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date (1862-06-19) newspaper_issue THE DOLLAR WEEKLY BULLETIN. 

ROSS & ROSSER, Publishers. 




A square is Twelve lines of tlii.-« oizo tjpo- 
f 4 a«l M( about 100 worJs of luauuacript. 












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S Itiseriions 
K Iii ertions 
'Two Months 
Three Months 
8 X MonUis 
One Year 

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Editors and Proprietors. 

MAT8VIM.E, - - JUNE 19, 1868. 

|3F~Aro these not truly beautiful liiicii}— a 
vivid portrayal of heart feelings— touchin ly 
tender and sweet — teemipff with thonght that 
come home to the heart.- £o. 

Las^year, during the Exposition, Paris 
w,as visited  y the aame mania for lodging- 
lettini; wbieb rava^efl London in 1851, dur- 
ing the Great Exhibition. From the mid- 
dle of Aprif, baiipioj up at the doors of the ioterlocutor. 
hdu.^es ill the fa-h iiiuable a-id central neigh- I 'You are 
borhoiHl.t of the French capital, tiiight be 
en bi 1 Is wi ' h ' Joliopartemmt menblea louer 
presenfmei.t;" and, many a family, many • 
widowi-r, migrated to some diataot oatskirt. 
giving up their apartments to strangers or 
foreigners, ii: consideration of receiving some 
tboQsand frono; while they themselves 
nestled down, during the  ;reat influx, in 
some humble locaiity, within or without the 
walls. Iij letting, thern was no d sti net ion 
ol nations ma'le: the terras were tli'* s.imo 
for one and all— lor the n.vtivc coinpitriot. 
a.s well itii the Millard Argliiis; tor tl:e Ger- 
man baron, a« well as 

ed to the eyes— what -lady joaog or old, 
would not have dona so, particalarly when 
the avowal came from • yoang, handsome, 
and wealthy man? However, she took it 
in good part, and Uoghed ootright at her 

You are Imighinc madsme^ and how- 
over" — 

•Your folly provoker my laughter Mon- 
sieure B iron; I really cannot help it." 

'Nevertheless, madame, I can assars yon 
I am felly master of my reason, or at least 
of as much of it as remains, snbdaed as it is 
by intense passion.' 

'What, sirl ^intense passion at the first 
si  r h t !" 

'You forget, madame, that I have now 

been livi;.p: three long mouths in your apart- 

tbe bouse opposite to hers, he bad chanced 
now and then to see her at her balcony be- 
fore missing her all oaa sudden at her de- 
parture from apartment. After many days' 
anxiety, ha determined apon writing her a 

BhOTt Chapter for Toung Iiadiea. 
There are certain yotwg ladies in the 
world who bold pecnliar nonons as to the 

attentions they receive from gontlemen.— 

They seem to think that if a man is poli'e 

hiUtt loux, informing ber of his love, and j and agreeable to them — if he appears to take 
stating that he would call that evening for i plgngure in their Fociaty, and visits them 
an answer. Having written hia note, ba ; two nights successively, he is bound to pro- 

vvrappe l it up in a small paper parcel, aid 
jerked it over the balcony into window. It 
happened tn«t the baron bad just fini.-ihfd 
the second breakfast be had taken in the 
boase and was poring over the newspaper 
when the parcel dropped into the roem.— 
He took it up and finding no supHr:3cription, 
bo openfd it an 1 re^id tlio follow. n;z: 

"|(?/irf?)o?* ff t"3js("//#, for weeks aid week* 
h:\vo I iiilniir-'l you iv^ixi my W'U low-seat 
opp isitc. O how superlative happy should 

pose marrtaga. Strange to say, some mam- 
mas labor under the same delusion. A short 
time ago a friend of oars visited a jonng 
lady three or four evenings in snecession, 
and as he was leaving the honse the 
time, the mother called him quietly into the 
parler, and a:*ked him what bi'  intentions 
vera Our friend promptly responded that 
he had no intentions whatever, and politely 
wishing the lady good-night, left the house 
forever. We live in a fast age, and it wouM 

Two nt A. Bso— Ned ana Charley •» 

two room-mates, bat they ooeupf diUMOt 
beds. Ned's sleepfoff appM^iH was M 
sitaated that ha eoatdget in oo either aid* 
—that is to say, there were two foro-«ld«iB 

which Ned found very convenient. 

One night, Ned and Cbsrley had beea 
out, and on returuiog, which they did sear 
morning, both were considerably elevated. 
However, thsy walked to their room with 
an air that seemed to say, 'not so drank 
after :.ll," and sought long ao3 patientlrfoff 
matches and lamp. After knocking tlM 
pitcher off the wash-stand, and smsshiog 
the looking-glass, they finally gare op th« 
search and went to l ed. 

Went to iKtd— yes. that's the word, hot 
owing to the darkness and eonfnsion ofthelr 
sense?, tuey mt'de a slight mistake, to 


• -'ok an olden vohip e tip to risht, 
A k 1oi; r 'i«id a.xi. e, %%it!rn « ).08f leaves 
For many a ■wearv year I h.n\ no: looked; 
An 4, u.r I ciirtic-il tliem ovur oiicbv one. 
There met mine eye, that knew their meanine 
j well, 

Some mntb^memortal of the day« ?one by: 
A withered leaf « r tji-'wer, or jiDiiLil murk 
Penned in m/y" O'hVyounp duyn by a fairhand 
1 Iiut now, Mlas! in ashex. and whone clusp 
.\ln\ jit ver mi.rc re^jH-nsive meet mine own, 
 ftv.- V. licii 111  Ireat is. or in n;v raaij ing hours 
I  leem I am nor all fi.r£oltun by 
Tfaoae fiiciulships of the past, and stretch my 

, ir. \ olnnlarv t;«r! 1) nsit :r:ijrl:t ;:riisp 
e. ei iiku the olilcii liino. a f';;ir. aoft 'palm 
And take it to my longing lips, and press 
A love kis? on it. 

Tli;it s:inio )an l had pinckcd 
t'i mc llio-e llowera nnd withend 
ii ". es, 

An.l 1 hud p.'ace'l them in that book.tlnu I 
MiRht look niKin them often, uii-l rr i; 
Her wordHand the MOft tcM-tal* blu^li ihut bto 
To her fair cheek, and the bent \i\ \ka^^ o'er 
Her beaming even, so full of love for me. 
AH:from her hand I took the proffered gift. 
And read its fragrant acrol!. 

was the condition 

Madame de Y . a youn^ 

some widow i.f live-aiid-iweiity . who, on 
the first ot April of that m'-niorable year, 
had ihrowo otf her weed.s, resijinod her«olf, 

I be Russian boyard,. 

the Polish connt, the dollar laden American; jt^ct which caught my attention on entering, 
for everybody , in short, who woold pay: that , and I have looked at it and admired it every 

jday since. Nor was I captivated by the 
and lir.nd- ' charms of your beauty alone, for I am well 
arqU'tinted with your m'Tit in every way, 
your many superior qii ilitics, ar)d your ir- 
reproachable characier. A mm however | 

nietit, ar.d that your portrait, which I now _ . ...^ -o-t -- ^ - 

see is an adorable likeness, is banging up 1 1 be were yoa to do me the honor of ad- j gaem that courtship must be conducted with 'hort, Ned's bed had the honor of receiving 
there in the next room. It was the first ob- mitting me to your presence, and allowing ' the same railroad xpoed as other things.— two friends — Charley getting In on on« 

among the reigiiiux epidemic. O  e little versed bp may he in womanly af 
she rang lor the lodge-keeper ol the house i fairs, cannot spend three months in a lady's 
in which she resided in the Cbaaseed'Antin. ! apartment witbuat noticing and studying 

many things disclosing her habits, her tastes, 
ber feelings. I have been an acute, ai;d 
perhaps an in lis. reet observer, m tilame, 
and what T have di-rovcrt-i), ha- cap'tiviiici 
my heart for. v-i; th a hn^irr I ntT r you 
a^ain, and humbly await "your answer to 
know my fate.' 

There was no bombast, no fanfarucada in 


and ordered him to nail up the universal 

bill, "Lodgings to let." 

"What running op uuldown I shall have 
of it!" exclaimed, with a piteous shrii.i, the 
S'-emn;i;ly ilnicoiiao'.atfjp«.r!LT, who inward- 
ly rr-juiceJ at the ciicumstance, for be, also, 
hoped to reap agolded harvest irom the new 

"i^'nnporfrtf, Andre," eontinned the charm- 
ing yonug widow; -let ^niy. apartment lor 
thrje thousand franc^t, and yuu shall have 

ynnr cumin i.'-sion ol tiv« per cent., if to i 
chelor or; lour pi-rc.Hit., !l to a 
marrii-d I'UiIa, without ni.y i i.l lutiiie 
iiicuni br.iiici'y; and three per cent., it 
to a lanriy; and here are five francs, to 
drink mv ht-alih. ^ 
Al ts ! alaii!" groaned Andre, as he pocket- j 

me to declare myself, and crave pardon for 
my presumption. At eight this evening I 
will call, ask for admission, and learn my 

fate. Till ten, minutes will glide awav like 
years for impatient heart. F,ireweil lili 
then, the goddess of my^adoration . 

lie came, and the door was opened to.him 
by baron in person. 

'Is Madame da Y — at home?' 

'She is not at homo lor you.' 
•And pray, by what riglit do you refuse 
me «'i mission?' 

'Me th'i)kr) lh*t rijht is vory evi lfnt.' 
'Ari l von wT-' Ii* r9 in lipr aparf mt-Mii?' 
•True; hut tor the time being it is m'ue.' 
The (iiiiV'Sue went rapidly on from cross ! 


Marriage fs a serious matter requiring long; 

and o;irr.G5t cot;«idurat; .D. Two young peo- 
ii'e njav bn every thing that may be wished 
fur, they may be amiible, afFectionate, in- 
d ispoiiition, and yet, be'suso their tastes do 
not assimilate, they will live a very unhappy 
life together. How are. these young folks 
to find out each othsi's temper and disposi- 
tion, if it is not by time spent in each other's 
c )tnp.uiy befere mitrriage There can be no 
doulit th it :he numerous unhappy marriages 
which are made in the present d ly, arise 
'entirely from the fact that the cf)iirt,ship is 
i too short. Marriage is not regarded with 
sufficient reverence; it is often hurriedly 
entereil into and speedily repented. Truth 
compels as to state that this is caused in a 

words to a challeoge; and oo the morrow a j i^reat measure by our young ladies.,. As we 
the baron's languag*; it waa the resolve of ' duel took place in one of the coppice-woods | have just stated, they appear to think that 

a man who bad made up his mind, and was 
determined to .succeed. But the more he 

urged his suit. t!ie less hh a.KMnfeil in it; 
till !it list tho wiilii'.v sii^iiified to him, in 
line form and untn stakal^le phr i eiilo:;y, 
that he iiisuntly siiift his q'u irters — 
thu.s gi v'li:; lum his lo.ive, and intimating to 
him. at the snme time, that he must n»vcr 
think of seltiii^ toot in her residence a',rain. 

'Very well madame — I withdraw and will 
not return till you invite me to do so;' the 

ed the sil ver-pitrce, and promised, in a tone 
of melanrbuly devoredness, to do his bost.^ 
i Thjt eveoina. the widow, accompanied by | answer to which parting wonls wad a saucv j 
j her ffttitne dechambre, t  ok up her quarters in smile and a toss of the head, which Bvidntit 
'•• •■' ' .. . - ..•«.' -.. . ' •-— •- - •- w.»i., " • 

ti.i.i» iii-a'- iiv- v:.!,i;ij of F«nten- 
isH- , out 'idv tlie I'.jrr.ers d'Enfer 
to '.Lie pretty llois d»^ Meu- 

Oh. oldon tf^me ! 
7n11 many an hour in th 'se brisrht. hnrpy days 
Have we bento'er thy |aige, wldle her lair curls 
Mingled with nny dark locks. andoiieHoft hand 
Ciaaped mine; hur low, awcet voice tho while 

U| on mine ••iir Ii '  • Tnn*;,-! notr;-; . as th.'oigh 
The pas.oin^ li' ur  ^l. ii :i i :.. mo stopping 
-o «;iy ••lliiw Hwet-l" ■• ^ciiji; r^rKiint faDCy of 
'I 'l l- J-r.rd. or n kiiix t'.'r my vniio lO read 
Ti.i: Jeej' uiiJ  tirri i.u piissjigc.t. 

I: ■ 

"Wn« fji-.icl and I ' ll 
Tr. iii-.i it uou- wn\.-, 
Ii'x.ii-ti.l.. r:. 

W 1 ; :i lii.T 1 •.; v l'":'. t 

II jr. and T.if ;V stem 
;iii i t!.i: i r ).i.l '.'lure.of Fame's 

t ! .-Ill Y.U .itV. riiry 

.-,'\\ ' I'wa- hor iov 

T.j.-triiy 'i.roiifjli U-.wi r\ iiicji'l . i.ri.l \,\ tliehiook 
LiKteniug tuMUft of bi -'di . anil Itiu --col .'•plabh 
Ut'WMtem." Naturo in her fruii'iy moods, 
And the ca m qatet of her twiliir'bi boura 
And early-even stars, was ber gp-eat joy. 

A little wl)ilc,rhc 5tiiiil togaide 
My warwnrJ step.-, by gentle iiiinir,trieM 
And wor !s of l"\e to call my better nature 
Into ac'ii« n. Then, lier niinsion done, home 

'1 o its nutivc skie , liui  ;.;r:'. "^-.k it» 
F.ieht. loiivinir a  »li;ido-.v .m \\ c ^rreeh earth. 
An.l if il  ll. v,ery nioa ls. the t !i:e  ky and its 
T.' ' \. ^t;ii-.tlif 'iri-i.k and mikk-iIj 1u!c .'» .-i vi-r 
S , en Al natiin- .-•••-•inc.l I.) Aitir a  1 u .1' 
Gloom . Kvcn t ho oi r.i- - ui ii -l -w.-. t ' y 
As their wont, b ii iriilcd their lays wiii. a .--ad 
Dirge-like cadence. 

Ai:d oh! as I sit )i :ra 
Tonight — an.l rt-u'l these mutely uloqiient 
Reni»mhrances. my . y .s u i,: .liin with tears, 
And u vaiii 1 'Ii(.';iil' i"r • h'- .ia\s(;0!ic by 
Conio to niy be;irL wnii a si.iirp ^ ang. 

An.l  e'. 

I wnnlil not wisli lier hack, but f)rcathe a prayer 
Of terveiit tliuiik^ tliat e"oi; a iii'lo « hilo 
"Tho eunliglit  i\ li.r gentle love, iiluiii'd 
My pathway. And thongh shadows dardon 

M V triitt' chall look beyond, knowing in heaven 
Slio liveth ever more, w) oee earthly life 
80 -bort, neemed a sweet benediction to itaclose — 

A BBAUliruL Rbflectio.*!.— Bulwerelo- 
qnently says: "I can not believe that earth 
is mac's abiding place. It can't be that onr i 
life is cast op by the ocean of eternity to 
fl .at a moment npon its waves and then sink | 
into nothinsnes-! Ele, why is it ibat the; 
glorious aspirations, which leap like angels 
from the temple cf our hptirt, are forever! 
waodermg about unsatisfied? Why is it j 
ti at the rsitib: w and clondacome over with i 
a beanty that is not of earth, and then pass I 
off and leave ns to mose upon their favored | 
loveliness? Why is it that the stars, who i 
bold tbeir feiit val aronnd the midnight ; 
thronp, are set above the gra.^p of our limit- 1 
cd faculties, forever mockiigus with their' 
unupprcicbable gior  ? And, finally, why 
is it that bright forms ol human beauty are 
presented to our view, and then tukrn from 
QS, leaving the tboasaod streams of our af- 
fections to flow bsckio Alpine torrents upon 
onr hearts? We are bom for a higher des- 
tiny than that of earth; there is a realm 
where the rainl ow r ever fades— where the 
stars will be sjiread bo ore us like islands 
t .at slumber on the ccean — and where the 
beings that pahS before us like shadows will 
Stay in ear presence forever." 

a .-tij 
ay.iii.x 1 
a; .1 Col) 

m, Mlu-resne ra.-t caird in the lull enjoy 
m -ni of ber indep'-ndeut widowhood til 


tb« expiration ot the term 

On tlie 2rid of Au:iust following Siadatne 
de Y retoroed tu Paris, and drove to 
her residence believing that ber apartment, 
which had been let by the porter, was va- 
cated and ready for her. 

"Ma.liii.'-,"Va;d Andre, "the gentlaman 
has tu)t yet gone " 

'• Wfiat goiitIe(na:\ A ' tir« ?" 
"The lodger, Madame — Monaienr de 

R a provincial itentlemati v.-ry hand- 

soma. Yet ii is not my tault. For I in- 
formed him, three days ago, thkt bis time 
Was .up  and that be must go; but he said to 
me it was all right— it was his afi'-tir and he 
would .-quure nil in^itt-rs -.vith m »damn." 

'•Go and if form h nt, Andre, thai I have 
returned, and want my apartment immedi- 

"Uselesi madame— completely u.toless; 
he's Hs hf^d.'-trong as a donkey; he wouldn't 
Hsteii to III.-; 'tis with yoa alone he wiabe i 
to confer " 

"Be it so, Andre; go before, and annonnce | rights, 

j Madame de Y— - was received most 
I graciously and polite by the occupant, who 

! thus aditressed her: 

{ "You cant ot conceive, ni^idame, how 
' I lit.'d myself in this your pretty 
j aparim-nt, ai.d bow touch I desire to spend 
j ill it the n matning i!m« 1 have to stay in j 
I your charming capital, and 1 fondly hope 1 
yoa will have the goodness to allow me so 
I to dn; whatever be your terms, I accept them 
i be fore h anil." 

J To this the widow replied, somewhat sur 
j prised, that she bad no terms to propose:, 
that iho wanted ber a|)jrtmcnt, and must 
have it. But greater mil was her surprise 
whan she heard the provincial declare his 
determination to keep it, even if a were 
necessary to sUnd a regular seige Madame , 

de Y endeavoured, as gently as poasi- I 

ble, lu m die him ui.detvtat'd tbe impropri- j 
ety ot his conduct; but all to no avail , for ; 
the /cicrt^iiVs pleaded bis cause wiih grace,! 
el. queu e and wit. Tbe debate bi-came j 
warmer and warmer, the gentleman loding, ■ 
and tbe lady gaming no gruutid; while Andre 
slipped away to bis lodge, informing his ! 
better hall that the atorm is gathering above 
At last.- after mtch spercbifying on both 
sides the gentleman, breaking tbe pause of 
appirently deep rtfiuction, spoke again. 
•We!!, mucl,ii..e,' »aid he, 'ihere remains 
arrange our little dispute, so 

an invita- 

y inent, 'You have Ion 
Ir H iron, before receiving such 

Ifowover, at the end of a few days the in- 
vit,iii It; was Sui.t, and baroa arrived just as 
the WI.I.1W had completed making herself 
more charming ihan ever. 
I 'What have I been apprised of, sir?' said 
Madame de Y— to him as he seated him- 
self in an arm rh.iir ri^lit opposite t.) her. — 
I 'During my »b-eiice, you br.iugh t mv long 
pend iig lawsuit to an amicable arrange- 

I met. t.' 

i 'Whv, ye.*, rn^ lame; but yon must bo 
i neither pleased nor displeased with ma on 
j that account, as I acted only in my own in- 
• terest.' 

j 'How so, if you plijase baron?' 
; 'The fact is, the lawyers* clerk- were cill- 
ing here with their papers every day; ai;d, ; to a h.-.ivy and protraoie 1 sui' 1 on.'c 
li^i 1 iiiyseif I have an utter .iver; nn to •jvr.ry 
•1 ' m b of tbe la w as our al ! i . M h?- c iir-; l.-s 
Aiiiilair, h ive it. Being acquainted with 
v.iiir plaintiff, who is a debtor of mine, I 
made use of mv influence over hiin.a'id 

of the Boi* de Bouloneg 

Thtt. timt', Madame de Y bad every 

r( asntj.she thought, for hlamt.ii);; ilie b.irou's 
con. luci ; .so another invi'a'ion was sent to 
him, which he duly altemicd to. 

"How is this. .Monsieur In B ir.)' ?' saM the 
widow, in tremiilous and ropr.i.ich iiil as r.ptits 
— 'expose your life v. ith such a puppy — a 
life so nseful, tK  pre vious! I cannot bat 
think yoa more foolish than wise.' 

I confess, madame, that I was wrong; but' 
I merely wanted tu put the young puppy, 
as vou justly call* htm in his rigfit place, 
anvl s.ive vou torev.'r tVora his importunities . 
llefcrttfhfl l me luf I Javo htm a gentle 

if a man is polite and iiX^ne:\h\c to thHm,he 
is in love, and is bound at once to declare 
Ills intentions. I'hey fori;ot tliat in seeking 
for a wife, a rnaii ought to Jonk for some- 
thing more tiian briiil.t eves, a btilliant 
complexion and uliitt- »;h6uMpr i. Those 
are all very well in tbe'r way. bulheautv is 
evanescent, and the day will como when 
other qualities- are found necet-eary to bind 
a bonsehold together. There should be 
congenialitv of mind, temper and disposi- 
i t^on; there mu-t be miru il .'cpopdence an 1 
i mutual forbear.ince, all of which can not ba 
! disc ivere.l in th« short conrtshit.s of the pra- 
I sent day. A fiirl , to.) , siioii M n-mfmbt-r that 

sw.ird thrust wiiicli will prevent htm fr 'Ri ; pj^gm j^,,. ij„7 boots, a A-ell- futitig coat, an.l 
iiinoyiiig you for some fine to come. Was anexceptionable whiskers, are not the only 
that not « service worth having, my charm- things requisite f»)r her futur; hippiuess — 

ing landlady?' 

' Ye.«(, but at sacb a price! — the risk of your 
own life and my reputation. Baron, what 
will my friends think of me after this? — 

You hf.vo compromised mo terribly by your 
genero i", your nobis, your magnanimous 
conduct ' 

*'Ti^ true, very tru^, my dear 1a.1v, and I 
now begin to see I acte.l to._, r.ishly u|.ou 

Her lover may be a "perfect duck," but it is 
also necessary that be sboiild have a little 
manhood »hoot *im. or four weeks of ma- 
trimony will dissipate her dreams, and she 

will b'j c imp. •lit' 1 to settl;» down to the con 
viction she hu-i m.irried a dolt, whom 
she must The Rt'ributes of man- 
hood are not to bediscoverod in two nrtlir'-e 
interviews. It requires months to find out 

side, and his friend rolling in on the other. 

*I say , Ned,' cried Charley, touch ingsomo  
body's calf, 'there's a fellow in my bed.' 
'VVonderful coinoidenea.* exclaimed Ned. 

feeling a strange elbow in the neighborhood 

of his rbs; 'there's one in my bed, too." 
■Is there?, cried Uliarley; 'Ist'a kick 'em 


'Agreed!' said Ned. 

And accordingly the two friends hsgao to 
kick. It lasted aboat a minute and a half, 
and Ned was sprawling on tbe fioor. Char* 
ley was left in poweai'oa of tha bad. f OC 

a moment all wan silent. 

'I sav. Ned,' cried Charley. 
•What?' asked Ned, sulkilv. 
'I've kicked mv fellow ou'.* 
'You are luckier than I am.' laid Nadf 
'for mine has kicked me oat.' 

Ihfi.uei»cis.— At five years of age, the 
father b *gios to rub the mother oat of tha 
cbiM; al ten, the scboolmsster rabs* 

father; at twenty, the college robs oat tb» 
schoolmaster at twenty- five, the world rabl 
out all his pre.leces.sors. and gives as a new 
ediicatioti, till we are old end||;h and wise 
enoii;tii tt) fake re^'son and religion for in- 
structors when wo employ tho rest of our 
lives in anleaming what wa bad pravloMlf 

and he made over to me what h.) call'.vl htg | 
It is, tlu'rol'ora, an nft'iir botvvi»et! ' 
him and me. But rest assured. road-- me, 
that your delicacy and susceptibility shall 
never bava to complain of my proceedings. 
Your lawsuit is forever quashed." — Where- 
.in the lo.iked the widow st-adf-isti v 
but re.-pfCtfuMy iu iha face, and gave no 

Madame de »' thought so likewise.-^ 

'Well, my dear ban n,' said she, pr^flTerioi; 
her ht\ndl 'since it was to be, itunast be, so 

let it be — we are frieod'%' . 

'An 1, my affi.ince,' cried thff enamored 
biron, lon.liv pressingto his lips £be widow's 
1 1 II V - w I: t n fl Ligers. 'And the marriage day f 

— Wbci,?' 

'O dear ine, what a mai! In a month 
henca^ And the compact was sealed. 

The Prophecy of Henry Clay. 
Henry Clay ia esteemed t'  b-t a i ,\tr o  as 

the impulse of tiie moment; and that, in tact, j person's character and disposition. Com 
Icwe ou a reparation.' I plaint is often made by ladies that gentle- 

' meii nre not polite to lb 'm,and do not show j 
th.U respect which is due. to their sex. We 

j are un :a'l.i.:t enough to believe that the 
'fair sex have only themselves to blame in 
ithe matter. If iticy wo;)'.! allow so'-iul in- 
tercourse, without expecting any thing more 

furflicr cxplac^' iin. 

Miid-ime de Y was som.iwiiit 

fuse.i, but in spite nt herself she w^s 

CTri - 

Benkfit of AcvERTisiso. — It is often the 
ease-that men come iiito (uir t filca and in- 
quire for the papers piibii«iic.l in some p-ir 
ticular plaee, saying they would like to find 
somebodv's advertisement. They ^it down 
and look* the papers o»ar, and it is often the 
ca?e that they are onable to find the desired 
information. Not long since, says a Utica 
paper, a gentleman was looking for tbe 
names and address of an Albany firm to 
d/! 85red to make a consignment, 
BOtiiodins it in the Aibany papers, be 
made the remark that he would shin to a 
firm that did advertise, although not liking 
heir reputation. Tbia is one of many in- 

tance^ a= ! p!-^'** """''"•''•'y 
ess men should advertise, if It Is nothing 
■uoro than their basinese cards. 

Though j boast of holding tha 
ibe women generally tell fluNa vhioh way 

but one wiiv t   

as toerable\.'U to resupie possession ol your j for you suit each other admirably, 

del'giitfal resnience. witncut oasiing mo.' Y-s. laidame. I told bim everything, nnd 
What IS your meaning , sir?' (lem.iudid the how kind how Providence like you were to 

the words which fell from his lips upon 
these sui iects, a..d thf s-leinn \vari;iti.js ha 
utti-rfd, v.'f le.irn that ho was not only in- 
spired ^v;th n holy devotion to our govern- 
tinually forced to think of ber extent. In ment, but that he was endowed with a pro- 
every room of ber apartment be had left : pbetic wiadom. Years ago be distinctly 
some souvenir of hts sojourn — poetay, pen- i ennmeratied tbe causes of present events, 
cilling, sonss, mastic composed l y himself, and tho natnre of 'hose eventi. He foretold 
thoughts arid maxims, etc., written in ber the history not only of tiie (tresent year, bat, 
albums an i scrap-books. All.thase gallant we 'ear of future years. S.iid ho: 
uttciitioiia soemo'l most charming to hor, '-it th'vse Abolttionisis siiall go on, and 
while they piqu'vl rer curiositv; anil wh(!n their a-sociation .sntill continue to increase; 
that important part of the female cnnstitu- if their sii ii! sprca I , tlutir 
tion is awakened, other sentiments soon rn-asurcs be a-ioiitet until they b  c iiiio the 
come forth and blossom. spt timeiit and j'olitiol aciion of a majority 

Now, it happened that the day after the of the people of the North tbe fate of our j 
baron's invited visit, a poor woman, the government is sealed'. The- day that seesj 
mother of a family to whom Madame de consummation will look only upon tbe \ 
Y was in tho habit of giving stated broken fragments of our Union. And who' 

pecuniary relief, called to thank her for her v. ili attempt to failiom the iiume isnr.ihl e 
last munificent donation, which, che said, r.byss 'if a d .ssnlii'ion o: tliis Union? Di-aw 
would keep her and hors for.;ver. the lino of nevv c info.leracies whpre vnu 

'You were absent, my too generous bene- , will — .var — bitter arid incessant war, will bo; 
factress.but I had the honor of meeting here I the inevitable cot sequence Al! history and 
with your husband.' .1 hnman natore teach us this. Dec-eaw iud,\ 

'Mv hosbandl' exclaimed the widow. \yovvMlwanmihinkJ()ramaiue AOmJtoarjorm \ 
Ah, madame, what an e::cellQnt, what a er cnr.ntdHon and fraternity would prevent or 
kind hearted ge-it eman! Ah , how well yoa ameliorate it. As in tbe natural world tbe I 

from their vi8itor^; if ihey would put down 
politeness and agreeahleness for what it is 
worth; if they wonld what read a pro- 
posal to ovorv compliment paid to them— 5.,.j:r. more: they would have 
much better oppnrtonities of judging of a 
man's real character, pnd by entertaining a 
well as a sage. The history of the latter i,,rjTer r umber of visitors, ittcrease their 
period of his lif* proves he was both This chances of m-ctingwiih men who assimil-ite 
was evidence sufficient of patriotism. He i j^, thoaiselves it* dLjiosiiion. and who would 
denoted the Muses of fn'ure trouble, and theln^^-.g f^em loving, affectionate and devoted 
c iL.-.-'iiur'nce.s of sfct'onal at:i t :it i in . From ; [jy^^jj^Q^jj^. 

A Spieituai. OuTPouaiNO — A certain 
• hard-she;! ' clergvman who was occtsioo- 
allv addicted to stronsi potations, having im- 
bibfld more than usual one day, hisstomsch 
r-jected tha oveni^ae. A number of his 
fi.ick passing by at the time, Inqoirad what 
ailed bim. The parson, who waa oo hit 
knees retching violentenly, spirted forth— 

•Only an ootpoaring of the apiritl" 

An Irishman bad been sick a long time, 
and while in that state, would occasionally 
cease breathing, and life be apparently ex- 
tinct for some time, when he would come 
too again. On one of iheaa occasions, when 
he bad just awakened from his sleep, bis 
friend. Patrick, asked biro: 

•And howMl we know, Jimmy, whan yac 
dca.l? yer after waking up every time.' 

•Bring me a gli;3.  ov whisky, and say 
'here's tTn ye. Jim m v .' and if I d ou't riss and 
d brink, then bury me," 

Punch savs: 'Women are said to have 
stronger attachments than men. It is not 
^o. .Strength of attachment is evinced in 
little things. A man is often attached  o an 
old hat; bat did yoix ever know of a woman 
having an attachment for an old bonnal?'— 
Bc&o answers— 'Nevo^.' 

"Naomi, the daughter of Enoch, was five 
bun Ir.'d and eighty yens,- old when she was 
married. Couraiit, l dies! •'^ 

"ThcTo never wn^ a croo.=o so gray,, 

lint -.onic .lay ; sonn . r lata. 
An lir.ii.'-t (ran-!.''! i'^.tno thtit way, 
And lo'jk hor tor J:ia ii!t:te." 

AllRKrtTFn — James Trabne, Esq., a vritli- 
known inerchmt of Loui.sville. hin hoen 
I arrested in that city, by the military anthori- 
j ti-R. Ho jefnsed to take the oath of allegi- 
I ance, and was committed to prism. 

A railroad conductor who wore a long, . 
roomy, white linen sack coi.'- ag;tb.astaDd« ^ 
ing collar, and buttoned r.p to the eblilt Wsi^ - ^ ....^ 
recently accosted by an old lady passenger 
as fol owe; 'You are a pfStty fellow, airi't 
you? You are tbe first conductor I ever 
seed a-!iwine among a parsel ov decent wi- 
men-foH:3 in yonr shut-tail. Ain't you 
'fbnmed of yourself?' He probably was, for 
be left that ear qateklj and aobottapid th* 
sbirtetail ooat. ' r „ 

Coal Oil J,"? pail! to he a snro desfroyer of 
bed bugs. Apply plRntifnlly with a sm^ll 
brush or feather, to thf. pli-ps wliore th"v 
most do congregate. Th"? cure is eft'ctiial 
and permanent. Gilt frames, chandelier, 
Scr., rubbed slight over with coal oil, will 
not ba distatbed by flies. 

bewild.-red young widow, looking siill more 
charming in ber amtzement. '   

•Mv meaning is thi-s, m.idame: my name 

is Art^iur — Baton Artliur .ie 13 . I be- 

loiig to an old jiial honorable lamily — am a 
bachelor, and 32 years ot ago. My estates | J 
are worth fifty tnousand francs a year; but 
this I mention merely oat of respect to the 
laws of business; and despite the originality 
and qneerness of my conduct, which, may 
perhaps have offended you. 1 am consider- 
ed a very good oatured person; and, upon 
tbe whole, I flatter myself I am a man fully 
! capable of making a lady happy. Will you, 
therefore, do tha honor of accepting my i virtues. 

me. He seems to love you much, and how 
could that otherwise be? *6ond women.' 
says .vonr basband to me, madanie, 'your 
benefactress is absent for thd* time being; 
but ere she went, sbe left this with me for 
you:' and thereon he put into my ban. Is a 
pocket-book containing bank-notes — a for- 
tune, madame. I was loath to accept it at 
first, would have me take it, although 
God knows yo4^ ^^ a1re.idy done much 
for me and jiUK^ fatherless children.— 
Ah, dear 

sweatesi sub»tances, when corrupted, often 
becomes the most acit, so in the m  ral 
world, the kmdly afTdcfions of tho he in 
once poisoned or perverted — are turr.e. 1 to 
the mo*t deadly hat3. Who can contoru- 
plaie such a war without the deepest emo- 
tion of horror. — St. P-ul Journal. 

To Clean Paint — The following meth- 
od of cleanin? pnint will be nccnptable to 
honse ker ppr."» ii^ this vnfon of honfte clean- 
inirt Smear a pipce of fl:innpl with common 
whitins, mixed tn the consistenev of enmr 
mon warm wa»#"r.' Rnbthesnr&cp 
to hp cleaned quite briskly, and wa«li off 
with pure cold water. Grea«e spots in-(hi« 
W1V will he n'mos* inntantlv removed, and 
the paint will retain its full beauty. 

1 The Fini T Steamboat — The i1rst steam- 
i boat oo th.-  Clio River wa.=! the Indepen- 
' dence, in 18l4. It formerly bad been a 
: large barge, that msde several voyages from 
j Cincinnati to New Orleans consuming eight 

I months in tbe downward snd upward trip. : TC- Jj^. -v..,r,o ™t,^ .u • ' e 

. ow.bappy you mast be a rndelv constrncted ene^ne v.-n8 put into it, ; ^' ^r';*"^""" "'''^ S'^^^'os » 

with such a Blfehand! But 'tw only the just , ^nd. thns furnished and fitted up. the steam- ' - 
reward of vour excellent heart and Christian er Independpnco plow-l tha wat'-rs of tbe 
May heaven bless and preserve you Ohio and Mi.=;si=sippi Rivers. Arriving at 

Eablt Rtsebs.- One of onrontemporarias, 
who dnnhtless loves to whisper ttnft things 
by moonlight and doze dreamilv late in the 
morning, disposes of the virtue of early rising 
as follows: 

"We have wt^tchad these fellows who are 
earlv risers, and as a general th ng they are 

'William,' said a teacher to one of bis 
pupils, 'can you tell me why the sua rises 
in the East?' 

•Don't know, sir.' replied William, ' 'eepi 
it ha that 'east makes everything risa." 

A travellt-ig azent, passing a farm, saw a 
boy at work in a cornfield by the roadside, 
and being of an inquir n^ turn of mind, ha 
Slopped his horse abd thus addrtsied tll9 
youth • ■ 
•Mv son, whose farm is this?' 
•D'td's,' was the laconioreply. 
•Does vonr father raise any staduf' 
'He's lots uv 'em ' 

'What kind?' continued thestrsngsr. 
'Corn ktalks mostly,' was tho reply as ha 
proceeded to'hoe' a hill of tha «rtioIa,'iMld 

the stranger went his way mnsiog. 

A LiTTTE BnLL — A schoolma'm in ena 
of nnrdistrict schools was exam'ning a class 
in orthography, ^pell and define flowret,* 
she Maid. *F-lro-w-r«a-t,flnwrst— a littia 
Sower,' want off n Jlow-baad la aperfMl 
straak . * 

•Wivelet.' 'W a-v-e-l-e-t— alittlowatia,* 
was tlie prompt return of num'^er two. 

•Bullet.' 'B u I 1-e.t— a Vtf/fl^u'^••hont• 
ed number throe, who was iaooeenoa per* 


It is all moon-shine about thoi 
smartest and greatest men being tbe earliest! 
risers. It may have been so in old timetf— 
we won't dispnte ahont that; bnt. now a j 

To tbissuddisn proposal M.idamedeY— - 
replied with dignity: Your jest is»not in 
vory good taste, sir, and »U 1 can do is to 
laugh at it.' 

'Sarion*. most serious, maJ:»m». I am in- 
deed — and "beg vou to believe it.' 

•What, sir! you propoaa marriage merely 
that V oo may not giva ap my apart- 


•A little npm that accounl; madame, but 
still more because of more overpowering 
reasons; for, among the m »ny consi.' erations 
I have bad the honor of laying before you. 

h«art mv hand and mv fortune?'' bo'h years and years to come'." i New Orleans. G^n. Jackson, commander of . . t , . 

heart, my band, and my lo _ .g p,,6in„ trange. thought the AmPrican forces, press-^d it into service "ll^' «»• • "''"P f 

the wTdow: 'SeUled my tedious lawsuit- aga ost thn British, after the war. in I815. i J^.'^-^^^'j. .'O" »V » • «»*»in h« » «ft«r a 

provided for mv poor widow and her clilJdren she began her upward trip, and arrived, after , , , 

—leave some trace of himself everywhere   a vovag- of four months, at Ri#in2 Sun. CirTheininois newspapers complain that 
around me! But men are such queer char- j where she shopped for wood.^ J*™"'., the immigration of negroos, sen' p. irifr bv 

acters, such originals nowadays' She re- proprietor of the town fura'she'l ber with 1 the militarv authorities in th- nni:rhhoring 
solved, howevsr not to speak to the baron feiice-raiis t^r fu"!. and agreeil to take his | 
of his generous conduct towards her prj/eji's, pay in a passage to Giticinnati. lie embark- ' 
fearful lest she might betray ber sensibilite, * td. but su-ih was ti-je slow speed of tlie j 
at so noble an action. But another circum- { steamer that when ho got to North Bruu he j 
stance soon came to light, and caused the j left the boat and walked to Cincinnati ar-l 
baron to ba invited suddenly and nervously riving some twelve hours bafore the steamer. 

to call a second timet This eirciimstancs 

in'^'V^/l L"TnoVm7n\"lfn"b^^^^ follows:-A young coxcomb, Leopold n „en's bodies were r.ot stronger I 

therafatmal darsd not me^^^^^ imagining he had fallen in love I than their minds, they woald be crook.3 « ^ , - 

'°^'Mi!!^J!^M^ "i* Mdtama da T^^, baoawa. Hrtog ia ' lifr ^wa \mA». tha. to nida among tbaa. 

ViBTtTB Uewabued. — A fsst Irishman, lo 
a time of revival, joined tbe ooogragation, 

but was fon^td sinniug grievously long 
afterwards. 'Didu't you join the IfattM'aU?* 
inquired a piously -disposed person. "Fal* 
CO' I did I jined for six montha and be« 
baved so well that thsy let me o&'with three. 

sltives S ates. is rapidly filli' g th» jails, 
alms-house!; and Penitenti iries-if th-it State, 
and calls for the enforcement of the laws of 
Illinois against the settlement of negroes 
within tha pracincts of the State. Tbe 
journals state.that tbe evil is likely. t9. in- 
crease, as it is apparent that if the white 
people of tha slave States are com palled to 

An Akcikxt ov Incompetent OEVsaaUk 
—Sometimes ft wonld aaein that events do 
not go oat foratar, but that they revalva 
and roatiaoa toshow th«maal^.anehaoc»d 
except by the new light of increasing ages. 
It is relatad that the Athenians having ap* , 
pointed many legislators and lawyers to very 
impnr'tan'. military poait'ons, Antlstbenes, ia 
the Pohlio Assembly, moved that a law ba 
passed declaring all'tba ja c kassee In Athena 
horses. In ez|^«Bstion, he said it was jost 
as possible to make horses oat af jaekaaasA. 
by law. aa H was to make good ganatats aaii^ 
of civilians noiezperienoad is tha arMf «rar«.-. 

'■ " ' * 



Editors and Proprietors. 


QiCr^P to a late hour last nigl f, nothing 
lin^idrtaoea htA been received from (he 
Anovoftfie Potomac, fn front of Richrmnd. 
for what length of timo thig stale of thiogs 
win^azist, witbont bring on engagement, 
remaics to be peer. Dispa'.rhe^ fro'u Gfn. 
Hallcck, to the War Department, present 
BO iieir feafnraa wftb regwd to BcanresarJ's 
Army, whjch Is pTipposeJ slill !r  remain in 
the Ticinity of Okoloooa, Overton and 


To-day we offer you the first number ol 
oor paper, we hav^'ataked all in thia ven- 
ture, rc'yitjn; upon y^nr sympathies and a 
^enerou.s pnblic for a liberal support. It 

cannot be amies to remind the Democrats of i the Pic! e't Wur 

From the L 'tiisvillo Express. 
The Great Tobacco Fair. 

The Fifth Aiiiiiiul F\-iiihii=oD of T.ibacro, 
under tlie paTonaLjo of tlie Ken!n';l:v S' lte 
Agrirultural Society, was hclil in thia city 
yeeterd ly, in fi hiiildir j opposite 


.1 d bv M'«s8rF. 

thia city and couatv, that by extenJiiig a | ^Pratt &^P , of the aforesaid Warehouse.— 

- r 11 . 1 . lit selected' on account of the vast 

a generous suji} o t to a jourual uevotad to 

their interest*, the V will do mneh to in- 


amour,   of tob icco stort-il in their warehouse, 
ai:d alsii b' oauso while ihe tobacco was dis- 

These iraprovemeuts wiii uiteo eimbld thi^ 
ni u kl laborers of the 'fitrm to secare in j^ood 
order, fifty acres of meadow more readily 
than they could have got in ten without 
their aid. ; 

crease its efficiency and value. The Dcm- played to an ailvaiit; j;. , tbn pUco wms v.m 

fjlCrOwmg to a press of business in getting 
on* onr first numb?j, wa have left ont tba 
markets and several articles vrnich wouM 
hwcf been intereslinp. If our readers will 
bava a little patierce and bear with ns, we 
I that it ahall not occur again. 
^ K » a t   

ocratic party have assumed the right cause 
and must go ahead, its miuion is to briri'; 
the eonntry back to tbe practice of those 
Tirtties proclaimed by the ' founders of tbis 
glorious Republic. It will therefore bo the 
?.',m of tbe Bulletin, to adhere r!«1dly and 
with unbend:! s "ov.ilty to liie Pons'it r.iion, 
that great Charter of our rights upon which 
mnst stand or fall this mighty fabric of 
freedom, and err fer-'l firmly for Ibat form 
of Government and those sacred principles 

suitable for the eiit:ui;mt'nt of the guests, lor 
' whom the proprietors if 'ho Pickett alwavjj 
bountifully provide. In this respect we have 
had occasion at each annu tt festivity to testi- 
fy to the exoelleot judgment of our friend 
Spratt, and we have only to add now, that. 
I ke ;^ood wire and unl ke most men, be 
improves with ii-Tf. Tlin • liincli»*o;i 
liii-nished liy Caj t. Silas F. MiMor, in rSali 
Mouse «t\ le, wliirh is the hi'.'bost meed of 
praise. Biverswere therefrom seventeen 
States, p axer-* tr im our own,.and amoni; 
the di! "r)«rMi!«hpd liucsts present were Gov. 
MasotfiOfUeneral Uoyle, General Ward, and 

Heal Estate appears to be steadily ad- 
Tancicg in onr city, and irej rovemenfs are 
progrej-si.'i- iu almost every  I!rect:on. Oi;e 
aftert an o her ^-f the compnratjvely in- 
significant old fashioned baildirrrs on Sec- 
ond atreet, are giving awjiy to ssome mag- 
DiffioeDt .'^tore or warehouse, to accomodate 
•he operations of our •• Merchant Princes " 
whieb appear to be in keepi- g with the 
(leatoess of onr beantffnl city, but none of 
these w:'I -how a prouder front or a 
more adm rable capacity than does the 
aplendid building just being finipbed by 
Jfeasrs Skatow & Bc-nnrcs, on tbe comer 
•f Conrt ard Second .'treets, directly oppo- 
aite the Odd Fellows Hall, and which they 
will orc'jpy as scon as eomjiV-t. J. 

Wo also Tinderstand that Jos. II. ni.Af Tr, 
■ will soon commence erecting two new brick 
bu;i.!ir._-3 rn Wall sTeet. in a l li- .n to his 
large Grain ^ Commiseion Ware Uonse. 

men of 1776. With fuch a creed and stich 
a'^ a'm wo cannot fail, wo havo only to be 
true to onr.' ''vcs, and 'ci the cause we b:i'»' 
esponsetl, and the i opnI»r heart will k -ep 
, time in it.s beatings with onr onwrird r:arc'b 
jand by the blessings of the God of onr fat h- 
I era will bring back the National ship to its 

old CO 'Ci':: '. 

transmitted tons by ihe patriots and States- | others. 

For twenty-frnr premhtms, ammntinn in 
ibe -ti^'^reuafe tr il,lit ,  !)nri' were npwarils 
(i! o )i('L' b ';i !s !'.i.irt*o entered from the 


What it Ir and Whia it Shoold Be 

The praistf whi^b orators ^nd^poets^ha e 

from timo inim'^inVfria!, bestowed upo„ (j^g 
lifo of th(.' A-riSfflturidt, have i,ut been 
wholly U'l lfscrvfi l . Ti).:ri.i 's truly s.-if^g _ 
thing iiible in it — sometlmi^ he^M'sful too, 
as it mc^A; &e and in exceptional cases oc- 
tnaily is. The cultivator of the soil, (wo 
say it reverently,) is a co-worker with God 
himself in the grand process pf perpetual 
creation— "tho  ;re.»t miracle thai still goes 
on" d-»v by dav l)eti)r(! oiir eyes. Out under 
tho blnn sUy, bre.itiung liie puro air of h".i- 
Veii; dririkin;; frota ttiu cl' ars rin^ ; li-itc.ii- 
io:: to til? music of ilio birds; in constunt 

communion with Nature, and with that ' Thoy give st onKth'*ana vol 

The Harvest Fields. 
It is refreshing to catch even but a 
glimpse of Ibe farm fields tbis month. The 
grain grnv.s ^ol.len for tbe reapers si-h'-.— 
The grasses are ripe for the mew, m ,] he 
a^tbes of tbe mowers flash alon^ tho scen- 
ted swaths, where the clover "nods to its 
fall" and casta its fragrance on aH] tbe air, 
•be Wnea shoot forth their green and pur- 
pTfng clnsters and the orchards swing their 
frnitage from myriad boughs, and the b?rry 
loabesbend with lucionsness and all the 
hilKvales and fiel .s and gardens, are red- 
olent of the bounty of oatare an4 benefi- 
cence of God. 

Iowa is at present very much excited by 
the cfTort to enforce the law pa.saed by the 
Inst Legislature' imposing a tax on dogs. — 
The law is terribly dononnced in some lo- 

car'.i'^-, :i- '. tlio meto''f's who vr.-.d for it 
will bar.iJy be ro-elec:ed to the Legisla- 
ture. Tbe Mnsca tine Journal of the 31st 
of May relates the following fatal result of 
nn attempt to enforce tba law: 

"A lamefit.ii.'e aff tir orrtTrnd nearW'lton, 
yoiterw'ay, re nltii;^ in t'l^deatii ofth» ti-;- 
collectiir. It .■•e a collector called on a 
farmer for !••  J' .r tax. The farmer refused 
to pay, at'd tb-? pnl lector shot the dog, 
whereupon 'he farmer immediately seized 
his gun and shot the collector dead on tbe 

DE«TRrrTios OF PedbsaTj Propfrtt. — 

The I !. ! ■.', S!..trs frrt :viated about two 
atjil a li.iif m.Iij ''.•(m y. wj -rt, Kv., was 
materia.! y it.jured on 'i'iuir^d.iy night las'^ 
and tbe gnns, two 24 pounders, spiked witti 
L rge rai's firmly driven ir:'o tlio '"'.icb- 
liolcs. On Saturday night tho two guns ;it 
Fort Sbaler, 32-ponnders. were also spiked, 
I'tiie temporary 1 ,;T-rafl;-!,^ u 't'i all the 
wood woik furrounding the tort, de-troyed 
by fire. Fort Sbaler is sitnafed immedi- 
;'.-ly I)ie'i i/f thii X.-up .r' '' rno-^rv. atiil 
was the most important ot the fortifications. 

(KrFrom every section of the counfry 
we have tbe most gratifying account of the 
crops. Every thing look? pmmiMng, and 
the prospeet is that tbe toil of the husbnnd- 
man will be abundantly rewarded. Grass 
Wheat, corn, indeed every thing is in a state 
of .orwarclness which promises we!l 

Xev.- C N-sTITirTIOX FOR Tl.I.TSCIS. — On 

Tuesdav next the people of Illinois vote to 
accept or reject the [ roposad new Ck nst:tu- 
tion. Tbe Abolitionist oppose it because it 
forbids negroes immigr.i'ir;^ to and setilins 
in the State. The Demccrats favor the 
adoption of tbe Constitution. Considerable 
bitterness is manifested on tbe subject. 

Ory^From a calculation made, it has been 
shown that it would take 300,000 000 shots 
The *'i^pos9 of 60,000 men in battle. Sixiv 

it prospects are unusually good, 'pjjg ! thousand men fighting continuously (or 


small froits, which are now ripeuiag. are 
▼aiy abundant, but were somewhat dainngt?d 
by tbe heavy rains. Apples will be abund- 
ant. A friend of oars says that, from ob- 
PKvation in his own and sever ." Ur-e or- 
i4rs«?:t{oD, peaches will not be 
aa afiindant this year as they were last sea- 
son. thongh he thinks there wi:i be a sjnod 
home snpply. Tbe curled leaf, which has 
damaged the peach-trees to some extent, is 
OHMedhj-an inaecb 

O^We have determined to devote ftoo 

eofK»nn» of onr paper to tbe exe' is've uss of 
onr Agricultural Readers. We present this 
^mk aa «rti d« on Hat attd Hat MaKrxo. 
a very opportune artxle, as this labor is j-:^f 
now at hand. It is on§ of the most im - 
portant operationa of the farm, and generally 
but little understood by the :;r. at r.i of 
farmers. Tire al o give the first number of 
-.Fmrm lifaf^-WsAT n is avd what it 
nouiiD n." We hope to be able t   ^ivo 
TBloable Sebdei md Original Articles on 

Baral Affairs from week to wee' . in thej 

pa?e^ of the -Dollar Weekly I'.uIIeiir, "-. The Buffalo journals have given to tbe 
Cootribotiooa from practical Farmers, G ir- ' public the particulars of the br,«i'clng np of 
deiiaia aod Horticnlturists are most respect- * "bomao slaughter hou-:e," kept by Mad. 
ftrily aolieiteds I Laahciol, where /?'/'//- /')rn were pro lijo-l. — 
i Tbe establislimerit was Stt-iil no, r" r ir'H^ss 

v.iii'itis seetic'ii^ of thij S'lte. 

'I'liere were bn\ ers from different tates. 
»nd with our own dealers, tbis caused spirit- 
ed bidding, as wilt bu seen bv the annexed 
report, but the show wa^ not as greit in 
quantity or so good in quality as was ex- 
pecte.l. The Shipping w:is perhaps better 
ihnn tint exriil.ii — I l.Kt vest, but ih- M:i!i- 
iif irnitiri^ ;i:i.l Ciiit'ii;^ i^i | not r- 1' !i the 
expectations of biiverr; still all bri'iijlit er.- 
ormous i r:ces. Two hun^lred and thirty- 
nine ho ;sheadB were disposed of yesterday. 
Here is tbe sale: 


■ .^.XUr.XCTnBlN'N LKAF. 

Joel T. Price, ll.irt co.. 1st pretn., *•; », 
stdd at .N.'.O. to !.. L. .\rdtr-o!i. Lmisvillf. 

T. M. M. --s, Cirei-ii c».. 'Ji .1 pr.-m , f.U), 
sol.) at .■•';; ■•, to L. it. Anderson, L u ■svi;i '. 

J. G. U iz, Uvood,Tayiorc  .,od firom. $'2' , 
sold at ^(30, to L. L. Anderson, Louisville. 

SMI'lINQ !.KA!% 

Tho. T?' own, ChrUtiim e  , J p-em . , fO"). 
si)l.l ;it j^'-'O, to .\. Grihani, L ''ii-.vil!n. 

Tho Hr^xvr. ('hri-it- m r  ., 2iid prem.$.'JO, 
sold at ^jlS. to .lohn W.inl. Louisville. 

.Monrebea.l Si Lvne, Logun co., 3rd prera.. 
$20, sold at $18, to C. McMoran, Louisville. 


J. W. Thomas. Uwen co., 1st prem., $00, 
sold to C. Bronston. Toledo. O., at 

I hord Sc Ware, r.r ii k.rj c . . •J.X prem., 
^'.V  , .■,r id to U. Hp il.lii ^, J r., L u isv iWo . at 


I. T. Sullivan, Ur.icken bountv. 31 prem 
.*'Ji) s .id to D. . Spuulding,-Jr., Looioville. 
at $113. 


W. W. BablW-. M - I. 
.^'•.O. t I 1 . Sjn':; ■;• . 

it •sl'i 

r.ra lford & Ware. r»rari;en county, 2tid 
prem-um, S20, sold to D. Spalding, Louis- 
ville, at $11. 

Bradford 9c Ware, Bncken cmnity. Third 
Preminm.§20, sold to D. Spanlding, Louis- 
ville, at !£il3. 


Five P.est IIo_^»ieailf» — Mrs. J inie  X  rris 
lirnek^n 'f-nntv. First Premium, .Si--"", sold 
at to l . S( aid in;;, jr. 

Mrs. J. lines l!r.«ok-, H d ard coaniv. 2- i\ 
pre:ijini!], a splendiii Ct.:n:i ^eu, j-ivm bv W ' 
II. Crulcher, fold at $ol to \V. J. AudoVsou^ 

TEN Hr.rj:.i|KAnS. 

First \\'-f  — r. 11 P' isi.tmn, T^r,.ok MT-M-c 
eonn'v, I'rein 5: 1 J.", . at N 1 ."  L'.") :„ U. 

.J. [--'HT, I. . -V ... 

healtblul exurciae which wo are accustomed 
to associate with his occupations, we natural 

ly !"ok to him for vigor and sy mmetry of 
l)o ty, fr '.sbnes8 and '' of intellect 
Hiol iinpcrvcri'' I moril p- r('"p' 'niis Ilr/tt 
far'u lite is a heuliri'iil .icMv;ty, ritioiinl cn- 
joyraent, and const ^nt hariom i 01s :!-ve|op- 
ment — a cui.tiiiuous and b -aut.iiui gri wth 

I'he most eloqu«or. totigUe or pen can hard- j Confijctiona, they will relieve yot  instantly, and 

• 1 * 1 re-;;. 
Louisvil lei 


Of the irafiortance of tbf^ bay crop ^e 
need seaW;e]y remark— save tfiat - Us vaTud 
exceeds th^it of any other product of the 
north«rii s-'cti-m of our country. Th^t »lit« 

v,ihie ni'_'h' i'o I '-j"'-,- infr.'iised withunt 
'■X li" '! i n^ I lie" i re^« 1 1 vo'o I t   irs"-; . or giv- 
ing mire t'me to i's tmnuf^:i'"ur» into hay, 
eui s.' ir. cly I e donb'e-!; for the valii'  of 
bay, as food for stock,- accords with tba care 
and ju'lgment bestowed on its miking, and 
tho difTer-:iPe b.-tvv. -!n iv and straw is not 
so routd: in the iiiirits 'heni-e' vt;, as in the 
stage of growth in whieh they lue cut, arid 
the ciiri:.-: they recoive. One farmer in iv 
keep h's stock in thriving, fittoning ordiT 
tliroui^h ti:o wiiiier, while anotlier, although 
he feeds the prod ucta of more wero-; of mea- 
dow, ahall find them constantly failing in 
condition. The first baa hay mvla in the 
best manner, and "of aoeh e qu ility, that a 
given »titity of it will prodiico neirly as 
many |i..'n'. Is I'f niHat or milk, as th« grass 
itself W'or 1 have prolucod if eaten In a 
;;re  n I'e " 

lii what stage of the ::row;h of urass it 
shall ba cut, and the mintier in whiidt it 
be cureil, have long b  en acknowledg -d 
qtiestiotis imp irtanl to the practical f 'rmer. 
tliou:ih as \ 1-1 1,0 (bn i.s'ons in which all xc- 
quieii-", h i\ e mila uny 01 c pr.i.^t'ee tt e ' 
Hvru-ral o;if. S uit cut in tho season of 
ll-i w«-rin.' Lrfi'ic the blossoms have f,il!e;i; 
others not until the seed bits formed; ur.d 
ottiers s'ill, defer tho operation Qwith some 
•grasses,) until it is fully ripe. Some eur.- 
by expiistira to the sun, as rapidly as possi- 
lile; iviher.ssefJc to perform the .same process 
with ib ' siiii'U-st e\p  'idKiiro of l.ibfr; and 
others stMl would kei p the b.»y a * fully 
shaded as may ! «' while dryinif. I] .ch t las- 
bring arguments tosu-taiii their met noils of 
pmcedtire, b »th in cutting and curin;;; but 
to our mind, chemistry and practical analogy 
teach us valuable lessons on tbe subject, 
' ^^•l;■^•h, in d condensed fiirm, we shall a'~ 
tempt to I r. ;tent to the reader. Wo may 
j state that onr atten'i n wa.; tl s" dnwn par- 
I'i'nl.irly to the sol j 'Ct, 'eti vcirs since, bv 
I'l arf ole in Th: (_!it^fivi'' r, _;;viii4   x' r;i.-t .-i 
'roin aseientitic riipi^rt m ide by l r Thornp 
"SOI- I'ur tlie IJritisb Koyal S  ciety. 

Cheniistry shows us that all plants eon- 
, taiti Ibe largest amount of m' tter soluble in 
w.4ter, at tlio j eriod of flowuri'^:^, and that 
the sugar. and ;»!uten of the ^r.n.-, and a few 
I other icdiib'e in'^redicnt-:, coi s' H iite its cl)i»t 
: viihie as t. o 1 I'lr aTiiinils. These ripidly 
d :ni' ;sii a- 'In-  ei-J fi.rnis, eSan^in^j into 
insoluble w •ody fi! re, and the b.iy, whicti 
; simuld as far as ni iy be resemble gr^ss !ii 
1 its most perfect state, is worth Inuch less if 
[ not made until after t at p'-riol. There are 
! but lew cX '"i t". fi-: to 'h s rule, but wo lie 
' lieve tbe Kcntneky B'ne ^r iss. the .lune 
f;ra.-s, and some o'hera whi'-ti fiirnisli b'.Jt a 
1 ^):X arn'UK.t ol -' arc rn'nt vul.i.ible 
r r tli-ir !i vv»-» vvlrch con'inue ;^ro\r;:^ 
throu^li tbj summer, may st^i:; 1 past tin 
flowering stage without loss. 

The advtKJxtes of ripe bay bring as an 
arg'.imetit in their favor, the tact that such 

iiav vieMs the u -.r '-t atnouni or extract ; perffct physical and m'-ntal developraont 1 


rffllIFY YOUIi I{IIE.\TH1 

Tliroat Coiifectioa% 


G' ,(tr  K.  ]; i.KcruHEIfS, ' 

 U ')]i Foii Coxsu.VIPTIVlS 

TI, .y relieve a Congh instantly. 
Tlioy clear the Throat. 

- nmo to the void 
They a .lolic-n.ns aroma to the brea«. 
They aro.Ioliffiitful to the taste. 
TlK y are n.uJe of simple herbs and canno 

(lurm anv eno. 

I advise (jvcry 0110 --.vliij has 
Ifiiskev V 

a Congh cr a 
-HO ..r H:„i r5r .-atl. or any dlflScnlty 
I ttie Throat, to get a package of my Thro,it 

ly ex'ol sucb a life too highly 

BiH does not real larm lif«», as a m.ij'irity 
of Americau fanners find it in their x;. r - 
er, tall Mi '^t .s . Ily 1. lO's '.t-.l? L -t 
11- s -I 'lie real lael  i t ftti- na-^e niai! ly b - 
r le us .mil look them bo dly i:i th ■ a ,•. — 
\Vith' ot a clear oompretoeusion of \x 
under which we suffer, we snail no: be able 
to exert oursalves effioiently for their re- 
moval Wh)it then is tbe general aspect of 
l.»rm life in America? 

First, it is a iMe ol hard and a!ino t c m 
ntant lab ir. Lihor is un !oi:V.te t ly * hle-;-;- 
ing Our phv^i'-al iwuvi-rs can b^ properly 
developed and mamiaiiied »,nly by exarci'-e; 
but this exercise must not be excessiva, aiid 
should be su' j- "t to cirtai'i co ditions in 
refprenco to riil iv, a  w-'i as to quantity. 
F.iriij l.iiior, .is ^.'.eri ;\ :juIi,i ted, does not 
meet tiiest- re pi r nionts. It is ! 10 exhuis- 
tivc. It rol»s fho Aii-a;!; to nourish d'8j ro- 
portionately the bones and, racking 
lha farmer too much l.ko his ox m — a mere 
beast of burden, and destroying tbe harmony 
xvhich should exist between mind and bod v. 
Ibit the result is not, as m'.;ht ai first s'_'ht j 
tit« suppo-.vl, a -upt-rior -b'T"! ipm "it of in-s j 
|,)iy-.ii:ii I'm. Mat. ■.^ n -t ,» mero ani- j 
mal, and his bod:Iy or^ an saf ^i;, in ci.nmin 
with h'S intoUeci, det-rrioruea, i..--oil of ■ 
improving, under a mere round ol eating, I 
working, and slecjiing. 

The ideal farmer is muscular and vig' r- 
oiis, but I'tho, erect and .-"vm metric. I — 
IIhh th tints his rhe-I:, m i int.-l 1 .i^foce 
I'^hts his eve, wh le fea'ur'-s arc hc i i- 
t ti«-l bv those varied at d ele.'.it,' i-n- ti.iir.-i 

• vh-eh th -u^ht and cul'nre i^ivo to t'le hu- 1 j; y ,|,.. „^ ,, 
ni.m face. The real farm-r is too often, if j:t;tacks of Nervous or 
not tho exact reverse of this, at least far ' pr  

you will aprroc with ine th:.t -'iNey ,rr, 
•he spot." V.„ 1 ^^^^^^^j 

and pleasant wl,Ho tra velfi'.fr or atten.Ji 
I 'llilio inoelinir I'm- I'lill 

rin-ht to 


"g your Cough allajin* , 
V.ur :!,:r.v, Ii you uy onfi package IW .afe . 
m  ».vin- :hat you will ever i»ft«rw*rds consi.Ie 
themm.lispcnsible. You wll nnd them at the 
Drugt'i-t- at:'! r i-.'.;or^ in Vfcdi.-i,u-s. i. 

ri:iCE T-A-KM-Y-Fl VE CKXT ' 
My signature in on each pat.ku;,'e. All other arc 

1' I'rfuit . 

.\ iciijc- will be sent by mall, prepaid, on recipt 
or 'I'LiMv Coots. 



■ I 



u s3 i'ljls the TMsrlodn 
iok Headache rnay be 
vt iiicd: I'.ii't if taken at the commoncemeat of 
from buina tiiat picture of high health and ironio.liitn- reltef from pain.andsick 

- 1 ._i ,1 » »,ne^i v.ill • • 

(.oiled, m i tii it ilo cafori) it mtisf con- ( •.\hieh wo should naturally look for in one 

« noli 

tain nu» t i.uti ::o loit 
that boilin:; very .mp ■ 
pr .I'l-.-s .d di^estior, ai 
the living 

It 14 loiiiid, however, 
■ife-t!y 'uiitattjj the 
f Xperiim-nta with 
animul confirm what 

wbioa pur.- u.L8 sseoi 60 favorable to human 
well -beunr 

iM ior.- ol diet a' d otoer violations of phv- 
siciil laivs. of wliich. he, in common with 

analysis teaches, that the best hay is that ; others, is constantly guilty, havo, no doubt 

c i! a 

id properly cuteil at the period of bl. s- 

forty-eight consecutive hours, each man 
fifing -1' '0 shots, WQgjd-fisa-Al' 
;000,(JOO shots. 

Capitalists have been enquiring; into 
the condition of the fovini^'ton an l ("'■t:rin- 
nati Bridge with a view of taking §250.000 , 
in it. If the negotiations are made, the $60. §18 to §3.3 
v." rk w' .l be recommenced in tbe course of 
sixty days. 


TrAiTop.s. — One'who loves tbe Ti.ion as 
our fathers made it. One who looks upon 
tbe Constitution and Laws as superior to 
the i'f3l''er created by them. One wbi is 
oppose l to bein ; heavily taxed to pay for 
prosecuting a political party war. One who 
car.!," t see how snV)o_;atiipg one pi-^rt'')'! of 
the people to another portion, can make a 
happy toho^e. One who believes»it no part 
of bis 'uty as a Christian or citixen to dis- 
tnrbjthe relations of master and slave, and 
who has siifTicient virtue in him to look after 
Irs ^ n  rather than go hnnUog for some 
in bis neighbor. 

I Second 15 n' — .J S'l' -van, |tr  i-U,r:i co 

: Premium $60, - I i i- \ u, 
4-- -^ritr T-r e«T» — v " . . i,aiilwiti, al aifin co,. 
Premium €i30, sold ai §12 25 to $17. 


First r.est — I K M fio.lwin, Varren 
CO., I'rein noi .^^l'  , ^11 ~ ■', to $18 50. 
Second liv'.-it — J. Morris, Mason co., prem 
'0. $18 to $33. 

Third I'.. -- — r. !!i'-n & Co.. S- npson co.. 
Premium .JIJ ct) lo $I7 5U. - 


First Beft — P. L. Simras, D^vie^s co , 
prem -SGd, 817 tiO. .J;l8 50. and !=!ia 00. 
S. •(•:)!. •! i;».i: — I'.ii'i'i 'it 1^) ,S iii|i- n CO., 

pri-m .'j'  1 1: I, (It) ;it|i| .")(). 

Tlrr ! l!.-.-; — I. I'. S ill v r,, i'.ra- ki-n ro., 
prem. J*20,  il« 5i», $17 00 and $10 00. 


M. W. Tr. Witt, Taylor county, $1G 50, 

L. Ii. Anili-r- in. 

'i tie ; n tiiMim plate is of E.islern manu- 
facture, and is really superb. Tbe China 
sett, given as an ex'ra premium, ladies' 
class, by our liberal friend W. 11. IJriitcher, 
of Main street, was elegant. A lady of 
Ballard county secured it. 

Am AppBAlb — Fallow Democrats, have 

patience, stand fast by ycur prin'-'ple-' 
calmly endure the fl ppant reproaches and 
mlsrepreaentatioos which partizan dema- 
, gognes, or it may be, honest but weak and 
unstable political friends assail you. When 
the storm of vitoperation shall have passed, 
and tba T.niisy and pretentious patriots of the 
dtj sball have shrunk away from tbe dangers 
now impend over ns, tbe hope of tbe 
oatiao will rest opoo your courage and firm - 

of expense, on a siv'e ol ^raixle'ir J'/i'-'ifen. 
The honse. wht-n lirok»n iito by the police. 
p'-es«n:ed a nio-; .I'mbb) speetacle. Two 

fem.'^es were found in tbe last agonies of j they are on their way to Paris, and are high 

' Di.itinguiBhed" Visitors. 
The N ew Y^ork Tribune aonouoces in its 
issue of Saturday, in two different columns. 

the impfirtdnt fact that llie family of tho 
dittin;;iiiabe.l "co'i'raban.i" who is at jto- 
SHfit tho executive ( f 1 1 ly ti, an^ t" Inoior 
"ur efnimerciai metropolis with a visit ilur- 
in» tlie pre-ent mon'b, coming in the 11 ly- 
lien-man-of-war, 'Tw^jnty-see.n 1 of 1).;- 
cember.' We are further infurimd that 

deayi, rational and delirious at intervals. 
One of the young ladies was connected with 
a very respectable family in Buffalo, and 

wlien fiuiitj Was as'^iic at oiice horrible and 
p tifiil. Emaciated, with hair disheveled 

was the mere 

aiid t"'.^!i.! pro; r 11.! ii.:», .■%hn 
hhaiow (if hun.aiiity, where but a lew- 
weeks lic orij oii-i was in the full bloom of 
health. ll ir (riends were summoned, and 
she extiired in tbe. coarse of the ni^bt. — 
nese, funded apon an intelligent political Several arrests have been made, including 
ftlth, wb'ch will be equal to tbe terrible '^^^'^'""^ Laahciel, whose history of dark 

and daring deeds will proij.ibly never lia 
made kr:.j .vn, nor the li.-t of her un loi tinin'e 
subj-. cls ever be disjlosrd. It is sai 1 ilj-a: 
from iLo hour of the seizure of tbe house 
by tlie p..jlice, in the moruing,tiIl the even- 

4^eal, and the salvation of yonr eonntry 
will be wrcaght out by your own hands. — 
Oberiih your political principles, preserve 
yoore^anization, patiently stroggle for the 
right, and prepare for the bour when tbe 

^Ir'^ruti^i'L^in ti:"''''*''"^'"" ''"^ : '"^ l^nBhd^h Who pert (Conn.) Farmer. 

MBtoring .be Union Will, by common con- i would wish to penetrate tbe vail which ' ' -- - 

bides the sorrows of tbe bnman heart from 

the gaze of tbe world? 

ly educated and refined peopb .and tbe hope 
is expressed that "they will meet a proper 
ntception from our countrymen." Tliey 

eon e a! a mo t opp  rtiii," time; lo be load- 
ed with liont.r-; O ir li,«-m ikerj and nil- rs 
nr.- I .-.iro nia 1, a'. l the G"l]Virds will, 
doublle-s, be made much of. A short stay 
at the Whitf II, use, a grand ball in Wash- 
ington, at which the monomaniac Sumner 
would lead out one of the colored damsels: 
an ovation at New York; an a ldrc-^s of wel- 
come from Wendell Piiil'ips iit P.  ston, we 
hnmb'y suggest as th- skeleton of a pro- 
:r.minie on w'r'ch our Black R.-puloican 
frij'ii is will of eniirso improve. Calilecele. 

bratioDs, Japat.-'se 

Wales honors will sink into insigniScance 

Ambassadors, Prince of mow. 

1 il pr.'Ce.'.s of ciirit.^ which bhall mos' 
perlectiy lotaiii the nulrtl'va properties pre- 
s«nt iu tbe plaiit, is the best process Wc ' 
do not wish to change or ev.ip-irate tbf 
jni'-i'S of tbe grass, liut only to .:rj out the 
watiir. In (if\ii'4 tiifrl)» for medic iiai an i • 
Clihiiavy n-'-s. tin- ex : ■•••'i ■■•■• (-  .l i,-. mv eon 
nine.- ti'.i .. • . y ii,/ //; 'i'l'ivle i-  tiie 

'♦• •••-•»•  .i;. ..I1LU.....U i.kA il'-sirtsiL uiiiiu:! 

1 1. Ui.iku..; li.iy 111 s •■.i-.noi Ijt* fntin-iy ac- 
(.•■•liipl .-i! -.; , l)Ut intJ I' AI.:- h mos; o-ari\ 
ffi uren it — ! ba  i)t our o^ m s,v„'li .m ! 
Cock- i^ a o 1 situ i. u^; .id V-itila/.eoU- 

.ilpo, ..s i pi .il/ Ir.ts to itjury 
from roil liian ,v..\ o nor 

Clover Jia\ an ) coarati berdsgr iss especial 
ly need to be cured in tb - .stiailn. as thuy 
bear littb- handling while  iry. with ut loss 
ol le.ivtSiind t)lot)soiiid. Witen in  .■.•' i, i, • 
the ^r,is  get fairly wilte.l and lii i x .-r .al 
mo:-Mjre drie 1 oiV wic.ic m lli,; j.v I'li, witn 
ptii ii.tps a  ;ii;^lo ih iron^li sti,i\ . ^ np and 
spreailln^, and then puL ii.'o loclis, and it 
will ba L-nrnl w .tlj very iittlo loss ef i 
value. Tho par iermeutation ur 'sweat- i 
ing" which it audergoes. causes but slight 
chaiiire in its constituent p.»rt.» — sive that it 
Scpir.i'es tlio w ii.jr t 'i -r -rr mi — and alter 
St jiivli ii^; t iiU.-5 for t 'A et.ry - i,.iir In iirs, it needs 
liltieoruo al'.er-tciidu.^ to prypuro it lor 
storage, and h i.i tar less of that harsli and ' 
strawy character than it woubi uosdess if 
cured in a dilfBieni manner. In curing by | 
this method, care should ba exercised th tt i 
the hiy is not put up before it is fully wilt 
eil, and that tbe cocks be small and well 
c ii..-iriicle 1, B'J tiial tba sweat i/i;^ process be ; 
not ci.Muii to an e.\i;ess, and mduco.'so ^in^al \ 
a I'ermoiiiaiion a? to dccoMjposo liie su '.ir of 
tbe hay, chat;giiig ii to alcoUo] aod carbonic i 
acid, both of which soon evaporate. i 

The weather has a great intlnenco^on fh-i 
value ot the hay crop, but this ■.vo'c.uiiiot 
lon^ (ort-s'.'e, or at all control. Il it .-liould ' 
I rove iiiiiavi'r able and iantly ciia'igiii::, 
wo have lourij that bay already cut had 
best remain in the swarth — retaining its 
value thus unstirred, luiioh better than with 
r.»])eated dryings and woiings. Nothing so 
inj'ires bases washing by riin. aud this, il 
inaiiv times re|)e«ted, will totally destroy its 
v.iiuo as food for animals. Tho [irovi-iion 
of iiay-caps shuuKI not be neglected. These 
will often enable tho farmer to secure hay 
in good Older, which would otherwise be 
seriously injured. In getting in hay imper- 
fectly cured, if it can be allowed to stand for 
twelve or fifteen hours in the load, it will 

become better fit for storing. It will proba 
. ........... 

arrested by tho process of unloading, and 
leave tbe bay sufficiently cured for the 

s -rve !; and w • arf  •. ■ 
• oT 'Ot .»j:eney in t-.t. , 
.ibs.irbin.;, tiiid C^-a to,) 
lir fly no vfrac'.iv'; t 
:;re.alfr p irt of b i.' «-x 
room 'or meii»al cultur, 
'•'I'l. ere no tuct in 
rrtbli' be.i ," a late w ri 

.-oimethin^ lo do with this matter; b it alone 
tiiey do not fully acco-int. for the resut'.iob. 

fi let,;, tl:a' toe nio-' 
8 is that CO' •' ■, 
■ itt'.i!! c i:i !iir't'  i ) . n 
' ! whi'-b P lis 11 ;i I Se 
-'l-uc-, an.! I - ,v.M 1 
.  , r S  ei„' ».:;io,- n Oit 
! \-ioIo-4y !,-:tir es 
than til it 

liard l.»b'ir, foil i-.val fr -m lav t^ day. an.] 
trtrm v- Tr-iT. ..v -.j'Uinj -V' rv ih 'ii^ht 

.i l.l .-v. ty physical p:,fr_;\ , ills .ti'ifof 
t -n.|.-- ev to ib-pti's- t'le ;;.te'l;T'. liVuit the 
.■•fiis b i^iii'M .in I a' 'in i' .'.e X'.\- tii i i." 

II p' •!).•• t'l.-fi'-i :i vit : H— - . .'li ' 
in ,k — llff»ri,,fiha^f-;'~. Wirli ?.•/-,.- jifuj^i. fj! 
I'lil. iiii l f'    f,i'(tfe ii.ct'i'if.!/ It/ m'n'l au I hi' li t — 
ami Mtis su^^er'ts as pr.iclica" uii-asur -s for 
the ei'vaiiun of farm ii'e, a m  r« g^n-fnls 
nnd th-iriMii'h application of the principle 
of science, (as presented iu improved m- thod 
ol cnlturt'.J to a'l br.!!!,-:!!''., ot ftnui i^; itu! 
nil! versal siiostit utio I of i'n ,r )v-  l i'a  !••- 
lUiMiis, an 1 » more sy .temi'lc m m tji-'tn-in; 
of ail th" bu-'iiessot the farm. Tti s would 
:»reatly re-iuco the amount of lab  r re,jiiirod 
to pro luca a given result; *iva 'ha hirmer 
leisure for int-jllectual improv"ra«nt and 
social intercourse — and Tai-  i his oei-up ation 
.ibove thfm-ra m-ehan cal dm l^.-rv which 
it !)o V so ^i^niTillv 's, .in l niik.- u o'le of 
m.^st intcrf-itiii.' ati,l iltr i."".v ot a 1 i-'s. 

Hut to in iko •.:ir til : r v.-» ) n- pi.-tn-'ots 
nnd scientifi-- lu. t'l   i ^ • .-alMiro av iiUblo 
for tho real elev i- .n fartn lil»), oven 
where we succneil in brinjn.g them into 
use. we must be^iri by imjir 'ssiiig upon thj 
minds ol farmers, the fact that my lire, to 
be true to the itit''nti(ns o.f i:s Giver, iir in 
any way s itisf «ctorv, mnst hwa ottier an 1 
higher etid.s than mere mate ial ^.jins. It 
is in vain that we increase the nnmber of 
our cattle and onr arres, or ad,i to the pro- 
ducti of our farm*, if we allow our 
social natures to lie dormant and our minds 
to remain uncultivated and barren. There 
is now. We are glad ko perceive, a tendeticy 
in the right direct ion :imoTii^ the m i^t- pro- 
gressive of our larMTTs. Ijot everv (!o;int rv 
G'-nfleman — ui'l no tarni'T- shoi.i!,! he satis- 
fi»il t il h'- 'iiUy deserves this tit'e — aid as 
be besicau in the good work. D. U. J. 

l o obl.iineil. 
'i'huv' .^l lom fail in ri. inov; i,cr *J.e Nati.-^caa and 
Ilf...l:ii.dic-^ to wlii'jli I'enialc-* arcso subject. 

Tli'.y act sjo.. y "» on the bowels, — removing 
C" ;i voaciu,. 

For LiteT; ry Men Stndcnts, Delicate Females, 
an-1 all pet ons of solentary habits, they are val- 
nalile as a j^ i xati ve, ini|irovinjr the appetite, giv- 
it)!: tono nn I \i:.",r 'o tlic Jige.stivc oreuns. re- 
st  rii.^' '.'!•■ !ia- i" ilc l:'r-r'i.ity and strength" of the 

•ri,r.  '-KniAl.H' PIl.l..-:,rothe ro nlt of lonfj 
' ■■ '-i.i'ioi and '' t'lil -y f.iuibii le,l OMirri- 
!■ ; ^. I.  .■  r t . 01, in i.M' many jears, (luring 
•^ ' i 11 i'ti t|. y h: \ ;• pri'Vent ,1 "uikI riilii; . uil a 
\ .1-^ iiiu'i ■ it 'jf t,;..i;i and s.uf.jrjiig from Jiead- 
ueli , wj . ;her orijfinulint' in tho nervonssystem 
«,r 1 om udi.-ran^'oil state of the stomach. 

'I are entirely vei,'etal k' in their composi- 
li.i .nn.i kiay l .i U\\ii:n at all tiincs with perfect '\ 'It ru.:!;iti.i_' any ,-liu!i .'o of diet, and 

I'll :it.- ;, . ,,t u,,y . I i  ,, irre'eu !) le taste renders it 
f .isv tij a i niini-: 1- 1 1; in I') oniMcrii.'j-;  )(■• i   u-.v-rKKt i.iis ; 

Tlic uoiinine lia ve tive .-ijiiiatiiri'.- ot ilenry C. 
 ^i aldin;» on caoli Iio.\. 

S.,;,! I.y l)ru!ri i.-t..s aud all other Dealers in 

.M.- I.. Mil'.. 

.\ V-is will L,' -en: : v inai; 
ol the I'lilCK L'..   KN I S. 

All order:'..iIiuiii l )i,. i .i.lre to 

up:m;y c. spalding, 

4S Cedar ^^trect. New York 

]. repaid on receipt 


i^£?a^LIS FILLS, 



Jthat a 


THEiii i;E,\cir. 

As tl:cse Testimonial.-^ wore utL-ioIicited by Mr. 
^[•aliling, tlicj' ntforil in qucHtionablo proof ol 
the cllijucy of tliis soieniiiic i.lis^'ovcrv. 

Masonville, Cosx, Feb. 5, 13C1 
. Spaloisq. 


1 bavotri.'.l yonr Cephalic Pills, and I lika 
ih ■?;!  .. vi'll il'i it I want yon to semi mo two 
• 1, '! ;:ir- \vi .rt 11 ni'ire. 

I'arLo: I l.r.-e are fi.r the nei«;li' ors, to whom 
I gave a iVw on', oftli'.-. lir.-tliox I L'Ot from yOlU 
Send tbe j^alN bv mail. :in 1 i,! ;i'ie 
"i our ob't Servant , 


IlAvtiiFOHD, Pa., Fob, 1861. 

Mr. Spalding, 


f wl-b \.c  si-n.l me one more box of .vour 
(.'ephalic Pills, 1 Iiavo reijuived a great deal of 
benefit from them. 

Yonrs, resncetfullv, , 

m% of the .••anie dav, no less than twenty i in contrast with this triumphal tour of the 
u-rnales, ni rri.-.i 1 single, applied at tbe i first "tlarkey" suest of tbe nation, — Brid-'o- 

seot, tie committed to your handg." 

fj^Gitu. Wool has asked the Common 
Gonncil of Norfolk to inform him in what 
tbe people of the ci'y now regard 
Attaailves as standing — whether ai c'tizct;s 
^ the'TToited States. or of the Confederate 
Sutea, aa neutrida, or • cooqaered people.— 

The Council, in reply, professes not to know. '■ OCr^Vm. II. Dean.of CarrolIfon,Ky.,ba»i 
.Ihe Union switiment does not make itselj been rei. as.^d fn.m the m 

Follow the laws of X itnrc. and you will 
never be poor — wants will be but few. 
Pollnw the laws' Ol the world and yon will 
never be rteh— your wsnta will never be 

•The Frank fv; ^J^jnanaon^oal £h isresponiti- 
ble for the following: 

It will not be untrtie to pav thn* the 
Abolit'nriists in (Jongnas have dooT more to 
put Washington in danger than the whnlp 
Sjutberu army has done. Thev have made 
a nigger city of the splendid American 
Cap tal, nnd they ought to be cleaned out 
by hook or by esook. 

One of tne Objections. 
One of the ol jections made by a class of 
politicians who atitagouize the Democratic 
party to the admission of Slavery into the 
Territories, was that the Territories, was 
that the Territories should be kept for white 

, laborers; that they should not there be sub 

be lt sl'.^htly in that time, which will bo jected to the com potitiot, o; ^l*ve lab.jr; and 

in the campaign of 'CO sm:b couci^m did 
they express for the workit^gman, that they 
seemingly coveted success simply that they 
might befriend the laborer, mechanic and 
business man. They, are now Dent on 
emancipating the slaves, who thron/ i ^ uch 
agency will be bro'ijhr in 'o m 1,5s cotn- 
petition with our !al;orers. S i.n;i .ll.-^mhlT- 
can larni^rs, and one or two wbo in i.hi.s se: 
tion of Oiiio bave been politically befrieuded 
by the llepublicans, say to their Democratic 
reighbor-farmers,wben discussing the eman- 
cipation question: "It is your interest as 
well as my interest, to hire* labor as cheap 
as yon can." Is this tha way to inauguiata 
that goldeu era for the b'bor er t'jat Ri^pub- 
licans pro^uined should bo i uauguratad . — 
GhiUoDtbe Advertiser. 

Good tools and 200,1 workmen ,ire essen- 
tia! to tha ec'-.iiotnicil perforniai -^o of hav- 
makin^. Tio-ra is more ease, as.well ascoin- 
p!et-ji;.ss, wi!h the go-id workman in the 
performancto of bis labors, an.i ^ood tools 
aro also a great aid in these respects. Order 
tind readiness in the whole round of pre- 
par.Uion, give largely increased facilities for 
pushing forward this and all other farm 
operations. It is important to secure ample 
nionrs to do every thing as and when it 
should be, since so muidi depends on the 
right curing and securii g of this great pro- 
duct. Tbe geueriil use of moivii g niucbines 
and other labor-saving iinp'^m -nts, render 

flOoMciibiM jeC 

tary prison in ! Q^T-f 2,00t.i Ken 

j Louisvuie. on Sve thousand dollars bail. j in New York on the 6th iust. 

State 6 8 sold at 95 i^^^; ^^^^ difficult to be secured, an 

and OrJfTfaere -are naady four haudrod sick 

( always dear at thia aeason of the yeac.-- ' aoldien at Camp Dcnnison. 

J-*?" A ."iiiL'ie li,,ltle of .si'.VLDlNt'".'^ VKV.- 
I'AiiKD (ii^L'K will save tun limes its cost an- 




"SAVi: TU£ I'lECKS ! 

ii?"" A Sticb in Time t^avis Nino." 
As aeoidenls will hajipon, ovcnin wellregul.i- 
te.l i-.tiuilie.'^, it is very .desirable to have some 
cheap and convenient way for repairing Fnrni- 
tiiro, Tovs, t;r x-K-ery, dec. 

SiMi.l lJS"ii  PKEPAEED «LUiE 
meets all . iieli emcrfironcie-i. and no hoasehold 
can a:!,.:r,i lo l,e with, ml it. It is alvayii roadyi 
an l uj, t'j til,; ^t^^.:iiiug point. 

- 1 .-^l.FUL IN EVKKYJ^ym^^^^^ 

B,— A JJ/ush aceoni)iai.ios each Bottle.— 
Price, 25 cents. .\ a. 1 r^ -.v , 

No. 4- Oedae Street, New YorlJ 

«: ALT ION. 
A.s certain nn.j.rincipaled persons are nttompt- 
irgtopahn ••tf o.  I he n!..-ii!.(.fotin'T public, iiui- 
tatitins   I ni\ PKl'l'.v t:;;i j tiLUE, I would can 
ti f !j i-jr- ,0 •...■i.on, i:,.! ijefore purchasing 
«n l ^jctital tho fut; i:,i:iia, 

wrapper; 1^ ethei^ie svbid 

rpTTT^ "RTTl T "F'TTIN O^r^'o one should visit onr cit.v without [ pionx is Owe^t Couxtt , Kentucky. 

-U ^ A.«J^.1-J -i- A 1.^ » cj^jiing ^ig^ MuLLiSS «& Hunt's mug- j About noon, on ih» 11th iust., near Men 

C2r OFFICE— Second Street, Opposite 
OaiuaVader*$ Photofraph GmBery. 


nifieent Diy Goods Store, on 2ad ■treat.— gomerj coui ty. K y., a severe ski rm- 

ish took place between a large party of 

bushwhackers and the Union forces under 
Captaio Nicktia. couaidtiog of a portion of 
the Thirteenth Indiaoa light artillery, and 
a pquad of Captain Blood's Provoat Guard, 
mounted. In the skirminh a "Wgoant of 

Many new and beautiful cliai)|;es have been 
added to this Store, and none elicits warmer 
encomiom* for its style and' arehitaetara^ 
taste, 'xbe ikill of the Architect, the 

Those who reeelTe • copy of the splendor and variety of the stock, are not ;;-^;;-,Vy"a„ ^ 7p;f/^t;;f ;i,;Vrri were 

more admirable than are the courtesy and killel. The loss on tho part of the bush- 
politeness of the proprietors and their assist- whackers was not ascertained, but twenty- 
ants, Messrs. Smith, Armstbong and Doylk, 
who appuar never better pleased than when 
displaying the attractions of their vastestab- 
Ikbment to eren the carious ▼isitpr. 



Dollar Weekly Bulletin, and wishing to 
Bubscribs will receive itregalarly by remit- 
©^rOar terms iorariably in advaaee.^:^ 

O^The Council, of this city, has donated 
$500 towards defraying tiia expensae of the 
Home Gnards. 


Comer of 3rd Market Streets, 

 :i::)('KKV .\ND rOMMISSluN ST01JI-: ill 
tjic house forniurly occuiju:.! liy C llrook- 

t ~ i^, 1 St. u .v-^.,-.!. i ''^■cr, nortb-eaat Corner oi'Tliir.l iV: Market Sts. 

a thick clnmp of brash and bushes, throngh j ^ ^j,, j.igi.ert market price ix cash 

which the cavalry coald not force their for WHEAT, RYE. and BARLEY. • 

five of them were captured and brought to 
this city last night ou the mail-boat. Tht 
point at which the skirmish occurred was in 

horses. After the fiaht was over, an ex 

I have just re:;eived a full stock of Groceries, 

(KrThe rebels at Charleston:- S. 0., are aminati on of the' -round showed that the Supir M.-lasses, Co«ee, Tea. Kicc, Fish, Tobat-co 

working hard to complete their iron gunboat bushwackers were badly cut np. Ihe 
that is to be SO irresistible. '-'"""^^ ' '"^"J' places covered with 

Salt, itt-.. itc. , topolhcr with a poncral a.ssort- 
mciit of all articles in tlio Urooery line; all war- 
raiit.jil to Ijo nfihe best riualily. "My ^oods liave 

ft^T" Peter Miller, is also preparing In ^ . . 

tear down and rebuild one of the old houses ' OirGen Boyle aanounce. that the De- 
opposite the Hvery sUble of Thomas DatTl- ; P"'™*"'^ '^e Mississippi u m;» ie to e.n- 

brace the whole State of Kentucky. Gen 
Boyle reports directly to Gran. Balleck, and 
will receive ordejs from him.' 

ton. This spirit of improvement we are 
glad to see, and apeakes well of the success 
of oar boaineas men. 

0^7" Wo call attention to th« advertise- 

mint oftonr friend PrN rHi«TEB, which 

blood, and tracks were vii-iblo of bodies 1m on l ..ii«ht exclusively for Cash, and will V e 
drawn ofl". Tliis is the first contest amon^ s . 1,1 r..r Cash or CounUy Produce, at very small 

the rebels o " Owen County, but will not be i"";''!;;- ^ ,^ i . v *orri ij 

, .1 »_ i«„ •u-s- «rm« ' ^ n&v« also on hand a large stock of PUCE 

the last, unless they lay down tbeir arms. — ^^D BOURHQN WHISKY. 

Lou. Dem., 13th. 

ft^J^Congross has but one more step to 
take, and that is to pass a law that this 

A correspondent with Halleck's army 

writes thus: 

The troops snfTer less from disease than 
from snakes, wooUiclis, lizards, tcorpions | j;allinippors. Insocfs and reptiles are 

Coinmisaiou , .Storasro »V Forwardli 
attended to with prompt ncn 



Yoa save money by buying your Dry 
Goods at the CHEAP STORE !!!! 






A compound remedy, dedgiied to b* the most 
efifectual Alterative tliat can be made. It {a 
a concentrated extract of Para SarsaparUIa. 
so combined with other substances of still 
greater alterative power as to afford an effeea 
tive antidote for the disca^ics Sarsaparilla ia 
reputed to cure. It is believed that suCh ■ 
remedy is wanted by those who suffer firoit 
Strumous coraplainto, and that one whidi will 
accomplish tiieir cure must prove of immense 
service to this large class of our afflicted fellow- 
citizens. How completely this compound will 
do it lias been preveu by cxpciiu:; iit on maiiy 
of the worst casea to be found of the following 
complaints : — 


Ervptions and Eiiuvrivi: Diseases, Ulcees, 
PiMPLBS, Blotches, Tumoks, Salt Rheok, 
Scald Head, Stphims axd Svpkilitio Af- 
fections, Mbhcuuial Disease, DaoPSTt Nbv- 
UALuiA oil Tic Doulol'ueux, Dbbiutt, I ts« 
PEPsiA AND Indiuestiox, Eutsipelas, Rosa 
oil St. Antiionv's Fiuc, and indeed the whole 
class of conipluiiiti arising from Iupukitt ov 

THE Bl.Ot)D. 

Tliis compound will be found a great pro« 
motei- of h' altli, when taki n in the spring, to 

lis frknJs and old '."Ust^nicrs in Mason _ _ 

All pc-rsons di'sirous of Kcuiiig tlie wortli of '"i*' counties, lh:it tiii-ir new I'siiildisli- expel tlu- foul humors which fester in~tha 

their moiujv, will please give niiT a .-all. 1 '^lent, opposiro tl;e Kariiier.-- Bank, to wliieli llcry blood at that season of the yoar. By thetime- 

jiiiK- i:'ti;.l^.;2. ni:\' PIIISTEK. ; h- vc rece.itly removed, in tvcry .lc- ; ly expulsimi of them many ranklins^ disorders 

1' i:':iioiil, aii l nc-ver on any f'(:rnicr occasion ; 
i:avi they licou in sueli a poailion t   prc^tnt iu- 

appears in oar columns to-day. It wili be Government does not belon. to the people. , One iS 

■een that be has just opened a OraiD.Orto- but to themselves. 1 !,n.^ oM .n w hngland g^g. scorpions equal one gallinipper; 

CKUSliED, Powdered and Cra iiii ia'.cd ."^ngar, 
of best qnality, in stvrtt ,ii  l I'lr sale luw by 

June 19 

Cor. Srd 6t Market streets. 

ore nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by 
the aid of this remedy, spare themselves from 


gallinipper eqnsls one snake; one sn%ke, OVHU P. - Philadelphia and I'.aliimorc Syni| s 
"IleioJved, That the earth is the Lord's one sallinipper. two scorpions and one lizard. O in barrels, half barrel. s and loga^ 
nd tli*t we a e Uis children, therefore, the 1 equal one woodtick. i ^- _ . VfrA  M^''^^"' 

eery ar:d r-.mmis«ion hous.- at the cmerof Puritans who wanted tin' Ii Jiari land: 
Market and Third Streets, where he is pre- 
pared to sell all articles, in the grocery 
*^ . , . earth is oursi." 

]in  , cheap for caah , or exchange for ooan- , 

try produce. I 0C7"The Ne*v Orleans papers of May 29th, an ol 1 luinii.or  .r ilm ■• L ui-vdie J umra I 

He is also prepared to pay the hiebmt «ay tb»t Hon. Pierre Soule, late Provost aits an- nym. ,s. i W. . • •. ■ says:- w 

, . • , ,,,, r» 1 in Mamhni .^Ttl. .  J ..u r  r 1 . any tasteful lovor 01 P 'u I f V lo read them, willi- 

cash prices for Wheat, Barley and Rye. — aiarsdal ct that c:fy, under the Confederate ^ • ' 

Their Stock is now unrivalled in variety, cle- ^^''^ endurance of Ibul eruptions and ulcerous 
ance. tVshion an.l cheapness, and conbiderably i ^Pf^^ tlivou-li wluch the system will strive to 

nd it.- elf of corruptions, if not assisted to do 
this through the natural channels of the body 
by an alterative medicine. Cleanse out the' 

f?f~Tlie f.illowin^ c.\."(ni.-ito li:-os wc fi'id In 
,-ni«iis. J Hi: I i.N.r savs: — •■ \\ w di-l'v 

I jnnc 19 

''pOBACCO of all grades luid j.ri c . f .r sale 

eiilargfed , 1 II every branch, since tl.tir removal. 

Tlieir S^to k ol'Clnihs, (^a.^si meres, Vcsti!]i.'S, 
ite.. cannot !.o ;;rj.a.-sed. 

riicir Swh-I; nt' II ATS. ( maii'i factu r' d vttiatt  l blood whenever you find its impurities 

. _ . .1.. „ .1 1 .1 _ I - . . .1... . ... » : . . . . . .. . . . . * . . 

Cor. Srd & Market streets. ;  •  ■; ro^^sly tor t\.r best class ol' Ken* nek y t l ii.:.- . is bursting through the skin hi pimples, eruptions, 

iiine i;  

J{y HKS I'lilSTKi:. 
Cor. 3rd  te Market streets. 

Farmers wonld do we'l to give him acill- 

The exercises of the M lysviUe Fe 
male Inaiitate eome off to-night at the 
Court House. 

EMANCirATio!* IV Missoi ni. — A bill was 
introduced into the Missouri State Cunven- 
tioQ held last week at JefTrrsnn city, by Mr. 
Samuel M. Breckinridge of St hon „ I ' 
gradual emancipation in that State - Mr. 
Hall, of Randolph, moved to lay the bill on 
the table, when the aves and nays were de- 
manded, and »tood — veas 52, nays 19. A 
CQOtioD to reconsider this vote wis also da- 

Governnieut, bus bt.eo arrested un ^raVM po- 
litical charges, and will besent north shortly. 

j Qmh. BuntyEB — »lon. Qirrett Divis in- 
troduced a r. .-, itfiti^jn on Tliursd iy reijuest- 
ing Gen. 8. B. itucknerto be delivered np 
to the civil authocities of Kentucky to ho 
tried for treason, which w,»s laid uvpr to the 
nex' day. It is thought the rosoluljoa will 

OO" William 11. FitLi.. H-q..onre a load- 
ing member of the bar of the city of Louis- 
ville, a mt mbt r of tl^e I..f ^is! r iir« I'nmi tha' 
city , ami a Slate elector on the Clay ticket 

feated, thereby killing the proposition for in 1844. was shot, and insUntly killed , bv a 
gridiial enaoeipatioo io Hissoari for the pan y of Federal soldiers, m Pe'ti^i c m. 
pre^eLt. -Mo., a few days since. Lie had for several 

(fcrThe 'Loui;7iil7De^ratTh5nksita!''^'f!^*^'° M Wi, and was largely 
pity that the Sontbem State, ioaoeuratad r^'^"^ agricultural pui^uiU. 

oute.\elaiming ••how beautiful!" 

My -oiil tl:y - -e rid iii';iu' 1:"i-ps. 

Mv .Midiiiiriit Ireaip.- uioail of thcel 
For nature then in silence .si cps, 

Antl .-Tleoce T i' oil » oVr land and sea; 
  li. ill thai stili iins'iT'";:- lM iir, 

1I"W oft from waliinn Ireuins 1 start, 
To tivd hc ! l 'il a fan. y tlowerl 

Thou cherisihvl idol  .f my heart. 
Thou iiasreaoli ih  iii;ht uud dream of minc 
ILive 1 in turn one thought of thioo? 

Kor.^v. r ilii'ii: mv .Ireams ..-liall Ko, 

\Vli.i'':"iT Mi.iy 1 c mv fiirmno herej * 
1 u"!? not love- 1 claim tV'.in thee 

0:i:v lino l o« ii - a ;.'ciM Ic ;ear; 
M IV t-'crldt st vi^4ioll- i rnu ai ove 

I'lay ^' ••itly rotin.l ' liy liajiin- heart, 
Ai I r! .. ... • 1 ji..-,." :m I l. ve 

N • \'r 'n : '• d 't;;'i -i I .1 •|.:irr. 
Karcwcii: my dream-' are still c.f itice — 
11U.HI thou one tender thoueht of me? 

My joys li!ip summer liinls mav tlv. 

My no{ie.-  like s'lmiiicr l !o  tuc depart, 
P.iit llif-reV one flower that cannot die, 

Thy holv memory in my heart. 
No dc'.vs ifiu; tl .wi-r's Clip may fill, 

No »uiditf!il Iu il  loaT s i e fflven, 
r.ui it will livuan l fl..uri-)i f,;ill. 

As d-arl:!i-»s a- the lliiri/ o*' n. avcn; 
ily .*oul ;:ri-ct^ thine, niia.sked,, 
Hast thou fbr mo one gentle tboughtf 

F;u-Teli:;iarcwc1i; my far .- frrriend! 

Jjetwoeu xta broad lihic rivers flow, 
And for, I's wave nnd plains e.xti nd. 

.Vr. 1 nil untaiii;. ii; ih.' su;ili ihf slow; 
Til': •■v'.r. i that l»roatne  upon thy l r  w 

I.. i,. t 'he wind lh.r '.r. aChes on luine; 
Til'- -tar Loam-, slihii'-.; ■•■••u Ii ..;v 

"Ji'j t'cani- 1 ii .• Hi iKc shine; 
15i'.' iii.iU'jry's ~| cll vviLh uie yet — 
C'ausi 'Man the boly past foigetl 

The bitter U-nrn that thou and I 

.Mav Khe-I •.rlii.-ii «'er ' y aoifiiishod bowod, 
E."aUod in t!  ' ii'-omidc  k\ , 

^Ia^■ in. -it. in I ii.iiiij'io In the don 1? 
And :l'.'i~. my rua.-i: .owd tr;:'i;d, t l:on'^!i wo 

Ka., !.-.r rpart min-l live and m.'ve. 
Oar .-oals. -.vheii C.d slia'l tlieni (rca 

Can! : in '.lie w. i id of love. 
Tl.i-^ v.'ore hwccl c-iacy to me — 
•s,. . v.-.;n;r| it. l e a joy to thofr? 

li^'A't arcauthorizedioannounce WTLLTAM 

have been of a meritorious character, and O^'At ^j ! to advices received in New S. HAND  s a Democratic candiUato for the 

liava afibrded the highest aatiafaetion. 'York from, General Sirta Anna is l' '^ ^hiture, from Xawis eonnty 

■ 'about to enter upi;i th^ troubled seen' — .- 

I oniphaii House. Mexico. His soi  ii ..1 art v- i t : . re frum S' 

l.\E {Alw of llie best qnality, for sale by 
.inne 19. BKN PIIIBTEK. 

\1 ' II l K Y a very choica article f.T li ir-. i  t n-r 
 V f,., .-ale If'W by 15I-:N I'l 11 S !' KK. 

lul aiid icchenhe materials. 

Keep tlie 


JOvni •lay i.., l!m order or the day. and to blood healtliy, and ail is well; but with this 

wl.'i jH: ;y il. \vi: i f s j 'Lot fiiJly extend an invita- pabulum of life di-oideied, there can be no 

tion to call ;p 1 '\aiiiin.j our' !^tock at the Cheap lusting health. Sooner or later something 

Dry (Ju'jd.~ ir. niu t go wrong, and the great machinery A 

quality, in store and for f ale bv 
June 19 BEN PUIS TER. 

S.M.T in st'ii-e and arri.ii:'.;- l' i   
cvi rates, by JiKN i" 


MUl.uNs sl hunt. 

Maysville, Ky., June 19,1862. 

'I- : T I'W 


1."«1S!I.— Maol.erel and Wliite Fi barrels, | 
hf. barrels, .,':a! ;cr I.:.; r. l- and kits,of best ; * 
brands lor sale at lu\\c.-t rates by 
ji'nc lit BEN PIIISTER. 

'T'^KA —a very suferior article, the best imj^rt- 
J c'l. in oloro and lor sale bv 

P.i;X PIlTSTEi:. 

J  1 t:--llie pure Ct 
\, Jhuc 19 

arolina Hice. for  .iV- bv 


^ANDLES.— Star & Summer Mould Candles, 

of best qn ality, 

aX BEN PfIfSTi:if.-5 

the rci'sllioD so soon. If they won.d have 
only waited a few yfears more Greeley, 

frf^At the la-sf lemi ftf the r.iTr;bf:" r- 
cuit Court, Messni. iieffnor and Mo.,Jr, 

Julian 9e Co., wanld have got up a rebellion members of the Indiana Legislature. 

for the sake ofcffire — nothing else — and 
there were simpleton:! o'l ii4h to join tkem. 

Sensation Store. 
We invito the attention of oar readers to 

the a ! verti«»Mn.jnr ;n aiMther colni.i:. ' ' 
Messrs. Bdbgesb 6c Sos.. who have for s^Io 
an unequalled assortment of articles in 
their 'ine. Mcrrh.-inis froM the r ;;n(rv 
will find it to tbeir advantage to sxaiaine 
their assortment. 

Baptist Isstitcte. — The annual ex- 
nin.ttion of this tl' arishing lostiute com- 
tneP''ed on M' ! -J iv rif the presf»nt week, at 
at th'j Court Il.', The exercises so far, 

Gned, respectively $2o ") and for setid- 

ing and accepting a challenge to fi^ht a duo! 
in this State, contrary t'-i law. Th«» case whs 
taken up to the urt -A Appr il.i, now in 
sesaion at Fraukfoit, by which tribunal the 
decision 'of tbd Circuit lJ  urt has just been 
affirtiie.i. This d^cisluii sets at rest a matter 
that ha.^ been before the public for a long, 

'.\ r STAKCri, on..- ' l.v:.,„is. fr.r st.l.: I'lw By L1:n I'llIi^TEK. 

1y i  ON \V.-i.\ i EL . 1 am UjyinK » !.-ar side? 
  at hijrhetit caah prices. BEN ra:iSTEU. 

aril constantly in the ri:.u' -. t a:.,! i ^hji' 
hi!;li  sl prices. " 
June IP. 

life is disordered or overthrown. 

Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, the 
reputation of accomplishing those ends. But 
the world has been cgregior.sly deceived bj 
preparations of it, partly because the drug 
alone has not all the virtue that is claimed 
for it, but more because many preparations, 
pretending to bo cmie( ntrated extracts of it, 
confain but little of tlie virtue of Sarsaparilla, 
or any thing else. 
I During late years the public have been mis- 
I led by large bottler, prc teiiding to t;ive a quart 
of Extract of Sarsapartlla fur one dollar. Most 
of these Iiave been frauds ui ou the sick, for 
— — I tliey not only coiitaui little, if any, Sarsapa- 

PROMPTNESS. MY MOTTO! j rilla, but often no curative properties whatev- 

SATISF ACTION MY AIM tj Hence, bitter nnii painful disappointment 

" has followed tlie i: o of the vaiiouis e.itracts of 

Sarsaparida which flood the maiket, until the 
name itself is justly despised, and has become 
synonymous with iinpo.--ilion and cheat. Still 
we call this compound Sarsaiiarilla, and intend 
Y^-'OT'lJ) nKSPIICTFl'Lr.Y INFORM to supply siuh a remedy as shall rescue the 

.IKWldJiY  'ill-:.\l'. (io TO 
t«. IJKOW .\'.*», ill « I.:. \ui i:  JiL ii.iJiN(.. 

-M ;i % .-vi i .'■. .r.i.e 





rr!''n i- ati'l 

:o I'liiiii. 


he name from tlio load of obloquy which rets 
i::.-. just rcccivo'l .inoUiLr iartje kt o)' .STO'. L.S. ^pon it. And we think we have ground for 
l' M.l.')\V U AlJK.itC. b- l!cviii ' it has virtues which are irresistible 

Cor. Srd  V, Market htrcet. 

Sensation SCore! 

wi;' 1 i-|'?"V '';;';M^;V'i.'^ ^'.'"V'' ^'f ^'^ bv tlie o"rcUnary run of the diseases it i^ int'-nd- 
FA^ i t l.K u. OKI .l.L. ail ar. -lo.s m llie line ol ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ 

eradication from the system, the remedy should 

all art  •: 

JOBBING IN TUIS LINE, done with nkat- ' be juiieiously taken accordmg to directions on 


0O~The Worll'a W.-tshington telegram, 
states that there is a rumor that the French 

Minister, M. Merciier, h »s "n.;.! V'ci pis.=:.igo 
to Europe :n the staaraer following Lord 
Lyons' departure. 




B8^ cal) mi.) c.vumine Goods and Prices, 
as I a'n eoji!i l'nt that ! ear. jjive entire sati-fae- 
liiiii to all w)e  mii_\ la vol nie with thei.'- pa'ion- 

tlie bottle. 


DR. J. C. AVEEC 9i CO. 

i.o\vi:r.L-, MASS. 

age. J amal?o se! t.ny ol the aoovo lioods Price, $1 per Uottlo i Six Uottles for $9. 
Lower than any L.tlier hcur-e in .Maysviile. 

CIEO. w. Ti:i   "st, 

SSMarka St . but. -iv.A it Cr l St^., 

next 'U't.r I'.i William \V:'.;kins. 
Maysville, .Tune 19. Ib02-ly 




' Ayer's Cherry Pectoral 

has won for itself such a renown for the cure  A 
viety variety of Tlirout and Lun(( CDmpluint, that 
it is entirely unnecessary for us to recount the 
evidence of its virtues, wherever it has been em- 
' ployed. As it has long been in constant use 
j throughout this scrtioii, nenrr .l not do more than 

This conveniently located Hut^l. ao thor- Tbon ..s,«n .-on'e fortl. u K -nnb!'r. re.*i*deXx^ oi'"^hrhri'ie^^^^ 

gh'v and admirahlv impnved, is nowin . .«« . •'^•Hcj, Mr. VII.MF. I LA 'Kand.%ns F vNNlR 

J (KT"'^^" see it stiied Ih it m. thn iXsw  V« )IC fill danghter of M. Worth- 

n. .SOX buy tiihir 

full tide of success. It 

'." d on 

a; : between Wall and button streets, on 

9- - nost cororaeTco and fashionable thor- j pos'^'^ns, formerly held by while men, are 

on , fare. We haven, d mbt that under ^ "O" ''-^ "«8-o«»- 

tht ' Sicient directions of he worthy host 

-tr , f, . ,, ... ington, Esq., all of ^^ason county, Ky. 

X ork Custom House some ceven or eight » 17 1 ji j. 


Kast May-'. -Uo. Tiic-^day 



A; ].':  r.'-i h'nce in 

l.-."ri!:i:-_'. o|"|i 'art di.-e.Tse. 1 .'V N I i. 1 I; 1.^ I'l i|;._ 

n.jt-mrvi I. t 1 f T .t . n Til'- de I :i e.l was an ol l ci' liens an i was i-i.'li- 

(KT^'I'C whole nnnilinr '.f deaMls at n-,nip r^.,, ....^^^^.j ;,.r ).N mai.v ".,..d . iliiics lie 
A- Doniphan, the Doniphan House will D,:u2la«. Chicaiio. sine- th« first arrival of liuve's a iarjf.n\i«iiiy and laairy 'wuMu Jri'^ 

e a foil share of c itron^ge. 

lament lii.s.loas. 


' pris.,»?«irs np to June Ist, ia 491 Of this 

HohTOSA.— This iav ,r:te ai d bcanti'.il nnmb-r ^0 eoro F'-d- vat soldiers; tho re- j 
■teamcr has by univtrsal ardamaf on b"en rn.x"t..ler reb.^l prisoners. i 
atyicd the pride of the rivr.r P r her beauty, (fc^The n-groVa7' Xe'vl^irrn , whoni Dr. 
■p-ed. comfort and s=.ury independence, has c^„ver. wa- teaching, «r« fed upon -ovem- 
m . ' her the favorite of all. Her adver- ^ ^ ,tions. costinssorae 31 cents per 1 :v 

.tis' aienl will de found ;n another column. „,„v, ,^ 

each, to pmvuie wnicb every poor white 

LuscH. — If you "Ai 'h to get one of the man now pays in his tea, coffee and suaar, 
Pnest bowla of Tortte Soap, that ever went and is to pay. enormotisly, more and more, 
lo.\;i your throats go to Mack Parkkii-s at ^^'''f'" bill is pis-od. 

the Cha-Batig, formerly the St. Charles^ q'te Indianapolis Sentinel says that the 
'Bal ion on Proot Street, every morning at ' wheat crop thrnnzhont the State of Indiana This department of our E.'«tablishmcnt is now 
 Jo clock. M.ison also k«eps h:i pro- never before, fi^m all aeconnts, was so pro- complete, and inferi..r to non- in K.-ntn.'^ry. 
v..!'! with the finest L-quors which he mfsing as it is this season. 
t i . ifaetores into drinks which are as re- i » 

Their Cn.stomcrs may r.jly on finding at all 
times a complete assortment of tho most fashion- 
aljle goods at extbex ei.t low fbices »ok casu ! 
Maysviile, K ., jnne 10tli,lS02. 

iSnop an TSna street , over Uurneifa Meat fkore, 


/~1 K A 1 N I X G. G I L 1 M X a , GL A ZTXG and 
V I rAl'Ki; IlAN(.I.Ni.,a  iie in the latest and 
most approved style, and with dispatch, 
jime 19th, 1S62. • 


(roniil.Kt.v Ti,i. i".\i:kk!: iifus;;,"  
Between Sutton and Wall Streets, 

Plaia aa^ Faacy Job Pnutiug mat^ville, kextuckt. 

SomniPT Mould 

Extra FaniilyCandlos 

S4Ihs to box \'2l4 
Star Candid 19 

• . TI.Y l;\-Ei ITI D AT Till: 

Bulletin Office! 

A. DONIPHAN, Proprietor 


■iiir~ty men, as summer showers 

The artesi-n weH. v.hich supplies \v;if» r 
r r tbo Insane Asylum at Mt. Pleasant , Iowa, 
! Is eleven handred and fifty feet deep. 

{ Released.— Oen. Lnrins Desba. of Harri- 

im, tthn was under 3rre?t for lid'n:! 

C:i-The heat on Sunday last was intense. rebellion, has been release.! from the 

T ie tbefXQometer ranged between 93 and 96 military prison in thia city, on bail.— Louis- 

(^'T'One thousand and ninety- three balej 
nf ' -,n arr:ved at Cincinnati last week. 

dt- ;re,s. 

ville Journal. 

We are [.reparcl to iiioet all orders, of 
any aiidcvcrv d'-.sori pti'Hi, prompt- 
ly and on .-^hort notice and at 
prices greatly redueeil from 
those of former year. 
To one and all we wonld say hand in yc.',ir 
Orders as we will neither be excelled in 


O^Bbechkb, of the ludgtendeitt, is very 

(t^The Cincinnati Enquirer says tho 

much afraid that Congress will a'lj 'urn ^ 

" Mem), his packets are receivin» S1-' on 
V '.iLoat doins somethincmore for tho negrii. . '■r u- j cr 

u  wui»u UB « passengers to Memphis, and fifty cents per 

He bp;;s of them to stiy and pass the Kman- ^audred for freight. 

cipatioo Bill. Col. Hicuardson, of Idmois 

does not oofneide with Bbeohbr. as he said 

the o'her day: "The country would bo lha toward ce!ebntiDS oar national holiday, the 

gainer if the riot act was read and Congress ^ Fourth of J jly. 


a-ain^l the estate of \V. T. OASTO, dee'd., 

will [ lea^i- ;iie-;eiit thum, properly aathenticatid, 
lV r payment. 

~ : ' Th  sj iiidehl.-'l to saiil es'ate 'v'lVi call im- 

(JJrNo movement has as yet h-.-n m vle me.;iaiat.-ly,at iheo-.n.- ..i-.-«ta!U"ii a .1 Throop, 

ui! 1 pa\ tho .iiuounl of thuir ini.leotediuT^^ and 
idave s. IMiMAKl) DAWsoN. 

Maysville. June II'. 1 ^oj. Aii!:rniistralor. 


Travelers are respectfitlly reqnested to give it 
tri al. ' - 

|3^Daily Stages leave tho door for all points 
in the interior. [jaue 19, lS62-ly. 


0/\ Barrels of ''i rear oM Bcorbon; 
0\ ' 20 bbis of -2 year "". 1 Bonrhon : 

n " Apple Uraudyi* f«r .oale by 
Maysville, jnne 19, 18t!2. U.C LLOYD. 


Oj£ barrels of Pnre€idcr Vineaar, for sale by 
00 jnnel! , H.C.LLOYD. 

4.)/'v TJajts of pure Rio Coffee, for sale lovi- l y 
.^V/ jnne 19. II. C LLOYD. 

SI (;ar. 

i*t \ (Vii-hi l. (irar.nlated. Refined, 

\)\f Levering and Il;id-ion Kiv«rSiigHr. 
jnneli«. For sale l y U. C. LLOYD. 

I'cr ildzcn 

r^Five per ecnt eff for O.V'slI in any qnan- 

tities ;•)  n.'h ]iiirelia.ser9. 

(7a6h paid for Tallow and. Grease. 


Sn.TIi and Candle. Factory M;',y~vil'e. Ky. ' 

"^■OTU.'E. — The undersiscrod ha.s this day j 
...^ a.-sooiated witli hir!i in tho  "arria;;e Mann- I 
t'aeluriijsr business Mr. JOSEPH ALLEN. From j 
and after thisdate the business will beeonducted 
nnder the Firm name of BIERBOWEB  fe 
ALLEN. Thankful for past favors besolicitsthe 
patronage of his friends for the new firmr 

lAaysvtlle, Ky., September 6, 1S59. 

assure the jieoplc iti quality is I; pt up t.i tho best 
it ever has been, aiitl that it may he rfh'.'J on I0 
do for their relief all it has ever been found to do* 

Aycr's Cathartic Pills, 

; fyaslivmets, Jauuiliv, l yf;«'/ sia, Indlf/e^tion, 
I l);/.iciifr  II, Foil! Stomach, E   /\ij)c!as, llt ad.tche, 
j •I'iliS, RhciimiifisDi, Eiiijitfoiis an l Sliii Diseases, 
j Lircr C^mpldinf, l')rnj s;/. Teller, Ti'rnort and 
! Salt n/irt'iii, Iti;;-/)!?, Omit, Scwal/ia, a$ A 
' Dinner I'lil, mid far Pari ftjing the Blood. 
I They arc sugar-coated, so that the most sensi- 
tive eaii take Uiem pleasantly, and they are the 
best aperient ia the world tof all the purposes of a 

family p)i}'sic. 

Priee 80 cents per Vox; T in bosat fbr $LOa 

Great numbers of Clergy men, Phrsicians, States- 
men, aiid eminent personages, nave lent thdr 
names to eertify the uniiarallelcd iisefiibiess of these 
remedies, Imt our space here will not permit the' 
insertion of them. The Aiients brloiv named fur- 
oQip nish gratis our Amiirk^an Almanac ik nhiih they 

are given; with also full desuriptions of the above 

that shonld be fill* 


Kvtr Palm " 5}^ . Do not be put off by unprineipled dealers trith 

(ierman S'jJ otlier preparations they make more profit on. 

It (1 f,i f ■ ■ ■ • - - - . . 

" extra" 
Clyci rine " 60 to 75 have it. 

'AU our remedies are fbr sale by 

J. .T WilOD, 
SEATON tfc UJ;' iJi;irK. 
jiinc 19 MayhvLllc, Ky, 


3m: Z3 h. o sc a. i\r rx* s : 

10 sell all kinds of SOAP A CANDLES 

erinnl in .iualitv to Cineiniuiti or any other 1 
markets. •' 11 ■ //■/ a '•/' / G  t,il"' a; less prices, ' 
which tbo following list wilishoir: 

Mould Candles lOe I Family Soap.No.l, 4 ^ coni7daints. and tiie treatment 
^^'ra " 11 'Palm «' .5 lowed for their cure. 

I Demand AVER'S, and talce no others. The sidt 
^ want the bestaid^ereiafiir flism, aadtiiarsbeaM 








Jaundicr. Fevrr nnd .Xsne.  «eneralDe« 
bililv, I'lul .ill l)is»';isc» ttrisins Irum 
51 Di^ordcifd Stomach, Liycr, or 

.-.-.II I' T- 1-1 . ^. S 'l^in V ar   Kfl a id recommended by leading 

'^pilh L nd(!r.sizned nr rnmiccs to theCiti-i 1 l'l.  i,iaiis of the country. and all who try 
X zen  ot" M.i 'iii and t he .surrounding conn- tLeni protionnee liiein Invalnaole. 
tics. that they aro!eoi!stan lymakingandliaveon I Dk. JA.MK:? L. LKKPKliE. v. iites IVrni Nrt^ 

AboUtlocimn Diel It. 

♦ * "Sotue twet ty-fivo years a?:o a f ew 


PICKERT'S nine Grass Cheese alwavs on Those wis) ii ^to py.n ha^e 
hand and fur sale by H. C. LLOYD. ; examif.-.' onr st' ck l.^f "l e 
Maysville. June 19. lSi 2. " 



bund, a larsre a.^sortnient o'i" 

&OCKA ir. t r. 

.„ ^ ,. , , BUaGIES, tC., 
AH of which they will sell on reasonable term« 

and at low figures, and guarantee satisfaction. — 

re invited toeali and 
irchasinw 'jlscvhcTe. 
I All onr Work Wnrimitcd ! 

I^AU kinds ot in-:rAli;i.\G ittcndcd to 
oromptly. BLLREOWEK & ALLEN. 

(KrStatement. W««^°g- P^-e n,en' sav^'rs^^^Vn^v^TLla^Lf^re; MERCHANT TAILOR; BROWN^S, in Cadwallader»s Bnildiag. 

the N.u oml debt at $517,000,UCX  on the the enormity of Slavery, 'and they set them 

ftrst of J ,:v next. 

selves at work to aioose the conseienee oT 
the nation. By degrees men came .to see 

OirThere are 220 convicts at present in | the sio, and tarn from it; and our present TT'EEPS C 
the penitentiary of JeffersoDTille. Of thia \ conflict of arms is a direct eonsaquence of -1%: Choice s 
namber 18 are females. 





€ . BROWN'S, in Cadwai,i.ader's Boldino. 

aiwortment of a'l Scasonaiile (""ods , 

this turning from our evil wavs."— Newark  » 'V« ^''■^l? ^'^ 'AT^Y 
V»-»K Amofi..,.. - the lowest rates lor • CASH. 

OC^One thousand seven bandrsl new 

North American. 

Tho Notth Amer5'«an is r.-.thera moderate 

 arcd to disj 
lie soli 

-■ at I 
a 'jali I 

Lie II. IlOi\G, 

stores and ttaidences are under contract to K'()ublican paper. Its te-timony thafoiir 

be finiabed in Chicago this coming summer. 

O^Thnrlow Weed has returned from his 
European toir. 

preseut confir'' c.f n ;.ii is ■/ direct consequence^' 
of the peoplo of ths Free Wtates turning 
against "the enormity of slavery," is worthy 
of consideration. — Cbilicothe Advertiser. 

'ivITsall-iSS.''"'^ pledgees In. I.e.- ..1 r..~ to, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER 





Attorneys at Law, 

m/tsville, kt. 

t Sill, &C., 

From thplatPit advices, Charleston. S C.,! Though men boast of holding the reins, 

menaced ojr strong forces of iederals and , tb« women generally tell ihein which way ' p^Promnt atteution paid to Collecting, 
nboata. | ^'^"^ drive. 


June 12, lSd2. 

Corner of Wall & 2iid Streets, 


juna 1J ,13G2-Iy 




r»AT»"F:R vfjF ^x.3L, Tvr rr)i=«, 

Keep constantly on hand a lar:re A- varied stock of 
Of vaiiona sires and weights. 
._,,.rs are of superior quality, and for 

.color and finish, are nnsnrpassed in this 

marketl Consumers will consult their own in- 
\ torests by givioK "s a call. ^ 
Encash paid for Jf AGS. 

Street, above 4th St.," 


vane, Stark Co., Oiiio.-'the Bitters are highly 
J rai-f 1 I'v ill ..-^e s^itleriiig from iudlgostion, dys- 
peiisia and liver coninhiint." 

I R. WM. M. KERR, of Bogcrsvillo, Ind., 
writes ns that they are the most valuable medi-. 
cine ©{fered. lie' has recomniando.1 tlu'in with 
great snecess, and witli ihcra niude several 
en es of palpitation .of tho heart and general de- 

' 'r ? K. GALLEnEKS. M. D. writes from Van 
Wert Ohio,"l most resi ooifully recommend the 
Sherry Wine Bitters to the notice of DysAeptio 
persons; and to all w}u  require a Btimulating 



Tliey are eold bv Medieinu Dealers (fenerally. 
rriccToet.- perhott e. J. X. llAHi;lS i; CU. 
aineinnati, Ohio, rrojirieiors for the twuthern 
and Western Stiites, to whom address all orders. 
For sale by 

'Seaton & Broderick; tfaysville, ■ 
6.G. Watson: Foster. 
Grain it (.o.; llill-l oro 
A: ^.o^ J; SIiMj..-: -irc:, 
, .J 'i)!i i'. Sli r l.-. i.l: Grayson, 

Eii & Co.: *Ja ;■ 6 luip. 
.1. H. Sen: Asblard. 

jtirp"(* H-'pfer iV: Muod'x; Ripley, Ohio 

MjLL taby books. 

taers Hannnal for saic ho 


W. L. } EAl.CE 

(lie r rctaiC' 

:;e * 00. 

The Fibst P«at«e nt Cosorebs. — In 
Thatcher's M'Htary Jonnal, under date ol 
D«*cpmher. 1777, is'fnnnfl a note contaioing 
the ^clT'ical "firft pnvrrin Con"irPi:« ,' made 
by thp R"v. Jacob DiicVie. a p^ntlpm-m of 
great Here it 5s — an h^f^nr^c»^ 
cnrioalty: "O. Lonl, our heavenly Fa' her. 


L. i itviLLE. Ky., June 9,1862. \ 
The followint; insiructtops are issued f )r 
tbe (^idaooe of officers \n tfie rases spenified . 

T. All peeeafol and law-abidins citizens 
and residents of tbe State must be protected 
in their persons, property, and rights; but 


El. O B ^ XO* 0 S 

A R E X O VV P K E P A R E n 

Isish aiid mighty King of king*, and Lon? ; citizons atul resi lents v. ho joined the so- 

of lords, who dost from th» throne heboid 
•11 tb« dweUen of tba aarth, and reigoett 
wftb iwwer snprema and npcontrollad over 
all the kicgdonrs. empires and goTaroments; 
look doa-n in m«*rcy, we beseech tbea, on 
these Amef'ran Srates, who have fled to 
thee from thn rod of the opprrssor, and 
thrown themsfllvpion thy crae.ous pro'sc- 

calipfl C'ltifedorate forcpp, or g:ive them aid ! M^nld Candles 

and iissistance. or went within their lines 
without license from tbe proper aotbori ties, 
and have returned or may ratnm, and be 
repeotsnt for their eondoct, mnat report 
themaelves to Golooel Henry Dent, Provoat 
Marshall of Lonfsville. Col. S D. Bruoe at 
Bowlini; Grat n. M«ior rroc-ht , Provoat Mar- 

tion, Hef'rirs to be henceforth dep'in'.ent ^hal of Le:;in :;ton, or Col. Noble at Padocah, 
enW on th'» ', to »hee thev have nppeslpd ■ nr.-} furnish oviJence of such repentance, 
far the nghteouBness of their cause; to thee j »i''i « '!i9 »he oath of a1 le^iance and give 

do they flow 1 ^ok np for that ooontensnce 
ejppnr* which tboo alone oanst give; 
take them.tlierefbre.heaTenly Father, noder 

thy nnrtnrirs care; zWe them wisdom in 
cotirril. ard rulor in the field; (Jcfeat the 
jnalif 'f^n* i^t^pijrs of our a Ivorsaric-; c.- ti- 
vince tbFn-. of the iiT r'2h''='r' e-i3 of their 
eave; and if thev st'll prffist in th'^ir s^n- 
gnioary pnr|jo.5e=, O! let t ha voice of thine 
own onerrin^ ju-iico, sounding in their 
lieMt*. eopatrain them to drop the wantons 
of war from their nnnerved hands in tbe day 
of battle. Be thon present, O! God of wis- 
inm, end direct the cooricils of tbi? honnr- 
•ble anfieniMv; er- ible tl'em to settle things 
. on tbe St d snr^'t ''onnilation, thit the 
scer.p of M iO.? rrav h" sppedly rlos'-d. that, 
order, hi»rni ~ry f ' p-are m iy be i {Te'-fuallr 
restored; and truth a d insfire, rel'jjion and 
pif-tT. prevail ar^' t^■'lIri^h anionirst thv peo 
pie. Preserve the of their bodies 

wilh %ectir!ty for their fntnre good 
•; .ir;d if they fail so to report tnem- 

cond n 

selves, tliev must be arrested and committed 
to tbe Military prison at Louisville, and 
sent thence to Oaup Ohase.with a statement 
of theiricasa to await tbe ac^oo of tbe Secre- 

tar/ of War. 

11. All per'ons who orpjanize or aid in or 
gan zin;; forces for tho reb»-llion, or or^raniz 

o sell all l of SOAP & CANDLFP 
equal in qiialitv to ('"iiuinnati or any other 
inark(!ls. " \\',nra'-Uil 0»»d" «1 leas prices, 
which tlio tVHowingliBt will -ho)tr: 

Fnmny Soap,l!Io.l, 4K 


eoto 75 

Kx- ra " 11 I Pa^n 

Slimmer Mould 12 , KMr Piilm " 
Extra FamilrCandlcs G'orman " 
24^s to box 12V^ I " " 
Star Candles 19 i "extra** 

I Glycerine ** 
I per dozen. 
|^"Fivo per cent elTfor CASH in any quan- 
tities to encb piirohaserSb 

Cbah paid for Tallow and droaae. 
Aildre. 9, 

Soap snd Candlo, Factory Uay^ville, Ky 


JustReceivei by W.L.PBARCB & CO. 

j Mill on tlie Flci',by the Authorof Aduin I'.eJo.' 
. ' Price tl. 

:V}r:iinst Wind and TTolme Leo, aiitboi 
• . . . . .,, u u .r I of 'Katie Brand.' &c. Price $1. 

or aid in organizmsr guerDlIas, or harb-.r or [ , .^^ Jtc^c^re  Him. Price »1 

conceal, or ^ive information or as. i'.stanr 3 to 
enerrillas. mnst be arrested and deal» with 
according  o military law. 

Ill In limes of tmnhie like these, good, 
lav/-abidiro; men will refrain fr'm langu- 
and conduct that exci'e^to rsbellion — 
F r an vth -ti'T sai I or dot e \v:'!i liif in'e'it 
f'l esr-^o to r»-beI!ion. the otT.'ri ler ni'ist be 
arrp-to i tu I li s coi duct re;- Ttnil, that he 
m i\ be de.alt with aocor.iip'; to law. 

Con-^in Mand and Mrs.Holincs, au- 
thor of 'Teni]icst and Sunsliine.'«Src. Prii c  !l 
Madonioisollo Mori, a talc oi Modern Komil-. 
Prl.c #1 2.-.. 

Life and .""pcocfics of Senator Don rlas. Prioo #1 . 
Voyaifu "lown tho .\rn - . .r. with a i iiriicy ll iouL'ii Pcrrv M'Dononen Collins. #1 "i") 
Bertha Percy, by Marsjiret Field Peice #1 2.'i 
1 Tho War in Xieara^ua, written by Goueral Win. 
; Walkur. Pri. o ♦! .' r . 
' .^wilzcrlini.l. l^y Sin iiiiis Prime. 
''''•••-■•■) aii.l Mi-i i Uai. .'.)'.! - K~s.i\ ■•. '-oP.ertP 1 an ' 
.niMlr-';--!. 1 \ I'll... Carl: I'rico -j.'. 

iivlt, tj\ \V. i[.-i!rs \Vil'i«. !'ii -c *!. 

Baltimore and Ohio 



Terminate* at Wn: bingt on and Baltimore on 
the East, and Wlieelinz, Benwood imd i'arkers- 
b'.ri' ou the West, at which places it unites with 
railroa lH, steamers, &c., for and from ttll pomte 
in the Wkst. Souxh-wEST and North wrai'. 
dailv( Sunday excepted). _ , 

daily f Sunday excepted). . - ,. ■Bntt 

Direct connect ion   are inadeby tnese Iinea J!Ui£ 

This i« the only route to Wasliinfrlon ( ity.— 
Pns onsjors by lb i?* route can visit Baltimore, 
Philn leli liia. New York aTi.l l?o toii at the cost 
of a ticket to Boston aione b  oilier line."*. 

Tliroiii^li tickets 'o the E»slorn cities can be 
procured ria Washington City at an additional 
charge of two dollars. 

Time as quick and fare as low as by any other 



Iii.,iiiie for ti-ketf» r-*; Bat.timobe AMD Oni 
Haii.i:. ai  at any ol lhe j riiu-ii...l railroad oflic 
in lln- \V -t. 

J. H. Sl'LLlV \X:(Jeneral Western Agent. 

1^. M. CO I.E. iiiiuM-al Ticket Agent. 
W. r. S.V I Til, Master. of Transportation. 


U. S. J!I.\IL I.IIVB. 

Begnlar Oincinati Maysville Packet. 




i 0] \ 1 


nrc Steamer 
  l.M'It ex- 

For ttie Clooln- 
nuti EDit M»ya- 
TiUe Trade. 

•r- ; 

IV. When iani shu!! bo ilone to tho 
and »be vigor of their minds; shower flown perron or pro| erty of loynl citizens of m*- 
on |A»n, and tb* m»W»V »# they here repr- - ranainjt hands or gu-rrilla"*, the dis'oyal of 
aent. each temporal hlt^ings' as thon feest the ne:gbborb '0«l or pouoty will be held 
expejient for them in this world, ami crov n responsfble, and a miiitsiry commission ap- 

tbem with eve.-lastirg jl rv in the world lo I""' ■ ■ 'c a ^iess damages and enforce com- l .(„,, ;.ft,.r ilii-.tate th.- ; . i-:!) ' s « !l iic.-.:i,.liu-'c.l 
corne. A'l this we a-k in the nara   and P ' ' ' " • the birni liumc of iil ElMit ) VV KR A- 

thronzb tbe nirri-.-3 of JesoaChristitby Son, I V A;i ;:rrf=ts will be reported to these 1 ALLEN. Tbaokfui for | asl fovont beiioiicitfiti 
our Snviotir. i^nr'n!" 

Tt)TlCI': — The nt .i 

■»ivctalo-l wil:' liir*i in 1 *»r 
tiuinL' l ii-iiic.-- Mr. .!  »SKI |I 

ol has this day 
  '  ri ! a u'o M aim - 
AI.I.liN. Kr,.ni 

H.-,: I- 

qwartcrs, with a desr-r j tivH list of the 
i '■i~o! 'r. , aiiij a full htateniei.t of the csi! e. 
a';. I tl e ."-ubs'iinca of the evi'lence, and 
naiiies and res I «?t:ce;i of wi'ncs.-e.H. 
By commaud uf Bri^f. Gen. Boyle, 


Gen. Bntler'a Infamoua Order. 
The most nnirageons omer issued by any 
military commander,- since the rommeuce- 

ForsP HIS Match — We beard a^d saw 
a good thint: yestprrlav. In the t'-'jurt of 
FessSor? a pbtly case was being tri.-J. A. 
•well known criminal lawyer, who prides 
himself on his sk'I! in rroiis-examininar a 
witnieas, bad an odJ-'o' kins genius nfoo 
whom to operate. Tbe witoesa was a bo.^s 

•Y "1 s^v. sir, tbattbe prisoner is a thief?' 

'Yfi. sir — cnnse why — she confessed it.' ; ment of the Christian Era, was lateiy issued 

•Ar d votj als.T .-wp ir she bonrd ahoea for j by 0»KGRAl. BoTLER. of tbe Federal Army 
^""•I '^^'^^''""^ ^° coT^f.-sIoD?' . x,.^. Or!e.»n8. We mean that i. fan.0,.3 

•Th«n' (2ivinz a s??ac-o::s look to the ^nler of L is, in relation to the L dies of thai 
©onrf) we are to nnder.-t-ir.i t natyoo employ I city, in the worda following, io-mit: 
dishonest people to work for yon, even after y  TicK. 
their rascalities are known?' : IIeacqcabteb=. D» i-au: mkst rr tdf Gul?. 

•Of conwe; bow else could I get aesisUoee ^ew t»ui.i:ANs. M .v 15, 1862. 

from a lawver.» , n j «. ' 

Tbe conp-'ellor sjTd 'sfard a..'de.' ^rd in a , Gneral Orders, Ao. 28. 

a tone wh:ch phr.w^rl that if h - V n i the wit- ^* ■"^ soldisn of the United 

' patronage of hlel'riends ror the new flrmr 

Msysville, Ky., September «, 1359. 



J. H. PBATHEBCom. 0. F. SHAW, Clerk 

Lenses toot of Walnut St.. for .very 
Mi.n hi\ . Wi lnesibiv mtvI Kri. hi y . at 1 v; • ■'elock, M . 

L. avi's M^ ^-\i^l ■ t'- r ( ■;!-.. i!i'iiii i every Tu»*- 
,1a , . Thers lav ;,!. ! Sm" \ir.'ay. 10 oVlo -1;. A. M. 

Kr.-iihl -r I'as-^a^'e a; : !y on h^aid.or 
t.. J M. LOVl . 

Freight reeeiv, 1 at »'A lic\:r.- at llie Maysville 
Packet Laniti:.^:- 

nes*' he d in .1 r »rk mill, no nitrry might 
have been ex: ected. The ji'.'l jo nearly 
cbf ked in a futile endfivor to make 
the jipertRtTr* believe that a !-»u;:h wa« 
BOthini' luif A h'''Coii:»b; wb'le the wi'-ipss 
Stepped off the stand with sll thegntvity of 
a tebionable nndertaker. — Ex. 

! States have been sulject to repeated insults j 
ftom the women (cs iir.g them^elve* la 1ie.4) j 

; of New Oiiuans, io roTu-n tor the niT^t ' 
lirrufiulous t on-inferfcretice atid cour;c;.y 
or) our part, it is ordered tliai h»-r?ai'.«-r 
uiii'i' any ftm^le sLdI!, by word, g« 9iure or 
j ni'iverueiit, ii.^ult or  iho-.v r-Tu'enipl for any ' 
j oQicer ur soldiers of tbe United Sisied, she 
shall be regarded and "held liable t» be 
I treated as a woman of the town plying her ; 
{avdcatioo. P-v command of 

v.h.n I so to Hle^p I iVy ' ®- ^ Stroko, A. A. G., Chief of Staff, 
and HIT tofs are ft-.velled No American citizen can look upon such 

an order wiib any other aensAtions than 
tbotfe of sbama and bamiliation. It is a 

••Well. Patrick." aslted tbe doctor, "how 

do yon fee] to-dav?" 

••Orh. doctor, dear, T er.jov very poor 
b«»*Uh in'irely. This rheum»iics is very 
di.trM4 in :r. 1 i 1 
SW)»k^ ■^l' r'^h 

as big as goose hen's e^g*. *o wbia I stand 
■p I fell down imroediMtelv." 

'"■"^H'K Undersigned annontiors to the Citi- 
A z.;iis of Ma-un an'! ! he stirniuiiding cor.ii- 

ties.that they ureoonstat^^ly making and have on 
hand.n laree iissortnienl of 



.Ml of wh; 'h t]:cy will sell on reasonahh- terms 
: !:1 at !■■«■ .'ii'ii r. - . an^l j»i!arantee sati-fm tiop. — j 
Those w i - t ; I,:.' r . ■ [ i.ri i;a- ■ are i 11 • i'lil ti'eal I ai:d 
examii: • ■• -•' k i.. t T.- !■ u -i-'A-bcre. 

.\lloiir ^V »rk i« \\  i I i': ntcil ! 
5^ All kinds of KEPAIKlNt; a!u n l. d tc 
promptly. Bl KI;B   \V El: .V AM KN 

LEE HOUoxi, 

Ulra. TURKMAN, late ot tbr Goddnrd 
Il4Mse«Pr»|ir   tri -.^, 


KNOVN HOUSE. Mtiiated on tho 
and thoronghly furnished in everv department 
for a fir»t-clM»« » Hotel, is now prepared to r«?ceive 
at' 1 ai'eornodnte :ii sn,..Ti .r sly! j, all who may 
f!iv..r her with ihi-ir pa: n lui^rv. 

Tii'~ Il.ti-I i- I. .n i irt !\ siiua'cd to t'n- 
Sf.;ariih'.at l.a' ■liiiL'. uri.l In ti.e vueini; v of prin- 
cipal Imsiiies.- h  a.«(Hi.f !)oi it.v. Tbe expericn ■ 
c id Proprietress*, althont'! (I, |.r; 

Cincinnati, May* villa and Portsmenth 

^ ^ , I J.iK sfM-.MMl! S I I. A  I K 


I'apt.i-ti Wm. Mi,''i.a;n.   ■iT!imati.i»r. »iil efii 
(iii.P' i i til- al". . e tralf. !.a vi i.jf   "i [.fi nil..' i i vcr\ 
T'U -.lay. 'Iliir- .If. I .-ia'iir.lay . SimI IVrts- 
niv\st!i :i verv M onilaj , We'liics biy and Ki iJav. 
a' 12 M. "stopping at ilaysville cither way 
between the houry  f5and7P. M. 

For freight or patoagc ai pl  on board or to B. 
McNeki.v. Atrent May^'vil'u. Ky. 



7S West 411 h Stresit^ 

An eperisat and stomacliie preyar-tion cf 
nOF parill'?* of Oxygen and C^rboa by con»- 
haatiea in Hvdro^en, of )«ign medical author- 
ity and oxtrA. rdi!i!«ry efficacy in eaeh of the 
following comjila-nti, vit. : 

THE Bi^ni, «fte. 

The XBOir b«ia7 absorbed by the blood, and 
tkas eircnlattng throagh the wtiele syttem, no 
part of the body can eacar? their truly woader- 
VaX iaflaeare • 

The exp'riefcce o'tlion s. ds daily proves that 
ne prepara'i'in «f Ir' n ran for a moment bn 
compared w tt. I tip'jr.V.91 of the blood, do- 
prew:Oii of encrt-v. rele and otherwise 

•icsly re-npl x-o :* m I fat^ it3 n- ct«iity in a - 
■iO t n^rrj r .nr- ■ % able caie. In all casrs of 
fma's dt*h lit  I luo- albu\ chljrojis. etc.), its 
eXrcti ar» Mi. bt ully renovating. Ho remedy 
ba^ eT*r b en di«rev. red, in the whole history 
or Tn-.licite, which exerts such prompt, happy, 
and fnlly restorative effects. Good app' tite, coas- 
alato digeattea, rapid aeqnisition of strength, 
with an maavaal di^e«it=en for active ana 
•heerfal exerei^e, imm«rd'at"ly follow its two. 
As a grand ttemach-c and c""' ral restorative 
it bar ne »np^r'?or aid no »'ib-t'tv\ts. 

T^t tip I" !»• nt •»»  «nl »»•■«• • ro"ti lnl»»H 
a« r»"-. f»il«-«- «•• ••«« iwr i" « : »»• »•■«, 
(t« .V : «••«♦ a»%rn ••■•Xf ■. *■* I'"r ««!• » F 

n «Z7l t« K«i*tmlly. Will IM- fc.r.t frrr lo 

•ny m »*w*m* • • »»crl,.t «r Hm- I**"'' * 
MM, •edera, »«».. bIiowI"' •»« •■«l««r«-«« a to 

P ^. LOCKE & CO.. 

• General A?ont3. 
339 unit « U\V A T , 

N. ai 

!• T. 

J. J. KicasT. 

e d.iv nonplnssed hid foul Btigma upon the good name and fame' 

^ A li"lo fe''o'.r 

mother by mnkir.g the fo.Iowin« inqnirv: of the Nation, and the man who promnlzed 
"Mother if :i mm is • muter, sin't a wo- 
man a misterv?" 

One night, recently, so the storv ice^. 
• |rea' lemon, aceompanteii t)y n^s wire, ^-.f i 
to fsee the everlasting "S-ven S s era ' a^ 
I^nra Keene»8 Theater, in New York. The 
attendance wes rather sma'l that evening, 
and the gentleman and his ladv. who had 
come in on the ordinary half-dolUr tickfif, 
he'p 'd tbptn-'elve-i to a rniiple of 
orchestra pbaira. An ii-h*»r came np and re- 
mark''d ti-.Tt thos-' rha = T« uer» sav otv-five 
CPti'9 ■•p'ere. "I: If.^ii!" a- -V. (^-^e ' rii.-w ..r. 
••I ehoiild sny thpy wern ex'reniely cheap 
St th.-i': I am not in the fumitnre line, or by 
Jnve ltd buy 'em!" There was a general 
•nirker in that qaarter for a moment, and 
the usher, who appreciated the j  kc, 'retired 
in good order." (as the milila-y ■! spatches 
are a***"!!-'' Ill ("d to sav.) 1 l.'-'t the orcu- 
pants unmu! c~ted fur liis rctuaiuder of tbe 

ii, sbonid be promptly and forever dismissed 
I from tbe aervics. Thit fa 
at present. 

cd tl!C use  •! 
an arm. hiu  »o far rec.'vcri i a.s to resume tf i- 1 
maiiasreineui of tbii* I'onnlar Hotel, and btr 1.1 - | 
diviiUil and ceaseless atluiitioii will bo !i- - 
Ki.iuously  lirect ' l to yrix- .'i- tiio f.iinfi.rt am! 
plc;i.-iirc of lifi (I'ufst.-. i 'n lier .Assistants, 

Kite will inaiutalii foftho J^ce lioiise. tiid imrl- 
Talled reoii'alion an a tirsl elaf^s Hotel. .- ' i'-'nr 
enjo ed uytlic ti-^Mard llixi-i;. wiiiti- nii h r i..-r 
control. She re jK;etfii!ly s'liicit-- fr"iii tile tra - 
eling public and her friiuxiM u conliiiHuncv ol 
thg^|^ai|g ygjyp JijJJugttg-gg ybgrally b^tuw»I. 

1 9. C. KDAMBt 

Attorney and ConaM«llor at-I R\r« 

a K EES UP SB usa,£r., 

ILL   Mi,tniiie to Practice in the Circuit 
Courts uf Ivuntneky, and will attend 
promptly to al Ihnsiness that may he i ntrn.«ted to 
kiecare: Hpecial and prompt attention wiil be 
tfivcii to collections. 

I. y"Ii i -election to tbu oflicc of Pre.Hiding Jndge 

J. R. SOWER & CO. 



The Dark Watb. — The thousands an 1 
tens of thou.^ands of negroes now coiiiiu^ 
N..)rtn, of cour! e, have no other in«aii.H of 
|-vii'_; than their lal i«i^r p'lblin cr ;»rit». 
Tiit v ur'j itifi^ eni(T' y d at v«»rv .snjiil 
vva-,ir?s, such as our while feilow-ciiizen-! | 
rould not c- in pete with, and consequently ' _ 

tbe latter mast be the soCfcrers. The effect I oflhc County Conn and Judtre of the (^uarterTy 
of this imigraiioD on the laborio ' cUssee doc.  not iuterfere with his practice in iLt; 

— " Circnit Coarts. 

will be very oppressive. Yet this is tba 
natural resnit of the intermeddling ■ of the 

North wi ll "lie all. lirsof ine South. Whan 
one set ' f ini'ii atli-iiipt to reijul.ito the luisi- 
iH ss rif (1! ill; rs. t he ;;f;iii'ral i y i ri n^i evils upon 
tbemselveK. — Crawturd County Forum. 

april 19 

One's Manner. — The perfnme rf a fhoa- 
rarid rnsP.s ^o^||l die-, but the pain Caiis. il 
hv i J-p ' f their thoriw reniain.-i iontr nff"r. — 
A siddened remembranco in the midst of 
ni°r h fai like that thorn a'oong the roses.— 
There are some who refn^ta a favor so gr^ci- 

oosIt as to please n«; and there are others for itwning sixtv millions more, 
vboennferan ohliszation soeSm-ily. that U„ jg^ne further sums, as needed 

TnB Pnl.icT OF THE Tr.rAsrnT Df.part- 
MENT — Tbe pol-cy of the Tr'asiir*- D'-part- 
Ti.ei.t is to get in al! niirs'.ir!(i itig treasury 
! Dies J.earing interest and fund them. In 
their place demand notes to tbe extent of 
I the public wants for correncv porposes will 
j be issued. One handred millions of dollars 
j of these are now out, and there is authority 


fh-y dlssnst n* by the manrerof a kindness | fess bi^given i^v Cnn2rV.:y."atuV of^the.^J'i't is 
—as pnzzling to onr feelings as the i olite- ,„p,,osed th.-re" will h - notes of denomina- 
ne?s of one «ho, if we bad dropped our|,j„ni, less thnn five dollars.— .SVw/« GaztlU. 
bat dker -hief. eboold present it to oa wilh ! From the above it appear* th it the p-o- 

a p i.r of ton - p]g hnve an abundi»nre of • 'uromisps to 

Cities or' EUR0PE.-The r'^pulation of :!' "•" """'''^^ better. Paper and printer's 
... .... -„ ink are plenty, and It costs bnt little to make 

Ibe principal citiea4)f Europe IS aa follows, I stnfi; but men nnst be remarkably 
according to tbe latest cen«ns retn-ns; ; verdar.  who suppose these -' prom ise.s to pw " | 

London, 2 OoOfXlO; Paris. 1 5-'" ..")2=;; St. ever bis redeemed with gold or eilvcr. 

Pcfcr-»inr2 40t.5G5; V en- ,1. 48G.2J_-; i'.-r- i — Hillsboro (O.) Gazette, 
lin. 4.3S0ni: X 1;.!"... 413 9iO; i. C.i a 

James J. Black. 

Commission Merchant, 


I'.j rKi.i: V N'.'i .s. 

F. Jfot£romerv. .fr. Le.\ir;2ton, Ky. 
Mess Coo. Ilavis .V ('.... lV.rtsiiv utl , O. 
M0S.S J. T..\ll  -i-er .V-   ■ )., I'hilH. 

And Meruiu:i:;s dci.'-rallv. 


J. R. SowEB. M. .T. ( '. !nAnoHMt« Y. 

— o .1 I , ■ - 




Keep eolistantly 011 band a lurge& varied stock of 

Of various nizes and weights. 
 ')iiT pa| ers are Ol superior quality, ari^l ft^r 
te.vture, color and riiiis!i.are unsiirpassetl in Ihi.s 
iuark !t. Cotisurners v.ill toii.-u!l iheirOWUin- 
t«restsl»y uivinp us a call. ^ 
Cash naid for RAGS. 
158 Main Street, above 4th St., 

660; Li--.bon. 27-1280; Bnisse!.. 20t481; 
Amsterdam. 218.756; Bome, lR0 3i)5: Ham 
bnrg. 181.ft9G; Copenhsgen. IJ.3 63-^; Ven- 
ice. 118.172; Dresden, 117 750: Munich. 
114,734: Stookholni. 111.502. No others 
reach ItO.OOO. Ne.irly as n;ary cities on 
thia side of the Atlantic reach tbe latter 
figimt aa on tbe other. 

A black republican paper called The Pine 
•cd the Palm, pablisbed in Boston, and a 
warm advocate of tbe war, 9?iXr.: 

"If frced-m can ocly prevail throngh the 

agerry of vet 49ar  e, bo 

if the Tem- 

ple pf Lil e ty cin orly stand securely on 

tbe corses of alavch iMcr^ — go be it; rather 
let the white race bo «ncpt from the face of 
tbe earth, than endure the perpetnity of 
Mgro bondage. We would hesitate at no 
eonceivable atrocity; we would spare neither 

Tjif: .Jextu TNi-nBAsiNQ. — Tt is Fnid that 
in the year 1850 there were only ten syn- 
agognes in tba whida Kind. To-day there 
••re over a quarter of a million of Jews and 
about ninety syoagogaes, and smaller eon - 
mnoities, out of ^hich will sooc be orjan- 
•zed other synagogues. In the city of New 
York there are twenty syna;:o^iies and thirty 
thousand Jews, or ;ibout ona-t wenti?th of 
tho popnl:»tion of that city. In all tbe 
principal seaboard cities there are syn- 
agogues; there are two in Boston, five in'imore, three in New Orleans, two in 
n arle.ton. four in Cineinnati, and five in 





' von TBB 

Sale of I*ear Tobaecof ^ 


lOS North Water Street. 

IOC North Delawate Avenue 


Tho sor^oniis Cuhcdral in tht City of 
Mexico ii the l.-irgest structure on tho 
Amer'cin contirent. It is 5i 0 feet Ions . i 
420 feet wide, and cnpablo of hoi iin:; SO.OUO 

pirfor ^or cradle; neither age nor 8«-dTd ! T"'""- '^^"y ^^'f "''y. "^^^^ '\^F^. the 
we believe th.t tbey must perish ia or.'er "°7 »" P'^tf^rra, exhibits a 

that Be -ro . =:averv m:-bt perish with theml'lP"*'"**'*' of cw.dle«tics-i.. crosses, anj other 

" ' ; ornamenta of solid gold and ailver, decked 

in jewels estimated at tbe valae of mora 
than S2. 500.000; and all other parts of the 
cbarcU are a perfect wildernesa of columns, 
statoosy-Uirlaea. foata^ ate. 

If we conid road tho seeiot history ofonr 
enemies, we should Gnd in each maa';i life 
sorrow and ■offariog ooough to disarm all 

Thj following we take from tbe Vicks. 
taiy (Misa.) Citisen of Friday, Maj 23: 
We learn that tbe Yandals baTeconae off 

their boats and battered down and utterly 

dest'oyed t'^c re.^: iencaof Jeff. Davi*, and 
also that 01 Joe Davis. Their acts of de- 
struct'OG ard V sodaH'm in tbit ceighbor- 
bood were complete, leaving nothing but a 
bleak and desolate ttadt behind tbem. 




CoiiSER Second and Market Streets, 

WOULD respoctfnlly inform bis Cnstomcrit 
and tlie pni'lic (renurall v, that be has rc 
Oetved uti e!. ^'.uit ."-lock 'it 


Conastina; of 


TRUNKS; &C.: &C.; AC: 
In fact ovary thin^ nece8.«ary for a Gent's Untfit. 
all of which he ia willing ta Jumpae of on r«'"^n »- 

His Merchant Ttdloring Department is super 
Intended byau experteneod Cutter, and his t^toA. 


are well selected andcnnnot be sut passed anv 

^ whore 

I fc^~rh'-.fO dc-irinsf well fittinjf, fashionable 
' anddural'iuiri'.nnonts. will do well to give him a 
cii:l betbre ihe\ pnre.haae elsewhere 

P. 8. Particular indncemeota offered to the 
Trade. [MayavlUe, mar 89, 1861-8b. 

Oor. 4th cutd Walnut Sts., 



Of Mie Finest  iu;ility . 

Keep on b.Ttid a large stock of Watch Gia.«se 
:in I .)u' ! iii r Materiala, fbr the trade, at the lowe 
cash prices. 

Springr & i^ammer 



SO West Fourth Street* 
Setuetm Main and Walnut, Cincinnati, O, 

Are now raedVing many new and de^ahlo 

styles in 

Staple and Fancy 




Korth side, bet,Main and Walnat 


M I:: W V O K K 


Bsnevolsnt Infixmaay. I 

K-1 M i.T'lif II /.NO Kvt.nwKn r"R Tiir mz.'tr ot 
TH' si.  irrKKiNu wnii « '•'^TAl.l■•vl«. Virllent, 


I A1 V AM  -1 M *f ••K'. A-.s.iT W II ATEVKK NATl Kl. 

'I'l.i. .!..• .SM Miii.iAi. I:»f '):m. coritMinitiK 
V.M.T, AF:1,K I N'- ( "KM .\ I 1' 'N ..n f perniut..T- 
rl (I ii iiii'l 'lie New l;. iii  i!:i-» i »r p^'^ed iit the In 
ti' 111 ir\ f". .r ! Ii'- ' n re • f ' }: ■ '•o vp 1 -   iiT 'f. 

; 1 -^i' rnn-iinjr tm- li.-ui jii.l. iti -fMlv.! l -tii r « ii   fl- 
vivs, ♦ite •! eharjfc, l   n'l fail lo --ciul f-.r a 

Vi piifL i!» of many scrofulous nnd dis .nsed 
eliildrt!ii.'--t»rt«in n,\.«ins of prevention willchiHir- 
fnlly ?omninni  ated. on applicatii-n tiv rriail. 

"')'. ■ I'.-i-hcripii'-ii!" for  'oiisiinipii 'i! usee] by 
the Intirmary. wiil he  ieiit Free f* all wlio need 
it. It ncvo.T 'lul- t I ii'v C4 ««cb» C  ] Ib. Apthma, 

r:ittar1i. iiiid   "ii-i nii't u,ai' thoi.fandcan attest, 
|Sei d lH't'. re   •!; |.c ii~ii. 

Ti  all »)• ! ;ip; ly .i\ irtter wiili f;:ll de-erip- 
tint) '•' Mffe,  n ciip: li' '11. s\Tnp'i ni  '"f liseese of 
.Ttiv kind, nnd b»bit!« of liiu.  '«r. Ii«t u ivice, 
In " : t)f cliursre. will !« »?iven, by the Cliief Phy- 
sician or Siirjreon. 

Addrcas, with two or tlirce  t«nips (V.r pr.^tape. 

Dr. a. HtKNKr iSi'crtttury. 
B.x 141.) Willinni.«biirir. New York 

\\ I-. V V !:i; s 

r wKr.ft \M» s \ i. riicii ici ii ^5 nr-p. 

I^Oli TIIK CI KK (»f C.VN KKIl, SAI/i- 
U'leuMi. Kr\»i(MO:is. Sti- fiiltiii.s i H^c.-ises, 
Ciitutiei'us Krii( ti«in!' Stire Eje .. and every kind 
of Diseases arising from an imi tirc state of the 

■ r.i.u„i. 

i THE M ). T I KFI . TIV Tll.oi^n VrUTFIER 
j OK Til K .M?nT1:KTH rKNTUin'. 

j It is the prescripti- n of an Kibvated Pliysi- 
, el;ii! , :iti.! iil ; x I!" !iro (ilTiii-f.-.l with ativ ol'tiie 
a'jove i il .r^i a-r--. ~li. u),l iiseit wiiiior.t Ae- 
, I:iy. It willdri\o the  iii*o»se from the sy.steni, 
I II M I » iieii ouueout on the Skin, a few applica- 

and veil li:ivi» u poriiiuuei;! cure.. ' 

The I '.-rti'.- "i.-A-^ pi 'ived ilse'f to be tbe best 
   itit 1 '. ci iiiventeil, "me iiscl, it 

ru*\ or i'cc n known toC.iil of .•;l'--ctiiii.' u jM.-r- 
maiu iu oil'. . .I f ii.; S(.rov. Ti^i.-r ;iiiil l.'iiiirw f.rm. 
Seul.l IK-.i l. ("l!;;iil:iihs »\,.\ V},^ { Hit. s. H;ir- 
her's'i*,, )i. t 'liai p.'.! or   'i iui l- ■ .! Ihin.!- or Lips, 
Blotcli. -or 1 iinpi. s on t i o V.. o. Aiu) tor ' 
t^oKK Nli'l AM  .«)I.'F. KVKs;. 

the (""er;! e is ; h.; onl y tliiiur r. .,'or. ' i to o'lr.'!. 

It shoul.l l e kept in tiic house of every family. 
Trice of Syrup $1, Cerate cent* per Bottle. 
Directions accom) any each Bottle. 
Sold by Most Medicine Dealers. 

.1. X. H.\i:i:is A CO., ! roprieto's 
! For Western an.l .S. iuberu i^tatcs: Cincinnati, () 
To whom orders fur the above Medieiuesmay 
l)e addressed. 

Sol.l Wi.olp-^iile and lU'ta 1 by 

Soii'on .V Dro.l.-ri.-k. M lysvillo, Kv. 
Ci.  i. Wiit-i'ii , F. i.-tei . K V . 
Grain tf- Co.. liiilslioro.' Ky. 
A. Boy.l. isbarii h-;T2'. iCv. 
J. T. Phepber.I. (rnivson, Ky. 
Eli &, Co.. CutlvU'hurR. Ky. 
J* 11: H.iskell.& Son. A h1und,Ky. 
Hunter & Maddox, Kipley, Ohior. 


A compound remedy, designed to he the most 
effectual Alterative that can be made. It is 
a concentrated extract of Para Sarsaparilla, 
so combined with other substances ot still 
greater alterative power as to afford an effec- 
tive antidote for the dii«ea8es Sar^tapariUa is 
reputed to icure. It is belieTed that sudi a 
remedy is wanted by those who Kt^Oac fttm 
Strumous etnnplaints, and that one whish will 
accomplish tihtir cure must prore of immense 
service to this large class of our afiHeted fellow* 
citizens. How completely this compound wiU 
do it has been prOren by experiment on many 
of the worst cases to be found of the Ibllewiaf 

ScRorui.A Airn Scnorvtoira CoMPi,A.iiiT«t 
Brcptioms awd BnuFTiTn DisKaaxs, Ulcxhs. 
PiMPLBs, Blotches, ToMona, SatT BHXim,. 
SCAT.D Hrad, STrniLia ano STPumno Aa- 
FECTioNs, Mbkcumai. Disbasb, Dbofst, NxtT* 
RAI.01A OK Tic DouwjURaax. Dbhilitt, Drs- 
pr.psiA AND iNoraBsTiojr, EnTstPBLAa, Boat^ 
o'k St. ANTuoifY's Fikb. and indeed the whole 
class uf coniplwnts aiidng front Imfobrt VK 
Tin; iii.ooi). 

This compound will he found a groat pro« 
moter of health, when talien in the spring, te 
c.xpol the foul humors which fester in ths 
blood Ht that •i«?;»son of tlie year. Bythotimo* 
ly expulsiM:i of tbem many ranliUng disorders 
are nippi 1 in tht. bud. Multitudes can, by 
the aid of tills runtdy, spare themselves from 
the endiiiaii' j of foul eniptioui and ulcerous 
sores, tbroii.;li wlui.h the syitoiii will striTO to 
rid itself of coiMipti'jns, if not assisted to do 
this tbroii;;'! the natural chniinels of the bod/ 
by .m Hiterative iiiediciiic. Cleensie out the J biood whenever you fin.l it* iinpuritios 
biirstiii;; throii.;b tlie skin in pimples, eruptions, 
or »oie ; cle.inse it when you Hud it is oh- 
firueted and sliis{.pHh in the Tcins ; cleanse it 
w U. nc* r it n foul, and your feelings will tsU 
you wb. n. Ev ii «« here no particular disorder 
is f^It, people enjoy bitter health, and lira 
\  uj,'-T, for cbaiisiiijj tho blood. Keep ths heailby, and all i* well ; but with thit 
p!«l uluiii uf life di^oId•.•red, there can be no 
la-.tiiii{ h-'alth. So.nier or later somctliing 
n.u-t }; ) wjn.;;, and th.- ^;r^:l»t jaacbinery ol 
lit'.- is di». i'l 1 Ol 'ivctfliiowii. 

.Siir-J«i«.ii ill* b.f«, and de'«erTe» much, th» 
repuii«ri »ti of a.   oiii( 'li-tiin;; the « eiidi. But 
the w.jiid JiR-t li.'eii c-«;rei{iously deceived 1)» 
pr- iiuiiitioii* uf i(, partly because tbe diui t;ai not all tbe virtii*! that is cluinntj 
for it, but more bi-cau^e ir.miy prtp-aratioiu, 
j)r.-ft-ii.iir.j; to ! .• c.iii'.'eiitraied extracts of it, 
' oii'^oi Ixit Iittla uf the virtue of Sar 4parill i 
or (iiiy fblii;{ « lie. 

I oitn^' Inte T-«r  tb« public have besn 

le I by lar ;e b..llli- pi ti. ii.i:ii^ tO giVe a qu.iH 
of l »tru. t ot Sar-ap.«i iU,i f .r one iloliar. ^i'j»; 
of tlie-.e ).«*_• b.-tti fuiud« upv.ii the sick, fr 
tb'-y 11. ;t only tontttiii liitle, if any, Sur.- Hp&- 
ri.Ti, tint oft II n'  i iiiative prop;Ttie* whulcv- 
(T. 11 III e, hittt r uii.l pitiiiti.l dinappointiiient 
ha  i'olli t« 'il till- u-c of til',' various ttXtiact.i o.' 
SariKipai iil.t \%bi  )i fl     1 the inaiket, luiti) tlit 
name itw If i* ju-fly dist.i'.«(i, and ba  bcconio 
syn»i)\ iiioui with iinp.i^iti.ju and cheat. 
wccall thi* coi:i] uitiid  arsR ;itrilla. and ir.t«iol 
to supply Much a rt im 'ly as ttbuU rescue t'ne 
nainu iVoiii tl.u iou l of utilo.juy  «bich rc^ti 
unoii it. AikI we tbink we b.ive ground f.r 
b^-i'oviiig It b.i* viiluo \sh:c i are irresisiil'.e 
by the oidiiiary run of the di^ea.^es iti-* iiittnd- 
cd to ciiie. Ill . i.l r to Hfcure their com))lijt» 
cradiratioii fioiii ibe sj stt ni, the remedy should 
bu jii 'icixusly t.tlLcu acL jiding to directions ou 
tbe boule. 

rnti'AREU BT 

DB. dr. C. AVE It St CO. 

i.o\vi:r,i., MASS. 

V^iee, 91 p»r U*itl« i Mix notslae tm* fS. 

Aycr's Chcny Pectoral 

bas won for itself such a reuoirn for tba cure o( 

every variety of 'i' mid Lung Ciimplidnt, tint 
it is entirely iiiiiirre»s.iry for US to recount tli« 
cviilciu'c of ii  viitiie^, wberever it has Been mi- 
ployeJ. .\s it li.i-, }oii({ lieen in eonataiit ii« 
thronghuiit tliis no. tion, we r.rf.l not do more tliaa 
assure the peopir its quality ia k. pt ap tij the best 
it ever has been, and titat it may be relied on ts 
do for their relief alt it has ever been found to da. 

Aycr's Cathartic Pills, 

roB THE ctrox or 

Co^thoteff, J i'in.lice, Dyspepsia, Tndiijeiitim. 
J},/trntr,,,, Inn! .sfmnrtch, Erj/xipe(at, Ueadacht, 
/'»/-•», ft'ieitmnfifni, Entptknit ami SUn JJiteatu, 
l.irer Com/i/niiit, l),..p^;,, Ttlttr, r»:mora and 
SiU n'l'um, irnrwit, (;„uf, Ntti'aUfia, a* » 
Dinner rill, mid for r,inf;/in; thf Blood. 

'1 hry »re jmnar-.-oated, so tlftt the mo»t sen«- 
tiv.! r.iii t:ike »h»M, pl.-ftK.inti v. and they are thi 
best ap«-ririit in tbe world for all tlie purpose* of i 
fiHiily physic. 

Price 25 cents per Box-, T ive boxes for $1.00. 

Great nnmbers of ClerKV men, PbTsirinn»,S tatei- 
rreti, and pminent personaRes, have lent theil 
ni!uos t.)   ertify thennpar.iUelod usefulness of thesi 
reinf 'bes, hut our space here will not permit thi 
inscrl.on of The Aijonts below named fur- 
nish «r.-»tisour Amf.I'.uan Almanacmm which they 
are given; with also full descriptions of tbe abiiTt 
complaints, and the treatment that should bs fol- 
lowt-dfor their cure. 

I o not be put off bv unprincipled dealers with 
other preparations they make mora profit OB. 
Denvmd Ayku's. and take no others. The sick 
Want the best aid there is for theiu, and thOT showld 
have it. 

AH our remedies are for sale by 

jnn* 1» Maysville, Kj, 



Merchant Tailor, 

Second street, opposite A.M. January & Son's 

HAS j 1st rc.oivcd and is low opening, alaree! 
an,lo!et;:.;uassorlnicmo( tl,e newjjst aild 

MOS1 KAS. ,ON..,.l. VI.KS .^^t. r .TTt«NS OF coons 

wluchcomprjoos every article apjKirtaining to a 


HSsolicits a call from hisfi-iends.and promisest 
give excellent bargains. " proinisesi 

r.fiORGE BROWir, 
Wiuchmakor & Jeweller, 
-pOpiERLY.with B.P. ADAIR. 



Entrance saooe as Caduallarterr- rial- 

Where he will clean and renair nH r 



DR. S. o. RICHAR08CN. 


hB csleb&ateb bembdt 

Janiulii e, I . ver and Agrae. CSeneral De- 
bility, "na all »i )ea«.eK arlalag trom 
a Disordered Stomach, I.lrer, or 

'l^flKV are nsed an^l recommended by leadin; 

i 1 li.vsu iatis ot the country , and all who t:T 
the n pron,.:inc-o lliem inv!iln:it)lc 

i^K..I.\\li:s L. LI:I.:pi.:kk. writes from No- 
%.iiie, Mark Co.. Olno,'-ibe Rittera are hieh:? 
praised by tliosc snliciina fr..m indigestion, dys- 
pepsia ati.l li ver c-m nliinl " 

1)K. WM. \r KEkK, of Fogersville, Iii.i. 
writes n» that they ure the vuhmble tncli- 
cine offered. lie hn.s recommanded tlicm with 
great snccess, and with them mado several 
cn'esof palpitation of the heart and general de- 

K. GALLEI!EK.=:. .M. D. writep from V.-r. 
wertt)^o."I most respectfully recommend the 
bfaerry WineBittar.s to tho notice of Dyspei'tic 
persons; and to all who require a stimnlatilX 



They are sold by Medicine Dealers renorsHj' 
,1 rice7;jcts j er bottle. J. N. II ARRlS A 00. 
ainciniiuti, Ohio, Proprietors for the Sonthern 
and Western States, to whom address all orders. 
Fox Bale by 

Soaton cfe Broderick; Mavsvllle, 
G.6. Watson: Foster, ' 
Grain * Oo.; llill.sbaro 
A: Boyd; SJinrpsbiire, 
John T. Sh pherd; (iravson, 
Eli Oc Co,: Catletsburg: 

H. naskfll & Sou: /Vsbland. 
jone 19 Ifi^nter » Mr.rjox : Ripiry, Obi3 


tears Mannnal for sale wh*le»a]o or retii' 
^7 W. L. ?KAI{CE * CO. 

Dollar weekly bulletin (Maysville, Ky.), 1862-06-19

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