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date (1855-01-06) newspaper_issue 


Onr ftasliiiistOH forrMpou Uzrj, 

Our New Double Tyliuder Pre«». 

Mouiiment to W. TI. G. Butler. 

TIk! trbnnmftnb erected Ht the dti*c‘n« of Lwis- 
vine to the uiem r.7 of \Va. If  1 . But , has boo* 
plioel in tin: faniHylot at Cave Hill Cemetery. IV 
in bai't of Italian mrb)c, about ten feet high. Off 
a heavy baae is placed a miuare die, the faces of. 



K-jt  pe, iii'irej to harJshi| . cufTeriny and i*n- 
' .^;ioa. So £jr ftom oBtertaioiiif tiia* dread of 
'i' j 1- r; ,'Ao it hicli other Duropcaii powe a Itavo 
t.- «id Uiai arm of tlaitaiaa p.wer, the Caucas- 
•?^i hold theas in utter contempt ao ai mOet cow- 
arJl)' raoo, and the recorie of encount era of 
ibeaoewo forces amply justly tfaBopmione ( f the ; 
CiicaAstuno !nUJ the coun'ry of the Do.t Co^ 
sackk tha oxpediUon of whicu we spcalc wouU 
peoKiote. oad dial country is enriched wiHi the 
spoil-, of Curs^. The enierpriie of which we 
s^ipak would perfuctly protoct the allifcd army 
{cMb the sourco of the disasters which mined Use j 
ospaditUNU of Charles ^ TwrifUt sod Naj^deon I 
— the want of provisiuns. The same me."»s of . 
which sre speak for fhe^elga could he jn ’«.■ cf- 
^bcurr ur. the D jn, and thus, white sa|rpiyii g (Iw j 
Evading forces with shondaneo of food, Ilusslh | 
Wtself would hs oflT from any hot tht- moet 
pMoanous sapphM. 

It wil! be.percofTod at onoe, hy those who ex- 
amine the topo^phj of Rueeia, that thio expe- 
dition wo«M eut off llte Oritnoa from Ruesia. 
Sesastopol would &ll bj want of supplies, and 
I Rossis would no lonjor he m a coadilion tu rae- 
oace Ttukey, nor would she held the important 
key to Aala   

Put other important points are gained by this 
expediiioM (V^* r-ould of Wecoeeity fail into 
th ■ hands oi .. snd they would then be 

in direct eoniim on with the insurgenLs of 

Hungsrv and Pc * .•. By Uiis awans the alLi.^ 
w-hUu^jwi, Aw^a the vei|y exhdMnn.^H 
Eurape^Jgie^^^t li3d ^ff'a rod 
triaasft^wE^'- ner to do her dulv.'* ^f ia. 16ip { 

• * tVe have received, and are now btiaily engagi.d in 
I i pntting up, a splendul double-eylinder p^.Ttiag 
machine, made axprt’ssly for the Courier olWtfO by 
L ' those celebrated machinists, Messrs. B. Hoe & Oo., 

' J of New York. It co«t ns neatly four thousatel dol- 
I -T lars, and fa the first press Of the kind to be used by 
I a iy paper in Kentucky. A» soon as it is ready lor 
use such alterations and improvements will be inxle 
In the Courier as, we feel sare, will be acceptable to 
! our many and liberal patrons. 

I.VDiANA TRACUUBs’CoNVEN-fio.v. — TUeconven- 
^ tioB o the Teachers of Indiana, metat IndianapoUt 
' on tlie 20th of December. President Daily was 
’ called to the Chair, and Oeo. A. Chase appointed 
■| Secretary. In tlis absence of Dr. White, who wn 
to deliver the 0) euing address, Prof. R ad read a 
paper on the “Importance of Civil Polity as a branch 
of Gominou School Edneation.” The Convention 
then proceeded to organise a State Teachers’ Assa- 
elation, by the adoption of a constitution and the 
^ election of the following offleers: Pierideut, Wm. 
H. Daily, D. D.,Preaideut of the State Uiiivcraity; 
Vios President, C. Nntt, of Centerville^ Rev. T 8. 
Ferris, of Newcastle; Pres’t. Charles A dams, of In- 
dianapolis; Prof. Daniel Read, of Bloomington; 
Prof. Stone, of Crawfordsville; Plot Thompson, of 
Hanover; Prof. Patch, of Ontario. Recording Se- i 
^cretai-y. Geo. A. Chase. Corresponding Secretary, 
E. P. Cok. Treasurer, B. L. Luag. Executive 
Oommitteo, C. Barnes, Dr. Currie, Jas. G. May, R. 
B. Abbott, Prot Hobs, E. P. Cole, Bishop Ames. 
The names of members of the Convention were 
then received. Those from New Albany were Wal- 
ler S. Fortfsene, James G. May, Mfag Mary L. 
Dickey, M. A. Rittley, Miss Chnlotte Teru, Mias 
lAu-Jia^d M. E. rararjat, Mi»  M. A. K^hly. 

^ Th^Rqect of cstnblfahln^ an educational JNnflW’ 
in Indiana was then taken up, and the cost of such 
a publication reported upon. Addresses were then 
delivered by Rev. Dr. Lord, of Columbns, Ohio; 
Prof. Brainard,of Cleveland, and Rev. Dr. Brecken- 
ridge, of this .State, on the “ of the Bible in 
Common Schoola.*’ The Convention then adjourned 
till Wednesday. 

Priest. — F or some time there have been differ- 
ences between Father Kelley, the Priest of St. Pe- 
ter’s Church, in Jereey City, opposite New York, 
and the officers of the Montgomery Guards, the 
former having on several occasioDs denounced the 
latter from the altar for alleged violations of the 
Cburch regulations. 

On Snnday, at “hst prayers,’’ Capt. Farrell, of 
the Guards, entered bis pew in St. Peter’s, from 
which he hal been previously forbidden by the 
Priest, Father J. Kelley. The act was the cause of 
ranch excitement. The Priest appearing before the 
altar and addressiug tbe congregation, stated that 
he would not proceed with the servicee nntll pi w 
No. 31 (Capt. FarreD’s,) was vacated. The Captain 
hesitated to remove, but at the urgent solicitation of 
some of the congregation, be finally walked oat of 
his pew, at which most of U»e members of the r oa- 
gregation, and members of the Cnard, of which hr 
is Commander, became highly excited, and insi^^ted 
on his retnrniug and taking possession of his pew. 
The Captain was prevailcil upon to re-cntsr the pew, 
hat the Priest still perHistiag in his determination 
not to proceed with tlie services until said pew was I 
vacated, the Captain finally yielded his post and re- 
tired. The services then proceeiled. 

The Farmers’ anb Murcha.nts’ or Mem- 
phis, Tennessee. — D r. J. Fowlkes, President of 
the Farmers’ &. Mechanic’s Bank, of Memphis, 
Tcnn., ba.-! written a letter, dated the 2fith of Oc- 
tober, in which he states that he will pay in real 
estate, TiJued bv disiuieresUd gentlemen of char- 
acter and judgment, all creditors of tbe bank out 
of his own private personal property, who may 
present tlieir claims at the bank or at tbe New York 
Agency, within the next sixty days, and signifying 
their acceptance of this mode of scDling by filing 
their claims against tbe said bank. Priority of j 
choice of propcity to be giren te those first present- i 
ing then claims. The deeds of conveyance will be 
delivered in New York city. 

Uc also states that the bank failed in eonsequence 
of tbe bad fiiith of parties occupy mg respectable I 
and reasonable relations to tbe basiocss world. 

He says, be will give the names, &c., in due time, 
lie says, also, that independent of thelarge assetsof 
the hank he has rual estate wbkh, at a foirvaiu.'i- 
tion, is mure than soffieient to pay all its indebted- 
ness, arid f.eely temlers H, if promptly accepted. 

Creditors should addrc.vs J. Fowlkes, Memphis, 
Tenn., or W. Clark, Jndson’s Hotel, New York citj^ 

fa»;mULE WEHbf imSIKA, 

[S,.aeial CorrMnoadsoe* of th* Luujmil* Coonar.] 
V.'ashinctos, Dec. 22, Id-id. 

lo the list of appointments by the President, by 
j and with the a ivico oml c-iaf it of ihe Se*«t3, 

i which appeared y erib/day, a. stuatofA,l crtG:cen- 
kaf. Navy Agent at tl:ii phti.e. I'pou tois 

. anuoonee.aeat, and kao-ving that the BSeewas but a 
few days ago lllled by Mr. A.C. Alien, sverysp^-ci^tl 
tfiend of Glii. Pierce, and who wssappciiUedbybim 
soon after he took itosscshru ut ;be bite UuiAie, 
tlK query suggc-wed itself at once to my rain-1, bow 
came the office vacant! It appears that Mr Alien 
rem^Red. Bstwbrdidbe resign so pkasantusd 
lacrative a place! There iuu. t be some special rr*- 
I sou fur such a step. There was. It turas out tsot 
i Seldou, Withers i Co. were tbe scenritioe of Mr. 
Alka, and as an indoeement for them to si . n hfa of- 
ficial bond, they were to keep, and did keep, tlie 
money belonging to tbe Uoitsd States entrurte l to 
him, not witb-itamliog tbe stringent orders given to all 
disbiureiug agunts of the government not to deposit 
the public money in ikeir nands with any bank h hat- 
■oeviT. The editor of .the Globe states that this 
banking firm owe tie United States, through Mr. 
Allen, 540,000; and that they have taken partof f!;e 
aaseU on their r.’hedii e, and part which is not on it, 
(for instance the note of ooe man for 413,000) to 
seenre both the Navy Agent and tbtaiuelves. 

It has been stated, ufao, that the Commisaiuner of 
Patents hail ru deposit with these bunkera $10,0ou 
of the public fontls. 

llie reason, then, why Mr. Allen resigned the office 
of Navy Agent is uu longer a mystery — he has besn 
caught in delicto. How much money he nsoaily 
kept on ifeporit with those benken does not ap^-eaf, 
but it most have been from $30,000 to S0O.OUO. 1 
will not presc^ that he made anything for himaelt 
oat of the public money tbus]disp ised of ; true tome 
men wonkl have made a very pretty little -mm, had 
they been in bis place. 

_ Mr. U. W. Latham, one of tbe late firm, baa re- 
signed the BppomtnieDt be held of Agent to pay 
Pen8ion- . 

The Senate yestcnlay pa» ed tl.e bill to i iUib;i--.ii 

Whigs — those who acorn impure alliances, those wb- 
love open huaesty and manly indcpendeijce, [ve,,; 
pretty .soauding words, truly!] and who wu. 
agree to be controlled by a secret icziety, 
will cotac. in conjoactinn witn this oppivi;i.m. 
They will vote fir the Democratic candidaies.'’ ’i1 .j 
unU, bey! Doa't yoa wish they would, Mi-e.s 

Bat after this positive aasarance that the better 
sort of Whiga will vote for the Democratic eandi- 
dates, one wonld suppose that the editors weak, 
feel qnite easy, and give themselves no further con- 
cern aboat tbe election. Do they really feel the 
contkleiice as to tbe coarse of “the better sort of 
Whigs’* which they pretend' If so why tbe Us- 
gnage they ose to-day! 

“It is tlie first tline,” say they, “that the opposioon 
in the old Dominioa hae ever been so atili on tbe 
eve of on important election. Thie sfleuce looks 
oinnio'is.’* What! nacs^ yam  Alarmed boeomw 
everything ie ao still! “N -w and secret agencies 
are actively at work — it ia noticeable that t a- oppo- 
sition piv nwB eontain no noininstiona " Now wna. 
is the meaning of this.' Usvo mtn look their 

When Capt Hat) bore down with Old Iroasid s, 
Q|K n tho Guerrieire. wiihoHt Aring a gun, Toang 
Middy exciaimad, “Why, I belkve me d— d Tankee i 
is gniu" to surrender without Atiog a fua:” "Never 1 
you f«sr,” replied an old weather-oanten Ur, “sV 

Co .^fifew Yolk'; This cou^Ut^iofacontr. f t that 
boon^ ^ibsiNi, Stotkwell k Co. to make certain all 
lowa|r» whleh w«^^ amount to the cost of say 
one icsdied thonsam^grttn Ltms. By the same 
last; qm'nt 8tagg k Bhays were bound to euro thoe 
hanwind make them rrsdy fir the market at 
theitWo expcihie, and when oared snd r  ady, they 
wer«. be subj. ct to tue order of Gibson, Stock- 
well 4 fO. on their acconuta, or in other words, 
tlieli^.1 were to be considered in all respects as 
Hip j-f'perty of Gibson, Btockwdl k Co. Waru- 
lioitse|l .tsdpts ■Acre issued for each Wit of hams 
when pcrchased and piud for, and these ri-ceipt* 
are hstt by G., B. A Co 

^Tbeisntract was complied with by G., B k Co.; 
tliM V compl raeah of b.-inu was purcha-sed and 
with money advaroied by these parfiw. 
Stogijdl ftbays failed to fulfil their part, or ratber, 
they Ktilaied tlie contract. They commenced t j 
core ^ bams, and in a great infiastue completed 
the vfrA, but witbont the knnwMge of 0-, B. k 
Co. (M- f sold a large portiem of the hams, say 33,- 
G63 Pj I't *uid appropiiatedUie moncyto their own 
usAJ i'hercfore the Board of Officen recomiceud- 
ed yjc ^Lpnlsion of Louis Btagg. The other pert- 
ncr.mof knowing the condition of the bocse wlicn 
tbe lo^rcct was entered into, was exenstd. The 
rot.' \ ^xpell Mr. Stagg was almost onauimoas. 

i'» S.-W York. ■ ; •   

Mr Haven 

'itati'ia reqiriad 
hill was puseed. 

The Aaooal Btpatt if 

_ .tn medhetaot sSfef' 'vn* ijg 

Tha aenato aflpa;s4tlftfc. ssffl«rgi, 
'ro..’- g — Ou moStM nJ kir. 'S 

H th.- Navy waa WelreeSid to 
1- ocy of eMnMmhng * 

j appearance, and does credit to tbe usle aui jung*. 
! meiit of tlte oomniiitec who have bod tlie laatter iu 
charge, • 1 

Tlie Hiottoiaont was dooigued and exeented. (not' 
in New Yotk,'bm by oiieof our citisens, Mr. Ed- 
gar Needham, of Joffei'scn street, and bears apon 
each of it* panels an inaciiplion as folluwe. 
i 'WiM.iAM II. O. Bctles, bo.-ii ia .lefl'erson oonn- 
ty, lunana. Uotober 3d, lAoo; died at Louisvillo, 
Ky., Noyeiuber 2d, 1853. 

On the reverse — 

! A man without fear, and without reproach, of, 
I gentle and retiring dfapoailioa; of clear and vigor*. 

oils mind; an accompl£»he»I !«eh (liar; a devoted au-1 
! succesafal toocher; a meek and bomble Chiiation.; 

- On the north side — 

He fell by the hand of violence in the presence of 
his loving pnpils — a martyr to bis fidelity in tbe die- - 
charge ofdnly . 

On tha south aide — ^ 

This monament is erected bJf.Jw pnpils and a 1 
bereaved community, to show tbo^ ewpreciation of : 
bis worth, and to perpetnate tbefe morrur at hm ^ 
murder. f*. I 

The DErRBssio.v or Indpstrt tN N%sw 
W e find quite an array of aad facts witlf^aferenc® 
to th very ^teusive 4epteaW|gn,of 
doEtriai onrsulU ot feat erfy . ' ■ ‘ 

There are now about 33 per cent, fewer men em- 
ployed in tbe iron basineas, and wogoe are fallihg. 
In printing experienced mer* have never known 
aucli a depreasioD. Many of tbi le .ding officoa have 
discharged two-thirds of their employcee, and have 
reduced the re iiainder to t wo-tUii'ds of a day’s work. 

, Ti«^ ms*l»ih9 Geimva. 

8 l^e«-#a naMRB Aarcnran q€«M«n wym heAnnw 
^ ti;- 

iPft-T!=ws of lilt Amer&ts^^i^iii .te f-qnai dw- 
with die Crnaea camp^{|w. ° WsAkig- 
Z^y 4 » wvtdeat that ^oageew is 
im,, f!s---teni q joatinn more koMly thsn nwr ^o- 
WMi one. .Aih. h is utE rrmarkable tbe*. Ihla 
i» • a.’ncagsLe Aaseiismn p o-' 
.■ ^air Ai^s—rtt ««.its^ i ta iy od.AB Ibe 
*T Afa It ihgemmsa fiot 

w aiitlsr Vo be 

e ftirUiM eoii£ 

- R-v-'f.asi-.- f • ‘ I***— ' 

Fa.S^^l 'i'vw; . r TTiT *-! 

a? a*p»reS 

' i4it* Nai" vT" cf . 


• • ■ .-whssrvvdl. J =*■ _*s 

L ii rT isa^l ^issi:.ied aiviwuW 

- j.iai* Bain4 (rf pvayiaw^'v -.rr*, ^ 4 

ftA^ehMsu .— The 8r^^ 
fPb Sc)iig  i4^barre4b( i Tgft^ira 
irife st^ of Meirres. T. M. Turner k Co., of 
on Friday, through a rear door, by means 
of a f fa' ■key and rai.'iing the bar by u'hich the dour 
was t tibly miured, they went to work and ms’in- 
firctnrifi.a dark lantern oat of a cigar box wliii. !i 
t^y fhAid containing ord chcck't. A alow raatc’i 
was a^ made bygrnipping urown paper, whir the 
neccsiiry q'oantity dl powder, around a string. A 
Imle 411; drilled in the iron safe, and half a ponud 
of poMer poure l in; and thus they succee«Ied ia 
bnrstfe the safe opeji, in which they found a ani.ail 
^m ■ money, and would have found a larger 
amnift, and bce^ better pai'l for their trouble, had 
hot tie cashier, udlnteatienally, left the funds iu a j 
di’anfr of his dct-k instead of the safe. The robbers 
Ihenfeecied tbeir escape. night a trusty servant was robbed of lot- I 
toram was taking home from tbe Post-office. Har- 
ing dm the bearer place them is Ms hat, the robber 
prebeiid liim of tbe same and fled. He was pursued 
wiilflie riy of “sto^lhief,” bat aucceedod in evad- 
ing w pursne^! 

*1E^antt Mi^ Face in Columbia, 8. C. — 
CoaexUA Reed Victorious. — O n the 16th of De- 
oeti^r the second t.vesty ndle race ever run In this 
comiiy, was had ever the Congaree Conrsc, Colam- 
bia; South Carolina. Thu first lieet (of four m'JvS) 
wa»*un bjrGalTEJmonds.iB. T'inc,9:0I. The second 
by^riklia Roed Tims, 8:07. Tbe third by Ell- n 
Kv^is. Time, S:ll. Tbe fuortb heat was a dead 
onf. Time, H:40. 

• ifc (CD j;ii!i*»hsil nowbeen run and both mares ( eriJent’y ranch distresseil, *Uil it was Imposid- 
ble :o de-idc who sboal-l have the parse without 
am Iber b(»t, and who wonld be the winn rnoonc 
coi H ttU. The time of this heal wav neccHanrily 

slow, .ml duriug tiie greater portion of it the 
maws seemed merely to gallop. Ellen Evans tool, 
the Lad, but was beaten ui'.d *r the siring of tbe 
sec9nd\m!!e. She succeeded in p.iwiug Cordeli'- 
Rewl on ti.e bock st etch of the third mile, but wio. 
agon beaten under the string, she again Bnrceeded 
Lnipasaing on the back stretch of the fonrth mile, 
btt was again beaioa under tbe string. Cordelia 
Re sl wuioing die heat and racr. lime, 1 1 :13. 
i Th.- snn was now down, but the stake for thrm- 
Tsois old mile heats Imd xtill to be rnn. John Uar- 
rieou’s entry .Vdrell,by GiC3 EagVj;C. Green’s entry 
Anguata, and John Campbell's entry a Wagner Filly 
won tlie track, but the Grey Eagle soon took tic 
leadcloeely preoet d by Augusta. It was 0 dirrk 
tbctltW'js impossible to distuigulsh accni.iU.-!y tin 
pushlen of tbe boi-see on the back streich, Angiisiu 
and G.-cy wen- close together throughout the heat, 
however, but Augnsta soertoded in pabringbi-r oa 
the quarter strtlcli, winning the lieat ly a length. 

A rdtdf second. Time, 1A3. 

: vT.i jcuii£ tritaxr.-: inainonairrnT— 

I inilhat tow n ore aloroiit 08 high as in tills city. Miner% 

* niHtslltv pBT $4 pw month, for one r-om in a ruu ^b 
flly flnfabed f.-ame ttmcnieul^^nd a neat 

Fr.nlh cottage contaiuing o.-dy two roo& rente fur 
! *175 auunm. Notwithstanding this, a gO'Ml 
I half acre lot can be ] uichas. d in that town for 

f om T276 to £326, by paying one-tbird cash and 
le balance on a credit of font years. 

Protestaut Episcopal “Brothcrho »d«’’ and 
“Sisterhoods,” in separate orgauiza'.i luj, have been 
made th subject of some polnud ceusurcs by the 
.-iishop of 'VTe.itcrn New York, in his recent 
to the C .DveulioB of tbe Dioccss. He pro'oanc .  
ta:m ueadie-’v, cnmbi lyom- and hasardons, formi:.^- 
A chnrch within a ebnreb, and likely to become a 
,cccc-lt y. 'oectiODB*, axclusTTC, and inimical party organiza 

ia.ter rsonh* has paralvoM Aai- jp. 
Pntoaia in . heck Both poorera. throil^h 
j-.^-^.irK* of their kuifs and tbeir ireachrrt 
Ite people, have a rational tear of intrs‘.i.''.e 
■lotiqns aad of insiirrrctiaiui, when ooce llte 
tm ara eoBMittod agaiast Raoaia. And the 
ikm Royai proearves is probaUy aloirwt 
U it' oot ohoold Uioy determine 

* oUsd etili aa anood Beotrais or to push 
^ m stlsM of Rusm. W  ooid two weeks 
Fsifcatatoii'a vtait to Frooce was un- 
itadly fiar the perpooe of forcing tboee two 
im to lake a otoad. and «se Mieve thsut the 
lie cf Ln'o^nd would rejoice to know that 
Ma bod joined Rnsaia in tha oiniggle Eng- 
wonid, in that cooe, have hut Utt e troaUe iii 
lag Aaotna'a fiste. A Cew ohipe and a tew 
aaate, and .)naaph Mazziai eeot to OetKio. 
bo. or to Laghoot, wonld light all the passw 
Iw Tyrol with aa glorious on iasancruon a ~ 
rorid has soon Hoi^ary eould bs roaoed U  
.A port la this whalnew* gaooe, aad tbe end 

tluras against '.he Doited States, the* hiN prM^i  » 

1 for the appoiu: meat in the D«aal way of tbre.- Jiidijtt, 
who of course hold th.'ir officea during good behai lor, 
as all iadgvs appointed by the Piesi ent, by and 
with the advice and consent of the Senate do; 
duiing good behavior. They are t-i rcesiTs a aiJary 
of $-i,00U a year. The other officers of the coart 
ore to be a Bolic.tur, to ottci.d to and take charge of 
tbe interests of the Enitcd 8 otes, with a salary of 
*3A00 a year; a Principal Clerk at *3J)00 a year, 
an ABsistant Clerk at fljSOO, ai;d a M snenger at 

An effort was mode to give the tribnoal the char- 
acter of a boaril c f oonuiiishioners, who should bold 
their offices for the term cf ri.x yean ouly, but this 
was contrsted on the ground that tbe tribunak was 
properly a court of jn icatnro, and that the judges 
ought to be made indepen  nt both of the govere- 
meat and claimants, in order to give their 
!.n.'. i'l'lgmenta that weight which they ougii^J^ 

The vote upon tiifa que.-tion stoivl 24 in favor of a 
court to 16 agaiost it; bat upon the passage c^the 
bill the vote was almost auauiinons. Whether tht;.. 

piin the sciews to them.” TheistsA was fttthor to 
tho thought Thoy woald ho vory glad. lndai.J, to 

have the Whig_ ..f : : _::L ~ 

who^ arc determibed to defeat Mr. Wise; to 
out^froxn amo..g their allks, aod t^aln he ilefetct^ 

who fa a traitor to then, and baa grcaaiy 
-.•J .U-. aow BO mere, wuom h 

We shall see wiKther they can be so 

iga refose to act whh thooe Demooruie 

— i-...! .. LJ.. to 

as they have been for yean, and That too, by on. 
who fa a traitor to then, and has grcaaiy taluamF 

oted that gallant old chief, 

was over their pride to follow, and to rocogniae i- 
their leader. I”. 
cosily wheedled into an ambnsh for their --wn de- 
stnietioa SHELBY 

The Eoaiera War— Peace. 

The Lamdon con espo ndeat of the New Yi-rk 
Trmet, [said to be Kosanth,] has the fouoa- 
^ng iatui catiBg porograp’ca ia lua last letter 

^ London, Frhiay. Dec. S. 1854 
f Ehf and is on tbe point of coachidiag a disbooor- 
^hl« peace, or of divesting the war, or ovea that 
v4^le of seeming libcralfaBi wtih erhieh it koH 
invested antQnow. Thera ato -trong reaaowi 
for believing that the oew year will opea apoo a 
new CoDgreao in V'ieniia. AD signo potat In *^t tii- 
rectiuo, an* one of theoo signs, and aot the lea- 1, 
tlieugb the fast, is tbe revolntionof Mr Glrnd.-toiw 
not to tsk fi r s loan. Thtre I* moneyi noaghia the 
trtasory to conclude a “little var," althcngh there 
l e none to prw^ente a graiul oao to a giurioaa and 
really profitubfa iasne. Tbianow treaty isaotlaiig, 
Bir. 'put a oooepiracy cf allied and alarraed  lipfomu- 
cy to^^e pcacoot any prioe. 

The immediate resmt, thd first fruit of Ufa fre-^h 
more of diplomacy to to bo this: hosHlitico will lo? 
auJried to slacke.^ and to ecasa gradually, on hoU 
»i(W, nnlil they nny be suspeatM quite. Winur 
wuIIm a reason, atoll events s pretext, te exvu-e 
inactivity, ^king all the while the jargiin of 
Once bostilities suspended, perhopa an amfa- 
tire concluued, negotiatiens wDI he driven to anci; a 
pinmi'-inc p Hnt of mntoal rccoacUimtioa, tL-t, 
though tho ffitnxate agreemeat UonM nod actaahy 
 :« reached; it will ho deemed invotttic t«» renew, .u 

to Uc torofwetanto 'jf 1 


dodger notred that the Bel 
Fc ' -3 . He hop*d the f^enate wo 
Fr'..T . aad ftvin then thl Tuea^r. 

M  V rig',it sah oiiW ’ 1 a 1 enulaii . 
’b.r mr-r ■TOTBeats in -V. ■*- J.-! wy. 

Mr. Pi h moooA 'naith* t’om. ' 
R»’ ‘tt. as 5s«t direct, i 
what SBp^mtloa -tUMAlfa ^ 

M. C. Peiry, for serviv- % in f - , , 
with Jopaw 

The !fe*atv, wfahee* ^ ' 



bill the vote wa.s almusi 

bill will find eqoal favor with the House, it a qatri-' 
tion which can only be anatvered when that bo )y 
shall have taken itnp for action. 

Tbe U  ose did a good thing yesterday, for whh-h 
they should have due e redit, which waa the pai»-tie 
! of the Senate bin prohibiting the cirenh tion cf (lotea 
I after the Istof Novcmlier next — it abonid have been 
ifte. th- iht of Janaary ne.xt — uader tbe deBomir;:i- 
tion of five dollars, and also prohildting the issuing 
• if any notes as currency, p;tyaLIe in anytliirg e.x- 
cept gold and silrer. 1. Ls hoped that '.liis wul in- 
inre us a better circnlating medium than we hare 
h'.retofore had. 

We havethe promise of bright, clear, crisp weath- 
er for ths holy days. 


[8p  cial Corresposdetic* of the I.nui«*'Ji* Coon*^ 

Washinotos, Dec. 23, l? i. 

In commontnijnpon other matters th4t have cc- 
copied the attention of Coagrtaa for some dsva|Bst, 

I havA auiutontioiud',y omitted to notice a UU UitM- 
(laced into the Hoosoofltepresenlativceby 3Ir. May, 
foom the Committee on tht Jadiefary. 

Mr. May, uui.)l three or fotiryears p4st,'ara.'  ariti- 
zen 01 thfa place, and a l;iwyer of much emint'uri ; { 
bat having a failing out with the Ofarrict Conrt of I 
(bis city, be removed to Baltimore and resume-l th'i 
practice of bis jirofesaion there, and he is now the | 
reproscbtative from that district. 1 mention thtv.. , 
c rcumstaut-es to sbiw that be is well vericd in the I 
laws in force in this Dfatrict, and kuons well tbs | 
evils which ;cquire refurmuig. | 

There fa pru'oably no section of the country wiihi ; 1 
the bounds of tho rnit''d Sl'ati s a ' badly off in re- | 
^rard to ifa laws us tUis District; iind the ressou ' 
is, because wo have for our k-;islaturs men who 
uoither know nor care want Hon of krors we live un- 
der, or whether we have any or not. We are not 
their ootisUtue to — they are ia no way dependent 
.ipon our citizens for their eketioo, and whether 
pleased or displeased with their act on or uon-aetioii, 
it matters not to them. £bo ounsequejov of all tufa 
fa, that we live nuJer the most heterogeneous, imp r- 
ket, ancient, obsolete, alwunl laws that were ever 
got together. From the first eesskin of tbe Eifatrict 
down to the present time verioos atteuipts have bt en 
m to reform Uust 1 twa; co mmit ted on commit- 
tees and gfoel:.4;dn gii.^^ f ^ lUOi a* 

the point that they are deficieut, iuto^^ nd 
whoUy behind the age. Two code.* ImVe i eea pre- 
jiored nnder tbe authority of C'lugrtes, and pub- 
^’ifalictl with a view of reinr^iag tl^tvii, ondyu up 
to this hour notaslngle provl-ioH ot ■ hherhns h-.en 

The chairman of the Committee oi he District 
of Columbia, at the first session *f the 21st Con- 
gi'ess, made a report opon this subject, in which 
tie Dsei] the foliowiag lunguiiga; after eunmerating 
the evils ui tVntllng thfa state of tho taws, he suys: 

“In view of these E.cts, yonr eosimiitee cacuot 
avoid coming *0 the coaelusion that they call for the 
prompt and effl'-kat action ot Cougreo.; and 
tbe prosi erity of this pcuifie, tbe repnUtion ot tbe 
country, the character of our repahBcan govern- 
ment, the general cause of li'oerty, are deeply 
concerned In the result. 

“For these multiplied and camplieated evib what 
is the remedy!; 

*Tf it were practicable, yot^ c -muiAtce won’d not 
hcoitatc to raoummend an imme Hate restoration of 
this Dfatrict to the States from which ft w;u taken 
and tbe people to the aiijoyrtient of Uoie potiticai 
rights and privileges of which they have been df- 
priveiL ressrvingto the Federal Government all .iue 
control over the public property, ami, if thought re- 
quisite, such other meiina of sel'f-protcctioB us might 
be devised. While thi  would he the best, ft is per- 
haps the only effectual reii»«ly which can bep.o- 
iioied. This propositi n Was made in Congress tn 
tots than twoyears after it* assumption of the aov- 
srniacDt of this DL-trict." 

Uc-olutlons were more than ufiy y. ars ago 
dneed into tho House of R'preamtatives to recidc 
the teiritorv cede«i l 3’ the 8tate« of Mai. 'land and 
Vii guiis, vrldch were referred to the Committee of 
the Whole, and were advocated on the grnaiud. 

1st, That exclusive jurisdiction ’s n3toece*-.rry 
nor ufrful to the tlenirsl Government. * ' ' 

21, T.iai it lieprivee the uibabt onts of tlio Dis^ 
tr.ct o^their pf-liticil rkbts. 

ranch of the lime of Coagress ip od be 
ooi^r^ \ln losislatiug for the Dfatnct. 

f W Congress fa not cowpeU-nt to legUlaic 
I th(s '•». . ’^ai'.se the members are strangers to the 
I people, iul'I ignorant of tli .ir want* and customs, 

I and 

5th, That it fa an exa.nple of agTvenunent with- 
out nprescntallon; tlys p^lc fi r whom the law* 
ii'C mad" having aa' vofat- in ekctlng these wtia 
make them. Theie reasons liatH: as much, or evea 
mure force iu them now, as they bad fifty ycais 
Ago; more, becunse tbe popu'atiuu liu.* become mure 
dense, the wants of the' people more varied, ctiine 
inorc frcvalent. and new spe- ies of crime have C' m« 
into existence which the oW laws of Ma37lun-1,H(i'l 
,hc laws of this Dfatrict, never couiemplatcd. an i 01 
coui.'" did not provide against 

In 1316, a com  Iete code of bws for this did.- c. 
was conipUeJ by that able Jurist and most Toncra- 
ble man, Jmlre Cruiicb, whicb was printed .lud 
forme l a large volnoie. Inuagh this wm done by 


-limirstd aat I tbe 

IMatli ef Ex-Gevrrwer Merrheod 
AUhoogh nut nnexpected. we read with rsmtow 
fast evening ike tekgraphk dH |taVch annouiieuig 
t'ae deoEh at fals reoideaoe in Covington, of the H*n. 
Jainea T. Morchuod, formerly Governor of this 
Commouwe Itb, aad for a term of six years b.-r 
brillfaiut tscaator In the National CouueflH. 

Goveiaor MurcLead was boin Hay 24, 17'7, near 
SheperdsviCe, Bullitt county, and died December 28, 
18M. in Covington, Kcutou coai.ty, aged 57 years. 
AttiM age of three years he was removed niCi hfa 
to Riss.'ivHle, Logon county, and 

“lomiv.- "A 

1?"; ik'=e W- -Tyt' V - .i«t of 
the A' u h,i:. 

T'-w-, v-^rthcrwiilt th.; ‘jdl g._.' : I, 

f'je ib^ l!ewend Po^ *VSce wjs sobiag'.' ^v iky' 
•4 to Ho«p . 

wjgtisr dehats 0| iia(''irtn. 

M.-. 'Wkdieit’o I ’u sr 

by api rw^rfciiuw i „■ Im | -a 

BI0’.--U -HO?.' V-.W fai^mi.' r.'u J* , V ^ -v:.— ; 

father’s fomil. 
there enjoyed all of those Advaatages that Cbvac- 
t wrfoed the village aad cooatr.v schooU of fbat d.;;'. 
IThcB 16 yean of age be was sent to Transylvailla 
C a to wali y, the chief seat of Icaruiug in the WeM, 
aadtbere reauiaedfora period of two yean until 

Returning hoBie be began the study of the law 
• itti min rt T-.Txm 

.tiaaaj ft In the affice mS jtohB J-^jj^fijSTwiT 
.then vnM/N) fai RisawTFfal 

 Jfr. Morehcai rou’jshryd the prafftee of ihe kwal 
BowDug Green, Wama aountf*, where his fii.e 
mlonu sooa seenred bioi a large practice. Iu 1828 
he was eieetad to repress VVar «n in the Leg! la- 
ture. and in the two sSbsequ eat year* (1930-30) wok 
familariydioooiw*-' 7 Ufa ociTios in the Stale coun- 
cils gave h[d^)ust degree of reputation throaghoul 
Keutooky, Olid the aacceediiig year, while he was 
aho^ In Bskimore, a uulegau to the National Uc- 
  publiaqii Convutition, that noniioated Clay and 8ui. 
gea-ntlsi I'leal-kiiit and Yieo-Prosideut, he receiv ed; 

I II rpiinii iHt, the uomlu^tioB of i*. GoVqfuor by 
the Wblgsof Kentuckx, Jjidgo ^ckner 
the ticket, and the cani^* of great cotRc- 

meat. Breathitt, -|toe JiXlnvia dudidate, mic«' .. - 
btu Uorchcod, tbesec^d on the day ticket, wa‘ 
Car ahead of the other Jhn Isl-Ocr, was eb  ieB 
Lt. Gevernar, a proof of bis po^Furity wUh tbr . 
people. lie |•rceidc l over the J^tc Pirate with 
morkud digulty and pace tiuf Fefanutiy, 1834, 
whenGiveraor Broathiu dicds’^Mr. Morehesd then 
became Osvrrajr, and in that capacity served tlie 
ouiM foithfolly for the period of two years am’ six 
months. Ufa gabernitoriol services are a pa.l of 
the history of Kentucky. To him maybe aacii'iAfi 
the work of Uleraal improvements began e'lme 
twenty reara ago, that then so weD suited tbe spirit 
'of the times sad effected so much good for the 
9t«te. In Uu first mesiafO be ruoommended s sja- 
tem  if public improremeom. sad, by the aid of 
pcrs'ijj! iufiuence, car. led the p« qi.uition^rouf.i 
the Legislatara. AGero ards, (P Pre-iJen| of t^e 
iiOArd of loierud! I Arov«.ut.,ts, aad sgeor for tL 
sals of Sfa,e baadi. be rendered great aekvicc-to 
t le i»oople. 

Kctlriaj; from the office of Governor, he loc: ‘.'(I 
himself in Frankfort aod rAsumad tb'e practice of 
hfa prsfraeioa. In March, IH37, Ooverahr Clsrkw 
stipomtcd him. in r'lajuactinn with Col. J B; 4cd 
^;iiitk, of^adisonnommfasioner t'j the Stijtr of 0|iin 
to abtain tbepsssugc of a law for tbe pretecti  aol 
thes'avi: properij4of tbe citizens of this *tate He 

'i BANSXLV.tNiA Univebsitt. — R ecent nnmbetn ) 
of tbe Lexingtou Obterrer and Reporter have con- i 
tained a sketch of the early history of Lexington, the 
substance of Prof. Peter’s Introductory lecture. Much 
space i- devoted tote medical departmeut of Tran- • 
iyj vania University, and many interesting facts given 1 
concerning Its career of usefulness, and the lives of 
its professurs. During it* e.xistence it has taught 
6,348 pupils and conluired tbe degree of M. D. on 1 
1,819 graduates. The first medical lecture wa.s dc- 1 
Hvered in a rented room on Main street. After 1819 1 

rooms were had on Short street, in tbe btulding now 
used by the Brunch of the Bank of Kent jcky, then j 
ocoupied as a tavern. In a short time Dr. Dudley 
built an araphit'ueatrc for the use of his own class, ' 
snd in 1837 a very substantial edifice was erected. 
Tho present Urge and elegant Medical Hall was con 
structed in 1839. 

Failure* in South Carolina. — T he advices 
from Charleston, S. C., aro rather ominous. There 
fa evidently a good deal of apprehension felt there 
tbata erfaU isat band. One cotton failure, not of 
great importauce, had taken place, and a leading 
house fa talked of, but the report not generally 
believed. The B inks at Augnata were dlscrediiing 
nea:ly all the Charleston Bunks, and one of the Co- j 
lumbia Bonks had suspended in coosequence of its | 
connection with Mr. Dublin, who failed in Charles- | 
ton some days ago. j 

Free Neosoe*. — T he St. Louis Republican says | 
tliat tliere .ire in that city six hundred and eighty- j 
nine licen.sed ft-^e negroes, of whom two hundred 
and ten are washers b occupation, flfty-si.x hiborcra 
and twenty-nine barbers. The remainder follow rc- 
qiectively the occupations of draymen, stewards, 
cabin-boys, house-servants, oook.'t, porUrs, bricl:- 
mskeis. boat-hau ls, ha ;k-drivers, plasterers, white- 
washer.*, and one or two are put down as tradcsincu. 

Se-ntenck or Pcvkrxlly. — J oseph A I’cve- 
rellv, who was convicted of attempting to set 
fire to hfa own store in New York, iu June last, 
waa sentenced on Saturday to four years ia the 
States Prison. He had nothing to say, and bore the 
sentence with ILnuness. 

Deadly ArtRAV in Madison. — E arly on Christ- 
mas morning, in Madison, John Lott stabbed Babb 
Lott with a dagger in the head, the instrument pass- 
ing thraugh the skuU-buue auil perforating the 
bmin and also catting an artery. Babb diod in tLe 
evening. They were both nieu of color and rela- 

2 -J^Tbe Democnits of Boyle county have held a 
meeting, appointed delegates to the convention at 
Frankfort, on the 16tb March next, and expressed 
their preference for Berish Magoffin, of Mercer, for 
Governor, and Grant Green, of Hemlerson, for 
Uent. Governor. 

Finances or Pittshcbo. — T he amount of tax 
dupUeates, for 1861, for water rent, city and improve 
meut tax 01 Pittsburg, is *120,331 07. Of this 
amount there has been paid in $32,819, leaving a 
balance uncollected of $87,503 07. This fa a sad 
exbioit of the pecuniary aflair* of the city. 

luROE IioNATioN.— Mrs. Ann J. Wallace, of thfa 
State, has given one thousand dollars toward* tl.e 
endowment of Er^klne CoUege, under the car: of 
the AsdociaU: Ueformed Synod of the South, loca- 
^ ted at Due West, South Carolina. 

I Govebkor Morehead. — W e regret to karn from 
the Cincinnati Gazette that Gov. James T. More- 
! bead, in (lovuigton, i* quite ifi, aud that very IHtle 
I liope fa entertained of hfa recovery. Hs fa confined 
to hfa bed chamber, and fa quite weak. 

J A Golden Kentcceian. — I t will be seen by 
I ths California intelligence we publish this morning, 
- tliat Mr. George Perkins, of DoariHc, In thfa State, 
belongs to the oontpany of five mioeni that recently 
toniid the large golden nugget valued at tkirty-tvo 

fhoiioand dollars. 

[] la Pittsburgh, on Sunday morning, a #irn 

a named Degan had his ekuU fractured by a large cin- 
^ dcr tbr'iwn at him by an Intoxiireted man named 
a Thomiwon. 

* Killed by Morphine. — A cUUd of Patrick 

* Ryan, In New York, died Friday from an over-dose 

of morphine, administered to ft by mistake for some 
other medicine^ 

n Mir We regret to see by the statistics of tbe 

D CaJKypia State Prison, that Kentucky has isvrn 
b ! repieseiitatives in that peculiar institution. 

I iQrXeariy every maimfacturing establ'ishment 
n I in Troy, N. Y., has suspended, and over seven thon- 
ti ; sand (lersons are deprived of the means of snpport 

I IkjTKggs are selluig in the city of Washington 

I at 50c per dozen. 

’*1' For Sixty persons have recently nnited with 
the Presbyterian church In UustonTilic, Uacotn 

j county. 

« l^y in Oincinnati, on Tuesday morning, Are'hiliald 
Hatcher was kiUed Vy * aamsd Beev^ 

ger, has been setUlsq ap hfa afiaira with thfa wot Id 
and preparing hiaorlf fiir the sabBaie cuntiagem • 
of tue world to ooiae. He haa lately become a 
menibar, in fnU lomauuion. of tbe Baptist ChoieU. 
and has been baptized by immenioa in some oae ; f 
these beaatifhl fresh-water rivars of Texas, whhh 
i^atain a pleasant temperatara even tifi Chrfabmw. 
.Salt-water buptfam fa not coaMderrd ortfeoifats 
among the old-side lisxas Baptists. TTbera oie soafc 
cm.-HiriiM people here, however, who sappose tbae 
ibis religious movement of OM Sam fa a dodge-^ 
vbat he boa faiaed Um church to ovoid the “bioody 
ground” ot Bla lensburg. Very few are wfllini; lo 
b*ft that the prudent old Senator wfil come ap te 
tbesciatch. 'Vo he sure, the aceeptanaa or rfasrfa 
of a chaUen^^e fa no teal of a msafa oouroge. and 
both for his coantry snd upon hfa own privue ae- 
eouat. Houston baa shown fieratoftm that kt fa ea 

^iUit is luppoa* tbo^ be fanow hoUing off. and 
wifl for a mimth or two keep to the windward of 
Wart ngtoo, on oucooat of the boltigereBts. whom 
lie k'lDws to be here woiiing for hiai. L fa mukr- 
siood that, instead of eonung directly on, he will 
slnke up the MissMppi, and t rough Olua to * ?leve- 
laud, thence cirenit us,ta New Yora, when, ia par- 
^icco of sn iuvitatinD from K C. Delavoa, he win 
ie  turv on Tenipcraaco; thence it fa expected he wul 
!3oke the Uutour of the -New Eagl.-uid State* ^ t 
r iu bviioif of the Know-Nuthiags. But if ht 
wilt** till theenrtof theseOBoB hewaiprobaMy :   
oeiv* Gen. AreU-'r among hfa fi.ot rVitor* to'e©«* 
gratufkte him uu hisretium. mo ha ssight as well 
c.onw on Without farther delay, ff h • fa feorfot ' 
pereomU vkkn»A;, wQl aot the laws protect hmi’ 

Mr. - inidBU soal the Cseafft si^ 
P»e»iJ».i[ to give kfa reasf»ni!''"; - 
.'■.juz.’'? it h’it c.jmtauBs to thv 
acuon. in Mdos that ktoTfawst.u«ht 1 

Mr. H iheieck Wfahod br for deling tke i - t"sed 
Mr. I'xnfieMreplfad 1; ^ o 
Mr Haveo ri pe o tO'* th» *■ 
pruais - l views. 

isrwe are antUari.ied to announce Ben Eo- 
ftABDs Grey, a Candidate fur Congress in tbe Sec- 
UidVongitosional District, at the next Augnst okc- 
fau;i. Mr Grey fa t :e presrmt member, andkooun, 
|*ehav* no donbt, to every man, woman andchPu 
It the large ter. itory embraced in his district. 

ft Salt AT Boston. — A Boston paper ststes tliu. 
m importation of sak into that city bas been m  
Hrge, for the last six months, tnat it fa now difficult 
tofind storage for it, aud tbe sait dealers contem- 
plate applying to tbe city anthorilie* for pt-rmissiou 
t« stack a f  w cargoes on the common. 

by Mr Havoa. 

Misers. WssMnm s^t 
ipoa t e point of the 1^ - ! .-in. 

*.’on*4'tu*mn to i'.l-s .-- w a». . 

Th- Soar w*.vtL ='it'^--4». - 

ii-tvin. l.licbaF and (faass'voo:.^ 
w’la* •» .ofoviy dfacamict^Mr 
f'-rred the Coanailtee 00 t craowc: 
V u ; 'VOS latiwdndod riamtUg 1^ 
' (L ' ucau; iafosBLsttMi're^diim 
i‘'m I' t‘is Uuded Stains ift- - ’ ~ tv- 

IB t  

le- The Pulaski Moniimont at Bavannab, was 
Friday, Dec. 3. It fa slrty fe t high, of 
|o :mnesf Itahan luaibk, and is spoken of as a beau- 
JfUtf specimau cf art. 

jf^Hon. Corndin-s Dartagh, formerly a memijcr 
of Cotigreai, aud one of the abl st crim nal lawyers 
in Pennsylvania, died in Pittsburg, Frid'v, Deceiu- 

i®* Tbe L gistature of Booth Carolisa ha* sub- ^ 
scribed th: num of *300,(XK) to the building of tbe 
;Cb:^r)estvB and Savannah llai road. 

The South Csiolina Leg'udatarc has passed a 
bill to allow t'je Praadeut of the Bute Bank to veto 
Pjc decisions oi tbe Direruirs 

Ri./rous Demunstbation in Alleohany, V v 
— fte Grttiibriar Era a ntsins the proceeding* ef 
«* large and 't\apeclablc mcetuig of the citizets   f 
Aikgbetiy couuly, Va., h,.ld on the 18tb lust., fir 
thepurpose of e.xi i tseing Uieir iudigutLion at tl • 
acquittal of Thompsau. the a'.ledg^J murderer (.f 
Miss P.Mrr. Thtre wui qtitc a acrious riot on the 
occasion, as sp: cars from the fulL-wi ig from tl : 


W.c^aiKOTON, Dec. 37.— Tbe Uufaa of thfa mm ' 
mg says that two Kngtfah f iaat'i'X wort In tlie pi.r* I 
of Greytown, Niesraguo, (m the fob uut. 

New Y irk. r»wc 27 — The wcskly keture W re 
the AnU-4llavery (society fast evening xt the Tabm - 
rumk Was delivered by Caartm M. CLy, aad 
uocteda large anifasaoe 

Now Yoaa, Dec. 37.— The Bveuiag Pool of ? . 
day anaonncce the death of the eefabrotrd Tbonu  
W. Dorr, of Rhode Island. He dW tWs mmnkia 
after a King and poinfRl iUneo* 

New Y.oec. Dec. **7.- The Mm.tlf fadoUhieOoi. 
acc4 uitt of tha neavy fog, aad it i  donbtftil if «' « 
win be able to leave to-day. She has 106 poMengi *  
ineluding Lord Kgin. 

Boston, Dec. 37.— Infevrisiitioa ha* been reeefee* 
thut the steautdiip Wm. IVru^ jnavinaely leportt ^i 
wrr Iced i'l the Wack .Sen, is *a/e in C 'lustoaniopV 

A private letter Cram Ur Bdvui, 1 8 Cdhonf r.i 
Mt. Sinai, grves frighiftii aoeuwito of the ravages 
tbe choknt ia the i.ity, t:ie p  puiation haviag bean 
reduced by dc.Ath awl snii.;rati»n lofasathiia 30,00*) 
No kss Uum 3U.UOO pereoaa died b otwo on Aon** 
22d and Sopt. 16(h. 

' Bcrfalo, Dec. 37. — .A fire uesarred at flvetk:^ 
morning rn Lloyd stroct, in the woreboasa accaut«2 
hv Ashltv. Junes k Co., forwarden, and Boeli A 
.itoore. piov! ion deokrs. Warehouse gatted ami 
u-mlenta couaumed, aatbtaiw Imt bi,afea boiog naeed 
Ineuraace '^10,000 «« huddutg snd graafa. which 
ue riy cover, Awowg the goods dealrovec 

were 560 barreU of beef, belomrinK to G. B. Hub 
hard, of Chkmgo. 

Avthos* who Saw th* Fiowt.— I fagifab tn- 
ihors .rf repuutinQ have been rwvauaent la the 
riu.u triumphs of ttw sUfoj artaica on the bank- «: 
the Alnw Mf Kiuglakc, the author of ••Eotheu. 

If Kaclond cokolate* 00 tbe captnrr 
ft. wtU lewsk pretty mueft it did « itb 
;tV ksrfaj ' when hr said tiM ia fifteen duya.^ 
cMfa be kt C tuso d adi   ' Ueamn. Mi* ebaaee, nt 
/^aU,for tliethrm r, wo*«ad IS very retneft 1. 
^ re BO o:kmtm a* m the IsSer.* 

oaold sot be a graver error than that 
'fovr". fonaa tbe oupfa of tfais qu itation If 
Frartre n..^, aa alliaacr with 
timwv:-! oon proc. -■ .aoe fares from 

wa*omuwaUy oacceanfol in this lufasion, by tb, o.-e 
of zl, ib  *s amsuities which sv dl ;tingufalied hi pri- 
vate life, and that ucutcncM and deefaio* that dis- 
tiaguisbed fais paUic se-vices. In 1841 be tras' 

^ bta-v'u-*.' ^oe, and ehe 

sd Iffe 'I ffammh tic 

mil BAAicb tbe £r mt cs- . us Europe, 
th aanraw «f tight lafantry 

Wrtb to i»-'^ur the bank* «f the 

a wei' Repainted fii-tl'da is earned up 
dWv^oILe* oI  ain poaocs^ieo ol the nmfo 
sort af Ra-sia, ss:** the territory of Ue 
--Hir1 II and obtain coamwad of s short 
* Tfe" e-j^tono-'l of the \ oljb' 

of Itis rvm CoaaacIcR would 
efte a iny *f siaat ii ,.*^i riatf for food, oral 

Ic’d nulie iIj./.- of t'oe Senate as possllrc. Mr Osy 
was hfa colicAgne. Of Mr. ilorebcod'.j S.uac ir|:i 
servier we need not write. He woe a brilliant di^ 

^ At To o’clock tbe peopkqukilybunr Dr. Thoirp- 
_8on ineffigy.  Tlie ims^^ehnug uiiinok.-ted until ;I.i- 
weut into the court buu e t« ml end tlie hi- 
diguaiiu^ meeting. Whilst ther,-, Kobt . B Tlicmii.- 
sou, backed by 'Mciisrs. Bub, Netf, V.'alilroD nc'l 
othere, attempted to, or did, pnll down the effigy. 
The people lu.sbcdout of the court house, and a 
a aceue of iulense exc.tcniuit ersned. Thet'rieiK'v 
of Ttaorapson drew tbeir revolver* and bowie kuive-, 
but doeming disercUug tbe better part of valor, they 
fioaUf broke and (led, piireucd by the excited pop- 
uIacc. VfaMrou, h-iwevvr, having run into a field, 
turued upon bis , ^ and showed fight, when 

l « was knocked d I'v.i H id mounted npona rai], utxl 
thus curried iuto lii" ( ..urt bouse. Ibe friends 1 f 
Tlioinpon were bi j* 1 m', r to keep tho | CBce. and 
the efiigy was au'o, 'qamiily burnt. 

kviog to asvbody bat hone if. Tue 
^ce wStft the iJssj^sjisita ‘tribei would mak' 
ich fLOfofWff* porfediy succisaftil. when miii- 
saad 4y ’..“h I 

nfi With Engis!^ ati 
sd Aoatha im ****»# 

eagMbdtepolitica. He has buised himself *i the 
law;waiKk^ fabo.iuisly to retrieve the fortun. s 
t'nfelong pu^^'sorvice bod messurably sliafa- reil. 
Ill boalth has aSbcU-dbbu for sume time, and foiring 
Inat .-ipiing aud summer, Iw spent some t me )c tni* 
city, reotivhig medkal attention. Alwaysjl' ep.y 

^ir. kiugtiike, the author of ••Eotheu. 

li s been a wekome vohuwr on tbe otaftT jf L-v. 
ItagfaL. and, wa ore luppy to add, baa saaaped. Mb 

aid Prencii oteam oBarir.cs j 
a Franec upon Um V«ljj;a I 
u]Km 14 m Polish Iroat'ier, 
-gf . tffight naan be brou^ lo terma 
rtir gfcniiin aia.iuw of Eugload and Fran'c 
hwT lo be adapted M tbe cooJition of the 
Iga Aftboug I it IS tW- main ortory of Rusv- • 
tlw ioianul traffre of Ifte ampirc, it has for 
m beon diaaiafabiBC tfl depth, nod sand-! ., a 
rc acewrautetod lu it. The Eire •iDaatad ves- 
■ of .\JUwcftan,w hirh IWmeriy iirvigotod k witli 
immeBaa teBMOfo. can no kmgor do ao. But 
efts bMiwniag «f May a 

Kentcceian* in Chicalu— T he Dcmorral r 
Press *rf December 23d, bus tho following report 
of laud solc-s to gt-utkmen of tbfa SUte; 

Muosrs. Sharp, Smith k Co. Intve receuUy sold to 
B.F. Bradley, Ludw li McKay uudJolm A. Wilson, 
of Ksuiucky, an undivided eleven acres iu the wi l 
Lalf of the south-west quarter of section four, tuw’i- 
ship thirty-nine, north range fouileeu, east, for ^ 4,- 
000; *10,(XX) cRsn, luilonce on time w.l b intemt, 
Thfa property was purchasc l last spring for *33,0(,0. 

.r id Mr. Kkgloke, wheg bs so   wMseahis rtsiotj 
of the Crimea, will dnO, Kke Gfoban. that bfa pre- 
..-Bce on the Aina has been of es wentlal service to 
the due BuUenAOMiuig of the great vietoey be wf 1 

hare tn (V^..u,riha 

To A. W. bndkr, block 33 in Canal Mfort'C'* sule 
division of section 37, for t9,000; iB3,*Biy^sh, bal- 
ance on lime with interest. ' 

To J. A. Wilson, five acres iu the north-west qiu.r- 
ter. Section eighteen, ou Van Buren street, markr.I 
oh the map; B. F. hbermsn, aud ailjoiuing C  1 
Hamilton, lor *3,000 |»er acre, onc-quarter cash, 
bolancie lu one, two and three yeor.s with inter* st. 

floCUlo, bull 

Man ptrteipls of tft* fiofomf batteries wblcu 
ia praparivt^ tor S*voatoi»« l. might Iw 
L naod te rite eonditann of the Volga, s*'.*! 
^Mcure sr ftqil'irt snd protection to the land 

fhoaea TW roatroi of b« Ivonofaka caBol. whi.-b 
^caaMClafibe Caspian and the Black soao, and the | 
|i~ iBTfri offfb* conaJ m tbe f evemaient of Mooeow, 
off Miionoar and St. reterobuig from 
ai (roar tbcir niaft impertoia quarter 

at lost two madred days ia (he ymax tLe 
meiilH earr; on acuve trp^gk^fpa in thes4 
aad Kusms oould hriagfHf farere iai i 
Mold c ope witli the tjaiirsioian In- 
eavalzy, oniud wnh the war farces of 
aad tfte sapporl of a steeni 
covaOBond the • utirr basin ed ifte Velgv 

HcaTV RoBBSLT in LzXIKOTON — * l,890BTCLi *. 

Turoday, Mr. Jaieea W. Foster, of Lake Pi rvl- 
deuce, went f^om Frankf urt to Lexington iu com ;*Hr.jr 
wUh Mr MoUett, of New Yoi k. They stopped at t !;e 
Cord UoosB, near the railway depot, aud at niglit fa 
cowpLii}’ with two mcn,miin*d J. Wilson, tt-l K- 
Thomson, engaged ins gaia  ot cards. Durin; il e 
goiac Mr. Poster dfaplaye^a large roll   f monsy tt. t 
eridi-ntly excited the cupidity of the two strsL^.ri 
At uigbi.tiic rouns of Frsrtcruid Mallett wa* -   
tered and the foruicr robbed of some sewnteea b t.i- 
dre d dollars, ttte fatter of a gold watch and wwi of 
*mrjiey, making the total amount *-.iglitsen hun. n J 
aud ninety d' l’ ,r» T’jc supiiostd roMura, Tho,. p- 
oua and Wilson, were uiteing Wedno^d.'iy nsnii' r, 
hot captured Thii:*4,^y ihe fonacr in this plac' . . d 
the fa^ ia Pari*. 

tnsRartantrrem Bovaia-Wks ftovolastea Oraw 
•as te a C'tsoc 

Tbe foUowiag extract of a letter raccived b. .• 
.'snUeBBaii tn AsptairaU may be relied ur-ra 

C vaTruoENUc, Ifte. 7, 1864.— Anexpreoaorriv. J 
Imt aigbt, brfagitig iuformatioa timt the Owvem 
jsent troops under Berras aad Lopoo, wste ateubir- 
in2 Bogota when tbe rxprea* left. Moasantarily wc 
expect to reofave aawvoftbc occapathm of i' -* 
capital by tli« govsniiaeae trsepa Me fara w c 
afa„ ia Lv:g.tb.irh« nd in gissi force. Goo. Mt 
hx- left behUid with htj forcso, wbkb wll **• i. 
:,o attceVed by the cotnbiund force* of Mowm^.A 
•c ' L ']H.-a. In (ftt aetiTta uzm K a pyta .«M of lielo * 
0'.v.,!ry pa**e l ovor. The revoteniiil Is drawing to 
s rfase, evidpotly. 

A Giwrix* TAETiNOTOrtiA.N — fftc (hllMriftf 
jaka baa ji^ been raorired bj the OlHtoa 

^32 TebtfsapA. '* 

Ftettngtts, reategaa, r raw " fiTfinfllMiB 

hill should become a law — 1 must ct^feas i camiot 
see. The office   f Dfatriv’t Judge, for iutacce, of 
New IlauiprthT, VerraoBt. Cniiasclicnt, ItortbCiu'. I 
olina, South Oaroiiua, V 'c*iernIiOaiHiaDa, fWie ree. I 
a .il Arkuii8.T9, fa almost a sin* core, aa Lu aome ot 
these i*Ute-i there is not business enough to occupy 
the court a single week daring tbs whole year: 
Aud lu some of the ofUtr States tbere fa very little 
more to do. 

Stuce the President has set bis face agamst the ini- 
provement of rivers aad hsibors os a ecner 1 ^y.•*• 
tern, a greui number of bills bav* been mtiodncrd 
by differivat meinlersto authorize of'proj ria 
for specific works of unprovcir.'pl, rsuh vinw 
hfa own harbor of r^-r *u ,,'e Cktuita'nig 01 it c 
aid of tha government than any other, or | crhap« 
expecting to commend him*elf titeieby to hfa con- 
stituents f-r their future support. *. 

The Waahlngtou beatino! »reioa to be de-pei-Bj^y 
tronbled about tbe ek ction wbfa^ fa to take pifa..L 
in Virginia in May next. ■ tww 

iug ef “the Whi^ of the Djui*-, ' ft ^ 

with being wilPng “t* iiscrttli wl " l.p ■•(*, m, n, ut- 
ter how patr.d thr%.^rpr,-' fra* f.i-..' 'm;K 
satedos,’' Ac., 4fa^kirt(l 'd il;fj -nld rtit • i a: ,• 
ihtir Tote* au4-^^«y ftetlN/iMuriac \ . A ti w  fay r 
ago the siHBe paf». coaSMcd *« editorial artlcfa « t 
a columa in k^ih,ri ntp)ai^*£ wf, sad densmsefeg 
the Wh^ wito tboM atynteripv: 

beiafi|lS^^KX&Udii^ ' ** 

Missocei Leciilatvre — Whig Platform.— 
The Senate was organized Dec. 251h, by the c-Icrtii u 
of McCratken, anti-Beaton. Tbe House chose New- 
land, Whig, Hpeaktr, twenty Benton men voting 
forbim. The Whigs adopted the following pU.i- 

Resolrtd, the Whig members of tbe Gen- 
eral Asseiubly owe it **» themselves and tbeir con- 
Btituents, a* citizens of a slave State, to discu iiib :i- 
anee in ev'-ry urey, tlie efforts «f t'ue Free Koik.s 
and Abulitioufats, to ccnlinae the agitation of t'.e 
sh cry qucKtiou, iu CongniM or out of it, aud th t 
tliey will not vote for any imrsou for Sp ‘:iker of t ,c 
Ho'uae of Bepiewntativ or Senator I.1 Cnagrc* ■, 
who i* not known to be of three views and pledged 
toML'Cnin them. 

Resolred, That we will votefiw no man forSpeal;- 
er or .Senator who fa not in favor of the bill pss-'. d 
at t he last se«*i nWt Gongres-s, known as the Kan- 
*8s-Nebri*ks bill,'and who will not, with all bis in- 
finence, op;M*ae arepoal of that bi'l, particainrly the; 
neotiun which repods the Musouri Compromise, and 
that part ef the bill which providts for tbe rendi- 
tion of tii^irc aiaven. Go this platform *very| 
'Whig tn Missouri ran stand, and it will govern tl e 
riectHW of tbeir Reprerentatives in the Legisla- 

I^F' The Woshingto* l$ttt ' contahiB ajokef urtii 
notieing. A young coapIs came to that city a fi w 
day* ago, to be married. The prospi-ct of a i»»riy 
Ci,ri*Unua, bower w, ortreaniC tfte dfavrvtion */ toe 
bride g room, aod be got druuk. VTotm thuz lul. i.e 
lost .fa license bowi  where h  the vicinity fa \- i.a 
Markst, aod after a fruiUeos seateb for Ifte ‘Last   -'p 
of b'lfas,” the tenat* and jeere of tfte boya d'cvc the 
yoOBg conpic to a retreat tteasewbeTe in tfterabnri  1 
of t4w city, BO doubt mttch to ths aftm^i of the 
bride a alip," A«. 

. tnith Olipliaiit m proMMtelftg the 

iOiaB csvairT the fiaom m tfte world If 
gad omd Froims wore te im da rt s lrf u  aquip 
nffoft Aftr Vinnfe aud Golt'a revolve.- 

fate f " tero bondivd 

mr* liwlr; . oach m«m ot ^ofti ftos aa in- 
^hatZi^ .jt peapls, bas e d i^aa 

uui^ f.osarry has siMfcrsd o« w 


( ber raached the beaks of the Ml'sissippi, foLr 
thoMsad strong, ander General Keane 
was nothing to prever i the mtrcfi of the BnUs^ 
the* aitemooa to the city of New Orleans. • A 
eoMoth, level road on the bank of the river, un  
obstructed in every wav, either by defense., or 
".T 'ojie, invited the inarch Anothe* larve force 
*• &s on a s**tnpy island below the Bayou Bieti- 
enne, ready lo co-operate in any forward move- 
ment Bat the golden cpp.irtunity passed unim- 
proved, ar.d Jackeos a “rep.:!se raled the fate of 
the expedition If they h jii fMssessed any ot tbe 
en'erprue v'.ich should he v .. chaiactcrized M’d- 
1 U'Jton’s veteruia the Bnt;sh might have teaclied 
New Orlcan. before tlicir landing Tras kroan 
Jachson, aa we hare » ;a, im.uediately gathered 
arcun-i Uitd iS'.ich Ttsja;oet ii be liail, and eta "ted 
upon h'S dos'cratc cLarprize. Ho had th:c« ob- 
jecU in vib» — SiBi t^ give h's law tiocr* -taste 
of the quality t ? the e;iemy they were soout to 
in defense of the city; second, to { rodme 
the unpro.^:on on General Keue that he had tn 
immense Croe at lus omuinl. a^J was acting 
J in cocro."aaity to the aiutaiy law wo , ave men- 
tia.'.eJ; third, la paraiysj the one nv by a bo d 
and determined attack, sa as to gsin time for the 
cjnetmation of defenses, and for reinibrceihects. 
Hew as after a u. are. e leoi, bv whi,;h the fjelinrs 
of his own traaps sh^uli be el ivite 1 to the high- 
est pitch, jdJ those of the enemy depressed, 
j 'pallor this the British would have marchei into 
' N'cw^Orleana the next ctommg. 

vfvy- onsient li theia o.iiioal mavemenm 
tbe utmost unponancc. N'o general ever 
diaew the valce of tici; better than Jackson, and 
J ons ever nsed it better. Hs erde.-ej Cal. 

Hkyne to march with his mauntei men to laoc: 
• the enemy, and, if be found them odvaccing, to 
I enjajs thum, sa a« lo retard ibcir march, until he, 
Jacksaa, ctu-u suppait him. If the en my were 
I eaaamped, the order was lo caver his force in an 
orange grove oc LartnC s ) lantauoc, acd await 
. theca operariaa » tht foroes which Jacksan was 
-o nss'.cu forward. In ii'ss than an hour Hayoe 
aij'Tjj out of the c. y at the head of threa bun- 
iL"ed and ai'y-men. Jaecsau poshed matters 
whb h t urua. enerry. The feita regiment was 

*en, and we cannot ooosent to see the public 
There mind schooled into the belief that Jackson wes 
“repulsed ’ in his night attack on the British army. 
There would be es much truth in the reproaecta- 
tioothat he was “repa!ssd’’on the 8th of January 
That was a great day in wVmerican history, but 
the night of the 23J of Deoemher wee a greatei 
night, and we are sure that there ia no reader of 
tbe Couritr who will not be ivrarified in pensing 
t e facts, on the subject, which we have given U - 

Wuo ts Fauky Fsi*k?— Th« Tictb Told.— W« 
And Id the Boalon True Flag, the paner In which 
Fanny’s first havss appeared, a settlsrua to who she 
is. Her maiden uamc was Sarah WilUa, and she is 
a daughter of Mr Nataanicl 'Viills, formerly of 
Portland, Me., afterwards pu'oiuhrr of the Puntax 
R$fOrdtr, a Boston religious paper, and was con- 
ductor of the Youth'* ConipiMon. He is said to 
bo a very oatltiable ('cutluoua, full of charity, but 
only ia tolerable pacuaiary circumstances. Ho, 
however, pave his children every poseibi educatl'’u- 
hi advaola^e, and Miss Surah teas scat to the cele- 
brated boa. diag -school cf Catheilae Beecher, In 
Coauecilcut. Ti’sie »hc di*plaTcd a groater appe- 
tite for ron ancr and pootiral re..dljg than the gia- 
ver studies of the school, managed hkewiso to have 
a fUrtatian. and rot'ame.1 home full of fun, and iclf- 
wEJed. She thorJy af la wards married Mr. E!d- 
rid^, t’'ca Osriier :f tha Mercha I’sBunk. Tie 
craple Jauxn.ytd tl Ag sw.aimi gty, bet very fist, 
hid ajil y time, and used up ail the inooice as fast 
it oame la. Mr, E. died tuddculy and left Faruy 
wi'-ow and two obildrcn. She, of oaurse, had to 
oamediwn then from berhighcoii ls, and leave oif 
iirii.;; sa rapidly. Her fstbor and £ tber-ln-luw, 
aawtvertaii led her, and bare never nianifeBted ary 
thing but ididncu towards ber. By-cnd-by the 
gay widow ma-TioJ Mr. Barrington, a widower and 
maiohait in B tstoa. But the two didn’t auit— Har- 
rington waa just the oppos.u  of £ldr«dge— close and 
sdnry. So, findbg Ue cinldn’t manage Fan- 
ny, be quietly left one day fer the Wea:, and was di- 
vorced at Chicago. 

Tiic story Funny teDs of her •ufTertngs is chiefly 
fudge. She received $13 per week at thu outaot of 
hex literary career. Thiukong that the abuse (by 
indimatlauj of nor father and brother, wonld make a 
s.:u.4tiuu und oontequently pay, she baa made them 
the ob]iKts of her sulice-poisontid pen. We are 
aleaxd that Fa nny U a sad girl. 

LtoSttiTy or SrEausaiTs.— kn intersetlng case 
was lisUded Fiiiay u the Uulted Sutes Dis- 
trict Court, of Lo.-ielaD«, by Judge McCeleb.kt 
which M.t. ▲. ol. Walsh wse rV.m.uft, asS^tiic 
stucincr J]. M. Wright dcRndunt. Mia. Wulah b  
a re ideut of Wood vihe. Miss., and c alsi'4 from the 
stuimc.' £U3, the value of u gold watob, a pair 
of galU sptciatl f U-d til ia moccy, whfch were 
iloleu Ttu ' vi steto lo-itn viLicl. tao occupied wLUt 
a pAistiiger from N‘«w Orlc:ins to li^ycu Surx The 
state roJiu ww pro?sr!y fisiea d, but «tdl it was 
eaterwl by tome persou c:i boerd   f tl'c boat, who 
stois the mucloe in qjoauoD. lu docidiog tbe case, 
Judje UoCalcb did sot occhdor it necuivary to In- 
quira wuciber tho thief was connected with the 
hoot, r was a atraujer. He was saticflvd that .Ik 
foot that some persan entered the ladies cabin on a 
feioaiooa errand, exhibited tke want of tka due cun 
au 1 .vaic'ifiiness whxh should always be obeerved 
In Ue poUaj legiiitiana of every boat engaged is 
the uansportution of passengers. Ue added, so 
says the 7 rite Dtlt^ 

It Is certamly not cxaotlng toa much of those tn 
rhar -e at these oommo i earilurs ^stvamboats) to 
require of .htm that degieo of vigilance which 
Would effectacUy protect from all intm«lou, dorng 
tbe ui^hl umj  .i Isast, that portion of the boai 
which ts rpproprUtod for the use and o-Juveoieuce 
of helpWes Uunuhs. 

it is well iudaratood that steamlioat proprietors, 
who are commou carriers of passengers for hire, 
and itli equally wUl esubhahe 1 that they are net 
eubjeot to oamagea for the lots of anythlBg that is 
uoi St ictly bsggace. 

Having decided thstthe articles In quesUon might 
propcily be embraced in the term “baggage,” the 
Court held that the boat waa respoasikic, and so 
gate J.dgmcnt for the air^ant claimed. 

Tbe IVew Tear in LciiisTUle  

Our WasiuQgtoB Correi^ndeuMH 

Upeeial Oorreisoedvnce M ‘he Loevi^ C««rt*r.; 

WisgiaaTOS, IV.C 57, 13&i. 

As no mia Is expected ’%bir ^niing tea holy 
days more than ko fluds ag.v..Aiie tollsseir, and as 
very (. miucnt examples of do-nothiogfoB arc before 
oar cyei doling there days, you wlT ast com lam 
very much of me if Ishuw touics/mflsBbi of inh- 
poaiavc to li-bor, and of .'hehng .mtiaed to uika 
ihiogseasy,and:ettbe w-irM wsg I kSDV, i j fi-ver, 
that thera are no hofy-dajs fora zierspapt.i; i.jat 
rsai or aui v, co d or hot . in thu- mid^iof a duad of 
u wj, or :n a pe.:^ “ dmith, it b ail the 

editor is exj sfl'.e i u- wiiie, an.l LOt  niy .■  wiii., 
lo be lute .. mj, iu»l .Ttci i.-*;, w.Mj , hcnvi ' u, 
ond playful. It U iha.ef«e la snevt Jity ur vour- 
se.f t uai, I sit down to the Isbor 1 1 h«# -g ylu to 
fiJ one of yoarool imna — tosunplyvcM t:.eaaBy you daily set .re yoor rea^.^f''r thtr 
gnrilioaiioa and Laipiovtnirti. 

Bhth h-oacs of Congrv'rs mat yestf sy and to- 
day, but no ap^c.ite fjr cUem-S. ana Uitie, 
ilu.r.fjrv, h s Seen or w li be don* null aft»r N’ew 
Yt.r. luui td a oousiderablo number of mraob ts 
have gui.* home to spend the ho y- an with their 
Eim’hos. Furmeriy rhia woe a p.ivlle^cud atap- 
pinesM wh.oh b.ienged to bat very tv— such oa 
lived ncsxby iu MaryUuid and,but«o oos- 
plateydo ."-a’.Uauds aunihi'atc apLCv.tOt inemUxa thiLi:, four, or 9v* huiulrtd oilcs distant, 
who coa . each lh«.h* homes by this taoli of irave], 
can now go home and speno a few ikffs win. has 
tncouveuience than some mtmher wke n»ide not 
more than C.ty miles Com us matropdis, but 

hav» 1 ijvrr " 

Eighteen hundred and f.fty-flve cam . an os 
with the blaudeet, the suniJaat and inoet smiling 
face imagioBble It really appeared to be May in- 
stead of January, ao soft and geciol was tbe u'luoc- 
phere — so brilliaaf the socs'ilne. Auspicious, wc 
would folu hope, the clou ilcis skies am pi osont air 
on.A.ODdty, of a year that ahall be uncl iudvd by 
national gloom or disaster. 


It has hag be-^a a cost  m with oar Methcdlsl 
fiiendt, dating back to the fjundex of thtfe sect, 
John Weslfy, to hold upoo the lout night of the old 
year, wbat is called a wa'.ch-ineeiiog, ia order to 
unite in benlsoasupon the dying and atWr welcomes 
t j the Coming year. Ou Sunday n'ghi eevvra! of 
the Melhodoit Cuu.ohrs wsrs opcu for t'lObs me.t- 
Utgs and the devoUcoal exercises were of a highly 
laterasung characiex. We b-.licvo that the 
Aseembly oi' tbe Prcsbyttiian Chuch recommended 
the lirst of tech yter as en occasioa for prayer 
among the oiiorches of that order. Mo public sur- 
viccj were he’al, that wo hern d of, the recommen- 
daitoo looldng, we preauaas, to p.ivate and aoclal 

A ajBLSSQCi raocEwiox— Tga Do-xoTBi.\as. 

Greet morrimeot waa produced by t :a appearance 
on parade throng the streeta of a new order, styling 
th msalrea the Do-Jfothinga. Tbe prooesslon was 
long, the costauKs fentssUc,and iu some cases high- 
ly pici oreaque. They created a vaat amount of fun, 
ware gnilty of no indecencies, and while we ooold 
discover no especiai object for which the parade was 
got',cn up, ws oonfess to its harmltasnesa, save, in- 
deed as the deatroyer of vseis, buttons, &o., from 
tbe inordissts laughter that it produced amon^ 
-ieveral fat lookers-on. Of the touniameat, to which 
this grand masque comivsi was but tbe prelude, we 
glvd kiic where Uns ino.Hng fnd p.irUcchua. 


Ai usual, the hue: section of Fourth and Market 
streets, at tbe lerutmity of tbe Ksntacky market , 
presented a busy scene dmlng tbe wboU day. Tl:c;e 
gatbeiod thensaads of men and women eervan's, 
ready to be hired out for the ensuing year, wLlle 
joatling and elbowing tlnough the crowd wore Udu.* 
and gent]«-n'ea, on the look-out for •’ help,” mic 
proprieu-is *tetdj g by »x! ibiting thtii ‘xha ttls.” 
Dau'itlosa sou* tfolous Abolitiociit would have bc«u 
ciisgcstcd and outraged had he been witniEs to  be 
cbaCcilng, and di'kering, ard bargaiuing that wts 
going on In human flesh. Out the pious wrath of 
such might be as easily exuiod by ridting asy of 
he iauUlgeiice otSOkS of tha gruit Eastern cities, 
where, ranged In rows about tbe raoos, sit the wbl.« 
(emalM, awaitlug a cull, th« agent Li tbe mcaiwhil* 
liocourJng w every vlalHir of Uxj aiiribaK- of each 
girU giving a a.'uedcie of her HK£, m;r 3 l anJ 
payaical qualities. Much happier, however, weie 
thk bear s uf ib* nogroee who gatberod at tbe h ring- 
place on Monday -^ar brighter Ebone their goo-J- 
numored ftcee tnan it were possible with tbe op- 
pressed serviug-womeo of the Korlh. Coixeraiug 
F rices, we could only learn that tbere woe not at 
pr Kut ao much demand for men | females iru in 
the same request as of old, and tbe wag*a require 1 
qtdie aa Ugb. 


Tha ouatooi of luaugumtlng tbe Jfew-Tear by cull- 
ing opou friends, alpping a gloss of aomathlug, 
lasting a Lit of cake, and wisLlng them the 
couipilurnts of the srason, Lss rot yet been 
fiJrly domkiUatid ammg uo. Y’et there were 
many such calls made. Young ladies in abundinoe 
were “ at home,” and young tuen “ in and out,” all 
over the city. We were glad to a.e the t jy shops 
again thr nged, and the little folks making thim- 
edves glad over the bou-oens, Artworks,  ke., with 
the money of kind parents or fiienJs- For matcar 
people th* system cf imaklng preaentswas e\ en more 
extensively carried on than before, and tbe d.ulers 
in books, pictures and the more jervioeablc memen- 
Urea of aSection and Liendahlp report veiy Imgc 

aayx Mviosaos. 

To tboce lucky doga who own barLk stocks aid 
have on abuudauoe of that intorsittcg documentary 
evii’tncc the 1st of January always btuirs pleasant 
thoughts of golden dividends. iVe bear of tbe fol-. 
lowfog dividends Ijeiog declared in this cit 7 : 

The Bonk of L-.-uiirUle hasdeclared 3 setni-anunsl 
dividend of ty per o*Lt., snd an e.xtra diviJcin s^f 
per cent. t 

The Ban'i tf Kcnmcky lus declare a aemi unn Lii 
divid 'Dd of 5 ;xr cent. 

Tbe Mecbasica' Bonk has dsc'-ued a semi ttunusi 
diridead of 3 per CkUt. 

Tbe Gan Company Batik bos deelarod a arnl-an. 
uual diri'kxd 01 i per cent. 


niiiart Trith s. lb« B t.' HI. ll## -hjper, 
Pir- 'r of the 3e.' C-.’io'lc Cbar: iu the ncr.a 
ward of this etty, waa ikiiSited ani b:ou-'-i before 
Jnstice b'ichuia, -uaror.iay for asasa!tri.rf ar.--! bset- 
Mro. Zapf, a '3^r:^.:a wouau, and / uuiuuer vf 
-lU chnru i. Tua foUuviag are Ie3y fool-, as 
app*era ;rsm the lastun.iuy hstaru liia^ usMice; Mr^a 
Zapf w'tjll to lbs COofoaMiBOi to OUtSOA to the 
pnotl .Lor,, lueailonod; while at the ^nsfonai, 
toe '.i w .,1 sA.d to .uer " Yoa ao i } -r-ar LuAhao.i are 
ver/ tsd you seud year eiildrva i . free 

10 . 00 , i.^ f. je loa-foi is :Dj 'i vu s «iai’i.-l, your 
Ckddren . J! be dammed and g   .M.U au .-s vou 
Lil- : ; vay, Ao- il- ia: .•tvj.-. i -,L5 W’-. wv»- 

mou to c o:j 10 hh  ^oasc after *.se bcuiLeitn of iht 
ooufeooioaal waa ov*r; i..y aac-rrUfogiy wisat, an 1 
was shown into ibo room ot tbe pna t ty ihc oowC. 
A* scon as ahe enter.. J, bt, tock-d tr-- a 3r la* 
ina'.ier , f ssudlsr ber 'itu lu rts •cb /oi 
ta":tcuiai iy oevjure tovw of oonverjatfon the 
pra»" J eis-st—g taut the Pr.-teatant free •c!*c-o: 
w-14 tlK tievU's acbooL i ur worn-c would net ad- 
mit r. bat e£|-. tas- d OMLuUaa to IH IrcLaz tbe dtf- 

snd t&sci. active J me uusy judyw i .M tbe aatrecu fo relelM to mt tbe mt 
m a kin gs el owe fothersL The eAirvcis  a  
to the H-iar Jewr 1MU *09. The bowl 
be ap'MUure of tbe “EepubiicmC -art,’* or 
icwueociety m tbe day* «d 
the fotaowxg fxrelient v.. 
we have h*e« chang-ag s-uco 
tiisly lor t. wor^ eiiuet, as 
wo arc. KOI arataken, wae after j»is 
whore Oea. vrao .i w ^ m 

dis.fretihh an ever ;^ ';hei S: Jer- Toei#^ 
'u ■‘..a uo; j| JeBc.'v 1 . '•aje, .ao- ' • .... 

caou* esvia^ aw,cB«4 -ori ooeui » ■ 

looiiau par .he tbu ti . was ever kaovn fe 
oe^'O or aiierwoido obowi say etLc.' matt*. JEM 
Tke Awii^'irre.'rou JAil— -.Mr. Jc^a^ 
-.Jusrrate **TBe frenay wh«n pf  vn.^ ia« 
Yorkoa the opeuwe of ibe imw 
gives an aeoewt ai Uus bniL oa toe antb^l^^l 
a “Mr. Brown. ’ He aeye “A; ;.ic 
ball wbKh took place atfor tlw Picebtcalb^^l 
vai there, O'onel Hua-phreye, Coi. 

Smith, aad .Mrs. ?£b o i , we.c to amageTx^^H 
ma c r . i als. These amugeuieats ware as fo 
a sofo at tbe bead of ua nma, raieedon sw 
r.epo, whciei^n the Pre^aet ud Mra. Wss. 
ton were te be aeated; the gout rsea weteV 
danee with svoede; eeeh one. whea feing ■ 
dance, wae lo ieed toie pertaer to ihe foes ot i fl 
sofa, make a low obefsanee to tbe President 
bUMy. tbea go end dance, oud wbew doom 
bring tue paruae.* beck ageia to ib« foo* of 
•of A for new otieiseniiei, and flaaby retire t/' 
thsir chairs. It wee le oe uadcrateoiJ, lerr 
'hat geetlnnen sLaiu.iI Be dirae-d in bage 
Knex coBt*aved looeose with uie Prusideat. ead 
lo f A’ow .491 and Mr*. Weentb^a lo tbeir do^ 
unatioB, aad sbebedtbe dee^^of Iseciag fr«o 
"he Preadeat aa tnvitariow te a seet oa tbe aeta. 
She aw-oBied ap the steps a:t*r ibem, uwhetfe^ 
bet onlostaasteiv Ibe wicked eoic was so ebe-a 
that whea the Praeldeat and Mrs.  beshiaf ea 
were seesod, tbere wee act roeea foe a thud pee- 1 
eon, and ebe was la deee Bl||i[ 

101“ Ow reedere. we foal sere, wiil beer ee eat ia 
Lh- aiserttaB. that. g Mtd«i ^ He elae and the 
e- * s eboreoier  if the ■otter we pabtish, the 
Y 1 -. rv I'l. 'eiBB li by ndoi the BEST .tKl  
CbiAFE8TPAPERIVTHlWR8T' Ii ’■mtabee, 
lo iL-. eogww of tbe T«er, e veet aaoeat of Uterury, 
3iv.r-”aaMu* and comaeroin] ■atier, with all tbe 
ppi r • Mwe of tbe dey, anc all fer enlr Oar lM Der, 
L- even lea when tehee in clebe Bar b^ing t le 
tui;- mpv *rc not ngein .-oaUeetly ark the kind 
^ .ujr uesta ef fheade ia c.Tteuding oer 

..^y very forge kubecHptioi list’ L- the®, tbea, 
ir tc wt \ ss^: ge  up ole*» nud • •iw-.rd them 

The Cattle Trade of New Yerk for ISAi. 

We flud in the New Yurk papers of Tharidsy, a 
tubfe of the weekly recc pu of becTer. oaws, calvee, 
e-iue, sheep anJ I im-s Gr 1S54, as they have been 
^ported for sale at ihj avera’. markH-plaoee in that 
ci y. First, of beera. Ot ti ea the total girea ia 
iaOJ64, averaging 3.257 pc. week. The aveingc 
number each uia.-l;at day (wlUwh Is now on ■'ednoir 
day.) at B ill’s Head, U 2. 3:7. Wcatimatetho bal- 
ioois at 0 ewu each of moat lu the quartert, uin’c 
iag 10!,€13,4X  Ibe. At 3 cent* a pound, this is 
f -lilfj.SM. This iuak'is the who a number ewugt 
851 a bead. Of vems we hav* 63,534, which wx co- 

T‘ l ist ifrai, true end ’ -i*i f nJe 
wL. !: ■ *. eop-Ar’- by ua wve^il j,. ji, wc 

b -p- '■ c..^*itiie thfir afliciont exert I jus la behalf 
o: the Col'll Oerw. kiy circulet.  a isidrcady 
Ijtger by thenoandaV an '.fa-i of any o' err paper lu 
tba Sb'-c. and te eaable aa t« print m K rge and val- 
ufofo a pe^ at eo low a price. It fo Bwu .tasr 7 tbaa 
ear forge c-rcufotioa abould be ooniilderaUy is- 
e aaeed. Give ua, tbea. good friends, year aeiirt 

g^pTbe niaetat year proatsa to be one ef stir- 
rmg iaip runec, wmI all wla unsb to keep tlna- 
■ Jves fsily poetsb in tha p re g te a t of aSiiin tn all 
p*rfo eft w wjrifl, shaa'olloeaaetliaelaaubacriUn^ 
t4 i'si COUBtEl. For a very vULingaua-^it aey. 
we faraitt da.-t.-^ the odi^  4 a J^aysff efo^WA 
«f V JasUc aad tolatuetijig foften atioa * 

l^rbeiu S3 vih^^ or; pdfohba-hppd io Hfo 
Wea where a of P-s kVeccTf 

Cousita oou.'^ rot he'rtMl with .■ 
naeaut of cseruos WJl not apr  Trte|H(s ^ 

Bash can be smob liehed wtUrb Ikftk tnfelfioi ' ' 

wa Cwnuadcd (bat the c*uols of the c.’'uirc'. m 
quire A.: Ui—a-xiioaa at th* ouafe^sfoual to be kep; 

V a ^ Art.** e »ia* al.a naswA.».wr.  Assk esi 

sacrvu y a scorit; uut lire woman, kaowisg sack to 
bo tbe ryqu'rcuieata of the Caihotic goorcb, anU 
having viuutuU a aolemn obligation by te ling ber 
bUttbacd, she ought, thcreftuv, net to- be bukvou 
ueder oath. Wi.-,«oieo were tutrodueed. wLo usU 
dad to iba existence ol eonie etrongo canoiucei 
laws, pertaining to tha eoafesasoa J. One wi'mea*, 
in answer to intrrrMatociea by tlia O^triot Auor- 
uey. tcstlflod, that u aay lmpropr ;ty wen ofowed 
to a woman at the confiveinniil, ^ would be bound 
to keep it a tcortt from her baalam* and cvrry oc  
eLw, pruvitlcd there wsks uo per^n.U vlo’c-ee. If 
*; a sLonJd be bmlsed, U atea. or roigo.y handled, 
ih u^e would be jusufled ia (tiKloseng tnc tocL 
l^'hiKh-a the uaTiotoby in tlua case, uu^hfnL’y 
in*...'prcts the canoLs of the ci.msb. we, of cua;  e, 

‘■* not L'.e mwaiis of kacwlux. Bat if ib  wit- 
aii.M.Su£' nrdby ih«. irfen-hu;". U.G tral gave - 

ccritcl cXf't-w, (''-ca th« p - -J. y- ts -- - 

be stspiy lois: an CatheJo eritMs ^-ivileged it 
ofler ga-me sad ladeceat lasn. 1 ., ; a aaBi . st a e a- 
feesioaal. all ior t ie ^ory im God Omw spccK. Mhflcu- 
Ucr. of (he Tdr^m Mlu/. 

rUa jury ia U« ca.o o. the B*v. Ifr. Trowen'io- 
p«r, pt -m.: '.J L. 'ht 1 1 a Tl-. • f guusy. . j, 
J'.. ;i'«iBipcs(d a U..S OL i^c Ais-.J.u'. A sou 
cost*. Baioar a hgrt penally, prapjrtlt.osi to Uac 

fVrcaiC.s eVu.M' uu w L.aexb*ra; 
Terr";'.! Aoc'dcai-lJot r EislMfou— TbtneAeii 

frere*. e »aocaia..-j lojbie.fl tree el lAus. 

De..e. ac. 

W* reo«.ved laf-rmaioo early yeetetday uotnia-. 
it ihe *xp • ion of osc of *he hoiivr atiacl'ed tl 
tdo inecLi-...ry o. Mr. hiaola'a ike msU, aboare.. 
at the foul 6f Trude st.Mt. The ■. xpL ;lDn tcoL 
plaoe tot t i q I . air V fs. s tverv j .,’cijok oa W -d- 
aesik-.y mg. i ,k 1 eevtrv'y scalded and "■*• y-'- 
.’uiU) m.ui name a Goacun aud iwclv* negreea. 

Mr. Gfocon sulfereu moat y, hfo «h"J. 
.»dy bciug .-c&IJnl u a truly shoe .—g muauer. U. 
wascauvejed to he huS( in a very prcaarlub 
5 afo, where Ja.'h rellevad him of ia »aiterkg.- 
.e*c cT«j(a-. T.VJ of toe jjgiovs Mm died Iasi 

:iue of the asyreea hsiougod (o Mr. Aagei, ef 
J )bns Used, auU were to be a goat to the pfox'e- 
iioa tbo ptevi HO cvwiiuA', b. t ae tadnigaal CW' ,.. 
t Mnjbi the night would b* -mo oold for expoaa -r 
jj lue water, aaddtfcrT(.d tta d(pwrtn.e til ■ it 
morning. Tte negroes ricght ebcl’tr ia tbe xdi L. 
.•roxunity to tbe b-al-.r, a.'at'et instraciioas to tew 
efieei. Ui. Gs»con and the rcmalmag rearucs wer  
rofistcea, sna bed abo gene into tbe Bull to av.-ic 
the uteaoe cohl of Uic night. Two of Mr. Aug-i't 
-focroe bad toch a kg -imputaUd yi».ltrd.y. 

the huiiufoz was uithily dvsttuyed. One hat.J. 
bei aging tu .he mil!, a aegiu, w aa lyfor oa the 
juilcr at foe tune ef the cxploaioD, and, .urpa a! 

Iv etionre ri it may epf ear, be we olowc, li; ...■' 
tbjuug'a the wiod'. .v or tlx. bieoch usJ** la .a* w 
Mine twenty or tbirty yards uutude lb* preak * 
(*.' 'o yond tue LoiiSk.l-.ia eoc:'* of the 
kiihvnt i-.C5».'v ag iLtf »ugL\4et mjaiy, sure t trid ; 
scratch on tbb hlad. 

S-uco wutiugthc shaVk .‘..e tuArci: st 

aUtebocr fo-tl iveuiug, sad poued to ^ i- 
thut more :’t«tbs a.-a cxpccud su. jsir tbe reaku- 
fog -utTvSers b r tnr-, uuT'tncly ca.- •r ep'seL 

I Ffttia Y7a»biKS14U. 

1 ^a.'B:s«tu:», Dto. ."Ul— Tuc CoemLlJt-'e cn 1*^ 

I rlt likS in tbo Haase of jkep.ewLU’aiives reperred 
yksterdsym favor cf a aruit M twj Bll'icut e! 
sentbf pu'j'ic audio sLl la toe cuastreetlca c.' s 
I ." a&tarrai.kkL L...e of l^amph from toe k^-fe- 
I bppt cr Mistu ifi riven to tbe Pseko Ocean. 7 b. 
camnittoe M/ '. fo p.o^Mt c Q'«mplsteJ is .me  r 
L'A.u.kv iibuco-k .'si . *ad pae^e: iesu *tae. .. 
of p'-ictushtftr ,■ a; .’, e* ’ . e^ i’pk^'en II ft ■ .,e 
have t etjoo-iugajt. L . -f '.•iti t.'jv,rjmeat. Yj^ 
blit repotted w. h j b t;u cena.e’i hJi uu the a so 
pr v: 1 •; 

1. Lii iiari^ ; -t .:n bo g "«n toror 

.the puhiic lAaoit uf the Uu.'Rd Sta .e   the r -u- 

'r.n;';;k.'a c' -..bte:. omul line of tvJ-gnpb^o; * 
least two ind ; ou(k.i'. coadurto a) :rofo' ibe Misvi* 
Kpi 01 Mfeioni t (Tver :o (ion Prsockoo. 

2. 1 iLtilt he Ctiu' oc*..'. 0 / ludiviis.'il cate. pro. 
cud at tr. Lvidua) izf': i-‘. 

}. Thti sft.v I’  x,. -a iu s, I i i 

a •». r-'-'TL'ii'-ut n-;O i ... .. Te *,ift 

msking 8453.985. Average number per wook. 253. 
Of sheep ead Iambs t han have been slacghterod not 
i 1 ^ then 555,474. We count them low at an avet- 
age of S5 »eoh, which mskei $3.77 ;,495. Tbe aver- 
age numb.r lulled each week U 10,092. Avenging 
the meat of sll at 45 pcuodi per head. It will give 
*4,936,655 pounds. The butchering* of swl..e for 
theyear omonut to 253423. We huv# uvemged 
them at UOpaunls each, mskhug 35,335420 pounds, 
which, at 5 ct-uls a pound, is 81442,922 CO. This 
m .gee the hogs average j 7,70 each. The average 
number ; er week o. all auimtla rooefred for olahah- 
tor u 20453. Aocardfog to our esiLnsta of Voiut. of 
tbj sltoghta"ed a n iuj Is o 1854 in this ally, we have 
ixj fo.*ji.,.'b 'boe sjo "»'in o. foa."tee 3 a..!iris, 
sj( _undreu nud sixty-uijc ihoosuod, kevan huudA-d 
ajJ ulaety-.aua djUA,**, which is an^ ei 
#233,111 per Week. Tm beef Cjt'Jo alone wj; 
aver-ga 6175473 a week. 

more liun C.iy miles Lorn Ue jtrtropJis, but wuo 
have to (TaVtl over ‘ Jonfon.” 

TTou will reooUeot t:i-.t on act wai paacJ 'mst 
gumni« r, giving 10 iha Tmltory of Mnceeeu itr- 
t..iu alurruatc i, of land for tht purpose of 
klduig iLe coiikti action of ce: tain raguads wiildn 
her bounds; that nriou La being stated that (be bill 
hid been aan.-ptitiously altmed w^on its w*y 
threugh Cougrese, a Be ect Oomraittee voaappoai 
ed by ibv House to txambe into the ijbjcct, and 
that, finally, in corse. qaeneno. tee dlsdr^tB matk 
and toe focu e.'iclttd, ho.b 'jotL-ee icp^ed the act., 
iSui tncoonipoLy which wasbym:nnk f ;hh:'. .miu- 
le-t alteration of the bul, to get pozLcaiou cf tbete 
lande matead of their going to itui Te^.ry, caw 
tuk* tli* gi-onnd Uu: Coogresi bad no ri2t to rrp«a! 
tuii act; ICC*, the laud became thein the 
jromeut vf us psusage, und cunuot frou. 
thfou I a tail waacLmmtcccd at t fle i x Stance, u. 
the Torrit ly, ttia que.,,U..u r4aed b8lxe toe t u- 
preniu C otu'i, *nd dk.Uod by tnut au fo body c. 
ueir fovor, hut iLc hes im u brou-xbtup to tbe 
Sapicoe Coiri Lerv, where u b u  be by 
Bcvbidy Jafaetcu ic; lit conf-ony icu’l. Cashing 
for the U i.edbuitk. 

Mr. Letcher jesie, J^y lairolnced a re;aju:l . 
w'nich WLo 0 jMkd by (he livu.-«, ie(crifo( thfoanut- 
n r to the JuiCLry C-atntrii te, with *vla to liitu 
muk;ug a repoit o( il e f:cts ct tl.e u«m. and sog- 
gesUug rich action os ihey ms,- d‘jemmlrU.hie 
As the r.uord   f to . now rtiirti kfoie ih« 
Sapiwee CotLt, the lieu do not appar, aad of 

0 June ore not auppesed to be known '.   ’.^eean. 
hat if to-y are set f .“tb ia a pnaicbw loujoxt 
.eeoluitoc ta be po«s«v b/ Congreee. theyaiay thus 
be Iriught Jufliculiy befeta :hc coorL ue cam L 
at leuat a nov -d one, a..d if the company u  Jd suo- 
J*»d, (bay wUI have ‘Taktn ad«La.agc of te r ow. 
wiua^'*— cheir own rucahty— loap..«itae^'ClmA- 
tiou u the Cutamon Law, teat no min i sal do th .^ 
Wuea U Is known taat t .o Seknyfer #, wl Nt'" 
Yo(k, wen among the moat ocuve ucaUaof this 
Company, no on* will be eurprisca ci tL^ihing U 
ta^ hear In relation to tk-eir ccsigTis. 

Taere U a larger namber oc fo.« goers redding L. 
this city now ihan I have ever known bvfrre, ead 
th« conseauec*e was, on Chrtstrnas dsy, alv^r 
amount of driakeum-ss. Uuder toe ueaa of * L  
eai .News,” tue Gioke aysi "*I eppiarwl hat tat 
degraded and beosiio! Lad, by oommou assent, 
ohoanu t-k ss the season (or a contlEual (abdec 
Ddokiug hotue* w«te thronged wlih bibhws, an 
np, n every street m«n and hoys, of sB oumple.xioas 
Were reeh.ig in drankeniiees, and s.touiljg vords ol 
prifoni y arid obscerilty. Li avcAl localittsc tbu. 

vere broils auJ figh's, in the midst of grio'.’:' of 
bouarels uf sympsthL^rs. We cm truly ^y that 
we weA never brfire so comp.eteiy pat tisham. 
by tb  acaaJalios dem -.'iaor of the impniumt and 
licentious umou? tu.” Instead of bciog kcjtbert 
Bs 8 sacred, Loly day, there was ahoul a.auo:. 
“noise iuid confusion,'' flr;a of gaus and citckbrs, 
os then: usujJIt is ootl!* Four h o. July. A 
propeniity “Jonathan” baa of in^myifikt 
by mtklnq a great nofo ; oci about x, foneil a* 
it is stroiige. 

I observe the Loodoc 7 %.hs* has oeu.eo 
and Is commculing upon the foot that alarqipo,- 
tion f f tbe American pcopie are *ymi atjfois; 
with Bnssii in thecoutev. now goi'.g oj la ^rope, 
anJ obnrgea it in somedeiree t. Bassiun iutiigiie. 
At tee oicuing of the war, w’ucn ttic feip«riaL des- 
pot of the noith "iiriateasd tn swallow Turkey 
whal.*, the aympattries of t'oe Ainevlcoas were 
sl noit excliuirely with the Turks, a^ our press 
CoUa! looi y UMD England and Fraaoe to aid and 
save tha J- weak neighbor. We also complained  i 
aad timte 1 tire ;w   wostem aowsrs Pf tbek la- 
M'Jvi J, while ibe Turks wtoe Wo.aaJly d-J«»d;ag 
is; and it In ho"'K measure in obeda-nce 
tg p'tbdo opiiuou and to coLSeqoiQOe vf foiag 
thus tooLted with masterly ln ctii^y, (hat the sllN- 
en.ajed In the expltLtio'u "o tie (Wreea; but dace 
they landed utoh t’" t pigiiiisuis, UKre mkns fo b-., 
^ chauve goLg in tbe pebUz l^lfog aasoifl ue. 
upou whatFiroend, or for khat r ea.jn. I uost m.- 
knowkdjje 1 do uoi r*ry clskijy see, but suy(o«a 
they Jo. But kt our aympglh-ei. be with which 
ever they cisy.tnewar s to be e tor.ibk, tdo .Jr 
ucc. Us 4k ho.'j alr^l h --i . BliELBY. ' 

The Bible i.i i.e.u asu Aths eis— .igy y r. 

arksoswuwys w j s edr ss s. *:V •*- 

V.’e find the fjJujrm^ obeuect of au sddrsre de- 

1 vved beforo tn* In icia i rjj'iaors’ C rjveatl'js, by 
B.-v. Robert J. Brcohla. jlge, in th. ClucjanaU Ga- 

A oruwJoJ audience collected in fm Fi. A FtaLy- 
*e;ir.a • hnre... to hear I’ue udJiesj of D- En.-rklt. 
rUje ou tho n e ot tlis nihle m cemmou suI^jI .. 
Ue vaU he .eii theie wta iui Jly a ntccvd y that v  
xhaol l co ne haa liidn of milcs to plead this qwe- 
ton. Ue wa., pcese at whtn t'oey epe jcd this s*s- 
sioa tliij lOuming, jnd they commenced with prayei 
to Gxl to bl«rsi toeriln ifc^work. He Cjoiu ImJ- 
ly c .'LCrdve ttOkt st& .4 which wu'iid m te 

each a nquist, aad iL-m Ood sad reveaM 
Wjrt f "n "i.asj'cooj. 'i’e shu-rlJ rutbir call open 

.'ri irbo o.j^rc tils m.'*'.ct ; thkirtwieoas 
f f mis ( .‘v jjo*. 

Ai tHAtirtf who had r-;dc bet a tiagio effort » 
c dec .’I .’'.Mfr.uau uaiitic* must have lea red this 
t.uvh— th-'-'to tducate ihtse foeal:fee you airai pvt 
taem Li cxetcLs. TMs .jri wa. ueveiopvi m tk 
J:a*. atijmt .1 at ud icitti-n, a-J it w. .  uIm the l.;« 
hiluctioauf tiie higicat g«i:trAAA.;itloD, when i c 
fobd .icqiir-d the .' of rvlf-vJ'.C4.t»B. t!m 
l.,a 'oh-caer 4 task is kiose. lic'v ijca comJ ’.la 
ml jd 'o* cdkiiattU inaa ia ^i bcia.g axrrjfoed oa tie 
hfqheH rales of light, Laoeatkin d ji Ure prccepwef 
tho BiuleT 

At t.ic v*rv thresboU cf this subject, U was se- 
ct Star;' to osk. \v.iai is too education we w ah ta giev 
oar youth, for oa tbi". depen'led tas qioetiiiit, 
wjontr 1 -e.lglin 'and any coukxrj with it f If Wt 
wtsb to ViUCatc 8 godlts-o, inTiiial, Moi laou race, tlv 
leaa Bi'tntt nc lA-vid the b«t.«r. But if we wL-'i (o 
rj!-,c up A Pi'iotcrLijt, Ci.ijtijn ooB.-zuiiitf, 
til* BiMe wao^eMtat jJ. We ore often sskeii, wfoi 
ii IS r.ii.'toj M do wiLi edoumioa? w;-o«v«r lojiril f 
a reUitio s arithmeUo or a nions a'gebre T ThOK 
wh   (uh these qujotioa tbliih they it«ve said so-v- 
ihinT pertiaeuu But kamln? th« word of God d 
not inolndo on im'e.ior nowlcdge on any other suV- 
jcct. Uvoau-ie rvUgiiuiUutn does boi run into ill 
biuucha of edJO«Ljn, hail it, tnerefore, »ot hi 
Urrufd ut ell ( rb^-U a liitlo truth mixed wsi 
ii e f loeuao.’, aed that lit le d ex aU the miochtu 
rbi« is Lideed a ' ec count. but tbe retigioB tUl! 
maikvs os utc la ut tbe rc.i jioo ■ f Coofn^m. It 1 
the ruUgtoa c.f CUitat. T e t'.aie is not iolKM; wt 
u«v«r rucei G: d In adipiing oi. ociutii'j"joa 
Aid it our c • : ciituilrn prolnnits r*'J^loas oJuj v.ioo, 
let it be Knieutoerk-d t.*'e Cjmmaaityts sIjovo tN. 
State. Oae of thu gi..iJkbt d:,covvitcs of out aa- 
C'.at :j wni that revjlntions C'^uld bs wrou;:kl by 
biUot as Well as by buyoucL If t e g,eat Intaresfo 
of n-i isokljA cs.foot Lo fo teviaI without subvcr’diig 
the State, let it be suLvirtCJl. 

riio nJvocsiOB or the us* of the Blhl i lu schools 
dM not want tLc cy t*ji of educa.foa sus’jr'xd h. 
*£.k.;a.i;; liiigma. ltw;s  :ot oeceaeoxy that tlis 
.iCiioolmuater sbrntld Le u rtUgiOca teacher  t vB 
Put (he hi'jlo in tLi s(.ho-..!,iodTet God oua bisfLaa 
tkioh by • -.cur own W4 . j, a^d th  ir ohjcc- wo.- at- 
OJjiJjJi.i. lucy lav.elv a,k;,d that tho hfote 

I^Tfo oaaMquanot of foc ta oas, Miu klArns 
GAtmra hat rot taaa abla to ooapltte ha p.m.- 
c^'rr ii tiac for w to begin lu punhoatijc tU. 
wjok Wa k jpo fo have U b Ua: f jc our aext ts- 
• e. 

cooU. hi uher t05p. :(a too oonaoBy wao k •-• 
dae od "ironoaly tvcoorlng to the Afrangoaei., 
Aodtho I^siOeBi aide to pose so r' whaka 

was a very  fasigtreih.a! voc lo huB.” bovorai »J 
theoa stAteraaB s won od pte-i vy ('jo kSto Co ^ 
StoBO, ia an aocouac wm«h e pbLkfoh.-i of t 
irsebo& after tho iBaugu-atioo; and Mr. Rifo 
dreih, I aa surpritod porceve, kaa Mfvoied 
ihca la hio Hutoty of tho Unitau Srofos; hut 
-hey aro atl ttttarly uiwrvok Ijatiho l*i«aideat 
oocupfod BO soctt sUieiy postt io a, ou aa •ic a«o ' 
plauona, la sol&cmaUy apparent feoas foe aet 
ihat he kiaaaod M ioaa la toro co. i.Lk aa tad cao 
diiauct; ao for Miu. W aafongtoo, afac wsa ' 
'rooeat. aer. fer bwth foaa a tO(n.ight a* 
vuds, ia tho eOj, anJ Mra Kaot wjs at t   
(UM la a sUvOtioa objcA pi»««a:eii Lot afpe - i 
snoo ta socroty.” I 

7 ke a ;;ii»aaVe RsZ— Cu tho feE c wiag Ilcra 
Jay, tho tounoobfo of Mav, U Ueux- da Xeaa 
her gave aaariillooai foul ia noaw at foo Pre»L 
vsec, at hio hfoiao a Bccouway. It a kloeanbod 
ta a latiar by oao of tho youag m tc pteoati, so a 
iilaad ia I^uiadofphia, as rrtaaiaaioo for foe «o d, 

lsftCos 4 a?o„iTA  4 AsT akd LlTxtABY Arro- 
CLaiia.'k.— '.V’t ajAii OviU tha ..ttc'jiionwf oir rra- 
dersto the adv iklaennut In our oolumns, of Uiis 
Art U oiou. It wX b* peroelvod :hit tioy uo v an- 
sirooc MvjtLi use aJ iftAouhto tboir gallery, in the 
shAW of uims, Ac., which arc to take thCkT laoe 
wi h th: G. ek the dist.ibatlon oa tbe 3$th 
of t AS mjnth. Ws fram J. H. Mother, foe 
Hccoraty Stcrtiary foi thie city, that they Lav* re- 
oolvoJ Ljd arc coostaatly r jcdvLig larje num'oe:aof 
sobM. .ber* £ 4-03 ali qaartcr*. We da not wouitr 
at in AlmoA every IndlvlJunl is struck by the ad- 
vac laytooffvrod bytlu* loa'itu’iox Uniki every 
t.iicg ot the kind, u u sox a gome of s.MCula'lav 
with the proprtsloru. Each moaibsr becomes a rib- 
aniber to Mats oje of our aaovifoui aiagsa-nas, aad 
rooeivtjait rogolarly fer one j«at, paying no moie 
than the ralwotiptlca price, aad at the same use 
stands a oouace of cjuwiag so 4 na ane of tha ua- 
mar Otis works of art to bo distributed. Tho.’vfone, 
it ainipljr ent rusts to this: if you are taking some 
migasins-s renew your oubicriptions with ib* Co.- 
mopclltaa Art and Litersiy Awxi lion. If you do 
not take a magaxms, tbeu send your mime in by 
ul means, and supply yoniMlf with ntadlog msUer, 
at the B me Ums to dlsMOlnstb art over 
our land. Mr. Derby hM pnblUh d an l'daatm« d 
oatalogUA, coplts of which may be obtained of Mr. 
Meeker, or at hlsofSce. 

WoMCir va Ltqcoa.— In Otsogo, Allegan contiy, 
Mkhigan there baa been recently a veiy summ .ty 
cnfoioemeDt of tbe proMbitory liquor law. Thirty 
•trong, and backed up by aome fifty men, tbe woucc 
of that tewB rvoemly turned out and went to work 
for the praetka’ enforcaiacat of the prohibitory 
liquor law, which had been ivaded. Tbe wos.en 
marched to the "groggerlas,” with axe in band, 
aud coon cleared tbe mm barrels ot ibtlr a cobr Uc 
oonteata, dciooliahing th* Lamia and spilLng uot 
tea “nm.” Two “grooeriea” w«re aerv*d thus. 
The women then proceeded to foe vilftja vaerru 
and oompeUed Moew. tbe laudlord, to give np bis 
illioit traflic ta tbe coot: ebon J article, threat enieg to 
serve him as they hod the other groggerles. Uepro- 
aused to accede to tho wishts of the ladies the 
women will be brought before foe court i bnt tbvre 
can be notUing done t:, tBcm, as they hav« the s^xn- 
pauiy of a great majority of tbe people of the 

Judge Abuor Pruit, of the Sai reme Court, bi d 
who presides ov«r tho courta ia that district, aa v 
that the womca ought tc havi  a reward for tbclr 
Lravery. Prait la strjcgly on their sido. 

BexAtss or Ez-Gotbbiiob MoxaBtaD. — Tho 
reaslusof tusdliti iguished Ez-Govemor Morehend 
who Aed Tuursisy U Covington, lesched ibis city 
yesterday on the moll boat, in chsr.KC oi ths fc jow- 
Ing SKOrti Oa tbe part of foj hitOTcs •/ Ktmax 
suMo-’y Col. Thomoa Farter nad M*J. E. B. Bor fett; 
fer the Bar, Mosora. J  hn W. Stevenson, Jobn W, 
fiaaslt, V. T. Caaai'ocrs, U. C. TLnber 4 ai(ei for los 
.Vosnate FitttraUg, W. c. Mungur, A. L- Green, 
O.i J. J. Doiancy, und S K. Hays. 

These gcnlianan remotuod in t'ois city durluy y »- 
lordsy, auJ will proc«j’*l ihis;} to Frankf::: t, 
•VA.-retiie carps, will oe uitar.vl la ta . State Cucic- 
.Si 7 — A epat aliuady bailowMl a the barijl-pl* .-e of 
.Aony of Kentucky’: moat tmiiieat dead. 

We nudamtiAi iliaiihc luasrsl earvioc* at Co- 
vhjgtoj wen* of a deeply odejUa; coaracter, ind 
attended by a largo iiuoioer. Djv. 6 . L. U-lm, pas- 
tor of tile Baptist ch .rcb, and IIvV. Dr. Ever'..-, ai 
ihU city, oSdcled. Mote t.iaat'Vo thoosonj poi- 
sius jocoaipaala. tbe reiiolu* to tbe whart st C,,.- 
ctnuau, and every pooa.'tiV: aualfosuiuoj of , uL'ac 
grief gl:ea In haaor of foo nomory of one wbi wu 
■AA axis. Ic and beloved La private lib as be wi-s her.- 
srably dlefotguulshed iu the nabllc eervica. 

Tst Fata Pscxiso Asaoxo tat FaLLt.— 
Wccmtiu'aa uor ',v^.ty etuaiite o. loeuan jer 0 . 
jjge iudnd uyihe vaiiooj pjciiug h a5ca ..4-ouati ih* 
fo-is, by whish 11 will be eeen that the tvoeipte mi 
very ligtit, vnd tnc s'Angh’vcring progreealig eiiwiy. 
Jy tAOuer wjtk the aiuwliy of the hoos** wfo be 
a'.a;,*i(ar foe ueuMn. The noa'ier luUed op to lost 
Jg'ai, wggfosr wiki the aaai ac in pans Is snbjouied: 
.'.vKj t. r  * KIImL ^ la P 8. 

. 11 ... 4 i.t a Ox, 

X sA*JU, 

■ 1 -V.V.I, o.e .s -* k 0» , 

.1 ». W'j .• .V v’v., 

■r Jt Ja. k j a kiv., 

Jjr. •/ iCajJUivaCa. 

J I, iAJJlAi B k.0.. 

Javt A a»g,,(«»s« .» 1 *U 

Ts 44 ’, -v»i 8 r 7 jv j 

r." 0 .. kjs BM ds*« lost  '*ir, iliAlii  4 04i I 

T lOs It Will tMS**a kust tne toud number o: hogs j 
up to isi; evsniig was 351,8  7, ugoiost S7t,- 
36 3 st the same period last eonaou Tbe teesoo a 
sxpec’osd ti oiise in another week, s..! the dufloi-i.* 
oy will (hen begruator than Isshawu by tav present 
Ajoree. HaU, Hoat A Cm, st their his- | 
iaoh.injathJIsdi 353h);* yeott.iiy, ^nd txptJ t 1 
Uj 10,000 mo:^. E. L. il'olfinan ACki., bn%x | 
yet n ft-w thouanUd Gtbog* to ruouv* L'om In Joan I 
wlica wii ci jse ths seasin with tbum ! 

i'at mi4ii;k 'Aut '4Ud been doll s.d (’roaping for ' 
tea diys, h i  laiAiiju m 1. .n.coa, and 2* -d boja | 
HI) qai.«i ai *; ceuu uet. ’ 

A LvvUVills PniKTts iw TtousfcE — Wa Ltia • 
from toe Fitu urg Journal that lhaddeus Potter, | 
1 printer, f4jiu tl4is city, was cinimittcd to pruon i 
7 j 8ao'liy,by Mayor V* a. to answer a char,.c of! 
bi.'gLny. lie wee siitRUd at S uphr’., taveni. In j 
ib« Diamond, and on tiearcbU.g his baggage a lot   ' j 
burglar’s tools wue f/uai. He ia chugvd with eu- j 
lering Strasbur^er's store. 01 M^irkct rreet, on { 
Akturuay, ths 25d tut., and Uking therefrom n : 
qanuiiiy of doth! g. ' 

Cbtstsi. Pauses Arrsiis.- A •tatemeiit h*r- 
Ing btan puLiiah d that ihe lutLilitie^ of tbe Crys'ai 
Palscc Assoeietien are 8600,C00 while (ta assttt 
va'oedat 8100,000, tbe JounuU 0 / Commtree oou- 
tradiots it. Tbe Jowmol undereterds that tbe 
deb a ef t'le coanem ere ebont 8230400. As to 
tbe value of the assete, it will sot buord an opinion, 
but quietly remarks that “tbe Crystal rslaceoMt is ^ 
ibe neighborhood of 8700,000.’’ ' 


Fatitts Mvttok IK hew York — The Albany j 
si/ers are eatbaaiasttc la tbe app auie they give j 
Che* hinder half ut a dreaeed sheep” titat wes Mrved I 
jp t one of the liotois in that city on ChrLitmas day. 
It wa of the Bouthdown breed, aud from ibe flocks | 
of Mr. James Foley, of Fayette o.)oaty, of this State. • 
So large and splendid piece of mutton wa« sever seen 
tn Ut* Albs y market. { 

J a.:.MB'f Nun* AMock Cpea fo. Dritlsk | 

I.: our notice of the paper ccn-air.inj the b:o^- ! 
n foy of Andrew JacLeoc, laHarptie Jlsgm I 
i si:, we preoBieed m say soaefoinj asre o: ; 
It Wa4dy Tboapaan, in hie “Peraatial K»- t 
colleciioae cf Mcxkc,” epeekt ef Jackeon'h . 
campaign in Lotbamoa oa a ouraculous oae, 
aad apoB Huae'e ctfinitice of a mirade, t’iie ^ 
fona ia a” iwabiC. Tbere ie not e feature of that | 
campalgc that ia not e rich troaeore to the Ameii- j 
can poopla, and of a!! other portiocanf fo^ cia- 
fodcraey; the Waal aad Sooth ehould guard L | 
ev;fo jealoce core. There are few Aaeticans. ^ 
iniljiad, erho have jaw at truthful eoaeeptlocf o'* ‘ 
the hlf h and rare alUtary faatue which Jackacc | 
d rpitwad in tha erhoia maaageBaDt af the great 
true; .juaaltted tc hun Alaoet every one has 
het^d of the hank of the oigfath of JaBoary, but 
that waa bat ihe cnitninaiiny point of ea aaeteriy 
a aetiee ot miMtaij movameats aa over adorned 
the ewaar of a bara. 

Lcr- - befsR aay eoa afoa eeaaed to euspect H, 
Jacksesi'e mtjmtAj taught him that the Britian 
» •   propoiiag for a dseea n t opoo New Orleans 
He “Tstiacttenly eaw for whole game of war be- 
Ca.r Lm, and with ahciKt a proacionce, he deter- 
to romaence the d e fence of New Orieaoe 
by drabhtqg foe S^anierde ef Fierisia. He well 
S.MW that oader the cover of aeutraiity, the 
bpaaiarde were aidiag Ua Biituh in aruiiug the 
aavefOT and runaway negrooa in Fforida; that the 
I rjtnh wan drilling these troafe, aad fruin; out 
expodittcas under tho patronage aad support o( 
tb* Spenieli Governor, againet Aacnran ]*««te 
He ct Q*ioe naicbed to Peoaarela end tbrre per- | 
hi brilLunt a feet as Napoleon did at LudL 
Tbe only e ue e t by which lecteoo cuuid tuaicii 
i-t«- fok? lewB was prWerted by e beUery 104 ] two 
Mil usee, which eeapictely swspt the 
ell eel, bnt oe ck een'e raw votunieers rufoed upoti 
foe peril ead earned the battery at the point of 
the beyoBW Tha Governor sumadered at die- 
cretMa. end Jeeksesi leek aaihtary poeoeaeion of 
FletMa uad drove the Britiah out Having ;,y 
ctuk bold e’sp clewd hie left flank from any 
turtber oanger (nau that quaiter, be at once re- 
pairt-k: U' New Orleans 

^ e have ee ilostga t« wTtte out an eoouuni u(' 
the ai New Orleans Our pur|M ae is 

1 “ Villi;- •»» attafo of Jackson fr«n t-:r 

eunoes htwenc M«nders that two .Ym-ricon 
•rti'ciA hava Dsdf  it. Mr. Headlei-, ii . hie 
rosanve, oadod the Life of Jackson, speaks of 
attack as a foiiare, aad the author ef the 
IT of Jackson in Harper's iitgasint, ays 
JaJlsot. sac lepniocd It ie shoujeful thai aa 
Aas.-icaB wnier ihauld betray such cui| abie 
tgecrosce of oae ef tbe moet brJhant end useful 
jf Aaencan eras Can tue writer of either 
ef t u»»e e'.etexiente have any proper oer.Ciqwioti 
et kht xiiojmjt upon which he was wiitiBg' Whet 
eou.a.*y aat b ori y is there, what shade ol eveuae 

■ s iA ...stance or suca a atatomentl There « as 
no. 044 (lAocr nar a eoldar under Jeekrea, a* Nrw 
OrjiAot, th^ ever suspected that he fade-) -n h * 
eojoci, or was repnised in the Uast degree «u the of tue 33i -jf December, 18U Tis b .’ith 
aa V/ssi kept freedom’s vigils on that luo- 
Boa'.eua r.ight, and they caaaot subati to any 

■ apa-aao:: r*--: depraaiatos foe gienens eeStevo. 
■«nt of ihfo nigbt 

Lfo us begin at the hcgjtaing of it Gsnaa' 
▲aa-t, who nod no pereoaal leve for Goo. JoeA- 
SJT u !: avj.'oxi e:. nent in this ei*y i«s,ec - 
ang k .6 ineoiifraB ol the night attack. He looked 
upoa u as the aaivauoa of the citj. He wee 
d.mng with Jackson aaJ other e&M.a, when a 
jentb dosbed into the leea aad anaounoel that 
the i .-4ifoh had laaied Jackaen bad flnishod Lis 
dmanr, oni wm foaoiag beck freta the tabic 
aaskmj » pipe In an format he rose from hi* 
caax, a.’.i, os by iataition, utteroJ toe e:nieace 
that asveJ toe cur He did not peuM one ma- | 
am: — le asked 03 questieo ef the youlh oe u  | 
fla nombais of the enemy. The boy’s speech * 
had seeaniy uttered hfe news, before JookaoB ex- 
•ir e^— the eaemy bhiw be flogged tiefor- to- , 
■Renww BBomiag. Adair, who was aa brave e 
nwdief as ever red treope, oaid be could ecaroe’y 
hc.iea4i hie 3 ca heanag when Jaekse;: iaa.40 thu 
aoneunc meat. Tbe military law la imper*u«c 
that foe nemmander ef a defensivs fores mut^ 
a-it ettadc aa invader until ke eeeertems the atun- 
htr and eg itj taett eof bfe eaemy. But Jackern, 
w:fo aOT a;iaaaDsed fos order or the aight, bed 
aa idea anetber be wu going to attack -me or 
tea (4i04 sand of foe aaeoiy. Oen. Adair noon 
fsaad that Jacksor. was tcmbly is caru  Ke 
said thai m fliteea mrtrtT- froa the tiau tJ e 
ynufo anetimeed bia (idfogs, tbere was noib'ng 
in ttks neighberaoed ef Jo^eon (hot wet not ia 
aetiea. (^flisc's and Carroll a eomfoUida were 
encamped dear imlee above the city, but in two 
hnais alter the newt ef the hndu.g of tbs enemy 
BMchcd Jeekboa, t b s ee treope wore marofaiiig 
foreigh the etreete of New Oxleane. Great 
ataifo prevailed ta tbe city, bnt Jackeon, at tha 
hand of his troopa mfueed hope into the hearts of 
theah aena, by the aanoaaoemeBt tha! the city 
enowld iw defeaded Hu plans wnsa devieed 
auh eoBsuiimaate sktU, but in order to under- 
h. 01 . aad the rreult which be wvul let us 
look aJ the enemy They had come, not merwiy 
te ayraf ood pioaderNew Orleone, but avowed- 
ly te atiatek the knee of their |iower along the 
Maswainpi enfl Ohio rivere, until tlie line ef 
Brit.Mi, poets on Crw aad On'arie sbonid be in-| 
teraectad, s«d lhae ceufla* foe Unite! Slate “ 
ma ! u the eld eoieaial boundary. The sxpe- 
di. A, : •■• if- yirojected en tiiia ecafe, and the feritish 
fTAn- it . ulaEiOB that the West woiiiU join 

iuen7 ev.d .issia' in this earoarof ioii4rsest. Tbs 
fjcce e«.TSiate-i ot lourteen thousand cL -ce treope, 
(hi .- 1 -ija. M UMte tpom Wel'ingt-a’s K-ninaulai 

TasRlviB was slowly rtsiag yeeterday here, at 
tbe b«a1 of tbe Falls, with six .oet alx inohee water 
la tbe ecu!, by the murk, last evening. Ou tbe 
FaUs there were folly five feet water in tbe pass, end 
/our feet two truhts over tbo recks iost eve: lug. 
D-arLag tbe previses twoutj-fuur . ours the nmbid 
rtiea Three Inobee. Tbe weather oontiimcs clear iin- 
remorktib’j waim and pleasant 

Tbo Edicard WaLk, Capt. Ce’oa’s m.immoUi 
f.'elgb: boot, went ovei tbe Fall: Monday afternoio, 
draw log three feet d,^lit Inches water, and though 
fo bandied badly, was token over safely and *, 
and ionded at Portland bi good order. Yesterday 
several boats passed down the FjvUs, in oUarge ef 
Foils’ pilots, wbo bav: got to work oucc more, after, 
a little over six ineatbs reet. 

Ii tl,e ebannat of the Lowit Ohio there are fnlly 
elcht f-wt water, hut tbe 1 ist boate up report tbe 
Lower iliasiaippi lower tbea it has b*ra kuoax 
thee 1338, with uuly five feet water reported a. 
island 65. The rise 'In the Ohio and a small riM 
frcBi the Upper MiE.lseippi will cf ccu(c« bnjrow 
Ibe navigation of the lower rivers. 

Tbe P.ttsborg rit.e vriU uacb here to-day, and we 
aie that 44 viil bo suffleket ti let the' 
tftUckt*, lugomar ana Capitol ove* foe rsEs 

]irA°’^'’t (tgret to learn that our friend Mr. James 
M. A4 'so:J, uas withdrawn from bis connection wit 
tbo proprietorship of tbs Looiaville Hot:!. Mr. 
Arnold poAiesees m an emineaT dcgr4.e those qoali- 
ttas of bajJ aad heart that tiufosa a m oi e valoabk; 
ocquisuon lo foe »ocl:J chcle and tbe bulaess mart 
of life. 'A'iuiia toe br.of p rioi of his coouceiiou 
with that koose, be boa greatly p.omoted and ex- 
panded lit already hl^h characUr amoog fo* pnb’4ic 
iiuuereoi foe Wiht. Such a mea wbui iaany p’i’a- 
lie caj'Aci'y wLi alwaj j ’i.^ tbo centre of a lar^e 
cirde cf Mc-ds ljiJ pations, end In this view pai- 
tlinl uli , Will hi: be f.-li by toe lutensL 
with V. bonne was i le jildod. Wciue not&d'.'feeJ 
0 ; 21f. A 'jail’s pir.m.s, 3'itw sincerely hope tiifr 
step wjl £.01 lavj'.ve bis with Ira w:’. Lem residence 
amijg to. A lew ei:b mva glvo coarocter and 
m jr.d wo.tb to a com n'J.iIty, .in - should fe; snst aiao J 
byak ‘isv jiTrcgrcJ 'jr’fcbe piblligood. Asbiohjcs: 
men, ( 4 ! .-y suCJ.'c etablliry ct bom: and oonunund 
umfllenou ah.oid, tb'xi ma'Aiug other uomm&niuee 
mfoatcry to foe aJvanoetuent of their own. 

Col. Bxkton's Uailkoad— itao Waehingtoj 
correepondeut of foe New York Timas writas fost 
Mr. Dcuton bousta that be hu tba FaeUio Baibosd 
In hispxk?); liui U to say, be bis rocd'.-d the 
onmea of twenty -tLioe of foe tnoei unlaeLt cepl- 
uUstvln foe connuy, fo b« put into a bill, aatbe! 
Doma of members of aoampauy to whom Conmes 
auall grant ulmpiy fos right of way tbrengb foe 
pnLUc Unds for a railroad to foe FccLlia Tne Ttmaa 

ijtso names -Were fu.nia'.ed bia by Wm. T. W*ld 
the “rtukojil king ' oc Acw England, bvuy man 
oa Iiai a a ibioiiuA re, anj, alinoagn «04ne ot 
(0*01 .i-vc not o« .u ojoauiteu in lue -naUci, 3ir. 
tVuj gj_Amitevs (.laiub cf inem will 
ta^ep-n'iia uiu inicrpnoe. Ibe tokening a foe 

lion Abbsi Lawrenoe, WdlUm Sturgis, Hubert C. 
Wn.tni jp, oa ni l O/uaa'jX A-p eU a, Joju 

21 . 4 44 j.e, J. na E. £iU.ya, David a. A'owl, u. U. 
iixin«:\r4.1:, iVm. L. Wud, tViLiaci Amory, ad u 
tfoe jj; JjA 4 W4..V41.', ol FroriilcAoe, U. L, 
Win. U liAjmAa. ji 2 v«w Bedford, sioka.; Eraaiua 
Gai'AUig, ot -A-jcny, A'. Y.; Geo. OiLiWa.d, T. A . 
Acia40A, Wat'mr a4.ainiJ,sl. Ll. •vloM.’W, Eawiu (2. 

L4:ua3c 4J,; 4)aa0l'ail, AaoniA* TlicaluU, 4 I 0 O. 

A. l;k..Vk4a , iiobcl. G. Mla'.UrJ, 8(4 Of McW To.k. 

IboCasl of D.).3eals.— N ufoiioer movtiaents 
n boaolf of Dr. Bcu'o bnve been mode, u it la un- 
! d.fotood fob'. Govcincr Ligiti in b.i.a.aca kwd.ya 
ibaCe font in: abould UOI paido.1 bliu. 

! A Cor:riDA: CL Max.— A Mr. G. C Bensm, of St. 

. Loafr, woo .103 lor li.'o mon’.us pnai boer. swindling 
lievciol mc.conule bcuaik ui New Yoik city out m 
I valu^ele guods, ob-efly (lub.was aricrod Fridey. 

I J^'“A.i:'top £,,aA.(ling, of tcis ci’y, ketnred in 
i MiUsij Ta'3r*Gy nijit, oa “EAily olarliime DiS- 

j o.-Veli.-)!.'* 

I Work SroFFtn.— A'e korn that the work cm foe 
I new bout for Cn^ c. Gould, at New AHouty, bae be*o 
; au.q- eudod for k ur months. 

3^“Tbe raiboud to Cincumatlooutisua w do a 
Ibig* posAcn^cr buoinoaA. It Li Uiu favorite tb»- 
r ugUlaie to foe Norfo. 

i 3 /VTbe Foci&c took out tbe larg.-st moil ever 
oarried from I'b'v Toik by on* vess*:!— over 67,00u 

jsr The W. A. Cavts from Gveon River goes 
to Mbdiaou to be liaultd out on tbe weys 

, JOrDurlng la.;! .rear ibcre were tines thousand 
and  ix (3,OOC) eteem*re siiivid utBi. Lonis. 

wbah feeaeil great iBlUikirBi fer tsa sfiee ^ 
leeu, to abew foe happy u^ou betweeu ue l* | 
laiioae. Three w eae were fifed, sad foe loun.‘» 
waa aoeE alefafeiv tea o# ee a pfaee fee lefrveh ^ 
aiamu A kf creeeed tms* rocm, a foe 
a iddfe. fruei wai! to wull Tbe whem « oil, 
aide, wu coveted with akairaa, flked wuh eakeei 
oranges, eypa e , wiaoe of Bit aufte, ke cawae, 
etc., and itechiy liaised un. \ wmbrr af ecr- 
vante tr vu beiueu foe table, euwBed foe gmste 
wriih every fouig they wseisd. rw tiaM to bae, 
1 * they exae u* red^ foeoaa*'lvea, '»bicn ii.ey 
did aa efteu ya a party had dor:  iaocieg, aDd 
made way feranosbes. W» Oeuf ten 
0 clock, ia foe heiwkt cf foe jeihxy 
Jkftoyoa   / Jk, 'Ts. — Dr Giiaweld quoeee in a 
paregriph respectieg the rslebroted MieMa 
While, who, thoa.-h of a lety fimtiy, -raw ea 
eft fenhina^heee u ueisere of ’ce 
or^vSiafioa of foe consthuueeai gflterflMfll 
OTfaM reo,! meeeece by '.u aeoesa t.umm ed- 
feeeiad o oat Omerei Morrsti 
**» reoiemb r goi»* wfch Sit JoLb 

Tvmpieaed Ue  4 ry Raunr-u teapony al’hetr 
aouso. -I srus dreree.! wi a ifeht Fn.nA t;;.e 
tvtA a Wgh oeilar, k p pe fe . ard 40,^1 giit 
bu Uen a aad dou hl e bteeetcd Maiami ee vct. 
.VOTL. i ro cjfered wua sa rt breechee, wiu white 
sjh sicciiaga, eHta-u g ^ oiepa, aau mil reflet ca 
''3J biaut aad at my wroa , logtiher w:th a poo- 
J« rfius white ciarot, w-fo a pud-f- .g lx. as we 
:a..e'J r , and I wi» c .'•■st-fereJ ’bo beat dre*» J 
ge aieae e m the reea. 1 lemeEsber te kawe 
wLfoeda aunuTc, wn.. ij.-ra, v; 1 y«. 
Vrr|kai:m. who w«s dieesed in aao per.:, 
coats; aad. saguArly eoo-.g’’, I csugal o«.d 
that Bight from .irmhiBW Let port w r.c ucgv.a, 
and home in a sa^ cba./. 1:1 oas ef 

iiie Do•.^utblils Toaruamem. 

The Oell-int K&intts la foe r trees Rtun— 10,000 
ei'ecl ifor* freseut — fits of Vtraluia 
fo* Vicwr— tbe «taeen of mtc uuS Rcautr mt. 

[Kep. I'M taprSA^yfe'' fo* ^ 0 ‘A svijs Ceiu'.*r ] 
Moii 4 ]iiy, tbo 1 I of JsLja^', (la'vued beantfrii’dy 
upon tbe teas of foousacds of epectsiorr, cou;rte- 
gated In urn city to wUnsa tb: fnanlmt toc.rfa- 
mont and niooi conikai display of volar and (faxfn- 
that bsa token pUeo oinoe tbo pslmest d lya ol Hibb- 
ard CJ*'.r Dtlaou, or foe jousts  432 uiu upon w.o 
“Slid of lb* cloth of gold.” 

Tke rpacioua grennds, tbe ebeuE ring, come*- cf 
FL'Si and iVoInat streets, and tnecirecu for squmev 
were crond).d by ixpcctcbt unduiuU'd ba.oldeiv, 
AjU nappy wi;* us man loai couiil liiiy gai a Oi.'d'v 
 -. a V 4 *’W of foo gulioaL k.ii^h.» a: .acy dusuS 4 
nroond tbe a-eus, uieat upon uonor. 

ibo sporis Were (n;roiiu 4  i by foo tm-npeior. 
Bed tbe flie and drums, who procbuiuid from a.i.r 
tl. 4 . o] enmg c,..r«i 4 .’ioui«a. Tuo vri'ivus aul^nis u 4 Mo- 
ul by in-A m u:«r of csrrm  uas vut.icd vaermg, 
each Lnigbi d 4 c»s«.d in suAfola babilimccta, t .’u 
du’-^uai t. 4 g tbe ckiracier iu wiiion loey rode. Tn j 
inUowing iwo a few of ibe knigbta, wbo .fatfog- 
uiAbod ibvtuatlvia in tbe oium by tneir prowc^: 
Kulgbt ot Beiirg.-ass, Budenck Dno, Ifojgbt of 
Virginia, L’udunoii.od Knifot, Ckck KniLut, D:*:' 
(Ju.xotie, fouiobo t'anza. Joan of A,:, KmcaiOi" 
0*1 kiey, Kni tit of foe LeopurJ, Rrina ti  rn, i oany 
Ameiics, Jfuigbl of Ulo I’liOuc, io 4 no 4 .-.rof iu« L'uiun 
anil i; a 4 ctub. 

Tt:*oc knigUisais t’ 4 ivy ctitor d the i-rvun, presea'ed 
a *, Uui ba*  -.ldum U' *vcr b-. u iqxiLicd. 
Having ranged tLemMJvc* around lue Cbief 
•bnl, bo arose m lb* aiirraps on tua gallant long- 
eorud Lto'jd and doLvorvd uie f^bowing uoqauui 
cuJige to UiiOL 

Ta* -Vinrihal's Addreea 
Ti fttkli ttfAjtti cf AmtieHt Do.e : ** 

I :*aI Avr-r* oi u.i.saare.Ds ma .lesrna aitd ufecoL'* 

(3D.jr»to.S)44iwUw, uiMaioeaLuajUA t*.« .a D«a.4jui Im ,... 

ia4*a4 Ai*UA...'*tt.sfe98 * J«utuy ^efea a4a^WU,*' «44t AA eo  

LfewU ^9 oaoI. e43uiArt a^t.wAs. 

^ Ott iUmk* ywUr iiatmtU Uyiifo lius fFfeifei fefi.I IB • •SUB| OC* 
eflsowa'4 a« .▼«» 01 a«AiAf« olui Woii «vgr jL.B.feZAt 

ifoM 4»ii«i »Bt *0 feVfaiy iwVsr w 1 feOiBiviie 

01 w«flfoG«^4& .IwftA wforife.Mffw tuifeyoa. 

B W|lGr«fa«WflUiiX».Vll8jMaCL»A£3 Ihthl 
• A0C« f lU iBfe ifl « UrVfeL XfolUafelU ll.fe Uafe U v«a«ru 

A r.BUdt.484U y Ikf iUu u’AFou ) hfeo. . fefaU falt*MiA.y 

■ A Mg'mX}€J ir I 4 UA 13U I1L« bl« i 0Cs4*OU, n«wit.w 

JUfl.V fwttt fe «. 

You ftd« Here iQ^ethtr to r« 5 ; your « pfliior 

LB ^ BUflA-:.** BaBiBkaW, leC 

fBnwraiEO?B  #i fliMA tirtfafi^feau muuu. jo i w« * 1*4 

flBOA’G., you lauB. r«OaBiiib«r it-ki aia y«ur Sd’jjfta 

Afea » 4 « «.LAi JBCUitfeh  *a. yp tfwkakl .B.O .'B) 4 i.«eUwU; Bryfy 

.c.Mgaoa u. u»c.«i Ut r ^u..ku K* UBJt.r 8  '*i i^e BwirfosC c 

Uft . k Ul btl foui a.*ilB«f IBIUfna IrOB iu  »ysUAia§0 01 B.C-a 
ao-i ot jry Iab t4 yua Om o: wru aa^t.b .AOimA-ti ^ o 
WFtfuyaaAOa w Waa UlB .2B. 

it B- B U^aOfli, U^B 

rA)‘»tsf ae*hv !i;i :7 U.'aa yig;FBA4OT.| t «u«a:u « -httuaBi htaiV, 
jAiylrU-Utflifew UbV«r %ad4 TaO foaU IBaBUtaW tk.i  

aUSLOa b-Ua^.Svhuaa IUg»M ^^!CU ULaBUB LaM CwaMBAm woe 
:9r«B«AUhul UjB *'lal.X’' B/CUuli yBU. 

II ’Mo yii4»i Ui VU .8 Uoi^UaiUTBBi bbU lat-oisf tb 9 

cu bi uokooosa £.«fluiywuiBo efgwii«a '4*« a. «.j« ik 

VfoV WJUi«U LAfei feaCAw aAGUjO lh«7 » )*wU Uh La** hi.Xfe;OT. 
pc*b;. at#  m*IA Ul r^ycry ruiu a.B. eJAlu Z1 b. 

tt« OAS uB-i u3 iBflk2Uuu.&.  vraAGA B, Aur feiftA 
 «A C.A ' o mOy 44 ml ««U .0 b' AS aife^.aa.U ws « fekv* 

&4 lU cu’irBB.  b hihhs'B el/ 4 'foa.aai i« ai . «r «splow^ 
WUA MU Cut  CfdU frulu iuBCwto. SIUbBB stovu U. fa«: IA.- 
t«iF aj ,yuor u-«(hnbfl wis ofla iB«ibW feOasU s v b« r tu i 

CUBor ywA O/A, BAA B BUaiitsA ifrVv.y ^aU «*.*A 

Wi .44 T.bifaAOfe Cpi A tbifl 4 IUaAL]** BbIs V*:A • 

p*UB vf Oif. 

Tfemti c*s a.«(fv t&cB y« U:uvb ojid ^IaUbil; kfAiaftts. &Ad La 
BB y 0 .  011 hl*o«Jd, fiooi or  tAL .r BCCL-Iea 

■»i*tBbOf thAl BVkB Ua VhB 97feflt WoTB 

UOAmd Uifire WBa st iBast (mo fBaaortf . U ovt iDor*. 

IABA faU. VI* bvii.B Buisius, JaAJ Ota/ yvBr S«Ij iAk 
sp^B4fvAaato succbsb BAi f .cry. K«.i.«uo^ 

‘*rt*M/BVB ABhBSB^UiiBt WfeAgAU.'* 

IllUBoOiaK'IX BfWnk'B'dS thB 0 DttiSl COmuflflOBct* BB£li 

kAi 4 ui matjuc ibvCircBitof !.&o ro!( at /au sljbbj.w.Ui Bah 

rufoCi down Biiil la.sOB ib rear. UttBi 04 tLo lojAf v^Tg* 

uo« vr looiB wf tUc suspBBiiBd Icrrtliooi^l Lii^k n-ffAit bxa 
tiiTMB ir el’ w/ Mxi *faA^ bo iik% t «kot iABCiBBtcsL biUfeb«r 
tLBj lAB Uo*v-M c/ cbsxmo 4 tho **Q Leca uf Lovu ^bb ity.'* 

I u*i ' jfeo ifti' of IfcAjR lb I a . Bfid Wfeut rottuU t.a« 
nfeMn: 'aaIiaLc patfl.bui ua or uea b y t^e btfTB: hoop* to- 
^aBU .aV'uob«Ui uo^B wi*a s Mat coptBiapi avou 

Uao Ttb-y oftriia- 4 Wlih (i.a UuiaiAvrittfel Kia«ui anJ rtAaiB 
U* t B ’Icse.! o birrs. uU KLoUBrea uba «u'Br«U Uib L« s 

wa#ab- bvUDOBtl u^JovtB rjiCv ’ Asl.ift'iu cubiai: •fWD. tora 

two u tbem frea tbsir rost aj^ pi obn. bu: hv*. aSu Aftod* 
B.cbt CSBfltAlivQ KkOO to to a tO cU«4 TIB Afed 

K iUkCwout. Ai^a. iAb hbrili sgoord i/ tKe tnuar bi 
aoucb tbB Bkr* Bad tbs aobiB kAfnt of Vu-(aaBCva« prr.90  

layiarotbh ijiu wiib *as rcbi / CBpansood uiaic, bjmI, b». i e 

OATcmit 0/ ibe Brsat wa« aufe/tv. do* b bo* p was to Do 
bat Ou b.B l.Qsty iBocb. Lvod iom Ua* »buut {or lab »ba^ 
OBBs/ul cbanjpti/a'^’BOfiir. 

Next cane “Yonng Ameilc*,”(ln tl.o Bitantim.- 
tbehqnireH bn i proctired b g;TMt cxeitioiis vpoll'vr 
hoop, } ii’tio went tbe roai dr in a* quick a walk 
bis cjnl-blawk Ojurban e'mr.(ir cj u.'i carr.v hici, 
and took down tbe fonr imgs. Ibe kincht o. 
Vir-ini* was dtclartil the victor, altboukk "Toui.y 
Amerfca” took more rings than he did, but ll.« 
JiiJgos knew that U' the rings bad beea tbvr* in  
tl:i^ r: rents b .b s costume they would have bee n 
ru tiis .'aniy . He tbeiu.nre cLose as “Qu««a o: 
D)te cr-i Ho»uty.’ Mias Polly Il 4 .pklus, than whom 
nnn 4 -l )\44 )■ tier tfraced the touroaments cf the 
‘'C 41 I Ifeinmlon.” Tbe bluahiug uruce aud nstivi 
modesty - hb which sbs sat in oer two-wbieU-d 
threoe was atriA’jrg. Ibe knignt of Yirguiia 
vaolL.d iut'j the chonot, and placed upoo Let ktad 
tlor pricele.'s cfO’.-n, of one oi Hitves, Craig A Co'- 
best, (although its better days lisdi passed month s 
be-fere,) beautifully snd tastefully rwisiid uM 
awr atb 01 lay and osfa. Tbe goUset kniffbt be- 
fore rlaclug fee 'rowu upon ae." head, tac.le tbe 
full)iab 4 g eoronation spi'tch: 

Coronatien BpetrZ 


1 i.a'»c‘ Tu'i !;y fos rirVt iijioil by It* str-seth of :h 
j ifC rjfbt *ru Sjln* 't*ucao, l,9»e suj Usso’.v." .ot 
Deesjso I MV. »i 1 rate a luy rneb ihntc *, • n, ctr '.1 »t 
blut. b at spoil ,D« 19 cltccr . a .varJ to ib« co*l ul e.ory 
sai ***r » S ati. B s* l v.,.nl i resi my be»r’ *.111 wiiKi-i n • 
stilt* icii *uu uf^iiUtaJ* of th, I rare.* I at* *n um. 
:n. woalo the ’hi.ariit tha: Til) vs,* *iz ag a* ms ba ya 
up atui osiT* tuy tint for Ui  esaaict t.n,T. ?ou -c.i 1 •- 
p*%r to-!a» .0 »iX;3U4 cUiDC.sri— yo* ssihe reprt.«n a 
t.Tsof tbs' noble aiyli- OI vuusaof wh eb lbs poet ua;* 
nn-t wta'Ch nypi**: tb* fiogaa uml hnrpot Pster, thebe - 

-’tiid an«, sb snclt rutM of ca. p-r  t . u a. 
jAUsaiii-.iJ, uS Cta^. CiS au V i   ▼ ,i. vt. 

4. ritAt tb«isn,**a su : la 3' a4Ua4 4:k a ^ 
free Usa, S.4ii Uid lOTtlVuioJ, Itj v.- -Ve.iJnsEt A- 
permi*. ’fit. , irics to seke; 'it-m tbe .'.L: »ul ; 
oe/t-.fc .rid ur a;:i'r *d m . . I’eii.toi -I. 
snd or.'.hta (.foMU .-'.lla ;f sold ..-se of tslc^'ran , e 
oiu.iii’.yac; rjr:’. via recti -. ia •H‘'U4C - 
ciiuj, (w   :x. : .3»« lurw, w.A’.a omi.1 incn 

A *5 

Ut-.le doi!'t „er: ’•’'.At la ir 

pM-ii'.i i!” '.he b'.L, 4 *, ia, '»il! 

J »j/ejbis m.K-a/a i. xr in t 

Ib .h* Svtpoi’o new vvu.,; sooa to I iaoed ; j 
Um Appiafons, ;n I it ue ti; e of “Tbo ila«e^ a 
Cojr, tr ■Vc^r'ea’ S-a. in 'foe Days -.1 V 
ngtan," rl i( ;s W. Grirwol J, : bad sa ir- 
ieToe:.?tg fr ta Mr. .’ejeraon fo kit elikstK 
isujutir, rcAJOtl i« bar wLen abo wo* oi 
KbiA-. iu P’aiiaJc’p Av This Jaa ^bter wuoaiWr- 
wottfe marred to foe Hen. Tbomae kionn Xon- 
Jolph, or':o . wbo facajM G OTsiao r of 
Virginia. Dr. Griawo'.J e-iys at bor: 

* alortbu Jaff’fjoa waA’i a.-]R on tbe S7ib oi 3tf- 
temaoTt 1772. ooti wu i.Vrc:':TC not* s httls eauwt j 
:ban sevenven ^en s of ajr. Jolin Koadai]W 4 
.'md sue wu “vud swrvces, young srsolur* la 
Vugiiibi;” alls, .i Jams, fo whooe care siio bad 
j*« 4 i nuusteJ some tiois in Par s, lefen to her 
vub tho most odTroCtonmc axprescoei:; aoJ .Mrs 
* 3ui:th, tba daa,^:e; of .Vits. Adims, suj*. **Jvii- 
mev aaJ soasibiilty aro r«* 4 .I in bar avsrv ion*u:e. 

' dti ber 'm..nac.'saj 4 in UQ.son wLa a I tnol u 
iffli^aanJ ioveiy, ’ While Miss Jr^k s-n, a, 
1*83, wu ut *cb^ iit Pli.ialci luo, b  ardtr.g 
ivifo .Mrs. Tr.::t, (gnutdniather of Mr. N:e.’*.oia« 
P. Trst, -.vliio Ueambe bart i.: ; ki tl.s »r.foil- 
isjghtt * Cl Mr. Jafferson J bar feibcr a.iar.o  4 d 
^ i her luo ft  'o 'in'' lauor, ■v' *«a* .uevar Idxb- 
•rto 'oacn pubua’.tJ, and U vary inter e» ,113 oaxA 
illusirauon of Lis a .masio. cIm aitac aha life vfew* 
sftu oniicaiinu ofwocieTi 

.'waKAPomi, Nos', tft, 1783. 
"Jly dau' Patty .Vf:crfear day’s jO’craoT, I ar- 
.dve uero 'ivitb”at  ay aectJeui, and tn fo gcoti 
aiiib u wb.n I lal't Pbtlnluluhm- Iho m.'r 
lictton out yja ■'Oa.lbo nuri Laprjrmi bi i..: 
itaiii.H 4 '.'acre Icxfo piaced you than if « .t 
wlfo me, uc: taiamoi ae on my patten^ with  Oi. 
rbuL fflv iT-w f.r y«a hu te^areid a Jiilk ui. 
.Lmg 4 .m uq jit 3 aien:a wksn I nope you w' . 
u tJu under UnUfors I nn're prevail far y • 
vJl rer la: jo.i tjor: wmhy of my Ij '?; »aJ ir 
’.Tej cui3«l:nc.-'-w it, ibey wid f rtveat lU L:- 
iiritii.-i. Cr i^ilor’foe 5  j I '.ai/ 'or jo bis ui^,- 
fcu un.’er 1 . 1 ; riio*. -^aa tus uadartaken to *• r 
foil ycj pa. fo:x nil your axcrlees, sinl fo i-^- 
n ni-a you In i.!i * e wa. u.?rj»|ja fr-nu r'-v 
ark h*, or w.i*i is - ever, to .rLci your uici- 
‘^rfcnre expo.:: y m — ot it •’ i ■ r net, ! t - y 

»a j'-iur moiher, ssiKa only ;.«»aoa to wbon* uiso. 
i.’.e Idj, .vifo wa. i Heaveu hits been pleased l*. 
ifiict you, you caa now l,^ja qi ; sad that ber 
Jispien.uraoT U;sa. p:ohation, on any, 
sLl be ail r.nfsccuc a:e,'ii*. in*,«b.cb,a’'a!d yoa 
fe ao unbuppy as fo incur by ary ua ' retd^ ia , 
’fo'.ak uo conceaaicc too ao^ to re. am ber 
wilt With respect fo .he Ola*ribti:i»n cf ' or: 
;iina, t'us foiioving is wbat I abolu a.tprowi*; freu. 
i fo I'J, praetioe musio. F ruUt 10 fo l.daaeo -. is 
day ami Jm-v aa  tbOT. FrtRn I to 3. dr a '* c a 
ibt: day you daaso, anJ wriio a Irttsy r,.:*; .’1 
I 7rsirt3M4, zvaJ Fr’neb. Frea k to 5, etc: rV 
(O irfoiftn mtttac. rromS till hwitimc lyad E  - 
pl b, wrtia,«ke. C .inm.iJucata tbis plsa(*?trv 
liopkitfon, and if ■•Ho apiirevea of t-- '**i« i*. 
Vs lo^ na .\f ri. 'inst remains in i’ :'i.! -!rh -4 
aliivaic bci' alT'  . ‘:ons. Sr.)- b.i... t wu avili’l. ; 

, (ricTMl to yur, vn her goo-T aer a tivi good i:t 
mane Ler vaiacil by all who k. n her, and .y 
nobody on oerth t',\n mo. 

“lexjoctyou ' I i;’et.» mo ' , e\ ry poat 
, lofirm mt .iv^-Asyour aJ. wtat fane y 
Lfearn.eni ir 4 i.i ae ma y mr best capy of rv'erv 
^rs^mi m lixnisiii^ Write aiaonna letter ovoty 

I weeb, ciEiau to y?*ir .\unt Eppea. yoor Aoat 
Skipwitb, voor Aunt Carr, or tba lUtfa lady fram 
whom 1 a loner, onl alwajo pu, tho 

latter yoc ao w-rits under cover fo .m*. Taka 
jcur: ihii y. . -:rver apeii a wor,l w , JUrnys, 

tlofaro J04 w ~,43 I "void, eenritijr bow i; ia 
un'l, if • l a d • r,otr#m*ruaeri,, ‘tir.i lo a -J ciioi,- 
'sry. It ' rtiJaj** •; -a.  ri-* 4 n. 3 , 1 o..t a, jj. J 
I o-ive !  on»' L. *i. inoas ca 3 t ng voo 
:n 1 •'V' 0 *j»i;.'»bad; e .J no Jiatrcso Abieb 
world can mot bjiii. ,am '.sooi..' etand 'bat 

Ol* pnr ti.sftf pajit Big K,, -pca. D'y'iloveme, 

•hoi, strive tu be , under e ery si...^Mion, a *d j 
i^ult tiviue creriu.i A. a'’.! fo aoquioo tbfoo oc. J 
C-mtlishtjcura wh’ao r *‘v •• pot 'w viiuf power, | 
jrd w’niCii tv»li gotar »v»: 'j» t.v-ari** you th* i 
WcVXCot iovc ol your a.iactlofia?'' *^h:r j 

fos axa mac J neat o;' lbs fir: of fos 3 .tI V i army, 
na port of J.cxua's fjru over pa..tod m im 
advance untii it cams to tbo hiuJ-to-baad oin- 
Afrt Ttioccemy wcredr.venataLpoinucnetniA 
from whort ttc £gbt oommenced, and Jacksor, 
troops occipisJ fos mb: at grjjaJ Uimi goiaed 
Toey s.spt upoa the fl.’li ibus won, anJ msvad o£ 
non moraltiy st orderly ts if aarcLieg to & 
funsrai. Jackron ioft Gemerai HiaJs, with e 
force of ibrea bundroJ men, in a baesa witLir. 
six bifoirod yax is of ibc Dritisb army, anJ this 
forooreaaisai fjcrdays aiicr Jwckaon went ip 
the rivor. 

Where, then, cai an Aater-can writer find anv 
ai^ of a r puiao or failure as tbo part of Jack- 
00 a, in aay portion of this evcctfal fijht? With 
eigLieen boaJrod ts bau siot s..: thou»o.*d 
of tae vefarfos ot VYafonjfoc, and in a 'amn J-fo- 
baoJ confix; bai dri^.m tbe.n a inLo back f os. 
their or-iin ii position. Kc bad 'xojlit bia m.£« 
‘foo frifoi ot i'.'.'Cfor'a acs-inonta. 

“Cji x*I— '' fv'lt ®t •’•: w .i.-vod 

yrnr|Be3t.*a .LA (a.- bsTtXKl; 

A -mt . w t A-l ha r fi aj'’, fio*. 

Tksv viLw.aas waa-auv* 

Tas^ shale* o*od e »( .i/. 

L Ju tg* rt  ’* ■ f al4 i(r*sl. »t jry ” 

It it a epec-es of sacniege to Uar freic Uv 
feeree- of the night attack on the 33J of Decem- 
ber, 181i, an iou of tbe glory wb'xh they wor.. 
They went forth to g nigh’- battle, utterly igno- 
rant veLetber thoy were fo inset hundreds or 
tbooaantfr of tbo flower of Um Dritisb army Tbey 
met their peril and conquered it— they drove the 
00 ny a mile before them, and slept on the field 
they had ao noUy won. And American wrier/, 
forty years after this glorious victory, gravely 
aeeert iH^ these boroeo were repulaeJ, and 
feUi-d in tbcii attempt I This is too bed, foo in- 
to] ersbie 

And what were the cwisequences ef Jacksen's 
nigh' vieforv' He piralyvcd the BiitLsh force. 
Hr checked all propecsity on their part fo meet 
him again, without Urge re-'.nf 'rcemonta, and, 
tLott h numbering more tiisn three to one   i 
Jackjon's feive, they lay comw* up at the place 
tc which Jackson na ! criver them on ti; “eino- 
rablex'gbt until Packeriham arrived, on tbv '«5*h, 
with Xorci-s that rWelfed their nuni'icr to iburteeii 
thiiutOTid troopa. JacjisoiU had *0 eflvcutually 
whipped them in hi* night battle foaifo .^ did not 
^ distuii hi r iu the construction of tiioFa werks, 
which be had gained lime to make by his night 
On the morning afUr hU 'uitTlo ho 






1:3 a 

• hie- washed nfiiovin, an — ' 

“So year aothcr was agejna wUsw.** 
“ 0 ,^b«t 1 gMoe ahnflfln’tfef aaaSafeeg 

iOthiBkiaoax :i,rre a: As«t Bree weehe she 
marnsd Sea Suofag— «r’ be wn*  .t.a act ngras 
.meued caa* you «v«r tea Itovreeta flehen’ 
Ihe itLerday on' gea vkoaea^ an’ he wee e* 
feniai soon- Srvfled, nt OTJN^ •* danama 
if hediiin I r. h* -^tte^nmar.An’ 'key 

tb ..r'l him abo it forae imlee^flc sncaia, ta* it 
(.Aikthice jobs o’ cartic to hsni huu one Wt., 
umna bad bjD btirfed aifle o W Her tvt«i an’ 
had a wbfee oehpfeak pat ap at b * bead, on' 
whu*-«.aahed ado^mce. ae ihMOs three ea 
'am ali fo a rotv.“ 

“•Ami yownK4!h«r wae a ngjaw fcr tha Bufl 

jtta7“Bov James Yoncg.of this .State, fa now in 
Texas, lecturiog oa Tem:ier&nc«. 

educati D. 

iLi- iFiaker bae scviiu Koonnt of :b-- xauiaj 
in wbica be bad rcstoriKl the B:* le to t'lv 'tcli'iui* li- 
two Stales, Mar} UmI ar.d KeLtnckr.snd at ributFif 
tbcestaLlL bi of fiev schools In Xi&tncLy tolW 
deuce of tb* tautaes to have the Bib* rvad^p 
achoola; at any rate Kentucky waa the oely nkr« 
State «v»r kai wu to bare a nj.stem of f.we HCboul*. 
H« taeo gave some specific rwuos* hy tb* Bible 
should i * used lu sc'io Is. In t'le judgueot of bu natn:e it was rigbL Every oailin songht i. 
[ erpeta.i{4! lU rtU:ioa. T^i* infidel, iL* pipUt, tbe 
Jew, al! lid. Our love of c-jt,. try nquIre-J it, a: d 
the State wu a  m .o.. an fastiiu.l ja Ood a» tke 

Gharcb lb: K.tile, as a ii.ktory, oa on IfoeUsb 
cUv-ic, was lae cb*K;'--»t ao3 mo*i cfficlsnt text- 
Lniok tual could b« fou'i'l He fr.Jikly •tatt-d that 
 c: grittl iiiijD iritU Lin w?utbat l fe and .mra  r- 
ality were brought to light in the Bible, and that U 
alone tnii) ht lalra'.Ion by Jm’ 3 Ckrit*. 

A’bo are tli. y ibai Oi-iioe-. t’.Jji object? The chil- 
Iren do no* oppose it— Cbrfatiin pa’ c State 
It I'lrge, a.'.d tooc leri a - a hid;, ,l: not  f.'po*e it. 
Poiticirns dc to aoxe xte 1 * l ot they d   so to 
’a.c vo'fs; make it popular ~id the,, will favoi i- 
I'heri' ie oi»* cbiss who do 10 eciintioua'v oj pnic 
t, and lull fenXiA a real Jitfijr 'y. He referred tu 
our Oatbolic population. .Te iJcrUly kot-w wbat ad- 
vice to slvv wj:h lefcrenoe to thtm. H en tbpv 
.onacd a m ajotity in the disirict, lit them rl’e, brt 
•vb'.a they wci m the ipiaority, aa fa geoer^hy 
Cost, let them sabrnir .Vs a as re el thing, tbouifb. 
It would be tound that Caiboltc ciitidren would not 
attend oar f e« Fchu's. an* tTiih anao-inte «i'h 
I’roUMant eMMreu at alL But il wonbi lie a mn^ 
ittrecion* RCT. if to butaor tfew Ca^b^ll^. 1 ir Jcw«, 
w« s toold enlTer our system of popn or cducaifan 
o be dirneted of al pi-.itfiia’tt LTS'i. ret, CiJ 
iiiiert fiird to this cconiry to ar.- id tyraiDv, (a 
.hape of ‘-.uiga and piioils; »haU w« eubtuil to It 
.0 the sbap* ot ter'tinieut aod afehe L-Ter*».Ty. Na,- 
lere let os make oar-itand p. ia:,.;n - ty to ly raaayr. 
a eve", et-ape, t’' 0 u s'-fot come r'? f ii' 'aer, i 

At the cl'iae uf foe Iccutre, a vu'e of tbanki 'Wtt 
in'm-moudy ten ered to tbo syouker fer Us 

A Cathclic Secaet Society. —W e find tha 
fellctving in U.e PbiidciphiA Dullatin of T'anrsday, 
Dec 33 

Patrick Lyons, tn iU-looklng Irfabmau, and a 
tBi'tntjtr of the •• Secret Order oJ St. Angel',” was 
taken b.fuie Aid. Oge, at one o'cltek lo-day, on 
the c'uurgcof e.'iootiu;; at uOiceia Hu.dam and 'I'oy, 
of tbo 19ih ward, about ten o’clock last niitbt. 
At thfa hour, tbo of4lc .ia weie taking a uiisoutr to 
tlfentatiou-bouse, and auddeoly a p itof was fired 
atthamby some one ou tbe opposiui t idu ot (be 
' .’v. On bustcahi,.f aerots the street, Lyo t*, tbe 
oufy p» rwjn there, was a-rrettc*. Hedcuiu'i havlr.g 
fired the pistol, and atid tbst DO oBieei' coold take 
hiTu. Uetvus Biibiclied. on.! a pfaicl, yet warm, 
witba’i exploded cap on tlie tuhe, wa 
found iu las pocket. H . was loseo totbs luck up. 
Till re tvosalsu found in his uock i b comb'.- of 
slat's and a rotary or stiii g ut bends. 

Ue flmilly a mitted that bs tired tbe plrisl at tbe 
office f(. At tbu biaiiiig to day he a id tbet he 
bdonped to (he Older of St. An.vrelo, whicli fa cou- 
nected with the Itoman Catholic cbotch, and that 
the bend  Wi re given to him i y the luthoutles of 
the cbcrch. He was oommiticd i.i default of bail 
of fiipOi to ai;i ver. Offiixr Toy itatid lo the 
Aldetmim that ' e had rcceiv- cl infoiiration that a 
fcaud of men have b eu or anicred in Richmond for 
tile exi revt puryuAe of eXteiDiinat agcictnin offlc'-rs 
of the poiici), bat wheiuir the privoaur boiao^s tv 
i ll- ..or I a ' II '1 . • 

*■:•* bet aoaiSdBt soma to fall 
4igbL The aext Mfer sA« 
iiajcu. aa' Um jnaM 

a eoatiovi, ao%v I teti ym. HlaflM 
faetio Mil of tie way mai% aafea 
’utekeiab’a wkua waan ifopBk at* 
fo thw \mxjm’ jpimifl aaiHflito * 
oak pfooka, j:*4 M 'M frafi -fiaaw t 

Kxktcckt Cattle iw Boston.— Our B-oubon 
fricads Lave besm fiiruisUing tbs fr'ilid men of Boe- 
•or with CUriftma: meata Nine of the largest and 
moat perfectly formed cattle eye; le. n in all “down 
es t,” were takeu fo Boston, liy far. B. F. lilbicr, 
of Bourion county, end told for two t’aousuid aud 
six huncred dvTAr' 

k^t“ The Mavsachaaclta Bank, BostcQ, Wos 
ebartered iu 1764— ss vent. v years ago — and it U Hi* 
oMest bank in the State of M ssacUusetts, aad wit 'a 
oue exce,:ti u t'ue old. lit in tiie United States— the 
Bask of North America, iu Pbilodelphis, bc'ng the 
oily one cflai'ie-i J a*, an earlier date. 

The Duenea of Suiherisnd, of tte Stowe 
furore, ba* lus; a son in the Crime . He met with 
an accfdeuu) wound, which wr.s followed ty a i«ver 
of Tb £b tliip-board 

Iys,^Nr. — Epbraoi L4t-liJl;ld  loimwbat notorl- 
oua ae U,* sl i-f wilorva in tbs trial fer the mo rd:r 
of Dr. Parkman, La.-; in Cons* I W'!: Coif apai-fal 
diserseoi the ear, become iaaiic. 

Ji^^Frederiek Ktfatei , od Pendleton county, V a.. 

butter agi.'d 88 ycara, hea shot du.tnr hi: life one 
U iuaod daer, Uu oik, thrM bandied aeara, thirty 
paiTbcrs aad fity-tkyeo folvea. 


inmfiod about two nulos up th* river, cut tLi 
•mbaakinent and let in tbe river botwee*: Lima: '1 
sad tbe oneiny Bohinii tbia point, lie C4 D»4ruct- 
•d tbosc works, .which oo tue 8th ol January 
eoaferrod ImmortawCy on bimveif and the troops 
under his oonimanJ 

it fa nhvious, therefor*, ttiat Jsciuon • kight 
attack aaveu fdarr Orleans Dot (or that the ene- 
my could have marched tntn the city 00 tbe 24tli, 
and no pew er eoufe’ have etayod their pr grese 
And rfiall lliose «*».• , who undauntedly foug t| 
and nobly tr.uaiphcd m eueh an occasion, and tn I 
eueb r''CturstRnee^ be robbed of arty portion of I 
Ibe glory which they rarna! ao hard 3 - 

s^';: have shown Jacks n's objects in his lught 
«tta^, aue fo-“- detnonstrated th** Le was pet- 
faetly snccensfiil in dl of them. ' 0 hare 
dwell it langth upon rotne iit 'olved in tbe 
questione eoncected with tkie proud tnempb cf 
western valor, but we could he .* .ilshotated many 
0 .^ 8 , « oich we h " i tii-uied biji cursonJy 
whfah Jarkr- u won in hla dcfecie 
feflaacto t^y dbuKsCV* efo* 

?et ouRied M urn bfah 
femur .vre-'ta tarealstg 
matrnttuny ’’ 

C uvna wt bw^ of B tTTa'I^B' piiMWfei ibi 
’■g, abows lam iis.7s~ nn-iiai faaflil fe • 
frero fatiica wn. iW aafe jpi;l 

4^„aifertfo.v ;.xrre^.; - ue Om faK mBi 
*br4s^forr.:wt, ifeferrj .man flaitBaeMnv 
frum Itchorl. -.r'l jii, :H f- 'a blfemt 
To* Crjttai Fa . w iioi hevu pMaU In ,hi 
trf Mr. ti): '^ohnt, » lun^OT. hjL 

pviaerewrt •'*€ TffenMsaMfa'llw Mm 
the '.vr itpaay u» fo ai,t ever feNIriHt, q|i 
vsse** are aaw^ed to imCMa ftfoRfeae 

Iwfortaat fram rnit|Pfc:-Oa'r i«e by Kfcxieant 
on an Awiericaa vcss'tl. 

New Yori, Hic. At — iu* 50.i )uner Lewis 
orry from T»mf l' o, wlili djtie to '.bi; ith ., 
reports that ilie  « linoner Mary Cnmliiie, a regular 
tr^er between Ntw O.U'aus and Tutnpico, uUed. 
from Tarnpico on tbt List 4'Tov«n:hrr 1 nd cciLorcd 
on the bar. S)m was there boei led by a b «t from 
Tampico, sad the govtri msnt officers took from the 
Ga-itaiukb Van falura (01 Ne,.^' Or’*4a , !n.iiat ng ' 
tine ot out- dstfar eocbi.; fatter wihodtd. 

three murdtri In Bolni Louis on 


A'\0 -TEE MlY : 


liT i,: Ttii -x;*; 

j. ^ abbivai. or las 


»' V . ^ JiM. 4 . — TU« CqH «m aU«A' 

^ . 4 ^ rn««4 StM did oad iMTt Llwp»oi «bUI 


▲XSn'AL or THE ArrlTKl «r th« Mlaruel | 

T A Bcstow, .T»a 2 . — The •Vlp llliutrel arr'vrd, - 

J. • an! brlajeCaieof Good Hrpc of the SUs. » 

n.. . V. tci. har Foare were eueruked X anoihe- Calflr war. P-  | 

II, CaJflns we .TO endoavorln? to s:lr op the la- | 

tool, brlsfiog MM woefc jA-w reWaoa. The E igU«U have altaiapted j 


ALiVAZ, Jes. 3.— The Cuaard atoauMi JUia hi£ 
Nd fioa Liverpoal, brlsfiog mm week later 
lo^ Xros. X^iope. 

ftdrt ei Sava^repol are s-ioLaafcd. 
kUtaU baa acst a ^pactal Eavey to Losd.a to 
^ Uw foKi^ ealkta; ut b ll, watch baa awak- 
I ^17 debate la parliaaeat. 


Canaria emved eat *41 ^aa-Ue i*a-' 

1 t.' aseoaoa *t us^oTkiUMa i'.otu tb* ' n tm  j . 

»f ih* tv«n wf- wreekcl oc IrUb ) ^ ^ 
. . ' 0 ‘Mrd aav« 4 . ' ‘ 

X ..f 2- The bsL’i • baa i « 


6 eva»tc^ ol are s s cb i iid‘-fa era 

'jt - r -^ ." eaea t aa Wt dcLi • i . 1 

 . v^a csac a axcood usta ta Piu&naeoi 10 ^ 

’jiha; b 1 !es*oii ai.d aa .?Err to and 1 1 , 

a ^'KxiDK sbrOed. 1 

AX oi - _c p;t dsoe Maraeta at L^wpool wfll be ( 
saad a* 5 r i C.irtataas vraek b*la* of ootloa j 
tbc a, 3 Y ,000 bales—  *aw Oriaaoa&tr h »-ot I .-*7 
iSf'Xiag • ; u. iaad fair fcl, aldaila^ 4 f— uxlc • , 
baea " — ■ -i 1 t — ^ ^ have dae Jiad tba 

aij«— aJ'caM apacikton soiMB'.ah to .,000 a* 1 
t, expa. 4 , 0-3 hake. W«a of baa.* tavc M- 
VMM U.. wrf* a la.. I wvMmb i*9 

43 Oala «da. Ooni is oschasgad. Baef ia ou  a 
tiau^i-d bkoos sad |»oik ate d^ Laid has da- aaa 
ta * 

habitints to rcbeilioa. The E igUsU have atianpted 
to Inteifcre v.'Hh the jviteci of polygatcy. 

The nativei bevood Oran;* nrer sovetirntv have 
refo^rd to &Il:w uedlo^ by Uia lirhiih with 

the interior of A Met. 

Tha Cx a p&p«r« conuia seve. d erticka ou the 
I I pobej .d the Uocae cove.-Lcieat a* rogards tbs ita- 

j apM wCe.vLxn'PM'. Ctrealai QVMr. N wuriwra I . 

i ^ ?w.a 1. :.«M Orlraa. t a i\, IVia-dfrjrSs. I 

- . .ri I. 4 U 4 .«r.uX.. re. .nM ea f. w 'kerr Mioo-  - 
r^' 5 ? • ! tnes**-’ i cierpt for fur atMaiidi, *Vt  

-.i.-aia .f »J Tk'-.^nior •),• w*«k kaonat • t 
* — Cf, : -'lJcX tx. . r •» !«jaS..' iC, and nwcoi 

1 1 .*. t«ea. 


Kew To»e, Jin. C. — Wailn^'or'li k Sheldon, 
baoVam, Wail airoet. anspend.-d 1 a. merit to-lay; j 

Af-» r.t {,£« Jiaacboctu Biato iSat pnoM ara a t .   da uablliUca about iA ?03.0CY.-, aaiieu ah 'll iRl.OiXI.OCiC. 
I Tru.-aa.u:-:aa» la d'wr war.. «all. NU j oa. n.»- 

‘ Wacaa i.. 4 j», gaau Ota «e» ^ * c ty. Consequently ui paymen has bean made tiu* 

j ^vi M a .euanfaJ Coca haa adraaoa-l 41 . ktf tha mornin g in acOOUBt Of latcivet, hc 

' I wac. ia»a.a ua4.i. Wrataiafa^-'g «0«. Vaatara ahaa 

ba-jeef dacibaad.w Uaalai a* Mb 
.  w4  aasii4a(. . w.ia aa a tuait' 1 huA MB doiat. •!* 
Ui SLOtria (iVSiuiDsalejatraeta ara oel 
I've— rsoa ..xs oa Boai c xatraow, tSoas 1 a— tat u. Uta 

no wM sa . |«Baa aiv h4- *f 

TURTV-TU 1 X 4   OOMCacss 

V irtaoToii, Pao. 30 .— The Sessta 1 » boi ic 
aae^, baviag a^-iiined over to Taeadav. 

Uces. — rna Speaker uU belore tba Uoosj oev. 

AidiUeaai par Aila sel A 
 '.w T-ao, Jas.l.— tse AUaatM MatwHb aa 
SftslAuii be oar .a laar ajid wsi canpeM m ieuu . 

i B*M (.*oa evsilopal at ibe 4 k aay tbat aatulog 
Ouuid IMS doM lor Vte -CMiy .xiaa, aod tkat the 
 , 4 i-.h e ari; fsb of w -?t aiid tke roada IsiptaMblc. 

Ojter Paacne ws* at Fane, atabarhiac Ih batial 
S Nil lor t  • CriMta 

Uces. — rna Speaker uU belore the Uoosj oev. 
eisl;Malat 1 ve cxoauBoaioa lone, one eocloaing a 
plas q the argaaiiatloa la tke Oiiiriot of Coinm- 
bis abii I.jiiiae Asylaa. 

SaUitis of the America— Kjiaw-Mothtsi Oanose- 
Boevov. .Fen 3 .— Ibi A-oerlos Mtled it noon to* 
Uy wlthM i a Mngcrs fbr Liverpool and Id f r 
SsUfoT She oarriod ont S 3  M )00 for UallftJ;, b«t 
oonef  r Liv-riiool. j 

T’'e U i'’»r.Jf Jthlng cAaooi hM tKMnlnatod Henry 
J. Ueij-Jev for Ptenilest of the Snuate, and Eov. 
Daskt 0 . EdaLy frr B, cakei cf the House. 

llUsalt Lesialaesro 

Ckicaoo, Jan. £— T'la Leg-Akturv organised at 
SprlngficJd. and Tbx. Tomer (Anti Kebraalca) was 
aMked Speaker, and E. 8 . Bndgea Clerk 

’ ! *«'* Yoas. Jan. 2 .— Wadsworth t Shelden’i 'ta- 

; of ibe 4 k aay tbat BOUikig . ‘Ix '"*_?** **r*^»* * bDltleaare Sh'W.OOO. Thar show reaoaroea largely 

MCAiy rMiaa, and^UM^GM I ‘.bovriL^ l^ihtie.'. and IttarTa^abla bo“^, 


ana, ataba.kug Mr /anlkaer reported a lU extending tke pro- 

b V ^ ''■If® * rvMlwkM Which na ad .«• 

. ..M.iiied a umxj wxtb ^ ed. insactiat the Coaunittoa an PoetOTB?a to L- 

w tba ax^ney of eaUbtag hn npieea 

W aq^Mly ^ ^ Frtacisco. ter the 

the ■arten eCleUen, ud far tha kicreaaed rate* 
i,r,alt«d 6 . anif pnisM Utc of oaege b-^ aahl aaT 

“i?f ^ ,L **!• **®r af Or^ou. 1 trodnead a bill tor estib- 

Anat, bk Mild caJli far li Aont relafarumbta M Ui* . . . . — , 

rtvofih. bha says sj* haa oanciaoco a treats wi-.u 
AaaU u. Mild csfli far U.suat retafaroaMbta M th* 
CAbi^b. '4 ac iMoo. oad aa eSoct n fnada 
A 1 .X 1   xi laad a mead timein the hAn af l^cdt 
t: ciX.; a Gctuiua and B» Im Befieaw^ba n M tn 
t .a il .tMa of Contaaos t  saaJ tnc lalliUn la garri 
tea* aoroaid 

y nlhag taM vf Maaaaiiaf the kaa 
X jc D-oiea A: .. U} has been r«oossu-xUd 
1 oa Coins mai. has baas Myag-. xp had TraAe to 

CWst was UaL 

Oc TS;^i 8i|aC'. 

i oa thnuka o. . ilaant baa bean v«ud «c Um 

Mr. tna, af Cr^ou. 1 trodnead a bill tor cstib- 
hshl g^KMnaJ 1 nd ofii'ios la Oregon. Baftiried. 

TbAothaag a gnoioa picaant. tbs Uoaer ad. 
p*nrofW 0 Tn«iday . 

wA Favor, Jaa. 2 .— Aaanre.— Theonly m...ver 
af aped lateresi ta-day, ft tba dlacaaaioo of Ur. 
Broadip' a bQ', grautlug bonaiy Und to email of- 
Sorntl aoldkrswbo nav-j b «u engaged in the 
Buliiai aarvke of the United Mates. Berrral 
maitAnla wm proposed by ditTerant Seoaiors, 
lumc rwhlch were negauved, aad otlura wa c nc- 
gex dkasinn at the time oar report dated. 

H*b-— ^ r. Prrklni, of La% reported ablDwith 

a;=y a:.d nary. I Hnp.— Ur. Prrklni, of La% reported abin with 

loa daratlon ka mmnt Pviaaat de^nds | tasenfcina retaodellinf ’beUlploBiallc and coesc- 
•a toe pregrsM u tba Gova.winent ■Mssuna, U.t I* , 41 .yj* of the Cnlivd Sutaa. lu ooosideraUao 
wsaid piawibly adlanra Is abont a week. ; wm pgioEed nnlil Toaaday aext 

O.o. Ogieo naekaa had arrived ti tk* Criama to yr»onA  aokecl I are to Introdaot a resnln'loc 
taka ooa«iaad of Oaanahn.g's dlsldon. leadaft the nse of tba hall of tba Uonsa of B:pr»- 

I P.ifu.ia ieueia say tbat the raitteatioa of the * 8 Bta*w to tba adilera cf the war of 1813 , Is 

trvsiy with A BUia bad bean exa^iaagcd at VIsobb. whlab hold tbelr Co ventlEO 00 the 9 th of Jans- 
U i: « -aigoUut.a« now pandtng da natprodo:- ttync Mr. Jtnea.of Tannaasee, objaetad. 
psBca Aaavia wU sail ast lb lor avety I J» 0 , w^h WAtbaa offared a rcadntion, wh eh wai alop- 
baqk. Vi xbaat l/KMJKM luos 10 uhi toakaM* ns 1 lod, eaagaa tbe PoaiOSoe Depar tuaatfor acep- 

•Y*/ ®* pwa l Mi j of Una ctraettf 1943 , with Bsnn'y k Caraeck, 

w-a ..3 iv,aa bu baea appalaiad Toihlib MsAf- j 0 ^ tkranaperAtioD of tbe U. 6 . Maiii betr^ 

ivA* toa Bnaokbota wUab Priaah®Mia- 1 y icoaaa then proMeded to tba oomiderr.tioc o 
rtskij anJrewna la Ooaut Buol at Vinaa na Uts | Rc hSo am ad tLa aot of Anxust. U44, radadug 
was „4 f dlowv 4 . « , ' and cling *ht priaa «T pnblM Man ta actsal set- 

.* 4 . scur^ire «a  avtarwi dx W a r ia r ai , ajf. £  44*4 | g aoluvatora 
'•-* i* A.'-y t»u,t Em.atrtm*. ae ttpls Imfttmti* I _ ... 

- J,4._ J ;» _A _ y a_ wr ^ • I WA.*f9FATa«.Jkn 3..^«9«ATrM4 *rtnn»TiriM. 

Vert bx and San Franoiaoo. 

T jcoona then proaaaded to tba oonstderr.tfoB o 

' and gllBg *ht priaa pnblM lasda ta actsal set- 

I clindanluvaton. 

WaircTOFiJu. 3— fiiVATC.— A aonmnaoa 

^fMaw Am C 4 k«asx As Pisaaa aaar ^rvxr , wairaT0F,.^3^tii^C.-A aoMnac 

M Am MvasuAaas mx tsV •* tlaa 9 raoutv d from the Preddent, enoloalng t 

* * * I ^ 1 1 MMhii^nrMaM Wtelsar — * W/ml * 

C bm a a rti al. 

bS;«.r|-'T'S;M'«aMABrtBB iBfBaf 4 aa 
-•m .4 a_JP«fcds/.VM aSugAs. aw iiiC* Oaa  
r aMb.i 44 .M. 044 NMr was usai lagat C « ski . S b u Miu- 


Aivanrxsn Frtiybts ••a&uitaafBf. 

~ BM— ^.g«x a BMpar s^r .k. aukve Bs Oait bd 4 
viM BSi. ;aoBi BBastr laiMsi as MB !*• 
c 1 -M BB to s ac.u 4 .‘: At Sai 1-4 UiMaalitf tMM 
«,sai M. t vi r 4 aaajuBr.WB t 

. 4 ^ iS a Ca .«poTt »BBi X MB 

•B..B SeCB'   M S M Ct nn » 4 . 

.. Mx: " V.-T •• - rs.Mi 

it eaat li a au , mbm’^s 

.nBiitajB— ■.'Bt-aa bb.s. 4 , rviwntha ■arhal as aeata 

. 1 . J t* MC ' »BO :i » ut la-BWBUBfOlLW jBSt 

' Vs.w.MB.aU«BAM.. iJiBai. ta 

ga* s « 4 B « 14 .' aqBT- , 4 , c .rxtaia was ueh atBl 
r ' 4 a t 4   * 1 -, rhxAt M^aiB laJ B '• — j— O* 

w ^..'-wt4.vs Ut anub  . B#ousai«Uiai 

I' . * OaLXBJii, Imc. aa 
The ataainshlp DiUtI WahaUr kai'arrivad, wtft; 
Uatat to tbs ian 

• TU ater of tba Weal Isfl San Jaia aa tba S 3 1 
tx y«w Tock. With aao p aaseijata aad (Toauoo Ut 

Tsa oewe la mun^iortaat. 

CJRV nd«Dee of Major G^rtl Wool ratpteUnt 
tka k'.Uou of tba Paeitc d vMon of th stb; 
opoMU coaii Laid oa tke table and ordered U 


LlWtdlar said that ha wonld d'accu the nUjac* 
at xxt fattun day. 

Uar— Mr. Lithao. froa tba ComaHt'c on Pub 
be ftda. reported back tba bU to cantlnoa in force 
aoeVr from Merck 3 bext acts for adjnsiing lane 
rIM  In Ublifuniia. He aild the Board of Com la 
tixix bad been in aeoAon for two years and a ball 
salat SIS eases had been brobght before tLen 
rf Ike 397 have bean acted on, 294 have .-een cno- 
gras*. and 121 eases are yet to be acted on, and an- 
iHS ti blU i^U be passed three will, ca a oonsa 
quo. be nndlapoerd of. aad parsons intereetec' 
win h* ta CMM to CuQgroM for rellet The fat): 

M FlIiU -:tlM House bring In commluae) oSbra 1 
a bUur tbe rdW of settlers oa awampt and over- 
SoW'landa Tba aabjeet baing a bomioal one for 
debb be mda a dashing, sigoBiea’ stive, deoood- 
.noT'Bd slavub spaaeb against Koow-KothiagiBm. 
IooIq; oa tbelr am end niaehina'ioua aa oaioala od. 
rfwiMsfal. to break down Sutes ilgbti. and Indict 
i tel auk on repablienn g ovirnMeaU, and, aa a 

a fta.M .4 pc^Mear had anfvad at Baa Fra&ctsao, 1 ****\**?* 

b.'tng snagad froa ska allied fleet 

MClbumtai, Ciiangeil tbe em rout of debate and 

Tbr lAgM* CaMAibM. oub Mr. Fakua oa Uaid. I d«b»d a a- eech ta favor W tba medlatwo of ih» 
arr.vcd at C(«yv wn. U wUck poet tkara wr-v ibice I raWmeot bet-veet tbe bcUgereut prwers ^ En- 
ihnub Mtn-ol'War. * I * 'll 3^'^d &.aoy reasoas rrjj It auoalJ ba un- 

Tob PrMcMott waiat AsptnwaSaid wa- ia^. *a _i , 

paraad at C 44 iX wn P.o’iay .Chalmun of the Cenun: u* ou FotclgL 

4 « *-4 hebad reeaooto beiirvB from retpon- 
A.M..I .u .V. B... ..g .B. r . ‘ overtuiea were tnada oa the I art 

' ^ - WdtrlhH matter, Ut 

B ,i.‘ 'drlaablafor u not to 

Amvu of «ke s«sr ef tha T- •BL , 

Kxw T-ax. Jan i-T a ateama • ' 44 - ' 

Wset raacbtd bar dack abort^ afur -v .• , . 

kbt eoanecaed with the Sierra : .-vb „ 

vaaasi left Baa I isacMen on tka 9t  

Usrioaatgaecaucaa fellaws r -  J . .... 

fa Ca„b 304 ,tJOU; A^ 4 H»e fa Jo.. ■ : . A ^ ^ ^ 

Pergo, Bad*fc fa Co. t *J A 4 r 

fa npa.a, rb 4 a 4 lelpbu.(SXj:a   Sf'" t t 

AsMsg ikc .-i i ai L ii g nm we beuatoa fejsvVcr '.a- c-. - 1 . . 

& C . OftlDMaifa J • » 'Ml XtfL M fa vaClfkK.Clft iVATtiift 1 * 

4 . M 4 j-imsd 

by - . 

B. C. OamB04i«J. Eusi ftrow*. ac ' £ 

J. BialUi. 

Tb * Brttlah frigate Terr . .ai j:.. " 1 

gmm d«d,bBdWM UBaad of 4 r 

3 ke Oewra A  

Sf. Le?ta. &ec. **— . -• - • . ..’vaap* 
raa aabt veetarlay. 

rbi WwiCt L tba tr— . . 

er waa§j&u, 0 u 0 

f’t rfTim t**r TI a V 

B ak of Xlsaond. ao    . 


iae u-ors bd i.'.l a 

gr— , nbo mecocct- . * 

aen ara (■oa^. Wted 

Ub ten n iMtiili a ^ 

Cai . fTt-wBaB £a ortwi 

PxiuaBCLr.. J . - r - • • 

tear,. a, tomp' ■ T 4 
. »jr;, fail u." '. .. V "b . - 

vterteg uiac . wh- - rna, 

-.^Idiag, bi w w sA a " 4 . ;: ■ 

fmixt/T oC ■ * O' ' B 

M F hk. . * i •  . !*-•- - ■ 

m, - ? a»y ^ . r ry Cl-: •* 

oonvayed tn .... hnut .u. i mol a 
■ T w« at inca^ rufadeno. ,   ut ’ ' 4 . m aw^ ^ 

|i.«c tkat Uscy oobootanrv vw. 

fnsM Xcw Ortaaaa' 

Maw Oat ana, Daa 30— Tko loM by ti« 1 
of the Ma-LialM* laailwu wai |BM» 
taSIL rT IM faho.OOfa . 

, * 

tSRx. .$ £- 

t«* ' 

*»eri». ii SI.. •- 

■ ■”f’ 4 u* 4 o¥ ' 

b .4 • “ —I bj 

aocii  L t* ■; fl'-- 
O wa d a« '-; . x. :SObi:.V 

l*« *J ’• 4 V* 

-1. , Y ■ ■ 4 ■ 

OL *1   '■  

1 . ..V”- 44 ® 

•s ISF’ Opsi* 

b iw 

■ hsKif ■-.g irs ' 
sr^i cj 4 j 

A was staBiad lo-day reatibtair*?* 

BbpJb«niali. raflrooa tr-Au arlllng tka city*-*^ 
ft|M o?- --ed ta Bsk hf tham. . Lauss Enre^osa Oadlu 

T- •. sUOMar^P-X^iBlrioa. fttfai Mttwfar *• *• jTtw Toex, l)ac. seth.— P.jrair Wtiaa reoeireC 
rtw ' berr from London, bv tha raoant arrival, from wuat 

_ _ “T”'. .«.• »dee« d raliabla aenrOM, stats that England ba  

®**®T *“ uansai •'»* xfttmi to aapprcM tte apprehanded rlduf o 

Jf tw OtuxBwa, Be* sv— Tb* Bnnrary and Lom^ardy, aa as oSiaet against A us- 

' Momrs. Brasdu i MrMtoBB, of tM rB»w  rfa’s toiniag tbe aEiea. It la also sU.ed that M 
pijMeBt to-day, and thdr UalA'J®* Kassath k la klfh apuita. and bopeaaooo to be aghit 

-^-.7 . in active operaiiont' aiBoa cat fata Heugarian bn-tb- 

I;. ^wwnrioa V Ci vod by tbef: bc'^PE" •-• opeaooatest with Aiuui» 

will be tt*uj 

’tBl«. lU» 

- - eoavetiw 
I id alaoTe-d 
- - , ' -ker Ob iht 
VC-' Wyg con 
‘ JX. 

fa- aaC. 

pertor Coortof 
- xe to tboJ^oor 
imetiob ef bq^nr 
aaifcM of tka isw 

• X rooag bus ef thL 
- I f nt-hnbx. A bell i» 1 
^•U4 Jy rang by the metioo 

i' a«iM Kxyo4t«too. 

. . .—Tke axx edldf« of Col. 

  ,ioo of Genual Amerlcc, h ' 
4 . A- It is said to bo in a w ate 
• who have Joined In the ix- 
.«l(tB «rrc, PlJiadelphla, 7 tw 
•t. It to axvected that aome 30C 
f4om New York la I'ebra ty. 

(hair anip.nslon wus oaosed by toe f.Uurj of ex- 
pected reml'.tbncea. 

Thu stores  ’ 00 . TI and TA Water strciet., eoroer 
of tbe Old .-Jip, ocoople l by O. fa A. WefmMe fa 
Co., wbol«oa e yroqma, were destroyed b, fire this 
MOtrJng. ^ 

Bank Xmapeod s d. 

PiTTsaiaQR. Jan. 3, M.— U' i i fa Sargent ami 
W. fa Hill fa Oo., benkera, cloesd ooors ta-day. 

ftlVor .‘44W • 

PlT trei.'lteS. 4 'so i, 3f 

Tx r.w; la ai.U toI..Be, w.-*ia lontS .s-i-ws weior to tOe 
ahkiisai. Tba waothor (5 cIbbt boU piaaaai* 

cixcw.'un, Jbb. a m. 
Thar.aviwatBtlao.if Tbs vMlhai itvars 

ctK'mi ' 4 Ti. Jbb- 1 p. m I 

Tlic r.’tr U twuetunr,  sl 'X,# wua'Uar j.diaar«i rato. 

£VU ::^X£ THAT CA  'C4 be SOBBrSOl 
Kfaui end be CoBVtncedil 

CinciMHi'X!, JiwV. S, 1943. 
Mu.viv 0. E. EbKIB fa Co. — Usa-’.'eswn.- 
I onn giv« my tosiintony wlib picuiore in favor of 
7r. UaUbB.'a.m, fori hAva Curly tented Itlnmj' 
iWii Uouly, aad Ido not bollevo tu&t there la any 
Hber diboioLm equal to it for disacaes of tbe Lnogc-. 
iy '.iOebaod was c-xntlacd to hu ijcd with Conmmp- 
ion, and by the cm of a few botdea of yonr Balaam. 
X aow abU to atvon 1 to bis bQaiiiv;M aa usnaL If be | 
ud oX oaed It, 1 do no, Uaiak he weoid bare uoev 
j fan bring. 

I bava raoommendf.c it to ethers, and It ga'Vi) an- 
irs aattoii.cuou in every oasa. I nevvr knew it to 
nil in any luntaooe of malting a curs. 

I also raeommuded Uto a naighbor lady tkat wii. 
/ary low with ConanopUoo,  oid cot expeetod to | 
ivn, acd two bottiee baa nearly cored er. Aaotltor 
ielghbor bad a uull aisk v'lth tbe Whooping Conih, j 
tud the PtiyBifl 4 iir pave op all hopes or raUd eg the j 
*taJd, when I recommended vbem to try yonr Bal- 
cun, and I 7 its use tba child was looa restored to 
aoai t b. BeapeciXoUy yonrs, 


Besidenco— bead of D:.i street, above Coopec, 
west side s^ar Hiiailtan Bead. 

3 ’kw 0olcl:3 -js, Madison Co , la., i 
JimouT, fa ittdfa t 

Fleast to s j:. 1 m« a qtojs of Ur. Wm. Halt’s Bal- 
4un for the I.nn'yj imnu-ilalety, aa 1 do not wtoh to 
•emit of a 'i.yjtiae which is dotnr so much good. 

It to m*ldng a goe»t aiiuy cures here. One of 00 
Mlghbors wse very low wit a Coosimption, end 
-•'.ted large anantiilrs of Dloo l from nto Lnngc. 
.'leDootor uiIa btai oat Ite oooid cot Uve a week, 
vsd Ur. UaU't Balsaji: ooie l liim. 

My son luia be-j: alJ.ot»Ml for throe ytax with dis- 
card Longs, and L'I.cTb bad fotru; ■ on each aide ot 
k IVlate; iatj were v} lorn t'jat it w.a, w.k griMt 
^iCi'ulTy vist' he cor-M brraibe at c‘.jrht. By thr 
tsd of the Bnl-fam, auU th« ba’hing with tbe Pak 
Fanaeefa ba to ctarly wUl Both tbu Balaam and 
ne Paiu Panroea ere drieg woudora, end giving 
great saL4tKt.oc Yonrs trnly, 


Bs snrs end sik tot Ut. WM. HALL'S BALSAM 
it tke LU:-'08 

1   r sale by BIXL, KOBJijfBGor fa CO 


J^'Tcr Droa-'LI*ls, Tuuvit Oiaeasc.’, liackiug, 
loQi^h, and Uie Ihicts of tcipimdent use cf Harou- * 
T, ao me ! ■■ Ee haa ever N-en discorored which hot 
Ssotou ucu ctir.'t as tx*.oi'x ^panl, 1 Mlxtnre. 
Tb.-oat I'.ftuaix pr.vdnood by saHration, Uaoklnc 
‘'oogh. B.'oncbial AdccUoi^a Uvtr UisroMi. Seta-ot 
^ and BbeuTLii’l.'m, ba.'e aB bean teiiered and 
mred In a woEdeif j 1 atanoer by tbe grxat purifier 0 ; 
the blood, Cjrv!r'a i^ien alt illEtnrc. 

Thu COSO of Mr.T. II Barrjey alone sboold sattsi^ 
u y CSC wliudoU'^ts. Cal! oc tke agrat and ^rocon 

t p4srUct vblt*. WuKO WUi ^StOCnd 


For sals by 8atotlfis fa Bogboa, LoolsviOe, ana bj 

toaito-s ta caadi..'ia« weryw^^ora. 

cA d3taw4weow ly 

■ i ■ ■ -W S ■» " — 

!'9^A*noDg dtoease«, dyspepeu and tiveroompiaini 
rank aa most dUtcoit to cctv. Wa are pkaasd to 
•are It tu onr powu to point cut a rtroady whlcl. 
■xs pror -d eitectna: iu u;toy ctaas, uni which wr 
«a satuly jraeoEuneLd os a certain xml InteElbit 
ara, it  a been tbe umtna of ivacuiug tboosaodt 
.om aa actlaelv grave. Wc n Aan t'je Kooflsnd’t' ! 
•mean rttnor . prepa »d j*- T i.C. .M.uccaaou j 
ne German Modiclnc Saotc, l‘   Ajob ttioet, Phila- 
.a'fi.ito 1 1 d-dawfawcow 

Clarmrai aapsvf^r tor th/ Loeisrlil* Couiiai , 

TacEic,r, Dim. to 
Caoazs Becmm 

(pa'maB •sPnitk O-'n'/i tH-nnafa 
( sIaSz TI HarnuxJ ? alii.t..ui  lo 
Ola Sip. .1 Hall, ds da 

Pob.iimTi lirjayiom, Ua'i.MD: da 
TkiHBAiO’ *i Xuuta, di do 

D rs Ti 6 MT art. da ••T'.-imu 

C-riTh*!' vs vluaaiV Ftosuac. do 
•a s aat«sRc! ar. N.cUo n*  TcvsraaJ. 

Waddmirtoa ti S.oaa, l*Aa, api'M.diaanawl 

Lshooa  1 Sood.M'toia'i, pauto-. (or a rvbearlhf **w 

,fruM Bnvaar^ 

Fal^a In Jtew u»a«# aot agreed to aaprreas tbe apprehended rising o 

», 4 ^ 2 !' 4 M- Hansary aad Lombardy, aa aa olteet against Aus 

kr i McMtana, tk *• / irfa’a toiniag tbe aEiaa. It to alao aU.ed tbat M 

Inaiptweity Traaif . 

^rfo.i.'' T»L 27 — fac enr i ew»e 

i ivsjtoer i UxMdfTO Ity trafaiy. 

■J 14 KB error. By tire ' 

Ao-i t uvat y esmneX^ a * 

4„i,J is». 0 , . tf- A ‘ ^ 

D.*-- i/'l • 

I*. ^ ' PV" "■  ' ' 

Sl»s r .... 

«0 Aa • 

?),*£? i/i ff.-.; ■ i 

^  J 5 ... AfeSP' 

*4 ■ I 

S’ ! 'a 50 . . 

Tb« Pox* la -Raw Task 

Maw Tosx, Dec. 3ft— A mvatlngeC ikagovira- 
me of the alma uoaae was held this af ernooi,, Wicn 
X ptopoAu:ta waasubakted to approp.lata dza.ijto 

Tba m wUag of meebaalea to nrovldaaaaktaaci. to 
r'w naaaplTyed, hiJJ lo the Pj^ix this cltamoon, ex- 
oUted loin o' tbs ap-ariaa aplcit of lormcr a et 
Ega. b'Lt many of t^iOM Qomp'.oycd, laptop go 
L kcr ilfbt ta Aeauad food from tkoaa wko hav-. b 

. A-nar cia AsavclaUaa 

^ „ .1 ' : — Tb  Aaerhai Associa 

. .ae V -VS! of edscation. met tl 1- 

■ AL. r-- Gc . , BK«t la Kew York otsi 
L’ 3 I - - - r!f Coon , daOvered as aW 

, I ! ■ - ■ VA-q (jatesL 

- «cwis Baneet 

4 A - 7 board of rteaisboat b- j 

.^•teaof Vie a eastab’.v 
» --i. Tbty axprmrata in. 

' aaadu, bat revoke tba ti 
; V .* ii'*-.wof tba Ocaax Wave 

A 4 -far. 

* - r . • J. — The bGOM of Josei I 

, .'MB. . i‘ .iai;. coUred by bniwLrst.b 

tAV' ad was fractoredTaud 0 

• d, to preve t ttaa givii.^ 

I «plaa la aa oppoaF* pa.-i 

.fa aorakUMd. Teasud*-- 

fe 4 ' ' 

•Tiio Unionof Uikfas.b 
frigatoo wart la l^ p:rt 
ntaa Oik tan. 

As Parlflo. 

be American mafl ateuc. 

.  -day fur Liverpool b.u 
^x,am(x.gst wbcici UL  i«l 

1 » firs. 

- ; 27.— By ike fns wbl.a 
. . 4 gbt, tbe Mmaal Inaiuaiii.r 

Px, $3,000, End the Matsu 
Total, $13,000 

ackaage Baak 

Dec. ' 0 .— Itk Sold t)'.t 
fche;;?« Bank ta-.'S aecored Mr. Alton, the I ' 
erv Arent, frfftj Itss, by the ti an-W of rcapunsl 
a uatxUUee, wbicu ba in tarn boa turned ovat t o 
.g Govt.-uMent Mr. Cbarchwoi;, of T. uaeev. 

44 Mr. Wtiken, of A'cxandrla, are tbe pri^l 

Beeth ef Bx-Oeveraev Mertheafa 

CiaciKvsTt, Dto. a®.— Ex-Owvm jr Mor«b«Ki 
el a* hk rcaiitonea la CewLsgtoa, lest aigbt- ag  7 

Teiwra, Dec. 29.— Tat extensiva eabtaat tK. 

Whs!«la  ra Oiiuisr. Pead!«Ma 
AasUa ra R» teiibvui du 
iUuT4GB ra XasiM, (3rui*. 
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of aiua$p 4 Ht*t.t.u.L u.'et . R K ,S C . 4. U'J. 
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Tins 14 tbs fl-ft M tlw isar, aud bestas?*. at yn, haa art 
bo«x l-nfa itoaia tbs laaompttue ot Ber.|a»,a Las had llie 
taad«aoy Ui i-aors*sa (, aad it baa loduce.- tits 
( 4 tes ef franhir lo luodoiata isUj, end taaisasaJ tbs Vees* 
of ms y 4 Uiil«*.d ettswea rjiaecd needsU 
Tbs uB.rsr. el eitd loe; coatuiasd tinsisecf ua ntsasy osu- 
l.uusa to have a dsprsas.Bi iBlSiuocs is* tbs esearsl 044 x 4 St, 
end It effM.usUy cbrckaaUeiloitsat aiecaUUua. Osx mer- 
ohe .l» save Utni far wsaliursd tu« ubiiubju C.r.s!a, at d aisl 
fLllh'ir*i-.bilit*ea •ritLoal J» lalcat.oo, notwn s(aiuLt.», I'at 
f rei (but sf-or-»oi (hr beat a id artuasmt luai* m thsooiKitry 
bars ladei aruuui' tbsi* 

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s rss. sxoaptihf tbsl iir« id4.iiira aad (iraa; aniBI to iLe 
tarbtara* of ibx aa;d4is , hare hese slifb’ly ei.haocrd, aad 
Giuconea a-*/ at 'omrr'-'hat eaa.rr mtsa. ewins is aa merrius 
lutusaappUaa aka saaiket (dr putk bu Betauier*at!yra- 
iw * tlui wssk.tbr rscaipt* of hofa bwo; b(bt, aad mobey 
aad b lysti tuU ■care'. Tbs paokJii thus (ar, this srakcn. 
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uateeasa. ‘lAsiaafaiLac otf attbupoiat.oemparedwvb 
tae vr«v.(,aa ssasco, of lUMkjg*. Pnom en nacba4.ied' 
et4|c o4 eora-fr4ho|s ara qivdsd at tl|S. 

lbs wsslutT at (bo first of tb* ***sk was cl *ax aad sold, 
tra (dr evrarai dsya ptst it has bsm rrata and racurkably 
pise aa’- Tbe r.ver bfis bsea iradrmUy naiaf all rbs wisk. 
aaJ bs Obto u com laors in gKod nar .yabld "rlsr, t-d 
frtgbts ham bme rery materially re4*ided, aad las skipplnf 
b aa.aen has tonrely tooreaaed , aad usds beeiaem asm bmlf 
Esra bus been srsorrabis fox many moatbs. 

SCCKWHEAT-^laiarr rippltes.wttb telm ec fa Cfiper 
bag of it poomXt . 

BlAJfS— We quots wbjts eeeros et fa Wdfa ii V barbel^ 
ui is-e 

BAOOIXO A ’0 ROPE— Tbum bss b«40 aa tusreated 
aBUBst.-Bialbe market f.T (bms eualee, aud 'Ae 4b]pasnts 
harebt-ba modemte’y heary, an A s^'aof alwet sTi juaeea 
aed Wdeoila. torix.oaa lota, at pr-eak raaiiag from U*4 to 
IV: fo' bass B|. to to' w e. Tbe mee:ptf per reUxesd 
bare bees Sei p.scre aai fad doale, wnb ■hipm'P'a of I SId 
pieoee aad IXto cutis, |.mr.B| a etoito oa head nf ttJTS pie- 
ces, end MAli sails. 

BBAV A!»D SUOarS— We dvor* salm feoa iirt beads 
et Sit aad faS Etoa: rvte'l aeiw at SI toSSt W V  0* 

APPLEb .VND rOTATOEA-faUi of appias et St M 
a»] fa i-ex banal. Li,at aalo of puue poeatcea at $3 XV 
(XlRN UXAL.-We doom rota;] satoe at avsso eeata * 

COAL AND WOOI 4 — A larie axaeoat of o«el It oa i-* 
Way te Uua marbe; froa Piltabtufb aad otbei pirsu. aa-d 
pt«a4 bars OS Aiead to too, at tete.1, for Pittfaursh. and tte 
idr PuBtetsy. Wood raspea (nm SI 04 to St to 1  wagae 
iod.1, about fa 04 V oar 1 for /aasoosd- 
CUEI7SC— Tbd rooeipta of Woetcra are light, w(A amali 
salee at iOHOlle. 

COTION A:fO OOrrOM TAB7fS-Tbar« baa be.s a 
Igbsor dacmad for ootton AA nook, wltb seloa cf ocnauioo 
w m.ddLas Alabama ui lata, at 4 ( 4071 ( 0 , ebetfly at 7Ho 
balaa ofb-t'.isf at 11011 ) 40 . Cotton Yarus era Oral et 7H, 
lit aad b^osuia per 4cr«n for the aaeiirted aumbera rriA 
1 per ooot oif to tbo *7400. 

(.OSUlAldg, Oc.— We dU''te r-nall tales ot Maaulia Cord- 
spa a; ltdsaot taloe ot' OAed and lexTed Cerdecs at Id'S lie 
X :b. Sola, uf BiLof Hemp Tw.iM at U0Uo CiiNS ttores. 
t'aokmi we lU'xUi at Ei 0 Wa 
(•A.'f l Lb £.—ftp«rm (ladles, uoas, 8mx CeaDee, is k :e 
.at Sle. w.tb T 9 seat oT for oatb. Salas of Pressed Tailuw 
 mU1s  ai lESLis. tkrmuua Mould UnUd ter (Aotee 
(iOOPC&AuU —We quote Iteroea et fa tonSt TJ, pork 
[ e.'ivto SI S a|l tos hard age (Mid emtm; fiour barraie 
U ene i a. 

DO ACSTtCfawWe beer of trio* of Cermaiten Show xgr 
at lifiai auass St W.ioabas, Penn Mill a, " Mille, aed , 

Auchjc braade alee at * 4 ovosa 
UXi £0 ruClT— null reos-pu, aad wo quoso apple* liim 
atto'titier brrnut quertexa Psao:.'tr leauaal at St (d'di 

rCATACbS— Aai-s ef prime to:t in faipfC 0 order et 
Eld Oommoc feeduti rsaso uoicUtuUa. 

PL9VA AND (dRAXX— Tbo bow market eexly ta tbe 
wees Wee uacaaasod. wub email tuppLsa asd Igb*. au!sr 
la lorn at $7 TU0S7 HI. Oitruis timpart da-’ or two bUd'rk 
jf fair, owjif to, bxve adraosed pr os ,w.tb 
mues ot iti barroto, ta lota, at S4 M. Small salee at *s Ei 
A ea-e of 7M boabais of wheat at S  U, **iA n^ y rxaaii *up- 
puse, aad bciUera dim. Cora bss also aarsmec more fi* m- 
xsn, w.tb ef new, laldid, at CS0«ie. and faoali Mleeai 
-Te. Old sera rvta la at Mo. Oats we quMe u«ll at iOOti 

HAT— Tbs n-uket for baled timotby u firm, wi ta ulek at 
Uls wkirf at su tU per too. EoiaU jams from eCorta at Sll 
-odSlx. Stoeks reduced. 

HEMP— We liier uf ns tale* esokpticg relau lots Of drw- 
.-exrl at Slto P * 00 . 

GlcOCCUILS— rbsre baa b*an q'oite as tacf'ate *a .be 
tjppLesof ouAoe end *U(ar, and pncue era eider, -n-b a 
itsot eu hand of absu; 3JN bga eolfi-e. 7ai bafsbew]*  f 
mgar. -od U.OOd bei.-els of msleekae Saisi 11 ' K:o 
owAw eer’y la tbe **mk at U «*ats. Xt baa s..a;e 
tear. aelLns freely ut lit* et ii]( oeata We quote 
LaruK al US, Jam lis. 3 -par firm, wub sales et E'diiq 
idiiii(codta P.aau-twd Moloeeseqaisi, wbb a sala at Id 
mats, mitU raise attooento. Hs-asl, dar.Ce*l aai Loot 
iiv;ara raaye troo THn to I'jHo, vb vnaU 1 »U Sny-ir- 
I a odea metaieea I'-afao. 

JEAK3 .(.fU LXNfaiiTS.~5daU salsa at (rfaxi; for Jsku* 
aaditZ.'Seto. Liu’o,'*, :m a»TTt vireax. I 

LVMELfl-'Tba Irtlar* c S'li   } bam esiab'.isha.! (be 
olio'ouas ta.Si’: , 

• ins L'uab«r, eleax S*i *  M. 

ya, ad i-oim ji  uo. 

ux W rale »  To. 

.(X-'a-u boar .5 . u t'o- I 

1 'a.f I ^s v . r.Bp SC Ut*. ( 

a^euaii .uw do, *v ua. 

-N a. t P.ja Sbjaglee 1 do 

SKEDS— Wo q'ifde opwer a Cl a* 37 SSa^T Jd Fisakord 
Irrastelta. Crsbax'X *T4I», yraea, aad -oiiisprarj |1 
oJ. ruaoAy Msl Si 7J (or p-xra.  i«iap seed S3 dd 
•ALT— We quO’e ICaoawLa at 7t-»W or*'.*, axvl Turks 
H-nul at St iO0SI 50 per bay, aa-l dador wq pertinabel 
PROVISIONS AND LARD— lio'Aars of iscu park are 
I**h, uad SU M W!U refujsd for UDO barroie, wito aaier of 
jilb-ls .a *eu -tSU o4, aad a aalo of |w boitels ob pn*S!s 
«nna. Uoifara dciaaod SUto. New baooo we qiuus at 
ou tut •bo-.der*. 714 a fwsi-ea. aadioferaams We qucie 
*n*eo -f ISO boire-s Wn (.seas at 7oi SM brerals Ne. 1 lard 
at •tos.aadKVt.erma pr*OMa'. fa(u,aa*l POO bbw greaaa a 
/■(u. Wa prune twif Urd *n kjtft u »l40ieo. 

LXNs&fiO OU-— W# qaeto by tbe quantiiy at ’’■yx’/t 

TOftAOCD— (fi'a* la-drsilay umaed Mil Kbit, ai fsUrim' 

»4 V. St * 5 . fa to. Si M. fa 10 . S5 15. fa to. SI 35, »1 o5 
aadS 5 5 E IbeeniekFrKia/wi,r«oo.y 5 bbds. et fa «J. si 

iA, SO ( 0 , fa 15, and fa Ot. Tbere-etstiShawarakeuae-Sat- 
udo/, were 17 oh 4 * at a rsoge ef SiSIdlfa Uto, X bbua. 

^ odd o5 ti/Si«k 7* f ar A* O'.bor & Tbe kme* at tbo wa/el 
.uutea on M .nd yommukd tu li &oda,el pneee 
f-' 7 m fa Tt to ST M. Saiee TiMtilay of to buds at fa VV, fa 
r*. 10, fa te. fa 5 *, fa M, ed Hi So (S, fa (S, SO Si. and 

 T 05. 

NAVAL SrOP.ES— Oakom wa q'aete at 1 OK 011 S Xu 
.-t a 4 ex  vO V b'!*. Koeui fa 5rS4i pa P.tod 5 4 50 I'ua- 
I ,' 4 ' 4 i- 4 *eei 07 baaa!r b j»*i.uB. aad a aale sf 5u bbls st (Gc 
I aial-. 

rXG IRON.— Ws quote Teaoeaee* matu; a- StosfaJ 9 
I ua,  41 t*ii 4 «, w.A * . 4 ** of U loot at {3S  

WtitSUf da.e* ot rav* tv*/ ut ta* week at *(e. iaea 
-die*:, a-d /veiai'da/ at iud. 

HXiaUrX— Vs-t •  (af*uteu''.t Ibo iMe* U lemoxgte 
New Grieaoa w*(e 55 eu 3 t* tor tbruu-b peuod Ueafia a* Mo 
.ar Way * 0 . 4 , Ssi ;.-*r bario* (erpo*l:,iws fut ari.Sl « or 
I rb-say. Mi 4 lea Sc W, uonoa S7 vO, aial es*(M S7 
I oaad. Saeey T( cea.kyor btod X'o Pfaab'ugb t-c. 

ToXesroph Murkcik. 

Ojronma'n. Jaa 5. M. 

Pba aurko’a are d*ul 

5 "(JUT— #7 75)i.r ool brands, asd St.Mfor ektra 
Wa-»r— VerTdj’ila'.-fbC , , 

Ho(k— i^btl ; *'('• -*aaAer ta t.d waioi I'M patlaud. and 
pr.ner r rm ftois kt.oO to St.XE 
llard— *Kc 
(irmn Hama— «c. 

There U no chaage in otbar uUo*ua 

CufotnHa-n. Jen 1. P M 

Fludt— S7jdfU,C0. 

Wh(»lty— pul! rt f(A 

 lo(k— 070 hraii Fi-d at $(.(4 h. $(s5 

pf,n 4 ios»--Pr:’ 

(ire nlla-cf— S'-. 


(irix- 4 r S*^it tV to iV Alola.-wei Uo-fU 

n.-e— P' 1’1 n.j) (oE-.. 

E»«'eru Ktcha.'ir- aqal pramirm. 

New Tgbk. Jau 9, 3i. 

'.'.*ttaa— Tba aiar'-at ta dul' 

riro;— Tr.fie low-jr. »,5C0r.bla acid, grod Oiw *J, 4 laS.U. 

gOH.»*i;in ;i ntobaiirril. 

Grain — Wbcaiisfimii 25,900 bu com retd; Weaiem m led 
51 . Oal.OL m ktere. 

P.rk— X iHl a*.d dec :uns, meaa 61343 
Dull asd (leoficiBS. 

X-ard— Firm 

Wb- Ay-Ohie MJ(!V37 

NiwYuan, Jaa.k,P. M 

C'Otton— M'V* totr-v ar yea t arday't deuiise, wTb aaUt of 
l.5l)v bill'*, 

Frai(b‘e ore adracr'ng 

F*cu — fr.flo lowai, Obm S^.M-dSl: Sottbers 1 * un- 

Grsa— Wbeatlia bule b:gL*ri aiCea of Id.OCtbnSoulb- 
er- red at r(.i 9 , aad rdiaanuj. wb.te at SsJ7 (iosaisAmr 
aaleacl jOO Woaa. soou rate*. 

Mm* Pe.' 4 — Lower: at SIX 9® to SX3.C3. 

Buef— XbrL, wj a a daoX.nji,’ MaXen^y 
Inru— L'uekaagad 
Wiurky— Oaio StolT 
Creoer,e»— L'acbanged . 

Tr\fn (bd xtw Orleasa Place Current of Deo. 15 
New Orleans Rlarkets. 

Bv ias— (.dVlila.NA— Our laat rtport left Ad Sugs' ® k* 
kst raibsr U'-ary at a deauine ot an ia oouc and ai ibm re- 
d'KtiPD (bare hm a.Dce be«oa fa.r aemaud.oa-i der oi toe 
abiiruet.ooi' tointsrooura' rr.A As nod isa iliffi- 
dolcy 01 elf 'dting ezcbaau;e uerotiatiout, tr* aalea fur ibe 
peat tbrm days sumtnuic oa boftbeade; wbeb wea.Kl 
make a total f *r A • we» at XfiCo bog  bead*, at macs wittun 
Ac rouge of Ac fellow j*g qia.datK«ai 

laioTMT ceota per Ib.. Sit'S 1 


t ur Id fully fa*r a\ax5( 

Pnaea (ia0(H t.'-St-i 

Llarinad (iqSU 

Reued Ctoe7’a 

Tobacco — Ibe paai week bos ueen a peaiul 01 a;m «t *u- 
tira qu at m tba Tobaoeo market. A-. o*U  aaiee A .t bare 
taucu ted lieiM 30 bbdr. ai 6 J(. tied 15 bbda. Maeaneosair, 
of wb eb 3 are 1-S,sad X mlectaoas at 3c pi r *b. rlui arueb 
OBtSje It L At.f-bonl 3-M0 and mryfnU pr.cea o-a 
eAqrad.V^eat Ae-ainat.nM Aa waabor us* been too 
ro’d^noil dteto k*unit of aa evuu'T.atieii of * up.aa. Wa 
tapaat tertaer qaoisi*oiu, tbouga Asy art Lu*a more (baa 
BOB oai at tat mnneol: 

Lvos— FvrM'* cen'd per !b. .5 •fa I-l 

Planlera’ .lI-2St  

Leap— X atenorte eommec Si-CM lA 

” Fair 5 0-407 

- Fibs 7 l-tST X I 

“ CAmos te.m-ions A 'oM 


StoekbU baud lA Mpt., ISM, bb la ... 343X5 

Arrrrc'l past Arte day* 77 

Amred pierioealy tAU— I.IJO 

J:ist toe Tbln^ i’or the Season! 

Tbeartgd'tr.a’ .aaira i. ;yb4fy of er-ir b *. 1 ol f-;..- 
Uosra d-kaa" ). ii'TS r 'X At- eiai*am'A'i. a.a it, 

cu.vj c* any 'a x-l of u’j-tiUaie c.iaut;- a d . chie. use .- 
qiuiy you uUi noiltual la CA-e' ou: of ted 'oe cu.-y w-a 
ciTeo'eiX bv Aa Ua* cl P—I.MLK'S l.'.il.J\ Y... can 

Lave your face e'X'.ve... .':sj 0 . , .-v.ea odd oAei ble .* i--* 
by a. t Lve, It ' ju wi.L Dioy !Ct* b.« r.' i:e.' 
Xlrud S'-oreadJ ob-a.B d paiupU'.e. d. - .b u/ '.bn /.iluai ud 
th'f it pu.nfer ef A* «k. ;. aid ;.t luf jou » aj  1 u: 
er .!•■ i-  you cano .! .uM lor one ..!.:me y’. '!• v n-T t fC ia.- 

idi kiioi : ‘t. n ta' .lU- it 

anii - 1 *'. .'Cr'-it .** i.i- • I I'i-' ' 'I. 

J’.i-'Cdbj i' -. vc I a 

Rinorte-! peat tbxae day? 

Siported pteriooily 

X .C«3- UM3 

Strok on bAad and on aUip board khia. . . 7 -73 

OaCG.v — Tbe uiirksi far Eacox sdji^ ai-X wa bave ooiy 
tew ta**a M raport at Cto07e ter ILbbed Sdas, aad about the 
(ikuie ruga lex Suouioert. Si.taa is Kora,«ra, ftewai'U', 
gooerall taald at 7 oama per poued.aa a port.-s -f t .a 
 ii«k u luaiied at et J* biAar :gura*. IXams art in limits 1 
requeid at aociU iegldc V lb ter ptnj oagaed w sboise ftu- 

Laac — The ooBttdemb e •naMor.c.yas n'.'ttasd tow«rdt 
(hesXsaaot cox last rtrr.ew baTe beau foXlowad by aox.o 
oiMTi at aboM As mms rui 0 B of prwea. aud dnrml A» 
tbrai, days about lOW tmiuae and baxtuU Lam told al^ : to. 
f;tj rjuo (Ud a”.d uaw, and nearly L i« keyi nt 18 e«**u 
V C li-aoe p'lrU-iidas axe umi-ivtcod Ui be otaiafly fox A* 
xtorana max^t. 

i -OFTSS -Tb* Sm Caflee maiket baadiaplayed moruus- 
4 Tity tuiee oar lap, end about APM bvira bam fonud pu«- 
nbaM'r .irei-d.u« UOtoo TueaiUy at 15(99 eeata V !b. Tba 
•JO raoiar*!-)' bj' rr,cc% bormrax, baa been I l-24t( 1-J y 
(Ae latter ivte ter a 'try prune aaxAo.) sad tb* rnlea I'f t!*e 
astir* week may bo aat dixWn m 1 505 baaa, Ae bulk ai wL A 
It lor o'aLiumptioa 

Salt.— llkars b*r-* tw*« esa or twa cargoae of L:rarp» j 1 
on A* mar!**'.. 04. . a d d tot loam Aot any had bean au!d 
when we m***Ie our csq-oireeyoitordsr The ratea 
from aacono bsiid- have been talsad to SI 48 0 SI (b t.r 
enaras. ami S  55 to 51 (11 g mck ter Fme, deLrered tree 
of drayaqe. Torh;' Ulaml Iti aAte la ratai isy at abu.t 
SI 5l par aack uf twoboAela, do'.:rrreiX 

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bual’tit trauaactad la tba foraura 7ra (bl market amts our 
last rtport, At new anfafemeuta bajir on* aa.p for Gea a 
at 1( ecu: .two fur Harrows, and a Brtrnta ak p for Hi*- 
mat ABi'-ritaa Atp* are SliiDS cp (dr LiTarpool u 
aad Britiib a: 't-8fa , but ibaxa *t now rary uiU* room in 
B'ltiA Alps, and .laMrwaa ib pa ars refuamg Hd- tocem- 

New Grleoaa M*a«r M.arhdt. 

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The tura of Ac Mouay mar'-et dor aa A  piat weak, baa 
baao acaintt Ae borrows. , and ttrs ia,I,eat:au4 a-u, tsat w* 
aliall bars tome ' h o^ofapineb buforo 1 '**a Tbs Uomri-d 
far Hitcuemn caimna it qu M rrssaicj, BH Co y for 
lmnMdlai4 W4ut'.,bjt .a aat oKwiion. aits, of tr.e bear.' r*'- 
menta matunn; or*r tba wLopa i.f January. Ha-ea for a  - 
eay,of cnur'* bnrdm.rr.tei'i paper ni iBi rery t ««( 
iraoe'b* pieced atabetier nruiaiban tl. wbiiat we 
are aware of D'.ro* alioreta low at 15 We Aeranyo p'ocu 
eurquelnUoua u to 1 wa: 

Moraaropa,6r, bqiLaar trade lOa’.l 

^ W kiybt UtudAs' paMr, AI IA15 

ShM-t paper, .aauie of Mdiys, eiX'u.jiy eodo.-e-.d. . .I3at4 

There is sc ua* 
dosD-r: s mtn. c 
ae. un.«u nar |a 

a: uneaey feolAs in raeord A (be aoFifom'joiA 
mtn. out Ae b.At ax* diapeawJ to act L^r-L'y, 
nar |at,au f.ould bo oompiaieiy tiapas led, wa 

do net anLcpar* any (xara dififaulU**. Rut Aera 1 * o.Oko- 
Mte anouqh alreacy to aiAe psopto uncmf-ruble, tul 
bear* tbe  itron.t anxiety for ansomthe r.vera. 

Tbe es.-baaya marKet bsi ee.lfnuad dunng ibe paat wsek, 
but 'he adVAac ) is tr j -j'jeerrabi* is eirbt and short 
ei' ht fur.d*. ihc bavks h ••» o'ta "ift’S.eut ripply isaik-'. 
Aa dumna.: f  r ea:e.i:, ie.1 Avv bam aowg‘*s«up to.'-*.. 

~oz crnto'^snnn.ibs'a t.icataxCuiTaieatiLaeoub'.ar. 
Sbort r.jtat.w’terb w»r a*:'.'ny a weak ago at 1-lal per oes’. 
dnoeuu'.taaebeeas’-l’l U Aw at iX fot Beat disMant to l-( 
pMCaat pr*m um.tb' Inttar barm been paid forarom.ilot 
01 fivadaya, Ana. h Ae eoconi rata .laipar. StsrUsaieaiao 
baUer, and no bil!a oould be bcojat t*-uv unde* lOS l-i — 
GC'id a:(narure' are 'worA tkTal'iT M, aao oua or two ebo 00 
tmiooa braoekt IC7sl97 1 3. Trvio.' raivfa from U. 93 1-Z'5f. 
ti 1-d. S'.yfy day btUeOa the N 'tA on'ill ba oetoLat* i 
morn raadJy to-day at 5 1-('G par eon: dr-eous!. 

CFros. Ae Cirru!v of Tboa. H.LeA'S b Co.) 

0k. losoia Hamp MarksL 

• r. I-dvt*. Oeotmbai tod, i-’a. 

Final. ' UX affaiTf xm'iaoe (l' Moy tbieuqbcut lb* ocir'r; 
wilboul boy* ef at/ 1 sprommenl ter r'kne mo-'ha Mot* 
•jf oar to .ding flap *• u aint iui tb* r rnoas, and ao mstaruil 
oba*s* la nut  npaMd bafor* aprapt. 

HSdr.— I'te raenptj 'bl* yaar omr 155$ aaa Atoget!.te 
A*u! I Tea leas, and o1 Harjilt'd HeinpldM boXea 

Steak* UI alorc una -Id EUA boio* ^'ojt l.aSS balsa fa (Lit 
dale last acaaoB, sod ararUiXe pnos* fi5 U par Icsbalirvils 
rala* at tbat t-m*— tuoaA 6f  ka autoa ter past kixty dayabaea 
been oa tad.t. 

TV* Bbali 10 ■4nab!y aallfor es.A ar.lamotbei’tra'a loatiuck- 

ail.abd weald b*r« I  vp-uFfui]y Artel a *iT,ei adjaareve* to 
et'b aaJst for sd bundi of Frocnica, e.ivl mpoc a! ly H snip. 

Wtquj'acaA pnoos lo-day at tiom SUM to lilxfxca’/- 
mad. asd $150 to (ltd par t -o tor barklad— d*m*iid w. -v 
liru’.cd— Ls'ders aoxioos to rsaLxs, tad qu.t* AOCo bale* wA 

pr Jiabiy b* ru:n*4 er*r wmtsr 
Tbaimgetta b*r* for past tight yasr* ham taas aatel- 



IMS. (i.9eu do. 

toil (born do 

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leal «t«k da. 

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are aeoat 3»  tml'M bacatoi. anu ( M bato* • iklre:aej, 
slicor.i'g ki* eiee-iof 3.C'Ca 'osier dia-aad erar *sai Okicii 
iMr. wlula (ba a-sek of 'lalia-ra! !t asarly At aani*, p a-m 
oousvaarAly late and Loik kinds npartad •icvkt.ra y doll, 
deeim a?, an-1 U '.iaMtu na oocsi. aJ 
'J .o* oca of it'xsaiuu Yams Al all Fsr*|a’ *ae tearl- 
atled St oss-fsurth latr. as'l of Cunay (.l-Hb fully S.C 0 
balea belo'O tbi* da'* Isat movB. 

F.i.m-i uf all Ands*AC ‘?( jet*, ars fully ico fer 
oeoib-bar than last XtooaipbaX'— bald utuly, but witbeut 
raec-Y damond 

To* loook of Rurelaa Homo A Lnglaad la raper'ed at 
Con* agaioat A5 7 toaa (m Ut itoeaa! *r, fkto. and prene q 1 - 
tad t’ AM age n-t A/7 at cama panod. ZMoy. firm buiiaos- 
tim, w.A ycppija'adcxaBt icr A - iamud. 

liyoa.-tJ’T BE DEC-IVEO!^ 

: Wo h iro o t i nr 1 the .\. 3 ca.;y ,'jr . -e beat iiil.’ 

I Frcparit-s.i in the tVorld. 5f'-*v .»o otbtr, wo 
3a3;3ii’ee a iiur*4ilaa tj i '* c.'d'ruyier. 

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i MIKE’S Llili liLsitiriCIi, 

j iV’'i;ii u-'/U T'^duci a ujid £ro:t:h of ilnr o  

j o 1 7 Bald lltol. 

Now York, Dee. 20, laid. 

W C Koia— 

X wa* os.d for iweaty-f .ur ye ue. Y mx llx.r Reatoier hos 
pr idueel a {ro-otb of aa.r :ac sx''''r( A . 'a.jre bare 
was-e X woe OaLl. 

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’C* V 'a'acL, lose 3. :«o3. 

W. (X XTruD: r**- B u- 
yout Ha. r R.*' rer b- s piodaoed ari-j.ira'is •* * 
bait T3 ay bwU, rvbera :t balbecu bal'l frK i-ey* ’*■ 
r i Aiaa.i.-*, 

DagtM.-.-sotrp 3r,P 7 Bt..i • , 
New ’I'at’t.  Xa.’ca 1C 1* :* 

W. C. Iluae— Alter /'..Alatmo; a.gat mart -mr K r 
RseUaTT ba*,'ui'.y lek- iwl -- 1 'a ui. 

TVm i';r';i ’CM. 4 r-.! "-04 !■»'*. 

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W. C. Jil'ka — I bars .borotsblv I.” '*1 yocr llcrt Ke- 
»to**r. xaja'.f *r.. *te I nr ■ 

on emr/btil •- se.e 1 ti.e- •' 

E-kjciT r  ?i*r V. 

VoxJi-t'.'.j j! taa L'uiro. i.: cf 1 *'.. 1 a, Fi’. ;* 
*»_•- -4. Jaa. 1 . 

w. 0 - iluaa,— rjJT-'it * .-J' _f 15 «■*.•* I .s ’ ar „v: . -s’ 

aaoMo.' bar 'oa.r.a'iX Au r' -ctoua* wa*. .* 

■ooox.oti.Al ’ic.aj yn.’ .1 *..■ a: J.vt, *• a. .'. r.cjo ^ 
it* iolLcg oA and als.rv^ .fa _-.i 'co*. ut-b , a 
week*, a arw growth of bi:’ baa iprux: on a'.-ir.y .-pa inca 
laleagrb. S XaVLoa, Jr. jd.r'-'.v ’ .d;...,c.-.i a 

E') ’co. ;-a. -9. ICXi 
W. C Iftrir.— X vaa tr-'.'ubieX rrv.b i-. A . : r .X.- 
.'eais. Y'lux Uiu iM^'crnbse I'lUy rastarr ' -a; lI-.. 

Cor-XT rx.ead aal ha. 4. •'r'k . 
I''Ud»nai Ra.forer L, * xld at Oce w.\ .-. - 

all ibu dc-.lars u P- ... ■ ■ .1 Jisl. .—r. a- ■: 
fxooT C Mdi . fprebaa‘st.'uc'i;c:'4  as n' n 

AgaU'.*. — tv Jsou, Sture.-d li 5d.::i,  , Ss itnei J; 

Jcb.iD Park. un. . : al' .. .A 

iilUD’S i;0LDE.’l| GLOSSy 


TX11$ prspusueu is a .b!y p«r:um«d, it g.rat W A* K-.' 
a dark, soft, glocsy, and liroly appau. x- 30 . wfach eaxui ,« 
di'auBsdfxoiD a-y atliar 5r! '.«. It afaetua.1'' Uox.aakA* 
sesip Ana D-41.A 'Uf au.1 jc'' baept ( .4b**J chaaA. 
k*a;tLo X. prayaste A* HaXr (.g a la.Ln* of cx lura r.o 
gray, and *& w*;b atw 'dla c.X . {A. seX v..-.* ,i 

aidt beoi'y, U *-'A roLars ps”4.:'ox U 1 * ■ a' a Su. s-’. 
rtraafjr ter oumxoU'i daca.. a* luA s* Sot!' ifaa.X-.Lx.’ 
la*, lul: Ofaroia, b)., a,-vX wdl al * ju.xa'lj to .or, t-r-jxj-o- 
AaLc ahacka of carmi* aa.l*4ci bed-'. A* 
it .a unAtoaMory 1 ;r ua to on .i***r:M Ae  . 'sdar '.'' ; .-sg- 
•rtiM of cbaiuratnab - fixvaieriai.. fentcrS/U'.a'U'r.b** 
! already boto astcb'.ub’v* a. -■.r**.e tr  :;*x ot 

man, pbye.ouj*a, she *usta of tba hiqta't: a'-c ' r. - l-X *• „. 

I A* fl.rae: d ser.ia uat.*.s e Uesus f.. .3 tl! yso,ett.-,-.., 
railliooaof pail 00 a uJ . '..c; ,3 n.. .j .on : -• 

laaJ premouae* it tx  pro 'a.atxa b* world L . cr*T 
pr-ii'vf-''.L Try it cnoo A '. t-.j w .. uore,- 'ox v . a;- 
!!L'a0 3 OaLDL.V '3L'2Sa a )V. r.- a r.-. ..;g: oc.^. 
•1*1, anJ s-vM St tbsk w rl I't ’'. ...'*s«.' ib,-»;.'7.a 

prmcriX Dxcl a.’S .n Drn.’- au- JImLo.u- -cd L/ X -ai-y 
GiaoXa al-rubAte rtr.."' .'. tl.a w .r,d 

I CLa-iiteal 'laTtaf- at.'.-. Li.'-i-.e 1'.'. . rx 

«•! i.rol ;.»:iy, i .'L 
jLg aia.— Wilaor, l•'’.tr*•J.l V - L-. . * - ..' H.-- 

J..buD Para, Cxittii a o. .1 4 . x 

Gnat EicUruikiii iVt .uii.';;? a!! eve" i!'f 

jfon.'.ry, n 00 . •.•■; ■.-!:-* ■■: .b. . 4 - .I'.iiJaua kj. .*.  
Ci .Ml I-can a VclC'iuic Oil i.iuaauui * . v- 
I* ur **.**/ 44U mrur ac'l ii irtjy ;  r ;va c 1 ■} 'f ■ ' . ■ 

au.i *i.e aa* u.k^-AO- Hr-k*. .-Xs of •-■•.•.. .r.i*. ac.' r’a 'i ' V . 
beaa unde .O'*-.,,! by ,tj u-e. ouay Ae; »e. .- ■ :*. .. r 

yoera w.tu idd Cb 'OXiO •or* ',  n t : 1 . 'r • d -1 1 4 . 1 -c ti 
r*(a*rtK s ood L Lui'orn.* p- r Ci ir* pc-,*;, a.t !•. i, 
peraiauekf 7 Jar* b.- lb- ua* ' { a ew* i-. j.,. ■. . »j.. 

LEA.vaccLtiuiv \rB*i t. 

U te as *ot.ger an '*u r**'' reii*«..i. oa*. a uX-j as-X xT.jsr'- - 
tab.* "lao'," cerlAed «c ( ■ f. em-'jy 'ica ra !* A a C-- 

oi.'i; .1. dlcLaau'a V- c-acu.- L*a =  1 - ■... 

X^imeut Avt Uuseroi Si. «u di-C"**/*.! . -;i 1 tne oo.y i,i.t- 
1 M nuiwly for li e t,T*dy aud .rruita.a; c-. - - . .- 

ut oXX a.oua, awai4.aga, or ajy looal , a '.u laaa cc xm. 

LlVCtlY 3 JABALE KLU ilka, i 

•*n,1 all (bat bar* cl irr- cf .. ;te!. ; Leap a I’-p. 

•^•ni•.xn' y JO ta**7, A bo Uk-I a :i3. .ir.cX 

I’aict: OF TiiK liniXil:-. * 

In eocs*-,a«n.a cf ’.ha I'Wt-is-'Xd-.u *d • •. ’b * -.C i. 
bU Li. ua*u', it ■ now pa’ lu '»*o:r nn, c.-.. • •” '. * - 

caa., anX da.axbr*.; as. The lUy era’ o'.’ -. -s ; : * „ 
three ;uDi« An q-ao'i.y I'l to- tw-.i;’,-flTo .   4 ' x - .. 
oauip'orcrtiiu 'O ’ba:i .'OT*. tea ;ha .-j.. L -• 

mousy by KiTt ni; t,.# I ixr-* ».r-a 
Ail uidex* for Ab Vo o.. O ' X'm'tio*-! e-»a^i- we- 
edMA3pn pr.«tte',JAtoi.5H X-LL.i.Y,i’. L. ui.  I.n 

Fur •akS*. by tar Propnatte screeT Tu .X a;.; ■iuor. 
9t. LmiH, bIa.,arX 'r 

LUarON, GSV31 - k P'fli.SY 

Nc. toJ iSau-U.-i*' 

dtodbaln L’"’— -Le, If.’ 

Til* '■'^•lei* U( ray- "? a - i:i: jtef • .r -.a-i ' 

ttead.'raaJ Xo'ucotx fiowao— toe A.« p. 'w . 

! Lilr. 't tbe 17'irt -f aatu nn.aao Col- cL;Ly .■ .a- s f ru.tar 
diirnh* he 'orest, and ibax piite,nt a : . -v - 

arumiaa d4»9:al,au, : et BS V l—'T-di.! ..a . ia «... -'-.aax 

aa (bey ay*.: bud laubli-. u., •_ I'.l tiaix (Ye*..’.- j *:. . , .- 
qrr .•,* :n *»ily bo uaen-teo, ua; . .a;-- ■.■ . 

ca*4. aostety o. •iiiwn* auuoUfu lu-y aue.-ra'.*,  s 

atu! *a:'**ala Ae • afn*ut x., ba tl «a c, -je*. i in. 
j aw.y— T-e a** It, vvo 'a-j. .; w* -;rr ,t 7 ,eu w- j-rc i. 

I tXU otbera **t :(, ’.'A-. * - : lor ' , -•• •! ... i-.i. 

I (r.'Ci'Y:au I**. i.t-'ie»« we ../re. : .j .y^/a-.-.-: . ' .. • 

I aarfjgxi.’* Hut 1 *• tx ‘ia.-ri aaH r :’ 7 1 .'. ’. J, 

n( *nr -* Aa: wA*- "UJ .•.■£'■•!  ; * t-yre.' . . T • . 
alio, has sc.ii;,* uo.T'.eii t .e 

f’jsta ftem ifu, sr:a- . .. je’ao.a . j.i 3 
j lu:a’3t■.«ul^ a ai:o .t -. aa*./ .-. --r*. 
j aa' re ’-'roi :! • e "'C-ec. id '.-b., /,- 

! or e.erya yuui ' ..*3. *. -o a-. . 3.* Aa 

I wtOi tl ■? 1 ’.y,” ac-t aims t i. • . - . ...j , ;j ; 4 - 

• M »npioi .'a urhi.4-. Ui’J.e liXy..., a t'.e r* r .- .... 


».4VAur OAE '.''r.’' 

V NIiso baa Pelaa ra e’l'm a* a m.wki-a nos* ean 
■ « t ! e* •»fi -* le.. .ta (ewer 
, .X 'a;ie/yer*u w.i ' !amp « l P-.r-.-r. L '-jb i 
ecu. 'I- *u oc a; once 

A '. tea troab ea w rb any * .d at outan !* .a 4:*ea a ( 

•e u. w " !5 ' re to r "- It .• r-'.y seaeeear* :'ir 
1 . ;a si’.Te* • 1 ' : eM.iKi':r B *1 tb.a jr*/i  rvns .7 

1:.. ’-e irrt*. b.. uV-i ner u :.te s s. ta. s -.igis ai- 
p' T 'i:vj ■!   m xe gn*d ’i.aa if- u * a f i.i 
aouo 1 .. j-u". bottlai nue! w.ta lUa beat "Ktoou Ponfai” 
Keraa'l*. ! ** pamptap't 

!tr /.N *• vL'ilTt. 

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1 ‘ . •:! P..4 » - , y, 

■ ■■ , '• . , '.’4 n l .-v: 


Tut G:t$i jiUigtlit aiii 

i'Citll’IL.U OF THE i*L.OOD: 
Yl' E -i   00 * rer-r*. u*u I ’ oi* os*;-j-a.i ! f-i- 'as cur* of i'! 
* * x.aeate.'-s Sal sair f .* tU 'M a'lSiS. tr ■ a ninu.i ** at 
! .0 ■o, aaca a* Vr  . i;i l r*p*p#.a. do’ aageaaaat of Ae 
Iuft .'Xtaueo ;s d.iwaeet, m: . (■- wfaci ns do renau- 

$160 PBH 

A SYIALL r»a 7 

V /.'~f:Aam 0 imteWy fA ydn*-*u 
..-wa Vs ewi. Xwo. V  1 ’ a;0. 

- - I - - • ”||_ ’ 

.:s ta* cb '/4.S . . «» 

-V T-ia , .g aVU 

.' a*. p«T»tea.'«. r.»» . -a? 0 . * •' aJ$ 

■tvr aad k . » Li ag« .:jlb**^a- •• * 

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4 * L.'li^Ua^ K\ 

X V « 7*0 

»* 1 Aa* 3 ft ■ Z - a. ite-o- M V*i 

' r •u*Si «(»M.&. 

A . ' ■ • s-te^ j.: e AFX .■«'* 3 

i £s Wau.* W 

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a\C' ' « A V iX;*'--'!. ,Menai,.s . . ^ Ca - a^ 

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Ja.*m*u: '.ft J L »r:: lx 

LOOUYaLS cattle NL5J1KE7 

WgtnrK'Bav, Jai.'iary kL urL 
BK£VES— Ooad botr/o* ar* axtyeauely eeatoe. tAf t-e* 
oaiuast C/ai at 71(97140 (or eAo*oa* Sales of tesmatos is Cu 
osama a( 5 M 7c. 

.HOGS— Frise* dull, but b/m at (Iga. Ssiss of dtsas vX 
Ix-'igs from wagoas at 5o. YV* Lsax ef aide* to butobei a for 
be aupply ot tbe sisrket at 3A9M*. noas. 
gSMkllP— But tew ebaics Aesp uowoamiQir A As icarbst. 
aX wsq.iats ra.ra of fair U SI 7 3Vi M T brad. eaO'au** 
il iO. 

• —a 


WkpycsnaT, January od. Pdd. 

I The Ma.'katbaa bsoa I'.moat euLruiy buvof r*g*MbXr*fdx 
j iomaiuuk.aaX price* sr* at aabdilutaat rsiaa I'ctatne* fa 
per ’•oabel; o:bar srtic *] are lUl.k* pcu.-tert oo IJteakad 
faikie* coiumaad T5e te 51 35 (or cbono, dr-jeaed Ducks 
faofaStM F doses. Fatridgs* St S(»$l 50 F doacn. 
jL/OkAue are $5 T59t3 V Uosea Butter 3M9ve P ih. Erga 
95 and (Oceau T doren. 



ILdataibet'aoalAuse m«vtx,ig»5. as*l mimay matt ar* ait 
a'iUigtaX, Ao’xgb (La £aaka sx* eiiaakiag fos biat-tstlt:' ps- 
I'd iutkoj doat'iaera st X g eaatpraauam oa Aa Znt, 
Olid ax* 'j’xyuig at k^ per dent. Sboit rqA* abaoka on Mew 
jt esu as* uiten st totexvai ea. W* quotq time bd* on 
.u«w Or'isoar at !(a*ai and lalaraet, F pax mauA. V/* 


^M:s 191 5 prajuu’xu I  •*,.S pxara. 

■ ... .m— «■ ^aI ■ofx disc i. 1 bi Lotom .pax 00 p(u 


d«U3rrVma:aSaak7 par3 X ds 

V*:{.ipa Hauke (Cn F a. 

J Baeki Uw J( dia 

’ana b.ate buuka He 9  L ■ 

iteiHg** ujj**». ..u - 0 5 u. 

.oxtbaru hank of il."* aaippt- U  5* 

rltobaiM* Haua of Wosb*aglon 015 dot 

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Keniucay fiankt parA d*-. 

tocA Coxsimh Sanity w 1)5 d.a 

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I'aoaeaoe* Link' 1 0 ly* 'L  

Ooooot Saar Teaaotto. X 9 5 da 

5aabana Saaka (X 3 

xloo 1* Saak ,, I takl(d.* 

EaiMta cia***' XlsaEi purb 1 d*L 

Naw York City Banka .par 

We glm th* to fil SaXerv qnolali* as 
Frjnad*vr;ro4’ted H*m(, *145 A| U pax too. 

Comipuatu Good H*iap, ti(o (* #X55p*. tom 
Hankiad U«mp, 83X5 lo fast par too. 

Prattiid lieu: p, fall to S3i8 i *r torn 
lie 'tea iiemp, yllltofat) -araon 
l o Yarui, 15 to 15(( etot:. par aottad 
Muoilla Usenp. !9 tc I91(e par ponoX 
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f-ns'/f R'la'i/m Hs'op k5b 

■f.-aa of hnssica Yams 1 ,'. J 

Tool of Cord .rc 1 »,7 

Bci'i of .Vaaixia. a  3l3«l 

IS9t— Ba'teaof Ouar.r CAA, of 957 yards Jt J70 

Tout pf Ruast'. 1 Hemp 1 a'kl 

'I' /ss of Uuasian Yarn* 1.('4 

To-» of rurda?* 1 :iJ 

BaU’t ct .lira'!)*, (to 93.1.4 

1352 — Bale* of C, oncy (’! oA, of 137 yaidu Sfkl 

Tons cf R'tek.ea K«mn x.i'; 

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New York City l!tnka 

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Tori' of (lus'.ao Yoro. ! *■ 

tona of Cordire IiIm 

Eslo* of AlaniXl'u bs *4 4’X 

I95fa-ttals4 ot Gnmny Clorb, of 5»t yards . . . 27.4 ifl 

1 octe pf Hu.riaa He.t'p 1 set 

T S'! of B'Oas'aa Yxios tin 

TTOi of Cor .1*5 !2« 

L«!o* of Maa.Ua, me U.lfe 

l£i(— iipt.Ytbe lutb cf Pceamt**— 

Ba!na of iiaa,’.r C. ttM, of Jl yards — XI’' X 

Toca cf Rtia*!.ia Hemp l.Tod 

T'te* ’f B-iJwea Ya-ae ... 1.341 

Toi.suf foT'Ja'e txX 

Biles of .il-r-.'lc, so tC7 4-3 

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a:aa Yana. 51 mills a.i/l J ;te He up, to par seat, and A 
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crop of three 0 '.no bale* of c ifoo -gr r at ddeie-a.! ‘a Im- 
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a*ed— proL’aL-i; ef t. x;c.r'-'tu ciocc.As of aU E-j'.an p “L- 

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■N^. l»5t t'.r.i 'Ac' E i’lO BO Yi, EX .’. - c : 

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I rsjf /P tate 1 -. . i aj la- |7 o 1 j ; . 

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j b* *0 '* ‘•'^*■3 '•* ' , -a- 4 : 4 .J . !j ■ Y 

I and '*301*4 .4 » ' s. .t. e.c e 1 . , • as 

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' Stats, oiiof .AnXenoacuanl’, Ky. :c;i oe.r rt . .4 _ 

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LoviSTais, rr . Dcs'mber 3! 1154 

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iKyCivaix'a- w;d I'wox inu that lu* opvnjig pnesa ter hems 
W 11 ! rsog* at from 5'-' ' 4 $110 pr lop eso/.rauig A qualuy. 

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Fntetof Wool will ioeatramely tev seat aoasua 

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FUKW AHDING 31 i*'ei.'f,r» :n cjI *c . v. n ct -• 
ScEFHE.V II S f /XWELi., ti-uax' Av.aueouaa r.e 01 
A L SUOTWELL S SylTl - a a* . 44 . a y.c 01 

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pro-ect A* 1311X1/1: ' r u:! wtasnuj cc„:^* :Ls . •. ,.j 

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Of i^vurfa or the isodUu arUcltt of doilag 
Ufa nasuA of Deaanlmr, LKAA. by ttiveg 

Baocc. Osaka XiCSuav, bbua 99 

Boegag. psoas - ' Do, bbte X 9( 

Anus. sola —X l u. boas* — 

r-Fus, ba * — Stars* 5iMJl« i 

Hemp. do 53M Lstfa .kCt'oi'^ 

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Oa Ysiaa. bales . . .. 147x| Do wb is, keq* 1®*' 

Du B*, do IMf-P, bote- »• : 

Can '.lea, iui*alti.,.. .. — t doiaaaes, beta. 979 

Gi *:ex. iu'aiscl'ry — Do. kail bbl*,... — 

Di ii.ip IHAAot, lu * 177 

Choe-s. b lira Ur., !•«•, bhia 

C Mo«. bags (./tel I'ax aojs 

Coal, bUidisU 5l,W), I fob wu. hu m. .. 

U.y Gouda, pi(a 7.M. | lA, boi*s.. 

i5ra{a, do V7i . lA. bstos.. 

Gra u— Wbsdt, begs.... 17J: alsrstu* caaks 

Do. Cora, do toll .' bbli. 

Or. Oars, do. .. (1 I « ;uoxe, bbls — 

Lterd, kera y ai Do caaitat and 

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f r yo«u u’'P«rteu: i-.')Vr!y, uy ..'•■« buy wc* 4 id nv * a. *■* 

o*te te scbwer Wall . 

X «m your*, 031 great rorpsc'. 

J. D. r a '('ELL, k-p I Traus., L B A 

Rook* UXi, S-aT'/Xso'. oa., J. Jarfl, IWX. 

Xs J. C.AV.S. k.’.o« yonr iuSu, b 4 *'/OC an* knuup 
asm ;• 4 SI t g.ta.u  ;* 3 i -te. A'.i. uay c a i v. v.$u isccroy 
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pisaub,* 'Uatk 0 1.4 bar; u iu .t, *nC X —.O'.' ei icuisck  s 

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r. S. A mAi aoy uumicr cf ua.tuteaAu can ke atu. ;eu 
if you wua It. 

Wtedtur, C. W , ..nn* N,lk5l. 1 
Da. J. C. ArSB.. 6 : 1 — Tb a mny oartGr Aft 1 harr ua d 

Drufa, do V7i . Ia. batos 

Gra u— Wbaat, b* 7 i.... 17J: alarsto* caaks 

Do. Cora, do toll .'urp*ei.B*. bbli 

Or. Oats, do. .. (1 I « ;uoxe, bMs 

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Hoca. Lrn, by Ivor.... lMi"««lt, Kanawha, bbla.... 6500 

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Or. Uiatni. 41 .ladder, esake 

lira. p.iXA-j 54 t Sik. botii 

pn, b'/fal**.,.. |('5  ^e* aio] Pappar, pkgs 

L’O. pP.Koc W. 4re, larotei 

Paper, busdlat 55- to* a. bHe 

fan. Bpz. packagt* ... 5l 'rub, do 

t»o. clcrax, do . 5 { deal, bora 

pLui$l*a OOOOta | Uua and Sborta, bag* 

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I fUcalFte for th« Wddkly C«9rl«r, 

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J. Matt agiT, Oorrden 

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H. D. ifaawn, Br  wpibj»o 

J. A yti * Stanroril 

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W. W. ."Vlnfria. B r knriM 

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I.*o!a, Bedl'.'.'' 

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A. J u W. -hryoek. Versailloa ... , . . 

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Dr. Jua Rue**:. Beech Grove. Tad 
Hyatt k Heip.'iit dp, WsaL.a$tua,lhd . 
H. L Modd. Xtebann . 

J La f. anJ'.lp'.'i Oiura, Xlls 
( . Buiay, Hubba-d . . 

Vf B Cbta.b«r Uoeiia Vwto, Te&u 

VI. Lan^tiaj'i, Wictaa, Ls 

Kpr W. Li A iS'iie, Cnn t autburg. 

U. U Etma, W-scliaater 

S. B Itewis, r * a Creek 

W. W ath!.: 1 . Va.uii.a 
K E Ctte, UudaoeriX* . . . , .. 

J K. reiTT, Bear Wtilaw. 

C t. Bl«w*t*. X/OwXm* Or*«B . . . : 

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L. E L'Kker, B rmjsgbaa 

•BftlBg Jan 3. 

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A tl iuto USA. ^ . 4-( ^ n Fmuvd pc-mL 

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Rope sou .... 
Tuoacoo, bhds. 
Barely bags ... 
hemp, bole* ... 
Wbasy. bbla. .. 
5'Uzsesd. pkgi 
C ora. ba !i . • . . 
Sun .lie*, 1 a a. . 
'XV .ce, bole* 
^xd bbla. 

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l$4f I Wheat, bags 
. leP. I ‘T.'baoea. bia 
1 . 1 Hags, al re . . 
. (Pi I Bsc n. casks. 
. A PoA bbG 

6 1 FsaAers. pkg* $x 

14 I 5'loar, bbU — 

.. 441 1 Paper, but* 

...lj( I O.m.u. a* 

... I$i Ltettber, okm 

... — , CaaDea.lAxas 

17 1 Wool, rkf* 

~ L. i L'Kker. B rmiagbaa 

J M. Oboo*. (tirbsli.... 

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.' . BasuK, L.k-iig 00 

~ 51 W •SiXers. Se.lertbuxg. . 

** J. C. Lbweou. Oam*’'S»iJie 
J (' A’kinaoa. Kand*rt*n 

I'. Web*. Mnu L o. 

J. ft. Bpii rsy. UuD’noedoB . 

M Ge.uoi. Pen H ;v*3 

J. E MiVi. M.Grill* .. 

J A.D'j; '* bl."n; eld.TH 
nit P Jenkins. Biklgepo-t 

— C. Xf Stooe, W»iioort 

415 . L. Uawea, USSc* ^ 

114 Blaln 5 . Gregory, ClOT-r’jor” 

— A. C. Birsa, iio, f* 
•x I B P*w*tl. fprioy Hi'l, T 

— II W Worley. Legiagioa 

to C. Doyle, Snelbyrill* . . .. 

E. Hulst, Leuitoon 

— ./ H Sraolmd . T" rnnkfott 


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i^'BW Oattawfi, Dub. 304— The McolaMbcg' lu'l 
Wc M/ilt Lbi$ ‘jVtiitaf. 


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NewYdck McB«r Market. 

Ngw yaaa, Jan I. M 

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land tid Toledo 5l)a; Bpadiag, at opeiuag. 7l)pi Ceutra. 
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Hiw Voce. Jan. 9.P.M 

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dr* N P Peal., Grand Imke, Ark 

J. W Rob*r(a. Now Cast'* 

'( H. lytor, Utom. Ia 

J ^ K'lf'it. Ofilc« 

R F. MeOrttn. Ha'Tod'barg 

W. L. Vuoilgra*!, B'o ’rmagiee 

K. O Brown. Krua.Ienltug . . 

C MeLean.Fonih L'a.oa.... .. . 

3. B H.ek*, Sil-m. a. . 

R. H. Ha Atruy.Carrelltuc 

K. C. AJItu.apeca-r, 7*e* 

d. H Hobettma, V*rral lat 

J. Scnw Dg.Bucgfa d. la 

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I 'a-. Dr. PnCt'irav. Ae iLaro.-o-sx ■. j • : ce.o'i a . 

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1 . 1 * u-y. P '.,; p-a- J » . Of r . . . • „ 1 , 

( .liar. X'l ior .V ha- .1 L' .’i.,." ' • ' ■. p 

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saia ratio *j the L'tenn* are ren 
uao'.-y.r'rcn as .I'aX.t ', .•ia i,. a, \ ... ...jr. , . 4 , , ... 

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The of’i^' -idaeoc* o: M i.-b ili'i U' t u' C . ... 
om over The i-jire .ii.ued Ase-'ei n.'« boe'i’.y:" ", v 
1 ested. 

The efiee: ef tb,, Ca boluiau 14 • i-':' t.'« ’•dijcf ' .e 
"i*r.*c'e' Jc- ;  X .«* 1 .» I -IS Ot - I - 1 -- 1 iv..’,. 
toe* r»'.;ii/«j,bii. t'.eya.'. O- d »p. Ud -c ;a 
^ 'iAYMJ-D a P.irrc.'; I'o .. . i .' ;, 
^L.9 ru* A . . 

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JOHN L'i.VCtor   

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D[S£A-;E OF THE Sii'N'r.T.S, AND .MX 

Xicb as C:.'' .;i;s .oa. Iiiwajil Pi:es, Fai'.Bcat of Blm-. , ■ 
taa rli.d. 4C 4.;y n: tis 5 .xteKh. N .1 s ,i*i ;.,'j 
D s.eLtl.r Fujd. a xi.kc’.s of w er .1 tete* i'vojon, 
to*r Aruc aliOEe, gaii eg er F..'.-. v$ at the P 
'Xe-t-Yuirh '-werm.s; vf Ge Hea .rtacTeutnd L. - 
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V.*.e.. Dou cx Weo- nsfisr* ibs siqtat rtvor -’- d 
D PA a.o ilie Hea«l. DeA’; *yv/ P*ts;:rs:inB. 5*,- 
.oWAcisol t s.-ite I'.X »• Ml Pate .s u* oto* Bara. 
C'.i: St. X:Dbs. he.. Sodde* rlmtae' ot Heat L(-n: g 
taa ' . 'i’.eat lK*g.A;ags of Lru, m-I Uisei &- 

pr* ' .'B f Spir li. 

can Bi. fiPrSCTDALLT CCtlB fiV 

Cele'ur^iCsi (lemaA Sitters, 



An. 130 Ar :b Street, PhUaCcIgbLi 

Tte*rf74’». j-/,T :b4 *** * d,*, #-** i* a-', “grellad 1 ’ 

1 *q«* t: 3ya y 0 ('.*' '’‘.'’.arA''' a te .b* Lu -toi Mnw* as 
I ue . .,-cexiifs.,ta ma-i* eesciotie,-  xuif il phyawmoet ad 

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I ~$ • . -C*.( bf Ot tifeft Cf'C'S^wVft O.fftAft. !3 J ftlft, 
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H W car. ; iLhuxg, Kj , ocs IS. toU. «4 — 
i-A. A- SC. X p.'UI b.'.l*. • Inr * 0 . 1 * tteM. I find MSg*.' 
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LC«. ' 

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r. I '. W . i.-rrv. Cai 3 ’j .r. Kr , July 7L l« 4 .f  t 
w 4  1 ** hca- J M t-'i'iar ct:** **r:onusil by in* am *i . 

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’er* iiz ’, .4 . -nelterrr'o. re* eat's.s-im lO'S SO s - 
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Y.'i.' -4S to..fu4.T. WK. g.'.^tEI.#.« 

SA'.LnTvU.Lt. . Fnb. 17. !Ma 
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V*' :ivi.»r-; j . , lai.r testiaiaay m '.U txrjt 
i,*ur*u w . aai te. Lascaaier, Ky 

A B. Pa-'ii Ifa 

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HURLEY'S S~ Il R S A P ftmtL A 

1 34 ...' ernwgeemuaotof bai.ia t* tete^esg S- us* -, srf 

enj.. 'tocbaas W-l Jeaaif- ti 'lyi-'s jftsjr . 5 
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W. ti Ou^licgrr, BaUuxdkwll* 

i. O r*y, Fttk^rt 

B. r. Bftwell. Laaa b ary 

J. C. Kaas, Midway 

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A 'UImI Mt«r d«c«ija -p)K^ - lout « 

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la . oMijr ttmuM Im k:ti«'.iMCt«rtAoeth*ii 
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aw* V fo t mcbu %o t«y m( Uj«* r ntra 

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A‘i*aaai ^{»e taaaler pwa' 'ir  tM 
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a ' wci^ *h v-»?*a •  1 *vO * akt aa? • 

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A «• tatoi af jar .tv Uhra awa* 
k iia atart a.aat. aii tVou^i i« AtarB aad ttrifa— ' 

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Tatafl wfVa ha*ril.anJ rr-aft. 

A d thmich'a.' « »r.'. brtrht iraa Tttabi«»t world. 
r to MW  d« r ■a.'owu w.'.ica to Mf«£ aarth, 

A : a a.iitar will. awaocdolioM tothuoa 
4'. t J .  r'a dao. whA whaa la *h « Talc o.' t «t . 
U w«4aat talha«.a'aak*tha wars i Jr.b'.oa4 
T wcMUa'dia x -al * a «ooaU r.ii(h thatrra.a* 
it A '(wthfAthaar;* hod aa ki'r thooshl 

t '&«•• a'OB B--W thf ka.ato I .ii.r.-t uaar 
. T . .d aaa I o*t« '« oaoa la km . r af 
1 pa iaft a aad ooaifoTt a   b • haoi 4 w r, 

A d tMftf w A.TaTT ..laa* whirbaAra w anj 
twuM with wtfi ■otiai. .wartoaat o'or 
.  x lain’ aft.rrd.. ara hot ih« ar uma daop 
thjr tlad aa -a aoic. w.   . or ••vrlftmi^ ta 
I aa aa.'th awa  . mal wuiirp n .t . of a b 
i  'OBia ' la tna ifttat. lha laadioc at 
  ' Haaaae — that (airaadh tij ,ai. i of lurr 
bar. aaiboa •aanaia aarar wbaia 
a Mri'. hoard th. wa a  urp^'.iauaS 

 010 la all that bniht doMoiB of praa*. 

mt aUT b. (at uorlaM 

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JOHN CMirU ftXD Ulft JOH%. 

BY OlaKHBb'T bt BBrrCE 

' wMh my Imtob* nune w«rF aonhing but 
S& b — Auytbiivc bm Jafta Smitb; for 1 know thr 
raa «x will prooiWBO* Um Mory I atay relate a fic- 
Uc ai fini at^Ut ‘*£lae wLj (he will a»k) riid 
ta vnier ae.ect for hiB ]«Toauihent charactcT a 
ua 3 B BO eooHaoD and heoM ao troid of meauinft'” 
Bu* 1 proiMt M mj hoMor. that mr aole purp  ar 
ia .iBUi£ a name a ' unpoetical, la to gire the 
rea.acr a plain, unvamishMl tala at truth, without 
rre:. tiae aeobbtane* of dia^piiae. My Itero's 
Mine WM Joan SMUtli, he rtmldn't help it, anil 1 
rar. help it 

\ en likely aomr mcBiber of the Skep'tc fami- 
ly r it nee up here and aT«r that plain John 
Bna: h haa hew dead tbeoe twenty year*. “He 
ie*. ! the nver and waa drowned," one will 
ao . “Hr waa lurown trom hie hon e and kill- 
od," will aay auother. “He waa hung for taur- 
iler. will aay a third; and '-He out hia own 
thr'it ie a hiof diapair," will aay a fourth, tieii- 
Uew cn, 1 know better. John Bmith and his son 
Jo ' are both alive Read niy story, and tell nte 
the wl^ evea a wieh to die abouKI enter llie 
3rw»at of either of them 

I wa* a eiiug little iog cabin, that of 
ii,i -I 'a, wlks^ be built it; and it waa a decent 
p' ?e to hv^^ whan John Smith, junior, was 
b • . But (wc cuts up hi* capera w ith almost 
wv  ly thing, an i amongst other thiitgs with log 
ca ne in the courae of yeats be came very 
ne. : upoetUng that of John Smith He made 
*ie ka ' in the r. of, ao that John had to get up 
nig a, srben it rained, and uot# hia bed, first to 
till, and then to that comer of the room, to 
dou  e Uia atrcaoaa that came pourmg down rpon 
it Ibej ue pu!leJ the lintioiu off, and let the 
nnow cotnr ar.ltin^ in, in dead of winter time, 
bc'-Yoeii • been oriialf b wn logs And then 
be '- St a rain atonn; and the water came |K ur- 
Ik ' down tM. bill on Uir aide of which John's 
boft-ie etoud A amwrt man, in two leiura, might 
i-a* ' uimsd the torreoi in a direction wUrr il 
aso’ id bare Sonc no harm; hut Jotin choae to let 
It c. -iir and do ite worst; the raauit waa, nearly- 
onF balf of the uodeipinning of hia hou-:e was 
ftl- I np in the ocliar iJidn't he pull it back again 
No be Tliers was a grog shop witliia a mile 
anit a half of hia bouse — a^ thm he had much 
rat er spend hie lime than in buildiitf atoiie w J). 

* i  earos i* the parent of riue,’* f have read 
eo3  -waere Driiikiug ie the parent of idieucss, I 
km- e. 

.'^n Ith had one nrar neigubor, and but one. His 
ua » wee (.^Mirchill; and be had settled in the 
wo -is Usere only one or two years in ai'rance u: 

' ki£ was an induatnou*, bard w-irki ii; 
an kind man Lveiy bo ig loved biin; and nevci 
a r n^'^vinon iravtih.' I that way who wouldu'i 
l a ■ tuis roai a coup..* of miles to suip ali mglit 
wi' Job (uhurcbiil 7*here waa so much hoapi- 
la V about him— so much of tbe^baip yourself 
I.. «e.e  iue'' t- ne in his conduct . that tL-y fait at 
ho ?: when they couid get under bis roof, ami sit 
do n to b * lisndsuiae fare ev.r'o. l  

1 ;r ■ ' . ■ : . - .-ri-.rrt J-vli:! S;uith 

.V..V: V. (i..: not -our man Smith love aiuialsu' 
ti - C-..U 10 ne help i.j ing ao generous and noble 
. . ou^' That a a secret 1 never pried into, 
'i'r  ■ ■ nave kewrJ (leople gaeae at the c.\U6e, but 
thr g'jesBing h 'd a.  mucu to do with bonds and 
prr eta do oga that i neve; troubled myaeif U  
an 'rsiand it Suiith wee eeldora heard to apeak 
o. m uci'.:iibor; nercr la pooitivelr good leruis. 
“I jueae he's a good enough Metho list,'’ he 
w id answer sometimes, whim interrogated a* 
to -iU cnaracter, a: o Jwre he would give a pecu- 
liV Wist to his faoe, and say — “Ask the minu- 
te.* tiiey al  put up there, and I guess tl-ey know- 
at' '.bout teas 

.'ut al: Sm tli’e hatred ai»d spiveful.-mas could 
no* seep lutis Jehn from vuiting at neighbor 
Ot. rehiil a N^'^han he had a leu-ure hour, be 
wa- sure to spend it there, even at tbe riak of a 
ax it aeefding wheo be got hcare. 

f ben Ghurctitd waa onlv one yeir younger 
tha himaeif, and be levad Nearly to be with her. 
,\r who wonders’ f^be waa one of t'ne sweet- 
eft* aprightUeet creatures in tlia w-orld She v'. a* 
a w je bit of a thing when John Sauth firai 
fOi aoquaiiiled with her; but even then aba would 
«*w ? a butterfly tbe whole afternoon in tlie same 
yrheie he wee working, or aing hits of pret- 
t$ eongepo him as be phed tbe hoe amongst the 
Ja V^Ouiig he was, John loved her— and 
ehe joved Joiiii 

V hen John wm airteen yesra of age, he be- 
g"'- to taka a goed r}aai ol interest in things j 
ay hia uotac Hie Sth«r spftot most of bu 
eiBw away, r.n ha wa* Icfl to Jo nearly all tlic 
wo.   a'oeiit tha littla form He grew thoughtful, i 
bu' Mt like his fa her, indolent. He tolled in- { 
oe* antly, and toiled hard He tried to make bis 
me. CT brppy, and wouid speak eacearagiugly — 
h*a sfv esMf nooly . ter ahey when aha looked , 
saa, or poke o! her hard Mt 

r owai^ evening he would walk over to Fann- 
er Chiirchili'a, aad, taking Ellen by tbe band, 
far - wovi.d trip across tha field, and over to the 
banka of the littk brook, which ran throngb the 
IMS'Aire There they would ait, sorueume* in ar - 
iuu-nd converaation, and aomeUaies in thouglit 
fol ailanr-', uU the wbippoorwiUa commenced their 
nigtJt aongs Tlicn they would walk slowly back 
age n John would kias Ellen’s pretty white 
tore. Med at the gate, ptomuino to Icve her till 
if,e- uni again, and Um tnp gaily home, whis- 
tltn as he went some spnjj^Uy tuiM', and think- 
ing ot the httie treasure be h^ just lefi behind 

  'M night John cams home au hour later tiian 
oat u. and lound hie mother in tear* It w as no 
«e- thi^g toaee her weep; but her grief *eemcd 
■ee moretotenae than ever be knew i  before, 
an he frit msuou* to know it* cauM* Still he 
•I* Ml like to ao lar intrude upon it a* to ask any 
vji: tions He sat down by hia mother's side, 
tooir her band in bia own, and begged her not to 

- de of moat bean, dear mother; lu'her mil 
C3i * home by and by. and then   w ill heg ii m 
no ‘41 ge to Scribner’* any more ” 

fra r it is too late,** replied the nioUier, her 
aet ' increasing, “yonr father, I Imr is lost for- 
eve- I have hwwrd this evening tliai our liUle 
fax is mortgagrd to Scribner, aa^ that the sum 
It; mort(rapod for is as large that yov,.-- lather 
hof ne eipertritian or hope of redeeming it ’’ 

; e clap gfT thunder h^ broken upon Jolin's 
ea fame a Aadiera aky, it could not li.ive astoo- 
ial '-I him .more He sal a moment in breathlea.. 
ail -K*e T."ara were atruggl ng between hie eye- 
IK' bu* he aiiwra to suppress them, and sncceed- 
•d Hm moUiereaand crying, and looked him in 
tte .aoe 

w hat shall we ce. Juhn^" 

-  U tell you wha  i wiU do," said J Ata, after a 
•KrMat a hesiialwo — “1 tttU rtdeemfhr farm. 1| 
can do it. young as I am. and / mii " I 

1 .Mie waa energy in hui speech, tiwugh his iit- 
Uu Doe was nearly choked with grief Big 
the gfata war* those revolvuig in tbe mind of our 
hts*. hero, young as be was. 

'*Wnert  :ay John worked a* usual Ne one 
car-'i have told fimm hia appearance, as he strag- 
gle away at his Ubov.ttim anything had oocur- 
reii o change the current of bis thought* Half 
•n our after snri*et he stood at tli - gate of Farni- 
•V noaekiil Ellen mat him, and they aaunter- 
ftfl - : ra e * il«e field to Uteir bvonle rosting-| lace; 
4-*. ^ey set dosrn 

tfifam's the matter, Jofaa*” asked Ellen, 
s». -e you hr^ not epeh e n sines we left the 

r»' ■*’ 

said John, with a good deal ofserioue- 
iMs “d ' V aj lora roe*” 

a a\ times before this Ellen 

^ft. ,-dM laa But it had ^ 

beien when they were in playful mood, and as one 
child opens it* heart to another. Now she was 
called upon to apeak in a diflierent strain She 
knew that she really loved him, almost as she 
loved her own being — that she waa happy in hia 
presence, and sad, even at heart, w hen he was 
away. She almost worshipped him; and yet, 
what shvMild she aay to this abrupt question' She 
hung down her head, to hide a tear that was 
stealuig over her cheek. John's quirk eye saw it, 
and it was enough. He clasped her in hi* arms 
ami hugged her closelv to hi « breaat . 

“Yes, I know you love me, Ellen, and I 
was cruel to ask so silly a question But I want 
to ask one mors. Could you love me fur four 
years witliout seeing inr'" 

This was a strange question, ainl it is no mat- 
ter of wonder that Ellen hesitated to answer it. 

“M'hat can you mean, John'" she asked, alter 
a moment's silence. *'Vou know tliat 1 would 
l.fveyou even forty yesra. shouhi we be separted 
so ion.;, and should our lives be spared Bui 
what can you inran hv asking ko tcnib.e a quea- 
It CHiinui l e tiiat you tliink of leaving me, 
to be gone lour years tJerlaiiily y-iu would not 
do that, John" 

For a moineot Joint fivund it   aid to speak; — 
but he summoned all hia courage, and h s thougta 
at last foitnd utterance. 

-'iVear Ellen.'' he said, tenderly, “I cannot stay 
longer here I liave toiled e.v.-’.y .and late ever 
since 1 was large eno to work in th* field; but 
wita ail 1 coniJ do, atin all mr po. rm^»ther ceuld 
do, we have obtained onlv " tolerable iivino We 
have not g * bef vrehan-f enou ^h to build a new 
bam. or repair our oU log bouse. Novv w ? ieam 
— ray mother h-aracd it yesti ’day — lliat house, 
oam. land and ail an- mortgaged to Scnlmer. the 
grocer, for nearly their full value. My lather has 
drank them up. The mortgaje, however, has yet 
mare than tour years to run; and I have thought, 
if 1 cotdd gi-t work in some of the larje towns on 
the seaboard, I niigh* pr'S*:bly. in that time, re- 
dec:a oar home, an I save us frim utter ruin. 
Per .a;je, if 1 wcic away, fniher would do bc.ti r; 
at least I think he vvi.okl luirveat the crops I 
have labored so hanl to secure. I shall speak to 
him an 1 to my mother to-ni nrow; and if 
aie willing, I shall feel bound to try my fortune 
soiiiewhare •-bu’ It is our only hope." 

Ellon listened in painful silence She had 
never thought of sepaiation before, and it came 
'srribly home to her young heart now Cut she 
saw in the project of her lnv«4- something vvortiiy 
of grratnera, and she determined not to give him 
additional pain by raising objections." 

“G she said, as the hot tears new- coursed 
freely 'own her pale cheek — “ go, and I will love 
yeu and pray fur you." 

Night was now g thcring in the valleys snd 
about tbe hill tojis. Tbe notes of tlie whip|x-r- 
wi!l were beard in the distance; and tbe young 
lovers were warned it was time to return honic. 
Juat then they heani a slight rustling in the 
thicket cm the other side of the stream Possi- 
bly It was Fanuer Cbeirrhill, fur Ellen found him 
aM at home «-ben -lu arrived there 

The next day John spoke to his mother of his 
plan of redeeming the farm, and though beecu'd 
not inspire her with much faith in its success, he 
did fin^y obtain her consent to his making tlie 
trial. The fiitlier waa not so soon to give way, 
for be know that if his son wsa absent, he must 
be more at home; but his eppoaition was not vio- 
lent, and he at last waa coaxed to say that “Jolin 
is a good boy, and may go where he pleases." 

On be following .Monday morning, John took 
what clothes bis mother had prepared for him. 
csrefuliy tied them up in a large handkerchief, 
hung them to a stick cut for the purpose in tlie 
inieket by the brook, lifted them to his shoulder, 
shook hands with hit father, kissed his mother, 
and with as stout a heart as could be sx{ ected in 
one of his year*, left the old log cabin in which 
be was born. At the foot of the hill, and hid 
from th« view of eitlier cottage, he met Ellen, 
who bad come here to give him a parting word 
and a paring kiss. She was not aU gaycty, nor 
was she all in tears; but with a strength boom- 
ing womanltood. she urged him to keep up a good 
heart, and rely on her cons’ ancy till hi* return. 
He answered her with an assurance of his undy- 
ing afTedion, and the expression of his determi- 
nation to re.urn bome at the end of four years, 
whether he should have accomplishei his ob- 
ject or not. They then embraced — and parted. 

When John ,'ame opposite the neat cottage of 
Farmer Churchill, he found tlie goed farii.erhim- 
s«lf standing at ths gate Ha approached him to 
give him a paring shake of the hand. Uncle 
Job, as he was sometimes called, drew him gent- 
ly aside to a corner of the yard, and thty con- 
versed together for some time. All they said, 1 
might tell the reader, if I knew; but when they 
parted Uncle Job was seen to slip a couple of 
silver doliaxB into the boy's hand, and wa.v heard 
to tell him to beware of bad company, lo tnist in 
God, and to remember hia old mother, to all or 
any part of wliirh John was too much aflectrd to 
m^e any reply. In a short time he was again 
on his way toward the bua'ding cities of the sea- 
lioar.l, in some of which he hoped to earn the 
money that should preserve to his mother her 

Now, John Smi'.b, the sMiior, bestir yourself! 
Your only boy, and one o^Tue best boys that ever 
sunned liimself on sN^ E.. gland lull side, has 

it into hia pocket-book and hands Ben a roll of 
^nk notes. Then he leaves the house, jumps 
into hia carriage, and is away. I’ll bet my iiik- 

gle|firi) ,”and she clasped her hands 'ver her 
heart as if it had alreatiy commenced; “tlicre will 
be scant meals and sleepless nights, and weary 

s-tand, that waa the mortgage of John Smith's days, and a throbbing biow, and an aching heart; 

^ there will be the rhilliiig tone, and rude repulse; 

r armer Churchill has risen from his diiuier, th. -re will be ten backward steps to one forward, 
and is sitting in his chair for a moment's rest on ' Pndr. must sleep! but — ” and Ruth glanced at 
the piazza of his pretty white cottage Ellen is .her children — “ it shall be done. They shall be 
there. She is not lets beautiful than she w.- ■ proud of their mother. HyactrUk shall yet he 
four years ago. She is singing; but she stops to ! proud of kts sister." 
liesr s remark of her father. 

“It is just four years to-day,” said the good 
former, “since your John Smith left us. I wouldn’t 
wonder if we should see him along here liefore 
the month is out.” 

“V\ hy not to-day. fother!'' as'xed Ellen. “He 

HU First Day in ^iew York. 

The following extract from the forth coming 
Biography of Horack Gbei£ly, is published in 
one ot the New York papers. The volume, which 

promised he '^  ulJ retumjn four years, whether .^-jU promises to lie one of fascinating 

he was successful or not " 

The former had no time to reply; for just then 
Mrs. Churchill appeared, and said a carriage was 
ooniing with only a single gentlctnan in it. She 
hod seen it from her window, enter the valley a 
little Way south ol the cottage. (July a moment 
elansed and the carriage, was at the door. The 

interest — one that will do gooii. 

.\t sunrise on Friday, the eighteenth of August, 
I8dl, Horace Greely landed at Whitehall, close 
to the Battery, in the city of New York. 

New York was, and is, a city   f adventurers 
Few of our ciuineiit citizens were born here. It 
is a common boost among New \ orkers^liat this 

young stranger vvit lull it turned his eye for a ujercliant and that great millionarie came to 

moment toward the piazza and then sprang to f . ^ j o^iy three and six- 

Lhe ground, m-n* eye had caught the siran- ..ence in his pocket, and now look at him! Ina 
gors. \ ilh th? agility of a fo-aii, she ran to licr o(ii,e one hundred men who a, *e ®-teetned to 

.. . i • list ol the one hundred men who a, -e ®-teetned to 

the gateway, and vyas in his arm* John Smith « |j,, “*ucc;x!st'ur’ among the citizens ol 

son John got back again Ne,r Yor'i, it is probable that seventy-five of the 

f armer Churchill wa. scarcely l.-s* happy than vvho began there 

uis daiighter; lor ha loyad John already as if he in circumstances that gave no prora- 

werehisownson. But lus joy found other chan- „„ of future eminence. But among them all, 
nels through which to display itself than in kiss- ig questionable whether there was one who on 
es and emurace# H« gave John's nand a hear ty ^.^val had so little to help, so much to hinder 
shake, welcoinetl him to his house, ordered his Horace Greeley 

horse to be pu in the stable, and himself walked ( if solid rash, his slock was ten doUara. Hs* 
^th him over to tbe fog cabin to see his m th-r. p^iperty consisted of the clothes he wore. 

On the wav there, iieiold John of the reconcilu- j,;, bundle, and 

lion between niinselt and his father, of the com- the stick with which he carrietl it. The clothes 
plete reformation of the laUer, and assiirwl him he wore need not be descrihetl; they were those 
iha* abundance of happiness now reigned where ,^.hich hod already astonislied the people of Erie. 

before was strife and misery. John had not lost 
all his hoyisuncss, and he clapped his ban ’s for 
joy w-hcu he nveived this intelliirencc. He tclt 

The clothes he carried were very few, and precisely 
similar in cut a:ul quality to the garments which 
he cxhil-iled to the public. On the violent sup- 

- ' , u I L _ — — - - CX!lll-UeU lOlUC pjlllic. V'll Ult- viu.vui oup- 

even more like doing the same tlungwhen, on p,,,itioii that his wardrofo could in any rase have 
roacuing his home, and after being covered with 'became a saleable commodity, we may compute 
kissas. he heard the aam® story from his mother’s on this Fridiw moniing at sun- 

hp*. and saw the bright smile on her happy coun- ^ ^^0 dollars and seventy-five cenU. He had 
umance His lather soon came in, and with „„ „„ acquaintance here. There was not 

teartui eyes, bu rn deep thankfulness, welcomed ^ human being upon whom he had any claim for 
bock again— back to a better home than he left help or advice His appearance was' all against 
-hi* long absent son Just then Ellen came Ho looked in his round jacket like an 'over- 

-ushing in, and declared she could not stay aw.ay 
from wliere there was so much happiness. V’onng 
John now- took from his pocket-book the raortga;;e 

grown boy. ^ o one was likely to observe the en- 
gaging beauty of his face, or the noble round of 
nis brow under that overhanging hat, over that 

he just purchased from ^nbner, and propos- .t^Hipinp body. He w as somewhat timor- 

od that It be consigned to the fla nes; his lather his iiitcrc mrse with strangers. He would 

took It gently from his hand, read it aloud to the intrude upon their attention; he l.:id not the 
little company, and after imploring his kind ra- ■ - 

luue con.pany, ana alter imploring ms kimi Ca. ,hcullv of pushing his way, tnd i.rcciuiming his 
iher in H.iaven th« there Diight be kept no more and his desires. To iho arts by which 

durable record of hui vice*, and bis tollies, did conciliaierl, by whi.’b iinwiUiiig ears are 

with It as .lohn desireil forced to attend to an unwelcome tale, he was 

with il as .lohn desireil 

That evening John and Ellen met at their old 
letrrat by the brook side, and renewed the cinbra- 
ces with which they hod parted four years before. 

itUerly a stringer Moreover, lie had neglected 
to bring with him any letters of rccoiiimenJation, 
or sny certificate of his skill as a printer. It had 

.Sot the lew* pleasing of then declsrations this occurred to him tha* anything of the kind was 
time the one that, come we.-il or woe. their ne,:easary, so unacquainted was ho with tlie Jifc 
days of separation were at an end. «i- 

■f .1 ot cities. 

In the course of a few weeks, a joyous w edding Hi. first employment was to find a boardi.ig- 

p .rty as^bled at the coUage of i armer Churcli- could live a long time on a sma 1 

ill, and the same kind-hearted clergyman who re- Leaving Uo green Battery on his left hand, 

claimt^hisfother, now joined the son in the bamls j,,, g,ro’Jed off into Broad street, an-1 at the cor- 

of wedlock, with t ie wornan he lovo.1 better than ncr of that street and Wall diacovered a l ouse 
himseir A happier couple had never entered the the aspect of a cheap tavern 

married hf^ ^d happier parents than those of He entered the bar-room, and asked the price of 
John ani Llleu never gave away son or daugh- iiQijpj 

‘“th* EYD of a TE\-«F«ari; froi in 

BV SAM* SLICE * keeper, after bestowing one glance upon the in- 

■Well, we danced and hurrawc'J, without any- , , , , 1 1.1 

thing of particular interest to happen till about “Well, how much a week do you charge, 
three o’cb ck, when the darnest muss was kicked ' , j- i n • 1 

up you ever did see. Jim Smith sot down along that s more than I can afforo, said 

work that morning at No. 85. The steps on 
which our friend was seated were ki the narrow 
part of Chatham street, the gorge through which 
at morning and evening the swarthy tide of me- 
chanics pours. By six o’clock the stream hai ‘ 
set strongly down-town-ward, and it gradually 
sw-ells to a torrent, bright with tin kettles. Thou- 
sands passed by, but no one stoppeil till nearly 
seveno clock, when one ot Mr. West's journey- 
men arriveil, and finding the door still locknl, 
he sat down on the steps by the side of Horace 
Greely. 1 hey fell into conversation, and Horace 
stated his circumstances, something of his history, 
and his need of employment. Luckily this jour- 
neyman wa.s a Veriiionter, and a kind-hearted, 
intellig.-nt man. He looked upon Horace as a 
countryman, and was struck with the singular 
c.andor and artlessness with which he told his 
tale. “I saw," says he, “that he was an honc.rt 
good young man, and being a Vermonter myself, 

1 dc'.ennined tohelp himil' I could.’’ 

He did help him. The doors were opened; the 
men began to arrive; Horace and his newly fi-mnd 
friend ascended to the office, and soon after seven 
the work of the day began. It is hardly ii'ce-sary 
to say that th appearance of Horace, os he sat 
in the office waiting for the coming of the fore- 
mat., excited astonislunent, and biought ujion 
frtctid a variety of satirical observations. 
Nothin jr daunted, however, on the arrival of the 
foreman he stated the case, and endeavored to 
interest him enough in Horaee to giv ■ him a 
trial. It happened that the work for whicn a man 
was wanted in the office was the composition of 
a Polyglot Testament, a kind of work which is 
extremely difficult and tedious. Several men 
had t ied their hand at it, aiid in a few days or a 
few 1.,/urs giv n it up. The foreman looked at 
HoriCf, and Horace Imtkcd at the foreman. Hor- 
ace saw a handsome man (now known to the 
sporting public as Colonel Porter, eilitor of the 
Snirit of the Times.) The foreman beheld a youth 
who could have gone on the stage that minute, 
aa Ezekiel Homespnn, without the alteration of 
a thread or hair, and brought down the bouse by 
his “getting up” alone. He no more believed 
that Ezekiel could set up a page of a Polyglot 
Testain nt than that he coulo construct a chrono- 
meter. However partly to oblige Horace’s friend, 
partly because he was unwilling to wound the 
feelings of the applicant by sending him abruptly 
away, he eonsentH to let him try “Fix up a 
case for him," said he, “and we’ll sec if he c-ta 
do anything” In a few minutes Horace was at 

The gentleman to whose intercession Horace 
Greely owed his first ein{ loyment in New York 
is now known to all the dentists in the Union as 
the leading member of a firm which manufactures 
annually twelve hundred thousand artificial teeth. 
Hij has made a fortune, the reader will be glad 
to learn, and lives in a mansion uptown 

A fter Horace had been at work an hour or two, 
Mr. West, the “boss," came into the olfice. 
What h'lB feelings were when he saw his new 
man may be interred from a little conversation 
upon the subject which took place between him 
and the foreman. 

“Did you hire that damned fool!” asked West, 
with no small irritation, 

“Yes; we must have bands, and ha’s the Lest 
I could get,” said the foreman, justifying his con- 
duct, though he waa really ashamed of it. 

“Well, ’ i3ud the master, “for God’s sake pay 
him off t' night and let him go about his busi- 

Tllt BATTLE OF I.MiER.Bl.VN, ! the heat of the battle, ai d gathered hinaielf ap with A 1 s I raa.1 *1..^ ft’a w 

: the Hame ^df-puraesaioB ttut he displayed aader *^***V*ftl OZ UIO aJT^O. XaA\l7. 

*"•*•;*, .•** ‘*** ■••tie— i similar circamataiicaa wiiea namated byauaftoa 

toJr»".iiSASS 5"hAolaIIL‘TfiS?= t I emi.lai-t of the BuorfM* to- L-ITBR , «EW.a PRo.M CALipoEMIft. 

Wedyksday, Not. 8, 1851.— In my desi a»ch ; wounded GuorUa’ officers was taralai m m. »-.7T7~.. _ 

warded to-day from ftilaklavo, I attempud to coi - | »*** *^*aar«o Um rr!.sirr!l*Sr»Ulra^Sle 

nect the interral which had eUrscil . inco tbe lost ! Col. Uackinnon wonld ne doubt, have lirad bat **•■•••' ••■raa of « sta Fsaau 

elapscil .Vince tbe last Col. Uackinnon would no doubt, have liacik bat 

alUe-Msasisr Lara® of bote Fsaaft^^ 

pos •^ay— Nov. 3-— with tbe present date, bm tha for bayonet woands received ubile lying 01 the The Reaaier Ocazge I^iw s rwi 4 Vew Torh ot 
great battle and victory of Ink, rmaun rose up (rrim- ground. His leg waa broken, and he was su waak “•* e’oioch.   a the aitasmtum  4 the 2ffih iMt wSh 
ly in the middl’ of my notev and engrossed ali my 1 from losa of blo^ that be (Tied aniier the operatioo Cahfor.afo mads u  the Ivt Ucst. ftl wi am iw tmu- 
tune, and would have cuusiim d far more if I had j of removing it Sir R. Newton was staUiedek ever. «o freight, and 'XU4 pasecareiw 4he asms, of 

n-ad it to spore, for I could have devoted many boars Russian otfleers were aetn passirig t eir •roi’is which ewlBg u» the wir-.A be fan out of nrJt 'ir. 
more to tlie dtscriplion of the fight, and to the in- I throngb the iMxliee of our men as they wiHled in have not had a aammary, is : icjur iutairaeiM 

cideii'x -srhicii nurked that memorable 5th of No- agony on tlie g.O'uid, ami pointing to their ara U  I toe ;irfi of Xovend.»r. m raaliriHiTi w » 
venifor. I sent ofl my notes of tlie 3d and 4th an- bayoiiet them os they passed. Such are the rmies j made to JnJge f toe Twelfth r^'" 

throngb the iMxliee of our men as they writ 
agony on tlie g.O'uid, ami pointing to their 

tju tbs ;i-fi of Novenibsri 

SMy iatirai lliig. 

up ^uu rvrr aiu Jixu iT7umu BUi uown iuoiij* *. - — ? — - - - • i. i 

side of Bet Hoiden, (the steel trap gal) and just Horace with a laugh at tbe enormous mistake he 
give her a hug, bar fashion. She took it very * '“1 uiquirmg at a house of such pre- 
kind till she seed Sam Henry a lookin’ on from tensiatis. , „ , , 1 • , 

behind about a dozen of gals, then she f.-ll to He turned up W all street, and saunter^ into 
kicken’ and hollerin' and ecreechin’ like all wrath. Broadway. Seeing no house of enterlwnment 
•Sam he come up and told Jim to let Bet go. Jim that seemed at all suited to his circuinstMccs, 

told him to goto a far off country whar they Le sought the water once more, and wandered 
give aw.iy brimstone and throw fire in it to bum a|  ng the whales of the North Riveras ™ ^ 
it. Sam Lit him strata at w ^n the ryess and af- ashington Market. Boarding houses ot the 
ter a few licks the fightin’ started. Oh, hush! c^^apect kind, and dnnkmg-houses of the lowest 
It makes my mouth water now- to think what a Ircqiiented chiefly by emigrants, 

beautiful row we had. One fellow from Cady’s the latter by sailors, were numerous enouj^ in 
Cove knocked a hole in the bottom of a .riin ucighberhood. A house, which coufomed 

pan over Dan Tucker’s head, and left it hanging grogcry and the cheap boarding-house 

round his neck, the handle fly in’ about like a estabiislimont, kept by an Irishman named 

cue, and there it hung till Jake Thurman cut it 
off with a cole chisel next day! That was his 
s’.iare for that night sure. Another feller got 
knocked* down into a meal barrel; be was as 

M'Oorlick, chanced to be one that first attracted 
the rover’a attention It looked so mean and 
iKjualid, that he w-as tempted to enter, and again 
irqnire for what sum a man could buy a week’s 

mealy as an Irish later and as hot as a hots rad- and sustenance. , , ,, ,, , 

ish; when ue biirsted tbe hoop* and come out he “Twenty shillings, was ths landlords 'f*ply- 
rared a few! Two fellers fit out the door down . *= ‘‘1 Horace, “that sounds more 1-kr 

tbe hi 11 into tbe creek, and there ended it in a 
quiet way all alone A perfect mule from Slock 

He engaged to board with Mr. M’Gorlick on 

Creek hit me a wipe with a pair of wimlin blades; the instant, and proceed^ swn to test the 
he made kinlin’ wood on them, and I lit on him. qna'ftj larc *“*‘*"g brosk.ast in the 

\Ye had it head and tail for a very long time all The cheapness of the en- 

ovcrlhe house, but if truth must be told and terta nment was Us fost recomuiomlation. 

shame niy kin, he warped me nice; ao jist to save 
his time, I hollered. The licken he gave me 
made me sorter oneasy .-uid hostile like; it wak- 
ened my woll wide awake; so 1 began to look 
about for a man that I coukl lick and no mistake. 

After breakfast Horace performed an act which 
I believe lie had never spontaneously performed 
before. He bought some clothes, with a view- to 
render himself more presentable. They were of 
the commonest kind, aud the garments were few, 

left you to harvest yqor own pram aud get rca*ly 
for winter. Keep tyaaj from tlie grog shop, and 
you will do wt-1’ e^ugh Go tliere, Jid e»ory- 
Uiing besides wiu(ue neglected’ 

At the time I affsak of, I Jo ant know as John 
Small would Lave heeded the caution of an an- 
gel. He was going dewii hill; and when this is 
tbe fact with aiiy our, it u-oftidom that good ax. vfoe 
avails ary tiling \Mien he gets dowu there, and 
has seen I'ue folly of it, prrhap* he will turn i nck; 
not now SmiUi went down. 

He kept away from Scribner's long enough to 
.-el into bis house and born the vege.ta! i,^s and 
groin his son hod ts’aen such jtaiiis to cuilivatr; 
out the very next year his f'-iicos were Irft unre- 
paired, and hi* ground uupianted. Wteds sjiriiii ' 
up where corn hod grown up luxuriantly, anil 
everything about th* once th’-itiy form looked like 
min Hu wife feiK'rd and jilaiiled a suioil gar- 
den patch, but beyond line little was done 

.Yiid »j tiling - went on for ihre** |on^ y ears — 
uii il John Siniih hail Lec-veic a ; » or. i.n:,cr .l !i 
ine'aaate, with scarcely a cor.t to Li* Lack, cr a 
pair of shoes to Uiateet. A burning thirst ws* 
in him, calling for alcohol. A terrible con- 
st leitce wo* La-aiiUng him. Despair scciieJ 
w-riu«n in hit foce, and on his soul. 

One day Farmer Churchill met him Smith 
was loo for gone — too low down — to iliink of 
f irther enmity; and w hen the good for.-ucr ofTer- 
ad his hand, Sosith took it, and shoo it hearuly. 
He telt that uncle Job was really a gO' d man, and 
Jtat there had been no act uoJ cause for his hos- 
tility to one s ' kind rud g.rneraua. 

“And now,’’ Said Uncle Job, “I wan* you t.i 
come to my houae this eve* iug. An old friend, 
a Clergyman, w iii be there, and will bs very glad 
to eee you” 

Smith waa taken by etorm. Before he could 
think wLat lie was about, be hod premised to go. 
And yet bow could he go, oil rags and tatters as 
he was’ He went h-i;ne and tula his wife what 
be liad done, and for the first time in three ye-xrs 
asked her advice 

“Where there’* a will there’* a way," said the 
good womoiL and ehe sat about mending his torn 

By the time tbe sun bad gone, he was in tole- 
rable trim, and he set out for Fanner Chachill's — 
a threshold he hadn't crossed in twelve years. 
Hi* wife went withhim They were treated with 
the utmost kindness, and Julm waa delighted 
with the clergyman He hod rxjccted to foivl a 
haughty, sell-ngbteous, upbriidtog onstocrat. In 
stead of that, he found man of humility; a man 
who conid pity and feel for him; u man oil kind- 
nee* oi heart. Joan Smith r.iuiself can hardly 
toll bow it came about, but before leaving Fanuer 
CiicrctuII’« he promised that clergyiurn he would 
uever drink any .sore. 

.\nd be never did— nevar^ .vt least, to my know- 
levlge. He set about mendmg bis fmces, repair- 
ing his house, and getting food and cloUiing for 
huaaelf and wife; arid w hen spring came, he sow- 
ed end planted os he liod n^ before in years. 
Everytliing went well with him, oiid but for that 
mortgage hanging ever Ids liead, he would have 
be*n ha  py. 

Where was his son' .V few months after his 
departure from home, a drover who arrived back 
from Btiston, and who knew him, said he saw 
him in that city, and that he was engage 1 in 
boisling cotton into a loft. A year atterwards, 
another acquaiiuan.-:p *aw him in a wholesale 
store, though in what rapacity he could not sav. 
And then a year afterwards someioiiu had serii 
him 0 * iMod clerk in a large wlioiesafe estahlish- 
incnt. This wo* ell the [leoplt in his native tow n 
knew of him. Whctlicr iiix mother, and Former 
Churchill, ami Ellen knew any thing of his loca- 
ti’Hi or rniploymeat, I will uot venture to say; but 
Mr* Nmitb went regularly to Scribner’s .iid paid 
die interest on that mortgage in Boston Lank 
notes; that Fanner Churdiiil oocasionally h.vd a 
letter from tbe same place; and that alwa\s,w lien 
he got one, FiUen would rejoice over the event tiil 
she cried for very gladiiera. 

Four years liavs passed since young John 
Smith, w ith hie bundle on Li.' bock, took Id* way 
toward tlie sealioard. Then be waa nut quite 
seventeen years of age; now he is nearly tweii- 
;y-one. In this long time has lie regarded well 
the advice of his good trie lul, the fanner’ Ha* 
lie remeiiiliered hia niotlier, on l ihuupht often ol 
hi* home ami of Ellen' Perhaps we sl.ali eee. 
Let u* go on with our story. 

July lia* come. The rich grain is waving iii 
beauty in t'ae fields. The mower* are in llic 
me allows The yellow corn leavi s are nistlin.' 
in the gentle breeze 

Over there elands Ben Scribner s prog shop, 
just w-here it atood four years ago But the door* 
and shutter* are clo ed Ken'* ctivtomcrs have 
left him: and Othello'* uccujiation'e gone. Look 
over the hill jonder! There .-onics a pretty ono- 

The little fiddler came scrougin’ past, lor the ab*ot!»ed nearly half his capita, 

fightin’ was geltin tolerable brUk. You arc the his appearanee, henoiv liegan the 

* .... . W.MITV/I 4%rFkek rawirabvra STiYenst inlfl ovArt**mn 

one, thinks E and I jist prabbled the dough trav "f the pnnfing-othce*, going into every one 

and split it plum over bis head! He rottol dow n and askii g for ciiiployoie.n — merely 

right lhar. and I paddled his ’toiler end with tks 

pi«-o*. While I was mollifying’ my feel, ns in " In ths courwof the moniing 
that way, Li. gal .lip,xd upWiind me and fetch- lumsejf in the olh.-c ot the Jour  utl 0 } 

ed me i rake w’th the pot hooks. Jule Sawyer and he chancevl to t^et bi« inquiry, 

wa. thar, .indjist annexed to her right off, and they wantod a hand, to the late David Hale, 
a mighty nice fight It was. Jule stripeil and ‘he propncloi* of tho paper. Mr. Hale 

chfcQ her faeo nice, like a partridge net hung ‘h’' T to 

on a white fence. She hollered for her fiddler, 
but oh, shawl he wa* too busy rubbin' first his 
broken head, and then his blistered t .xtreiniiics, 
so wbon I thought Jule had given her a plentv, 
I pulled licroff, and put her in a gooil hninoi-, by 
given her soft saw tier. \V -ll, I thouL'ht at la*t if 

.-uldrcs* liim, and replied in substance as fol- 
I  ws: 

“My opinion is. young man, that yon’rc a 
runaway apiireulicc, and you’d better go home to 
your nnsler.’’ 

Horace cndeavoreJto explain his position and 

r had a drink I’d be afomt done, so f sUrted for fircau, stances, but the impetuous Hale could ho 

the creek, and the first thing I saw was more 
iitarswith my eyes shut than I ever di l vviili 
tlwmOjs u. I loi-ked around and it was till- fi '- 
•l! 'r’s big hrollier! I kiiowed what it 
wr lockv.l liorns a word, thir all alone, 
and I do think we fit .ail hour. At last some of 
the foUern hern tbe jolts at the house, and the v 
cum and dnp u* ou*, for we had fit into a Ilv'C 

brought to no more gracious response than, “Be 
olV .4l»out your business and don’t bothc-r us.” 

IL, race more amused tli.-in indignant, retire.], 
a-' ; I' irs'.,cd his v. ov to the next oilic.". Alltbut 
d.iy lie Walked thy streets, climbed into upjicr 
st-aries, CJCie down again, ascend'Kl other heights, 
JteccnileJ, dived into baseinenis, Ir.aversed passa- 
ge*, grope*! thro-ugh laLyrintlts, ever asking the 

whereahig pine stump ho.! burnt out, am! there “ * *= “Do you want a hand;" am! ever 

w*w.simm«urxrirtU*.t,eu«r’ away, foce to ‘ •"   * 

w* was up to our ifirtti*, pegein’ away, face to , - .. ,, 

fice.andnodoggin.’ civility. ’^No. ’ He walked ten tuues as many 

miles as he need, for he was not aware tliat ricar- 
FAXNY FERN’S N'EAV COOK. ly all the pnnling-ofUces in New York are in the 

T,. ULVT? rr - same square mile. He want the entir, length of 

The new book by Fanyy Feen is about to be ..^^y^.^ects which anybody could have lol^d him 
is 'cd. From some extracts published in advance, di ! not contain one. 

wc judge that it will greatly add to that noble l.a- He went hu.-ne on Friday evening ve ly tired 
Jv 's fame, and per’aips not groallv contribute i.» die-couragod. 

the vanity of her brother Mr. N. P Docdleyov. S'r'U'tlay «i‘onang Le resumed the 

, , - . n. . . . , . seiToht aui coiitinuod It VNiihcner^v till luc even- 

Inthefollowingextract, Ruth 18 evidently “Jan- But no one wanted a hand. Businc, 

ny Fern" and “Hyacinth,’’ Mr. Willis. The seemed to beat a stand-stUl, or every office had 
letter from the latter read* like a real production it* couiplemcnt ol men. On Saturday evening lie 
The bitter satire of Fanny'* letter to the TnLun' «'‘f He resolved to remain 

letter from the latter read* like a real production it* couiplemcnt ol men. On Saturday evening lie 
The bitter satire of Fanny'* letter to the TnLun' “orc fatigued. He resolved to remain 

V V A 1 - A V a I A 1 • m the City a ’lay Of tno longer, and lbs'll, it Hrill 

wherein ehe contradict, the statement that she is ^r.,u 4 ^esslal. to tun. Li. lace homeward, and in- 

N. P. \Milis’s sister, by saying that, “through a quire for work at the towns through which he 
reverse of fortune, she lost her iricnds some passed. Though discouraged, he was no' dis- 

yeart *.nce,” will not soon be forgotten heartened, and stilt less aiarmed. 

The youthful reader should observe here what 
acTii ArpuE* POB EMPLOYMENT To urACiMrH a scnsc of indepeiidcnce and what fearlessness 

A thou Jit! why ceuW not Ruth write for the "P'"* 

pajKir.’ how very odd it had never occurred to '‘"“‘K ““ L .‘""rr 

her before^ Ye*; writ, for the papers-whv Grte.y had. after another day or two 

not! She remembered that wl.Uo at bearding- ‘nal. chosen to leave the city, ho would have 
school, an editor of a paper in the same town him about -Jur viollars: and with 

used often to come in [and take down her com- '' .‘I' 

th:.t sum he oouid have walked leisurely and with 

position, in short-hand a. she re.vJ them aloud. ?" heart all tho way Lack to his fotber’s 

1 . r .% . T A . . I 'Tiiiffifti Bi-v imnilFfk.i iTii'nR inniiirinrr 4 /nf Tsr/NTlr ot 

and transfer them to the colums of his pa;-cr. 
She certainly ought to write better now than she 
did vhen an inexperienced g'rl She would bc- 

house, six hundred miles, inquiiuig for work at 
every town, and feeling him** If to be a free and 
independent American 'citizen, traveling on his 

gin that verv night; b it where to make a begin- ' 7 »« 

ing' who would publish her articles! how much equal in social ranit ot the pest 

would they pay her! to whom *h.niW she unplv “““ .,Ble**L-.l is the 

r  .m frat ^ • ... •, . . Vnil n rr |v.Q n lirl t.N fl m* 9l b t h t rf Y7 Tit I .a a o ilr-tt 'll. -I 

mull in the best house he passed. Ble«*f.l is the 

first' Thkr^ was her b-uth-r Hy.acinth, now' ‘tl,;. ^““"2 

proBperolis wHtor of the Irving Magazine; oh, i. contentedly on hall a pound of crackern! 

hr, would only employ her’ Ruth was quite sure doJars and sumiucr weather, and 

she could write as well as some of his correspon- 1“' ® I'""®® ' for 

dents, whom he had praised with no niggardly oy"'. . . , 

pen. She would prepare sample* to scnd'^n.c- morning onr hero arose, refrc*hed 

dialely, announcing her intention, and offering He went to church twice, and .pent 

them for hi. acceptan*fo. Thi* means of sup- “»■«!'? ' day. In the inorning he induced a man 
port would be so congenial, so absorbing. At  ived in the house to accompany him to a 

the needle one s mind could stiU be brooding »«^»f n‘»«sal.8t church in I’.tt strict, near the 
over sorrowful thoughts Pfy 

Ruth cHinted the davsard hour* imi.atie.iliv, * ‘'“‘•'rding- house In the evening he 

w ho lived in the house to accompany him to a 
small Universaiist church in I’itt street, near the 
Dry Dock, not 1 c*m than three miles distant from 
M'Gorlick’s bo.ardiiig- house. In the eveninjj he 
found hi* way to a Unitarian church. Except 
on one oocaaion, he had never until this Sniulay 
heard ascnnoii wliicli accorded with his uwnrelio- 

ra she wailed for au answer. Hyacinth surelv "»y 'o a ^.n^arian enuren. Except 

would not refuse her when in almost every num- ?*' T f'*'" ''""' “y 

ber of his magazine he was announcing some ‘‘.““'d a scmioti w!...-h accorded with u'vn rel.g- 

new contribufor; or, if Int could not cmidoy her 0 ‘u. views; and the p easurcs wUt, which he h^rd 
himself he surely would be brotherly enough to “T ‘’‘‘"‘^ndy (X the Deity asserted and provrd by 
point out to her rome one of the niiiiy avenue* ‘^c ‘ughest he ever enjoyed. 

«  accessible to a mail of eUensive newspa- I'l the afternoon, as , in reward o the pious 
pcri.dar,dlilerar 5 - acquaintance. She would so !“ lie s,,ent tlje Sunday, he heard news 
Jadly support herself, ,0 cher-rfully toil day ar.d T "ff- *'' * f 

night, if nee.1 be, could she only win an imWii- “ “H Irisliman a tnend ol the 

dcnce; and HuU. recalfo.1 with a sigh Katy’s last '^1 

visit tolu-rftilher.and then she row and walkcl PNV.'*'* “-.'I'^l^unday visit, and became ac- 
tlie flo^ir m her impatici-e; and then, her rest- 'l«'‘»‘“‘d "“f* Horaee and lus frujtles. search lor 
less spirit urging her 0.1 to her fate, she went » ^‘«'^kcr, I believe, Nit hp 

ag.ain to the ,mst otfice to see if there wa* no let- *“ ‘‘ 

ter 1 low long the clerk made her wait! Yc*. «' I’nnters K’om them he h*d heard 

there waa a ieUer for her. and in her brother’s ‘‘^nds werpvm.led at \\ cs s No. 85 Chat- 

band-writing to. Oh. how long since she had ««en recommended hw new ac- 

® * qu.aiiitancc tu make immediate application ftt that 

Ruth heeded rcitthcr the jostling of officelwvs. . , , , 

porters or dravmeu, as *he held out her ca^ Accustomed to country hours and cagr r to 
Zud for the fetter Thrusting it hastily into, *'‘7 Horace was m (^hatli.m, streid 

rocket, slie homed in breathl^s haste 'back to “" 1 f ibi des.gnate.1 house by halt- 

licr hxlgings. The contents were as follows: 

“I have looked over the pieces you sent me, 
Ruth. Il is very- evident that writing never can 
I»e your forte; you have no talent that way Vv.ii 
may iiossi dy be einpiloyed by some interior news- 

past five on Monday mom'ng. West’s prLnting- 
oflice was in the second *tory, the ground flixvr 
beingoccupied by Me Elrath and Bangs a* abook- 
store. They were pulilishers and West was 
their printer Neither store nor office was yet 

horse buggy, contsiiimg a single individual — a 
geiiilemanri should judge froin hi* apiwaroiKc. 
He looks j (Ning. and yet I e looks manly. A uo- 

blr heart looks out from hi* beaming counte- 
nance. His bat 1 * raised, that his high forehead 
may coti-h the eooling breeze. He gazes about 
hiai half fomilisrly, as though he resognized in 
these old hill* oad valleys uie acquaintance of 
past years 

He drives straight to the door of Ben Scribner, 
and from hi* roiriag* Ben is cooling hiia- 
nelf in the little back parlor, but meets the slraii- | 
ger at the gate After a few words in a low ^ 
voire, the y enter the houae together, and Den 
turn* to his deek lu a *nug little drawer he 
r.nd* what he iaoaarchmg for, and evidently with 
aooMt rsluctanc* hands it to tbe stranger; t^ lat- 
M hooka war the_ paper, carefully fidw it up. jpuu 

* ' 1 A I * r ^ I 'll f orM'fiwl, aTifl liorarc h t ilo Nn on tlie U* 

paperB, Lut as^urrd vour articles never wdl be j i, 

pa-. /.rp-ed to 

of any literary acquaintance* who would emplov nioming. 

yon I would 13vi*e ,ou. Iherofore, to lo-k ■»7‘  «’“r 1“T'» -'“'ng on thoeo xteps, with 

iome unoA/nrs, re Your brother, P-i!e lace sup- 

**‘HvAri'«TH Ffit ” porUnl on !ii» hands, hi« attitude exprewsive of 
... I a I 1 * 1 ^ , dejection juid anxiely. his allire extremely un- 

A bitter smile struggled witli the hot tear that nrnainental, it would not huveoceerred to Thomas 
fell upon Ruth i che.|!k “I lia\e tried the anoli- \\q Rlrath, £sf]uire, as a probable event, that one 
trasive employ iiiont, raid Ruth; “the wages are Jay be would be thepART.NEnof that aorry figure, 
SIX cenU a day. Hyacinth; and again the bitter and proud ol the .-oniiectioii! N- rdid Mr*. Reeil, 

smile disfigured her gentle lip. 

“No talent!" 

“At some other tribunal than his will I ap- 

of Pliiladel|ihia, when «hc saw Benjamin Frank- 
lin pass her father's house, eating a large roll 
and c.arrying tw-o others under ids arm*, see in 
t’lat poor wanderer any of her future 

‘Never be lu,ard out of iiiy own little jirovin- husband, the husband that mai’c her a proud and 
cial rjtj The rold, conteniptii .iis tone stung an immortal wife. The prince* of tho mind al- 
J remain ivcogmlo till they conic to the 

But they shall be he ird,of, a. d Ruth le.ipe.I throne, and, douhtles*, the coining Man, when 
to her feet^ “S^ncr Uian he dreai^ ol too. I be comes, will app'ar in a strange disviiioe, and 
can do it, I fi^lit, I will do it, and she closed her no will know him. 

Iipa ttxndj , ’ but tbara will be a desparata strug- R aetmed vwy long befbra aay on* ^ai*t to 

flaulitd M they werv; and person* far more lavora- of the Czar’ Theae are the mm to whom ,k* kinga 5^ Froaeweo. for a writ ot kahaas cormma 1 
bly Bitnated than myself for tiie imlolgence of lite- of Europe are *.o be ind«Lte l lor 'heir thro**, ■' nd caarft certain Uusian prlacaua,wa 

rury taste* ini bt have foned it difficult to give at, y it is to such alike that Prneaia would gra the The A!ta faP*:.!*!.* ray* 

details of the day of lukeroiaiin hi a cihereDt form hands   f those whuae am.-e*tor« fonxht anfrr the T.he pv,iBi iiii»Mte«l ajmu by eouimel » 

1 was stoppvd full Bwiug iu tbe middle of my de.s- (Jreat Fredtrkk' A Maj'U’ of tbe rufikm oMiery •PPhv-auon, seemed to be 'bat the aftei^mara.- 
puUm by the d pai'ture (.f the post, and had to cksm who perpetrated three dewi* is, ear •  * he .rtaiited eu tooid tha8itkiLra -x- - ■ 

“P ‘J’ ***''®“‘* hand*, and evidence can be brooght against ihn to merchant v easel, and afro that «he k.-  - t~ 

Ihc Luitle was at it* height about 8 o’clock, and show that he waa 'me of the prim ipa' achrs, as Yn English port. Ths Sitka wa* a RnMn, 

by that tinu- t;ie Ru-Ai'".!)* h id purti.iily c-itab!L hed well a* one of the chief mstizat rs. of atoehira verael, eaptared near PetmiTiii m mi .. 

band*, and evidence can be brought agOiBSt ihn to merchant vessel, and afro that die had coma fVnra 
show that he waa one of the prim ipa' achrs, as 'n English port. Ths Sitka wa* a aht j l.i. 

well a* one of the chief in.*tijpu rs. of atoehfrs oam vessel, eaptared near ina ^ i ..ra 

_ kL-t. _,il u - U- Ivranifnt V- I sao 

tbciustlve* on the heights on our right. I r. titnith, whicb will make Enrnpe «hndder with h-nni. Mr. hrongnt hers by hsr raptors, sft r n ■isi, in . 

u ‘“?,~'*“‘a'tit,ters stall', and twij gentlemen who Bomaiuo, the Depu y Jud^i Advocate Geoerl.haa Jay* m tbs harbor of Vucoav.* TW 
bad nodea out with him towar.1* ths I'ront, ignorant received inet roc 'on* to p:epar® a cora agaisathis apphcatlon ereawd considsrshis exrii#m»«t 
ot ^ exact position of ths enemy, got- under fire mao. There a e several lucu to swear to hi* atatity. Ihs writ waa asrved hr a denwiT taerio 
in the fo?. and tbe proximity of fragments of shell, and ii it can 'ne satuiactorily proved that he hoxom- «sr aeeoad in cotEinand of the^'itka. « 
tuc wuuii^ of shot, and the “f.i- 2 --zir:g” of fusses, miitt-d the act.* laid to his churge, he wilt be wung naval officer, oa ‘,Jio '.ihth, wd ths rMii ■ • 

wurut-d them that it was jo*t as well for non-com- on s gihb*'t in front of the walk U 8evastopo Us have beea brought mb oa Moraiwri^?^«k*rir 
bataaUto retire a* rapi'ily os poa'dble towards the 1 * a Baron —a man of rank— audit i..*a*pscts !:• Sunday, th® 'JCtb, how.vs a lktk’sf  r 
vaiky of Caliiitlava, where all see me , to be qn'et. ha* already used the gold which was left o lua tke 8ii)a hoMed anchor, ara oate - ■ * ***r y?-‘ 

A* they cam. red off they raw poor Sir Gco.-ge psnoa to purchase sileuce. Wnile ths guardwure ibs harbor, prohohly r  r 'vaaeoavra ThMAbMlj 
Browu, who bu* bouu living in a bloxe ot tire since at their otmoat need, t;ic French calnmLsmovedowj imr a a very . .. ' . . ** 

he came cut here Uor uot only has be beeu iu tlie '•mpetuonaiy on the exulting riMiny. and akir g Mr. Randolph, the attoraer at wH ^ 

_ CLt of action, bnt he ha* received smart volleys them in the flank, forced lh .m hack along ‘.l tids writ was serw^ ~~11iittht atteraina mf tu.. - . 

from oar own p'ickei*,) borne back ou a litter and of tue niil ander thefl sofour divra .ua. Ttallks It* fort of ths railiag of tha Sirita 

taken d'jwn and put ou l^a d ths SaiLvpareii. after oharged them, and bailed utill and shot iuu dtem taeiuceat aught hs imasd for t^s niBr . 

Dr. Alexaud'ir had exainincd hi* Wound. Meucov- with deaiiiy effect. The rucniy, though .oippded by the wm waa scirsd. Tk^ 

ered with blood, and spitting it oat, came Uinping the fire of t'tmeL lon* artillery, coaid not n kstaiid tiona waa svidsiiily to Ibt tha *— *- a,. 

along, and sat down by the Imshes, examuiing their n*, and before 11.45 A. M. ti.cir army waa Xitiue actisa of the yaveiwa—wi i- — tatfim tn ib« matt.. 

huru* an 1 imploring water or a Utile brandy. Am- btfore 8,50d Mntiiih and 9.0UO French iafoati. TV The Srai Prataisco Usraid nf^ 

balance* hovered on the plain I th - rear around the fall of nui and the gloom vi 1 havdiefore otassL.jv^^a;«-- ra .a. 

Dr. Alexaud'ir had exainincd hi* Wound. Meucov- with deaiiiy effect. The rucniy, though -nppded by the wm waa served. Ths ohiect 

ered with blood, and spitting it oat, came UuipiDg the fire of t'tmeL loo* artillery, coaid not n kstaiid tiona was svidsiiily to lav tha *— *- a,. 

along, and sat dowu by the hushes, examuiing their a*, and before 11.45 A. M. ti.cir army waa tiriue setisa ot the ■aveiwrat.t i- — tntffm tn ibs mstti. 

huru* an I imploring water or a Utile brandy. Am- btfore 8,50d Mntish and 9.0UO French iafoati. TV The Srai Prataiaco Usraid nf^ 

balance* hovered on the plain I th - rear around the fall of nui and the gloom v. 1 havsiefore 

wcue of tacilgbt;h''rs SOD three le^ or cntbybol!* alluded as having occnrrd about thi* time, tabled 'K*poiMliag here aad the mcisdnlora 

f help; the them to collect and mke another stand, it the tvsty protahilitv that ths virld 

foliicd the hllLi lU Itjfl C.*llDy ^Diorkce. butthe ro^ •W\ 0  ia Amwm tio^wm Kesa»V mouA raff 1 *y; ffVra^ vraraw will ra«..rara.7 ..s * ' VtofV TU 

hopped along, looking piteou.*ly for help; the them lo collect and mke another stand’ it the 
Mdcd the h;Il* m lU c-ilmy ^mbrace, but tbe roar allies speedily drove them back, artd at U  they 
of cannon aud m-iakctry tol'“oi the * ruggle t.-a' were iu lud rctreut tu.rarils .'*ebaat- poi, averi-d 
was goiaj on aloag tUo*c bl.xiUy heights. Ge neral wiih their gura». 

Canrobcit, wiii* a It. i.liunt stofl’. atiendi d by the \ little b. toie this time I bad ridden np (an a.l- 
Lu!?li- u atifictitii to toe I* rench hea,a*qaa.r- runceil picket-tuMMeof i*ur»,' hkhcoaAauuBtricw 

icrSy dii'i X mowed by u p.irty of m i-coated ilft^Aarn of ihe Prencli liiws aikd of our rigl;t atek. I 
i^d 'Wild Spithee.'i, with a tri-color f^aidoD borne iu fonn i there Mr. Lajard, who is suil au ai:wis eOad 
front ot hua.daahed pa (t on bu Arab in ea^er par- aixutear out here, and a nt i» ottirer , 

suit of Lord Ri^iau, thronj^a thehHzeof themoin- ' u liing down from tbe front nii t!ie 
ing. Forty-fire bi a capital ai^e for a ^cntralr tf.e aznilicjs; fre^hij in the returning Manuct azd 
jnete between munho^ and old age, and ibe talking of a i ezpocted aanaatt by ibe Ft3* 1 1 1 

General IS w) in ufii amoug his aoldiera, an.] oxpoaeis redoubts, earthworks and redaLf*, ta wffea U;t 
hiiiiteif f*o fricjuentir while &inoni{ tbf:m iu the French and attaeka, were blazuizraj a^ 

trri^iics and iu the ti\*ld, that they all adore him, uanal a^jsiiztot each oibar, aud dotting tbe a 4 e w*!.h 


The Israeiites had thia proverb, “He that sow- 
eth sparingly, shall reap also sparingly, but ho 
that sowelh bountifully, shall reap also bounti- 
fully.” This saying a.-corded so we. I with their 
sense of what is fitting and right, and was so u,- 
ten verified in their exjierieiice and observation, 
that it caiue to have an applic ition n uch beyond 
the special and s'mpic import of the word*. In 
fact, tl’.is proverb it but a partial expression of 
the great truth that tills world is arranged on a 
system of order and justice, which conditions 
ever^ man’s havings or his doings, his receivings 
or hi.s givings, his success upon his eriterpnse 
depends, aud it ca jses society, and even nature- 
to reflect back on him the tone of his own spirit, 
whetlier he be a niggard or whether he be a man 
of a liberal soul. 

On looking at the conditions of our farms, 
and thinking of the objections ao often urged, 
and still oftoner felt, against almost every propo- 
sition for agricultural improvement, it has oc- 
curred to me that we especially need to recoiv.' 
the lesson contained in the proverb to which 1 
have referred, and to become much more deepiy 
impresacd with itatrutb, and the extent of its op- 
plication. Wheat, and oats, and rye, are not all 
tbe fanner has to sow; thought and labor ant! 
capital are as much germinal and productive prin- 
ciples at his disposal as the seeds of plants, and 
iti.* in his use of these especially that hcwiilfim! 
the proverb verified, and beco;u{ eIlfJ to reap a* 
he has sown. That my remarks uia^ be practi- and useful, I prop'so so lar as time will per- 
mit, to specify cases to which this principle will 
apply; or in other words, I will endeavor to point 
out. a few opportunities of securing bountiful re- 
turns for some additional outlays upon our ikmiA: 
anl first: 

Or Providino M'ateb for Sa'oea. — In many 
portions of Ohio there is in dry seasons a defi- 
ciency of water for stock. I think its importance 
in the animal economy cannot be understood by 
many of our fanners, or more strenuiuis cffo'fs 
would be made by them to secure a supply. VN's- 
ter is needed by animal* to supjily the waste oc - 
casioned from tho blood by evaporation, aiul he 
various se -retions — the stomach needs its aid aSu 
solvent of the substances taken es fo, d, and 
which wiihoul it, cann.ot t c rcadilv digcstcil, an-l 
Leshle*, if i-nters largely into the compcsllion ot 
all animal bodies, not only of the fluid portions, 
hut als) of the solid. Some anini.ais imiy indei-t! 
make out to li e with but a scanty supply, bu 
none without it can thrive as they would with an 
abundance ot water to drink. In some localiiit* 
there are are neither durable streams nor copious 
natural springs; but stock ought n jt therefore to 
be |)e’-mttled to suffer^ certainly not if we can find 
at the foot of fiills, or banks, wet places where by 
ciirefuliy collect inr the water by ilroir.*, nia«lc o* 
stone or draining bricks or tiles, it may Le bruug’r.i i 
to one point, and into a trougli, or some other 
convenient way, be made available. iic.a 
spring.* ot tills kind aio lo be unproved, it i* 
probable that on most farms are stre.uns or teir- 
poraxy water courses, large or small, which, tho’ 
not duralde, mayb’ damned up to f -nn pond* 
or reservoirs, in which the water uiay be kept 
through the whole sumiucr, fresh eiioug'i for 

Ge Si;m ;kr Fclo. — D uring two cr three of 
the btitler months, our catlle an i sheep impr vg 
bnt little. This is net so much owing to the fis- 
com.'ort of the heat as to the fact that t!ie g'ar* 
stops growing daring the hotest and driest weath- 
er. If our pastures could be Lepl os fresh tnd 
1 jxuri„,nt Ihrougli July and Angu.-*t a.s they are 
through .May and June, how much mo-c uni- 
form would be the growth and iaiproven^eut of 
our stock. 

To secure a continued growth of feed, scarce- 
ly anything is needctl blit a continued supply o: 
m jist lire to the root* of the grass, and this suppiv 
of moisture may bo secured bjr deeper tillage 
Un I.mds that have been deeply plowed, and es- 
peeially on those where subsoiling h*s been pr.'c- 
liscd, the roots of clover, or grass will go below 
the p.-irclicd Mirface, and support a contii uoiis 
growth of herbage in the driest weather, or even 
in iliedriest seasons. 

Underdraining is also an important adjunct of 
deep plowinjg in promoting the growth of sum- 
mer feed. On tenacious eoils, where und.rdrain- 
itig is not practised, the surface ie usually throw u 
U]i into lands to facilitate the escape of what in 
some seasons would be a snperabundonce of wa- 
ter; when this i« done, but little moisture pene- 
trates the soil fur the summer supply. Were 
■uch lands underdrained at the depth of three 
feet or more, the sufaco might be left entirely 
level, and all th ? water farting upon it invited to 
sink into the soil in connection with the various 
fertilizing agents suspended in it; this would ui.- 
viate all danger from temporary or even contin- 
ued droughts; while in wetter seasons the drain* 
would prevent mischief from excess of moisture. 
And in seasons like the past, vends pastures are 
of great value If those portions of our farms 
which are reserved uncleared for the sake of the 
timber, were iinderbpished and fenced, and well 
seeded w ith blue grass, which grows finely in 
such situations, they w ould, in the driest months, 
and especially in seasons of excessive drought, 
all'orJ more than twice tlie pasture that cuuld l e 
olitained from field* perfectly ch-.ared. A pr - 
dent farmer will certainly provide against a 
“rainy day;’’ should he not also provide against 
dry days, which in thia clinuUo, arc pirhop*, 
mure to be feured! 

Or Su.vDK AND SiicLTEU. — W’hat a tree hatiHg 
spirit possessed the earliest settlers of Not hern 
(5hio, and there immediate descendants. How 
few fine trees were left, tiller to l-eaiitify the 
lanJsi-a|H.-, or for grateful shade. In bou'thern 
Ohio the pastures are usually shmlcd with groups 
of forest trees, and whothat has seen the satis- 
fiurtion that cattle an-l sheep manifest in their 
shadows, in the scorching days of summer .and 
autumn, can doubt their utility! Wlien the ther- 
mometer is up to QO ® Fahrenheit, it is as mu-h 
as fat rattle, or indeed any call’tc, can do to keep 
cool, even when not subjected to the direct rays 
of a burning sun. If they do kcejicool inidersuch 
eircumstances, it is by means of exccjsive evap- 
oration, and a great wait* of moisture from the 
system, and w ben subject "d to this, they will a«'td 
but little to their size or weight. 

Shelter is as important in winter as ahade in 
the summer. I need not dwell on tho liability to 
sickncss and death from exposure to all the vicis- 
situdes and inclemencies of our winter weather 
1'ho aniiuul loss so.*taine l from such causes has, 

I presume, made this matter siilKciently rlear; 
but th.' increased consumption of food ^on^e- 
qiient on deficient shelter, is possibly not a.* w ell 
understisjd. Foorl, as every one knows, is re- 
quired to ftimish the m.aterials building up 
the animal I'ranic, and for repairing its continual 
wa.ste; but in eolJ weather the larger portion ol is consumed ia appropriated to the pnxlnc- 
tion of animal heat. The carbon of the ftKid 
combines w ith the oxygen taken into the lungs in 
respiration, and in the union heat is evolved in a 
iiiamier analagoiis to that by which heat isol l.\iii- 
ed from the consumption ot fuel in a stove. Wh.vt- 
ever the temperature of the atmosphere, the cir- 
culating fluids of animal* must be kept up to a 
unii'unn heat, or death will ensue, and enough of 
the food cunsuiiied will be used for the purposes 
of growth or fattening. Build good cuiofortabie 
shelters for all kinds of stock in which they can 
feed and lie warm, and it will soon prove to bav® 
been a p -ofitable investment in the raving of food 
and ia the better growth of tbe animaU. N. S. T. 

ireuchcs and iu the field, that they all adore him. 
To-day l.e was hit by a shot, und had his iorse dis- 
abled. 5taiiy of hi* escort were ki led or wonDdsd. 
General Bosquet also went into the thick ot the fir.-, 
and left moiC than half of his escort behind hhu on 
the field. 

The French were drawn up in ‘three bodies of 
aiioiit vJ.OOy men caoii. on the ri-lge of the hill over 
Bi.laklava, wntcbiu; th movt menu of the Russir-n 
COT airy iu the plain Mow. A* I came op the ene- 
my were v^ilile, drawn out in six (hvision*. with the 
artillery and uifautry ready to act, uwl horse* aa.1- 
liled aail bridled. It was evident they were waiting 
fur the signal to dash np the hill* lo oor rear, and 
rabre our fiying regiDj.-uta. They bad along tin e 
to wait! Tlie Freuch lioes below a* were hried with 
/ouaves; the g./imcra in the t-.-doubia, with ma',cbes 
lightiyl, rvers prepared to send their iron meraetige.s 
through the rauks of the horse the moment they 
come within ran;je. Behind the Fren h 6,000 “Bono 
Jolioairs’’ were drawn up iu oolnmn.-. as a reserve, 
and several Turkfeb r-glment* were ai.*o .*taiiout d 
under the height' ou the right, in a poeition to am 
in support, slioold 'heir services be required. Al- 
.•yady tlie French were on their mareb from the sea 
to our assistance, ami tbe black lines of their regi 
EicaU streaked the gray plain as they niarebeo 
d'luhle-qak-k towards the scene of action. The 
Cbara^iiri d’Afrique on their gray Arabs »we » 
a'ooutthe slopes of the bill to wvtcli aa opportanitv 
turadobli. Our own cavalry were drawn up b  
OUT earampmects, the Heavy Brig.-vde cm the left, 
the Light Biiirade iu tho centre of oiir p osition 
Tn.: latter were out of tho flru for some time, bt.i 
an advan.'c of the rli'bt exposed them to shot and 
sidill. Mr. Clevi loud received a mortal wound, and 
several men and horses were injured laier iu tbe 
i day. Tile hesTj- cav^fry were employed iu protect- 
iu.',' onr left and rear. At 0 the atr. aincd 
over the brow of the hill on our right— CaasHcura 
d'Orleans, Tirail'eurs, Indigeik-s, Sfooaves. lufontiy 
of the Li .c, and Artillery — and at once rushed ov*r 
ilio brow and fell on the flank of the Rnrai.'m col- 
utnus. Oil visitiug the spot, it wo* carious to ol - 
*orve hovr men ot all aim — Eng’dsh, French 8’i.’ 
Russian* — Dy together, showing that the same 
zronnd, must have been occupied oeveral times liv 
dilTeiunt bodies of troo|i*. The French were sp^- 
ily eiigiigvd, for the Russiaus had plenty of men ftT comers. Their reserves iu the valley and 
al.»i;g the road to riev stormi received the shuttered 
colnuiim w hich wi'i e driven down Ihe hill, and al- 
lowed them to re-form aud ditick again, or ftinilsheU 
fr cah regiments to Attack tuo AUie® again and sfaiii. 
This reserve sc. nis to have c nsisted of thice brai 
L'ldi's— probBlily of f.OCO men each. 

piilfe of white smoke, t^addeniy a aLarp,a*hiZL' 
rattle of muskeuy. which caat® ut*tiA( t yo ®ur 
ears thr. ugk the roar ot the connob. was krd ou 
the left, toward tbe Flagstaff Raitety, in jut ®f 
tbe French I nra. 'lltroagh the cla. H i couiwe the 
rmp* of some French troops, who wire aoncir.t 
fiuui the lost poraltsl by a w adi, which setntton.r 
inside the town. “ Lturtuh," woa tlic t» “t!.r 
French ore in the place !" In a UN'meut akw j.-d 
the Rossions coaid be made out lunniug a zd a* 
ibey could from tbe rear of the FlaustolTviteiy 
down towards tbe* at tbe .-ide of the it lui . 
bor, and ere three minutes clup ed — oiutw.. ' 
three ! — up shot pu,ani of d at and dark smeui.o 
the air. Tbs RnraL:,.-i hod '•prungtliieeu'iiitBfe** 
the work. In lest than two micutesmore t'm.iri 
mines were tprong. The maakeiiy eras, tl . 
 moke cleared away, revethag a ma M of na oa.. 
tiiubera and besras of cottages, iumI prese^ th. 
guns of th* Fhisstaff Battery opi ue l i.n the e-itch. 
and destroyed »U . or hopes that ihci* hudren a 
sarcesaful aaswilt. I beoid this evening ig tht 
Russians bwl mode a stwlie, and traveree.! u p*r. 
allels ere they were repulsed, and that the to. h 
followed them clorcty to lae town. 1: is pt'ai..« 
that the H ras ia a fired the miu® t ; pn vent is .1. 
Searing they niig’ut enter th« place aioug w .tfrc; : 
The French bnried JOO .fead R'la-ioi:* befotn.. 
set, and have 80 more ui tmat of tbeir lira* qu/y 
to-morrow. After ti is htile oirado we tn.-ii«- i 
attentiun to our right, where* ine haul-: wa* ffv ’ 
on by Um artdkry. A very large bstfery wats- 
tiuned on tbe heights on U.e right of tte is,v 
■ouse, and in front of aatr.Jght line drawn fr.ut . 
lakcnaona, which pitched shot and shell len-c- 
Icaoly into oar ramp, aided by the itcamer at b r 
niann, while a portion of it reprail to the ft e «. .r 
gun.*, twuof which olo: e aecmed to towch t.» i. 

year wUl ex^ that ef Irat. Tl.e iKwrih oT Ne 
rember ho® n ea reaurkobiy dry, oad ha fl haea 
be*_a the coraplninu of worn of water, yet wa tz 
porttadariag tlM noratu gc,.: ffara to the volaa of 
i5,^«,afi8, whirh excceda the stupaeat br Tke 
duriag tbe same a»aUi la*t^ b^iS^ 

1^ 9u J^aio Republicaa giotm tha follcwr^ 
dcranptMaef a ara aa t er huap ra geU ^ 

^ tbe platama mhs, need ia the eace. .1 
weighed OM aad sixty-eM rmada, or 

tweaty-five buadred aad sevragy-six oaaeea, awofr- 
ffapijM. C’olcalatiag tboi ft cowtaiaa twenty waw* 

• f loaruieck. (which ia a :.*rvo • 'isade te tha 
opiaioa of theee who examfrMd '.b® foaip,! ttXTffia® 1 
at ffl7 Z5 per aware. ;* IM.SEff 1 

The lenirtb ef tbfe imiu«a*e masa m aboa' fillaca f 
laehea. aad iU wmIUi from five mud oae-holf to Mx / 
‘oekeo. Aa one sida is extreasely irreg-jlar ewff an- / 
evea m .ta fwiutioB. ft fr difficalt t.  arrive at be i 
tblckacoo, bu' it w:U prnfoii.iy sveraur foar inebe-* § 
Tho etber mde ia aiaa^ list, and pr en eBTs a miiil m 

maos of pare gold; tbe owiy qoarta perreivsb.e we* m 

the opper er ragje l aiife. and some pfer * are lo f 
lAosrly embed .ad in tbe prerioaw meti 1 tbs*. w5tb A 
The aid of a poiated iastrameat. thev be ram ^ — 
ly remoTsd. The wbafe moa*. at some p«rio«l. bra 
apparvBtW beea ia a taaedcerahfiea. * 

Mr. Prakuaa. ewe uf tbe te m paay to whom It be A 
.ongs. lafornwd na yeaterdav that it wra taka oat 
la Calosarra eoaavy, ea Wedaseday evramg. Mo- 
^ em^r 11, juat as the company wevv q^mng work 
for the day; ba wewM aet give ray prarirnlarv ia le- 
gard to wner® tbe elaun ie iraat^, saeept ( fiat H 
M ia tbe coanty above aaated. The eemraay ceu 5 
stem of four Aaraiieaaa aad uae Swisa Mr Far- f 
kina baamica i.. Lexusftea. Kentaeky. ma vr the 
prat two yeara. aMMagb b# bra foborcl bant, wafl 
very auauraaaMbl, never baving mere than fleuff . 
tay time daiiag that peewnl. 

Tho spacoMa waa araaNly atowvd away m 
»tr. 'g box yesterday afrrnooa, aad wifl be 
pMched to New Turk Ly AdaaM AC'., a tfra 
inatant. Mr. Pcrklra sad owe of hia partneta 
^ VO barao on wa s t ram m . aad frf t koclnoa 
; eveatag u tbe L'rilda. 

. Thie lecovery la aaetbar proef that tbe mlars of 
! Califonua are “gtving oat," bat lu a tbaa 

miUtbombieta. nt **it rni*h nra ailat i 

ogaiaet tbe world. 

I scNMzBY oa araaias 

I Tbe pilot boat Daacing t’radier had retarui- 
from ibo wreck cf tbe Toakce Rlade, baviag aar 

These were Dicksuu's two 18-puiinders. In tfr ,l- (rom tbe wreck cf tbe Ysnbre Rl 
ley behind he Ruaaiaa gtin* we eonid *ee the   d- eeeded in receverfog fowr boxes ef 
ou iatuitrj retiriug over the riad ut a got.ff. •• inw 970,000. 

but ia tolerable order, while thur rotreat was nli Pro _ Loa AagokM wa loan that two ffoRoitaara 
er proieckd by a atroiig I. *ly of cavalrv dra' ;p aviag had a diflknity to set.fe, ras. Ived leap^ 
oa a iBDUcd iu r ar ol the gnns. A few r» :o arms, and having appointed a place of mceUra. 
were mrec cd against the ravzhry by our men ,’•« were proceeffiag on tbrir way thitaar, when one el 
battery, bm they .iul ao exeentiun that I r' too p^ics. thinking to have (he fii«t char » flied 
adtniratioo was somi excited bjtiu at hia intaaded an aranEt aad abet h.m tbrowah 
splendid 1^ or .j*ir two 18.poum:«r». They-,, tbe bead. Tba cwlpnt wra pasarad by a povra. bat 
firing at about I^^Ou yar^ but the-.r thot* n.; .-ffect^ his escape. What iemeat *arpnitag. the 
ngbt between 'Jm eniiBy'* gmw, *m.r.hing h«, ,, woanded man, atih- oab abet eom p et* ly tbtcecb 
men, ami carnages at every rooud. “i;raYo. Ur. tba forabead. m imoverm*. 

iimberhig up !” And wv they were, k aving;. Thm, luiliano. who mnr.loivd Mr A. Foiadi. weia 

tumbrtmoae br"kco gun carriage, twei.ty-i. , hang at Ciracent Ctty #« tba 3Wb ah. Tbay were 

dead horses, and thirtisen dead meu behind tbei  i tried by apeepia'a jwrr. ' 

arery small *i rae of gro’icJ. A they is,.; From Oreii^we leani that gold haa been dia- 

them wcTi; from 50,d0()to GO^OOOincQenn^ed cn & p&rtui? vfo] 

the side of the enemy; but I tuiuk that uamber ex- hia gabionaond somlbug 
cussivo, au'l there certainly was not ground enougu nvod. and wbsuevor aU 
f .r them t'J show f.'int up )ii. Captain Biirn^vi: .n view upon it, bang wc 

state* tliAt he saw fresh bodies of nusoioii* marcliing pon.lerous cone of ire 
op to the attack on three sncce »ive occusiou*, and npping the column fron 
that their artillery wa.* rchiv d no Ies.» than foo.- rood with dtad. 
linire. The Minie rille did oor woi-k, aud Lord Lie-ut. ('nium I Di.-';-. 
Hardingcia entitled to the best thanks of 'thecouutrt ti 'iiii bv ftaptom D Afrc 
ror na per^n ..i„ve Vn m^irr, xtitv.r ,^ at*i. , «. rar side, ku-l no lesail. m . 
:« Iie C'U u with eyjTvnllp Uut coul'l Ij® got. uot- d.jwn bcrale and close 
wulwUinauig tbe dLdike with which tho wea,mu was Hor^ A IhWry wtre i 
rweived by in my experu iic^d s-jhiier*. Our volley s and Cant. Wodchoa.*e . 
told ou advaiK ing bodies of R.;*-ua:a fearfully, batteriro By the death 
and, II. order to be out of scope n -nch terrible wi .v- wav*, the command .ft I 

prepar^ a ponuis v Uey for both. Ha 
hia gabiaaaond sandbags, got a good “ j-jen’’ ra 
rooii. and wbeuevara body of men or bor**.iji 
.B view upon it, bang went the loa? „f t„ 

pon.lerous con® of iron whiftleU omoBz m*u. 
npping the Column from end to end, .strewing t , 
rood with dtad. 

Lie’dt. Ciilouel r ii'';-®n was os^st. d ia hi- 
ti luS bv ((aptoin 1) Ainulwr and Lieutenant Chav, 
side, kU'l no lesalli.Ri .-wcutreiiTirmieis were 
down besule and ckise to him at tbe goan. Tl 
llor^e A ti.lery wtre not mcog. d. Capt. Tai".. 

From Laa Aamlos wa bav remora of aaotber • - 
ibtiaiering «xp*lltioB. having for He ekfrat theover- 
Uirow of Memadres, in Lower Califoniia; ai:d tbal 
inea and moraey arc beiag rafrad for tbe afcwaaid 

It ismated -bat a aaw and ahorter rvate from tiadi 
loAke to CarcoB river, wbieb aveida tbe Uambaldt. 
hra bran dfreovesad by aaoM marlUgcat traveloa, 
who eame over tbe plaias. They say tbe aew Mad 
It non *«ppifea with water *»•* giraa It .scalera 
latcd at 5d0 miiea. wbde that by t!»e HmMaMt la 

pm*, they rushed on us with the bayour t, .mil after Coiunil Dacrcs. CoIomI Patica. « f tbe 74 .h Rw • , 

long :;a.l d«'*i»crr,te Cscouutersniet th(.;r .later* and ment.w o accumpaiiied Lor l KagfoB'catalf a* i 

virr- ‘jciy U) rrVTo. . amateur on the day of the Alms, ac'nl uo 'hia oc •' f 

The CO.UU1U of attack 0.1 the R'onuan right, whi'h donas ouHle-camp to Criga.ifer-«jecieral Stroi'z- 
CRDie upon on • p.»iUon at ni.nteat point to ."'•e- wavs tid I’le latter w.:s nwrt fly w-nindcd. 
v«mpoi, wo. iir.hily resSied by the Fourth Uiviaio. The reTolvcr* by ou. o 3 k. rs ravel ihab 
■ . 1 * 1 ''' f. '»'*• principally re- liv * on sereial occusi.'U.* tbis day. 'Wfr a rant,.m 

s. 8 tcd by the secou.l friynion and the Light Uivi- N..-jol*oii, of the 77 th, w.;* g'm urumul, b, 

*  t.i, and some of the fuird Daisiou .md the Urig;...’. wa nayom tel by a Bnfwiat.. T . e ( 'gion. I imiraiH- 
K (rUMds were oj-paed to the third or fell aK;i-k a'llysbct the scoundiel desd. Ensigu Rutis, of i 
u***.'"^'*' “1 77th, was Ukea prisoner b/n Ruasia:.. a bo lai 

;..c lud^tbe&judEig Lattei v.ctvhe Imt!.' - him hkfe iu-s.-ff in the b 'im as hfr regiment w 

point froi.i lii.vrni.'Uii. The bo..rtti Ibvbcon hadir pjist, l.y krepiog bU c  vkc l fir !o  k to hw he 

' '“fV J*-’ Gcof: e Uathca.i . The fellow si'.ot him ''.rad with 'uia rev ul* 

AiidBritradic.iGoltLc amt loiMio-kilfe.l or mor- ..etthiff off In safe ty to re ofc Lfr regimeat, 
la Ij W'.utide.), SU.1 lOO i'it!i, or morotban one-qnar- doubt Uiere wilt ba abnadaara of private Irtteni ! 

*.'•**. L'* l. Swyuy .jf siuiilor detaJs. Our aieo were yery short of , 

Ilf the Leg. D;tnt, !ii;ii Major Y yune, of t;.e uml:., 'ouifttiou. IhcGuarda in partfenlar expeaded 
..•ere nll.'U tjirly. (. •«•   rot: x wies wcuoded ii, thefr’avenr *o»n. VV bat w:i''tbe cawoeof this’ T!, .. .-jor 5 laria: wa,, bu.:iy wo.ju.fe.l a!*. , Anrc!v .lid m.t fire the:. -f.v r...u ft . uisb. 
aU.. Li u. iia It D .v.1 ,, w- k.dtd. Fb.' -i.t!i Ri-- (Ir,-'.’ . r;. r'iou.-. w. •. n*e.l tb,.-i • v. in., to '■  ' 

.'ji.tit, to v\h. U th. is dC-' i;.* b. loagi'd, H'li.t in;. wound.'d ini   tbe Hupi..tas aad tba .t:o'...!i, 
acli'.u 4 2 siioug, it c.,mv out liog. '( ue other n ... ( ’oro* did goral *erv;.'e. The w  aed*d o4 lae la 

racu.s-utiered ij piop.irUc.n. Ihc Facom! Divfei. i, Divisfea, nailer charge of Dr. Afex .adrr.w.rc uo 
iiad It. I when It : mic ou; of at:lion cxa- iiy fix field- cot cr b»- 1 • o'clock, and ait oi . ratkm* p, rf. 'iu; 

0. 1ct.'j am! tw ■vecr.ptaln.'i l.t for duty, aad, I i*: Ju u.e 4th UivUii.n H-ftrits!. umlcr T 

1. V.', J. tarrer, o; to; Gth, was the sll pnii-uts were m U.l an l Lad each aca «. ■ 

--mo.' ctiix-r, ar.d h.;d t» take c.r«.gc of the litvwi.i;: 9 ,*e;i ck. ac'i lUe epentiiias were overe'.i.v l’.:' 

ihe prjpo: eo:r.i.l- mint of captslua to the ditTeion foivui-Jay 

 • ju) .!, of c"iir.-e, be fcixty. 

Fhe greatest airocity niii'kad tbe condaet nf the M 'KE A CU.4HACTER r«R T'»1'RST;LJ 
'L tho oihc- r. of .4dau H Briga.i. Ir is rcItUed of Oiiurd, thai :i..r 4 » v-ou 
'-‘‘■'I'- tr.aJesmaa, having bouj'ul and ''AjJ brfaL .g 
; ‘ cvff'?. uroccefe,! to whra! h hi.-wse’,'. . 

Aa affray occurred N.iv. astb, ea Bash Crvck. 
i bieh a itian uanxel Rl'.egreve wx'v s^bed by omm 
ained Kcily. who infltaaad an fera than eighi 
roam •— ravew in U.c back awd aim ia t.- o bsart 
pie aw sipi n .had uot braa amatril 

-&*iry H. Muarra. for tha marffm of Jama® M 
irffaii, TM exceoted at JUxtmm, ra the Mtwa' 

’ -Y. m’uer, hi Yte preraace *f a lara® cocooarw o 

Y-tato s. Be »fatc'l I'.o* ba aiun« was guilty of 

srilysbct thesconndiefoks.1. Ensigu Rutis, of 1 ! , | •' ^rfaie. About foty femalca. three ^woom 
Etta**.''. » b ' laudalw Amerfean*. wer* onwwt m HMnaeMk.. 
him hKic .iuiBoa in the b 'shasbia regiment wenf 

.kiaerfeans. wers prew-wt at iho cxecatfoa. 

;e exJUmsat wra ca*rai la Mariposa, by tbw 

e .7- ‘tlH I ooaotd Jura Boriag. bv Tg^ ^ 

Tra frdow shot him ..ead with a.a revolw ft I X airaTtaoul 

'.ettiutr off In safe ty to remfc Lfr regimeat -V. Vmaii .jy^ r H-riee 

ifoubt tliero ^t ba abnudaaee of private Icttrre l," |Tt^ |fo.rke^^r'?:^ft2fotab)^ 

 jf siUiilor detxJs. Our aieo were yerv short cf am I ?• bong ' 

.;.u.jtion. The Ouj^ in particnlar' csjwa^ * \ auo aamed Vood was ahot ia iba br-aat oral 
thefr avenr iRw-n. \\ bat w:vethc caraeof ths’ Th '.tally w.'oadcd by eae Welfo-weff, th, kraper To 
Anrc y did not fire tlic:.- • r..iu ft .; uisa. s'.rau at Wfecnoeta Flat ^ * 

Gr: . r.. r-io.;^ w, •* n*cl tp. i • v to ' a " rV,:* afW;iv, rwR-ir, Jn.l 
wound.'d mt . lb* lfo'p..tas tad tlm .tm*. .!.. w. .\ p«l. .fsev. i, prtuotm wast.avebmr^ 
horr* d.', g(^l*erv.,'e. Ihc w .vded ol lae la:.;. ^ Lak., |« Calif*, nia. wife* they w%.-» aitrake.r 
D:vtsioa, naifercbar^e of Dr. Altx .iidrr, w. rc uc. , ptte Horoboldt nver by tbe ImNaL. Tba krara % 

I ^Jyfe,'fo« n’'a»«rafe.araIwBre armed wiforllra* 
Iu the 4th I5iviii*in H'ftj'i.s!, umlcr T .V. • I foTferod npou Jlit "*arrT rad kKad five- tbwaib.e 

Mte Horoboldt r.rrr by tbe LmNm*. Tba mbm. «' 
^ lylngia am', aiMl Were armed with rlJra.* 
feyfered npou Jin •rarty rad kXeil Cve; tbaeib e 


lo'.viug Jay 

i ;d\v :• ruJlnn iv:..., net content with that act o: 
r. ocirj , clc'.'otd bis r. j»Jict,ai:d beat tiie^rev-bi.l. •_ d 
•u in iteu tlie .iced 'ill he !-ft him ” *ei.»- 
ii.e Col...D‘.l iuc'l ' lit fewt’O'jrs after!:,* *?,.s t- 
t.j his OoL Ilaly, ol the tLtb, was U.tttt.; . 

.13 -iiu.' y._y lit -ftc* St. -i tilled in Lis bloo.i ’.r 
..OM ol 'll* -. 1 * leri'i The un. on but.' 
■eCiU oUt ix*'i d In and carrL'l oif tbeir oui c«, .. . .. 
'.ayoneicJ lue Ili'.-i hn who .joJ u.-ed t.’icia sobur- 
baioi!.*lv. M.'j'ir PowUl, who was in cfaiinaiirt o! 
,iic idVii, w:.s killed as Ik: fell to ibe earth, and h:  
ra irileie.', who s an odii'*rr, iu in onr h.tnd*a pris- 
oner of war. Tlic First Biigadc satfered i.'an'nilv 
also iu uiei. aail ofiicpr*. 

TKe i-ighi frivirion, or tiic portion of it in iiction, 
v.iis, a usual, fottmost in the fray, bonie of t t 


IrisrcItUcd of Oiiaid, thai • i..r 4 a V ou; . 
tr.olesinan, having bou^'ut and csid bwa L .g 
co'Jl'?, i.rocecfe.1 to wbrai h home himseli. ir 
sh.-'ewd Old nerei.ont unmediafeiy oife.-ed U  tr ;»* 
hi* nc V customer '.vitli aa r..-,'_y n- re 
the latter ii.i she desir®. T!:e 'rwi o! cii .--■x-. 
iwvwIcl! by '!;c yoMav men '.n I;c:.n ' hi* . a: 
pe'Tter, hail _iventhc millkna...' g.w fflcio’^. -n ! -.• 
at once. His r.'putitim was loaJn wiili Gir,,.'.. 
He became a favuteii dsal -r wita,lheint«rprir'j. , 
merchant, throv« npidly, and in ihj end auiaraeo 
a fortune 

No mere capital will do s.- much for yo ' 
men as chameter .Nor wilt .Iway* even eap.t»  
and connexion coniL.tici In ..urowu experirnc '. 
we have known many be in'iersv»kobave ut:e;,» 


it ifrfotra RobuaMNi. ef Xaatiicky, who waa aC 
™ *• t’*** t "oite with t drove cf rieefe, '.»y tba 

vwtkra wrat^ waa  ,®t by «c*  .*, tonamta a*. 

' idi® B..  Granffe. Th® avordeier aaraovW 

'"‘•ra wrat^ waa  ,®t hy «c*  .*, tonamta a*. 

Tk * Granffe. Th® avurdeier amamoot 

'MadiaiM are ver y tro . ' fesomc to tba wuiiea 
.^•ax TVy recently laa off witb thrra h«a 
niaety head of ataek, uc:a tiBg a aamhee 
f ^Hor»ex At Oreeoc Ga.rh, Ttfaiir eo :atT 
1 a laut aad do,e fe^, sod a '.mo 
‘ , ''iraweeBd bla’aktf,. ‘ * 

r . rtoraihf »bek r^o near 'j® Phi.ra of 

• " befwvea loor ... ,fta C»d ..ralmra aad 

aK’^*' a Ehkt or tea Bbo's wer® e*. 

CO u. . I. m of tliB eoabata.uts »as killed rad rw«* 
at re .- panged 

laur«eac r®m Wa*h.N*t®»-^hiae« •namsn 

^ A sofooTcw, Dve i4, IRM.-th® chaaaa ia tb® 
' *^''^:fitaAMwtth Foracy, vbo badmrakvra 
gnehamm.aa aaoraara 

^ *of'Oiost m ihi fniy. t^nie oi t t failed though backei by ample nwans. and aratsfed 

oilier rs ha. lu^t vroudcr.u^ c.scapcs. Iu the W.h by the influence of a large circl® of friends Ir 
rt^inAtnl Mlijor Maswill Ii horse w It shot und^r him f _ , a 

lAUikiAfoUi olffiAAsW tiu • UU(^ w ffi SOOl UllCl€r Oinl • 3 t   *a 

in front of ihc enemy’* column. Lieut. Crosse and •onaklerabla etpenenre os 

Liiiit. Baynts were siirrou de*! by a body 01 B.i*- ** '“ ** per*eve,-anrc, have hem 

-.ians, who attuckcU'bem with the'bayoutt,aitlH.'„^h !o thera .-i.lTaatag.s. yet w;thoat sccuriag 

hey were Loth wounded. -Mr Laynesnuraenlonsiy 
escapt-d. Mr Ciwsewas surrounded hy four Rn.,. 
slajs, who thonehl to .nake »nre work oi" him. 
sh'.t two ia iioi.t   . him With his rt.-volver, and a pri- 
va. j namvd lloul.gluai reshtJ out of tbe rank*, 
shot one ot hisreni.iu.ii..'' »a*;u!ant* dead, bavoneieil 
i!." ctlv. r, a id irkiuj; ap Mr. Croare in hi arms, ran 
l s'. k with him to tne rear of the reqimeut am! 

•ucccM.  Ve have known such |.'’rHOiis, after • 
failure in tbeir fiint porsiiit, u  iiy a second, 1 
even a thud, yet with no bettor resu.t, althl u, b 
still assisted by capital, hy fri*ods :md even ^ • 
their own activity.* The secret wa* that l!:ev ! 
miesed, soapehow, c .rking a chancier for ti.em- 

On the other b.*nd, it is .a coirinan ece u nen 

’ **’• Maa^fw* 

M . 0 ® i Would meet with bk ap. • rrsL^ni* 
*rtb r w rabowB ajcoBg oiW* V'to^biuir. rah it 
also eost^dthe wa r a a q ® of hta LMcaraaokCra-. 

to private 'lfr, iu«l ^ rrnr~^^:i 

, TTie portater® oT this fetter srA o tbe ears of 

dbim iu softly. Out of four weak comp"z'ie« ^ h-*nd, it is .a ew 

lUc BSiu kotl l-JuiL-u kilitd luid wooudeu, and ti:ey to sc' y'un » aicn begin wi:hout 
oulJ uiuat liltely have feseu cut to pieces bnt for the rise to fortune. They aehicvi 
jullua'. cliar^eof a party of thtir comrudo* of Ihc 

to se.' youn » men begin without a e®nt, yetraokJi. 
rise to fortune. They achieve the tr:carp(i ! v 
establishing, at the outset, a reputation for b.i 

 "ret.®«. The- ^ Irat 3" owv I e’ntrpOtmx bn*iBe*i. rorti. Few are so fort 

Ifs* than 300 meu. Kujfgn Thorold, a most prom- 
ising J oun^ oBi. tr, was kiiit.l as he wra xealon.-iv 
. iiilili.y.'.l in .living tbe men with carti idgts froiii 

as to do this by a single clarraoteriatk act, u.;r 
the purchaser who won Girani’a good w ill 

hr poiicots, and Lit at. Corbett and Mr° Owtm* for generollv nefthre 

were wounded. vetma morenant* are a* shrewd oa the femoo. 

Mr. Donovan, brother of C.vpt. Donovan, of this milliapaire, n» r ycun^ deilera os er.vrt'a.fe a* hi- 
ri'simcnt, v,'ho was attached to tbe 3dd at the hattfe cus:omt'r Bnt a censistent fi.v of eaifaeitv 

goi obroaii fri Vla.-ry would reai^a ' r Lagra. 'o 
ra •Ki.-ceedfSby Hnehan*® Toor naptrr 
c .; todradthOirUeviiatOiiig. "Oa*.f it,,' 

To (T.;t iM.ptiA frilhic A IW ta-.wr, Forney 
_’ '•*'!• Jl.lg,- -B.Js the . *r-1 *' 
radio:., u-itir, os oil oisu g, Foroa. tak 

‘»'kve ^*h fefrar ra artkte ra 
‘•"J'*'’ .oiaitrrior purj ''**;s. 

Nu's the riortranatba* F ''aey, at ih® 
yp vr ttt ae, cCcd apoa the r;t-'Hl®at w; 
'ferametae «.* waa.T'"..". d pro* log »o Pfeara 
loifty of (farcy. ;ad th a* • sit* few aw 
chargai Fterrc oi k '.’..e axtnetsor 

vetma merchants are a* shrewd oa the femout. uraad tOrik over aoe by aae. ami hrfort 
millijpairr, n» r ycun^ deilera os eiicrtlaife a* I,!- ^ ta exoaiia^. Marev estervd 

cus omer Bnt a censistent li e of aakneitv B* T ? jf “d ■*« — 

economy and irfomrtry, invanahly eaublishes th. 

ri riit Vuoi of a i.. ik- ISvd 'ft^t ifoy W, ro ' -1 

of tho Alma, where be dfeplajed great gallantry, j economy and irfoustry, invanahly eatablishes th. 
has received his comni^.oa from Her .Majesty for \ rijlit ’stud of a reputation iu the eml. Coiifi.!ercr 

uounUed at ouev. C  L Ve;i. Capt. Ros:*, aa.J one I Old merehanls shvlte thejp^.-i .   

..go. a,..u O. * repuiaiion ,u me emi. Lmukrcrcr Pr„^era, ta. 1 m w* rt.:eil. at 

grows upm miluenua! qii.-iriera toivard th ^ . i-.y wiiiithe people. %r theofiteecf 
uounuea at ouev. CoL \e;i,capt. Kos:*, and one ie’^innef- Old merehanls shvke thejp^.-i .  — w fob M ,.cy iil»wf€ap wu 

other offlci r, wbukc naiu'j [ liou’l remember, are tbe »i|Pt“''‘ngly. and aay, “he is of tne n«hi stuff ar ! wr.UerasRd ;.r oted and .rab!t4 
onlj- officers now serving with the 7, b Foailet rs who "iH Crt alon,;.” Credit eom-s, as ft were, o~ pervarawai forfr-ra yoar dffa.'* 
were at tile .Vliuu oiid ut iD'^eimann wita tl.e regi- aouffht. Con net ion fe How* Th® reii tsfti'iu “t itfoeMsMtAFotaej, whelaffitha 
men:. Si.' T. Troubrid,c lu.*t both legs above the the new aspimnlwulens ar.d deepciii, Ith tw.sra-- **“ftht fe i^awa tra^ 

.luk'e. lie is d'-d.ig W(.!I. Tbe tUL-n of the lutii a :d tim* hegin lo be qinfted uj authunty trade Itov.» Aheta ihi* traratfrMff bii'p 
^3:1 iveim.iiis dUplayid more cv^n than tbeir in on htr.i froji e*.-rv quarter, an.l. in. few ti u-. 

if uiR^n3 kud ilariAiaT* •Uid Q'el toeii* liiiA •iiaftoTtlif kra wraftwraw * r i ■HrrunT lyf tD#C4#iMl® w 

eueuiy * lire, but muny of the Li-riif Divfeioa of thm 'I! T ' - --'re riv^a to bare braa 

bri-o,:. were iu th-,- Ut!ich,:s. i ik- . J tatlalien of » ™“fo‘''«ne .All th'  is Ihe le , t ■ t e. teat made Marcy's re 

Uill^* h:u t') .fei'D.e th.; loss of on excelJeni you:,g tablisliing, at the outs.-t, a eharae'er ol the and Flwoey are tbe «q 

oUlcti, w.o w:i.* a iinivurstil favorite — poor young 
Malc'jlio, an 1 (.'apUiiu New.i.gate wo* wounded ia 
tl.e foot by a b..ll. 

Sir l»e Li:ey Kvin.*. who wav cry auwuU onboard 
■hi,, iv'jcn the fl','lii beg.ui, mai.a 'e.1 to get on shore 
and liile np to tl.e front, nad 1 saw him on the but- 
tfe-lielJ full of gtief i'.ir the loa* he hej sustoitieJ In 
hi* uivisioa. Captain AUix, one of the Oeaemra 

rt r.*l U thai impr e ra ita . 

We may say to every youa,; man .fooat t-  start la the Ca b ia ri feft kfoa. 

i;r r 1 .- bnafekian for ^ 

in lif'. make a eh.vricter for yourseif as vooii os 
poaaibie. Letit also be a distui.-tive ane 1: is 
bett.r U  have a name for extediug all oth  in 
•'.in® one 'Jnng than to . njoy aimply . notorietv 
for general morit. Arey ou a incctuLnicl-^-aMitstno 

(bnadhiifen for Mbs 
that Orabing carale 

tc •- 

1 Asbevaa 

• l-.rou 

lli®ra ®r I  

aiiits-de-caraip, was wontidc ; Brlgjilk.r Pconefather  '“*“■ fehows .n skill. At® ji.m a young ianyer' — 1 vlUlUra ®r i ®i 
ha.l u narrow esca;H , ami liru,'adiir Adams was becotne superior in a particular lirnach Are _ Welcaraforar 

*!ightly woiimfeJ; and tli'.c fey the spot, th® weak- yon a clerk! — be th® beat boo'R-k.'cpor your . ui- been irade betww 

mss ut which the Geuenil had so often rv-preranU'd' plover* have. Are you in a *t' re' -aak- y. ur- by Yhfea tha la 
Itw-.iseiiough tomake one »u/J. self acquainted with the various buver*. Inshn.t. ff'* 

rotl.ers have thus Llid down become known for on exrrifenee peci.l'.irto your- ? , ^naaVra 

their liV '.s 111 the can*;'. lie was *hot tbrooeh tbe  r '*^ 11 . r tantataoaaera 

heed. fUiii when I saw hL* bioly th re wa.* a placid ^ffuire aajwci;iiity, ra it is callml, are. no- beheve eorrcct, 

smile on Ills face os tho irh he slept. For a long '* vrttain, because you will ha e, aa it were, : ru'uur*. bat n* 

iLne it was tlionjd.t thbt 't’nptain (fonlon, of the • monopoly, and con d:cate yiuir own terms. t Iv broag!»t ' 
Engineer*, bad fallen, and Captain Bntler’.* body Money may be lost withotit ^ult of ®.'r e.a. { C slap agaa 
haductnally been removed to that officei's ent e- by *ome one "or snotoei ol' the racu'cR* ,.i' ,.j. : before tn® 8 
fore Cie mistake waa .lisouv. ml. It was i * the Connexions may ha broken op, bvifeaih or I'ure. !   
height of the r-mgninurj si^e which .he guur.!a or change of uiteresu. Bui char ,rt. r renra .i* ; ■ V 

hs.l to raamtali alone with the enemy that he w.i* thr«.»h «11 It helonos totke ind.viiual .iwi fe ’ 

shot, llie bug .de loat 11 ofiie. r* kilfed. but the f a.Miprattfy tb* 

wondir L* that any c!»cape : tbe murdiron* fliedi 

abov® the chances cf fate. 

net. 1 on Ibti. r.;^ ti. u. The eh«ig, at the Alms i ' "’covered t!.r :ui. !v. * by hnv n.y , 

did net present eiiythlng like the socne round 'ho ■ “ character to start anew witn; but no iu ;n, w .th- | 
Sutidbog Buttery, wlilch Ls idared on a »te»p descent I o*it a businera eharaeter, has ever risen froat tfr* ! 
toward* the 'lehern-aya. The plies of dead here ' ruin caused by the fora of c 3, or th® ff*. I 
Were frightlnl. I pwanfe .f l,“00 .lend aad dying j atruction of connexion. — Phdadclpa’O Ledger j 

R ]**ians lay bebii.d, autl aroiui.l, and in front of it. i — ' 

and rnuiiy a b 'arAin cap and tall Enir!L*h Orenaifii-r I SxaLB Pratki.. — T he fidiowing speeimea ia 
lay iheri! t'*o, with frt.inent corpse.* of French | too good to be lost. Iftiuf “wickrri wKilefcUrasJ . 
I iiX'ii'iw and iniantry wifil’.'-'rs. At on. tin'c, while 1 did »4 require iacrcaaed bteeauoga aker dbb ‘ 
the Duke wa* rallying hi* ™cu, • body of ^^.a..* : they were a harderadectel cases* : 

iM'iran to siii;:ie Inin .nit, and to take shot* at bun in : n , Vi- ^. 1 . u . r .v, 
the most deliberate inaoner. A surgeon of cavahy ‘ Head and ailuuK the cha.ily cf Ihc piwyor. [ 

Tf v*a ffs 

cigu ki fetioM 
a-rrrta to 
01 ' tbe (ate 

tRi- most dcubrratc inaoner. A surgeon of cavahy 
rigimrut, Mr.M ifeoH, 7ih llus-ara, who w&*attache l 
to the bri^rade, perccivc.l the danger of hi* Kc.yal 

Tbe black mkafeter was efoaiag up bra prayer^ 
when Boara wbitc bov* hi the eonirr bifo tbe H-raaa- 

Highnea?, and with tbe great, st galfeotry and c foi- nere to fengh, suthot theaabic auppl'aut heart tfrsrai 
ness 9*.«embkd a few men of III® Gnanls, led tbcai • Me had said bat a aoictat before and v. ry camcatly, 
to the charge, a'l.l utterly nnit.d and dispersed tba j “Brera all d«t is liuauto,” wbirn the feua^b accartari; 
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Louisville weekly courier, 1855-01-06

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Louisville, Ky., Kentucky by Walter N. Haldeman
   Jefferson County (The Bluegrass Region)