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date (1849-12-08) topic_Emancipation_Abolitionist newspaper_issue '.-it'*'!!**!) 

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'CftaVB Aid* TMMOi; HOLD VA8T TllAT «M|0a It 

fM6 nr. 





rAUL sTymoum. 

pas hi 

Fur III'' Cxaala*'. 

•Lip with 

Im l^p 

Aenin, we ahoultl have aa fillow- 
ery. bactuM Um ohofch w 

hold of slavery. Chris- 
tiu... i-wr ehri^uw who hu etcleei- 
*»ucai Loonection willirftvery w raapooM- 

Um •»ii*eooe ol ^Uve^) m ilie land. In 
tiM oM wwW in PMiti. Mobunmedan. 

and lie«tli. ii . (.uticnea, the people are rial nc 
ot' true nu^nanimiiy and 

Iii ( 

up in ilUa ^p(til 

^ outil, lho«^b DOl (o U|0 aaiue auiount — I fellowship to slaveholder!, are you 
but will lain BMi iiMlla^riniteUaniiht: I right towaids the poor ahve? Are 
_ loving your Migfabor aa yoanalf. 

Br. Pbilar, a praraiaaat Baptiat divine. Would you ha\e him act ao fO' 
in his discua»ion willi Dr. Wayiuiki , main j if you were in bonds 
ained that aiavaij ia aol aiiUul, but aaue* I Yea, omm, are yoa aetiog ricbt toward 
lioned by ObiM Mi lib ApoatWMd talla jObriat. At «i« jadgmMrt *qr he will aaf 
ihe world how his drove of alavM will I to you — "1 was an hungered, and ye gave 
fondle about bim. Shocking' liiai a rum. { me no meat. 1 was a suanger, and ye 
o( tba l eak aiKl luwly JeMis, should { took me aot in; Baked, and ye ciotbcd me 
atthia age, and is tbia laiid, gbry in be- {not; aick and in priaen, and ye viated mt 
ing a tyrant— a daafot, boldiog bunan tie inot;" — neithier by your person, yook vote; 
"6' — yea, his own 6r« Ai«f» Mui J|il«r8 in j nor your influence- in church or atata. 
the ohutcb, Mjmpnfpt. AUovar Iba laod | "Dtpn (torn me, ye curaed, iMo o«arkal- 

aud with line Sre, prepartii for the devil mi im an- 
.he e\cepti«a«f OBC, the large uiaai', as tar |?el»; inasnuu i, ntt ye  )i l it not unto the 
M we know, aio daf ending alovery aasuic I leaat of one of ibeae ihv bfaihren, ye did it 
lioaed by the Bible. } not 10 iM»t "Hmt. mm 

KefuMlltnj BdpiislS 

^baonuii, i're«i(iei i 
•lands quite 

at{kdJh|.''-Philoi o«* y of Hjaeeia m idee 
iiiaimii Ute ptiiloaopliy of 

' not 10 iM»t 

In this body I Christ, vonr Savioof, 
uf Uacuii C'olle^.e, I (iriacn, ni«r«iy bi 
taiineni. In hm 

rty lo the captive, in cur ^ 
own country, more than aaweny five y» ir. j ^"i *'; '.P'''''!^"'^^"'; *'»PP'"f*»-  
siuce, iiK-  iii»;a:nen of our natioa ao 

unfurled to the world our • poliiical 


iiesa, ' he iclla u« thai liuniility u eHseiui;il 
to happineas^ aad utal alavery pioiuotaa 
iMppiMBB by laediif iMMwIiiy lo ibe slave. " 

( I'liforiuiiii ely the poor iiiubier is left wi:li 


the ordinance of ibe PaMOver, he 

M a slave ill yonder 
he wanted to be 
free nidii — g/u pt DleOMV iiaiuftF&liiar'a 
«iUf^^ aaw a MjrtiMlii pfMcbef Inpii 
in oar Staaa, wHli Keanae to pieoeh the 
 ;o8peI of Ci.risi, kiul his niily crime was 
mat above named. He wa« a meak, bum 
bi« follower of Clmal- a m u lana aaan;) 

lie wa. i ilifii liutik-rv. weary and 

1 I 

lilt, would you iiui Ht I. And in addition 
io this, Koppoaa he wa» tiou^lit and aold as 

■ /« I / r 

a t\ fVH^ 

faiiij/' j ^ays: — *'(j(id engruved his approbation of I a chattel lb noB, who drove him to unie- 
d!^ril^ hbeTty lo bJan unabenableii^'lit.j ''^'""^^ slavery on iha. also." Acd. |-|'jittd toil, would you not feel that you 
and thereby slavery wioag. Ottt ball of ' Jehovah swreotype his approba- 

the Siaie* of u.r conte 'er-uy have by law "oOOl douieMicaUvery. by incorporating 

- wiOi (he Jeviah religion. Again, 

etcluded it from ibeir territory. And now, 
dim^lMMt Ike 8oad^ ataiaaineo. (M l'" ^i 
an*, and political econoiuir*ts are declaring 
alavery an evil, a sore upon the body poii. 
licadaaillf Vi *^. casunk; its poisonous 
(xhalaiioaB imoa all (bat u lovely and e\- 
uillgai And now, when drivea from every 
hold, M the criminal of olden dme, it finds 
safety only by flyii^ lo the aancUianr. and 
laying hold ujhju the harwa of the altar.— 
Aod here, a mon-t- r conceived tiy avaiice 
•ad biDUght fotib by tyranny, u ah the 
■iHdarad righia of oiaakind for its food, 
Aa leara of or|ihan!  for '.:» drink, imple- 
MBii of Mrtnte for its dresa, aod the aever- 
ed afeetioaB of husbands and wives for its 
work i: a^k^ ! the prieot at the altar to 
throw o\ r li me mantle of patriarchal 
ussiie and Bible sanctity. 

fbe work of lofomv baa beau done by 
ibo e who will lia*-e Hhah «o laaat for the 
priests," and "w 11 take ii by force."— 
I Sam. 2; 16. 16- All the large denoui- 
iaalioos of the load Iwee them. As speci- 
MM— .Presbyterians, (Old S:hool) It is 
wM known thsi that aody, in General 
AammUy. met in 1B46, «nd r«ol«e(i 
slavery is not sinful, and iu practice 
to communion.— See Report of tba 
nilte. Thia haa been the !^tiled pol 
that body ever sinea. A D. D.. and one 
of the moderators of the Amembly, m hi» 

pamphlet on the subject of slavery, 

**AeeeiduM to ibe Bible, a man may suitd 
iallwMlnSan of a eaaamr aad hold slaves 
and yet be a fiir and reputable, and con- 
iiauot profeasor of the religion of the Hi- 
Ua." Tbit the Hebrews held servants as 
perpetual property and tranamitted them to 
their ctiiidren — that Oneainius was a slave, 
Piulemon a slaveholder, aod Paul re- og 
niaad Philemon'a rifht to bia alave by send- 
ing the slave back to hhn. 

I know the case of another minister i i 
the aaoM cburcb, and in our Suie, w ho, 
Am Im nngbt mke aaeAm ama'a wifoftom 
him, (which voman he claimed a« I s 
slave, and said to be so white that .she wat* 
freckled,) haatcned from bouse to hou^ on 
Sabbaih morning to liire the sons of Pres 
byterian Hders to go forthwith and hunt his 
alave wooun; and being reproved by a 
Ifeihodist (riaier for taaiptu^tbe young 
BMu to ;;o and deoaoraM the Habbath, be 
replied: "Maddin. it ir  the prcarhei's ni::- 
fan." ThtM, not only a slaveholder and 
atbaabfaedar, bat a " p n atii m ^ delivered 
to do ihf«ie th n£rs. and to desecrate tba Sab- 
bath. Aod yet, that man waa. aad is a 
preacher ia gaad aad wt^tlm aamdiag in 
that body. 

Ttiat there are aome excellent spirit! in 
that body, who, in our State art- piemlini; 
laa caaaaoffraedoaia iatroe; but tbey have 
the iirnniiil r f af fclUwahiping aocb in 

»;)y«. — "I tiaidly know wl i h 
dccooatable — the profound igM«ance of ih 
Kibfo. or *o mtliiiy of cool impodenc 

a.-id infidelity, luanileMed by 


most tn 


thoae who 

ou^ht to raise yuor voice, your name, your 
iidDence againai aucb injuatice and oppres- 
^ionf If you do aot tbaa ael for the poor 
ave — hi!  ii-presenMlv^'— be will ! ay lo 
 ou at that last day, **iaonaeb ao ye did it 
not to oaooftbo least of theae my brethren, 
ve did it not to me." Chr'Stian brother, 

{ ro(eae» to oe chrisuana, and y€'. dor* aj/irm vuu cannot reluae to come out of iellow»hip 
'JuU tfu book of God gnm m tmiiim to from aoch ialqoity without ineuning guilt 
sla^hMdiHg ' ; " Once mora: Do you not now doubt at 

These area few. out of hundredM of tx the propriety of esting in fellowship 
amples that might be adduced, »howmg that with eitortionera, — with slaveholders' Be 
the church ia Ibe autM^ bald— the great de- 1 hoocat with yourself, for you have no inter- 
lenco of alavery. Aad the ve^ mioiaMa jeat ia decei v i ng y ourarlf. aearing eonaetoace, 
who are ibua pandeiing to di!.«"poi sni are |nur turning a deaf ear to its^. An- 

Here followa 
now ibf Loid aaidfiljiio AbrahamTflaC  bee 
oatafthf aMmUy,apd from thy kiadiad 

and from thy fatherf houii^ MM a 
til at 1 will allow ibaa^ 
"And I will makodrttbee a great 

and 1 will bleM thse aiMl make thy name 
great and thou slisJI be a blessing." 

And 1 will bl«s ibem lliat biers thee, 
aadourNtbwii ikat cvraeth thee, und in 
thee aball all die Uroilieaof the earth be 
bb-aaad" tien. 1.24. 

2 But Abrabtp *amird bi* trained ear. 
"vaota, and wben Abufimi beard that hia 
irutliLi was taken ca, ive, lit- armej his 
aineti aeivantf, b^n ti^bis own booaa^" 

litem uulo Dan. Gea. 14 
Surely there muat have been nmch eon. 

fi Jenee luid affection between .Miiuliam nnd 
hu MrvttBla. If tbe|oke of servitude had 
been anywiaa oppraaaife. wbat a ft oeeae- 

iuii, afu r ihe:r iciiirn, "from the si lugliti-r 
ut CliedorlaoiiiLT and ut the Kini{:»," wlu ii 
momd by the King of Sodom, whs went 
out to meet him" and alf'* by " MelchesM?. 
dok King ul Suleui, pru'st uf lh( most 
high tjod 'who brought foitli brea| and 
w ine" to refieab tbein, and while peaaiv. 
ing hiableaaiog, while covered wttnaever- 
din^ laurel.i fium ihe fit-ld of baiile, 
we my, what a partic ular ci M|a.^ turn 
tboir anna ia defence 

rights and oti ain liB^^^ No m^Uve of 
tiiat kind seems to enter their minda Abra 
ham ia treated not only aa a ma«^, but 
rather as a fcliMa a 

bolder in 
heir com] 
* prtleiple would overti 
Mai ro with Abraham, in accordance with 
bis system Eleaxer became hia heir when 
be bad no child. 

5.— But Abiah am circumcised hia ser- 
vants, by which ihey ba4 the 
covanaal, the prooMPftat 
be Aeir God, and they 
trained in the true religion by Abri 
Thia seems to bare been tba 
why Abraham haiimeanla. 
Smiley, a distinguished and highly respec 
table Presbyterian preacher ^ Miasicsippi, 
ackaawladges that "three4bdMM of all .he 
Metbodiatd, Bpisropaliaiig, Baptiau and 

, nWlrwii 

among tao mimmera moat popular in the 
chufebea. Aad tbaae mm are aot only 

.^astaine i by the churche*, but thtir doc- 
tMne« are either practiaally carried out ni.d 
spread or tacitly OMMmMad ut. NVe sny, 
then, tlie churcbM are raipon:iible for the 
evistence of slavery. We have already 
seen that the churcbea-^the leigning reli. 
ion, shapes the public aatimeat of right 
and wrong— the morale, and even the law 
of the land. Theae are in all couiiiii .  as i 
the reiictoo. 1 be cburche , we tetwat, aie 
the tat and Iba anana toy. Wha ' 

but that if the churche   of the Uaimd 

no bar I ^*** unanimously to condemn a l a e a 

rjr aa a aia ifrinTT God and man. and iieai 
t as yuch. it — aid na  kao in aa i a e a n tty 

 wfr, do you.' Then heir what God says; 
"He that doubloth, is damned (oondamned) 

aiieady." Why' "Hfcaiise lie eateth not 
ut ^or with) iaiih. !or, wliatAoevi r is not of 
fam, it nn."— Komans U. 23. If you 
are even doubling the propriety of your 
course, ynu are coinimiiin.' ain in living so. 
Would you not cat with a clearer con- 
scteoce if you were m a church where you 
weaM b aw no cennaciimi wiib tba iniquity 
.n any foru.. I^^^}, do not trido wiih con- 
st lence. ciud may | ermii delusion, thnt 
yaa may belies  • u lie. that yoa may be 
Bar 2d Thc..'  , 11. 12. 




five years. 

Doubdetks (iod ia grieved that hit* church 
-hould be the last retreat, aad the strong 
hold of the worst eitortion— (be nmat de* 
leading lyraciiy tLn; ( Il^Ls under 
the beoMO^ wbat Wesley atyUd 
uf aH eiWIannn " bk aat time tbm die 
!«tnrlu«ry ( l.ou!d l e cleansed' 

Again wu should have uo le.lowship 
with slavery, becauae we tbirreby become j^'^^ ^. 
[lartakeiwin the cinlty puisuit of sla\«'ho:d 
ing. and kiiarers in the luture co.x «equcn- 

This doctrine ia teaogaiaad of God in 
uneof dM leali we bave qaoird: *K3aaie 

out of her my people, th at ye not parts 
kers of her aioa, mod that ye receive nut of 
her plagaee." Gad botda ovary masi and 
woman responsible for tlic wrong doing of 
(he association of whico ibey aie i. com- 
ponent part, laadar, if yoa vera a mem- 
t»er of 3 company of pirateiv — if it were 
only your butineia to atay on the land, and 
keep ibo depot — the priaon in which the 1 
unhappy vidima were incaceraied, — did 
von partake ia dm daliberatian of the com- 
pany, and w«Te you n sharer in the divi 
lenda, giving your support lo oftcera, and 

company, would you not feel thai yon were 
equally guilty with tboae engaged in 

rmttmm mm* Cutt 

I ilii.- K.xu-iliK 

Wo have always bean particular and 
guarded, to eonneet Ookadmrioa with 

Emancipation; a.  the intellects of some 
pro-alavery men are so dull of comprehen- 
sion, thM they can see no distinction be 

tv een omancipatiori and abolition ' — b«- 

ween Mttin^' a slB\f tree in an hour. ir. 
ve.siini: Kim \ itli all the liberty, immunity 
privileges of a wbile man; — to vote. 
[I )-••(• against a white man, and even 

our d«ughter!», whii h is aMifion, 

iquiuei^ I 

ia lha 

This body, in their Gen- 
eral Assembly, got rid of the responsibility 
of de&aile acuon by referring the subject 
. m Ibe Preabyteries and Synods. One 

of UMamnllar iadicaloricaaaid; "Raaolved. 
Giaet Head af Iba Cbareb 

the Giaet Head af ttrn UMwea nao la- 

cognised the lelatian af ma-ster and slave, 
W oooacianuoualy bs l iavi that alavery is 
■ala Migaiaat Gad." Oa the door of 
Aa iMlGineral As! emb1y, a member bold 
Ip dodrndi that he had "bought a slave too 
mam, and bad paid for her in prsadktn^." 

True, moat, if n iC all the iadividuai 
cburcbm ia tba free Statea, bold no slaves, 
but they bp tbeir eccleaiaatical connection 
aritb aocb amn aa above deacribad, aad by 
Ibeir co-operation, aoalaia tba 
practice of men who are sli 
MMdaf% and alaveinders. 

Tba Ms ^ad i s M Hsatb . Tbmbadf.K 
is well known, seceded from the North on 
tba around, not only that their laity might 
MAhair blavea, but alao that tbeir Bishops 
Mi travrlini^ mini^itery mirlit; that thore 
dhould be nothing in ihe resuiclion of tbeir 
members, that looked like censure or 
alaveholding: and we can now not only 
poiat lo ioataaees where the membera hold 
elaves, but boldly traffic in them, severin;: 
aaan tba malber aad the lander infant 

TbaObmcb Mai*, ar Matbodiat Epis- 
il^l Church. This body, ii. is well known 
■nda ao efforla lo aecure the Mparaiion, 
tbm aba migbt bo Aoe foom slavery, aad 
haa in her territory "wvernl slave Slates, 
with forty thousand slaveholders aod twenty 
aavMdiooMadaUvea."*— PtUa&ary. Aad 
iba\iU take OMKe if she can get them — is 
trying. Dr. Piek, s prominent divine in 
that churcb, says: "The relation of master 


and gradually to prepare ibt alave for lib- 
I eriy, and tban mm bim to bia 

To set the negro s frei anxmg i !•. invest 
ihem with equal privilegeT , we abhor as 
ii.ucb aa any pio-slavcry man. The pre- 
judice between the white and colored racaa 
vill not admit it; and it would not be for 
l leir mutual happutem. Practical aboli- 
t.on wou'd be worae than alavery. We 
ran hardU keep thetn in Older la it is; if 
(reed imiong it would be fa* taonw*. 
But when there is aucb a VMt fiflierence 
Em a ncipaden aad abalidon, why 
do pro slavery editors speakers, and private 
gentlemen confound the subject? Is it in- 
IligentT Isitpolitief b U talliag the 
truth, to call a gentleman an odious name, 
when he abhors ihe word and holds no 
rinciple embraced in its meaning/ 
W e ate not aoking for "quarter." or yet 


These aorvants weie " Trained" syvania. 
Tbey were aarvama Uiat bad been CmckU 
ed and hutnKlad in the priadplca of relig- 
ion, but what slave state in cj»e of war m 
making a call on the militia would ordt r 
oat tbealavaa? irMarmed^nka Abaham's 
servants, would not those arms be struck 
fur I beily It is no uncommon thing in 
the aoulh for ma-sters to go aramd for fear ol 
sla\es, and 1 know of a roan nsi fifty 
miles off, who goes armed amoig in* 
negroea and whose bed. room is a strong 
battery. But this ia ixx a single gaae in 
Kentncky: many act tboa ia aalf dafem e 

here, as well as :n ilit- cotton fieUs and 
sugar farms of the south. Two great faults 
grow aal af madam riavery wiihoai which 
it cannot endure. 1st. they muat be raised 
lip and kept in ignorance. The customs, 
usages and laws of the slave sialea are de- 
cidedly against or unfevorablelotheir being 
trained in religion. 2nd. Severity is forced 
on the masters. These two facts, ignorance 
and 8everity« which are practical elamenu 
of the system make i« amal ahaertkmable 
and asenoun •)u«»tion. aad «bicbkaaiu  
parallel in Abraham. 

{ 3 Again it aeeou very prabable, that the 

' relation of .\brah8m't servants to l-isn was 
two-fold. 1st his Berv.tnij«; as an individual 
master. ~nd his servants a^ a   hief or 
prince. See Gen. 13: 14, that iUamrc, 
t'.schol and Aner were confoderatea wiih 
Abrain. ' .\lso tbene confederates were in 
the war with Gbe4orlaomer and bia allies. 

Dr. i^SBll iMabatllmi dMMaenfederates 
were "r'if /»," witli wrtom .'Khr.iham form 
ed an alliance for mataal defence, and per- 

gain. See 
 age 43. 

I'be ofejiiMtf havii^ alavee, 
will adant, ia for gain; how. 
American slavery compare wiik ib^ 
■jf .\braliiiin? • 

ti. — BuL^bbfabam oufriad bia aarvant 
Hagar. Oea. 1«— 1— 4. I havi 

Mt ver heard of a master marry 
in uur land. Such a 
voliing to the taate of 
pie; will) al! our enligtmnment. 
concubine and mulaiiu children 

ling for 

id that 
slavery : 
ftcient ; be- 
waa repealed 
by the seven year lawH^tbc law of Jubi 
lo- ; lite former referring to the Hebrews, 
and the latter la Hehraws and Heathen. — 
See £s. 21—1*40; Lev. 25—8—10. 


atowed on political 

otbarwim bedi^pP 

dared to t 
sufficient e 
meet their 
Wiih hfxh 
it was not soi 

decided commerce 
Wiih some e(lh 

7. — Bui even 
amaldmt Abrai 

it is somew 
the hyj 

Kroia tb« N. V. KveiilDS Pc«t. 

The following paper, wiitien with t e 
foieca-tt and comprehensiveness of an e\pe 
rienced wtaiaanma; a p paa ra ia tba Utrtfoni 
Rqmblkm. It ia pobably feaaa dw | en 
of Ex S  nator Nilea. Wbaavar may be 
kutbor. It coriatui^ pmrnMla aaam of the 
most aiaieaaMaiibaewwaaf tba fomra com- 
inerce of this continent, which have|foi:nd 
their way into print, and we hope its length 
will not deter any of our naiam feam 
ing it a careful peruaal: 

A New Em tm Ik* • r» ««s mt mm aswsHsMi 


For two centuries, the seuiementa on 
thia continent were colonies of the didbrent 

powers of Euroj e. Their trade WM con- 
trolled by the colonial system, originatin; 
vidi Iba aillsh and narrow policy of the 
parent countriaa. This policy aimed ut 
securing to each Euiopean country ine ex- 
ciuaive benefit of the trade with iii -ir colo 
Tbey weie eitlkei resUtcied eutirely 
to a trade with ibe paieM coonlry, at each 
discriminatii'in mad - in favor of that tratie 
as to nearly enciude ail iiade wub other 
The intere»t of liie colonies wa  

or several yeas 
uadiag with \ew 
to mi aader tbe 
Mith a noannnl New 
bilst the roal amak* 
f Iba Oiited 

trade WO for a 

iiisti \;iierira' 
became nearly 
and Mexico, we 
l eriod eonsideiable trade; with 
tbe lattei a cnce am«,uuied to nine oi ten 
millions, and yet before the late war, ii 
bad dwiadled dawn la abaai Iwa milbona; 
and dMt widi iba aiaiaaaMa fiannag tbe 
Rs^^ic oTOMaaiM^ bad laaama a 

w«ar  tba Cm Ij acknowledge the 

independence of these coor tnes, and to 
chetjr them on in their auuggies for libeity 
and independeaea. ladaadTt^e did much 
mure than this: aijanoariy pariad in ibai 
suuggle, when there wee leaaoa to fear thdt 
tbe "holy alliance" would aid Spam to re 
conquer ber revolted catoai e s, our fwern- 
ment boMly stepped feiwaodt and dadaoad 
to all E.irope that the Tnited States would 
nut suffer any European power to interfere 
111 tbe political cooearne of this co n tine n t, 
nor admit of aay farther colonization upon 
It. And a proposition was luaue to Con- 
greaa, supported by Mr. Clay, to pledge 
the govemaaal la go awcb iailbar, aod of- 
fer direct aad aftmaai aid l» Ama S paai sh 

But the rec«ivii.  of their 
ihiouigh Now koia. wOi 
oor Ibi 

New York 
irade, they witl 

Ecunpsan gaa^ 

iKe ceatre o' 
iv« a por -joa af 

actual aeizuie of the oapiivea?— guilty of ooraolvea, depreeaa* diia billing 

ail the teers abed, the groana entorted, and 
the blood spilt in ihe inhuman enterprise^ 
N ow the church membera are the keepers 
of that priaon; ainrir. tt we bare abown, 
the cbmch feriaadie pobKe aendmenl, and 
thereby the laws on subject, and by their 
acta not only austain tht nfamy, but op- 
poeo ihaao «ba make efforts to destroy it, 
yea, maia; obwch menibein do the work of 
aotuml atinwe— thai vf kidnapping — seiz 

gate style, knowing that such invective and 
verbage will only promote the cause we 
advocate, md de f ea t the eaoae that makes 

every master a moTiarrb, — ciuiJes him too 
often to forget himself in speaking lo white 
ia the dogmatic, imperioaa It^fld that 
IB common in addreaaing Navea. 

We prefer ^ fair discumion. An honest, 
manly debater will not call^yoo a name 
chat does not attach, or aaeam you of an 

ing human beings and cooiertin« them into ^^^^^ yoo *^ not boW. The Bmandpa. 

chatelH. Like tbe dragoo deacribed ia tbe 
ApocalyiM, they follow tbe woman till 
delivered of her child, —then pojnce U)'on 
it, tear it from the mother, and convert it 
into their property, despoiled of every right 
This is man stealing, because every child 
is by nature /rt£. Xbe aame considers 
tiona which prove that a wbii a ar a red 
child has a right lu liberty, prove that a 
black ctiilo has a right to liberty. Uur 
declaration of independence decfores tin 
same fact. And one of the principles oi 
our conatilutional compact, as declaied, i» 
to secure perjoaai liberty to tie membeir 
of tba govammeot. BlackMooe amrs:— 
' No law aboald be obeyed — ia of any 
force which coDiruvenes tie law of nature 
snd of Kevtslation." 1 he law of nature 
Icavoa every boawn being fne. 

The sbiveholder then who seizes the 
child aod ounverta it into a alave, ia guilty 
of raanatealing . The aanction of wicked 
human law4, alters not right ; n lwrong— 
altera not tbe characier of iba deed. The 
humnn anne«Mnm af Egypt, aad labmael 
made it not right to deprive Joseph of his 
liberty. He says, aliboiigb thia act wrs 
done by aarictiun of baamn lav, **l indeed 
MSB tlotcn," is every child nnd man, 
deprived of personal ownen hip. Then 
the ckuicbea bava ia iboir fellowship iboae 
wiio caaanit tba actaal wark of mansteal 
ing. And tba other members, though not 

I great diffareooa? Why not cooauU the 
ter, M li' aaadw formert 

ihemselvM directly doing thn deed, give 

it to the act 
They up 

tbeir follenabin and tacit 
of Ae aain «ba dam iba deed. 

Iiold iheii I'ellowshiM with tlio 

may, ana aaao w f^mn cai 


aHiakty." I in the deod, and aay thereby, the act ia eon 

Bwbap Haadiag. oae af Um biabapa in siamat wkb a Mr prafamioti ot laligion 

that body, says: — "The right to hold a slave] Now who does no'.eef lliaisuf h persons arf 

ia founded on tiiis rule 'Therefore, all 
flhtay wbataaoaair pa would maa should do 
la jm, d» jt even ao la theoi; for thia is 
dm law awd the j ropbeta." This ia the 
teaching of men in higb placeo, and tbia 
taaebing flowa down over thoumwda below 
dmm. It ia well t aiwi dwt dm obaiab 
North baamri^y Jmbtf dii^Mlba cbarch 

tionists of I . . ■kV liavr discussed this 
Hubject calmly and diapamionately. Nut so 
with the pro-elavofT maa as a parly. They 

lave been boisterous and abusive; and 
when argument fhiled to convince the |ieo- 
ple, King Alcohol was called to their aid in 
the last election, and certainly his majesty's 
presence did tell largely al the ballot-box. 

A righteo 18 cause, "supported by scrip- 
ture," one would think woukl not call in 
such OB auxiliary. Wlririiey ie aaid to be 
a mighty engine of the di vi!.'" What is 

But we will diHmis.s this irony, by assert 
ing u fact: if it had not inntn for whisky 
and alander. aeveral emancipation candi 
dates wooM bsat bMB alaalid in Ken- 

Well may our opponenu boast, that we 
h.ivf been "utterly defeated." Well may 
tiiey exult and triumph, and try to incorpo- 
rate perpetualiim and Hrislo :racy in the 
new oonatitolion! But we say lo aucb of 
our frienda and feUow-citiiana: Thm are 
the portents of your cause. WjMa Whipt, 
bat not conquered^ We kav^baialy be- 
gun, ir yoa are Mamd at our fittle effort, 

whero will you b ; when our cause, like 
.^mjiieM. shall be in the maturity of its 
Tan MJ Ingb m to scorn and 
treatlis with contempt; but really such a 
course, like the slorin, only hurriea tbeahip 
into port. 

Alter these remarka, for which there ia 
cause, we will proceed to uamina Aaeaar 

I erpctralor jo/" Abraham, and see if. by ( ompnrison or 
influence, there are facta to joalify American 
slavery, or slavery m it ei'iala in our slave 
Slates' Thoui;h this course hm not been 
80 extensively done by public debatora and 
writers, yet by qaating scriptiue, and giv- 
ing it an improper gloaa, die ^davebolder 

It may bo abjoctd that there is no men- 
tion of tba namber of men for the cam- 
paign fumiabed by' tbaea confederates or 

chiefs? When Abralmm and Lot came 
o il of Kgypt, after iheir sojourn, there is 
no mention of ibett servants or herdmeu 
until after their new stttlement in Canaan 
It is the style of hismry i • include subjecu 
under the name and acts of their Prince. 
If them oonfederaiaa were^iefs, why not 

Such was the growing wealth, the in 
crease of the "flocks and heids,"' heidmen 
or aarvaatoof Abraham and Lot, "that tbe 
land wax not able lo bear tbein, that they 
■night dwell together, for their substance 
was great.' ao dMd ibif Canid aot dwell to- 

••Tlien Lot choae him all the pin in of 
Jordan — and Abrahan removed iiis tent 
and came aoddwell in the plain of Mamre, 
$MA iaiMran." 

partakerti in ihe sin. ica, con-aiavoliold 
ing bfotber, Gad tapa nUka tagt, (unless 
yaa *1ioma aut") yoa are perakers of tl 

siar. Aad tbe laara of orphans, tbe groans I makes his own application to tlavwy, (fit 
of toilworn fathers and inolliera, with the exists nniong ua, when servitude with the 
darkneaa that enabrouds tbeir minds, and I Jews wa3 entirely difi|ul|iyo ^kawrican 
tbe vicea that cbain and polliite their souls, I slavery. 

ara laid i^p in God's book of reckoning, If the reader, loves aitd seeks the truth, 
and will be pounx] out as viala of his wrath we ask his attention to seven argumenta, 

the fathe' and founder of Moab, 
and Abrabam of Israel; snd each respec- 
tively being the htad and rapramntative 

of a large family, or numerons fomilies 
constituting a clan or Inb;-, were nations 
in embryo. That AbrBh;ini was .so con- 
sidered, hear what tbe sons of Helb, a 
tribe, say of him, when contracting for 
'•the Cave of Machpelah for "a burying 
place." And tbe children ol lleih an- 
swerad Abiiii—. aaylagonto him : "Hear 

us my Lttdi thou art a mighly I'riyict 
anumg us; in the choice cf our sepulchres 
bary thy dead," — Gen. t3-C. Jacob alao 
by the Angel of the Covenaat, wm not 
only pronounced, -'a Priaeo" aa having 
"power witb fla4|" bul 
Gen. 32-3& , 

Haw dw pramim af dto 
to Adam, waa trntislated UiSeth; from Scth 
to 8beoi; from bhem to Eber; and from 
Bbaria Abarimak Haia it wm enlarged 
in covenant by the promise of the land of 
Canaan. Chedoilaoiner was the son of 
Elam and grand son of Sham, and heir ap 
parent io the Isnd of GanaoB. aooording to 
Noah's prophecy. When he had conquer- 
e l the Kings ewt and west of Joidan and 
Abraham eonqueied biim what Abram 
had by promim, be new -baa by vieiary. 
And Melcheredek, King of Salem, (the 
ancient name of Jerusalem) "sees the dis- 
penaaifiHI af God and hia devolving the 
land by so special a Frovidenoe on Abram; 
snd therefore be meets him, in his return 
i^idl bread and wine, as a King, and with 
a blaosing M a Prieat; and pasaeth the 
posaaan'on of ibe laad, and af Iba Morning 
upon him." 

So then we heboid Abraham with hia 
aMvantt, af«*jiid^ Ml only dad in dw 
dignity of father, master, fonnder aad coo 
queror, but be weara the habilimenta of 
Prince in pomemion of Caaaan by promise 
and victory, whose ultimate limits extend 
from the river of Egypt to tbe great Eo 

Amidst Um splendor aad moral bearing 
of such facta, standing oolia baHMihr mi 
the chronicles of inspiration, how can the 
alava baldm apply tbe flattering unction to 
hiaadbaiiMV'W himmlf to the 

■ witb 

.i!mo»t entirely disregarded in thia policy. 
The system of Spain waa more rigid than 
ihaiof any other Europein, cj mtry, a? the 
uade with her colooica waa a govirumeni 
mono| oly whidi not only oxehsded all 
other coui.uies from partici| atirg in it, hut 
excluded the colonics also. The trade was 
confined to certain portt where the annual 
flfeis of galleons fx  } niged the producu of 
Spam and other turopejn countries for 
tbe psaducis of the mines and other colonial 
exports. In tbia trade the oolonim bad no 
8haie. and hence it i.-^ that aiaca tbmr iada- 
pendence they have exhibited so little aa- 
paciiy for commaccial enterprise. 

The separation aad iadependanee of the 
Uriti.^h American colonies gave the ir« 
bbw to lliis colonial sys.em, which render- 
ed diia entile oeadaeitlribntarv to Eaiope. 

The gr. at event — the greatest in ilaaon- 
sciuenceB that the civil history of the world 
records, raised up one independent power 
in America whoee trade wm no longer coa- 
irolb'd by Europe. Bat after Britain bad 
been compelled to r, Imi iisl; t fr p il;'.ical 
dominion over these s .aujs, she did not 
abandon bar eeheoM af controlling and 
crii'piim: their trade. That with her West 
India uulonies, sh«»»ubi 'ctfd to such restric- 
tions, as aearly annitnlaied it; aixi ma 
belligerani pawer in the c oadna nt al wma 
which soon after aruee, she enforced sacb 
restricti ns upon neutr :u . as wiis ralcul.ited 
to deprive them of the ndvanta^ea which 
they might have enjoyed as carrien for tbe 
continental powers tTgagcd in the war. 
These regulalions operated mainly against 
the Uniwd Sialsa. dMsi akaom Uw aniy 
neutral power, poasesaing any commerce. 

But the navigation act of 1789, revived 
our trade, and it htu gone on increnmng, 
until it ia aacond on^ to that of Great 
Britain bermlf. and H ia iiadni i at aa db- 
tant day to exceed hers. 

But the independence of the Spaniab 
Amerieaa B o h aim bas nol,aa yet. redeemed 
thiir tr!i i!e from European control. So far 
as their commerce is concerned, they have 
remained in a great dezree European coto- 
iiies. Without the babiia or capacity for 
trade, and wholly deMituto af maanfoctarm, 
their dependence on Kuroi e has continued; 


pendf^nt power on this cootineiit. having 
thus early lulereaiecl ourselves in then wel- 
fare, and being Uiree ibouaaad milea nearer 
to them, than th» countiimof E ma pe, it 
was natural to have s up aomi tbm we 
should baaa abamd amy Vmriy in ibair 

But dto artfel maas«ameal af Oasai Biri. 

la'.i. ai.d ihe iiej;l'i{ence of ocr own g M-rn 
menl deprived ue ut that advaoi^e, wtuch 
seemed justly due to our p aai t i e n aad aur 
« ai ly friendship maaifealed toward them. 

Bui a new commercial era hae dawned, 
«hii.h will give to the United Suies her 
just, and indeed, a 
of the independent 
pheie and of the 

of *a 

obtai ing mm» atoam vtsaels, eegii 
(iiachiocry foam ibi» caoairy. '11m 
aod msai i h rm im r aa baaily baamdial 

any txicieoce i-i tbe Spaaiib Al 
publics, 'ituty must long be « 
sooM foieiga rsaatry for dm pmiMia af 

ibasM we caa supply, as good m quakty and 
a^ i  A ;a | itve « caa bo I ~ 
land. Tbafoci%,  

here, will give aadka preference 

aad dMaaaf 

aaviga:H ii 

fved to briag 

It. Among ihese 
nt are, the reiaxa 
be mtroduc- 

ro^eaa powers. 

about this aa^pici 
causes, the more ii 
lion of tbe colonial 
lion of steam aavigatioa, lim tsaa^ conclu- 
ded with Grenada two yean l ia c a . accnriag 
to 08 important commercial advantagea, 
and dw right of wagr aeroM iIm lathmas. 
aad dm Isaa w wiib Masica. wbieb bas 
caused us to t e lespectetl by all iKe Siate* 
on this continent, and secured to us a fa 
vorable commercial treaty aad omaaaive 
posseasiona on the Paciic coast. 
i.iur inurrsts are now intimately ron 
tbe Spaniah American couo 
man dto Gulf. Tbe Una of 
fkam New Task W Otaagrea. aod 
from I'.inama to San Francisco, is among 

posaeasions have already occasioeaJ. 
whicti must, ai#^ be gieai, mtM o 

fore, between aav dliacna 
ifouth America. Thie intercourse, and 
trade wiih other poiob , will luake am   
anb ilw advi 

Hade, but for enterprue in mmiag, tgricul- 
tuie aod mieiual navigation aad rait 
Already several com| 
Males have ubiimed chaiteis or c«r!nicts 
lor the exclusive 
aumeof tbeir kr^ 
uiaa lyi^g wtibia ibe i 
ural reaaascaa, which aiaaayet wbally an- 
loiiCticd. From the total wan; of reads^at 
aay other fociiitim ol caaMamMcnlMa^ ifea 

n short distance from tbe coa»t. «-  r Joa. 
«(i WMinieaai The toceau ot u..-*- .-'am- 
trioa asa af immaam vabm^ but uieu cra- 
aow be gm to oiaiikc.. ney 
valuable wood for dytug. *s well 
for cabinet work. Tbe ladta^rubbai 

oiher para aMBiaiM&anadb. tbe gjm af 

whicti has becoir.e in extensive ar.!( ie f 
i-uauiMfce. Cocoa, m (be fnnl of 

dance, so u* to b i u:i •  n.portani aiticle 
of  ;ommerce. Cuiu n .nJ liibeccu^aa be 
produced there wiih facility, and of tr e bmm 
qjahiy. Whea eaurpciae end capial aeo 
brought iam rt^aiaiiM^ tba eaaaam af 
iiie! e counOiM whM ba bMHamn s 
viiid fold. 

Enterpr'se. capita!, and iatsmai coawaa- 
mcaiioi.s :     t.awboaia oc railroad iaall 
ihm is waouKi to deveiape ibau «am  •• 

and witb little to export but tbe piodua of 
the miaai, Ibd moaepoly of iboir trade bm 

been enjoyed bv Europ -, and principally 
by Englaiid. What che lost commeicialiy 
by tbe indapeadsaae of her omm. telonioM, 
she has sought lo regain in the amnopoly of 
the trade of the Spanish American republica. 
All ol these Stales became early indel ted 
to Brittsb aufaiecia, aad nnaf af tbaic cq 
tors obtaitNd a»rtgagea af dmbamoftbe 

mines, and finally the control and w.irkini; 
of Ihem. No adbrl bm been apared by 
EnglamI to secure, « for aa poasible, tbe 
nionopt)ly of the fride oT these countriea 
She has obtained ueatiea with Mexico, and 
odNt af dN»BlBlB% giviag 
in commmcd aem aibw fossian aoa n l n mi 
She feared na adier rival in Ibii trade but 
the United States; and there is no reason 
todaabitbat the bo stjie t»«lw| Meaico 
aod otbac af tbaw 8lMa% mmisA Iba aid* 
zons and government of the United Swtes. 
was mainTy iuatigated by Briiiah subjects 
and agenta af tbm govenunenu 

And at the same lime that Eitgland wm 
steadily pursuing thia policy of excluding ua 
from all participation in the uade witb tba 
independaat ooaauimon ^I'ls continent, oor 
own goveroment waa estramely neglectful 
of our commsrcial interests with them. 
Tbe diplomatic aod oooaulai agents, sent 

the fiiat fraiia of aome ol itw 

railro d. by aa American company, across 
the Isitnuus, wbicb cannai fail oi turning 
the whole trade of the coantriea on the Pa 
cific side, witb tbe Uailad Sialw aad Eu- 
rope, through Una aa« ebaanel. Tbe nse 
of steam nnvi^atioo gives important 
li^M in tbe uade wilb ibe Wm Indm Is- 

to me I'nited SlHies, ovfjr any E ropeau 
country. We now can make avo\sge to 
the West ladia Islanda, or to Ohaares or 
Carlbagena, in eight da\ s, whilM ihe Britiah 
steamers are thirty days from Liverpool 
to Jamaica, and six days more in touching 
m aevaral parto an dm Spaaiib amia. 
Paaseagere from Saalb Amavman Smies 
iherto have taken the British steamers at 
Santa Martha, Caitbagena, or San Juan, 
goaa la Jamaica and Bermuda, 
rendering tbe voyage circuitous and pro- 
tracted. Tbey can now take the Aomncan 
ataaaoera at Cbagtea, and be in Nam York 
in aigbfc d^rib aad iiilHi awra, ^ am own 
or tbe Bridab steamera. be iw England 
Eighleei. or twei^iy days is all that is re 
quised fur a voy^ to Emopa. by tbia 
imaas mais dwn tbisty am regawed 
by t!ie British West India sieamers. In 
little article in ibe London S.andsrd. il 
waa admitted that tlie pas! age to Europe 
CO Id be made via New York, iu ihirtee.: 
djys leas time tban io the British Wet t India 
steamers. The Suadard conceded thai 
the loato via New Yolk fosassaed mcb a»- 
per»r advantagea, even Irsm tbeir own ia- 
laoda, and thai their West Ind.a line of 
iMaamis^ wouU have to be aba n doned. 

Tbe mmehaala aad aiber eitiaaaa af 
JSouth -ArTierica are about begn ninglo 
t)ecoiQe acquainted wan the superior ad 
vaalMm of tbia route to Europe. Tlie 
onlydifficulty nuw is, tbe waal of fociUiies 
of getting to Chagres. bat tban can be no 
doubt that o i( steamers willaaoa ind it for 
tbeir iniareat, to go to Saala MaMba and 

There are already two line* of steamers 
from New York to Chagres. a8i rd;ng fa 
cilitiw never dreOMd of a tew vew:* since, 
ofcomm inication with New York to ibe 
South American Siatea, on the Ailanuc, 
aod when the Isthmus railroad is comple- 
ted, dm advantaga to tbe coantriea on tbe 
Paciic side will ba vastly greatw. Pane- 
'^ti* will be within nine days of New York, 

and Panama will ottca umn be^^ow tbe 
centre of ibe trade of 4m oaaatofoa an tbe 

Pacific side of South .America. \hi 
citizer a cf tbe United States will become I greater itisn 

lha biiriiB *frT ^' die; | 

I ; r n dj no: posse*, 
i  Um iasL 
rale, tbe 

' trained to be good laborers, wurk for 
iti) cents p r day at Cailiiagcni^ sjxi a* 
Bogota and iu the loterior. tb«»y r^a bo 
hired, it ia mid. for one sbilbag pet ea f w 
Thia labm with naiad aad i spi ml mdba m 
I. would pr tluie po.iant r^s^I.s. cree- 
ling wealth at home, and sapplyia|| ibc ele- 
lenta of aa eamnsiva fesa^ anv. Bal 
e S,anisl. population bave '.-r '.Yt 
ii.ind nw ibe casual. Titc laljw. u.«ieiot«. 

e dormar^L 

the order oi 

of openiagUieK 

by their gem •« er 
basing already raised tbe 

af tba 

We have i ent'v con«j icred  ne of 
Siatea with • ur armsi bin our irae 

by our aits and ' i r civilisanan. I» '. cot 
ill lbs puipuae oi Provulcoee, tbe mi«iun 
of tbe fnt cieat, free, aad cbriscian peapla 
on due coniinent. to spnsad tbe bkassap af 

freedooB, of a higher ct«ilis«i(in. ef tbe asm 

and of commercr. over the whoir V\ -sum 
hemimbsm? The 
spreen viain 

^anh; whil-ot the conquer of coaimerie 
and tba aiti« bave caniad 

he cosiyieato of asam baaa 


A sal India li 
Saolb Amerieaa safnblm on tea -\iii 
will become like our coasting trade, 
voyage will noi only be made n a few i 
but be exempt bom tbe uncerainiiai 
delays of sailii^ issml i Tbia wiU i 
uf an excbaogv of vegoiaUa^ feni^ asid 
periahable articles, which canaM be safely 
sipartad from aiibci ti aaa ny la ibe aibm, 
wban dm voyage, by wadmasaMa msaibm. 

av be p-otracteil for 'wenty or thirty davs. 
Tota must greatly increase ibe wade bt- 

ountriaok §■! aANHi ifc* iMMB 


A few yeara sauM pmduce a great aaJ 
gratifyiwgcbajy in av inda wii b ail iba 
couatrim en dae oeaiflaeni, and ianMa 

our expoi.s, both of tbe produi't^ of Aavfl 
' out ntibsbofB^ beyond whm aay enn 
taw weHaadaalea. Aad tkie mass- 

noirse rn St he every wet b.ghly beoeicsil 
10 ihe pio*, « ri;y and progreas of tbe 
and Colonies in this bemi«pbere. 
far bebind ua ia dm 
iicpiaea m s nla ef 

S A 


e l with Uiel.\i:cbc'  The eye 
haa alwaya a piaiauva s^pi 
natarid Uanaaga ia palbaa. A 
sadder hin ether men; snd be wbo 

uil popbets, was *» m«^ of 
wub na4*-r.^ 


that Ik* latoRd IB frM 

jfrvtil •/ it, th y nmf k»  «- 

rksBge !■ Ike axBMii 

•ubacri «'r  wili r«ii «int«r tkat M 

waawlMit WJtofir aU l—Hiid 
moatlH ud iail— Ud M mi pmmb 

iMf UlC probability of ll e diacontiaMBM 
a« uie 

it MMMaiy U 

of (be C(«miaer at l«aat m • «rp«kly paperi 

IT «f lh« proposed eh:iBfa, w* detlrr 
(•w word* to oar raaierat Ml aa fato* 
« I* tha pttw l aga 
•f ap«aklaf agaia aad a(t«a to 
•lilalt tbo aooaaioa aaaaa la jaali^. 

Aai, firat, w ilaair* fraa tfw ^^P^Ih aar 
hraru to tkaak oar ■abaeribrra, aaa aad all,fM 
tk« lalaraat wkieJU ttoy hava nwiiifeatad ia Iha 
it Ml to the lot of aMB 
*affa;«d ia ptaaallac. ar la liaaiUjr 

gradakl. aiui tka advi^iftl* «»r 

ipafloD, alt boea p ruiituid 

f rom opao iiapaiNli||i 
ovlu «2^ tiilBgi. tiiif 
jpod tlilaif M v^ieb 

ani VWIa ipaalUa(4(l| 

liiTc t^nght alwaya 

iji aiPPn' »'  


aaraai^ailjM^^ f  r 

vMima with tka fa«e« tt aialat KUTi aiioa 
In thia reapaet, it oan nevwba bolter iiai worse, 
auvarx luMM» MM for tte aotaoolMirti-t. ^ 

MliglilM aauMMa af Mm ^tavaa la no 

wnrM but far hettar than in paat raaiK A fat 
gieaur aumbai are lirouf ht nidinr reli.jiona in  
ttaa focmetif. SlaTeboldo's, as a 
elaaa, are niakioK fiuXm efforia to bave tlteii 
alavaa taught rrligiouatratka. Sfooda, 
tioii*, conferences, and ottier r( Iigioui 

'K)di -8, 

to a* 

Bat Uaa fartndi uur •.lyiDR moi*. Ton!! 
ghaa,vlw tlTi ■MM/i-1"' aa latataat la in* 
EmalaarHaito (Maaaaaa «i|*kK ftaaaa- 

(ieavorod to promote, we woaM 
~" 1 h#arlfrlt thaaki, for jfcar 
tKt GodUeea fa«al.** 

A id uow a word ia ceaclaalea. Wa kate ■■•^^•f * pnmincBc a tothia lubject, 
alm««i to have tlio cNaraali« of the Baaailaar la l«tlMiiMU Aa «|MMM||||n 
•ecoi^aMB wUli ttaaioite ; ' prov* «!'. it .o^k the Jelll «a*l»e bocttea o  the ii 
liolJ fart^ef»«a." \V  h|f« p« iniiiec yM| , of tha rolifiooaa^dU 
uirjsataa of nsaat aiTtrie opiatoai ic ^| 

oo mBW   btirk 

atooS^nMy agteail^ pay tftJOO Ic 
tliey kaie paid it. Thaypaj than pastor a libar« 
al aalaty; thay ccAduet tba tunmammkm of 
publia wtmUp in a ? err 

maiuier, aud the church i« aaid to ccmtain the 
comoMiaioaiUa of aay church 
'feoiaiaValama bMk ahaicb 
hh atrct t, paichaaed at a chaaeavy eale 
few faan wpoe, :y the Afriiian M et hod i ata, 
in trtiat fui the ohiHOll by etUni mm, 
in'Mi'bicAi a very,, 
SiiljUatL. Thaia ia alao 
and omL  ShuIc^ on Centre a.reet, called the 
•^tSm^ TWB^' biult by Uia 

tlaa flf •lavary, 
•laTaryaittaUaii. lMi«|l«U that tba mat 
ter had beaa tatkadaf Iff mM»%fgoi men, 
that aUvary Waa giay jtyaaaaldefa^aaan ««U 
to ba gat rid af ia uMi^ay. aad Ja a«i 

J^Bii* -— '-^ af ' Dm 

daialto parlad of tbaa,' DaribMaa. tap ta 
»ery traa. Bat doe« ifcU pro»e that tba peopia 
of Ktilaifcy are ae tieile mlodad and aawtae 
M ta ahailik' aad petp«taau aa taatttatiaa 
whiebtbayaaknowledge ! ■ b*  aa artt. biiaaia 
eat •ffbrta arc aade to ?et rid of Ibal arU » 
utusleney, raaall» ""   ' 
ICeWtatdqiti that they wil' 

WKm lfc« baart ba pM to ^ 
•blab ia «a b^hi* tW Jaa rel.Uou be- 
tween the moral aad r.liflaaa Mlua tbatmlMl 
ba obierratl ia all Iboroogh fdadallaBa|j*bi« 
I, altbaagh UlUeraU, a-y b"* r'^"'- 

y bi4^ '•'■jijssit^isLriiiSi *• 

eeasataritioua in bi«  laily life bjkI coi 
B«t wMb tba wbala baiiaaa of hla 

-~Ai|ttou^thy aUaabeUer. «bAl«p M 
far wMbMbw, and ka laaUoUy lapMaisAa* 
po«aeaaea enoagh alaeaa to maaag« bia affair*, 
taaaJtiyata bit bMd— aad m fiat aa mtmj aa t e 

f.) iiia ng uu'-h w-th «rror. •apeialMw ' 
t.-ue raligiaat Haw niaoy tbouaaadi af  fca 
ooaainaaf Mb Mrt be uot blander in, becaaae 
of the liBltedraafaaf bia ia laUHaa ea! There 
it* a large aaipber af tba aart ftffaai f*»~ 
.e«-TanUwhoM opinioaa are to ralxad and aa- 
t jr«|Ml wilb arrar that thay are coaUaaaiiy U- 
af MMak Mi m* lad te 

tag to proiaala, tiM 
ccire more cheering 

af n- 

U .1 ' approbation 
■k ^eery aaw aad 
  o«r cAaa, artftten 

'Ittle eauf utiu.i, ^. me- 

liiMaa by aaen of the bigheot ealtare, which 
kaaa Mia aar baaru thiM «Mb fMaaaa aad 
gr«tit«da; aad aitbaagh Wf knew full well that 
tbo latataa t fait by the wrirent iu the prograea 
af freedjmabd their kindly feelinga tawaada u* 
1 tbaai to aear*aaiiaHla Ibe Inpafflaaee of 
yat wa aaaU aot bat t i f aiai at the 

ao waiaa. 

b  fne of the firet hIstorioiiK of Atni rira, ma\ 
acrre iv ahow bow we hate been encouraged id 
iha paadaaaMaa af 4Miaa wbieb have ofuo 
ieea arvlaeaaaud Ixy'ing, and which ao.iietim('i  
baee aabjected nt to great harshneaH aod bit- 
of deoutiriatu'ii. hu' which have al- 

■t fraa tba eaaaciiaaam that 

cording to Ihr beat of oar powrr, to advaDce Ihr 
lateraata af oar coaaUyaad aar kiad: "I have 

. aaaaar. ■aaaa. I hape will be foand to 
It. far It waald ba a pablic ealanity tc 
Iwiee It die. Vory few Aaartaaa aawapapera 
Itiu ability, and naaa aafpaaa K lagaod 

■fgeo^ t-fiper, and gead eaai 

To ••«••  • ' . / » i leMer, •mi a i uihcfa 

•be hare tpokeu wotda al eacoarafeiaaat, we 

[a lit.- 11 J plana, Va woald avail eanaelrea 
af thta opportaailjr la a«|waai aar gratitude to 
iba away ad ito ai la aad a«t af tba Btala, who 

by their rouruiv in rxrhaogiug with the Ei- 
aad by (heir tarorable aoticea of iia 



I ta Keataeky, whether oppoaed to 
I or faeariag It, aritb bat tbrte ea 
WpHiaa,wa baHava, baaa aaad.aiMB rafern ng lo 

aar paper, the lanf oag^ charact'-riRii'- ot high 
, atwiatiaa geatieoieB. To the aditora 

tho op}.o» te coarae, aa 1 whooe abaae we have 
declined noticing, we woald eimply aay that we 
;tbaiil-laa1ga whieb tbay have naa 
, aaay iMea daaa aa iitUa ii^iafy ta tbeni' 
aalaaa aaU aa,aBd Aattbainaaa laagbl tliain, 
▼it: that ecnrrihty bad calamny only recoil 
I tbair aatlMiB, ai^ aat aaaa ba faigatlaa 
ider aar ea r dl ai wiah- 
fir their proi'iierily itf- a token of onr apprecia- 
ttaa af tlMir coariaay au i kladaeea. To the 
r af tia LeaieaWe Caarter, at wbaae eCc  
priatad, we would eaj e' 
aaf'thaaka for aaay peraonal at 
a, aad for hie «M|y aiwiBaif af Iba 
of emancipation. 

We woalJ th«t time aad apaea paiaittted uato 
tbiilvidaally ta the paparaia other Sutea, 
irteay haa placed aa aadaranay abU* 
galloaa Tbia plnaaing ta8k,howe«ar,waeaaB0t 
parform, for ita performance woald reqaire aot 
Ma bataaaayaaiaaaa. Wacaaoaiy lafar ta a 
tm af tba aaay i di laia. w4a ta aaa way ar aa- 
otber, have attivted m making ou' •■diterial 
work ^laaalfie. To the oditora uf tne New 
■t^ paper conducted with iaapar* 
r aad ability; of tlie National Era, a paper 
, tbaagb wediaeeat from iu leading i4ea of 
lafarm by poliiioal actian, it al 
lat of ttt n 

al iMaaaaaa aad Jiaeriariaaiioa i 

handed justice, lo the editors of the variona 
Eafana papers of the North which, ofua altm 
wailaaji WiaiiH «f *a Naw TaifeTklbaBe', 
which aaaar jfeia to Tiait aa daily, thongb we 
ean only aaaka a weekly retarn, a paper char. 
•Marisec y great life, by aatlrtag iadaatry, 

ba MNhiaaf aaalMjr; af Mm Wav Tatk 

Fo.Nt, whi' ' isdout'ly farored la liav  
laf tiM beat BMadaaf tba aaUon toadara 
I ia faaaniag a carpa 
of correepoDdeDts, domeatir and foreign, whoee 
aoMBatraliitae are iarartably lalefaaliag and 

a paper tboroaghly palitieal, yet eondncted 
with eo maeh spirit, aad baeiag ao great an 
iMWt af 1 1 ■ ■ 11 mi aad iHarary i l a r a m i o a 
•Bta ba lala n a ti Bg la tba faaaial laadar; U 
thaaa adilara aad to all atbaaa wM 
bare had the pteaaaia afeiebaagiiig; va 
aekaowladfa aar ladabtedaeaa. 

Wa wowli avail aaraelreaof tho preeent op  
porta nity ta thank the Correepondeuta of the 
■ for tlMir BMoy farors. Their com* Ibeaaaae tine that they hare 
laaaaaed our labors, hare added greatly to the 
Ufa aadraiaa of Um paper, it ia iataraati^ to 
abaarve that a a aa g aar aaa fal b a to i a w bava 
bad c'.e'gymen, r -prefeD!iug nearly al! Christi- 
na deaouuuatioos. The Bishop of the Episco- 
pal iihan^, Eer. W. L. Breckinridge of tbe 
P iiib |1 ^a ehareb. Ear. Mr. Pi^rtia af 
the Baplh* church, aad Rev. Mr 

Of ih 

the past few' 
(or anataty, 

thoagfa praaaiH waeiaibii bei 
taiaty af iMi tibiiqpb ft«a 
mm. ttaaw af bapa 

« lib aadbMaac luatie. Tbe snbjeat bat 
fraaty diMaaaad, aao maay of ;he 
af Ikaflilto hare 

thfinselvea gladly, unreeerrediyiAad Ibr erei, 
lit tlie cause oi freedum. Wo doubt aot that, 
■ bell tho aubject shall c«ma apapda for ae- 

ivea of- slavery, 
Oa aalMarery maik la 


The atlar giaadleeeaees of the- position 
whiah wa ara«}aa»t r aei rl iat baa baaa eiaar- 
ly aaaiffatadliyww lato iliKia af iilipf 

to the couTenUou. The distlugolshed ciiiaens 
of oar awa ttato aba prapoaad ple as ^d ta - 
borad nalaawyaMtamMMy lii filf Kli". 
met with ceaselear eaalMMly a«d alanai 
Emancipataia were de a iaaad aa "fcaatlea," 
••dtooifaiMHi^*' aid " trailara to tbe righu ol 
the South;" aaderebtba BMie daaaraaa of the 
pro-elarery preiiil ueed towarda emaneipators 
tbe same UuM^g* pre* been 

^ ^ ^ Mud tpwardwtha anti-alarery omb of tbe fcae 
_ ...Jb m yarth lifeoe; ta aMMlM 1» vM* statee, aadild tbaa piataly Aayliad 

elpatlon pwty weaa conteat lo scoars to th 
r: Hpp, tbto,iB thta city, l^apla of Kaatiwby tbo ngbt to parfaat a 
4b hMC ** M aaaaaipanaa iaor aaiir Iba saaradM 

waia fonn«'!y ovmed an^ MMfiiiby -• ' 
that bare liaea paiebaoad 
an4 Mdipm*' 'Jto * IIMK* purpoeea ot the 
colored people, witlun the pKt few yaaa. All 
v.\ .htwe vandBooM othara wbkb we have Mt 
been Iwilt ot purcliased dutiog tbe 
U-«laTaiy agilatioa iua baen 

I the ReT.' W. C, Buck, tbe li.lcnted editor cl 




that tb» i.r^r expf. dilute ot nio-!,._, '.-4; -and to be 


of the frieada of 
r baaito to tbnll 

a result will crciwa 
ii -odon wtuah ariU 
wilb jay. 

Than balieeing, than hoping, ws ennnot bear, 
even for a brief periixi, Ui aoo the casae without 
an organ. It Is iaipaaailile for aa lu keep ap 
tbe t% aakly Examiaer. Wilb tba Mat r%id 
e e eaoay, Iba r*«eipu aia aat a aa i ly aaaetaat 
tc dtfrsy the expeuses, bat rather than have 
*.be paper atop, oai pahUabar prapaaw to Ibmm 

sixteen pages, handKtaieiy priuted on good pa 
pi r, nt oas ooixab a yaai. Wa ataad ready to 

Hf rvi.'o, and he has reason to belicre that many 
ol the at leat advocatea oi saiaactpai.oa ia tbt 
Suto will lead their aid. 

It Mili mlk tbaMaaria af tba aMMa to aay 
wbalbar,lB M* aaarfbrai, tbaBxaMMr *i 

live or die. Ws irui-t that every one of ita 
pneaaat aahaaribato wiU laaav bia aahaeripliaa, 

aeitberi The first uuiroer it Is proposed to 
isaae early in Jaaaary, and sacoecding naaibara 

eeedarCtilT Sbalt tba paper llaa or die T 

by Ike 


NocipresMon is morn commnn amoog pn ala- 
vrry men Iban iiu«; "TAat agilalUM baa iud 
;i|{blac tba fatlaaaaf Aa alava, 
Eiaaaaipatiea baif a aaataiy." 

Tbia aoat fatal aad dataMiradootnaa 
repeated ao often andm sti many different fctina, 
both by tba pabito 

iMuable trath, awaik bf 
anu-»lavery inea. 

This favorite doetnae of pn^alavery men la aa 
Caiaa la pbiloaopby aa it ia aafanaded in fact. 

Wbaa, wa aak, ia tba wadd'a biatury, haa a 
moral eril IJw ala?«y baen atiaagtlicacd by 
• JIfMMB ar wmig of any 
k'.nd ever Midi ti|alw by 


centrated public opinion of the Union id op- 
position lo buamn alavety, ooald teitd to nvet 
tigbtartbaobaiaaf thailasa. Oiaawaioa aad 
invaaiigalaaa baamif apM aa aebnowladjad 
et il, hava aavar yat baaa kaoara to atsaogtiMO 
ihat CTii. 

The lawn aathonnaf iawnaoaataat for debt, 
waaa aipaalad aaly by tba gaaaaal eoaployiceat 
of thoae awaiu. The fiaine iD»i;-uiaoalalitics 
ate bow aoltraly etnployad la diiaiaiidiiiig the 
avila af 

ariclded by the philanthropiata a^d publie 
Ben of England, France, i.ioUaiul, aod Swe- 
den, in elTaoUBg the axtirpaiiaa af ak«ery fam 
tba aoa af tbar aarwai jaiiadirtioBa; aad tbe 

« will nlu- 
malely produce the aameeffti'Sla in our o vnland, 
IB reiaUuB teilM inatitaiioa Uaiaraiy. Aftiaaa 

accumuiatiagandincreaeing oppcatlion now be- 
ing anayal agaiaat it, aad erraty votoa, of every 

at Ibat we A re uot permitted to mentioa 
w af BM wboM artidca over Iba 
•Claaw"baee beM read wttb 

of whom tliM Melr . • 'i jrch BMy wait 
bepreat: — by ibe coiumanlcetlone of IbaaO,^ 
vail aa uf many other repraaeaUttOaa, lay aad 
♦■•'•■i* of tbe different deDomiiiationa, onr 

don, thatiahaailiB 
rates ii% fall. 

Slavery la a rebe of barbaiiaa aad pagaalani, 
and haa within it no aletaaata af iabaiaat 
sUength to Maiattbaaaatoagbto wbiab aMlisa. 
tian aai «MrtiMli^«BMMlal|y mtUm% on 

manity and chattel lani. Ood made the man 

Itia oieatnno have made tbo chattel, aad tt ia ia 

Bullet ua appeal to the facts in the case. 
If tbe condiuon of tbe alara haa been otada 

tion, it mualba 
ur religiouaiy wt 

HaTeelaroataBBtoeattharifonnariyr latbeir 
food of a laaaaaaMiaf aad arbalaaoaie kiadr 
Aw tbay cMhii la a aRHaa aMBner, or 1 
aaeuely sheltered from the elements than in 
yaasaf Wa take tho gioaad that ia all of 
n p ua m fcayaiaia aapai aaila 
many \n lanoec a better condition thun they 
were previous to the anti-ai every diaeuaaion. 
A II tba oiotiTca wbiob avar opaialad on tba adii4 
of tbe OMstar, iadadag Urn to iMorida fbr tbe 
phyaiaal coafoit of Iba alave, are as powaiftil 
aa aaar; aad aa ibr aa a cloae obeervatiaB of 
aaeaataoa fMB will «wUa as to ja^ga, w 
an elaally of tba 
ilition of tt adflN 

Saralf , it wfU aot ba aoataadad tba* tetal- 
laataal condition of the slave ii worae in IMP, 
than ialSSS or 1839. "IkeabifaAallhaMiv 
ed aa a paaaaal ahalM to Ul la  
aod purpo-ses whafe^e! " wa* the law of 
nUaaaiy then. It is tbe aana aow. QaoM ^ao« 
T aaaa fai tbo aiinda of the alavos Is aoar aad al* 
ways has baan tba ooaditlMi ppaMlMifht Iha 
extateaea aad aaotuity of alaraty. 

red in tht {'urctii ■ ■■ t. nd cit cti 

ite been ;iia ie by alavaa 
iig naHjjL vimII^HI'''^' aiadabaiwl 
by Komm aninTMIlli ueailr all profitable 
employma^| xc«pt upoa'llf i« W i ti B « that 
tbay weia aBbsd, «*Mi very laiv^ iiMiiitai, 
by tba aioM liberal and htuiane of our white 
piipiialiiai. iaityiMMnnini 1T ' owaaa af tbe 
alam. WadHIWb. tkal*atMla bitba 
caM, intitead of ^hl)u'ing a dis|Meition on the 
pan of tba tioutbaia people to curutl tbe reli- 
KinoapilaBaiaaaf iia sn l aaid pwiple 
quence of CgililiMti 
itie reveiaa. 

Never baealba paopto af iha i3oatb manifes- 
tcdaodasf aa iatoMtia tba wljgiaas iaatiue- 
ti3a of tba alBTaa, or a aora aaiihl ayayatby 
aatb all legitimate offorta lor 
lhaa at tba piaaat time. 
Waajaieatbatttisaa, fwaalaiiiavi 

fact as pregnant with important reaultii. To us, 

ii u tbe tkaibiagai of a brighter day, a moatoon- 

chnstianily under adverse circum»taaaa^ -aB4 
a living record of the great tnUu wbish tka 

history, aaaaiy: Aat baaiaiy ii afeMfw 

than chattetian. 

This improved conditiou of Iba alMVa la aot 
asaiaadto lUataaby. la tba ilaia tlala al 

prefaaMaC Boroe fifteea years m ore, gings o' 
aalatto waaea migbt be eeea ai 
 ay la •a l U isa af Itear Oiilui . 
under supervition of a white driver, fleartshiag 
a formidable whip. We bare oftoa aaaa brigbl 
aad iatelligeat leakiag girla, alalaat aMto* to 
tbia degradiag altaatiaa, with loaclaaa p ta a gi 
faatoaed atoaad tbair aaaka. At tbat parted H 
wsH a common reaaarit, "tiMt many an uofor- 
Uaato malatto girl aaa aa a daa a ad to 
gradiag paaMMaaat ta 

ousy of hsr mtstPMs " Butth 
too oeaaaoa to aacito aay earpria. 

Oa a naaai aMI to Aat aMy* w wi* to- 
formed that this serai-baibaaans prnetire of 
working leomea lu street gaaga, liad been aban- 
doned — and among the oameroaa ganp of 
slava wbiob aa aaea daily at warb aa tbe levee, 
ws Mw aa asaia; aw did wa aa a mkip In 
nse but once. 

Oa tbe Sabbath, wa obesrvsd tbe eotored peo- 
ple, geaatoMy aril tmmk, ta ngbhr altoa- 
dsnce at different churches, and were Informed 
en unqaesuoaableaathority, that their reiigtoua 
aaadlttaa «fa aaob b a tt er tbaa ferasriy. Wa 
ilso madelaqalry Intc the physlal aad raiigloas 
■MndlUoa of the alevM on tho piaatotioae, and 
altlioagb tbe result of thea inqalria tra not 
ae atiafatory a to tbaaitiaa,itlaftaagfaaad 
for the aappoeitlaa that tba aaadtttoa af 
slaves is grswing asaa* 

Aaalhar fiat abaaUhaaaatloaadaahewiag 
the taaiaaay af paMto aatMbaaal ta 
Biates. We allode lo (he growing feeling 
i.gainst lbs publ^eahibitlon of tte aiea tkaim 

It is sildaa tbat tba Caltoge af this eomma- 
cJiy aa abaabad vltb that diagaeUBg, bat per- 
haps ne c aasry appeadage of ehatlal atovary. 

Doahttaa iaiga aaaibaiaafstomaiaaanual. 
iy forced away froa tbeir bladred aad borne, to 

endorr till' more sererr lornis of slavery ezperi- 
aaoad oa liie eager aad cottoa plaatatiaas — bat 
this ia aaaa ta a lea p a Mto aaaair thaa fbr- 
nierly, in licatiug oerlaiiily, on this point, s 
qaickening of the i.ablic conscienne. Tbe lat 
aiave eltaia gaag that we obtierA-ed peradiag 
thraagh tba atnata of Loalsfllliwpaairf Miy 
•aria ia tbs a wra f i y . 

If we exaaiae the sUve laws of the United 
States, wa shaU iad tbat tbaa wbtah appear 
aaet erael aad labaaaa, wbea walgbed ta tbe 
scales of "equal and exRCt justice. were enact- 
ed toag aaterior to the preaal aaU-alavery ex- 
aMsasaal. Tbapa t a l laVa , Iba laaradlracting 
slaves to be whipped for all ino* offences, — 
the lawe giving fall authority to the master to 
asyasato latobaad and wife, parent aad child,— 
the lewsdireetlagfrM negroafroro other Stata 
10 be eeid iato eiaeay, are part and parcel 


These faeti are safleieBt for our present par- 
pea, and w« eonclnda the argument on this 
peiat by amarkmg, that the mutar, having a 
ngard for bis ova tala^ wba saaltreau his 
alawa or deprfvabia of aaafsruUe cloyiiog 
and wholesome food in counequenco of the antl- 
stovary afilattoa, as ni faal a a aaah wiadam a* 
Iba aaaa wba elaraabto baaa fa iia a f losing 
him. And the ehristitn, who deprlva his slave 
ef hie Kcaatonted reli^iouh privUega ia so 
fasaaa af thaaati-alaary 
ebriotlaBi, abaaid sitbsr abaadon hla ebris- 
ttaaity ar hla slarary— for they are entirely op- 
pemd to each other. If slavery ia alf-defenee 
totarfsra bata«aa tba aUve 

 a isr) af Aaaaamattoa iialf. 
faalaba addMasal praaf af Iha 

if the | oslt.on we are conit atting. Distrust ol 
ibe popalar will oa tbe sab}eot of slavery ha 
ctoariy aafbod alt Ibe dahatas Tbepeapfaaai 

be trusted with every thing but this. The eoa 
•liluuon IS lo be guarded, not agaiaat Ibe abo 
littoaiatoof tho fiaSlatae, bat 

Pif of 

I, but la oppeail 

This U theeaes i ot only m the farming, but 
iaibeaa|6aa|gil4aMitaaB^ Tbaaaslaaea- 

CoOStaf ■ 

commit acts which no inli 
tiooa maur weald tolerato to bia awa aaa 
aal. kiatiaa that Iha aiat warthy aad la- 
gieaa masteia are tbay who do aaet fa tbeir 
arvMts, aad at the aaaa Maa Ibal that from 
af Ibe cinuaiataaoa which every 
slaaaiy lastttaltoa. tbe  

are solieiloaa to do Tbcv cannot give to their 
MfVMtoaU tba light aad kaawiedge whieb tbey 

tlons which contlasslly sollc t sad load alray 
lbs caiaed BMto im eiavety wbiob tie can not be 
ezpaalii ia aatil aasaassfally, aad wbieb no 
oonaienUona master woald baa bia ava child 
Mibjaiad to for all tbe wealth af Ibia warld. 

ThaablisalafaMarf aa*M^|taaaa«haael 
jtavy is eaUtled to tbe grareal aMsMsaaitoa la 

TiiitymjMri ilttai Ji^ WWII Iba 

Ibe aetiea of ear aeighbors and friends at M id- 
«a aMf toad 'to happy 

to eaaaiae the condition of an 
bolaiageeanty a town ia tba State, 


form an opinion or arrive at ajaabaaaalaaion 
Far tbia p«iy«aa wa will liha tha towa of 

Stato and the east af ttaMnaC • l«i^*»a- 

boldlng county. 

la tha years le3€-7 aad 8, we bate been ia- 
facaad hf ii ilM^ nihility, tha aaabap af 
freaarhMaaaahaaSa latfal plaaaaaa 
Ivw^biada larger than It la at preant. At tbia 
Uaa lhaa ia seaiasly a joaraey 
taaayaflhi iiiliaiai^Mlnll 1111*1 to tbat 
pi ice, with the eaapiion of tba ahaassahtag 
trade, aad thin ia to a great eataat Mtod with 

iiniple to aeek tba 

«f tbeir 

Slavaa an iaiaadaad toto 
tbe blaekaattbshape, earpeatta b e p a. *a., aad 
are mads to oaeapy tbe stationa which wrr  
iUed by arhltaa. Ia iaat, saab la tba aat 
aral repagnaaaa ta baiaf aanalMii ••Ifc *  
slave, tlMt 11 is With the greatest diffienlty I 
glaaUib to** aitber joaraayaMa can be taaaccd 


er beys of tbe country be 

to laaab tbe yaatb ef tha 
ia taariabi- aad by 1 
pr sap seta, aad blight ibe'ii 
pasliaaaf thai 
la tha aaaaiy af 4 
other coitutiata Kaalaaky, 
aigbtto aai 



TbaiiaMaaa discaaaed la this artlele ie aa 
imporlaat aaa, Iwth to pro-elavery ai d anil 
I, aad it aboald Im examined in a 
spirit af falrasa aad candor. We have no de- 
feaa to eibr, aad ao sympathy to eiprea with 
aay Illegal uieasnres atTecling the ngiiU uf 
aad sUfss, ortgiaatiag aitba ia th* 

au 1 alwaya shall rwpect all tigKU ae(nre l t' 
the cituaa by tba Uws of tos lead ; "Ml tin* 
asaskaalpiaasad aa Aaa spsahlag lkaa!y anu 
fully, even in opposition to the lawa which, aa 
good citifsa, we are bound to obey. As lade- 
peadeat joarnaliets, we are defbsilag tha peo- 
ple af Kaataaby afitoat what va aaasida to 
haaMaaharga. Wa ssataad that, a a elaa. 


W hIioerAaflta* Raoor 

Tbia IS a queetioa that abaaid eugag * ihe 
ttisat l aa af aay aWasa wba faato tatarwtad 

.u the welfare, proaperity and happinees uf t:iis 
CommonwMllh, and one which aboulii be con- 
sidered With prudeua and eaaiioD. 

Tba aieei of a «lave-lradaa vhtob ha been 
eaadaaaed by every civillxad aattaa, and [  'o- 
aounce'J pi'u.y of liie moat aggravated aature^ 
riM baaa k  alabiiab ia aar ooaatry aa taatita- 
ttoa Mhlah hn pravad wllbariag Mito baM ia* 
tareala, subversive of the true priaaiyha of a 
r^ablicaa govwaafal, and datttaaahil to the 

We are aware that we are bore occupying 
iiaputad gnaad ■ and aaaartiag propoaittous 

larrrfinaUon and teal without precedent ia tl 
aiinala of moral or political conlaU,— bat wa 
are equally aatia&ed, tbat wa have taken a poai- 
uun wbieb is BMtaliy, pelitteally aad allgious 
ly n^ht, aad oaa whieb baa beaa aueaaaafUlly 
aiaintained in by-gone daya, and will eaatlaaa 

We are ni t lii thr habit of b  aatlng of our 
ufvotion to the " rigtita of tiiaSeaUi." but we 
leel toe atnag a Mfsai tar aM Ihs rtgbls of all 
ihecittxena of oar eaaaMaaaMtay* to 4a Wil- 
ling Injnstiee to any. 

Cwltwaw ef atavca. 
Wa had talhataa aaaba af iha Methodist 
Eapoeitor, a aoaaasaataatlaa f^aa aar friead, E 
D. Hobbe, Esq . of tbia aaaaiy, wbaia raard- 
i ng steward of the Metbodial Epiaopal Cbanb 

Ma'aari^a artH^af t a s laU saa wUeh'vere 

auaalmoosly adoiA» l at the late meeting of thr 
Middletown Coaiirence. We Mbjoin tiiem: 

Wlsape, wa wsigaiai tha high aanl and 
relig|aatahl||Bliaa aaltaf ea alTslaaabelders, 
to baaa ihalramaato taalraatadia toe great 
tratha af Iha llblab (a • - 

whiah Isaa 

bettor aartaala,ait iato 


the poelttoa 

lhaif rsapaetlaa 

'.ions in the huinaa miod. That the instiiutiua 
of slaaaiy ba been fa yaaa, aa4 h at tbia ao- 

'taaaril if 

to ba aaaassstaUv vuidlaalad wbiiat 
siave holdors are not as cruel and unjaat aa ^ ^ 

tba ^ptrtt si tbair towa; thai, gaaac^y. tbey 

an l ai aiaad ta thsir tiialaial af ataeoa by 

an enlightened self-intersst ; that although the 
law regarde liie slava siapiy a apeiaaaai ebai- 

masler p'Oir; t him to regard thr r'■^v«■ aa a man 
aad liial tbe charge a often inada by pro-alave- 

rytaMabatatataaMatlbaBi Saailb ta ata- 
tiea to tbe datorloralisf aaaMtaa aaii tasreaaed 
af tba hiaahik haa aa taaaAattoa in 

•d in the basineae of shoemaking, earpaatarii g 
or perhspe biackaaitbiag, ta fast tbe iatur 
liasiasa has pa 
baadaaf alavaa. 

Aad aetwittialaadiag our connuy ia 
with svidenca of tbia aatnre, go* eg to prove 
beyead tba passibtltty af a daabl. tbat oar 
Stato ti rapidly lastogst a agl h taaaary petal of 
view, the pro-siavwy party come forward a:.d 
argue for tba parpaa af salisliag Iba aaai«Uv«- 

inUrest that alavery should be psrpetaated — 
that if the alave popalataa wm removed, 

aahered la apaa aa. aad tbay. waikiag abeape 
tbaa tbe aative Kentaabiaa. vaaU iaat i i abl y 
destroy lUa proepecU of ebtaialaia aatataa 
Lai ovary 

Mai tots very muoMDI lO uut midst, that 
alih Is t)p vans Uaa bay toraiga pepalaliun 

is f!»w upon tbe soil of Keutueky,aad la grap- 
pliag wilb blaevwy boar, if aUvary waa re- 

It an it lib thasoaditifae 
haada h i a , apon 
which be etaade, ie beaag eaa l i a ally weaki u 
UaabaadsaadhataiH laaiiatiy 


af itobaat and im-st devoted citixens, 
than to aeek a sbaiUr and a 
la Iha wiMa of tba fat «MMt Wast, m 


It rsf aira ao far eighted obeerver or pre 

taeby ba laplaatod arltaia 

ments of her own destruction, aud 'I only re 
qaiea tbet toaa alMweato siMiala he asarisbsd 

• l.ivrry, to prove her downfall 

The probable ujiimate of tbe nuaba ef alava 
witbia tba baaden ef Kaataaky al 
I* apwarda af aOO,000-aad aa 
of kawaa 3 aad 4000 taba plaaa. 

Tba labor of tbis vast aaltiiads of aiava by 
betag hra^t iato aaa^altUaa wilb tba af fiaa 
wbHahn alrsatfy aasrtod a pawatfbl laia 
upon the laboring population of Kentucky, aud 
will contiuue lo reauce, not only tba priee of 
1' ee labor, but tha daaaa4« 

No legal or moral ratrictions are 
around the alave — no marriage regali 
aiiiated, aad ao fean aa apoa bis ala4 af aay 

aad baltaitBg then ia aot that attatton 
byaafwbala OoTa waaMaaaa aaaaay 
elttoa tavard than ttalaa da| tolMe 
lent aibicct— aa4 bataa wM aaariaaeH. 

important aibjcct — aa4 I 

tbat Um prsoeat sysleat af 

_ . . . ^ I, - - 


la aat tba 

I, Tbat than ahbUba prsaabtogby 
 r iaaba^tothaasrvaata, ateaab 

eaa a 


••«aaaM. Tbat than ahbU ba 

our preacher _ 

regular appoiafeaaat wHhta tba MUdtotawa 
ainail,aaMtoaaab atoalh. 

" gas l asd . fhatwa bslisea 
noon, will ba tha aaal ippaifaiata Haa far 
iheso appoiataaalB.** 

"iteafar^. That watasaasad aad arnat- 
ly reqaat all peraoaa baviag aenraale under 
their aaatnl,to allaw them time to attead one 
or Ibe etber af tbea appoinlmeata in eveiy 
aaalh* battavlof ai' we do, that each a eoara, 
wkba H wM pnve a grat gain to tbe aae, will 
be as laa to the alba. 

" J sss l ai * , Hat wa asoa aaraastly aad af- 
fee t lsaaiil y nasaaaad tbie salgaat to tha caa- 
sideratlaa af the vartow ebriettaa abarahes 
ihraaghaat lhaslan stotee, and capeaiaUy to 
thoa la aaeb psrttsaa af tba aaaatry, aot 
hsving sOeieal white iriataaailn labaitag 

among tbe bla ta . 

Retotwtd, Tbsta aapy of the foregoing prn- 
ceedinp be foiw a dsd to the editors of th - 
Naahville Chriatiaa Advocate, and Methodist 
Expaitor for paWieattoa, with the request that 
all feli g ieaa and othei newapapers, deeming the 
bfeotof afficteut Importana, will pabllrhthr 

A copy from the mlnntea of .Middletown 
qnarterly waference. 

Eawaaa 0. iloaBa,iiaanfiiy Slnard. 

aal H |iilialM H dwa are glad 

that our aighlMrs In this county have taken 
it. It ia a melancholy fact that too many slave- 
holders are very aegligaat ia tlwir alMatiaa to 
tbe nUftaaa aaltan af tbair slaaa. Seme of 
thea - a ad wa an glad to ay tbat we beltove 
the number of tbis class is small— throw ob- 
staoia to tbe way of tbeir eerraato rsaalvlag 
aay lasmaHsa bayaad-lhat wbtab la aaaM to 
enable Ihem to go through the routine of their 
daily duties aa aaliafactorlly a a welt trained 
horse perforca hla labaa. TlHy Ihlak that 
tho lea a eolored man baawa tba mere likely he 
ia to be a good servant. Otiar masters are very 
sedalaas in nilending lo the salvatton of their 
owa aaalsb white tbay aaaallMl hal 
er i bsagh l ta ngaad tatfadaatoaf 

But tbaa aa aany consoiaatiaaa aHa aad 

deeply aa4 aalsialy fal the raponaibility 
wbieb their rshrttoa to their colorad people ia- 
poaea on them. Tbey aeek to perfsra their 
dntiea to tbair saifaBlii bat bava toavnaala 

paatoa af hla beaea a tbeir 
ofTspriag, aad hence the elave popalattoa in- 
gralsr rapidity thavthe 

The negro being chiefly adapted to agrieul- 
taral puaails, tlis stovaasastor mast of aaeaai- 

be cultivated by bia slava to rrpay him for tbe 
coat aad troat le of ralaingaud oibar neceaary 
aad ceatiageateapenaee. 

Laad must ba ba  aad tha slave bolder la 
gaaarally poaaesasd af tba rsquleito aaae of 
obtaining it. 

Uie Boa-stovsboldiBg aaighbar, wba hn per- 
haps lahatltod a aasaN parilaa af tha aal aace 
cultivBteJ by the hands of his forefathers, or 
who ha by bia bard earnlnga and tbe labor of 

the victim who maM ba aateltaad te taahi Way 
for the Kihiopian. 

Tbe first metba4 fsaaaahy paiaasd by Ibe 
alavehnlder to beaaatopaanssd af bis aaigbba's 
lead, ia to apraaat bia M beiag ia dapraaaod 
or emt arrassed ciicumstaaeee— to purebase if 
pocaihia bia p^^,— to arab y laipalrlag tha aoa- 
ftdeaae af bia aae dl toa ia bto abUtty sad dator- 

minalion to p«y, thusrauting a ge fiscal passaro 
to come apon him saddealy,aad farahlf hito to 
sell a a aaaclhw bbaaaN; a to vMaan lhaaame 
»r»-ne executed by an ofBeer of the law. Hia 
slaveholding uaigbbor then etepe forward, aad 
with gtaat magMnlasMy aad «aa4satal fsasr* 
eaity, ooaaalae bis paearty a|ilihsa Mend by 
purchasiag his laad at a nJaaad priee, aad 
telling him that he ia atw a sly sorry to witaea 
hla faUan. aad waald baaa aahtod bha if it 
bad baaa ta blipaas i ba t aW Ma a sas j 
loaned out at trn or tifte* i per cent and 
Maid aot tblua of iMuiag for any Isa. 

rence, and yet we are told, that the very 
iioi which occaaions tham is a moral 
liti;al bioMing. 

That taetitatiea irtitob drivn fraa bto 
the praadaaaaf 

1 here are no evioeticee, buwever, which tend 
to prove tbat, if tlw laeUtatMB ef eiavery wa 

with foreigners — in fact, it ia much more r 
sonable to sappoae ibaleax laaa w»aid aiiii--«i 
ap fey Iha aaaa and daa^hton af aar e« n 
caaaMyawa. Tbia wa the grand toaaa apua 
whiab oar pro-aiavery fneada harped daring 
tbe rseeat eaavaa to CiMlBihy- Fertigaar 
jaajMre. Piilrtoi—, wan apaa Iba taagu 
of haadads wba aaaid aal wilhaal tha aid af a 

to taia 

country from Europe, »e are of conrae liable 
to reaeive aae wbe aaey psaaa aaweithy aU' 

make valuable cittiens and ornaments Ic socir-' 
Iy ; that we weaid receive sach a poptilalioa aa 
our Bfai«lianr Maads waaM aaba aa bsliae. 

that tbe in- 

eUtaiiaa af 
nteal ta 

aiabilily mi 

Her gsaalaa sHtosBBsa 

a." much sagacity and perspicuity as many i f 
morr roodera lima, wen totally aad uuai) 
aaabto to diMMar *a baaaanaff aiplitaal 
slavery. It ha been left to more oaedtoBtfM 
to be ealogised, exalted aad adored. 

aa, aoeafdlag to aedara logic, the 
iha toadsaay te aaaable the moral 
qaaiitia, to aaah fla atad aad to eageader p« 


Wa preaaaw Iba dafaadsa af siavary da aot 

the moral qaaiitia orexaltaUie mind of tbe to' 
iugo eaeiaved. Then of caara it must be the 

Tho saaaaipatMa party deay aaeb of 
propoeiUoaa, aad to than staad wa aaart, tba: 
alavery toBda to degrade tba awai qaaiitia, to 
il tatapaan banton tu 

out the country a speoie^of lyraany, opprvaioB 
aad eiaalty, last aad af itbaity and 


Ibe other dealrlaa af 
which we entar aar pnlMl»tolhia: "That le- 
gal emaaclpatiaa hM baaa Ibnwa bask iadefi- 

aitttlyby the anti-slavery diseuMion." Withoat 

a riwdaw af pioaf to aaatata it, ihia ant be 
ana aaaaMsa, aad aa aaah, valued 
fbr whal it ta worth. Tlis not prebsnded that 
aay druMa plan of emanci|uiiion had baaa 
ifyaad oa ia tbia Btoto; aeitha ie it aearted 
that any Isglitattai bady ar afgaata aaaveaUoa 
la aay of Iha slava Blala bad iisriaasly enter- 
ai prapositlon looking to the extirpa- 

many ol 

the slavery institotion 
vsnta to charab and 

■aa laseparabis from 

They send their ser- 

to la- 
press their minds tanai^y In respect to relig- 
ion, and yet the eipataM of ail tbea peraa 
U that it ia almea impsalhli Isr a ChriaUaa to 
hold staraa and ba gailtlsa bsfara Heaven of 
neglset. With raeh pemn riavary la by no 
means a welcome iaaUtottoa. Ite dalia are 
too havy for a^fapasaaC Thsf jrtna 
wbea they baaa daaa aU that Haa withtalkar 
powa to advance the moral aad reiigtoua wel- 
fare of their servanU, they have accomplished 
but little. 

Aaawltbaaiit a i H at m ri aa ataeraM-g 

to liehold no more the Lively |a„,) which give 
Ibam birib, and which wa parabaasd by tba 

tbia late day, pronoaneed an aaxiliary to a pure 
atato of morality, inlelligean aad freedom. 

There ia acareely a eoeaty to ■nlaaky, bat 
preauu evidenea wblab prava aaaalaaively. 
that in proportiaaaa tha alava pspalatlaa ia- 

creosee, the labectaK aMtapapalaitoa to fsasad 

from otf tits soil. 

lb oaa of tbo large eaaatia la tho laterior of 
the 8ute, there ie a wealthy alavehalder. who 
M tliia tiaa awaa tha aaU apaa wblab tweaty- 
Iva fkaa vbito fcaailia nsMsd, sash having 

farms sofTiclently large to ensble tbem to live 
com ibrubly— tbey, togsliisr oitb haadiads af 
etbea. hava shared fta tato whtah laaHablj 

swaila the greater portion of the noo-alaTehol.j- 
iBg rillana of Kentucky,— that of being driven 
wilbeat the borders of tbeir oan lavad toad by 
SB iaatitalion baeed apon priaelplaasataated 
Iha vary oteaaaa af tyranny. 
At this tlmef to numerous counties In the 
State, where slave labor la employed— there  a 
te iUmuiKd whatever for while labor. 

felds aad say — look at tho field of Bueaa t'uia; 
was D  I the South Ibera saalaiuru wilt boour, 
and iapaisbn b ia gtocy rsAsasad apaa haiaMil 
We ay tbat gisry wa is il satod ba t we alee 
say that it wa act apoa tbe anas of tbo stova- 

''tf Z'mttl 
eight men, then were two stovo-boltters. Ta- 
biag tbto a aa aatiatoto a avaaiga— aad it » 

composed often conipanleo, twenty alave-bsU* 

makiag ia ail Croa tba aobto Slateuf la^ 

We My this bend of foity csnsteioed Uiero 
eelvn well— bat, aiavs-botder and adveaato el 

I lOaili 


aa ■ 0[ • 
1 • / *ow.^ i . J. A I 
/ .Mi»B'. J Cj a 

J .t^ca ^. uaera 
I • rlu ti A. lit   mjl 

  Thufii-ac HMatt 
• •Howeil lea 

0 • f.'x — i'win^ 

.Ll ..XUlS. 

1 •Uoi M Bte^-.l 
S 'Juan \ Met 

3 I lhMBa  R VtM. . 
I •Jona Wratwer   

j •Wm. .\ Ki  tt: : jv 

S Mdm.rd U. 
1 Taeaals. I 

1 •Wl 

i •.siMyksf I L  

t L. Dim'aa 

1 • t . I . ■ ibiMna 

■ ■ . ^ .\ QUI 

j \A . J b . 
« W , ■ « & rl 

6 I i-'r* " ui I 
'J oialuai Flua 

; ( ' di « J H«riaa 

; • . . B J 

4 UcU— 

4 oe r| A. K aktwel 

• 'JUb, B 
a Auwet flrws 

7 mtmpUrn .VaraWi. 

• 'Ckm i. !Wi»is  
t Joeu i . MawM 

!U R.cnarl H M 'Ui a 

1 •Kaailr La -eie 

  •Juiin H. Han .ansa 
t • sJiC P.. Ui n« 
«%i a 

t K arid4« o lt| 

t .^«ias«ei a. L.uteaaU 

5 Jb*« OkM 

t faas I 1 

• I hule-.  wi*oa 

T T^a• J l» Faller 

1 K (h* i J. Bnrt* 
t W a. T. I 
a VH'^t^ Ha 

I •aak'rt y*. * 

a »AU»im4m Jh 
S JWU a. Xarv 

H «M#tt g ae — 

IS JmtA M r^mti 
iS raaarVM a M 

to • »mv, g a»«. 

to Oa. a«a MijjM 
U H Wm.  7 

t3 • .» . 

m w. . 
to J A 

31 Mm% 

1 ItSV,! T V»S-' 

t Aaawa Cwapa 

I a. wern 

I ( V . ia 

S •CM»«aas Auaa 
S •«a»f  

^ •)4«BAra 
fS O.-m t'tfltr 

10 *JomtpK  r-tmaU 
Ml' MiOalk 
1 Al l. \«. Haal 
•i Wtt. semaeva 
1 Kio 1*T S Iha 

i W B. V. a . baf 

« oaiuei^ P. H-ti 

a •Juki' ^. rncir-« 
iii**i ^s.rr 
t •Jafco" lau iiB'^u 

s am. wswi 

4 • \ I -it u. 

MiK jawav. 
1 I : 'ru A Oaf 

1 • W-t I \ Mti 

3 . «a' Mil li)  fe 
1 • J • -1 I'ii /)y»* 
3 JU-.r  Ii K Hf 

k.l .   -I \%o. 
t ir-i, ■. K 
i -Vail* . .■• . i'.- •. 

S«  .'v t t;!'!^!*. 

1 DMarl 

tJeauab irnn 
J •Jae. A. vr vHlwanl 
« tIsasaMcttaaa 
a •A 


1 • «»S WW i- 

t Mtf 9 
9 ■ 

4 ^ati j« T ^ 
a 'O* * . 
a •» m" H. 1 ^-^m 

a .4au -tm #•» 
t IseaMfl^HaefW 

M •F^' i. r s at a 
It. . V . ff .»- arWB 

il lathe hour of danger, tbe a^ 
right baais l , labaiiig man ia Uia one tnat la to- 
lled apaa, aad the oaa tbat tgbto tba baMla af 
whito bto paaada^bhtaHb ata 

isaamaablaiiilf to 

the heart ot hia own dar home, and there, to 

bia owa iiaigiaalMa, iabto iha baiain af hts 

Thf-e 1 ■ which may ba 

cannot b« succwwlaily -.^ttovailaA 

titepaopto haaadnided thia controversy, and 
datarnnned thai tbe stova iaetuataa aball ba 

retained Vo 



battle whi2h waa to 

pin a tba warU, 

am victorious, I shall restore liltorty to my coaa 
try: a wot. by dyi^ I abaii ayaalf badabverad 

And lhaa ay wa. 


U wa 

ahaUraatan Hbto^rl» itr 

by eapraalng onr views and seotlmenia boldly 
and fiarlealy, wti shall outeel 
froa a apecla at alavaay. 

fiksd, Ve ru 1 ao hazards. 



•Meuii-ersodMlMi iisaa*. t^ila: 

WMfa. Loctrfocua. 

led Ibe e^« vo e ia laf a e a e 
to I ,e «.iie for Speaha,aad ba«o pat A waifeu- 
.-. ein'e;- ta aaaMbi. Th'ee tbMaeawslt 
be unrd in iUHX Ban, aaj ir otude l«o i f te« 
seven merrvi^ a 'ma 9dj*.^ C.v' j iae« wai..tB a- 
ha*« 4  ,  s'd al htorty to to :• ■ wh^ . L ey 
ell. 'r . ' V, .b« circaarunce i tt* r c .^..jw. 
la itr ««a»edoiiMiai lab.e a.. .'oui. i .aaas^ 
Hooto oi t aa^ I l aa ffbe. , I r eelsa af U. 
Y«, Witoiot e^Vi. t saw^Nrbee ef ^Kbl, ell ffa^ 
Smisis; tnd Ms^Mia. Itaaa af Msea.. S  ragM af 
Itiob., T^. k uf .N. a, Caapbaii avl rtiaa af 
Ob o, Howr v/T Pi., aniA "eo M 
JJeaar*. Unhiiiif* aad Boa. t   a.   - ' • 
aoi es») to toieiaD .ae. Smb^ j. 
mclll^cIe, of eonne, will aoi c-.-a* 
ooriaib' *anN crrtain^y tba evew jn« }• : 
toea wi . ' rarraoc*. Po  owww ibew jww 
paiiUcai aympaiaura, bowaver, w« ahaato ban 
to claaity ibaaa aewtf^iaafrt Sa c aaaa a taa 

will aa p atob ly, vaa fce a y wmw wbe mey bo 

c'jaiaaied by Ibe Mfhiga « bL^to a 

_ o: mrmbeia, we io n«..i 

Sc. Whitbap'aebsBcael 

lo i^.oae of Ui«- Jiuef j 
toiu out 1 (:rt; xoai I 
advantage oi i ts 
pidtie, aad o^s wko I 



for S^ik*r, 
lat, Uotik, i : 
Stcood ballOl, 
7. Tb«Ho«a* 


tut 1. 

to BCJOal^ 

k aQ I uioci took •rai*. 

-d lu wait Ik 


WW tl» ■■•tow pr»— at. Tten wti* 
[[■■■■r Ml 1 11 twUvUacs for Speaker: on all 
. of llM twlMi MTIaUMf i«ceivc4 W toim; 
Cobb, firat ballot, lOS; ■M0««4ki« bfttlou, 102; 
•cstterif ( 22. 

Tti« ctoiicnteDt in irgaid to th« orguiisaiion m- 
cimsM. HoDiiuid Hr—, ui I'raMjrIfaoU, took 
lUi yc«le[i «T iu«l |':iol lo aJjo'iraiBeDU Ti*- 
»l'u«icii nirnuMs im vkI l»»t nifht aod to.)k 
^ Itfa ■u^'tuiBf: Alrxit ti. liMWa, David Hur - 
i. Oaoi.. Augua w tt. Wm. 1. Ali- 

l^tia, M. F. U«uirv. Tkc H a w la mw full «!• 
Iliac aai Motion, ^ ^  J"''*"! I"'** 


y, ••caitetiog 17. Third baJioi: Cobb IVU, 
taliUKP 97, VViiiiiot 9, actleriiig 18. 
Fou.iii t *i . : Co'.t. 99. Winihijp 97, Wilmot 
Hollering lb. FiIIH :'«i;ol: Gubb 100, Win- 
y7 VV.iiuolS, acaUMiug 19. SilUi t «! I: j 
^ Wuiitttop 9r, Witaot V, aM Uat i n t 2^2. 


ft fla«a the void, in *%stM ikat 

raccdfiVmika hiTto U'c* tb« paet of ft tnuipat 
"PtMl Mol-Hwo!— «bieel" 

At Ha aoM* -tnl" Goamir.aull uadn the 
•^ffectaortha pr««iogi agitation, laatantly raised 
bis weapon and pulled the trifiec. Hie b'lIM 
gcaaed the othei't btraet, and out a buaoii off I. is 
coat without iiioie lajiiry. B it Ciittt udt'ii ted 
'he Uet echo of the word "two," unii l^••n hi* 
; iHol fxplode L With the rixir, (jru. Con »•  
droppad to tba gfouec: like ltfti i. Itie ball b&d 
piana4 ttM^ Ilia briri! 

Ikaaaaiafflfea Srat grvat party duel ia Amao- 
■aa. It waa taUswed io quick aucc csaioa t T aaai- 
ly a doaaa aioca of lUe clunaun, and ariUioat a 
kiofle eseeplioa, mMlal, till the people iheia- 
raivaa grew aiek and waary of the nurdcrou* «rx- 
t ibition. Criuenden latviTed CaawMrgatoa faw 
}»•(■, and died of atoiiuriiig favai; WtNnllMi 
aaakil 4aaUL- A|akaa  - 

9T- Fram^M artiala bt iIm kat aumbei of Nifcl^a 
«• o^rrte HHMMii jhnwrtl^i ilata- 

the haaatda aad •aaindHotM of RMraaalila life: 
It it aaierted ik*l bat aae eaUiMat mttclMat Caad M 

'ttt . L- MtU leceat m4 Itmeatad ) ner coctleuad la 
 i wgt banlaeei Imhe rltr of Htw Y' rk, ;o ttie clow o4 • 

i.Mig nu, «iuiMit uailerguiag baatmpuy, er a aitiactt- 
•'on of ravawBn, U une oaa d( Um Mftaaa afiiae* 
thtwach wMck tba eowitir hw inceiaertli ^ 
r • Te un aia«B  of itetr r mi okng i b i tri'th  if tM  uaafUao. 

Mtttmi. ' It««*tara« r  4jiHl«tUiii. ti : I ihknk It wmm 
' • JnhLulT (wr eltkcr i r U4 1   lo (t « atimiHr r, 

H i« «Imi •ii ertc i. b) r' tt .|« imtboiily, flrei re :ordi 
iff- 'III1B2 petlial* ui iwriiir to rnrtr years, tkat, of 

»f 1 » 9i.ujr u UM* whe i««  acH .r »'iimn«f( in Bna- 
ivM). iilnet;-ave^ lc*»i,  He |»  ori twu. ui tJM —mr 
r'u«iaeti«ac« Vaiik.MitwouUlaati(!i|icoe(f» M»4(t 

Miooigan | *p«r, writing 
aaoouiil of the aneti u' 
. vitk Ike aiBM of araoa. 
1 la TpallMU aMMiat 

■ \ r^otraapundeiii ol t 
:i  i  Ypxiicati, givea aa 
 ' « .'laniau, rtaried 
I'be a -oaae l badn^ai^ed 
oaniad on (b  utmI- 

aaaa of a ■ i U i aa^ Mf«t a jaat aince, upou iha 
■arrii«t tT* Hil'BBMMk, Miaa IX ai!«««d a 
breach aT M ii l ia la W. oa bia pan, bat «m 
anahle to pfi 9«ai MMMal to aaaial bar la btia» 
ing an action agalaat Man. Sie thea daelaMd her 
deirrminntioD to levenge herself by peraonalJn  
) ir. lo Idc. K. r ut her tbreata ware diareganled.— 
Two fires occurre alierwarde. in the ▼Mlaje, 
t ' , 'n»;iij{ii h.(ii»i-H owned hy Kilp«i(i A Alu: 
lhe»ei i«id h e. the ibn ma of Miaa Om c»o bei.i 
brought la ra oil, hei inolipaa «er« «r 
oi. length, ^ y 




fjll BMHiiri — r pnaem lOHlay. 

kle ihMi •(.♦) I'M !»«• ' 

TodaVthe tnt ballot 9K; vViuthrop UT; 
, »it,f.., «7 Seoaad haUot, Cat^ OT; Wtathi. .,. 
W7. acallrriug'iJ- IfcHi WMiOM*^ wW»«o? 

»S; •-•alleiuig a ,hir^ 

rtieie tMiiig aa Ckaire on Ui*- Ullta oa'NI Wf 
S e.ker, Mr. iubntan, ot 1 eo.eeaee, offMad a 
rrvj.oujo ili«t oo ih^ ueil tola aajr MivUual 
• f eLinfat uiaiiij ix drclaiad al e a w d. 

Bmo»t arraiK.— We learn, thatoa Wadaatiday 
evaaiag laat, two broltera, Georga aad Oalab Wil- 
liaiaa, wnajtobaaaaof O aa w aT^Maat ia 
bfUKe, an«ilMtaaai. WdliaaM»bwtag*Mka oM 
^iriidge MaiMt1tHB«,aHMqaan«lllBt for aoaa 
.'ue, infieted than navera voaada apon VXm, 
fium w'iich hi* rcOir/e y it cc'aatdertd quite doubt- 
[il. Turnei t aut ht t]^ a do£-irori, Hnd uul kuou- 
. i| which o: '.ti« Willwin'afaad oliibri! hlni,tilru( k 
i Wuliamn V II ti.e haad, and knocked liiru 
. JWD— akult nr3p4i."  i fractuird. lu arteaiJug 
Ciao. WUIiunii, vie. I (latik« \viii  hli n ihiough the 
1 ligh by Ibediaeluige of a iifle, in the haiidi of 
vViiiiaaa. Ho fiiai atiaan^ad to abooi U. C. Al- 
»a, «bo aaiighi hie lui and inmed it aaida, tbua 
-teepalag irinry. Mr. Allaa. ve aadantaad, 
: «ebafffei*o piatol loadaoCabot at WilliaaM, 
■oikof which iHikeflecL Geo. Williaaw is liow 
lo jail at this p!»rv. Tae oiht-r wn roj in a c ou 
■ ::JP!o( , - 111 lojaiL — Porta \.IIL\ 

By ttc itjttMlw ar baainaiBy, 
aidftnt kaahtaat hw af tMlT 

Th- rumber oi «p|i ic«ntt for Tiltrf uader 

I tut ;.vr w«re 

i-l he ojiulMr uf ctt'Wwin retiirael 

The amuunti of ilf hts ttited 

\'ttr Tsiualio'i uf |ir«t -n]r tamaMfOd 

ir tau *aiattioa wcie oarraat, i«arti laa eeal 

hiva beea paide* aawyMMa dBBi MtaM 


lathe •ne!li»rn Ifrtrttlof Mew YorK one t rrt wa» 
• I an **c(ag", (or each tuHkr   uti In aurtlit.' ru JU 

tiist. Ill ccau, beii.g b| Ui ihp UrfltU at r i de a d, in 
I '  aaecu(-attbe ae« af» dMfalll «aB anwvhat aver 

•■■ ilf a beat ea etch delHr. 

Mt^lixuii:,. which waa adopia^ 

I'll !»«■ '. -» 

lo i^l 

M bo wta a 

to vote Waa 

of the 

Ml. Jjbr. io tei 

ioQC r«lat)».sf ed . 

bitalaeaa •aa neglected by pro'onjting the eoaieat, 
••daSp•akal•lret•d^ya piurality wou.d asawer 
all the pjraoaaa aa if elecie.' r   • raajoriiy. 

Mr Halateaoppoi^ th' te« lulioD; ihe OoatU- 
tauoii w»a ttaaicd aad ratitrU t.; a ai^tj[, a a.: 
hieiory teaebaa ttkb taf* • mm%mtttm m by 

* mT^'iVm- waa agaiaet the aropodlUoa. bat 
If adopted liipai *ay woaid eoi« by ballot. 

MTreaaMa aaaaar  botk ffopo.iiiooa. llie 
tMolutJoa woaM violate one of the fratpriociplee 
^ the OaaaliiatKin, which i ••, that tb« Houar 
■halt jhaaaa Ikak Si eakec aud other oficera, a:u1 
bow eaathia b« done bui l^y a majoriijf oihei- 
viae fteaof three May do ix. V. tis.t a i'.et u lu- 
4i*idaala cJ»v se to aioij i!»e wbeeU ot l»o»etii- 
M*c u e rrapooBit iiii* f. »it waaie it oughu 

Altec failb ^T (! hOU9»iiM. the molioa to lay ou 
Ae table waa . T ^e n, \ t-at 111); aay- 7. 

The H iuae jj.ace.-iit-J u  role »iea aaa ^ roMTtb 
fwiljt & •••  W; W.aU«op «; luitliriitP IWy 
then adjMcaed wilboat ai ea ti a f 

- ine ia;tai« w&uat iQou haai MM 

WaaWMiWB, Dae. 6. 
Caihoaa p pwaa *a« «lkh '^^j^^^^XIU 
mI loS^SiMbk Ad|aanad. 


A' er theraad«Ho( journal a leagthy dis- 
cu,. n eoaaadiLiiiiilBg the pcoptiaty of ap 
pouiuog a iiipawty a l Jiana . uatit a S(M«ker 
Staald ba aiacte4. Tka ptopoaiuoa araa fiaally 
laU aa tha l^lMe. 

Oa awttoo of Mr Waatworth the Houae procee. 
4adiabaiiot for &ftkn. Firet ball  l C-''iV  89; 
WiatftfoplUI; Trick 7; Bir'iirdtoo 9; 10; 
fcetn ft; eeat'.etiiig 4. Me».- i '. HilUardan I Ala- 
Ma voted for U u.U.rop. Sccoad balioi CoJb TSj 
Wiathtop lUL i I'^.i.t l«| Twak % M«feM«M 1% 
fiaotfT 6; aeailrring i. . _ _. __ 

1 .1 tu J oa. ot KAiM Wiatkiaa «»; ■iibiiilina 
%, Poue: 17; fuck 8; Gentry t; 
fmOM ballot tiobb 8S; Wiatbiop lO0i.l^ tlat IS; 
Tack Biehardaon 16; Gautiy tt ecattefing & 
fke Hoiaa Litea adjourned without mtki-'f '•nt 

iteiadividaal aamed Kobioaon  *■' arrr--  : io 
! chamber for threatening M'. Cl»  He 
to jaii. U M aappoeetl he ta in- 


^ Hauraz. Mo? 79. 

The following la.aa extraet from the ek qiient 
U.4 poeueal addredt ol KoMUth to hia eoariuy 

i i -n, io which til* alliulea ia terma atjn aevfre to 
i' * iraiior Cieotfi « 
'The ia^tatH.whuat lhr u hMt tauarad^tl^ |||| 

• Then 

my ejui.try — 

(liath tOnttiite l.iiti b««ii v iilieu, lonfd 
i' Illy heart, tn Iiiio « bosc rliluc, wboaa U'«r, I 
•  «-t Ja:t I to dw'i'i.. \ei , \u lUe lervji ■ ! iii  
'' 'ii'eat ihOhigbia ,1 ahauld alatoai aa Boon liiv - 
dj a b»dMi^aK wl aae a af tha oatnipotence aa b«- 
lieva tint 9» abaald e«ac ba a traitor to hia c  uo- 
try. Tbaa haat baaa* batrayed by him in whoae 
hjaialkad. bat allMlaapaaa balure, depoaitet. tha 
poarar of atucMMOMuitry, which ba a^orti to 
 i* fend evaa lo Ika laal drop of hia baart'a blood— 
he hath done triMia to hie heart'e blood— he latb 
dona traaaoa to hia aaiker, and the glitter of gold 
h^ih been for him mor^ seduotire than that ot (hr- 
'  od ahed lo adve h a oouutry. U i»e xain nnh 
nil re va.ue u bia ey«t than his cuuotry, and God 
i:'tnOonf l liiiii ah he ba* atuuidoiied his Ood 
hiM a.iiea 1 I l.el,. May|tral beloved ('oiiij.iN. 
ioml Maaia laa not lot baviag aaat mineeyet.m 
ihia aaa aad iar baviag givca to him any iilace; n 
waa aaoMttry, Ik tha paopia had bMMwadaa him 
their eaafdrac*. fka acaiy l a a ad Mm, aad he 
Ciisiaad a pawar a( which I mvaelf woald liave 
been proud, aad MvafthaieM, thia ainn belied the 
V   ;fi Vi ce ot llie naUO[:,,and has repaid the love 
ol ibe army wah hat ed, t ursr him, people ol 
nayaaM— CMMatbaJKaaat that did &ot dry ap b^ 

Laaooa, Nov. 16 h. 

.idvicrs (torn ( oi i tanlioople, ts t'le iiisL, 
l ''e that tb* Briiiah fl»rt wai aocboitd in ASi. ukir 
Ktyaoi' would remain there lilt the arrival o l'  - 
CO itiei Willi itit^ (.'s sneui r to the comiii'i ii 
tiUD O'. FuriC KITfodi; .'.houid ihalajiHAt- ; y: it   un- 
favorable, ihe fleet will proceed at ouc» lo Ct u- 
aiaatinople. Sir Mra !oid Caatiinj: ti«« coamiuni- 
eatadto the Tuikiah (ioeanMtaut ih.u the Eogliah 
CaMaat had aaaairao'iaiy ag*Mi M iaaB offviiaive 
al H i M i wMh iIm Porte, in iflaftaaMla piotier d- 
iaga oa the pan ot Biiaaia. StMilai aommuoiea- 
tiona have t eeii made by Gen. Aapich oa behalf 
of the Fcen h Ujn-^roinent. Spanfcth troo|M iu 
B  n:e hate r  c-ifrc. i ,ders lo letam IO Spain. 

aiu L. ttulwer, Mtuatax w iba Unitad Sutaa, 
weitoafeMii MMliiMr**HaMla**aa iIm 1M 


The prodaMSMkal^kiA Lbaipool and Lm- 
d. a, hat* baaa wdl aapaliai, but aa bay era were 
oMac il aa, traaaaetioM la aioat artlalM weta not 
•xiaiNiaiat jtiM^ bawwm ^ioiaia bly laBu Ine 

as laet wf a m d. **** 


VUilaill'ia it «• .. 

I .Uaiiie 

I'l ilicHigiuiauJ luea. 

I' Maa-afhate«tt 

.11 '' « Jersey 

I Tennewee 

1.1 ^'aiyland 

I.I Ken ucky 

1 iliUaoU 

Ill PeanfylvarU. Kaat 
tlibama, Waatuuftoa 

• eealBtol 





.. SotMng .^ 


ouat of debt by l  flatioa of 
iperulatlV4 pftcoa, *C , t'l' pi .porlioo i f It- 
{.llM UJU,ou MMt aythaaeor M IXtlD auScr.ditori wiiu 
orrc eaaaaid ta i«aa»r«ad Wrttimita Mtalacta. mast 
 • II Ms^bWea haaMaia, and laav JaMly be chatftd 
•(•Inatthe praAla itT car 


II' ot ihi  ciioriU'Hia 

I' te Oonvenii  rt ci ncluded4a 8atai4ay Mat, the 
iv'iwideratioo UI the report of d|W MBIbM^^b ^ 

'^Bil&'m^BSSSgWi WU tm t^ m «a 

:\t It department, aa aMaaaaa Md paaaad by ibe 

C uveniioB, tha Goaamor la lo he elected fur four 
y  ir -i ihe Auditor a" d Baglater of the Ltad OMce 

' .jr yera; the Tieuurei ft»r two yeaia — all to 
•' .'.etu d t)y a ..-le of ihe pe'jp'e. Thf Jiwcretary 
o' Sl. ic, 11 i« provided, ^h•^l; !  ■ appointed by the 
'j iveritor. Trie ■. utif« prf"(fr :  . I ir the Lieut, 
ti •»Hriiur are a' out ice («a.iie an uutiei the pieeeni 
' 'iriiiiiiioe; II Ui provided, however, that in oaae 
' a tacancy lu Uto oflca ol (Joveiuor, by death 
• reaiguatiun ot the incnaibent, or olbarartM, 
w;Mt« tm* yaara »/Ur ku lai l a / ia H aa, a aa 
ii- n abail be held to All the affice; hut if the va- 
Ciitti.y aball n l occur until f t er iwo ^ea'S of liie 
a.'iulaialiaiioa ahall ha%e elapeeil, iheu .ue Lieut. 
G •vacMrftkbllMaaeed to th   c (fi ?e ul t*ovp:t,'jr. 

Comm^Tivea'tA, ynUfday. 

SicawMB o?i -Shiphoai 1'. — I?ie ship 
G , «'-s , Captain Vrrtf-il, uoin L  i ipooi, armed 
re yeetei'ilay with SIIU eiecttge piaaengera. Un 
the paaaage there bad tieen much aickaoM (re- 
aeubUog uboleia) on boaid, and lwaaty«loiu 
' MkBaMHMtf. Of thia aaaabar, Aea ware of 
I mav. The Qijaey aow Iim at Staaabtai* 
UowaKiaL— JC aXMla,SM 

•r M 

lo vote 
CibS a, Winthrop 
IS; Wumol 8; l  a 


^ Va.. Ibe HaMe 

for .''p-aker. PiMt balioi^- 
liri; Kichardeoo 29; Potter 
,.ul.y 6; t .alietiog 3 .Second 
baiiai— Cabb M( WiaUnop KB; Bicbardsjn '0; 
9mK 1% WHMMt It •l a w y •; «c ueiiug 3 - 
Third Muot-Cobb 66; Winthrop 102; Potter 19; 
Bichaidsoii 23; Gentry 5; Wi:aiot7; acattering S. 
Pol:.' ' allot— Co* b 66: M nlhrop lli ; Kicbard- 
■■•21; Pmmi IB; Witanat?; ttaMiyA; acattating 

II Hat 

iary, at Kew 
of oea of the viaiiMa bf Ika azplaaioa cf tha 

L 'iiibiaaa 

From the e\ide icn befiire ns, we, ihe |urf, are 
I «uiiiio:.hiy . : the opi -i.ic th»t the   i-ath of Dr. 
t S. Mareh wta ca a a e d bv ioiuriaa laeeived on I'i* 
p ■laa^Tbcadafc. ita lAib dw af Mavasbf ., 
A. O. HV. IroM the npToaioa bf dw aaMai* »f 
the atoaabaat LaaieiaBa, then Iving at tfea lavee, 
ia Iba city af \aw Orlaaaa; aod th at Ctiwian tal th , 
■•a Jad enginei-f (if t aid atcamboat Louiaiaoa, who 
had charge ol ih' e3f;lrie at that time, waa froealy 
C'i!;iable and i:rirninally n  |(lec tful ur carjiee* of 
hisdaty, (or wao iiictpaciutrd from want of pro- 
per knowledge of lie duly,) an rrfiineer oT mi d 
'Kitl. WeateTuriherol opinion thai Jchn f.iiu.o-i, 
ca(:taia of aaid aiearotwat Louiaiana, is rroauia- 

bia aad bkhly atUpabla ia paaaitiiagbMlrat ei ■ 
giuaat ta ba abaeat at tba tuaaof iapanaM of hia 
boat, aad fw aal (ia tha irat aagineac'a abacncr) 
oayii^ airiatar atleatioa lo the meanet ia wbicb 
'Ihe aecond  «giB«*i p«ff6tM*d hia duiv. Tne 
jury, therefore, charge that Clinton Smith and Joha 
t'lnnon were tlo tte eiient »')me eipreaaeJ) i i« 
c«uae or caueeaof said ciploai"! , siid c mae^iiMi; 
death of the shove oimed DrT£. S. .Marah. 

ocyTha followtac CiaM tha CiaoiaaaU 

a-ill apply with inaeh fjroa V) thia city: 
( iiiHiTiiL* MisarPLiau.— 1'he li lle girls who are 
liy p'.ainalaiing   UI aiietia, with baakata ao 
their arMfc aad oalli^ at ev«iy boaaa with tha aa  
lanalbia o^ect of Mkiaf ■!■■■ a«a 

An ioaiauce occarrad ■■ Pi 
•one r matka from aa, la 
aimiler impoaitiona. 

A little girl Rbunt ten yrsra of tge called at the 
toiiae oi a trie ii. of uura, «^M!e hi'« fiiniiy were at 
' rfakf-iat, and asked f. r "cold tIi'I'JiN." The 
ltdy of the ho .f saw her provided foi and loM her 
to wait aod get lirfdk last. Ihe Ultle girl did ro, 
vta left It th • table alone, but soon went away. 
Itwi!i«i 1 d n o aaaMd aba had aat oaly taken her 
iii ak!a«t, I'ui bad lahaaaii^ aifaer iqpaaaa aiao. 
Hba waa overtaken and brouj(hi back, bat relaaaad 
after receiving a kind Imi isvere reptiaiaad fraoi 
ihe adv, for her wicked eondaei, and a Uttla ad- 
vice to purane for the futaio. 

Tlie lst.'ien of the city shcuid never eaooaiaga 
ihfse airettt : i"^g«rs, th'r* beirg provialao auda 
or fjoil, lu -l 'ti'd loimenl ! ) ;he iity aad county, 
01 ti I ujeciaof c isiily. Betidr, whenever houte- 
kt'eper* !i»ve wei'ir(( appirel io their dwellings. 

' ch haa been 'ordemned by then M anfitui too 
■afaahioaable for tnaii o«ru aae, ihara are placee 
peaei d e d (aaa aa Walaat l an t aad aaathw aa 
Tiaa} aadae tha eaM af b a i a aaa l aal ladiaa, who 
vialt evary part f tha ally, wbera aaeh articlea 
will ba Br' p«rly diapooed ol. 

That toer e are many deetiiute persona, floating in 
onr populatioii ia uoJouhiedly true, but ali mjsl 
membai that these un f 1 1 1 u uatea gaaa «jly kaaw 
iiere to go to fiaU that *'iui aad 
- wak**«|RWv«a«dfo  thoak 

aaylend.d «pee '-i,aaa caurejT aueiwnvv i 
WMaf languaf petsoaatly oBeaaive to hi* 
iriiC Ha waaad aa by aayiag, aad hia ei 
HlfNai^Mba aaid it, "that hotraaled ao 
man woald attet aaida ia Bta It^at af 4ah 

The following uagie eveate occuned msnvveate 
ago, bat are iotrreaiiog now. Uariog the rauTaaa 
of an electi .n distriri. Gen f onv sy and M' Cril 
teaden were opposi"; c-.:ididate«. They were 
both to tpeak at « certain pisce, and Cfitl- O'len, 
wh J waa a -ert* c! gent   m i- , and wished, il poe- 
ti lie, 1. 1 Hvoid 4 'iior any hoBliie(ecliac*  apuke 
first. W -.-si : that den. Conwaf waa foinr 
10 ina'J I . 'ii as to provoke a ftghL HaaMde 
• apiend.d «pee  'i,aad aatireij absialned from the 

eyes shot 
I ao gaoUe- 

m'aa woald attet awda ia Bk* Ikial ■fdsteia, to- 
ward him, aaah m aawMwalha lalaaaiaBbf ibe 

eode of hooor." 

Conway took fire lUepjwderai a mreh. He 
hooaded to hie feet, and puurad tocth oa 
•fhia oppooent tortaaftaC Bw mmfkk 
haniog denunciatioo. 

- Critie..''  n r^joiaaivfiBhataaiaBlaaHlcace— 
••Yuur ulig ua^-e, UawsMl C aaway, simK a of only 
aae aaawer,aad that, von awy ba aare, I will 
aahe light sfsadtly." He tbaa deaeeaded from 
thaptaaoim, aad, attended by a few aelactfrieoUe, 
haciied away to hia boieL Hia aeoood waited on 
Conway the sane evening, and a boetile meeting 
wrsM arranged '. jx .h - t 'l ' wii.f: mornTg. 

A vaat tbru: g collected al ihe lime and place 
app eil to n : nefe the duel. The aecond* were 
Ool. ^tiiariou liecioc fur Conway, and Ben l eeha 
fct Criuaadaa. Aatha aaconda in ail such caorta: 
aaailiaM Ma aHaa atsM ia^poruai, aa reepecta the 
Aaal naal^ ttaa a«aa lha a 
Maaay bapardoaed fccd 
Mlil ia the preeeol case. 

Wharton Sector waa a profeMied dueliat, notoii- 
O^alihafar the i.nn/ier aod tatalily of hin inur- 
detoaa aaaBicte. lie waa uni*er«aily feared 
thrnughoat the West, from St. Louia lo New Or- 
icarut, although in luuoe abrewd minds there had 
a wtTs lingered ad. ubt of the characiei of bis 
'•n irsiie. ilMaa thought Iba deaparado laiied OD 
t mimcaaa g w iiaa l atMagtb,aad tha daad.ineM 

ii^yi, riioi ( bapmau'a meaMga was dclived ou 
the Uih losu , aod oceupiM eight oolanss of iha 
Mabiia aaaasa. Ha Mahaa talhac a fc sMahla n- 
hibHafBMWiaiiKBaaf thaBlaia BaiaHM. The 
balaaaa ia tha tieaaary oa tha lat of MovsMber, 
1MB, waa BM,0L6 BB. The reeeipta from oidi- 
naiy aoaieea of ravenne for the neit two yeara are 
estimated at B990,(J(JU; the eipeoaes of ife S ate 
Coveminent during the same period autSl6,367. 
lu regard tii the State deM, he is of opioijn ilwt, 
II samuch a- in creslins: the foreign debt, tie right 
u as res^rver tc coDliiiue the indebiedaCM iniVfi- 
nuely, piovided iLe ioieresl wete paid pauciuali) , 

it would be wall la Mm aay ftt tw a f t la paf tbi 
principal uatU Iha raaaanaa of tha Btau ara fbr 
Ibe.- daaalopad, aad aaw aoarcea of rweaaa 

opeaed. He then reeoaimenda that the bonds for 
tlOO,UX) at (  per cent . fillirg due April 1, 18», 
and Iba fo- $8M,U00 at 5 per t ent , lallioii 
duo June lEAJ, De renewed lor iwenlv yeara. 
In regn: ' i   ' -mkn. Gov. ( hapinan ban no o! ]eclioo 
lo them ll lt» Le|(islauire fhoti ri estHliliah ihrir 
.Muny other lopirs of ni^ general i-itereHi are 
cuaaed, auJ llie Ijjveinoc then comes lo the alavi 
ry queation. He takee the sirongesi Saaiheio 
ground againat the right of Congreaa lo forbid alave' 
ry io Uia TaitiMriiia. Ha Ihia da a aaa e ai tha pia- 
viaiooal goestaMsat ia Callfbnia, and all tha i» 
cent ptocMdliigi for foimiag t State eoaatitotioa. 
He thea racoaMBaada to the Legklatoretn provide 
for tha ealliag of a State Convention, .amedixteiy 
apoo the ptnesge, by Congreas,  il th ' W imo'. Pro 
visoor aay meaaire agtinat alsvery io tt  • Tern:!' 
riea ar the Diatrict ot lAiliinibia, and thai the "«i*- 
icr" alava iftataa b« invited to oaita in a gaaeial 

Tha daily eaMeat aaaaia fat caatariaa haak hava 
 vaa that ia all laiga Mwaa thaie aiaoMay aaeh 

mpoaton u tha littla girl apokea af ahoea. Aad 
it Is gaaarally tha»eaaa ihit tbey ata aent out oa 

these mis'^ioaa by wicked pateaia aprmalji totttoL 
Instauces have baea shown frequently in our 
ar:er c'tir*, where children hive been sent out 
n acarcely any cluthea and no a^oes upon ibeii 
eiH  uM, IU llie midnio; w, titer, while their ptrents 
td Iho Jaandn of d.illata in tha b ti;ka. U there- 
t eromes the duiT Ot HowMkeepers to take 
good care that thai! a^fipaMB nhiiiiiM an aal aa* 
fsid by lataaaiaaaad bntgHtlaai 

in oat eit V ia very pireaL 

l3"'A irfir tro'U \ for«||aaiQpipnAMtiB«M 

ihe N 'rtl I fi piintu aayat * 
The laws a«ainat druiikeanesa are very aavate 
n Swedi'n; f  r the fitKl tiim- the olTendet la iaed 
hreei'o'l%r»; fM the secord tii; f  t Iha thMaad 
loartb tisaea a Much iargei sum; ba laaw h t a M as 
the right Ui vote and be voted tot. The followtag 
nday be is etpnsed la s sort o'f pillory at the 
pariali' ebairh. For the fifth offence he ia coo- 
Bned in a h "i*e ot rorrectiun, eiintonths st hard 

B' oi; aii'i lo: '.^i-- PHl't, the pu-.ii«:iment lasts a 
vihcie A p'rsoii convicted ot hivicgtempt- 
anoiher io diunk Trir«e is fined thti'e ilollsrs, 
ir all i' the »i( lilii i»- ^ :iir   r. An eri' I'-siaalic 
os«a his place on ihe fitsl offi n ;i^ ; a civil officer 
iaaaapeaded aad aoMatiaiea removed. Drunkea- 
ia not accepted aaaa axcuae for or palliation 
of aay oBhaee; aad a bmb who baa diad af ' 


s muncaaa paMaaat atiaaglb, aad U 
a(hiaaiM,MB^ttMaa i aawaaai 




nta, at least. 


Some idea may be given ot the extent to wbich 
thia axeitaMcat baa baca eauiad bf tha atataanat 
of tba foat, thai wBhia aaa aiaatb, nlaa 
have opaaly daalaMd for tha "Haaifaala,' 

• re DOW defendiog annexttiiM. Thef are the 
Courier, Herald, L'Anvenio, Moniteui at .Mod 
Ileal; Argus, Kiagalon; Ind 


to Arkaa- 

■M. Hia ptowaH wm not kaawa, bat oniy im- 

acioed from bia aingular aad atrikiag appearance 
H« waa a tall, pii -, slender man, vvhoee thin 
lips wore au eveci:u iiux Mnile, or sneer — one 
cj i dhsr ^y tell wh'-b, so ambiguoua was ila ei- 
1011 — and hia eves mere aa small as sn in- 
fierce^ iadi»'.i, and unutlerarily piercing 
i*liha eyes , caaaing e vety 

la Make thait anaagoMaaia, and 

araaa betweao the aeooode on 

varfona poialtor order. While the dispute as to 
t^.''•« were peodloft for almost ao hour, G  uway 
beiaiaa leetless, sngry aod agitated, while Cm 
ter.rteo, traaiirg ali lo hia friend, lay qairtly on a 
blanket, with hig eyes atiut, as il enjoy tog a coi 
fc.T able aloml/er. 

^inslty evei, thing waa oe tiled, aod Iha princi- 
pals look thilt paaitioee, with thait gtalalaeockad, 
and tbaii BifM aa the uigaeca. BU waa ready, 
wbaa,lo*aaataai hMaa l af thaifi Bl BM ia , 

ttgm By tba ihoaMat, ageiaiMad. ••I -a yoa. 
wiylpyoa not ataadCsM Are you s eowardr 

Htfroa do I'.ai sgsin, I will shoot )oa, by 
MMwaal" shouiec'. Wharton HecU-r, ea t s gad at 
tta unlair Cue !.ciul CniieadeD'a second. 

"Vout ii'.r rrieosee cannot deter me from the 
performance o! my duty," replied Desha, a^, with 
a aati*e, be walked back la hia place. He bad 
■■inad bia olaecL Coaway wm e&citad by the 
VIBkle thbaBtaaafphiaaar. Hkt' 
■mMb aatvOT^aaaA wiih pMaiaa. Ha 
fhyalaallyhiAa baM atata u  drive tha aeain oi 
• target Oaaba had tha word, apd ba waited aev 

anl BiaotafbaforapMaaaaiiMil. 
uary to all mtasaad aatrad taaHttaa Caa' 

Bore and more. 

While the two anl^unifla wete thus atanding 
ia poaiuoD, iba spectaiurs at t glance conttaataa 
thsir aspect snd bearing. CiiUeoden inhei ied 
tha aooicat o! human lorma, with fair hair, blue 
ajaa, aad a lofty coontenanea, flank aad opaa in 

brAa  BeaMaa ihMa,' Btata are 

thin a score that give snirTiiioi. 
in their oolnmoa, do aot oppose 
whom will, di 
lafasai af Iba 

t, Q iebec; In 
OaMtta, Sbai* 
Mapaaot Imb 

K'licles a flac 
il, snd many of 
aooa daclara lhama«lvea 
aaeh an 

the paUlic journala of Caoadaaince the first white 
Man btel put bia fonljjfon the baoka of the St 

^ Ijhi^ 

Taa WaaaT Caof .— Good aecouninofihr' v.'n g 
wheat reachea ne from almost all quarters. In 
Weetem ttmw Yatfc, ncMiiM la Bm Baehaater 
Amarican, it aavar laokad hatCr at thia acaaoa ol 
Iha TCM, thaa R Boaa now. la Viiginla, Bm- BaMa 
ara Baa, aad iha aawapa p ew ia Iba beniitllal arheat 
disuieu of .Msrylaad, spaak ia high tatma of the 
prdsp^ct. W'li have aeen but few aeoonnt* from 
feansyhaDiii, but they are tavorable. Verbally, 
w* have good reporia from Kentucky, ind ind ana. 
  out ouii Slate, we have yet heard of no coin- 
p.xiuts. 0,.fii ainlere like ihe present, howtTCf, 
are rerv i *:: i pon ifiis crop.— C»n. Gat. 

At Iba hat Imm af Iba PbMM CireaH Conit, a 
ladgBMat af fglO aoa «aiaiae i sgaiaM W. S 
Towage a d . aaoais akaih, aa daaugea im MmIm a 
marriaaa liaeoaa la a autg Biaar. Aeaotdb« te • 

wiier in the Grcencastlii SeniiDei, ihr vest was a 
«i ry aingalai oae. The sail was not biougkt uai.i 
tw) ytuit ihe marriage; the weUdiag look 
placb al ibe pla nlifPa c Wb house, while lie was 
al home, and sp[ areolly with hia full eooaaotl If 
'hass slatemeatii ba true, ifc^va^ot aeada es- 
pianaiiun. Jritiea are reBBibVT ncalioaa aoiiu:  
limes. — Indiana 

"^yeu I mrgilgjiTM i—iiMif 11 

have recently teemed wlA. ncSmK^^^^^W^V-' 
teiious kaodking," heaid In various portions of 
thatcily. Thia kooeki'jg was first beard no ihe 
west side of the liver, bi t ii ii now i;oofiue ^lo no 
, sttietilar loestion. Tb-« preseaee in sny pU  e 
of a Mb. Piah aa#a Mias Coi, ladiea well known 
in BaabaataCMpBacea Iha haaaiiag, aad without 
I tha aoiaa ia aevat bcaA Whata 
tbay uafMaaal thta patfocly ininiubla haoekiag 
i'l b«a:d, aad ahalB aad tables aits laoeaa about, 
indicating the prMence ot an acyve iaviaible 
puKt-r. A irieeiing haa been held at whicL these 
ladles stteade l with the asual phenotneut, tr.d a 
oommillee ol iav -aii^slion waa app unied. 1b--y 
ie, orl«d that lluy heard the ispprog, but COttlii 
not account for It. Another soiumittaa 
appoiotsd 10 look into lbs subject 

CFTt* Lexington 
yeotatday pobliabM 
showing tha depieoaad 

•nd Bopa nMikat, *^fPVIHi^yi CiUowat 
Hnir, Baavaa an ■^^■PMBaauiactu- 
reta will waat bat a TatrW^aaatity of hemp 

lanrkat, wkieh wa 
laaia ia veiy abaadaal. af aaaaaally gaod faaUty, 
aad Craaly offered at tft   t which thata ara at piee- 
aataaMlea. Tha high ytiea at which the article 
hM ranged tot the peat year haa pravanled any 
shipmenta to the Eaaleni market, whit h haa been 
supplied with » verr lie«vv import ot Kuaait hemp, 
yaina, cordage aa ! evrii 'i.ile rupe, aad whi   i are 
auld at prioaadetying cuiiipeiiiioii tiom the Amei- 

Tba praaaaatef oat begging ar.d rope wanufac- 
inraia lac Iba aaal paM ata, mt laatal to wy, aerv 
dull, aa wlB ba aaaa by iha Iblloviag ssuacis 
from letteia reeeivad fioa tha moat reapectabie 
houaea in the Soath withia Iha ImI few days, aod 
which have been furniahed ua t y the ptrtiea to 
whom ihey wete addreeaed. Il ia certainly to be 
regretted that the quality nf ^agging should be so 
inferior, snd desiiat ^ahal the l est ariide suila- 
h!e !or the purpose taPild ^e made Liv sll, and il 
i« jiiWiai' that HMy manuficlu'er Nhouid e»ri haie 
Ihe cowplaiot naade agaioei him contained in one 
of tha aaltaaM wa give. It is cet 

pUatBM ata aavilUng ta pay • propet diflm 
ma BupaciM attiela; yal ahaagaaay baga 
aaad n a aabatitato aa aeaa a at af iba htik 

quality of out baggiag, it M eaty ioaaottaat to pre! 
vent this, and that a aalfoiB ataadatd aboaid he 

adopted. We learn that I 
of memoiialiaii.g ib» 
prohibiting "ptmting." 

I talk 
a tow 

ES^Tha raaaat aaitenw ia tba MlMissippi 
•t St Louis, dU eaaaUaiBbIa daBaga M ficigiit 

and goods 00 lh  levee It thai rity. Tha ■aaaiUa 
of Thuraday Isst, the ^:h ali.,ssy». 

• ••• ••^••iii, l^M 'IV. ipj.jbilp ihe ril  w i» j'.il 

rising slowly. Since Usi MoSoay li iiaa iti v« 
leM tbaa U ImI. Tha Illinois river, at Raaies, 
bM liaaaB fbat withia tha past lew daya, aad tba 
UpparMaMHiaalaaaMB foal. Tha giaat riaa ia 


tic, well digested s' 
Congreaa snd 3ar 
mstters that will prove of 

Ilia Coaaiaa ia ptiatad oa a laiga aad aplaadid 
rMchina powet ptaaa, which ia propelled by a 
'leauiiiul steam eagiaaof aix-hoiaa power it ie 
one ot iii : largeat and haadaoateat aheeia ia the 
Union, and for the aiaouat of Biattar it coataioe 
aad tha (taataaaa tabaa ia to imMaUia, It to 
beyeadaBiiiiBiilM CnAMBrPAPa ■ 
THE WOBUN Qjad aa it to, wa tolend to make 
Il still batter, and in ordar to enaMa oa to eootiaue 
:o improve it, we herehy call ou our friends iu all 
q I at tern ot tte globe, lo ud lu by taiaing cluba ia 
their twpectiva aa^bbotbooda. Thata to B  ia 
eUli«atotha WaMatflMib abaaaaaMkaf feaM 
ivatoifly aabaaiAaM aaaMaal ha nM with 

1 trifling elfiiL Ckime 'ip to .jui support then, 
liieoda, and send us club' hv hvea, lena, twaaties, 
fillies snd hundiedal 
Wa aalt paitlaaiM attaatiua to oat 

Bl OU 

6 UU 
lU UU 

Saocaiaa Anaia.— Mr. Charlea A. Snyder, ■ 
oiltoM ar liaMHl'^t PbBadalpbto, wm abot 
dead while walk lag aloog Gataid aeaa a a,oa Pti- 
dsy afiemoon, ^v s ierson who waa aatalanly 

fiiiDgat a mntit l .-omer', Wm. Commeily and 
Joha WilUaoM, wmo ariaatad lot tha afleaca. 



lloBoaaaui Ba'nMaanoa.— Oaa of Iba baat 

chrllaagM ta tba field, lo Aghts duel, that we 
ever baaid af, waa aiade bv a truly honoiable gaiw 
ileii.aB. the late WillisM Lincoln, of Worcs'ter, 
who.auer sn editiiiial controveiht with a brother 
itor, in wti th he laroe off wiih flying colors, 
m gntnimou 'y ( fTcred to his oppom nl honorsble 
Kalisfsction ia the field; ihe weiip ins to be ho»s 
eS'.'h party to tig one acre of poialoeB, and he 
\vrose work d: ne tiest snd in the shortest 
lime to be derlsred the victor. Should the chal- 
lenge lo morial potato digging be accepted, he 
woaM ttaaaaiit the oiaa ol hia haa to a trt aad, who 
wimid ananga the praliMiaattoa far Iba aaHla- 
m-atal aU ifaaliHi Vm daB laaalM aaald 
ar lea ftaaaaab ■ 4af4 - JMi Jbar. 

ware flghting neu St. Lonto, a fow daya aince. 
Another man naard Done eadaafored to aepa- 
rate them, when Qsidehy turned upon Pimi, w .io 
drew a haila aad atabbaB hin n the btaaat and 

few hours. 

U_d^The old I /outt House in Ciaibcroe pariab. 
La., was dee o. i-d by fuc oa the 7ih iuat, logeih- 
er with Iba Iteh'a jAaaaaB all taa laaaidB. It 
!• aafpaaai la baaa haaa tha wa* af aa 


or Tha tailwayaof liaglaad hava raaoUd 

One Copy of Ihe Waakly Cootlar, aaa 

b ive CopiM do db do 

Ten do do do do 

Oiie Copy ol i.'ie Courier aad oaa Copy of 

Godey 'a Lady's Bkxik, one year, - - 3 i6 
Two Copies ot the Coartot aad tha Lady'a 

Monk, nrr vi-nc • • • - • 4 (0 

Piva Copiaa of tha Ca tw aad OW ia«ra 
Book, aaa yaat, 7 «0 

raa Oaptoa al Bia OwIiimI Bm ia#^ 
■aahTaaayaM . . . ~ n« 

Any parson who aaaii aalnaalf aabacribeta, 
will receive s copy gialiaL 

Any af Iha •  Migaiiaia aaat lartsad of the 
UAdy'a llaok, when deaitad. 

BaakittatMaaatapba BiaiaatiBy Bak. 

Tha CASH STSTBMtofiiny ia fovea iathtoea- 
laMiahm'Bt Ha papM to aaat nnloM the suN 
sctiptioB w paid to adtaaua, sod ail papers src 
promptly disaontinned si the eipiraiioadf Ibatea 
tor which they are paid. 

.^11 tellers m lat lie addressed lu 


CeaiiM StMB Ptiatiag fiaUMiphment, 

Bl, Hearl Sirect^ 
Louisville, Ky. 
■l3*Such (if o il countrv exchanfies ss l opy the 



4.i| expo'ltiuii of Ike Ca.iaa . Prugreas, a  4 T^roun 
allon   I  *iiuu  I bp.n.c Ul»«a c  •  the nifestlvc 
Uigaiu. LiDg*. -^ri  ' a. Liinl  , anil  kiD . aad u: tkrn 
rMsmaMay Wakttscdslhar MlBsats lassM MyJ. 


Twe hoiktieilaoi Twsaty caass »( vacijus Uixaoa.1 
wMh waliv b' tas Am s t w aa watsr-caie 

waa cats* of 
ditiaaMs toMBtotoaw 

RM w» vas .^s a saae%. b •■ ^^s 

neaa watsr-caie Mgat 
ptMUsa.*«atM sTl^ 


.\ popaiai wsefc untbs Hsalth,'l Bcgl-  s 
FeamaaaaJChldia^sad ill n si W ssad CBaa o( 
eatsat WithsMli ~ ~ — 

Oistlrated by vai'Oua caac  . 
rue I by Jue'Sfcew. . H. D ll 
IMbatkcd aaslef tate by 

JOH.1 '*ILKV, 
Ml, Hroadw.).   w T' rk. 
Aadby aaCK Al i H * MOkro.n. 

aav. la Ui Maw air r«t. 



\ 0 UKlt.l oF 


HH . Ol KT .KSO UI- U.1 
FtHSl. 2 V lumf . i r c- » . 


Uf MH' ll.DT'ti NI-.W UO  K. 

\ PK. IS OK .M II K^; IN lll-ff KN! tU 
M.tTllii ASU LAHlMi i rKsjy ua. Psr tsls by 


CoLVMBva, Dec- A. 
Tha HooM te fully otganiaed. All democratle 
sdmitted, Piee Soilan gaawslly voting democrs- 

In ths Seaate theie is no immediate prospect ol 
organiS^tioo, f"ih i le'iibers from Hamilton coun- 
ty olainaaats. WannapeeebM wete Bade 

HjTOn the moruing ofthemult, all tha 
steamers in port ai New Orleans had thait £ag* a 
hall^nast, as s mark of respect fo( tha aaM^-if af 
CapL Dastin. of the Boatona. 

a:F'On the 8ih of Angast, thaac h BBa M Bicta- 
mento,.'rom New Orleans tor San Fraaatoaa, WM 
wracked oa tha atiaito of MagaUaa. Attlba paa- 

It^Several daring robberies wete co nmitte l al 
Mew Orlaaaa aa Iba Vlh alt oa ptMaagew on 


ing for 

—The people of New Urieant are clamor 
tha eaactiBaat of laws to guard agaiast 


iVTha New York Mirror speaks fivorablyof 
• newly tovt 3ted machine lor carving inetnl or 
iw B opaMtiaa la that ally. Uwaai-1 lo 


toaBlhatsa ifaliSttWlss of trade, ani Iraasac- 
afUlMMiithittrtot. Thstslibawavet 

lew days. 

aad I 

a laac- 

tlw pvcviiu g ra asb aad apersHsM ses % M» hgb - 
Ths bog killing aeassa toabaat half a«er,aad mjm\iio^ 
hive trrn l iiflitersdhsestk«t far. Tkers srs s great 
lasny tt.:: us .t.c way, sad if pri:st ksep ap the aambcr 

tha: wi:; 1.* 1. ir i  , r th.» H. «*«n will fu'ly e mal. If sot 
eiceellh%toi acatou. The grocery and produse 
inaiketU uiicbaiig'd. wi'b nu lerale receipts. 

Ttic wettber durtrg ths greater p irtlon o' the week 
baa Iveen d sagreaatile, and ran y. aii t rat'^er chl Ir. twt 
for Ihe last ill y or two It baa been clear and piaasaat y 
tout. The Iter r 1 1 ristng with spwards of *la last water 
Inthecsaal. Frelgbti ars dsll and very tctrce. 
BAOOtMO AND KOPK— Tba maiketeoatiaaes dell 
aadeoMad. We quote llie axtraaic rataa 
af pilSMala raags sflisiac for Bagctac and •|a'rtc for 
iiitoiaM.WMMj. hi masks Celts lib 


'PHB MlSaeata 
I veakksr aoal 


M.t U A M R A RT. A MO WICZ t cg  t   annoasi e \  
ladie. of Lo iiaeilta and vKlottttketsae naa . 
to tasMs ta IBs CM*. aBI 
dssMs ber MiMa baj^i 
IS Htagtaf aaa Ms 

Purtnfr (urtlc 
at he I 't ■ . iMi 
SOtMl al First. 




r*cuiir. VU: 
Hen). W Dudley. M. 

aad t*rs«ic  o( Btugefjf. 

■obert Peter. M. 
fba m s c y. 

JamssiLBaih. M 
(teal .Aanlsaiy. 

aamT.iaaaa, M. D., 
lice 'if Medirlsa. 

Ethclber L l udUy, M. D..rri 
fathutogKsl Ana'.eaiy aad 

Henry M. Baih t. 
and TlierspcuUCr. 

Wni..\t. H  .iiic, M. I  . Prof sf Obsutritt asj the 
Liiieaata ol Woi'ini and t4:il1rsB. 

H. M. tiauimau, M. O., Usmuoaaatar or Aailaaiy 
Tha coat a( a tell oaans to BHik MSsaiaMy to adSMi 
Tha Mtilittotlksa sad Ukrarv tf .ket is V. Tbe INs. 

TbsCrol.ia'i. i F-r I gft5. B  «rd 
I tut' $3 (« : .11 wrrk 


ceitUy MM I aaaaaMMa t 
loaaBh^as aibMto 


jiew ' 

cijMy delfefs wuk sOV 
lar leawdiaa erusuei i 
away the f avtiisy oi aar soee.  t.^t 

bar kody. laikiiaaii 
ravagea'to the roof pI fcer i 

Ir tlua dieodlui 
ataikic bst la tbc 

Ike ajeat lor a*i...  ■'-faatstas. m  es 
whiMii 1 earn ad'i'i'r.. 
B.nsc 4011 ikat u. ..r .cigassfa. 
SBSwii. alter iiaing tuvu and s kail I 
sd ta psrissti 

aod waa al ta tnwnthietwo weeks' iota 
commesced Uking i . . 

a •itnesa ot lac '.ru.a     ■ .aa. 


Tbu cure wajsaisll 
vTn.ploaaa tt a rtBH 

Messrs. Saalts — i 

of jiuiKa U  ivm ' 

tu tke greet beeeki I kaee ss c saeed ts the   
a Rsu Caacaaocs Clc 

I was aasadod ciattsea moaBa by at 
phiaitta.BWsitl kviaet ' 
»•« msBsMs an 

aer «ei» reaorta.: o, *jr bw •vaebek 

sot * %* burac «■'. i c c« I 

a wss dsiiv aynnai t eraa s   
■( U , sad ths ca vK| ee 
keld oecv aaeowse et ■ 

Bicer aad esas  ard tbe heas. aal tasS I 

 • 1^ aa  aiit-iaf raia :   .. IBs leai^. aaa if [ , 
•l«ed; rcurf k) oM'-iicia* erbe aat 

1 ••a auvwed aa aaea iBo I 
iit eBsad the bears esaaaiasd. 

. _ »v 

I aiDMia 
aivcaae aeerty 
aeeirg .•iMM 
e I.-' af Sands' Sl»r.a|v« 
t cea a lia l edta By ale* 

aa thsatoi psaasaie ease lav my   
s disssas waeeaiaiBly «.ared. It is, 
ea saoadBa Barttke care w 

auKbtaat aBrearaai^a ul a 

vtyaci/ w«J. a-U If cmj t n^irr., '/W tad If  ( a aaa* I 
aAeASii-i-A. as i MsS aaAc ^-^-^.nr m mm^ 
,£ikt wmt I isss asaod n. w v.^** -   « «'«.e. 

nsaae escaac Jam leaa -riairad • - ^a, 
.;M.k Ithtahitwii dalytamaAs V'jvx 
panlla cared ise, waa IBs btssmacu. ls«ia  
wkea asBaM sBis soaMa a 
oBiitBitoMByaa. IsaaavMeaaBBylt 

1 1 .lo I 

1 bUeiecUcBt 

.  k5t~Y .1. **" ' T° niT^iiMB, 
LkL^aAri ;  aAitSAPAAUXA. 

  |a .li.l. 'VMS ISCSSSa^ OHkSM 

 .ii.i. twa IS 

vcitai latere^i *   

, mio tke isvar at sot 
arimdes. Wa baaa lead 
af iBwtB' 

_ ia»— Wa have jast received aa tm- 

volteaf Pisaa-Put1es,arw and bsauufai psOsraS' 
which In atliHlioalaoarraraier s:ack. rrsdcrt ear aa. 
 o. line i,i one at the nuist compUlrt aad varied ever el 
feted to tke Weatara sobUc. we baee now la sunw— 
1 loagnlAceBlrsrvadraaswaadloctr-* Ptsatt-Porte; 

do «4 do 

do H da 

do at 

da r 


Salatday atght, Mawtaa Wirw, bfolkw af Iba 
I tte poatanater st IhB aUp, had an altercation in 
l eaueaiwiih Jno. 3.Th0WM, Broker, of the firm 
of Benoist dt C . Hittols were drawn but not 
used. rhiHalliTiiC' ^n Ihr psrties met in front of 
tie PInniers' H' lei; Wimer began ahooting 
rt Tho D  «, ai '1 ThonaH m Wimer — nine abeta 
'»ere filed Thon as wis shot in the heartj^he 
hall glancing ro in i. VN imei then ruabed on Tho- 
mv , b-stiiig him wilh a • alt While doiag this 
rhoroi i H^oi Wimi-i through thabodf. ThawMtad 
s considered dangerous, if aat MMtaL Thonaa 
nay raeava^ ttaagh aaagat to app n h»alid from 
.ns blowaea tba head. Tha eaaaa af AMaarrel 
was, that some m wtba aince Tbomaa fsiled lo rO' 

ii by tbe 

reive s large remitianoa by 

P Hi office wilh fr%u;.'. Wi 
olhire, and ^•;•nt i" I ■  m;vs' 
Wimer, thot by 

■i » t f aaa i oa, aad waaitoa tba aaal af daal h da Mnoy aad iisaaealia 

Bat Coaway had a aMM baa, ajraa tek M Bight, I Ilia aha 

[ MBka tli»af|pMaa« 

Tas Bloom or Aoe.— A go ^d Worasn never 
grows old. Veins niHy psssovel her head, l iil if 
bl nevolei rr and vlituredwell in he; heart, rtie is 
se cheerful .m when the spring of life first 
opened to ber view. When ws look upon a good 
woman we nfver think ol ber ige; aha looks as 
Muog aa wben the rose of yoath biaoMad oa 
abai*. TbatMaahMaat fodal ytt; tt will 
lahMfsaMlyahatotha life aad de. 
light In bei oeighhorbood she is the friend 
•od banafaetor. In the eharch, the devout wtx- 
■hippat aod the eiemptuy chriatian. Who does 
Bat reapect imd love the vtoirmn ui o psased hrr 
*4gya il •ctsof kindiiesH and mercy; who ha4 bei'n 
ti e fnrnd of man an   God; wboae whole lile ha« 
been a hoen'* of kindness and love, a devotion to 
truth a li religiour U e iep  tt, aoah a WOBM 
cannot grow old. She will always ba fMSh aiti 

buoy sat In spiilta,aada«an ia haabla 4aada of 
ly aad iisaasalians If Iha yoaag lady dMirea 
aod htiitty of youth, let 
aad virtaa; aad  to Ihw oiooa of 

•il, and charged the 
aei was s cleik in the 

I'l oma^ Innt night, is destL — 
K«cis have com* to light eiihonerat og Wimer 
trom Ihe chatgs brought by Tliomaa whli h led to 
ine quarrel, fhomaa will recov. r. 

Suici us- —David Dill, late proprialot af the 
TonUne. shot hiaaajf Bwough ihe head, while in 
bed at the Plaatam' Hoaaa, thia afternoon 

The steamer it now over due. Tha 
intarrupled between Bosion and Hall 

K (B,0'Kletl '*aUBe ) 

Mkmpim, Dec 8. 
Dsle«fromTei »8, Nov. 12, hava baa a jj BB la aA. 
Tbe cotton crop is short ihroughoMttalMlibMB 

is worse than wss anticipated. 

Geo. Ilrooks linl H'ceive,! news that the Cs- 
msnrti.', W«. hitaa, and oibei ludian Uibes have 
leagued lofihei lot wM oa Iba arbitaa. ThaMil* 
itmy expedition f wM th a Iwatiat WM 

11,.-.MbM.bMal..h.f , BbMtM. 

QoLO Dioaaia.— We laam  k^lha»' 

repott to the Wat Uepartaaat oa tha ami 

ot^aUfoiato, Oaa. Btley aatimalM tha nnmbn of 
petaoaa aatoally BMployad in tlialoS gold at t«n 
MoMaaB, whila tha Bumbei of persons engaged 
inolbereraplolflkcBtaatIha plaoen would giesily 
incresee this amount The report in question will 
piobabiy ac unpany the Uieasage n! the Piesident, 
and be foumi to contain much valnabla infoma- 
ttoa.— /"la'. 

We learn ttabf&ciailT lhalJ. NlTrtT 9ntLB, 


SiaovLaa lavraoitaaTS or Dbstb.— Mr. Wm. 
Clark, of Malons, N. Y.,was recently killad hy 
^t ttng thiown ft  m a wagon loaded wiih graM 
ttona, which Istt 'i fell upoa aad craabad kim. 

Vbbmort Lbou'.atioii.— Tha Lagtalatara of 
Vermont hM pt^u ! n resolution urging un the 
gaaatal gotwamaat the anseiatioa of Canads, 
aad laaolalloaa la-'t 'gaid to alavery, urging i'.a 
abolittoa to tha INMitataf C ol a M W a . aa tba hi|b 
aaw, ftaltoaaaiy plaanBtoiaBtoMaaaiBtttes 

nay have jnrtodiatfoa prt^at and future 

A HgaiatfaM.— Thaaitiaaaaef Naw Otleaaa 
bayaaMHaO aabaailpttoa Mm fet Bm laUafaf 
the surviving ^ufferera by tbe exptoaloa of the ill- 
fated Louisiar «. Tbe Uat to haadcd by Mf. Sam 
OooTley, who stitaHibiBaaifalil 
aoM of BtOO  

S7*1hefi aia Ma M« BlMMM halMiag at 
Pittsburgh sttittoBMB IMtoa af BiaM aw ViO 

feet In length. 
Cj'A msil-bag trom ihs southern port on ol 
rl, ditaalfd to St Loaia. wm ioat from the 
Mmwaak, aad Iha pi w i H Badhigit aatU 
opea aad .-nbbed the letters of their contents. 

CVTha Sk Louis Ktpyblieam, of tha lat inat, 
MlHMlMOtMOOhoia BttB»«l»«i|BM, 
dividing on 1(50 aid 900 Iba. 

MrraooisM m Ntw Oblba»8.— Ahoot S35,CO0 
teaa baaa latoad in ^ew Orleana wiihiu a te-e 
ugaihs, te jay a debt on :ha Poydras eUaai Math- 
odtot CbBiabi A anabar of the iadlvidaal aa» 
tnbutions siaBaM BfiOO to tllOO esch. 

CB'Thera wm B meeting at Mayaville ou Satur- 
tef last, to take atepa lowarda the conaimetioa of 
a ralUoad ftoM that plaas to Uxiagtaa. 

atWsM|s. Baaetptoara 
■tBot^M sad l«| per 
kers, w IB two sad a hoU par asM eff to Iha 
BatUsg kuouaaada lie. 

I'OAt AHD WOOlMThe tappiy or Pittsbarfk C!oal 
l  qulle fair, and we qaato ssiM ky Iha boat toed M 
mc, aodsaleaat ICi labdl salM at lfct%t. Mhv s tsd. 

tiood WaaAto adMt bAm wttap al tl • M ti t« 


CANDLR8.— Wa qfMto BiatM aaarihtalM 
8Ur Candles fMB Iha MMBtoatavyto toto Mitof 

ttoreatsac. Sales of 
dle8ai»a9|c,tnluUi O iBB n a MoaldgB. 

rOOPRK A UK.— The demand hi good for the dUhrent 

article!!. We continue to quote Flour BanalBBtatnM 

WhiiKr BarrelaAicgl; Slack 
KarrelsaOs^K i Lard Keptflc. 

COKUAUK, *c— We qirotc retail %alea of Manilla 
iVjrdage ironi the manufailory at 1 1  ; sale* of ',iled and 

rrril I or :a.'e at llalki erlb. ^ales of Rallni Hemp 
r«'.ne al tHllc (inm storea; sacking Tvrtne we quote 
at '»a3l c. 

CORMMRAL— Wa«Mto adMby thagpialtty at Ma 
aoc,pe boahct BdMM*aaBB»l 

gl M per bbt 
DRY OO'JDB — ^Tke receipts this wee aniouni lo 1.3M 
I, W fea'as, aad M5 paekages. Pncst vary u cot 

tads at td 

far vary aaawaa M Mc tat 

iltoaik Matoweq^Mndi 


was determined to bold sootbat 
day aaale to eoatidai tha tama 

RifiTAt. ta OnABA.— A laHval tt 

been andMway feta fortnight pasr, ia tba 
dial Episcopal Charoh, at Drbanna, U. , uadot tha 
mintotrBtioM of tba Bev. J. S. InskI?. Within 

of 100 paMoaahava 

1 plaiB 
9 extra 
t very 

9 pla n vqiiare tabiat 
S roaad cornered 

•2 lr. ijuc tailet n 

moulded logsi 
a flush Ubiet ri 

inouldt-d less; 
t pUin aquare r.i swood • oclave Piano Porlea. with 

mouldeil legs. 
1 flasty Anisked auhogaay • ocBvs Ptsaa Fonsi 




C^AlwsyS'iB hand (wholeaale and rslalO Msslcal 
• etaUUoda, Music U^mBs. aaj tbe largeM 

alihaM Maals laha i eaad toiBe wci. 

*   o.. 


July?— tr nextto Bank of LouitvlUe. 

a. a. aiBSBMS. CHacacsv 

STiuAK^S & CO. 

AbABGB Mlitmiaiaf PLOOBlilO. HHKlTUo. 
WRATriBB-BOAKDIBU. Ac.. ciMi^iaaUy ea 



sswad M il disssed n mBm. iMviawtaa, 


ei| resstt D. my thtaatwaS' 

dr: aU.Sl • tiu^h 

er tbat I couid aot speak above a w' 
tiis isllanimsli-'" Irom ay thruat its tsd BBB 

that Biy keannd waa ver» ai« n 
kiagtbe teissfssaiaa jBosi taae ai| sa 
sua uiy larosi to iMw wal^ I an rrse r 
ugMaria oi iBscBsB saasM I 
Ji^uoOly . Ml ll 
tke cars ot wtittt 



VABUFACTvaaa aai  i«i-oBTsa or 

i| ■ ) TA, Thir l «1" -1, ^iwre'i Jeftrnon anu .MarhaS. 
— jti . t" L.M i«»!i I a. He 


THK aubscr:b«i are noweBgafSd to Ihs SMaatoclurv 
of Gtase.l Wvldinn. btack ami wkMe.ror tbe nee el 
UUoraaBdclothlera. It la . f Ihe very beat qasllty, at 
any IhlckDcaa lei^uirr ! . w . I biased, and sold U wer thaa 

iheKasuraantote. We are aow amBlag u ia 
q uamya Msajg^^rMM wb^ 

Vour:iicn.l, tort-  \  . Ittf^g^ 


rkaaaaasvaa aadaiarmMaaabcaaaa. wMA i 
trom ths sli#t si UBS »e maay. k sB at the Baa 

kood,kas'atleagtkaas«i.s ^«I c aBia '«a**?l 
effecUepoa U»»  yWoai a.'r -asm bv Ae 
olibmpfevasBiMM.. _ 

" . " k 

pitver.wBtohlslihst sads 

covered wttk parlKleeer aoeemsessmvas. a te*as 1 
a..iiie hing ;ikea kWe, am* - - 
Ur. OMde lU arreaia»ae 
sad Bsrfcsriedaa i 


f rwa the ears, oi a v«r i   
Ahasat J sspsi r ag ot svev «  f ^1,4 aa 
made Mai ol SAMUt.' ^.\K^.l r t HlLL.t . 1 
ed a coaaplelc t-ere. ifce .bt«j ■ a   • f tabas aaay « 
Uc. PmIBs beackt •( IBsae atB n a s fsam 'be 
s a a tlt g^tMsS ii iiMai^djssaat^Mi. I .««aawi.i» 

*^ ** KBey ssB uktosatodsaaa* a asabet 

' beat qasllty, el nenced. abiinam l*e UMOtMaflaa I Mee ra««aav leeeaa I 

i sold Uiwrr thaa i il " a aaakiT r 1 ir-ini nf IbB rs^i litsBi I . aka M 

ag u ia oaatcieal save eaad )ear MmassnMa. IMw aa: he aaai dcakS 

waBaftto^Ala. MtBM a ts^^aaM asBMtojasBsMs. a ad iBsa taa s» J 

«• Ml 

Wher* diraik 

?fmj1 Wb«r«7 


"A« for the ooiMnbh wraleSM who were 

unable^U) buy the mercy of their keepers, 
ino woida can paint ihe terrible condition to 
which (hey VMonduced mor« (c»fcibly than 
the timpU tod oMtter-ofooonM lai^Mige 
of the pwliamMitary report: — The co«n- 
(uoa side,' it eiplaiiia, -iii ciiclc s^d w ili u 
n ii are now oo^liiied 



TMtk AT 'raUerflMd. 

M. D£ TALLCYEANu,waa born in F 
in 1754. At that p«rM l|it was the aeiier- 
ai cualom ia aob^Jaiailies ^o ■oM out 
their Ipfavli to tmJftM io the pnmaom. 

The gay mother, ufter n tirief retirement, 
rcauoMd her place in ilie brilliant court cir- 
cle. ■aldacD liodiag leimire to cast away v 

being to wbpm 

t\us Uad giveiT 
Itk^ C«re of a hi 
'mmay uiUes di 

• * 

it riTri 

•and who. 

Uw Revolu.| Wbr;ai7 
aem« Willi 

Hie iff da eutofwl iik^ii^ iuio ihe 
.nm'^mml ; Uf l u4lM ffd iiiii vei 7 vMwb. 
bdmle the yoST^at tb* 9iiae» 

Talleyeand afterwards appeartiJ. In proud 
«nd-bitter silence be dooncd the offered ca^ 
aock; ami none may know what pasted 
withiii. for never, even to hi» laoat iotimate 
A,A K» alliuUtn the subject. Now 
■ in mntuie ago, 
■ on i" - 





re ex  

Te ai*y ke*r 
la the MMnAof 

X r when, witti AMIi^ 


Ya may n« 

A  1 1 ^: a lie 
TUl ita 

11 ut^^^ke •', rpM 

■ oauiug 


roay cheeks and 
waa well M, well 
a baby waoir 

W thought his lady 
lenever ehe had tiiue to 
latter at all ; bui this waa 
diiliea and uuUTt piail  

|weiy Caeulty, tad oeca- 

Ccu (UMTB ia tiMd^t^MMMVfk ** 
Wa*r«(liaseM tae war V Vaaner 



« ^ A«bi*%f Howards « 

. ^» be meftVpoed. He wi 

aa 'Mitaralty aouie 
a hajghty lemperameot. 

meet, plain 
•ftaai appa- 




kitfj IS \eiv\'- a child's — like the 
eidrr (ioAO oa U»e eagle:i bieaat. With 
'^9mcoDA aad dariiaf wife be stipulated, 
•^ a vioee    oierriage, that in all maiteni in 
^ which ibare should be a difference of opm 
4Vibo between them, ^14 voice siiould be the 
^iiHf tyraou naailad before an eye 
"as it was oumI. He spoke oal as 
le the king under the gilded roof 
falaoe as 10 the goaiar io the loath- 
aaaa iaU. The iaiperioaa GMbariM of 
Ruaeia iaviiad hiiu, when in Sc. Peters- 
burg, to Court: He told the courtiers who 
wailed on him thai *he had devoted hitn- 
aalf (o ihmmk yiaitii^ the dungeon of 
the eaplMrind dw aMe of the wretched, 
not the palaces and courts o( kings and 
and that that the luuiled tiase at 
rorid aac panwt Us calling 
on b«r imperial majesty.' Ue pereintorily 
laCaaed to lueei the Austrian Emperor un- 
km Ibe aanriie custom of approaching the 
sovereign tmJmiaA^mmmg^m iua 
^•psMa^'MH^^W^^awrtunaie Pope 
Pius VI. carnesdy requested an iiuerviaw, 
■rbidi the stero Poriiaa mmi **iiyifblifian 
«wli oalf ooaseirt 10, on tbe cooditiofi 
ifeat the absurd iDark of hoin,ige, kissing 
(sot. and, indeed every other apeciea of 
y. sbauM bo dis pen se d trith. At 
yaning, the venerable poniifl' laid '.u^ h ind 
opoo itit iirad ol the heretic, saying, ^ood 
huinoiediv, ' 1 kno.« you Eiiglishuitti care 

tenancy inspired respect and awe. In one 
of the aulilary prison!* lu London, an alaiin- 
iac riol look place; the infurtated prisoners, 
two liuodred in number, broke loose, killed 
two of their kt^pers, arid couiuuiied olhei 
sacesasa. Having obuined possession of 
lk0 baii^i^ BO oae daiod le approach 
aa r ss sd mi alsaa, Howard an- 
the prison, ctisrmed the savage p^s- 
of t^te furious mutineers into tntriais 
aad tbey aufcred ibsaMloai m be 

Suietly conducted back to th^-ir cells. — 
ieaoliriess and temperance, he was wont 
le say, were bia p iu as w ai i iai sgainsi con- 
lagiaos diaeaess. He ate ao flesh, drank 
ao WOM or sptriu. bathed in coU water 
daily — ate Utile, and that at fixed intervals; 
io bodeoitf, aad woe aaaar^ riser. 
HWaa Plnotdsaoa/ he says. 

•and beli«-ving inys' If in the w av a*" iiiv 
duty, I viitit the moat noaioua cells, and 
whi te thus e inp tofoi 'Ifmm oeiL* ' 

Mr. Dixon is n psMlMi writer, and 
damla e few bleoi.shes; Aercere ^w wlio 
oaud hate acc^mpli.thed bis tmk wMb 
gMNsr aaiirfssianio those who arc ioteres- 
lad in prison nAm. He has made pii^n 
discipline his study, and though an advo- 
of seme of what are called 'benevolent 
«r *e day, the rasnia of his ra- 
hes are vBluahl" to all. The chief 
of the work IS an ap|tearaiice in cer- 
mim portions of afcctatiaa aad agotism. — 
a stvaining to make mouataiasvat of mole 
htlla. All, however, who revere the meai 
ory of Howard, hhould either read or be 
mtm Boaapad of the voIobm, Car valuable 
at ia Dr. AftfaTa s h s l s h , k b iaeoraplete, 
and affords but scanty information on inany 
iqpfortapi remainder o( our 


** In the Marahalaee, debtors aad pirates 
Mi oipfined : the former geaM " 
|lMor elaaaea — many of them common 

smIots. The goal was under the charge of 
tbe Deputy-marshal of the Maishalsea of 
(be Kiaf'a huasabold — an officer, who, ia 
dhiaaoa of the eipress prohibition of the 
deed constituting him governor, farmed oat 
the Caa^ victualing and lo4gi^gi of his 



port Un» was 
the priaoo, upon 
over the prison bf a rope 
another prisoner, ^^^le 
uken by the keepa^j^u 
into the lod ^, bsrbara^^^satsa and put 
.iito iiciii.s, in which he vNPlkept sever 
weeks. One after noon, aa aHraaataa 
,ng quietly in tbe yard aMk hlbifons • 
»ume of the said Acton's men ( Actcn w if 
a tulcber and Itosee of llie pruwu) calli 
hiin into tbe lodge, wfaafo Aolaa arfs th«n 
drinking and ■any virii aaafaaf. In 
aboot half an boor Blias oaoso oot again, 
rying, and gave an CLCOunt, — that when 
he was in the ioig*, they« tar tbair diver- 
sion.  aa they eaUad k.) faad oa Uebead 
an iron engine or insiruiuent, (which ap- 
pears to be au iron skull-cap, which wits 
screwed so dloee, that it treed the blocd 
oot of bis ears and noae. And he furthur 
declared— that his thombs were at tlie sau e 
lioM put in a pair of thumb-scrsws, which 
wereaeiavod «M jj^tj^ !*.'*^"' 

tiooed'disordereS untu the day of hiadea:! . 

eithout paying 
out, Acton du- 
iiired that all that waa past might be forgo . 
and that he would not t eai him any iH-m ill 
This miserable wreu h was put into St. 
Thomas's UosBiial (or help but ho died 
very sooat What socceeds ia still awes 
horrible: — 'The various tortures and croel- 
tie.s before mentioned not conieatiag theso 
wicked koepera in their pretended magis. 
iMif aver the nr l aoaei fS b tbey fOoad a way 
of atafcing within ihi*. prison a confine 
ment more dreadful dian the stroog'roon 
iisslf by eot^pUng tbe livim with the dead, 
and ba^ asnde a praeliee of loelting u{ 
debtors who J spkasod them in the yrrd 
with human careasse a . Oae particular in- 
stance of thia aad af iahaaMaky woe of a 
person whom the kee|)e(s confined in thai 
pait of tne lower yaid which was then 
aeparated firom tha rem, whilst there were 
there two dead bodied which had lain there 
for d lys; yM was he kapt there with them 
si. T days longer, in whiuh time tbe vermin 
devoured tbe flesh Crom their Ckso, eat tbe 
eyee oat of tbe haada of tho naiiiawis. 
which were bloated, putrified, and turned 
green durm^he poor debtor's dismal eon- 

child to 

He was lot out of prison 
biedaht.aad at hie aaia 

AS '*BrtacorAt. riisOM 
"Pour days after thi.i visit to the 
nhalsea in London, wi; 


Mir[ '"i 
lawaids litem, 
the ground was 

find the modem' .Tf.-T 
of thatfaaowaad hero 


rwcjived ample considerations. Thus the 
corruption began at the very source. The 
inferior officers were only too ready to fol- 
low the example set before iheni. When 
• person was seut in — and his commit- 
ment might be for a debt of a single ahil- 
liaft iaeraasad to forty by legal txpensea — 
ka had f rat of all to pay gamjh, in the 

shape of a bowl of punch for his compan- 

iaaa. li, ae waa o6an the caae, the new 
•MHrkii ao aMMf whwiail h to bay his 

freedom of the goal, he was stripped, in a 
riotous and di^aoefui manner, of tbe great- 
er port of bis aeaa^ clothes, which were 
aold or ptsdged to pey for the bumper. — 
Ifai^ ha had to make^his selection of a 
aids of the goal — namely, the asaalsr's aide, 
wkm be vooliMee tojqr the most oaob 
bfeMtfrfaaa MMadaOig. food aad Mt, 

or the common side, where I.e would have 
.10* fata as he couiij, on the occasional and 
^^■ssfy taad nq ua ia supplies of such obarity 
as the eaaidity of the officials might suffer 
10 be ifi rii sd to their ligitiaiate -parpoasa. 
Out of the persona rnniaod on liie master's 
ado tbi aeain af tho aMWirfaneot were 
dMstyaMo; backlrwrta bb aopposed 
thsi they were well treated on that account. 
Of) the contrary, the fact of their beinc 
*ie 10 aay f» weantodatioa. paialad 

mem oof to the wardetw as the best sub 
' far ihft e as cc ioei f their peculiar arts. 

weie mere pnstiniei to tiiose of Howard. — 
The earnest spirit of enterprise which 

of the wDrk uitli the brii"f space if time in 
which it must be done, if done by him — 
caused a rapidity in his movemenu which 
lends not a little to baffle tbe follower of 
his footsteps. His account of tho condi- 
tion of this gaol ia terrible beyond tbe pow- 
er of Is i^ uage to deepen; — ^"Tbo debtors 
haoetti ooait; tbair fcv waidi ia Iba Lav 
Gaol are two damp, unhealthy rooms, 10 
feel 4 inches a^uasa. They are never suf- 
fered to go aalaf these, unless to cbapel, 
and not always to that — for on s Sunday 
when I waa there i miased them at chapel; 
they told me tbaj wore not pannitiad to go 
thither. No sewaca. At more than one of 
ay viaiti I learned that the dirt, ashes. 6cc.. 
had lain there many months. • • • 
The f elo n s have no court; but tbey bavo a 
day -Mii aai t«a MMtl taoiBB fer aa (afir- 
mary. The aMI are fnit at ci^ht into 
dungeons; oae 7 feet aquaie for three pri- 
soners; another tlie great bole, 1.2 feet 
by 12, has only a liule window. In this 1 
saw six prisoners, most of them transports, 
chained to the floor. In IbH iHliiin they 
bed been asaay waaka. M^wsM ^ aick- 
ly. TMrakairantheMone loor almoat 
worn to dust' fjong confinement, iind not 
having the King's allowance of 2s. 6d. a 
arook, bad oigad them toatlaa^baaacape, 
after which the gaoler had chaawi tbaai aa 
above. • o • Common-si de dabiors, in the 
Liow Gaol, whom I aawaiitiqg boiled bread 
and water, told mo that Ibia was the only 
nourishment some had livad upon for nearly 
12 months. * * • At aeveral of my viails, 
there were boys bstwean thirteen and fifteen 
years of ago, ooaiaad with tbe moat profli- 
gate and abandonixl. Yet this was an 
Kpi» opal prison, the property of the Bishop 


Another son was born 
lleyraad; aad.lifcohia 

e iDtotboMiUfirattg 

mould of a vigor 

u« •r okuioA. 
vUlafe where 
aad Bag' 

01 (lod or man be 
iTill the arrival of the lillle 
; he had never aeen the face 
Himm^er, occupied with 
bM Calher iMB|pibition, ihooght 
ular tl ai while the 
jMviog obtained 
and the Mnaav aa^ 
in coiiipiira .ive jhjv 
m^iBir neglected c 
n^ik^ nis Huntf and to 
lOus fortune. 
Haorios had untei 
aptain «f a'lfl^t- 
^ ta, letnraad vom 
r greeting the 
lily, he enquired 
fclt both ahocked 
ir parents' inditferance 
« as the deptli of winter, 
covered with snow, the 
roads were difficult and daafaroua ; but the 
wai. trtiarted sailor braved all obataelea. 
aad «f t out on horse- back to visit hi* liule 
relatt.ea. It waa late in tbe afternoon 
when tie ap pwaebad the village, aad he 
bethought him of inquiring the way to the 
house of Nurse Higaut. Ijooking round, 
lie saw on the hill a pale, thin child, with 
loiiK f.iir hair flou ing on his slMMilders; he 
wa« buay aetuiiK bird-trap op tbo snow. 
Tks MfMhraelted him; and as the liule 
fellow afpwarhsrt, the kind aailor saw 
« iUi pain that he van laaso, aiii leaat for 
support on n ? iial; ciuich. 

" Hullo*, my boy. can you tell ine where 
Dame Kigaot livae?" 

"Certa nly." snid the chil i, smiling. "I 
will ahow you ilie w4y on one coodilioii." 

MCoiBe, then, make haste, my lad ; I'll 
pay you handsaaiely for jroar goidaaoa." 

•• Nonsenae,^ replied the diild, leMen- 
ing. "my condition that you will le' 

at* rii« au yaiii h u(« tc nufv*'a deuc. 1 

don't want your money." 

"Mouni, then, my boy." said the cap 
tain, reaching down his hand, and walfliiuig 
with surprise the sgilit\ wiih which the 
chUd, cnppla aa ha «aa^ manafal to climb 
on tbe taUabdAa. 

Holding Ua title guide carefully l efore 
him, the CMMia loacbed the house of Dams 
Rigaat. Ho loM the abild to hold his horse 
for a iiionii'nt, and entered the door, nurse 
caiuc u) luaei him. What passed between 
iheaBl  Ptobably nothing very amicable: 
for the yomw lialaaer ootado eoald diatin. 
guish a sound of weeping — feoHimw kaaen- 
tatioos overborne by loud masculine lepri- 
. Suddenly) the sailor rushed out, 
tbe sift«aili«' boy, raised kaa. aad 
held him closely embraced with one arm, 
while with the other he made good use of 
his whip iu kwspiag off Nurse Kigaut, who 
ioa of her •tiarling 
the work of a moment 
to mount hie horse, and wut. liie child be 
fore him, to retrace bia steps, without per- 
mitting the perftdmas aniaa oven to say 
ad lew to her charge. As they rode on. 
liule Charlea-Maurice learned ihat his cap- 
tor waa Ida uaele; an honest sailor, who, in 
a irnnsp^rt of indignation against llie wo- 
man to whose negligence his nephew owed 
a Ifla lOi^ lam^neaa, would not heve him 
a moment longer beneath her roof, la his 
anxiety about iha heir of his bouse, he to- 
tally forgot his brother's younger son, who 
aocordingly remained wiihabe nurse. 

Froai the irat town wherelie etopped. he 
wrote ijo his brother to announta what he 
had done; and on arriving at Fans, he 
learned thet tbe Count de Talleyrand was 
with the nnny in Flanders, and that the 
countess wa^ in attendance on the qm^n 
at Veraailles. However, she had provkled 
a person to lako aharga of bar son, and 
see him in the enllege of L oa h io-qiand 


„ ^ aad old 

iliog sentaoces, while 
the influence and power wtiich hir master 
mind asserted aad maintained were 
marvellous. At tbo aaaanary he became 
sa distinguished as at tbe college. There 
still survive a few old clergy. nen who can 
recall th« aloquMu mmumw of the young 
studaal It tbo waakly oiblMtione at Sl 
Oulpice. ^^a» of these compositions have 
been preaerved ; they are chiefly remarka- 
ble for the artful manner in which the pa.^- 

of tho auditofy- aaa aali^ad wpuaat 

the advino aids, and tbair asaae af na lu- 
dicrous i!xciled at its expense. 

At the tM9 of aevMjUaa^ M- de TalUy- 
.aiMi  j4tiBoikKa«anivjr, in oraer w cum 

pLete hia tbaalogicial aiplpaa at the 8or 

bonae. The few doya «Mab iaMsMed 

were passed by him at the femil'v residence. 
I p to thai peitod be had nevtr spent a 
night andtr As pei aa l a l fwe^. Well 
might Rousseau fulminate his burning re- 
proofs against ihe high born inotUers of that 
itiue, whom he designates "mercileasstep. 

" M. de 'Talleyrand was so for 
tuiMte ta'to have for his preceptor an ex 
cellent man, not many years olde- than 
stroai awi iaatiag affection 
mn mm. Hia ^iear lather 
ived from him a liberal per. 
f ins days; and up lo liie 
period i f the good old 
antiquated figure, auirsd 
in tne onmaie of the preceding century, 
might have been coostantly seen in the 
prince's ipleodid laaaatipa ioobm, hjs hiMs 
snoir.boKaad oalaeaa po^at-baadbaroliwf 
figuring next rich uniforms and brilliant 
otdera. When be apoke. hia former pupil 

s«Ml}aajtJl with interest, sseay. eah.b.tiog 
Sfcdi^J. reasoning •fTall^r'-ji 
for example. Ol^ «« Jt* "»^,^!f 
pSa.'' On the Unity ^ Weights and 
M^«l«.n»." Ac, Si«J-*«i 
btau profsssed a »«i8»» m f 1 

of the young Talleyrand. Mirabeao fre- 
fluenily dechued that be considered him the 
glfy ln capablo ofiaeaaadtog him m the 
'direction of the moderate party of th« time. 

Talleyrand died at Paris, in the eighty- 
(a irth year of his sge, on the 17th of May, 
iaS8. Bv his wiUho baa strictl y.prolnbtr 
ted his heirs from puUidiiog^ia laaaMUa, 
which be wroU himself, «nd which are, r 
iasakl, depoeited ia England— until thirty 
years shall hose expired fiaaa »o day ol 
bmdeB.h Many a State mystery and many 
a arand secret in diplomacy will no doubi 
'laaaalailitta «&MI pkblic of 1868. 
Till then, we must content oaraalvaa arith a 
Off rambling records of that giaad asavar 
of the wires of the political puppet^ow — 
^bailat-Maatioa Prince de Talleyrand. 

Htfa V. YoargooA ^ 
w you that there ia s 
balance of foar dtdlats in my favor st any 


Tna coodactor hsaitatad. Beau laokad 
like a gentlaasaa, to one not perfectly wall 

posted up in the human face, he was well 
dressed, and hia indignatioa 

'Til see yoa 
uckeis,' repliedl 
ihfough the car. 

Btauaat in silent indi] 
at every body until tboo: 

r I have collected the 
conductor, pasMog i 

came and sat 
then, in an 
could oaly 

the conductor 



tion, frowaiog 
ial tetomed, and 

of aaiaal awt *  
relsssaee t» ia« 

•d wiib all iha 
Sow SiiBlitui In 
»ccomi..g ;., whie^i 
» * n.iak.uif U) UM ' 

ia« ku upon wbisO i 
an la tnm df-ti* .uf ii« q« 
ttxejpt o( t «ociic«uc«. 
 jrigir«f aba aiuofca of 
■nsia ysdats mi iu » itatm*. 
•a Mitjeet si« kmtmm tuyoa 

. _ •« Atticallscal ChMiMul 
ais or%» uUmuraktm ia a 

[SsieriijiasTiM ot ils Ms 



hia aide. Beau | 



like a "Dutch f^nela," and! _ 

of tickets pof I PicMi. 

ikiS. Ha luaad ahaoi 1-3 UOnoou 
w . H..» ,a^» ^g^i „, 
with lie BMthud of «a^Om^ ISe I 


TnsaostlOMtetbs . 

K aMua^OI tai^ sC the gsMsn 
For UiM adawaward awsfse Sm» 
Aad leave the dteary aertk a 

A lid at tb« hills aloaf las anaaowy w sst 
Awhile are gUdedia thy liM«risf r*y  
SedtdthalevtagSfseef the bUst 

li^ai^ «Mb hrt^f^sa thay 

Aim! thea aroM awhile tb« silvwy 

To ehMf ta* bMrl aad llflii th« star* *' ■ *" 
But swB slmpl* FaiUi expired too sooa, 
Aad Uft tho atakiag worid la fiooin Sgstu. 

The trick was at once seen .hrough by 
both my irieod and myself, aud the n«xt 
day over a bottle of wine allho Monu- 
nient Houae, Beeu told u3 he waa hard up, 
niMiu'i a dollar, picked up an old hat at 
Gadaby'a Hotel, ia Washington, put his 
cap in bia pocket, aad taaolvad that tbo bat 

aaMbiai laliki taialkdhl. 

with four Wli^faia Ai baMkt^^ 




*«iei, (iipuueo wi;k • cock ^tu^ 
ii  iailM kaadaWseu Oa iMa^. 

Ttioa cloads aad 

o'er all, 

Aad over grew the aalvsraal gloon, 
Ti J Mm sssmsi nnTinii with a rricbtfai pall. 
Aad vaifiac fast to aa etataal to«b. 

Vaa mm* rUt 

"Mr. Fox was totally unliktf his great 
;ival. PiU waa stakly, taciuirn, and of an 
austerer teasper. Ifu waa easy, sadal and 
of a kindly disposiUo^. Pitt was tall and 

5 rave, and eatering fee Houee carefully 

T aaanr ^MHMfaSSTMlk^&aSl iSfrl^' 
oified aisd duoab ae a^iatala! Fox »as 

burly and jovi-il. entered^ the House in a 
afoiiched hat aad vilh aasislam air, and, 
as he approadN# Aa Oaaaiiiaa baaabea, 

I (i'l a nod for this learned city member, and 
a joke lor mat wealthy kni|^of the ahne. 
and eat dava, aa amoh at eaaa aa if he 
were lounging in the back parlor of a coon 
try luu. Pitt, as iha adafe rjiis, uouid 
•speak e King*' apeaA aCbiind." so con- 
aacutive were hie seaiencee; and hia round 
smooth ptfioda delighted the ariatocraey ol 
all parttca. Fox inade the Lords of the 
Treasury quail, as he dsriaiairri in pien ing 


' pie 

of I'urham, 


••Kvery maAOoa be reaUf ci«Bt,ifbe 
will only tnalhia ataa taa^aiiTlMiA Us 

own ihoughu, and say bis own say. Tbe 
su^Mdest fellow, if his wcold but tavaal 
with cbikf-like hooartf boa be feaia laidU 

think"!, when the stars winV at h'm, when 
he sees the ocean for (he £rst time, when 
m.isic comes over the watera, or wlien ha 
and his beloved look into each other's cyse: 
aoold bo hot rmteal this, tbe world would 
hail hinc as a geoioa in hit way, and would 
prefei his story to all lha-epioe that weaa 
asar writt co. from Homer k  geatt '** 

Your selfish man liaa no soul; he makes 
himaa^ and bis property his ideWaad for  
gate flMt aeiBsthing is due to bk fallow 

ma.n. He crawb through life a poor, niis- 
ersble, despised object; a nonentity among 

The captain haiHiilended to take him on 
board hia vessel — -the St. Joseph — -and 
bring him up to the naval pa a f am l B a ; but 
his lameness rendering that impracticable, 
the kind sailor took leave of his poor de- 
Herled lillle nephew, and set out for Tuu 
Ion. A few months afterwards his veaiel 
waa shipwrecked, and he and all his crew 
periahea. Had Charlea Maurice been 
fine, stout bey, hia hiator  wouM have eiv 
ded bare ; bat ft o v idaa c e reeerved the poor 
lame child for an illustrious destiny 

At eollege, the l oy disUoguinhed himself 
by his talenu and application, carrying off 
the first piizKS, and rising rapidly towards 
the upper ciaMies. Yet bis life was but t 
sad Ma; few indulgencies, and no vaca 
lions paesed at home, fell to bis let. His 
mother rarely visited him, and when she 
d;il, .ihe came accoinpaiiied by a celebrated 
surgeon, who examined hia lame Jjtg, ban. 
daged it lightly, dra gge d it, eaalsrinsd the 
nerve, and put the child fo such lorturi- 
that he dreaded nothing so much as a sum 
mons to tlie parlor to meet his mother. 

Years fiasseii on. his father died, and 
ChaileD- Maurice found himself €k unt de 
Talleyrand, and bead of that brani h of hi 
family. Hia bkithwr A rah aat h at i ld had left 
the abode of Nwse Rigaot wkh .baker for 
tune than bimneir; for he had escaped ac 
cidenta, and bM limbs were straicht and 
well ftiBiiJ. 0» Iha day tbalQbhrlea 
Maurice had succeesfolly completed hl.i 
studies at the college of Louis-le-Grand, a 
pdia. HamMttng msn, iii ng a oaa- 
sock, samoMnad wm from aatM hia ccm- 
rades, and oomm s a d ad him to lollow him 
lo the clerical aemioary of St. Sulpice. — 
Tlw akAMMf^ -T" witbout appeal. Ha 
laeMalKi 'tfco aapaiiar tb^ hia family 
had decided to deprive him of his birth- 
right, and tmaafoi it to bis younger brother. 

It !■  not too much to assert, that whatever 
good was mingled with the character of tte 
dilute dipfomatiat, might fairly be uaced to 
tbe early instruction of the Abbe Langloif. 

The young Abbe de Talleyrand'a first 
appearance in the gay aociety of Paria was 
at tbe hotel of Madame de Brignole. who 
waa ia tba habk of lootiviag tbo very e^ls 
of liie fa.ihionable world, together with the 
lion* of the day. The young man seated 
hiaHrif ia a reaMie comer, ao as to ob. 
serve the passing scene without taking pari 
in it. Soon a modest, retiring looking man 
came and placed himaelf near him. Tnis 
waa Pbilidor, the oolobrated cheaa-player, 
wIm, being a frequent viaitor at the house, 
waa able and willing to [Kiini out the dif- 
ferent distincuislied guests to hia uainiltaied 
neighbor^ irAlaaMrt,Didat«|, aai other 
lipreat men were there, and Pbilidor was 
compiaceiiily commentiog ou them, for the 
young abbe 'a edification, abaa tiieir quiet 
oaaaar vaaanddenly in«a^ kp tare youi^ 
htMT oHoers, a oaptua ni RiMenaat io 
a regiment especially favored by the un 
happy queen Marie-Antoinette, and alao 
notod for the free and iaipaitiaaal aMaaers 
of (he young men who composed it. The 
two officers werelau^jhing heartily at some 
exquisite jest betureen thagasalvae. 

••CoiM ialo this coraar." said one, ••and 
in iairii tba atory; the end of :t must be 
reserved for your private ear." 

•«Tbo corner ia l|kaa," leplied tbe other: 
•^aaePhiiidarthibtall tiBg to aome youug 
raven just Mpd, aad ioara froai the 

••They'll ^ap their places. 1 know 
Philidor's taoapar, he'U submit, and tbe 
abbe will fellow his example." So say- 
ing, they approached the two occupiers of 
the corner, and with the coolaat iai^ti- 
nence began to annoy them by thctr Words 
and gestures. Pbilidor. whos^ pacific and 
timid character was well known, imme- 
diately preoared lo r strsat. ' Ha eaat aa 
imploring f^lsnce at the abbe, complained 
of ihe heat of the room, and finally rose 
and glided away. The Chevalier de Bou- 
filaa one of the ofiears — look instant 
poasessfon of the vacant chair, and turning 
towarda the young abbe, stared at him with 
an insolent ex^reeaon. Tho lieutenant 
took up his posidon at the aiMr aide, and 
looked at Talleyrand in r\ manner not leas 
oflensive. Not the slighlest notice, how- 
ever, did the young man take of either, un- 
til the officer, tired of his iang frojd, in- 
quired "if hedkl not find the heat oppres- 
sive?" and added the advice to imitate his 
friend, and tank ooolar air ia tbe ante- 
chaaAsr. tW I ayiaad. wi^ 'the utmost 
politentrss, "thanked the offiter for hia con- 
siderate kini' 

The angry Mood mounted in the officer's 
cheek: he waaayooth just come fron. Nor 
mandy. and spoke with his native accent 
ill all its purity. 

"You look yoan^ mj dear abba," he 
Slid; "perhaps yon bavsnot baaa atachool, 
and are not aware that you have yet many 
things to latrni amongst the rest' 

**A thousand pardons^" interrupted (be 
abbe, atanding up, looking full at his ad- 
versary, and imitating to perfection the 
Norman accent. "I a-aure ygu I h^f* 
been at adiool; I learned all my letteia, 
and I know that A B (abba) ia not C D 
(c(deT, yield;)- and, moreover, that your 
E I' (epee, sword) will foi iMka laa O T 
(oter, go away.**) By thb tiasaa aamber 
of the guests had collected, and received 
Talleyidnd's sally with a peal of hearty 
laughter. The Chevalier de BouClers him- 
aell applauded; but the diseomiked Nor- 
man, having no reply reedy, took himself 
off aa fast as possible. Madame du Def- 
fand happened to be in tba tffk. She 
heind the repartee, ami expraMl i wkh to 
have its author introduced to her. This 
was done by De Boufilera himaelf. This 
illostriona lady, vfba irae bHad^ laaited the 
young abbe lo be seated next to her. She 
passed her venerable hand over hia face, in 
order to examine the features, whiob she 
could not see, and than said, "Go, yoaag 
man; nature haa endowed you widi her 
richtst gifa. She has placed it in your 
power fiuly to redeem ine wroofi af for- 

rata kindaaai; but bagged to aaara hia 
; bk own laags aMse aa vary dalieaia, 
U woali.fatliMMMarifca otU 

av naoLB tost. 

We aara tatoa coning over 

fruiii Washington City to Baltimore, when 
we obeerved a peculiar soa of man aiuiug 
bMd kf— a IdC aHu^ gMi aaaaed fallow, 
hut one who i«om ?how seemed to beer the 
impress ol a person who lived by hia wiia, 
wrikMoiiaakiafaea. A kiaad who sraa 
with me aaaaarad aiy iaquiry ae to who he 
wa.H, and at the same tiate aaked me to 
keep between the object of my notice and 
h:a eell', lest be should ooaae over to our 
seat , aa my 

aatf ba 

bui did not wish to recognise him there 

' That is Beau U." aaid he, "a man that 
ia univeMi^ kaassa in Washmgtoaaaone 
of ihe moot accomplished fellows in the 
city, el ways ready to borrow of. or drink 
Willi you. He never has any money, ho 
evei, and 1 aaa oarieaa to know how be 
will gel ooar the laad witbnul paying, for 
he will surely do it aome wiiy.' 
"Ppjttably li« htt* gf»t a itfil** 

ad thaaMaey to buy 

of Liat sort," said 1. 

"Not Im. Bea^lways travels free, and 
boards in the same way. He never pays 
money when wit ar trick will paai 
in their places" aaid asy IKand. 

" What a shocking bad hat ba 
on," said 1, ofaoarvi^g the 
ditioa of hiabaaear. 

"It's some trick of hi?, doubtless; for the 
rest of hie dress, you will obeerve, « quite 

"Vaa. 1 

My friend went on to toll mo bow Beau 
had done his tailor out of a receipt in full 
tor hw iaat year's bill, aad the toadlady at 
hia kkl boardiagJKMaa, ad varioaa atfier 
iasiances of his ingenuity and wit. 

**llo owed me ten dollara," said my 
friend, "but in atteoiptiag to coUoet k of 
him one day, I'll be hanged if ho didn't got 
ten niore out of me, ao 1 think 1 siiall let 
thaaciatior rest there, fci 
tbaaaai oaee mofa." 

At thia momant the coodactor entered 
the opposite end of tbe cars to gathar the 
lickeu faam the paaseiyr^ aad givo than 
checko w rabaa. Mfiay of ibaia, aa is 
often the case with Uaveller^ who are fre- 
quenily called upon, on populous routea,lo 
show their tickeis, had placed tbeiaB ia tbe 
of their habi, ao that the conductor 
cooM aaa that they were all nght, and not 
trouble them to take them from their pock 
ata at aa«h a t oppi ag place. I watched 
" bk expedient would be 
to get lid of paying for his passage. As 
the cooductor drew aaarar. Beau tbrast hk 
head oot of tbe oar whidow, aad 
absoibed in conlaoipfaaiog the scenery ou 
that aide of tba The r/^nrm 

spoketo ~ 

w Mt ruo oat, a^ a «mm  ^ 

■It coian in abuva mitimZt sir 
watri IBM baa McafMliimaMiM ••I 
* f ' oery 4 .sit of h «• fena s wmm of 1 
^ i -i. Itaa it is f,ittuTmm, 

ittri I .J kn-j* how murti (m aaa tomt 

hoj'.t.tad full *«,„ ^, aat^mm m ( 

•ifi .ii, lot sft^iua II,.. .1 ^imtnm tml r. u, 
ttsi apprnsahii ic Tb« coeh i» 
tmy a haadttd f.iicM  ■( 
*• -1 a oflL uae huu.:i»«i  t t- 
f""*" --nu» foaio m :hrou(h ihr . . 

!•• ; t.i t'l. *ininooi« :..-h.t«l H«lt«««,acM 
ni« l.4aL mr '.ai,- o Jo tow m ik a.. 

. a » . tai. ,..„.. •'ii'T:; 

p.. I I! ■•"'*«. siatao*!!* 

. ■■■11}. mt.y ^ »•»«• cbe«i 

olloa lowMdva WMA mmuMmm 
iosiano, M ik» r Mtt o( aa is« 

Ihier tmout i^, »• liid ttst *•   

U| Hie II 0!J»«4|. - 

of i!ie .ru ., .luict tam »««|7a8B ibLV 
kiofiy »iu,,i«r. Hlr t»»uli wm Uj f .»» j 
Uteorel..,, .^^^ .. ... ,„ 
u Sucti ficu He , 0; .lot* J^,tMmt-^■ - 

Mpunaai awl.c. . K^M^r 
tn* aowavci vcty r»crui. |Mufc* ia«t ^hM 

kharsctat of tW bi«Ml CM '   

iHai ia » swy iOon pMlaa, by , 
I  lo oot r*i(Si|~ — . ' 
ol iia riiiiriiat , Wiia sacS ai 

i ii '-i a matrtial chang* »( rlMtMSSV, aa, fO( 

tub tc.ara 

ai ' 

or dk 

A awaivwe T I Bill saai a ■ oaa |r«wa^ • ar^ a ■ - ^ ^mmmmBmm^ 1W if,- 

tones ag^inat minktorial corrnptioa, wh,le -f'---^^ 
hw friends shouted "heai hear and ;y m  ^ ■ ^ »iiiuiioo ol a iku t «UNa3iiikI 

plaudad till the Uocae shook. Piu'a aco- 
lenaaa ware poaipaaa a«d so n asaaa. and 

often ••their soooaroaaalad their own I ol- 
towneaa." Fox uttered atardy Anglo-6ax 
oaaaaactBhqF araid pregnant with meaning. 
Pitt waa a thorough t usintraa aMB, aud 
relied for saeceas in debate upoa careful 
preparatioo. Fov despised tba diai^jf ol 
the office, aad laksd ufoa bia iatuiliaa per- 
ceptions aad hie rabaat atreagth. Piu wsa 

the gieator Secrelaiy Fox tlie gie« er 

Commaoer. Fiu's oratory arao like the 
frosen atolaetieB aad pyraaidB wkieh 
tec around Niagara io mid-wiotar— at&^ ly, 
clear aad cold. Fox's like iIm vehctiJtni 
waters whiab sweep over its briek. and loar 
and boil in the abyss below. Pitt, in his 
great cfforia, only erected himself the aore 
piaadly, aad uttered more full Johnsor. in 
sentences, sprinkling his dignified bat iiiOu- 
otonoua 'state-paper style' with | ung- ut 
saicaama, speakmi; is one having authoi iv, 
and oaaMBBiria^ iket it ^"^^^l^^ 

fir»: princi[)Ies, df ninincing where h^e could 
not perauade, and raahi^ under eu ^leai 
thoimbt^ aail Hi aaaiai Mings rocked 
him like tbo oatM ia a atorm. Pkt dis- 

pUy««t  h# — aa« tliatot ia , oaMl his lUelhiW 

voice charmed like the notes of an origan. 
Foa^disytoyajUkw^wg aiyiBl, aad his 

an icy taste; Fox a fiary logic. Pitt I ad 
art; Fox nature. Pitt waa digmfiad, cool. 
Fax noaaly, geaereaa, btavai 

had a mind; Fox a soul. Pitt wrji a 
auioiiiaion, Fi i a living man. 

t i rf  iiiJ tiuurn  : the aai 
eat ul Jiae^c li^ 

•11 U« 
al fiaat mbm v , 

'a •fScttatimu.r 

looa 3] as 
MM A. 


.M Ihio r ««*o i Mr a'triit-OB or 

ofii-o difoeirH to V\r tap Mill:.: o: ; 
% tlie b arr ioleiuird for ihr t ui.:h«T. aa 
p.rianilui huu lu knuw bow bp m*i • . " 
anicles ct f -ud as a* i.a  «■ i::-,, 
yairooo to Uy 6«ri oecoitai 3«»«r,, , 
aaanaar«aiabiaaaa4 sMiM, «... ,:h krr 
■eesM M ansad « ihaaiaeMua. : « 1 
loaM aauii to dbaai ul sa. sa kt aa u eaa s. a - 
aa fo ou iaaii tbrnmhi, - 
aauaiva. Fa 

- riould tM kryi ( 

• irr  •« laoa a nocraaaiy l i Ikru koaML k 
a«aicu«, nacr thau Ikio, aai • lui aa iipaoSs 

ot fo« d, which 1 .rs noi i rai laTtlitaf la f ■ 
CM*  / fa:U(. f lurj aSoui : S» fr.l mu ai 

»Na aaitaW* knfi. aaitaai ptuptnf pir^.Vc-. • 
w lOsBasifcay arc  ■  . 
Um I tal, wtifcoai waa:*. ■ 

ralra fcak, mhm*t a'iefuoNof a^ssiaoaoMC 

n»*Dt, which nol '*rif$ ir^ . ^ b« U* •»»tm  n 

lie :,',.•.•« laid lot f'.- •■ ■ ' n «r | W •■ -», t 
ni:ul 'f ut *ica» »«aiit. - ■ ..i»..»o:'^ 
^ tiU'b a ;a4trB.u|i aa i:    -D' Om-. - 

ilaii;, wiih a jcxjO .■-•1 aot li^t- 

'Ti 1-''C fieoler w. i - r itir . S_- u Val 

(ajDFii tm frofoilioa m ur ki v. r ^jmD .W MS 

The Abbe da Talieyrind soon became 
known in the highest Jhnrary and political 
circles; hia subsequent career balongH to 
the eventful history of (he period. It k 
rather singnler that be atticbed hw itaae .0 
the firat pfuUx ioumal that aver apaaaMAl** 
in France, "U FeoiUe ViUaflaoko,* con- ^ 

••Ticket, air," said the conducior. tapping 
iiiiii liihtly on the shoulders. 

Bean sprang back m tka car, knocking 
the hat into tbo road, and laavinr it, in one 
miaute, nearly a mile behind. He looked 
first ai tbe conductor, then out of the win- 
dow aibar his ha^ aal ia a aeeaai^ ft of 
rage, exclaimed: 

"What Ihe d — i do you stiike a man in 

that way for? Is that your buaine a? is 

that what the company hires you for 

•♦I beg your pardon, sir; I only waul 
your ticket," replied the conductor, meaklr. 
. "Ticket! 0, yes, it's all vary well ibr 
yao 10 waat aqr tiekat, bat I a«»t my hat'" 
replied Beau, bristling up. 

"Very sorry, sir, really. 1 maraly wwh. 
ed to call your akwalaa^ aad 1 took Iha 
only oMMma ia aiy pawar," aaid aha eoa- 

••Vou had bettar use a cans to attract a 
MM|^ aUaOlioa aext, and hil^im over 
iktfdiaad with il, if be happaaa to ba look- 
ing theotkar «^!^ aafdiBi k|%|ai 


••Well, air, I will apologiae to you i^ain, 
if you wish. I have d-jne »o already once," 
said the now disconceited coiMluoot. 

'Yes, no doubt; but thatd(ia1it«aiBsa toa 
proaarty: that'efooa.' 

•Wafl,air. I aaaaat bOk «|r lti«er~l U 
take your tiebal^ff yaw flin ~ 

*Tick i! Haven't yo : juat 
out of the window, hat and aU| 
want to iidd inault to injwy!' 

•Oh, yaw ..liakot waa ki iba 
an^'gested die coaductor. 
•Sappcae you stop tbe train, and go back 


and see!' aaid tba hailaaa Baaa will hl|^ 
n«Bt sctUD depicted on bu face. 

•Wall^ sir. I aballpam you Aaa 
teod. then,' said tbe randafmr. ^fr^ftll 
on with his duty. 

Aaiank wUI ao( ikriao wiia aar aaaoaai x'.xi 
«^ie laey sm aaoasv aaJ iassaiiam. r«n . 
ihvy w w m doooif oaaflaaa *sa *•} caos.: 
wrai eiT tbrir loh r T »ivti-i^; ii a^iWtofcr*, 
• iiipocaat ihai Xet nSuu-d ^ Ioa aB(« a(t*, ar t 
•-t*\ litaio ati.'..k :r ^ tu J atoit . 

ririia fr r ot i.i e i.L 

II* : u\ CiOfX, :or • au :  .• ^:^n(«-   j- 
lura a:j£^ Ik i;  iit mu :M/b ». a.*c.« 

wutzrla. wb.c!) N.r orM.t m»  a.!uN« aa i- 
 »UU ; while tir K'^iirt, tu:uit wtao Ioa*;  a.'.^- 
0*^10 aitd uuuiu«. . a. Of 41a. a. altoot oiaoi'a ' r« 
loyaaSiaaloaia. X 
gaalaotertwpr, - 
iTswiat. f** i h iss. ifcws m aaaBaiaaik an« • 
S«ni  n haiiBg it hatk awaait saaeawoaL k 
^a il iiia. wtirio awisa aso fed oa iwat ct I 

Mjaatic auiomaion, F, . a living oian. «:'■' ;-.^-;,7,;'^ ^ 
PiU was the nunister of the King; Fox. tbe ^lUu^. uiay aaa Msh moi* ^^n, wmi coom- 
CbempioQ of the People. Both wore tboj JJJJ^"' •^.■y fcy 
early advocates of Parliamentary ralbrm; '^,'?!T?w*i^^». !r??S^a^i,*tiuo. 

but Pitt retrsated, wiule Fox advanced; 
and both jfMNd iadaaaaaciag aad aboliah 
ing tho b iwiaw af *a taiila p e w its. Both 

died the same year, and they slept side by 
aide in Waat m inster Abbey, their duet 
mingled with that af tbak aautoal friend. 
Wilberfbrce: while cer their tombn watch- 
es with eagle eye aud exieodad arm, tbe 
aaodal form of Cbaibaai.' — Stanlaa'r Re. 
form aad Jk / s r aisr a ^Emglmmd . 

AuaaovB or Latuxb.—  lt u related 
of Umaar that when ha once pieached 
before that tyrant, Henry VIII, hs took a 
plaii^ atraiibt-farward toxt, and ia hia sar- 
moa awoiioiikaBa vary aiaa tm wkkk the 
monarch was notorious, and he wsj stung 
to the quick, ij€ truth always fines a leo 
ponee in tho worst aam's BBBauiam. He 
would not bend beneath the authorit  of 
his God, but sent t' r Latiiuei, and aaid — 
••Your life is in jeopardy, if yaadk aM lo- 
cant all you said lo-day whee ^ \ oa preach 
next Saiiday. ' The triaaaing courtiers 
were all aoxioue to kiww tho consequences 
of thii^ aad tba cbafai am eaawded. The 
veaeiaMa mm Mk Ma lait, aaJ afttr s 
pause, began with a scliloquy. thus 

•• Now. Hugh Lauiaaer. bethink thee, 
ihouart in tka p r awa ii i af Iby aawbly Maa. 

arch — ihy life is in hii Harris, and if ihou 
dost not sua his Uncies, be will tmngduwn 
thy grey hairs 10 the grave ; but ~ 
imer, bethink thee, thoa art in the 
of the King of Rliigs and Lord 
who hath told thee, 'Fear not than that 
kill the body. end eaa do ao amae; bat 
ratbar bar bka that can klH ba«b bady aad 

aoul, and cast iheo into hell 'orcvarf* Yai^ 
1 aay. Hugh Lauimar, fear hia 
He dMn went on, aad aat oaly rapaeie^ 

what he had b  foie ai'vmced, but, if po si' 
ble, enforced it with greater emphasis. Af- 
ler he had finished, Heniy eent for him, 
aad aaid, •*Uaw dusy thou inauk thy moo 
wcfc aoT Latkaar replied. ^'I thought n 
I were unfaithful to my Ciod, I eouid aot be 
loyal to aiakinc.'^ The 
ihegirf Jgib,| 

i^ yet one man left wk^iakrtff ^mtfff lO 

tell me the truth." 

blxraAoaotBABv Biau. — "In 1631,*' 
says Bruce, •*tbere waa brought into 
Abyaaina, a bird called Para, whioh wea 
about the bignaas of a ban, and spoke all 
laogiiagea; lodiaa, Portugueae and Arabic. 
It aaaHd tba Kim's amm, akhouah ito 
ibalaf 0 maa, it coahl Nko#ka 

neigh like a horse anduiew like a cat, but 
it did not sing like a bird. It was pro 

va.'ia.Me tgn. I'lnral icarB i 
tur, wi'l bo fu'iuJ ol uilrirai. 

"Stibaiaiicvs lawhica Iha 
ooiicoouatod, akoaia Sa iti «iu 
itsnaet, ssys c iaily wise the saiaal ia im pal to 
t**J, tkai BHoa mm Sa aaioa as oar* tSaa a* 
4it»oti»»anaaa sao ■aafi ■saiol Mtaa  .   & 
is hlakli aotnuao. aa^ wbaa ^ pmi ) M eaox* 
anan« a lo tatun laatof tkaa a int a' a .t -ttrt . 
Thrv will tot, bv»r»of. btAt .J ■• . I a ■ 
k ;i ot) th » iriir.aiata (Mai ra(ia ■ -n' 
Mril '::HJr !r^m -t\* hSSiaMSl ta:ioUr* 
*M,^ iM.  I!: ■' ..A.Lr fn « Ul* hnhl d .. . t   

amWB in Ike V :. L-sstrin :ikU  . * . ■ .* 

IniT allnoa f ~ l' toi . aAtcf, oi 1m  ^- Or 

taU4»4 ayoa. Hraaa aasal iSe aaaiaaasaot 
haviaa tka e«»a f luaaa wmO Iha aaaa. b| aOiaa *o 
nairiaieiii is tliauood lhaaaikapsain halfe,lwa 
licbipt IM Um am— ra, aadia amo ibofoofftiiv 
rfifi-atrO. Tbe rfTrci of faso aosa •sstaa an - 
aula, wr •uj fuoo to b« aiasaiat l•lhasoMaair-- 
Jro• u Mi on oaf ooD mfcu-* ^Y thr .aa ot &b« 
■vhf.ira iou:— U.a a .t }eci »r.- m.-^ ifSfo yit, 

•  j 10 :ctcrU la u«« iMoad .v* tbo ana 
miii'ti wiih tia itoaz. Tbe   ibo esa 

w.l- trr.x , icxoeco Ibo ^rpxf .•.»• :ao— Ibo 

hra .11 ' i.f 1. iBsalia^foantrd. aa«l .- piocHS 
ti igaotiou coMoa aaMiaiiaiilaiMf , la laet, ika 
aaaitaiaate ol griaSiaa a 
fat leoairsoauioaHT Boi 

• d. for h  

ib nh, w  »v:ilrDi; ibooo aaiaislo a( ( «.tiiiif t-  bo 
iMl.rr adapird 'uf icki'if, \t\mk aaHiio.mrat ^ ft 
Mill ertc iirl f j-ni,  u thoas whica iLiaiaau, 
chots ir,r cad. Vat ^o^^aaAsaaaiir baU| w 


"(lay 11 i-i.i inia WaoUMaa ttMttas'..^ 

M iradiiy m ii-^ villi ro oal. aaaai ija soud |at- 
■aoa ia irrHtrnoa ilM Waal assy af dkeett^"' 
la oaabiiaa \h» mimmi la aasaasa hsm U oB Ao 

M preaance 

ot Lords. 

duced before dia laiiiihiy af judges, 
tho priests, and (kasngssof court, and i u' 
it spoke with grant gravity. Th 



„ravitv. Iba 
bly, alter considariaa .airakniiitaacea well, 
were uaanimoaaly of Ofiaion thaatbeavil 
apirit bad ao part io aadowtng it wtik theee 
talenu. But to be ceruiio of this, it waa 
thM^tmoat prodent to tahajboadvicaol 
Raa^fikla Cbrkto^ tbaa U/l^aM kko 
might, if ba tho»jght fit, cooault tha Supe- 
rior of M ehe bar Selasae. to them it waa 
I. bail died on the road. The biatorian 
narrativa by thio -wise raflactiea 
faoaii Mt, "«Kb ia tbo lot of all 

^^■^ " .... 

••TI10 coaatusisaasaivadai isoas ika fpon.i ^ f a 

aorieaol ripeiiaiJBU waataiod ^ T ihc M   
Saeioiy o( Scuilaad. a few  roaaa a^a. «a^ . 

aupofiuiilT oi Ctfobod nrrr na..' « k«d lood : 

la ^lll. iiidioi, aod do: »uJtie;rii, :   
CUB',; tii'. jt "lojja. Iff t%Ut M .'• ' 

waa rt-pai.t. 

•• The a{ f vlile auJ H'attli o. ih* tum. • » atr r'' 
oaolrd tiy gi*i|i« a «.irial9 of IochI. 1 e iaetsas 
lod to tbe ptoparauooa fee (aUoa«a(  .. «k 

I tferv ria 
aMaaa pan . 

toly tagBiaas. ra* s«oi 

ui« win aaau .m ^-. oa 

the mrai. 'wd jvkea cold th« auaiarr "li' ^   
stiir p'utd Of. 2. raaparic »Jlalo«-o, \r.d two ( 

(.p.-, pi .» a I.' a^^ao, triUk«i nwmmkui »~ar.) 

 '.' iti  y t .m tM asaahea ftae- iSea siJJ ^ar fmn 
mr*!. totiAo* fioos Saia. aa(l«r. Of oat* aaJ I 

tiio^ii^ lOa aaota Wii|ha»,) 

•kiUI»o . . 

at (aa4«aoa ,ikmpt 
ay »Mu ) aadVf 
as ID fBUa» taasaafl U sa Ird u. ta  .-^ ia *a 
MU kava Biasssasa katfalkitro t-^atot laaa 
• hrii faa oa ia«ao aaixt 
iitil * dally slaf, aad wa ka« 
rMk aolia awS of |eud «iaiatT. 

Tke lata 
Ookod auaaa a» O 
^fawaasr Of a 

«h««i »:.»oyaf Iba 

Ms aaaaaTlX i  f t yS. 

: las van assama BSM aaas ha kM ia 

af hiad 
la koay I 

lag, aaa eSaaaiaa it o* -r Um i glit, ao *  i to ssa^ 
loodMii) ha lhaa aitact ii'a ;inGo« - * 
liiilo ar«*   Ihe frtl  ck jowi, asA UW4 'k * tt 
tbci.i  hri r isd a half pouodaef Mai t- Ibe^eia 
' leJ frrett. Ho oow aold ko kad laho 

ho Mit-a «(Bi u  tho atvy aaassiiaaais oft 

*nd xlriain^ hisl, a " 

airad ikoi tha Vxaa akonld reoi a« 11 .aoj 
healou.d irit-n M ?ad^ aiik (tri«» • iaUi 

he wj« 111 a ^fiMO p«(»^aUo 
iiiiir' lui'ti to ho ruM oO wr.k wviaail- 
•adod a | «Bl of tiol txomiy) 
walked attaat oulat 
alaakeia; the 
day — Mhich «• 

Wood Is BOW 

a wtii aail- (vo aht 
I— ihM saldMd diy, 
aasA, ayhaasMd ^ 
aa toOo siWoaisi 1 



Examiner (Louisville, Ky.), 1849-12-08

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