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date (1864-02-25) newspaper_issue ,IH '' .» 









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, J. o. 

•i flE STYLE OF 

& STAPL13S. 

someibing of a s'oraach, but when il comes for ilmt when it ia known she evf^r has h»(i 
to A man filling his onourh with hujje , »  'ro-Ju!i u* mind, a confi'iinfj' ilisposiiiun 
wads of the tillhy weed, and then equiri- nn-i a%n pssily be turned from the ri;;ht 

Bast eMe 

Main Street, 

C[  Btalra, In 

the oU PoH'-offlofl Building 
Terms of 8ut}scriptiou: 

ALWArS I.V ADV.*.vrK. 

From U\f Loui^TtJIi' Jouriinl. 

Latter hcui Oaneral JeS. Thompson. 
Durini: (lie hr t year of the war. Gen. 

injj tl e jiiiite thereof orer an are* of six way by the oily voice of her superiors in 1 M. Jetf. Thornp-'on and the younjpr s- n 
feol in circumference «bi)ui him. and even reason. If the Alrni^'hiy l.aJ interposed of the Senior Editor of the Ljuisville 
I down on his b'ard ai.d shiri br^iom; I before she plucked the fatal frui', it is not | J. lurnal were associated loget'ier in the 
I Kny when it come* to this, it \h alnjodl bo- i at si! improbablo but that she would hara | Confederate rr :lit»rT bervice in Missouri 
i V .'id endurance. Thsre ia a degree to , hearkotied to hi» roice. and behevn I in ^ and Arkaniia.s, Gfln. 'f. being the .superior 
hicli (ohacuo chewing mi'^'hl bn carried j iiim, and thus saved the world from a life i officer. They slept in th.e »ame lent, 

Mbra Tusa than FeElhera. iCiowiii tiie de- p sea nude. I^eren vi-tr^ 

The PhiUdeli'hia /' 'i»«y^i'anion had the new paddle and eight new si-rew rf«»el  . 
following good Btory in one of ile police Th# of their rckji-itered tonnage ws« 
report*: ]6.5J0ioiis, ard- they were manned by 

Ai Mi8. E*ih»r Stansburjr. renidinij in about 800 hands. The bnvoc ihn T'.s 
a court running from Ra'-e. helow .Sixth b»en niHde am"r.i» li.eni has litC'i v . 
street, was about ic brinj a b'.icket of wa- , great. Of the 3J that sailed previou y 
ter from the hydrant laat nit(ht, she fcund I to 1863, only four have escxped, llie oih 
an old basket eusprnded fiom the knob of | ers being eiiher burni. mnk. or capiured; 

A R, 


A chilli under llie roc-bush fair, 

Tli« budu awell out in the (on .Mvy  ir; 
Swreily it rwit«, and on drmm-win; fliei 
To play with Hie uii|[ola in Paradiae— 
And th* y«ara glide by. 

A maiden staudi by the ro»e-bo»h fair, 
The d»wy blni aonii pfrfum* Iho air; 
Sli« prcaira h ^r liaiiH to li*r Ihrobblog breait, 
With love'a fimt rapt are blnat — 
And tha yeara glide by. 

A mother knexia by tho rote-buah fair, 
Soft aigli the leaves iu lh ) evening air; 
Sorrowing tbouehta of tlia paat arise, 
And leara of anguish bedim her eyrt — 
And tha years glide by. 

Naked and lone atanda the rnae-buah fair. 
Whirled are the learen in iha auluma h r; 
Wilhentd and dead they fall lo tlie ground, 
Aud silently cover a n»w made mound — 
Aud the yeara gtid* by. 

[Far iha Henderson Reporter,] 


BT C. 

without rendering it "so disijusiing. A ' of wretchedness and raioery. WnmRn it j suffered loget'hfr. fouijht scores of ihn duor. Pultint; her Land into ibe whdeof those that left last renr tiv» haro 
moderate (tse can be in lul,'ed in wiih im! t ie most ref pleudwni li^fhi in i' « .jalaxy of j side by side, lepeaieJIy shared their lastj bnaket, she fell som-thing alive and kick^ ' been capiurpd. 15 are aiill runninif. an-: 
indeed, phyeiolouically home, and it is there her exccr, uciea are ; dimes each wi;h the glher, and formed a i in but so envelopod in rajs that no far- . the remainder are 
hich eenee I am of 'the I acknowledged and adored. When her j devoted aitachmcnt. All this and much . Iher discovery "ould be made without un- 1 Duritij the present 

and \ 

more waa reported to us. | wrappinc; the object. A piece of paper. jSteampra htVe left, and severs} are fiiiir 

her at! When Gen. T. was taken prisoner and f'ldi^J like a letter, lay by the aide of ihejout to follow. A few of the eapmr 

Mrs. Stannbury 

puiiiiy — unl"*s 

conwidered, in « .„..w^ . — - 

opinion that any amount is calculated to; lord, who has been worn with toil 
disarrange the system and render aboriiTB i the cares of business, returns lo , 

the functions of many of the organs.— I night, a cozy fire welcomes him, an ea-ylsent to Julinson's Island, we promptly animated bundle. 

But anida from any considerations of | chair receives hia lorm. and above all, j proffered him whatever aid miijhl be per- mediately returned into ma Douse, ano 

health alihousih, indeed, this it by /or ' tho loving embraces and tha soul-ravish- j mitted by the FedMriil military autiiorities by tha light of tha lamp exansined ihe 

the most important— aside from this. I inir kisies of a true wife, as hesri clasps j for Ibe promotion of his comfort. For , billet. !■ was addressed to her husband. 

" ' ■ heart in the passionate hold of love— are I this we have been taunted by several . She tremulously broke iha seal, and read 
enoutfh li) drive away the frost of care, | Editors throughout the counirr- We j as follows: 

on their way out.*— 
month three more 

say, il flhould be discontinued. It i* 
eilliv; and this from the «impU reason 

that tha individual who practice* it i-s al- ; and drown th   twang of sorrow's bow. — | feel that we have done ri^hl in minister- | "To Joi Staksbcrt — Sir: I send you 
ways spitting, and siiuiriin^; hia saliva | 'Tis there she iinpar,tJises e»i th,_ and ! in;; to the needs, not only of General 1 tbe baby , which you will please take good 

about him. Spilling ot itself is re({arded 
among polished nations as an indecency, 
while m company 

The Persian*, thou- 

mnkes the bed of life a bower of E^lsn. 
'Ti* her place ta cool your fevered brow, 
when sickxess lays its pale hand upon 

guilty of nothing wnrxe, we gneis the 

sands of years ago, regarded the praciica I you, and Death is fingering the fibers of. Devil will never get us. We think wa 
as unbe'-oininu;. and were nevpr known (ojyour heart. She watches with tha ten- j commit no breach of confidence in pub- 
epii while in the presence of anyone. In ; derest solicitude for each smile thai is a ! lisliintj the last letter we have received 
England the like soiiliment obtains, al- precursor of coming health, upon your from Gen T., for it can do him no injury, 
though not to the same dPi;ree. Biu in fatfe. 'Tis her ri^ht to j 'in you in your It shows, that, notwithstanding all thai 
this country wo are nearly all spitvers, — m.;uijU and soothe your heart with sym- j has been said of him, a warm heart beats 
You can scarcely enter a shop, or place of pathy in sorrow. "Tie her right to nour- high in his bosom. 

business of any kind, not even churches ish and aitministsr first lo the wants I Let it be understood that our raera pub- 
piccp'ad, bul the tirsi thing that salutes of tho helpless babe, and sing a licalionof the letter in question is not an 
your vision is a deposit from the jaws of i lulUby lo it as soft as a breath of notus endorsement of all the expressious con- 
Koine huge spiiter. It seems to me that | lifting its ihin curls fiora its head in ! tained in it. 

Tlxiinpson. but of Tarious other Con- care of. and bring up riaht, so that it may 
federate ofTicers in prison. If we are! (urn oui to b^ a belter man than its dad 

It is only by comparison that we can 
form a truthful flStimate, either of tho vir- 
tues or vii-es, which prevail smon;; man 
kind. The virtues of llie good are en- 
Iianced in our estimation .is they come to 
be viewed in juxiapoaitinn with the vii-es 
ef the bad; in fact, if men's Bcii»n« were 
either all good or all bad, we c^uld form 
n   conception of the worth of the one. or 
the evil of thn other. It i« not, parhaps, 
without a design in Providence that 
we have those * ho serve as models in all 
tha nobler qualities of our nature, while 
wo have others who are living emblems ol 
all that is vicious or degraded. Tha mul 
litude are thus enabled lo sea the mon 
Birous dflfoimi'y of vice, and if iheir 
lienrts are tight they seld im fail to learn 
imp 'rtani les8 »ns therefrom. 

WhiU l iokiuif over the history of Eu- 
rope, r m«i with the following incident; 
and I woulil ssy, as an instance ol noble 
.'renerosily and truih, it is well worth im 

It WHS shortly after rasnv of the Euro- 
penn ({uvcrniue'its had fuimed the cele- 
br.-nei treaty knowti as the prand alliance 
— about one hundred and fifty yeat;s ago 
— ihat ihe allies lai l s  ;e to ilie l ity of 
Barttelona. Tlie lorfes of the besiegers 
were by the Diike if Peterborough 
and the Prince "f Diam-iadt. 

A b ^mb vias thrown into the cily. and 
hsppeiiing to -til in the powder m ig'tzinn. 
a fearful expi ii«ion look plai'e. The L'ar- 
rison soon offered t' cnpitulate. The 
Duke lie Papoli came to the gale lo adjust 
the arlutles. bm before they wore si^^ned 
iremeti Ions shours we'e hesrd within. — 
••You betray u- ." cried Pipoli. "While 
wa Hie hi re with honor and sincerity, 
treaiinsr with you, your troops have en- 
tered llie town by the rainpart.s. and are 
murde' ic^. phmderii-g ai-il ci^nimitting 
evo^y spei-ii.-a of violence." "\ ou are 
mi-uken," replied Po'prborouijh. "these 
men must be the troops of D am*l«dt — 
Tliere ia onlv one expedient le. I to save 

a place of worship shoul 1 certainly be i slumber. 'Tis her right to l  va the heart 
sutK'-ienlly respected to act as a restraint | of her husband with a feeling tenfold 
on those who are sUres to tobHcco. and ' 
that they would dispense with the rhew 
while presenting themselves in the pres- 
ence of the Most High God. A lady can 
scarcely enter some of the c'aurches with- 
out her dross being soiled in the enormou- 
pu Idles of tobacco juice interspersed at 
various distan'.-es along tha aisles and be- 
tween the pews. 

If  w, listen, for I shall whisper some- 
(liing in your ear: When you emer ilie 
church, eiiher carry a spittoon with ydii 

j Below we give the letter referred to: 

j Joh.vso.h'i 18I.4.NU, Naar Sanduaky , Ohio, ( 
stronger than his cynical hfii t can enter- i Jaimary * ili, ISGl. ( 

tain, a'ld to shine as the nioi n in the gal- ' (;9o. D. Prentice, Eaq., Louisville, Ky. 
leries of his home, lilting ihe Sitble shad- j ])y,j,^ FntSNo: We have been notified 
ows of grief with iier glorious light. 'Tisi(j,,j ^e forwarded lo Point 

not her right, though credulity will j^„ok )ul f .r exchange, and it is probable 
prompt her t* it, to li.-.ion lo the serpent (j,^^ j |p,y, i„pg to-morrow or next 

tongue of her false lover, who pictures 
lo her a house Inir as Ionian skies, and 
blight as E,-ypi'e sun. for the purpose of 

Bccomplishin^' his own base schemes. — 
'Tis noi her riviht lo do this, but is it 
man's right lo buy her confidence by 

or oilierwise throw your cheie away at lhe| honied words and false professions, and 
4loor of iho church; for of ad places, tliai j then throw her in the vortex of ruin? 
in which we meet lo renew our ai quain i Take her from the cheerful ingleside — 
tance with the Creator sli'iuM he kept as j away from the hearih and home, and 

place her in Congressional halls, amid tho 
-luperciliou^ness of conventional dt-corum. 
and what would become of bom*? 1 

clenn an. I re-ipectable as possible. 

To w irship is a high and holy busi- 
ness. The Jews and mnny other naii ms 
were in the habit of performing .ibluiious 
■tnd otherwise p«irifying ihomselves be 
lore entering on the duty ol Wiir^hip. — 
We seem lo carry our habits with us, re- 
gnrdless of the employment in which we 
e igsye. Tiii* evil kIiouM be eorrecied. 
an I tha only way to accomplish this end 
is 10 draw tha attention of theccumuni' 
tv 10 it. 

day, and, when I reach Gen. Butler's 
Department, it is possible that I may be 
p.iioled, even though tha general ex 
change is not effected. 

1 cannot leave the Federal lines without 
ajain giving you my sincere thanks lor 
your kindness and couriei'y to me, and 
my earnest pr^rer that should you or 
yout s ever need like assistance il will be 
extended lo you as freely as you have 
i:iven it to me. 'Tis sui:h acts as you 
have done will smoolh the way to future 
UOod will between the North and South; 
and, should the Union ever be restore I, ii 
must ho by the tendrils of the heart, for 
the bayonet cannot pin us together. I 
will repay thn kindness you have exten- 
ded lo nie in a way thai will you 
bom. and if mv li!e is spared, you (•hall 
Hho fair sex so lo,,ua. ious on this subject, receive ihsiiks'lrom manv Federals who, 
and raise such a olamor for imaginary i|,g f,j,mnes of war. may fail into my 
righis. and vsnt snch spleneiii- speeches Jjgnd.s 
for iinaginai V wronifs. Bbta Gamma. 

approhe.i I. sociuiy would crumble as a 
fabric of sand, and n:tu ;hl but  ;onfusioii 
dominate. IJiit why ajfiiale this ques- 
tion? The fact is too plain that wuman 
will not adorn anv other posit on. " j 
I', is, indeed, ineffablv luiiic'ous 'o sen 

dy. Oh. Joseph! what a sly old race you 
are! Who would think that such a staid, 
sober olil spindleshanks. could bo such a 
learing-ilown sinner? Tha child is yours 
— you may swaar to ibal. Look al ii— 
il is Joe Siansbury all over. You de- 
ceived me shamefully, Joseph — letting on 
to t»e a widower! Bui do a father's part 
by the young one, and I'll forgi e you. 

"Your heart broken Nanct. 
"P. S. — Don't lot that sharp-nosed wife 
of yours see this letter. Gammon her 
with . .uae kind of a story about the 
bsby. N." 

Mr. Siansbury was in the basement 
kitchen, quietly eiting bis supper, and 
little imagining wlial a storm w»sbr»«.nij 
over his bead. Tho door of the kuchoo 
wss violenily thrown open, and Mrs. S's 
voice yelled out — "Sla sbury, come up 
here, you vilUin! Here's a mess for 
you'." The astonished Stan'sbury hastily 
wiped his mouth and obeyed the suw- 
nions. "D in't you want lo see Nsni-y, 
the hoarl-broken Nancy!" cried Mrs. 
Siansbury. when her guilty husband hob- 
bled np into liio room. "Nancy! whal 
Nancy's li at?" ssid the sly old rogue, in 
well-feigned perplexity. "Why, Nancy, 
the mother of this baby that's been hung 
up at the door, Mr. Siansbury! Oh, you 
look mighty innocent; but just read that 
letter, and then look in that baske'! Don't 
be afraid — ii won't bl e; it's got no teeth, 
poor thing! You'll know it; for, as the 

steamers made only one trip, while oih- 
made over a dozen; and on iba wh. \ 
ihey h.'»ve paid their owners very we 
some of them being a source of gr- ' 
profit to all concerned. — Scotttnan. 

Down oa the lUlterat* 

Tho followinL', from an exchao'.'e, is a 
vivid, truthful, life-like, accurate and ad- 
mirable description of that nais4ll(^e ii» 
this age of progress — the man who don't 
lake the papers. Young men. remenil- r 
this. Tho late Hon. Frugality F 
who died worth three millions oi 
says that among the celebraini 
thai be wore pasted to tho he''l  
boots, thai be never knew a man 
to much who didn't subscribe f 
least born w, one paper. But the 
The man that don't take his (sou 
per was in town yesterday. lie I r 
iiis whole laniily in a iwo-hor"e 
Ho still believed that General Taylor 
President, and wanted lo kno* if 
"Kamschaikid" had taken Cuba, and 't' 
so, where iliey had taken it. He had soM 
bis corn for twcniy five cents— the price 
being thirty-one — but upon going to (♦•• 
posit his money, he found tliat part of it 
was worthless. The only hard moii'ey 
had was three cent pieces, and these, itome 
sharper had run on him for half rfitaes! 
His old lady was smoking a "cob pipe," 
and would Dot believe that any ibing elUe 
could be used. One of the boys went ttf 
a blacksmith shop for a pair of shoes, and 
another mistook the maiket-houss for a 
churoh. After hanging hie hat on 'ha 
meal hook, he piously took his seat on • 
butcher's suit, and li.siened to an anctiofl'- 
eer. whom he took to be the preicber.-^ 
He left befoio "meeiin' was out," and had 
no great opinion of the "sarmiut." One 
of the girls took a I n of "seed onions" in 
tho post office, to trade them for a lelteJ-. 

hussv says, it's just like you, all over — j She had a baby which she carried in a 

[K/T llie H"Tir'er«f n Keporter.] 

Mr. Edit-^r; I hive been much 
.imuseil. receii'ly. at iiio  of the plui-esoi 
the ludicrous. m inifcstini; it-.p|f in Ilen-^ 
dcrson. 1 do not propose enteiiiii; uiion j 
a discussion with llie per5oii  itiv.,lv(!(i ini 
ihe lu itbrious cortiroversy, for L am not 
ifified with that ver.'atiliiy of lalcKt. and 
do not possess that v lubiliiy of pen 
req'lisite to enforce mv views with coi^enl 
argument, or subtle reason. Mirth is a 
Proteus, iwisiitig himself imo every 
conceivable shape, at llio will of those 
who proviiko him. and I have no d' ubi 
but that mnny of your readers have been 
as much ainuse l as my-self, ai the la'e 
•urn civen him by those cro^.i-in.,' sworiis 
in your paper and tho "Weekly News," 
on the miKdi-moole.l subject of "Wo 

Please giiodiiess, I'll expose you before 

In l.-ss than five minutes, Mrs. Sians- 
bury liad collected a room full of spec 
lore — half the inbabiianls of the couri — 
to witness the process of unwrapping the 
baby. Anxious expecutioii sat on every 

it of 

I ni'ty be ordered to tho Mississippi 
river or ihe borders ( f Missouri when I 1 cjunlenunce, as the jealous lady toro away 
return, and you n ay hear hard stories of 1 ragsfter rag from the boilv of ihe fourid- 
me aijain. but be assured, that, whwiever | ling, ll-,e vigorous movements of which 
I mnv lio. I .shall bo acinnied only I' a ; astonished everybody. "It i-s full of the 

rForlhe (letMl-rson ueporler.l 


Am mg men's ]'e"y snrovsor-es. ih , . . _ . 

1 bad buiion-holes rank^ cbi-f, I believe.— sncrcd sense of dmy and not hv a vindic- 1 devil already," said Mrs. S., "that ehows 
I |i is the oiilv one f ir  vhl.di neither house- 1 1 ve or bloodthirsi v heart. This war is ; that il is his. Y» u'll soon fee thai it is 

terrible! terrible! hut I see no end lo ii, , like him in everyihinL'" At last, all the 
.11, 1 inu. t do mv duty as I '•onceive ii lo i ewaddlint; clothes beinii removed, out 
bo. like a Soutl !"n. ijumpeil ilie babv, and made i"» escape 

,\.-, soon as I reach Ricl moiul I will (hrougb the open door. U was a bi^ 
make ail possible in(|uiries .About CUrant e tut cat! 

and will wrilp you a long 'elier about liim. j • ' " " " 

If I am pa' -led, and he is on any rail- | 
road, I will go to see him 1 will try U' ■ 

by the flag of 

man's Rights." A graceful, courteous ! iheir duty, when he is 
wri'cr. styling herself "A. T. S." camel to go calling or lo church 
t oUi m the "New.s," some few weeks sin. e. I vexnious linen give way under bis chin 
1 expressed herself in pertinent Ian- j iho moment ho steps into tho street.— 
guaire, on this subject, rendering to man Many a 

wife, aoani-'resB nor :iul'iorfss. hss ever 
ptoposed :i remedv: and I think tho one 
who will do it, will be justly considered a 
benefactress of the race. Unless you. 
reader, have ever experienceil ihe annoy, 
ance it occasions to have bulion-h des h!- 
^ays tearing out, and your wife suving 
Hin t lit he!ped:" and "ii'i ni) tue to 
tew them ufj. they will tear out »^«in  //• wriio to you oecasiuoally 
reitty:" )ou can have no idc;t irisl truce. 
m«n aresubiocied to i'l this piriiiiuUr — ' Hopim; that '-nnr life may be spared 
Think of a man having to stand before and health and plenty bless you until 
the glass I nlf an hour, trying to coax the peace shrill again sniilo on America, and 
button-holes of a shirt-collar to perform our tw9 gieat reo-jblics be the adiniration 

rigiiing out of the world, I wiM retoain your obliged 

and feel the and faithful friend. 

M. Jeff. Tiiompso.v, 

y .ur t. wn: allow me Ireely lo er.ler wi'h I j^^, 
my English men. I will soon ninke all 

quiet and come back to concluile the ''a- 1 ^'dpqu^te abilitv and acumon to wield the 
pilulstion." "Theto words he uttered I i,p ,„,ggpj,gg „n^ establish 

with an air of di^ni'T and truth, which, 

ed Papo- 

joined lo a sense of danger indo 
li 10 comply. Aiie-xle-.l by some of his 
officers, he entered the streets and found 
tho eoMiers pilNging the houses of the 

printiipnl inhabitants, and offering insults g^oner has her production 
»nd indignities to the inhabitants, 'rre- j ,^ ^.^^ds than there is 
He Irove them 

pier iifiiiivBs he possesses, 
iiig him above the gentler sex (genili-i . 

mnn has lost a sermon that might i 
have tionveried him. or been lii'-erablel 
during a whole evenin-^ in comijui y, he-| 

BU Amusement. 

What was it that so fascinated the younsr 

cause of unfaithful buttonholes. My • student, as he stool by the river shore? 
bettor than *o/7( r. for it does not admit of readers may lau^b. and lliink iho cause Noi the /"on* .flWnorMn. Whal book so 
double meaning) in the points and pK ;e«| too trifling to occasion so much discom- dellgh-od him. and blinded him lo all the 
which he holds, and jriving 10 VV.. man her I fort; but « ba lly cooked meal, crying rest I'f the worhl. so that he Jid not c.iro 

proper sphere in ihe domestic ciicle. No, 

been thrown. 

The financial condition of the country 
is beginning lo awaken the most esraesi 
I consideration of our '.'.iblic men, and 
lo beget wel' foun led Hppre)ieti )ions of 
alarm. Thuilow Weed, a leading Re 
publican p.iliticisn of New York, is out 
ill a lonL' leuer upon the subject. He es- 
timiies that ihe war will cost, when ter 
I minatcd. ^i:rr j' thousand millions vf d'Alan 
i and thai it will entail upon tho country a 
national debt of at lonsl tl.ree-fourihs that 
] hum. lie anticipates, as mus; every man 
i of common sense, "an approaching mo- 
monlous tinsncial cr-sis-^a crisis which, 
if not seasonably provided for. may prove 
as serious a irial as the war itself which 
ha* prodnced it." These are momentous 
words, and coming from the source they 

juoar trough," stopping at times to roek 
il on tho 8ide-*alk— when il cried, she 
stuffed its mouth with an old stocking, 
and sang "Barbara Allen." The oldest 
boy sohl two "coon-skins," and was on a 
"" Whon last seen, he had called 
for a gla=s of "soda and water," and 
stood, soaking "ad and making 

wy faces. Tli. cper. mistaking 

his roraning. bad given him a mix'uie of 
sal-boda and wni jr...ind he was bound lo 
yive it a f iir trial. S m9 "t v-n fell 'w" 
came in and called for lemonade with a 
"fly in it." whereupon our "soaped" 
friend lurned his back and qnieily wiped 
-everal ll'es into his drink. We approach' 
ed the old uenileraan, and tried lo i;el him' 
to subscribe, bu'. he would not listen to 
il. Ho was opposed to "inf-rnal ira- 
pr ivei..enis," and thou'.'ht larnin was a 
wicked invention, and cullerwaten noihin' 
but wanity and wexation. None of hie 
faniilv ever learned to read, but one boy, 
)4nd ho teat hed sj'cvd awhile, and ihoa 
went to etady diwinity. 

a prolontous 

spective of *i;o or sex. He Irove them flm,^r „f gjik^ a„d iauns. and wavini: of 
from their prey; he obliged them to give ^..^nied handkerchiefs, and several .V.nin- 
up the booty they had seizoil; be even ; j -^^ j^^y, 1,^^ „„ip,ni„ine. 
rescued the wife of Papoli, when on the i |y grapple with her in intellectual corn- 
point of being dishonored by one of the I j^-.^, jj genial, than is expected, to- 
soldiers. Order was soon restored and i ^^^j^ ^j^^,, they do not u,e the 

Peterborough iramod lately relurne I to the ! broomsiick*. reseiving them for their hen- 
gale to finish the lermsof capitulation. " I p^j^^j hu-bands and prospective lords. 
After bavin,' re/»d the precedini; account ,„,] 8||„wing their nails to grow for the 
I could not help contrasting the noble puppo^., of burying them in the crin^jing 
conduct of PeierborouirS with thai of (jpg,, (1,,;^ Jisobe iieni masters. Well. 

Colonel Turchin, of the federal army. — beingot a philanthropic turn of mind, I perpondicuI.-»r with too body, and tho 
I( ia well known that when he entered ,m glad they have not wound ilieir hands strain upon them being lateral, they yield 

in each other's hair, but are conto' l to more re* lily to the pr essure, and .i gape 
spiral each oilier playfully. "Kate," is the consequence 

the contributor for the Reporter, ar'^ues opinion, horii iniHl button-holes would 
iho points she assumes with great force prevent this trouble, and remove one of 
and apparent reason, bull am i{hd lhai ihe greato- 1 sources of man's vexation. — 

chilli or curtain lecture, would be on- , to sec the apple wom-m with her fruit, or it cannot be charged that il is an ex- 
dureil wi h twice the paiienco. It is the (more tempiiiig still to sons of Eve) the pression in sympathy with the rebellion, 
insignificance of ihe annoyani • tl a cha'"* preity girls wiili their apple cheeks, who! Mr. Weed's uroposed remedy is to re- 
ihe proud spirit of man because he can- ; laughed and prattled round the fountain? p^^i Homestead law. and for Congress 
not remove it. For every other perplexi- 1 What was the book? Do you suppose it ..jg raclaira and husband every acre of 
ty, some adequate remedy has been sug- j Livy, or the Groek grammar? No; it was i bro;»d. fertile and rich domain," and 
gesied; bui none havo ever ventured a , a ni vel that you wore reading, you hzy. ! jjyj,,f ijjo proceeik thereof totheliqui l- 
word on this subject. Why ia it? I will j noi-verv-cUaa, eood for-nothintj. "unsible ,iion of our public debt. Unfortunately 
give a hint to seamstresses on the suo- 1 hoy ! Ii wos D'Ariaghan locking up ii,!, would scarcely bo "a drop in the 
jeci, and perhaps they will do well to im- j General Monk in a b'lx. or almosi. su ;- 1 J,u^.^^g^•' i„ i},e waf of paying our vast 

prove it: — it any one can give us more 
light or information, il will be gladly re- 
ceived. The buiion-lioles in shins of the 
present day, are generally cut in a line 

Athens. Alabama, he allowed his com- 
mand lo stack arms in the lown and then, 
with his full cognizance, to insult and 
plunder the citizens, irrespective of age 
or sex. (For w ,ich he was court-mar- 
tialed.) Tho beastliness of his condmrt 
appears the enore monstrous when viewe I 
side by side with the nobleness of the 

Wo would, perhaps, bo unable tj ap- 
preciate fully the virtue of the one. or the 

guilt of iha other, were we not endowed fearlessly taken the 
with ibo faculty of comparison; but iliis 
power of the mind onsbles us (o h"ld ihe 
one up to admiration, white iho other is 
condemned lo eiernal disgrace, and r«- 
(rardnd a* an enemy to the yirtues whiidi 
should be fostered among llia human 

ceoding in keeping Charles tho t'fsl's ! even *f an impoverished 

head on. Ii was the prisoner of the ' beggared people could afford to pur- 
Chaleau d" If culling himself out of '-ho | g), j,, j^nj 'fhe siaiesman whoso solid 
sack fifty foot under water — ( I mention i ^ijj.j,^ and genius can relieve ihis poo- 

tl.e novels 1 like best myself — novels | pj, fp,„ ,i,^',.,,|j,hing weight of the im • j w 

whiihoui love or talking, or any of that | mouse public debt which a profligate and , when at rest, it darkens, 
sort of nonsense, but.coniaining plenty of I p„rrupt Adrain;sir«iion has emailed upon) tSSf k married editor 

/^Theie is S woman in Iowa, lo 
homely that they won't allow hertoirave! 
on the'railroad, for f»ar she will frighien 
the locomotives. She is the natural parttil 
of that interesting youth who insisted llm 
first time he peeped in a lookinu'-ul««!8, 
that his failier had brought home a young 
bear, "cause he seed him in the chist." 

Bl^*Jil«iice is itse'l tho great standinj . 
polii-y of civil society ; and any einihoni 
depsrture from it, under any circumstan- 
ces, lies under tbo suspicion of being ni  
policy at all. 

a^"A good jest  n time of misfortune 
is food, drink, an.l lodging. It is strength 
to the arm, digestioa lo the siom.icb «d i 
courage to the hnrt. A prosperous man 
can afford to be meloncrholy. 

^fTht pious man and the infidel aj- 
ways talk of religion; ihe one of what he 
luves, the other of whal he fears. 

iHrS-)ciety i's the atmosphere of »in»!^ 
and we necessarily inhale from it st.nit 
ibing eiiher b««libful cr infeciio'is. 

As the fire fly shines only wi 
the wing, so it is with the human o 


Now. in my humble j fighting eaca;'ing. robbery, and rescuing) 

tho sack, and 

the fair "A. T. S." clinifs to her po^sition. 
and refuses to be immeshed in the web of | 
sophistrv, with which the intriguing 
' Ksie." e^ks to bind her. Without, 
deeininir mv-elf an intruiler. I would say 
a Wf)rd in defense of -"A. T. S." as she 

.-inr iie with a 
bevv of bright eyes, and heavino bodices. 

W .man, in her iiwn sphe'e. !■  the great- , 
est bla Miiiig lomankiiiit. Mtiieas a help- 
not as bis slave. — »he does 

A word tot/u wise is iraj/icitnt " 


T. S. 


Bnid Chaaticle«r procbiino tlie morn. 
He used lo wuke ine up at dawn, 
Weep, DanK Pjrtl-lt, weep and mourn, 
Willi uht br -ad sauca vour ini'e h is gone ! 
So loUL'h wu» I.e, so long aince Iraru, 
He woke me up ag-iii next in rrn. 

male to man— n« i. »» ma ^mw-, — r-,ic ^.t-^;.-. , ....... 

Il l ..i;,;.. „f Jty A roan who puts aside hf* relicrion 

not. I think, pos.sess as nii:e uualuies ol *^ .  r • i-l 

perception, and I or imagitiauon flies not be.-ause he g .ing into so^etv. i. like 

so high as bis. to bring rich jewels of ^'""'^ f "^'^ " 

HABIT. i Fancv. to astound intellect. ,ruo ^b'^"' ""''"'P''" «horn«. 

i If there ia one habit more reprehenei^ that she first listened to the voice i.f the /^T'We liave s( en a noupfe of sis'ers 

bio than another it is ihai of chewing to- templet . and by thai wrought the ruin of who had to bo told everything together. 

Ijac o" f^m^kinff can be tolerated wiib mankind, but all allowances can be made for ther couldn't be toll ap.nrt 

:ut.ling himself out of tlio sack, and 
swimming lo the island of Montocrisio. | 
Oh. Duma."! oh. thou brave, kind, gallant,' 
old Alexandre! I hereby otter thee hom- 
age, and give thee lhank's for many pleas- 
snt hours. I ha'e read thee (being sick 
in bed ) for thirteen hours of a happy 
day. and had the ladies of the bouse 
fiKhling for the volumes. Be assured 
ihat lazy boy was reading Duni.'is (or I 
will go so far es to let the render hero 
pronounce the euloi;iura or insert tho name 
of his favorite author.) and as for the anger, 
or. it may be. the reverberations of hi* 
schoolmaster, or. the lemonatiances of 
his father, or the lender pleadings of his 
mother that he shoul i not lei the supper 
grow cold. I d' n't believe the scapegrace 
cared one fig. N 'l Fi'iS are sweoi. but 
fiction* are sweeter. — Thackeray's Ruund- 

ll em, will receive their bating gr .'i U ie : about women. He dares not try i 

and earn for himself 
as lime ilself. — Evansville Times 

a fame as eniuting 

The Cly 

Steamers and the SfTUthera : 

The number of steamers that have left 
tho Clyde since the bhickado of the con- 
federate ports was commenced is upwa-d 
of (yj, and their purchase price anoou .'s 
lo about £700,000. Tho seHing and 
buil.ling of steamers for this trade has 
been, perhaps, tho most reniunorailivn 
speculati'iii during tho year, in 
many cases vessels were sold at half raoie 
than their origi 111*1 cost. In 18i3f and 18- 
62. sleanieis left the Clyde, of these 
six were ptddlo vessels in ihe river trade, 
five paddle and six crew vessels in ihe 
deep-sea trado. and the ruroaii. ler 

these 1 1 wer" river p* 


her his subject, since he is hers. 

Itt^Tho sycophant lo the man .i: 
him is a tyrant to the man below him 

jJg^Only tho=e who havo ihouyh . 
liko lightning deserve to have a voice like 

itSyLife is rapid, occasion coy, prac- 
tice fallacious, jis^fgenveni part-ial. 

Jt^The price of eicoUence is labor, 
and that of time immortality. 

X^Art, likirlove. excludes ull compe- 
tition, and absorbs the man. 

;CJ|-Genius either discovers now niate- of ncveHry, or nuveliy 
with the knowf». 

XyRither T!«*nk at sma'i* iiij.iries inan 
be too forward no avenge them. Throw 
and. instead itt 

In 18t33«8ste4mers sailed, and of down a single bwo-hive 

1  '•• b r-.;s one a oi » enemy, y'^^u make « lh;»a»«nn 

ut:r OUT EH. 

J. 8. •PIDll.. rOT^ 



y hope to ou'.Iaw 
^. .. ..i.ii, . la..^ nity of conserva- 
~jlive oiiizens — throu;,'h the poteer of thn 
~| Government — and thus secure the projils 
1 ^1 u; -S wk' ^ "^"''^ os'i'^lly accfue to ihem by the 

fERTiUARY '^5, 1864. 

sa "ss of thoir revolutionary and anii- 
repulicao schemes. 


Foreign News. 
HALIFAX, Fab. 19. — The African has 

.i^-iived with Liverpool dates of (hp 6(h, 
«nd Queenstown of the 7ih. The Danes 
hare avncuateii Sohleawi^r, and the Danes 
were fallinsj back to Flendsburg. The 


Otveoopv sir moBths, 91 00 

One cnpy one jear, . . . .v^. . . 9 00 

Clubs of five, one jMr $1 75 each. 

Clubs of ten, one year 1 50 each, 

•lubi of t'n'   ity, and one to 

per.^on scti linor club 1 50 each 

^= These fanatic schemers seem to forget i Germans are pursuing. 

The Proclamation' of Abraham Lin- 
coln freeing the slaves of the border 
SUtes, which was expected by some to 
be issued on the 23d. 

that their plan of operations may, at some 
future lime, be reversed by the success 
of an opposing party. Let a little more 
of the spirit of agrarianism obtain — per- 

Con.sols closed on the 6th at 90J to 91. 
There has been no additional lighting 
In Sc.hleswig. A snow storm prevented 
anything but skirmishing. 

Cuiten irrecjular but lower, closing firra- 
mit these "friends of freedom" to free i er. Breadntuffs dull. Flour steady. — 
the slave property of their fellow, citizens I Wheat 2 to 41 lower. Corn rt*t, 6d low- 
-permit them to'raake "freedom the test ! l""- ^'/ovisions firmer and unchanged. 

of loyalty" — and the next step would be 

Consols on Friday 90^ to 90 J. 

A Il.'tmburg dispatch of the 6ib states 

to parcel out the landed estates of those no news from the war. It is believed the 

who think the institution of African ulav- 
ry is right amongst themselves. But let 
them remember that the success of an- 
other party would in turn bweep their ill- 
gotten gains from their ({''*sp. 

Indeed, have we fallen upon strange 
times, if a man can not sit securely under 

Freeam'so's Conreiltlon at LoulavlUe. 

The tehgraph informii us that this body 
assembled in the United States couTt-roora I 
•I noon on Monday, Abont 100 dele 
gates Were present from Kentucky, Mis- li «  "^n ^'"6 «nd fig tree 
•ouri. Tennessee and Arkansas. 

The conveittion was ortfaniteJ by tbe 
»"le.'t' . H).). P. P. Thora.%H*on of 

Ky . , Vice PreaiUents — M. M. 

BriM\ of len.n., H. Wolff, of Ark.. J. S. 
Miokson, of Ky., Gen. John McNeil, of 
Mo ; Secretaries— J. S. Fowler, of Tenn , 
James Tawssio;, of Mo., J. W. Campbell, 
of Mo., and T.J. Barnes, of Ark. 

The convonfion adjourned about 3 
o'clock, to meet at 7 ihi.s evening, to hear 

Over seven tliouoand negroes liave 
been recruiied ia Missouri during the | paciEo lendoncy. 

Prussians will prevent its transmiision. 

Severe tii{hting is thought to be going 
on. Numbers of wi»unde l are being 
conlinually brought to Rendsburct. 

Earl Derby, in the House of Lords, 
condemned the foreign policy of the gov- 
arnmont as humiliaiing to England. 

Kussfil Slated that England had not 
given the slightest promise to Denmark of 

In the House of Commons Palmerston 
defended tiie policy of Russell. 

The majority of the journals have a 

past three mouths 

The Memphis dates of Ibe 1 7th say the! 
latest accounts state that Genera! Sher- 
man captured Meridian without oppo- 
sition, Polk having evacuated the place. 
It is since reported that i'uik occupied 

Caibo, Feb. 20. — An officer from Big 
Blark river, reports just before reaching 
Jackson a ekumisb endued between a 
part of Gen. Sherman's force and a bodr 
of four or five thousand rebels in which 

Capt. Adare, of Forrest's staff, has i The Fight Between the Danes and Prua" 
arrived here. Forrest was at Oxford on 

the Oih. Ha was confronting a column 
of infantry 6,0tX) strong from Memphis 
via Hernando, and twelve regiments of 
cavalry via Colliersville. 

Sherman's forces, 35,000 strong, are 
marching in close order, with Lee's ftav 
airy harrassing their flanks and picking 
up stragglers. 

Orasoe C. II., Feb. 16. — The enemy 
has not fallen back to Centreville as re- 


The great feature of the news from 
Europe is the tidings of a fight between 
the Germans and the Danes, on the dis- 
puted Territory question. This dispute 
embraces three Duchies, having about 
7,500 square miles and one million of 
people. They are about as large as the 
Stale of Mas.sachunelts, and embrace one- 
third of the Danish monarchy. 

Unles diplomacy is more succassfGl 

ported. Gilmrer's cavalry threw a train ; than it has been iiiiherto, ibis collision of 
of cars off the Baltimore and Oliio rail- 1 arms may kindle a flame that will light 

road, six miles above Harper's Ferry and 
paroled 50 oQicers and obtained some 

Pasaooula, Feb. IG. — The enemy's 
fleet, incluilit.g the flagship, have gone 
eastward through the sound in the direc- 
tion of Grant's pass. Four gunboa's 
liad just appeared, steaming in 
same course. 

CiNCiN.vATi, Feb. 22. — The total num- 
ber of men mustered into service in this 
Stale up to Saturday, is 13.900. 

The Gazette's Chattanooga dispatch of 
the 2l8t, gives a rumor that two divisions 
of the enemy occupied Marysville yes- 
terday, but afterwards retired. 

It is said tliat the rebels have appeared 
on the Tennessee river below Louden, 
blockading the steamer Chattanooga. 



ALL prraoni indebted to me by iiole will 
plras* call at the Stirriff'n offics in the 
city of H 'iider»oii on IIib Stii March, and re- 
uew (aid note*, an I havo iiad tny linuae and all 
my paper* dealroypH by fire. Mr W. U. Nof- 
meul ia aullioriied to take the uotn 
F«b. 35, ie64-2w M. L. H1CK9, 


all Europe in a general conflagration of 
war. The effects of this will be seen on 
this side of the Atlantic, and farther 
news from Europe will be looked for 
with the most intense interest. 

It is piopur to add that this has been a 
vexaiious question for many years previ- 
'^"jj^'ousto 11352. when it was supposed to be 
finally settled by a Co ti vent ion of the 
great Powers in Liindon. The territory 
was t;iven to Denmark, under certain 
conditions. Austria an^l Prussia, the 
two leading German Powers, asitented to { 
the treaty, but it is claimed that they i 
could not bind the German Confederation 
whose minor powers have taken the 
strong stand that has brought on ihe pres- 
ent difficuliy. Austria and Prussia de- 
clare that Germany has not fulfilled the 
j conditions of the treaty of London, which 

Jackson in Sherman's rear, with the prob- i were defeated, with forty-ibree 

an address from Chai. D. Drake, of Mo., I able design of following oi: the heels of captured, 
which was brief but eloquent, subspqueot i our coUmds. Communicalioa being cut -- ' - 

to which, the fommiitee on resolutions 
Tiol having" reported, the coni'ontion ad- 
journed until Tuesday at 10 o'clock. 

At the afternoon sadsioo of iLeconren- 
tion a circular from'S; C. Pomcroy, Orsir- 
man National Committse, was distributed 
among the members. The circular op- 
fjosea the re-nomination of Mr. Lincoln. 

"About one hundred delegates were 
present" from four Slates, What a tre- 
tfundoUt oufpouHng of tbe "friends of 
froftdora!" This abolition conclave, in- 
•?jfni6cAnt ih numbers and influence will be 
heralded by the negfro lunatics of the free 
States as a greet success. Well, it t* a 
considerable success for sinh a-n-jsecm- 
blaga to be drummed together in Ken- 
t  cky, the soundest pro-slavery Sute of 
the border. But when wo consider the 
character of tbe nen who compose it, it 
does not seem slranga. Who is ffon. 
P. Thomasson, of Kentucky? What con- 
etitueacy of this Commonwealth did be 

off wuii Siierm/in. bis future movements 
were merely conjectured. This report 
does not obtain credence in well-informed 
military circles here. 

Afl officer just arrived at Cairo from 
VickslMirg, says that tlie rebel force at 
Ja' kson- is inconsiderable, and is com- 
mHnded- by Generals Logan and Wirt 

It is the opinion of expsri«oced East 

Indian ship masters in Boston, that the 

Alabama could not j . --iihly Lave made out oil and relumed to Vi.-ksburg 

Our forces passed through Jackson in 
twp columns, the enemy retreating across 
Pearl River precipitately, llij pontoons 
and a number of prisoners fell into our 
hands. Our forces seized provieions of 
all kinds, and swept on. 

Great di.isatisfaction is said to exist 
among the Koniucky and Mississippi 
regiments. Lrtrge numbers of deserters 
are coming into uur lines. 

Geo. Sherman reached Meridian ten 
days after leaving V'icksburg. 

Tuttle's Division gut behind and was 

umor declares thai John | was lo give a certain Constitution to the 

Morgan crossed the Tennessee river be- i Duchies in dispute. Upon this being 

tween Florence and Tuscnmbia. with 10- done, they now say they will use their 

OUO men for a raid into Middle Tennes- 1 influence to bring ab mt a settlement of 

_ the matter, but it is doubtful even in that 

The court house at Mobile, valued at event, if they   an control the fierce pas- 

8200,000, was recently destroyed by | sion of the Crerman people, which have 

fire. I been aroused. 

All quiet in front. The aituation ofj - 

the rebel array is unknown. •r— ti. t - i j i. 

rrt n ■ \t V -ii J. 1 Ino Kicbraond papers have a re- 

Tlie Commercial s Knoxville dispatch . ■ . r xi . 

„r at . .u I 1 L port that some negroes of a Masaachu- 

of ihe 21sl says the rebe s have broken ., „ . . i. . .i i 

.. • , . . If . , ; sella rpTiment put a rope about the neck 

up winter quarters at Morristown, and are  • rr ■ • • i j j • • t. 

• / . i. . ,,, . ', ' , of a Virginia girl, and were drivinfr her 

in force at hirawberry Phiins. Thcv bad . , ,i , n r n i v- 

,„,,.,, f ... ' , belore them to M orfolk, when a New 

completed the pontoon bridire at tfce v , . _ . .i . i • i 

, . . if J , . =  , \ ork reijiment mot the party, whipped 

plains, and two brigades of ,n:antry are, j,,^ ^,j*^„„_ ^ 

cavalry wh.d, skir-, Mi,, ;y^j,^ j^„^,,,^^^^f _ I 

Amoy, from her last reported station, in 
nine days, which reports aifow her, es- 
pecially with the wiuds whiclf she must 
haVe encountered. 

An extensive Gre occurred ir(' Glouces- 
ter, Mass., on tiie ISili, burning the build- 
ings on ihe principal business street. The 
loss is estimated at 8400.000. 

Gen. McArlhur is in command of the 
department at Vicksburg, Gen. McPlier 
son having accompanied Sherman with 
most of his corps. 

Refugees from Mobile report the in- 
habitants of that city feol secure from 
attack. Fifteen thousand rebel troops are 
quartered in and about the city 

Union Bentiment prcv-iiied to aconsid- 

The order prohibiting the distillation of erable extent, which will be expressed as 

grain in Kentucky has been revoked. S'j^n as protection is afl'onled. 

Twelve barges containing 12,000 bale. guerrillas ke.p up the fire on 

of hay were burned at Memphis on the ° ""i 

20th. The hitv was valued at «' !00,000. Memphis; but liiile d:.ra«£:e is reportetJ. 

ever repreMnt on the floor of Congress' belonging to Gaff. Cochran i C. An- Buakland s cour-e at Memphis is 

P uongrcss. ^^^^^^ ^j^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ delivered ^'"1".*''. f"?' J^'J'"'""^ 

across, also some cavalry whicli 
mi^hed yesterday with our cavtilry six 
miles from here, and w«re driven back to 
the river. 

Gen. Hsscall encountered the enemy 
two miles out yesterday on the south 
side of ihe river, killing six or seven and 
capturing nine. 

Baltimore Sun. 

Atrocious as the conduct of the ne-| 
groes was, the original jjuill does not lie 
with them. It lies with those who have j 
let tlie savages loose. "Savjigps must ; 
not be let loose," said Douglas in one of 

It is reported that the rebels had been 1 '"^^ speeches of his life. TI.ey have 

heavy 1*" loose, and are stimulated by 

hiie-skinned fanatics to deeds of the I 
most brutal ferocity. — Cincinnati En- 


It is not neceasary to enquire who is Gen 
eral McNeff. His name is known throu;'b- 
out the counti7. His name is intimately 
■«onoected with an aflfair tlxtt occurred in 
M issouri, in which tea innocent men were 
ahot^because an old man left town with' 
out making his departiKe known, and 
who returned after the ten men had been 
exeouted for his suppond murder. Ten 
Federal ufScera were shot by order of 
Gen. Hindman, in retaliation ler ihi ten 
roea executed by McNeil. Thus, twenty 

ianocent men suffered death on account Uhe C^jmniitteo of Conference on the Con- 1 New York have thus been saved large 

administration of affairs: 

Ice is runniii;; heavilv in the Mississip- 
pi at Cairo, and also for fifiy miles be- 

Wasiiinoto.v, Feb. 19. — The Internal 
Revenue bill as ii passad through both 
Houses of Congress, did not exempt for- 
aiifn »piriu in irannit or on shipboard 
from the new l«x propoReil by that mea- 
sure, but. it i i uri'lf 1 siuod that thf H luse 
Committee uf Cohferemo lia"» at that in- 
E*-United States Senator Btrt land, of I stance and through the influence of Fer- 
Ark., died in Texas recently. | nando Wood agreed to amend the bill ex- 

The Senate has a','reed to tlie report of i ''mpiing auchRpiiitH. The imp iriers of 

to tbe Government. 

The Supremo Court, in refusing a writ 
of cfrliorari. for ihe revLsion of the pro- 
ceedings of the court martial that tried 
Vallandigham, took the ground that there 
was no authority by whiith relief coUld 
be had in the mode sought, nor any law 
even by which an aj)peal can be laken 
from a military commission, to the Su- 
preme Court. 

re-enforced by Buckner, witii 
force of artillery. 

Fra.vxfobt, Feb. 19. — In the Senate' 
they are still quarelliiig over local mea- ; 
sures, and legi^laling generally for the; 
Sheriffs throughout the Stale. There is i 

mitted by guerrillas. | FOR SALKI 

The vexed question of Federal rela- CJITITATP'.D on lUin sireet, between Kifth 
lions has at last been actilod by the ad'ip 
tion of a few milk and WHier resolutions. 


Ota day passes without anme S'l^riT TTnTTQL^ \ XT 
aks rcl'et' on account of robberies com- liwUOJj /V. iN ij 


' and Sillh. For partirular*. .enquire of | 
Heudrnwn, Feb. 11, lt 61— 3in 


I .-s 

of this barbarous act of McNeil. We 
never heard of any achievement of 
the General in front of the enemy. We 
presume the other "delegates" belong to 
the sraall fry. Henry Winter Davis, ex- 
General Oantt, of Arkansas, Gov. John- 
son, of Tennessee, Wendell Phillips and 
Garrison were not presen 

The idea of these self-constituied "del- 
•galis" rejroseniing a ny respectable con^ 
■titueocies in tbe shveholding States is 

scription Bill. The House of Represen- 1 "um*. 

(ative.s has done so likewise, and the bill Wamiisgtov. Fob. IC. — The Commit- 
ia now a laW. | lee of Conference on the J^nri'llmeni 

The House of Representatives has or-' ^^i" """''^ * ''''P'"'^ lo-day. airreeinif upon 
dered 10,000 additional copies of General i S'""""' 
McClellan'a Report to be printed. j the substitniion of a few sections of the 

House bill. 

The nomrouiatiou of 8.VJ0 is retained. 


insurance Compan]i| 

■I A K T F o u r , con !V. 

Report to be pri 
Gold has advirnced to S9.J(c?59;\ 
General Johnson has concenti-atlRd the 
.Confederate army at Dillon, and ad- 
vanced pickets to RingL' dd. 

The New York World's Newbern letter 
of ihe I6th says the rebtds are now a' 
Kingston. Their force is estimated at 
25.000. An expedition is beinj organ- 

simply ridiculous. Knowing tbe tide of 

public opinion at the North si. this^time, | jzed lo diolodge'ihem'. 
they seek to ride ioto favor and ^ower by 
putting themselves forward as'tbe leaders 

Several thousand Federal prisoners 
have been sent from Richmond lo Geor- 

of lb* abolition movement in the S'ateS' gia. 
which, when reason swayed Iheaceptre.i The Confederates have hung Spencer 
would have kept them in the insignificance ' '^*)''''°"' Castle Tliunder, upon the 
they so richly deserve. I » Peder^l spy. 

A large number of negroes from 
Christian county are making their way ] 
towards Clarksville, to enlist under the 

The Abolition Convention for the nom- 
ination of CB idi(i:ties fof President and 
Vice President is to be held at Baltimore 
on the 7ih of June next. The delegates 
from each Stale will be double tha num- 
ber of Electors. Thus Ohio will have 42 

Wblapars alK ut an Aralaiice. 

(Riciuiioud Cor. of llitr iVlobile Kegiiter. ( 
More than a week ago it was wispered 
in the streets that the Senate was diacuss- 
ing in secret se8si'' n a porpruptory propo- 
sition for an armistice, which hail been 
made or sl.jitly would be mndo lo the 
United .States by Kugland and Franca. — 
Perhap-: I meiiiioned the fact in one oi 

We reprint below one of the leading 
sentiments of the address that called to- 
gether this dcleclable assemblage, and 
which appeared in this paper last week: 

"To secure, however, the requisite aid 
and support to the friends of freedom in 
the slave States, it is primarily essential 
iRat the General Government should adopt 
in its civil, no less thaa in its military, ad- 
ministration a line of action that will rec- 
ognize, 80 far as may bo authorized, free- 
dom to be the truo basis of loyalty, and 
give to the communities involved sufficient 
guarantees thai there wjll be no retro- 
gression in the future; but, on the con- 
trary, an effective carrying out of the 
principles embodied in the Civil Code un- 
der the CuntiscatioD Act, and in the mili- 
tary direction by the Proclamation of 
Janu.iry 1, 186.3. This is necessary, be- 
came fow will be disposed ki enga^:;e in my lotm-a. More recently, in fact in the 
the work of effec^ling those changes need-j early part of this week, a prominent citi- 
ed for any thorough as»imilaiion or any I zen roiarniiig from a visit lo the Presi- 
positive uprootingof slavery, if they are j dent, repre^-fi'- i the latter as declaring 
to be left unsupported to reap their re- that he had never been ui^tci sanguine of 
ward from the slave power reinstated as the success of our cause than now. — 
dominant in either States or nation." j Since then it has leaked out in many cir- 
The meaning of this extrapt ia simply ! "^"^^ tfod "^''^ certainly 

this: TK» leaders of this frnatic move-j been recited and discussed recently by for the'loss of Col. Straight. 

m^n ..^A^t^ A If .1 . . . Ihebenate. Can it be the recognition of Fifty-eight of the escaped prisoners 

nent are determined, if tl ey can, to take! Confederacy by the  /« facto French have been returned to Libbv prison, 
advantage of the revolutionary times, and . Government of Mexico? I know not Three deserters, who wont to Newbern 
get the reins of tho State organizations in I *h»t else it can bo. The importance of j and took up arms against the Confeder- 
their own h*ild« on the one-tenth plan ofj wcogniiion, if it has really oc- j acy, were captured and iiung at Kings- 

I 1 J — 1. T. ^...ij ton on the 7th. 

Mobile, Feb. 15. — Meridian was evac- 
uated yesterday. The fjo\ crnmen t prop- 
erty was saved. 

and a compromina made in limiting the 
exemption ih-^reby lo one year. The ex- 
emption of high oflici)i1s of the dona.« 
bill is stricken out, Ieavin ;a3 the only 
classes exempt the mentally and physic- 
ally unlit, and soldiers in the field, or 
honorably discharged. If the quota be 
not filled in any district by one draft, an- 
other is to be made until the number shall 
be obtair.ed. 

The section authorizing the Secretary 
to assign drafted persona with religious 
scruples against bearing arais, to hospi- 
tal duty, or taking care of freedman, i.s 
reported, with a proviso, confirming such 
provisions lo (hose whose deportment is 
consistent with their conscientious scru- 

The House provision for the drafting 
of colored men is returned with the es- 
senliHl modification: When the slave of 
a loyal master is drafted and mu.itered 
into the service, thereupon such slave 
shall be free, a nd the master shall be paid 
the bounty of 8100. 

It ia understood this is the disputed 
point upen which a contest is expected 
to-morrow. The report is signed by 
Wilson, Nosmith and Grimes on the part 
of the Souato, and Schenck and Dunning 
of the House. 

Mr. Kernan does not concur in it. 
Tbe Heuse has not yet taken definite 
action 00 the report of the Committee of 

MoiULK, Feb. 19. — Farragut has not 
renewed the attack on Grant's Pass. — 
His fleet lies in tbe sound, the weather 
being too bad for action. 

No landing reported yet in the dirco- 
lion of Pascagonla. 

Maj. Gen. Scbammon and staff have ar- 
rived at Richmond, and are lodged in 
L bby prison, which is a pleasing ott'set 


TION RISBlS ttc.cfpua, now an hm- 
tofurr, at. fair rales mid iiltcral candiiidiis. 

stunt diipituli and aociir.^cy. 

LOSSES altvaya met witb proinptoeat 
nud coinp ele juatice. 

Hr. Liacoiii 
don (hat 
of teynltjj- 

n„ »j .1 cnrraJ, need not bo dwelt upon. ItCOud 

Ov ad 'pting tho proposi-- _ ' i r ,i ■ • r . 

. 1 ■ L 1 1 L I '^"'"8 f'T from the inspiration of the 

'freedom shall be the true basis | French Emperor, and it "means busi- 
f ,'* in the loTi! slave SLues as in ness." 

The first one declares it impolite in the 
opinion of this General Asaomhly to en- 
list negroes laio the army; the second is 
in favor of noihing. an I the ihinl is an 
iiidorsemonl of the second. The fourih , 
resolution i'ldoraes the Innugural aid' 
Message of G )verii-»r Bramlelts as a fair 
expression of the views of the State on J 
Federal Affairs. | 

Tlie Hou«e pa-^^ed a eoneral bill to i 
raise a relief fund for iha bsn' fit of wid- 
ows and orphan* of deceased s ildii-rs of l 
the Commoiiwe ilih; but we di ubt wl.ctii- ' 
er, atihis lato d ly, it will reach the other 
brsncli of the Legislature. 

Nkw York. Feb. 2? — A rebel di pucu 
of the I4lh reports Gen. Polk at Mnrid-! 
ian and much censured for not atta :kiiig i 
Slierman. His force is 16,000 atrong. 

Morijan was at Dalton on the 1 lili. — j 
Forrest and Lee ar»si«led lo have re-oc- 1 
cupied J:i .-kson and are hovering on Sher- 
man's rear. 

Another reoor' says Adams an I Logan 
re-oocupied Jnckson instead of Forrest 
and Lee. There is a rumor current that 
Gen. .Smith, leading Sherman's cavalrv, ! 
had a tight at Meridian and was seriously 
woiimled. but it is thought lo bp a canard, i 

A Mobile dispatch of the 14th, re-] 
ports that Adams attacked a Federal sup- j 
ply train at Droaiurala yeiterdav. de-| 
stroying foily wagons. The infantry : j 
coming up in force he had to abandon] 
his prisoners. | 

A rebel dispatch reports the Federal | 
force in Florida at 6). 000. 

A Charleston dispatch of the l?th, 
says our battery shelled Morrit, Island lo- } 5 
day. The Yankee flagstaff on Wagner 
was shot away. Four shells fired into 
the city by the Yankees. Another dis- 
patch of the 1.3th, says the Yankees have 
withdrawn from Johnson's Island in 
gunboats. The Yankees on Morris Is- 
land are repairing their batteries. No 
further shelling of the city. 

KyoxviLLE 17, vi.v Locisvills, Feb. 
23. — A Herald dispatch says affairs at 
Knoxville for four days past have been 
ihreaiening, but the enemy who had ap- 
peared in soma force at Strawberry 
Plains have recrossed the river, owing to 
a freshet in the Ilolstein. The enemy 
are now reported to be moving towards 
Germaiiia, with their cavalry on the 
Maysville road and their infantry passing 
near the base of Smoky Mountain. There 
is present indication of an attack here 
which may be made after the river falls. 

PoBTt.AND, Me., Feb. 23. — The steamer | 

Bohemian, from Liverpo.)l, struck on a[rptiE second aesaion of Uii.^ Scliool com 
rock four miles outside of Capo Elizabeth J. 
and sunk about two miles from shore. — 
Tbe night was clear and the cape light 
in full view. All the pas.sengors were 
saved. She had 200 steerage passengers, i i','ci!i,uuia 
One boat was swamped alongside, draw 



P,002,556.39 ! j 


01' the r.V K , after -Ij vi'»r.« ("t^vero tri- 
al, has reilizci the frpnlest pnt lie ndvan- 
tac* and aiiccess of the various nystrmt 
of Fire In.iarance in the country. Ia 
now better tbau aver prepared for duty. 

iC.tlOO LoM CL-ilma have b«en 'ettted and 

ERTY BT FIRE, in ihr I'nitod States, 
avoragea over ^lOO.IMK) daily. Is your 
property expost^d and unprotected? 

ARE TOU INSURED? If not, why 
uol? Thi? cost i.s tricing; the duty ia 
minifivst; the result may be your escape 
frein ruin — while delay and neglect may 
involve you In biiiikruplcy, poverty or 
cruel disappoln tnienl . 

regard is given to srniill risks as w«ll as 
large ones. Able security and superior 
commercial advantages afforded. 

Policies Issued Withont Dclnf. 

Feb. 4, ld64-2ij| Heiid-*rsou, Ky. 


meuced on !\Ionday, January 18, 1864, 
and will LontlDue twenty weeks: 

Common Gnglish $^0 00 

High Eiigliali and Claasici 36 00 



Feb. 4, 1364. 


R. S. EA0TIN, 

ing under three persons. The cargo was 
mostly for provincial and Canadian ac- ! 
oouni and valued at 81 ,000,OUO. i 

BosiON, Feb. 23.— A vessel arrived ! COUNTY SURVEYOR.! 

here, bring.ngnewa from Capetown, Deo. | Y\7"1L.I' promptly attend to all bnsineas en- j 
31at, that the rebel privateer Tuscarora, V T trusted to him. He will be iu the city | 

had been seized by the British auihorilie.s ' f ev«y Saturdny, •  : ,.ro- 

f,._,.- ,1, . !•. , 111 i I'ssionally abseal. CommuniCM -•wc' 

lorMoiaimg tne neutrality laws, by land- ; ,„ Boi 2iW, ToU^^ir- . 

lu^' a portion of her car^o on cuA*t. laiteuUyiK .■v^.Til 30, IS6J, 1 



A. PALIS «c CO. 

^I^UE undaraigned respoclfully Inform tba 
citizens of Hendi-.rson, vicinity, »*4 
Southrru Keutocky, that (hey hava goo* ta 
much axueiisa in fitlliig up a comulete sat af 
mnchiiiery — conducted l y steam— fur tba 
pose of exuculiug all descriptious of 

which we will s»ll at Clncinniti prices— addlag 
frfiglit. We are alao fully prapsrad to laia 

out, in lumber to ault, 


or will do the work for thosa faruUhiBf Ikeir 
own lumber, at reasonable rates. 

We have now in our large ware-roomi aa 
.Main atr et, near Third, a splaudld aisarlaiMl 

Parlor Fornitare, 

which we will Hi«poi« of AT COST. TSl» 
Furniture was punhnsed aonaa lima sIbm, 
when the prices were low, hence wa can B»w 
cloae out Ihis article cheaper than oibars. 

We have, alao, and iitendto keap eonataally 
on hand, every articl* uaaded for lioaaalieU 
purposes, such as 

BED'^TF.AD.S, of varlon. patterns; 
MATTRESSES, many stylesand sii »i 
all of which we offer to wholesale country d«al- 
ers at pric«s which will allow tlism a rary 
haiidaome profit, and we warrant our work 
equni to any made elsewhere. 

Retail buyers ar« invited to ea I and sxamlM 
ouratock. A. PALIS ft CO. 

Henderson. Ky., Janoary 31, ld64. 

T. L. N O It R I S~ 

wnoLrsAKE isu nrriiL 


IVoodcn and Willow- U'are, *«n 



I HAVE jnst received from ClnclnnaM • 
large anj well selecled'stock of GrjC"rl»a. 
(iraleful for the past liberal patronage of my 
friauda and the public gen ;rnlly,l hope lo mar- 
it in the future a continumce of the sama.; 1 1 
am ileterinined to S4i| as low as the same f»i» 
can he bought ill Evansville or elsewhere My 
stock consintj in part at follows: 
Double rsfiiieH, powdered, crushed and graaa* 
lalsd Sugars, .M.ignoiin and hrowu, tram 
fair to fiilly I'lir; .Slew.irt'» Golden Sy- 
rup, N. O. Molntses; Pure CIdar 
Vinegar, Cra.iberries, Pl' klss ia 
jarsand bbis; butt'r, sugar, aoda, 
win« and arrow-root Crackaas, 
FiU'orts, Brazil Nuts, Pecaus; L»- 
man and Fancy Cniidr, by lt  or box: WTbH* 
I- isli. Row Herring, No. 1,2 and .1 .Muskoral, 
iu kits, half and whole hhls; O.orv Salt, UrW4 
Beef, Soft Shell .Aim .nds, Ginger; 
,M-«la3a, Port, Sh-rry. .Madeira, 
C'atawha and Chainpagne Winesj 
Oldt'ogiiac nniiidv, London Pur- 
Irr. Rdiiihuig Ale, Peach and Ap- 
ple Braujy; Chow Chew, ground 
and rare Ginger, Cltrmi, Cocw. Freuch Ch»«^ 
olat-. Kreiir-h and German .Mnalard, Vfu 
Sauca, Vfaiidnr, I.,ogWiiod, Sliroh, fa- 
ilige. Kentucky Mustard, -''•aM 
U erring, N ulmegs, VVinda»r 
!iea| . Casteel and Shav  
iiig So tp, Cove Oys- 
ters, Ptne A pplas 
in jars, l»ayor Rals- 
ina in whole, half and 9I. 
boxes; Corn Starch, Pe«rl 
Star»h; I'lirranta, Prunea. Figa, 
CloV'«, Mackaroiii and Vermacelll, 
Allspice, Alum; K. D. W. k. Cheaa*, 
Toinalo and Walnut Cntnp, ground CinnamM, 
Pepper, Cl'iret Wine, Olive Oil, Whiting Braa- 
dy Peiiches; Ess. Coffee, Golden. Rio an.d La- 
guirn Coff-e; Imported Y. H , G. P. 
and Bl'k Teas; Soda, Sardines, Shot, 
Powder, Caps and Lead. Rosin, Wag- 
on Tnr, Lamp Rinck, Copperas, Or. 
Tartar, Rice, Lobsters, Clams, Dates, 
Cinnamon , Cavenne Pepper, Candle- 
wick, Hoes, Gimlets. Siiades, Shovels 
and Forks, Porceliiin Kettles, Coal Buckatv, 
Sad Irons, Nutmeg Graters, Traces, Collara, 
Bttck-Bniids, Wagon and Buggy Whips; a flu.* 
assortmeul of Lippencol A. Simraond's Axae; 

Nails of ;ill sizes. 
Also, a very fins aasortment of Coal Oil LaMpa, 
Shades and CiiiiiincYs, bought direct lr»a 
mannlaclnrers. The best FA.MILY 
FLOUR always on hand In bbla. 
and sicks. Codfish, Tumer- 
ic, Gelatin, I^mou Syrup, 
Coal Oil, .MenI Sacks, Buck- 
ets, Tubs, Wash-Boards, 
Clothes and M irket Bas- 
kets. Cedar Pnils, Cans 
and Keelera, Bail Boxes, 
Sieves, Hearth Brooms, Whisks, 
Crumb Brushes; Horse, Cotton and 
Wool Cards; Curry Combs, Cedar, Plna 
and Ash Churns; Cocoa Dippers, Carpel Taebi^ 
com. and faiiRy Cjothes Pins, Wooden Bowit, 
Travs, Well Buckets; Shoe, Hearth, Scrubbing 
and Dusting Brushes, Horse Brushes, Half 
Bushels, Cnffee Mills, Match .Safoa. 
Fool-.Mals, Mop-Slicks. Ax-Hau- 
dles. Shoo and Stove Blacking, 

Plaving Cards, Pipes, Spice 
Boxes, Ink, Brooms, Oakum, 
Rope of all sizes, U liite-Waali 
Brushes, Matches, Toy Buckets, 
Sledi. Note and Cap Paper, Envel- 
opes, Wire Diali ^ov rs. Window Rrush- 
es. Boot Jacks. A lino aiticle of Virginia 
Chewing Tobacco, and Cigars of the k«at 
brands, always uii hand. Den. 10. I8li3. 

$75 REWARD! 

STR\YED or fiolen from my farm saar 
Uninntown. Kv . nhout the f24th of Jana- 
ary.oiifl DARK BAT FIIiLT, three yeara 
old last spring, about 15 hands high, haavy 
made, has a heavy mane and lail, has a imall 
star in bar forehead and white on her breast and 
a few white hairs on her left side, t will pay 
$35 to anv one who will deliver said mar* to 
me , and $50 tor the apprebension and convic- 
tion of the thief. ^ bout Ihe same lime a saddle 
and bridle ware stolen. The saddle M • amall 
Kngliah tree, with a black *eaL 
Feb 8, 'til-JW HULL HIGGIS».SO!C. 

i£l)ctDecl\lij Report 




^^^^j^^MIMii ■■■■■■ I iHMiii - '-^^ ^y^^m^Mtt^i 

g^THiil^ ii II . ' iwcU for 

a oopT of fieii. MrClallan'* report. 

The river hie been falling rtpidly 
for several day*. 

Ji^ Mr. Jobu T. UaiMlley, of the coun- 
ty, will accept the ihaiiltt of (he "gentle- 
mea of the Reporter office'' for • half- 
b''^bel of most exc 'lie«it apnirj. Loqi; 
■ he wave 

The jjrowing impor'«nfp rspirtly 
increasing trade botw, r 
city, and the border riv. 
to Evan.svi!lo and Hnudersoii,   
deaiand an increasfi iti tl.c mail 
beiweeii Uieae seciiu'is. -At present we 
bare only % (ri-weekly mail to supply this 
section, and the inadequacy of the aor- 

vice is daily !^ i 

We are i; 
subject is e:: ti. i 
press in the \ . ,'. er, 

and the (lemand lor adany m iil 16 unani- 
mously made. Such an in(Trea. e of ser- 
vice should at onoe be ordered, and we 
notice that the Kepreaentaiivo in Cun- 
TJio aitanljon of tboas who may } gress from this Distriri, Hon. James A.' 

Craves, has been laboring before the 
Post Office Depanment for an increase of 
ibe mail r u;ili|ies by the establi.- hnnent of 
a daily mail rcuie from Lr-uisville to 
E» aiiBville and Henderson. In liis eff-jrt 
we hope he will have the assi'dani b of 
Represeiitativos Lhw, Yt^amin. and Mat- 
lury, whobe constituents are alike interes- 
ted in the raatler. — .V«i* Albany Ltdgtr. 

We entirely a^ree with the Lodger in 
the above remarks — our sentiments ex- 
actly. By all means let us bare a daily 
mail line beiweoii this point and Louis- 

■ JU mi-^ ^ 



-hp ,-onr'iri .1 the HOMK ISSU- 
of NeW York. 
i . ...fuary, A. D. 18G4. 

made to the Andiior of the State of 
Kkstl CKY, puai|at i U  the Statute of   
"tiiat Slate. " | 



Mamo and 

The name of " ■ '   
•I'R.vNca (..'oMr   
cateil in the C'l , ^   


Th* Home In- 
111 1663, aud la- 


Th» (""npinl of raid Company »c- 

luuliy pa\'i up in canti ia $2,000,000 00 

Thfl Surplua oi th« Nt day of 

January, ^"tM 1,910,467 01 

feel interested is invited to the advertise- 
ment headed "Administrator's Sale." — 
Ti n sate will take place at the Posey farm 
oT. Tuesday, March 8'h. 

A statement of the condition of 
N. Y. Home Insurance Company appears 
in another column. Jobs A. Morris, 
Esq., is R|r«nt at this place for ibis relia- 
ble institution. 

' The weather for the past few days 
has been quite eprini(-like. The birds 
«arrul forth their sweet round  Iay8, and 
impart an air of cheerfulness loailsur- 

The company of the 35;.h Ken- 
tucky retjiment, stailonotl at this post, 
"treed"' a pay-master on Monday niijht 
«nd received their quota of (rreenbacks. 

The soldiers in the city celebrated 
(he 22d by firing the four- pounder used 
by Adam Johnson at Geii;er's Lake. 

A ne^ro naan who, one year af^o, 
liired for $300, was sold to the hi^'hest 
bidder on Monday for $60. We under 
Claud the nej^ro is subject to 6is. 

On the 18ih inst.. by Elder Wm. Steele. 
Mr. Wm. Hammomds, of Uniontuwn, to 
Mrs. Mart Shackelk.jRd, of Henderson. 

Als". bv the same, on the same 

day, Mr. Gkorok Scott to Miis Marit J. 
B  ARDMAN — both of Heiider'«on. 

On Feb. 23 1. by Rev. R, W. Fal- 

lln, Mr. Saiu'el F. Rski,, of Illinois, to 
Miss Rebecca Powell, of Henderson, 

Br the same, on Feb. 21 «t., Mr. 

Joseph Wat to Miss Malikda Eaki.ns — 
all ' ( this county. 

"SiLiirf Satts." — The Binifing club, 
■ bearintf this euphonious name, will accept I day, Feb. 19ih, 

the most profound acknowledgments of 
the editor for a serenade on Saturday 
ni^ht last. May Ihe sweet strains of de- 
lightful music that fall from their lips 
-ever secure them an abundance of "cold 


At the Hopkinsville Asylum, 

on Fii- 

Mr. PIknrt Black, of 
this county — aged 22 years. 

At the residence of her father, in 

this CMuniy, on the 22J inst.. Mrs. As;n 
S. Trader, daughter of Mr. W. 8. Para- 

In this city on Sunday evening, inst,., Oc'iKiiK OwE.s, inlnnt son of 

Tolnl amoentorCapital and Aur- 

plua $-3.3l0,4«7 01 


Civh in Contincutal Bank, N. Y...t'75.680 45 

CmkIi In handa of Agenla, and in 
courae of tro nsnii«inn 73,34*i 96 

Ui iu'-.urnli  r'd Iteal Estate, No. 4 

Wall Sir«-t 65,000 00 

UnitrdS. TrenauTy Notr-», 7 3-10 

murkel valua, IS'.IT'J 73 

U. 3. Rrgistxrsii miu Coupon dtock 

IHH!, market valu- 61,000 00 

U. S Bonda, S--, ll. market TaluK.. . 4 li,2.Vl Oil 

r. S. Cariiiicttsa of ludebledneas, 74,45^ 7A 

.MiiMouri tsiale Boodi, 6perc«al, 

markfll vmIu.) 13,2j0 00 

North Caroliiiu Bonds, 6 per cant.. 

market value 5,300 00 

Tenneanae Boudi, 6 percent .mar- 
ket VI.IU 11,600 00 

Ohio, 6 percent , maikel »nliia,... 10,609 00 

llilnoia. 6 per cent., market value, 21,400 00 

Rtiude lalaud, 6 per cent., inurliet 

vulue 54.000 00 

California Slat* Boudi, 7 per cent , 

market value, 63,000 00 

Brooklyn City Water Bond*) mar- 
ket value «..,.-. 

Bank ■'^torka. market value 

Lohna on Hundauiid M jrtjfagea, .bo 
i»t firat lien of record uii Uuln- 
cumbL-r -d Ke,.l Eatat', worth at 
leunt $l.746,5' 0, rale of lutereat 
ti and 7 per c«iit., 

Loans on Stocks and Boiida, piiya- 
ble on damuiid. lbs market valiiu 
of ■'■curitira pledgad, at laaat 

Steam Tngaiid Wrecking apparat- 
us 19,760 U) 

Inland .Sulvstfea (ealimatad) 34 3.V 86 

GoTornniBiit Stamps on hiind 96 62 

Due for Premiums on Policios Is- 

• ned at l)Hi.;e .3,123 80 

Billa rrceiv;jble forPrein'aoo In- 
land NavlK^lion lli^ks, Sic 24,773 90 

lutereat Due uu 1st j,.uuary, 1n64, 17,H»6 31 

New Louisville Store, 

(Formerly occapied by f . Millet  k Om ) 


CI, GA_S_&j^i,^.i.I FITTING! 

TiiniiAS A. Alve^ , Lata of Union County. .......... -i i . . . Jissr B. 8i«.a«u. 


Medical College Balldlog, Corner Fifth and Qraan BtresU, 

1 1 ,000 00 

II 1,800 00 

631,672 SO 

376,013 50 

$J,3ja.37U 33 

iHT Prof. Geo. Warren, with his 6ne 
Evaosville band, came down on the mag- 
niBcent Grey Eac[le on Saturday evenini? 
last. Oiir ciiiieus were regaied with 
several beautiful airs, the Professor hav 
ing come up town with his entire musical 
force, and made the welkin ring with the 
symphony of sweet sounds. 

SO" The March number of Godey's 
Lady's Book is an our table. It were 
useless for as to say a word in its praise. 
The ifreat success of the Book speaks 
volume* in its favor — the circulation this 
year will reach ISO.OlX). Godey is the 
favorite 9f th« ladies. 

John 0. and Arihuza A. Siapp — aged JO 
mjDihs and B days. 

"Croi* hi* hands ff' 

O'er ttic while bre.ial, 
So like a mild api ril , 

Strayed from the bint. 

"^ear him out |;ently, 
* 'i Ilia loved one of oura; 
Let hia last slumber 

lie mid liie swreet flowers." 


t.ncaea adjus ed, and due and unpaid. None. 

Loaaea incurred, and in process of 
. ttdiunimeiil, |40,493 5S 

Loaaea raported, on whi n no action 

I'S" been taken, 11,330 74 

Cl'iiina ior Luaaea realated bv 'he^^o. ,33,140 00 

Dividriida di'ciar,iduud due and un- 
paid,. tl60 08 

Dividends aitlmr caali ur scrtp, d«- -. 
cl.irad bol not ye( dOe Nona. 

.\I  ney borrowed,. Norte, 

.411 otliur ciai iia a^^iiaat tha Co. None. 


^^7"ISHKS to inform the public gefiarallv 
W that ha has openea a large and well 
selected slock of 



Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, 

A full stock ef 


Ac , Ao. 

Water Pipfn, ll}-drnnt , IIo se, Bath Tubs, SbOMrr Ballia, TVat«r 

Closetn, Wash Stands. Forc4 and Lift Pumpii for wells .«nd cisterns, Sheet 
Lead, Lead and Iron Pipe; also, a fine assortment of 

ILTAII order* for Cisierii Punipa, Korce Pmnpa.Gaa Fixturea aiut Chiiidellora, or anythlaj 
in our line needed in H B N'DKItSi^N, can be aliippedand hands dispatched to put Ihsm up- 
on the ehorl • LOWEST PRICKS. 


are our Agents. Orders left with them wHt receive altsntlou. 



Lee in Full Retreat ! 







Main Street, 


Belna a strangrer to the coiamunlly of thie 
coniiiy, but an old citilnn of the Stale, 1 lake 
the liberty of cellin|r on the people fur a liberal 
patronage. I can aaaure tho«e who give nie a 
Call that I ah. ill endeavir to give theiii no occa- 
sion to go abroad and spend their money in 
other States, while liiey have ao opportunity of 
getiing just as 

' The dwelling house, kitchen and 
two oej^ro cabins of Mr. M. L. liicks, a 
few miles from the city, were burned on 
Tuesday ni^btof last week. We under- 
atand that Mr. H 's loss, besides the 
buildings, was about 85G0. 

^r^.AfCKN uii bv T. L. Posey, liviii); iiMartlii- 
JL .M'ldi-ojiville road aboul aeven inil^'a Iriiiii 
liie city of Henderson, on or ali .lit lliu.:2.'ld dny 
at Janiiarv, I8(W. una hay MA,RG, ubint lif- 

leen and one-half hands iiieh, with Knme lilll.- 1 '«■•""• villaifs or block 
wiiile ill fjretiaad. Idack maiie and tail, .iiid wiM 
be five yi ura old n«tt foa iwg tiine  aud valued 
by lilt* at one hundreil d;tllarK. 

(iiveu under iiiv hand tliis llth Febfuarv, 

ifi6i. P. ij. Li cKF. rr, J. p. 11. c ■ 

IVbrnarv ISlh, l^Gl—hv' 

jC9* While the citizens- of Evansville 
are in a state of excitement in reirard to 

at that place, Henderson has quietly borne 
•ff the palm. Our navy yard is in suc- 
cessful operation. We saw, on Sunday 
last, the keels of two ikifi oa the stocks. 



''■"^IIE un(ler' iifiied, Acimiuislralnra of th« 

I aatste ol Wm. T. Pose) , w-M • r i i 
■ale In the hi^rhsat biddei, on T 
ftth dav of .Vlirch ni'Tl.a'l the perix 
erty belotitTtii|f to aiiid eatate. conaiatiiig ni lt  
.Mulea, f* Morses. 2 yoki- of f)xen, Ml :=tock 
Catll.', .^0 SlocK Ilnna, 3 four-hur»e W.igoiia, I 
, „ , ; ox W,.»nn,Threaher, Hav-Rake. Wh. ai-F«ii. 

the Oovevnment establishing a navy yard i -utrw tiuiter, :is l'iow», plow and WMy u, C b', 

dt nble ami aiin'U tr.*ea, H'led. A ^ea, about 
1 .0110 buahela Corn in the crib, 30 einplv hn2a- 
heads, aud many other things too tadluua to 
m -ntl"n. 

TKKM^:— All Wins af tin and aud'r, ca«h 
in hand On all sums o»er |ltTa credit till Ihe 
lat March, I8t 5, will be ^Ivti}. pnrchiaara ifiv- 
in|; bond with approvd security. Tcrnn of 
side must be complied with before any property 
ia reinor. d 

The aula will be held at the Poaey farm, now 
^. occupied by Mr. Tlioa I,. Poaev.aud will be- 
" ^' gin at 1 0 o'clock, a. in. Sale will be poaillye 
and unrea-'rvod , ill ord-!r to sollle up the busi- 
ueaa ol the estate. 

Xo'' l amonnt of Losses, Clalm .aud 

LtabilHIe*, ..r. $75,803 33 

Til' fretti,-al amount iuFured on any onft j 
'••k . i-i l,'!'' !. but will not aa r. geuerul rule 
m-e. d .f lO.'HIl). 

Till- Cu:iip my has no general rule aa to the 
amount Rlluwt-d to be inaured In any city.' 

Ii'-iiitr ^ovfrned in thls| 
iiialler. lu ea' h c.iae, Dv Ilie jreiLirn' i-liar.icler 
of btiildinvs , width «f slraeta, faclllliua lur put- 
ling out lirrs, &c. 

A cerlilied cojiy of Ihe Charter or Art of In- 
corporation, iia amended December 31st, I'^ti'), 
accompanies tins Statement. 

'tjij ^..J 

with their own tuwu folks. 

Ple-iae cill and examine mv stoclt. No trou- 
bl» will be ap.ired to ahow you goods at i*tj 


Come and aaliafy yourselves of Ihia gr'^t and 
in oat liii| orltt 1 fac. 

H 'udaraoD,Kr,f l. ! . I'^ii'i. 



With a lart* slock i( 





40., fcC, UC. 

On Tuesday, 1 5th inst., a negro 
on Mr. E. H. Green's farm in Hopkins 
county, became refractory and att-mp'o.! 
theli(«ef Mr Mill*, the overseer 
M. drew his pistol, shot and mortally 
wuundad the negro, who shortly after- 
wardadied. The negro was a likely boy, 
«{(eJ aboBt 21 years. 

tS" We stated last week that the ne- 
jjroes in this city belonginsj to Mr. Buford 
Farris, who was arrested by an officer 
from Louisville, had been turned over to 
the military authorities. Such was the 
order, but it was not done. Mr. F. has 
rtfurned to the city, there being no 
ground for any charj^os that may have 
been brought against him. 

To CoBRBsrosDifiis. — "Read One, 
Keat! All," by "A. T. S.." will appear 
next wtek. "Woman's Rights," by 
"Mayflower," is well written, but ia de- 
clined for the reason that we have already 
published enough on that subject. — 
Would ke plensed to hear from the writer 
on other subjects. "Woman's Ricrhls," 
br "Nannie Gray," respectfully il«!c!:ried 
— the verses are not measured correctly. 

All persons having accounts againa* the es- 
tate will please preaenl the:n to the underaigned 
for aettlement, and all Ihoae iiidBht.-d to tile ea- 
tale will come forward, pav up and s'lve costs. 

Adm'ra of W. T. Po*ey,dec'd. 
• February 18, |HC4— 3w 

^TATr or New Y«n(K, } 

City auJ C'^anu af Nrii--Ynrk,{ 

|-!IARl.Kr  J. MAUTl.N, Prejidani, and! 
JOIl.V   .:Ol-,i;, Secret.irv. of Ihe Home Isan- 
KSNCK Ck iirA:«Y, beinij aev. riilly and duly | 
' • ■'-•I, i'. vn«e and asiy', 'f lid e« :li for himaelf 
•'i,re|feiug la u true, fall and cor' 
if Ihsalfairs sf the said Corpo- 
I .  t they are llie abovu deacribed'i 



rSigued; JOHN .McGKK, 

Subscribed aud aworii befure me, 
till* iClh day of Jannary. A. D., 1801. 

Notary Public. 






THANKFTtr, for past patronaee. would re- 
•ppclfully inform the public thai tlici 
have just opened a new wholesalo and retail 

WOULD reapoclfnlly announce to the oill- 
zeni of Hendcreon, and the puiili.: ceneral- 
ly that I hare just rncelvid niv stock of Fail 
and VViiiter Clutliiiii;, comprislmi 

of all styles, Mtts -; besides .Shirts, 

TTnder-Salrta. Drp(\. ti3, Olovoa, Ct^vata 

HandUerchle^a, . 1, 
and every o her article usually found la a Siv- 
clasa Cl"thing aatabiiehment. Also, 


of ail qualities, to r«ther with all kinds of 
Triminiiiga, which will he made up to order •  
the ahorteat notice, in the 


My stock of Ready-Made Clothing aud Fur- 
nishing Goods conaists of the very best se lea - 
tlona, and will he sold at lh 3 
All I aak is a fair trial, and I feel confident of 
being able tu render entire sat lafaulion to all 
who may favor ir« with their patronage. 

Heiideison, Kr.. Sept. 10ih.l8 i3. 



Agricultu'l Implements, 

Know all Meo by these Presents, That 
ihe HoH% lMaL»A- OK COHeiNY, ol the City of 
New York, di kerabv unliinrize any and nil 
agMuta that said Cot.'.pauv baa, or may hereaftar 
have or appoint, lu the Slate of KtcNTCcicr for 
and on beliall of said Company, to acce,jland 
acknowledge servio* of all proceaa. whether 
niosno or iitial, ia any aclina or proceeding 
against said Company, lu any ef the courts of 
Slid Stale. And it la her"'.! i ■: ' i i ! 

agreed, that Siiil service of the 
ahall be taken and h 'ld to be v : . . \i 
in that behalf, llie same as if served upon aaid 
Company according to the laws and practice of 
said Slate; and all claims or right of error by 
reasnn of tSe manner of auch aervica, is liers- 

In r. Millet's old atand, 

North side Mill between Main and V^atsr Sts., 


TfinniTGH fear that the cttlmns of Ifen- 
daraon and county are not apprised of 
the fact, we take this method of iuforining 
them that we have junt received, direct from 
the Raa'erii Cities, a large and wcll-assorled 
• lock of 


Gooda, wlilch were purohascd before the recent 
lise, which will enable na to s-^ll at low prices. 

Trie I "lull y are rn4]ue9ted to cal I and 

examiiv- of 


\v' lieen selected with (real (tare, and 

wi. I. r {iiiilit\ , durubilily aud style are uu- 
Burpaaaed in the cilv. 

Ofye us J call before von bsy. We will lake 
great pleasure (n showing you Ibroiieh onr 
stock; tlieu if yun can d« belter rlsewhera, »• 
do not ask you to buy. ... 


Henderwin, Ky.. Ang. 'J7, IH61. 

Still at the Old Stand! 

Field, G:ird(;ii nnd I'lot^ftr See4«« 



Carriag.; Trimniinga in variety; 
Carriage Hardware, full assortmsut; 

Collars. Ilnin«s, Trncea, 

fVuort nnd Willow War«| 

Main^Buaet, ' 
Dec Iff, 1863. HENDERSON,iKY. 


OTA I K or Kr.^TI   IiV.« 
Ileudcrson rircuit. \ 

QTecember Term, 1863. 
At tills term the lollowing causes were re- 
ferred to the underaigiied, Master Commisaion- 
er for Henderson Couniy, to audit and seitle: 

James B. Ricketts' Exec'r vs. Ricketts' Heirs 
and Creililors. 

Ephrnim Prllithitfs Adm'r vs. Pritchltt's Heira 
aud Creditors. 

Burnetl'a Heirs and 

Reach's Adin'r and 

Lawrey'a Hairs 

'A lot of negroes, belonging to 
Mr. E. S. Miller, a trader, were sold at 
auction in this place on Monday last. — 
They brought the followinjj prices: 

George, ag«d 17 $395. 

Pieston, aced S5 200 

Mary, aged 13 310 

Lixzie. B^td 18, and baby, . . . . 950 

Jack, aged 28 840 

The negroes doubtless sold at no high- 
er figures, on account of the supposed 
probability that A. Lincoln would issue a 
prot;lamation freeing the slaves in the 
. . . ... .1 e ?"!. 207 

John Burnett's Adm'r vs. 

Catharine Leeg vs. 0, J. 

Robert Lawrey'a Adm'r vs. 
and Creditors. 

Thomas B. Harris, Adm'r, vs. Geo. N. Holmes' 
ileira and Creditors. 

Wm J.ihiiaon's Adm'r vs. Johnson's lUira and 

Elijah G. Melton's .Adin'r vs. Melton's Heirs 
and Creditors. 

Wherefore, all the Heirs and Creditors and 
all persons intere' tad in the estates of the said 
Jarns^ E. Ricketts, Epiiraim Pritchllt, John 
Burnett, Ovid J. Keacli. Robert Lawrey, Geo. 
N. Holmes. William Johnson anil Eli|ah G. 
.Melton, are, and all peraoiia holding debts nr 
cUi ' ^ : ' ■ ' ■ ' 'i'.' 

lie .1 
oftir . , . ^ . . . . . 

pose of receiviiiir ciaima af^aiiiHt said estates 
from Ihe lOih diy of this uionih fFebruarv) 
until the l.'ilh day of May next, and all claims 
not tiled, proved and aworn lo aa required by J 
law, by that time, will not be ■ 

Ktb. II, IHl^liw Y. i ON. 

bv - 

.vaivad aud relinquished, 
r liHiid and seal of the Company, 
I . o! January, 1HC4. 
(anned; CHAS. J. MARTIN, 

(Signed) JOHN .McGER. 


AuDiTiia's Orncs, Kr.. ) 
Fa.iNKfoST. January 31 , 1^61. S 
^ hereby certify that the forecoini; is a true 
copy of the original on Ilia in this oflii^e. 

, . Ill wilneas wher -or, I have hereto 

(. „ 1 set my htnd aud affixed niy ollii;ial 
' J'seal, the day and vear above written, 

  ' W. j. SAMUEL-S, 




MORRIS, Agent, 
Beudersou, K7. 

18C4— 4w 

Execntors' Notice. 

ALL persons indebted I o the eatate of ,\ . 
B. Barret, are hereby notifiod that un- 
less payment ia promptly made, anil will be iii- 
stituled and all having claims againat^suid 
late will present Iheni Tor payment. 


Ex'rs A. B. Uarrot. 
Henderson, Ky.. Feb. 18, ISM. 4w 



Old Gold and Silver. 

ASH paid for old Gold aud .Silver at 
A. J. SHKK ARIl'f 


TAKES this mode of Informing the citizeim 
of fK'i) l"r,-n n 1:1,1 vifiiiiiv that he has 
opened, at hi and on Sec- 
ond str'-et. n ,'.\ lh i«" who 
desire .1 iL f t^o "inner 
man" »■ a call. ' y 

Having pnrchaaed the entire stock of the late 
James E. Ri.-.kttla. and made ii»w addillona 
thereto, they now ulTer 10 ths public a large lot 
of the 

Cheapest Grocexies 

ever sold in Henderson. Their stock consists 
in part of — 

SHO l.hlscouimou Whisky; 

Kill bbUOId Bourbon aud Nelaon co. Whisky ; 

Large lot of fine Brandiea and Wines; 

SU bbia Golden Syr up, and a large lot of com • 

(con .Midaa.'.ea ; 
Mackerel in bbla., half bhia. and kita;. 
Flour, of the heat quality in bbia and sacks; 
Also. Sugar. Coffey Tea aud Spicea; 
Cotloii and Wool Cards; 
Candles, Soan, Tobacco, Picklea, Cheeae; 
Salarataa, Soda, Pepper, Bruahea, Bronrai; 
Tuba, Bucki-ta, Churns, Rope, Twine, 

llurucss. Bridleii. Hor «e Collnrs, 

and in abort every nrlicle usually kept in a 
wholesale and retail Grocery. 


900 Kegs or Nails, from to aOs, 

and a lar e aiiiuuiil of 


.Mr, Held'a eicteuaive acqnaintanco in the city 
and country, and his eatabtiahed character as a 
Grocer aud Merchant, reudors remark unnec- 


and examine inelr stock before pnrchaaing else- 


niniturnclarrr nnd Deiiler in 


C A S T I N G S, 


Tin, Copper and Sheet-Iron 





and Willow 


.» ! I) 

House-Furnishing Goods 








WtTULD respectfully Inform Ihecilliena 
of Henderson and vicinity that hs haa 
removed to Oerhart's New Store, lu the 


and la now receivings beautiful lino ef KCW 


mi - mm% 

Laces and Needlework, 

*blch he will sell cheaper than the sanss arti'' 
clea can be purchased la 


Tile public are invited lo call and examlna 
goods and prices, before puroha?lng elsewhera, 

Handerson, Ky., Nov. 19, /8G3. 


J* II sld ifc Sons nff' buyi'i^' ii; f*rof 


lur which they art paying CASH. 

P. S.— J. Hild, Sr , would 
lie that his old stand, the 

11 form ths pub- 


RoofluK. Onttvrins and Job Work 

done on short notice. 
Deaember S4th, 186.3. 



rllAVE at Clore s .Si ■am rfaw Mill two firel- 
claaa macliinea of the above ki l.rnil am 
prepared to fill nil ordera for either SHI NGLtS 
or LATHES on abort notice and at re:! .unable 
prices. The very beet Shinwleaand Lalliea al- 
ways kept 011 hand, f) iied. 

Henderaon, Ky., .^pri - ly 

U alill et.en and e.jrrieii on bv liini^el 
Hen.;. . . Kv .'*t. * ! " 


AVI.N'i; settled in Henderaon, olTera hia 
prol''.«sianal a...rvicea ' 1 i 
■« ' . and viciulty. . 



you want a nice Hood, go to 


IF yon want a nice Collar, gti to 


F YOU want pure Valencia Lace, go to 



yoa wmit a Balmoral Skirt, ;o to 


tF you want Haniiaame Ribbons, go lo 
A. E. 81RHART*. 

rF you want a Pure Shell Co,nh, jro lo 
L A. E. GERttART'S. 

F yoa waat a nlc* . Pre«a of anv kind, go lo 

F vou Want Print as low aa ISc. per yard, 
go to A. E. GERHART'b. 

WN. DROWN, Willi A. E. Gartiart, is 
alwavK liu:i.iv lo have euataaials «• I ! 

■!d e.Tamiiie ;0. cW and pri «s. 



friends and ths public iliut lie inanufHC- 
ttiret Spectiic'e^ uttd Pre^-Twrs ciii newly dii- 
••rered «ud improved priiicipirs, by wliirli llie 
BiimTon* iiiroiireiiionC"* oT the SpectacUn 
uow in U1P or«' •■ntiri-ly avoiilcH, and ev^ry »rt- 
r(n'at;e vecureJ which these articlen Can i os(i- 
klf atford ill iiMinlinjr ihe  ighl. 

In sdiiition to llir ubovi«, I have a SpeeUcU 
With a iniokr.l Irnao, adimt . d lor weiik sight 
Wtters strong lieht, snow o' wind rUVrU the 
TiiioD. Tiii'io SjusclacI '» are a perfect pruveu- 
tlre by u'iiij tli.-m ronstniitly, C!iii«liie the KV 
ta (aiu its iiealUi; power aii-i relulu it to old 

I. Rittenherjj 1iavin{ hxd over twi?nty-flve 
years expi-fitiii'ci) as a regular pniciiciil Opti 
•Un , the Eyi!, b'ing III" hi ihI delimte orgs'i :i"'l 
• f the most i n;iort ince to ih-t liMppiiiPiw 
and prosp ritv of man, «h»iild iiemr be lein/er- 
•d wiih, eilhar by the iniliviilnat or tlio^e who, 
for mere profil, take iipnn llicma-lvo* the »rll- 
luf of O itic:il I Pistrwiiejits. uttd who ktiow 
BOthinjf of till* atmiorny of liie eye. 

Army Field Glasses, 

*ljty-niii8« c«, Opt rn-Glns«ies, 

Bimple and Componnd Microscopes, 

and nil kinds of 

(Dplical 3n5tcumcnt5 

Can 6.3 had only of 

L JM T T E i\ B E R G, 
No. fff Alain Si reef, 

Dee. IT.l-Gj ~ Bvan»»il)8, Ind. 


Falonted October 13, 18G3 
BUck, Purk fireeii, 

Black I'orSilk 
Dirk Blue, 
Liebt Blue, 
Trrlich Bill. 
Claret Brtwi 
D»rk Brown. 
Dl;;'i? I^fowit 
Sn-'fT lit uw:: 
CU. r-v, 
O.rk Dr.b, 

I;'!.' Drab, 
K-  ' II Urab, 

!''awii Diao 

rorOv-iii; Siiit. Woileii and Miied Goods, 
Stijwii, Sc.irls. D.-5ie..i. Ribbons, j loves . 
Bomifils. :l lis, F  iih-n. Ki f i^lovej, 
Children'. Cloililuj;. n!id all kinds 
of We.ri.ij; Appirel. 
For C.inents ynu can color as many (roods ns 

Would otiierwi*- c- 9l live tirn-s tlial sum 

various shadf s can be produced fnioi Ibe same 
Jve, Tile |,ri,cjM is simple, and any one can 
«se the Wye wiih perle :t suciess. nirectio"- 
lu RiiClish, Freueli and Germau, inside uf each 

For farther Information in Dyeinr. and giv- 
»e » perfect knowledjre what colors are besi 
adapted to dve over others, 'with nianv valna- 1 
recipes,) purch ase Howe &, Stevens' Treati... 
•n Dyeiiijf and Coiorl g Sent bv mail on re- 
••(|»t of price— 10 Bents M mnfaRlured by | 

■ 2C0 Brnadwuy, Bniion. j 

Fee «a1e by drngjlds and dealers generally. 

CTForsale in Henderson In- 

F. n. CkOMWF.LL Sl CD 

D»c -mber in.lKIII ) v 




££ IS IB  9 M ii ST V 



1. w» mimt  



IS Hnilv receiving frem the large and fasbiou- 



All the ntir sly lea of 

R E A D Y - AT A D E 

Also a iploodid stock of 

rent's Furnisliing Good: 

Consisting of 

Shirts, Drancrs, TTosiery^, Glove.s. 
Scarfs, N eck-Ties, &c., &c., 

All of which will b« sold at tha 


He also keeps a splendid stock of 


Of all stvlej. colors and  iiialitv— C A.N FIT 
ANY AND EVERYBODY. Ills stock of 

, ITAtLINS, it CHAt. T. 




m m 

s f i 1 1 


OULD ToapectfBlIy Inform their pal- 
ronsthat lliey have on band a large and 
well sele' led stock ol Grocerie , of all kindd, 
which Ihev will sell as low as any oilier hou.-o 
in SoutberQ Kentucky. 

WATCiiES, Jii.vvJb.LUV 



HAVINU just reinrned from New York 
City, wh-ire he h is purchjs -d tile larjf.-^t 
and fin -»l ►lock of Goods, which lh«y olTor at 
very low prices at 


Tliey cull the spiriKl :,l!..|itinn ,)f the Connlry 
Mercbiiiil and vicinity iil large. Tlio stuca 
comprises tiie fi:ie«l selec'i'ni of 

Fnie Onltl niiil •Silver Watciic^. 


Spectacles, Bye Olassea, fto. 

Cotnprisei the newest and moat st vli«h pati- rns 
chosen by liimself for the IleiiJersiii mark i. 
and is full and  'am| lete: embracing a iirst- 
class quality of 

Fancy Cassimeres 


Fancy Cut Silk Velvets 

for Vests. by tli" piece, mttern or yard. Also 
(hose new I.F, ATH Eli C' ) I.OR EO i;jR.imere9 
forSuit-s. He i rb!r» himself cii his -lo. k of 

Moscow. French nii l Tniflish 

Beavers, for 4 vi rc« :iis. 

of Plain, Bi'ick aod Rich Dih'ia colors. Hfi 
has a splendid stock of 


Cut in all styles, 

CnfflUh W-ilkin^nni Scotch atid 
Freiicli §acUs. 

He also Veeps tbose new fisSioned RUSSIA 



Of every description, in abaudauce. 



Hm jsat araivad, direct frass tka 


Wllk a full aad fine atock ef 


Tar Ik* 

Fall and Winter Trade, 

Censlstiog »f 


Of aH Colors, qaaliliea and kiads; kesldea 

C I. O T H S. 

Ca»iue(te», Twccda, ▼••tlng«. 






A ad 


Of all qualilias, w!iich will be uiide up to ar- 
der, in the luost 




His Stock also einbracaa 




Drawers, Half Hose, 


Also, a l.-irgi  slock of llic very best brands of 


.Mannfactttred in the United Statet. 
Fine run Teji ^ef*. Fliu; r:i.«t( i«,. 
Flue CiiUc B:toki u. Fitio Otti-d 
' U.iskeU.   ii] , .,,i!  «;t i lfts, 
Te;i, Tiible uml iJc.vcrt 

• il !IOII'« 

Tipped. Beaded and Tbrsided Forks, 
Soup Ladles, rru'i Knives. and Najv 
khi Ring», C'aiia.ea s Sots of 
Kiiiveii. Pa: k3 sud Spoons; 
Also, a large stock of Oold Pens 
All jI which „ti-r ;it nliol.-«iil« -.iwi re- 
tail at very low fi ;i»ri-s . Cell aiKl exauHna ou r 
stock before loirrii.itiiti^ "Iseu iierc. 

P I.. GEil..SI,Eri & CO., 
23 .Muin St. , Wle door .ib.ive Kir-t, 

EvaudvlUe Ind. 

N. B — Personal attention given to renairini; 
ftaa Wiilches. Oct. l.'i. ISGJ. 

Fiiaey Whire MIli Vest PiUteriis: 

for VVeddinjf*. Pirtio*, itc. IIi» stock of i 

twi'uB^ liii) (f51ou:0, 

Of Albert Jusliit's make, aiieak for themselves. 

Handkercbiefa, CraTata, Keck Ties, 

Oloves of all kinds. 

€ L O T H I !\ G ! 


DRii. -5 OLOViiS. ! 

Neck-Handkerchiefs, Scarfs and| 
Ssi'^penders j 

Tooth, Hair. Mail aud Clothes Brushes. ; 

While Linfiii. B .r,1cr«;i anrl Silk ILind- 
keruhiefd, of every color and fi.,'ure. 

I Te{et!iar with every other article ia bi« lioa 




Raady-Made Clothing, I 

At llw old Stann ..• .\ Halt, on Mill street | 
Hendnr'jon, Kjr , 

1\/W * ^' "i'l b ' fon'i.i ii M-i pl^c- of business, 
jvj X Hh ma.lvni ide C loibi ng. and it atnc 
of fJonJ , ever ;eH''y o s-'ve t'i'.Se who mav ' 
Jive htm a cull. v-ilV nnv .,rli. |- in lii-i line j 

Term« eh-an a« »ny athei h«asa in the eilv. 
r»trnnsffe solieiterl. | 

»akraae  fih, im. 

He nlso k.'eps a (/real variety ol Gent's Tr.iv- 
iiii; Blankets ,iiid .Sb wl. . Ills stork of 

ij W -i) 

j is of ihv vary l e«t quality for 

Dress and Business Suits 

ll:is .Vsi those 

French Flamtol Tnivelin? Sliiits 

of plain aud tmcf colors. 

Um!)rel!as, Gum Oyprcoals, Va- 
lises. Carpel Ba;);s, &,c 

AH In as' S is a r ilt. iiud if h'^ don't show 
you some of i(ie prpifiest 

Hia Gooda were aoleeted by himself, with 
j ereut care, and laid in at the 

I Which will enable hi n to accomntodite hia pa- 
I troBB with aa extra aiticle at a moderate price. 

Any order In his line far 







»— ' 








t— ' 





















Patent Medicines, Brandies, Wines and Liquors, 

For Medical Puipo3ea; 
And cverythiDg to be found In a First Class Dmf Store, 
Corner oflliiin tiiid Second Streets. Henderson. Keutuekn 

All of which sre offered very low. C""s d-rinj the coiwt mi advance ir. Drugs, itc , it is al- 
most iiiipossilde toj^ive prii',.s satiefactorv to the pnrcliae4 r but we will strive to keep pastea( 
in the louikels, :nid pr.imise to sell luite T tbiin o«y o(/.cr A«u»e in Me eiltj The old Aoasf t» 
Ibniik fu I indeed for past p^ilronage, during llie past venr ; and Ihe ueir firm hope, by a marked 
alleiitioii to the wants of tlii  p -opie, to ::icrit a coutinn nice of the s.'im«, and wial  you all a 
prosperons and happy New Year. Youni Trulv. &e., 

January I, F, B. CRO.-VIWtLL U CO. 

N B — By the advantage of havincf a "NirTlIT BELL," (lo ho found st si'ls 
door on 2 1 «tr(?et.) Pliy-icinna and Familips can rely on having their Prtfripti^§ 
and Orden prompilj filled at all hour* of the night. F , B. C h CO. 

TERMS CA3H, or hv nrreement; accounts lob* settled at notion of the Proprletan. 


Window Glass, 







I'Hity, Toilet Articles, ««tutionerr. 
Wines and Liquors for Medicinal Purposes alone, and Warranted Pars. 

We have the largest and best stork of Broslies in market, includiiig lluir. Paint, Varvlah, 
Horse, Shoe, Scrub. Dusting and Cl'-thea Drushes, which we will sell low. 

We have just received, and will keep oa hand, a large stock o( the followrng article : 
Coal Oil. L«mi)«. Chimnevs, Burners, ShaHori and Wicki. AUo, the Familj Dys 
Colors, Rifle and Blasiinij Powder, (Duponi'ii best,) Cap* and Lead. 

As our trade has been greatly increase,) in the Itisi twelve nioi.lhs, we are enabled te aell 
at a less pruAl than heretolore. Our fiicilities for g-ltint' g^ods are now siirS that we aaa 
compete with any hous ! West of L m isville i» Pit I .'K nini Q'l A MTY are ara ^eterai«e4 
TO DO IT. All articlee sold bv us are Warranted as Rcpre lenled . 
Physicians' Prescriptions will receive especial aiieniioii. ai all h ura,d»y or night, 
tilore, West side Tlain Street, at ilie sign of flic Tri:in:(iiinr Host 

Henderson, Ky , February 11, 18C-1. LYNt; Sl JOHNSOM. 

Onr "TF.TTER OINTMENT," which has be-n so much nsed for the lust eight months, 
with greril snrct'BS, In the rure ol Tetter, Itrh, Ring Worm, P.iison Oake and Seraicliea ea 
iior'es. we sti I keep on hand. It" value is known lo alinoal every one in the coauly Wa 
append the cerlitic:ile ol .Mr. Howard: 

1 have used the "Tetter ( )i nirn ■ill," prepired by Lvns b. Johnson, fir acrttch s an haraaS 
and find it more speerv aud certniii llian anvtliiiig I have before used. 

He.Ml-rson, Kv., M.rcb 1-2, i'!ni. ' H 'V. IfOWARD. 


Henderson Female 






IH.AVP. on bind and will m  ■ ; irj, r 
Monuments. Tablets. Head ;to e- . 
log llier «i"i e ■ 'v il- nr'|itioii of (iliA -'tN 
Y.ARD WORK. A goo.lin^iiiy styles alwaye 
full bed, fr .in wliirb lliosu needing anylli'."^ 
of llie kind ci.u eel 

d Street, between .Vain nii I Water, 
Dec .1.1MG:i. Henderson Ky. 




UfIS inetitutien will cnmnieaca Its fee' h 
se sliin of ten inoiiliis oa Monda?, 
Seotembar 7th, 18S3. 

The li llowiii.r |i,i|s will represent rharg a 
for the respective branches taafbt in this luali* 
lullon : 

Acadeiniral branchei, Including ibe en- 
tire Mutheniati. nil Course, J.Srt t  ) 

Latin 30 (i( 

Greek 3it e 1 

French Jf) (i 

Students taking tha autira Cali#(iata 

course, TO 0'  

The above haa reference lo a seaaion of taa 


Pupils will be charged from tha bagiUDiagal 

the se^«ioii. 

Proper dednctloiis will he made laeaas I 
protracted illness on Ibe part of pupils. 

llJ'Enrh Student will be charged |l far isel- 
dent.,I etiienses. 

Henderson. Jiilv 2, — y 



^l^'f'E Mof^ersigned, Agent for th«  

1 (d .MhcIiIkps. can be found at 
form- I y occupied by G. M. V'ogel, 
j neii 1' or to Sbarrard's Jewelry Sto 
I t'le n - lie are most respectfully 
and e ainiue them. 

Neediee. I', Sewing .Silk, an 1 Oil con 
alenilv on hand. 

Ter-is cash. M. B. SWAIN. 

Henderson. Ky , May 7, t! 6.), 

• celebra- 

lie llOUeO 

Main St.. 
•. where 
iuvi ed to call 

the iriid4*rt;ikiHV business and at all, 

I times have on hand a V jii-lv ol Metalie a ir 
Wood ColTinfi. and am ever re.uiy to fillorde-a. 
\ which must iiivariablv be eccompa iiied by »he 
' caKh. I liiive two HE\RSRS, which may bo 
I had en Tuiieral occasion.^ either iu the city ar 
' conntv. 

j O" Place of business at the Livery Stable aa 
I Main Street, formerly occupied by McConba 
&. Butler. 


Henderson, May 29, Idtil. 

CUSTOM W0RK^4'-"''" 

Or for 


WE tak..^ real plea'diro in announcing lo 
our readers t lat the celeb'iiied 

DR. C 0 U D E N, 

of Cincinniti, Ohio, who is now looi)l  d at Ter- 
rv Haute, Ind ', intend" visiling our city. 

Wn lin\a nolice l tiie Evnneville papers loud 
in bis pmise. He lias cured a very large Can- 
cer npo I tlio of Mr. James Scanlaii, a 
well known ciliten of lliat place Mr. Scanlan 
had been treated bv several would-be cancer 
physictana, and suflTerei! by ilieir iroeiinent 
pain than death , without any relief. He 
iuf ■rti," us that Dr. Cuuden performed this 
wonderful cure uithout pain, caustic enlihi.', 
or the use of ilie knifo. tVe adviSB all nfflieled 
Willi cai. Cera or cancerous afF-'clioiis t.  rail on 
Ibe Doctor wlieu ha arrives. He will be »t Ihe 
Hancock House on Jan lOtb and 1 lib. Feb. 

,, ,, J .u . .■ r II 7lli and ^'lll. aud again March l.lili and 14lh. 
fee ng we .issured that we can «ati»ry a n . . , r n n r r i ... . 

' ... ,, ,. ,./ : He iraalp, also, succeaafnllv nil forms ol eiieon- 
onor Ilk with M call. On nnnlily as, . .. 
11 1 .1 1 .1 • ' disease, 
wvtl as price, J we .'\sk llios.'  i -mi ng iiii viliiiig ; 

ill our line to give ua a call before purchaaiug I 

elsewhere. f 

fl e liuve ou hand a large stuck of 

Tobacco and Cigar Stor«. 

Manufacturer of all Klndi of Cigars. 

WH ti.r Ktn sktmi. nr.ti.Ka in 
TUItA(; :0 AAil   'li iAUS, 


ESPRCTFULLY informs tlie ri'ireni af 
Henderson llial lie his on hand a lurga 
eiock of Tubicco and Cigars of all brands, 
.'^lnberand VI-er"oli:tu n Monlli-Pi-cs, aad ia 
fart ever\ ' li^ig iii i .'oonH ii' a first-clasa 
Tobacco and Cigar Slora. He would also r»- 
sperlfuHv solicit a liberal patronage ut tha hands 
of the go «d : eop|e of Henderson. 
February yih, ISGI— v 


Deremb r 24 l"'ti l. 

1" vou eyer saw 

? Oii 

LOW PKICF.R, be will be re-.dy for 
drifl "when this cruel war rs orer." 
»e«Wr W, IMi. 

the I ^ill be thank fully racelvad and promptly filled. 

Barnes' Gold Fena. 

! A S .AtiKNT forlbeahove nnni*l Pojis, I In- 
I i\ Tile llie pn'ilic to call and e.tamine s: e,;i. 
ineiin. The prices — for Cold Pun aud Holder 
— range from f.\ to $4 
i which wa will dispose of at as low figures .is I For sale iu Heuderi,on by 
! the same arllcla caa he ba«fhl in any city In 
taetTaH VW. 19, ie n 


Hrersmbar Mk, 1»« 


H. P. TU»»WT3n, 
Attorue)' and ronnselornt Law 

Will practice in fiemlcrso i, Union, Hopk* w 
and D.Tvi.-ss eoniities. K"iilacky. 

irrOfHre o-i .Main street, nearly oppostta P 
H. flillyer's Bookstore. lO-T — v 


W ill practice ill the courts ol H n'ertBB aai 
adjoi ning cou ntirs. 

Ornci:— Ol,. Hj^r k.Isw HiI'vsr's ^ *\- 

Weekly reporter (Henderson, Ky.), 1864-02-25

4 pages, edition 01

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