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Spirit of Mars Hovering Over An Erstwhile 
Peaceful Community. 

Men, Women and Children Deeply Interested— The La- 
tham Light Guards Are in Readiness to Move. 

in Feland Instructed to Keep in Touch With His Company- 
Orders May Come at Any Hour-Many 
Notes of Local Interest. 

his own people is shown in the fol- 
ng self-explanatory letter which 
eeeived Wednesday: 
Mr. T. J. Williams, 

Trenton, Ky. 
Dkar Tom: -Your friends wish 
to express their favor and (food 
when to you, as the first volunteer 
from tli, jt.xkI old town of Trenton. 
We hope for your success ;ind safe 
return. We will think of you often. 
We ask you to accept this enclosed 
money ($50.) We hope it nfay be 
of some comfort to yoj. 

from Your Friends, 
B. C. Stockwell, .las. Winegar, 
fl. B. McChesney, 11. W. Maynard, 
Dr. J, S. Dickinson, J. F. Crunk, O. 
W. Wilson, J. W. Chesnut, Rev. A. 
Lyon, P. E. Bacon. 

'•Co. D." in Mlnature. 
In the window of Galbreath & 
Ennis' confectionary there is a very 
handsome shield designed by Cor- 
poral, Chas. O. Prowse. On the 
face   l the shield appears in mina- 

tnre photograph* of every officer 
and number of the Latham Light 
Cuards, including the company gen- 
erous pazron, John C. Latham, and 
tin' company's Sponsor, Miss T  

It is a very artistic piece of work 
and has been greatly admired. 
MU Voice For Peace. 

Ed Jones' voice is for peace, 
a Confederate veteran and pass- 
ed through the valley of death and 
the wilderness followingMarse Bob. 
IK wore the gray and is still loyal' 
to the color. His love for the "stars 
and bars" did not perish when the 
Sag «as furled and laid away. He 
is one of the county 's most valuable 
citizens, true to every obligation o 
citizenship, but he is"unreconstruct 
ed and-qn whipped. " Mr. Jones; pah 
the Kk\-tivkian a visit Wednesday 
On his breast he wore a badg 

Bombardment of Matanzas. 

New York, April 28 — A dispatch 
ftom it correspondent of the Herald, 
who was a witness of the bombard- 
ment of matanzas by the American 

bombai 'ded, 
•11 destro 

1 Sai 

. tfeU 

i .1 the 5 
n and i 

nd pretty 
is h batter- 

ion at the entrance of the har- 
f Matanzas. He did it with 
igship New York , the moni- 
tor. Puritan and the cruiser Cincin- 

one of the American ships was 
struck, the Spanish gunnery being 
ild. There is no means of know- 
ing the number of dead and wound- 
ed on the Spanish side. It must be 

While the New York, Puritan 
and Cincinati were reconnoitering 
in force for the purpose of locating 
and destroying the formidable de- 
fences being constructed the flag- 
ship was tired on by the batteries 
on Point Kubalacaya and Point 
Maya, guarding theentrance to the 

The New York replied, firing her 
8-inch gun on the port side. She 
iteamed boldly in between the bat- 
teries and soon blazed away with 
both broadside at them. 

The Puritan. 
The Puritan steamed in behind 
the New York and engaged the for- 
tifycation on Point Maya, while the 
New York went to starboad close 
up to the land and poured her 
shells 'into Rubal Caya. The Cin 
which had remained well 
astern under orders, signaled for 
ion to engage, and recei 
tvas soon tiring her guns 


A Decisive Engagement is Expected to Take 
Place In Subig Bay Tomorrow. 


Graphic Description of the Bombardment of Matanzas -Forts 
Crumbled Under Rain of Shot From 
American Warships. 

Hew York, April 28.— The Spanish fleet under Admiral Mundjo put 
nto Subig bay to-day and is awaiting Admiral Dewey, who must pass 
that way enroute to Manilla. A great naval battle is expected on his 
arrival Saturday. If Dewey wins he will proceed to Manilla and effect 
a landing on the Phillipine Islands. If worsted he will break for San 
Francisco, as no reinforcements can be sent him in time to be of service. 
The Spanish Admiral has chosen his ground and is calmly waiting for - 
his adversary and will risk everything on one naval battle. Dewey's 
squadron consists of the cruisers Olympia, Boston, Raleigh,Concord and 
the gunboat Petrel and several other vessels. The Spanish Admiral 
has only one good w arship, the Luzon, and a number of vessels of th$ 
minor class. 

Spanish Spy Captured 

New Orleans, La.,Apr. 28.— (Special.)— A Spanish spy v. 


, . trout h. 
h lias 

again cud the 
Janus are clos  

On the str. 

»d his brow 
i tin- ti tuple ol 

ght and da 

for service will be 


THE Kkntitckian was unable h 
secure a revised list of the roster 
last night. 

Vthere is hurrying to and fro. V rom 

■ many windows the national colors 

e flying. Hopkinsville is not be- 
ind in patriotism. With singula! 
inimity swells the current of pop- 
r enthusiasm. Vehicles and bi- 
vcles are bedecked with bunting 
ind flags and .streamers. Hund- 
! reds of men and Women ai ■ weal 
ing dainty and fantastic pins em- 
bossed with the flag, emblems of 
their patriotism Bven the button 
s getting in his work. -1 

■ Hell With Spain" is a sentime 
f that appears upon many a lapel. 

1C se indeed be warlike tin. 
| and the spirit of Wars is the/ns! 
ation of the hour. Youthful si 

s in strange contrast with 
:nes of a few weeks ago. All 
■gor and epaulettes and chevrons 

y parade, the admired of the 
rand the envy of the civilain. 
Bight the scene is even more un- 
ited and inspiring. The streets 
he vicinity of the armory are 
wiled with men, women and chii- 
:n. Soldiers in uniform ami 
tads ol recruits are seen mareh- 
and countermarching, master- 
; the difficult evolutions. Bur- 
he, i bavoiiets fleam and flash 

tier (jh« electric lights. And 
toe th( m  a uu ed tramp and the 
MHffkpf warlike accoutrements 
mimandin- voice-, ol the 
.dicers. The armory each night is 
rowded with ladies. Their pres. 
nee and their applause is tin- stim- 
lusvf martial ardor. 

I Tiaab« wtio li;ed» tin. Ilrw of fmu.- wltu 
I bri.»th. 
/ Ami  %**l* tin 1 WSTrtor'i heart to diM'd* of 

■ Weeding Out Process. 
[Ifewre the announci im nt thai Ken- 

Hliquota of the United 
M.'to be reduced and that H4 

Eager For the Fray. 

The Company may be said to be 
in shape to move when the order 
comes. Patient drill work and ex- 
cellent instruction has put the new 
recruits in fair condition, while all 
of the old members are splendidly 
drilled and well equipped. Their 
bosoms are bursting with martial 
ardor and like Job's War Horse 
they say "ha! ha! at the sound of 
the trumpet, and smell the battle 
afar ofl." 

At noon yesterday Capt Eelantl 

on Earth, and Good Will to 
The Romance of War 

The local situation is not without 
i sentimental phases and situa- 
tions. Such things are a sw eet and 
tender sequence of every war. For 
instance, the brave young soldier 
lingers long at the gate of the girl 
about to leave behind him. 
He tells her every night at the gate 
that he is expecting to leave next 
morning, and each night the last 
fond good bye is said ami repeated 

•ep i 




of 103 w 

||, V CO. 

* to be 

.1 ■ Smith. Co 
Vhen the soldiers were apprised 
this message their 
-. boundless. At the armory last 
night there was the usual crowd   
oldiersaud enthusiastic spectator: 
The imminence of the order to move 
did not disconcert them nor dampen 
n the least their martial ardor. On 
the cntrarv their spirits leaped 
th the possibility of soon lacing 
their country's enemies. Capt. Ee- 
land doe* not think that the Third 

Begitnant will he ordered outhefon 

Ttusdav when all of the companies 
will move. 

Flags For Co. I). 

The Latham Light Guards il 
ihey should go to battle wfll march 
undM Bag" giv««l them by theii 
own people. This afternoon at J 
o'clock, at the Clay street buildiiuj 
a flag purchased with the contlibu 
t ions ot th. school children will be 

Formally presented to the company 
It will not be a silk banner, but a 
tag for daily use. it w ill be no 
less appreciated, however, by the 
M lditr boys who will alwa; 
member the little hands that gave 
it. In the«neantiine the fund ft 
the purchase ol the s.i Ik Hay COI 
tinues to grow and now amounts 
about #40, .^riL 

\ Popular kccruit. 

  mi. oj th.- t popular recruiiK 

I JifiMHil 1 " 1 ' ""'"I'i"^;u,.. ..I Trenton, 
,mg gentleman ot line 
/'"(vJc'ii and ol hiflb .tttiiUing, 
'» •) I'-'irKV.,. m i.ui^J Mfatyid by 



C fort on 
The ha 
shells, an. 
f the mai 
ond the s 
ind a sc 


of the bay 
st of them fell widt 
One burst just be- 
i of the New York 


It took the three ships just eigh- 
teen minutes to silence the bat- 

The last shot that w as fired by 
the Spanish came from Point Rubal 
Cai -. The Puritan replied witljone 
of her 12-inch guns. The shell 
uck the battery with wonderful 
accuracy and blew up a portion 


US and times. Hit tells her 
is heart will turn tocher when 

ar away in Cuba, and y 

re amy kiss of the salt} 

heard upon the shores; am 
the only kiss, eithei 
usscd there at the gafa 

idly cloud floats over 


r waiting 
■th to renew 

n Ruins. 




i, he'll \ 


icture next his heart, anil 
panish bullet shoultl find him, 
tst thoughts will be of her. 
"Cannon to Right ol Them 

The news of war has penetrated 
to the remotest corners of the 
try. Many illiterate people from 
the distant district! know nothing 

ot the situation, turther than that 
country is at war, ami that 
ir Is h— 1." Several dayi 
oipfoof typical Reubens were 

Standing at the corner of 7th and 
Main Sts., listening in open-mouth- 
ed wonder to a group of gentli 
men who were discussing the late; 
war news. About that time 

wagon loaded with heavy paspipt 

passed by, One of the bewhiskere 

he Shi] 

batteries in ruins. 

The fact that the Sp; 
to strike such a 'large target as the 
k, towering as she 
use out of the water, 
taken as evidence that they are not 
good marksmen. On the other hand 
shot that the New York fired 
die got the range was pitch. 


, t he 


Eighteen Minutes. 

In point of Jtime, the engagement 

lasted [just [eighteen minutes, 
began at 12:5" and ended at I; 15. 

left on n 
New Vo 

at Matanza 
urned to he 

id th 
Id p 


the othel 

B1V look, d disgusted at his 
panion's ignorance and silenced him 

The Maine Explosion. 

Mr. W. Lewis Bamberger hai 

the newest novelty on the 
question. It is a picture ot Havana 

bai bot iv ith the Maine anchored |n 
the h.n bor. Gen. Gilanco stands li 

Havana protesting I hat he knowi 
nothing about the blowing up ol the 
Maine. A Spaniard is skulking b 
hind Blanco antl by igniting tl 
paper at Hlanc's hand it burns 

All told the Ualhtd States ships 
fired eighty -six shots at the I 
The forts fired probably Iw 
live shots. 

Bui far more important than 
destruction of the Matan/as bat- 
trii. la the conclusion about the 
future which may he drawn from 

the bombardment This conclusion 

I, th ,i Havana is absolutely at the 

mercj pi the United states fleet 

whenever we choose to open fire. 

Admit That Blood Was Shed. 

Madrid, April 28. -Little cr 
deuce is attached in Madrid to di 

patches from New York telling of 

tin- bombardmenl of tylantasi 
the latter "couftici with the official 
re | K rth. " 

The latter, in addition to saying 
the \ineiicans "were obliged to re- 
treat, " admit "that several men 
were killetl" ami that "some 
age was done to the town," also 

B |. \pa |h .1 lh, '■ \in. I u llll loss ii 

ap . 

..led I 

the pa] 

in pos 

as arrest- „. 
rssion of \ 

II information concerning the plans and works and the strength of 
nertcaa batteries, garrisons and fortifications. His guilt is thought 
be beyond doubt and he will probably be curt martialed and shot—jS 
This city as well as Key Wesf* and other important ports along the £ 
Southern and Stmth western casts is inspected with Sjiies. 

Spanish Torpedo Boats Sighted. 

Gibraltar, April 28.— (Special.)— Three large torpedo boats flying 
the flag of Spain were sighted in the Mediterranean waters off the coast 
here this afternoon. They were headed in a westerly'direction and it is 
thought that they will pass the strait into the Atlantic. 

The Temabrario's Whereabouts. 

Beunos Ayres, Apr. 28. -The Spanish torpedo boat that has been on 
this coast waiting for the.Oregon. sailetl from here to-day. 

Patrolling the Coast. 

Bristol, Mass., April 28. (Speacial.) United States Cruiser Columbia 
s anchored here to-night for the purpose of keeping a close watch on the 

Sailed Under Sealed Orders. 

Eastport, Me., April 28. -(Special) .-The United States Cruiser 
Minneapolis which has been patrolling the coast sailed .suddenly from 
this port at 4 o'clock heatled Suoth. Her orders were sealed and her 
destination is unknown. 

Wants His Own Officers. 

Indianapolis, Ind., Aril 28. -(Special. )— Gov. Mount 
test against Col. Henrv I. aw ton, ot the regular army, 
mantler of the Indiana brigade, instead of Gen. McKee. 

will make a pro- 
acting as com- 

A War B 

Chicago, April 28.— (Special.)— The Signal service has fitted a bal- 
loon for naval observation with generators producing 4»M ,00 ) cubic feet 
ofgas per hour in reservoirs. 


Much-Talked About American 
Vessel Arrives Safely at 

Lnerpool. April 28. The foUX- 
niasted American shipShenando.ih, 
C'.q.t. Murphy, from San Erancisco, 
reported to have been raptured bv 
the Spanish, arrived lu re sateU 
this afternoon. The tug Kathlm 
Oft the Shenandoah off the south 

coast of Ireland w»d lowed her i-  

Point Lyna* for $1,5 mi, as the com- 
mander ol the Shenandoah w as un- 
H illing to risk her being intefl I I't 
ed. Her cargo, ow ing to the ad- 
vance in the price of wheat, is 
worth $150,ooii. 

The Third Mo 

Pi .ho. im i, Kj 


I ing Up (lie -In;.. 


tending q 

morning, spent his time writing 
dispatches authorizing and arv 
ranging for the transportation of 
the volunteers at Lexin 
Second regiment w ill go to I.  \i 
ton Monday, the Third will go 
Tuesdav and the First on Weiii 
day or later. 


That Pelayo Scare. 

New. York, April ggj 
hat a Spanish squajktfj 

Stales bl 
and th- 

Catted stat. 
Several Span 
cruising in the M, 
about the Until"" 
seeking to cupt 
chant vesalst 
The batth - 1 . 1 1 ' 

Zhc ©aUsttentucMan. 

Publlsbixt every mornlnf e*ce|it Momliiy. Ky j 

Per Anhmn. . 
Per Month . 


KOO. ■ Three Months.. 

. .$1.00. 
.. .10. 

In presenting the first 
Thk Daily Kicntoc«ian, w«  i   " '  
feel that a "salutatory" i» ne 
nary. Thk Kkntikkian is now 
' iU-twentieth year and it enjoyi 

dl.tinction of being able to jwint to 
I its past as an unbroken recon 
nurcess. It has always en«eav  
to meet the demands of its coin 
uenc.v and it now finds it nec«n»arjf 
t.» publish a paper oftener than 
twice a week. Thk DAILY KEN- 
TUCKIan will be issued every morn- 
Mor.drn and its new I 
OOVCf the field at home 
anil abroad up to a. in. As tothfl 
;hai aoter of the paper, it is here to 
 peak for itself. It starts out with 
i circulation of five hundred copies 
s bright and hopt 
lea vor to merit the 
rood opinion of the 
people among whom it circulates 
and in every respect till the d«- 
nfand for a bright, news) and pro 
gfWive morning paper. There is 
room for such a paper in Hopkins- 
ville and we shall not he satisfied 
until Thk KkmTuckian has found its 
w ay into every horn 
No pains has been b| 
it typographically i 
no expense will be withheld to 
make it a faithful record in brief of 
the day's news. 

It will be issued at an early hour 
in the morning, several hours in ad- 
vance of any other paper of the 
same date, and the price is so low 
that every one 

ing ejtcepl 

and its futu 


)ur friends need not be alarmed 
;atlM we start on Friday. It 

was done by design. Friday is 

our lucky day. 

In the War Department the be- 
•f is growing that the campaign 

proper in Cuba will not be in full 

iperation before next fall. 

Qov, Taylor wants to command 
fee Tennessee tnxips in person and 
ias offered his services to the P: 
dent. The militia is niobolized 
hrei' points and ready to move. 


A Spanish warabip and a torpe- 
do-boat destroyer are in the Straits 
• { Gibraltar on the lookout for 
American vissc!.-. 

afford to 

take it. THE Kkntuckian earnest- 
ly hopes to retain the it 
starts with and gain many others 
1 from day to day. 

Tin- work of M 
chantmen is going ahead and about 
ten have so far been captured. 

This week tin- Mangrove caught 
the bi -- steamer Panama and the 
Newport captured the sloops Pa- 
quete and Pirineo. The Cincinna- 
ti secured the first prisoners of war. 
two officers who were tryinjj to run 
the blockade in a small vessel. 

The West Point class of 18 )8. 
fifty-five young men. were grad- 
uated ahead of time this week and 
will he at once assigned to active 
duty. Of the first ten men. six 
were from the South. Prank 
feogga,   f Pennsylvania, itood 

first and T. E.' Merrill, of Ken- 
tucky, ninth in the class. 

The first 
plant his fool 



son ,,t the • Pathfinder." and a can- 
didate lor President nearly forty- 
years ago. lie landed from a tor- 
pedo boat of which he is cowman- 

Many lawyers are in Frankfort 
this week to defend the one hun- 
d or more corporations indicted 
r failure to report to the Secretary 
 f State. The defense will be that 
offense was not willful but 

The first i 

out tins a 
it and ke  

as full 

w ill be 
t Take 

If Spain has a Phillipina b.ind\, 
Uncle Sam is about ready to eat 
one with her. 

The bond issue of five hundred 
million dollars has been fully de- 
termined upon. The Ismds w ill be 
ten-twenties payable in "coin." 

If Lieut. Carranga, at present ol 
Toronto, has not succeeded in yet 
tiny up a fight, he miyht go to Cuba 
and try '•HMgUhlg Rob ' KAans. 

Tim: Daily Kkntm kian is not as 
irge as Some of the New York 
dailies, hut it must he 
only a day old. 


The Call Tor Mate Troops Consid- 
erably Changed. 

rnnkfort. K) , April V The 
dBcUJ call from the n ard«p*rtmi o1 
relating to the number of men Km 
tueky would bo expected to lend to 
the front and assist in protecting 
the honor and dignity of the nation 
was received by Bradley 
night, and is very much different 
from the reports that have b.-.-n cit 
ciliated and published throughout 
the state, and Kentucky's quota ll 
materially reduced. Instead of 
calling for 4.0(H), as announc-d. Bee- 
ry Alger only w ants 3,246 m« n 
ill told. There w ill he only eighty- 
our men to the company. Including 
officers, instead ol 103. The regi- 
mental officers are also reduced. 
The Second and Third regiments 
have now tbier majors, but only 
two are required. The majors in 
the Second regiment are ex-Con- 


i VY 

. Owens, 
I J BJmbr 

. I olsol) 

and or 

i ongress 
Allen, o 

To the Driving Public § 

The assortment; of vehicles which we now have on hand is the [7  
result of a careful study of the wants of the people of this section, Sji? 
We have' the elevated gear for country driving and the low hung 
carriage for city use. 


the Third i 
infant o 

of, Whowiil dr. 
iot know n. . 


A telegram from Madrid says the 
Spanish iieei will not be directed 
toward lifting the blockade of Cuba, 
but w ill be employed elsew here. 

The spring thaw in Alaska is at 
hand nearly a month ahead of time 
and the premature breaking of the 
ice will cause the loss of much 

The President lost no, time in ap- 
pointing Win. K. Day, as Secretary 

of State, 
known t  

The new Secretary is un- 
but there is no tell- 
mav brine forth. 

e aggregate value   
sh ships captured is 
thin» more than $3,000,(1 
rate we will soon even u 
score, so far as the pen 

». At thi 
the Main 

he lines of the blockade are 
ely drawn, and Havana is Buf- 
fering from scarcity of provisions. 
One of the Spanish officers re- 

leaaed on parole bore a message 
from Admiral Sampson to General 


The state Department has been 
ifiicially informed that neutrality 
proclamations have been issued by 
Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, 
Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and 
ilombia. It is unofficially known 
that Prance and Great Britain 

done likewise. 

SSUres are to be taken at once 
ruit the regular army and the 

battalion of engineers. The army 

will be recruited to the full strength 
,000 men. The Louisville re- 
in-office is one of those at 
h enlistments will be made for 
■attalion of engineers. 

'I he Secretary ol War has de- 
tailed Lieut. Herbert S. Whipple 
to matter into service the Kentuck\ 
troops ndled out by the President's 
proeiamation He w 111 report for 
tfut'j at fcouisville w ithout delay. 

Walu i s Hiatt, oi th. Lexington 
Hei aid, has -one to Norfolk, V 
i" join the n gular army. He is i 
first newspaper man in the state 
lay down the pen for the bayonet 
■ pi ivate soldier. 

The Chicago Record 
U man ol prominence 
far volunteered to go a 
i« William J. Bryan ol 
All the rest u anl b  

he Prize Court of Inquiry to ad- 
just questions relating to captured 

vessels is in session at Key West. 
Its sessions are secret and its find- 
ings will pot be announced until all 
the cases are settled. The crews 
of the captured vessels are to be 
quartered in the barracks at Key 

W,s t . 

On Saturday the Tinted States 
will strike the contemplated blow ir 
Cubl to establish | base of opera 
tions for the purpOM Of distributing 
supplies. The insurgents are said 

i" be gathering In the vicinity for 

*  purpose of aiding tlu- American 
fleet. Simultaneously the farce 
Havan a will be engaged . 

The blockading squadron 

mains passive before Hav 

■i and 

the on. 

 !"  - not intend for the | 

has so 

begin bombarding or  ii aw 

the Bn 


pi sh,„ e guns. T| U |1 | a w 

14 to be 

to aaka. 

no inteutloa, oi sendins u 

v of the 

M ree,; 

vessels of the squadron to 

ill also have to stej 
and out, as there w ill be n  
attalion adjutants, the regiment 
djutant performTnj all the duties 
The cavalry companies are allowed 
eighty-six men each, including offi- 
cers, and both companies have en- 
listed 103. and seventeen extras wil' 
be sidetracked for the second call. 

The governor is also instructed 
that the government will receive n  
man under rank of commissioned 
officers under 18 years of age oi 
over 45. The attention of the 
various captains is especially call- 
ed to this fact, and requested h 
comply strictly to it, before tin 
regiments are mobilised. Each 
regiment w ill be allowed a surgeon, 
and two assistants, the latter t«  Ik 
appointed by the governor, and 
they will have to be examined by a 
board composed of a United States 
surgeon, and two other physician- 
selected by the governor 1 . Lexing- 
ton has been decided upon instead 
of Louisville, as the site for mob- 
ilizing the three regiments, and 
they will probably go into camp 
there the first part ol the week. 
Secretary Alger, who selected Lou- 
sville has been notified of thi 
hange, and will no doubt »\vk. 


The Resolution that Was Passed 
in Less Than two Hinutes. 

The following is the bill passed 
i \ both houses of Congress Mom 

"A bill declaring that war 
between the United states and, 

Kingdom of Spain. Be it enacted 
etc. : 

First— That war be and the JT* 
same is hereby declared to exist, vkd 
and that war has existed since the 
21«t day of April, A. I)., 1808, .'in- 
cluding said day. between the Uni- 
ted States of America and the King- 
dom of Spain. 

••Second-That the President of 
le United States be, and he here- 
y is directed and empowered to 
se the entire land and naval 
irees of the United States, and to 
allinjtothe actual service of the 
United states the militia oi the aev- 

■ral States, to such extent as may 
* necessary to carry this act into 

Returns from Sunny Italy. 

Charlie DatiUo, the fruit vender 

irho left here July 4 last for Hals . 

eturned to this city this week Efe 

raa married to Miss Annie Hova. 
anuary «, and the couple spent the 


ir thelJi 


ted Statei 

Thee left Italy f  
April 0 and wi 
crossing the Atlantic. Datillq has 

rented a cottage on Liberty -treet. 
between Ninth and Tenth, anil 

gone to housekeeping. On. arrival 
here he assumed charge of his 
former frttit establishment near 
the L. & N. depot. 

Farmers will Welcome the Change. 

The I C. local now arrives L t| K . 
city at 8:511 a. m., instead of tO.'JO, 
This w ill enable those In ing Hong 

the line between Princeton and this 

place to Come tO thi city early In 
the morning and transact their bus- 
iness in timi to leave on either ol 

aftem trains. The local 

haves hall an |„,ur eailiei than 

formerly departing at i 10 p, m., 
l« i the new »  hedule, Ther« are 

We have the handsome cut-under Burreys, for short turning, 
the plain jump seat, the single seated phaeton, and the knock about 
cart. We have some very stylish traps with adjustable scats, and 
single buggies by the car load. In these we have end, side, or coil 
springs, bracket front or piano bed. Comfortable, common sense 
buggies with wide seats, and H. M. T. buggies for the courting 
youths of this vicinity, with rubber tires if you want them that way. 




e sell arc Delkers, Troys 

number of cheap buggies— 

Among the high grade buggies 
and Woodhlllls. We handle l . 
Ames, Enger, Parry and Haydock. 

Buy Your buggies from us and WE will 
Be here to make our guarantee good. 

1 fORBES & BRO. 








Those looking out for self interest and economy on taking advantage of this cheap 
sale of strictly first class goods 

At Manufacturer's Cost 

Is a rare opportunity for consumers, at this season of the year. (  ur reputation ha;s I 
always been honest goods, honest values, the best that money can buy and our motti J 

One price in plain figures 

To everybody. No J^ing necessary to gel the bottom price. Ask ,md il w j| 

be given yon. 

We want everj w, boy and child in dnj 

10 iti MM 



KrvcMs luvcniiva of One of 
Our Own Citizens. 

^fAutomatlc Reel the Won- 
der of the Anting World-- 
how It Operates. 

Hopkinsvilk is the Iv-mr -f an 

■ eminent inventor and Hi.- central 

■ point of distribution for on. ol th. 
|,nost remarkable avul ingenioit 

that over gladdened the 
Ihcaits of the sporting fraternity. 
AY. refer to Of. 0. B Medley and 
the now famous Medh ; automatic 
fishing reel. 

It has taken Dr. Medley several 
Lear* to bring- hin invention t.i its 
tent degree of perfection. The 
Jirtit crude machine was to the inex- 
perienced eye a triumph of mechan- 
;,1 genius, rfut the inventor was 
saiisfied. He would nol allow 
r. I, e put upon the market. He 
Bs determined to overcome certain 
KFecta which had rendered all au- 
isatisfactory to the 
Ogling fraternity . To this end he 
I, voted several more years to study 
ind experiment. The result is the 
(resent combined automatic reel 
i.ic!: is pronounced ' 
Isaac Walton's 

iumphant perfects 

It. fore it was offered to the ang- 
jlm;; fraternity it was sentto a num- 
fcer Of the most expert and enthus- 
■as'tip anglers in the country. 

■ They were skeptical at first, eon- 
Iscious of the failure of even expei 
■nient in this ftinection". A fair test, 
I however, convinced them of the mer- 

of the Hopkinsville man's inven- 
■tidn fiad brought from them testi- 
I monials of the highest chaxacb r. 
, Then Dr. Medley organized the 
'•Medley Reel Co.," consisting of 
I himself. M r. C. M. Latham and Mr. 
I l.ueian Davis, of this city. The) 
nade arrangements t«. put the reel 
I upon the market. The contra* t for 
F manufacturing it was given to the 
I Home Novelty Manufacturing^^*., 
f t of St. Louis. 

The invention Was protected!)} 
latents in the II. S. Cleat Britain 
and Canada. Orders have poured 
I hi farter than the factory could 
I turn out the article. ProjKisi- 
I timis offering large sums for the 
j patents were rejected. The Medley 

I Keel Company Inula - I thing and 

[•they knew it. 

The* Simmons Hardware Com- 
the merits of the article, 
ght the entire north w est, 
icluding the following states: 
Ohio. Indiana. Illinois. Michigan. 

Missouri. Arkan- 
I sas, Oklahoma, Indian Teritory, 
I Kansas, Nebraska. South Dakota, 
I North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, 
I Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, 
J Utah, Idaho, Washington. Oregon. 
I Nevada. California. 

Th..,-.. J. Conroy, of New York, 
•ught-the rights for New York, 
Pennsylvania and the New Kng- 
f land States. 

Virginia and Maryland were 
j bought by a Baltimore firm. 

Follow ing are a few of the fea- 
tures oi superiority ,,f the combined 
automatic Keel over.all others 

First— With it an accurate and 
 erfectly easy cast can be made 
nd it will wind automatically ai 
apidly or as slowly as desired, 
Second -.The crank attachment 
n be used independently of the 
automatic, and vice versa, or both 
[ together. 

-It can be so set that with 
out the intervention ol the angler it 
|9U^ (using the lightest hue) play 
■'  'arge Ib.Jj and tire him out In 

gL ing Dim a liurliciently stout ,lrag 
by keeping up all' slack line, 
  lish can swim faster than Un- 
winds slack line, 
•urth It is fa tem d Id reel 
ol rod in the ordinary way, 
will tit all reel seats u ijkut 
altering handle. 

, Fifth- It will wind the line , w u 
the spool, without guidinjj 
with oik hand, thereh) en 
aiding the . igl, r t, .operate the ive 
(in landing ,i lish) w ith one hand 

sixth It in small, handsome and 
substantially constructed, dust- 
proot. and a- neai ly u .iter prool 

1 * ' — 

operated on lop of the rod Km I n 

eitlu-l I a-.. • i i el mi, • I be ... ,,t 

tacfud .! thai tin drum will he 

to the right. 

Hold the rod and reel-sprx'd with 
he leit hand and wind the tprinj; 
py turning the dTm toward you, 
it the same time pre- -ing in the 
■bp-pin, which in on the outer 
•d.;e of the drum. Tin allows the 
rhool to run freely for casting. To 
put the reel in automatic operation 
turn the drum slightly in the same 
direction without pressing- in the 

Dr. Medley and his associates in 
ie manufacture of his invention 
ave bri ught prospects of a big 
u/tune and the Kentiickian con- 
gratulates tin 111. 



antage- iii 
r tin  o,| 


After a Terrible Siege American 
Soldiers Hauled Down the 
Spanish Hag From 
Morro Castle. 

In 17f 2 soldiers from the Ameri- 
can colonies which afterward be- 
came the United States captured 
Havana under English leadership, 
and men from Massachusetts hauled 
down, the Spanish Hag from Mon o 
Castle. ' 

The story is well worth recalling 
because it -hows how bravely and 
successfully our ancestors fought 
against Spain, and also because it 
KFAfSS ua aga inst dragging out ne- 
gotiations and preparations until 
he deadly rainy season sets in. 
The following is from Bancroft, 

Assembling the fleet and trans- 
s at Martinique and otr St. 
Nicholas. Admiral Pococke sailed 
directed through the Dahama straits 
and on the 0th day of June came in 
sight of the low coast around Ha- 
vana. The Spanish forces for the 
defense of lho city were about 4,- 
OtMl; the Knglish had 11,800 effec- 
mcn and were recruited by 
fly a thousand negroes from the 
ward Islands, and by 1.5(H) 
l Jamaica. Before the end of 
July the needed reinforcements ar- 
ned from New York and New En- 
land; among these w as Putnam, 
the brave ranger of Connecticut, 
nd numbers of men less happy, be- 
ause never destined to rev isit their 



twenty-nine days, di 
the Spaniards lost 1,000 men, and 
the I. rave Don Luis de Velasco was 

rtally wounded, the Morro Castle 
s taken by storm. On August 11 


f Ha 


id the most important station it 
e We-t Indies fell into the hand: 
the English. At the same timi 
ue ships of the line and four frig 

ates were captured in the harbor 
he booty of property belonging to 

the King of Spain was estimated at 

"The siege was conducted in mid 
summer, against a city which lie^ 
just within the tropics. The coun 
around the Morro Castle ii- 
ty: To tind and carry the fas- 
is was of itself a work'of incred- 
ible labor, made possible only 

of African slaves. Sufficient 
th to hold the fascines firm 
fathered w ith difficult} from cr 
.es in the rocks. Once, after a 
drought of fourteen days, (he grand 
battery bxik tire by the flames, and 
crackling and spreading- When 
water could not follow it nor earth 
stifle it, was wholl) consumed. 

••The climate spoiled a great part 
of the provisions. Wanting good 
water very many died in agonies 
from thirst, fibre fell victims to a 
putrid iever. of which the maligni- 
ty left but three or four hours be- 
tween robust health and death 
Some wasted away with loathsom* 


Georgia Rowland Enters Suit 
Against Her Husband for 

Important Orders by the County 
Court-Road Overseers Ap- 
pointed-Real Estate, 

1 he proceedings against the Cum- 
berland Telephone Company, the 
Southern Express Company, the 
llopkinsville Water Company and 
the Bopkftiavllle Water. Light and 
Power Company were dismissed by 
an order entered in the countv court 

These Corporations had been 
summoned to answer before the 
county court and show cause why 
they had failed to list their fran- 
chises with the countv assessor for 
assessment and taxation. The mat- 
ters having been satisfactorily ad- 
justed the order dismissing the pro- 
ceedings' w as entered. 

Road Overseers. 

Sim Knight was yesterday ap- 
pointed by the court overseer for 
Cox Mill road from Chappell to Ma- 
son mill road. Elgin Davis was at 
the same time appointed overseer 
for the Greenville road from the 
Woodburn house to Red Housi 
Qualified as Guardian. 

T. E. Foster was yesterday ap- 
pointed guardian for Olie Adams, 
:in infant under fourteen years of 
ige. Mr. Foster qualified by ex- 
scuting bond w ith S. T. Ashmon 
ind S. H. Williams as sureties. 
Liquor License Renewed. 

An order was entered granting £ 
renew al of the retail liquor licensi 
of R. A. Phelps & Bro., of Seventh 

New Deputy Clerk. 

Cyrus Boyd was yesterday ap- 
pointed by the Court a deputy clerk 
" an order to this effect was em 


Appraisers Appointed. 

On motion of Judge W. 1 . Win 
free before the Countv Judge y ester 
day. T. T. Knight. L. R. Ray am 
P. B, Mosely were appointed to ap- 
praise the estate of the late G. W; 

Wants a Divorce. 

Georgia Rowland, colored, has 
filed suit in the Equity division of 
the Circuit Court against her hus- 
band, Elmo Rowland, praying for 
absolute divorce. Her petition 
charges the defendant with cruelty, 
infidelity, and failure to provide. 
Real Estate Transfers. 

J, D Hill and wife to Mrs. Helen 
J. Hill, interest in property situat- 
ed on 'Hh and Liberty streets, city 
of Hopkinsville, $3,560. 

South Kentucky Building cc Loan 
Association, against George Ows- 
ley and others, house and lot in 
Hopkinsville. |%. 

George C. Long, trustee for Sue 
V. Wood* to H. H. Golay, lot on 
Princeton road near llopkinsville 

Polk Cansler to \V. T. Fow ler, 
part of a house and lot near East 

boundary of cit j $71. to. 

W.*L. Levy and Eustice A. Hail 
to W esK \ Garnet! lot in Pembroke 
|6Q. * 


Torpedo Boats and Yellow Jack 
Have No Show Against 

I can produce a light." said 
Thomas A. Edison in his labora- 
tory at West Orange yesterday, 
that will render absolutely harm- 
less Spain's terrible torpedo boat 
flotillas we read so much about. 
Science has found a way to destroy 
the mines Spain has planted in the 
harbors of Cuba. More important 
itill, science tells us how we can 
narch our armies from one end of 
Cuba to the other this summer, and 
in the rainy eason, too. and lose 
hardly a man from the dreaded ma- 
larial and yellow fevers." 

s to certain published state- 
ments to the effect that Mr. Edison 
had invented i lectrical apparatus 
that will work all kinds of destruc- 
in case of war, he said: 
Ml such statements are imagi- 
native. No such things are needed, 
does science do its work 
through any such methods. Sci- 
ence does its work in legitimate 
and straightforward ways, and it 
stands ready to-day to afford the 
United States army and navy just 
what it needs. 

As to the light that renders ab- 
solutely harmless these terrible tor- 
pedo boat flotillas? Well, the tor- 
pedo boat is a demon of darkness 
only. It is an enemy that creeps 
upon its foe in the night. In the 
day time it is as useless as the eye 
of an owl. In the daytime it can be 
l and blow n to pieces before it 
gets near enough to do any dam- 

"In order that an object may be 
observed distinctly the light must be 
behind it. It must appear in sil- 
houette, [gnite a .bonfire behind 


Bombardment Sale 




id j 

see its outline distinctly. 

"By the use of chemicals which 
ignite and produce a light when 
brought in contact with water, the 
ocean can he lighted up for about 
four square mildp about any of our 
vessels. This is an ample distance 
to render a torpedo useless, for the 
moment the latter appears within 
the horizon of the little span of day, 
thus made she becomes easily 
ibh and within two minutes she 
be riddled by the modern rapid 


*u hoi 


away the scanty earth which i ather 
hid than I. lined the dead. Hun- 
dreds of carcasses floated on the 
ocean; And yel such a. is the en- 
thusiasm of the Kngli ,b, sin h the 
resolute zeal of the sailors and sol- 
diers, such the unit} ol action be- 
tween t he fleet and t he army, that 
the vertical sun of June and July, 
the heavy rains ol August, raging 
lever and strong and well-defended 
fortresses, all the obstacles of na- 
ture and art, were surmounted and 
the most decisive victor) of the war 
was gamed." Nen Y.„i, World. 

Prfao - Moliv Friar, daughter ' 
Queen Sophia Friar, w ho died la- 
Jaauary, will be crowned Oueen   
all the tiv psies, at Topeka, Kansai 
M.i •. her k l rth birthday. 

As 1 1 

The City Tribunal. 

John Efc Wells attd H. A. Warren. 
8 couple oj vv bite men, were arrested 
bj the police yesterday for t iolat- 
inj the ordinance against peddling 

without license. The two men 
claim to represent W. H. Hunter & 
Co.. a Nashville firm*. They put up 
the ii cessary collateral for their 
appearance before Judge Leavell 

this morning and were released. 

In the City Court Thursday morn- 
ing Lis. o Bryan was assessed $6. 
and the usual costs for a plain 



profanit) and Obscurity which ol 

feodbd the modesty of her neigh 
iiors. For this she was lined $5 
and costs. 

Death of Hrs. Harry. 

Mrs. Harry, wife of the late G. 
W. Harry, died Tuesday afternoon, 
aged 7b years, Iter husband and 

olie bj her sons bare died within the 
last lew weeks. Funeral services 
were held W ednesday by Rev, W. 
K. finer, ol the Methodist church Hopewell. 
I I k 

out from the ship 



ght be 

The wizard was asked to elabo- 
rate on his idea of protecting the 
health of the army of occupation in 


•Science can do a great deal for 
that army," he replied. ••! am will- 
ing to lay a wager that I can take 
inn men into Cuba and spend the 
summer in the worst districts of the 
■i-land and not lose a man, no. not 
one. And the same thing can be 
.l .ne for the army. 

Mr. Edison said that he bad 
plan* for the destruction of 1 
mines in the harbors of Cuba, 
would leave that to the dynamite 
cruiser Vesuvius and the dynamite 
cruiser Nichtheroy, which, it has 
been reported, the United States 
to buy from Brazil. How the 
little vessels can make a harbor 
safe by literally blasting a way 
our warships has been told in 

Press. Besides, the army engim 
are well up in countermining. 
hMison thought he could not help 
the army and navy a great deal 
in the mine question be© 
Spain, has no boats like the V 
and the Nichtheroy. 

Mr. Edison said he had no doubt 
that electricity would play an 
portant part in the war, and he 
pointed out that the Spaniards have 
little or no inventive genius. I 
this particular he said the Amer 
c^mis would have a great advai 

All in all, Mr. Edison isn't wo, 
i led a little bit about the OUtOOnO 
ol a war w ith Spain. 

An Old Bachelor Weds. 

Princeton, Ky.. April -'8.— A su 
prise weddinu uccui red r  tsv 

night. Mr. Joe F-   • i itt.l l . the 
photographer, and Miss [»UCJ Wat 

kin-, win. has been faf several 

v ears associated with Mr Griffith 

in business and art studies, were 
united in marriage, to the (ft   a! 

surprise ol their friends, Mr Cut 
lith vv as formerly in business in 
Hopkinsville, bd has li v  d here fc/ 
fifteen years. 

Millie Martin, col., aged 55 years, 

died in Hubbardsv ill. Momlav 
night of consumption. 

Latest War News 


A Cotton Flurry. 

Always worth one huudreU cents ou 
the dollar. Going to give you a cot 
ton surprise for the next few days. 
It's an article you're using every day 
and never comes amiss. Don't think 
you ever before bought good, reliabli 
shirtings and sheetiugs at such lov 
prices. Here's the lots: 

Hope Bleach Domestic 

Ready-made and hemmed KCp 

bleach sheets 10 4— 

Ready made pillow cases ci/es ~|Qq 

42 36.. 

Bolsters ready made 

Masouville bleach 


Back fold outing cloth. 32 inches 
10 4 bleach sheeting Jg ]„2c 

Ready made 10 4 unbleached AQn 

sheets - - -_-- tK ' 1 ' 

Berkley yard wide cambrics Q "|~3C 

Our $1 Kid Gloves. 

The beat dollar glove that money 
can buv. That's putting it strong; 
bu  we're very errnest in this kid 
glove matter. 

Our $1.00 gloves are backed tip in 
every way. Bound-to please - you 
sort of gloves, or your money back. 
Poor economv to ask you to keep 
anything you don't want; think to 
much of your patronage for that. 

CLARK'S 0. N. T. 
10 CENTS. 

Dress Goods Section. 

Not often doyou enjoy the satisfae 
tion of making your selections Iron, 
such a complete up-to-date stock 
Here's a half dnzeu itHiiiH, they speak 
with no uncertain sound. Listen: 
10a A vard rot :if  inch all Wool 
twU Novelty Suitings. Worth 

OCp A yard for 8fl inch ..II Wool 
Serge, Black and colore. 

Heurettas, Black and colors. 
Worth 40c. 

QC. A yard for Blaok Figured, Nov 

fcOT elties 40 iuches wide. Worth 

OC- A yard for all Wool PUuDH 

tut/ Qjgund Qraaadinea. Worth 


7c- a yard forBtaoh Figured Bri 
i 00 liuutives. Worth "i 00 
CI IK A y ,ir ^ fof Black Figured 
91 lv» Novelty Bnillauties. Worth 

66 inch Extra Fine Bleached.. 

Little-Priced Linens. 

Always a fascination about linens 
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double fascination when, as in this 
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4 [neb Half Bleach Linen ••••25c 

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2 inch Super Fine Bleached J 
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23x48 German Huck HemmedOC* 
Towels *-OC 

22x39 German Huck^Heinraed . •'JQq 
22x44 Fancy Border Knot 2£)Q 
IS\42 Fancy Bleach Turkish. . - ^Qq 
ix IS Fancy Bleach Turkish. . . 22(J 
Wash Rags per. dozen 19c 

Strong Wash 
Goods Argument. 

g to do some selling in this 
the next four days come early. 
French Organde Checks worth. - *| 3C 

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French Organdies Hnye "orth-g^Q 

Latest designed OrgaudiesjgQ 

udy Deaphave worth JSC 

Shadow Effect Organdy \2\C 

Time was wheu the buying of a 

sill, dress or waist, was an   

OW a days it is merely an i 
rice and the wonderful prof, 
liens of this great nineteenth i 
makes it possible for these  , 
fabrics to come within the reach   
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ill inch Cbimi silks, solid colors £§q 

nel. M ii,- Valour Silks, CQ. 
us I!, H-ln'mpt, White, 05 "* 
hon. I Viii I anil Uieen. Worth f 1.25. 
ne . Sat. us, all new shade, JQQ 

.. l, liiid I afl aUBilkaTOj I 
1 1'„. ,„ w onl de*iiubl« shades," »V. 

worth one dollar a yiud. 

Remember These Prices Are For 



boda water u\ MUtor's. 

Btal home made candies at 


cnn lies. 

jrro ca ty to-day and to-morrow. 

Cooks for accuracy, purity and 
promptings in preacriptiona. 

Cook's instant Headache Powder 
tow doses for to cents. Is thebest. 

grocery can furnish 


Oplc Read and William Llghtfoot 
VlsscherWere Here. 

Wild C.K.S 

* ard .reimdv 

A fresh I in 
.lav at M i Hi 
Just rect 
at Miller* 

ndius ,. 

ved a nice line of fruit 

T elephone |59. 
— Kngagcyour strawberries for 
Sunday at Uallis' grocery. 75c 

Hut cream bread at 4:3(1 every 
evening. Miller's bakery. 

Now is the time you want hot 
rolls for supper. Telephone 15'). 
Miller's bakery. 

-See our line ofbuggies and har- 
ness before buying. 

J. B. Foley & Co.,108Main St. 

Try Millers chocolate crean 

The South Kentucky Medical As 
sedation will hold its'seventh semi 
annual meeting in this ci v begin 
ning May 24. 

Richard M. Newcom. an engineet 
on the Illinois Central railroad, com- 

i of the most distinguishec 
men in American Literature were ir 
the city yesterday and spent MVftl 
al hour a. 

Opie Read and William Light** 
Visscher. both of Chicago and both 
cx-Kentuckians, who are an honor 
to their native State, are on a joint 
lecturing tour and have had 
series of dates through this s 
Tuesday night they appc 
ad at Oweaaboro before an audiei 
of 1500 people. Wednesday night 
they had a large audience at Mor- 
pufield. They came over the I. C. 
it 2 o'clock and left at 5:13 for 
iowlidf Grata. 

Mr. Read was formerly editor of 
apersnt Franklin and Seottville 
nd later was with the Nashville 
press. He founded and ma 
Arkansas Traveler famous. Since 
removing tb Chicago his literary 
career has been one of uninterrupt- 
ed success. 

Mr. Yisseher is a member of the 
itaffol the Chicago Times-Herald 


Tlarkats Hy Wire. 

Hr. Vince Williamson and Mis* 


published a 

itampa bin 

ad pa 

mbera of the 

the leadir 
riodicals. He hi 
eof poems vvhic 
us of the highest 
of the most popu- 



mitted suicide at He 
.y cause he had consumpt 
forced to' give up his jol 

ideraofl be- 

. He leavei 
pine was at 






H. C. Keys, of Callo\ 
indicted by the I'adi 
court grand jury for tie 
co. gave bond in the ci 

ay county, 
cah circuit 
iting tobac- 
cu it court. 

There were four indie 
his bond in each was fi  

menta and 
ed at $100, 

B discussed 

1 tlement of land titles ; 

nd develop 

Mr. Bead and Mr. Viaaeher wi 

probably return to Hopkinsville i 
the fall to fill an engagement, i 
which event an enthusiastic audi 
ence will greet them. 


Wednesday evening at the resi 
dence of Judge A. H. Anderson, tWt 
miles east of this city, Mr. V. M 
Williamson, son of Mr. T. W. Wil- 
liamson, led to the altar Miss Lil- 
lian B. Henderson, one of [th 
popular and attractive younj 
of Hopkinsville. 

At half past eight the 
party, in the presence of fa 
ber of friends and acqu 
entered the parlor where ihey 
were met by Rev. W. K. Piner, 
pastor of the Methodist church, who 
in a beautiful and imprtaaive cere* 

mony united (hem in tlx- bonds 
of matrimony. 

After receiving congratulations 
the happy couple were driven to 
the home of the groom's parents. 

ipper was 

Mr. Williamson is an energetic 
young man ol fine business capaci- 
ties, and his bri. 
 f rare accompli 
rable disposi 
ny other exce 

t t.. da 

c of 3   


an ail 
relay 'i 

close, on Liverpool $lo. 1. Northern 
wheat touched $1.44 May wheat in 
Chicago reached $1.24. 

 rn was active and followed the 
se of wheat. All provisions 
I strong. 

Bluhop Dudley. 

BibhOp Thomat U. Dudley will 
reach al Crace Episcopal church 
undat morning. At the COflci 
on of his, sermon a class w ill 1 
 n firmed. 



rd h  



large ciri 
n is to be 
upon having won s 

T1 0 

I'EKSO.N.VL uussir. 

visit to Mori 



a Cora Van Ta  


tial bow toaHopklm 
last night, presenting 
erful combinatioi 
mor -Camille. " Miss 

T; as sell 




ng out pre 

ducts and considering the best 
means for reaching the world's 

—We are getting in some 
handsome cuts under surries 
other nice carriages for city 
Our prices on high grade work 
very reasonable and our styles are 
up-to-date. J, B. Foley* Co., 
108 Main Street 


who has 
Only 10c 

per ca 
W. 'I 


War Risks. 

Following telegram received. 

'•The r.sKot military service in 
the existing war with Spain will 
ROt effect the Accumulation Policy 
of the ■ New York Life." It w ill 
• therefore continue to issue policies 

aWutel) free ol all conditions to 
good citizens whether members of 
lbs National Guard or not." 

Apply to 
Walter F. Gaknktt ,v Co. Ants. 
W. F. Garnett S. K. Trice.Jr. 

Dance at Armory. 

At Hllle's Chapel. 

■ H. I) Smith delive 

Hatlon at Hilli's Chapel last 

SOlP^t "  line of Toiler 
~y .   !, Soap*,,, large and 
well selected. Wa cau please 
In quality and prion. 


i little short 
scenes, but this is atoned for by 
her sprightness and vivacity in 
the lighter scenes. 

To-night the company will 
produce "A Fair Southerner," a 
war drama in four acts. The plot 
of the play is woven around an in- 
cident of the late war, but in such a 
delicate and artistic manner as to 
cause offense to neither the North 

nor the South. 

Miss Van Tassel enjoyed a run 

seks l 

fourteenth Street Theat 
fork in this play and i 
emained the entire seas 
previous arrangements 

) had no 


An Employe of l-orbes & Bro's. 
Planing Mill Severely Hurt. 

Alex Hardin, a colored man tw 


nployed at 

& Bro's pi 

ly and perh 
Vclock yest 
in is employ 
department, but was assisting some 
workmen in removing debris from 
the boiler room, now undergoing 

While Stooping over to raise so 

at Gainsvil 
ssible that 1 

HflVf* you Beeu itT K - 

7i T strike The RED FRONT 
-they bave it. 



Hr. Norton Preparing Ornament 
for the 

Mr. w. p, Norton, proprietor ol 

Winona Stock Farm and part own- 
er of the great race horse orna- 
ment and the sensational filly Mary 

ii. npetead; left Thuraday Cor Now 
Vo, k ts complete the Bna] arraaga. 

a for starting Ornament m the 

Brooklyn Handicap. 

Ill (OrOMr ow ner, Mr. Patterson. 

Mr. Norton will be joined in Nei 
York by his partner, Mr. Ha 

B««dlay. They wUl return by wa 
af Loniafliu next anal la m 

Kentucky derby run. 

up is visiting 
Hopkinsville. t larksville Timet 

T. S. Winfree, of Church 
Hill, spent Thursday in the city 

John Garrett, a prominent citizen 
of Wallonia,.was in the city Thurs- 

Mrs. J. L. Thacker, ^Lafayette, 
spent Wednesday in the city shop- 

Dr. and Mrs. A F. Stanlev are 
isiting Dr. Turner in Bowling 

Mr. Ed Smallhouse, of Bowling 
Green, spent several days in th  
city this week. 

Messrs. Isaac (iarratt and J. P 
Gamett, of Pembroke, were in Hit 
city yesterday. 

Mrs. ,l,,hn 1). Elliott, of Owens- 
boro, is visiting her father. I r W. 
;. Wheeler. 

Mr. Harry Hopper, of Pulaski 
L"enn., is in the city shaking hand.- 
vith old friends. 

Mrs. Fanny Thornton, of Pad! 
ah, has returned home after a us 
t to Miss Jennie Boales. 
Miss Lela Hargraves. of Nash 
ille, who is visiting relativ es 2 
asky, spent Thursday in the city. 
Mr. J. C. McKinney, of 
Mill, left this city yesterday for 
GilbertaviUe, Marshall county, to 
visit his son, Mr. Jas. McKinney, 

Mr. John Thompson, who ha- been 
very ill of appendicitis at the Hill 
House for a week, was reported 
slightly better yesterday evening. 

Mr. Alex Crabb, of Howell, ind., 
is here on a short visit to his ,„,,th. 
Mr. Crabb is in the L & N 

Mr. C. T. LeOarmo. representing 
the Standard Paper Company, c 
innati, visited the newspaM 
peoqla Thursday. 

Ir. M. Wilson, business man 
■r of the Madison v ille I lustier 

■ in tow n Monday- TheHusfla 
prtparlnf to start a mornlnj 


over a Fence and Sprained 
His Ankle Sunday. 

r.Gua, M x re has been confined 
to his room during the entirejweek 
- the result of a sprained ankle 
r. Moort Wa* Climbing a fence on 
Mr. W. P. Norton's farm live miles 
south of the city when he fell. 
Wrenching his ankle in a most pain- 
ful manner, lb- uill be out next 

Base Ball Game. 

Cincinati, April 28,-Cincinati 5, I, All. other games | M .st- 

A Day of Inaction. 

Washington, April 28. I'h, Sen- 
att did nothing to-day. 

Nothing ':^ t -K ) ,i- 

the World's ltd). All we ask is 


I package XXXX Lyon, Arbuc 

kle or LeavriiiK colfee 'Vv 

1 box taeks, 1 tin cup, 1 pie psn, 1p 

10 clothes pins or one pipe 

1 set knives and forks, regular 

M) eent goods 

vegetable slicer, needed in ev Q A 

ery family ...OC 

I (|uaker wash board, the best OC« 

board ever made COli 

I chamber and tap— its a splen-'OC,, 

did value 

1 flour bin— every one should CC. 

have it 

1 water cooler— sure to ^1 QC 

please _ ^l,OU 

Above prices are for the present 
and guaranteed to last. 

W.T.C00PER & CO 

Still at Bowling Green. 

Leauder McCutchen, the Elktou 
rapist, is still in jail at Bowling 
Green. The Times says of him: 

McCutchen or Bourne as some of 
the papers call him, is small and 
looks to be not more than fourteen or 
fifteen yesrs of age. 

He den es that ho is guilty of h s 
offense and stated that he was on one 
side of the wheat held aDd the girls 
on the other. Talking further, he 
said that they were little girls, and 
both were barefooted. When asked 
how he knew they were barefooted 
if he was no closer than the other 
side of the wheat field he said that 
they raised up their feet. 


That Brings Down 
The Business— { 
Best Goods, Fairest Prices 

Prom any shelf, counter or 
table in the store we can con. 
vince yon of this. 

Here Are a Few Examples, 

a yard all wool fancy drc«,s goods. 



/% a yard for a line of splendid new novelties, 

TOO and good. 

4:0 Ladies i ersc y fibbed vests, low neck, no sleeves. 
IOC Ladies * ine bleached lisle vests, faced neck and arms. 

Oa Men's fine seamless socks, fast black and mixtures, soft 
Ov/ quality, fine guage. 

48C Men s na,,d some madras laundered negligee shirts. 

1 Pxp Ladies 40 gauge fast black seamless hose. Equal to 
•*-*J^J 25c goods elsewhere. 

1 P^o Chi,drcn ' s fir, e tost black and tan hose, double knee. 
A.UK; Equal to 25c goods elsewhere. 

IOC AM ,inen towcJs ' K ood sJze . excellent quality. 

Kp a yard Simpson's black and white, fancy satines and in- 

1/ digo blue prints. 

ZLAo Extra va,ue » sa,ine str, P corsets, 2 side steels, per- 
TCTtU feet fitting. 

QO s P ,endid amoskeag A. F. C. fine dress ginghams in new 
and handsome efiects. 

Gold A ' un \ i,),,llJ the best 

UUIU Table Ware ever pro 
duped and we will be pleased to have 
you call and examine it. The U. S. 
Government has made a thorough 
test and adopted it for use in 
army. This make cau uot be ap 
ciated without being seen. NO WON 

Tom Rodman to the Front. 

Thomas Rodmau, only sou of Dr. 
James Rodman, of this city, who re- 
sides in Louisville, has enlisted In the 
Louisville Legion for service in thf 
Cuban campaign. Mr. Rodmau is fine 
ly drilled ami will enter the ranks ae 
a weil informed soldier. He was for 
rly Lieutenant of Cadets in a large 
military school and is competent to 
command a comoany if his services 
in that capacitv should be needed. 
Dr. Rodmau with his son in the 
army, will be represented by a son, 
son-in-law and uephew iu the war for 
~ubau liberty. His son iu-law, Lieut. 

I .H.H Southerland, of the U.S.Navy, 
ia at present in command of the 
Eagle iu the squadron blockading 
Havana. His nephew, Lieut. Hugh 
Rodman, is an officer on the big 
cruiserRaleigh iu the Asiatic squad 
- now moving against the Philli 


-wtAi^LEWIS WfJ\?.-RL3J5Ttll3- 

Cnffpf*' lf J™ wan tthe best 
WUl ICC um nothing but 
CHASE & SANBOURNE, their line 
has no superior. At any time you 
wish to test the quality, call at Gal 
breath & EuuiH', they serve C. A S. 
Mocha & Java. 


IWCiaUU fiuest ice cream 
freezer msde— and if you ueed a 
freezer don't fail to call and examine 

Russia for 
ml, and oue 

8 tO I 

 nti « 

The Ladies He 
f her recent a. 

ure a photograph of the Czar"wrTh 
er owu camera. This is most diffi- 
cult to do in Russia, where every one 
with a camera becomes a suspect 
But the Rusniau officers helped this 
bright American girl Mi*s Bell will 

Pipes! ^-ssf^js; 

We make a apecialtv of every thing 
iu the chewing and Hinokinir line 

W. T. COOPEft & CO. 

Lot of nice horses 
Layne's stable. 

1000 PAIRS 

Of the ^'^mtfrt — 

Wear Resister Shoes 


Calf Skin and Vici Kid in all shape toes, at 

$1.50, $2.00 and $2.50. 




excelled we make a ipu,„, 
elegant 10 ceut package thai 
ply out of sight. 

Ity of 

The Weekly Louisville Dispatch 

— —And 

Hopkinsville Kenlucklan 

BOTH 1 YEAR for $2.^ 

Daily Kentuckian (Hopkinsville, Ky. : 1898), 1898-04-29

4 pages, edition 01

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