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date (1861-03-30) newspaper_issue      ggis         he  m  hejssi    GLASGOW  KY      labors  In the propositions of the Into  Peace Conference wo have already tho  basis of Constitutional amendments   substance if not in form      SATURDAY                     MARCH 30  1861     space this week to the ini porta lit ar  from the  National Intelligencer  which  follows  and the address of Mr  Btistow  to his constituents  Wo bespeak for  both papers a careful and attentive pe   rusal    THE NATIONAL TROUBLE    tel igencor s A   ministration      the President far tho purpose in extra   ordinary session  To collect tho rovo   1 nucs on vessels of war  stationed off all  tho ports of thesce drng States  even if which  in   practicable  would  to use a homely might bo taken as the general rallying  phraso  bo found   to cost more than it cry of conservative men in proceeding     came to    and  would not fail to bring   to tho election ol delegates to such Con    Bar  Vosu   about ho6lililies between tho two Gov  vention from all the States The work   tide ornnionts  the end of which no man can of the Peace Conference  so far from iall   140 forcsco    ing to the ground  might thHS be made   We all know that there arc peculiar i tho means of assuring tho return of a    reasons of State policy which make the rmyority oftho delegates committed to    preservation of tho public peaco more its general principles  and thus tho pro     incumbent on our Government than j ceodings of tho National Convention    on that of tho seceding States   more would be restrained within just limits  j incumbent  wo mean  in point of expo  J without diverging into the contrarieties  I dicncy  for  in point of moral duty  the   of opinion springing from tho predomi    I I  obligation is equally binding on both    ranee of sectional antagonisms over the   The National Intelligencer s Atlvioe to tho Ad  r J   10 seceding States seo  or fancy they spirit ofcouccssion and compromise    see  in tho outbreak of hostilities be  I As no one proposes the subjugation of  The National Intethgencir of the 2 1st tween them arid the Federal Govern  j tho Seceded Stales  it follows that the       ft            t i   v  vii    if the l iatm v moot  a sure means of winning to their adjustment  of tlieir relations to the       l       number the Border Slaveholding States  Federal Government can bo arranged   of our National troubles  proceeds to   n  j j t js    10 p art 0 f 80Un  f policy and only by tlieir voluntary return to the  consider  tho policy which  in its judg  0 j w j BC B   rr   4 gv 0 n the part of the Fed  Union  or by the definite recognition of  ment  the Administration should pursue i eral Govepnipent to avoid all possible their independence out of it  As soon  xeoptionul ones  j occasions of oflcyice  as far as may bo 1 as it shall bo made apparent that the  consideration bv compatible with the national safety  1 people of tho Seceded States desire a  y 1 which  in tho present attitude of our permanent separation from their for   civil relaUous  can better be subserved j mer confederates  it would seem to be  by conciliation and forbearance  than the part of wisdom and sound policy  by the summary processes of executive for the peoplo of the United States to  rigor    acquiesce in that desire  Nothing can   And  as in tho case of tho public rev    bo gained in the interests of peace and  enucs  so also in the case of tho public j dignity  or good neighborhood or reci   proporty seized by the seceded States    procal trade  by a persistent refusal to  we entirely disapprove the policy of at  j ascertain and fix disputed relations  tempting its locupCiiro and occafifUMfi which must bo adjusted in be ci      u ongoom   wbiui c    A _Ti y       HOi lt       vHitMn      ttl tilts U   died by rach a proceeding   or th  r     y might prove  v  nse than the wn   n of tho ff     ty to co operate j  planning or cont   of the governmor  the iiistitutionsoj  linve promptly  course would niT   consistent with  but in formidably  oath of office    On my arrival    ingtou 1 learned   ny years past  tl       lOuld  as my   nly in    u pledges  antagonism witu my     at the city of Wash   lat us usual  for ma   assembling of Con   gress was the occasion of excitement  and alarm  whief  flew with lightning   like rapidity overt our entire country   Sectional strife a pl animosity had been    for years distracting our country   the     dealing with the  iiis forced upon iis  fcivil revolution     that has taken     geneer s artiofo has nttrnc   Jegrco of attention  and  rlicate tho purposes of  The Washington    meri    cd as fores had    iW U l lip   1 rl   1     flames of discor  bj  political amir  elected a Preside  party that ha I r   country for the    the exception of  chagrined t  d ir   determined to u   excited condition  and precipitate    rupt the g  i      they would riii   upon which the 4   vors in hisdiurn  thej r have bu  t    eru heart  and   Cotton State  i  en of them nave     ed  as  States     they  and 1     cu   hav   1     I     jn well fanned  ion   a section had    ad the dominant  d misruled the  forty years with  hort ntervals being  ctified  many of them  to advantage of the  of t o public mind  revolution and dis    rit it elf   nnd whilst   he best government  y god bostows his fa   or annual visitations   ring the South    ve precipitated tho  revolution  and sev     form  at least  seced   t  from the United  rganized a provision   tod u Cousti      llieir revolutions     tboir prop or doom        Jfyour nullificrs  you have  STarnong you   lot tlicm meet with  the indignant frowns otevery man who j  loves his country  Tho tariff  it is now  known  was a pretext            Therefore  the tariff was the only pre   text  nnd disunion and a Southern Con   federacy tho real object  The next pre   text will bo the negro or slavery          ANDREW JACKSON    We are told that the North is hostile  to our Southern institutions  and in  view of this we are asked  why does not  Congress grant the proper remedies     In reply   Congress cannot amend the  Constitution   nnd it was strange that  Congress  immediately after a v olently  contested election  and the members  elected  having c ir miited themselves  nrrl being imbued with pnr y spir   t     tnd tii     iced to uo in for or     remark   e ui  states have an mter      ry action   wliu arc     ly opposed to any  occupied by tho United cAnto   that is a j cst in tho adjustment of this question by it  And is this the boasted Democ     m in order to retain question which is now brought down to at an car y day  so soon as it shall be racy of the South   and has it culmina   e seceding Slntes with  tdie simple point of holding or abandon  j satisfactorily ascertained  if itshouldbo ted in the disseverntion ofthoStates that  the Union  Wo do not   j n g Fort Pickens  for we assu mo that   so ascertained  that tho secession of once composed this proud aud uncquul   nv right of secession  but   j  ort Sumter will bo evacuated at an j the Confederate States is definitive  for cd republic    Title do we believe in tho doc  j early day  arid Forts Jefferson  at Tor  I in tho interval  a vacancy exists in the Jt is with deep regret that I am com   of  coercion  as a remedy lor the tugns  and Taylor  at Key West  lying i representation of the Seceding States in polled to announce  that even in our  Ts created by the exorcise of that as  j far out at sea  and being obviously of  Congress  betas the new apportionment beloved Kentucky  there are some who   ol Federal representation  consequent are anxious to involve our glorious old  on the late census  proceeds on tho as  j Commonwealth and her loyal sons in  sumption that these States still form a       sinned right  According to tht  the ory J national importance  arc not included  of our civil system the several States  j n the number of the posts which the  if not voluntarily true to their Federal  Stato of Florida is entitled to claim on  obligations  m y commit wrongs against the ground of any necessity for tier lo   t he Federal Government  oven while C nl defence  Forte Jefferson and Tnv      uominally within the Union  against  which that Government could not take  up arms without precipitating a total  change of political relations  It can   not bri denied  that our Government  in  its very genius  is essentially a Govern   ment of consent  depending for its or   derly nnd harmonious working on tho  support it finds in the hearts of the poo   jilo  Local insurrections  or oven gon   cral popular insubordination extending  throughout a single 8 tale  us in the case  of the  Dorr rebellion  in Rhode Island   may bo   ut down by the strong hand    f the civil power  But in tho present  instanco the problem presented for so   lution involves elements of difficulty  nnd danger which are much moro wide   spread in their prevalence  and which  arc much more deeply seated in the body  politic  In seven States of the Union   the Federal authority has been entirely  abolished  Tho civil machinery essen      lor wore built with paramount reference  to tho commerce of tho United States   and should remain in the hands of tho  Government which built them iu the  interest of its commerce  Tho Key     part of tho Union it follows that the  people of the adhering Slates aro pro  tanta deprived of the additional repre   sentation they would receive in case  the ratio ol representation should be  fixed with exclusive reference to tho  population which acknowledges fealty     West naval coal depot and wharf  tho   to the Constitution and laws of the Uni  marine hospital  the army barracks  the   ted States    admiralty courts and wrecking organ  j There is also another consideration  ization  and the series of light houses   j which pleads strongly in favor ofadjus   Loggerhead  Tortugas  Key West  Sand   ting this question according to the nc      Key  Sombrero  Carysfort  Unpe Florida   Jupijet   and Capo Canaveral   will not   wo take it for granted  be abandoned to  the State which has least interest in  them  and least capacity to hold and  maintain them  Let Florida have rort  Clinch to guard the approaches to Fer     complished facts of our political situa   tions ns soon as all the indications shall  infallibly point to a permanent dissolu   tion ol the Union  Wo allude to the  adoption of amendments to tho Consti   tution of the United Slates  One such   having been proposed by Con      nandina  let her liavo tho Rensncola 1 gross ut its late session  is already pen    Navy Yard and the triple fortifications ding before the several States  and ifa  there  let her have wliut concerns only   National Convention is called others  local interests  but the commercial Uni  j w ill be admitted  By the terms of the  tjd State  cannot be justly called to   Constitution it is required that such  surrenderto uncommercial Florida what amendments shall bo ratified by tliree      tial to tbo execution of tho laws has   belongs to and concerns only the com   fourths ol all the States  The secession   mor c of the nntion  of seven Slates lias reduced to twenty    From first to lust  ns an intelligent seven the number of States still ndlier   w ter has already said in our columns  ing to the Constitution  and if the for   nll tho appropriations made for the   mer aro to bo regarded  in spite of their     jiassed into the hands of men who no  longer recognize that authority  The  States renouncing their Federal allogi  mice have had erected over them a Con   federate  Government which  in their  name  a sumos to exercise the functions  formerly devolved on tbo Government  of the United States    Under such circumstances it is obvi   ous Unit the theoretical obligation im   posed on the President of the United  States to cxeeuto the laws equally in  Georgia and New York must  in prac   tice  bo modulated according to the al   tered circumstances of tho care presen   ted by the former  As nobody in the  Government or out of it proposes to     works at Key West and Tortugas have  been asked officially  and by tlieir advo   cates in Congress  on ihccxprcss ground  of tlieir national importance  and not  at all because of any local value  The  Florida Senators and Representatives  are forever estopped from claiming them  as local  by oft recorded assertions of  tlieir nationality as the solo reason for  appropriations in tlieir behalf  Key  West and the wholo line of reefs and  keys liavo only a commercial and naval    significance  They are widely separate       institute a  coercive policy  for the 1 from the Floridamainland ingeogra    subjugation  of tho seceding States  it   phy  interests and vocations  Thoy     alleged secession  as integral members  of llio Union  it will bo in the power of  any two Stales to defeat tbe ratification  of amendments to tbo Constitution  for  the ratification of twenty six out of the  thirty four Stutes will bo necessary to  produce the requisite majority of three   fourths  In llio prcscnco of such facts  it i obvious that there is a point beyond  which it would be absurd to push the  exactions of tbeory in opposition to tbo  dictates of political prudence    If  then  the developments of tho en   suing year shall leave no doubt respec   ting the determination of tho people in     all the difficulties and calamities to  which hasty action nnd imprndeneo  have exposed our Southern neighbors         We aro appealed to from vnrious pre   texts to join in with this political cru   sade  Some of tho malconents say that  secession is a peaco measure  others  say  let all the slave States disconnect  themselves from the American confed  j  eration  and thcD have a reconstruction  of the government  This is all delusion   nnd in my judgment is a mere political  party move to regain place nnd power      The declaration of our illustrious sires  I most respectfully recommend to your  consideration   When tyranny becomes  absolute we have a right to revolution   ize our government   I appeal to you  as sensible and practical men  nnd ask   has any tyranny abridged your liber   ties or circitmscribod your rights   Are  you not still freemen in the highest nnd  j noblest sense of the term  This is not  an imaginary matter  but a stern reali  j  j ty  which you can determine for your   selves  You know whether you liavo  felt llio oppressive tread of tbe tyrant s    heel  Amid the outcry of hea cd par     tisans and political fanatics  I trust you    will not be controlled by future nppro     bonded evil  tho exaggerated state   ments of ilomngo grics  or the misrepre   sentations ot disappointed office seekers    You have doubtless examined tho  signs ol tho times  they aro ominous to  ouch beholder  Do they indicate that  the national government has proved n  failure  nnd our independence burden     some and oppressive  If this is tho  case  you must certainly feel it  but if it  bo not so  let lie entreat you not to  revolt against your government because j  i others have precipitately and wickedly  raised the standard of rebellion  As  men of reason  let us consult our own  welfare and happiness by remaining      remains  to say that tbo only points of   should be considered and occupied as the Seceded Slates to maintain their   fi rn i and unshaken in our devotion to     possible  contact and hostility rolalo to j national  not local  1 present attitude towards the United   the nnblie property of tbe United States  The question of military posts in dis  j Stales  we shall advocate the policy of  which property  situate within tbo se  puts between tho Government of tho tlieir recognition by our Government   ceding Slates and still in our possession    United States and tLe Confederate States   and this among other questions  might  is now reduced  or soon will be reduced  j being thus narrowed down to tbi reten  bo referred to the arbitrament of a Na    to tho single fort of Pickens  on tbo j lion of Fort Pickens by tbo former  or   tional Convention  which would be call    its occupation by tbe latter  it seems to i ed to make arrangements with especial   us that the matter in controversy is so reference to this matter  In tho mean    small that either Government may time  and equally in behalf of both Gov    waivc its claim with entire propriety    eruments wo shall not ceaso to inculcate   and that in no event can it be made   tho duty of patience and tbe urls of     poast of Florida    With regard to the collection of the   revenues by llio United States on all     r goods imported into the Si ceding States   we liavo to say that  even if politic  it     by the methods prescribed in llioex    rie occasion of hostilities  While it jieaco    J i     i    i   i v  _       might bo entirely prudent for our Gov   ernment to withdraw the garrison now     isting laws of the land  rendered im   practicable  As has been well said  the  President  who is sworn to enforce the  law  must himself obey the law  and  lie can collect the revenuo only at the  places and in tho manner prescribed by  existing acts of Congress  The ports of federate Slates initiate hostile proeccd     established by Congress  the ln S H f J L tho summary capture of this     holding it  and while this is the step  which  under all the circumstances  we  would advise  yet wo aro free to say  that should tho Government of tho Con      rey are   ijent has no power to abolish them   tnsfer t ho place of collecting tho  ic only alternative open to f  icr tfcscnl circumstances     rto establish the eus     frd a Government ves  j  ippear that tho Ex      o do this without  Congress  In  of the Feder   r be resisted in     singlo Federal post  it would indicate  an alacrity for war such as would do  discredit to its repute for humanity  throughout tho civilized world  For  what  at present  is tho admitted charac   ter of that Govenrinent  Tho provis   ional creation ofa body of men  appoin   ted by State Conventions whose mem   bers were elected without the least ref   erence to tho formation of any Federa   tive Government  whether Provisional  out Jackson ad  or Permanent  it has no sufficiently as   r  u  H he passed au  ccrtained basis in the popular will to  ensure for its edicts an unquestioning  and immediate assent at the hands of  other Governments  whoso popular le   gitimacy admits of no question  If then   while advising forbearance on both  sides  we would liavo tho Federal Gov   ernment take pre eminence iri the way  inpiiance with this recommendation    of conciliation  it is because by so doing  but i s operation was limited to the i can best defeat the ulterior purposes  close of the next sefsion of Congress      1 ieh might be subserved by a diftcr   Mr  Lincoln has no more power now cut policy   limn President Jackson had previous to In view of the difficulties which sur   tho  passage of  tho force act   and it round an adjustment of the questions  the Executive needed to be clothed with raised by dismemberment of the Union      Tent to alter or abol   fdriets und ports of en   rto necessary  nnd cstab    t ni house at some secure  p Tn a port or harbor  with va   lid  modifications of tho then  ing laws  An act was passed in     additional authority then  it would  seem to be even more necessary under  existing circumstances   Considered   therefore  purely as a question of pow   er  wo do not perceive that President  Lincoln has any authority to coiled tbe  revenues in the seceding States  other   wise than in tho way provided by the I  ordinary laws  which  as is known  are    wholly inadequate for the purpose  j  since ir  those States the Federal Gov   ornnu nt is wholly without agents to  administer or enforce the laws  It is    plain  then  that without additional leg   islation the revenues cannot be collect   ed at Charleston  Mobile  or New Or  j  leans  And considerihg the question as  one of policy  we are frank to avow our j  opposition to any attempt  on the part j  of the Federal Government  to supply I  this defect by further legislation at tho bo rnade  bands of Congress  which   vo have se  it intimated in sntue of our contuinpo  rurics  may possibly be summoned l y stilution     To the Voters of the Third Congres   sional District of Kentucky    Washington  March 4    I feel it a duty  at the close of an  eventful Congress  to give to you an out   line of tho condition of things as they  appears to me from this tand point     To you  fellow citizons  I ain indebted  for a seat in the thirty sixth American  Cougress and it i6 painful tome not to bo  enabled to givo you u moro satisfactory  account of tho present condition of our  once happy and united country    I am happy in the annunciation  that I was the representative of a plain  and practical constituency   composed  of farmers  mechanics  merchants  and  prufosSBai     i men   the greater number  agriculturists  and many of you pros   perous amt happy until our beloved  Union became convulsed by political  agitation  Last summer  and up to tbo  period at which 1 left for the National  Capitol  the freemen of this district were  almost unauintuusly in favor of the  Constitution  the Union  and the en   forcement of tho Laws  I trust and be   lie  e that this devotion to our common  country has not abated one  jot or  tittle     You will readily remember that one  section of tho Democracy  in the Into  eauvass for President  was charged with  disunion proclivities  this was usually  repelled as personally offensive  and  slanderous of that portion of our demo   cratic fellow citizens abovo referred to   f et  notwithstanding their repealed     we have come to the conclusion that no  authority less final and comprehensive  than a General Convention ofthoStates  still remaning loyal to their Federal al   legiance can be successfully invoked in  the premises  Wo take it for granted J 0 f their leaders bearing aloft the sum  i  that it the separation of the Seceded j dard ot disunion  und what is passing  Slates is to be permanent  tho questions   strange  some that censured those polil  j   l ieal leaders alluded to  are now using 1  tlieir influence in attempting to disrupt  tho bonds by which our hitherto noble     denials of the charge  wo now see many present tr  able   OEN  JACKS   Was     the Union  and not make the cause of  South Carolina paramount to every  other consideration    Nobody believes that the Cotton States  seceded from tbe Union because of any  1 injury or grievance inflicted upon them  by our Northern neighbors   assuredly  not  They left  in the language of a  Southern Senator   becauso they want     ed to leave   or rather because loyalty  had ceased with them to be a virtue     Let me refer you to the opinion of tha  wonderful und sagacious statesman  the  lion  Thomas Hart Benton  bearing  directly upon this subject      COL  BENTON ON THE SLAVERY AGITATION    From Vol  II of  Thirty years in the  Senate     Tho regular inauguration of this sla   very agitai  a date  t n the year 1835   but it had two  cars be    fore  and i i t   i i    tvav unification and  disunion hod commenced in 1830 upon  complaint agate  it a protective tariff     That  being p   down in 1833 under  President awin      iclamation and  energetic i  as arcs  wr s immediately  substituted by the sla    ry agitation    Mr  Calhoun  when ho enthomc from  Congress in   iy   pr ng of that year   told his friends  that   e South could  never be unit ajai u North on the  tariff question  that th igar interest of  Louisiana u keep her out   and that  the basis of Southern union must be shift   ed to the slave Question   Then all the  papers in his interest  and especially  the one at Washington  published by  Mr  Duff Green  dropped tariff agitation   and commenced upon slavery  and iu  two years bad sho agitation ripe for in     auguration on the slavery question     And  in tracing this agitation to its  present st   a id comprehend its    rationale  it is uot be forgotten that  it is a mere cfftitinuinion of old tariff  disunion  and preferred because more  available     Alsu what th  hrro of New Orleans  has said in  g  i   to t ie subject of our     now outstanding between them and tho  Federal Government are to bo settled  in some authoritative manner  aud wo  know of no way in which this can bo  done so appropriately and effectively as  by arbitration of a National Conference   Jt would be tbe duty of such Conven   tion to revise tho Constitution of the  United States  and this might be done in  such a way as to bring about a recon   struction of tho Union  or  if this should  be found impractical  provision might     confederation was bound together  but  tlieir numbers  l understand  aro more  tliau replaced from tbe ranks of tbe sus   pected party    It is known to you that I was elected  as a Uuion representative  avowed on  every occasion  and I have with fideli   ty aud to the extent of my ability giv   en all my energies to the restoration of civil war    Sworn            here  but r  actors and  menibered  ted for tin    and dostro  on tho gloi  happiness   the world   be tbe fate  who wou     for contracting the limits of   peaco and public tranquility  Sworn that they   en the Union so as to comprise only the 1 u  support the Constitution of in y coun  whirlwin  po  i Matt s acceding to the project of a Con  try  if I had  under any circumstances free poop   that might have existed  fedt it my du  spoken       ubtn it ted     the fruit   of its      N NULLIFICATION   3T0N May 1  1833    I h ve had a laborious task    III ation s dead  and its   onrt ill only bo ro    v   o poop e to be exeerat     i kt esigns to sever   od Government    prosperity and    or toyove other portions o f  1 nan   gallows ought to  tf      snob ambitious men   involve their country in  d id I too evils in its train   gli   rt ig i and ride on its  an   lit  the storm  The  f t i nited States have  ej there wicked     common to an excited canvass  should  have teen looked to bv the country  Iis  a   roper source from which to expect a  speedy remedy  for the very discontents  and evils caused by themselves and of  which the country complains    From my own personal observation     I am forced to tho conclusion that a  considerable number of the members of  Congress   both North And South   ex   tremists and fanatics  desired no com   promise or adjustment of our tliffictil     ties  but rather exorcised all the force    of their intellects and influence against  any amicable reeoneil ation  Each ex     treino  from diffe   t 6nnie result   t f the t   ernn cr  tiw W     it tins hTTely r I  eveaq t ilie     election of Mr  Lincoln and the defeat   Democracy  that should so inter oly   a mise the belligerent spirit of so many  in C Ttain localities  and whilst we all  regret the election of a President upon  sectional grounds  nnd regard it as a tri     al  yet it does not within itself afford j  sufficient cause for revolution  And  oven this evil  which may never again  happen  is most certainly alleviated by  tho reflection that many of tho leaders  of tho defeated party have been for  months engaged in treasonable designs I  against the government tinier which  they held office  nnd were receiving  large salaries for services  not lor  but  directly and unm staknbly against the  government they had solemnly sworn  to support  and from which they wero j  receiving their salaries  No such men    should hold office  and the party that 1  placed power in such hands should be  defeated  Treason has been and still    is rife  the national treasury bankrupt  J  and the credit of the nation doubtful      But again and again it is asked and j  urged  why does not Congress speedily  grant relief  The Northern Slates  or    some of them  have passed laws that in  j  terfore with the execution of the Fugi  j  tive Slave Law  Congress cannot re   peal those State enactments  but has  exhausted its power in recommending    by resolution tlieir repenl  They are i  unconstitutional  and have been on the  statute books long before Mr  Lincoln  was thought of for President  The j  United Stutes C onrt s di regard them   and in some States they have been late  ly repealed and others greatly modified    I urn fully persuaded in my own mind   that a salutary revolution of public sen  j  limoilt is now progressing in thi  North     favorable to the security of nil our    rights  and prudence atol patience is j  what is wanting on our part  The j  House of Representatives unanimously i  passed tho following resolution  on a 1  enlljif the ayes and noes  in February   1801    Resolved  That  neither Congress  the  People  nor the Governments of the  non slaveholding States  have the Con     slitutinn ui right to legislate upon or in   terfere with slavery in any of the slave   holding States of toe Union    This  under tho operation of tho prc    vious question  passed   yeas 1G 1   no  nays    If this be an exponent of Northern  feelings and convictions  and I believe  it is  is it not a full answer to tho mis     representations we have heard so fro    quently  that the design of the North is  finally to make aggressions on tho insti  I  tution of slavery in tho South  The j  late Congress also passed a resolution  proposing an amendment to tho Consti     tution  forever putting it out of the  power of the North to interfere by  Congress with slavery in the slave    States  and this is offered as a final  remedy  With the6C positive indica   tions on tho part of tho North for tho  restoration of peaco  will not the feel   ings of our people bo greatly concilia   ted   Tho deeply afflicted patriarch  Job found no relief from bis distress   ing evils in all the wise counsels of his  comforters  but wlion ho fully com   mitted bis sorrows and bis complaints  to bis Maker  ho was immediately  healed  Like t hat venerable man   let us turn from man   vain man   and  take counsel from the God of nations  I  He can pull down and set up again     Wo all think ourselves to be right  and    from education or pride of character   we are given to too much intolerance   and whilo we behold faults and short   comings in our northern neighbors  let  us ask the question   Aro we perfect   i    Ah  would some power tho giftio gio us    To see ourselves as ithcra sec us    It would frac many an error free us    And foolish notion     We should learn tho lesson and re   duce it to practice  that was taught to  imperfect man long years ago by tbe  great Teacher   that thoGallilean   and  those upon whom the tower in Siloam  fell  were not sinners above all others    but that wo must also repent   and so I  patriots and citizens of the land of  Washington  forget allegiance to party   and  with our timo honored flag that  has so often cheered the hearts of tho   bravo and free  above us  form at once  a National Union Constitutional party   and no longer suffer our sympathies for  any geographical section of our Uuion  to influence or control our political ac   tion   being equally opposed to political  treason  which consists in bringing war  against our government  or that which  is still more blasting  and which is  properly termed moral trenson  and  which does or fails to do anything rea   sonable with the design of accomplish  ing tbe same result    Above all lot us be calm and quiet   looking at tbo facts as they present  themselves  and pay little or no heed to  tho sensation dispatches and articles  with which the newspapers abound   and which aro designed to excite and  deceive us  Let us cultivate our fields  and engago in our professional callings   and whilst busied in our several avoca   tions  let thosocardinal virtues   friend   ebij  and kindtic es   be tho regulators of     our lives  Let ns interchange our J  with each other fully and freely   let it be without excitement or  In looking over the entire r  7  this angry controversy    wou    solemnly warn the citizens of cj  lant State against revolution  as  a ainst all excitement in politic  Revolution or disunion  in  opinion  is no remedy for ti e evils   which wo complain    In regard to tho Territory  about  which there has been so much com   plaint  there exists no Wibiot Provis   oes  no odious distinctions  By tbe act  of Congress of lS5U New Mexico  which    embraces all on r Territory to the ocean  i  south of 36  30  north lntitu ft  the Ter   ritorial Legislature wr i  Authorized to  tvi s their owrt laws  and jLe also nn   tiiorizeiT to com  into t    Union as a  State  w ith or without slavery  as the  people might elect      They have passed a complete elnvo  code  now in full forco  and yet  I under   stand  there aro not two HoEen Afri   can slaves in the Territory    The Republican plntform contains the  odious sentiment   No tno         slave Ter   riti ly   This is not the law oftt e Ian   A  nnd I believe never will b   a sense   justico demands it nevtf fbfcnld be   when we remember thru  fiige  J  since  the platforms of the great  al parties contained the urincipl  non intervention and hov iitle    ft got i ij  at     T ilEsiE ProparatiJnsj    Trte from Foi o    Not danjreroua   IlaU come       Ten yeah  Fsel   Csri     rris      in unjJ   v   aim anl   ot  uo not give countenance toi  representations and sectional fecj  and excitement    I trust and believo that the couij  tbe Administration will be peaet  nnd that our Southern friends will  be disturbed  and that wo shall enj   and appreciate all the liberty consist   ent with necessary and wholesome re   straint    Thanking you fbr yur kind appre   ciation of myself  in return you have  had at least a faithful devotion to what  1 conceived to be your best interest    F  M  BRISTOW      jjtto ffobtttisfitrfitts     BOCTf ANiTSHOE   STORE    T IIK undersigned has purchased  of H  C  Crenshaw his largo  and well selected s ock of BOOTS  nnd SHOES  which ho intends sell     ing at reduced prices for CASH      This stock has been removed on Muin street  first  door below John Sohan s Grocery  In addition to  this I have a large stock of home made work  and  am prepared to make and fill orders on the shortoat  notice  C  W  TKRRY     mbHO tf      every  instane   WE AT    Wherever 1  cs  and Vci    1  Eukkr  A J     To i BsTMfr  Ran  To Destroy   Mice    To Destroy   Bed  Bug   1  To Destroy   Moth   Flea   Ants  Jtw    To Destroy   Mosquitoeu    To DkSTtoY   Insect  on Plant  and Fowl    To Destroy   I meet  on Animal   Ac   An      Btuatufr   St ad v To Des rwy   E very form and vpeoio  of Vermin      VINCENT NOLTE    BY AMFJUCATT ECLIPSE  OUT OF HORTENSIA   SIRED BY CONTENTION      OLIVEB    BY WAGNER  GUT OF FLIGHT BY IMPORT   ED LEVIATHAN       ILL stun   the pro cnt acns in M GEO      B  ELLIS S Stable  7 mil    Suuth of  sg  w  Ky  on tbe Turnpike Ro  d  com        15 AY 7   I C 7 C     BV GLENCOE  OPT OF TRAXBYANA  BV  IMPORTED TRAN BY     TX7ILL make the season of 1861 at my stable    V T near Bardstown  Ky   at the  ea on  and   26 to iiiiiire    The Pedigrees of theac Stallion  have been pub   lished  o often  and they are so well known as being  strictly thorough and fashionably bred horse   and    superior breeders  that is not thought accessary to    say anything more about them  Mares from u dis  t  tnnee will l o taken care of on reasonable terms     mli 16 2m  F  G  MURPHY      SEC O Vi  ALTOEIg y r   SIREof theINVINCIBLE RED OAK   w   Gla   luencing March 1st  at  20 the ecasot    no colt no  nay   Money due when tho tnaro fcHteeertoinod to  be with foal  or ownership transferred  Mares kept  on reasonable terms  Care taken to prevent acci   dents and Otcapes  but not liable should cither oc   cur    DESCRIPTION AND PEDIGREE   no is 16 years old this Spring  a deep Bay with   out white  full 16 hands high  with bone nnd mus   cle to correspond  fine action nnd good constitution    SECOND ALTORF was sired by Old Altorf  his  dain was by Ball   Florixcll  be by Imported Pio   hi  Rmnd iUm by Old Pa   LwLUk  La by Iju     ported Cititen  Old Altorf was by Imported Fylde     out of Countess Plaitor  by Virginian  ho by Sir    Arehv  he by Imported Dioined   fcb23 tcs MATTHEWS A ELLIS    THE SUPERIOR WELL BRED JACK    NED GAINES    r PIIIS very superior Jack will  tand thol  X present season at our stable   in Met   calfe county  3 miles WoM of E in on ton    near tho Glasgow RonJ  and will servo in are  4 at  and Jennets at  20  to insure a colt  the money    as soon as the fact is ascertained  or the ronj  jennet removed before it enu bo known  Jo  or maros from a distance will be graze  1 at  of  1 por month  or well fed  if required  aj  week  Care will be taken to prevent ncei   escapes  but no responsibility for either    DESCRIPTION AND PEDrGREjj  N kd Gainkh is a beautiful black  with mea  will be five years old next June  He i  o   and in point of form  bone and muscle  heT  pa    Fayette county  Ky   aud wa  sired by       VBE ONLY    CoslarV Rat  Roach Ac  Kitermlii   alor     CoslarV Bed bug Exterminator    To star s  Electric Bonders tor lu   st  e is  ic    Ix 23  Jbe  and  1 Boxra  Bottum Flajik     3 und     isite  for Plantation     Ship   Boat   Hotel   At         U old Everywhere   by  All Wholesale Druggists in large cities    A l Retail Druggists   Grocer    Storekocpar   Jt    in all Country Villages aud Town     WHOLESALE AGENTS IN HEW YORK CITT      Shitffelin  Brother  A Co   Bu h  Gale A Robinson    A  B  A D  Sand  A Co   Wheeler   Hart   llcgnman A Co    Hall  Kuckel A Co   Thomas A Fuller    P  D  Orvis    Tripp A Co    Dudley A Stafford    mu   T  W  Dyott A l   B  A  Fahncutu     Geo  C  G i  M  S  B j     Ifnrral  Risley A Kitekea  R  A  Fahnestock A Co   M  Ward  Close A Ce   McKisson A bobbin     D  S  Barnes A Co    V  C  Well  A Co    I Lr  rll  M r h A Gardner   HJ     NEW C   m     Wool  he by Buena Vista  the largest  ported Mammoth  General Wool s datn   Black Hawk  and he by old Imported WarrJ  ena Vista was out of Nancy Miller  sireJ  imported Knight of Malta  Nod s dam wl  Jennet  raised by Henry Clay  and descemr  his Malteso Jack and Jennet  Ulysses and    and his French Jack Royal  Those intenl  fine stock will seo that tho blood of our Jael   perior to that of any evor brought to Southern  tucky  and if you will call and see him ho 1  speak for himself    xnh2 2m J  H  A W  H  WREN    The Brisfily Plow           N O MAN CAN BE A SUCCESSFUL FARMER  without using a good Plow  Every farmer  wishes to be successful  hence ho must use not only  a good but if possible the brst Plow  A Plow  to  deserve tho name  good   must be of light draft   that the team may pull it easily  must run steadily   do its work thoroughly  clean itself in every soil     must bo simple in construction and have no useless  weight  The Plow that excels all others in these  particulars is 1 ot only a  good  butthc best Plow   and of course should be used on evufy farm    THIS BEST ARTICLE    Brlnly s Patent Steel Plow    ha  proved itself in onk hundred and sixty trials  with the most popular Plow  in the country and on 1  every farm on which it has been used  Let every    farmer try it  Send for a circular    STUBBLE  SOD  CULTIVATING  SUBSOIL   AND SHOVEL PLOWS  CULTIVATORS  Ac    manufactured under the personal eupervision of the  inventor and pntentoo  T  E  C  Briuly    Send in your ordors  They will be promptly  filled  BKINLY  DODGE A CO    Office and Saleroom at the Hardware Store  of J   j  DODGE A CO   325 W  Muin street  be   t een I bird and Fourth  Louisville  Ky   m23 y      Princf   the   W       1 01   A  LL   AND COJ     JUST RECEIVED BY      fcbllt     m      BiBi      IN STORE AND POR SALE    noo barrels of Superior Family Flour  Aleo  0   w barrels of second rate flour  al I of whick I will     a    1 low for ea h  fmit 16 tf            JOHN SOH AN      wmawmxxu u  jyj wM       Letter from Edmunton        SPECIAL IN      munton  Kv   March 21  1SG1        Glasgow Free  Press  While all 1   rM is rife with bitter    and I  tndeserving  denunciations of  Carolina   Con  States ofAmeri   give you a short account of  cr gallant     sons  who for  time past has been sojourning    us as employe in erecting our      tized to announce   undidate for rc   Llarshal  Mr   last year    iieientof  1U1C   all its o tents   on the     tic  anion  jail    lie has for some time past been guil   ty of very boisterous conduct after  nignt  to the groat disturbance of the  good citizens of our town  Yesterday  evening he became more so than ever   threatening vengeance upon Edmunton  And this morning  it was discovered that he had taken a  horse fronf K stable during the night      tied it to a post with a running noose   around his neck  run several wagons  down into the creek  demolished the Pres   byterian Chttrch  to a great extent  and  committed sundry depredations  too te   dious  to mention    1 am not prepared to say whether it  is a disgrace ora recommendation to   our citizenslo usurp the authority of  e law  when facts arc somewhat ob   rc  yet cjymo and criminal obvious     be thfat   s it may  several of the     DR  HALL S BALSAM    For tho cBT  standing Coughs  bud Colds  Bronchitis  as well us  CONSUMPTION  this medicine is invaluable  Its  peculiar combination is the result of experience   nod an Intimate knowledge of the cftii o of these  diseases  and tho certificates of remarkable cures  arc sufficient proof of its superiority   sce adver   tisement    mli2 1 m   MRS  WINSLOW    An experienced nurse and female physician  has I  a Soothing Syrup for children teething  which    greatly facilitates the process of teething  by soft     eniug the gums  reducing all inflammation   will  allay all pain  and is sure to regulate tho  bowels  Dcpeudupon it  motners  it will give rest   to yourselves  and relief and health to your infants    Perfectly safe in all cases  See advertisement in  another column    For sale in Glasgow by Bngby A llill  and B   Nuckolls  f   Nov  l  ly      BAG     SUCCESS    post ofpic      fill fi lj Sj     JKS TO   iicn  rce    iOUI DING      GriiTssro cv  ii y      Till     MAGNOLIA S5AL3I    A Perfect and Complete Remedy for   PIMPLES  BLOTCHES    FRECKLES  ERUPTIONS    SUNBURN OR TAN    This Elegant Preparation renders the Skin soft  and fresh  imparting to it a Marble Purity  It is  most cool and refreshing if applied to the face af   ter exposure to tho sun  and will givY immediate re   lief to the Stings of Insects  Nothing poisonous     In addition to our m  Medicines  we have  stock of   LARU OIL    I  INS     WHITE LEAD      f fresh Drng  mid  an unusually largo     NNKRS  OIL      F KD LEAD  and   OT1IEII PAINTS  dry and ground in Oil     _ r   enters into ita composition  The contents of a bot    p CSpOl tod men ill our town and vi  j t   c m i K h t i  e tak cn without hurrn  Its application  took llim out this morning  and    very night for a week will cure the worst case of   Jin uxiut filiy sovcn lushes  leav  l impios    ni locking as il lie bad made tho Sold every where   Price 50c per bottle   nt time of tho  bowld sogers  of j w  e  HAGAN A CO     H inter  and fooling like lie had Proprieton   Troy  N  V    Mi of Ota I    0L K THtITTEE   In formed     Dl K ST  JFFS    ft    D     INDIGO    MADDER    COCHIN EAI  LOG W      IT II      that bo was perhaps  J l in CUarlostou  and that bis pro    wns no longer required here  Ho  tracks  Alter ho was gono it was  Ivered that lie had stolen a knife    Various other articles  and deposit    Tliein in bjs trunk  IIo calls himself  fgo Ross  or Rest  and is originally  ioni South Carolina  recently from  r Rowling Green  Ky   where lie will per   haps go ugain  We deem it our duty  to inform the lionost people of our Stale  I of all such villains  and thus put thorn wSrR    r of this   C lrc   al1 im P r0 P  dH      on their guard  lest they might catch a cl   Br   c   arcmnove      he wc keB   d   T Z nns   f    tartar unawares  Pandemonium is too   ro    on     p  diir eure 1  and full vigor rw ored      V9K   ROYCE A KSTEULY S   DENTRIFICE    T fiJNSold in Glasgow by Dagbv A llill  and IL W   Nuckolls  Wilson  Peter k Co   Louisville  Whole   sale Agents  mh2 1m    C 1 1 K It O KEE CU  ItE    An unfailing cure for Skminai  Weakness  Noctur   nal Emissions  Impotcncy  Loss of Power  Pain      in the Hack  Stone in thu bladder  Obstructed  and Difficult Menstruation  and all Diseases cau   sed ly deviating from the path of nature  and  indulging in Self  Pollution       v jP   COACH      I 1      lowoirn     S ZHI ESI     WHITE    BLACK    JAPAN  Ac    PUTTY  GLASS  AND GLASSWARE    PAINT BRUSHES AND SASH TOOLS    FINE SOAPS  PKKFUMEHIES    pomades and iiair oils      With every necessary Toilet Apparatus      SURGICAL  UP HEMAL HSIBl JRHS AND JUTUM      hvliich  Tin party  various  Fommi  ters   r i times weio  lit  have pttb   ig the secession  rom we notice Col   V   Anderson Gray    Roots and Shoes    By reference to  onr advertising columns  it will be seen  that C  f   Terry lias purchased the en   tire stock of II  C  Crenshaw  and re   move   the same to tho room adjoining  Ids old stand  lie will offer bargains  to all who want anything in his lino   and will continue to manufacture cus   tom work as heretofore   Omet u  Vote op Barren Coi  ntv     The following is the official vote of this  count y for Judge of the Court of Ap   pends    Rrainlelte    38fl   Rullitt m   Hilry ff    85   Brain lotto s majority over Bullitt 229    M ctcai fr County    The following  is the official statement of the voto of  Mctcalfj county lbr Appellate Judge     R ramlettc 237   Bullitt 7     Riley 8   Bramlctto s majority over Rullitt 178    Tlie Legislature    Governor Mag lin has voiced tho bill  fc cral Ranksot issue to  redeemed witliin  panting them the  jntler five d   1    in tlie House  sustained  of relief     cool a locality for a man that would  malicioucly deface a cl ureh where  Christian people congregate  irrespect   ive of other eriines  and mobocracy should  be tolerated  rather than such conduct    go unpunished    Very respectfully    J  B  T        m            Fur the Glasgow FrM Prow     iloU sjiwti L  Barren Co   Ky    March 19th  186 L         r Kithcr sex  contemplating marriage  should    reflect that a nound mind anti body are necessary to j  i promote connubial happiness    In the  Cherokee Cufc  he poor debilitated     worn down and despairing devotee of sensual plea  j  sure  will find relief      If is safe and pleasant in taste  but immediate in  I it  action  containing no mineral poison  but if pro  i  pared from pure vegetable extracts in tho form of a  1 delicious ayrup     STPhick  2 per bottle  or throe bottle  for  5   i and forwarded by express to all parts of tho world   i POTTER k MERWIN  Proprietor    St  Louis  Mo   WiDon  Peter  t Co   Louisville  Wholesale Agts      PI r RE LIQUORS    WINES  BRANDIES    WHISKIES  OLD TTOLLAXD GIN    JAMAICA RUM  Ac   Ac      ALL KINDS OF     Editor Glasgow Free  Press    j The 22d of February  the birthday of sol l in Glasgow by Bagl y A llill  and B  W      PATENT MEDICINES    FINE POCKET CUTLERY    Tooth  Nail  Cloth and Hair Brushes      Washington  was appropriately celebra   ted by the students of St  Joseph s Col   lege  Rardslown  Ky  The exercises  comprised besides the recitations of the    classes  speeches from the students  and  tho distribuiion of premiums  The  hall was crowded to overflowing  and  the audience manifested great interest  in the exercises of the da    After tho  examination of the classes  and the do     livery of the speeches  tho elas es were  called  and those who had made the great   est proficiency in their studies  received  I their premiums  When tho class in  tlm k  Latin  Ac   to which our young  1 friend John II  Yancey  of Ilorscwell   i belonged  was called  ho arose  walked    along tho aisle  ascended tlie stand  and  I received six silver medals  which were  fastened to bis coat   these being the    first premiums in each of his studies     I amid cries of   Hurrah for Yancey   from theaudienco    Our young friend cntcrod college last  1 September  and is tho son of Elder  Isaac Yancey  of this county  May ho  i live long nnd continue to ascend tlie hill  I of science to its summit  anil ever hon   or her whose tender  watchful care has  thus far reared him  and instilled in  him such just conceptions of honor and  justice    A FRIEND      se Thc Spring term of the Metcailb  Circuit Court commenced last Monday   Beforo the first day s business was eon     eluded  however  a copy of the act pass   ed by tlie Legislature was received   tiboFshing all the Courts for that coun   ty until July  Whereupon Judge Gra     hitm    ady mroed       ftlarrutr         On tho 2fith iiiNt   in  jallntin  Tennessee  by Rev   Dr  Crow  Mr  T      LEWIS  to Miss ANNA KL    LIS  daughter of Col   ieo  R  Ellis  both of Barron   conntr      NuckolD  and by all respectable Druggists every   where  ut v2 J y   The Great English itemed     SIR JAMES CLARK S   CliLEBiaT im I EH 4LE 1 II LS    Prepared from a prescription of Sir J  CLirke    M  D   Phyuician Extraordinary to tho Queen    Thin invaluable medicate if unfailing in the cure    of nil those painful and dangerous dLe rce to  which the female constitution it  subject  It mod   erates all excess and removes all obstructions  and  speedy cure may be retied upon    To Married Ladies   it if peculiarly suited  It will  in a thort time  bring on the monthly period with regularity    Each bottle price One Dollar  bears the Govern   ment Stamp of Great Britiun  to prevent counter   feit     CAUTION    These Pills should n  t be tnken by F cm si os dur   ing the FIRST THREE MONTHS of Pregnancy   a  they arc sure to bring on Miscarriage  i ut at any  other time they are safe    In all cases of Nervous and Spinal Affections   Pain io the Back and Limbs  Fatigue on siight ex   ertion  Palpitation of the Heart  llystcrints and  Whites  these Pills will effect a euro when nil other  meant have failed  and although a powerful remedy   do uot contain iron  calomel  antimony  or any thing  hurtful to the constitution    Full directions in the pamplct around each Pack   age  which should be carefully preserved    JOB MOSES   Late I  C  Baldwin ACo     Sole agent for tho United States and Canada   Rochester  N  Y    N  B        and 6 postage stamps enclosed to any  authorized Agent  will insure a bottle  containing  60 Pills  by return mail    JOB MOSES  Sole Proprietor  Rochester  N  Y    For sale in Glasgow by Bngby k Hill aud  B  W  Nuckolls  Wilson  Peter k Co  Lou   isville  Wholesale Agents   decl eowly   AN IMPORTANT DISCOVERY    For the cure of   CONSUMPTION  BRONCHITIS  COUGHS   AND COLDS      STATIONERY    LETTER PAPER    FOOLSCAP    LEGAL CAP    BILL CAP    COMMERCIAL NOTE   FANCT NOTE  Ar   VISITING CARDS AND ENVELOPES      POCKET and DESK INKSTANDS    PENS AND PENCILS    FINE CHEWING TOBACCO  CIGARS   NUTS  CANDIES  AND OONFECTIONEUIES   Besides an endless variety of Notions      I     kO YOU WANT WHISKERS      DO YOU WANT WHISKERS    VOL WANT A MUSTACHE    Do YOU WANT A MUSTACHE    lU ESitfitfham s   CELEBRATED   IMTI1 OMEV   the Whiskers ami Hair    1 8C liber  take pleasure in announcing to   itirena of the United States  that they  tined the Agency for  and are now enabled  the American public  the above justly  and world renowned article    STIMULATING ONGIENT   d by Dr  C  P  Bellingham  an eminent  of London  and is warranted to bring   k set of   WHISKERS OR A MUSTACHE   three to six weeks  This article i  tho only  the kind used by the French  aud in Loudon  aris it is in universal use   is a beautiful  economical  soothing  yet etim   itting compound  acting as if by magic upon tho  oots  causing a beautiful growth of luxuriant hair   If applied to the sculp  il will cure baldness  and  causo to spring up in place of the bald spots a fine  growth of new hair  Applied according to direc   tion  it will turn wen or towy hair dakk  and restore    gray hair to its original color  leaving it soft   i smooth  and flexiblo  The  Onguent   is an indis     pen sable article in every gentleman s toilet  and  1 after one week s use they would not for any consid   eration be without it    The subscribers arc the only Agents for the arti     clc in the United States  to whom all orders must    bo addressed    Price One Dollar A box   for sale by all Druggists  f   and Dealers  or   box of the  Ongueut   warrant    spcct Of e d to have the desired effect  will be sent to any   Houston w h  H  by mail  direct   securely packed  on     receipt of price and postage   1 18  Apply to or  IlCC by the address HORACE L  HEGEMAN Jt CO     Druggists  ac     roh2 flm 24 William Street  New York      I lfl v iriAi v rstt s  KiPTiofts    Promptly and carefully attended to at all hours    oct4   ill   A 1   HA HOA iiNS   NOW OFFERED   IN FIRST CLASS GOODS    PRICES TO SPIT THE TIMES    IN EVERY nE NCUTpTJOV 07   FANCY SILKS    ALL GRADES   PLAIN BLACK SII KS    A LI  VARIETIES   Ladies  DRESS GOODS    IlOMCIt V    A large asHortiuvnt for Laflies  Misses  Men A Boys   LADIES  AND MEN S UNDERWEAR    IN VESTS  DRAWERS  Ac    C 1 o h k s I   Velvet and Clonk  of the la rc t and beat style    200 CLOAKS  a little out of style  sold regardless of  Cost  v   LONG AND SQUARE SHAWLS  every variety   BLANKETS  all  i7 es and best quality   SERVANT S BLANKETS colored    A full stock x f   DOMESTIC GOODS  SERVANTS  WEAR  kc   With every other article to be found in the hebt  DRY GOODS HOUSES  C  DUVALL A CO      D  e20 y  Opposite Bank of Kentucky    K  BUTLER J  R  THOMPSON    Butler   Thompson    ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW          EDMUNTON  METCALFE CO   KY      LI  who  r c 7 eringfrom Con umptio n should     ct eo      jr profl    fion i  lh   Courts of            lhc M A   K    ltA  4KABICA  discovered by    Mctl   alfc   nd adjoi   ir g counties    a missionary in  ra is  _ in ZAU The collection of Cliiiias will bo promptly   A whonre threatened with Consumption should at   ndcd l0 lhrou    hout Southern Kentucky  V   use the MAKUR A AKABICaV  discovered by a mis      T       r  t  i           J R ri KRKNCF 8    Judge II  Pirtle  Judge Yv   I  Bui  I     rr  ry i  n   r i  V r   i          ift ncn lock  James Speed   Esq   Col  G  A  Cald well  Wheat    All who are suffering from Bronchitis should use      t    L r n       m   lw u   ADAiuiM   j v     Baker A Co   Sanford Duneau k Co   Davis  Green   tho MAkOKA AKABICA  discovered bv u mis                              J k Co   Worthington A Johnson  Louisville  Ky     sionary   ru   Hon  B  Magoffin  A  J  James  Attorney General    All who are suffering from  Sore Throat  Coughs fri T v   n   r 1 r   i    r    and Colds  should the MAKORA ARABICA    T ho    J   Frasier  Register Lat l Office  Frankfort    Ky   Smith k Crenshaw  s iunp on k Thompson     Glasgow  Ky   Judge T  E  Dram lotto  Judge Z  I  Wheat  Tim  Cravens  Esq   Columbia  Ky   Judge  A  W  Graham  Bowling Green  Ky   fc23 tf     MAKORA ARABICA    DISCOVERED BV A   MISSIONARY    W II I I  E T R A V FLING 1 N ARABIA     DR  WM  HALL S   BALSAM FOR THE LUNGS    fou the ccuk op   Consumption  Decline  Asthma   Bronchitis  Wasting of Flesh   Night Sweats  Spitting of Blood   Hooping Cough  Difficulty of  Breathing  Cold3  Coughs  Influ   enza  Phthisic  Pain in tho Side   and all Diseases of tho Lungs    10 000 DOLLARS REWARD   IS OFFERED FOR A BETTER RECEIPT   it cos raiaa   NO OPIUM  CALOMEL  NOR MINERAL P0I80NI   And ii  safe for the moit delicate child       It i  estimated  that 150 UP0   er   Ronsdie annually  in the U  States     with con i mp   tion  nnd l rofes   aer Eberly  hv 9  that a vaat num   ber   f the    eotild  be saved by the  timely use of some proper remedy    Dn  Hall s Balaam strikes at the root of tho  di seaso nt once  and such is its speedy effect  that nny one ining it freely according to tli   rcctiona for twenty  four or forty eight hour    and not entirely satisfied with its merits   may return it anil receive bnek their money   The most distressing cough is frequently re   Uuvad by a single d   o  and broken up in a  few hours  time  The afflicted do not have  to take bottle after bottle before they fin l        h  r thi  remedv will aff  r l r  Tile ouhlie l a M been illi vwed upon nv     r roal merits  isod  at home     preparation      a will sav i     the     B  W  NUCKOLLS   At tlio pid Snocldy Stand    Main Street  Glasgow  Ky      DEALER     Paints  Oils  Varnishes    Dye Stul f s   c      CHEMICALS  EYTHACTS  PERFI MES    PUTTY  GLASS  and GLASSWARE     Painters  BriisIies Pf iKils Bicndcrs      TOILET SOAPS    AND     jPooItot Cutlery      All kiudM of   Stationery and Envelops    WKITIMI I K   STKKL PENS  and l E flW      NE Vt INES    _  UN1 A        IRAN     A MEDICAL KEPOHT    Containing THIRTY fine PIq tell and Engravings of  the Anatomy and Physiology of Hit  Sexnnl  Organ   iaa wtuteof llealtli and hkotic    PRICE ONLY TEN CENTS     Ttf Sont free uP portage to all parts of the Union    UN A NEW METHOD of  treimng Syphilis  Gonorrhan   Strictures  Gleet  Sexual Do   bilitv  Iinpoteacy  Female Di    oaaef  and a ll u affection r of th    reproductive Ayiilem of both  sexe   the iulirmitieN of y iuth  and nni turity  Hiring f oiu tin   secret follieK of both sexes   with a futt tieVti on SKLF   A1H SF  AND JEM INAL   WEAKNESS  it   deplorable oomsetjricnec  npon ibo  mind and body  pointing out the author   jdnn of  treatment  the only rational i o   ttcC o  ful  f   cure  ai shown by the report of chnck treated  A  truthful  nlvi  er to the married atidMlwoe conteia   plating marriage who entertain doubt  of then   physical condition  Sent to any jiddre   in a pt ftled  wrapper on the receipt of TEN CENTS      Those who hav  contracted a certain loaihromo  di ea e  and especially YOl XO MEN who have in   jured them  dv   l y eertnin ferrit liahita     wotl  a  MIDDLE AGED and OLD MEN troubled wi H  debility nnd loss of power  before applying to aty  one for trcatmeiit  should flr t rend this iiiTalnnbia  book    DR  DF WEES  FEMALE MONTHLY REGU   LATOR  a safe ami certain remedy for Ohntrticiion   IrreguUritie   Ac   nnd i  the only reliable  pl  ventire of pregnancy   Price  1 p  rbox nr  L  be eent by mail      The author may be c  neultc l  eithe  i  or by letter  on nil the di  ea e  of wjj  treat   nnd medieinc4 rent to all    try with complete instruction   secured frr ui danger or rurijj  lable    Office 31 1 Fifth utreel  lj  feryon    OJJict hour  fmU  dov  8 to 1 1 A  M    Add i   K 1   COlfllJI   celfl r     u cd m   saiuh    It h il effected c i rex in Tinm A Ki   wh rc tho mrist skillful phv ic ai  in this  muriirv and in Europe hav   o h ii employed   and ha ve exerciieil their skill in vo n     which they have pronounced in ir ibb   and  surrendered a  hopeless bcyonl a  lonbt   leaving the patients without a finglu ray to  enliven them in their gloom  hav   been cur  1  by Dr  Hill   Ba ham  and thn 1   victims of  consumption   ar   novv vigorous and atrong  as the must robust ain  ng u   And these  case  are not isolated on      they arc numer   ous  and can be pointed out in every com   munity whore this most unrivaled remedy  ha a b cn tested    Be slow  then  to believe the oft ropeatod  story about tho lungs being g  nc   or rather  let no such apprehensik n induce you to give  up  Act upon the principle that while the o  U life there iv h  pe  You cau never be to b w  that you may nut trust  humanly speaking   in Unit s Bal suin  More thr n one  liny  hun   dreds haa it brought almost fr  in dtuth to  life  when all ei c had tailed  Ui c  then   this powerful but harml c  nni   y a trial    Gall on the agent nnd get u pamphlet gratis   Tho treatise on i onsumpt ion nl  la  i  worth  tho price for the nudicinc  u will find cer   tificate  of physiicinns in Cine nnati  rud ol  others whose cures have been  L c ud here at  home  where they can be lound      W     All of the Most Popular   Patent JSed iei lies      TOOTH  NAIL  CLOTII    an   3 1 A I3T B HUSH ES      DENT A h   Surgical Instruments   Appliances      Fuporior Chesting nnd Smoking   TOBACCO and CIGAIlS      Carefully attendod to al all time       V   IS           4 fit  V   1   IF PHYSICIANS WILL USE IT  WHY IS IT  NOT SAFE FOR THE PEOPLE    1 INClSSAII  NoV  2     A  I  Frovil i  A Co    I i rr Firs     I hr jniLllo fi irrrallv Flo fully  aviarv of lliv ili iin i  l  ol rui iji    for  li    rv vii li i KK  nr iivr Ik   t ilif ol ftruj fl   ril     Villa  PlasKrs  I iD iniiil   vie   li nt  nro    ilv iiMiflil to llo ir Tiriice  lrovj h tho  Ik vv piji  rs  by wn      hiIm rlh  lut nl  1   My  oLivci in v ritioj  i Li  lioiv lor   uhlivai ir n i   to imliH e the jiuLliv  or ni If i  1   l o i olio are  odiivled   il if ev will i  e I litriil nudiolno     lo ukc one th it rojitaine nitir li f of rt I tue in  pulipc l nri Hill  oi I i ni I   luei  u  ihi t i i  to doing 1   mu imp tii 1 i l ui f lofctFi  i nlly   prill del i yntory lo li e iiitft  M  of iiid M l   eieiicv pnii the ngnl  tr j iscmii n rf ft xi a ii   cine     1 he mrdirine Ir  v hitli I refi r if TV  UoU t  Fnhotii for Hr 1 rr rr 1 hi  o yi urTxl it  In a large numl ir   l rn es  oi d hi nv  wi h  Eiicooee  Ui   re e in  nrtift hr lo nhii h I  wieh now to uler  wu  k   v   c   n i tv Fivfial  t hyrieirn  who hml I fin euNed in n n ulin   t ioii with mjeelf  Ui  j ati  nt hi d nil the  ejuiplomp   i eoi liimed   tun n  tlic ii  ttn h  pv cold niL ht Fwiilfs  hectic f v r  lipra eing  cough  wiili cr nlintit d j pin in the loLc of tlie  ri ht lung  niundul with feverc diprrliru    He COtnimnccd inmn dioUiy logfl tetter li   the use of the nhovc named indicire  Pnd  WPS soon rcptored to hi  u ltnl hrr llL   I  hove nlfi  found I r  Hall s Bnleoni the moat  Talunble exjwrtoriint for hrioking itj  dip   Ir ssiptr rough  and cold  thpt I hate ever  ueed  1 AY  D  WRIGHT  M  D         More FhysicianB  Testimony    AVo  the undersigned VliyFirinn  of  Cincinnati  certify that Dr  AVright   slate   inenls arc entitled lo the fulleet confidence  of tho public  and wc can fully corrobpralc  what he has  aid  having used I r  Hall s  Balsam in a number of eases with the hap   piest ellect  J  b  J AV  SON   M  I        p WM  r  SMITH  M  D     J  I  JOHNSON  M  D    jC   Jlc sure and ask for Dr  Wm  Hall s  Balsam    For sale by the Proprietors    A  L  SC0VILL   CO     No  12 AVost Eighth S reet  Cincinnati    Also   For sale by Bagbv   Hill  Glasgow  John S   Park  Ghi  gow Junction  Patmore  k Suiiib  Bear  Wallow  C  Y  Wilson  Horscwell   apl2 y   WESTERN REMEDY   1          JWKS WBYS   I An  xperieured Nurroand Femalo PUy    cnt  to the nttrntion tf mother   h   SOOTHING SYRU   FOU CHILDREN TKKTIl J NO      whifh gr atlv facilitate  the of treiliing  bv   lolt eniug the gu me  reducing nil inflajnmnti a     1 will allay ALL PAIN and ppanmodic neiinn a d f   SURE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS   Depend upon it  mother   it will give rrM    yourselve   nnd   l RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS    Wo have put up nnd old thi  article for over  on    yearn  and c n say  in confideueo nud trnth of it   whit wo have never been aide to put of any    t k c   medicine   NEVER HAS IT FAILED  IV I    SINGLE INSTANCE  TO EFFECT A Cl RE    1 when timely u ed  Never did wc know nn in     w        r n   Ptanf C of dihPntipfnction hy anv one wh  aped it   PhjSlclailS  Orders   1 rpscrlptfons Omhc ef ntrary nll are delighted with it  oprmtir ti   nnd ppeak in terms of commendation of ilP imigieftl  effect  and medical virtue   We ppci k in thi   wni   ler NVI1AT W h DO K NOW   after ton yrnr    ip    rieu e  AND PLEDGE 0UK REPUTATION FOR  THE FULFILMENT OF WHAT WK HKRff  DECLARE  In nlinost every instance where the  infant i  suffering from pain and exhaaxtion  relief  will ho found in fifteen or twenty minuted after  pvrup is administered    Thi  valuable preparation D ihc prepfriptiaa  f  onn of the most EXPERIENCED and SK 1 LI  T L L  NURSES in N Mw England  and hn  been u  dwiik   NEVER FAILING SUCCESS in   THOUSANDS OF CASES    It not only relieve  the child from pain  bnt    vigoratvs the ttomnch nnd bowel   correct  neiditv   and give   one and energy lo the whole pyciem  It  will almost instantly relievo  GRIPING IN THE BOWELS  AND WIND COLIC  and overeomo eonvul  ion   which  if not speedily  reme lied  ond in death  We believe it the BEST  and SUREST REMEDY IN THE W CHILD  in all  capes of DYSENTERY and DIARRHOEA IN  CHILDREN  whether it arise  from teething  or  from any other cause  We would sny to every moth   er who lin  a child suffering from any of tho fore   going complaint     do not let your prejudice   nor  the prejudices of others  stand between mu   d  your suffering child  And the relief that will be pnro    ye   absolutely  urc   to follow the u e of thin  medicine if timely used  Full directions f r using  will accompany each bottle  None genuine upi im   the fac similo of JEREMIAH CURTIS k SON   New York  is on tho outside wrapper    Fold by Druggists throughout the world   Principal Office  1 3 Cedar Street  New York   fl J   Price only 23 cents per bottle    For sale iu Glasgow by Ragby k Hill  nod E  W      The attention of the public is invited to exam   ation of my stock  which will he  old at low prices  for cash  or to punctual dealers on short time    June 21  tf     l  S        5        es Z        H o  C 7      V             3e     5 o     I X     Nuckolls      Nov      THIE      now in scs   Poops on his own            Wo   won it   those suffering  Bronchitis   e   to nn     call tho attention of  from Consumption   advertisement in     BOONE TOBACCO WAREHOUSE j   MAIN ST   BET  NINTH AND TENTH    LOUISVILLE  U     J llE above large and commodious Warehouse is     now in operation for the inspection and sale of I  Tobacco  The proprietors have spared no expense          make i  m every rc p  ct what a wnr   i  U h   another COltimn ol this papcr 5 Ol an im  should be for the sale and purchase of Tobacco      Tho building  being of brick  thoroughly lighted      portant discovery for the cure of those  diseases  now introduced for the first  time to the American publicly Messrs   Leeds  Gilmoro Se Co   of New York    March 23d 1 in      with mctalic roof  and on the pquaro adjoining tho  two warehouse  now in operation  will  they hope  i  with their own exertions  merit a share of the  planters  and dealers  patronage    Reklrkncka    The merchant  and kuiinaes men  of L ui vill  generally    mb 2 3t  ft LOVER A   O t     discovered by a missionary in Arabia    All who are suffering from Asthma  Scrofula nnd  Impurities of the Blood  should u e the MAKORA  ARABICA  discovered by a missionary iu Arabia    It cures Consumption    It cures Bronchitis    It cures Sore Throat  Coughs and Colds    It cures Asthma  Scrofula  aud Impurities of thu  Blood    This unequalled remedy is now for the first time  introduced to tho public    It was providentially discovered by a missionary  while travelling iu Arabia  He was cured of Con   sumption hy its use after his case was pronounced  hopeless by learned physicians in Europe    lie has forwarded t   us in writing  a full account  of his own extraordinary euro  and of a number of  other cures which have come under his observation  and also a full account of the medicine    At his request  nnd impelled by a desire to ex   tend a knowledge of this remedy to the public  we  have had his communication printed in pamphlet  form for free distribution  Its interest is enhanced  hy an account which he give  of  oine of the scenes  of tho Syrian tnassacres  which he obtained from  those who were sufferers in that awful tragedy    This pamphlet may be obtained at our office  or  it will he sent free by mail to nil who apply for it  1   Wc import the MAKOJtA AH  li   A direct j  from Smyrna through the house of Cleon A  Gy lip     pus  and wo have always on hand a full supply put  up in bottles ready for use with full directions    Price one dollar per bottle  Sent by mail  on  receipt of price  and 24 cents for postage    For sale wholesale and retail by   LEEDS  GILMORE k CO      Importers of Drugs and Medicines   61 Liberty St   N  Y  j  Also  by Druggists generally   mh23 y   The Boriuggci     T HIS wonderful article  just patented  i  some   thing ENTIRELY new  and never beforo offered  to agents  who are wanted everywhere  Full par   ticulars sent frkk  Address   SHAW k CLARK    mh23 i wly  Biddcford  Maine    WJ E have 100 choice varieties  adapted to garden    YY culture  Price per dozen papers  sent by  mail  30 cents  alwavs in advance      PITKIN  WTARD k CO     rnh  y Louisville  Ky        7    v  i   Dr  MERWIJt     FEVER Sc AGUE PS LS      Tifiomsts L  l o  ri    Attorney and Counselor at Law    GLASGOW  KY    IT   ILL practice in Barren and adjacent counties    Y Y Prompt attention given to the collection of all    Claims  Offic e in tho  Froe Pursa  building  Race  Street  up stairs    Rkfehkes    H on  Ah  Carulfccrs  Hon  Nathan  Green  sr   Hon  Nathan Green  jr   Hon  John C   Carter  Ga   Professors of Law School at Lebanon   Tcnn   Judge James Bryan  Col   V  E  Munford   M  H  Maupin  Glasgow  Col  T  L  Bransford   Capt  Calvin IV  Jackson  Nashville  D  R  Young  k Co   Otter Jt Allen  llar    y  eale k Co   Louis     ville   jnnlO y     J  A  POCSSRAV   Edmonton   Ky      M  H  Owsley   JturlurilU  Ky    Rousseau   Owsley    ATT ORXEYS A T I   A W    EDMONTON  METCALFE COUNTY     sn   Hurksvillo  Kv    jp a    Prompt attention giveu to the collection of  claims  and all other business confided to them    TIN AND  STOV T1 STORE    T o o ni e y IB a 1 1      Successors to Tootney A Shelley     GLASGOW  KY    ITTM  IL HALL  having purchased the interest  V  of Jobn Shelley  tl     cM will in     future bo   ond acted by hi    ui  l Mr  loomcy     under tho firm of TOO ME     l  Ll icy aio    prepared to fwnish      Tinware    ooklna      i    Heating    Stoves  Stove   i    aes  ic      At fair prices to all who b       a ith their    patronage  Repairing ai 1 r    j Atom werV dono to    order       Old Rrn    fgj pcr aud 1    1  r c xcharge    for ware  f    1 CALL      For tho permanent cure of Fever and Ague Chills   Fcvoi Cougostive Chills  Remittent Fever   Bilious Fever  Dumb Ague  and all periodical j  diseases that have their origin in the mias   matic effluvia arising from decayed vegetation   These Pills never fail to euro all uf tho above  named Fevers  and what L better  they also act as j  a preventative  if taken occasionally  or daily  while 1  exposed to the infection Hence the old adage  j    Ah ounce of prwenfotirt is icurth a pouml of cure    I  Dr  Mcrwin s  Fever and Ague Pills   differ from  all other Chill Medicine  iu tho following particu     lar      1st  They never fail toerform a speedy nnd per     tuu Dent cure    2d  They arc recommended only for one class of    diseases    i d  They arc agreeable and convenient to take   4th  They contain no poisonous miucrals  being  pu ely vegetable    6th  They do not impair tho organic function  of  the stomach orauy part of tho system    6th  They require no other medicine to prepare  the system for their reception  or afterwards to allay  irritation    ith  They aro not a northern  catch penny  humbug   but are prepared by gentlemen that were  born  reared and educated under the benign inilu  J  cnees of southern institutions    yt 2r Romcuibcr when you purchase these Pills   that  you aro not contributing ineaus for  Ynnkre  Emigrant Aid Societies   or Sharps  rifles and bow i  I  knives  for  Bleeding Kansas   as you many times  have done  in buying northern article    Wc wish all to distinctly understand that this  is a Southern Medicine  prepared from the simple   plants that grow in our Wood  lands  on our River  buuks  Bayou  and Lukes    a special merit ir  with to call attention to  the fa i that in u ing this medi  inc you only take a fetr    Pills  Is not thi  preferable to sicalfnirittg a pint of I  nCtUscoa  mixture   ehich   at best  can only produce the j  same resnlC   Price One Dollar per Bottle    One Dollar and four cent postage stamps  en   closed to the Proprietor  or to almost nny Dealer in    Medicines in the  Southern States  will enshro ubot   i tie of Pills hy return mail    POTTElt k MERWIN  Foie Proprietors    Saint Louis  Mo  i   Fold in GIs g w by Baghy k 0  H and B  W  Ntjck  c lf  and all every where      PLACE   TO GET   ONE S MONEY BACK    IS AT        uwwmi   CORNER OF   Ra   3 and Main Streets    Who have on hand a fine assortment of   Dry Groods    Boots and Shoes  Ilats and Caps    Iteady Miide Clothing    Bonnets and Trimmings    Fine Press  Joods    In cnflloss variety anti of rupcrU richnorv   PRINTS and DOMESTIC S    HARDWARE  QUEENSWaRE  CVTI ERY      and  uudry   PTousokieeping cYrticle s    417 fi invite tho public to a fair examination of  V  our Good   with the assurance that they will  lose nothing in comparison with any stock in Kcu   tucky  nnd that we can and will sell them at as ac     com m oda ting price  as the times will justify  We  are prepared tv offer special inducements to buyers j  for cash nnd marketable produce  or to punctual  men on  hurt time  Call and examine our stock   scp2i  tf BETHEL k DAVIDSON      TMM SPOT I   NEW STAY   A lYi t  WEW GOODS    1 TAKE pleasure in announcing to my old pat   rons and the public generally  that I have    opened on Green street in thu Glasgow Hotel build   ing  a clothing and variety store  consisting in part  as follows   Over coat   fine and common business  Coats  Pants  Vests  Shirts  Collars  Neck Tie     Pocket Handkerchief   Gloves  Suspenders  Blank   ets  Comforts  Gents underware  men and boys   Hats and Cap   Pocket Cutlery  Hair and Clothe  Brushes  Porttnonies  Portumery  Blank Book  and  SCHOOL AND MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS   Ftationorv  Musical Instrument   Toy   Cigar   To   bacco  Candies  also  n large and desirable lot of  Boot  nnd Shoe   and in fact everything that is usu   ally kept in the furnishing nnd variety bnsineo  nil  of which have been purchased at low prices nnd will    sold accordingly  Call and examine my stock be     fore purchasing elsewhere  and you will find my  I goods cheaper for CASH than goods bought on 12       BRrOR   TAKIXO TUB   Elixir      after taking tu    nixii      and 1 ff month  credit  Money saved is money made   Thankful to tho public for thoir patronage here   tofore extended me  I respectfully solicit a continu   ance of thesamo  K  B  EVANS    oet4 tf     Attention Farmers    i   1 1IAVK in store nnd for sale for cash the follow   ing seeds  viz     OATS    CLOVER   EKD    TIMOTHY SEED    HERDS GRASS SEED    I   ORCHARD GRASS SEED    BLUE GRASS SEED    HI NGA1UAN GRASS SEED    MILLET GRASS SEED    AI o a largn lot of SHAKER G ARDEN  SLEDS   warranted good frc h reeds  crop of I Stitt  j     nth lfi   3w  JOHN SOlTAN        CARD      MKDLCAJ    Dr  Benjamin L      Dlt  WHIGHT S   CKLRtlR ATKI    R K J U V ElN A T I N  1 EMU   Prepared on the strictest Pharmaceutical priuoipb Jl  hy one of tho ablest Chemists of the age    This is altogether n new medicine  the result of    modern discoveries iu the   egetnldu kingdom  be   ing an entirely new and abstract method of cur  irrespective of all the old and worn out  vstvn     published by accomplished qunek  lo the filtering   Dr  Wright well knowing the decepriun prnctie d  upon the uninitiated  felt it hi  duty at once to hn e  thi  Elixir tested by the whole Medical Faculty   who  without even one dissenting voice  have git f u  iu their adherence to it  perfect and undivided con    trol over the whole physical man when bit framo  ha  been reduced  and when nil other medicine   of the Pharmacopeia have In en tried in voit   1  05  thoughtyears of patient inve tigation  and  desperaudum determination  have crowned tljj  tor   efforts  and he now offer  the Elixir   ing hirmanit  ns the only thing thntj  following diaeazer   unmely     GENERAL DEBILITY  Ml  AL DKPBK SFION  1 vl  Ml NATION OF BLOODJ  FUSED IDEAS  11 Yi  KITAB1L1TY  KF Sj  LESS NESS AT    FLA U F FFHsj  DYSPEPSIA  E5  DISORGANIZATION  GENERATION  V    II KART    And  in fact  all the roneoinitnl  debilitated stale ol the   yntcin    An  i iiiiiil iutr   It i  quite different from alcoholic prej  Il i  nul pubjoet to rea  tiou in any khape  it7  1     tv wert ii  Inffuence  gradually rad eAeira  a  long as the least Deeeetity exiut  for its pre   ence    1 n st S Finnic Mrdirfne    It i  equally powerful and effeotitc  end reptorcs  the equilibrium sooner and safer than nil  ha  th r  medicines which for years bare flooded the maikct   and which are only injurious  in place of a ri tieg  or renovating the eon s til ni ion  for a veiv goi d tr    eon  too  that they are only trtn fe frasu tho etfuBiou   of tfiindc ignorant of thu Medical profb  ivu alto   gether    Tf in  rit  n    Dr  Wright thinks it well t   stake hi  j rofi  loB    ul character on the that no minerals wbntrvw  form the least CMn muei t part  of the ingrodivu t   in hi  Rkji Vo at ing Iti ivii   well knowiog what  ruin ha  been entailed on thu cuminunitj h  opiniu  suit mercury    Generally  to the debilitated  Dr  Wilght rvonld  say  A Vrcr d  pair  No to a tier f ow worn down  you may be   no imittjy         we ilfy m are   no m iK   t  r what the cm use may have been   forsake at once  whatever has led you to depart from llygieaiu pri      ciplc    take his   Hejiivoirifiitg i iixit      And you will eoni find yourself a new man      pride instead of the reversu  to yonr fiiend   and a  iic Hthy  sound  and wortltw member of the human  family         1PfrPrice 2 per pottle  or tlmre bottles for  nnd forwarded hy mail to nil parts of the United  State   a 0    Sold bv all respectable Di  iggi     throughont KKo  1 Ue trade supplied at     l United Flafe  and Canada     Lawless      a Rlwal discount    PHYSIC IAX AXD St KGKOIX      GLASGOW  KY     21 ftnfl 1   1 rhftrtrc  5tHri7 New Ortcan   Lft    ou Gr cn Slrcct    a ttc Ragby Hour   FoM in S isg   Lv L  gLy A Hill P  IP  Nuolr    rhere bo may bo fooiaV all lift    us lots y rafs      aL   sod      fle   rf ore  v a hero  i  ilson  P  tit i   tionally absent  8 j   Ji tf  X oui  iu   vkolesabj agvutr    fov  ly          

Free Press: 1861-03-30

2 pages, edition 01

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