
Eugenic i tv, Is that other husband. Y'oik idea. 

Lotidoa has twen'v uitu “*9 through fsii , It u rumored -Lst Ldmu Booth isurgsged " 
s*jn rate tit evts- | Min MO itfli 



! » I* Ai*acie* in *11 ih.ptiucipal ClkMsaad Tuwa.l ^ ^ |-Ur|ia  ;U4ll uu j 

ia the I’tiiua Sutis. ....... itiw., il» v esu be to, «Ut 

Ustes sud terms „ llbwal ss i* cubsuUiit with lilt *| 

slmrt notice, su 
it tuiywlur* tn tk 

T.XADL mark 

IliYNOLDS, ItA * Oil 

ai*** '' o *s' 

Aulruiu, N . 

j *bla indent, tly , 

• Appltisonn f„r lusttiiiic will promptly »' 
, Ictulsd to. ... 

Hi IT it*/*, 11 Its- Slli ‘1 ftsossso. 

11 T. HAlt It I s . 
MnJS*. nuutar*. M). 

Mw'mi.s, is si tin- t-.ll -*t», oo ll' rwernsM | 
I ' . .oils. Iron, wtsut' t (lo. My » of k t . 

^ *•“  •' J f 1 B !"5 uW 

Mai * J "- 1 j 


The Stanford banner (Stanford, Ky.), 1868-03-19

4 pages, edition 01

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 Local Identifier: sta1868031901
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  Published in Stanford, Kentucky by Dan Parker
   Lincoln County (The Knobs Arc Region)