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date (1868-11-07) newspaper_issue WASHINGTON. 

The President and Secretary 




iodirtniect it foood it it the proper one 
ID «kick tke defeodkot tbonld itke ittue ! 
tgkibft iu tbSicieDCj. 



I T A •»•*» b l'a Pki»#r. 

i Min W It 

w k A.iM A l«o« : 9 hM* . AiMrtnM A 
;  '• l« pkfa AimtiMP. j» pkfM S 

\ i a«. f pk «k k fpiato. » p«s» ep)|i«rap«*. * ko^« 
! tePM^r   M'a rkpa r*Mta ktP« )* 

' kap* ^ •***» • krfUi tiuWa. 

MarkeU by Tclccra^k. 

TRirt rii.HT. 

ror«.HKRrrsir, N. V.. Not. A I 

The Surratt Case Finalljr Ois- o 

Dosed of battle earl; on the morninic of election 

r * dty, in Painam coonty. There were but 

few people preeeot Soon after the hitht 

ComiMDoed Wormald hit O'Baldtrin a 
Ghoaaoml O I'n u t . terrible blow, cutting bit face open from 

! chin to ear. wuen O oaidwin rallied, and I 
I toon after, by a beary and well directed ' 
.wt J- ' blow, won the hghu The partiet then 

CX7C., ca?0. left the held, and procurinc camaget in- 

tercepted the night express down train on 

the Hndton Riser railroad at either 
M r ct a; nhowirii Mihe LaNisriiie joeraai. riton or Fisbkill, where they took passage 

me a. a j , • f After the wti over, one of the b*cL- 

9 ASKJNLTOSf, Not « A deJeeatioo of en of O le&ld*in ;tot into nn pKercktion, 
Kev York polita-inni Are here teekiDC to and waa dealt a terrible blow id the face 
eflect the remoTal of Secretary McCulloch, by Joe Coburn. The greatest rigilaoce 
1 a. au r k waiexercieed i»y the nchters to ward on cave n«. to the rti.or of hu reai«- , ,„,p,eions of the fight, and they sue- 
aatioa, aod although they profew to be ceeded well. 

aatMtuioe of eucccae, there ia reaaoo to N’" ^ oRk, Not. — A fire occurred | 

beliese that President Johnson has given »'«‘t this Jh** 

Law damacea were aa lollowa Platt a name a 
them no encouragement whatever. Me- |,;i(.0(.. Kaufman A Co. s 

Culloch expresses bis willingnets to re- clothing establishment and Frankenstein 
lire whenevet the Presideat gives the A Co. s auction rooms, in the same build- 
alightest intimation that he desires a ”'CA^®»*'.,,.T‘ *fi'-e «tended to the ad- 
t i_ L j r ak «r_ fa : 301 01 DC baud I uga. l^.l and l^l^ aod dam- 

s kange at the head of the Treasury De- ^ .lout $10,00.: 

partmobt. .... * WAVoa Horn %N. 

a( :’taVlS«»Kf. Is,..,. .ew, , w s ar 

. . . j 1 . I I ke Kmpire Club serenaded Mayor 

It I* oCAia aaid that a speedy solution Hoflmse, (ioTernor elect, this evening at 

It U agaia said that a speedy solution 


Two Democrats Elected to 

Hadical Plots to Defraud 
them of their Seats. 

l)fiu«rra(ir (tains 
Throughout Ihr State. 


A Stir Among the Nashville 


Ppbllp l»pai Mafo^MPWl. 

U Nov.'i The followlo^  a a MPte- 

ai» ui ol tk*' public deb’ of tkr U'oUcd on 

NoTcuili*r l«(. )«*•: 

ll lirBKhkIX4.«'i iK I.VTKRbST. 

U»ve iiercetjt b4»ndu . . .4 24U an 
MX |it r iionds. ni .n.aT*.rr« no 
Hii perc *nt^MiM)iMlo iT.flos.t;:] 

M Itr H» \ IVTkRf wl. 

  • at i per f-ent... «P 

N.g\Ai pi-UKi4 D luiid at a 

t»*rrem 14 aroi cn oa fTJ.T?’..o»« ua 

MAIlBItl* I'BBT a- r 1'RrHk.VTKb |(TK r   . M K^T. 
Tlirec- yeBr 7 MU due Ana. 

I'4b. lRf 7. and June and 

July. taaa.... ♦ j.;* • •'i' : 

(  tu|H ui.d titt'ieat Doi«*M 
Uiatured June go, July ij, 

Amj;. 1'.  m. U. iMr. 15. 

1-«r.andUav i:,. aui;. 1. 

 • ( t. 1 asd 1... 0  4 I and 

.'..r-.t-w itt 

lUiiMla taxe«. and Indeoii 

miy iM 

Tr»-a*iiry nefea 01 ariat.i 
July IT. iHMl. and prior 
tbt^reio ....... 151 «s4 

1(4 tidkof .\prti 1S.1N4'.’ Jau. 
im:. and Marrb ki. 

 MI. 4**.e- (.• 

1 r aaur  notra ot Maii-o 


1Vi)'p' rary loan ....... «t4. 4v t h* 

4 rrl a oliodeliieOnex* 15 (Ml ~ 'I 

|.*BT RKhBIM. NOINTBau-r. 

rnu  d Ktatra tioiM.. n on 

I ra  i unal ctirrency . 5-x 41 S.«m os 
bt-id rei l*aot deiKwil. .. I9.7 U, hh ur |«... 42 

Grand tnlal |2.' '*x.HJk,s;; oi 

r-ix { ( r c* ot law ml niuuey b(io laia- 
hu .-d to Paririt Uailruad Co. 4,!.I9l.iiu to 

«f the interaal revenne troubiss may be Claretavn Hotel Ue returned thanks, 
expected, and that Secretary McCulloch aod spoke at length upon the result ot the 
and Commissioner Rollins will agree in a '''f**';"- •" * canvass 

and (-OBBist.oner Kdllioi Will agrse 10 s ^ j- 

. .cure b# Lad not said ao unkind word rrgardiDg 

day ortwo4Hi the names to fill the vacan- , j, [Grant] should adopt a 

cirs ia tupervisorships. We shall see. Constitutional policy he would earn and 
..BssT, hsve the suppert oi the Democratic 

A letter was received to day from Gen. -f administration was of a rad 

4rtant dediniog a puolic reception on j,-,l partisan character, be would fall, 
hm return here. He says be appreciates ' neverto rise s^sio. With reference to 
the pauiotic motives of his friends in ten- ‘“““y,.**' 

, ' .. .. • proved that he was not airaiil of riotets, 

derieg him the compliment of a recep- neither was he afraid of those whose con- 
tioa, bat prefers to come quiedy, without duct tended to produce riots. In refer- 
moy public demonstration. He fixes no I e»ce to the threatened contest of election, 

time for bis return, but U expecud Sun- **’“ P®”'**'* 

o*-priTe Seoatars and RepreaentatiTea in 
day MXt General Dent, of Grant • stafT, CuogrrM of tbeir aeau in this wav, it 

time for bit return, wU U eapectnd Sun- 5* ***“ u migni ne poaaiu.e w 

o*-priTe Senatars and RepreaentatiTea in 
day neaL General Dent, of Grant a stafT, Coegreaa of ibtir aeau in this wav, it 
propoeed 10 aome of the partiea getting * would be fonnd iBpoaaible for them to 

.p the reception to wait for Grant s re- ‘’*1" 

, . . legslly elected by the votes of the people 

Ura and then tender him their coogratn* of the State, 
latioas oa a givea day, which he had no roxTirrEO. 

doabi he would consent to. It is thou Kht . Rcnti.o, Nov. 6. — Kate Johnson, a 
that this programme will be adopted. whisky lunatic, who hacked Hhdget Mc- 
. Dermotl with an axe about three months 

..axXT 8 mo caaxTS. ^ since, wss convicted of m order in the first 

It is ramered that General Grant will dtgtee this afternoon. 

ret um here for a short time and then Kv . . . cot.ixx. 

to Galena and remain all wiater, until the . 1 Coif** wftived 

.. . here at i o clock this evening, aod is the 

k^ginning of March, to get nd of the im- cuest of Mr. Sinclair. Many prominent 
portunies of office seekert. . Republicans called on him, but there was 

SCBXXTT rtXAt.r.. ' »o public reception. 

The Supreme Coart ef the District of ' raoiiixo. 

Columbia finally disposed of the Surratt ^ Voax. Nov. V-^e trot for f J)0 

fo harness, mile beats, best three in five, 
cnee to-day by disnuasiog the appeal taken on Vnion course. Long Island, was won 
by the District Attorney, aod virtually ! hvCorrollin three straight heats. Time, 
Affirming the decision of Judge Wylie in ' - ^ ^ 

the Ctimtaal Ceurt Altogether, this ' CIB4. 

ApeciBieB of radical hate aod vengeance 

bat bnna a rather costly alTair to the 

people of the United Slates. ' _ .iiTxis state ok Ari AiR' . 

Niw osE, Nov. C. — A Uavaua letter 

CIXfIWATI. states that on the 2!*tb the Captain-Gea- 

1 etsl received instructions from the pro- 

^   visional government to inaugurate in 

iwwmu wm~ci.m ta*u«rt.viu,joor».. cUm such reforms as bad been adopted 
Ci : 'iVkATL Oct. C — A brakemaa ir. 8paio. Lenuedi, up to the 31ti. had 

named Kilgore, on the IVnusylvania Cen- kept the dispatch at secret at possible. 


Niw ORE, Nov. C. — A Uavaua letter 
states that on the 2!*tb the Captain-Gea- 
eisl received insGuctions from the pro- 
visicnal government to inaugurate in 
Culasuch reforms as bad been adopted 
in Spain. Lertoedi, up to the 31st. had 

tral road, fell oil the train at Derry Sta- i made, the 

. _ 1 . -A. j 1 pnsocers, in most caeee. being supporters 

tion last night and was a.most instaaUy . cf the tevolntionisu in Spain, 
killed. It was stated that General I..ersnndi 

A daughter of James Colby, of Laa- coctemplatet leaving the island for New 

caster. Pa., was drosmed at Gloncester, ' i r .u r u. i j . i. 

I _ _ . .... ^ , The details of the fighting lead to the 

N. J , yerterday She attempted to step . rooclusioa that the insurgents are brave 
ashore before the boat was secured to the ' sod determined. They are said to nnm- 
wfearf, aod fell iuto the river aod was **•' •bontand men, and are favorable 
dreweed. *" indef^ndence or annexation with the 

« HIC 4CiO. 

•swemi Pi sp u rn u ta. Losisviue Joarasl. 

Call AGO, Nov. C. — Gen. Grsmt and 
family, accompanied by Geo. Dent, Gou- 
Comstock, Gee. badeau, Gen. Rawlings 
aad Gen. J K, Smith, arrived at the Tre- 
mont Bowse this morning, and left on the 
  o'clock train via Pittsuorg, Fl Wayne, 
and Chicago railroad, for Washington. 
The Genersd bears his honors well, aod 
never was in better health and spiriu. 


niwcial PtssMck u the LoiusvUls JswrstO. 

sod determined. They are said to num- 
ber five thousand men, and are favorable 
to indei^ndence or annexation with the 
United Stales 

Havana is still under martial law, and 
the sentries aboot the streets have orders 
tu tballecge all pasMugert and fire upon 
tlrm if the answer is not satisfactory. 

The local and national authorities id 
the Slate of Codioamasca su’e at logger- 
heads with one another, aod the State ia 
in so aoarchial condition ia consequence. 

Haiaka, Nov. C — The United States 
steamer Peno'uscot Las arrived at Key 

The foUowing news has been received 
fiom Mexico: 

fnneral Canto has arrived at the City 
of Mexico. The grand jury has found a 
tine bill against bim, exparte criminit, in 
ti e aKsassination of General Paiauea. 

It it feared there will be another inaur- 
trnico in Vocatan. 

fieneral l-osadi has published a card. 

X-. J 1 wod denounces as false the report made 

LnxixcTox. hi., Nov. « — Cootideraole . „,ir,t him in public. 

excitement prevails in this city to-night. Robberies and assassinations were of 
The radicals have enfires burning and fiequent occurrence, and travel was bs- 
are firing aavi'is ever the result of the ct mjng stiU more jnseenre 

.1 L. -I Several arresu for political causes are 

election. A torchlight procession is also I r. ported to Lave been made iu the capi- 

a part of the programme. | lal. 

The confessor cf Maximilian has arrived 

sew lORB. in Mtxico, bringing diamond crosses and 

other presents from the Kmperor of Aus- 

. tria to the Mexican lawyers who defended 

,, . the late Emperor at bis trial before the 

TAXI' IS WAi I court martial which condemned bim to 

New Vonx, Nov. The excitement | dearth. 

10 Malj street today borders oathe panii ; ^ granting the right to all persons 

of lKi T,and threatens to equal it in scope i ^ carry arms for self-protection has been 

and disaster. It is creaung apprehen- I Pw** 'd. 


New Vonx, Nov. 6. — The excitement 
10 Malj street today borders oothe panii 
of and threatens to equal it in scope 

aions among bankers and brokers, aod 
has caased eaormoos depreciauocs in 
stoc'ka Railway ahares were sold by the 
thoDsands. and government bonds by the 

Yevo-m ..'tl r ,, 

fieo. Escobedo has entered upon the 
CAi .paigo against the rebels in the State 
of Tamauiipas. 

1 be commission appoiotedby Congress 

mil ions. Trade is standing still in aU | to consider the report has reported in fs 


rai'U ai ei ■ ST, '.. 

At a meeting of the Union League 

vtir of rfitoriog to the American aod 
Vera Crux Railway and Telegraph Com- 
pany the rights aod privileges formerly 

club loot evening the naluralizalion frauds *’’5 k‘ 1L° fc. . t- i 

were discussed aod resolutions offered I . ^ ' era Cruz has 

by Mr Greeley for the appoiutmeut of a i •*“!*« ““ 

coBBittM lo take BeasureetoiDTeetigate ■ or der of P resident Juarez. 

matter, and reqsesung John A. ‘ "rsis- &»s-i-» 

Gri0woid and hie aasociatee to oooteat ihe a i ii« 

election of Hoffman were adopted. Mr. — 

  ritwold was present, but an inquiry of i m.eitiox nlw.s 

him as to hia intention to contest the ' „ v.. , xi. i 

eieitioo was rejected by the meeting. * ■ — ibe election returns 

' * ^ ffilf- hi- •'h-rir ■ n/x/^svi nlmOA ^ .1 fia 1. 

-w ww assm saAKUlhWU VUBirB. IOC l•.., V^. / i • 

ectioo was rejected by the meeting. * • — ibe election returns 

* » K *■ JH very incomplete, and it is im- 

biavv riXE. - p  esiiile lo say with certainty how the 

W W. Kinner. a mao said to be worth * Ti '• 

was 'seutence.1 before Judge i 
imw'iag yesterday to two months in (be moTio 

penitentiary REd to pay a fine of »J,0(t0, Hct Vr n ■*“*!.*■ 

1 car.e also the election of Sboebert in the 
''h district, Denbam in the 7tb, aod pos- 
Jaogc Dowliug yesterday gave notice ^‘'4**7,lFemocrat, Jn the .3d district. 

vouJd hereafter bold no official 

"A, Ga., Nov. 6. — Seventy cc 

ixtercourae with Superintendent Kenoe- * Democratic majority of over 

dy, except through the diatrict attorney, " _ 

at he bad insulted the judiciary of the . oavavxah, Oa , Nov.  ; — The city has 
city. , octn perfectly quiet today. 


 JLe ct the immense arcbes of the 
akauog noks eonsuacting in Urooklyn 
fell thiamoraing. Several workmen were 
ir^red, 4 oe serioualy. 

The ^pnblican majority io the Assem- 
bly it now stated at 'J7. 

Edward Reoiack one o! the leading 
German jourcalisU in this city, died to- 
day aged 35 years. 

Tbe case of Ben; B. Rosenberg, charged 
with oaiaralixaticn frauds, was up before 
Judge Blatchford to-day, and after tome 
diteuxsioD between tbe counsel, it was 

lai’ii naesT or TBI FLURIOA  ;OV ERNOR. 

1 ALLAHASSKE, Fla , November 6 — 
Hor. Harrison Reed, Governor of tbe 
Stale, was impeached with high crimes 
sud misdemesnora in office. Charges 
were preferred by Horatio Jenks. Presi- 
dent of tbe late Constitutional Conveu- 
tioo, Uiree-fourtbs preaent voting in the 
sfflricative. All the members were not in 
attendance Governor Reed will contest 
the case. His friends claim that the leg- 
islative body in seuioo is illegal. Tbe 
Legislature may adjourn to-morrow. 

t UaRixstox, Nov. 6. — Returns from tbe 

IKOtpooed lit! Monday next, when tbe de- I' tericw show that tbe Republican ma- 
lecdantis ordered to be in court to plead J^'^ity in tbe State will be largely reduced, 

to the indictment case. Simpson. Demourat, is certainly 

John D. McHenry, charged with per- «‘*c*ed to Congress from the Second Dis- 
jory, in the recent internal revenue pros- ft'E*- The first District is io doubt, 
ecatioBS against Commissioner Rollins *')*“ probability of tbe re-election of 
and other internal reveo:ie officials, came hitmoie, Ifepublican 
up lo day before United Slates Commis- -Li:,i'aLor arms. 

slocsr Osborne. Commissioner Gnitman Tai.i abas.'=e, Ft a., Nov. 6 —Two thous- 
was cxamiaed in referent to the issue of ai.d ktands of arms in transit by railroad 
the warrMts in the RoR*os ^ospiracy Gem Jacksonville to this pla  s. were 

case, on McHenry s aflidavit The eonn- 
aal for the accused moved for bis dis- 
charge, on the ground that the evidence 
would not warrant conviction. The Com- 
missioner reserved his decision. 

Tbe Vnion League last evenini: ap- 
pointed a committee to take into coosid- 
cralioo the subject of frauds by the issue 
of counterfeit naturalization papers, with 
authority to institute prusecuuon, Ac. 

Tbe case of Mr. Mesmore aod other 
members of Kentacky Bourbon Company, 
indicted for having defrauded the govern- 
ment by the disbllation of whiskey, came 
up hoiorc the Vaited States District Court 
■ toAay Owing to the absence ot tbe 
counsel for the accused, the matter was 
postponed till Beat Monday. The Dia- 
trict Attorney. Courtney .showed theCMrt 
a letter fram Attorney-General Kraru, di- 
recting that the proaecntion ia the above 
raors, logetber with that agniost B.aisdel, 
be suspended. 

At a maeting of the American Bible 
LocieUes laM evening eight new auxilia- 
ries were tweognirad— oos in each of the 
Brataaof Maine, Ohio. Iowa, lenaossee, 
Alabama, aod two in Georgia 

la lha oaae of Reverdy Clark, who was 
iadided in Michigan for fraodt lo the 
Post office Department, and held by Com- 
miaaioaor Oshorae far tria! there, and i a 
the proosiediags before tbo Commissioner 

seized by a party of unknown persons last 
U'gLt near Madison. A special train 
w tb a detachment of soldiers left here 
for the place of the robbery at -1 o'clock 
this A M 

S Ihepatck . — From the !,est ac- 
coobts received, the parties wbo destoyed 
the State arms on the railroad last night 
must have forced open tbe cars at M^i- 
son, where U,e left the broken cases of the 
rilles. and desuoyed and distributed them 
along the track for several miles. They 
also destroyed tbe ammnnition. The 
ammunition and arms ebst tbe State 

Hamilton has been renominated for 
Congress by tbe Republicans. 

Tbe Legislature is still in session, but 
will probably adjourn to-day. 

W. W Saunders, colored, is out as an 
independent candidate for Congrrsx 


Hperial Oi i aicli lo toe Louisville Jourosl. 

Naxiimli.e, Nov. f  .— a dispatch from 
Shelbyville to-day says tbst tbe majority 
of C. A. Sbeafe (Democrat in tbe Fourth 
Congressional District will be between 
HX) and 1,000. The statements sent from 
here to radical papers with regard to 
frauds by tbe Democrats in that district 
are entirely false, as the polls were in 
charge ot radical judges and clerks. The 
franchise law renders it impossible for a 
Democrat to Lave anything whatever to 
do with elections io an official capacity, 
as the Registration Commissioners inva- 
riably appoint men of their own party, 
wbo are bound by no regulations and re- 
ceive or throw out votes just as they 
please. Tbe facts that United States 
troops were stationed in every town 
throughout Sheafe's district and that not 
a single disturbance of any kind took 
place are sufficient to refute tbe radical 
charges of fraud. 

Captain Sbeafe, the memiier elect, 
eerved four years in tbe Federal army 
and settled in Tennessee since tbe close 
of tbe war. Bis election is owing almost 
solely to the change in the negro vote, 
which has already alarmed tbe radical 
leaders io this State far more than even 
the defrat of Grant weuld have done. 
When the official returns are all in, this 
chaage as developed in Middle and West 
Tennessee will be shown to be of such ez- 
tect and significance as to startle the 
cenntry. All the prominent radicals hers 
concede Ihe election of Lefiwich, Demo- 
crat, in the Eighth DistricL An attempt 
it also being made to prove frauds in hi| | 
ceee. There it no longer any donbt that 
Rrownlow s majority of 1-67 brs been re- 
dnc d fully one-half. 

A negro named Jim Johnson baa been 
brutally treated at Knoxville 'oy radical 
ntgroes, because he voted for Judge 
Honk, an independent radical, wbo ran 
ferCoegreu in that district against May- 
nard, the regular nominee. 

Even Tillman, tbe opponent of Sbeafe, 
admits in hit paper, the Shelbyville Ue- 
pnblican, that the latter it elected by 
I several bondred. 

^ Tbe belief is now entertained that Mid- 
; die and West Tenneetee have been car- 
I riid against tbe radicals, but Last Teo- 
I Dftsee Das of course gone solid for 
! the radical ticket, which will make their 
j majority io the State about 25,000. 

There is terrible ferment among the 
I corporation carpet-baggers about Judge 
I Shackleford's action enjoining the bogus 
I Mayor Alden and several members of tbe 
City Council from receiving salary and 

i bolding office owing to frauds in their 
election and non eligi'uilily. 

Fears are entertained by the Demo- 
! crats that iirewnlow will refuse certifi- 
cates of election to both Sbeafe and Lefi- 
I wicb. 

j The Legislature assembles on Monday 
ard hopes are entertained that its action 
will not be so proscriptive as heretofore. 



IION'G kONii. 

Nkw \ orw, Nov. 6. — A Hong Kong let- 
I ter of September 16th states that two wo- 
men and seventeen children were burned 
to death in a large fire there in AngusL 
A.0 American seaman was on trial for 
kiilieg a Chinese boatman while tbe latter 
was selling liquor to his men. 

There was considerable excitement 
caused by a British gunboat bombarding 
j tbe l&wn of Cbacabi. 


IxiNDos. Nov. 6. — A Madrid special says 
' iLat the Spanish army is to be reorgan- 
ized and a national guard formed in all 
tLe provinces. 

'J he provisoinsl juntas or conventions 
have dissolved themselves of their own 
accord, lo nearly ail the great centers 
I they have been replaced— elected by uni- 
, versal suffrage These councils have im- 
j mediately proceeded to reorganize the 
: gt.vernmenls of cities and villages, 
j TLe rrousiaots of Madrid have de- 
! manded and obtained permission lo build 
! a cbkpel io Madrid. 

Gen. Dulce baa refused to accept the 
• title of Duke, given to him by the Provis- 
! ior al Government. 

; Ni.w^ore, Nov. 6. — A Lisbon special 
says a mxjorily of tbe Portuguese are op- 
! poFidto Spanish annexation. Ihe forts 
I of the country are being refitted. 

■ MIM.'-TEU JOUX.' U.V. 

! I.i'xnox, Nov. 6. — The Standard, a con- i 

rervative organ, ascribes the disparage- 
n.fri.t ol lievirdy Johnson by the radicals 
I kere to bis aumiration of Knglaad. 


I Acconals are received to day of a dread- 
. ful railway collision. Several passengers 
I were killed and many injured. 


Londox, Nov, 6. — Tbe Times to-day has 
' an (ditoriai on tbe result of tte Alabama 
. uegotiations wbich it infers from tbe 
speech of tbe American Minister have 
been brought to a satisfactory conclnsion. 
It exults iu Ibe solution of the quesiioa, 
and praises Mr. Johnson not only for tbe 
frank and conciliatory manner in which 
be conducted this extraordinary contro- 
versy, but also for bis manly and straight- 
forward utterances in regard to the pay- 
ment of the national debt 
The Times declares that the tone in 
\ which Mr. Johnson repudiates tampering 
i with tbe national credit as a fraud, shows 
I that tbe higher class ot American poli- 
; ticians recognize tLe same principles of 
morality wbicL are current on this side 
I ot tLe Atlantic. 


Badxx, November 6 —In tbe Prus- 
sian Diet to day, the Minister of Fi- 
, nance submitted a report showing 
, that tbe thare of tbe Kingdom of 
Prussia io the financial deficit of tbe 
' North German Coofeileration was 
(i( ti,tkiti lbeMini.x*er also introduced a 
■ bill confiscating the property of the 
! Elector of Hessee, on at count of his fa- 
mous memoriaL 


Livekpooi., Nov. o —The Liverpool 
I Autumn Race Meeting commenced to- 
day The Liverpool Cjp was woo by Sir 
J. Hawley's b c Palmer. 


Havre, Nov. 6, — The cotton market 
closed firm. Stock io port amounts to 
IK t   0 balea Sales of the week 2 500 
. bales. 

MlM.-ilKK JolIXSOX. 

j Loxdox, Novemlrer 6— Midnight.— A 
' depntatioD from tbe Freedmeo’s Aid 
Union waited npoo Hon Reverdy Joho- 
, SOD this evening at the American Lega- 
^ lion, and presented bim witb an address. 

Mr. Johnson, in his reply, assured them 
I that tbe^ bad tbe sympathy of tbe people 
el the United Slates, and concluded with 
tbese words “I shall conduct my du'y to 
I satisfy you. 1 feel oo tbe subject you 
have at heart precisely as you do. 


Readikg, Nov. C. — Schuyler Oolfax 
passed tkrou|^ here by the 2:30 train for 
New York. Bs was met at the depot by 
e large crowd of Republicans, to whom he 
made a five minute speecK 
PiTTsaraG, Nov. C — The official vote of 
AlleglMy county ahows a Republican 

far mew^ before Judge Beeedict, m.jority of 10 817, an increase of 1,860 
the Utter ^ refiieed to diaeharge ClsrK ever the  »ctoher electieo. The HunUng- 
*** 7 *??...* ** indictment is don coanty offfaial rote shows a Bepubh- 

toecd la the Michigan court ia which Us can msjeriiy o  l,23ti. 

MU UIG.4\. 

I Detroit, Not. & — The annual meeting 
I of tbe I^’estern Associated Press, for the 
I election of Directors and the transaction 
i of bnsineas, will be held at Cleveland, O , 
on Wednesday, the 18tL of November, 
lost., at 2 o'clock P. M. By order of tbe 
Board of Directora Signed, Q. N. WiJk- 
er. President. 


UnmncT^, ♦id.KaDu 4: 

1 oir It .,44C,r*HA 77- .4 

Atn't Of debt f^)i io TrBBSury .$*. i27,l9. ol ks 
T ta#r)r«i:oiD| l«B uorroct atfatBiii^ot ot tbR pub 
It app^ru from tbe books aolTfrikw. 
urrt’s r^tnroi gb tb« 1st of NovAitiMr. 1 h*S. 

HifOt^ lit lUI MoC'l'l.LO* tr. 

H« rel«r7 of tbe Trodtfu.jr. 
Tt(* WBrnukts ipvuad bj tb^Tre^ur^ l»^pBria »Dt 
diirlug oriober, tu ibr r^ulr«m«*ots of tbR 

BfaT»rnmi»oi. amouot In rBOOd oumbers to tbe fol- 


4IT1’. mlfC^llBDCoiis, and fbreiksO intar 

CT urar.^ • 4.17(.OMd 

inlt'KstOU pUblU' t« bt I 351.UV 

War 4 Tin.aoe 

Navy 4,oi.v « 

luterli r, iteoaiotift. and ludlau 5jM»2aoo 

Tmal lil.MH.OOU 

Tb«  warrauta for tb«  rfHleiupttoo of Ib^ 

puulic debt are toriaded Id ibe ai OTe. 


Wafbixi.tox. Nov. 7 — In the Supreme 
Court cf the District of Columbia to day, 
tbe of John H. Surratt came up; 
the motion being to dismiss the appeal of 
tbe District Attorney from the decision 
of Jud^e Wylie in tbe Criminal Court, 
sustaining the pleaof tbe statute of limit- 
ations and discharging the prisoner The 
court. Judges Cariter, Ulin, and Wylie 
dismissed the appeal on the grouod that 
there was no precedent for sustaining an 
appeal in case where judgment bad been 
rendered in the Criminal Court in favor 
of defendanL This is the eud of tbe 
buiratt case. 


The following order from the War De- 
partment has been published - 
Soldiers may for certain offenses not 
strictly military be senteticed by general 
cuart-martial to confinement in the peni- 
tentiary in any State in a military depart- 
ment which baa made provision by law for 
tbe confinement of persons under sentence 
by court-martial of the United Stales. 
Ibe department commander may desig- 
nate such penitentiary for confinement, 
but, if no provision has been made by any 
State in tbe department, tbe record will be 
forwarded to tbe Secretary of War for the 
designatioD of a prison. Tbe authority 
whiA has desicEated the place of confine- 
ment, or a higher authority, can change 
tbe place of confioemeut or mitigate the 
sentence of confinement The same rule 
applies lo persons sentenced by military 
cemmissioos so loog as tbe law under the 
military is in force; but, when that law 
ct axes to be in operation, the President 
.lone can change tbe place of confine- 
ment or mitigate or remit the sentence. 


laving been informed of the preparation 
Dtii'gmade in this city to tender him a 
( • pular receptiuu on his retarn, has 
wiilten to a friend in Washington ex- 
i-ressiog his cordial thanks for such evi- 
ds-nce on the part of the citizens, at the 
iiime time expressing a preference that 
t.’O demonstration be made immediately 
on his arrival. General Grant could not 
•ay when he could reach Washington. It 
is probable that the public reception ten- 
dered to the General will be deferred un- 
til be recovers from the fatigue aod dis- 
c mfort incidental to travel, and 'oecomes 
comfortably Iccated at Lome. 


By direction of the President Major E. 
S. Lattimcr, of the P-tb lofantry, has been 
  detailed as Professor of Military Science 
at the bishop Stanbery Mission, Faribault, 


The President has proclaimed a treaty 
/ etween the United States and the King 
' ot Italy for the surrender by each]of the 
contracting patties of persons who shall 
have been convicted or chtu-ged witb 
crimes other than of political character. 
The convention continues iu force for five 

Secretary Seward has returned lo Wash- 


M AFiiixcTox, Nov. 6. — The House Com- 
mittee on Retrenchment has been called 
tegether by Gen. V n Wyck to make 
inquiry as to tbe indictments against Dr. 
RIaisdell and M. S. Moore, and other 
members, by the Kentucky Bourbon 
company. They will probably make 
ii.quiry as to tbe pretended arrest of an 
ex collector of Internal Revenue and the 
payment and subsequent return of a large 
sum of money and securities on condition 
of a composition of ibe proceedings after 
the commencement and discontinuance of 
several other proceedings, ail under the 
auspices of tbe same persons who are 
actirg in behalf of Dr. Blaisdell and the 
members of the Kentucky Bourbon 
Company, also to be examined. The 
committee will then proceed to Washington 
to complete tbe ezamiaalion and report 
immediately on the assembling of 


A delegation, comprising the Mayor, 
Prtsidents of tbe Boards of Aldermen and 
Conncil, and other prominent citizens, 
called at army headquarters to-day to 
corgratulate tbe members of Gen. Grant’s 
Kixfl on tie result of the election, and to 
aseerlain the probable wishes of the Gen- 
eral in regard to the public demonstration 
of welcouie after bis arrival here. It was 
suggested, and met witb general acquiea- 
ctice, that bis views as to time and place 
'cr such demonstration should be aacer- 
 aii.ed after be reached here. 


The .Secretary of the Treasury bas de- 
cided that he lias tbe power to re-issue 
any legal tender notes that may have 
been redeemed but not canceled, provid- 
ing tnat tbe amount outstanding does 
not exceed four hundred millions of dol- 
l*ra This will obviate the necessity of 
any further sale of bonds or gold by the 
treasury, and enable the Secretary to af- 
ford a substantial relief to tbe money 
market. Although opposed to the further 
issue of curreeicy, he feels gratified in re- 
sorting to any legitimate means to relieve 
the prtsent critical condition of financial 


Secretary McCulloch to-day made the 
following appointments of Internal Reve- 
nue Store keepers: W. R Bear, Seventh 
Districts of Illinois: J. C Lefeer, Fourth 
District of Georgia, J Weakerly, Sixth 
lUfiirict of Indiana, John Ililliardf Twen^ 
iitih District of PeoDsylraoia. 


The President of the Union Pacific 
Railroad Company having filed with the 
Secretary of the Interior the required atli 
davits showing the completion of a sec- 
tion of twenty miles extending to the nine 
hutdredth mile post, the Secretary has di- 
rected the government commissioners to 
examine and report on it. 

Si I.oi is, Nov. 6 —Gov. Crawford, of 
Kansas, has resigned, and been comm.s 
Houed ffolonel of the new regiment of 
cavalry, raised by the State for service 
against the Indians. The Ueut. Gover- 
nor will act as (lovernor during the re- 
maiuder of the term 


.1^0 ' -Ifae split in 

the Republican party here resulted in tbe 
defeat of Donnelly and the election of 
VilsoD (Demo, rat) for Cougresa The 
Slate gtv^ 12,00c Republican majority 
Mgro suffrage carried by 6,000 majority] 


MLxruia, Nov. 6. Private advices ssy 
Gov. Clayton's proclamation declaring 
martial law in eleven counties in that 
State produces no excitement whatever, 
RLd no reason is known for such action. 

KEW EftIGE4!\D. 

B  .sToa, Nov. 6.— A fire at Sherley, 
Mssa, last night destroyed the building oc- 
cupied by A. G Small, maonfacturer of 
patent tags, and the Diamond Company’s 
worka Loss 120,000, partly insured 


St. ifs, XoT. 6 — The Republican 
publishes a table wbich shows a Demo- 
cratic majority in twenty seven counties 
of 7, ‘•2'': a Democratic gam of 7,517, and 
in thirty-two other counties a Republican 
majority of a gain of .■ ,0;'.u giving 

a net I teroocratic gain in fifty-nine coun- 
ties of 2 517. 

The Itemocrat claims a radical gaio of 
over 2,1810 in fifty-six counties. 

Tbe returns strongly indicate the elec- 
tion of four Democratic Congressmen, 
i he I'irst. Sixth, and Ninth Districts, if 
carried, being gains. In tbe Third Dis- 
tiict McCormick, Democrat, will be 

A clearing house, representing thirty 
prominent tanks ot this city, has been 
established here, and will open for busi- 
ness as soon as a suitab!'' room can be 
obtiiini d. 

Ti:%.M SEE. 

Mi.ui'iii'-, Nov. 6. — A large number of 
turfmen have arrived lo alTsTad tbe races 
next week. About sixty well known 
horses are now training on the course, 
and others are expected. 

l.eflwich 8 majority is about 8t8i. If 
the vole of Fayette county is allowed it 
will swell it to 1, lOtt. 


Nasuvii.i.e, Nov. 6. — I!. 1! Butler, Hor- 
ace .Maynard, \V. B Stokes, S. R. Arnell, 
W. F. Prosser, J.R. Hawkins, Representa- 
tives. were elected to Cengress from Ten- 
nes'ce. A ditpatefa from Shelbyville this says that Sbeafe, Itemocrat, is 
ceilainly elected in the Fourth District by 
several nundred majority. Tbe Republi- 
cans await tbe oflicial returns to deter- 
mine tbe result of the Memphis district, 
which is still in donbt. 

Tin: l*AC ItT( . 

MOr.l EARTIIcflKE.:. 

Sax I-'ranct.-co, Nov. 5. — Slight earth- 
quakes are of almost daily occurrence 
since October 21st. Last night at !* P. M. 
a sharp shock, lasting 12 seconds, created 
cuDsiderable alarm among the people. 
No damage was done tu property, though 
tbe quake was heavy. 

Sao Jose and Sacramento give a vole of 
2.5,71)0, the largest ever polled. De- 
mocratic mejority 1. 31 8, which defeated 
the Republican municipal ticket, who in- 
tend to contest the election. The central 
committee profess to have proof of 2,0i 0 
illegal votes. 

Tbe election of members of the Legis- 
lature of Britith Columbia yet'.erday re- 
sulted in the Confederationiste being sue- 
cpstful in every district beard from. The 
vote was unuiually large, the franchise 
having been extended to foreigners on 
three moLtbe reeidence, 

nol4l KobltciTeti. 

ilBw Thtj Art* i’aniMlIirA. 

Froiu (he New York 8uo.3d« 

Every day or two we have to record a 
new case of robbery of bonds of the Uoi- 
ted States, or of railroad and other cor- 
poration, and similar valuable aecurities. 
The immense number oi peraona who, 
during the past few yean, have become 
pwuere of i^ia kind of property, aod the 
iiltle experience w'tieh the majority of 
them have in taking care of it, seem to 
afford an opportunity for the exercise of 
tbe peculiar talent of the light Gogered 
gentry, of which they are not slow to 
avail themselves. 

Tbe most remarkable feature aboot 
tbese robberies ia the audaciry with which 
most of them are committed. In nearly 
every instance the articles stolen have 
been taken almost from under tbe very 
eyes of tbe persons who bad charge of 
them. Mr. i,ord's safe was emptied of 
its precious contents while he sat in his 
office within a few feet of it Tbe Great 
Western Insurance Company lost their 
bonds from an inner room, occupied at 
tbe time by one of their superior officials. 

lo other instances bonds have been re- 
moved from the counters of moneyed in- 
Blitutions while clerks were engaged in 
making a note of their denomination and 
Dnmbers. Unly last Thursday a box foil 
cf them was slily slipped out from under 
I the arm of their owner without hie perceiv- 
ing hie loss. The cases in which bouses 
have been entered io tbe daytime, and 
the bonds abstracted from secret bid- 
ing places, are also numerous; besides 
which, we have heard of several mysteri- 
ous disappearances, of which no explana- 
tion has ever been given. One gentleiaan, 
who kept a quantity of 7-30 notes in a 
box at tbe .Safe Deposit Company, took 
them oat one day when the coupoos 
were payable, and put them back again. 
A short time afterward, he went for them 
to the box, and found they were missing. 
He is sure he put them in, and to this day 
does not kno’w how they j[ot_oat ^ I’roba- 
bly the adroit thief practiced o'n lilm ouC 
oi those tricks by which sleight-of-hand 
performers amuse the pu'olic, and led 
I'im to think he bad placed tbe papers in 
tbe box when he bad not. 

Indeed, tbe general plan on wbiub the 
boldest of these robberies is committed is 
precisely that of the prestidigitator. The 
victim is marked when he first gets tbe 
coveted articles into hit possession, aod is 
coFstantly watched and followed until he 
unguardedly exposes himself. He Faye 
down bis package, for instance, while 
be signs bis name in a 
book, or buttons his coat, or for 
some other purpose relinquishes bis hold 
upon it Instantly it is snatched up and 
silently withdrawn, and before its absence 
is noted, the thief is lost io the crowd. 
Ur the bonds are placed in a spot supposed 
to be beyond the reach of untrustworthy 
bands, bnt a pretext is made for coming 
closer to them, and they are spirited away 
in the twinkling of an eye. Tbe men en- 
gaged in this business must possess great 
patience aod knowledge of human nature, 
with a dexterity which one would think 
might be turned to an equally profitable 
account in some boneet way. 

It is to be hoped that with tbese numer- 
ous warnings in their minds, those of our 
readers who may be lucky enough to own 
bonds of any kind, or have them in their 
keeping, will be on their guard against 
being robbed of them. The utmost vigi- 
lance should be exercised wherever it be- 
cemes necessary to expose the documents 
even to the sight of strangers. 
To carry them loosely in tbe hand, 
or 10 lay them down upon 
tables or desks wherethey may be reached 
by any passer-by, is to invite depredation. 
And whenever the coupons are to be cut 
off, it should be doae iu a private apart- 
ment, or only among persons known to 
be worthy ot confidence. The danger of 
ultimate loss, too, being confined to cou- 
pon bonds payable to bearer, it is wise to 
convert bonds of that form into reg- 
istered ctrtificatea Conpon bonds 
are precisely like bank notes, and 
when once purchased in good faith by an 
innocent person, without actnal notice 
that they are stolen, they cannot be re- 
covered. Registered certificates, on the 
contrary, are entered on the books of tbe 
Fnited Stales Treasury or tbe company 
issuing them, as tbe case may be, and the 
loss of the certificate does not impair the 
right of the lawful owner to either inter- 
est or principal. 'The only iejury be suf- 
fers is the inconvenience of waiting and 
advertising fur a Lew certitirate, in case 
it is desired to sell his property. 

Tlie S| sinlali Tlirone. 

Xlsdrjd letter to tlie N. V . Timer. 

Tlie rtatement ol tbe Lioujon 7'"/w.s, 
Uiat, altbougb tbe Fuglisfi people uiay 
gl\ e iSpaiii a ocverelgn iu the peraon of 
I’lince Alfred, they will not cede to it 
Uilirallsr, has considerably damaged tbe 
fetlirg in bis favor. Other cacUidatee are 
row Uing passed in review, and Prini-e 
Napoleon las again been brought on tbe 
tsple. Tbe clergy would be to a man 
Hgaiiiai him, aa he is cordialiy detested 
by tbe ITtrauionlanea, both here and in 
hranie. Kveu lUiu t'Arloa fiuda souie 
partiearssiuc og lueu of liberal opiuioDs, 
provided, always, Ibal he pledges himself 
to a copsii utloral and jirogreesive pro- 
griiuiue, which, iua atateJ, be is ready lo 
do. It ia curiuua that iu thia embarreu  de 
choii nobody should have bit upon a son 
  f Victr r Kiiiniunuel. In tbe case of 
Prii  •» Aniedee, there would be nei'hsr 
clwiacles of religion, nur dynastic nor 
(.oll'ical oljeciioua. It I bad any voice 
luNpauisb airaiia, 1 should certainly put 
up tlis Prince as my candidate. Perhape 
Ibe V isit ol Geu. Cialdioi, who fa expected 
here in a day or two, may have aome- 
thiug to do with this idea. 

Kl'I'i-obt of a BxNKRrPT. — The United 
Ktatea Iiistrict Judge of North Caiolioa, 
recently decided that real estate could 
lull lie set aside for the temporary support 

I f a bankrupt, under ihe proyisiona of 
the act relBtlUB to exemptions; but that 
nouey might beeoappropriated, in caae  

wnere the “articles and necevaaries” spec 
islly deelgoated lathe ac  did not amount 
to the Fpecifli-d sum of $60t); and if neo- 
-KFary to take land for this purpose, it 
muRt be advertised and sold at public 
suriltrti and turned into cash. 

Odaho AMD Ldcifxb Matcbrs —Recent 
K.ngllhh papers mention tbe fact that one 
hundred tons of guano have been sent 
from 8  titbampton to Birmingham, to be 
uaed in ttemanulactureof Inoiler match- 
»e. T be pboepboric snid it extracted from 
the guano, to be oonyerted into pboapho- 
lualoform the ccmiHNiitiun with wfiioh 
Ibe matcl ei are'Ipped. 



noAVS LOAViae to-dav. 

For fin, Irnsti, fM tKi. ntai a. _„w»dr, Mmater. 
F.irOu.-' n«il.  ;a.N. Lvtlk DatIiI, Mzaiar. 

F' ,f '1 . Nu. s NmI, Muter. 

For ileiii^rson.TASAM fiN lloirron. Mailer. 

For N. O.; .\ii 1C U'N-o'voarii Irwin, Muter 

Fol Kjr. liner. 1101- E So. ; L lea-., Ma-I t. 


io’.*'''"'*;*-’'"' “vn- Buell. Cm. 

AUll^^rsi Cairo J L crahaiu. Ma.1- :n 

1a^ f ,n, lletMl. Araonaai. 1 ta. 

Linoiijr ^o. I. X .Alltanr. 


America. I in. Oen. HiiHi. cm 

i.'.'.i 'w 1 •* •- '"atiam. .Mat! von. 

L1L.-IIJ ' DillM.ur,. Merupau. 

aoATn lie POST. 

  Itj M'barr SI. Fiaarii. Mary lIoiiAion. aiil 
Fa::- 1 iir. 

Kurtlffififl WbMrf— B#Uf» R*  M »ro 

(»K MBf. ioUiBtiM, leouluviltrt, K. w. Mr*Uer!Nick 

I oiiKWortb. autl RtiSe Hiiv. 


roee here yesterday tiie inches, and was 
still liaing quite rapidly laat night. There 
ia now four feet water in the canal and 
two feet in tbe fails pass . Our dtapatebea 
give tbe stage of tbs water at other 


The wtatber ycaterday waa clear and 
cool, with tbe barometer falling. We 
will probably have rain. Busluesa waa 
P'lelty brisk. 

B1 VBR TRt.kd R A M.4. 

H|»eclal I'hpatrhea lolhe Loolavllte Journal. 

The river continnea to rise rapidly witn 
18 leet lo inches In tbe channel ami 83 
tcet under tbe bridge. 

Tbe Dora left for New Orleans. 

I Weather clear and plensant. No other 
arrivala or departures except the regalar 

Kt. Lorifj, Nov. 6 —Arrived— Ben John- 
son, Omaha; Uawlceye, Lucy, Bsrtratn, 
Rcb Key, and Jaawr, Keokuk; Lumin- 
ary, Vicasburg; Bille Memphis, For- 
sythe, Memyblp; David Watts, Tenuvs- 
sre liver; Anna, Cincinnati; Marietta, 
W. B. Dance, Wyandot'e; St. Joscjih, 
I’eyiony and barges, Looisvtlle. 

Departed— Lucy, Bertram, Victory, 
Hawkeye, Rob Koy, Jasper, K«oku ; 
Rubicon, Vickaburg; L'zz e GUI, New 
Orleans; Kate Karnep, il'ilncy. 

The river ia Iklliug uere, but at Du- 
bu()ue and above there baa bsen a rise. 
'Wtatber clear and pleasant. 

Hiiainees la briak. Three steamers and 
three bargee are loading for New Orleans. 

Freigbta to tbe Sonih will probably be 
advanced next week. Freights for the 
npper rivers are abundant, and the ton- 
nage ie insnfficient to bring down tbe 
prLduce offered. 


Memphis, Nov. ti.— Tbe weather ia clear 
and warm, and tbe river is declining. 
Arrived — Sam. Hale from CinctnnstL 
Departed— City of Cairo for St. Louis, 
and Camella for New Crieaus. 

NAtHViLLE, Not. 6 —Tbe ilyer la ris- 
ing, with five feet on Harpetb Shoala, 
Weather clear and pleasanL 
Tbe Ella Hiigbea arrivad from Cairo, 
Cairo, Not. 6— Tbe followiag boats 
pasted here during tue last twenty-four 
boura: Altop, from St Louis to M-*m- 
pbla, at 8 P. M. ; Mlttn!*, from Arkansas 
river to ClDtinnsll, at 3 A. M ; OArroll, 
from New Orleans to St. Lonia, at S A. 
M. ; limpire, from Ciooinnaii to New Or- 
leans, at 8 A. M.; Blamarck, from St 
Lonia lo New Orleans, at 2 P. M ; R ibln- 
scp, from St. licuis to \'ickaburg, at 3 P 
M ; CliiU D, from Memphis to Cincinastl 
ai 5 P. M. ’ 

'lie nvtr baa risen two inches. The 
wtatber is clear. 

FinsBURo, Nov. 6.— The weather la 
c'rudy, ciul, and pleasant. 

Tfe Belle Lee.— D on’t forget that 
tbit msgnifleent clipper leaves Monday 
h r New Orleans. 

— Tbe Lilierty No. t passed up yester- 
day witbont landing here, 

—The Dove No. 2 goes to Kentucky 
river to-day, 

— Th# Milbrey pasaed up yesterday. 
She discharged here 10 bales of cotton and 
137 eackt corn. 

-Tbs auperb New Orleans packet line 
iteamer leavea Portland this afternoon 
for New Oileana, at 5 o’clock precisely. 
Tbe IxNiRworth U a iirst-cluaa passenger 
packet, and baa superior facilitiee for 
carry iM( freight ; ao baud down your lu;i- 

— There Is to be a called meetiog of 
the captains in Ibe New Orleana packet 
company, at tbe rooms of tbe Board of 
Trade, at 3 o'clock. The meeting will be 
lor tbe porpoaeot furthering tbe iniereets 
of tbe company. A notice of it it in our 
udyertising colnmna. 

—Montcalm A Levi received a dispatch 
from the Champion yesterday, saying 
that she will be here Sunday morning. 
'This dtlay of one day was caused by tbe 
bolt’s being one day behind going up. 
The telegram ta”* ulso that the Lawrenc| 
'wiil leave CinClUMti Tuesday sure. 

—Andy GreusllDg, the ale man on 
Wall street, and, by the Way, one of the 
beet fellow.s “In the buaineaa,’’ was so 
unfcriunate yesterday aa to lose .hi* 
pocket-book, I'ontalning $-5, and his ac- 
c:unt book. Tbe finder would receive 
Ihe warm thanks of Mr. Grensling by re- 
tnrning it to him at hia place. No. 16 
Wall street. 

-The Argonaut arrived yesterday 
rather unexpectedly to her owners here, 
ae there bad been eome mistake in Ibe 
telegram from Cincinnati concerning her 
departure. She bad a tmashing big trip 
at the best rates of the season. She 
breugbt a White Fawn Troupe to this 

— Tbe Taraacon ia th# Henderson mail 
packet to day, and tbe Fnited States and 
Gen. Lytle are the Cincinnati packets. 

— Tbe Cora 8. waa due from Memphis 
yesterday evening, with 26^ bales of cot- 
ton, for reabipment I : ist over the Jefter- 
ville railroad. 

— The Rol'ert E. I.iee made her last run 
fii'in New Orleans to Natchez in tweiily- 
fciir hours and ten minutea, including 
thirty-one landings and taking thirty 
CO da of wcod. 

Onr alleniion bas been called to the tol- 
Ir wiDg notice of a very important inven- 
tion ft r the removal of channel obstruc- 
t oLsby submarine apparatus: 

“Mr Samud Lewis, of Brooklyn, baa 
fer months been engaged in perfecting 
utebanism, which, connected with a 
boat, may be placed over the rocky ob- 
etaclein a cbanoel and operated by drill- 
icg and blasting. He bas devised a plan 
to be used in such a perilous tideway as 
Hell Gate, where tbecurrent ia from nine 
totleven miles per hour. Mere anchor- 
ege would not suffloe. The requisite 
steadiness could not be bad for drilling in 
that manner. Tbe work may be per- 
formed with tbe same regularity and ease 
■a il on tbs solid earth. As many as sixty 
boles can be operated on at one lime, 
and the toiea when completed can be 
charged without any submariue work. 
The drill movement is must ingenious, 
and when once tbe oil men become ao- 
qiiainled with it, all the present appli- 
ances for boring will be set aside, and tbe 
cest cbeapeDKd by more than one-half. 
Tbe opinion expreased of tbe invention of 
Mr. Lewis is unanimous in Us fsvor.’’ 

— Owing to the high ralea over roads 
directly north from Nashville, consider- 
al Ie freight is being shipped to New 
York via Cairo aod Chicago. By this 
route the rate la fl 45; by a direct line it 
is |1 85 Arrangements are being made 
toeatatliab a new freight line from Nash- 
ville to New York and B'oaton by rail lo 
Norfolk, Virginia, vis Chatlannoga and 
Eni xville, and tbenca by sea. This will 
result in brinaing tbe cotton rate down tu 
$1 40. An oyster and fish car is to be 
run willi tbe pasaenger trains between 
Norfolk, Memphis and Nashville. 

— Among the first boats due are the 
New York, from Pittsburg; Kilver Moon 
acd Minneola, Irem Memphis; Cora S., 
from Little Rook; Abeona, from Teunes- 
e«e liver; Nightingale, from St. Louie; 
and Silver Spray, from New Orleans. 

— CspL Kd. Montgomery will put tbe 
Bismarck to work soon. 

- 'The Cora 8. has 645 bales ootton and 
a good trip of iron and aaaorted freight. 
Sbe has for Louisville 9 pieces raatinge, 
100 dry bides, 5 bales do, 2 rolls leather, 
and 4ii empty half barrels; for Maci- 
Bon, 60 bundles green hides] and 42 bags 

—Tbe Underwriter went to the wreck 
of tbe Cairo ferry-boat, Misaionary, near 
New Madrid. 

8 ivirg an extensive aor|Ualntance, and 
s anding high in public eelimatloa. 

Ci nit:«ATi.— We clip tbe following 
items from the Caimneiciat of yesterday, j 
With fair otferiDga for all points, we ! 
quote treigbis as follows: To Wheeling j 
and I'i'toburg, pound freigbta20c, bay $5 i 
cotton $1. pig Iron ft. Lower Ohio, ponnd ' 
Ireighia 3iV« 3.5o. Memphis, pound freights 
40''. Nkw Orleana, no change; pound 
irKigbta oOc, whisky and oil 11 75, pork |1 
.' 0. potatoes and apples 80c, Hour 75 L 
The Sliver Spray, from Cincinuati, ar- 
rived at New Orleans on Wednesday. 

Tbe .Alaska, Captain Oakes, will drop 
down to tbe levee this morning and ooiii- 
iteri'e loading, and leave for New Or- 
leans on Wednesday next— tlie first pack- 
et in the “ New Orleans and Cincioiiall 
Packet Company.” 

The New Orleans and Cincinnati pack- 
et cempauy waa erganized yesterday. . 
Th's lite comprises seven tirsl- :lata I 
B'eamers, leaving every Wednesday and | 
Saturday, in the order l eIow named, tbe 
.Vleaka iKadlng off on Wednesday next. 
Capt. JsB. 8. Wise waa chrsen Saperia- 
tendenl.and Robineon  V Moaset and Geo. 
L. Jobnaloo  V Oi .,elected general agents 
lor tbe line. The boats leave in the I 
lowing order: Alaska, C pt F. J. Otkes, ' 
W. (J. Voria, clerk; Alice D an, Cipt. I 
Jno. N. Skunk, Tiff. .S'rlder, c.lerk; John 
H. Groeabeck, Capt. Daniel W. Mantis, 
W'. M. Maratta.derk; Swallow, Capt. W. 
W. Fenton; Robt. Burns, Capt. Fran a M. 
Msratta, Joseph H. Iiunlap, clerk; 
Westmoreland, Capt. W. J. R.iak, A. By- I 
era, cleik; and F.jsms No. 3, Capt. Jas, • 
H. Maretta, Jas. McConnell, clerk. All i 
of tbe officers commanding in tbe N. t , j 
and Cincinnati packet company are long ! 
and favorably known in the trade. | 

Tbe crew of tbe Mary Otvage passed i 
down last night, en route from Pit'aburg | 
to Portland, to take tbe Djvage and 
barges to Pittsbnrg. j 

X iCEFBUBO —The iferi’’d says: 

The Vickabnrg arrived from tbe Crea- 
renl ffity yeslerdav, having ao excellent | 
tiip of tieight. From her clU.-era we 
learn ct an accident wbich befell tbe 
Wild Wagoner near F'air View Ltndiog, ' 
about twenty-five milts below Natchez ! 
TLe Wsgoter wae just behind tbe Vicks- i 
burg, and was makings landing, paaa- 
li g ibr  ugh tbeawells ot tbe Vick aburg 
ovtr atliailow place, when her chimaeya i 
wtre shaken overboard, which preoeuted 
a rathtr frigbUnl aspecu A coostsrna- 1 
tion was produced among tbe pasaeugera, 
and ceveral of them plunged Into tbe 
river, fearing an explosion would take 
place. No one was drowned. 

MBMi'Hia. — The -Ippetil of Thursday 

There was considerable animation up- 
on the levee yesterday. The Missiaaippi, 
Thompson Dean, and Clifton were all re 
ceivipg cotton and were moving It as 
rapidly aa the limited help they coold 
hire would permit. The negro roust- 
aiiouta were too mneb exhansted after 
tbelr labors at the polls to do any work. 

The big steamer Tbomp w n Dean oame 
in yesterday from above, flying light, oa 
we thought, but were astonished to learn 
that sbe had on board 1,100 tans. Sbe 
added nearly 1,000 bales of cotton ti her 
freight last night, and as ahe don’t get 
away until to day, she will probably gel 
as maph more. The Dean li ezolnslvel* 
a freighter, and in building her, 0«'ptain 
Pepfier piored that ha knew w],it a lirat- 
clBKB carrier ought to be. Sbe will carry 
3.0CO tons cf mercbandlaa easily, and If 
pushed could probably stow away 500 
tone more. CapL N. B. Fowler, formerly 
of lb# Continental, is her eforg, * 

NewOrleass.— T heCrptewif of Tuet,- j 
day saya: ^ 

Tbc-re waa more show of batineas npon 
the iauding than we have s en mani- 
ft&ttd open our river grade for years 
pi:M. Ibe landing in front of Capt. Jim 
Tucktr's fine packet Irene was literally 
bicckaded by drays from early noon un- 
til alter tke starry sentine'.s ab)ve bid 
niKde tbelr appearance upon the akiKS 
Wben we left the landing at 8 p. M ane 
waa still receiving, and her guards ware 
lying very close lo tbe bosom of the great 
folhtrof waters. Sbe left at 10 P. M., 
full of freight, aod her cabin teeming 
witb people. Bravo, Captain Jijo, may 
many more such trips await you and 
ynurgeUant packet. 

The following list embi a :m the arri- 
vals since onr last report: 

RcU. K Ixe, Capt. Jno. 3V. Cannon, 
from Vickaburg, with 2,742 bales cotton, 

Virginia, Capt. Holcroft.from St. Louia, 
with 634 bales cotton and a lull freight of 

Towboat Bee, Capt. Gall, from St. 
Lcuia, with three barges hilly laden. 

Towbeat .Mlantic, Capt. UeU, with three 
freighted barges from St. Louis. 

Glide. t'Apt. Muse, tram Grand F tor*, 
w ith 461 bates cotton, 2 hbds tobaoco, ',a 
bills molasses, Ac. 

Lotus No. 2. Capt. Dannals, from Jef- 
fersr.n, with t 20 bales ootton, 6iiJ bides, 
and sundries. 

N na SImmes, Capt. Oreatboua*. from 
Bayou Sara, with 225 bale* c Mton. 39 bhda 
ai gar, 18 bbls molaasee, and sundries. 

SI. Mary, Capt. Sweeney, from Ljuia- 
ville, with 139 bales cotton. 

Era No. 10, Capt. Kouns, from Shreve- 
port, with 84U bales cotton 
J. D Perry, Capt. Newell, from J*ck- 
sonport, with 928 bales cotton. 

Favorite, Capt. Goodale, from St. 
Lonia, with a fall freight . 

Lat'j Gay, frpin St, Louta, with loj , 
bales cotton, I 

I'.nu A. G. Brown, from Lower I 


Peerless, Capt, Forgay, from St. Mar- 
(iiisviile, with 154 bales cotton, 

F'xma No 3, Captain Msratta, from 
CiLClnnati, with an assorted cargo, part 
which was eight biles cotton. 

J. Al. hbarp, Capt. .Vucoin, from II lyou 
Lafourche, wii^ ■! felee cotton, ?3 hbds 
ant ar, 70 bbla mOlMa^- 
Uanter, Capt. Jean, irom lower coast. 
Thoa. Powell, Capt. Dlovaat, from 
Donaldsonville, wpb 29 barrels mo- 

6 I bales of cotton have reached this 
port per liver steamers since our last 

Tbe many fiiecds of Mr, Mlmmo, 
clerk of the Lotus No. 2, will unite with 
us in congratulating him upon bis re- 
cent marriage. 

Tbe rffleers of the Robt. E Lee, Izitaa 
No. 2, Kra No. 10, and A. Q. Brown, have 
our thanka for favors. 

From and after to-day, doable card 
ralea will rule the Red river. 

M'rhisaii t'zntral 

nithiRai, -MHiehern 

1 IlnoU 1  ntral 

t "VKtawl a I'ittAiiura 

BRv law or THE. a ,aKrr. 
i„ »s®t''«t« rat** 

III b«a*ft OIXOB ffirtafal traiu«ctioo«. lo fliliOK 
'tiuoll cirdf^r* odTOoc^ obuuiiMj. ; * 

Wp«|ikk|^ Diork^ fftMdr at tT4t’  

I*, quamr. o «oud Um :«1 ««tufaa4. ’ 

ol KontiK’kr ot 

n*.t ba«ctDf at 21 occtmliDc to brood. Mo- 
ri* lti« roimot kooU rou« At  nk4v’ Ihiii 

» itb o l«4r of^iA ptfHPffii poaed ood 

pMt wprk bfti bera roibrrquioc ondth* trAOto 

t t llBIt^d 

lUTTiN*— Prl’'r« rptnols vltboQt any mat»r’ol. 
cboose. aod we quoco (.'oaoeUfKi ot 3 m*; Mope 
\ ille ot . .M03 iivill* Ni  I ot  ; ,£»c ; 

 0. 2 bo‘tlii| we quotootJi to 57c p*r lb. 

liKA.VM— We ituoteot f-4  'd!75(Miornvol,f4 4i 
mr b4Mbe(from wu rt. Tbe detnomi iiUkhUcbieflv 
fur obUe oory. Wo no«e •lolro ot oS per b*i4b 

I Uxcmo AX - Wo quote ot fyon per Ih. or- 

(  rdinir t4 quohty. tbe btiyloc rote omunv deoierM. 

Ku-itilo Tbo morkirt io Hrm, with o m d dr. 
QiOnd. Weqooteoniotrv Ol liAtir WV-teroR* 

I nerve ot 4tito4Jr'. lotiioQ* and Mu^buoo tabot:  

; to4*:r The luorkrt dariog »ho pwot we* b bos ruled 
Aioody, with o trodeoc  to brcuaoAo. 

I'AWbrcM-Tbedemond U  oo1. at o Mllrbt ro  
dut ti  D on former roton. Wo qqoto full w*Ki^bt at 
£.S O 54 1 Ir. nor. ol U » iC.IIosotlT « i«i iw*. 
^ eouf mold. loUow coixlloo. ol 14 *oiu1ai.\ There 
. iioo been ootm* denioDtl fbr nhipcneot 'M* itb duriDc 
I ibo week. OBd pri( eoreu 4in an bondoil. 

I C’AiirBr fiiAi.N -Tho supply iv fair and prir* « 
firm. Wo quote white ot M to3nc; color»®d k* to 
I AuC. 

I (’AxoLk wi4 K-Tbe market Is steodr, ood we 
I qu«»l«  at 44 to 47c. 

4 Tbo market dnrlDK tbe pMt w ek boo 

been Bloody OBd prb om hrm. I 1 i»qu« 4ouuos hovo 
I varied but httio. wbl e th * demand LASbeto*uok'- 
t live. Wri|uofeso oMlolet4 os toliowB: 

I Olid llomburM 17 lo 17V*: fa . torv Is u* 

’5^ «i»iry i: i loioi:: oad p.ooopptois 

I Cinvo-We qome otoody ol f i to 9 per bb*. 

CoiiojOam.Xb Wioi*Bor*  stOAdy aod tbo de- i 
mou«l c«iM. 'Kequote No.ruiot?i9i4i tie; N.*. oiw ! 

l oo»ors report 1 

Mmoll 4oIr« at oar «{»otoiioM. I urinc tbo Dost ' 
Week tbo market bos boe •luint aod tr^ ^ 
loAL-Tbe supply Is ample. We quote Pill*. 

‘ irom yord.oc II Mper load nf deiiv 

, rrrd, |*oiuerov H «;couoel •%. UarlnM tb* uo.4t 
week d'-oleft bore beoa active f eou'Odt^ 900^ 

I iti, Itte art tm fur tbo ^ooauu. aud a t tod ifade bai 
! b*^a don# 

I rtHfPkB' Hi ; *F- We qoolc BS roUoa* Ubl 

per m. Ill; bb l bfMtp Dvle4 iM.r 111 ui 

} whisky DM K.tav.»sp^r cu. trs: hhd slaves perm, 
•4- . keBsiasen per m. 514 We Oat e aocksna* s to 
I Buie from tlcah vo. The deuioml fo.' pork bo* 
reH Is ini-rfikAiGf. ^ud ifc. mark«l iscoricapoad 
t luc y active. 

( ••KSsMAAi. -Ihe market dorir:; tbe past 
hMB be^e 4t*-wdr at |i *M|i |m for buii*fl with 

»mail solos to the UaJo aud l*Aters, but to day do- 
4‘.tned to Kir, 

I ai'ca- The dec! me la cold has caused adooUae 
in $om ’ ortiWeB durnc tbo past W4*ek. ttardeat- 
OM are actively eossKOd. ami the trade baa bi-eo 
br.ftk. while ihedriuaud basboeo ^oud. Weijuuto. 

Add. Tartarir. n to m 

Acid, Cliric, b fl a* 

Add.Osallc, h 51 IB 41 

Alum. 1  1 5*i to • 

Ammonia, (Mrb.. fi . .. tt to bi 

AmmoBia. Aqua, b lit to u 

Ammonia. Spirito Aro, b. to 75 

Arrowro4ii. Am,b ^ to il 

Alcohol, b* . (Ol 5 -!j 

A nojiae red. A.... * 7.t to • «t 

telsam roIu7 A 1 « lo I So 

Borax. A 40 10 4* 

BlnoMasa.A m* to m 

Blue Vitriol. A. — u to 15 

bismatb Bob Xtu a . 7 44 to 9 ot 

Bapr Rom. gal 9 10 4 09 | 

. k M to 1 19 

  ‘KTitm Bowvy 1 
9^ 0OUO9 m zmm i 

'opver M 1 W 'a iM-S. , Msw Tea* P vaewas mMe**. 

' «- 
a-a.K at -• nt i, LlgSwinM. fr.,. |i j..,. I aknos- uu,*t. 

' ‘ 'ri.,* Robt. aaa 4ar.,MIV wlaa af 

TM* B.TB Wara». I  aiaa y awA .« a wi assae a sMeii 

T8. Biark-I K- atbtwd I . Fua a - »», np*». i;,es stM.aaavyaartlwgtSr 

 Uj. «i a ta»oitan»a» .  «•»» «*.«»o*».watoia aiw -WN la fcv 

anri prl--. .mu iT'alrQtJJ.. W'-'JJ-.M -to** »av a -.-na. W *• 

MiK. u Sax waa a bi.4 af aiw,B   iw • Her wan* wSmk 

llPDU*r-oa '••MiatT. a«lij . um « Sad. 1 W* (waa*- -aa* neae. WMaw 

cenat mliiaclaaKat •!! 1- a. la « ” .?!*„**? »TUa •»L L^ia. aa^l. *14 m .a.,.# lo. Hwac 
and ol uwaa eooat/ naad.:i w loaf a4 I. ^ • lam. cMitorata tour Sr.iatnc .at.* nf aa 
She- Owen ronatr rattlBx at fl. “ a,, , ‘ -* ' *1.. Ejo 1-, *t mim at O* awa at a.J, 

tl.:.. all or wbi, a SMa wero acapiad. oaf TaJ , 

p- ..'eolnairaiaita vr:j la.r aaarXef Ti,eofr,,,L„ wa.i. ruiac 

lo day were ai Ol ly tsrae of the waieSoowa aal k-^** of MS SSIt WoMera at 

omuontrd w hbds. With -miv r*tma'ti« ag |i ‘"S srfi vr , -’ily ••rrod ot fl. 

i^iK -w rmiiord lUi fottwwM 1 bbft •( 924 7V t fa* Vctof I Wbeot rerw ' k.l7w ko;^«*la. boo «y 

1 Ol o: I At fl t 5 At 914 .*V«SU7 k’. 2 xi ft : q M M..eiW«qir «M*SO« *O.StOl»jfaA00»A5 p 40«| •« 

UJS. 1 aitii.lai III la »ai f iWlii-v. lat r Se--. ■ S7 *■ “•* ' to.Sa. I to aiUert. M •• 

aim . lat»:i»: ".au.llai4-e. 5“' w r ter r-l ladt »a aail M aas 

Waq»«wa ' M'cb Mfaiu llyo dAll Olid hewvy. 

Trooh^ . _ 9.1 to • ill ^*”"*** ‘***^ AArl^du:! 

Tr^by. ,0.. "" . .0 5 i 

luic^. rommuo. . w-Mio . . i i w«vy owd f*iii* ^ 

Ijemf. h»c 

»«*o 'u • !.» 

laTfaf ffalf«’y ABdorApfi^r 

Tbo 9’wtt4Mi Warbot. 

The rr »MK** IS weoK AAd pri'-v ot ■ 

”*2 faic OB bfaBil %prl I, l»w4 . * ■ »s'«*0 

K* •• pLu Ili.a 

Ke vip:^ 'im’e Apru I. lira* . . 1 . *i bAi*«4 

TMaI . lAl-A 

M. I. B.*nu ihie week....-.-. - 

^tlpmeo(s provH*mly 32. '*60109 

Ml ck on hoBd .Vov 4. lA,* I. ’' * ki!co 

Trolirbt Kalofa. 

Ibeoo rotes by rrnl oro for • hooper ond qalcker 
tbaa ibosea h4Nirdroii’i«io4 Oarirotoa. lisvBaooa. 
Wiimmc gu. Ajd AngiiUfa. il. ecifai rmtesto :kv»qB 
p«’r»fafat*%4» fur bo T ii 9J fbr d^mr. *odft«7pOT 

**€9 SUoom 

• to. J***'' ^*^ Oads cuO* 

rvfifafft! IB bond. ^ mr 

* L -  5Bi*‘ Ol • -%f' 

Tt‘:i*b nvo -opi ts ;tw*r o54i'9c 
I m.-. ifaiuNw t uo vwry dn i soje* bAm 
|J  : i.-e.r a,e»r. ...i,, a,. ■. , «M.SMWIor 

*r. y tu Tiiar priaia; ma - "a S,r avlBa 
B»v.. toefMeadr 'Wlee IIA BS a at .1 1 *1. to aaw 
pifa B mros 9 eag.. h»r now esuo oiswb. Tmbcv 
pnioe s»*-o  f .d-g. ;or lali* 
4 m-*-s brwf hams ul. i soivo OAis mt feigki. 
i   Bi*ou ,'ivt. 'sto on IJ5 Dtofa* At Ibr 

sitMildem; .04»t«c ’or homo, jfiddleo dnll omi 
iwtovy fBiofa jO uoxro Abort ri'*lrtwa |5V'- LMd 
i-r »n*| befav'v : «B'eA A*' t *r«'to« 44 'elW 

sirom . :7Ai: -Mcmr k**iti** tco# r-d. Bk.Uerstew4v* 
- J «^i^^f^OAJO,Bad«ibA . ter'^toto.   00000 qnlot 

KoKt.ors— T'. Livorpnol wuboi*. deOfalM 

I fbMftje eoiOaa-oDtoBiof ? Sd bwfaO ooxa, stoam.M 

1 .’-d; imt fiodr o’ m fa] per ooil.owdb per 

If ACOd, 


Mnnigstmery.... .... 

Wofat P.U05 

KuOXVllle*. . 

(!b0ll00(O0 too...... .. 

MotAOOOb... . 

W*!mmnon j si l 77 1 v* 9t 

KAteAOVK*r tbo MempbiA ood CbArl«otdo Roi'.- 
rood VIA NA'*bv:Me: 

Fmm Muorvsvm*. per hole m ai 

MfadbOQ... a...... J ir  

HUBtAVllhi .. 1 

PAlAt H S-k 5 

M'ondviJio „ . . : H 

LorkiBfaVilje ... '4 so 

Trinity ^ 

ilillsiMiro. . • iv 

CnonUnda. ...,9 b 

JitiMfabt re........ ——I,., J 4-, 

LrtghlAB. ! ' 1  « 

T lommbiA .5 95 

bcaib t*)ore»,eo.., 4 99 

MBcno In bufaoio. 5’urt OaIboa. aoo Uwurcemwd 
b lAkea At fl 3t per io« pounds, Aod td tbo oibor 
oewpolBtOAoRmnbdsMCrsichiA. RaegotoCul' 
ttmbuA Al fl 49 per bundrod. 

We quoto u* Xew ortOAm. bp fiver, ot ■ to Me 
per bODdr»*d AO to cIaoo ttco ijo. p rkp«robi-ow 
•our 7te. Appleo Add potoWHO Otv mlo fi per bnl. 
muiOAt'5 for hood. And Oorsoo fif. To way laod* 
lots b Bber raieo zlh ro l Bast i# Tew York 

loor. aa l«t':*of ' :«aw y. aa Mav. a-F. M. 

1 1  oa-M.rSet w laokl Sar.toa rsaaoo. 

Id. 9do etb. 4tO*:  W k* a’, mvre Mood/ sod WttOowl acuv 

I  0 1 la 78 t "7 87*  t:Hi at ft eaSI  : Ibr Waatara. c n 

. 1 1» 1 Ti 1 u I  a 1' •' ■■'oaad aaS |t ii«i la to 

l« I a ,* ^oawnodWetor..  a - inin a  rigri .e to 

I M 1 1 14 1 Weatara atoto. 

in I w 1 « ' eaoT:'U,'ao- rnrX at Str -aali to 

1 M 1 u I e I — naobaaaod. Cat — — — Salt aTJi 

t na w 7. ' ^Wiaal. toona aaial aoa a.taoa-. rsaaaa. Itod 

ITT 1 It M to'l at iastii-e r„r fbir to avtoie w -mai 

1 M F..,.o-Xoeaaaae. 

I..’! ! M !!! ***■ * e-aatt awe ■away BwaW^ 

I »4 ’ ~ Saw Voaa. Sao a 

■ 2   K* I'M Tboex, iiaweain W :Mtrooi K,-rta7 waalBBoav 

** ssU wlisoat yrarotoat a tao kwaory of Work 01 

bnoyaary wo. ai  «»a r iuan ataay Uwo Mara taa 
lai.'re for a ri,. ahaut too wrrfc. Mara. 

X be aoaoT warsot opaaoS .ory wrlaaaat at r 
yrr ' oat. oa cal . wtta . por "oat. ramwwaoa oat 
-loaceraMer at : far oaat . .-uneary. ThW mm 
■4. aaiooed by a royort tbat t4 o Sear r'wiaa ka,! 

’   '• ere* iSoir to'rta.aS weiw letiMf .at woaay 
and that baaOa mmm leiulias wan fnoly, watrh' 
wewN la be aatbeatir. 

KKoriiBa aaaruiod:  ,aatad at-Ha 
i,ol4 opoBCSat l.n dec.laed la l--^ aad rig—a » 
ixawus . m 

trayaraataBU aon paatrky thi. waraiaa.tod 
pure, derllaed -w . |,erroat; at aaaa rallth-n 
waaabrtiar toliaa. wiihaiaaovary af zw . an 

roat.. Bad later tba afteraoaa Ikon waaa 
rkitbor advaara of mb per reat.. tha marhat 
rwalaa ocU. a aad arm 

t'aopoaa af SI. liz'.^u: Caapoas af -a tat 
Mi'S'i: Coopoaiof w, ♦'ey; CbBoeasoT w. ikav 
a kt ; Caapaaa af w an , wteki-s . Coopov a* 

are at 76c par boaSred lor tooflo riaaa. *i lO par bkl | ^*w Taaaawaaa, w\ ; Eaw ^ianb 

to floor and «i to per hnsdred Ibr roit„n aaeow- . — _ 

oreand. and Ln amoa 01 „ nn..iM.i vn. r.1 7*0 Mock wa*koo opoaed with B soaarai braafe. 

Bay Itnm. sal I w to t oe 

f'olamel. a I « to 1 la 

(toipbot. r I ■ 10 1 U 

Cochioeal, P 1 ts ta I 3o 

Ckiorotocw, a t 78 to 1 « 

* K  

wpefjf. kas«, a._— —  ‘4 ta 

Crram Taitar, pure, a — _ ta to W 

Cddboor. A ..,^ a Id OS 

Liber, t*ulpburk'. b.*.................... ai to l 99 

Ktber. !9iiruM, A S5 to Al 

Uom Arohic. Ro. 1 , a. ao to k$ 

Hum Asofo'tido. a — « id 4« 

(•Uffl Aloes, b. .. M tOlU 

Gum Opium. nit 3d lo — 

Iiidisr. A — I 99 to 1 99 

i»u*di09A. Cooper's, b.,... to | no 

lairorlco, CbiAh.b,. fi to If 

\ MAiniesio, csrb. 9 oe. b.nto.^ « **• 5 

1 MorpblDO ^•^:.,ol. T3 9 mO 10 9 « 

“nuU r. A It to X5 

Oil, CoAtor, !Co. I, tol 1 75 l« 9 sq 

CHi. Hweet. kaI . I 95 to I M 

un.Oilve, 1 io lo 5  1 

Oll. l»trm. Afai...... 10 3 23 

(M 1»nner.- rat fo 1 J 

»l. IJ'rxamol. a to • M 

• ^Oe^iO, I. ....... 4 55 IO 4 id 

mi LInwed. |a in to l o  

— -z- — ‘f *» lou t« 

l*olA*l, It (lade. A,, 5 Oo to 5 75 

Pi'ian, Bromide. b.„ , ,, y m to s m 

I Cblcrfat**. A...,,,... fai to Si 

Cu i :ee. P. A W'..os i w 

Kuslu. bbl.. , ^ 4*8 to 9 59 

i-«.ap. Cosine. Fr a to wS 

"odo. Bicorb. 7fe«cAi»ue. cA*k^ A. • to •  

'■^oda. BlcArt. AiuoriCfaB. Cfaokfa, An. 7S lo 9c 

 ' da. boi. A , , 4S4 (A 5*. 

~-da All,, a ,0 » 

V poom. A 5^10 9 

^u. B^ heiie, h M to «) 

► fiPlTbsc. A . 75 to 49 

Kuuir. GorreuV. | A('ks. orues. ..^...19 50 

9U to 1 99 

S5 to Al 

to to 95 

« to 49 

, 19 to 1 U 

nit 30 lo — 

I 99 to 1 99 

' 4 55 to 4 id 
I 39 to ) Id 
I M to 1 Ol 


I Car:ol 904 Jfaa ki* a. ,,,, 

^r .-oB *!  ) xlriodervoo 

I Mc.Nfairy -to 

Beibol . 


lono h~. 

II OOX* — -ren., . 

vviue.. . 

tWldoiD,  *’*Nto«ra. bbJ 

TUrO Oneto. 

\ croBA Blld ,*-bfa9AOU...Mn... 



P. -irm . . 

Li'OhAiOB - — — 

Wifct Pulci 


MaIkOw ,, 

Arl4-»iA. — — 

C’obN». . . , , 

roiiimir-v M S' 

Oa^ torJ Aad Ai4GokSi*iO . 

nuuo, (jarrou^i. | A('ks. aro 
Fuuff. OArrsU's. boi Ivs. Tit 

toan M to «) 

... . 75 to 49 

U 50 

-n. 4 » to i 39 


Cl t ICV or THE troriwviLLK JormvAi . ■ 1 

Friday KvodIuc. November A • j 
Tbe IocaJ mooey niA/kvt bAs been lendlug to ia* 1 
created t’-Kht BeOS mil tbo week, and tbe hood end I 
HU I k uiATkeis have been di*preoA«*d, and cold bfas 
new toucboil tbo lowest hgure it has reai'bed for 1 
some laue. 

'1 be t.anKer of a panic In (be New York money 
irarket hsw been «reat, wblle tke decline in ixmds 
stul rtocks bas suoab tbe extreme striogeBcy of 
tbe money market. It d* seoerally tboucbl now 
that a better fcellnc will prevaU next week, and 
tbe ijiarkets become easier. 

f'otJ C'peued In New York this morolug at 132^. 
smi clcsed at Ibe ^4me tlcuro ai 5 P. M 
Itouils b«*re au«I in Now \orkcl *sed heavy aud 
lower, \\br.f tbf aa\lety and ez' itou*nt aro no- 

Fxebauce bss been dull aud inaf'tivc nearly all ' 
week, and closes *0. 

ThcfolloAiu* •loolai ons of coin. C H. Ironds, ! 
exchauK*^. are corrected daJiy by 

Suurib  ire?t^ * ^^*'''** of klaxo sud 



r*:i\rr dulian -^3333^JJT 152 ^ "* ' 

1Ia 1  t-s aod qufarieri3,I,..*** Itl 

** Utmes and balf dimes 12: j 

(4i»\ ABNUK.NT BJ.NU-i, I 

F-iM twrn:».l«,l 

;; i;;:: --~:-.r:r.;:i!i'. ii=4 

.. 3' — iu6*g itniS 

.. iri- iw I 

National i»atik. flrt^t 
.Na lui al imnk. second.. 
NattoosI hank. Planters 

Naliuufalbfauk. City 

Hunk of K^ulurky..... 

lUukoi lz4*uis\ :ir 

Mfrrhanis' hank 

« 'oiu lu *• rc I al bau k . . . 3 . .. I! 
NGrtberu hank.. . '** * 

('Uiretfs' bank 

lhnq ieS bsiik 3. * 

152 to to 

- - tA to 97 
' m ty tit 
. .Ill to lit 
....Kd to 1D| 

bauiis- baok.'.3.V...'.‘.V IU L® !«? 

Herum  han*. 

(tK-rmaa IfucCVt. bauk 

Gan C*». Mock...- ., 

L. kt F. R U. pre err.  i 
la A 5' H. It. •couiunto 
J*'a..M..AV lud. Pa. K 

1. A N. It K 

-..lit tol 9 
‘9* I . I«l 
.hd tu 151 
to lOl 
to 97 

t4nntrnine, tiO-— -.1 I ■» 

Huipbur. Flom. a __. _ 7S to I 

Hnipbur. roil, A . 0 w 7 

e»ossr of Lead....... 4 5A to 

^iipeter. C'omml. A , 9H to IS 

Kaltpeivr. pure. A ae lo S9 

rurpentloe. ubis. lo to 

Turpemme.rano. aal 95 to ~ 

\t*oetiBo Red. Kn^Uan. bbls. A , 4*4 10 

  eavttao Red. Kuglisb, kea. A 9 to 4*4 
Da\ t.fHjii* atandfai’d Kfafatrrn sbootui«4 l*c. 
we’ai*m and .*m»o hern t.ic ; othe r quaiuoM MtoiSq-. 
Ofaoaburcs. s*z . advao«o l Loavda'e sheet. 

..c T.ckiof L'ooeotocfa 44 medium 55c. 
 ’« iton flannels 15 to *;;c. (llochaTos— LfadcfaSter 
i-Caiilfa R ouw iOr ^ . i4i imr acUoltofa uucbfafa«itd frvoi 
pn*\ Iito* ttoirfa. The marki’t dur.i « tbe week b^s 
r*‘mfaicK l fitcfady wfih aa aciiw demaad aad ilrcn 

Th** sBpply la-i wrek was lull ani prices 
doll fat 2i^r.c. Ihe mfarkrt ts .^uiet aadt.'iede- 
ttafat-il m  UerfaiK*. 

Ko«THAfa--'We qnct* Ni». 1 prime at 77ic, co^d 
topnmeatf-s u» 7 m- The utwrsei i* *Uflady aa 1 
price* Arm Inralrn * «• axstu^ bii..rtr rfatrs for 
tb«*cb nte oifa. I 

Kjvii Advu re for N  7 I mackerel, but m«Hliu*Q 1 
UDcbMOjctd. No. 1 at 9. ' ' Nu. Iv faud No. 5 at 
12tol9::t. HaJmoB. p»r ht*i. f2s. Wait# fitb.^r 
kalf bDl, f! to 7 Codfish, per ptKind. S--.C Tao I 
Mi.xrket ourtne ibe week ba.% bbea dall.'aad the , 
dt inacd moderate, alib sm.all oi ’*nt u iota- 1 
tl(0 s. ' 

moU?rV*f'^^* thewoekbii 

chan e Mtivo. abd the quilatiou' are en- 
•a*d, tub,;tDc from fowdu T ■.acco'dtna to qua' - 
-*/• We note asBfO of 199 barrels at f?i4o 73 We 
uoou la lecii la siuro m toilows: Ftoo at ir 90 10 
5 a*; Biiperboe at ^ 59 to«A : extra at 9?n to 7 u ; 
^5tra family jt 959 to *19; .V No. 1 at « :.* tot 75, 
AJ»" naev at • ^ fo m 51. 

I tfkaiM— Wheat Is dull and with a sals 

( f 20u Ho’^he!* amber at slabt 9» ** qu 4e 

at It 7T991 M  .’iir«-old crop,  ^70p. 

.'tf54ic. with araieef .*00 buAheJn aew «l'*r9 •! 
w Oa(t« ttrmer. wub a sale of hw misu 
DBlk at rtc 9 Sf. U/equietat fi 3 4 a 5 9* Tbs mara * 
duriDff lbs week rAoi bax f*een f^ isaad t aos- 
aidloos limited. tbedeciiueiQ pricMbMM^- 
whal cbecked boiders, wbq were dlspjfacd to 1st 
At rnliDf rate* * 

Gaaia aass -Ws quote as totiaws: peno. ^ii s. 

^  *bu*nW at 55. A.19C. aad 5-bash 
9:bor*aps.4-busb.2*toJ5e;rnauy boasa 
lo Uhc.tesswed u^gc. • e 

Gtsi'-e-We qoots New A*haay Glam Works aa 
follows. 4 9i 4   i*sr croL off. axiu. r per box- 
r; I xis. uxn. .ai: i. x2.  /x V 
WxC to  1*14, 

•*5. *v5l  to t»ll5 2 1« xN tM Xixvi. U5; ivxjf to 

Al M. 9 *1 ; 551.59 to Ari.fai liohbie strenfftb Is 
I**’*^- Tue demand for tns aumerou« asm 
bu. ‘ 109s IS lAcrr-aaiok. aad dealers iep  rt tbe 
market brm and prices mead/. 

Gaoi aaiks- Ws quote mmmr kar l stand- 
ard al 19*4 to is'tc. Id To*x. staall 

sales al I7c: I emar*ra irum it'i 10 

l5.Sc: PUfts lUco, varout trade*, frina I7‘» to 
iSc: ctmw faucam. a«. Rv circle Cs. aad extra i «. 
ftom 1510 194c: yslIowA from l4htol5 «. t.'offes 

-Kiu. rummon tocboice. 1IW924C; Lecuay ra, S5S«f 

Z7c: Jax*a. Mpsarw*. CaAtera simps, as to packacs 
aad quaiuy, 95c to fl M per aallon, pscka es 
lecloded. borpbum Itl' «'nflbs is lower; 

we qoote cooimoD to prime Rio la lots at 19 to 34c : 
(boice snd small sales biaher. Javae »ffes. prime 
54c. Oibrr anlcies UDchanced Tbe market laxt 
week was quiet and ibe demand moderate. No 
tales of any impinriani'e have of'carred. 

Hat— T be market basbesii steady durinc tb* 
wet-k aod pr.rs9 firm Ws ootsa sais lo day o€«9 
ba'e* new iimoiby at fi9 ■ *. oa Ibe wnarr. 

Uanr-Wsqaute Kentucky aon Miffsoorl. roQqh 
and aodr»Me«f. somlnally st 9,«i8 u* 175 p^rUfO. 
Tba market baa been bar* ail tbe weak aod sales 

Hr as-We qobUat lo to 19«4c A r rre**n salted, 
aad it to SIX' for dry salted: rilot ai e^ j 9 to tic. 
Aiid kieenfW»m bou’b* rm at s to loc. Taa marksK 
Is du i aod tbe ftuian for the weak have been fair. 

Houiw—Ditring tbe week itaa markat baa naan 
Atesiyat fs 2. R9 lO. with Umlivdsab’S todealers 
and tbs trade. 

Ikon. Pio 5I!11 iron at fns perton. ani hot- 
blast piy Iroo a:f4L per ton; co.d blast |5i toso 3S 

round lots, ixal^n io round lots at 9*4 to 9bc as 
lo brand. 

Iaon and ►tukl— W* qnota a steady market, 
wiih K c Istr a: -r: boop. cooesrs. j to *c; sbevt. 

5 toftc : (' C. bar. 4 1 ; GvCaUau. bj^asc; Amer- 

iesn. I2i9i;«r. 

Jban- We qoote Looixvllleat 97*4 lomc; Etst- 
era. 4.  to si-e. 

LkATUKB -Tberv are no chances to note, and 
wr quote i‘!ty oak m  1 v t;ial c : BuTUo « Ua9bter. 
S4S ’Tcrmycaif. 91 'w per Ib: ctry ktp. »»a| *4 p.*r 
lb; I'rencb Cajf, Suofa*! per dox*B; hemlock aote. 

 4 l  , ‘JU*: beniloi’k. tK-«c B .'.'Ail r : npper 
leaiber, fiiail per dusen: sklnlac. S4c p*r th; 
ha/ne«*(, «ja44o p«*r In; black bridle, per j 

d  yen: fair nnd.e. fiMUtTO per dor ^D Leather lo ' 
Ibe rnucb sells at A»A.k- c for cbt‘4tQut oak taoosd. 
and xSa.3V fbr blac » oak lasoed. We qonfeh-c 
ct liar skins. at tl*wl3 per dozen; hoc. sewtiac, 
American, at |»er dozen; do UociUb. 9 ' «a 

tin per dozen . t-slf. neatfnc prrdosen.and 

vak tanned de*er« k;o.4 aiti «• ib. 

M AtT~ A sale of « 9 busbeU No. 3 Aprinf at 92 .0. 

!9 am vrc*!! c .nToBA(\i -Tne marCvt dunny 
tbe week lias been smsly supplied with a w**ti ae- 
Ucted stock of choice and superior iiraods. Prkes 
are steady and tbedemsnd muderau*. Waqn.te 
Vlrc^Diaextnilbs. In fancy pkf4 ft a*: w 1 t5 

Hns far . M lO 1 III 

VirclDia medinni briebt. Tito **«* 

Virfalntacom'n and mab.isany uewi., 95 to 7** 

Vircloia floe iigbl pre*»ed A l x men 1   * to 1 u | 

Tl'Ctoia medlom licht preir-ed   to ss . 

Vircmta ffaM'y roliaiid iwxsi. ...... . . 4  to l *  ' 

Virclt is PAarakt* and fle 1 •* to l 3i 

K  Aiocky (Ins br ch( lb:* A- 5u 79 

Ken Dcky medium and niabo«any a to '-j 

Kentucky common, lbs. sound to gi I 

Kei*tui'k  A M ssouri 'ribs A I4s,bri bi «it to 79 

KeniDcIry A M:*-»onri , ibs A li )i. wed lu 7o | 

I Keotu* ky tl'k swt. '« ib* snd lone ius to F-i 

I K»ntD  ky Davy. ** lb*, la 'addies. ...a 9^ to 

I Kento  ky i;avy. ihe, in tMitu . a*  to ss 

Kentoiky.O'dftUh-k. it** V’ to — 

H•*’«‘--^paai9b pickl'd. N« . 1. 12c; do No. 3. I9c; 

back# led .\’o l. ■«- ; do No. 3. :c. and a-ipM-cc.1. sc. 

Naii - W v Iiiiote trid at fl » to ' i\ * d at ' iS to 
i a-. 9dal 5 49 to 5 *6, Id S' 9 S  *U   9 ’ and 5d at *i lu 
to»*5. Home •bof Nans -Putnam vu- 

. *ablr S7 (o (Ac, Foster 17 tv Ac, praa^ -d ju tu tt-xc. 
Slid city made as to eT 

Naval hixsiut We quute tar at |z  *o per 
di zetipko. oakom al 7 p»*r ha e. r *la a: I tu   
per bbl, aod larpvbluie al M to5« p. r ct’ 'r -i. 

IG4AL e^Pck-iare ample aud sales fair. We 

bran at |i” lo 17 t : *«hc»fiH fr: l*» .*|. *bip- 

siulT f27to3* : midUiioc*t t' o. 

OM.i'Hk \\t  .4iM» e. oil arrival, ar f. k to • for 
ItFOtMa . irom ■ ton |i to I - p -r bbl 

Pii KL5  We quote at 94 for ~ calion kec-: 9s 
for u g..:u.o kes^: fs (br kair barreU, barrets a; 

W* ■lifaiaV 

*^ticr rtcebee ' . 

ftsii evllle jBecllt a.. 9TS 

Tamoiaans MobUe.. - m , , 9 m 

OdtoB. iroc-hound. taken sU c-ott per baislwts 
tbai tbs abt v» rates. Allcoitoaio ifacmnallaft 
fl h*ch»r rat**9. 

Ti sfstlSMmc are tbe rats* p^r bai« to L* a'*- 
ville from stations oa the Misaieaippt c fau'ai iCaU- 
mad . 

Freiu Medon. 5CU541eburs. Tosm-i llu ksry 

\ ail* r, (sraoU JnscUoo . , ft 4'« 

From lamar. 

IlnslAoBvUW aad ilouy Spiiaca......... .. 1 et 

Wairrfordasd Ai *wyville. « jy 

Oaiord \osoaa. i^priacdaie. Water Valley, 
('off/viilr. Ti'rrem aad 'sransilA, I 4' 

I Ri Hd’s. Iiuck Hil . Wmuoa. VtSdeB. We*M. 

I LiurAtols. issfo.«lma(i. Vaecbati . 

I asd Way-’* . * 4-n 

' TsCaatus. per '»aie . 

I Rat-vper bale-'fi « .1*1 -n I » L i r-M-. - ‘rum . ■ ai 

wsMcm prefbcTvd Ttf^Sias; 
Usrttod A RrisN's. Tsrvs mabib Ji. Terra iSaa^ 

pv-tor|4 L^M.. toxiiB«iuM aud Moikcr 170. cfo- 

. ii^aLi AitOb ica. 

I  »  StDiBC sbarsa ffnll. Muaru 

■ AMD Parmeied 455. t#rac w/ AkK 

\ \t ( oppsr Mockn at BoMue 

- tm CaiuMMl 39. ( FaU’e Frankl a 1 |. Wa-i 

.......   ^ oetk ' vfe'iacy U. 

* Berslp i B al ib* mb-txmmrj .% ).%t «« 

1 ' r«Tm«cu i.'fl, 4c 

- Msiam-e... . . .. 

IZ'. CR5«w«w Marttwa. 

• CAICACC, ifpT.a, 

’~a'ia a Eaai .-B« arcs and tret at l-k9a« 

4, » nyiac. and I u* preatam seMiar 

— ^ kU’Wn- l toU; »pr‘ac pels - «to 

; ; ' -S GkAiw— Wheat dull, and * bxwer. wUA 

ay  iBimof |i 19 to iib.Md No.iim t^Tii 

cissinc *1 1 un IO 1 fur N ».i'; aaio* n# 99o a 

sinxs Tbancs mt 1 x ora #1111. aad Siomm 

k wer. with -islmof No. 1 at *F to *«e. NoklaiaDio 

— * ^ Tic. aad rv'eried at S9 to Ue Hosinc at tone 

’** fbi No. I : ^esof No. t tbi* *iw»rnwon at oaito 
’ — **' II. and I to 1^ iow^r. wftb misaaf No. 1 nt iXb 

j lo w‘«c. and re s« led St  2c. clusisg at 44 tn 44-aa tea 

nmm. . N». I. Ht** uwiet. aod .■ to 1*^ lower, wt^a ttalsn of 

• • 2 N«» 1 al fl U* i i-ius. rtg Ol uO : notAinc Cimm 

---JJ I9NWX HareydBil .naetred. aodnlpa»eJ^ 

• to 4c owsr . NOk t *014 down in fi 49. non 

itxperbalsleM ard nt. ed at Ii7 to 1 4*. w rauisn 

I ifncmnatlat W ti lakv - Uttbwin*-* luist at fl for fro* mow. 

Pmti\ M* as pure .oa -t vs asd nominal m 

bale to I.OB'*- t-.iestoxa l»ry *a.ted 'bonuier* *t»*dy m M -c 
 1 c inu'Si ICaU' l,ard Isactivs nod nomlaaiiy lower 

b^’Jdai fttae. ' •^wssxs 

( 11)1 ksry C,«T7 Ljc Im i. and iransncttoa* nlm^ 

ft 4^ wveiy conSM u. porker*. *^ty bofeserv pv!^ 

979 ra»« Dc at fkoa f:z5tof» Mr Mr'S 

I A li -oA 5c ve. and 10 to btab^r. with solWftaA 

•*t \ alley. Iron* 9* w to « fbr rsMSioa locnsHco. 

lA. .It' La K a /nK :»«irT*»— Imii at '  • Ibr com to 

KikuiuDl. A.a ^ 

Alkeaa 7 Si 

Haxtla..... - - S 13 

Orcatur... . 3 .i 

fkoir* of Awelloo fMobles. 

Tbe IbllowiBc are tbs sales mnfs by KHm Lavi 
At bisauctioii and **;* atahie. comer of *A*ventb 
snd Ma ket streeu, Mr tbs wrek sodiuc Nuvea- 

Ravsirr^PoTibs post 24 bones *-Mb noi* M 
fit or. . . ' boabe * to boMa no corm. 
gar* I •‘••Utryo. t’wsco bortsv I.ssm bo«a. 
"MieavNTo-u.oi* Mm* of donr. •: boabe's 

wh-.f ■ 'yv do uoM, :u.47i dur/e. 

dmetoootf MorMon. 

t :» ':^JtAr:. Nov. a. 

K -   S' roBFily 9* 19957 ta 

(•M4I.V W a^at ituii. No I rod oot o» wne s* 

- V • fi r.',. 1  .ru (lull atid dvritirt'oc. o d "*• oew 

• ' • 0.1. -.-.O 

iM* r ev sSi • asd t r «-• arv 000* 'na*   i.s 

-rr ’.c ♦* * 

^ i -tT. N -I-Uii at 7 42*-c fbr at 

S R.ill ;  o;*a 'H ^bda a: « ■ 

;-toi 9  • ^ 

a. . -c T Firm al fl ( 5. 

Pnovteio!*-*- Revs  rk |24, demanl :tnbt, bow 
■ wr. Ureeo meats awld to a loir e«i-sl at 7 dM Sr 
.itrs.Xk'le*. aod bamn Lmd d«*l; small 

hvas; sieamu c. boa * 

»boo:(ter» sMd at l,f*mi.ib«. o- •IjkS!? 

•idea wnd nt isv • rib nt 1? *# 00.. 

er •, ism: t*nx« sntm Pirm and n gnnd demaad at fall 

Gray mare |7 . erny mare S50d; bay borar, 7itd; i rece pm. Crrbb 

 rrel boles. 53 m; boras. 59 M. black 0 ilt, H 

eurrei horse. 73W»; mute, .fni; roaa b(»r*e. *^Lf.?** ^ **,*’, 

, • Mrcffy.MMrmnle. «ts; roan bnr*s. Ton^ Iwil ; -uipply lar«* at 71c par bwab. 

Ml* fosto - M so. *urrei bmM. Mur; black coil. AreL**-ln largn xnppiy and dnU at f2#ipar 

1. 1 plow. I : .. -.a hoca, 6M- bar kor-w D s akO pw wlias 

Miliun.  *•. - .,,j koto. Mo; ba» | ■•■ ',-1'*' ■•Sktikosa Lsk' at IS pvt 

9*A.;*prlBf wacon. it#'*- . ■ bor*e -♦Vi ^rav ^ •‘cU t« i hBttBc. 

^*v. Moiiiuo. eray borss, 39..; bap 

9«A.;*prlBf wacon. It#'*- . « borrn '*Vi \rrav 

bsrsa. 4Je9;camace. «o. ^  'kaw*v mio* 
bore, 19 M: bla7 horse, i-p. *• 

bore, 19 M: bla^c horse, a JTj 

Imnles. im^s: buccy. LU«9: ntArd. bo,. 
bara«m. fais; Maca bora*. ff9S2 bfu'd'a l(.ar7«, , 

M(,s: torve! Lorar, 9w vr bay horse. !•?*: t.-cpacfto 
ISio; «orreJ borm. Bar; an ~nrns«s. liM;i piw*’ 

I i9:*orrsi borne. mSiiu; bay ma.'e. msb. das ^ r-e. 
47m. binck bone. Mas. wacoo abd barttasj, r. 

•f ricff wacoD. luca. 

Dally report n* aoction raiaa at ibaataKe af B. 

tans. riaa. a 

f';:;’ ' h«i pi.c« 

r. Cotton for Mw middiinc. 

Pt,« ' e - imii. «Mk. and onneit.’ad- 

•f B. danbis ecten 9 mW* •?%- 

W NICE D.vvis. Ancitoaaer. 

l.m«la*llle Uvo ■9nrA SimrMonk 

SUCLDV Hot -(.SO. ajifa M. I m*rcicTcn. 

LucriBViLX.a. Kt., Nov. 9, 
Tbe receipta and *a ea donof tbs week wer# 
only moderate, and better prlcm wars sbtniaed 
than was anticipnted 

i xiTaC Tbe rerotpti this week Mot ap rr5b**d 
atprt famncincntXH« S' or-'omafa-n and laV- 
ricr. Cftodnnd cboi a ■’•w4**v.*nd sxua aA'' 4C. 
abti pets are psytac | 

HiMBfa-l be peh* are empty and la drr and, aa 1 
wi l«eli*t frem asiuqualtiy. 

 BA P-Tb« market cootlnne* bnxk aod ar** 
*ei IBB at from f. o to A and by wricht a: ft     
4 for sbipp zc- 


Cattle„ . *7, 

IMl*OkTS »T Eiric— XOT. 

From tbe t ooksof tks Msrcbaaia Rxchan^n. 
Cinctnrati. per (*rn Buell, rw pk^v 

idilsrMer prims to ebmes lows m I m2m- 

lamy \ iraminand MiaoestodnS MBSm Rv^cm 

atd nnebnecad at I uSai u». 

PnovmKvae- Pork* small  *«!aa nld af MaaiA 
- ■ bTw 77 .to *Tbs 4toia of  »id Is aboot exhawM- 
to ** '*^ •“ - » is^asc 

™ 2»i’ w"* 

i ,,VbT*J^ ** Itortfoto 

Ho,.B-xrtlv*BnehicharBi -*80. fmm 
Hk, Birc-foonr kkis e«ir mtmmt m 
, •w.B.lB.rara ixMeo.bu-l*., iF, 

I Jo. r}r. l.iiBd.: foMa. ■* kvil. 

I r.i»l«M ttarMBU. 

; IBv (ksekhfo.1 

Loin«BW. Jfto . -E»» 
(oaaa:»« *   - Hsoot uikM Sr«. r . 

iwtuii*. ;l i,iiaoli(..BUBl vr. Br:« trq. 

I FB,aav.sT.Xto a 

Buuda 75 i. 

Fas;*, Nov. 9. 

Bounn nf Reutrs 'jf Crea; man. 

LivcnnoL, Now. a 

hardware. mbxs drogD. itmscasi’Dn 1 twd oil 
2 ' b «nocon. le bb.s visecar. id m  4* su«r «7 'mHa 
straw *0 bd * bay. t bbls eid«^r.f obU aU-C^n- 

Cairo, per 51,. Drey Dales cotton. «• W WjcA* A 
ro iba eae«*ttiMi N (*socfne A Co; liTbfcscorn, 
Il II CV»wan : 3 bsse* mercbsadis**. 5fw*nr A (' v 
Msdbon p*r J I. tvraaam -5A na «B bar. I'M Mr 
reU and wu fc* poiatoe*. 5 barrels ciuimiws, M bun- 
dle*, a* de seokes— cowissras. 
finc anati par .\merH-s-«  bdi* .rua. cr kec* 

Cnidway .  -ix-«ksffosp. Ford A Boa : |.  kec* w lewd 
P»n»*Iee AOr»;fl nu'*st»p'e» l*bt»|* beb. R,m- 
fi FG A Co; Art dodo, stefs A ReMtcB ; do d « \b- 

bams. 2' bxs»(aM-b. 7t | ks   w ware, b* bbl* flour 
1* r» pe. 'H, bbl* w liwky. »» bxs «**«*•»«. .;i Ht* 
m tor. 39 bnls ale. 71  *eni'.'* * bx« laaJle*. 
irus. 3  bac* seto^d. lo bbd« wuar. bsmi c xfT--e 
J« ►%* b powders. LA N K R: 17* axs m N-* 
,.4 bdi  paver, s px   ce»itD*«, -u traaka. 2 balm 
b r«. :t ax* nutt.  • ket« beer, f hxH butie tibni* 
tb ur. 4 Oo tar. 92 da wtiKSy , *• bb ■ a'c *h  l 1 1 ..’l 
ri pv . •  liuplem-ni*. • hhU riJer. 11 kec*wle«1 

Lo'Cdow. Nov. a. 

Hpi,.,, Ir.IWBl.BB Bt a, .4 Tb.;bw Bt JIB BO. 
LlbavaUCl. B«-I;Brrt Irt : 

AwTvvar. !(av. a 

FvIrolVUBt kVBVJ BBd rtccIlBve IW Jxsr 

E.Bl. TIbt. B. 

Tb»w.»ki» MBirmvBt of tks ’.bbS ef rraa-o 
.a  „ - ooiifoB SvcrBBBrd 1. . a.txa trmmca. 

■*w •  IWMs ttarhwt. 

Saw OmLa.wB. .xow. b. 

  ■ TI.,* E*«w»: ■lartiiBta'wazt.r; 

i.„m. ratmrrt •.«« ’,Bl«B. BISU'!. .ZB BMn to 
- I'.b raa iko WMk M.v , k..ito tow, — 

bolKw: rvporta I* LivarosM M IB- itoto; m HMto 
*•’*’ toln. Mock ok kurt 
N-aJuikuakt .diarawai. ‘wMeJMq. 

«.k.«-vb:eb rtolBMm BBBcw: r-oirtfuaat -to 
fima ,kuKw -OB to. stBoar Ova: racMMa ai 
w'ld. bbJ ^ao:aloB. 0BrbBus, iL CoSk* mIsl , 2# 
Arm . p I me e Is isha li'tc . 'air I4 ai4’wc ^ * *** 
lal" asd nrmsr; superflos 

97 -idi* Cirra'a  i4bt *nppiy aod pnesw htabsr* 
new 11. Gat* aiUvv atMi-c. aicasr, 

laa:- Br«a ft Bay Arm at fa^t 

Fsom* i Pork atossitied aad e m -- 

tr. Bsroa tcari * : abontder-8 r:b 

j-.wtac. ear side* »e. Lard q«*et t'ieVjV 

• llvfor^i. l itapravrm.uM — v ,0 

I ?ty fi«T bounty 

CUV f( r M'huol pur] o «es..... * 3* ' 

Ol} (for tile r«tTn"si1 **3 C s'! -i'.'? 

nt- frr 1 bOu 1 *v lie faud .N. R- r. w w J * 2 • 
I ily for LooUvl'l. Bad N. R. R lk 

1 ly lorHh.rf old T. .? * 2 

I'.ljr for nbarf .n.w !i f® ” 

Illy Ibr W»i,-r works old . _ "j;. ?? ?! 

Oly for Wmlor work, iiowv...™"; '® J: » 

Ck,nBllx nd itmtsBiip' “ JJ 

Cstitti bond .•toNxind isMue'. ^ M's 

Caiial botui ihini iwuiet ' ” 

Csoul bond looiib isaue ..., J® •* 

Kriitucky .State boud od.....,„ *~‘*(J«u #v? 

Kentacky state bond new .... 

Central lla’wencer rai way booij.V.r.* j! iS tl 

C it X* ns' i'ameufer railway Umd '“*■ i « Zi 

» :ir PBB-wncor aliw.y boaL f! ij S 

J.llMMin\ lilB rallroBd bODd told : L, 1, railrond bund now ! 

G.ihvlIlFBlKl F. R. R. bood ,C.brchr~»^ lo a 
1. lil»\lil» nud N. R. R. bond M B “ 2,z Sv 

l-oulaviIlB Bkd N. R. R Iwod I L E bh «i tS M 

Hi" and It. K. R bond (coos-lad mortet a 
t.M\ for Elt.'obolhluwn A Faducak K^R. M 

Kvakhville.- T he Journal says: 

Cvpl. F. M. Humphrey has sol 4 his 
mammolfi wborf boat, which will be 
taken to oome point below, aad hoa taken 
an interest in tbe eplendid new wb«rl- 
ticat of K. W. Patrick A Oo.. to which 
Ornnntodore Hnmphrey hoe trensierred 
hie broad feonent |Tbe new firm fit Hum- 
pbrey, Pewck A Oo., end ie oompoeed of 
firat-cla»e mslerial — being energeUc, re 
spoukible and tellable gentlemen— pos- 

HIE NKW \oax Bstxn MAKKET, 

U’loaloc quutatiOD» at 9:99 F. M .) 

rive-lwenUes, isai ii4»^ 

do ISB. ii^.T 

-s-to. — *4 

Teo , * ' 

(CicaiDff quotations at Stifi F. M.) 

Webtaro Unloa Tvlecraph — ^ 

Fac lie Mall ^ , .iia u 

I'AoviFioN* ANI* I.xan -Durloc tbe week tb** 
stock of hacon was small anil u  da* ws nou* wu*-* 
t*f 77 casks SA r* :ii*wx Snoo-derb aill'l ail gC c t-sr 
ribs'desst ts'?* . and clt-ar aides at 
uM'kffd L-- rd 'lock meager, a  t eld in clerce« 
If. quoted St ifHffiN'. new laMt'^^ciu tierces ami 
is-vc In key*. ^ ^ . 

Kuyers at • to -^'ic fbr choice codon, aad 
4' ti*r Mtr l »u: mixeds to 4C. Wjoiea raa* I to 
2‘ ic per tttfond. 

Rice Tb* supply la ampta of Louisiana, ani we 

aooieatH'4 tois*^. 

Walt— T bs Kaasw ba uad Obio river are quota- 
ble at M lo 1 aa per bbl Mr 7-basbH bb:-. , f} a^ lo 
■i n& for 2B -p ’Uod bbls. or ITS to fuc per barbel ; 
dalrv salt.M 9»lo a « ps'bhi. 

a B4; oa - Market during tb* we«A ha* been dull 
with ooly light M'«* and ws qaots a« follow*; 
C lover. 9e 7* to 9: timothy If 75 to a: bine grass, 

2 IO 2 ; urchard grass, 1 !*• to I 75 ; red top. i lu 

1 75:bemp9e"d.l; oaloe seta 3; top  Bi maf M. 

Brtcacs-iloves 47 to lac: aatmeea 

ft 45 to I an. pepper ifSc. ptmsato 55 to aa*.* 
at d ginger m to ar per Ib. 

iM Ar- Weqa-ie No. 1 Germau at 9 to ffc. No. 9 
4H to sc, rualo soap fS to 7Sc 
bTABCH -Tbs market la Arm, aad waqaots at 
f 'n lo 7SC, according to qaaitiy 
1 IN FIbATB— T bs oemaad is moderate aod prtcea 
Atvac . Wequute: Tin p.ate, IC, luxi4, be^tebar- 
real. 91410 14 M; do IX, flOilA 17 aa tots: do I *. 
1  xl4. coke. IJ: do IC. leaded. 14x99. best charcu*!. 
Ills: d« IX 14S9U. 17; do IC.iaiAlf: doI\.i2xl'.l9; 
do U'.Hxm bri9» I 15; do IX. 14XM. ia;dol\X.l4 

.-thags C}ars. rt bbl* flab. 147 p«kr* ''i^ne* |*  * r'-^dix C' *r« 'a nght *0| 
IH •a* furoUs'S. . i of 's oil. r ax* bariiwsrs d* i oew ii. u.t* SkUvv *4 mi-c. 
bjc«i»bsem. 2l hag* w * 1.3 pc* Iron, ts nxx p I  aa: Brsa fl Bay 

asuv*. *• ca u^oyHter*. . horses. | r. « cwtr «e. I bbl   Fso\ i* « Pork Wto*s 

Tsra: b. u* bx«casdien. « pckc4 w wars !c*alee i P. Bsroa *carc* : abcni 

ware express p*kg . 1 bag pea*, c *d« gure*. • t-.wisc. ear side * b*e. 

IlerV *4inpet U.*!*e Hiie-*t ba^* oam, i bje ; kpg 
b*g». 45 taV* ban. a* barrel* potat«*e4 

pickle*. R II Rt  »itisivn. .  f«arrs *  .-stis.2 box** ; WeMwAis 

saga McCuilorh A ro; 1U7 ■*. tiokwai P • wewapmM 

Al'« ;43 hsgtuata. Fqn.-xeQiaugb. O A 5 nsge | 
m*mi. Jeff rsuD ABru; v ' sl*w shee;:og. I4»  b*. «* f 

baitinc. Newmmn. R Ai'n; I i- It bsupp** ea ! keg l *trvN vioie*. iinu. a» 
|4«der tirtfVib, H A Co. )N »mrre:« iFeaff*. l do ' bwlea Kxp r»ft, ~ 
'toirgbiim, GAerOt A i j: • bsrre  * bess, Hoaier A ; U.* bwiss- lkefa*SEpoi 
C«. barr» !» aeple*. I f Hsat rA 'O.flxat ks o bsiea 
r e 51 dooaia, Veiboeff. Jr A Br *. .*1 Ag-i tyene, ‘ I l- i » -|S to 19 ‘o 

' t»ox»s mert'bsDdlM*. K hndrnoa .t (k ; 1 pisan. i | ( -main -O ld % s; sew 

l*vx ei  *ee. I hex lobsTCo. } faarrw* beau a I keg ; I aa- Ha  p.'« to 99 Br 
bfatter,l*bQodW'rag«.tba«*^ath«r4.7d }*e;u w t Ft* - h' s*» ^rk 9k:. 
il nsieKftheeo »k d*. xl tsbo* *eb**l t g o-l*. I eta. prim* •hc-wldert i t^c 

ow Lcrs. I L(.’tc»Lead rotmcco. Jao .h auJi A Co. I 

Durii g th* f’l hour* eadtng n--.n No er 'th 
lA*a sviKe. Meuipbi.*, aod Na^bvills rmiroad. 

S Lbd  t« bac'H*, spraU A Co; 4 bogs barley, t bUl 
*9Ck*.MeU'A iHtrne; 4lbsg« oa'x •'4m!thA09't 
I bd* tobm i's. Ksy A Oo; X* beg* d'tsd iruii 3 b«^ 
f-sibera. 1  k- giiDtoi.g. 2 t*bl out o*. I keg m«t!J . 
*bdl*r9ga 5 bag* flax9*vd. 5 bbla DOtai i**. A. 8 
tvsrdns* . 4 i*sgs festner* .: « hag* dned Irutg. r bag* 
dsASred. a bdls rags. Terry W A Cbssaev isSaags 
wheat.  .M. I-4'mbai: » bwgs risxaeed. Wetsra A 
Fox il bbls flour. Mi NViiiW. A Haaddr*; n bbi* 
fappics, t de dried fruit 1  c Kraas; is owg* 

Mswpais. Nov. a 

Cw^N vjo^Mlnu. sminsebaofled R*csae«s. 

* '‘ :kl?^  * ., B . BaitolB, kB.** wJr7; 

t L. I ‘k -HU. 11 -« 

“‘‘■•‘'I®*’*?*: OBUfotowc 

t ,BW- Hb, F-, IO H KrBB H 

FU.. S'  » Fsiklkl LbiA «, Ib i. 

na, priw.B,krwIton use, e tor .tJraito.^' ***' 

■ •w Twvh »rx MwwMb SuWaa 

... , T»k*. «fto. a 

Tk-r* w .II..B sot* •o rnuTtototootobi,—— w 
i.ui ika WBikci aa tba wkula i, 

B. :y,tBBdT. rttotwto. kawJvW 

f Laacssier prtam te per yard la av^t 
•a sdvenew v'lablUhsTV^JJl 
1 BBU« ffoucvl l» k:M J, ia^^ iJ^toUMto 
lairy BBS BVBi.tok oTto ewwukrr. 
tmtMrtmul cb-B«B le Bfoarva. ».B«iBB^?12tJ!? 

quoted at 2 . c. do bleached at 3M. ‘••Addla 

FaiLABSLPeiB, Sow. t. 

Afi*. 91; do 1 .\ or biisdred plats, 19 
ViNVOAn- We qnote Ibe Ksscockv Vlaeg*rOo. 
a* follows. Wtae^i, ciders, applo 19 par oerrol; 
oferler brar ds 9 w* lo 7 99. 

Wo *t.— iJemsod Mir. tbe boytag rate by fectors 
aad deeUrs beirg S9 roilown: Clothiss wool, aa- 
wasbed.'iu lo lie; combliig, J7 lo Me; aod iob  
warned. 45 to isc. 

Whisky-  %  qi»ote aew coppov, f»oe. al 
|l 9510 1 9b. and quota ovar oao yaar old coppar, la 
bosii.attlMAi aod aew lo one yaar-oM at 89r- la 
f I 75. H*gbw1nas. rr*e, at l la to l I9 yesterday, 
and 199*9 to 1 96to day, «Ub •alpaoMllVi.i; aisi 

ba«A drlvd fralt R H C*mpbe(l. IS bale* aat* m  i 
W' wteka A Co; im ba« com. 5 do rro. R H 
ReblwAca, d bag* dried Tru ». a beg* fl \ aval- 
tilsiebrouk, U- A Cc. t bbd tobacco' J-*ba H* 
Fsgo. 9 bbls apples . M. M iMm aa. '.* nags r.s i* 
bbl* poutoe*. 11 bag* wheat; W 1 . Cousr. |a b^ 
litii*,a hags rag*, i bbt e«M. I b*g fl*« xeeT- 
JacksoaltoACm m b*’XSecaauod f» a t. V. HigV 

fe f bf* epplea ; J. W*. Bee nefi, 79 hag* /mte ' if u 

Bm. 1 baa* wool, rbdlsbldm.n.U. H I cm la w 
bea; llamMnn A Rru . n ram fl«x UsT? 

saiali;a5d wbitofMBi '•doiam 

•hd rvaaoMiiT^ *** P«Udw || M^ImToS 

t*e»e.' lito 

boxe* mdse. 9 prfepw rural are. tbanea.few-nT^- n » a^ potvafeam eawmektok-, ^ 

7 bar * d irwiw t asm, * car* bars, i car cdfll^ ii ^ dSTml?^, «toia.#to - . i 

IPonisrillt |outnaI. 



ScfM *rt wUioc in Mayivllle at $•' jo 

Tb« Bama oouaty railroad aiil be cold j 
Ifoadaj KoTCBber Ibifa. 

Ber. S. L Hein «• to take cbar^e of 
•be Ba^at Ckarck la llayaeillr. 

Near Itaaeille. tke other day, forty- 
•eeeo two yaar old ajolei were aold at $130 
^er bead. 

Bee. Isaac Gibaon. of Virginia, baa 
Becoaia the pastor of Trioity Cburcb, at 
i taoeille. 

Tbc Bet. Laosioc Burrova, of Stan- 
ford, baa bMD naaoiBoualy called to the 
First Baptist Cburcb, is CexiuKton, Mo. 

Tbe Owensboro MoHitor has receired 
fioBi Or. UoIbss, of Macon, Ga., a speci- 
aien of tbe leaf and blooas of tbe Chinese 
tea plant. 

Mike Carney raised 7,4fM) basbels of po- 
tatoes on ten acres of land, within four 
Biles of Mayseiile, and sold them at ' 
cetits per bushel. 

A few days a|to Capt Gee. Price, a law 
yer of Edmcnioo, bad a diSiculty with a 
Ban raaaed Boston, in which toe latter 
• as shot three times by Price, and killed. 

A Bcetiop was held in New Castle tbe 
other day for the purpose of orKanisinx a 
Becbanical and apriculiaral association. 
Tbe ecfaeme will donblllees be carried 

Tbe Mayseilie says ‘One of our 

Eeotncky traders, C G. Lintbicnm, has 
kocaied in Baltimore, and turned eeteri- 
naiy sarpeon on the homoepathic sys- 
tem. and is drivinf quite a successtui 

Tbe Msyseille Hulleti* of the jth says 
*‘Wc bear it whispered around by tbe loy- 
aliatt that Zeiple, or Ze^lor «iU 

contest tbe ri^t of Mr. Kioe to bis seat in 
Coacress a f» Nsm. McEet acainet 

Some lime apo a rock from a fire wall 
dieidinf the Maeonie Lod|te room from the 
resideoce of Mrs. Burfess, in MayseiUe, 
fell upon Mr. Carr, and be has brou^tht 
suit spainst tbe lodge for damsges. It u 
expected that tbe cate will be decided at 
tbe next term of tbe court. 

Tbe Dantille Adrorafe of tbe Ctb eays 
License wns issued by tbe (Msrk of our 
County Coart. oa yeaterday, for tbe mar- 
mace of Bee. Bo J. Breckinridge, D. D , 
to Mrs M F. White, of oar city, formerly 
«f Madteon. It was expected that the 
event would be celebrated, in dee form, at 
tbe residence of tbe bride, last night. 

A son of Mr. B. H. Bonitmre, living 
■oc far from New Castle, came very near 
lotiDg his life tbe other day by pratMdmg 
to commit saicide for tbe entertainment 
of a little negro with whom Im was play- 
log A rope tied to a bed poet aad en- 
or cling the neck of the Ix^ did tbe mis- 
raiei. borne hopes are entertained of 

gUatitS*"' “** 

The following divorcee were craated ai 
Circuit Court 

Joha Cbiiaa from Luauda Chiles abao 
doameot Amanda Gtbbe from MarsK” 

■aiv ^beru. abandonment, William 
Tntker from Elizabeth Tucker, abaodon- 
■seot Bridget Moran from Robert Moran 
abandonment, Nannie £. Cooper from 
lirlando Cooper, abandonment; Csssie 
Ann kilgore from Joaepb Kilgore, aban- 
donment; Joseph Kilgore from Catsie 
Ann Kilgore, abandonment 

h PSs I Merm Ketru. 

Brovnlow is ill again and bis condition 

There was a heavy frost in Atlanta. 
Cieorgia, oa tbc 3d. 

Tbs Memphis Medical College com- 
menced lU scasioii last Mon^y. 

Tbe planters of Florida are turning 
tbeir attention to cuUivating bananas. 

“Old Aunt Sookey" colored), aged 110, 
died ia Augusta, Ga., on tbe 1th insL 

Judge Shackleford, it is said, will be 
appointed to tbe Supreme bench of Ten- 

The Memphis Aralamrke declares iu 
purpose te support Grant iu its issue of 
the jth- 

Caps. W. H Mullins, of Tyler, Texss, 
•omaittird suicide recently by shooting 

Tbc first train of tbe Selma, Borne, and 
Dalton railroad reached Borne, Ga., on 
Tneeday last. 

A Farmers' State Convention is to meet 
on tbe second Wednesday in December, 
in Macon, Ga. 

Tbe Alabama and Florida and tbc Mo- 
bile aid Great Northern railroads bare 
been coaaolsdated. 

Frank Craig, of Marshal!, Texas, was 
accidently shot by Sam. Barton recentlr, 
and died from the efiecta of tbe woaud. 

Tbe beautiful now going the 

rcunds i®s press, entitled “Hidden 
enavas.'' was written by Miae Nattie Mason 
of Mobile, Alabama. 

Mias Della Sbacklaford, daughter of 
dodge Shackleford, of Mississippi, was 
marricl recently to Capt. J. C. Pneatley, 
of Canton, Mississippi. 

Mrs. Bailie Sutherland, a venerable 
My, of Augusu, Ga , died oa the third 
last., near there, aged lU, baring been 
born in 1764. Her husband was a solder 
in the Revolution. 

The Ftifmre of Parties 

Tbe Democracy bare baen dsfealed, bat 
we have many reasons to feel eacoorsged. 
Tbe best and strongest of these reasons is 
that in looking tbroagk the whole country 
we behold tbc high spirit of the Demo- 
cracy unbroken, its hope unabatod, and 
its determination anweakened. Main- 
taining principles ns indestructible at tbe 
rock of agos, aad maintained by then., it 
scorns to let itseli becaM down by defeat, 
and calmly relies oa tbe future with a con- 
fide ncc unshaken by this late reverse, 
which msy probably prove s much lest 
ditaster to itself than to iu enemiec 

Let no Iiemocrat derpond. No true 
Democrat does. No gsanine Democrat 
will. Me have many things ti encourage, 
nothing to discourage us. The path of 
duty is plain before ns. It does not lie 
all in tbc sunshine, but it leads to the 
goal of success We mutt and we shall 
succeed. Oar opponenu will soon find 
tbemselves ia the midst of a host of 
donbu, perplexities, tronblcs and internal 
suifea Tlwy cannot, if they would, con- 
tinue to administer tbe govorament as 
have administered it, and as they ex- 
pect to administer it hereafter. A vast 
moanlain-range of debt rises up before 
tbeir eyes to appal them, and they could 
never surmount it even if they should at- 
tempt, from tbit time forth, to practice 
the reverest economy- At least one Uatt 
of them will in a abort time go openly 
for thorongb repudiation, and one 
kalf of the oMr half will g» 
foe Ike payment of every species of tbe 
public debt ia tbe currency of the conn- ^ 
•e-V. Tbe party will be rent asunder, and 
monody knows what portion of it General 
Grant will take sides with. Aad probably 
it matters little which side be espousee. 
for, go as be msy, and do at be will, be 
oonnot maintain the unity of bis party or 
ev*n contribnu to iu mainUnance. He 
cannot save either it or himself from 
imliiical anaibilatioa. Never before wa.« 
tbe country in so bad and deplorable a 
^diuoa as that into which radicalism 
hat brought it during the last four years, 
•bd bwr a party so U1 fiued at tbe 
radical party to meet tbe fearful teeponsi- 
bilities of such an exigency asU aowup- 
OB na It has raiaed a fiend, and 
plants itself direcUy and threateningly 
before it. It baa not the strength 
to grapple him nor tbe skiU to flank bim 

In leas than six months, tbc Democratic 
party will be a happy party in comparison 

• Kb tbe radicuL Me baUeve that tbe 
DemocraU are even now far happier and 
more complaceat than the iauUigeot aad 
thoughtful portion of tbe radicals. 

■tf'It is worth remembering, among 

the other evil deeds ef tbe radical de- 
atructives, that, altkongh a standing army 
•r sixty tboosand men is maiataiaed at 
cnormoas COM, the frontier settlers have 
been left almoM wholly unprateeted. the 
great mase of the military force beiag 
Kept in the Bonikem Blaus to maiauin 
tke bogus, reralntionary, negro govem- 
aaenu tkere. White men are murdered, 
white womea ealyactod to atrocities worse 
than death, white children tortured aad 
hutokcred before their pareau eyee. hnn- 
dredr of happy homes are desolated, and 
kke whate fraatiar girea up to ladies har- 
kariuas, while thonsaads of aoldiers are 
Kept eg the aawortby office of protectiag 

• gang of worthless scaluwagr and as 

"I lie Ivoiitliriii Male* Tlie I u- 


The Presidrntisl vote bat settled at 
lestt onefset of "rent interest and mo- 
ment This fact is, that, in all the elec- 
ticBswkicb shall take place in the South | 
af:er tbe removal of the radical nightmare 
from her breaat, tbe vote will be a solid 
one for tbe Democracy. Tbe retnlts in 
Lruisiana, Georgia, and Alabama, whether 
all three of those States hare actually 
elected Democratic electors or not, prove ; 
this beyond tke poeaibility of aoy rational ' 
donbt Virginia, Mississippi and Texas, ^ 
bad they been allowed to vote, would have   
tUcted Democratic electors by overwhelm- . 

icig msjorities. but the radical Congress, | 
toreaceieg this, disfranchised them. Tbe . 
cacred rights of three great Slates were 
extinguished by a pufl of radical wind 
from tbe Congressional balls. Still six 
of the ten Southern States are as nnde- 
D^sbly Ifemoora'ic as they would be if they 
bsd voted uuauimously for Seymour and 
Iklair. And tbe whole ten, as soon at a 
measuie of freedom shall be restored to 
ilem all, sill, as we have said, go upon 
ai cccasioas in solid column with and for 
tli»- Democracy. 

If a vote forGrant and Colfax has been 
wrested or sostched from anyone of the 
Southern States, tbe thing has been done 
br trick, by fraud, by oppression, by in- 
timidation, by violence, by the denial of 
tie right of free euflrage to the people. 
Gen. Grant has no just or plaosable title 
or color of title to the vote of any one of 
tie Southern Stoles, even tbongb it may 
have been formally caat for him. No 
supporter of Grant, however strongly 
and fiercely parti lan he may be, thinks or 
can possibly for a moment think that the 
pronounced radical mojority in Tennessee 
or South Carolina or North Carolina or 
Ilorida is an honest one. Everybody 
knows that Grant and radicalism have in 
those States no strength worth mention- 
irg or taking into account Tbeir votes 
will of course be counted for bim, but the 
counting will be an act of downright vil- 
lainy and infamy — nothing less or more, 
li will be a deed of robbery ,in comparison 
with which tbe rob’iery practiced by high- 
waymen is excutoble. Seymour and Blair 
have carried New York, New Jersey, sod 
Delaware, and tbe electoral votes of those 
three Statee, together with the votes of 
tbe whole Soutbem States, votes to 
which tbe Democratic candidatea are as 
much entitled as they are to the right to 
brratbe. are enough to elect them to tbe 
Presidrncy and Vice Presidency. Tbey 
arc rightfully elected, and to deny them 
tbc offices to which tbey are elected is po- 
litical and moral sconndreliam, and notb- 
irg else under Heaven. This may be plain 
talk, bnt certainly it it not too plain for 
tbe occasion. 

The infernal grip of radicalism npon 
the throats of tbe Southern States cannot 
long be maintained. If an attempt were 
made to maintain it hereafter for any 
coDtiderable length of time, a large por- 
tion and the better portion of the radicals 
ibvmselvrs would lift tbeir strong voices 
and tbeir strong hands indignantly and 
avengiegty against it. Those States 
must sMn be free, as free as any State 
upoB the CoBlineat or upon the Earth. 
And we all know how, when they find 
themselves free, they will use their recov 
ered freedom. They will all elect Demo- 
c Stic Lfgislaturea. They will all elect 
Democratic members of Congress. They 
will all support Democratic caadidatM 
for tbe Presidency and Vice Preaideocy. | 
By tbeir powerful aid, we shall triumph in 
every political (tmggle. Through them 
and by them, future victories are assured 
to the national Demoraev. Therefore we | 
can well endure the present condition of 
things and exult whilst euduring it. M’e ' 
can wait patiently and even contentedly, | 
for 'tis but a little while that we shall 
have to wait. The coming years are hur- 
I rying toward oa, and they bear for us 
I glory upon their golden wings. Even 
j BOW we greet them from afar. 

A Rasliral Ikodgrr 

I The cmiasioB of the great mass of the 
New Orleans negroes to vote on the dsy 
ot the Presidenual election is calculated 
to give rise to speculation. As soon as 
we saw tbe fact stated, we clearly under- 
stood the whole purport and aignificance 
of it. Me saw that it was intended to 
give to the negroes and carpet-baggers s 
pretext for baviag the New Orleans elec- 
tions set aside on the plea that the ne- 
groes were kept from the polls by intim- 
idation. I'be managers of the affair de- 
signed. by the use of such means, to get 
j the radical candidatea for Congreis de- 
clared by Mt body to be elected. And 
j few, we think, can assert, with any con- 
fidence, that suck will not be the result. 
Congress is bad enough to do tbe very 
worst that tbe New Orleans negroes and 
Bcalawagt or any other negroes and •  al- 
awagi may expect of if or claim from it. 
It will perpetrate tbe projected outrage 
if it shall see that tbe radical party would 
be benefited by the perpetration. 

Tbe following is from the New Orleans 
CretcetU of the ltd instant, the day of tbe 

eleotiOB : 

A complete organization of tbe police, 
tbe most ample arrangemenu to preaerre 
order and protect every voter in his in- 
gress and egrets to and from the polls 
^ve bean effected. There is not a shadow 
of dt^er to ftcy oae rotiog freeljr io &oy ^ 
part of our city. Responsible, conserva- 
tive citizens, of tbe moet responsible po- 
sitions aad character, have united to at- 
tend the polls and preserve order. The 
multiplicity of polling booths will prevent 
crowding and pressure or excitement in 
the several precincts. And yet. in spite 
of nil these assurances of a peaceful elec- 
tion, of perfect safety to every suffragan, 
the cunning radical managers, seeing their 
defeat inevitable from a full vote, have hit 
I uton tbe ezpHient of keeping the ne- 
I groes from voting, in order to make up a I 
I case of duress, so u to foiat Messrs. 8y- ' 
j pLer and Shelden into Congreas, just as 
tw(-niy-aix radicals have been smuggled 
iito the Legislature, - by the 

simple and utterly false aver- 
ment that the negroes were pre- 

vinted by violence and menaces from 
voting. Bo that if Messrs St Martin and 
Hunt have twenty thousand majorities 
over Sheldon and Sypber, the latter are 
to present themselves to Congress and 
claim to be legally elected. That was the 
game so snccestfnlly played in onr Legis- 
lature. It is supposed that the compoei- I 
tioB of Congiess is no better t^o that of 
cur Legislature, and tkat tbe radical ma- 
jority will sanction a like villainy. M'e 
do not think tbey will But Sypber sod 
Sheldon intend to try it Tbe smaller 
tbeir vote, the atronger will be tbeir claim 
to tbeir seats in Congress. Tbe fewer ne- 
gro votes polled, the greater will be the 
Lumber who were frightened from voting. 
Of course it will be assumed that all the 
negroes would vote tbe radical ticket. 
Sheldon and Sypber and the rest think j 
(bey are eafe withont an election or a ! 
ccunt. Tbey are already packing tkeir 
carpet bags for a flight to the national 

Bball See. 

We shall toon tee, from watching tbe 
acta of tbe radicals, whether they regard 
tbe late election as a aolemn warning to 
them or look npon it as licensing them to 
do whatever tbeir nnscmpnlous ambition 
or their bit'er malice or tbeir vulgar and 
insatiable cupidity may dictate. It mat- 
te ra little to US politically, so far S£ the 
great future is concerned, whether they 
uke the one view or tbe other. No heed 
that tbey can give to warnings and mo- 
Lilione, and no audaciousness that tbey 
■nay display in tbe itdulgeoce of their 
UL bridled passions, will avail to save them 
from tbeir evil destiny when tbe naiioo'i 
next verdict shall be rendered and its 
sentence pronounced • 

If our form of government is to con- 
tinue, its spirit must be changed. If we 
are to have a republic in name, we must 
have one in fact. And if we are to have 
a permanent republic, the Democracy 
must and will govern it. No other party, 
and eepccially no such party as the radical 
parly, can govern it. That party has had 
tbe last eight years for tbe trial of its ad- 
ministrative ability, and tbe country is in 
a moribund condition. It draws its 
bresOh slowly aad gaspingly. If it lives, 
tbe radical party matt die. Both cannot 
breathe tbe same atmosphere. 

B^It is not possible that tbe Democ- 
racy will ever think Gen. Grant fit to be 
President, but, if be aball pursue an hon- 
est, independent, and truly patriotic 
course, be will fare much better at tbe 
bai ds of tke Democracy than at those of 
the radioala. If be daree to urge wise aad 
pstrietic measures (which we don't ex- 
pect) tbe Domocrats will thus far austain 
bim, and the radicals will curse him as a 

Keep qoiir ( •■nlWIf'iiCf*. 

Miuorities ill our rnkiJential election 
lure repeatedly become majorities in the 
• ' xt. Abd this historical fact may well 
'■•ik.liten at.d ftreefhen our hopes and 
oui coufidence, for, lu i.,. '•*« election, I 
»r cast a far larger vote than ever [ 
(cit before by any miaerity in this coun- | 
try. I nder a Ibonsand dieadvan'ages, we ' 

have exhibited a might that is a sign and ! 
a prophecy of future victory. M’e have ; 
kept a shadow of the old gOTeromeDt,and t 
we shall soon change tbs shadow to sub- I 
stance. Me have been stricken dswu, j 
but, like Aot.i-ns, we are stronger for hav- j 
it g touched our mother earth, and there 
is LO Hercules to hold us aloft in the air 
at.d strangle ux 

  -rant, in the Presidential office, may 
ait as he chooses, the radical party io 
power msy take what course it will, but, ; 
whatever the President and the party may . 
do, tbe Democracy can repose io tbe con- 
lideiice that the future is their rich her- 
itage. Tbeir coming accession to power 
IS, of all future events, one of tbe most 
iuivitable. '*ne thing at least is as abso- 
lutely certain as if the prophet Daniel 
bad foretold it — either the government 
will go down and go out or the Democracy ' 
will govern. j 

Tbe t.roiinils on liicli ( i uut 
as aw Ele 'le l. I 

Our people were asked to support Gen. : 
Grunt for a great many alleged reasons, ; 
bnt we are not aware that anybody was | 
asked to vote for bim on tbe ground   
that, if elected, be would remove any of ' 
tbe existing causes of the tremendous I 
expenditures of tbe government, or on 
tbe ground that be would restore the 
Southern people to the principles and tbe 
practice of the free and independent self- 
government which they are now ruthlessly 
denied, or on the ground that be would 
an eat or even attempt to arrest the w,ld 
tush of our whole political system toward 
centralization and consolidation. Not 
on these or any similar grounds or on 
any worthy grounds whatever has Gen, 
Grant's election been urged. His friends 
are pledged to do salutary measure what- 
ever, and be himself is pledged to none. 
They and he undoubtedly give every in- 
dication that tbey will be mere self-aeek- 
eis throngbont their whole term of power. 
It will be our duty to do everything we 
can, be it ranch or little, (and we have j 
reason to hope and trust that it will be j 
much) to restrain them in their •elfish 
sod injurious career. Let us not give 
tbem a moment's rest if tbey persist in 
their political ini inities. 

ff^iiaranteeliig a “K«publican 
Foraa of UoverBnient.'* 

Tbe article which we copy below sap- 
plies a striking exeraplificatioo of the 
radical poMcy of “peace.'' Out of some 
SIX hundred voters in a township, fifteen 
are allowed the privilege of the ballot! 
This is tbe disgraceful system which ia to 
be perpetuated and extended bybayonetx 
It ia by soch bate retorts that a Kepobli- 
can triumph ha.- been achieved in M'est 
V irginia, where, if a full vote were allowed, 
tkat party would be buried beneath 20,000 
majority . 

“A Farce — Happening in Charlestown 
on 'Tfaursdsy last, we had an opportunity 
ot witnesaiog s M’est Virginia election(! ) 

I Lis township or district formerly polled 
between five and six hundred votes. The 
rigiitration books this year, as fnraisbed 
to tbe supervisor, contained the names of 
fiiteen voters, all told. Theae were of 
course, deemed loyaL The polls were 
opened, tbe election progressed, and at 
sui set eleven patrioU had exercised the 
privilege of the bi^lloL Tbe rads made a 
mistake, however, in calculating upon to 
large a proportion of leyalty in that dis- 
ttict, for only two of the eleven voted the 
rtidical ticket It was the most farcial of 
all the election farces ever enacted in 
in M’est Virginia — that ‘bastard offspring 
of a political rape.' ''— WinckesUr Timet. 

•^.The New York TVmestays, “choose 
ye this day whom ye will serve." For 
our own part, we shall make no sack 
choice, either to day or to-morrow. M'e 
doL t propose to “serve any being except 
the Almighty. M'e were not constituted 
to be a aerrant. M’e prefer to be a free- 
n an. Such politicians as the editor of 
(he Times can select masters, and proba- 
bly they ahould. Me hope that they will 
not be overworked npon tbe radical plan- 

•9*Tbe radiesJs glorily Stanton by 
calling him tbe best and greatest Secre- 
tary of Mar that ever lived, and they 
glorify Grant becaose, when be succeded 
Stanton, he cut off io three weeks many 
tLousands of Stanton's ezpendiiurei as 
unnecessary, profligate, and iooliab. It 
reems to ns that tbey should stint a little 
their glorifications of either the one or the 
oiber. And they can take their choice 
between tbe two. 

**“'1 he negroes at AugusU (Ga ) were 
told by tbeir white-faced leaders, that all 
of them bad a right to vote in all the 
*ardi, but, that not one of them must let 
the judges know that he voted in more 
more than one, because the judges were 
Iiemocrats who wanted to deny tbe ne- 
gioes their rights. ‘ M’e'll keep dark," 
said the negroes." 

M e are badly whipped, and are waiting 
patiently for some newspaper wit to say 
that the Democratic parly feels like Laz- 
ains when be was “licked by the dogs." 
It will come . — Louitcille Oom ier, 

ff iU come ’' M’ith M'hig snbitltuted 
for “Democratic”, it came in the Louis- 
ville JocRNAL twenty-four years ago. And 
it baa since “come" in a great many other 

M e did hope that one of the conse- 
queniet tf the Presidential election 
would be tbe ejection of tbe thousands of 
tflicial thieves from their places. But we 
•te disappointed. These are piping 
timet with the thieves all through the 
country. Tbeir greatest wi: h ia that they 
had a hundred eyes, like Argus, to watch 
(or chances to steal, and a hundred hands, 
like Briarens, to steal with. 

I oes any man in this country wish the 
next four years of our history to resemble 
those that have juat past i’AiY. Tele- 
grapk, (Radiral). 

Certainly not, and yet the party, that 
baa controlled everything for the last lour 
years, is. by what pastes as the fiat of the 
people, to be continued ia power for the 
next four. It seems au inglorious thing 
to humbug a people to easily humbugged. 

Tbe rsdicsit of General Butler's 
District have re-elected bim to Congress 
; by a large majority. 'Tis well. 'Tis ap- 
piopriate. Mitbont Butler, the circle of 
radicalism io Congress would be incom- 
plete. An important segment would be 
wanting. And the want couldn't be sup- 
plied. Radicalism and Butler must and 
sill perish together, for neither can live 
silLouttbe other. 

Radical rule means high taxes. It 
ir.esoa exirsvsgsoce and corrnp'ion. It 
roeatis national bankruptcy. It means 
tke destruction of the Constitution. It 
means tbe degradation of tbe white race. 

It means tbe indefinite continuance of 
Southern misery and desolation. It uivaus 
despotism or anarchy or both. It means 
all that is revolting in human govern- 

tfif' K dark cloud has obscured the 
beams of the sun. But it may pass away 
like other clouds, and leave tbe great lu- 
minary as bright and glorious as ever. 
The sun may set in darkness, but it will 
not be extinguisbed. 

' Tb«* ffiJbkB witiiio bi« t #4. 

Atid auoa repairs bia droopla^f bead 

A ud Uteks bts bcaica, abd alUi uear-apKitfled ore 
Flaosea la ibeferebead of tbe moroloK aky.' 

a#* Some of tbe radical organs call up- 
on tbe radical Senators to reject the 
electoral vote of I-ouitiana. Let tbeia re- 
ject it if tbey choose. No Democrat can 
have an objection to their heaping up for 
themselves “wrath against the day of 
wrath." That day will toon come. It can’t 
be chained on the other tide of the earth. 

Grant was great even in boyhood 
at breaking horsee. But never before did 
be bestride so vicious a nag as radicalism. 
M's will wait and tee whether tbe man 
breaks the nsg or the nag the man, or 
each the other. 

Mfflt is said that the victorious Grant 
smokes since the election ssore inveter- 
ately than ever. Hisbrilliaut note gleams 
through tht smoke of his cigsr like a 
powder flash through the duo smoke of 

•f J The .Vugusta 'tia.' ItejmhlicaH ! Tbe radicals fiwv-' carried the elec- I TOBACCO AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. ' SPECIAL NOTICSB AGENTS WANTED 

-i ts that “(iiant will make a generous ! lii n, but if they don't relax their grasp — - _ _ — . ~ _ ' ■_ — — — - . _ _ . " 


i'lesident. ' He will not dare thus to dis- | ninn the throat of the country, they may cto. w. wicks 
M point the hopes and forfeit the aupport i gtt lUtir Angers snipped otf. w 

'I the party that lias elected him. Will 

To punish tbe South for what is 

eiii.g the lender bosom that has warm- t sil, d her obduracy, the radicals strike 

t  and fostered him? Is he soch an in- her n terrific and perhaps mortal blow 

tbst falls upon South and North alike. 

The At IT AVu, tbs radical organ at B^r„..Tbe New York Tribune all the 
Ailanta. says: “From this time. let us lime begs tbe radicals not to let them 

1 peace; let love pervade every selvt-s be defrauded. 
hiiHi-t. No doubt love will pervade ihtni not to defraud 
.xery radical breast--tbe love of spoils, ^ M’el^aited tl 

il e lore of office, tbe love of partisan on , . , , 

d  ntial election wii 

picesion. the love ol hate and vengeance. , 

But it never asks 

Irani, elected President, won’t 
t .-ign his oflice of President, and Col- 
fax, elected Vice-Piesident, won't resign 
hisbffice of Speaker of the House. Each 
(if them is tar more likely to be a caiiji 
date for a third office than to resign either 
of the two be has got. 

•rn M’e awaited the result ot^the Presi- 
dential election with profouun interest. 
M'e await what is to follow with interest 
as profound. 

geR' Tbe election is over. M'e thank 
God and ourselves that we do not own any 
government bonds. If our friends do, we 
wish them well. 



And Gciieriil Commission Meiclianis, 



M^sville Cotton Yarns, Batting, Twine, &c., 

N'o. loss AIaIxt St., XxO'uxs'\7'illo, :K.y., 

SIMII.1A SIMILIBUS CUR.VNTUR. ' QOO Irmal Ksd Dffurlire #f TriJM 


' the two be has got. WST Our neighbor of the Couriei says 

_ r : T.- ct the election, “the agony is over. No, 

m. Geo Grant, from and for some 

time alter tbe lib of March, will be the 
most absolute monarch in Christendom. 
But bow long will the diadem rest upon 

$iif" We thought that we had figured out 

bis bead and the sceptre remain unbroken a victory, but the figures were delusive, 
io bis band’’ M e feel half tempted to cut all sorts of 

It is said to be a general and all ’'•(•'res he reafter. 

but ucirersai thing that those radicals who tktflr' M'berever radicalism makes its ap- 
lost bets in any of tbe late elections re- pearance, the angel of peace spreads her 


4’orarr mf Nrronil fiB4 Wafrlaln^luD Mreet*, Laal«vlll«», lk7«Z' 



K o L' li I’ H s r u 10 r , 

■V^ill oyioxx 0 X 1 xxozmt 


Mffivp proTPd. Dt m tb« znoat *mpi« 
iQ.tre Aoet'fm: fumplp— Prompt-KAclPot aad . 
luiiabf*. Tbpy ar« otlf Mvdiclnps pw^fectlj 
Kdapi^'d to popalmr uaw to ffiiaipleibat mStakoi 
t •iiuot be la u^ng tbem ; eo harmlesa as to 

i e ireo frum danger, aad ao efflclent aa to be 
aiiraya reUable. Thej have raieed tbe b!gheet 
cuiuBiff ndailoB froaa all. aad will aiwajareoder 

Noa. Ceata. 

I C* rea Feeera. Congeetloa, laSaamatlooa .it 
VI orMa, Wurai Fewer, Worm Colir .H 
t *• C r.TloS'd «»llr orTeetbingof Inraott-ij 
4 ** DImrrIbeo of Cblldrea or Adalta... 

I e Dia«ater7,i«r)plag. Bilious Cultc It 

« « bolora-.H^rbffta, Voiuiliuc. .S 

7 t'ouebe. Cuid«, Hi njctutbi S 

• Deoi^ticlo, '1  •Oibsebe. Faeea  lie % 

, 9 ileoao«»i ee,’Hkck Heartache. Vertigo .is 

Iv P.4 loas atomarb......... . .ti 

, II buppre— e4or Faiaftil Peno4i 

1? ** lb h ilea, too profuse PeriuOfi......... it 

I li *’ € rff»t4|». Oriigh, iHfllcult Br**«tbing. . gj 

[ It 

; la KbeMiMMlIttWi, Ha**umauc P»ias . Si 

I l« FeterA A^we, CbiU Fever. Agues.. Au 

:? •* Pile*, bliao Of H:ceding ........ ......... .Ae 

It Optbrnlna^, aad sore or Weak 

' Ik e'wlmrrb. actue or chmaic, lDduenxa..te 

£kt ■* V% bpwpl«c-eo«ifli, Vloleut Cougbs.JO 

tl '* .Aalbwaa. « fpprvfMPd Breatblng.....^.... ja 

.“i Knr laterbwrsee. Impmrv^l II« ariuk.Jfo 

' i.% bff'rwfMlw, haiiai^p I Ul-sad.n.'ssseiiiug^M 

*.4 ** «nrner*«i D  bMlt 7 . Pb^sical Weakaeftflje 

VV'zVNTED— A few exp,-nenccd 

* * raeeaiwtng Toeoraiiee Agents popular 

WANTED— A^nt9—f:i0 to $50 

V \ per week caa be mad# bp mai# er fbmate 

4»ith Ua^actoa s crfvbraM •I'^iag «uei eaedW 

L»4'baj;e*. Kvefp tadp wlfi have oae. FoarpM- 
tmrn lu tach packsgp. Srad ceao» (or wvmpia 
pa' bare aad fifcu-ar. C. K. LININOTOY « 
!iootb Hslvted M..Cbf ago. aUdlm 

Mwebvtiao KwM r wwtt. 

Arrive. Daport 
2Vasbv*ea»d WempbiaBatt... t.U r. M. b • A. M. 
Naab. aad Memphis Ft p resa A- M. 9JA F ■. 

Crab Orrbard Kxpr»a* IS K F. II TJ» ▲. M. 

Bardatuwa Accom modatioh- iaib A. M. iAb F. M. 

bwA Frwwbfaad KwlIrwmAB 



Arrive. rwpwrt. 
..ia V A X tit A. M. p X. AiaF. X. 
. • M A. If . ai* r. s. 

'ANTED. — The De Soto Mataxl etJ v J.'.' mTSaTI 

ft Life laa. I'o. caa give enpl*« 7 ineat taaev- a* K ’ r. X., dal'7» 

eral rU7 aoiicito.a aad alao to trawiiag ageais oa 


fuse to pay. Thoj made the beta for tbeir ivbite widk^ and poises them for her home 
caodidaiea benetii, and they refuse pay* in bearen. 

n-ent for th eir own. , radicals deem that the only 

frlTGen. Canby, it is said, succeeds the honest men of the country are those who 
miscreant ReynoTds as military com- cheat and defraud and swindle for radi- 

mander of Texas. Doubtless this is some calism’s benefit. 

improvement, but doubtless there might Bailer’s District has endorsed him 

and should have been a much greater im- j^o honest men would endorse bim except 
provement. bj writing their names upon his back w.tS 

Now is the time when all Demo- a hot iron. 

crata should stand unflinchingly up for 
what tbey believe in. Tbe Democrat who 
falters is a recreant, a traitor, and a cow- 
ard. He should have tail and horns like 
a biute beast. 

WdT A radical paper in Tennessee says, 
“Tbe Devil is dead”. M'ell, Brownlow 
will be soon. And bow will hell and Ten- 
nessee get along then'f 

! 1^.. There is a good deal of politics io 

Sof Gen. Butlir is elected, but he tLe Uev. Henry Ward Beecher s religion, 
enrsed awfully before tbe election. If so-called, but no religion in his politics. 

“curses, like young cbickent, come home ~ 7! j : 

/ , (9;. Tbe national puree IS all the time 

to rocsl, bit mouth must be a regular . j J. , . . , 

’ wide open. Ibe radicals at Masbiogtoo 

i^.se-roost. It always look. a. filthy a. puckering string, 

if It were a hen-roost. 

“77, 7~. ' a^'There are a great many ba ha's on 

W M e did not succeed in extracting 

tbe rotten and aching tooth ^ 0 “ “ e ul- Democrats. 

cerated jaw$ ot ine country at the nrat 

pull. We muat adjuat the forcepi and The contest ragioK in this country 


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1 PalMivI rvrl«»4a, wiihHpMmt ,. Sa 

M tkvKef al Cbaogaof Lift» i uo 

--4 t:i4ll«^y. paama. \*Uus' I uoce 1 w 

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or kS I4» 7# vlala, *r 

r o a4*to fae. rwalmiMisc m a^vrl- 
Mr r«r rt«ry •rollBAry ollaat«aa m 
raoMail.v iaaai^ertl», A«oka mf 

tlirrrll^Ma.. From BIB to BBS 

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with K to K vlain From BB to B^ 

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YV^ANTEI) — A compJtontCarpen- 

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‘Riowa’a Patent Improved R ibaer Mnkliag aad 
Weather Strip.’* lowborn tha egcloww «ale af it 
wt l be fivea. Appiteaol* wtll »ddr -4a H F. 
BROW N . Lootavtlle, stating where they mav be 
“» en. a  Jt 

AVAN TED- - 2,0(Hl to 3,00« bbl» of 

* * Ruaaet aad Paachblow PoiAto*a 

Irrhffl BBS Df^rtBTt gf .HailB 

FUHtK Laula. Xo — IB:!a M. ftrW p 3 

^oadiw. Loaia.Xo. tlK P ^ uj p 5 

ladttmap'V A i'hicaco. .Yt'.ja ir imPM 

aataad lad. A i*hirajia. \zm P.IL faw aJm 

Ftrat Nashville. Xemphia, A ^ A^ 

aUhaothavm Malta nwPX. «4hA,W 

Berood NmhvtUe, M. mph.s 

A New Ovtaana g-jg p.jg. 

rim Laalaftoa Fraakior.. 

m^'av Xaila nm P X X:«AJi 

B ec o a d Laji.uat« a, kroah- 
tort. A Way Xatta - - t:ga P.X. 7M 9M 

99 Theae Ramaaiaa, except POSI D*^ KX rXACT, 
by the caaa or «1ng!a box, ara beat to aay port ad 
toa coaatty, by mail or expreas, fraa of chanta. oa 

M l. »oi*vlfla. New Alhaay, aod Jeflbrw avitto of , . — s— „ IZM X. tdi A.A 

m naiaa..-M liiowa s Pateat Improved R ibher MokHag aad ’ Mvaa viii# 

^raiber Strip.’* lowborn tha exetoww sale af tt 

ftveo. Applleaoi* wtll »ddr -4a H F. Fridaya, _ ^ 

g I ^ BROW N , Loa}*v!l:e. Matliig where ihev mav be ^ All 

\VA-' TKD--2,o(Hitoa,oo«bbi.of 

iraruM u) U H. H KWITP * CO. T»j lorw».U» • ■om^I*- 

n 2 d  M-  M Wnt Waia w. Imvot TMtoara. Tbiu»- 

— - . . _da? a ud HMDrd»7S___ It-St P.M. SXt PJL 

• »r \\ ANTED — Ten thonitond dollant i auw- - ito „ p. 5 * p! X 

■wl- ior OM jMr u M M cnt. Uao4 Mcaritv 

...... t mSHVIlLE 


-WtoM LX K KENT— Store- honito No. 69 AAIUIOAS UWB. 

A isiztk urv*i. hMw—D Maio ud XarkM. Psv TTT7 
— IvtiumHUIrv^lPUl.MKKAtAiNI-BKLr.. X0.2SI Alim^Himt jV^ml 

uiwuiu" opposU, LodUTlIldHowl. 

REN T- A splendid suble ' 

It. to tl 73 kir-vf. g StSbUSt-..:.';':! S 1 5 

yoR RENT-Dweiiing-A piew- iS;ts;.T8J;L=::z:VSt5: 1 SJ S’ 

Ica.^. oa , J utlv ,Uiiai,dtwo.KurT bcH. dw-Ulu hoiM, ' amvo •» liobilo — UaoAlM. 

AV^ANTED — Ten thontond dollani 

'• ior ou pur u M DOT cnt. iioad Mcaritv 
glT D. Xdilr r«"W. lhloom -o. oil dll 

F .)R KENT — Store- honae No. 69 

ISIzth urul. hotw—o Main ud Xukot. Pat 

POND'S KXTtt.afT -*■ mzta orul. hotw—o Main ud MuUoi. Pov 


■ JIT iUr^VirJjr*TJu'u"TlI3Jsi?iIjr ^ - Mala »t.. uppoan, Loanvllla Mowl. a a dtf 

mjZi F^R rent- a splendid euble 

DIva-dlas m' Ur Lwaa*. Nsauwefc. mtr -i- and carrla«a-hoaM. on OalUzr. hatwara Pra» 

arPlIaa l,..iu,l'l««ra.oie «Mr^ and Br.».k. Apply lo J. V. sdxrrKNO in.. Xo 

rrua 3« Ota to tl 73 ' r, Jr».rw n or dU 

Huapferf)!’ Spccllc HemtopaltM Bcettltc Ca., 

OBcf Ud Depot No. 3SS Bboadwat, N. T. 

Dr. Ilt'MVBhKTf) Iu ctWMiUed dAiljr at btaolBca. 
peruoaoiiy or by laitar, aa aooea, for aU forma of 


O. a. I’ARKY. aod 
J. W e* ^ToN A CO.. 

 VX. W*. SMITH, cor. 4tb A Xkl., 

3 mtly •Itnatedtwo-atiicj bcKk dw^Ulaa hou»av 
No. XT Broadway, betweah Jacuuoo aod Kaaooch, 
coBialoMic al«bt rooma aad a food rellar-gaa 
tbrouahout coal houua, cat nane-aottaa, aod au^ 
ble^tha eatira bnUdlBcv batata good madliioh 
PwanaaKcagivahLoamaaiawiy. Apply to 


net dif ro Main at, bat, i^veaih aad Eight A 


Aiv6 it another turn. We will wreoch it 1 ig a contest between popular rightd and I iboae aaediug aaoppiy of Dry Goods will do well locaii andiexamiua for thamaaivaa. 

out or “break things. ' official prerogative. 

frV Tbe Springfield (Mass.) Hepubli- ■QL.Radicalism would strip ui of all 
coil talks about Mr. Stanton's “long and rights except the right to paj taxes and 
terribly bard aervice in the MTar Depart- the right to starve. 

His service wu more terribly 

He seems to know as little about the I himself. 

M'esf a pecuniary affairs as the West does Xhe merchants and bankers tell ns 

•bout bis. that there are more unsafe safe than safe 

I be editor of the Albany Ecening 

al on Saturday bade his political I^Tbe I-'reedmen's Bureau stands as 
I “look out for frauds". Tbey fully revealed in all its nakedness as if it 

Journal on Saturday bade his political 
friends “look out for frauds". Tbey 

promptly “looked out", as hs intended I had no drapers. 

tbey should, for opportunities to perpe- ^ trembling 

trate em^ ^j. nerves on acconnt of the 

If the radicals had thonght that the election, we would tear it out. 

election of Grant would tranqailize tbe 
c( uDtry, tbey wouldn’t have voted for 
him. Tbey enjoy the calm as little as a 
sea-mew or a storm-petrel. 

aw As a military man, Gen. Grant 
probably did bis own thinking. As Pres- 
ident, be is likely to have thoughts 
ground out for his use from tbe ever-coo- 
venient thinking-machines aronnd him. 

Tbe world wonld be none the worse ofl' if they may find it gunpowder. 

Kil. were to kill Butler, aod Butler were 
to kill Kil. 

A German paper says that there aWM’e have been defeated for the 
was, on the lOlh uU., a black rain in one present, bnt the future is long. 

of the provinces of that country. We 

bave a black reign all the time in one of flW'The negroes of the Sonth kill for a 
the sections of this country. living. 

L'oitrd States Senator Yatet. He is a 
tfoiperance fanatic. Be has taken tbe 
((mperance pledge a score of times. Oh, 
Le's a model! 

•W^The editor of tbe Boston Commen- f'.rr vmrivty of miiaicai i.ood, »i7 b Ir J 3 

.X- L .L . .L T. J-. lowi-ricby S-orSM TKII-H, 

Health ibinks that tbe Democratic editors AtvnirurBiwvfiasActi.'AUHuiii HUBiiAvs, 
had better hold their tongues. We will ' _ ■- «n ni*wi sz aod w j,e.,noa .irveu 

hold bis if be will lend ns a pair of avxtion jiabt 

tongs. BT WHARTOXff A CO.. 

" , — “ ■ — , I 71 Funnh tl.. oodex NotlooAl Uoi«l. 

MV Me don t know that Stanton is a , mflis ^Satu^ lay) iioriiing, at 10 
rffulhr ChblDet*lDhk€r bj trhdB, but hB ' o’clock, win be sold «lArgv and varladoAiiurt- 

made the Freedmen's Bureau. And a I 
first-rate job he made of it for hi. owa , 

purpOMS. i arrived, lo good order; wiibalotof Fancy 

— - loya We rv«p -ctrtilly Invite all to come ODd see 

... J ua J J- lor iLemseives wtihoDi reserve. 

pariDepobUc debt aod expenditures whahton a co.. Auctioneere. 

•W The public debt aud expenditures 
me C'Mting tbe country 11,000 a minute. 
Tbey do not bait for an instant. Tbey 
never sleep. Night and day, tbeir course 
is onward. 

W* All the radicals of the country are 
si  many worms boring into the dykes by 

Assignee's Notice. 

In ikp Dlatrlrt Conri of the l olled aiAte, for tbe 
District of kt atucky. In tbe lUAUer of W tlilam 
R. Deutoo, bunkruiH. 

To xt^tom If v%an mnerm } 

(j’JJE undersigned hereby gives no- 

^ lireofbM Appoiouueui u AHlzueeof Wll.Un 

which tbe ocean of ruin is partiallv kent b*vu Adjudged » fwikniut, upon hu own p.- 
f J I niioD. Iw the Iiuirlrt roort or »ld DtAtrtei, be'ore 

Irom sweeping and thundering over our R*.  -rtOoui.bArd, x.-.)., Ke^iMer m B.Dkruptcy, 

M4.The New York Tribune bids its rad- 
ical friends be good-natured. But how ran 
men be good natured whose natures are 
essentially bad? 

Miff Tbe Mobile Tribune .says that radi- 

»t XlMZHVille, Ky. ' 

L n. ItlJUOlN, Ajsilstiee. q 7 SkS 

Assignee’s Notice. 

In Ihv Dlotrlcc Court of ibv Tolted biatvs for the 
District of Keotocky. In tU« matter of Jobn 
BruHoe A Boo, t aokruptas 
To H'Aom If uuxy coHtern : 

I undersigned hereby gives no- 

i of tai^ap_pololmeolas oMiigoueof Joko Bro  

calism overshoot, itself. We don t want hS? “!;“n“'.5rdytd‘‘Jiom5m/ o-S2 
to see it either overshoot itself or under- P-"*!!’”.' '•r in'- oi.trici t oon of «ud di- irici. oe- 
1 . t - 1 tr  *,r, ^beri euallhArU.K«l.,Kl-sl,terIDliaukrupl- 

SLOOt Itself but simply shoot itself.  -r.  t M yi vm«, ky. 

M^ The radicals think now that tbey 
have a charter to do whatever they please. 
They will act upon the thought, and thus 
cut their own weazands from ear to ear. 

•^.Tbe Portland Gazette says that 

hir, ^heri etwlihi.rU. Kaq , Ki-.later id Uaukrupl- 
cy at Mayuvllle, Ky. 

L. It. iHJi.i.lN, Aw-lanee. oT Sa 3 

Assignee's rffotice. 

In lha m.lrlri conrt of th- l-nlte.l state, for the 
ni.ulc-t of kemocky. lu ibe iualt,-r of Wil- 
Itsta Burroxss, bankrupt. 

Tr  K'hum If viov f ’-MS rn: 

E undersigned hereby gives no- 

A Ureor bl, appoliiimem a, ajwigaeeor William 

“Gen. Grant takes the Constitution as a ano'siateof Keutircky.’ .-“thm «S‘‘i?i!itHrt* wCo 
lamp to hi. feet." What Grant needs oft- .m'„'';:“tK^Si?ft‘;^et%^^’TAH’’n^ 
euer than a lamp it a lamp-posh ai'l7m«”me.*‘K'y.' ' ****'’'•' •“ Bankruptcy, 

■ ■ — DR tiO KiiN . .\vflignp4 . a? Rat 

M'e know a Mist Virginia M'eat Z ^ '■ 

who is a charming girl and a poetess. M’e ],.»tiictof Kemura?** i 

I , , X, T- r' Kentucky. In tbe matter of Horace 

know a Miss M est Virginia that has lobtt" iL Buai oiacbarse uied o.-- 

brought s hame upon herself. j , y 'J,;, Court, tbc creditors 

Mff M e suppose there can be no doubt 
that Grant and Colfax are elected. M’e errl«^^A■'M“ mLnw 

didn't help to do it. May tbe Lord temper eb.,'uid*um n^^dnlmalieS 

justice with mercy to those who did. “u , toKi.i 

_Z*- •’’Bl-l-ON. Aeeisnee. n7 r-el 

Miff M’e would much rather sleep alone in the lu.irici c ourt of ib» cuiK-d siam 
than with such consciences as must be the “'“V" 
inseparable bed fellows of the assassins . . y "kc uied ^ovrIuber c, uw. 
of the rights of the American people. tourt. the freditors 

abaukrupt, an- brn-by 

•faff Our radical politicians could no 1*,* '-c'en- ky. cm ibc"»TdaV u^^^•ov^^'bJ•c^s*^ 

- - a l)aukru|»t, arv brn*by 

•faff Our radical politicians could no J* * '-cL'”- ky. cm ibc"»TdaV 

ore breathe the atmosphere of the olden “**y'ibe’*imnkru'p!“in“tJ!lm7uI.uM*no^^^^ 

mure breathe tbe atmosphere ot the olden 
time than an alligator can subsist iu pure 

.bars.d fr-ri-iik-d-bT." 

,, , WaI-NIlK V.VIiKRWOOIl ln-r-.»-,.r 
-I^ II. t UttloTIAN, .vunsoeu, l:iktuu. Ky. 

•er SoDie say that Grant, of Illinois, is , ^ 

elected Presideot. Others saj U ash* DMriri of Keniuckv lu Haiikrupi« v. in luv 
1 f w.,. tir V 11 All l•**Ullun for tlual dio* 

Lume, of Illiooia. VVe shall probably (ii«d Nuvffojber 4 . imm, 

learn which it is after a while. 1 1 Y order of Court, the crcditoitl 

T ; — I*- L. ealur. a bankrupt. ar, hereby oontied 

•ttfM’e do not think that the North, by ap|  4 ^r bvfurv uj»». at mr offlev, lii Bowline 
a . . 1 - a , OD tbvJIulday of NuwmOvr l*i 44 oi lu 

her conquest of tne South, acquired the ^ ***' *** ““r lAvy have. 

right to fill the Southern land with her 

IWTbi- radicals bave fought the Pres- 
idential battle very unscrupulously, and 
tbey may be expected to use the victory 
not leas so^ 

•O-Oce of the strong-minded women, 
writing in Mrs. Stanton's aod Mrs An- 
thony's paper, exclaims, "Good Lord de- 
liver nx" M'e hope that it will be a boy. 

i9*Tbe radicals basely deceived the 
people as to tbe object of the war. Tbey 
are now deceiving them as basely as to 
tbe object of Grant's election. 

•04. Never be a man's aecTood in a duel 
Try (0 be second to nobody. 

wby ibn bankrupt afurHaid' kbaold oot^bc dll-' 
( barsrd blad,-biii. " 

_ _ " AL KII I SIIEHWOOD. U»*l«lnr. 

^-jly^BITTXR' Aaalsu*.,, Hopklusrlll^ Ky. 

•''•“le* tokrt of llM I • llrd Kiataa for tba 
lliilrict of K,nt»rky-Iu Bankmpicv. In tun 
niativr or • m- Imry. r-iui-m tor liual di»- 
r balc, dim Nurviubrr 4. IWA. 

DY order of Court, the creditors 

Ot Wb. Lo 'y, a bankrupt, at*  hereby Dot fl** l 
to appear liefore Bie. at my olgvt. lo Bowllnx 
Oteen. Ky.. on the lint day of Noreaitkar. Httii. at • 
o clock A - If., to obow tauae. if any tbey have 
wby the baiikrrpt aforeoaitl ahould uol be diu 
Cborged flow htii detita 

. . , ^FAltNhR rM»ERWOf)D. Recistcr. 
J.|» f'HRlSTIAK, Autlgoee. Kiktou, Ky. 


A call of ten percent (tlO a share) 

Hi hereby mode oa tbe etuct tob crlptlons to 
the EUxobethiowa aid Podaroa Railroad Corn* 
paoy, payable tbe tat day or December, loBg. 

By order of tbe board of Dtreciora 

cudlt A. A. UURDON. Bec*y. 

'The radical party adjourned from 

hard upon the Department than it was -Tnesday evening tine die- 

opon him self. without dying. More’s the pity. 

•^The editor of the Brooklyn Union 

says that “twelve per cent is the least that I®" General Grant could better stand 
money ever commanded in the M’est." •'»“*« of others it he didn t abase 


f. x. PATTOjr^ aaRKuior 


0E\LR4L €09nilS$10\ MERCHANTS 

wsor.RsaLX ano mirraib DBALaa.H iw 

Hay, Oi aio, Flour, Whisky, and Country Frodnee gsnerally. 

L ibetal Advaoc, made on CoDalgnmepla (nl ilfm) NO. • THIKD ST-, LOL'ISVILLK. KY 

E. W. & L. P.^ENNEDY, 


57 BSain sL, bet. Second and Third. oisd* r B 

Thirty Years' Experfence ia the 
Treatarit ef ChrMk aad Sex- 
ual Diseases. 

A rHTaiOlAKilCAI. view OF MAUUAaa 
Ttav cb— p vt book oTvr pobitabstl^oaiAio- 
tog Doorly ihrva boodrod pogvo, aad oao boatb^ 

Asvau Ibr Looi.viUo, | CK)R SALE — Lot — A tiriit-cla9s 

X bulldlua LwtMxXilboda* XtovlT^vadol* 

ley. ttiMicUoa CtkvsUiae tirwi. la a chdic* 
ia fba b^bood. TbH lot will bo told at a borgmlo ff 
pfriFHCV IX me pltratYoo bo Bodo togg. TvroM mu oatiir Vnil 
iTMiC IJid SXX« •ECboogaRw^AaiavaadlotlbatvlUsalL Apply 
lavBva mmm tywA GRRSIIAX. XBai.VttTr^N AOIL, 

exses. ! ual Xa«.v an. ala aad Aurttoa^oco. 

IRW OF XARJLIAOX * ****** T4 vat Moio K , ooar Tbird. 

rvr pobitobod^oatAlo- ' ^ 

l2SSrTSi"J?,S^a'£? ‘ SALE— A (.’anTass Picture 

la a utAtoof boalih^ttd - Tvat 12x29 fbot. Appiv to 
lArtT orron, Ita dopISrOv ) ^ . HAoNky WBXXXOFF. 

a mlo4 Aad bottar. wUb Xilo at., boL siacobd aad Tbird. 

aoat^tbo only rmiioaAl - i ■■ _ , 

SildtSIr'm'iriK? SALE— Hou e of S rooms on 

Alas Bomiu|k.wk Mw I „ Brvckikndr- S» kOS Io«Sto»» n. 

lyulcal cooilillOA. ttaAft 

r«, oa focoipt of twos- 2®"* "• *'k •».: saasad wator; lot 

po«lkl rorTVDcy, braS »«al"»l«- ; tsjso. _ _ _ 

No. 11 — - — Lsao, Vk Mark-t M.. aosrClkF: lot 

»•» A. M. S-4JF. M. 

Amvo as Baakvlllow— t:» r. M. sat A M 

Amvw at Nomboliis.... :i:« x. M. la-is s is 

Amvo at , • 2. n. “:S p. S 

^T, Ol ^«(WI«oas I.»P. M. 

Amvo os Mokilo U oo A. M. 

AUoomms iSA.M.aoSS:m V. IL. oaA to fioto 
lur aad naatovuio as SAi P. It. 

■AtoWtop Caoo DO 0 At P M. iiUBk 

to Naaa.iilo. HamBo.J-.. aadN.wOrlaoa, wMAoSi 

I basso. Pi oooz'-io oo Borotas wata Wooa Lob 
iBviilo lako Coraiuo car aieu»UasUiaaa,i«B. 
mas in.’oufh loMompaiK 

to Lokaaoa. OasTUtoTiaa OvekortL 
B w t k iat. aad BItm C vook.  -ima.«siM kp hmo 
lo aU Isponaai polau la Huutaora Kaasor kj. 

to , Soti ■■ usia wavoa I naBviiio as 17   P. tt. 

Tkato r SBowa aala coanvesa as SaBoat'O Sto 
Boa wua ,ta«n to PalrSaM. eioosOsM. asA 

Xko 1 1. K M. irala to Naakvilla aas Moasatta 
r laa 4aHp; all otkor waiaa raa dallv -vcops iaa- 

iP*4*r toaVOao'iL. AN. B. h. 

itiMaao. wlto a troatJaa on aartv orron, lu daplorw ) . 

klo osoaooQoaooa apoa taa mloAaaa DoAv. wltk n«di* 
ibo aatbor't pioa or tremtmoat^tbo only rmiioaAl 
oadua c o p uami BOdaof caro, oobhowa by m ropon I70K SAX 
ot caa« • troatod. A tmibftil advloor lo ibf-iaaf P ^ 
rtod aad theao eoatoiapiAtlag BAmaffo^ttboioa   It JR'ockiandi 
tortAln doobta of ibotr pbyalcal coodillom. ttaaft « .. 

free? of poaiago to may urtrlruai oo rocai^ of Iwto* 2® 

ty five canto, la utompa or poatAl rorraocy. brmA- * auaiar ft, ; 
dretoas Hr. lA CMMJt. No. tl Maidaa Laaa, , 
ilbooy. N.T' Tbu oatbor may ba cooaaltod opoa r**)**  l ,14400. 
any of tbo dlaaaaaa opoa wblcb bis book traota.   ^ 

Minor parooaally or by omU, mad modlcloooarat lo . 

oby part o# lha world. MOffldXw Hooooofo m 

fgr boalBOM. plooMiro, or Ik! i wotar: lot - uxittfL: Xi laa 

otboi . Lot t: x2!a ft. oa Hb uc , aoor Broadway ' fr.  pr. I 

which anflt bb#m Ibr boalBOM. plMuoro, or ikc 
daiiau of Momad Ulb: aluo mlddlo agod aad oM 
mXi, «bo. from tba follica of yontb or ocboi 
I'BBure. feo^ a dob*.!ty ta advABCoof vkalr ygara 
boforo placing ’.bmaeivao aodor ibo iroatmoat of 
aay oao. oboold «n4 road ’*Tko docro! Fnaad.** 
74 arrlod ladlou wO ioarn anmothlagof 1 mportaaei 
by poraaing **Tko lacroi Frioad.*’ Beat to aay ad- 

MooL. D*mrClay; iotrtxiui^.; Hjuo. 

mcro booao aad rualdoara of 5 roomo oa cormor 
of ifrtb aad ttrtoa »ia. ; lot SLu;) It. ; ta,i«ia 
Hooac of to rooHM aad atUc oaCbuatmit tt.; cm 
and watar: lot 'uxtttft.: |i3.iaa 

Lauiillt. Giciiialt i Leinita 


»n l EtXer November *2, trains 

Vx BUI ma •• ikUoBs: 

lAWP0L«, ISP.B. 

Anrtvo- as S:-» A. M.. li A. M.. aaS tssK tt! 

Tka sva aaS SB uaiaa 1 as 

bars to Mhaiayvllia, 

Para ik iu ask Si M. eAMX enx. ito S 

JetaiTllle, laumi, ul umiBXi 

Floo RowHSaaco oo Broadway Fartma la all porto 
I Kontucky. Atoo a aambvr of Cuootry Hoote 
i«'i r bo cuy. Inaoir«* of 

t.. i»if J.l*.dHAy gRAl*0.7»JrabraoB»L 

Til axiT fliir.Ktiii aam ra 
118T, xatTi, AXB wm. 

•OrThe negroes have wool, snd the 
white men have not, and yet it is the white 
men that get fleeced. 

Va,.The American people have voted 
to bankrupt themselves M'e hope that 
tbeir vote will be defeated. 

Mff One Democry beaten in a brave 
fight is better and of more account than s 

a^-Tbe Springfield (Mass ) llepobli- vi ctorious rsdicsit. 

ffm says that the people have “espoused »on of Sants Anns is a robber- 

Genersl Bntler". M'e presume that only in-ebief in Mexico, sod the old man isn't 
one person ever “espoused" him, and we much worse. 

spprehend that sh. has been ttirry for it «^wben the radical leader, cry 
€V€r diDC9 ~ ~ ^ 

J “fraud snd corruption," they are sdver- 

Vn^It is said, that, although tbe elec- tising tbeir business, 
lion is over, Butler snd Kilpatrick still ,r Tc T- i • . ,, , 

cherish a mutual and deadly hostility. Rnod the Smooth to 



.A 11 InilillihleC’iire 


1) .'Ulct of Kentocky. In Bankruptcy. In tb# 
ma Krof J.M. DltUbay. Petit oa for final dU- 
charga filed utb day of Oetoikbr, liHtt. 

UY order of Court, the creditor# 

X * of aold bankmpe arm baraby aotifted »o appear 


Baa*ya fkr Tawg Mom oo tba Intacaailag 

lotion of Brldo^room to Brlda la tba ioitUoitoaof 

LOR SALE— SAW-MILLS- Par- ! PA^ENGERS taking thia nm 

-T tleaiDUndtagloparcbaa *baw-Mllla,.daii« a- ’ 

Milla. aad oibar Xarbtpary will fiol it to ‘ JSiiSoam iABodayokffrx 

Imereat to call at lha 2f. mcoraarof Brook aad I _ 

Timlaa loawm aad arriwa at Ja ff araa a wttta ii^a 
mmadiaio l y oppoalM Lobiayli o  to toOmmox 
Dapaot. Arrfwm, 

AfWXAur Hwm Jfadtral taa- 

V Sin from cAa of Dm Crana. Tha **Madical 
lmea’'aaya of thia work: “This volaabla treatiaa 
un tba caaua aad enra of prwmatnra dec! ina ahowi 
bow b*mltb la Impaired tbroagk taorotabuaoa of 
yinitb and Baobood. aod bow eooJl/ ragaioad. it 

q'^llE undeni^ed hereby gives no- 

-E Ilea of bis appointment at aMixaef of O. B. 

Ward, of . ID tha county of RailU. Bta e of 

Kfniiicky, within said District, who has baea ad- 
ju«l«ed a hookmpi. o|Hjo his own petuioa, by tba 
PiMrict Court ul oaid District. 
o»l F. II. DUDLKT. Assigoea. 



TVe are again in receipt of a fresh 

supply of tbo Huoaowoll. Ky., Coaaol 

riaar. lov muuTuc^MUt avs « uum to^wsaia^. mm v w KAkU lU Vi A trtTlSU 

and tbo ramodloo ibarafor.'* A pocket adUioa ol Tf .uDcatv ihm nnmm^mfx v- r-...sA,i 

ihc aboT, will b» forwanlBl oo r«-vlpl of s *“• .**“*;^^ 

c»ni» l  7 aSdreoUDZ Doeuw (^STU. No. M Norik itoi wm’Ll'nMi^'AlTpuuLJ,' 

Cl ariB wr oot, B.:tl:uufv. ttJ. m ajM 41p 

M5uTeIlow Democrats, be not discour- 
sged. “Tbe world moves.'' 

Ills mcdii ine enter.# the ciivula- 

]  Y order of Court, the creditors 

^ rf JoM. Alliuoa. a bankrupt, are harebjr ootU 
fi4*d to a^ppcorbafori- me. at my ofllca In Bowling 
Gn-en. Ky., oo tbe litb day o' November, ioik. at 
111 o’clock A. M.. to »bow caii4e. If any tbey haaa. 
wby tba )»oakrupt aforesaid abuuld not ou div 
cbkrK(-d from bis dehtu 

I »V order of Court, the creditors 

^ of J. N. Ifinkia. a bankrupt, are hereby ooil- 

SSC The radicals rolled up such a ma- | , 

jerity on Tuesday that tbe DemocraU | 4071 z\UVertiSeill0llt$. SS well rail np for the present tbe ' — =^— :rr^ 

scroll upon which their bright hopes have | ‘YUAN TED— House— A furnished 

betn written. | ’’ »» uDruim.iiKi aoiine. with ninw or more 

Sft.TheKew Haven A'^isfer changes ! Z ! T; IT _ 

the name of Petroleum Nstby to Nssby I ?***** * 

Pelrokom. The Register, by altering I T 'T, ® meeting of the 

one letter in tbe Lbristisn or UDchnstisn : n-riork, at lov offlw or tke i-raaiiio icuraoce 

nwma /»« k.vo Ina tLlw. / Cumpaoy. Every mrniber la rxpM-twl tob- prM- 

DblDfi, CkD ukfC IQd tulDg to b •• ^Ht, aa iba sliver show caoa and olbcr volQaU ca of 

~ — I — » — ■ ito lha (inb wtll ba pfvacnted to tba member rcoely- 

S®-Tbe soUrest man in Illinois is ”‘“ii‘‘* cvViafni/ntS 

ItOD, comlns ill coul«n with the acio, or puiwot n«l lo a'lMwar before mriu my 'ottce lo 
la both dtoeaars, fbims a comblnatJon with each. Green, Ky..on tbe lutb day of Novemoer. 9 

• od I, ellmloated from the blood tbrodgli tke oVIr rt A. «iiw, Ifany ibey hare, why 

. . a.iA A , . * *b * bankrupt aforaaald oboold not be diachorxed 

bowc’5. kidney*, and sklD. fumbisdpbis «« ««w.u»raeo 

WARNER rNDF.RWf OD. Register. 
J. 1 . (.'HRlnriAN, Assignee. KUuoo, Ky. 

lu the Diolrlct Court of the I nlU‘d Ktotes for tbe 
A Bkl ■ Ba District of Kentocky. In Baakmptcv. In tba 

As a Rlood Piirih 0 i' 

I-iY’ order of Court, the creditors 

M-F of Joel X. AlUader, a bankrupt, ora herebr 
IT* IT * C V/\ r*»T*sT **olilled tOMpear befcre me. at my ollica lo Bowl- 

l-L ilAo XttULAlj i g Greao. Ky..on tbe isib dayol Novamtwr. 1 M« 8 . 

at 3 o’clock A. Ma. to show cause, if any tbey have, 
I vrhp Ibe haubrupt aforaaoid should not ha dta- 
I ebarged from his debu. 

I W ABNER t’NI EltWOr D. Reulster. 

Kfiowo lo tba DbTSleian. remoainw in eaera in. I f*;T. FORTL'NK, Assignee, Ailensville.Ky, 


This iplandig Xblr Dy all the boat la tba world 1 
itaoBly troa a^d parfact Dya; karmlas, raUabla, 
luiAaianaou ' ao dioappotataant; ao ridlculOBi 
tint*: remadla^ tba til affect* of bad dyaa; laiigO’ 
rsiea ai*d leaT^ Iba Heir soft aad beaocJfal OlaeM 
•jr brown, tkdd by all Dmgciat* aad Perfbaan 
osd proparly implied at Baictelorl Wig Factory 
Na, II Bond eueet. New Tnrk. 1aa*«4iy 




olmhtead a o*cownor. 


.1. II. inc iri EK, 

Tit well bfiOUB Dtoler and Mooulbcturer of 



Uu lUtolMicd m 

Ne. 110 Market St., bet.Third 4 Fourth, i 

w li be raid exrlaoiveiy. Thio i. a aam hatare is - 
thl, cliy, and atteDtIoa warcaoifhlly lovlied to i 

day al 7 , 7 . P. X. (ui Mt. aad Clociaaau. 

■WlidUga Q Sa e sad tonws*  • Ml scuttas 

•tt-xiasaai SlaoWto ton am aU alsM wma 
■WP ae eotoaaaad Hb. Mkle. Mtt MB 

aectioM M wall biiia, aad call at 

ottta, Mnw Third aatt Maio ure-u. toSttto 

*P. ^ HoltocN SOOTT, 

JxmspwmiUNB. ”’’’"“*' ^•*'****"*“^ 
Gaaaral Ticket Agaak 

iaXbiaoaatUa. lad-. Joiy l. IMV. jya gg 


Jam II. Clark, Kec’y. Marru. A.Flack. O. ituu.] i by“y * U ''r nianuaciorvc in aoy Wretacu ckv. 

1 . .w. I •WCallaodreefor vooreelraa. ao dzm 

James B. Lithdow. 

As a Rlood Piirih 0 r 



/■^UITAR». Old Violin*. 

\M Flutia, BlrlDjs for alt 

aeots soflicrlor Violin Kulugs, 

every variety of Musical i.oods at J • V J 7 

Known lo tba physician, removing in every In- ^ NR, Assignee, Ailensville. Ky, 

stance those two formidable diseases, aad also •• ■ — 

those lesa intolerable dteeases reaultlag from cob- aV OtiCff* 

•iipattooof the bowels. lrre*nlarU.reof Ike acilo. rpjJlS is tO ffive notice On thc 

of Ike kidneys and .kin, ireiorink to poefect health X m day of NoJJmher. A. D. 1,-d. a warrant In 
the three great emunctorlaaof the baman systain. bunkjopuy was issued against the estate of 
Be not discouraged because other remediau have R* KU8.VNK, 

foiled to cure yom Both sexes, of all ages, who lo thecouoty of Blmpaon ondStataof 

ha.e IMceo .hi. medlcloe. are remly tocerUty to J'oTu '.Yii ’’,S?U?o“; uS *^o“"5.’?»*eo1*"or;SV 
Its efncocy In tbe diseases referred to. The propria debts aod delivery of aoy property belooglagio 
ter has been Induced to locate In the ettv of Lauls- uoeh oankrtipl. to bim, or for bis ose. an«! tbe 
... m lOTie in xnacuy or idSdis- iran*f**rof any property by bim are forbidden by 

vllle, and manufacture this medicine, at tbe In- law; that a meeting or tba creditors of the Hoid 

I. of all ages, who ?T Frsoklln. in tbecounty of Blmpaoo andStataof i *5; 

. KenliH'ky, who has been arljailged a bankrupt, 
read  tocerUty to on hU own petition; that tne pavment of any 

stance of peraous who have tried bis remedy and banbnipC.toprm-erheirdehu.aniltoch«KMeone 
m»ptt f-npttdi ttftttp «ktt htttov toiawBireiB.. (a. Ol ote SNaif Dee* ol bls eulalv, wil I be UsW sl A foo 

were cured oAer tba bast physicians la tbe coun- of^nkroptcy.toiteboldenat BowlingGreen K' 
uy had failed to rellevs them. 1 will give yon before Woraer I'oderwood. ReiHAtar, on the 2 
the names and rasidenccs oj.' some of them. The M*FBr\VFTHFR 

the names aod rasidenccs oi* some of them. Tha 
medlclna can ba obtained from tba onderstgned, 
on Jefleraon street, over tke wlllra of 
leAwyers Bmlrfl A Price, one door below 
tbe Jnll. IdOulsi tile, Ky. Orders will receive 
prompt attention, and tbe medicine forwarded by 
Fzpreas with fhll dliectlons on each bottle. 

R»'fer to the following named gentlemea, wbo 
have either taken tbe medicine orwitnesaad ita 

TIIOH N. LINDSEY. l awyer. Frankfort. 


JAM EH H. GA ilRAItl), State Trensuier, Frank- 

DA V ID MKRI WETHER. Uotelkoefier.Frank- 

NELSON ALLK\ , Merchant, Frankfort. 

R. C. STEELE. Farmer. 

Capt. sAM’L bTKELE, 8upt. Ky. River, Frank- 

R. R. BOLLING, First Clerk Court of Appeals, 

J. W. .SOUTH, late Senator aod Repreaeutatlva, 
BifWtbltt county, Ky. j 

JOHNS. HARGL^. late Repreientatire. Jack- 
son. Breathitt county, Ky. 

T. W. SAMrELS.btate Auditor. Ky, 

L. M COX. lute Member Congreas, Flemings’iurg. 

_n*^ \\ H, Marshal as MeMenater. 



wA.ttoria.oy At XsA-xtit 

IB West JeffenoD ureet, 
ttl dtf LOUISVILLE. KY. 

n. XI 3Vt O A. Xj. 

SR. L. F. TAWSaXL, JR.. 

I-J AS removed bis office to corner 

of Fourth and  treen, McDowell Block, up 
•talrs. Olllce hour. 12 to 1 o’clock. axmjUf 




Anlbnrlaedby 4rt nflbM Kanlnehy A#sla- 

6fifH Rich aad HIshlj iMprsTed 
Ohio RlTCr Bottoa Farixs and 
5d4 Towa Lots, to he 
Disported of 

I»l Prise $lM.aoa A«b Prisw aia 

SA Priaa. r7,A4»« Osb PrtaM . la 

M pels* mr.ioo 7tb Prian ....... » ‘ 

«»b Prts#. lATOa 

j lart. are'prapar^lo lolriMtiice ibis'sa^andTlavS- YriZOS iX VOWQ XK tS« 

I uableU-s. maaofacture l under Rand's patent. ^ YmlweOws 01»O Bwrb 

I aud adapted by tba Matropoliua Horn Cv. of New , - - ^ ^ ^ a«»w «»cw. 

I ^ork Ciry. Into general uaa for ligbting private aYO YriSCS IU XOWB &OtSl 

». •!•• *»,•. 

The ahaolat* MUetT and (real economy or Pam- ' Frixe« ia ToWB ZiOtsI 

maiicGoa over all Other klD«la of llgbc la no longer Vwlwedw! Mb Crsrb. 

a quaaiiuD. aod ao one who will inveutigatatM _ 

aubject will beoltata a moment to order lu imma- .wb. . 

diale iDirodoctioo into tbeir coantry bomea ar A^lcK.C'tw* 1' Ivc I otlar«a. 

poblic or private institutions under tbeir managw- - 

meni. For full dcM-rlpcioos aad particulars raias- rw'xtY c  j -h . t . 

Ing 10 this Gas Bflhlresa Kentucky Paeufloatic Gaa ^1 Xl£* urRWlDiilf Will tnko P1 rC 6 Rt 
Compaoy.So.toMalaMreM. Loulav!ll,.Ky. ' X m.k bIc Temple. Is L«iiavi;ie, K/.. oa tso 
A« an eytdenca of the rallobilUy and standing of ^ 

the geoti**men compo*ingand managing this C  m- furaisb pomphleiv. giving deaeiip- 

puny, ae refer to V. McJLniuut. Prasioent Bank V*'**. . * '• contaloiog tbe act of the 

of Wentucky ; C. T«lor: . Fruoldeni Bank of Loo- L»*gi»!acnra At riiOalZlNG TH K SALS, 
tuvllle; H. D. Nrwi omb. President t-ommcwlooers, wbo wia m noac* tna anterprtae. 
Financial CorporaUon; D. A Ba! Eai(“r, Presidunt n^ed la tba act of tbe Legtslatora. and tbeir 
rcmmercial Bank; Jambs BnirtoaronD Preal- 1a efi1iy and raapoosibillcy ora todorvai lathe 
dent wecoad National Bank ; L. L. Waneax. Free- which will n# fooad la lha pamphlets 

dent Tobacco Bank; If. R. II ttL. CaAbier North- N«ovan*on. Hons. Uarrau Oavta 

ern Bank; aod to all other bankers, merihants, . *?**Jf‘ M •  reery. Vniied states **eoalon; 

and matmiortarers In LonisvUte. oivdliaaiwa ^ « J* * Bnacb, Speaker of tbe Kaatm'ky 

loos and particulars rales- rattle* j * -n .. i • i 

Kentucky Paeumotic Gaa . ^1 Xl£« urRWlDl^ Will take plaCd Rt ; 
uraet, Loubvilla, Ky. A Masoaic Temple, la LoaiavLia. K/.,  m tba i 

Ageou will furaiAb pomphletv. giving d«wenp- 
lion of tba pro^ tv. and contaloiog tbe act of tn# 
L»*gi»!acnra AUrUOalZlNG THK SALS. 

ftTXKPiia. CffstlTeaeM, MtgeaUoa, 

ikllU ud rcTer, Tjthald revw, 
B1114U ftitr, Targid Ufar, 
Xearfflglff, tick ud Xerx- 
•u leadacket, ud 
I klBlUr kUua«8. 

Pat CosMBfOss. OSreale tossto, toun%. 

I BroacSItls, sad DaMll.y I7«m map Umtaam. M B a 
- mtt, a sre as h la. aad rellsMa loals. la aU 
asd aiaddar i re dSIm tt wUI bo taud bOMSttM. 

My ramaam MtaMb. ittcobibmbd. 
lb all iSa coaa.vy are tba baaa; 

Tbey bavaao rival to ar aear. 

Imail esrapb cu bb b im U bbms 
I*a Bire tSbU aMtaoau eobcbcto 
Baa mead mam Umatbaa aay dscuv; 
So beap tSam. rttaada, a prtmd diaottS 
Tamaod at all Umm u yaai elciai. 

yoarwraBT Bvibawca aa ta taau bbII. ato 
I iwa yaaiV trial. Item wall-kaowa ladMa aad sam 
. • amay racMvad; 

ff r aw ttra. ttllWe MawaeM 

Ticxascaa, Mua. ttareb U, utt 

i aas ttta: ( £ta aaad yaar Tattle aiiMm to tta 
■ ae. twa yean, aad bars baaa Baeb baaadmd 

tl'areby. I coobdeatly raeaauaaad iSam laaaB 
•oaa .aabvtas toaa OyipapaM bad ittairM IMM- 
•■ 1 ; 

Vary ualy yeaia, 

B i aa, M. W. Cwa. tom 

Homswilu, Lames C o e am . Kr., 1 

W.ttttMbBV*,.. •t-CStt.lkl 

UaasSia: tor oaa y-ar saaaloaa w By latattas 
I jam a. Urayaaa Spnada, laa, SacaM, IhWbaaa 
: bOblactM to—r aad yoorBW 

- laatioa, I amd yoar Taaic Biuam tramp, attarn 

- By cbiu day, aad I bam sat bad a eaul --|-r aad 
Save aa^yad aoiaiarrapud soud bmllb. 

I Taar btaad. to.. X V. COB. 

-if-aiblit county. Ky. ’ 'pUE GRIFFIN HERALD, pnb- 

JOII7.8. IIARUL*!. late Repreieaiatlve, J.hck-, ba,lug a good aud lo- 

  0 . Kieathtii connty, Ky. creaalog clrculaUon, li oVerMl aa a good advmla- 

T. W. 8SMUELS, mate Audliot. Ky. medium through which Uie merchanu of 

L.M COX.Iula Bern her CoDgrrm,Flemlar ' urg. Lonlbvllle caa make iheir builueu known to 
HIcnsBL hits IIP, Clerk In Itegtstrr'i ottce. hutai-rlpiion price only U a yoar. Oam- 

CummualoBera, wbo wi.1 maoaca tbaeaierpriaa, ! STLaaTa, Oa., Jaaoary, MS 

m, bamed la Iba aci of the Legt.laiora, aad tbair I ir. M. WaUtm to, - 

reupoosibilliy ore tnOorto i ie the | Doan Itta; *1 bi'iebi ceettfe IhM I oaea etob 
?lGllT*John*w**^s^vi^i*S*i!^^ Wobkrr u Tonic Bitivro. onJ se e tooic thsr eoto 

111 . ^ swpnusul. 1 leeommena my ^iiK— 

^ 1 t. * reery. I oiled Mnte4 **ens to w; Diende to eeu them * ihoy wui invigauaie and ^we 

Hub. Jc^aT BoiKh, -Hpaakrraf tbe Kaatm-ky 

Houre itf RepreiiMt •tjTes; Hoo. ArchlbOid Diioo ; XeMeettblly Ac. Mml A. M. MUKXK 

Joeepb Adnma. President of Parmere’ Bonk : U C. ■■, ann. a. Sa 

toV*»t^**i*®“* ** LorrayUaiaAb Mnreb K uxt 

ir*' y*^^”'®*L**^®**''’*®®* Ky.; Hoo W. F. W. Jf. TTnit-r. Fffn. - 

Dbae din We hove eeed yew TooM Mn tm 
« ivS!?5?* 252***.^ JohBfc B. Judge ef with greet ■nttsfeetteo, eed con recommeodtoeto 

w?v2« ii^^i2??TdJr?5**i/“^m?*'**to**'^. "**5. J lortheir great osediciaal gaollttse. and oieeeeea 
x/f ■ ■^25® ?U***^*i®to a%reeenje InvigomOsg bevori^ and wopoftm 

Nmionol Boi-k. nod otbero, ol EvonsviUe, lad.; i tugic. 

C. Chnmberlla, S. Ib auffnsna. 

To tbr (ilizrii  of Ihr H'rsirni Malrs   curt of romosoa PJeoof I iM^thsir^eat^ 

Welker Msyw: Johns. llopkloa.p.r..Wtr.m sTreeanJe^Tv: 

National Boi|k. and others, ol Evonsviue. led.; i to gi e 

and other gvntlem4 n of pusiLua nudproati- C. Chnmberl 

iMtnce In Kentocky and Indian^ VenJr Are 



WM. AL1.E9. Clay county, Ky. 

C’. WYNN. Boonvllle, Ow&ley county, Ky. 

K. F. UARG1&*. Bentyville. Ky. 

JACOB liUWEKTOM. Hotel Keeper. Proctor. 

HENRY GiRDNER. Ef*till county, Ky. 
r. J. GORDON. Richmond, 

ocratlc at all tlmee.; 

Addrese ZEV. A. MARTIN, 

Editer and Proprietor Herald. 
■Hdtf Qrlflln. Go. 

Mer's flolel&fiestaDraii 


As a Medicine and Beverag'e, 


Con be purcboerd of 

L. W. 1-yae. Farmers’ Bank. Reedareon. Kr. 

vti** Don*Ud*fCiAl Rank. Loaio  

Thao.’ ^ A. Browba.  *ovtngton. Ky. 
dwba C. laMibam. Prceldcnt Bonk B '.'ktne- 

vUte iiopkios*iije. Ky. 

Joa. laa iSalltoWi. Commerru: Rank. pAducob 
Ky . and oi W lllngd** Hwlel aad Bwf^r'a. t 

orl« tkr ibi..tuAwtd 

C. Chnmberlla, R. !• ttuffnsna. 

Ten# P. Armstrong, A. J- M o bell, 
MiUer»t«warv C. J. Woitoa, 

Jm. Kronedy. J. & Wolber. 

Wm. Gay. J. M. Doacm. 

Philip ttpeed, C N Warren. 

R. L. Pest, T ho mse m eulA 

R. U iTump, a A. Jnktoue, 

Geo. XK Prentioe, lahnia Xenilsei 

Wm. B. Hngbseb 

iiEXRYu4Ri.sp.E,tmcoon.y,Ky. | 11 UlUl U UU lUl U 11 UU lUUl UU I, V S tt peneml bcveraiTe, s lUKeMiary 

t”j^OOUI.OV BVe^iood nnbtt..,be.weeaMalaaa4 ttarltel, «fi«--tor of water reodeted impure by vega day USOCiatcd with 

r. J. UUBIiOT., Rli hmood, I , , 1 . - e X, , w a le decvmpuaiilon or uthev c a a aea. aa Llmremoa. nattr Pyk Thumaa. of tjaiaellle. aad win 

JOHN B.EiLVNCW. Hotel Keeper. Richnioud, , j hereby inform the public that I -ulpnaie «f cupper, Ac.. the AmoMaTicBCHio- ln cSn?JS?Ji^th^T P^k 

I * have now opened, in connection with my ree- mah btuaiAFn is superior to every other Aico  Curing. Tbe style of the ilritt a ■'tf 

ABIJAH 01LRF.RT. Doorkeeper Senate, Ky. 
B. F. WATTS. Fayette county. Ky. 

L. TOBIN, Merchant, Frankfort, Ky. 

R. B JILfiON, “ MO. 

Jlev UKO. BOWLING. Somerset, ** 

W. H. WOODtOl K. 

JE.S* K BOWLING, Laurel county. Ky. 

J. UAKGis. Member Conitllutlonol Convention, 
Rowan connty, Ky. 

J. W. TATK, late secretary of State, Fraakfbrt. 
grant GREENE, late Stale AndUur. 

unrant. a hotel, which wm be conducted on the 
European plan. The rooms ore well ventilated 
•ndeWautly fnrnlabed: gocat* will have theprlv 
•lege of tbe reutaumot, where they con eat tholr 
meals wherever they deeire. In the restaurant 
they will tiud oil the luxurlen of the season. 


^aug» dtfA w^m Proprietor. 

Wo tic e. 

l ERSOXS having claims against 

b the euiate of Alex. Craig, deceased, will pre- 

J. B. WILDER & 00., 

Are our General A;;eats, to whom all or lets 
ahwnld be uddte-^std. 

Tllosi. J. FUAZlSU A i\). 

Speaking of tbe Novelty CLoTucfsWmiseKn 
exhibited at the lute Fair of the Am kOK'AN Ix- 
kTiTCTK. the New lurk Albernl ibrUlInn 


I)R. 1M\ HKWKTT— Kosidetue 

' remoted to No. 343 Third street, between 
Broarwgy gpd York. u:; dim* 

1  OA Kl  1NG — Two or three vounicj 

1 ^ meursu be acci mm *dated with huaMing at 
No. K) Eoat street, near Walnut. o 27 Jtf 

H, E AN I N ( i, Sweeping, and f ! rate- 

IM-UID* wUh I udge'. TIje. Apply to 

kTlTCTK. the ttew » »rli Libera. 4 kri.llaa i Q1 1 L V E 1. - W A E 

-Tbe Novelty Wringer received the marked ap- b.ic . 

l„ol»tlon of the lury.and wbi awarded the IIIOU- (KBahltth«l 

KBT PREMIUM. • • • It It now aimitled that . . L _Ii; 

It hoe oo equal as a family wringer. • • • It bos « A T im wwovwvm*. 

the Pnlrnl Flange Cog-w heels oo both ends IgAAiX aQuSSs 

of the Boll., aa weU a. the mo« approved \ CALL of 10 per CCntUm HlK.n 
appliance, ftr ad u.tlng tb« pre«ure, a, that ' X\ the capital alock ol the Honac lom- 
a flne lace collar or a heavy woollen blanket pajable ou the loth in i. at the 

can be run through with t-qoal toiuty and with- , •fiv^'-etern FlnaaclalCorpora- 

oot Injury. * • • Indeed, in all reipecu, lu an- | ns 'did ' u. li NEWUIIMB Pre.-- 

perlorlty tt» apparent that lha high tesilmonlala | — - : — 

II ttconaiantly receiving can be readily accounted Si Video d. 

for. • • • In fart, whenever and wherever ez- | *' ra. Na.Iwaal Bank of Laal.. Ille. 

h-hiled it Invariably lecaree tbe higheat honora” : Nu\ ember Xl^ 

N. B. PHKLPS ± CO., Oeni Ag’U, . toard nf IXvector^ ha. thl. day dwiared a 

1 . r-oe.e, . *vm l-auDual dtviUead of ,u . ■ per Cent free 

No. 17 CVirBTZAWDV av., ol fluvernuteul tag .payable on auX^ter Tnnre- 

New York Oly I  ^y. sih. 

Roip I vaavwMKBB. oiedMalAw, i B. M. fVNNINn H Alt Caabler. 


\ CALL of 10 per centum uiuin 

j: 4 the capjul alock ol the Ualt Uonae Com- 
**•* ^ '-Bern Flnaaclal Corpora- 

lu u. In this i'liy. 

U. D NEWCOMB. Prea’r 

Dividen d« 

FIral Nallaaal Bank of Lanlss Ilia. 

No^ciDbvrX. t Hk. 

T'HK Board of Wractor^ bts this day darigrkd a 
M t -ml-uuonal divlUand of tlx s* avroont frv# 
ol Gu\ernutfut tax .payable on aud after Tonrs- 
day. tbestb. 

u3tilu K. M. CUNNINGHAM Coobter. 

To Contractors. 

To Physicians. 

Railroad. b**tw*^en K ir.sbeibtown and tb# m- uth 
ot Brooby Pond Creak. Sp^ctncailooa and pr -fiicMi 
of tbe wi rk can be oevn at ibe office In Rltsobetb- 
loao oo and after November 


nidim Chief Kuglae«*r. 

Well watered. A gixid roung orebaed ef w*lected 
fnili. I will oell cheap f^r coah or a port on lime if ^ 
de**ir«-A For further por;:coUrs sddre 44 so. j 
deistfoed. -W. F. ttlOMIte. j 

usM biUMAFn is superior to every other Alco- 
iuUc pieparaiioo. lu parity aad exempiioo from 
«il gTOooly Inioxlca’lng propenleo, combiood with 
u mlldly stimulaiing aud invlgorat!ag alemeot*. 
■tabliab it oa tbe only alcoholic beverage In our 
tKiniry that can be Imbibed with pleasure aad 
aiety. The aervoue torpor and debility which 
bllow tbe odmlalsuouoa of oiber alcoholic pre^ 
irailomi aad mlxiuree of tbe day, oocceeUed by 
beir Intense and painful n *rvoos reactions, ore 
• iiknown os the tnb*eqaent eff.*ru of tbe Bchte- 
am bihoapps, even wheo token over so freely, 
ahtle os a fittomochic. a Tonic Appetiser, and a 
Nervine peculiarly adapt »d to tbo diseoaes of don- 
ate frmoles. It stands pre-eanneni among tbo 
wtabliohed curotlvoo of tho day. 

A poblic trial of yean' dorotloa. In every se^ 
loo of our country, of the Bcbiedam Aromouc 
“CbnappH; lu unooHclted endorsemeot by tho 
Medical Focnlty, and a tale unequsled by aay 
tber alcoholic distillation, have Insored for tt tbo 
nputaiionof purity and aolubrlty claimed for it 
*fy tbo proprietor on lu original introducUou to 
(be poblic. 

Put up In Quart aad Plat BotUeo, baadmaely 
mapped lu yellow paper. 

For sale by oL Druggists, Apotbecxrloa,aad Ort^ 
cers in the United btalen. 


Bole Importer oaj Proprietor. 

Ao. *J'i Bras rr iilrrrt, A'esv York. 

r. n. DAVIS a co., 


GG $)rron l Mrret, Loulst Ulr, Ky. 

soeid 2 m ;:dp 


('haiiipii»ue Wine, 


1 'HE attention of eoanotMowrs is rolled to this 
hoe Wine, oa it U warranted tally eeuol to any 
in oalo lo tbe United aiotes. Wo hare been aa- 
KilniodBolo Agents foe Kentucky, nnd win snp* 
»lj the irnde at Importoro' prtem. 


tt kwle»lw wise- Mtt Itt^wM- tteMlava, 

43 Moia olreet. LoaUvHIe, Ky. i 

ruling. The Mjl, of lha arm w;a remala th  
aau.,a.b*rcu A re. — - u rvma.a im 

® *  »• O. W. THOM.wa 4t ca 


Purl-Paciers, Han-Ciirfirs. 


M E R C U A X T S , ! 

’ 1 

•• West Main Ot.. L( UldVIIsXs :. KY.   

WaLBBn*o Tobic BiTTBon om k n ow to ihn 
Fochlty, aad ore not a ptooto modteino, aad osa 
lodneond by fisa Phyilrinbni MiamHnA bad 

H. H. H ILkEl, Pr*prlffl«r, 

LouittwillB. Kt. 

WAT-.T U'B ~R*3 


Are aiwirrrerei to Baslag aU fclaSatt 


filOiisale file ai:l Liqtor Dealn 

Nb. •• ttBlB at„ I WBlavUlw. Kx, 


4V*Por sale bff nU dbalocn oveoywh 
oeio dly 

^ _ f D. H. DAVIXa H. R 9 Ma: 

GONSTITDTIONALIST, d.h. Davies & co., 

^ Bweenrear* M BsaDT a saTiaa, 


enUol Joarnols i Geieial (liiiiL'sitiifcrciaii 

ctPalloti la that and the ad olu4ug (Mason. 

IhoniteniUMiaf MerchontoandboelnotomoaR i oan hnat.nnd id 

the niteniUMi of Merchonto nad bnelnom moa R 
•olicUed to tin clolmo nanflroc clam modlnm for 
mohlog tbeir boolaean kauwa to tho oocuoa W 
conntry whore It clrcololon. 

RT«t KMR 9 €•„ rroarlotara. 


I'liallenve Blarkinv 




JAMRha MA^N 9 VO^ 
fiOA. 130 had HO Horih Float eg . 

PHiLAA»ni.eata. Po. 

N R— Prolctiln by Itafl have been tema^ravlly 

Baggisf , R*r«, Ir*sTles,rrsvtelsas 


s WMS B4a Mala 14.. hUwatoTkUtt aaS towltt. 



W COOPEE has opsnttd tt stadia 

• II ttegaa toreha re . Itt Mala Break tor- 


A LL persona indebted to tke Arm 

-a\ at chrMBAUwM a BAMILTON are re- 
g u eamd to call nad obWIo ihett areon- mwithlaiha 
aant thlil/ da o. W. T HAMILTON. 

Ne.UO nnrihoA.hotweoa Market nad JeHbrnoa. 
ortihd- 1 

rnallBC oairr ai 
Ab iBlc-rrMtB( ■•rM'i'lB. 

■*M Br«li» EMBMIakBtBBt. 

lVicT»»r-c=it-' of Ui»  

WAaBISIOTOK, Ox S', Ivi^. 

Aa you atand oo Oapito' Hill, at ttao top 
*t Uio biitfa dtKbt of alaira laadioy iato 
Ibo 8eaato, look atralfrbl Borifa and you 
will BOO tko Koy**^o**** priming ofbaa. 
It la In draarj cootraat to tba pura wbita* 
■aaa of tbo CapiloL A loog rectangla of 
■octy brirk, domineered bj a acorcbed 
Mpnta, froai wbooe apparent aahea rlaea 
tbe Ot a giU eagle. Tbw eagle, 

tronbM by tbe proximate oonfuaion of 
Iriab ahantna and bnilding lota, la lem 
**®a^‘* J*la deetiny tnan with the 
pchitaoftbe ooaapaaf. whisb be bolda 
•*ana®*ed In hie talone, and by tbaee 
JO« pt^jye (bat juat to tbe north U tbe 
OttboHc f tanreb ol K:. Aloyaina, noiey 

wttB • Of biiiB, wbii» tiM 

qnartw of tbe city liec wett of and be- 
Bind tte printing effi.'e. 

Making a Maigbt way from Capitol 
HUl anro ea Tiber creek, which ycu will 
f^Baa by atapping atooae dopoalted in Ita 
tMMB, and Uking a feot-patb acroaa lota 
gaaaeaad piga browar npaa pleatl- 
nil tetrenneaa, you will reacn tbe print- 
botma in tea or fifnen minutee, and 
b»ar tbe bom of iu maefainery while you 
teke la ecBp af , 

auT*"* ••alafiOf la no better than 
w ren^ ore. A bnge factcry of red 
•wirk, about three bundred and bfty feet 
lorg, a lib tbe gablee and one aide laciog 
•*rareie etiaeta, and tbe o'ber alJefeocra 
up Ui loclcMe bcilier boueae, paper atote- 
booeea, wagao-abada, waeie-paper bar- 
racka, and aa acceaaory wing for sterao- 
Ifplng and for a macbioe-abop— tbia la 
all that a pamieg pedeatriaa knowaof ' 
tbe goytromant print ing-offiee. i 

iNri-rgncy or the rnrimNo offii-e. 
From Ibia dol; rectangle iaauasaU that 
tbe goxernmaal of tbe I'nited Matea baa 
to »*od to tbe roopie to read. Here all ‘ 
tbe maltitaCe ot reporta, wbatber ot ag- | 
rif nitore or pateata, or upon far axplotw- ‘ 
tkma. ornpon Indian oolUaione, or new 
gate to tbe printer and emergea 
or Mm^lec Mere alao all f rme 
Of (eBn blacK •‘atlooery oted byCjo* 
greaa, P/eeldent, or bapreme Coart are 
mied aud printed. Tbe lawa aa they are I 
m a d e and compile d, tbe mape and ebarta 
of fb* newly-aconded eoaata oflbe ocaan 
aa oaTigatom maat know It, of ber terri- 
l *'laa atfl eojubltlona, tbe correspoad- i 
aane of tbia oalloa with iU nrigbbora 
acd coueitja, the regiatere of tbe army, 
nayy, and o.arloe, tte “blue baoka,'^ 
Bcleniibc dlaeorenea patrooiztd by tbe 
gi yernment. all mauner ot documenta 
whereby pol tleal a ad beneficent intelU- j 
gtnee la nj de tbe pr fieny of tbe libra- I 
Qeeif tbe people— these are printed here I 
Here ct«s*e tbe njanuecriiK uf tbe Sac 
aefaiy i ( Smla, and it ia aat up by aworo 
nr aig n ilioia who dara not dtaeloaa h. 
H*r* miet geoerally by obaeryaooa, bat 
not at pre  ent by breack, oomaa tbe first 
dro* of the Praaideu'e laneaege aad all 
Maaaeoa pentiag papare. The long re- 
ports of looimlueeeof Oacgraae opoo 
vry Oi tolyable q u es t ion ore put into 
lyi a beta. In a woed, nowbafe else ia 
any printing doaa fbr tbagooeral govarn- 
■lent except tba debotaa of Cungraaa, 
etblcb me givea oat by ooatract. nod tbe 
boi da acd nolea of tba rnitad States, 
wblen Bie printed lo tbe Trenaory I «- 
psrtmanu la tbia bjlldlog aran the 
m o m wy orders are printed and otampad, 
whkb go tbrot^ tbe poat -office like ao 
many drrna. So are tbe It'bozrapkie 
platea prepared here tc U'.UBtrate the large 
ra^le a( expfaratlone. 

In uao. OoraeUua Wendell, a oelebra- 
ted lypcgtof-bicwl sod poliUoal jobber, 
aold tbM es abHebmeot ts tbe ralted 
Htetee lor f 135.001^ aad It ia now tbe yary I 
largest ptii :ing tOlca ia tba world. | 
Abaci g tbe public priatera hays been 
Oaiea and Seatoa, Joaalfaan Klllolt, 
Armstrong of Teaaeaeee, Huff oreea, 
Hlair Bi-d Rlrea. Cotnrliua Weudell. and 
at Iasi John D Daliera, who baa bald tbe 

ytT^llitrO iM^a 

In IKSQ 9nd n Des'icr*t, 

by ooBBivaace with eome RepuhlieaDa. 
men-ged to get tbe posiiiua, allbougb 
tie R-i'ubiirene were in power at tbe 
time, lie la a talented uiea, whose eon- 
ESriloa B Ml tbe pobltc piinticg we* fr». 
qu«rl   ( ren toeunticioa, bat bale now 
ooti.p . -• ;ee,y poor, bayiog indweed fnr 
a goto II auy people looliably. Galea and ! 
oMtoi e .’I. atririi) boneet man. Who tall 1 
adaloi-- lime, barirgmadea badcxmiract i 
 ^o public work. Duff Green wai a 
aaan o yeieaille abiiitiee, now quite old ' 
acd poor. j 


Eale. ipg by a door ia tie long exterior I 
auie O' ibe rectangle, we asceod a few j 
et  mpe and tnierga into a great oompoa- | 
lag rcM ai, laxiug up tbe lull lengUior tbe 
bBOdiig, and bare betweea two wloks 
we ma  aes fiye bnadred naan aacUng ' 
type ai the caaa. At tba eud of tbe room 
•wareei ue la tbe office of Ike printer and ' 
bia cl« I ka, er d in tbe amall prirate offio ■ 
w ibt- ■ • II er we find Mr De r-^a, baiily 
ergag. . l 

Ha la a plainly-dn ssed, qniet-man- ' 
D*red mao, a printer by trade, not above ! 
forly-t  a yta'e old, ajioolb facrd, graj 
eyed, a lib a baaiceaa look aboot him, ‘ 
at d b* la an ladlanian, long pablialier 
Of tbe li itienapolie Jourttai By lirtb ' 
be ia Ktxiucalan. of tbe State wiilcb 
prodoi ’ d Blair and Rieea, tbe piooeera 
ol twll cal printing In Waahingron. 

Tbe ealary of Mr. Defreea ia f '.,a8l. Be 
^ alio*  d fear clerks and a meaaenger. ' 
• i.d b« u’ enperintead tba antlra buai- 
Btaa 1 be ofUce, wblie ali cootracu lor ' 
paper, tc.. are made by aotmmiueeot 
Ibe be ■ ale and tbe Hnuae. Tbe public { 
piii •til a office ia iberefore relieved from 
a:lib  in paretlons of oorruptlon wbieb 
Died artacti lo it, and tbe char- 
aefar o H e priuUtr hiniaolt bas r,sTar sul- 
ferrd i piitati'ia Ue is one of tbe must ’ 
modes acd at:e’'t.Te offidala nf tbe gov- i 
*rcm  ', lot in pnblie affeira anJ iu 
basil » eB msn t'f I arts and puwera. It 
is am  ' g tne wine oontingcncMs that be 
may te e-'me a member ol tbecabioctoi 
Oecer  Grant. 

Pern i-eion being promptly arc irled to 
lot k e tue printing oiUea, we first trav- 
eree ib   Immense rempoaing room It 
Is aa i a ai d equally lighted, aad ia per 
lect sil uoe ibe work goes on At oae 
oornsr • tbe carp* of proor-raalers; at 
(be far ner end ere tbe atareatvpere. ilv 
log i  greai lumare like room. Down 
emiiB, a tbe preaa room, likewise the 
erbole g'b of tba b lilding, aum* forty 
Adaa,e pr-sres atabatng in rows, and t" 
every, eei a pair of girla toMeeders At 
tbe b  (obi of tba room ia loe mighty 
Bullot 1 |irees. 

TBg BULI.CCK rams 

l o } ' n know wbat tbe Billock prei  
le? Ii • the press that la gotog to woad 
out Ho inoel probably wiUilB firt years. 
Jl ia U ii vectloB of a Philadelphia ms 
cLuiisi named Balloek, who was caught 
hi tbe sf«s ot bia maoblnery and Immo- 
lated I p  a bis own ofkpring. It ia a 
preaa i icb, onwiading paper from an 
endiee- oil, carries It over and under a 
large lary cylinder ar.d prints both 
aides • ■ sheet at Ibe rata of alxiy-three 

doable . preasioBs a minute. Leas than 
every • it ra^aaea forty book pages. 
Witlot' be Jangle and crash ot tbe U le 
preaa, »  ib  ui a sqaad of men to man sue- 
oraaive eioriasAad heavy and dripping im- 
preaeio. - lying m delay to betoroei over 
andler- - tbe praaa again- it require* but 
three I e-n lo manage it ; iu a and ia a 
cbeertii acd energetic clwA. abort, sharp, 
d  ciaia and plaasing ; it takas but little 
compel at iva apace, and Iu operatioaa are 
psT'orneea aritb a*eh aaae that tbs eye in- 
^dnlously seas tbe swift effectiveaasa 
|ig ^ ita W'Tk. Tbs six cylinder Hue prase 
alwsye (cked to me 1a motion like a 
crew of airy firemen on ladders saving 
g~edat  nn aecoad and tbird-story win- 
doera. It begins woik witn extraordi- 
nary pi t-ii-iuc,atrr:s with tbe dignity of 
a provii cisi stage-coach, ebipi out poor 
littie t! I' sbeeu of papw with ttie ooiae 
of a tkui'der c'.ood, and half tbe miracle 
o. i:e iierp rmanoe ia lurgotten in tbe 
miracle o' iU blnater. 

Tbe Bullock preaa looks like a black 
draugbi bcrse bitebed to a roll of whiu 
paper end walking np a t’cad-mllL Over 
IU brck ore gllatcning roller turns, na- 
der its ban a anetber ffias like a polisbed 
maecle, ana b naatb tbe fore-paws of tbe 
pony tb* priobdstwu drop like tbe flash 
of a pa' er’a alioea. Tbe widow end fam- 
ily of Bullo-"k are proprietora in part of 
tbia pr ar, wbieb ia bring mannfactnred 
by a oooi(«ny of which Wendell, ax- 
rrinier. Is a member, and Knapp, a rich 
waabirgtoolan, la Prroideat nie New 
York //(/-old took oat a Hoe preaa soma 
areeka ago god pot op a Bullock. Colo- 
oei Hnr tfarealeoed to bring auit agsiast 
tbe Bn! lock people, but did not do it. 
Hiaewn pa'ent baaexpired andOongreat 
redOeaa to reoew it. Boe U a man ol car- 
aat'l* and prolific talent, and nobody will 
probeb'y al'empi to comiieU with him 
in making bU prea a ea. 

a piciraa. 

Ii tier# ie snytling tbat ia pretty it is 
to ace a pretty girl oo aa Adams press, 
fetding Ibe mrnster ao daintily. Here ia 
a doubir row of them— Cna and tbs lion 
teduoed to niaibiiiery — praaers and girls, 
tbe prraa locking aa if it would like to 
“ebaw** tbe girl ap If it could only get 
iocee from the floor, and tbe giri drop- 
^ng a pair of black eyes into the cold 
aeart ot tbe pvaas. all warm now with 
friction, aabame d of iu grimy moatb, 
bamir g u  slip iu belt acd trample the 
taper lo ribbons, and turn bondage into 
btba Bbe, ireantime, tooebaa tl with 
ber lltue toot, ibrilla it with the gliding 
of ber garmaat, poises over it oa one 
^abiu Hill* firger tbe plain gold nog of 
some mciie Cbriatian eugagement, and 
* iack wiibj-aloasy the preaa plangea In- 
to tia slavery again, disheveled with 
Ick. dripping vamub. mid and kaen ol 
teesh tbeiB'patoeaoB, aodtbaboaulitai 
tyraot oaly amtUs. 

Where ao effiaa ia aumaged like tbia, 
wilb purity all aroaad ti.w itb aCbrUtian 
man at tbe Lead, no breetn of acandal lo 
dU Ma busy oioiatara sriih foul auggaa- 
ticne, it ia nn iaepirsUun to see womea 
7CB' ( Ritl* at work. Tbali laUrpo- 
aHMin gTvse aomatbiog of roma n ce to the 
tenible drearineaa of pubitc documeo'a 
Tbe govammsat priatiog office ia- 
volvaa a jerrly expanse of from oua mil- 
Moa aad a half doUara la aver two mil- 
lieaa, and ibis doaa apt iaelude tbe print- 
tag of tbs data aa of Ooogreaa, which ia 
daps by aoatmet at tbe GirAe afliae, aad 
n bleb aoeu a» vac dollars a ra'nma tire- 
poet them aid six dollars ll bellevei a 
aagiy par r asaioa lor tba 0'u6e, ia wbieb 
(bay are prink d. 

*lbe five succesvire BUk'Cs ol this l alM- 
: II gars bHsv lo scaoea and auggeotions 
i Builb.v of cur auentioo, but Ibe limlU of 
}.-nr culiiiuns and your {lationoa demand 
a ore »ut*lan!ial matter. 

I Gcv  romeni printers get a trifle better 
: piioes iLan are paid elsewhere in the 
, cutmv. fSteady work will give one 
, iM.iNia  esr in tbia manufactor.v. Ttie 
; work girls get from nine to twelve dol- 
I lara a week. Tbe printers are almost al- 
wsy  in excese, however. 

■ SOME riOl'EES. 

^ great Bullock preaa cost tl.'  i'vi 

In one year new type added coat flc.holi 
I' ’t*i*t*ft ink, I lt*.7l7 ; cc*l, eeven hundred 
I nv; new inacbioery, (u.iiuu 
I 1,^“ .**’• Wrdery four hundred thouuod 
I Kuealau leather skins were used, seven 
burdred and sixty packs of gold leal 
cratirg nearly »7 iioo . nearly five thou- 
sand dcllara’ worth ot twine, and aa 
n.uch ol glue. l*s| er tor post-odije 
l lanlia alone coat f 4  noo. Tbe binding 
Of looks couaumrd ITJofio. and binding 
n stetisla $ll.''. iiu)i Kograving and Ii h- 
ogra^dilng coat 1111,000. 

Tl eae figures show an activity and out- 
lay »i,rb as ia witneasvd in no eiogie i 
rtintir g office In the world. I 

Tee paper that runs this huge printing ‘ con.ea from various msnufseturers, ; 
ai d is Lot orcered by ihe ooogreesi mal • 
printer tui by a joint comiulitee of t’on- I 
gress. It i* ordt red in reams office b'.iQ- 
dud vbeeU and soiiietinies paid for by ! 
tbe p  und . In (be latter case from twen- : 
to toibirty cents ia commonly paid, and : 

. by Ibe ream the prices vary from eight 
dollais at d a ball to thirteen dollars. 
Three thousand leams came from Hilti- i 
mure, r.iuvleen thousand raauu and also { 
laeiiiy ihousaiid pounds came from | 
Manc jes;er, Connsetirut. tour tbousaod ' 
rvsms Ircm K *ton, four thousand from 
l.snoasUr. Paunsylvanit, one thousand ; 
from Bblladelpbia, exclusive of ! 
HbMO pounds, and au.Of'y reama 
ceme from New York. Tbe man- ' 
uteciurers fornisbing tbe bulk of tbe pa- i 
per were Jessup, Keeney, Uagarge, 
Warren, and Barr. Tbe cist of all ibis 
pscer was |r  cousiderably past 

btlr a million, yet this was lews than tbe 
aum paid for five prec ding yeare, tbe 
ooet of the paper being In IGl j more than 
a million and a qoarte.- of dollars, and 
averaging (or five years about t'Al.tWi). 

At the end of tbia economical year about 
worth of paper remained in 
Bioragc. Government never inanraa its 

f troparly, and ibis immense amouat of 
Dfiammable matter is atoiel in abeda ad- 
jacent to tbe printing office and guarded 
I y walvbmco. Littie do tbe workem at 
the pant r milts on tbe running waters of 
tbe W iasabieiKa and tbe Croton know of 
tbe prccees cs through whxb tbatr puip 
will go and of the Inlelligeouea it will car- 
ry to far frratiers, to tbe rabineu of foxy 
foreign dirlomau, to tbe Ubrariea of tbe 

Tbe printing for tbe   xacutive Iiepsrt- 
ment ol Ibe goverciueot c-wta nearly as 
macb money aa the total work done for 
Orngreas. Tbe KxrcuUve Departments, 
with Ibe eourta, nquired in 1H67 aboul 
t7X7 fiui worth of printing, while tbe 
Hooeecfllepresentaiivee ran np a bill of 
t(54,0Wand tbe Senate (186,000. In addi- 
tion to tbia acta of Congress warranted 
about |£3S,000 additional of work dona 
for mtscellareoaa objects. Mr. Heward 
ie a dainty band with tbe t vpea, and will 
lave no bir dings tut tba best. UiabUl 
waa about (82,000 last year. The Supreme 
Coatt ard ita aalellite oenrta take lass 
tlan half as much, or nearly (15,000 
Tbe Congraasional printer himself baa a 
liUla bill of (TOO, but tbe Attorney-Gea- 
eral ia moat modest of all, not reashIng 
I '.ue figure of (600, nor does tbe new De- 
I tarimeDt of Kdumtion consume more, 
lb# Agiicultnral Departmect, with ita 
huge reports, pataes (82,000 Tbe mo3- 
atrone appetite of the Treaaury leads 
eierytbicg, with nearly (300,000, and the 
War Liepartmaat follows it with (14e ,000. 
Nixt or me the Pi«t office, Navy, and In- 
' teri r Departments, ranging from (7! ',000 


Now let US aee wbat kind of dnciinienia 
tbe government is ptintieg. Last yeai 
CCS bntdred and fiRy-eix repa-ate book* 
and deeumenta were turned cut of tbia ' 

I I ffioe, a varietv of woik w hich waa not I 
I probably rqualed by the Hrrpara. Apple- : 
l  na, I.'ppicootts, Fields, and Scribners [ 
t geib*r. The entire nnmber of oopies 
I p iTntfd wet net far from SOO.OtiJ. 

I Mr. Seward, with hit usual luxurioua- 
I r  sa, bad an appendix to his diplomatic 
I roiieepoodenoe prepared at a coat of(2v,- 
i fV-0 Tbe book made 754 pages, and of 
I 22 000 odd copies printed tbe Secretary ' 

I t(K-k 10 000 bimself. The dipljuatie oor- I 
I i ep"Daeoce in two volumna, attach^ 

I lo Johnson's meaaagva for 1867. made at I 
Ml about 2 2 .i0 pages, coating (Vi 000, and I 
Mr. Sewaid privately “bagged 7,500 
copies. Alao, to continue with Mr Sew- ' 
ard, bis annual intercational commercial ' 

I report madeno pages and coat (10,000, ' 

{ SLd Mr. Seward took 050 copies. 

Tte largest d- cumenta were those of 
' Mr. Seward’s difluseceea, and alro tba ! 
killcwirg: , 

Report on Soutlera railroads, 1,(60 ' 

‘ t”-g s Report oo lielaoo and Morgan, ' 
I.U4 peges. Tbia Delano ia an expeo- ' dog— bew much is Ben. l.^gleatonto ' 

I c III w Len be oootesUT Rej ort of Hogan 
I Ci Ltee!:rg Pile's seat, 672 pages. Hogan ' 
is a Murary chap, evidently.) Report ol 
! lleCoBmisaioierof Patenta, S.lsOpagea, ' 
larman’a Dictionary of Congress, 610 ' 

. I'sgea. This ia more oopiea than all Con- | 
go e* unitedly uwins of any dictionary of ' 
Ibe Loglieb language ) A select commit- 
tee report their views on tba Indiana to i 
ibe luue ot 544 pages. Smithsonian , 

: shcual report, 472 rages. This re- 
port ia made op of interesting msga- I 
: x'Le articlas, wbeiro all subjects are con- ' 
akiered firm cheese to asteroids Conti- 1 
I dential commonlcatioos from tbe Prwi- 
nnt, ^72 pages. .V penny for tbia 
the ugbt, and pe«temy will di'PU'c tbe 
’ bill aaexewev*!) Tbre* Army Ragitters, 

1 404 pages. (Ben Wade's oalabralwl re- ' 

’ port on (be ennduct ot the war— supple- ! 

I ment to it, 1,260 pagaa. . Lawa of tbe | 
I'ni ed States, 7b6 pages. Report of tbe 
Ci'O mi-eloner of tbe Land Offioa In Fag- 
l;sb, Freecb, Oerinan, and Swedlah, 846 
psgea. 'Tbia is tbe moat practical and 
I VHluable report iaauod.) Agricaltural 
report, 612 pagea. (This ia a varyex- 
|*n»ive book, printed lo tbe aoiuuat of 
166.0 .0 ooplee, at a oe*t of (144,000. Srme- 
iL.ig loomncbofibis!) The blggeat bills 
besides tbe above are tor bicdtng tbe Oba- 
preastowaf (/.Wje, (33 0(10. Ditto (bound 
ino»»- (27,000. Patent clfioe report, (24,- 
U.0 Tbe message of Andrew Johnson, 
tiicaaioed and abridged, (30,000. 

Beside tbete books and many others, 
iLere ia acotber liitie ba'cb of booka or- 
dered for Mr. Seward of bis favorite dl- 
pl -B Stic com tpondenoe, of 10,050 copies. 

. A!ic tbe agriruitoral deparuneot it a 
candidate ior l!«, 000 more copies ol ita 
b g I epert, Tbe patent offise people want 
lobe in print 21 , 00 o-if.iet extra, and 
there is a tremendous bx:k on tbe death 
of Mr, Lin x ln, wb'ofa is tbe most (roally 
boi k, probably, ever leaned in the United 
K ates. This moat expensive book ever 
iaaued by e government, coosidering its 
estne oontents and tbe extra- 
otdir ary nature of iu au^ect matter, 

1« the appendix to Mr. Seward’s 
dipl- matic mrTaepondence, containing 
»apree*ions ofaympatty and oondolence 
wi h Ibe uation on ibe faU of Abraham 
Lti-coin. Tba eon price of produdug tbe 
. txA k will be 4!' 2C0, or more than six  lol- 
It IS a cepy, wti.e bindings on some 
a;« rial copies, ordered tor tbe crowned 
' l.-tdB,ftc, abroad, will prchably bring 
; them np to twenty or twenty-five djilara 
I • J- Heward’a united works, corre- 
, epoLOence at.d al', will make about 
' twenty volumes, va.uable indeed, but tbe 
extra gilt might be delegated to tbe 
i crowned beads to put to their library 
I bc ks. '' 


No enlightened government in tbia age 
can do witbont public documenta, but tbe 
Bbcleeyatemot di-tributing them abouid 
I be changed. There ere, eibapa, 8,000 
; oddcoontiee in Ibe I'niiad S'alea. Let 

f ;overnment content iiaelf with present- 
tg a copy of every public work to tbete, 

! and let It sail the rest to tbe people at 
^ c «t price. 

Of tbe agricultnral report the extraor- 
dinary number of 220 000 oopies have 
been ordered for last year alone, at a coat 
ol (. 0,000 or about eighty-five eenta a 
erpy- This coat ia enough to pay tbe 
I Rresident, Vioe-Prcaident, all tbe Cabi- 

I oetclLcers, tbeSpeakerof tba House, and 

I tBO’lbirdaof tbe first-class foreign mln- 
ietera. In these reports there ace 4.50 uDO 
, pounds of paper, or 225 tons, enough to 
, lake 225 double horse waguna lo pull 
them Now, put tbece 225 tons into tbe 
' mail bags, franked by Cuogreismen to 
j coiner grocers and gin-mill proprietors, 
and you get some notion of tbe reason 
Bby tbe Poet office l cpartment in not 
I se t aosuining. If tbe franking privilege 
j were strppea and a faondrtd dollars’ 

I worth of poettge atampe voted annually 
1 to each Congressman, tbe necearity for 
; this vast quantify ot pnblie documenta 
' « ( uld also ceace. One evil enggeats and 
I (uppcrls anoUxr. Tba swindles of tbe 
; Birld are .'inked togrtber, and tbe 
dev'., 'a forlorn expedienti against tbe na- 
^ lion aie “omnibueed ” 

At this vtry D'ornent there are SCO, 000 
' copies of tbe reports tor various years ly- 
I iig in tbe vaulbi of tbe patent otlloe 
; bnl.ding, Leing tbe quantity annually 
printed in excets of tbe demands even of 
extravagance. Those copies represent 
f Kf.OfO of tbe people’s money inveated in 
I waaie paper, mildewD-g, lotting, tbe 
j spoil o« paste-rau and truss makers. 

Tbe new Conrmiasiener of Patents, Mr. 

' Foote, when be took bia teat some time 
ago, WBsnc't aware of this decaying masi 
' ol sgricuitnral knowledge, manoring tbs 
: g:oui.d instead cf tbe ye -man intriiect. 

I Tte f stent cilice ie aeif supporting, but 
' tl al is BO reason why it should print mors 
I boc ka than it watts. Tbe bill fur eo- 
greving l-lates of modeia for Ibe jMteot 
( Oice last year was ( 5.0(6 Tbia la not 
mieapent, but tbe ext asa of bo(,k* waa 
pit iligacy. 

lb* usual tumbei of copies priatad of 
any public dc cument is l,55fl, or about 
tbe average circnlatiAn of boohs printed 
by private publtahing bouses Uut of 
Ibis number more than ont-balf are 
bcuna up, ibe real being distributed ia 
aheeta by gift, mail, or otberwiae. 


Oor irintiog office might almoat be 
made at If-auatalolag. Tbe first thing lo 
do in tbia dlreotioo Is to sboliah tbs 
franking privilege, atd au Immedtalaly 
make tbe poet cdBoa remnnerativa and In 
tin e tbe public printing bureau. 

To ebew that this la tbe case In other 
oobntiNa, 1 have been at paMis talock np 
tony gnide to Paris a akeirh of lbs 
French government pilnttag oAoa. 

i government printiugofli. e, 

I oalltd Ibe Imp*itnene ! - -jh ■ate, wavcon- 
I reived In amall part liv rrancia 1. abrut ' 
I twobundred and fifty yenra Hg}. K'che- i 
I lieu somewhat later used the office to j 
: pfii't books in Tu’kiab and llindooatanee ' 
I lor Ibe uiusionaiiea whom be unt to the . 
I F'.aat on pilitical errands. The priatiog | 

litMitiii riigLiffi iutt. 

1 K'lU tbe Atl.t-riiMii .\r(.'ui ' 

Aside from ha alnicbt uoiversal minia- 

.1!)  lt I loiiv sicu new ill a i'oir^li- 
K -r|»io S  liool 

K-. in !• !ik.-e|. . I -I,, X, . ' 

Slratke eeenta weieenac.ed si Ki-b.te's 
Militar.v School, near the I.ower Lvml- 
ii g, eixl in Manatrtv:. StiiirdKy nt.ei. 
I r on hiicnf i o' lo- k. .V Ib ,t hour Mr. 

ii Gietk Bvrian Armenian Persian and ■ M'ltuce *i IU* preeeDi iiuie luvn lie near- | np ano iniorineo iiiiii iiini one oi me 
Samaritan^ To 'these I oui's X V added i I.V limitieia scope with reference not only i leacbeis was very sick nr.d wlaUed loses 
Hebrew and Chinese ehirac'era' whiba I lo (Le cub  sal nalureol tbe luecbanlcal i liiiii. the pupil who hrougb! ths ino'ina- 
Un-a \1\ , bad ca^s^me of the fines* I rK'fccbs brought to bear to accomplisb tb n leaving lor .he dorr. 
lonl. oftypieverknoi^ eiSro g.ven obkete, but in even a greater de ever, bad b- re.ched U when he, too. 

Ciieouare yard*. It* expenaet in »* doii. ba.ked beyond aecjiing eome pre i with vuiintirg, and agaiu Mr. Hisb^e 

• eie OCO francs, or ( 000 and its i '  'U'*".' J •'"J- ' Inelauce, the Cni- | Marled ou bie errand ol m-rcy, I'ut, bo- 

r-ciplsexc edetl Ihieoutlav bvisK) Of P’* ‘ w«-I. *i;vnd.og f .r bundreua of | l,e reaebrd bis wile’s room, he. too. 

tl e*e receipts more than were ac- 

qiiirrd i y eeiling the IJh'Moi i.i the I-'tit - 
ai;d other cfticial journala. 

Ihe /mf. 'itnfrir JhipfruiU- (^ontains » 
band presfea and i;» eteain presses. It 
u.akee Ij.rod pack* of playing cvr.i* a 
d*y, for in Kranrv playing card*, like 
lobacco, make a government monopoly, 
ard no private firm can mauufacl'ire 
either. There *re also j) lithographic 

I ie.’g Ilf* i'll tbe Iwrders of It-irren wilder- I was attacked wilb vomi ing, Tueuiit- 
! iiM-ees, and requiring in its construction ! ter now became arrioua. All over tbe 
. tbe lab(.r of c .udtleas bostv of workmen luild:i.‘g pupils were vomiting, while 
b.r iicnnmbered years, was intended for ; seme were suddenl.y att* eked with vio- 
no (.iher uee than to keep the wandering . 1  nf dianliea. It   eing the weekly boll- 
, leriar rol bera tiow tbe deen tilled day, a large number were proinsnading 

fi,’il‘- (.1 tbe Central I-'io**ery 
Kiigdoo!, and when completed served 
till* eimple andnonlber. "Tbe 

Main eirtet. Tlity, too, were affected One 
sincd on a Mreet corner, vuUiiling; anith- 
er wB-i iieling about on tbe sidewalk ; a 

eau.e engineering ( Ron expeu'led in our I third was sitting on a curb s'one, an i 

rriueHaLd 1  ruling macbiue.s andihe ue n time and among enl-gblened people I M'l-.e were leaning against lamp-post*, 
wbrle force of tbe eitsb isbmen' ia under be det-ignen to produce some eciu- | I’«   pie along llie streets were impressed 

eevenbutdred ler-oos Tbefiitciini   my of lime, s-ime util:xition of lorces or with the idea that a nnmtier of the pupils 
ol Ibe French print'ng otU ie are more m d e new agency by w bieb Isbor could v e. e ( n a di--graceliil spree, and gossip 
manifold than our*. It is cjiislJ- red tbe be belter applied than was possible before; | | i  ked up the rumor as true, and cirrie I 
prererver nf Ibe national art of printing lu*ie*a of acting an inert part iu . it irom i iie end cf tbe city to the other, 

neuea rlfb Irooks of all sorts and bas m» t‘y pessive fiiuc ion, would In ti e mi antlme Dr. John C. Payaa lud 

I'ttle o.rre-pondence with the tVaabing- ' (■'^•“’•liDite an active means f ir the devcl- b. • n tent lor and bad arrived at the 
Inn printing ( Oice, wbicii ia a work-hoiol opnient of progresa, an.i would inure not I srht ol, wbr re, together with Dr. Avery, 
the plainret exterior *elf-supTorting* in ' “ "t’* bi tbe benefir of Ibe generation that ! evr ry thing was d  ne to alleviate tbe silf- 
notbiiig, a gilt enterp'riae indeed. n.ade the tOort, but would ala i forma ; brjLgscitbe tlllicled- Powerful medi- 

ti. A. T. »' urce cl perennial benefit to those tbat I cine waa given those at tbe school, and 

— . _ ... came aRer. A* an example illiisrrative wagons were aent about Ihe city to p'ck 

■| lir tliK'l'iian .lotUry ( liili. ol tl it last proposition may be mentioned up the .sick pupils abroad. .Vt so’oliolc 

I tbe Su»7. Canal, which, when completed . in the evening tbe panic and *icknea*hsd 

I *o that ships may pass direct from tbe nil»ided, and quiet once more reigned 
ii» MasBarBieai DUi Ba.rd B.» i.rv.'xe Mediterranean to tbe Ued Sea, and thence about Ihe piremises. It is bellevei that 
wiiiir* : to India, must create a revolution in tbe there was nomething about the head- 

' C( n merce between the Occident and tbe ch  eae, which was partaken of freely by all 

. o - ! Fast of scarcely lees magnitude thau that at the dinner table, tliat caused tbe dis- 

lliZ/M ' which is deemed by which resulted from Vasco dl Gama’s lurl-sBce. Mr. Bisbee states that it waa 

many batter iotormed on tbe subject of | dux^very of the passagearound tbe Cape msde of good Ireeh meal, under the im- 

rr-cing than on tb* measure* and men ! ot  *ood Hope. Thus, also, bbould tbe it ediate supervision of Mrs. Bisbee. That 

beat fitted for the restoration of a of I ■'’to** the narrow re- being the case we are of the opinion that 

rational nroata-ritv aoeakaol tbe man- 5 'll, 'i'"* , North and e« me evil dleposed wag knows more 

rational proafwriiy.e^aneol the men- | k  uih America ever become a re- alamt the ttonble than be ie willing to 

ageiMLt of tbe AmaricBo Jockey Club j aliiy, ebips may sail in only a tell. Altogether about sixty pupils were 

ol Ibe French priotTc offi je are more m d e new agency by w hich l*bor could v e e ( n a di*graceiiil epn 
manifold than ours It is cjiislJ- red tbe he tetter applied thau was possible before; | | i  ked up the rumor as tr 
prererver nf Ibe national art of printing losieati of acting an inert part iu . it irem   iie er.d of tbe cil 

■reuea rlfb Irooks of all sorts and bas *' Pfsive fiiuc ion, wu.ild In tie uiiactlme Dr. Johi 

I'tlle r..rre i ond*Dce wilb the Waabing- ' ‘■'^“'•iiDite an active means f ir Ihe devM- b' • ti tent lor and bad 
Inn printing f Rice, wbieb ia a w..rk-ho- o' ‘T'»Knt of progress, an.I would iuure not I hr ol, wbf re, together w 
Ihe plaineet exterior aelf.sripTorting* in »  'n«! t‘  the benefir of Ibe gaueratlon that ! everything w as d me to all 

Ihe plaineet exterior, aelf-sripTorting 
nothing, a gilt enterprise, indeed. 

U. A . T. 

rr-cing than on tb* meaaure* and men 
heal fitted for th* restoration of a l.atia of 
rational proa{a-rity, apeaka ot tbe iiian- 
agement of th* Am*ricBo Jockey Club 
aa follows : 

^ aligblly devious way from Ibe cities on 
We have b*r*tofore given eome reasons I Atlantic aealnard to the harbors tbat 
forth* conylctioo wbieb bae been forc^ I ■J’"*®* •“* coaet of -\*ia, and bear to 
upon us, and which is also enteruinad I Ifooj Anglo-Saxon l(x ma and 

by Ibe commnnity at large, reapeotingtb* font**! PiMticts of greater value thm 
grev ions errors wbieb ^ve taiUierto pie- 'f** 'po** H  t Castilian and Portugnese 
vailrd in tbe management of tbe Aoaeri- T*' 'RMp** dreamed of in their early via- 
can Jeekey Club. Unless aometbing ia ol Cathay, .\nother illnstraltoo of 

doer to remedy tbe mistaken ayatem 'teeame idea may befound in the pro- 

being the case we are of the opinion that 
K me evil disposed wag knows more 
aliout the tionble than he is willing to 
tell. Altogether about sixty pupils were 

The I'ai'lflr. 

KAiilrffi Titers OverlKad. 

often rtviveda nf JoioioK tbe Island ^ PacUic railroadn gives an interest' 
ol Great Britain with the oonlinent h* •• I *  K of tbe condition of those Im- 

at no distant day. We have shiowu how 

vaiird in tbe management of tbe Aoaeri- •’•8 tgaKMs dreamed ol in their early via- 

can Jeekey Club. Unless aomstbing ia ol Cathay, .\nother illnstraltoo of ' . rnwnt n r- . i j 

doer to remedy tbe mistaken ayatem may befound in the pro- ■ life t^ntrel and 

wbieb lire al the foandation of the orira^ ' of"*" revived, of joining tbe Island ^ ^ ac'bc railroad* gives an Intereat- 

‘7.*liOD, It will never attain the obiec? for 1 Britain with the oontinent by a I of those Im- 

whichltwBs Inatituted, and tiS^bSe driven ihrongh the soil chalk or I 

tUeg will result in a melancholy fallnre ' l'm';« ona tbat is b»lieved to conetitiUe ! J** 

at nod .aunt day. We have ahbwu how 1 »?ottcm of Ibe English Channel, and ‘ 

wrongly tbe l uMie have been treated and **** 'loportacee of which project, if sue- ' '*“?■. “ follows; From 

b.y.* JeiSoiriro,e5 Tte , «-efullv cerrkd out, c.nnSt 4 eatim*?^ I from’TT!^^^^ !“ 

have loUowed and must continue increased facility which I fou/daf^Srem ^ ^ 

to follow tbe exclusive and child- ' “••[‘by to travel and ot [be R’n, “7 Patfil^Tu ^ 

iab ceremony which have been “'•“■Portation, tnt rather by the comma- 

the rule up to this time. We now^t^ of Inferrot and tbe promotion ol bar- *“ 

pvse to show that the members of the i between two nations with whom i “,** Ulying four 

club in general are no better off than 'ba memory of Waterloo la not yet ef- "' ** between 

tbe public, but are the vicUma of the 1“ each ol tbete examples— and iraV.Trr^c^lbfutslHfn^hi ^ [u* 

goveming clique. ’Tbe club Itself baa ' ‘’baracter might be »7,[w7fd hi 

nn nnwAr tn dai attvOiingw m**wA*vt •dduc«?*— 'W0 flud that hnwevcir miarht* u® would bftv® trav®rs®d tb® 

IU uiMksuv UMjf. TTV U«V« SDOWU DOW i .1 .7: — * 7 

ngly tbepublie have been treated.and 'b®  ®pt rtaree of which project, if sue- 
e oemonstraied the efiects which I ®**'t*‘R °oti  tannot be e«iui»ted 

* loUowed and must continue , ^ facility which 

goveming clique. ’Tbe club Itself baa ' 

no power to do anything except to find we find tbat however mighty travera^ the 

money to be epent by tb* dlrtvLora, oyer “ * project in iteelf may be, it la far Iran- iV* *'? 

whom the club itself ha* no more an- ! **• Ptoportlona by tke reanlta, dl- j I aoifio railroad la 

thority than th. ilTble-toya -Th; ' derived^ iherefroi^’and ** 

ccDBtltntion ot the tlub baa been made j" 'bis last, eapeclally, may be said to lie i 

ccDBtltntion ot the tlub baa been made j" *bia last, eapecially, may be eaid to lie ‘ j Vhe rrl*H ti“ 

Uon“‘i't“*a‘iL‘^hU“ Xrw‘iTer i‘iSl ‘ w.‘i?^rL“l?J:i7e‘“t.^lo^e““^in^ 

irtbir.? bidy*1n wSim '"“l 7u[^ru'y , 

aidiilluence should reside, Tbia sort’ '* Wai aenat* ib ih* aim.*," ^ •'“J f“l* Jere 

of “house of lords’’ is com nosed of Hm* ! with the completion of the road to Salt 

life member*, limited to fifly iu number i »- early in tbe spring. Ktrly in 

It bas ten times tbe newer veamdTi^re From the f lTillaa. Novembtr stage connection* will be made 

I'louitype, lb* Heuee of Peers in tbe, ^*** Antonio i.'.,prcM givta an ac- *be craMngof the Hnmbuldt — 85 miles 

Britiib oonstiluiion; and at tlie same' *®afr which tbow* how very T*i*i **‘^“**5*”?' 

time the areal Iw-wtv nf tka i tar the tieople of the Texas frontier are The company a work on tbe enow abeda 

A W ai ne tlate Ib the Ai 

Prom tbea.alMBtOD f lrillaa. 

in luls conntrv Toe life membera are umruerea on tne frontier - luo roaa 

no doubt ytryfrene^tble i n=o»'be ainre. and tne murderers bed wi 1 be completed to Dear river, fifiy- 

[heni at* also verrable gentlenwn Tjut and punUbment, though iniles eaal of Halt Lake, and it ia be- 

l eroHii^er no re/aoWv^^^ bnoan. The eparae popufa- !'• ved that the ralU will be laid aa far as 

p. wer owTht priJi^ny Tod manMl “®*’’ character of tbe murder- “Fer before eevere winter weather 

u ent of the clubtoouW hTivebro“veTSl and their friend*, and their facilitlea “^er, 815 miles west of 

in them iMtead od ^n th^^ I " r evading eriest by the military, pre- «lif«.prereiitpH^Dger terminus, 

Urle Tb. ciubnL.iL™ vented Ibeir capture. The /;rprc/,* Lw “ * aneged. be tbe per- 

e e can discover uo reason wby abeulute 
p wer over the pro(«rty and manage 
u.eM of tb* club should have been veiled 
in them Inetead of in the member* at 
Urge. Tb* club numbers above thirteen 
huLdred members— that ia to say, if tbe 
gieat body ol Ibeiii are membsrs stall. 
It seems Ui na that they can hardly be 
considered members, tor in tbe books of 
Ibe club they are denominated “Annual 

taio aav if 111* 1 •‘'Fe* an account of an expedition made I “ terminus for the winter Tbe 

membmi’atall i * J Company G, 35tb 1 ‘“n tractors are endeavoring to lay an 

■ be ! '^ ■«-lnf»n‘ry, witbaportioiof hle com- I "Ferage of five milea of track rlaily be- 

ccDAid®rcd member®, tor io tb® book® of ®Dd8rin®(I wlih slx-Bhoot* 

fb®clubU*®7 mre dci*oiuin«t®d **Aooaal Sf^ncer oirbln®-®, in pursuit of 

bnUcrlbeia,’' and tbe club really cinslste Ii . 7 **° *’* 

of the little close (dique of fifty which has • • 1 •boot Karnes ccunty. Tbat paper 

ccnferr«d upon itaell offica tor life, and 
treats Ibe twelve hundred aad fifty other 
tubecribert with aometbing very mnoh 
like contempt. 1 be life members in 1867 

“The party proceeded to tbe vicinity of 
be home ot tbe Taylors, which ia on tbe 

like contempt. Ihe life membere In 1867 ‘o KarnMCOunly. eomeri 

were the followirg genllemen. Oae or diLtacre^bciJt From .be Tro, Fr«*. .not. i. 

p7.Tre"Lvrb^‘f';3L"R“'’Kl^n '' *• TbeLTgitV^aS^TmeLLYy'll'ikr'L' ! About aix years ago Mr. Amo. Brough- 
Al*Mtd?r a I M BmIowC^H™^ bjlf-pa.t 3 o’clock, Ihe little band, led by ' 'o« 1“ H i*«-ate. 

D ihai'e J.Lla A A^ “-'‘F brave captain, proceeded to the , » i» de*!*! 

monD jimTIT G. l^StL house, which is a double log house and 

Caiuernn, J. W. Clendenin E Roudinot 1 •“••K'l where If waa diacuvered seven ' Ili'Jl 

Coil David Crawford Jr ’ William P “ en were sleeping in tbe passage. In their I ^ few diyra ago the family 

Dmanlau. Hem7 W clothing and with blankets. The cap- ' t" b'lng the re- 

Icre Ibe work ia an.  pended fortbeaeasua. 


rtoclj Alive WetcH* Two llnodred 
l* 0 »uKd»-l ead, Klgbl Hundred. 

nerG. Howland, John 'Hunter, Lairrenoe “« nienl tbe light was mede, the pr^ 
R. Jerome, I^eonard W. Jerome, Alexen- !' ““"K rapld- 

err S. Meoomb, .Adolphe Maillard, Man- jy,* '5- *^®*f*‘* most of tl^m 
ten Meible, William H. MeViokar. W. ^'* 5* din'Cted towards the captain. The 

lam Redmond, A. Keeoe Uicbarda, i «iuwi n luueiu, leuiioe aee- 

l.liaba Riggs, A. Robeson. M. U San- ***' ‘7fk 

« uorlH to lilt it from lis position proved 
iu fl-clual. Tbe C( Ilia lid waa therefore 
removed, when it waa found thatfbe body 
waa in the moat per.'ect state of petrifac- 
tion. It was covered with a dry mould, 
wbieb, when removed, revealed a eur- 
face almoat aa white and pure aa marble. 
Tte body ebowed not the least particle of 
decay. Every feature and lineament 
wee perfectly preserved, and when stood 
Dprigbt it presented Ihe appearance of a 
finely chiseled statue. When Mr. Brough- 
ton oied be weighed about two hundred 

Tevior WiBlam wmi.mH “’‘••D calling himaell Buck Roland, fell, IM appearance of a 

Vai^rt,ilL cJmc W *“ '“c BFOln. Another, eoppojiid to Rnel,V cb^ied atatue. When Mr. Brough- 
am DWkLrel^Mt^^^ ^ ^ H*y® T*yl°F. ran Irom tbe house, tbe '®“ hundred 

Dn lb«e tift?' lifo^*liiS™*.hV whnla gufblng Irom bis mouth and nose P®“* 'J*! the r,malua had increimoil 

“ inaireame. A fourth, thought to be Da- ' •“ weight by petnlaclion to eight hundred 
Mwer of legislation and inriadiction bas Tavlor tbe man who shot Maior ' P®'”**!'*- Refote the body wae interred at 

hTbeTo'nw fbeTn'^dfiL^rrr.'^™- lu“ fell it wa. .sen \ the family, 

aiViMfibl* thL Clnh toldlng bis hands lo hU chest, seemingly ‘ "“d “eny oiber* there. It Is the 

•|OD*iDJ®. ID® clat) iu®lf DU n? pow®r in «rr( niiJn Thu r thpr« ASf MnffiH ’* “ i P«*rf»ct ®nd wood®rfal ioBtanc® of 

over anyiblng. Two thlrd. of thi. di- ‘“’jf M ^tl^ ‘ I ®trlfcUon of human remain” hat h« 

LtL*”:.** f iV.L"3,:r“ com. i -er come to our knowledge. 

eleV, .ndLaoLLllire^iT^of mil crime end reaUt arrest, no one will ' 

jufiort.vrenni.^aTTiereiieof thitpower, ™wn ?oL°Vnre 7nd“"nn^ .ru a Oraperado. 

to Ib* vlnb itself The action can only i , Los Angelna (Cal.) Anea.ofOcto- 

le reviewed by a meetiDgofUMllfeinem- Temt [M*iMo*£*i[(JPh°Ii^n7ii?   i ‘tatea that one Alvitre, residing 

here. Tbe twelve hundred and fifly an- 

complain of tbe extraordinary measures ' Hil'ing a Oraperado. 

taken to  »ptnre and rnniah them; but j The Los Angelo. (Cal.) Anre.ofOcto- 
‘“.. ‘?® ‘•‘F e i*. atatea tbat one Alvitre, residing 

same aiticle wblc-b (leecrlbea the allalr, near the old mission, belong^ to a gang 
R'^Fy ccneeivalive leader and paper In | of horse thieves, and a warrant was it- 
the btat* ia #n ibologiat and spy for these , sued for bia *rre t. Alvitre told the offi- 

Dual ®uUcrib®n( m®y call in vain to htT® ^ 1 o' hors® tbie?®e, and a warruat waa U- 

anylbiog doD®. Twvnty alz HI® la^uibvri an sipoioaiat and spy for tbea^ i au®d torbUarr® t. Alvitre told tbe offl* 

can defeat their noacimous desire, no i ®‘‘*"*wa, atd the e^ner tbejr are ex- . tore, or sent vrorJ to them, tbat they 
a alltr bow just and ntevtaary tbe action iM F,lnat d that much sooner will the op- , uiignt all come, for tbey could not take 
tb y demand may be. Tbia ia Ibe pcaiiioii lo Ibe govrrnment esase, we bim alive. Five went alter him, and ar- 
meat cvmplete and most impudeot ' cniy to eay that the J-.'rpraii la , rived at bis bouse abont 5 o’clock iu tbe 

cllgartby ibal ever waa set up in a olub 0“ lty of the blsifiteat falsebo^, and , niorniog, juat before daylight, aud before 
in the wbrle world. Tb* members join , cpoo^els the extermination of the beet they bad any time to make any prepsra- 
it ctder Ib* idea that tbey will all be cHirersof Ibe State for political reasons tion, be opened tbe door and commenced 
I quel, save Iboae in whom power is , .“® fonaervative leaders end ebooling, and fired four shots before tbe 

ve»U l aa directors by election. Inetead PtM* of Texas, for Ibe moat part at least, iRiuer fiicd. The officers were armed 
of that, they are made tbe mere toola and coo®'®* '7 .f*®** f*’** , ****IP°! wiihcneot Henry’s repeating rifles and 

victims ol filly of their owa number cotoenin iawleesreaa and crime both be- six eboolera, while Alvitre bail a Hpencer 
a bo bav* aeixtd npon autboritv for Ilfs' cause they abhor such things in thsm- r fie and three six-shooters. Tbe firing 
aid irest Ibe other members, who out- **'® leesme general, Alvitre retiring 

ttoi^r them twenty to one, ns if they political evils It tlicted on tbeat a e, about forty-tbiee yards from tbe bouse. 

• »re fee's or cbildreD. This system U , Here be hid behind a aycamore tree, 

ectirely foreign to tbe ideas and babite of |{|irt;lai'}' ■'oilr l. atd remained but a moment, bn' 

(ur people. Itt like it not even to be lufficltnt lime to receive a wouud 

fiord in Europe; ar.d if the members which evidently made bim aic’i, to it much longer, we aball think .tin uti '*• «»'• a BT«s«ina.i itnuk Fiu*. atd U en be relumed toward tbe bouve, ibey riofaly deserve tobetbedupea ••*•»* heffitlEgattbetimeslUUeshotshehal— 

  l Ibe finy life irembert and the “conn- a* uie Cfiern or sixteen shots. .abju'Uvl 

cil of ten,’’ who govern under them as a ,h» v rrk T n... i.h w ay lo the house he received a m .ria! 

c'.nctory. , i . me New v ork im. W(utd. During the whole time of the 

I't'lllttlo I’ll) Si«'. 

Oprnins tArri'lie* afthc %'rn 1  ii k 'trill. 

i-ul I ullrar I'lii- M omrn. 

l ouit llir N V . i». tk" Tkl. Uh. 

The 0|.eiiii'g exerci«e* rf tfie sixth 
evbolael.u Jeer ol tbe New Y'urk Medical 
CiiUge for Women took [ laoe last even- 
ing, at Ihe new rooms of tbe inaliiution, 
tt.e ele-ani building lately bought by 
Ibe iroi-ter*, st lb* corner of Twelfth 
etrtet and Second avenue. The exercises 
wtreopentii wilb an *ddresa to tbsatu- 
deLla by Mis. Dr. C. 8. Lnxier, dean of 
tbe inetitution, who btlefiy set forth it* 
|'iir{ o«e, and exhnrfeil tbe pupils lo stu- 
di( u-Dfes. Dr. Kirliy, Dr. Smith I).-. 
Andrew*, and otbenv followed with brief 
addiertf*. and, with music, tbe exeic'aes 
w( re com liultd. 

Tile insiitntion bas only tbia seisoii 
ri moved from the narrow quarter* it 
lalt ly occopied, at tb* corner of F'ourtb 
avenue and Twelllh street, to tbe commo- 
di(.us quarters at tbe Second avenue cor- 
ner. A firat-claiia dispenstry is, however, 
atrradyin ( peration, under the mmaga- 
u.eiit of Dr. Fairbanks, who acta a* dis- 
pensary physician. Tbe organixition of 
a large e.rpa for out-door o scuci (gra- 
tuitous . baa already been effected; and 
the organixition of a large and effi.M'nl 
corps of nurse*, for gratuitou* oiii d  or 
Rrrvice, in cses of person* not wishing 
to be removed lo tbe hospital, bai al- 
ready been entered upon. 

Theobjeo’s proposed by the orlglna'ors 
were too— first, to found a college nti'ir t- 
ing facilities tor tbe ediicslion of w.'.uer. 
iu medical science aud practice, and tbe 
practiifal instruction of uursea; au-l, 
secondly, tbe founding of a general b.ii- 
pltal for the treatment or diveave* ol 
women, in connection with a colleg* of 

Tbe second of these objects bas not ns 
yet been fulfilled, owing to want ot funds 
— Ibough of the needed (100, OUU aom-v 
thing over (16,000 bas already been railed, 

Fit ni rity aiipropr'sllon . !«.»■) 

W TR. 4 . b. liutirt . M . I ’ -,,,,, ,,,,,, IP.M 

Other ftubMrtpitoag 2$o 

ToUl tw.wi 

Tte class ot 1867 68 yielded eight grad 
nates; Ibat of 1866 67, nine; that ol 18*C - 
16, Ihrie; that of 1864-6-1, fourteen; that 
ot lKi 3 64, one — giving an aggregate ol 
tbiriy-five lince the luuudiug uf tba In- 

The ses'ion of 1868 60, which practically 
commences lo day, will ixmiinue for 
twenty weeks. Tbe faculty are: Joel K 
Andrews, M. D., Professor ol Practical 
K'urgerj ; Dr. J. V. C. Smith, Profetaor 
cf Anatomy; Dr. Henry B. Millard, 
Therapeuiice: Dr. William T. Oakle 
Materia Medics and Toxicology; C S. 
Slone, A. M , physical science; B. I). Pan- 
field, medical iurlaprudeuue; Edward T. 
F'owler, M. I)., dlreaaes oi tbe lungs; 
Anna M. Inman, M. D., obsiretrii^*; and 
Mr*. C. 8 Losler, F'.m, Professor Diseases 
of Women, and Dran of Faculty. 

Tbe Bjardof Trustees for tbe year iiar 
follows: Mrs. W. U. Greenougb, Presi 
dent; Mrs. FMward Bayard, Vicj- Presi 
deni; Mrs. M. O. Lane, Treasurer; Mrs. 
C. F. Wells, Corresponding Beoretary; 
and Mrs. F. G. Blinn, Reixiralng Becreta- 
ry. Lay members of the board are Me* 
dames R U Connolly, V. C. King, L. M 
Ward, R. Cady Stanton, Dr. E Bickeit, 
and otbeia. 

Tbe Malrh I'earlndril Belweea t'aruie 
and Uudolpbe. 

From the Chtraxo Time*, vth. 

At last tbe quibbling and qurreling be- 
tween Carme and Kudoipbe baa ceased, 
acd arrangemenla will ba made for r 
speedy meeting ct tbe two men. Prof 
Ceime bas conceded everything a.skeo 
for, in his anxiety to play 5Iona. Ru- 
dolpbe, and. In his liebulf, Mr. E. Bruns- 
wick met Mr, Tbos. F'uley, who is ac'-ing 
tor Riidoiphe, yesterday afiernoon, am 
tbey depoeited a forleil uf |5U0 each, bind 
ieg Ihemeelves to go ou with the match 
1 he articles of agreement will be signed 
lo day, and a time fixed when tbe game 
ehnll be played. 


The “niyster.oua F'rencbiiian,’’ Mon* 
A. P. Undulphe, gave bm first public ax 
bullion at Crosby’s .Mu*lc U*ll last eveu- 
ti g. Tbe ball was densely crowde-l vrl' I- 
an andience composed of ladies ami gen 
lit men of tte blgbe.*t reap-ctabili'y, ano 
there waa au alMenoe oi all tbe obj-ia 
ti( uable features which have tended i  
mar iLe iileuaure of apectators at previ- 
ous exhibitions 

The evening’s entertainment com 
menoed with a game of F'reuub Ciroiu* 
56 points, between Mona. Kudoipbe and 
Mitbael Phelan, of New York. 'Inegame 
was uot characterized by any extraor 
dinary exbibilious of science on either Rodolphn’s bigbevt run waa 19 
and Pbelan’e 7. The former won tbe 
genie, Phelan scoring 29 points. 

Th(- above waa followed with a four 
t'Hll American game, 150 poiule, between 
Mins. Uudolphe acd Phil. Tteman, oi 
linc'nnsii. Tne latter only scored .’tl 
pt iois, Kudoipbe’a highest run being 122 
pcIutH, and bia average .'i??,. 

In the third game, Joan McDjvltt, 
(han-pion ot America, wa* selected a* the 
opponent of Moos Hiidolphe. Toe game 
WHS F'rench carom*, 75 points, and wai- 
won by Rndolphe, McD.-vitt scoring .‘ 9 
Tbe biglii-nt run whs 16, which waa ac- 
compllabed by both players. 

The gsmea having been conclude], 
Mime. Rudolphs proceeded to give an 
exbil-itioD of ni* wonderful skill iu mak 
li.g wt'.'.vf and “fancy’’ abo’s. Seemingly 
impvsaible feats were performed wilb tbe 
greatest ease, and Ihe most perfect pre- 
cieii-ii. It ia almost impossible to de- 
rertbe tbe different Kbota performed 
They were oertaioly remarkable, and 
were greeted wilb pertecl atorms of ap- 
plauee. Ilia ffnger-playiug was eapeciairy 

The exhibition was conducted under dl- 
rtition ot Tom F'l-ley, who acted as “mas- 
ter ot ceremonies’’. 

in Juatice to tbe pUyera who took pan 
In the games It sbonid be atated that there 
wss no light over Ihe table, thus render 
log it extremely difficalt lo effect a dell- 
ca e tnanipulation of tbe balls 

Prof. Carme waa an ioiereated spsctHtoi 
ol the gkir ea and the exhibition shoti. 


T he I’eiiivia-i*. 

(Ilt-l IIk- ( aiii|tuigit. 


^jits 'nbsciiption bocks for the New 
Year to a pafron'ge which Jus’ifie* 
^ the I’eilef tbat it will, before the year 
ia ou', ex -e*d the circulation of soy 

Tbe gett«r-np of a club will be entitled MEDICAL 

in all cawes to an extra copy ‘juJLt*. _ _ * 


^UK people of the Honth and Heat DR* RE^^iECREy 

M wlll naver have an opportunity of lag wo»ld**now*«i  

: Electro-Magaetic hysician, 

 : and we submit th* foregoing with I * Taos ali. raMsic »lSKA«Bn. 

I defined AStnranca *a to ih« ra*n’t I 1'-**7»NK( KX. S*»i»gjtT*t arrtrae frem foi- 

* warance as to lbs raeu t. 1 » r***-. m *• * trsTvIiM thmsk tk* Cait*4 

communications should ba ad- I ••aesi-ae »n*B*iWiii4. 

. *nouia OS SO ( T»« t OTor • a»«ao4 I. *aii™ir M la OilacoBB- 

rdas loilowa; uy. b  si* Klc«- rB. ManBaSa Pbwbv Sb 

JOI'RVAT ' 'wwafi ea— a* BBS nkeag*— a»»BI 

I.-.- ... I*r a*w . oaa  iaiKiiDa IJiUasr BBai*41**as **10. 

l* 8 UWvllIe, Kenturkv.  r»*T t»»iT« y™™ *a# Oae*** sb* tnawS ail 

-8p«:iai*D oopie. furaiahed frei of wES'^kro 

. SroArbiHs. Scrofui%, ^ 

i«4 Us Art AUbmA* tMAirb. 

rf«r».aM, *Kor« An4 Mbr« cond witftoat rMb. 
^rid ear* (WkrMt«p«4. will wMt !• 

^•mm Md ti7 Um —w m«tAo4. b»4 

Hima, IVru.S A, Oct U, 

I think 'from quite ex^enaive ob?erva 
tion and travel i taat th^re is more cruelty 
®nd heartlo^s inhumanity visited upon the 
l»' or brute crfAtion io Peru than in any 
other country of its size upon the face ot 

The world. If Mr Henry li-rgh, the hu- | ^ a’ready doubled its daily and more 

I .dUion...s 

I’ a, indeed anywhere upon Ihij coast I  roturns tor th* 

he would timl a wide tielJ for the everciso . June. July, and Angnst have 

newspaper piibltsheJ Weal ol th* Alle- terms; and w* submit th* foregoing with 
gbeniiB by many thousands of reader*. a well defined aatnrance as to tbs raeu't. 

II, All «’ niDunicmtlons should be ad- 

jn FOHD ANI/KD In .'day l*at under  *Feaaed ** followa: 

J\tb# editorial and boaiaea® m * t- 

ment of Henry Watteroa, It ha. • . 

ol his gemrous humanity. CertainlV°a i to the public, 

irore a'ju.sed *et of creatures than the p'oor III 

h irses. donkey*, oxen, and, indeed, all the : -r t i - 

cat-'eory of animal kind, could never be A T embraces upon its staff of writers 
found elst where than here. Daily there ! * '*f. 0*o. 1). Premies, Mr. Paul K. 
pusses my door a heavy cart laden with ' '^Sbii man, Mr. John K lUteber, and 
grass, and driven by a native Cuolo w.,h | »' Mr. Jijgene Biylor, all of wh-jm are 
a foriuidaule ox goad. These poor ' well known to tbe j jurnalism, politics 

fo"£/rr''f ' rr",:"":" '“”t’ 

these raw, running sores in a dripping ‘ P“®'' 'he Ir*ahest, fullest, and uioet 
stream Yif, in these very fender .ore*. ■ ““*-’“F»te in;61a-i »nsof i-urreu'. new* by 
tbe driver incessantly urg -s them on! ' ■ D'iued «Edw*fi-hfiilcorpaofl'c»ir«- 
Ihiiislirg the goad into the raw. qjiv.-ring porters and special t'.-l-g: ipb..- .-irre- 
lic-h. and piercing and twisting II around i ai oncienia. 

Ihe poor animals seem Dued IV 

wi h the pain and ago iv— t siing , r,,. 

II" ir heads, plunging their p o • if *'’■**  »'-!»bii.*br J a. ,6 p 

po r. qioewt ng bodies hither and th.iber | Al)cU»rt.cler of the Lou *viU« J ji; 
'll the Ti ke, and healing their tails alof' i Vly r*“ *Fra any addilioual lal u.l i'-ion 
II mortal agony, while their eyes are fair- H needleas; audit shall be the oi.ject 
T gla/.ed with sutTerirg yet daily the |   , ,hia notice to call attemfon only to 
goading process is repeated upon these ; _ .* . 

very places, and I have learned to turn ' *’**®*' leading fanturea of 

away from tbe signt whenever I hear the I 'h* P^pvr as commend i; to tbe especial 


lanije n O’lr 


tik' Uolo-wu Oost, 

Z1\- 1 * ** . »ooa Hiia on A# . s; un., 

^ BL c»Ub.i.AhrJ u.iU »» ‘^u.-fir Tmm, . , CliHirA w'f U ran«. 

ADcUkrtclerof Ibe Lou sviUa J ji ..N.Li. t ; i - .f.-., . 

renders any addilioual lal o l irion ' - n- -. Booi 

H needleas; audit .ball be the oi.ject i 

of tbia notice to call atteulion only to e.i*!-- saj n. .i« " ar 
buchef tbe new and leading fenturea of (.•'- T^hu*. *c. 

►U  t B« •! jBD P*gr )t ’t «)( H »«tA of 

oood Hitd flu aR. S: i«h . ■ - , Kxl^Ootoii OiBiux 

, , LliAirA wr u ran#.  &th. r »od wood amOs: 
LL. 1; I - if.-i, ■*. RnfiaiBg 

1 ■ . 'n- -. Rook C*--*, Slo.ret*r.e*. Lv 

.1 ■ -■ ( abiB--*B Bad Work SIbo. 1*. “-"---'•t *»ian:l*. 
tel K as*!**, Hb: Hark*, l rir- Bail I'n Bod*t*o.ta, 

to 8.1 gl- BBtl p. ■ .(• i''Brdri'ue- Bureau*. Wash- 

; *  riaiM« acetriata ooij umA. Vow at oae*— 

•*'•» “ilaBseroB* in -***7 OBSB. :*. n -Ptlvalo 

. -aa a* .;r* laaOa a sirorSallr  *T Oe. nowaorBo. 
J1.0 B «•;— i5.; ipoadr t""- smaraaiood Fho Oas- 

••• ’■acno* otroot. »o- 

I »aoaJl^eB^b oaO *t*Bb*B. OU«*( 

kkaaecke ■■ - ■ aad 

JIbU meo* '- k» was ■ .u t-a *w tea 

: an ■ ! - • a* UI r uc p. tea E 

«.'• . V:.I..».B. ..It.Dslaa* ■«» .7thi?SJ‘AIS2 

U . 1 ' U*r of 1 ^ ae*. Bs-t ao oaa wu* Mmo 

-aTa.''^*^,,*''— 1 

• *in E*.T-.Ja CUM* an-l [ — v*i# o*. .oji'BUaaoa 

■ uoBiawt Wo.asi 'f.arhe* alroo*. Bo*woob 
-W- '•■IB sad aisBiB. otBStf 

It* I.crtTii.jf. l! I* pabM-h-l n tti' )--Blink- 
bui'ler die of Ibe t'nlun. II ba* eq'iBl aoU reaSj 
ort-WK lota* North an : Buu'ta an 1 W**t. lit **■ 

heavy creek of the cart-wheels, at about Altection of tte Democratic pe,.ple in 

the same hour. 1 have watched the every part of the country, 

driver, and I never yet saw him let any 
lime elapse that he was not thus goading 

the poor beasts. Nor is he any I-cc»th.-«. i; i* pabM-h-i .n th* i-ai 

exception to the rest. Donkeys h '"td of ibefoioo. ii ba* equal and rai 
are ridden and driven here, loaded with «cf»i  i» tho North an : Buu-hani w*«. iit 
every conceivable load, and the driver **“*i'» t«l«»rapoic atraoxainra-.t puoo ttoo 

tiding behind the load, until the poor b*«*. with tu* n 

beasts seemed ready to drop (and often '"f'' po*iii .o 31 
do) and die. And^ these same donkeys w™."* ' 

Slid poor horses are used until literally 1 

Ihelwnt* protrude through the skin, and ii* Rkrait*k.sT*Tivs laxsA.Taa. -Foe am 
tie heasia of burden are nearly every luriy y*ara ib« lwktiiio Julskai. u** boo* 
one of them loathsome, with oae or more r*roi;iii.’.«l ian.Urd ortho coannorclal inierc 
frightful raw sores on tbe ilanks and leg*. '  " • Valley of tho M -niwlppi a* it haa been 1 
II if seldom that you so® a donkey or tr'-ogOiA^d wrcaa of th*» 

A.M pot! 

^-4 iU«nuigr CiAH 

EYE, E 4 R .4 THROAT. 



Dat »u« 1 TBro«( K*»»pf»iw’»Aa ov 

HMBitlua (9 AT 

Baukrr. J.Jf.'* Mciurso. Dr Wmj. B«v. Kr 
^noiDbi^. IKD.; Thos. K. JonkJu. K. & 


si.n.n \ CO., IQ black wafers Q 

la.ii bouKshuaiki Ninth. I . SoTT:::.' ^ 

Tiir %hr:bi« % 5f 

II ihreo iJ»y» otfoTt or New York i; *ins South ur 


Xi'f KkrRJCAtk.sT«Tivic t »i 5 a«Af.T»A. ~Wo€ oeorly 
luriyjrtare ib« Lxiteville i k akalImm Umm the 
r«ro ;oi.’.« dauo.Urd of the eooiraefcUl Inierente 
cf the Volley of Uie M AaiA«ippi on it hoe bero thf* 
rc'-ogOiAed MFcaa of tb* meAnen of 

fi Jif M.d |t prr box. 


ero wnrinaud to Frevoae K^ntnotn, n^ii Rmmooo 
• n ohAxnH'tioee la from \br w toAvreo aro 
Mi-anotii to take. ooU bormleae la iko ereib^ 
^:co|l porbox. 

T bo aboATo nro Im fbrm bf Loebo®ab* coo bo eoo  
00 tow foreoo. an® takna witboot inoptcIbOB 

Moot Of BOJi OO fOCO«0»«# ®ri Ob OOB eenotAtOMO 

p ‘Darf^® hj Do. WM A CXX, Booioo® 

horse loaded or drawing a heavy cart but I **‘*^«”**^ 8o4iLbwe*»i. u ia no i^Aoio-iny. ft« 
that they are raw, tore, and bloody. Each r»po»u an uaiitraaiiy quoiad aau a.-- 

iloukey looks as if just ready to give up \ F 'e'”*ln bn*io*aa mclm. aoS U** an 
his day, aad the carts are ao heavv the F. piva mon st-uarAiiy iha* ih.j*A ur auy u( .i* 
wheels so large, and the tires so broad, i ‘"“’■■"“‘f Font. -mpurann. 
that they generally harness three mules i *' 

cr three horses to them. I never 1 c*i irrTY. No iw»*paiMr lu lu* cuaatry 
yet saw a driver stop at e''66»''"*uch 'i-ianaty a-xl Tanty of uvwiaa Ih* 
a ' pulperis, to get his usnaldram and •f»«'*!'xb Bach uf it* edition* la a 

coming oat monnt his nnwiedly cart.'wiih- ' 'rowpfeie hiatoryoMSadayo* wM to which u n 



H al0f Pails Fire aid SbiA Barkfis, **«roi T*?1rh5l^®‘‘“ 
loilfl aad Sialf Baan 

 pin0#ii8,.MilJkPaBs,0(c., iBBlSTlllC PTiTlte 1 

wbdn Ibr iDoro dbrnblb tbao tho Aon^ articloA of 

\\ (H d. I'lu. CiFppar. ur uU.«r lunul, or iod*o 

Kubbor or Gmto r^rrbo* 

Am ratf t® Rb^ltbC, ^krlbklbs* BrMlaCa trrtk i 
IbKp Wbirr-dtfbkisk. mm4 M4or-Vrto bla . 

An Immense Saving Effected ! 

■Scaaly »r rialsii iBaBklBcd wKk lUaht- 
bcm Bad DaraBtSMy. 

Th* ni*n*liar*a b**sb.*e««d i«o k*al *amctoat 
jp kotl Baler withoai br(a« la ihe l*ad laiarod. 

Th*ynaylw*apoa«lioth»acUoa*rih*Binora n 

dry aiaiaspken. •ahJ«-o**d lo rxuwno cold, ih* 5JA arruvw r» ?*»w^ 5 wV 

LosMle FUnte leilcal Dlimaif. 

0or ISO ueauaoai of ar» 

OlAk DusjLawu. omim 

•doetod IB hoaa twBlB**B 
Soya ot NO PAT. Ow 
l aa r aaiaa has Siasah- 
trod a aindo of trooMosS 
which Ih raahar a pi«ahan 
thhb h fhih. hhvioa saos 
sway wiih canailc aaaOa» 
noo a aad eaoatle I lUacB^ 

head and a cut upon their bony sides suf- 

Tht J^ptr ,1 /npmww/crf 

-/ y8AM..vwuN*. 


BOBO a Iharaaah ,aT***s» 
Uom sod aasuoaa toaad 

ww .BS.MWW V* • Mbrt MOCb OfleiMt IfebB 

nbi«v«n4 lo *FxuwWnpIi!i" 'ikn btknr. Hit bABirata mw mmrm uoJSm 

M anil rxala thoir ueMhiana 

dW—hla^^ni a*^ 

,- .f Xf ivsh-nMn I*r A.i ut'x.kTmv rn* ^ AK P'S A RB A LMUtiT KVFRr* VflTI N«». 

are never chirruped to to move alone ^ vinit\Tr x. rno umu? i.o ah ♦ bo born uam rw^s««i0.ii4 m 

invsrisbiy and uSirersally their first infi’- rocouu™ .7 f«» 

malion IS the sharp Stine of the formids- imJ:.;::*,: 

Dl® rawniQ® Whip. And this is perfectly iMmof ourbooknwubuie poot-oAiebooksweflod 
ULLecessary and heartless. Hens aod that ibe Jora.vaL son to aboot tweaiy aloo huo- 
piiullry are daily brought into market, •"6 poai omcn. laclodlns every state and Tcrri- 

miles from the interior often, tied in iin- •®ff 'ntheioioB. is niaeHtatss the ahowtuf i* OADQAT)XT TTTTa W 
meose bunches of fifty and a hundred by '■ r"rexawpie. Keatoesy ha*Kipo*». D A A 9 Ax AXlXlj JLx AA* 

the legs, and thus are bung on both sides ' The joi-a-vaLstwata two-third* of thdio. 

of the horse or mule, and trotted into ! ''-Tispoat.omcc*. The Jocaaxi gne* ** " 

market alive, their head, and wings hang- 1 ro CtiraUr. Auocut« 

ii.g down in all directions, and often , p^aoffleea Tb. rw* loSorthmu. PaxpAasa irsD.a a xswit Msoevs.aa 

squalling a. they are jolted along on the ArhaoaM hm :.* uinc«. Thf Joe. to p"ocx “, ”rExM"ia V^Cvi 

hors® 8 8id®i* Lambs and sheep ar® to tu of ttem. Tuju dm itt pcAt oActti. xb# atiam PuA»*D riBa 

w»tt«4 ba M b I 

bMbsi iPbbblB® brlbiaa 
dibcovb i b® b » ■■ # »» » 
wbieb »o «cb«r WMBctM 

ftoa Sotf^Ababb a® ba® 

brought in aliv® over 

I pobt-oacet. Tb* Jovms\t, m of tbbau 
ArkbAXbs kbb*!:Mpobi-oiacb«. Tbb JormA vb (o^a 
to iu of tbem. Tuju has «7T pcxt-oActti. Tbb 

blioulder, the hind and fore feet 
lied, the Lead swaying and bobbing as 
it hangs down tbe man shack, and 1 have 
often seen the men holding the poor sheep 
acicts their shoulders by his tail. But I 
could enumerate acts of like cruelty, 
which one could scarcely credit if they 

Cholo S -lovaSALsiKa to IIS of them. Mii 

pcatHfOiCM. Th® Joubwal fo®b to 188 of tbetn. 
l*Cnl fBOB bB-t 177 |KJ«l-Ofllc«B. Tb® JotTBSff At* fO®« 
to iK  of tbem. la iU.uoU* bad Jodiaot 

tb®proporUuaU»bo'jc oae-flDb, but tk® paper it 
crowlnv Ms rapidly that It will exceed that llati; hj 
the end of tbe year. The adToa;a*r«a of ibiA frf.a 
roog® of circblatloa ore ohriooB. ftenforewA the 
n'l'rebeoiatioB of exteoded interestA. and the otv 

wbieb BO •cbbrakyMctoa bob •vax Mwib. 



witk sauiKjiT AcetKab. Huck m  ^vpc«brtb^ 
frrecniarttf®*, WklMO* ! 8 ®r®o«ib Obb«ti&. Fbl^bi 

br IbflimlB MbabbabAtoa. DaffMaabM* Aba, MbbdA 

IU Powerful CuruUre AsM cuteit pawttr. r«iu«, nw sasn. 

FaxpAaia WDxa a xtwtv ntsoavsan SBoario* aoaiity or Mato oma oeOto 

Paoexsa pub ExT JAcnsa ths Cen- . . .. .. 

ATivs PaopxkTisa pson Vxea- Call liTBlSlISL ^ ®^***^**®^ 


iSTOTHsConeoaiTiosup .Btew ^ 

did not sec ifi The native people are , wreanecor national prlootpl**. nnj it xuaraat***i 
vciy fond ofa kind of blood and veal pud- tnatuni.xo/iq whirhis » rp-iuiau* n* it b rar* 
ding, which they esteem a great lii.C'iry ' wnu iiepreiaur .vmc-rica. 
and a rare dainty. To procure this veal ' y 

t'lc r.iitivc* cut the calf from tbe mother, ! _r*i.- . . j ‘ , .w * , 

a bile the latter is alive and well, and just ■"LFcedents of tbe Liuiaville 

before the time for tbe former to enter the render It a moat effiffeot 

s-orld, aid this, they ssy, gives its rare mouth piece of tbe Democratic party, 
flavor and delicacy. The _cow is then , ^ and especially of tb* Sonthern pso 

buti hercd and killed. Ih.t I will not say , p,p, ,t thi. time. It can alf.yrd to speak 
the I cruTian butcher. They cut an J hag- , , .... i j .t 

the I’cruvian butcher. They cut and hag- 
gle acd torture th- animal to death. They 
do not nnderstand butchering, and the 

tbe truth, and dares to apeak tbe truth, 
end it is beard and heeded by the people 

treat is all of it very poor, tongh, and tbe North. Il stands on the border aa 
sinewy, and without juice. I have a bencon-light for both sectioos of tbe 
no dcu'ut that this is owing oountry. Always independent and never 
to the cruelly and torture the prcvinrlal, it bis in peace and in war 

pooranitDilhasb-iensubJected to in its »upport(d llL'eral naUooal and tolsrant 
I.Hid iiletim®. When an oM dooker oru wiA j .*_ 

horse gas so utterly worn out and sore as ‘^®"“ « ^Fetnment; bn. ad- 

idetsof aociety and coTernmeat; hsw ad- 
lo be entirely beyond further service, it is Lend to Jhe spirit and tba letter of tbe 
b d out to the pampas or plains, and left Cocatitu'fi.n; has criticized freely 

to die, often pelted with stones until it tbe seta ot Iriend* anJ foes; 

tails down and cannot rise. But to wh'it defended the week; bos not 

and ready to devour anything. They im- 
mediately surround the poor abandened 
animal in droves, biting its legs and neck 
ar.d nose, until it falls down, if not al- 
ready fallen, and when tbe poor blind 
brute is worried out aod falls, 
in a viry few minutes there is 
nothing left of it but a few bones, 
by these snarling, vagrant Jogs, more like a Cag on w hich ia inscribed tbe 
ore word “Fbace,’’ as csutaiaiDg pau- 
aetd tor all cur iUa. 

brut; is 'worried out and falls, □[!. »ITH 'h*"* brief notice* of the poal- 

in a very few minutes there is 'Va tion and purposes ol tbe L luisvflle 

nothing left of it but a few bones, doi'RN.iL, tbe following are given 

by these snarling, vagrant Jogs, more like ' tfi as tributes not leas to Its Inten’iuna 
jackals than anything else. All over the than to the ancceas with which it bas Ailed 
parai-as lie the bones of these poor abused „„ pj.ce and mission as a represent stive 

creatures, picked clean and bare by the 

selves, sud beesna* they aggravate tbe then lecaiue general, Alvitre retiring 

wseNli»(*tml A.s4lm  ■ tf1:*w0AH /Y01 (IkaMfa'gk 1 _i a ** . _ ... ^ 

political evils It tlicted on tbeSta'e. 

Riii'glai'}' I'oilrtl. 

.iuiiiifif lo RuH w Rnuk Fru«  

: Ihe New ^ erk TiOi®' iib. 

l ^kUj, onder tb® organizUioo of thib 
cl:.b, the great body of its members baa 
I o r» mtdy tor tbia gross usurpation of 
['wir and its consequent abase. But, 
ir. trntfc, thev can easily shatter the mls- 

sbout forty-tbree yards from tbe bouse. 
Here be hid behind a sycamore tree, 
ard rcDjaincd but a luoment, bn' 
infficitnt time to receive a wouud 
wbich evidently made bim sic’g, 
and tl en be relumed toward tbe bouse, 
beffirlng at tbe time all tbe shots be ba I— 
k  me fiiieen or sixteeu sbot*. .4bju’ U*T 
w ay lo the house he received a m Tia! 
Wdicd, During tbe whole lime of to* 

Laft evtuieg a very daiiog attempt at . couil at uot one word was uttered bv anv 
bu-glary atd murder wes made by a , one. 'J-fae firing took place when it wa* 
uaig 01 oroperats ruffi»ns, who were, loo dark to draw a aigbi, and the firi .g 
forlucately, unaurccssful In commencing . w as all range sbota, but were remarkiiblv 
ib*lr rieratioce, and were com]islled lo clcae on the part ol Alvitre Durate 
r*!reat bsloretheyconldescureaiiy plan- m-eived a sbot through tbn  -jat-*lseve 
de r. It apptars tbat abcut 6 o'clock last : and one of Alvitrs’s shut* killed a horse! 

cl' ;ew us and insulting system which has ' r*!reat belore they conld secureaiiy plun- m-eived a sbot through tbn cjat-sleeve 
he* n set up over tbem. It Is too wesk in ! 'Iff. It apptars tbat abcut 6 o’clock last : and one of Alvitre’* shut* killed a horse' 
piiticlple to withstand any oppoaltlon, evening, as James Ferguson, the janitor i The Alvitre family bears a notorious 
b eans* tco de*ix tic and extsaslve. •**' Manufacturers’ and Merchants’ character, the father, Clsndeo Alvitre 
Therefore, lbs members should call a D»i-k, at No 501 Broadway, was coming , having killed bis wits some ten years 
nr.eetirg a* scon a* maybe, and bring upHairefrcm tbs bank offices, which he ago- and two of the sons asaisting in 
these self elected ruler* for Uf* to book. | Lad been tweeplng, he was suddenly at- i hanging the father with a riata; one of 

When the tody of the membsrs, who are ' '“''‘•‘I L»y matked men, who dragged . ite ions was bung for killing an Amer- 

ihe real bleed and subtlsnce of the club ^‘“i into a closet on the third floor and | lean on the other side of tbe Monte one 
d( mind ther rights, Ihe fifty will quickly l cg«D K»KRlflt •"d beating him on tbe ; in tte penitentiary, and the other an ea- 
be constrained to con'^sds them. There are bead with a bammer, Ferguson resisted . taped convict. 

not, in our Judgment, above ten or fifteen brutal assault with considerable ' — — 

of tte life members themselves in favor neiveand desperation, at tbe same time - Averaoe TAMrsaAn-gg ot thr 
of* cODlicuance of tbe oligarchical and giving an alarm. The janitor’s wife, who P* aas — Dr. Davy says tbat the average 
fraudulent system of government which bves upstairs, heard the call tor help | tvuipsrature of women is between 97 and 
has been tet over the club. But even if uttered I'v her husband, and re-eeboad it , »ud 97Jj degrees, and that of men is be- 

lb*y all desired It, the v(fima(H /i of tbe *''b sucli vigor that Detec'ive McCord, twten 99 and Wjj; degrees. This is prob- 

D.emben should be this; “A club upon the Central Uffloe, who happened to be ; *bly tbe reason wny men, ia a love af- 
those principle* of equality upon which vicinity, heard tbe alarm and en- , fo r, have to do most of the courting, as 

aaicciaUcDs orgentlemen generally rest deavored togsin admission into tbe bank, women are naturally colder ibao men, 
or no iiiotememberabipforue. Continue but be found the outer door closed, and i eud netd theinfusion ol what female nov- 
XB life members if you like. Contlnae before he could gain an entraooe the | eliala call “male.” As heat is now con- 
the rettriciion of your number to fifty if burglar* bad made their escape throngh a | eidertd only a mode of motion, so emo- 
you hk^ But you shall net, by virtue window on the third floor, and down a i tfon must be considered only a mode of 
of ycur membership for lite, acquire rope into the ac joining yard. bf-at, aud love must be measured wiih a 

power and authority over twelve bundiwd 8ub**quent examination of the prem- I thermometer. Dr UolmesMsys: “Alien 
and fifty other members just aa good ebowed that the burglars bad evi- i bloods develo| * strange currents when 

wUe, and able a* you, who can never be t^sntly been concealed in one of tne upper | tbey How near each other, with only the 

meUiLert for” flours of tte bank bnilding before the ' t'‘l n that eepsratea lip atidcheek between 

lo abont live minutes after a demand tnsiii door was closed for the day, and no | them.” This ie oiiused by an average dlf- 
like this, made on the part of the twelve drubi intended toeiher murderer render | (ererce of heat. As science advances tbe 
bundled and fifly “annual subscribers” helploss tbe Janitor, after which they j world bocomea l»ss and less fit to live lu. 
the clone oligarchy will have practically would have relieved him of the bank Christiana and cabbag-s,truih*andtur- 
ceaeod to exist. It must yield; for though keys, and lh*n commenced operations on [ nips, love arid lolly( o)m, are measured 
tie “bouse of lords’’ has contrived tbat 'be large safe in the main oflice. lathe ; with the same nieasuring rod. Tbe 
the “cummins'’ shall have no power at clutel already spo-keu of Detective Me- i world is no lunger wbsl Hamlet thought 
all in theory, the grand defenee againat Cord, who bad by that time been joined I it— a temple — but an analytic cbeiuisl’s 
tyranny and baa government remains. I ■ ’ Ron ndi-man C'a's and Offi(»ra Hudson l«la ratnry, filled with the putrid re- 

Ite members can “atop the supplies-” I and O'ltrien, ol the E'gbih Ward, found | nihirsi'l cissected iiesutitul thing*. May 

and if the lite members then persisted in a steel drill, the murderous bammer, fuse, the d» v:l flv away with science— onesong 

clii gleg to tbe dospotlc power which has | *i d a quantity of gunpowder. In the of Heine’s la worth It all. This is said not 

tern lOfOlishly vested in them, they yard, al the of the rope, were found to philosophers, l ul to men whose aver- 

would be left to their own devices, to pay two wigs and two sets of iaUe whiskers, sge temperalure is between !»9 and 99,'^ 
their own expenses, ard to defend the . w’hieb had been at andoned by thede*| er- j degrees. 

suits ID (quity kure to lollow at their I ate ruffians in tbeir headlong li ght, tbey 
own chaiges. The peiide would i bsvii g made good their escape into 
give (uch a B.urbon dynasty as I llruadway through tbe back way ol a 
theirs no manner of support. An- I convenient faro-bonk. 

oiler club, tounded upon true and i Tbe InUulion of those foll*d burglars t’o**' s'oee notiuea me auihorllie' o' the 
Uberal piinciplea. wrui.l be quickfy or- wse no donW to force open tbe safe door, ”'®‘® 1’' 

ganlzed, and the whole cummuiiity out- first having msde all safe with the jani- would not cuileot the State tax of 

side would rally to its support. There- tor. In these sales were stored nearly I'" pahsenger pasaine through 

tore, tbe members Lave it in their own t: C0.l dO In national urrency and bonds. bat htaie. Mr^. Ulnckleylake* the ground 
Lands to correct the great and pernicious Messrs Jarreit A Faluier, leasees of Nib- **'*® 

irror ^Licb ib Ih® root of nil othar §»r. ]o*b7h»at®r. havA r»v®r fito  lArMibit®d _H®n Otriuta r®c®Dtjy, It will ba reuiem* 

The State Tax csKAiLBOAoTBAVEf.. 
Fresldent llineklev, of the I’hiladeljihia, 
Wilmington, ai.d Ualliiuore 11 R , aome- 
time since notified the auihorule' o' the 
Riate of Delaware Ibat after tbe 1-t in- 
stant be woukl not coilect the State tax of 

fore, tbe members Lave it in their own t^CO.l dO in national i-dri-ency and bunds. 
Lands torarrect the great and pernicious Messra Jarrett A Faluier, lessees of Nib- 

error wLich is Ihe root of ail other er- lo’a Theater, have over (dU.CUO depuaited tten oecuiea reiNintly, it win be remem- 
ror* in tbe management of their club. In the bank, the remainder being owned ' ertu, that any act impiising a tax upon 
Let a public meeiing ol tbesubscribersbe ' by the bank and it* depoeltors. Had the travel i* a restriction on travel andesn- 
cailfd, and h t tbem decide whether ih* I burglars proved suooeeslul in carrying 5®' enforced. Mr, Hinckley is tbe 
club ahafl I* governed sltogetbei by a I out their programme ol operations, tbey railrt^ president who h s taken 

I mited cl-'que of members, whose ab«o- I would probably have eecurel tbe whole Rround in this section of the coun- 

luie power is to be everlasting — lor thev I of this large amount, and thereby have *’y* .7^“,** n‘*L imj^obable that Preel- 
will never all die at one time, and they it flicted a great lues on tbe bank. Ci ut Garrett, t/f the Baltimore and Ohio 

ebet Ibe tueceaeora of those who die at - 

Biy tin e — or whether tbe power of gov- The ricent rz|lo*iona in tbe Flnglish 
einn *Lt ebail be primarily in tbe club it- (* Ilieriee appear to have beren caused liy 

■ cempany, will follow suite. In oonse- 

The ncent rz|loaiona in tbe English (fuenc* of tbia action of Mr Hinckley tbe 

etli, tie mimbers, whether for life or a U,e carelesaness of the miners tbemselvee, 
year. Laving cejaal voice aud vote. The evidence given before tbe coroner’s 

jury after one of ibese accidents abowed 

Tbe O-rge Indians ar* reported to be in that tbe lamps were nolocked, eo that 
a v  ry deailiute condition, and tbe Baers- tlegHscamein contact with tbe fiime. 
tsry ot tbe Irterior ba* written to tb* Tkeminee tcapeclioo act forbida suob 
B'ce ary of War, asking for asalstanoe prscilrta, acd recently a ronrtln Lanark- 
out of the army supplies, aa tb* appro- shite lined a number'of uiinera for work- 
priatious of Ibe Department of (he lute- ing in a coal pit with eafely lamps tbat 
tk r bav* been cxhxonted. It i* reported *• re unloi ked, acd that hod b«eo given] 

faie to Philadelphia is now (I 90 instead 
  1 (5, ard lo New Y'ork (“iTS instead of 
J.'- 36 — Tl aihiiigton Alar, A'on 2, 

T I e Texas fever has broken out among 
Ihe rattle lu Hamptonburg and Mont- 
gotceiy. New Y’ork. Slate Commissioner 
J. 8. Gould has pobliabed a letter de- 
ls!. ing the ayuiptoms and tbe coarse of 
lr«atmei't w liicu abouid be followed. He 
aayalLatis is only possible to restrain tbe 
further spread of Ibe diaeiue, by tbe most 

U at Geoeral Bberidan bis promised ana- out In oola smie by the overseer. To* further spread of the diaeiue, by tbe most 
teoatre to tbe Oeagee, under tbe coodi- men were wot king about fifty yards from rigid isolation of ad tbe I'iseaetd anlm tie 
tlOB tbat lb»y will Join ix tbe waregainat a pciu where an eiplosiou from fire t ud the most careful disinfection of tbe 
tbe bostile Indiene. damp had occurred a few days before, plans where they may have been. 

A Vlaltaer aod T**o t'klldrCB Raira by 


The Paris Temp.i contains an account of 
a fearlnl (Niae of caunlbtlism which haa 
jnsi com* to light in Algeria. Tbe par- 
ticulars may be aummt'd np aa follows: 
One Brn Nscer recently had a cow stoieo 
from bis field*. Sutplcion having rested 
upiiD an Arab neuied Ben Aiassa, search 
» bs made on his preiulso*. Nothing ot 
i) e mi'slrg animal wmm ever louiid, uu' 

( U Ik king into a bash a little dislanC’* 
111 m the bou-e a bucket of pieces of miwi 
WHS fuucd. Tbe wile of Bea Aiassa im 
iiirdiHieiy stsmmeral out tbat tbey were 
the remains of a donkey which ber hus- 
‘-.iid had kill' d the prece iing night, Bu' 
•.h) did I O' lo; g persist ia ibis story; for 
on the tucket b.-iog turned topsy turvey, 
a I. umber ot feet and bands tuiub'ej out, 

I hi ee beads, w bich bad been singed, were 
tit xt discovered in the seme apot. The 
leiusins having been collected together, 
they were immediately reognlzsl by 
BenKacerand bis companions aa those 
ot a woman named Ben Youssef and 
Ler two children. The clo'.bea ot 
the victim* were next found bidifn 
in the same bush, a litt'e further 
oH. Fatima Ben Aissa being present to 
give some explanation of theaffair, ms-le 
tbe following terrible c n'easlon: “.Mv 
children and I bad not e*ten anything 
for several daya, when the twin brotners 
Mshnmmed Ben All and Kadotir B*o 
Ali, ceme to ua to propose that we should 
kill aud eat the children ot F'atima H*n 
Y'oussef, aged eight year*. They agreed 
and lirtbwitb put our project into execu- 
tion io a ravine ailuatrd a short disiance 
Irom wberellivrd. Tbe mother coining 
near the spot at tbe moment when we 
were straugllug tbe children, we decided 
to kill ber also, from fear of being de- 
uounred, Tbe three murders oonsn ii- 
uisttd, we cut tbe boaiss up. Tbe twin 
brothers I have already natutd took a 
part and left tbe rsmaioder, the heads, 
feet, and hands being c.impris-d in one 
|Kirlion. Assiaied by my children, I 
forlhwith took thepirt allottrd me home; 

1 boiled a part up, which we ate, and put 
tbe rest aside. In order not to exhaust all 
tur provisions in one day. I also tliyed 
the three hescs, acd put them where 
'Ley have Just is en found ” All tbe par- 
ties concerned in tbe borrihle affair havs 
t eru arreeted. They each attempt to 
throw the Inirden or the crime oii any 
sliunldets but his own. 

The boy Prince Hoyal, of Belgium, 
aliose life is despaired of. and whose euf 
feriogs are said to be of the most painful 
character, has exhibited iiuali'ies that 
ought to endear h m to the people of whom 
he may become the ruler. Uis father. 
King l.ropold, has been ioaff'.'clej by the 
boy's sufferings tbat al limes he has b -en 
unable to remain in his r mm A small door 
behind the bed has been made to admit the 
King utiperceiveJ. By this he enter* to 
ascertain his slate. The child know* the 
peculiar sound of the bolt being with- 
drawn, and that his father is the only per- 
son who enters his room thus. On hear- 
iuimediately pretends to sleen. 
The King calls bim in a low voice. II,. 
makes no reply. His father, knowing the 
impcrtance ot sleep lo him, goes buck to 
his spartments more tranquil. The 
child opens his eyes, and saistohiaiu 
tor, to whom he is devotedly atiache], 
and who never quits him, “The King wdi 
be satixfied now ’’ It is a little straog» 
iLal all the world should kaow ot this 
Kving stratagem except him whom it is 
intended to deceive. 

Tbe portrait of Marfori, the lotendente 
of Isabella of Spain, bas a greui sale at 
Paris He ill s&id to hive the physique 
of one of those herco'ean footmen who 
stand behind Belgravian cirnagea He 
waa originally a f  unb-rs'e actor, aod 
gaiued the favor of his royal mistress by 
bis personation of a knightly warrior on 
the stage. 

I dogs and turkey buzzards. Whilea horse is public sentiment: 
young, fast, and showy, he may be treated cpinion* of tbe pbus, 

I with tolerable decency, although we would From tn* sio«ui» Time*. 

' call the heavv cart and stimrimr whin Th* term* on which ths Joca.s »l u oftxrKl ar# 
1 .L u- u u or . ."““a'"* "“'P niarveluii-ty low. The principal caarn or thssUi- 

WllD WOICh O® 18 ftiMtCi®u UQO®C® 8 S&rj toriHl* aa th® dri »rtm«bi, U la (b® 

wlill® iTOlOf &A w®Il hft ' Kut thi® hnodBOf U®od W bti®rii44b, t®t® of th** NikitaTlUb 
I wuiie ^uioK as wen as oe caQ, OUl imi K„*Hrr.oi ® of H»mo®» iot®Uiir®oi bad •bi®rpr|*- 
. soon breaks 018 spirit, and tben bis life ipg jGurn*jiM«io tu® -south. Mr.  ;cortf« D i*r«o- 
; becomes one of long^ontinueJ neglect. 
abQBe, Btarvation, and craeltr. I nave ^ bo dm louc be«ntb® wb®®i-bon®m lu editorial 
often seen tbA rholomen when bnnnv®(^ corit®. arvaullbcureljcncbcvdib their old pibcb®. 
o i Been ip.. t.DOio men, WQ®a annoyca ic Ofiucuoua omou* the l*uer bc^aUiUous of the 
IT tb® ODBttDate reftisal of their don* ednonbldepertmeiitor the Jm bN 4 L «lhadb Joha 
  ke-;a to po on run into m honsn F. Hatcher. some time of the M bUepr***. la coo- 
!_*• • into a nous® ofcttoa with which be U reneabered wUh o 

1 and bnngiDff out a red-hot poker or pieMore do»h®d onij by recr«i tb»: he 

1 TkiACA nf iron tniink (Ka n/\i\r hrnfa hr* lell U. BtBidbS the bVideOCOi of hit UCt hts 

I piece ox iron, toucb to® poor brute j ta*te.»ndbls^n-lu!itiy. Ibthenew^colainoaoriho 
I on the noatrils with it to make him move Jolonai.* we^slMierve uuuitelwhAtde mArkeof tho 
on. I have often riding by the large tT, 

corrals, where uoDkeTs ar® hired aod let i wu,th«a »hioe« but ocver boms; an light oau 
ni.* ftrwl a.5An Ansa m/nwex sa/vav. •ssl.wamlm I XaiObetl I fttOCy . I h«t iUom !n«b W hh^OT ®f 1 1 tOOC 1*60 
one or more poor auimait | boU hiahcotutheai® to»p«rklo nice rtp|H®«ia tho 
i tied and thrown down, their luoutha pried f eoti.ou coombute to give hr®, xost. aad vor.etj 
yien and the tongues out, two or three •u‘“»i'sp»r- 
' dolos holding th? ropes that bound the ^ ^ ^ J' , 

! V.. r.., . . « uv/uuu luo hclow a aumbar of Saakes rrom tbs 

brute 8 teet, two or three more of them l-uI slit# Jm bval, it nasiiaen mcDgaiscd tut 

FaxpABiB vsDia a stwtv msosvbbbb 

Paoczas pub Ezr-iAcnsa ths Cc». 
ATirz PsopisTias pboe Vxaa- 
UTo THS CoapoaiTios op 






Fmettm waaSvr M Aa iia*ii (laAi s#wa I 

•f RAUWAT'S BKXOVATINO aK»l)ttn«n ' 

r** •* . Syptat#.'!, 1 

Chrofuc Skut aad it» bMrvelew power t» * 

re« !iiaf eokaloue eewrrctieoe, offordieg uomedW 

Bte «ad ODboobuemt cufo W D»*«gob ui the i 

Kidiji J, DloJ-kr. XsavcTs laUbfS. TinrTioi. ap: ie^ 

Its iattocace la the cute of Dtab 'tee, 

tir.toc * orrcea*?. turh'd, elhTiauaonw,«lou1y 'j’ 
tt«ahB-k-t iikAteat eflob^ ta etnpytab itrhui® e^ 
|4k'.bful ii«e.'tA;go of arm®, ea l ite Wbgul**r povM 
IO emri^g diw w get tnm the Uifwus wel Crthr^ 
Lrueorrhoeb, Woody Crme. eo'! ether aafaee:thy wPAk-ning Ji 'h«rr  sni m **'trt v^e'-eia 
th-t SAK.SAPAF1LLIAN wwH in the 

ftcfbnPvlmer^ .sora^arifraei 
«pAiM..en tm the only pnn- .t ie .m S : -^pAx.lIn thM 
iwW'pe , oil iKhup J .r:«ol:ae 

c *1 iaexi .. .1 A uari tA0. Or • - ^f thi* "M- I 

t5 ' lin^ 1 or. i**r Tw. W« ’ V ,y'» oew pw.sC'-'^ fib 

®x*ri'rf)uf till* cvwtue ^r^pt'r fee frose rr^. :oale 
ic -««. et'^ntminK aBori ot th-’tru* ^:i:ic. 3 .r ^ I 
■ntr® tH m tb ih». cf Ihtf or'hs »tt 

\VAHlLLiAS IS ur fy an t.f th# lOgredW 
or: ' UMtt term* Uuc tru^/ w* a*i 'rfut aeatnr" . oo® 

It u Ih® onif ci' roM'iw thitt c 'lamua^ i 
It* ^’in^nr, c^«obo»« obd briiinfvrartoa | 
projortic* threw^h the 6 W'I’;aT. 

•ad*D(hfT •#« r»rf oc%, mrana^ { 

boojla ttobofeTfrT(lrpr*vod«Kioa todrlond la 
ih i ovAtra. 1 / thb wood ie eotripc, ihe Arw»l(«ot   
will mik® 1 ' por®. If thr L n 4 \ 

v,t9o  eerrtA® th* k phlegm .^:*d p'u ■ Irut tKrtip®, ' 
the EkOeUveat oJl looMb thu  1*:   tt and rep .» 
th* ve^tiair tung v;th e»u« t end h^elthj metvribL ^ 
If th® iff    r 'red with p:nipl'-v apotj, pia*tuie% 
*or«e, nl.c rj, Ac., th-* Kee*lfcnt viU ®u*ckl7 rraoee 
th *»e .iQnomoreo Ifmeeewrr i  irp'psitM a thb 
b-’Or* ead he* eckLiAalMetl m tk® the 

Ksifrat wtll tlnre it out. If th- *niro2r rf Brot* 
?hie1 (ilbhde tr# biceebted, the Baeotwmt «\U ber* 
thr e n^oe oi en rorl) veet®. L*re.t tnw®die% 
pwA .'-inr rn!T pr-pert w. ere har-f-ol, «e ' 

th«7 lacree w the fam.llonel eeetri« fte of oro or®na 
bf eoppehian^c thr eooelituoct an n-tiona oi ocharo ; 
"•■n. tt X Cl mtr# neehnf r®m-ir like the Beeolw ^ « • 

th® meeAeof e pemenent «-ure 

BT./ Ol  imnr- rnet®U with the Rrolrcnt ead eW i 
ettkod *o eeipptr tho weole of the bo d y, wul meike 
OHIO, bou»l end haeUhy end At ro. The fiseS ) 
eooe th-kt ie t dten CGbunmc®* lU wr.rk of purlieu } 
thkb and teefoodme the eif|Kh^ ooJ^lioV. I 



. SkurLAKUHAI" \TK OPlSEUU-iaff 

aa OipioBa at aSBr, wul thorn, m aaa* 
.t.naaf *i,aaarS la Ih. lrmtTBaM.f T.MawmS 
heewml, end Prfrwaw BHoomow ihtea bb' 

r Wff Mbvaiciee le hue e 

  rkwwry W im s msm mm^ hjMillb* «r ««». 

•‘mrkmi Mm^^imrnrn mf Uiw * ii 

W w ro ero tr— ii'd with betsoroiivtod aeocebe. 

^WerMMMwrrhem. Wvewml Re M Mey emW 
*biWwtomry. m iho r«buit ■ ( Bftt-momm fm 
T'^'foih. eoeuel oecveaab Ie meebrer raaib. w 
k/thrr cobeob, eeb which ®rc 8 aceeb— of iho mb 
'* w.'X ee bwetwrwiel oniMlwM. 

blwtrwoe. ^hlliey, Wtaelwewe, dtwiwc^ bd 
•••he, rwwrwoiwm •# l^oab,orlk ^ — T^it 

r^rn^rimm m*wrvl«ew Iaeprw£e7^ mm- 

meuenuj l ared. 

Tho Dertnrn owportbblTleb tb bbbRttbi obd pao 

re-.ooi^ieo ero nDwuroMMWd Ie be Umm m 
Mhf oihor oMj. Bei k ilooel be. Loaie pe®em 
proTO thbt ho hbo bowo loreied thorw tobeorie 
^ eon IhoB ob7 beh- r eoHdwvrthi ab. Tho«w«bh 
(I’khoeent, Uhreri.tebocotocyAbd eoBOia(«e-eke 
ero bs.rlwmlbd la the nbibrpae el «ar 

wberm A®*, wWh ex^enobcw. emb kb mOo  
ttO« 2 ba ead tho Docear cee relhr t* meay ^ym 
rioae thnpUbhcot tho coQL’.rr. tb poae eccoam 
preaoat Boaibob ho etAaidb w.ihi u; o emm 

I • t:‘ r 

Tks Wfffwgre bPb FhKebetam mhwee 
Swtfow «e gwawwiwO^e ihe wi d 
he trwrfh wiadeby, 

- WMUior ^tmoboo o 

r4Mmi,KT r u» eeeefwbl A*Mabl 

Kxxti AweaenNueed wened obbaobboaobb ari 
•4-.f ehueb,tbet«iUhOBaMtb wkTeJdrwwtb i 
•oeied obw^.wpwtor bwoeRtmpba ftoowNeaeftu 
-jmptMb lubb that wtll eawkio theao a Waned a 
•)®tormlao the bouiro of u*otr eo«ni.^tobr 
f'v e wnctea atetooiobt of tho4r caao tbea wlh 
• bawor elmobt oa w«il for tho ®brpo w uf iraae 
7'onteao Bcnoaei latorwlew : bat wh«r« Hh 
-TL. v-uioat. k o Doeiorehobld beroo^u 'tr4 per 
Thoae heotbf Otoada oaep *w 

luiro adrtco. ceeaepplj kho« with it* « v^bw 
t-io work bj eoedlaic kb®lr eddreae, witn 
T kaa pob caa aaoMt iho aaforkaaei® withob' 
*k-4r kaowiDg kheir bob«*rbc«or. Cbrteieip e« 
jfitbjoct ia of mf ra lee^  rteaca thaa puniB of 

iJaoo hlmeeifexclaalrotj «o th® eeadjofai^ai 
■miocieao bf dtbbML-e ead kireeta th ./i*ebAdba 
i^'®^ r®bP maotecuai.-o grobter r 

|(hbl bpocielky thea bbo ia paeered 
iMoay phjakctbba, recbfbUtoc thla tmn. wire 
■duo® ebtiobai lo Iho Doctor orior rr^no m 
liuedicbl pbmphM# CWbaicwH aaa t «»olil^ 
Ifiol* A fptoadlytAlk wui coas job aotsLei 
lOmcocootrei. jH retir®d— Nox 817 9t. Cberta 
f rrool. Ht* Loara, Mo. Hoafe, 8 e. ■* IbT r. ■- 

OlaD DU. WII*3ZIt 

I r in'r3 mpeToA*. b«srh ' 


rtolos holding thi ropes that bound the ^ , 

V.. r.., . . « •''pao ov/uuu luo h*low a numbM of Oashas ftom tb. 

brntC 8 i®Ct, two Or tbre® more of th®m L-Ui Vllt® JoievAU it aeai «en rerogoltcd for 
simng upon the donkey's sides and atom- 

ACn, to e®®p Dim down on his Bid®, sod & 1 . 0 rialty In llm®e uf politirel « trft®m®at~(1tag;Bg 

Cholo running a long iron bar, red-hot at J," ' 

the end, into tbe poor, agonized beast's , .'ni-ni m»i wrii .Ii^udmi #xpr#*ai' n intuavavati ! 
Jiiculh sud throsL I have stood and seen V#''r.',"^‘'Vhin!!iVh.TVp^ 

them best this iron and repeat this exper- ; \ ,i i* rraiiy dr. Frvoiir. or not. w. w# ' 

iment three diffcreol tim.-,, and 

!lave been told it waa to prevent e.theuaird, bM ntib^r d**«u e  ’.toiuiet^ag wuu 

CLDcer in the throat: buti cannot d-iBcribe 

tbe apparent enjoyment of the men stand- u'-TiuVe™* vixIVty 

•ng by who witnessed the scene, nor the Fn m th. -ft#'vor.’#M, Tim#,. 

If ud laughs and •bouts of “.See b)W he TheeCltort.l mid ha„n#«d;r#cti.« ..r ,h • Lo:i- 
erjoys bis red-hot breakfast!' whan the imii# Joi km.l iia* m-«otiy pa*s«i lu'a th.- 
ircu singed and blistered tbe mou'h and mi'r.'’;; ‘if, IL^joi KN.rj'M'Mir;' 
longue. i nere 18 oo buniaoilr for the rrpulalloo for. inllty. bat in# pr .l. sa uf X1. 

O'L ■ r .1 'J I-* Joi a *L bas o«#a rolaraMl and impr*TwJ, 

brute creation, dbe plowing is of the .no Iti# public may b# . iaiisli#d Uiai n.ita#r paias 

mo.t primitive style, aud reminds one of niTeip.n'w wu; la-sparei lom ik» i- equ*:. iF not 

.1 .. I , *n|.ru r. to tb# llrsl'dsn (UlliFs or tb. present 

ibc 8criptural days. 1 bare seen in a day. Mr. Prsnwreanil Mr. -ihlpmanwiit mm t#- 

ficld not three miles ftom Lima a horse msin on th* eiiuorisi stair. »na sn mb # corps ot 

AS .1 A AA*« sa aa A ' 4 J wrlteTii Htid r%’port®r'» will ah»ui kbem. Souad 

ALti a cow ^0 k 6 u to ft most UORdiniJ Aod IVmocraiu* diK'trfjj® will b® preach®*! fn»m daj 

U8®le?a article called a plow, while the u* cej.aod ike puuiic may ttiy upua u for eke 

lodian who Ruided them constantlr *^^*^*^^ news. 

across their sides end „ Joc,. -*b 

Deads toe lartfcst and most cruel of raw* iien uDU®r tb® esuoriAi mAaM^ment of 

bidra A horse and donkey wBl bedriven rn:7-iLr^i^7 S"n"^S;iv oVt*r^ 
lOk^etncr, a JOUOR bullock and cow, and other cooauy* Wr r^oiceu liuow. however. thAl 
these will be constantly and incessantly 

koippi-d. aa well at tb® plow aa anywhere Joou®alwui reoew un youth* leofiiog the pr®**s 
elpf * The donkere ar® all wr»rn of U.® hoiilh It OD«'e led the preae of tbe wh.i  

vin loe QODKPp are ail worn tnreaa- n«iloo. Already llexhlbiu the frr'ih enrr*® aad 

Dare, devoid ot hair ncarlT, and sreat Ulect which hare be®a mfa «®d Int® it. aa l war- 
welta unnn thai® hnllnw alHaa unA raot'4 lie ihoovinde of wetl wHber* la every P*rt 

wens upon ineir noiiow sides, and they nr tb# inum m looXius for s xrF.t, sod usrfji, 

(pern to become so accustomed to the and sncc#«riii f.i.r#. 
whip that tbey seldom move off from the | rr«m th# n»w vorx world, 

slow, dead walk. 1 really think they gel I ii.nrv Wsuptsoo. who suFr##d'd in m.k:o^ 

t.abi®to*ey: hut if i 

Prentlro or not, we ar® 
. tb^ prt seal cAoipaaga 

Frt m the N®'v Or.'eaaa Tlmei. 

Tb® editorial aud hail o®M d:r®cuoQ 'if ih * Lou* 
l» ille Joi KMAL haa rvcvotly paieed lu'o th*' 
b.ii « f Il-nrv XVatterwjn, a g®st mao wii'  
bKLga to the Jill KN At. sot oaiy a weu-^araed 
reputation forahtilty* bat th® pr« of wi.^. 

'J L.M Joi n )'AL bas oeeo eolarffed and taprjved. 
ano IL® public may be .%au hed that oetttaer pains 
nur ®ipv'n'*r will ^c^Lparei lo lu ike P equal, if aol 
itn| ®rtor* lo tb® arat-claee dallies of the preaest 

From tbe New York EtprcM. 

It Isannountei that the L  ufairMe JockN^L 
lian | afw®d und®r tb® eduorlal managemeni of 
Henry Wattersoo* on® oflbe moat Tigorou« and 
eiH-ceuMful '* yoan^l®ri'*of (ht pree« m ihia or any 
other coontry* n^oicetj auow. however, that 
Ubo. I). Prentice attll r®mnla 4 on det'k, w:th Paul 
J:. Shipman bv hie aide* With auch a trio tbe 
JoouaaLwUI renew Un youth* leatliog the pre-is 

used to it I’erhaps it may be true, the 

answer of a saucy Cholo driver, who in- 
varia!ily Uogged his donkeys on mounting 

Fram th# N#w YorX World. 

H.nrr W«tl#rs«ii. who •UFT#»d ■ J In m.k i 

e#* mujMiFr of IhM bvaltbr. wMltb*. wiiijr, ud 
,•# coiiwrr.m-F *b#Fl. the LonuTiIlF J.'Ckn u 
birb b.* o#FnsrF.llT lniproy#d .ml raa*id#r.- 

,. , - - — , - - -- . hirb b.* 0#FO fTF.liy inipr-PFFU .u.i ,-uw-iuFn*. 

tits Deavy cart, loaded with lumber, the biy .ni.r.F-t.d.uuxin uoi#, if not by c»u«-. from 
boaids so long, sticking out and resting a.*»bipm.awiii r#t«i.Tb#irminoria; 

over the donkeys backs, and even on o)un«i.vii u* »ub to# J"i »n*l m bFior*. 
their ears, when I asked him why be per- From ih.NVw ori#uu crewtai. 

sistently beat bis poor animals all the Tt# r-ounviii# Joi mN.i .seontoriM by H- irv 
time, he made me tbe reply. “Why, they 

like It, and, perhaps, the poor creatures mi ®tarc«u»p»Kh®’i wm®r»in ih®c(»ontry -hatr®* 

n, »r *a»u®d all ll»U)®t prvalJ*® and power, nod Know 

•'* cunfF’MMHlly a-H xlr-nc aa a U®mot ratio or an aa It 

W'U^w. u. rr t *. * I u^®d to b® wh®n It was the nitiUUs'p.ece uf the old- 

\\ bPD buTiou a pair of fowls, it is usual [l^whu*. 

to tihd the akin all rubbed ofl the lei^s from From ih*» Aihen.®am 'i.onJon . 

the tichtness of the cords that ti®d tbem* nio L.-miTTiti® Keumckj jn' KVvr. a tK w4 
and the con=fant friction, and when the ‘I 

poultry IS untied and set upon it4 leits P nn4-«ft Mr. Henry Watt-rvau an l.* futur"*.-' 
the first thing is a sudden pitching for- 

waru on to their heads and a kick, aod v.ii#- joi axALupon it»ca;u oi n iuo*i cai ®biv 4:- 
often they are dead when picked up. 1 ruror. ,k o . 

8u, p' se that swinging, head downward Ko„.„dT”pi# woo brio.* j,i b» r,.i 

by the ankli'S, i;i ves tbem con^e;ition. At cr.    aUtiii th® i *iu'«crat-y of th® w«®i w .i nad m 
1. it would he very apt to produce con- 

^relH'D Ol tbe brain in me if I was subject n tb® ricbt d4"-ir n** an-t u prevb®^ a 

to ride long in that way. »;iubiuii»nty on I «ub vi^jr. 

1 . • • V _ a...* Ua Freui lb® Naehvill® Kaiin®r. 

I cannet iinapne why a people can be r.u«®u® luviur. who i*kn.iwn m w  tv 

ae a clnps so heartless and i. ruel* s"  utter* ,.n® of th® tu *«t at oompiHhed amat**M'‘ piani^it 
lv ii.ditlcrent to the common foeliogs of  “ "■(  ■ -« u.# 

humanity Iu it I recogn ie the i.ld vin T# xram. 

dl. live and savage element uf »r'g. a! h», iokfo . t*.- on 

lihiive liidian, aud i*. is inherent lu me ,i,^( ti a haniirsiii v®*®* o 

of them all. ur«*Npfriy a»» errat aa it baaeujwy®a dunoe the la^t 

There are many Other hideous acts of From th® New Oriean-a Pu ayua®. 

C'uellv 1 roiehr enumerate, but 1 d3 not Th® b®*i «.ut®««. •prigbiiw. wi%®«i. and cheap 
like the sul jett. I have ci'ej quite •« Pool«bFd to ,b# fx-otb.#,.. 

eiobgli to show what cruelty to all the 

brute creation is universal Even BE conning year Is looked to with in 

tie Celbdora, or uative soldiers, who tecs* concern bv all parti**, bat por- 

Irri'i:* tr^y, ro'rryTng^lm't'en't'l^p.'i ^’..culariy by th. p«.pi* o. th. 8 nith. 
psi.s. Bcd babies on ber back, ^ I'» first three month*, forming an 

will ' often cruelly beat and pon- in Rial letter to these that remain, will b* 

o. el his wife, but if her outcries attrx'i- crowded with important events. But the 
the passer by, and any sympathy i# ex South U poor and cannot pay very (hr in 
preoFFil lor her, she will instantly turn advance. It is arranged therefor* that 

hiBown?-hbshe uot a perfect right to •u‘»cripUoiia for Ibe Weekly Jocbnal 
best me if he wants to?’ and, unless th* t"ay b* taken for thr**, six, or uio* 


If rnc'st'T evhihtt?!, % few bottles viU eniWb ■ | 
f-r uirra^ ths eflnetiof Mercury, Titni 
», C®rrwiT« auplSBAfo, tea Az In «W6 doMB 

»’ ■ n jy M 4U«. j 

^1? pcrtPhel b«Buty re6teru8 i 

r. 0 i .u»y ky ths Txwxsm of n 

 li.' ».e. 

F. -m Iho ndvoBcnd oteoM sf n now Motea* 8«i 

•A.. j4 

nr #oBn i4»WAf, a. a 

^ ** Vnk anotAlAi ■o Ji v«»t"»Ve 

c. . .v-'n ft r tb® beneflr tt# a k. Ili-jitratod tiJ 
. (U:®* ul tho Livt. Lunco. Kidoeyii, oa 4 other m 
.’.k.ta r. *c Ba:ur.J mnd ia ihekr li rwr! eoB'in 
.n ifvf.h of h.’alth. *al 

. «j r i f—- rnnr tl.® aim®, el. uid a*r,.| e r* ' - 
il •* nt ti. 1 nf  -k®nre* hy rooittu^ jile 

• «. .(.a; »*..Am^lnr p F?*j(«o. to Bodway aco., Rev | 

* j-k. ^ 

yfjtsr MOTTiK -At tkponA it thp mm 
met •orwA^h. oppa-uie aai aptrito w®ro uBpr»Vi4 ! 
0..1 the (mail pcm-’ieo. Uolchoo, piu»alcA 

y®ervJ. Applyi^ tho Eooo:v®at over tb® ftiir'Ana 

w»th a fine epon^, n 'lerfd the maeuaetioa o^ 
it«t; "?■ ftn ^Arred le % reliaM® oatMopck laoieaa^ 

ICK oo'l pc:t 2 Tina th® putrid ftrih. 

SLt.’Oy^£  MO^TLS.— At Ihr ead of tho o®coBi 
hoOlo, mgm of tMprov«M®tit ta tho teeborsos froM 
tho ut®rus laiammatum, pain nad owoiliac i^-«t-  i 

iho ekia oimtly tBprooia.*, thooyoo crowing l.nAhh ! 
or, rCrvnicth anil oppeOilo iBcroawwf* { 

r/f/AD jror/LA-Dryftabo oa tboflcalp, eas 
•ort eoa th® erms, eaiiacrafled teahoof the hja!% . 
StifoluaUv (!k«*if ponriaf, Uocorrht o front: r U'««t noA \ 

Wfitor WuMaiaf door, oai kiUBoye oai rid-lor i» I 

fiyrH BOm#. — Ftofor Boflt  Tow*af, haa^ 

OX.J am« dour onJ anuorfh, hair p oa tte 
otAlp, howole trfuUr, oad oka teo worn ur.*.aao% i 
lev of mmx. 

msTH lyp strtyrn aorrLE.t.-u\tm 

th tb# Bnk towuly un,f#**d, lauoorrh** l-icbAiw ' 

0 *«t m* 0 ■oatfy. CkAKAlt.. *«• M®M0 o1!t ''f ^ WWia 
8M VaeotiM 9k. Lms^ & »w«* • ^ 

80 0 ®. la Bio*^ iw«e. a..onOTio»e. 

Sr. Gatex’ FrlTate lelical DisKuv!. 

fkciaal carwd. ■oLecStea^ 

Mvkoa or ^oteoM Woafe* 
tm mb* boo ifkioa byeottlifo 

W ry kabtt or %r   j« craaa 

t li ioiO B fttCC-soa ftWte 
for yoaia. wa caa wtcoteM 

a- fpof ai n n ^at cura. OWfo 
oaiiaitaan tea aad mm 

a:o. Medic -non onte » 
vara fro« u bo»rv ky 

aa*l nrerp/fSA Okr treniio®. wt«h foU oyoiM« 

Col. ooni to any nddrf oa ih® recolM ofa throa 
coataiaaip. Rfst aaaliiy off Vroara JInSo teJte 

for oalo. pnea m coau sach orja per dooea. Rote 
hy Baa oa rorolptnf prico. To lao imttnn W 
or* ofoaio for Maoaao Caorai»4*i F*auUo Moate* 
ly Fliia a oafo aad ofketuo4 r®Mody for rowtoSa 
I Dto® aeeo. ouc k no Irref olaniaM. Oteuvriioaa ol 
I tho Mx u!ftoa* Whnoo.foc. Pfi^c® hy Ui®a R aad twa 

f wtafootaxapa ( «i~riu.w.-The^ MiisehLiald aa» 
e utoen dar ns prefaaary, no ih^ aro «wa id 
prodoco aUcarr^noo. Aloo for M. Ia Craaa*o 
Froack Frwronuvo Fow-dor. for the nrTTTmWnw 
nf ccTT^rps oa—oreBAWTaka. Fnc* oy moR ■ 
ard ihr-o pootnor o(aar»pa* 

OArw hMr  n^em ■ A. M. to* F. M. teotete 8 
A. M. to UM. — ^ 

DR ■* e. MII.LRm fo OO., 

Ro. Si^Tr .Fd M np watiw. fwftae Marwoa. 

•0 eloppod. ueinfokUon rofuUr, oaia odthe 
mem, imlatioa la tlie mtonii, foeaJor nad ktdneyo 
■lojpod, fooo doar uf oil i^u, Axis onvennf tte 
tmZ\\ fr'ot mi'ri'oot of daih, fpmto huoyoat, ofop 
•inattc. ond npn-tit® ruoJ. 

Ru/'i'LA*.— All ilcko of 'Hpeno® fradfo 

■lojpod, fooo da 

•on!:'. fr'Ot mi'n 

•inattc. ond npn ®1 

wU, h*(ir onvennf ' 

ally di*appOknnf, frr }u®at rtd®* a Fvk, i 

Dealefo In r. R* Road® aad aieaheeo of Riorfo 
' aad ivold Cxckaoc*nk foroiTo ac . taotaof Baate 
^ aad ■anker® aa Fbprat leffn®. le se Draffo mm 
Loodua. IteLkfort, Ac. . aa«a fotla af foxi anawa 
and Laitoropf Crodli* av*.;^.o ihrvOfh Rarapp^ 


alc-r m tho Beck h**j od. 

rWAhVTU aoyrLe ^natlautnr »ho RoeDtp* 
oat eftrr all orup'.ioiio had dsou^tosirru, oh® auaed 
ki fledi tB ! p-Tec^nl V.*.u7y. No tvc .ole ia 
Ih® utoruA k ata oT i . ®t®, tewel^ roauiar, iugmoem 
mputa ro^lv, kiomi puro, her luiU poifo-*, hM 

S wicf tuxoTLAnt, Mm exh; xtod 

ter tooafo a pktaroof h«al*h asd koaaty. 
kot mm BonUsy alter th« uw of tho tw«i.;h hoette 
foo eontAi«®d takin » ' 'f the I 
onlvwnt per day, aud two o  tho k'um taiwo taaeo a 

In thtv W'^n Vrfk’ mr® a ' e ®’* n V ’• -^nsd ■% 
rofari to the trao nona" of F®. I t Wto* 

iy. O (w!* pure* neb .iloci u.U a^.ko hviu 'a® 
aa*! ci 'ar skin, kraut. pj! c»«!np ev n on! Ina'’*,«.vni ' 
hatr Cam4rtic p.vdcia, fmmtium iho ekm with 1 
kr-Lhhee, a|.p:y;*if jr x*  r-Mt.a 5. lud -a}, hv ^ ! 

hrti -r.( to the ha*T. *r® u j-AiDmv Ihe t 'aym ' 
dor, fo .. dofO ap tte roirs, otdn. t.e free m 
oop® '•! eWcaC and tnA'r.ft^sIo pT X -^iration. thoft ;i» ) 

vonung th- aLfior^'M a of osv^'B in Iho atiecw I 
phx-tsa. au, ic osoLtul for tho vi*a!i:y aa-! punc'^ I 
t»  n of tho Moo-1 vn I fr:ii5 of t .o eliiu T'tsa ‘ 
k'oo! io oe-uiTd ky tho Re^olv n?. aad al* w' o 

fircalar* Mill. Malay, Gail', SCton Oil 

ei A^ BTV m . 

Rvoiy Maw uia: loavoo oar FaevYry tnOt, TOm 
poroo aad l*aioat t*4. por or- - ao4 owa^ 
ai»4 aagMio uf amform taaopot fa aar irMTCii ton. 
ooria* procooo* 


/ / ^ 

th:* la-dioao toa « njoy tho pcTa*.*e-*4  a of it* W ^ 
Ins*. R. R. Koooivont io add at por b*r* a» 
No. 17 hLkLiem Lano, N. T., aad ky Daw 

tvorywhoro. dam kwtUo* ior 

Pulliam ir ur the laru* of hA^ 

^ HF coming yesrU looked to with in Pl ai:i.OSca70x*S AXXa 
\|.)t*c8* concern by oil part!**, bat par- wteikwat-s, cHirKEETNii w 
^■’ticulsrly by the people ol the Sjuth. ' hi w*u.''^v^ 52^ih'i ^;'Srri“'?P 
^Its firet three month., forming an 


initial letter to thi'ae that remain, will b*  *^1^ 

crowded with important events. But the 

South U poor and cannot pay very (hr in | 
advance. It is arranged therefor* that | 
■ubscriptioo* for lb* Weekly JoemNAL r#m*' 
may be taken for thr**, six, or nio* l',‘ 

* V J H ! Commom aba,.. ■■ sroS Mthabaw. 'TM WIM 
hoi#*.J# or ' JAXSib.T coibvb'.r.ifaij k EE ebnoM b*#» 
iri.DM* , eolled Wo (naraaloo they wUi co* m nor oaafo 

ad Th:i4* | soro ihaa caaioa AAofo with ten «aaar ip iwp 


No. 1,H F’..Mr*li -treet. 
R#lw*#bWrl*la#r Ubll bad th# LiiulsvUI#ThM’#r. 

niilucky sjinpaliiizer with her bruises and month*, and Ib* tollowing low rates are 
blows pball hastily get out of her way, aubmitted, and will hold good after the 
she will often go at the man or woman g, OiHobfr- 

who wss prepared to defend he#, and in- o„,coey ior#.n.o»ib. se 

tlict fuoimkry vengeance. Ioib is ft Ouecopyux oiomb* ......Moo 

lereal people fttid a great couotrj, but it copy iwe.v® month*. .too 

hft® maiij singular cuotoma, which pre rLi av. 

not ftpl to be exteDBiVtflj copied elsewhere* T®ncopl®o!hr®omo3tho.„...,.-..- . «188 

V V y Ion copirool* aiAnlho.. » fo 

A* 1* A* Ten ronivo twelve monia* co 

  anv i.a*-i u« ALiTY . ot ibo towijwi t'BM fe*- Hlo 
a uiu  tto. ' 1 no Nimbla Dir: lo beu®r laitn m® 
-winw roLiAB” l;all nnd iry bfm nJ^ooS .iu 

To Btona-nSaxoas. 

Ort GOOD Stone-Masons can find 

♦ riBvlovw.Bt b, Meiiia, lauMdl- 

atoljr oi ihoSaporintoadool'inforoof tho M.RT 
C. wL R.. Himotoa* Tesax Wafoo foaoi •* 7,» to 

■M^etKwlaroaa pvisast* iomsvMv 

»««* Ithm »: 7* H  I * BaHKWKl.Ss rstfOwsK Ww. Osto Hm* 

mcRTos ooe-i. r*.*.;, b, 

BUSjiiESS DiR ECTORt ^ , is^euisitUt goiitnal . 

Tlie I'lopriiK'nl 

' •vi.u^ MrXMia tBB ■piuBM M pi* ttar 

( •■AM mmm M AILU*. AUarmrr* U Law. 
OM *K* «Oaart Fisor Kr. aMU 

J ktlkt: A AUara«r» i 1a«. 

I ^•. TCson Plmer 

D ~ mn. BABKa*i sr. « r*„ un-i(iw 

bmiob a Fur« &r«l n^' Barrfcaal^ tfT BaIa. 

E ~»BI'BB«. J A*r« Trr*«'A«i afiroJ^OrAx 
rtmt. Mnk sMf . Mt. ui aa4 M. 

F a n.BB »Tr^ir«»rAi iamtmmm aa 4 ^b- 

llAA»r At UuMr ?.■ MMA. iMA. Id AAA At. 

^AV A BBAB*. 1'rtlABlK.tMAU.BurUaBAt 
■ nirafrof TklrA Aad Unva stA 

II AbXaA a arm baa AtUriMn at Law. 
11 i^rratar A'll.ari; HolAl. lAMilaTllb. Kt. du 

il R«Alr BBATliRBA. Wall Parat. WiaAow 
jl AAaAaaAc., uaMatB, U*' 4 Uiaa4kA. 

^BA BBIt'm WB.. Jaaraiarand WatckMAkrr 
lAird. hat. Mala aad MatkMau. 

K h.b S Ri»T BVrV.BkkOfkaaral XAtarmnoa Aa't. 
Main.bal «tA Aud Mh ata 

AMt^Al 4 At# At IkAAlaallla AAd JrAdraaa 


The coBiiniMioBera yaatArdar azam- 
inad iba poll-txMka and oartlliad to iba 
▼nte in tba aaTaral praotnata of tdmla- 
T lla and Jafiaraon county. .Appended is 
U a   fficial count : 

. MvrrAahla. w Wall u 

^ iaAada.tth ai . bri . Maraai aad Janacofi. 

I taaRR. RBM ABB J. A •M.WhaMaalal.iilHor 
laaian (ia-Blhudat. 

1  «BTRB. »AIK»AA. A » A., (.VHtoa aad 
iT-'ir* Aloe Mrr.-tiaau. hr. Wcai Maia at. 

K ABtirM»« A CM.. B. A.. Wba:aaala Dc^- 
CMa. IM Waat Maia ai.. bM ith aad tlA. 

ICMon. Maid X K.cor. Ah. 

Tetma of Snbacriptton and Rates of * wV 

▲dvertiainc in Daily and Weekly 1 r'rw prrrmri 

_ - ! oa*1 Frcctaci... 

loarnal. j 

ai BiCllfPn^ FKICE. 

IiaiLT Jot asM.. dUlTarad ta ihaonrsad par- ■ 

aalalo ibatarrtar.t: par aMStla ; hf mail, ter ah j hpOae Uardao 

aeB,tia;paraIxmaotha »t:parMoiith.B. j - 

CI.l a RATH I Woo^ 

Tra reptn ear xaar. (m . aad aa azm eaPT le I I a ar Pnoda 

thaaatiar-apof taarlah;Meap aa, Azaaoataa.A«.. j H5!r™dh'  ^tih” 
aad aa aztra rap y laiAa (s(Ur ap of iha dah: W | M,dalacsaa ___ . 

oaptaa tkraa maatha. Re: aad aa extra aopy M tea ' ( aaa Kaa_ 

•tAA-apattteclah. | ; 

B^azKLT Joi-BNaL parasBoai. B oilMaaV^ 

AdaartlaiBd Rataa-la OaUT JoTAKauasch noa , MtiaHyh 

(aeaia.aaM . Afal taarrUaa, laerau: aaoS aabao- j f * — 
aaaat laamiaa. u t BUaaaaa, TH caata; at la- i 

aaraala. M aeau; par a taalb, aaary dap, R M; Total 

par t Moaths, B *•: P»r Ax siaaiaa. |l. paraa- I Total elty aad oa 

ao». lt; aaary etaar day. par moatA or loaea r . i j MaJaiUlaa 

laaa thaa Ihr aaary day ; laleaa aaaA. par aMath I 

or loaoar.  t  taa; oaca a aaak. par I BOatkaar | 
loDcar, t. laa; daoi.;a oaiaaia adaartlamtaaia, i Tbo rabacii| 

B par caal addliloaal : niu. daahli prtoa; ad | JorRRALlk tu 
a mi aaoiaaia ardarad oa Brat paya a prlot aad 1 ij^ of all the 
a halt. Adaanlaaotaau ^y tkaMooik. ar toasar, ' . . 

Bay at aay Umo hr lakra aai aad aatr aaat rob- j City^^^_ 

aCMatrCat 1 oaeta prr liar extra for Aral laarr ' 
tiaa. Adeenufiau at circiiaea. alaatrrla. eea- { 
erru. aad atkar tiaa rl aat amaaeaixala. u aaaki ! TOe Daily Jo 
per Use Ibr eark l a w r laa. Pcraoaa aaekloc eai- j tas a larger   
ployBteei.tackaaaervaat(iriA,Banat.clerkA. ate i bleed iskue of i 
ckaaica. Ae.oaaceotperwaedMr aaoblaamloa. ^ ^ j 

•-Clly neMt.- eack hoe aialab. leaded Aral la- | * , 

arnlaa. A' ceau: aark auhaeqaeat laoMUoa, k' i * clrcoll 

ceata. ‘-Ediloria: aourer." faonk pi«e A oaru paper publikbo 

pcrllae;eaeaBdpa(e.»  per .laa. la Waahly Jet-a- week, 

MAI., eaak ttae eda** asiidi, Arat l oe ert laa. B l~ 

ceatt;ewhavuerou(u:iaaettlaa,UoaBt«: wlalsa 
Reded . Aral laaertiaa, A esatt: aack aahaaqaaal Many Dt w Dl 

- - ■ Aaatker Aasrar ated t'aee A t eaple troae ^ 

i SATI UDAY, KOVF.UBER T, 3 A. M. tae it»i»i Bietriri.^«ai«M^ lae ^oid 

thk city. I 

The UmIIbb One of i lit beat .-onceixed anil moat auc- 

rarafully executed elopemenle, uking I 

HBei.i « ... iDio coDaideratioii the Inexperience Of iht | 

b.el.1 ■ ate af ^taellle ..d JeOrr..- OUrobMr- | 

eatloD for some time cnlminated yeater- | 

day tuerniDg in Jeffersonville. The high i 
T*** ***t“'"*R nerB yesterday exam- ^ ntracting partiea consisted of Mr, 
ined Iba poll-booka and oertlli^ to the ,boul seventeen yeart, and I 

rn«« in tb« a^verml pnetorta of MiMCook, aged about fourtaen yaari, 

r lie and Jefieraon county, .ippended is Salviaa, Mercer county, in thia j 

Ibatflicial c ount; 8'ale. They bad been “keeping com- j 

T j~ - pauj’’ for some time, and everything ] 

“ ' ' aent on awimmingly until a wedding 

I- •  * ; c I j aaa darkly hinted at, when the father of 

.*?' . \ : i £ S' the yonng lady put hia foot down and . 

I I ' j (Atemptorily demanded a cessation of 

j koaiilitles, declaring that the woulJ-be 

y" — ^ — - — y I bride waa too young by about half. Toe 

' ; J = ?! ycurg folks signally failed to see It in 

I I e F I tLis light, and a system of courtabip by 

r ■ ~ 1 I a'tallb was carried on, the details of 

r I .* a a bicb moat people can become acquainted 

E £ 5 * I A'lib by a retrospective glance at tbeir 

' ~ ' f_ own expi'rience, until at last an tlope- 

I ri .!«..£ !..• x; 111 ! u-ent wai determined upon at the one 

iairi 1 ^ - *' •t'lL'8 1° •^I'uiitiale their troubles. 

 fc. . 7. V\ Aa... ** ' **' ■ ' J The young man coubded bis plan to his 

L ■^r,d'pc'"‘ar.. M .1 41 ir!»ud Mr. Nelaun, wto proposed to see 

,ti i« » 11 «• biin safe tbreugh if it took him all aum- 

r rai Prinari . :.*4 M rn It m  r, and to Wednesday night last, about 

raiVe*l-ra?Si?i!* tio L*; ?? w eleven o'clock, the young lady, aocom- 

I iri”rri"art‘""' I'l i  4 »• . »' panlfd by her bosom friend Mlaa Ken- 

l;«-cio« iTr.iDCT_ A. -11 ue Sy, wbo had come over inst to atsy all 

1 •thWaks. Oigbl, ycu know, might have been seen 

; 5.7 5! J?. « . »’ealing out from tbe patarnsl manaion. 

sixTBU.aii,' They were received by tbe lover 

^-.rune rrariiKX ;Ai «i lu s» Bed Itiecd, wbo bad everything la 

r.ri* 411 T» ea T .1 readineaa tor tbair trip to this dly, 

serf^ Ptecibi't..^ . tu 4« »•» 41 Bbcre they arrived Thursday evaniug, 

I -nt i’Tenart..^.... :.i( t7 MS u and stoppM at Mr. Palteraon’s private 

r^BTB*S^i"! * ~ biArding bonse, on Jefferson street, be- 

F'rai Pm-.act ..mi •- *•- « - tween Bevanth and Kigbth. Tbe yonng 

Ta''ir m * Sit ” man went over to New AllianyTburalay 

F.m’S7."5Jt*.*7 a« 4 u «4 40 . i night to get tbe license and have evary- 

 A -ooe Piy ibc4. sa  * m; ^ thing in readlneas to go over early yea- 

''^‘rliT^^'wAai.. * I terday morning and ffnitb up tbe bual- 

— ei 4 M ' 4 “ ~ I having made a piactice of 

Tbairra w~Aaa'.' ' ^ marrying he waa so verdant as to tall 

*s ifs ^ ' the Clefk of tbe Court that bis darling 

Total . smT 143 i7m • of Kentucky, opon which 

Jxi»xx7.x « . s ir" j tbe Cletk refuted to issue the license an 

jriibrsuntbaB cs s tw . . SM I uppaidonsble piece of fqueauilsbneaa oD 

1? ** }5? r iis !“ liJ I fart, for which he made amends by 

Twaj^ i ” Hbbse i»i It ijT 1? '2 i giving the young man a gratuitous piece 

I bar Pnacs. ' ~ . iM 7 lu i IB . of sdvice, to the effect that In future, if be 

*4 “ .Jl ‘“1 dfsiredtobeaancieas as an eloplat, be 

tabs'ttBB * *£ i “ ’ should l04»U tba party of tbe firat part in 

luator Z~.Z 74 74 ! — 71 I tbe State at any rate, and better atill In 

.*.*iir.7f**** I« 5 IS ~t !5 ! the county. In which be applied for the 

BiMk/o’hai.ra a'ZT"—. *S I '« i '£ I lioenee. He Mid It was true such a sute-«rTiiie___. 171 iw la i ment might not, viewing It from every 

Total hT ”b Hit ~is J141 j poaelble stand-point, be etrictly in aocor- 

Totai c4ty AB4 oaabty .jKTs itn loMi ijw ase dsnos with tbe tacta in tbe caee, but that 

Msjaiuiaa ssM SM6 ■ ycung man wbo was so hardened in 

— Mswki — j BArBBi I ®"*“* “• burglariouBly and tolonioualy 

Tbe snbecriPio/ IIM 7f the Weekly i Another man's daughter from 

JorRRALta t^oa H large a. the onltad ' 

liate of aU tbe other weekliae publidied ° “ 

1 - , 1 ... . 4 ... alight prevarication when ao much de- 

1 pended on tbe leenlt. 

HMABy. j The yonng man lelt the dark’s oflioe a 

Tbe Daily JornRAL, iasued on Monday, i sadder and a wiser man, determined to 
tea a larger circnlatlOB than tba com- i ptefil by tba gentle hint of the man of the 
bleed iskue of all tbe other dailies pub- j I*'*- across tbe river, the Lord 

libbed in tbe city on that day, and aa kcowa bow, it being very late at night; in 
large a circolation as that of any other I fact after the ferry-boaU bad stopped 
paper published on any other day in tbe j running. He reached the bouse where 

tteparly wereetopplng about touro’clock 

■ ■.nraieairBi. ! Jesterday momlng, and With a face about 

Many ntw boildinga arc going up now • a mile long proceeded to tell the psuly 
ail over the dty, and especially in tbe who were impatiently awaiting him of 

I . 4t ITsCUli-t 
Hs :*nd Pf*' .ao*. 
Ikird Fivciort 
Thibi Wa. ' 
r r»i Prtriiict 
r»«Ctu4 FlWiB T. 
TMrd Pmrt»ct. 

Fot KTM WakIi. 
{ ir«t rr^ met. 
!s* «ad Pr**«'lDCt_ 
lliud Pr»  

1 ! TH Warp. 

  .r*l Frx’iPAl 


\ ysjm W'akp. 

FiHK i»iw.MA«« 

KioPTii Wapi' 

I 'ntt I^rmprt . 

t^t opd FrvrMici..^. 
N !PTM W'aPH. 

F'rti Pwittd 

»s COPd Prr^llsCt., 

Third PrvrlM’t..... . _ 

T»ktm Wa«t 

F.m IT. c :jc« 

r « *ood PrpriDct. 

1 hird Itvdpri 

Ft t\ phTB W’apii 
F  m Pr«ctaoi..._ 

ToChl CUJ had OMOtF..ll«7S 14*1 ItTMl 1S«4 JM 
MKl M15 


Tbe anbacripllon list of tbe Weekly 
JoruRALis tsrioe aa large as tbe onltad 
liata of ail tbe other weekliae publiabed 
in tbe dty^ 

Isa trai Is- I *'‘****^ t'^*y °® f*iAl day, and aa 

laasiuoa. %• I ^ffC* * circolatioB as that of any other 

kwreSBl RBtter tB Becalsr ABTerflserb. 

At BiABr sT our gboa BdrertMaa frlsBas ksrs 
exssBMsAso as tae setAibB thsi Boltrithstbad^at 
tbe very C’sa* Increasr la tbe ewck l a t lBB af tae 
Dailt loi'BMALaurlaF tke last foar BBatha. tbe 
Aepre a Ma la ba sia -as la sBcl. Ibat tksy Cbaaeiaf- 
StrS M paiy a biebar late Ibr tbetr a4Tertlaaaacuu 
thaa they haee beee beratofaie paytaF. aa4 as we 
kAT* asrsed la saaie casas la aiake Alscsaals. aad 
as otR tale Is to treat alt atike. ae s k s l l Leraafter, 
BBiU tUriasr aacier, aiake s Alsooaat te aU 
aiT« Ttlstra af tairty tlirseaad aae-4hlrd psrian'. 
ap4ia Bar poblwked rates kboee. 

LiOt leVUXA. JtH'KKAL 03. 

Qctskeri: isn 


MToeHef s Gocktiil GitteTs 

Andy Grenalig, tbe kla men, on Fourth 
street, between Main and tbe river, loet 
bia pocket-book eud pocket aocount-bork 

The Rallaaal Matel S-easeA. 

Yesterday, Captain John T. Sberley 
acd Mr. J. M. 8. McCorkle, doaad a con. 

i the signal fallnre be had made in ibis his 
I first matrimonial venture. Bat if hia 
nory was sad and discouraging, bia 
i friends had one to tell him which waa 
btartllng. Since bia departure for New 
-Mbany they had Isamed that the aome- 
a bat ruffled parent of tbe young lady 
with matrimonUl aspiralions bad tele- 
graphed to tbe police to arrest tbe recre- 
s Die, deed or alive, and that ttae hotels 

tract with 'be prssent I c essts for tbe Ka- j bad been searched tor them in vain. Here 
tiocal Hotel for tbe remainder of their | was a crisis, and prompt action on tbe 

lease, three years. Tbs prssent le 

tlefraeiva or an ignominious surrsnder 


bavs bought tbe fumiture of tbe eatab- | were tbe only aiternat^vas. Immediste- 
liebment, and Uke pos se ssion immedi- j ]y it was resolved to sund not upon tbe 

•tsly- ‘ Older of tbeir going, but to go at once — 

Bake Baaa. far Taa siarr. j to tbe Jeffersonville ferry-landing, which 

in 1 1 '1 n 'll ^ eaterday a lady, who was evldeatly i Ibey did, and tbe first boat that lett tbs 

Ir^ rOritSIll nltlPP^ ' Intereeiing ooodiUoa which al- ‘ O d Kentucky Shore’’ yeatsrday mom- 

11 0 UUULlull UIllUlO wsye prccedea an increaa* of the census, ing for tbe sa  red soil of ludiana had on 
I got into a street car wbicb was very full, I card this party on matrimony lieut. 
T la 1 -F. rot niakincaii kisAxaf | and s fellow wbo was evidently about OS Wbetber tbe father of tbs young lady 
^ a a w ^ I •• “A obliged reached tbe shore and gesticulated vlo- 

t. M 1 .% I Ii9e ^ to get up togivetbe lady aaest, remirxed lenlly. Just after tbe ferry-boat shoved 

S . T - I86O - X . 

A rraa  FrearS PliyAiriaa tay*- *‘Mofa tkaa 

W3ar IkeSUraar c! :kr woriAosaMt fraat aaglK* ___. , 

la BatMy tka tvwna a«aiaat ckaasataf riiaiatr however, till it learns to prattle. She •‘*Tice of tbs New Albany man fresh in 
waatkwaasfcnA. Tk* gnu swrai of keaick te lo Bing With all trutfafuloaas that I-** n»*mory, told the Jeffersonville man 

icod old ^ymn, “A charge to kss, I “ P»^“. u»«mtahed tale, and in a MkrT 
have.’’ tliM murn^l to tbe hotel with tbe much- 

Bwra lawyer tke b( Sr aa« breed SMaaae CO^ed pepetS. 

Wpvr.ltlia jtrfcitiT*»»4 wall-lcpovr t*ipt LsUU^ tOOTO IWniPilM tO ! • told A 

ipffff Is M sach MiiwarK ud — tiat rpr tpe Malnmoiiial runawaj matcoM ara not F^wtlamaa wiUt aatborlty to aolamDlrt 
kioaiarkaa the cnly mnawaya now-a days. Yeeter- tbe rites was toon hunted up. the oeremo- 

ri.ABTaTit»» BfTTRBa. day, on tbe lower pert of Chestnut etreet, ny fertormed,snd Ihstu o oeisful mstrimo- 

te^lteSMTaairte ee« aaas ky all riaawa af * Ait^bod to a vary neat bu«gy nlaUsIs atarUd for this aide Of tba river 

Ir ipr »T«iT vapioa of* btoapcb oat of I took fright and ran off “aa bard as be joat aa happy aa large lized sunflowers, 
r • could Slave U.” Tne driver, becoming Arriving at their hotel in this dty they 

rsaesMor k te iku r'AstaiMB Bitvm are slam.ed at the swiftnces with which ha immediately packed up their traps and 

«»u‘ of th# .urted tor Sslvlsa, in the hope of raach- 

tH^T^uci I Tshlcle. aad let tbe eqnine wanderer go irg Ibat point before tbe old man, wbo 

earwBuaator Nature ■ awayt letrarst a I •*‘“bereoaver be cbooe. Wadon’l know bed aa they euppoaed ere this suited at- 

. Pi! itar DprOa ta K lutie MBiMuMr at tbv pro j WUFFP b^cboo®, b® WAS goiDf at Last ter tbain, mban th®y intended to send 
mcm mwch b*w rwoopbMuSpMi acconnta ont Broadway with nndimln- bim word that if bs would return they 
it-ioi^iFber^witL .soni c.y^ sf^ i ubtd rapidity. would a|faln take him to their hearts and 

kercerwiT. reeji. a.ik po-u«ou. dra« I I ar-era ' 4 i.k. forgive him. May thy be as aucceaslul 

aw  B.raiur,4. ahick only rtcpify auS .iaai | ^b# meeting this afternoon st I o’c'.o* ^ endeavorsH they 

te.s.d4ter.waadseaia. In fo, tha —aa.l -la-uia- matrimonUl eecspsde. 

in a surly undertons oa be dideo, “Make I i nt icu the raging fl-od, like Lord Ullin 
room tor two mors.’’ j of old, we are unable to say ; but if be 

A t harge la ltt.eR I Hate '  ild it did not have the de- 

Yesterdsy morning — aa chilly as yes- sired effect, for tbe ferry-man did 
terdsy morning was — an old lady up o®* “come beck’’ (until the next trip), 
town, wbo liH, it is said, often wished 1^ party reached tbs Indians 

that sbs hod “s prattling littls one’’ sbout eboie In safety. Upon landing they im- 

her bense, found a "Uttla one" nioely 
dona np In a cIoUms bHket on tbe door 
step, bnt it don’t “prattls’’ much, because 

mediately repaired to ttae Bruner House, 
when tbe male poition of the party sallied 
fortta in search of tbe necaasary docuinent- 

U is too “little’’ yet. Sbe intenda to keep *Ly»Tldence, and the young man, with the 
it. however, till U learns to prattls. Sbe “*• Albany man fresh In 

oan now aing with all tratfafuloam that ‘‘‘* “smoTy. told the Jeffersonville man 
gcod old hymn, "A charge to keat. I “ “"TsmUhed tale, and in a abort 

„ lima returned to tbe hotel with tbe mueb- 


Tkte tRleBSM Tn it te 

r baM By ktl rliBira .1 

TkASMBMsr k te ikiA: r'AatsiMB Bitten ere 
cprtpip iprpnect ihejpkcpppf tbp K-.ompoe. ppt pr 
Mi Apcilp^ pt work ppi eapbto It te r ilgt pp 4 
tefow p#tte pseioereiuf espcer. Tte topdeuev 
of itePFPPpupPt of Npiufo w p^wajp Cewpr4i p 
corr . pl! tb^ D » et b a lltUr paiteapOf Pt tbo pee 
partlpip. How &pcb »#ro roppoapblpPpepMi 
II w IP bPlp bar piopf wltL p sent’-C-. fat pow 
»» lu. ToPlf , tb PP tp 4a5«iao pd 4 «4-pk^ po4 4«- 
f^' bPfcorptiTO pcinpaer* «itb potpoeou* enun 
eaS bw} pAAPturoi. wbicb opU *tcpiff pt 4 plppi 
tba apaea of 4 Mfpp» Po4 

IraporiMtkt Certificatwp. 

- * * * i o«*aiPCb IP FOP. for 1 verUr bc..^\’ 
tlii F aatpiipp Iti t tMtm bpraapT«e m/ tlW. 

Ka\ . W a WAPoovkB MpdxM. N. Yt 

* Tbc-ti wUt arse two bouiaasaorao 
ib  r.artpttop Bittoff Mfwlfa bMb^affrppt' 
brot-filatf bF itetr ppt. Tby fr!-"s4. 

i I ppiK. FbUpSHoUiP. Pp.* 

could bCave it.^ Tim drlTerg becoming 
‘.pptpttop Bittm prv aLant.ed at tbe swiOneea with which be 
f tbpK ompT’b.aMpr ' was meeauriDg apeoe, jumped out of the 
aabta It u mte pp 4 | ^^fcjcle, and let tbe e^inine wanderer go 

LjamM TP* tanrtf nr i * 

teTwayt lewArm A I •hliberBoever he cboee. Wedon’Iknow 
■iT'rinTT r- -t- r~r wfiere beefaoee, at bs was going at last 
p rMWAAbtesas w« accounts ont Broadway with nndimln- 
ritL.i*Bf.c,y«» 0 B I iBbtd rapidity. 

ad 4 v.-AkAB ab 4 4e- 1 

Bits POIAUBOU* Snut I lanBer.' 4'lak. 

•sly rtcpiry suS .imi | meeiiog this afrernoon st 1 o'clock 

punctually la for tbs annual election of 
officRts and tba amendment of the con- 
frtiiicatwB. ■ slitution. Tbe labor question will also 

.'Tile ^ ' *** ®®®siderad. The reporU of tbe pro- 

KuMa2rM. N. V.' | cesdlngs of tbe Farmers’ Club, h barsto- 

. fora publ abed, have been read with muah 
Viw bsTite^ F^t' interest by all cUaaet, both in town and 
/"'pCLciHoum PA.’ •*^0 we coagritulets tL* crab 

in thus Having obUined tba cordial ap- 1 

C barter C'oavenlloa 

eBAeage af Ike Seel Isa Tax las Wer- 
ekaBtelae far kekaal 1‘areB.e. lairr- 
lAllag DrBate. 

Tie members of the Chirter Couveu- 

• * * , entire rtimmunity. They have the good 

Kbv .* te C'ATBtiaN. kpcPPMor. K. V ** wUl Of tbt public. 

* * * * T lipv* «;r*u lb# PtPAtptlofi Bittprpto ' BarrlM* ■_irfaf b 

t iM.Croe»o«opr OMb^ O »ui4wc« witii ilir mppt —wmaao urcawt. 

atiaatekiBceffrri n A 4 bbxw» The following are the mamage Itcenase 

euprrinteDCen: so^su-r- hobif. i;iariBi Aii. o.” j iseoed by the Clerk of the Jefferaon 

I County Oonrt for the week ending No- 

Tk. riABiaiAB RliiMa aiake tke aFaketroas. ' -.mhaF a iiusci. 

IkF laaxal. arliVAlit. al.S ale eikauteed Nalare  1 wmoax a, Aoee, 

F'ff* ... laiani- bellixoian and CarrlF i-abFl. 

IVf in.MW Bia. raw aAFareS Ikal la BO oaaa WIU Manoa Hi  harw ao. t arol.uF nouFi .akar 
^FF,l.,^ •Mile •MSard or Ike PlaATAT:. N I OaoBey CraSey ajM Mall.e K KrUaener 

kF A^mnn* rrum. Evary Settle brar. i Wai a. Tkouipeoa aat Mary Caarioua KUort. 
Ike laowaireWMii Aicuaiaraaa aateel-eiao eu- ( Oao. D Baraiiall aaU Asnie K M- Crorklla 
srivi.f cMilraiiaOTbecFBolse W   . CVaig aad precllla Baelac . 

proval and (he beerty indorsement of tbe tion aaeembled in tbe Couneil Chamber 
entire community. They have tbe goad at half past seven o’clock last eveniug. 

Aa  pnmm preiesdios w aell Pi aittation 
B inaa» IS bs:k or by tbe xalira. te a saiadlar 
aaS !B.a«er Braare ml raeiiad bettira has 
tbai * ar i-n.ale Maa,p te raMmi .eibb beer 
eeery rark 

bold u ai; Iktei slm ursrara. aad iraaten 
tbroogte* at tbe aorid 

plantation bitti:bk k.T.-UW-X 
|4 a rordia: aad aiarattee lasae AbatUedrui- 

corked bp blaeaiuBa l^ixIoiaoA rlwxrraea law- i Tlaib by J Daiy aud Barab 4 Mait.n. 
yete FOIture. loete. pAnoaapker*.' aadpolltartabe. | B. O^teckmao aod Heorl^ta PrekiD.. 


I- eeery Baa. waaiaa. aad ceild A heat Irtend. I; I Hta. KeaiMe'e Beadlaa. 

tFlteea. Irm InraiaeB. LaBitude. I.irer Oat.. ! . . . „ 

o Aieii lodiaeMiob. boar PuiBacb. abdi.FOFrai i I'uruig her whols Career, Mrs. Kem- 
KS';Sdi?‘*^3:^‘,^*r;e;?* blebAF been accuMomed to full 

PLAkTAlloN^TiKkb N I X | *T»Tyw^'^ She ha. never known from 
Br IbBoaslly ponfv.o, tbe B oad. make tbe 1 obHrvAtlon or experiSDoe what 

p«: pm*pc pr»e MpM MutcP#4 eupipi*i}op r»*pr po ‘1 ' le meeut bj **p besffprlv pooouat of 

tenifiPtel. IT plpft»ir*t»ptte*pff tPw PmiipI* fk.A'wn. i ■/ e. r,.. a a 

MoMcf 4iPr li(M ip4iR« pow pm iU Pate j empty beCcbfB. ' 8b® btd B lUfgB PUd 

I brilliant audience last night at Weisiger 

PLANTaiioN HITTERS H T. i B -x. ! Hail— an audience, too, that was de- 

wUlof tbe public. aid were called to irder by ihs Presi- 

Harrlaer Edreaaea 4!enl, George W. Morris, Eao. 

The following are the mamage llcsneea ‘I** J®®'"*! 

iaeoed by the Clerk of the Jefferwjn with 

County Conn for the week ending No- “ • reading of 

vember 6 1M6' **" “'*“'***• ot the sestion ou Tue^ay 

Iarar«.lUl..,oi.oaodCarne Mabel. 

Mptipp Hif bprp* pop (prt»:io«   400*1 .pic*r. Tb® Clerk WPS directed to hPT® th® record 
rSd ' MarrTSttl-'S'i. Huort. n'Kht made up so as to be cirrect- 

ejo- D Bar»tiaiiM.i Aboie K M- (’rorklia. ed at the next meetiug. 

U F.CVaix aad precllla BFelar. * 

itearfF Merkel aod Eilra UraB BDl'CATIOX. 

vr£*T*M'ite5*am?Mary E *Moraao.'^' The report ol tbe Committee on E luca- 

5 ii®“ '*•‘“8 i" order, secuona o and 

Fred. TacbaFii AD. CaroiiDei voubg. ]   were read. They provide that a tax 

TbMdora'Meuaer a^"ZHt“rgippwa ot thirty cents OD the One hundred dol- 

^;Aa'5^rTfri^“^'^!V5r*iB;^■ g,dd “^^ble property of the 

TiBb hyj Daiyaudbarabi Mart.D. cily Of LoiusvUle shall be levied fur 

J® B^M^To'iS’iPi^^d M^rtSS A^Nma. ecbool purposes. It was moved to amend 

K4wpf® R Wtaiuupns »o4 B*ur H*u4Ut ppctloo 10 bj cmpowcriug tb® Ueneral 

l’r*®*r*cJi R*l«pnd JohwnppL itiM. ^ . ii _a^ »ja * 

jiii»Me()»r aLd Mart* iMi. Ccuccil to ooIl®ct PPid Uz Wb®D®Ter tb®J 

^ r . '~r" :: — r: — d®*m it D€c®®Mry or ®zp«di®nt. 

■ ff«. HeWiM#'* K^PBIPP. *' n ^ n.n. 

T • w 1 - i BB wre t. n motion of Mr. HranniD 

I ■ the lurther of sec- 

Ue has been AccuMomed to full jo ^.a ,K»tponed until 

®T*rywb®rp. 8b® bp® n®T®r known from pdion upon ®ection ®likll h®v® been 
p®r®ODPl obMrvptioD or ®zp®ri®D0® wh»t compl®t®d. 

la meant by “e beggarly account of 8o much of theeer iion as refer, to tbe 
empty betchik." She bad a large and taxation of real and {leraonal estate of all 

FIaA^T▲110^ HITT*.R® T.-t«w»-X. 

FLAyTPTK N Irim teT i*' - \ 

wlpi€»t OB)Twr*»1 r*pi» d y. For ( nai ivd^wr^a. 
Hea^Twrlt*. I» M«*p»ta. J psdip'* wn4 

DiM’fow*#. M tBte»t3r* and Rafw car*. pp 4 
•B f » pprtff W tef* Uf iRk* MUM PMTlt 1  t® teVBTF 


kind® for ®chool purpo®«® wzi again read. 

Mr. Herbert thought It would greatly 
militate agaioat tbe welfare of tbe cily to 

aeeembled to bear. At 2 I (.x reeiduariee, as contemplated by the 

I o'clock thU afternoon Mre. Kemble will 
I rend .SLakepeare’e oomedy of “Tbe Mer- 
; ry ^ tveeol Windsor,’’ which is said to 
lie one ol her very beet readings. As it 
j will be tba last opportunity the people of 

section reported. It would be a very un- 
po; ular thing. Tbe schoola will gat al- 
toge'ber tllfi,000 more Ibin last year, 
if we provide for tbe additions 
levy upon real and personal as- 

— Loulavillc will have to bear this dls- talH anri realrlnariea Who 

PLANTATIOK HiTTKBE. S T. iiMF X. j a .j. , Lesiausries. V4 bo supposes 

TijibF irkoarFxoiBc"4oaaikFkii ' fi lira, will tlagulshed and gifted Hbakspeanaa (bat I he ssaessmeot will not be much 
Bod rtADiaiioe BiitFri tii. brm prr.rii.»€ anC bobolsr Acd reader, it Is safe to say that greater Ihfr year Ihau It wae laat yesrT 

Tbe SaaFi CaedlBl carBlaatlvF. aUBalaat n-a   . 
aod air-D.tbF04r soewa II te dFlidoiM u  isf 
I»«F bFBFMtal la Ik* ayaiaB, aad a ubIyfiaa. 
biFBlBS. eold everywBFfF 


TFA.tkaibae. Tkte graai raBiadr Ba« bFrw a 
BstFFiAalaoF piaaiailoB BiiiFrateaa toilly la 
BFBte Boatk. sod ateBaeSF as HaeaFkoid 
Worm II SfbIs Ike body ibIfb Ik. s in ^ aod 
« « 4 coaa .FBFtaK y Bofa all over ISf warid. 

Baa Sam iSf BaMW bbb 4 at carrylBg eoBlort 
latocBBBUBs (a£liy cirr ca. Tkere te aiwrraly 

tbe ball will again be crowitod to ito ut- He moved to strike out from the commit- 
moal oapaiflty. All wbo are without re- tee'. r« port all but real estate aud im- 
aervi d bests should put In an early'op- provem Dta, making the school tax the 
pearsnoe. same aa It was last year. 

All ihr iia.F. Ml. Jojes Said that iu order to reach 

The mstrimontel fever still rages at residuaries the charter must be explicit. 
New Albany, JeffersoDville, and vlcio- It any tax st all can be Justly imposed 
ily. Every day brings intelligenoe of it Is that upon the persooslty of tbuee 
tbs happy consummation of tbs hlisatal shoos children receive the benefiu of 
hopes end rose-tinu^ dreams of loving our public schools. He quoted the law to 
swains and eodosnting, palpitBting show that It was the duty of tbs county 
mstetsH, to say n ot hing sbout tbs gray- courts and the aaseiaora to enforce tbe 

wtocBBatKM (amTiy c:rr.B. Tbere te nmrmiT board aid “lair, fat, and forty’’ matcbes. 
aa IbiFraal IMamaf ibay d. bm cucf. aa i arrw vnnrmmll anr n wa hear of aonu of tha 
bAiB. byABwtiF . rFBBBhcrikB aaribecacad. Evsr s»o anon WB near or Bome or in# 
raot. B ail sIacb. Dsrentslly peneeuted lada and laasas of 

collection of tbe risidoary Uz. 
Mr. Trabue said this 

plantation BITTEBb. a.T.-IH-X. 

If Ik. BbM iteratiiar BFBFdy ml tke Agr br liyi 

BF . l I k. T HFatACBF. DiArrBFa. jMBdlCF. 
AAA Livr* iuB.laiiiiF. It te kBbw. aad aa.rF 

Kvarano anon ws near oi some or ine mr, iraoue saio mia tax 

parentally peneeuted lada and lasses of would drive capital from the 

Ifaie aide of the river making tbe perilous city and greatly impair iu growth 
pilgi image to that oelebratad Mecca of and proeperlly. No man would come 
coonnbial felicity, and, alas too often, in- here to make Investment of bia capital 

ADA UVr* iuB.BlIllF. It M kSAWB Dad aa.rA I WA,WM...A. — • , — — 

r- A4F4 FrwywkAiF. Bold au aver Uw cn^ud | |e, icily. But yeeterday a davoted couple while it was aub)ect to such heavy taxa- 

fnm the rural dlsSrlcU flad “from the Uon. Tlie principle la wrong. Weahould 

PLABTATloB BiTTRBa. s.T.-MB-x wrath to come,” through the city, not invite oepital to Looisville, and we oan- 
i^nv^AoBArraw-^^ra 11 ^ “on the wings of tbs wind,” but behind not do It by taxing tbe new comers in 

tkA srara at. mS tkr oAra a Pnprtn. u*it waure la a fMt borae, to that bavaa of rest and tbe manner proposed. 

Awyakdra. ^ eaay maUiiuony beyond tbe rolling river. Mr. Brannln said be bad shown from 

rLAXTATlox BlTTKaa. We have not board from them since, but tbe Assessoi’s books that, under this rss- 

A4V?B«B*ik«^iaavB^\5uBdA5lryo4a« of ccuias they ware married, OS half an Iduary rrovlalon, there would he |o .500,- 
iciratteAdrrBady. u atatiaucr rwiud kA^wiit itour'e start and a two dollar greenback 000 annually from wbicb to derive tbe 

«® H «««I4 W Mrr tteM Wte*r*V«r IC IMR b®*ll . aW-aA L. l.. *,«. * k^n^nmnntnP _bb .1 

iMtet'. Row eT*r; «rteei«. 

SB put ssoader 

( raclioc to firat lax a man’s real esta's, 

next his residuary, cr wh»t he it worth 
111 value of notes, bonds, and uioneT, 
alter eubtracting Iherelrom his 
liabilities. This is a fair 
and equitable bosiM, and would se- 
cure a fund auffleient to msintstn the 
iiublic schools. Jf lb* residuary or 
e lualization law U carried cut, nut less 
than   10 , 000,000 more will be taxable for 
 i('hool purposea. We will get thirty per 
cent, on at leaat f.' 0,000,o00, and the same 
upon rl0,000.i 00moreuodtr tbe residuary 
law, making in all t«' 0, 000.000, 

Mr. MoCuItocb aaid be bad recently 
called upon tbe Aa esanr, Mr. Harris, 
and learned from him that there would 
l « very little difference between the aa- 
arsemeDta fur tbe preaent and last year; 
that property in tbe central portiona of 
tl e cily was alread.v taxed too high in 
aume instancea, and that whatever in- 
crease there might be would a ’- 
cree from diH’am parte of tu» 

citr. He proposed the lollowin; 

adeendum to the section as rejiorted 
by tbe committee: “Personal estate of 
all kinds, iccltiding therein moneys and 
cboMS iu acticD, except euch things as 
are eximpt frem taxation by the laws of 
the I nited States and of tbeState of Ken- 
tucky; provided, that euch assesament 
shall only be on personal estate, moneys, 
aud ctoeea in action, so far as lh« same 
shall be in excess of tbe oa-ner’s debts” 
Mr. Kaird referred to tbe fact that the 
convention had authorized a tax of twen- 
ty cents for we ter privileges, an l said 
that we could do without water-works 
better than we could do without public 
scbools. He was not in favor of strik- 
ing ont fioni tbe section suythiug that 
wonld reduce tbe school tax. He did 
not aee tbe neceasity for ibis twenty cenla 
for the benefit of tbe water company 
above tia receipts, and would like to be 
inforniid of Ka Deceasity. Nooneqaes- 
lioua tbe propriety of being taxed for 
g.eligbt. Light for the mind ia Ur more 
important than light for the eyes; yet 
gentlemen will alickle about a tax for 
supporting tbs public schools, while 
they freely tax Ibemselves for gaa and 
water. Education ia more important 
than eitber, of more valne than food or 
raiment. He alluded to tbe fact that 
evin tbe negroes bad the benefit of a 
icbool-bouse, erected by tbe govern- 
ment, aa fine ai any in tha city. We 
are drifting on tbe tide of progress, 
and our ideas muat be adapted to tbe on- 
ward march. Tbsss inatitutions are not 
ragged acboola— they are for tbe rich and 
poor alike. It is computed that  112,000 
can be raised, at thirty cents on the hun- 
dred, irom reel estate, and  25,000 from 
tbe State, which gives  167,000, not enough 
by  10.000 to meet tbe current expenses 
ot the schools, and at leaat  'i0,000 addi- 
tional is naedtd for tbe purchase of 
ground and ereiHion of buildings. 

Mr.Brannin moved to amend tbe section 
by insrrling “and also upon each one hun- 
dred dollars worth of personal property, 
notes, bonds, cboeea in action, and 
money, after ddductlng liability on tbe 

Mr. Joyes said it should be tba object of 
tbe convention to improve upon the old 
system. Otherwise there was no use in 
revising tbe charter. He did not think 
there was any ground for tbe fear that 
lbs charter would not pass with this 
clsuse fixing a tax upon residuaries. 
I’orteis In tbe stores of oar marebants 
might, without this clause, have to pay 
mere tax to educate the children of tbeir 
employers than the merchants them- 
selvea. This would be apt to array tbe 
porters againsi tbe charter, and it would 
siacd mure than ever in danger of defeat. 
He showed, in an argument of some 
leegtb, bow unlair it would be to op- 
press the workingman with a tax that 
ehculd be paid by the merchant. 

Mr. Krannin aaid that every merchant 
paid license for tbe privilege of doing 
Losinere, which is not so with the real 
estate owner. The merchant, although 
tszed to pay for llconae. besides bia in- 
come tax and one per cent on sales ren- 
dered to tbe government, gives employ- 
ment to a large number of persons, and 
thereby aids in bnildiug up tbe city. Ii 
we tax tbe moneyed men we will get 
thirty cents per hundred on  10,0ii0,u(X)for 
tbe schools. 1 want to reach all parties 
in a lair sod equitable manner, 

Mr. Trabue look occasion to warn tbe 
Conveutlon that if the sec’ion taxing mer- 
chandise was embodied in the charter it 
would luin our commerce. 

Tbe motion to strike out tbe Isttsr part 
of ttae section was negatived. 

Mr. Craig moved to insert between 
“personal’’ and “estate” tbs words “and 
mixed,” which was adopted, 

Mr. Trabue moved toamecd the section 
by interring tbe words “excepting mer- j 
ebaudiae.” Lost by a lie vote. 

Mr. Herbert said that in his opinion, 
under the residuary law, tbe Uz would 
be on  13,000,000, twice as much as tbe 
f rmer Uz for school pnrposes. He was 
esiiefiid that if Ibis tax was imposed tbe 
charter would not be approved by the 
( eopla. 

Tba part of tha secilon amended was 
then read and adopted by a vote of U 
to 7. 

Hectlon 10 was read and Mr. Herbert’s 
amendment token up. Mr. Joyea offared 
s substitute therefor making it obligatory 
opon lbs General Council for tbs first 
thies years and optional (hereafter to 
cause to be levied and collected snnaally 
s tax of ten cents on each  100 worth of 
real estate for tbs purebaea of ground 
and erection of a school bouse or taousae 
In each ward in the city, 

Mr. Bsitd bad objections to both tbe 
amerdmenta ol Mr. Herbert and Mr. 
Jojea. There ia no may about the water 
lax, but tbe word ia sAaff— there ia no 
leaving it optional with the Council, but 
the section says it dAnff bs done. Why 
not put tbe same llmitotion upon the 
aaiertaxT We have already voted thir- 
ty cents for school purposes, to be paid 
anraally. Suppose we should have s 
Council that would not vote to erect 
school holldlngs when they are 
needed. lUgbt there we would stulti- 
fy cnnelvee. I am as much in favor 
of aAoU in one place as anolher. Certain 
integral things we must put In the ohar- 
ter. 1 do not want thia grave matter to 
Le at tbe caprice of perhaps seven mem- 
beia of tbe Hoard of Aldermen, or a leas 
number, for tbe board ia seldom full. If 
this measure had been loai, I would have 
lost all my interest in tbe charter. I 
could not go before the people with that 
eectioD omitted. I shall vote against tha 
Bubetitule and ameudment. 

Mr. Joyea said thia tax could not he 
avoided. It does not at all increase the 
• axes of the citizen . It ia simply paying 
iu another form what be has been in tbe 
Labit of paying. Aa tbe Couucil have 
control ol tbe flnaucea, it ia better for 
them to have option in the matter than to 
leave It to tbe Hebool Board, which is sl- 
it gether an outside body. The people will 
or mpel their representatlvea in the Coun- 
cil to vole tor school buildings as they 
ii:ay be needed. Thia tax la properly an 
onvK on the real estate of the city. One 
ibe marchandisA ia paying tbe tuition of 
the pupils, and the other the real estate.' 
is paying lor public improvameuta. 

Dr. Maxwell aaid the aubstitute and 
amendment nullified all tbe Conventioo 
bad done. After tbe necessary amount 
had been voted, haviug In view the pro- 
gress of tbe cily, we now contemplate 
giving up tbe whole thing. It seems to 
n e like s compromise— we are willing to 
let the echaols go on tor three years, but 
“thus far abalt thou go, here shall thy 
proud way be stayed.” We attempt to 
keep tne School Board and the legislative 
department of tbe city apart for ihrse 
years, and after that time they may amal- 
gamate. It Involvea the pcssibillty that 
the school system may go down in three 
years. How many of tbe Councilmen 
know anything of the educational de- 
mands of the city? In proportion as 
you commit any department of the city 
government to any class of Individuals 
at tbeir option, so far you destroy it. 
yon simply determiue a limit to which 
they may go and thereafter they may 
fight it out on a l«ais of polities. Men 
are HOUietimes influenced by very small 
things. The Council may resist the de- 
nisnd of tbe School Trustees, and tbe 
gteatest and best Interesla of tbe com- 
mnnity thereby suffer. He moved to suli- 
stltute Ibe word “eball” for “may,” 
which motion was lest by 12 to 6. 

Mr. Joyes was allowed to insert in bis 
auLstitute, slier "real estate,’’ tbe words 
“and tbe improvements thereon.” 

A motion tu adjourn (at 10}4 o'clock, 
the regular hour, waa lost, and Mr. Joyes 
moved (hat the aeesion be cootlnuedt 
ahich prevailed, but tbe reporter could 
not te prevailed upon to tarry longer. 
te4ABBi teea4 1 as- 

A pretty good stage of water is coming 
down (he river, and tbe steamboat bual- 
n4ae. wblt-b baa been very dull all tbe 
week, will revive. Four first class ateam- 
ers will leave here next week for New 
Orleans, and one will leave to-day. 

Kt'i. Nliiui't ltnbiii ioii. 

SICl.1 *' WIII.Hra»al fraa. lhA4 aalrul .rihe 

* Free t'li I lAiiaa t amaiaa a eallh. 

MerilAA- a matter of iu.,rF worih 
I tAU to Iw deali la i,j alloruoj4bi|i. 

Tl US aaitb tbe bard of old, but iiituy 
p rple there are now a days who areas 
fcr as poesible from sulitcrlblug to tbe 
snitimeuL In proof whereof we have 
only to refer to tbe docket of our Cban- 
C4ty Court on every recurrence of that 
ilI-  inened day, Friday. Tba r uel work 
ol cleaving louls in twain goes ou una- 
luiUd. Chancellor Cecil ran was f jlly up 
tn Ibe average yesterday, be having 
giantfd divorces in four cases. Tbe most 
contplcuou.s was that of Frank Kaiser va. 
Helen Kaiser. In hit petilion the plain- 
litl states that six yeart ago, in 1862, 
te was married lo the ilefendant in 
Il e cSiy of Loiiiaville, JeiT,-rdoii 
CCiiuly, Kentucky, and that thay 
have constantly resided in this c ty ever 
since and still reside here. That be al- 
waj a conducted and behaved himself to- 
V arda (be delendant with affeciion and 
il dulgence; be has always provided am- 
p'y tor her as became fait means and s'a- 
fion in life. Tlut since he married the 
delendstt be baa had two children by 
her, a boy, not one year old, and a girl 
child, five years old, both of whoui are 
still living with the defendant. Hr stales 
that in lbs winter of lMi7 S be bectme 
satisfird that his said wife wsa unchute. 
He charges that sbe became s drunkard, 
acd in her fits of intoxicarion| sillfully 
broke up and destroyed tbe pliitilitTs 
houeehold property. That sue visited 
drinking salcuDS acd came hums at late 
boura of Ihe night intoxicated by the ex- 
cessive use of strong drinks. Tost witb- 
rut tbe plaintiff’s consent and sgaiosthis 
ail), and in s{ile of bis remonatrancs, 
ahe left his house In tbe night, by hetaslf, 
sed walked tbe streets till a Iste hour, 
sud this she often repea'ed. That in tbe 
winter of 1867 8 she left bis house, which 
up to that time bad ever slues their mar- 
I age been her bome, and baa not return- 
ed to him. After she left, they entered 
into and executed articles of separation, 
daltd tbs first day of February, l flN, in 
which articles a trustee, Wm. Dawniug, 
chosen by ttae defendant, united and 
s'gned the same, and aecepisd tbe trust, 
and tbe plaintllT placed in bis hands 
 I,'2fl0 for lbs support of tbs defendant I 
and tbrtr two children. That Ihe defend- | 
ant has commltte l adultery both before 
and since tbeir separation, and that her 
oondoct immediately before and up to tbe 
time of and since Ibe separation bos been 
so lewd and lascivious as proves her to 
he ucebaate; and the plaintiff declares 
thai since he has known of bar behavior 
»H above set ont he has not rscig- 
nlzcd her as a wife farther than 
(o provide a iupi ort for her and 
tl e children sbe bora bim. Wherefore 
be prays s decree of divorce dissolving 
at d canceling tbe bonds and obliga- 
tions of marriage between bim and tbs 
de'eudant, and restoriug him to all tbe 
rights sud privilsgea of an unmarried 
man, and for all proper relief. 

E G, Lewis vs. Mollie A. Lewis. Tbe 
plalDtitf resides in Jefferson county and 
tbe defendant in Mercer oounty. It is 
charged that the defendant left and nban- 
dontd tbe plaintiff between tbe 1st and 
15tb of July, 1C67, in Jefferson county, 
wilbcut cause or provocation. Tlie plaiut- 
ifl ia an iDdusiriont and sober man, pro- 
vid  dwell and comfortably for the de- 
fendant, and treated her kindly. 

Kate Diamond va. Henry Diamond. 
This suit was based upon tbe abandon- 
ment of tbe plaintiff by tbe defendant for 
about aix years. She baa not beard from 
bim since bis departure. It ia notkuown 
wbetber be ia daad or ia living and will- 
fully absenting himself. Thechild,s boy 
six years old, wu given Into the custody 
of tbs plaintiff. 

Lucitda Pancost vs. Joseph Pancost. 
Tbe greneds for divorce in this caae were 
habitual drunkenuees, settled aversion, 
and brutal conduct towards the plaiutiil'. 
Ilia worthy of rematk that this lathe 
second time, within a very abort period, 
that tbe parties have been divorced. They 
Atem to have been a wretchedly uncon- 
genial couple. 

Thus eudelta our chapter of divorces (or 
Ibis week. 

Tlie Lest Is fount) .Minder Case. 

MolloD im ArrteRl mf JuMsment a«® f«r a 

Our readers no doubt remember that 
on Naturdsy last John Blyew and 
Getrge Kennard were convicted of tbe 
murder of tbe negro family in Lewis 
county. On yssterdsy tbe counsel for the 
prisoners, Meesrs. Jackson and Whita- 
ker, filed their motion in arrest of the 
judgment, which ia os follows, to-wit; 
United States Cirenit Court for tbs Dis- 
trict ot Kentucky. Uniied States vs. 
John Blysw and Gsoige Kennard. 
Motion in arrest of Judgment. 

Tbe defendants, by their connsel, 
Jackson and Whitaker, come into court, 
and move tbs court to arrest tbe judg- 
ment in this case. 

Becanse of this, Ae„ viz: That tbe facta 
Mated in tbe indictment do not constitute 
a public offense within tbe Jurisdiction of 
the coort. 

Becanee that the record does not show 
tuflicleut ground on which to render 

Wbitakrr and Jack*on, 
Attorneys for Defendants. 
They also moved the court for a new 
trial upon the following grounds, to-wit: 
Uniied Slates Circuit Court, District of 
Kentucky, l ofted States vs. John 
Blyew and Geo. Kennard. Motion for 
new trial. 

And this day come tbe dsiendants by 
ibtir counsel and in tbeir own proper 
perpOD, and move tbe court for a new 
dial in this case on tbe following 


1. That (be ruling of tbe court la 
against tbs law, 

2. Tbattbeccurterroneously inatractsd 
Ibe Jury. 

3. That the court permitlsd th# wlt- 
reeees for ibe United S ates to be present 
and listen to each other testify wbensn 
order bad been made directing them to 
te eeparated. 

-i. 'That tbe court mliliistructed tbe jury 
and refuted to instruct as asked for by 
tke counsel for defendants, and did not 
properly instruct tbejury. 

6. Tbs court erred in admitting illegal 

C Tbe court erred in permlUiog taeti- 
meny lo go to tbe Jury after they had 
laeu charged, the caae submitted, and 
they bad letired for deliberation. 

7. Tbe court erred in prohibiting the 
c( uneel for accused from pressutlug Iba 
caae of Blyew aud Kennard in acoord- 
ence with the views sntertaloed of ttae 
iuHtice ot the case, and which tbsjury 
cugbt to have bad presented, in order to 
B prtqter understandieg of tba merits of 
Ike cate, and which the accused insisted 
on and wished pretented. 

8. Tbe connsel and accused also say 
the court erred In restricting and Umlting 
the argument of oonnael for tbe accused, 
after the argument of counsel bad com- 
merced and before tbe conoluaion, with- 
out notice. 

   Tbe accused say, and offer for 
grounds of new trial, that tbe court bad 
LO right, and ought not to have limited 
the argument of counsel for the aoctued. 

10. Tbe oourt erred In limiting the pre- 
sentation and argument of tbe cose on 
He part of Blyew and Kennard, and in 
not llmitiDg the United States in tbeir 
repretentolives, Messrs. Wharton and 

11. That the jury was illegally eelected 
and empaneled. 

12. The verdict of the jury waa against 
the law and Ihe evidence. 

13. That the recerd is erroneous. 

14. That tbe Jury disobeyed the in- 
Btiucritnaof the courL 

1.7, That the counsel for toe accused 
were limited and restricted in their ex- 
auilnation of tbewItuesHes. 

Iti. Th t improper and Illegal testimo- 
Dv WHS iulroduot^ to tbe jury. 

17. That the court erred iu this that 
(he civil righto hill, if it be declared 
constitulioual, dora nut confer any right 
on (be L nited Hiaies Court to conduct tbe 
trial of defFUdanta in any other way 
tlian that marked out and defiued by the 
« uria of Iba sovereign Htateof Kentucky, 
and ibat ibe court erred in not giving 
lii-MructioDS aa to the law and evidence, 
and in not conducting tbe trial according 
to tbe law ol Kentucky. 

Ih The Jury argued tbe case and bal- 
l( (edlnlhe jury room on the law as to 
« hat Bbonld be their verdict. 

l i Tbe verdict is against the instruc- 
lioDS of the courk 

■JO Tbe court erred iu arguing the evl- 
df rce to Ibe Jury. 

P'or tbeee aod other grounds of error 
apparent In tbe face of the record and 
•Axuriii g daring the prosresa of tbe trial 
tlie accused, Blyaw and Kennard, ask fur 
a new trial. 

Wbitakbb and jACK.toN, 

For DefendADts. 

Tbe morion in arrest of Jadgment and 
for anew trial iaset for ibearing onths 
I'.itb inat. 

BriMi nr®. 

To Mr. Sloes, of the firm of (took A 
Gc^odman, ws return tbsnks for favors. 
Mr. S. has just returned from New York, 
I'llrgiug a large addition to tbetr already 
u.sgDlliceDt stock of allverwars,  Vc, 

ill the l-',re ('krxtti'iu Co-H„, mwealik ot 
Thurtday last Kev. Stuart Robinson sn- 
nuuci'es that Rev. J. V. Logan, recently 
ol Harrodsbnrg, hat purchased the paper, 
acd has aesumed control of it as both 
ec'itorard proprietor. In his “valedlc- 
torj” Mr. Robineon says; 


Rrv J. ' .IrOgan, recently Of Harroda- 

burs, Ky„ having pun hated of .Messrs 
A. Davidacn and Lawrence C Riblns.on 
Ihe I I fChT Mian(.\ mmonicfill/i,aaiuinfi» 
control ol tbe eame both as editor an l 
proprietor, with Ihe present Issue of this 

,1' isgratifyingto tbe Uinlersigne.l— ind 
should be gratilying to the friends of the 
f'.)/ /noMcfrtp,',— that he Is enabled to turn 
o\ or to one of tbe best thinkers among 
the rising young men of the Synod, as a 
chief and cboaen work, that which has 
bitbeito l een with himself a merely In- 
cidental woik, forced upon bim by con- 
straint of circumstances, fur which be 
had little taste Hod little other tualificj- 
ticn than good powers of patienc endur- 
ance to bear up with equanimity, under 
the furious curses of opcu enemies, tbe 
treachery of “false brethren,” and tbe 
slill more damaging faint praise and 
deprccatoiy patronizing of timid irieiils 
of the truth. . 

It ia DOW near se^en years since the un- 
dersigned— in view of tha crisis (irecipi- 
toted upon the Old Schoul I’resbytetian 
C'buich by act of the Atseuiltly uf I’m;!, 
at d tbe conaeijneDt withdrawal ot the 
h'ouilcrn cbuicies, auil threatening the 
imiT adiate rite to dc miaiou in the North- 
ern church of tbeNiw Eng andlsm which 
had keen “tcolctud, no; ki ted,” in 
lc37-3f‘— pmobased tba 1‘ie-sbi/lerirut Ifcr- 
ald, and at l■3t8lderablA ciai aatablisbad 
tne 'J'ine l‘rctl ytcrt" i. Hia dea gn wsalo 
farniab at least oue channel, dur- 
ing the geuiral difection of tbe church 
journals, through which tba audenl con- 
seivatlve Presbyterianism should find 
utlerame for its testimony for tbe entire 
spirituality of the churen, and against 
t 'leremi-Kraslian mougrelism wbicb was 
now becoming domiaant over the pure 
Preabyteiiar ism in the tburcb. 

Seven years anterior to that period, 
even so far batdi aa 1854, percalving on 
Ihe one band tbe revival among Roman 
Uatbolics in the United Stales, of tbe dog- 
ma of the supremacy of tbs spiritual over 
the temporal power; and, on tbe other 
liird, the successful movement for tbe 
alliance of Puritan radicalism with tbe 
infidel Jacobinism of tbe country. In tbe 
coD»liiicrion of a great politico- religious 
perty, on Ihs basis of a common pseudo 
libilantbrcpism wbicb should get control 
ol tbe civil government— be and others 
like minded had established the Pi cs5i/(e- 
rio( Oioe, with a view to awaken the at- 
tenrioB of tbe Presbyterian Church 
in particu'ar to tbs danger of a 
leinvatlon of New Koglandiam Into 
that body, and of tbe Cbrio- 
tian jnbllc generally, to the danger of 
(uch views of tbs relation of the eburob 

10 tbs civil sud (lolltloal affairas of the 
country. 8obte ]uent)y the undersigned 
was called by the Gsnaral Assembly to 
teach Ibe dcctrlDS of tbe ebureb in a 
Ibeological school, establiabed, as be un- 
drrstcod (he matter, for tbe very pur- 
pose of mors cfflolently checking tbs In- 
sidious resolionary tendencies toward 
New Uoglacdlsm in tbe Northern Pres- 
byleiian Cbnrcb, He accepted tbs posi- 
tion chiefly because of the opportunity 
V bich It afforded for giving practical 
effect lo tbe great truths expoiiudsd and 
tlefeuded in tbe Critic; and oontinued to 
press these ttulhs upon ibe atteullon ol 
tbe atLdmts in kis lectures, and upon 
lbs Christian put 11c in a small treatiae 
on tbeChurch of God as an eosential e.e- 

11 ent of tbe gospel. 

It was, perhaps, owing to this previous 
atUDrioD to tbe general aubjrct, Lbat tbe 
nrderslgced more readily tnan many oi 
bis biethren comprehended tbe true 
r.aiurs and significancy at the act of 
Assembly in 1801, aa indicating a rapid 
tdvarce In power and intluencs of tbe 
tew Puritanico-irtl'iFl party; (be extent 

10 V bicb tbe New Uogland leaven bad 
r  mined to pervade tbe Presbyterian 
( burcb; and tbe imminent danger that, 
by ike wiibdiawal of the conservative 

11 tliieuce ol tbeSoDtbern . bu rebel which 
bed saved the body in 1837 8, tbe Old 
t-cbi ol bo ly should fall under the dom- 
ination of the mongrel Preibyteriauism, 
in a scmewbvt diflereut pbaaeof it, which 
•■sn’A so near tbe ruin of tbe church in 

Aud yet tbe developments of tbssuc- 
cttdipg six years make ft manifest tba' 
all bia anticipations of danger were far 
I f1ow the reality. To aay nothing of all 
the eels of usurpation and apostasy from 
Ike principl.s of Presbytsrlsnism, tbe 
fact I bat already tbe Old School body at 
tbe North is nrgi Haling an unciudltional 
I uriender to tbe New Eoglandism which 
it waa Ihcugbt bad l een cast out In 
1N37-8, shows how all bis worst fears aie 
more than realized. 

But under the (oil conviction that there 
“were yet seven thousand left in Nrael 
wbicb bad not bowed tba knee to Baal,” 
Lor would, in tbe apt figure of Hoses, 
“kiss tbe calvfs” which tbe revoIuHon- 
ary faction set npaatbe object of its hero- 
worship, the True Pietbyiri-ian b^an to 
“cry aloud and spare not.” During tha 
hurressive dreary years of progress from 
ODS degree of usarpatlon and apostasy to 
anolber, that paper till its suppression, 
and alter it the Tree OhrtsUan Oommon- 
wtalih, has been “a voice crying in tbe 
wilderresa,” and a lonely wilder- 
ness at that. Tbs results are well 
kcowD to the public. Toe Dsclsralion 
and Testimony- then tbe outrages of 
SI biliary power in (he church — then tbe 
separation of tbe churches in tbe border 
Hiates, kesriDg their testimouv and the 
constitution with them; and lastly, tbe 
return of tbe Northern Old School body 
bark to New Hcbooltsm — tbess are tbe re- 
eulia ot tbe effort to stay Ihe apus-say. 
They are results far less desirable than 
was hoped for by many, and far less grat- 
ify ing than would have followed, but for 
tke slowmss of many trae friends of 
trnih and Christian liberty to aee the 
danger, and tbe lack of courage boldly 
lortslst usurpation. Yet still they are 
such as should inclle the witnesses for 
tbe tintb to gratitude to the Great Head 
of tbe efanreb and to new energy and 
courage for tbe future. 

Slcce the acllcD of tbs Synod of Ken- 
tucky at Ltxirgtonin June, 1867, and 
tbe adoption of Ibe memorial to tbs Gen- 
eral Aisen.bly by tbe Synedat Lebincn, 
setHrg forth in full tbe doctrines aud 
prirctples for wbicb the Synod of Ken- 
tucky baa borne its testtmouy; and es- 
p  daily since tbe moral triumph of tbe 
Synod in ibe delenseofour church prop- 
erty rights before tbe civil courts of tbe 
*^tate— the natural, proper, and oonsiitu- 
trorsl guardians thereof- aod tbe desper- 
ate reeort of cur adversaries to legsl chl- 
carery before tbe federal courts, thereby 
confessing tbeir loabi.i'y to austain tbair 
c.use except by tbe etblca (bat 
might makes right— tbe undersigned 
has felt Ibat Ihe emergency wbicb 
compelled bim to assume and cvntiuue 
the (diioral work no longer exists; sod 
that under ihs direction or one wbo mey 
devote kimself exclusively to tbe work, 
and not be obliged as Ihe undersig'el 
has keen hilherto to maintain tbe cause 
of troth cbielly by critical and contro- 
versial disrussioD, tbe J'ree Cfiristiaa 
(\.7rmo«uea/tk might become of much 
more practical value to a larger circle of 
read! ra. Tbe offerof so competent a man 
as Mr. Logan to undertake tbe work has 
tkere'ore Ixen a most gratifying relief, 
as it enabim him to retire from a respon- 
s bility wbicb be haa long borne very un- 
willlrgly, and at tbe same time ^neflt 
the patrons of tbe pap4*r largely by tbe 

Tbe undersigned has no purpose to re- 
tire frciu Ihe work of expounding and 
defending Ibe great truths for which he 
feela liimselfset as a witness, through tbe 
columns of the   ■ momrmifrA, as occasion 
msy call fc r il. Once relieved from re- 
rpoDSlbllity aa an editor, and the drudg- 
ery ol ministering to the printer's locee- 
sant cry for “copy”, be flatters himself 
that be can write with far more pleasure 
lo bimsell and prefit to his readera. 
Nor bae be the least doubt Ibat thay 
will have reason to rejoice in tbe ehauge 
now made. He therefore l espeakB lor 
Ibis worthy successor the go xl will of 
Ike patrons of tbs (y mmontveaH/i, and 
Ibtir most active aud earnest exertions 
to extend its patronage and make ft as a 
truly religious family newspaper,# great 
|K)wtr in tbe laud. 

Of bis editorial brethren also he asks 
a kind consideration for hia young suc- 
cessor, with the sasurance that any kind- 
rets to Mr. Ixigan will be accepted as an 
ample atonement for any lack ot It to- 
ward tbe undersigned. 



It is proper Ibat tbe undersigned, in 
sstumlt'K tne tdllorisl charge of (he t ree 
CAri.dKtn CbmtwnKeu/lb should iudicaie 
s( metbtng ot bia views and pur|ioses re- 
IstlDB to ihe management of a religious 

No editor can anticipate all tbe contin- 
ger '■lea that msy arlie, nor aunouncein 
epiteme. the unrealized history of his 
tridertsking, except In so far aa history 
is born of intelligent convictions, well- 
deflued purposes, and conscious en- 
ergies. These will be more sat- 
isfactorily denoted by the tacta 
wbicb will come under tbe 
observation of tbe reader from week to 
we* k. than by any prefatory asauraooes 
wbicb might now be given. The editor, 
therefore, eftera cotblng to be taken as 
material for Judgment, before bis cotiduct 
of tbs enterprise is fairly tested. Of 
course he destriM tn have the appr ibatiou 
of bia brethren in tbe ministry, and of tbe 
people of God who love tbe truth, but be 
prefers to merit such approval as a just 
appreciation of his labor, rather than 
borrow it beforehand as a favor. He is 
not inf ensible lo tbe expressioss ol con 
fldODce already given; and next to bis 
aoceptance with the Master, be hopes, 
"by msDiteslatioD of the truth, to cjm- 
mend bimself to every mau’s coutcience 
in tbs sight of Qcd” 

Tte present exigencies of tbe church- 
especially ol our church in tbe West sod 
KouibwssI, aud its ascertained want-, 
ftiinisb Ibe specific aim wbicb shall lead 
kla conduct of tka paper. The great 

i ti'hs concirniDg the revenlFil c'mrc't of 
(Jod, which it was eatabll.b'd t   msia- 
txin, Slid wbicb have h -en so ably and 

10 UlumpbsDlly advocated bn’Ji in ft and 
its predecersor, the T. ue Pte.ibjlerian, 
shall receive the protnlnenr.# ft whicT 
their importance entitles them. Tbe c  n- 

11 ct so long sustained, and nfcersary. In 
resistlDg encroschments npon tbe spirit- 
uality and Christian liberties of the 
efaureb, being now st an end by tbe vio 
lent, though definitive ssparstion of us 
from the revolutionary body with wbicb 

i ae otce had csniiecliun; our own church 
In Kentucky being now sbool at rast, in 
(■ermanent tcclesUstical relations with 
those of Uke precious faith, tbe work to 
wbicb tits pie ent editor will have oppor- 
tuniiy to devote himself, will bs. In 
mtny farticulars, more pleasant than 
that wbicb (bs cause of truth devolved 
upon the fouiider of tbe /'me Pre^byte 
I inn, and the free ChrinUan Cjintn-jn- 

Tbe Vila! principles of Christian liber- 
ty, in wLieh all wbo acknowledge Jesus 
Christ as Lord, have a commoo interest ; 
Ibe great dortrines which charae'e-ixv 
I’lesliyierianism as a rvstem of church 
cider, having been vindh-ated agaioat 
opposing errors, it becomes us now to 
labor fer tbe fruits of our teslinaony iu a 
iiu re distinctive, practical reallzitlon of 
the dcctrlces and principles we have 
malt taiued. Webavebe-n p'etding, as 
sgsinst men, that God alone Is Lvrd of 
t' e coDscieuce; we must endeavor to 
give evidence that He is Ibus our Lord, 
Holding as we do Ihe doc'riue of tie 
ckurch as an essential element of the 
gcspel, we are not at litertv to re- 
gard kuch doctrine simply as a matter 
of controversy between us and ibow who 
would lay upon us burdeu.s which we 
w»re cot able to bear; ws cannot treat 
our diflerences npon tbe issues which 
have been made merely as speculsUve 
opiniors. If our principles have no vital 
h.rre they are unworthy tbe testimony 
which we have borne; and if no practi- 
cal aims follow our testimonv weeume 
abort at the vary threshold of duty. All 
retealid truth is iu order to boimess. 
All Christian liberty and privilege is 
(he coi relative of CbrlsHan duty; our 
atiir ion of the one thoulJ not b« witb- 
cut equal acknowledgment of tbe othor. 
If we are set forth as reprasAotative of 
the doctrine of tbe subjection of con- 
iclanca to God alone, ft should testen 
that tbe wonl of God hath dominion in 
cur beaits Tbs exemplification. In tbs 
life of Ibe church, of tbe doctrine olCbrUt 
as Kiag, will he the removal of the mar- 
velous disproportion of results to modes 
and methods, measures at.d machinery 
of doing good. ludesd, human methods 
and machinery are only multtolied as tba 
true elements of power aul sffleienev are 
overlixked aud eliminatsd Irom the plan 
uf itt church’s work Thera ia perfect 
a mpllcily where tha power of God la in 
opr ration. 

If oar doctrine of Presbyterianism has 
Buy warrant in tbe word of GoJ, tban It 
is not only the most orthodox ayatam of 
ckurch order, but the most wisely adapt- 
ed method, through which tbe organic 
’i'e of tbe church can find expraaalon. 
Ihiawe believe ia Ua ultimate impor- 
ts uce. The beauty and ezcellenee of our 
Preabyteiianism osnnot bs roAlIzad by 
tbe contempUHon otit la theory; noruan 
ila power aa a divinely instituted 
Bgeccy for tbe glory of God’s grace, be 
wilneDadd unless those wbo represent tbe 
various functions ot the living organistB, 
urdeistond, and are trained in tbe school 
of God, to d;scfaarge tbeir several voca- 
tiens. Our testimony most go beyond 
mare protest againit wbataoeveroppov- 
etb tbe truth, to the ptMitlve illastration 
of tbedectrine of God. 

Gcd having brought us as triuiiiph- 
antly through the contlict in which we 
have been contending — tbe few against 
Ibe n.any — for tbe truth and order of 
( brist’a church, ft is concaived that our 
duly now relates more particalsriy to tbe 
sirecgtheDlug and building up of our- 
  elves aco-'.tdirg to the model whlohtbe 
word olGod furnishes. 

It is tbe purpose of the editor, while 
maintoiniug tbe doctrine of the church as 
au essenttal element of tbe gospel, aad 
enforclDg tbe practical value of such doc 
trine in its rFlaliou to tbe organic Ufa of 
tbe body of Chriat, to give tbe largest 
Bh  re ot attention to tbe claims of expierl- 
u ental and practical religion, as related 
to tbe life of the indlvldusl believer aod 
of (be Christian household. And be 
wishis disiinctly to announcs that the 
ay tern of practical religion which he 
aball advooeto will be evangelical, in 
contraclstlnctinn to that which rasts 
ninn an ethical, or legalistic basis. 
“For other foundation can no man lay, 
Hau that is laid, tt kick i.\ Jean t Cknec’’ 
He wishes bis rapier to fiod a cordial 
I welri me at tba fireside of tbe Christian 
' fkmily, aa a herald of the bsavsnly tl- 
J d'r gv, as a companion and counselor in 
; the walks of faith. His aaaidlous en- 
deavor will be to give It every adapta- 
tion tor aueb a mission. 

He la gratified to assure his readers of 
, tl e sasistauce of tbe pen which haa 
wielded euch power through these ol- 
I uii.pslntbe years past; and also of tbs 
! cr-iitrtbuHons of other pens, mighty in 
I Ihe cause of truth. J. V. I.OG AN. 

Court .Matters. 


Ta tta* Uitor of Ihe LoateTlIlF Joama:. 

f I i.irui. VoTK  i‘ LisrsEVc , C'lL '.rr, 

Kv. — Seymour and Blair, 757; Grant and 
Colfax, 113. CoDgrets — .1. P. Knott, 671'; 
W II Hayes, 7.i. Kespectfully, 

F. R. BL RB.\, Clerk. 

HlS.aCLI. Cof.VTY, Kt.,Not. 5, 186.'. 

Toth* Editor of tbo LoutfTlli* iooino). 

Two years ago the radicals bad almost 
four boedred majority in RutaelL Sey- 
irour sc J Blair bare carried tbe county by 
a majority of ll'.t. This result has been 
attuioed by the untiring energy and per- 
severance of tbe liemocracy, who are de- 
tei mined never to look back nntil the 
government is rescued from tbe bands of 
its emissaries. Tbe following is tbe vote 

For President- Seymour, 121; Grant, 
2'22. For Congress— Golladay, 401 ; Hob- 
svn, 2 H. CtiltUKSPONDE.N r. 

I.t'iaxfiv. Xov. r.. 

Tu the Kditorof tb* Joorn*!. 

The following is the cfiicial vole of Mi- 
rion county Seymour l.tso, Grant JikI. 
Seymonr’s majority 1,2.' 4. Congress— 
Knott ! Dera. I 1,3.37, Elays 'Rep. :- '.’I' 
Knotts majority 1,11:*. 

Respectfully yours. 

•lOUN SEVKR.\NCE, Clerk. 

Fi.izabkthtowx, Ky., Nov. 6, 18u'. 

To ibF Kdltor of tbe LouUtUIf Jrraraal. 

The vote of Hardin county it aa follows: 
Seymonr, 1.722; Grant, 2oO. For Congress, 
Fourth District, J. P. Knott, Democrat, 
1..761 . Wm. Hays, Hepublit.'aa, 167. 



'I'be .MoiIish of Ihe starw. 

iwlFrcatlwx Aalrwwwwalrml BFOFmrFhFa. 

Tbs Philadelphia I.edgrr of tbe 3d ol 
November contains tbs following: 

Tbe search for tbs solutions of soma 
problems in astronomy that have thus 
far elnded rasssich ia exciting (be minds 
of many astronomers. What is tbs can- 
ter of (be sisllar universe? Around wbst 
pr rHonsof tbsss worlds of light doss tbs 
universe seem to bs ravolvlng? Tbess 
are questions which may not bs sn- 
sweitsl In our day, Tbsv are at prsssnt 
matters of eorjacture, ami tbe astronomi- 
Ctel calculations of futurs yasrs msv il- 
Instrais and eonlirm these coiijecturaa or 
completely dlaslpats them and leave 
men as Ignorant as ever. Perhaps It will 
bereaftsr appear tbit tba problems in as- 
iruDomy wbicb we have so far solved are 
a uotbiog to tboao wbicb are ysc to bs io- 
vesugate d. From impwrfcct information 

I i-wwIaTlIle CIIT rwwrl. 

Tbe following cases were acted upon in 
: Ibis court yesterday: 

For drunkeDness and disorderly oon- 
. I'uct Dsn Bucklywas dismissed; Hester 
Keager and Carrie Edwards, discharge. 
I Richard Haddiz and Charles K Cabil, 
I snepected felons, held in $100 for twelve 
I Uiontbs. 

I Richard and Bridget Goff, assault and 
I battery on Ellen Ryan, held in  100 to 
I keep the peace. 

; Ellen Ryan, aasanlt and battery on 
liiidget Gcff, held in  100 to keep the 

James Myrick and Thomas Kslly, 
steslirg f IK) Irom Tim Hobin, held in  400 

44 cb. 

Belle Venable, larceny, continnsd. 

Mary I.«ster and Mary Beckwith, lar- 
ceny, discharged. 

Mary and Joseph Fabay, atoaliug a bog 
from Jacob Rupp, dlamissed. 

Jvcob Rupp stealing a bog from John 
Fabay, dUmiaaed. 

Vnltr4l raialea fowiTa. 

ciRcurr COURT. 

Uniied States vs. John Blyew and Geo. 
i Kennard; tbe defendants moved the 
I court for a new trial, and filed tbeir 
I grounds tberefor. Set for bearing on tha 
I’.tih instont. 


I U oiled Stales va. 100 caddies tobacco; 
{ jiKlament lor  l,2’i0 

I Uniied Stoles vs. fifty barrels distillsd 
; spirits; rule sgaiust W. L. Weller to pay 
j amount ol hia bond made absolnts. 

Moses Psraly.of Lawrence, Alfred Rob- 
erts, of Montgomery, snd Samuel Ma- 
guire, of Fleming; oounty, on yesterday 
each filed bia petition.for adjudication in 
backiuptcy against himself. 

Krai Eatale Traaaren. 

Tie following are tbe real estate trana- 
feik in the city of Louisville for tbs week 
ending November 6, 1868: 

.VcnlF El'.lott tn R. V. SnoUxraas. on CSwt- 
Mit4l.,l Ft. NiuFtseulb and TaFallolh, 

M- by B» ft OS 

John L-rry tu s'. J. Paugst, ua TsrFDlj- 

-.FTFtjtb a*ut CbF-tnut. Ite by nO It 14)00 

SamF to Wm. ri. MslFr. uo T'SfijIj- 

sii'b bdU fliF4tiial. ri4'4 by 44 ft — 04J no 

'ume lo s;. C Uuboe, oo Tosoty- 

•M-TFnth and t'hFstnut Ft', 2S by 44 ft 41 i4( 

HsniF to Cbos. TraiichF. i.o ('aontaat slrosl 
iwt 'laFDIy-sFVFntb aud Twenty -Flxbib, 

it. K.Titaat to ii. t;oocb, on i'bF4inut at., 
nrarl WFntr tblrd. 4U by 141 ft 410 no 

O. P. WiiUaninoD to America Lyman, five 

acre* In JeirenH-ii county 7.00* 00 

tesry toeuardtoJ. B. oo TarrotlFtb 
nlrFFi bFl Mndlaoa DLd Uuestnot, 34 by 

im fFFt - 4.-0 Ob 

4. DiitiFl to John Met'ortby uo Klxbtb 

nod /»nF4lreFln. j'. b* bo fest 170 to 

J. W. KitwlmluTbua. Saddler, Soittball.aj 

by K. ft W 00 

Hr, am a llorrfn lu F \V. Mpeora. I'arg 
riocc,  1 41 mud Brook a.reacs. 40 by 

i:« fi .... — 1M5U0 

W .4. Howard to T. A O. W.l'uan.Hocrn 
In jFllFr400 county 3 w (te 

P. H.UwFBtoR A. Kut io?u)0 on Hbe-und 
nt. bM st. Catherine and Mt. Jobeph, 70 (•/ 

,4 r, 340b 40 

Adam's rFDU tuJobn R mrle, Twboty tbirii 

ilreet ueor liarket. XI by bvft 374 

1*. 1’ Kraua luAdam Kslaer, on Clay street 
bet Madison and Ctacbtnui, irq by louft .. LOOu uO 
ctemeua Tebder lo F. J. WeinxarduFr, 
on Plrtle at. between Fiftesotb and Sti- 
teentb. 30 by Ml ft — aju vte 

J. K. M ontgumery to J.CX boo. ou Caldw ell 

ntreet, St's by iru feet . 4,yj" ■ -i 

Hryam * Harrla lo J. D. Rice, on Ftr-t 

at rent anti pars plarF, 130 b' 17.t feel 9:'yj 

Marne to Juba L \\ licat. on Park p are. be- 
Iweeu Pl-'t and Brouk air -eu.  ' by 171 

raei I.S'" ' ■ 

'■mi-iuJ.M Ibyanl.on l•arkpla«■ by 

M.ym.I”^'“joe' ’siil”irt'n' i^ 

iwcen S'tnl aud Rruuk alreet, 4- by 171 

l.i 3b 

M-me to T. J. Cooiier. 
tneen Finland iirook aireeln, lite by 1.4 

|*»*| . .. •••■0 08 

J B l *rkt to W W. llulirigN. .I'* bcre». 
rio oouiiiy - ■ 

J. 11 llufDHbjr Iu ii- Bloo'k. to PrenlD 

‘Ifffl. — » by la* — •^• 00 

f;.T. iKoWtaloJ. B Moni«nn»f'y. on K*o- 
lurky. Ft*®* Mro-ftf. by I* • ^ 

pTrti^r tT Merkel. 

li«aiwta*o K  urt«« ntb «ua r mi^ntb ^ 

• ,S I • )6K ^ 7.01® DU 

Fi'aul ll-**rs to J. Iluolis. uu r.irlE 

11*1*1’. • iiDby 171 ....... . 7.IU0 

\ llutDiTDX I ***“»• *’‘ •‘**0. t'*® »iri*H. 
J*-lT«*rM)U vuiiniy — K- iu 

A SsiABT Sun ok Sheli.ry.— S ir I’ercy 
Shelley, a MOD of tbs piet, is one of the 
test practical yaebtmen of Eogland, liv- 
ing on board during (bo sammer, and 
sailing most about the Mediterranean. 
Tbe leople where he Uvea take him on 
b's merits, and never associate bim in 
tbeir tbougbts with his father. He goixi 
tc cbtirrh once on Sunday, but doesn’t 
stand high !or vital piety. In his pew la 
a prim litlle stove. He is marrieJ, but 
rhildlcas. Fond of children, be bat twioa 
adrpted a child. Oue baa lately married, 
and a ascond— a beautiful girl— is liviug 
with bim. He and bis wife are exrteme- 
ly fond of amateur tbaatrlcais, and are 
a'ccustomfd to invite all the chief irsdss- 
I'lople of the plaee to Boacombe Houas 
(Sir Percy’s residence) for a night, to so- 
h-rtain them royally, and (ogive them an 
oppoii unity of seeing the barone; and 
ber ladyship perform. Lady SheU.y 
takes deep interest in the memory ol ber 
kuafawnd’s father; and tbe “Msmoriala” 
I nblltbsd la tbe name of ber husband 
weis really put together by ber. She 
was a wtdr.w — Mrs. St. John — when sbe 
married Sir Percy. 

Lucy Store and Mrs Blackwell, ber 
midber-in-law, offered their vnt«s in tbe 
Eleventh Waiil, Newark, N. J., yester- 
day, t ut tbe Judgee refu.sed to receive 

obtained Irom tbe apimrent motion of tba 
htavenly bodies, astronomers have ad- 
VBOoad the thtoiy that the son, with Its 
stteLdant system, is moving through 
space, in a pArtlcular direction, at a rate 
certainly not Isaa than 150,000.000 milae 
(er annum. This change of pooftloR of 
Ike son given to tha heavenly bcdlee an 
apparent motion which ia alao CTmpU- 
caied with (be real Independent motion 
Ol individual stars Of 3,000 atara ob- 
served by Beaeel, 4‘2» bad a perceptible 
oiiirion, and Argelander more recently 
(ublisbed a Ust of 560 aura having a 
proper moHoo. One of theae aUrs, called 
•il Cygni, has an annnal m-tUon that 
wonid occasion in i'K) years a change of 
place in (be beteveae equal to tbs moon’s 
apparent diameter. 'J bongb thia star is 
tbe nearest known to nt in lbs northern 
bssvena, its distance is such that its real 
muiioD baa siKually been calculated at 
forty milae in a iscond, or 1,4  0,000,000 
milna per annum, whilst tbs space which 
it really travels annually is but tha fifty- 
tkouaaiidtta part of Ita distance £rom the 

Ii ones was supposed that light and tiavalad in a straight Uoe from tha 
sun and stars to tba earth ; but it is now 
knoiantbst light travsla in a series of 
waves, averaging in length but the fi (y- 
tl ouaandtb part oi an inch and at tha 
vali ctty of 180,000 mtlsa in a second. Toe 
variety ol lengiu In these waves ia tbe 
cause ot the various colors in nature, (be 
ateiage length producing green, snorter 
onts violet, and longer onee red. For 
ibis reason, probably, green light is tbs 
iDusi sgret-sbls lo the eyas, baranes ft is 
rot made by waves of eUber sxtrsma. 
By olservatioDs on tbe causss and re- 
auiU of tbete waves tf light, and by tbs 
DM) of improved apcctroaoopes, It baa 
tw-en found that Sirius, tba brlgoteat alar i 
in the beavena, la travsling with a vs- ! 
locity of one Iboaeaud tuilUoas of miles I 
a year. Should ft become poaelble in | 
I'.ke ntanner to determine tbe motions of 
s 1 (be stars visible to tbe naked evs, a 
fund it knowledge would be obtained 
fnm which many new principles reepect- 
ieg tbe atellar ayalem could be deduced. 
Su lar there are not tweuty stars in tbe 
« hole heavens whose disunces have been 
earimatod in any way, and not ten tbe 
disiance ot which haa been satlafactorily 
celormincd. So enurmons are these dis- 
laLccs that tbe beat inauumenu will 
ararcely show any change ol potiuon by 
14 bicb the dlstaijce can be calculated. A 
law a tfocting Ibe gtcerai system of stellar 
metiona baa been guessed at, and many 
eminent aatroDomers believe it lo besuo- 
ported by aatiafactory svldeooe. It ibe 
same method which bos been employtd 
in tbe calculations ot tbe motions of Sir- 
ius abonld be extended to toy large 
cumber ol tbe fixed stars and, tbair va- 
rious motions be uisouvarsd, it would 
premise a greatsdvaLcs in our astronom- 
ical knowMge. Tbscunstellatious wbi  k 
DOW aeem lo be scattered, without dte- 
ceruible law, over tbe vault of heavea 
may bs forced to reveel to us tbair se- 
cicis, and we may bsreafler discover tbs 
law ot organizaiion wbicb binds tbsm 
icioa system, tbe paths along which they 
moved before they reached Ibeir present 
t«altiour, and tbuee along which they are 
to travel for many future ages. Not in 
cor dty, nor perhaps In many genera- 
liona. Will (he whols truth about the stel- 
lar ayaiem appear, and loag proooaaas ol 
patient labor and obaervatlon lla bs.'ore 
Ike astronomer. It is unworthy ot pbl- 
li ai'phera to let Ibe grand pkaoomena ol 
nature glide by ucnoHced because (hay 
are rot impreesed dazzled by any 
rudden changes. To say ibat every in* 
oividusl star in the Milky Way ia to 
have ito place determinfd aod lu mb- 
tiona calculated, wonld be extravagant, 
tut powerful leleecopee and rafined In- 
st uments, uniied wiUi tbo valuable ez- 
eitiocsof scientific men, will toacb ua 
much of what ia guing oo in tbe beavena, 
wkere at preaent the imagination is witn- 
out a guide. 

vaiy pleasant fact cornea ont in onnnfo- 
tioD with the Inauguraiion of Dr. HeCoeh 
aa Pieaident of Princeton College. It 
apyeate that aa stxin os it was known 
Ii at Dr. McCosb would accept tb# pjai- 
ticn tbe friends uf tbe institution bestirred 
tbimielvea to raise a fund which should 
e»cure bim a auffleient and permanent 
s 'ary. The moveuieot resulted in a aub- 
s ription amouuiiug to  6U,0U0, and tbe 
i -lervat of this ia eutlrely davotwl to tbe 
object named. Very little baa been said 
aUnt itaisaubacriptloo, and it will Inter- 
#4t tbe public to know that John I Blair, 
tbe R-pubiiosn caedidata for Governor, 
te whiee maoilii'SDOO the college baa al- 
riady bFen largely indebted, beaded tbe 
list with  lo,UCU Ueasra. R. L. A ,\. 
Stuart, ttae sugar dealers, gave  10.(106; 
Mr. StiKrt, President of tba United States 
Trust Company, of New York, gave 
 5 000; Meaera. Stuarts, tba bankeri, 
ll.OuO; Mr. Robert Bonner, of tbe New 
York I.edgrr,  2.500. and a number gave 
 1.CU0, while the balance waa mads up In 
amaller sums. Tbeo, after completing 
tbis   60 , 000 , a emailer aubacriptlon, 
amoDDtlug to between  7,oOu anj  ',000, 
waa made op to refit and refurnlah the 
bouee which baa been set apart for Ihe 
pieaident, so ibat he enters upon bit 
office under clrcumatonces tbe muat fa- 
vorable . — Treniof Ga.etle, 

Numubb of Volumes is European 
Liuraries —Tbe number of books con- 
iBined at preaent in tbe principal libra- 
ries ot Europe is as followa: Tbe library 
of Paris, said to be tbe largeet in Europe, 
coutair s l.lOOO.uOU volumes snd 80,000 
tEannscripta, 'Tbs Bibliotbe'jiie d 1’ Arse- 
nal, 200 000 voinmes and .7,800 manu- 
acrlpta. That of Sainte-Uenevievs, l.VV,- 
000 volumes and 2,060 manuocrtpto. Tbs 
Bibliotheqne Mazarlos, 160 OUU volumes 
and 4,000 tranuscr eta. So.-bonne, 80,000 
volumes end ; ou maoueertpto. Hotel ds 
Ville, 65 UOO voluuies^msIiiDc a to:al in 
tbe French libraries of 6.233,000. Groat 
Britain na* only 1 772.000 vulumes. Italy 
has 1. 150 000. Austria, 2 4.' S,000. Pros- 
sis, 2,r40,o00. Rumia, 85'i.OOO, Bavaria, 
1,268,500 Belgium, 540,0 0, making in 
all Europe abcut -JU.IOO.UUU volumes. 

A Madrid »pecial says: News from 
Alicante, Caitbagena, Barcaluna, Se- 
ville, and Cadiz, announce* that most of 
Ike shot a and manufiictories In these 
citlea have been cloeed. Ttae working- 
men, deprived of labor, are becoming 
restleaa and bolstercus, and tbe fear ol a 
general riot, all over (he country caunee 
uneasineea to the proviaional govern- 
ment. Tke loan of 10.000,000 reals  170,- 
OU", opened for the relief of the worktoi^, haa not been entirely subsetibed. 
Tbe aicial queatlon assamea bera the 
aan e aspect at in Paris in 1818, and s  
cikliat clnbe are forming all over Madrid. 

Jonee, a London ex-letter carrier, haa 
develr | ed hia wlta aaa mstiaa of sup- 
port cuLsiderably. He ualchas letlara in 
ti e drop-boxes by a sort of birdlloM, ob- 
tairiPR one, aay, from Mra. Smith t) ber 
aunt Miaa Robinson. He carefully re- 
dep  efts tbe letter, but with a postscript 
in which Mrs. Smith la to aak her dear 
euni for Ibe loan of a amall aam of mon- 
ey, lo be sent lo aach an addre -a. Uator- 
lunately for tbesncoaaa of hit sobems, 
Mioa Koblnaon thoagbt her nieoa bad no 
butinras lo be aaklng ber tor money, and 
aaid aa mreb in another lauar which 
didn’t foil into Jonea’a handa. Mrs 
Snrilb reepondad tbaU aba aooroed Ibe 
haerii'n. There was a mutual explanatlOB, 
and Jems wosoaugbL 

€ IT¥ ITEM-*. 

The €'lly Press. 

I lo order that the public may not coa- 
(tund the ttaieiaenU we have mads from 
time to time aa to the increase of the 
Ju' axAL s circulatioB with the cowaion 
dum'o-show and noise resorted toby sec- 
or d rate newspapers to impose on tbe 
credulity of advertisers, we append the 
fullowing transcriptioa of registered let- 
ters received by tbe city papers through 
tbe Louisville Post-ofies durisg the quar- 
ter ending Septomoer 30th, and recorded 
on the official Post-office books 

These figures indicate aot oaly large | 
accessions to the nuiaberof oer readers, i 
but point to a range of circalation en- | 
joved by no newspaper outside of New j 
York. j 

They are also fully sustaiae l Sy ’he 
following revenue returns, which are re- 
corded on the official books of the Asses- 
sor for this District, aod embrace t'ne 
same fiscal period, from July to October, 

Jawrwml (roeaisu Iter •ni.arr pliana 

oiuD* . — teia.YSi se 

laiirler rrt-viau for ■uSarrlixIvaa 

aad Jtetewnrk lucrihrr IT-aeo se 

Demweral rrcHgta Iter aaboers torn 

aad Job work a.WTS tea 

The difference between our receipts 
and the receipts of the t'lurier is ac- 
counted for not only in the fact that its 
job work IS included in its return bnt ito 
rates of subscription daring the quarter 
specified were thirty-three per cent 
higher than those of tke JoraxAL, the 
daily of the one going for eight dollars 
a year aad of the other al twelve dollars 
a year. The Crnrrer'a job rooms are also 
the largest aad eompletest ia this part of 
the country, doing a great amount of 
work, aod of coarse receiving a great 
amount of money. 

Tbe increase of the Jussnal s patron- 
age can be best appreciated, however, by 
reference to the revenue returaa for the 
quarter preceding the one just ended, 
when the following figures were recorded 

Coarirr ... raAim m 

Draiocrat ,, •• 

Jotirtetel ..-FM.. , 4,171 

Thus in three monlha the Jikbxal has 
more tban trebled ito receipts, douUing, 
ns we have stated, tbe cirenlatiea of ito 
daily edition, and more than quadrnpling 
the circulation of ito weeWy edition, with 
I a steady increase ia both. 

^rwam- VlwA^ 

The Dsual weekly meeting of tbe club 
will be bald In tbair rooma, Masonie 
Tampie, Ibla day at 1 o’dock P. M. The 
election of officers and tbe diseuaaioa of 
tbe labor queatlon, with other iutper'ani 
tratra ts, steuld insure a large aad early 
at. 4 1 Janea. 

Scott Olore has received tba 
Scotch iditlon ol Wavsrly Novels at 2  
cents per velume: also, Shakapeore, 
ocropleto, at 56 ceata; ScoU’s Pootical 
Works, 35 cents; Moore’s Postfoal 
Works, M cento; Burna’ Poetfoal Works, 
35 cents. Also a tins lina of stereoscopso, 
very chean 

%mm pmmmo 

NotwUh®t®ndioK th® mmaj ®rtlcl«® ®d- 
vertisad to cure consumptioo, we do n 4 
believe, when sealed too long, il can bo 
cured. But ws Jo know of bnadrsde of 
cxwes where persona were snppoaad to bo 
siifferiog under that total dilaeaas, who 
have become perfec'ly well and robust 
from tbs use of Speei’a Port Oiwpa Wins. 
Many time* re'pie f r years waste and 
at last die from diseases of the khineys 
or glands, when they wars snppoaad to 
have aod were treated fur consumption. 
A loag-continusd affeetion of tbs kid- 
ney*, however, may sventually result in 
cQBsnmptlor. Spssr's Wine, used alone, 
or taken with afresh raw sgg, or new 
milk, daily, has been found to be so ex- 
f llent remedy, aod has ibs reputatlnn 
ol rendering a perlsct curs for consump- 
tlcn . — Medical Timen, 

Tbe wine certalaly contains valuable 
prepertiee; let our physiciana aid iuval 
ids try it. To ha bad of druggieto. 

Whooping Cocob —W hooping Cuugh 
is wall known aa a long, tedious, and 
often dangerous diaea-e among ebildreo 
—not unfreqaently Induciog eunvulaions, 
pneumonia, or resulting in a daeliaa. 
Did sciMiol medicinas and tbe drugs of 
tbe abops do but iitUe or nothing for it. 
Humprbxts’ HoMuearATHR' Spnuinc 
lor Whooping Ooogh works srooders, 
quiets and relieves tbeoougb.and if given 
lurly arreaU its farther prograas, while 
in all caass it scon wtnda up and eursa 
, the disease. Pnee 60 cents per box. 
Sold by all dealers or sant by mail Ad- 

I Bumphexym’ .^pxcific HoiKEiPATmc 
MXDICINK Co.. 562 BrOAdway, N. Y. 


H^No elotiMs wringer can do ito work 
eecnly and easily with one end of tbe 
rcilera pinned together. The Novelty 
and (Tbamplon Wringers have aot this 
objection. Examine bitore you buy, 

I cl0dS4 

NW 0|.eer's Wines xre tbe pore jnfoe 
of the grape, whose pure aad generona 
qualities cannot be excelled for the in- 
valid or convalasoomL They are highly 
esteemed for sacranMutal porposaa. 

N. B. — Good win# maksa good Mood. 

■ esemtete'te Oetenlte* €•* Uvee WIL 

Our Cod-lleer OU ia warrontod puro 
yem/otmdland OiL It turn stood the test 
of twenty years’ azperisnoe, and can bs 
relied on in every paitfoular. Its supe- 
riority over that prepared on our own 
seashore is shown by the numerous 
cures performed by it when tbe inferior 
oUs b^ been tried witbont efleeL The 
uniform good qnalily of our otl bee gieen 
it the preference over the namereus 
brands in the market, an i bss slicitsd 
tte bigbast commendation from eminent 

For sale by all rc«pectablo druggiste in 
the I'Liltd Slates. Sole manafacturers, 
Hrgrman A Co., New Y'ork. c2fie4xl3m 

SiterA Brst. 

A dollar's worth ol French and Amer- 
foan note paper, aiworted, put np in nfoe 
boxes tor fifty cento at W. Scott Glore's. 

I^PTbe Novelty Clotbea Wringer baa 
cog-wheels on b)th ends ol tha roiters, 
which gives it great strength and dora- 
bUity, besldsa obelating ths nsceasity of 
pinning down on# sod ot tbe upper rol- 
ler to keep tbe oog-wbeels in gear, which 
most be done where common cog-wbeela 
are need only on one end. olOJSl 
Holloway’s Pills. — Coll* and Sonx 
Tbsoat. — T he foundation of a cold or 
atfeetton of the throat that laato the win- 
ter through is often laid in autumn. If 
yon are threatened with disease uf aay of 
the respiratory orgsrs, rub tha exMmal 
surtooe night and morning with Hollo- 
way’s OiNTMpxT and keep tbe boweia 
regular wto Hollow at ' a Pills. A cold, 
cough or sore throat prompUy tratUed in 
Hue way Is speedily cured, and all dan- 
ger ofeonsnmpHon or broachititaeoidad. 
Sold by all Druggiats. n2 d'  

Mr- L.verj style of picture, from ar/me 
de ruife to Ufe-size portraits, takeo at 
Stowe’s Usllsry, coruar of Fourth aad 
Green itreets. o61 dtf 

M'J- M. Gleason and B. M. SberriU 
are aaaociatad togsiber rspreaenting the 
Widows’ and Orphans’ Benefit Life Insur- 
arc# Company, New York. PDlieiss ie- 
sntd on any plan. Lite pjlfoiee toU due 
at tbe age of seventy-fies should the hold- 
trs lies to that age. OtBce No. 68 Fourth 
streeL o26dm2m. 

Mr For kindling yunr lira gat Caaael 
I codI at Olmatead A OX'onnor’a. cd6dtf 

of dry goods at tbe Trade Palaito, comer 
Fourth and Jeffhnoo atreeta. It ia ua- 
peceaaary to anumarate goods or pricafo 
We have every ertfole usasUy ke^ la a 
well ordered dry gootia setabllahTnmt, 
and wUl not be underaohL Our clonk 
and shawl department, ia quantity, 
quality, and atyla, la decidedly superior 
to any south of the Ohio river. aap7 U 

tigr For parlor uae get the HannewaU, 
Ky., (Taanel eool, that will not pop, at 
Oimataad A O’Oonnr’a. o2Sdtf 

VkNtoon, groooa, quoU, dnok, wood- 
cock, aaipe, ate., at 



M^FURI ‘ 8rE4KKS' AND .HiNoknu 
Will fiid “ A - =ra’* Nrr-cAwif 

7*. ccJca" beneficial In cleariaff the voice 
before rpeaklag cr singing, and AiMvlag 
He threat after any anotntl exertion of 
Ibe VC cal organs, having a pc cnlar adap- 
tion to affections whichdiaturb the organs 
ol speech. For (Toaghe and C^idn tka 
Ti oekea are effectnad. 9 

t tirtTli, CIIPETN. 

I bar* anrr •ct*b«r 

nife, tn fell ■; fgtire  4Mk car* 
til rltib8, ctrUlMa 

kti. It \ew T*rk cnat. Mjr lM « ' 
ri^irfs Jaiury lit, tkew 
 ••43 ■Kit bc8*l4. Call, aa4 I will 
crnaial; •I'fr j*« great kairaiahF 
D* ■•! fail !• teara ay M- 

r»rr batigf rl «wbfr6. 

i . PI Ilk. 

77 1-2 Fturih slrert, aear .Haia. 

iJi KsacoajtABs. 

Di«0 Mt teiR tefmr ifw , */ 

I# 'a ter’vf Mr. r « f r .   hi 'W, la 

!l*-1b 3 uf ■ • k4- 

«')»• orwvoi tke* kioti MaJ kAr-* 
tlMDkth’ brtetter tb*' fn»d Mm*l leTocw® tetnteM®. 
tb*teo«( r«4 tea® rr*p^ t ' 4«.'*te* Tb* ®»*kte mi 

sorb te mas, -o trite Mml mmkm 

dim tbte Btetert kf Jiodte wrteo n»**w aa® Iot?® 
tet®«te®arw|*lt btelilted to seorB btw km. 
waa o®tte® a »aa wlibuot fiulte: ar®a*t ta tela 
frtteodateite. ®tetear»*M -■ teit ■ a»cl®teutea. a®®*»«®aa* 
te  rt aaa .a teia ? a aa-itUAMt ■ ot®ite® ttea 

mimat busaa bla®a^« Iteat ®il«® U4a teoart: 
BO aapfBCiutea Iteate® teateiiatto® iteater waa 
Twniiter anJ a dltet»raluo® to «afftete tei  tfifda, 
Aalmaiwdb/a muI m emmptekMm im aa ikwaa 
tea waa r«]Mtei®atto» af 

all tteate  te#F alteuiteatek W aar aaiMteaiDai *fiT«a 
tte# World tefo'Draara at tba w«w.’* T® ttea tea 
vteatead amm, wtea ara moat teaan tetewtean at b*w 
loaa. wte wtea aaaw aad 1 cirad teUa daarty. will tea« 
asiwaktei la aa®rf««aar «r«ra(tete. te®lpaiatite*» 
t® Hia atea tte«i arh itet* wiad I® (tea 
laakte, aai formtea (teaaa *!a (tear 
t?me 4 i ’.teted. .bad ®a r terawaU, ®I4 frtevd, 
Itertewte!' Tbte graMn tea.tb la ai*av** tkj laartal 
IteTM. Htt (tea telua 9te7 a® loaear ate®wte ttejr m 
Mortal Weal. p. 


WBxaxeaa bau. 


luMi fra Slmkiipni 

Mth. I'Rl.lf ES bLlBLE. 


This Snlnrdhjr, at « •’•!••( F. 1., 

T he 3 lem W i ves   *f Win 4 or 

TlckcU, Own SnlUr. 

B«tr« CNarja Iter MraarriSNa^j^ 

Tlrbtela ^ «alo ai I» P. PaaMa'a Marne fHaaa !®a. 
M Mata alw K . it ta rawpartfaSr raavaiiC «w 
arcrtti latrriLi. Uaa. tteai i*a aadiaaoa aa -turl 
rt bteiufa tbte Raatl nji bteEtaa 
IansM a p t® al l P. M. 


Tba Raadtag prterloaalp aaaaaaoted fiTT Saiai 
day wraaiac w.dI ub** olteoa al i P. M cteia«aM®r- 
0te7 aaabawteaialte® T rkat« already wwaad Ibr itea 
•tea* ia« am bacood Mr !actter Hteadia*. 


coAB. aaiBLEB a aoa. 

PJeal ! EC &  ta.te . A . c * enta , 

I Rfta(k« mama Mmtm airaaB. ammg aMoa 

I M 't dif RjhiiTLToa M^Unatwam 

S*X7*X*'CTRB ■ n T i~— 



O X .Monday, X“T. 18b8, nbont 

ttete boor f 11 o'eioete A. M . ai tte# CaaM 
L- i.hwdoar. taata wtl! boamd laa« *wauur«! 
iWoca No. i: Rroadwaj. btetwoteo Pcr«i A®d®at a®d. 
Lt rradlta and lcr»a la *® i oorebanor. add? 

IT NBCRitN r . wajiBi 4 

2V 'c* Market ^'Ol.Ttelrd aud Foorite. 

Yl'£ will •t-ll, at public nuuticn, n 

r ft .;m Bt ’ b CDtt«a**. a utai8 a  ' raafiMe. 

: Cr.«’d o^air. fteot af gr «ad. aiaaa vacaai  aa 
•! A, i«« i irwBi ate 4Mu ^ -Ffoit ruaaifta aack Wa 
ft tel lo a A  feoi al.cjr. all aitoaied oa (tee WAakli 
'•idot.r •  ak urtetei. bot» wwa Tbird aad F Mmte ata.. 
ftriii wtiteia ball a at Pstteta wtrwat cara. 

Ibe }^rd  -.,F..i.rt Uj awi a (a naa ateiateteery. 
Tbte larairtiii :^aate »r tbte \arp beat la la* C7(v. 

WF'’NR I \ Y Af Note. n*. IMB. 

al a :U= ti. ate nmU ateil. aa (tea aifTT. Iteo 
abcT*^ dtekctibed ptoir* nj. 

4 Thur'-lay .\flornoon, Xov. 12, 

-l 3 e rlii X. weviilieii. di paMk- sac 
ii *a. a Loi ail a aited oa Ihc awit »: .te wf Twaaip* 
r r*( hCfteWt. *wtwtftae Ruwa * aod iHinteau 
I bo ;ui Noatm a tatet aa Taeal^ Sm acraai 

ta« i  f r.i rite a»d piflte cruate Mrraia. 

(diTBl RnlTAY APTBK:i «o:« !fote It.lMteai 
(oVlnt ft. oa (te« coteBor Of mb and Moa ten«ary 

/ pl Friday Afternoon, Xov. 13, 

iBca. al xa'e im'g ma mt i aall. aa Breadway, 
btei te*a Poaittevalte aad PiRotealte Birteota, a aow 

i aitnBte aad Lai. 

Ua fVHVA\ ArTER:C00M. Mote. U MM. a( « 
•  ckck. ate will wteli. ua Uraaa airwat, ^tetmaam 
Ttaib aad Xlateteoite Mraoia, a tma-eamj Moaaa 
aad IdBk. 

■® Ttea alovte Uai oaa»priteoa a lot of Torp walaa' 
te a ptapenj aad itete oauteia mta eatf dtea r aaBto 
ek aa ii aat. W« raa B*y lo ib«* oaaac iteai m «wa 
will tea BO Of » ddiao or bDBhtet «in« a( ttef^teOMOa 

r at aaj *1 uar iwHa Tbtej raa r«4f upaa Iteo 
piofcrtf btelDc uBtervd fairly aadasuaroif wtiteoab 
«i‘v PatterfBaklac. 


BB»r«bnl*B Knle. 

W iDAsaa L . rnwau i 

a«aia«( ^laCbteBoorp. Xo6B.te.*» 

Aateiia i'orawall J 

l  Y virtue of n decree of the Lihii 

-I**' ▼ ilte C'baoteterp Ctean iteodwrad ta Iteo ateooa 
caaate. tteo aadrra^md. or aao at oa. wtu. am !•»- 
day, Rote o. iBteL aaoa t (teoteoarad liociocte« 
Bteli. Bi pateUc auctioD. to tteo tel«teM bfiddar. at Mo 
Cran teoaao door, la tteo oitf LiiutatelBo. otea 
t t*‘d.iaf Of 12, aad u iiuiaibBt lar a%am immM’ 
BtteBta of (M povebaBte maaaj 
All tbol Tran TT Barrrt ■ f fool Iplof aaddl^ 
ai«*d la (teo cuj of LuaAateMi# aod fteaiaat Bra* 
lucky, bteoiaalDf a( (tea Btertb wool coraar of 'E bbN' 
ta«toa aad Pterrp streteia. iteoaro roaamc mbIR* 
wmrdly with Porrp auaat irr taag ta B m gOBM 
errteft or Water BUteei; tteta- e wiite «ol4 c*a«te«d 
Waiter M*^rte( wteotwardlj lit Itetet lo aa Bllap: 
ibwecte Bteatbwardly witte laid ail*/ rTT laat ta 

VI Atebiovtoo iBrteOi tteooco waa«war«Uy wIiteWMO* 

, iBMtoa uxaat lU taat lo (te* bo«iaat34. lasBiteor 
wiite all tbte macteiaarp. teDciaea, Sataraa tkateo, 

' lac a tke. n*ted witte aad ta eaid proportte. ho 'Wa 
I aa ibo Caadlo aad »oa® Facuirp at Coro wad M 


Tbte parebawteT vEI bo fteqalrod to boad, witte 

I iMrowd opcunty. bteanoo latt f teot tec ^ta aoi ll 
paid, aod a U*a wiU tea rtefained wa adiiiioaoi am 
curU . r f wrlmax. 

Maxabal LuuMvt:ic i'bautetecy itearts 

C. B. aHEi*UBRU. 

o?7i»d tmamtam- 


dd A called atteteiu.o of tbo Loaitv.ile Nartote 
.\ste4 elation w.U bte hteld oo '•ktu dop. ^.aaamSMe 
7. .w®. al -o’tiocii P M. ^ordorof 

B. LBVl. PrtoiJBat. 
A. H.Wh  Laxte, AJO -laat '^wretarp. 

LoQiBTil te aad Mow Or’eaoB ParbteC   mgamj. 
War itelro. Uteoaoteia. aad Row UriBaaa 

P. W '^IKaDKR. ...... !tera*!4 Maiater. 

^ Wi;i laateteoa WEI M BsI .\T, tteo 
lUb loBtaot. at   o*cioec P te. 

B   I.BV1. litea t ft’t Adt. 
aotete K.T  »n KULUN Su®i. 

LoawT itlte aod N*w • wIbobb Parbtel « iiaipoter* 
For ( Airo. Mteaphio. ood OraaoB 

DKXTFV vh. 11 ttetesoaaar Hadtor. 

. mjr^* m. Will Mate# B® THl*B'*0i4Te tte® 
.... laak.. at Yo'c^os'k P X. 

It r LKVI istea I FpT test. 

D®v« K.T  Trtei.Ri»N.'^a®L 

Br «• NaAL. IteMiar. 

tem iteawo tea f4ATi BUaY. itei Itete 

ntu. at ■ OVUtt ft p. ig. 

R i\ LKVI «tteB*1 Kr*t 4fL 
E.T ^Trtet.BON.'^opL 

[ airw. ytampaiM, TwteBOaite. and T**w   

Will iteateo ua teONDAV. tteo tete 

1 * 1 .. at -toTio* B V M. 

k:.T. !%T\ iOeKON 
B. t. LBV i. VjtewL 

Fob i airw aad St I.n-itB. 

kt LraBte. Maxtor, 

D wm iteateo oa t^aTI KDAt. ttete 
* ;te InwL. aa U o'dora te. 

MONTCALM A LX\ 1. Ajoaca. 


Biteto ... MmIOt. Lawia. (".erb. 

^ WUi bparte ate aonwte ?*ATrR’»AT, 
tteo Tib loBC. at '* p. M. 

B.C. LEVLUteo 1 Prt .k«t. 

  of iHAltli, "dargouo. A iW. No. te Feaetb 

Fi'F M*"npbte aad New i rt«oaa. 

NICK LONUW«mTH ... A. R4wa. WaMtete. 

^ Wbi leaeo ua S.\1CR1»AY. itete 
*lte iMl.. al » P M. 

T. te. KBWIN ALtX. \«»a 

UkUtlUe m 4 lirwM Klicr r»ck«4 C*. 

Steamer Falls City, 

^ Loateteo LBteloiUlOteTBtey WKUNM^ 
at 1 P. M..taam tteocitp wbort. 
 AV«a Bawiiac crotea •WterySATWR'* 
DAY at le- A- M.. teotac ail way baaia«aoa» pacteoa 
pfBOtea. For Croi 4 tet or poBUteB apoiy oa ooBOd b* 
M a.C. MCteRRlZ^ 

PreotdteBt aad taportaloadMl, 
Bpotiodtf No. 10 Toartte hboMi 


-W F Tb* w l m i l te sies-wss* ps — ■ 

LinurTY K*. xcaE 
'^Trnnru.lMDV-rLOWXR.iMM UnmpA 

4VU3 TuvMtST.TksradDj «s* S s iBi esr s4 » R A. 
rar dl pelsUDa WSii. ntw. esDsit t Iss 
.DUN KbR wits IS* IfarapS* *ral Luna B*W 
iDilmtS fot Uill* Rots **4 Hot (4,du*D 
stortiB. no* ifrneSi. i* L iu* Ru * n so*m 

aatt Atm 

Louisville daily journal (Louisville, Ky. : 1833), 1868-11-07

4 pages, edition 01

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 Local Identifier: lou1868110701
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  Published in Louisville, Kentucky by Prentice & Johnson
   Jefferson County (The Bluegrass Region)